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Full text of "Dictionary of natural history terms with their derivations, including the various orders, genera, and species"


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DAVID nr miCOLL, M.D. 









This Volume is intended as n libraiy compiuiion for the 
lovers of Natural ,Histoiy. Eadeavour has been made to ' 
give aa maoy terms as a portable and convenientlj-sized 
volume would contain, without burdening it with obsolete 
names. This has rendered neoessary the omission of much 
illustrative matter that was intended to be added, it being 
thought better to have a numerous Hat of names than to 
take up space with that which could be dispensed witb. 

No apology will be expected for deficiencies. A book of 
this nature most needs be deficient, ou account of the daily 
additions made to science, and of the immensitj of the 
existing materials. The intelligent naturaliat who may use 
it will judge it by what it coutainB, not by what the very 
nature of the work keeps out, or renders the absence of 
quite excusable. 

It would be easy to multiply instances to show how obscure 
and difficult of discovery have been the reasons which have 
influenced nomeuclators, and allowaniM may therefore be 
made for thoso too numerous cases In which I have failed in 
my researches. Ipomtea cataracUe was so named by Bauer 

from a place in Norfolk iHlaad, called " The Cascade." Baron 
Walcknaer named a species of spider carolintim, after his 
aecoDd Non Charles, the discoTerer. Dr. P. L. Sclater has well 
nbewQ the difficulties which arise from this cause in the fol- 
lowing words ; — " Ornithologists, and, I believe I may venture 
to aaj, naturalists in general of the present generation, are 
Qot always very particular as to the pure Latinity of the names 
used as specific appellations for the objects described by them, 
or as to their meaning being immediately obvious to the un- 
initiated. It would puzzle CEdipus himself to gness at the 
derivation of some of the terms applied to members of the 
animated creation, and the name of the present Tanager is, 
I think, by no means one of the least obscure in its inter- 
pretation. I confess I was totally at a loss to conoeire 
what was the meaning of calling this bird labradoridet, 
until I was informed by an eminent French ornithologist 
that it was intended to aigoify that it shone like Labrador 

A fuir number of instances of this kind of eccentric 
nomenclature has been traced out and given in the following 
pages ; and those who may be in possession of other similar 
cases would confer upon me a great favour by their com- 

In regard to accentuation I cannot hope to please all, 
since, in some cases, I have failed to satisfy myself In the 
general and adjectival terms there is little difficulty, whilst 
in the names of genera there b considerable discrepancy in 
the usage of eminent natnralists themselves, at the same 
time that any authoritative standard is oat of the question. 
The attempt has been made to reconcile the claims of the 
rules of composition on the one hand, and of euphony on the 

Such as it is, the work is presented to those who may 
consult it with diffidence, and with a hope that it may not 
unii-eqnently solve the difficulties of at least the younger 
students of the Natoral History Sciencea. It has the merit, 
at any rate, of being the first attempt of the kind. 

SouTHPORT, Sepltmbtr 19, 1863. 






AbBz (Ent.) the Greek Dime of an abacui, or otkuUtiag board ; from iti 

Iquate imrkiDgi. 
Abba'nals (ZooL) !4>plied by Prof. E. Forbei to a Tpeciei of goniafter 

iamA Dear St. Abb'i Hewl. 
A'bdeia (Eot.) ■ pi^T. tii^, lalling; of long coDtlauaace. 
Abdo'men (ZooL) oUb, to conceal ; (the rilcera.) 
Abdomlnalei (lchth.)al<bii»; a leftion of malacopterrgian or foft-lumeii 

Abdomlna'llB (Ent.) the o&ihKii being rufbiu. 

Abo'rrant (Zool.) ai, from ; irn, to wander ; differing from the type. 

A'biM (Bot.) Lat. a fir-tree; the ■ Abiei pulcherrioia of Virgil " is probably 
A. picea ; for although coalman on the coDtlnent, it i> not a oatite of 
England, and the Abie* it one of the (reea which Czlar (latei that he 
did not find in Britain. 

AblatL'BlU (Bot.) Lot. relating to the pine-tne. 

Ablota'rla (Ent.) ) , „ . . 

v leedlnr on the oine 
AWetollft (Ent.) ; ^ ^ 

Pinui Ab'm. 

B (Zool.) gen. pL of dUrj, the pine-tree, 
Abllgu'rdla (Bot.) P. N. from Prof. Ahngaard, of Copenhagen. 
AbJeo'tlU-a-um (ZooL, Ent.) Ltl. (ad away; worthleli. 
A'blabss (Zool.) iI0ta0ht, without harm, not injuriogi ; a geniu of Colu- 

brine ophldiani. 
Ablepb'anu (Zool.) a. priv. gitlf*r», the eyetidi \ a genu) of Reptilij. 
Ablutftlla (Ent.) Mitiii, walhed ; i. r. faint wing-markings. 
Abno'nnal (Zool.)flf, from, m;»ij, i rule; differing frnm Ilie lypc. 


AbO'rtlTe (Bot.) abtrl'rvia, born prematnreljr ; rudimenUry, not My de- 

Alaramij (Ichth.) ie/±nU, > bream. 

Abra'xai (EntO > mjO-ital Coptic word. 

Abra'notitu (Zool.) ■ priv. Sfiyx"' S^"*- 

Abra'ae (Eat.) iBfi^, delicate. 

Abro'ma (Bot.) a pri>. 6fii*a, food ; not lit to be eaten. 

A'bropua (Ent.) i0fi<, toh, tender, «s£(. a foot. 

AbTo'atola (Eat.) iU^fc> delicate, rrtXn, a robe; a genua orLepidoptera. 

fk lHv f n'H ii n-a-nin (Bot.) atntaiaim, Ibuthernwood.^id, leavei. 

Abro'tanum (Bot.) iBftTK, inunortal, i. i. erergreen; iacred to the god>; 

the word wu uled by Hippociatea and Theo|dualliu, and adopted by 

Pliny and others; fouthemwood. 
A'brotllTiz (Zool.) iBfit, foft. fi^if, hair. 

Abrnpta'rift (Ent.) ii^^iu,broken olT; from the wiTy marfclngtofthe winga. 
Atnia (Bot.) iStit, Ibft; from extreme leodemeri of leaiet. All the 

word! deriied from i^tw Ihoutd haie commenced with H. 
AbBo'rbent (ZooL, Bot.) akmtm, to fuck in. 
Absali'aiia (Ent.) aiiiiutu, torn off, abrupt. 
AbslntM'ata (Ent.) leedi on the wonnwood, aiiinliium. 
Abu'tilon (Bot.) Aniiu, yellow. 
Abyisl'DloiU'a-nm (Bot.) Lai. Abyflinian. 
Aoa'ola (Bot.) !■■(••. to Ihaqwn ; from many fpedet being thotny. 
Aoge'DB (Bot.) ini, a thorn. 
Aoaaepba (Bot.) ~, 
AOftleplUB (Zool.) >- InXnfn, 1 nettle. 
A'callea (Ent.) ainikni, without charnu. 
Aoa'lyola (Bot.) a priv. ta/p, ■ flower-cup. 
Aoa'ntba ) 
Aoanthtt'oeatl *■ ' "^ 

Aoantbl'iia (Ent.) aiatSa. a fpine ; a genua of Dipters. 

Aoanttai'sa (Omith.) itmBU, the lifltin ; the word ia applied by AtiOotle 

to the bird, and by Diofcoridei to a thomy phnt. 
AoBntho'oera (Ent.) ■imSn, a fpine, i|i^(, a horn ; a genua of Kptera. 
Aoanthoce'rouB (Zool.) iuiCa, a fpine, aipoc, a tail, 
Aoanthoda'otTlua(ZDol.,Ent.)«arf<i,aprickle,)iiTviiK,alinger,a plume. 
Aca'Qttlodea (Foa. Zool.) kmo9i>it, fpiny, thorny; from the (Ironf^ 

thom-'lke f n-fpinei. 


Aaamthola'brus (Zool.) um^o, > fpiae, £>!>«•, ■ lip. 

Aoonttioma'ra (Eot.) aiaiSa, > fploe, juiffc, the thigh; ■ geoiu of 

AaR'iiJiioinya (ZooL) iu>9ii, » Cpiae, fuc, it mniTe. 

AoA'nttloplllB (Zool.) aniirfi, a fpine, )^(, a ferpent ; ■ genua of 
poUbuoui Ophidluu which lure ■ double row of Ouip cuTved teeth. 

Aoaatbopleu'ra (ZoaL) iEMtii, a Tpine, «Uu^t, the tide. 

AoacUiOFteiT'all (Ichth.) imttir, tk thom, ■Ti^^in, a little Gn ; the firtt 
or boDj-iiiuied order of fiihei. 

Aoa'&thopiU (Eat.)autSa,afpine,*iv(, abotjageDaiaf Hirmenopten. 

Aoant]ioteu'thlE(Zaiil.) u»(a, a thom, th-K, a cuttle filh. 

Acanttiu'ruB (ZooL, Ichth.) 3u>fii, a thorn, m^, a uiL 

AoanthoUl/Tla (ZooL) iui4>, a fpine, Sv^it, a door. 

Aoa'ntliuB (Bot.) uaiAi, a thom. 

In all probibilitf Virgil fpeaka in dlllerent pal^ga of two diitin^ 
plants under thi> name, the one a tree, the other a herb ; a> a tree 
— "baccu femper frondentit acanthi," Georg. ii. 119; and as a 
twining plant — "flea! vimen acanthi," Oeocg. it. ill. Moreorer, 
he Shurlly afteiwardi Ipealu of it ai ■ garden plant — ■■ Hie comam 
mollis jam tum tondebat acanthi." A. fpinoTus Teems to be the 
[dant which adotni the handles of Alcimedoa'i cupi in the 3rd 
Eclogue ; and aUb that whoTe leaves gnnving round the balket, lug- 
gelled the Corinthian capital to Callimachus. 

Aoa'rlda (Ent.) ammt; a fisaWy of the Arachnidx. 

A'oftrUB (Ent.) Biarsc, minute, from ■ neg. nn'ra, to cut ; not diiilible. 

Aoftulla (Bot.) ■ prlr. imdu, a Hem ; nemlefi. 

A'oaTOa (Zool.) Lat., not hollowed. 

Ao'ooator (Omith.) Ltl. a finger, one who joins another In fin^n^. 

AooU'matlse (Zool.) Frau)t,mtlmulrr, to naturalife In our climes. 

Aooi'pltrM (Omith.) pL of aiufdir, a hawk, from auifk, to take by 

Ibrcej applied to the tapacioui birds, or the Raptorea of Cu>ier. 

Aaa't>hBlA 1 

, \- (Zod.) ■ prit. ai^aXt, the bead ; headlefi, 


Aospbslobra'olUB 1 (■ prii. m^vi, the head, S^ajp'os the 

Aoephalobra'ohlusf I arm ; without head or atms. 

Aoeplialook'rdiUB (Zool.) a priv. mpniLs, a head, iiaf}I>i, the heart : 

haring neither head nor lieart. 
Aoephaloohl'ms (ZooL) a.priv. ii^iXi, a bead. j^tJp, a hand^ without 

* ACE — ACH 

AoepbEtlOoystls (ZodL) ■ prir. ufaki, ttie hetd, nvrnf, > bladder; a 
bUddcMike, headlelt entmooD. 

Aoephftloga'ater (ZooL) ■ prir. n^xi, a head, >arrir, the beUy. 

Aoeptaalo'podus (ZooL) a prii. ii^kg, a head, «iS(, ■ foot ; without 
head or feet. 

Aoctibalon'olila \ --^.i » (' P^'- "*"'>*. *!<« '>«J. ^X"- '•»• 'P''* i 

Aceplialon'ohliui i waotlng head and fpinal cohimn. 

AcepliiJotto'iiila I i'7~j ^ J' '"^*' '"^'''' * '''*^> *"'V*> > moathj 

AoeptaEdoB'tomuB) 1 without head or true month. 

Acer (fiot.) Lot. the maple.Uee. 

A'oara (ZooL) iaipiii, boralcA, from a prl*. nipat, a hom. 

A'ceras (Bot.) a neg., lifi, a horn. In allulion to the abfcnce of a Ipur. 

A'oerla (Eat-) feedi on fycamore, Aar ^caJo-^atiuau, 

Aoeri'oa (hhth.) oar, Ihatp \ referring to the pointed head. 

AoerU'lUI (Ent.) aar, a maple-tree. 

Aoetaboli'fera I^Zjoiii^ atfUAuUm, fm, to carry; a fectlon of Cephalo- 
podous moUufo. 

Aoetatulum (Zool. & Bot.) Lai. a Iballow cup, at tird ufed \a hoL9 vine- 
gar \ in Zoology, the fucken of polypi ; in Botany, the cup of flowen. 

Aoeto'Bft (Bot.) am, to be lour ; IbnEl. 

AdOtoaalla (Bot.) dim. of acHifa, the Ibtrel. 

Aoeto'sB (Eat.) feedi on the Rumei Aatifa. 

Aohanto'deB (Ent.) k-)^, poor, needy; illii, icfcmblancc; a genua of 

Aohals'na (Ent.) ixk^\u the agate. 

Aahatl'na (Zool.) •^''tik, an agate ; the agate-lhell. 

Aohatlliei'lB (Zool.) dim. of the above. 

A'ohsta (Ent.) i,y\,ta.t, a chiiper. or giafihopper. 

Aohe'tldfB (Ent.) adulai \ bmiiy of neanjptera. 

Aoharo'ntla (Ent.) P. N. from Achcrtm, a mythological river. 

Ache'Dium (Ent.) J;(i<>, poor, from it> (habby marliing. 

Aohe'nlum (Bat.) ■ priv. x'""' ^ E^P^ > ^' pericarp not fplitting. 

AohUIs'B (Bot.) Aiiiiia, becuiie iti healing viituei wen Tald to be Erl) 
difcorered by him. 

Aohl'nu (Zool.) B prlv. ;(f^, the hand. 

Aoliiaiiiy'deauB (Bot.) a priv. x'"'P>'c. > '^''"t eloik or cape ; plaati with- 
out calyi or corolla, 

Aotana'ntbls (Bot.) J;(<a, chair, ■:$«i,a flower; a genua of Cryptogamia. 
I (Bot.) Sx"i, dialf, iln;. Mm,, a tooth, 

ACH — AGO 5 

A'ohras (Bot.) the Greek name of the wild pear-tree. 

Aohyro'nia (Bot.) &x^fpo9, chafi ; the branches and leaves being chaffy. 

Aohyra'nthes (Bot.) ixy^* chaff, hB»^, a flower; in allufion to the chaffy 

natuxe of the floral Leares. 
Aohyro'phorus (Bot.) «x^P**« c^^« ^V** to bear. 
Aoia'nthiifl (Bot.^ iuii^ a point, a»9oc, a flower, from its briftly tips. 
Aoioa'rpha (Bot.) AuU, a point, «af^«, palea ; the appendage being fpiny. 
Aoi'oula (Zool.) Lot. a (mall needle. 

Aoiou'lidSD (ZooL) adatJa ; fam. term. itU; n. fiimlly of moUufcs. 
Aoi'oulor (Bot.) aeits, fharp-pointed. 
Aoidalla (£nt.) P. N., a name of Venus. 

Aoidali'idSD (Ent.) addaiia, film. term, ida; z fiunlly of Lepidoptera. 
Aoida'spifl (Fbs. Zool.) <Uic, a Ipear point, ^«ic, ^wti9t, a fhield. 
Acido'ton (Bot.) clm^arroc, pointed, from is/c, ««i)tc, a point or fting; in 

allufion to the flinging hairs on the leaves. 
Aoido'ta (Ent.) ^iii)o»t«Ci pointed. 
AoilluB (Ent.) a«vXoCf the fruit or nut of the holm-oak. 
AoiJQaoifo'nn (Bot.) acmaeet, a (cimitar,y&nna, fbape. 
Aoi'nlform (Bot.) admu, a grape,y&rffM, lefemblanoe. 
Aoi'netflB (ZooL) in^mTo;, motionlefs. 
A'olnos (Bot.) «Kit«c, the flone of gnpes; alTo a herb. 
Aoinoden'dron (Bot.) acmasf )i>)^«v, a tree. 
Aoi'nopus (Ent.) admu, a grape, wove, a foot. 
Aoio'tU (Bot.) AhU^ a point, euc, ^^c, an ear ; from fhape of petals. 
Aoipen'ser (Ichth.) Lot, the ancient (and modem) name for the flurgeon. 
Aoipense'ridflS (Ichth.) aeipenser^ fiunlly term, idm, 
AoiBa'nthera (Bot.) sm/c* a point, «>dn^, Mtker; anthers pointed. 
A'oia (Ent.) P. N., well known in connexion with Galatea. 
A'olifl (Zool.) a priv. aXiif, a projection. ^ 

A'omsBa (ZooL) ix/ui, a point. 
Aomadeliia (Bot.) 

Aometta (Bot.) «ir/ufi, a point ; from the pricking talle of foliage. 
Aoni'da (Bot.) « priv. »>i)ii, a nettle ; without flings. 
AcoBli (Zool.) a priv. xoiXn, a hollow; without dorfal or ventral grooves. 
Aoon'dylua (Bot.) a priv. uMv\9k* a joint ; without joints. 
Aoo'ntlas (ZooL) aiiamac, a quick-darting (erpent ; from !■«*, a dart. 
Aoon'tia (Ent.) from **cliiemac> a fpecies of (hake; from their quick 

movements.'* TRUTscmca. 
AcontildeB (Ent.) acontia ; a family of Lepidopten. 


Acolitiuzn (Zool.) dim. of <l««y, a dart, javelin. 

AconlU'na (Bot.) having a refemblanoe to aconltim, woUs-bane, q. ▼. 

Aconi'tum (Bot.) ixttTiev, a dart, becauie formerly uTed to poifon 

arrows, though fbme have thought from being plentiful about Atona 

in Bithynia. 
A'copos (Bot.) a priv. mW, wearinefs, which it was fiippoied to remove. 
A'coroa (Bot.) iuepw^ a iweet-finelling plant. 
Aooflme'tia (Ent.) mm-zuhtoc, unadorned. 

Aootyle'don (Bot.) > a priv. ii«tvX«^«v, a feed-lobe ; having no feed-* 
Acotyle'donoii8(Bot.)> lobe. 
Aoranthe'ra (Bot.) omr, (harp, miktr. 
Aorias (Ent.) 
Aoxifo'llUB-a-uzn (Bot.) ocrir, fluup, fiUmm, a leaf; applied either to a 

prickly leaf 'v to a plant having acrid properties. 
Aoiis, Acre (Bot.) Lai. acrid, biting. 
A'crita (ZooL) MpiTo<, indeterminate. 
Aorooo'mia (Bot. Axfoc, top, «^/bi«, a tuft ; referring to leaves. 
Aorobrjna (Bot.) «a^(, the top, $fim^ to burll forth ; from the growth of 

the ftem taking place at its fummit. 
Acrooho'rdua (ZooL) a»f9»»;)«v, a thin-necked wart, which from aiif»(, 

the extremity, ;(9p}4, a faring; a genus of Ophidians. 
AoroohsB^ (Ent.) aJcpo<, the fummit, x'^^'^^^ ^^^ > ^ genus of Diptera. 
^ J X ^ /•■^t ^ fummit, or pointed top, aScv;, il«rr»c9 

^^ >• (Foi. ZooL) ■< a tooth; foffil fifhes having pavement-* 
Acrodua ) ( Dke teeth. 

A'orogexiB (Bot.) > anftu the top, >maM», to beget ; from the growth 

Acro'genoua (Bot.)> of the (lem taking place at the {iimmit. 

Aoro'gloohin (Bot.) aMpoct fummit, y't^myj.'t^ a'point. 

Aorogna'thuB (Fos. ZooL) «itf«c« high, x'adof, the jaw. 

Aorole'pis (Fos. ZooL) «)e(«c, funmiit, XAwli^ a fcale; a genus of foflil 

ganoid fiflies with ridged icales. 
Aorole'psia (Ent.) ak^v, the head, Xivic> a fcale ; the crown and back of 

the head being rough« 
Aoro'mion (ZooL) kn^fAm^ from «sf9», the top, «juo<, the (boulder. 
Aoro'melas (ZooL) aa^of, point or extremity, /uIxac, black. 
Aorono'tus (Zool.) ^«p«v, a point, >«toc, the back. ' 
Acronyo'ta (Ent.) ax^xro^, the beginning of night. 
Acro'peruB (ZooL) anfcu pointed, vi/^ac, an extremity ; a genus of Ento- 



Aoroph/ton (Bot.) m^, high, fupreme, ^ vrmr, a plant* 
Aorosa'urUB (Fob. i&ool.) aiipec, the fummit, ravf iLat./auriu) a lizard. 
Aorospe'rmuin (Bot.) m^ «<, the fummit, oiriffM, a feed, from its fituationi 
Aoroflq;>o'riiim (Bot.) £af«(» the fummit, anifotf a fponiie ; upon iummit 

of filaments, 
A'orosplre (Bot.) i*pt, the (ummit, tfirfifch a fpind objeA. 
Acro'stiohmn (Bot.) fuppoied to refer to the beginning of a verie, on 

account of the back furfuxs of the leaves being fo lined as to refemble, 

in fbme degree, the commencement of lines in poetry.— Paxton. 
Aorc/trlohe (Bot.) Uf^, the point, Bfi(, Tftx*ti ^ hair, alluding to the 


Aotaaa (Bot.) attrmU^ the elder*tree, from fbme refemblance of the leaves. 

Aotas'on (£nt.) P. N., a well-known mythological hunter. 

Aotsonel'la 7 

./ ? (ZooL) P. N.,dim. from Aftaeon. 
Aoteoni'na J 

Aote'nia (Ent.) « priv. an^*, to kill ; or perhaps from a and iti k» a comb ; 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Aote'philtui (Ent.) •art, ground com, ^xl«, to love. 
A'oUzia (Ent.) MTtv, a ray ; a genus of Diptera. 
Aotlliia (Zool.) MTiv, a tay ; fea-4memone; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Aotini'adSB (ZooL) a family of Zoophytes ; A^itiia, fam. term. ada. 
AniMT^<T>a (ZooL) ««t{v, a ray, fam. term, cwa; a divifion of i&oophytes. 
Aoti'llifonn (Zool.) mti*, a ny, forma, fluipe ; having a radiated form. 
Aotinology (ZooL) a»rn, ^oyty defcription; the fcience of radiated 

Aotinooar'piui (Bot.) lurh, a ray, ajtfir^, fruit, in reference to its radiated 

Aotlno'tUB (Bot.) JtMrltmrHt radiated, like the (pokes of a wheel ; from the 

wheel-like appeaxanoe of the involucrum. 
Aotlnoohlo'a (Bot.) akt/v, a ray, x^^ 9P^ 
Aotinoori'nlte (Fos. ZooL) > , , , ,., ... 

Antinoori'nUB (Fos. ZooL) I "'^'^' * "^^ "^""' * "^^^ ^™'"^' ''''• 
Aotl'tlB (Omith.) m»rirnu ^ dweller on the coaft. 
Aoti'nophryB (ZooL) ^mV, a ray, s^pvi*, the eyebrow. 
Aotinothy'rinm (Bot.) ivriv, a ray, flvfitv, a little door. 
Aculeate (Bot.) <v«^/, a prickle. 

Aoulea'tUfl-a-um (Ichth. & Ent.) Lai, (harp-pointed, flinging. 
Aoulea'ta (Ent.) atuUatui, (harp-pointed, from aeuUusi a (ting ; a divifion 

of Hymenoptera. 

ACU — AD£ 

Aoulei (Bot) plural of jocfotf, a (Ung ; fcientlfic name of the prickles of 

rofes, brian, 8cc, 
Aouminata'ria (Ent.) acummot to make pointed. 
Aou'minate (ZooL & Bot.) acutun^ a point ; /barp-pointed. 
Aoutan'gular (Bot.) aeututt (harp, angulusj an angle or corner. 
Acutioo'mlB (Zool.) aeutas, pointed, tormt, a horn. 
Aoutlroe'tris (Ichth.) acutus, (harp, rostnm, a l>eak. 
Aoutiua'culua-a-um (Bot.) dim. of aaOv^ ; (Itghtly acute. 
A'cynoB (Bot.) an old Greek name of a balfamic plant. 
Ada'ctyla (Ent.) a priv. ^aurvXec, a plume, or ray ; not being divided 

like the other plume^moths. 
Adaotyla'lie (Ent.) a priv. iiurvXw^ a plume. 

Adam'sia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of John Adams ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Adanso'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Michael Adan(bn, a French bot- 

anift ; the genus contains the baobab, or African calabaih-tree. 
A'dapis (Fos. Zool.) a neg. )««k, ^ carpet ; having a rough or prickly 

fiiriace reiembling the hedgehog. 
Adder (Zool.) Anglo-Sax., tuedJre, and atterf a ierpent, ^tter, poiibn. 
Adela (Ent.) «)iiX«c, unfeen. 
AdelalU (Ent.) a}tix»c, uncertain. , 

Adelostella (Fos. Bot.) a}«x»Cy uncertain, rrlxx*, to arrange. 
Adelopod (Zool.) a)qX»f , unfeen, voS; , a foot ; the feet not being apparent. 
Adelo'sia (Ent.) oflnXsc, unfeen, uncertain. 
Adelo^topuB (Ent.) a}«x««, uncertain, t^«(, a fpot; found in very different 

Addlopndu'mona (Zool.) HnXo^y unf^o, 4rriufi«v, the lungs. 
Ade'lia (Bot.) «)qX«c, unfeen ; from the minute parts of fructification.' 
Adena'ndra (Bot.) Ath. a gland, af»«p, a male. 
Adenanthe'ra (Bot.) aSqv, a gland, JMft an anther. 
Ade'nlform (Zool.) iih^ a gland or acorn, firma, refemblanoe. 
Adenooa'rpuB (Bot.) «)n*, a gland, uafxiif fhut. 
A'denoid (Zool.) fl)«v, a gland, iTto^ , like, refemblance ; acom-(haped. 
Adenology (ZooL) aih^ a gland, Xe^c, a defcription or difcoarfe. 
Adeno'phora (Bot.) Aih*^ a gland, <|>e^f«, to bear. 
Adenophylloas (Bot.) al«iv,a gland, fvXXot, a leaf; having leaves bearing 

or fhidded with glands. 
Adeno'ee (Zool.) «l«v, a gland ; relating to or Oiaped like a gland. 
Adenotri'ohla (Bot.) i)w, a gland, 0p/(, a hair. 
Ade'phaga (Ent.) aUv^ much, ^aym, to eat. 

Ad&roB (£nt.) a priv. ivfit^ lading, fliort-Uved. 

Ade'emia (Bot.) « priv. 9ir/uof, a bond ; (lamen free. 

Adian'tum (Bot.) a priv. )ia«»«« to moiften; the plant is not eaiily wetted. 

Adim<ynia (£nt.) a priv. ^ii/u^, fear. 

Adi'na (Bot.) ibIi»^, dudered ; its flowers form heads. 

Adlorl'stOB (Ent.) Ahifta-rcc^ undefined. 

Adi'ppe (Ent.) a variation of Cydippe. 

Adlu'mia (Bot.) adlumtM, to fringe with purple. 

Adna'tOB-a-nxn (Bot.) adiuueory to grow to ; joined, fixed. 

Ado'nis (Bot.) P. N. Its deep red colour fiiggefted the idea of its being 

(lained by the blood of Adonis. 
Adcy^a (Bot.) a neg. I«(a, glory ; not (bowy, from its humble and infigni- 

ficant afpe£t. 
Adra'stUB (Ent.) SUfo^^f, averie to flight. 
Adadtella (Ent.) dim. of adsdhu, aflumed, foreign. 
Adult (Bot., Zool.) adoUscOf to grow ; arrived at maturity. 
Adu'ncra8-a-uzn (Bot.) Lot., bent in, hooked. 
Adusta'ta (Ent.) aAuAc/, icorched. 
AdYena'ria (Ent.) athenay a (hanger. 
AdYenella (Ent.) dim. ofadvautf a ftranger. 
Adveorsus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) L^a, turned towards. 
iBoi'diiim (Bot.) aUtw^ a wheal, iZ^ac, like ; from the puftules ; a genus of 

parafitic fimgi. 
iCotunea (Bot.) ) 

JB'ohmla (Ent.) I '^»'*' ** »^"' °^ ' *^- 
iB'ofazniallB (Ent.) refembling the genus JEehmia, 
JB'ohmodaa (Foe. Zool.) tdj^A^^ a point, o)«/;, a tooth ; a genus of foflit 

fiflies having fmall iharp-pointed teeth. 
iBgialia (Ent.) aI>«aX^, the fea-coaft. 

JEgi'pliila (Bot.) Af, «I>o«, a goat, fixi*. to bve ; a fevoorite of goats. 
iBgithallia (Omith.) «i{, aXyi^^ a goat, ftiXa(«, to fuck ; the word is 

exactly equivalent to caprimulgus. 
iB'gilopB (Bot.) ii£, «Ixtc, a goat, m^* the faee ; goat^^ed. 
JSgle'fiima (Ichth.) aI^Xo^v^^, brilliant, lufhrous. 
.flSgle (Bot.) P. N., one of the HeTperides, which from alyXn^ ^lendour. 
JBgo'oeras (ZooL, Bot.) «!{, a goat, xl^, a horn; goat-homed; in 

botany from a refemblanoe of the pods, 
.ffigopo'dium (Bot.) &{, at^tc, a goat, wm^ «03«r, a foot ; having leaves 

deft like the goat's foot. 

10 ^G — AfF 

JB'gon (Ent.) P. N., a Roman (hepherd. 
'ffigopo'gon (Bot.) al^j alyify a goat, miym^ a beard, 
i&gyptl'aoafl-a-lun (Omith.) relating to Egypt. ' 

Aello (Zool.) this name wa« applied by Heiiod to the ftormy-petetel, and 

by Ovid to a hound. 
.SSmtQaHs (Ent.) mnuU^ a rival 
.SS'mtQa (Bot.) Lot, a rival 
iBnealia (Ent.) tfiwia, bronze-coloared. 
i&neopl'oeua (Ent.) ^immt, bronzed, picnu^ made of pitch ; pitchy, bimfl- 

iBneoa, JSnea (Ent.) Lai, bronzed. 
^nio'tOB (Ent.) alnarof, like a riddle, puzzling; a genus of Hymen- 

iBo'lidSD (ZooL) tfo/«, £im. term, ida, 
M'oHb (ZooL) p. N., the daughter of JBcUu, 
Aolla'nthua (Bot.) alaXXa*, to vary, <b0cf, a flower. 
Aepna (Ent.) «K««^c, high, lofty, alluding to its flight. 
i&Squore'adfiB (ZooL) aquortus, belonging to the fea-; a divifion of the 

naked-eyed molluica. 
Aeiunthes (Bot.) Anf^ the air, iltdoc, a flower. 
iS!Ta'tu8-a-uxn (Ent.) Lot, bronzed. 
Ae^TldeB (Bot.) JL^f, the air ; in allufion to the power poflefled by the 

fpecies of this, as well as other orchidaceous genera, of living apparently 

by atmofpheric abibrption. 
Aerophy'tes (Bot.) «fif . the air, ^orh^ a plant ; applied to certain lichens, 

which appear to subfift exdufively on the air. 
.ifimginalia (Ent.) ^trugo, luft of brafs, verdigris. 
iEiSOliyno'mene (Bot.) alaxH% deformity, vofwi, a pafhire. 
JBruglno'eiia-a-um (Ent., Bot.) Lot. the colour of verdigris. 
iEsoula'ria (Ent.)i afculus, the horie-cheftnut, on which the larra feeds 
iES Bonli (Ent.) ) and burrows. 
iE'stival (Bot.) itftaif {junmer. 
iBetlTB'tlon (Bot.) asttvo^ to retire for the fummer. 
JBthione'ma (Bot.) MtBm, to fcorch, »ti/u«, a (hunen ; alluding to an appa- 
rently fcorched or iun-bumt tinge of the (faunens. 
iBthiox>ali8 (Ent.) ^thiopt, z black man ; referring to colour of wings. 
iBthu'ea (Bot.) iuBCrffm, to make hot ; acrid ; fool's pardey. 
Afer, Afte (Zool.) Lat. African. 
A'fflnls (Ent.) Lat. related, neighbouring. 

AFF — AGL 11 

Afflnita'na (£nt.)l 

.'ta (Ent,) I ^>'" ^• 

Afflnita'ta " ' " ^' 

AflUsalifl (Est.) affltftu^ poured upon ; alluding to wing-fpots. 

Afiselia (Bot.) P. N. from Afiuihu, a Swedifh profeflbr. 

Agale'na (£nt.) ^^alma and i^iUm ieem to have eza^y the fame derivation ; 
the adverb lyt*^ yoj^ very much, from the fame tYxit as &yn^ <{}MfMi, 
&€., which have all tlie idea of love, wonder, beauty ; and x5voc« or xiiv*;, 
wool,uied here for cobwebs. The words thus mean, beautiful or won- 
derful web-Tpinner. 

Agalloohum (Bot.) iyrnXXofAm, to exult ; becaufe it feems to exult in 
exhaling its odours. 

A^amBBO'oioUi (ZboL) Aya/AOfp unmarried, {»•*, a living being. 

A^a'zniaiiB (ZooL)) 

Aga'mldsB (ZooL) f ''''"'' *" ""^ " ' * *^"' °^ ""'*• 

Aga'mio (Bot.) « priv. y«/us(, marriage ; equivalent to cryptogamic« 

Agafan. (£nt.) myavit^ nobk. 

Agao'xiidBB (Ent.) agaoH ; a family of Hymenopteia. 

Agapan'thUB (Bot.) Aykvnt love, Mo^, a fiovrer. 

Agapoph/ta8 (Ent.) iyavam^ to love, ^vt^v, a plant; a genus of Diptera. 

Aga'rio (Bot.) P. N. from the river Aganu^ in ancient Sarmatia. 

Aga'Staohya (Bot.) iey^rt&u admirable, rrAjfu^y a fpike. 

Agatha'a (Bot) i}«0eff, excellent ; from its beautiful flowen, 

Agathl'diuin (Ent.) «>ad«E, good, tU«, form, (hape. 

Agafhi'na (Ent.) kyaBkt good. 

Agathl'stega (ZooL) iyoBis, noble, rriyu ^ chamber ; an order of Font-* 
minifera, confiding of figments wound round an axis. 

Agath'odes (Ent.) AyuBitt uiefiil, good ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Agatho'sma (Bot.) «>ci0oc, good, UfM, fmell. 

Age'ratom (Bot.) a priv. ym^at, old age ; continuing in flovrer for a long time. 

Ages'tia (Ent.) periiaps a typographical error for Agrefiu^ a ruftic. 

Age'strata (Ent.) aggen, to heap up, in allufion to the habit of the beetles 
in gathering materials for their cocoons ; a genus of Cetoniidae. 

A'giliB (Zool.) Lai, agile, quick. 

A'ggerifl (Ent.) gen. of e^ggtr^ a mound or heap of rubbifh. 

Agglo'merate (Zool. Bot.) ^giomerof to form into a heap. 

Aggrega'ta (ZooL) aggregOf to collet together. 

Aglae (Ent.) P. N., a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Aglaia (Ent.) P. N., one of the Graces. 

Agla'lUB (Ornith.) i^ykmtmt fplendour. 

12 AGL — ACT 

Aglo'ssa (Ent.) a priv. yXm^rd, the tongue; the fpiral tongue being neairly 

Agnine (ZooL) agmu, a lamb; relating to a lamb. 
Agnomo'nia (Ent.) aytdfuny foolifh ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Agxma (ZooL) L€a, a lamb, from kY*9^% chafte, becaufe fit for facrifice. 
AgnuB Gastus (Bot.) the word Agnus in Greek has the fame ftgnification 

as Cashu in Latin, and chafle in Englifli. The name refers to the 

celebrity the feeds of this flirub enjoyed in old times for promoting 

A'gOQlun (Ent.) a priv. /wHa, an angle. 
Agoa'ti (Zooi.) a native name. 
Agram'mia (Ent) a priv. y^kfAfM^ a line or letter. 
A^graphls (Bot.) "^ iyfo^s^ unwritten, without markings, equivalent to 
Agra'phalis (Ent)) mmfcr^hu. 

Agre'stlB (Ent. Bot.) Zo/. pertaining to the fields; rough, coarse. 
Agre'tyoa (Ent.) iy^a, the chafe, tux«> fortune, luck. 
Agria'mpeloB (Bot.) iyft^t^ wild, A/AvtUt, the vine. 
Agrielsd'a (Bot.) iy^io^j wild, ixa^ the olive plant. 
Aiprilorhi'nuB (Omith.) £7^10;, rough, ^iv, the nofe. 
AgrlluB (Ent.) «xrMc> wild. 
Agzimo'nla (Bot.) corrupted from Argemene, the name given by the Greeks 

to a plant fuppoied to cure the catara£l in the eye, called SfytfAa, 
Agriooa'stanum (Bot.) i^fi«c, wild, aso^ayo?, the cheftnut. 
Agriomela (Bot.) »yf»(^ wild, fi?Xev, an apple ; the crab-apple. 
AgTlon (Bot.) iyftt^^ wild. 
Agriophyl'lon (Bot.) fyf^u wild, <^vXXov, a leaf. 
Agrio'pifl (Ent.) > ' , mj 1 t- 
Agilo'puB (Zool.)r '^'''^'^ wild-lookmg. 

Agri'otiB (Ent.) i^^t^c, rufticity. 

Agro'phila (Ent.) «^yp^c, the country, ^tXitv, to love. 

Agro'mm (Ent.) gen. pi. of a^vr, a field. 

Agroste'mina (Bot.) &y^t!u mptfAa, garland of the field, from its being a 

great ornament to corn-fields. 
Agro'stia (Bot.) the Greek name for all grades, from kyfit^ a field. 
Agro'tera (Ent.) iyfin^f^ wild, favage ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
A'grotia (Ent.) ayp^ic, dwelling in the country. 
Agry'pziia ) 

Agrypnuai ^^"^"^ " •"*'• »"'"' "^"^ 
A'gyra (Ent.) a priv. ywpotf, round ; or perhaps from iyvpts, an aflembly. 

Acnr — ALB 


Agy'rliun (Bot.) ^yuflt, a cmwd, from its duftered arrangement. 

AgfT^AB (£nt.) <l>«f nf, a juggler. 

Ahenella (£nt.) tiktnnuj brafly, i. e. colour. 

Aila'nthus or AilaHtus CBot.) the Latinized form of the native name 

AyUaOOf (ignifying tree of heaven. 
AUu'rophlB (ZooL) MXoupof, a cat ; 2f <f, a ferpent. 
AUu'lrufl (ZooL) lUxiv^r, a cat (from aSoXe^, quick-moving), and owpw, a 

tail ; a genus of Mammalia. 
Aipta'sla (ZooL) alvvt^ lofty ; tm-i^ , (hetching. 
Aipuone'mla (Omith.) oJvvf , high, lofty, xv^/mh, the knee ; it (hould be 

virritten JEfyenemUx, 
Al'ra (Bot.) the Greek name of our Lolium temulentum (from «1^«, to 

deihoy, on account of its injurious ef&£b); nov^ applied to another 

genus of grafles. 
Airo'pBls (Bot.) mra, hair-graft, 2fcf, refemblance. 
Aito'nia (Bot.) P. N. from IV, Aiton^ formerly head gardener at Kew 

Alztyon (Bot) iti(«e«, everlaftix^. 
A'Juga (Bot.) « priv. ^vyi», a yoke ; perhaps from its fuppofed property of 

caufing abortion. 
Alabes (ZooL) « priv., x«^A, a handle. 
Alacella (£nt.) dim. olaLutr^ quick. 
Alaarls (2U)gL) Lot, nimble. 
Ala'otaga (ZooL) a, priv. Xanri^w, to kick with the heels ; applied to a 

Ala'ngium (Bot.) from Alamgit its Malabar name. 
Ala'ria (Bot.) ala^ a wiqg. 
Ala'stor (Ent.) *AX«0-r«f, the Avenger. 
Ala'tUB-a-um (Bot.) Lot, winged, i. e. with membranes. 
Alaa'da (Omith.) Lai, a lark ; faid to have been formed by the Romans 

from the old Celtic 'a/, high, great, and am/, fong. 
Alaada'rlTia (Omith.) AUmda; lark-like. 
Albellus (Omith.) dim. form of aihm^ white. 
Albena'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of /. A. Alher^^ a German entomo- 

Albioa'uda (ZooL) albus, white, cauda a tail ; white-tailed. 
Albicans (ZooL, Bot.) albicof to grow white. 
Albiceps (Ent.) oMi/i, white, caputs head. 
Albicilla (Omith.) dim. oi albus. 

14 ALB — ALC 

Albioo'UlB (Omtth.) oMm, white, coUum, a neck. 

Albioolon (Ent.) aUnu^ white, co/m, a dot ; from its markings. 

Albioo'Bta (Ent ) albus, white, eoHa^ the front margin of wing. 

A'lbidtu-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Zof., whitilh. 

Adbifirona (Omith.) £a/., whitfr-£iced. 

Albifixsnte'lla (Ent.) dim. oiMfrotu, whItfr>&oed. 

Albi'one (ZooL) oUiMots, whitifli ; a genus of Annelids, parafitic on the 

Albima/oula (Ent.) altusy white, smcm^, a fpot. 

AlhlpaLpeOla (Ent.) tMtu, white, /o^, a feeler, dim. eUa, 

Albipes (Ent.) alhut, white, ^, a foot. 

Alblpimote'lla (Ent.) aU$u, vrhite, funutym^ a dot, dim. ella, 

Alhl'Btria (Ent.) alAiu, white,/rf^a, a (Ireak. 

Albltarae'lla (Ent.) o/^m, white, ter/v/. 

Albijitrlga/llB (Ent.) oMia, white, ttriga, a (Ireak. 

Albooaarule'soena (Bot.) tMiu, white, caruJetu, (ky-coloured, blue, 

Alboda'otyluB (Ent.) al6ys, white, )a«TvXsf, a finger. 

Albofiuoia'llB (Ent.) al6iu, white, fafda^ a band. 

Albc^ula'rls (ZooL) aUtu, white, ^Ai, the throat, 

AlbolaliriB (ZooL) alhu, white, labmmj a Up. 

Albu'oa (Bot.) albus^ white, U, the flowers. 

Albulaia (Ent.) aUmlut, whitifh. 

AlbuTnum (Bot.) alhti*^ white, U. the white portion of the tree within 

the bark. 
Aloe, Adoee (ZooL) aUe, the elk, which from «vxq, bodily (Irength. 
Aloedi'nidSD (Omith.) akedo, fam. term, ida, 
Aloe'do (Omith.) Lot,, the king-fifher. 

Aloe'phalti8 (ZooL) alee, the elk, »t^«Xfi, the head ; a genus of antelopes. 
Alohemi'lla (Bot.) Arabic, aUemelyeh, alchemy, from its pretended aU 

chemical virtues. 
Aloioomls (ZooL) aUe, an elk, cornu, a horn ; having elk«like horns. 
Alcl'ppe (ZooL) P. N., mentioned by Theocritus ; a genus of Cinipedes. 
A'loyon (Omith.) projxrly Halcyon, iXninn, the ktng-fifher: the word 
means also ■* fea-foam," from ftX; , the Tea, nvm, to conceive ; faid to 
hatch its eggs upon the fea. 
Aloyone/Ua (2^1.) dim. of aleyon. 

Alcyonl'dium (ZooL) alcym ; implying fome fancied refemblance 
Aloyonipenne'lla (Ent.) alcyon, the king-fiiher, penna, a feather. 
Aloyooiiuxn (ZooL) from Alcyone, the daughter of ^oluk. 

ALL — ALL 15 

Alde'ria (2>>oL) P. N. after Jukiia AUety a writer on the Mollufca. 
AldrOTB'nda (Bot.) P. N. ftom Ul^u AktrwoMJus, an Italian naturalift. 
Aleoto (Zool.) P. N. one of the Furies, having ierpents round her head 

inAead of hair. 
Aleoto'ria (Bot) l>f «rp»f, unmarried ; from uncertainty refpecting male 

flowers ; a genus of Lichens. 
Aleella (Ent.) aies, winged, dim. dOs. 

Aleooha'ra (Ent.) Akim, to grind or bniiie, chara, a water-plant. 
Aleooharl'nSB (Ent.) aUockara^ fiun. term, ina ; a fub-family of Coleoptera. 
Alepas (Zool.) « priv. Xiiriif, a promontory or projection. 
Alepis (Ichth.) a priT. Xiir»;, a (cale ; a genus of filhes with broad bodies 

and (mail heads, and neariy fcalelefs. 
Al^isau'ruB (Ichth.) • priv. Xm, a fcale, ravfof, a lizard. 
Al^;>ooe'phalu8 (ZooL) • priv. Xivif, a fcale, MfaXif, the head. 
Aleth<ypteri8 (Fos. Bot.) AxnBht^ true, vrifif, a fern. 
Alea'oia (Ent.) Uvnlt^ white ; i. e, indiftinA, obfcure. 
Aleu^pB (ZooL) dEx«vp«v, meal, A^* the £ice ; mealy-fiu%d. 
Alexurosti'otufl (Ent.) « priv. xsup^r, fmooth, mntitt pun£hired, fpotted. 
Alexanders (Bot.) corrupt, of Oiusatntm^ which from dus, pot-herb, a//r, 

Ale'zia (ZooL, Ent.) ixj(«, to ward off, 
Ale'xiB (Ent.) P. N., a Roman (hepherd. 
AlgSB (Bot.) alga^ a marine plant, which from o^, coldnefs, or perhaps 

from aUigOy to entangle. 
Algology (Bot) a/ga, a marine plant, Xtyit^ defcription. 
Aliform (ZooL) wing-fhaped, from aUh a wing,y0r«(ra, refemblance. 
Ali'ama (Bot.) the water-plantain, iaid to be from the Celtic aJis^ water. 
AliBma'ooflB (Bot.) alisma, term, for natural order acm, 
Allo'dape (Ent.) &kX9t, other, )««»#« carpet, /. e, pattern ; a genus of Hy- 

AUantifo'rmis (Ent.) aliamhu, a raw-fly,y%r«Mi, refemblance. 
Allanto'dia(Bot)«>.XAf,«xx«rr«f,afaurage,i7^of, like; from refemblance 

in indufia. 
Alla'ntaB (Ent.) ibxxaf, «A>5vT«f, a faufage ; the iaw-fly. 
Alleghazmie'naiS'e (ZooL) belonging to the Alleghany mountains. 
AUia'oeua-a-uin (Bot.) allhtm ; garlic-leaved. 
Allla'ria (Bot) allium^ garlic ; the leaves haying a fimilar odour. 
Allio'cera (Ent) ixxwt^ different, *ifat% a horn ; a genus of Diptera. 
Alllga'tor (Zool.) Spanifh tii<gato, the lizard. 

i6 ALL — ALS 

Allione'lla (£nt.) P. N. in honour of Carle AJUomi, an Italian naturaUft. 

AUiseU'a (Ent.) P. N. from /. H, AUu, of York. 

Allluzn (Bot.) «xi«, to avoid, becaoie of its offenfive fineli ; garlic. 

Allodrc/ma (Ent.) &xxsf, ftrange, lf^««, a runner. 

AlloBo'rofl (Bot) tfXXof, Tarious, y&rM; tlie ibri changing at di&rent 


Almond (Bot.) through French amandd^ from Latin amygiahn, 

Alnua (Bot.) perhaps from Celtic a/, near, Am, a river, from its habiut. 

Alnl > 

. , , ,_^ f (Ent.) the infe^ feed on tlie alder, Almu, 
Alnia'ria 3 

AlnifoUe'Us (Ent.) a/«w/, an Hu^sXyfiJhm^ a leaf, dim. etia ; i. e, iU ordinary 
food plant. 

Aloe (Bot.) HArevoy aklaky or AraUcy aUoek^ growing near the fea. 

Alo'na (ZooL) ax»c, Sx«n«f, tlie diik of the fun or moon ; a genus of Ento- 
mofbaca ; fliould be HoIom, 

Alope'cidSD (Ichth.) a/^m, fam. term. itU, 

Alopeou'rofl (Bot) aXAwni^ > ^^^ >>^PS ^ tail ; fox-tail grais. 

Alope'oion (Zool.) •x^vn^, a fox ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 

A'lopez (Ichth.) JiXmwn(t ^ fox ; the fox-fhark. 

AlophUB (Ent.) a priv. Xo^;, a ridge or cxefk. 

Alo'sa (Ichth.) probably a corruption of the old name of the (had, Lochia, 

Alo'tria (Ent.) a priv. Xovrp^v, a bath ;..unwaflied ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Alpe'lla (Ent.) alfies, mountains ; from its habitat. 

AlpeBtra'lis (Ent.) alfeflru, mountainous. 

AIpe'Btris, Alpe'stre (Omtth., Bot.) Lai. alpine. 

Alphito'blua (Ent.) ^X4>itov, meal, Biim, to live. 

Alphito'phagUB (Ent) ofx^irev, meal, 4>a>«, to eat. 

Alplgene (ZooL) alfie*, mountains, gigno, to produce ; belonging to or 

found upon the Alps and other mountains. 
AlptnaliB (Ent.) alpimu, dwelling upon mountains. 
Alptna'na (Ent) alp'musj dwelling upon mountains. 
Alpi'nia (Bot ; P. N. in honour of Alpini^ an Italian phyfician* 
Alpl'nuB-a-um (ZooL, Ent.) Lot, alpine. 
Alseuo'emla (Bot.} itXa-^s^ a grove, thwixLa^ a pleafant odour. 
Alai'ne (Bot) khr^t^ a grove or ftiady place ; from its habitat. 
Alsi'nes (Ent.) feeds on chtckweed, alfiu media. 
Alsinifo'lius-a-um (Bot.) alfme, chickweed,^fwi*f, a leaf. 
AlBOde'a (Bot.) i.\amlin$, leafy. 
Also'pllila (Bot.) ct^70f, a grove, <|>fXiw, to love. 

ALS — AMA 17 

AlBt(/Qia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. C, Af/ion, Prof, of Medicine, Edinbnrgh. 
AlBtTGBme'tia (Bot.) P. N. in lionour of dawU Agtrtmer, a Swedifli 

AlBtTGBmerla'na (Ent.) P. N. in liononr of Claude Ai/irimert a Swedifli 

AOSUB (Ent.) P. N^ one of Virgii's Iheptierds. 
Altaioua-a-um (Zooi., Bot.) belonging to tlie Altai mountains. 
Altema'na (EnL) altenuut interdiangeabie, alternate. 
Altemanthe'ra (Bot.) altermu^ atuherus; the (lamens being aiteniately 

fertile and barren. 
Altema'tUB-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lot, alternate. 
Altenilflo'niB-a-UZn (Bot.) aiUrmttyfora, flowers. 
Alteu'tha (Zool.) tiie Latin name of Berwicknipon-Tweed. 
AlthsB'a (Bot.) «xd», to cure, from its liealing properties. 
AlthSBOl'des (Bot.) aUkaa, sZI«f, lil^e; having leaves like the marfhmaliow. 
Altioeps (Ent.) aUus^ high, lofty; r^«f, the head. 
AltiVeUB (Ichth.) altus, high, vtlum, a fail 
AltiVolans (2:ooL) Lot, flying high. 
Alu'oita (Ent.) Lat.^ a gnat. 
Alnoi'tldn (Ent.) aUuita^ £un. term. uU, 
AlUOiti^to (Ent.) alucUa^ a goat. 
Alula (Omith.) dim. of ala^ a wing ; applied to the fmall quill feathers or 

fpurious wing of a bird; alio to an inieA. 
Alveariella (Ent.) alveariumy a bee-hive. 

Alve'olites (Fos. Zool.) ahnltuy a little trough ; a genus of foflil corals. 
Alve'oliu (Ent.) Lai, a cheis-board ; from the chequered markings of the 

A/lypum (Bot.) &kvw9t, harmlefs. 
AlyBioarpufl (Bot.) aKua-itt a chain, »afm4t, fruit. 
Aly'ssam (Bot.) a priv. XM-r*, canine madnefs ; because it was fiippofed 

to cure hydrophobia. 
AlyteB (Zool.) &ktmt, continuous; inalhifion to its adherent tongue. 
Aly'zla (Bot.) ifxv^if, anxiety ; from its gloomy appearance. 
Al£ate'a (Bot.) P. N. from J. A, de AixaU, a Spaniih natundift. 
Axna'bilifl-e (ZooL, Bot.) Lot, lovely. 
A'malOB (Ent.) «^x^f , foft, tender. 
Amani'ta (Bot.) «^mt«, a genus of fungi or muflirooms. 
Amaranta'oese > (Bot.) « neg. /MOfMM, to decay ; the flowers not ^ing 
Amara'nthua ) long after being plucked. 


i8 AMA — AMM 

Amajrl'BBixnua-a-um (Bot.) Lot, mod bitter. 
Ama'rus-a-mn (Bot.) Lot. bitter. 

ATTiftW IHg > C"*'*) Amaryllis, term, for nat. order, aeea. 

Amary'llis (Bot.) P.N., AmaryUh was one of Virgirs nymphs ; « the lilies 
of the field," are fuppofed by fome authors to refer to Amaryitis or 
Stern6ergia iutea, 

Amaso'nla (Bot.) P. N. from Thomas Amafon, an American traveller. 

Amata'ria (Ent.) amatus^ loved. 

Ambigoalia (Ent.) amhiguusf uncertain. 

Aniblgua'na (Ent.) ambiguus^ uncertain. 

Amblyme'topon (Zool.) AfABxif, blunt, fAtrmwn^ the forehead ; a genus 
of Colubrine ophidians. 

i^bly'opua (ZooL) ^/aB^vs, blunt, voD^, a foot. 

Ambony'ohla (Zool.) if^Btn, a bofs or protuberance, Svv^* a claw. 

Ambro'sia (Bot.) afAB^a^tof^ immortal ; called the food of the gods, from 
the fragrant bruiied leaves of the plant originally fo called. 

Ambula'cra (ZooL) ambulacrum^ a gallery or place to walk in. 

Amei'va (ZooL) 0^tiB»^ to change? 

Amela'nohler (Bot.) the Savoy name for the Medlar ; a genus of *Pomacez. 

Amellus (Bot.) employed by Virgil to denote fome plant which grew 
on the banks of the river Mella. 

Aznenta'oeSB (Bot.) amentum^ term, for nat. order aeea. 

Amentales (Bot.) amgntum, a catkin. 

Ame'lltum (Bot.) Lat. a flrap or thong ; a catkin. 

Amerim'nuin (Bot.) a priv. /iiipi/t«v«, care, which it was thought to re- 
move ; heart*s-eafe ; now applied to another plant. 

Amethy'stea (Bot.) afAiBufTǤf the amethyfl, from the colour of the flower. 

Amhe'ratia (Omith., Bot.) P. N., in honour of LaJy Amherjl, 

Amma'zmia (Bot.) P. N., from J. Ammann, Profeflbr at St. Peterfbuig. 

Ammoba'teB (Ent.) oljufttf , iand, Batrat^ to go ; a genus of Hymenoptenu 

Aininol>iu2n (Bot.) &f*fAot^ fand, 0im*, to live. 

AmmocBB'tes (Ichth.) of/u/uor, fand, X'^^''^y horie-hair ; the mud-lamprey. 

Ammody^tes (Ichth.) A/Afxcivrns^ a fand burrower ; the fand-eel. 

Ammonl'aoum (Bot.) as applied to a gum this name is a corruption of 
Armemacum, the plant which produces it being a native of Perfia. 

Ammo'phila (Ent., Bot.) &fAfA§t^ fand, 4>iXiw, to love, from its ufual 
habitat ; a genus of Hymenoptera ; alfo a genus of grades. 
Aitwiyni^ne (Bot.) £/tAfjioe, Tand, fAv^vln^ a myttie *, from its habitat. 

AM(E — AMP 19 

AmoB^bea > (ZooL) ifAuBn, change, from afluming a variety of fonns, 

AmoBbi'na ) 

AmoB'nua-a-um (Bot.) L4a. delightful, fliowy. 

Amo'muzn (Bot.) Af*mfAn^ blamelefs, free from impurity; from being con- 

fidered a counter-poifon. 
Amo'rphoua (Zool.) « neg. ftop^, form. 
Ampelida'ceflB (Bot.) amfeiu, term, for nat. order aeea. 
AmpelldSB (Omith.) am^eih, fam. term, id^e ; a family of Inceflbres. 
A'mpelis (Omith.) an old Greek name of a bird, now applied to th^ 

Bohemian wax-wing ; alfo a name in Botany. 
Ampelo'pals (Bot.) AfAm\»t^ the vine, o^if, refemblance. 
Axnphaca'nthUB (ZooL) if*<pl, on both fides, iuafBa^ a thorn. 
Axnphe'rephis (Bot.) A/A^*fi^^ to cover round ; fix>m the double involucrum. 
Amphibi'ohthys (Zool.) amplulnus^ 'X^i'fi a fifli ; a name propofed for the 

Axnphi'biouB (Zool., Bot.) •fx^t^ both, Biim^ to live; exifting in two 

Amphi'bola (Zool.) ofi^M^oXo^, ambiguous, doubtful 
Axnphi'bolus (£nt.) mi^09\os^ doubtful 
Amphibry'a (Bot.) »/*^ly around, 0^99, mofs. 
AxnphioOBlia (Fos. Zool) «/c«^, on both fides, x«rAof , hollow ; the verte- 

bne being hollowed at both ends. 
Amphi'oome (Bot.) «f*4>(, around, xi/Mn, hair, in reference to the hairy 

appendaiges to the feeds. 
Amphida'sydSB (£nt.) amphidafys^ fam. term. uU. 
Amphida'sys (£nt.) kfA^aovi^ ^ggy} fringed ail round; the infeAf 

being covered with hair. 
Amphide'szoa (Zool) k^^i^ around, ^ir/Mn, a band or bundle. 
Aznphido'tOB (Zool) k^^ around, 4!,%^ Mtf an ear ; a genus of £chinox 

Axnphi'gamouB (Bot.) «/u^}, on both fides, ya/Aos^ marriage. 
Amphlgo'nidaB (Ent.) ofA^y on both fides, >>«»(«, a comer, £un. term. i(U ; 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Axnphi'monas (Zool.) «p^f, on both fides, moruu; having lateral filaments, 
Amphlo'xus (Ichth.) kfA^U, on both fides, o^vf, (harp. 
Amphipe'plea (Zool) «/m^(, around, viirXo;, a mantle. 
Axnphi'poda ) (Zool) «/bc^t, around, %w(^it9^u ^ ^oot '^ KvrUv^lv&V ^ 
Amphi'podous/ round. 

20 AMP — ANA 

Axnphlpo'gon (Bot.) «f»<^2, around, vmym^ a beard. 

Axni»bi1>noilB (Ichth.) m(A^ anxind, «vm, the breath; the breathing 

apparatus being fituated along the Hdes. 
Amphl'prion (ZooL) «f«^2, annind, ^fUn^ a iaw. 
Ami^py'n (Ent.) ^t2, around, mZp^ the fire ; flying round the light. 
Amphlpy'rldaB (Ent.) amphipyra, fam. term, uU, 
A'mphisa (Ent.) a/M^i^c, both, X^t^ equal; the antennz having tufts on 

both fides. 
AmphlBbflB'na (2^1.) Vt^«» ^^ I'oth fides, &ai\m^ to go. 
Amphi'atoma (ZooL) ^Mi^ around, 0^o|u«, the mouth ; a genus of 

Axnplezioauda'tlUI-a-1im (ZooL) ampUhr, to furround, mm^ a taiL 

Amplezicau'liB I ^^'^ '^^'^''' '° ^""^"'*^' ^'» " ^• 
AmpnUarla (ZooL) ampuUa, a globular flaflc. 
Amac/Qla (Bot.) P. N. from Charles Amfofi, an American traveller. 
Amy'drus (Omith.) ufjoAfif^ dim. indidin^. 

Axny'gdalus (Bot.) «f«i{», to drain milk; from the refemblance of 
blanched almond curd ; or from tLfMtvvm^ to lacerate, in allufion to the 
fiflured (hell. 
Amylnone (ZooL) ^/mv/m«v, blamelefs. 
Amy'xia (Ent.) ^vm, defence, revenge ? 

Amyotella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of C. J, B. Amyat^ a French natuialid. 
A'myrifl (Bot.) « intens. fwp«», perfume ; from its fweet odour. 
A'nabas (ZooL) "l a»a^«iM», to afcend, from the fifli occafionally leaving the 
Analsasla (Eot.)i water and climbing the banks; climbing trees. 
Anable'lps (ZooL) ^Ua0xlv«« to look up; from the prominent eyes. 
AnaWlla (Ent.) «va/?«x4, a cbak, in allufion to the pupa-cafe ; a genus of 

the Phryganidz. 
Anaea^pserCNl (BoC) ^oai/bAVTM, to induce to return, l^f, love; the 
name of a plant to which the ancients attributed the power of re- 
doring love. 
Anaoa'mptis (Bot.) dbwji^/t«vT», to bend back, i. e. the pollen mafles. 
Anaca'rdimn (Bot.) ifc»i, like, Mf^ta, a heart ; from the form of the nut. 
Auaoll'aria (Bot.) •*d^ like, charts; from its refemblance to the Hydrocharis. 
Anacy'olua (Bot.) ktk, upon, xvuXof , a circle ; in allufion to the rows of 

ovaries placed round the difk. 
Anaga'UlB (Bot.) «Mi^ixii(, to laugh loud ; thought to remove defpondency. 
Ajoagy^rlB (Bot.) «»«> backward, yvfi(, a circle ; from the curved pod. 

ANA — ANC 21 

Anai'tU (£nt.) P. N., an ancient divinity. 

Analogue (Zooi.) AvaX^y^f, dofely allied to fomething elfe. 

Anana'ssa (Bot.) from m»wu, its name in Guiana. 

Anaoitheriz (Bot.) m» priv. At^iftf, an awn. 

Anapeptamenua (Fos. Zool.) fp. name of a foflil crinoid, from «v«, with, 

vivra/Mlraf, part, of iMrmnvfju^ to ipread^ ftretch out. 
Ana^heles (ZooL) « inteuf. m^xht^ flender, (inooth. 
AnaYsia (Ent.) «yipri«f, incongraous. 

Anarrhl'ohas (Ichth.) Ji*affnywfjUy to break through ; the wolf-ifi(h. 
Anarrhi'num (Bot.) m» priv. ^f, the noie; the plants being allied to 

Antirrhinum, but the flowers dilferent. 
Ana'rta (Ent.) **a fea-coclcke mentioned by Pliny." — ^TmrscHU. 
Anas (Omith.) Lot. a duclc. 
Ana'spis (Ent.) ^vc^^w, to draw back. 
Anasta'tioa (Bot.) Atag^aa-tty refurreOion ; from its recovering its form, 

however dry, when immeried in water. 
Ana'stomUB (Omith.) AMi«^nfUas to funufh with a mouth ; from iu open 

Anati'fera (Zool.)ajMv, a duck,yvrw, to bear; an allufion to the old notion 

of bamacks turning into geefe. 
Ana'tina (Zool.) anatituu^ pertaining to a duck ; from fonn of ftielL 
Ana'tida9> (Omith.) «m/, £un. term. «£r, and mas the £unily and fub- 
Ana'tinflB) funlly of ducks. 

Anatinella (Zool.) dim. of amatimu, pertaining to a duck ; duck-like. 
Anatipenne'Ua (Ent.) amu, a duck, /mm, a feather. 
A'noeps (ZooL, Bot.) Lot, doubtful; having two heads, double'«dged. 
AnohooeHs (Ent.) « Ayx^* to ftrangle, anxtr, a fpot."^GuENKs. 
Anchoraoarpa'oea (Zool.) iynvfrn^ an anchor, ««f«»r, the arm, or rather 

wrift ; from the mode of attachment of this porafite; a tribe of £nto- 

Anohoraoera'oea (ZooL) AyMv^a^ an anchor, tdfmt^ a horn; a tribe of 

Anohorastoma'oea (ZooL) <lfy«vf«, an anchor, 0>t^«, a mouth; from the 

mode of attachment of thefe parafites ; a tribe of Entomoftraca. 
Anohorella (ZooL) iywfm^ an anchor, dim. terminal dla, 
Anohu^a (Bot.) 4>g(a»» to conftringe the &uces ; from its aftringent quality. 
AnciUa'rla (Zool.) McUUt a maiden. 
Anol'atram (Bot.) «fy;(irTo^ next or neareft ? 
A'noxQa (ZooL) »y*vX9f a bent bow. 

22 ANC — ANG 

Anoylo'ceras (Fos., Zool.) uyxiik^tj incurved, Mfaty a horn. 
Anoyloohei'ra (£nt.) ky»u\9Si bent, x>*V> ^^ hand. 
Ancyiodon (Zool.) «y«ux«f, bent, «)euf , o^orroc, a tooth. 
AnoyloBcellis (£nt.) iyxiik^ty bent, 0-«iXq, a covering; a genus of Hymen- 

Anoylostonnum (Zool.) «y»uA«f , bent, ^rofta, a mouth. 
Anoy^lUB (Zool.) aymynj a bent bow. 
Andereggie'lla (£nt.) P. N. in honour of Herr Anderegg^ a Swiis 

Andra'ohne (Bot.) an old Greek botanical term for purilane. 
AndreniVora (£nt.) andrinay a genus of Hymenoptera ; voroy to devour. 
Andro'gynouB (Bot.) Mt^^ attf^^^ a man (ftamen), yxftn^ a woman (piflii) ; 

Andro'meda (Bot.) P. N. from the Virgin Andnmeda. 
Andro'phorus (Bot.) a>n;, «f);er, a man (anther), ^^a*, to bear ; a pillar 

supporting a number of united anthers. 
An(lTOX>o'gon (Bot.) «»4;, inlf^^ a man, vMywv, a beard ; fix>m tufts of 

hairs on flowers. 
Androaa'ce (Bot.) ««q^, ^)pof,male, rAco;, a buckler; alluding to the calyx. 
AndroBSB'mum (Bot.) avq^, 4B»9poc, a man, (flamen), &/m«, blood ; from 

the blood-colour of the berries. 
Aneile'ma (Bot.) «niXi«, to roll together, to involve. 
Anei'mia (Bot.) «>ii/u»v, not clothed ; from its naked fructification. 
Anela'sma (Zool.) ta priv. qXatf-xw, to wander ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
Ane'lla (£nt.) anus^ an old woman ; from its grey appearance. 
Ane'mone (Bot.) «l»i/uof , wind ; becaufe the flowers are ealily moved by 
the wind; or from growing in expofed places; Anemo'ne is the 
clalHcal accent, Ane'mone the £ngli(h one. 
Anera'sUa (£nt.) knimma.^ ignorance of love. 
Anesy'ohia (£nt.) «* priv. havj(i»i red ; from its refUefs movement. 
Ane'thum (Bot.) af»«, upwards, dt«, to run ; from its quick growth ; Dill. 
Anfrac'tus-a-mn (Bot.) Lat, curved, bent. 

Ange'lica (Bot.) angelus^ an angel ; from its cordial medicinal virtues. 
Angelice'Ila (£nt.) fieeds on angdica fylveftris. 
Angero'na (£nt.) P. N. the goddefs of Silence. 
Angiooa'rpi (Bot.) ayytTn, a veflel, xa^vis^ fruit or feed with its covering; 

a diviHon of Fungi. 
Angiospe'rm (Bot.) AyytXn, a veflel, ^wif/xa^ a feed ; the feeds lodged in a 

ANG — ANI 23 

>- (Ichth.) anguilla, fam. term. id(g and i/ue. 

Angiospo'reB (Bot.) etyyitn^ a veflelij^rvj, the feed of a cryptogamic plant. 
Angio'stomuB (Zool.) Ayyunj a veflel, crifAMy a mouth. 
A'nglious-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lot. Englifh. 
AngrsB'ouzn (Bot.) Latinized from Aitgureky the Malayan name of the 

Angui'ila (Ichth.) Lot, an eeL 
An'guifl (ZooL) Lat, a fnake. 

An'guUfer (Zool.) angulus, a comer or angie,y^re, to bear. 
Angui'illform (Ichth.) anguUtay an eel,ybni«a, fliape. 
Anguinalifl (£nt.) at^uifuuij ferpent-iike. 
Angulna'ria (Zool.) anguu, a fnake ; zoophytes having cells bearing Tome 

Anguisu'roa (Ichth.) oMguUj a fiiake, «;;«, a tail. 
Angula'ria (Ent.) mgulus, a comer. 
A'ngulate (Bot.) atigulusj a comer or angle. 

Anguliftisoie'lla (£nt.) angnltu, an angle,y^a, a band ; dim. term. eUa, 
▲nguliro'Btres (Omith.) anguliUf an angle, rofirum^ a beak. 
Angu'ria (Bot.) the Greek name for a cucumber. 
Angusta'lla (£nt.) angyfituy narrow. 

AngOBUoolle'lla (£nt.) angufiuxy narrow, nUvm^ a neck ; dim. term. eUa, 
AnguatioolliB (Ent.) angujiuty narrow, coUum^ a neck. 
AngUBtiora'xia (Ent.) angufiior, more narrow. 
Angustu'ra (Bot.) from Angufhira, New Guiana, whence it comes. 
Azilcta'xigium (BoL) «f*M»T«f , open, iyyviwy a veflel ; having an open theca. 
Anlgozan'thua (Bot.) «f«ty«, to expand, ia^u a flower. 
Animalcule (Zool.) dim. oi cmimaly a living creature. 
Anlaaoa^ntha (Bot.) Anvo^y unequal, «x«»d«, a thom. 
Anlaa'rthrla (Ent.) «*i0-«(, unequal, «f6p«*, a joint. 
A'niseed (Bot.) Lot, anifum ; Arabic^ am^um, 
AniBo'oeraB (Ent.) afvi^of, unequal, xifa;, a horn (antenna.) 
AnlBoda'otyluB (Ent.) 
AnlBoda'ctyll (Omith.)j 
Anl'sodus (Bot.) iNtf-ec, unequal, o)m;c» a tooth ; from the unequal divifions 

of the calyx. 
Aniso'meles (Bot.) hw^i^ unequal, /miXo;, a member or limb. 
Anisone'ura (Ent.) avi^-ec, unequal, MDpov, a nerve (rib.) 
Anisope'talum (Bot.) a^tw^i^ unequal, irlraXov, a leaf. 

nt.) > , ^ _ , 

. , ^ )> «vi0-oc, unequal, dacrvXor, a [leather, 


24 ANI — AKT 

Anlflo'plia (£nL) Aim-k« unequal, AtAm*, a weapon. 

Aniso'pterTX (Ent.) hi9%t% unequal, «Tifu{, a wing : the female is alinoft 


Anlaotc/ina > 

AnlBOto'midfiB) ^^^'^ *"*'''' unequal, r^^k, a cutting inftniment. 

Ani'ram (Bot.) Snwtn^ or «b»i0>ov, which are Ionic fbnns of Jv«9tv, or crvaA**, 

whence Anethum. 
Annella'ta (Zool.) anneUus, a little ring. 
Annoma'tUB (Ent.) « priv. *«/(«««», to diftribute. 
Annula'ta (Zool.) atuuUtu, a ring. 
Annulatella (Ent.) awwAw, a ring, dim. tenn. eUa; from the white and 

brown rings on the antennz. 
Azmulioo'nilB (Ent.) ammJiu, a ring, nnmj a horn; antemue ringed with 


A'noa (Zool,) cltoof, foolifli, ftupid ; applied to one of the antdopet. 

Anoljium (Ent.) iwf above, ffUm^ to live. 

A'nodon (Zool.) «*«)omf , without teeth ; the fwan-muflel. 

Anodonto'pBiB (Zool.) oMadom^ the iwan-muilel, 1^49, appeaianoe. 

Ano'mala ) 
. . r (Ent., Zool.) «»«S>f««Ao(, unequal, unlike any other. 

Anomalella (Ent.) «>w/M«A«f, unequal, dim. term. eUa. 

AnoTnalcypera (ZooL) iM/u«A«f, diilimilar, Mp«f, a horn ; a genut of 


Anomalu'raa (Zool.) «>«/bMAof, unequal, tofm^ a tail. 

Anomathe'oa (Bot.) ifK/cMr, singular^ flnmi, a (heath or capiule. 

Anosmia (ZooL) ^^M^Mor, unlike. 

Anomodo'ntia (Fos. ZooL) mnfAt^ without law (type), tltur, ol«rr^,a tooth. 

Ano'modon (Bot.) do. ; referring to periftome. 

Ano'na (Bot.) from Matona^ its Eaftem name. 

Anoploga'ster (Ichth.) JBftvXff, unarmed, yrrif^ the ibmach. 

Anoplus I 

I (Ent.) flSy»vX«(, unarmed : parafltic infe^b without wings 
Anoplura \ 

Anou'ra (Zool.) »y priv. nlfc, a tail. 

A'nouB (Omith.) « priv. Mvf, the mind ; alluding to the ftupidity of the 


AUser (Omith.) Lot, a goofe. 

A'nflertne (Zool.) amser^ a goofe ; goo(e4ike. 

Anseri'nsB (Omith.) anfer; fub. fam. term. hut. 

Anta'rotloua (Zool.) Lot, relating to the Antarftic regions. 

ANT — AI^T 25 

Anteohioius (ZooL) ^m, implying comparifon, ix<»e(f % hedge-hog; 

uied for the Ponched-moiiie. 
Antelope (ZooL) probably from ib6«f, a flower, or any thing beautiful, 

and o^y the eye. 
Ante'nnsB (£nt.) aiOet before, tovv, to hold. 
Antanna'rla CBot.) from the trntenaa of infects, to which the down of the 

pappus bears fome refemblance. 
Antezinxila'rla (ZooL) aatauudof dim. of antenna, an infect* s feeler ; from 

reiemblance of polyps. 
AnthOB'ola (Ent.) AtQcf^ a flower, oTm;, a habitation. 
Anthe'a (ZooL) «Mor, a flower. 

Anthemldarna (Ent.) feeds on the flinking chamomile, Antkams cotula. 
A'hthemla (Bot.) »»0i«, to flower ; fixun its profufion of flowers. 
A'nther (Bot.) ioAnfott flowery. 
Anthelrioiun (Bot.) <bdof, a flower, IpMf, a hedge ; a name iaid to have 

been applied by the Greeks to the Aem of the afphodeL 
Anthezi'dia (Bot.) Mn^^ CIh, likeneft. 
Anthero'phagUB (Ent.) ibAtp, an anther, ^>«, to eat. 
Anthi'dltun (Ent.) iMt^ a flower ; a genus of Hymenoptenu 
Anthooe'rols (Bot.) «Evdw, a flower, »if«iV, a ray; from the radiated 

Antho'oerOB (Bot) «f*6er, a flower, aspsf, a horn ; from form of theca. 
Antho'oharlB (Bot.) ixAott ^ Aower, x«if fit, to delight in. 
Antho'bliim (Ent.) M«r, a bud, Am* to live. 
Anthobo'Boa (Ent.) olydtf , a flower, /Sm-m, to fiaed ; a genus of Hymen* 

Anthcydiuzil (Bot.) «ydof, a flower; containing many flowers. 
A'nthodon (Bot) AS^t, a flower, Mk^ •iemf^ a tooth. 
Antholy'Ba (Bot.) M^s, a flower, ;uW«, rage: the flowers look like an 

animal ready to bite. 
Antho'phila (Ent.) «bd««, a flower, f iAi<», to love. 
Anthophilidao (Ent) mthphUaj fern. term. uUt, 
Antho'phyBa (ZooL) «i»de«, a flower, ^vnf , natural refemblanoe ; from 

being colleded in duilers at the extremities of a branching Clem or 

polypidom ; a genus of Infiiforia. 
Anthopo'gon (Bot) a[»6ef , a flower, vtiyw^ a beard. 
Anthoao'ma (ZooL) Mt^ a flower, W}/b»<s a body ; a genus of Ento- 

Anthoso'madsB (ZooL) anthosomay fern. term. «</«, 

26 ADJT — APA 

Anthospe'rmum (Bot.) «i6af, a flower, e-wtffxa^ a feed. 
Anthoza'nthum (Bot.) «*do;, a flower, ^a>fio(, yellow ; from the yellowifti 

hue of the fpikes, efpecially in age. 
Antl'oa (£nt.) Ixii. that is in front, foremofl. 
Anticle'a(£nt.) P.N., the mother of Ulyfles. 
Antlde'sma (Bot.) »rri, in place of, U^fMs^ a bond ; from its former ufe 

in making ropes. 
Anti'opa (Ent.) P. N., the mother of Amphion. 
AnUqua'na (Ent.) antiquut^ antient. 
Anti'quuB-a-um (Zool.) Lot, antient. 
Antirrhi'num (Bot.) «»ti, like, approaching, fi\ the nofe ; from the 

refemblance of the fbwers to an animal's (hout. 
AnUspfla (Ent.) ovn, oppofite, rvrxof , a fpot. 
AnUthe'sia (Ent.) ftmdi o-if , oppofition ; from the contrail of colours. 
Anthraci'nU8-a-um (£nt.)iixi/. black as a coal, from anthrax, a coal. 
Anthra'xia (Ent.) «(vdf«{, a burning coaL 

Anthrenei'dSB (Ent.) aitthremuf iHof , like ; a fiunily of Coleoptera. 
Anthre'nus (Ent.) tbrdfQVii, a wild bee ; a genus of Beetles. 
Antri'ada (Ent.) «»Tpiaf, «vTpt«Sof, dwelling in caverns. 
Anthrllsus (Ent.) m neg. t^i^w, to grind down. 
Anthrl'BOUS (Bot.) a name given by Plinif to the herb chervil. 
Antrcyphiuzn (Bot.) arrfo? , a cavern, ^«, to grow ; from its habitat. 
Antr(ystomU8 (Omith.) avrfov, a cavern, rrofxat a mouth ; from its wide 

gape ; the genus of Goatfucken, to which the Whip-poor>Will belongs. 
Anthropi'thecuB (ZooL) ilvdpMvof, a man, iridii»o(, an ape. 
Anthropoi'd (ZooL) «>dp«vof , a man, i7l«Sy resembling. 
AnthUB (Omith.) Lat. a titlark or pipit. 

Anthyllidella (Ent.) feeds on the kidney-vetch, AnthfUu vulneraria. 
Anthy'lliB (Bot.) a(vdo(, a flower, TouXo;, a beard ; from the downy calyces. 
Anuga (Ent.) iuuftrot^ not wiflied for? 
Aliura (Zool.) a* priv. oDpa, a tail ; an order of Batrachians. 
A'nxiua (Ent.) Lot. uncertain, i.e. in colour. 
An7l)ia (Ent.) P. N. Anybh or Anubuf an Egyptian deity. 
Anyohia (Bot.) from its affinity to Paronychia, 
Aonajx (2k>ol.) « priv. o»uf , a claw. 
A'otes (Zool.) a piiv. ev(, a>TOf, an ear ; earlefs. 
Aotus (Bot.) « priv. ov(, iiTos, the ear ; having no earlike appendages to 

Apame'a (Ent.) urrttfAtM^ to cut off. * 

APA — API 27 

ApameldaB (£nt.) apamea^ fam. term, idn, 

Apa'rgla (Bot.) the Greek name of fbme plant not now known. 

Apata'nia (Ent.) kvarAm^ to deceive. 

Apa'te (Ent.) «iraTQ, (Iratagem. 

Apa'teon (Fos. Zool.; «v«timv, a cheat. 

▲patu'ra (Ent.) P. N., a fumame of Venus 

Ape'talouB > ,„ ^ . , 

. .X , r (Bot.) « pnv. viTaXav, a leaf. 

Apo'talum > ^ ' 

A'pez (Zool.) Lot, the point or top of a thing. 

Aphana'nthe (Bot.) «^«yf)f, obicure, M^t^ a flower. 

A'phanes (Bot.) k^mtnt, obfcure. 

Aphani^tera ) (A^pmn^ot^ to hide, vrifw^ a wing; apparently 



Aphani'pterouai ( without wings. 

Aphani'stlouB (Ent.) «^«i<«, to hide. 

AphanLBc/menon (Bot.) ^^«»^(«, to hide ; a genus of Confervz. 

A'phareus (Zool.) the word u^mfivt was applied by AriJhtU to the belly- 
fin of the female tunny ; or it may be from i^mfns^ naked. 

Aphelamdra (Bot.) k^tXnf^ fimple, d»iip, «>2f«c> a male; the anthers 
being one-celled. 

Aphella (Ent.) il^i x^f , plain, from the fimplicity of the wing nuu-kings. 

Aphele^zls (Bot.) «^ix4r, fimple, ijif, habit. 

Aphel(/tozaa (Ent.) a^xAs^ fimple, tI/mwv, to cut. 

Aphodi'adBB (Ent.) aphoHus^ fam. term. aiUt, 

Apho'dlus (Ent.) «(^o^«f, going back ? 

Aphredo'deruB (ZooL) «tfi«, to foam, )tfo;, the (kin. 

Aphrltes (Zool.) u^Trtt, the foam-fifh. 

Aphrodi'te (Zool.) P. N., the Greek name of Venus. In its application 
to a fi»-worm there may be Tome allufion to the fuppofed derivation 
from mffiff ** foam of the sea." Hefiod calls Venus A^tyhtta^ ** foam- 

Aphylla'nthes (Bot.) A^vkJ^f^ leaflefs, £»0of , a flower. 

Aphy'llouB (Bot. J a neg. ^XXw, a leaf; leaflefs. 

Apia'ster (Omith.) Lm, a bee-eater. 

Apioa'Ufl (Ent.) apex, a point. 

Apicata (Ent.) Lot. adorned as it were with a cap or mitre (apex^; coni- 
cally pointed. 

Apioella (Ent.^ dim. of apex — ^the apex of the wing is bright ochreous. 

Apioia'ria (Ent.) apex, the top ; from the direction of its (beaks. 

Aprora (Bot.) « neg. irixfor, bitter. 

28 API — APO 

A'pldsB (£nt.) apisy fam. tenn. id^t. 

Apifo'rmia (Ent.) afhy a bee,y%rwa, refemblance. 

Apiifolla8-a-mn (Bot.) aptum, folia, leaves; parfley^leaved. 

Apia (Ent.) Lot. a bee ; probably fix>m anwut^ without feet, in aUuIion to 
their appearance in the pupal (late ; or fixHn the old word a^0« to 
ding, in reference to the curtain formed by the bees. 

A'plstes (ZooL) ofviTTOf, not to be trufted. 

A'pitun (Bot.) apex, the fummit or crown of the head, becauie the head 
was crowned with it in the ancient triumphs ; fome, however, deduce 
it from the Celtic apon, water, In alluHon to its common habitat ; 
parfley and celery. 

Api'vorua (Omith.) apis, a bee, «9r«, to eat. 

Apple (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. api, 

Apla'na (Ent.) ad^plamu, even, flat. 

Aple'ota (Ent.) « priv. irXiwrjf, folded; becaufe the wings are not 

Apli'dluzn (Zool.) atirXoilf, fimple. 

Aploone^mus (Ent.) StmXH^^ fimple, xvA/mv, the keg. 

Aplodfi'otylua (ZooL) olvXevc, fimple, ^aatvXov, a finger. 

Aplode'tiis (Ent.) olvAflSf . fimple, 9«^c% long. 

Aplodolitia (Zool.) «fvXoDc, fimple, sSwf, •}«»«(, a tooth. 

Aplu'strum (ZooL Lai, a fiiip's flag. 

Aply'sia (ZooL) « priv. vA.t^«, to wafb ; the aplyfia of the Greek fisher- 
men were fponges unfit for walhing. 

Apooli'sa (Ent.) «ve and xAidf, to fliut or cbie. 

Apoory^tes (2k>ol.) «vo»{uirr«, to hide from. 

Apooyna'cesB (Bot.) apocymm, term, for order, tuea, 

Apo'cyntun (Bot.) «iro, avray from, »^v, jwmc, a dog ; becaufe thou^t to 
be potfonons to them ; the dogs'-bane. 

Al)oda (Zool.) ft priv. iroSf, iro^sf, a foot ; an order of Cirripedes. 

A'poda (Omith.) immii, «*•!»<, without feet ; this name was given by 
Liiuutus to a Bird of Paradife, from the circumftance that all the 
fpecimens that arrived in Europe were without feet, having been thus 
mutilated by the natives before drying the (kins. 

Al>odal (ZooL) ft priv. irov;, vsl^c, a foot. 

A'podemes (Zool.) «*»)•«, to bind fad; applied to projections of cbitine, 
for the attachment of muicles in the Cirripedes. 

Apcygon (ZooL) • priv. vitym^ a beard. 

Apolca (Ent.) ftvoiKittf, to go away from home ; its wandering, habits. 

APO — ji^ 29 

Aponogeton (Bot.) from Celtic 4^m or avon, water, ytirm, a neighbour. 

ApoTO'oera (£nt.) ofvofoo anxnanageable, »t{»<, a horn (antenna.) 

Aporo'des (Ent.) Hmo^t, stupid, dulL 

Aporophyla (Ent.) «iv«(Of, doubtful, ^uXn, a tribe. 

Aporrha'iB (ZooL) Awffi», to flow away ; the fprout-flieli. 

Appendioula'ria (ZooL) afi^emSettia, a little appendage. 

Appro'slmate (Bot.) ad, to ; prox'wnuj a neighbour. 

Aprioa'riua (Ent.) afrkor, to bade in the fun. 

Aprloot (Bot.) formerly fpelt aprecKi^ and by our eariied writers apreeoeh; 
probably from the Arabic Berieaek, or Bercock^ whence the Greeks pro- 
bably derived their infi«v»»«, and the French their abrkaty from 
whom we probably derived the word. Some think it from Lot, pr4tcox^ 
being the earliefl of the kind to ripen. 

Apxili'na (Ent.) Aprilhy from the month in which it appears. 

A'prion (Zool.) « priv. vpiw», a fiiw. 

Aprosmi'otOB (Ornith.) ^vfiffMirpi, holding no communion with ; from 
its fblitary habits. 

A'pBllus (ZooL) « priv. •4'iA*V> naked, bare. 

A'pUB (Ornith.) ifvovf , without feet ; from appearance in flying. 

Aptenody'teB (Ornith.) •«t«v, unwinged, Zvrns, a diver. 

Apte'mua (Ornith.) « priv. vrifva, a heel. 

Aptero'gyna (Ent.) amtftt, winglefs, >^«, female, /. e, the females are fo. 

Aptero'peda (Ent.) avTipof, unwinged, ^m,/^x, a foot. 

ApteKy'glliaB (Omith.) aptnyx, fam. term, hue, 

Apteryz (Omith.) « priv. vrlpuf, a wing ; a genus of birds. 

Apthalznlothys (Ichth.) a priv. flixXM, to abound, Ix^ufj a fifli. 

Apto'mis (Fos. ZooL) Svro^ai, to grafp, ofHf, a bird. 

Apygalis (Ent.) « priv. wyii, the rump. 

A'ptyohus (Fos. ZooL) « priv. vruxfi* a fold, the plates or valves being 
without fold or hinge. 

Aqua'rtia (Bot.) P. N. from B, Aquart^ Jacquin's companion in America. 

Aqua'tlaos-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lot. relating to water, aquatic. 

Aqul'farous (Zool.) aqua^ water, fen^ to carry. 

Aqulfolla'oeaB (Bot.) ofuifolhimy term, for nat. order ace^^ 

Aquifoliiim (Bot.) ocvj, a needle, /e/itfrn, a leaf; becaufe its leaves are 
prickly ; the holly. 

A'quila (Omith.) Lot, an eagle. 

Aquila'ria (Bot.) aqmla^ an eagle ; called bois d'aigU by French colonics. 

Aquilaria'oeaD (Bot.) aquUaria^ term, for nat. order aee^. 

30 A^ — AJiC 

Aquile'gla (Bot.) aquUoy an eagle, whose claws the nectaries reiemble. 

Aqiiili'na (Ent.) aquUus, dark-coloured. 

Aquill'naB (Omith.) a^uUa^ £un. term. tW. 

A'rachis (Bot.) a priv. fix^f, a branchy 

Ara'chne (Ent.) ifi^'^, a fpider. 

Ara'ohnida (Ent.) &fax^* ^ fpider, with fam. term. ; one dlvifion of the 

Ara'ohnideB (Ent.) i^x"** ^ fpider, Mf, reiemblance. 
Araohnothe'ra (Omith.) Apax*"' ^ fpider, and Bn^t a wild bead. 
Ara'bicu8-a-um (2k>ol., Bot.) Lot. Arabian. 
Arabi'desB (Bot.) atabhj ordinal term. Idea. 

A'rabis (Bot.) an old name of Dioicorideq, now applied to the wall-crefs. 
Aragua'to (2k>oL) native name of one of the howling monkeys. 
Ara'lia (Bot.) apa, annoyance ; now applied to another plant. 
Aralia'oeaB (Bot.) aralia^ ordinal term, acedt. 
Araiieus (Zool.) Lai, a ihrew. 
AraneldSB (Ent.) aranea, a fpider, term. ida. 

Anura'tizia (Omith.) from the Brazilian word arara ; one of the Macaws. 
Arauoa'ria (Bot.) from araueanos^ its Chilian name. 
Arauca'rites (Fos. Bot.) applied to certain foflll coniferous plants refem • 

bling the araucaria, 
Arbo'reu8-a*um (Zool. & Bot.) Lot. belonging to trees. 
Arbore'scent (Bot.) ar^ffeo, to grow into a tree. 
Arbuta'na (Ent.) arbutus^ the wild ftrawberry, on which it is fuppofed to 

Aj'batus (Bot.) the ftrawberry tree ; from Celtic ar bmfe^ audere bufh, on 

account of its rough fruit. 
A'rca (Zool.) LaU a ched or cell. 

A'rcadao (Zool.) arca^ fam. term, ada; a family of Mollufca. 
Arcella (Ent.) dim. of arca^ a cell. 
Aroeu'thina (Ent.) «pMu9(»of, belonging to the Juniper. 
Arohangelioa (Bot.) from its iuppoied archangdic virtues. 
Arohegoaau'rus (Fos. Zool.) apx^^^'c, beginning, o-avp o;, a lizard ; pri- 
meval lizard. 
Aroo'pagus (Ent.) «pxt«, to keep off, miya^ a fhare. 
Ar'otia (Ent.) apxroc, a bear; the larva is popularly called the** woolly bear." 
Aroti'beUB (Zool.) «f»T»f, a bear. 

Arotlo'tia (Zool.) opxToc, a bear, uric, a weafel ; a genus of Manunalia, 
the Binturong of Nepal. 

AUG — AUG 31 

Ar'otiiun (Bot.) Afxrts, a bear, fix>m the coaHe texture of the involucret ; 

the plant Burdock. 
Arctoce'phaluB (Zool.) «lp»To;, a bear, ni^mXi?, head. 
Arotooephsbli'na (Zool.) arctocephalui, fam. term. tiwi. 
A'rotomys (Zool.) opKToc, a bear, /uu?, a moufe; the family of Marmots. 
AVotonyz (Zool.) «p»Toc, a bear, vu^, night ; in allufion to its habits. 
Arotopithe'ous (Zool.) ofxro;, a bear, wiBwto;^ a monkey. 
A'rotos (Zool.) «f«Toc, a bear. 

Arctosta'phylos (Bot.) Sf»r9if a bear, 0^a^i;Xii,a grape ; equiv. to Uva urfi. 
Arotothe^oa (Bot.) «l[p«TOf, a bear, dnxn, a capfule, (6 named from the 

roughnefs of the fruit. 
Aroto'tis (Bot.) <Kf »T0(, a bear, ot;(, an ear ; from the fhaggy fruit. 
Arouatella (£nt.) dim. of arcuattu, curved like a bow. 
ArouatUB-a-um (2Lool.) Lot., arched, curved, from arc$to, to bend like a bow. 
Aroyo'phora (£nt.) i^«vc, &iKV9s, a net, t*p«« to bear. 
A'rdea (Ornith.) equiv. to arduoy fem. ofarduusy lofty, from its high flight. 
Ardeldao (Ornith.) ardeoj fam. term. id^. 

Ardi'sia (Bot.) «Ip}ic, a fpear point ; from the fegments of corolla. 
Ardui'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Piaro Arduini, an Italian boUnid. 
Arena'ria (Ornith. & Bot.) arenaj fand ; becauie growing in Tandy places 

in the one cafe, and the bird frequenting fimilar localities in the other. 
Areno'sus (Ent.) Lat. (andy. 

Are'Ua (Bot.) P. N. from Bemit Aretius, a Swifs botanid. 
A'rgala (Ornith.) the native name of the Adjutant. 
Arge (Ent.) a^yis, white. 
Ajgemo'ne (Bot.) a^/jie^n, from ufyifAo, an ulcer on the eye, which it 

was thought to cure. 
Argentalis (Ent.) argentum, filver ; referring to colour. 
Argenta'tUB (Ornith.) Lot. plated with filver. 
Argente'ola (Ichth.) Lot. filvered, plated with filver. 
Argentlmaoulella (Ent.) argentumy filver, macuh^ a fpot, dim. eila. 
Argenti'na (Ichth.) argentum, filver ; from the pearly-looking fubOance in 

the air-bladder ; a genus of the fomily Salmonidz. 
Ajgentipedella (Ent.) argentum, filver, ^m, a foot, dim. eUa, 
Argen'tula (Ent.) argentum^ filver. 

Argillaceallfl (Ent.) a^iXXa^, white clay ; refierring to colour of wings. 
ArgioluB (Ent.) P. N., dim. of Argos. 
Argl'ope (Zool.) P. N., the name of a nymph, the meaning of which it 


3* jiJiG — ARI 

V 2pyvw, fiWer; the filvery colour of the infers. 

Argi'va (Ent.) Linnzus gave this name to a divifion of Lepidopteroui 
inieAs ; it is taken from the old name of the Greeks, Argives, which 
is from Argos : there were feveral cities fo called. 
Argola'sla (Bot.) «f|«c, white, ^ia-t«c, woolly ; from outfide of calyx. 
Atgo'cndah (ZooL) the native name; this word ihonld have been written 

Argona'uta (Zool.) P. N., the Argonauts were the Tailors in the /hip 

Argo ; applied to the Paper Nautilus. 
Az^ona'aUdaB (ZooL) argonauta^ fam. term. iJa ; a family of the MoUufca. 
ArgulidSB (2>ool.) arptlus, film. term, ida ; a family of Entomoftraca. 
A'rgulua (Zool.) Etymology unknown to me. 
Arguta (Bot.) Lai. dear, iharp, t. e. in form. 
A'rgUB (Omith.) P. N. from Argus^ the hundred-eyed fliepherd, on 

account of the numerous eye-like fpots on its plumage. 
Argu'tor (Ent.) argutus^ ihrill, loud, i. e, the noife it makes in its flight. 
Argy'ziniB (Ent.) P. N. a fumame of Venus. 
Argyralla (Ent.)] 
Argyralia (Ent. 
Argyre'sthia (Ent.) Afyufit, filver, Mkt^ drefs. 
ArgyresfhildflB (Ent.) argyrestJ^y fam. term. ida. 
Argyro'oome (Bot.) •fyvp*;, filver, h^/mii, hair. 
Argyrole'pla (Ent.) ipyif •;, Tilver, xlnj , a fcale. 

Argyrone'ta (Ent.) ifyufot* filver, nr§s^ heaped up ; alluding to the large 
filvery globules of air in which this fpider envelopes itielf in diving 
into the water. 
Argyrol>ejia (Ent.) ifj^fMnfa, filver-footed. 
Argyroto'za (Ent.) afyvfir9(is, bearer of the filver bow, an epithet of 

Ajhl'zouB (Bot.) a priv., pi(«, a root. 
Arho'palus (Ent.) « priv. /oiraXov, a club. 
Aoriel (Zool.) a Greek proper name ; the Gazelle. 
A'ries (Zool.) Lot, a ram. 
Ari'etans (Zool.) Lot, butting like a ram. 
Aorion (Ent.) P. N. an ancient lyric poet. 
Ariphron (Ent.) «fi^^)qf, eafily known. 

Ari'sta (Bot.) from arto, to be dry, becauie it is always so ; the awn. 
Axista'tum (Bot.) Lot, bearded, awned. 
Ariste'a (Bot.) art/Uj a point or beard ; the leaves. 
Ari'stida (Bot.) ariffa, an ear of com, or rather the awn or beard. 

ARl — ART 33 

AYlstolo'ohia (Bot.) > 9i^9r%u bed, Xs^hm, facilitates parturition ; 

Axistoloohia'cesB (Bot.) > from its fonner afes. 

Anaeni'aoa (Bot.) P. N. frxmi Armtma^ whence it was brought. 

Anne'ria (Bot.) Latin name for Sweet-william. 

Annerloi'deB (Bot.) armeria, i<)»f, like. 

Armi'geTB (£nt.) armiger, a (hield-bearer. 

ArmillflD (Omith.) Lai, armlets, bracelets. 

Annora'oia (Bot.) £> named by the Romans from Armoma or Brittany, 

where it was fuppoJed to grow abundantly. 
A'misB (Ent.) itftUi^ a little Iamb. 
A'mioa (Bot.) «fitfiwf , a (beep's ikin, which is from ^»«;, a lamb ; from 

the refemblance of its leaf to the foft coat of the lamb. 
▲moglo'sBaB (Ichth.) mpk^ a lamb, yx»v«r«^ a tongue. 
Amopo'gon (Bot.) «f*of, a lamb, irdrym^ a beard; in alluiton to the 

bearded feeds. 
Amo'tto (Bot.) a native American name. 

. . f J X r aruMf the wake-robin phmt, tU^u refemblance. 

Aroide 0U8 (Bot.) ) 

Aro'lDA (Bot.) ifmfdM, a fweet-herb. 

Azpa'otioUB (2Lool.) <l(ir«£, rapacious ; a genus of Entomodraca. 

Arqiia'tOB (Omith.) Lot. arched. 

Azrow-root (Bot.) probably from the form of the root-flock or rhizome. 

Artabo'trya (Bot.) ofrim, to flifpend, Bhfv^, a bunch of grapes ; (uggefted 

by the mode of (uipenfion of the fruit. 
A'rtamuB (Omith.) fyrUfMc, a butcher; fbmetimes called the fwallow- 

Arte'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pietn Artedi, 
Arteml'ftia (Bot.) P. N. from Artemu, the Diana of the Greeks. 
Artemisiella (Ent.) feeding on the above plant. 
Artho'nia (Bot.) unexplained. 
Arthroola'dia (Bot.) MfB^n^ a joint, mXmUty a branch ; from its articulated 

Arthrolol>iuzii (Bot.) £pBfn, a joint, Xo/So^, a pod ; from the (eed-veflel 

being jointed. 

Artbropo'diTun (Bot.) «IfV*9 ^ 3°^''^ *"^^> *^''«) ^ ^<^ ; having jointed 

Articula'ta (2^ool.) artieulatus^ jointed ; in oppofiUon to verUhrata ; one of 

the great divifions of the animal kingdom. 


34 ART — ASJ 

Artocarpa'cesB (Bot.)i afpro?, bread, xofv^r, fruit; the bread-fruit tree 

Artoca'rpufl (Bot.) ) and family. 

A'rum (Bot.) afw, the Greek equivalent ; fuppofed to be from an Egyptian 

word ; the wake-robin or cuckoo-pint. 
Aruncella (£nt.) frequents Spir^a Amnai*. 

Arundina'oeua-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lot. reed-like, frequenting reeds. 
Aru'ndo (Hot.) Lot. a reed, qu. from Celtic aru, water. 
Arve'xXBia-e (Bot.) arvum, a ploughed field, referring to habitat. 
Arvicoli'na (2k>ol.) arvum, a field, coio, to inhabit. 
A'saplies (£nt.) aa-a^vty indiflinA, obfcure. 

A'sapliua (Fos. 21ool.) a0-«^«fc« obfcure ; a genus of foflil Cruflacea. 
Aseirlfo'lius-a-Uin (Bot.) afarymy/olia, leaves ; afarum-leaved. 
A'sarom (Bot.) a priv. 9-a/jp«, to adorn ; or from c priv. rtipc, a bandage, 

being unfit for garlands. 
Aacalabo'teB (ZooL) ao-ncXa^oc, the Greek name of a lizard. 
Ascalaplius (Omith.) a^p^^XAw, to be vexed. 
AsoaVideB (2^1.) plural of afcar'u. 
Ascarici'da (Bot.) afcaris, c^do^ to kill. 
A'soaris (Zool.) « redundant, cxaifoo^ to leap; a genus of inteflinal 

Aacl (Bot.) i.9xist a leathern bag. 

, > (Zool.) M-»^, a leather bag ; a genus of Mollufcs. 

Asol dians ) 

Aaoi'dium (Bot.) arx/Scov, a fmall leather bottle ; applied to the hollow 

receptacle called the pitcher. 
Asclepia'desB (Bot.) afcUpiaSi with fam. term. 
Ascle'pias (Bot.) P. N. from AfcUpiadct^ a Greek phyfician. 
Ascooeras (Zool.) a0-»»c, a leathern bag, xipsf, a horn ; implying, being 

bent on itfelf. 
Asc/rum (Bot.) a priv. e-xTpo*, hard ; being foft to the touch ? 
Ase'llidse (Zool.) afellus^ fam. term. i<U ; a family of Cruflaceans. 
Ase'Uus (Zool.) Lot. an afs's colt ; the name is alfo given to a genus of 

A'aemum (Ent.) &nfjLo^, without mark. 
Aseti'gera (Zool.) « ^ris.feta^ a briflle,^<To, to bear. 
Aahwo'rthii (Ent.) P. N. from the late J. H. AJhivorih, of Manchefler. 
Asidi'oola (Zool.) af<ric, mud, coUre, to inhabit. 
Asilifo'rmis (Ent.) ajilus, format refemblance. 
A'silua (Ent.) ajpiio, to aflail haftily : the gad-fly. 


AS I — ASP 35 

Asina'lis (£nt.) Lat, the colour of an afs. 

A sinus (2^L) Lot. the afs ; from c^-uttr, harmleis, in reference to its 

Asipho'nlda (2^1.) « priv. 0-i^»v, a fucker ; a fiimily of Mollusca. 
Aso'pla (Ent.) P. N., a name of Ceres. 
Asopildee (Ent.) afofiia^ hm, term, ida; 2i hmWy of Moths. 
Aspa'lathus (Bot.) « priv. a-wav^ to extract, probably in reference to the 

A'spalax (Zool.) the Greek name for a mole. 
Aspa'ragus (Bot.) • intens. 0-ir«f c9>9-a», to tear ; Thunberg fays that the 

« Cape afparagus" is called by the natives, ivaht at beetje (wait a bit), 

becaufe its crooked thorns catch their clothes in palCng. 
Aspa'sia (Bot.) a0Y«{e/Mm, to embrace ; peculiar conftniction of flower ; 

a genus of Orchids. 
A'sper, A'spera, A'sperum (Zool.) Lot. rough. 
Aspere'Ua (Ent.) dim. of ajper^ rough. 
Aspergi'lluzn (Zool.) Lot. a watering-pot. 
Aspergi'Uus (Bot.) a genus of Fungi. 
Asperoooc'cus (Bot.) ajper, rough, cocttu, a berry ; from the appearance of 

its fructification. 

Asper rimus-a-um (Bot.) Lot, mod rough. 

Asperaana (Ent.) a/pfrfys^ fprinkled. 

Aspe'rugo (Bot.) a/per, rough. 

Aspe'rula (Bot.) dim. of ajper^ rough, /. e. the fruits. 

, \ { aiT^^iXoc, the Greek name of the plant ; from 

Asphodel r \ i 

* ^ J /, t (Sot-) 1 « priv. «r^aXX«, to fupplant ; a flower not to 

Asphodele*) ( be furpafled. 

Asplan'ohna (2^1.) a priv. a^wXayxfati the vifcera. 

Aspleniifo'liua-a-um (Bot.) afplemum,folia^ leaves; afplenium-leaved. 

Asple'nium (Bot.) SicifXwwt a medicine to cure difeafes of the fpleen. 

Aspioa'rpa (Bot.) «9vic, a fhield, aapir*;, fruit. 

Aspidi'phorus (Ent.) ka-'mU'^if^, Ihield-bearing. 

Aspi'dium (Bot.) «0-vK) «0^ir(}e;, a round (hieid ; the indufium being of 

this form. 
Aspidu'ra (Zool.) s^vk, M-irtSot, a fhield, m;j>c, a tail; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Aspi'lates (Ent.) a priv. tr^X\$t^ a fpot. Pliny mentions a precious (lone 

by this name. 
Aspia (Ent.) a^^rt'c, a fhield; from the Itiield-ihaped mark on the forewings. 

36 ASS — AST 

AssafOB'tida (Bot.) probably from the Perfian Ufir, with the addition of 

the LAtin/mtldutf ftioking. The word ieems to iiave been introduced 

by the monies into the ichool of Salernum. 

Aiwlmilft'ta) ^« ^ - ... - ,„ , ... . ^ 
Ajuii' in r v^"^*' '2^*""'» refembling the neighbouring fpecies. 

Asso'nia (Bot.) P. N. from JgmMtuu de AJ/o^ a Spanlih botanift. 

▲sBu'rgent (Bot.) afwr^t to rife up. 

A'staoUB (Zool.) arrajKOf, a lobfter. 

Afltarte (ZooL) P. N., an antfent Syro-Phoenician guddefi. 

Agitata (Ent.) lU^^rrtc, uncertain, unfhible. 

Aflte'lia (Bot.) • priv. criXMxtt* a ftem. 

Aste^ma (Bot.) « priv. rtiXfAm or o^/AfAm, a crown ; in aliufion to the fniit. 

A'stenuB (£nt.) « neg. 0~m«f, narrow. 

Aflteph'anos (Bot.) « priv. and mf ^*«f, a crown, in refierance to the 

A'ster (ZooL, Bot.) Jk^ti^, a (lar. 
Aflteraoa'ntha (Bot.) ATr^, a flar, and I»«>4% a fpine. 
Asteii'adBB (2^1.) asUrUu, hm. term, ad^i, 
Aste'riaa (Zool.) Mrrn^, a ihir ; a genus of Star-fiihet. 
ABte'rIouin (Bot.) ttcrn^^ a (lar ; from the form of its flowers 
A'steriB (Ent.) feeds on AJier Ckmemjb. 

AJrterooeph'alua (Bot.) arrnfj a ftar, and uipHxtf a head; infloiefcence. 
Asteroph'ora (Bot.) arriif, a (br, and ^^m, to bear ; a genus of Fungi. 
Astero'soopUB (Ent.) aTr^a^ the (Ian, 7«Mr«(, a looker or watcher; from 

the upward-pointed attitude of the larvae. 
A'sthena (Ent.) 4rdi»iic, weak, finalL 
AflUlbe (Bot. 
Astllbus (Ent. 
A'stomOB (Bot.) • priv. TrifAa^ a mouth. 
Afitragaloldes (Bot.) aftragaltu, iTlloe, like. 
Astra'galua (2^1.) ka^fayMX^^ the ankle-bone. 
Astra'galus (Bot.) M^iif, a (br, yi-Xa^ milk ; the milk-vetch. 
Afltra'nthllB (Bot.) i^^rn^^ a (bu-, «»9«;, a flower. 

Astra'ntia (Bot.) Sirr^v*^ a ftar, «m, comparifbn ; referring to the umbels. 
AstrapsB'a (Bot.) a0-Tp«ini, a fiafh of lightning ; from the bright colour of 

the flowers. 
Astarapea'ttB (Ent.) 
Astra'pla (Omith.)J 
ABtrooa'ryuni (Bot.) im-tr^, a (lar, ««^u«f, a nut. 

r • neg. mXBv^ to glitter. 

'. .\ r •^TAocirii, a flafh of lightning. 

AST — ATR 37 

Astrolo'ma (Bot.) ivr^, a ftar, x£u«. a fringe. 

Astroph'yton (Zool.) M-ri^y a ftar, <^vrw, a plant ; a gesus of Echino- 

A'atur (Ornith.) Lot, a hawk or buzzaid. 
Asty'nomuB (EnL) matvMfA^u ibciaL 
ABy^ohna (Ent.) « priv. a-vxyk^ frequent ; the uncommon. 
Atala'nta (Ent.) P. N., an antient celebrated beauty. 
A'talea (ZooL) «tsXii«, imperfe^ ; applied to monkeys having only nidU 

mentary thumbs. 
Ate'meleB (Ent.) «Ti9f(iXi}(, carelefs. 
Ater, Atra, Atnim (Zool., Ent.) Lat. black. 
Ate'rrimuB (Ent) Lai, very hbck. 
Athali'a (Ent.) P. N., daughter of Ahab, king of Ifiael. 
Athama'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Mount Atkatma*^ in Sldly. 
Atheri'na (Ichth.) perhaps from « priv. B%>U^ fummer-time, as 1 find that 

the fifli is ieldom caught except during the winter months. 
Atherospe'nxM (Bot.) «di«p, an aw% vniffjut^ a feed. 
Atheru'ra (Zool.) idw, a tuft, ov^*, a tail. 
Athe'tmia (Ent.) adtro?, rejeAed, void. 
Athous (Ent.) ild«9c, harmlefs. 

Athri'zia (Bot.) « priv. d^, hair ; being abient from receptacle. 
Athy'riB (Zool.) « priv. &vfkt a door. 
Ath/rlum (Bot.) • priv. 0vp»f, a door. 
Athyrma (Ent.) MByfs^ without any entrance. 

Atla'nta (Zool.) ) found in the Atlmiic ; a genus and funily of Mol- 
Atla'ntlcUs (ZooL)> luTca. 
Atoma'lia (Eflt.) atcmnu, an atom, a fpeck. 
Atoma'zia (Ent.) ofMnw, a fpeck; the wings being fprinkled with dark 

Atopa (Ent.) irMTDc, ftrange, out of place. 

Atraotaspi'dadsB (Zool.)> arpMiTOf , a fpindle, m^vk* a fnake ; a genus 
Atraota'spia (Zool.) > of Colubrine ophidians. 

Atra'otylia (Bot.) lTp«u»T0f , a fiMxidle ; from its light ftems being formerly 

ufed for making fpindles. 
Atrage'ne (Bot.) a name applied by Theophraftus to a fpecies of Clematis. 
Atra'llB (Ent.) ater, black. 
Atrapha'zta (Bot.) « priv. Tyl^, to nouriOi. 
Atra'tus-a-um (Ornith.) bUckeoed, dark-coloured. 
Atre'lla (Ent.) atery black. 

5J? jiTJi — jIUJi 

A'trica (Ent.) ater, black. 
Atrioapi'lla (Omith.) ater, black, capilitu, hair. 
Atrioapita'na (Ent.) aifrj black, caput, the head. 
Atiiof 11a (Omith.) ater, black, and cilia, as in Motacilla. 
Atrioo'Uis (Ent.) ater, black, roZ/M*, the neck ; alluding to the larva. 
Atricome'lla (Ent.) ater, black, coum, hair, dim. elia. 
Atriflrontella (Ent.) atcr, hbxk, Jrotu,/rontUy the brow, dim. elia. 
A'triplez (Ent., Bot.) Pliny's name for the Orache, or Golden herb ; from 
aier, black. 

AtripUce'lla (Ent.)) . . . ^ , ^ ^ . ^ . , 

AtripU'oia (Ent.) I '^' "^"^ ^**^ "P°" ^"^^'^ '^'"^^' 

A'tropa (Bot.) Atropet, one of the Fates, whofe fpecial doty it was to cut 

the thread of life ; on account of its deadly effe^. 
A'tropos (Zool.) Pi N., one of the three Fates ; a g;enus of Ophidians. 
Atry'pa (TjooV) « neg. rpSv*, a foramen or hole. 
Atta'genuB (Ent.) attagcn, a fnipe ; fnipe-Oiaped. 
A'ttagis (Ornith.) irri(yac, a long-billed (hore-bird, which Dr' Adams 

thinks was the Godwit. 
Atta'lia (Bot.) attalkus, brilliant, fplendid. 
Attelal>ideB (Ent.) attelabut ; a family of Beetles. 
Atte'labus (Ent.) the Greek name for fome infect like the locud. 
Atsr'pUB (Ent.) « priv. txnrou a representative ; a genus of Arachnida. 
Auohe'nia (Ent.) «vxn*> the throat. 
Au'cuba (Bot.) the original Japanefe name of the fhrub. 
Audonina'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of J, V. Audomn, a French natu- 

Augoste'lla (Ent.) dim. of auguflusy princely. 
Aiilaoo'dea (Ent.) avXa^-a»«c, a furrow ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Aiilacorliy^nchua (Omith.) otZ^a^, a furrow, fvyx^^y ^ beak. 
Au'laz (Bot.) aZxa^, a furrow ; from the appearance of the under fide of 

the leaf. 
Au'lioa (Bot.) Lat. princely, courtly. 
Aura'go (Ent.) aurum, gold, f. e. golden-coloured. 
Auranti'aoa (2^1.) Lot, orange-coloured. 
Aurantla'oesB (Bot.) aurantlum, term, for order acca. 
Aura'ntlum (Bot.) Lat, an orange. 

Aurelia (ZooL) fame as chryialis, and refers to the golden colour. 
Aurella (Ent.) Lat, aureus, of a golden colour. 
Aureola (Omith.) Lat. aureoius, golden. 

AUR — AFI 39 

A'ureus-a-um (2^1.) Lot. golden. 

Aurloo'ma (Ent.) aurttm, gold, comay hair. 

Aurioo'madSB (2k>ol.) aurhoma, fam. term, ada; a family of Annelids. 

Auri'oula (ZooL, Bot.) Lat, a little ear. 

Auriou'lidflB (2^1.) auricula^ hm. term. ida. 

Aurimacille'lla (Ent.) aurumy gold, maeula, a fpot, dim. elia. 

Auria-felia (Zool.) Lat, cats'-eared. 

Auris-MicUer (Zool.) Lat. Mida»-eared. 

Aurls-JudaB (Zool.) Lot, Judas-eared. 

AuriB-vulpi'na (Zool.) Lat. wolf-«ared. 

Auritella (Ent.) aurUtu, eared ; referring to the eye-caps. 

Auri'tUB-a-um (Zool. Lot. eared. 

Aurive'nter (2^ool.) aurumy gold (colour), vm/rr, the belly. 

Aurooosta'lis (Ent.) aurumy gold (colour), cifioy the fide. 

Aurogutte'Ua (Ent.) aurumy goldy guttoy a fpot, dim. Ma. 

Aurora'ria (Ent.) P. N., from Aunray the goddefs of morning. 

Aurulente'Ua (Ent.) auruUntusy golden-coloured. 

Ausonia'lia (Ent.) 

AuBtralis, Auatrale (Omith.) Lot, Southern. 

AuBtrala'sious (2^1.) Lot, Auflralafian. 

Auto'genoUB (Zool.) airro;, itfelf, ytnamy to beget. 

Auto'pliagflB (Omith.) ielf-feeders, applied to thoie birds whofe young 

can provide for themfelves early. 
Autumna'lis-e (Bot.) appearing in Autumn. 
Avellana (Bot.) fpec. name of the hazel-nut. The more antient name of 

theCc nuts was Abelluuty from the name of their country. 
Avellana'rlus (Zool.) avellanay a filbert. 
Avellane'lla (Ent.) feeds on the hazel, Corylus aveUand. 
Ave'na (Bot.) otvo, to defire, becauie cattle are fond of it ; or perhaps from 

fmnufHy hay. 
Ave'ntia (Ent.) perhaps from Mans Aventinus, 
Aventi'lcUe (Ent.) av^ntiay hm. term, ida; a family of Moths. 
Averrho'a (Bot.) P. N. from Averrhocs of Cordova, a celebrated phyfician. 
Aversa'lis (Ent.) averfusy turned back. 
Aversa'tUB (Ent.) hat, turned away, avoided. 
Aves (Ornith.) Lot, birds, pi. of av/V, a bird. 
Ayice'nnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A-vkennoy a famous Perfian 

Avi'cula (Zool., Ornith.) Lat. a little bird. 

40 AFI — BAC 

AyioulidsB (2^1.) amadat fam. tenn. ^; a family of MoUufca. 

A'vida (Ent.) Lai, greedy, Toradoiis. ^ 

Avooe'tta (Ornitlu) dim. formed horn mw9, to call off. 

Awn (Bot.) the (harp point or beard of the huik of grafles. 

Azi'lla (2^L, Bot.) axis, on which a wheel rerolves, aia, a wing ; the 

arm-pit ; the inner angle formed by a branch and the Aem. 
AzUlarlflo'ree (Bot.) axiUaris,Jlora, flowers ; whorls of flowen axillary. 
Azilla'rlB-e (Bot.) Lat, axle-(haped. or growing in the axils. 
A'zogainB (Bot.) the mofles and liverworts. 
Azo'nopua (Bot) «{«rv, axis, vouf, a foot. 

Az/lia (Ent.) • intens. {vX«t, wood ; from its wood-like appearance. 
Az/rl8 (Bot.) £{uf«c, rough, /. e, the leaves. 
Aye'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Due lyAym^ of the houfe of 

Azalea (Bot.) i^iTAiof , parched, arid ; from its habitat. 
Azaleoi'des (Bot.) aKoUoj 7iS««, like ; azalea-leaved. 
Aze'ta (Ent.) c{«to(, auguft, venerable ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Azo'rlou8-a-Uxn (Bot.) Latinized, belonging to the Axoret, 
Azu'reouB (Ent.) axurau, of an azure blue colour. 

Babla'na (Bot.) derived by Mr. J. B. Ker from bakUuur, becauie the 

roots are the £ivourite food of baboon8,-p-PAXTON. 
Babln^'nii (Bot.) P. N. from Dr, C. C. BahmgUmy of Cambridge. 
Baooa'tOB-a-um (Zool.) Lot, having berries ; with berry-like excrefcenoes. 
Bao'oharlB (Bot.) a name given by the Greeks to a plant dedicated to 

Bacchus; applied to the Ploughman's fpikenard, from its vinous odour. 
Baoilla'zia (Bot.) kaalbm, a little fHck ; from the arrangement of the 

fru(hiles ; a divifion of Diatomacez. 
Baoillum (Bot.) Lot, a wand or flaff; Ekratbergr^i term for the frufhile of 

the Diatoms. 
Ba'otra (Ent.) P. N. from Baffra, the chief town of BaAria. 
Baotria'nUB (2^1.) Lot, belonging or relating to Ba£bia ; uied as the 

{pec. name of the camel. 
Bactrl'diuxn (Bot) 0«»t^v, a (laff, and iT^or, refemblance ; a genus of 

Ba'otrls (Bot.) /?«jrrfef, a cane, on account of the fmall ftenu being uied 

for walking-fticks. 

BAC — BjtL 41 

Baoullform (Fos. 2^1) baadum^ a walking-(lick,/«niM, (bape. 
Ba'ouUte (Fos. ZooL) bacubm^ a (hflf; iiom the ftraight Upering form of 

the (hell. 
Badla'ni^ (£nt.) ba£ut^ browB, cheftnut-coloured. 
Badlipennella (Ent.) boMtu, bay, cheftout-colouredj/AciM, a wing. 
Badi'ster (Ent.) Mict4(, a walker. 
Ba'diU8-a-iun (Bot) baSua^ brown, cheftnut-coloured. 
Ba'diUB (ZooL) Lot, brown, cheftnut-coloured. 

BaB'okia (Bot.) P. N. from A, Bad, a phyfidan to the King of Sweden. 
Bfleobo'trys (Bot.) 0*iis, fmall, ^t^vc, a bunch of grapes. 
BaBomy'oea (Bot.) 0««^c» fmall, fAUMtt, a fungus ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Ba'arla (Bot.) in honour of Fn/ejir Boer, of the Univerfity of Doipat. 
Bai'a (Ent.) P. N., a town in Italy. 

Baillo'nU (Omith.) P. N. from M, French naturaUft. 
BajulaliB (Ent.) ^o^, to carry a burden. 
Balas'iiloeps (Omith.) iaUna, a whale, caputy the head ; baring a large 

head with broad deprefled biUL 
BalSB'nidfld (Zool.) baUetia, a whale, £un. term. «^; a family of Mam- 
BalSB^nidfld (ZooL) hoLuuUf a barnacle, primarily an acorn ; a divifion of 

BalSBIlo'ptera (Zool.) baUna^ a whale, «rT«|dv, a fin ; finned whale. 
BalSB'nodon (Fos. 2^1.) haUfia, a whale, ihut, ol^ec, a tooth. 
Balanite (Fos. ZooL) balamu^ a barnacle. 
Balanoldes (ZooL) balamu, a barnacle, sTIsci reiemblance. 
BalanuB (2Ux>L) L^i, a barnacle, but primarily an acorn. 
Balbi'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jokm BapHJI BMi^ a writer on 

Balioda'otyltts (Ent.) /SiXi^, dappled, Sft«TvX«c» a plume. 
Bali'ltes (Ichth.) hal^ra^ an implement of war; from a reTemblance 

between ibme part of the filh's ftru£hire to a part of a gun4ock. 
BaUo'ta (Bot.) |8«XX«, to reje£^,on account of its olfenfive odour; ftinking 

Balsa'mita (Bot) balfammm, balm or balikm. 
Baltlm'ora (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Lord Balimert^ proprietor of 

Baltimore (Ornith.) fp. name of an American Oriole. The name was 
given from its black and orange phimage, thefe ookwrs being the 
livery of Lord Baitimore, the former proprietor of Maryland. 

4^ • SAM — BAS 

Baznbu'sa (Bot.) from Bamhost its name in India. 

Ba'ngia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of CArjftioM Frederick Bang, a botanical 

teacher ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Baniste'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jiev, John Bamper, a diligent 

Ba'nksia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir Jofeph Banh, Bart,, F.B.S., a 

diftingulfhed patron of the Natural Hiftory Sciences. 
Ba'nkaia (£nt.) P. N. in honour of Sir Jo/iph Bonis f a genus of Lepi- 

Ba'phetea (Fos. Zool.) fiatrrm, to dip or dive ; in reference to the depth 

of its pofition and the (hape of its head. 
Bapti'sia (Bot.) 0anrm, to dye, alluding to the application of fbme 

Barbalifl (£nt.) 6ar6a, a beard, alluding to a tuft upon the fore-feet. 
Barbare'a (Bot.) P. N. on account of its having been formerly called the 

herb of St. Barbara. 
Ba'rbaniB (ZooL) Lot, relating to Barbary. 
Barbaste'UuS (Zool.) French, barbapelU, 
Barba'tulUB (Ichth.) Lot. having a little beard. 
BarbatOB-a-um (ZooL, Omith., Bot.) Lot, bearded. 
Ba'rbUB (Ichth.) Lot, the barbel; from the fi(h having a pendent beard. 
Barke'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of George Barker, Efq., of Springfield, 

Barle'ria (Bot.) P.N. in honour of the Rev. James Barrelier, a Dominican, 

and M.D. of Paris. 
Barley (Bot.) from beard and Uy, i. e. tea, or ** bearded grais." 
Ba'maole (Zool.) Sax, beam, child, aac, oak, expreilive of the old belief 

that the barnacle or acom-fhell grew on trees. 
Barringto'nia (Bot.) P. N. fronS the Hon. Daines Barrington, F.Ji.S. 
Bartholl'na P. N. in honour of the celebrated Danifh anatomift and 

phyfiologid, Thomas Bartholin. 
Barto^nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. B. S. Barton, a botanift in 

Bartra'mia (Bot.) P. N. from John Bartram, an American botanid; a 

geiius of Mofles. 
Ba'rtsia (Bot.) P. N., dedicated by Linnzus to his friend John Bartfih, 

Beuryno'tUB (Ent.) /?«fuf, heavy, vStoj , the back. 
Basa'lifl (Ent.) bafu, the bafe of the wing. 

BAS — BAU 43 

Basella (Bot.) its native Malabar name. 

Ba'sU (Bot.) from BsjXxivs, a king, becaufe formerly edeemed (b highly 

that its uie was limited to royal tables. 
Basill'ziea (Ent.) baju^ a bafe or border, Unea^ a line ; in allufion to a 

Baailosa urus (Fos. Zool.) Bdatkivf, king, vaZ^Sy a lizard, /. e. king of 

the Saariana. 
BasBa'na (Omith.) £rom being found in great numbers on the Bafs-roek^ 

in the Firth of Forth. 
Ba'ssariS (ZooL) fiaa-^mfmt a fox. 
Ba'ssia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Ferdhuuuh Bajp^ curator of the Botanic 

Garden at Bologna. 
Bata'ra (Ornith.) name applied by the Guaranis of South America to the 

birds of the genus Thamnophilus. 
Bata'tas (Bot.) a native Mexican name ; the fweet-potato. 
Bathye'rgldBd (2^1.) 6atkyergiu, faun. term. idtt. 
Bathye'rgus (2Ux>l.) 0a$vti deep, ff>oy, a work (of induflry) ; applied to 

the fand-mole. 
Bathygna'thuB (Fos. Zool.) BmBvt, deep, ytlBou the jaw. 
Batilla'rla (Zool.) iatiUa, a (hovel, from the lengthened form of the (hell, 

and the conformation of the baie of the aperture. 
Ba'tla (Ent.) 0arci, a bramble, on which the larva feeds. 
Bato'dea (Ent.) BartHntj overgrown with thorns ; &om certain projefHons. 
Batono'ta (Ent.) $ar9ft a thorn, vwre;, the back ; applied to the thorn- 
backed CafOdz. 
Batrache'dra (Ent.) Barfaxtt^ a frog, Ufa, a feat, from thefmgular fitting 

pofition of the infeA. 
Batra'ohnis (Fos. 2^1.) 0ariax<iSt a frog, ix'»h footflep ; foflil frog-like 

Batra'oholites (Fos. ZooL) Bar^ajfos, a frog, xtBoi^ a (lone. 
Batraohospe'rmum (Bot,) Skrfaxot,^ frog, wiffjittt a feed, from growing 

in marfhes ; a genus of Algae. 
Bat'sohia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John George Batfch^ a Profeflbr of 

Botany in Germany. 
Bau'era (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Francu and Ferdhumd Bauer ^ celebrated 

German botanical draughtTmen. 
BauJii'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John and Caf^ar BauMn, botanifts of 

the fixteenth century. 
Baumannia'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Senator Baumann, of lAipfig. 

44 B£A — BEL 

Bo'ania (2:ool.) P. N. in honour of Mr. IViUiam Bean, of Scaitoroi^h, a 

moft laborious, inteUigtent, and fucoefaful naturailft ; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Bear (Zool.) At^U^ax. bera; Gtrm, bar; Dutch, bfor. 
Beast (ZooL) Lat beftia ; ltd. amd Sp. %Ka ; Fr. befie; Didtk, be^. 
Beaufo'rtia (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Mary, Duck^* of Beaufort, a 

botanical patronefs. 
Be'aver (2:ooL) Lat.Jiber; A/^loSax. be/er ; Germ, biber; DukJhbever; 

Fr, ^cvre, 
Beoafi'oo (Omith.) Ital. becafico, from beecare, to peck. 
Beohe-dO'iner (ZooL) Fr. iea-^ade; applied to the prepand fea-cucum- 

ber or tiepang ; a fpecies of Holothuria. 
Be'ohei (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of Sir H.iela Beeht, 

BeohflteUxii (Sleol.) P. N. in honour of Bethfiem^^ German naturalift. 

Beokma'nnla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ^«iiMii, author of « The Hiftory 

of Inventions." 
Bedellia (Ent.) P. N. in honour ot Mr. Gtorge BedeU, of London. 
Bed-straw (Bot) the popular name of certain plants, particularly Gaiium 

verum, from their \xCe in olden times. 
Bee (Ent.) Auglo^ax. bn; Dutfh^ bit. 

**■ So work the honey beet. 
Creatures that by a niUng nature teach 
The art of order to a peopled kingdom." — SHAKSPSAaE. 
Beeoh (Bot) A^h-^ax^ beee or boe; Germ. bScit; Dutch, bueehe. 
Beet (Bot.) Lot. beta; Germ, bede; Fr. bette. 
Beetle (Ent.) Anglo-Sax. betl or bitei. 
Bego'nia (Bot) P. N. given by Linnaeus in honour of Michael Begom, a 

promoter of Botany. 
Beja'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Bejar, a SpanUh botanid. 
Beloherl (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Sir £. Belcher, R.N. 
Belemnite (Fos. 2Ux)L) ^Ixifim, a dart ; a genus of tapering dart-like foflils. 
Belenmote'uthls (Fos. Zool.) Bii^tiAifn, a dart, TiufltV* a cuttle-fi/h. 
Bellado'nna (Bot.) Ital. beautiful lady ; refiers to the ufe once made of 

its berries by the Italian ladies as a coimetic. 
Bellli (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Thomas BeU, Efy.,FJi.S. 
Bellls (Bot.) Lat. a daiTyt (o called from its beauty. 
Belliiun (Bot.) bellij, a daify, from fome finiilarity of flowers. 
Be'Uulus (ZooL) Lot. pretty, elegant. 
Bel'one (Ichth.) BiXin, a needle or fpear-head ; an old name of a fifli ; the 




Belo'nia (Bot.) /?iXe>9, a needle or fpear-point ; a genus of Algae. 
Belonoga'ster (Ent.) ^Aivti, a fpear-point, ymmi^y the belly ; a genus of 

Belop'tera (Fob. Zool.)tffXs€, a daft,«Tfl(M, a wing; a pointed foflii, 

having a wing-like projection or procefs on each fide. 
Beloteu'tliis (Fos. ZooL) 0jx«€, a dart, t«^, a cnttle-fiih. 
Be'mbez (Ent.) /?J/u/9{, a buzzing fnfeA ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Bembi'oidfld (Ent.) hamhttc; a family of Hymenoptera. 
Bemblolfor'miB (Ent.) hemhex, a Hymenopterous infeft, y^rw , (bape. 
Bembldl'ideB (Ent.) a group of Coleopterous infe^, of which ieadtdtMm 

is the type. 
Bembi'dium (Ent.) 0it*$tt i7}»f, little bembix. 
Bexnbyoifo'rmlB (Ent.) reiembling a icankw, one of the Aculeaite Hymen* 

Benedlotua (Bot.) ^xdal name of a Centaurea, obtained Its name from 

the extraordinary medical virtues it was thought to poflefs. 
Bengale'nslB (Zool.) Lot. belonging to Bengal 
Berbera'ta (Ent.) feeds on Berhru vulgaris, the Berbery. 
Be'rberis (Bot.) from herheryt^ ltd Arabic name. 
Berbery (Bot.) Zof. irr&rH/; Aratkyherheryt. 
Berokle'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Lefrtmc de BercUey^ a Dutch 

Be'rgamot (Bot.) the variety of CUrut Medica from which this perfume is 

obtained, was firft cnkivated at Beigamo in Italy. 
BergnumnlA'Da (Ent.) P. N. in honour of 71 0. Bergmam^ a Swedifli 

Berkeleya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rev. Af. J. BerUUyy a well-known 

writer on cryptogamic botany. 
Bema'rdua (ZooL) P. N. from St, Bernard of Menthon, the benevolent 

founder of the Great and Little St. Bernard. 
Beroe (ZooL) P. N. taken from Ovid ; the nnrfe of Semele, the mother 

of Bacchus ; applied to a genus of marine animals. 
BercysuB (Ent.) P. N., one of Pliny's names arbitrarily applied. 
Berry (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. beria^ ierga, a grape or berry, from Aeran, to bear. 
Bertholle'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Berthollet, the celebrated chemiil. 
BerycioUe (Ichth.) Beryxy fom. term. a/« ; a fiunily of Acanthopterygian 

Ber^lia'US) BdfuXk^St SeryUn, were the names given by the antienU to 
BerylloB f precious ftones of a fea-green colour. 

46 BER — BIC 

Beryx (Ichth.) 

Besle'rla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of BaJU BeiUr, an apothecary at Nurem- 

Bease'ra (Bot.) in honour of Dr, Bejfer, a German botanid. 

Beta (Bot.) the word is uied by Pliny, Cicero, and Martial, and was 
probably applied to our beet; certainly it was infipid : ** ut fapiant 
fatuz fabrorum prandia betz." Mart. xiii. 1 3. 

Betoke'a (BoL) in honour of M, Brteh, who has defcribed many fpecies 
of Valerianella. 

Be'iel (Bot.) an Indian name. 

Beto'nlca ) from Uatttonh its Celtic name ; or perhaps from the antient 

Be'tony > rMonti, 

Be'tula (Bot.) from A^te, its Celtic name. 

Betula'ria (Ent.) Sttuia, a birch-tree, on which the inieA was erroneoiifly 

thought to feed. 
Be'tulSB (Ent.) feeds on the Betwia alba, the birch. 

Betuleta'na (Ent.) 6ttula, a birch-tree. 

Betulletel'la (Ent.) betuUtum^ a birch-grove. 

Betoli'oola (Ent.) betula^ birch, eoUre, to frequent. 

Bewio'kii (Omith.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Brtvici, of New- 

Beyxiollia (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of M, Beyrick, a German geologid. 
Bezoar (2^1.) from the Arabic iad-zakr, poifon-expeller. 
Bi (Zool. J Bot) 6uf twice; a prefix implying two, twice, or in twos, as 
bimana^ two-handed,^fAiAM/, living for two years, bifurcate^ two-forked,&c. 
BiaoiileatUB (Ichth.) biy two, acuUattu, pointed, dinging. 
Biarti'oulate (Zool.) bu^ twice, ^rfrrvi^fw, jointed. 
Bias'tes (Ent.) fiiaa^vtt drong, forceful ; a genus of Diptera. 
Biatome'lla (Ent.) bu, twice, atofmu^ a fpeck. 
Biauri'culate (Zool.) bh^ twice, auricula^ an auricle or little ear. 
Bil3io (Ent.) 0t^aa», to take large (hides. 
Bibio'nidfld (Ent.) a Tub-family of dipterous infects, of which bibio is the 

Blbitriz (Ent.) /St/9a», to take long ftrides. 
BiboB (Zool.) a genus of Ruminant animals. 
Bibro'nli (Zool.) P. N. in honour of M, Bibron^ joint author of the 

* Erpetologie G^n^rale." 
Bi 13111008 (2^1., Bot.) bibulus, abfbrbing moifhire, from bibo, to drink. 
Bica'psular (Bot.) bh^ twice, ta/fuia, a little box ; having two capfules. 

SIC — BIL 47 

Bioaud'alis (Zool.) 6h, double, caudal a tail. 

Bioolor (Ornith., Ent., Bot.) Lot, of two colours. 


Blcolora'Iis; ^^"'"^ *""*"' °^**° """^ 

Bioomis (2^ooL, Ent., Bot.; ^i/, twice, cenw, a horn. 

Biou'spid (Zool., Ent., Bot.) hb, twice, cu/ph^ the point of a fpear ; in the 

cafe of the infe£t, from having double-tailed lanrz. 
Biddulphia (Bot.) a genus of Diatoms. 
Bidens (Bot.) ^£r, twice, detu, a tooth, alluding to the Teed. 
BidentatUB-a-um (Zool., Ent., Bot.)^ibSm/, having two teeth ; in the cafe 

of the infeO, from the form of the wings. 
Biennial (Bot.) 6u, annus, a year ; living two yean. 

Bifasoia'naV (Ent.) hh, twice, /a/da, a band ; having two ftripes. 
Bifascia'ta > 

Bifida (Ent.) I 

•*.« , .^rw i T, . V ' oiMus, cleft m two. 
Bifid (2:001., Bot.) > -^ 

Bif 'orate (Zool.) Us, twice, firu, a door; having two openings. 

Biformis-e (Bot.) Lat. two-fliaped. 

Biftons (Ent.) his, twice,/rens, the forehead. 

Bifu'roated > (Zool., Bot.) his, twice, furca, a fork ; having two heads or 

Bifaroation > branches. 

Bige'mlnal (Zool.) Ins, twice, gemini, twins ; implying arrangement in 

Bigno'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Bignen, a celebrated French 

Bignonia'oeSB (Bot.) hignonia, term, for natural order, aeea. 

Bigoroon (Bot.) a cherry is Co called from Bigorre, the French province 
where it is grown. 

Biju'gate (Bot.) his, dLOM\At,jugym, a yoke ; from the pinnate leaves con- 
fiding of two pairs of leaflets. 

Bila'biate (Bot.) his, twice, hhium, a lip ; two-iipped. 

Bilamella'tUS (Bot.) his, twice, lamella, a little plate. 

Bila'teral (Zool., Bot.) his, twice, latus-eris, the fide. 

Bilberry (Bot.) Sax. bilig, a bladder, and herry; one of the names of the 
Vaccinium myrtillus. 

Bili'gula (Ent.) hh, two, Uguh, a ftrap ; in ailufion to wing-markings. 

Bilinea (Ent.) his, twice, Unea, a line, i. e. on the wings. 

Billnea'ta (Ent.) his, twice, Uneatus, lined, ruled. 

48 BIL — BJS 

Bili'tura (Ent.) Av , twice, UtttrA, a blot or fmear, i. r. on the wingt. 

Billx (Ent.) Lot, having a double thread. 

Biloouli'nsB (2^ool.) bu, twice, londus, a (mall compartment. 

Biznaoula'na (Ent.) bh, twice, macula^ a (j;x>t. 

Blmaoula'tua (Ichth.) ^, twice, maatloy a (jxit, two^'potted. 

Blmaoulo'ta (£<it.) hu^ twiee, mumdwfitt^ fpotted. 

Blma'na (Zool.) b'u^ twice, jimdwi, a hand ; having two hands. 

Bi'nary (Zool., Bot.) binl, two and two, arranged in pain. 

Bl'nneyl (Fos. ZooL) P. N. fiom E, BtMuy, the geoiogift, of Manchefter. 

Blno'ouIOB (ZooL) bis twice, ora/atr, an eye ; a genus of Phyllopods. 

Bino'mlal (Zool.) bu, neuun^ a nime ; the fyftem of JLinnsni which gives 

two names to each animal Or plant, the firft to imply gmm^ the other 


Binotapenne'lla (Ent) bUy twice, mu^ a mark, /mm, a wing. 

Biooula'tOB (Zool.) bis, twice, tadusy an eye. 

Biology (ZooL) &Uti life, xiyt, a difoourfe or doctrine; the fcience 

of life. 
Biolo'gloal (ZooL) relating to biology, or the fcience of living things. 
BlophloB'us (Ent.) /9iM», to live, <^Aom«, the bark of Utsti. 
Bioma'ta (Ent. Bot.) bis, twice, trnahu, adorned. 
Bipartl'te (Ent., Bot.) Aw, tvnot, parHtui, divided. 
Bipe'ltate (ZooL) bis, double, ^/r<9, a Urget or buckler; two^hlelded. 
Blpes (ZooL) bis, twice, /M, a foot ; having two feet. 
Bipi'nnate (Bot.) bis, double, /mim, a leaflet. 
Biida'ga (Ent.) iu, twice, //i^, a (Iripe. 
Biplioa'tus (ZooL) bis, twice, fiiieatus, folded. 

, X (Ent.) bis, twice, pyfiaahu, dotted. 

Bipunotella (Ent.) bis, twice, fiufi&itm, a fpot. 

Blpunotidao'tylas (Ent.) bis, twice, /im^Mir, a dot, doBylus, a plume. 



Birch (Bot.) Angh-Smi^ birse; Dutch, berbe; Germ,birke; it is thought to be 

from brecken, to be bright. 
Bird (Omith.) AfigU'Sax, bird or bridde, from brsdan, to fpread out. 
Birdel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the Ute C. S, Bint, of Liverpool. 
Bisoute'lla (Bot.) bis, twice or double,yrKtoai, a faucer; from the form of 

the feed-vcflel when burfting. 
Biselliella (Ent.) dim. of biftUitim, a feat of honour. 

' >- (Ent.) bis, twice, punSium, a dot. 
) aa) 

BIR — BLA 49 

Bironse'a (Bot.) P. N., dedicated to Antwu Brtm Bemardi^ a Profeflbr of 

botany in Sicily ; a genus of Cradferae. 
Biser'mla (Bot.) ^, tmcty ferrula^ a fmall faw; the pod* being fiirniflied 

with teeth fomething like a £iw. 
Biseta'ta (£nt.) bu^ twice, feta^ a briftle. 
Bi'BOn (Zool.) the name is derived from the flefh fmeiiing of mnik, the 

native name of whidi is bi/am, 
Blsontel'la (£nt.) /SiVm*, the bifon, in aliufion to the thick antennae. 
Bi'ston (Ent.) P. N. from Bifton, a Thracian; the Bt^nnt were a tribe 

dwelling between Mount Rhodope and the ^gean Tea. 
Bi'stort (Bot.) 6is, twice, torttu, twifted ; from its crooked root. 
Biatrla'xifl (Ent.) ^w, twice,^rM, a furrow ; in alhiiion to wing-markingi 
Biatriga'ta (EnL) Us, twice,Jlriffi, a (Iripe or furrow ; referring to wing- 

Biatzigella (Ent.) tu, twicctjlriga, a ftreak, a ftripe. 
Bisoflkrolazia'taB (Fos. ZooL) his, twice, fuffarcimo^ to (lofT fiill ; double 

ftuffed or fwoUen. 
BiauloatUB (Zkx>1.) Lai. having two furrows. , 

BitSBnia'tlui (Ichth.) bit, twice, Utnia, a fillet ; having two villi below the 

lateral line. 
Bi'toma (Ent.) bis, twice, to/a4, a cut. 
Bittern (Omith.) Jtal, bUtore; Span, biter; Fretuh, bttinr ; DuUk, butter; 

formerly fpelt bittore and bittoyr, 

** And as a bittwe bumbleth in the mire.'* — ^Chaucer. 

** And as a bittour bumps within a leed.**— Dktdem. 

Biundula'ria (Ent.) bis, twice, uttdulatus, marked with wavy lines. 

BiyalTd ) 

. >- bis, twice, Wtw or Wv^, becaufe they fold inwards. 

Biva lYUlar) 

Bi'za (Bot.) a native South American name. 

Blaokwa'llii (Zool.) P. N. in honour of WiUiam BLubwaU, of Llanrwfl, a 

writer on the Arachnida. 
Blaokwe'Uia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of EUxabetk Btaetwdl, artlft, and 

authorefs of a celebrated Herbal. 
BlsB'ria (Bot.) P. N. in complement to Patrick Blair, a phyfician at Bofloa, 

in Lincolnfhire. 
Bla'kea (Bot.) in honour of Martin Blah. 
Blandalis (Ent.) Ua/uUu, fmooth. 

Blandfor'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gmrge, Marquefs of Bhmifrrd. 

«i ^1/ ^ \ (^"^t) blandus, winning, pleafing. 
Blandl atrlx > 

jo BLA — BOD 

Blandi'na (£nt.) P. N. from one of the esurlj Cbriftian miityra. 

Blaps (£nt.) /?xivTd», to damage or hurt; a geoiu of Heteromeroui 

BlapsidSB (£nt«) hlapsy &ffl. term. ids. 
Bla'stodenn (Zkx>1.) ^X«9^«»d», to germinate, liffM, the (kin ; equiv. to 

the germinal membrane. 

Bla'tta (£nt.) B^.^rtat, to hurt or injure ; the cockroach. 

Bla'ttidflB (£nt.} 6Lftta, £un. term, ida, 

Ble'olixiiim (Bot.) Bxnx*^* ^ Greek name for a fern. 

Ble'ohmn (Bot.) taken from the Greek name of a plant reiembling marjoram. 

Ble'mus (£nt.) 0XnfAm, a wound. 

Ble'nziluB ) 

> (Ichth.) Bxitfoff antient name of a fifli, from Bxhtu, mucus. 
BloQjiy ) 

Blephi'lla (Bot.) Bxt^a^lf^ the eyelafli, from the petals being fringed ; a 

genus of Labiatae. 
BlepU'na (£nt.) Bxtnrit^ worth feeing. 
Bletia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Don Lwh Biet, a Spaniih phyficlan and 

BU'ghla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Ca^tam BligA, who firfl carried the bread- 
fruit to the Weft Indies. 
Blinks (Bot.) becauTe it opens' and clofes its little white ftowen, with fun 

and (hade, like winking. 
Bli'tom (Bot.) the name Bxirot was given by the antients to fbme unre • 

cognized plants perhaps the ftrawberry-blite. 
Blumenba'ohia (Bot.) etymology same as following ; a genus of Loasacete. 
Blumenba'chil (Zool) P. N. from J. F. Blumenbaeh, the celebrated 

Boa (Zool.) Pliny's name for a laige fnake ; a genus of Ophidians, 
Boar (Zool.) Anglo-Sax. bar ; JLatiny aper } Sanfirii^ varaAa, 
Boar'ioia (£nt.) Boarmiz, ** the ox-yoker," an epithet of the goddefs 

Boarmi'lcUB (£nt.) Boarmia; £un. term, idttf sl family of Lepidoptera. 
Boarznioides (£nt.) Boarmia, mIs^, like. 
Boarala (Omith.) 
Boba'rtia (Bot.) P. N. from Jacob Bohart^ a celebrated profeflbr of botany 

at Oxford ; a genus of Iridacear. 
Bocco'iiia(Bot.) P. N. derived from ji Sicilian monk and M.D,, named Path 

Bodo (Zool.) etymol. unknown to me ; a genus of IniuToria. 

BOE — BOM 51 

B06l>era (Bot.) P. N. from Baeher, a Ruflian profeflor of botany ; a genus 

of Compogitz. 
BoBhme'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gtor^e Rutklph Boekmer, a G«nnan 

Boerhaa'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the famous Dutch phyfician, 

Bo'icUB (Zool.) 60a, fam. term, id^; a, family of Ophidians. 
Bolsduvalii (£nt.) P. N. finom M. Bwduvalj a French writer on the 

Bolbo'ceros (Ent.) ^eX^tf , a buib» nifufj a horn. 
Bolbophy'llum (Bot.) ^«)^Co;, bulb, ^vXXsv, a leaf; from the leaves rifmg 

from a p{eudo-bulb ; a genus of Orchidacea;. 
Boldo'a (Bot.) P. N. from D, Beldo, a Spanifli naturalift ; a genus of 

Bole'U (Ent.) Seletusy a fungus on which it feeds. 
3016101)18 (Ent.) baletusy a mufhroom, a fungus. 
Boletobi'idn (Ent.) hoUhbia^ fam. term, id^; a family of Lepidoptera. 
Bole'tus (Bot.) BviKotj a clod or lump ; from the irregular globular fliape 

of this fungus. 
Boleum (Bot.) ^w>.»(, a ball, from the round pods ; a genus of Cruciferz. 
Boli'na (Ent.) ^wXe^, a round mafs. 
Boli'nidSB (Ent.) Mma^ fam. term, id^t, 
Bolino'ideB (Ent.) Mina^ iDor, refemblance. 
Bolito'blus (Ent.) 0«XiTov, dung, manure, ^i««, to live. 
Bolitoch'ara (Ent.) ^•Xito», dung, x<^f(c, a delight. 
Bolito'phagUB (Ent.) BiXirw, dung, ^aym^ to eat. 
Boliva'ria (Bot.) P. N. from the patriot Bolhar ; a genus of Jafminacez. 
Bolo'cera (Zool.) B»xxm, to cast, nifasy the horn. 
Bolto'nia (Bot.) P. N. dedicated to J, B, Bolton, an EngliOi botanifl. 
Bolye'ria (Zool.) etymology unlinown ; a genus of Ophidian?. 
Bomba'oesB (Bot.) hombax, term, for nat. order, aceit^ 
Bo'mbaz (Bot.) BifjtBtfj the filk-worm, in allufion to the flocculent pods ; 

the filk-cotton tree. 
Bombi2ia'tor (Zool.) 6omiio,to buzz. 

Bo'mbus (Ent.) BifAB^ft a buzzing noife ; a genus of Hymenopters. 
Bombyoa'lis (Ent.) having a tefemblance to bombyx. 
Bo'mbyoes (Ent.) pi. of bomhyx. 
Bomby'oidflB (Ent.) a family of Lepidopter^i. of which the genus Btmbyx 

is the type. 

51 BOM — BOH 

BombyoiVora (Ornith.) bambyca, moths, von, to devour. 
Bombyooi'ds (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera refembling the boatbyces ; 

the hairy larvz being eaflly miftaken for thofe of bombyces. 
Bombylifor'mis (Ent.) hombi^ius, a family of Diptera,yerMa, refemblance. 
Bom1>yz (Ent.) 0«/m0i{, a filk-worm. 
Bonapa'rtea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of NapoUom Bvwpartt. 
Bona'sUB (Zool.) Bitmo^of, applied by AriflatU to a wild ox. 
Bona'tea (Bot.) P. N. from M, Bonaty a celebrated botanift and profeflbr 

at Padua ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Boni'to (Ichth.) the Spanifli name of the fiHi. 

Boima'ya (Bot.) P. N. from Bo/may y a German botanid ; a genus of 

Bonnemaiso'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M, Bonnemaifiny a French cryptogamic 

botanlft ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Bonne'tia (Bot.) P. N. from CharUt Bonttetya, celebrated French naturalift ; 

a genus of Temftromiacez. 
Bonpla'ndla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Bmpland^ the companion of 

Bo'ntia (Bot.) P. N. from Janus Bmty a Dutch phyfidan ; a genus of 

Booby (Ornith.) Germ, buhe ; Span, boboy dunce, biAoy an owl ; in conie- 

quence of the bird's ftupidity. 
Boodon (Zool.) Bwty an ox, llwti •^^^rof, a tooth ; a genus of Colubrine 

Boo pis (Ent.) Boiwit^ ox-eyed. 
Boops (ZooL) ^ȣvt;, ox-eyed. 

Bora'go (Bot.) ^opa, food, from the nouri(hing qualities of the plant. 
Bora'ssus (Bot.) 0«pM-(re;, the date ; the Palmyra or Fan-palm. 
Borbo'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Gafion de Bourbon, Duke of Orleans, fon of 

Henry IV. of France. 
Borea'ta (Ent.) Boreas, the north wind. 
Bo'reUB (Ent.) Boreas, the north ; from the inieA having always been 

found in the winter. 
Borkhau'sla (Bot.) P. N. from Moriiz Borkkaufen, a German profeflbr of 

botany ; a genus of CompoGtz. 
Boro'nia (Bot.) P. N. in memory of Francefco Boroni, an Italian attendant 

of Dr. Sibthorp. 
Borre'ra> (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. IV, Borrer, F.L.S., an eminent 


Borre'ri ) cryptogamifl. 

^OR — BOT S3 

Borre'ria (Bot.) nme etymol. as Borrtra; a geniu of Cinchonacez. 
Bory'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Celofid Bery de St. Fiment, a French 

traveller, and promoter of natural hiftory. 
Bory'phora (Ent.) 0op«, food, <^ffd», to carry. 
Bob (Zkx>1.) Lot, a bull or ox. 
Bo'sohaB (Omith.) applied by AriftotleT to a kind of duck ; literally, 

« well-fed," from ^^0-mv, to feed. 
Bo'BOla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Lwit Bafct a French agriculturift. 
Bo'sea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Emeft Gottlieb Bofe^ a German botanift. 
BoBelaphUB (21ooL) ^, an ox, elepkas, an elephant; ufed for the 

Bo'smina (ZooL) P. N. from BopM'uia<t the daughter of Flngal. 
BoBBlSB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, BoffUu LamarttMure^ a French 

naturalift, who accompanied the unfortunate La Peroufe round the 

BOBtli'ohida (Ent.) bostrkkiu^ fam. ternu ida, 
BoBtri'ohuB (Ent.) BiTrfuxof, a lock of hair. 
BoBWe'llla (Bot.) P. N. from Dr, John Btftoeli of Edinburgh ; a genus 

of BuHeracea;. 
Botany (Bot.) Qvtmnty a plant. 
Bota'urUB (Omlth.) ^e««, to call OMUrtSft^ a bull; from the reiembUnce 

of the cry of the bittern to a bull's bellowing. 
Bothre'nchyma (Bot.) 0odp0f , a pit or cavity, ly^fAOy an inliifion, juice ; 

▼afiform or pitted tifTue. 
Bothrloce'phalUB (ZkwI) ^edpte?, a little pit, »t^x^ a head ; from fome 

depreilions on the head of the tape-worm. 
Bothrode'ndron (Fos. Bot.) QH^f^u > pit or cavity, Inlfw, a tree ; in 

allufion to the oval depreflions on the fur&ce of the foffil. 
Bothyno'deres (Ent.) ^oduver, a pit, Sipn, the neck ; indenutions on neck. 
Botia (Ichth.) &vrnt, a herdfman ? 

Botryade'nia (Bot.) Bir^t, a dufler, ^tiv, a gbnd ; a genus of Compofitc. 
Botry'oeraB (Bot.) Bir^u a raceme, »lf«f, a horn ; a genus of Aquili- 

Botry'ohimn (Bot.) Bhfutt a bunch of grapes ; from the clufter-Uke form 

of the fru^fication. 
Botry'dimn (Bot.) Birfvt^ a bunch of grapes ; a genus of Fungi. 
Botryoi'dea (Bot4) Birfvtt a dufter of grapes, iTIo^, like ; reiembling a 

bunch of grapes. 
Bo'tryB (Bot.) (Serpw, a dufter of grapes. 

54 BOT — BRA 

BotrytUi (Bot.) Bir^u a bunch of grapes, which the feed-veflels refemble. 

Bo'tydse (£nt.) a fainil]rofL.epidoptera,of which the geniM Bays is tlie type. 

Botyda'lis (Ent.) from ibme refemblance to Botys, 

Botyo'des (Ent.) refembling Bohfs. 

Botyoldes (Ent.) Bvtys^ tTios, refemblance. 

Bo'tys (Ent.) perhaps from ^Srif, a Ihepherdefs. 

Bougainvillea (Zool.) P. N. in honour of the French Admiral BmigaM- 

vilie; alio a genus in Botany. 
Bourguetlori'nus (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of M, BourguH ; a genus 

of Encrinites. 
Bourre Via (Bot.) P. N. from Bourrer^ an apothecary of Nuremberg ; a 

genus of Cordiacez., 
BouBsingaultia (Bot.) P. N. from J, B, Bottju^aulty the celebrated natur- 

aiift and traveller ; a genus of Chenopodiaceac. 
Bou'tia (Bot.) P. N. from Jama Bouty a Dutch phyfician. 
BouWrdia (Bot.) P. N.) from M. Bouvard, a French botanift. 
Bo'vidSB (21ooL) 6oSf bov'uy an ox ; the ox-tribe. 
Bo'viform (Zool.) Aei, btrvu^ an ox^ forma, refemblance. 
Bovi'sta (Bot.) Latinized from 6^ its German name. 
Bowerba'nkia (Zkx>1.) P. N. in honour of Mr, Bvwerbankt an eminent 

Bowie 'a (Bot.) P. N. from J. Bowie, a colle^r of plants for Kew ; a 
genus of Liliacez. 

Bowle'sia (Bot.) P. N. from BtnvUs, an IriAi botanift ; a genus of 

Box-tree (Bot.) tricot, Lat, iuxiu. 
Boyere'lla (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Boyer de FomcoUmhe, a French 

Brabe'juxn (Bot.) B^Smw, a fceptre ; from the form of its racemes of 

Braohely'tra (£nt.^ Bf^X^h ^ort, ikurf**, a cafe or wing-cover having 

(hort elytra ; a family of Coleoptera. 
Brachia'tus-a-uxn (Zool., Bot.) Lot. branched. 
Brachi'nida (Ent.) braehimu, fam. term. iJa. 
Brachi'nuB (Ent.) Bf»xy** ^^'^• 
Brachioli'tea (Fos. Zool.) Sf^xf^* ^° ^^^* ^^*^* ^ (lone; from the 

lateral proceiles. 
Brachio'poda (Zool.) $faj(Ut*, an arm, nm, noiif, a foot ; a divifion of 



Braohy- (Fos. ZooL) Bfxptt fliort; a prefix frequently occurring in 

fcientific compounds. 
Braohyoe'ntniB (Ichth., Ent.) B^tfjc^i ihort, ttkrtfw^ a fpur, 
Braohyoepha'lio (Zool.) &f*x^*y ^^ M^aXik, the head ; where the de- 
velopment of the (kull is in the parietal diameter. 
Braohy oera (Ent.) ^p«x^r, Oiort, xlpaf , a horn ; an order of Diptera. 
Braohy'oerUB (ZooL) ^p^x^* ihort, »ifar, a horn. 
Brachydao'tylUB (Omith., Ent.) Bf»xyu ^^^ )«»TvXof , a finger or toe, 

a plume. 
Braoh'ycleres (Ent.) $f»x^s% fhort, Sfp«, the neck. 
Braohyglo'ttis (Bot.) Cf«xv«« ^^^ yxirrxmy the tongue; a genus of 

Braohygo'num (Bot.) Bf^xyf* ^^ y^»^ an angle ; fp. name of a Diatom. 
Braohylfls'na (Bot.) Bf^xyt, (hort, x^***** ^ cloak ; from form of calyx ; a 

genus of Compofitz. 
Braohyor'rhoB (2k>ol.) Bfx^U ^o^* Spf«f« the tail or rump ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Braoh/otus (Omith.) BfX^f* ^^^ ^^ > ^^«> a" ^r. 
Braohyphy'lluxn (Bot) Bf»x^» ^>% tvXXM, a leaf. 
Braohypodi nea (Omith.) Bftxyu ihort, ««i/c, «ol«c, a foot, fub-fiun. term. 

itut; a fub-family of Inceflbres. 
Braohypo'dium (Bot.) Bf»x^h ihort, voSf, *•}•-, a foot ; in reference to 

its ihort ilalks. 
Braohypte'muB (Omith.) Bfaxyt, ihort, vripfA, the heel. 
Braohypygop'teroB (Fos. Zool.) Bf»xysn ihort, mvyn^ the rump, vri^?, 

a fin ; haring a ihort fub-dorfal fin. 
Braohyrhy nohUB (Ichth.) Bfmxy'% i^^, *fvyx^t^ ^ heak. 
Braohyse'ma (Bot.) Bf»x^;^ fhorty rii/Ma, a ftandard ; the flowers having 

a very ihort (fatndard. 
Braohyso'ma (Zool.) Bf»xy*y ^^^y ^^S^tMi, a body ; a genus of Colubrine 

Braohysomophis (Ichth.) Bfx^f^ i^<"% ^«fM. a hody, Sf ir, a fnake. 
Braohyso'muB (Ent.) Bf^xj^t^ ihort, ^-fi/bia, a body. 
Braohystelxna (Bot.) Bfxpf% ihort, vrkkfAm^ a crown. 
Braohyta'nus (Ent.) Bp»x^'ff ^^ taniu, 
Braoh'yteles (2k>ol.) Bf»x^ty ihort, tIxoi, an extremity. 
Braohyu'ra -v 

Braehyu'rouB > (Zool.) Bfxyh ^^^i •<'f*i > ^^i^; ihort-tailcd. 
Braohyu'ruB ) 

BntOken (Bot.) Scotch form of Brait, Pteri) iquiliiu. 

Bnotea (But.) BfiX"' ^ crepitate. 

Bnotoa'toa (Bot.) having floral leans, from iraciai. 

Bnote'olS (Bot.) Xaf. a little Honl leaf. 

BlwUe'yk (Bot.) P. N. from SkJurJ BraOty, profeflbr of botany at Cam - 

brUge ; a gcnui of Enphorbiacex. 
Brad^oWniU (EdI.) et*i!nm, to deluT, 0a^, to go; a gemu a( 

BmHyplds (Zool.) iraiypui ; a lamily oF Mammalia ; the Siothi. 
Bn'dTpiu (ZooL) Bf^it, flow, heavy, »>, a foot ; the Sloth. 
Bra'dytna (Ent.) Bfatit, flow, heavy. 
Bra'niA (Ichth.) Lat. a bream. 

Bramble (Bot.) A»gU.S,«,. brnmbJ. 

Brambllug (Omith.) a name for the mountain-finch ; called alTo immile 

by Bewick. 
BranoUobda'Ua (Zool,) Bt'rx.'^ E<U^ 0Uxxs, a leech. 
Branobio'poda (ZooL) Biiyjom, branchia or glUt, «£■, «)•(, a foot ; a 

divifioD of Entomoftraca. 
Branohlo'stasBla ) Sfiyxin,^ filh'>gilU,rri}«i, a covering; having gill - 

BraadBria'na (Ent.) P. N. from Gufiavu. Bra«^, a Swede. 
Bra'ntaU (Zool.) P. N. in hooour of — Brv.U, a Dutch naturalill. 
BnwUlen'Bis (Zool.) £at. relating to Brazil. 

BraaaaVola (Bat.) P, N. from Amvit Mtfii BraJfavtU,i noble Venetian. 
Bra'aala (Bot.) P. N. ■□ honour of Mr. Brafi, an intelUgent gardener, 

who colWled feedi aod planti In Africa, about the year 1790, for Sir 

Jm. Baoka, Dr. FothergiU, and Dr. Ktcaim. 
BraWoa (Bot.) from irejie, the Celtic name of the cabbage. 
Braaatoa'oeEe (Bot.) tra^, term, for nuuial order, oaw. 
Braa'alote (^t) keii on Bnjica oUracea, the common cabbage. 
Bra'ulB (Ent.) SpwAx, a loafe. 

Bra'ya (Bot.) P. N. from Cmut Bray, a Gennan botaniit. 
Bramisl^ (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Brrmi-Wtlg, of Zurich. 
BramonUe'ia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Brimttoiir, a French botanift; a 

geiHU of Leguminofz. 

Bre'ntui (Ent.) ) 

Bre^bos (Ent) fald by Treitfohe to be derived from fififtf, 

BrsTleauda'tua (ZooL) Lot. Ihort-tailed. 

BJl£ -— MO 57 

Bre'vioeps (Zool.) ^rou, ftiort, ta^Mtf the head. 

Brevipalpis (£nt.) having (hort fia/pi, 

Bre'vipes (£nt.) ireuuf (hort, /«r, a foot. 

Breviro'Btris (Ichth.) hrevU, ftiort, nprtimj a beak or fnout ; ihort-beaked. 

BreviB, Breve (Zool,Bot.) Lta. ihort. 

BreviBe'tum (Bot.) hrevU^ lhort,y^, a bridle. 

Bre'zla (Bot.) Bfii%ti a wetting ; faid to be fo called from the prote£^ion 

againft lain aAorded by fbme of the large leaves. 
Brezia'oesB (Bot.) hrexia^ term for natund order acM» 
Brldella (Bot.) P. N. from Profejf^r BridH^ a great bryologift. 
Brigno'lla (Bot.) P. N. from J, L. Brignoli, a ProfefTor at Vienna ; a 

genus of Umbelliferae. 
Bristle (Zool.) AftgMax, bripl; in Lai, seta, 

Bri'za (BoL) BfiZ"* ^ ^'^y o° account of the quaking of the fpikelets. 
Brisopyrum (Bot.) hrizaf and w^iry wheat. 

Broohel'la (£nt.) P. N. in honour of J. K^Brock^ a German entomologid. 
BrodlSB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of James J. BrwSe^ a Scotch crypto- 

Brodie'i (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Brodu, author of « Foflil 

Brodrl oli (ZooL) P. N. in honour of Mr, Broderiek, 
Brome'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Olaus Bromd, a SwediAi botanift. 
Bro'millB (Ent.) BfifMft buzzing ; a genus of Coleoptera« 
Bro muB (Bot.) 0f9/A»i, from BfSfAm, food ; the 0^fMt of the antlents was 

the Avena fativa of Linnzus. 
Brongnla'rtea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of AiUphe Brw^niart, a French 

Brongniarte'lliun (Ent.) I P. N. in honour of Aiexander Brot^niart, a 
Brongnla'rti (Fos. Bot.) f French naturalift 
Bro'ntea (Fos. Zool.) BfimSf a giant, originally one of the Cyclopes,^ 

called the Thunderer; applied to a genus of Trilobites. 
Brontozo'um (Fos. ZooL) 0fim<, a giant, («•>, an animal. 
Bro'simum (Bot.) BfwifMtt good to eat. 
Bro'smiUB (Ichth.) $f&int^ food, fAiurr, fmall; probably from its fmall 

BrossW (Bot.) P. N. from G«y de la Brofse^ phyfician to Louis XIII. 
Bro'tera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of FeUx A, Brvter^^ a Portugueie botanift. 
Broughto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr, Arthur Bm^htm^zn English 


58 BRO — BSr 

BrouBSone'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of P. N. V. Brmtf4oiut^ a French 

Browa'Uia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. BrotvaUiiu, Bifliop of Abo. 
Bro'wnea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. PatrUi Browne. 
Brownia'na) (Fos. Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Robert Brown^ the 
Bro'wnil > profound botanift. 

Brownlo'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Lad^ BrwunJow, daughter 

of Sir A. Hume ; a genus of Tiliacez. 
Bru'cea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of James Bruce, the Abyfllnian traveller. 
Brd OhidSB (Ent.) bruektu^ fam. term. itUe. 
Bra'ohoa (Ent.) Bf6»m^ to bite, or from &fux»^ to roar, bellow ? 
Brugmansia (Bot.) P. N. from Profejftr S. J. Bmgmant ; a genus of 

Bruma'ta (Ent.) bnamm, winter. 
Brania (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Corfutius Brun, a traveller in the Levant 

and Ruflia. 
Bnmia'oea (Bot.) bnmia^ term, for nat. order, acea. 
Bru'nneuB-a-um (Zool., Ent., Bot.) I^ow Latin, brown. 

« ./ ^. r« V 7 P. N. in honour of Af. T. BrunnUh, a DaniHi 

Bruimiohia(Bot) > ..^ 

« „ ^,, ,^ , X ^\ naturabft. 
Brunni'ohii (Ornith.)^ 

Bruno'nia (Bot) P. N. in honour of Roberi Brotvn, the celebrated botanifl ; 

the typical genus of Brunoniacez. 

Brunafe'lBia (Bot ) P. N. in honour of 0:ko Brmffelt, of Ment^. 

Brunsyi'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Royai Family of Brunfwick. 


r (ZooL) irutiu, heavy, fhipid ; ItaJ. and S^an. into; French, brute. 
Brute J 

Bry'a (Bot.) Btvm, to fprout, because the (eeds commence germination 

while on the parent plant ; a genus of Leguminofz. 
Brya'jda (Ent.) Bfvk^tty to teem with plenty, to overflow. 
Bryolbimn (Bot.) etymology uncertain ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Bryo'nla (Bot.) 0fumtlm^ from $f6m, to pufli or fprout ; in allufion to its 

rapid growth. 
Bxyo'phila (Bot.) Bfum^ to grow, ^XXw, a leaf; the leaves throwing out 

roots when laid upon damp earth. 
Bryo'phila (Ent.) /S^o?, mofs, ^>.«f, fond of; the larvz feed on 

Bryc^hi'lidsB (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera, of which the genus 

Bryophila is the type. 

BJiT — BUF 59 

Bryc/phylluin (Bot.) ^pvar, to grow, ^XX«v, a leaf; from the leaves fending 

out roots when laid on damp earth. 
Bryo'palB (Bot.) ^fMv, mois, e^r, reiemblance ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Bryoso'a (Zool.) ^^ov, mofs, (»•», an animal; in allufion to their 

branched and mofs-like aggregation. 
Bry'um (Bot.) /3^, to abound, becaufe it flouri flies everywhere ; a genus 

of MuTci. 
Bu'balus (Zool.) Lot. a buffalo, or wild ox. 
Bu'bo (Omith.) Lot. a long-eared owl. 

Bu'bon (Bot.) 6ou0m, the groin ; in allufion to its medicinal qualities. 
Bttooino'idea (Fos. Zool.) refembling the fliell hueciiium. 
Bu'coinum (Zool) Lot. a trumpet or horn. 
Bu'ooo (Omith.) huca^ a cheek. 

Buoooni'nsB (Omith.) a fub-family of Pafleres, of which huuo is the type. 
Buccmla'trlz (£nt.) hiuatia, a little mouth or cheek. 
Buce'phala (Ent.) Bm, a bull, »t^akn, the head ; horn its large head. 
Buce'phalUB (Zool.) 0wt, an ox or bull, M^aXn, the head ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Bu'oeros % (Omith.) BcZf^ an ox, tUfut, a horn ; a genus, family, and 
Buoero'tidSB > fub-family of Pafferes ; from fome refemblance of the 
Buoeroti'iUB ^ bill to an ox's horn. 
Buohana'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. F. Buchanan; a genus of Anacat- 

Boohne'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, G. Buckner, a German naturalifl. 
Buoi'da (Bot.) ^oZf , an ox ; having fmit like an ox*6 hom. 
Buck (Zool) applied to a he-goat ; from Angl»Sax. hiuea, 
Buokbean (Bot.) properly * ^o^bean " from its marihy habitat, Meny- 

anthes trilbUata. 
Buokla'ndi (Fos. Zool) P. N. in honour of Dr, BiuUand, Dean of Weft- 

minAer, and a celebrated geological writer. 
Buokn (Bot.) native CaAe or Hottentot name of the Diofma crenata. 
Buokwheat (Bot.) i, e. Ueck-wheat, (Fagopyrum efculentum) the triangu- 
lar /rvif/ (mifcalled feeds), reiemble ieeeh-maft in fliape, and are full of 

fweet white farina. 
Buddle'a (Bot.) P. N. from Adam BmUU, a celebrated Englifh botanifl. 
Bu'falls (Ent.) bufo, a toad ; alluding to its wing-marks. 
Bu'flUo (Zool) BwBuUt ; Lat. buhalus ; Fr, buJU. 
BufRynla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Cwni de Bugwy the celebrated naturaliA. 
Bu'fo (Zool.) Lai. a toad. 

6o BUF — BUP 

Bu fonite (Fos. Zkx>1.) hufoy a toad ; referring to the vulgar notion that 

thefe organifms were originally formed in the heads of frogs and toads. 
Bug (Ent.) Gothic and lulaiuBc puke^ a fpectre or demon ; Welfi, Invg : 

" The hugf which you would fright me with, I feek." — Shakespeake. 
Bugle (Bot.) appears to be a corruption of htgula^ a contra£ted dim. of 

Bulb (Bot.) 0oX$if, Lot. hiUnu; FretuA, bulbe ; akin to vcivere, from the 

layers or folds of a bulb. 
Bulbi'ferouB (Bot.) hiMvi, a bulb,^f», to bear. 
Bulbl'ne (Bot.) hul^Sy a bulb ; a genus of Liliacez. 
BulboohSB'te (Bot.) ^»/6itf, bulb, ;^«^, briftle; from its primary filaments; 

a genus of Algz. 
Bulbooo'dium (Bot.) MiiUf a bulb, jM}(w,a fleece ; the bulb being wrap- 
ped in a woolly covering. 
Bulga'ria (Bot.) Mga, a leather bag ; a genus of Fungi. 
Bulla (Zool) Lot. a bubble. 

BuUaoi'des (Zool.) huUa, iT}«;, reiemblance ; like the genus Bulla, 
Bulla'tus-a-um (Bot.) Mlata fignifies ** decked with (hids," and is given in 

allusion to the ftudded appearance which the anthers produce in the 

raceme of flowers. 
Bullia'rda (Bot.) P. N. from M. BtUHard, a French botanifl ; a genus of 

Bull-ruah (Bot.) the bull-rufli of Scripture was the Papyrus antiquotum. 
Bumal'da (Bot.; P. N. in honour of J. A. de Btpmalda, a botanift of 

Buxoa'stUB (Fos. Zool.) '^ a bunch of large grapes — ^literally each large 

as a cow's nipple, $9u and fAma-rif/* — Page. 
Bume'lia (Bot.) the Greek name of the common afli. 
Bunoho'sla (Bot.) etymoL unknown to me ; a genus of Malpighiacez. 
Bu'ngaruB (ZooL) etymology unknown ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Bu'nias (Bot.) fame etymol. as Bunium; now applied to a different 

Bu'nium (Bot.) 0ou*is, a hill, from its habiut. 
Bunting (Omith.) etymology unknown. 
Buolla'na (Ent) P. N. in honour of Barwi Buol, of Vienna. 
Bu'phaga (Omith.) Bnift an ox, ^aym, to eat ; the Ox-pecker or Beef-eater 

of Africa. 
Buphtha'lmum (Bot.) 0iZti an ox, offlaXfttf , an eye, ^m the reiemblance 
of the difli of flowers. 

BUP — BUX 6i 

Bupleu'rum (Bot.) not explained fatisiactorily ; a genua of Umbellifenc. 
Bupre'sticUB (Ent.) a family of Coleoptera of which buprepis is the 

Bupre'sUs (EnL) **^oil, an augmentative particle; or ^ovr, an ox, and 

vffMm^ to inflame ; becaufe if eaten among the grafs, by cattle, it kills 

them." — Matne. 
Bur or Burr (Bot.) French, bourrcy the prickles on herbs and fruits. 
Buroha'rdia (Bot.) P. N. from Henry Burchard, M.D., a botanical author; 

a genus of Melanthacez. 
Burohelll (Zool.) P. N. in honour of fV. BureAeil, Efq., LL.D, 
Bnrohe'llia (Bot.) P. N., fame etymol. as Burchelli ; a genus of Cin- 

Burdock (Bot.) common name of the Arctium Lappa. 
Burhi'nus (Omith.) 0oS, monftrous, piv, a noie ; a genus of Birds. 
Burlaoe (Bot.) a comipt(on of BourdeUu, from which part of France the 

plum came. 
Burlingto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the amiable and acoomplilhed 

CounteTs of Burlington ; a genus of Orchldacez. 
Biumet (Bot.) deriration uncertain. 
Burrie'Ua (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Mark BurrUi^ who publiflied, 

in z 758, the journey of Venegas into Caliibmia ; a genus of Compofita:, 
Bu'raa (Zool.) Lat, a purfe or pouch. 
Bu'rsaria (Bot.) bur/a, a pouch. 

Bu'rsera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Joathim Burfer, a botanift of Naples. 
Burto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to D. Burton^ who coUe^ed for the 

Kew Garden. 
Bury (Bot.) applied to a pear, from heurre, melting. 
Bu'talia (Ent.) *' (ScvriXif, a night-bird," (Treitfche), from the fomewhat 

fbmbre colours. 
Bu'tea (Bot.) P. N. from JeAii, Earl of Bute, a lover and patron of botany; 

a iplendid genus of Lieguminofx. 
Bu'teo (Omith.) Lot, a buzzard. 
Buteoni'nsB (Omith.) a fub-family of birds, of the order Raptores, of 

which huteo is the type. 
Bu'tomUB (Bot.) /Sour* an ox, ri/MfM, to cut ; cauTmg the mouths of cattle 

to bleed when eaten by them. 
Butterfly (Ent.) Angio-'Sax. buttorjleoge or huUrfiege. 
Buxbau'mia (Bot.) P. N. from John Chrifiian Buxbaum, a German botanid ; 

a genus of Mufci. 

62 BUX — CAD 

Buz'us (Bot.) Lot. hmems, from «i;£«f , the pale evergreen box-tree ; Ovid 

has — ^*- buxus den£i foliia," and ^^ ora buzo pallidiora.** 
Buz'zard (Omith.) French, busard; Germ, huszaar, 
^j^Um (Bot.) P. N., the daughter of Miletus ; a genus of Droieraoeae. 
ByTBoni'xka (Bot.) htrfi, a hide, being ufeful in tanning; a genus of 

Byssa'oeus-a-iim (Bot.) Lot, byflus-Uke. 
ByBSOcla'diiim (Bot.) Bv^Tot, fine flax, nXmiof^ a branch ; from its fine 

branches ; a genus of Alg^. 
By'saus (Zool.) ffwa'ct, fine flax ; the fibres by which fome marine animals 

are attached to rocks, &c. ; alio, in Botany, a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Bystropo'gon (Bot.) 0v»f to dofe, ««><»», a beard ; the throat of the corolla 

being doied by hairs. 
B/thinus (£nt.) ^iid<«v, a water animal 
Byttne'rla (Bot.) P.N. from D. S. A, Bittnery Profeflbr of Botany at 

Byttneria'cesB (Bot.) iyttruriaj term, for nat. order, acea. 

GaballuB (Zool.) Lat. a pack-horle. 

Cabe'ra (£nt.) P. N., the daughter of Proteus. 

Gabera'lis (£nt.) implying Come refemblance to the genus Cabera, 

Cabe'ridSB (£nt.) cabera ; a family of Lepidoptera. 

Gaoaja'o (Zool.) native name of a monkey — Pithecia melanocephala. 

Caoa'lia (Bot.) »«««#, bad, xl»t, exceedingly, from being fuppoied to be 

hurtful to the foil ^ 

Gaoatu'a (Omith.) Latinized form of the found it makes, which refembles 

the word kaJtatoe, 
Ga'ccabis (Omith.) $tM**a0is, a partridge. 
Gao'hiimanB (Omith.) Lat. laughing. 
CaoliryB TBot.) *ix.V*$ was uied by the antients for the young bloHbm 

buds of the oak, or perhaps for a kind of gall that grows upon them. 
Gaoomi'zle (Zool.) native Mexican name of the Baflaris afhita. 
Gaoo'sis (£nt.) »«»«(, bad ; a genus of Diptera. 
Gacto'mis (Ornith.) caihuj e^ir, a bird ; the Ca^s bird. 
Ga'otos (Bot.) the nettcrit of the ancients was a prickly plant with edible 

Oacumina'lis (£nt.) cacumenj a point or tip. 
Ga'dla (Bot.) from its Arabic name qaJhy. 

CAD — CAL $3 

Oa'dxaia (£nt.) Lot. the drois or flag of a furnace i. e, in colour. 

Cadu'ca (Ent.) ) . -, -,,. 

^ ^ S* caducus, eafily falline. 

Cadu'ooua (Bot.)) 

Gaduolbra'nohiate (Zool.) foduatj, eafily faUuig, ^amAuPy the giUs of a fifh. 

GsBOi'lla (Zool.) Lat, a kind of Kzard ; a genus of Batrachians. 

GsBOima'oula > (Ent.) eaeus, blind* maatia, a fpot, alluding to certain 

CsBoimaoula'nai fpots on the fore-wings. 

OsBlestl'na (Bot.) eaUJUs^ the colour of the fliy, referring to the blue 

flowers ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Gesnomy'ia (Ent.) ««>»#, (Irange, fct;?*, a fly. 
GsBno'pteris (Bot.) mmmc, new, irri^tr, a fern. 
OSBOio'siUl-a-uin (EnL, Bot.) e^mnu^ marfliy ; growing in mud, or muddy 

Gamleooe'phala (Ent.) c^mlemi, dark bkie, «if«>i, the head. 
Gearule'soena (Ent.) fomewhat blue. 
G8Braleu8-a-um (Ornith., Bot.) Lat. dark blue, azure. 
GsBSa'lia (Bot.) c^fis, beaten, trampled upon. 
G8B8alpi'nia(Bot.) P.N. inhonour of C. C^^Mitf,pliyiieian to Clement VIII. 

Gfls'sla (Bot.) P. N. from Frederico Cash, who died 1703. 

OflMia'ta (Ent.) cie/auf gray. 

Gsaale'Ua (Ent.) dim. form of cafiys, bluifli gray. 

GeB'siofl-a-um (Ornith., Bot.) cmw, blui(h gray. 


OsBsplta'nai ^^°^'^ ''-*"* "-*^"* ^"'^' * ^"^ ^^^' 

OSBSpiUtie'lla (Ent.) c^Jfw, ae/pHh, turf, dim. eOa. 

OflBSu'lla (Bot.) cafut, beaten, as if trampled upon ; a genus of Compofltar. 

Ga£fer (TakI,) Lot, relating to the Cape of Good Hope. 

Ga'ia (Ent.) P. N. ; a Roman proper name. 

Gaja'nus (Bot.) alteration of Malabar name catjang; a genus of Legu- 

Cakile (Bot.) the Arabic name of the plant. 

Oalade'nia (Bot.) mX*? , beautiful, i)ii», a gland ; from the diflc of labellum. 
Oaladlum (Bot.) etymology unknown. 

Galamagro'stU (Bot.) »cIx«/moc, a reed, and ay^wnu grafs, '. e. reed-grafs. 
'H ) (2^1.) calamariui, refembllng a writing-reed or fifliing- 

_ , ,_,^ r "xJ; a genus and family of Colubrine ophidians; in 
calaina riocB 1 n a> . ■ «- » 

^ Botany, Calamaria is applied to certain grafles. 

Galaml'ntha (Bot.) kcA«<, beautiful, /C4i>d«, mint ; a genus of Labiatz. 

Calamo'philllS (Omith.) caiamusy ^ixU, to love. 

(4 CjIL — CAL 

Cnls'iDpelia (Bot.) niiXic, beuitiful, ifAwtiJh i\at, >'. r., bautUiil clioUng 

pluit ; a genut of Bignoniaccz. 
Oaluniu (Bot.) from Arabic iaiam, a reed. 
OoU'ndra (Omith.) lOixaitf^ a kind of Urk. 
Cftlamlrl'iila (Bot.) P. N. from J. L. CaLuulriw. 
Oala'ntlu (Bot.) uitf, boutiful, <l>hi, a Dower. 
Cftla'tHea (Bot.) KmtjOtt, a balket ; from the torn of the (Ugma. 
Oa'lathna (Eat.) lutt^u, a balket. 
C-album (Eat.') Zot. the white C ; from tbe mark on the ponerior 

Cftloa'rla (Omith.) ctlcar, eakaru, a fpur ; the (pan of birdi. 
Cklo«ola'lia (Bot.) laitali, a littk Qipper ; in alluTioD to the (bape of the 

Cftloe'olna (ZooL Bot.) Lai. a Uttle flipper. 

Oalda'ala (Bot.) P. N. from J. Caldai, a Bogotan botanift. 

Cb'IqB (Bot.) Mlir, beautifuL 

Oftleut« (Bot.) mmlii, beautiful, imri, the fea-lhore, which it omamenu ; 

a genui of CompoGtx, 
Caleana (Bot.) (iune etjrmolog; » Caleya ; a genua of Orthidaccz. 
Cale'lUttUa (Bot.) from aUtmlt, the calend* or firCt da; of tbe month, 

becaule <t ilowen montbljr. 
Oftlepl'iw (Bot.) Dot eiplaioed ; a gcnoi of Cnidferz. 
CsIo'tA (Bot) P. K. from Gttrgt Caliy, tbe celebrated Manchefler botaaia, 

fbmetime fuperinlendeat of Botanic gardeo at St. Vincent. 
Oall'alnm (Bot.) dim. of co/jv, a little cup ; a gemu of Lichenet. 
CaU'dipes (Ent.) cdU&f, (wHupis, a foot. 
CoU'drla (Omith.) ^xi,, beautiful, llf,,, kDOwiog, Ikilful. 
C&U'gid» (ZooL) ealigxi, fam. term. iU/ a bmilj of Entomoltnca. 
Cftligino'Ba (Ent.) Lai, obfcure, gloomy. 
Cali'gUB (Zoal.) cal^n, dimneli, oblcurity. 
Oa'llB (Bot.) itiXkti, beauty. 

OaUft'rlaa (Ichth.) the Greek name for the cod-6ih. 
OalUoa'TpA (Bot.) ulXir, beauty, maf*i(, fruit. 
Callioe'phalnt (ZooL) ■•xxii, beauty, nt^xi, the bead. 
OftlU'oerilB (Ent.) itikXn, bcanty, lifxi, horn. 
OalUotie'lTB (Ichth.) li^Xx, beauty, xi>^. > tortoife. 
Calllcio']n& (Bot.) niXXii, beauty, ni/ta, htir. 
GalU'dlum (Ent.) tixxn, beauty, iii, noble. 
CkUlge'iil* (Ent.) ■■IlXij^iub,'' the mother <rf beauty." 

CAL — CAL 65 

CaUi'goniun (Bot.) »ik\»s^ beauty, yirUf a joint ; having joints inftead of 

Calli'graplia (Eat.) MA.X«r, beauty, }f a^^* writing. 

Callimo'rpha (£nt.) x«xxof , beauty, fM^^, fonn. 

Callio'nymuB (Ichth.) »«XXor, beauty, ovo/vmi, a name; a fancifuJ name of 
Linnvus, applied to a prettily marked fpedes. 

Calliope' (Omith.) P. N., the chief of the Mufes. 

Calllope'a (Bot.) P. N., fame etym. as Calliope ; a genus of Compofitae. 

Calliop'siB (Bot.) »»kX»t, beauty, o^Cy appearance; a genus of Com- 

Calllpe'pla (Omith.) »«xx2viirX«f, with beautiful robe. 

Galllpro'ra (Bot.) »«xx«f, pretty, v^^ front, from its pretty appear- 
ance ; a handibme liliaceous plant. 

Callis'aoe (Bot.) ««XXef , pretty, ^«xii, a buckler ; in allufion to form of 
feeds ; a genus of Umbelliferse. 

Cfiklll'Bia (Bot.) »«xx*r, pretty. 

Oalli'staohys (Bot.) »«XXor, pretty, ^rdx'^y ^ fpike. 

Calllste'mma (Bot.) »«XX4rr9ff, prettied, a-Tf/Aft«, crown; the China 

GalliBte'mon (Bot.) $utX?urr»t, prettied, rmfMv, ftamen, from the beauti- 
ful fcarlet colour of the ftamens ; a lovely genus of Leguminofae. 

Galll'stUB (£nt.) ««XXira{, moft beautiful. 

Callitha'nmion (Bot.) fame etymology as Calothamnus. 

Callithrlz (Zool.) nmXig, beau;iful,dft£, hair. 

Calli'trlohe (Bot.) xaXXoc, beauty, Bfi^, rftxos, hair. 

Ca'Uitris (Bot.) »«XXaC} beauty, in allufion to its appearance ; a genus of 

Ca'Uomya (ZooL) n^xxof, beauty, fsvt, a mouie. 

CaUu'na (Bot.) xaXXu»», to beautify, to adorn. 

Cally'na (£nt.) »aXXv*», to beautify. 

Calooa'lla (Omith.) ««Xoc, beautiful, *a\U^ a bird's neft ; the genus of 
birds to which belongs the fwallow which builds the edible nefts con- 
fumed in China. 

Calooa'mpa (Ent.) »«Xer, beautiful, xAfurn, a caterpillar; a genus of 

Calo'oera (Bot.) ««xe;, beautiful, »ipcc, a horn ; a genus of Fungi. 

CaloohlluB (Bot.) K«X«r, beautiful, x*^^*f» a lip ; a very fliowy genus of 
Orchids, with purple lip, covered with rich brown hairs. 


66 CAL — CAL 

Galocho'rtUB (Bot.) caXof, beautiful, x'^rof, grafs; from the beautiful 

flowers borne by grafly herbage. 
Caloohro'a (Ent.) x«XJr, beautiful, xf'»*^ the furface of the body. 
Oalode'ndron (Bot.) «aXJc, beautiful, Utl^y a tree. 
Calo'dera (Omith., Ent.) xaxit^ beautiful, Sipv, the neck. 
Caloe'naB (Omith.) »«x«f, beautiful, oauu, fp. name of the (lock-dove. 
Calogra'mma (Ent.) x«x«f, beautiful, yfmfjLfAet^ a drawing or marking. 
Calo'mlonui (Ent.) »«X*f, beautiful, f(i»f «f , fmall. 
Oalo'phaoa (Bot.) »«Xof 4>«»«, beautiful vetch ; a genus of Leguminofa?. 
Calo'phanei (Bot.) «i«Xef, beautiful, fMvw, to appear, ^m its elegant 

flowers ; a genus of Acanthacez. 

Calopha'lla (Ent.) »«X«;, beautiful, ^krit^ appearance. 

Caloph/lla ((Ent.)> , . ., . 

^, J^. i\^ :>■ *«X«j, beautiful, ^uXXpt, a leaf. 

OalophyOlum ((Bot.)> » r » 

Oalopo'gon (Bot.) jutXof , beautiful, wvytn^ a beard ; from the fringe of 

the lip. 
Calopti'tta (Omith.) »«Xor, beautiful, 4*tt«, a woodpecker. 
Oalop'iif (Ent.) »«X«r, beautiful, vouf, a foot. 
Oaloio'ma (Ent.) ««x^(, beautiful, ^-IlftM, the body. 
Oaloto't«r (Ent.) »«X«r, beautiful, anmi^, a preierver. 
Oalospi'sa (Ornith.)\aX i^, beautiful,^/za, a bunting. 
OalOSte'mma (Bot.) »«X*f, beautiful, rrifA/Au^ a wreath or garland. 
Oalotba'mnus (Bot.) j»aX«f , beautiful, BmfAf9ty a bu(h. 
Ca'lothrlx (Bot.) »«X«r, beautiful, e^/{, hair; from the beauty of its fila- 

mcnt* ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Oalo'tl* (Hot.) j»«x«i, beautiful, ©Cj, wtoc, the ear; referring to the palez 

of papputi. 

Oftlo'tropU ( Bot.) *«x»{, beautiful, t; i«c, a fhip*s keel ; from form of flower. 
Oa'ltha (Ikit.) » contraftion of »^XaeK, a goblet; from the cup-(hape of 
tbi* fli>wfr. 

OalV0^iiOOnt (Knt.) /,<?/. becoming bald. 

OalyntfloVn (Bot.) oi/yw, caiyeis ; Ji^^forh ; (hunens on the calyx. 
Oaly^MO (Hot.) P. N. a well-known mythological perfonage; a genus of 

Oalyptory'nohut (Ornlth.) ••Xwric, covered, ^wyx'f, » bea»^. 
Oaly'ptra (IM.) «aiXt;irTf«, a cover or veil. 
0»ltyptra'nih«i (Bot.) ii«Ki;irre<, a covering, M»f, a flower. 
Claly'ptrlon (Hot.) nnyinrfm, a Ha, from form of flower; a genus of 

CAL — CAM 67 

Galvella (Ent.) calvut, bald, without hair. 

Calyca^nthua (Bot.) calyx^ «»doc, a flower ; from the coloured calyx. 

Calyste'gia (Bot.) calyx, and a-nyn, a covering, from the large bra^s 

outflde the flower. The common whit^ convolvulus. 
Ga'lythriz (Bot.) cajyx, and 6;/^, hair ; from the attenuated points of the 

Galyz (Bot.) ua^v^, the cup or calyx of a flower. 
Gamarhy'nohus (Omith.) ««/u«^«, with vaulted or arched roof, ^vyx^» ^ 

Gamari'dillin (Bot.) xafto^s, a vaulted or arched roof; from the tip of 

(ligma being arched. 
Gamaro'tis (Bot.) Camrra, a vault, in allufion to the chambered lip; a 

genus of Orchidacez. 
Gama^BSia (Bot.) cama^j, its native North American name ; a genus of 

Gambogia'lifl (Ent.) expreflive of its gamboge colour. 
Ca'mbriou8-a-\iin (Ent.) Lot, Welih ; from Cambria, the antient name of 

Wales ; growing in, or connected with, Wales. 
Oambxloa'ria (Ent.) from Cambria^ the antient name of Wales. 
Cambri'dgil (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the Rev. 0, P. Cambridge, of 

Bloxworth, Dorfet. 
Oamell'na (Ent.) camelus, a camel; from the projecting hump; alfo a 

genus in Botany. 
Game'Uia (Bot.) P. N. from George Jofeph Kamel, or CameUus, a Jefuit. 
Camelopa'rdaliB (Zool.) camelus, a CAxa.t\,pardalh, a panther. 
Came'lUB (Zool.) Lat. a camel. 

Gamera'ria (Bot.) P. N. from J. Camerarius, a botanift of Nuremberg. 
Campa'nula (Bot.) Lat, a little bell. 

Campanula'ria > (Zool.) campanula, a little bell ; a genus and family 
Campanulari'adsBy of Zoophytes. 
Campe'lla (Bot.) xk^vh, a bending, nXiof, the fun ; a genus of Coir.- 

Campe'phaga (Omith.) xa/kvh^ a caterpillar, ^yot, to eat. 
Gampe'philus (Omith.) xa/mw, a caterpillar, ^0<im, to love ; a genus of 

foreign Woodpeckers. 
Gampe'stree (Omith.) campefler, a level country or plain. 
Campe'etris, Gampestre (Bot.) Lat. growing in the open fields^ 
Gamphoros'ma (Bot.) camphora, camphor, O0-/UII,' fmell. 
Campolilia'xia (Ent.) campus^ a field. lUium, a lily. 

6% CAM — CAN 

Campome'tra (£nt.) m/awh^ a caterpillar, f^rfitt, to meafure ; from its 

Angular mode of progreflion, as if it were meafuriog the ground. 
Ga'mpta (£nt.) xofAirrif^ bent. 
Camptooe'roUB (2^ooi.) x«/uvTor, flexible, mI^m;, a tail; a genus of £nto* 

Gamptogra'mma (£nt.) xm/mvt*;, bent, y^d/A/Aa, a mark ; from its wavy 

Gaxnptorhy'nohas (Omith.) umfAvri^^ bent, pvyx**^ ^ beak. 
Campyla'nthus (Bot.) x«^«vXor, bent, iiQet, a flower ; a genus of Piimu- 

Ca'mpyliB (£nt.) xa/uvvXor, bent, curved. 
Canade'nsis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lot, relating to Canada. 
Oanalioula'ti (Zool.) pi. oi canaliculus^ a little channel. 
Ganari'na (Bot.) a native of the Canaries. 
Ganava'lla (Bot.) canavali is its native Malabar name ; a genus of Legu- 

Ganoella'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lot. net-like, crofs-barred. 
Canorlfo'rmis (Zool.) Lot. crab-fhaped. 
CanoriVora (Zool.) cancer, a crab, voro^ to devour. 
Ganoro'ma (Omith.) etymology unknown to me. 
Candefa'ota (£nt.) candefacio, to bleach, to make red hot. 
Gan'dens (£nt.) Lot, bright, fhining. 
Gandida'na) ,^ . 

- .... f (rjat,) candidus^ white. 


Ga'ndidus-a-mn (Zool., Bot.) Lot. white and fliining. 

Gando'llea (Bot.) P. N. from Augufius Pyramus Dc CandoUe^ of Geneva, one 

of the greatest botanifls of the age ; a genus of Dilleniacez. 
Gando'na (Zool.) ;(air2*r, gaping? a genus of £ntomo(lraca. 
Ganel'la (£nt., Bot.) dim. of canus, gray, afhy. 
Canes'oena (Omith., £nt., Bot.) Latin participle, fignifying hoary. 
Ga'niceps (Zool.) Lat. gray-headed, a(hy-headed. 
Gani'cula (Ichth.) Lot. a little dog. 
Gani'na (Zool.) canis ; a Tub-family of Mammalia. 
Gani'na (Bot.) fit only for dogs. 
Ganis (Zool.) Lot. a dog. 
Ga'zma (Bot.) canna, a reed. 
Gannabi na (Omith.) Lot. relating to hemp. 
Gan'nabis (Bot.) from Celtic cany reed,'a^, fmall ; or from qanebr^ its Arabic 


L J 

CAN — CAP 69 

Cannaliilim (Bot.) relembling hemp cuuubii. 

Cano'nu (Omith.) Lai. tunvfiil, melodioui. 

Oftn'talupe (Bot.) frem a place of that name near Rome, where melani 

haTe been cultinted fince the time of the Mithridalic war. Hie 

originili of thefe nrieties are fatd to have been brought from Annema 

b; Lucullua. 
Canthare'lluB (But.) altered fn»nthe Ficnch tluxUrdit; a genu) of Fong^. 
OanthB'rldS (Eat.) oMkarii, Sun. tenn. Ur. 
Ca'Dtharia (£nt.) >»9i^, a beetle or blifterlng Rj. 
Can'tharUB (Ichlh.) L^. one of Plinj'i oames for a fplny filh. 
Oa'nthltun (Bot.) tamtix a the Malabar name of the Cinchonacez. 
Oontllociajii'ptus (Zool.) JUuSh, 1 fpine, a^isTi:, Seiible; a genua of 


OanU'ftca > 

, y (Omith.) Lai. relating to the county of Kent. 

Oa'nUB^-nm (Oroith., Bot.) Lot. white, giay. 

Oaau'tua-a-um (Omith.) gray-coloured. 

Capevila-a (ZooL, Bot.) Lai. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Caplllalia (Ent.) 

CapiUa'rl«-e (Bot.) t^pm-u, hair. 

Oapts'tratlU (Zool.) Lot. muixled, lialtend. 

Ca'pnea (Zod.) nam, a chimney, fioni Ita tubular Ihapt; a genua ul 

Oapno'dea (Ent.) ■>««< linolie, i?li(,lilce; fmolie-colauTed. 
Capnol'deB (Bot.) ubWi, bioke, 1^1, like ; fame aa Fnnuiia. 
CapDopbyllum (Bot.) ammtti, fmoke, fu>A», leaf; Gredi form of 

Ca'pparia (Bot.) Amiit, iabar, capen; the caper-tiee. 
CapnBs'ns (Ent.) feeda on Salix tafrm. 

Capra'ria (Bot.) mpra, a goat; the leaTe* being cholen bjrthefr animati. 
Gapreote'Ila (Ent.) lafrala, a wild-goat, alluding to odour. 
Oaprloo'Tiila (ZooL) tafra, a Ihe-goat. orn, a bom. 
Caporifollum (Bot.) i^ra, a lhe-goat,/i[nni, leaT; goat-leaf, in reference 

to its clambering habit ) honeyfuckle. 
Oaprimnlgal'la (Ent.) dim. of fl^inM^.tbe goat-fucker, fmm arerein- 

blance in the feathert. 
Oaprimal'gidn (Omith.) eaprimd^. Earn. term. Ua ,- the Goat-fucken. 
Oaprlmu'lgUB (Omith.) capra, a Ihe-goat, maign, to milk, from a miftaken 

idea ai to the habitl of the bird. 


Oa'pros (Ichth.) >«(•(, the wild boar ; the boar-Rlh. 
Capsa'Ua (Bot.) dim. ottafl/iJ;!. 

Oa'pslount (Bot.) miwtm. to bite; from its pungent qualkiei. 
Oapaln'oola (£nt.) 'affa, a capfule or leed-pod, iitala, an Inliabiunt. 
Capao'phila (Ent.) laf^a, a feed-pod, ^,Xim,XQ love. 
CapBUla'ria (Ent.) lagiih, a cheft or calket. 
Ca'puft (Ent.) P. N. from Capua, In Italj. 

Capula'lis (Ent.) l^- pertaining to a loffin; from the form of iti wing- 
mark ingi. 
Oapnt-Medu'asB (Bot.) fo called from tlie cireumftance of the prime Ihoots 

or bianehei producing from their extremitiei numciwu fmall branchei 

round a Ion of head which is formed there, 
Oant'bldtt (Ent.) arahu, fam. term. idt. 
Ca'rabus (Ent.) tdfMBu, a beetle, i. r. fcarabanii : the word wai alfo ufed 

by the antienu for a Ihell-Elh. 
Ca'rBoat (Zool.) from the Tnrkilh, lignifying "black-eared," equiv. to the 

fpecific name, meUnotit. 
Caiaoanr(On>ith.) i) fald to derire its name from it> peculiar guttural 

cTj, which Is compared by Mr. Darwin " to the Ibund of the Spanilh 

guttural, g, followed fay a rough double t, r." 
Coradrl'na (Ent.) P. N. of a river in Albania. 
CaradTloalifl (Ent.) refembling laradrin. 

Caradrl'nlcUe (Ent.) MraA-i«a, fam. term. Ut; abmiljr of Lepidoptera. 
Caradrloo'ldeB (Ent.) mraJrina, tUoi, reTemblance. 

CEUroSa'na (Bot.) laraikana, its name in Tartaiy ; a genua of Legumlnofx. 
Caragna'tft (Bot.) iU name in South America ; a genus of Bromeliacea?. 
Cara'lllft (Bot.) tari/fo, the name of C. L^ida, in Hindooftan ; a genu) of 

Carallu'ma (Bot.) its Indian name ; a genua of Afclepiadacez. 
Ca'rftpa(Bot.)«i-d^, the name of C. Guiw*^, in Guiana; i genus of 

Ca'raway (Bot.) Lai. larum: natiie of Caria. (Pliny) Cleland, how- 

erer, Hates that it la "corrupted from Celtie^nuin, (eedathat produce 

the expulfion of wind." 
Cora'nx (lihth.) derived from the French ; C. traehurai i( the Ihad or 

Horle- mackerel. 
Ca'rapaos (Zool.) the dortal (hield of a toitoifc. 
Ca'rapus (Ichth.) (Sfa, top or fummit, «»c, a foot. 
Ca'rbo (Oraith., Ent.) Lat. a coal, referring to colour. 

CAJt — CAS 71 

Carbona'lia (Ent.) implying cool caloui. 

Carbons'na (Ent.) mrU, coal, charccol. 

OarbODtl'rik (Ent.) mrit, charcoal. 

Cftrboiift'rins (Ichth.) Lai, pertaining to charcoal; a name □( the coal-lilh. 

CarahB'rias (Ichth.) mi(xV< Iharp-pointed or jagged ; a Ihark. 

Carda'miile (Bot.) Hfia/ii'in, wai applied by Diofcoridet to a crefi ; now 

uled for Lady'i fmock and allied pbnta. 
Carda mines (£nt.)feedi on Cardammt impatieni, and othen of the genua. 
Cardlapu'a (Ent.) ■■[)•'■, heart, ir»[, a foot. 
Cardio'pllorus (Ent.) iiittU, heart, (Ihape) ^U, to cany. 
Oardloape'riniun (Bot.) uflii, heart, rsifjUK, a feed; tht feed) ate 

mariied with a heait-Hlaped fpol. 
OaTdo'pAtuin (Bot.) canLiai, a thiftk, mini, a beilen path ; from il> 

habitat and appearance. 
Cnrdue'llB (Omith.) applied by Pliny to a bird which ieedi amongft 

OardtMlla (Ent.) dim. oF iarJau, a thiftle, on which it feedt. 
Ca'rdui (Ent.) feedt on Carduui nutani, the thiltle. 
Oanlon'osItU (Bot.) dim. of mn&iniijiu, the cardoon; a genuiofCom- 

Ok'rdntU (Hot.) Lai. a thiUle. 

CuVbora (Eat.) u^s^tx, heavy in the head. 

Ca'rex (Bot.) earn, to want \ the upper fpikei being without feeds. 

Care'Tk (Bot.) P. N. in honour of iti difcoverer, IViOiam Carry. 

CKTgl'UlB (Bot.) P. N. from Jamu CargiU, M.D., Aberdeen ; a genu of 

Oart'BClU (ZooL) Latinized form of the native name larjaan. 
Ca'rloa (Bot.) fp. name of Ficui, from iti abundance in Caria, 
OftTlo'suB-k-uin (Zool.) Lai. worm-eaten, rotten. 
Carip«'DBla (Omith.) Latinized form of the cavern of Caiipe, in South 

America. \ 

Oul'asa (Bot.) etjmology unknown. 
Oorll'lia (Bot.) the Carline thldle ii dated to have derived iti name from 

Charlemagne, who it laid to have prdened hit army from the plague 

by iti uTe. 
Carlowiz'ta (Bot.) P. N. from CorJnun, an unknown, probably PolJDi, 

OarlndOTi'os (Bot.) P. N. from Chart,, IF., of Spain, and L«,ifa, hit 

queen, noble palroni of botany ; a genu of CompoTitx. 

7» CAR — CAR 

Ganneli'ta (Ent.) from the hoods of the CarmelUe frian. 
Garmelltol'des (Ent.) earmfiita, lil«c, like. 

Carmlcha'elia (Bot.) P. N. from Captain DagaU CarmhhaH, F.R.S,, 
author of the « Flora of Triftan de Acunha ;" a g;enu8 of Leguminofx 
Ga'mea > ,„ x . - ^ 

Gamea'gO (Ent.) can, earnist flefh. 

Gameloo'sta (Ent.) cameus, flefli-coloured, coita, the fide. 

Camel'gera (Ent.) can, carnh^ fleOiy^rro, to carry. 

Game'lla (Ent.) camaa, fleAiy, fleih-coloured. 

Game'ola (Ent.) dim. of carHtus^ fleAiy. 

Gameoma'oula (Ent.) cameut^ fleAiy, maada^ a fpot ; haring roie-coloured 

Ga'meus-a-um (2SooL, Bot.) Ld, fle(h-coloured. 
Ga'mioa (Ent.) carneut^ flefliy ; referring to colour. 
Camo'sus-a-um (2Sool., Bot.) Lot. flefhy. 
Ca'rob (Bot.) Arahk^ KharrmA, It is thought by fome that the Aieils of 

the Carob tree were the ** huflcs " of the parable of the Prodigal Son. 
Caroli'nea (Bot.) P. N. from Sophia Caniinr^ Mai^graTine of Baden ; a 

genus of Sterculiacez. 
Oarollne'nBis (XooV) Lot. relating to Carolina, N. A. 
GaroU'nnm (Ent.) caroUu ; Frauk, carotin ; Charles ; given to a (pedes of 
rpider (gen. Theridion) by Baron Walckenaar in honour of his {oA 
Charles, the difcoyerer. Hift. Ins. Apt. torn. 11. 316. 
Carpa'limuB (Ent.) xc^iCAt/uof, rapid, fwift. 

Carpe'lla (Bot.) xo^vot, fruit ; the component cells of a compound fhiit. 
Carpe'slnm (Bot.) Galen applies na^win to an aromatic wood. 
Ca'xphopliiB (Zool.) «iC^^<, a dry (lick, •^tc* a ferpent ; from refemblance 

to a log of wood ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Carplnicole'Ua (Ent.) carpimu, the horn-beam, coUre, to frequent, dim. 

term ella, 
Oaipi'nuB (Bot.) (aid to be from Celtic car, wood, ^m, head ; becau(e the 

Hornbeam was formerly n(ed for making yokes. 
Carpooa'psa (Ent.) »a^«(, fruit, xi^TTHf, to gulp down. 
Garpo'daouB (Omith.) »«fvef, fruit, }«»or, a bite ; fruit-biter. 
Carpod'inua (Bot.) »«^«ec, fruit, ^iMf, a circle, from its round fruit ; a 

genus of Apocynacec. 
Garpodoh'tos (Bot.) JMifVer, fruit, oSovtor, toothed, from the carpels being 
toothed at the apex ; a genus of Hypericacez. 

I ■ 

CAR — CAS 73 

Gsipology (Bot.) Mfv*;, fruit, xiy^iy a defcription. 
Garpo'phaga (Ornith., Ent.) ««fvec, fruit, ^y§n, to eat. 
Garpo'philtU (Ent.) nu^mist fniit, ^Xim^ to love. 
Carpopo'gon (Bot.) »«(«•;, fhiit, nmytny a beard. 
Carrloh'tera (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Cruciferac. 
Ca'rsia (Ent.) »«fr(oc, croflwiie ; from its wing-markings. 
Ga'rterl (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Mr, SamuH Carter^ of Mattchefter. 
Ga'rthamua (Bot.) conftru^ted from the Arabic quortem^ to paint; red 

paint having been prepared from the florets. 
Ga'rum (Bot.) P. N. from Caria, in Afia Minor. 
Gara'noul89 (Omith.) Lot, little pieces of flefh ; the wattles of birds. 
Gartone'ma (Bot.) »«fTJc« ftiom, »«/««, a thread or filament. 
Gary'ohimn (Zool.) ««(o^. Dor. for »q(i{, a herald. 
Gar7ol)Ora8 (Ent.) mL^mv, a nut, Cof^c, devouring. 
GaryooaWctes (Omith.) xc^uw, a nut, MmTkyntiMy to break in pieces; 

equiv. to niuifraga, 
Garyophyilia (ZooL) »«t^Mr, a nut, tvXA«», a leaf, the plates being con- 

lidered as a ** nut of leaves ; " a genus of Zoophytes. 
GaryophylluB (Bot.) the Carnation is fo called becaufe it fmells like 

Gaiyo'ta (Bot.) the Greek name of the cultitsited date, (b named from the 

re&mblance to a walnut, xi^uev. 
Ga'rythtlB (Ornith.) km^vov, a nut ; its food. 
Gasaentinie'Uaa (Ent.) P. N. from the infeA being firfl taken in the 

valley of Cajfentine, in Tufcany. 
Ga'ssla (Bot.) from Arabic tatfa^ to tear ofl^; from the bark being (tripped 

off the tree. 
Ga'sBlons (Omith.) jtaM-^-M*, to few together; from its interweaving 

vegetable fibres to form a penfile neft. 
Ga'ssida (Ent.) 

Gaaslda'lia (Ent.) refembling caffSda in fome refpe^. 
GaBSl'dldSB (Ent.) tajpdat fam. term. 'uLb, 
Gaasi'ne (Bot.) its name among the Indians of Florida. 
Gasai'nia (Ent.) P. N. In honour of JtAn Dominie Cafftiu^ the adronomer. 
Cassi'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M, Henri Caffini, a celebrated French 

Gasslope' (Ent.) P. N., the mother of Andromeda. 
GaWs (21ool.) Lai. a helmet; the helmet-fhell. 
Ga'tosytha (Bot.) the Greek name of the Dodder, which it refembles. 

74 CAS — CAT 

Gasta'llB (Ent.) caftujt pure. 

Casta'lia (Bot.) Za/. pure ; the white water-lily. 

Gasta'nea (Bot.) Za/. a chelbiut tree ; it took its name from a town of 

Castanospe'rmum (Bot.) the feeds tafte like cheftnuts ; a genus of L.egu- 

Caste lea (Bot.) P. N. from M. Capel^ author of a poem upon plants. 
Gastiga'ta (Ent.) caftigatust fmall, flender. 
Gastille'ja (Bot.) P. N. from Don CaftilUja, a Spanifh botanift. 
Ca'stor (Zool.) Lat. a beaver. 

Gastori na (Zool.) cafior; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Castre'nsls (Ent.) Lot, living in a camp ; the larva being g^regarious. 
Ga'stus-a-um (Zool, Bot.) Lot. chade. 
Gaauari'na (Bot.) from fuppofed refemblance to the feathers of the 

Oasua'riUB (Ornith.) a genus of Birds. 
Catabro'sa (Bot.) KmrttBfma-it, that which is eaten; a genus of 

Gataoly'sta (Ent.) KaraxXvmt, funk under water ; the larva feeding on 

aquatic plants. 
Gatalpa (Bot.) an Indian name. 
Catanan'ohe (Bot.) Kmrtnaynn, ftrong incentive; formerly uTed in 

philtres, or rather the plant mentioned by Diofcorides, which cannot 

now be identified. 
Gata'phanes (Ent.) »aT«^««itf, clearly ieen, vifible. 
Gataphra'ota (Zool.) ««T«^f«»TOf covered up, (hut in; the ftiielded 

Gataphra'otUS (Ichth.) KardpfaMrts, covered up, fliut in. 
Gatarra'otee (Omith.) Kmrmffa»rnst broken, precipitous; from xmraf- 

fvytvfAif to break in pieces. 
Gata'soopus (Ent.) x«Ta, downvtrard. tf-xovlw, to look at. 
Gatase'tum TBot.) ««t«, downward, yr/a, bridle; from the two horns of 

Gata'stomuB (Ichth.) ««rw, downwards, arofjia, a mouth. 
Gate'lla (Ent.) Lat. a little chain. 

Gate'na (Ent.) Lot. a chain ; alfo, in Botany fp. name of a Diatom. 
Gatenalls (Ent.) catena, a chain. 

Gatene'lla (Bot.) dim. of catena, a chain ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Gateno'sa (Ent.) catena, a chain. 

GAT — GAU 75 

Gate'phia (£nt.) »«T«^qf, downcaft, obfcure. 

GatephildsB (£nt.) cateplua^ hm. term, ida, 

Gatephioi'des (Ent.) catephia^ 9iUty reiembUnce. 

Gate'retes (Ent.) »«Tipi«, to denounce; or, »«Tifl^, to cover or 

Gatesbea'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Catejhy^ author of the Natural 

Hiftory of Carolina. 
Gatharan'thus (Bot.) »«6«^f, pure, ^rdocy flower; neat and beautiful 

flowers ; a genus of Apocynacez. 
Gatha'rtes (Ornith.) uaBafrnt, a cleanfer, or purifier; applied to certain 

Cathartloe'lla (Ent.) feeds on Rhamnus cathartictu, buckthorn. 
Gathartooar'pus (Bot.) xmQeuf«, to purge, **fmo(, fruit; a genus of 

Leguminofz, to which the purgative calOa belongs. 
Gatoble'pas (Zool.) je«T«, down, Bxiwatj to look. 
Cato'oala (Ent.) »iT«, below, »«Xof, beautiful, alluding to the under- 

Gatooa'lidSB (Ent.) catoeaU; a family of Lepidoptera. 
Catooaloi'des (Ent.) catocaU, tlhf, refemblance. 
Ga'todon (Ichth.) k«t«, below, o)ev;, cImtoi, a tooth ; having teeth in the 

lower jaw. 
Gatodon'tidsB (Ichth.) the family of Toothed whales, of which preceding 

is the type. 
Gatpphrag'mus (Zool.) »«t«, againft, ^fay/jta, a defence or proteAion. 
Gato'ps (Ent.) x«t», below, i^, the face. 
Gato'ptria (Ent.) Martwrfof, a mirror. 
Ga'ttleya (Bot.) P. N. Co called by Dr. Lindley, in honour of IV. 

Caitley, Efq.^ of Bamet, Hertfordfliire. 
Gauoa'lifl (Bot.) a Greek name uied by Theophrafhis, now applied to the 

Bur parfley. 
Gaudaou'ta (Ornith.) eawhi a tail, acutut, fharp. 
Gauda'na (Ent.) eauda, a tail. 

Gauda'tU8-a*um (Zool., Ornith., Bot.) having a tail, tailed. 
Gaude'Ua (Ent.) cauda, a tail, dim. ella, 
Caudimaoula'tuzn (Ichth.) cauda^ a tail, maeulatut, ipotted. 
Caudivol'vulus-a-um (Zool.) eauda^ a tail, voivere, to curl. 
Gaule'xpa (Bot.) caulh, a (lem, i^», to creep ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Gaule'rpites (Fos. Bot.) fame etymology ; a foUil genus allied to 


76 CAl/ — CEL 

Cauliflower (Bot.) eaulis, a ftem, /»i, a flower; i. t. the flowering (lem 

Caulophyllmn (Bot.) ««vX«ct a ftem, ^XX0», fo terminated by the (talks 

that the kaves ieem to be a continuation of the ftem ; a genus of 

Cau'suB (Zool.) KflCtfif, a burning heat, referring to its bite ; a genus of 

Oaa'ta (Ent.) Mvtei, iafe, fecure, cautious. 
Gave'lla (Ent.) cavus^ hollow. 
Oavemo'sa (Ent.) tavemofus^ baring hollows. 
Ca'Tla (Zool.) a genus of Mamnudia. 
Gavoli'na (Zool.) cavtu^ hollow, full of holes. 
Oeano'fhui (Bot.) »ffib«dec, a kind of thifUe ; term ufed by Theophrafhis, 

from M«, to cleave. 
Gel)ld8B (2SooL) cebtuy fam. term. Ida; ^ £unily of Mammalia. 
Ceblepyri'nsB (Omith.) eeBUpyris, the Red Caps; a fub-family of the 

Ceblep/rifl (Omith.) uiB\n for tu^aXn^ the head, vD^, fire; from the 

bright colour of the head ; the Red Caps. 
Ge'brio (Ent.) a genus of Coleoptera. 
Gebrio'nldBB (Ent.) 

Ge'bUB (Zool.) ««/3oc) a long<^iled monkey. 

Oeoidomy'ia ) (Ent.) ««»# , wmi^Si excrefcence or gall-nut, fCM«, a fly ; 
Geoidomy'idSB) a genus and family of Diptera. 
Georolpia (Bot.) P. N., ib callinl from Cecropst King of Athens, whofe leg^ 

were fabled to be fnakes ; fnake-wood. 
Gecro pldsB (ZooL) Cecrofs, £un. term, ida; a faunily of Entomodraca. 
Oeoro'ps (Zool.) 

Gede'stls (Ent.) »48imic, a relation by marriage. 
Gedre'la (Bot.) eednu, the cedar-tree ; from its aromatic refm. 
Cedrela'oesB (Bot.) the mahogany-tree family, of which cedreUt is the 

Ge'droB (Bot.) Hebrew name Latinized. Brook Cedron ? 
GelSB^na (Ent.) »fXcu»«f black, referring to its colour. 
Cela'ndine (Bot.) derived from the name of Chelidomum^ given to it by 

Gerarde and Parkinfbn, becauie the plant which comes in bloom when 

the ;^f X4)«», (fwallow) appears. 
Gelastra'oeSB (Bot.) the family of spindle-trees, of which ctla^ru* is the 


CEL — CEN 77 

Celas'tniB (Bot.) miXctf-rpor, an evergreen tree, according to ibme, privet, 

to others, holly ; now applied to the Spindle tree. 
Cela'ta (£nt.) part, of ceUy to conceal ; concealed. 
Gelebe'nsis (2:ooL) Lai. relating to the ifland of Ceitbes. 
Gelerel'la (Ent.) M/«r, fwift, dim. term. Ma. 
Celer'io (£nt.) c«Ur, iwift ; applied to one of the Hawk-moths. 
Celery (Bot.) from cixitev ? 
Ge'lia (Ent.) «4>.ic, a fpot. 
Cell'ptera (Ent.) »i»>.if, a fpot, irrffn, a wing. 
Gellepo'ra (Zool.) cellar a cell, poms, a pore or little pole ; a genus of 

Oellepo'xldSB (Zool.) tMepwa^ JBiim. term. 'uUb; ^, family of Polyvoa. 
Cellulla'llB (Ent.) eeUula^ a little chamber. 

Oelltda'ria (Zool. cMuU^t a little cell or chamber ; a genue of Polyzoa. 
Celo'ela (Bot.) mXo; , burnt ; the flowers of fome fpecies appear fmged ; a 

genus of Amarantaoee. 
Celsla (Ent., Bot.) P. N. from Olaus Ctlfruj Greek Profeflbr at Upfal, a 

friend of Linnzus. 
Ge'ltlt (Bot.) one of the names antiently given to the lotus ; applied by 

Toumefort to a genus of the modem Ulmacec. 
Cembra'Ufl (Ent.) from the Pinus Cemkra^ being found on fir-trees. 
Cemio'etoma (Ent.) xnfc*;, a muzzle, o^tfAo, the mouth. 
Ce'monus (Ent.) mpiist a muzzle ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Oena'nglum (Bot.) «i><(, empty, &yytivf, a veflel ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Ce'nohriB (ZooL) a genus of Ophidians. 
Ce'nchrus (Bot.) »iyxjfh the Greek name of the Millet Latinized ; a 

genus of Giamina. 
Genla (Bot.) »«>0{, empty? from inflated calyx ; a genus of Compofitx. 
Genoooo'oum (Bot.) wwf^ empty, mmo; , a berry ; a genus of Fungi. 
Genomy'oe (Bot.) xm^f, empty, and fiv»«, a fungus ; from the little hollow 

receptacles ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Gentau'rea (Bot.) M»r«v;t(«, the herb centaury. 
Gentaurea'ta (Ent.) feeds on Centaurea fcabiofa. 
Gente'tes (ZooL)jEi>Ti«,to prick or fling; from the fhort thorn-like fpinr 

on the body. 
Gentothe oa (Bot.) «i»ti«, to prick, and 8iim«, a Hieath ; a genus of 

Gentran'thUB (Bot.) Kitrpo*, a fpur, «»do;, a flower ; tiie fpurred corolla ; a 

genus of Valerianacez. 

78 CEN — CER 

Ce ntris (£nt.) a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Gentrl'scuB (Ichth.) »i»T(/{;«, to prick ; the Trumpet-fifh. 

Gantrooar'pha (Bot.) mrrpo*, a (harp point, »«^«, chafT; the palec being 

briftly; a genus of Compofitx. 
Centrocli'nium (Bot.) iiirr^>,a point, «xi»ii,a bed; a genus of Compofitz. 
Gentroglo'iia (Ent.) xivt^ov, a fliarp point, ^xfitf-tf-A, the tongue. 
Centrolo'phUB (Ichth.) xiyT(«v,a (harp point, x*^oc, the back of the neck ; 

the Blackfish. 
Oentropo'mns (Ichth.) »lrr(«v, a point, vwf(«, a lid or corer ; a genus of 

the family Percidz. 
Oentropri'stes (Ichth.) «i»T^f, a prick, wftrrnt, the faw-fifh. 
Gentro'pns (Omith.) «irr(«v, a fpur, vwc; from the great length of 

the claw of the hind toe. 
Gentrosper'mimi (Bot.) rnvrptfr, a point, ^wipfco, feed ; from fpiny points 

of pappus ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Gentrou'rUB (Ornith.) Ktrr^n, a fliarp point, ov^a, the tail ; it (hould be 

Centru'rophifl (Ichth.) tLtrr^vf, a point, Upd, a tail, i<pnf a ferpent. 
Centu'noulus (Bot.) Lot. a genus of Primulacez. 
Gentu'rio (2Sool.) Lot. a commander; applied to the Epaulet bat. 
Gentu'rus (Omith.) »arr^», a point, ot;^,a tail; a genus of Woodpeckers 
Ge'pa (BoL) from eapyt, the head ; in alluflon to its round form ; the Onion. 
Cephae'lis (Bot.) from xt^uXn, a head ; it flowers in heads or bunches. 
Gephala'nthus (Bot.) Mtfukn, a head, ai>dof, a flower. 
Gephal'epiB (Omith.) tupaXn, the head, XiviVy a fcale. 
Gephalo'phora (Bot.) from ju^akn the head, <^o^i», to bear. 
Cephalo'phoruB (Zool.) xi^aXii, a head, ^iftt, to bear or carry. 
CepHalop'terUB (Omith.) ai^aXi}, head, vri^v, feather ; from the large 

and fpreading crefl ; the Umbrella bird. 
Gephalo-tho'raz (2Sool.) ai^«Xii, the head, d^p«{, bread- plate. 
Oephalo'trlohum (Bot.) xi^aXn, head, Bft^^rfixot, hair; from heads being 

covered with hair ; a genus of Fungi. 
Gephalo'tus (Bot.) mf aXorv^ , headed, capitate (lamens, being type of order 

Ge'pola (Ichth.) etymology unknown. 
Gera'gO (Ent.) eera, wax. 
Gerambi'oidaB (Ent.) c<rambyxy fam. term. Ua. 
Cera'mbyz (Ent.) uififA^v^, a homed beetle. 
Cera'nilca (Ent.) nJkfaty a horn, /udia; fame as fjttnfig, fmall. 

CER — CER 79 

Gerazni'dium (Bot.) eeramiumj iTiof, form. 

Gera'mluxn (Bot.) Mifdfjun, a pitcher ; it has the appearance of capfules ; 

a genus of Alga;. 
Gerano'ta (£nt.) uiff, a horn, vSt*, pi. of twrof , the back. 
Gera^thera (Hot.) xi^f, a horn, mdn^; from the homed lobes of anthers ; 

a genus of Violaceae. 
Gera'ptlla (Ent.) »f^, a horn, wrixn, a plume. 

Gera'Btea (Zool.)) Mt^d^m^j homed : the former is applied to a genus of 
Gera'atis (Ent.) ) Ophidians; the btter, to a beetle. 
Cera'sUiiin (Bot.) uipatt a horn. 
Cera'sus (Bot.) firft brought from Cerafuty a town of Afia Minor ; the 

Cera'tlola (Bot.) xc^tio», a little horn, which the (ligma reiembles ; a 

genus of Empetraceae. 
GeratiBoldn (Zool.) m^nev, a pod, 0>«Xnv, the razor-fliell. 
Gera'titixn (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Fungi. 
Ceratooa'rpuB (Bot.) nifot-mrot, a hom, *»fwit, fmit 
Geratocd'phalua (Bot.) »i^mfmros, a horn, xt^x^t the head, 
Cerato'ohloa (Bot.) *if«s^arety a horn, ;tX#«, grafs. 
Ceratohy'al (2kK)I.) Mifrnf-arvt, a horn, iwXe;, glafs. 
Gerato'nia (Bot.) uifett-arof, a horn ; it has hom-like pods. 
Ceratonlel'la (Ent.) Mfat-arosi a hom, dim. term. flia. 
Geratope'talon (Bot.) uipafatof, a hom, viTcXof, from the form of 

petals ; a genus of Cunoniacez. 
Gerato'phorus (Ent.) Hif*s'»rof, a horn, ^ipm, to bear; a genus of 

Geratophy'llTixn (Bot.) ui^S'»rott a hom, ^t;XXo», a pbnt. 
Geratoaa'nthes (Bot.) «f^f«Toc, a hom, «idoc, from the form of petals ; 

a genus of Cucurbitacez. 
Ge'rbera (Bot.) P. N. from Cerberys^ the &mous dog of Mythology ; from 

beiqg poifbnous ; a genus of Apocynacez. 
Ceroa'spis (Zool.) ni^o;, a tail, «0-«riV, a viper; a genus of Colubiine 

GeroeriB (Ent.) a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Ge'rols (Bot.) «i^«»V , a name uled by Theophrafhis ; its common name, 

Judas-tree, is derived from its having been fuppofed to be the tree upon 

which Judas hanged himfelf ; but Gerarde gravely afliires us that this 

was not the cafe, as he hanged himfelf on an Elder ! 
Cercooe'bus (Zool.) mj^ko;, a tail, »?Cof, a monkey. 

8o CEIl — CES 

Ceroocdltis % 

Chcsrop'siB > (ZooL) a genus of Quadmmaiia. 


CdroolanbdB (ZooL) sl^»f , a tail, XcCii, a handle. 

Ceroole'ptes (ZooL) ai^f, a tail, Xivrcc, flender. 

Ceroo'monas (ZooL) »tf»i(^ a tail, Mtofui/ ; a genus of Infiiibria. 

Ceroopithe'ous (ZooL) ss^isof, a tail, mdvaof, a monkey. 

Ce'royon (Ent.) 

Cere'lla (Ent.) cera, wax ; from the larva being found in bees' nefts. 

Gereo'pBls (Omith.) anfif^ wax, o^tc, reiiemblance. 

Cere'sla (Bot.) P. N. from Ccr«r, inventrefs of tillage ; a genus of Gra- 

Ce'reus (Bot.) eerevs fignifies pliant, like wax, from etra^ wax ; being eafily 
bent in fbme fpecies ; a genus of Ca£hicez. 

Ceria'nthas (2^ool.) m§f»f, a horn, itBos, a flower ; a genus of A^tiniz. 

Ceri'go (Ent.) P. N., the modem name of the ifland of Cythera. 

Ceri'nUia (Ent.) m^f , wax. 

Ceri'nthd (Bot.) unfit* wax. Bees obtain a large fupply of wax from it. 

CdXio'mis (Omith.) »>^f , a hora, e^n, a bird ; the Homed pheafant of 

Cerithi'idfiB (ZooL) cerHhium, £un. term. uU. 

Cerithimn (ZooL) etymology uncertain ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Cero'cala (Ent.) «i^f, a horn, tuAii, beautiful. 

Ceroce'phala (Ent.) M^as* a horn, ni^Xij, the head. 

Cero'coma (Ent.) iMf«c, a horn, «^/bu), hair, from peculiarity of antennz ; 
a genus of Coleoptera. 

Cero'macra (Eut.) al^f , a hora, fMMf&ty long. 

Cero'pales (Ent.) a<i^f, wax, viXn, fine meal ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Cerope'gia (Bot.) wfiu wax, ^nyn^ a fountain. 

Oero'phytum (Ent.) mi^'f , wax, ^vtm, a plant. 

Cero'platUB (Ent.) »l^f , hora, vXarv;, broad ; a genus of Diptera. 

Oero'stoma (Ent.) ««^f, wax, 0-To/«a, a mouth. 

Cero'xylon (Bot.) »9p0r, wax, ^vXjn, wood; the Wax-palm of South 

Gerta'ta (Ent.) certus, e(hibli{hed, fure. 
Ce'rthia (Oraith.) Lot. for a tree-creeper. 
Certhi'idaB (Oraith.) terthioy fam. term. itU ; the Creeper family. 
Certhila'uda (Oraith.) certkia, alauday a lark. 
Ce^rthiola (Oraith.) dim. of the preceding. 

CER — CHA %\ 

Gdrosioo'sta (£nt.) ceruffat white lead, cofa, the fide. 

Ceruflse'lla (Ent.) cerujfay White lead, cerufe^ alluding to colour. 

CerUBSe'llUB (Ent.) cerujfa^ white lead, referring to colour. 

Cerva'lis (Ent.) cervcy a doe ; being fawn-coloured. 

Oervante'aia (Bot.) P. N. after the celebrated Cervantes; a genus of 

Ceryloa'pra (Zool.) ctrmu, a (lag, capra, a goat. 
Cervi'na (Zool.) cervus, a (lag ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Gervlna'rla (Ent.) (^tv/am, belonging to a deer,eitherfrom its fawn-colour, 

or from fbme refemblance of the marie ings to (lags' horns. 
Geryi'nua-a-um (Bot.) pertaining to a deer. 
Ce'ryus (2Lool.) Lat. a (lag. 
Ce'rylon (Ent.) «i^(, a horn, ovkof, entire. 
Ceapita'lis (Ent.) ce/j>ts-ith, turf. 
Cespitl'colis (Ent.) cejpes'it'uj turf, colo^ to inhabit. 
Gd'spitis (Ent.) cefpest eeJpH'u^ turf; on which it feeds. 
Gd'etodd (Zool.) xi j-TOf, a girdle, or band. 
Gdstoi'dea (2Lool.) refembling cefiode. 
Gestra'oion (Ichth.) xUr^^ a fifli held in edeem among the Gieeks, 

doubtful whether a pi Ice or a conger ; now uied for the New Holland 

Gestri'lLUS (Bot.) P. N., the Ton of HeOor and Andromache ; a genus of 

Gea'trum (Bot.) xirrfw^ the name applied by Diofcorides to tlie Betony. 
Ge'te (Zool.) xqrof, or hqti), a whale ; an oider of Mammalia. 
Ge terach (Bot.) Arab, and Per/tan chethrraky French ceUrac^ Welih cedor if 

urachy the double rake ; a genus of Ferns. 
GetSoaau'ros (Fos. 2k)ol.) xqto;, a whale, 0-mi^c, a lizard. 
OdtocLi'lidSB (Zool.) «nT«f , a whale, ;t;t^^f t (<xxl ; a family of Entomodra^a. 
Geto'ohilua (Zool.) nvrof, a whale, ;t;<>-«f» food ; a genus of Entomodraca. 
Geto'nia (Ent.) unexplained. 
Getonlldee (Ent.) cettmia^ fam. term. id4e, 
Getra'ria (Bot.) cetra^ a buckler ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Geuthooa'rpua (Bot.) xiud», to hide, ««^*f, fruit. 
Ceutho'apora (Bot.) sivda*, to hide, 0-iro^a, feeds, from the hidden fporules ; 

a genus of Fungi. 
Geutorhy nchufi (Ent.) xivflv, to hide, fvyx^^y ^ beak. 
Ghabro'lil (Ichth.) P. N. from the celebrated M. Chabrol. 


82 CHA — CHA 

Ghaema (ZooL) native Hottentot name of a baboon. 
Cheerophylla'ta (Ent.) feeds on Clutrophjfilum fylwfire^ the Cow parfley. 
ChSBrophyllellUB (Ent.) dim.of^^rr^/iy/MWjthe plant which it frequents. 
ChsBTOphy'lli (Ent.) feeds on ClutropkyUum temuUntum^ rough Cow parfley. 
ChflBrophy'lluzn (Bot.) x'^f*'^ ^ rejoice, ^iXkw^ a leaf; from its luxuriant 

GhsBtacblGB^na (Bot.) x'^*^^ bri^, x^*^*** covenng ; from the points of 

involucre being concealed ; a genus of CompofitsB. 
Ghsata nthera (Bot*) ;^«tT«, bridle, iaBn^y having hairy anthers ; a genus 

of Compofitae. 
GhSBta'rla (Bot.) ;c«itii, briflle ; a genus of Gramina. 
Ghaeta'rthria (Ent.) ;^a/Tii, a brifUe, afifWy a joint. 
Gheeto'oalyz (Bot.) ;^«/Tq, briftle, uaku^y calyx ; covered with briQles ; a 

genus of Leguminofz. 
Ghsatoone'ma (Ent.) ;^«{'ni, a briftle, »»if/(Aii, the leg. 
GhSB'todon (Ichth.) x'^'^y ^ mane, oSou^, o^onot, a tooth. 
GhsBtodo'ntldSB (Ichth.) cfuetodon, £un. term. itU; a £unily of Acantho- 

pterygious fifhes. 
ChSBtoga'stra (Bot.) x^"^^^ bridle, yewrnf^ the belly ; the tube of calyx 

bridly ; a genus of Meladomacez. 
GhaBto'miiun (Bot.) x'^m^ bridle ; from the hairy appearance ; a genus of 

Ch'sBtomya (Zool.) ;^«(tii, long flowing hair, /mS;, a moufe. 
Gli8Bto'phora (Bot.) x"*"^^ bridle, 4>f^» to bear ; bridle-bearer, alluding 

to the form ; a genus of Algz. 
GhsBto'phora (Bot.) ;^aiTD, a bridle, ^i^, to bear, from the branched 

.filaments ; a family of Confervoid algae. 
ChaBtophora'cese (Bot.) chatophora, fam. term. euue. 
Chaeto'poda (Zool.) ;^«it», a bridle, voi/f, iro^oc, a foot; an order of 

ChSBto'pteryx (Ent.) x'^'"** halr,irTi^, a wing ; a genus of the Phryganidae. 
Gheeto'spora (Bot.) x'^'*^* ^ bridle, a-voftL, feed ; a genus of Algx. 
Ghastoto'lllius (Ent.) ;^a4Tii, hair, Ivf^ a^rof, an ear; having a black beard 

on the apex of the poderior wings. 
GhsBtu'rus (Bot.) x^'">» bridle, oC^a, a tail ; from the filky appearance of 

panicle ; a genus of Gramina. 
Ghagri'nea (Ichth.) Lat. diagreened. 
Chaille'tia (Bot.) from M. CkailUt, a Swifs botanid ; the typical genus 

of Chailletiacear. 

GHA — CHA 83 

Chaloedo'nla (Ent.) ;^«AMq, a purple colour. 

Chaloedo'nlcUB-a-uin (Bot.) the colour of Chalcedony. 

Oha'loidSB (Zool.) chaldsy iam. term. uU, 

OhalcidfiB > 

, . r (Ent.) ;^AXMf , copper ; from their copper colour. 
Onaloi dites) 

Ohalols (ZooL) ;^cX««i, brafs ; a genus of Lizards. 

, > CEnt.) yaX«^f , copper (colour) : a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Ghalcites) ^ » ri- v /» o 

Ghaloogramine'lla (Ent.) ;^«Xft^f , brafs, y^/A/M,^ a mark, dim. term. eUa. 
Ohaloope'pla (Omith.) ;^ax«^f , copper, irlvXe^, a covering. 
Ohalooso'ma (Ent.) x»^»*s* brafs, (colour), o-ifxtty a body. 
Ohaloo'stoma (Zool.) ;^«x«of, copper (colour), rri/M^ a mouth. 
Cha'limus (2Sool.) x^^^tf ^ hridle; a genus of Entomoftraca. 
ChalybaB'uB (Omith.) ^^Xv^-vBu, fteel, from the metallic colours of the 

Olialybd (Ent.) ;^aXv4-v^of , hard iron or (leel ; referring to cobur. 
Chama (Zool.) x^iAn, a cockle, which from ;(«*»», to gape; a genus of 

Ohamsado'rea (Hot.) ;^«fi«i, on the ground, l«^«, a gift ; the ftowers 

hanging low. 
Chamsd'drys (Bot.) x*/**^ ^° ^^ ground, ifZt, the oak ; the germander 

is named Teucrium Ckam^dryt. 
ChamaBledon (Bot.) ;^afUM, dwarf, xiiSof, clfhis ; a genus of Ericacez. 
ChameBleon (Zool., Ent.) ;^«/t««2, on the ground, xi«y, a lion ; the name 

is not apt either to the lizard or the infeA ; when applied to the 

latter, the reference is to its varying in colour. 
ChamSBli'rion (Bot.) x*M^ dwarf, Xf ^^ov, a lily ; dwarf-lily ; a genus of 

Chamsepelia (Omith.) x*t**^t ^^ ^^^ ground, wnX*;, mud ; the Ground 

Dove. The latter part of the name probably from its aihy-brown colour. 
Chamsd'petes (Omith) ;^a/(<im, on the ground, wito/mai to fly. 
Ghamsa'pitya (Bot.) x''^l*'^^ 0° ^^ ground, irirvf, the pine-tree. 
Ohamserhodode'ndron (Bot.) x*f*'^» <>" ^^*^ ground, peij^iv}^, the Rofe- 

GhamsB'rops (Bot.) ;^a/cA«2, on the ground, ^4i & young (hoot. 
Chamse'sipho (Zool.) x'H^'^j ^° ^^^ ground, o-i^*j a tube; a genus 

of Cirripedes. 
Gha'meck (Zool.) native name of a monkey of the family Cebidae : Ateles 



Ohameldon (Zool.) ;^«^mXiMV, a little lion ; from x'H^^y ^^ ^^^ ground, 

xi«v, a lion. 
Cha'znidSB (2Lool.) a family of MolluTca of which ckama is the type. 
Chaxniss'oa (Bot.) P. N. from M. CAamiJht^ celebrated botanift; a genus 

of Amarantacez. 
Gha'momild (Bot ) x'^/*»i, /unXsv, dwarf or ground apple ; becauie the 

plant fmells like apples, or rather like quinces. 
Chamomllla (Bot.) x'H**^j ^^ ^^^ ground, /mSxot, an apple; chamomile. 
Chamozni'llSB (£nt.) feeds on the Chamomile. 
Chamo'strea (ZooL) ch4Mma, a genus of OieUs, ^rea, the oyiler ; a g<enus of 

bivalve MolluTca. 
Chao'nia (Ent.) P. N^ a difbia in Epirus. 

Chapta'lia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Chaptal, a famous French chemift. 
Cha'ra (Bot.) x'^f^^ ^^ delight ; it delights in water ; a genus of Cryp- 

Ch£uradri'nld8B (Omith.) the Plovers ; charaJnus, fam. term. ifut. 
Chcura'drius (Omith.) x»f*^ii*f% dwelling in clefts or guUies; the curlew. 
Gharsa'as (Ent.) x*^t?i grace ; beauty of Ihape. 
Charoa'rodon (Ichth.) xaf;^«t«^ov(-o^«»Tef, with (harp or jagged teeth. 
Gharicle'a (Ent.) P. N. from CharicUs, a tyrant of Athens. 
Chari'dea (Ent.) charoj iT^oc, refemblance. 

Gharip'tera (Ent.) eAarat im(«% a wing, /. e. refembling that genus. 
Gharlwo'odia (Bot.) P. N. from G. CkaHwood, Efq,y F.L,S.y an enthu- 

fiaftic Englifli botanift ; a beautiful genus of Liliacez. 
Gharmos'yna (Omith.) a beautiful parrot. 
Gharter'gUB (Ent.) x*f^^y paper, i^yov, work ; becaufe this Hymenop- 

terous infeA makes its neft of a fubftance like paper. 
GhaBmarhy'iiohus (Omith.) x'^f^'h ^ hollow or chafm, fvyx^ff a 

Ghasmo'nla (Bot.) x'^M'^y ^^ S^pe wide, from the expanded calyx ; a 

genus of Labiatz. 
Ghau'liodes (Omith.) xm^^^sc, gaping. 
Ghaulio'dus (Ent.) xf^vXtiiw^^ with outflanding teeth. 
Gha'una (Omith., Ent.) x'^^^j gaping. 
GhaunomursB'na (Ichth.) x^^*( gaping, /Mf/prnva, an eel. 
Ghaimopro'ctuB (Omith.) x'^^^t^ gaping, w^nrig, the anus. 
Gheila'nthes (Bot.) ;ci7x»c, the Up, «[v0e(, a flower. 
Gheilo'dia (Bot.) x*^^^!» ^ ^'r> and iiws, a tooth ; from the toothed lips 

of the corolla ; a genus of I.abiatz. 


CHE — CHE 85 

Cheiloglo'tUs x*^^f* ^^P* y^^^^'^'h tongue ; tongue«like appendage to the 

lip of corolla ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Cheilone'iiruB (£nt.) x*^^*** the lip, wS^of, a rib. 

Cheimatobi'a (Ent.) x'^f^^^ '^'^fy winter, /3mc, life ; appearing in winter. 
Ohelra'nthiis (Bot.) x^9y the hand, a»d9c, a flower; becaufe fuited for 

carrying in the hand? or perhaps from Arabic^ kheyrey^ and ayd»rt 

a flower. 
Ghelrogaleus (ZooL) x*^f^ ^ haoidj ya\n, a weafel; applied to fome 

quadrumanous Lemurs. 
Oheirolepis (Fos. Ichth.) x*^h ^^^^id, Xmt, a fcale. 
Ohei'romys (Zool.) ;^f2f, a hand, /Mi)(, a moufe. 
Chelro'paohuB (Ent.) ;^i2^ hand, vax^tt thick. 

Cheiro'ptera (2SooL) ;^f2(, the hand, vripiv, a wing ; a fsunily of Mam- 
malia ; the Bats. 
Cheiroste'mon (Bot.) from the (Irlking refemblance of the fine ere£t 

anthers to the fingers of a hand. 
Chelro'stylis (Bot.) x*kf ^ hand, ffrvKoty a pillar ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Chell'donea (Omith.) ;(i>i)«» a fwallow ; an order of Birds. 
Chelido'niuin (Bot.) x*'^^^* the fwallow; in aliufion to its time of 

Ghel'lfer (Zool.) x"Xn, a claw, ^<{«, to bear. 
Chel'mon (Ichth.) x*^i*^9 ^ ^ ^th a long fnout, mentioned by 

Chelo'ne (Bot.) x'^^^f ^ tortoiie; the back of the helmet of the flower is 

compared to a tortoife. 
Chelo'nla (ZooL) ;^iX«ni, a tortoife ; an order of Reptilia. 
Chelo'nia (Ent.) x>x«w«f , a fpotted beetle. 

ChelonildfiB (Ent.) chelotuay £un. term. «^ ; a family of Lepidoptera. 
Ghelono'bia (2^1.) ;ciX«*ii, a fliell, /9»«c« exigence ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
Chelonyo'terlB (ZooL) x*'^*» ^ tortoife, wicrt^;, a bat; the Fringe-nofed 

Ghelo'stoma (Ent.) a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Chely'dra (Zool.) ;^iX(/;, a tortoiie, ^^ a water-ferpent. 
Ghelys (ZooL) ;c<Xi;f, a tortoife. 

Chelytrype'tea (ZooL) x*^^f ^ tortoife, rfu-ntht^ a borer. 
Ghen (Omith.) ;^nr, a goofe. 
Ghenal oi>ex (Omith.) x^^ ^ goofe, «x«ir«{, a fox. 
Ghenolea (Bot.) x'^t ^ goofe, Xim, prey. 
Ghenopodiel'la (Ent.) chtn^odium the goofe-foot, on which it feeds^ 


Chenopodi'pliaga(£nt.)irA«i^^MM,^i^, to eat; alluding to the inieAs* 

Chenopo'dium (Bot.) x^^ & g^ooie, vevi, v«l«€, a foot ; in allufion to the 

fliape of its leaves ; the plant goofefoot. 
Oherle'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Jokn Henry CherUr^ who aflided John Baukin 
in the compilation of his Hiftory of Plants; a genus of CaryophyUaoez. 
Oheny (Bot.) is from Cerafus^ In Afia Minor. 
dier'sydrOB (Zool.) %if€9u dry land, Zifa^ a water-ierpent ; a genus of 

Ohervll (Bot.) contra^Hon of cfutrophyllum ; from x'^f^* ^^ rejoice, ^vXXot, 

' a leaf; luxuriant foliage. 
Che Bias (Ent.) P. N. a name of Diana. 
OheBHUt (Bot.) Lai, cafldMO, 
Che'tah (Zool.) a native name. 

Chi' (Ent.) from a wing-mark relembling the Greek Letter X' 
Chloken (Omith.) AngUfSax, eicen ; Germ, kueklehi, 
ChlOOry (Bot.) ArtUtic^ etukouryeh, 
ChilidOB (Ent.) chilo; a family of Lepidopteia. 
Chilien'sis (Zool., Ent.) relating to CkiU, 
Chilo (Ent.) ;^rxef, a lip; from the elongated palpi. 
ChUobo'throa (Zool.) ;t;*^x«f, a Up, Bi&f^t, a hole; a genus of Ophi- 
Chiloohloa (Bot.) x'^'^t fodder, x^««> gn^^ ; a genus of Gramina. 
ChUoo'orUB (Ent.) :tfiXor, a lip, aap*;, fulnefs. 

ChUogna'tha (Zool.) x^^^ty ^ ^*P* Y*^^^tt 2 jaw ; an order of Annulofa. 
Chilo'monas (Zool.) xfiyps^ a lip, menas ; having a projection above the 

mouth of a lip-like appearance. 
OhUo'pOda (Zool.) ;^Xi«f , a thouTand, ««v(, «•!<(, a foot ; a divifion of 

the Annulofa. 
Chima'ra, ChlmaBlldBB (Ichth.) xlfMMfOy the Chimaera, a reputed mon- 

fler. \ 

ChimSB'rold (Ichth.) chh/ueraAike. 
Chlma'phila (Bot.) x>^/t««, winter, ^xl«, to love ; Eveigreens ; a genus of 

Chimona'nthos (Bot.) ;^<ftiS*, winter, JM«(, a flower; in allufion to its 

time of flowering. 
Chinchll'la (Zool.) 

Chlnchllli'na (Zool.) chinchilla; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Chlne'naifl (Zool., Bot.^ Lot, relating or belonging to China. 

CHI — CHL 87 

Ohlooo'ooa (Bot.) ;^i«», fnow, kmhof, a berry. 

Ohloleuoa (Ent.) x^y winter, >n;ii«c, white. 

Ohiona'nthus (Bot.) x^% ihow, iA^t^ a flower. 

Ohl'one (Zool.) P. N., the daughter of Deucalion. 

Ohlonea'lifl (Ent.) x^**^^f% fnowy. 

Ohloni'dldoB (Omith.) chiimu, fam. term, ida; ^ family of the Gallinx. 

Ohlo'nls (Omith.) ;^mSv, ;^i«»ef, fnow. 

OhloBOgna'thUB (Ent.) a genus of Exotic (lag-beetles. 

Ghirooe'phalus (ZooL) x^^ & hand, iu^«x«iy the head; a genus of Ento- 

Ohiro'dota (ZooL) ;^if^«Tsr, given by the hand ; a genus of Echino- 

ChirogaldUfi (Zool.) ;^(, the hand, y«x?, a weafel. 
Ohirone'otes (Ichth.) ^i^^ hand, tff»T«(, a iWimmer ; the Hand-fifli. 
Ohiro'nla (Bot.) P. N. from CAirwf,one of the fisithers of medicine, botany, 

and fui^ry. 
Ghiron'omtu (Ent.) a genus of Dipterous infe^. 
Ohiro'soelis (Ent.) x!^^, the hand, o-xiXef , the leg. 
OhlrrhCB'a (Bot.) tuffifj yellow or fulvous ; from colour of flowers. 
Ohito'nla (Bot.) xy^t ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^'^ * boBi the feeds being covered with 

fcales ; a genus of Melaflomaoez. 
Oliita'lia (ZooL) etymology unknown. 
OhlaB'nios (Ent.) ;t'^«(t«, a cloak. 
Ohlamydera (Omith.) x^«l^^t\ ^ mantle, U^f, the fldn ; having, acrofs 

the back of the neck, a rofe-coloured band. 
Chlamydosau'rUB (ZooL) x^'H^^y X^f^v^Kj a mantle, o-av^, a lizard ; 

the FriUed lizard. 
Ohllda'nthus (Bot.) x^*^^* ^<* ^ delicate, «[«dof , a flower. 
Ohloa'nthea (Bot.) x^*^ ff^h «»d»;, a flower; from its green flowers ; a 

genus of Verbenacez. 
Ohlce'phaga (Omith.) x^*^* K"^ ^yi^^ to eat; fliould be written 

Ohlo'ra (Bot.) x^^f*** green. 
Chlorse'a (Bot.) x^*^y P^^y ^^m the hue of the flower ; a genus of 

Ohlora'na (Ent.) x^^f*^* light-green. 
CUlora'ntlittB (Bot.) x^^f^fy gi^n* «^^*y ^ flower. 
Chlora'atsr (ZooL) x^^f^h green, irr^f^ a (hir; a genus of Infu- 



Ohlo'pion; ^^"'-^ ^'"'•" «^"- 

Chloridi'mn (Bot.) x^*f» pallid, uht, appearance ; i . ^., the afpe^l of the 
plants ; a genus of Fungi. 

Ghlo'ris (Omith.) x^fiu was the name anciently applied to a bird, pro- 
bably the Greenfinch. 

Ghlo'ris (Bot.) x^*'^f* green ; from the colour of the herbage. 

Chloii'za (£nt.) ;^x«^'{;«, to be greeniih or pale. 

Ghloroooo'omn (Bot.) x^*(**> S'^^^t xi»icG(, a berry; a curious genus of 

Chlorola'mpiB (Omith.) x^'P^'i S^''^^* a.«/m«w, to (hine; a genus of 

Ghloro'phanus (£nt.) x'^^f^h gi^i^t ^«M»t to appear. 

Ghloro'phytum (Bot.) x^^'f'U green* ^m«f, a plant. 

Chlo'ropus (Omith.) x^^f'ff gi^n, vwf, a foot. 

Chlororhy'nohOB (Omith.) x^^f^U green, fvyx^** ^ heak. 

Ghloroatilbon (Omith.) x^*{^(« green, rriK&m, to glitter; a genus of 

Chloro'ticas-a-mn (Bot.) Lot, pale-green. 

GhloroxVlon (Bot.) x^**f*^y green . fvXor, wood ; from the deep greenifh- 
yellow colour of the wood ; a genus of Cedrelaceae. 

ChcBrooa'mpa (£nt.) ;^e7^r, a hog, ««/Mirii, a caterpillar, from the ex- 
tended neck of the larva refembling a hog's fhout. 

ChGBropotamuB (Foe. ZooL) X'V*'* ^ ^^g* v0'''«/^f > a river ; an extinct 
genus of Mammalia. 

Ghoiropo'tamuB (ZooL) x^^f^U ^ hog, «r»T«^«f, a river. 

Gho'iBya (Bot.) P N. from Chmfy^ a Genevefe botanift ; an omamental 
genus of Rutaceae. 

GhoWpus (Zool.) x^^^ff lame, imperfect, wm^ a foot. 

Ghole'va (Ent.) ;^«Xf mi, to go lame. 

Chome'lia (Bot.) P. N. from J. B. CAouul, a French botanift, Phyfician 
to Louis XV. 

Ghonde'atea (Omith.) unexplained. 

Chondraoan'tbldfiB (2^L) thondrtuanthus, fam. term, cd^; a family of 

Ghondraca'nthos (Zool.) x**^f*s» cartilage, aut«»d«, a fpine. 

Ghon'dria (Bot.) x**^My ^ cartilage, referring to texture of plant ; a genus 
of Algz. 


CHO — CHR g9 

Chondxi'ila (Bot.) x'^^f^U ^ Itunp ; in allufion to the lumps of gummy- 
matter on the ftems. 

Chondzopter/gii (Ichth.) x**^f^ft ^ cartilage, vrl^, uytt^ a wiagor fin; 
an order of Fiflies. 

Choii'druB (Bot.) ;^«»t^r, a lump ; a genus of Algae. 

Gho'ninea (Ent.) %titfij a funnel, Ivw, the nape of the neck. 

Chora'gUB (Ent.) x^f^*** ^ chorus-leader. 

Chorda (Bot.) x^fin^ a cord ; a genus of Algae. 

Chorda'ria (Bot.) ;to^^, a cord ; in allufion to the appearance of the 
plants ; a genus of Algae. 

Cho Veils (Bot.) ;i^«^Tiif , ruftic ; a very beautiful Mexican genus of Ama • 
ryllidaceae, the fiowers refembling thofe of Ifmene. 

Choreu'tes (Ent.) x^f^^^u ^ dancer. 

Chorind'muB (Ichth.) unexplained. 

Choris'pora (Bot.) x^f^^y feparate, and ovo^ feed ; from the very diflinA 
feeds in pods ; a pretty genus of Crudferae. 

Ghoroze'ma (Bot.) Sir J. E. Smith remarks, with reference to this name, 
*' M. Labillardi^re originally difcovered this plant (C. ilicifolium, the 
fpecies firfl found, and which was introduced in 1803) on the Southern 
coafl of New Holland, at the foot of the mountains, in a loamy foil, 
near a fpot where, after being tantalized with finding many fait fprings, 
his party had jufl met with an ample fupply of frefh water. This 
welcome refrefhment feems to have fuggefted a name for his plant, 
which he had properly determined to conflltute a new genus. He 
called it Chorizema, evidently, as I prefume, from ;^o^f, a dance or 
joyful aflembly, and (ifia, a drink ; in allufion to the circumfhmce jud 
mentioned. This occafioned me to take the liberty of chan^ng the 
gender of the name, which he had made feminine ; and I have taken 
the further liberty of changing the i for an 0, an alteration which the 
derivation feems to authorize and, indeed, to render indifpenfable." 

Ohorto'bitis (Ent.) x*r^U g^^^t /^f « ^^' 

Gliristatel'la (Ent.) erUtatus, crefled. 

Ohristiemina'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Chrifiierniny a fHend of 

Christulalia (Ent.) erjfiula, a fmall crefl. 

Obroma'lis (Ent.) xf^f**^ colour. 

Gbroma'tiuin (Zool.) a genus of Infiifbria poflefling brilliant colours 

from ;^fflr^c, colour. 
Chro 'modes (Ent.) x^f*^h ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ Xfif^^t colour. 


Ghroolepis (Bot.) xf^'h ^^ ^*"> \%wm^ to decorticate ; alluding to the 

inner membrane changing to powder ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Chio'sis (£nt.) xf^^ff ^ colouring, tinting. 
Chry'ophrya (Ichth.) xt^*f% K°^^» ht^f^ ^^^ eyebrow ; the filh called 

the Gilt-head. 
Ohxysaa'ta (Omith.) x(^^^ S^^* »*^»f, an eagle. 
OhryBali'dina (Zool.) refembling a ckrjjalis in its form ; a genus of Fora« 

Cliry'salls (ZooL) xf^^^^t ^^ gold-coloured (heath of inieAi^ equiv. 

to Aurelian. 
Gh778anthe'da(£nt.) xf^*h Z9^* iaMwy a bee ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
GhryBanthel'lum (Bot.) dim. of Chryfimthemum ; an uninterefting genus. 
ChryBa'nihemi (£nt.) feeds on the following plant. 
ChiyBa'nthemiun (Bot.) xf**^*h S^'^^t «itOi^«v, a flower; a genus of 

CtaTysela (Bot.) P. N., Homer's famous beauty and heroine, Chryfeu; 

alluding to the brilliancy of /bwers ; a genus of Papaveracez. 
Ohrysldifo'nnls (Ent.) ckr^u^i^, a ruby-tail ^, forma, 
OhzyBiphi'ala (Bot.) Xi^^'^t S^^^ ^«xii,a goblet, from its golden cup-like 

flowers ; a genus of Amaryllidaceae. 
Ohry^BlB (Ent.) xiP^*f^ S9^ i ^^ ruby-tail fly ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Chiysi'tls (Ent.) xi^^'ffff^^' 
Ohiysoba'lanus (Bot.) xo^'f^ S^^ BiXemt^ an acorn ; in allufion to the 

Chiysobo'thrifl (Ent.) xf^^^ gold, B»B(ot^ a hole. 
OhryBOOfalo'ra (Ent.) a genus of Diptera. 
OhiysOGhlo'ris (Zool.) xV^^ff golden, x^'^t^U light-green ; applied to 

the changeable or golden mole. 
Ohry8oe'la(ZooL);^^«f, gold,qX»f,a nail; U, ^'ftudded with golden nails." 
Ohiysooly'ata (Ent.) xe"^*'* £^^ aXv^«c, waflied. 
OhryBOOo'ooyz (Omith.) Xf^*f^ S°^ ^octyxf (»«»jh{,) the cuckoo. 
Chryso'coma (Bot.) xv*^*f^ S^^i ^H'^ hair; in allufion to the tufts of 

yellow flowers. 
Chryso'ooxyB (Ent.) ;tfw<r«f , gold, Mfvt^ a helmet. 
Chrysoga'ster (2Lool.) x^^'^f* g®l^» "y^n^n the belly. 
Ohxysog'omum (Bot.) Xi^^*^f S^^j y*^t ^ ^'^^ » the yellow flowers are 

mo(Uy pioduced at joints of the (lem ; a pretty genus of Compositz. 
Ghrysola'mplB {pmlxh,)* xf^^^ S^^^i >.»/Airmj to Ihine ; a genus of Hum- 


CHR — CIC 91 

OhlTBOmela (Ent.) x^wit^ gold, t« fxkkttj the limbs. 
CtaTysomelidSd (Ent.) chryfomda^ £sim. term. Ida, 
Ohrysomy'ia (Ent.) xtt^is, gold, /mimW, a fly ; a genus of Diptera. 
Ohry'somys (ZooL) xv^*** S^^t /^^f» ^ moufe. 
Ghiysono'tas (Ornith.) xp^'f^ S^^^* v^*^'* the back 
Chrysonyohellus (Ent.) xi^^'ft K®^^* '»wf-wxP'» * *^^» *^"' '^^*"' 
Chiyso'pa (Ent.) Xf^*fj S^^^ '^^^y vo)«f, a foot ; a genus of Neuroptera. 
Chiysopelea (Zool.) a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Chiysophy'llum (Bot.) xf*^*f^ S^^^ ^vkxav, a leaf. 
Chrysopo'gon (Bot.) xf^^y S^^^^i v«}^^> ^ beard, from the yellow awns ; 

a beautiful genus of Gramlna. 
Ohrsr^BOpa (Ent.) XV^* Oiining like gold ; a genus of Diptera. 
ObxyBorrhGB'a (Ent.) xf*^*f» ff^^^i h'^^% ^ ^^'^ » ^™ ^^ golden anal 

ChrysoBple'nitun (Bot.) XV^*^ S^^ ^^xn?, fpleen. 
Ohrysoste'mma (Bot.) x^urki gold, crkfAfMt, a crown ; from colour of 

flowers; a very pretty genus of Compofitse. 
ChryBo'tis (Omith.; xf^ri^^ gold, eve, mtji, an ear. 
OhryBiiro'nla (Omlth.) xv*^'*h S^^^^t ®^P*f ^ ^^^ \ ^ genus of Humming- 
GhryBu'ruB (Bot.) ;^v^ict gold, ou^«i, a tail ; in allufion to the flowers. 
Ghthaznali'ned (ZooL) chikamaI$Uf hm, term, itue; sl (iib-family of Cirri- 

Chtham'altlS (Zool.) j^ofxaXiu on the ground. 
Ohu'va (Zool.) native name of one of the fpider monkeys. 
Chydo'rUB (Zool.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Entomoftraca. 
Ohyloola'dia (Bot.) a genus of Algae. 

Chy'slB (Bot.) x^^^t ^^ic)!)? becauie the pollen mafles appear to be fufed 
together; a fplendid, but very rare, Orchidaceous plant from Venezuela. 
Ol'a (Ornith.) etymology unknown. 
Olbo'tiiim (Bot.) xi^wtmv, a little cheft ; from forai of indufium. A noble 

tree-fern from New Holland. 
Clca'da (Ent.) the Latin cicada is from »ic4i|, the accufative of which is 
iii»c9«. The ancients ufed ckada for the cricket, not the grafl^hopper, 
which they called Uaifia, 
Oloadella (Ent.) ckada, a grafl^hopper. 
Cloa'dldSB (Ent.) cicada, fam. term, ida, 
Olcatrioe'Uus (Ent.) cicatrix, a fear. 
Oi'ooa (Bot.) P. N. from Peter Cicca, who wrote in 1553. 

91 CIC — CIN 

Ci'oer (Bot.) xrxvf, force ; in alluflon to its qualities. 

Cioho'rium (Bot.) an Egyptian name adopted by the Greeks ; fuccory. 

The Greeles uied (bmetimes i and fbmetimeS a diphthong; thus Horace 

has: — 

'* me Cichorea levefque malvz." 
Cicindela (£nt.) Lot, a glow-worm. 
Gicindd'lidsB (Ent.) cuindela, hm. term. id^. 
Gicinu'roB (Omith.) Mjwmr, curled hair, w^, a tail ; from the long 

fpiral filaments of the extremity of the tail. 
Gloo'nia (Omith.) Lat, a dork. 
Giou'ta (Bot.) a name of doubtful meaning. 
Gidarella (Ent.) dim. of cidaru, a head-dre(s or diadem. 
Gida'ria (Ent.) P. N., a name of Ceres^ according to Treitfchke ; or perhaps 

from cidaris, a Perfian diadem, tiara. 
Of daris (Zool.) Lot. a diadem ; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Gilie'lla (Ent.) ci/ia, fringe, dim. eUa. 

Gili'gera (Ent.) eilium, an eye]idj gerere, to bear. « 

Oi'Uum (Ent.) Lot. the eyelid. 
Cillz (Ent.) Lot, a Cilician. 
Cille'nlum (Ent.) eilieo, to move or twinkle. 
Cimioi'ftiga (Bot.) eimex, a bug,/tf^, to drive away. 
Cimo'lia (Ent.) »i/u«x»a, fuller*fr-earth, referring to colour. 
Glnoho na (Bot.) P. N. from the Coy/Uefs of Cinchon^ whom it aired of a 

Clnolid'otUB (Bot.) xiyxXii , a lattice, oSovf , tHnrrisy a tooth ; a genus of 

Gi'nolls, plural Ginclidea (Zool) ufed by Mr. Gofle to ezpreis certain 

orifices in Actiniz, refembling the fpiracula of infe£ls. 
Ginclorha'mphas (Omith.) (bmetimes written dtulorampktu, from luynxit, 

a lattice, ftf/M^or, a beak. 
Gi'ncluB (Omith.) m^xx/f, a lattice. 
Ginota'lis (Ent.) cinStu, girt about ; being (Iriped. 
Glnota'ria (Ent.) dnffus, girt, ringed. 
Oinera oeus-a-um (Omith., Ent.) Lot. afli-cobured. 
Glnera'ria (Bot.) dnera, afties ; from the afli-coloured down covering the 

furfaces of the leaves. 
Ginerella (Ent.) cineres, afties ; afli-coloured. 
Ginereo-argdnta'toa (Zool.) filvery-grey. 
Cine'reola (Ent.) dim. of dnfreiu, afli-coloured. 

CIN — CIR 93 

Cinereopuiiotella (£nt.) eineraui SLfh-coiaaiedi punffum, a fpot. 

Gine'reos-a-mn (ZooL, Bot.) Lot. cobur of afties. 

Cinero'Ba (Ent.) cutera, afhes, in reference to colour, 

Gingellella (Ent.) cingillumy a fmall girdle, or band. 

Oingula'lis (Ent.) cingulu, a girdle ; refetring to the bands acrofs the wings. 

Cih'iflo (Ent.) Lai. a flave. 

Ginlflonella (Ent.) dniflo, a hair-curler. 

Giniflo'nldBB (Ent.) dnj/lo ; a family of Arachnida. 

Gl'nna (Bot.) P. N., an ancient town in Italy. 

Glzmabari'nus (Ent.) xin«C«pi, an Indian gum ; vegetable fcarlet. 

Ginnamomea'na (Ent.) irin«/u«/Mov, cinnamon ; referring to colour. 

Gizmamo'inuin (Bot.) Latinized from the Arabic name. 

Glzmamcynlca (Ent.) colour of cinnamon. 

Gin'xia (Ent.) P. N., a fumame of Juno, connected with eingulut^ 4 

Gi'onus (Ent.) Mwt a fmall pillar ? 
Giroce'a (Bot.) P. N. from Circe^ the fiamous enchantreis of mythology. 

The fruit, being covered with little hooks, lays hold of the clothes, as 

Circe did of the attention with her voice. A well-known and pretty 

genus of Onagraceac ; enchanter's night-fhade. 
Gir'ce (ZooL, Ent.) P. N., an ancient enchantreis. 
Giroe'adSB (Zool.) Circe^ fam. term. Ua; a divifion of naked-eyed Medufz. 
Glrcella'ta (Ent.) eirceilw, a fmall ring. 
Gi/cla (Omith.) Wpxof, a falcon or kite. 

Giroina'lis (Bot.) circuit a circle ; from the ring-like joints of the trunk. 
GiroGs'tus (Omith.) «»p»of , a falcon, atrif, an eagle. 
Gircumsoiip'ta (Bot.) circumf axound,/criptus, written. 
GiroumBigna'ta (Ent.) dram, roundfJignatWf marked. 
Giroumape'cta (Ent.) Lat. prudent, cautious. 
Gl'rouB (Omith.) x(^«f , a hawk, which flies in wheels or circles. 
Girlus (Omith.) 

ClrrhimurEe'na (Ichth.) ntffOf, yellow, /Mu^aivs, an eel. 
Gi'rrhOBa (Bot.) drrhus, a tendril, fm. form of flower ; a genus of 

Girrhcs'dia (Ent.) xip^oiiSitf, tawny. 
Girrhope'talum (Bot.) drrhus, a tendril, and viTAAovjfm. form of flower ; 

a genus of Orchidacca.*. 

a *) 

. . >- (Ent.) circumJUffo, to bend round, 


94 CIR — CLA 

Cirri'pedes) (ZooL) cirrhus^ a lock of hair, /«/, a foot ; a cbfs of the 

Girripe'dia) Annulofa. 

Glrros'pUua (Ent.) Mp7«(i yeUow, 0-«r7xa;, a fpot. 

Girsla'na (Ent.) drftumy a thiftle, on which it feeds. 

Cirsi'um (Bot.) nifa^i, a fwelled vein, from fuppofed healing properties ; a 

genus of CompoHtae. 
Gls (Ent.) nJit% »(«f « a wood-worm, a weevil ; a genus of Beetles belonging 

to the family Ptinidz. 
Cisa'lpina (Omlth.) cu^ on this fide, Alpet^ the Alps, i. ^., the fouth fide of 

thoie mountains. 
Gissa'mpelos (Bot.) ju^-o-ff , ivy, afiirixof , a vine. 
Gis'sua (Bot.) iuwh, ivy. 
Gistela (Ent.) dim. of x/c^ni, a box or cheft. 
Cistelidas (Ent.) ctfidla^ £un. term, id^t, 
Gisti'cola (Ornith.) fometimes written crjiicoiay from djhu^ and coU, to 

Gisto'pteria (Bot.) mVtoc, a bladder, rripif, a fern ; the indufram being 

like a bladder. 
Gis'tuB (Bot.) jJd^i), a box. 
Cithare'zyluzn (Bot.) jtrdapa, a lyre, iuKn^ wood. 
Gitra'go (Ent.) citrus^ the citron-tree, referring to colour. 
Citra'ria (Ent.) dtrusy the citron ; lemon-coloured. 
Gitrinel'la (Ornith.) dim. of citrintuy of a citron colour. 
Citrio'batas (Bot.) Citnu^ and ^«Tef, a thorn; "Orange-thorn;" a genus 

of Pittosporacex. 
CitruB (Bot.) Lai, a citron-tree. 
Civett'a (Zool.) Arab, xebed, a fcent. 
Clada'nthus (Bot.) iiX«^of, a branch, a»d»ci ^ flower, fm. form of Inflo- 

refcence ; a genus of CompoHtz. 
Gla'diuzn (Bot.) xXa^o;, a branch. 

Glado'cera (Zool.) nXaicf , a branch, x^paf , a horn ; an order of Entomoflraca. 
Gladoba'tes (Zool.) xXslof, a branch, /3mv«, to go ; a branch-traverfer. 
GladOGii'niteB (Fos. Zool.) »x»lof, a branch, xptm, a lily. 
Gladogra'psus (Fos. Zool.) xX«)of, a branch, y^airtit, written. 
Glado'nia (Bot.) »x«^0f , a branch ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Gla'dosporium (Bot.) xXoioc, a branch, and fpora, form of fructification ; 

a genus of Fungi. 
Clado'staohys (Bot.) icX4»}o(, a branch, and a-taxyd f^in form of inflo- 
refcence ; a genus of Amarantacez. 

CLA — CLE 95 

Glado'stephUB (Bot.) sX«2«f, a branch, ^ri^f, a crown; a genus of 

Cla'dyodon (Fo«. ZooL) »Xs)«(, a branch, e^ov^, olf»T«f , a tooth. 
Cla'mbus (£nt.) »x«^^«f, mutilated. 
Clan'oulUB (Zool.) ckuKuU, by ftealth. 
Glan'gula (Omith.) Lat. the noife made by a gooie. 
Clany'ma (£nt.) KXa«, to break, ^q/uc, a thread. 
• Gla'ra ^Ent.) Lot. clear, bright. 
Olararia (Bot.) Claras a club, fm. form of plant ; a genus of Fungi. 
Glares'oens (Ent.) ciar^o, to grow bright. 
Glarkia (Bot.) P. N. fm. Captain CiarA, a North American botanift and 

traveller ; a genus of Onagraceac. 
Gla'rkU (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the Rtv. Hamltt Clarke. 
Glary (Bot.) is the name of ieveral fpedes of fage, and is corrupted from 

cUar-eye, becauie the feeds, powdered and mixed with honey, were 

iuppofed to dear the (ight. 
Glathralifl (Ent.) clathntm, a lattice. 
Glathra'ta (Ent.) elaihratus^ latticed. 
Gla'thjum (Ent.) Lot. a bar or lattice. 
Glaa'dicans (Ent.) Lot. halting, limping. 
Glau'sena (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Aurantiacez. 
Cla'ya (Zool.) Lot. a club. 
Glava'lis (Ent.) davat a club. 

Glavi'ga (Bot.) P. N. from J, Clavijo Faxardoy a Spanifli naturalift. 
Gla'viger (Ent.) Lot. one who bears a club. 

Glayto'nla (Bot.) P. N. from J, Clayton^ a botanical coUeAor in Virginia. 
GlelBO 'stoma (Bot|) unexplained ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Gledeol>ia (Ent.) »xii)o; (?), a hedge, /3id«, to live. 
Gle'matis (Bot.) axS/eaa, a tendril 
Gleo'me (Bot.) »x.f/«, to (hut up. 

Cleo'nia (Bot.) a Greek name employed by Theophradus. 
Gleo'nymuB (Ent.) xxlof , fame, of«/M«, a name. 
Gleopha'na (Ent.) .itxi«f, honour, ^mifm, to appear. 
Gleop'us (Ent.) xXio;, fame, voS;, 170)0;, a foot. 
Gleo'ra (Ent.) P. N., the wife of one of the kings of Sparta. 
Gle psls (Ent.) xXivTiiv, to conceal, deceive. 
Gler'ckii (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Carl Clerci, /'.^.5.5., Upfal, in the 

x8th century. 
Glerode'ndron (Bot.) xxnfor, a lot, 2I>9^, a tree. 


96 CLE — CLY 

Gle'roB (£nt.) Pliny applies this word to a worm which breeds in bee-hives. 

Gle'thra (Bot.) nXnd^, the Greek name for the Alder. 

Cleye'ra (Bot.) P. N. from Andrew Cleyery a Dutch botanift ; a genus of 

Clia'nthUB (Bot.) jiXiroc, noble, atdof, flower ; fm. its fplendid appearance ; 

a genus of Leguminosce. 
Clide'mia (Bot.) P. N. from Ciidemi, an ancient Greek botanift ; a genus 

of Meladomacez. 
Cliflfo'rtia (Bot.) P. N. from G. Clijbrt, of Holland, the firft patron of 

Clina ndrlum (Bot.) xxUn, a bed, a>ii^, a (Vamen, from an excavation on 

its extremity. 
Cllnio'des (£nt.) xxr»ii,a couch, termination exprefling refemblance — o»int. 
Clio'stomiiin (Bot.) »xiiv, to fhut up, vrifAa^ a mouth. 
Glinopo'diom (Bot.) xXtm, a bed, voi/f, ve2«c, a foot. 
Clinto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from De JVHt Clinton, governor of New York ; a 

genus of Lobeliaceac. 
Glitella'ria (Ent.) a genus of Diptera. 

Clito'ria (Bot.) xAitropic, an anatomical term ; from form of flower. 
Cli'via (Bot.) P. N. from Ducfufs of Northumberland; a genus of Amaryl- 

Gloace'lla (Ent.) cloaca^ a (ewer. 
Gloa'ntha (Ent.) P. N. from Cloanthuit one of the companions of ^neas ; 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Gloste'ra (Ent.) ^Xcta-rn^, a fpindle, from the (hape of its body. 

Olo'tho > 

, >" (Zool.) icAaid«,to twift or (pin round ; genera of Ophidians, 

Gloti'lda (Ent.) P. N. ClotM^. 

Gloud-berry (Bot.) from the lofty nebulous fituations in which it grows. 

Glove (Bot.) from French, clou, a nail ; which it refembles in form. 

Glover (Bot.) the plant with the cloven or three-cleft leaf. 

Glu'pea (Ichth.) Lot. Pliny's name for a fmall flfli. 

Glupei'dSB (Ichth.) clupea ; the family of the Herrings. 

Glu'sia (Bot.) P N. from Charles de VEclufe, a celebrated boUnift of the 

i6th century. 
Cluy'tia (Bot.) P N. from Outgert Cluyt, a Dutchman, Profeflbr of botany 

at Ley den. 
Glyp'eata (Omith.) dypeus, a fhieid. 
Glyp'eola (Bot.) dypeut, a fliicld. 

CLY — COC 97 

Cly'tla (Ent.) uXxjrnti noble, fplendid. 

GlytolSB'ma (Ornith.) xW-rii^ famous, Xau/uo$, the throat; a genus of 

Cly'tUB (Ent.) •'Kmis, loud, audible; from emitting. a peculiar found; a 

genus of Coleoptera. 
Cnemido'stachys (Bot.) wmfAU-X^au fpoke of a wheel, and trrixyfy ^ 

fpike ; a genus of Euphorbiacez. 
Gnemido'tus (Ent.) xtu/btiV-t^of, armour. 
Gneo ram (Bot.) ii>f«^, Theophrafhis applies this name to a (hrub refem- 

bllng the Olive. 
Onepha'sia (Ent.) xii ^itf, darknefs. 
Gne'stis (Bot.) ximt, to fcratch ; from the prickly capfules ; a genus of 

Gnethoca'mpa (Ent.) xvqd», to excite great itching, x«^ir«, a caterpillar ; 

a genus of nocturnal Lepidoptera. 
Gnica'na (Ent.) rmVvi, a thiflle. 

Gni'cus (Bot.) x>iixof, the Greek name of a plant of the thiflle kind, the 
leaves of which were ufed like rennet to curdle the milk in making 
Gni'dse (Zool.) name given by Mr. Gofle to the thread-cells of the Aftiniar, 

from K^liiy a nettle. 
Gnidium (Bot.) the ancient name of the Orache; a genus of Umbelliferz. 
G-nl'grum (Ent.) Lot. the black C, i. e. a wing-fpot. 
Goarcta'lis (Ent.) coarifare, to comprefs, to narrow; referring to the wings. 
Goa'ssus (Zool.) Latinixed form of the native word eugua^u, 
Gobi'tls (Ichth.) klvBI-hk^ a fifh, probably the fmelt or loach. 
GobcB^a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of B. Cohoj a Spaniih botanid. 
Gobu'rghia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg ; 

a genus of Amaryllidacez. 
Co'ccid£e (Ent.) coccus y fam. term. icLe. 
Gocci'diuzn (Bot.) x«xmc, a berry, i7)of, like. 
Goooilophls (Ichth.) xoxvof, fcarlet, Xo>ef, a cred. 
Goooine'lla (Ent.) dim. of coccus , a red berry, from appearance. 
Goocinel'lidaa (Ent.) coccmethy fam. term, ida, 
Goccocy pselum (Bot.) x«»x«f, fruit, xu^iXn, a vafe. 
Gooco'loba (Bot.) xsxxof, a berry, Xe/9«f, a lobe. 
Gocco'phagUB (Ent.) x««xof, a kernel, ^ayi^y an eater. 
Gocc'oBteus (Fos. ZooL) xo'xxo;, a berry, e;Ti(», a bone. 


98 COC — C(E 

GoGCOthrau'stes (Omith.) xoxxod^iWv;, a kernel-breaker. 

Coc'culus (Bot.) xMx»;, a berry ; a genus of Menifpermaoes. 

Coo'cus (£nt.) uUuof, a berry ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Coccy'stes (Ornith.) coccyx ^ a cuckoo. 

Coo'cyx (Zool., £nt.) kmhu^, the cuckoo. 

Cocoy'zus (Ornith.) X9ftiii'(«, to cry like a cupkoo. 

Coohineal' (Ent.) Spaniih cochinella. 

Cochlea'ria (Bot.) cochUar, a fpoon ; alluding to the (hape of its leaves. 

Cochliopod'idEB (£nt.) «o;^x»ai, a (hail, vovf, tr«loc> the foot ; a family 

of Lepidoptera. 
Ooohlospe'rmuzn (Bot.) *ix^*f* ^^Y t^i°g twifted fpirally, oiriffAeij a 

Goohylioldes (Ent.) cechyiu, tttos, like. 
Goohy'lifl (Ent.) natxtvm, to lift, raife up. 
Cock (Omith.) Anglo-Sax. COC ; Fr, coq. 
Gookatoo' (Omith.) taken from the peculiar cry of the birds. 
Gocos (Bot.) Portug. eoco; the end of the nut is like a monkey's head ; 

the coco-nut tree. 

Cooytos (Ent.) xmnArtity a fhrieking, wailing. 
Coda'riuni (Bot.) »m^apin, a Leathern pouch ; alluding to the pods. 
Co'diuzn (Bot.) M^iov, a (kin; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Co'don (Bot.) xtuim, a bell, from the corolla. 
Codono'idea (Bot.) codon, iTi^s, reiemblance. 
Codono phora (Bot.) utHan, sl little bell, and ^iftt, to carry ; a genus of 

Ccelaoa'nthi (Fos. 2^1.) xor>.«f, hollow, axKt9a, a fpine; a group of 

fofGl fauroid fifhes, deriving their name from the central cavity in their 

fin rays. 
GGBla'strum (Bot.) xoTxof, hollow, aa-nif, a ftar ; hexangular cells arranged 

to form a hollow globular frond ; a genus of Defmidies. 
CGBlebogy^ne (Bot.) atlehtf a bachelor, and yum^ a piflil ; feeds produced 

apparently by virgin power alone ; a genus of Euphorbiacez. 
CoBlebs (Omith.) celebs, a bachelor; Linnzus flates that the female 

bird migrates during the winter. 
CcBlentera'ta (Zool.) xoXxoft hol'ow, hrt^f, the inteftine. 
CcB'lia (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Coalio'zys (Ent.) «9Txof, hollow, o^u? , (harp ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

, >- (Ent.) refembling cocytiu. 


C(E — COL 99 

Ckslodont (Fos. ZooL) xtSx^s, hollow, ihug, o2#rroc, a tooth. 

GcBlo'genys (21ool.) »orx9f, hollow, yiwt, the cheek. 

GoBlogy'ne (Bot.) x»iX»s, hollow, and yvrn, a piftil; from form thereof; a 

genua of Orchldacex. 
CoBlopel'tes (ZkxA,) fuiC}.ot, hollow, vikm, a ihield, having the Tcales 

grooved ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
pCBlorhy^nchuB (Fos. ZooL) »orx*f, hollow, fvyx^f* a heak. 
Goalo'teB (Zool.) luXxorns, a cavity, hollow ; a genus of Arachnlda. 
CcBno'sufl-a-um (£nt., Bot.) Zo/. marfhy. 
Coffee (Bot.) the Arabic name of this plant is Q^iahoiuh; and of this word 

the Perfian Cahiva, the Turkiih Cahveyt the French Cafct and our 

Cof&e, are evident corruptions. 
Co'Ua, or Quata (ZooL) native name of a monkey. 
Goix (Bot.) the name of a reed-leaved plant, uied by Theophrafhis. 
Gola'ptes (Omlth.) »oX«w«, to peck with the bill ; a genus of Wood- 
Colbe'rtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. CMert, a patron of the cultiva* 

tors of the fcience of botany. 
Colchioiun (Bot.) P. N. from Co/M, its native coimtry. 
Golohloufl (Omith.) P. N. from Colchis, whence the pheafant came. 
Colde'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. Coiden, a North American botanift, 
Golebro'oUa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H, T. Colebnoh, an accompUQied 

botanid ; a genus of Labiatac. 
Goleone'ma (Bot.) »oA4^f, a (heath, »«/bu», a thread, that which is fpun. 
Goleo'phora (£nt.) xoXii;, a cafe, <}>«yft>, to bear. 
GoIeopho'ridflB (£nt.) a family of Lepidoptera. 
Goleo ptera (£nt.) »eXi«;, a (heath, vn^v, a wing. 
Goleorhl'sa (Bot.) MkUs, a (heath, ^{a, a root. 

ColeuB(Bot.) «oXi«;,a (heath; from form of ftamens; a genus of Labiata:. 
Gole'wort (^Bot.) Anglo-Sax, caivlwyrt. 
Go'llaa (Ichth.) Lot. ancient name of a fi(h. 

Go'lius (Omith.) mX^os, Ariftotle's name for a kind of woodpecker. 
Golla'iia (Omith.) collare, a collar or neckerchief. 

Gdlle'ma (Bot.) mokkn/Jtm, that which is glued ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Colle'tia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Collet, author of a book on the plants 

of Breft ; a genus of Rhamnacex. 
Golligu'aya (Bot.) native name ; a genus of Euphorbiacez. 
GoUi'nala (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Zachariah Collins, of Philadelphia; a 

genus of SciDphulariacez. 

rf « 

J ^ 

too COL — COL 

CoUinso'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of P. CoUinfim, a diftinguiOied pto* 

moter of botany. 
Co'lllx (£nt.) x^xX({, a roll of bread. 
Coll(yinia (Bot.) xoxxa, glue, the feeds are covered' with a glue-like 

CoUuiicin'ola (Omith.) compounded of coiiurio and eificlus ; the Poit 

Jackfon thrufh. 
Collu'rio (Omith.) xoXXuptm^a bird probably of thethrufh kind (Aridotle.) 
Colmar (Bot.) this pear takes its name from Colmar, in Alfaoe. 
ColobUB (Zool.) ntlKoBity ftunted, maimed; from the rudimentary con- 
dition of the thumbs on the anterior members. 
Coloca'sia (Bot.) xffXoxitWa, the root of the Egyptian bean. 
Cologa'nia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of the family of Coicgon, of Teneriffe ; 

a genus of Leguminofac. 
Colopho'nia (Bot.) altered from its native name in the Ifle of France ; a 

genus of Burferacez. 
Colop'tera (Enti) ni\o(, (hinted, trn^, a wing; a genus of Hymen- 

ColosBOchelys (Fos. Zool.) uoXoa-ffify a ftatue of great fize, x^^^f> ^ 

Colpo'dium (Bot.) xoXv»}iif, loofe, difTufe. 
Colpotau'liua (Ent.) »«xvof, a fold, tZg^ wT«f, an ear, or apex; a fub-genus 

of the Phryganidz. 
Colquhona'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Colquhoun, of Glafgow. 
Coluber (Zool.) Lat, a ferpent. 
Colube'ridSB (Zool.) coluber^ a ferpent, fam. term. itU ; a family of 

Colubra'lis (Ent.) coluber^ a ferpent ; in allufion to its wing-marks. 
Colubri'na (Zool.) ro/v^r, fam. term, ina; the Water-fhakes and Boas; 

alfb a genus in Botany. 

Oolu'mba > ,^ .^, . , , 
• : Colu'mbBBf ^^™*'*^-^ ^'- ' P^^"*' 

Columbalis (Ent.) celumba, a dove, /. ^. in coloUr. 
Columbine (Bot.) columba^ a dove, which bird thi nectaries refemblc. 
Colume'llia P. N. in honour of L. J. M. Columella^ who lived a.c. 42. 
Colu'mnea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Fabius Ct^umna, a member of the 

Colonna family in Italy. 
Colu'rla (Bot.) »«Aou^f, flump-tailed ; a genus of Rofacear. 
Colu'tea (Bot.) x»Xu», to cut (hort. 

COL — COM 101 

Colvi'llea (Bot.) P. N. from CharUs ColvilU, Governor of the Mauritius ; 

a genus of Leguminofz. 
Colymbe'tes (£nt.) ii9Xv/u/3iiTi)f, a diver; a genus of Water -beetles. 
Goly'mbidSB (Omith.) coIym6iu, fam. term. icU; the Divers. 
Coly'mbus (Omith.) Lat. a pond to fwim in ; the Diver. 
Coma'lis (Ent.) coma, a lock of hair. 
Coma ndra (Bot. ) coma, hair, and itnft (lamen ; from the tufted Aamens } 

a genus of Santalacex. 
Comarop'sis (Bot.) comarum and t-^if, becaufe it refembles that plant ; a 

genus of Roiacez. 
Co'marum (Bot.) nifAofo;, the Greek name for the Arbutus. 
Coma'ta (Omith ) comatus, having hair or locks. 

Coma tula (2^1.) dim. of cema, a bufh of hair; a genus of Echinodermata* 
Combre'tum (Bot.) a name given by Pliny to a climbing plant. 
Oombuata'Us (Ent.) combujlusy burnt, i. e., in colour. 
Comeape'rma (Bot.) xc/un, hair, and tf-vi^/ua, a feed, having hairy feeds ; a 

genus of Polygalacez. 
G ^metes (Omith.) »e/wifTiif , a comet, from its brilliant appearance ; a 

genus of Humming-birds. 
Comita'ta (Ent.) comitatiu, accompanied, attended. 
Oom'ma (Ent.) Lat, comma, from the mark on the fore-wings. 
Commeli'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, and G. CommHin^ Dutch botanifts. 
Gommerso'nia (,Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Commerfin, a French tra- 
veller and botanift. 
Commu nis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lot. common. 
Commuta'ta (Ent., Bot.) commutaius, changed entirely. 
CotDiocla'dia (Bot.) k»,uii, a tuft, xX«}»r, a branch. 
Compareltla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Andreas Compardti, Profeflbr at 

Padua ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Compla'na (Ent.) cwnphnare, to level. 
Complanell'a (Ent.) compUmare, to make even or level ; ** the mined oak < 

Leaves remain perfectly flat." — Stainton. 
Compla'nula (Ent.) dim. of complana, 
Complecta'lis (Ent.) compleSlor, to clafp or encircle. 
Complioa'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lot, folded or twifled together. 
Composa'na (Ent.) compofaus, well-difpofed, ornamental. 
Compre'ssus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. preded together. 
Compso'ooma (Omith.) xe/M^'ft well-drefTed, »«^ii, hair; a genus of 


102 COM — CON 

ComptallB (Ent.) > ^ ^ 

Oompta'na (E„t.) [ "^*"' '^'^' 'P™"" 

Comptc/nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Ifmry Ctmptw^ Bifhop df London. 

Gomptulalis (Ent.) comptiUi fmart, fpruce. 

Conanthe'ra (Bot.) ic£v»f, a cone, ayOn^if, flowery. 

Gonoha (Bot.) Greek name for a large flieU. 

Concha'na (Ent.) ctnchatus^ fhell-fhaped. 

Conchi'fera (Zool.) t^'^x^^ a {htWy fero^ to bear. 

Conchoder^ma (21ool.) etmcha^ a (hell, 9i^«, integument ; a genus of Cir- 

Conchot'rya (2^ol.) eonekoy i (hell, t^«, to rub. 
Conohylalis (Ent.) refembling conchytis. 
OonohylidSB (Ent.) concMyiu-ida, a family of Lepidoptera. 
Conohylidella (Ent.) coiuhyl'u^ from a reiemblance. 
Con'chylis (Ent.) nvy^yXn^ a cockle-(helL 
Gonchylo'des (Ent.) nvyy^uXn, iT?*;, like an oyfter, or xex^Xt«^f, dyed 

of a purple colour; the fird is beft, unlefs it be zjpecific name. 
Goncinoius-a-iun (Zool., Ichth., Bot.) Lat. elegant. 
Gon'color (Zool., Omith., Bot.) Lot, of a fimilar colour. 
Goncorda'lis (Ent.) cmKordia^ harmony. 

Condalia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A. Cmdaly a Spani(h phyfidan. 
Gondylooa'rpus (Bot.) x^^Xflf, a knob} and ««^«c, fruit ; a genus of 

Gonepatus (Zool.) unexplained. 
Gonfe'rtus-a-um (Bot.) Lot, full, thick, dofe together. 
Confe'rva (Bot.) eonferveo^ to confblidate, to knit together ; a genus of 

Algx. • 

GonferTi'tes (Fos, Bot^ Fo(ni plants allied to the aquatic confenrz. 
Gon'fiua (Ent.) confluere^ to floiy together, /. «., the flriped markings. 
Gonflu'ens (Bot.) Lat. part, conflucns^ flowing into. 
GonfOSa^B (Ent.) confufut, obicure, oonfufed, /. r., in colour. 
Gon'ger (Ichth.) yiyypog^ a fea-eel ; the Conger-eel. 
Gongerxnime'xia (Ichth.) conger^ murana. 
Gon'gicuB (Zool.) Lot, relating to Congo. 
Gon'ioa (Ent.) conui^ a cone ; conical. 

Gonifera'na (Ent.) found amongft the Cnnfera, cone-bearing trees. 
Goniomyoe tea (Bot.) nwttt^ dufty, /wMnic-irrsd a muOiroom. 
GonlosauTus (Fos. Zool.) minit, »«riof, chalk, c^fOi^ a lizard; being 
found in chalk (Irata. 

■ I 

CON — CON 103 

Conlros'trea (Omith.) conus^ a cone, rtfirum^ a beak; an order of 

Goni'uin (Bot.) nmkm^ to whirl round ; in alluHon to ita caufing giddinefs 

and death when taken. 
CODjuga'tSB (Bot.) equivalent to Zygnemeac. 
GoDjuge'lla (£nt.) cenjux, a eonibrt. 
Gon'narus (Bot.) P. N. an ancient Greek name ; the type of nat. order, 

Coime'za (Ent.) coMextUf tied together, connected. 
Ckynnubia'lls (Ent.) Lot. conjugal 
Conooa'rpus (Bot.) «»v«c, a cone, »«^*f , fruit. 
Conoce'plialus (Zool.) a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Conogna'tha (Ent.) i(»»«c, a cone, ytdS^s, a jaw. 
Gono'idea (Bot.) tuitts, a cone. 
Gonopalpua (Ent.) thepJpi being conical. 
Gonopo'dium (Bot.) mSve^, a cone, and vauc, vo^'f, form of flower ; a 

genua of Umbeliiferje. 
Gono'psis (2^1.) Mfvof, a cone, S^d, refemblance ; a genus of Colubrine 

Gonospe'nnum (Bot.) mvo.** a cone, and o-irl^/u* ; a genus of ProteaceaE. 
Gono'stomilill (Bot.) ««90f, a cone, vtifxa^ a mouth ; the teeth of the 

theca I>eing united ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Cono'styles (dot.) »«»»#, a cone, rtv\9St a pillar, or pistil. 
Oono'fltylls (Bot.) xjh>*(, a cone, and 0^Xe(, a pidil ; a genus of Hzmo- 


Gonquisitalia (Ent.) cMquifausy ieleO, chofen. 

Oonsangulna'lia (Ent.) confaitguinau, related by blood. 

Gonsigna'ta (Ent.) conjig/iatus, (lamped, marked. 

Gonsl'milifl (Ent.) Lot, rery like, /. e. refembling neighbouring genera. 

Gonsobri'na (Ent.) Lat. a relative. 

Gonsocie'lla (Ent.) cmficiusy united, connected. 

Co'nsona (Ent.) Lot, harmonious. 

Gonsona'ria (Ent.) con/onus, harmonious, fuitable. 

Gon^Bors (Ent.) Lat. a colleague. 

Gonsorta'Us (Ent.) > ^ 

^ . / ^^ X r cofifort, a colleague. 

Gonaorta'na (Ent.) > -^ ' * 

Gonaorta'ria (Ent.) eenfirj, allied ; ;. e. to its neighbouring fpecies. 

Gonsorte'lla (Ent.) confirs^ a confbrt, colleague. 

Conspe'rsa (Ent.) confperfui^ fprinkled. 


I04 CON — COP 

ConBpicilla'ris i 

Oonsplollla'tor \ ^^"'"^ '"*""*'"' ' ^" "^ *«^'»*«- 
ConsplciUa'tUB-a-um (Zool., Ornith.) eonJpkiUum^ a pair of fpe^bides. 
Conspioua'ta (Ent.) \ .. ^ . . ^, 

Conapioue'Ua (Ent.) I ""^^"^'"' confpicuous, remarkable. 

Constricta'ta (Ent.) confirictatus^ drawn together. 

Constrio'tor (Zool.) conjlrlngo^ to bind fad. 

Gontamlna'na (Ent.) contamharg, to (lain, to fpot. 

Contamine'llufl (Ent.) contaminatuj, ftained. 

Contermine'lla (Ent.) conterminus, bordering near; the larva being found 

in the terminal fhoots of Sallows. 
Oontigua'ria (Ent.) contiguuj, near, allied to. 
Oontorta'lis (Ent.) contortuj, twided. 
Gonturbate'lla (Ent.) amturhatust confufed. 
Oonula'ria (Zool.) conulus^ a little cone. 
Conu'ma (Ent.) ««iof , a cone, «u^«, a tail. 
Convalla'ria (Bot.) convaJiij, a valley, in allufion to the localities in 

which it is found. 
Gonvolvull (Ent.) feeds on Convolvulus arvenfis, the birdweed. 
Gonyorvulus (Bot.) convolvertj to entwine ; /. e, its ftems. 
Gonwaya'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Comuay^ an Englifli ento- 

Gony'za (Bot.) KJ»»f , dud ; the powder fprinkled to kill fleas. 
Go'okia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Ct^tain Cook^ the celebrated navigator ; 

a genus of Aurantiacez. 
Gopai'fera (Bot.) cof>ai6a, Brazilian name of a bairam,yrro, to bear. 
Gope'poda (Zool.) Miw, an oar, vm/f , woios, a foot ; an order of Entomo- 

Goope'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JoseJ>k Co<^^ a botanid ; a genus of 

Gopho'suB (Ent.) xi^mciu torpor. 

Gopri'nus (Bot.) mowfimy a dunghill ; in alluilon to the place where it is found. 
Go'piiB (Ent.) xcrpof, dung. 
Gopro'philUB (Ent.) uiwf>of, dung, ^iXof, a lover. 
GoprOB^ma (Bot.) niwfos, dung, o0-/tAii, fmell. 
Go'ptlB (Bot.) »«vT», to cut ; in allufion to its leaves. 
Goptooe'roiiB (Ent.) ji«vtm, to cut off, xi^xir^, the taiL 
Goptop'terUB (Ent.) Mwris, cut off, vrifif, a wing. 
Gopu'ruB (Ornith.) Mtfir«i, an oar, oup«, a talL 

con — . con 405 

Cora'cias (Omith.) x«^, xo^ko;, a raven. 

CoreJloldes (Bot.) coraiiium, a coral, i73o;, like. 

CoreJlorhi'za (Bot.) xo^xxtav, a coral, ^{«, a root. 

Oora'llus (Zooi.) a genus of Ophidians. 

Go'raz (Omith.) Gr. xi^(, a raven. 

Gorbula'ria (Bot.) corbula, a little baflcet ; (hape of nectary ; a genus of 

Conrcjioraa (Bot.) a*^, the pupil of the eye, »o^«y to purge. 
Corda'tufl-a-um (2^1., Bot.) Lot, heart-fliaped. 
Go'rdia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of E. CerdtUf a German botanill of the 

x6th century. 
Gordi'gera (£nt.) cor^ a heaLtt,*gerere, to bear. 
Gordyli'ne (Bot.) »ogli/X«, a club ; a genus of Liliacez. 
Gordylo'pliora (21ool.) x^^uXof, a water-nev^t, ^^«, a burden. 
Gore'gonus (Ichth.) xtfinvfAi, to satisfy, to fill. 
Gore'ma (Bot.) nifti/4,a, a broom. 
Gore'mia (Ent.) »o^if/uic, fweepings, refufe. 
Gorene'tes (Ent.) unexplained. 

Goreniuzn (Bot.) »«piifi«, filth, from its habitat ; a genus of Fungi, 
Goreop'sis (Bot.) xj^ic, a bug, and oif^f, refemblanoe, from form of feeds ; 

a genus of Compofltac. 
Goria'ndrum (Bot.) uifig, a bug ; in allufion to the fmell of its leaves. 
Goria'iia (Bot.) coriumy a hide ; it is ufed in tanning. 
Go'ris (Bot.) a Greek name ufed by Diofcorides. 
Goris'oiuin (Ent.) xifi^xm, dim. from »«^«, a little maiden. 
GorlBpe'nnuxn (Bot.) xo^f, a bug, ff^iffta, a feed. 
Gork (Bot.) from cortex, bark ; fome fay from quercui^ the oak. 
Gome'Ua (Omith.) P. N. given by Prince Bonaparte in honour of the 

lady of Dr. Schlegel, of Amflerdam. 
Gomlcula'rla (Bot.) corniculus, a little horn ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Go'mix (Omith.) Lat, a crow. 
Gomubie'nsis (Ichth., Bot.) Lat. Comifh. 
Gomuoo'piSB (Bot.) cornu, a hom, eopia^ plenty. 
Gor'nus (Bot.) cornu, a hom ; in allufion to the hardnefs of the wood. 
Gomu'tla (Bot.) P. N. from J. Comutuj, a phyfician of Paris. 
Gornu'tus-a-uzn (Omith., Bot.) Lot. homed. 
Goro'Ua (Bot.) Lat, a garland, a little crown. 

Gorolliflo'ne (Bot.) corMa^fiores, flowers ; having flamens on the corolla. 
Corona'tUB (Ent.) Lai crowned, from corvta^ a crown. 

io6 COM — COX 

Goro'ne (Omith.) mofAn, a fearbirdf fea-crow. 

Ooronella (Zool.) i ^ ... 

^ ,s, ^ ^rw i\i ^«'- * "^® crown. 

GoronellidsB (Zool.) V 

Goronilla (Bot.) Lot. a little crowA, from the inflorefcence; a genus of 

GoTo'xK^us (Bot.) mofAn^ a crow, «ov;, a foot. 
Goro'nula (Zool.) dim. oicerona, a crown ; a genus of Cirri pedes. 
Gorophi'adse (Zool.) (^rephium^ with fam. term.; a family of Cruftacea. 
Coro phium (Zool.) this name was applied by Pliny to a kind of crab-fi(h. 
Ooz1*8d'A (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. C^rrta de Serra^ a celebrated Por- 

tuguefe botanift. 
Gorriglola (Bot.) dim. of carrigui^ a leather thong. 
Gorraga'tUB-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lai. wrinkled. 
Gorsl'ra (Zool.) unexplained. 
Gortica'llB (Ent.) adj. from cmiex^ bark. 
Gortioa'na (Ent.) cortexy bark. 
Gorti'oea (Ent.) cortex^ bark. 
Gortioella (Ent.) cortex^ bark. 
Gortu'sa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. A. Cortufiut Profeflbr of Botany at 

Gora'phium (Ent.) xo^^ii, the top of the head. 
Gor'YidSB (Omith.) eormu, fam. term, ida; a himily of Coniroftres. 
Gorvisa'rtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Corvifart, a Continental botanift ; a 

genus of CompofitaE. 
Gorvultur (Omith.) eorvut, a erow, W«wr, a vulture ; the Crow-vulture 

of Caffraria. 
Gor'yus (Omith.) Lot, a crow. 
Oorya'ntlieB (Bot.) »«fv(, helmet, and Mf^ from form of flower ; a genus 

of Orchidaceac. 
Goryoa'rpus (Bot.) xi^vf^ hehnct, and Mofitit^ frait, from form theteof ; a 

genus of Graminacex. 
Gory^cia (Ent.) P. N., the name of a nymph. 
Gozy'oluxn (Bot.) »«;vc, a helmet, from form of flower ; a genus of OixJii- 

Goryda'lis (Bot.) the old Greek name for fumitory. 

> (Ent.) corylui. the hazel, on which the infects feed. 
G6rylana> ^ ^ ^ ' 

Goryla'ta (Ent.) feeds on Corylut avellana, the hazel. 

CorVU (Ent,) coryitis, the haze), on which it feeds. 

COR — COS 107 

Gorylifolle'lla (£nt.) corylus, the hazely/o/fimi, a leaf. 

Gorylophus (£nt.) ««^f, a helmet, A«^f , a creft. 

Go'rylus (Bot.) ttifut, a helmet. 

Corymo'ipha (Zool.) m^i a club, fMf^ ihape ; a genus of Zoophytes. 

Cory'na (Ent.) x»^, a club. 

Ooryna'ctls (ZooL) xo^, a club, ^»Ttf , a tay ; a genus of Zoophytes. 

Oory'ne (Zool.) 10^1^, a club, 

Coiyneton (Bot.) m^^«, a club, from form of plant ; a genus of Fungi. 

Ooxy'nidad (ZooL) coryne^ fam. term, ida; a. family of Zoophytes. 

Goryne'plioraB (Bot.) m^, a club, fi^, to bear ; a genus of Grades ; 

alio a genus of Algae. 
Gorynooa'rpuB (Bot.) M^v»a, and nafwit, from its club-fhaped fruit ; a 

genus of MyTdnaoeac. 
Go'rypha (Bot.) uofu^n, a (ummit ; the leaves being only at the top. 
Gory^phodon (Zool.) x«^i), fummit, o9ovf, «)o»T«f, a genus of Colubrine 

Gorysan'thes (Bot.) »ifi/ty a helmet, and «>d«c> flower; from the helmet- 
like ilower ; a genus of Orchidacen. 
Gorytha'iz (Omith.) ho^mI^, with waving plume. 
Go'ryfhua (Omith.) K«^f, a crefted bird of the wftgtail or fand-piper 

Gosci'nitun (Bot.) ue^Mifm, a little fiere ; from the perforated cotyledons ; 

a genus of Meniipermacez. 
GoBoinodis'cuB (Bot.) Moa-tihun, a little fieve, and Ovms, a fhield ; a foflil 

diatom, circular and dotted. 
GoBinea (Bot.) literally « adorned ; " a genus of Compofits. 
Goamella (Bot.) M0-/Mi», to adorn ; a genus ofEpecfidaceae. 
Go'smia (Ent.) ii«7fu»r, adorned ; a genus of Lepidopten. 
GosmildsB (Ent.) eofmia; a family of Lepidoptefa. 
Gosmophora'na (Ent.) R*r^(, an ornament, 4«^iv, to wear. 
Gosmo'pteryz (Ent.) xc^/uof , an ornament, irrl^f, a wing. 
Go'smus (Bot.) uia-f/tot, beautiful $ a genus of Compofitac, 
GoBBig'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Ceffi^my, a French natuialifl who 

travelled in the £a(t Indies. 
GOBBonuB (Ent.) unexplained. 
Go'bbub (Ent.) a name given by Pliny to a larva found under the bark of 

GoB'ByphuB (Ichth.) uia-ov^pt, a fea-flih, from its dark colour. 
CostaBBtliga'lis (Ent.) cofia, the anterior margin of the wing^nf^a, a flteak. 

io8 COS — CRA 

Costa'na (Ent.) > . . . . r . . 

Oostel'la (Ent.) I "^''^ '^' "''"^' '""^*" ^^ *^' ^*'*^- 

Costella'ria (2^1.) e^a^ a rib. 

Costiflezalis (Ent.) co/la, anterior margin of vnngtfixusf bent. 

OoBtlpunota'na (Ent.) c^a, the anterior margin, pun&aiusy fpotted. 

Costo'sa (Ent.) cofiofus^ ribbed. 

CostUB (Bot.) Arabic name ; a genus of Scitaminez. 

Cotonea'ster (Bot.) Cotoncumj a quince-tree a/ier ; alluding to its downy 


Co'ttldse (Ichth.) the family to which the Bull^iead belongs. 


, >- (Ichth.) nirrof, Greek name of the Bull-head. 

Gottus > 

Co'tola (Bot.) dim. of cotoj an old name for a fpecies of Anthemis. 

Gotumi'oulus (Ornith.) dim. of cotumix, 

Ootu'mix (Ornith.) Lat. a quail. 

Cotyle (Ornith.) xotuXq, a fliaUow cup ; in alluHon to its neft. 

Cotyle'don (Bot.) uorvXtiy a cavity ; in alluHon to its cuplike leaves. 

Coulteria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Thos. Coulter, M,D,; a genus of 

Couta'rea (Bot.) from coidari^ its name in Guiana ; a genus of Cincho- 

Ooutou'bea (Bot.) native name in Guiana ; a genus of Gentianacex. 

Coverts (Ornith.) name applied to the foft feathers of Mrds, from conceal- 
ing the bales of the tail-feathers. 

Cowa'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Afr. Janus Cowan, who intro- 
duced many plants from Mexico and Peru ; a genus of Rofacez. 

Grab (Zool.) Anglo^ax, crabha. 

Cral)ro (Ent.) Lat, a wafp ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Crabro'nidaa (Ent.) crabro, fam. term, ida, 

Cra'cidSB (Ornith.) crax, fam. term. iiU; the Curadbws. 

Gra oticuB (Ornith.) KfttxtiXHi clamorous. 

Gramba'lis (Ent.) from (bme refemblance to crambus, 

Gra'mbe (Bot.) a Greek name for fea-cabbage, or colewrort. 

Gra'mbidaB (Ent.) Crambus; a family of Lepidoptera. 

Gra'mbodes (Ent.) refembling crambus. 

Gra'mbus (Ent.) KfmfABut, dry, ihrivelled. 

Gramera'lis^ CEnt.) P. N. in honour of P. Cramer, a German lepidop- 

Gramere'lla) terifl. 

Gra'nia (Fos. Zool.) %fawt, a helmet* 

en A — cm 109 

Craspedoce'phalus (Zool.) «^0-vi2oy, an edge or border, »f^«A4, the 

head ; the rat-tailed ierpent ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Cra'spedum (Zool.) Mfdnft^n^ the edge or border; from reiemblance to 

the bolt-rope of a (hip's iaib. 
Cras'salis (£nt.) erajfus, iblld, grofs, /. r., from its thick body. 
Crasslooma'lis (£nt.) crajus, ibiid, conu, a horn. 
Cras'sula (Bot.) dim. of erajfus, thick, foiid. 
Cras'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lot, folid. 

Orateega'llfl (Ent.) ) *i. u ^u u- u •* r j 

. V cratdegus, the hawthorn, on which it feeds. 
Crateega'na (Ent.) ) 

CratSBga'ta (Ent.) feeds on cratagus oxyacantha, the hawthorn. 

CrateBgel'la (Ent.) crat*gus^ on which it feeds. 

CrateB'gi (Ent.) feeds on the cratagus oxyacantha, the hawthorn. 

Cratee'gus (Bot.; x^rof, ftrength; alluding to the hardnefs of the 

wood ; the hawthorn. 
CratSB'va (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Cratavw, a Greek botanifl. 
Grate'rium (Bot.) from the cup-like involucre ; a genus of Fungi. 
Grateropodi'nsd (Omith.) mfanfif, (Irong, iroSf, ir»)or, a foot; a lub- 

family of Inceflbres. 
Gra'z (Omith.) *fA^»i to fcream, or cry aloud ; a genus of the Galiinx. 
Gre'oca (Omith.) «^U«, to make a (harp noife, 
Grena'na (Ent.) crenaiuj, wrinkled, crenate. 

Grena'tus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. crenate, having rounded notches. 
Grenila'brus (Ichth.) frena, a notch, iatrum, the lip ; notch-lipped. 
Greo'philus (Ent.) x^i«f, flefh, ^i^of, a lover. 
Grepita'ns (Omith.) part, of crepito, to crackle. 
Gre'pis (Bot.) a name given by Pliny to a plant of which he gave no 

defcriptlon ; now the JLady's-flipper. 
Grepuaculella (Ent.) trtpufculum^ twilight, duik. 
Grepido'dera (Ent.) crepldo^ the top or edge, )i^, the neck. 
GreBoe'ntia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pletro Crefcenti^ of Bologna. 

Gross (Bot.) Anglt^-Sax. cerfe; LaU ere/cere? 

Gres'sa (Bot.) from Crete, where the plant is plentiful ; a genus of ConvoU 

Grez (Omith.) »pf{, a bird with a (harp notched bill ; now applied to the 

Gxlbe'lla (Zool.) criMium, a little fieve ; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Gribra'ria (Bot.) cribrum, a fieve, the upper part of the peridium being 

I)erforated ; a genus of Fungi. 

110 CRI — CRO 

Cribralifl) ,^ . ., ^ 

, r (Ent.j crtbrum* a lieve. 
Oribrella) ^ 

Cri'bram (Ent.) Lai. a fieve, from the eroded wing-markings. 
Crioe'tomys (Zool.) cHcetus, the hamCler, muts, a mou£s. 
Cri'oetus (ZooL) «^/{», to icreech or fquealc ; the Hamfters. 
Crina'lis (Ent.) Lot. pertaining to hair. 

Crinoi'desd (Zool.) n^im a lily, •Ti»t, like ; a clais of Echinodermata. 
Ori'num (Bot.) »fiwv, Greek name of the lily. 
Crio'oeras (Fos. Zool.) »{('«#, a ram, t^ifat, a horn. 
Oriooe'ridsB) ,„ . , , . 

Orio'oeris f ^ '^ *^^' * ''*™' **f*^' * ™* 

Gripti'oolens (Ent.) crypto, a vault, eoUns, dwelling in. 

Ori'sia (Zool.) x^rtf, ieparation ; a genus of Polyzoa. 

Ciisi'dia (Zool.) formed from crifia ; a genus of Polyzoa. 

CiispUB-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lot. curled. 

Crista'na (Ent.) crifla, a creft or tuft. 

Orista'rla (Bot.) crljia, a creft. 

Orista'ta (Ent.) Lot, crefted. 

Gristatel'la (Zool.) dim. of crijiata, creAed ; a genus of Polyzoa. 

Grifltatel'lidSB (Zool.) crifiaUUa^ fam. term, ida; a family of Polyzoa. 

Gxlsta'tUB-a-uzn (Omith., Bot.) Lot. crefted. 

Gri'thida (Zool.) Mfidii, barley, iZiof, likenefs. 

Gri'thmum (Bot.) »^d«, barley ; in allufion to the fimilarity of its feeds. 

Grooal'lls (Ent.) crocaUit^ a precious (lone, probably of a iaffron colour. 

Groca'tus-a-uin (Bot.) Lot. yellow-juiced. 

Grocea'go (Ent.) I 

^ /,. .« ^ t croceusy laftron-coloured. 

Grocea'Us (Ent.) ) 

Grocidu'ra (Zool.) x^xn, a thread, ^fo^ a tail; applied to the (hrew-mice, 

Grooi'sa (Ent.) »^xuf , a woolly nap ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Grocodiluri'na (Zool.) erocodilusy w^*, a tail. 

Gro'oUS (Bot.) ChaUec^ krokin. 

Groou'ta (Zool.) «f«(«, f. »;»£«, to croak or howl ; applied to the hyxna. 

Oroioooe'phalllS (Ornith.) x^'»of > painted, »if«X«, head ; it (hould be 

Grossa'ndra (Bot.) ftfoa^if, a fringe, a»i}^, «»ipoc, «»)^c> a male. 
Gro'SBOpus (Zool.) K^oa-a^i^, a fringe, vtZt, a foot ; applied to the water- 

Croflso'stoma (Zool.) Kforffif, a fringe, crifxa, the mouth ; a genus of 


CRO — CRT 1 1 1 

Crotala'ria (Bot.) »p«r«Xor, a rattle; in alludon to the rattling of the 

Crota'lid89 (Zool.) iif«T«Xo*, a rattle ; the Rattlefnake family of Reptiles. 
Crotalo'phorus (21ool.) «^«TaX0», a rattle, ^if», to carry; a genus of 

Cro'talUB (2jOo1.) jt^aXot, a rattle or ca(binet ; the Rattlefnake ; a genus 

of Ophidians. 
Cro'ton (Bot.) xporiiv, a tick ; from the refemblance of the feeds. 
Oroto'phaga (Omtth.) jspfmSt, a tick (parafite), ^myviv, to eat ; the Horn- 
bill cuckoos. 
Cro'wea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Crowe of Norwich, a celebrated 

Britifb boUnlA. 
Orozo phora (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Euphorblaoeae. 
Cruoianella (Bot.) dim. of cruxy a crofs. 
OruoiferaVom (£nt.) enia/era, on which dais of plants it feeds. 
Oru'da (Ent.) Lot. rough, unpollflied. 

Graenta'liS (Ent.) fmaitatys, dyed with blood ; i. e. in colour. 
Crupi'na (Bot.) fpecific name of a centaurea ; from Duteky eruypemy to creep ; 

becauie the pappus is (o ftiff as to make the feeds creep when held in 

the hand. 
Crura'lls (Ent.) Lat, belonging to the leg or knee. 
Crybe (Bot.) *fu0ui, concealed, i^., the column in the floral envelopes ; a 

genus of Orchidaceae. 
Crymo'des (Ent.) MfufjuUnty frofl-like. 

Orypsiri'na (Omith.) xpnrri;, hidden, fit, the nofe ; it fhould be erypftrhint . 
Ory'psis (Bot.) k^vvtw, to conceal ; the flowers concealed in the leaves, 
Cryptandra (Bot.) i. «., *' hidden flamens ;*' a genus of Rhamnacez. 
Crypta'rchus (Ent.) »^MrT«c> covered, i^n^iy a defence. 
Cryptarrhe'na (Bot.) »fnnrrify hidden ; «;pv, a male. 
Cryptella (Ent.) dim. »fvwr§tj hidden. 
Cry'ptioufl (Ent.) «^wrTi««f, fit for hiding. 
Crypto 1t>iiim (Ent.) »fu^rri(^ concealed, Biim^ to live. 
Cryptol>labe8 (Ent.) m^uwrigy hidden, 0k^ny injury. 
Cryptoce'phalus (Ent.) Kfvwrity concealed, »i4>«Xit, head. 
Gryptoohilus (Bot.) i. *., " hidden lip ;" a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Oryptogle'na (Zool.) xp/nrit, hidden, yXifm, the eye-ball; a genus of 


OryptograWo % (Bot.) »fuffrit, covered, y^fAfx*^ a line ; applied to a 
Crsrptogra'mxna) genus of Ferns ; from the concealed lines of thecz. 

112 CRT — cue 

Oryptoh/pnus (Ent.; Mfvrrif^ concealed, tmcf, fleep. 

Crypto lepis (Bot.) Kfwritf Aiwic, hidden, /. e,, fcale-covered, ieeds ; a 

genus of Apocynacez. 
Oryptomonadi'lia) (Zool.) »fwrit, hidden, mo/uu, a monad ; a fe^Uon of 
Cryptomo'nas ) Infuforia ; having didlnO gelatinous coverings. 
OryptomyoeB (Bot.) literally <* hidden fungus;" from the minutenefs of 

the plant ; a genus of Fungi. 
Cryptomy'cteres (Ichth.) u^wtit, concealed, puxrif^ the nofe or fhout. 
Cryptophi'alus (ZooL) Mfmrrify hidden, ^akn, a fhallow cup ; a genus of 

Cirripedes. ' 

Gryptopro'ota (Zool.) uptnrrify hidden, v;««t«;, the hinder parts. 
Cryptorhyn'ohOB (Ent.) n^vwrit^ concealed, fvyx**^ ^ hcaik, 
Oryptosper'mum (Bot.) feeds concealed in involucnim ; a genus of Cin- 

Oryptoste'gla (Bot.) Kfwrris, concealed, mynt a covering. 
Oryptoste'mma (Bot.) Mfuvrit^ concealed, o-rifAfAXy a crown. 
Oryptosty'lis (Bot.) literally *« hidden ftyle;" a genus of Orchidacez. 
Cryptu'ruB (Omith.) xfivrm^ to conceal, ou^, the tail. 
Cteni'oerus (Ent.) »Tiif, nrtui^^ a comb, «i^f, a horn. 
CtenioBohelus (Ent.) Kxlif, aiTi»«(, a comb, xnx/f, a fpot; a genus of 

Cteni'opus (Ent.) xtk'c, xTit«c, a comb, iroCf, a foot. 
Gtenobranohia'ta (Zool.) »Ttl(, «Tf»«c> a comb, Bfiyx^'^ giU"« 
Cteno'cerUB (Ent.) xtiiV, aiTi>«c, a comb, xa^ftf, a horn; a genus of 

Ctenodac'tylus (Zool.) xntc, xti*o(, la,xrv\9t^ a toe. 
Cte'nodus (Ichth.) »tii(, kti**;, a comb, iUut^ a tooth ; having ierrated 

Gte'nold (Ichth.) xrnV, xtimc, a comb; fifbes having the free pofterior 

margin ferrated or pe^nated. 
Cte'nomys (Zool.) xrrtc, sriroc, a comb, fMs, a rat. 
Cteno'nyohuB (Ent.) ktkc, kti»*;, a comb, o»i{, o>i;x»?« % claw. 
Ctenopty'chiaB (Fos. Zool.) xrtif, ktimc* a comb, vtv;(ii, a wrinkle. 
Cte'nopUB (Zool.) xthV, xtooCi at comb, vou;, a foot. 
Ctenosto'mata (Zool.) xtii;, xti>«c, a comb, a^ifd,*^ a mouth. 
Cubicula'ris (Ent.) Lot, belonging to a bed-chamber ; occurring in out-* 

Cucu'balus (Bot.) altered from cacoMu*, which from xa««;, bad, /3«Xof, a 


cue — CUF 113 

Cuou'jldUe (£nt.) cucujust fam. term, ida ; a family of Coleoptera. 

CuGu'jUB (£nt.) etymology unknown. 

Ouou'lidsB (Ornith.) euculus, a cuckoo, fam. term, ida; the cuckoos. 

Cuoulipenne'Umn (£nt.) cucuius, a cuckoo, /tenna, a feather. 

Cuoullate'lla (£nt.) cuatllus, a hood, dim. terminal dla, 

Cttculla'tus (Ornith.) Lot. hooded. 

Ouou'llia C£nt.) eucuUus, a hood ; "the collar well developed, and nii(ed in 

the form of a hood." — Stainton. 
Cuoulll'na (£nt.) cucullus, a hood. 
CuouluB (Ornith.) Lat. a cuckoo. 
Cuouma'ria (Zool.) from refemblance to a cucumber. 
Ca'cuinis (Bot.) the Roman name for a cucumbet. 
Cuour/bita ) 

OuourbitaW 1 ^^'^ """'*"'• ' f"""*' 
Cucurbiti'na (£nt.) cucurbita^ a gourd, on which it feeds. 
Ouloi'tium (Bot.) cuUita, a (biffed bed ; referring to heads of pate;? ; a 

genus of CompoHtae. 
Oulioifor'mis (£nt.) cuUx^ a gnati/orma, (hape. 
Cullu'mia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir Tkomaj CuUnm, FM.S., F.L.S. 
Oulxne'llUB (£nt.) dim. oiculmus, a (lalk or (lem. 
Cultrlpalpi (£nt.) eultrumy^ knife, /a^ir/, a feeler. 

Ou'xnmln J (Bot.) ^~^-, y««--. 

Oiuninin'gia fBot.) P. N.> dedicated to Lady Cummi^ Gordon. 
Cuneate'Ua (£nt.) ameusy a wedge ; from certain markings. 
Onnlcnila'liB (£nt.) eumadus^ a rabbit ; referring to colour. 
Cunloula'ria (Ornith.) cymadaris, pertaining to a rabbit, burrowing like a 

Cnnlla (Bot.) P. N..from Cunila, the name of a town. 
Cuzmingha'mia (Bot ) J. and J, Cumitigkam, botanical travellers in N. S. 

Wales; a genus of Conifersb. 
Cuno'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, C. Cum of Amfterdam. 
Gu'on (Zool.) »M»?, a dog. 
Cupa'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of fath^ Francis Cmfam, an Italian monk 

and botanical author, who died in 1710. 
Cuphe'a (Bot.) Mv^iff cunred, from the curved tube of the calyx* 
Gu'pia (Bot.) Cupi is the Malabar name of one of the fpecies of Cincho ■ 



114 CUP — CTA 

Cuprea'lls (Ent.) cuprnu^ coppsr-coloured, x. e.^ the wings. 

Cuprella (Ent.) cvpreus, coppery. 

Cupre'ssus (Bot.) Z^. a Cypreis-tree, which from »Mi,to produce, v^^rer, 

equal, from its regular branches. 
Cu'preua-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lot, copper-coloured. 
Ouprlaoel'lus (Ent.) cuprau, coppery. 
Qupula'ris (Bot.) cupula^ a little cup. 
Ourate'lla (Bot.) jw^iv«, to (have; th^ natives In Guiana ufe the leaves to 

polifb their bows. 
Gurou'ligO (Bot.) eurculio, a weevil. 
Curoulio (Ent.) Lat^ a weeviL 
Guroulio'nidas (Ent.) eurculio, fam. term. uU, 
Curou'zna (Bot.) Arabic, htrhtm. ^ 
Ourrant (Bot.) corrupted from l/va CoriMhiac^e, Corinthian grapes, which 

they are, beiqg a variety of Vitis vim/era, 

C^lirra'oa (OraitbO Lot. ^e Hedge-iparrp\|r, 

Ourao'ria (Ent.^ ) 

Ourso'riua (Omith.)}" '"">' * ™°"^'- 

Gur^aelluB (£nt.)^ P. ^. in hpnour of WiUiam Curtis, founder of the 

Ourti'flia (Bot.) > « Botanical Magazine." 

Ourto'gyne (Bot.) litei;Mly ''curved dyle;" a genus of Crafliilacez. 

Giirtome'ruB (Ent.) xvprif, curved, fx^fig, the thigh. 

Gurtono'tus (Ent.) xufrif, curved, »J!fT»f, the back. 

Gu'rtula (Ei^t.) dim. of curtus, broken, (hort. 

Gu'rtUB (Ichth.) Lai. Hiort. 

Gurvel'la (Ent.) curva, a curve. 

CJurvlro'stra (Ornish,) > 

^ . ^ > eurvus, crooked, roflrum, a bill. 

Gtirvlro'Btrifl (Zool.) > -^ 

Gu'soua (Zool.) Latinized form of native name, cou/aouj. 

Gu'sOUta (Bot.) Arabic, kechout, 

Guso'ria (Zool.) cufir, one who (Irikes, fjom cuJo, to ftrike ; a geous ot 

GuBpida'tUfl-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lot. part, of cujpido, to make pointed. 
Quaso'nia (Bot.) P, N. i^ honour of M, Cujfon, a celebrated French 

Gttte/ria (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Ga'zia (ZooL) native name of a monkey— Brachyurus Satanas. 
G7amoi>BiB (Bot.) «iJ«fi9/, bean, o|«c, refembhnce ; a genus ^f I^egu- 


CTA — arc 115 

Cya'nea (Omith.) xv«vwf , dark blue. 

Oyane'Ua (Bot.) dimin. of »va»»t, blue ; in allufion to the colour of its 

Cya'neuB (Omith.) «v«viof, dark -blue. 

Cyanomy'ia (Omith.) »vafot, dark-blue, ftuuK, a fly ; a genus of Hum- 
Cyano'tis (Bot.) literally *' blue ear," from the colour of flowers ; a genus 

of Commelynaceae. 
Cyanu'ros (Ornith.) xuettcft blue, oi;^ tail ; the Blue Jay. 
Oy^anua (Omith., Bot.) »i/«tor, dark blue. 
Cyathe'a (Bot.) xv«Siio», a little cup. 
Oyatho'des (Bot.) literally « cup-like,*' r. e, the ne^ry; a genus of 

Oyathophy'llum (Fos. Bot.) «y«00f, a cup, <jk;xxw, a leaf. 
Oybi'ster (^Ent.) nvBif-rnp^ a tumbler. 

Oy^oas (Bot.) the Greek name of a palm (aid to grow in Ethiopia. 
Gyolado'ides (Zool.) cyeioj, iHof, like. 

Cy'olamexi (Bot.) xvxX«f, circular, from the mouth of the corolla. 
Cyolan'thus (Bot.) literally " circle*flower," from the infiorefcence; type 

genus of Cyclanthacex. 
OyGla'rhis (Omith.) xi/xXof, a ring or circle, fit, a nofe. 
Cy^olaa (Zool.) »utiX»(, orbicular ; a genus of freih-water Molluica. 
CyoUoa (Ent.) xwXos, a circle, from the rounded body of the infeO ; a 

divifion of Coleoptera. 
Cycli'dimn (Zool.) uvxXps^ a circle ; a genus of Infusoria. 
Oyolobo'thra (Bot.) literally ^ circle pit," from form of calyx; a genus of 

Cyoloo'orus (Zool.) xvftXof, a circle, Mfvf^ a helmet; a genus of Colubrine 

Cyolodes (Ent.) avxXor, i7}«f, form. 

Cyologa'ster (Ent.) »i;»Ao(, circle, ywri^, the belly; a genus of Diptera. 
Cyolold (Ichth.) nvnket^ a circle, from the rounded form. 
Cyolono'tum (Ent.) xvxXof, circle, vSrof, the back. 
Oyclo'phia (2^1. Ent.) xyitXo;, o^tif, a ferpent; a genus of Colubrine 

Cyolcypia (Bot.) xmXoc, a circle, vow, a foot. 
Oyolo'pis (Ent.) refembling eycUps, 

Oy'olops (Zool., Ent.) iii«X«<|, Cyclops, literally round-eyed. 
Oyolopsi'na (Zool.) ctfcUps^ with family terminal. 

ii6 arc — CTM 

Cyclopte'ridSd (Ichth.) cycUptrnu^ the fiunily of the Suckmg-fi(hes. 

Cyolo'pterua (Ichth.) kvxXm^, a Cyclops, vtf^«ir, a fin. 

CyGlo'pteryz (Ent.) Kw>.ot^ a circle, vri^i^, a wing. 

Oy'olorhis (Ornlth.) »i/«Xo#, a circle, /if, the noftril. 

Cydosa'ura (Zool.) xiJNXof, a circle, o-cS^c, a lizard ; a family of Reptilia. 

Gyclo'sis (Bot.) implying nx>lecules in .circular movement. 

Oyclo'fltoma (ZooL) v 

Cyolo'stomi (Ichth.) j *'^*^''» * ^**'^^^» ^'''f^'^ ** ™^"^- 

Gyolothu'rufl (Zool.) «i;«Xef, a ring or circle, wfA^ a tail. 

Oyolo'uxn (Zool.) xuiXof, a circle, flNfr^an egg, in reference to the arrange- 
ment of the ova. 

Cycln'ra (Zool.) xvxXor, a circle, ou^ tail ; a genus of Reptiles. 

Cyono'ohes (Bot.) Ky»ns^ a fwan; from the graceiiilly bent form of the 
(lender column. 

Cydo'nia (Bot.) P. N., a native of Cydon in Crete. 

Cydonia'lis (Ent.) feeds upon cydonia, 

Gygnipeime'lla (£i^) cygnus, a Cyr^n^ pama^ a feather. 

Cy'gnus (Omith.) Lot, a fwan. 

Cylin'dera (Ent ) xvXiO^r , a cylinder, %i^n, the neck. 

Gylin'drophis (Zool.) »i;x<»2(»f, a cylinder, l^xt^ a fnake; a genus of 
, Cyli&drospo'rimn (Bot.) »v\»ifo^, a cylinder, vwcfm^ a feed ; from form 
of feeds ; a genus of Fongri. 

Gylia'ta (Bot.) «vX*tf rof, rolled, from jivx/v, to wallow about. 

Gymato'phora (Ent.) uvixm, nZfAatrts, a wave, 4>^^i*, to bear. 

Gymatop'terus (Ent.) xt^/us, xS/mmto;, a wave, irn^Ar, a win^. 

CymbaBfor'mis (Zool.) boat-lhaped; from cymba, a boat,yorsia, fliape. 

Gymbaria (Bot.) xv^u/Sv, a boat ^ in allufion to the fbape of the fruit. 

Oymbella (Bot.) dimin. of cymha^ a boat ; a genus of Algz. 

GymbellesB (Bot.) eymbella; a divifion of Algae equiv. to Diatomacesr. 

Gym 'bids (Ent.) cymha, a boat ; a family with boat-fbaped larvae. 

Gyxnbi'dium (Bot.) «i;/m|3«, a boat. 

Gymbiformia (ZooL, Bot.) »u/ABn, a boatj firman (hape. 

Gymbirhy^nohUB (Omith.) Mv/A0of, a hollow veflel, fvyx^tf a beak. 

Gymbopo'gon (Bot.) «i//u/?«, a boat, waey^^ a beard ; the valves of calyx 
are boat-fhaped and hairy ; a genus of Grades. 

Oymin'diilSB (^Omith.) cumindis, the night-hawk ; a fub-family of Birds, of 
the order Raptores. 

Cyminosioia (Bot.) fruit fwells like Cumin feed ; a genus of Rutareas. 

Cl-M -^ CTP 117 

Cymodo'oda (Zool.) P. N. of a fea-nyoiph mentioned by Virgil. 
Cymori'za (£nt.) aiSju», a wave, ^{«, the coiirfe or origin. 
Cynanohimi (Bot.) suwr, a dog, Ayx!", to (Irangle; in allufion to its 

poiibnous properties. 
Cyna'pium (Bot.) nt^it ^vtov, dogs' parfley. 
C/nara (Bot.) mim^ a dog. 

Cyni'otis (2^ool.) »m»», »vt«f , a dog, r»Tif, a weafel ; one of tlie Viverridz. 
Cjrnlplfor'miB (£nt.) cynipff the gall- fly, /orina. 
Oynooe'phalus (Zool.) *pv», «tit«r, a dog, »i^«Xn, head; dog-headed. 
Cyncydon (Bot.) DogVtooth grafs, from xM»r, xwif, a dog, »^0uc, §i«rrcst a 

Cyno'gale (2^L) xwot, «vMf, a dog,.}^«Xa, a weaieL 
CJynoglos'stlin (Bot.) ««»?, xu>«f, a dog, <y>i}0>r«, a tongue. 
Oynome'tra (Bot.) mvm^ »V'«r, a dog, /mi*t/«, a matrix. 
Cyno'phls (Zool.) »m»v, »i;t«(, a dog, Sfif, a ferpent; a genus of Col- 

ubrine ophidians. 
Cynop'teros (Zool.) »0»v, Mit«f, a dog, vn^, a wing; the winged dog. 
Oyno'rohis (Bot.) the double bolbs referable certain parts of a dog (ii»»v, 

ifX^i); a genus of Orchidaceas. 
Cynosba'na (£nt.) tuAiT3«i'nt, a dog-thom. 
OynoBu'rus (Bot.) uCm, nmit, a dog, sv^, a tail. 
Oypella (Bot.) «i;«riXA«r, a goblet; from fhape of flowers; a genus of 

Ojpe^ruB (Bot.) P. N. from C^firh, a name of Venus; the roots are 


Oyphe'lium (Bot.) > 

>• / ^. r« \ r '^^^•t, curved. 

Oy'phia (Bot.) > 

Cyphom'yia (Ent.) ivpi:, bent forward, fivr«, a fly ; a genus of Dipteni. 

Cy^phon (Ent.) w^ift bent. 

Oypho'nidsa (Ent.) fyfikon, lam. term. itUc. 

Cyphonoce'phalus (Ent.) mupif, bent, »i<^«Xi}, head ; a genus of Goliath - 


Cyphoso'ma (Ent.) tm^i;, bent forward, e-Sf4.m, the body. 

Cy^pridsa ) (Zool.) P. N., Cj^W/, a name of Aphrodite ; a family of 

Cypridi'nad8B> Entomoftraca. 

Oypridi'na (Zool.) a genus of Entomoftraca. 

Oypri'nidsB (Ichth.) the fomily of the Carps. 

Oypri'nus (Ichth.) Lat. a carp. 

Oypripe'dium (Bot.) «^^f 1 a name of Venus, ir^^itf, a flipper. 

ii8 ci^p — err 

Cy'pris (Zool.) Cyfrh, a name of Aphrodite ; a genus of Entomoftraca. 
Cy^pselUS (Ornith.) »i^x»f, the fand-martin ; a name ufed by Ariftotle. 
Oypsna'gra (Ornith.) an intolerable word, compounded by a French 

writer from Cypfdus and Tanagra, 
Oyre'bia (Ent.) feeds on xupnBim, bran. 
Cyrilla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Domnico CyriHo, M.D., Profeilbr ot 

botany at Naples, and F. R. S. London. 
Oyrta'ilthUB (Bot.) KUftif^ curved, «ir6«c, a flower. 
Oyrtoobi'ltim (Bot.) literally " concave lip ; " from form of corolla ; a genus 

of Orchidacee. 
Oyrto'derufl (Ent.) xvfrit, curved, Ufn, the neck. 
Cyitodon (Bot.) nvfrig, curved, o)«v(, otirrctt a tooth; a genus of 

Oyrtoga'ster (Ent.) *u^*f, curved, ymrrn^ the belly. 
Oy'rtopliiB (Zool.) nvpriff curved, S^m;, a lerpent ; a genus of Colubrine 

Cyrtopo'dlum (Bot.) xoftif^ convex, vouf , ire^^f , a foot ; in reference to 

the convex claw of the labellum. 
Gyr'tulus (Zool.) tcufrhf bent, o-ruAor, a column; referring to the (bell- 
CystiGa'pnos (Bot.) kvttisj a bladder, »««rt^f, fmoke. 
Cysti'deSB (Fos. Zool.) xurn;, a bladder. 
Cystophorilia (Zool.) a Tub-family of Mammalia. 
Gystosei'ra (Bot.) a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Cythe're (Zool.) P. N. from Cytherea, a fumame of Aphrodite ; a genus 

of Entomoflraca. 
Cythere'a (Ent.) P. N. a fumame of Venus ; from the ifland of Cythera. 
Cythere'is (Zool.) P. N. from Cyiherea^ a fumame of Aphrodite ; a genus 

of Entomodraca. 
Cythe'ridsB (Zool.) P. N. from Cytfureaf a fumame of Aphrodite ; a family 

of Entomodraca. 
CytiBatia (Ent.) feeds on Cytifus nigricans. 

Gy^Usus (Bot.) faid to be derived from Cythnost one of the Cyclades, where 
it was firft found. The Cytifus fcopariw^ was probably the flowering 
cytifus mentioned by Virgil : — 
** Florentem cytifum fequitur laTciva capella." — Vm. EcL ii. 64. 

DAC — DAM 119 

Da'oe (Ichth.) DuUht daas, 

Dacrydltun (Bot.) lA*fu, a tear ; from the gummy exudation ; a genus of 

Daorymy'oes (Bot.) )«i(^, a tear, and /Mvxnf, a fungus; from the deli- 

quefcent nature of pknt ; a genus of Fungi. 
Daotylloa'pnos (Bot.) )«»TvXof, and xmm^ii^ fumitory ; the pods being 

finger-(haped ; a genus of Fumariacese. 
Dactyli'fera (Bot.) fpeciBc name of the date-tree, from )«»t&Xo;, a finger, 

fip», to bear; from the refemblance of the bunches of dates to a hand. 
Da'otylis (Bot.) %m»tv\9i, a finger ; Finger-graTs. 
Daotylls'onanfl (Omith.) )a»-rvX«c a finger, (wings) ywuuw, founding. 
DactyloGte'nium (Bot.) }«xtvXoc, a finger, xtiiV » utt^u a comb. 
Dseda'lea (Bot.) )«utaXi«f, curioufly wrought ; from the appearance of 

finuofities ; a genus of Fungi. 
DflB'mia (Bot.) from the Arabic name. 
Daffodil (Bot.) query, corrupted from Afphodelus ? 
Da'flla (Omith.) etymology unknown. 
Dahlia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Am/rnv DaAiy a SwediOi botanift, and 

pupil of Linnzus. 
Da'is (Bot.) unknown. 
Dal'sy (Bot.) the " day's eye ; " Chaucer fays :— 

" The daifie or els the eye of dale." 
Dalbe'rgia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ^Uholat Daliurg, a Swedifli botanift. 
Dalea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Thomaa DaU, an £ngli(h botanift. 
Daleoha'mpia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of James Dtdeehamp^ a French 

botanift of the 1 6th century. 
Daliba'rda (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Denh Dalikard^ a French botanift. 
Dalxym'plea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Alexander Dalrymple^ author of 

the « Oriental Repertory," 
Dalto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rev. James Dalton^ an Englilh bryo- 

logifl ; a genus of Mufci. 
Da'ma (Zool.) Lot. a Fallow-deer. 

Damseoc/mia (Zool.) ^ma, a deer, cornu^ a horn ; deer-horned. 
Daxnalls (Ent.) appertaining to a deer ; fawn-coloured. 
Damalia (Zool.) ^c/iamXoc, a calf. 
Damaao'nium (Bot.) )«ft«(», to fubdue. 
Dainmara (Bot.) its name in Amboyna ; the dammar pine. 
Dampie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Captain W, Dampier, a celebrated 

traveller and botaniO. 

120 DAM — DAS 

Da'msonB (Bot.) '^ Old writers have called thofe that grow in Syria, near 
Damafcus, detmfons^ or damafi plums, and thofe that grow in Spain, 
Spanifh prunes or plums ; others, from the countries, are called prunes 
of Hungary^ France, &c." The Counts of Anjou introduced the 
*^ prunes damx/fym " into Europe. — ^Harland's lUufimtiuu of SkultUvtortk 

Dansd'a (Bot.) in honour of Pierre Martm Dana, who wrote on the 
plants of Piedmont. 

Dan'delion (Bot.) FreiuA, dmt de Homy lion's tooth. 

Da'ne-wort (Bot.) tliis fcetid plant {Samiufus Mus) was fuppofed, by 
our ancedors, to have ^rung from the blood of their enemies the 

Daniho'nla (Bot.) P. K. in honour of M, DtfnthotHey a French botanift. 

Dape'dlu4 (Fos. Zooi.) )«arf Sw, a pavement ; a genus of ganoid fifties, the 
arrangement of the rhomboidal fcales of which reiembles a teflelated 

Da'phne (Bot.) )«/», to bum, «^»»i«, a noife; becaufe it crackles when 

Daphne'lla (Zool.) dim. of Daphne i a genus of Entomodiaca. 

Daph'nia (ZooL) P. N. from Daphne, 


, >- (Zool.) Daphnia; with family and lub-family term. 
Daphni na ) 

Dap'tion (Omlth.) }««T«, to devour. 

Darliixgto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr, Darlrngton, an American botanift. 

Darnel (Bot.) AngkhSax, derian, to hurt ; darnel is in all probability the 
(i(«n« of St. Matthew, ch. xiii. 

Danrallla'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Darwall, of Birmingham. 

Darwl'nla (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. Darwin^ author of «* The Botanic Gar- 

Da'eya (Bot.) iantt hairy ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 

Das/basls (Ent.) ^»rvi, hairy, /3a (tk, a foot ; a genus of Diptera. 

Dasy'pidflB (ZooL) dafypus ; a family of Mammalia. 

Dasypl'na (Zool.) dafypus ; a fub-famiiy of Mammalia. 

Dasyoa'mpa (Ent.) )«^i^, hairy, xc/mv«, a caterpillar. 

Dasy'cera (Ent.) J<wi/?, thick, »ip«C} a horn. 

Dasy'dia (Ent.) ^o^^vf, covered with hair. 

Dasyga'ster l (Ent.) ia^vc, hairy, ymrt%^^ a belly ; a genus and family of 

Dafiyga'strs) Hymenoptera. 
DaMyor'niB (Omith.) iet^Cf, hairy, o^wi, a bird. 

DAS — DEI 111 

DoBTpeltis (2jOo1.) iarutf hairy, wixm, a Ihield ; a ^enus of Colubrine 

Dasypo'dia (£nt.) ima-ut, hairy, «rov(, ir«)of» a foot. 
Dasypolia (£nt.) )«^f, hairy, ir«x<Jc> grey. 
DOBTpro'cta (Zool.) I«#uc, hairy, ir(«»T«;, the back part, the tail. 
DaBTprocti'na (Zool.) dafypra^a; a fttb-family of Mammalia. 
Da'sypuB (ZooL) imav;, hairy, v«vf, a foot ; a term for the Armadilloes, 

alluding to the hct of the fbles of their feet being covered with hair. 
Dasy'stoma (£nt.) ^mavi, thick, hairy, rrifAm, the mouth. 
DaB'ytes (£nt.} ^m-vthc, roughness, hairinefs. 
Dasyu'rina (Zool.) the fub-famUy of Marfupiab, of which Dafyunu is 

the type. 
Dasyu'rua (Zool.) imcvf, hairy, oSp^, a tail ; a genus of Marfupials. 
Date (Bot.) from )««TvX«f, a finger ; ihape of fruit. 
Datu'ra (Bat.) alteration of the Arabic name tatonah,^ the Thorn-apple. 
Daabento'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M, Daubmton^ a celebrated naturalid. 
Dau'ous (Bot.) !«;», to divide ; the carrot. 
Dava'llia (Bot.) P. N. from Edmund DavaU, a Swifs boUniCl. 
DaTle'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Rru. H. DavUs, FX,S., a Welfh botanift. 
Daw (Omith.) {o called from the (bund it utters. 
Deoa'otU (Zool.) UxSiy ten, ««Ttf, a ray. 

Deoagy^&ia (Bot.) liaS, ten, yvtti, a female ; the plants have ten pidiU. 
Deca'ndria (Bot.) Sim, ten, §tfnf, a man ; having ten (lamens. 
Deoa^oda (Zool.) hua, ten, wtyt, «cl»f, a foot; the higheft order ot 

Deoa'toma (£nt.) hxSij ten, nfAin, reparation ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Decli'vls (Zool.) Lai, bending downwards, deep. 
Deoo'rufl (Zool.) Lot, handfome. 
Deouma'ria (Bot.) dtevma, a tenth ; in alluTion to tlie ten-fold ftrufture 

of the flower and fruit. 
Deoiuna'nuB (Zool.) Lat. the tenth. 
Deer (Zool.) Anglo-Sax. deor, 

Deeri'ngia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. C. Deering^ an £ngli(h botaniQ. 
Degee'rii (£nt.) P N. in honour of De Geer^ a celebrated natural! ft. 
Deile'phila (£nt.) )itXq, the evening, 4>iXfr», to love. 
Deino'pais (£nt.) Ifi>«f, dreadful, e^tr, appearance. 
. Deino'mis (Fos. Zool.) )fi>3f, terrible, o^ur, a bird. 
DeinOBa'urians (Fos. Zool.) iii»«;, terrible, ^nil^o;, a lizard. 
Delnothe'rium (Fos. Zool.) )fo«f, terrible, dv^/ov, a wild hea(\. 

Ill DEI — DEN 

Deiopei'a (Ent.) A«i««iah one of Juno's nymphs. 

Delea'ster (Ent.) lixUff^ptt, a baited trap. 

Deleese'ria (Bot.) P. N. from M, Benjamm DeUprt, a French botanical 

patron ; a genus of Algz. 
Delica'talua (Zool.) Lot, fomewhil dainty or delicate. 
De'llphruzn (tut,) 

Delphi'nidsB (ZgpI.) delphmut^ i dolphin. 
Delphi'nium (Bot.) detphm^ a dolphin, its uAexpanded flowers having been 

fuppofed to refemble the imaginary figures of the dolphin. 
Delphi'noB (Ichth.) Lot. a dolphin. 
Deltoi'dsB (EnL) iiXToniitf, delta-fliaped, triangular; from the form in 

which they arrange their wings when in repofe. 
De'maB (Ent.) Aiipaf, a proper name. 
Demeta'na (Zool.) given by Mr. Goile to a variety of Sagartia ; from the 

circumdance of being fouifd on the Pembroke coad, formerly inhabited 

by the DcmftL 
Dendraspi'didsB (Zool.) dendrajphf fam. term, ida; a family of Colubrine 

Dendra'spia (Zool.) )i>}^f, woody, Ju^U^ a viper ; a genus of Colubrine 

Dendre'zpeton (Fos. ZooL) llir^^ir, a tree, i^itm, a lizard. 
Dendro'bimn (Bot.) In)^, a tree, 0m», to live ; in allufion to its growing 

on trees. 
Dendroohe'lldon (Omith.) h^tfof, a tree, ;^XtSwi>, a fwallow ; the Tree- 

DendroGola'ptes (Omith.) ^iy}^, a tree, uoXdwrtt, to peck ; a genus of 

Dendrodo'a (Zool.) )i>}^v, a tree, ««», an egg ; a fub-genus of Tunicated 

moUufcs ; Co called from the ramified form of the ovarium. 
Dendro'ctonus (Ent.) U*i^, t tree, nt%i>m, to deftroy. ^ 

De'ndrodonts (Fos. Zool.) )t»}^o*, a tree, o^vc* «)«»T«f, a tooth. 
Dendro'legus (Zool.) IM^m, a tree, Xiy», to lie down ; applied to the 

De'ndrolite (Fos. Bot.) tiAfVt^ a tree, x/dof, a (lone ; a general term for 

foflil wood. 
Den'dromys (Zool.) IMfw^ a tree, /tA^r, a moufe ; a South African genus 

of rodents, refembling mice but inhabiting trees. 
Dendrono'tus (Bot.) Vvi^f*^ a tree, *wt«(, the back ; a genus of Nudi- 
branchjate moiiu/ca. 

DEN — DES 123 

Dendro'phldflB (Zool.) dendrophU^ fam. term. /</« ; a family of Colubrine 

Dendro'philuB (Ent.) livlpw, a tree, 4>«>of, a lover. 
Den'drophis (ZooL) )i»)^9», a tree, S«^if, a ferpent ; a genus of Colubrine 

Dendrosau'ra fZool) Vv>%^^ a tree, o-ai^*, a lizard ; the Tree-lizards. 
Denta'lium (Zool.) dens^ a tooth ; the Tooth-lhell ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Denta'ria (Bot.) dens^ a tooth ; alluding to the tooth-like (Ini^re of the 

Denta'tOB-a-mn (£nt., Bot.) Lot, toothed. 
Dentella (Bot.) dim. of dens^ a tooth. 
Den'tex (Ichth.) Lot, the ancient name of a fifli. 
Denticula'tum (Ent.) Lai, having teeth ; in allufion to the toothed or 

vandyked (Iripes on the abdomen. 
Denticula'tOB-a-mn (Bot.) dmticulus^ a little tooth. 
Dentiro'stres (Omith.) deiu^ dentu, a tooth, rofhut/tf a beak ; a divifton of 

the order Inceflbres. 
Denuda'tSB (Ent.) denudattu-a-umy dripped ; a fub-family of Hymenoptera. 
Deppe'ana (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, Deppe^ a colleAor and traveller 

in Mexico. 
Depressa'ria (Ent.") deprejfut^ flat ; in allufion to their flat bodies. 
DepreBBioo'mis (Zool.) deprejfus, lying low, deprefled, cornuf a horn. 
Depre'ssus-a-iim (Zool., Ent., Bot.) Lat. flat, funk. 
Deraaa'lis (Ent.) derafus^ fliaved, fcraped ofl*. 
Derbia'nua (Zool.) P. N. in honour of one of the great patrons of 

Natural Hidory, the late Lord Derby. 
Deroe'tis (Fos. ZooL) P. N., a rea-god;,a ganoid, eel-like fi(h of the 

chalk formation. 
Derma'ptera (Zool.) Ii^m*, (kin, rri^ev, a wing ; this name was given by 
Ariftotle to the Bats, and may be considered equivalent to the Cheir- 
optera of Cuvier. 
Dennato'des (Bot.) 9f^/uaT«99f, like fliin. 
Derme'Btes (Ent.) Si^finrTtic, an eater of (kin or leather. 
Demie'stideB (Ent.) dermepes^ fam. term, idit, 
Desoham'psla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Defchampesy a French 

Desmaiithus (Bot.) ^iV/mv, a bundle, £»dof, a flower ; in allufion to the 

£sifcicles of the flowers. 
Desmare'stia (Bot.) a genus of Algz \ &m« eVfmoVo^ «& \^<^ taw. 

124 D£S — VIA 

Desmare'stil (Omith.) P. N. in hononr of M, Defmartfi^ a French 

natundift. * 

De'smla (Ent.) ^iVftv, a bundle ; from the fafces-Iike noarkings. 
Pesmidi'ese (Bot.) tUfmUium^ with fam. term. ; a divifion of Algz, 
Desmid'iuin (Bot.) 9ir/uof, a bond ; from the parts cohering when in a 

ftate of diflblotlon. 
DeamoolUB'ta (Bot.) UvfAHt a bond, ;^«/tii, hair. 
Desmo'dium (Bot.) XirfMu a band. 
Deamo'hous (Bot.) Uv^Jkity a band, o^»of, a hook ; alluding to the tendriU 

at the apex of the leaves. 
Desmono'ta (Ent.) 9f0-/Mor, a band, »^«;, the back ; knotted back. 
Desmophyllus (Fos. Bot.) IwfMi^ a bundle, ^xx»v, a leaf. 
Desmotau'lius (Ent.) 9f 0>/t4«{, a band, 2vf, «T«f , an ear or apex ; a genus of 

the Phryganidae. 
Dial>asi8 (Ent.) ii»B»Tii, a paifing over; a genus of Diptera. 
DianbolOfl (ZooL) haBiXsf, the devil. 

Diaoliea (Bot.) )(a;^l«, to difpenfe ; applied to a ftraggting fungvs. 
Diaohro'mus (Ent.) hm, through, xf^f^*^* colour. 
Diade'ma (Ichth., Ent.) Lot, a diadem, the emblem of royalty. 
Dia'llthis (Ent.) htiXiBi^, fet with precious (lones, jewelled. 
Dial'ysis (Ent.) h»XuTtt, a ieparation, parting ; a genus of Diptera. 
Diamina (Ent.) hd/AfAtt very iandy ; a genus of Hymenoptenu 
Dian'a (Zool.) P. N., applied to a monkey on account of the cneTcent- 

fliaped line of white hairs on the forehead. 
Dia'ndria (Bot.) lU, two, «»n^, a man ; having two flamens. 
Dianella (Bot.) P. N. from Dia/uZf the fylvan goddefs ; it inhabits woods. 
Dianthoe'cia (Ent.) AUvdor, ^Jms, a dwelling ; the larvz dwelling in the 

feed-pods of Dianthus. 
Dlan'ttiafl (Zool.) STof, divine, «*dcr, a flower; er it may be from its 

tendency to become double, h, the fign of duplication, MnOof, a flower, 

having full or double flowers. 
Diapeaisia (Bot.) SUvivti, compofed of five ; alluding to its flowers. 
Diape'ridsB (Ent.) diaperh, fam. term. 'uU. 
Dia'peris (Ent.) hawifom, to go over. 
Piaphana'lis (Ent.) )fa^c»qr, tranfparent. 
Diap'tomiis (ZooL) }i^, through, twra^ai, to fly ; from its rapid dartings 

through the water. 
Dia'soia (Bot.) »iV, two, a9»Wf a little bladder ; alluding to the two pro- 
tuberances at the bafe of the corolla. 


DIA — Die 125 

Diase'mia (Ent.) ItAjviM^ clear, di(lin£t. 

Diaste'ma (Ent.) ImrrnfAO, an interval. 

Diaato'pora (Zool.) hMTrwf*a, an interval, wipoSf a pail&ge, <* having pores 

at intervals;" a genus of Polyzoa. 
Diat'enoB (Ent.) ^tsTiinir, (Iretching, tending. 
Dlato'ma (Bot.) )/«, through, Tf/t*>«, to cut ; the frufhiies being almofl 

Diatoma'oeSB (Bot.) diatoma, fam. term, acea; a great divifion of the Algae. 
Dibol'ia (Ent.) }ij3oXt«, a double-edged lance, halbert. 
Di'ceras (Fos. Zool.) 9i», twice, Kf^«f, a horn. 
Dioei^oa (Ent.) Ut, twice, »ifMf, a tail. 
Dicer^ma (Bot.) >»f, twice, i^fta, a prop. 

Diohela'oera (Ent.) ^t^XiSt cbven, ni^r, a horn ; a genus of Diptbra. 
Dichelas'pis (Zool.) Hxn^s* cloven, A^irig, a fiiield ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
Diohe'lla (Ent.) itjc"^*** cloven-hoofed. 
Dlohilua (Bot.) Us, twice, ;c»^^«^» » ^P- 
Diohlamy'deouB (Bot.) 9tf , twice, x^»/AVf, a cloak ; having both calyx 

and corolla. 
Dlohlo'xia (Bot.) Us, twice, x^^t*h gi^Q ; ^ genus of Cryptogamia. 
DichObu'ne (Fos. 2k>ol.) }i;^«, divided, Bw%it, a ridge ; fo called from the 

deeply-cleft ridges of the upper molars. 
Dl'chodon (FoSi Zool.) llx»y in two p^rts, iUvs, •}»»t«;) a tooth ; fo called 

from the double crefcent-fliaped lines of enamel on the upper iurfice of 

its true molars. 
Dioholophiis (Ornith.) t'xj^ in two, bifid, Ai^or, a creft ; agtnus of Birds. 
Dlcho'ndra (Bot.) 3k, twice, x^»^iP«f> a grain. 
Dlohorlza'ndra (Bot.) )/« , twice, x^f^K^* ^^ P^^» ''*1^ ^^ anther. 
Diohcvsma (Bot.) 92;^c, without, jt/u^, fmell. 
Diohctomiis-a-uin (ZooL, Bot.) 3i;^«To/AOf, divided equally. 
Diohro'mia (Ent.) tU, twice, xf^t*'^^ colour. 
Diokso'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Jame* Dickfon, a Brlti/h cryptogamift. 
DiolidUTUS (Zool.) lin\U% double, ^Zfti, a tall. 
Diolip'tera (Bot.) lis, double, xXiio*, to (hut. 
Diootyle'donous (Bot.) Us, double, xotuXqSwv, feed-lobe; a divifion 

comprifing all plants whole feeds are compoied of two lobes. 
Dioo'tyles (Zool.) lis, double, xoruXn, a cup or focket. 
Dlctano'phora (Ent.) lit, two, vfiifoc, a helmet, f fjw, to bear ; a gx^nus of 

Dicra'num (Bot.) ^'x^a?o;, two-headed. 

ii6 Die — DIG 

Dloranu'ra (Ent.) )Uf«foc, forked, iclf*, a tail. 

DioranutldSB (Ent.) duranura, (am. term, ida, 

DloToram'pha (Ent.) tupoor, forked, cloven, ^«/a<^ii, a hooked knife, a bill. 

Diorari'nsB (Omith.) dtcrurus^ fam. term, mm ; a fub-family of Inceflbres. 

DiorUTaB (Omith.) }»?, double, «!^«, a tail ; haying a long forked tail. 

Dlota'mnus (Bot.) P. N., a Cretan city, on the mountains near which it 

Dioty'dium (Bot.) tixrvo?, a net, litof, fimilar. 
Diotyophy'lluin (Fos. Bot.) Ii'ktpov, a net, 4>vXXoir, a leaf. 
Diotyop'teryz (Ent.) }<«tvov, a fi(hing-net, vrl^vf, a wing ; from the net- 
like markings of the wings. 
Dletyo'slphon (Bot.) S/xtmv, a net, 0>4>im, a reed or tube ; a genus of 

Diotyo'ta (Bot.) 9<«tv«v, a net ; a genus of Ciyptogamia. 
Dioy'ola (Ent.) )/f, twice, mUxtt, a circle. 
Dlo/olUB (Ent.) }/c, twice, nMXdf, a circle. 
Dicy'nodon (Fos. Zool.) lU^ two, xt/ttlovf, a canine tooth. 
Didelphi'na (ZooL) a fub-family of Mammalia, of which tUddphyt is the 

typical genus. 
Didel'phys (Zool.) Ytt^ two, ^iX^w, a womb ; the Opofliim family. 
Dldelta (Bot.) 9tf, double ; A, the Greek letter delu. 
Dide'smiB (Bot.) 9(V , twice, UrfAtt, a band ; it has filides of two joints. 
Dldln'eis (Ent.) lit, twice, )/hi/«, to turn round ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Didiin'culus (Omith.) dim. of JUiu ; the bird being the neareft liying 

repreientatiye of the latter. 
Di'dUB (Omith.) Latinized form of the Dodo. 
DidymoohlaB'na (Bot.) itiufjft, double, ;^x«rv«, a covering. 
Didy'modon (Bot.) t/^uftof, double, o^svf, a tooth ; the teeth of th« fringe 

are in pairs ^ a genus of Mufci. 
Didymopri'uin (Bot.) 3i^v/««f , double, v^/wv, a faw. 
Didy'namous (Bot.) having two long and two (hort (lamens. 
Diely'tra (Bot.) Jk, two, iXirrfn, a fheath. 
Diervi'lla (Bot.) P. N. from DierviUe, a French furgeon, who tnvelled in 

DifElu'gia (Zool.) diflua, to flow, to diflblve. 
Diflftisalis (Ent.) difufis, fcattered. 
I>igitagra'da (ZooL) digitus^ the toe, gradut, a (lep ; an extenfive tribe of 

carnivorous animals whoie feet are conilniAed for walking on the 



DIG — DIO 117 

Digita'lla (Bot.) digitaU, the finger of a gbve ; alluding to the fonn of the 

flower ; the Foxglove. , 
Digita'rla (Bot.) digitui, a finger ; from the heads being fingered ; finger- 

Dlgita'tas*a-iim (Zool., Bot.) that has fingersi toes, or claws. 
Dlglo'Bsa (^t.) )ic, two, yxio-zra^ a tongue. 
Digljr'phus (Ent.) iiyXup^s, doubly indented. 
Di'graphls (Bot.) ^'c, twice, yg«f«, to mark, 
Digy'nia (Bot.) 9/r, twice, /viii, a female ; having two (lyles. 
Di'latris (Bot.) t/i/, two, later, a tile. 
Dllle'xiia (Bot.) P. N. from /. /. DUUniiu, Profeflbr of botany at 

Dillwy'nia (Bot.) P. N. from L. W, Dillrvytit a celebrated botanift. 
Dilo'ba (Ent.) ^<V, twice, Xo^or, the lobe ; from the lobe^Ihaped fpots on 

. the forewings. 
DUuoidalis (Ent.) diluddus, clear, bright. 
Dilnades (Zool.) ttfticSjif, very wet ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Dimeroori'nites (Fos. Zool.) itfAi^s^ of two parts, »pV«r, a lily ; a genus 

of Crinoidea. 
Dlmooa'rpuB (Bot.) hifMs, fear, Kttfmis, fruit. 
Dimo'rphodon (Fos. Zool.) ^ift^^of, two-formed, iitvt, o)«»T»f, a tooth ; 

having two kinds of teeth. 
Diznya'ria (Zool.) ^V, twice, /uvf, a mufcle ; the (hells of thefe bivalves 

being doied by two addu^r myfcles. 
Din'ebra (Bot.) the Arabic name. 
Dlne'mi^ (Zool.) 9/f , twice, *?f««, a thread. 
Dlnemou'ra (Zool.) Us, two, ntfus, a thread, 01;^, m tali ; a genus of Eoto • 

Dlne'ttui (Ent.) iunrof, whirled round ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Dino'deniB (Ent.) }/>of, twided, }i^, the neck. 
Di'odon (ZooL, Ichth.) iif, double, Hivs, e)«»TOf, a tooth; this name is 

applied to a whale, a funfifh, and a Ihell. 
Diodon'tus (Ent.) ttf* twice, •S«v(, oS«»t9(, a tooth ; a genus of Hymen- 
DiCB'oia (Bot.) Us, double, elx(«, a houfe ; having ftamen-bearing flowers 

on one plant, and piflil-bearing flowers on another. 
Dlomede'a (Omith.) P. N. from Dlomaie ; a genus of Sea-birds. 
Diome'dia (Bot.) P. N. from Diom<da, the daughter of Phorbat* 
PlonSD a (Bot.) P. N. one of thu names of Venus. 

iig DIO — DIP 

Diosoo'rea (Bot.) P. N. from Pedacius Diof^oridrs, a Greek phyfician. 

Dio'sma (Bot.) trsr, diyine, o^/t*«, a fmell. • 

Dios'pyros (Bot.) iagy divine, «v^«f, wheat; the Jio/^os lotus is the 

European Date-plum. 
Dlo'stolUB (Zool.) hif, excellent, tf^oAt, a garment. . 
Dlo'tis (Bot.) )(f > double, aZf , arT«f, an ear ; it has two appendages at the 

baie of florets. 
Dic/zys (£nt.) )if, double, ofvr, (harp ; a genas of Hymenoptera. 
Di'phaca (Bot.) itV, two, ^an, a lentil ; it has two feeds in the pods. 
Dlphaglo'ssa (Ent.) }<>«;, a kind of ferpent, yKS»c9a, a tongue ; a genus 

of Hymenoptera. 
Dlph'thera (Ent.) h^Sifm, a prepared hide. 
Diphylla (ZooL, Bot.) itf^ double, ^uKXn, a leaf. 
Diphylle'ia (Bot.) ItV, twice, ^t/\Xof, a leaf; there are always two leaves. 
Diphyllodes (Omith.) 9/f, twice, ^vXXn, a plume ; from tht prefence, on 

each (ide of the neck, of two peculiar tufts of feathers. 
Diphjr'odonts (Zool.) ^t^c, of double form, ihvt, a tooth ; the term ufed 

by Profeflbr Owen to denote thofe animals which have two fbccefTiTe 

iets of teeth. 
Dlphy'sa (Ent.) iU, twice, ^^«, a pair of bellows ; a genus of Diptera. 
Diphy'sa (Bot.) Us, two, flb-c, a bladder; it haatwo inflated appendages 

to pods^ 
Dlphy'soium (Bot.) ^/c, twice, ^vT»n,R bladder ; a genus of Mufci. 
Di'pina (Zool.) Jipiu ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Di'placUB (Bot.) 9iV, two, vXaxs?^ placenta; in reference to the ieed 

having two placentae. 
Dlplade'nia (Bot.) ^irXtfSf, doub'e, «^if», a gland. 
Dlplooolobe'SB (Bot.) ^fsrXoSf, double, \oQiu a lobe ; cotyledons twice 

folded ttanTverfely. 
Diplo'ooma (Bot.) 9iirx««f, double, uifntn^ hair. 
Dlplodo'ma (Ent.) ti^xwt, double, ^«pi«, a houfe ; the larv». being re^ 

markable for its double cafe. 
DlplodouB (Fos. Zool.) )tvXM<» double, otovc, a tooth ; a genus of fbflil 

placoid fifhes found in the coal formation* 
Diplogra'paUB (Fos. Zool.) ^ivXcSf, double, ^a^o///^ ; double graptoHte. 
DiplolobsB (Bot.) SiirXoof, double, x»/9jf, a pod. 
Dipla'zium (Bot.) 9i «>«(«, to double. 
Diplooheilus (Ent.) )ivx«9<, double, x*^^**^ ^ ^-P* 
Diplolepis (Bot.) 9iir>«9c« double^ Xfv/:, a fcak. 

DIP — DJT 119 

Diplcyprion (Ichth.) tiirXouf , double, v^'m, a faw ; a genus of the family 

Diplop'tera (Ent.) ^iirXovf , double, im^«r, a wing; a tribe of Hymenoptera. 
Diplota'jdB (Bot.) 9ivXMc, double, T«f if, a ieries ; in allufion to the feedi. 
Dipod'omys (Zool.) i/vwi, ^iroSof, two-footed, /uS^, a moufe. 
Dipro'todon (Fos. ZooL) ^'r* two, v^rof, fird, olovf, oSwr*;, tooth ; from 

the large icalprifonn character of its incifors or front teeth. 
Di'psaoUB (Bot.) ^i\amy to thirft ; the leaves hold water. 
Dipsa'didSB (ZooL) Hpfas^ fam. term, ida; a family of Colubrine ophidians. 
Dipsadobo'a (2>x)l.) a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Dlpeadomolrphus (Zool.) a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Di'psas (Zool.) t\\iki^ a venemous ierpent, whofe bite cauied intenie 

third ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Dl'ptera (Ent.) ^'vri^f , with two wings. 
Dl'pteriz (Bot.) d/r, double, vri^, a wing. 
Dlpterjr'gia (Ent.) S/fi double, vT<^f,a wing. 
Drpus (Zool.) }<flrow» two-footed. 

DirosB'a (Ent.) P. N. from Dirce^ the wife of Lycus, king of Thebes. 
DlBOhi'dsB (Zool.) equiv. to bifulcate ; applied by Aridotle to animals 

haying divided hoofs ; from 5/c, double, and ff';^/? •, to divide. 
Disohi'dia (Bot.) lit, twice, vyjJ^m, to fplit. 

Dlscoe'liUB (Ent.) Xivx^u a di(k, nXtor, the fun ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Dis'oolor (Zool.) Lot, party-coloured. 
Discolora'lls (Ent., Bot.) difiUor^ party-coloured. 
Disco'pora (Zool.) 9ir»of, a diflc, vi^f, a paflage or pore. 
Dis'opas (Ent.) ^iV> double, vot/r, a foot. 
Dis'par (Omith.) Lat, unequal 
Dispara'lis (Ent.) dijpar^ unequal. 
DiBpe'ris (Bot.) Uu two, vn^, a pouch. 
Di'sporom (Bot.) ^Ui twice, v«^f, a paflage or pore. 
Di'ssodon (Bot.) %iu twice, o^wf, «)«rr«r, a tooth. 
DiBBole'na (Bot.) J/f , twice, a«Xii», a tube ; referring to the tube of the 


Di'stoma (ZooL) J/c, twice, 0>t«/m«, a mouth ; having both branchial and 
anal orifices. 

Di^tomuB (Ent.) )k, twice, «^«/a«, a mouth. 

Dithyro'oarifl (Fos. ZooL) Sidu^c, having two valves, «c^';, a fhrimp. 

Ditlola (Bot.) 2iTT«;, double, ZouXoc, down. 

Dit'ula (Ent.) ^'-ruAtf;, with two humps. 


130 DIU — DOM 

Diuma'lia (Ent.) dlumusy of the day. 

Diur'nea (Ent.) diumus^ of the day, daily. 

Diur'ni (Ent. J Lai. pi. of diurniu, daily, applied to the Day-flying moths. 

Diu'ris (Bot.) ^1;, double, ev^it, a tail. 

Dixo'ni (Fos. Zool.) P. N. from Dixon^ author of *»The Foflils of 

Dock (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. docce; name of plants of the genus Rumex. 
Dodar'tia (Bot.) P. N. from F. Dodart^ a French botanift. 
Dodeoa'ctia (Zool.) $«$ix«, twelve, mtiVi a ray. 

Dodeoagy'na (Bot.) 3«Sfx«, tweWe, yinn^ a female ; having twelve piftils. 
Dodeoan'dria (Bot.) 2«Si«a, twelve, «»i)^, a male ; having twelve ftamens. 
Dodeca'iheon (Bot.) )«2fxcl, twelve, di«;, a divinity. 
Do'do (Ornith.) Ital.^ Span.y Port., and French, name of a bird now extinct, 

difcovered by the Portuguefe in 1499. 
Dodonas'a (Bot.) P. N. from R. Dodoens, a celebrated botanid. 
D06 (Zool.) Anglo-Sax. da, Lat. dama. 
Doliohoce'phallc (Zool.) ^oXt;^^;, long, »tpm,\^, the head ; where the 

development of the (kull is in the occipito-frontal diameter. 
Doliohode'irus (Fos. Zool.) 3oXi;^«;, longTdftpii, the neck. 
Dolioh'onyz (Ornith.) SoAt;^*;, long, ovwf, a claw. 
Do'UohOB (Bot.) t^Xi^ify long ; referring to the length of the climbing 

Doliohosau'rufl (Fos. Zool.) ^oUx^u long, tf-aD^c, a lizard. 
Doliohoso'ma (Ent.) JoXi;^*?, long, ^-a/ua, a body. 
Dolioho'tis (Zool.) $«Xi;^«;, long, oSc, wtsc, the ear. 
Dolioho'toma (Ent.) 3oXf;^«;, long, To/c*n, a cutting or dividon. 
DoliohuTiifl (Zool.) J«Xi;t»c, long, oZfa, a tail. 

DolichUTUB (Ent.) 2oXi;^«c, long, et;^«, a tail ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Doliooa'rpua (Bot.) S«X«o(, deceitful, nafwie, fruit; in allu/ion to its 

poiibnous qualities. 
Do'liopa (Ent.) lixwd deceitful, o^ttj appearance. 
Dolome'des (Ent.) SoXo/MnSnc* crafty, wily ; a genus of Arachnida. 
Dolo'pius (Ent.) ^0X09010^, treacherous, enfnaring. 
Dolphin ) 

DolphiB i" (^^^^^'^ ^'^^''» * ^^^?^^^' 
Dombe'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jofefih Domiey, a celebrated French 

Domestioalia (Ent.) domejiicut, tame. 
Domes'Uous-a-Uin (Ornith., Bot.) Lat. tame. 


DON — DRE 131 

Don'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of DondU Dupree^ a French botanift. 
Doo'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Samuel Doetfy, a London apothecary, 

and firft Britifh cryptogamift. 
Dor (£nt.) Anglo-Sax, ehra^ a locud, a drone. 

Do'ris (2k>ol.) P. N., the mother of the iea-nymphs, called Nereides. 
Do'rmouse (2^ool.) Anglo-Sax, dorat a drone, fleeping, mirx, a mouie. 
Dorste'nia (Bot.) P. N. from T. Dorjleny a German botanid. 
Do'ry (Ichth.) French^ doree, gilded ; John Dory is probably from jaune doree^ 

from its golden yellow colour. 
Dorya'nthe^ (Bot.) 2«^, a fpear, dttdn, a bloflbm. 
Doiy'onilim (Bot.) lifo^ a (pear ; the ancient plant was poifbnous. 
Dory'lldSB (£nt.) ^rylus, fam. term, ida ; a family of Hymenoptera. 
Do'rylua (£nt.) li^vj a fpear ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Dory'tomus (Ent.) lifv, (haft of a fpear, Tofcii, a part cut oC 
Dothl'dea (Bot.) )od(qv, a tubercle, iTSof, fimilar ; a fungus. 
Dougallil (Omith.) P. N. in honour of M. Dougall, an eminent omitho* 

Dougla'sia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Mr. J. IV, Douglas ^ author of the 

« World of Infers." 
Douronoo'uli (Zool.) native name of a monkey — Nyftipith^cus Tri- 

Dozoooo'OUB (Zool.) ^»i«, to ieem, ««»»««, a berry ; a genus of Iniufbria. 
Dra'ba (Bot.) a plant mentioned by Dtofcorides. 

Draose'na (Bot.) )^»m»A, a (he-dragon ; the juice is like dragon's blood. 
Dra'oo (Zool.) Lai, a dragon; this dreaded name has been given by 

modem naturallfts to an innocent winged genus of Reptiles. 
Dracooe'phalum (Bot.) %fa»mi, a dragon, ttt^aXni a head. 
Dracon'tlum (Bot.) If^nwy a dragon. 
Dracim'oulllS (Ichth.) Lot, dim. of draco^ a dragon, equivalent to the 

popular name, dragonet. 
Drake (Ornithi) perhaps from Dutch and German dretiy mud, becaufe it 

delights in mud. 
Drapamaldia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of James Philip Ralf. Drapamaud^ 

a French botani(l. 
Dra'ssidSB (Ent.) drajfus^ fam. term, id^, 
Dra'ssus (Ent.) 3^«^^9f42i, to grafp. 

Dre'pane (Ichth,) S^i?r«»i), a fickle ; the Reaper-filh. 

_^ . . y (Ent.) 'IfastnMi, vigorous. 

Draste riuB > ^ '^ r » e, 

132 DXE — DUF 

Dre'paniB (Ornith.) Ifuminn^ a fickle, from the Ihape of the bill ; a genut 

of Birds. 
Drepanooa'rpuB (Bot.) 2^ir«»ov, a fcimeter, uafwig^ fruit. 
Drepanu'lldsB (£nt.) )^ir«voir, a reaping-hook or ficlde; motlis having 

their wings hooked at the tip. 
Dri'mia (Bot.) Sftfti^, bitter, from the juice of the roots being bitter. 
Dromada'rius (Zool.) Lat. a dromedary. 

Droma'illS (Ornith.) ^fOfxaXoty fwift ; generic name of the Emeu. 
Dromathe'rium (Fos. Zool.) ^fOfXMs^ fwift-running, Bnpin, bead. 
Dro'medary (Zool.) IfofJtmf, iwift, ^^/uw, to nin. 
Dromi'oia (Zool.) if/uuvf, a runner. 
Dro'mious (Zool.) ^^cfux«r, good at running; a genus of Colubrine 

Dro'miua (£nt.) 2^/t4ivf, a runner. 

Dro'sera (Bot.) }piT9f, dew ; from the dislike glands on the leaves. 
Drummo'ndll (Zool) P. N. from Mr, Drummed. 
Dru'aa (Bot.) P. N. from M. Le Dru^ a botanift. 

Drya'dldSB (2^1.) 2r^, fam. term. uU; 9. family of Colubiine ophidians. 
Drya'ndra (Bot.) P. N. from Jofiph Dryander, a diftinguiftied bounlft. 
Dry'as (Bot.) having leaves like the oak, which was facred to the Drtfod*, 
Dryio'phidsB (Zool.) dryiopku^ fam. term. £d^, a family of Colubrine 

Dryio'phis (Zool.) d^'r*;, a ierpent living in hollow oaks; of if, a 

Dryma'ria (Bot.) 2fv/c4«r, a wood ; referring to its habitation. 
Drymo'des (Ornith.) }fVfA«lfintf woody ; a lover of woodland places. 
Dryoba'tes (Ornith.) )^/of, a wood or thicket, /Sa<»«, to go. 
Dryoca'lamus (Zool.) Iff, an oak, calamus^ a reed, from refemblance ; a 

genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Dzyo'philUB (£nt.) 2^r, the oak, ^, to love. 
Dryopithe 0U8 (Fos. Zool) 'hfit^ ^pvot, a tree, «»daM«, an ape. 
Dry'ops (Ent.) 3pf, oak, o<t{.ir, refemblance. 
Dryop'teris (Bot.) ^fmvrtpif, a fern refembling the oak in profile. 
Dry^petes (Bot.) $^i!vt«, to lacerate. 
Dry'pis (Bot.) ifvnraty to Ucerate. 
Dryp'ta (Ent.) ^^virT«, to lacerate. 
DubiUB-a-mn (Zool., Bot.) Lat. doubtful. 
Duok (Ornith.) DuUky daihn. 
Dufou'ril (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Dufvur. 

DUL — EBU 133 

Duloama'ra (Bot.) dtdeU^ fweett amarus, bitter; becaufe the tafle of ths 
(lem and root is at firft bitter and afterwards iweet. 

Duli'ohium (Bot.) P. N., the name of the ifland where it is found. 

Duma'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Dumat, one of the Editors of the 
« Annals of Natural Hiftory." 

Dumetl'oola (Zool.) dumftum, a copfe, cdo, to frequent. 

Dumeto'sus (Zool.) Lai, bufliy, tufty. 

Dumo'ntla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cryptogamia. 

Dura'nta (Bot.) P. N. from Cafior DuraiUj, a phyfician and botanifl of 
the 1 6th century. 

Duva'llia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Duvalj a French botanift. 

Dyna'stes (Ent.) iw^iff-rnfj a mader. 

Dyna'stidsB (Ent.) dymtfirs, fam. term. ida. 

Dysohi'riuB (Ent.) 2vf, hard, xiif, hand. 

Dy'sdera (Ent.) }vf^ hard, )t^f, a (kin, or perhaps )lp«, tlie neck. 

Dyti'oidsB (Ent.) dyt'uwy fam. term. u£f. 

I>7'tioU8 (Ent.) Ivrwify fond of diving. 

Sari'na (Bot.) lo^, the fpring ; a genus of Orchidaceac. 
Ea'ris (Ent.) f<l^, 4?ring, from the time of its appearance; a genus of 

ESatO'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Eaton i a genus of Grades. 

X Im, without barbay or beards, or fringes ; the 

r latter applied to the unfeathered portions of 

Ebarbola'tuB (Omith.) I ^. /r > • 

^ ^ ^ the caflowary s wmg. 

£belin'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Eieiing, a German botanifl ; a 

genus of Simanibacez. 
Ebena'cesB (Bot.) ebentu, fam. term. aeea. 
Xl)enus (Bot.) Heb, Hebmm, Gr. I/Sivof, Lot, ebemu, the ebony-tree ; the 

typical genus of Ebenacec 
Ebeni'dlum (Bot.) ebcnw^ iH^f, like ; a genus of I«eguminofae. 
Ebermey'era (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Ebermeiftrt a German botanifl ; 

a genus of Acanthacez. 
Ebulea (Ent.) ebuhu^ the dwarf elder-tree, on which it fe<*ds. 
Ebu'xia (Ent.) ebur^ ivory, from the yellowilh ivory fpots on the elytra ; 

a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ebur'na (Zool.) ebur, ivory ; the ivory-fbell ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Ebur'neUfl-a-um (Zool.) Lot, white, like ivory. 


134 ^CA — ECH 

Boalyp'tria (Bot.) i», out, »»Xvwr^, a lid or covering. 

Eoastophyllum (Bot.) Ua^rost each, ^vX^gf, a leaf. 

Ecba'lium (Bot.) i«^«XX*>, to throw outwards ; burfls and difcharges its 

feeds when ripe; a genus of Cucurbitacez ; "the Spirting cucumber." 
Eccliao'pteryz (£nt.) UkXi/m, to (hut out, vti^, a wing; from the 

peculiarity of the pofterior wings ; a genus of Phryganidz. 
Eooremooar'pus (Bot.) ix«^/txiif, pendent, xttfuit, fruit. 
Eodysan'thera (Bot.) ixSuo-if, excrefcence, «»dii^, an anther ; a genus of 


s;^M, to hold, totlf, a (hip; from the fuppo(ed 

Echenei'dldas (Ichth.) , r :, . ^ n^. r . ^ t- 

r powerof detainmir Ihips at lea: the Sucking- 

Eohene'is (Ichth.) i Z t> c -y 

-^ nlh, or Remora family. 

Echena'is (Ichth.) lx,nmt^ holding (hips back ; from tlie reputed a^on of 
the Sucking-fi(h ; alfo, in Botany, a genus of Compofitz. 

Eoheve'ria (Bot.) P. N. from M. Eckeveri^ artift of the fplendid drawings 
of the *' Flora Mexicana ; " a genus of Cradiilacez. 

Echlmy'na (Zool.) ix^us^ a fjpine, fAvnt a guard ; a fub-family of 

Eohiznys (Zool.) J;^rvo;, a fpine, fcS?, a mou(e. 

Echinaoa'nthus (Bot.) ix^wst rough, acanthus ; a genus of Compofitz. 

Eohina'oea (Bot.) f;^r»or, rough ; a genus of Compofitae. 

Eohtnaly'sium (Bot.) f;^r»0f, rough, ilXv0-f«v, a chain ; a genus of Gramina. 

Eohina'nthus (Bot.) \x^^»u rough, a>d«r, a flower ; a genus of Compofitse. 

Eohinaraoh'nius (Zool.) i;^rroc, a hedge-hog, «^«;^i«v, a fpider's web ; 
a genus of Echinodermata. 

Eohina'ria (Bot.) ^x^y^u rough ; a genus of Graminacez. 

Eohid'na (Zool.) I;^i2va, a viper. 

Echine'Ua (Zool., Bot.) dim. of echinus^ a fpine, from its bridly appear- 
ance ; alio a genus of Animalcules. 

Echi'nidSB (Zool.) i;^r»ec, the fea-urchin ; fam. term. ida. 

Eohinobo'trys (Bot.) ix^utt rough, Birfusi a duder of grapes ; a genus of 

Eohinobo'tryum (Bot.) Ix^^^fy ropgh, Birfuf, a clufler ; a genus of Fungi. 

Eohinooa'otas (Bot.) ix^^^f* ^ fea-urchin, ca£fiu ; reiemblance of plant to 
the animal ; a genus of Ca^cez. 

Echinooa'rpua (Bot.) Ix^uu rough, futfwist fniit ; a genus of Flacourtlacez. 

Echinocau'lon (Bot*.) ixi^wrt rough, »«vX6f, a ftalk ; a genus of Poly- 

SohiDO'cena (Bot.) t;^<**f, rough, jM^^ir, a horn ; a genus of Algie. 

ECH — ECH 135 

Eohino'ohloa (Bot.) ^x^^u a fpine, x^**^ S"^'* 

Schinocri'nus (Fo«. Zool.) tx^f«u a fpine, Kpitn, a lily; a genus of 

EohinooT'anils (Zool.) ixt^'Ci a Tea -urchin, cmvoc, purple; a genus of 

Eohlnoojr'stls (Bot.) ix^**fi rough, uumf^ a pouch ; a genus of Cucur- 

Eohlnoder'mata (Zool.) ix^>of» a hedge-hog, ^^«, the (kin. 
Eohinodi'BCUB (Bot.) ix}**f rough, )jVK«ir, a diik ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Eohino'dium (Bot.) ^x^>*h a hedge-hog, itlssf like; a genus of Com- 

Sohino'doruB (Bot.) ix**«f * rough, h^f, a wallet ; a genus of Alffmacez. 
Sohino'gyna (Bot.) ix^uf, rough, yutn, a female ; a genus of Marchan- 

Echlnolai'na (Bot.) i)C^fof, rough, Xk7»«, a cloak ur covering ; a genus of* 

Echinolema (Bot.) ix^ut, rough, Xtift«, will, purpofe ; a genus of Caly- 

Echinolo'bium (Bot.) ■x*''*fi rough, xiBtn, a pod; a genus of Legu- 

Echlnoly'truin (Bot.) ix^f*ft rough, iXvr^v, a covering ; a genus of Cyper- 

Eohinomelria (Bot.) I;^i»«f, rough, /c*it^'«, thighs ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Echinomi'trium (Bot.) l^^ut^ rough, fAtr^iw^ a girdle ; a genus of Mar- 

Eohinoph'ora (Bot.) i^'''"'* ^ hedge-hog, ^9^i«, to bear ; alluding to its 

flowers ; a genus of Umbelliferz. 
Eohinopla'oa (Bot.) ix^ni^ rough, irX«{, irX«»«f , a flat furfiice ; a genus 

of Lichenes. 
Eohinopo'gon (Bot.) Ix^ns, rough, wiiyan, the i)eard. 
Eoh'lnops (Bot.) ix^^^t ^^^ hedge-hog, S>|^if, appearance ; referring to its 

heads ; the Globe-thiflle. 
Eohinopsilon (Bot.) i;^r»«f, rough, ^ikttt a feather ; a genus of Cheno- 

Echinop'teris (Bot.) ix^f»s, rough, xriptf^ a fern; fo called from its 

feathery leaves ; a genus of Malpighiacez. 
Eohlnopus (Bot.) ixTvog, rough, irov(, a foot ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Echinorhi'nuB (Ichth.) ix^tt^i rough, ^(Mr, the flcin. 
EohinoBohcB'nua (Bot.) ix^*»i rough, 0-^«it«t^^t«ed\a.^<nv>aAoV^^\«t:M.««.. 

13^ ECH — ECT 

Echinosper^um (Bot.) i;^7vor, a fpine, ^-irf^a, ieed ; a genus of Bora- 

Eo]lino8ph8B*ra (Bot.) ix^uty rough, ^/ufm, a fphere; a genus of 

Eohinosta'ohys (Fos. Bot.) i%T*of, rough, rrtix^s, a head of flowers. 
Eohi'nilB (ZooL) ix}fctt a hedge-hog; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Echioohilon (Bot.) S;^if, a viper, x^^*h ff^'^ ; ^ genus of Boraginacez. 
Eohiod'on (Ichth.) lj(^n, a viper, e)«i/f, a tooth. 
Eohio^o'sBum (Bot.) I;^k, aTiper,>x»0'0^«, a tongue; a genus of 

EolUoi'des (Bot.) echwm, and iT^^f , like ; resemblance to the Echiipn ; a 

genus of Boraginacez ; alio, an adjective term denoting prickly. 
Eohio'psiB (Ichth.) i;^(f , a viper, e^t^i appearance ; alio a genus in Botany. 
E'ohls (Zool.) s;^if, a viper; a genus of Ophidians. 
Echi'tes (Bot.) I;^(f , a viper, in alluTion to its fmooth (hining (hoots ; a 

genus of Apocynacez. 
E'ohimn (Bot.) ixtft & viper, referring to its ieeds ; a genus of Bonginacee. 
Eohiu'roa (Zool.) f;^if , a viper, ov^, a tail ; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Eohfhrone'ma (Bot.) ix^fit^ hoftile, n/**, a thread ; a genus of Iridacee. 
Eo]Ea'rdia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Eciard, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Orchidacese. 
Eoklo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Ecilon, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Algz. 
Eolec'tU8-a-um (Zool., Omith.) t»Xtmris, chofen, fele^. 
Eollp'ta (Bot ) ijtXiiw»,to be wanting ; alluding to its want of feed-ctxiwn 

or wing. 
Eolo'pes (Bot.) i»X«ir/(«, to lay bare, flrip ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Eota'dimn (Bot.) UrJUutj «, •*, (lietched out ; a genus of Afdepiadacec. 
Eo'tasis (Bot.) ixTM'tf , extenfion ; a genus of Ericaceae. 
Eotenop'sis (Ent.) ixntni, (Iretched out, o^s, appearance; a genus of 

EothoreB'um (Zool.) i«6i«, to run, or ially out ; a term applied by Mr. 

Gofle to certain wire-like organs of the A£Hniz. 
Ec'thros (Bot.) ixBfdff-Km, to leap forth ; fudden expandon of flower ; a 

genus of Papaveracese. 
Ecti'nus (Ent.) i«Ti>«, to take vengeance ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ecto'bia (Ent.) Urogj without, /?m«» to live ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Eotooa'rpus (Bot.) Urif, outfide, »afwist fruit ; a genus of Algz. 
Eotooime'iform (Zool.) Urisi outfide, and the tunaform bone. 

ECT — EL A 137 

Sotppifltea (Ornith.) bTovtrru^c, migratory; the Pailenger-pigeon of 

Eotostro'ma (Bot.) l«ro(, without, rtfAiAo, a byer. 
Ectro'sia (Bot.) Inrfma-ity a mifcarriage ; a genus of Gnuninacee. 
Eda'phodont (Ichth.) Xim^»u the bafe, o)«yf, •^grrtti a tooth. 
Xdenta'ta (ZooL) edeiOuUh toothlefs. 

Edere'sa (£nt.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Liepidoptera. 
Edgwor'thla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of — Edgwwth; a genus of 

Edmo'ndia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of — — Edtmnd; a genus of Com- 

XdoHHB (Ornith.) tiixuf^ a feat for rowers ; from the form of the two 

outer feathers of the tail. 
Edralan'thUB (Bot.) iS^Taf , fixed, ieflile, M§t^ a flower. 
Edralophibal'ma (Zool.) i}^7«r, fixed, c^MAfAff, an eye; an order of 

Cruftacea, with ieflile eyes, (Ituated on the fides of the head. 
Edulis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lot, eaUble. 
Edu'sa (Ent.) P. N. from Edufa^ a Roman di?inity, worfhipped as the 

prote^treis of children, and fuppofed to bleis their food (ederey to eat) ; 

a ipecies of Lepidoptenu 
Edward'sia (Bot.) P. N. from S. Edwards^ a celebrated botanical 

draughtfinan ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Eel (Ichth.) AHglo-Sax. ael, 
EffirsB'nia (Zool.) Lai, unbridled. 

Egenaifia (Ent.) egemut poor, needy ; a fpecies of Geometra. 
Ege'rla (Bot.) P. N. a nymph changed into a fountain by Diana; a 

genus of pbnts. 
Egerto'nl (Fos. ZooL) P. N. from Sir PhUip Egerim, an eminent fe(fil 

EgreglallB (Ent.) egrtgiw, excellent, Angular. 

(Bot.) P. N., a family and genus of plants named in honour 

Juui^o^ua ^ 

^. . , ^ of 2>. G. £Ar^, a celebrated German botanical diuughts- 

Ehretla'oe» > 


Ehrhar'tla (Bot.) P. N. from F, Ekrhart^ a Swifs naturaliH. 

Ehrenberrgla (Bot.) P. N. from M, EknaUrg, the celebrated Pruflian 

Elaohi'sta (Ent.) iX«;^<rT«r, very (maU, the leaft ; a genus of Lepidoptera ; 

alio a genus in Botany. 
Elaohi'stea (Bot.) ix«;^irTMi the finalleft ; a genus of AlgK. 

138 ELM — RLE 

lElSBag'nilS (Bot.) iXct«, the olive-tree, «>^«f, holy ; the olive was facred 

to Athena ; the typical genus of Elasagnacez. 
Slse'ina (Bot.) ixmc, the olive-tree, 
Ulae'ls (Bot.) fX«/«, olive ; the natives of Guinea extract an oil from the 

fruit ; the Oily Pahn. 
ElSBOCa'rpuB (Bot.) iXaIm, olive, »»fwif, fruit, referring to its refemblance. 
SlSBode'ndron (Bot.) iXc/c, olive, 3I»}^, a tree; a genus of Celailraceae. 
BlaOiUB (Omith.) this kite is faid to pounce upon its prey with the 

rapidity of lightning, and has therefore probably got its name from 

the French fLut. 
Elapho^OS'smn (Bot.) i X«t*;, a deer, yXm<ram, tongue. 
Elaphomy'oeB (Bot.) 2x«^f , a deer (referring to branched horns), fAvniff, 

a fungus ; a genus of Fungi. 
Ela'pbrldsB (£nt.) rlafhriu, fam. term, idit, 

Ela'pbrluxn (Bot.) tka^fie, light in weight ; referring to its wood. 
E'laphrUB (Ent.) iX«^^r, nimble ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Elapooe'phalus (Zool.) eUps, a ferpent, »f<f>«x«(, head. 
Ela'pB (Zool) a name uTed by Pliny for a ierpent ; a genus of Colubrine 

Elap'sidflB (ZooL) elafi*, fam. term, ida; a family of Colubrine ophidians. 
Elapsc/pis (Ichth.) eiajfs, a ferpent, i^, face ; a genus of Ichthyology. 
Elapoidis (Zool.) eia/>s,A ierpent, ii^or, refemblance ; a genus of Colubrine 

Elasmatl'na (Zool.) iXct/ua, a thin plate. 
Elas'modiis (Fos. Zool.) iXc^ft«, a plate, HAs, a tooth. 
Ela'smus (Ent.) ikaafjM, a plate. 
E'late (Bot.) %\Arn^ the pine. 
Ela'ter (Ent.) iXcrij^ a driver, an impeUer ; a genus of Coleoptera ; alfo 

the name for the organs, which eje^ the feeds in Jungermaunias. 
Elate lidSB (Ent.) tlater, fam. term, idde, 

Elaterium (Bot.) ix«r<i^, an impeUer ; it has elaftic feed-veflels. 
Ela'tine (Bot.) iXaTtVfi, was applied by Diofcorides to denote a kind of 

toad-flax ; now applied to another plant. 
El'der (Bot.) Anglo^Sax. elbam. 

Elecampane (Bot.) from the Spanifh EnuU Campana, Field Inula. 
Eleo'tra (Ent.) P. N., the daughter of Agamemnony and fifler of Orefles ; a 

genus of Lepidoptera ; alfb a genus in Botany. 
Eledo'ne (Zool.) iXiS^if, a name applied by Ariftotle to a kind of polypus. 
Eregans (Omith., Bot.) Lot. handfome, graceful. 

ELE — ELU 139 

Eleganta'lia (Ent.) eteg(uuj graceful. 

Ble'gia (Bot.) Ixryot, a lament ; referring to the fad colour of the plants. 

Bleio'tes (Bot.) i Xit^f, the dormoufe, iZty itrity an ear ; alluding to the 

appearance of its leaves. 
Eleocharieria (Ent.) iXec, a marHi, ;^cfir, favour; it was firft taken 

among ruHies. 
Eleo'charis (Bot.) i Xof, a mar(h, x'^'^f* ^^ delight. 
Eleotra'gus (2^ooL) iA.«f, a marfh, rfmytt, a he-goat. 
Slepha'ntipes (Bot.) eUphasy an elephant, and pes^ a foot ; form of rhizome. 
Elepha'ntopus (Bot.) ixi<(>«f, an elephant, vavf, a foot. 
El'ephas (2^ool.) Lot, an elephant. 
El'eplias (Zool.) ixi4>«f, an elephant. 
Eleusi'ne (Bot.) P. N., EUufu, one of the appellations of Ceres ; a genus of 

Indian Grades, yielding grain. 
Eleutheroooo'ous (Bot.) ixn/di^C) free, koxmc, a berry. 
Eleutheropo'mi (Ichth.) %Xt%Atf$y free, ««/m«, a lid or cover ; a fub-orde'' 

of Fifhes. 

Elicluysuxn (Bot.) t\uu the fun, xfvx«v, golden ; referring to its bloflbms. 
EUngua'ria (Ent.) eiinguu, tonguelefs ; the fpiral tongue being obfolete. 
E'limiis (Ent.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Elk (ZooL) Angle-Sax. elch ; the Urgeft of the genus Cervus. 
Elli'sbua (Ent.) t\UTX9s^ talked of; a genus of Coleoptera. 
EllioVtia (Bot.) P. N. from Suphen Eliutty a North American botanid. 
Ellipaipry'nmus (ZooL) i\xii>, a falling fhort, a defeA, vpv/M««f, the 

hind part ; from the greyifh-white oval patch round the bafe of the tail. 
EUi'sia (Bot.) P. N. from 7. Ellis, an eminent naturalid. 
EUoboca'rpuB (Bot.) s», in, Xe^ic, a pod, xufnit^ fruit. 
Ell(/pla (Ent.) the ancient name of the ifland of Euboea, now Negropont ; 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Elm (Bot.) Lot. ttlmui, 

Elmin'lua (ZooL) Sx/miv; , a worm ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
E'lmls (Ent.) Ariftotle ufes iX/uic, as equivalent to iXfu»f, a worm. 
Elo^dea (Bot.) ixw^iff, marfhy ; referring to the places where it grows. 
Elpe'nor (Ent.) P. N. from Elpanr^ a friend of Ulyfles ; a fpedes of 

ElBlicyltzia (Bot.) P. N. from /. S, Eljholtzj a Pruffian botanid ; a genus 

of Labiatae. 
Elutalis (Ent.) elutw, wafhed. 
Eluta'ta (Ent.) elutusj waOied out ; a fpecies of Geometne. 

X40 ELV — ENC 

Eluviella (Ent.) duv'us^ a deluge. 

Elymus (Bot.) iXm, to cover ; Lyme grafs. 

Elyna (Bot.) f Am*, to cover ; a genus of Cyperacex. 

Elytralia (Bot.) iXtrr^, a fheath ; alluding to iU fcaly ftem. 

Elytra (Ent.) iXmr^y, a (heath. 

Ely'traform (ZooL) diftra znd/ormh^ i.«.,fliaped like an inieA's wing-cover. 

Ely^tropus (Bot.) i Xut^, a fheath, wtSe, a foot. 

Emargina'ta (Ent.) emarpmatusy taken out of the margin ; the margins of 
the wings being angulated. 

Embalonu'ra (Zool.) tfAfi»xxt»f to (heath, «vf«, a tail^ 

Embeii'za (Omlth.) etymology unknown. 

Emerltella (Ent.) emeritus^ confpicuou& 

Emmele'sia (Ent.) i/u/aXfif , graceful ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Empetnim (Bot.) 1% upon, vit^, a rock ; referring to its place of 
growth ; the typical genus of Empetracex. 

Empleu'rum (Bot.) Ir, in, vMv^*, a rib. 

Empyre'a (Ent.) ifAwvf$e, fcorched ; a genus of No£bi2. 

Em'UB (Ent.) from fome reiemblance to a tortoife, t/xvf ; a genus of Coleo- 

Emuta'xia (Ent.) emutare, to change ; a fpecies of Geometne. 

Emy'dia (Ent.) i/Mvf , a frefh-water tortoife. 

Em/diuxn (Zool) I/mw^, a water-tortoife ; a genus of Polygaftric animal- 

Emydosau'rl (2Sool.) i/uvc, a tortoife, a-uSff^ a lizard. 

EnaliolimnoBaulrus (Fos. Zool.) i»«A.icf , marine, kifAfn, a marih, tf-«v^Ct 
a lizard. 

Enaliosau'Ma (Fos. ZooL) fv«Xi«r, marine, a-auftt > Uzard. 

Ezuu*thxooa'rpu8 (Bot.) tniet, nine, ifBf$*, a joint, »«^«c, fruit. 

Enoaly'pta (Bot.) iv, within, miA^itt^ a covering; a genus of MuTci. 

Encelia (Bot.) i}^;^iXi«y, a little eel ; referring to the feeds. 

Enchelyoare (Ichth.) lyx^Xus^ an eel 

Enohelynasaa (Ichth.) I>^;^xv(, an eel 

En'ohodUB (Fos. Zool.) tyx*tn ^ fy^^t ^^t^ ^ tooth ; a genus of fpear- 
toothed fodil fi(he8 of the Mackerel family. 

Enoe^halus (Ent.) iv, in, M<^aXf}, the head ; a genus of Coleoptenu 

Enohelia i 

> (Zool.) lyx'^Xui, an eel ; genera of Polygadric animalcules. 

EnOGBlium (Bot.) iv, within, »«7X0f , a hoUow ; the fronds are tubular and 

ENC — END 141 

Encrasf cholus (Ichth.) tyxfoo^ix^^^u mixed with bitter. 

En'orinite (Fos. Bot.) i?, in, »^W, a lily ; a ipecies of ftar-filh, having a 

radiated lily-(haped di(k. 
Enoyone'ma (ZooL) fynw^^ pregnant, nf**, a thread ; a genus of Poly- 

gadric animalcules. 
Ency'TtidflB (Ent.) eruyrtus, hm. term, ida; z. family of Hymenoptera. 
Ency'rtaB (£nt.) i», in, nvfrit^ curved, suxhed. 
Sn'deoa (ZooL) I»)f »«, eleven ; having eleven rays. 
Endeoa'phyllouB (Bot.) Ir)a»«, eleven, ^wA.x«v, a leaf. 
Sndero'nio (Zool.) !»» upon, )i^, the (kin ; new term propoied by Pro- 

feflbr Huxley in place of ** dermal " in certain cafes. 
Endlotya (ZooL) l», within, )/jstu#», a net; a genus of Polygaftric 

En'dive (Bot.) Latiny Intybiu; AraUcy kenMeA, 
Endoca'rpon (Bot.) fv}«y, within, xttfmit, fruit ; a genus of Mufci. 
Sndoohrome (Bot.) i»)«v, within, xf^f*'^* colour. 
Endodro'mla (Bot.) !•)«», within, ifi/^f, a runner ; a genus of Fungi. 
En'dogens (Bot.) h}n, within, ^itvMf, to produce. 
EndcXgone (Bot.) •»)«?, within, ytnmat, to produce ; a genus of Fungi. 
Endomy'ohidsB (Ent.) endomychus^ fam, term. itUt. 
Endomy'oliiis (Ent.) tvlar, "within, /mm*, to be hidden; a genus of 

Endoparaai'tio (Zool.) M«v, within, ir«p«TiT«f, a parafite, or one who 

feeds upon another. 
Endophylluxn (Bot.) K^ov, within, <{>i/XX«y, a leaf; a genus of Fungi. 
Endophy'llus (Bot.) if)«v, within, ^XA«», a leaf. 
Endopi'sa (Ent:) i>)of, within, «iV*r, the pea, or other leguminous plant. 
Endople'ura (Bot.) IvSot, within, vAiv^, the fide. 
Endorhi'za (Bot.) If^v, within, ^i(«, a root. 
Endosi'phonites (Fos. ZooL) l»)««, within, ci^mt a tube ; a fynonym 

of Profeflbr Anfted*s for the nautiloid (hell, whofe fiphuncle is on 

the inner fide of the whorls. 
Endoskel'etal (ZooL) Iy)«y, within, rMX«T*r, a (keleton. 
En'dosperm (Bot.) itSev, within, cmftAm^ a feed. 
Endo'thia (Bot.) i>3«div, from within ; a genus of FungL 
Endotrioha (Ent.) Iif)«», within, 0^i{, t^;^*;, hair. 
Endro'midea (Ent.) the family of which Endromu is type. 
iEIn'dromis (Ent.) i^ffi,Uy a rough coarfe garment ; aUuding to tlie hairy 

abdomen of the imago ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

142 END — ENT 

En'drosis (Ent.) i»}forof, bedewed, dewy. 

Enerth6ne'ma (Bot.) 7*1^1, beneath, vqyM«, a thread ; a. genus of Fungi. 

£n'gid8B (Ent.) m^/, fam. term. itU. 

Engis (Ent.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Englenes (Ent.) a genus of Coleoptera. 

Enhydra (Zool.) s»v}^f , living in water ; the Sea-otter. 

Enhydrina (Zool.) in/)^f , living in water ; a genus of Ophidians. 

Enioo'ceraa (Ent.) ivt»#f, Hngle, »l^f, horn ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Enicopus (Ent.) •*<»«;, fmgle, mwt^ a foot ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Enioo'stoma (Ent.) inuiu Tingle, rr'fxay a mouth ; a genus of Lepi- 

Enkia'nthUB (Bot.) ly»v9St pregnant, «id«f, a flower ; a genus of En- 

Enneao'tiB (Zool.) tnim^ nine, «»Ttf, a ray. 
Emio'midSB (Ent.) inc/buf, fam. term. ida. 
En'nomos (Ent.) ma/tAof, lawful, jud ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Ennyoli'la (Ent.) tnvx^ty in the night. 
Ennychi'idsB (Ent.) the fiunily of which Ennye/ua is the type ; a genus of 

Enolcyla (Ent.) s»Ms*f , dwelling in, ;^i(a.oc, a rim ; a genus of the Phry- 

Ensa'te (Bot.) mfu, a fword ; iword-(haped. 
Enterea (Bot.) iyrikn%j perfieO \ all the fhunens are fertile. 
Entelodon (Fos. Zool.) ivtiXq^, perfect, lUvst •)»T«f , a tooth ; an extinO 

genus of Mammalia. 
Enteromor'pha (Bot.) ivti^, entiail, /u«^if, fliape ; a genus of Algae. 
Enteroplea (2^ooL) Irrtftn^ the intedine, 2)wAev, armour; a genus of 

Polygadric animalcules. 
Entolo'ma (Bot.) »t«;, within, Xw/ua,^ a fringe ; a genus of Fungi. 
Entomo'deres (Ent.) i»Teft«ec, cut, ^i^D, the necle. 
Entomogram'ma (Ent.) i»To/u«(, cut, ^^m^/ma, an infcription. 
E'ntomolite (Fos. Zool.) I*t«/u«, infeOs, Xid«;, a ftone ; a folTil infect. 
Entomoneis (Zool.) {»t«;, within, /M0»«f, a monad ; a genus of Polygaftric 

EntomoBoe'lis (Ent.) i»T*/ua(, cut, *n\lu a fpot. 
Entomo'straoa (Zool.) ivro/Ma^, an infeO, irrfm^gv, a (hell ; a divifion of 

the Cruftacea. 
Entopyla (Zool.) irr«(, within, iri/An, an entrance ; a genus of Poiy- 
gaftric animalcules. 

ENT-^EPH 143 

Entoste'mal (Zool.) irr«;, within, tf-Tipm, ttie bread. 

Sntos thodon (Bot.) trrw^n, from within, •)«/; , •}«vTOf , a tooth ; a genus 

of Mufci. 
Entoz'oa (Zool.) nriu within, (««*, an animal; parafites frequenting 

internal organs. 
Enuclea'tor (Omith.) Lot. one who gets at the kernel or nuciatt. 
Eny'gras (Zool.) §*, in, v>e«;, moilbire ; a genus of Ophidians. 
E'ooene (Fos. Zool.) q«c, the dawn, Mu»«f, new. 
Eo'gena (Ent.) nrnt, the dawn, yt^n, birth; appearing in the earlj 

Eopsaltria (Omith.) %v9t, the dawn, ^I^aAt^ui, a harper or flnger; the 

Audralian Robin. 
Eo'sphora (Zool.) i«»0-^c^f, the morning-ftar ; a genus of Polygaftric 

Ep'aoris (Bot.) twly upon, £«po;, the top, referring to its mountainous 

habitat ; the typical genus of Epacridaceae. 
Epaphliis (Ent.) ivAi^n, a painful touch ; hurting when handled. 
Epei'ra (Ent.) i(oc» iTj^e;, ifi«, i^iov, and tiptov, are only (lightly different 

forms of the fame word, which means wool or cotton, and ii(i« t?; 

»^tt%»fii is u/ed for the fpider's web, tri is intenftve. The more correA 

(pelling would be ef>i'<ira, or ep't^ria^ and may be tranflated the web- 
maker, or the large web- maker I 
Epenoepha'llo (Zool.) nr/, upon, fy»if«A0f, the brain. 
Eperla'nuB (Ichth.) 7*1^, jud as, refembling, Xavof, wool. 
Ephe'dra (Bot.) i^iS(c» horfe-tail ; a genus of plants refembling Horfe- 

Ephes'tia (Ent.) s^itf-ncf, attached to the houfe, domefllc. 
Ephialtes (Omith.) i^MXrnf, nightmare ; applied to a genus of Owls. 
Ephlppa'na (Ent.) i«^'«Mri«, a faddle. 

Ephlp'pial (Zool.) iaddle-fhaped, from iir^ upon, Tviref, a horfe. 
Ephippiph'ora (Ent.) t^wvut, a faddle, t^e*"** ^^ ''"'^^ » alluding to the 

form of the markings on the anterior wings. 
Ephip'pium (Zool., Ichth.) t^^/iriric, a faddle. 

Ephiste'mus (Ent.) iv/, upon, <rr«/Mflrv, a warp ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ephip'piger (Ent.) ephippium^ a faddle, gfrere^ to carry; a genus of 

Ephthlanu'ra (Omith.) i^iu languid, «/;•, a tail ; applied to a genus of 

Auftralian Wagtails. 
Ephyro'des (Ent.) refembling ephya 

144 ^P^ — ^PI 

Eph'yra (£nt.) P. N., the ancient name of Corinth; a genus of 

EpibulUB (Ichth.) tm'^ovXvf , treacherous ; applied to a genus of fiflies from 

the mode of entrapping their prey. 
Epioh'ariB (£nt.) iir/;^apif , pleating, agreeable ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Epiohi'llum (Bot.) iv/, upon, ;^7X*c, the lip. 
Epio'lopua (Ent.) tvi»kir«s, thievifh ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Epiooo'oum (Bot.) iiri, upon, ]M»»«Cf a berry ; a genus of Fungi. 
Bpi'orates (Zool.) twixfarH^, a mailer ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Epide'ndmm (Bot.) iv«, upon, }i*)(«v, a tree ; it grows upon trees ; a 

genus of epipnytic Orchidacez. 
Epidro'mia (Ent.) iir()p«fu«, an attack. 
Epie'rUB (Ent.) twin^of^ pieafant. 
EplgSB'a (Bot.) iv/, upon, ytai, the earth ; its (lems grow upon the ground ; 

a genus of Ericacese. 
Epigraphla (Ent.) tvtyfa^^ to write upon ; from the letter-like markings 

on the anterior wings. 
Epihyal (Zool.) iv/, upon, uaXk* glafs. 
Epilcbium (Bot.) fv«> upon, Xo^«e, a pod. Flower is ieated upon a long 

ovary refembling a peduncle ; a genus of OnagracesB. 
Epima'oliiiiSB ) 

Epl'machtu. I ^°""*-^ "'"'''"' "^ *° ""''^- 
Epime'dium (Bot.) the name uied by Pliny and Diofcorides for a plant, 

now called Barren-wort ; a genus of Berberidaoez. 
Epi'melas (Ent.) §«« and /Mix«f • black. 
Epi'one (Ent.) P. N. from EpUtUj the wife of iEiculapius ; a genus of 

Eplpa'ctis (Bot.) tvivnyfim^ to coagulate ; referring to its e!k€t upon milk ; 

a genus of terreflrial Orchidaceae. 
Epipedono'ta (Ent.) f«i» upon, 9'%it»^ the ground, v£T»f, the back. 
Epiphy^um (Bot.) tv<, upon, ^XX«>, a leaf; (lems refemble leaves; a 

genus of Ca^lacese. 
Epiphytic (Bot.) iv/, upon, 4>uTiv, a plant ; an epiphyte (imply graips with 

its roots the plant upon which it vegetates ; the parafite derives its 

nouriftiment from the plant to which it is attached. 
Epipo'gon (Bot.) iv/, upon, mtaym^ a beard ; a genus of terredrial Orchi- 

Epipy'zis (Zool.) Iv/, upon, vvfi;, a box ; a genus of Polygadric ani- 

EPI — ERE 145 

EpiBa'ma (£nt.) i«iV3f««, marked, bearing a device ; a genus of Lepi- 

Epise'midsB (Ent.) epifema^ fam. term. hU. 
EpiBte'nia (Ent.) •«/, intenfive, o-rivic, narrow ; /. t. very narrow. 
Episty'lls (Zool.) iari> upon, arvXUy a pillar; a genus of Polygaftric 

Epitra'nUB (Ent.) i«f, intenfive, Tp«»jf, clear, dlftinA ; i. e. very di(lin£l. 
Epooh'nium (Bot.) iv/, upon, Ix^n^ a pear-tree ; from the place of growth ; 

a genus of paraAtic Fungi. 
Epomidiop'teron (Ent.) ivw/m/^i*?, dim. of fir«/btjf, the point of the 

(boulder, im^Mi, a wing ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Epo'mia (Ent.) ivm/mi;, the joint of the fhoulder ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Epomoph'onia (Zool.) uri, upon, wftof, the (boulder, ^i^w, to bear; 

applied to the Shoulder-knot Bat. 
Ep'ops (Omith.) \tf\y the hoopoe ; (b called from its cry. 
Epu'nda (Ent.) P. N., a mythological name. 
Eque'stris-e (Zool.) Lot, belonging to a ho^fe. 
Equitel'la (Ent.) eques^ a hor(eman. 
Equus (Zool.) iMi, a horfe. 
Equise'tuzn (Bot.) «i^im/,a hor(e,y^ii, hair ; in allufion to its fine branches ; 

the typical genus of Equi(etace8e. 
Eragroa'tis (Bot.) i^c, love, «yj«M-rK, a grafs. 

Era'nthemum (Bot.) i«^ fpring, «[»def, a flower ; a genus of Acanthaces*. 
Era'nthis (Bot.) fip«, the earth, a(v6«;, a flower ; the flowers are on (hort 

(lalks ; a genus of RanuncuIacesB. 
Era'stria (Ent.) fpsxrpta, a lover ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Erastrildae (Ent.) erafirla^ fam. term, ida*, 

EreHbia > 

> (Ent.) Erebui^ the region of daiknefs ; from their dark colour. 

Er'ebus (Ent.) implying dark colour, from Erebus. 

Ere'mlaB (ZooL) ipfi/Mi«(, lonely, defblate. 

Eremo1i)la (Ent.) Jpn/uM;, the defert, /3i«f , life ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Eremo'oharis (Bot.) Ip5>*»j, the defert, a:«^»i preference. 

Eremu'ruB (Bot.) ipn^u*;, (blitary, «vpa, a tail. 

Eres'uB (Ent.) <pt0-r«», to impel ; becaufe thefe fpiders live and dart or 

jump on trees ; a genus of Arachnida. 
Eref 68 (Zool.) ipiTf};, rowers ; a genus of Polyga(tric animalcules. 
Erethi'zon (Zool.) iptdt^w, to provoke, irritate. 
Ereiine'teB (Omith.) ipttAnrn;, an explorer ; a genus of Birds. 


146 ERG — ERM 

£rga'ti8 (Ent.) tfykmty a workman, artificer ; a genus of Arachnida. 

UrgOte'Ua (Bot.) French^ ergot; a genus of Fungi. 

Bria (Bot.) fpi«v, wool ; alluding to the woollinefs of the flower. 

Eri'ca (Bot.) ipii»», to break, probably from its fragile branches. 

Uricad'a (Ent.) eric^tus, from erica, heath. 

Erloatalea (Ent.) found among eriea, heather. 

Ericata'ta (Ent.) erica, heath ; a fpecies of Geometrz. 

Eli'ohthiU (Zool.) S;i, early, ^.^m, the earth : a genus of decapod crul- 

taceans found in tropical Teas. 
Erioy'dnuB (Ent.) ifi-xuitif, very glorious. 
Eli'geron (Bot.) %p, fprtng, }^i^v, an old man ; from its being hoary in 

fpring ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Erina'oeiis (Zool.) Lot. a Hedge-hog. 

Eri'nufl (Bot.) t^t\if, a wild fig-tree ; now applied to a genus of Lobeliacete. 
Eriobo'trya (Bot.) iftt*, wool, ^rr^;, a bunch of grapes. 
Eriocaulon (Bot.) i^av, wool, »ai;>«f, a (lem. 
Erioce'plialuB (Bot.) f^«», wool, *t^a\h, a head. 
Erio'oera (Ent.) I^a*, wool, jupac» a horn. 
Erioone'mls (Omith.) (^«i>, wool, **n/4.n, the leg ; from the conrpicuous 

tufts of feathers on the legs ; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Eriode ndron (Bot.) i^cv, wool, 2t>)p«f, a tree. 
Elioga'ater (Ent.) if^o•, wool, yo^^rnj, the belly ; from the woolly abdo- 

men of the female ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Erio gonum (Bot.) ipi«?, wool, yiiv, a joint ; referring to the flems. 
Eiiolea'na (Bot.) ipi«v, wool, x^M*a^ a cloak ; the calyx is woolly. 
Erio'phorum (Bot.) I^i«v, wool, 4>«p»«, to bear. Cotton-grafs or filver- 

Erlopsela (Bot.) tpicv, wool, 4.«AXf(y, to pull, to touch. 
Erio'pus (Ent.) fpto», wool, 9w$, a foot. 
Eriopy'ga (Ent.) ip***, wool, nvyn, the rump.* 
Eiioape'rmum (Bot.) ipi«v, wool, amiffAm^ feed ; alluding to the envelope 

of the feed. 
Erio'spora (Bot.) Ifitif, wool, mtfd, a fpore ; a genus of Fungi. 
Erioste'mon (Bot.) fpt«», wool, rrxfjimv^ a (lamen. 
Eri'phia (ZooL) rp/<^n, a kid ; a genus of (hort-tailed Crustaceans. 
Erirhi'nUB (Ent.) ipi, very much, pi», the fnout ; a genus of Coleoptftra. 
Erith'acus (Zool.) ifiBaxo$, the Redbreafl. 

Erith'alis (Bot.) the name of an unknown plant mentioned by Pliny. 
Ermin'ea (Zool.) Latinized form of the French hermine,ot Englifii ermine. 

ERN — ERT 147 

Emode'a (Bot.) ipMtf$«i;, a branching ; alluding to the habit of the plant. 
Erodiorhyn'ouB (£nt.) i^ic;, the heron, fhx'fy ^ ^^^ i ^ genus of 

Ero'dium (Bot.) i^2««(i a heron ; the fruit is like the head and beak of 

the heron ; a genus of Geraniaceae. 
Ero'phila (Bot.) q^ Spring, ^iXiw^ to love ; alluding to its time of flower- 
ing ; a genus of Crucifene. 
Erosa'ria (£nt. trof$Uf gnawed off, eaten away ; a fpecies of Lepidoptera. 
ErotylidsB ) 

Ero'tyUs I ^^"''^ *'""*"' " ''"'"«• 
Erpe'Uon (Bot.) s^vsT«y, a creeping-thing, U*j a violet ; a genus of Viola- 

Er'peton (Zool.) tfnriff a creeping-thingi a genus of Ophidians. 
Er'rans (£nt.) part, of erro^ to wander ; wandering. 
Enibe'scens (Zool., Bot.) part, oieruhefcoi to be red, to blu(h. 
Eruoa'ria (Bot.) from eruca, the herb-rocket, which probably from uro^ to 

bum ; alluding to its biting qualities. 
E'rvum (Bot.) Celt erw^ tilled land ; it is a pef^ in tilled land ; tares ; a 

genus ofLieguminofje. 
Endebenella (Ent.) P. N. from Johann ChrifiiaH Polycarp ErxUbaty Pro- 

feflbr in the Univerfity of Gottingen. 
Eryoi'nidSB (Ent.) the family of which Erycina, a genus of exotic butter- 
flies, is the type. 
Ery^ngium (Bot.) i^fvyyi^f of the ancients, perhaps from t^vyyami to dif- 

gorge ; it expels wind ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
Erysibo'da (Bot.) tfunMnt^ like mildew. 
Ery'slmum (Bot.) i^vw, to draw ; it draws and produces bliflers ; a genus 

of Crucifene. 
Eiysiphe (Bot.) ifom, to draw, ^-/f «», a fiphon ; a genus of Fungi. 
Ery'thaoa (Omith.) i^ic/tot, to redden ; the Robin-redbreast. 
Erythrsd'a (Bot.) MfxAfaXoy red, from the colour of the flowers ; a genus of 

Erythri'na (Bot.) tfu&^ifi red, the colour of the flowers ; the coral-tree, a 

genus of Leguminoflc ; alfo, in Entomology. 
Ezythroceph'ala (Ent.) ifvBf»s, red, »i4>aX(i, a head; a fpecies of No^ar. 
Exythro'genys (Zool.) ipvSfi:, red, yiw;, the cheek ; red cheeked. 
Erythrogra'zmnua (Zool.) tpv&pi;^ red, y^ifx/Aat a writing. 
Erythrolaana (Bot.) 9(vQfi;. red, Aar>a,a cloak ; referring to the fcales of 

the culyx. 

148 Eitr — EUC 

Erythrola'mpruB (Zool.) i^ud^cf, red, XmfAv^it^ magnificent; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Hrythro'nium (Bot.) ifc/dpa;, red ; alluding to the leaves and flowers ; a 

genus of Lillaceae. 
Exythrono'ta (Ornith.) mA^tt red, »arr*ff, the back ; a genus of Hum- 
Erythrophle'um (Bot.) sgudp^;, red, <|>M«f, a water-plant. 
SlXTthropthalmus (Ichth.) ifvdfOf, red, 9^m\fMt^ the eye ; the Red-eye 

ErythroBpi'za (Ornith.) tfiAfis^ red, x«((«, a fmall piping bird, a kind of 

Erythro'xylon (Bot ) ifAfit^ red, £vx«», wood. 
Eryx (ZooL) P. N., the Ton of Butes ; a genus of Ophidians ; alfo applied 

in Entomology to a genus of Coleoptera. 
Esoallo'nia (Bot.) P. N. from EfcaUom^ a Spaniard,.and American traTeller ; 

the typical genus of Eicalloniaceae. 
Es'chara i h^^*, the fear from a burn; a genus and family of 
Esohar'idaB) Polyzoa. 

Eschflclioltzia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. Efchfcholtz, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Papaveraceae. 
Eso cldSB (Ichth.) the Pike family of filhes, of which Efox is the type. 
E'box (Ichth.) Lat. a Pike. 

Esun'oillUB (Ichth.) dim. of efox, the fcientific name of the Pike. 
Etheogamloop (Bot.) kfiHnu unuTual, ydfA^t^ marriage ; equiv. to Crypto- 

gamic ; it (hould be .ffitheogamous. 
Ethu'lia (Bot.) meaning unknown. 

Eua'strum (Bot.) fv, beautiful, afrum^ a f^ar ; a genus of Defmidiese. 
Eubolia (£nt.) iu/3cXcf, lucky, propitious. 
Euboli'idaB (Ent.) eubolia^ &m. term. ida. 

Eul)rla (Ent.) lu, beautiful, $ft»fit, flrong ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Euoaly'ptUB (Bot.) iu, well, xmXvvrm, to cover ; a genus of Auilralian 

Euoa'mpia (Zool.) iv, beautiful, xatfAwn^ a bending ; alio a caterpillar ; a 

genus of Polygadric animalcules. 
Eu'cera (Ent.) iv, beautiful, si^;, a horn ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
EuoharidSB (Ent.) ntcharii, fam. term. »</*; a family of Hymenoptera. 
Eu'oharis (Ent., Bot.) iv^ttfUy pleafmg ; a genus of Brazilian Liliacea:. 
Euche'lia (Ent.) li, well, ;^»jXn. a claw ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Euohelild89 (Ent.) ruchtiin, fam. term. iifa. 

EUC — EUG 149 

Euohiliu (Bot.) lu, well, x'^Ao(, a lip. 

SiUoblamido'taB (Zool.) tS, beautiful, ;cA.«/(«i/f-v$«(, a mantle, cuf, wtoc, an 

ear ; a genus of Polyga(hic animalcules. 
Euohla'nls (Zool.) iv, well, ;^X«»ic, a garment of wool; a genus of 

Polygaftric animalcules. 
Euohro'ma (Bot.) lu, well, xfin-'^ colour. 
Euohro'mia (£nt.) tlxfif*»t handibmely coloured. 
Euole'a (Bot.) ii/»Xii«, glory; its foliage is evergreen. 
EuoU'dia (Ent.) P. N. from Euciidy the celebrgited geometrician ; referring 

to the geometrical markings. 
Euolidi'idsB (Ent.) EuduSa, £un. term. ide. 
Eucli'dlum (Bot.) tv, well, »Afil«M, to fhut up. 
Euone'midsB (Ent.) iv, well, xm/uic, a greave, legging. 
EucOB'lla (Bot.) IV, beautiful, at^tXa;, hollow ; a genus of Fungi. 
Euoome'tiB (Omith.) lu, beautiful, t^^fAnrnsj long-haired; a genus of 

Eu'oomis {Bot.) tuxifAfit, beautiful-haired. 
Euora'tea (Zool.) P. N. from EucrSu, one of the Nereids ; a genus of 

Eoorati'adaB (Zool.) a family of Polyzoa. 

Euoro'sia (Bot.) tl, well, t^^rvU fringe ; referring to cup of ftamens. 
Eude'ndrium (Zool.) iv, well, }<»);«», a tree. 
Eude'roa (Ent.) iv, very, In^ii^ long. 
Eudes'mia (Bot.) iv, well, ^irfm, a bundle. 
Eudip'sas (Zool.) lu, beautifid, ^t^Jit, a water-ierpent ; a genus of Colu- 

brine ophidians. 
Eudme't% (Ent.) fv, well, IfA^^it^ tamed ; a genus of Diptera. 
Eudorl^a (2Sool.) tv, beautiful, ^«^, a fpear ; a genus of Polygaftric 

Eudro'miufl (Omith.) %V^i§fAUf, a good runner. 
Eudy'namys (Omith.) sv, well, ^v»jt/iif, (Inmgth ; perhaps in alluTion to 

its loud note. 
Eud/tes (Omith.) li, well, eafy, Juruf, a diver ; a genus of Birds. 
Euel'ephaB (Fos. Zool.) lu, beautiful, eUphas. 
Eu'genes (Omith.) tvyttit;^ noble ; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Euge'ula (Bot., Omith.) P. N. fiom Prince Eurene of Savoy, patron of 

Botany ; the Clove-tree ; alio a genus of Humming-birds. 
Eagle'na (Zool.) iv, beautiful, >fXfi»K, the pupil of the eye ; a gehus of 

Polygaftric animalcules. 



150 £UG — El/JP 

Eugle'nes (£nt.) svyXnwt, bright-eyed. 

Euglo'83a(£nt.) lu, beautiful, yXma-^a, a tongue ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Eugly'plia (Zool.) lu, handfome, yXu^ii, a carving ; a genus of Polygaftric 

Euhyme'nia (Bot.) lu, beautiful, v,unty a membrane ; a genus of Algz. 
Eula'iia (Bot.) tvXttXot, fweetly fpealiing ; a genus of Gramina. 
Eulam'pia (Omith.) lu, beautiful, x«fcvaf, a meteor ; a genus of Hum- 
Eule'pia (£nt.) 1?, beautiful, Xi ir/f , a fcale ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Eu'lobus (Bot.) fu, beautiful, XoBif, a pod, becaufe the inferior ovary 

refembles a beautiful peduncle ; a genus of Onagracez. 
Elllo'phia (Bot.) tvXo^oi, well-crefled. 
Eulophus (£nt.) tvXo^pof, well-creded. 
Eulych'xila (Bot.) iC, beautiful, Xvx^ift the plant iycknh; the Lychnis, /ar 

Eujna'ohia (Bot.) iu/u«»ii(, lengthy, tall ; a genus of Cinchonacez. 
Eu'menes (Ent.) i ii/Mi>i>f, foft ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Eume'nidSB (Ent.) cumcnesy fam. term. Ua ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Eumeri'dion (Zool.) lu, beautiful, /ms^iV, a part ; a genus of Polygaflric 

Euzni'crua (Ent.) tZ, beautiful, and (Ant^it, fmall. 
Eumo'lpua (Ent.) it;/MoX«o;, fweetly Tinging. 
Eumo'rpha and Eumcrphia (Bot.) lu, beautiful, ft«^, (bape; from the 

elegant change of pofition of carpels while ripening; genera of 

Euna'nua (Bot.) iv, beautiful, >«mf,a dwarf; a genus of Scrophulariacez. 
Eunec'tes (Zool.) tZf good, ^n»rnu ^ Twimmer ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Euno'tia (Bot.) iv, beautiful, »£T«f, a back or ridge ; a genus of Diato- 

macez. * 

Euno'tia (2^ooL) itSdrrec, (lout-backed ; a genus of Polygaflric animalcules* 
Eima'tlU (Ent.) iv, beautiful, vivrff, the back. 
Euozn'phalos (Fos. Zool.) lu, beautiful, o/u<^«A«(, a navel. 
Euon'ymUB (Bot.) f u, well, 0»«/m«, a name ; a genus of Celadracez. 
Euoph'rys (Zool.) lu, beautiful, o^^c* the eye-brow. 
Euosma'nthas (Bot.) tvoafjutt fweet-fmelling, ««€«;, a flower; a genus 

of Chamzlauciacez. 

Euo'szna ) 

_ , >- (Bot.) tv, beautiful, ia-uvt (inell. 


Eupa'sea (Bot.) iCva^iis;, having fair cheeks; a genus of Primulacea:. 

EUP — EVP 151 

Bupato'rium (Bot.) P. N. from Mitkridates Eupatory who ufed it as a 
counter poiibn ; a genus of CompoQtae. 

XSupe'lmidaB (Ent.) aipdmus^ fam. term, ida; a family of Hymenoptera. 

Eupe'lmuB (Ent.) tv, beautiful, «iX/u«, the extremity ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Eupe'ria (Ent ) fu, much, vn^f, maimed. 

Eupe'talum (Bo^) iS, beautiful, iriT«Acv, a petal; from the beauty of th? 
perianth ; a genus of Begoniacez. 

Eupeto'mena (Omith.) iv, well, viTo/uUn, flying ; a genus of Humming- 

Eupheru sa (Omith.) lu, well, ^i^v0-«, bearing or comporting itlelf ; a 
genus of Humming -birds. 

Eupho'nia (Omith.) lu, good, ^»n, a found. 

Eupho'rbla (Bot.) P. N. from Euphorbia^ phyfician to Juba, king of 

Euphorbias'trum (Bot.) eupharbium^ and ajlrumy a (lar. 

Euphorbia'na (Ent.) named from the fpurge, Euphorbia. 

Eupho'iia (Bot.) fth^o(«f, fertile. 

Euphrasia (Bot.) sv^fa/*«, to delight ; a genus of Scrophulariacea!. 

Euphrosl'nia (Bot.) P.N. from Euphrofyne^ one of the three Graces ;• a 
genus of Compofit^e. 

Euphro'syne (Ent.) P. N. from Euphrofyne^ one of the Graces. 

Eupliro'syne (Bot.) P.N. from Euphrofyiu; a genus of Compolitae. 

Euphy^sa (Zool.) iv, beautiful, ^ura«, to inflate. 

Eupiate'rla (Ent.) iv, abounding in, vio-rvpi*, canals or channels; in 
alluHon to the numerous (Ireaks acrofs the wings. 

Eupithe cia (Ent.) iv, pretty, v/df}x«;, an ape. 

Eupleo'tros (Ent.) lu, beautiful, wXlxTf**, t\i^pUeinim of infers. 

Eupleo'tUB (Ent.) iSvXixtoc, well plaited. 

Euple'zia (Ent.) i7, prettily, wXlxw, to fold ; the anterior wings during 
repofe are longitudinally wrinkled. 

Eaplo'oa (Bot.) ivvXexe;, well plaited, or well twifled; a genus of 
Ehretiacez ; alfo ufed as an adje£Uve, euploeus-<i-um. 

Euplo'oamuB (Ent., Omith.) iu«a«»a^oc, with goodly locks. 

Euplota ^ (Zool.) luirXwTaf, favourable to failing; genera of Polygaftric 

Euplo'tes) animalcules. 

Eu'poda (Ent.) iu, good, o«K, weitfC, a foot. 

Eupodi'soua (Zool.) iuir«i/c, with good feet, iiVxc; , a difk; a genus of 
Polygaftric animalcules. 


iji EUP — £UR 

Eupo'dium (Bot.) d, beautiful, v«Sc, ir«2«c, a foot ; a genus of FiUces. 
EupODOi'lia (£nt.) ivm«iiuXf, variegated. 

Eupogo'nium (Bot.) •», beautiful, mfiym^ a beard ; a genus of Algie. 
Eupoma'tia (Bot.) iS, well, w«f««(«, to dofe with a Ud. 
Eupsam'midSB (Zool.) tZ, beautiful, 4«/Mf*0(, land ; a family of Sea Ane- 
Euptelea (Bot.) tZ, beautiful, PteUa^ t. ^., the Ptdeti par etcuUaue ; a genus 

of UlroacesB. 
Eupyre'na (Bot.) iZ, beautiful, wvpnt, the (lone of fhiit, as the olive, date, 

&c. ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Eurha'phe l (Bot.) implying the Rhaphis in its higheft development ; a 
Eurha'phlfli genus of Cinchonacess and of Palme refpeOively. 

Eurhipla ) ,„ > -• . .r , , r. 

E«rhl'pld« ( (^"-^ •"' '^"'^ '""' * *"• 
Euroi>9B'us (Ornith., Bot.) Lot, European. 
Eurosto'podUB (Ornith.) tlfvf, wide, broad, wsw, «t)«f , a foot ; a genus of 

Euro'tium (Bot.) tvpcmdw, to become mouldy, or decay; a genus of 

Eu'rhypis (£nt.) •?, very, ^i/wk, dirt, filth ; very dirty. 
Eury^ale (Bot.) P. N. from EuryaU^ one of the Gorgons ; alluding to its 

thorny menacing habit ; a genus of Water-lilies. 
Eurya'ndra (Bot.) AfCt, broad, Mf^ a flamen, from the dilated ftamens ; 

a genus of DilieniaoeB. 
Euxybaais (Bot.) iv^vr, broad, bafu ; a genus of Mufci. 
Euryl)ia (Bot.) iv^uBUt^ very mighty ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Earybio'psis (Bot.) eurybia and I^if, reiemblance ; a genus of Compofitae. 
EaryoeTons (ZooL) sv^vf, broad, nifntt% a tail ; a genus of Entomoftraca. 
Eury'ceraB (Zool.) ilfvs^ broad, jelf«r, a horn. 
EorycheB'nia (Bot.) iv^tfr, broad, x*****'> ^^ S^P^* 
Euxyohi'ton (Bot.) i^^w, wide, ;^(t«», a tunic; a genus of Plumbagi- 

Eu'rycles (Bot.) P. N. from EmyeUs, a prophet. 
Eury^coma (Bot.) iv^yc, broad, m/uh, a lock of hair ; a genus of Connar- 

Euxydera (Ent.) tlfuf, broad, ii^, the neck. 
Euxydioe (Bot.) P. N., taken from mythology ; a genus of Iridaceie. 
Euiy'labis (Ent.) luf^*, wide, XaBit, pincers; from the anal forceps. 
Euiylai'mus (Ornith.) tifvt, broad, x«</M«f, the throat or gullet. 

EUR — EUS 153 

Euxy'lepifl (Bot.) lu^f, broad, Xivir, a fcale ; a genus of Ericacese. 
Eurylo'bimn (Bot.) tlfiti broad, Xe^«c, a pod ; a genus of Stilbacez. 
Euxylo'ma (Bot.) ly^iir, broad, Aw/ua, a fringe or border; a genus of 

Euxymene (Ent.) P. N., a town in Theflaly ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Suryne'ma (Bot.) ilfuti broad, nl^iA, a thread, fo named from the dilated 

filaments of tKe ftamens ; a ^enus of Zygophyllacec. 
Euryno'tuB (Foe. Zool.) iv^i/f, broad, Nrr«r, the back. 
Euryo'tlB (Zool.) iv^wf, broad, o3f , «T«f , an ear. 
Eury^pteTa (Bot.^ it^vf , broad, «rrff«v, a wing ; from the dilated margins 

of the fruit ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
Euryp'teros (Fos. Zool.) tv^f , broad, «*rtp«», a wing ; a genus of Cruf- 

Smy'pyga (Omith.) lupvr, broad, «v^«, the ramp. 
ETxryBper'ziium (Bot.) tv^vf, broad, a^nffjut, feed ; a genus of Protcaceae. 
Eury^spilUB (Zool.) ivfvc, broad, rwrx«c, a ^pot; applied to a fpecies of 

Sun Bear. 
EuryBte'gia (Bot.) iv^f, broad, ariyn, a roof; a genus of Ericacese. 
Eiuy'stoma (Bot) tv^, wide, rri/AUy a mouth, from the wide orifice oi 

corolla ; a genus of Ericacez. 
EozystomUB-a-imi (Omith.) i^wt wide, rrifxn^ a mouth; from the 

widely cloven beak. 
EnrytSB'nia (Bot.) tv^vf, broad, T«iti«, a band or fillet; a genus of 

Eiirytha'lia (Bot.) sv^vf, broad, Baxxit^ a young (hoot; a genus of 

Enry'tion (Bot.) lipTDf, width 01 breadth ; a genus of Algae. 
Enxy'tiB (Ent.) iugv;, broad ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Enxy'toma (Ent.) iv^i/f , wide, to/mii, a cutting ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Euryto'midflB (Ent.) Eurytoma^ fam. term. U4e, 
Etisoa'phiB TBot.) iZ, beautifril, Tnm^y a bowl or bafm; a genus of 

EUBe'pala (Bot.) iZ, beautiful,^/a/, in allufion to the beautiful calyx ; a 

genus of Primulaceae. 
Euspi'sa (Omith.) iv, good,^/stf, a bunting. 
Eusta'ohya (Bot.) s?, beautiful, 0-Til;^uf, a fpike ; a genus of Scrophulari- 

SnBta'oliyB (Bot.) fame etymology ; a genus of Gramina. 
EUBta'thes (Bot.) %wraBn^y well-baied, well-built ; a genus of Sapindacese. 


154 EUS — EFE 

Euste'gia (Bot.) twrtynty^fXL covered ; a genus of Fungi ; alfo a genus ol 

Euste'phanus (Ornlth.) iZ, beautiful, vti^aus^ a crown ; a genus of 

£2U8tlo'tis (Bot.) cv, beautiful, d-rijiToc, dappled ; a genus of Fungi. 
Eu'stoma (Bot.) %vTr»fA»^ a beautiful mouth ; referring to the flower. 
Eustre'phus (Bot.) iv, well, 0^^%^^ to twine ; in allufion to its habit. 
Eustro'bilUB (Bot.) iv, beautiful, frobiliu, from its handfome cone-like 

inflorefcence ; a genus of Proteacex. 
Euta'ssa (Bot.) %Z, beautiful, rkwrn^ to arrange; from fymmetry of 

branches ; k genus of Coniferse. 
Euta'zia (Bot.) iut«{i«, modefVy ; a genus of Auftralian Leguminofie. 
Eute'rpe (Bot.) tvrt^^f, delightful ; a genus of Palmaces. 
Eute'lia (Bot.) i^tIxii*, cheapnefs, implying worthleflnefs ; a genus of 

Eu'thalea (Bot.) tS, well, d«Xf», to puQi or fprout. 
Eutha'mia (Bot.) lu, beautiful, BdjAut^ a buQi or fhrub ; a genus of Com- 

Eutheia (Ent.) iCdt/f , (Iralght ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Eu'themis (Bot.) iv, beautiful, Bi/Jttsy law ; a genus of Ochnacee. 
Euthemo'nia (Ent.) tuQi^f, pleafant in fummer ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Eu'tooa (Bot.) »uT»M»ff bringing forth eafily ; a genus of Hydrophyllaceae. 
Eutolmus (Omith.) cu, well, T«A/ua, courage ; fpecific name of one of the 

Euto'mia (Bot.) cu, well, r»/An, a cutting ; a genus of Diatomaceae. 
Euto'zeres (Omith.) a genus of Humming-birds. 
Eutre'ma (Bot.) lu, well, t^/m«, that which is pierced; a genus of 

Eutro'pia (Bot.) lu, well, T^(ir«, to turn ; a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Eutro'pis (Bot.) fame etymology ; a genus of AfclepiadacesB. 
Euze'nla (Bot.) iv, beautiful, £■»«;, a flranger ; a genus of Compofitas. 
Eva'dzxe (Zool.) P. N. ; a genus of Entomodracan cruftaceans. 
Ev83Sthe'tU8 (Ent.) lu, well, mlaQtirn^^ one who perceives ; a genus of 

Evalla'rla (Bot.) evalU, to put out of doors ; a genus of Liliacez. 
ETran'dra (Bot.) iZ, beautiful, avv^ a»3^Ci a ftamen ; a genus of Cyperaces. 
Evax (Bot.) Zsot. an exclamation of joy ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Evely'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Eveltfrti the celebrated author of 

" Sylva ; " a genus of Orchidacez. 

EFE — EXO 15s 

Eve'mia (Bot.) iv, well, Iftoi^ a (hoot or branch ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Eversma'nnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ■ Everfmann^ a German 

botanifl ; a genus of JLeguminofsB. 
ZiVo'dia (Bot.) tlmtntt rweet-finelling, fragrant ; a genus of Rutacese ; alfo 

a genus of Lauracete. 
£2vorvulU8 (Bot.) nwivo, to roll out. 
Evonymoda'phne (Bot.) compounded of evonymuj and daphne^ as if to fay^ 

evonymusAooVXng laurel ; a genus of LauracesB. 
Bvo'nymus (Bot.) same as Euonymus, which y^r. 
Evo'smia (Bot.) eqiy. to eurfmia; a genus of Cinchonacez. 
Evo'ta (Bot.) iw, beautiful, «S(, trro^^ an ear ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Ewy^okia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Etvyek^ a German botanid ; a 

genus of Melaftomacez. 
E'zaoiun (Bot.) exy out of, ago^ to drive ; it expels poifon ; a genus of 

Ezade'nus (Bot.) If, without, «Sf)», a gland ; a genus of Gentianacez. 
Ezesre'tia (£nt.) i^A/^r^f, choice. 

Ezanthema'ria (£nt.) f£«>df}/ua, a flower ; a fpecies of Geometrse. 
Ezanthema'tious (Bot.) i^MdiM, to put out flowers. 
Eza'pate (£nt.) t^andrtit deceit, ftratagem. 

Ezarrhe'na (Bot.) If, without, if^^y a male; a genus of Boraginacez. 
Exoasoa'ria (Bot.) excaeoy to blind ; a poiibnous genus of EuphorbiaceZj 

the juice of which, getting into the eye, caufes blindneis. 
Exci'pula (Bot.) excifioy to catch ; alluding to its roughneis ; a genus of 

Ezore'mls (Bot.) excremo, to bum utterly ; a genus of Liliacez. 
Ezouloitor (Omith.) Lot, a fentinel ; from the foreign ufe of the Shrike 

in trapping hawks. The bird is faftened down, and, on the approach 

of the hawk, gives notice to the Falconer by its fcreams. 
Ezei'rus (£nt.) t^ufHy to ftretch ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Ezi'dia (Bot.) exUh, to exude ; a genus of Fungi. 
Exigualis (Ent.) ) . ., 

Ezigua'ta (Ent.; l '^'^'"^ ^'"^ ^"^*- 

Ezi'gUU8-a-mn (£nt., Bot.) Lat, (mall, or narrow ; e. g. Euphorbia exigua* 
Exila'ria (Bot.) exUis, flender ; a genus of Diatoms. 
Ex'illB (Ent.) Lat, thin, lean, weak. 
Ezite'lla (Bot.) uncertain ; a genus of Byttneriacez. 
Exoaca'ntha (Bot.) I{«, outward, «»a»d«, a fpine; a genus ofUmbelli- 


156 EXO — FAS 

Exooa'xpns (Bot.) 2{«, outfide, tut^vUt fruit. 

Sxooe'tuB (Ichth.) f{«, outfide, m/tv, a bed , a name applied to a fifli 

formerly fuppoled to fleep on land ; the Flying-fifli. 
ExoohSd'nlTlxn (Bot.) i(», outward, ;^«/»«», to gape ; a genus of Gentian^ 

Exogy'ra (Fos. Zool.) I£«, without, 9«^C) a circle. 
Exole'ta (£nt.) exoUtuiy grown up, mature. 

Exoneu'ra (Ent.) 2{«, without, mv^av, a rib ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Exospo'rltHXi (Bot.) I{«, outfide, 0-wopi, a iporule ; a genus of Fungi. 
SxoBte'mma (Bot.) f(», without, 0-Tlft/»s, a crown. 
ExoBtyles (Bot.) ?£«, outward, nvX^, a ftyle ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Exotho'stemon (Bot.) 2£«div, from without, ffn>ff/M«v, a ftamen ; a genus 

of Apocynaces. 
Expallida'ta (Ent.) ex^aWdiu, very pale ; a fpecies of Geometrae. 
Expoli'ta (Ent.) expolitiu, poUfhed. 

Exten'suB-a-mn (Ent., Bot.) part, of eseUtA^ to (hetch out. 
Exterea'ria (Ent.) exUrfiuy wiped off, fmeared ; a fpecies of Oeometrn. 
Ex'ulana (Omith.) Lot, wandering ; applied to an Albatrofs. 
E'xulis (Ent.) exuly a wanderer ; a fpecies of Noctuae. 
Exuviabi'lltas (Zool.) exuviay (kin ; applied to animals which change the 

ficin without changing the form. 
Exy'dra (Bot.) i£, without, vi^f^ moi(hire ; a genus of Gramina. 
Eyse'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of—— E^dy a German botanid; a 

genus of Galiacec ; alfb a genus of Compofitse. 
Eysenha'rdtla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of EjfenharMj a German 

botanift ; a genus of Leguminofie. 

Fa'ba (Bot.) Lot. a bean, from ^dy^t to eat, from being efinilent ; a genus 

of Leguminofz. 
Faba'go (Bot.) fiha, a bean, from reiemblance of foliage ; a genus of 

Faber (Ichth.) Lot, a workman. 

Fabia'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Fahian ; a genus of Solanacea. 
Faboi'dea (Fos. Bot.) fa6a, a bean, It^^^ , like ; a term applied to bean- 

fliaped leguminous feeds found in the lower tertiary clays of the ifie of 

Fabri'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fabre; a genus of Acanthacec. 

:eAB — FAL X57 

Fabri'oia (Bot., Ent.) P. N. from J, C. Fairuhu, the celebrated Danilh 

Fabro'nla (Bot.) P.~N. in honour of Giovatmi FalaUinoy Baron FaSroHi, an 

Italian naturalid ; a genus of Mufci. 
Faoohi'nla (Bot.) a genus of Carj^phyllaces. 
Fa'oella (Bot.) ^ ««iX«;, a bundle ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Fad^e'nia (Bot,) a genus of GarryacesB. 

Fadye'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Fadyen ; a genus of Filices. 
Faga'ra (Bot.) Arabic name ufed by Avicenna. 

Fagara strum (Bot.)yif^, the beech, aflnmy a ftar ; a genus of Amyridacee, 
Fage'Ua (Bot.) derivation unknown. 
Fagella (£nt.)/(i^, the beech-tree, onwhich it feeds. 
Fago'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M, FagoHy a great patron of botany. 
Fagopy^rom (Bot.) from fny*;, «v^. Beech-wheat; from the form of 

fruit, fame as ** Buck- (i. e. beech) wheat ; " a genus of Polygonacew. 
Fagne'a (Bot.) P. N. from J, T, Fagr^m^ M.D.^ a friend of Thunberg. 
Fa'gUB (Bot.) Lot, the Beech-tree, from ^ymt to eat. It is probable that 

the ^vyii oi the Greeks was not the fi^us of the Latins, but either 

the Cheftnut, or ^uercus MfiuUs^ as the name has evident reference to 

the fruit being ufed as food, and beech-maft would form a far inferior 

diet to chednuts. — Burnett. 
Fala'gxla (Ent.) unexplained ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Faloa'ria (Bot.)ya/x, a fickle ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
Faloa'te (^X,)faUahu, like a fickle. 
Faloa'tula (Bot.; /i/x, a fickle ; from fickle-fliaped pods ; a genus ot 

Faloine'llus (Omith.) dim. olfaUo, 
Faloo (Omith.) Lot, a fdcon ; ib called becaufi: its nails or claws refemble 

^falx or hook. 
Faloone'ria (Bot.) in honour of the celebrated Dr, Fakwury the Eafl Indian 

botanid ; a genus of Stilaginaces. 
Faloo'ntdSB (Omith.) a family of the order of which Fako is the type ; a 

genus of Raptores. 
Fal'oula (Ent.)/a/x, a fickle, a fi^the. 
Falou'nculus (Ornith.) dim. of FaUo^ a hawk ; applied to the Shrike-tits 

of Auflralia. 
Falderman'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, FaUtrmann; a genus of 

Fa'lkia (Bot.) i». N. from J. P. FMk, a Swedilh botanift, who died in 1774. 


158 FAL -^ FAF 

Fa'llax (Bot.) Lot. deceitful. 

Fallo'pia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated anatomift Fallopius ; a 

genus of Polygonaceae. 
Fallu gia (Bot.) a genus of Rofaceae. 
Familia'ris (Zool., Oraith.) Lai, domedic, ume. 
Fara'noia (Zool.) ^k^myi, a chafm or cleft ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Farlna'Ua (£nt.) farina, meal, referring to furface of wings, or to the 

food of the larva. 
Fa'lio (Ichth.) Lat. a Trout. 
Fame'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of one of the Fartufe fiimily of Naples ; 

a genus of Leguminofis. 
FarobcB'a (Bot.) a genus of Compofitse. 
Farrel'la (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Arthur Farre, its difcoverer ; a 

genus of Polyzoa. 
Fane'tia (Bot.) P. N. from Philip Farfdiy a noble Venetian botanid ; a 

genus of Crucifene. 
Fartl'nia (Bot.) a Nat. order in the fyftem of Dumortier (Flora Belgica). 
Farula'rla (Fos. Bot.)/»rtf/, a honeycomb ; a genus of coal-meafure ftems 

mari^ed with fears like honeycomb. 
Fasceli'na (Eni,)/a/cis, a bundle; alluding to the tufts of hair on the larva. 
FMOialis (£nt.) being marked with fa/da, or bands. ' 

Fasola'ta (Bot.) fafcia, a band, diadem, or wreath ; a genus of Algz. 
Faaoia'tus (Zool.) Za/. banded. 
Fascioula'rla (Fos. Zoo\,)/a/cicutus, a little bundle ; a genus o{ Polyzoa, 

fo named from its bundle-like form. 
Fasoio'alate (Bot., Zoo\.} fafiiculus, a little bundle, coUe^d or arranged 

in cluders. 
Fas'ciola (Bot.) dim. of fa/da, a genus of Marchantiacete. 
Fasoiola'ria (JLoo\.) fafcioUt a winding band ; folds near the baTe of the 

columella, or neck. 
Fasciun'oula (Ent.) fa/cia, a band, utuuj, a hook. 
FasUgia'ria (Bot.) faftigium, a ridge ; a genus of Algae. 
Fauja'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Faujoj ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Fauna (Zool.) Lat. rural deities ; a convenient term for the animals of 

any given epoch or area. 
Faunula (Zool., Bot.) dim. oi fauna. 

Fau'atula (Bot.) dim. oifaufusy lucky, fortunate ; a genus of Compofitar. 
Favella (Bot.) dim. oifavus, a honeycomb. 
FaYillaoea'na ('Enl.)fuvi/Iaceusy afhy ; from the colour. 

FAF — FEU 159 

Favol'us (Bot.) dim. of/avusj a honeycomb ; a genus of Fungi. 

Favo'nlmn (Bot.) /avoniusf the weft wind ; a genus of Compofitae. 

Favosi'tes (Fos. Bot,)/avus, a honeycomb. 

Fawn (2^0ol.) Frenck^fmn. 

Fe'dia (Bot.) a name of Adanibn's, probably without meaning ; a genus 

of Valerianaceie. 
FelldflBi (Zool.)y^u, fam. term. i(U and ina; a family and fub-family of 
Feli'na i* Mammalia. 
Fe'lifl (Zool.) Lat. a cat. 
Feneste'lla (Fos. Zool.) Lot. a little window. 
Fenestra'tus-a-iam (Hot.) Lat, refembling a lattice, as in the leaves of 

the Ouyiranda fenefhulis. 
FenestreVla (JE.vA,) fnufra, a window ; from its habit of fitting in the 

windows of houTes. 
Fe'imel (Bot.) contraction of Lai, frnmculum, 
Fen'nioas-a-uxn (£nt., Bot.) relating to Finland. 
Fe'ne (Zool.) Lot, wild beafts. 
Fera'nla (ZooL) unexplained ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Feii'na (Ornith.) yfr/nta, pertaining to wild beads. 
Femande Sia (Bot.) P. N. from George Garcia Fernandez^ a Spanifh 

Femelia (Bot.) P. N. from J, Femel^ phyfician to Henry II., of France, 

died 1558. 
Fero'nia (Ent., Bot.) P. N., the goddefs of forefts. 
Feronl'idflB (Ent.) Feronia^ fam. term. ida. 
Fe'rox (Bot., Ichth.) Lat. ferocious, favage ; metaphorically, covered with 

Ferra'rla (Bot.) P. N. from J. B. Ferrari, an Italian botanift ; a genus of 

Ferre'ola (Ent.) dim. olferreus^ iron-coloured ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Fe'rret (Zool.) Dutch vret^ Ger.frdt. 
Femiga'iis (Ent.)^rrv|gro, nid of iron ; referring to colour. 
Femigi'neuB-a-um (Ent., Bot.) Lat, nifl coloured. 
Fer'rum equl'num (2^1.) Lat. a horfe-fhoe. 
Fe'rula (Bot.) ferio^ to flrike ; the (lems are u(ed for rods ; a genus of 

Fe'rus-a-um (Omith.) Lat. wild, untamed. 
Featu'oa (Bot.) Celtic/r/?, paftur^ or food ; Fefcue-grafs. 
Feui'lla»a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Feuillee] a genus of Cucurbitacejc. 

i6o FIB — FIM 

Filber (ZooL) Lot, a beaver ; now ufed at the fpecific name of the animal, 

Fibi'gia (Bot.) a genus of CructfeDB. 
Fibrau'rea (J^xA^fihra^ a border, aurati-aitm, golden ; a genus of Memi- 

Fibrilla'rla (hot,) JUriUa, a fmall thread ; a genus of Fungi. 
Fibrl'na (Bot,) Ji6ra, a fprout ; a genus of Fungi. 
Fioa'rla (Bot.) JUtUy a fig ; in aliufion to the fig-like roots ; a genus of 

Fioel'la (Ent,) Jieus, a fig ; the larva feeds on dried figs. 
Fioli'tea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. G, F. F'uhte; a genus of Compofitz. 
Fioi'mla (ZooL) etymology unknown ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Fioi'nla (Bot.) a genua of Cyperaceas. 

Fiooi'deas (Bot.)^«/, a fig, %TU(, like ; ficoid or fig-like plants. 
Fi'oiu (Bot.) Lat, a fig; '^dccat JUi (lomachum Isedunt." — PUny xxiii. 63 ; 

** diJUo for the phrafe." — Shakefpeare. 
Fido'nla (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs of the groves ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Fidonfidfld (£nt.)^(Mua, fam. term. i^U, 
Fieldia (Bot.) P. N. from Baron FUid, fometime Chief Judge in New 

South Wales. 
Fig (Bot.) Lat.Juuj, Fr.fgue. 
Filaginop'sis (Bot.) the genus JUago^ and l^a^ refemblance ; a genus of 

Fila'go (Bot..)fium, a thread ; in ailuiion to its being covered with threads ; 

a genus of Compofitae. 
Fila'lifl (Ent,) JUum, a thread. 

Flla'riaB (Xool,) Jilarium, a thread ; a genus of Entozoa. 
Filbert (Bot.) from FhiliAtrt, king of France, in the fame way as Pippin, 

from king Pepin. 
Fi'lioea (Bot.) plural oiJUix^ a &m. 

Filifo'rml8-e (Zool., Bot.)^Mii, a thread, yvrMrt/, refemblance. 
Filipen'dulaB (Ent.) from the Common Dropwort (Spinsa FUipenduLi) ; 

but the larva feeds on various leguminous plants. 
Fi'llx (Bot.) Lai. a fern. 
Filloa'a (Bot.) a genus of Lfeguminofx . 
Fllo'des (ETit,)fium^ a thread, itSof , like ; thread-like. 
Fi'ium (Bot.) Lat, a thread ; a genus of Algae. 
Fimbria'ria (Bot.)^Wria, a fringe ; a genus of Algae. 
Fimbrla'tUB-a-um (Ent., Bot.) Lat, bordered, iiomfmbria, a fringe. 

FIM — FLA i6i 

FimbrilWria (Bot.)/M^«^ a fringe ; a genus of Compofite. 

Flmbristy'liB (Jdot,)Jimbria, a fringe, jSyi», s %ie« 

Finoh (Omith.) from the note of the bird, which refembles Fink or Pink. 

Fincke'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Fituke; a genus of Ericacese. 

Flndla'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. FinUy; a genus of Primulace«. 

Fingerhu'thia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Af. F'mgerkut ; a genus of Graflcs. 

Finlayso'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr, Ftmiajfen'; a genus of Aicle- 

Fino'ohis (Bot.) Ital,fnoechio; a plant of the genus Anethum ; Sweet fennel. 

Fintelman'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fuitdmam; a genus of Cy- 

Fir (Bot.) AaglcSax.furk. 

Firen'sia (Bot.) the Latin name of Florence ; a genus of Cordiacese. 

Firmia'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Count von Firmian^ an Auftrian dates- 
man ; a genus of Steiruliacee. 

Fis'ohera (Bot.) a genus of Ericaceae. 

Fiaohe'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of FrUdrkh Ernfi Ludwlg von Fifcher ; a 
genus of AfdeptadaceA. 

Flfloheriella (Ent.) P. N. from Fifcher von WaUheimy Author of « Entomo- 
graphia Imperii RuJJici^ publifhed at Mofcow, 1820 — 1822. 

FiBh (Ichth.) Anglo-Sax, ffc, LaU pifcis, 

Fis'sa (hot,) Jijus-a^ttmy cleft, divided. 

FiSBe'nla (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Loalacese. 

Fis'sidens (Bot,) JiJ/iu, cleft, denjy a tooth ; a genus of Mufci. 

FiBSi'Ua (Bot,)Jj//iiisy what is cleft or cloven ; a genus of Olacaceoe. 

Fis'sion C^ooh^JiJiu-a-itm, cleft, divided. 

Fissip'aroUB (Zool., Bot.^^^j, cleft, /ar/», to produce; denoting genera- 
tion bv the dtvifion of the body of the parent into two parts, each of 
which becomes a perfect living animal. 

Fis'siped ( Zool ) fijits, cleft, pettpedij, a foot ; having the toes feparated. 

Fissuri'xxa (Bot,) Jijura, a cleft ; a genus of Llchenes. 

Fis'fius-a-uin (Bot.) Lot, cleft, divided. 

Fistula'ria (Bot,) Jjflula, a reed ; a genus 6T Algse. 

Fistuli'na (Bot,) Ji/iulat a pipe ; referring to its being tubular ; a genus of 

Flabella'liB (Ent,) JLtBellum, a fan. 

Flabella'ria (Bot.) Jlahellumy a fan ; a genus of Alga;. 

Flabel'liform TZool., Bo^.) JlabeUumy a fan ; format reiemblance. 

Flabelli'na (Zxxyl.) JiaMlnmy a fan ; a genus of Foraminifcra. 


26i FLA — FLO 

Flacou'rtia (Bot.) P. N. from Etiewu dt FUuourt, a French botanift ; the 

typical geniM of Flacourtiacec. 
Flagella'ria {Bot.) Jlagellum, a rod ; it has long pliant branches. 
Flagelliform (^Zool^Jbgeilum, a vrhipy firma, refemblanee. 
Flamin'gO (Ornith.) fiamma, a flame; alluding to the colour of its 

Flammea'lls (Ent.)^mma, a flame ; referring to colour. 
Flsun'meu8-a-mn (Ornith., Bot.) Lau flame-coloured. 
Flam'mula (Hot.) Lai. a little flame or blaze ; a genus of Fungi ; alTo as 

a fpecific name denoting acridity, e.g.^ Rattuneulus Flammula. 

Flava'go (Ent.) > 

f ,-, V >• ywvtfj, yellow. 
Flava'Ua fEnt.) ) -^ " 

Flave'rla (Boit,)Jlavus^ yellow ; 4ifed in Chill for dyeing yellow ; a genus 

of CompoHtee. 
Flave'soens C^ooL, Bot.) Lot. fomewhat yellow ; e. g. TnielMmJLvefcem. 
Flavibasa'lis (£nt.)^av«/, yellow, bafut the border of the wing. 
Flavicor'niB (Ent., Bot.)j^i/j, yellow, cornu^ a horn; from the colour 

of the antennz ; Viola fitvicornis, becaufe of the colour of the fpur 

of the corolla. 
Flavlg'ula {7Ax>l.)Jlavuj, yellow, gold-coloured, gula, the throat. 
FlaVipes (Ent.)^vK/, yellow, /«, the foot. 
Flavomaoula'tum (£nt.)^^w, tawny, tmuulatiu^ part., fpotted. 

Flax (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. JUax. 

Flea (Ent.) Anglo-Sax, fea. 

FlebUa'Us (Ent.) fchilh, doleful. 

Fleisohe'rla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of FUifihery a German botanift ; 

a genus of Byttneriacese and Compofita!. 

Flemin'gia (Bot.) ) „ ,, ^ 

•r^i , / ,i ,rw , nT P« N. from Dr. Flemintr. F.R.S. b*^., of Edinburgh. 

Flemingii (2:ool.)) ^^ ' ^ 

Fle'ssuB (Ichth.) etymology unknown. 

Fle'urya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. FUury; a genus of Urticaceie. 

FUnder'aia (Bot.) P. N. from Captain M. Flinders, a celebrated voyager. 

Flix-weed (Bot.) corruption oljiux-weed^ being ufeful in haemorrhage. 

The Sifymbrium Sophia. 
Flo'ra (Bot.) Lat. the goddefs of flowers; a convenient term for the 

vegetation of any given epoch or area. 
Floresti'na (Bot.) a genus of Compofitas. 
Floii cola {Ent )JlosyJlor'uy a flower, colo, to inhabit or frequent. 
Flori'colens (¥^nt.) Jiosj forts, a flower. ir&Aw, inhabiting. 

FLO — FOR 163 

Flori'de89 (J^t.')JloriJusj rofe-coloured ; a fub-order of red Algs. 

Florin'da (Bot.) a genus of CelaflraceK. 

Flori'suga \,Otmt\i.)Jlorcs^ HoweiSj/ugot to fuck; genus of Humming-birds. 

Florkea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, FUrky a DaniQi writer. 

FloTUla (Bot.) dim. oijlora, 

Flos'culus (ZooL, Bot.) Lat, a little flower. 

Floto'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Flotaf; a genus of Compofitie. 

Floure'nsia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ikf. 7. P, FUurensy the celebrated 

French phyfiologid ; a genus of Caryophyllaceie and Compofitse. 
Fluotua'ta (£nt.) fiuBuare^ to undulate ; the pale parts of the wings being 

much undulated with fine alhy breaks. 
Fluggfld'a (Bot.) P. N. from John Flugge^ a German cryptogamic 

Fluke (Ichth.) Anglo-Sax. fioe. 
Flu'stra (2k)ol.) from Sax.JluJIrian^ to weave ; a name given by Linnsous 

to the Sea-mats ; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Flustre'Ua (Zool.) dim. oifiustra; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Fluvia'les (fiol.^JLtvialisy pertaining to a river ; the Pond-weed family. 
Fluvia'tilifl (Orntth., Bot.) Lat, pertaining to rivers ; e, g. Ranunculus 

Fooil'la (Ent.') focilU, to warm, or cherifh. 
Fooil'lidas (Ent.) /ocilla, fam. term. ida. 
Fodi'na (Ent.) Lat. a mine or quarry. 
Foada'Us (Ent.)/WK/, dirty. 
Foani'oulum (Bot.) Lot. the herb fennel, Pliny and Celfus ; a genus of 

FGs'nuxn Grsaouin (Bot.) Lat. Greek hay ; this, the name of a (pecies of 

Trigonella, is the hlvmf** of Theophraftus and Diofcorides ; its abomi- 
nable odour being then confidered a fweet perfume, as its old name 

imports. Burnett. 
Fce'tlclas-a-um (Bot.) Lat., foetid ; referring to the odour of the plant. 
Fontane'sia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Dejfontames, Profeflbr of Botany at 

Fontenel'lea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of FerttenelUs the celebrated 

author of "The Plurality of Worlds ;" a genus of Rofaceas. 
Fontina'lla (Bot.) /oru,fontu, a fountain; referring to its place of growth; 

a genus of Mufci. 
Foramini'fera (Zool) foramen, a holey firo, to carry or bear ; the partitions 

feparating the chambers of the (bells, have in each a fmall hole. 

i64 FOR — FOX 

Forbe'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of James Forbety author of » Oriental 

Memoirs ; " a genus of Hypoxidaceie. 
Fordo'nia (Zool.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Forestie'ra (Bot.) a genus of ScepacesB. 
Forfioalis (Ent.) bearing fome refemblance to forficula. 
Forflo'ula (Ent.) dim. oiforfexy fciflbrs ; a genus of infers of which the 

common Earwig is the type. 
Forflcu'ria (Bat.)/or/ex, the fliape of the letter V; a genus of Orchidacert*. 
Forgar'dia (Hot.) P. N. in honour of M. Forward; a genus of Combretacea*. 
Forge'sia (Bot.) a genus of Efcalloniaceae. 
Formlcsefor'mis (Ent.) formica, an 2nt,/orma, lilcenefs. 
Formicarl'nflE) {Omith.) formieaf an ant ; the Ant-Thrufhes. 
Formioa'rlxis (Ent.) fermjca, an ant. 
Fomi'oium (Bot.) fornix, an arch ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Forre'stia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Forref ; a genus of Commely- 

Forsko'lea (Bot.) P. N. from Peter Forjkoi, a traveller in Egypt. 
For Btera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated botanifl, J. R. Forfcr. 
Forsterop'sis (Bot.) the genus Forfiera, and o4t(, refemblance ; a genus of 

Fortu'nya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Robert Fortune, the traveller in 

FoB3eli'nia (Bot.) a genus of Cruciferas. 
FoSBOmbro'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Signor Fojfambroni ; a genus of 

FoBBo'res (Ent.) Lot. diggers ; a tribe of Hymenoptera. 
ForBy'thia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Ferfyth ; a genus of Oleacecc. 
Fothergilla (Bot.) P. N. from JoAw FothergUl, M.D., a patron of 

Fouge'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fouger, a French botanid ; a genus 

of Compofita. 
Fougerou'xia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Fougermtx; a genus of Compofitz. 
Fouquie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fauquier. 
FoUTOro'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fourcmy, the celebrated chemist ; 

a genus of Amaryllidaceas. 
Fovea'Iis (Ent.) fovea, a pit. 

Foveola'ria (hot.) foveolus^ a little pit ; a genus of Styracacem. 
Fowl (Ornith.) Anglo-Sax. fugel, quafi from ixx)t of Latin /v^/o, to fly. 
Fox (Zool.) Amglo-Sax.foxy Germ.fuchs, 

FOX — FRJ 165 

Foxglove (Bot.) the glove or flower of the Folks or fairies : fbme think 

the name was given from the resemblance of the flowers to the fingers 

of a glove, and that the plant was then dedicated to Fuck/tut^ a German 

botanift, «. e. Fuchfius* glove. 
Fracta'lis {Em,) fraHusy broken. 
Fragft'ria (Bot.) fragratuy fragrant, bscaufe the fruit is psrfumed ; the 

Strawberry ; natural order Rofacese. 
Fragila'iia (fiQ^)fragilisy brittle, referring to its nature ; a genus of Diatoms. 
Fra'gUlB (Bot.) Lia. brittle ; *. g, Ciftopteris /ra^i/a. 
FragiUiB'simuB-a-um (Zool.) Lot, very brittle. 
Frago'sa (Bot.)yra^i^/, rough, uneven ; a genus of Umbellifeno. 
Francillona'xia (£nt.) P. N. in honour of FrancUUny an Englifli entomo- 

logift of the lad century. 
Franois'oea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Franc'u /., emperor of Audria. 
FiranoOli'xiUS (Ornith.) Italian, froMolUio; Spamjb atd FrtfuKtfraneoliH. 
Franke'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Framkadusy Profeflbr of Botany 

at Upial ; typical genus of natural order Frankeniacez. 
Frankla'ndia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr, FranUand; a genus of 

Frankli'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir John Franklin; a genus of 

Franquevl'llla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, FranquevHU, a French 

botanift ; a genus of Gentianacex. 
Franse'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Antony Framxer, M.D,, a botanift. 
Frase'ra (Bot.) P. N. from /. Frafer, a colle^or of plants in North 

Frate'roula (Ornith.) Lat. a little filler. 
Fraueaho'fera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Frauenhofny the celebrated 

experimentally on light ; a genus of Celaftracez. 
Fraz'inus (Bot.) tf^C'^ ^ Reparation ; from the extreme brittlenels of the 

young ftems. The Afli-tree : natural order Oleacee. 
Fredeiioe'lla(ZooL) P. N. in honour oiFnderitk Cumer; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Fre'gilus (Ornith.) generic name of the Comifli chougk, or red-legged 

crow ; a name applied for (bme unknown reafbn. 
Frena'ta (£nt.) part, oifreno^ to bridle. 
Frazie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Amedee Franfms FrtKier^ a traveller in 

Peru and Chili, who died in 1773. 
Frie'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Eliot Fries, a celebrated Swedifti botanifl, 

Superintendent of the Mufcum and Botanic Garden at Up(al. 

1 66 FRI — FUM 

Frlngi'lla (Ornith.) Lot. a chaffinch ; a genus of Birds. 

Frisohel'la (Ent.) P. N. from Johann Lnnhard Frifch, an entomologid, who 

died in 1743. 
FritUla'ria (Bot.) fritUIut, a chefs-board ; the Snake's-head lily. 
Frog (ZooL) Anglo^ax.froga^froggay OT froeca. 
Proliohiella (Ent.) P. N. from F. A, G. FroiicA, the author of ** Enw 

mertUio Tortricum Wurtemburpa" 1828. 
Frondloula'ria (fiot.) fromUeula, a little frond ; a genus of Foraminifera. 
Frondo'8U8-a-um (Zool., Bot.) LaU leafy. 

Fronta'lis (Ent.)/ra«/a/p, an ornament for the forehead, Ivomfrons. 
Fronta'ta (Ent.) Lat, made for the front. 
Fragil'egUB-a-um (Ornith.) Lot. picking or gathering fruit. 
Frumenta'lis (Ent.) ) ^ . . .. « r , 

Frumenta'riuB (Zool.);^'^'"'*'"' '°™ ' '*^' *"^*^' ^ °^ ''^' 
Fms'tule (Bot,) /rufluluMy a fragment. 

Frustu'lia (Bot.) frufluht fragments ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Fu'chaia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. L, /"//rAi, a 'celebrated German 

botanid ; a genus of Onagracez. 
Fuoio'ola {TaxA.,) fucus^ Tea- weed, coloy to inhabit. 
Facifor'mis (£nt.)/i/ftf/, a drone, ^nwo, a (hape; it refembles a drone. 
Fucoi'des (Fos. Bot.) yvfi/x,iea- weed, ir3«r, Uke; general name for any 

fodil fea-weed of unknown affinity. 
Fu'ous (Bot.) ^Zn,t%y fea-weed ; a genus of Algse. 
Fuire'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. Fuiraiy a Danifh botanifl. 
Fu'lioa (Ornith,) LaU a marfh fowl like our moor-hen, fo named from its 

dark colour ; " in ficco ludunt fulic«." — Virgil, Geor. i. 363. 
Fullgi'nea (Ent.) Lat. foot-coloured. 
Fuligino'sa (Ent.) yw%o, foot ; the hind wings are blackifti pink, with 

black margins. 
Fuli'gula (Ornith.) dim. olfuHgo^ foot, from its colour. 
Fulva'liB (Ent.)/tf/wj, yellow, /. e,y the wings. 
FulvldorBalia (£nt.)/i//v«x, yellow, dorfum^ the back. 
FulYOOilia'lia (Ent.) fuhus, yellow, ciliumt an eyelafh. 
Fu'lvua-a-tbn (Ornith. Bot.) tawny or yellowilh-brown coloured. 
Fuma'lis (Ent.) /umusj fmoke, referring to the colour of the wings. 
Fuma'ria (Bot.)/i/OTtfj, fmoke; the bruiicd root canfrng tears to flow, as 

does fmoke; or from the glaucous herbage refembling fmoke at a 

di fiance ; typical genus of Fumariaceao. 
Fumosalls (Ent.) fumofus^ smoky. 

FUN — FUS 167 

Funa'ria (Bot.) funh, a rope, referring to the twifled (lru£ture of the 

fruit-dalks ; a genus of Mufci. 
Fimebra'lis (Ent.)/utie6risy mourning ; from gloomy colour. 
Funera'llB (Ent,) fungralty a funeral; from gloomy colour. 
Fune'rea (pmith.')/uHergujt relating to a burial ; allufion to dark colour. 
Funerel'la (£nt.) fymuy a funeral ; in allufion to the black and white 

wings — the half-mourning garb of the infeA. 
Fune'rexiS (Zool.) Lat difmal ; generally applied in reference to colour. 
Fu'ngia (Zool.)yii/iT«rj, a mufhroom ; a genus of laminated Corals. 
Fu'ngUB (Bot.) Lat. a mufhnwm. Horace fays : — 

*• pratenfibus optima fungis 

Natura e(l, allis mal^ creditur.** 
Fu'nkla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of HfHry Funky a German cryptogamifl« 
FuroatelluB (JEnt.) furcatus^ forked. 
Furoa'tus-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lat. forked. 
Foroella'ria (Bot.) fureiUa^ a little fork, referring to the arrangement of 

the fronds ; a genus of Algz. 
Fur'oifer (Zool.) Lat, one who bears a fork or yoke on his neck. 
Furorca'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fwrcroy^ the celebrated chemifl. 
Fur'cula (£nt.)ytfrfa, a fork, alluding to the two tails of the larva. 
Furoula'ria (Bot.) furcuta, a little fork ; a genus of Tropseolaceo! and 

Fur'oulmn (Omith.) /irrr«/<2, a forked prop ; the anchylofed collar-bones 

or clavicles of a bird, and popularly called the Merrythought. 
Fumaoa'lis {Ent.^fumysy an oven, which it frequents. 
Furon'oula {Ent.') furuneulusy a petty thief. 
Furva'lla (Ent.)/i/rv«/, dark, duflcy. 
Fu'rvus-a-um (£nt.) Lot, dark, duflcy. 
Fusa'nos (Bot.) French^ fufain^ a fpindle-tree, which its fruit and leaves 

Fusa'rium (Bot.)/ufiUt a fpindle, referring to the Ihape of the fporules ; a 

genus of Fungi. 

FuBoa'Us > 

Fnsoanta'ria \ ^^"'•)/'^"'" ^"'^r- 

FuBCel'lua-a-uxn (Bot.) dim. oifufius^ duflcy, tawny. 

Fu'soipes (Zool., YsA.^ fufcuxy dark, rwarthy,/», a foot ; brown-footed* 

FUBCO-se'nea (Ent.)//^/^!//, duflcy, dull, sneus^ brafly. 

FUB^CUB-a-mn (Zool., Ornlth., Bot.) Lat, duflcy, tawny. 

Fusldlum ij^\.)fufuty a fpindle. 

i68 FUS — GAL 

FUBifor'znifl (Bot.) fyftu, a fpindle, and format A^ape ; fpindle-fhaped : 

applied to certain roots. 
FusTill'na (Fos. Bot.) dim. o{ fyfiu, a fpindie ; the earlieft type of Foni^ 

minifera yet difcovered. 
Pa'sus (ZooL) Lot. a fpindle ; a genos of Gaileropods belonging to the 

Muricidz, found both recent and foiCl. 

Gabe'rtla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Chbert; a genos of Orchidaces. 
Gal>rlU6 (£nt.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Qa'didSB (Ichth.) the £umiy of the Cod-fifli; from the old Ldnnean name, 

Ga'doidB (Ichth.) ^a/w, the Cod-fi(h &mily, fD«(, like. 

Oadus (Ichth.) JLat, a cod-fi(h. 

OaBTtne'ra (Bot.) P. N. from J, GarUer^ M,D,, FJl.S,, a celebrated 

Qa'gea (Bot.) P. N. from Sir Thomas Gage, an amateur botaniil ; a genus 

of Liliaoefls. 
Oagnebi'na (Bot.) meaning unknown; a very ornamental genus of 

Gegu'edi (Bot.) native name in AbyiGnia ; a genus of Proteaceae. 
Gah'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, C, Gahiiy a Swedifli botanift ; a 

genus of Cyperaoen. 
Gailla'rdla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. GaiUard de Maraamaeau, an 

amateur botanid ; a handibme genus of Compofita:. 
Gaillardtotella (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, GaUlardt; a genus of 

Gaillio'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacez. 
Gaillo'xia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Algz. 
Gaillone'lla (Bot.) dim. of Gaillona ; a genus of Diatomaceai. 
Gaima'rdia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Desvauxiaceso. 
Gaiode ndron (Bot.) y«of, under earth, ^iir)^, tree ; a genus of 

Galao'Ua (Bot.) y«X«, yiXmmrt, milk ; the plants are mUky. 
Galaoti'tes (Bot.) y«A«, y«Jx«»T«f , milk ; the veins of the leaves are white ; 

a genus of Compofits. 
Qalactod&o'tjlViS (Ent.) >a>.«, milk, W»T«x«f, a plume. 

GAL — GAL 169 

Oalaotoden'dron (Bot.) ^x«, yAkm»rt, milk, Ib^, a tree ; the Palo 

de Vaca or Cow-tree of Demerua, which yields a bland milk^ttftd as a 

iiibftitute for ordinary milk. 
Oalaoto'tea (Omith.) yttXanrmh;, milk-like ; cream-colooied. 
Oala'go (Zool.) a genus of finall. quadnimanoiis animals iubfilUng chiefly 

on inie£b. 
Oalangale (Bot.) from Indian QaUu^, 
Oala'nthuB (Bot.) >«a«, milk, &S«(, a flower ; in allufion to its colour. 

The Snowdrop, beautifully called by fbme of the old botanifh, n^acyy^XMi , 

the meflenger of Spring. 
Gala'rdia (Bot.) fame as Gailiardia, ^ . v. 
Oalate'a (Bot.) P. N., a Nereid ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Galate'lla (^Bot.) dim. of Galaua ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Galathe'a (Bot.) a genus of AmaryUidaceae ; alio a genus of Iridacez. 
Ga'laz (Bot.) ydxu, milk ; referring to the whitenefs of the flowers. 
Qala'zia (Bot.) ^«X««ti««, to abound in milk ; a genus of IridaceaE. 
Gal^MUimn (Bot.) the Roman name of a (Irong-finelUng gum ; whether 

that to which the name is now applied is ^certain. 
Galbula (Ornith.) Lot, a yellow bird, now called the Wittal or Woodwall. 
Gale (Bot.) fpecific name of the Myrica gale. 
Galea'ndra (Bot.) probably in allufion to the helmet-fliaped hbelinm of 

the flowers; a genus of Ordudaoez. 
Galea'rla (Bot.) galea<t a helmet ; a genus of Euphorbiaoeae. 
Galea'tiu (ZooL) Lot, that wean a helmet ; helmet-fliaped. 
Guleoy'nus (Fos. Zool.) y»Xn, a weafel, uim, a dog. 
Gale'ga (Bot.) y«>.«, milk ; increafes milk in animals eating it ; a genus 

of Leguminoffls. 
Gale'myB (Zool.) >«x9, a wea&l, (u3f, a moufe. 
Gale'nla (Bot.) P. N. from C. GaUmuj a celebrated phyfician of Pergamus; 

a genus ofChenopodiacea. 
Galeob'dolon (Bot.) yXn, a weafel, (S)«x«f, fetid fmell ; the YeUow Dead 

nettle ; a genus of Labiate 
Galeo'dea (Ichth.) yXut^ a shark, sO*;, like. 
Galeo'des (Ent.) galeos, a (hark, sH*!, like ; from the rapacious habits of 

the infeA ; a genus of foreign Spiders. 
Galeoglo'ssa (Bot.) y«Xif, a weafel, yXS«-^«, a tongue ; a genus of Filices. 
Galeogloramxi (Bot.) fame derivation; the Weafel Orchis; a genus of 

Galeole'mur (Zool) y»\n^ a weafel, Umur, 

170 GAL — GAM 

Galeoplthe'oidfld (TxxA,) gaUopitkecust £un. tenxi. hU, 

Oaleopithe'ouB (Zool. ^aXn, a weafel, «ri0ii»«f, an ape. 

Galeop'sis (Bot.) y»Xn^ a weafel, o4<f, refemblance ; alluding to the flower ; 
a genus of Labiatae. 

Galeo'ttia (Bot.) y»\ii, a weafel, M/f , «TOf , an ear ; a genus of Acanthaceas, 
and of Orchidacea:. 

Galera (Zool.) ym.\tfi;^ cheerful ; a genus of Fungi. 

Ga'lera (Bot.) yttXtpitt cheerful ; a genus of Fungi. 

Galeri'tes (Fos. Zool.)^<i/ra, a helmet ; a genus of fofCl Sea-urchins. 

Gale'ruoa (Ent.) y«Xf^f , cheerful ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Galeru'oldaB (Ent.) gaUntea, fam. term, ida, 

Galesau'rUB (Fos. 2k>ol.) yaXn, a weafel, ermZffy a lizard. 

Ga'leus (Ichth.) gains, an old name for a fiOi ; the Tope. 

Ga'lgula (Ent.) galea, a cre(t, gula, the neck. 

Galilea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the immortal QaUleo; a genus of 

Gallii'ula (Omith.) dim. oigaUlmi, a hen. 

Gallnso'gea (Bot.) P. N, from M, M. Galinfigay Superintendent of the 
Madrid gardens ; a genus of CompofitsB. 

Galione'Ua (Zool.) Lat. a fmall helmet; a genus of Polygaftric ani- 

Galipe'a (Bot.) the name in Guiana ; a genus of Rutaceie. 

Ga'limn (Bot.) ^«X«, milk ; it is ufed for curdling milk ; a genus of Stellate. 

Galle'rla (Ent.) from the habit of the larva of forming galleries in honey- 
comb ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Galllna'go (Omith.) Lat, a woodcock. 

Ga'lluB (Omith.) Lat, the Cock, the bam-door fowl. 

Galogly'ohla (Bot.) yiXa, milk, yXvwt, fweet ; a genus of Moracee. 

Galphi'mia (Bot.) an abfurd anagram of Malpighia ; a Mexican genus of 

Galu'mna (Ent.) galumna, a covering ; a genus of Arachnida. 

Ga'masus (Ent.) a genus of Arachnida. 

Gambe'lia (Bot.) a genus of Scrophulariacez. 

Gambia'nuB (Zool.) belonging to Gambia. 

Gamely'thruin (Bot.) ^cfniXfaf , bridal, lythrum, a genus of Gnunina 

Gam'ma (Ent.) from the Greek letter y, marked on the wings. 

Ga'mmarus, ttmfAfAaft, a kind of crab or flirimp ; a genus of Crudaceans. 

Gamooa'rpha (Bot.) y»f«oc, marriage, ««^^«f, a dry flick ; a genus of 

GAM — GAR 17 1 

Gamo'lepls (Bot.) ^«/uof , union, Xivif, a fade ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Gamope'talous (Bot.) y»fA»tn marriage, vitaX**, a petal ; from the flowers 

which, indead of being compofed of one, are compofed of many laminz, 

united by their edges. 
GamoplezlB (Bot.) y»fAaf^ union, wU^is^ weaving; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Gander (Omith.) Angla-^ax. gandra. 

Gandola (Bot.) a genus of Bafellacee. 

GandrT'na (Zool.) a genus of Foraminifera. 

Gandsu'litixn (Bot.) a genus of Zingiberacez. 

Gangabe'lla (Ent.) Perfume gangaha^ a porter. 

Gani'trua (Bot.) ya\A», to glitter or fhine ; a genus of Tillacear. 

Ganja (Bot.) native Indian name ; a genus of Tiliacez. 

Ga'zinet (Ornith.) Anglo-Sax. ganoi, 

Ganooe'phala (Zool.) yduty ludre, «i^«Xn, head. 

Ga'noid (Ichth.) >«*•;, fplendour, iHtf, appearance. 

Ganophy'llmn (Bot.) ymvfy brightnefs, beauty, 4>t/XXa», leaf ; a genus of 

Ganyme'des (Bot.) P. N. from the fabled Ganymede ; a genus of Amaryl- 

Garcia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Garcia na (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Philydraceae. 
Garcila'ssa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitae. 
Garci'nia (Bot.) P. N, from Z. Garcin^ M.D., F.R,S., an Oriental 

traveller. The Mangodeen ; a genus of Guttiferae. 

Ga^ckea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gard ; a genus of Mufci. 

Garde'nia (Bot.) P. N. from A, Garden^ M.D,, of Charleflon ; a genus of 

Gardenio'la (Bot.) refemblance to Gardenia ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Gardne'ria (Bot.) P. N., George Gardner^ a botanical traveller in Brazil ; 

a genus of Logan iacen. 
Gardo'qui% (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dw Diego Gardoqui^ who greatly 

promoted the publication of the ** Flora Peruviana ; " a genus of 

Garide'lla (Bot.) P. N. from P, Garidel^ M.D,^ of Provence, a writer on 

botany ; a genus of Ranunculacese. 
Gaelic (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. garleac. 

Gamo'tla (Bot.) a genus of Gramina. 

Gar'rulU8-a-um (Omith.) Lat. chattering; alTo a genus of Birds, which 
contains the Jay, Garrulus glandarius. 

172 GAR — GAS 

Gar'rya (Bot.) the typical genus of Gairyacee. 

Gartne'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated naturalift Garimer ; a 

genus of Malpighiacez. 
Oar'uga (Bot.) garugo^ its Telinga name. 
Garze'tta COraith.) dim. of Italian garxa^ a heron. 
Gaspari'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Gajparim; a genus of 

Gaste'rla (Bot.) ymTrn^i a belly ; referring to the baTe of the flowers ; a 

genus of Liliacez. 

Gasteromyoe'tes (Bot.) y»rr^f^ belly, fu/M^ a mufliroom ; a re£tion of 

Gastero'poda (ZooL) ym^rnf^ the belly, wwi^ ««M|, a foot ; a clafi of 

univalve Mollufks. 
Gasterostei'daB (Ichth.)^^^r3/2«i, fam. term. A£r; a £unily of Acantho^ 

pterygian fifhes. 
Gastero'steUB (Ichth.) yms^nf^ the belly, m^uv, a bone ; from the fiw 

ipines anterior to the dorfal (in. 
Gaato'nla (Bot.) P. N. from G^oi de Bwrion, a Ton of Henry IV., and 

a patron of botany ; a genus of Araliaceae. 
Gaator'niB (Fos. ZooL) Gafica, after M, Gajlm PUmUy the difooverer, o^ir, 

a bird. 
Gastranci'strus (£nt.) yarrnf^ belly, iyiurr^t a hook. 
Gastri'dlum (Bot.) ymarf^iv^ a little fwelllng ; a genus of Grades. 
Gastrobra'nohus (Ichth.) ynrrnf, the ftomach, Bfiyx!^* the windpipe ; 

the Myxine. 
Gastrooa'rpha (Bot.) yrrnft a belly, »af^, cfaafT; form of receptacle ; a 

genus of Compofitz. 
GaatroohSB 'na (Zool.) -i yi^rnp, belly, ;^«i»«, to gape ; a genus and 
Gastroohsa'nidflB (2kx>L) ) family of bivalve Mollusca. 
GastroohsB'ta (Zool.) ymrrnfi the belly, ;^mTn, a bri(Ue; a genus of 

Polygaftric animalcules. 
GaBtroohiluB (Bot.) yaarnft belly, xfi^^t* ^P; the lip of the flowers 

being ventricoie or inflated. 
Gastroolo'niiun (Bot.) ^m-tii;, belly, »X«vi«, to agitate ; a genus of Alge. 
Gastroco'tyle (Bot.) y^rr^f^ belly, mtvXv, a fmall cup; a genus of 

Gastro'dia (Bot.) ymrtn^y belly, and •)«/;, a tooth ; from form of column 

of flower ; a New Holland genus of Orchidacez. 
Gastroglo'ttlB (Bot.) yatcnnp, belly, yXMvruy tongue ; a genus of Orchidaces. 

GAS — GAY J y « 

GaBtrolo1>imn CBot.) yuetnfy a belly, XoB^, pod, referring to its fliape ; a 

New Holland genus of Legiuninofz. 
Qastroly'clinis (Bot.) ymarn^^ belly, and lyJkms; from the inflated calyx ; 

a genus of Caryophyllacese. 
Gastrome'ria (Bot.) ytu^tiff belly, /uj^f, part. ; a genus of Scrophulariaime. 
Qastrone'ma (Bot.) yamift a belly, »9fia, a thread, from the inflated 

filaments ; a genus of Amaryllidacez. 
Gastro'pacha (£nt.) yw^nf, belly, ir«;^«f,thickners ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Gastroph/sa (£nt.) ym^rn^ belly, ^D^«, an inflation. 
Gastropo'dimn (Bot.) yetrtnf, belly, ««?;, ««2«f, a foot; a genus of 

Gastrose'rioUB (Ent.) yaa-rnf^ belly, anfixig^ filken ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Gastro'xldiB (Ent.) ywr^f^ belly, of vf , fliarp ; a genus of I)jptera. 
Gattenho'fia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. GatUnhof; a genus of Com- 

Gattorugene (Ichth.) Mtrop^e-w, to fmk in the earth. 
Gatyo'na (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Compofitae. 

dfiUdioha'udia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Charia GmtBehaud^ 
who accompanied Freycinet in his voyage round the world ; a Mexican 
genus of Malpighiacese. 
Gaudi nia (Bot.) P. N. from M, GautSn, a Swifs botanift ; a genus of 

Gatdthe'ria (Bot.) P. N. from M, GatiiihUr, M,D,, a French writer on 

maple fugar ; a genus of Ericacez. 
Gau'ra (Bot.) ymZftf fuperb, referring to the flowers ; a genus of Ona- 

Gauri'dium (Bot.) the genus Gaura^ tTUt^ reiemblance to that plant ; a 

genus of Onagracec. 
Gauro'psis (Bot.) the genus Gaura^ S^^f, refemblance; a genus of 

Gautie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Af . Qauiier ; a genus of Ericacex ; 

alio a genus of Fungi. 
Gavia'lis (Zool.) from an Indian word ; a genns of Crocodiles. 
Gavilea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Gavile ; a genus of Orchidaciw. 
GaVa (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Malraceas ; alio a genus of Umbeliiferx. 
Gaye'Ua (Ent.) a genus of Hymenoptera. 

GaylUBsa'cia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. X. Gay LuffUc, the eminent 
French philoibpher and chemift ; genus of Vacciniacea. 

174 G^^ — ^^^ 

Oayta'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Gaytan ; a genus of UmbelUferse. 
Qaza'nia (Bot.) y«{a, riches, treafure ; alluding to the fplendour of the 

flowers ; a handfbme Cape genus of Compofitae. 
Gaze'Ua (Zool.) Itatiatiy gazzella; French^ gaztUf. 
Ghean'thia (Bot.) y9, the earth, »fB»s, a flower ; the flowers appear to 

emerge from the earth ; a genus of MelanthacesB. 
Gean'thUB (Bot.) fame derivation, and for the fame reafon ; a genus of 

. Zingiberaceae. 
Ooa'ster (Bot.) yn, the earth, Arm ft a (lar, alluding to its ftellate appear- 
ance ; a genus of Fungi. 
G^ebe'ria (Bot.) etymology doubtful. 
Qeble'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of GebUr^ a German botanift ; a genus nf 

Oeoa'roinus (Zool.) >«, the earth, earcitius, a crab ; the Land crab. 
Oeci'nus (Ornith.) y9, the earth, »!?««, to di(hirb ; /. r., in fearching for 

its food. 
Ge'oko (Zool.) (aid to be derived from the peculiar noiie they malce, 

which is liice the found by which faorfes are urged to greater fpeed. 
Gecko'UdeB (Bot.) gecio, fun. term. i(U ; a family of Thicic-tonflfued 

Geerla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of De Geer ; a genus of Temdromiacese. 
Gei'gera (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus t>f RHtaceie. 
Geige'iia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Geiae'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Ranunculacea. 

Gelssolo'ma (Bot.) yiitan^t a tile, Xw/um, a border ; a genus of Penazacese. 
GeiSBome'rla (Bot.) yfitvc^^ a tile, /Mi^f, part; alluding to the manner in 

which the lobes of the calyx overlie each other; very handfbme 

Brazilian genus of Acanthaceac. 
Gelssorhi'za (Bot.) yiie-a-tty a tile, ^t(at, a root ; a handfnme Cape genus of 

Geissosa'ura (Zool.) yiTacor, a tiled roof, o-avfSL, a lizard. 
GeiBSOste'gia (Bot.) ytTco^**, a tile, 0^17^11, a roof; a genus of 

Geitonople'slum (Bot.) yflrmt, a neighbour, and wXnctof, near, alluding 

to its fcrambling habit of growth ; a genus of Aullralian Ltiliacese. 
Ge'la (Bot ) yiXmv, to (bine, fuppofed to refer to foliage ; a genus of 

Gela'sine (Bot.) literally *<a fmiling dimple" (yt>affin)j from its pretty 

dark-blue flowers ; a South American genus of Iridacese. 

GEL — GEN 175 

Gelatel'la (£nt.) gtlaius, frozen; the moth appears in November and 

Oelatina'ria (Bot.) gelatina^ gelatine ; a genus of Lichenes ; alfo a genus 

of Algse. 
Geleo'hia (£nt.) yn^*x^f^ reding on the ground. 
Geleohi'idse (Ent.) the family of which the genus GeUchia is the type^ 
Geli'dium (Bot.) gelu^ hoar-fro(l, \itH$ like ; a genus of Algz. 
G^'UduB-a-um (Bot.) Lot. cold, ftiff. 
Oelina'ria (Bot.) ^?, the eaith, linvm, flax ; a genus of Algz. 
Gelo'nium (Bot.) meaning unknown ; an unintereding genus of Euphor- 

GelBe'mium (fiot,) gefpemmo^ the Italian name of the Jafmine; an American 

genus of Bignoniaces, called ** Carolina Jafmine." 
Oemban'ga (Bot.) native name ; a genus of Palmse. 
Geme'lla (Bot.) gemelliu, paired ; a genus of Sapindaceas. 
Gemella'ria (Zool.) gemMut^ double ; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Geminipuno'ta (Ent.) ^mrim//, twin,/tfn<?ian, a fpot. 
Gemma'tUB-a-mn (Bot., Ent.) Lot, adorned with gems, fparkling. 
Gexnmi'fera (Bot.) jvMr«ra, a gem,/crOi to bear. 

Gemmuli'na {Zoo\.) gemmula^ a little bud or gem ; a genus of Foraminifera. 
Gena'bea (Bot.) x?, the earth, ABitt^ poor ; a genus of Fungi. 
Geneslphy'lla (Bot.) yinrit^ production, ^ vA.X«f, leaf ; a genus of Ep*^*"-^*- 

Genet'ta (Zool.) French^ genttte. 
Genety'Uis (Bot.) a genus of Myrtaceae. 
Genioula'iia (Bot.) gmiculatiu^ bent, curved ; a genus of Alga:. 
Genioulellus (Ent.) gaiieuiuj, a bend, an angle. 
Genipa (Bot.) ^«w^/o, its name in Guiana; the genip tree; a genus of 

Genipel'la (Bot.) dim. of Gmi^ ; a genus of Cinchonaceie. 
Geni'sta (Bot.) Celtic, gen^ a fmall bufli. 
G^nis'tSB (Ent.) feeds on feveral fpecies of broom (genifta). 
Genli'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Madame de Genlh ; a Brazilian genus 

of Lentiiulariacese. 
Genople'sium (Bot.) yi*»it race, frknriast near ; a genus of Orchidaccas. 
Geno'rla (Bot.) a genus of Lythraceas. 
Genoslris (Bot.) yiuf, race, and iris ; a genus of IridacesB. 
Gentia'na (Bot.) its virtues were firft experienced by Gentius, king of 

lUyria ; the typical genus of Gentianacex. 


176 GEN — GEO 

Oenni'nn (£nt.) Lot, oatuial, genuine. 

aeo11>llDB (Ent.) yn^ earth, 0iim, to live. 

Oeooalyz (Bot.; >9, earth, cafyx ; a genu of Mafdiantiaces. 

Oeoohor'da (Bot.) yn, earth, cAwda, a (Iring ; a genus of ScrophukuiaceaB. 

GeooyoluB (Bot.) yi, earth, xyxX^s, a cirde ; a genus of Algs. 

Oeodeph'aga (Ent.) yn, the earth, ^mfdym, to derour; a fcAion of 

Carabideous infeds. 
Gecydla (Zool.) yirnintf earth-like, a genus of marine Sponges. 
Geodo'rum (Hot.) yn, the earth, )5^ a gift ; the bbflbms lie on the 

earth ; a genus of Orchidaceie. 
Oeoemy'da (Zool.) yn, the earth, emys, a tortoife. 
OeoiBroVft (Bot.) P. N. from £, F, Gtoffnyy F.R.S,^ Piofeflbr of Botany 

at Paris ; a genus of Leguminoik. 
Geoglo'BBmn (Bot.) yi, the earth, yXS^rm, a tongue; alluding to its (hape. 
Geo'metra (Ent.) ymfMrfM, to meafure the earth, alluding to the geo- 
metrical mode of progrelCon of the lanrz ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Geometra'lis (Ent.) refembling the genus Gametra, 
Geo'nomft (Bot.) 9^«it/buf , (killed in agriculture ; alluding to its propaga 

tion ; a genus of American Palms. 
Geope'Ua (Omith.) yn, the earth, viAsim, the wood -pigeon; applied to 

the Ground-doves. 
Ge'ophaps (Omith.) ym, the earth, ^£^y a wild pigeon. 
Geo'phUa (Bot.) yn, the earth, ^tXi«, to love ; a genus of Cinchonaceat. 


^ / i>ii r (^"^0 7^% ^"* earth, ftXi*, to love, lam. term. i<U. 

Goo phllus ) 

Geopo'gon (Bot.) yn, earth, mSy«»*, a beard ; a genus of Gramina. 

Geopy'ziB (Bot.) yn, earth, pyxU, a box ; a genus of Fungi. 

Geor'ohls (Bot.) yn, earth, orchis ; a genus of OrchidacesB. 

Geo'rgia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Modes. 

Georgi'na (Bot.) P. N. from J. G. Gmrgi, a Ruffian botanid. The 

Dahlia ; natural order Compofitz. 
GeorT'ohUB (ZooL) ^i, the earth, Ipvirffm, to dig up. 
Georys'BUS (Ent.) yn, the earth, Ifor^m, co dig up ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
GeOBau'rUB (Fos. 2^ool.) yn, the earth, caZfs, a lizard. 
GeOBpi'za (Omith.) >9, the earth, j^m, a finch ; the Ground-finch. 
Geoteu'this (Fos. Zool.) ^ii, earth, TiuOif, a cuttle-fifh. 
Geo'tria (Ichth.j yn, earth, t^v*, to rub. 

Geotra'pes (Ent.) yn, the earth, t^vsj*, to bore ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Geotru'pidce (Ent.) g.->:rupfs, fam. term. itLr. 

GER — QES 177 

Geranla'oeaB (Bot.) the Crane'a bill order of plants, of which Geramum is 

the type. 
Gera'nlmn (Bot.) yiftoft, a crane ; it has capiiiles like the head and beak 

of a crane. 
C^era'rda (ZooU) P. N., a genus of Ophidians. 
Gera'rdia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Qfrarde^ an old Engiiih 

botani(l; a handfbme genus of Scrophulariacez. 
Gerbe'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of T, GerUr, a German naturallft and 

traveller in Ruflia ; a pretty Cape genus of Compofitz. 
Gerbl'llUB (Zool.) unexplained. 
Gerfa'looii (Omith.) Ger. geier^ a yulture,/i/if, a hawk. 
Genna'nder (Bot.) a corruption of Chamtednft. 
Germara'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Germary author of ** Magazin 

der Entomologie," and other works. 
Geminga'na (£nt.) P. N. from Gtrmitg, an entomologift of the lad 

century, who refided at Frankfort. 
Geron'ticuB (Ornith.) ytft^rnultf belonging to an old man, or old age ; 

goieric name of the Sacred Ibis. 
Geronto'gea (Bot.) >ff«*, yifwnt^ old age, yn^ earth; a genus of 

Geropo'gon (Bot.) yiftn^ an old man, «r«^«v, a beard ; appearance of heads 

of ieed ; very pretty Italian genus of Compofltz. 
Gerrhosau'ri (Zool.) yipfovy a (hield, a-mufot, a lizard ; the Shieid-lizards. 
Gei^rls (£nt.).^i(^v, a wicker-work (hield ; from the wherry- -fliaped body 

of the infeA ; a genus ofHemiptera. 
Gerronel'la (Ent.) yipf^, wicker-work. 
Gersl'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Orchidaceie. 
Geru'ma (Bot.) yn^/M*, a voice or found ; a genus of Vitaceos. 
Gervl'llea (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of Af. GcrvUU, a French 

Geryo'nia (Zool.) yt^mit^ old-looking. 

Geryoni ad8B (Zool.) gerymia ; a divifion of naked-syed Medufz. 
Geryono pais (^Zool.) ger^ia, 04.1c, like. 
Geane'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Conrad Gfftier, of Zurich ; 

typical genus of Gefneracez. 
Gesnerlana (Bot.) in compliment to Conrad Gefiur; e, g. Tulipa 


Geanoui'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Urticace;c. 


178 GET — QIN 

Gethy'llis (Bot.) yiS'i^t to rejoice ; alluding to the perfume of the flowers; 

Cape genus of Amaryllidaceae. 
Gethyira (Bot.) yn^ivy to rejoice; a genus of ZingiberacesB. 
Q-eto'nia (Bot.) meaning unknown; Eaft Indian genus of Combretacese. 
Ge'um (Bot.) yt-My to give a reliib ; a genus of Rofacez. 
Geun'sia (Bot.) a genus of Verbenacea. 
Ghiesbreoh'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Ghie/hrecht ; a genus of 

Ghi'nia (Bot.) P. N. from GA/m, an Italian botanid ; a genus of Verbenacea. 
Glbba'ria (Bot.) a genus of Compofitce. 
GlVbera (Bot.) P. N<, a genus of Fungi. 
Gibbioo'Uis (Ent.) gibbus^ a hump, eoUum, the neck ; from protuberance on 

Gib'bium (Ent.) gibbiuy a hump ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Gibbon (Zool.) perhaps from kophiay a Chaldaic word, fignifying an ape. 
Gibbosalis (Ent.) ^bbofus, hump-backed. 
Gibbo'sus-a-um (Zool., Ent.) LmL hump-backed. 
Glb'bous (Ichth., "Rot.) gibbus, crooked. 

Giese'kia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of GUfeie ; a genus of Phytolaccacete. 
Gi'fola (Bot.) a genus of Compolitae. 

Giga'ndra (Bot.) gigas, a giant, «»^'^, a flamen ; a genus of Ericaceae. 
Gigan'teu8-a-iim (Bot.) Lot, gigantic. 

Gigarti'na (Bot.) ytyapro*, a grape-done ; a genus of marine Algse. 
Giga'rum (Bot.)^j^<u, a giant and Arum; a genus of Araces. 
Gi'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of GiiUy a Spaniih botanift; a genus of 

Gille ma (Bot.) probably the name of fbme obfcure botanifl ; a genus of 

Gillie'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Gillies, of Conception in Chili ; 

typical genus of Gilliefiaceae. 
Gilllflower (Bot.) Ital. giala, yellow ; or from July, when it is in perfe^on. 
Gilpkea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Myrtacez. 
GilTa'liB (Ent.) gihus, pale-yellow. 
Gimbema'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Gimbemat; a genus of 

Ginalloa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Loranthacez. 

Gi'nger (Bot.) ^lyyiBi^i^t Lat. zingiber; Ital. gingiovo; French^ gingembre. 
Thefe are thought to be derived primarily from Sanfcrit, fringa-^eroj 
antler- (haped. 

GIN — GLA 179 

Gingi'dlum (Bot.) a genus of Umbelliferse. 

Gingi'nsia (Bot.) a genus of Caryophyllacese. 

Ginllo (Bot.) its Japanefe name. The Sali/huria ; a genus of Taxaceae. 

Glno'ra (Bot.) a genus of Lythracesc. 

Qin!f&L (ZooL) Ital, giraffa; Freneh^girafe. 

Gira'rdia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Algae. 

Glrardi'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Girardln; a genus of Urticacear. 

Girgensolmia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Girgenfohn ; a genus of Cheno- 

Girodella (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Diatomacex. 
Gironnie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of GironnUr ; a genus of Urticacese. 
Giro'tia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Euphorbiaceoe. 
Giselda (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F. D. Glfeke, a Danifti botanift ; a 

genus of Phytolaccaceae. 
Giso'pteria (Bot.) yuff&f^ a cornice, vripi;, a fern ; a genus of Filices. 
Githa'go (Bot.) ArahU^ git orgith^ a large black feed ; Corn-cockle. 
Glaber, Glabra-um (Bot.) Lot, fmooth, deditute of down or hair. 
Glabra'ria (£nt.) glaier, fmooth, without hair. 
Glabra'ria (Bot.) glaher, fmooth, bald ; a genus of Lauracez. 
Glaoia'lis (Omith., Bot.) living in or near ice; e.g.^ Ranunculus glacialis. 
Gladio lua (Bot.) dim. of gladiusy a fword ; alluding to the leaves ; a 

fplendid genus of Iridacese. 
Glanda'rios (Omith.) Lat, relating to acorns. 
Glan'dula (Zool.) Lot, a little kernel. 

Glandula'iia (Bot.) glanduU^ little kernels ; a genus of Verbenaceas. 
Glsmdul'ma (2k>ol.) ^tanduUy little kernels or acorns; a genus of 

Gla'nis (Ichth.) LaU a name uied by Pliny for a crafty fifli. 
Glaphy'ra (£nt.) ^x«4*v^*f , hollow, excavated. 
Glaphyra'llB (Ent.) reiembling glaphyra, 

Glaphyra'nthus (Bot.) yXa^vff^ hollowed, a(>d«f , a flower ; a genus of 


Glaph yrea (Bot.) yXa^f^s^ hollowed ; a genus of Myrtaceas. 

Glare'ola (Ornith.) ) ^. , , 

. , ,« . V r dim. of vlareOi gravel. 
Glare olus (Zool.) i -s »b 

Glasta'rla (Bot.) from giafttmy the old name for Ifatts tin^oria, Woad, 

which it refembles in habit ; a genus of Crucifenc. 
Glastifolius-a-um (Bot.) from the refemblance of the leaves to woad, 

Ifatis. the old name of which was Giaflum, e.g. Centauria gladifolb. 

i8o GLA — GLI 

Olastum (Bot.) the word ufed by Pliny for Woad, now called Ifatis 

tin£h>ria ; a genus of CruciferK. 
Glau'oa (Ichth.) Lot, blueifh-grey. 
Glauoi'dium (Bot.) the genus Glaudum, i7^«f, refemblance ; a genus of 

Glauci'na (Bot.) glauetuy bluei(h-grey. 
Olaucina'llB (Ent.) glaueus, blueiOi-grey. 

Glauols (Omith.) j^Aivriw, bluei(h-grey; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Glau'olum (Bot) ^Xcux^f, bluei(h-grey, referring to the colour of the 

plant ; a genus of Papaveracese. 
Glauoo'ma (Zool.) yx«ii««c, blue ; a genus of Polygaftric animalcules. 
Glauoom'ya (Ent.) ^^Xauxaf, green, mrya, a muflel; a genus of bivalve 

Glauoopldalis (Ent.) ykawvnus^ blue-eyed. 
Glauco'pis (Omith.) >Xat;»w«if , hlue-eyed ; a genus of Birds. 
Glau'ous-a-mn (Ornith., Bot.) yx«w«#f, fea-green. 
Gla'uz (Bot.) >x«v«9f, blueifh-grey ; the colour of the leaves ; a maritime 

genus of Primulacese. 
Glebionis (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Compofitis. 
Gleoho'ma (Bot.) t^Xi};^**, a Greek name for a fort of thyme ; ground ivy ; 

a genus of Labiatis. 
Gle'chon (Bot.) the name applied to Penny-royal, both in Greek and 

Latin ; a genus of Labiatas. 
Glodi'tsohia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John GettM GUdiifeh^ a botanift of 

Leipfig; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Gleiohenel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of F, W. vfin GUUhen^ author of 

various works on Natural Hidory ; died in 1783. 
Gleiche'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Baron P, vm GUlch^ a Ger- 
man botanid ; a genus of Ferns. 
Glenodin'ium (2Ux>l.) y\hn, a focket or cavity ; a genus of Polygaftric 

Gleno'morum (Zool.) ykntr\, the eye-ball, o/jta^t, bordering on ; a genus 

of Infuibria. 
Gleno'phora (Zool.) yXn>n, a cavity, 4>r/)w, to bear ; a genus of Polygaftric 

Glonop'teris (Ent.) yXmny a honeycomb, vrs^, a wing. 
Gleno'spora (Bot.) yXntn, a cavity, or focket, ^ora ; a genus of Fungi. 
Glinus (Bot.) ^Xuof , applied by Theophraftus to a kind of maple ; a genus 

of Caryophyllaceje. 

GLI — GLO i8i 

Glioola'dlum (Bot.) y\»i»:j dicky, cladesy injury ; a genus of Fungi. 
Oliostro ma (Bot.) ^Xm*;, dicky, rr^&fAek, what is fpread out ; a genus of 

Gllo'triohum (Bot.) ykaUf, dicky, df/£, ff^X^f^ ^^^^ > ^ genus of Fungi. 
Gli'rea (Zool.) plural oiglUy a dormoufe ; an order of Mammalia. 
Glirloi'dia (Bot.) a genus of Leguminofis. 
Glisolirooar'pon (Bot.) y^t^x^tt dicky, clammy, xm^vig, fruit ; a genus 

of HalorageacesB. 
Glissan'the (Bot.) a genus of Zingiberace«. 
Olob'ba (Bot.) fo named in the Moluccas; a fplendid genus of 

Globif 'erus-a>um (Bot., Ent.)gMusy a g\ohe,/ero, to carry. 
Globigeri'na (ZooU) g/o^sj a fphere, gerere^ to carry; a genus of Foffil 

and recent Foraminifiera. 
Globtda'rla (Bot., £nt.) the flowers are in globofe heads; typical genus 

of natural order Globulariacez. 
Globulea (Bot.) glo^ius, a globule ; alluding to the dems. 
Globuli'na (Bot.) gio^usy a ball ; a genus of Algae. 

Gloohi'dlon (Bot.) yX«ix:**f ^ point, iTiaf^ like ; a genus of Euphorbiaceie. 
Gloohidono'psiB (Bot.) the genus Qlochidhn^ e^'if , refemblance ; a genus 

of Euphorbiaces. 
Glo'ohis (Bot.) y^umx'tty * projecting point. 
Gloohisa'ndra (Bot.) yXm^Ut^ proje^ing point, «vit^ an anther ; a genus 

of Euphorbiacese. 
Glo'oitans (Omith.) Lot, ducking like a hen. 
GlCB'a (Ent.) yX»ity dicky; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
GlOBOoapsa (Bot.) y'^Mt^ dicky, capfa^ a box ; a genus of Algae. 
GlOBOBpo'rium (Bot.) yXviis^ dicky, clammy, jj^orii«», a fpore ; a genus of 

GlOBOtila (Bot.) yX.Ms% dicky, irr/Xfv, a feather ; a genus of Algie. 
Gloloola'dia (Bot.) fame meaning as GUociadiitm, q. v.; a genus of 


Glolocoo'ciu (Bot.) ^X«i«f , dicky, »««jMf , a berry ; a genus of Algae. 
Gloiodio'tyon (Bot.) yXtit, dicky, )/«tv*», a net ; a genus of Algas. 
Gloio'nema (Zool.) ^xoijf, dicky, *«/««, thread. 
Glolopel'tis (Bot.) }^A.M«(, dicky, viXtk, a (hield ; a genus of Algse. 
Glolotri'obia (Bot.) >Aet*f, dicky, 9^/^, T^;^ef, hair ; a genus of Algie. 
Glo'mera (Bot.) glmuro^ to form into a ball ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Glomera'ria (Bot.) glvma^ to form into a ball ; a genus of Amarantaceae. 

i82 GLO — GLO 

Glomera'tus-a-um (Bot.) glomus^ a ball, applied to any thing cindered ; 

e. g. Catnpanula glomerata. 
Olomo'psis (Bot.) gionnu, a ball, i^if, like; a genus of Fungi. 
Glo'nium (Bot.) a genus of Fungi. 
Glorlo'sa (Bot.) gioriofiuy magnificent ; referring to the fplendour of its 

flowers ; a fplendid £a(l Indian genus of Liliacez. 
GlOBSSUi'thas (Bot.) a genus of GefneracesB. 

Glossas'pis (Bot.) yXMo-c^et^ a tongue, ajpuy a viper; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Glos'slna (£nt.) }^x«0-0>«, a tongue. 
GlOBSOoa'rdla (Bot.) yXiTo-Oi a tongue, »«p3i«, a heart; a genus of 

Glossooa'rya (Bot.) ykS^o'a, a tongue, x«^«v, a nut; a genus of 

Glossoohilus (Bot.) >Xw^0-«, a tongue, ;^irx«f, lip ; a genus of Acan- 

GloSBOOo'mla (Bot.) yXSa-eet, a tongue, »i/Afi, hair ; a genus of Cam- 

Glosso'dia (Bot.) yiJee-cm, a tongue, 7»^«^, like ; referring to the appendage 

within the flower ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Glosso'gyne (Bot.) yxZff'ca, a tongue, ywrit a piflil ; a genus of Conv- 

GloSBone'ma (Bot.) yXScirmi a tongue, >«/m.c, thread ; a genus of Afclepia- 

Glossope'talum (Bot.) yX«0-0-a, a tongue, vitmXov, petal; a genus of 

Glossope'tra (Fos. Zool.) yx£^0-«,a tongue, «rlr;«,a rock ; the *^Tongue- 

GlOBSo'phaga (Zool.) yXStca-a, a tongue, 4>«y«, to eat ; the Blood-fucker. 
GlOBSo'pteiis (Fos. Bot.) yXwa-m, tongue, VTt^f, a fern ; a genus of 

Oolitic ferns. 
Glossosper'mum (Bot.) yXSiffo-a, a tongue, ^vi^fta, feed; a genus of 

GloBSoete'mon (Bot.) ^xStf-e-*, a tongue, vrnfM-m*^ a thread ; a genus of 

Glossoete'phsuius (Bot.) yyJmffra^ a tongue, o-rif «>ar, a wreath ; a genus 

of Afclepiadaceie. 
Glos'sula (Bot.) ykStae-cty a tongue ; alluding to the tongue-like fegments 

of the labcUuRi. 
Glottidlum (Bot.) yX«»TTi'f, the fuperior opening of the larynx. 

GLO — ONA 183 

Glot'tis (Ornith.) Lat. a little bird not hitherto identified, mentioned by 

Glot'tula (£nt.) dim. of >X«rrif, a tongue. 

GlottulidflB (Ent.) family of which the genus Glottula is the type. 
Glozi'nia (Bot) P. N. in honour of Dr, Batjamin Peter Gloxin^ of 

Colmar, a botanift. 
Glu'ma (Bot.) Lot. a hulk ; the parts of GnUV-flowers are called glumes. 
'Glumales (Bot.) gUtmat the hulk of corn. The fe^tion of Endogens 

which comprifes the Cyperacez and the Grafles. 
Glyoe'ria (Bot.) yXvmfit, fweet, referring to the (eeds; a genus of 

Gly'olne (Bot.) yXv*ys, fweet, referring to the roots ; a genus of Legumi- 

Glycos'mia (Bot.) yXvxvf, fweet, o^fAif, a fmell. 

Glyoycar'pUB (Bot.) yXvxuf, fweet, »«E^«f, fruit ; a genus of Anacardiaceae. 
Glyoyrrhl'sa (Bot.) y>ju%6s<, fweet, ^<(a, a root ; liquorice ; a genus of 

Glyphloa (Ent.) ^Xvf 11, carved work ; referring to the markings on the 

Glyphipteryg'idaB (Ent.) the family of which the genus Oiyphipteryx is 

the type. 
Glyphip'teryz (Ent.) yXu^t a notch, vti^u^, a wing ; a genus of Lepido- 

Glyphlfl'ia (Ent.) ^Xv^/f, the notch in an arrow ; from the pale lunate 

mark on the wing. 
Gly'phodea (Ent.) yXv^Ui a notch, or yXv^t a carving, with terminal. 
Gly'phodon (ZooU) yXpt'^t ^ notch, *%Mtt •itrrit, a tooth ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
GlyphCB'a (Bot., Fos. Zool.) yXv^m, to engrave or carve; a genus of 

Glyphomlt'rion (Bot.) yxi^^^ to embofs, junrfUf, a little diadem ; a genus 

of Cryptogamia. 
Glyp'todon (Fos. Zool.) yXvwritt fit for carving, •)«;(, •hirreg, a tooth. 
Glypto'strobus (Bot.) yXtntrSty carved, ttrobiu, a cone ; the fcales of the 

cone being embofled on the face ; a genus of Conifers. 
Gmeli'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of George Gmeiin, a celebrated German 

naturalid and traveller. 
Gnapha'Ul (Ent.) named from Cudweed {Gnaphaiium), but feeds on 

Golden Rod. 

184 GNA — GOM 

Gnaphalliun (Bol) x»«fikx<w, loft down, referring to the woolly herbage ; 

a genus of Compofits. 
Gnaphalo'des (Bot.) the genus Gtu^kaSim, term, mht; a genus of 

Qnaphalo'psls (Bot.) th^genus G/upkaiham^ chf^f, like ; a genus of Com- 

Gnat (£nt.) AngU-Sax, gnaet. 

Gnathoa'toma (ZooL) x*«d«f, the jaw, ^ri/Am, the mouth. 
Gne'tum (Bot.) altered from gtumon, its name in the ifland of Temate> 

Eaft Indies ; a typical genus of Gnetacex. 
Gni'dia (Bot.) the ancient name of the laurel ; a genus of Thymelacee. 
Gnoph'oB (Ent.) y*«^f, darkneis. 
Goat (Zool.) Anglo-Sax, gat. 

GobloldSB (Ichth.) > gobhtt^ a gudgeon, with family term. ; the family of 
GobloldB (Ichth.) ' the Gobies. 
Gol>i8 (Ichth.) Lai. a gudgeon, in Greek, luSM- 
Gobius (Ichth.) Lau a gudgeon. 
Gode'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onagracez. 
Godo'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Ga%, the Prince of the Peace ; a 

genus of Ochnacete. 
Goedartella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of GodaHt author of « Meta- 

morphofis et Hiftoria Naturalis InfeOorum," 1662 — 67. 
Goerius (Ent.) yntfitt mournful, fad ; ^ one of the commoneft, and at the 

fame time largeft, infe£b of the family, is a Uack fpecies, rather more 

than an inch long, commonly called The Devil's Coach-Horie.** 

West WOOD. — A genus of Coleoptera. 
Goldba'chia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. L. GOt&aci, of Peterfburg, 

Golu'nda (ZooL) from the native name GMlamR. 

Gome'za (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Saior Q«m<Zy a Spanifli apothe- 
Gompha'ndra (Bot.) >«/M^r, a nail or bolt, innp^ a ftamen ; a genus of 

Go'mphia (Bot.) yif^^s a dub ; a genus of Ochnacea. 
Gomphi'dius (Bot.) >«/Mi^«f 1 a nail, i73«c, like ; a genus of Fungi. 
Gomphina'rla (Bot.) yifA^»u a nail ; a genus of Fungi. 
Gomphoca'rpus (Bot.) >«/M^«f, a club, uttfmi^^ fruit ; a genus of Afcie- 


GOM — QON 185 

Qompho'oerOB (£nt.) y«/u^f , a nail or wedge, nifau horn ; a genus of 

Gompho'gyne (Bot.) >«/bi^«f,a nail, yom^ a piftil ; a genus of Cucnrbitaceae. 
Gompholol>iiiin (Bot.) yifA^, a wedge, x«/?«f , a pod ; a genus of Legu- 

Gomphone'ma (Bot.) yifA^§ti a club, »9/mc, a thread ; a genus of Algas. 
Gomphope'talum (Bot.) >i^^K, a nail or wedge, petalum ; a genus of 

Gompho^phorOB (Bot.) yi/t^u ^ nail, ^'tfm^ to bear ; a genus of Mufci. 
Gompho'sia (Bot.) yt/u^r , a nail ; a genus of Cinchonacez. 
Gomphostem'ma (Bot.) yi/Ap»t,Jl€mmaj a IHlk ; a genus of JLazniacez. 
Gomphosti'gma (Bot.) }^/M^«f, a nail^Jligmas a genus of Scrophulariacen. 
Gompho'stylia (Bot.) y»f*^t, a nail, rrSx**, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of 

Gomphre'na (Bot.) yi/A^»u a club, ^^, the midriff; referring to the 

flowers ; the Globe-amaranth ; a genus of Amarantaceae. 
Go'taphuB (Bot.) y«fi^«c> a club ; alluding to its form. 
Gomu'tna (Bot.) from its name in Malabar ; a kind of Palm^ree. 
Gonatan'thua (Bot.) ^iv, yitmrtt, & knee or joint, ^»d«f, a flower ; a genus 

of Aracez. 
Gk>Ziatobo'tryB (Bot.) yovu, yivmrts, a joint, Bn-fVf, a dufter ; a genus of 

Hyphomycetous Fungi. 
GonatOoa'rpQB (Bot.) ^mv^ ^«v«t«#, a joint, mufwisy fruit; a genus of 

Gonatorho'dius (Bot.) y«»i», y«*«T«r, a joint, /•2a», a roie; a genus of 

Hyphomycetous Fungi. 

Gonato'trlohum (Bot.) yiw, yi^aros, ajoint, A^, rftxist hair ; a genus of 

Gongo'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of j^wtoi. CabalUroy Gcmgora, a Spaniard 

and friend of Mutis ; a genus of OrchidacesB. 
Gongro'oeraa (Bot.) yiyy^^y an excrefoence, »i^r, a proje^on ; a genus 

of Algz. 
Gongromeri'za (Bot.) yiyyfHt ui exciefcence on trees, /ui^(«, to divide ; 

a genus of Fungi. 
Gongro'nea (Bot.) yiyyftt, an excrefoence ; a genus of Afdepiadacea. 
Gongyla'nthnB (Bot.) y9yyuk$$f round, S»^t, a flower; a genus of Mar- 

Gongyloca'rpus (Bot.) y^yyvX^tt round, umfmiu fruit ; a genus of Ona- 



Oongylocla'diiun (Bot.) ^•>yvx««, round, clades^ injury ; a genus of Fungi. 

Oong'ylophls (Zool.) ytyy^^^* round, l^st a ferpent. 

Oonlap'teryz (Ent.) ymU^ an angle, vrt^, a wing ; a genus of Lepi- 

Q-onia'ster (Zool.) ymU^ an angle, mt^^ a ftar; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Gonibregma'tUB (Ent.) ytnUy an angle, Bfiyfjut, the fore part of the head. 
Q-oni'dium (Zool.) plural jwii&i, from y«»if, the femen ; miniature fronds 

which escape from the parent cell in the Infufbria. 
Goniooa'rpus (Bot.) ytnim, an angle, xttfwos, fruit; a genus of Halora- 

Oonlochl'tOXl CBot.) ymiu, an angle, ;^iTa»t, a covering ; a genus of Meliaoee. 
Gonioo'tena (Ent.) ymia, an angle, »Tiir» «tim;, a comb ; from the form 

of the pectinated antenme. 
Goniooy'stia (Bot.) x«>U, an angle, *wris^ a bladder or pouch ; a genus 

of Algz. 
Goniodo'ma (Ent.) ymtia, an angle, ^«/m«, a house ; referring to the cafe 

of the larva. 
Gonioli'mon (Hot.) ymia^ an angle, limon ; a genus of Plumbaginacez. 
Goniomy'ous, plural Goniomy'oi (Bot.) y«»^«, an angle, fAvttfis, a muOi- 

room ; a family of Fungi. 
Goniono'tUB (Zool.) ymiot an angle, v«r«(, the back ; a genus of Ophi 

Goniophlel}ilim (Bot.) ymU, an angle, f Xt/?i«v, a little vein ; a genus of 

Gonioph'oUa (Fos. Zool.) ywna, an angle, f»xis, a scale. 
Gonio'pteris (Bot.) yyti«, an angle, vrifis, a fern ; a genus of Filices. 
GonioBtem'ma (Bot.) ymia, an zng\e,Jlemma ; a genus of Afdepiadaceas. 
Goniota'uliUB (Ent.) ytnia, an angle, Ivt, «T«f, an ear or apex. 
Goniotha'lamus (Bot.) ymU, an angle, thalamus, bed or receptacle; a 

genus of Anonacez. 
Goniotri'chium (Bot.) yawm, an angle, flfif, hair ; a genus of AlgK, 
Go'nium (Bot.) y«»»/«, an angle ; from the quadrangular form in which 

the monads are arranged ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Goniu'ruB (Bot.) yi«««, an angle, oyp«, a tail ; a genus of Orontiacez. 
Gonocy'tlsus (Bot.) >a#»i«, an angle, ciftifuss a genus of L«guminoi«. 
Gonodon'ta (Ent.) y»w, an angle, 4«rr«, plural of o)a/c, a tooth. 
Gono'lobUB (Bot.) y«»i«, an angle, Ao/3»f, a pod. 
Gonop'tera (Ent.) y'nv, a joint or angle, vti^, a wing. 
Oonopter'idm (Ent.) a family of which Gonoptera^ih the type. 

GON — GOR 187 

Gonop'teryz (Ent.) ym «f , angular, vti^, a wing ; a genua of JLepidoptera . 
Gonopy'rum (Bot.) >«»*/a, an angle, /fyrv/; a genus of Polygonaceae. 
Gonospei^xnum (Bot.) yoniety an angle^^risM, feed ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Gonoste'xnon (Bot.) ymla^ an angle, vrnfAtn, a (himen. 
Gonostig'ma (Ent.) ymna, an angle, criyfActy a mark ; from the prominent 

fpot at the anal angle. 
Gonothe'oa (Bot.) ytnU, an angle, dnxtf, a (heath ; a genus of Cinchonaces. 
Gonyane'ra (Bot.) ymlm^ an angle, m»n^^ a ftamen ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Gonyan'thea (Bot.) ymitt^ an angle, «»d«f , flower ; a genus of Burman- 

Gonyoso'ma (Zool.) yanln^ «*«fM, bent-body ; a genus of Colubrine ophi- 
Gonza'lea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonaces. 
Goode'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr Goedemoygk, bifliop of Carlifle ; typical 

genus of Goodeniacese. 
Goodeno'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Dr, Goedmough, a 

writer on Carices ; the typical genus of Goodenoviaceae. 
Goodla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Peter Good, a collector of plants for 

Kew gardens ; a genus of Leguminoia. 
Goodsiri (ZooL) P. N. in honour of Mr. Qwiftr, an eminent Zoologifl. 
Goodye'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JiJut Coodyer, a Britiib botanift ; a 

genus of terreflrial Orchidacez. 
Goojratten'siB (Zool.) relating to Goojerat. 
Goose (Omith.) Anglo-Sax, get. 
Qooseberry (Bot.) corrupted horn gorfi-4erry. Some think it a corrupt 

tion oi gnfs'-herry, the fruit, from its reiemblance to fmall unripe figs, 

(the groUi of the ancients,) having been called grojfularia by the Latins, 

whence alio the French grofeUle, 
Gordo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of James Gordon^ a nurieryman at 

Gorgo'nia (Zool.) P. N. Gorgon, a daughter of Phorcys, whoie locks of 

hair were changed into (erpents by Minerva. 
Gorgoni'adas (Zool.) a family of Zoophytes. 
Gorin'kia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Crucifene. 
Gorte'ria (Bot.) P. N in honour of David Gorier, Dutch Profeflbr of 

Botany at Harderwych ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Gorty'na (Ent.) Gortyna, a town of Crete. 
Gortyn'idaB (Ent.) a family of which genus Gortyna is the type ; a genus 

of Lepidoptera. 

1 88 GOR — GRA 

Gorytea (£nt.) y»furiff a quiver ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Go'sela (Bot.) a genus of Selaginaceae. 

GtoBSypia'nthus (Bot.) gojypiym, cotton, «K»d«(, a fk>wer ; a genus of 

QoBSyplella (Ent.) a fmall moth, very deftni£tive to the cotton-pUint in 

Gosay'piiun (Bot.) Lot. the Cotton-plant. 
Gothofre'da (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Afdepiadacee, now included in 

Ooua'nla (Bot.) P. N. from Antouu Gouan, Profeflor of Botany at Mont- 

Goiido'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Govdot ; a genus of Juncacez. 
Gouffe'ia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Caryophillacez. 
Goug'hia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gmtgh ; a genus of Euphor- 

Gotlldii (Zooi.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Owld, author of a fine work on 

Goupia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Celaftraceae. 
Goupilla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fungi. 
Gourlle'a (Bot) P. N. in honour of JViiliam Geurlie, a Glafgow botanift ; 

a genus of Leguminofe. 
Goye'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of James Robert GinDenyEfq. 
GraboVskya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Orabowfy, a PoliOi botanift ; 

a genus of Solanaces. 
Graoila'ria (Ent.) gracilis, graceful, flender. 

Graoilarilds (Ent.) graciiaria, fam. term. itUe ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Graoi'lla (Ent.) gracilis ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Graci'Upes (JE^nt.) gracilis^ flender, /«, a foot. 
Grao'ilis-6 (ZooL, Ent., Bot.) Lot, flender. 
Graoilo'dea (Ent.) gracilis, flender. 
Gra'oulUS (Omith.) Lat. a jay. 
Grade'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariacese. 
GrsBllala (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Crucifers. 

Graining (Ichth.) from the Anglo-Sax, The Leuciscus Lasuastriensis, 
GraOlse (Omith.) Lot, (lilts ; an order of Birds with long legs ; Wading 

Gra'mina (Bot.) plural of^aiiM»,gTa{s; the Graft family, often improperly 

called Grasmsuuea, 
Gramini'oola (Ent.) gramen, graminis, grais, coU, to inhabit. 

GRA — GRA 189 

Gram'iniB (Ent.) gramtn, grafs ; the larva is found at the roots of grafs 

and the imago flying in grafs fields. 
Grammade'nia (Bot.) yf^fAfjim, a writing, iinf^ an acorn or gland ; a 

genus of Myrlinaceie. 
Qramma'Iis (£nt.) y^/M«, a writing. 

Gramman'thes (Bot.) yfd/jt/Aaj a writing ; a genus of Crafliilaces. 
Grammar 'thron (Bot.) yfm,ufAm, a writing, &fBfov, a joint ; a genus of 

Grammatooa'rpuB (Bot.) y^mfAfxm, yp«^Mf(«TOf, writing, »«;««f, fruit ; a 

genus of Loafacez. 
Grammatophyllum (Bot.) >(«^/m«, y^mfAfAurot, writing, ^vXA«», a leaf; 

a genus of Orchidaces. 
Grammato'theoa (Bot.) yfrn/AfAMy yaafAfAmr9i, writing, Bntm^ a flieath ; a 

genus of Lobeliacex. 
Gramme'sia (Ent.) yffAfAn^ a line, 1x199^, middle ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Grammi'stes (Ichth.) a genus of the family Perddss. 
Grammlte'lla (Bot.) y^mfAjuut, a writing, mUeila, a kind of turban ; a 

genus of Algae. 
Gram'mitiB (Bot.) yfifAfMty a line, alluding to the linear fructification ; 

a genus of Ferns. 
Grammo'des (Ent.) yfo/AfMty a letter. 
Grammone'ma (Bot.) y^dfAfAa, writing, »ip«, a thread ; a genus of Dia- 

Grammo'phora (Ent.) ypifAfAm, a letter, fifm, to bear. 
Grammop'tera (Ent.) yfm/A/Am, a letter, vrifov, a wing. 
Grammop'tilus (Ichth.) yfkfAfAo,, a letter, vt/ao», a feather. 
Grammosoia'dium (Bot.) ypd/AfA*, writing, o-mtmiiw, an umbrella or para- 

fbl, metaphorically, an umbel ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
Grammotau'liUB (Ent.) yftt/AfAn, a line, «v;, «t«;, the ear, or ear-like apex. 
Gramm/sia (Fos. ZooL) yf*f*f*ny a line, /m/c* a mufde. 
Gra'mpOB (Zool.) corrupted from the French graMJ-fnifony great fifti. 
Gran'gea (Bot.) Grange, probably a man's name. 
Grange'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of N. Granger^ a traveller in Egypt 

and Judza. 
Gran'ifer (Zool. and Bot.) Lot. that bears grains of Com. 
Graniy'ores (Omith.) granum, a grain, vore^ to devour. 

Gran'tia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Grant ; a genus of Pidiacez. 

Granula'tU8-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. covered with or compofed of grains. 
Grape (Bot.) ItaLgrappo. 

I90 GHA — GR£ 

Graphi'ola (Bot.) dim. oigraphium, a ftyle for writing; a genus of Fungi. 
Graphi'phora (£nt.) yf^pfi, a figure, ^i^, to bear; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Graphls (Bot.) y^»ij to write; apothecia like writing; a genus of 

Gra'phium (Bot.) grapkium, a writing-llyle or pen, from the form of the 

apotheciam ; a genus of Fungi. 
Graphiu'rus (Zool.) yf^^tif a figure, oZpm, a tail. 
Grapho'deruB (Ent.) y^^n, a marking, hfti, the neck. 
Graphoritha (Ent.) yf*^, a marking, X/d«c, ^one ; it is marbled. 
GraphoUth'idaB (Ent.) grapholUka, fam. term, idde, 
Grapto'dera (Ent.) y^nns, written, hpn, the neck. 
Grap'tolites (Fos. Zool.) ypawri;, written, A/d«f, a flone. 
Graptcyphyllimi (Bot.) yfvrif, written, ^vXX«v, leaf; a genus of Acan- 

Grapto'pora (Fos., ZooL) y^rrift inrcribed,/0r»j, a duA. 
Grass (Bot.) is a very ancient word, and exlfts, with flight modifications, 

in all the Teutonic dialects ; thus, in Anglo-^axon, we find grafs or 

gaers; in German ^r<u; in Danifli^rtf^; in Swedlfli and Icelandic ^ra^ ; 

even in Greek there is yf»rts, a word of exactly the fame meaning. 
GraSShop'per (Ent.) Angio-Sax. gaers-heppa, 
GrasUd'ium (Bot) yfAms^ graf** green fodder, itltti reiemblance ; a genus 

of Orchidacese. 

Grateloupella (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Gratelwp ; a genus of Algie. 

Grateloiipia (Bot.) a genus of Cryptogamia. 

Grati'ola (Bot.) gratia, grace of God ; ufed as a pui^ ; hedge-hyflbp. 

• ■ 

Graumullera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of GraumuUer; a genus of Zofler- 

Gravenhor'stia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gravenhwfi; a genus of Bru- 

Grave sla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Gravts ; a genus of Melado- 


Gra'ya (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Graif ; a genus of Chenopodiacese. 

Grayia (ZooL) P. N. in honour of Dr. J. £. Gray, of the Britifti Mufeum. 
Grayling (Ichth.) popular name of the Thymellus vulgaris. 

Greenia (Bot.) P. N in honour of Green; a genus of Gramina. 

Greeno'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Greenhough; a genus of Craflu- 

Greenwa'ya (6ot.) P. N. in honour of Gretnivay ; a genus of Zin- 


GRE — GRI 191 

Gregari'na {7ax\.) grego^ to colle£l or aflemble ; a genus of Protozoa. 
Oregari'nids (Zool.) a group of the Protozoa. 

Gre'ggia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gregg ; a genus of Myrtacese. 

Gre'ggla (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M. Ortgg, an American boCanid ; 

a genus of CrucifersB. 
Grego'ria (Zool.) P. N. in honour of IValter Gregory of BsHilf; a genus 

of AAiniss. 
GregBo'ni (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Mr. C. S. Gregfen, of Liverpcd, 

who fird bred this fpecies. 
Grenie'ra (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M. Grenier; a genus of Caryo- 

GrevUla'na (Ent.) in honour of Dr. GrsvUU^ who captured the fpecies in 

Grevi'llea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. F. GrroilU, a patron of natural 

fcience ; a genus of Proteaces. 
Gre'wia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Nehemiah Grnv, M.D.y F.R.S., a 

phyfiological botanift of the 17th century. 
Greyhound (Zool.) Anglo^ax. grighund, 
Gri'as (Bot.) ^p«», to eat ; referring to the fhiit. 
Grielum (Bot.) >^r«f , old ; alluding to its afpeO. 

Griesba'chia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Grig/iaek ; a genus of Ericacesp. ' 

Grieseli'nia (Bot.) a genus of Leguminofse. 

Griffl'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of IViUiam Griffin^ J^^., of South Lambeth. 

Gxiffl'thia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Griffith ; a genus of Mufci. 

Grlfflthi'dea (Fos., Zool.) P. N honour of Sir. R. Griffith^ the original 

expounder of the Carboniferous flates. 
Griffith'sla (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Mrs. Griffiths, of Devonfliire,^ 

a genus of marine Algz. 
Grimaldia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Grimald; a genus of Mar-* 

chant iaceoB. 
Grlm'mia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. F. Grimm, a German botanill ; a 

genus of Mufci. 
Grlnde'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Grimfg/, a German botanifV. 
Grisoho'wia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Griscov; a genus of Melaftomaces. 
Grisea'lis (Ent.) grifius, grey. 
Griseive'nter (Zool.) Lot. grey-bellied. 
GrlBeuB-a-um (Omith.) Lot, grey. 
Grislea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. Gripy, a Portuguefe furgeon and 


1 9* GRI — GUA 


Gri'sola (Omith.)^r^ja, gney, 

Gro'bya (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Groby ; a genus of Orchidaceac. 

Grom'woll (Bot) from the Celtk groMn^ a feed, mil^ a ftone; thus fyn- 

onymous with the Latin generic name Lithofpermum. 
Gro'na (Bot.) yfSn^^^ eaten out, deep ; a genus of X^eguminofe. 
Gro'nops (Ent.) yfin^ a cavern, I^q, appearance ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Grono'via (Bot.) P.N. in honour of J, F. Grotnviw, a botanift of Leyden. 
GroBBa'na (Ent.) groffuj, thick, broad-built* 
GroBSUla ria (Bot.) fpecific name of the Hairy goofeberry, which is taken 

from grotmsf an unripe fig. 
Grou'tla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Olacacec. 
Grab (ZooL) Angb'Sax. graian^ to dig Up or burrow. 
Gral>bla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Bruniaceae. 
Gra'ldsB (Omith.) gnu^ a crane, fun. term. ida. 
Grumi'lia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Cinchonacec 
Gru8 (Omith.) Lat» a crane. 

Gravelia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of ilf* Gmvels a genus of Boiaginaceos. 
Gry'UidaB (Ent.) gryllus^ fam. term. UU, 

Gryllotal'pa (Ent.) gfyUui^ a cricket, tai^, a mole ; the Mole-cricket. 
Gry'Uog (Ent.) Lot, a cricket. 
Gryma'nia (Bot.) P .N , a genus of ChryfobabnaceaB. 
GryplUB'a (Fos. Zool.) y/w^i, engraved. 
Gryphalifl (Ent.) ypwf #», engraved. 
Gr/pliU8 (Omith.) the Greek name of the Griffin, from yfuwig, becaufe 

of the hooked beak ; fpec name of the Condor. 
Grypi'dius (Ent.) yfviti;, curved ; a genus of Coleopteca.. 
Gua'dua (Bot.) a genus of Gramina. 

Guaia'oara (Bot.) gtuuac, a native name ; a genus of Ebenacea:. 
Gual'aoum (Bot.) guaiof, its name in Guiana; Lignum Vitz. 
Gua'ira (Bot.) a genus of Myrtacese. 
Goalthe'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, GtialtAUr, M.D., a French 

writer ; a genus of Ericacez. 
Guanaba'nus (Bot.) a genus of Anonacefe. 
Guana'co (Zool.) native name of the Llama. 
Guandi'ola (Bot.) a genus of CompoHtic. 
Guandi'ra (ZooL) native name. 
Guania (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Orchidacez. 
Gua'pea (Bot.) a genus of Sapotacete. 
GuapuTium (Bot.) a genus of Myrtaceie. 

G(/A — GUL 193 

Qiiardi'ola (Bot.) a genus of Compofitae. 

Gua'rea (Bot.) Guara, its name in Cuba. 

Gufiriru'ma CBot.) a genus of Compoiits. 

Goatte'ria (Bot.) P. N.from J. B. Guatieri, Profeflbr of Botany at Parma. 

Gua'va (Bot.) from the American ^oy^. 

Guasu'ma (Bot.) its name in Mexico ; the Baftard cedar ; a genus of 

Gud'geon (Ichth.) French, g»ujon. 

Gaebl'na (Bot.) P.N. in honour of G$te6iH ; a genus of Orchidaces. 

Guepa'rda (ZooL) native name. 

Guepi'nia (Bot.) a genus of Fungi. 

Guere'za (ZooL) the Abyflinian name of an ape, Cdlobus Guer^za. 

Guernsey Lily (Bot.) a (hip from Japan, conveying plants of Amaryllis 

Saraienfis, was wrecked on the coaft of Guemfey, where they grew 

and fk>uri(hed. 
Gaesms'lla (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M. Guesmeii a genus of Bromeli- 

Guetta'rda (Bot.) P. N. from Etiemu Guettard^ a French botanifl. 
Guevi'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Proteacese. 
Guioheno'tia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of ByttneriacesB. 
Guido'nla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Samydaceae. 
Gui'era (Bot.) a genus of Combretacez. 
Guilandl'na (Bot.) P. N. from Af. Gmlam&t, a Pniifian traveller in Africa ; 

a genus of tropical Leguminofz. 
Guildi'ngia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of the Jtev. L. GuMttg; a genus of 

Guilie'lma (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Palmz. 
Gnillemi'nia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M, GuUUmin; a genus of 

Guillemot (Omith.) fVelJh, noiUnvg, whirling about ] a genus of Sea-gulls. 
GuiUi'mia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Magnoliaceae. 
Guindilla (Bot.; a genus of Xanthoxylacese. 
Gulo'a (Bot.) a genus of Sapindaces. 

Gulraoa (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Guiras ; a genus of Crucifera*. 
Guizo'tia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M, Guixot; a genus of Compofitae. 
Guldenfltoe'dtla (Bot.) P. N. from J. A. Gul/UHprndty a naturaliO. 
Gull {Ormt\i.) gula, gluttony ; from its voracity. 
Gulo (Zool.) guta, the throat ; applied to the Wolverene. 



Gumi'llea (Bot.) a genus of Cunoniaceas. 

Gumi'ra (Bot.) a genus of Verbenacea. 

Gundelflhei'mera (Bot.) P. N. from Andrnv GunJel/cAeimerj a German 

botani(l, its difcoverer.^ a genus of CompoiitiB. 
Gunne'ra (Bot.) P. N. from E. Gunrur^ bi(hop of Drontheim, a botanid^ 
Gunthe'ria (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Ricciacea. 
Gupia (Bot.) fame as Goupia, q.v. 
GuBSo'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Euphorbiacea. 
Guata'via (Bot.) P. N. from Gufiavw III., king of Sweden, patron of 

Gutierre'zia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Compofita. 
Gutzla'fia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of CkarUs GutJIaf, the eminent Chinefe 

milHonary ; a genus of Acanthacca. 
Gusuna'nnia (Bot.) P. N. from A, Guzmamy colle^r of natural hi (lory. 
Gyas (Bot.) P.N., one of the giants ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Gynmaoa'ntllUS (Bot.) yvfjaig^ naked, acanthiu; a genus of AcantJbiceflB. 
Gymnaohas'iia (Bot.) >i//m>«,', naked, a;^n*, poor; a genus of Compofiue. 
Gymnade'nla (Bot.) ^fi>«f , naked, min^j a ghmd ; a genu» of terreftrial 

Gymnae'tron (£nt.) /v.ur^f, naked, « rp«», the belly. 
Gymnanc/la (£nt.) yi//bi»«f, bare, «y»vx«), an arm, foreleg. 
Gymna'ndra(Bot.)>a;fi>«f, naked, ktnf, a (lamen ; a genus of Selaginaces. 
Gymna'nthe (Bot.) /v/Mt«;, naked, &^u, flower ; a genus of Junger- 

Gyxnnan'themiun (Bot.) yviA,\is^ naked, aittkemu, chamomile^ a genus of 

Gyxxma'nthera (Bot.) yvfA*it^ naked, amiAa-; a genus of Afclepiadaces. 
Gymna'xithes (Bot.) yv/u>«f , naked, «»d«f^ flower f a genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Gymnarrhe'na (Bot.) yvfA^ig, naked, £ffnh a male, ((lamen), a genus of 

Gymne'ma (Bot.) yv/Aiit, naked, »«/m«, a thread. 

Gymne'trus (Ichth.) yv/A>isy naked, nr^, the belly; having no anal fins. 
Gyxxmoba'lanus (Bot.) yvfMif^ naked, halanw, an acorn or gland ; a genu» 

of Lauracete. 
Gymnooa'rpiu (Bot.) YuiM^it^ naked, tt»firif, fruit ; a genus of Ulecebraceae. 
Gymnooephalium (Bot.) yv/Atisf naked, xa^Xn, head or tuft ; a genus of 

Gynmoce'phalUB (Bot.) yvfxyif, naked, tufux^f head ; a genus of Mufci. 
Gymnooe'phalus (Omith.) yt;ju»«;, naked, xi^«Xi), the head ; bare-headed. 



Gymno'oladua (Bot.) xv,u»«f, naked, MXihf, a twig; referring to its 

Gymnocoo oa (Bot.) yvfA*is^ naked, »•»»«(, a berry ; a genus of Thymelaceae. 
Gymno'derUB (Omith.) yvfA\if, naked, Vi^t, (kin ; having the neck bare. 
Gymnodi'souB (Bot.) yvfA»is, naked, di/cus ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Gyxnnodo'ntides (Ichth.) >«/«»•;, naked, e3«&f , o}«rr«f, a tooth. 
Gym'nogens (Bot.) yv/u>«c, naked, yt^vim, to bring forth plants the feeds 

of which have no capfules. 
Gynmogo'ngrua (Bot.) yvfi»«f, naked, yiyy^tt an excrefcence ; a genus of 


Gyxnnogra'mzna (Bot.) yvfAtif, naked, y^a/AfAti, writing ; it has naked 

fori ; a genus of Filices. 
Gynmo'gyne (Bot.) yvf»»«f, naked, t^vh, female (piftil) ; a genus of Com- 

GynmolSB'na (Bot.) yufA^it, naked, ;^A«iv«, a mantle ; a genus of Com* 

Gynmolo'ma (Bot.) yv/A^if, naked, X5/m«, fringe ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Gymnolo'mla (Bot.) xv/u»«f , naked, \S/Aa^ a border. 
Gynmoznit'riiiin (Bot.) yv/i4»0f, naked, fjurfin, a fmall turban ; a genus of 

GymnomimB'na (Ichth.) ^,u>«f, bare, munttu, an eel. 
GyxnnopareltLi (Ichth.) xv/bi»«f, naked, wfudy the cheek ; naked-faced. 
GymnophlOB'a (Bot) yvfAtit, naked, ^X««f, rind or bark ; a genus of Algz. 
Gyxnnophthalmata (Zool.) ^ yvfA^i^ naked, •<^«A/bi«f, an eye; a family 
Gyxnnophtha'lmidaB (Zool.)> of Lizards. 
Gyninoplitha'lmus (Zool.) yv/A^f, naked, o^«A/u«f, the eye. 
Gymnopo'gon (Bot.) yufA\if, naked, 9»yt^, a beard ; a genus of Gramina. 
Gym'nops (Omith.) yv/Avif, naked, «4», the face ; naked-faced. 
Gynmo'psis (Bot.) yv/Afif, naked, S^tf, look ; a genus of Afteraceat. 
Gyxnno'pterls (Bot.) yu/Afitt naked, wriftf, a fern ; a genus of Filices. 
Gymnorhl'na (Omith.) yv/uM;, naked, ^i>, the noftril. 
GyxnnosohcB'nus (Bot.) yvfA^is, naked, o-^Mtft a rafh ; a genus of Cyper- 

GymnoBcia'dium (Bot.) yv/A%iu naked, a*id$nti§, an umbrella, meta^ 

pborically an umbel ; a genus of Umbellifere. 
Gymnosoy^phus (Bot.) yvfAfit, nakedyfiypkiu, a goblet ; a genus of Mar- 

Gymnosi'plion (Bot.) yvfA>it, naked, a-i^ptn, a tube ; a genus of Burman- 


196 GTM — GTR 

GynuLOflpe'nna (Bot.) yv/u.>«f, naked, e-wiffAttj ieed ; a genus of Compofitar. 
GymnosphSB'ra (Bot.) yvfAiis^ naked, o-^aifa, a globe ; a genus of Filices. 
Gymnospora ngium (Bot.) yu,uuf, nakeAifporatigium ; a genus of Fungi. 
Gymnospo'rlum (Bot.) >«/M»*r, naked,j^ra ; a genus of Fungi. 
GymnoBta'ohyB (Bot.) yufA**Sy naked, ar»x^ft ^ fpike. 
Gymnosta'chyum (Bot.) yv/Atif, naked, aT«;^uf, a (pike ; a genui of 

Gymno'stomiun (Bot.) yvfxtis, naked, 0-t«/m«, a mouth ; a genus of Mufci. 
GymnOBty'les (Bot.) yvfA*ag, mked^Jyium; a genus of Compofitse. 
Gyxnnothe'ca (Bot.) >v^»«;, naked, di)»tf, a (heath ; a genus of Loaiaceae ; 

alfb a genus of Saururacese. 
Gy'mnbthrlz (Bot.) yufjt>if, naked, d^'f, a hair, (awn); a genus of Gra- 

Gymno'tua (Ichth.) >u/bt»9f, naked, »dvT«f, the back. 
Gymnu'ra (Zool.) yv/A*H^ naked, wpd, a tail ; a fort of (hrew found in 

Gymnu'sa (£nt.) yv/uwf, naked ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Gynandro'psia (Bot.) ywmtiff^ hermaphrodite, li^'^i appearance. 
Gsmooepha'Uum (Bot.) ywn, a pidil, «a4;«Xiff», a little head ; a genus of 

Gynozo'oidfl (Zool.) yv*n, a female, (w9i, life. 
Gypa'etUB (Omith.) yv^, a vulture, atrif^ an eagle ; a genus of vulturine 

birds, Co called from their partaking of the character of both eagle and 

Gypoge'raniis (Omith.) yi^,, >vv«(j a vulture, yiffSy a crane ; a genus of 

Gypotha'mnum (Bot.) y»^, a vulture, 6«/Mv«f, a (hrub. 
Gypso'phlla (Bot.) y»i^t, chalk, f(^i»i to love; referring to its habitation. 
Gyracan'thuB (Fos. 2^1.) ^v^c, round, Atun&a^ a fpine ; a genus of fbflil 

placoid fiflies of the carboniferous fydem. 
Gyri'nidflB (£nt.) yvfiv»y to run round; alluding to their gyratory motion. 
Gyri'nus (Ent.) yvf»u»^ to run round, a genus of Coleoptera. 
Gyrocar'puB (Bot.) yvp«f, round, /uifvif, fruit. 
Gy^rodUB (Fos. 2Ux)l.) yu^t, round, il»v(^ a tooth. 
Gyro'gonites (Fos. Bot.) yv^f, round, y«*»i«, an angle. 
Gyrohyp'nus (Ent.) yufitt a circle, v«vor, fleep ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
G3rrole'pia (Fos. Zool.) yv^is^ round, Xiirif, a fcale. 
Gyro'mltra (Bot.) yvfis^ round, miiraj a turban ; a genus of Fungi. 

GTR ~ HAD ^ 197 

Gyron'chus (Fos. Zool.) yufit^ round, «>»«(, a curve ; a genus of foiHl 

ganoid fiOies. 
Gyrophas'iia (£nt.) ytfis^ round, ^«4t«, to appear. 
Gyro'phora (Bot.) yC^i, a circle, t'^*' ^<> ^^^^i" ; ^ genus of Lichenes. 
Gyrophra'gznium (Bot.) yvf&u round, ^^y/M«, a palifade ; a genus of 

Oyropo'dium (Bot.) >v^<, round, iriDf, veSof , a foot ; a genus of Icicaces. 
Gyropris'tis (Fos. Zool.) yufiu round, ir^/rrif , a faw ; a genus of fodil 

placoid fiflies from the new red fanddone. 
GyroBig'ma (Bot.) yv^«f, round, and the letter ^^<i; a genus of Diato- 

Gyroso'rium (Bot.) yufi^ toymA^fonu ; a genus of Filices. 
Gyrotss'nia (Bot.) yv^, round, Ufiia, a ribband. 
Gyrothe'ca (Bot.) yZpost a circle, &v»fit a fheath. 
Gysselinella (£nt.) P. N. from J. V, GifffMn^ of Vienna, an afllduous 


Haa'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lauraceae. 

Habena'rla (Bot.) haUna^ a leather ftrtp ; referring to the long fpur of 

the flower ; a genus of terreftrial Orchidaceac. 
Habe rlea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gefneracez. 
Habe'rlia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Anacardiacez. 
HabU'tzia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. Fw HaUHz, author of "Travels 

in the Crimea ;" a genus of Amarantacez. 
H%bra'ntha8 (Bot.) a^^«;, delicate, «fd«f, a flower ; probably referring to 

texture of bloflbms. 
Habraoan'thus (Bot.) ad^;, delicate, acanthus ; a genus of Acanthaoec. 
Habro'oeruB (£nt.) ai3^«;, delicate, «fp«r, a horn. 

Habro'phora (Ent.) aSfiu delicate, 4>ie«, to bear ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Habros'tola (Ent.) &$fis, beautiful, irroXii, drefs. 
Habrotha'mnus (Bot.) kBfiu graceful, dic/Mvo^ , a ihoot or branch ; a genus 

of Solanacez. 
Haokney (Zool.) as applied to a horfe, is fometimes faid to come from 

Hackney, near London, but the French haqvenee is alfo fuggeded. 
Haoque'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Balthafar Racquet^ a French natu- 

ralid and traveller, died 1815 ; a genus of Umbelliferz. 
Hade'na (Ent.) «i}«, the nether world ; on account of the dark colour of 

the species in this genus. 

198 HAD — HAL 

Hade'nidSB (Ent.) hadena^ fam. term. UU, 

Haddock (Ichth.) Irifh, eodog ; old French, Aa/o/. 

Ha'drUB (Ent.) Siifitt thick, (Irong ; a genus of Diptera. 

Hasmadio'tyon (Bot.) «*/(4«, blond, )i»tv«v, a net ; referring to the leaves. 

HsBxna'nthuB (Bot.) m^Juo, blood, M»^t a flower. 

Heamapo'phyaeB (Zool.) «i!u«, blood, ap^pk^u; in allufion to their 

phyliological relations with the great blood-veswls. 
HaBmato'bium (Zool.) Mfio, blood, ^i««, to live; fpecific name of a 

paraiite found in the portal vein and other blood-vellels. 
Hasmatooo'ccus (Bot.) «2Jm«-t«c, blood, ii«»»«f, a berry ; a microfcopic 

HaBmato'chrouB (Bot.) ar^Mc-rer, blood, xi^'h colour. 
HaBmatocrTa (Zool.) ar/iic-T*;, blood, »ftwr, froft ; correlative of the 

HaBma'topinuB (Ent.) «iiMa, JJemtoc, blood, v/?«, to drink ; a parafitic 

genus of Pediculidae. 
HsBmatopodi'xiaB (Oinith.) ar/uft-rsr, blood, vii^f, «-«2«f,a foot ; red-footed. 
HsBxnato'pota (Ent.) «2]u«, aSJutaro;, blood, ir«T«if , a drinker ; a genus of 

. Diptera. 
Hcemato pua (Omith.) cT/bui, «2iu«T0f, blood, vev;, a foot ; red-footed ; 

a genus of Birds. 
HaBxnato'pygus (Omith.) tXfAm^ Mtjuaroc* blood, w/il, the rump. 
Hasmator chia (Bot.) «!/««, «]jM«T«f, blood, •r^Aix ; a genus of Orchidaoeie. 
HaBmatOSpe'miun (Bot.) •J^jMy aT/matk, blood, aWf/M^ (eed ; a genus of 

Haamato'strobiu (Bot.) mT/wh, olfAuroi^ blood,/nR&ir/, a genus of Balano- 

Hasmato'zylum (Bot.) m/am, blood, iuk»f, wood ; alluding to the colour 

of the wood. 
Hsemoca'rpuB (Bot.) aiM«t blood, ««^*r, fruit ; a genus of Hypericaceas. 
HaBmo'charis (Zool.) o^, blood, x'^fm^ to rejoice ; a parafitic genus of 

Haamodo'rum (Bot.) mJeao, blood, }«^», a gift. 
HflB^xnopis (ZooL) «]Jui«, blood ; a genus of Annulata. H. Sanguiibrba is 

the common Horfe-leech. 
Ha'kea (Bot.) P.N. from Barw Hah, a German patron of botany ; a genus 

of Proteaceae. 
Hala'caros (Zool.) aX(, the Tea, acarvs, a tick or mite ; a genus of 


HAL — HAL 199 

Hala'drotna (Oinith.) «>«)^/uof, one who courfes over the Tea. 
Halaa'thium (Bot.) oIAc, fait, M§u a flower; a genus of ChenopodiacesB. 
Ha'laraohne (Zool.) SXtt fea, «f «x**>' ^ fp^<lcr ; ^ genus of Arachnida. 
Haloa'mpa (2Sool.) «XCi the fea, nafA%n% a maggot ; a genus of Actinise. 
Haloyor'nlB (Fob. Omith.) haUyon, Zffftf, bird; an extinct bird of the 

Haldoinum (Zool.) relating to the fea. 
Hale'oium (Zool.) &Xc, the sea ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Hale'&ia (Bot.) P.N. from 5. Hales, D,D., F.R,S., the Snowdrop-tree ; 

a genus of Nat. Ord. Styracaceac. 
H^la TEnt.) P.N. a Nereid or fea-nymph. 
Haliaetos (Omith.) Sx;, the sea, icir*;, an eagle. 
Hallas (Ent.) AXiac, a fi(hing-boat, in allufion to the form of the larva. 

Or from Axii^c, belonging to the fea ; perhaps in allufion to the colour 

of the perfect infect. 
Halibut or Holibut (^Ichth.J from holy and Dutch tut or bet, a flounder ; 

i.e., holy flounder. 
HaliohcB'roa (Zool.) «X(, the sea, x^^t^t* ^ pig* 
Haliohon'dria (Zool.) «Xf, lea, x^^f^f* cartilage ; a genus of Sponges. 
Hali'oore (2Sool.) «Xf , the fea, »*^, a maid. 
Halloo'ridsB (Zool.) Aa/<«orr, £un. term. «£e; a &mily of Mammalia. 
Hali'drys, (Bot.) «X;, the (ea, Ifis, an oak ; a genus of marine Alg«. 
Ha'lieua (Omith.) iXtvt^ a fiiher ; a genus of Birds. 
Hallmoden'dron (Bot.) Sxi.a^f, maritime, iit^^t, a tree. 
HaliinUB (Bot.) Sxtf*9tj maritime. 

Hall'onyz (Bot.) &Xt, the fea,o»t{, a claw ; a genus of marine Diatomacess. 
Halio'tlB (ZooL) ^Xixfffea, euc, mrtt^ ear ; the fea Ear-fhell, 
Ha'liphis (Ent.) aXivXt*t, failing on the fea. 
Halisa'roa (Zool.) «(Xf, the (ea, o-mfi, 0'«{*«<i flefli; a genus of marine 

Hall'serls (Bot.) aXt, the fea, Wfi;, endive ; it has membranous fronds ; 

a genus of fucoid Algse. 
HalithSB^a (ZooL) «Xf, the (ea ; a genus of marine Annelides. 
Halithe'rium (Fos. 2Um>L) &Xr, ix6;, the fea, 0ii^o, a wild beaft ; an 

eztinft cetacean of the tertiary. 
Halle'ria (Bot.) P.N. in honoor of Albert HalUr, a diftinguifhed botanift, 

phyfiologifl, and phyfician. 
Halle BUB (Ent.) a genus of the Phi^ganidfc. 
Ha'llia (Bot.) P.N. from Berger Martin Hall^ a pupil of Linnieus^ 

^oo HAL — HAM 

Halluoa'tos (ZooL) Aai!<^», a thumb or great toe. 

Hsdmata'rus (ZooL.) &X/b»«,a fpring or leap, «;^, a tail ; applied to certain 

of the Kangaroos. 
Halo'charlB (Bot.) jKA(, ^x«$, the Tea, ekarh ; a genus of Chenopodiacec. 
Haloge'ton (Bot.) «Xr, fea, ytirm, a neighbour ; loves falt-water ; a genus 

of ChenopodiaceB. 
HaloglOB'sum (Bot.) otXf , Tea, yxSo-o-m, tongue ; a genus of marine Algse. 
Hallo menua (Ent.) Sxxof4«i, to fpring or leap. 

Halo'hia (Fos. Bot.) dim. of kale, the luminous circle round the iun ; a 
fofiil genus intermediate between Lycopods and Conifers ; alio, a genus 
of Fungi. 
Halo'phila (Bot.) «Xf , iea, ^iXi«, to love ; loves fea-water ; a genus of 

Halo pithyB (Bot.) ofXf , iea, wirvr* a pine-tree ; a genus of marine Algse. 
Halo'pterifl (Bot.) Hxg^ Tea, vrtfn^ a fern ; a genus of marine Algae. 
Halora'gis (Bot.) &X(, the Tea, p«£, a berry, especially a grape ; typical 

genus of aquatic family Halorageacese. 
Halorhlza (Bot.) «Xf , Tea, pi^«, root ; a genus of marine Algie. 
Halosa'ooion (Bot.) iZXr, iea, ^-MSitv, dim. of ^-csmc, a imall bag; a 

genus of marine Algie. 
HalosohcB nii8 (Bot.) «(Xr, iea, «-;t:***^« ^ ^^ ; ** Sea-4ide ruih " ; a genus 

of Cyperaceee. 
Halo'stachys (Bot.) «(x<, iea, rra^if^ a bunch or duiler ; a genus of Che- 

Halozylon (Bot.) «Xr, fait, {uXw, wood ; a genus of Chenopodiaceae. 
Halte'res (Ent.) LmU balancers, from halter^ a weight or dumb-bell ; ibme 

membranous appendai!;es to certain Dipterous iniects. 
Halte'ria (Zool.) Axri}^, a dumb-bell ; a genus of Infiiibria. 
Halterip'tenu (Ent.) aXr«^ a dumb-bell, irrl^ov, a wing, from the iinall 

bodies on the top of the wings in ibme Dipterous inse£h. 
Haltero'phora (Bot.) «XTfi^,a dumb-bell, ^^^, to bear ; a genus of Fung. 
Haltica (Ent.) aXn »««, good at leaping, active. 
Haltiohe'Jla (Ent.) dim. of Haltica, 

Halu'ras (Bot.) «Xf, iea, «D^, tail ; a genus of marine Algae. 
Halyme'nia (Bot.) SXc, the Tea, vfAwt^ a membrane ; a genus of marine Algae. 
Halysi'tes (Fos. Zool.) «Xu«-if,a chain ; the chain-pore coral of the palseo- 

zoic ilrata. 
Hamadryas (Zool.) P.N., a nymph of the trees ; a genus of Colubrine 
ophidians ; and in Botany, a genus of Ranunculaceae. 

HAM — nAJi 101 

Hamame'lis (Bot.) SL/am^ together with, ^a.«», an apple ; 

Hamelia (Bot.) P.N. from H. L, Dm Hamd Du Monceau^ a celebrated 

botanift, who died in 1782. 
Hamelloa (Ent.) kamus^ a hook. 

Hamilto'nla (Bot.) P.N. from Mr. HamUtM^vk American boUnist. 
Ha'mite (Fos. 2Sool.) AaOT«/,a hook ; the Hook-(heli; a genus of Ammonites. 
Ha'mites (F06. Zool.) hamus^ a hook. 
Hamo'des (Ent.) hamtut a hook, ii)«f , like. 
Ha'mula (Ent.) dimin. of kamtity a hook. 
Hanmoa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Stmarubacez. 
Hapall'dlinn (Bot.) «««x«f, foft ; a genus of Algae. 
HapalOBte'phium (Bot.) AircX«r, foft, 0^ti^«o a crown; a genua of 

Hapalo'tls (Zool.) Aar«X«(, foft, tender, our, mto?, the ear, rabbit-eared. 
Hapla'nthera (Bot.) awXovf, fimple, anther; a genus of Acanthaoes. 
Hapla'ria (Bot.) kmXAi, fimpb ; a genus of Fungi. 
Haplooe'roua (Zool.) awXU^ plain, »lfMOf, a tail ; a genus of Colubrine 

Haplodi'otyon (Bot.) ilwA«vf , Ample, )/»ti;0v, a net ; a genus of Polypo- 

dioid Filices. 
HaplOBOia'diuin (Bot.) awXttIc, funple, ciu£i%in^ an umbrella (umbel) ; 

a genus of Umbellifene. 
Ha'plota (Ent.) 4vAorfff, plainness. 
Hapsi'dophryB (Zool.) hapttu^ a bandage, l^fut^ the eyebrow ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Hardwl'okia (Bot.) P.N. torn Major Gen, Hardwieky E.I.C. Artillery. 
Hare (Zool.) Anglo-^ax. hara. 
Hare'ngus (Ichth.) German^ Amt, an army ; to expreis the ¥a(l numbers 

in which the Herring occurs. 
Hare 'stall Ootton-grass (Bot.) Seems to be a tranflation of ** Junetts 
alfiinus cum eauda Leforint," its name in J. Bauh. ii. 514 ; and Pluk. 
Almag., 201. 
Hare wort (Bot.) Anglo-Sax, kare-tuyrt, 
Harla'ndia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cucurbitacese. 
Haro'nga (Bot.) its name in Madagafcar. 
Ha'rpa (ZooL) Lot, a harp ; the Harp-shell. 

HarpaohsB na (Bot.) &fwn, a fickle, ^;^, poor , a genus of Compoflte. 
Harpa'ohne (Bot.) ofpwn, a fickle, ix'fit chaff; a genus of Gramina. 

102 HAR — HAS 

Harpa'otopus (£nt.) kivaKtUy fnatched up, vZt, a foot ; a genus of 

Harpa'ctofl (£nt.) afir§Mtity fnatched up ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Ha'rpagus (Ornith.) harpago^ to rob or plunder. 

Harpa'lidaa (£nt.) hatfaltu, fam. term. ida. 

Ha'rpalua (Ent.) tl^v^Xff, greedy ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Harpalyce (Bot.) P N. from Harpalyee, daughter of Lycurgus, king of 


*' qualis equos Threifla fatigat 
Harpalyce, volucremque fugi pravertitur Hebrum." 

Vimo. ^n. i, 32o» 
Harpane'ma CBot.) «fvn, a fickle, >ii/M«, thread ; a genus of Afclepiadacez. 
Harpa'nthUB (Bot.) Mfvn, a fickle, «^tdoc, flower; a genus of Junger- 

Harpel'la (Ent.) Spvn, a fickle. 

Harpe'phora (Bot.) iSf^n, a fickle, ^t^, to bear ; a genus of Compontae. 
Harpooa'rpUB (Bot.) afpwii, a fickle, mdfvs, fhiit ; a genus of Compofitaa. 
Harpochilua (Bot.) iifwn, a fickle, ;^rxeC) a^ lip ; a genus of Acanthacea;. 
Harpo'chloa (Bot.) «S^««, a fickle, x^^** S^^^ i ^ genus of Gramina. 
Harpulia (Bot.) a genus of Sapindacese. 
Harra'ohia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Acanthacez. 
HazrierB (Omith.; fuppofed to allude to their mode of ieeking their prey : 

they fly flowly along at a little diftance from the ground, apparently 

beating over every part of the furface, in the manner of a dog hunting 

for game. 
HarriBO'nia (Bot.) P.N. from Mr*, Harrifon^ of Aigburgh, Liverpool. 
Hart (2Sool.) Anglo-Sax. heart, 
Hartig'liBea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Meliacese. 
Harti'gla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Melaftomacecc. 
Harbna'imia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 
Hartmannla'sia (Ent.) P.N. in honour of F, £. Hartmaiin, Profeflbr at 

Frankfort-on-the-Oder, bom in 1727. 
Harto'gla (Bot.) P. N. from J. Harttg, a Dutch traveller. 
Hartwe'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Thtndore Hartiveg, a fiiccefsful col- 

leAor of Mexican plants for the Horticultural Society, London, who 

discovered this genus of Mexican Orchidaceie. 
Harve'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Harvey^ of Dublin ; a genus of 

I'seltia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Tiliacess. 

BAS — HEB 103 

Ha'seltia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Apocynacez. 

Hassalia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A, IT. HalJaU^ M.D.; a genus of 

confenroid Algse. 
Hasselqui'stia (Bot.) P.N. from F. HafeJqujfi, M.D., its difcoverer, who 

died in 1752, he was a pupil of Linnzus, and a celebrated traveller in 

the Holy Land. 
Hasska'rlia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Pandanaceto. 
Hasta'ta (Ent.) hattat a fpear ; from the fpear-fhaped markings. 
Hasta'tofl-a-Uin (Bot.) Lot., having arrow-Hiaped leaves. 
Hastia'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of ^ Reinh. Haft, Fennus natus ad 

Inie^rum hlstoriam, et in flore ztatis periit egregius discipulus." 


HaBti'ngla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Byttneriacen. 

Hautboy, or Hautbois (Bot.) this name of a (Irawberry is probably from 

the kigktvoodt of its native Bohemia ; in French, haut'bou. 
Hau'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rene Jufi Hauy, the celebrated Cryftallo- 

grapher, died 1822, aged 79 ; a genus of Onagraceie. 
Have'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of X^luiiaces. 
Hawk (Omith) AtighSax, hafee, 
Hawkera'na (Ent.) P.N. in honour of Rev, W, H, Hawker, of Homdean, 

Hants, who firfl captured the fpecies in 1855. 
Hawo'rthia (Bot.) P.N. from A, H, Hmvorth, F.L.S,, a diftinguiihed 

Haworthia'ta (Ent.) P. N. from Adrian HarJy Haworth, author of ** Lepi- 

doptera Britannica." 
Ha'wthom (Bot.) AitgJo-Sax, hag, a hedge, thorn, a thorn. 
Hazto'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitx. 
Haylo'okia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mattkrw HaylocA, Herbert's 

intelligent gardener ; a genus of Brazilian AmaryllidacesB. 
Hay'nea (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Hazel-nut (Bot.) Anglo^ax. k^sl-mitu, i.e. Head-drefs nut, becauie of its 

peculiar involucrum. 
Headleya'na (Ent.) firft captured in HeadUy Lane, near Mickleham : an 

inflance of the want of an efficient fyftem of fcientific nomenclature. 
Heath (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. luetk, 

Heba'nthe (Bot.) Hebe, S»Bct, a flower ; a genus of Amarantaces. 
Hel>e (Bot.) P. N., the goddefs of youth; a genus of Scrophulari* 

He'bea (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Iridacec. 

104 . HEB — MEG 

Hebea'ndra (Bot.) He^tMft&^lfkt a male (damen) ; i.e^ having (lamenft 
refembling thofe of that genus ; a genus of Polygaboez. 

Hebenatrei'tia (Bot,) P.N. from J, E. Hebetutrat^ M.D,^ Profeflbr of 
Botany at Leipfic. 

Heoae'rge (£nt.) uuec^^, far-darting ; a genus of Arachnida. 
Heoate'ra (Ent.) P.N., from 'Exsrir, the goddefs of the nether world. 
Heotocotylus (ZooL) tJMTtf^ a hundred, MTvXn, a fucker. 
HecubsB a (Bot.) P.N. from Heeuha^ wife of Priam, king of Troy ; a genus 

of Compofits. 
Hedaro'ma (Bot.) n%ut^ fweet, aroma^ fmell ; a genus of Chamselauciaceae. 
He'dera (Bot.) Lot, ivy, the word is thought by (bme to be from the 

Celtic hedra, a cord. The true Hedera of the ancients is Aippofed to 

be a yellow-berried variety of H. Helix, found in the £a(l Indies and 

occaHoiudly in Italy. 
Hedgehog (JLocL) perhaps from urthin'hogi or from its form and place of 

Hedraio'phyllum (Bot.) U^Mor, fixed, iedentary, ^xxov, leaf; a genus of 

Hedraio'stylis (Bot.) H^ot, fixed, rruXw^ pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of Eu- 

Hedwi'gia (Bot.) P. N. from John Hfdwig, the great Bryologift, who died 

in 1799; ^ genus of Wefl Indian Amyridacec; alfo a genus of 

Hedwlgi'dium (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Johann Hedtoig, a diftinguifbed 

German Botanid, bom 1730, died 1799 ; a genus of Mufci. 
Hedyoa'zpuB (Bot.) nlit^ fweet, »«(w«f, fruit ; a genus of Sapindacec. 
Hedyoa'rya (Bot.) nivt^ fweet, ««^v, a nut ; a genus of Monimiacee. 
Hedy'ohium (Bot.) Hiuu fweet, ;^i«f, fnow. 

He'dycnim (Ent.) klvty pleasant xf^*^ colour; a genus of brilliantly- 
coloured Hymenopterous insefts. 
Hedyo'smum (Bot.) JiJvf , fweet, o^fiii, a fmell ; a genus of Chloranthaces. 
Hedyo'tis (Bot.) nluu fweet, «?;, i»T^t^ an ear ; it has leaves like ears. 
Hedy'pnois (Bot.) «96c, fweet, mJM, to breathe ; it fcents the breath. 
Hedy^Banun (Bot.) i^us^ fvreet, ifttfA*, ^ fpice ; a genus of Leguminofz. 
Heegeriel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Herr Ernji Heeger^ author of 

** Beitraje zur naturgefchichte der Phyfapoden." 
He'eria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of MelaftomacesB. 
Hege'mone (Bot.) n>f/tA«y, a leader ; a genus of Ranunculaceos. 
Hegetsohwellera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminoiie. 

HEI — HEL 105 

Heifer (Zool.) Angio-^ax. ieofrg, a young cow. 

Hei'mia (Bot.) P.N. from Dr, Ham^ a celebrated Berlin phyGcian. 

He'iilBla (Bot.) P. N.» a genua of Cinchonacese. 

Helnze'lla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Acanthacefe. 

Heinselma'zmla (Bot.) '^. N., a genus of Scrophulariaces. 

Hein'xla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofs. 

Helate'rla (Bot.). P.N. from luntfrenee Hetfter^ Profeflbr of Botany at 
HaUhult;died in 1758. 

Helamys (Zoot.) iXn, heat of the fun, fxlt, a tat ; the Jumping rat, 
found at the Cape of Good Hope. 

Helaro'tos (Zool.) nXisr, the fun, <Slf»T»(, a bear; generic name of the Sun 

Hele'niiim (Bot.) P. N. from HeUn^ daughter of Jupiter and Leda, wife 
of Menelaus, and the caufe of the Trojan war; a genus ci Com- 

Heliao'tin (Omith.) 8xto<, the fun, ««T<y, a ray ; a genus of Humming- 

Helian'gelus (Omith.) SXiof, the fun, iyyiXty an envoy or herald ; a genus 
of Humming-birds. 

Hellan'thea (Omith.) 8x««f, the fun, M^^ a flower ; a genus of Hum- 

Helian'themum (Bot.) fixiot, the fun, «>0i/u«v, a flower ; the Sun-rofe ; a 
genus of Ciftacese. 

Hellantholda (2Ux>l.) rXt^Ct the iim, m^, a flower, ttlty like ; a family 
of A^tiniform Zoophytes. 

Helia'nthus (Bot.) fi\i«c« the fun, <ly9«r, a flower ; the Sun-flower ; a genus 
of Compofitz. 

HeU'oidSB (ZooL) Ixif , any thing fpiral or twifted ; a family of Phyto- 
phagous gafleropods. 

Helicbxysum (Bot.) Sxw, the fun, xfi^*f% S^^<^ » referring to the golden 
bloHoms^of the original fpecies ; a genus of Compofitfe. 

Helioomy'oes (Bot.) ixixof , twifted, fivaqc, a fungus ; a genus of Fungi. 

Helioo'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Helicon, the mountain of the Muies. 

Helloooe'ras (Fos. Zool.^ iX(««f, fpiral, »i;«f, a horn. 

Helioophylliim (Bot.) iA(««f, twifted, tf^vXXn, leaf; a genus of Bryaceous 

He'lioops (Zool.) iXisAc, twifled, S>^^ the eye ; a genus of Ophidians. 

Heli008X>e'rma (Bot.) i>.ix9;, twifled, 9-m'iffAa^ Iced ; a genus of Caryo- 

io6 HRL — HEL 

Helloospo'rium (Bot.) iXiMf, twifted, o-iropA, a fporule ; it has twifVed 

^rules ; a g;enus of Hypomycetous Fun^i. 
Heliooste'gia (Zool.) ix/^, a fpiral, rriyn, a chamber; an order of 

Helioostylum (Bot.) iM»«f, twided, 0^tvx«v, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of 

Heliootha'mnion (Bot.) ixi»or, twifted, BmfAun^ a fmall Hinib ; a genus 

of Algae. 
Helioo'trlohum (Bot.) iA<s«r, twifted, dpi{, Tfi;^«c, hair; a genus of 

Helio'ta (Bot.) iX(»TO(, twifted, wreathed ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Helio'teres (Bot.) keUx, a fcrew ; the carpels are twifted ; the Screw-tree. 
Hello tU (Zool.) iXixT*;, rolled, twifted. 
Hellerella (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Algae. 
HeUooar'pua (Bot.) 4i^t«c, the iiin, Mpv^c, fruit. 
Helio'oeras (Fos. Zool.) qXi«Cy the fun, »v««f a horn; a genus of 

Hellooo'prU (£nt.) Sxto^, the iiin ; the genus Co^rh, 
Hello'des (£nt.) nUniinti like the fun, bright and beaming. 
Hellodl'nes (£nt.) Sxiof, litntiut whirling in the fun. 
Hellodo'za (Omith.) Iixtoc, the fun, H^a, glory ; a genus of Humming- 
Helloll'tes (Fos. ZooL) kx^^t, the fun, x/doc, a ftone ; an extenfire genus of 

corres of the family of MiUeporidae. 
Helioma'ster (Omith.) {ixi0(, the fun, actnf^ a ftar. 
Heliopae'dioa (Omith.) nXMf, the fun, v«i}«««f, young; a genus of 

Heliopelta (Bot.) lAMf, the fun, (alluding to the rays) wixrn, a (hield ; a 

genus of Diatomaceie. 
HeUop'sls (Bot.) iixi«f , the fun, S^'f* appearance ; referring to its flowers ; 

a genus of Compofttse. 
HeUo'phlla (Bot.) Sx<*f, the fun, fiXU, to love; a pretty genus of 

HeUo'phllua (Ent.) 9xi«f, the fun, ^/Xof, a lover. 

Helioml'iue (Omith.) SXio^ , the fun, S^c, a bird ; a fubfamily of Anferes. 
Hellory'oteB (Ent.) S Ai«^,the run,09w«Tfic, a digger ; a genus of Hymenopteni. 
Hellospe'rma (Bot.) 8xi«r, the fun, o-wtffAm, feed ; a genus of CaryophyU 

Hello'thidSB (Ent.) kriiothuj fam. term. U^. 

HEL — HEL 107 

Hello'this (Ent.) hUv^U^ Tcorched by the fun. 

Heliothriz (Ornith.) |x««f 1 the fun, dfi^, hair ; fometimes written Heli9^ 

ikrys ; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Heliotro'pium (Bot.) iSAm^, the fun, r^wii, a turning ; alluding to its 

flowers ; now applied to another plant, the well-known and fragrant 

Heliotrope of Peru ; a genus of Ehretiaceae. 
Hello'trypha (Omith.) Sxt*; , the fun, T^t*t, luxury ; a genus of Hum- 
Helip'tenim (Bot.) If\««, a bolt or nail, «rTi(«?, a wing ; a genus of Com- 

Holito'phylluin (Bot.) nXtTi?, like nails, ^vXX«v, a leaf, a genus of 

Heliza'nthera (Bot.) iAi£, a fpiral, antJura ; a genus of Loranthaceae. 
Halla (Ent.) ixxii, ina^ivity, delay. 

Hellebora'ster (Bot.) MeiMtni*, ^fier^ a (lar ; a genus of Ranunculacec. 
Hellebori'sie (Bot.) having fome refemblance to heiUbomt; Engliih name 

of Epipa^s ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Hellel>orus (Bot.) iXiF*, inf. aor. 2 of M^'ar, to kill, 0«^, food ; referring 

to its poifonous qualities ; a celebrated genus of Ranunculacez. The 

Hellebore of the ancients was Helleborus orientalis. 
Helle'nia (Bot.) P. N. from C. N. HeUemhu^ Profeflbr at Abo. 
Helle'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Humiriaceae. 
Hellman'nl (Ent.) P. N. in honour of A, HMmann^ author of a treatifc 

on the Anatomy of Snakes, publifhed at Gottingen, 181 7. 
Hellwingia (Bot) P. N., a genus of Hacourtiaces. 
Helmi'nthia (Bot.) ix/uivdtot, a little worm ; referring to its feeds ; a genus 

of Umbelliferse. 
Helminthl'tes (Fos. Zool.) fA/uivf, iX/ui>fi*c, a worm ; the worm-trails of 

HelmlnthOoho'ltOS (Bot.) Ix^ik* lA/Mi»0«f , a worm, ;c^t««, grafs ; a genus 

of Ceramian Algss 
Helmiathone'ma (Bot.) iX/uivf,! X/bu>d»€, a worm, v«/m«, a thread ; a genus 

of Algz. 
Helmin'thora (But.) Ix/utvc, iX/ui>d«r, a worm ; a genus of Fungi. 
Helxninthospo'rium (Bot.) Ix/u<»f , a worm, J^ra ; a genus of Hypo- 

mycetous Fungi. 
HelminthOSta'ohyS (Bot.) Ix/uivf, fx/ui»0«(, a worm, o-tm;^!;;, a bunch ; a 

genus of Ophioglof&ceous Ferns. 
HelmispoTium (Bot.) fx/u<v(, a worm, 0-vsp«, a fporule. 

2o8 HRL — HEM 

Helo'oera (£nt.) iiX«f, a nail, «i^f, a horn. 
Helode'rma (ZooL) Sxk, » nail or rhid, )f^c, the (kin. 
Helode'rmldsB (ZooL) heUtUrmA, lam. term, i^; the Caltetepons of 

Helodes (Ent.) Sixor, a nail, iHof , like. 
HelodUB (Fob. Ichth.) Use, a nail or ftud, tiwut^ a tooth ; <■ ftud-tooth ; ^ 

a genus of ceftraciant fiih-teeth of the carboniferous rocks. 
Helo'gyne (Bot.) nX«f , a bolt or nail, yutn^ female (piftil) ; a genus of 

Helo'nias (Bot.) l^t^ a marfli ; alluding to its habitation. 
Helopho'ridSB (£nt.) a fiunily of Coleoptera of which HeUpJurw is the 

Helo'phorOB (Ent.) Sx«f , a wart or knob, fi^, to bear. 
Helo'phytum (Bot.) q.\«f , a nail, 4>vT«f, a plant ; a genus of Crafliilaceae. 
Helo'pidB (Ent.) a £unily of Coleoptera of which Helops is the type. 
He'lopB (Ent.) fixsr, a wart or knob, o^iCt resemblance. 
Helosoia'dium (Bot.) iXo;, a marfh, c%U%mt metaphorically an umbelli- 
ferous pbnt, an aquatic genus of Umbelliferz ; vide Gjrranofciadium. 
Helota'nuB (Omith.) 9xef , a nail, tarfiu, 
Helo'tium (Bot.) Ia»(, a nail ; a genus of FungL 
Helve Ha (Bot.) a name employed by Cicero for a fungus ; ibme think a 

fort of fmall cabbage ; a genus of Fungi. 
Helvetioa'ria (Ent.) Heiveticits, Swiis. 
HelVola (Ent.) MvUus, pale yellow. 
Hemerobiella (Ent.) dim. of ifu^0««c> living for a day, or refembling 

a HemerMus, a Neufopterous fly. 
Hemero'bius (Ent.) hfAtfa, day, ^i**, to live ; a genus of Neuropterous 

Hemeroblem'ma (Ent.) tt/Mi^c, tame, foft, B\iiui/A», the look, vifage. 
Hemeroo'allis (Bot.) «f4i^, a day, »«xx«f * beauty ; referring to its dura-* 

tion ; a genus of Liliacese. 
Hemero'phila (Ent.) q/mi^, the day, ^Xir?, to love. 
HemiauluB (Bot.) q/mi, half, aikn^ a chamber; a genus of Diatomacese. 
Hemicaxpu'mB (Bot.) iS/mi, half, uafmit^ fruit, sD^, a tail ; a genus of 

Hemi'oeras (Ent.) tiuio-u;, half, »i^f , a horn. 
Hemioe'ridsd (Ent.) a family of which HemUerat is the type. 
Hemioh8a'na(Bot.) q/u<i half,;^«iv«, to gape ; a genus of Scrophulariacex. 
HemichlSd'na (Bot.) li/ui, half, ;^X«rt«, a mantle ; a genus of Cyperacea;. 

HEM — HEM 109 

Hemichoria'te (Bot.) 4/Mt, half, x^f^^^^^y Separated ; a genus of Acanthaceoe. 
Hexni'chroa (Bot.) ii/mi, half, Xi^> colour ; a genus of Amarantacese. 
Hemioi'darls (Fos. Zool.) hfUy half, cidar'u^ having lai]ge fpine-bearing 

tubercles on the lower part of the ambulacra. 
Hemloil^OUS (Omith.) j|^% half, »l^»«f, a tail ; It fhould be Hemicercus 
Hexnioli'dia (Bot.) n/t4i, half, sXi/f, »Xii^V} a key ; a genus of Proteaces. 
Hemloosmi'tes (Fos. Zool.) 4/m(, half, nitrfAoq^ order, arrangement; a 

cyftidean genus of the lower Silurian rocks. 
Hemicyolia (Bot.) hfju^ half, «i;»X«(, a ring or circle; a genus of 

Hemidaotylel'la (Ent.) r/mi, half, %i»ivXMt^ a finger or plume,*one of the 

five divifions of the wings of a Pterophorus ; the moth fbmewhat re- 

iembling a plume in the narrownefs of its wings and the length of the 

Hemldao'tylUB (ZooL) q/ui, half, 2«srvX«r> a toe; the Half-toed Geckos. 
Hemlde'smns (Bot.) n/ui, half, ^<r/M0r, a band. 
Hemldlo'tyon (Bot.) iif4i, half, ^'»tmv, a net; a genus of Polypodioid 

Hemidip'sas (2Ux>l.) J^i, half, h^tity a ferpent ; a genus of Colubrine 

Heml'gale (Zool.) hnu, half, y»\ny a weafel. 

HeXQJlgT'mnia (Bot.) V'* ^^^i yvf*fif, naked ; a genus of Verbenaceae. 
Hemigyne (Bot.) ii/bii, half, yvvfi, female (piftil) ; a genus of Myrfmacea:. 
Hemllo'ba (Bot.) 11/ui, half, Xpffit, a pod ; a genus of Gefneracese. 
Hemi'meri9'(Bot.) n^i, half, fAtfit, a part ; a half-flower ; a genus of Scto> 

Hemioni'tls (Bot.) hfAiwtt, a mule : it is fuppofed to be fterile ; a genus 

of Filices. 
Hemiphlelbittm (Bot.) 'n/ui, half, ^xi^, fU0ift a vein; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
Hemiphra'gma (Bot.) iijui, half, ^^ayf^M, a fence or dtvifion ; a genus of 

Hemlpne'UBtis (Fos. Zool.) hfju^ half, mnCrrn^y one who blows ; the fofHl 

Hemipo'diUB (Ornith.) j)/u^ half, vevr, «rel«f, a foot ; from the total 

abfence of the hinder toe. 
Heinipri'stiB (Fos. Zool.) fi/iAi, half, w^iVrnc, the Saw-fi(h ; a genus of Shark- 
teeth occurring in the chalk and tertiary formations. 


210 HEM ^ HER 

Hemip'tera (£nt.) V* hulf, vn^, a wing. 

Hemiptyohua (Bot.) q/ut, half, «ti^, mtu^ig^ a fold; a genus of 

Hemiram'phuB (Ichth.) n/Mi, half, f»fA^»t, a beak. 

Hemistil'bon (Omith.) h/M, half, crixBm, to glitter ; a genus of Hum- 

Hemi'telites (Fos. Bot.) 4/bii, half, rixu^ end or termination ; a genus of 
oolitic ferns with abrupt pinnules. 

He'mithea (£nt.) hfjii&ttu half-divine ; from the beauty of the infect. 

Hemithy'laoa (Ornith.) h/Mj half, BiXatMs, a pouch ; a genus of Humming- 
birds. * 

Hemlzo'ster (^Fos. Zool.) q/m, half,s^rr,a rea-Hirub ; a genus of Siliceous 

Hemp (Bot.) AttgicSax, h^nep. 

Hen (Omith.) AngloSam^ ken. 

Henfreya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Artkur Hemfrnf^ F.R^S., 
Profeflbr of Botany at Cambridge. 

Henioo'stoma (Ent.) hntiit^ fmgular, ^rifju^ the mouth. 

Hepara'na (Ent.) W«p, the liver ; liver-coloured. 

Hepara'ta (Ent.) nvetf, the liver ; liver-coloured. 

Hepa'tioa (Ent.) hwartxit, liver-coloured. 

Hepa'tioa (Bot.) «ir«rix«f, relating to liver ; it has lobed leaves ; a well- 
known and pretty fpecies of Anemone. 

Hepial'idSB (Ent.) the family of which the genus He/>ialus is the type. 

Hepi'alUB (Ent.) hm»k§t^ a fever ; from the fitful alternating flight of 
thefe infe^. 

Hepoo'na (Zool.) hvuotj to call out, to roar ? 

Hepsetoi'des (Ichth.) hepfetus^ tJl^t, like. 

Hepee'tus (Ichth.) ancient name of a fifli which was eaten boiled, from 
i^rit if fhoiied. 

Hepta'phylloUB (Bot.) iirrc, feven, ^i;AX«v, a leaf; having feven leaves. 

Heracan'tha (Bot.) Spw^, a hero, ss«»0«, a thorn ; fo called from its great 

Heraolea'na (Ent.) feeds on the Cow ParTnip, (Heraclcum Sphondylium.) 
Hera'cleum (Bot.) 'H^sXinr, Hercules ; it was facred to him ; a genus of 

Herba'na (Ent.) htrhaf gn&fs. 

Herber'tia (Bot.) P. N. from the late Hon. and Rev, IV, Herbert^ Dean of 
Manchefler, an afHduous botanifL 

If MS— HES II r 

HorHblda (Ent.) kalMu, grafljr. 

Berlrala (Ent.) krrha, graJt, hertrage ; frequenting gnfly fpoti. 

BeTOotbe'oe (Foi. Zool.) [p»;, a fence or hedge, Swun, ■ Oieatb j a geniu 

of FolTil Diatomaceie. 
Heroy'na (Ent.) P. N. from the Brrcytlan Sand of Germany. 
Heraynla'liA (Ent.) P. N. from the Serein foteft of ancient Gennany, 

fituatnl In the modem fiiAemla. 
HerOT'lllda (Eat) the bmily of Leptdoptera of which Hercya It the type. 
Hsriti'era (Bot.) P. N. fiom C. L. t'Hiritiit ii BnuOt, a Fnach botanin ; 

the Looking-glali plant. 
H«rma'nnim (Bot.) P. N. from Paal Brrma**, ProfefTor of Botany at Lry- 

Ha'rmms (Bot.) the meaning 1> uniinown. 

Herml'nla (Ent.) the Hcndxia i<iu wai oat of the ancient patrician 

lioufea at Rome. 
Herminl'lds (Ent.) HirmmU, fam. term. ulc. 
Hermi'nitim (Bot.) P. N., a genus of teireftrial Oichidacen. 
Hermlno'dM (Ent.) Htrmhia, Mm, refembUng. 
Hflmn'ndia (Bot.) P. N. from Fnuiifa, HtrKodn, M.D., a Spanifh 

Hsmla'rlA (Bot.; i(awi, rapture; alluding to itiruppofed medical qualities. 
Haron (Ornith.) Ami, kirm. 
Herpes'toa (Zool.) ifwnrtii, a creeper. 
Herpes'tia (Bot.) itwnrtit-, a creeper. 
Herpetl'olmua (Fot. Zool.) ifmnn, a reptile, lx»U > footprint ; the 

Lizard-like fbolitepi in the New Red randdone. 
Herpetodry'u (ZooL) i(in«n, a reptile, *p«i, a Dryad ; a genui of 

Colubrlne aphidiani. 
Heriietotah'thjB (Ichih.) iftnrii, a reptile, i^it, a Gib ; a geniii of 

Herpeto'loBy (ZooL) i[srm, a reptile, Xj}4c, a delcription ; that branch 

of Zoology which treati of Reptilea. 
Herre'rla (Bot.) P. N. from C. A. Ji Hrrrrra, a Spanilli agrlcnlturift. 
Hening (Ichth.) Pennant derivei the word from the German lutr, a hof) ; 

Moule detiresit from Aairm^, an old French woid for a troop or army. 
HsBpera'utha (Bot.) iTsific, erening, itin, a flower. 
Heq^e'rla (Ent.) P. N., an ancient name for Italy. 

" Eft locui — Hefperiam Gi^i cognomine dicunt. 
Terra antiqua, poteni qrmi» atque ubere fletw." — Vtro. .Sn, i. 530. 

Ill H£S — H£T 

Hesperi'idsd (Ent.) the family of which the gisnus HeJ^eria is the type. 
Hes'peris (Bot.) 1^%%^$^ evening ; the fbwen are fragrant only towaids 

evening ; the Nlght-fmelling {lock ; a genus of Cnicifene. 
Hespero philUB (Ent.) fo-vt^of, evening, <|>/A.oc, a friend. 
Hesperosoo'rdum (Bot.) fo-vi^f, evening, «-s«^2«v, garlic; perhaps in 

alluiion to its froell. 
Heteranthe'ra (Bot.) l-vt^t^ variable, kAnfy an anther. 
Heterooer'idSB (Ent.) the family of Coleoptera of which HeUrocenu is 

the type. 
Hetero'oeras (Ent) t-n^^t^ diflferent, »i^, a horn. 
Heieroolila'mya (Bot.) iTif«f, different, ;(X«iftvf , a mantle ; a genus of 

Hetezx)ohro'a (Bot.) in^sf, different, xt*^ colour ; a genus of Caryo- 

Heteroola'dia (Bot.) Inpof, different, »Xal«f, a branch; a genus of 

Ceramian Algz. 
Heterooo'ma (Bot.) l-nfot^ different, »«/4«, a tuft ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Heterode'ndron (Bot.) Sri^cf, different, }i>}poy, a tree; a genua of 

He'terodon (Zool.) Inp^f, different, e^ovf, t^crtit, a tooth ; a genus of 

Cohibrine ophidians ; and, in Bot., a genus of Bruniacese. 
Heterodo'nta (Bot.) Iri^«r» different, o^oUf, o^ofr*;, a tooth ; a genus of 

Heteroge'nesis (Zool.) inptff, different, ykna^t^ birth ; reprodu£Hve force 

a^ng through difSmilar cells, 
Hetero'gyna (Ent.) Iri^, different, yunit female ; a tribe of Hymenoptera. 
Heterolee'na (Bot.) Irs^r, difierent, x«oa» equiv. to ;^x«uv«} a cloak ; a 

genus of Thymelacez. 
Heterole'pU (Bot.) htff^ different, XtwU^ fcale ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Heterolo'ma (Bot.) In^of, different, x«/(ms, fringe; a genus of I^eguminofse. 
Hetero'lophua (Bot.) Sn^r, different, x^(, crefl ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Hetero'mera (Ent.) Irtftu different, f^f^st a part, 
Hetero'meris (Bot.) frif^f, different, /*«/>«*, a part or portion ; a genus of 

Hetero'mita (Zool.) frip**, diffbrent, /umj.a thread, /.«., filament; a genus 

of Infufbria. 
Hotoromor'plia (I^t.) irtfot^ different, fe9?^»f, fhape; a genus of 

Ho'teromya (Zool.) fn^f, the other, /lAUf, a moufe. 


HET--BEX 115 

Heterone'ma (Zool.) (Tt^cc, difiereiit, tjy**, thread ; a genus of InfuToria, 

of the family Buglenia. 
Heteropalpl (^Ent.) haTing left than ^e palpi ; a dirifion of the Neuro-^ 

Heteroi)a'ppQS (Bot.) tTif^t^ difiefent,/u^^/, the down of plants ; a genus 

of Compofitae. 
Heterophra'gma (Bot.) iti^o;, different, ^fdy/Am^ a divifion or partition ; 

a genus of Bignoniacez. 
Heteropo'gon (Bot.) tn^f, various, wiiym^ a beard. 
Hetero'pterys (Bot.) trtftt various, imfit, a wing. 
Heterop/gaa (Ent.) fn^o^, of another kind, vvyny the buttock or hinder 

HeteroBo'mata (Ichth.) Irtp«r, other, different, ^S/ao^ hody; having 

diverfe fides like the flat fifties, in which both eyes are on one fide. 
Heterospe'rma (Bot.) ?ti{0^ variable, ^vi^yiM, a feed ; in allufion to the 

Heterosphse'ria (Bot.) Ivsfof, variable, «^7|p«, a fphere. 
Heteros'pUa (Ent.) Ivipof, changeable, 9«iX«y, a fpot. 
Hetero9t8gi'na (ZooL) Utfgj different, 0^iyn, a covering; a genus of 

Heterota'ziB (Bot.) irtftt, variable, rd(i<, arrangement 
Heterotho'pe (Ent.) in^sc, another, B«^, a iawner. 
Heterou'ra (Zool) Ifripoc, different, cZ^a, tail. 
Heuche'ra (Bot.) P. N. from J. H. Hoieher^ Profeflbr of Medicine at 

Wittenbei^; a genusofSaxifragacez. 
HeUBlme'ne (Ent.) luiit, to burn, piirif, the moon ; the forewings having 

an afliy lunule on the inner margin. 
Hezaoe'ntris (Bot.) f{, fix, »frr^ a prickle; a fplendid genus of 

HezalobuB (Bot.) I£, fix, Xo/9«f , a pod ; a genus of Anonaoeae. 
Hasea'mita (ZooL) l{, fix, fUT«f , a thread, having fix filaments ; a genus 

of Infufi>ria. 
Haza'nthera (Bot.) i(, fix, oHtkera ; a genus of Samydaoeso. 
Heza'nthua (Bot.) i{, fix, «»^c, a flower ; a genus of Lauraoec. 
Hezapro'todon (Fos. Zool.) f(, fix, wpwroloSct a front tooth ; having fix 

front teeth ; a large pachyderm of the Pliocene and Miocene. 
Hezap'tera (Bot.) S^, fix, vn^ •*, wing or feather ; a genus of Cruciferie. 
Hezaptera'ta (Ent.) If, fix, irn^, a wing ; fix-winged, including the 


ti4 HEX — HIP 

Hezaptery^gluB (Zool.) ff, fix, mtfiyivt^ a little wing. 

Hezar'rhena (Bot.) ff . fix, a^^hv, a male (damen) ; a genus of Gramina. 

Hezase'palum (Bot.) ff, dx^fepal; a genus of Cinchonaceie. 

Heza'toma (£nt.) i{, fix, T«M<f, a cutting ; a genus of Diptera. 

HezopB (£nt.) I(, fix, «4> the eye ; fix-eyed. 

Heylau'dia (Bot.) P. N. from Af. He^aud^ an aitid employed by 

Hey'nea (Bot.) P. N. from Dr, B, Heyfie, a German botanift. 
Hiati'otila (Omith.) Aiatusf an aperture. 
Hibbe'rUa (Bot.) P. N. from George HiUert, a dimngulflied collector of 

plants, a noble genus of Dilleniacen. 
Hibi'sous (Bot.) the Greek name for Mallow, now applied to a fplendid 

tropical genus of Malvaceas. 
Hiema'lis (£nt.) Lot, wintry, belonging to winter. 
Hieraoi'dea (Omith.) fometimes written Jeracidea, from 2i^(, a hawk. 
Hiera'oium (Bot.) 2i^(, a hawk ; which is fiipposed to fliarpen its fight 

with the juice of the plant ; a genus of CompofitA. 
Hiero ohloe (Bot.) Ufisf fiicred, x^* S^^ » ^ genus of Grades. 
'HieroglypliallB (£nt.) having wing-marks resembling hieroglyphics. 
Hierogly'phioa (£nt.) kierogly^Ut^ie markings. 
Hillia (Bot.) P. N. from Sir John Hilly a voluminous botanical author. 
Hiznantha'lia (Bot.) 2fi«f, 2/t««»T«f, a leathern thong, 0aXu«, luxuriant ; 

a genus of AlgSB. 
Htmanti'dium (Bot.) IfAau IfAmrrtt, a leathern thong, hht, like ; g genm 

of Diatomacec. 
Hlmanto'phoruB (Zool.) (/u«f, {/t««rrof, a thong, ii^w, to bear ; a genus 

of Infuibria. 
Hixna'ntopus (Omith) i/u««, 2/uarr«f, a leathern thong, v«vf , a foot ; a 

genus of Birds. 
Hi'mera (£nt.) P.N., the name of an ancient city in Sicily. 
Hi'ndBia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H, B, Hintb, Esq,, a zealous naturalid. 
Hipia'tes (Zool.) unexplained ; a genus of Ophidians, 
Haplogra'phiuxn (Bot.) avXtvf , fimple, y^^fii a marking ; a genus of 

Hlppa'rohla (£nt.) P.N.; a genus of I<epidopterous infe^. 
Eippel'aphua (2k)ol) iV««f, a hoHe, ixi^o^ , an elephant ; the latter from 

its ivory-like horns. 
Hl'ppia (Bot.) iirvfi a hoHe ; horfes are fond of the original plant. 
Hi'ppion (Bot.) iirvsi a horle, '«», a violet ; horfe-violet. 

HIP — HIR . 215 

Hippobo'soa (£nt.) tw^f, a horfe, Brnm^ to feed ; a genus of Diptera. 
Hippooa'mpUB (Ichtb.) Two;, a horfe, »ifAwni a bending ; the head and 

neck contract after death forming ibme refemblance to a horfe in 

HippooaBtaoa'ria (£nt.) named from the horre<^heihiut, JEteuUu Hippo- 

castatiym, on which, howerer, the iarra is not luiown to feed. 
Hippoorate'a (Bot.) P.N. from HippoeraUs^ the father of phyfic. 
Hippoore'pifl (Bot.) fvm;, a horfe, ufuwU^ a (hoe ; referring to the (hape 

of the pod ; a pretty genus of LeguminofsB. 
Hippodaml'a (Ent.) P. N., an ancient mythological name. 
Hippopo'dlum (Zool) \mv9Sf a horie, vovf, vo^ff, a foot ; a genus of 

Eippoglos'sufl (Ichth.) fwof, a horfe, yXmo-vvk, a tongue. 
Hippola'is (Omith.) Xwws^ a horfe, x«^f, fpoil. 
Hi'ppolyte (Zool.) a genus of Cruftacea. 
Hippo'mane (Bot.) tirvt, a horie, fta»{«, madnefs; referring to the 

eife^ of the original plants upon horfes; the manchineel tree; 

Nat. Ord. Euphorbiaceas. 
Hippoma'rathram (Bot.) Xww^t a horfe, /AdfmBpw^ fennel. 
Hip'ponyx (Zool.) ivw^ a horfe, wv(, a claw, or hoof; a genus of 

Hi'ppophae (Bot.) frir*;, a horfe, «^««f, to (hine ; the foliage is covered 

with glittering fcales ; Nat. Ord. Elaeagnacese. 
HippQpotam'ina (Zool.) kippopotamiu ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Hi])popo'tamu8 (Zool.) iwec, a horfe, wrrofi*;, a river. 
Hippo ^U8 (Zool.) ?w«f, a horfe, VM/f, a foot. 
Hlpposi'deros (Zool.) fvvfc. a horfe, ^tlfiff, flrength. 
Hlppotho'a (2Sool.) P.N. from the name of a Nereid ; a genus of Polyzott 

* The charming Hippothoa and rofyarmed Hipponoe. — ^Hmon. 
Hippa'rls (Bot.) nnrof , a horfe, tZ^m^ a tail ; the flem refembles a h6rfe*s 
tail ; Nat. Ord. Halorageaces. 

.... >■ (Zool.) Iww0f^ a horfe, aZpm, a tail ; the Horfe-tails. 

Hippurit&dee) -7 r » 

Hiptelia (Ent.) vvti«$, lying with the Eice upwards. 

Hlna'a (Bot.) P.N. in honour of J, JV. Jc la Hire, a French phyfician who 

died in 1727. 

Hl'rctis (Zool.) Lai. a he^goat. 

Hlrtalis (Ent.) hirtyj, hairy. 

ii6 HIR — HOL 

Hirta'rlus (£nt.) hirtus, hairy. 

Hirtella (Bot.) hirtiu^ hairy, alluding to the yoimg branches. 

Hi'rtuf-a-um (Ichth., Bot.) Ltt, Shaggy, hairy. 

Hiril ndo (Omith.) Lot, a iwallow ; a genus of Pafleres. 

Hispanlole'ilBlB (Omith.) Lot, relating to the ifland of St. Domingo. 

Hi'spldaa (£nt.) hiDwbu, Hiaggy. 

Hlspida'iia (£nt.) ki/pubuy flaggy, rough. 

Hi'spidns-a-TUn (ZooL, Bot.) iijpidiuf Ihaggy, rough. 

Hi'ster (£nt.) hjflrioj an actor ; a genus of Coleoptera, remarkable for 
feigning death when alarmed. 

Hiflte'ridsB (£nt.) ki/Ur, £un. term. id^. 

Eistrio'nloa (Omith.) kijlrioniau, pertaining to an a^or. 

Histropeu'this (Zod.) J^Ho, an a£tor, viudif , a cuttle-fifli. 

Hobby (Zool.) is defined by Sherwood in 1650 as ** Cheval Irlandois " — 
** Of fuch outlandifh hories as are daily brought over unto as I speak 
not, as the genet of Spain, the courier of Naples, the hobby of Ireland, 
the Flemilb roile, and the Spanifh nag." — Harrison's Defcription of 
England. The name of Hobby is also given to one of the Falcons. 

Hodgso'nl (Zbol.) P. N. in honour of B. H^ Hodgfin^ Esq. 

Hoffmanse'ggia (Bot.) P. N. from 7. C, Hoffmamsegg, a didinguiflied 
natural! fl. 

Hog (ZooL) IVdJh, hyck. 

Hohenwarthialia (£nt.) P. N. from Von Hohewartk^ author (in conjunc- 
tion with Reiner) of ^^Botanifche Reifen, «. j. tv. (Ulm. 1793.) *' 

Hoi'tzia (Bot.) hohzitt its name in Mexico. 

HolouB (Bot.) t\Hm, to extract: the plant was Aippofed to extra^ 
thoms ; a genus of Orafles. 

Holdenel'la (£nt.) P. N. from the old £aunily name Bcldm, of Holden, in 

Holly (Bot.) Angh-Sax, HoUyn, 

Holmia'na (£nt.) named from the capital of Sweden (Ho/mia), Stockholm. 

Holxofildoldia (Bot.) P. N. from Tk. mflmsiieU, a DaniQi botanical author. 

Holoce'ntrum (Ichth.) S^Ak, the whole, xirr^f, a point; a genus of 
Acanthopterygian fifhes. 

Holoce'phalidB (Ichth.) o^os, whole, entire, «s<^«Xii, the head. 

HolochilnB (2Sool.) oa«c, whole, entire, xtiXtf, the fhout. 

Holoda'otyli (Ichth.) eA«c, entire, ^xtvXoc, a fin ; a fub-order of Filbes. 

Hologe'rrhum (Zool.) oXo^, entire, yi^fm^ a fliield ; a genus of Colubrine 

HOL — HOM 217 

Holopanume'coB (£nt,) tUtt perfect, wmpufAiknt, oblong. 

HoloaerloaliB (Ent.) holofaicau^ whoUy filken. 

Holoserioa'ta (Ent.) Ix^o-nfuK^C) all of (ilk, filky. 

Holosezl'oen8-a-iim (ZooU, Bot.) Lot, wholly (Uken. 

Holo'eteum (Bot.) ?xec, all, oraov, a bone ; a genus of CaryophyUaoe«. 

Holo'stomis (Ent.) S^«f, enUre, vtifu^ mouth. 

Holothu'ria (Zool.) oxe^, whole, dvpwt, a fmall hole or wicket. 

Holotimri'adflB (Zool) HokdkMria^ and &m. term ; a dlviiion of Echino- 

Holuroph'alis (2Sool.) ?Xoc, entire, eSpA, tail ; a genus of Colubrine ophi- 

Homalooranion (Zool.) e/u«A«f, fmooth, uftmUt^ a flcull ; a genus of 
Colubrine ophidians. 

Homalo'psiB (Zool.) ^fi«x«f, fmooth, l^u aiqjeaianoe ; a genus of Ophi- 

Homaloso'Bia (Zool.) if^dKiu finooth, W^, a body; a genus of 
Colubrine ophidians. 

Homalo'ta (Ent.) jf4ax«c, even, fmooth. 

Ho'marus (Zool.) ifxafnt, well-adjuiled, agreeing well together; the 

BombeTgU (Ent.) P. N- in honour of Htmbergt a German naturalist. 

Home'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Homer. 

Homl'nldad (ZooL) a family of Mammalia, of which Homo (man) is the 
sole genus and fpecles. 

Homo/ohromous (Bot.) o^tof, the fame, xfit^'h colour. 

Ho'modeB (Ent.) IfMu Uke, equal, fimilar. 

HomcB'a (Ent.) ^om«, fimilar, like, equal 

HomcBOOla'dla (Bot.) I/Misf , like, refembllng, aXit^f , branch ; a genus of 

HomGBBo'ma (Ent.) 2)bMi««, like, rfi^^b the body. 

Homogdn'e0lB (ZooL) aSuor, like, yinrtt, produ^on ; reprodu^ive force 
aOing through fimilar cells. 

Homogram'ma (Ent.) 2p«c, like, y^d/AfAo, a mark. 

Homolosolo (Fot. Zool) applied to parallel bands characterized by the 
fame or analogous fpecies of foflils, from I/(m»s(, like, («fi, liie ; equi- 
valent to Ifozoic. 

Homomy'a (Zool) «^ef, the fame, mya, a kind of muflel 

HomophVsa (Ent.) ifA^u like, <f>urff, a pair of beUows. 

Homo'ptera (Ent.) jju«r, fimilar, im^*, wings, 

Ii8 HOM — HOn 

Homopte'rldSi (Ent.) fam. of which genus Homoptera is the type. 
Hooke'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir HrUtiam Jaekfin HeUer, LL.D., 

Director of Kew Gardens ; a genus of Mufci. 
Hoopoe (Omith.) Germ. Jv'^; Lat,ypitfai Fr. huppe; A»/^, tufted ; a 

genus of Pafleres. 
Hop (Bot.) from the Angto^ax. ktppoM, to climb. 
Ho'pea (Bot.) \ P. N., and 
Hopea'na (Bot.)) P. N. in honour of Mn, Thomas Jtope^ of Deepdene, 

to whom the Francifca Hopeana was firft fent by her brother, Marfhal 

Hoplan'gia (2Sool.) ZwXtn armour, &yyH^ a cup; a genus of Sea Anemones. 
Ho'plia (Ent.) 2i«rX«v, armour. 

Hopllfl'tes (Ent.) iwUrrnu a warrior ; a genus of Diptera. 
Hoplooe'phalUB (Zooi.) tWx«v, armour, M^«Xif, the head ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Hoplomy^tilUB (Zool.) ^vXov, armour, mytilvs ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Hoploste'thua (Ichth.) S^vXov, armour, rnAu^ the bread; a genus of 

Acanthopterygian fifhes. 
Hopo'rina (Ent.) oW«^v«f, autumnal 
Ho'rdeun (Bot.) Lot, barley ; a genus of Grades : — 

*' Grandia faepe quibus mandavimus hordea fulcis.*' — ^Vinc. Ed. y. 36. 
Horke'lia (Bot.) P. N. from John Herhi, Profeflbr of Phyfiology at Berlin. 
Honna'thia (Zooi.) if/AmBht a necklace of pearls. 
Hormi'nmn (Bot.) if/Ammy to rouie, from its dimulating qualities ; a genus 

of LabiatflB. 
Hoimo'ceras (Zool) Z(/Mtt > necklace or chain, »i(«f, a horn. 
Hormo'epora (Bot.) S/pof, a necklace, j^ra; a genus of Algae. 
Homema'nnia (Bot.) P. N. from Profejfar Homemann of Copenhagen. 
Hor'net (EnL) AngUy-Sax. ktfmet. 

Hone (Zool) Anglo-Sax., OU Dutch, Old Germ., and led. hort. 
Honfleldii (Zool) P. N. in honour of the late Dr. Horjfeld, who wrote 

on the Zoology of Java. 
Hortel'la (Ent.) hortut, a garden. 
Horte'nBia (Bot.) in honour of ^etn Hortenfe / the Hydrangea Hortenfia 

is the common Hydrangea. 
Horte^sifl (Ornith., Bot.) Lai. relating to a garden. 
HortolUB (Bot.) a little garden. 
HortuelluB (Ent.) horttu, a garden. 
Hortola'na (Omith.) hortulanus, pertaining to a garden. 

Hortalla (ZooL) »xw(, deadlj' ; > gcDui of 0|>hiiliuu. 

Hosaokia (fiot.) P. N. from D. B^-ui, M.D., F.R.S. of New York. 

HoB'ta (Bot.) P. N. froro N. T. H^, « German boUnift. 

Sotto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from P. H>li-; » Profeflbr Id the UniTwGty of 

Lcfden, who died Id i 709 ; aa aquatic genut of Prlmulaoez. 
Honb&n (Oinith.) natiTe nuiw. 

HouUe'tift (Bot.) P. N. !d honour of M. B^Ut, 1 French gardener. 
Honato'nia (Bot.) in hoDour of W. Bmfim, M.D., a Britiih botaoift, 

who died In 17]]. 
Honttn'ynla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Hmli^, a Tiitoofo of Am- 

Ho'vm (Bot.) P. N. From A. P. Him, a Polilh botanlO and tiaTeller in 

the Crimea and PerGa ; ■ geaui of Leguminofe. 
Hora'nla (Bot.) P. N. from D. Htvm, a fenator of Amfterdam. 
Howa'rdla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Bnuard, who wRte on the 

Ho'ra (Bot.) P. N. from Tlnmai By, F-L-S. gaidener at Syon Houle.who 

died in iSii ; the Wai-ilower; a genui of Afclepiadacez. 
Eab'neil (Eat.) P. N. in honour of Jaki Bitrntr, author of <• Verzeichnili 

bekaunter Schmetterlinge," 1S17. 
Bodso'nia (Bot.) P. N. bom IV. Hudfai, F.S.S., a botanical author, and 

compiler of one of the earliefl Engiilh Floiai. 
Hndao'nliU (Zool.) Lot. belonging to Hudfbn'a Bay. 
Hoo'mlK (Bot.) P. N. in honour of /. A<cni^>, u euly coUeftor of 

Cape plant!. 
Hogo'lda (Hot.) P. N. [n honour of Dr. A. J. S^a, Hanover, a friend 

Htdo'dM (£nt.) EvhIdc, woody. 

Hnlo'dldie (Ent.) the itia. of which the gentn BuMi it the type. 
HumboI'Ul (Bot., Ichth.) P. N. in honom- of Alataadtr »• MtrnkU, the 

great German philofbpher. 
Hu'meEt (Hot.) P. N. from LaJf Burnt, at Wormleybory ; ■ curioui genua 

of CompofitM. 
Eumera'lls (Ent.) lumn-aii, a c^w or coreiinf for the Iboulder. 
Humldalls (Ent.) iimLUi, moill, damp. 
Humldus-B-um {"LocA., Bot.) Lai. moifl, wet 
Hu'mlUa-a (Ent., Bot.) Lm. humble, low, Ilight. 
Humo»'liB (Ent.) AmnBT, fluid, moinure. 
Hum'plurellct (ZooL) P. N., a genua of Mcdliilca. 

Hn'mnliu (But.) iumiu, the grouid j if not rupported it cnepi ilong the 
ground. The commoD Hop ; Nat. Order Cuuiabinusc. 

Hmmenui'nla (Bot ) P. N. bom Jdm ZTnwKw, > botuiift. 

Hnn'tleya (Bot.) P. N. in honom- otSrv. Mr. Hmtlij, i uitom culti- ' 
ntor of Orchldaccv. 

Hu'ra (Bot.) it< South Ameriun nune ; the Sand-boK tree. 

Hutchla'llft (Bot.) P. N. from AT/i HiUiluiu, an IiiOi crrptoftamin ; a 
prettT little geaui of Cntclfers. 

Hy'oolnth (Bot.) P. N. from NyatiMit,, killed b; Apollo. FrofelTor 
Martyn bellered the Hyadoth of the ancienta to have been the Tiger- 
lily. It mull ctrtainlr have been a kind of turn-cap lily with a bill- 

Hyaoln'ttiiiiua (Omith.) waUmi. purple-coloured. 

Hyaolii'thu (Bot.) P. N., Tee abore. 

Hjn'na (Zoo).) imta, ttriOij, a low, but afterwardi applied to a wild 

beaft having a mane like a hog, nheoce applied to the Hyena, 
^nnl'na fZooL) a iiib-fainily of MammaUa. 
Hy'ftlB (ZooL) CaikK, gUlt ; a geiuu of MoUulia. 
Hyalea (£nt.) P. N from Htalc, a nymi^ In the train of Diana. 
Hyallna'llf (Ent.), glafi-gieen. 
Sfaline (Zool.) ^>.ti, tranlparent, gblTy. 
Hyali'tls (EncO »»•(. like glaA, 
Hyaloae'mft (ZooL) £■>«, glafa, wtfim, a thread. 
HrSlOne'mldEe (ZooL) Aya/ovm, fun. term, iie; the ^aft-rope coTalt of 

Hyber'nla (Eat.) iyitrmii, wintry ; in allurion to the time of appearance 

of the Iniefh. 
Hybentl'ldsB (Ent.) iyiemia, hm. term. idr. 
Hyblm'a (Ent.) P. N. from ^^, a mount in aieily, 
Hy'bodns (Foa. Zool.) iBu, a hump, ilivt, a tooth ; a genui of follil Ihark- 

like Filhea. 
Hylaridft'llB (Ent.) iyiriA., mongrel. 
HybrldA'na (Ent.) /igirUui, a hybrid, mongrel. 
Hy'brldui-a-m& (Omith., Bot.) Lai. mongrel, balhrd. 
Hyda'tinua (Ent.) itannui, watery, moid. 

Hyd&'tiaa (ZooL) liUtnti, moin, watery; a g«nui of Mollufca. 
Hy'dnom (Bot.) vim, a truffle ; a Greek name applied by LinnKui to a 

genus of Fungi. 

HTD — HTD 111 

Hy'dra (ZooL) £1^ i water-lerpeDt, ■ bbletl moaller with man; bnda. 
^dTBOtl'otn (ZooL) a compound of ifira »aA aHhit; a genu of 

Hrdradepta'aga (Ent.) *>*«, ^iym, to eat. 

Hydra'IdeB (ZooL) iy^ ; a {amlljr of Zoopbi^to. 

Hydro'UB fEnt.) Q*^ water. 

Hydm'ngea (Bot.) Uh^ water, J»f£ns a Teflelj from the Ibape of the 

corolla ; the typical genus of Hydrangeacez. 
Hydxa'stlB (Bot.) tiif, water ; it grows In humid |>lace<. 
Hydre'la (Bot.) vim>.i„ watery. 

Hydfe'lla (Ent.) iilpnXJi, watery ; fron Ita fmiucDting moid plicei. 
H/drlds (ZooL) Q^ a wateHeipent, term U^ ; a fitmlly of Ophi- 

Hydrll'lft (Ent.) uimf, water ; the only fpecinieii taken in Engbod wai 

flying over ■ damp place. 
Hydrlllo'dea (Ent.) kgdnUa, iHic, TvTemhlance, 
Hydri'na (ZooL) hydra ; a ditlllon of Zoophytes. 
Hydro'blB (ZooL) a>(, water, Si», to live. 
Eydro^lns (Ent.j Ela^, water, £im, to live. 
HydTOoam'pa (Ent.) JUmf, water, •■jus-n, a caten^Uar ; the iams being 

Hfdrooampa'Ua (Ent.) refembling hydntampa. 
Hydrooa'mpidS (Ent.) the hmily of which hylrteamfa ii type. 
HydTo'oharU (Bot.) ub^ water, x^'' P*^ i typical genus of aquatic 

bmily Hydrocharidacea. 
Hydro'ohloft (Bot.) Elv^ water, ;^li^ gnas; ■ geouaof aquatic Gnflei. 
Hydrooli<Brl'na(ZooL)<l)i/n>r*inii; a nib-bmilyof Mammalia. 
H^drooltce'nu (ZooL) Ziuf, water, ;««>>(, a hog, fwine ; the Water-hog, 

or Capybara. 
Hyilrooo'tyla (Bot.) 13ii^ water, wrvJui, a cavity j Marlh Penny-wort, 

an inTigni&cant genus of Umbelliferz. 
Rydrodl'otrcm (Bot.) Umf, water, 1uitim>, a net ; a genus of Alga. 
Hydro'ohtis (Ent.) i/Uif, water, idui, a habitation. 
HydKs'olft (Ent.) vtwf, water, cr>g(> a habitation. 
Bydro'lea (BoL) Cl«^ water, IXa^ an olin tree ; referring to the place 

of its growth, and to the fact of its being oily ; typical genus of 

Hydromori'oa (Zool,) hyJrn, f^if, the mulbeny, from the form of ihcfe 

aggregated monidi. 

Ill HYD — HTM 

Hy'dromya (Zool.) ^imf, water, ^;, a moufr. 

HydroiMltt'date (Bot.) hydnfaltu, bm. term. iiU i fknting pUnU of 

North »ad CentrJ Amerioi. 
Hydrops'ltla (Bat.) Cl«h water, wh.-n, a Dileld ; 
Hjdfophl'lldie (Ent.) iyinfUlni, fun. term. U«. 
Hydro'phUiu (Ent.) l3>^ water, f ;xtt, fond of. 

Hy'drophla (Zod.) E3ii/^ water, tfi(, a inake ; a genui of Ophidiani. 
Hydrophy'llum (Bot.) Ua^ water, ^iKXm, a leaf; typical geaat of Nat. 

Ord, Hydrophyllacez. 
HydTOphy'sa (Ent.) Stuf, water, ^ra, a bladder. 
Hydropo'nu (Ent.) vlar, water,/o™i, an outlet. 

HydropU'lB (Ent.) Strnf, water, rrftx, a feather ; literally water-feathcn. 
HydropUlidaB (Ent.) iyAifiiLi, with &m. term. ; a &mily of the Phry- 

Hydrouiu'nu (ZooL) Onf, water, ritifti, a Uiard ; applied to the Loce- 

Hydioua (Ent.) unexplained. 

Hy'drOB (Zool.) ZSf^ a watet-lerpent ; a gcaai a! Ophidiaai. 

HyemallB (Oinith., Bat.) iymi, winter ; in botany, appearing in winter, 

as Erajdhu hifemaiii, 
Hyema'n&(Ent.}AjMii, winter; the infefl appearing at the beginning 

of the year. 
Hygl'm (Zool.) iyaait, wholetome ; a genni of Ophidiani. 
Hygrooro'oU (Bot.) ir^i, moid, Mfuit, a knot of wool ; a genut of 

Cryptogam ia. 
Hygro'mlft (Zool.) tryfii, moifture. 

Hygro'noma (Ent.) iy^c, molll, mm", a palhire, from it> habiut. 
Hygro'ptlila(B(it,)Lrj';>i, moin.tniiix, tolore; it i> found in moid placei. 
Hygro'tuB (Ent.) !/yftrii, wetnefs, moilture. 

HylnOBau'nu (Foa. Zool.) ixitlti, belonging to wood, tiiftt, a lizard. 
Hyle'alntlB (Ent.) ti^nnt, a warming in the fun? 
HyloljatflS (Zool.) t\n,i wood or forert, Bn'om, to go or tra»erK. 
HylolillU (Eat.) uitir, a wood, Aw, to live. 

Hylo'otiariB (Oralth.) Zxn, a wood, x^i- tP'^i * genua of Hummingbird). 
Hylotru'psB (Ent.) Zt-n, wood, T{tWM, to Ikwe. 
Hymante'a (Bot.) Hyua, the god of marriage: the leavei are joined in 

pain ; a tropical genua of Legumtnofie. 
HymenantherB (Bot.) Bini-, a membrane. i>6*t*t >" anther. 
is'lla (Bot.) dim. of u^i>, a membrane. 

Hyme'nluni) ,„ , , . . . 

H;m« Dlui J 

Hymenooa'rpiiB (Bot.) i^n, a membiane, ■■/■it, fruit. 

HTmanodlo'tyoa CBot.) uf^it, a membrane, Ifi-nw, ■ net. 

Eymeuo'eTtie (Bot.) i^ija, a membrane, >Mii, a woman, (jnftiL) 

ETmenomy'oetoua (Bot.) u,u4>, a membiane, finni, > fungua. 

Hymenopii'ppiu (Bot.) L^ii>,a membtwie,B^im(, thedmni on the reedi 

of ceitain plants which (errei u wlngi for them. 
HrmenoptayUft'oen (But.) a tribe of Femi, at which the following is 

the typical genua. 
HymmopbrHim (Bot.) ifiv a membnne, f vMiti, a leaf ; or the mem- 

branoiu-leafed fern. 
Hymenop'tara (Ent.) i^«, a membnne, wti/ir, a wing. 
Hyols'aa l (Zocd.)usk> uliic,UlcegUA,tranrparent; a genua and^miif 
Hyoln'lde) of Mollufca. 

Hyo];>o'tamiu (Fo>. Zod1.)w, »», ahog, wm^jt, a riveri an eitina 

genui of Mammalia. 
Hyopro'ms (Ichth.) it, iii, a hog. Wf^fu, the front. 
HyoBoy'smnB (Bot.) Et, Ui, a fwlne, juaftw, a bean ; they are eaten by 

fwine, though poifonoua to men : Henbane ; a genua of Solanacen. 
Hyo'ieiis (Hot.) Zf, Hi, a Twine, aifit, endive or fuccoiy ; a genua of 

Hyp- or Hyro- (Zool., Bot.) Evt, bdow, underneath. 
Hype'ooam (Bot.) !mx'-' to lound ; alluding to the rattling of the 

feedi in thepodt; a genua of Fumaiiacez. 
Eypa'na (Ent.) twitu, the chin, the beard ; leferring to the projecting, 

fquamofe palpi. 
Hypeoa'rta (Ent.) vvnn, a beard or moudache. 

Hype'nldai (Ent.) hyfavi,/am. Irrm. Lir. 
HypoDo'des (Ent.) iyftxa, lilicrerembUngAj^^flrii. 
Hy'p«ia (Ent.) i;*!^, a kind of caterpillar mentioned by Arinotle. 
' Hyp«Ta'nthuB (Ent.) iwif, above, Mtt, flower. 
Hypen'aplB (Ent.) l*if, above, inii, a Ihleld. 

H7pBTbo'reua-a-1un(Omith.,Bat.)i^(., northern, aa/lXwuruij^A^mi. 
Hyperaallla (Ent.) Mf, aiiMit, of exceeding beauty. 
Hyperion^ (Ent.) feedi on St. John's wort (Hypericum) 
Hype'rloum (Bot.) vmif, above, fuperior, liwir, an image or fpeflre, 

becaule liippoled to protefl from evil Ipirlta. 
Hypsrme'ola (Ent.) inffiimni. exceedingly long. 

»it WrP — HYP 

Sjpe'tin (Eat.) £«■ and nrftt, the abdomen. 

HTpbffi'ne CBot.) ii^i'iB to entwine, allading to the fibre) of the fruit ; a 

gCDW of Palmi. 
Hypha'ima (Bot.) ttvuu, a thing woren, ■ web, 
Hyphl'dnu (Ent.) iftifi-. to peripire ni^tif. 
Hyphomy'astoua (BoC) uft,, ■ web, ftint, a fungut. 
Hy^iun (Bot.) S""> a kind of mo& growing on treei; i genua of Moffes. 
HTpoble'stos (Bot.) m, under, Bi^Mrrit, a bud. 

Hypobranohis'a (Zool.) Sm, beneath, S/>y;c"'^ poflefled of branchei. 
HTpo'oala (Ent.) En, and ■<>.■[, beautiful, 
HypooklidEB (Ent.) bm, of which gcnoi HyfiteaU ]■ the type. 
HrP^a>4'ptUB (Bot,) uwi, under, hIvvtm, toteil. 
Hy'poohll (Bot,) referring to the flowEnot Orcbidt.from v>*, under, and 

X.rt.,, lip. 
HtpooIub'tIb (Bot.) uwi, for, x*^fi' > P'S ; '' ■' ^t™ h; fwine ; a genus 

of Compolltn called Cat't«ar. 
Hypoore'pls (ZooL) Tnir, a horfe, uravii, a Ihoe; the circle of tentacub 

around the moulh [■ horie-lboe Ihaped ; an order of Polyioa. The 

won! Ihould hate been Hi/r/tccrrfu. 
Hypooyp'toB (Ent) iiwmimru, to ftoop under, 

Hypograrn'ma (Ent.) iw., yfafAfm, a letiet. 

Hyposram'nUdEB (Ent.) fam. of which genus B^fngramma a the type. 

Bypolm'aa (Bot.) vwi, under, ;£Xar», ■ cloak. 

Hypola'lS (Omith,) lw,\J^, was a name ufed by Ariftotle for Ibme rmall 

bird, perhapa the tit-lark or the hedge-fparrow, 
Hypolou'ontl (Omith,) Iwi and Xt„<ii,, white ; the iwi feemi to have a 

dimlnilhing effefl, equivalent to "fomewhat white." 
Hypo'llthua (Ent,) Imi, under, xAi, a (lone, 
Hypoly'ssos (Bot.) iwf, under, (^m ; a genua of Fungi, 
HnTolTtrum (Bot.) Iwi, undei, iimY*, a corer, 
Hyponomeu'ta (Ent.) Immfuim, to undermine ; to make underground 

pallagea or minea. 
Hypophlea'uB (Ent.) Ivi, under, f»»5(, bark, 
Hypopy'r* (Ent,) Owj, beneath, wu^ a pyre or pile of wood 
Hypopy'rida (Ent.) fam, of which the genus B^psfyra la the type, 
Hypo'spUa (Ent.) tn and rwl^jt, a fpot ; alfo a genua in Botany. 
Hypotarl'z (Ent,) iwt and 9^'f, the hair. 
Hypo'zlB (Bot.) iwi. beneath, i^i,, (harp, 
Hypell'ophua (Ent.) ij.;*,^.,, with a high crcd. 


Hrpilpete's (Ent.) i4>iriTii(, high flying. 

HypBiprym'nuB (Zool.) E'j^i, height, mfufaii, (he hind put; the 

Kangaroo nt. 
HTpslrhl'na (Zool.) Z^t, height, fa, the fnout ; a geniu of Ophidians. 
Hypalrbju'obUB (ZooL) Hii, height, fhx*i> ''■^ liiout; a genu) of 

Colubrine ophidiant. 
Hypaopy'gU (Ent.) u^h, height, mayi, rump. 
B^ptU (Bot.) Sm.t, kid on one'i back; the limb of the corolla it 

turoed OD iti back. 
HyTaoothe'riiuii (Fas. Zool.) tf*^, r,>iuif, a hawk, Si/m, a wild beaH. 
Hr'nuc (Zool.) tfiti, i hawk, hut ii applied to a South African animal 

belonging to the Rhiooceriaa. 
Hyr'ln (Zool., Ent.) P. N., the name of a town in BccoUa. 
Et'bsU (Ent.) Urn, a dart or ji'elin. 
Hy'sBOP (Bot.) Lalii, SjiffapMi ; Hcbmii, Eiai. 

Hyste'rluia (Bot.) ittifnati, want, need ; from the appearance of infeiled 

tree. ; a genus of Fungi. 
HyBtri'oldie (ZooL) a family oF Manunalia of which H^rix ii the type. 
H/Btrli (Zool.) UTT^, a porcupine. 

la'atba (Bot.) >h6ihi, violet -coloured ; a genui of Orchidacee. 

la'nthe (Bot.) Ufflii.i, Tiolel-colouied ; a genus of Scrophulariace*. 

loa'thlna (Zool., Ent.) IMutt, violet-coloured. 

Ibbetao'ula (Bot.) P. N,, a genus of I^eguminolie. 

Iberidella (Bot.) dim. of Atrii .- a genui of Crucifene. 

Ibe'rJS (Bot.) P.N. from the countrjcalled/il^n'd, now Spain; Candytuft; 

a genus of Cniciferz. 
I'bei (Zool.) Lai,, a wild goat. 
Ibl'dlum (Bot.) the bird Ihii, and tXiti, tefemblance ; a genus of Oichi- 

Illis (Omilh.) the Greek name of that Egyptian biid to which diiine 

honours were paid ; the word is of Eallern origin, 
lljlft (2^L) unexplained ; a gcnut of Cinipedes. 
loa'olna (Bot.) linii, the number twenty ; a genus of Olacacei. 
Icsco'rea (Bot.) v-w, twenty, ti^i, a fhoot or fprout ; a gcnui i..r 



ll6 ICA ~ ICH 

Ioara'nda(Bot.)i!««(, twenty. ■.B(,i.Vp» maleCft»nwn): a genus of 

loa'rla (Ent.) P. N. Icami, an ancient Greek proper name ; a gemu of 

roarua (Zoot.) P. N.,tlie fan of Dxdalus; a genus of Mdlu&a, familf 

lohna'DtlMls (But.) r^m, a track or fbotftep, Mn, a flower; a gEmu of 

lolmeuinon (Zool., Ent.) •x"''!*"' ^^ tncker, from tx"'' * l(>ot()ep ; 

applied to a beaH and an infeft. 
lotmeumonUoT'inis (Ent.) hhmumtn and frrma^ Ihape ; refeoiblei an 

lohnl'tea (Fos. Zool.) r;t»(. " Tootftep ; a term applied to aU foffil foot- 
Iclmooa'rpua (Hot.) i^f^K, a reftige, la^f, fruit. 
lohnorogy (Fo9. Zool.) >;^t;, a footllep, X>7>f, a difcourTe; delcriptioa 

of fodll footprint!. 
Ichthyae'tUB ;Omith.) !j;9«, a filh, iirJr, an eagle, becaufe living exclu- 

fl>e1y on filh. 
lobthy'apuB (Ichth.) X-^Ik^, a Glh, JIvwt, without feet. 
Iotltli7d'ina (Zool.) >-)^ii, a llfh ; a genua of Intiilbria. 
lotltby'dluin (Zool.) >;^Si/i, a fifh, ^ts, like ; a genua of Infuforia. 
labtbyme'thla (Bot.) \xii%, a fiOi, jtAit,, to intoxicate; i genua of 

lohthyodo'nUite (Fas. Zool.) i;(Sw a fllh.lJ^, a fpear, >»», a ftonc ; 

the foflil Rn-fpinei, or defences of fiJliet. 
lon'thyold (Zool.) \x_ii(, 3. filh, i<!k, filli ; filh-lrke. 
Ichthy'oUta (Foi. Zool.) X-j^i,, a flfli, i.'A,t, a (lone; a palxontalogical 

term for a foffil filh, or any portion of a filh. 
Ichthyology (ichth.) Xji^it, a filh, ;i;^K,a difcourfe. 
lohthyopa'tolltei (Jot. Zaol.) X^it, a tilh,«Ti«, to walk or tread ; 

filh-tiaeks, ij., imprint! of perioral lin-rap. 
lohtJiyoptery'gia (Fos. Zool,) X^U,, a filh, rti^, wtifuyi,, a fin. 
lohthyoHau'ruB (Fai. Zool.) Ix^C, a fifh, s.^,, a Lzard. 
lohthyDs'ma (Bot.) lxfiii-3 filh.orfiii, fmell; agenui of Balanophoracex. 

Ichthyo'tbera (Bot.) iV". » fi*. *'^. P™y ; " genui of Compofitz. 

IchUiy'stOIua (ZooL) I;t^vr< a filh, rrifia, mouth, from the conical 
pointed tentacles of the a^inia, resembling the little (harp teeth of 
■oRie filhc). 


I'oioa (BoL) ill name in Guiuia ; typical g«nui of tcicacev. 
Iotera'na(£nt.):jtTi^t,a7eUawhinl; inallunon tothecolourofthtinTefl. 
lotert'oA (Ornith.) ti-rtf^ a yellow bird, of the order PalKres. 
iQte'ms (Ornith.) fiTi^i, r bird mentinned by PUny, of a yellowini-giveD 

colour, tiow applied to a geniu of Oriolei. 
Io'Ub (ZouI.) Lai. a wea&l ; a geaui of MoUufca, bmlly Leinapontiadie. 
loto'des (Bot.) furl:, a weiTel, tilit, like ; a genu) of OroDtUcez. 
Idie'uft (Bot.) P. N., from mount IJa, in Crete; fpecific name of tho 

rafpberry or RiJiia IiU<i,; alTo a fpeciei of Vmimiym called FilU IJju. 
IdaliB (Zool.) P. N., one of the furaamci of Venui; a genus of MoUuIca. 
Ida'llaa (Zool.) ItidU vnt a furnanii: of Venus ; a genus of Goniodoridte, 

a diTifion of the MoUufca. 
Idar'nBB (Ent.) tn„,, fodder. 
Idele'rtft (Bot.) P.N,, a genus of Gramina. 
Idmo'neEt (Zool.) P. N. perbaps from /i£mi, one of the Argonauts j IlfiuTt 

knowing, fagacious { a genus of Polyioa. 

Ido'the* (Bot.) fTiti, form, Siit., divine ; a genus of LiliaceE. 

I'floga (Bot.) ; a genus of Compolitz. 

Igna'Ua (Ent.) ( . , , ,. , . , ^ 

, _ f !»«/, fire; belne flame-coloured. 
Ign8B'UB(Enl.)i ^ ' • fi 

Igna'ttB (Bot.) P. N. in honour of St. Ignaliiu, the former name of 

Stryiintii 1 genus of Loganiicex, 
IgnloapUlns (Ornith.) ignii, lire, lafiUm, hair ; red^ired. 
Iguan'odOD (Fos. ZooL) Iguana, a genus of Saurian reptiles, litas, 

Utrrn, a tooth. 
I'Urua (Ent.) Wmfi;, cheerful ; it Ihoald be Hihm,. 
ndefo'naik (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariacez. 
I'Iek (Bot.) tlltit, a lurking-place; a genus of Confervoid Algz. 
Heosper'miim (Bot.) Un, or tix*, a crowd, nriji^B, leed; a genus of 

lies (Bot.) the holm-oak or evergreen oak. Pliny mentions two, of 

which one was probably the As/m-oak, the other the ^wmu lUx, 

JCcnvi-oak. Alw, the generic name of the Holly. 
Ill'ftOUB (Ornith.) ilia, the flanks. 
lilolfol'liu-a-um (Ent., Bot.) /bjc,the holm-oak ,yii/iiii« a leaf; in Ento- 

■■'"loETi i""" t'K lefemblance of the iaMt when at relt to the 

withered leaves of the oak and holm-oak refpectively ; in Botany, 

from limilarity of foliage to that of the holly. 
nioln'en (Bot.) the Nat. fam. which conUini the Ilex oi Holly. 


Illodlo'tyon (Bot.) liAiii, a lurking-place, Ii'itmi, a net ; a genut of 

nie'cebrmn (Bat.) lUtairt, of Pliny, from Ulkie, to allure ; typical gciuu 

of [Uecebracnc. 
mi'olum (Bot.) iUkit, to allare, referring to iti perfume ; Sttr-suiile. a 

genus of Dilleniiceie. 

Ull'ser* (Bot.) P. N. In honour of tlUgir; » genmof Combre ti ce n . 

mlgerel'lIlB (Eot.) P- N. from C. Illigcr, author of a lecond edition of 

the Vienna Catalogue. 
lUo'mene (Bot.) ;x>,t(, the e^e, luiw, deGre ; a genua of Diofcoreicen. 
morlok'tos-a-lim (ZooL) I^. IheU-ldi, from in, not, Uriia, a corleUt. 
nioipo'rlum (Bot.) iXkn, to envelope, rvi/tt, a fpanile. 
niima'rla (Ent.) Ulimii, moonlefa ; the iiiiidt not occurring on the wingi 

of thii InleA. 
UlUftraria (Eni.) Ulutrii, remarkable, beautiful. 
Illuta'liB (Ent.) iUylm, unwaOied. 

Iluoa'thos (ZooL) iliSf, mud, Mh, a flower ; a genu of Zoophyte!. 
I'lus (Bot.) a brother of Ganymedei. 
n/bius (Ent.) l\i,, mud, Hiim, to live. 
Ilyoge'ton (Bot.), mud, yHjir., a neighbour ; a genui of Sctophular- 

Ilyian'UlBS (Bot.) Ix6(, mud, £•$•!, a flower ; a genua of ScrophuUrtaceie. 
Imato'phylluin (Bot.) >^kc, a thong, 9trU.H, a leaf ; a genua of AmaryU 

Imbrloa'ria (Bot) /miritnj, rainy ; a genus of Sapotacei. 

Imbrloa'rla (Zool.) imirkaiui ; a genus of MoUuTca. 

Imbrioa'rlaa (Zool.) Mritatui, coiered with tilei ; a genus of hIollulc.i, 

family Fafciolariadx. 
Imbrioa'tua-a-uin (Bot.) Lui. hating the appearance of tiles on a roof. 
Imbuta'ta (Ent.) iaiHrui, dyed, tinged; lefcrring to the roly tint on the 

Initio '&l (Bot.) P. N, in honour of M, Imluf; a genus of Amarylli- 

Imita'ria (Ent.) imilar,, to imiute. 

Immaoula'lis (Ent.) immiunhlia, unrpotted. 

Inunaoa'ta (Ent.) immamrt, to flow into ; from the variableness of the 

Immer'suE-a-um (Hoc.) Lat. fari, dipped. 
Imtnuta'ta (Ent.) mmutai*., unchanged. 

IMP — IND !;9 

Impa'tlena (Bat.) this luune ii giien to it inconfeqiKnceoT tbeomrium, 
(tota tta extreme irritability, buHllng from the bottom to the top on 
the Highten touch ; the Touch-me-not ; a geniM of BaUaminacec. 

Impe'milB (Omith.) Lai. wingUri. 

Impan'ts (Bot.) im^ari, to gareln \ the {^Ya are like the |damei oi a 
Cap of State. 

Impera'tor (Zool.) Lai. a commander ; applied to a Balanoi, becauJe of 
Ita beautiful imperial purple colour. 

Imperato'rla (Bot.) lb called from iti reputed in^iii/Tirtuea in medicine; 
a gnmi of UmbelllknE, 

Impeiialls (Omilh., Ent., Bot.) L^. imperial, commanding. 

Implloa'Jla (Ent.) im/ilia, to entangle, to conFofe. 

ImpluTln'ta (Ent.) im/Jn-Buim, lliaped like an imflniam, i. r., hating a 

Improvi'BIU (Zool.) Lot. uneiprctcd. 

Ina'obldEB (Zool.) the family of Decapod cmltaceani of which /Wlxj \s 

the typical genus. 
I'aBohua (Zool.) P. N. from /«k*iu, firft king of Argo». 
iQOEUia'rla (Ent.) imain,,, quite gref, boaiy. 
Inoorrl'llea (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Kgnoniacea. 
Inoorta'lli (Ent.) y™rt«, doubtful. 
luoUa'ria (Zool ) inilt, a gutter, with reference to the gutter-like channel 

which divide! the mantle from the foot. 
InoIink'tuB.a.Din (Ent.) Lai. leaning out of the perpendicular, 
Inolu'aua (Zool.) L^. Ihnt )n, confined. 
Inoolora'llB (Ent.) ivabr, without colour. 
Inooma'llB (Ent.) imxmu, unpleaTant. 
iDOOmptallB (Ent.) uamplm, nnadomed. 
luoonspl'ouua-a-um (Zool., Bot,} Lai. not remukable. 
Indloa'Us (Ent.) imiuo, to point out, to declare. 
Indloa'tor (Omith.) Lai. a guide; frmn the blrda leading the Hottentoii 

and othen to the hiiea on which they feed, they are called Honey Cuidet, 
Indlga'ts (Ent.) imRgm, poor, ■>., in appearance. 
Indlgo'fera (Bot.) Im/ip, a blue dye IhilT, fin, to bear ; a genm of Lcgu- 

In'drU (Zw^) foimed from the native word T*dri, fatd to mean •■ man oF 

the woodi." 
I&du'alnm (Bot.) Lai. a woman'i under-ganneiit ; applied to the corer- 

ing of the fori of fenu. 

ijo /JV£ — IffS 

Ins'ptUB (Omith.) Lai. unAiltable, abfurd ; rpecific nunc of the Dodo, 
ftum ita fuppoled awkmrdneG. The Infti of lUigcr are equWalent 
to tht /jK/Tfi of Temminck. 

InrauB'tua-a-um (Omith.) Ltt. unluckT, unrortuoite. 

Inferobnui'olila (Zool.) infma, undfmeath, kraiK>ua, gitli ; a fuh-order of 
Che GrmnabranchiaUB divifion of the MoUuTo. 

Inflma'llB (Ent.) infimhi, iaferior in quality. 

Icfla'tiB (Ent.) the lana [eedi on the capfulea of the Bladder Campion, 

Infla'tlU-a-um (Bot.) Lai. bladder-tike, u in the calyx of SUau in^fiata. 

Infleza'lls (Ent.) i^Jnim, bent, curred. 

InAmdibula'ta (Zool.) wJaJibiilum, a funnel ; Zoophytes having the teo- 

tade* difpofed in a ring round the unarmed mouth. 
Infuaoalls (Ent.) m/'./^'J. ia^J, brown. 
InfUso'ria (Zool.) procured from iifujkmt, or watery folutioni ; a group of 

the Protozoa, charafteriied by the prefence of a mouth, whence the 

remaining ordert are jbmetimea called aJtimeU. 
In'ga (Bot.) a Suuth American name adopted by Marcgrafl. 
iDgenhou'ala (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Leguminofz. 
Inglu'vlea (Omith.) Lai. the Crop of birdt, 
Ingratalla (Ent.) ixgrafi, unpleafant. 
Innota'ta (Ent.) i-<niahii, marked. 
Inooa'rpus (Bot,) U, I>>ti a fibre, uufwii, fniit. 
Inoos'ramiu (Foa. Zool) U, !••!, 6bn, nt^^x, a vellirl. 
Inooho'rlon (Bot.) h, >'•!, ftrength, xf/ut, Ikin i a genui of Alg«. 
Inode'rma (Bot.) 'i. hi;, ftrength, li^a, Ikin ; a genus of AlgS. 
Inola'ma (Bot.) U, Mi, ftrength, 1»m'> fringi; ; a genui of Fungi. 
iQome'rla (Bot.) h, Itii, ftrength, i^iftt. a part; a genui of Algie. 
Inopla'na (Eift.) imf,, helpleTi. 
I'nopB (Zool.) Zol. needy, helpleli. 

I'nopns (Ent.) b, Iric, ftrength, force, sur, a foot; a gmui of Diplera. 
InDma'ta (Ent) immatiu, unadorned. 

Inqnlnata'lls (Ent.) inqninaiia, polluted, de&led. ^ 

InBOripta'Ue (Ent.) infttiptm, unmarked. 
InaecU'vOTa (Zool.) -ftaa, InfeOi, van, to devour. 
Insaaso'res (Ornith.) iir^in, to fit upon, to perch; the Tree- perching birdi, 
tmlgnlpaimal'la (Ent.) iiji^u, marked, fcma, a wing. 
Inii'gaU-e (Ent., Bot.) t^U beautiful, remarkable; t.g., Ci,fr!pidmm Hfff. 
lUBigoita'liB (Enl.) inf-gmlm, diflinguiftied. 

lOBta'blliB (Eat.) Lai. changeable ; from the great Tariation of the rpecin. 
InaUtale (But.) '■^iln, a bandage or girth, reieiiing to the appearance of 

the pUnti I a genut of Fungi. 
Inatita'lls C£>><0 '"•^^^ " ^^E^- 
Interlta'Ua (£nt.) auritti, deitruaion. 
Intoijunota'lla (Em.) '"fcr, within,>i«9H/, united. 
Intarmedla'Ua(Eni.)i>''^. between, •H£n, the middle. 
Intorme'dlna-a-um (Bot.) Lai. intermediate, i. <-. combining the cha- 

nften o{ two fpeciei. 
Intennioa'lla (Ent,) i^ttir, within, mim, a cnunb, a morfel. 
InteTna'lla (Ent.) initrniu, inward, internal. 
IntemlWUa (Ent.) iniir, within, miai, (bining. 
iDtaropar'onlniii (Idith.) iMitr, within, tftmitiai, a cover or lid. 
iDterpunotaliB (Ent.) i*itr, within, /tuinfjim, a fmall hole. 
Intrn'sM (Eat ) MrndB, to thruft in. 
In'tsla (Bot.); a genus of Leguminofa. 
Intybe'llia (Bot.) dim. of iidyiti ,■ a genui of CompoTitEe. 
In'tybns (Bot.) the laJivt, and primary or Latiniied Conn of the word ; 

a geniu of CompolitB. 
fntUa (Bot.) corrupted from Bilaiiim; a genu of Compofita. 
taiila'atar(Bi>t.)^Wiu, and afirr; a genu of CompoCla. 
Inun'guis (ZooL) Lai. without dawi. 

InvertAbrA'ta (ZodI.) m, without, or neg, iitHAnilui, having vtrlcirn. 
iBTiBA'lis (Ent.) iir^fii, unfeen. 

iQToluora'ria (Bot.) inWncfuH, a wrapper ; a genui of Cucurbitacea. 
InTOlu'omm (Bot.) Lai. a wrapper; the outer caljrK of the Mallows, 

Dianthus, &c. 
I'o (EdL) a Gredan heroine, hmoat for her beauty and her mttfortunei — 

Ovn>, Met. i. $11 ; a fpeciei of diuinal butterfly. 
lo'dM (Ent.) Ii>!«r, nift-colouted, violet-coloured. 
lo'deB (Bot.) Iii!ii(, violet-coloured ; a geau> of Phytocrenacex. 
lodl'na (Bot.) [•iSm, Tialet-like, dark-coloured ; a genua of Olacaces. 
loUe'ma (Omith,) In, the violet, >iu/u'(, the throat j a genua of Kum- 

lool'dlum (Bot.) '<■>, a violet, lilx, like ; a genua of Violacoe. 
lonopal'dium (Bot.) »., the violet, i.^(, refemSlance; a genua of Cruciferz. 
lonop'ala (Bot,) im, a vicdet, (^.i,, ai^iearaace. 
lo'thln (Zoai > a genus of Mollufca. 
Ioao'8te(Bot.):.., the violet, {wTri^ a girdle ; a genua of Laurace*. 

-31 IP^ — ISA 

Ipeoaona'nhB (Bot.) ipt, a natiw word In Peru for root \ atrmm, i lutiTc 

dininflion for that root. 
Iphise'nla (BM.) F. N., the daughter of Aganwrnnon and Clrteainenra ; 

a gEDUi of Llllacea. 
Iphio'na (But.) '^ts, Arong, goodly ; a gcnut of CompelitK ; Ifm, wa« 

the ancient name of an herb. 
Ipome'rla (Bot.) '•'•■i to prefa down, fit^, a part ; a gcnu> of Poleioo- 

IponuB'a (Bot.) \\, bindweedi o^uuf, tike ; a gmoi of ConTobmlacea. 
Ipomo'pils (Bot.) Xmut, to (trike fbrciblj, r^i(, fight; referring to tbe 

daailing flonere ; a genut of Pokmonlacea. 
Ipa (Ent.) '.\, a norm that eati horn and wood, perhaps a tymifli. 
fpMB (Bot.) '4. a cynipi lnie£t, from fancied rdemUance; a getnu of 

IreBl'ne (Bot.) iTfii, wool ; alluding to the woolly ippBanTuc of the 

bianchei ; a genus of Amarantacec. 
Irlar'taa } (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Iriartr, the celebnted Spanifh 
Irlartellat botanift. 

Ilidffl'a (Bot.) cdoured like the irii or rainbow; a genua of marine Algx. 
Iridl'na(ZDnl.)/m, the rainbow; a genut of MoUufca, family ItidinidB. 
I'ria (Bot.) irii, the eye; Chiding to the lariety and btiUhmcy of Iti 

coloun ; typical genui of Itidaeea. 
Irpex (Bot.) Lai, a harrow or rake; a genua of Fungi. 
Imdlel'la (Ent,) irrwHan, to att forth rayi. 
Irreoto'llB (Ent,) m, not, ™«aT, ftralghl. 
Imti'tOB (ZooL) rrrelirr, to entangle in a net; from thii bat being 

frequently orrefted in the (iRing web of two large fpiden. 
Inigna'ta (Ent.) irrignu, well-watered ; the wingi being traveried by a 

leHei of wary Oream-like line*. 
Irri'guiu-a-um (Bot.) Zof. well-watend, i. >., growing In oiarihea or 

marlhy placet, at Carrx irrigmi. 
luan'tiU-A'Om (Zool.) iVtwb, to wet or moiften with dew. 
Irrorel'la (Ent.) iVrwoM, to bedew, befprinkle; from the black dotawfaicb 

Hud the wings. 
laa'olme (Bot.) irn, eqaal,dx;»i, a glume. 
Isa'aUiern (Bot.) Iti, equal, aidirra ; a genni of SoLnaces. 
leaa'tlliu (Bot.) Ini, equal, Mii, a Aower; alluding to the regular 

Iia'rla (Bot.) bn, equal ; alluding to the Glamenti. 

ISA — 750 13 J 

Isor'ttinni (Ent.l bx, «qnal, i^r^i " ]■>'<"■ 

IlftUdalia (Ent.) feed» on ifilii or wotd. 

iBBi'tiB (Bot.) ird^m, to make equal, reFenfng to iu effect on rough Ikin ; 

Woid ; a genui of Crucifetn. 
Ifan'xla (Bot.) ^*ii t<V°-\ ■ff'mri growtb ; a genua of Dipteracex. 
tiohffi'mum (Bol.) trx"- '° 'W> 'V*'> ^^""^ i referring to it* medical 

iBOtaa'mm (Bot) "X*. w hold in check ; a genui of Aracea. 
la'olmia (Bot.) t'x^ii. thin, meagre , a genua of VeTbeoacen. 
iBohnosa'ater (Eot.) I';t;Hr, thin, meagre, r'^nf, the helljr; a geoni of 

iBOlmoglu'thlU (ZooL) •r;pit, thin, ydiu, the jaw ; a genu! of Colu - 

brine ophidian). 
iBolmome'ra (Ent.) tr;^M, thin, nmfi, the thighs. 
iBobno'poda (Ent.) tryyii, thin, ««, »ln, a toot. 
Iiohnoal'phoa (Bot.) lrx''f< thin, ti^m, a tube. 
iBOtir'odtll (Foa. ZaeL) Irxii, Itrengtb, iUit, a tooth. 
Iier'tla (Bot.) P. N. bmn Z*. 2. ^, a Dutch furgeon on the coaH of 

iBldla'ldeB (Bot.) reTembling IJ!d:,m. 

iBi'dium (Bot.) Irir, equal ; aUudiDg to the fmall difTerencea which exift 

between the podetia ; a genua of Crf ptogamla. 
I'als (Zoo)., Bot.) P. N. of an asclant goddeb i a genu* of ZoophjteK ; 

alfo a genua of Iridacec. 
Isla'udtaua-a-nm (Omith., Sot.) Lat. relating (o Iceland ; r. g. Cttraria 

JJloKiica, or Iceland moCa. 
Isme'lla (Bot.) a genua of CorapoTits. 

lomanaCBot.) P. N. from {Au», the daughter of (Edipua and Jocafla. 
laitM'nia (Zool.) P. N. from Jfrnrm,, daughter of (Bdipua and JocaHa, aiid 

IHler of Antigone ; a genua of Molluica, bmiljr Terebntulids. 
iBBor'dla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A. T. D. d' Ifnard, a French botanlO ; 

a genua of Onagiaces. 
IsOEk'raa (Zoo).} 1rn, equal, the genm area ; a genua of MolluTca, family 

iBOOar'dU (Zod.) Trw, like, anftfa, the heart ; the Heart-cockle ; a geaoa 

of recent and fofTd Sielli of the bmU; Cjprinidc. 
laooa'rpha (Bot.) Int, equal, %if^^, chalT 

Iioobn'tma (Bot.) Im, equal, x'*yi, to gape ; a genm of Cf pencea. 
laoobl'las (Bot.) Im, equal, j^'Aii, lip. 

S34 tSO — ISO 

IsOOO'ma (Bot.) 'rn, equal, atpii, a tuft ; a genua of Compofitc. 
iBOOyr'tUB (EntO trti, equal, xu^if, curved. 

Ilode'anilB (Bot.) fvit, equal, hr/uw, > band ; a genut of LeguminoSe. 
I'aodon (_Bot.) Ini, equal, ilibt, (JtrTw, > tooth ; a genui of LabUto. 
lao'etoa (Bot.) Zni, equal, ini, tKe year; the plant bdng eTCigreen ; a 

genua of MariHeacea. 
laogno'mon (Zool) ;«■{, like, >^«, a fun-dial; a genua of Moliufca, 

family Ariculidte. 
Iso'gODt (Ent.) 'in, equal, }«>ia, an angle. 

laolepla (Bot.) u-ii, equal, Ximlt, a Icale j a genui of Cyperaccz. 
laoIo'buB (Bot.; frif , equal, ytSit, a pod ; a genus of Lobeliaceo. 
iBOlo'ma (Bot.) Irit. equal, lajua, a fringe ; a genua of Filicei. 
Isoine'rlB(Bot,) Trtc, equal,^i^t, a part; a genui of CompoCtn. 
Ilo'meriB (Bot.) latne derivation ; a genui of Capparidaeeie. 
Isome'rlum (Bot ) lame derivation ; a genua of Proteacen. 
laana'tidla (Bot.) fnt, equal, ii>ii^, iil^i, a male (fhunen); a genut of 

SapolaceiG ; the Gutta-percha tree belong! to thia genua. 
lEOne'ma (Bot.) h,,, equal, ri|U>, thread ; a genu! of Compofita. 
Ijopap'piu (Bot.) Utt, equal, raimf , paff", the down on feedi ; a genut 

of Compofitx. 
Isope'talum (Bot.) Ifh, equal, /MujLih,' a genua of GetaniaeeE. 
laophT'llum (Bot.) Itk. equal, ^xio, a leaf} a genua of UrobellilenE. 
iBOphy'tOidB (Bat.) Ini, equal, ^utit, ■ plant, tnw like. 
iBOplez'ls (Hot.) 1th, equal, ■i.ific, a plaiting. 
Isop'oda (Zool.) in;, equal, «•£(, irdic, a foot; an order of feflile-eyed 

IsOpo'gOO (Bot.) Ini, equal, «!}«>, a beard. 
Iso'pterla (Bot.) Zrii, equal, ««fii, a fern. 
lao'pteryz (Ent.) Irtc, equal, irrifiif, ■ wing. 
iBopy'rum (Bot.) Ir>f, equal, rvfii, wheat ; alluding to the taile of the 

IsOBoelalla (Ent.) I»t, equal, mixir, a leg. 

Iso'aoellB (Zool.) fame derivation ; a genua of Colubrine ophidiani. 
IsOBOinft (Ent.) TrBt. equal, rS/ia, body ; a genus of Kymenopteia. 
iBOsU'gma (Bot.) !«■.(, equal.jSjfuM .- a genui ot CompoQtK. 
lao'styllH (Bot.) Un, equal, rnx«> a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of Myrfi- 

iBothe'olmn (Bot.) !ir((,equal, flflun, a chell or Iheath ; a genut of Mulct, 
leo'toms (Bot.) Irti, equal, Tfti, a cutting ; a genus of L.abellacae. 

ISO — JjIN 135 

laotre'nu (Bot.) 'm, equal, r/Xfi*, a hole ; a genus of Aiillolocbdace«. 

iBOio'olda (Zool.) ?>-•(, equal, {;■»', life. 

laUimla (Bot.) Miutr, a necklace ; a genu) of DIatonu. 

lawBTR (£nt.) a geniu of Hymenoptera. 

I't«a (Bot.) the Greek name of the Willow, (In-.) 

Itha'glnla (Omith.) ISmyiiii, genuine, legitimate ; a genut of Indian 

Ito'nia (Ent,) P. N„ a name of Athena. 

fva (Bot.) periiapi from jun, a name uled by the older botanini. 
Ivy (Bot.) AngltSan. ifig. 

Ix'alua (Zool.) P. N., the name of a niminant mentioned in the Iliad. 
Ix'la (Bot.) ifi'a, birdlime ; referring to the vifcid nature of the roots ; a 

beautiful genus of Iridaces. 
Izta'ntheB (Bot.) I£i|, birdlime, Mk, flower ; a genai of ScrophuUriacez. 
Ixla'athns (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genui of Gentlanacete. 
Ixiauohe^iu (Hot.) If it, glue, wx*', the oeck ; a gemu of Compolitx. 
IzloWna (Bot.) !£((, glue, yXnUu, a mantle ; a genua of Compofitx, 
IzlolMon (Bot.) If ((, glue, >ii^ii, a liljr ; a genua of Amaryllidacec. 
Izo'des (Ent.) IfiUni, Tifcoui ; the typical genua of the Acatidtt, bmily 

Ixo'dla (Bot.) Itant, Tifcld. 
Izo'n (Bot ) a Malabar idol, to which its flowers are ofliired ; a fuperh 

tropical genua of Cinchonaceta. 

Jaoarft'ndA (Bot.) its nunc in Bniil ; Rofe-wood ; Mimifa jaioramda. 
Jacll'al (ZooL) Arabuui, tackikkiii; Sfmmjt, ihtial; Fraah,ckasal. 
JackBo'nIa (Bot.) P. N. from G. Jaiif<m, librarian to A. B. Lambert ; a 

genua of Leguminofx. 
JaoObse'EB (Ent.) feeds an Ragwort {Srnrca JaaiM.) 
Jaaobn'uB-a-um (Bot.) native of the IQand of St. Jacob ; t. g., tMut 

7anAni,-alfolhe fpecific name of Kagwoit. 
Jaoqui'nla (Hot,) P. N. from N. J. w, Jatq^in, Piofeflbr of Botany at 

Jaguar (Zool.) a native name. 

Jamlao'flt (Bot.)yaiii«, aboriginal name ; a genus of Mynaceie. 

Janel'la (Zool.) P. K., a genua of Leinacidie (New ZeaUnd genu..) 

ijS JAN — JON 

Jani'pha (ficA-^jaiupata, iu name in Brazil ; the Calbn plant ; a geom 
oF Euphorbiacez. 

Janl'ra (Zool.) a genua of PeOenidiB. 

Jaathi'na (Zool.) littun, violet'blue ; a gienui of MoUnflu To named on 
account of the beautiful riokt ctAoat of the Ihell. 

JaQtbi'nea (Ent) I^>A>*t, riolet-bloe. 

la'nua (Zool.) P. N. from Roman mytbolog7 ; a gennt of MoUufia, Fa- 
mily Proflonotidx. 

lapo'niciu-a-imi (Ichth., Bat.) Lai. relating to, or natin of, Japan ; t.g.^ 
Camtilia Jafonaa. 

JaBlo'ne (Bot.) applied b; Pliny to wild potherb; a genu! of Cam- 

jaaml'nom (Bat.) jf/njnr, the Arabic name. The typical genu of 

Ja'tropba (Bot.) Iirrftf, i phyfldan, t^^ food ; refening to iU qualitiei; 

a gemw of Euphorbiaeex. 
Javk'nloua-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lat. belonftng to Java. 
Jay (Omith.) Frank, gm, Sfan. gap. 
Jcffono'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of T. Jtffirfm, Prd'ideDt of the United 

Je&e'yala \ (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Gmpmi Jcfftiyi, FJt.S., 

IvIBKjtitiSm i author of a Manual of the MoUufea. 

Jenr'niil (Ent.) P. N. in honour of tbe Bn. Lamaii Jniym, M.A. 

Jerbo'ldEB (ZooL) a family of Mammalia of which Jerboa it the type. 

JeruBalem Artiotaoka (Bot.) Thit has nothing to do with Jerulalem, 
ancient or modem, but isthetubeiofa fpecles of Sunflower, originaUy 
called by its proper deTcriptive name. In Italian it is gin^aU (which 
tutni Id the lim), which li thus InconeAly angliclied into a geo- 
^phical term. 

Je'ssamlne (Bot.) Arabic or Periian j^ny*, Iweet odour. 

Joba'phsB (Bot.) Itfiaf lic, riolet-colouicd. 

Joohro'ma (Bot.) >». violet, xf^'' "^o^^- 

JObn Dory (Ichth.) from iljaniUrr, the door-keeper ; the filh bdng called 
on the Italian coall by the name of St. Peter, and he being liippoled 
to be the door-keeper of hearen, our failon gave the name to the filh. 

Jo'tmlB (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Rn. Dr. Join, of Tranqoebar. 

Jolll'fia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JMf, a friend of Bojcr. 

Jondra'ba (Bot.) '», the violet, and the genus Driiia: a genus of 

JON — JUT 137 

Jone'ala (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir Wimam Joki, the oekbratnl 

rcKobr and botanilt ; a magnificent Baft Indian genua of Leguminolit. 
JonqoU (Bot.) from jutMi, a rufh, becaufe of iu rafb-like kaTo; the 

Narafu JtuftOia. 
JonthlA'api (Bot.) ?•>, the violet, and the genu Tldaipi ,- a genut of 

JosBi'ola (Bot.) derivation unknown. 

JouanQo'tU (Zool.) P. N., a genui of Pholididz. a hmWj of Mollufca. 
Jtl'Blaila(Bot.)7aoif;Aw, the nut of JOTCi the Walnut; agenuiof Nat. 

Order Amentaces:. 
Julla'nft (Ent.) Julhu, the month of July, in which the Inluft appean. 
Julia (Ichth.) IaiI. a name applied bf Plinjt to fome fid. 
Jnlua (Zool.) Lai. a milleped ; the Garden centipede. 
Junoaglna'oace (Bot.) Jimau, a nth ; a Natural Order of itKoofpituoui 

Endogeas, of which Triglochin is the type, fonnerlr called Jiimt<i£t. 
Junoloolel'la (Ent.)yiincu, a nilh, cJcn, to fretjuent. 
Junol'tsa (Fos. Bot.) jimuu, a rulh ; foflii (lemi and Uavei apparently 

related to nilhei. 
Junot«l'la (Ent. )ji«Aii, joined, united. 
Jon'ooa (Bot.)_;Mp>,to join: the fitft ropes were made of nUhes; typical 

genui of the Rulh-bmily or Juncacere. 
Jungermaa'nlA (Bot.) P. N. from Lmh Jiufenum, a German hotanid, 

who died in 1653; typical genm of JungermanniaceM. 
Junlpera'ta (Ent.) feeds on the Jy*ifer. 
Junlperel'lus (Eat.) the lam formi wetMon twigs of ^wii/fr. 
lunl'penu (Bot.) Cdiic, Jvrpna, rougtii or rude; relening to the ftiA 

Ihrubs ; a genui of Cooiferac, fab-order Cufaeniiiez. 
Jurge'nBla (Bot.) P. N., a gmns of Byttneriacei. ' 
Jurl'neB (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Juiini ; a genu of CompoQtX. 
JiMBleu'a (Bot.) P. N. from the celebrated French botanloJ family Jm/- 

Jiei; a genui of Onagiacev. 
JlUBlev1a(Bot.}P.N. in honour of JUT. 7^«.- agcnui of EuphorbiacetC. 
JiuU'ola (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. J^icc, Efq., an eminent Scotch 

botanilt, who publilhed {ereral works on gardening about 1754-63 ; a 

fplendid tropical genua of Acanthacec. 
Jute (Bot.) the libre of an Eafl Indian Corchorus. 

±38 K^ — KEL 

Kadsu'ra (Bot.) a genus of Schizandracez. 

Ka'dua (Bot.) a genus of Cinchonaceas. 

KaBmpfe'ria (Bot.) P. N. from E, Kampfer^ a German naturalid, author 

of **AmGenitate8£xoticfle," who died in 1716; a curious tropical genus 

of Scitaminez. 
Kageneokla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Rofaceas. 
Kahi'ria (Bot.) a genus of Compofitz. 
Ealanoho'e (Bot.) the Chinefe name. 
Kalbfu'sBia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Kalbfufs ; a genus of Com- 

Kale (Bot.) AngU^Sax, cal, catul; a kind of cabbage ; alfb applied to the 

Crambe maritimaf or Sea-kale ; Crucifene. 
Eali (Bot.) Arabie^galy or algaiy ; fpecific name of a marine plant, from 

the afhes of which foda is obtained ; the Saljola Kaii, Nat. Old. Che- 

Ealifor'mia (Bot.) ««xi(, beautiful, firma, fhape ; a genus of Ceramiai^ 

Eallias (Bot.) ancient name of fome plant ; a genus of Compofits. 
Eallstromla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Zygophyllacese. 
Kallyme'nia (Bot.) ««XA.of, beauty, /jinfaXof, monthly; a genus of 


Kalmia (Bot.) P. N. from F. Kalm, Profeflbr at Abo in Sweden ; a very 

beautiful North American genus of Ericaceae. 
Ealong (Zool.) native name of a bat — Pteropus. 
Ealosa'nthes (Bot.) »ukist beautiful, «tdof, a flower. 
Kampe'caris (Fos. Zool.) »a,uwn^ a caterpillar, »«^iV, a (hrimp ; a fmall 

cruftacean, fo called from its appearance. 
Eampxna'imla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Xanthoxylacez. 
Eamptorhyn'ohus (Omith.) See Camptorhynchus. 
Kam'ptBia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Myrtacez. 
Kan'garoo (Zool.) a native name. 
Ka'tydid (£nt.) a fpecies of graishopper, (b called from the found which 

it makes. 
Kaulfus'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. ErtJ. Kaul/uft, M. D., 

Profeflbr of Botany, Halle; a pretty blue-flowered genus of Com- 

Eei'thia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Labiatie. 
Ee'llia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr, O'KeUy of Dubh'n ; a genus of 

MoUufca, family Kellladz. 

KEN — KLE 139 

Kenne'dia (Bot.) P. N. from Mr, Kennedyt nurieryman, Hammerfmith ; 

an elegant genus of Leguminole. 
Ke'ntia (Bot ) P. N., a genus of Palmz. 
Kentra'nthus, Tame as Centranthus, q.v. 
KentrophyHum (Hot.) Kfvrp«v, a prickle, 4>vXXiy, leaf ; a genus of Comt 

Kentro'phyta (Bot.) Mrtfw^ a prickle, «|>vto», plant ; a genus of 

Ke'ratophy'te (Zool.) niff^ a horn, twrir, that which grows ; a name 

given by Cuvier to polypi of the genus Gorgonia, on account of the 

homy axis of the ftem. 
Ke'ratose (Zool.) «l^«f, a horn ; but the word is objectionable, fince of^ 

is not a proper termination for adjectives from the Greek, and ana- 
logy would require the k in M.tfi to be exprefled by a c, 
Keri'lia (2^ooI.) %nfiti a honey-comb, from the arrangement of the (bales ; 

a genus of Ophidians. 
Kerivoula (Zool.) a native name. 
Ke'rodon (2^ool.) »?^, the heart, Jievf, o^wt*^, a tooth ; a genus of herbi* 

vorous rodents having molar teeth, of which the tranverfe (ectlon 14 

Kerona (Zool.) xifu a horn ; a genus of minute Infuforia, having the 

body covered with hairs, fome of which are curved like horns ; hence 

the name. 
Ker'ria (Bot.) P. N. from JV. Ker, a coUe£h>r of plants for Kew gardens ; 

a genus of Japanefe Roiacese. 
Klggela'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Francis Kiggelary a Dutch botanical 

Kilmunella (Ent.) fird taken at KilmMHt N. B. 
Einge'na (Zool.) P. N., a genus of MoUufca, family Tereb^tulidx. 
Blirgane'lia (Bot.) UrganeU^ its Malabar name. 
EI88OB (Bot.) the Greek name for Ivy ; Sophocles calls it ** wine-faced " — 

♦♦ Tw M»wv* «»i;^«t/0-c »iw»." — (Edip. Colon, v. 674. 
Kitalbe'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Paul Kitaihel, Profeflbr of Botany at Perth, 

Kite (Ornith.) Anglo-Sax, cyia. 
Eleinho'fia (Bot.) P. N. from M. KUitikoffy formeily Director of tlie 

botanical gardens, Java. 
Elei'nia (Bot.) P. N. from James Henry KUin^ a German botanift ; a genus 

of Compofitie. 

140 KNA — KUI 

Kna'ppia (Bot.) P. N. from Mr. Af. Kmapp^ who wrote on Biitifh Graf 

ies ; a genus of minute Gramina. 
Knau'tia (Bot.) P. N. from C. Knata^ phyfidan at Halle in Saxony, who 

died in 1694 ; a beautiful genua of Dipiacefle. 
Enl'ghtia (Bot.) P. N. from T, A. Knight, EJq., F,R^., l^fc. 
Enlpolegus (Omlth.) it fliould be written CnipoUgus, k not being uied in 

Kno'nia (Fob. Bot.) a genus of coal-meaTure plants, intermediate between 

Lycopods and Conifers. 
Xnot-graas (Bot.; a fpecies of Polygonum, fo called from its numerous 

Snowlto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from T. KmwlioH, curator of the Botanical 

Gardens, Eltham. 
Eiio'zia (Bot.) P. N. from Xohtrt Xmx, an Englilh traveller of the xyth 

Kobre'sia (Bot.) P. N. from De Kebresy a German axMi great promoter of 

Botany ; a genus of Cyperaceas. 
Eo'chla (Bot.) P. N. from M, Koch, a German botanid. 
KcBle'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Af. KohUr, Profeflbr of Natural Hiftory at 

Mayence ; a genus of Grades. 
ECBXll'gia (Bot.) P. N. from Samuel Kmnig, a Swifs mathematician. 
Eol'poda (Zool.) »«x«i>f, a notch ; a genus of Infufbria, having their 
bodies notched laterally, their mouths being fituated at the bottom of 
the notch. 
Kolreute'rla (Bot.) P. N. from J. G. KolreuUr^ a celebrated German 

botanift and naturalid. 
Eolus (Zool.) »ix»s, docked, curtailed. 
Eo'niga (Bot.) P. N. from Charles Kwig, F,R,S,, BritiHi Mufeum ; a 

genus of Cruciferx. 
Konin'okia (2^1.) P. N. in honour of ilf. Komiuke ; a genus of Moilufca, 

family Orthidie. 
Ejrazne'ria (Bot.) P. N. from J. G. H. and IV. H. Kramer, German 

KrauWa (Zool.) P. N., a genus of MolltiTca, family Terebratulidx. 
Erigia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr, DavU Krieg, a German botanift. 
Eruhsea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Kru/e, 
Eu'hnla (Bot.) P. N. from Atlam Kiihn, of Pennfylvania, a pupil of 

Euio'hua (Zool.) native name of one of the I^copards. 

Kua — LAB 24, 

Euudo'o (Zool.) native African name ; thii word Ihoutd have beta 

Latiniied into C^nAi. 
Ktrn'tUk (BotO I*- N. fniin C. S. Kmntli, a French botanift. 
Enigo'sa (Zool.) Latinized form ol the Karg^, 
Ey'dla (Bot.) P. N. from Ca. R^n Kyi, firft direOor of the Calcutta 

Botanic garden. 
Eym'ngla(Bot.) P. N. from i*. Xy^.a Dutch botuiill who died in 1696. 

Labn'tla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated SpaniOi naturaiiH, 

Labat; a genui oF Aqulfoiiacez. 
lAbe'llum (Bot.) Lai. a little Up ; applied to the penduloin petal of the 

Iiabla'tn (Bot.) Labiate Aowert \ the natural order now called Lamiacec. 
LabiSitlfla'ni (Bot.) Labiate-Aowen ; a fecttoo of perigTDOiu exogens, 

with lip-like Howen. 
Labtoh'sB (Bot.) P. N.. a genui of Legumltwfie. 
Labi'dodon (Zool.) >iiSif, >aei1i(,a pair of placets, tliiir, iii>T(|,a tooth; 

a genus of InFulbria. 
Labldo'stonuB (Ent.) ijt6it-3tt, a pair of pincers, rti/^^ a muuth. 
La'bldus (Ent.) iaeii-Hn, a pair of pincers ; a genus of Hymenoplera. 
Lablllardia'n (Bot.) the &me a» BiUardirra, a New Holland genus of 

Lablo'suB-a-mn (ZooL, Bot.) Lai. full-lipped. 
LaW'sla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Myrfinacea:. 
La'blum (Ent.) L-t. a lip. 
Xia'blab (Bol.) the Arabic name of the convolvulus ; now a rpccici u[ 

Dolichoa ; Nat. Ord. LeguminoGe. 
Labor'dla (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Loganiaceic 
Iiabourdounal'ela (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sapotacete, 
Iiabra'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Luinule; a genus of Legumtnosz. 
Iiabrax (Ichth.) a name uled by Pliny for romc lilh ; now applied to the 

Iiabrella (Bot.) dim. of latrim. a lip ; a genua of Fungi. 
Lalirida (lehth.) tairn, iam. term. Utt ; the family of Ihe Wrailes, o. 

Labrolda (Ichth.) hin.,, iTJii, like. 

1+! LAB — LAC 

Labram (£nt.) Lai. i lip. 

Latnu (Ichth.) i name ufti ttj Pliny \ot a ravenous fi[k; the Wralle. 
The name ii derived from the exCenlile lip) of the member* of thia 

Labur'num (Bol.) a name ufed by Pliny ; now the Latin fpecific name 

of the "Golden-rain," Cgl:fu, Labxrh-m. 
Labyrin'thodon (Fas. Zool.) XmBifia,,, a Ubytintb, Oii,, iii.T.f, a 

tooth ; the teelh are of a peculiarly complieated ftrufhire ; the name 

Mfis given by Profeflor Owen. 
Iiaoa'ttaea (Bat.) >.ajii3ii wai the ancient name of an unknown tree ; a 

genua of Temllidroiacex. 
Laodo'bluB (Ent.) x«»j.((, a pit, S.ij., to live. 
LaoOo'pbllUB (Ent.) Xiiiiit, a pit, filiiii, to love. 
Laoellla (Bot.; P. N„ a genus of Compontv. 
Looepe'dea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated CwiM Ji Lacipii,; 

a genus of Hippociateacefls, 
Laosm&'tte ( Zool. ) pi. of lacinatm, wearing a doali -, a family ol tnfuibria. 
IiOOe'rUk (iSooL) Za<. a lizard. 

Lace'rtloeps (Fos. Zool.) i^ifrria, a lizard, h^, head; lizard-headed. 
Laoe'rtlds (ZooL) Ucrria, fam. term. Uj. 
Laobano'dea (Bot.) Xix—i, garden vegetable), iTlai, Ulie ; a genus of 

I.aolieiia'UB(Bot.)P. H. in honour of iT'. at /iCA«u/,a writer on botany; 

a beautiful cape genus of Liliacen. 
La'obeals (ZooL) P. N., one of the three Fates ; a genus of Ophidians. 
LoobnEe'a (Bat.) ikxii, down ; alluding lo the clothing of the coroJa ; 

a genus of Thymelacete. 
LacbnaeTo'stia (Bot.) >';(ni, woolly hair, down, tyfment, grafs ; a 

^nus of Gramina. 
Laohnala (Ent.) xs;(<ni<, hairy, downy. 
Lacbna'ntbes (Bot.) ^ix"^ wool, SiSti, a flower. 
Laobnella (Bot.) diminutive of Lacknma ; a genus of Fungi. 
La'chneuB (Bot.) yix"- iovn; aUuding to the clothing of the corolla. 
Laohnooa'uloa (Bot.) ^.i^*"' woolly hair, ratlh. Hem ; a genoi of 

Laobnoola'dlum (Bot.) i-ix't. woolly hair, lAitw. a (lip or (hoot ; a 

genns of Fungi. 
Laabnolo'buB (Bot.) ^aj^n, foft woolly hair, i^iBii, a pod; agenui of 



lAOtlDOlo'mk (Bat.) ».ix"'t wocdiy hair, tJifui, Cringe ; a genu) of 

Laobnope'talum (Bot.) xb^m, iown, fttalam ,- a geniu of Saplndacez. 
Loohnopo'dliun (Bot.) '•'X'"' W00U7 hair, ■»(, ■>)((, foot; a geniuof 

Loolmopy'lla (Bot.) Xaj^n, wooUt hair, ni.t, a littte gate or tntraace ; 

i geniu of Scrophulariacw. 
LaolmoBpe'naiim (Bot.) >.iixn, dcnvn, ficrma, feed ; a genua oT Com - 

IiMhDOsta'ohya (BoL)"<> wooUy hair, r»x^'> ^ (duller ; a genni of 

Lsotma'atoina (Bot.) x.i.x't, down, rtift^, moulb ; a geout of 

Cinchonacn; alio a geniu of AlclepiadaceiE. 
LaohnoSTpho'Dluin (Bot.) t-mx't, down, ritm, a tube ; a genui of 

La'ohryinuiB (Omith.. Bot.) Lot. crying, caufiog grief; ai in Mrrnlim 

iaiirymaiut the Dry-rot plant, 
Laoinula'ria (Zool.) hti*u, a lappet or Hap ; a geniu of Infuibria. 
Lkois (Bot.) lani'i, a rent ; a genua of PodoOemaceie. 
Laala'temft (Bot.) Xtutrrir. tattered, lorn ; typical genua of the tropical 

American order LaciHemaceB. 
Laoiatama'csB (Bot.) the genua Lanflnwa ; and fam. terminal. 
Lacryma'Tla (Zool.) lairymr, teata ; a genui of Infuforia. 
Laota'rliu (Bot.) Lat. milky ; a genua of Fungi. 
Laotea'rlB (Ent.) laBn.,, milk-white. 

Lk'utsna (Zool., Bot.) Lat. cieam-coloured ; c. g., Cnaa tactna. 
LftOtu'oa (Sot.)lai, milk ; a milky juice exudea when it ia broken; the 

Lettuce; Nat. Ord, Compofitc. 
I4u]tis'triae (Zool.) hau, a lake. 
Lada'nlum (Bot.) imtiair, la^mum, waa the Greek name of a gnm ; a 

genua of Ciftacex. 
Ladano'paia (Bot.) the genua LaJanium, and i4't, like; a genua oT 

Ladenbe'igis (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, LaiMrtg! a genua of 

lAdf-BuloOk (Hot.) probably from the white appearance which iti 

bloflbmi gaie to the meadows where it abaundi, refembling linen 

bleaching on the grafs; the Cariawint j>r,iin,f„ . 
Lalio'pHls (BoL) the genu) LjIU. and i-(.ii, like ; a genua of Orchrdaccx. 


244 L^ — LAO 

LsBina'rgUB (Zool.) x«//w«i^>«(, greedy, gluttonous. 

Lsemodi'poda (Fos. Zool.) Xm/c«of, the throat, }/(, twice, ir«vr, ve)*/ , a 

LsBmophlflB^U* (Ent.) x«i/u«f , the throat, 4>Xm^, bark of trees. 
LsBZine'cia (Bot.) P. N. a genus of CompofitaB. 
Lae'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, de Laet, <A Antwerp, author oft a 

hiftory of America. 
LsDVa'ta (Bot.) Uvatut, lifted up. 

LSBViga'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lot. fmoothed ; ^. ^., Came Levigata. 
LbbVU (ZooL, Bot.) Lot. fraooth or soft ; e. g,, Rivina Uvh, 
Lafoe'nsia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lythracete. 
Lafresna'ya (Omith.) P. N. in honour of the venerable Baron de Lafrtfmayr, 

a French natural! fl. 
LafUe'ntea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariacese. 
Lagarosi'phon (Bot.) x«y«^#f, hollow, «r<>«w, tube; a genus of 

Laga'scea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Don Mariana Lagafca^ Profeflbr of 

Botany at Madrid. 
Lagena'ndra (Bot.) iagena^ a flaAc ((hape), avn^, «v}^f , a (lamen ; a genus 

of Aracee. 
Xjagena'rla (Bot.) lagauiy z bottle ; referring to the form of the fruit : the 

Bottle-gourd ; Nat. Ord. Cucurbitaceas. 
Lagene'lla (Zool.) dim. of lagtna, a flaflc ; a genus of Infuforia. 
liage'niujn (Bot.) Xaynv^t, Lot, lagena, a flaik or flagon ; a genus of Muici. 
Lagenooa'rpUB (Bot.) lagena, a fla(k, »mfii$t% fruit ; a genus of Cyperaces. 
Lageno'phora (Bot.) lagemat a flaik, ^i^, to carry ; a genus of Com- 

Lagenorhy'nchus (Zool.) xAyiivti a flaik, fvyx^h * b<»k* 
LagerstrcB'mla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Magnus Lagerflrmm^ of Gotten • 

burg, a friend of Linnssus, and a dire^r of the Swedifh £aft India 

Laget'ta (Bot.) i^^^fto, its name in Jamaica; the Lace-bark tree; Nat. Ord. 

Lagooe'phalus (Ichth.) >«>^f, a hare, »«^aXif, a head. 
Lagoohi'lum (Bot.) XmyAf, a hare, ;^t>.«c, lip ; a genus of Acanthaceie. 
Lagochi'lus (Bot.) Xa>w;^iX«f, having a hare-lip ; a genus of Lamiacez. 
LagOB'cia (Bot.) A«>^;, a hare, 67««(, a dwelling ; a genus of Gramina. 
La'gomya (Zool.) Xa>^f, a 'hare, /ut;, a moufe. 
LagOZXy'ohluxn (Bot.) yayi^^ a hare, oyp;^t9v, a little nail. 

LAG — LAM 245 

Iiago'phylla (Bot.) kayitt a hare, <^xxo», leaf ; a genus of Compofits. 
Lago'pslB (Bot.) kmyAi, a hare, o^if, like ; a genus of Labiate. 
Lago'pus (Ornith.) \mytt^^ a hare, «-«v(, a foot ; hare-footed. 
Lagorohe'stes (Zool.) Xa>^f, a hare, Ifx^^rht^ a dancer ; applied to the 

kangaroo hare. 
Lago'serifl (Bot.) Xatyit^ a hare, n^c, fuccory ; a genus of Compolitz. 
Lagotha'mnus (Bot.) x^^M^f , a hare, d«f»v««, a flirub ; a genus of Com- 

Lago'tia (2^ooL) X«)rwf , a hare, ws^ ittit^ an ear ; rabbit-eared. 
Lagre'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Amarantacez. 
Lagiina'ria (Bot.) Jtal, U^m, a marih ; a genus of Malvaceae. 
Lagunoiila'ria (Bot.) lagimeuUiy a fmall flalk or bottle ; a genus of Com- 

Laguno'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Homaliaces. 
Lagune'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Andreas Laguna^ a Spanllh naturalid. 
Lagiura'nthera (Bot.) having amtkert like thoie of the genus Lagunu ; a 

genus of CompofitaB. 
Laguro'atemon (Bot.) thejiamnu (^rrnfAmv) refembling thofe of the genus 

Lagunu ; a genus of CompofitsB. 
Lagu'rus (Bot.) Xa>wf, a hare, ovp«, a tail ; HareVtail gntfs ; a genus of 

Gramina. * 
LahaVft (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Af. Layhayt^ a fcientlfic gardener. 
LalagO (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Horace's lady ; a genus of Leguminofa;. 
Lallema'ntia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Labtatz. 
Lama (2^1.) Latinized form of Liama. 
La'mantin (ZooK) from the native name la moHoti ; the Manatus or 

Sea-cow ; Cuvier ftates that it was io called from a fancied refemblance 

of its front fieet to hands, or from a fuppofition that it had only front feet. 
LamaTOhea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Myrtaceae. 
Lamar'okla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Celaftracez. 
Lamb (Zool.) Anglo-Sax, lami, Dutch, lam, Germ, lamm, 
Lambdel'la (Ent.) from the Greek letter x marked on the wings. 
Lamber'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A, B, Lambert, Efy., F.JI.S, l^t.y a 

diftinguiihed botanid and writer upon the Conifene. 
Lambs' Lettuce (Bot.) Anglicized from the old name, Laetiua agmna^ of 

Ray and Gerarde ; the Fedia olHoria ; Nat. Ord. Valerianacese. 
Lamella'ria (Zool.) lamella, a plate ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Lamellibranohia'ta (7<ooL) lamella, a fmall plate, brancfus, gills ; Blain- 

ville*s term for the Conchifene. 

146 LAM — LAM 

Lamellioor'nes (£nt.) iamel/a, a fmall plate, comut a horn ; the anteniue 

are compoied of nine or ten joints, the lad two or three of which are 

lamellated or plated. 
La/mia (Ent.) P. N. of a fabulous monfler. 
La'mia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Portulacacez. 

Lamla'oeSB (Bot.) the natural order of which Lamittm is the typical genus. 
La'xnina (Bot.) Lat. a plate ; the blade of a leaf. 
Lamina'rla (Bot.} from the fori upon the lamifut or fronds ; a genus of 

marine Algae. 
Lazninari'tes (Fos. Bot ) lamina^ a plate ; certain bioad-leaved foiCl algz 

of the upper rocks. 
Lamina'atrum (Bot.) lamna^ plates, aprum, a (lar ; a genus of Fucoid 

Lamiop'sia (Bot.) the genus Lamium, and 2^(, refemblance; a genus of 

LaWum (Bot ) >.«i/u9(, the throat, referring to the (hape of the flower ; 

a genus of Labiatz, and made the typical one in the equivalent term 

liammergeyer (Omith.) Germ, lammergeir^ from iammer, lambs, geirt a 

Laxn'na (Ichth.) xifiiva, a predatory filh mentioned by Ariflotle; now 

applied to a genus of Sharks. 
Lamourou'zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Lamouroux ; a genus of 


Lampa'nia (Zool.) x«if»ir«f, a torch ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Lampomor'pha (Omith.) Xa/Lt««, to fhine, (Apf^n form. 

La'mpra (Ent.) Xa/AVfOi, brilliant. 

La'mpra (Bot.) XnfAWfit, ihining ; a genus of Commelynacez. 

Lamprey (Ichth.) Frtnchy lamproU. 

La'xnpiiaa (Ent.) XafAWfit, (hining. 

Lamproca'rpua (Bot.) fpeciBc name of the ^ ftiining-fruited " rufh or 

Juneyi lamproearptu^ from k»/AWfit^ fllining, »«f««f , fruit. 
Lamprooa'rya (Bot.) Xa/AWfit^ (hining, ««^«v, a nut; a genus of 

Lamprodro'ma (Zool.) x«/Mir^r, brilliant, i^^fAts, flight ; a genus of MoU 

Laxnpro'nia (Ent.) Xa/m*-^*;, bright. 
La'xnprophia (Zool.) Xa/uirf •?, brilliant, of ic, ferpent ; a genus of Colu- 

brine ophidians. 

LAM — LAN 147 

Lompropy'ga (Ornith.) Xc^irp«c, bright, (hining, wvyn, rump; a genus of 

Lamprospi'za (Ornith.) X«ftirg«c« brilliant, jpiza, a finch ; a genus of 

Laxnprosta'ohys (Bot.) x«/Ltir^«,', (hining, 0-Ta;^vf, a duller; a genus of 

Lamprc/tatua (Ent.) Xa/xv^rmrotf mod brilliant. 
La'mprotis (Bot.) x«ftir^rfif, fplendour ; a genua of Ericaceae. 
Lamproto'rnlB (Ornith.) X«/Ltir;oc, brilliant, o^nf, bird. 
Lam'psana (Bot.) (ame as Lap/ana^ q.v. 
Lampailis (Zool.) XafA-^t, (plendour ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Lam'pyiis (Ent.) xifAwm, to fhine, vD^ fire ; the Glow-worm. 
LampyMdeB (Ent.) fam. of which Lampyris is the type. 
Lamyella (Bot. P. N., a genus of Fungi. 
Lamyra (Bot.) Kafxufifj greedy ; a genus of CompofitoB. 
Lana'ria (Bot.) lanarius^ woolly ; a genus of Hzmodoraceffi. 
Lanalius (Ornith.) Lot, woolly. 

Lanoea'lis (Ent.) laneea, a light fpear ; the wings being narrow and lanceolate. 
Lanceola'lis (Ent.) loHceola^ a little lance. 

Lanceola'ria (Bot ) laninla, a little lance ; a genus of Cruciferz. 
Lanoeola'tU8-a-um (Bot.) Ihaped like a lancet, from lanceola^ a little 

Lanoinalis (Ent.) laiuino, to lacerate, from its torn appearance. 
Lanore'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Lancret; a genus of Elatinacefs. 
Lan'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacese. 
Landolphia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Apocynaceas. 
Lan'dtla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Landt ; a genus of Compofitz* 
Lanes trls (Ent.) lanay wooL 

Lantfa'ha (Zool.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Langerma'imia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Langermann ; a genus of 

LangeveVdia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Urticacex. 
LaHgia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Lange ; a genus of Amarantaceas. 
Langiella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of H. G. Lang, a German author. 
Langle'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of — Langlfy ; a genus of Samydacese. 
Langado'rfla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Langfiorfi a genus of 

Balanophoraceie ; alio a genus of Compofitas. 
LaniaoiSd (Ornith.) lanlut-, with term, for fub-family ; the true Shrikes. 
Laniger (2^1.) Lat, wool-bearing, fleecy. 

248 LAN — LAQ 

Lanigero'stenuna (Bot.) Am/^^, wool-bearing, fleecy ,^«miNa; a genus of 

LanlldflB (Ornith.) laniusy with hm. term. ; the family of the Shrikes and 

Lanlpila (Hot.) /ami, wool,^//iif, a hair ; a genus of Compofits. 
Lanl'stes (Zool.) lanipa^ a diihirber ; a genus of MoUufca. 
La'xiium (Hot.) lanliut an executioner; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
La'nius (Omith.) Lat, a butcher ; the Butcher-birds. 
LankesWia (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Dr. Edw'm LanUpar^ F.R.S.^ 

of London ; a genus of Acanthacez. 
La'nnea (Bot) P. N., a genus of Anacardiace«. 
Lanner (Omith.) lamarituy a butcher ; a ipecies of falcon. 
Lano'pila (Bot.) wool, ir7x«f, a (kuU-cap ; a genus of Fungi. 
Lano'sa (Bot.) lamfus^ woolly ; a genus of Fungi. 
Lansbe'rgla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Lanfberg; a genus of 

La'nBium (Bot.) etymol. unknown ; a genus of Meliacese. 
lianta'na (Bot.) fpecific name of Viburnum, from leiOo^ to bend, on 

account of its u(e in tying articles ; a genus of Verbenacese. 
Laomede'a (Zool.) Am^Uhs, one of the Nereids ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
La'cphls (Fos. ZooL) x£«f , a rock, o^k;, a ferpent ; the Rock-fnake. 
lia'pachys (Bot.) Xaira(», to evacuate ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Lape'mis (2^ool.) xkwn^ flime, clammy moiibire ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Dapeyrou'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of La Peyroufe^ the French navigator. 
Laphyg'ma (Ent.) Xafvy/us, gluttony. 
Lapida'ta (£nt.) lapU, a ftone ; (lone-coloured. 
Lapidloolens (Ent.) lapU^ a (lone, eoUtisy part, inhabiting. 
Lapla'oea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated La Place ; a genus of 

Lapo'rtea (Bot.) in honour of M. Laportc ; a genus of Urticaceas. 
Lappa (Bot.) Lot. a bur ; fpecific name of a curious Compofite plant, the 

ArBlum Lappa, or Burdock. 
Lappa 'go (Bot.)dim. from ^>/^, the Burdock ; havint; rough prickly fk>wers. 
Lappo'ni0U8-a-um (Omith., Bot.) relating to Lapland. 
Lappula (Bot.) diminutive of Lappa ; a genus of Tiliacex. 
Lap'sana (Bot.) Xav«t«, to purge ; alluding to its qualities. 
Lap'wlng (Omith.) AmgU-^ax, kUapan^ to leap, w/W, a wing ; alluding 

probably to the rapidity with which it claps its wings. 
Laquea'ria (Bot.) laquear, a panelled ceiling ; a genus of Fungi. 

LAR — LAS 249 

Lar, Lares (Zool.) P. N. houfehold deities in mythology, fymbolized 
I under the form of monkeys clothed with the (kins of dogs ; applied to 

a Gibbon, Hylobates Lar. 
Larbre'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Abbe Larbrcy a writer on botany ; 

a genus of Caryophyllacese. 
Laroh (Bot.) from Lat. tarix, 
Lardlzabala (Bot.) P. N., a curious South American genus, the typical 

one of Nat. Ord. Lardizabalacez. 
Lare'ntia (En{.) a name of Flora, or from Aua Larentia, the nurie of 

Romuhis and Remus. 
LaxideB (Omith.) lanu, with £un. term. ; the Gull family. 
Lari'nus (Ent.) XMfttit, fat. 

Lariz (Bot.) Lot. the Larch-tree ; Nat. Ord. Conifers. 
Lark (Omith.) Angb'Sax, lafire^ Dm. Urke. 
Larkspur (Bot.) from fuppofed reiemblance of the unexpanded fk)wers to 

the fpurs of larks ; the genus Delphinium ; Nat. Ord. Ranunculacez. 
LaTnoz (Bot.) the Gi^eek word for a cheft or box ; a genus of Solanaceae. 
Laro'ohea (Bot.) P. N. in honour oi M. De la Hocke, a writer on botany. 
Lam (Ent.) a name given by Dr. Leach, apparently without meaning ; a 

genus of Hymenoptera. 
Larrada (Ent.) formed from the genus Larra ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Larrazena (Ent.) the genus Larra^ and {imi, (Irange; 'a genus of 

La^ea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. A. H. de Larrea, a Spanifli botanifl. 
La'rridflB (Ent.) a family of Hymenoptera of which Larra is the type. 
La'rus (Omith.) Latiti, a gull. 
Laorva (Ent.) Lat, a ghod or maflc. 
Lasallla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lichenes. 

Lasoa'dium (Bot.) Xatf-xw, to ring or rattle ; a genus of Euphorbiaceie. 
Lasohia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fungi. 
Laseguea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Apocynaceie. 
Laserpi'tium (Bot.) lafer^ the gum of the plant, pix, pitch, referring to 

the fmell ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
La'sia (Bot.) x«ritf, woolly ; a genus of Musci. 

Lasiagro'stis (Bot.) XM-iOf , woolly, Syfmmu grafs ; a genus of Gramina. 
Lasiandra (Bot.) Xaa-itt, woolly, avit^ «*Vf » nude (damen) ; a genus of 

Lasian'thea (Bot.) Xa^-uf , woolly, ofvdec, flower ; a genus of Compofitz. 
LaslanUiera(Bot.) >«7(9f, woolly, anM^rd ; a genus of Vitaceae. 

15° I^AS — LJT 

Lasian'thuB (Bot.) ^li^iof, woolly, a»8oc, flower; a genus of Cinchonacee, 
Laslobofrys (Bot.) ^drios^ woolly, Birfvf^ a bunch of grapes. 
Lasloca'mpa (£nt.) X^Tft^ hairy, um/Awtij a caterpillar. 
Laaioce'phalus (Bot.) A«9^to;, woolly, «ff «Xif, head ; a genus of Com 

Laaloohloa (Bot.) Xanof, woolly, x^Uf grafs ; a genus of Gramina. 
Laaioola'dUB CBot.) x«9-iO(, hairy, ttXaiot, a branch ; a genus of 

Lasiooo'rya (Bot.) Xti^ttf, hairy, *ifvt, a helmet ; a genus of Labiats. 
Laaiode'rma (Bot.) Xo/riof, hairy, )i^/A«, (kin ; a genus of Fungi. 
Laaiole pia (Bot.) XtiTi^f, hairy, Xiv/;, a fcale ; a genus of Simarubacea;. 
Laaione'ma (Bot.) x«7i*f, hairy, Ihaggy, viift«, a filament ; a genus of 

Lasio pera (Bot.) Xs^ik, hairy, mpm^, an end or termination ; a genus of 

Scrophulariacex . 
Laslope'taluxn (Bot.) x«7i«c, hairy, vir«x«v, a petal ; referring to the 

flower ; a genus of Byttneriaceae. 
Laaiopo'gon (Bot.) x«0-(k, woolly, wuym,z beard; a genus of Compofitos. 
Laaloptera (Bot.) ytia-w;, hairy, ihaggy, vti^o, wing; a genus of 

Laaiop/ga (Zool.) Xan*;, woolly, wKyit, rump. 
Lasiorrhi'za (Bot.) xanof, fhaggy, ^i(s, root ; a genus of Compofitas. 
Laaiosfphon (Bot.) >»7i9r,(haggy,0-i<fa»v,a tube ; a genus of Thymelacece. 
Laaioape'rma (Bot.) Xa^iofj woolly, 0-«rl^/u«, feed ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Laalospo'ra (Bot.) y^dciot, woolly, sfera ; a genus of CompoHtae. 
Laaioate'muxn (Bot.) x»0-io(, woolly, (rri}ft«y, a (lamen ; a genus of 

Laaioatoma (Bot.) XM-iof, hairy, 0-T^/iia, mouth; a genus of Cinchonacea:. 
Laaio'atoma (Ent.) Xa^ter, woolly, 0~r«/M«, a mouth. 
Laaioaty'lia (Bot.) x»ri»f, hairy, 0~ruX«v, a pillar (flyle) ; a genus of 

Laaiu'ruB (2^ool.) yAnot^ fhaggy with hair, •u^, a tail ; hairy-tailed ; a 

genus of Bats. 
Laathe'nla (Bot.) x«tf daiva, to mock, insult ; a genus of Compofitie. 
LaatraB^a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Abbe de Lastrey a French botanifl ; 

a genus of well-known Ferns. 
Lata'nia (Bot.) latanier^ its name in the Ifle of Boutbon. 
Lataz'ina (2^ool.) x«t«£, an otter. 
Lateritialia (Ent.) lateritius, brick-coloured. 

LAT ^ LAU 251 

Lateri'tiUB-a-um (Bot.) Latim^ brick-coloured, e.g. Loa& lateritia, 
Late'mea (Bot.) later, a brick, from its colour ; a genus of Fungi. 
Latha'xnil (Ornith.) P. N. In honour of Dr, John Latham, the eminent 

writer upon Ornithology, bom 1740, died 1837, aged 97. 
Lathne'a (Bot.) km6^»i0t, concealed ; it grows in concealed places ; a curi- 

ous parafitic genus, Nat. Ord. OrobanchaceK. • 

LathraBOgy'ne (Bot.) XaBfmiof^ concealed, ywn, a piflil; a genus of 

LathrSBo'phlla (Bot.) XaBfM^j concealed, and f iXi«, to love ; a genus of 

Lathrol)ium (£nt.) XmBfti, iecretly, Btiw, to live. 
La'thyruB (Bot.) Xc6o^c, a kind of pulie or vetchling (Theoph.) ; a beau* 

tiful genus of Legumlnofie. 
La'tioepa (Ichth.) iatus, broad, cafiuty head ; broad-headed. 
Latioosta'llB (Ent.) latus, broad, coftay the fide ; broad-fided. 
Latifasoia'na (Ent.) latus, broad, y^ia, a band ; broad-banded. 
Latiro'stris (Ichth.) latiu, broad, nftruniy a beak ; broad-nofed. 
LatistrielluB (Ent.) /«/«/, broad,/r«a, a (Ireak. 
Latitans (Ent.) part, of iatito, to lie hid. 

Latou'ria (Bot,) P. N. in honour of Af. Latour ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
La'trans (Zool.) Lot. barking, roaring, applied to the Prairie-wolf. 
Latreillea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Zo/m//^; a genus of Compofitae. 
Latreillel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of P, A. LatreUIe, Profeflbr of Natu- 
ral Hidory at Paris, and a celebrated writer upon Entomology, died 

Latro'bea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, LatroBeyZ French botanift; a 

genus of Leguminofz. 
Latro'nuzn (Bot.) Lat. of thieves ; this fpecific name of Rogues' acacia is 

faid by Burnett to be Co called from its forming fuch impenetrable 

thorny groves as to afford fecure retreats for thieves and runaways. 
Laube'rtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Af. Lavhert ; a genus of Apocynacez. 
Lauge'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Latiger ; a genus of Cinchonaceic. 
Lau'nea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofits. 
Lau'nzea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Anacardiaceas. 
Laiira'ceSB (Bot.) The Nat. Ord. of which the genus Laurw is the type. 
Laurel (Bot.) Engllfh modification of Lat. Lauruty through the French. 
Laurembe'rgla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Halorageacez. 
Laure'ntla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M Antoine Laurent de JuiTieu ; a 

genus of Lobeliacex. 

251 I'AU — LEA 

Laure'ria (Bot.) from Fr. laurUr ; a genus of Solanaceae. 

Laurl'dia (Bot.) a genus of Celaflracefe. 

Laurooe'rasua (Bot.) from lamrus and ctrafut; fpecific name of the 
common lauiel or Pmnus LMuroceraftu, 

Lauro'phyllua (Bot.) launu^ laurel, ^tAX«y, a leaf; alluding to the resem- 
blance of the*foliage. 

Lau'roB (Bot.) Lat'm^ the Bay-tree. 

Lautella (^Ent.) lautuM^ elegant. 

Lava'ndula (Bot.) hvo, to waih, becaufe ufed to perfume baths ; Lavender ; 
Nat. Ord. Labiatfe. 

Laya'nga (Bot.) a genus of Aurantiaces. 

Lavate'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the two LavaUrs, friends of Toume- 
fort ; Nat. Ord. Malvaceae. 

Layau'zla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onagracese. 

LaVender (Bot.) Amo, to wafti ; fb called from being u(ed in baths. 

Lave'nia (Bot.) Cuppofed to be of Cingaleie origin. 

Laver'na (£nt.) P. N. the Roman goddefs of rogues and thieves. 

Lavoisie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Lavoifur^Xht celebrated chemift ; a 
genus of Meladomacese. 

Layra'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of yaudeUi, Marqms of LavraSo. 

La'wia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr, Law ; a genus of Podo(K>mace8e. 

Lawrenoe'lla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitafs. 

Lawre'nola (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Malvaceae. 

Lawao'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Lawfin, M.D.y author of a voy- 
age to Carolina; the Laivfonia alba is fuppofed to be the Goj^er-wood 
of Scripture. 

Lazmanoiia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of E, Laxaam, a Siberian traveller. 

Ia'ja (Bot.) P. N., a genus of CompofitSB. 

Layar'dl (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr, Edgar Layardy who has written 
upon the natural hiftory of Ceylon. 

La'yia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofie. 

IiacaTO'liia(Bot.) P. N., a genus of Pomaceie. 

Leaohll (Ichth.) P. N. in compliment to Dr. Leach^ formerly Director of 
the Britifh Muieum. 

Leaf (BoL) AMgith-Sax. Uaf. 

Lean'giiixn (Bot.) xir^f , fmooth, kyyCw^ a veflel. 

Lea'ntria (Bot.) Xi«mf^ one who polifhes ; a genus of Myrtaceae. 

Leathi'na (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fucoid Algz. 

LEA — LED 25; 

Leayenwo'rthia (Bot.) P. N., in honour of an American botanifl ; a genus 

of Cnicifers. 
Lebe'okla (Bot.) P. N. in honoor of Lebeek, an obfcure botanift ; a genus 

of Leguminoiie. 
Lebetan'thuB (Bot.) Xt/Snf ,a bafm, M^t^ flower ; a genus of Epacridaceie. 
Lebetina (Bot.) dim. of X%Bn$^ a baHn ; a genus of Compofitro. 
Lebreto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ManudU BrttM,9, French botanifl. 
Leca'ba (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Leeabe ; a genus of Menifpermaceae. 
Leoana'otis (Bot.) >.i»«rif, a difh, axrit^ a ray or fpoke of a wheel ; a 

genus of Lichenes. 
Leoana'nthus (Bot.) xixivKi a dini,«fd9Ci flower ; a genus of Cinchonacea?. 
Leoaniodi'sous (Bot.) As»»irfy, a difh, tRfcus; a genus of Sapindaceae. 
Leoan'ium (Bot.) Xtnitnj a difli ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Leoanooai/ptui (Bot.) xi ««»«, a difh, nMfmit, fruit ; a genus of Amaraotaceff . 
Lecanop'teris (Bot.) xi»«»f>, a difti, vTi^f,a fern ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Leoano'ra (Bot.) Xf»«>*f, a bafin ; alluding to form of (hields ; a genus 

of Lichenes. 
Leoano'tlB (Bot.) Xf««>if, a di(h, At, inigy an ear ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Le'ohea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. Lfckf, a Swedifli botanid, died 1764. 
Lechenau'ltia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Lechenaulu a French botanid 

and traveller. 
Leohi'dium (Bot) Xtx*** ^ couch or bed, iT^or, like ; a genus of Cidacez. 
Leci'dea (Bot.) xi m;, a faucer, iTSer, like ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Leoo'kia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Le Coq ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
Leoon*tea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lecomte ; a genus of Cinchonacese. 
Leoon'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Araces. 
Leoqueren'sia (2^ool.) a genus of Infuibria. 

Leoy'thea (Bot.) Xii»u6»f, a fla(k ; referring to fliape ; a genus of Fungi. 
Leoythida'oeSB (Bot.) an American order of plants, of which the genus 

Lecythis is the type. 
Le'oythla (Bot.) Xq«vd#c, an oil jar ; from reiemblance of the feed-veflel ; 

the Monkey-pot, a noble American genus of Trees. 
Leoytho'psis (Bot.) the genus Lecytkh and o^u , refemblance ; a genus of 

Le'da (Bot.) P. N., a mythological perfbnage ; a genus of Confervoid 


Ledebu'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Ledthour^ a writer on botany ; 
a genui of Umbeilifers. 

15+ ^^D — LEI 

Lddo'nia (Bot.) Xni§f was the ancient name of a (hrub from which the 

gum called Xn^etw was derived ; a genus of CiftacesQ. 
Ld'dum (Bot.) x^^ov, Greek name of the Cidus, now applied to a genus 

of Ericacez. 
Lee'a (Bot) P. N. In honour of J. Lee^ father, Ton, and grandfbn, botanifts 

near London. 
Leok (Bot.) Anglo'Sax. Uac, 
Le'ersia (Bot,) P. N. in honour of J. D. Leers, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Grafles. 
LeeuwenlKs'ckla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Dutch micro- 

fcopift ; a genus of Byttneriaceae. 
Lefeburia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Umbelliferse. 
Lege'ndrea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Convolvulaces. 
IjeguxnInoBSB (Bot.) Legumaty a pod ; the great family of which the pea 

is the type. 
Legumlnosl'tes (Fos. Bot.) legumemy a pod ; certain foflil feeds of the ter- 
tiary (Irata. 
Lehman'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Solanaceae. 
Le'ia (2^ool.) Xiuf, fmooth ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Leieioa'nthus (Fos. 2^ool.) XiTo;, fmooth, «lft«>dc, a fpine ; a genus of foflil 

Fifhes known only by their fpines. 
Lelanthoste mon (Bot.) Xia/m, to fmooth or polifti; a genus of 

Leian'thua (Bot.) XitV^, fmooth, &^»tj flower; a genus of Gentianaceae. 
Leibnitzia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the great German philosopher, Leih^ 

ftHz ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Leioha'rdtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of LeichardtyZ German botanifl ; 

a genus of Afclepiadacez. 
Lei'ghia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofltse. 
Leigna'thoa (Ichth.) xtroc, fmooth, ytiiQ^s^ the jaw. 
Leila (Zool.) P. N., a genus of MoUufca. 
Leima'nthium (Bot.) Xii/A«y, a meadow, ofvdar, a flower. 
Leinke'rla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Proteacez. 
Leiooar'pua (Bot.) xiuf, fmooth, xofviff fruit. 

Leioohry'suin (Bot.) XiXts, fmooth, xf**^^h goW; a genus of Compodtie. 
Leiodao'tyli (21ool.) XtTB?, fmooth, ScxruXof , a toe ; the Smooth-toed lizards. 
Xjeio'domua (Zool.) XtXof, fmooth, domiUf houie ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Lei'odon (Fos. Zool.) XiTa;, fmooth, 0)01;;, oSovrof , a tooth ; a genus of 


LEI — LEM 155 

Leiogo'nla (Bot.) Xir^^ , fmooth, ymm^ angle ; a genus of Compofitfle. 

Leiolo'blum (Bot.) xir«(, fmooth, x«^«f, pod ; a genus of Cruciferffi. 

Leiono'tus (£nt.) \Mty fmooth, vwrof, the back. 

LeloptaloB'uB (£nt.) Ajro(, fmooth, ^X%%it^ rind, bark* 

Leiophyllum (Bot.) Ajr»f, fmooth, ^xx«v, leaf; a genus of Ericaceae. 

Leiopla'oa (Bot.) Xm^^ fh^ooth, orXaxouf, a flat cake. 

Leipo'a (Ornith.) Xii v«, to leave, «•», an egg ; a deierter of its eggs, which 

It leaves in a mound. 
Leio'podUB (Ent.) Xi7»;, fmooth, voSf, oraSof, a foot ; a genus of 

Leio'pterua (Ent.) xir*^, fmooth, arri^r. a wing. 
Lelo'pUB (Ent.) xiro;, fmooth, voS;, a foot. 
Leiosole nus (2^1.) Xf?«f , fmooth,yoi^ ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Iieioso'ma (Ent.) xir«c, fmooth, 0-»fta, body. 
Leio'straoa (Zool.) xiuf, fmooth, orTf««iM, a bivalve moUufk ; a genus 

of Mollufca. 
Lei'othriz (Omith.) XiTtf, fmooth, dp/f, hair. 
Leiotri'ohonsB (Omith.) Uiuhrixy with (ub-fiunily term. 
Leia'toa (Ent.) Xirrrif , won by force. 
LeiuranuB (Ichth.) xi7(K, fmooth, ovp«, tail. 
Lema'nea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Leman^ a French botanift ; a 

genus of Cryptogamia. 
Lembo'sia (Bot.) xi/M^of , a fmall boat ; a genus of Fungi. 
Le'mla (Ent.) Xii/uif, a gummy exudation. 
Lemio'dea (Ent.) the genus Lemia^ iTicfj like. 
Lemma'phyllum (Bot.) Xi/m/m*, peel, hulk, «^i;XXav, leaf; a genus of 

Polypodioid Ferns. 
Lem'na (Bot.) a name ufed by Theophrafhis for a water-plant ; duck- 
weed ; typical genus of the aquatic family Lemnaces, 
Lemnalia (Ent.) feeds upon Lemna, 
Leznnatoplii'la (Ent.) xif»»«i, a water-plant, <^iX»f, fond of. 
LemTnopsia (Bot.) the genus Lemnay and 3^c, like; a genus of Podofte- 

Lemon (Bot.) through Limonia, is from its original Indian name, Lumoo^ 

or Neemoo ; Arabic for the genus Citrus is Lymwn. 
Lemonia (Bot.) P. N. given by Dr. Lindley in honour of Sir Charles 

Lemony M,P, 
Lemur (Zool.) Lat. a fprite, a night-walker, from the nocturnal habits 

of the animal. 

zs6 LEN — LEP 

Xienorman'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honoar of M. Lemnrnand^ a French botanift ; 
a genus of Ceramian Algse ; alio uied as a fpecific name; e. g., Ranun- 
culus Lenormandi. 

Lentiginoaella (£nt.) Ifatigimofif*, fieckled. 

Lentlglno8Tis-a-ttizi (Bot.) Lot. freckled. 

Leo (Zool.) Lat. a lion. 

Leooa'rpus (Bot.) /«», a lion, iittfwity fruit ; a genus of Fungi. 

Leo'nia (Bot.) Aro, a lion ; a genus of VioUcesc. 

Leono'tiB (Bot.) >•»», a lion, tZf, wtoc, an ear ; a genus of Labiatse. 

Leon'tloe (Bot.) Aiorr/*i!, wild chervil ; now applied to a finguiar genus 
of herbaceous Berberidaces. 

Xjeon'todon (Bot.) xiatv, a lion, iUvf, a tooth ; in allufion to the tooth- 
like divifions of the leaves; the Dandelion ; Nat. Ord. CompoGtie. 

Leontopo'dium (Bot.) xi«v, a lion, wut^ ir«Mc, a foot ; alluding to the 
heads of the fk)wers ; a genus of Compofitas. 

Leonu'ruB (Bot.) xS»», a lion, cS^a, a tail ; a genus of Lablatae. 

Leopard (Zool.) French, leopard. Low Lat. Uopanbu, 

Leoparda'nthuB (Bot.) literally ** leopard-flower;" a genus of Orchidaceae. 

Leopar'dus (Zool.) Lat. a leopard ; compounded of \ion, a lion« and 
««^X(f , a panther. 

Leopoldl'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Empreis of Brazil. 

Leo'tia (Bot.) meaning unknown. 

Lepa'didSB (Zool.) Upas ; a family of Cirripedes. 

Lepade'Ua (Zool.) dim. from Xiir«ft a limpet ; a genus of Infufbria. 

Lepadi'tes (Fos. Zool.) Xiva;, a barnacle ; a genus of follil (hells resem- 
bling barnacles. 

Lepas (21ool.) Greek name for a limpet. 

Lepechi'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Lepechin^ a Ruflian botanifl. 

Lepeopthei'rUB (2^ool.) Xt««;, a fcale, fdi/^, a loufe ; a genus of Ento- 

Le'peta (Zool.) xiir», to ftrip off; a genus of Mollufca. 

Lepidag'athis (Bot.) Xiw^fw"^*;) a fcale, &yaBi<, a ball. 

Lepldalls (Ent.) Upidut, neat, pretty. 

Lepi'dimn (Bot.) Xiw/fi^*;, a icale ; referring to the form of the silides ; 
a genus of Cruciferst. 

Lepidoca'ryum (Bot.) x%%ifiUi, a fcale, xa/utv, a nut; a genus of 

Lepido'ceraB (Eot.) xtnlfj Xi»il«;, a fcale, »f/«f, a horn ; a genus of 



Lepidooo'ma (Bat.) xivi'f, XMnihu a fcale, Mop«, a tuft; a genus of 

Lepldo'dei (Fos. ZooL) xiWf, xi«ri)«f, a fcale ; a family of gonoid Fiflies. 

Lepidoden'dTOn (Foe. Bot.) Aiv/f »')•«, a fcale, ^ly^^o*, a tvec, 

Lepido'des (Ent.) Uv/f-i^of, a fcale, i7^«f, like. 

Lepidoga'ster (Ichth.) Xiv<V, Xiv/^«f, a fcale, y^ryn^^ the belly; this 
name appears to have been given on the luau a non lucendo principle, 
the filh being remarkable for the absence of fcales. 

Lepldola'rsrnz (Omith.) Uwif'^itSy a fcale, larynx; a genus of Humming- 

Lepido'ma (Hot.) Aj»if-i^«f > a fcale ; a genus of Lichenes. 

Lepl'domyB (Ent.) xsv/c/^*;, a fcale, /uDc, a moufe. 

Lepidone'ma (Bot.) xtnifiitf, a fcale, v«/u«, a thread ; a genus of Com- 


Lepidopap'pUB (Bot.) ktwit-iUt, a fcale, pappus ^ the down of feeds ; a 

genus of Compofitz. 
IfOpidope'talum (Bot.) xsviV, xsvt^of, a fcale, petalam; a genus of 

Lepido'phonim (Bot.) xawig'i^«f, a fcale, ^o^r, carrying ; a genus of 

Lepidophy^Uites (Bot.) xs»^-t)tf, a fcale, ^vxx«v, leaf; a genus of Com- 

Lepidophy'llum (Fos. Bot.) ktwity xivi)*f, a fcale, ^CkXn^ leaf; leaves of 

the coal-meafures. 
Lepidoph'Ttnm (Bot.) Xiv/f , xtwii»s, a fcale, ^ut«», a plant ; a genus of 

Lepldopi'lum (Bot.) Ajv/f-tS*; , a fcale, irrx**, hair ; a genus of Bryoid 

Lepidopleu'rOB (ZooL) XtvLty ktwih^ a fcale, vXtvfiv, the fide. 
Lepidopo'gon (Bot.) ktwifiitg, a fcale, irotymf, a beard ; a genus of Com- 

Lepi'dopus (Ichth.) Xff«/c-i3«f, a fcale, ««uc, a foot; the fi(h having 

(cales only about the vent and ventral fins. 
Lepidosper'ma (Bot.) xivK-t}*^, a fcale, o-ws^a, a ieed. 
Lepidosta'ohys (Bot.) xun'f -iJej , a fcale, «-t«;^uj, a fpike ; a genus of Sce- 

Lepid08te'phanu8 (Bot ) xnrit-thf, a fcale, a-ri'pausf a crown ; a genus 

of Compofitc 


25* L£.P 

Lepidos'teua (Fos. Zool.) w^U't^^t^ a fcale, UtU^^ a bone ; a genus of 

fifties covered with hard bony fcales. 
Lepidoa'trobus (Fos. Bot.) Af«<;-i)«r, a fcale, s'TftBof, a pine-cone. 
Lepidothe'oa (Bot.) xivK-/2»f, a fcale, dnxn, a (heath ; a genus of Cont- 

Lepido'tls (Bot.) Xiir/f-(3of, a fcale, out, Strit, sai ear; a genus of Lyco- 

Lepidotospe'rma (Bot.) XivtV-j^of, a fcale, wf, itri^y an ear, a-irif/A»^ 

feed; a genus of Cyperacez. 
Lepipolys (£nt.) xivk, a fcale, weXvc, many. 

Lepi'stoma (Bot.) Xivif , a fcale, 0^«/(«(i, mouth ; a genus of Afclepiadaces. 
Leplastriera'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Le^Iaftrur, formerly an a^ive 

colle^r of in{e£b at Dover and Ramfgate. 
Lepori'des (Zool.) le^ut, Uporuy a hare, term. UUs, reiemblance. 
Lepralia (Zool.) literally ** fea-fcurf,'' from xtor^, leprofy, £xto;, marine ;' 

a genus of Polyzoa. 
Lepra'xia (Bot.) Xlv^, leprofy; it has a fcurfy craft; a genus of Lichenes. 
Leptaca^thUB (Fos. 2^ool.) Xivt*;, flight, &»K»Ba, a fpine, flender- 
fpined ; a genus of Foflil fifhesi Co named by Agafliz on account of 
their flender fin ipines. 
Lepta'oinus (Ent.) XfVT«M»of, thin, delicate. 
Lepta'leum (Bot.) XfarT«xi«f, flender ; referring to the leaves. 
Leptan'dra (Bot.) Xff«T«f, flender, K*n^^ in^if — av^p^f, an anther. 
Leptan'thuB (Bot.) Xivt*; , flender, avd«r a flower. 
Lepta'zlB (Zool.) Xf«T«(, flender, axis ; a genus of Molluica. 
LeptocarpsB'a (Bot.) xiorro;, flender, »«^nrof, frait. 
Leptooephal'idsB (Ichth.) Uptoeephalys, fam. term, ida ; a family of Fifhes. 
Leptooeph'alua (Ichth.) Xivta^, flender, xt^aXii, the head. 
Leptoohes'te (Bot.) Xiitt*;, delicate, x*'*''^^ ^ horfe's mane ; a genus of 

Leptoohilus (Ent.) Xivrif , flender, x,*^*h ^ ^ip * ^ genus of Hymeno- 

Leptoohi'ton (Zool.) xivr^^, delicate, chiton, a coat of mail. 
LeptoohlsB'na (Bot.) xivt*;^ delicate, ^Xmjttt a mantle or cloak ; a genus 

of Bryoid Mufci. 
Lepto'oliloa (Bot.) XivroV, flender, x^*** grafs. 
Leptocli'num (Zool.) Xiwit, delicate, xX/vK) a couch, 
laeptocon'chus (Zool.) xivTOf , delicate, concha^ (hell. 
Leptooy'tlBUa (Bot.) Xiwrif , flender, and cytifus ; a genus of Leguminofse. 



Leptoda'otylon (Bot.) Xivt*;, flender, ^mxtuXo*, a finger; from the deeply 

divided leaves and their very narrow (egments ; a genus of Polemoniaceae. 
Iiepto'dea (Zool.) Xtirrit, flight, delicate. 
Leptodei'ra (Zool.) XivT*f, flender, lufn, the neck ; a genus of Colubrine 

LeptogloB B8B (2U)ol.) XivTOf, flender, yXir^m^ a tongue ; applied to the 

Slender-tongued lizards. 
Leptogna'thua (Zool.) Xivt«;, flender, ^»idor, the jaw; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Leptogram'ma (Ent.) XivT«yp«/bi/uo(, neatly written. 
Leptolepis (Fos. Zool.) XivT^f, flender, Xiv/f, a fcale; a genus of fmall 

Sauroid Fiflies. 
Leptome'ria (Bot.) Xivt*;, flender, /uifif, a part. 
Lepto'mitUB (Bot.) AivT«f, flender, /mito;, a thread ; a genus of Crypto- 

Le'pton (Zool.) xivr*;, delicate. 

Le'ptonyx (Zool.) Xivrvf, flender, ort;{, a claw ; equivalent to inu/iguh. 
Leptophi'na (Zool.) Xitrrj^, flender, iptf, a ierpent ; the Tree-ferpents. 
Lepto'phyllTis (Ent.) Xi«t6, flender, f vAXty, a leaf; from the long leafleta 

which compoie the antennae. 
Iieptople'nron (Fos. 2U)ol.) xrwT^f, flender, wXiuptt, rib or fide. 
Iieptopo'zna (2U)ol.) Xiirr«f, delicate, vw/um, lid. 
Lepto'pteris (Bot.) XivT«r, graceful, wrifit, a fern ; a genus of Poly- 

podioid Filices. 
Lepto'ptiloB (Omith.) XivT^f, flender, vr/Xof, a feather: it fliould be 

LeptoptiluSf as the terminal •#, in Greek, is always made us in correA 

Iio'ptopua (Bot.) XivT j(, flender, leJuu a foot ; a genus of Euphorbiacez. 
Leptorhi'nophis (Ichth.) xivt»V> flender, ^;», (bout, l^iu fnake. 
Leptorhy'taon (Zool.) Xiwrof, flender, |^irr*f,that which is drawn along; 

a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Iieptoso'mua (Omith.) xiwT*7w/u«r, with thin or taper body. 
Leptosper'mum (Bot.) Xi«rT«r, flender, tf'vri*/M«, ieed; a genus of 

Audralian Myrtaceic. 
Leptospo'ndylua (Fos. Zool.) XiirT«f, thin, delicate, ^«^/m/, a vertebra; 

a clafs of Saurian vertebrse. 
Leptoatro'ma (Bot.) Xiwto;, flender, 0^^S/u«, a layer; referring to its 

Leptoteu'thls (Zool.) XiirT*^, delicate, riudu, cuttle-fi(h. 

i6o LEP — LEV 

Leptu'rldSB (£nt.) > Xivr«f, flender, ov^«, a tail. 

Leptu'ra (Ent.) 

Leptu'nis (Ichth.) ^ 

Lepyro'des (Ent.) xiwv^'Sur, fcaly. 

Lepyro'dia (Bot.) xivu^w^dc, fcaly. 

Lere'tla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Olacacez. 

Le'ria (Bot ) P. N. probably in honour of Lsri, a friend of De Candolle. 

Lemsd'a (Zool.) Z^rm, a marfli in Argolis, which contained the Hydra 

killed by Hercules ; a fpecies of parafite. 
Lemfie'adsB (Zool.) Lema^ with fam. term. 
Lemen'toma (ZooL) the genus Lemaa^ lrr»fM^^ an infect. 
Lemeo'oera (Zool.) the genus Lerruea^ xi^g, a horn. 
Lemeoce'radsd (Zool.) the genus Ler/uea, with fam. term. ; a family of 

Lemeomy'zon (Zool.) the genus Leriuea, and fiv(«, to fuck. 
Lemeone'ma (Zool.) the genus Lertuea, and v«/bi«, a thread. 
Lemeo'poda > (Zool.) the genus Z^enuea, ir«i;;, iro2of, a foot ; a genus 
Lemeopo'dadsB > and family of Entomodraca. 

Ijeachenau'ltia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lg/cktmmli, a French 

traveller and botanid. 
Les'kea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of N, G. L-Jte, Profeflor of Natural hiftory 

at Marburg ; a genus of Mufci. 
Lespede'sa (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Le/^tdez, Governor of 

Florida, a patron of the fcience of botany. 
Les&er'tia (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Stephen DeUJfert^ a French patron 

of botany. 
Le'stera (Ent.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
LesUbode'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of /. F, LeftiUudms, a FlemiHi 

Le'stis (Ent.) Xfi^rnt^ a robber ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Iie'stris (Omith.) Xn«rT^if, a pirate ; a genus of Birds of Prey. 
Lettso'mia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. CoakUy Lett/mm^ M.D,, an Engliih 

phyfician and naturalifl, bom 1744, died 181 5. 
Lettuce (Bot.) from Latin^ laBuca, the milky plant. 
Leuoao'tis (Bot.) Xiv»&i^ white, and axrlc, a ray ; a genus of Compofitc. 
Leuoade'ndron (Bot.) Xfvx«f, white, Sn^^ov, a tree; referring to its 

appearance. I'he Silver-tree ; a Cape genus of Proteaceae. 
Leu'calis (Ent.) Xivx«(, white, fhining. 
Leuca'nia (Ent.) ;.iv»«;, white. 

LEU 26x 

Ijeuoa'nidflB (£nt.) Icucania^ fan. term, td^e, 

Leuoa'ntliea(Bot.)>jvM;,white,«>^,afk>wer; agenusof ScrophuUriacee. 

Leu'cas (Bot.) Xiv««r, white ; referring to the downy whiteoefs of the 
flowers ; a genus of Labiatie. 

Leuoa'ster (Bot.) aiumV, white, k^rnfi a ftar ; a genus of NydUginacez. 

Leuohtenbe'rgia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Leuthtenbergj a German 

botanift ; a genus of Ca^taoesB. 

Leuoip'pus (Ornith.) P. N. : the word implies riding a white horfe ; a 
genus of Hununing-blrds. 

Leuoi'soua (Ichth.) 3iiv«iV»flr, the white mullet; a genus of Fifti including 
the dace and roach. 

Leuoooa'rpus (Bot.) Aiu«*f , white, »»fwift fruit ; a genus of Caiyceracez. 

Leuooce'phala (Omith., Bot.) Aiv«*f, white, m^rnXny a head; white- 

Leuooohlo'rlfl (Ornith.) \iwif, white. x^Uff^ pale-green; a genus of 

Leucoohro'ma (£nt.) xivaor, white, xM^'^* colour. 

Leuoooni'de (Bot.) Aiv»«r, white, and Miin, a nettle*; a genus of 

Leuoooo'don (Bot.) Xiv«i«, white, and Mtiimfj a bell; a genus of 

Leuoooory ne (Bot.) xtv»»t^ white, m^vvk, a club. 

Leuoodlc'tyon (Bot.) XM»i(, white, }MTvov,a net, a genus of LeguminoHe. 

Leu'oodon (Bot.) \iv»«f, white, o9*i;r, •iortit^ a tooth ; in allufion to the 
colour of the periftome ; a genus df Mufci. 

Leuooger anuB (Omith.) Xivmc« white, yi^atotf a crane. 

Leuoo'grapha (Ent.) >it/»«r, white, >f «^i}, a marking. 

Leuco'jum (Bot.) Xi v«*;, white, t«y, a violet. The Snow-flake ; a genus 
of Amaryllidaceae. 

Leuoo'mela (Omith.) xivk'Ci white, /uiiXa, cheeks. 

Leucom'phalos (Bot.) xtvit«f, white, and ifj^ttxift the fear upon the 
ieed ; a genus of Leguminofie. 

Leuooin7'Btaz(Zool.)xiu»«f, white, /biM-r«(, mouftache; white-whiikered. 

Leuooner'pes (Ornith.) xit>»«r, white, i^«, to creep ; a genus of Wood- 

Leuco'nla (Zool.) Xit>»«f, white ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Leuoo'notos (Omith.) kwtUt, white, Mrr«c, the back ; white-backed. 

Leuoopajre'la (Omith.) Xiv»*c, white, ««^i«l, the cheek ; white-cheeked. 

Zieuoophsaa'ria (Ent.) Xiv»*4>«i«c, grey, a(h-coloured. 

i62 LEU — LIA 

Leucopha'sift (Ent.) Xit>x«c white, ^ao-ic* appearance. 

Leu'cophrSTB (ZooL) xiuMf , white, e^'^vr* the eyebrow ; a genus of Infuibria. 

LeuoophtWlma (Oroith.) Aiv«^f d«Xfter, white eyed. 

Leucopo'gon (Bot.) X%v»it, white, vw^y, a beard ; the limb of the 
coroUa being bearded with white. 

Zjeaco'psi& (Omith.) Aiv»«(, white, o^ic, look, countenance. 

Leuoo'ptera (Omith.) Uvxif, white, mripw^ wing ; white-winged. 

Leu copos (ZooL) >jv»#f, white, «oc/f, a foot ; white-footed. 

Leuoo'rhaphis (Bot.) Xiv««f, white, and ^u^u the cord of the feed ; a 
genus of Acanthacese. 

Leuoor'ohls (Bot.) xit;««f, white, and orchu^ an orchid; a genus of 

Zieuooro'dia (Omith.) Xiv»/f, white, /«}flv, a rofe ; reddifli-white. 

Zieu'ooryz (Zool.) Xivx*;, white, o^, an antelope. 

Leucos'mla (Bot.) xiv««f, white, l^fAnj fmell ; a genus of Aquilariaceie. 

Leuoosper'muzn (Bot.) xiux*;, white, oiriffAm, feed. 

Leucoatem'ma (Bot.) Xiv»«,-, white, o-Ti/Mfia, a crown ; alluding to the 

Leucosy'ke (Bot.) Afux«r, white, avuv, mulberry ; a genus of Moraceae. 

Leuooz'ylon (Bot.) Xiuxif, white, ^vX^v^ wood. 

Ijeuoozo'nia (Zool.) Xit>»«;, briglit, zona, girdle ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Leuou'nis (Zool.) XiVKif, white, «v^, a tail ; white-tailed. 

lieuoymincB'a (Bot.) xtvuif, white, jtu/ui*o?, cumin; a genus of 

Leu'zea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of 10^ Latxf, a friend of De Candolle. 

Le'veillea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Leveille; a genus of Fungi. 

Leveret (Zool.) French, luvre; a hare in the firfl year of its age. 

Levleu'zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Levimx ; a genus of Fungi. 

Levifl'ticuzn (Bot.) Uvo, to aflliage ; it relieves flatulency ; a genus of Um- 

Leweohoekella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Antony von Lewenhoei, the fa- 
mous Dutch naturalift and micrographer, author of ** Arcana Nature,*' 
who died in 1723. 

Lewi'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the American Captain M, Lewis, who 
accompanied Clarke to the Rocky Mountains. 

Leyoeste'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of W, Leyc^er, Chief Judge at Ben- 
gal; a beautiful Eaft Indian genus of Caprifollacex. 

Leyse'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Frederick W, Leyfer, a German botanid. 

Li'aais (Zool.) At«(o/bi«i, to bend, to fwenre afide ; a genus of Ophidians. 

LIA — LJL 163 

Iilatrifl (Bot.) probably from X{«{[o/m«i, to bend ; a genus of Compofitz. 

lilberla'nUB (2Sool.) Lat, relating to Liberia, Africa. 

Libooe'dnifl (Bot.) \l$m!^$^^ incenie, »%if»t^ the Cedar-tree ; from the fmell 

when burnt ; a genus of Coniferse. 
Liohancytus (ZooL) >*ix^% ' wart, tSrrtty the back ; wart-backed. 
Iiiohisn (Bot.) from its Greek name Xit;^q», (ignlfying a wart, 
lilohena'ria (Ent.) feeds on lichens, 
Lioheni'oola (Bot.) lUheH^ mofs, eoU^ to frequent. 
Licheno*p8is (Bot.) lichen^ and S^tf, like ; a genus of Fungi. 
Xiiohl'na (Bot.) from its resemblance to lichen ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Liohtenstei'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, von Lichtenftein, a Pruflian 

liiozne'tis (Omith.) Xi»fiirriir, a winnower of corn, 
lilomo'jphora (Zool.) X(»/M«f , a fan, ^i^, to bear ; a genus of Infuibria. 
lilouala (Bot.) its Macaflkr name. 

Iiidbe'olda (Bot.) P. N. in honour of E, G, LiSeci, a Swedifh botanid. 
liienigiella (Ent.) P. N. in compliment to Madame laenig, late Honorary 

Member of the Entomological Society of Stettin, who died in 1856. 
liig'dia (Ent.) P. N. from Ligd$u, a Cretan, &ther of Iphis,for whofe (lory 

fee Ovid, Met. ix., 670. 
Lightfoo'Ua (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Hev. John Lightfiet, author of 

the ** Flora Scotica;" bom 1735, died 1788. 
liignipe'rda (Ent.) lignum, wood, petdere^ to dedroy ; the lanra bores into 

the (lems of willow and other trees. 
Llgulel'la (Ent.) UguU, a little (trap ; alluding to the (lender white band 

acrofs the wings, 
liigu'stioum (Bot.) it grows in great abundance in Liguria; a genus of 

Llgu' strum (Bot.) ligare^ to tie ; alluding to its flexible branches ; applied 

by Virgil to the large white Convolvulus or Convolvulus sepium. 

Now given to the Privet ; Nat. Ord. Oleacese. 
IiUao (Bot.) from Perjian lilag, a flower ; /. /., the flower far excellence; the 

genus Syringa; Nat. Ord. Oleaceae. 
Liliom (Bot.) Celt, li, whiteneis ; in reference to the flowers; the typical 

genus of the fplendid and favourite Nat. Ord. Liliace». 
Lily (Bot.) Lot. lilium, Greek^ Xii^ov. Pindar beautifully applies the name 

of " Lily- flower of the ocean-dew," to coral : — 

l^%Xdit iif9n%, — Nem. vii. 116. 

2^4 LJM 

Lima (2^1.) Lot. a hie ; a genus of MoUuTca. 
Lima'oia (Bot.) Umacau^ muddy, flimy ; a genus of Meniipermacez. 
Lima'oina (Zool.) iimatimuy fnaii-like. 
lilma'oium (Bot.) limaceus, muddy, flimy ; a genus of Fungi. 
Limaoo'des (£nt.) XaifAm^, a fnail, tTht, form ; from the fnail-like appear- 
ance of the larval. 
Xiimamursa'na (Ichth.) /mm, a file, mur^enoj the lamprey. 
Lima'nda (Ichth.) unexplained. 

Limandoides (Ichth.) the genus UmantUL, Jlilt^ reiemblance. 
Lii&ano'mia (2^ooL) fotmed from the genera Uma and Afiamia. 
Xiimapo'ntia (2kx>l.) the genus Lima, and pons^ponHs, a bridge; this having 

arched lateral ridges. 
Lima'tula (2kx>l.) dim. oUima, 
lii'maz (Zool.) Lm. a Aug. 
liimba'tSB (Ent.) Rmhattuy bordered, 
lilaibo'ria (Bot.) Umbus, a border or fringe. 
Limeni'tis (Ent.) Xi/MiwTi;, harbour-keeping ; an epithet applied to feveral 

Lime-tree (Bot.) properly Zfff^-tree, as giving baft for cordage ; the genus 

Li'meum (Bot.) x«i/u«r, a peft ; it is a poiibnous plant. 
Limioola'rla (Zool.) llmuti flime, eoUre^ to dwell ; a genus of Molluica. 
Limna'oineB (Zool.) Xifcv«, a lake ; a fub-family of the Heliddz. 
LimnsB^a (2^1.) x/fcvn, a lake ; the Pond'4hell; a Mrell-known genus of 

£re(h-water Mollufca. 
Limne'bius (Ent.) xlfAvn^ a marfli, Biim, to live. 
Limnei'dea (Ent.) Xi/uvMor, marihy ; the Pond fnails. 
Lim'nlas (ZooL) x//u»ti> a lake ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Limno'ohariB (Bot.) xiftm, a pool, X'^'f* ^^ delight ; referring to its 

Limnodio'tyon (Bot.) X4/M>ff, a marfli, Vturvw, a net ; a genus of Algae. 
Limnoge'neton (Bot.) xl(*my a marfli, ytmrig^ originated; a genus of 

Llmnoge'ton (Bot.) Xi/umi, a marfli, yttTw, a neighbour; a genus of 

Limnone sis (Bot.) Xt/uvn, a lake, yfivUt an iflet ; a genus of Piftiaceae. 
Limno'phila (Zool.) Xi/Mnt, a marfli ; ^'tXiw, to love. 
Limnophilldes (Ent.) a fub-family of Phryganids. 
Linmo'philus (Ent.) Xi/mvh, a pool of (landing water, ^iXiw, to love, 

LIM — LIN 265 

Linmo'palB (Zool.) the genua Limiutay and e4««> refembbmce. 

Lixno'nia (Bot.) iimouM, the Arabic name of the Citron. 

Lixno'sa (Omith.) limtfrt, muddy. 

liixnosella (Bot.) limm, mud ; alluding to its habitation ; mudwort ; Nat. 

Ord. Scrophulariacese. 
Limpet (Zool.) Lot, Itfas, Greek Xiwi^c. 

Iiixn'oluB (Zool.) dim. of Umus, fidewayt ; a genus of Cruftaceans. 
Lina'ria (Bot.) Limm, flax, from the refemblance which ibme of the 
ijsecies, when out of flower, are thought to bear to that plant ; Nat . 
Ord. Scrophttlariaoeft. 
Linden (Bot.) equivalent to Iku^ree, becauie it aflbrds baft for cordage. 
Linde'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Nydaginaces. 
Linde'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lauraces. 
Linde'mia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F. B. von LuuUrm^ M,D,, of Straf. 

burg, a botanical author. 
Lindhei'mera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitc. 
Lin'dla (2^1.) P. N., a genus of Infuforia. 

Lindle'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Jokm LindUy^ the celebrated 
botanift ; a genus of Roiacece ; alfo applied to a genus of Samydacefe, 
and another of Temftromiaceis. 
Lind88d'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Lindfay^ an Englifliman, who wrote 

on the germination of Mofles. 
Li'nea (Ent.) Co called on account of the Ime on the forewings. 
Linea'rlfl (Bot.) Lai» oonfifting of lines, linear ; e.g. CMomia Unearh, 
Llneo'des (Ent.) the genus Litua^ %tUs^ like. 
Lineopalpa (Ent.) Unea, a line,/ai^w, a feeler. 
Lll^ (Bot.) the Englifli name of the Calluna vulgaris or heather. 
Ling (Ichth.) jinglo-Sax. iMg, long ; a long flender fifli of the Cod kind. 
Lin'gola (Ichth.) Lot. a little tongue ; ib called from the tongue-like form 

of their valves ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Llngula'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lai. tongue-ihaped ; having leaves fhaped like 

a tongue ; e.g., Satei/raga iingtdata, 
LinnsB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Lbuunu^ the great naturalift ; Nat. 

Ord. Caprifoliacez. 
Linneel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Limunu. 
Linnet (Omith.) perhaps fa called Irom its feeding on the feeds of /im/iw, 

Linobla'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fungi. 
Linoblo'mia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Orchidaceae. 

266 UN — i/5 

Unoohilus (fiot.) the genus Zmkot, and x*^Xn, a lip; a genus of 

Iiinooie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. JUtucier^ a French phyfician. 
LinBohote'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Goodeniacee. 
lalnseed (Bot.) lifiym-feed^ or flax-feed. 
Li'num (Bot.) the Greek x/v«y, and the Celtic Uiu, both mean a thread ; 

flax ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Linacea. 
Iiinyph'ia (Ent.) x/v««, a thread; fvM, to Ihoot forth; a genus of 

IiinyphildflB (Ent.) a family of Arachnidse, of which Unypkia is the type. 
Liooe'rouB (ZooL) this (pecific name (honld be written Laocercus^ from 

Xsi«r, (mooth, and »tf««Cf a tail. 
Lloga'fltra (Ent.) x«t«c, (mooth ; yitrriif^ belly ; a genus of Hymenopteia. 
Lion (Zool.) xiwv, LmU Leo, a lion ; perhaps from X««, to fee, alluding 

to the (harpnefs of its fight, 
lii'ophls (Zool.) Xiitff, fmooth ; o^f, fnake; a genus of Colubrine 

LiophlSd'^as (Ent.) >«(•#, fmooth, ^Xomc, bark ; flx>uld be Laepklgiu, 
Liostepha'nia (Zool.) Xtiag, fmooth, rri^mvatf a crown ; a genus of Infii- 

Iiio'tia (Zool.) >j7«r, fmooth. 
Lipara'liB (Ent.) Xiwa^f, brilliant. 

Lipa'rla (Bot.) x<««^, brilliant ; alluding to the fur&ce of the leaves. 
Li'pariB (Ichth., Bot.) X<w«^r, oily, (hining, brilliant. 
Liparogy'ra (Zool.) Xtir«^f, oily, yvfiff round ; a genus of Infufbria. 
Liparophyllum (Bot.) Uwafis^ oily, ^^vXXoy, a leaf; a genus of Portula- 

Llpo'stoma (Bot.) Xiiw«, to fall, a-rifAM^ the mouth. 
Lip'pia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Augu/li/u Lippi^ a French phyfician and 

traveller in Abyflinia. 
I^quidam'bar (Bot.) lifiddut, liquid, amiar, amber ; it exudes gum. 
Ijiquorioe (Bot.) from yXuwffil^a, fweet root, through the Latin giycyr- 

rAiza, and Italian liquirizia. 
Lirioden'dron (Bot.) Xi/^ay, a lily, )j»)^v, a tree ; the Tulip-tree^ a mag- 
nificent North American fpecies of Magnoliaceas. 
Lirloi'desd (Bot.) Xii^«*, a lily, s72ef, refemblance; lily-like fk>wers; 

Brongniart*s name for the LiliacesB. 
Xiiriosma (Bot.) Ai/^«v, a lily, and e^-fiif, odour ; a genus of Olacacez. 
LiBla'nthUB (Bot.) x/^, fmooth ; olvdflc, a flower. 

LIS — LIT 267 

lilBsan'the (Bot.) Urvit^ fmooth, «yd«f , a flower. 

Lissoohllua (Bot.) Xio-Wf, fmooth, x'^^^^t ^ ^P* 

IiisBode'ma (Ent.) Xio-ais^ fmooth, ^tifMt,{zt, 

Lisso'pteroif (Ent.) Xio-ffof, fmooth, wrt^v, a wing ; in allufion to the 

almoft total abience of fculpturing on the elytra. 
Liste'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Martm Ltfler^ M,D., a celebrated 

EngliOi naturalift ; a curious genus of terrestrial Orchldacez. 
Listroflta'ohys (Bot.) AiVt^ov, a (hovel, rrax^y ^ fpike; a genus of 

Litchl (Bot.) Chine(e native name for the celebrated fruit of the DimocarpuM 

Litera'lis (Ent.) Uteroy a letter ; referring to tlie mark, resembling an 

Arabic character, in the middle of the wing. 
Lithargyria (Ent.) XtdA^yufo^, vitrified lead ; from the general tinge of 

the wings. 
Li'thinus-a-um (Bot.) Xidtv*c« re(embling (lone ; (lone-coloured. 
Lithooa'mpa (Ent.) Xi%H% a (lone, mvAVn, caterpillar, 
lii'thooarp (Fos. Bot.) xi^tu done, »afwity fruit ; any fodil fruit. 
Lithooa'rpuB (Bot.) Xtd*f, (lone, ««^v»c, fruit, from the hardnefs of the 

(hell ; a genus of Corylacese. 
Lithoco'lletis (Ent.) Xid*»oXXffTOf, inlaid work, mo(aic. 
lilthodao'tylus (Ent.) x/dof, a (lone, {axTvXsf, a plume. 
Iilthodes'miiim(Zool.) Xid«f, (lone, ii0-/M<«f, binding; a genus of Infufbria. 
Litho'domi (Ichth.) Xido^, a (lone, lifAH^ a house ; applied to MoUufca, 

which boie into solid rocks. 
Lithogiyphus (ZooL) Xifltf, (lone, yXu^if, to hollow out. 
liithone'ma (Bot.) Xifl«c, a (lone, vq/mm, a (ilament ; from the calcareoua 

incrudation ; a genus of AlgSB. 
Litho'phagi (ZooL) xld«f, (lone, 4»ay«, to eat ; term for thofe (hell-fi(h 

which bore holes and lodgments in (lone, coral, &c. 
Litho'phyllum (Fos. Bot.) x/d«c, (lone, ^uXJl«», leaf ; Volkmann*s h^py 

term for the Stigmaria, 
Litho'phyta (Fos. Bot.) x/do^ , (lone, ^utj», pUnt ; Polyps which iecrete 

a (lony axis, as the corals, in contradi(lin£lion to the Ccratepkyta, 
Lithori za (Ent.) Xidof, a (lone, /t{«» a root. 
Litho'mis (^Fos. Zool.) Xi190f , (lone, l^nt^ bird ; *< Stone-bitd " ; certain 

foflil birds of the Eocene clay. 
Lithosoia dium (Bot.) Xid«c, a (lone, 0-»i«c3i0ir, an umbel; a genus of 


268 LIT — LOB 

lilthosialis (£nt.) x/dtfc, a (lone ; from the grey hue and (lony appearance 

of feveral of the fpecies. 
Iilthosper'mum (Bot.) Atdo^, a (lone, o-vi^/M*, feed ; referring to its 

hardne(s : the pericarp of the (eed contains nearly (ixty per cent, of 

earthy matter ; a genus of Boraginacese. 
Liiho'stege (Eot.) XidbCTixnc, covered with ftones. 
Lithostro'tlon (Fos. Zool.) x'A^^^ a (lone, Trfmrif^ fpread ; a genus of 

Foflii corals. 
Lithothe'oia (Zool.) xiB$s^ (lone, 0ti«ff, a (heath ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Lithotry'a (Fos. Zool.) xiBof, (lone, t^m», to bore; a genus of Foflil 

Lithoz/lea (£nt.) XtBts, a (lone, {vAo*, wood. 
Litori'na (Zool.) litoretu, pertaining to the (hore. 
Iiitosi'phon (Bot.) X/dof , a (lone, a-l^mtj a tube ; a genus of Algs. 
Iiittse'a (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to the Duke of Lytta^ near Milan. 
Littora'lis (Bot.) Lot. pertaining to the fea-fliore. 
Littorella (Bot.) ///fi//, the fhore ; alluding to its place of growth, which 

is, however, on the borders of lakes, rather than upon the margin of 

the (ea ; Nat. Ord. Plantaginacese. 
Litui'tes (Fos. Zool.) Utuus, a trumpet ; a genus of chambered (hells of the 

Silurian (Irata. 
LitUoU'tes (Fos. Zool.) I'ltms, a trumpet, Xi^tt, (lone ; a genus of Forami- 

nifera found in the chalk. 
Littiralis fEnt.) litura^ a blot or fmear. 
liitura'ta (£nt.) lituratus, blotted or rubbed out. 
Livla (Omith.) P. N., a common Roman name. 
Iil'Tldus-a-um (Zool., Ent.) Lat. of a bluifh colour, livid. 
Lleuna (Zool.) native Peruvian name. 
Livlsto'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Patrui Murrayy of Leviftone, near 

Edinburgh ; a genus of Palm-trees. 
Li'zus (Ent.) //x, a(hes, referring to colour. 
Lizard (Zool.) lacerta^ a lizard; Co called, perhaps, becaufe its limbs 

reiemble the arm (Jacertus) of a man. 
IjOa'sa(Bot.)unexplained ; typicalgenusof the American Nat.Ord.Loafaceae. 
Lo'bbia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lobb, a didinguilhed Belgian bota- 

nid ; a genus of Aridolochiaceae. 
Lobe'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Matthnv Labels author of various works, par- 
ticularly of **Icories Pbntarum." He was born at Lifle in 1538, 

became Phyfician to James I., and died in London, 1616. 

LOB — LOM 269 

Lobe'sia (£nt.) xiBnTu^ maltreatment, mutilation. 
IiOlt>iger (Zool.) XiS^tt a ^oht or pod, j^^r^r*, to carry. 
Lobi'pedes (Omith.) Ubtu, a caruncle, ^des^ feet ; a family of Birds. 
iiObivaneHus (Omith.) UAiu, a caruncle, wifuUtu, a lapwing. 
Lobo'phora (£nt.) XW3«;, the lobe or lower part of the ear, «f9^rv, to 

carry ; in allufion to the lobe-fhaped winf^lets attached to the hind 

wings of the males. 
Lobster (ZooL) Anglo-Sax. Upiffirt; Homarus vulgaris. 
Lobula'ta (Ent.) t^Bitj a lobe, or proje^on. 
Lo'ouli (ZooL) plural olloeulus^ a little receptacle or caflcet. 
Locust (Ent.) Lot, iocufta^ which is fald to be from locus, a place, irro, u/ius, 

to bum. 
Loddige'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Cimrad Loddlgu, nurieryman, 

Loddlge'aia (Omith.) P. N. in honour of George Loddiges, F,Ji.S., of 

Hackney ; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Lodoio'ea (Bot.) P. N. from Laodice, daughter of Priam and Hecuba ; 

the double Coco-nut of the Seychelles ; Nat. Ord. Palmz. 
LoBflln'gia (Bot., Ent.) P. N. from P, LgJUng, a Swedifli botanift, born 

1729, died 1756. 
LoBznado'nta (Zool.) x#i/M«f, a plague, lltvfy Siortif, a tooth ; a genus of 

Loewii (Ent.) P. N. from Dr, H. Loev), of Meieritz,Iateof Pofen ^ author 

of (bme papers in *< Linniea Entomologica.'* 
Loganel'la (Ent.) P. N. from Mr. R, F. Logan, of Duddingilone, near. 

Loga'nia (Bot.) P. N. from J. Logan, a diftinguifhed botanift ; typical 

genus of Nat. Ord. Loganiaceie. 
Loll'go (Zool.) Lot. a cuttle-fifti. 
Lo'lium (Bot.) Lat. rye-grafs ; L. temulentum is generally fuppoied to be 

the *• InfeUx lolium " of VirgU.— Vrot alfo Ovro. Faftor. Lib. i. 692. 
Lomano'tus (Zool.) X*vm«, a fringe, tStras, the back. 
Loma'ria (Bot.) Xfi/Ms, an edge; referring to the marginal pofition of 

indufta ; a genus of Filices. 
Lomaridlum (Bot.) the genus Lomaria, and iTSo;, like ; a genus of Poly- 

podioid Ferns. 
Lozna'tia (Bot.) x«/Ma,a border; referring to the winged edge of the feeds. 
LomentaoeSB (Bot.) a (e^on of I«eguminof<c, the pods of which are 
jointed or lomentofe. 

»7o 2.0JV — LO? 

IfOnohl'tiB (Bot.) yiy^.n^ a lance ; referring to the form of the fronds ; a 

genus of Filices. 
laonohooar'pus (Bot.) x(y;^ii, a Imnce, jt«^of, fruit. 
I«onoho'des (Ent.) ^oyx"* ^ Tpear-head, iHor, like. 
Lonohop'tera (Ent.) xiyx^j a fpear, wri^of, a wing, 
laonohop'teris (Fos. Bot.) ><iyx'^* ^ fpear, vrUit, a fern ; a foflil fern-like 

frond, Co called from its refemblance to the necent iMukith, 
laonoho'stephus (Bot.) >>iyx^y ^ fpear-head, o-ri^^f, a crown ; a genus of 

liOnoho 'stoma (Bot.) xiyxfi* a fpear-head, rrifAa, mouth; a genus of 

' Bruniaces. 
Lonohu'ra (Omith.) xiy;^tiy a lance, m;^, tail. 
Longohazn'psia (Bot.) P. N. from J. A. LoifeUur DeJUmgchamps^ M.D^ a 

French botanill. 
Longloau'da (Omith.) hngus, long, caueUt tail ; long-tailed. 
IfOngioor'nes (Ent.) Ungusy long, cornn^ horn ; the Long-homed beetles. 
Lon'gidexiB (Ent.) longus, long, dgns^ a tooth. 
Iiongim'ana (Zooi.) longusj long, manus, hand ; long-handed. 
Longipa'lpis (Ent.) /en^x, long,^a//M, a feeler. 
Longipin'nia-e (Ichth.) Umpuy long,//iwv<7, a fin. 
Loni'oera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Adam Lonhcr, a German botanifl, 

who died in 1586: the Honeyfuckle; Nat. Ord. Caprifoliace». 
laOpadooalyx (Bot.) xinatt XoircX«f , a flat di(h, calyx ; a genus of Euphor- 

Lopadosta'ohys (Bot.) x«sra(-«l«;, a flat difh, ffrax^f, a fpike ; a genus 

of Olacacez. 
Lope'zia (Bot.) P. N. from T, Lopn^ a Spanifh botanid ; a pretty Amer- 
ican genus of Onagraceie. 
IjO pha (Ent.) x^^o; , a plume or cred. 
Iiopha'nihus (Bot.) xi^»ty a cred, £v6«f, a flower ; from the appearance of 

the flowers. 
Lophi odon (Fos. Zool.) Aa^m, a fmall cred, oSm/f, etorre;, a tooth ; an 

eztin£t pachyderm fo called from certain points or eminences on its teeth. 
Lophl'ola (Bot.) dim. of X«4>«(, a creft. 
Lophi ra (Bot.) x«4>««, a cred or plume. 
Lo'phium (Bot.) x«^(«f, a fmall cred. 
Lo'phios (Ichth.) x«4>i«, a creft. 
Lo'phobranohs (Ichth.) xJf«f, a tuft, Bfiyxtay gills ; having tufted gills ; 

an order of Fifhes. 

LOP — LOT zft 

Lopho'oomus (£nt.) \i^ty a tuft, h^/mi}, hair. 

liOphode'rma 7 

Lophodei'mlum \ ^^'^ ""'*'" ' "'^' *'"*"• <"" ' » P™"" "^ ''""P- 

Lophogy'ne (Bot.) x«^f, a cred, >a!?if, a pidil ; a genus of Podoftemoceae. 

Lophohe'lia (Zool.) \ip»St a tuft, SiXiof, the fun ; /. e.^ a tuft of funs ; 

alluding to the radiating plates of the condlites. 
Lo'phophore (XooV) Xi^osi a creft, ff^^to bear; name given by Dr. 

Allman to the difli which bears the tentacles in (bme marine animals. 
Lopho'phorus (Omith.) xi^ts, a cred, ^i{«, to bear. 
Lophophy'tuzn (Bot.) xip»tt a cred, ^vrotj a plant ; a genus of Balano- 

Lopho'ptera (Ent.) xip^sy a crefl, irri^v, a wing. 
Lopho'stoma (Zool.) x#^«f, a creft, rrijAm^ a mouth. 
Lophosty^lis (Bot.) xi^tt, a crefl, rruX«9^ a dyle; a genus of Poly- 

liOpho'tes (Omith.) X#^«f , a cred, «vc, init, an ear. 
Lopho'zera (Bot.) A^^«f , a crefl, ^i^f , dry ; a genus of Amarantacese. 
Lophu'ra (ZooL) \#^u^«f, bufhy-tailed ; applied to a crefted lizard. 
Lophjrro poda (Zool.; x«4»v^, having (liif hairs, ««u;, ««K, a foot ; a 

divlHon of Entomodiaca. 
Lopi'mia (Bot.) x<iri/M«r, eafily (helled. 
Loran'thus (Bot.) Xm^^i., a thong, «iid«f, a flower ; the miftletoe ; typical 

genus of Nat. Ord. LoranthaceaB. 
Lorenza'nea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of SapindacesB. 
Lo'rioa (Zool.) Lat'my a fence or indofure ; the diaphanoUs membrane in 

the Infuforia. 
Lori cera (£nt.^ ^^f»h ^ thong, m p«tf , horn ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Lori'oola ^Fos. Zool.) Lot, dim. of Iwricot a coat of mail ; a genus of FoiTil 

Lorinae'rla (Bot) P. N., a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
liO'ripes (Zool.) Lat, crook-footed. 
Lory (Omith.) unexplained. 
Lo'ta (Ichth.) latusy neat ; the Ling. 
Loiono'nis (Bot.) Lotus and Ofionh, combining the features of both 

genera ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Lo'tor (Zool.) Lat. a waftier; from its immerfing its food in water; fpecific 

name of the Racoon. 
Lotos (Bot.) Xwrif, (Lotus) of the ancients ; the Egyptian water-lily ; a 

genus of Nymphzaceae. 

272 LOT — LUC 

Lo'tuB (Bot.) x«T«;, of the Greeks. There were three forts of lotus 
didinguilhed by the ancients, viz., their /r^e^lotus, which was our 
xixyphus lotus ; the OT<n^-iotus, which was our nymphaa lotus ; and the 
herbaceous, now called ndumbium Jpeciofum, 
Iioado'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the bte eminent J. C, Lomdom ; a 
genus of LeguminofsB ; alio applied by Lindley to a genus of Halora- 
Loure'ira (Bot.) P. N. from Father John de Loureiro, a Portugueie writer on 

Louse (£nt.) Anglo-Sax, lus. 

Low'ea (Bot.) P. N., the fimple-leaved rofe, or Rrfa berberifoUa, 
Lowei (Ichth.) P. N. in honour of the Rev, R. T, Lowe, 
Lozan'thera (Bot.) x«(«f , flanting, anthera ; a genus of Loranthacec. 
Lozan'thus (Bot) x«(o^ flanting, «>d«c, flower; a genus of Acanthaceae. 
Lo'zla (Omith.) Xo{«f, flanting, crofswife ; the Crofsbill. 
Lozi'hes (Bot.) Martius' name for the Monocotyledonous or Endogenous 

clafs of plants, from Xe(«f , crois-wiie. 
Lozooar'pus (Bot.) x«£«(, flanting, x«pv«r, fruit ; a genus of Gefnetacefe. 
Lozoca'rya (Bot.) Xo£«f, flanting, Mp«*, a nut ; a genus of Rediaceae. 
Lozo'des (Zool.) X.«£«f, flanting; a genus of Infuibrta. 
Loz'odon (Zool.) Xv^tff, flanting, oiout, o2snr«f, a tooth ; one of the fub- 
genera into which Dr. Falconer divides the elephant ; referring to the 
rhomb-fliaped diflu of the worn molars. 
Lozogram'ma (Bot.) X«£«f, flanting, gramma^ an infcription ; a genus of 

Polypodiold Filices. 
Lozom'ma (Fos. Zool.) x«£«f, flanting, o^fi«, the eye ; a labyrinthodont 

reptile from the Edinburgh coal-field. 
Lozone'ma (Zool.) Xo^^r, oblique, »9fui, thread; in allufion to the 

(triated furface ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Lozo'phyllum (ZooL) xo^ht, flanting, <pvxx«v, leaf; a genus of Infuforia. 
Iiozosper'mum (Bot.) x«£oV) flanting, wiffAm, feed ; a genus of Leguminofs. 
Lubi'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M, de St, Luhin, a French officer. 
Lubrioa'lis (Ent.) luBricus, flippery. 

Lubri'oipes (Ent.) Lot, fwift-footed ; from the aAivity of the larva. 
Luoa'nidsB (Ent.) lucanus, fam. term. 'uU, 
Luoa'nuB (Ent.) Lot. pertaining to the light or morning. 
Iiu'oens (Bot.) Lat. fllining; e.g., Potamogeton lucens, 
Lucem (Bot.) called, in Languedoc patois, lauferda ; the Melilotus; Nat. 
Ord. l^eguminofie. 

LUC — LUN 273 

Luoe'ma (ZooL) Lat. a lamp. 

Lucema'ria 1 

, >- (Zool.)/i/tf^ri»a, a lamp; a genus and family of Zoophytes. 

Lucer'nea (Ent.) lu£erna,2. lamp; "frequenter candelis involans." — ^Linnxus. 

Lucida'lis (£nt.) luddus^ bright, clear. 

La'oidns-a-um (Bot.) Lot. dear. 

Luci'fugus (Ent.) lux, lucis^ light, /tfg7o, to avoid. 

Lucilia (Bot.) AvMHOf, wolf-like ; the Blue-bottle fly ; a genus of Dlptera. 

Laol'na (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs who aided women in childbirth. — ^Virg. 
Eel. iv. 10. 

Luoi'na (2Sool.) P. N., a name of Juno; a genus of MoUufca. 

Luolnop'sis (Zool.) the genus Ludna, o4'if, reiemblance ; a genus of 

Luoi'ola (Bot.) fame etymology as Luzula, q. v. ; a genus of Juncaceac. 

Lu'ciua (Ichth.) Lat, the Pike. 

Luotuo'sa (Omith.) Lat, forrowful, fad. 

Lucule'lla (Ent.) iuculus, a little grove. 

Luoulia (Bot.) P. N. from Lucuii 5nv7, of Nepal. 

Lu'dia (Bot.) iudo, to fport. 

Lu'dius (Ent.) Lat. a dancer. 

Ludovicia'nus (Zool.) relating to Louidana. 

Ludwi'gla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. G. Ludwig, Profeflbr of Medicine 
at Leipfic. 

Lu'£Bel (Bot.) Arabic, louff; a genus of Cucurbitacex. 

Lugu1t>ri8-e (Omith., Ent.) Lat, mournful. 

IiUi'dia (Zool.) etymology doubtful ; a genus of Echinodermata. 

Luznbrioi'dia (Bot.) from the refemblance of the legumes to earth- 
worms — lumbrki ; a genus of Leguminoide. 

Lumbricifo'rmia (Ichth.) tumbrkw, an earth-worm,yor«ftf, fhape. 

Lumbci'oUB (Zool.) Lat. an inteftinal worm. 

Lumnlt'zera (Bot.) P. N. from Stephen Lttmnitzer, a writer on botany. 

Luna'lis (Ent.) lunay the moon, from the crefcentic wing-mark. 

Lunsur'oa (Zool.) hnay the moon, area, a bow ; from the fhape of the fhell. 

LiUna'ria (Bot.) /r/ff<2, the moon; referring to its broad filvery (ilicles; a 
genus of Cruciferae. Alfb the fpecific name of a kind of Fern. 

Luna'tua (Zool.) Lat. horned, crefcentic. 

Lunda'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Lund, a Norwegian entomologifl of 
the laft century. 

274 LUN — LUT 

Luni'gera (Ent.) ///»j, the moon, gerere^ to carry ; from the lunule on tlie 

Luno'sa (Ent.) luna, the moon ; from the lunule on the underfide. 
Lunula'lis (Ent.) lunyl^, a ring or hoop. 
Lunula Via (Bot.) from the iunattf form of the fronds ; a genus of Mar- 

Lupe'ria (Bot.) xwn^Sj painful, hurtful ; a genus of Crucifers. 
Lu^erus (Ent.) Xutrnph, troublefome ; a genus of Coleoptenu 
Lupinas'ter (Bot.) the genera Lupinus and After; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Lupi'nus (Bot.) lupus, a wolf ; it is fuppofed to deftroy the fertility of the 

foil ; the Lupine; a well-known genus of Leguminofie. 

** Triftefque lupin i 
Su(hileris fragiles calamos." — Virgil. 
Lupuli'na (Bot.) the little hop-trefoil, (o called from its re(emblance to 

Lupulina'lis (Ent.) feeds on Lupuius, 
Lu'pulus (Bot.) fpec. name of the Hop, Humulus Lupuius ; a corruption of 

its old name Laipus faliSlarius, io called, according to Pliny, becauie it 

grew among willows, and by twining and choking them, became as 

deflru^tive as a wolf to the flock. 
Luroh'er (Zool.) Rkhardfin says, **theie can be no doubt that Lurk and 

Lurch are the fame word, varying a little in the application. It has 

not been fatisfactorily traced to its origin." The dog which more 

efpecially lurhs or lies in wait for its prey, and is therefore moll 

ufed by poachers. 
Lu'ridSB (Ent.) luridus, pale, ghaftly ; in Botany, the Liniuean name for 

the Solanacese. 
Lurida'lis (Ent.) luridut^ pale, ghaflly. 
LUBOin'ia (Ornith.) Lat, the Nightingale ; changed by the French into 

LuBoinold'es (Omith.) the genus Lufdnla^ C%%u like. 
Lu'scUB-a (Ichth.) Lat. blind of one eye, purblind. 
Lussao'cia (Bot.) P. N., fame as Gaylujfaccia ; a genus of Vacciniacea*. 
LusuB Natures (Zool.) Lat. a caprice or fport of natuie. 
Lutea'lis (Ent.) luteus, orange-yellow. 
Lute'olUB-a-um (Bot.) Luit. yellowifh ; e.g. Refeda Luteola, 
Lu'teus-a-um (Zool. & Bot.) Lat. yellow-coloured, orange-coloured ; e. g, 

. Refeda lutea. 
Lu^thera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitae. 

LUT — LYC 175 

Lutioomel'la (£nt.) luUw^ fafiron, coma^ hair. 

Lutke'a (Bot) P. N. in honour of M, Luth; a genus of Celadracez. 

Luto'sUB-a-uin (£nt.) Lot, muddy, clay-coloured. 

Lutra (Zool.) Lai, an otter. 

Lutra'ria (Zool) Itdra, an otter ; Otter-fhell : a genus of Mollufca. 

Lutule'ntas-a-um (£nt.) Lot, muddy. 

Luzembu'rgia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sauvagefiaceie. 

Luzel'la (£nt.) P. N. in honour of Herr Luzy a friend of Hixbner. 

Lu'zula (Bot.) gramen luxuU, glow-worm crafs of Bauhin; becaufe it 

(hines ; a genus of Juncacese. 
Lozuria'ga (Bot.) P. N. from 2). J, M, R, de LuzuHage, M,D., a Spanifli 

Lyallia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Portulacaceae. 
Ly'bious-a-um (Zool.) Lat, Lybian. 
LyosB'na (£nt.) Xv»«rv«, a (he-wolf; a genus of Lepidoptera; commonly 

called Coppers. 
LyosB^nicUB (£nt.) lycaua, fam. term, idde, 
Lyoa'on (Zool.) P. N., Lyeaon, who was turned by Jupiter into a wolf • 

applied to the Hunting-dog, Lycaon ^tenatieus, 
Xiyoa'ste (Bot.) P. N., of mythological origin ; a genus of Orchidacen. 
Lyohnan'thUB (Bot.) the genus Lychmsy aiS»t, flower; a genus of Caryo- 

Ly chnis (Bot.) >.vx>9ty a lamp ; the down of the leaves is ufed for wicks ; 
or from the brilliant colour of the flowers ; a genus of Caryophyllacec. 
Lyohnoste'mon (Bot.) the genus Lyehnhy and vrnfAm^ a ftamen ; a genus 

of Diofcoreaceae. 
Ly'ohnuB (Zool.) Xi^;^rof, a lamp. 
Lyciople'sium (Bot.) the genus Lycium, and wAfir/aj, near allied to; a 

genus of Solanacese. 
Lyoiop'sls (Bot.) the genus Lycium and ©^.if , like ; a genus of Onagraceae. 
Lyoiostyles (Bot.) Xi/«»f , releafing, Ihedding, a-tZktf, a ftyle ; a genus of 

Lyoiotham'nus (Bot.) Lyii$m and Ba/Aut, a (hrub ; a genus of Solanaceie. 
Ijy'oltun (Bot.) from Lyeia in Afia Minor, its native country. The Latin 
monks fay our Saviour's crown of thorns was made of the Lyciumfpe- 
dffym ; a genus of Solanacese. 
Lycoo'tonum (Bot.) XvMf , a wolf, «Tii'»fl», to kill ; from its being ufed, 
concealed in meat, as a bait to deftroy wolves ; fpecific name of Yellow 
Wolf Vbane, or Aeonltum Lyc9€lunum. 

2 7^' LYC — LYN 

Ly'codon (Zool.) Xi/««f, a wolf; liitCi^ oS«rr«r, a tooth ; a genus of Colu- 
brine ophidians. 

Lyoodon'tidflB (Zool.) lycedmy with fam. term, ida; ^ fiunilyof Colubrine 

Lyoo'gala (Bot.) XvMt, a wolf, yaXit, milk ; in its early ftate it is like a 
mafs of thick cream ; a genus of Fungi. 

Lyoonormium (Bot.) Xi;««r,a wolf, normal ftiape; a genus of Orchidacen. 

Lycopdr'don (Bot.) XvMr, a wolf, wtpitfAtUy Lai. peJert, becaufe fuppoied 
to proceed from wolTs dung ; the Puff-ball ; a genus of Fungi. 

Lycoper'sicuzn (Bot.) UvKc-wi^ffixov^ a fhx>ng-rmeUing plant mentioned by 
Galen ; now ufed for the Love^pple or tomato ; a genus of Soianacese. 

Lycophi'dlon (Zool.) Xv««f, a wolf, ^lUfAauj to fpare ; a genus of Colu- 
brine ophidians. 

Lyoopodi'tes (Fos. Zool.) foflil plants allied to the exifting genus Lyco- 

Lyoopo'dlum (Bot.) Xv«or» a wolf, ««i/f, foot ; Club-mofs ; typical genus 

of the Lycopodiaceie. 
Lycop'sis (Bot.) Xi;x«f, a wolf, ^ir, the face ; referring to the flowers ; a 

genus of Boraginace». 
Lyco'pus (Bot.) Xo»»r, a wolf, vav^ a foot ; referring to the leaves ; Gipfy- 

wort ; a genus of Labiatie. 
Lyoo'sa (Ent.) Xi/»«f, a wolf, from its predatory habits. 
liyoo'sldsB (Ent.) family of Spiders of which Lycofa is the type. 
Iiyoo'sina (Ent.) Ajf., like a Lycofa. 
Lygeum (Bot.) Xwyaj, a pliant twig; referring to its flexibility for ropes, 

baikets, &c. ; Cord-grafs ; a genus of Gramina. 
Lygistop'terua (Ent.) Xvyirris^ bent, pliant, vrfpay, a wing, 
liygo'dlum (Bot.) \uy»iifis, flexible ; a genus of North American Ferns 

with twining (lems. 
Lyme'xylon (Ent.) Xw/uu, delhnftion, f i;Xo», wood ; L. navale is the infeA 

whofe ravages in the dock -yards of Sweden were checked by Liimseus. 
Lyinezylo'nidse (Ent.) tymexyhn^ fam term, ida ; a family of Coleoptera. 
LynmsB^um (Ent.) ^i/jattiat, marfhjr. 
tjynoe'uB (2^1.) Xv>»ii«(, lynx^Uke, from Miiller's error in fuppoTmg 

there vras a fecond oi^gan of fight ; a genus of Entomofhaca. 
Ly'ngbya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H, C, Lyn^^ a Danifh botaniA ; a 

genus of Fucoid Algae. 
Lyngbyel'la (Bot.) dim. of Lyng^^a ; a genus of Fucoid Atgs. 
Lynx (Zool.) >i'y^, a lynx ; probably from Xi/nn, light. 

LTO — LTT 277 

Lyone'tla (£nt.) P. N. from Pierre Lym^t, author of " Defcriptions of 

Inie^h found at the Hague ; " died 1789. 
Lyo'iiia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Lym^ an American collector of plants. 
Lyon'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, Lywu^ an Engiifli botanift ; alfo a 

genus of Mollufca. 
Lypera'nthus (Bot.) XvFif, ladneis, «vder, a flower; re&rring to the hue 

of the flower. 
Lype'rla (Bot.) Xwi^f , troublefome ; a genus of Scrophulariacez. 
Ly'prus (Ent.) Xi;irp0f, wretched ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ly'ta (ZooL) Lat, a lute. 

Lyrsd'a (Bot.) Xv^ lyra^ a harp ; a genus of Orchidaceas. 
Lyre-bird (Ornith.) applied to the uunura, from the (hape of the tail. 
Lyriooeph alUB (Zool.) kvfi»t^ a fmall lyre, xi ^«>.if, head ; a genus of 

Lyrooar'pa (Bot.) Xv^ i^a, a harp, attfrif, fruit ; a genus of Cruciferte. 
Lyrodes'ma (Zool.) i^m, a lute, iU/juiy a bond or fetter; from the 

radiating (Iriated teeth ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Lysigo'nium (Bot.) XvWf, a parting, ymit^f a frond ; a genus of Algs. 
Lysilo'ma (Bot.) Kuritt a parting, x«f««, fringe ; a genus of Leguminofa'. 
Lysima'ohia (Bot.) literally " quelling warfare," from XuTi/«a;^of , ending 

ftrife; Looie-drife. See Aridophanes <* Lyfidrata," 554. Some of the 

ancient authors attributed a very fmgular ptoperty to this plant, no 

lefs than a power of taming ferocious or reconcilii^g difcordant animals 

(Xm», to loofe, fA»x^i (Irife) ; othen attribute its origin to Lifftmachyst 

who, they say, wad its firft difcoverer. 
ZjyBlne'ma (Bot.) Xiw-ic, a ieparation, »/««, a thread ((lamen) ; a genus of 

Lyaiono'tua (Bot.) XuTtt^ a parting, fSr^n the back ; a genus of Gefner- 

LyBipo'ma (Bot.) Xvr/r* a parting, «5ft«, a lid ; a genus of Lobeliacesc. 
Lythra cesB (Bot.) the family of which the beautiful genus Lythrum is the 

Ly 'thrum (Bot.) Xud^v, black blood ; alluding to the colour of the flowei ; 

the typical genus of Lythracen, 
Lytta (Ent.) Xvttm, to rage or to be mad, from its exciting efle^s ; ap- 
plied by Fabricius to the BUftering fly, now called Cantharis vesica- 


27% MAB — MAC 

Mabo'nia (Zool.) the name of this genus of Lizards is from the natire 

American name Mahmya, 
Maoa'cus (Zool.) the word imuaca is ufed by the natives of the coaft of 

Guinea for quadrumanous animals in general, but more particularly the 

monkey; the Macaques. 
Maoandrowa'nua (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr. McAndrnVf of Liverpool, 

an ardent labourer in Natural Hidory. 
Maoa'ria (Ent.) P. N., the daughter of Hercules and Dejanii-a. 
Macoa'na (£nt.) maccuty a buffoon. 
Ma 76 (Bot.) Greek, fAaxif; Lat, and Fr, mach; ltd. mace ; the reticulated 

membrane which immediately covers the nutmeg, technically called 

the ariUus. 

N ^'P. N., a genus and family of MoUufca ; ib 

MaogiUivra/ya (^ (^ool.) -I named in honour of the late Wmam Mac- 

^ V giUivrcry,2L Scotch naturalKV, died 1852. 

Maohas'ra (Zool.) fM.nx'^f'h ^ ^word or dagger ; a genus of Mollufca. 
MaohSD'rium (Ichth.) fjut^^atpa^ a fword ;. a genus of Anacanthous 6flies. 
MaohaiTodus (Fos. Zool.) ^«;^Mp«, a fabre, tlitlvtf a tooth. 
Maoha'on (Ent.) P. N., one of the ions of iEfculapius mentioned by 

Homer, II. ii. 731 ; fpeci6c name of a butterfly. 
Ma'ohetes (Omith.) fAaxfrrnti a fighter ; formerly applied to the Ruf!^ 

now called Philomachus pugnax, implying the fame difpoHtion. 
Mackerel (Ichth.) Fr. maquereau; Dutck, mack^eel, 
Madea'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A. MacUay, Secretary to the Lin- 

nsean Society. 
Maclu'ra (Bot.) P. N. from WUiiam Maclure, a North American geologift ; 

aUb a genus of foflil Shells. 
Ma'ooma (2^1) /uSMf , length ; a genus of MoUuTca. 
Macquarie'nBia (Ichth.) P. N. belonging to the Macquarie river ; the 

Ohgorus MacqvarUnfu is the <* Murray cod " of Auftralia. 
Maorade'nia (Bot.) (Aanfis^ long, ilwi a gland. 
Macrauohe'nla (2^1.) ixan^if^ long, al/n^i the neck ; an extinct tertiary 

mammal of South America. 
Macro- (Zool., Bot.) a frequent prefix, signifying *< large," as Macro- 

cephalus, large-Jieaded. 
Macrobio'tus (2^1.) fAaxfisy long, i9io«, to live; a genus of Infufbria. 
Maorooa'rpus (Bot.) /A««p«f, long, aafmist fniit. 
Macroce'Iis (Zool.) fAutt^s, large, »f}X/c, a fpot, <r^.,Leopardus macrecelu. 
Macrooe'rcus (Omith.) /u««^«f, long, niffiot, a tail; e.g.^ Colixks macroeercus. 

MAC — MAC 279 

Maoroohilua (Bot.) fAttKfit, long, x^^xot^ a lip. 

Maoroohyla (Ent.) /u««^i abundant, xux6t, juice. 

Maoroone'ma (Ent.) f*»»fify long, kiiii>«, a leg. 

Maoroone'mmn (Bot.) fA»*fit, long, miimii, a leg ; referring to the (lalks. 

Maorooy^olifl (Zool.) ft«»poc, long, »vxX«c, a circle ; a genus of Mollulca. 

Maoro-da'otyli (Omith.) f«a«^;, long, itixrvkw, a toe. 

Ma'orodon (ZooL) (J^tutfot, long, qSm/i, elovrof , a tooth ; a genus of 

Maoroga'ster (Ent.) f«««^f, long, ym^rnfy the belly. 

Maorogle'zies (Ent.) fuLttxih, long, yXwn, the eye-ball 

MaoroglOB'sua-a-um (2^ooL, Ent.) fi«««of, long, yxAc-am, tongue ; long- 

Maorogoni'dla (Bot.) fA»»pi(, long, ymihw, a little angle ; miniature fronds 
which e(cape from the parent-cell in the Infufbria. 

Maorome'rla (Ent.) /u««^c, long, /Anpif, the thigh ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Maorome'sUB (Ent.) fwi»e«f , long, fAUtg, middle. 

Macrone'ura (Ent.) /M««^f, long, nS^, a fmew (nervure). 

Maoroph/llmn (Zool.) /Jtaxfit, long, ^i/xxov, leaf. 

Maorophy^us-a-um (Bot.) fi«»^f, long, 4m/XX»v, leaf, r.^., Rubus am^/-o- 

Maoro'pldee (Zool.) a family of Mammalia, of which Macropus is the 

Maoro^lia (Ent.) ijumpisi long, ovx**, armour. 

Maoropo'dimn (Bot.) /Attxfit, long, v«uf, v*2of, a foot ; alluding to tlie 

Maoropo'ma (Ichth.) /m««^(, larg«> vwfM* operculum j a genus of 
Sauroid 6(he8 of the chalk and weaLden. 

Ma'oropuB (Zool.) fAtmpif, long, vav^, a foot ; the Kangaroo. 

Maororha'mphua (Omith.) fAa*fif, long, f»fA^ct, a beak. 

Maororhi nuB (Zool.) iAa»fit, long, |liv, a nofe ; the Elephant-(eal ; a 
genus of Mammalia. 

MaoroBoe'lides (Zool.) /m«x^c, long, «■»!>.««, a leg; a genus of Mam- 
malia, called in Cape Colony, Elephant mice. 

Maorosohi'sma (Zool.) fMifoc, long, vx^'t^^y ^ cleft; a genus of 

MaoroBto'znlum (Bot.) fia«^«, long, 0-T«f(«, a mouth. 

MacrOBtyllB (Bot.) f««x^r, long, 0^x«;, a pillar (ftyle). 

Ma'orothriz (Zool.) fi«»p«f , long, dp({, a hair ; a genus of Entomoftraca. 

28o MAC — MAN 

Macro'tis (Zool., Bot.) fc«»f«f, long, 0Vf,«iT«i, the ear. 

Macrotraohe'lian (FO0. Zool.) fd.mMfit^ long, rfdx*»^»f» ^ i^^* 

Maoro'tropis (Bot.) i^axfif, long, Tf«vtf, a keeL 

MaorouTa *» (Zool.) i*m»fit^ long, m!^, a tail ; Decapod Cmflaoeans of 

Maom'ra ) the feoondary and tertiary Arata. 

Macrou'rufl (ZooL) fJMUfit, long, wfi, a tail, e.g. I^eopardm maemmu, 

Ma'otra (Zool.) Lot. a kneading-trough ; a genus of MoUnfia. 

Maotre'lla (2^ool.) dim. of Mactra; a genus of Mollufca. 

Ma'otridsB (Zool.) the family of Mollufca, of which Maetra is the type. 

Maotrold (Zool ) adjective, the genus Mattra, hUt, like. 

MaoulaliB (£nt.) maatlay a fpot. 

MaoUla'riS (Dot.) macula, a fpot. 

Maoula'riUB (Ornith.) adjective, from maatlay a fpot. 

Maoula'tus-a-um (£nt., Bot.) Lai, maadaiMSt fpotted. 

Madagasoarien'sls-e (Zool.) Lot, relating to the Island of Madagaicar, 

e,g, Cheiromys Madagascarienjis. 
Madder (Bot ) Anglo^Sax, madre; Dutch, metdy which from meeden, to dye ; 

the prepared root of the Rubia tinctorum. 
Madefaotalls (Ent.) madefacio, to make wet, to moiften. 
Maderaspa'tanuB-a-um (Zool) Lot, relating to, or belonging to, 

Ma'dia (Bot.) madiy its name in Chili ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Mado'pa (Ent.) (Amiitt moid, ar>f,, the &ce. 
Madre'pora (Zool.) French, madre, {potted, ^r/; the Stony corals. 
Madrepo'riforxn (Zool.) madrepora, 9nd forma, Aiape. 
Madreporite (Fos. Zool.) the foflil Madrepore. 
Mee'sa (Bot.) maac, its Arabian name. 

Magella'niou3-a-tun (Zool ) Lot. relating to the (Iraits of Magellan. 
Maggot (Ent.) Goih, and AngU-^ax, mathas IVclJb, macai; Dam, madiJtg; a 

fly in its larra (late. 
Magnifloalls (Ent.) magnijuus, noble, dlAinguiOied. 
Magnolia (Bot.) P. N. from Peter Magnol, M.D,, Profeflbr of Botany at 

Montpelier ; typical genus of the fplendid Nat. Ord. Magnoliacea. 
Magpie (Ornith.) pica, with prefix mag, as cbntra^ed from magmu, great ? 

or perhaps from French, magot, a baboon, from its chattering. ** Magot 

is the original name of the bird, being the familiar appellation given 

to pies, as we fay Robin to a led-breafl, Tom to a titmoufe, Philip 

to a fparrow," &c. — Steevens. 
Maher'xila (Bot.) an anagram of Hermamia ; a genus of Byttneriacez. 

MAN — MAL lit 

Mahog'aiiy (Bot.) probably the refult of a oonfiiiioo ok names, in which 

the name of another tree, the <• Mahagua," has been miUppUed to 

this, the wood of the Swietenia MaMagoHt, 
Maho'nla (Bot.) P. N. from Bernard M^Makoity of North America, a 

lorer of botany ; a genus of Berberidaceas. 
Ma'ia (^Zool.) applied by Pliny to a kind of crab. 
Mai'adflB (Zool.) a family of Decapods, of which Maia is the type. 
Maimon (Zool.) fJuiAmt an ape or hobgoblin. 

Maine^nsis (Ichth.) Lat, relating to the (late of Maine, U. S. of America. 
Major, Majua (Omith.) L<tt, adj, greater. 
Malaooen sis (Zool.) belonging to Malacca. 

Malaohade'nia (Bot.) /u«x«s«f, ioitt, Hint^ a gland ; a genus of Orchidaoec. 
Malaoha'rla (Bot.) futXcx/c, foftnefs ; a genus of Fungi. 
Ma'laohe (Bot.) iA*XA»ity ibft ; a genus of Malvaoem. 
Mala'ohitun (Bot.) /MaXaum, ibftnefs ; a genus of Caryophyllacess. 
Malaohlus (£nt.) /maXax^, ibft. 
Malaohode ndron (Bot.) fAaXawg, foft, livl^av, a tree. 
Ma'laotara (Bot.) fjukk^xn^ a mallow ; from the resemblance. 
MalaomsB^a (Bot.) fi«x«»^;, Coh, «»f(4, a point ; a genus of Malpighiaoec. 
Malaoooa'rpufl (Bot.) f««»««*r, ibft, Kcfv«f, fruit ; a genus of Zygo> 

Malaoooeph'aliis(Bot.) fAm\auit,foh, m^ ax4, head ; a genus of Compofits. 
MalaooohSB'te (Bot.) f««x«ii«;, Coh, xmirn, a bridle ; a genus of Gramina. 
Malaoode'rma (£nt.) /Max«»^f, foft, ^i^/um, ikin. 
Malacology (Zool.) fi«x«jr^f, foft, xiyot^ a defcriptlon; the fcience 

which treats of the MolluTca, or Soft-bodied animals. 
Malaoome'ris (Bot.) /M«x«*«f , ibft, tufif,t a part ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Malaooptery'gii (Ichth.; /miX«»«;, foft, vrl^, v^^to^i a fin ; the Solt- 

finned fiflies. 
Malaoothrl'Z (Bot.) /u«x«s^, ibft, Bfi^y hair ; a genus of Compolitas. 
Mala'zls (Bot.) fi«x«ftf , (bftnefs ; from its delicate texture; a geims of 

terreftrial OrchidacesB. 
Maloo'mla (Bot.) P. N. from fT. Malcoim, mentioned by Ray ; a genus of 

Malleus (Ichth.) maUtm*, a hammer, hammer-headed ; alio a genus of 

Mallocoo'oa (Bot.) /M«xxif, wool, a9«K«f, a berry ; a genus of Tillacea. 
Mallomonaa (Zool.) /M«XXtf, a lock of hair, monasy a monad ; a genus of 



Mallcyphora (Bot.) /tcaxxif, wool, ^tpv, to bear ; a genus of Verbenaces. 

Mallo'tOB (Bot.) /uaXVwto;, fleecy, a genus of Euphorbiacez. 

MaUo'tUB (Ichth.) fAaXXif^ a lock of wool ; alio a fofCl fi(h of the clay 

Malope (Bot.) /MttVof , tender ; it has foft leaves ; a genus of Malvacefc. 

Malpi'ghia (Bot.) P. N. from M, Mal^lghi, Profeflbr of Medicine at 
Bologna ; typical genus of the fplendid Nat. Ord. Malpighiacex. 

Malus (Bot.) ancient name of the apple; in Greek ftaXo*, Pynu Malus, 

Ma'iva (Bot.) f*aX«9-0-«, to fbften ; referring to its emollient qualities ; 
typical genus of the great Nat. Ord. Malvaceae. 

Mame'stra (£nt.) P. N., formerly the capital of Lefler Armenia. 

Mammalia (2^1.) putmma^ the breast ; applied to thofe vertebrate ani- 
mals which (uckle their young. 

Mamme'a (Bot.) mamey^ its American name ; a genus of Sapotaceie. 

Msunmi'fersd (Zool.) nutmmat the breaft,y<ro, to carry ; mammifers. 

Mammllla'ria (Bot.) mammiUat a nipple ; the plant is covered with teat- 
like protuberances ; a genus of Cactaces. 

Ma'mmoth (Zool.) faid to be of Tartar origin. 

Mana'bea (Bot.) a genus of Verbenaceae. - 

Mana'tidSB (Zool.) a family of Mammalia, of which Manatus is the type. 

Ma'natUB (2^1.) having veftiges of nails on their fwimming paws : the 
name was given from ^he SpaniOi mono, a hand. 

Mangani'Ua (Bot.) original native name of the Manchineel tree, Hip^mnane 

Mandevi'lla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir John Mandevitie, an early 
Englifh traveller ; a genus of Apocynacese. 

Mcmdi'bula (£nt.) Latin, a jaw. 

Mandio'oea (Bot.) from the native Brazilian name of the Caflava plant, 
Jatnpka Manikot, 

Mandra'gora (Bot.) fA^fi^m, a (lable, &yitpm^ to colle£^, referring to its 
habitat ; the celebrated Mandrake ; a genus of Solanacex. 

Mandrake (Bot.) corrupted from mandragora. 

*< And (hrieks like mandrakes, torn out of the earth, 
That living mortals, hearing them, go mad." — Shakspere. 

Mane'tUa (Bot.) P. N. from X. Manetti^ Profeflbr of Botany at Florence. 

Manghas (Bot.) native Madagafcar name ; the Tanghinia Manghat, 

Maagi'fera (Bot.) mango^ name of the fruit,yrro, to bear. 

Mangle'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Captain Mangles ; a genus of Myr- 
taceac ; also Rhodanthe Manglesii, 

MAN — MAR 283 

Manglilla (Bot.) its name in Peru. 

Mango (Bot.) native name ; fruit of the Mangifera Indica. 

Mangosta'na (Bot.) native name of the fruit ; the Matigt/feen, 

Ma'ngosteen (Bot.) native name ; a fruit of the Garcinia Manfffiana, 

Maziguil>a (Bot.) native name ; a genus of Apocynacez. 

Mania (Ent.) /utayt«, madnels ; figuratively, hobgoblin. 

Manioa'Ha (Bot.) manUa^ a glove. 

Mani'hot (Bot.) native name of the Jatropha Manihat, 

Mania ( 2^1.) probably from manusy a hand ; on account of the large 

foreclaws, which are employed in tearing down the neils of the Termites 

or White ants. 
Mann'ia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Marchantlacez. 
Mansue'tus-a-um (Omith.) Lot, tame, gentle. 
Mante'llia (Fos. Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Mantdl^ the geologifl ; a 

genus of foflil Cycadeoida. 
Manti'aia (Bot.) the flowers refemble the \nk€t mantu ; a genus of 

Mantis'pa (Ent.) unexplained. 

Manulea (Bot.) manutf the hand ; from the five diviGons of flowers. 
Mara'nta (Bot.) P. N. from B, Maranti, a Venetian phyAcian, who died 

in 1554; typical genus of the Nat. Ord. Marantapex^ 
Maras'miua (Bot.) fiap«/N», to dry up ; a genus of Fungi, Co called from 

their beinfr of a leis juicy nature than others, and more readily preferved 

by drying. 
Marat'Ua (Bot.) P. N. from J, F, Maratiy of Vallombrofa, In Tufcany, 

who wrote on Ferns ; a genus of Filices. 
Marogra'via (Bot.) P. N. from G. Martgraaft author of a voyage to 

Brazil ; the typical genus of Marcgraaviacen. 
Marohan'Ua (Bot.) P. N. from Nicholas Marckant, a French boUnift ; the 

typical genus of Marchantiacez. 
Mare (Zool.) an Anglo-Saxon word. 
Ma'reoa (Omith.) unexplained ; the genus of Birds which includes the 

Marga'oens-a-um (Bot.) reiembling marl (marga). 
Margarita (Zool.) LaU a pearl ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Margaritaoens-a-um (Bot.) Lot. pearly. 
Margarita'na (Zool.) margarita, a pearl ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Margarito'phora (ZooL) margarita, a pearl, ^i^, to bear ; the Pearl 

oyfler ; a genus of MoUufca. 

284 ^-^^ — ^^R 

Margaro'des ) 

Margaro'dld* I ^^"*-^ '"^•^"" ""' " ^^ 

Margina'tua-a-um (ZooL, Ichth., Bot.) l^, bordered. 

Marginalia (Zool.) dim. of margt^ a rim ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Margyrioa'rpiiB (Bot.) fn^fyafirw^ a pearl, s«fv«f i 6iut. 

Ma'rioa (Bot.) ftM^/v«, to become flaccid ; a beautiful Cape genus of 

Marikl'na (2kx>l.) native name of a monkey, Jacchus Rofalia. 
Mari'la (Omith.) /bucf/xn, charcoaL 
Marimo'nda (Zool.) native name of a monkey from Central America, 

Ateles Belzebuth. 
MarlnuB-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lot. pertaininj^ to the Tea, marine. 
Marlonella (Ent.) P. N., a name given by M. Guerin Meneville, to a 

fpecies of Hemerobius, after his youngeft daughter, Marion Frances. 
Mari'sscos (Bot.) applied by Pliny to a kind of ni(h ; perhaps from Cdtic 

mar, a marih, in virhtch it grows ; ipeci6c name of the Cladium Marifcus, 
Mari'timua-a-um (Ornith., Bot.) Lot, pertaining to the Tea, maritime. 
Marjoram (Bot.^ Arabk^ maryamyck; Latin, majoratia, 
Ma'rkia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Edward TV, Mark, Rfq. ; a genus of 

Ma'rlea (Bot.) from marliya, its Bengal name. 
Marmora'tas*a-uin (Omith. Ent. Bot.) Lat. marbled. 
Marmo'reus-a-iua (Bot.) Lot, like marble ; marbled. 
Ma'rmoset (2^ool.) dim. of French, marm<4, a monkey ; popular name of 

Jacchus vulgaris. 
Marmot (Zool.) French, marmot, a monkey ; the Ar£tomys Marmotta. 
Momi'bium (Bot.) He6» marroh, a bitter juice ; Horehound ; a genus of 

Marsde'nla (Bot.) P. N. from IV, Martden, Efq., author of a <* Hiftory of 

Marahal'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Humphrey Marfiall, a writer on botany. 
Marsllea (Bot.) P. N. from Count L. F. Marfi^i, founder of the Academy 

of Sciences, Bologna. 
Marai'pobranohs (Ichth.) ^&.frvit«t, a bag or pouch, Bfvyx^'h g*Us; 

having facculated gills. 
Marsu'pia (Bot.) f(«^n/iror, a pouch ; a genus of Jungermanniaces. 
Marsupialia (Zool.) marfupium, a pouch or purie. 
Ma'rsupites (Fos. Zool.) marfupium, a pouch ; a genus of Crinoidea of the 



MAM — MAS 185 

Marsjrpian'thea (Bot.) fxdfrvwi^ a pouch; a*Qo;, flower; a genus of 

Marsypooa'rpUB (Bot.) fA^foumHy a pouch, Mf*^, fruit; a genus of 

Martagon (Bot.) Frmek^ martagon; the Turli's cap lily, Lilium Martagom. 
Marte'nsia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of — -^ Martens, the celebrated botanifl ; 

a genus of Ceramian Aigac. 
Maries (Zool.) Lot, a marten, or marten-cat. 
Martine'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Pahns. 
Ma'rtiua (Ornith.) LaU warlike, martial. 
Martynia (Bot.) P. N. from John Martyn^ F,R.S,, formerly Profeflbr of 

Botany at Cambridge ; a curious genus of Scrophulariacese. 
Marygold (Bot.) ib called because it is in flower at the times of all the 

Romifli feftivals of the Vii^n Mary ; the word gold having reference 

to its golden rays, compared to the rays of light around the head of the 

Virgin ; the Calendula officinalis : — 

*' The marygddy that goes to bed with the sun, 
And with him rises weeping." — Shakspkrc. 
Ma'saris (£nt.) perhaps from /AtwdofAtUf to (hoot out the lip ; a genus of 

Masca'gnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Paul Mafcagni, a celebrated Italian 

anatomift, bom 1752, died 18 15; a genus of Malpighiacese. 
Masso nia (Bot.) P. N. from Mr. F. Majhn, author of Stapeliffi Novs. 
Mastaz (Zool.) fjLdrra^y the mouth or jaws; applied by Mr. Goile to a 

Mastiohone'ma (Bot.) /uact/;^, refm, vHfAa^ a filament ; a genus of Algae. 
Mastiohothri'jc (Bot.) fAarrlxfit refin, Bpl^, hair ; a genus of Alg». 
Mastiff (Zool.; FrencA, nuftif, 
Mastigobry'um (Bot.) /aa^ti^, fjiu^^tycs, a whip, fipuev, mois ; a genus 

of Bryoid Muici. 
MMtigooe'rta (2kx>l.) fjt^Tn^t /u«7Tiyof, a whip ; a genus of InfuToria. 
Mastigc/phora (Bot.) fi«m^, ftM^tyof , a whip, ^ifot^ to bear ; a genus 

of Bryoid Mufci« 
Mastigo'phorus (Bot.) /uaa^i^, /u«ar»yef , a whip, f i^, to bear ; a genus 

of Compofitie. 
MMtigosoleila (Bot.) fAkartl^ /uM-Tiyec, a whip, ff-nXupor, hard ; a genus 

of Gramina. 
Ma'stlgUS (Ent.) /um^ti^, fxda^rtyas, a whip, referring to fhapc. 
Mastiz'la (Bot.) fjiajri^f a whip ; a genus of Cornacco!/ 

2S6 MAS — MAZ 

MastooarrpoB (Bot.) fjkavrit^ a nipple, jm^to;, fruit ; a genus of Algae. 
Mai^stodon (Fos. ZooL) fjuis^t^ a nipple, o^ov; , o^«i>T«f, a tooth ; the 
fummita of the ridges on the teeth having a refemblance to the teats 
of a cow. 
Mastodonsau'rufl (Fos. Zool.) having features in common with majiodtm 

KA^famrus ; a genus of foffil Saurians. 
Maatogo'nla (Zool.) /4«0-ti^, fAua^iys^ a whip ; a genus of Infuforia. 
MMtygo'phora (Ent.) /t*«(rTif , /AdTrryHt a whip, fipmy to bear. 
Mata'yl^a (Bot.) its vernacular name in French Guiana. 
Matthi'ola (Bot.) P. N. from P. A. Matthitli^ an Italian phyfician, who 

died in 1577 ; the Gilliflower ; a genus of Crucifere. 
Matrloa'rla (Bot.) matrix, the womb, from its fuppoied medical effects ; a 

genus of CompoAtoi. 
Matronalis (Ent., Bot.) Lot, womanly, matronly ; ipecific name of the 

Dame's rocket, or Hefperis matronalu. 
Matatlna'lls (Ent.) Lat, pertaining to the morning ; from the time of 

Maura'ndia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Maurandy a Profeflbr of 

Botany at Carthagena ; a beautiful genus of Scrophulariacez. 
MaurilluB (Ent.) etymol. uncertain ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mauri'tia (Bot.) P. N. from Prince Maurice^ of Naflau, the patron of 

Riflb ; a noble genus of Palms. 
MauruB-a-um (Bot.) fAtuifti black. 
Ma'vls (Omith.) French^ mauvis ; the Song^thrufh :— 

•* When to the mirthful merle the warbling mavu fings." — Dratton. 
Mazi'lla (Zool.) Lat, the jaw, from /A«0-rao/ua{, to chew. 
Maxilla'rla (Bot.) name given because the labellum, when looked at fide* 
ways, refembles the maxillae or jaws of fbrne infects ; a genus of epi- 
phytic Orchidacez. 
Maxilla'tUB (2kx>l.) maxUla^ a jaw ; applied to the Pema maxUIatUy on 

account of the hinge having many teeth. 
Maxilll'ferus-a-um (Ent.) maxilla, the jaw, firo, to bear. 
Maxillo'sUB-a-uxn (Ent.) having large jaws (maxilla;) i. e. Staphylinus 

Mazimilia'na (Bot.) P. N. from Maximilian, Prince Weid-Neuweid. 
Ha'zimTi8-a um (Omith., Bot.) Lat. greateft. 
Maydiike (Bot.) this name, given to a kind of cherry, is from Medoc, in 

Ma'zUB (Bot.) fxm^if, a teat. 

M£A — MEG 287 

Me'adia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Dr. Mood; fpecific 

name of the Virginian cowflip, Dodeeatheon Meadla, 
Mea'dil (Ent.) P.N. in honour of ^. H. Meade, Efy,, of Bradford, YorkHiire. 
Meandrina (Zool.) originally derived from Meander, a river in Phrygia, 

famous for its windings, and metaphorically applied to the convolutions 

of the brain ; Brain-coral ; a genus of Madrepores. 
Mecistooeph'alua (Ent.) /AWiTtts, longed, »ff^«>.Jr, the head. 
Medstu'ra (Omith.) fwiJtf«-T«f, longed, •upa, tail; not, as it is (bmetimes 

written, megiftura, 
Meoke'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Malpighiacea. , 

Meoone'lla (Bot.) dim. of /uifxaw, the poppy ; a genus of Papaveraceso. 
Meoone'ma (Ent.) /»?««;, long, »«/(««, thread : a genus of Orthoptera. 
Meoonidluxn (Bot.) dim. of /ui]««ii, the poppy ; a genus of Papaveraceae. 
Meoo'nlum (Bot.) dim. of f^nxw, the poppy ; a genus of Papaveraceae. 
Meoonop'sis (Bot.) /»?««*, a poppy, 0^, appearance ; a beautiful genu» 

of Papaveraceae. 
Meoonostlg'ma (Bot.) /uii»«v, a poppy, Jfigma, (ligma refembling that of 

the poppy ; a genus of Aracese. 
Me'oopUB (Bot.) fAii»0s, long, wws, «-«^f, foot ; from the extreme length of 

the flipes of its pod. 
Meoy^na (Ent.) fAnnvvm, to lengthen, draw out. 
Mede'ola (Bot.) P. N. from Medea, 
Medioa'go (Bot.) M«)i«ff, a. term applied by Diofcorides to a Median grats. 

M. arborea is thought to be the'Cytifus of Virgil, celebrated by him 

for caufmg cows to yield abundance of milk, and as being particularly 

grateful to goats and bees ; a genus of Leguminoib. 
Medioro'stris (Ichth.) medius, middle, r^rum, a beak or fnout. 
Me'dios-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lat, of middle fize. 
Meesia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 
Megaoarpse'a (Bot.) fAtyas^ great, n»fnit, fruit. 

Megaoeph'ala (Ent.) /uix«f, great, upa'Kn, head y a genus of Coleoptera. 
Megaoeph'aloQ (Omith., Ent.) /ui>«r, great, «tf«Afi, the head. 
Mega'oeros (Fos. Zool.) ftfx«f, great, nt^f, horn ; the Irifh elk, now 

fofCl or fub-fofTil. 

Megaohile (Ent.) fj^iy^^, l^rgei X*^^*^ ^^P' ^^^^ ^ ^^"^ mandibles ; the 

Leaf-cutting Bee ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Megaoli'nlum (Bot.) fxiytt great, kXii«, to bend. 
Mega'OronTlfl (Ent.) fxiyat, great, as^r, a point or end. 
Megade'rma (Zool.) /uf>cr, great, Si^«, hide, fkin. 

28« MEG — MEI 


MegSB'ra (Zool., Ent.) P. N.,one of the Furies.— Vac. ^n. xii, 846; 

a genus of Ophidians. 
Megalftderofl (Ent.) i*iysy f**y»\th g>^t, ^1^, the neck. 
Megalai'ma (Ornith.) /mix*?, fJny^XM, great, ^at/u^«, the throat. 
Megalan'glum (Bot.) /uiy«f, fuuydxny great, ayyiiof, a veflel ; a genus of 

Bryoid Mufci. 
Megalich'thys (Ichth.) fAiyas, fufdxnt great, Ix^vs, a fifh. 
Megalo'don (ZooL) (Myat, /MyaXn, large, ihvt, Sinragy tuoth ; a genus of 

recent and foKil Mollufca. 
Megaloma (Zool.) f*i>«c, f^tydkn, great, X»fic, fringe. 
Megalo'nyx (Fos. Zool.) /uiya; , /AsyiXn, great, e»uf, claw ; a foflil manmiai 

of the tertiary. 
Megalosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) f^iyat, /Atyukti^grnt^ v-aS^c,, lizard ; a folGl 

reptile of the chalk. 
Megalotro'oha (Zool.) /uiycf , fAtyaXn^ great, tf^it, a wheel ; a genus of 

Mega'nteris (Zool.) fjUyetg, great, mirrtifity a prop ; a genus of MoUuica. 
Megaph/sa (Ent.) /Aiy»(, great, ^tra, a bladder. 
Megaphytum (Fos. Bot.) fAiyatt great, ^tniity plant ; a genus of Coal- 

meafure fodil stems. 
Megapo'dius (Ornith.) /^iyai, great, veS;, wcHis, a foot ; applied to the 

Jungle-fowl of Auftralia. 
Mega'ptera (Zool.) fjtiyas, great, irri^, a fin ; great-finned. 
Megarthrus (Ent.) f*iy«f, great, «^p«>, a joint ; large-jointed. 
Megasan'thes (Bot.) /uty^af, great, AvBog, flower; a genus of Campanulacese. 
Megaspi'ra (Zool.) /*iyast great, j^/ra, a whorl ; a genus of Mollufca. 
MegastachVa (Bot.)/Mr>«;,great,0-Tc;^v;,a fpike; alluding to the fl6wer. 
Megaste'gia(Bot.) /tAi}^a$, great, o-riyny a covering ; a genus of Legumlnoiie. 
Mega'stes (Ent.) fxiyasy large, great. 

MegasUg'niiis (Ent.) fAiyetSt hrge^Jtigmay a mark ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mega'stoma (Ichth.) fAtyag, large, e-rofAM, a mouth. 
Megathe'lium (Fos. ZooL) /ut^a;, great, fl«^«», a wild beaft. 
Mega'tozna (Ent.) /usya;, great, to^«, a cuttipg. 
Megerlia (Zool.) P. N.,a genus of Mollufca. 
Mego'tara (Zool.) fA,iyei, greatly, iratpeiy eared. 
Meio'ceraa (Zool.) /ui<«», fmaller, Kip»s, horn ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Meisne'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Melaftomacea. 
Melssar'rheiia (Bot.) fJuxT-ra:, fmalleft, a^;f»», a (lamen; a genus of 

MEL 289 

Melaoa'ntlia (ZooL) /uiXaf, black, a»a>d«, a fpine ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Melaoh'ne (Bot.) fAtkmt, black, »x**'t chafT; a gvnus of Cyperacex. 
Melado'mna (Zool.) fAiXat, black, lif^gfy a dwelling ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Melaleu'oa (Bot.) fciXaci black, Xiux«f , wbite ; the wood is black and the 

branches are white. 
Melalo'phoB (Zool.) /MfX««, black, kip»f^ a creft, applied to an ape, 

Pre/bytes melalopkos. 
Melampo'diiun (Bot.) iaid, by Theophrafiut^ to be named after Melampm 

(fxiXaf, black, vaSc, ir«}oc, a foot), who fird ufed it; the Black 

Melam'pOB (Zool.) /ulxcf, black, vwf, a foot, black-footed ; e.g. ^pyceros 

Melamput ; alio a genus of MoUuica. 
Melampyrmn (Bot.) f»ix«^«Mf, black, irv^sf , wheat ; Cows' wheat ; a 

genus of Scrophulaiiacen. 
Me'lanan'the'ra (Bot.) /Mix«f-«»«f, black, ifQnfas, flowery. 
MelanohrT^Bum (Bot.) /Mix«f, gen. /u/x«i>«f, black, xf*^*h ^^'^ ? ^ genus 

of Conipoiitas. 
Molanoo'niuzn (Bot.) fi»>^F-«»«C| black, »«»i;, dud; in allufion to its 

Melan'driuzn (Bot.) ftixs^, gen. /uiX«»e;, black, iiAf ivlfifj (figuratively) 

a flamen ; a genus of CaryophyUacese. 
Melanella (2kx>l.) dim. of melania ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Melaner'pes (Omith.) /uix«f-««c, black, l^«, to creep; the Black 


Mola'nla > 

i> J C (Zool.) /Mix«>m, blacknefs ; a genus and family of Mollufca. 
Melani adse 9 

Melanip'pe (£nt.) P. N., the daughter of ^olus. 

Mela'nlum (Bot.) /MiXaKov, the common violet, fo called in diftin^on to 

Xivx&dv, literally ** white-violet," fuppofed by Come to be the Stock- 

gilUfiower, by others the Wall-flower ; a genus of MeiadomaceK. 
Melanooa'rpos (Bot.) feix«f-«»of, black, m^vos, fruit. 
Melanooe'nchris (Bot.) /Mix«f, gen. ^iXato^, bbck, *t*xf^st millet; a 

genus of Gramina. 
Melanoce'phalua-a-um (Zool., Omtth.) /ujx«<-«i»r, black, iif^«Xv,head, 

e. g, Pithecia Melanocephala. 

Melanoora'nis (Bot.) f»ixa«,gen./MiX«»»f, black, ap«»««f, rough ; a genus of 


Melanode'ndron (Bot.) /uix*^, gen. /b^iX»r0C, black, lUlftn^ a tree ; a 

genus of Compofitce. 


190 MEL 

Melanoga'ster (Bot.) /MtXac, g«n. /uixa»0f, black, y^-nf^ belly ; a genus 

of Fungi ; al(b in Ornithology. 
Melanoloma (Bot.) /MiXac, g«n. /Mixa»0f, black, xS/ua, fringe ; a genus 

of Compoiitc. 
Melano'paliB (£nt.) /uix«>wv«;, black-looking. 
Melano'phrys (Omith.) /utX«f-«>o(, black, e^-fw, eyebrow, e.g. Myzantha 

Melanopi'ouB (Omith.) ^iXafoMr, black, picut ; a Woodpecker. 
Melanopo'gon (Zool.) /uixcf, /(AfX«»of, black, ww^^m*, a beard. 
Melanopaidlum (Bot.) aixcf , /Mix«ye;, black, pfidium, guava. 
Melanop'siB (Zool.) the genus Metania^ i^if , like ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Melano'pteruB (Ornith.) fiiXaf, f«iXa»«;, black, irri^, a wing; e. ^. 

Elanus MtUmoptam^ the Black-winged Falcon. 
Melano'pUB (Zool.) fiix«f •«»•(, black, «oi/f,a foot; e.g. Martes MeUutofms^ 

the Japancle (able. 
MelanorrhSB a (Bot.) /Mix«c» black, ^'i«, to flow ; the juice is black. 
Melanose'linum (Bot.) ^ix«f, black, o-ixtvov, parfley; referring to its 

Melano'seris (Bot.) /mi Xa(, gen. /uiXa»of, black, 0-1^1, endive ; a genus 

of Compofltne. 
Melanospo'ra (Bot.) /uixar> gen. /uixate;, bUck, 0-«r*^, feed ; a genus 

of Fungi. 
Melanostio'ta (Bot.) ftiXaf, gen. /4ixA>of, black, ^rtsrac, fpotted; a 

genus of Legumlnofie. 
Melanos'tolus (Ichth.) /MiXac, /uixa>of, black, o^toXi?, a, robe; black- 
Melano'stomum (Ichth.) /ui a «(-«»«;, black, tf-rs/uc, a mouth; black- 
Melanostro'ma (Bot.) /MtXcr, gen. /uixa**;, black, crpi/jui, bedding;-; a 

genus of Fungi. 
Melano'tis (Zool.) /Mix«:-«»e;, black, eSf , iri;, an ear ; black-eared ; e. g. 

Caracal Melanoih. 
Melanotop'terum (Ichth.) /uiXac-a»«f, black, our, wr«;, ear, «Tif*», fin. 
Melano'trichiun (Bot.) /w»x«f, gen. /uiix«>»f . black, ^i^^rfixt, hair; a 

genus of Fungi. 
Melano'tus (£nt.) fAiXitt'eiuts black, c^, wtjV > ear. 
Melanoxan'thua (Ornith., Bot.) /uix-c, gen. /uixa>«f, black, {«>d«f, yellow, 

combining the two colours; e.g. Coccothrauftcs meianoxanthus ; alfo a 

genus of Fungi. 

MEL 191 

Melano'zylon (Bot.) /ufX«f, gen. /uixa»or, black, ^wXov, wood ; a genus 

of Leguminoise. 
Melantba'oesB (Bot.) the Natural Order of which the Colchicum is the 

type, from the old name Mdanthum, the fennel flower. 
Melanthe'ra (Bot.) fiiXa«-«*of, blacic, emthcra ; a genus of Compofitae. 
MelantWsa (Bot.) fti x«i(-«»o;, black, Mn^ flower ; a genus of Euphor- 

Melan'thia (Ent.) /MiXavdnc, dark, fwarthy. 
MelEtn'thium (Bot.) fame derivation. 

Melanu'ra (Omith.) /uixc;-«i«;, black, Z^tk, tail ; black-tailed. 
Melapium (ZooL) /uiXaf, bbck, aviav, a pear; a genus of MoUufca. 
Melasa'nthus (Bot.) /uiXa; , black, Mesi flower ; a genus of Verbenaceoe. 
Melasis (Ent.) /AiXcri black ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Mela'sma (Bot.) fAiXao-ixa,, a black fpot ; a genus of Scrophulariaceie. 
Melaso'ma (Ent.) /utXa^, black, «>£/bt«, body. 
MelasphsB'rula (Bot.) /uiXaf, black, c^aX^, a fphere; alluding to the 

Melaste mon (Bot.) fjti>^ai^ black, vrhfxm, a (lamen; a genus of 

Mela'atoma (Bot.) ftiXaf, black, Tri/Aa, a mouth ; the berries (lain. 
Melea'gris (Omith., Bot.) the name given by the ancients to a fort of 

Guinea-fowl, from the hero M^leager. In Botany, the Chequered-lily, 

or Fritillaria MtUagris* 
Melec'ta (Ent.) nv/, honey ; a genus of Apidie. 
Melin'dres (Bot.) vernacular appellation of a fpecies of Vervain in Buenos 

Ayres ; the Verbena Melindres. 
Melha'ma (Bot.) P. N. from Mount Melham, in Arabia : it was fird found 

Melia (Bot.) /mix/*, the A(h ; typical genus of Meliacesr. 
Mel'ia (Ent.) /mi X;, honey ; the larva, feedff on the neAs of i)ees. 
MeUa'na (Ent.) P. N. from Mehs, an ifland in the .^gean Tea. 
Melian'thus (Bot.) /mix*, honey, a*d»;, a flower; the ^wer abounds inr 

Me'lica (Bot.) the name in Italy for the Great Millet ; a genus of Grades. 
Melioe'rta (Zool.) P. N., a character in heathen mythology; a very beau- 
tiful genus of Infiiforia. 
Meli'ohrus (Bot.) ^ix/;^0(, honey-coloured. 

Melico'coa (Cot.) /wiXi, honey, x«»««f, a berry; alluding to the flavour. 
Meli'oope (Bot.) ^iXi, honey, «»»»•'» incifion ; ncftary of notched gland*, 

I9i A/£Z 

Meli'erax COrnith.) /utX«f, a fong, lipa(, a falcon ; the Chanting foloon. 

Melige'thes (£nt.) fxiUt honey jynBiaty to rejoice in; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Melilo'tus (Bot.) /kiXi, honey, x«T«f, lotus ; a genus of Leguminofke. 

Melina (Zool.) melina^ mead ; a genus of Mollufca ; alfo a genus of 
Diptera and Coleoptera. 

Melinaspe'rmum (Bot.) fAi^ivn^ miUet; c-nt^fAu^ seed; a genua of 

Meli'nia (Bot.) /uixivo;, afhen, apple-coloured ; a genus of Afdepiadacesc. 

MeU'nis (Bot.) ftixi*?;, millet ; a genus of Gramina. 

Mell'num (Bot.) /m Xtrn, millet ; a genus of Gramina. 

Melipho'ra (£nt.) /uUi, honey, fi»f, a thief; the larva feeds on the honey 
in bee-hives. 

Meli'pona (Ent.) /miXi, honey, v«*t«, to toil ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Melis'sa (Bot.) fAiXia-c-a, a bee, becaufe abundance of honey is gathered 
from it ; Balm ; a genus of Labiatffi. 

Melis'sa (Ent.) /MiXiTtf**, a bee ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Melisso'des (Ent.) the genus Mdifa, and i7?«f, like ; a genus of Hymeno- 

MelitflB'a (Ent.) P. N., a town in Theflaly. 

Melit'tis (Bot.)/biiA^TTs, a bee ; bees gather honey from it ; Honey-balm ; a 
genus of Labiatie. 

Melittu'rga (Ent.) /uiXcrrM/^*;, a honey- worker ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Melizo'philus (Omith.) /miXi^w, to fmg, 91X1W, to love. 

Melll'fera (Ent.) iwr/, honey f/rro, to carry; the Bees. 

Melli'fioua-a-um (Ent.) Z^/. honey 'making; Apis meUifica is the Honey 

Me'llUXOS (Ent.) mellima, Iweetnefi, from mr/, honey ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Mellisu'ga (Omith.) mr/, honey,ytf^^r/, to fuck ; Honeyfucker. 

Melli'vora (Zool.) meij honey, vera, to devour ; as in the Humming-bird ; 
Florifuga mellivora, 

Melo (Bot.) the ancient name^ and now the fcientific one, of the MeUn. 

Mdo (ZooL^ M?Xo*,a melon^an apple, from its fhape ; a genus of MoUuTca. 

Melobe'sla (Bot.) /uix*;, a limb, okefus^ waded away ; a genus of Algae. 

Meloca'otUS (Bot.) melons taHujy alluding to its (hape ; a genus of Cac - 

Melocan'na (Bot.) /MrXfi*, an apple, ««»»«, a reed. 

Melo'chla (Bot.) mrlockkhj its Arabic name. 

Melodl'nus (Bot.) /t4iiX«y, an apple, $i»i«, to turn round. 

MEL — MEN 293 

Meloe (Ent.) uiXaf, black ; the Oil-beetle ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Melolo'ntha (Ent.) /unXaX^ydi), a beetle or cock-chafer, from /uf)X««, to 

explore, 2»d«f, dung ; the Fern-chafer. 
Melolon'thldSB (Ent.) aiamily of Coleoptera of which Melolontha is the type. 
Melon (Bot.) Menage confiders the melon as a large apple, and derives it 

from /M9X0y, an apple ; the Cucumis Melo ; Nat. Ord. Cucurbitacese. 
Melopsf ttacilS (Ornith.) fAix»t, a ibng, •\>lrrattfij pfatacus^ a parrot ; the 

Warbling parroquet. 
Melosei'ra (Bot.) /Miix«y, an apple, ^n^ a chain ; referring to form of 

filaments ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Melo'thria (Bot.) /MfiA»d^y, a plant fuppofed to be white bryony, from its 

Melu'rsus (Zool.) md^ honey, urfus^ a bear; from eating bees' nefls; the 

Meiyxia (Ent.) a genus of ColeopteiTi. 
Meznbrana'oeiu-a-am (Zool ) Lot. like a membrane or flcin. 
Meznbrani'pora (Zool.) usfi^^s*«, a thin (kin or film, «-o^», a paflage. 
Meme'oylon (Bot.) /b^D/tilju/X**, the Greek name for the edible fruit of the 

Mendi'ca (Ent.) mendicus, a beggar ; i.e. poor in appearance. 
Mene'stho (Zool.) P. N. from a character in heathen mythology ; a genus 

of Mollufc«i. 
Menlo'ous (Bot.) /Mf(vn> the moon, oxa^, an eye. 
Menis'oiuin (Bot.) /MnyiVjr«f , a crefcent ; from fhape of fructification. 
Meniape'rmiun (Bot.) fxictn^ a crefcent, o-vi^*, ieed ; from the crefcentic 

fhape of the feeds ; typical genus of Menifpermaccx. 
Me'nkea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Menke^ a German botanift ; a genus 

of Cruciferse. 
Meno'oeras (Bot.) /(«•»«(, ftrength, »i^sf, horn ; a genus of Goodeniacez. 
Menodo'ra (Bot.) ftiv*;, (Irength, SJ^^y, a gift ; a genus of Jafminacez. 
Menoi'dium (Zool.) /uiivii, the moon, dt2J«, to fwell, the body being cref- 
centic and thicker on the outer margin ; a genus of Infiifbria. 
Menona'nthes (Bot.) /mivw, to remain, avd«f , a flower ; a genus of Gen- 

Menonvi'llea (Bot.) P. N , a genus of Crucifer«B. 
Menopo'mata (Zool.) fii»w, to remain, vwfuiTtov, a lid or cover; applied 

to the operculum of amphibious animals. 
Me'ntha (Bot.) P. N. from Minthe, or Mtnthty the daughter of Cocytus, 

who was changed into this plant ; Mint ; a genus of Labiatae. 

194 ^^^ — ^^^^ 

Menthraa'trum (Bot.) dim. of mentkay mint ; Wild mint. 
Me'ntum (Ent.) Lai. the chin ; applied to a part of the labium of infl>0$. 
Mentzelia (Bot.) P.N. from CJlfimfz^;/, of Brandenburg, a writer on botany. 
Menu'ra (Omith.) /muSii, the crefcent moon, «Z^«, a tail ; the Lyre-bird. 
Me'nyan'thes (Bot.) /m«\, a month, c>dof , a flower ; alluding to the time 

during which it is in bloflbm ; a beautiful genus of Gentianacez. 
MoTizie'sia (Bot.) P. N. from A. Menxiesy F.L.S.<, an adiduous botanifl ; 

a genus of Ericacez. 
Meoa'ohium (Bot.) fi«r, not, 0T%fit a (hoot ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mephiti'dla (Bot.) fflr/>/^//», a noxious exhalation, in*«,likene{6 ; a genus of 

Mephi'tis (Zool.) Lot. a noxious exhalation, applied to the Skunk. 
Mera'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Af. Merat; a genus of CompoHtie. 
Mercie'ra (Bot.) P.N. in honour of ^. Mercier; a genus of Campanulacez. 
MeTokia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Merke; a genus of CaryophyUaoen. 
Merouria'lls (Ent.) from the refemblance of the ftigmata to the fymbo 

of the planet Mtrcury ( 9 ). 
Mercuria'lia (Bot.) Mercury firft difcovered the virtues of this plant ; st 

genus of Euphorbiacez. 
Merdel'la (Ent.) merda^ dung. 

Merende'ra (Bot.) a name given to the Colchicum by the Spaniards. 
Merga'nser (Ornith.) popular name of the mergus^ compounded of that 

word and anfer^ a goofe. 
Mer'gena (Zool.) Lat. diving or plunging; applied to the Duyker Bok, 

Cephalopus mergetu ; from its mode of efcaping in the bufh. 
MeTgnlus (Omith.) dim. of mergm. 
Me'rgus (Omith.) Lot, a diver or gull. 
Merialia (Bot.) P. N. from M, S. Aferian, authorefs of a work on the 

infe^h of Surinam ; born 1647, died 171 7. 
Merian'dra (Bot.) /mi^;, a divlHon, s»if;, Af^^ist % (lamen; a genus of 

Meri'dion (Bot.) from its circular form ; a genus ofDefmidiacez. 
Meridionalis (Ornith.) Lat. fouthem. 
Meris'ma (Bot.) fjn^^/jtSty divlfion. 

MeriBmopsB'dia(Bot.) fAipt^fAOj a part,ir«iSi0i',an oflfhoot ; a genus of Algic. 
Meri'sta (2^ool.) /ui^rTsr, divided ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Meriatoatig'ma (Bot.) /uipi^-r*;, divided^Jfigma ; a genus of Iridaceaj. 
Meriatotro'pia (Bot.) /xtfij^rift divided, t^vk, a keel; a genus of 



AfEU — M£S 295 

Merizomy'ria (Bot.) /Mif /{«) to divide, fAVfiie, numberlefs ; a genus of Alj^. 
Merlan'gus (Ichth.) etymol. uncertain; the Coal-fifli is Af. carbonarius; 

the Whiting, Af. vulgaris. 
Merle (Omith.) French^ merlty a blackbird. 
Merlu'oius (Ichth.) Fr. mtr. Tea, luce, pike ; the Sea-pike ; the Hake is 

M. vulgaris. 
Merocri'nidflB (Fos. Zool.) fxif^tt a part, xf /mv, a lily ; a family of Crinoidea. 
Meroe (2^1.) P. N., an ifland in the Nile ; a genus of Molluica ; alio in 

Entomologry, a genus of Neuroptera. 
Mero'maluB (Ent.) ^fi^^ , the thigh, ofe«>.«f, fmooth. 
Meropa'ohys (Ent.) fn)/»#f, the thigh, vatx^g, thick. 
Merops (Omith.) fAifv^^f, Lot, nurops^ the Bee-eater. 
Merospo'rium (Bot.) /ucpof , a divifton, a^nofty a feed ; a genus of Fungi. 
Merosta'ohys (Bot.) /uif*r, a divifion, rrmxvu a fpike or bunch ; a genus 

of Gramina. 
Mero'stenus (Ent.) /UDp*;, the thigh, vtimi, narrow. 
Merten^ia (Bot.) P. N. from Profejfor F, C. MtrteiUf of Bremen ; a genus 

of Filices. ^ 

Me'rula (Otnith.) Lat. a black-bird; fpecific name of the Black-bird, 

Turdus Menda, 
Meroli'dss (Ornith.) a family of Inceflbres, containing the Black-bird. 
Meryoothe'rium (Fos. Zool.)f»n^Ki{w, to chew the cud, d*^ a wild bead ; 

a fo(Cl Ruminant of the drift. 
Mesalia (ZooL) from Mefal, the African name of a fliell-fifh ; a genus of 

Mesembryan'themum (Bot.) fAtanf*Bfi»t mid-day, «tdi/u9v, a flower; 

typical genus of the order Mefembryacez. 
Mesembryan'themum (ZooL) an actinia Co named from reiemblance to 

the plant : q. v. 
Mesooa'rpttfl (Bot.) /ul^o^ , middle, Mmfvid Ihiit. 
Mesooe'na (Zool.) fjkia-sf, middle, ztpih empty ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Mesooe'ntron (Bot.)/ul0*o;, middle, nlvr^y, prickle ; a genus of CompoHtA. 
Mesoohei'ra (Ent.) /eaiVo^, middle, x**h ^^d ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mesocla'stea (Bot.) /Mt?«f, middle, x>.«^t«(, broken; a genus of 

Mesoda'Otylua (Bot.) /t4Jr*r, middle, imMrvX^g, a finger; a genus of 

Me80de'8ma(Zool.) /uir«;, middle, Mj-zua, ligament ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Mesoglcs'a (Bot.) fAtrotj middle, yXoiify (licky ; a genus of Algse. 

296 MES — MET 

Meaoglcyla (Bot.) ftirof, middle, yXoiett fticky \ the fpines of the branclm 

being a fblid mais. 
Mesogram'ma (Bot.) fAtroty middle, y^«/Mfi«, a marking; a genus of 

MeBomelas (ZooL) /ui0-«#, the middle, f»ix«f, black ; applied to a Jackal 

having a dark mottled band on its back. 
Mesomella (£nt.) mefomelas, a white (lone with a black ftripe ; a word 

ufcd by Pliny. 
Mesomphalla (Ent.) /ui^cci middle, o/uf«x/c, the bofi of a (hield. 
MesophyUa (Bot.) /u^rof, middle, ^vXX«v, leaf; a genus of Jungerman- 

Mesoplthe'OUB (Fos. 2I00I.) /mi^-o;, middle, vidiJMOf, an ape; the genus 
being regarded as traniitional between Hylobates and Senmopithecas. 
Mesoreg'ma (Bot.) /mi^oc, middle, fiyiAm^ that which is dyed ; a genus of 

M980sph8B'ria (Bot.) fAtv^s, middle, C'^tufm^ a ball ; a genus of Labiate 
Mesoster'nuin (Ent.) fAt^os^ middle, mp*^, the bread. 
MesostTliU (Fos. Zool.) /Mi^-ocy the middle, a-ruXoft a pillar; a foflil 

Cnidacean of the chalk. 
MespUoda'phne (Bot.) fua^iXti, me/pUui, the Medlar-tree, daphne; a 

genus of Lauracese. 
MespUo'phora (Bot.) /uio-ir^X^y, muJpUmm, the Medlar, ^fm^ to bear ; a 

genus of Pomaceae. 
Mo'Spllua (Bot.) /uirv/Xn, Lot. mefpilus, the Medlar-tree ; a genus of 

Nat. Ord. Pomiferz. 
Messaniella (Ent.) fiHl taken by Zeller near Meflina (the ancient 

Meflana), in Sicily. 
Messerschmi'dia (Bot.) P. N. from D. Mejferfehmid^ a German 

Messlngleria (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Htrr Hof-md Stadt-Kantor Mejing^ 

of Neuftrelitz, who firfl found the fpecies. 
Mesto'tes (Bot.) fxtrri-nQ^ fulnefs ; a genus of Chailletiacee. 
Meta'basls (Ent.) /uitm/Som-k , a fhifting, as of the legs in walking ; a genus 

of Diptera. 
MetaObaals (Bot.) /uits/Sm-u, (hifting ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Meta'bolUB (Bot.) /(AiT«^aX«t, a change ; a genus of Cinchonaces. 
Metachllum (Bot.) lAtra, behind, ;t:>^^*ft ^ ^ip ; > genus of Orchidacese. 


>- (Ent.) /uiraAXov, metal ; from the metallic brilliance. 

MET — MET 297 

Metallu'ra (Omith.) fAtrsXXev, metal, w^tty a tail ; a genus of Humming- 
Metape'lma (Ent.) /mita, without, vtX/tMt, the foie of the foot. 
MetaTctos (Zool.) feirs, after, &fnr9Sy bear ; implying that it follows in 

the feries after the bear. 
Meta'sia (Ent.) /Airtu-uKfAeu^ to nifli towards. 
Metastel'ma (Bot.) ftiT«, inftead of, (mXf»«, a crown. 
Meta'stenus (Ent.) /uitw, beyond, mwit^ narrow. 
Methooa (Ent) a genus of Hymenoptera. 
MethoYiuin (Bot.) fJuBiftofj on the border, i. e. of difficult claffification ; 

a genus of Sterculiaceee. 
Meti'oulosalis (Ent.) metkulosus^ timorous ; from its habit of quivering 

when the light is thrown on it. 
Meto'phlazu (Bot.) /Mir«voy, the front or forehead; a genus of Ana- 

Metopi'dia (Zool.) fAtrm-witut^ of the forehead ; a genus of Infiiforia. 
Metopo'oeros (Zool.) fcirvvo?, the forehead, »i^«»» a horn ; the Horned 

Metopo'nla (Ent.) fAirtngf, the fpace between the eyes; a genus of 

Metoporhi'&a (Zool.) ^itmvov, the front, fa^ nofe ; a genus of Colubrine 

Metrooa'mpa (Ent.) /Mr^rv, to meafune, aa/Minf, a caterpillar ; alluding 

to the geometrical mode of progredion of the larva. 
Metroside'ros (Bot.) fur^*, heart of a tree, vtinft, iron ; iron-wood ; 

Nat. Ord. Myrtacese. 
Mettemiohla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Solanaceao. 
Metzber'la (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lobeliace®. 
Metzgeorla (Bot.) P. N,. a genus of Jungermanniacex. 
Metznerieria (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Herr Metxner, of Frankfort on 

the Oder. 
Me'um (Bot.) Mrmm, bur-wort, which perhaps from ixtlm, fmaller, from 

delicacy of leaves ; a genus of Umbelliferse. 
Mezioallus-a*um (Zool., Omlth., Bot.) relating to Mexico ; e. ^.,Trogon 

Meye'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacez. 
Meye'ra (Bot.) P. N. from GottlUh Andrew Mey<ry a German botanifl. 
Meye'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitro. 
Meye'ria (Fos. Zool.) P. N., a foflTil Crudacean of the chalk. 

49^ J^£Z — M/C 

Mezereon (Bot.) from Perlian madsaryoun. 

Mla'na (£nt.) /ui«/vfiy, to (lain of a dark colour; on account of the dark 

colour of ieveral of the fpecies. 
Mi'arua (£nt.) fxim^ft (lained. 

Mlas (Zool.) the name ufed by the Dyaks for the Ourang-outang. 
Mia'ta (Ent.) /Autiw*, to (lain ; the wings, originally of a rich green, ibon 

fade to a Jirty yelltnv. 
Mi'oans (Ent., Bot.) Lat. (hining, from mieo<, to glitter ; e. g., Me(embry- 

anthemum micam. 
Mloootro'gUS (Ent.) fxiKxii, = to /ui»^;, little, r^w, to gnaw or chew. 
Miohau'zia (Bot.) P. N. from A. Mickaux, botanift to Louis XVI. 
Miohelia (Bot.) P. N. from P. A. Mkheli^ the great Florentine botanift ; 

Nat. Ord. Magnoliacesc. 
Mico'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. MUoh, M.D,, a Spanifh botanift. 
Ml'ora (Ent.) f^txfi;^ fmall. 

Miorao'tis (Bot.) f«(»^«f* fmall, a»Tic, a ray; a genus of CompoHts. 
Miora'delus (Ent.) /Mmpof , fmall, s^nX*;, obfcure. 
Miorse'a (Bot.) /uts^c, fmall ; a genus of Gentianaceae. 
Mloran'dra (Bot.) /u»pof, fmall, <lvnpt »*^f*(i ^ damen; a genus of 

Micran'dria (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Cinchonacec. 
Mioran'thea (Bot.) /u(Jt^«;, fmall «»0o(, flower, a genus of Euphorbiacete. 
Micran'themum (Bot.) ^i«pe;, fmall, &v6»s, a flower. 
Mioran'thera (Bot.) fMUfii^ fmall, «*di^«f, flowery ; a genus of Clufiaceas. 
Miora'nthes (Bot.) fiuii^*;, fmall, oftdof, flower; a genus of Saxifragaceee. 
Mlcra'nthus (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Iridacec. 
Micrarge'ria (Bot.) fAixpig, fmall, a^f, white, bright; a genua of 

Micra'spis (Ent.) fxix^armt, having a fmall (hield. 
Micra'ster (Fos. Zool.) /bciii^;, ihiall, krrvif^ (lar; a genus of foflil Spa- 

tangidae, very abundant in the chalk. 
MicrasteTias (Bot.) f«(«^(, fmall, &a-rtpUf^ marked with fmall (lars ; 

a genus of Algae belonging to the Defmidiaceae. 
Micre'lium (Bot.) /Jttufit^ fmall, nXi«(, a fun ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Miorere'mia (Bot.) fAi»fiti fmall, I;iim»«} lonelinefs ; a genus of Ericaceae. 
Mioroble'pharis (Bot.) fjnufiff fmall, Bxi^a^g, the eye-la(h ; a genus of 

Mioroca'ohrys (Bot.) /udt^^, fmall, *«;^pvf, a catkin; a genus of Coniferc« 
Miorooa'le (Bot.) /uin^o;, fmall, xaXo;, pretty. 

MIC 199 

Mlorooalla (Bot.) /ui»pef , fmall, xax«;, beautiful ; a genus of Componts. 
Miorocarpss'a (Bot.) f^tufifj fmall, »«pir«f, fruit ; a genus of Scrophulari- 

Mioroce 17118 (Zool.) /uiv^a;, fmall, »^09(, a long-tailed monkey. 
Microoella'ta (Ichth.) /uixf «r, fmall, ocellatw ; marked with little eye-like 

Miorooephalo'phis (Zool.) /(4i»(«f,imall, «if«xA, the head,o4>u, a (erpent ; 

a genus of Ophidians. 
Mioroce'ptaalus (Ichth.) /utx^*;, fmall, «i«^«Xif, a head. 
MicroohsB'ta (Bot.) /Mz^igy fmall, ;^«itii, a tuft ; a genus ot Compofitap. 
Mioroche'ra (Oraith.) /uixeof , fmall, ;^«;c, a widow ; a genus of Hum- 
Mioroohi'lus (Bot.) /uix^oc, fmall, ;^rx*f, lip ; a genus of Orchidaceic. 
Mlcroohlo'a (Bot.) fAixfh^ fmall, x^*'h gnifs. 
Microola'dia (Bot.) few^«f, fmall, itx«}«c, a branch; a genus of 

Cryptogam ia. 
Mloroco'don (Bot.) /ju»(is<, fmall, »»S«»f, a bell ; a genus of Campanulacese. 
MlorocGs'lia (Bot.) fjn*fif, fmall, x«7x«f , hollow ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Mioroooleus (Bot.) fe«*f «^ fmall, »oXf «;, a (heath ; a genus of Algse. 
Miorooo'!ma (Bot.) fAixfig^ fmall, x*jUff, foliage ; a genus of CompoHtoe. 
Mioroco'rys (Bot.) fAt*pi$t fmall, K«;i/f, a helmet ; a genus of LabiatSB. 
Microoy^Btis (Bot.) /mik^^, fmall, wv^'Tif, a bladder ; a genus of Algae. 
Miorodao'tylus (Ent.) /xiufig, fmall, )a«TvX«f, a plume. 
Mioro'dera (Ent.) fAt»fis, fmall, )ipn, neck. 

Mioroder'ris (Bot.) fAinfis, fmall, 'Uf^t^ flcin; a genus of Compofita?. 
Microdes'Znia (Bot.) f4i»fit, fmall, ha-fAig, a band or chain ; a genus of 

Mlorodi'otyon (Bot.) /^mfisy fmall, Siktmv, a net ; a genus of Algie. 
Ml'crodon (Bot.) /ui»p»f , fmall, o^Mf , oSorr*; ,a tooth ; a genus of Selaginaceie. 
Mi'orodon(Zool.)/ui»p«f. fmall, ghZf, «}«yrof,atooth ; a genus of Infuibria. 
Miorodo'nta (Bot.) fdm^it, fmall, odtvf, iiimis, a tooth ; a genus of Com- 

MiorcB'oa (Omith.) /mu^c, fmall, ojivof, the eye. 
Mlcroelus (Bot.) /uu^^f, fmall, Sx«r, a wart or knot ; a genus of Euphor- 

Miorogle'na (Zool.) fjuupif, fmall, yXiifD, the eye-ball ; having a minute 

red eye-like fpeck at the anterior part of the body; a genus of 

Microglo'ssa (Bot.) fjtm^ifi fmall, yXKo-ca^ a tongue; a genus of Compofitse. 

300 MIC 

Mlorogom'phua (Bot.) /um^*;, fmaU, y^/uf «« , a bolt or foftening ; a genus 

of EricaoesB. 
Miorogoni'dia (Bot.) fM»po(, fmall, y^vtlt^, dim. of yntia, angle ; the 

fmalleft fronds which efcape from the parent cell in the Infuforia. 
Miorogo'nium (Bot.) fct»{««, fmall, y»fm,an angle; a genus of Polypodioid 


Miorogramona (Bot.) (MKfit, fmall, y^aiAfAo, a marking; a genus of 

Pol3rpodioid Filices. 
Miorogram'mana (£nt.) /mix^oV* fmall, ypm/AfAa, a mark. 
Mlorogy'ne (Bot.) fAtxfig, fmall, ywn, a piftil ; a genus of Compofitse. 
MiorolSB'na (Bot.) fjuufif^ fmall, XaXva, a mantle ; a genns of Gramina. 
Mlorole'pla (Bot.) fAixfig, fmall, Xsv/f, a (bale ; a genus of Polypodioid 

ICiorole^is (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Melaftomacez. 
Miorole'stes (Fos. 2^1.) /min^*;, fmall, Xn^-Tii;, a robber; a fodil quadruped 

of the triaflic formation. 
Miorolo'ma (Bot.) fux^*;, fmall, xi/Ac^ a fringe ; alluding to the flower. 
ICiorolon'ohus (Bot.) /iuxfii, fmall, kiy^nf a fpear ; a genus of Compolitsc. 
MicrolophUB (Bot.) f*t*»it, fmall, X*^ oc> a creft ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Miorolo'tus (Bot.) /uixpof , fmall, Xttrig, a lotus ; a genus of Leguminofz. 
Miorome'ga (Bot.) fAUL^fMyi^nu fmall in fize ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Micromelum (Bot.) /Mi»^«f,finall,fi7x»», an apple; a genus of Aurantiacex. 
Mioro'meluB (Ent.) /bux^o^ixv^, fmall-limbed. 
Mlorome'ria (Bot.) ftix^^f, fmall, fAc^iV> a part. 
Miorcymys (Zool.) fjn*fif, fmall, fAvg, a mouie ; the Hanreft-moufe. 
Mioropel'tis (Bot.) /uix^f, fmall, viXTii,a leather fliield; a genus of Fungi 
Mlcrope'plus (Ent.) /juufof, fmall, vitrXog, a covering. 
Mlorope'ra (Bot.) M-t^fi;^ fmall, wn^is^ maimed ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Micropet'alum (Bot. ) fxi xp«f, fmall, wiraXn^ a leaf; a genus of Saxifragaceae . 
Miorophy'sa (Ent.) imk^qs, fmall, tfZ^m, a bladder. 
Miorophy'ta (Fos. Zool.) f*i»fi(y fmall, <^vt«v, plant ; microfcopic plants, 

fuch as many Defmids. 
Mioropi'per (Bot.) fM»^V, fmall, //^r, the pepper plant; a genus of 

Mloropleu'ra (Bot.) /(At*^c« fmall, vXtvfif, a rib ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
Mioropo'dlum (Bot.) /uu^f, fmall, vcvg, «»)•;« a foot; a genus of 

Mi'crops (Zool.) juixp«f, fmall, i^t the face ; fmall-faced. 
Miorop'sis (Bot.) /^it^, fmall, S^tF, appearance; a genus of Compofitse. 

MJC 301 

Mioroptelea (Bot.) fjunpif, fmall, «tiXi«e, the elm ; a genus of Ulmacefe. 
Miorop'teris (Bot.) fAi»fis, fmall, impir, a fern ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Miorop'teryz (Ent.) /M(Mf •; , little, wripg, the wing. 
Micro pUB (Bot.) fjn*fis% fmall, irai/r, a foot ; fmall-footed. 
MIoropy'zis (Bot.) /uix^tf , imall, wv^ltt Lot. fyxut a box ; a genus of 

Miororha'gus (Ent.) f*t*fOfy fmall, fty^s, a rent or chink. 
Mlcrorhyn'ohus (Bot.) /Mi»f«r, fmall, fvyx^f, a beak; a genus of 

Mlorosac'ous (Bot.) /uj»f*f, fmall, sAiiu»s^ a bag ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Miorosa'urus (Ent.) fMnfis, fmall, ffauf^t^ lizard. 
Miorosoia'dium (Bot.) (Am fit ^ fmall, 0-jci«3i«f, an umbel; a genus of 

Mloro'seris (Bot.) /Mi»^r, fmall, vi^Hj a kind of endive; a genus of 

Mlcroso^ros (Bot.) /Mtn;*; , fmall, 0^0^;, a purfe ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Microsper'miim (Bot.) /u(»po'f, fmall, tf-rif/u*, feed; a genus of Compofitse. 
Microspo'ra (Bot.) /uiitg*;, fmall, anifsj a feed. 
Mlorostaohys (Bot.) /Mix^of, fmall, 0^s;^vf, a bunch; a genus of 

Mioroste'gium (Bot.) fjnufit^ fmall, rax*, a covering; a genus of Gramina. 
Microste'phiiun (Bot.) fux^iff fmall, tf-ri^ac, a wreath; a genus of 

Miorostio'ticuB (Bot.) /4iKf^c, fmall, mti-nf, fpotted. 
Microsti'gma (Bot.) fjuu^ifj fmall, fiigma^ a botanical term : q. v. 
Micro'stoma (Ichth.) f^txpis, fmall, a-rifAu, mouth. 
Mioro'stylls (Bot.) /Mixp«f, fmall, <rrDx«r, a pillar (ftyle). 
Miorote'a (Bot.) fjuMfirrnj fmallnefs; referring to the minute parts of 

Mlorothe'ca (Bot.) fxtufif, fmall, Bnt% a (heath ; a genus of Algz. 
Miorothe'oa (Zool.) fAiK^if^ fmall, di}»ff, a (heath ; a genus of Infbibria. 
Mlcrothe'cium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Fungi. 
MicrotherieHa (Ent.) fMxfOft fmaU, and dim. from Bnfiot, a beafl. 
Microthy'rium (Bot.) luunfo^^ fmall, du^ov, a little opening ; a genus of 

Micro'tlB (Zool.) fjntifisy fmall, «w, arr«f, an ear ; a genus of Moiiufca. 
Mioro'tis (Bot.) fame derivation ; appendage to antlier. 

302 MIC — MIL 

Mlorotre'ma (Bot.) fjuufi;, fmall, r^n/JUL, a hole ; a genus of Ericacez. 
Miorotriohia (Bot.) fMx^igy fmall, B^i^, I'^X'f* ^ hair; a genus of 

Miorozo'a (Zool.) fxt*f6f, fmall, {[««, animals ; microfcopic animals. 
Mlorozo'um (£nt.) fjuufii^ fmall, (£•», animal. 
Middendor'fla (Bot.) P. N. given in honour of Baron MUdenderf, ' an 

eminent Rudian naturalid; a genus of Lythtacez. 
Mie'gia (Bot. j P. N., a genus of CompoHtae. 
Mieliohofe'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 
Mie'ria (Bot.) fAHfif, ftained ; a genus of CompoHtc. 
ICie'raia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of GillieAaceae. 
Mi'gadops (£nt.) /Miy«f , mixed, i-^, the countenance. 
Migrato'rius-a-um (Ornith.) Lat. wandering; e.g.,E(\op{(\et mtgraUnus, 

the Paflenger pigeon. 
Mika'nla (Bot.) P. N. from JofejfA Mickan^ Profeflbr of Botany at Prague. 
Milfoil (Bot.) contraction olmilUfoUum; the Achillea MilUfolium. 
Miliaila (Omith.) mUiariusy pertaining to millet (Milium). 
Milia'ris (2Sool., Omith.) Lat. fed upon millet ; e, g.y Emberiza miliarh. 
Milia'rium (Bot.) miiium, millet ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mili'ola (Zool.) dim. oirmUum^ millet ; a genus of minute Foraminifera ; 

alio a genus of Infiiibria. 
Milium (Bot.) Lat. millet ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mll'lea (Bot.) P. N. from Julien MiiJa, chief gardener, Royal Gardens, 

Millegra'na (Bot.) mill^, a thoufand, grana, grains; e. g., Radiola 

Mille'pora (Fos. Zool.) milUt a thoufand, ^rM, an outlet; a genus of 

foflil Corals. 
Millei>ori'd8B (Fos. 2^1.) MilUpora^ with fam. term. ; a hmWy of Corals. 
Millepo'ruxn (Bot.) milU, a thoufand, porus^ an opening \ a genus of 

MllleTia (Bot.) P. N. from PhiUp MilUr, F.XJ5., author of the " Gar- 

deoet's DiAionaiy. 
Mille'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of if. MilUt; a genus of Leguminoiie. 
MilligaHia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. MiUigan ; a genus of Araliacese. 
MiUingto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Sir T, MiUi$tgton, Savilian Piofeflbr at 

MiUo'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitz. 
MUne'a (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Meliaceae. 

MIL — MIN 303 

Miltifzia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Hydrophyllaccs. 

MiltO'nia (Bot.) P. N. given by I>r. Lindley in honour of £arl Fitz- 

william ; a genus of OrchidacesB. 
Milva'go (Omith.) dim. of mc/vw, a Icite ; a genus of Falconidz. 
Milvulua (Ornith.) dim. of mititut^ a Icite ; a genus of Mufcicapidz or 

MUtub (Ornith.) Lat, a Icite. 

Mtme'sa (Ent.) fAifAna^tt, imitation ; a genus of HymenopCera. 
Mime'tea (Bot.) fjufjmrngj a mimic. 
Mimo'sa (Bot.) fdXfA^s, a mimic; Emulates animal fenHbility; the SenntiTe- 

plant ; a genus of LeguminoTz. 
Mimosi'tes (Fos. Bot.) bearing Tome reiemblance to Mimofa ; a genus of 

Foflil feed-pods. 
Mi'mulUS (Bot.) Lat. a little monkey, from its grotefque appearance ; a 

genus of Scrophulariacese. 
Mimu'aops (Bot.) /AXfA9St an actor, w|, the face ; referring to (hape of the 

Mi'na (Bot.) 'P. N. in honour of Don Fratujfco XavUr Mina, a Mexican 

Minifler of State. 
Min'dium (Bot.) from the local name of a plant in Senegal, appropriated 

by Adanson, the great French Naturalifl ; a genus of Campanulaccap, 

now included (n Michamxia. 
Minia'tu8-a-um (Boc., Ent.) Lot, coloured red. 
Min'ixnuB-a-um (ZooL, Ent., Bot.) Lat. leaft, e. g.^ Alaptus minimus, 

(aid to be the fmalled Hymenopteious \nCe&. known. 
Minio'sa (Ent.) miniumy red lead. 

Min'now (Ichth ) French, memiife. 

Mino'a (Em.) P. N., a town of Paledine (Gaza). It was^alfo the name 

of feveral towns in Greece and Sicily. 
Mino'Ua (Zool.) fo called by Mr. A. Adams, from Mino-Sima, a little 

ifland near Niphon ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Minor (Zool., Bot.) Lat, lefs ; e, g., Galago minor. 
Minos (Ent.) P. N., one of the Judges of departed fouls ; from its gloomy 

Mint (Bot.) Lai. memtAa, Frttuk, menihe. 

Mlnthi'dlum (Bot.) mmtha, mint, sHof, like ; a genus of Labiatz. 
Mlnthoeta ohya (Bot.) mentka^ mint, Trax^* » *>«nch ; a genus of Labiatie. 
Minuar'tia (Bot.) p. n. from Minuart, a Spanilh apothecary. 
Miau'tia (Bot.) minutuj, fmall ; a genus of Qleaces. 

304 MIN — MIT 

Mlnutia'Biinua (Zool., Ent.) Lot. fmallefl ; e. g. Hali^his nmtutijftmusy the 

fmalled bee found in this country. 
Mlnu'tUB-a-um (Ornith.) LMt, little, fmall ; e. g. Sterna minuta, 
Minyrotham'nas (Bot.) (xirvfij^m^ to wail, do^Mc, a Ihnib; a genus of 

Miooa'rpUB (Bot.) fiiiVv, fmaller, x«(ir«c, fruit ; a genus of Melaftomacez. 
Mique'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gramina. 
Miralbilia (Bot.) Lot, wonderful, alluding to the flowen; a beantifnl 

genus of Nydlaginaceae. 
Miralia (Zool.) derivation uncertain ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Mirbe'Ua (Bot.) P. N. from C. F, B, MirUlt a celebrated French phyfio- 

Mircooa (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Lythracex. 
Mi'riki (Zool.) native name of a Brazilian monkey, Brachyteles hypo- 

Miachoca'rpus (Bot.) /m<V;c»c, a (lalk, Mf««f, fruit; a genus of 

Miachooa'ryon (Bot.) f^irx'^st a ftalk, mmmwv, a nut; a genus of 

Miachocy'ttarOB (Ent.) fAicx»s, or fjurMt, a (lalk, uvrraftf, a cavity ; a 

genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mlaoo'dera (Ent.) fAlT»osf a flalk or flem, Itpn^ the neck. 
Miaoolo'bium (Bot.) fAtTtu^^ a (lalk, Xc$is, a pod ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Mia'oophua (Ent.) /bciVxoc, a (lalk ; from the fpines on the tibiae ; a genus 

of Hymenoptera. 
Mi'aous (Ent.) fjua-Mfj a (lem or (lalk ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Miaelia (Ent.) fuue-tCf, to hate, 4X10;, the fun. 

Miaoden'dron (Bot.) fAX^ft hated, iMfWy a tree ; a genus of Loranthacex. 
Miaolam'pua (Ent.) fAta-iw, to hate, x«/Mir»f, a torch. 
MiaBiaaippen'ais-e (Zool.) relating to the river Mi^Jtfpi; e.g. I^linia 

Miaty'llua (Bot.) /uid~rvxx«, to cut up; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Mitchel'la(Bot.) P. N from Mr Mitchdl, an Engiilhman who traveUed in 

Mitel'la (Bot.) Lot, a turban ; referring to the capfule ; a pretty genus 

of Saxifragaces. 
MlteUo'pala (Bot.) the genus MiteUoy l-^i^^ afpe^l; a genus of Saxi- 

Mitia-e (Zool ) Lot, gemle, placid. 

MJT — MOD 30$ 

Mitcxoera (Ent.) fMT«f , a thread, xt^ sf , horn (antenna). 
Miiope'talmn (Bot.) f^h^t^ a thread, petalum ; a genus of Orchidace«. 
Mitosti'gma (Bot.) /emto^ , a thread,/i^9iia ; a genua of Afclepiadacex. 
Mi'tra (Zool.) Lot. a turban ; a gertus of Mollufca. 
Mitraoar'pum (Bot.) fAh^aj a garUhd, umfwis^ fruit; a genus of 

Mitra'gyne (Bot.) /MtTp«, a garland, y«^Q, a piftil ; si geitiis of Cinchonacec^ 
Mitralis (Zool.) mitra,z turban. 

Mitraila (Bot.) /bcirpa, a mitre, from form of corolla ; a geilus of Gefiiericec. 
Mitrasac'me (Bot.) /uuTfo, a mitre» «»fMi, a point. 
Mitrastig'ma (Bot.) f*ir^»t ^ mitre, Jiigma ; a genus of CinchOnaceae. 
Mitra'tas-a-um (ZooL) mitra, a turban, a hood; e.g^ BaHlifcus OT//rii/»j, 

the Hooded BafiUsk. 
Mitre'phora (Bot.) /u/t^s, a garland, 4>i^«, to bear ; a genus of Anonacex. 
Mitriostig ma (Bot.) /mit^«»» a little garland, ^i^ma ; a genus of Cin- 

Mitro'phora (Bot.) fAhf, a garland, ^iftt, to bear; a genus of 

Mitrula (Bot.) fAiTf*, a mitre ; referring to its form. 
Mitterpaoherla'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of L, Mitterpachers I^rofeflbr of 

Natural Hiftory at Pedh ; died 1814. 
Mizod'ia (Ent.) /mi{*Si«, a place where iereral roads meet. 
Mnemi on ((Bot.) ixfnfAiUw, a memorial ; a fe^tion of the genus Viola. 
Mni'aruB-a-um (Bot.) f*nm^it, mofly. 
Mnioph'ila (Ent.) fA>/«v, mofs, ^Xq, fond of. 

Mniop'siB (Bot.) the genus Mmunif i^s, like ; a genus of Podoftemaceas. 
Mniotil'ta (Omith.) /M>i«y, mofs, rtkrift pulled, plucked ; moft being ufed 

in making the neit ; a genus of Warblers. 
Mni'mn (Bot.) fAvinf mois ; a genus of Mufci. 
Mode'ooa (Bot.) its Indian name. 

Modee'ria ;.Zool.) P. N. in honour of Adolph AMeer, a Swede. 
Modes 'tus-a-um (Ornith.) Lot. mild, gentle, fliy. 
Modi'ola (Zool.) modiolus^ a fmall meafure, or drinking cup ; the Horfc* 

muflel; a genus of Bivalve ihellSf both living and foflil; in Botany 

applied to a genus of MalvacesB. 
Modiola'lia (Zool.) refembling modiola; a genus of Mollufca. 
Modiolo'pBis (ZooL) the genus motiiola,o^is, like ; a genus of Mollufca. 
ModulallB (Ornith.) moduhr, to fing or play melodiouny. 
Modula'rittS (Omith.) fame derivation ; e. g. Accentor m^Adarius. 


3o6 MOD — MOL 

Mod'ulua (Zool.) Lat.y a fmall meafure ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Moehrin'gia (Bot.) P. N. from P. H. G. M^thringy a celebrated German 

phyfician; a genus of CaryophyUacerc. 
McBSta'lis (Ent.) mttjius^ fad, gloomy. 
Mogi'phanes (Bot.) y'y»?, fcarcely, 4>«/y», to appear; a genus of 

Mo'hria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Mola (Ichth.) Lat. a mill-done ; the Sun-fifti. 
Moldenhawera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminous. 
Mole (Zool.) of Anglo-Sax. etymology, Hgnifying the thrower-up of mouIJ 

or earth. 
Mo'lgula (Zool.) /jicXyig, a hide ; a genus of Ascidians. 
Mollne'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Ignath Molinerio, DireOor of the Botanical 

Gardens at Turin. 
Molinla (Bot.) P. N. from G. J. Molina^ who wrote on the plants of 

Chili in 1782 ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mollipen'nes (Ent.) moUij^ iohtpenna, a wing; applied to certain beetles 

having foft elytra. 
Mollis-e (Bot.) Lat. foft ; e. g. Bromus moUh. 
Mollis simus a-um (Zoal., Ornith.) Lat. very foft ; f. g. Somateria mo/- 

lljftma^ the Eider-duck. 
MoUu'go (Bot.) a name in Pliny, retained by Linnaeus. 
Mollu'aca (Zool.) mollis ^ foft, or mollitlesj foftnefs. Applied to the fub- 

kingdom of animals, the membeis of which are deftitute of a bony 

MoVooh (Zool.) a name given to an uncouth and horrid-looking reptile 

from Weftem Audralia, Moloch horridus. 
Moloposper'mutn (Bot.) fxihoa^y a wheal, cvcf/ua, a feed. 
Molos'sus (Zool.) derivation uncertain; the Thick-lipped bat. 
Mo'lothrua (Oinith.) /uoxiri', to tranfplant, from the habit of depofiting 

its eggs in the nefts of other birds ; the Cow-pen bird is M. pecoris. 
Molpa'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitce ; alfo, in Zoology, a genus 

of Echinodermata. 
Moltkia (Bot.) P. N. a genus of Boraginacesc. 
Moluoce'lla (Bot.) it was brought from the Moluccas; a genus of 

Moly (Bot.) /uwAu, a kind of garlic ; fpecific name of the Allium ili#/y 

of Linnscus. 
Moly^tes (Ent.) (AvXurr.iy feeble, fluggilh. 

MOM — MON 307 

Momor'dlca (Bot.) mordeo, to bite ; the feeds feem bitten ; a genus of 

Momo'tUB (Ornlth ) Latinized form of the word Motmot, which is faid 

to be from the note of the bird. 
Mo'na (Zool.) this is a fort of generic name for monkey in fome parts of 

the fouth of Europe, and was applied by Bu Son to the Cercopi thecus Mona, 
Mc/nacha (£nt.) Lat. a nun, from its black and white wings. 
Monaohan'thus (Bot.) monaehus, a monk, a(»6o;, flower ; from refemblance 

of labellum of the original fpecies to a monk's cowL 
Mona'chce (Bot.) /u«v«ff, Angle, «;c»*>, a point or awn ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mona'ctinus (Zool.) fxivs^ Hngle, axt/v, aray; a genus of Infuforia. 
Monac'tis (Bot.) fi«»«f, fmgle, <1»t/;, a ray ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Monad (Zool.) fi«»er, alone, fmgle; becaufe never cludering like other 

genera of Infiifbria. 
Monadelph'oua (Bot.) fi9>ec, Hngle, ahx^ij, a brother; having the 

(lamens united into one bundle. 
Monade'nia (Bot.) /bc«»»f , Tingle, Mv, a gland ; a genus of Orchidaceie. 
Monadi'na (Zool.) monoj^ with fam. term. ; a family of Infuforia. 
Monan'dria (Bot.) fA9>of, Tingle, Mf^ i^ifh, a man (fymboUcally a 

(lamen), having a (ingle (lamen. 
Monan'thes (Bot.) ^«»or, one, Mof, a flower. 

Monar'da ^ _^ . jP. N. from N. MonartLrs, a phyfician of Seville, 
Monarde'lla 3 ( in the 1 6th century ; genera of Labiataj. 

Monarrhe'nus (Bot.) /M«y«;, fingle, «^/«f>, a male, i. ^., ftamen ; a genus 

of Compofitx. 
Mon'as(Zool.) explained under Monad. 
Mon'ax (Zool.) /ue?a{, Singly, alone ; applied to Arctomys monax^ the 

Maryland marmot, becaule it is faid to appoint fentinels. 
Mon'chia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Monch ; a genus of Car\o- 

Mone'chmia (Bot.) /u«>of, fingie, f;^a, a holdfafl or ftay; a genus of 

Mone'dula (Omith.) Lat. a jackdaw, the fcicntific name of which is 

Corvus Monedula : — 
" Non plus aurum tibi quam monedulse commitlebant." — Cic. Fl. 31. 
Mone'ma (Bot.) /u^yo;, one, v>),u«, a filament ; alluding to its (implicity. 
Monen'sls (Ichth,, Bot.) Lat, belonging to the Ifle of Man — Mona ; e. o-. 

Bradica Monenfu. 
Monen'teleo (Bot.)/uore#, fmgle, i»t»? iif, complete ; -a genus of Compofits. 

3o8 MON 

Moner'ma (Bot.) fi«»«r, one, f^o, a fupport ; having one glume. 
Mone'tia (Bot.) P. N. from Monet de la Marck^ a celebrated French botanift. 
Mongoa (Zool.) Latinized form of the word Mongous. 
Moni'Ua (Zool., Bot.) mMilt^ a necklace ; the filaments are articulated ; 

aUb a genus of MoUufca. 
Monili'fera (Zo<A.) monUe, a necklace, />ro, to bear ; alTo in Bot., a genus 

of AlgiB. 
Monillfor'inia (Bot.) mmile, a necklace,ybrOT<7, (hape ; a genus of Algz. 
MoniU'na (fiot.) iwom/r, a necklace \ a genus of Algz. 
MonJ/mla (Bot.) /u^f/M«r, ftedfafl; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Moni- 

Monitor (Zool.) LaL one who gives warning; thele reptiks being be- 
lieved to give warning of the crocodile's approach. 
MonitoaldSB (Zool.) monitor, fam. term, id^e ; a divifion of Reptilia. 
Mon'key (Zool.) Dr. Johnibn fays from monikim, a little man ; Dr. Todd 

prefers monitckioy the old Italian for monkey. 
Mozmie^ > rP. N. in honour of M, U Monnier, phyfician to 

MonnieTla) \ Louis XV., an able botanifl. 

Monol>iA (£nt.) ^MOf , alone, ^U», to live ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Monoboth'rium (Bot.) fiivcf, Tingle, Mfot, a hole or pit ; a genus of 

Monoca'ryiim (Bot.) /niK^, Tingle, »«^, a nut ; a genus of Melanthaceic. 
Monoce'lis (Zool.) fi^ef , fingle, x*>Xtf, a ijwt ; a genus of Annulata. 
Monocen'tra (Bot.) /bi«uf, Tingle, »a»T^, a prickle \ a genus of Melas- 

MoDOoen'tris (tchth ) ftiv*;. Tingle, »i»i>{«v, a Tpine ; a genus of Acantho- 

pterygian fiihes. 
Mono'oera (Bot.) f*si«f, fingle, xi^r* a horn ; a genus of Tiliacete. 
Mono'ceros (Zool.) mJ»*«) Tingle, Ji(^#, a horn ; ipecific name of the 

Narwhal, Monodon Monoceros, 
Monoohaa'tam (Bot.) ftsMs* fingle, x,'^ir^^ a brifile \ a genus of Mela»to- 

Mono'ohamufl (Ent.) /«•»•«, fingle, x*f^*h ^ hook. 
MonochiluB (Bot.) /tAsvof, fingle, ;^fTxef, a lip ; a genus of Verbenace.^. 
Monoohl'ras (Ichth.) /ulv*;, fingle x»i^ a hand, or 6h. 
MonoohlaB'na (Bot.) /ueyor, fingle, ;t:^*^*«f ^ mantle ; a genus of Com# 

Monoohlamy desB I 

^ ^ •r, . % ^ f«9>9»» one, ;i;;X«/ui;i, a coat or covennj; : 
I (Bot.) ) , ^ *" 

)Ua^^ ^ exogenous plants with no coiplU, 



Monooondylaa'a^Zool.) /xivts, lingle, ««vSvX«f, a joint ; a genus of MoUufca, 
Monooo'smia (Bot.) /Ainf, (ingle, uia-fAtt^ order, beauty; a genus of 

Monoootyle'dons (Bot.) /um*;, Tingle, c^/y/A/Mr, seed-leaf ; equivalent to 

MonocyB'tia (Bot.) /u*>«;, Tingle, nvrrit, a pouch ; a genus of Zingiberacerc . 
Monodao'na (Zool.) /t««y«f, Tingle, )«»»«, to bite ; having a lingle hingf> 

Mo'nodon (Zool.) /t«*»ef. Tingle, Siws^ oSorrcf , a tooth ; M, Monoceros is 

the Narwhal. 
Monodo'nta (Zool.) /mom;, one, o^evf , e^or*; , a tooth ; a genus of MoUufca, 
Mono'dora (Bot.) ftMo; , one, 2«^«. a fkln ; the fruit is one-celled. 
Monogo'nia (Bot.) fioof , Tingle, >«Ma, an angle ; a gQnus of Poljrpodioiil 

Monogram'ma (Zool.) /u^y^f, Tingle, yfdfAf*», an infcription ; a genus of 

Infuibria : in Botany, a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Monogra'psua (Fos. Zool.) /M«ii«f , Tingle, yfm^, ^f«4«) to write or engrave. 
Monogy'nia (Bot.) /»•»•;, Tingle, ywn, a female (TymboUcally a piftil). 
Mozxo'labls (Zool.) juirof, Tingle, x»Sti, a handle ; a genus of Infuibria. 
Monolepis (Bot.) /MM«f, Tingle, xtvit, a Tcale ; a genus of Chenopodiacea*. 
Monolo'cular (Bot.) /amsj Tingle, loeuliu, a Tmall cavity ; one-celled. 
Mcnolo'pia (Bot.) /mmo;. Tingle, >•*•«, a (hell or hu(K ; a genus of Com- 

Monome'rla (Bot.) /Mno^, Tingle, /bci^f , a part ; a genus of Orchidacex. 
Monompha'lii (Zool.) fAMs^ Tingle, o/t4«^Aif, the navel ; two bodies being 

united by means of one umbilicus. 
Monomya'xia (Zool.) /t««y«f , (ingle, /uur, a muflel ; an order of Bivalvo 

(hells, having only one muTcular depre(Eon on each valve. 
Mono'nychus (£nt.) }«•»•;, Tingle, cl>v£, 7»v;cof, a claw. 
Monope'talous (Bot.) /u^»«f) Tingle, viraXo*, a leaf (petal) ; having many 

petals united together by their edges. 
MonophlebTiB (Ent.) fA^.of, Tingle, ^x^, ^x%B»s^ a vein ; a genus of 

Monophyllu8-a-um (Zool., Bot.) /umo^, Tingle, having Timple leaflets ; 

r. g, Kennedya mmophyUa.^ 
Monophyllaa'a (Bot.) /u«>er. Tingle, f vAAoy,leaf ; a genus of Gefheriaccse. 
Monopby'odonts (Zool.) /bt«»*r, once, ^«, to generate, SS«Mr> «)«>T0f i a 
tooth ; the term u(ed by Profeflbr Owen to expreis thofe animals 
having a (ingle (et of unrenewable teeth. 

310 MON 

Monopleu'ra (Zool j /u«v«f, Tingle, vAiz/^v, a rib ; a genus of Molluica. 
Mono'ploca (Bot.) /umof. Tingle, vX 0x0;, a wreath ; a genus of Crucifene. 
Monopo'gon (Bot.) /M^of, Tingle, ^tiyw, a beard ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mono'prion (Fos. Zool.) fxevof, Tmgle, v^m*, a Taw ; a family of 

Mono'psis (Bot.) />««»«(, one, o^it^ appearance. 

Mono'ptera (Bot.) fi^vof. Tingle, irTi^v, a wing ; a genus of CompoHue. 
Mono'pterls (Ichth ) /u0y«f, Tmgle, trTtftf, a fin ; one-finned. 
Mono'ptilon (Bot.) Atov«f. (ingle, vrXXof^ a feather ; a genus of Compont£C. 
Monopty'gma (Zool.) /u«y9f, Tingle, irTi/y.u«s, a fold ; a genus of Molluica. 
Monor chis (Bot.) fio»of. Tingle, o^;t^(r, an orchid ; a genus of Orchidace«. 
Monor'mia (Bot.) /u^vo;, fiogle, o^/bcia, a fiOiing-line ; a genus of Algae. 
Mono'ais (Bot.) /jieme'iSf (olitarineTs ; a genus of Compoflta*. 
Monospo'ra (Bot.) /M*9t, Tingle, riro^a, a (eed ; a genus of Euphorbiaceie. 
Mono'stega (Zool.) fi9v«f , Tmgle ^riyrtf a chamber ; an order of Foramini- 


• Monostio 'tides (Bot.) fjti*psy Tingle, 0-Ti»T«f, (potted ; having one row of 

Teeds attached to the (eptum ; a divifion of Bignoniacez. 
Mono'stoma (Zool.) /t««*«f, Tingle, trtifAa, mouth. 

• Monostyla (Zool.) /bt«y«f, fingle, trrZx»tf a pillar ; a genus of Infufbria. 
Monotaz'is (Bot.) /M6»«f, Tingle, yd^ig, arrangement ; a genus of £uphor> 

Monothal amous (Zool.) /bc«y«;, fmgle, daXafi*;, a chamber ; not divided 

by partitions. 
Msnotbe'oa (Bot.) fi^of, Tingle, Bniitt, a (heath ; a genus of MyrTinaceie. 
Monothe'cium (Bot.) Tame derivation ; a genus of Acanthacete. 
Monothyla'oium (Bot.) /u«.o;i Tingle, di;X«xo;, a pouch ; a genus of 

Mono'tis (Zool.) fcovs;, (ingle, olgy mtoV, ear ; a genus of MoUuTca. 
Mono'tooa (Bot.) /u«»«f, one, tiKeg, birth ; the germen is one-(ceded. 
Mono'toma (Ent.) f^ifis. Tingle, t«/mi}, a cutting. 
Monotospo ra (Bot.) fAmgy Tingle, «u(, a-ro;, ear, o-nofk^ Teed ; a genus of 

Monotre'mata (Zool.) /uo»Of, Tingle, T^/uft, a hole or opening; having a 

Tingle excretory and generative outlet j a diviTion of the Mammalia. 
Mono'tropa (Bot.) fi«»of, one, rpinot, to turn ; the flowets are turned one 

way ; typical genus of Monotropaceic. 
Monotrop sis (Bot.) the genus Monotropa, o^i; , likcneTs; a genus of Mono- 



Monso'nia (Bot ) P. N. from Ladjf Anne Monfmj who was eminent a« a 

botanifl ; a genus of Geraniacete. 
Montacu'ta (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Col. George Moniagu^z diftinguifhcd 

early Englifh naturalid ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Montana'ta (Ent.) montamut dwelling among mountains. 
Montane'llus (Omith.) dim. ot montanus, dwelling among mountains. 
Montano'a (Bot.) P. N. from Montanoj a Mexican patriot. 
Monta'nU8*a-um (Omith.) Bot.) Lat. frequenting or growing upon moun- 
tains ; e. g.f Pafler montanuj. 
Montezu'ma (Bot.) P. N. from Montexumaf the celebrated king of 

Mo'ntia (Bot.) P. N. from Jofeph Monii^ Profeflbr of Botany at Bologna ; 

Nat. Ord. Portulacacecc. 
Montlcola'na (Ent.) monies^ mountains, coUre^ to frequent. 
Montifiringl'lla (Ornith.) mons, moniu, a mountain, fringU/a, a finch ; the 

Monti'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Laurence Montint a Swedi(h botanid. 
Mon'tium (Ornith.) gen. pi. of mo/u, a mountain ; e. g., Linota montium, 

the mountain Linnet. 
Monu'ra (Zool.) fAowf, lingle, «v^, tail ; a genus of Infufbria. 
Moo'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 
Moororof tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Convolvulacero. 
Moquilea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Chryfobalanacete. 
Moqui'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitie. 
Moras a (Bot.) P. N. from R. Afoore^ a botanid of Shrewlbury ; a genu5 

of Iridaceae. 
Morohe'lla (Bot.) from monhely the German name of the plant ; the Morel ; 

a genus of Fungi. 
Morohella'na (Zool.) from refemblance to the Fungus morchella. 
Morda'oia (Ichth.) mordax-acU^ biting, dinging. 
Morde'Ua (Ent.) mordeo, to bite. 
.Morde'llidsB (Ent.) mordellat with fam. term. 
More'lla (Zool.) etymology uncertain ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Moreno'a (Bot.) P. N. from P, Moreno^ a Mexican patiiot. 
Morioan'dia (Bot.) P. N. from Stephen Moricand, an Italian botanid. 
Morie'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Crucifene. 
Morila'ndla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sanguifbrbacea*. 
Mori'na (Bot.) P. N. from L. Morin, a French botanid. 
Moiin'da (Bot.) /bc«^9v, the mulbcrry-trec, Inda^ Indian. 

312 MOR — MOS 

Morine'llus (Omith.) Lot. a little fool ; applied to the Dotterell, Charad- 

rius morimellus^ from its fuppofed fhipidity. 
Mortn'ga (Bot.) Its name in Malabar ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Morin- 

Mo'rlo (Zool.) ItaL moritme; Sp^ and Fr. morioHy a helmet ; in Botany, Ax>m 

refemblance of fk>wer to a little helmet ; r. g., the Orchis merio. 
Mozi'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gramina. 
Moriso'nia (Bot.) P. N. from R. Mori/on, ProfeiTor of Botany at Oitford, 

who died in 1683. 
Morit'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Boraginvceie. 
Mormo'des (Bot.) f^^fMi, a frightfiil-looking chjeCt ; in aliufion to the 

(trange appearance of the flowers ; a genus of Orchidaceas. 
Mo'rmon (Omith.) /M«fM«^ a ipe£be; from the malk*llke projeAion on 

the beak ; the Culterneb. 
Mormo'nia (Ent.) ^^oi?, a mafk ; a genus of the Phryganidae. 
Mo/rmoopa (Zool.) (MffMi*^ a mafk, ar4» ^^e* 
Monny'ropfl Qlchth.) mormynut and &4i countenance. 
Mormy'ras (Ichth.) fA^fAvf^^ a iea-fifli mentioned by Ariflotle ; a genus 

of malacopterous or roft«>finned Fifhes. 
Moroca'rpua (Bot.) /i«*^a, the mulberry, »»fwis, fmit ; mulberry-fruited ; 

a genus of Chenopodiaceae. 
Mori>heus (Ent.) P. N., the god of fleep. 

Mo'rphidSB (Ent.) a £imily of Lepidoptera, of which morpho is the type. 
Mo'rpho (Ent.) P. N., a name of Aphrodite ; a genus of large diurnal 

Morpho'ta (Ent.) fxo^piv, to have fhape or form ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mor'rhua (Ichth.) Lot, the Cod-fifh ; the common Cod is M, callarius ; 
the Haddock, if. leglefinus. 

Morri'sia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Morris ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Morse (2^0ol.) Ruffian, morfs ; Lapponk, morjk, 

Mo'raitans (Ent.) Lot. biting ; r. g., Gloflina morfdans, the Tie-tie fly of 

Morun'ga (Zool.) etymc^ogy unknown ; the Sea-elephant. 
Mo'roB (Bot.) CelU mory Uack ; alluding to the colour of the fruit ; the 

Morvillea (Zool.) P. N. ; a genus of Mollufca. 
MoBoha'ria (Bot.) fAir^os^ mu(k ; referring to the odour. 
Mos'ohatel (Bot.) common name of Adoxa mof<kateiliM, becaufe of its fmdl. 
MoBoha'tus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) e. ^., Ovibos mofckatuj, the Mu(k-ox. 

MOS — MUC 313 

Mosohi'feruB-a'Um (Zool., Bot.) mofchuj, muik, ,^, to bear; mutk- 

Mosohi'na (ZiOoV) a fub-family of Mammalia, which contains the Mufl- 

deer, Mofchut mofchifenis. 
Mosohitos (Ornith.) Za/.fmeLling of mu(k; applied to a Humming bird; 

Cliryiblampis mofchitus. 
Mosoho'sma (Bot.) y^icxfiu mufk, o^^iv, a fmell. 
Moscho'jylon (Bot.) mofthus^ muik, (bX*y, wood ; a genus of Meliaceae. 
McBchUB (Zool.) from the Arabic mofch, muik ; the Muik-deer fiunily. 
Moss (Bot.) fh>m the Gallic moujfey of fimilar meaning when applied to 
plants, but which alio fignifies froth or lather, and is itfelf derived 
from OTOtf, (oft or loofe, like the foam of the iea or vefides of lather. 
Moss-crop (Bot.) popular name of the £riophorun> or Cotton-grafs. 
Musslera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Bruniacez. 

Motacilla (Ornith.) Lot. a wagtail ; the meaning c^ the word is prediely 
ftmilar to our wagtail ; being, as Varro dates, qind femper mvwi caudam, 
MotaciUi'nsa (Ornith.) a rub-£sunlly of Inceflbres, containing the genus 

MotaeiUa ; the Wagtails. 
Motan'dra (Bot.) fc«T«r, lint, M^ iv2^r,a male (ftamen), from its fk)ccu- 
Moth (Ent.) jInglo-Sax. mcgthof moAthtf metk. 

lent appeal ance ; a genus of Apocynacez. 
Mouffetella (£ct.) P. N. in honour of Thomas Mwffgt, a phyfician and 

naturalift of the xyth century. 
Mougeo'tia (Bot.) P. N. from J, B. Moitgni, a Cryptogamic botanid ; a 

genus of Algae. 
Monri'ria (Bot.) from mouririj its name in Guiana. 
Mouse (Zool.) /Mu; ; Latin, mus ; Angh-Sax, mtu ; Germ, maujh. 
Moxo'stoma (Ichth.) a genus of Cyprinoid FiOies. 
Mozin'na (Bot.) native name ; a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Mo'zula (Bot.) unexpbiined ; a genus of Lythracete. 
Muoe'dines (Bot.) mmedo, mucus ; a family of Fungi. 
Mucizo'nia (Bot ) muau, and (aSvn, a belt; a genus of Craflulaceac. 
Mu'oor (Bot.) Lot, mould, from muceo, to be mudy; becaufe found on 

mudy bread, vegetables, &c. ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Muoora'cesa } (mucor, mould, with fam. term. ; a division of 

Maoori'ni > \ Fungi ; Mueorini is more generally u(ed. 

MucxonatOB-aum (Zool, Bot.) Lai, pointed, (harp-pointed. 
Mucro'nea (Bot.) muero, a fliarp point ; a genus of Polygonaceas. 
Mucronel'lus (Ent.) dim. of mvcro, a (harp point. 

314 MUC — MUR 

Mucu'na (Bot.) mucuna^guaca is the Brazilian name of M. urens ; Cow- 
itch ; a genus of Leguminofs. 

Mugil (Ichth.) Lot. 2l mullet ; Ital. myggine; Sp, mujol; Fr. mugc ; a genus of 
foft-finned Fifhes. 

Mugi'lidsB (Ichth.) the family of the Mullets. 

Mugwort (Bot.) from AngU-Sax. mucgvryrt; the common name of the 
Aitemifia vulgaris. 

Muhlenbeo'kia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Polygonaceae. 

MlQde'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Piperaccae. 

Mulge'dium (Bot.) mulgeti, to milk ; a genus of Compofitie. 

Mxille'ra (Bot.) P. N. from 0. F, MulUr^ a Dane, one of the editors of the 
Flora Danica, 

MullUB (Ichth.) Lat. a mullet; the Red mullet is M. furmuletus ; the 
Bearded mullet, M. barbatus. The origin of this name is faid by 
Pliny to be mulUua^ a faOiionable red flipper; but Dr. Badham 
fucfgefls that it mud have had a name before thefe were ufed, and 
favours the derivation from moUU^ ibft ; from the extreme foftneis of 
the (kin. 

MlQti'fi.d\l8-a-Uin (Bot.) Luit, many-clefts ; divided into many (hallow loben. 

Multilinealis (£nt.) multi^ many, /mm, a line. 

Multiparti'tU8-a-um (Bot.) Lat. much-divided; divided into many deep 

MlQtiplioa'lls r£nt.) multi^ many, plka^ a fold. 

Multisouta'ta (Zool.) multut, much, ^u/vsi, a (hield ; many-ihielded. 

MiQtiatrlga'ria (£nt.) multiu^ many,/r/^tf, a ftrealc. 

Miinchhausia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lythracete. 

Mu'nda (Ent.) Lat. neat, cleanly. 

Munda'nas-a-um (Ent.) Lat. of the earth. 

Mu'ndia (Bot.) mundus, neat ; referring to its appearance. 

Muimio'kla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Ariftolochiaceae. 

Muimio'ksia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Pangiacese. 

Mtumo'zla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitz. 

Muntin'gla (Bot.) P. N. from Abraham Munt'mg^ Profeflor of Botany at 
Groningen, who died in 1683. 

Munlja'cus (Zool.) I^atinized form of the native name Muntjac. 

Mxirse'na (Ichth.) Lat. an eel; applied to the Murry. 

MurGBne'sox (Ichth.) compounded of murana^ an eel, and efox^ a pike ; 
applied to a genus of Congeroid fifhes. 

MUTEB^nidee (Ichth.) murana^ an eel ; eel-fhapcd Fifhes. 




MureBIloble'nna (Ichth.) murana^ an eel, and bUnniusy the blenny. 
MursBZioi'dlea (Ichth.) /ui/^mvc, an eel or lamprey, aTStf, resemblance. 
Mursenop'sia (Ichth.) mvrana^ o^'tfi refemblance. 
Mura'lis (Ent.) ^t- belonging to a wall ; found fitting on walls. 
Mural'tia (Bot.) P. N. from John von Muralt, a Swifs boUnifl ; a genus of 

Mura'riua-a-um (Ornith.) murus^ a wall ; e. g., TichfSdroma murarius^ the 

Murcbisoliia (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of the dlftinguiOied geologifl, 

Sir Roderick Murekifon ; a genus of Haliotidz. 
Mu'rex (Zool.) the ancient name of a univalve mollulk, from which the 

Tyrian dye was derived ; a genus of Mollusca. 
Murica'ria (Bot.) muricatut, pointed, prickly. 
Murioa'tU8-a-um (Bot.) Lot. pointed; e.g. Pinus murUata. 
Muri'ddieB (Zool.) a family of Mollufca, of which Murex is the type. 
Murioi'dea (Zool.) the genus Murex^ and tlhf, refemblance ; a genus u^ 

Muri'oolU8-a-um (Zool.) murus^ a wall, coloj to frequent ; applied to a 

bat which clings to walls, Vefpsrtilio muricoia. 
Mur'ld£B> 1 \ f ^ family and fub-family of Mammalia, containing 

Muri'na ) \ the genus i/i«. 

Murrnus-a-mn (Zool., Bot.) Lat. relating to mice, moufe-coloured, r. g.^ 

Vespertilio murinus^ the Moufe-coloured Bat. 
Murra'ya (Bot.) P. N. from J. A. Murray^ Profeflbr of Botany at Got- 

MU8 (Zool.) Lat. a moufe ; Greeks fsZf. 
Mu'sa (Bot.) perhaps in honour of Antonitu Mufa^ phydcian to Augujius ; 

the Plantain ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Mufacese. 
Mus'oa (Ent.) Lat. a fly. 

Musoa'ria (Bot.) mufcarium^ a fly-trap ; a genus of Saxifragaceae. 
Musci (Bot. j Za/. Modes; the name is probably derived fiom fAuvj^o',^ 

tender ; a divifion of Acrogens. 
MuBcfoapa (Omith.) mufca^ a fly, capioy to catch ; the Fly-catchers. 
Musoi'feros-a-um (Bot.) mufca^^. f\yyfero,to bear ; applied to the Fly-orchis. 
Musci'tes (Fos. Bot.) mu/cuj, mofs ; foflll plants refembling mofs. 
MusctQa'na (Ent.) mu/eulaf a little fly, or mufcuiusy a little mouie, from 

the colour. 
Muse'nium (Bot.) perhaps from/4i/x«;, loathibme ; a genus of Umbellifer:c. 
MUflh'rOOm (Bot.) Fraichj moujfaon. 

3i6 Mus — Jirrc 

Mu'sicu8-a-um (Omith.) Lot. tuneful ; f, g. Melierax mu/uwj the Chant- 

ing-falcon ; Turdus mufieus, the Song-thrufli. 
MuBO'phaga (Omith.) mu/af the Plantain-*tree, ^tiym, to eat. 
Mus'quash (ZooL) the Cree Indians' name for the Muflc-rat of Canada ; 

Fiber zibeticus. 
MuBBSe'nda (Bot.) its name in Ceylon s a beautiful genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Mussehlia'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Herr Fafior Muffehl^ of Kotalow, 

in Mecklenburg^trelitz. 
Mussel (Zool.) /MuCi Lat, muf cuius ^ Ital, mufcuh. 
Mustard (Bot.) French^ moutarde ; mufium ardens^ hot wine, the fweet mud 

of new wine being one of the ingredients of French table-muftard. 
Mustela (ZooL) LaU a weafel ; alfo, in Ichthyology a name applied by 

Pliny to Tome fifh ; now the Rockling. 
Mustell'na (Zool.) muficla ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Muta^bUis-e (Bot.) Lot, changing colour ; e^, Cheiranthus mutabUu. 
Mutious-a-um (Ornith.) Lot. curtailed, docked ; e. g, Paro mutiau, the 

Japane(e peacock. 
MutiHa (Ent.) p&rhaps a dim. of /Mt/Tc, a fly ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mutilla'rius-a-um (Ent.) Fefembllng the hymenopterous genus MutUla ; 

r.^.,Tillus mutiliarius. 
MatillidsB (Ent.) mutilla, with fam. term. ; the Velvet-ants ; a hmWj of 

Mutl'sia (Bot.) P. N. from CeUflhu Muth, the difcoverer, a South Ameri- 
can botanifl ; an extraordinary genus of Compofltce, haWng tendrils. 
Mu'tus-a-um (Ornith.) Lot. dumb. 

My'a (Zool.) /mv», to comprefs ; form of (hell ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Myaoi'tes (Zool.) mya, a muflel ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Myaooproi'des (Bot.) mw»j a fly, xiv^u dung, tthf, likenefs. 
My'adfiQ (Zool.) mya^ with fam. term. ; a family of Conchiferous mollufca, 

both foflii and recent. 
Myagro'psis (Bot.) myagrum^ o^/f , likenefs ; a genus of Algae. 
Myacgrum (Bot.) /muTa, a fly,«;^^a, a capture; alluding to its Tifcidity. 
Myan'thus (Bot.) /Mv7«, a fly, a»d«f, flower; the Fly-orchis; a genus of 

Mycelium (Bot.) 

Myoena (Bot.) fMxntj a mufhroom ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myoetan'the(Bot.) /uvxfif, a mufhroom, «yd«f, flower; agenusof Rafliefiace<e, 
Myce'tes(Bot.)/uvx«ff, a fungusor muOiroom ; Sprengel's name for the Fungi. 
Myoe'tes (Zool.) /uvx^rv;, a bellower ; a genus of Monkeys ; the Howlers. 


MTC — MTI 317 

MycetolbiuB (£nt.) fAwmt^ a mu(hrooin, 0tMf, to live* 

Myoeto'charus (£nt.) fAVKnt^ a fimgus, x'^f't ^^ rejoiee in \ a genus of 

Mycetology (Bot.) /B»ux*>f, a mufhixwrn, xiy^t a difcouHe \ a dinertation 

on muOirooms ; synonymous with mycology* 
M7C6t01>hagU8 (Ent.) fAv»ni, a fungus, <f>«y«, to eat. 
Myoeto'pideo) „ . . c/bti/xnf,a mufhroom, vm;^ , foot ; a family and 
Myoe'topus > '< genus of Mollufca. 

Myceto porus (Ent.) fAUKnty a fungus, ««^«r, a cavity. 
Myolne'ma (Bot.) (Aunnty a fungus, »«/u«, a thread ; a genus oi 

Myoooos'lium (Bot.) fi&tnt^ a fungus, xtiXc;^ hollow ; a genus of Algse. 
Mycoder'ma (Bot.) Aiv**;, mucus, ^i^^Ms (kin ; a genus of Fungi. 
Mycology (Zool.) /i*Bf, a mufde, xo>»f, a difcourle } the fdence of the 

Fung^ ; equivalent to Mycetology. 
Mycopo'rom (Bot.) fcM«^ mucus, vifu an opening ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Mycotham'nlon (Bot.) /uMnf , a fungus, diK/*»of, a (hoot ; a genus of Algx. 
Mycte'ria (Ornith.) fAv»tnf, the no(e or (nout; M, australis, is the 

Australian Jabiru. 
Mycte'rus (Ent.) (xOMrnf, the iioCe or fnout ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Mydaus (Zool.) /Auiit^ decay, alluding to the foetid £mell of the animal to 

which it is applied, the Stinkard or Teledu ; a genus of Muftelidx- 
Mydonospo'rium (Bot.) /t«t4*9-«»tr,fuDgus*like fle(h,9-ire^ feed; a genus 

of Fungi. 
Mydonotri'chum (Bot.) uMv-S^ttt fungus«like flelh, 0^|, rfix^f, hair; a 

genus of Fungi. 
Myelo'mium (Bot.) ftmx*,-, marrow ; a genus of Algae. 
Myeloph'ila (Ent.) /uvixo;, marrow, pith, ^/x*;, loving; the larva lives in 

(lems of thidles, feeding on the pith» 
M/gale (Bnt.) fAuyiktiy a field^moufe ; a genus of hairy<rbodied fpiders, 

fbmetlmes called (but erroneoufly) BiniUcatchiBg Spider«. 
Myga'lidaB (Ent.) a fkmily of Arachnida, of which the genus My^U is 

the type. 
Mygalu'ruB (Bot.) /tAvyaAu, a field-rmoufe, w^, a tail ; a genus of Gtamina. 
Mygin'da (Bot.) P. N. from Cwn$, MygimL, of Vienna, a botanical amateur ; 

a genus of Aquifoliace«. 
Myiabeillia (Omith.) fAwa^ a fly, Fr. abeillet a bee ; a genus of Humming-- 
MJria'gra (Ornith.) /uwdB, a fly, «>;!•<, wild. 

3iR Mn — MTO 

MyiolM'tea (Omith.) ^1,7^ a fly, Ki'rir.t. a plundewr, 
Myio'tUera (Omith.) m^T". a fly, hfi^, to purfue. 
Myiozete'toB (Omith.) ^u:m, a fly, tnTl., lo fcek. 
M7Uoba'tis(lFhth.)wi'>>i. a mill, eu'w, to grow ^ from their modr of 

piOEredioD ; the Eagle-nys. 
MyllEs'ua (EnC.) /tuXkmim, to diflort the mouth. 

ll[ylooa,'tj^iia(Bat.) ftuXn,! miJ,iiiiiM>, a nut ; it hiu a four-winged feed. 
btjloohsi'lus (Iclith.) fxi}.!,, a mill, jt;ft;i>[ lip ; a genu! of Cyprinoid fiOies. 
Mylodon (Fo). Zool.) f.ix«, a mill,, i)J,T«, a toolh, from the 

flat grinding liitlacei of the mobr teeth ; a gigantic foUil inimal of 

the upper Tertiary. 
M7lce'ollUB (Ent.) ,«iiiH, an apple, MX'f"' '° ^ ruined. 
Mymar (Ent.) P. N., a name of Momui ; a genui of Infefli aUied to the 

Ichneumon idx. 
My'nameB (Zool.) ftui, a moule, x^ii, a pallure ; applied to the Meadow- 

Myooha'ma > ^„ . . ccompounded of the names of the genera mya 

Uyooha'ioldra t i and fAa*d,- a genus and family of Mollufca. 

Myooo'iioha (Zool.) mya, a muflel, caiiia, a IheU ; a genus of Mollurca. 

Uyo'des (Zool.) fj-Zi, moule, I'ltr. liltenefs ; the Lemming. 

Myo'grapliy (2^1) t^Zi, a mufcle, yfi-fn, to write. 

Uyopho'rla (Zool.) mya, a mullel, <pi^, to bear ; a genus of Mi^urva. 

Myo'poram (Bot.)/ii;«, to Ihut, tifoi, a pore; alluding to the leaves. 

Myop'sla (Bol.) f^Zi, a moufe, t^it, like ; a genus of Lobeliacex, 

Uyos'obilos (Bot.) nZt, a moufe, x'^i-tt, a lip ; a genua of Santalacee. 

MycCBOriB (Bot.) fu!;, a moufe, »i^(, fuccory. 

MyoBo'rax (Zool.)>4l;[. /<u«;, a moufe,/or«, a muute ; a lame at once 

hybrid and tautological. 
MyOBoU'iiiuni (Bot.) nyo/rfii, the Forget- mc-nnt, iTJit, likeneTs ; thi 

Arctic Forget-me-not. 
My08o'tia(Bot.jfjC(, amoufe, i.,'.., alillbear; the Forget-me-not; a 

genu) of Boraginaceie. 
MyoHo'ton (Bot.) fiCi, a moufe, lE;, liiii, an eat ; a genu) of Caryo- 

Myoau'rui (Bot.) i>,Zi, a moufe, ii.^. a tall ; the pbnt Moufetajl, >o called 
becaufe the feed h placed on a long receptacle tike a moufe's tail; a 
genui of RanuncubceiE. 
Myotheri-nffi (Omith.) pi.:a, a fly, Si^i^, to hunt; a fub-famlly of 
/nrelibrei; the Anl-catchers, 

Afl^O — MTR 319 

Myo'tis (Zool.) fAV(^ a moufe, e?f , «t«;, an ear ; mouie-eared. 
Myozan'thUB (Bot.) fAvs^iiy the dormoufe, a>do;, flower ; a genus of Orchi- 

Myozi'na (Zool.) myoxus ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Myozi'nuB (£nt.) refembling the fnout of a dormoufe, myoxiu, the 

antenniferous tubercles being prominent, and dirc^d upwards: a 

genus of Coleoptera. 
Myoz'as (Zool.) fAvo^»s% the dormoufe, from /uu^, a moufe, »{D;, (harp 

(fnout) ; the Dormoufe ; a genus of rodent Mammals. 
Myra'petra (£nt.) a fanciful word, compounded of the names of two 

ancient cities, one in Asia Minor, the other in Arabia, famous for 

rock caverns, applied to a honey-collecting wafp. 
My'roia (Bot.) a fumame of Venus. 
Myriaoa'nthos (Fos. Ichth.) fiv^'«f, countleis, &»tt9^ fpine ; a genus of 

FofTil fifhes. 
Myriao'tls (Bot.) /uu^'tf^, numberleis, «»Tir, a ray ; a genus of Algx. 
Msrriade nus (Bot ) fivpiot^ numberlefs, aim, a gland. 
Msrrian'dra (Bot.) fAV^Uft numberlefs, «»n^ «v)^;, flamen ; a genus of Hy- 

Myiian'gium (Bot.) /^ufUf^ numberlefs, «yyfr«»,a veflel ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myrian'thus (Bot.) fxuflof, numberlefs, tiiBssy flower ; a genus of Compofita:. 
Myria'poda (Zool.) /Avpltf, countlefs, wvg, viif^ foot; an order of 

Articulata which contains the Centipedes. 
Myria'spora (Bot.) /ui;^'««, numberlefs, j^ra ; a genus of Melaflomacea}. 
Myri'ca (Bot.) fu/^/xn, the tamarifk, which probably from /uupw, to flow, 

being found on the banks of rivers ; the typical genus of the aromatic 

order Myricacex : — ilU u/Atj-Bif ots to naramt toDto yiix^^n tci/to 

y%m\%^ ai ti fAVfXttMt. — ^Theocmtus. 
Myr'ina (Zool.) fJLvfiut, a fea-fifh (Ariflotle) ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Myriooeph'alua (Bot.) fAvft^^ numberlefs, »f 4>«Xii, head ; a genus of Com- 

MyrioohsB'ta (Bot.) fxvf'fi, numberlefs, ;^atTi}, a lock of hair ; a genus of 

Myiioola'dia (Bot.) fjtvfi^t, countlefs, xA«S0f , branch ; a genus of Algtc. 
Myrioooo'o\im(Bot.)/ui;p/of, innumerable, «•»»«;, a berry ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myriodac'tylon (Bot.) /uv^/ff, countlefs, ^«»TvX«v,a finger; a genus of Algu;. 
Myiiode'sma (Bot.) /uvpiW, countlefs, )t9-/u«, a bond or chain ; a genus 

of Algffi. 
Myrio'gyne ^Botj /uu^or, countlefs, >v»i), a piflil ; a genus of Compofitte. 

Hyrlome'les (Bot.) f^fti, countlefi, fiiXir, an apple ; a geniu of Pom- 

Myrlone'ina (Bot.) pu^'it. counileri, t^a, a thread i ■ genua of Algz. 
Mnlonsu'Ton (Bot.) li^fiti, c(n]Dtle&, >■!/•>, a rib ; a geniu of Clncho- 

MTrlophylll'toe (Vot. Bot.) livfiti, nmatleli, fvXXn, leaf ; a geniu of 

FoITi! Itema. 
UyliopbyHum (Bot.) fit^d innnmenble, ^i>.xm, a leaf; a genu* of 

MTTlo'pteroii (Bot.) fu^'in countlefi, ikrl^i, a wing; a gentu of Alcb- 

Uyrlo'etoma (Bot.) fnifiti, Rrantlef), rrj^a, mouth ; a gemu of Fungi. 
Myiiothe'cB (Bot.) /it^c, countlefi, 6mn, a Iheath ; a genui of Filicea. 
Ujriotre'ma (Bot.) ^u^'m, countlefi, t^^u. a bole ; a genua of AJg». 
MTTlotri'obia (Bot.) luifht, countkfi, 9/<'t, ifixn, hair ; a genua of Algn. 
Myrlpri'atU (Ichth.) ntflii, myriad, wfiem, a faw ; a genin of Acantho- 

ptetygian fiOici. 
Uyrl'atlca (Bot.) ^v^mnJt, fweet-finelliDg; referring to the odour of 

the fruit ; the Nutmeg ; tTpical genui of Nat. Ord. MyrillicaceK. 
Myrme'cia (Bot.) ^^nf, an ant ; a geOoi of Gentianacez. 
Urrmeoo'dia (Bot.) ^^^,u>i(->iiii<, ao ant ; a genua of Cinchoaacex. 
Uyrmeoo'pbaga (ZooL) lUuf^nE-nixr, an ant, fa^, m eat; the Ant- 

IiI?rmeoopliagi'nB (Zool.) ftw^aj-guf, an ant, iiyt, to eat ; the Ant- 

eaXet ; a fuh-famil)' of Mammalia. 
Mynoeoost/lum (Bot.) ^iffti^itHi, an ant, enxi,, a pillar ; a genua 

of PolTpodioid Filicei. 
Myroba'Unus (Bot.) i^ift', an ointment, £a),«i>r, a nut, becaufe formerly 

uTed in dintmcnti ; a genua of Compofita:. 
UyrobaUn'dum (Bot.) fiB^H,myrrh,SBTiH(,of a thicket or buihi agemit 

of Verbenacel. 
MTToden'dTon (Bot.) /uv^/a, myrrh, >It}^, atree; a genua ol Humiii- 

Mjlo'dla (Bot.) itifv, a peifiune, Uf^i, fmell ; in allnfioa to the odour of 

the plant. 
Myron ( Zool.) fiif-n. a perfume ; a genus of Ophidians. 
My^OphlB (Ichth.) ttZftc. a lea-eel, im. a fcrpsnl ; a genus of Dphifurida:. 
MTTo'ama (Bot.) la-if/n, myrrh, iifin, fmell ; a genua of Marantactie. 
MjTOBper'mum (Bot.) fifv, perfume, :tipfiii, feed. 

Afrx — Mrs 3*1 

Myrothe'oium (Bot.) fAvfm&n»n^ a box of unguent. 

MyroZ'ylon (Bot.) fAvfn, an ointment, (vX«f, wood ; a genus of Legumi- 

^ ^fjtvffM, the Myrrh'tree, now called Baliamodendron 

> CBot.) < Myrrha : the word was anciently, as now, applied 

) V to the gum-refln as well as to the tree. 

Myrrhi'dium (Bot.) f*vff»j myrrh, iTSof, like ; a genus of Geranlaceie. 

Myrrhi'niuin (Bot.) /mi/^^»0«, relating to myrtle ; a genus of Melaflo- 

Myr'rllifl (Bot.) a name uied by.Dlofcorides; a genus of Umbellifersp. 

Myrsi'dinm (Bot.) f(i/^i»if, the myrtle, iDe^, like ; a genus of Alges. 

Myrai'ne (Bot.) /eav^^ivh, the myrtle; typical genus of Myrdnacese. 

MyiBiphyl'lum (Bot.) ftv^un, a myrtle, ^vXAvv, a leaf. 

Myrtillui (Bot.) dim. of myrtusy the myrtle. 

Myrtlphylliixn (Bot.) myrhu, myrtle, ^i/xxov, a leaf; a genus "of Cincho- 

Myr'tUfl (Bot.) f*u^9tt Lat» myrttu, the Myrtle-tree, probably from /mu^ov, 

fweet perfume, referring to its fragrance; the Myrtle ; typical genus 
. of Nat. Ord. Myrtaces. 
My'nu (Ichth.) /mS^i , a fea-eel. 
My'sca (Zool.) fAulffxtit a fmall fea-muflel (dim. of /u&c) ; a genus of 

My^BOOlua (Bot.) /uvf, moufe, «*X«v, fodder ; a genus of Compofitoe. 
My'ais (Zool.) /Miio-if, a cloliire; a genus of Cruftacea. 
Mysothe'dxim (Bot.) fxy^tt, loathfome, Bwn, a (heath ; a genus of Fungi. 
Mystaoi'dinm (Bot.) /t«v9T«{-««0f, a mouflacht, »7i»t, like ; a genus of 

Myata'oinus-a-um (Zool.) /uvo-raf, the upper lip, the mouftache; 

whiikered ; e. g., Vefpertillo m^ac'may which has coloured (Ireaks like 

a moudache on the upper lip. 
Mystlce'tUB (Zool.) fAvata^^ the upper lip, »?T«f, a fea-monfter; e.g. 

Balffina Miji'urtus^ the Greenland whale. 
Mystri'ophia (Ichth.) /ui/^t^/o, a fmall fpoon, ofic, a ferpent. 
Mystrope'taliun (Bot.) fxCrrftfy a fpoon ((hape), iriT«x«v, a leaf (petal); 

a genus of Balanophoracese. 
MystroBpo'rium (Bot.) ixvzrfojiy a fpoon, j^or^,- a genus of Fungi. 
Mystro'xylon (Bot.) /ui/itt^, a fpoon, ^u>.e», wood ; a genus of Celaf- 




32 2 MTT — Nj4C 

Mytila'ceee (Zool.) mytUut, a muflel ; the Muflel family. 

Myti'lidaB (Zool.) the family of MoUufca, of which mytilut is the type. 

Mytilime'ria (TooX.) Miftilusy a muflel, fAtfU^ a bit or portion ; a genus of 

My'tilus (2^ol.) I^t. a fea-muflel ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Myu'rus (Bot.) /uD;, moufe, ou^a, tail ; the plant Moufe-tail. 
My'xa (Bot.) /uiJfot was a kind of plum ; according to Sprengel, Cordis 

mifxa ; a genus of Cordiaceie. 
Myza'cium (Bot.) |Mv^i(«, to be mucous ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myzi'ne (Ichth.) /ut/^rvo; , a fmooth fea-filh, literally flime-fini ; a genus of 

eel-fhaped fiihes, of the family PetromyzidflB« or Stone-fuckers. 
My'jdnoid (,Ichth.) myxiae, iTSo;, likenefs. 

Myzocla'dium (Bot.) /mi^a, mucus, »x«S«;, a branch ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myxo'des (Ichth.) fxu^a, mucus, flime, iJ^of, like ; a genus of Gobioid 

Myzoga'stres (Bot.) /uv^a, mucus, >«7tii/>, belly ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myzom'phalon (Bot.) /u&^«, mucus, o^^«A«f, bullon or knob (primarily 

the navel) ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myxone'ma (Bot.) /ui/J«, mucus, n/Ax, thread ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myzopun'tia (Bot.) /ja«J|«, mucus, ofuntia, the Prickly-pear ; a genus of 

Myzospo'rimn (Bot.) /uiJ£«, mucus, a-ni^g, feed, a genus of Fungi. 
Myzo'trichum (Bot.) /m(/^«, mucus, 6^'^, V>C*^> hair; a genus of Fungi. 
My'zotriz (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Alga. 
Myzozo'on (Zool.) /uu^a, mucus, i^ict, an animal. 
Myzan'tha (Omith.) /uw^aw, to fuck, «vd«f, flower ; the Honey-eater. 
Myzi'ne (Ent.) /Mt/{«M, to fuck ; a family of Hymenoptcra. 
Myzoden'dron (Bot.) |Me^«, to moan, 5e'?Jfw, a tree; a genus of I.oian- 

Myzo'mela (Ornith.) f*u^««, to fuck, fAtXt, honey ; the Honey-fucker. 

Naooalia (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Algae. 

Naoella (Zool.) dim. from •>«»»», a goat-flcin ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Nacerda (£nt.) 

N£U)i'bea (Bot ) »««»», a woolly or hairy flcin ; a genus of Cinchonaceac. 

Kac'reus-a-UZn (Zool.) French, nacrcy mother of pearl; pearly. 

NAE — NAR 323 

Nasmas'pora (Bot.) v?/«flt, a thread, a-^ofi, a fporule ; from its refemblance. 

NsBmatelia (Bot.) vm/mm, gelatine, li^m^ to collet ; a genus of Fungi. 

NaBva'na (£nt.) ruevusy a mole or fpot. 

NsB'yius-a-iim (Omith.) Lat. fpotted, tawny, e,g.^ Aquila ruevia, 

Nagasaa'rium (Bot.) from the native word ; a genus of Clufiacefc. 

Nagei'a (Bot.) Nagi^ its Japanefe name, (ignifying catkin-bearing. 

Nagelia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Pomacese. 

Nahu'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onagraceie. 

Naiada'oeas (Bot.)the Pondweed family of plants, of which yaias is agenus 

Nai'aa (Zool., Bot.) P. N., a river-nymph ; a genus of Unionidoe ; in 

botany, a genus of the Pondweed family. 
Nais (Zool.) P. N., a water-nymph ; a genus of freOi-vtrater Worms. 
Naja or Naia (Zool.) its Indian name ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Na'jaa (Bot.) NaT*;, a water-nymph ; from its habitation. 
Na ma (Bot.) »«/t«a, running water ; from its habiut ; a genus of Hydro- 

Nanan'thea (Bot.) »a*9r, a dwarf, £>doc, a flower; a genus of CompoHttr. 
Nsmdi'na (Bot.) nandin^ its name in Japan ; a curious genus of Berberidaceac . 
Nanel'la (Ent.) dim. of nanui, a dwarf. 
Nano'dea (Bot.) »a>v«2iff, dwarfiHi ; a genus of Santalaceoe. 
Nano'des (Bot.) m>i>ai)>}», dwarfifh; a genus of Orchidacete; alio, in 

Zoology, a genus of Parrots. 
Nanophy'tum (Bot.) >Sv«f, a dwarf, ^vto?, a plant ; a genus of Cheno 

Nsmotra'gus (2Ux>l.) »£»•;, a dwarf; rp»yasi ^ he-goat; a genus of 

NapBS'a (Bot.) »«irar0f, of a wooded vale or dell ; a genus of Malvacetv. 
Napesui'thus (Bot.) >«jrti, a glen, a>do(, a flower; a genus of Gefneracear. 
Napellua (Bot.) dim. of nj^ur, a turnip ; from its bulbous root ; fpecific 

name of Aconitum Naf>ellus, Monkftood. 
Napoleo'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of SafoUm I.; typical genus of 

Nat. Ord. Belvidacear. 
Na'pos (Bot.) Lat. a turnip. 
Naravella (Bot.) naraival., its name in Ceylon. 
Narcia'aus (Bot,) »«^«fj, ftupor ; from the efleftsof the fmell : it has been 

conjeOured that Virgil's NarcifTus was the Amaryllis lutca, the yellow- 
autumnal lily ; 

** Nee fero comantem 

NarciiTum *' can hardly apply to an early fpring flower. 

J14 NAK — NAS 

Nudophyllmn (Bot 1 titttt, muniii, m aromatic plant. fOUiM, a leaf; a 

genua of CiHnporitit. 
Nardas'inla (Bot.) •ifitt, naid, irfii, fmell ; a geatu of CompoIitB. 
Nardo'staobys (Bot.) U^h, a Tveet-lireiitHl Ihnb, rrd^v,,* fpike; a 

Na'rdtu (Bot.) >i^Hi> peculiar petfinact > gtaoi of Gramina. 
Ha'rloa (Zoc^) u™, a nollril, <.;., Nafua unca, one of the Apeo, the 

muiile bang extended into a morable probofcil. 
Nk'rloa ) . ruDcxplained ; a gmm and ^uniljr of Galleinpodoui 

Narl'oldtef ' \ MoUufca. 

Nari'na (Oniith.) fpecilic name of a TrDgon, given by Lr f^Itmi, in 

remembranee of a young Hottentot gJrL 
Narthe'cdiuQ (Bot.) w^nf, a tod ; it has a long Aesi; the Lancaifairc 

afphodel ; a genua of Nat. Ord. Juneaceat. 
Nar'wbal (ZooL) from a Gothic word Gaffing " beaked-whale ; " the 

Monodon monoTcetos or Unicorn whale. 
Nasa'llB (ZooL) iiafiu, the nole; a genua of Monkeri, coDtainiDg only 

iV. Urratua, the Probofcts monkey. 
Naa'ala (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs of birth. 
Naseus (lchth.)iu/iii, the nole; a genua of Filhea, the front part of whole 

head it produced into a horn. 
Nasmy'thia (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Eriocaulite*. 
Nasomaonla'ta (Zwl.) mifia, the note, mvulnna, fpotted. 
Naso'nla (Bot.) n^i.a note; from ■ remarkable protuberance ^ a genui 

of Ordudacca. 
Na'eaa (Zool.) Lai. a balket uled for catching 6Sb; the Do^whelk ; a 

genua of Mollufca. 
Nawa'ria (Zogl.) lame derivation ; a genua of Mollufca. 
HMBa'vla(Bot.) honour of the houfearNaflauiagenuaofComporitx. 
Nas'sldffl (Zool.) a famil; of Mollufca, of which A'o^a it the type. 
HaMo'vla (Bot.) P. N., fame deriratioo ; a genua of Compolitie. 
Nan'aula (Zool.) dim. of «ajj, a wheel, from the form of the circlet of 

teeth; agenuaof Infuforia. 
Naata'nthuB (BoL) >vt>;, crowded, 4^c, a flower) becaufe of the denlety 
aggregated floiTEn and aclKnia in each of ita capitula; a genua of 

Nastur'Uum (Bot.) nj/ii, » nofe, Urim, tormented, from ita eBeOa : the 
Hngliih name of the Trafnatum majut, and the Latin one of the com- 

NAS — NEB 325 

Nas'tOB (Bot.) vtwtitt the Greek name for a kind of reed. 

Na'sua (Zool.) from the great length of the noie, nafo; the Coatis. 

Nasu'tua-a-um (Zool.) Lot, large-nofed, e. g.^ Tockus nafuhts, 

Natalen'sifl-e (Zool.) Za/. relating to Natal. 

NaWlia (Bot.) P. N. from Natal ; a genua of Sapindaceie. 

Natato'res (Ornith.) plaral of natatwy a fwimmer ; the Swimming-birds. 

Nathu'sia (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Oleaceae. 

Na'tloa (ZooL) unexplained ; a genus of Gafteropodous MoUufca. 

Natloella (Zool.) dim. of Naika ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Natl'oidSB (Zool.) the family of MoUufca, of which Naika is the type ; 

the Sea-fnails. 
Natri'oidSB (Zool.) a family of Colubrine ophidians, of which Natrix is 

the type. 
Natrix (2^1.) LaU a Water-fnake. 

Nattere'ri (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Nattertr. 

Nau'olea (Bot.) taut, a (hip, »Xii«, to enclofe ; from its huU-fhaped iemi- 

Nauole'rUB (Omith.) vav»An^f , a ieaman ; a genus of Scombroid FiOies. 
Nan'ooriB (Ent.) v«i;r, a (hip, »«^if , a bug ; a genus of Water-bugs. 
Nau'oratea (Ichth.) vavK^rngj commanding the (ea ; the Pilot-fi(h. 
Nauember'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Samuel Nauemitrgy a writer 

on botany. 
Naune'ma (Zool.) yowr, a (hip, »«/««, thread or cable; a genus of Infuforia. 
Nautil'ideB (2^ooi.) a weU-known family of Tetrabranch Cephalopods, 

of which tiauHUu is the type. 
Nautili'tea (Fos. Zool.) foilil (heUs aUied to the maytUm. 
Nau'tllUB (Zool.) dim. from »«Sr, a (hip ; the pearly Nautilus is jY. 

Pompilius ; a genus of MoUuica, of the dafs Cephalopoda. 
Nava'lia-e (Ent.) pertaining to (hips, e, g., Lymexylon mavalet a boring 

NaTloella (Zool.) Lai, a fmaU boat ; a genus of MoUufca. 
NaTi'oula (Zool.) Lot. a fmaU vefTel. 

Navioula'ria (Bot.) naweyla^ a fmaU reflel ; a genus of Gramina. 
NayUB-a-um (Ent.) bufy, indu(hious. 

Keba'lia \ /^ iv f unexpUined ; a genus and family of Entomof- 
Neball'adfid 3 \ tracous cruftaceans. 

Nebria (Ent.) >i/9^i«f, fawn-coloured. 

Ne'bria (Ichth.) nBfU^ a fown-(kin ; a genus of Ctenoid Fifhex. 
Nebrita'na (Ent.) f%$thiu Uke a fawn-(kin. 

y.6 NEB — HEL 

HebnIo'BUI-a-um (Ornith,) Lot. cloudy, dark. 

Neoke'rft (Bot.) P- N. in honour of N.J. Ntchr,i. Germm botanift; a 

genua of Mufci. 
HeOTo'bla l.Ent.) "■r'li > dead body, Sim, to livei a genui of Cokoptera- 
H««ro'dea (Enc.) n^ipmin,, corpfe-like ; a genua of Coleopten. 
Neoropb'aga (Ent.) nv'ii ■ dead body, ^y, to eat ; a genua of Coleo- 

NecrophlaBo'phagUB (Ent.) ttifii, dead, 4>iL«ic, baik, ^iyv, to eat. 

Nscropti'oruis (Ent.) ni^ii, a dead body, ^fii, a cartying ; Uie Sexton- 
beetles ; 3 genua of Coleoptera, of the family Silphidte. 

Heotan'lra (Bot.) T>,iTi|, floating, ■•li^, rl>!p9i, a male (Itamen); a 
genus of LauTace«. 

Nec'tariDe (Bot.) popular name of the fruit of the Amygdalua NcSarina. 

Neotari'nlll (Omith.) a name given by lUiger to a genua of Birda which 
fuck the niOar of flowers. 

Neotarin'lds (Omith.) the Honey-fucken. 

Nectarobo'thrlum (Bot.) itiaanum, neflary or honey-cup, B^f'm, a little 
pit or hollow ; a genua of Llliacea. 

NeotarOBOOrdtun (Bot.) neaanum, neflaiy, rtifjn, garlic ; a gcnui of 

Heo'tary (Bot.) linnr, neAar; applied originally, in Botany, to thole 
parts of a Aower which fecrete honey ; fonxetimei called the honey- 

Neotu'ra (Zool.) nimi, a fwimmei, iZfm, a tail ; a genua of Amphibia. 
Neo;'dAlis (Ent.) mivlaitr. the taiva or nympha of the filk-worin ; a 

genus of Coleoptera. 
HedT'iu CEnt.) niiic, a paunch ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Hasdhft'mla (Bat.) P. N., a genus of Epacridacez. 
Nee'ala (Bot.) P. N., a geaui of Sterculiaceie. 
N«fae'a (Bot.] P. N., a genus of ScnphulariaceE. 
Negleo'ti (Ornith.) it/gligt, to negleft ; applied by Scopoli to thofe biids 

whofe flefh ii not ufed by man, 
Negro'tia (Bot.) a genus of Legumioofz, 

Negun'dltun (Bot.) meaning unknown ; a genua of Acencez. 
NebWDl'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Kriimiai Grew, vide Crnfia; a genus 

NelllU (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Rotkcec, 
Ne'ja (Hot.) without meaning. 
No'UtrlB (Bot.) .». priv., ikirr^, a feed-cafe. 

NEL — NEM 327 

NelBO'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of D. Nelfiriy^ botanid, who accompanied 

Captain Cook. 
Nelumbia'oeSB (Bot.) a Nat. Ord. of Dicotyledonous plants, of which the 

genus NelumhUm is the type and folitary genus. 
Nelum'bium (Bot.) from the Cingalefe Nelwnho. The Nelumbium fpeciofum 

was the plant which produced the Pythagorean or Sacred Indian bean ; 

a genus of Nelumbiaceie. 
Nemaoan'tlius (Fos. Ichth.) »q/uaf a thread, «»«yd«, a thorn ; a genus of 

Oolitic Ichthyodorulites. 
Nemaoo'nia (Bot.) wfAo, a thread, ««yi»f, dudy ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Nema'ctis (ZooL) >Qfts, thread, knrlst a ray ; a genus of Actiniz. 
Nemadac'tyliU (Ichth.) »nfA«s thread, 2s»-n;Aoy, a fin ; the under rays of 

the pectorals being like hanging threads ; a genus of Ctenoid acantho- 

pterous Fi flies. 
Nema'lion (Bot.) dim. of »nfi«, a thread ; a genus of Ceramian Algz. 
Nema'spora (Bot.) *n/uc, a thread, an^fSft feed ; a genus of Fungi. 
Nemaa'toma (Bot.) »«/m«, a thread, rrifxet, a mouth ; a genus of Algx. 
Nemas'tylia (Bot.) i>ii/u«, a thread, ^ruXvv, a (lyle ; a genus of Iridaceac. 
Nematan'thara (Bot.) nfAa-MxtSj a thread, oHtheta ; having thread-like 

Nematan'thua (Bot.) rQ/bi«, a thread, «»d«(, flower; a genus of Gefneracez. 
Nematel'mia (Zool.) vQ/udt-sTOf, thread, riXftc, a pond; pond«threads ; 

an order of Parafitic worms. 
Ne'mathriz (Bot.) »i)/u«, a thread, 6^1'^. hair ; a genus of Algz. 
Nematoooo'cus (Bot.)vK/M«-«TOf, a thread, xixMSyZ berry ; a genus of Algae. 
Nematoi'dea (Zool.) »i/bM, thread, !•)«(, like; an order of inteflinal worms. 
Nemato'ia (£nt.) vtfuiTMir, thread-like ; referring to the long antennz. 
Nemato'plata (Bot.) tq^AM-aT^f, a thread, vX«TWf, broad ; a genus of Algte. 
Nematopo'ma (Ichth.) »«/(««- «T«f, a thread, vw/ms, a lid ; a genus of 

Malacopterous Fi flies. 
Nematostlg'ma (Bot.) yi>fi«-«TOf , a thread,^/giRki ; a genus of Iridacete. 
Nemau'ohenes (Bot ) >ii/A«, a thread, «u;^i*v, the neck ; a genus of Com- 

Neme'dra (Bot.) vvfta, a thread, f3^, a feat or foundation ; a genus of 

Nemeo'bius (£nt.) yi/uof , a grove, $i»%y life ; living in woods. 
Nemer'tes (Zool.) vnfufntf, unerring; a genus of marine Worms. 
Neme'sia (Bot.) a name given by Diofcorides to a kind of Antirrhinum ; 

now applied to a genus of ScrophulariaccsB. 

3 28 NEM -^ NEP 

Ne'mia (Bot.) nemus^ a wood or grove ; a genus of Scrophularitoes. 
Nemich'thya (Ichth.) wu«, thread, lx!^u%t a fifti. 
Nemoohloa (Bot.) »«/(««, a thread, ;^a.m, grafs ; a genut of Gramina. 
Nemopan'thes (Bot.) AfMs, a grove, «4» the eye, JE«fl«c, a flower. 
Kemoph'idSB (Ichth.) a &miiy of Fifties of which Nemopkit is the type. 
Nemopli'ila (Bot.) vi/uef,a grove, ^>.«f, loving ; Nat. Ord. Hydropbyllaceae. 
Ne'mophlfl (Ichth.) yn/Ma, thread, o^f, a ierpent; a genus of Ribaod-fliaped 

Nemoralis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lot, belonging to groves or woods; e.g., 

Helix fumoralu, Poa tumoralu. 
Nemo'rla (Ent.) rumusj a grove. 

Nemori-Wgua (Zool.) Lot. one that wanders fn the woods. 
Nemo'aia (Omith.) »i/u«r, a wooded pafhire. 

Nemoao'ma (£nt.) »q/u«, thread, o-SifAa, body ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Nemo'telus (Ent.) *ii/u«, thread, rixtt^ extremity; a genus of Diptera. 
Nenu'phar (Bot.) »i«f, new, m/ikrr, a water-lily; a genus of Nymphsacese. 
Neo'phron (Omith.) n§^f»9t childifli in fpirit ; applied to the Scavenger- 
Neot'tla (Bot.) Htrrnd, a bird's neft ; in allufion to the interwoven fibres 

of the roots ; a genus of terredrial Orchidaceie. 
Neottldlum (Bot.) the genus yeottia, iHof , like ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Neottioapo'lla (Bot.) fsrm^t, a ne(l,^r<f ; a genus of Algn. 
Neottop'teii8(Bot.)>foTTt^,ane(l, «Ti^r,afem; agenusofPolypodioid ferns. 
Nepentha'oeee (Bot.) a family of Dicotyledonous plants, of which Nepenthts 

is the only ipedes. 
Nepen'thea (Bot.) vn, priv. iritdof, grief; becaufe fuppoied to difpel 

vexation ; the Nepenthe of Homer is fiippoied to have been the poppy, 

or poiHbly tobacco ; typical genus of Nepenthacem ; Eaft Indian 

Ne'peta (Bot.) Ital. nepittUay cat-mint ; a genus of Labiate. 
Nephelaphy'llum (Bot.) m4>iX«}, a cloud, tvxx«r, leaf; a genus of 

Ne'phelia (Ent.) titiXn, a cloud ; a genus of Annelida. 
Kephe'lixim (Bot.) from dim. »t4>iAif, a little cloud ; a genus of Sapindaceae. 
Nephelo'dea (Ent.) M^iXw^Df, cloud-like. 
Nepho'bolua (Bot.) vi^**;, a cloud, /9«xx«, to cad. 
Nephop'teryz (Ent.) tk^t, a cloud, vti^v^, a wing. 
Nephrade'nia (Bot.) n^f^ty the kidney (referring to fhape), k%ht a gkind ; 

a genus of Afclepiadaceae. 

NEP — NER 319 

Nephran'dra (Bot.) n^fit^ a kidney (referring to (hape), Mf, M^ity 

a male (ftamen) ; a genus of Verbenace». 
Nephran'thera (Bot.) vi4>^««, a kidney, antktra; having kidney-fhaped 

anthers ; a genus of Orchidacec. 
Nephroma (Bot.) n^fiu a kidney ; a genus of Menifpermaces. 
Nephrolepls (Bot.) u^fit, a kidney, xiiri«, a fcale; a genus of Poly- 

podioid Filices. 
Nephro'ma (Bot.) tif^, a kidney ; from the form of the apothecia ; a 

genus of Cryptogamia. 
Ne'phrops (Zool.) h^^, kidney, A^., eye ; a genus of Crufhicea. 
Nephro'sia (Bot.) vi^#, a kidney ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Neph'thys (Zool.) unexplained ; a genus of Annelida. 
Neptl'oula (£nt.) dim. of tuftU, 
Ne'ptia (£nt.) ^^9rns^ fbber, difcreet. 
Keptlaalla (£nt.) reiembling the genus Neptii. 
Nepto'meniu (Ichth.) vnwrns^ difcreet, t^iuty difpofition ; a genus of 

Scombroid Fifhes. 
Neptu'nia (Bot.) P. N., well known in mythology ; a curious aquatic 

genus of Leguminofa;. 
Nere'idSBi .. rP. N. from ancient mythology; a family and 

KeVeia ) \ genus of Annelida. 

Nerei'dea (Bot.) reiembling NereU, a genus of Annelides ; a genus of Algx . 
Nerei'tea (Fos. Zool.) a family or genus of foflil Ntrndm,, or Sea- 
Nereooya'tla (Bot.) mereh^ a worm, ximty a bladder ; a genus of Algz. 
Nereogra'paua (Fos. ZooL) a (e£tion of the foflil neraUt^ having 

engraved markings {y^mmru^ written.) 
Nerian'dra (Bot.) the genus Nerium^ Mf^ ^*'e^(i & ftamen, i. «., implying 

reiemblance ; a genus of ApocynacesB. 
Ne'riene (Ent.) P. N., a wife of Mars ; a genus of AraneidflB. 
NerinsB'a (Zool.) P. N., Nereis^ a fea-nymph ; a genus of Moliufca. 


Keri'ta ) . (vn/tirnf, a fea-(hell ; a genus and family of 

Neri'tidfiB) ^' \ lufca. 

Neritl'na (Zool.) dim. of NeHta ; a genus of Moliufca. 

Neri'toma (Zool.) the genus Nerita, re/A^, a cutting, from the notch in 

the middle of the outer lip ; a genus of Moliufca. 
Nerito'pais (Zool.) the genus Nerita, •^•O like ; having a fheil fomewhat 

flmilar ; a genus of Moliufca. 


33" A'EB — K£U 

Ne'rium (BoC.) n/ii, humid, refcning to iu habitation ; the Oleander ; 
a genu> of Apocynaces. 

Nonro'sa (Ent.) ncnwi, a rioew, (Irinj;, 

Neon'a (Bot.) P. N.. one of the fea nxmphi, 

Naslia (Bot.) unexpbined. 

Neso'pbila (Bot.) «»«, an illand, ^l,iii, to lo*ei fjrowing in moid 
placesj a genu* of Campanulacef . 

NeB'tltl (Ichth.) >HTit, an ancient name of a filh; a genua of Mugiloid 

Nes'tlera (Bot.) P. N., a genut of Compohtx. 

NeBtor(Omith.)P. N., a genmof Scanforial birdi; family Pruticidz. 

Het'taplU (Ornith.) liTTa, a duck, vwi, a foot ; duck-footed. 

Natta'atonta (Ichth.) lOTta, a duck, tri/m, a mouth ; a genua of Congtoid 

Nettle (Bot.) an alteration of ««/il,or at lead both an of the lame Anglo- 
Saxon root, nctd or mdl, and obTJoudr refm to the needle-like ftingt 
ot the plant. 

Neube'rla (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Iridaceie. 

Neudo'rfla (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Nolanacez. 

Netimaa'aia (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Brameliaceie. 

NetutM'jeFS (Bot.) P. N., a genua of CaryophyUaccK. 

Nenraoa'nthUB (Bot.) nSfn, a neire, ixa^u, a fpine ; a genua of Acan- 

NeurapO^hyBeS (ZooL) .i!^t, a nerre, infim. to grow from ; from 
their being developed to proteA the great nenou) trunk. 

Nau'rla (Ent.) tjCfai, a finew ; on account of the pale nervurea fo pUinly 

Neu'rios (Ent.) >iufi«i(, finewy. 

Nenrooa'lyx (Bot.) nifn, a nerve, ealyx. 

NeuTooarpffl'a (Bot.) m;^., a nenre, ms^^if, fruit ; a genua of CinchonacCB. 

Naurooar'pum (Bot.) wupr, a nerve or tendon, nifii;, fniit. 

Neuroglo'sBUm (Bot.) nifiir, a nerve, ^kmrrt, tongue ; a genu; of Algc. 

NeUTOgram'nla (Bot.) nZfti, a nerve, y/dft/**, an inacription ; a genua of 
Polypodioid Filices. 

Heurolffi'lta (Bot.) nvft, a nerve ot tendon, Xmm, a cloak. 

Ksnrolo'ma (Bot.) nZf, a nerve or tendon. ;i.£jiu, a fringe. 

Neuro'nta (Bot.) nifir, a nerve ; a genua of Polypodioid Filicea. 

NenropelUs (Bot.) nZfU, a nerve, tUt., a Ihield ; a genua of Con- 

HEU — NIG 3J1 

NeuropbT'Illun (Bot.) Huf, a oerve, ^iXii, ■ leaf j a genut of Poty- 

podioid Filicea. 
Neoropo'son (Bot.) nf/w, a lune, niym, a beard ; a gtnui oF UcheneB. 
NeuTo'ptenL (Ent.) nZfi; teadon, vtfit, wing ; having reticulate mem- 

braooui wlng> ; an order of Inlefla. 
Heuro))terel'lB (Ent-) >'i^> a tendon, rrifir, a wing; the wing nerva- 

ture iKiDg diilinctly cinnamon brown, 
NeuTo'p^B)^ (Foi. Zool.) iHftt, a oene, rripi, a tem ; a genui of foiTil 

Neoro'saapba (Boi.) nZftt, a nene, rnJ^n, a trough ; a genui of 

NeurOBpet'ma (Bot.) nZf^, a nerve, rwtfftd, feed. 

NeUTo'tropla (Bot.) tiu(n, a nerve, Tfivi(, a keel ; ■ genug of Cnicifenr. 
Nons'trla f Ent.) P. N^ formerly applied to a portion of France.lncluding 

Normandy, Brittany, and An)ou. 
NOTWi'ta (Zool.) P. N., a genui of MoUufca. 
Newt (ZooL) corruption of nut, tfi, oit-r/) ^ a newt, 
Nloonii (Ent.) P. N. in honour of G™/«" A^"'"- » Omnan entomo- 

NlaholBo'nta (Bot.) P. N., ■ genus of Leguminofa. 
Nlooba'rloUB'a-um (Omith.) relating to the illand of Nicolnr; applied 

to I pigeon only found there ; Calienu nUAarUa. 
Nloode'tnla (Bot.) P. N., a genut oF Scrophularlacex. 
NloolBo'ola (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jf. Nia^m, a writer on the 

natural hiftory oFSt. Domingo. 
Nloothoe (Zool.) P. N. from Nialiif, one of the Haipiei; *a genua of 

NlooUa'iia(Bot.) honour of 7. Mn(, of Nlfniei, who firfl brought 

it into Europe ; the Tobacco-plant ; a genui of Solanacea. 
Nlo'tltans (Zool.) Lai. winking ; c. g., Cercopithecu) niHiUai, 
Nldula'lia (Bot.) •aJm, a ne(t ; the planti conOn of cupi containing egg- 
like feedi ; a genui of Fungi, 
Nidull'tes (Fos. Zool.) niJu, a nell, Xi'h[,ftoiw; folTI Silurian organlfmi, 

probably allied to the Bryozoa, 
Nlebullrla (Bot.) P. K. in honour of Cir^n Nuiair, a traveller in 

Mierember'tjla i,Bot.) P. H., a genua of Solanacex. 

Nigella (Bot.) dim, of nigir, dark, black ; the feedi are of that colour ; a 
genua of Ranunculaceic ; alft, in tntoroology. 

]ji NIG — NIS 

Mifler, Hlgra, Nlgnmi (ZooL, Em., Bot.) Lai. black at diagf ; i. g., 

Sdunit mgir, Fritillaria nigra, Rlbe> mgnim. 
NightahAde (Bot.) from their desuUr qualitbi and itacanT *fp<=A i the 

geoiu SWoiuiii, alio the Atnpa BrUaJtuiia. 
Higra'UB (Ent.) *i;n-, black. 
Nigre'sosna (Zool., Bot.) Zdl, Ol^tlr black. 
Hl'grfoepa (Oroitb.) n^, bUck, caf¥i, head ; bUck-headed. 
Nlgrl'lia (Bot.) nign, to be black ; a genui of ScrophulariaccK. 
NEgrlpunotel'la (Bot.) aigir, bUck,^<ii!?i«>,a fpot ; blick-fpotted. 
Nlgrite'lla (Bot.) mgritia, black colour ; a genua of OtdiidacCK. 
NfgrltelluB-a-iUn (Bot.) dim. of nigrr, black ; !□ alturu>D to the colour of 

the Aowert-, bUckiOi or dulkjr, i. ;., Jnncua ii^fritaHiu. 
NlgTOgula'rla (Ortuth.) agir, black, pda, throat ; black-thnBted, >. ^.. 

Crafliciu i^ngmlatii. 
Nlgro-Titta'tuB (ZooL) n^, bhck, wMa, a band ; black-baaded. 
NUo'UouB-o-nm (Zool., Bot.) L-a. relating to the Nile. 
HllBo'aiB (Vol. ZooL) P. N., a geniu of foAil Cr<adaceoiu leant of the 

liai and oolite. 
Nl'ma (Bot.) unexplained ; a genua of Simarubacea. 
Ktmbel'la (Ent.) dEm. of mmha, a cloud. 
HlobEe'a (Bot.) P. N. From !/aie; a genua of Hypoaidaceo. 
Nl'obe (Bot.) P. N., a genua ol Lilian*!. 

Nl'pa (Bot.) ita name in the Mtduccat ; it yicldi Neepah fiigar. 
NlpadlW (Foa. ZooL) nipa, a genua of todian palma which producet 

mlrf^a^ iiigii ; a genua of follil Palm-nuta. 
NlplUa'a (Bot) nfii, a foow-Hake ; a genua of Oefoeracea. 
Nlpbo'bolUB (BoC.), covered with fnow; the indnlia are like 

flakei of fiunr ; a genua of Filicea ; alio, a genua of SlmanibaceSE. 
Kl'ptlOIl (Ichth.) Ihit &!h la only found in Japanefe feaa, and takea lb 

name from the principal [Hand, N^ian: a genua of the fiunily 

Nlptio'iut (Ent.) nfac, fnow ; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Niphna (Bot.) Kpit, a fnow-ilake ; a genua of Ariftolochiacce. 
Nlp'plewort (Bot.) bitter juice applied bjr country motbera to niffiki 

before weaning ; the L.apfana communia. 
Nl^ptua (Eot.) Miriot. walhed ; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Nlsa'na (Ent.) ni/m, flight, from iti rapid Riorementa. 
Hlao (Zool.) unexplaiacd ; ■ genua of Mollulci. 

NIS — tfOI ill 

NIuo'Ub (BotO P. N. in honour of WiUiam NiffiUi, ■ French boMnift ; i 

geniu of LcgnminonB : illi) the Tpedlic name of a Lathynu. 
Nl'SlU (Omith.) Lat. flight; applied to the Spunw-hiwk, Acdpiler 

Nifui, pctlwpi becnle of in rapid flight. 
Mitalk (Ent.) Lai. brightnefa, rplendoar ; a geSDi of Hrimnopten. 
Nttellum (BoC.) Ju'fiJo, brightnefa ; a genu) of CompoTitn. 
Nltel'lk (Bot.) «<»> to IhlDci a genua of Cbaracts, of which the llema 

are rometimea tnnnuceat. 
NlUdelU (Zool.) dim. of jufi<&», poUlhcd ; ■ genu) of Maltufca ; alfo, a 

genua of Infefii. 
NlU'dula \ ifi . (dim. of lutiJm, glittetlng; a genua and Etmil; of 
Nltldtl'lldml ' '"■■^ t Coleoptera. 
Ni'tidnB-a-um (Bat.) OiiDing. 

Nitra'rla (Bot.) mhnm, nitre ; it la (band near the niiTe>woriu Id Siberia. 
HlTftlla-e (Omith.) Lot. Saawj, /. g., FleAntphanet nnsiiii. 
NlTa'ria (Bot.) urirni, fiunr; the Laic^nm, or liiow-lbke; a K«nui of 

Nivea'ria (Ent.) mai, rnow;. 

KlTeiaoatallA (Eni.) b»iu, faowj, c^n, the anterior margin of ning. 
Nlvo'nU (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. JV^iwi, a coUeftor of Cape pUnU, 
NlT'etu-a'DiB (Oreith.) Lat. fnowy, <.;., MyOea ma, the Snowy Owl. 
NlTlve'atsr (Zool.) •ninu, fnowy, vaOrr, belly ; whIte-beUied. 
Ho'ooa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dmami Ntua, an Italian ptofefTor. 
NootUu'OB (Ent.) Znf. a candle; applied to the Glow-worm, Lampyrii 

N(X)tl'-TaKas (ZooL) £a<. night- wuHkrlDg; having noAurDalhabiu,i.f.> 

SpalacDpuJ maSiv^Tu. 
Hoo'tiis (Ent.) pi. of hiJIm, an owl ; from (heir noAumal habits. 

applied to the Nigfat-mothi. 
NootuU'nla (Zooi.) the JVpfl.fc ot Great Bat. 

Noetuo-bombyolda (Ent.) having aiGnitie* with KtOia and Bimtjai. 
Nootuomor'phs (Ent.) baring the foim Oiajf ■) of the NtSxa. 
Nodoaa'lia (Ent.) wu^w, knotty. 

Nodosa'ria (Foa. Zool.) iw^^m, full of knott ; a genua of fbHil Foraminifeia. 
Hodula'ria (Zool.) nuAi/iu, a little knot ; a gcnoi of MoUuTca. 
NoegSeratti'la (Foi. Zool.) P. N., a genui of foflU p 
N<xiUa (Zoot. ) P. N., 1 genua oF MoUoTca. 
Noiae'ttlH (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Z.. C. Nufiua 

aUb applied to a cUfi of Rofea. 

3J4 NOL — NOT 

No'la(Ent.) P. N., a town in Campania in Italy. 

NolaW(Bot.)™''.= l'ttlebcll; in reference to the corolla; the typical 

genui of Naluiicez. 
NoUm'a (Bot.) P. N. from P. C. Mtlii,, an American bounift. 
Noma'da (Ent.) NamaJa, wandering people; the WaTp-bees; a genus 

of Hymenoptera. 
Nona^'ria (Ent.) P. N., an iftand in the ^gean &a, Taid by Pliny to 

have been the earlier nanve of Androi. 
Non'naa (Bot.) P. N. from J. P. Nomi^, a German botanift. 
NoQlonl'mi (Foi. Zool.) a genut of foOil Nautiloid organiljn). 
Noran'tea (Bot.) from Gmtn-Aidigri, iti name in Guiana. 
Hordmannla'nua (Zool., Bot.) P. N. from AloawJcr vea NorJmaiai, an 

eminent PniHian naturalill ; t.g., Pinus NorAtunmaiia. 
Norfolcen'lll-e (Zool.) Lai. bebnging to Norfblli lAand. 
Nor'Ulla (Zool.) P. N.. a genus of Mollufca. 
MoB'too (Bot.) uneitplained ; a genui of teneftrial Alga. 
Nostooa'oan (Bot.) a family of canvenoid Algn, of which Ni/>k i> the 

Notaoan'Uia (Ent.) •Sni, the back, i>B>4>, a thom ; Thom-backs, arme4 

Notor'oblU (Zool.) ivTtr, the back, ifx't, lent ; a genua of Mollufca. 
Nota'tua-a-iun (Ent.) Lai. marked. 
Notelsa'a (Bot.) ,h»,, the Ibnth, ixmia, the olire. 
Notaro'phila (Bot.) mtfii, wet, moifl, ^lii>. to love; a genu) of 

Melaltomacex . 
Moth'luin (Bot.) t:iis, fpurioui ; a genus of Orchidaces. 
NothoohlEB'aa (Bot.) Mit, fpuriom, x,^a!tM, a cloak ; a genus of 

NothoSe'nla (Bot.) r^tywirrii, of fpiirioiB origin ; a genui of Ceramian 

Hotbo'ltia (Bot.) tiiai, fpurious ; a genus of Compollt«. 
Nothosau'rUB (Fo<. ZooL) tMst, Tpuriou), rrSfii, a liiaid. 
NoUlOSCOr'dum (Bot.) 'Hn, fpurious, nifin, gariic; a gmus of 

No'thiia (Bot.) 'iSiit, fluggiih ; a feflion of the genus Frankenia. 

No'tbria (Ent.) h^i, lluggilh. 

No'thUB (Ent.) itfl.i. fpurious ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Notida'nidEBI ,. . . . f '•"i"ni, a (hark with Ihirp-pointed dotfal 

Notl'danUB i (fin; a family and genus of Galeotd Ftlhes. 

^OT — NOr 335 

Notld'anus (Fos. Zool.) >iT«f, a ridge, iJaw,-, comely ; a genus of foflil 

Shark- teeth. 
Notido'bia (Ent.) »iTOf, the back,^.tf«r, to live; a genus of the Phryganida;. 
Notiomi'mus (Ent.) tinoc, fouthern Mw^«f, an imitator; a genus of 

NoUo'philUS (Ent.) wnof , damp, ^tX«M, to love ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Noto'oeras (Bot.) »wTOf, the back, Mfen, a horn ; alluding to the back of 

the pod. 
Notoohee'te (Bot.) »«Tor, back, ;^ciTfi, a bridle ; a genus of Labiatae. 
No'tochord (Ichth.) y»T0f , the back, chorda ; an eladic gelatinous chord 

encloHng the myelon in ibme iiihes. 
Notooyphiis (Ent.) >wTor,the back, »v^of, bent ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Notode'lphys (ZooL) »»t9(, the back, )ix<^i/f , the matrix or womb; a 

genus of Entomodraca. 
Notodo'nta (Ent.) v«TOf, the back, oS«vf, ais^r^s a tooth ; fix)m the tooth- 
like proje^ions on the inner edge of the fore-wings, which meet over 
the back. 
Notom'mata (Zool.) vwTtf, the back, S/u/Ma-sT«f, the eye ; a genus of 

Notonec'ta (Ent.) wSto*, the back, ^nxrnu a fwimmer; the Boat-fly. 
Notopooory'stes (Fos. 2^1.) ^tosy^ ridge, corjjia, a genus of Cruilacea ; 

a genus of foflil Corals of the Chalk. 
No'tops (Zool.) »5Te;, the back, i^i the eye. 

Noto'pteniB (Ichth.) *5t»j, the back, vri^v, a fin ; a genus of Herring- 
Notorhi'zeas (Bot.) v»T«f, the back,pi^«, root ; having the cotyledons flat, 
and the radicle ifliiing from the back ; a fe^ion of Nat. Ord. Crucifenu. 
Notor nls (Ornith.) mt«#, the foutli, ofH(, a bird, /. /., the « Southern 

bird ; " a fub-foflil and recent bird of New Zealand. 
Notothe'rium (Fos. Zool.) »aT«f, foatl),imd dfi^/Av, a wild animal; the 
fouthern animal ; a foflil genus of AuftraKan Quadrupeds. 

\ /'>»TOf, the bac^, o^iJf, fharp ; the thorax being pro- 

> (Ent.) < duced in front, over the head : a genus and 
•^ ^ umily of Heteromerous Coleoptera. 

Noty'lia (Bot.) »fi5T0f , the back, TuXac, a hump ; in allufion to the fingular 

callofity on the (ligma. 
Novaouli'na (Zool.) novacula, a razor ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Noveboraoen'sla-e (Ichth.) the Latin adj. for what appertains to New 
York, North America. 

3J6 HUB — NUT 

Nnbsoolo'nu-a'iUD (Eat) Lt. tonmi witb little clowb. 
Huoifra'ga(Ornith.)iiiKri,aiit>,^iiiifo,to break; the Nut-ciacken. The 

Onek cquiTalent i< Caryocaliflei. 
NnoleoU'toB (to*. ZooL) nultm, ■ little dui, ud xiSn, a Root ; a fblGl 

genua of CiTpniibe. 
Nn'olans (Zool.) £df. a little nut, a kernel. 
Hu'ouIa(ZDoLjdini,o[jm, anut; a gemu of biTiln Oielliof the family 

^ (Zoot) •wH[g, a fmall nut ; a geniu and family of Moltnlca. 
Hnounel'la (Zool.) dim. of lamlai a gEou of MoUuTca. 
Nnda'rU (Eat.) lugbi, naked; the wingi being onl; mghtlT clothed with 

NudlbroDotlia'ta (ZooL) imiiu, naked, inaiiUr, gill*; an order of 

gaflerapod MoUufca ; equiTaknt to Cyouiobnuuhiata. 
Na'dlpM (Ornith.) •■*«, Diiied,ftj, the foot ; naked-footed. 
Nudlva'Dter (ZooL) wAh, naked, ™i(n-, the belly ; naked-footed. 
Nu'<tlU-B-um (ZooL, fiot.) Lat. bare or leaflefi. 
Nulll'pora (ZooL) niilliu, none, ^nr^, a pafiage; applied to cmalliDei 

hairing no appartnt ptra on the furface. 
Hnme'DilU (Omith.) derintion unknown to me; a genu) of Scolopuid*. 

y. pha^pui, and tf. iiquata, are the WhiRibrel and Curlew. 
Nome'riB (Ent.) P. N., the goddefi of numben. 
Ka'mida (Omitli.) P. H., the Guinea-Fowl ii named JfumHa from 

Nipm£a in Africa, whence It came. 
Nummula'ria (Bot.) mnnwi, money; from the fimilarity of it! rouDil 

learet to money. Hence alio Afimywort, HeA-tvKpBoc, and T'wcptiuy 

Manunnll'lUi ) urinu, a coin or piece of money; a genua of minute 

jfninmali'toi) Animalculea. 

Hmnmllll'leB (Fos. Zool.) mamma, a coin, »i'flt(, (lone ; a large dafi of 

folQl Foraroinifeia. 
Nn'phar (Bot.) And. Nn/ar, the name for Nymphaa; a genus of 


Nul (Bot.) AnglSaK. illii! Dia,. iKoll S'uvJ. ihUi Fr. miix. 
Nutha'teB (Fo». Zool.) ^iuBim-rii, a monitor; a genua of fbdil Liiardi. 

; (Bot.) formerly called nWr-wiff ; from fu/. iki m<ifcaij. 

h!UT — NYC 337 

Nuttal'Ua (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Thomas Nuttall, formerly Profeflbr of 

Mineralogy at Cambridge, New England, who died in 1S58 ; a genus 

of Malvaceae. 
Nuy'Uia (Bot.) P. N., the celebrated « Fire-tree " of Auftralia ; a genus of 

Nyotage'lla (Bot.) dim. of N^aga ; a (e£tion of the genus Nuotiana. 
NyotagiBa'oesD (Bot.) an order of plants of which N^^ago is the type. 
Nycta'go (Bot.) dim. of n;^, wxtigy night ; the plant called Marvel-of- 

Nyotan'thea (Bot.) ii^, n/«TO{, night, a>flof, a flower; a genus of 

Nyo'tea (Omith.) m^, kuxt*; , night ; N. nivea is the Snowy Owl. 
Nycte'gretes (Ent.) fVKtnyfirnd watching by night ; from the normal 

flight of the moth. 
Nyotemera'iis (Ent.) >i^, ii/xt^;, night, ni^ifay day, implying that it flics 

at both periods. 
Nyotereu tes (Zool.) »«{, >i/»Tor, night, fvrii^ running. 
Nycteri'bia (Ent.) >i/»Ti^'f, a night-bird, $i»u life ; a genus of winglcls 

infe£b parafitic on the Cheiroptera. 
Nyoteri'nia (Bot.) >v»Ti^f, nocturnal ; fragrant only after dark ; a genus 

of ScrophulariaceiB. 
Ny'oterls (Zool.) ^wtrt^if^ a night bird. 

Nyoterisiti'on (Bot.) »v»Tfp/r, a bat, 0^1110*, food ; referring to the flower. 
Nycte'rium (Bot.) wrtft^ no^umal ; alluding to the time of flowering. 
Nyothe'merus (Ornith.) vv{, ^mt*;, night, hfxifm^ day, <.g,i Phafianus 

N^Bhemerust the Silver Pheafant. 
Nyoti'blus (Omith.) tC^^ »v»TOf, night, |St«(, life ; a genus of Goatfuckers. 
NyoUce'bus (Zool.) »iJ^, ♦wxraf, night, tinBvi, an ape. 
Nyotioo'rax (Omith.) n^, wxti;, night, «efa{, a crow; the Night Heron. 
Nyoti'nomus (Zool.) lu^, ^vxto;, night, m/uo;, habitation; a genus of 

Night-prowling mammalia. 
Nyotipithe'cua (Zool.) »«(, vtf«T«f, night, r/d^Mc, an ape. 
NyoUaau'ra (Zool.) fv{, 9u»rit^ night, ^aufog, a lizard ; the No€lurn:iI 

Ny otomys (Zool.) ivZ,n»rift night, fMs, rat ; a genus of South American 


Nycto'philus (2^1.) ti/^, wxrif^ night, ^tXcs* a lover. 

Nycto'phylax (Bot.) ^vxt^-^uXa^, keeping watch by night ; a genus of 




Nyland'tla (Bot.) P. N., the f»me 3, the genm Mu^di^. 

Nylghau (Zool.) a Prrfi^ word, meaning Blue Ox. 

Ny'mplla (Ent.) 'i/Ati, a chryfalii or pupa. 

NymphEa'a (Bot.) 'i^i*!!, » Water-nymph; refcmng to it* habitation. 

The JVyH/J^d Lotus wai the Egypt ian lotui of the ancients; the typical 

gcnui of Che fplendid aquatic order Nymphzaces. 
NympbEea'oeEB (Bot.) an order of Dicotyledonous planti, of which 

Nymfhta ii the type. 
Nympha'anthe (Bot.) tiI^^, a nymph, Mti, a flower; the iame as 

fillar/ii ; a beautiful aquatic genus of Gentlanacea. 
Nympluui'thiui (Bol.) it^i^, a nymph, itttt, a Aower ; now included in 

the genui Pij/Unnliiii. 
Hym'pUcUS (Omith.) wiufuic, bridal; a genui of Parroqueta. 
Nymphol'daB.(BoL) n^pn.anymph.iTJtc.likenefi; Tinnnfarti name for 

Nymphoja'nthua (Bot.) >ivi«<, a nymph, *flM, a flower; a genus of 

Nymphiacei, now included in Nufihar. 
Hy'pB (Bat.) P. N., the name of a nymph; the Tupelo; a genua of 

Nya'Ba (Bol.) probably the name of a Water-nymph; alluding to its 

habitation ; the Tupelo. 
Nys'ala (Eot.) P. N, fiom N^a, the birthplace of Bacchui; or from 

tiinu, to pierce or pricli, as its briltly thorjx might do. 
Nya'BOn (Ent.) tiiv, to prick or pierce ; a genus of Hymenopteia. 
Nysaou'ldEB (Ent.) a family of (oUbrial HymenopCera, of which N^m 

Nyatalea (Em.) .i.j-t«*1.(, diowfy. 

OA {'Sot.) Anglo-Sax. <ii,xc; quciy, connected within/si.?' 

Obellaoa (Ent.; UdU.ui.a fmall fpit; from the mark (f) on the foii^- 

Obellfloa'rla (Bot.) iBiX'-rxa. a pointed pillar, from the conical form of 

the receptacle ; a genus of Compolitx. 
Obelise Otiie'ca (Bol.) ijJn,V»„, an obeliflt. Snm, a Ihealh ; a genus of 

ObBro'nia(Bot,)P.N. from fairy mythology; a genus of Orchidacei. 
Obe'Bla (But,) =i;4r, fat, in allulion to the flowers. 

OBE — OCH 339 

Obe'sus-a-um (2^1., Bot.) Lat, fit, plump. 

Obi' one (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Chenopodiaceas. 

Obla'tus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. broader than long. 

Obliqoa'ria (£nt.) ohliquus, oblique ; referring to the oblique dark brown 

bar acrofs the wings. 
Obloiigus-a-xun (Zool., Bot.) Lat, rather long, longer than broad ; r.^., 

Succinea eblonga, 
Obola'ria (Bot.) oMust an ancient coin ; a genus of Orobanchacess. 
Obo7a'tUB-a-um (Bot.) Lat. egg-fhaped, as to outline. 
O'brium (Ent.) od^«, the young of animals ; a g^nus of Coleopte^^ family 

Obaou'ru8-a Tim (Zool.) Lat, indiftinct, obfcure, ufed with reference to 

colour, form, or relations ; e.g., Bulimus obfcuriu, 
Obsole'tUB-a-um (Zool. Bot.) Lat, worn out, poor. 
Obtusilin'gues (Ent.) obtufiu^ blunt, lingua^ tongue; a fub^family of 

Hymenoptera, fo called by Weftwood from the bluntnefs of their 

Obtu'BOB-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat, blunt, dull, rounded ofT. 
Obvolu'tU8-a-um (Zool. Bot ) Lat, folded, tied about ; e.g.^ Helix oSvoluta, 
Ooalea (Ent.) o»ixx«, to run aground ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oooidenta'lis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lat, wedem, relating to the weft, with 

particular reference to America. 
Ooea'nla ) . j«xfa>»f, oceanus^ the ocean ; a genus and family 

Ocea'nidsB S * ( of Medufx. 

Ooellalla (Fos. Zool.) oeellus^ a little eye ; a foflii Zoophyte of the 

Ood'anus (Zool.) fame derivation ; a genus of Nautilidx. 
Ooella'tU8-a-um (Zool., Ent.) Lat. covered with eye-like fpots. 
Ooellura'rla (Bot.) ocellujt a little eye ; a genus of Lichenes. 
O'celot (Zool.) ocellus^ z little eye, from the beautiful eye-like markings 

of the fur. 
Oohanopa'ppus (Bot.) o;^«y0r,a leather ftrap, ir«nr«r, the down on feeds ; 

a genus of CompofitoB. 
Oobeto'phila (Bot.) •;^iT«f , a ditch or canal, ^iXi ar, to love ; a genus of 

Ooh'na (Bot.) Greek name of the wild pear, to which it has (bme re- 

iemblance. The typical genus of Ochnacese. 
Oohna'oesB (Bot.) the Button-flower family of plants, of which Ockna is 

the type. 

340 OCH — OCT 

Oohra'ceuB-a-uzn (Ornith.i Bot.) (kxf*f* paie-yellow, e. g. Caxnpephaga 

Oohrade'noB (Bot.) i»x^tit^ pale-yellow, lUiif, a nut or acorn : a genus of 

Ochran'the (Hot.) •'•iCi*t\ 'pale-yellow, ii&oty a flower; a genua of 

Ochrea^ (Ent.) ochrauy ochre-yellow. 
Oohrooa'rpus (Hot.) »»xf!^^ pale-yellow, nafwis» fruit; a genus of 

Oohrooeph'alU8-a-Uin(Ormth.)4;C^;, pale-yellow, *i4>«X«, head; yellow- 
headed, e. g. Mufcicapa ochrocephala, 
Oohroleu oUB-a-um (Ent., Bot., Ornith.) m-j^jiwvn^i^ yellowifli-white, e. g, 

Sylvia ochroUuca, 
Oohroona (Bot.) iixf^St fallow ; a genus of Sterculiaceas. 
Oohroptera'Us (Ent.) Si^f^u pale-yellow, im^, wings. 
Oohro'pteris (Bot.) itXM^ pale^yellow, irri^c, a fern ; a genus of Poly- 

podioid Filices. 
Oohtopus (Ornith.) S>xp*h pale-yellow, irov;, foot. 
Oohrosan'thus (Bot.) «;t?0f , pale-yellow, cl»d«f, a flower ; a fe^on of the 

genus Goodenia. 
Oohro'sia (Bot.) &xf*st pale-yellow. 
Oohro 'stoma (Bot.) »xf*ff P^^^t nifAm^ a mouth. 
Oohroz'ylxun (Bot.) «;^^f, pale-yellow, fvAov, wood; a genus of 

Xanthoxylacez, now included in Xanthoxylon. 
O'ohros (Bot.) vxf»ti pale ; referring to its pale muddy-coloured flowers. 
Oohsenheime'ria (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Ferdinand Ochfenhdimer^ who 

died in iSzz. 
OohthoocyBmus (Bot.) •ixf*^ pale- yellow, »«rfi«f, an ornament ; a genus 

of TernfhxSmiacefe. 
O'oimum (Bot.) fame as Oeymum^ q. x. 
Ooke'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Oken; a genus of 

Rutacez, now included in Adenandra. 
Oonero'stoma (Ent.) ocv^i^'f, ufelefs, e-tifxa^ the mouth. 
Oe'nus (Zool.) oxtof, hefitation, fluggiHiness. 
O'crea (Bot.) Lat. ocrea^ a boot; the name applied to the united ftipules 

which form a fheath round the ilem in the family Polygonaoes. 
Octac'tis (Zool.) oj6T«, eight, ««T/f, a ray. 

Octadeiiia (Bot.) aurotf, eight, «3i9v,a gland or acorn ; a genus of CruciferK. 
Octa'ndria (Bot.j oxta;, eight, av?:/?; acS;?;, a male; having eight Itamens. 



Ootarillum (Bot.) ojiTai,eight,ari//«/,a feed-covering; a genus of Santalacez . 

Oota'vla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacese. 

Ootavia'na (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fungi. 

Octhe'blUB (£nt.) nBn, a bank or Hiore, /3i««, to live ; a genus of 

Ootho'dium (Bot.) ox^tihty waited ; referring to the (urface of filicles. 
Ootoble'phanim (Bot.) oat^, eight, Bxipu^of, the eyelid; a genus of 

Biyoid mufci. 
Octobo'thrium (Zool.) o«T«i, eight, Bi9p9tj a pit, having tour cup-(haped 

depredions on each fide of the body ; a genus of Entozoa. 
Ootodi'oeras (Bot.) o»t«, eight, ^Utf»t, a double-horn ; a genus of Bryoid 

Oo'todozi(Bot.)o«T«,eight,«l0Vf, 0)09Tor,a tooth; a g^nus of Cinchonacese. 
Oo'todon (2^1.) o«Tflr, eight, o9cv^ ohfrisy a tooth ; a genus of Rodent 

Ootogy'nia (Bot.) oxri, eight, ywn, a female ; having eight piflils. 
Ootome'ria (Bot.) o«t«, eight, fci^/r, a part. 

Ooto'nierls (Zool.) oxtw, eight, /ui^i;, a part ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
Ootonoculi'lia (Zool.) octo, eight, oculusf an eye ; a tribe of Spiders. 
Ooto'pera (Bot.) •»<»», eight, «if«f, an extremity ; a feOion of the genus 

Ootophyllus-a-um (Bot.) o»t«, eight, 4>t;XA«f, leaf, r. g. Aralia Mtophylla 
Ootoplica'tus-a-lim (ZooL) Lat. eight-folded. 

Ootoptery'giu8*a-um (Zool.) o«tw, eight, vrifi/^, vTi^»;,a wing or fin. 
Ootopodi'dsB) . f o»T«5, eight, wm^ vphf, a foot ; the Sea-fpiders ; 

Oo'topus ) (a family and genus of Cephalopods. 

Ooula'tUB-a-om (Zool.) Lot. having eyes, or eye-like fpotstcg. Cellepora 

Ooulea (£nt.) eculus, an eye; on account of the conipicuous (ligma. 
Oouli'ferus-a-llin (Zool.) oculus, an eye,^o, to bear ; e.g. Emjseeu/i/era. 
Ooulina (Zool.) o^v/m/, an eye ; a genus of Corals ; 0. virginea is the 

common White-branched coral. 
Ooiill nus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. full of eyes, or eye^like fpots. 
Ooy'alus (Omith.) &xi/«x«f, fwift. 
Ooy'dromus (2kx>l.) iiKUf, quick, ifi,u»f^ fiight, efcape; applied to the 

O'oymum (Bot.) «{», to fmell, it has a powerful fcent ; Bafil ; a genus of 

fragrant Labiatic. 
O'oyphaps (Omith.) im/f, fwift, «f«4, a wild pigeon. 

34i OCT ^ODO 

Ocy'poda (Zool.) ^»vi^ fwift, «»t;f, va^p;, foot ; a genus of Cruftacea« 

Ocy'ptera (£nt.) imvd fwift, miftt^ wing, a genus of Diptera. 

Ooy'pterUB (Ornith.) fame derivation ; a genus of the Laniadte. 

O'oypua (£nt.) Axuc, fwift, ntZg, foot ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

O'oys (Ent.) Mxt/;, ^vift ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Ocythoe (ZooL) P. N. in Mythology ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Odaoa'ntha (Ent.) Sii^, biting, «x«yd«, a fpine ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Odax richth.) oJ«^ biting. 

Odone'ctis (Bot.) »Soc, a path, »it«Tii;,a fwimmer; a genus of Orchidaccae. 

Odonea'tiB (Ent.) according to Agafliz, ihvtt a tooth, tnj^ig, hunger ; 

perhaps from its voracity. 
Odontade'nla (Bot.) oSov^, •}«rref , a tooth, aSnv, a gland or acorn ; a genus 

of Apocynacez. 
Odontanthe^ra (Bot.) ohusy •Smtoc , a tooth ; anthera ; a genus of Afdepia* 

Odontarrhe'sa (Bot.) *Uv$y e}«>TOf « a tooth, c^fntr, a male (ftamen) ; 

having toothed (lamens ; a genus of Cruciferaa. 
Odontaa'pis (Fos. Zool.) eSov;, o2«rr0f , a tooth, itawtty a buckler ; a genus 

of Shark-like FiQies, Ho termed from the buckler-like afpect of their 

teeth, the only portions yet known. 
Odonte'Ua (Bot.) o)ei/c,e2«»TOf,a tooth, with diminutive terminal; a genus 

of Alg». 
Odontha'lla (Bot.) 0)01;;, tiartis^ a tooth, BmX>.isi a (hoot; a genus of 

Odonti'dium (Zool.) 4at/f, •i^rrif, a tooth, ttiig, likenefs; a genus of 

Odolitia (Ent.) e^b^f, d^MTpf, a tooth; from the /00/iW (Ireaks and marks 

upon the wings. 
Odo'ntia (Bot.) oiwf^ tinrat^ a tooth ; a genus of Fungi. 
Odon'tidSd (Ent.) the family of which Odo/itia is the type. 
Odonti'tea (Bot.) oScv;, «^ovt«Ci a tooth; fpecific name of a fpecies of 

Odontoca'rya (Bot.) diovg, oSovto;, a tooth, xaifvovt a nut, 1. c, having 

indented nuts ; a genus of Menifpermacez. 
Odontooy'olus (Bot.) o^ot/^, e20»To(, a tooth, ii(;»x«(, a circle ; a genus of 

Odonto'dea (^Ent.) the genus Odo/itia^ (7)^^, likenefs. 
Odontodia'cua (Zool.) i'^ovt, ihficst a tooth, l/r»of, a round plate; a 

genus of Infufbria. 

ODO 343 

Odontogloa'a JUU (Bot.) e^tfv;, o^ovraV, a tooth, ^rXwrs-a, a tongue, alluding 

probably to the CFe(\ of the labellum. 
Odontogna'tia (Bot ) t^ovf, «3orr«(, a tooth, y»«d»r, a mouth ; a genus of 

Odontogna'thus (Ichth.) •)•&;, o^m-*;, a tooth, y*«d0f} a mouth ; a genus 

of Clupeoid Fi(hes. 
Odontole'pia (Bot.) olovr, o2«rr0f, a tooth, AiinV, a fcale; a genus of 

Odonto'logy (Zool.) o9svf, o};f70f, a tooth, A«^of, a difcourfe. 
Odontolo'ma (Bot.) t^ai/r* oSm-sf , a tooth, x£fi«, a fringe ; a genus of 

Odontolo'phus (Bot.) oSok, oiorrsf, a tooth, X«<^«f , a creft ; a genus of 

Odon'tomuB (Zool.) eitvf, oSivrof, a tooth, t«/u>i, a cutting \ a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Odontone'ma (Bot.) tlevf, ol«»T0f, a tooth, »q/M«, thread; a genus of 

Odon'tonyz (£nt.) o}ovc, t)«yT«f, a tooth, o»i/£, a claw. 
Odonto'pera (£nt.) o^ot/^ , o2«rr»r, a tooth, vr^f , an end, a boundary ; the 

margin of the wings being toothed. 
Odontope'talum (Bot.) Vhw%^ o)»rrof, a tooth, vitaXsv, a leaf; a ieOion 

of the genus Monfonia^ Nat. Ord. Geraniaceie. 
Odontophy'llum (Bot.) •Uut^ •2«rroc, a tooth, ^^X»», a leaf; a genus of 

Odonto'ptera (Bot.) e^i;;, •S0>T0;, a tooth, im^'v, a wing ; a genus 0£ 

Odonto'pteris (Bot.) ttov^* 0}«rTac, a tooth, nrri^if, a fern; a genus of 

Polypodioid Fillces ; alfo applied to a genus of foflil Ferns, from the 

blunt tooth-like lobes of their leaflets. 
OdontOBohi'sma (Bot.) liimy ol^n-of, a tooth, 0-;^iV/a«, a divifion ; a genus 

of JungermanniaceiB. 
Odontoso'ria (Bot.) ol«vf, oSo-rac, a tooth, o-ar^f, a heap, i. r. the fori ; a 

genus of Polypodioid Fillces. 
Odontospe'rmum (Bot.) «)oi/(, «)•>»;, a tooth, awif/juh feed ; a genus of 

Odontostein'ma (Bot.) oWc, tUtn^, a tooth, a'ti/m/am, a wreath ; a genus 

of Caryophyllaceae. 
Odontosty'lis (Bot.) o^ov;, e^orro; , a tooth, rTuXoy, a pillar, i. r., a Ayle ; a 

genus of OrchidaceoB. 


OdoDto'trlotaum (Bot.) •!)«, Mmi, a tooth, 6^{, Tftxf, hair ; a geniu 

of Compolitffi, 
Odosta'mlB (Zoal.) t3wc, a tooth, rrJ/u, a mouth ; a genin of MoUuTca. 
Ody'ilerua (Ent.) Shufii, painful, atluding to the (ting; a genui of 

(Hoan'UiUB ''Eat.) (TiHi, a house, aiStf, a flower; from the circumAance 

of this American fpeciei of cricket living among Aowen and not upon 

the ground. 
CCoeoola'deB (Boi.) tluTic doaiefUc, *>.iin, a branch; a geniu of 


CBohmeB (Bot.) lame is ^chmea, which latter ii the coned fpelUng. 

GEiOifi'tsB ) 

, .,. f (Zool.) simrTiit, a coloaiier; noera of Infulbiia. 

^oo'doma (Ent.) aSiAiftic, a houfe-builder ; a geniu of Anu. 
CEooge'nla (Ent.) iiju^^tac, bora In the houfe ; the moth occurt in 

aSoo'phora (Enl.) t7aii, a houfe, ti^r-, to carry ; the Cafe-bearen. 

(XSda (Ent.) tTitt, a fwelliag ; a genua of Homoptera. 

CEdeme'ra ) ( JJii, a fwelling, fAi,fi(, the thigh ; a f^ui and 

{Edeme'ridsBS \ family of Coleoptcra. 

OliJe'nilum (Bot.) tiiafii, a tumour ; a genus of Fung!. 

<Ede'ra(Bot )P. N. in honour of GitrgflEiir,i Dane, Profeflbr of Botany 

at Copenhagen ; a genui of Compolitit. 
(Zde'riB (Bot.) .iSi., to fweU ; a genus of CompofltB. 
(Edlone'iUUB ( Omith.) sIIIb, to IWell, »n^x, (he leg ; the Thick-knee. 
(EdIpEl'clme (Bot.) t'in.i fwelling, a;t"'> 'haff (awn); a gmui of 

<Edl'poda (Enl.) Diltii, to fwell, irui, rtiii, a foot ; a genus of Orthopten. 
CBdlpodsliB (Ent.) •»;•-, to fwell, wZt, wAiu the foot. 
OBdlpo'dlum (Bot.) IiUm, to fwell, *»[, ■•lie, the foot; a gemu of 

(EtitmannleriA (Ent.) P. N. in honour of (EUmain, an Entomologilt of 

Leipfic, the difcoverer of the fpeciei. 
Qlnan'ttie (Bot.) rJttt, wine, ie>9i(, flower; alluding to the odour; a genus 

of Umbellirvrs. The ilfi^ of Theophraltut and Diofcorides was 

probably CEnanthe pimpinelloides. 
(SI'dbs (Omlth.) the Greek name of a wild pigeon, of the colour of 

ripening grapei, from .r.«(. wine ; now ufed a) the fpecific name of the 


CEN — OLE 345 

CSneo'tra (Ent.) c'»*f, the vine, Ur^iBtiVy to deflroy. 

CBnooar'pus (Bot. ) a7»«r, wine, xttfmist fruit ; a genus of South American 

(Enophlla (Ent.) •T»«f, wine, ^i>.9t^ loving ; found in wine-cellari, the 

larva feeding on the corks of the bottles. 
OBnothe'ra (Bot ) oTt «; , wine, dn^a, a catching ; the Evening Primrofi; ; (b- 

named becaufe the roots ate faid to fmell like wine ; and the ancients 

fuppoied tliat, when mixed with drink, they poflefled the power of 

calming the mod ferocious animals. Our (Enothera is not the genus 

to which Theophrafhis applied the name, being wholly American. 
CBs'trus (Ent.) aVT^, the Gad-fly or Breeze-fly ; a genus of Diptera. 
QS'thra (2^1.) etymology obfcure ; a genus of Cru(\acea. 
Ogoerosty'liiB (Bot.) tynnfii, fwollen, 0^Cx«f, a pillar (flyle) ; a genus of 

OgooBo'ma (Ent.) oy»of, bent, <r«/u«, body ; (hould be Oncoibma. 
Ogle'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitis. 
O'gilfa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofltae. 
Ogy'gia (Fos. Zooi.) P. N. from Ogyga^ the Greek monarch ; a genus of 

Silurian trilobites. 
Ohlendor'jQla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariaceie. 
Oloeopto'ma (Ent,) oi»it«(, domedic, vrw/M«, calamity. 
Oide'mia (Omith.) or3«?/u«, a fwelling ; it Oiould be (Edemia; a genus of 

Oi'dium (Bot.) o(}i<», to fwell ; from its wonderful power of rapid growth ; 

a genus of parafitic Fungi. 
Oloaper'mum (Bot.) oTof , alone, miffjta^ feed ; a genus of Compofitx. 
Olax (Bot.) £k»if a furrow, referring to the flowers ; typical genus of 

Oldenbur'gla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofttae. 
Oldenla'ndla (Bot.) P. N., given by Linnteus in honour of H. B. 

Oldenland, a Dutch Naturalift, who travelled in Africa. 
Oldha'mia (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour ofProfeflbr OUkam, of Dublin ; 

a genus of Silurian zoophytes or polyzoa. 
Olea (Bot.) iJittta^ the Olive-tree, which was facred to Athena; the 

typical genus of Nat. Ord. Oleacez. 
Olea'oeSB (Bot.) the natural Bimily of plants of which Olea is the type. 
Olea'ster (Bot.) Lot. the Wild Olive-tree ; the EUagnuj. 
01dra'ceu8-a*um (Bot.) Lat. refembling herbs (from a/ir//, cabbage, 

colewort) : Areca oUracea^ the cabbage-palm of the Weft Indies has 

34« OLF — OLI 

acquired iti name from the pra^ice of cutting oS the roung budi 

and cooking them like coleworti. 
Olfe'TBta (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Palypodioid Flllcea. 
Olltta'orlon (BoL) tkiyt. (ew, ■■•w, a rummit ; a genui of Compofit^ 
OllgMi'tls (Bot.) •>>V'> '^> >■«(• a ray ; a gmui of CompoGtz. 
OUgac'Ua (Zool.) i;L>>j(, fen, sjiTfi, a 137. 
Ollgaa'dfft (BoL) •A.^>t, few, itiif. Mm, a male (flamen); a geniu of 

OUga'ntliera (Bot.) ix.;yn, few, Mn. > btoHbm; a genut □( Chenopo- 

Ollga'ntheB (Bot.) ti.iyti, few, i<A», a flower ; a genua of Comporitz. 
OUgUTtae'na (Bot.) .Jl.>.,, (ew, j)l^>|., a nule (namen); a gEnm of 

Ollgoaa'rpha ■> _^ .. (A<yk, few, uf*i(. fruit ; genen of Com- 
OllBooa'rpiu / t pofiti, 

Oli'gooene (Fo>. Zool.) >;Lr'^ii,finall,itn»i, recent; applied by MBeyrich 

to certain bed* a little more recent than Eocene. 
011goch»'ta (Bot.) ikiyt, lew, x*-'"ii a l<Kk of hair; metaphorically, 

foliage : a genus of Compafitx. 
Ollg'odon (Zool.) ti.iyti, few, Uim, (t'tii, a tooth ; a genus of Colubrine 

OUgodo'ra (Bot.) l>.iyi(, few, Ifi^i, ■ gift ; a genua of Compolitot. 
Ollgogr'ae (Bot.) ixiyti, few, yvi, a female (pillil) ; a genus of Com- 

Ollgo'lepifl (Bot.) Wiyti, few, >iiriV. a fcale ; a genus of Compofitx. 
Oligo'meris (Bot.) it-i^it, few, ^i^V, a part ; > genua of Refedacez. 
OUgopllT'lloD (Hot.) ikrVif, few, 4>vXX»,teaf; a genus of CompolitB. 
Ollgo'ms (khth.) •Xiyufim, to elleem lightly; Dr. Gunther's name for a 

genus of Ctenoid Acanthopterous lilhes. 
OUsoBpoma (Bot.) ixiytt. Sew, r^ift, feed { a genus of CompoTitK. 
OllgOBtig'ma (Ent.) ixiyi, fmall, fiyfi*, a mark. 
OU'gOta (Ent.) iiJy,. fmall. 

Ollgothilz (Bot.) ikiyii, few, ifl^, hair ; a genus of Compofibe. 
Oligo'triohum (Bot.) iXr^if, few, tp'£, tfix't, hair ; a genus of Biyoid 

Olln'dltt (Ent.) P. N., a town of South America, near Pemambuco. 
OUBtophus (Ent.) ixiT^H, fmoothnefs ; n genus of Coleoptera. 
OU'ra {ZooL, Bot.) /-a/, the olive; in Zoology, a gennl of MoUufca, 

popularly called the Oline-lhell ; in Botany, the Olire-pLant. 

OLI — OMM 347 

Oliva'oeu8-a-um (Bot.) Za/. olive^coloured ; cg.y Mufcicapa otivacea, a 

Olive (Bot.) Lot. oih/aj an olive-plant. 

Olive'rla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G, A. Ol'roier, a French botanid. 
^lyeto'ram (Ornlth.) gen. pL of oiivgfum, an olive-yard, that being the 

bird's frequent refbrt. 
Oll'via (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fucoid Algsc, 
Olme'dla (Bot.) uncertain derivation ; a genus of Artocarpaces. 
Olophruzn (£nt.) ix»^f, confiding all of one piece; a genus of 

Olusa'trum (Bot.) o/i//,a pot-herb, a/rr, black, alluding to the colour of 

the fruit; specific name of the Smymium Olufatrum, or >* Alex- 
anders ;" a gerius of Nat. Ord. UmbelliferK. 
oxyopia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Hypericaces. 
Olyn'thia (Bot.) oxwdor, an unripe ii(r« 
Oly'ra (Bot.) oxv^, a kind of grain mentioned by Herodotus and others 

as food for hories, along with barley. 
Omalan'thuB (Bot.) ifAaxif^ fmooth, Mf^ a flower. 
Omala'zis (Zool.) «/M«x«r> fmooth, axis; a genus of Molluica. 
Omalia (Bot.) efuiX«f, level, (mooth ; a genus of Mufci. 
Omalildee^ . . C o/uaA.*^, level, fmooth ; a £iimily and genus of 
Oma'limn > C Coleoptera. 

Omalipus (Ent.) e/u«X0r, fmootli, wwft foot ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Omali'sus (Ent.) a genus of Coleoptera. 

Omalocli'ne (Bot.) ^/uaXo'c, fmooth, axiyn, a couch ; a genus of Compofitne. 
Omalo'plia (Ent.) 0/t4«xi(, fmooth, MrX«», armour ; a genus of Coleopten. 
Omalothe'oa (Bot.) s/M«x«f, fmooth, dii»if, a Hieath ; a genus of Compofitas. 
Oma'seus CEnt.) 0/M«r, the whole ? 
Om'bria (Fos. Zool.) ofjiBft, a fliower of rain ; a name formerly applied 

to fofCl Sea-urchins, fuppofed to have fallen from heaven in (howers. 
Ombrophy'tuin (Bot.) ofA0f§ft a fliower of rain, f vT«ir, a plant ; a genus 

of Balanophoracea. 
Omi'a (Ent.) «fi/c, a projection as of a wing or flioulder. 
Omi'as (Ent.) w/u<«f , broad-(houldered ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Omiorona'ria (Ent.) • /ui»^v, the little o ; the wings are marked with 

an o-like circle. 
Omlo'des (Ent.) refembling the genus Omia, 
OxninaBtre'plies (Zool.) o/xfAai^ the eye, arfi^ot, to turn ; a genus of 



3+1 OMM — OTfC 

Omnuto'dtam (Bat.) [fi^u,-aTi(, id ejt, iiJii, like; a genui 

Ommatopho'ridEe I 

} CEntOv 

■/'M'T". rf^ i"f"> to dT- 

Omtt'a (Bot.) IiaiUi, nieinbling; ; a gtmu of Orchidacez. 
Omo'phlaa (Ent.) iftif^'itt, bark-like ; a genu of Caleapteta. 
Omophro'nldes (Ent.) iftltfm, agreeing, united ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ompbala'ndrla (Bot.) tufrnxii, a dimple, itif, Mfit, a male (piftil) ; a 

genuj of Euphorbiaceai. 
Omphalea (SoLyi/ttaXii, the narel ; haviDg umbilicated anthers. 
Omphalla (Bot.) o/^faxii, a naiel, from the deprelGon In the centre of 

pileui ; a genui oS Fungi. 
Ompholi'dlum (Bot.) o^i^Jr, a naTel, i!)tf, likeneft, from the aaaj 

carilies; a gsnus of Uchenet. 
Ompha'llum (Bot.)o/i.fiil<c,aiiaTel; fimn the fonn of the fniil; a geaa* 

of Boraginaceie. 
Omphalo'blum (Bot.) S/tpmi-H, the narel, xtBii, a pod. 
Omphalooa'rpum (Bot.) Ofit>>.<i, a navel, xdftti, fniit ; a genua of 

Omphaloea'rron (Bot.) o^f«>i(, a knob or lop, MMfim,i not; ageniuof 

Omphftlooo'cca (BoL) oftfiiUi, a knob, *•*»(, a berry or kernel', a 

genu) of Verbenacev. 
OmpliBlo'des (Bot.) ifi^ixti. a narel, tThi, like, refening to the feedi ; 

a genua oF BoraginaceoL 
Omphalopsl'ta (Zool.) tfi^iuf, the narel, vUm, a light Ibield ; a genn 

of Infufotia. 
Ompbalo'phoia (Bot.) o^faXi't, a knob, ^if, to canr; a genua of 

OmphalospoTa (Bot.) offm^Jt, a knob, nri^c, feed ; a genut of 

OcDpbEJoBtig'ma (Bot.) o^^sXJt, a knob, rriyftu, a mai^ or fpot 

(Rigma) ; a genua of Gentiinacen. 
O'nagra (Bot.) named from the wild afi (!>» iyfui) probably hecauae It 

waa thought to feed on the plant ; ■ genua now included in (Enothera. 
Onftgra'oeaa (BoL) the natural family of planla of which Onagra i> (or 

nther waa) the tjpe ; the Fuchfia &mily. 
On'oliua (Fo9. Zool.) lyai, bent or hooked ; appUed by Agallii to a geani 

of (bffil Filhet. 

ONC — ONO 349 

Oncid'ium (Bot.) vyjulmt ^ little tubercle : plants belonging to this 

genus have warts, tumours, or other excrefcences at the bafe of the 

labeilum ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Onoine'ma (Bot.) vyws^ a hook, wfAo^ a filament ; a genus of Ascle- 

On'olnUB (Bot.) oymnt^ a hook; a genus of Myrsinacez. 
Onoobyrsa (Bot ) oyx»s% a hook, $ifra, a hide, a Hieath ; a genus of 

Onco'oera (£nt.) oyxo; , a mafs, xl^f, a horn ; the males have a mafs of 

fcales at the bafe of the antennae. 
Onooga'stra (Bot.) oy»or, a hook, yarrnf^ belly ; a genus of Gefneracese. 
Oncome'ra(£nt.) Syx*;, a tumour, ftiffof, the thigh; a genus of Coleo- 

Onoo'phorus (Bot.) oy»»?» a hook, ^«^, to carry ; a genus of Mufci. 
Onoorhi'nus (£nt.) lyxos^ a tumour, /iv, the fnout ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Onoorhynchua (Bot.) o^**!, a hook, fuyx^f* ^ ^^^^ ; ^ genus of 

Oncosperma (Bot.) «>»««, a hook, ^-vi^/ua, feed ; a genus of Palme. 
Onoosphe'nia (Zool.) oyztsj a hook, a^^nt, a wedge ; a genus of 

Onoospo'rum (Bot.) ty*ot^ a hook, rxi^^^ feed ; a genus of Pittofporacear. 
Oncoste'mum (Bot.) oy**;, a hook, rnfxm, the Greek form of (lamen ; 

a genus of Myrftnacex. 
Oncosty'lis (Bot.) tyuot^ a hook, a"tZx.w, a pillar (ftyle); a genus of 

Onco'tyluB (Bot.) o^^koc^ a hook, seruXu, a cup ; a genus of Algas. 
On'ous (Bot.) oy»of, a hook ; a genus of Liliacec. 
OneilUa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr, O'Neill; a genus of Algae. 
Oniohogalea (Zool.) ow^, 9^vx»u a nail or claw, galea, a helmet. 
Onion (Bot.) from Fr, mgtion, which perhaps from uniuy one, the root 

having no offsets. 
Onis'cus (Zool.) ovio'ttof, the wood-loufe. 
Onobro'ma (Bot.) ivts^ an afs, BfStfAmy food ; afles are fond of it. 
Onobry'ohis (Bot.) ovo^, an afs, Bfux^y ^^ gnaw; in allufion to the fond- 

nefs of cattle for thefe plants ; Saint-foin ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Onochi'lus (Bot.) om, an afs, ;cirxof, a lip ; formerly applied to the 

Onocle'a (Bot.) hotj a veflel, jcAi*«», to endofe ; a genus of Filiccs. 

3S0 ONO — OPA 

OiiOOro'taIlu(Orn1th.)3nt,anal9, mfitrXu, » creaking; applied by Plinf 
lo a marlh- bird, which waj thought to bray like id afs, perhapt the 

Oao'niB (Bat.) !>», an ifi, ifi\nfM,Xo ddight i ReD'hurow ; a f^iu of 

Oliopiz (Bot.) oiJiu^x wa> the name of fome unknown plant menlioned 

by Theophrallua ; a genu) of Componta. 
Onopor'dDm (BoLJ i»i, an afa, mifiiiiu, feJirt ; the Cotton-thlflle ; a 

genui of Compoiitie. 
Ono'pterla (Bot.) literally " afl^'-fem," from Mtt, an a&, mrifii, fem ; a 

genui of Polypodioid FiUcc 
ODOB'ma (Bot.) JHi, an aCa, tsun, foiell, from the fuppofition that thefe 

plant! are giateful to that animal ; a geniuof Boraginaceo. 
Onosmo'dlnm (Hot.) the genui Oh/bm. tlli, likenefi. 
Oatbo'phagUB (Ent.J »9;, dung, ^yu, to eat ; a genui of Coleopteia. 
Ontho'plillnt (Ent.) i.tti, dung, fixJv, to lore ; a genui of Coleoptera. 
OOT'oblum (Bot.) (H^-i;;^, a claw ; a genus of Polypodioid FiUcei. 
ODT'ohlaH-ft-un) (Zool.) Lai. fhaped like a little claw. 
Oayoliogaa'thaa (Omith.) i's^-vxti-: a claw, yriiti, the jaw. 
Olk7Qho'pld8(ZooL)i.i;J-i;^<i(,aclaw,Bf>[>afnake; the Claw-headed fnake. 
Onyohoteu'thittoi (S.uf. a cUw,T»i;ai,,a cuttle-fiih; a family 

OnycUotou'thls f ' ™ "^ | and genus of MoUufca. 
Oayotaothe'rluin (Fos. Zoo\.) tn^-u^is, a claw, fa(ig>, a beall { a genut 

of fomi Mammalia. 
Ony'geiia(Bo[.);,tf,ahcx)f,yi>.,,a%ring; an exotic fungut fbnnd on 

buffaloes' horns. 
Coiardlum (Bot.) a genui of Defmidiez. 

OooS-pbalUB (Bot.) tin, an egg, n^An, head; a genus of Labiatx. 
OocU'nium (Bot.) iir, an egg-lhaped cavity. K>.ln a couch ; a genus of 

OoOO'C[)a(Bot.)i»i,an egg (fliape) uiHi(,a beny ; a genus of Sapindacex. 
Oodea (Ent.) ^iti», egg-like, oval ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
O'oU'teB (Fos. ZodI.) kw, an egg, i.i6n, a ftone ; rollil eggi. 
Ooloay (Ornith.) «.. an egg. Asj.=(, dlfcourfe. 
OomorphUB (Ent.) ■». an egg, /*■/?«, ihape ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oonops (Ent.) W.. an egg, i+. the face. 

Opa'dia (Ent.) insi't, an attendant ; alwap flying with other fpecies. 
OpalallB > /p , ■) ( 'p"'"' the opal, a gem ; from the rarious Ihadei 
iB t t of colour on the wings. 

Opallzalls ( 

OPE — OPH 3si 

Ope'graplia (Bot.) ointt a chink, yfAp^t to write , a genus of Lichenes. 
Operoula'ria CBot.) operculum^ a lid, in aliufion to the calyx ; alfo a genus 

of Infufbria. 
Operoula'ris-e (Zool.) fiirniQied with an opercular bone, from eperatlum, 

a lid. 
Operculi'na (Bot.) operculum, a lid ; a genus of Convolvulaces. 
Oper'oulum (Zool., Bot.) Za/. a cover or lid. In Zoology, applied to the 

calcareous or homy mouth-covering of fbme mollufca; in Botany, 

chiefly applied to the lid covering the theca of mofles. 

Ope'tiola (Bot.) evthiif^ a little awl ; a genus of Cyperacefle. 

OpeUorhynohus (Zool.) •*!«»•», an awl, fwyx't^ * fnout. 

Ophe'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gentianaces. 

Opheli'mus (£nt.) i^ixxot, to increafe. 

O'phelUB (Bot.) »(|>f xif , helpful ; a genus of Sterculiaces. 

Ophi'ala (Bot.) dim. from of tf, a ferpent ; a genus of Ophiogloflaceae. 

Ophi'deres > ,« ^ . - . */ .. , 

y (£nt.) o4>if , a ierpent, hint the neck. 
Ophlde ridae) 

Ophi'dla (Zool.) oftf, a ferpent, i7^0f,form or (hape ; an order of Reptiles. 

Ophidl'na (Ichth.) i^s, a ferpent, with fam. term. ; a family of elongated 

Ophi'dioldfl (Ichth.) o^fx^, a ierpent, s72«f, likenefs; the Snake-like 

Ophi'dion (Ichth.) ipiiw, a little fnake ; one of the Pipe^fiihes. 
Ophi'dium (Ichth.) optgy a ferpent, s7$«i, likenefs ; a genus of Snake-like 

Opbioca'ryon (Bot.) o^c, a fnake, udfun^ a nut ; a genus of Sapindaceae. 
Ophiooo'ma (Zool.) l^ig^ a ferpent, ki/Atit hair ; the Brittle- (lars. 
Ophiode'rma (Bot.) o^tt, a fnake, h^/Am, (kin ; a genus of Ophiogloflacf ae. 
Ophio'des (£nt.) Spist a ferpent, iThg, appearance. 
Ophloglossa'oesB (Bot.) the natural order of plants of which ophioglojfum 

is the type ; the AdderVtongue family. 
OphioglOB sum (Bot.) o^ir, a ferpent, yXmr^m.^ a tongue ; Adder's-tongue ; 

a genus of Filices. 
Ophlogram'ma (Ent.) Ipn^ a fnake, y;«/u/tAii, a line. 
Ophiology (Zool.) Ifi«, a ierpent, X#y#p, a difcourfe; equivalent to 

Ophio'phagUS (Zool.) •^\i, a ferpent, ^»ym^ to eat. 
Ophiopo'gon (Bot.) 0^if, a ferpent, v»>>»y, a heard. 
O'phlops (Zool.) o|iy, a ferpent, i^, refemblance ; a genus of Reptilia. 

3S» OPH — OPH 

Ophlo'plarla (Bot.) ifiii, fluke, tnifLt, km; a ^nus of PolTpodioid 

Ophlorrhl'ia (pen.') iftt, a feipent, /<'[■, a root ; Snake-root ; a genua of 

OphloBoor'odon (Bot.) if.i>-iiip3», or Wild ^ic of Diofcoridet. 
Ophlospe'mia (Bot) *fii. fDake, riri^^ta, foed ; a genui of Myrfmacrae. 
OplllORta'oliya (Bot.) tfi(, a Ihake, rrax>^> ■ bunch (ipikir) ; a geoui of 

Oplllo'zyloD (Bot.) tftt, a rcjpeat, {»>.», wood ; becaufe it hai a twiOed 
ruot and ftemi ; or, ai fome think, becaufe fuppoTed to be an antidote 
to lerpenti' bilei ; a genua o( Apocynacen. 
Ophlaati'rus (Zool.) f(\ * fnpent, rtZfn, a liiard ; the Glals-rnake ; a 

genus of Reptilia. 
Ophlspe'rmum (Bat.) tfir, a fnake, rwiffut, feed ; a geani of Aqui- 

Ophlater'nOIk (Ichth.) tfii, a lerpent. rtifin, the bread ; a genua of 

Serpent iform Fiftiei. 
Ophisu'rapblB (Ichth.) >ft(, a lerpent, lifm, tail, f^ii, a needle-lhaped 

Opttlsu'rldai .. , . , fa family and fub-fimily of Eel-like Filbea, of 
Opbisuii'lUBr t which Ofiifiinn ij the type. 

OpUsu'rus (Ichth.) >^i, a ferpent, tif*, a tail ; a genui o[ Serpentifom 

Apodal Fifbe*. 
Ophl'tel (ZooL) Ifltut, like a ferpent ; a genai of Ciriubrine ophidians. 

f- tf'K, a fnake, tifu, a tail, fa named from the long 
Ophtu'r* f \ ferpent or worm-like arms, which are appended 

Ophlu'ridffl> t2<~'0^ to their round, depredid, urchin-Uke bodieaj 

Ophtu'roa (Bot.) ttti, a fcipeat, if^n a uil ) a genus o( Gramina. 
Opbryosole'rla (Bol.) •ffit, a margin, anXtifi, hard j a genua of 

Opbryoapo'rUf (Bot.) tf r^, a margin, nifus, feed ; 'a genus of CoRi- 


Oph'rye (Bot.) J*^»(, an eyebrow; referring to fringe of inner lepali; a 
genus of terreHrial Orchidaceic, including the Bee and tht Fly orcbu. 

Optathalml'dlmn (Bot.) sfj<>x,ufi, an eye, i!hi, likencf^ ; from the eye- 
like fi ufti Heat ion ; a genus of Lichenea. 

OphthabaoTjium (Zool.) isSnAiui,-, an eye, i3.i», w lire; fpccific name 
of a parafitc found in the capfiilc of Ihc eye. 

OPI — OR A 353 

O plius (£nt.) etymology unknown ; a genits of Coleoptera. 
Opisthocoo'lia (Fos. Zool.) ori^-di, behind, xorxof , hollow ; vertebra con- 
cave behind, convex or flat in front. 
Oplstho'oomus (Ornith.) oirtrdi, behind, xi/un, a lock of hair ; having 

certain elongated feathers forming a crefl which bends backwards. 
Opisthoglo'ssa (Zool.) Sirt^di, behind, yXtka-a-Bty tongue; applied to certain 

Batrachians with a tongue adherent in front and more or lefs free 

Opium (Bot.) ov#f, (ap or juice : it was called by Diorcorides,/Atixa#»of ova:, 

juice of the Poppy. 
Opli'smenus (Bot.) «flrXt0-/ui»«f, part, of ^vXi(«, to make ready; a genus 

of Gramina. 
Oplothe'ca (Bot.) ovXav, armour, dw, a fheath. 
Opo'panaz (Bot.) o««-v«ya£, mentioned by Diofcorides and Pliny, from 

oirocf juice, ^frax, the plant yielding it ; a genus of Umbelliferse. 
Opora'bla (Ent.) ovm^s, autumn, /?i«f, life ; a genus of Lcpidoptera. 
Oponn'thus (Bot.) » vw^, autumn, «i>6oc, flower ; a genus of Amaryllidace:e. 
Opo'rina (Ent.) »irwp«i, the autumn, from the time of its appearance ; a 

genus of L.epidoptera. 
Opori'nia (Bot.) oir»ptv«f, autumnal ; alluding to its time of flowering ; a 

genus of Compoiitx. 
Opospe rmum (Bot.) »«•;, julcs, a^tpfjuif feed ; a genus of Algie. 
Opos'tega (Ent.) i^, the face, rriyn, a roof; alluding to the large eye- 
caps ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Opsa'rion (Ichth.) o^^^ay, a little fifli. 

Opaian'thus (Bot.) «4, the eye, «iflo;, flower ; a genus of Onagraceae. 
O'pulua (Bot.) derivation doubtful ; fpeciflc name of the Gueldcr-ro(e, 

Viburnum Opulus, 
Opun'tla (Bot.) it was plentiful near Opus (gen. Opuntis)^ a city of Locris ; 

now applied to a genus of Ca^lacesc. 
Opontia'oeSB (Bot.) the family of plants of which Opuntia is (or rather 

was) the type ; the Indian-fig family. 

Or (Ent.) from the letters or, fuppofed to be legible on the forewings. 

Oracan'thua (Fos. Ichth.) o^iio; , hilly, axa*&», a fpine ; a genus of foflll 


Orange (Bot.) altered from Latin ai/ra/r/ivm, which is from aurum^ gold, in 

reference to its colour. 

Ora'ng-outan (Zool.) the Malay name for the Simia Satyrus, meanin<>- 

** Man of the woods." 

•J A 

354 0KB — ORE 

Or'beB (Bot.) wiii, an orb ; alioding to the Aowkd. 

Orbl'oula (Z<wL) Lot. a little orb ; a genii! o[ MoUuTca. 

Orbioula'rlB-e (ZooL) Lai. of rounded Form. 

OrbiouU'lia (Zool.) trtiaiiu, a fmall orb or dllV ; ■ geum of Uriiig artd 

foUil FocanuDifera. 
Orblg'nr* (Bat.) ^ P. N. ia honour of the late celebrated French 

OTblgaTatitia (ZooL) ) natunlifl, Af. 2)'0irl^; InBot.igenuiof 
Orblgn/U (Zool) J Palma. 
Orbo'na (Ent.) P. N., the godctefi of parenU who had loll their 

Or'oheBU (Ent.) J^j^m, duidng ; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Orobe'steB (Ent.) ifx"^iii ■> dancer ; a geniM of Coleoptera. 
Oroblda'oeie (Bot.) the OrthU funlly of planti. 
OroM'dlmn (Bot.) >^;)^}in, dim. of 'ixfi, '•fi' ! a genua of Oichidacez. 
Orabidoaa'rpum (Bot.) ircUi, and ■■^irir, fruit ; orchia-fniited ; a genus 

OrollldOfu'iikia (Bot.) compounded of Ortkii and FaJia (a beautiful 
genua of Liliacex,) because It reaemblei both ; a genut of Orchidacea. 
Orohlpe'dEl (Bot.) aniii ; fin,fidii, a foot ; a genua of Apocynscea, 
OTohlpe'dum (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Orchldacea. 
Or'ohla(Bot.]i^cii,I^n; from the Ihape inlbme rooli of terreftriil fpedei ; 

typical genua of Nat. Ord. Orchidacec. 
Ora'adei (Bat.) P. N., a peculiar trii>e of nympha in Grecian mythology ; 
fpecific name of a fungus, Agaricus Oraia ; from itt habit of growing 
in regular rings, popularly confidered biry ringe. 
OrsB'nthea (Hot.) literally " smi-flowered -, " a genu) of Vacdniacez. 
O'reas (Bot.) P. N., an Oteed, or Mountain- nymph ; a geiuu of Cnici- 

fers I alio, in Zoology, a genus of Mammalia. 
Oreotooliel'llU (Ent.) ifixTii, Arctciwd out, ;t;ii^ii(. lip ; a genus of 

Oregu'm (Bot.) Ifiyu, to ftretch out, ti^i, tail ; a genui of Orchidiceie. 
Orao'bolos (Bot.) literally " mountain-fpread," from ifi(, mountain, and 

Bi^-fji, to throw at ; a genua of Gramina. 
Oreooa'llis (Bot.) literally "mountain-beauty," from e^it, mountain, 

■ex;ii(, beauty ; a genus of Proteaceae. 
Oreo'ahorls (Bot.) ifof, mountain, x^ipi, grace or beauty ; a gctuis of 

Oreoohlo'a (Bot.)9,i(, mountain, ;);Xia,grafa; Mountain-gnji; a genui 

ORE — ORI 355 

Oreoda'phne (Bot.) literally ^ mountain-laurel,*' from ^^«(, a mountain, 

}«^»n, a laurel ; a genus of Lauracee. 
Oreodo'za (Bot.) op«f , mountain, )•{«, credit ; a genus of Palma. 
Oreoge'um (Bot.) opo^, mountain, and Geum; a genus of Rofacefe. 
Oreoioa (Ornith.) l^t, a chain of hills, oUiai, to inhabit. 
Oreomyr'rhis (Bot.) »f0f, mountain, and Myrrkuy a genus of UmbeUiferat. 
Oreo'phUa (Bot*) op«f, mountain, f iXiw, to love ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Oreo'phylax (Bot.) o^^f , mountain, 9vX«(, a guardian ; a genus of Gen- 

Oreo'pteria (Bot.) 1^, a mountain, vri^f^ a fern ; Sweet mountain-fern, 

or (* Oreads' fern ; " (pecific name of the ATpidium Oreopteris, 
Oreopy'ra (Ornith.) ^^f, a mountain, mZft fire; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Oreosoia'dlum (Bot.) o^r, mountain, 0-«i«)ff;0v, an umbrella or parafol^* 

metaphorically an umbel ; a genus of UmbellifersB. 
Oreoseli'num (Bot.) *' mountain-parfley," from o;or, a mountain, 0'iX/*o», 

parfley ; a genus of Umbeilifene. 
Oreose'rls (Bot.) »^ec, mountain, ^i^i, endive ; a genus of Compofite. 
Oreosple'nium (Bot.) Ifu mountain, «-irXi)yt«», fpleenwort ; a genus of 

Oreothrau'pls (Ornith.) »^r, a mountain, Bpmtnriti a little bird like the 

goldfinch ; a genus of Tanagers. 
Oreotra'gus (21ool) ofot, a mountain, r^Ayof^ a he-goat. 
Oreotro'ohUus (Ornith.) ifor, a mountain, trochi/iu, a humming-bird ? 

Mountain Humming-bird. 
Orga'nioa (Ornith.) this name was given by Mr. Gould from the reiem- 

blanoe of the bird's note to ** the founds of a hand-or^aii out of tune." 
Or'ganum (ZooL) arranged like the pipes of an organ. 
Orgyi'a (£nt.) S^via, the outflretched arm; from the infect's habit of 

extending the foie feet ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Oriba'tidflB (Zool.) Sp«,', a paling, (3ar«fj walking; a family of Arac^ida : 

the Wood-mites. 
Orig'anum (Bot.) o^t, a mountain, ytLof, delight, referring to its habi- 
tation and odour ; Marjoram ; a genus of aromatic LabiataE. 
Oiioli'nsB (Ornith.) a fub-family of Inceflbres, of which oriUus is the 

typical genus. 
Ori'olUS (Ornith.) Latinized form of Oriole, which was probably given in 

imitation of the bird's cry. 
Orl'on (Ent.) P. N., the handfomeft hunter of his race. (Hom. OdyfT. r. 

III. feq.); fpecific name of a butterfly. 

OrltliyTa(Zool.)P. N., daughter of Ereththem ; a gfnuiof Craftacea. 
Or'llUQ (Bot.) i/nii, a little hiU, where it U chief!)' fouod ; a genui oF Cni- 

OrmenlB (Bot.) I^^hk, a Hem oi flalk ; a gmm of CompofitK. 

Orml'souB (Dot.) iffiliHt, a Anall necklace; i genua of Cnicifene. 

Ormooar'pua (Bot.) If^oj, a necklace ; xmfmii, frait. 

OrmoBola'dinia (Bot.) Ifi^H, a neckJace or collar ; miiifr, an ombrctla ; 
(metaphorically) an umbel ; a genui of Umbellifera. 

Ormo'lla (BoL) Iff^'i, a necklace, feeds were worn in necklacei ; a genui 
of tropical Leguminofz. 

OrmoBOle'nl* (Bot.) litenllf a " gnioTed necklace," from iftui, a neck- 
lace,, ■ ctianael ; a genua of Umbeltifene. 

Omata'Us (£at.) omatm, part, of inw, to adotn. 

OmaUs'slmus-a-um (Zool.) Lai. AipeH. vec; much adorned. 

Onia'tua -a-am (Ent.. Bot.) Lai. adorned ; e.g., Luplnui araaiui. 

Omlthioh'nltea (Fos. khlh.) Sfui.iSn. a hird, and IV'd a foot-print ; 
foini Bird-foot- printi. 

Omlthtohno'logjr (Foi, ZooL) i/iii-iitt, a bird, 1x<'it > foot-print, i-iyt,-, 
a difeourfe ; the fcience of foffil footmarka of Birdj. 

Ornlthid'ium (Bot.) ifn,-iit,, a bird, iDof, likenefi; the upper lip of the 
fijgma ia beak-like. 

Omithoaeph'oluB [Bot.) ifMi-^ti, a bird, iifaAi, a bead. 

Omlthoohl'lus (Bot.) ifn-its, a bird, xiUtf, a beak ; a genoi of Orchi- 

OmlthogUimi (Bot.-)lfnt-<6ti, a bird, y>;iii, milk; theStarof Bechlebem. 
OrnithogloBBtuo (Bot.) if>i(-iBg(, a bird, y\mnm, a tongue. 
Omithoi'dsB (ZooL) lf<,s-An, a bird, iTtii, llkenefi. 
Omltboli'tes (Foa. Zool.) Ipitiit;, a bird, xiBn, Hone; a general term 

applied to fbflil Birdt. 
Oraitho'log; (Oniith.) l/ni-Jii, a bird, xj^^t, a difeourfe; the Science 

of Birda. 
OrnltUoptara'Us (Eat.) wicfln. a bird, rri^, a wing, 
Oml'thoptu (Bot.) a^ii All, a bird, *»f, a bot ; claw-like podi ; a genui 

of LegumiTioC0. 
OmlthorhTiiohl'na (Zool.) If-u-'tSu, a bird, fiyx'i' " ''"''■ 
Omithortiyii'cuB-a-um (Boi.) iftii-iSm, a bird, /i^a:'(> > beak ; bating 

the form of a bird', beak; the Dnck-billed PUtypu^ 
Omlthoxaa'thum (Bot.) if»i'i9,;, a bird, Earffi, yeliow: agenuiof Lili- 

OUN — OUT 357 

Or^niz (£nt.) tfuf, a bird ; a genus of Leptdoptera. 

Or'nuB (Bot.) Lot, the A(h*tree ; the Manna^alh ; a genus of Nat. Ord. 

Orobanoha'oeaB (Bot.) the family of plants of which Or^btutthe is the 

type ; the Broom-rape family. 
Oroban'ohe (Bot.) S^ot, a kind of vetch, Siyx^^ to ftrangle, becaufe it 

chokes or flrangles the Orobut ; the Broom-rape ; typical genus of the 

parafitic order Orobanchaceae. 
Orobi'tU (£nt.) feeding on the vetch (Orehus); a genus of Coleoptera. 
O'robus (Bot.) IfoBoty the bitter vetch ; 0. tuberolus is fuppofed to he the 

Chara mentioned in Cxfar^s Commentaries, on which, mixed with 

milk, the foldiers of Valerius' aimy fubfided durirg a ftarcityof bread. 
O'rodas (Fos. Ornith.) »^r«f, beautiful, iUCt^ a tooth ; a beautiful genus 

of folGi FiOi-tteth. 
OrontU'ceee (Bot.) the Sweet-flag family, of which Orofitum is the type. 
Oron'tium (Bot.) a Greek name adopted by LinnsBUS \ typical genus of 

the Nat. Ord. OrontiacesD. 
Orope'tlum (Bot.) Iptg, mountain, ^0, to travel to ; a genus of Gramina. 
Oro'phanes (Bot.) o^of, mountain, ^mfig, brightnets ; a genus of Ericaces. 
Oro'pliea (Bot.) •(•pn, a roof-tree ; a genus of Anonacese. 
Orosta'oliya (Bot.) ofct, mountain, o^Axvft a bunch, (^pike) ; a genus of 

Crailulacex. - 
Oro'zylmn (Bot.) " mountain-wood,'* from o^or, mountain, £«A«v, wood ; a 

genus of Bignoniacex. 
Or'riB-root (Bot.) i. e, /W^-root, {Jrh FloreMUna,) 
Orsoda'ooa (Ent.) o^o)««»n} a name uied by Aridotle for an infe^ which 

eats the buds of plants ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Orte'gla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. G, de Ortega^ a Spani(h botanifl. 
Orthagorla'cua (Ichth.) ifBmyfirMt, a fucking- pig ; the Sun-(i(b. 
OrUian'thera (Bot.) o^dij, ftraight, Mn^it^ fk>wery ; a genus of Asclepia- 


Or'tbls > ,_ -, ,x cWi^ftiaight; genera of foflil Bivalves, occur- 

y (Fos. 2ool.) ^ 
Ortblsl'na) i ring only in palaeozoic ftrata. 

Orthooan'thua (Fos. ZooL) ipBis^ ftraight, «[»«»da, a fpine ; a genus of 

foffil Fin-fpines. 
Orthooarpae'a (Bot.) »^««, flraight, «a^«^r, fruit ; a genus of Sterculiaceie. 
Orthooa'rpua (Bot.) fame derivation; a genus of Scrophulariacez. 
Orthooe'ntrum (Bot.) Ifiif^ flraight ; «i>t^»v, a prickle ; a genus of Com- 


^58 ORT 

Ortho'oeras (Bot.) hfiit^ ftraight, «i^;, a horn. 

OrthoohflB'tes (Ent.) Ifiii^ ftraight, x'^*^'>% bridle ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Ortho'olada (Bot.) opdict ftraight, »x«3of, a (hoot or young branch ; a ge- 
nus of Gramina. 

Ortho'danum (Bot.) l.fiit^ (Inight, )a»«f , dry, parched ; a genus of Legu- 

Or'thodon (Bot.) Ifiit^ ftraight, olovr, tHirtou tooth ; a genus of Btyoid 

Orthodo'ntlum (Bot.) (ame deriTation ; a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 

Ortho'geDTB (Omith.) 9fB§s^ (Iratght, }^»vf,the jaw ; a genus of Tanagers. 

Orthognaf tU8 (Zool) o^ff« upright, ^vvdof, the jaw. 

Orthogo'niuB (Ent) 0^yw»itr» rectangular. 

Orthograzn'ma (Ent.) Ifii^ ftraight, yf^fAf^m, a marking. 

Orthono'tus (Fos. Zool.) ifiit^ ftraight, Mrr«f , the back ; alio a genus of 

Ortho'peroB (Ent.) S^^, ftraight, iripf, an extremity; a genus of 

Orthoplo'oesB (Bot.) IfBit^ ftraight, irXe»ff, a web ; the cotyledons con- 
duplicate, or longitudinally folded ; a ie^on of the Crucifene. 

Orthopo'gon (Bot.) ^(c, ftraight, «£>>«», a beard« 

Orthopt'era (Ent.) ofdir, (Itaigfat, trri^, a wing. 

Orthop/zia (Bot.) ifSi^, ftraight, vi{iV, a box ; a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 

Orthora'phium (BoL) ifBist ftraight, f^at, dim. of fm^ity a needle ; a 
genus of Gramina. 

Orthorhyn'oua (Omith.) o^i;, ftraight, fvyx*<9 > beak; a genus of 

Hummi ng^irds. 
Ortho'sia (Bot.) ifdt»a-tff ftraightness ; a genus of Aiclepladacear. 
Ortho'sia ) r P. N., a surname of Diana. Pind. Olymp: iii. 

Orthosi'ldflB S 1 54. ; a genus and £unily ofLepidoptera. 

Orthosi'phon (Bot.) IfSitt ftraight, ^^j^v, a tube ; a genus of Labiatar. 
OrthOBpo'ram (Bot.) ifSif, ftraight, a-ni^Ht ^^ ; > genus of Chenopodi- 

Orthoste'mon (Bot ) ifBit, ftraight, rrtiyim^ a fpindle (ftamen) ; a genus 

of Gentianaoese. 
OxthotSB'nla (Ent.) ifBig, ftraight, rmt»ia^ a band ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Orthotelia (Ent.) ifBis, ftraight, tiXK) an end ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Orthothe'oa (Bot.) ^ht ftraight, Own, a (heath ; a genus of Bryuid Mufci. 
Orthothe'oiuxD (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Sterculiacese. 
Orthotomus (Omith.) ifUf, ftraight, To/u>f, a cutting ; the Tailor-bird. 

OJIT — OSC 359 

Ortho'trichum (Bot.) o^dor, (Iraight, d^'^, fp*x*f* ^>if * ^ genus of Mufci. 
Ortho'tropls (Bot.) i(*^c> ftraight, T^iirw, to turn ; a genus of Leguminofz. 
Orthrosan'thus (Bot.) •/Bf9<t morning, «f»^;, a flower. 
Or'tolan (Omith.) />. ortolan f Jtal, ortuhmo; from ^rfvi^itf, relating to 

gardens, which it frequents ; common name of the Emberiza hortuUtiut, 
Oltygome'tra (Omith.) •frv^ v^c, a quail, /MnrDf, mother ; *< the mother 

of the quails," applied by AriJIotUt AUrovmebu and others to the 

Or^tyz (Omith.) {prvf, a quail; a genus of American Birds, related to the 

partridge ; the Colins. 
OrTala (Bot.) Frenek^ orvaU, the herb Clary ; fpecific name of a fpecies of 

Dead-nettle, Lamium Orvala, 
Oryohophra'gma (Bot.^) 0(«£, a pickaxe, ffiyfAm, prote^fcion ; a genus of 

Oryoter'opuB (Zool.) ofumrnf, a digger, wtvt, a foot ; antebpe-footed ; a 

genus of Mammalia. 
Ory'oterothe'rium (Fos. ZooL) ofUHtit, dug up, dn^*, a bead. 
Oryc'teruB (2^L) ocvstii^ a digger ; a genus of Rats. 
Ory'otes (£nt.) fv»rtit^ a digger ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oiyotls (£nt.) fv»rti<, a digger ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oryotology (Fos. Zool.) i^tntrig^ dug up, Xoyitt & difcourfe : the science 

of Extinct animals ; almofl displaced by Palieontology, q. v. 
Oryotcyphaga (Ent.) i. e. eater, (^dym^ to eat) of the beetle Oryttej; 

fpec. name of Scolia oryBopkaga^ a foflorial hymenoptexous \tSc€t» 
Qrtf^A (Bot.) ofvyis a digging ; a genus of Meiembryacese. 
Goryz (Zool.) i^, a gaxelle or antelope, from ofuo^ffm, to dig up, on account 

of its pointed horns. 
Ory'za (Bot.) Lot. rice; Arah. Oruz; Greeks »{«{«; the rice pUnt; a 

genus of Cereal grades. 
OryziVorus-a-um (Omith.) Lai. rice^eating, e.g. Dotichonyx oryxivoruj, 
Oryzop'sis (Bot.) oryza^ rice, t^Ci appearance ; rice-like. 
Oryzor'niz (Omith.) ifufm, the rice plant, (which from Arab, onx) Sfti;, 

bird ; the Rice-bird ; a genus of Pafleres. 
Ozbe'okia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of P. OJheck^ a Swedifli clergyman and 

naturalift ; a genus of Melaftomacese. 
Osoilla'ria (Bot.) ofcittttm^ a fwing ; a genus of Algse. 
OBOillato'rla (Bot.) plants having an rft'dlaiory or Twinging motion; a 

genus of Alg«9. 
Csoulifer (Zool.) Lat. having a little mouth. 

360 OS I — OST 

Osi'ris (£iit.) P. N., an Egyptian divinity ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Oamade'nia (Bot.) •rftti, fragrance, «Ui«», a gland; a genm of Com- 

Osma'nthus (Bot.) 09-/1U, fragnmce, anSf, a flower ; a genus of OleaoeB. 
Osmerofdes (Fos. Ichth.) ta-fAfifOi, the fmelt^and tths$ Ukenefs ; a genus 

of foiCl Fifhes of the chalk, fo named from their reiemblanoe to tlie 

Osme'rus (Ichth.) to-fAninf, fweet-fmelling ; the Smelt. 
Oszni'tes (Bot.) oo-f^n^ perfume ; it has a (Irong fmeil of Camphor. 
Osmo'phytum (Bot.) •c/xnt fragrance, firri*, a plant ; a genus of Orchi- 

Osmorrhl'za ^Bot.) •a-fjiltt fragrance, fit^a, root ; a genus of UmbeUiferae. 
OsmOBOle'ria (Bot.) or/Afi, fragrance, 0>jtXiif «;, hard ; a genus of Gnunina. 
Osmotha'mnus (Bot.) «<r/M4, fragrance, B»fAutj a (htub; a genus of 

Osmim'da 1 r'a^'\ fC^*^**) Qfi^^^t ftrength; a genus and family 
Osmunda'oesB) ( ofFilices. 

Osmunda'ria (Bot.) having ibme refemblance to the Flowering-fern 

or Ofmunda ; a genus of Algas. 
Osmuoidla (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Algae. 
OsmyluB (Kilt.) »7/MAof, (Irong-rmelllng ; a genus of Neuioptenu 
Osphran'ter (Zool.) lr^^tarnfi^s% able to fmell, (harp-fmelling. 
Osphro 'menus (Ichth.) Iv^/fAM^^ tracking by fmell; the Gourami. 
Ospriospo'rium (Bot.; O0^pte», puhe (fhaped), awi^9t^ feed ; a genus of 

O'saeus-a-um (Zool.) I^t, hov.j ; compofed of, or armed witli, bone. 
Osteole'pis (I os. Zool.) od-Tiot, a bone, ktvlt^ a fcale ; a genus of Ganoid 

Filhes, fo called from tlie enajnelled bony character of its fcales. 
Osteology (Zool.)d0'Ti«v, a bone. \iy<^Si a dilbourfe ; that which treats of 

the bony flru^tures of the animals. 
Osteomeles (Bot.) Ttin^ a (lone or kernel of fruit, iMXn^ an apple ; a 

genus of Pomacese. 
Osteosper'inum (Bot.) »rri9t, a bone, vmiffAm, feed; alluding to the 

hardnefs of the (eed. 
Osterdy'ckia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cunoniacea;. 
Ostracoc'oum (Bot.) o^t^miov, a (hell, k««m;, berry; a genus of 

Ostrao'oda (Zool.) S^^paKoy, a (hell ; an order of EntomoOraca. 
Ostracode'nna (Bot.) IffrfMM^t ^ ^cU» ^Ht^'h ^i" \ ^ g^nus of Fungi. 

OST — OTO 361 

Ostra'legUB (Ornith.) ^mr, an oyfter, /r^o, to coUe£t; r.^., HiBinatopas 

^ralegi:jj the Ojfler-catcher. 
Oa'trea (7x)oI.) S«>r{i«v, an oyfter; the Oyfter; a genus of bivalve 

Ostresefo'rmiB-e (Zooi.) ^rea, an oy(ler,y0r«r//, fliape ; oyfter-fliaped. 
Os'trlch (Ornith.) FmcA, auflruche; iMlin^firuthio. 
Ostro'pa (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Fungi. 
O'strya (Bot.) «tt{v« of Theophraftus, a tiee with very hard wood ; the 

Hop-hornbeam ; a genus of Corylaceae. 
Ostryo'dlum (Bot.) the genus Gfir^a^ iHof, likenefs; a genus of Legu- 

Oswalda (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 
Osyri'oera (Bot.) the genus OfyrU^ and mto, wax ; a genus of Orchi- 

Osy'ris CBot.) lfvf\% of Dio(corides, a fhrub with dark tough branches ; 

Poets' Caflia ; a genus of Santalaces. 
Otaoh'yrium (Bot.) A%^ inis, an ear, «[;^up«v, huik ; a genus of Gramina. 
Otan'dra (Bot.) wsy wr«f, an ear ((haped) «vti(, At^fit, a male (ftamen) ; 

a genus of Orchidacez. 
Otan'thera (Bot.) w§, wT«r, an ear ((baped) h&nfitt flowery ; a genus of 

Otan'thus (Bot.) «?; , irr«i, an ear, «>0ar, a flower ; a genus of CompofitiB. 
Ota'ria (Zool.) wrc^t , large-eared ; a genus of Seals with external ears. 
Othon'oa (Bot.) 96»yn, linen; alluding to the downy clothing of the 

original plant ; a genus of CompoHtx. 

Oti'na > ^ w i '^^^ ^*^* ^" ^^^> ^ genus and fub-family of 

Otlnl'na > ^ '^ '^ ( Mollufca, 

OUnflB (Ornith.) a fub-family of Birds, of which Otu is the type; the 

Otlorh3nicliU8 (£nt.) ^V, a little ear; fvyx^ff ^ beak; a genus of 

O'tis (Ornith.) trify a bu((ard ; a genus of Birds. 
Otooo'rlfl (Ornith.) tZg, «t«;, the ear, xif«f, a fprout ; the bird has, above 

the forehead, on eacli fide, a few elongated feathers, which it has the 

power of railing in the form of a pair of pointed ears. 
Oto'oyon (Zool ) dSt^ itr^u the ear, «»»y, a dog ; the £ared-dog. 
O'togypa (Ornith.) «Sf , wr*;, the ear, yy^, yvmiu a vulture ; a genus of 

Otollo^Ufl (2^1.) §Cti iivitt an ear, x««yo, a fliOTel; a genus of Lemurs. 

36t OTO -^ oxr 

Otop'terls (Fo8. Bot.) wsy wr^c, an ear ; vriftt, a fern ; alluding to the 

eai^fhaped projection with which the bafes of their leaflets are 

Ot'ter (Zool.) Amgh-^ax, oter ; Dutch and Ger. eiter ; common name of 

Lutra vulgaris. 
O'tOB (Ornith.) •?;, wWf, an ear; the Long^eaied Bat 
Oade'nodon (Fos. ZooL) «^i», none, •THug, a tooth ; the upper as well as 

lower jaws being quite or nearly without teeth. 
Oimoe (2^L) common name of the Fells uncia ; Porttig, oaf a; Ital, lemjta; 

Sp, 9H%a; Fr, tiue; this lad was formerly written /'mr^r, and is 

evidently from Xv»(, Lot, lynx, 
Ou'tea (Bot.) a Carib name. 
Ouyiran'dra C^t ) literally, ^water-yam;" in the Malagafy and Poly- 

nefian languages, ouvi means yam, and rano, in the former, iignifies 

water.--^«v. IV, £liu,— The Lattice-leaf plant. 
Oya'll8-e (2^1. Bot.) Lai, egg-fhaped, oval ; e. g,, Sphoerium avaU, 
Oya'tOB-a-um (ZooL Bot.) Lot, ovate, egg-fhaped ; e, ^., Limna^a 

O'vlbos (ZooL) ov//, a (beep, 6ot, a bull, an ox. 
Oyifo'rmis-e (Zool. Bot.) Lai, egg-O^ped. 
0'y\b (Z^ooL) Lai, a iheep. 

Oroi dea (ZooL) ovtm, an egg, iT^or, likeneft ; egg-lil^e. 
O'vola (ZooL) Lai, a little egg ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Ovula'llB (£nt.) dim. of ovtm, an egg. 
O'wenl (Zool.) P N. in honour of the oelebiated anatomlft and naturalift 

Profeflbr Hickanl Owtfi, F.R.S. 
Owl (Ornith.) Zo/., v/w/a, the icreech-owl, from »i«/e, to howl or fliriek ; 

owl and Aotvl are eflentially the lame words, the young of the owl 

being termed kovtUtt^ as remarked by Dr. Trench. 
OzsB'a (£nt.) «(vr, (harp ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Oxgalls (Bot.) •luty (harp or four, alluding to its qualities, Wood <forrel ; 

typical genus of Oxalidaceie. 
Ozyao tis (Bot.) o^vf , (harp, ««rif , ray ; the berries are difpoied ftarwiie ; 

the Star or Bitter-pepper of China. 
Ozyan'thuB (Bot.) a^vf , (harp, M»sy a flower. 
OzTbaph'oi (Bot.) o^vy, (harp, Bu^^ dye. 

Ozy*belU8 (Ent.) o{v/3iXqr, (harp-pointed ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Ozycephaluin (21ooL) #{6;, (harp, «i^it, head. 
Oxyoe'ra (Ent.) «{wr, (haip, «i^i, a horn ; a genus of Diptera. 

oxr — ozo 363 

Oz700o'ou8 (Bot.) «f vf, Hiarp, acid, ««»«•;, a berry, from the (harp, 
acid ta(Ve of the berries ; the Cranberry ; a genus of Vacciniacec. 

Ozygna'thus (£nt.) «(vf, (harp, ytmBtt the jaw ; a genus of Coieoptera. 

Ozylo^bium (Bot.) 6^vt^ (harp, xv^«V, a legume or pod; a genus of 

Oxylo'phus (Ent.) »(Cf^ (harp, x«^»r, a cxeft ; a genus of Coieoptera. 

Ozynas'pis (Zool) of mm, to (harpen, ^ir<V, a (hield; a genus of 
Cirripedes. ** 

Ozyno'ptema (Ent.) t^vtrnj to (harpen, wrt/if, a feather (antennsB). 

Ozyno'tos (Omith.) »^vs, (harp, »5T«r, the bacli ; a genus of Laniadse. 

Oxyo'xnua (Ent.) •fvr, (harp, fl5/c4«r, the (houlder ; a genus of Coieoptera. 

Ozsrpe'talum (Bot.) ofur, (harp, vit«x«v, a lea/ (petal). 

Oxypo'da (Ent.) o{vr, (harp, iroi/s, ir4«f, a foot ; a genus of Coieoptera. 

Oxypo'gon (Omith.) o(vy, (harp, vatyw, a beard ; a genus of Humming- 

Oxjpo'ma (Ent.) •(vf , (harp, v«^r, an opening ; a genus of Coieoptera. 

Ozyrho'puB (Zool) t^vffVf, eafily turned; a genus of Colubrine 

Ozyrhyn'oa (2^1.) «{»#, (harp, fvyx^t* beak ; a divifion of Cmftacea, 

Ozyrhyn'ous (Omith.) *^vt, (harp, fvyx*t* ^ ^*^^ » <^ genus of Picidz. 

Ozyrhyn'ouB-a-um (Ichth.) «{vr, Qxup,fvyx»f* >^ fiiout, e,g^ Mormyms 

Oxy'rla (Bot.) o(vr, (harp ; a genus of Polygonacese ; 0. reniformis is the 

Ozysterma (Bot.) »(vt, (harp, rriXfAth ^ crown, 
Czy'stoma (2^1., Ent.) of vf , (harp, rrifAm^ mouth ; in Zoology, a genus 

of Cra(hicea ; in Entomology, a genus of Coieoptera. 
OzytelidsB ) . (4^(9 (harp, riut, eictremity ; a family and genus 

Ozy'telUB > ^ ° 'M of Coieoptera. 
Oz/tropls (Bot.) 9(vti (harp, pointed, rfiwit, a keel; a genus of 

Oxyu'ra (Bot.) «(vr, (harp, oZp, tail; a genus of Compofitae. 
Oxyu'rls (Ent.) «( v;, (harp, o2^ tail ; a genus of Entozoa. 
Oyster (2^1.) Ai^U-Sax, tfira ; Laiin, ^ea ; GreeJk, Hrrfur. 
Ozo'nium (Bot.) 0(0:, a branch ; having branched filaments. 
Ozotham'nus (Bot.) S(«r, a branch, 0«ftMf , a (hrab. 

364 PAC 

Pache'tra (£nt.) v«x*^i ^^ick, tr^y, the abdomen ; a genus of Lepido- 

Paohl'ria (Bot.) etymology uncertain ; a genus of Sterculiaceae. 
Paohl'tes (Bot.) v*;^^;} thick ; a genus of Orchidaceie. 
Paohno'bla (Ent.) v^x^y ^'^^> ^'''* ^^^^1 ^ genus of Lepidoptera. 
Paohnooy'be (Bot.) wm^^tfiy hoar-frofl, »tjBn, a head. 
Paobyoalyz (Bot.) ^ax'^t thick, calyx ; a genus of Ericacez. 
Paohyca'rpua (Bot.) 9»xvu thick, xm^wif, fruit ; a genus of Algae. 
Pachycen'trla (Bot.) 9»x^f thick, sirr^«y, a prickle ; a genus of Melafto- 

Paohyoeph'ala (Zool.) «-«x^*« thick, m^mXh, the head ; having: a broad 

and fliield-Qiaped head ; a tribe of Entomoftracous Cruftaceans. 
Paohyoeph'ala (Ornith.) trax^t* thick, tu^n^ head ; the Thick-heads of 

PaohychlU (Tchth.) ««X'^^ thick, ;ci7Xoc, lip ; the Thick-Uppers ; a 

divifion of Cyprinoid Fifnes. 
Paohyohllus (Bot.) irc;^vf , thick, xfiX4ft a lip ; a genus of Orchidace«B. 
Paohycne'mia (Ent.) wxfis* tliick, »ri$/4t}, the leg ; a genus of Lepido- 
Paohyoor'mus (Zool.) ^axiti thick, uf/Mf, a trunk. 
Paohyoor'mua (Fos. Ichth.) ««xvf> thick, s«^f, the trunk of a tree ; 

a genus of fofllil Ganoid Fifbes. 
Paohyden'dron (Bot.) ««x*^* thick, It^fn, a tree. 
Pa'ohyderm, Paohyder'mata (ZooL) ««;^vr, thick, )i^«, the flun ; an 

order of Mammalia. 
Paohyder'ma (Bot.) w»x^i thick, 3i^«, (kin ; a genus of Oleacese. 
Pachyder'ris (Bot.) itKxvtt thick, Vtffiu coat ; a genus of Compo(it«. 
Paohy'dium (Bot.) irc\; J;, tliick ; a genus of Onagraceie. 
Pachyga'ster (Ent.) ^ax^U thick, y«0-Tii^, the belly ; a genus of Diptera. 
Pachygloa'sad, Faohyglos'sates (Zool.) irai;^y(, thick, yxSia^ff»^ a 

Paohygnatha (Ent.) v^x^fy thick, y»«fl3f, the jaw-bone. 
PaohylsB'na (Bot.) ««a;<'V} thick, XoTNt, cloak or mantle ; a genus of Com- 

Paohylar'thnia (Ent.) v«x^«> thick, &fBfa»y a joint. 
Paohyla'sma (Zool.) ««;^k« thick, iXAo-fA; a plate ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
PaohyIol>UB (Bot.) w^x^i* thick, x$0itf pod ; a genus of Amyridacee. 
Paohyle'pis (Bot.) wax^s* thick, Xiv/f, fcale ; a genus of (llompolitse. 
Pachylo'ma (Bot.) ««;tvi, thick, kSfAUj fringe ; a genus of Melailomaceae. 

FAC 365 

Pachylo'phis (Bot.) wa^^, thick, x#<^«f, tuft ; a genus of Onagracez. 
Paoby'ma (Bot.) vm;^!/;, thick, x"fx§t, juice ; a genus of Fungi. 
Paoby'menes C^nt.) 9»%vt, thick, fAifot, Hi-ength of body ; a genus of 

Pachyxne'rla (Bot.) «-«;^tf, thick, /ui^/r, fruit; a genus of Melaftomacese. 
Paohy'na (Bot.) «a;^i/r«, to thicken ; a genus of Orcliidacese. 
Paohyne'ma (Bot.) ^»x^h thick, vofta, a thread ; having thick filaments. 
Paohyneu'ron (£nt.) fraxts^ thick, tiD^y, rib, /. r. its neuration. 
Paohyneu'mm (Bot.) wm^yty thick, viD^tv, a rib (neuration) ; a genus of 

Paohy notum (Bot.) v«;^Jf , thick, wrr«f , back ; a genus of Cruciferie. 
PaohyphlSB'us (Bot.) wmx^tt thick, tx«i«f, bark, rind ; a genus of Fungi. 
Pachyphra'gma (Bot.) v«;^vf , thick, ^fay/xeif a fence ; a genus of Cnicl- 

Pachyphy'llum (Bot.) vax^f, thick, ^uXX»r, a leaf; a genus of Orchi* 

Paohyph/tum (Bot.) vaxut, thick, <^vt«v, plant ; a genus of Craflulacese. 
Paohypleu'zia (Bot.) fr»x^Sy thick, vxiv^y, rib ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Paohypleu'rum (Bot.) fame etymology ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
Pachypo'dlum (Bot.) ««x^'> thick vSiiot, a little foot (peduncle) ; having 

thick footnalk.% 
Paoh^ptora (Bot.) v^x^t tliick, «TSp«y, wing ; a genus of Bignoniaceae. 
Pachy'pterls (Fos. Bot.) w»xvsi thick, vrlpif , a fern ; a genus of foflil 

Paoby'pteram (Bot.) vm'^vs, thick, vripn, wing ; a genus of Compofitaj. 
Pachyptery'giazn (Bot.) w»x^Sf thick, wnfvyt$v, a little wing ; a genus 

of Cruciferce. 
Paohy'ptila (Ornith.) vaxvs, denfe, vt/Aov, a featlier ; a genus of Birds. 
Paoliyrhi'nus (Ent.) vax^s* thick, fn, ft*6f, a nofe or fnout. 
Paohyrhi'zus (3ot.) n^x^s, thick, ft(»j root ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Paohyrhy ncos (Bot.) ir«;^f, thick, fuyx^h ^^^ ; ^ genus of Compodts. 
Paohyrhyn'cxui (Ent.) vaxuty thick, fvyx^^t* ^ ^"out or beak. 
Paohy'sa (Bot.) «ra;^uf , thick ; a genus of Ericaceis. 
Pachysa'ndra (Bot.) ir»x'^% tliick, u>npy Mtfig, a man ; having thicic 

{lamens ; a genus ol Euphorbiacese. 
Paohyspondy'lua (Fos. Bot.) frmxus, thick c-vitZvXof, a vertebra. 
Pachyste'mon (Bot.) v^x^h thick, tf^Tft/uwy, a fpindlc ((lyle) ; a genus of 


366 PAC ^ PAJ 

Paohystig'ma (Bot.) vrnx^h thick, rrr^/uit, (ftigma) point ; a genos of 

Paohy'stoma (Zool.) «-«;^vi, thick, ^rifAA, month ; from the inner edge 

of the mouth of the (hell being thickened to suppoit the operculum ; 

a genus of Moiluica. 
Faohy^ta (Ent.) wax^^*^ thickncfi, fatnefi. 
Paohythe'riom (Fos. Zool.) wax^t thick, dit^or, an animal ; a genua of 

foiOl Mammalia. 
Pa'oOB (2kx>l.) a Pera?ian wood ; the fpecificname of the Llama, 
Paotola'lis (Ent.) wm»TOf, compact. 
Pade'llus (Ent.) feeding on the Bird-cherry, Pnmus PaJiu, 
Padlfolie'Ua (Ent.) Padus, the Bird-chen7,/a/i«m, a leaf. 
Padi'na (Bot.) vdHiug^ like the Bird-cherry, « Peacock-weed " ; a genus of 

Marine Algs. 
Padlnella (Bot.) dim. of PaJtmi $ a genus of Algss. 
Pa'dus (Bot.) vA3«f , Lot. padua^ a wild plum-tree ; the Bird-cherry ; a 

genus of Amygdalaceae. 
Padero'ta (Bot.) a name applied by the ancients to a fpecies of 

Paa'deruB (Ent.) feeding on Paderia^ q, v. 
Pasde'rla (Bot.) vaiii^f, the herb Bear's-foot, as if v«i3«v ifoty boys* 

Psedi'soa (Eat.) voultVinf, a maiden. 
P8Blol>iU8 (Ent.) vnX*;, mud, clay, i0(««, to live. 
PsBO'nla (Bot.) P. N. from an ancient Phyfician, Pnon ; or perhaps, as 

fuggefted by Dr. Don, from Paoniat a mountainous country of Mace- 
donia ; a fplendid genus of Ranunculacee. 
Paga'patsB (Bot.) ««>»*;, rock, wmti*, to traverfe; a genus of 

PagellUB (Tchth.) Lat. dim. offagiira, a leaf, alluding to its flatneTs. 
Pa'gina (Bot.) /o^ixa, a page or leaf; referring to flatnefs. 
Pago'pUla (Ornith.) viiy«(, a pointed rock, ^ikitt, to love. 
Pa'grus (Ichth.) vdyfty a name applied by Pliny to a kind of fea-fifh ; 

the Braize or Becker ; P. unicolor is the ** fchnapper " of 

Paga'ma (Zool.) wdyof, a rock or cliff. (?) 
Pagu'rus, Pagu'rideB (2kx>l.) wiywfvs of Ariftotle, from vnyw/M, to fix» 

ovp», a tail ; the Hermit-crab. 
Pa'jeros (Zool.) fpedfic name of the Pampas cat, Leopardus Pajeros^ 

PAL 367 

.Pal89ohl'nua, Palssohi'nidsB (Fos. Zool.) ««xcrtf, old, lx'*^f> ^^ ^*^' 

PalflBxno'nldflB (Zool.) P. N. from Palsmoo, a iea-^od; a genus of 

decapod Cruftaceans. 
PfllSBOorui'gon (Foe. Zool.) vaXmis^ ancient, ftfmyymy a cnb. 
PalflBonlB^ous (Fos. ZooL) ««x««f , ancient, onifeus^ a wood-loufe. 
PalflBonto'graphy (Fos. Zool.) waXsUf, ancient, A», a being, yfApm, to 

PalSBontology (Fos. ZooL) ««XMOf, ancient, £», a being, xiyot^ a 

PalflB'ophiB (Fos. ZooL) waXoTikf ancient, o^c, a ferpent. 
Palfldophytology (Fos. Bot.) v«Xcr»f, ancient, tvT#r, a plant, x^r, \ 

difcourie ; a defcription of Foflil plants. 
Palsdor'nlB (ZooL) vm\aXU% old, 0p»if, a bird. 
Palssospalax (Fos. Zool.) waXaf*;, ancient, rwiUuif, a mole. 
FalfldOthe'rium (Fos. Zool.) ««x«4«f, ancient, dnf^, an animal ; a genus 

of extinA Pachyderms. 
PalflBo'zylon (Fos. Bot.) ««Xc«#f, ancient, (oXo», wood. 
PalsB'sauroa (Fos. ZooL) «cX«r«f, ancient, TAufost a lizard. 
PalflBOSO'lo (Fos. ZooL) vmXmit^ ancient, («»«, life : the term is now 

reflricted to the lower (econdary rocks. 
PalflBOza'mia (Fos. Bot.) waXci'*; , ancient, stfm/a, a genus of Cycadaceous 

plants ; a genus of foflil Cycadeous plants. 
Pal89o'soolog7(Fos. ZooL) waXsmV, ancient, {wii, life, X0>«c. a difcouife ; 

a difcourie or treatife on extinA animals. 
Palafo zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of General Palafrx. 
Palamede'a ) . ( ««x«i^n, the palm of the hand ; a genus and 

Palamede'idSB^ I family of Sea birds. 

Pala'pteryx (Fos. Zool.) w«Xar«i, ancient, awti^vJ, wingless. 
Pala'quium (Bot.) altered from the native Aoierican name ; the Butter- 
tree, or Baflia ; a genus of Sapotacesc. 
Pal'aruB (Ent,) ««Xn, fight, battle ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Pala^ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Malvaceae. 
Fala'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Palau y Verdera, former&y a Profeflbc 

at Madrid ; a genus of Malvaceie. 
Palea (Bot.) Lot. chafT, from wd>,xoft to vibrate. 
Palea'ceus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. chafT-like. 
Palealis-e (£nt.} Lot. pertaining to chafl ; ftraw-coknired. 
Paleryx (Fos. Zool.) ««x«u«», ancient, £ryx, a &mily of (erpents. 

368 PAL 

— - — ■■■■■■' — ■■' . . ... ■ ^ 

Pallohihyology (Fos. Zool.) ««xm*;, ancient, 1xl^Ct<t a fifli, xiyes, a 

difoourfe ; the fcience of foflll Fi flies. 
Pallcu'ria (Bot.) called Le Palkour, in Gutaoa. 
Fallm'bla (Bot.) vaXifABUtt living again ; a genas of Umbelliferae. 
Palin'dla \ retymology uncertain ; a genus and family of Lepi- 

PaUn'didSB) ^ "**^ 1 doptera. 
Paliso'ta (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pai'Jot de Beauvah^ a celebrated French 

writer upon Grades ; a genus of Commelynaceae. 
PaliUTUS (Bot.) a Greek name adopted from Diofcorides. Our Saviour's 

crown of thorns is faid to have been formed from tlie pliant branches 

of the P, aculeatus. 
Palla'Sil (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Peter Simon Pallas^ an eminent German 

botanift and traveller in RuflSa; born in Berlin 1741, died 181 1. 
Palla'via (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Nyctaginaceie. 
Palle\i8 (£nt.) Lot, pale. 

Palle'soenS (J^t.') pallefiere^ to grow pale, e, g.y QiXtTt pal!<fcrm . 
Pallesoentella (£nt.) Lat. palUfcere^ to grow pale. 
Palllate'lla (£nt.) Lot, paUiatus^ cloaked ; referring to peculiarities of the 

PaUidulallfl (£at.)paliyuluj, palifli. 
Pal'lidua-a-um (Bot.) Lat. p&le-colouied. 
Palliobranchia'ta (Zool.) f allium, a mantle, Branckijty gills. 
Pal'lium (Zool.)Z:i/. a mantle ; applied to the mantle of bivalve Mollufca, 

which forms the depreflion on the internal furface of the (hell, called 

the "pallial" ImprefSon. 
Pallore'lla (^Ent.) Lat. pallor , palenefs. 
Palm (Bot.) Lat. paifia, Fr. paums, Itjl. palmo 
Palma (Bot.) doubtleis hompalmj, the hand, to tlie digits of which the 

fruit of the Date-pilm was compared, and whence alfb it obtained 

the name of Pa£tylifera. 
Palma'oeflB (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of which the Palm-tree is the type. 

This name (hould be written (imply Palm^. 
Palmaoi'tes (Fos. Bot.) palma, the palm-tree; palm-like foHils. 
Palmalea (Bot.) ^a/wtf , the palm-tree; the great alliance of which the 

Palmse are the principal reprefentativcs. 
Palma'ria (Bot.) palma, palm of the hand ; a genus of Algsc. 
Palma'ria-e (Bot.) Lat. a palm*s-breadth or fpan ; alfo, palm-like. 
Palma'tua-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. palm-fliaped, c ^., V'lolai palmaia. 
Palmella (Bot.) w»?.fAifi a (baking or quivering ; a genus of Algae. 

PAL — PAN 369 

Falmloo'mis (Ichth.) palma^ a palm, comu^ a horn ; the Crelled Blenny. 

Falmlfo'liU8-a-um (Bot.) Lat, palm-leaved. 

Pal'mipes, pi. Palmi'pedds, (Ornith.) Lat. palm-footed. 

PalmoglOB a (Bot.) paJma, a palm, yXisg, dicky ; a genus of Alga:. 

Pa'lznon (£nt.) v«x^«f, a quivering. 

Palpa'lis (£nt.)/a//v') a leeler. 

Fal'pebrtB (Zool.) Lot. eye-lids. 

Palpe'Ua (Ent.) from peculiarities of the f>al/ii. 

Pal'pi (Ent.) /ktJfnuf a feeler. 

Palpi'na (Ent.) from the large ^o^'. 

Paltono'phora (Bot.) ««XT«y, a dart, ^{^, to carry ; a ^enus of Algse. 

Palto'ria (Bot.) a genus of Aquifoliacese. 

Paluda'na (Bot.) ^tu-ydu, a marfh ; a genus of Zingiberaces. 

Palude'lla (Bot.) dim. from faltu-uduy a marih ; a genus of Bryaccae. 

Palude'UuB (Ent.) dim. from paius-udu^ a marOi. 

Paladloel'la ) . ipaliwydu^ a marfh, cclluy a cell ; a genus 

Paludioella'idSB f '"^ t and family of Polyzoa. 

Paludi'na ) ^7 • x jA'^'^* ^ marfh; the Pond Snail; a genus and 

Paludl'nidflB {" ^ °° 'M family of MoUufca. 

Paludo'sUB-a-um (Bot.) Lat. marihy, e. g. Csltck fiaiuJofa. 

Palu'dum (Ent.) gen. pi. oi palvs^ a marOi ; 1. e. ^ of the marfhes." 

Palumba'ria > 

r (Ent.) palitmba, a dove ; i. e.. dove-coloured. 

Palumbella ) "^ 

Palu'mbuB (Omith.) Lai. a wood •pigeon. 

Palustra'lis ^ 

Palustra'na > (Ent.) palufter^ marfliy. 

Palustre'Ua ^ 

Palu8tris-tre (Ent., Bot.) /.«/. marihy. 

Paly'na (^Ent.) vaXi^w, to fcatter ; a genus of Lepidoptcra. 

Pampas-grass (Bot.) popular name of the Gynerium ur^enlcum, from 

South America. 
Pam'phagUS (Zool.) vaiAieiyoSi all-devouiing. 

Pampbalea (Bot.) irottApetXci^a, to look round ; a genus of Compofjtec. 
Pamphl'lia (Bot.) wd,U'pikoij beloved of all ; a genus of Styracaceac. 
Pam'philUB (Ent.) P. N., a Roman furname. 

Pamplu'sia (Ent.) vaurnXova-io^, very ricli ; alluding to its markin<^;. 
PanagSB'uB (Ent.) ««»«y^>, facred. 

Pazia'gra (Ent.) «a>cy^o;, quite wild ; a gcnuH of Lepidoptera. 

2 B 

370 PAN 

Pa'nax (Bot.) vtifa^, a plant, the meaning of the word being ** cure-all ; ^ 

the Ginfeng ; a genus of Araliaceae. 
PanSB'olUB (Bot.) ««v^«x«f, variegated, fparkling ; a genus of Algse. 
FanSB'tia (Bot.) apparently from vavair lof, caufe of all ; a genus of Com- 

Panoa'lia (£nt.) way»aXo$j very beautiful ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Panora'tium (Bot.) «£«, all, nfarvt, powerful ; a genus of Amaryllidaceae. 
Panora'tium (Bot.) vSy, ail, x^tu^, potent, in alluHon to medical qualities. 
Panda'lis (Ent.) P. N. from Panda, a Roman goddefs. 
Pandana'ceSB (Bot.) the Screw-pines, of which Pandanus is the type. 
Pandanophyllum (Bot ) ** PandanusAexveA " ; a genus of Cyperacese. 
PEmda'nUB (Bot.) from Malayan^ fandang, to behold, in allufion to its 

being confpicuous : the Screw-pine ; typical genus of Pandanacejc. 
Panda'ridsa (Zool.) a family of Entomodraca, of which the following is 

the type. 
Pa'ndarus (Zool.j P. N. from Pandarui, a famous archer; a genus of 

Pande'sma (Ent.) trSf, «ay, all, tta-fjifi, a bundle ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pandi'on (Zool.) P. N. of a king of Athens; applied to the Ofprey, or 

Pando'ra (Zool.) P. 'S., Pandora, a. mythological perfonage; a genus of 

Psuidura'tus-a-um (Bot.) pandura, a mufical indrument ; fiddle-lipped ; 

e g,, Mefembryanthemum panduratum. 
Pandu'riform {Ytot.^ pandura, a fiddle,ybrwtf, ftiape; fiddle-ftiaped. 
Pa'netos (Bot.) probably altered from the native South American name ; 

a genus of Cinchonacese. 
Pangia'oesB (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of which Pangium is the typical genus. 
Pan'gium (Bot.) frbm an Indian name ; a genus of Indian poiibnous 

plants, typical of Pangiace;^. 
Pango'cia (Ent.) mat, wom, all, yvtla, an angle ; a genus of Diptera. 
Pcm'gus (Ent.) etymology doubtful ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Pani ceu8-a-um (Bot.) LaU like bread ; e. g., Czrex panuea, 
Pa'nicle (Bot,) panUuIa, a tuft. 

Panioula'ria (Bot.) panicuia, a tuft ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Panicula'tas (Bot.) pankula, a tuft. 
Panio'uluS {TmOoX.') pankula, a tuft, 
pa'nicum (Bot. ) panis, bread, fome fpecies having been ufed for bread ; 

Millet ; a genus of Gramina. 



Panis'ous (2Ux>l.) wcnixxofy dim. of «cv, a little pan. 

Fanno'nious-a-um (Bot.) Lot. Hungarian. 

Panno'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lot. ragged ; ragged-leaved. 

Pano'lia (Zool.) vtmiXfis, all-de(hi]£live. 

PanopsB'a CZool.) P. N. of a Sea-nymph ; a genus of recent and foffil 

Pflmop'lites (Ornith.) waunkirfu, perfectly armed ; a genus of Humming- 

Pan'stenon (£nt.) irSy, altogether, rrtfis^ narrow. 

Pansy (Hot.) Fr. pcnfee ; emblem of thought, in the language of flowers : 
(see Shakfpere :) the Hearts-eale, or Viola tricolor. 

Panto phagous (ZooL) va; ,«a»,all,4>«xw,to eat ; equivalent to omnivorous. 

Panter'pe (Ornith.) ir«»Ti^i»j, all-delighting ; a genus of Humming-birds. 

Panther! 'na (Zool.) referring to certain coloured fpots refembling thofe 
of a panther. 


^ \ (£nt.) %a^tZ^*t^ (hrewd ; a family and genus of Bees. 

Pa'nus (Ent.) pantuy a ball of wool ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Pa'nus (Bot.) oSya;, a web of cloth ; a genus of Fungi. 

Panychlo'ra (Ornith.) v^w, altogether, x^^f^** ^S^^ ST^° ; ^ genus of 

Humming* birds. 
Panzerella (P. N. from Panzer, a German entomologift. 
Panze'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Panzer, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Labiatic. 
PapaVer (Bot.) papa, pap, Celtic ; formerly ufed in children's food as a 

fedative ; the Poppy ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Papaveracese. 
Papavera'cesB (Bot.)papaver; the order of plants of which Papaver is the type. 
Papa'ja (Bot.) native name in tropical America ; the Papaw-tree, Carica 

Papaya'coeaa (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of plants of which Carica Papaya is 

the typical genus. 
PVphla (Ent.) P. N. from Venus of Paphiu. 
Papi'lio (Ent.) Lat. a butterfly ; a genus of diurnal Lepidoptcra. 
Papiliona'ceoB (Qot.) papiUo, a butterfly ; from the form of the corolla in 

a large (eftion of Leguminofoe. 
Papilio'nldsB (Ent.) a family of day-flying Lepidoptcra, of which Papilio 

is the type. 
PapillsB (Ent.) papilla, a nipple. 
Papilla'tns-a-um {Zoo\.) papilla, a nipple or protuberance. 

37* ^^P — JP^^ 

Papillo'su8-a-ixm (ZooL, Bot.) Lot, puftuku- or veficular, from papiUa^ a 

Pa'pio (Zool.) etymology uncertain ; a genua of Baboons. 
Pappoohro'ma (Bot.) papput^ the down of ieeds, and ^pSfdMj colour ; a 

genus ofCompoAtiB. 
Pappopho'reflB (Bot.) pappus^ down of feeds, (popiM, to carry ; a tribe of 

Grades remarkable for their pappus. 
Pappo'phorum (Bot.) fame (igniiication ; a genus of Gramina. 
Pap^xiB (Bot.) v« wo(, down, like the feeds of the dandelion. 
Papula'zia (Bot.) papula^ a pimple ; a genus of Fungi. 
Papyra'oeus-a-um (Bot.) Lot. paper-like, «. g, Betula papyraeea, 
Papy'riUB (Bot.) Lamarck's name for the Paper-mulberry tree, Broujpmetia 

Papy'ms (Bot.) papyrus^ the paper-reed, anciently ufed as a writing 

material ; from Syriae baiter. 
Paraba'traohus (Fos. Zool.) «ra^«, near to, d«T^;^e(, a frog ; i. e, allied 

to the frogs. 
Paraooro'lla (Bot.) urA^i, befide, corolla. 
Paraoyathus (Zool.) «a^, near, allied to the genus Cyathus. 
Para'cyon (ZooL) mmfk^ near to, Kvan^ a dog; a genus of Mammalia. 
Paradis'ea (Ornith.) va^ahicou a pleafure-ground. 
Paradisi'aca (Bot.) fpec. name given from a fsmciful belief that the 

Plantain was the forbidden fruit of Eden ; e, g. MvSk paradifiaea. 
Paradoxu'ros (Zool.) «r«^2«(ef, (Irange, puzzling, ov^, a tail; a genus 

of Mammalia. 
ParadOz'UB'a-um (Zool., Bot.) va^^^ot, puzzling, e. g. Carex paradtxa. 
Paragalea (2k>ol.) ««^«, allied to, yaxn, a weafel. 

Para'gia (Ent.) «a^«>^ioc, flying near the earth ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Para'gnathis (Bot.) wapayvaBh, the cheek-piece of a hehnet ; a genus of 

Para'lis (Ent.) par, a pair. 

Parazne'oium (Zool.) vapafMnxns* oblong ; a genus of Infufbria. 
Parameoos'oma (Ent.) vet^fArixnsi oblong, 0-«/(m, body. 
Parapo'mpilUS (Ent.) wo^, near to, and the genus Pompilus ; a genus of 

Para'ponyz (Ent.) ««f «, near to, like, ow;^, the on\..x, a veined ftonc ; a 

genus of Lepidoptera. 
Para'pterum (Ornith., Ent.) ««^«, near, vTi«»v, a wing. 
Farascidium (Zool.) rof.a.^ like, y«j»5<o», an umbrella. 

FAR 373 

Para'sia (£nt.) either a mythological name, or perhaps from Parrkafia^ a 
town of Arcadia ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Parasite, Parasitioal' (Zooi., Bot.) vm^itrvr^i^ one who lives on another. 

Parasitel'la (£nt.) dim. of v«^0-tT«f , a parafite. 

Parasit'lous (Omith., £nt., Bot.) «flp«0-iTOf, a parafite, one who lives 
at another's ezpenfe. 

Pa'rasphez (£nt.) ««^«, near to, and the genus Sphex, 

Parasta'sla (£nt.) VKpdTraj-it^ a reprefentation. 

Paratar'simn (Omith.) ««^, near, rm^vt, the tarfus. 

Pa'rdalls (Zool.) wmfUxtty a leopard. 

Pardalo'tUS (Omith.) va()«XMT««, fpotted like the pard; a genus of 

Parda'nthus (Hot.) vkfitst a leopard, «»4«c, a flower; alluding to the 
fpotted flowers. 

Pa'rdia(£nt.) iraf^of ,a Ieopard,alluding to theipots ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Pardi'oolor {XooX.') pardtts^ a leopard; cohr^ colour; party-coloured. 

Pardi'naB-a-um (Tool,) pardusy a leopard ; panther-like. 

Pa'reas (Zool.) wa^Amy to let pafs ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 

Parenohy^a (Zool., Bot.) va^»}^;^v/ua,from vttfiyx^m^ to drain through ; 
applied by botanifls to fome forms of cellular tifliie. 

Parenthesel'la (£nt.) vofivdi^-if, an infertion; referring to certain wing- 

Parla'nse (Ornith.) parust a titmoufe ; a fub-family of Inceflbres. 

Parietaria (Bot.)/art», a wail, from its habitat; Pellitory: a genus of 

Parlna'rium (Bot.) Parinari, the Guiana name of the fpecies. 

Paripennella (£nt.) ^ar,^m, equal, /mimi, a feather. 

Pa'ris (Bot.) par^ paruy equal ; from the regularity of its leaves and flow- 
ers ; a curious genus of Trilliacec. 

Pa'rkla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the famous African traveller, Mango 
Pari ; a genus of Leguminofae. 

Parkinso'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Pariinfony a celebrated bota- 
nift, author of the "Theatre of Plants," who died in 1650. 

Parmaoe'lla > ^^ t > ( ^•ff^nt a fmall fhield ; a genus and family of 

Parmace'llidse) X Pulmoniferous Mollufca. 

Parma'phonis (Zool.) napfAnt ^ fliield, ^ifm, to bear ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Parme'lia (Bot.) wdffjtn, a (hield ; a genus of Lichenes. 

Pamaa'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Mount Pamajfus ; a beautiful genus of Saxi- 


Par'nldie (Ent.) a fomHy of Coleoptera of which PaniM is the type. 
Par'aufl (Ent.) etymology unknown ; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Paro'mBllu (Ent,) v>^s;Ltc, nearly equal ; a grnus of Coleoptera. 
FaronYohla'Qem (Bot.) pm-nayhm, a medical term for a dileale of the 

nail; the Knot-wort); the £unily ii now genenlly called lllecebraccie. 
Paro'tla(Omith.)«ir>>, beride, ut, theear; the female having two ear- 

Uke tiifti on the head. 
Par'ra (Omith.)/ai-™, a bint of lll.omcn ; a genus of Rallidffi. 
Parrot (Omith.) conlrailinn of Frtiuh,parnqu!l. 
Farsle? (Bot.) fome fay a corruption of Petrofeliaum, y. v. but probably 

becaufe an herb Co be chopped, alluding to it> ule in laucea, &c., ky 

being only another IpeUing oF Ua, grafi, as in the long — 
" Orer the water and over the lea," 

but in Parlley It is ufed for herb, as Virgil, on the conti^ry, ufes iurha 

for graTs : la motll conredimus herba. — Buc. ii). 55. 
POTEUsp (Bol.) the irf, which, from its fiie, requires to be chopped tip or 

divided into fmall portions before it can be eaten, ai fchool-boya are 

laid to parfc their leflbni, when they divide them grammatically. 
PuthftTieas (Ent.) wt/Bi^c, a maid. 

PuUie'lUlim ( Bot.) wm/SinH, maidenly ; a genus of Compofitx. 
Partbeno'dea (Ent.) the genus Farlitm, iTit, likenefs; a geniu of 

PattbenOB (Ent.) h^Ihi, a virgin ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Partl'tua-a-um (Bot.) Lai. divided. 
Partridge COrnith.) properly /wrtrwi.likeoltrich, from F rntik, frrdrix ; Lai. 

PnS^; Grrrl, si^.£. 

Fa'nu (Omith.) Lai. a tiUnoule. 

Parrldao'tyltU (Ent.)^™iu. fmall, tinnij,!, a linger. 

Pa'rrldenH (Icbth.) far-am, linall, dnu, a tooth. 

ParriflaYuE-a-um (Bat.)^rsri, fmall, _^,yi^ru, a flower, 

Par'vulua (Zool.) Lai. very fmall, 

PaeOB Ua (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Paftal, the celebrated French momlifl 

and ^illolilt ; a g«ms of Compofilx. 
PaMUellUB (Ent.) fafnann, a meadow. 
Pasl'tes (Ent.) •Si.(, poflelTion ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Paaittae'a (Ent,) one of the Graces; a genus of Spiders. 
Paa'palum (Bot.) vsraniln, one of the Greek names for Millet. 
Paoque-flower (Bot,) ;, i. /iJ^i-f, ot Ealier-flowoi (French); becaufe it 

bloflom) about EaOet, 

FAS — PAT 375 

FaasalOB'cUB (Ent.) vatraaX^t, a peg, e7««f, a houfe ; a genus of Hymcno- 

Faa'saltis (Ent.) vkraaUt^ a peg ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Pas'ser (Ornith.) Lat. a fparrew. 

Pas seres (Ornith.) plural olpassery a fparrow. 

Passeri'na (Bot.) pajfert a fparrow, from having beaked feeds ; a genus of 

Passerl'ta (Zool.) derivation unknown ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 

Passiflo'ra (Bot.) this name (con(lru£ted from Flos paffionh) with its equiv. 
PaiCon-flower, is faid to have been given to the genus from a fuppofi- 
tion offbme of the older botaniQs that the appendages of the flower 
reprefent the paflion of our Saviour; their fertile imagination having 
led them to compare the five Clamens to the five wounds, the three 
(lyles to the Trinity, the column which fupports the germ to the crofs, 
and the filamentous rays to the crown of thorns. 

Passion-flower (Bot.) vide Pajfifora. 

Pastina'oa (Bot.) Lat. a parfnip, probably from pafi'mum^ a forked plant- 
ing tool, from its refemblance ; the Parfnip ; a genus of Nat. Ord. 

Pastinace'lla (Ent.) feeding on the Wild-parfnip, Pafiinaea fativa. 

Pas'tor (Ornith.) Lai, a fliepherd or herdfman, becaufe frequently feen in 
company with (heep or cattle ; fpecific name of a tern. 

Pataoho'nious-a-am (2k>ol.) Lat, Patagonian. 

Patsd'cxis (Ichth.) from ««tci»«2, the name given to certain images of 
Phoenician gods, from fancied refemblance. 

Patella, Patellldsa (2kx>l.) patella^ a fmall pan or di(h; a genus and 
family of MoUufca. 

Patelllfor mis (Bot,) pateiiat/ormay (hape ; difli-ihaped. 

Pa'tens (Bot.) Lot. fpreading, ^. j-., SvAv'ia, pattns. 

Paterso'nla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Iridaces. 

Patlen'tla (Bot.) ** Several Species of this genus, (Rumex), have from time 
to time been ufed in medicine, but, on account of their general inert- 
nefs, they are now difcarded. Indeed, R. patientia (eems to have been 
wittily named from the length of time it took to cure difeafes, and 
the exemplary patience required in thofa who recovered under its 
adminiftration." — Burneitt. 

Patrlola'lls (Ent.) patridus, a noble. 

Patri'nla (Bot.) P. N. from M. Patrin^ a Siberian traveller; a genus of 

376 FAT — PEC 

Patrol>U8 (Ent.) P. N., an ancient fiirname ; a genus of Coleopteni. 
Fat'ula (Ent.) patulus, wide-open ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pat'ulas-a-um (Bot.) Lat. pateo^ to ftand open ; fpreading, ftanding open ; 
e. g. Atriplex patula. 

Pauciflo'rus-a-um CBot.) paudy iew^JUt^ a flower. 

PaUCispl'rU8-a-Um {Bot.) pamci^ fcw^ jpira, a whotl. 

Paulow'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Her Imperial and Royal Higbnefs 

the hereditary Princeft of the Netherlands; a genus of Scnophula- 


Paupe'Ua (Ent.) pauper , poor. 

Paupera'na (Ent.) pauper, poor. 

PaUB'sidSB ) ( etymology doubtful ; a £iimily and genus of Coleo- 

. > (Ent.) < 

PausBUB ) ( ptera. 

Pave'tta (Bot.) a Malabar name ; a genus of Cinchonaceo;. 

Pa' via (Bot.) P. N. from Pierre Paw, Profeflbr of Botany at Leyden ; the 

Scarlet Horfe-chefnut. 
Pavo (Zool.) Lat. a peacock. 

Pavona'zia (Zool.)^dvo, a peacock ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Pavo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Don Jo/eph Pavon, M.D. of Madrid, 

a traveller in Peru, and one of the authors of ** Flora Peruviana." 
PaTo'nlus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) pavoninus, coloured like a peacock's tail, 

e. g.j Corallina pavonia. 

Paxlllus (Zool.) Lat. a peg. 

Paxto'nla (Bot.) P. N*, a genus of Orchidaceous plants named in honour 
of Sir Jofeph Paxton, Kt. 

Paykullia'na (Ent.) P. N. from G. de Paykuil, a Swedifli entomologift. 
Peaoh'ia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Charles W. Peach, an intelligent and 

a£live natural! ft ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Peo'caiy (Zool.) common name of a pachydermatous quadruped, Dico- 

tyles Taja^u. 
Peco'pteris (Fos. Bot.) irixw, to comb, vrspif, a fern ; the Comb-fern. 
Pec' ten (Zool.) Lat. a comb ; a genus of MoUuTca. 
Pec'ten-Ven'eria (Bot.) "Venus' comb ;" a fpecies of Scandix, with fruit 

like the teeth of a comb. 
Pectina'lis (Ent ^pcSien, a comb. 
Pectina'tU8-a-um (Bot.; Lat. floped two ways like a comb, toothed ; 


>• (Ent.)/*^^*"* a comb. 

FEC — BEL 377 

Peotinibranohia'ta (Zool.) peSen^ a comb, hranchia^ gills ; a divifion of 

Gafteropodous Mollufca, having combed or plumed gills. 
Feotinioomalis (£nt.) pe£hn, a comb, comu^ a horn. 
Feoti'nidss (ZooL) the family of Mollufca of which pe&fm is the type. 
PecUnifor'mlB-e (Bot.) peBen^ a oomb,yorjiM, Ihape. 
Fe'ctis (Bot.) an ancient name of fome plant. 
Peoto'oera (£nt.) «rii|TOf, or vnvtny combed, «if«f, a horn ; having 

comb-horned antenn«. 
Peotora'lis (Omith.) Lot, belonging to the bread. 
Peotrlpo'gon (Ent.) iri«T«f, (horn, combed, mAymi^ a beard. 
Peotun'oulUB (Zool.) Lot. a fmall comb ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Pedalia'oeflB (Bot.) the natural family of plants of which Pedalium is 

the type. 
Pedalium (Bot.) «ff9«Ai«», a rudder; from the dilated angles of the fruit. 
Pe'date (Bot.)^/, pedis^ a foot ; applied to ibot-fliaped leaves. 
Pedella (Ent.) pes^ pedU^ a foot ; from the pofition of the infed's foot. 
Pedesti'na (Zool.)/a^rr, a walker ; the Jumping Hare; a rodent animal 
of the Jerboa family. 

Pedla'BtreSB } ^p*s^ pedU^ a foot, aftrum^ a ftar ; a fub-lamily and 

Pedla'stmm) ( genus of Deiinidieae. 

PedioeUa'tOB-a-um {Zoci.) pedutUiu, a little foot. 
Pedioelli'na (ZooL) dim. oipcs^ pedisj a foot ; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Pedioula'rls (Bot.)/«^WMx,a loufe; formerly fuppoied to bring on difeafe 

in Oieep ; Red-Rattle ; a genus of Scrophulariacese. 
Pedioala'tOB-a-um (Zool., Bot.) ^a&v/m, a little foot. 
PedioulidSB) .- r^^iffM/Mf, a louie; the Loufe-family and its typical 

Pedi'oulUB f ( genus. 

Pedila'nthus (Bot.) viSix**, a flipper, a>^;, a flower. 
Pedima'nl {T.qo\.) pes^pedis^ a foot, matuu^ a hand. 
Pe'dlnuB (Ent.) «i)i>0f, flat, level ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Pe'dlpes (Zool.) apparently from a duplication of pes^ a foot, on account 

of its diviflon into two parts, feparated by a tranfverfe groove. 
Pedipilalis (Ent.^ pes fpgdu^ a foot.^/iw, a hair; hairy-footed. 
Pedriolollus (Ent.) P. N., found at PedrioU^ on Monte Roia. 
PedimOUla''tU8-a-Um (Bot.) Lot, (talked ; e.g.^ Atriplex peduiuulata. 
Pe'ganum (Bot.) frwyauf^ the herb rue. 
Pela'gious-a-um (Zool.) irix«>'(0(, pertaining to the (ea ; e,y. Thala(ndroma 

pelagka^ the Stormy Petrel. 
Pelamy'a (Ent.) vnX*;, mud, ^M'\e.^ a fly ; the Mud-fly. 

378 PEL 

Pelamis (Zool.) «fiA«(, mud, clay ; a genus of amphibious Ophidians. 
Felamys (Ichth.) iriiX«/uiAf,a name applied by Pliny to the young Tunny- 

fifli, from «fiA.«f , mud ; P» (arda is the Bonito. 
Pelargona'tua (Zool.) nn^afyif^ a dork. 
Pelargo'nium (Bot.) viXo^h, a Clotk ; from fbme fancied refemblance of 

the fruit ; a genus of Geraniacefle. 
Peleci'nus (£nt.) vix%wt^ a hatchet ; a genus of^Ichneumonidse ; alfo, in 

Botany the Hatchet-vetch. 
Pe'lias (ZooL) P. N. from Pet'uut an ancient King ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Pe'lioan, Pelioanldsa (Zool.) vixixav, a Greek name for a bird. 
PeU'dua (Ornith.) nnxMu livid. 
Pelie'Ua (Ent.) dim. of v«ix«;, mud, or clay. 
Peliosa'nthes (Bot.) «rix<«f, livid, dark-blue, Mttt a flower. 
Pelisseria'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Peliffier ; fpecific name of a 

fpecies of Linaria : Nat. Ord. Scrophulariacea. 
Pe'lla (Bot., Ent.) vixxa, a cup ; a genus of Ferns ; in Entomology, a 

genus of Coleoptera. 
Pellicle (Zool, Bot.) /«^<fi//a, a thin (kin. 

Pellione'lla (Ent.) fieUh, a (kin or hide ; the larva feeding on feathers. 
Pellu'oidu8-a-um (Bot.) Lot, tranfparent ; e.g. Tetraphis pelludda. 
Pelo'bates (Zool.) iruX*;, mud, ^at»«, to go ; a mud-walker ; a genus of 

Pelody'tes (Zool.) vnX*;, mud, Ivrns^ a burrower or diver ; a genus of 

Pelopee'us (Ent.) literally," the Plafterer," bccaufe it forms cells with foft 

mud (vfiXof ) ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Pelo'phila (Ent.) «rffA«;, mud, <}>iA.iM, to love. 

Pelo phllus (Zool.) viiX«(, mud, ^»Xi«, to love ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Pelo'ria (Bot.) vixw^«f , monflrous ; from its having an unufual number 

of fpurs, e. g. Linaria vulgaris, 0. Peloria, 
Pelorosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) «f a.«^, a monfler, cwjfoi^ a lizard. 
Pelta'lis (Ent.) iriXTo, a fhield ; (hield- (haped. 
Pelta'ria (Bot.) mixmy a fmall ihield ; inallufion to the form of the fruit ; 

a genus of Crucifenc. 
Pelti'dea (Bot.) vi\mj a ihield ; a genus of Lichenes. 
PelU'gera (Ent.) vixrn, />rlta, a light ihhld, getere, to bear. 
Peltis (Ent.) wiXtuc, one that bears a ihield. 
Peltooe'phala (Zool.) «iXT>», a (hield, »f«|>«X», a head ; a tribe of Ento 


PEL — BEN 379 

Felu'rga (£nt.) irnXot/^;, a worker in clay ^ hxvmg clajf^olwrcd vtingi \ 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Fempe'lia (£nt.) «//uviXif, an old peribn ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Fem'pheris (Ichth.) wifA^flf, a name applied anciently to a 6(b. 
Pem'phredon (£nt.) <ri/tA^{ii3«y, equivalent to Tf»0pn)«», a kind of wafp ; 

a genus of Hymenoptera. 
PensB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Pena^ conjoint author with Lobel, 

of Adveriaria Botanica, 1570. 
Peneaa'oeaa (Bot.) a natural family of Plants of which Pen^a is the type. 
Pendula'ria (Ent.) penMw^ hanging. 
Pendnli nus (Omith.) ^endulus^ hanging. 
Penelope (Zool., Omith.) P. N. from the wifeof UlyfTes ; in Ornithology, 

a genus of Cracidz. 
Pen'golin (ZooL) the Malay name of the icaly Ant-eater, implying ** rolling 

itfelf up " into a compa£l ball. 
Feniohro'a (Ent.) m^xfu poor, deflitute ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Penicillalis {'Ent,) penUUlumy a pencil, a brufli. 
Penlcllla'ria (Bot.) penUiUum, a brufb. 
Fe'nium (Bot.) fo called from its reiemblanoe to the quill (irnyioO on 

which the bobbin is wound in weaving ; a genus of Defmidiacese. 
Fenkleria'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Baron PenkUry a German Ento- 

Pennantii (Ichth.) P. N. in honour of Tkoma* Pennant, ^ Britifli Na- 

turalifl, who died 1798. 
Penna'ria (Ent.) /«»«<?, a feather. 

Fenna'tula \ r^ ■ n ( <llin. oi penna, a quill; a genus and family of 
Pennatu'lldsB) ' C Zoophytes. 

Penna'tus-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lot. feathered, winged. 
Pennioilliform (Bot,) pauiuHJum^ a pencil or bni(h,ybrMrir,a (hape. 
Pennise'tum (Bot.)//irAa, a feather,y^a, a bridle. 

Penta'ceros (Zool.) mm^ five, ntfttft a horn ; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Fenta'oiinlte } . riri»Ti, five, «f/m, a lily, becau(e their joints 

Penta'orinus 3 i are five-fided ; a genus of Echinodermata. 

Fentac'tSB CZool.) irivri, five, ««t<i, an edge, from the five parallel rows 

of ambulacrse ; a fub-family of Echinodermata. 
Pentadac'tylus (Ent.) «i*T«Si»TvXof, having five fingers, referring to the 

five plumes ; a genus of Pluma moths. 
Penta'gonal (Bot.) vivri, five, ymtat a corner or angle. 
Pentagy'nia (Bot.) vivri, five, yvyt*, a female ; f. r., having five piHils. 

38o PEN — FER 

Pentala'smis (Zool.) virri, five, IXm^-fA^^ a plate ; a genns of Cirripedea. 
Penta'merus (ZooL) vivti, five, /M^f, a part ; five-partitioned : a genus 

of MoUufca. 
Penta'ndria (Bot.) mtrf, five, avnp, »9^t% a male ; having five iHtmens. 
Pentangola'tus (Zool.) vim, five, angulatiu cornered. 
Pentape'talous (Bot.) nim, five, <riTaX«y, a leaf, or petal. 
Pentaphy'llous (Bot.) irim, five, fuXX**, a leaf ; having five leaves. 
PantaplaWrthrua (£nt.) irim, five, vxarvs, broad, «^^«, a joint. 
Pentara'phia (Bot.) vim, five, ftt^it^ a fpike. 
Penta8i>e'rmoa8 (Bot.) «irrt, five, o-vipfAMj a feed, five-feeded. 
Pentaste'rias (Bot.) vim, five, s^rii^ a (lar ; a genus of Diatoms. 
Penta'stoma (Zool.) vim, five, ^t*/c««, a mouth ; becauie of the five 

openings on the under iurface of the head ; a genus of Entozoa. 
Ponta'stomtUi-a-uixi (ZooL) iame derivation ; five-mouthed. 
Fentastylous (Bot.) wim, five, o-rvx*;, a fliaft, (ftyle). 

X ^iri>d«f, (brrow, mourning, from the black and 

> (£nt.) < white markings of the wings ; a genus and 
) ' family of Lepidoptera. 

Pen'thoram (Bot.) vivn, five, o^f, a column ; from its capfiile. 
Pentreml'tea (Fos. Zool.) vim, five, remus, an oar ; a genus of foflll Cri 

Pentste'mon (Bot.) vivti, five, 0^Tii/M«v,aTpindle (damen) ; in allufion to 

the additional or fifth fterile ftamen, the ufiial number in Scrophu- 

lariacese being four. 
Pe ntz a (Bot.) P. N. from Charts John Pent*, a pupil of Thunberg. 
Peo'alna (Ent.) vn»t, a kinfman. 
Pep'lis (Bot.) an ancient name of a plant ; a genus of Lythracez ; alfo a 

fpecies of Euphorbia. 
Pe'l^lua (Bot.) Lot. a robe ; ipecific name of a fpecies of Euphorbia, 

(as well as Peplis). 
Pe'po (Bot.) vivtfv, a gourd or melon ; the Pumpkin : Nat. Ord. Cucur- 

Pepper (Bot.) alteration of Latin P/fer. 
Pe'psiB (Ent.) wiwrm, to fall down ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Peraca'ntha (Zool.) wipms, extremity, aMmtSa, a fptne ; a genus of Ento- 

Perameles ) ^ , ^ 5 ««i^«f ^ pouch, mei^s, a badger ; a genus and fiib- 
Perameli'na > i family of Mammalia ; the Bandicoots. 

Pararma'tUB-a-um (Zool.) Lat. well-armed. 

PER 381 

Pe'roa (Ichth.) «f^«if, Lat. peruiy a perch. 

Percari'na (Ichth.) /irrra ; a genus of the family Percid«. 

Fe'roidBB (Ichth.) perca^ a perch, term, ida ; a funily of AcanthQpterygian 

Ferono'pteras (Omith.) mi^ufi-mrtfat, dufky-winged ; a genas of Vul- 

Peroursa'ria (Bot.) percwfir^ one who runs through ; a genus of Alg:e. 

Ferdi'oldsB (Omith.) pcrdix^ a partridge, with fam. term. 

Per'diz (Otnith.) iri^t|, Lat ptrdix^ a partridge. 

Perelsea (Bot.) probably the native American name ; a genus of Arto- 

Peregri'nus-a-iun (Zool., Bot.) Lot. foreign, wandering, f.^., Scrophu- 

laria peregrina. 
Perei'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated writer on Materia Me- 

dica. Dr. Percira, who died in 1853 ; a genus of Menifpermacez. 
Perezi'nlal (Bot.) /rr, through, anntu^ a year ; living more than one or two 

years, and thus opposed to annual and bi-annual. 
Pere'skia (Bot.) P. N. from N. F, Parefikwt, of Provence; a genus of 

Pere'zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Perex ; a genus of Compolittc. 
Per'Adus-a-um (Zool., Ent.) Lot. treacherous. 
Perfila'tOB-a-um (Bot.) Lot. threaded. 
PerfoUa'tus-a-um (Bot.) when the ftem. appears to pass through the 

leaf, owing to certain adhelions of the latter, e. g. Chlora per- 

Perfora'tOB-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. pierced. 
Pergula'rla (Bot.) perguUt trellis-work, being fit for arbours ; a genus of 

Perian'dra (Bot.) «i^, a round, Mf^ Avifit, a male (damen) ; a genus ot 

Caryophy llaceffi . 
Pe'rianth (Bot.) vi^/, around, AvBct, a flower ; the total of the floral enve- 
lopes, comprifing both calyx and corolla, when both are preient, and 

equivalent to ** calyx " when there are no petals. 
Periantho'podilS (Bot.) wif/, around, a>d«f , flower, «M/f, w«)«f , foot ; a 

genus of Cucurbitaces. 
Peribaa'a (Bot.) «i^d«iy«, to go round ; a genus of Liliaceie. 
Periba'llia (Bot.) wf^/?cXX«, to throw round ; a genus of Gramina. 
Perible'ma (Bot.) vifiBXnfAa, a covering ; a genus of Crefcentiaceu;. 
Peribo'tryou (Bot.) wi^i, around, Qirpusy a dufter ; a genus of Fungi. 

FericB'lUa(Ent.) si^i>a>.Xi4f,eitixedingly beautiful; > genui of l^pido- 

peiioollls (Bot.) wifiMmX\<ii, Ter/ beautiful ; a gnuii of Campofitz, 
Perloolym ma (Bot.) vifmixuitftM, a gannent or coieriog ; a genus of 

Pe'rioup (Bat.) si^i', around, *afKi[, fmit ; the feed-nlTel of planti. 
Perlohee'na (Bot.) vtfi^^idtii, to gape ; b genui of Fungi. 
FerlahEB'tlum. (Bot.) wtfi, around, x'^'y * ^'^' °' ln'iftle ; applied to the 

fcal)r Ibeath round the bale of the foot-ffalk in fame modes. 
Farioli'nlum (Bot ) nifi, around, sxtx, a bed ; applied to the ma» of 

biactex which furrounds the Howen in certain ptanta. 
Perloll'stia (Bot.) viHj>>,urTH, hr-fiuned ; a genua of Saroydaceie. 
Fsrlaly'iiiallum (Bot.) mipn^i/i^-, the honcTfuckle, from iti creeping 

habit; the nild hoaejruckle ia Loulcera Ptrulymaaim ; Nat. On). 

Farloo'nla (Bot.) vifimmnm, to fmeu with pitch ; a genua of Fungi. 
PerloroootuB (Omith.) *i^', arouad, ■/<»■, laflron ; from its orange- 

coloured plumage. 
Perioy'ola (Bot.) «i^i'«ii>j.ii, fpherical ; a genua of Palmacez. 
PeTldanBa(Boi.) «i^>lira>». a necklace; a genua of Compofita-. 
Peridari'dis (Bot.) vi^U^w, a necklace, ttU,, likendi ; a genua of Um- 

PaTldarm (Bot.) wt^, around, tifft^ Ikin ; applied to the outer lajrer uf 

Perldt'nlum (Zool.) vi^Jirio, to wheel round ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Feri'diuin (Bot.) trnfUin, dim. of «»■, a leathern pouch ; applied to the 

dry leed-cale of fome mulhrooma ; lUb uled for the emrelope of lame 

Perlectiocrl'nltos (Fob. Zool.) si^i;t;ii, to furtound, •tfi'it, a lily. 
Parlge'a (Ent.) mtf-yiui, about or upon the earth. 
Peri gloBaum (Bat.) wi^', around, >!«»■,» tongue; a genmof Afclepia- 

Parlgo'nliun (Bot.) mtfi, around, >«•, a feed ; applied to the perianth or 

Peri'gTllous (Bot.) wi^', around, yun, female (piftil) : ftameni growing 

upon the calyx or corolla are £> termed. 
Perila'mpUB (Ent.) mtf.kifiwm, to Ihine around. 
Peril'la (Bot.) etymology uncertain ; a genus of Labiatse 
Parl'ola (Bot.) dim. of iia^ a leathern pouch ; a genus of Fungi. 

PER 383 

Perio'mia (Bot.) viftojfMȴ, a garment worn round the (boulders (vi^/, 

ifAtf) ; a genus of Labiatz. 
Periphra'gmos (Bot.) vi^j, around, ^fmyfAit, a fence or hedge ; a genus of 

Perlphryga'na (ZooL) «i^i, around, ^fi^f^Mv, a dry (lick ; the body being 

furrounded with (etaceous tentacles ; a genus of Infiiibria. 
Periplooa (Bot.) «-i^ivx«jt«f, folded, entangled ; a genus of Afclepiadacese. 
Peri'ptera (Bot.) tri^ivn^^, a fliuttlecock ; from refemblance of flowers. 
Periso'mio (ZooL) tripi, around, o-ifAm, the body; applied to certain 

plates which Airround the body. 
Pe'risperm (Bot.) vtfi, around, 0-<rl^«, a feed ; the albumen of albumi- 
nous (eeds. 
Perl8ph8B'riou8-a-um (Bot.) <ri^', around, rpmifm^ a fphere or globe. 
Pe'rispore (Bot.) wi^/, around, o-w*^, feed. 
PeriBBOdao'tyla (Zool.) mtn<rcot^ unequal, ItutruUfy a toe; that divifion 

of the Ungulata having an odd number of toes. 
Perlste'dlon (Ichth.) «i^ around, tf-ri^My, a courfe ; from its fwimming 

in circles. 
Peri'stera (Zool., Bot.) «i^0-ti^, a dove. 

Periste'thOB (Ichth.) iry/, around, tf-rSdof, the bread; the Mailed Gurnard. 
Pe'ristome (Bot.) «w^i, around, a-rof*a, a mouth ; the fringe round the 

theca of many mofles. 
Peri'toma (Bot.) iri^To/ui», a cutting round about ; from bafe of calyx. 
Peri'ttla (£nt.) tri^i-rrar, unconunon; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Periwinkle (Bot.) French^ pervenche; Latiftj vinca f Ltnu Lai'm^ pervinc.i. 

The old fpelling was pervinkc : 

" There fprang the violet al newe 
And fre(h pervinke, rich of hewe." — Chaucer. 
Per'la (Ent.) Lat, a pearl ; a genus of acquatic infe^. 
Perlellos (Ent.) dim. olpcrla^ a pearl. 

Perlucidalls (Ent.) perlucidus^ very tranfparent. 
Pennuta'na (Ent.) permuiare^ to change. 
Per'na (Zool.) an ancient name for a fhell-h(h, which took its name from 

its refemblance to a gammon of bacon {perna) ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Per'nis (Omith.) vl^ynf, the name of a bird of prey; the Buzzard. 
Per'nix (Ent.) Lat. fwift. 
Pemota'ta (Ent.) ^fr/io/d/v^, well-marked. 

,., y (Ent.) perleptdut^ \erf pretty. 
) lla ^ ^ ' '^ ^ 


Pero<Uo'tl0US (Zool.) n^f, maimed. In ■niui, poinEing, Tram the (hortntf* 

of the index of the anterior hands ; a genui of Lemuride. 
Parogna'thuB (Zool.) Vnfit, maimed, y^t, the jaw ; a genus of Mam- 

Perone'a (Ent.) si^.fi, a buckle or button ; one of the Button-moths. 
Pero'ptares (Ichth.) an^ir, maimed, rrift, a liii. 
Pe'rotiB (Bot.) s*^, deficient ) i. r., the flower. 
PsFpendlclIl&'IiB(£nt.)/rT^(»£Eii/ia>,a plumb-line. 

Ferpiexa'Ua i 

FerpIezs'Ua i 

Parpnall'liia (Bot.) Lai. very diminutive, e.g. Onaitiofai ptrfii/iiliit. 

Pa'raea (Bot.) ufed by Theophrallm for an Egyptian tree. 

P8'rBloa(Bot.)P. N. from Pfr/w, whence the fruit came ; the Peach and 

Nectarine are refpectiwly Pirjua vulgarii, and P. Uvii. 
Ferelca'ritl (Bot.) the leavea relemble thole of the peach-tree (Perfica) ; 

a genus of Polygonaces. 
PeraicifQlinfl'a-um (Bot.) Lai. Peach-tiw-leared ; i. g. Ccunpanula 

Paraia'teat (Bot.) f^/'fio. to continue nanding; a calya or corolla re- 

maining till the fruit ii ripe, is (a called. 
Persona'tuB-a-tmi (^Bot.)frrfina, a malk ; applied to corollaa that relembU 

PorBOOn'la (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the great BoUnid Prr/can. 

PsrspeclIla'tUB'a-um(Oinith.)^r;^u:i;;, fpeftacles, e.g. Anta ferjpeiiliaia. 

Perspeotalla (Ent.)^jj?m9iu, well-known. 

Peraploalla {Y.M.') ferfpkax, Iharp-fighted, 

Pe'rtlnai (Ent.) l-rn. obftinate; applied to a beetle, Anobium ferlinax, 

from it) pertinacioua limulation of death. 
Pertuaa'lia (Ent.) ptrtaf<ii, part, frrtanda, to perforate, to bore through. 
Partuaa'ila (Bot,) pcrt<.fm, full of holes ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Partu'euaa-um (Bot.) Lat. perforated, full of holes. 
Per'ula (Bot.) p,r>:U, a little fatchcL 
Perversft'lia (Ent.) ftmenni, turned the wrong way. 
Pe'ryphUfl (Ent.) wif.fw, to cling to, to go round. 
Petal (Bot.) viTiA». a leaf. 

Petoliform (Bot.) air..;..., a leaf (petal), /or™, Ihape. 
Petalo'dua (Fos. ZooL) niium, a plate, tJ»[,a tooth; having (lal teeth. 
Pefaloili (Bot.) aJTuti^g', a leaf, (TSu, likvnvfl ; tefembling a corolla in 

PET 385 

Petalo'ma (Bot.) viraiXoy, a petal^ Xw/ua, fringe ; petals in calyx-teetli. 
Petaloste'mones (Bot.) viTcXav, a leaf, o-nt/uMy, a (lamen. 
Peta'sia (Ent.) viTatf-w, or iriT«v>vftt, to fpread out, to fprawl ; a genus of 

Petasi'tes (Bot.) viroM-sf , a head-covering ; the Butter-bur ; a genus of 

Petasl'tlB (Ent.) feeds on the Butter-bur, Petafitet vulgaris. 
Petasoph'ora (Omith.) v%raa'»Sy a btoad-brimmed hat, fpi(Vt to carry. 
Petau'rua (Zool.) viravftvt a perch to rood upon ; applied to fome of the 


Petiola tu8-a-um> „ ^ . . « . 

^ . . , J- (Bot.) petiolusy a leaf-ftalk. 

Petiole S ^ 

Petivera'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of 'James Petwtr^ F.R.S. 

Petive'ria (Bot.) P. N., named by Linnaeus in honour of J. Petivcr^ F.H.S.y 

a London apothecary ; typical genus of Petiveriaces. 
PetrsB a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Lord Pdre; a fplendid climbing genus 

of Apocynaceae. 
Petrffi'lis-a-um (Bot.) vjt^, a roclc ; growing in (lony placeii, e. ^. 

Hutchinfia peiraa. 

Petra'ria (Ent.) virfa, a rock or crag. 

Petre'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of RoUrt Jamesy Lord Petre, a great patron 
of botany, who died in 1742. 

Petxi'oola (Zool.)^r<7, a roclc, colo^ to inhabit ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Petriflca'ta (Ent.) petnyuatus, turned to ftonc, from its habit of countci- 
feiting death. 

Petrocal'lis (Bot.) vit^«;, a rock, xixkogy beauty ; beautifying rocks. 

Petrocin'cla (Ornith.) nirpa, a rock, ttiyxXtf^ a wagtail; a ^mus of 

Petro'gsile (Zool.) vir^af a rock, yaxin^ a marten-cat ; a genus of Marflipial 
animals, fome of which are called Rock Kangaroos. 

Pe'tromyB (Zool.) vitfa, a rock, |uS(, a mou(e: a genus of Rodent Mam- 

y-virpof, a ilone, fAv^v^to Aick ; a genus and 

y (Ichth.) -] family of Chondropterygious Fifties ; 

Petxomyzo'nidEe) i ,. / 

V the Lampreys. 

Petrophas'sa (Ornith.) wit?*, rock, 4>«o"j-«, a pigeon or ilovc. 

Petro'phila (Ornith., Bot.) ttitf^sy a ftone, ^x'kt*, to love. 

Petrophiloi'des (Fos. Bot.) irir^a, a rock, 4i>.A9>, it leal': hard-leaved 

folTil conc3, allied to \\v: Nat. Ord, Pioteacc.v. 

386 PET — ?HJE 

Petroseli'num (Bot.) viT^«, a rock, and triXt^y, parflcy, from its habitat; 

common Parfley : a genus of Nat. Ord. Umbelltfera:. 
Petro'sUB-a'Um (Zool., Omith.) Lat» rocky. 
Petu'nia (Bot.) the name for tobacco in Biazil is Veiuni a genu^ of 

Feuce'danum (Bot.) v%vx.'Cia.wit ol Theophradus and Diofcorides, from 

vf t^«n, a pine, on account of the refmous fmell of tlie plant ; Hog's- 

fennel ; a genus of Umbelliferx. 
Peuoi'tes (Fos. Bot.) iriv«ii, the fir-tree; loffil coniferous wood. 
Pezi'za (Bot.) irt^if, a fungus without a (lalk ; now applied to a genu> of 

Hymenornycetous Fungi. 
Pezo'porUB (Ornith.) iif(«-va^^(, pedefVrian, going on foot ; a genus of 
*' Scanfbrial b'rds. 
Pfeiffere'lla (Ent.) (Ent) P. N., named after Carl Pfnffer, a Geiman 


Pha'oa (Bot.) 9«x»ft a lentil ; a genus oi I^guminofe. 
Phaoelo'monas (Zool.) ^asnXoty a fkifT, monoj ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Phaci'dium (Bot.) 4>a20{, a leniil, i7S«f, likeneis; a genus of Fungi. 
Phaooca'pnoB (Bot.) ouxi^y lentil, »ftvy«f, Fumitory ; a genus of Fuma- 

PhacochCB'rUB (Zool.) <faxoV, a wart, ;^orpof, a hog; the Wart-hog. 
Phacopa (Fos. Zool.) <;>«««;, a lentil, i^, the eye ; a genus of Trilobites. 
Phacosper'ma (Bot.) ^»*iu ^ lentil, <r«i^/i4a, a feed. 
PhflBa'lis (Ent.) ^va^ duflcy. 

PhaB'don (Ent.) P. N., a difcipie of Socrates and friend of Plato. 
PhsBdranas'sa (Bot.) ^»ihfii^ ihow/, ei-jeL9(ray a queen, from the beautiful 

appearance of the flowers ; a genus of Liliacex. 
Phseniou'ra (Zool.) ^eumj to difplay, ct/jS, a tail. 
Phcenooa'rpus (Bot.) ^a/vof, to difplay, «a^ir«f, fruit; a genus of Sapin- 

Pheeno'ooma (Bot.) <;>«/»«, to Qiine. x»/ui^. a tuf^ ; a beautiful Cape genus 

of •* Everlaftings " ; Nat. Ord. Compoiitae. 
Phseno'gaznoUB (Bot.) ^«itfM to difplay, y«ft;c« marriage ; equivalent to 

Phsano'poda ) r ^a(v«, to (hine, ir«Jf, ir«2«f, a foot (ftem) ; 

r (Bot.) ■< r ^ r 

Phee nopuB > ( genera of Compontc. 

PhaBOChro'a(Ornith.)<f»aM»f,duiky, ;v;f ia, colour; agenusof Humming-birds. 
Phaeocordylia (Bot.) ^awf, dufky. xo^liCxr.y a tuber: a genus of Balano- 

PHJE — PHA 387 

Phasooy'ma (£nt.) <^i9f , duflcy, jw^a, a wave, /. /., oq the wings ; a genus 
of Lepidoptera. 

Ph8BOda'otylu8 (£nt.) ^miiy duflcy, }MTvX«f, a plume. 

Phsaolce ma (Ornith.) 4>ai«r, duflcy, Xat/u^i , throat ; a genus of Humming- 

Phaooleuoa'lls (£nt.) ^mhti dufky, x%v%U^ white, t. f. grey. 

PhSBone'ma (Bot.) ^M«f , duflcy, y«/e*a, thread ; a genus of Alg». 

PhsBopap'pus (Bot.) ^Mf, duAty, papptu, the down of feeds ; a genus of 

FhSBOptera'Us (£nt.) ^mU^ duflcy, wripov, a wing. 

PhsBOpthalmua-a-uxn (Bot.) ^tuit% brown, l^uXfAiu the eye, having 
<^^ike fpots. 

PhsBo'ptila' (Ornith.) ^m*;, duflcy, obfcure, «rrrxev, a feather; a genus of 

PhsBopUB (Oniith.) ^«ie;, duflcy, vm!;, a foot ; dark-footed. 

PhSBo' stoma (Bot.) ^aiaf, duflcy, a-tofAo^ month ; a genus of Onagracese. 

PhaothoVnlB > jthe proper name Phaetoft, ofut, a bird ; a 

PhSBthomithi'nsB) ( genus and family of Humming-birds. 

Phaeton (Zool., Omith.) P. N., an epithet of the Sun ; applied in ornitho- 
logy to the Tropic-bird. 

■ « 

Phaetu'sa (Bot.) P. N., one of the daughters of the Sun ; a genus of Com- 

PhsBUB-a-um (Bot.) ^aiig, duflcy ; e. g. Geranium phaum, 
Phalnopipla (Oniith.) ^*%t>if, fliining, viwXer, a robe. 
Phai'uB (Bot.) ^euit, brown, the firft difcovered fpecies being of that 

colour ; a genus of Orchidacec. 
Phakelopleu'ra (Zool.) ^axiX*;, a buncUe, vxtv^n^ the fide; a genus 

of Chitons. 
Phakelu'ra (£ut.) ^««iX«c, a bundle, w^, a tail ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phalacro'oorax (Omith.') paXaKpit^ bald-headed, ko^^i a crow. 
PhalacrUB (£nt.) ^iiXa>fef , bald-headed. 

PtialSB'na (£nt.) ^AX«<»if, a moth ; the Normal Lepidoptera or Moths. 
PhalSBDo'ldse (£nt.) ^AXmtii, a moth, ii)o«, reiemblance. 
Phalangio'des (Ent.) ^«>«yyM?, a fpider, with terminal miti; ; a genus of 

Lepidoptera ; alfb fpecific name of a fpider, Pholcus phalangiodes, 

-from the curious manner in which two of 
Phalangi'sta > , ^ J ***^ *°®* *** joined together as far as the 
Phalangistl'naf ^ ^ -^ i laft phalanx ; a genus and family of Kan- 

^ garo<is. 

388 ' PHA 

Phalanx, pi. Phalan'ges ( Zool.) ^kkmyl, a fmali bone of the fingers or 

toes, fo named from the military term for a column or line of battle. 
Fhalaria (Bot.) ^mx»i, Ihining, canary-feed being very glofly ; a genus of 

Phalar opuB (Ornith.) ^aXufii, white, trcuf, a foot. 
Phale'ria (£nt.) ^aXn^f , or waXafif, white. 
Phallus (Bot.) the ^aXkig of the Greeks ; a genus of Fungi. 
PhalOOa'UiS (Bot.) ^axif, bright, (hining, xaXXas, beauty ; a genus of 

Phal'oe (Bot.) ^«A«f, bright, fhining; a genus of Caryophyllacex. 
Phalole'pis (Bot.) ibaxie, bright, XiviV, a Tcale ; a genus of Compol'ttae. 
Pha'nera (Bot.) ^avtfif, vilible ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Phanerooa'rpu8-a-iim (Bot.) ^Anpii, confpicuous, napwigy fruit. 
Phanerocotyledo'neaa (Bot.) " vifible feed-leaves," Agardh't name for 

the Exogens, from ^tMfisy vifible, xarvXn^v, a feed-lobe. 
Phaneroga'mia (Bot.) ^«»i^f , evident, ytifAOty marriage ; plants having 

vifible flowers and feeds, in conttadidin^ion to Cryptogamia. 
Phaneromy'oteres (Ichth.) ^anfist confpicuous, fAuxinfy nodril ; a fe£Hon 

of Malacopterous flibes. 
Phanerophle'bia (Bot.) f avi^tf^, vifible, <^Xt^, ^XiBh, a vein ; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
Phan'tapus (Zool.) ^aiV«/uai, to appear, «ot;f , a foot 
Phantaama'lis (Ent.) ^tfrroc/us, an apparition. 
Pharbi'tis (Bot.) etymology doubtful; a fplendid genus of Convolvulaces, 

including the well-known ** Convolvulus major." 
Pha'rium (Bot.) dim. from f a^;, a cloak or mantle ; a genus of Liliacese. 
Phanxa'oeum (Bot.) P. N. from Pharnaces, King- of Pontus, who firft 

ufed it ; a genus of lUecebraceae. 
Pha'rUB (Bot.) ^5^;, a covering, the leaves being ufed for packing ; a 

genus of Grafles. 
PharyngOgna'thi (Ichth.) ^«?uy£, ^ApyT^c, the windpipe or throat, y»i£ae#, 

the jaw ; from the union of the lower pharyngeals into a fingle bone. 
Pnaeoo'gale (Zool.) ^arx^Xo;, a pouch, ytLXn^ a weafel or pole-cat. 
Phasoolomys (Zool.) ipkvMvXo^y a pouch, fAvs^ a moufe; the Auftralian 

Phasoolother'ium (Fos. Zool.) (parxaiXoff a pouch, 0»j^'o», a wild beaft ; 

u Marfupial Mammal, 
riia'scum (Bot.) (p*rKif, a kind of lichen mentioned by Theoplirallus • 

a genus ot Miilci. 

PHA — FHI 389 

, ( from the bird having been brought from the 

_, , , > (Ornith.) ■{ banks of the river Phafu^ in Colchis : the 

irnaslanus ) i . ^ . . . 

Phaseoli'tes (Fos. Bot.) ^«anA0f, the kidney-bean ; a genus of fofTil 

Leguminous plants. 
Phaae'olus (Bot.) ^*Tn\»s, Lat. pkaftlut^ or phaftolusy the kidney-bean ; a 

genus of Leguminofz. 
Phasianel'la (Zool.) phaftcmus^ a pheafant ; from the beautiful pheafant- 

like arrangement of the colours on the fhell ; a genus of MoUufca. 

from the bird having been brought from the 
banks of the river Phafu^ in Colchis : 1 
common pheafant is the P, Colchicus. 
Phasianipennella (EnX,) phafianus^ a pheafant, /^wra, a feather. 
Phaylo'psis (Bot.) ^ovAaf , worthlefs, t-^iu appearance. 
Pheballlim (Bot.) ^tBiUn^ a myrtle, from Pkihalu, in Attica. 
Phebollthis (Bot.) »pii, like as,^aXtTOf, cow-dung ; a genus of Sapindaceap. 
Phego'pteriB (Bot.) ^tiyit^ the oak, but fbmetimes uied for the beech, 

fETTipif , a fern, the Beech-fern ; from the refemblance of the outline 

of the frond ; e. g, Polypodium phegopieris, 
Phella'ndrium (Bot.) ^ixx^f, cork, Mf^ J^^fif^ male (flamen) ; a genus 

of Umbelliferz. 
Phe'llia (Zool.) ^i\X9c, the Cork-tree, from the rough appearance of the 

Phenlcealls (Ent.) ^«m«ior, purple-red. 
Phlbalap'teryz (Ent.") ^BaXost graceful, vri^v^, a wing; a genus of 

Phibalooera (Ent.) ^t/3aX9|, (lender, Kip«f, a horn; a genus of Lepido- 
Phibalu'ra (Omlth.) ^i0»x^sy graceful, tZfm, a tail. 
Phiga'lia (Ent.) P. N. from a town of Arcadia ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
PhUaderphloos-a-um (Bot.) Lat. Philaddphian. 
PhlladelpliUS (Bot.) uied by Athenzus for a tree now unknown ; now 

applied to the typical genus of Nat. Ord. PhiladelphacejB. 
Phila'nder (Zool.) ^'xa»2^oc, conjugal ; a genus of Marfupial animals. 
Phlla'nthus (Ent.) ^iXi*, to love, «vdif , a flower ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Phile'don (Omith.) ^iXtHwot^ given to pleafure. 

Philenope'tra (Bot.) ^iXi«, to love, iriTp«, a rock ; a genus of Leguminofz. 
Philere mus (Ent.) ^ixi«, to love, ipq/e*««, a deiblate place ; a genus of 

Phlle'sla (Bot.) ^iX^tia, thievininefs ; typical genus of the fplendid order 


390 EHI — PHL 

Phllhy'dridaB) r ^«x»«. 

Philhy'drus i ^ ^^'^ i of 

PhUeBia'oesB (Bot.) the family of plants of which PhiUfia Is the type. 

to love, vimf^ water ; a genus and family 
Philip'pia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Ericacear. 
Philippoden'dron (Bot.) arborefcent (SivS^v, a tree), and refembles Phi- 

lippia ; a genus of ByttneriacesB. 
Philly'rea (Bot.) P. N. from Pkilyra^ the mother of Chiron, who was 

changed into a tree ; a genus of Oieacez. 
Philoore'na (Bot.) ^iXi«, to love, mfntn, a fpring ; a genus of PodoOe- 

Philoc'thtLS (£nt.) ^ixi«, to love, 9;^dor, a bank of a river. 
Philoden'dron (Bot.) ^iX«)fv)^f, fond of trees; a very curioas genus of 

Philo'dloe (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Eriocaulacez. 
Philo'dromus (Ent.) ^ixQ^ofAot^ loving the courie, fond of running. 
Philodry'aa (Zooi.) ^Xf«, to love, ^fvihty wood-nymphs, which is from 

Spf , an oak ; a genus of Serpen t9. 
Philce'terua (Omith.) ^t^im, to love, oiirnf, equality; the Republican 

Philo'xnaohus (Zooi.) pxifAa^^f^ a lover of battles ; the Ruff. 
Philomela ) ,_ . , . f ^iX«^ifX«,a nightingale; the nightingales ; 
Phllomeli n8B> i a genus and iub-family of Inceflores. 

Philomyoe'nidaB"* . . ( ^ikitt, to love, ftuxof, flime; a family and 
Phlloxny'ous > ( genus of Pulmoniferous MoUufca. 

Philone'xls (Zooi.) ^/xoc, an adept, ni^is^ a fwimming. 
Philon'thus (Ent.) ^ixi«, to love, o*9o^y dung. 
Philo'pedon (Ent.) ^ixi», to love, «i^v, the ground. 
Philopyra (Ent.) ^iXsm, to love, vi;^, fire ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Philo'zerus (Bot.) ^iXiof, to love, fip«f, arid ; from the foil 
Phily'drum (Bot.) ^/x»f, a lover, uS«>p, water. 
PhlBB'as (Ent.) P. N., a fumame of Venus. 
Pblebophyl'lum (Bot.) ^xi>p, ^Xs^*f , a vein, ^vxxav, a leaf ; a genus of 

Phlebo'pteiis (Fos. Bot.) ^xl^* ^xiiS^f , a vein, vrl^tf, a fern. 
Phlebotham'nion (Bot.) ^xi^j f xi|9«f, a vein, 9»/jiut, a fprout ; a genu<i 

of Algae. 
Phlegeto'nia (Ent.) ^xi>«, to fcorch, To»»f , a fmew or tendon ; a genus 

of Lepidoptera. 
Phlegma'clum (Bot.) ^Xi^^a, flame ; a genus of Fungi. 

PHL — PH(E 391 

Phle'um (Bot.) ^xto;, or ^Asu^, a Greek name for rome unknown plant ; 

now applied to a genus of Grafles. 
Phlcso'des (£nt.) ^Xmw^h^, reiembling the bark of trees ; a genus of 

Phlcs'oxnys (Zool.) ^Xoio;, bark, f«Zf, a moufe ; a genus of Murid^e. 
Phlcsopora (£nt.) ^Xo(«f, bark, vifHj a paflage. 
PhloB'othripB (Ent.) ^Xocaf, bark ; the genus Thnps ; a genus of Thy- 

Phlogaoan'thus (Bot.) ^xiyiw, flaming, red, acanthus ; a genus of Acan- 

PlllOgo'philuS (Omith.) fXe^, ^X^yit^phiox^ the name of a flower, ^«X««, 

to love ; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Phlogo'phora (Ent.) ^xi^^^Xtyu a flame, fO(iTv, to bear; a genus of 

Phlolo'bius (Ent.) ^Xoiigy bark, Biiu Hfe. 
Phlolodicar'paB (Bot.) ^Xoi^Snf, bark-like, »«firof, fruit ; a genus of Urn- 

belli fern. 
Phloiophilus (Ent.) ^\nU^ bark, ^at«, to love. 
Phloio'trsra (Ent.) ^xoi«f, bark, t^m», to rub. 
Phlomido'pBls (Bot.) the genus PhUnth, and Z^tgy refemblance, i. e. to 

that genus ; a genus of Labiatse. 
Phlomis (Bot.) ^Xoftif, the Greek name for mnUein ; a genus of Labiat.T. 
Phlomol'des (Bot.) PMomu^ iT^f, (hape, nefembbnce ; mullein-leaved. 
Phlox (Bot.) ^x«f, a plant io called, the word fignifying a flame ; a beau* 

tiful North American genus of Polemoniacesc. 
Phlycteeno'des (Ent.) ^Xv«tmv«, a biiiler, %Ti»i, reiemblance ; a genux 

of Lepfdoptera. 
Phlyctl'dlum (Bot.) ^Xv«TiV, a blifter or pimple, t!3dr, likenefs ; a genus 

of Fungi. 
Phly'otis (Bot.) ^Xv«T<V, a blifter or pimple ; a genus of LicheneH. 
Pho'beroB (Bot.) ^aBifisy formidable ; a genus of Flacourtiacese. 
Phoca (Zool.) Zjat, a ieal,from (pvxti. 
Phooaena (ZooL) ^»euf», a porpoife. 

phoca; from ^m«i», a ieal, with family and fub- 
family terminals. 
Phoebe (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Laui-aceo;. 
Phoenioa'lis (Ent.) ^oiHxftfr, purple, red. 
Phcsnlcan'themum (Bot.) ^«ivi««f, crim{bn,^yd«}/u(v», blooming, from the 

colour of the flowers ; a genus of Loranthacerc. 

pS:3 <-'-^ \ 

392 ?H(E — PHO 

PhoBnlcau'lis (Bot.) ^Mw«9f, cnmfon,faj//f/,a (lem ; « genus of Cructferie. 
PhoBnice rolls (Ornith.) f«/v«, to appear, aifjiof, a tail ; ibmetimes inac- 
curately wtitten Pha/iicircus. 
PhGBnloeii8-a-mn (Bot.) ^M*i»sef, purple, cinnabar-colour. 
PhcBnloi'tes (Fos. Bot.) from Phtenix daaylifera, the Date-Palm ; a kind 

of foflil palm-leaves. 
PhoBnlcooe'rcus (Omith.) ^utiMttf, purple-red, »i^»af, tail ; having crim- 

fon tail -feathers. 
PhoBniooci'rBOS (Bot.) ^aiM^-iMf, purple, «iVi«v, a thilUe ; a genus of 

PhaBnloocri'nites (Fos. Zool.) ^«4M{-iito;, a palm-tree, »^»ey, a lily ; a 

genus of Crinoidea. 
PhoBnioop'terus, pi. Phceniooptera (Omith.) ^muuoc,Vurp^ wri^wt 

a wing. 
PhCB'niz (Bot.) fuvX^^ its Greek name; the Date-palm. 
Phoeniz'ophua (Bot.) ^oTvi^y purple, vQi/r, woiigj sl foot (dem) ; a g^nus 

of Compolitfs. 
Pholado'mya (Zool.) ^«xaf-«2«f, a borer, ftM», a moUu(k; a genus of 

Pholas (ZooL) from ^mXsm, to bore; a name applied to a moUuicous 

animal which makes holes in ftones ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Phol'cuB (Zool.) ^«X««f , bandy-legged ; a genus of Araneidie. 
Pholldan'dra (Bot.) ^exist ^oUiot^ a fcale or fpot, inf, Atlfif, a (himen ; 

a genus of Rutacex. 
Pholi'dla (Bot.) ^oXtV, a fcale, tJiaf, likenefs ; a genus of Myoporacese. 
PhoUdoga'ster (Fos. Zool.) ^oX/f, ^9\!^ot, a fcale, yarrnf, belly; an 

ichthyoid labyrinthodont. 
Pholldo'rpus (Bot.) ^oXiVt a fcale, 3«^««y, a meal ; a genus of Palmacete. 
Pholis (Ichth.) ^mXttiy to lie in a hole ; alluding to the habits of the fifh. 
Pholi ama (Bot.) ^oxif, a fcale; a North American genus of Monotropaceae. 
Pholiu'rufl (Bot.) ^tXift a fcale, ou^«, a tail ; a genus of Gramina. 
Pholoe (Zool.) P. N. a Nereid :— 

** As Pholoe, mod that rules the monfVers of the main." — Drayton. 
Phormi'dium (Bot.) ^•^/u/f-t^o;, a balket ; a genus of Algz. 
Phor'mium (Bot.) ^«^«», a baiket, from its ufe in New Holland ; 

Phormium tenax produces the New Zealand flax. 
Phoro'oera (Ent.) (pofif^ bearing, xs^f, a horn ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phorode'sma (Ent.) ^tfiv, to carry, 2iVft«, a chain ; a genus of Lepido- 

PHO — PHI 393 

Phorolo'bus (Bot.) ^»^f, bearing, Xe^*;, a lobe or pod ; a genus of Poly- 

podioid Filices. 
Phoa (ZooL) ^«f, light ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Pho'sphUga (Zool.) ^Hx, light, ^tryn, flight. 
Photino'pteris (Bot.) ^Mritt*;, fhining, mrtfit, a fern ; a genus of Poly- 

podioid Filices. 
Phozloliili'dlmn (Zool.) ^a{*f, pointed, ;^ffrx«f, lip. 
Phozl'nus (Ichth.) ^•ihtt, a river flfli, mentioned by Aridotle, from ^•^•;i 

pointed ; the Minnow. 
Phozo'pteryz (Ent.) ^•(«f , pointed, irr i^, a wing ; a genus of Lepido- 

Fhragmitella (Ent.)/Arapr/V», a reed, on which it feeds. 
Pliragmi'tes (Bot.) ip^yfjurfiu the great Englilh Reed, hence, an indofure ; 

thefe reeds being thus employed ; a genus of Gramina. 
Phragmi'tidls (Ent.) gen. of the above ; feeding on the Reed, Arundo 

Phragmito'phis (ZooL) literally ** the reed-fnake," from phragmitesy a reed, 

and o^if, a fnake. 
Phragmo'oeras (Zool.) ^fmyfAisj a partition, si^f , a horn ; a genus of 

Phra'tara (Ent.) probably from ^f^tnfy a kinfman. 
Phrea'tia (Bot.) ^fiatU^ a tank or re(ervoir ; a genus of Orchidacea?. 
PhriSBOtrlo'hia (Bot.) ^^iV^w, to be rough, d^;|, rfixist a hair or briftle ; 

a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 
Phryga'nea (Ent.) ^^{ryavavy a faggot ; a genus of Neuroptera. 
Phryganella (Ent.) ^fiyav^y a faggot ; from the fimilarity of the larva - 

Phryganocy'dla (Bot.) ^^it^avav, a ftick, M}«f, glory ; a genus of Bigno- 

Phrygano'des (Ent.) ^^i^amv, a faggot ; a genus of Lepidoptera ; per- 
haps given from (bme fancied refemblance to the order of infects, Phr^- 
Phry'nium (Bot.) ^^v»fi, a toad ; a plant growing in marfhes. 
Phrynoso'ma (ZooL) ^^vvn, a toad, tf-S/uo, body. 
Phtheirospe'rmuni (Bot.) ^i*^ a loufe, TwiffA*, feed ; a genus of 

Phtheo'ohroa (Ent.) ^6ifiv, i. ^., ^diviiy, to fade, ^fia, the (kin, or rather 

complexion ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phthiru'sa (Bot.) ^i/p, a loufe ; a genus of Loranthace.T. 

394- PHU — PHY 

Phu (Bot.) the ^ of Diofcorides ; a fpecies of Valeriana. 
Phu'iys (Ent.) ^v^, to mix or confound ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phyoe'lla (Bot.) dim. of ^u»9r, red alkanet, from its colour. 
Phy'ddaB (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera, of which Pkycu is the type. 
Phy'cis (Ichth., Ent.) pmUt a coloured fifli liTing in fea-weed ; in Ento- 
mology a genus of Lepidoptera, becaufe fome of the fpecies are red. 
Phyoobo'trya (Bot.) 4>D»«c, fearweed, ^or^f, a clufVer ; a genus of Alg«. 
Phyoooa'stanum (Bot.) ^»»f, fea-weed, jK«rT«vtii, a chefnut ; a genus 

of Algae. 
Phyoo'des (Ent.) ^utt LaUfiMu; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phy'oodrya (Bot.) <j)il«oj, fea-weed, J^j, an oak ; a genus of Algae. 
Phyoolapa'thnm (Bot.) ^»«f, lea-weed, x«flr«dfv, forrel ; a genus of 

Phyoomy'oes (Bot.) ^vx*;, iea-weed, /uv»«Cf a fungus ; a genus of Fung^i. 
Phyoo'phila (Bot.) <pi;jKoc, fea-weed, ^xl«, to lore ; a genus of Algas. 
Pbyco'pteria (Bot.) ^sof, fea-weed, vri^f, a fern ; a genus of Algs 
Phyoose'rlB (Bot.) ^wo^^ (ea-weed, vifity endive; a genus of Algn. 
Phy'ouB (Ent.) ^xar, iea-weed ; a genus of Diptera. 
Phygan'thUB (Bot.) ^wyHt^ to efcape, a»d«r, flower ; a genus of Iridacez. 
Phyge'liUB (Bot.) ^\ryiiy flight, (hunning, or eichewing; in coniequence of 

having fb long efcaped the researches of botanies ; a genus of Scro- 

Phyla'olum (Bot.) ^vx«9-0w, to preferve ; a genus of I^guminofffi. 
Fhy'lioa (Bot.) ^uXn^f, leafy, from its copious evergreen foliage ; a genus 

of Rhamnaceie. 
Phyllaca'ntha (Bot.; ^xxo», a leaf, a««»0«, a thorn or fpine; a genuft 

of Algae. 
Phyllaolme (Bot.) <^^xXfv, a leaf, &xy^^ chaff*; a genus of Stylidiacere. 
Phyllactl'dium(Bot.) the genus PhyllaaU^ iTJar, likenefs; a genus of Algae. 
Phyllac'tls (Bot.) ^i/XXod, a leaf, a»TiV, a ray; a genus of Valerianaces. 
PhyJlsB'dium (Bot.) ^uXX«f-«)oj, foliage ; a genus of Fungi. 
Phylla'gathis (Bot.) ^n/XXov, a leaf, a>'ad«r, good ; a genus of Melaflo- 

Phyllam'phora (Bot.) ^vxx«v, a leaf, ufA^fivi^ Lat. amphora, a pitcher ; 

the original generic, and now the fpeciflc name of a Pitcher-plant, 

Nepenthes Phyllamphora. 
Phyllan'thece (Bot.) a (e^ion of Euphorbiacete, rcprefented in PmtUanthus. 
Phyllan'thera (Bot.) ti!xx«r, a leaf, avdnpo;, flowery ; a genus of Afcle- 


PHT 395 

Phyllanthe'rum (Bot.) ^uXXn^ a leaf, a»9ii^r, flowery, from the d!late<i 

filaments ; a genus of Trilliacez. 
Phyllan'thUB (Bot.) ^i/XX«», a leaf, a*do(, a flower ; flowers on the edges 

of the leaves ; a genus of Ca£hice8e. 
Phyllar'thron (Bot.) ^^xx**, leaf, apdp«y, joint ; a genus of Crefcentiacea:. 
Phyllau'rea (Bot.) ^ixxn^ a leaf, aurau^ golden ; a genus of Euphor 

Phyl'lia (Zool.) <pv\\«*^ a leaf. 
Phyllldla (Zool.) dim. of 4>i/XX«», a leaf; a genus of MoUufca. 

>- (ZooL)^i/XA«y, a leaf^ gen, the wave; a genus of MoUufca. 

Phy'lllB (Bot.) P. N., one of Virgil's nymphs. 

Fhylli'tea (Fos. Bot.) ^vXXov, a leaf; certain forms of fbflil leaves. 

Phyllo'bius (£nt.) ^uxx«v, a leaf, 8i«f, life. 

Phyllobry'on (Bot.) <f>i;)^x«», a leaf, /S^9», mofs ; a genus of Piperaceic. 

Phyllocao'tuB (Bot.) ^wxx#*, a leaf, eaUuty a genus of Ca^taceie. 

Phyllocalym'na (Bot.) ^xxo», a leaf, x«Xv/a/u«, a covering ; a genus of 

Phyllooar'pus (Bot.) ^vXX«r, a leaf, xafwit, fruit ; a genus of Leguminofa;. 
Phyllooeph'alum (Bot.) ^i/XXey, a leaf, »i^ax«, a head ; a genus of 

Phylloola'duB (Bot.) ^xa«v, leaf, kXaSoc, branch, having leaf-like branch- 

lets ; a genus of Taicaceas. 
Phylloonls'tls (Ent.) ^vxx«», a leaf, k»/{;ii*, to fcrape or grate ; a genus of 

Phylloda'ctylus (Zool.) ^xx«y, a leaf, )«»TvXnt a toe, having leaf-fhaped 

toes ; a genus of Saurians. 
Phyllo'des (Ent.) ^uXXtv, a leaf; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phyllo'des (Bot.) ^vXkvhu leafy ; a genus of Marantaces. 
Phyllo'dium (Bot.) f vXX«», a leaf, ii^os^ likenefs ; applied to certain 

organs (wattles) of the AufVnilian Acacias or Wattle-trees; the 

wattles ate enlarged petioles. 
Phy'Ucxioce (Zool.) P. N., the name of a fea-nymph ; in Botany, a geniM 

of EricacesB. 
Fhyllomoopha (Ent.) ^vXXof, leaf, /uo^«, (hape ; the Leaf-fhape ; .i 

genus of Hemiptera. 
Phyllope'rtha (Ent.) ^i;XX«», a leaf, iri^dw, to deOroy. 
PhyUo'phila (Ent.) ti/XX«>, a leuf, pUm, to love; a gtnus of Lepi- 

39«> PHT 

Phyllo'phora (Zool., Bot.) ^uXXav, a leaf, ^ip«, to carry. 

Phyllopneu 8te (Omith.) ^t/XXor, leaf, vytvvtftu one who breathes hard. 

Phyllo^poda {T/xii,) ^iww, a leaf, mm, §fl9s a foot ; an order of Ento- 

nio(lracx>as Crudacea. 
PhyllOBo'ma (Zool.) ^i/XX«v, a leaf, vifxa^ body ; a family of Cruflacea. 

, /^^i/XXov, leaf, atifxa, mouth, a genus and 

P y o stoma i ^r^^jx J f^^.. ^£ g^^^^ p fpe^bum is the 
Phylloatomlnar ( Vampire Bat. 

Phyllo'ta (Bot.) ^ikkvty a leaf, ^t^ anis, an ear ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Phylloty'lus (Bot.) 4>i;XX«ir, a leaf, ti/Xof, a knot ; a genus of Algae. 
Phyma.o'ti8 (Zool.) ^vf««, a wave, IxtUi a ray ; a genus of A^binise. 
Phymati'diuxn (Bot.) ^v/c««, a tumour, iT^f, likenefs ; a genus of 

Phymato'des (Bot.) ^vfA»r»hnti full of tumours ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Filices ; alio fpecific name of a celebrated Lichen. 
Phymatostro'ma (Bot.) 4»vf«A-AT«f , a iwelling, crfSfAa^ a bed ; a genus 

of Fungi, 
Phymo'sia (Bot.) ^ifAim, to conftridt ; a genus of Malvaceae. 
Phymosper'mum (Bot. ) ^^ui, a tumour, c-iripfAOy a feed ; a genus of 

Phy'sa (Bot.) ^^et, a pouch ; a genus of Mefembryaces. 
Phy'sa (Zool.) ^j-a, a pouch ; a genus of Molluica. 
Phyaao'tiB (Bot.) ipZa-a, a pouch, <bjktic, a ray ; a genus of Algte. 
Phy'salia (Bot.) ^o-eiXit, a plant with hulks like bladders, from ^t/o-o, a 

bladder, from refemblance of calyx ; the Winter-cherry ; an admired 

genus of Solanacez. 
Physe'ter (Zool.) ^vTfirn^, a blow-pipe or bellows ; a genus of Cetacea. 
Physio'tium (Bot.) ^Zo-»<, a pouch, mtiav, a little ear ; a genus of Junger- 

Phyaiph'ora (Bot.) ^Dy«, a pouch or bladder, ^ip, to carry, from the 

inflated capfules ; a genus of Violacen. 
Phyaooaly'oium (Bot.) ^v0-««, to (well, caiyx, from the inflated calyx ; 

a genus of Crafiulaceae. 
Physooalyzn'ma (Bot.) ^vriat, to fwell, »»Xv(Aiuutj a covering ; a genus 

of Lythracez. 
Physoo'alyz (Bot.) fame meaning as Phinfocalydiim ; a genus of Scrophu- 

Physooarpi'dixun (Bot.) ^vjdv, to inflate, xapirof, fruit, from the inflated 

foUicleft; a genus of Ranunculaceae. 



Fhysooar'puB (Bot.) ^vs-m^ to inflate, xa^rif, fruit ; a genus of Rofacex. 
Physocaulon (Bot.) ^uaam, to inflate, Kmv\is% a ftem ; a genus of AlgK. 
PhysochlSB'na (Bot.) ^vamm, to inflate, ;^Xar»a, a mantle, from the 

inflated calyx ; a genus of Solanacese. 
Phyao'olada (Bot.) ^b(ra«, to fwell, x^a^»s^ a branch ; a genus of Cordi- 

FhyBOder'ma(Bot.) ^vrkm^ to fwell, tiffAa^ the cuticle ; a genus of Fungi. 
Physo'des (Bot.) ^wi'inst full of wind; fpeciflc name of a fpecies of 

Lichenes, Parmella Phyfodcs. 
Fhysosi'phon (Bot.) ^v^am^ to inflate, o-i^w*, a tube ; a genus of Orchi- 

Physospe'rmuxn (Bot.) ^Zaa^ a bladder, aniffA%^ a feed ; a genus of 

PhysoBti'gma (Bot.) ^wam. to inflate, a-riyfjLa^Jiigma, a (Vyle. 
Physoato'mes (Ichth.^ ^^a^ wind, 0-t0/m«, a mouth ; having open air- 
Phy'siila (Ent.) ^u^eixlf^ a bubble? a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phytel'ephas (Bot.) ^vT«r, a plant, iki(paf, ivory; the Ivory-bearing 

Phyteu'zna (Bot.) a name adopted from Dlofcorides ; the Rampion ; a 

genus of Campanulacese. 
Phyteumo'pais (Bot.) the genus Pkyteuma^ and ^if, resemblance ; a genus 

of Compofltz. 
Phyto'conis (Bot.) ^vtov, a plant, x^wr, dud ; a genus of Alga;. 
Phytocre'ne (Bot.) (pmiv, a plant, ttfwtyit a fpring ; the celebrated wat«r • 

vine of Martaban ; a genus of Artocarpacece. 
PhytCB'oia (Ent.) ^t/riv, a plant, o»icof, an abode. 
Ph3rtogeo'graphy (Bot.) ^urav, a plant, yn^ the earth, yfa^», to defcribe ; 

the fcience of the didribution of trees and plants. 
Phyto'graphy (Bot.) purify a plant, y^^m, to write ; defcriptive botany. 
Phytolao'ca (Bot.) ^rov, a plant, iaeeay lac ; having crimfon fruit ; 

typical genus of Phytolaccaceas. 
Phytolacca'oeas (Bot.) Nat. Ord. of which PAytoIaeca is the type. 
Phytolitho'logy (Fos. Bot.) ^vtm, a plant, Xidor, a (lone, Xo>of, a difcourfe ; 

the fcience of foflil plants. 
Phyto'logy (Bot.) ^uto*, a plant, Xo^of, a defcription; the fcience of 

Phytolop'sis (Zuol.) ^vriy^ a plant, o|>;, appearance; a genus of 


398 PHY — PIC 

Phyto'metra (£nt.) ^vt«*, a plant, f«iTpirv, to meafure; the larvae are half- 

Phytopathology (Bot.) ^vtm, a plant, vadsA.o^'ixfj, the doArine of difeaie. 
Phyto'phsigous (Zool.) ^vtov, a plant, ^«yi*, to eat ; plant- eating. 
Phytophysiology (Bot.) ^m'n^ a plant, ^vj-k, nature, A.*^; , a deicription ; 

the fcience of the nature of plants. 
Phyto'sus (£nt.) ^xrt'et^ a plant. 
Phyto'toma (Oraith.) ^vro*, a plant, te/bifi, a cut ; a plant-cutter ; the 

Phyto'tomy (Bot.) ^vt«», a plant, t^h, a cut or incifion; the fcience 

ofdifle^on of plants. 
Phyto'zys (BoL) ^irr«r, a plant, o^i/^ , fharp or pointed ; a genus of 

Phytozo'on (Zool.) ^in-«v, a plant, (mv, an animaL 
Piaran'thUB (Bot.) flnSp, jatnefs, «f00(, a flower. 
Pi'ca (Omith.) Lot, a pie or magpie. 
Ploa'ta (£nt.)/il(r^i, a magpie ; from the contrad of colours. 
Plcatha'rtes (Omith.) pka^ a pie or crow, moBmi^oiy to clear ; the bald- 
headed Crow of Weftem Africa. 
Ploea (Bot.) Lot, the Silver-fir; a genus of Contferae. 
Pi'oldaB (Zool.) a family of Scanibrial birds called the Woodpeckers, of 

which picuj is the type. 
Pfcinus-a-um (£nt.) Lat. pitch-black. 
Pi'oipea (£nt.)//x, pitch, ^^'z, a foot; black-footed. 
Pickerin'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J^efA PicJuring ; a genus of Legu- 

mi noise. 
Pioo'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Pleat; a genus of Boraginacez. 
Plorsuie'nia (Bot.) wm^ig, bitter, ttiwy a gland or acorn ; a genus of 

PicrSB'na (Bot.) wuipig^ bitter; the Quaflla-wood tree; a genus of 

Pioram'ziia (Bot.) wiufif^ bitter, Bif^toi^ a flirub. 
Picra'sma (Bot.) iriMpa^fAif^ bittemefs; a genus of Simarubaceie. 
Pi'cria (Bot.) vtufioj bittemefs; a genus of GeTneraceic. 
Piori'dium (Bot.) the genus Picris, iTSof, likenefs. 
Pi' oris (Bot.) mx^V, a bitter herb ; a genus of CompoHtz. 
Pl'orium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Gentianacene. 
Piororhi'za (Bot.) mnpif^ bitter, ^i{«, root ; a genus of Scrophulariacess. 
Picro'eia (Bot.) vUpig^ bitter ; a genus of Compofitai. 

FIC — PJL 399 

Picrotham'nus (Bot.) «»f«f, bitter, d«^i«£, a Ihrub ; a genus of Com- 

Piota'ria ) ,„ . 

Pictol'la i ^^"'-^ f'*^"'^ P*^"'"^- 

Piote'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated M. PUia, of Geneva ; 
a genus of I^guminoiie. 

Pic'tos-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lat, painted. 

Pi'cUB (Ornith.) Lot. a woodpecker. 

Pioum'nuB (Omith.) dim. form of />kiu, to meet the popular term Picu- 
lets ; a genus of minute Woodpeckers. 

Plddington'ia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lobeliacete. 

Pieran'dJa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sapindacez. 

Fle'ridsB (Ent.) P. N., a family of diurnal Lepidoptera, of which Piem 
is the type. 

Pi'eris (Ent.) P. N., one of the Mufes ; a genus of Lepidoptera ; alfo uft- d 
in Botany. 

Plesar'thriUB (Ent.) vii^a*, to compreis, aipd(«», a joint ; flat-jointed. 

Piezophyllua (Ent.) irii{;«, to prefs, ^XX«f, a leaf; from its remarkably 
compreiled antennie. 

Piezorhyn'ous (Ornith.) mi^m, to comprefs, pvyx*f<t ^ ^^^^■ 

Pig (Zool.) Dutch, bigghc, big. 

Pigeon (Ornith.) French, pigeon ; Ital. picciiute. 

Pike (Ichth.) becaufe the head u peaked ov pointed; the fcientific name is 

Pila'ris (Zool., Ornith.) Lot, Tike a ball. 

Pil'oliard (Ichth.) tliis word is probably from Anglo-Sax. /^y^^, the cover- 
ing of a faddle ; in allulion to the foftnefs of the integuments. 

Pilea (Bot.) piUus, a cap ; a genus of Urticaceie. 

Pile'olus (Zool.) Lot, a little cap ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Pileo'pgis (ZooL) ir«^«;, a cap, o^if i appearance. 

Pileus (Bot.) Lai, a cap ; applied to the cap-tike expanfion of a muQiroom. 

Pile-wort (Bot.) the popular name of Ficaria vema, becaufe its tubers re- 
mind the furgeon of haemorrhoidal iacs. 

Pili'ferus-a-um (Bot.) iri'x«f , a cap, vi;», to bear ; cap-bearing. 

Pillerla'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of PilUr, a German entomologiit. 

Pilosa'lis {Ent.) piUfut, hairy. 

PUoaa'ria iEvsi.) pilofis, hairy. 

Piloael'la (Ent.) feeding on Hawk-weed, Hieracium Pilofellu. 

Pilo'sUB-a-um (Bot.) Lat. hairy. 

4D0 PIL — PIN 

Pilula'Tla(Bot.)^/iifa,BliIlie pill; from the Ihape of its fced-velltli ; a 
genus of MaifileaccK. 

Pimele'a (Bot.)Kif«>.ii, tat j a grnui of Thymelacea. 

Pimelono'tuB (Ichth.) ■ri^uiXij, fat, lirni, the back ; a genus of Stluroid 

Pliaenta (Bot.) from the Spanini pimtnto, the name for Indian pepper. 

Ptm'pernel (Bot.) Fraiik, pimprntrUt ; IjIik, pmfinclla. 

Plmpine'lla (Bot.) altered from ii-plirlia, twice piimated, from the doubly 
pinnate leasei ; Pimpael j a genui of Umbellifem. 

PimplneUa'ta (Ent.) feeding on the Burnet-raxiErage, PimpimUa Sixifiaga. 

Plna'ooffl (Bot. )LindIe7'i name for the Conifcne, of which Waw, the Fit- 
tree, i< the type. 

Plna'nga (Bot ) native Indian name of a genus of Afiatic palmt, 

Plua'ria (Bot.J B»afic, Ihabby, fqualid ; a genua of Crucifero.'. 

Flnaropa'ppUB (Bot.) wam^t, Hiibbj, pappui, the down of pbnts ; a genus 
of Compolltz. 

FlnoeaeoU'tla (Bot.) Profellbr Schridweiler of Ghent litjn that about the 
year igj6, Galeotti Tent to Van der Maelen tome plant! whole half 
illegible ticltet appeared to be Freycinetia, The gardener to whofe 
care thej were configned changed the word to Pinceneftttia, and fo i< 
hai remained ever llnce. 

Pinokne'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Puulnry, an American botanin. 

Pl'ndftluE (OrnithO ancient Greel( name for an unknown bird. 

Plnal'lla (Bol.) P. N., a genua of Aiacea. 

Plneta'rla (Ent.) piarlum, a pine-grove. 

Plnete'Uus (Ent.) /»!<■>•, a Sr-wood, which it frequents. 

Pine-tMei C witui, Latin, Pi^m, apparently connefled with Cliu 

Plnua t t Bat, a mountain, as in An Lomond, A^nines. 

PiJigutdlne'lla (Ent.)/i-iW», fatnefi. 

PlIlgui'oula(Bot.)^m^i.u,fat ; the leave* arvgreaiy to the touch; a genu < 
of I.entibulariaceic. 

Pitigaioula'taa (Ent.) pirgaiaUiu, fomewhat fat. 

Pinguina'lis (Ent.)^;ii^;i, Eat, from its gieafy appearance. 

PiMa'rla (Ent.) from feeding on the fir-tree, Piiui Abieb, and fylveftris. 

Pinisrie'Ua (Ent.) feeding on the Pinui. 

Pini'cola (,Ornitli. )fiia.,i, a pinc-fotell. «.'c, to inhabit ; (he Pine Grolbeak. 

Pinioolana i 

Piaioola'll:! S (t"t., /;„.,, afir-ln.^. ,.,.',., to (r,:.|u;m, 

Pifli'tes (Fo,. iiol._'p:'i: :. :hc Hi-int; ioini wofKl aliii.-il to thi Cuniktc. 


Plnivora'nuB-a-nm (Ent.) ^™i, a fir, v»rtn, to derour, •. g. Retinia 

Ftsna (Zool.) J.^. a fin or wing; a genui of MoUufca. 
PlnnaU'SdUfl-a-um (Bol.)/'™", a feather or leaflrt,jf«J>, to cleaie ; piti- 

nalifid ; applied to 1eave> irregulaiiy cut tawardi the mid-rib. 
Flnna'tUB-a-um (Bot.) Lai. featherrd ; pinnate. 

PlmtOtha'rsB (Zooi.) wl^rrtifit, ■ name which occurs in Ariilotle, meant 

"pinna-guard," from wlnm, the lllel] fiimat tk^ih, to guard, and was a|>' 

plied to a fmall crab inhabiting the (heQ ; the Pea-crahi ; a geout of 

BtachyurouB Cnifiacea. 

Pla^ula (Bot.) dim. affhvta, a feather or leaflet, 

Plimula'ria(Fo<. Bat.)^iiii>Ai,a little feather ; a gvnus of fi)nil coal-mea- 

fure plants. 
Pinta'do (Oniith.) Sfiaiii/h,fktiJi, painted ; another name for the Guinea 

Pi'miB (Bot.) Z-«. the Pine-tree; a genu! of Conifcne. 
PiO'nea (Ent.) ii!m,, fat, fleek ; a genus of Lepidopteta. 
Pl'per (Bot.) Tiin^, pepper, from ■irrv, to digell ; but perhaps, ai Hated 

bj Galen, from an Indian word, 
Plpera'oBtB (Bot,) the family of plants of which Fifiir ii the type. 
Plperl'tu»-a-um (Bot.) of or belonging to fifvr, pepper ; peppei-like, ;, r., 

haiing the fmell or biting talie ot pepper. 
Pl'plans (ZooL) ia<. piping, chirping. 

Plp'lt (Oraith,) popular fynonyme for the Titlark, Anthiu ptatenfit 
Plp'pin (Bot.) this word ii derived by Dr. Johnfon from the Dutch fi¥f- 
fyigii, but it is furely more reafonabic to fuppofe it from Prfii, the 
king of the country from which the fruit wai derived. 
Pi'pra ) ,~ ' L \ f "''^ ^' name of a bird in Ariilotle ; a genus 
Pl'pridfBJ ^ "*" M and &miiy of PalTeres ; tiw Manikin.. 
Plprol'dea (Omiih,) the genui Pifra, ilJit, likenels. 
Plpte'nthus (Bot.) >iiTTi>, to fall down, aiStc, a flower; a genus of 

Plptathe'rum (Bot.) ».'.»», to fall, iBi,. an awn, or fpike of com. 
Flptoea'rpha (Bot.) irivr*, to fall down, c'/fif, a carpel; a genua of 

PipUi'cera3(Bot,)iriirT«, torMldown,Kf^if,ahDm; ^ni'iuiof Componcie, 
Fjptaollta'tiltin (Bot.) minm. to '.M .Ilho, j^.;.-,, a brillle (awnj; a 
genu) oF Gramina, 

A°i PIP — PIS 

FlptOOhla'mys (Bot.') v.'rta, to fall down, x'>-"*^t' » mantle (Horsl 

envelope); a Btnus of Thymelacwo, 
PtplO'0olna(Bot.) wiVt., to faU down, ••fio, a tuft ; a gtnus of CompoKte. 
Fiptolse'na (Bat ) c.'vth, to fall down, xo'ia, equivalent to ;('>■"■• ■ 

mantle; a genus of Apocynacee. 
Plptolepia (Bot.) ih'wt., to faU down, x.t.',, a fcale. 
Piptopo'gon (Bot.) *<si«, to fall down, aijw, a beard i a gtnut of 

Ptptoate'gla (Bot.) irfsi*, to fall down, ai-iyi, a coTering; a gcniu of 

Flptostem'ma (Bot.) *I«tw, to (all down, niinmt, a wreath ; a genus of 

Pliiue'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Atdrau J'/jk™, a Spanllh botanift. 
PiBa'na (Zool.)/^i.jii, a pea, leferring to (hapt, 
PlBa'nia (ZooL) P. N. from Pifi, in Italy ; a eenui of MoUurca. 
Piacato'riui-ft'Uin (Ichth.) £a/. relating to filhermeni c.^. the Fifhing 

Frog, Loplicui Pifmhriuu 
Flacsa(Ichth.)pl.of^^,al)ni;Chegreatdivilionofvertebratacalled FiDiet. 
Plsd'culuH (Ichth.) dim. olfifd,, a lilh ; a little iilh. 
Placl'dia (Bot.) pifiU, a tiOi, i:<^ to kill ; paru of the plant being ufed to 

nupify filh ; a genus of Leguminof^. 
PiBOlnalla-e (Zool.) Lat. pertaining to a bath, i. r. found in bath-rooms, 

PlBorvorUB-a-1im (Zool.) yi^», a filh. voro, to devour; iilh-eating; equi- 
valent to tchthyophagut. 

PlBlfo^mia-e (XooK.) pifum, a pea./Drjnu, (hape ; pea-lhaped. 

Pia'mira (Ent.) popular name of the Formica rufa. 

Fiaodono'phls (Ichth.) vtxtt, pea, Mwi, i34>ii;, tooth, S; ic, a lerpent; a 
genua of Snake-like fiOies. 

Piao'nla (Bot.) p. N. in honour of Jlf. i>|/i, an eminent Italian phyficjan ; 
a genus of Ny^glnaceie, 

PlsBo'deS (Ent.) airrn, piuh, tllni, likenefi ; a genui of Coleoptera, family 

Pirta'ctft (Bot.) raid to be altered from fi«J'aq, its Arabic name ; the Tere- 

PUtool'nus-a-um (Enl.) being llit colour of the Pj^ciiii-ttee. 
PI'h tin (Hot.) etymology unknown; typical genus of the following family. 
Pistia'cefe (Bot.) the Diick-mf.H family of plants, of which Pi^ia it the 

PIS — PLA 40J 

PlatUU'dlom (Bot.) dim. of ^iZ/m, ■ piflil ; applied to the equinlent 

of the piOil in moflei and livecwom. 
PiaUm'ferua-a-nm (Bot.) piplLm, a pi«il,/«-., to bear. 
HBtUlnm (Bot.) Lat. a peftle (piftil). 
Platoaau'ruH (Fos. Z™1.) viriii, true, r,.Zfi, a fetpent. 
Fl'flUm (Bot.) Lai, a pea ; a genui of Legunitnorz. 
Pltan'siu (Omith.) etymology unltnown; a genua of Tbniihei. 
PitCEtlr'ala (Bot.) P. H. in honour of Dr. Pikaim, an eminent phffictan ; 

a genua of Btomeliaceie. 
Flthe'cia (Zool,) wSttti, BD ape; a genua of quadiumanoua animali a 

the family Ccbidx. 
Pithyor'nlH (O.nilh.) ./rvt, a pine-tree, Ipn, a bird. 
Pit'ta (Oraiih.) ■sinit, pitch, referring to colour ; the Ant-lhnilhes. 
PittoBpo'nim (Bot.) mitt, pitch, rwi(ii, a fcedj the feedi are covered 

with a bijck telinoua pulp ; typical gsnui of Pittolporaces. 
Pituo'phls (Zool.) •iivr, the pine-tree, Jfi(, a fnake; a gcnui of Colubrine 

PltyluB COmith.)iri-rv*.(,a quick found or movement ; agenm of Tanagen. 
Pitjo'ptaagaa (Ent.) vim, the pine-tree, fiy, to eat. 
PltTOpsit'taoua (Ornith.) mi-nii, the pine-tree, -^'iitmn,!, a parrot ; the 

Parrot CrolTbiU. 
Plaoen'la (ZooL, Bot.) rxaiwr, a Rat cake. 
Plooo'dlum (Bot.) irAtuKi, a flat cake, i^h, likenefi. 
Placode'rmata (Foi. ZooL) kAbv, T;iajii[, a plate, lifiua, (kin; a genua of 

extinft Filhea. 
Flaoo'dsB (£nt.) w\m%a<u, flat. 
FU'coid (Ichth.) i,).il <r;L>.i(, a plate, tTi.,, Ilkeoefs. 
Plaoothallua (Bot.) v>iif, >;,■»(, flat, 6m>, a young Ihool. 
Plaou'ua (Zool.) *ii;, %y.M,i,, a broad plate ) a genua of Mollufca. 
Flaou'sa (Ent.) i,7.iLit,Z,. a Hat cake. 
Plaglan'thua (Bot.) ^\iyi.t, oblique, sfS.!, a flower. 
Flagla'ta (Ent.)//jj;.i, a zone, from the pattern of the wingi. 
Flagiau'Iaz (Foi. Zool.) abbreviation of Fh^anhcudm, from itXmyi», 

oblique, nil,*;, a grooie, titii, a tooth ; having reference lo thr 

diagoaal grooving of the premolar tooth. 
PlagloolalU (Ent.) pLg^, an open ground, t^rf, to frequent. 
Flagiodao'trlUB (Ent.) nXiyui, oblique, SuiTcisf, a plume. 
Flaglo'dera (Fnt.) •wXiyi,,, flnnling. tifx, the neck ; ii jrvnn* of phyij 

404 PLA 

Fla'giopUB (But.J ttkiyui, naming, «•£(. a foot; ■ genui of Bryoid 

PloglOBte'inon (Bot.) vXiyut, llaDting, rti/tyt,t ftamen; ■ genui of 

Plnglo Btoma \ ,-, ••,{ o^'iui, oblique, fTJ^a, the mouth; theaame 
Flaglo'BtomeB i ' 'to/ eertiin bi™l»e MoUufti. 
Plagiota'ilB (Bot.) rnxdytti, Otatiag, Tiifir, urangement ; a gtnm of 

PUglo'llB (Bot.) «x^irK[, a llanting direflion ; a gmut of Labiatie. 
Pla'glUB (Bot.) »>.iyiit, nanting ; a genua of Compofitm. 
Hana'rlaCZooL, BotO/Zflmw, flat; in Zoology, a genui of Annelldi ; io 

Botaaj, a gcnui of IiCguminoltB. 
Pianoj^lB (_Zaol)J>hi<ij, But, axil : a genui of MoUufca. 
Plane'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Phmr, a German Botanift. 
Plane-trea (Bot.) abbreriated from Piatttmii. 
Pla'iiloeps(Enl.)"nac-hea(leii,"from flatnu, Hat, tapiit, head; agenui 

of Hf menoplera. 
PlMiiooata'tiU'a-um (ZooL) plimu, ftraight, flat, i^, > rib. 
Flanlaul'mlB-e {Bot.) fJamu, flat, mlmiu, a ft«m i flat-Ralked. 
Pl&nlpen'lies (£nt.) flanni, flat, friua, a feather, ij. baring flat antinnx; ; 

one of Latreille'i three leftioni of tlie Neuroptera. 
Planias'oulus (Bot.) Lai. a little Hattenn]. 
Planor'blB (ZaoL)/&»iu, IUt,>rM. a dllk ; a Kcnut of MoUufca. 
W anto gl 'n an a-a-ti m (Bot.) 1^1. plantain-leaved. 
FUuta'go (Bot.)/Auira,the Ibleof the loot, bom the Ihape of the lenei; 

the Plantain. 
Flau'tla (Bot.) P. N., a genu of Iridacete. 

Plalltlgra'da(Zool.)^a>i«<i, the foleof the (oot,gra£rr, to walk; applied 
to an order of camiioroua animali which place the whole of tli« Toie 
of the foot upon the ground, a> the bean, etc. 
Plautigra'dua-a-um (ZooL) fame derintJon ; flat-footed. 
Flappe'rUK (Bot.) P. N.. a genuj of ChailletiaceiB. 
Platalea (Omith.) Lai. a fpoonbitl. 
Platana'ces (Bui.) tplendiil Nat. Old, of planti compofed of the ftnut 

PlatODOCa'rptun (But.) "fl.ilaaai-lta\ted;" from fiialanii, and ttifmii, 

fruit; a genus of Cinchonacex. 
Platantho'ra (Bol.) sA-rir, broad, i,irf, an anllier. 

PLA 405 

Pla^tanuB (Bot.) wXatv;, Tpreadtng, in allufion to the branches and foliage ; 

the Plane-tree. 
Pla'taz (Ichth.) wXard^^m, to make a noife by (Iriking; a genus of 

Chsetodont FiHies. 
Fla'tea (Bot.) orXarw, broad ; a genus of Olacaceie. 
Flates'sa (Ichth.) Lat. a flat-fifli ; the Plaice. 
Plathyme'nia (Bot.) wkarvt, broad, u^ufiv, (kin or membrane ; a genus of 

PlatU'ma (Bot.) rnXmrvf, broad ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Plato'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F/ato; a genus of Gramina. 
Plato'stoma (Bot.) «X«ti^, broad, rri/M*, a mouth ; a genus of Labiatse. 
Platu'nium (Bot.) vXmtvm, to widen ; a genus of Labiats. 
Platycap'nos (Bot.) wkarug, broad, navyis^ fumitory; a genus of 

Platyca'ra (Ichth.) irX«Tvf, broad, »^^ the head ; a genus of Cyprinoid 

Fi flies. 
Platycar'pha (Bot.) vXarw, broad, »4(ft«c, a (l^k ; a genus of Compofitc: 
Platyoor'pos (Bot.) «x«Tvf , broad, nofwit^ fruit ; fiat-podded. 
Platyoar'puin (Bot.) wxarvt^ broad, napwos^ fruit ; a genus of Bignoniaceae. 
Platyoe'rous (Omith.) vAoiTvf , broad, Ki^s«r,a tail; a genus of Parrakefts. 
Platyoe'rium (Bot.) literally ** broad-horn ; ** from «rX«Tvr, broad, st^f , 

horn ; a magnificent AuClralian genus of Polypodioid Ferns, including 

the « Stag's horn," and the ««Elk*s horn." 
Platy'cenu-a-mn (£nt.) vXatv^ , broad, *f^«, a horn. 
PlatyoheiloB (Bot.) otXatv;, broad, xt7x»g, lip ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Platyohilum (Bot.) irX«Ti/f, broad, x*^^*^i ^ ^*P • '• ' ^^^ corolla. 
Platyola'dus (Bot.) mk»r»t, broad, »AiO»c, a branch ; a genus of Conifens. 
Platyone'mls (£nt.) irXttrvf, broad, xviifiii, the leg, having the tibic 

much dilated ; a genus of Neuroptera. 
Platyco'don (Bot.) «x«tw, broad, ««}«», a bell, from the width of the 

corolla ; a genus of Campanulacen. 
Platjora'ter (Bot.) wXati^, broad, w^ftviif, a bowl ; a genus of Hydran- 

Platyori'nus (Fos. Zool.) wXarig, broad, mfivn^ a lily; a genus of 

Encrin ites. 
Platydac'tyliiB (2k>ol.) wxmris^ broad, }«»TvX0f, a toe ; a genus of 

Platyde'ma (£nt.) vXarvu broad, in/^i', bat. 
Platyderus (Ent.) wXarvs broad, hfm, the neck. 

4o« tLA 

Platy'dia | „ . f«l«Tiii, bread; a gwui and family of Lepido- 

PlatydldEB i ^ "*■* ( ptera. 

Platyel'mla (Zool.) ■Xni^c, bnad, iV"(> ' worm -, an order of Helmin- 

)hia or parafitic wormi. 
Platygram'ma (Bot.) ti\aiit. broad, yfiftum, a Dae or infcriptioa; a 

genui of Lichenet. 
PlatrST'oa (Bot.) wxmtit, broad, }v>ii, > female (piAil)i > gmui of 

Plat;le'paB(Zool.)ir;LaTi:[, broad, uvat, a limpet; a genui of Cirripedei. 
PlBt7lapl'(laaCBot.)s)»>Ti^,btoad,kiviV.lif,arcale;agenu>afCoin pontic. 
Platyle'plB (Bot.) fame deriiation ; a genus of Compolitee. 
Platylo'blain (Bot.) wk^tit, broad, i,ifiii,a pod, in reference to the broad 

Platrlo'nia (Bot.) m>.a.tit, broad, >'i^K, a fringe ; a genua of Polypodioid 

Platylo'phtia (Bot.) aXi>Ti:(,broad,).itgc, acred; a genua of Comporitx. 
PlatymetO'pus (Eat.) ■XaTfr, broad, iiirawn, forehead. 
Flatyml'sclmn (Bot.) vXvtii, broad, fiixmit-, a dem ; > genua of 

Plains (Ent.) irtaTmi, to mike broad ; a genua of Diptera. 
PlatTIla'nia (Bot.) vxurvr, broad, n^a, a thread (filament) ; • genua of 

Platysobla'atn (Bot.) o-ibtvi, brood, Byimi, a fprout ; a fEOion of Algn. 
Pl&tynoohalluB (Ent.) sxhtOk, to make broad, x''''"^ the lip. 
Platrae'ta (Zool ) rnxmri;, broad, t£T>[, the back j broad-backed. 
Platy'iius (Ent.) vIsti^b, to make broad. 
Platype'taltUD (Bot.) vastbi, broad, ■tTuX.., a leaf (petal) ; a genua of 

Plfttjpll7riUBl(Bot.)«lmTi,, broad.^Xlw, a leaf; a genua ofLichenea. 
PlAtTpo'dlttm (Bo^) wii>Tw, broad, maii, rnalii, a foot ; a genua of 

PUtr'pterla (Bot.) *X>tm, broad, tnifn. a wing, from margin of feed!. 
Platy'pteryi(Ent.)i»x«i^, broad, wrifof, wing ; agenuaofLepidopten. 
Pla'typtu(ZooL3ot.)*aaTvi>broad,swi,af6ot; in Zoology, a fynonTine 

of Omithorhynchui. 
PlatTThaph'ltUD (Bot.) mXttii, broad, frnflt, a needle ; a genua of Com- 

PlatTThl'ntiB (Ent.) 

> ■'XaTDf, bioad, (iit, the note; broad-noled. 



Platysa'ce (Bot.) wXarw, broad, (r««o;, a fhield ; a genus of Umbeliifeiz. 
Platyseona (Bot.) vxarvc* broad, tf-n/ua, a mound; a genus of Leguminofa. 
Platy'sma (£nt.) «XaTV9^/u«, anything flat; alfo, in Botany, a genus of 

Flatyso'ina (£nt.) «x«tw, broad, 0-Sf««, body ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Platysoinus (Fos. Zool.) fame derivation ; a genus of Ganoid Filhes% 
Platyspermum (Bot.) «x«Tvf, broad, c-viffAa, feed; a genus of 

PlatyspoVa (Bot.) vXarvt^ broad, o-vifosj feed (fpores); a genus of 

Erica cez. 
Platyste'gia (Bot.) wXarv$, broad, eriynj a covering; a genus of Legu- 

Platystexn'ma (Bot.) mXoLtvs, broad, srifA/Am, a wreath ; a genus of 

Platyate'mon ( Bot.) wXarvf , broad, rr^fA»v, (lamen ; a very curious genus 

of Caiifomian Papaveracese. 
Platystigma (Bot.) «A«T»f, broad, rviyfAmt a mark (ftigma); a ver)' 

curious genus of Caiifomian Papavetacez. 
Platystylis (Bot.) vXarvc, broad, cri^Xav, 8 pillar (dyle); a genus of 

Platy'tes (£nt.) vXarvrnt, breadth ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Platytha'lia (Bot.) vx«ti;;, broad, d«xx«;, a (hoot or fprout. 
Platythe'ca (Bot.) irX«Ti/f, broad, Bfi»n, a ftieath ; a genus of Tremandracez. 
Pla'tythrlz (Zool.) mXarvf, broad, Bfl(, hair. 
Platyzo'ma (Bot.) vXatvi, broad, {«/(«•, a girdle ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Plat'zia (Bot.; P. N., a genus of Compofite. 
Pla'zia (£nt.) m\d(, anything flat. 

Plaze^iun (Bot.) vXm^w, to wander ; a genus of Gramina. 
Pleco'ptera (£nt.) vxijK«, to fold, «Ti^»,a wing. 
Pleoostig'ma (Bot.) vxIk*;, tyr\(ked,ariyfAa^ (ligma ; a genus of Liliaceae. 
Pleoo'atoma (Bot.) irXi«of, twifted, crifxet^ a mouth ; a genus of Fungi. 
Pleootre'ma (Zool.) «xi»i*, to fold, Tfifxtt an opening. 
Pleco'trichum (Bot.) irxUer , twifted,flpif,Tp/;^;of, hair ; a genus of Fungi . 
Pleoo'tus (Zool.) vxixtf, to fold, «vf , initi an ear ; a genus of Bats. 
Pleota (£nt.) vXisr*; , twifted. 

Fleotanela (Bot.) irXi«T«*ff, a coil ; a genus of Apocynaceae* 
Plactan'thera (Bot.) «-xi««, to twine, «»dnj, an anther; a genus of 



tot PLE 

fleotoOOr'pOO (Bot.)v>i»,to twine.ixfvit, Fniit ; a gtnutof Lichenei. 
Pleotoos'phaloB (Bot.) w^iim, to twin, ufaXii, a head; a gieniu of 

Plectooo'mia (Bot.) vxiaa, to twift,«/<ii, a lock of hair, a tuft; a gtnut 

Fleotod«'ra(Ent.) B>tMTi(, twi()ed,}t^, the neck; b geoiu of Culeoptera. 
Pleotofina'ttal (Ichth.) vij^ri,. twiftiHl, yiiSn, the jaw. fram the union 
by indented future of the right md left halves of the upper jaw and 
Pleotorham'puB (Omith.) viktIc, twifted, fiii^ii, t beak ; Ibmetime* 
wiittea Plataramfkti. N. 9. — Natutalilti fBem too often to forget 
that the initial / in Greek being afpirated, all wordi of Greek deriva- 
tion which coaunence with ^ mult be followed by i, which they re- 
tain in compolition. 

Pleotran'UMU (Bot.) mMitfi, a cock'* fpur, Mm, ■ Auwet ; a genut of 

Plsotrooor'pB (Bot.) vXiit{a, a cock't-fpur, ■(^•t, fruit, alluding to 
Ihape; agenui of ZygaphyUacen. 

Fleotroma'atlB (ZooL) wlnar^T, a fpur, ftmrtit, a frog ; a genui of Tree- 

Flectro'nis (Bot.) wiSttft,, a cock') fpur, bdng a tree with large fpioe*. 

Flaotro'pbsmea (Ornith.) sxiii-^, a fpur, fn'm, to (how; the Bunting. 

Pleotro'b^lB (Bot.) rnxntfn, a, cockVfpur, v^int, to turn ; ■ genua of 

Plelo'meriB (Bot.) wXiiic, fiiU, lui^r, a part ; a genui of Myrlinacen. 

Pleloiuia'tls (Bot.) vi.tXit, full, iurU, a ray ; a genui of CompoGtc. 

Fle'iooe (Bot.) P. N., the daughter of Oceanut and mother of the Ple- 
iades ; a genua of Orchidacea. 

FlekochslluB (Zool.) ir;iiu>, to fold, x''>-''t 'h' ^V- 

Plen'okla(Bot.) P. N. in bonoui of 7. J. Phmi; agenue of MefembryaceM. 

Pleooar^bua (Bot.) viki'it, full, u^w, 1 chip (llipule); ■ genua of 

PleooDs'iola (Bot.) s^lii'ii, full, ihi^ii, the fpoke of ■ wheel ; a genu* of 
Polypodioid Filicea. 

PlMipal'tlB (Bot.) 9^in, full, wUth, a (bield; from the form of the 

PleOBtio'tldeB (Bot.) «>.■«(, full, rtt^tii, fpotted ; having two, three, 01 
foui rowi of leeda attadied to the leptum ; a dirifion of B[gnoni>ec^. 
PlaoUia'oft (Hot.) wxix.full, Jiiin, a Iheath; a genui of CinchonacM. 

PLE 409 

Plero'ma (Bot.) vXif^,tt«> fulness, in allufion to the cells of thecapfules ; 

a genus of Melaftomaceas. 
PleBioaau'roB (Fos. Zool.) wXmr/of, near, allied to, tf-nSfOf, a lizard ; a 

genus of foflil marine Reptiles. 
PleiUodon (ZooL) m\%v9m^ to wound, o)ovf, o)«yrof , a tooth ; a genus o^ 

Ple'thodon ^ ^>Sl^t^ crowded, o2«vf, o)«yT«f, a tooth; a 

Plethodon'tidsB) ^ ( genus and family of Reptiles. 

Pleuraoan'thus (Fos. Qot.) wXiv^ the fide, «(»c»d«, a thorn or fpine. 
Pleuran'dra (Bot.) «Aiv^«, a rib, k»nf^ M/it, an anther; ribbed anthers. 
Pleuri'diuxn (Bot.) «>ii^^ a rib, ii)«f, likeneis ; a genus of MuTci ; alio 

one of Polypodioid Filices. 
Pleurobran'ohids (Zool.) wxiv^fr, a lung, Qfkyxuh g^Us ; a divilion of 

PleUTOoal'lis (Bot.) wXiu^f, a rib, jmSxa^i, beauty ; a genus of £ricacese. 
Pleurooeph'alum (Bot.) vai vf •», a rib, »s9«Xff,head ; a genus of Compofit®. 
Pleiiroolii'ton (Bot.) «Xtii^», a rib, ;^iTJ»y, a tunic ; a genus of Marchan- 

Pleuroooo'ouB (Bot.) «Xiv#«f, a rib, »«»««{, a berry ; a genus of Confer- 

void Algae. 
Pleurodeles (Zool.) wXsv^iv the fide, SirXiafiau, to wound; the ribs 

piercing the (kin ; a genus of Batrachians. 
Pleurodea'mia (Bot.) «xiv^», a rib, )i0-/M«f , a band or chain ; a genus of 

Pleurodo'nt (Zool) wXiv^y, the fide, oSw;, a^ftTfr, a tooth ; a tribe of 

Saurians, whofe teeth are anchylofed to the bottom of an alveolar 

groove, and supported by its fide. 
Pleurogo'nium (Bot.) vXiu^v, a rib, ymim^ an angle ; a genus of Poly- 
podioid Filices. 
Pleurogram'ma (Bot.) vXiv;*?, a rib, y^fAth « marking ; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
Pleuro'gyne (Bot.) vxsv^, a rib, yvirif, a female (piftil) ; a genus of Gen- 

Pleurogyra'tSB (Bot.) vxiv^v, a rib, >^«», to bend ; a feAion of Polypo- 
dioid FilicesL 
Pleuromo'naa (Zool.) wXiv^i, the fide, momu, a monad ; the filament 

extending from the concave fide of the body ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Pleuroneo'tes ) /t 1, 1, % (vXiv^»,thefide, tfi«Tiif,arwimmer; iwim- 
Pleuroneo'tidB ) \ mers on the fide ; the Flat-fi(hes, 


410 FLE — PLI 

Fleuro'phora (Bot.) vXiVj»«y, a rib, ^ifm, to bear ; a genus of Lythraccse. 
Pleuro'phorus (Zool.) wXiv^av, a rib, ^i^m, to bear ; a genus of Moliufca. 
Pleurophyllum (Bot.) wXtvpip, a rib, fvkXov, a leaf; a genus of Com- 

Pletiro'pliUs (Bot.) vXiu^r, the fide, ivXirtis, armed ; a genus of Ora- 

^leuropo'gon (Bot.) vxtvfof, the fide, «-«S^«», a beard ; a genus of Gra 

Pleu'ropua (Zool.) vXiv^«, the fide, voDf , a foot. 
Pleuropy'zia (Bot.) wrXiv^y, a rib, «v{iV, a box ; a genus of Fungi. 
Pleurortai'zese (Bot.) vUv^if, the fide, /i{«, the radicle; a fe^lion of 

PleuroBohlB'ma (Bot.) qrXiv^, the fide, 0-;^iV/Ma, a flit; a genus of 

PleuroBOhlamaty'paB (Bot.) the genus PUurofchifma, Tvvof, a type or 

pattern ; a genus of Jungermanniacese. 
PleuroBper'muxn (Bot.) irAfv^y, a rib, vmiffAo, (eed ; a genus of Umbel* 

PleuroBta'ohys (Bot.) wXtv^, the fide, 0-f a;^;, a duder ; a genus of 

Pleuro'stemon (Bot.) vXiv^y,a rib, o-rrfAoft, (htmen ; a genus of Onagracez. 
Pleoroatylia (Bot.) vXiv^y, a rib, ctvXev, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of 

Pleuro'ta (£nt.) vXfv^V, a rib, referring to the rib-like ftripes on the 

wings ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pleurothal'liB (Bot.) «vXfv^0», the fide, daxx«f, a branch ; from the one> 

fided arrangement of the flowers ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Pleuro'toma (Zool.) wxiv^v, the fide, T«^n, a flit ; a genus of MoUufira. 
Pleurotoma'ria (Fos. Zool.) refembling the genua Fifurotoma ; a genus 

of foflil MoUuflcs. 
Pleuroz'uB TZooL) vxiu^y, the fide, ofvf, fliarp ; a genus of Entomoflraca. 
Pllca'tula (Zool.) piicatus, folded, plaited ; a genus of MoUufiia. 
Plioa'tus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. folded. 
Plicipen'nis (£nt.) ///ro, to fold,/^irn«, a wing; one of Latreiiie's three 

fi^^ions of the Neuroptera, equivalent to Trichoptera of other writers. 
Pli'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Roman naturalift ; a 

genus of Myrtacez. 
Flin'thine (Bot.) wkifBuo;, refembling brick-work ; a genus of Caryo- 


PLI ^ PLU 411 

Flln'thUB (Ent.) «xi>6of, a brick ; brick-fhaped. 

Pli'ooene (Yw. 2Sool.) arXi/«*, more, xmvff, recent ; applied by Sir Charles 

Lyell to the Upper Tertiary flrata, becaufe containing more recent 

teftacea than the Miocene or Eocene. 

PliolophUB (Fos. 7x>ol.) vXiTo;, complete, X04>«f, a creft; a foffil Mamma). 

Fliopithe'ous (Fos. ZooL) vrUi^i, complete, w/dnx^f , an ape ; a folGl 

ape from the Miocene depoHts. 
Pliosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) vxiro^, complete, o-au^;, a lizard; a marine 

reptile from the Upper Oolite. 
Flo'cama (Bot.) fvXMa/MOf, a lock of hair, from its penduloas branches. 
Plooa'mlum (Bot.) fvXoxA/u*;, a lock of hair ; a genus of Marine Algae. 
Plooan'dra (Bot.) vx«c^, a plaiting, Mf^ A*V^* ^ '"^ (ftamen) ; a 

genus of Gentianacese. 
Plooa'ria (Bot.) vXoxn, a plaiting; a genus of Algz. 
Plooe'us (Ornith.) fvXexir, a web, from the (kill with which they build 

their nefts ; the Weavers. 
Ploooglot'tis (Bot.) vX*xii, a twiding, ^Xwtto, a tongue ; a genus of 

Ploe'BSlea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Amyridacec. 
Ploia'riuxn (Bot.) vXm«^«», a little fldffor boat; a genus of Temdromi- 

PloBBlea CBot.) P. N., a genus of Sapindacec. 
Plo'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Myrfmaceie. 
Plo'tus (Ornith.) vXwTiif, a fwlmmer ; the Darters. 
PloVer (Ornith.) Fr. fluvur, equiv. to "rain-foreteller,** becaufe the bird 
is mod a£tive in rainy weather. — *^ Mudie's Feathered Tribes, VoL II." 
Junius fays : aere pluvio ; Skinner, quia ^uvia gaudet. 
Plu'ohea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 
Plukene'tia (Bot.) P. honourofZMiuin/i>^iM«f,&n£ngli(hbotani(l. 

Plum (Bot.) AngicSax. plume. 

Pluma'ria (Ent.) /»lutna, a feather. 

Plumatella ) ^7 1 \ (<llin* of plumatOf feathered ; a genus and 

Plumatel'lidSB) ( family of Polyzoa. 

, /'probably from a reference made by Pliny to 

PlumbaffiiiaoeBQ) 1 , ^ , 1 . n j 

, > (Bot.) - plants uled to cure an eye-complamt called 

Plumbago } ( ^/^^ 

PlumbellUB (Ent,) plumBumf lead ; lead- coloured. 
Pla'mbeola'tuB-a-um (Ent,) piumhau, lead-coloured. 
Plum'beus-a-iun (Bot.) Lat lead^okmred. 

412 PLU -^ POD 

Plumie'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. Plumier, a celebrated French 

Fliuni'gerus-a-uzn (Eni.)f iumat a feather, ^«r^r, to carry. 

Plumo'sus-a-um (Zool.) Lat, feathered. 

Plu'mula (Bot ) Lot, a little feather ; the plumule is that part of a feed 
which forms the ftem, in oppofition to the radicle. 

Pluznula'ria (Zool.) flumuUy dim. of plumay a feather; a genus of Zoo- 

Pluridena (Bot.)//i/rr/, many, dens, a tooth ; teeth of calyx like Bidetu; 

a genus of CompoHtsB. 
PlUTlxnam'mis (ZooL)//tfrM, many, mamma, a nipple. 
Plu'sla ) . r m\w9wu rich, i. «. in colour ; a genus and family of 

PluBi'ldBB \ ^ ^^'^ \ JLepidoptera. 

Plutella \ /«XuTo(, waQied, from the fmeared markings of the 

PlutellidfiB 3 ( wings ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Pluvla'lis-e (Omith., Bot.) LaU pertaining to rain, rainy. 
PlUYia'nuB (Omith.)//trv/w, rainy. 

Plyctol'ophus (Ornith.) v^Xxm, to fold, X«^9f , a creft ; a genus of PHttacidae. 
Pneumato'phoma (Ichth.) vtii)yM«-«TJr, wind, air, ^f^, to bear ; referring 

to the fWimming bladder. 
Pnemnobranchia'ta (Zool.) wiu^m, a lung, ff^iyx^m, gills ; a fynonyme 

of Pulmonifera. 
Pneumode'rmon (Zool.) fr>i»/bi«v, a lung, iif/Am, (kin ; a genus of Pteropod 

Po'a (Bot.) iTMtgrais or pafturage, which from fr^,to feed ; Meadow-graft ; 

a genus of Gramina. 
Poaoi'tes (Fos. Bot.) ftoa, the Meadow-grafs ; certain foflil Monocotyle- 

donous leaves. 
Poa'phila *! ^ . #«*««• grafs, ^ixi«, to love; a genus and £unily of 
PoaphilldflB) * i Lepidoptera. 

Pooillopo'ra {Tool.') foeUlum, a little cup, ^r»/, an opening; a genus of 

Podalbnu (£nt.) vcioB^s, fmooth-footed. 
Podali'ria (£nt., Bot.) P. N. from Podaliritu, Ton of ^fculapius :~ 

(The two ions of ^fculapius, (killed in leech-craft, Podalirius and 
Podan'thes (Bot.) mZs, v»t»f, a foot, »d«c a flower. 

FOD — PCE 413 

Podar'oiB (Zool.) «'o3a^iti}f, (wift-footed ; applied to (omt of the Lizardi. 
Podenceph'ala (2Sool.) <ro^, «^M;, a foot, l^»i^«x«f, the brain ; a genus 

of monfters in which the brain hangs by a pedicle. 
Pode'tium (Bot.) mvsy wthost a foot; applied to the footflalk of the 

tubercles in the Cup-lichens. 
Pcydioeps (Omith.) /(N^rx, the rump, /^z, a foot; the legs being thrown 

far back ; the Grebes. 
Podioepsi'nsB (Ornith.) the family of Birds of which Padieeps is the type ; 

it (hould be Podtcipiiue. 
Pcydium (£nt.) ifSint, a little foot ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Podo'a (Ornith.) tret;;, «^«f , a foot, w«, a fringe ; a genus of Pelecanidc. 
Podooar'pus (Hot.) irwf , ir0)«f, a foot, lULfrit, fruit ; having (hdked fruit ; 

a genus of Taxacez. 
Podolepis (Bot.) vwsy a foot, Xiir/V, a fcale; the flower-ftalks being 

covered with them ; a genus of Compofitce. 
Podolo'bium (Bot.) wu v«3«f) a foot, ^0^0:, a pod ; with footflalks ; a 

genus of Leguminofz. 
Podophyl'luxn (Bot.) *' abridged from Anapodophyllum^ a word fignifying 

a duck's foot ; the leaves bear ibme re(emblance to that, whence the 

Engliih name DuckVfoot." — Paxton. 
Podosper'mus-a-um (Bot.) ^96$, ^is, a foot, ff^ri^m, feed. 
Podoaphe'nia (Fos. Bot.) irei;;, «^«;, a foot, r^v, a wedge ; a genus of 

microfcopic fbdil plants. 
Podu'ra (£nt.) iroi/f, irol*; , a foot, euf«, a tail ; the Spring-tails ; a genus 

of apterous infe^h of the order Thyfanura. 
PoBoilasma (Zool.) ^nnixu^ (jxitted, IXaafAKy a plate ; a genus of Cirri- 

PoBoilooam'pa (Ent.) r»i«iXcf, variegated, k^ai*^} a caterpillar. 
PcBOiloceph'alus (Ichth.) «w«/X0f , many-coloured, xi^aXn^ head ; a genus 

of Serpentiform Fifhes. 
PoBOilophis (Ichth.) freiMiXoc, many-coloured, ?^u, a fnake ; applied to 

the Pipiro, a (erpentiform fifh. 
POBOilo'poda (Zool.) iretx/Xtc, various, irei/f, vfUst foot; a divifion of 

£ntomo(h:acous Crufhicea. 
PcBcilo'ptera (Ent.) ^rem/Jicc, variegated, irri^, a wing; a genus of 

PcBOilo'pterus-a-uin (Ichth.) ^roiiuXe;, variegated, «~ri;w, a fin. 
Pcecilurioh'thys (Ichth.) ir«(XiA«f , variegated, %Z^»y tail, 1x'^v'„ fifti ; a genu* 

of Weft Indian Fifhes. 

414 P(E — POL 

Fce'aUOB-a-nin (Zooi., £nt.) ■wx'Xti, fpotted, many-coloured. 
Poen'sis-e (Zool.) Lat. relating to Fernando Po. 

Foe'phagiu-a-nm (Zool.)««i,,giaf>, ^b^h, to eat; r.^-Bat^s^tofH, the 
Poe'phllaa-a-um (Qmith,) i-in, gials, fiiim to love. 

Yak or GnintinE Ox. 
Pogo'nla (Bot.) riym, a beard ; fcom the fringed lip of the flowers. 
PpSo'Ulas (Omilh., Ichth.) <rirym',u,, bearded. 
Pogonoohs'niB (£nt.) wiym, x beard, xf't' ^' *"'*• 
Pogo'nus (Ent.) riym, a beard. 

Polkiloplen'ron (Fas. Zoal) mm'tw, Tarioiu, wUaiit, rib. 
Poinola'ntt (Bot.) P. N. from M. <& fwKJ, gOTenur of the Antilles ; a 

geniu of LeguminofK. 
Potnaot'Ua (Eot.) P. N. in honour of M. Panfiiir, who difcovered the 

plant in Mexico ; a genus of EuphorbiaceiB. 
Poin'tor (Zool.) becaule thia !i>ortmg dog is trained to flop and pBinl 

towards the game. 
Pola'oUos (Ichth.) Latiniied form of Ptlhch. 
Folanl'sla (Bot.) n;ii^ lerf much, ■»»(, unequal; IHrneiu? 
Polemls'trlB(Ornith.)in'.<i"i»'T»{m,w»nior-like; a genus of Humming- 

Pulemo'uliiin (Bot.) wixt/Ati, > battle ; frDiti a legend which Ihtet that 

it cauled a war between two kings. 
PoUa (Ent.) T.X,;:, grey. 

Foliocepti'alaB (Zool.) vtiji:, grey, iafmi.n, head ; grey-headed. 
Polia'tes (Ent.) m^irTn'i. the builder; a genus of Hym^noptera. 
Polis'tiohOH (Ent.) wtXii, many, rtix"!, » line- 
Polltana (Eat-) poliia,, polilhed. 
Pollen (Bot.) Lal.&ae Ibur, applied to the farina contained in the anthen 

of flowers. 
PoUez(ZooL)i:a(. the tall joint of the thumb. 

PoUlc'Ua (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J^in AJam VMck, a German botanift, 
PolU'olpea (Foj. Zool.) fdUx, a thumb, /«, a foot; a genus of foffil 

PolUn'iliiD. pi. Polll'nla (Bot.) applied to tke^oU'a-malles in Oichida- 

ceou) and other plints. 
Polo'ohmm ( Em .)«••>. B, much, iljt^i, yellow-ochre; agenUSofHymenoptera. 
Polo '1110118-11-11111 (Bot.) Lm. PoliOi. 
Polyaoliy'raa (Bot.), many, ■^'V- 'tiaff- 
Polyadorphia (Cot.) many. •iSir.^-.t. a brother. 

POL 415 

Polyaa'dria (Bot.) troXuf, many, Jt^nft Mf^g^ a male (ftamen); having 

many flamens. 
Polyan'gium (Bot.) itoXvf, many, AyyiXtf, a veflel or capfule, 
Polyan'thes (Bot.) iro\vs, many, af&«t, a flower ; a genus of Liliacen. 
Folyan'thus (Bot.) iame derivation ; a name applied to certain varieties 

of Primula. 
PolyHbia (£nt.) ^»Xu8t9s, long-lived ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Poiyborus (Oraith.) «r»Xu^«;«r, much -devouring ; a genus of Falconidte. 
Polybo'trya (Bot.) iroXvr, many, ^puf, a bunch of grapes (raceme). 
Polyoar'pon (Bot.) iroXigf many, xa^irifj fruit ; a genus of IllecebracesB. 
Polyceph'alus-a-um (Zool.) irftAvf, many, xtpd^n, head ; many-headed. 
Poly'oera > r^ } \ i^^^^f* many, «!{«;, a horn ; a genus and divifion 
Polyoe'rata) 1 ofMoUufca. 

Polyolilo'ros (Ent.) «roXi;;^x«(«f, many-coloured. 
Polyone'mmn (Bot.) irtXvr, many, xviiftif, a knee ; having many joints. 
Polyoom'mata (Ent.) «raXvi, nuny, ««jtA/Mc, a marie or (lamp. 
Polyootyle'dons (Bot.) voXvf, many, ««TuXif2«», a cup ; having many 

■ ieed-veflels. 
Polyoyatl'na (Zool.) iroXi^, many, x^xTir, a bladder; a group of the 

Polydao'tylU8-a-um (Ent.) «'«xv)<lsTvXor, many-fingered, many-plumed, 

f. g, Alucitina polyda6iyla. 
Polydes'ma (Ent.) iroX^r, many, 2i«-/bio;, a band ; a genus of Lepidopteni. 
Polydea'mus (Zool.) ^raXi/f, many, iir/ue; , a bundle ; from the numerous 

groups of limbs arranged along the body ; a genus of Myriapoda. 
Poly'dnisua (Ent.) woXeJ^^c-af , very moift. 
Poly'gala (Bot.) ir«X(/c, much, ymXa^ milk ; from its reputed effe^s on 

milch cattle. 
Polygamia (Bot.) «'oXvf , many, y«/Mi«, marriages. 
Polyglot'tus-a-um (Zool.) 5r^»^wJ, many, ykixra.^ a tongue. 
Poly'gonal j (Bot.) ( iroXvg^ many, j-o>«, an angle or comer ; many- 
Polygonalia ) (Ent.) ( cornered. 
Polygona'tiizxi (Bot.) aroXiif, many, >«»y, a knee, in allufion to ftem ; 

Solomon^s Seal ; a genus of Liliacese. 
Poly'gonum (Bot.) «rex«f, many,>-«i«, a knee or joint ; Perficaria ; typical 

genus of Polygonaceic. 
Polygram'mata (Ent.) ToXvf, many, yfaiAfAety a mark. 
Polygrammo'dea (Ent.) roXw^, many, ypififAfi^ a line ; a genus of Lepido- 


4iS . fOL 

FolT'gTaphlu (Eot.) «)>£■, maaf, y{iif<, a dnwingi lUudiog; to lt> 

Polrgy'ra (ZooL) «-(Xvi, many, )>u(Jt, awhorl; a geoui of MoUulca. 
Polyi'dW (Bot.) «>tii(, muiT, iTlif, appeannce ; multi&rioui. 
Poljml'Xlk (Ichth.) nXv/uf >'■, a mingling of man; cliatafieiillica ; a genua 

of Acanthopterygian Fifliei. 
FolTm'nla (Bat.) P. N., Stlymaia waa the name of one a( the MuTe*. 
Polyinor'phiu-a-um (Bot.), many, iitvf "< * ^V* ', 'triable. 
Folyne'milS (Ichth.) wtyit, many, n^a, a thread; alluding to the free 

thread-like appendage! below the peroral fin ; ttie Mango-fiQi. 
Polyu'm (Zool.) P. N., one of the Nereidt. 
Polyo'don (lehth., Ent.), maDy.JUt.a tooth; In EntomiJogy, from 

markingt on the wingi. 
Polyom'matus (Eat.) mXiaiu^aTK, miny-eyedj a genua of Lepidopten. 
Pol;otuil (ZooL) rriiici many , HT, an egg; afpcdfic Dame of a Polyzooiii 

&om the niunennu round gianulei on iti body. 
Po'lTpary (Zool.) the Urafture which formi the habitation of Patgfi. 
Po'lypa (Zool.) mitinnvi, many-footed. 
PolTpet'aloui (BoL) wit.ii, many, riyitkn, a leaf or petaL 
Pol/phagua-ft-uiri (Zool.) n^i,,, much or many, fiym, to eat. 
Polyphemlda) „ . r P. N. from Pilyfhmn ; referring to the large 
Polyphe'muE ) t eye; a genm and Eunily of Entomoftraca. 

Polyphyl'iOB (Bot.) «>w, many, ftftx^, a leaf; i. g., Lupinus /nlyfiyliiu. 
Folypi'ds (ZooL) a name given by Dr. AUman, in place of the word 

Poly'pidom (Zool.) ^s/^jhu, the polyp, abmu, a houle. 
Polypleotron (Ornlth.) rAii, many, rXnar^i, a fpur; haying two fpun 

on each tarfui ; a genu> of GallinK. 
Folypo'dlum (Bot.) nXi^, many, *iK,Ti}ii, afoot; from the numeroui 

fegmentt of iti leaves, Ibme lay of its rood ; a genus of Filicei. 
Folypo'gon (Bot.) miii';, many, niywi, a beard ; a genus of Gramina. 
Polypri'OD (Ichth.) nl>vi, many, r/im, a IXw ; a genua of Percoid FillKS. 
PoIyptT'ohoclOQ (Fos. Zool.) rtt-ii, many, mxi, a ridge, i'iti;, a tooth. 
Polyrrhl'za (Bot.), many, fi^it, a root; fpecific name of a fpeciet 

Polyaipho'Dia (Bot.) viXut, ma«y, in'fan, a tube; a genua of marine Algr. 
Polyate'ohion (Bot.) -n^i,, many, riix\ii, an ear of com ; many-fpiked. 
Poljitio'ta (Ent.) n\i, much, fri-ife, fpolled. 
Polystoma (Em.) it\i!, many, tti/ia, a mouth. 

VOL — FOM 417 

Poly'tela (Ent) ir«Xinnx*9«, magnificent ; a genus of JLepidoptera. 
Polythala'mia (ZooL) iroXur, many, d«Xc^«;, a chamber; an order of 

Folyfmas (Omith.) iroXuTfAnT*! , deeply-ait ; /". r., the wing -feathers j a 

genus of Humming-birds. 
Polyto'oa (Bot) ^tXtnixog, bringring forth many young ones, prolific ; a 

genus of Gramina. 
Foly'toma (Zool.) iraXv^, many, ti/mvm, to cut, from its (elf-divifion into 

many felons ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Poly'trichum (Bot.) ir»kvf, many, 6p<f, r^ixot, hair, alluding to the 

calyptra ; a genus of Muici. 
Polytro'pia (Bot.) veXvc, many, r^virif , a keel ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Folyuran'odon (Ichth.) «vXv;, many, tZ^a, tail (prolongation), •)»#, 

•)«>T«f, a tooth. 
Foiyzena (Bot.) P. N. from mythology ; a genus of Liliacero. 
Foly'zenaB (Zool.) iroAu(iv«f, very hofpitable ; a genus of Myriapoda. 
Folyzo'a (Zool.) v'fXi/f , many, {««, animals; compound animals; a divi- 

fion of mollufcan Zoophytes, fometimes called Bryozoa. 
Folyzo'ne (Bot.) voXuf, many, («yf}, a belt ; a genus of Chamzlanciaceie. 
Folyzo'zxia (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Ceramian Algao. 
Fomaca'nthos (Ichth.) «>«/u«, a lid, i»avBm^ a fpine. 
Poma'oesB (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of plants, of which Eemum is the type ; 

the Apple and Pear family, 
Pomader'ris (Bot.) «'»/(«•, a lid, )i^^(f, a (kin, in allufion to the berries ; a 

genus of Rhamnaces. 
Foman'gium (Bot.) vw(u«e, a lid, «}/>»•», a veflel or capfule ; a genus of 

Poma'ria (Bot.) «rw/M«, a lid ; a genus of Leguminoite. 
Poma'tia (Zool., Bot.) 5r«/M«, a lid ; «'. r. operculated, as in Helix pomatia; 

in Botany a genus of LauraccK. 
Pomatoder'rls (Bot.) fame etymology as Pomaderris; a genus of 

Po'max (Bot.) ir«/ua{«, to cover with a lid ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Pombalia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Marquis dc F<mbaly a Portuguefe 

(latefman ; a genus of Violacec. 
Pomegran'ate (Bot.) from pomum gramattmij the grained apple, once 

applied to it ; now called Puniea granatum. The fruit was formerly 

called Mala Punica. 
Pomereulla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gramina. 

2 K 

41 1 POM — POS 

Poioerl'dlui CBot.)fi^,zfUr,mtrUia,m\i-daj. 

Poml'fenU'k-um (Bot.) Lat. ipple-twarlng. 

PompEulou'ra (Bot.) F. N. in compliment to the cdebnted Madame 

Ptrnfaimr; a geniu of Calj^canthacez. 
Fom'pholyx (Zool.) wtfifiXa^, a bubble ; the aame alluda to the reretn- 

bbuice of the loiica to around flatlincUing-bottlej a genus of lafuforia. 
Pontpl'lldn (Ent.) afamily of Hymenoptera.of which Pamfal,, it the type. 
Fompl'lUB (Eat.) wi^wi*.!!, an efcort or guide ; « genui of Hymenoptcn. 
Fo'mnm (Bot.) Lai. an apple \ the Apple-tiee, 
Ponee'a (Bot.) P. M., a genus of Saplndacea. 
Fcmoele'tia (Bot.) P. N., a gtnui of Epwridaco. 
Ponga'mla (Bot.) from the Malabar name Pmpm. 
Fontada'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JmIU Pwmltra, an Italian botanlfl ; 

a curioua genui of aquatia, typical of Pontederaceie. 
Ponthie'va (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. dt PvniiiiM, » French merchant ; 

a genus of Otchidaceie. 
Pontopplda'lla (Bot.) P. N., a gemu of LecjthldacM. 
Fooph'agiu (Ent.) win, grali, fiyH, to eat ; heiblToroui. 
Poo'tU (Bot) P. N., a genu of Gentiaoacea. 
PopW (Bot.) from Lai. Ptftlmi. 
Foppl'gia (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Verbenacec. 
Poppou'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genut ofAnonaceSE. 
Pop'py (Bot.) Lai. pafmr, Ilat. papavtrt, Fr. favt. 
FopnIatA (Ent.) feeding on the Poplar, Pi^ii/w. 

Poptlle'tl > _ (gen.nngulaiandpIuialof/^ivifni.apapIar-gTOTe, 

PopuletolTUmi ' '. implying that the lafeftt frequent thefe grorei. 

Pop'ullU (Bot.) Lai. the Poplar-tree, probably from wainu^m, to (halte ; 

ij. by the wind ; a genua of Salicaceo. 
Pora'na (Bot.) in^ua, to travel, from id fpreading bianchef. 
Fora'ria (Ent.) «v^, the (lone called Tufa, which it refemblei. 
Poroa'tUH-ft-um (Zool. )/>«!«, a fwine; fwine-Uke. 
Poroelia (Bot.) P. 1^., a genus of AnonaceK. 
Poroella'na (Zool.) (o called, becaufe their Ihelli are fmooth like porce- 

Uin ; the Forcclain-Cinb : a genui oF Crvflacea. 
PorceU'io (Ent.) Lai. a little hog; the Wood-loufe. 
Fcrcell'us (Ert.) Lai. a little hog; fpeciiic name of a fphini moth, 

ChoTocampa Ptrctlm. 
Fort'feruB-a-tin) (Zool.)/or;, porei or openingi,/iTg, to bear. 

POR 419 

Po'rina (Bot.) irvpivof , crumbling away, from «'£^f , the Tu&-ftone. 
Porlie'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Zygophyllacese. 
Poro'phora (Hot.) ««fOf, a pore or paflage, ^i^,to bear; a genus of Fungi. 
Porophyl'luzn (Bot.) ««fo#, a pore or paflage, ^vXA«*, a leaf; a genus of 

Poropter'ideB (Bot.) vo^, a paflage or pore, irTi^f, a fern ; a feAion of 

Porcygtema (Bot.) v*^?, a paflage, tf-Ti/u/u*, a wreath ; a genus of Lauracesp. 
Porotheleum (Bot.) ni^s, a paflage, di^Xn, a nipple ; a genus of Fungi. 
Porothe'lium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Porotriohuzn (Bot.) vofOf , a paflage, d^'^, rpix»ti hair ; a genus of Bryoid 

Porphjr^^ (Bot.) w^ufc, purple, a genus of marine Algz. 
Porphyra'lis (Ent.) ire^^, purple ; from the prevailing colour. 
Porphyran'thua (Bot.) 9cp^v(t9s, purple, 2>do;, a flower; a genus of 

Porphy'rea (Ent.) irtf^fnt, purple. 
Porphyreolo'phflB (Omith.) wop^vfitg, purple, xipot, a crefl. 
Porphy'res (Ornith.) vf^vfft, purple. 
Porphy'rion (Bot.) ^ro^^ufti*^^ purple ; a genus of Saxifragaceae. 
Porphyri'tica (Zool.) w»^^, purple ; from the colour of the body ; 

applied to one of the Salamanders. 
Porphyro'ooina (Bot.) wf^vft^ purple, m/mk, a tuft ; a fuperb genus of 

Porphyro'phora (Ent.) v«^^, purple, ^i/«, to earry; a genus of 

cochineal-bearing infe^. 
Por'poise (Ichth.) French^ pore-prnfin^ hog-fifli; fometimes written PorpeJJe; 

popular name of the Phoczna communis. 
Porreote'Ua (Ent.) Lau perreBusy out-flretched. 
Porreo'tUB-a-um (Ent.) Lot, (Iretched out, extended. 
Por'rigena (Bot.) Lot. fpreading, eg,, Achyranthes/orr/];»u. 
Por'rum (Bot.) Lat. a leek ; the common leek is Allium /envM ; a genus 

of Liliacez. 
Portale'Bia.(Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitae. 
Por'taz (Zool.) wipra(, a calf; the Nylghau ; a genus of Mammalia. 
Portenschla'gia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Celaflracca*. 
Porte'sla (Bot.) P. N., a genus ofMeliaceis. 
Portla'ndia (Zool. Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Duckefs of Portland; 

applied to a genus of Cinchonacez ; in Zoology, a genus of MoUufca. 

poa - 



parli, \o OTTJ, lai, milk, from the juicjr nature 
of the plant! ; but Ibme fay (rom forimta, ■ 
little gate, from rdemblance of the leaves ; 
the PurfUiiE genua and Eimilj. 
Po'ruli (Bot.) pontta ; dim. of *w^(, apaflageor poie, 
Fo'ruB, pi. Fo'ri (ZooL, Bot.) wifn, a pafTage; pores. 
Posldo'nla (Bot.) niniJ«, the Greek deity, called by the Romans 

Neptune ; from its marine habitat ; a genm of Zoileiacea. 
Posl'donomy'a (ZooL) P.N,, dm-iiIw, Neptune, lAtSr, a muHel ; a genua 

of MoUufci. 
PoioqneTl& (Bot.) P. N., a genm of CinrhonacKB, 
Potaml'del (Zool.) oaTn/ifF, a rivei ; 3 genua of Moilufca. 
Potamo'bluE-ft-tua (Zool.) rrrsfiit, a rirer, diw, to live. 
PotantoCihlo'a(Bot.) irmi|UJ[,a ri«er.j);X(ii,gtals; Rlrer-gnlt; from it* 

aquatic habitat ; a genua of Giamina. 
Potamoge'ton (Bot.) vrrafiii, a river, ymin, a neighbour; Pondweed ; 

a genua of Fluriales. 
PotaniiyphllfB(Bot.)irrr«A»'(,>ri»er, f.»iK,tolo»e; the French botani ft 

Richard's name for the Naidacese. 
Potamo'pliUiu-a-um (Zool.) mrapit, a river, fiXio, to love; ftequenting 

Potamophyll'iteH (Fos. Bot.) « 
Potamopl'tya (Boi.) wn-L^i-., 

Pota'to (Bot.) from the Gmilarity of in tubers to ihofe of the Conmlniliu 

PotaWria (Ent.) ftMar, a drinker. 

Pototo'rmn (Bot.) Lai. of drinkers; the fpeeiiic name of a Strychoos, 

which ia uied in India for clearing muddy water. 
Potentil'la (Bot.) ptttm, powerful, from the aftritigency of the root j • 

genui of Rofacete. 
Poteran'tttara (Bot.) miif, a drinking cup, M„f„, anther; \ genua of 

Poto'Tlt (Ent.) feeding on the Salad Burnet, PXirn,™ Sanguiforba, 

Poterioori'niteB } ,-g^ ^ool) J"""'"'*^'''*^""''*'"'^*""'^*'™"' 
Poteriocri'nua J i. a genui of gobhrt-lhaped EncrinHes. 

Poto'rium (Bot.) fK^iriim, a drinking-cup; formerly uled in the "cool 
tankard ;" the Salad-Bumel ; a genua of Sanguifoibacer. 

ra^t, a river, f liX. 

a leaf. 
I pine-tree; a 

POT — PR A 42 1 

Pothomor'plie (Bot.) the genus Fotkos, ft«^ii, refemblancey *. r., to that 

plant ; a genus of Piperace«. 
Po'thoa (Bot.) from Fotha, the common appellation given to thele plants 

in Ceylon ; a genus of Orontiacese. 
Po'tia (Ichth.) etymology obfcure ; a genus of Cyprinoid Filhes. 
Po'tizna (Bot.) v^riftoc, frefli, drinkable ; a genus of Cinchonacec. 
Po'toroo (Zool.) native Auftralian name of the Kangaroo Rat. 
Pot'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 
Pot 'to (2^L) native African name of the lemurine mammal, Perodic- 

ticus Fotio. 
Pot'tsia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of ApocynacesB. 
Pouohe'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacec. 
Poupar'Ua (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Anacardiaceie. 
Pourou'ma (Bot.) probably the vernacular name in Guiana ; a genus of 

Pourre'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Fourrett^ of Touloufe ; a genus 

of BromeliaceflQ. 
Poute'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of SapoUcez. 
Pouzorzia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Urticacete. 
Pozo'a (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Umbeliifera. 
Prsdal'toB-a-um (Bot.) Lot, very high. 
FrSBangu'sta (£nt.) fraangujiw^ very narrow (wings). 
PrcBOOOella (£nt.) dim. oifr^cox, early; /. e. appearance in fpring. 
PrSB'OOZ (£nt., Bot.) Za/. precocious, early. 
PrsBlatel'la (Ent.) ^ralatut, choien, preferred. 
PrsBlonga'na (Ent.) firalongus, very long. 
Preemor'aus-a-um (Bot.) Lot, bitten off; terminating abruptly ; applied 

to fuch roots as thofe of the Scabiofa fuccifa. 
Prsa'nitenB (Bot.) Lot. very glittering; e,g,t Primulz fntmitftu. 
Pran'goB (Bot.) a native Tartar name ; a genus of Umbelliferae. 
Prani'za ) 7 . v <'«'^yi(«, to fall headlong ; a genus and family of 
Prani'zadsBf ^ ^ '-^ ( Cruftacea. 
Praaina'na (Ent.) irfdcim^ leek-green. 
Pra'sixim (Bot.) ir^Tt^v, the name uied by Dioicorides for the plant Hoie* 

hound ; a genus of Lamiaceae. 
Praspphyllum (Bot.) irfdr&f^ a leek, ^vAXov, a leaf; from firoilarity of 

form ; a genus of Orchidacen. 


>■ (Ent.) pratum^ a meadow. 


4" TRA — PRI 

Flston'aU-e (Bot.) idf. grtnriDg [a modowi; c.^., Alopecunu/nfe^. 
Pram (ZooL) popular lunie of Ciudaceani of the g;eniu Paadalni. 
Fn'xlsfEnt.) wfiftm. r^ir, toaccompUni; > gcnui of L«pidopten. 
Fnt'rs (Eat.) r^iii, geotle. delicate; ■ gcnui of Lepidopten. 
Freoato'riua (Bot. ) fmaiiir, one who piap ; beouJe the Teedi are nled to 

make rolariei ; r. g., Abnig fraattriwi. 
Prehea'sUe (Zool.) frdumk, to take hold of. 
Pramua (Sot) w/ii^w, the Ihimp of a tiee, beciufe the fpeclo conM* of 

Ibnibi and rmall treea ; a genus of Verbenscea. 
Pienan'Qies (Bot.) v^mi, drooping, il>Stf, a flower) agenuiof CompofitK. 
PreOIum'theB (Bot.) ir^vi, a projcAJon, SAt, a Rower; a genua of 

Pmoper'OUluin (Ichth.) ^u, before, ^ms/iw, a lid or giU-corer; applied 

to one of the four parti of the operculum of fifhea. 
PrepU'sa (Bot.) from an anatomical ttrm, and [eferring to the Inibted 

calyx ; a beautiful genuaflf Gentianace«. 
Pres'b7t«T (Ichth.) rf'uB-i, blind ; fpeclGc name oE the I^nd-Tmelt. 
Preeibyterol'dBH (Ichth,) the genua Pr^rr, iTU,, likenefi. 
Fraabytes (ZooL) Gr.rprBi^.ii,"' old man; from the old-hlhioned took 

of thit Ape ; the Capped apei ; > genua of SlmlldK. 
Preilia (Bol.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Gennan writer upon 

Fema ; a genua of Labjats. 
Preitollla (Bot.) P. N., a geoua of ApocfaacoB. 
Fretlo'BUa-a-uin (Zool.) Zai. vahiable. 
PreTOS't«a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Pm^, of Genera ; a genoa of 

Fria'polua (Zool.) from Priafm, a mythological Wune; > genua of 

FrleatleT'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Prirfllrg, the celebnted chemlfl ; 

a genua of Leguminolis. 
PrIeur'Ba (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Onagiacea. 
Prtms'TllB-a-Uin (ZooL) Lai. of the iitt age. 
PTlma'teB(ZoaI.)^riimu, fird; Linnzut'a Aril great dill God of Mammalia, 

which includea Man. 
Prlmuo'ft (Zool.) rfu/itis, an end, lih, an egg ; a genua of Zoophyte*. 
Prltanla (Bol.) primm, Grfl. from ita early flowering; the Primrofe. 
Frimnlaoen (Bot.) the Primrofe family, of wbidi PrimuU ia the type. 
Prin01>Bia (Bot.) the genua Priim, IJ^i, refembbnce ; a genua of Com- 


BRI — PRO 423 

Prinfzia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitae. 
Priodon'ta (Zool.) «•(/«», a faw, e)«vf, •)0rrer, a tooth. 
Prionaoh'ne (Bot.) vfimv, a faw, «;^v*i) an awn ; a genus of Gramina. 
Prionan'thes (Bot.) v^/wy, a faw, SLiBtty a flower ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Plion'idfiB (£nt.) a genus of beetles, of which Prionyj is the type. 
Prioni'tes (Ornith.) fr^«y, a faw, from the ferrated mandibles ; IiUger*s 

name for the Motmots. 
Prioni'tifl (Bot) ^rf/w, a faw ; a genus of Umbeliiferae. 
Prio'nium (Bot.) ir^i«v, a faw ; a genus of Juncacen. 
Frionoolillus (Omith.) ^fltn^ a faw, ;tirx«c, a lip. 
Priono'des (Ichth.) vrfim, a faw, tl^et, likeneis; a genus of the £imily 

Frlon'odon (Zool.) *fim, a faw, 9lws, e2«rr«f, a tooth ; a genus of carni- 
vorous animals of the hunily Felidse. 
Prion'onyz (£nt.) 5r^i«y, a faw, hu(,ofux»(, a claw ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Prio'nus (Ent.) ^fimv^ a faw ; a genus of Coleoptem. 
Prio'ptera (Ent.) *flm^ a faw, rrifvy, a wing ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Priosoe'lia (Ent.) «'f iih>, a faw, Mnxlt, a fpot. 
Fiisma'tious-a-uxn (Zool., Bot.) Lat. refle^ng the prifmatic colours, or 

angular like a prifm. 
Prismatooar'pus (Bot.) wfUfAm^tn^t^ a priim, tutf^it^ fruit ; a genus of 

Pristaoan'thus (Fos. Zool.) r^/^^if , a faw, AtunB^, a fpine ; a genus of 

extinA Fifhes. 
Pristidao'tyli (Zool.) r^^nr, a faw, )«»Ti/X0f, a toe ; the Rough-toed 

PriflUs (Ichth.) ff'^iWiri a (aw ; the Saw-fi(h. 
PrlBto'nychus (Ent.) ir^iWi^ , a faw, hvi-ux^Sy a claw. 
ProboBOida'lls (Ent.) frohefch, a trunk or fnout. 
Probosoi'dea (Ent., Bot.) pro^eu, a trunk or fnout ; a fub-clais of Dipteia; 

alio in Botany, as Martynia prohofddea, 
ProboBoidi'fera (Zool.)/ro^^/, a trunk or fnout,y^ro, to carry ; a group 

of Mammalia. 
Probosoi'difoim (Zool.)/ro^^j, a trunk or rnout,yorOTa, fliape. 
Probo'scis (ZooL) Lat, a trunk or fnout. 
Frooella'ria % ^ 

Prooellar'Ktof (Omith.) ^''^'^' * "°""' '• " '^ Stonn-birt.; the 
ProoeUarl'niB> ( ^'*^- 

Prooella'ta(£nt.)/rofr/Af,a dorm ; from fbme cloudy markings on the wings. 



Proshil'odiu (Iditb.) irfi, fbrmrdi, jciTiM, ■ Up, tMi, tooth ; haiiog 

mnaikable thick lip* bioged with teeth i« OtDder a* bun ; a genUB 

of Sooth Americu FiOk*. 
Froo^ilaB (Ornith.) dmntion ancnUiii ; the Swallow Qattem. 
Pixxxs'lla (Foa. ZooL) wfii, (root, w>i*f, boUow ; hariog venxhnB wHh 

the cop at the fore pan and the boll behind. 
Pro'cridsi 1 j **' ^' ''"'" '''*™> ■ daughter of the king of 

Pto'ctIs } '1 Atbeot ; a hmilj- and genm of Lcpidopten. 

Proara'BteB(Ent-)aiDjtbatagicalDaiDe; a geom of Cokoptm. 
ProotoDo'to* (Zool.) ttfrntr'n, the hindci pan, tint, a lidge ; a goiiM of 

Procmn'beiia (Bot.) Lai. Isning fonnnl, or proftnte on the gremid ; 

r. j^ Azalea /rgcKHJAu. 
Fro'cyoT) (ZooL) «-(i(w>i, one who fiurii Uke a dog; the Racoon. 
Froo70nol'dM (ZooL) fntym, a lacoon, iUh, likeneTi. 

Prodroma'rla (Ent.) r/ltftfiH, " fcmt. 

PTodoo'ta (ZooL) Lai. drawn out ; a genua of Brachiopodona MoUuJca. 

Profagella (Ent.) prtfugv,, a fbgitive. 

Frofimdft'iu (Eat.) fTufnadia, deep. 

progemma'ria (Ent.) frogammaHi, budding fonh. 

Proglo'ttU (Zool.) rftriMrrii, the point of the toogue -, applied to etch 

fegment of the tapeworm. 
Frogna'Uilo (ZooL) rfl, forward*, ytiSt, the jaw. 
FroU'renu-a-nm (ZooL, Bot,) fnJa, oflipriag, /m, to bear; r. g. 

Hynam prtHfrrum. 
Fromero'pldie ) ,„ . , , ( allied to Mcnpt; ■ familr and genua of 
Pro'meropi ) t inceflbrial Birda, family Upupidc. 

^"''■**l (ZooL, Bot.)*™™,, laning forward. 

Prone > 

Fro^nbft (Ent.)/>wuja, a bridefmaid. 
Pnmnbel'la (Ent.) dim. dSfmuda, a bridefmaid. 
Fropill4llAll!^ (Ent.) dim. olpn^itjinu, relembltag. 
Fr^Uwetu(ZooL)^r^, near, allied lo,pMmii,ui ape; to expreTa tta 

Propngoa'ta ( Ent.) fnfugKani, fought for, defended. 
Piyiyry^jn'tiiim (Zool ) K(t(iar,to flow foTward, sitTrn, a point; the loiio 

being pointed anteriorly ; a genua of Tnfuforia. 
Froaoaiubs'us (Ent.) having a relembtance to S«nij«u. 
ProserpllUl'oa (Bot.) fnfirp*, to creep ; a genua of Halotagaoew. 



Pro'sobranchia'ta (Zool.) itfit^ in front of, Bfiyx'U ^^^ windpipe. 

ProBO'des TEnt.) ^r^^M^iir, (linking. 

ProBo'pon (£nt.) wfiam^fty a maik. 

ProBOponis'oua (Fos. ZooL) vfwtHrw^ a face or maik, evi0>»«f, the Wood> 

louie ; the name has been given inftead of PaLaeocrangon. 
Proster'non (£nt.) wf&t^ front, vri^wt^ the bread. 
ProBtheacamthuB (Ichth.) wfivU, in front, tk»m^mt fpine ; a genus of 

Fufiform Fiflies. 
PFOstra'tuB-a-mn (Bot.) Lot, trailing. 
ProBym'na (Zool.) unexplained ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Pro'tea (£nt., Bot.) P. N. from PmUus^ the changeable god. 
Pro'teles (Zool.) ^r^, in front, t(A«c, extremity, from the extended (bout ; 

the Aard Wolf; a genus of Mammalia. 
Proteroglo'ssa (Zool.) flrpJTtf«f, in front, y>.Mj'0'«, a tongue; applied to 

certain Batrachians, with a tongue free in front and adherent behind. 
Pro'teUB (Zool.) P. N., a fea-god ; a genus of Amphibia. 
Protoooo'ouB (Bot.) vfmnt^ firft, Ms»«f , berry ; microfcopic vegetables 

of the fimpled pofGble ftructure. 
Protone ma (Bot.) wfArf^ fird, >«f(«, a filament ; a genus of Algn. 
Protonc/psis (Fos. Zool.) wf^rgt^t^ a cord, o^ir, refemblance. 
Proto'pteres (Zool.) itftrns^ the firft, earlieft, rrs^v, a fin ; an ofculant 

form between Fifhes and Reptiles. 
Proto'pteruB (Zool.) it^ts, firft (rudimentary), imf«f, a fin ; a genus of 

Protor'nis (Fos. Zool.) wfirt9$^ fir(l,«p»if, a bird ; an early foflil bird. 
Protorosau'ruB (Fos. Zool.) wfSrtfgft earlier, rcu^c, a lizard ; an early 

fo(Gl reptile, known as the fo(Gl Monitor of Thuringia. 
Protozo'a (Zool.) irf5T«<, firft, («q, life; the lowed clafsof the animal 

kingdom, correfponding to the true Infuibria. 
Protozo'io (Fos. Zool.) *fxr§tf firft, («fi, life. 
Pro'tula (Zool.) iffi, before, rvX9f, a knob ; a genus of Annelids. 
Prui'na(Bot.)Za/. hoar-froft ; a mealy fubdance on the furface of ibme plants. 
PmizuyBUB-a-lun (Bot.) Lat,y hoary-frofted. 
Pzuoa'ta (£nt.) from feeding on Blackthorn, Prunus fpinofa. 
Prunella (Bot.) from the Germ, D'u Brtautu, a name given to an affection 

of the fauces for which it was ufed ; or perhaps from /rvm, a burning 

ooal, being ufed to cure bums ; Self-heal ; a genus of Labiatz. 
Proneto'rum (£nt.) gen. pi. of finmetum, a floe thicket ; fuch being the 

reibrt of the infeO. 


4i« PRU — PSE 

Frtmla'na (Ent.) feeding on nrioui Ipeciei of Pniui. 
Pm'nua (Hot.) Lai. a plum-tree ; a genui of DnipiiXK. 
Prymnaoan'ttla (Omith.) *fuft'it, the hindmoft part, immtt*, fpine ; a 

gtnui of Humming-birdi. 
PsoUdooo'ptna (Eat.) ■iMXh-'tt, i pair of (ban, ■(•-»>, to cut oIT ; 

>llu(tjng to the elytra being cut with a delicate outline and Incifure* ; 

a genui of Coleopteta. 
Psalidognathus (Ent.) ^.'f-.l.f, a pair of rhean, ytdSn, a jaw ; a 

genui of Coleoptera. 
Paallo'dUB (Fot. Zool.) 'J<bi>[(, a pair oF plneen, Otiii, a tooth. 
Psalu'niB (OmithO 4>>>'fi a vault, n^ a tail ; fpedfic name applied to 

bird) which haie the tail much arched. 
Fiam'ma (Bot.) 4^M>(> land ; Mat-gnTs. 
pBammte'oltiu (Ent.) -iififui, Tand, tTmti, a habitation. 
Psammi'Bla (Bot.) P. N. from Pfimmu, a King of E^Tpt. 
Psunmolila (2^1.) ■iififutt, land, S>j>, to lire ; a genut of MoUufca. 
Pgammo'diomuB (Zool.) 4^f"i> 'i'li^i 'r'^ii'N to run ; a genui of 

Paain'modas (ZooL) -^ififiu, land, oinif, a tooth ; fo called from their 

rough upper furfaces. 
FsEimmod;'t«8 (Zool.) ■(.■/ifit' limit, a land-diver, equiTalent to Am- 

FBUnmotnyB (Zool.) 4<!|U|U*i> <>n<l> t^"ij > ntoule. 

Ftominope'rcA (Ichth.) -^/V"'! ''''><i> '>/■■• (frria) a perch. 
Fauomo'phicUai ^_ . > 4>ff">> r>°<l> °f '<< * '"P^nt ; abmllyand 
Paam'mophiB { \ genua of Colubrine ophidiani. 

Paammo'pliylaz (Zool.) '^ififiti, Qmd, ^vXaf, a guard ; a genui of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Paammoaau'ma (ZooL) ^'itf"!, fwt, raS^f, a lizard ; applied to the 

Land Monitor. 
pBaroli'tes or pgaronl'tsa (Foa. Bot.) ^x/k, fpeckled, XiSa.-, a Done ; 

applied to certain EbUU tree-ltenu. 

i^nXafaii, to grope in the dark, becaoie the 

PBeUphuH J j , (r- 1 . 

'- and genui of Coleoptera. 
Fsen (Ent.) 4"', the gall infeft, Lul, Cyiifi ; a genua of Hymenopteta. 
Pse'pbls (Ent.) ■iifmi, daiknefs, obfcurity ; a ^nu> of Lepidaplera. 
Faet'ta (Tchth.) 4"ti>, a turbot ; the genus of FiOiei which includea the 
Turbot and Brill. 

PSE — FSI 427 

Psef tiis (Ichth.) 4^'>'«> ^ turbot ; a genus of chetodont (briftle-toothed) 

Pseadeolieneis (Ichth.) 4>tvifiti falfe, i;^»ii^,the fi(h remora ; a genus of 

Siluroid Fiflies. 
Pseu'deohiB (Zool.") 4>tvins, falTe, ix*f* ^ ^^P^i* ; ^^ ** Black-Snake" of 

Auftralla ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
PBeudi'na (Ent.) 'f^tvins, fsAfe ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pseudo (ZooL, Bot.) '^tvintt falfe ; a prefix ufed to imply fome flight 

reiemblance, or imperfect analogy. 
Pseudobomby'oes (Ent.) ^^ivinit falie, BomByees ; a divifion of noAumal 

Pseudobran ohisB (Ichth.) -^v^nt^ falfe, Bfayx^y gills. 
Pseudocer'vua (Zooi.) 4<vMct falfe, cervus^ a (lag. 
Pseudooordyloa (ZooL) the fidie Certfyiyt; a genus of African 

Pseudo-deltoi'dSB (Ent.) 4'^vUtt faUe, liXr§ty a writing tablet; which 

refembled the letter Delta (A), in coniequence of the moths fitting 

at reft with wings folded (bmewhat in that fliape. 
Pseudola'riz (Bot.) >f'fv)f)f , falfe, laHx, the larch ; the Chineie Larch. 
Pseudoli'va (ZooL) 'f^uinsj falfe, eiiva, a kind of fliell ; a genus of 

Pseu'doxnya (Zooi.) 'I^ulns, falfe, fxZt, a mouie. 
Pseudo-pla'tanus (Bot.) 'i^oint, falfe, 9'Xarawt (platanus), the Plane. 
Pseudo'psis (Ent.) 4<t^*ti* falfe, o^if, appearance. 
Pseu'dopuB (Zooi.) 4"^*if * ^sdie, ^6$, a foot ; a genus of (hake-like 

Pseudospretella (Ent.) 4^vihf^ bXCt^JpreteUay a fpecies of Moth. 
Pseudoterp'na (Ent.) '^ivins^ falfe, rtf^rvit, delightful; a genus of 

Pseudotetra'mera (Ent.) 4«t4nr, falfe, tirfm, four, ftf^f , a part ; becaufe 

having really five, though apparently only four, joints of the tarfus ; a 

divifion of Coleoptera. 
Pseudotri'mera (£nt.) 4>v2iff , £alfe, T^7r, three, /ui^f , a part ; becaufe 

thefe beetles have really four, though apparently only three, joints of th e 

tarfus ; a divifion of Coleoptera. 
Psi (Ent.) from the Greek letter 4> with which it is marked. 
PBi'dium (Bot.) 4«^i«f, the Greek name of the Pomegranate ; now applied 

to the Guava. 
Psilo'cera (Ent.) '^i\i$i naked, »i^, a horn. 


4t* PSI — PSO 

FBilo'gyiM (Bot.) ■^ixit, biic or naked, and ymn, pillil; a geniu of 

Psilons'ma (Bat.) 4^>t, bare or naked, and vlfiM, fUament ; ■ geaui of 

PBUo'nia (BotO ii>.ii, bare or naked ; a genut of FungJ. 
Pailono'tua (Ent.) 4')'*i> bare, tHrti, the back ; fmin tb«r appearance, 
PaUopllnm CBot.) 4<'^j|, naked, iri>w, wool ; a genui of Bryoid Mufd. 
PBUoATs'chlu (Omith.) ■h'^ii, thin, fuyx"' ■ '^^'^ °^ Ihout. 
FsUoita'ohyB (Bot.) 4i^*c, naked or bare, and r^iyyi, a clufter; a genui 

of Euphorbiaeen. 
Pailoste'mon (Bot.) ^/ift, naked oc bare, and rTiviifr,aftanKni agenui 

of Boiaginacen. 
PaUoa'toma (Bot.) 4'*'*f> naked or bare, and rri^n, orifice ; a genua of 

PaUoatylls (Bot.) -^^w. n^ked or bare, r*E»n, a plUar (dylel ; a genui 

of Cnidfeiv. 
PsUoatylum (Bot.) Gune deriTatioa ; a genu of CniciferM, 
Pallotliain'itus (Bot.) 4>Jiff, naked or bare, and t>,H»(, a little Ihrnb-, a 

genua of Compollls. 
FBllo'trtohum (Bot.) •\nxii, naked or bare, S(1C, r^'XH, bair (filament) ; a 

genui of Amarantacen. 
Pallo'tum (Bot.) -tiJimi,, nakedoeJi. 
PaUoz'yloil (Bot.) 4''^*Ct naked or bare, and |vx*i, wood ; a geniu of 

PsUn'rUB (Bot.) fiXsf, naked or bare.aacl oi^a tail; a genui of Gramina. 
Fsithjrri'ama (Bot.) 4*^^"^, a whtfpering;; beautifuUr adapted fiom 

the celebrated line of Tbeocritui:— 

i\i T. Tt i^9i,ttpM Mi i ri'TK, a. T. >,. 

(Sweet is the wbifper of the wind among the lir-treeal) 

Pslttaoa'ta {EtAS) piittaitu, a parrot, from a relemblance in colour. 

P8ltta'cldie(0raith,,Zool.) the Parrot familj, of which /ytoanuitthetype. 

PBittacoglos'sum (Bot.) ^.irtmiut, a parrot, and y>.i,rTm, a tongue, from 

the fonn of labellum ; a genus oF Orchldacea. 
Psltta'otlla (Ornith.) dim. of ffniaau, a parrot. 
Pslt'taoUB (Omith.) ^^ttkhh, a parrot ; a genus of icanforial Birds. 
Falttira'stra (Omith.) ^uxam, a parrot, nfinm, a beak. 
Pao'oiu (Ent.) 4>™< to rub or grind, becaule the infefl i* fuppofed to 

make a llighl noife kike the ticking of a clock ; the Book-loufe ; a 

genus of Neuroptera, 

j^SO — PTE 4*5 

Pso'dos (£nt.) 4«)»f I equivalent to a^'Ht^t, afh-coloured. 
Psoli'nUB (Zool.) •^iXBfy fmoke ; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Psolus (2^ool.) 4«A«fi ^oo^* fmoke; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Psoph'ia (Ornith.) 4*^*f > > ^^^ found ; applied to the genus of Cranes 

which contains the Trampeter. 
Psophocar'pus (Bot.) 4^f » founding, »afiris, fruit ; a genus of Legu- 

Pso'ra (Bot.) 4'^fif, warty, rough ; a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 
Psoralea (Bot.) 4^paxi»ti fcurfy, warted ; from the tuberculated appear- 
ance of calyx ; the Wart-vetch ; a genus of JLeguminofz. 
Psoriopp'tera (Ent.) 4^pt»it, itchy, mangy, «-rfp«f, a wing. 
Psorophy'tum (Bot.) 4«^f> warty, ^irr«y, a plant; a genus of 

PBoroBpermum (Bot.) 4^^^ , rough, rflri^/u«, feed ; a genus of Hyperi- 

Psy'che (Ent.) ^uxnt a butterfly, typical of the foul ; a genus of JLepido* 

ptera ; alio, a genus of Mollufca. 
Psyohidfld (Ent.) a family of Moths, of which PJyehe is the type. 
Psyohl'ne (Bot.) 4'w;c'»» a butterfly ; from wing of feed ; a genus of 

Psyohoi'des (Ent.) refembling PsyeMe (iT^or, likeneis). 
Psycho'tria (Bot.) -i^x^i ^> ^^ff^'h healing; from its medicinal 

qualities ; a genus of Cinchonacete. 
Psyohro'phila (Bot.) ^xf^t* <^^> ^<>-«*) to love ; a genus of Ranuncu- 

Psy'draz (Bot.) ^v^fm^, a blifter or pimple ; a genus of Cinchonacea. 
Psygmatella (Bot.) dim. of 4^^/*^ a fan ; a genus of Algs. 
Psyg'ziilum (Bot.) ^^/ua, a fan ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Psy'lliuia (Bot.) •^vXXttv, ancient name of a plant, perhaps flea-wort ; 

fpecific name of the //ro-plantain, Plantago PfylUum. 
Psyllooar'puB (Bot.) '^iiXX»u a flea, M^tf, ftuit; a genus of 

Psylo'xylon (Bot.) ^vXXMt^ a flea, {»\«v, wood ; a genus of Lythraoes. 
Pta/mloa (Bot.) ^rraffunist that caufes fneezing ; fpecific name of a 

fpecies of Achillea, 
Pteraoa nthUB (Bot.) trrtfitf plume or feather, and aeantim ; a genus of 

Pteran'dra (Bot.) flrn^y, plume or feather, «vii^, aHft^ Mf9t, a ftamen ; a 

genus of Malpighiaceie. 

4J0 PTE 

Ptertm'tbui (Bot.) wnfi,, i feather or wing, and Mn, a flower ; a genui 
of Illecebnu:eB. 

Pte'lea (Bot.) m\U, an elm ; a genni of XanthoirUceB. 
PtariCh'thjn (Fm, Zool.) m^,, a wing, i^iii, a filh. 
Pterldiro'UDB-B-Um (Bot.) irri^f-.U, >feni,/o£»,alQir; fern-leaTed. 
Ptarl'nsa (Fos. Zool.) rnfii, a wing ; a fiib-genus of foflil Oielli. 
Pte'rifl (Bot.) <m{r,, a fern ; the Brake ; a genus of Filicn. 
Pterooar'piia (Bot.) rii^, a wing, u/itm, fniit ; a genui of Legu- 

Ptaro'oeraB (Zool.) mfh, a wing, ni/mi, a hoin ; > gennt of Mollulca. 
Pterocllllua (Enc.) rri^, a wing, ;^r>,H, a lip ; a genua of Hymeno- 

Pte'rooles > ,„ - u \ (*'"'*'• ' "■"Ei ■•U'l, * hook, from the two or 
Ptsro'oUda | ^ "" '^ ( three long tail (etthera j the Sand Oroufe. 
Fterodonta (Zool.) mi^r, a wing, •JcUi, tlorrsi, a tooth. 
Ptaroi'dei (Hot.) m^i'i, a fern, iTIii, likenefa ; feni-like. 
Ptero'mallU (Ent.) rtifium, plumage ; a genua of Hymenoptera. 
Pter'onlys (Zool.) m^>, a wing, ftit, a moufe ; a bmily of Bat*. 
Ptero'nla (Bot.) wTfir, a wing ; from the feathery fcalet of the receptacle. 
Ftero'phanSB (Omith.) mii; a wing, fmitu, to ihine; a genua of 

Fterophori'liB (Ent.) a family of Plume-motha, of which Plettfkeims ii 

the type, 
ftsropb'onu (Ent.) m^fi^r, feathered, plumed ; a genua of Plume- 

Ptero'poda (Zool.) m^r, a wing, wKf, rriii, a foot. 
FterOBper'muin (Bot.) trrtfir, a wing, rwift^*, feed. 
Pterosau'ria (Foa. Zool.) rrtfii, a wing, ru^i, a lizard ; winged 

Ptero'eUobnEi (Ent.) im^, a wing, rri;e«, a row or line. 

Pteroatig'inB (Eat.) m^t, a wing, rrlyi^i, a mark ; the wing-fpot on 

Ptwoitylis (Bot.) wTifii, a wing, rtux,,, a pillar (flyle). 

Fterothe'ca (Zool.) rti^i^ a wing, iiin, a Iheaih. 

Pter'ntluui (Omith.) rrtfi', a wing, i/ufl^t, red. "To be confiftent 
with etymology, it fhould be written Pltrayllin,i, but Ihould it be 
thought that thiiis taking too great a liberty with the original name, 
we may, at leall, venture to write it ftoyini-j."— SriicKi-uin. 

Pterjrgo'dinm (Bot.) rrt/uyiirn, wing-like ; i.r. the fepali. 

PTE — PUB 431 

Ptorygo'tUB (Foi. Zool.) min, a wing, Jbi, irJt, Iheear; 3 geniu of 

folTil CruftaceBni. 
Ptllodla'tyon (Fo». ZooL) ^ix:, a feither, ^i'.tm., a net; » genus of 

Silurian Polyzaani. 
PtUodoa'tis (£nt.) rti\n, a feather, iluf, Oimi, a tooth. 
PUlo'pllora (GntO v-tiXii a feather, fvi'S t° ■="'71 alluding to the 

PUU'nUB (Eat.) nUif, a feather ; a genua of Coleoplera. 

/ (Ent.) unexplained ; a family and genua of Coleoptera. 

PUliogo'nyB (Omith.) wriXn, a feather, j.ira, the knee; It Ibould be 

written PtiUgon^i, 
PtiloD'opOB (Omith.) rrixn, a leather, mi*, a foot. Should it not be 

PUlo&orhy'nolllu (Omith.) rrixn, a feather, fayx'it a beak ; the Satin 

Bower-bird of ADRralia. 
PUlo'phaoUB (Omith.) rtix-, a feather, Mjt:vt, thick ; it Ibould be 

FtUo'ta (Bat.) rrixi,, a leather ; a genui of marine AJgiB. 
Ptoma'phoglU (Ent.) rrif^ii, that which ia fallen or killed, fmym, to eat. 
Pto'slma (Ent.) iTTiif i;iui, fallen. 

Ptyoho'oeraa -(^ imxi, a fold, mifit,, a hom ; a genua 

Ptyehone'raUte i *■ ' '' X offoffilSbeUa. 

Ptyohochellus (Ichth.) mi^^i, a fold, ^'•'^i> I'P ; » genus of Cyprinoid 

Pty'chodUfl (Foa. Zool.) nuxi, a fold, iSti,, a tooth. 
Ptyohogna'thuE (Foi. Zool.) <rTi>;t;ii, a ridge or fold, ytiSt;, a jaw. 
Ptyobo'lepla (Fos. Zool.) mien, a fold or wrinkle, Xtr!,, a fcale; a 

genua of Saurold Fllbea. 
Ptyoholo'ma (Ent.) riif, wtiix'i a fold, Xii/m, the edge ; the edge of 

the wing folding over. 
Ftyobo'atomua (lehth.) ■-tt'x<<i a ioH, rrjfu, mouth ; a genua of Cjpri- 

Doid Filhei, 
Ftrobozo'on (Zool.) mxS a fold, f;,., an animal ; a genua of Geckos. 
Ptyoda'ctylUB(ZooL)*Tm,afan, iiii.ri,;k„,a toe; beraule hating a fan 

foot ; a genua of thick-tongued Uzardi. 

Pnlrarum (Bot.)/>i^,downy. 

PnWtcana (Bot.) f"^^, to grow haiiy. 

Fubloomella (Ent.) /.in, hair, down, ttrm, i hom, from itt utetiDX. 

4Jt tUD — PU!f 

Pudibim'dA (ZatJ) faSbMndui, moded. 

Pndorl'iui {Em..) finder, modeOj ; from the blurh-like cok>ur of win{^. 

Fnffl'nUB (Ornith.) P. breridudui is thr > Mutton bird " of Bafi'i Straiti. 

Pu'glo(ZooL)ifli. a digger; r. g. Vnio fvgic. 

Pug'nkZ (ZooL) ^jiux, qaarTelramr ; t.^. Machetes ^i^^x, the Rulf. 

Fulohalla'ta (SM.) /mlilur, beautiful. 

Palchal'loB-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. beautiM, Uttle ; i.g. Ckrkii f^hlh. 

Pulcherlmal'la (I.Ta.') ftJcMmimm, lery pretty. 

Fale'gimn CB°tO '^^- pennyro]i«l ; Pennjr-iojral or Mciaka PtJigJum. 

PulBx(Ent.)/»fci, a flea; a genui of AphanipUia. 

Full'clds (Zoot., Ent.) the {vailj of which Pilm u the typical genus ; 

the Plea familjr. 
PuUBlla CEnt.)/.«B.dirli^loured. 
Pal'llU-El'Um (Bot.) Lai. dulky, dark-coloured ; fpecilic lume oF a rpecies 

of Care*. 
Pul'mo (Zool.) Lcl. a lung; plural ^mmh, luagi. 
Pulmona'iia (Bot.) fialmt, the lung ; from its former uTe in pulmonary 

complaint! ; a genus of Boiaginacets. 
Fulmooa'ria cBot.)^i^r», the lung; Lung-wort; a genut of Boragioaces. 
Pulmool'fera (Zool.) pulnn, a lung, fm, to bear, 

^^'^ \ (Bot.)f.df^, Befh. 

Pulpa'oatia-a-uint ^ jr r- 

FuIpo'auB-a-um (Bot ) Lai. pulpy, flelhy. 

Pultense'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Fultnuy, who wrote a Life of 

Linnziii; a genus of Leguminolie. 
Palvara'oeaB-a-ujn (Bot.)^/™, dufl. 
Fulvetoaal'la (Ent.) fulvirafux, covered with duO. 
PulTsruleii'tUB-a-uin (Bot.) Lat. covered with dull, dully. 
Puinlla'ta (Ent.) pumibu, dwarlilh. 

Fu'milnS'a'Umi (ZtnA., Bot.) Lai. dwarfifh ; i.g. AgroDU ^miJa. 
Ftmota'rla (Ent.} fmaum, a dot. 

Funotioofita'na (Ent.) punSum.i fpot, c^a, the fiont margin of the wingi. 
Funotldao'tylua (Eat.)^iui^Kn,adot,iii^yiu, a finger; from relemblance. 
Pimctlfor'lnls (Bot.), a point ,/ini>jj, Qiape ; pointed. 
Fimotula'rla (Ent.) panatlum, a little dot. 
Pimotula'tUB-a-um (Zool.) Lai. dotted, pointed. 
PtmoCurel'la (XooL') puiSum, a fmalJ hole. 

Pimel'tllia (Ichth.) fiaigi, to prick or fting j fpecilic oame of the ten- 
fpined llickleback, GaAerorcus/w/iVwi. 

FUN — PYG 433 

Pa'nioa(Bot.) '^««^<»} Carthaginian, becaufe brought from Africa; the 

Pomegranate-tree ; a genus of Myrtaceae. 
PiinloealiB (£nt.) puniceusy red, purple, 

Puni'ceus-a-mn (Bot.) Lot, carmine-red; e,g. Clianthus /mumt^ivj. 
Puntaz'so (Omith.) Jtal, puntanx; a promontory. 
Fu'pa (Zool.)/v^tf, a doll; applied to chryfiilides, from a refemblance to 

a fwathed child or mummy. 
Pupilla'na (£nt.) pupiUa^ the pupil of the eye ; from iu wing-ipots. 
Pupi'na (ZooL)/i^a, a doll. 
Ptu/pura (2^ool.) mf^vfUj Z^. purpura, the Purple 'fifh (molkiik); a genus 

of MoUuica. 

Puipura'lis ) -, . 

Puipura'naJ C^"-) ^'"•>*-"' f"^^ ~>°"- 

Purpuras'oens (Bot.) dim. part, from purpura ; becoming purple. 

Purpurel'la(Ent.)/''r/i/rw^, purple. 

Purpa'reo-OGBruleua (Bot.) Lot. violet-coloured; ^.^., Lithofpermum 

Pusa'ria (Ent.) pu/a, a little maiden. 
FllSOhki'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Polilh boUnifV; a 

genus of LiliacesB. 

,^ «, /. KEnt.)/«j/a/tf/,fmall,puny. 
Puailla ta s 

Pu8Ulu8-a>uin (Zool., Bot.) Lat. fmall, puny; e. g. Genniam pufiiium. 

Pufltula'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. bliftered. 

Pustulo'pora (Fos. Zool.) having the pores placed on pujiuta, 

Fu'ta (Ent.) from puius, clear, di(ltn£t. 

Puto'riUB (Zool.) /«<or, a (lench ; fpecific name of the Foumart, Muflela 

Pu'tris (Bot.) puter^ rotten ; from a refemblance to rotten wood. 
Pycnan'themiiin (Bot.) «v«i>if, thick, AfBt/xist chamomile (?) ; a genus of 


Pyonodon'tidaB) ,_ „ , . (»w»»#f, thick, o)«vf, SUrrtg, a tooth ; a 

r (Fos. Zool.) < ^ ., . , ^. 
Pyc nodonts i ^ ( family of foflil Fifties. 

Pycnogon'idaB (ZooL) «t;x»^$, thick, ynu, knee; the fea-fpiders ; anorder 

of Crudaceas. 
Pyonothelia(Bot.) irvHvhr compact,df)Xn,a nipple ; a genus of Cryptogam] a. 
PygSB'ridSB (Ent.) wyv, the rump, mlfuv, to rai(c ; from the attitude of 

the infe^. 

2 F 

P7Se'iTtiiru3-a-uni (Zool.) nvyi, the rump, Ifi^fii, red. 
Frgms'ola (Eat.) dim. of ruyni^oi, dvrulilb. 

Pjgmea'ttt J 
Fygobran'ohia (ZooL) equitalent to Anthro-bnnchiata of Adanlbn ; a 

group of Nudi branchiate MoUufca. 
Fjgooe'iJhEiliu (Foa. Zool.) svyii, thick, Iblid.iu^xii. the head; a fotCl 

Pygo'pidSB I ,_ , , J ■rvy'h the nimp, rtii, Tulit./oot; the Rump- 
Pygo'pua ) i feet Liiardi. 

PygO'ptemB (Foa. Zool.) iru^n, the rump, wn/it, a fin ; from the great 

de«elopineiit of caudal fiiu ; a genus of fofCl Fiftiti. 
Pylog'natbiU (Ichth.) wi\yi, a gate, yiiin, the jaw. 
PTTalla'ta (Eat.)/jiri]/is, an infefl formerl]' fuppofed to live ia the fire; 

having ^^iubw^/wrW wings. 
Pyralol'dldea (Ent.) Pyralida, a family of Moths, (IJ.f, refemblance. 
Pyramlda lis-a (Bot.) pyramid-lhaped, conical ; i. g. Oichii fyranvitlii. 
PTramlde'a (Ent.) nvfafiU, a pynmid, iTIk, likentfi; alfo a genus of 


.a diminutlre to exprefs the fpital, turret - 
(Zool.) J ed, and pyramid Ihape of the Ihell; a 
. genua and family of MoUufca. 
Prra'llgB (Omith.) nf, fire; a geniu of Tanagers, coafining chiefly of 

fcarlet-coloured birds. 
FTTastra'iia (Ent.) n/, iire, irtftw, a (tar, 
FynLOs'ta (Ent,) fyraufn, a name exptelGve of a love for hot Am*lhine ; 

Pyra'zua (Zool.) r^fi{M, to iinge, alluding to colour; a genus of Mi^ufca. 
Pyrel'la (Ent.) feeding on the pear, iy«. 

Prrena'loUB-a-um (Bot.) Lat. Pyrenean, /, j, Valeriana Pyrniaita. 
PyTelias'truin(Bot.)ru,T., (lone.and iiT{..,a (lat ; a genui of Uihenei. 
Pyre'nlmm (Bot.) nyn'., a flone ; a genui of Fungi. 
Pyreno'myoetaa (Boi.) wvfia, a kernel, juiiini, a fungiu. 
Pyreno phoTA (Ent.) n^'>, a (lone, pXfm, to bear. 
Pyreno'thea (Bot.) tu^'., a kernel ; a genus of Lichenes. 
P7reao'trlohuin(Bot.)Tv^n, akemc1,eri'f,TfIj(ii, hairj a genua of Fungi. 
Fyre'uula (Bot.) dim. of vvfit, a ftone ; a genus of Liclienes. 
Pyre'thrum (Bot.) w-i^iflfj., an ancient Greek name of a plant, fo called 
from ils hot l,ia>-i Pcllitoryi a genus of Cnmpofitn;. 


n^R 435 


Pyrgi'ta (Ornith.) mvfyirfi< was applied by Galirn to the huuie-fparrow, 
from ^vfyti a tower. 

Pyrgo'ma (2^1.) irvfytf/xa, that which is furniflied with towers; a 
genus of Cirripedes. 

P^rgo'sea (Bot.) wvfywTi^, tower-building ; a genus of Craflulacete. 

Py'rgula (Zool.) ^ufy»s, a tower, the (hell being turreted ; a genus of 

Pyr'gua (Bot.) irufyt^ a tower; a genus of Myrfinaceffi. 

P7*rifonn (Bot.)/^rtfj, a pear, /ornto, (hape ; pear-fliaped. 

Fyroohro'a (Bot.) vv^ fire, and ;c^»«» colour ; a genus of Lichenes ; alio 
ufed in Entomology. 

Pyro'dea (Ent.) rv^nf, fiery. 

Py'rola (Bot.) dim. of Pyrujy pear tree, having fimilar leaves ; Winter- 
Green ; the typical genus of Pyrolacez. 

Pyroli'rion (Bot.) ♦♦ Fire-lily" (*vp and Xi/^»r), from colour of flowers ; a 
genus of Amaryllidacese. 
' Pyro'palis (Ent.) irDp, fire, d^, the eye 

Pyro'phlla (Ent.) wv^t, wheat, ^iXir», to love. 

Pyro'phonim (Bot.) fyruj, a pear, ^i^«, to bear ; a genus of Pomaceas. 

Pyroso'ma (Zool.) vSp, fire, a-H/jut, the body ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Pyro'stoma (Bot.) vup, fire, and rrif^a, mouth ; a genus of Verbenacez. 

Pyrrhan'thua (Bot.) W|S^«f, red, and ivBog^ a flower; a genus of Com- 

Pyrrho'corax (Ornith.) 5n/p^«»*^{ of Pliny ; from tv^^c* red, »«^{, a 
crow ; the feet and beak being flame-coloured. 

Pyrrholaa'mus-a-um (Ornith.) vv^/o^, red, x«//M«;,the throat ; ied-<hroated. 

Pyrrhopap'pus (Bot.) vup^*;, red, and «■««-««;, feed-down; a genus of 
Compofitse. • 

Pyrrhophse'na (Ornith.) iruff9s, red, ^«tv«, to difplay ; a genus of Hum- 

Pyrrho'sia (Bot.) 9Vff«Sf red ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 

Pyrrhotho'raz (Ornith.) rvffot^ red, thorax, the bread. 

Pyrrhotri'ohia (Bot.) ^vffoi, red, and Bfi(, rfix^s, hairy furface ; a genus 
of Leguminoiie. 

Pyrrhula (Ornith.) w^UX9t% from irvfy»u flame-coloured ; the Bull-finch. 

Pyrrhulipen'nula (Ent.) ^fit^ flame-coloured, /^wia, a feather. 

Pyrrd'ooma (Bot.) vuffof, red, ««,u)), tuft ; a genus of Compofitae. 

pyrula (Zool.) pyrui, a pear, from the fhape of the (hell ; a genus of 

4J« FTR — QUA 

F7rala'riA(Bat.)/>jiriu,a pni (fliape of fniit); agcniu a£ Santkkicec. 
P/ma (Bot.) .^. a pear-tree, pertiapi from Fim, Cdllc ; the Apple and 

Pear; Nat. Ord. Pomiien). 
Pjrt&Bgore'B (Bat.) P. N. in honour of the celebrateil ancEentphilofopher; 

a geniK of Lythncen 
Pj'thioil (Bot.) (lA'at, an andent Greek name for a bulboiu plant ; a genua 

Pytbon (Zool.) P. N.,a mythological name ; a genui of Ophidian). 

Pytfao'nlum CBot.) vAn, to lot ; a geniu of Aracea. 

Fyxldantlie'ra (Bot.) n^im, ■ little box, and i4ffa, an anther ; a genut 

of Diapenllactfe. 
Pyxlda'tiW-«-um(Bot.)"vJii,a boa; jointed; e.g.&Cf^aphixmfyxi^m. 
Pyzldlo'nliun (Foa. Bot.) Lai. a fmall box. 
Pjxi'dlum (Bot.) nf'f, a box, iDh, likendi; a capfule fuch ai that of 

Ihe AaagalliL 

Quad'raoUB (Ichth.) qmiiutr, fom, uu, a gar-pike. 

Quodra'ta (Ent.) /.»/. fbtU'Comered. 

Quadre'lla (Bot.) qmiiar, four ; a geaiu of Capparidacex. 

Quod'lia (But.) V. N. in honour oi Anuiiu ik h ^aJra,i Spanilh cultivator ^ 
a genui of Proteacea. 

Quadrl'Mea (Ent.) juadrifiJui, cleft into four parts, 

QuBdrimacnla'lls (Ent.) fmlunr, four, mmuLi, a fpot. 

Quftdrlllota'tUB(Ent.)ji.B(in>r,foor,io<ii(w,diflinguHhedi in allufion to the 
male lex having four of the jointi of the anterior tarli dillinAljr dilated. 

QuadripunotallB (Ent.) piatiBr, four, fiunihiM, a fpot or dot. 

Qoftdrlpunota'tus-a-um (Ent.) juaiur, four, fmaatiii, fpotled. 

QtUtdriaorlp'tna (Zool.) quabur, four, /criptm, mailed ; applied to a 
Paiadoxunu having four black (Iripes along the back. 

Quadriitlgnia'lJa (Ent.) fn^iar, {oar.JSgma, a mark. 

QuadilVftl'vla (Zool., Bot.) juadwr, four, mi/w, iilve or fold. 

QnwMvltta'tUfl (ZooL) jualiar, four, vilU, a chaplet ; having four longi- 
tudinal grey bandi. 

Ql] ni^>-n' ( Zool. 1 ^mtsar, four, marnu, a hand ; adivlfkmof Manun^ia. 

QUftdru'pedA (Zool.) jM'wr, four,/«, a foot; a general term lor four- 
footed mammali. 

Qualting-Bi^sB TBot.) popular name of Briia. 
Qualea (Bot.) uncertain ; a genui of Vochj ice*. 

QUA — SAC 437 

QUVmOoUt (Bot.) native Indian name ngnirring "dwarF bean ; " i genua 

of ConrolvulaciiZ. 
Qnapo'ro (Bot.) nativt name ; a genus of Clunicttt. 
QuarU'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genui of LTthraeem. 
Qu&a'Bia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Q>»^, a negro llave of Surinam who 

filil uled it medicinalljt a gemU of Simanibaceae. 
Qnel'tU (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Niiitlas Lt Quili. 
Quar'aitron(Bot.)fi«'»'i theotk.Hfmi; equivalent to"oak-ciiton;" a 

fpeciei of oak. 
Quer'oiU (Bot.) Lai. an oak ; a cdebrated genui oF Corylacoe. 
QlM'rla (Bat.) P.N. in honour of ZW J. ^rry Mar4;»c,a Spiniih rurgeon. 
Querque'dula (Omith.) Lai. a kind of duik, a teal. 
QuUle'sla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genoi of OlacaceK. 

Qulna'rlA (Bot.) fHtuniu, cantoning five ; a genu of Amanliacee. 
Qulnoe (Bot.) KiiUim niXn, Cydonian apple; frmd, nitg; luUat. 

Kittgna ; the fruit of Cfdonia nilgartt. 
Qtilue'tta (Bot.) P. N. ; a genm of Aftenccit. 
Qulnque-oarlDB'tUB (Icbih.) qimjwi, fire, iath%3iiu, keel-ihaped ; applied 

to a Ciajr-Gfl], Aitanride) jmat^tp^miitiiiai. 
Quinqnaclrra'ta (Ichlh.) jyinqm, live, lirm, a carl. 
Qoinqae'fldaa-a-iuii (Bot.) fmnjnr, ^n,fii^, to Hit. 
Quinquefo'llas-k-nm (Bot ) ri^w. live, filium, a leaf; i. g. Panax 

QulntlOlla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genui of Gefneracer. 
Qui]lU'iiU(Bot.)P. N. ; a genus of ETcaUoniaces. 
QnlB'oallU (Omlth.) etymolo^ nnceiuin ; the Ccakle : a genus <rf Biidt 

called boal-taili. 
Qul»qn»'llB(Bot.)fiiii, who, junto, what kind; from the uncertainty ; a 

bautifiil Indian genus of Combretacez. 
Qnlvl'ala (Bot.) from B>ii A Q^vi, name in the lile of Frame 

RaOk'riB (Bot.) uncertain ; a genus of Sa|nndacen. 

Sa'come (Bot.) racimm, a bunch of grapes ; an inflorefcenee like that of 

BMOmo'aiU-a'am (Bot.) t. g. Padifloia ranmifa. 
BMhl'oenll (Ent.) ^x».» ridge, iiif-i, a horn (an 


SAC — SA^ 

RMtiiodo&'tidte (ZooL) fix"' * "•>£'• '^i' •^"■'•i, a tooth ; the fpine- 

toothnl SeiTienta ; a family of Colubrine ophidiant. 
Ra'chlB (Zool., Bot.) f'X"< t^' back-bone or ridge ; in bouny the main 

lUlk of I (em-lea( or nxhtr/rmJ. 

RaoU'tla (Zool.) deiiiation unknown ; i gtnm of Ophidiani. 
RaDo'dluin (Bot.) jIbh;, a torn garment; from the appearance o( the 

BaoDinl'tiitUn (Bol.) fdui, tattered, i^i-rfx, a band ; a genus of Bryoid 

Baooon' (Zool.) common (aative) name of Procyon totor. 

Raoopllmn (Bot.) ftinti, tattered, irTXit, a np ; a genua of Biyoid 

Haaoulila (Bot,] P. N. a genua of Homallaote. 
Radaiim'a (Bot.) P. N., named alter XodEum, Queen of Madagafcar; i 

genus of Scrophulariacea. 
Bad'dia (Bot.) P. N. ; a~ genua of Gramlna. 
Raddi'alA (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of Hippocratacei. 
Radema'ohla (Bot.) P. N. ; ■ genua of Artocai-paceie. 
Ba'dla (Bot.) ^aliii, eaTy of aeceb ; a genua of HemodoraceK. 
Radla'ria (Zool.) the Sayil animala, properly lo called. 
Badln'ta (Zool.) raJiia, the fpohe of a wheel ; having the oigana of fenfe 

d motion dilpoled circulaily 
Ra'dlole Boi.) reticulum, a little 

Badl'onla (Bot.) dim. of taAi, a rii 
Rftdfola (Bot.) ra^ia, a little 13] 

; the rudimentary n 

a genui of Crudfene. 
-am the ladiated capfule ; 

of Lin: 
Kadloli'tSB (Fos. Zool.) » caUed froi 

■aduaid llniclure of the outer 
rea -," a genua of Cretaceout 

layer of their opercuLar-looJcing upper f 

Rad'lstl (Bot.) Latin, raJIx. 

Radln'sla (Bot.) agenuaofLeguminofie. 

Bod'ula (Bot.) Lai. a fcnper ; a genua of Jungernunniacez. 

RodUlo'typUE (Hot.) the genui RaJala, IffKi, an lmag« ; 

y (Bot.) in compL'ment lo Sir Thamai Slamfird Rapti. 

Raffle' Ela 
Rofflesla'oera f 
Raflne'dquia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated .ffaff-ij^w, 
of Compolils?. 



Bafnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. G. Rafn^ of Copenhagen, a writer on 

botany ; a genus of Leguminofa!. 
Bagio'pteriB (Bot.) fnywfAtt to break in pieces, rri^^ , a fern ; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
Hag'wort (Hot.) common name of Senecio Jacobsa. 
Ba'ia (Ichth.) Lot. a ray or ikate. 
Bai'idflB (Ichth.) the family of the Rays. 
BaJaoiA (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Ray, a diftinguilhed Englifh 

naturalifl. , 

Kalei'ghia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Cunoniaceas. 
Half 'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Rai/s, of Penzance ; a genus of 

Rallns (Omith.) Latinized form of rail, which is formed from the found 

made by the bird ; a genus of Grallae. 
Ram (Zool.) Anglo-Sax, and Dutch, ram; Gtrman, ramm, 
Ramali'na (Bot) ramaU, a withered branch ; from its habitat ; a genus of 

Ramen'ta (Bot.) Lot, chips, (havings ; applied to the folt chafr>iilie hairs 

growing upon the petiole of ferns. 
Ramon'da (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. L, Ramomi, a French botanift ; a 

genus of SolanacesB. 


v (Omith.) fa/x^JiZ^fAm, to have a beak ; the Toucans. 

Ram'phia (£nt.) f»,u^»s, a beak. 

Ramphomi'oron (Omith.) p«/M^«;, a beak, f^i»f»s, fmall; a genus of 

Humm ing-birds. 
Rampliorhyn'ohiiB (Fos. Zool.) fAfA^u^ a beak, fvyx^Sj > fnout. 
Ram'phUB (£nt.) f»fA^»f, a beak. 
Ram'sons (Bot.) common name of Allium urfinum; from A»gh-Sax. 

Ramtllla (Bot.) ram-tUla; an Indian name for the oil procured from the 

feeds ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Ramula'ria (Bot.) ramus, a branch ; a genus of Algas. 
Ramu'sia (Bot.) a genus of Acanthacese. 
Ra'na (ZooL) Lot. a frog ; the common frog is Rana temporaria. 
Rana'les (Bot.) the great alliance reprefented by the Ranunculacea. 
Randalia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Eriocaulacete. 
Ran'dia (B«t.) P. N. in honour of J. Rand, F,R.S,, a London botanift ; a 

genus of Cinchonacetc. 

«o XAN — SAP 

Rtme'lla (ZooJ.) dim. of roiu.a in>g; ttie l''rog-lheU ; a genu) of MoHufai. 
Ran'gU'er (ZooL) rm^-beiring or rw^bcarinf ; fpedfic nsune of the 

RangifeTi'nuB-a-nm (Bot.) rj;ijy5r.the reindeer; t^adexi-moh; /. g. 

Ranhy'la (Zool.) raiiji, > frog, and the genus Myla ; thp " preen-frog '' of 

Ba'nloBPH (Ichth,) Lat. frog-headed (rana and caput.') 
RoQi'TOrUB-a-um (Zool., Omith.) ra„a, a frog, vern, lo ievaor ; i. g. 

BAnmMll'sHa (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Capparidacew. 
Ban'ttta (Ent.) ^rt*i, fpotted, (peckled ; a gennj of Coleopiera. 
Rfuianonla'oee (Bot.) the Crotr-foot bmiXy of plants, of which Ranun- 
culus is the type. 
RantmculaBtrum (But.) Ilteiillj, the 'Star-raminculut;" a genus of 

Bailuit'oulU3(Bot.) nuu, a frog; <l inhabits humid places; Cron-foot ; 

tfpicit genus of RanuncnJaceM. 
Ba'pa (Bat.) Lot. tlie tonup plant ; a genus of Cnicifene. 
Rapa'na (Zoot.) ra/ra, a turnip; a genua of MoUufca. 
ilape (Bot.) raja, tumip. 
RBiptiBnls'Cnuu (Bot.) formed from the genie Rafhaiim; a genus of 

Saph'snUB (Bot.) ^■^4>t(, a radilb; prubibiy CnHnr's.quicklyifanii.lo 

■ppearjAmnitarapidgennlnatloa. The Radllh ; Nat.Ord. Crucifem. 
Baph'Ia (Bot.) ft^i, a feam ; a genus of Gramina. 
Baph'ideB (Bot.) ^m^:,, a needle) applied to acicular or other cryftali 

fcattered among vegetalile tifToe. 
Haphl'dta t ^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ . ^ ^^^ ^^^ j^^.,^ ^^ Neurop(era. 

Rapnidl loffiJ 

RaphlgWra (Ent) ;«f«. » needk, y%^r^ a tongue} a genus of 

RELphigna'Ulua (ZooL) ^mf fr, > needle, >tibclhe jaw or mouth; a genua 

of Aiachnida. 
Baphlonft'ome (Bot.) fii^i, a needle, imiti, a point ; a genus sf ATcle^ 

Itapliiorb;a'ohuH (Ent-) fmpit.'i needle,/^* f .a fnout ; a genus of IMpEeta. 
RaplllMtathe(Bot.)''needk-flower," from j)afi(,a needle, ii^i, a flower; 
a gL-nus of l-oafacea. 

RAP — REC 441 

Raphistoma (Zooi.) fM^id a needle, vtifAtk, mouth ; a geniis of MoUufca. 

Baphy'rus (ZooL) a genus of Sponges. 

Bapicau'dii8-a-um (ZooL) ra/a, a turnip, caudat a tail; e. g. Theca- 

dactylus rapicayda^ the tumip-tailed Gecko. 
Bapi'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Campanubceae. 
Rapis'tnim (Bot.) rapum^ a turnip; from its having Hmilar leaves; a 

genus of Cruciferse. 
Bapto'res (Omith.) raptor^ a (eizer or (batcher ; an order of Birds ib called 
from their habit of feizing and retaining their prey with their powerful 
Rapun'ouluB (Bot.) dim. of Rapa ; from reiemblance of root ; a genus of 

Rapun'tiiun (Bot.) from Rapa; from refemblance of root ; a genus or 

RasoTes (Ornith.) LaU <* fcratchers" or '^fcrapers;" an order of Birds 

which fcrape up the foil with their feet. 
Raspai'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated French chemift ; a 

genus of Bruniacese. 
Rastri'tes (Fos. Zool.) rafierj a rake or hoe ; the Silurian Sea-pens, which 

have tubercular projections along the axis or (lem. 
Bat (2^1.) At^lo*-Sax. rat; root of Latin roth^ to gnaw. 
Rath'kea (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Legominofie. 
Batzebu'rgia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Gramina. 
BateebUTgia'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Ratxthuri^ the author of 

** Forft-Infekten," (1840) and other workst 
Bauwol'fia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Rauwdf, a phyfician of 

Aug (burg ; a genu! of Apocynaceae. 
Rayalis (Ent.) nrvus^ gi-eyifli. 
KaVen (Ornith.) Anglo^Sax, hrefen, 
Ravena'la (Bot.) one of Adanfon's names, moft likely without meaning ; 

a genus of Muiacez. 
RaVldus-a-um (Ent.) Lau grey, or dark-«oioured. 
Ray-gi^aSB (Bot.) corrupted from the Er, ivrauf which word is in the 

French New Teflamcnt employed for tares ; the Lolium perenne. 
Reauoiu'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Reini A. F. de Reaumitr, an Eato- 

Reco'llia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of DiUeiiiaoece. 
Reolu'aa (Ent.) Lai, a reduce. 
Reclu'zia (Zool.) P. N. ; a genus of MoUufca. 

SEC — /lEM 

Reota'liB (Eat.) rrUMi, Hiaiglit. 

Reotangula'ta (Ent.) r,a«, right, wngnl-a, an angle ; referring to the 

Tquare fpoCi on the apical part of the wing. 
Raotrt'oe* (Ornith.) rrSor, a ruler, governor ; applied to the tail-bathen 

of a bird, aftlng Ibmewhat a> niddera to guide ita flight. 
Reaurr&'llB (Ent.) Lot. rrcMnua, bent baekwardi. 
Reonrrlro'atra ) 

.„ _. , ,_ i fOraith.) ratrvu, bent backwuds, ™fr.n, the bill. 
lUoorVuB-S-uni (Bot.) curred downwards, (. g. Cam murvi. 
Radlmlta'ua (Ent.) Lai. mlimiiiu, crowned, nreatbed. 
Hodouto'» (Bot.) P. N. in honour of P. J. Jtid«ai, a celebrated French 

botanEcal diaughtiman ; a genui of Malncea. 
RedoWaklA (Bot.) P. N. ; a geaui of Cmciiere. 
Keduota'lle (Ent.) L^. rrJ^Sii, drawn back. 
Rodtm'oiU-a-nm (Zool.) Lai. crcnked, bent back. 
Bosd (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. imJ; Tcientiiic name, Anindo. 
Roeva'ala (Bot.) P. N. In honoui of yalu Sma, of Canton ; a genui of 

RegBllB (Zool,, Bot , and Ent.) Lai. royal, r. g. Ofmunda ri^alii. 
Reglna'Us (Ent.) Lai. rrgita, a queen. 

Regnosau'rUE (Foi. Zool.) " royal Saurian," a foUil from the Wealden. 
Regu'leoUE (Ichlh.) rrx, king, iakiut,hetnag; i. f. king of the Herring! ; 

the Deal-iilh. 
Re'gulua (Omith.) Lai. a fmall bird, peihapi a wren ; now applied to the 

genut which containB the wreni. 
Belataalrdi (Bot.) P. N., fpeciSc name of a Geranium, in honour of M. 

Itxianl, a French gentleman who difcOTcred it in Minorca. 
Reiohella (Bot.) P. N. ; a genui of Hydrophyllaces. . 
Iteiolieaba'oliia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of NyctaginareiE. 
Rein-deer (2MA.) thi> word ought ceitainly to be Xirv-deer ; the animal 

wai formerly called fimply the Saar, a word of Danilh origin, Bnfwer- 

ing to the Saxon irata, or Arasaf. 
Rel'throdon (Zool.) ft'Uff, a river or Dream, Swt, t,tim,, tooth. 
Bejenta'Tla (Ent.) rijtiim, part, from rrjkk, to throw away. 
Rejou'la (Bol.) P. N. ; a genui of Apocynacei. 
Salhanla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ««.. Rkhard Sdhem, a writer on 

Botany ; a genut of Compofltte, 
RB'mlgeB (Ornith) rmcx, rrm^h, a rower; applied to the quillt of a 

bird's winp, ferving for propulfion. 

HEM — HET 445 

Reml'gia > 

Beml'glcto r (^"'-^ ""'^ *° ""'• 

Remi'jla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Cinchonacec. 

Re'mipes CEnt.) remw, an oar, ^/, foot; oar-footed; a genus of 

Remi'rea (Bo*.) its native name in^Guiana ; a genus of Cyperacese. 
Remo'ra (Ichth.) Lot. a hindrance ; applied by Pliny to a fi(h which the 

ancients thought could ftop a (hip by adhering to the radder ; the 

BeonUB (Ent.) Zsot. an oar. 
Bemnsa'tia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Araceae. 
Bemata'taB-a-iim*(£nt.) Lot. changed. 
Benanthe'ra (Bot.) rat, a kidney ((haped) Mtif, anther ; a fplendid genus 

of Orchidaceae. 
Beneal'mta (Bot.) P. N. in honour of P. 15* M. L. Rmealme^ the fird a 

French Phyfician^theothera Botanift; a fplendid genus of Scitaminese. 
Benegge'ria (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Clufiaceee. ' 
Rengi'fa (Bot.) P. N.; a genus of Clufiacefe. 
Henifor'mis-e (Bot.) Lai kidney-fhaped ; e. g, Oxyria reniformis. 
Ren'nett (Bot.) the name of this Apple is from la HetHette, or the Little 

Renaalse'ria (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of AraoesB. 
Bepandalls (Ent.) repandusy bent backward, turned up. 
Bepa'ndra (Bot.) repandus, bent back ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Bepan'dus-a-um (Bot.) Lat, (pread out ; applied to a fungus, Hydnum 

repandum, it refers to the irregular form which the pileus often aflumes. 
Beptll'ia (Zool.) repto^ to creep or crawl. 
Bepto'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Myrfmacese. 
Reqnie'nia (Zool., Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Requien of Avignon, a 

French botanifl ; alfb a genus of MoUufca. 
Bese'da (Bot. ) reftdoy to calm, to appeafe ; from its medical qualities ; 

typical genus of Nat. Ord. Refedacese, or Mignonette femily. 
Reseda'oeee (Bot.) the Mignonette-family, from the typical Refeda, 
Besede'Ua (Bot.) dim. of Refeda ; a genus of Refedacese. 
Best-harrow (Bot.) common name of Ono'nis. 
Bestia'oeSB (Bot.) the family of plants of which R^io is^the type. 
Bes'tio (Bot.) Lat. a rope-maker, from its ufe at the Cape of Good Hope ; 

typical genus of Nat. Ord. Rediacecc. 
Betanllla (Bot.) its name in Peru ; a genus of Rhamnaceie. 

444 RET — RHA 

Reta'porft (ZoiiL)r<4c, a net./nm, an opeaing; /, 1. 1 porovt ntt-workj 

a genus of Polfzoa. 
Ratloularlft (Bot.) rrtUmliat, 1 net, from iti appeannce ; a gemu of 

Retloula'tUB-a-um (Zool., Ent.. Bot.) Lai. net-like, reticulated : e.g. 

Crocui rrlitnlatm. 
ReUonloipl'ra (F«. Zool.) ntiadum, a little nel,^rii, a coil ; from the 

leticuLatioa of the extreme fplnea of the whorl. 
Retlna'rla (Bot.) ^nWim, reiin, gum ; > genut of Rhamnacen. 
ReU'DlB (Ent.) nil, a, net, from the net-like marking) of the wing* ; ■ 

genus of Lepidoptera. 
Retlulphyllum (Bat.) fy,tin. gum, fbXX», a kif ; a genu< of Cincbo- 

Iron (Bot.) fiiT,'>», gum, Jiil(», atree; a geniuofDipteracete. 
» (Bot.) >>iniii, reGn, Jfme, feedi ; the feed) being coaled 

Ratrospi'iUa (Ichch.) rdrt, bacV.vntd»,Jpiiu, prickle, fptne. 
lUttbergla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of Giamina. 
Retu'aiU-ft-nm (Ent., Bot.) Lai. blnnted ; c. g. Schiuntfaui rcTv/n. 
Ret'aU (Zool., Bot.) P. N. in honour of A. J. Rfiii<u, Profcflbr ot 

Natural Hldory in Sweden ; alfo a genuj of MoUufca. 
Revaya'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the Naturalift Revax. 
Rhabarba^um (Bot.) the original name of Stmiari, from Ria, mot, and 

Lai. iarianm, of the barbarians. 
RbBb'dJa (Bot.) fi^n, a wand ; a genus of Ehretiacex. 
Bbab'dlan (ZooL) ^tm, a little rod ; a genua of Colubrlne ophidians. 
Khab'dinni (Bot.) fuBiti, a wand ; a genus of Algx. 
Rtaabdociiloa (Bot,) fiiffui, a twig, x>-*»> gnlt- 
Rhabdoci'clafiB (Fo>. Zool.) fdgit,, ■ wand, liiiinj; the ambulacnl 

poies being widely separated. 
Bhabdooce'la (Zool.) /^SIk, a wand or rod, ih1\k, hollow ; a tribe of 

RbabdMH-illum (Bot.) fiBit, a Ihott, if m, a lily; a genus of Liliaaa;. 
Bhabdol'dea (ZooL) fiSm, a rod. Die, form ; rod-Uke; (biped-looking. 
Bbabdomo'liaB (ZooL) fiBm, a wand, MMdi ; a genus of InfuToria. 
Rtaabdosola'dlimi (Bot.) ^Ik, a (baft, ruMutr, an ombicUa or panfbl ; 

a genus of Umbelliferz, 
Bbabdoaa'ma (Zool.) fiStt;, a rod or flick, ri/*; bod]r ; a genus of 

Coliibrine ophidians. 

RHA 445 

Bhabdotham'nUB (Bot.) f»ffiti, a fhaft, da/t(»«f, a (hrub; a genus of 

Bhabdothe'oa (Bot.) pMtty a fhaft, d>i»ii, a (heath ; a genus of Compofitv. 
Rhadooalyz (Bot.) pmffUu a ihaft, calyx ; a genus of Cardiacee. 
Rhagadi'olua (Bot.) a dim. formed from ^myat^ a flit, from the divifion 

of calyx ; a genus of Compofitn. 
Bhagiga'ster (Ent.) ftcyms, a llit, y«7T4^ belly ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Bhago'dia (Bot.) ^«>«2i)f, like berries or grapes ; its principal di(lin£Hon ; 

a genus of ChenopodiacesB. 
Bhagro'stiB (Bot.) ^«, root, agroflu, wild ; a genus of Chenopodiacez. 
Bhamna'oesB (Bot.) the Buckthorn family of plants, from the typical 

genus Hhammu. 
Rham'nophis (ZooL) f^fAvog, a prickly flirub, iptg, a fnake ; a genus of 

RhazoncypsiB (Bot.) the genus Rhamniut and l^a, refemblance ; a genus 

of Flacourtiaces. 
Rham'nus (Bot.) f»fjtwtt Lat. rhamniu^ was applied by the ancients to a 

prickly (hrub ; Buckthorn ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Rhamnacese. 
Rhamphioa'rpa (Bot.) p»tA^»sy bent, Mfnh, fruit ; a genus of Scrophula- 

Rhamphlch'thya (Ichth.) fafxpof, a crooked beak, t^^ut^ a fifh. 
BhampllOOSBllUB (Omith.) fometimes written ramphoc^nus^ from f»fApCfy 

a crooked beak, naifSt, (Irange. 
BhamphoBper'muin (Bot.) f»fA^f, bent, viriffAOy feed; a genus of 

Bhaphido'phora (Bot.) ^«f lr-i)«f , a needle, ^i^m, to bear ; a genus of 

Bhaphldophirllimi (Bot.) fa^ftiot, a needle, ^ikX»*, a leaf; a genus of 

Bhaphido'spora (Bot.) ^«f /r-i^«f , a needle ; a-vnftsy feed ; a genus of 

Bhaphio'oera (Ent.) ^«^k, a needle, »ifm(y horn (antennae) ; a genus of 


Bhaphi'odon (Bot.) fap(<, a needle, o)«i;f, i'iirr$f, a tooth ; a genus of 

Bhaphiolepis (Bot.) fa^if, a needle, Xnn'f , a fcale ; a genus of Fomacese. 
BhaphiBpe'rmuzn (Bot.) /«^if, a needle, T-riffAa, feed ; a genus of Scro«- 


Rhaphi'telus Ent.) frnp't!, a needle, tiA*;, extremity. 

446 SNA — SHi 

Sba'pis <Bot.) /^.'(, a needle ; firnn the acute awn> uf the Corolb ; a 

genu* of Fan palmi. 
Shapon'tlauB-ei-uin(Bot.)rla,rcK>t, i'iiM;ciii,otPontu9, near the Euxine ; 

fpeciSc name of rhubarb, becaufe it growi near the rirer Rha, i. r. the 

Bhaptoltjrium (Bot.) fitnii, lewn together, rnXm, i {lyle ; a genus of 

Bbee'dla (Bot., Ent.) P. N. in honour of Henr. u. SirrJc van Draaiin- 

fim, a patron of botanifls. 
BbeSmk'todon (Bot.) ^"^^'i > re^t, 'iitiit, i)i>T«(, a tooth ; a genut oi 

BrTdd Mufci. 
Rbego'BtOtnB (Zool.) fiynifu, to bear away, i-tifia, mouth; a genus of 

RbeMm (Bot.) the jlio. of Diofcoride), laid to be derived from the river 

SAa, in RutTIa, now the Volga ; the Rhubarb plant ; a genui of PcJy- 

Bhs'xla (.Bot.) ji^fif , from fiyruiAi. to break out ; a geaus of MelaOomacea. 
Rbl'na (Ichth.) flt.a ftkout ; a genua of Rays or Skitn. 
Rhlnaoui'tlliu (Bot.) fh, a Ihout, iaai6a, a thorn or prickle g a genui of 

Bhinao'Una (Bot.) fU; a lile, ■■■n'', a ray ; a g«iu» of Compofitie. 
RhlnaUttia'OaSB (Bot.) the te^ion of Scrophulariaceie repielented in 

Simaniii'i, 8e.c. 
EUUnsuthe'ra (Bot.) ^•'m, a lile, jtSnp, an aulher; a genua of Flacour- 

lUllnait'tbtla (Bot.) fir. a faout, arfit. flower ; Yellow-iattle ; a genua oi 

Rhino'ObiB (Zool.) ^>>, a fnout, Ixfi, a viper; a genus of Coluhrine 

Rhlaoba'tida (Ichth,) a genua of Filhei, of which Rkinlaliu ii the type. 
Bhlao'batas (Ichth.) fi^i-Bftti, ancient name of a filh. 
RhlnoboLh'rjum (Zool.) fii, nofe, Stf[t{, a holt or pit ; a genua of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
RbiDOoaTpus (Bot.) ^11, a fnouC, u^rtc, fruit ; a genus of Anaeardiacex. 
Rmnooeritia (Zool.) rkina™ ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Rhluo'oeroB (ZooL) ;.tiufm of the Greeks, from fh, f^'ii, the nofe, >I|«(, 

RhlnCdea (Ent.) fnt/lni, fnout-tike, 

Rhlnolo'biilffl (Bot.) ;;», a rnout,».rf.t, apod ; a genus ni Afclcpiidarcic. 

RHI^ 447 

fihlnolophl'iia) ^ . (/»«»> noie or fnout, XAf^*;, a cred ; the Horie- 

ahlnolophus) ^^^ '^ \ (hoe Bats. 

EUiinomy'Ea (£nt.) /i»«f, a hide, /uvC», to fuck in ; a genus of Diptera. 

[Uiinon'oliUB (Ent.) ^tt, a fnout, 9y%ty a cunre. 

iUxinope'talum (Bot.) ^(vof> a hide, wire A or, leaf; a genus of Liliacez. 

EUlino'psiB (Ent.) ^/t, nofe, l\it% refemblance ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

EUiino'similB (Zool.) ^yi^tfAt^, fnub^nofed ; a genus of Coiubrine 

Elhino3te'gia(Bot.) ^/», a fnout, vriyn, a covering ; a genus of Santalacese. 
EUdno'stoma (Zooi.) ^iV, nofe, rrifA*, the hce ; a genus of Coiubrine 

Elhino'trlchuzn (Bot.) fir, a fnout, d^{, r^x^s, hair ; a genus of Fungi. 
Elhipi'cera > < fi^'St a fan, »if «f, a horn ; having fan-fliaped 

Rhipice'ricUB) ( antennz ; a genus and family of Coleoptera. 

Ethipidiiun (Bot.) dim. of ^irtf, a fan ; a genus of Polypodioid Fiiices. 
Elhipidoden'dron (Bot.) fi^'is-iUff a fan, }i»2^*, a tree. 
Elhipido'pteiiB (Bot.) piviV, a £aui, trriftgf fern ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Rhipidos'lphon (Bot.) ^ivtf, a fan, ripmv^ a tube ; a genus of Algx. 
Rhlpidu'ra (Ornith.) ^imV, a fan, oifM, a tail ; the Fan-tail ; a genus of 

Rhipooeph'alUB (Bot.) firUy a hn, xi^aXn, head ; a genus of Algz. 
Rhipozo'nium (Bot.) ^irtV, a fan, l^mn, a belt ; a genus of Algas. 
Rhip'salis (Bot.) f/^l*, a wiUow branch ; referring to its flexible branches ; 

a Angular genus of Ca£biceaB, with cord*like (lems. 
Rhlsotro'gus (Ent.) fit, fnout, rfm^-rfmyitt a gnawer. 
Rhizobola'oesB (Bot.) the Natural Order of plants of which the follow- 
ing is the typical genus : — 
Rhlzo'bolns (Bot.) /t(«-/S«A«(, throwing out roots; the same genus as 

Caryocar ; the Souari-nut tree. 
Rhi20bo'trya (Bot.( //(«, root, Birfvt, a bunch ; a genus of Cniciferte. 
Bhizoca'rpon (Bot.) ^/^«, root, tmfnit, fruit ; a genus of Lichene;. 
Rhizooeph'ala (Zool.) fi^a, a root, Mt^mXr, head ; becaufe the head of 

thefe apparent worms, which is inferted into the body of its hofl, 

emits roots like thofe of plants ; a genus of parafitic Cruflacea. 
Rhisoohllua (2SooL) /if«, root, ;^irx«f, lip; a genus of MoUufca. 
Rhlsoclo'nium (Bot.) ^'^«, root, mXmiw, a young (hoot; a genus of 

Bhizoooo'cum (Bot.) p;{;«, root, ««««•;, berry ; a genus of Algie. 



denrof ; it deftrojrt the ro 

Hhfzooto'nla (Bot.) fi't^ a root, >n 

it gjow) on ; a genus of Fungi. 
Khi'iogena (Bot.}^i(a, n>ot,}wiiif, to produce; Lindky't i 

great tribe reprefenteil in the Rhizanthacer, l[c. 
Rhicolitha (Ent.) y-t*, a root, xfl.c. a (lone. 

Itlilio'ma(Bot.)^i(ii,a roa 

like that oT Iri?. 
Rhizomor'pha (Bot.) fij«. 

1 fublensnean creeping (tem 

dereltiped in the dark ; 
Bhl'Eomyti (ZooL) >{>, a r 
Bhixo'ninm (Bot.) ;■/;■, rn 

xit, ^i^iiilhape; from relemblance to the 
n to abnormal conditions of Fungi when 
a feientific gemi. 

^u(, a moule \ ufed for the Bunboo rat. 
a genu) of Brjtdd Mufcl. 
n.) fit,*, a root, 4)i^B> to bear ; the leed) germinate on 
the l>nncb»; the Mangro*e-tree ; Ijpical genus of the Nat. Ord. 
Rhlzopliora'oera (Bot.) the Mangrores. 
imizo'pDdft (ZooL) f^M, a toot, wtui, rilii, a foot ; a group of the 

Rhlzopo'goa (Bot.) fi^M, a root, «>}««, a beard : a genui of Fungi. 
Hhl'aopua (Bot.) fi^n, root, niir. niMi, Foot ; a genui of Fungi. 
BWaOfpe'rina (Bot.) ^;;«, root, s-n^n. Teed ; a genus of Marlileaiel. 
Khlio'ftoma (Zool.) fl^*, root, mfis, face ; a genus of Medufa. 
RhodBtnlna (Bot.) ^alo^iHc, a young ihoot ; a genut of Myrtan-x. 
Bhoda'nthe (Hot.) f^^, a role, hiti, a flower; in aUulion to the colour 

of the Hower-heads ; ■ genus of AuHralian Everlaflings. 
Rhodarla(Ent.)^»arore; from its rofy colour ; a genu»of Lepidoptea, 
Bhodax (Bot.) ;JUe, a dwarf rofe ; a genus of Ciftacez. 
Rho'dea (Bot.) ^ilir. a rofe ; a genus of Liliiee*.. 
Bbodl'ola (Bot.) ^lo, a rofe; its root) fmeU like rolbs; Rofe-root ; a 

genus of CraHlilaces. 
mLOdoceph'alus (Bot.) fittr, a role, afai-ii. head ; a genus of Fungi. 
Rhodooertdffi (Ent.) fDn, a rofe, •<^(, a horn ; from the rofy-tipped 
antennc ; a family of Lepidoptera. 

a (Bot.) >fiii., a rofe, x"-"' foliage ; a genus of Srrophu- 

Rhodool'BtlU (Bot.), 

Rhnloao'iiia (Bot.) ^<3«, a rofe, ai 

RHodOori'nuS fFm. Zool.) iii>., 

enrrinite j" a gcnui of Paljtoioi 

I (hfiib ; a genus of Ciftacea. 
ift ; ■ genus of Refliaier?. 
(u'm, VOy, equivalent to ■' RoJi:- 


ao'tfliu-a-tuil (EntO i>>)>, the role (refening to the colour), 
■,».,., plume. 

en'droa (Bot.) ^')», a roTe, liilpgr, a treej a magnificent and 
■known genua of Ericacen. 

er'mJa (Bot.) (!*», a role, If^n, ILia ; a genua of Algn. 
e^ia (Bot.) >S», a roTe, Xuh, a mantle ; a geuus of ChlieDacca:. 
osla (BoL) /•!«•, a rofe, ^iXx, a limb ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
le'oia (Bot.) fUn, a rofe, fiiii, implying Intenfily ; /. *. of colour ; 
Dua of Marine Algn. 

ijr'tUa (Bot ) flint 3 ^le, myrlia, niyttle \ a genua of Myitacea. 
iHm, a bud of rofeai a genua and familf of 
llender-tongueil Sauriana. 
>'ma (Bot.) fit—, a rofe, liifia, a filament ; a genu> of Alg«. 
« (Zool.) P. N. \ from daflic geography ; a geous of MoUulca. 
3s'a (Ent.) fiin, a roie, fmii, dull, dulkjr ; rofy-grejr ; a genu' 

I'ora (£nt.) fUn, a role, Pfim, to carry. 

ly'oese (Bot.) ^>Iat, a rale, filiuf, Lai, /um, fEa-weetl ; a family 

tgn, equjialent to the RhodofpeniKEe of Dr. Harvry. 

sIb (Bot. ) fttii; a role, i4>i, relembbnce ; a genut of Portuk- 

J (>^) : 

t (Bot.) ;•)•>. a rofe; alluding to the colour of the flowera; a 
t of EricaccE. 

.'oeffl (Bot.) a rub-family of Ericacez, with AAu^i for the type. 
ti'iA (Bot.) ^tlir, a role, fi^m, root ; a genua of Convolvu laces. 
)«r'iiies (Bot.) ftiBi, a role, rrifim, leed ; a fe^lion of Maiine 

oma (Bot.) r*)", a role, tTii^a. mouth; a genntof Cinchonacesc. 
■fttn'niis ( Bot.) t<if"t a rofe, diifiM;, a Ibrub ; a geniu of Ericacea. 
'piu (Bot.) fiHn, a rofe, Tvnt, a model or pattern j a genua of 

(Bot.) /in, to flow; fpecific name of a fpeciei of Poppy. 
IS (Eat.) ftryiik, a cleft ; a genoa of Hymenoptera. 


a four-fided figure ; a Thomb, 

Ida'ria (Ent.) ^^iSgiiJic, rhombna-Hiaped, loaeoge-lhaped ; from 

3Ttn of the markings. 

U (Ichth.) Lar. a turbot ; the Tutbot. 

Rliopa'la (Bot.) nuftila, iti aboriginal name in Guiana ; a fpleDdid gcnui 

BllOpaloeae'mls (Bot.) fitrnXn, a chib, mij^a, a fcneej a genas of 

Rhopa'lodon (Foi. Zool.) fimKn, a club, ikit, SUmi, i tooth. 

Rhopalomy'oaB (Bat,)^<-a>,t>, a dub, ^usnc, afungui; a genua of Fungi. 

RbUB CBtrtO f'''f. ■^'- >■*■". a fmall 'fee ufed in tanning j the Sumach- 
tree ; Nat. Otd. Anacardiaces. 

Rbr^Qo'ptllla (Bot.) fCxl arntt, a mouDtain- Dream, ftim, to Ion ; a 
genuJ of LTthractiE. 

Bhy'ma (Bot.) fC,ii, a bow-fhaft ; a genua of Clufiaca. 

Bbynoban'tliera (Bot.) fiyx'i' ' l^^< ■^<<(> anther ; a genui of Orchi- 

Rhpichaa'plB (Omith.) iirx»< > beak, kTri,, a (hivld. 
RbynohelTtrain (Bot.) fiyx'it ' '>"''i txuTfn, a capfute; a genua of 

Rtiynoiilcti'tii7B(tchth.)^ii>'jt;>(, a beak,tj^ui,a lilh ; a genua of Acantho- 

pterygian filhei. 
Rhynohi'iu (Em.) f^x"- * ^^ °' fnout. 
Rbynobi'tes (Ent.) firyx,»i, a fnout ; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Rbyn'chiuitt (Em.) ii!>X"> a fnout; a genua of Hymenoptrra. 
Rhynchocai'rpa (Bot.) fuyp^ai, a beak, nsfsii, fruit; a^nui of Cucur- 

Rbynotioca'rpua (But.) famederiTaiion; a genui o( Compofite. 
RhjitohoOo'aoUB (Bot.) fu^x't^ a beak, MiitiKc, a berry ; a genua of Algc. 
Rhynchoco'ryB (Bot.) fiyx'i' • '>*'''i ••{«> a helmet ; a genua of 

Rbynobo'dee (£ni.) fiyx'i< " ''■"'"ti >'>•!■ refemblance ; beak-like. 
Rhynohoglos'aum (Bot.) fiyx"'-' * beak, yxim, longue; a genua of 

Rhyncho'lBpla (Bot.) fi)tx"i a beak,xtii.'i,a feale; igenoaof Piperaceic. 
RlljOChone'ina(Bot.);uj.;[M, a beak, .Hjm, a thread ; a genua of Algie. 
Rhynohope^ (Bot,) ^>^j((i, a beak, irn{<i,a pouch; agenuaofOrchidaceie, 
Rhjn'^hope'tQluiii (Bot,) fiyx''> a beak, •lr«;iat, a leaf (petal); a genus 

of Lobeliace9^. 
Rhyncho-phora (Ent.) fi)rx.-'< * bta\., f9;iai, to carry; the Snouted 

Beetles ; a diviHon of Colcoptera. 
Rhyncbo'phorna-a-um (Zool.) lame diTiv.nion ; fnool-bcating ; hating 

RHY 451 

ynohopsi'dlum (Bot.) 'pvYx*t% ^ beak, and the genns PfuUum, the 

Guava ; a genus of Compofitae. 
3riichosau'ni8 (Fos. Zool.) fuyx^t* ^ beak, veeu^i^ a lizard, 
yncho'sla (Bot.) fiyx^t^ ^ beak ; a genus of Leguminofse. 
ynohosper'mom (Bot.) fvyx^f, a beak, vniffjM^ feed; a genus of 

Chinefe Apocynaceas. 
.yncho'spora (Bot.) fuyx»st a beak, aro^*^ a feed ; Beak-rufh ; a genus 

of Cyperaceaci 
ynchosporeria (Ent.) fird taken at Kihnun, N. B., hovering over and 

fettling on the Rhyntkofporay (Ace. Lift of Brit. Lepid.) 
ynoho8te'giuin(Bot.} |»t7;^o;,a beak, ffriyos^ an urn (capfule) ; a genus 

of Mofles. 
ynchosty'lis (Bot.) fvy^^fi a beak, «rTu^o>r, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of 

Tnchothe'oa (Bot.) fiyz*'^ ^ ht2k, dn'im, a (heath; a genus of 

7noho'tU8-a-lim (Zool., Ent.) having a fnout or probofcis Qvyx^s)' 
/nooli'tes (Fos. Zool.) fvyx»St a beak, x<d«f, a ftone ; foiCl beak-like 

mandibles of Cephalopods. 

Tncone'lla (Zool.) dim. of fuyx^s* ^ ^^^ i ^ genus of Mollufca. 
TIl'oops (Omith.) pvyx^ft beak, i^'i^ace ; the Skimmer or Sciflbr-Bill ; 

a genus of web-footed Birds. 

rncoteu'thia (Zool.) fvyx»f, a beak, nuQUt a cuttle-fifh or fquid. 
r'nea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of CompoHtse. 
^o'des (Zool.) fvratint^ <iii^y> fmeared. 
^dan'the (Bot.) fuTi(4hs, a wrinkle, af»d«(, flower ; a genus of Com- 


rtidole pis (Fos. Zool.) ftnis-il9s, a wrinkle, Xi«-if, a fcale ; Sternberg's 
excellent name for the SigiUaria, referring to its corrugated bark, 
rtidophyllum (Bot.) ^Wf-i)«f , a wrinkle, ^vXA**, leaf ; a genus of 
Gefneraces. ^ 

rtiglos'sa (Bot.) furif, a wrinkle, yXSet-rmf tongue ; a genus of Acan- 

rtlrhi'nus (Ent.) fvrlf, a wrinkle, pit, a nofe or fnout; a genus of 

r'tis (Bot.) purls, a wrinkle ; a genus of Euphorbiaceoe. 
llB'ma (Bot.) fUTtf, a wrinkle; referring to the appearance of the 
plants to which they are attached ; a genus of parafitic Fungi. 



RhyUsper'mum (Bot.) /uti'i, a wrinkle, rrifi**, (eed ; a gemu of 

Ri'bM (Bot.) thii generic name originated in the fuppolition that our 

currant and gooTeberry pUoti were thofe to which the A rabian phy- 

ficboi of the eleventh and twelfth centuries gave the name of riiai, but 

which have fince been dilcorered to be a kind of rhubarb. Rheum 

Ai^.— PaxtoH. a genua of GroiTulariaoea!. 
Blbesia'oaes (Bot.) Che Nit. Ord. of planti better known ai GrofTulari- 

■cea ; haiing the above at ita typical genus. 
nib-gTOM (Bot.) thofe plants which have been obferTrd to be eaten by 

cattle ha>e often obtained the name nigra/,, though diflering in every 

other reipeA from real gnflea. This one ii the Piantago lanceolata. 
Elo'da (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pidm Fraiuifit, AW, a Florentine 

botanilt ; typical genoi of Ricdaces ; a divilion of the Ciyptogamia. 
Blode'lla (Bot.) dim. of Rkcui a geniu of Ricclacec, 
RlaotooRT^lu (Bot.) the genus Ricda, and ■■(■•f, fniit; a genua of 

Rlohs'la (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. RiiUc, a tnrellet irho died at 

Tiipoli in liioj a genua of Loganiaceie. 

Rloe (Bot.) Zat. aryxa; Gr. ifo^m; Araiit, mx. 

Rlobor'dla (Bol.) P. N. in honour of La.i, Cl^ud^MarU Ritlard, an 

eminent French botanift, who died in 1811 j a fplendid genus of 

OrontiacOB, often called the Ethiopian lily. 
Richardso'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of RUIanl RicharJft*. an Englilh 

botanill ; a genus of Cinchonarex. 
RlchBTdBOTlil (ZooL) P. N. in honour of Sir Jahf, RUIurJfit, M.D. 
Brchea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. «i:*f, a French naturatill who 

accompanied D'Entrecafteaux, and being loll three dayt on the coaft 

of New Holland, lived upon the berries of an allied genus ; a genni of 

RicheYla (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Euphorbiacez. 
Rlohte'lla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of CompofiUc. 
Rlolnooarpiu (Bot.) the genus Rkmm, and iufnii, fiuit; a genus of 

Rloi'nuln (Zool.) dim. of JiVJmu, the Qaftor-oii plant, the berries of 

which the Ihell refembles; a genus of MoUufca. 
Ri'cinilH(Bot.)i^/. atick;from therefemblanceofthefeed ;lheCaftor- 

oil plant ; a genus of Nat. Ord. EuphorbiaceO). 
lUco'Ua (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Crucileia:. 

RID — Rir 4SZ 

lellia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitz. 

bun'dus-a-am (Oniith.) Lat. laughing. 

I'fla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of UmbeUiferae. 

le'la (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. RiedUy who accompanied Captain 

Baudin round the world ; a genus of Byttneriacez. 

cotir'tia (Bot.) a genus of Compofitse. 

enbaoliia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onag^racegs. 

ms (Bot.) rign, to ftiffen ; e.g. Gazania rigmt, 

iella (Bot.) r^^dW, rigid, in reference to the ftiffbessof the peduncles, 

vrhen fupporting the feed-vedels. 

dus-a-um (Bot.) Lot. ftiff, hard ; e^, Carex ri^da, 

d'sos-a-um (Bot.) Lot, full of clefta. 

ula (ZooL) dim. of rima, a fiflure ; a genus of MoUuica. 

.e'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rmder^ Dean of Medicine in Moicow ; 

I genus of Boraginace«B. 

sens (Zoo!., Bot.) Lai. gaping, eg.j Melicerta ru^au, 

i'cula (Zool.) dim. of ringau^ grinning ; a genus of MoUoica. 

>'rea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of ViolaceaB. 

'rius-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lat. frequenting riTera, growing on river 

i>anlis ; e. g, Carex riparia. 

'dimn (Bot.) furilw^ a Little &n ; the application is not evident ; a 

^nus of Gramina. 

dode'ndron (Bot.) fiwit-*^, a fan, tM^w, a tree; a genus of 


ph'oriLS (£nt.) ^uriV, a fan, ^ofc», to carry ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

dlos (£nt.) ftirifHoff a fan ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

''gonum (Bot.) /rr«{, a flexible twig, yitog, a (hoot; a genus of 


ya (ZooL, Bot.) P. N. in honour of Riffi, a French zoologiA; a 

inenus of Mollufca ; in Botany, a genus of Aunuitiaces. 

'ta (£nt.) rivus, a rivulet ; from the wave-Uke markings. 

>a (Bot.) P. N , a genus of Convolvulaceos. 

'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of LegominofA. 

na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ^. Q.^ivi«Kr, a botanid of Saxony, who 

lied in 1722 ; a genus of Phytolaccacese, bearing racemes of red berries. 

lla (£nt.) rwulusf a little brook ; a genus of Lepidoptenu 

ila'lis (£nt.) rivKlus^ a rivulet. 

la'ria (Bot.) rgvuUu, a flream becaufe it grows in rivers ; a genus of 

Frefh-water Alg». 

Riy — SOH 

BlTula'rlB-e (Bot.) r'nulvi, a brook ; fjaviVag in brooki ; e. g. Saxifraga 

Roaoh (Ichth.) Angl^-Sax. rnJichi; Diad, rxh; drm. mhi j common 

name of Leucifcui nitilui. 
Balibia (Bot ) P. N., a genm of Apocynac™. 
Rober'gla (Bol.) P. N. from Laurrnl RtUrg, Profeflor of Medicine at 

Upfal ; a genut of Connaracea. 
Itober'Ua(Bot.)P- N. in honour of jlf.ffi^rl.aCorftianbotaalll; ageaui 

of Tmaces; alio a genui oF RanuncuUceiE. 
Itobei'ts^a (Bot.) P. N , a geniu of Compafitz ; aUb a gfniu of 

Bobertao'niB (Bot.) P. N., a gcnui of Saxifragaccn. 
Boblqus'Ua (Bot.) P. N., a genua of OrchidaccK. 
Bob'iQ (OmiCh.) Lai. rui.-i-la, from ruin, to be red. 
RobiD'la (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ymn SMi,, a French bounift, who 

died in 1597; the faUc Acacia; a Tuperb geniu of Legnminoui trees. 
Itobsobla (Bot.) P. N , a genua of GrolTulariacae. 
RobUHtaliB (Ent.) roiijfB,, (lout, flrong. 
Boa'ambole (Bat.) common name of Allium Scoiodopcaliim. 
Bocoel'la (Bot.) Pan, rxcka, a rock ; from ita pUce of growth ; Orchil, 

a genua of Lichenei. 
BOGk'at (Bot.) i>neA, nquitU; Ilalian,riicluUa ; corrupted fron:i LuSliiyErma. 
Rodec'tia (Zool.; rodn, to gnaw ; the Rodenu ; fo called from their habit 

of gnawing or nibbling their food. 
Rodl'ela (Bot,) P. N. in honour of Rtdig, a friend of Sprengel'i j a genua 

of CompofitK. 
Bodo^JB (Ornith.) ^tii., a rofe, i^, rdemblance ; a genua of Humming- 

ItodTlgUO'£ia(Bot) P.N. in honour of Emanuel Xodri^uci, a Spaailh 

phjCcian and botaniit; a genua of epiphytic Orchidaceo:. 
Eodachle'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cruciferte. 
Roe (Zool.) /tifglo-Sn'. raa, rah .- the Capreolut Doicai. 
Roea (Bot.) P. N., a genu, cf LeguminoGe. 
Boella (Bot) P. N. in honour of G. S«&, Profeilbr of Anatomy at Am- 

Rcesena (Ent.) P. N. in honour of A. J. Ry,I, a Jainter and entomo- 

logill, who died in 1759 (Ace. Lin Brit. Lcpid.) 

Ito'tadea (Bot.) P. a. in honour of Miciaci SskJr, of Bremen in Ger- 


Rohlin'gia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Dilleniaceoe. 

Ro'hria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitie. 

Rolan'dra (Hot.) P. N. in honour of Daniel RoUmJer, a pupil of Lin- 
naeus, who vifited Surinam ; a genus of CompofitSB. 

Bolda'na (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitie. 

Rolfinlda (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitie. 

BoUan'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lobeliacez. 

Bolll'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Anonacese. 

Bolo'fa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Melembryaceie. 

Bomanzo'via (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Hydrophyllaceflc 

Bome'ria (Bot.; P. N. in honour of J, J, Rdmety Profcflbr of Botany at 
Landftiut, who died in 1820 ; a genus of Papaveracez. 

Bonme'ya (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Papaveracese. 

Boxnulea (Bot.) uncettain ; a genus of Iridacex. 

Rona'bea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacex. 

Bondele'tia (Bot.) P. N. given by Linnaeus in honour of Ronddet^ a cele- 
brated phydcian of the i6th century ; a genus of Cinchonaces. 

Rorella (Bot.) dim. of ror, ror'uy dew ; a genus of Droieraces. 

Borellus (Ent.) dim. of r«, dew. 

Bor^qiial (Zool.) from a Norwegian word fignifying ** whale with folds." 

Rosa (Bot.) Lot. a rofe : the /•)•? of the Greeks was not a roie, but pro- 
bably the pomegranate- flower. 

Bo8a'ceu8-a-um (Zool, Bot.) Lai, rofy, rofe-like ; arranged like rofe- 
leaves ; r.jr., Muia rtfacea, 

Bo88BCola'na C£nt.) r^, a rofe, eoUret to frequent. 

Bosali'na (Zool.) rofa, a rofe; a genus of Foraminifera, the chambers 
of which are difpofed in a rofe 'like manner. 

Rosalia (Bot.) rofarius^ rofe-like ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 

Rosco'ea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of W, Rofeoe^ the hiftorian of the 
Medici, who died in 1831 ; a genus of Zingiberacex. 

Bo'seus-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lai, rofy, rofe-coloured ; arranged like 
rofe-leaves ; e. g.^ Bryum rofevm, 

Boalerstam'mia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of FifcJur von RoJUrpamm^ a wri- 
ter on Entomology ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Roamari'nuB (Bot.) rw, dew, marinus, belonging to the iea ; it might be 
tranflated<'fea-fpray ;" Rofemary ; a genus ofLabiatz. 

Hos'marus (Zool.) the Norwegian word Rofmar latinized. 

Bos'aia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Sir John Rtft ; a fub- genus of 


RosteUa'iU (ZooL) r^tHm, a link beik ; a gtnni of SttomhldB or 

BoBtella'tUS-B'lun (Bat.) r^Ilum, a little beak ; bota faadiei relembUncr. 
Boatellnm (Bot.) Lit. a little beak. 
BOBtralla (EDt.) r^ram, a beak. 

BOBtn'ria (Bat.) r^nim, a beak ; a gcam of Gramina. 
RostTR'tuB-a-um (Bot.) r^nm, a beak; beaked, r,j'., Mntmn nfiraham. 
RosulatoB-a-um (Bot.) rofi, a rofe ; ha*ing the learet arranged is littk 

roTe-like cluAen. 
Kote'lla (Zool.) dim. of nia, a wheel ; a genua of Mollufca, 
Rotllla (Hot.) P. H. In honour of A. W. Rah, of Bremen, a Grnnan 

boLanif) ; a genua of CompoHUB ; alio a genua of Leguminota. 
Rottbollia (Bot.) P. N. In honoor of C. F. Rtlim, a Daniih botanift, who 

died in 1797 ; a genua of Giamtna. 
Itottle'ro (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rn. Dr. Rtttitr, a DaniA mllConary ; 

a geaui of Euphoibiaceie. 
Rotunda'Tla (£nt.) nttndvi, round j from the rounded form of the 

Roia'na (Em.) P. N, in honour of Rcxara, wife of Alexander the Great ; 

a genus of Lepidopteia. 
RoxbUTg'tlia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of W. Rexbtrgk, M.D.. director of 

the Botanical gardens at Calcutta, who died ia 1S15 ; typical genua 

of Roxburgh! acete. 
Royd'sia (Bot) P. N. in honour of sir J. Refdi ; a genua of Capparidaceae. 
Roye'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Adrian vtn Riyn, ProCsflbr of Botanjr 

at I^den, who died In 1779 ; a genua of Ebenacete. 
Bay'lea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. John FirUi Ajrf;, F.R.8. formerly 

fuperintendent of the Botanical gardens at Saharunpoor, who died in 

1%S% , Bgenus of LabiatB. 
RoystoD Crow (Omith.) common EngliOi name of the Hooded-crow ; 

Corrus Cornii. 
Rube'aola (Omith.) n^, to become red; fpedficnameof theRed-bical). 
RubelluB-a-nm (Ent., Bot.) I-nt. reddllb ) i. ;. Arenaria mUUa. 
Ru'beiU (Zool,, Ent., Bat.)ZiiI. red, reddilh; t.g. Tiilblluin nAmi. 

Rulier, m'bra, ru'torum, (Omith., Bot.) Lat. red, 

Ruliebv (Omith.) nbtr, ted, reddilh ; fpedfic name of the Whinchat, 

Saxicola riiittra, 
Ru'bltt (Bot.) rtiir, red ; the roota an nfed as a dye ; Madder ; a genua 

of Nat. Ord. Oaliacez. 

RUB — RUL 457 

■tubi'oola (Omith.) rubus^ the bramble, «/«, to frequent ; fpcci6c name of 

the Stonechat, Saxicola ruiicola. 
Unbioim'diis-a-um (Zool., Ent.) Lot. red, ruddy. 
flubidaliB (Ent.) ri/^f^/Sx/, red. 
fla^bidus-a-nzn (Zool.) Lot. red, reddlfli. 
flubigalis, Rubigina'lia (Ent.) ruiigo, ruft ; nid-coloured. 
%ubigino'8lu-a-ixm (Bot.) Lot. ruft-coloured ; alio glandular ; e. g, Rofa 

rublffmfa^ (weet-brier. 
^nbrioalis (Ent.) baring the colour of rubrica^ red earth, red ochre, 
rtubrloollia (Ent.) ruhar^ red, cMum^ the neck ; from the red collar. 
%abrioollu8-a-um (Omith.) fame derivation. 
Su'bripea (Ent.) nAer^ red, pa^ the foot, 
^ubrooino'tus (Ichth.) rukery red, dnBus^ banded ; red-banded. 
Sabiotibiella (Ent.) ruber^ red, may the fhank. 
^u'bOB (Bot.) Lot, a bramble ; a genus of Nat. Ord. Rofacee. 
^Udbe'ckia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Olof Rudbeek, Profeflbr of Botany 

at Upfal, who died in 1702; and of his fbn, who died in 1740; a genus 

of Compodtz. 
%add (Ichth.) the Leucifcns erythrophthalmus or Red-eye. 
iu'dis-e (Bot.) Lot. rough ; r. g. Rubus ru£s, 
fludorphia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JV. J, H. Rydolphj a botanift of 

Jena ; a genus of Leguminoik. 
%Ue (Bot.) Lat, ruia, 
^uel'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John RuetU, of Soiflbns, a boUnift and 

phyfician to Francis I. ; a genus of Scrophulariaceffi. 
^nflollia'na (Ent.) mfusy red, eUhoMy a fringe, 
^ufiolnota'tus-a-um (Ent.) rufus, red, dnaus^ girt about. 
Unfl'na (Omith.) rufiu^ red. 
%u'fipe8 (Omith., Ent.) rufwy red, pa, a foot, 
^ufoguala'ris (Omith.) rufiu^ red, guia, the throat, 
^iifo-vlre'soens (Bot.) rufiu, red, virefcau, greeniOi. 
%u'AllU8-a-um (Omith.) Lot, dim, rather red, ruflet. 
i(a'fti8-a-uin (Zool., Omith., Bot.) Lot. red. 
^ugllus (Ent.) rvgoy to be wrinkled or crompled. 
%ugo'8lls*a-um (Bot.) wrinkled, corrugated, 
iluiz'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Don HippdUo Rtdz, one of the authors 

of « Flora Peraviana " ; a genus of Byttneriaceao. 
Elulin'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. P. Ruling, author of '• Eflay on 

Natural Orders ; " a genus of Byttneriacez. 


4S* RVM -~ BTA 

Rulaex (Bat.) Lai. a Tpear, referring to the ftiape of the leavet; ihe 

Dock ; a geoua of Nat. Ord. Polygonacec. 
Bninia {Ent.) P. N., the goddefs who piended orer TuckUng ; a genui 

of Lcpidoptera. 
Tt nmlnan 'Mft (Zool.) naimart, to chew the cud ; the Ruminanti. 
Siutci'na (Zool.) Lai. a plane ; a genus of MoUiiTca. 
Rupealils-e (Bot.) Lai. growing; upon tocki, c. ;. Draba mfefr'u. 
Ruplcapra'rU(Ent.;rii/^ii^ni,a mountain gait,achatnoii; from thecolour. 
Rnpl'iiolai (Oraith.) rupa, rockt, iidirt, to frequent j equiv. to the popular 

name. Cock of the Rock. 
Ruplcola'lla (Ent.) ™/r«, rocks, coUri, to frequent. 
Bnp'pia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H. B. Rufpi, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Juncaginaceffi. 
Riu'cos (Bot.) nifcum wa« applied hy Plinjr to the Butchers' broom ; a 

fuiTiuticafe genus of Liliaces. 
RUBh (Bot.) Angla-Saxim, riii, rifi, a ni[h ; Latin, mfimn, butchen'-bnnm ; 

applied to the genus Juncus. 
Riui'na (Ent.) the fame ai Stiwiia, the goddefi of the Country (Rui). 
Ruasa'tus-a-um (Ornith.) Lai, clothed in red. 
Ru»8eTlft (Bot.) P. N. in honour of -*. HuJrU, M.D., FJt.S., author of 

" Natural Hiftory of Aleppo " ; a genua of ScrophulariaceK. 
Rua'BUla (Bot.) rrjiilm, reddiih ; a genua of Fungi. 
Rua'avans-a-um (Ent.) Lai. reddilh. 
Rusti'colua-a'Um (Oraith.) rw, the country, n/o, to frequent; living in 

fields or meadowa; r.^. Scolopax ntfiicaii, the Woodcock. 
RUB'ticuB-a-um (Omith.) Lai. niral, rail it ; .. j. Hirundo rvftua, the 

Swallow. ■ 
Ru'ta (Bot.) fini, rue; it is nearly the fame In moft languagei; Rue; 

typical genua of Nat. Ord. Ruticex. 
, y (Ent.) etymol. nncertain; a genua and family of Coleoptera. 

Rtite Udsl 

RuUcilla (Omilh.) rutilus, red,riV/i>, to ftir or agiute ; the Redftart. 
RutldOBo'ma (Ent.) jur.',.,1.,, a wrinkle, e-S,*-. body. 
BU'tllans (Bot.) Lai. red, glowing ; i. g. Thyrlacanthua mlUam. 
RulilUB-a-lUn (Ornith.) Lit. red, inclining to golden ydlow. 
Ru'yB0*iia(Bot.) P. N. in honour of f. fluj/;*, ii*. C, a celebrated Dutch 

anatomill, born 1638, died 1731 ; a genua of Marcgraviacez. 
Rya'liea (Bot,) P. N. in honour of J»*™ It^,,, M.D., F.R.S., a Corrc 

fpondent of Vahl'a; a genua of PalD BoraceB. 

RTF — SAC 459 

Toph'aga (Ent.) /v***;, dirt, £lth, ^«yw, to eat ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
idocar'pas-a-uin (Bot.) fvrU^ a wrinkle, xcf «•; , fruit ; e. g, Hedy- 

iarum rytUocarpum, 

iphlCB'a (Bot.) fvrit^ a wrinkle, ^Xms, bark ; a genus of Algz. 
IrhynoliUB-a-um (Ornith.) furU^ a wrinkle, fvyx^tt a beak ; e. g. 

Rallus nftirhytchus. 

bal (Bot.) a name given by Adanfbn, meaning unknown ; a genus of 

»ba'tia (Bot.; P. N. in honour of L, Sabbatic a celebrated Italian bota- 

nifl ; a genus of Gentianacese. 

rfaheUumy fine fatid or gravel ; a genus and family 

'ol la 1 1 

> (Zool.) < of Annelids, inhabiting tubes formed of 

'Ol'ladflB 3 i 

V agglutinated grains of iand. 

ulo'sus-a-uzn (Ent.) LaU fandy, gravelly. 

urra'lis (Ent.) Lot. fandy ; fand-coloured. 

oa'tua-a-uxn (Ent., Bot.) faccus^ a fack or bag ; in Ent. applied to a 

rpider, from the bag of eggs it carries fixed to its fpinnerets. 

chari'na (Bot.) facchamm^ fugar ; from its fweet Ufte ; a genus of 


Marine Alge. 

charoph'orum (Bot.) faccharum^ fugar, fero^ to bear ; a genus of 

'charum (Bot.) Lot, fugar, from the Sanfcrit fariara, Greek 9i»x*h 
ffazx»^*i the Sugar-cane ; a genus of Gramina. 
oi'dium (Bot.) dim. of r«»a9f, a bag, iDef, likenefs ; from the form 
of labellum ; a genus of Orchidacese. 

oochilus (Bot.) 0-«»»of, a bag, x'^'^^*^^ ^ ^^P * ^^^ ^^^ ^'^''m of the 
labellum ; a genus of Orchidaceie. 

coglo'ttis (Bot.) a-»*uet, a bag, yXttrrif, a lip ; referring to labellum ; 
a genus of Humiriacex. 

so'gyna (Bot.) #«»»•(, a bag,yvfif, piflil ; a genus of Jungermanniaces. 
3olo'bium (Bot.) e-aMxiSt a bag, x«i3of , pod ; a genus of Orchidaceie. 
solo'ma (Bot.) r«N«Of , a bag, XAfJut, fringe ; a genus of Polypodioid 

oomys (Zlool.) ffa»*»f, a bag, fAvt, a moufe, from the great fize of the 
cheek -pouches ; the Pouched-rat ; a genus of Mammalia. 
3opet'alum (Bot.) r«»»«f, a bag, vireiXn^ leaf (petal) ; a gentis of 

46o SAC — SAL 

Soooopli'oriu-a-uin (Zool.) r>iiiuf, a fmiU bag or pouch, fv'*> t° '>^''' 
Saon'rlA (') fairanui, a lacriftin. 

/- Dame giTen by Mr. Gofle to a gtnm uu) bmily 
Sagor'tta t .~. . / of Aftinin, from the ancient Sagarluuj, who 
Sngarti'adsf ) captured their enemin by means of i mrafe, in 

V allulion to the miHile conji of the animal. 
Sag'dft (ZooL) a precioiu Hone mentioned by Pliny of a leek-green colour ; 

a genui of Mollufca. 
Saeenoorl'oltsB (?«. ZooL) tayin, a Glhing-net, h^'hi, a Uly ; a genua 

of Crinoidea, or Stane-liliei. 
Sagl'na (Bot.) I^. fomethlng noorilhing ; ftteep-food { now aj^lkd to 

an inlignificant genus of Caryophyllacea. 
Sogltta'rla (Bot.)/^Ai, an arrow, lUndlng to the form of the leavet of 

fbme Ipeciet ; a beantlFdl aquatic genus of ALlfmacett. 
Sagltta'ttU-a-um (_'EDt.)figMt, an atiow ; harlng arrow-head marks on 

the wing.. 
Saitlttlllll'guas (pniith.')/aptta, an arrow, iingiu, a tongue. 

, f /agu, Malay name of rarious planu ; the Sago-palm ; 

" ^° I (Bot.) J Nat. Ord. Palmie : Sago li prepared from the pith 

\ of thefe palms. 
Salaaoen'ats-e (Bot.) P. N. relating to Mount Sola, in Jara, 
Salom&a'droid (Zool.) rmXtuMfM, a Tenomow lizard, lalanunder, tllii, 

refemblancc ; Salamandet-like. 
SeJar (Ichth.) Lai. a falmon. 
Salep (Bot.) Araiic, Saklrit thii name ii applied to a farina ptocuTed 

from the dried roou of a fpecies of Orchis. 
SaUoaOlB (Ent.) f^son Sallows and Ofien (SaEx Capina and vimlnallt.) 
SBUaa'rinB-a-ani (Omith., Bot.) T^x, a wiUow; willow-likej In Bot. 

from refemblance of learet; e.g., Lythnim Sidkaria. 
SaUoe'tDin (BoL) Lai. a collection or plantation of fpecie* of willow. 
Sftl'lciB (Ent.) feeds on the willow (Sa/«.) 
Sallcor'nls (Bot.)^, fait, nriu, a hom ; Glanwort or Saltwort; a gtnui 

of Chenopodiaces. 
Saliflbu'rla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of S. A. Salutary, J'.R.S., i dH- 

tinguilhed botanifl ; a remarkable Japanele genus of TaxaccK. 
Sa'Una (Ent.) Lai. a leapcr or jumper ; a genus of Hyntenopteta. 
Sft'liz (Bot.) £s«. a willow-tree j the Wrltow; typical genus of Salicaceie. 
Sol'mei (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pri«i ClurU- if Salm Dyke, in Hol- 
land ; a genut of Compofitee. 

SAL — SAN 461 

Sal'mo (Ichth.) Lat. a salmon. 

Salmon (Ichth.) FrenehyJaitmoH; Lat.ftdmo. 

Salmo'nidSB (Ichth. )y^iiio,the falmon ; the family of the Salmon and Trout. 

Salmulus (Ichth.) dim. oifalmo^ the salmon ; the Samlet. 

Salopiella (Ent.) was firft captured in the county of Salop ; fpecific name 
of a moth. 

Salpiglo'saiB (Bot.) 0-«Xfri)'f, a tube, yy.mffo'a, a tongue, in reference to 
the tongue- (haped (lyle in the tube of the corolla ; a genus of Scrophu- 

Salpin'gids) ^^ n 5 «■^>•«•»>'^«>•)'•*f a trumpet ; a family and genus of 

Salpln'gus > c Coleoptera. 

Sa'lsafy (Bot.) name given to the efculent roots of Tragopogon forrifaluu ; 
corrupted itomfot-fequau^ following the fun, which the flowers do. 

Salsola (Bot.) falftu^ fait, from its faline properties; Saltwort ; a genus 
of Chenopodiaces. 

Baltici'dSB (Ent.) £im. of Spiders, of which the genus Salticus is the type. 

Bal'tious (Ent.) Lot, dancing, jumping ; a genus of Arachnidie. 

Bal'vla (Bot,) faltfto, to be in good health, in reference to its healing qua- 
lities; how highly these were edeemed by the ancients may be 
gathered from the veife: — ** Cur moriatur homo cui Salvia crefcit in 
horto ? " — a genus of Labiatas. 

Salvln'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Antonio Maria Salvlniy Greek ProfeT- 
ibr at Florence, who died in 1729 ; a genus of Marfileacen. 

Sambuoalis (Ent.) feeds on the Elder, (Sambueut nigra and Ebulus.) 

Sambu'ous (Bot.) iald to have been Co called from cmfABvtifi, an ancient 
muflcal iodrument, perhaps the dulcimer, which was made of its 
wood; the Elder; a genus of CaprifoliaceiB. 

Samolus (Bot.) Celtics/an, falutary, mo*, a pig ; the plant originally fo" 
called was pigs' food ; Brook-weed ; a genus of Primulaces. 

Sam'phire (Bot.) from the French St, Fitrre^*^ Galli enim et Itali Her- 
bam San£ti Petri vocant."— Ray., Syn. Stirp. Brit. p. xii. The 
true Samphire is Crithmum maritimmn. 

Samy'da (Bot.) Greek name of the birch ; a genus of tropical plants. 

Sa'nctuary (Bot.) corruption of centaury, (Erythreea Centaurium.) 

Sando'lioum (Bot.) fintoor, the aboriginal name ; a genus of MeliaceA. 

Sanguinalls (Bot.)finguijy blood ; fpec. name of a Digitaria : this is not 
taken from its colour, but from an idle trick which the boys in Ger- 
many have of pricking their nodrils with the Tpiculx till they draw 
blood. — Curtis. 



Saugolna'rla (Bot.) fitgiili, blood, From the bimd-cokiured juice of the 

root i Btood-root ; a genus a! PapiTeiaceee. 
Bangulaor^a (Bot.)^jirii, b\ood,/oritt, to aUbrb ; Burnet ; typical gcnut 

of Sanguitbrbaceie. 
Sonl'aula (Bal.)^nii, to heal, from iti fuppofed heaUng qualities; a|^nii9 

Sansevle'ra (Bot,) P. N. in honour of San/™n-, a Swedilh botanift ; a 

genu) of Liltacen. 
Son'talum (Bol.) fumbitfiJiJ, its Perlian oamej Sandal-wood; typical 

genui of Santa tice£E, 
SaQtoli'QIl (Bot.) /•nUm, holy, Ibaim, Hax, from iCi reputed medicinal 

qualities ; a grnuj of Compofllie. 
Sanvita'lift (Bot.) P N., a genu* of Compofita. 
Saphe'nlA (Zool.) cwfniit, dear, didinft. 
Sapln'dua (Hot.; ppo Indui, Indian foap ; the Fruit gives a lather to 

water which cleaniei linen ; typical geniu of the fplendid arborelcent 

S&vtunt (Bot.) ya/9, foap, which is perhaps from Ccll.fip, fat ; from the 

fatty exudation fiom the wounded trunk; a genus of Euphorbiaceie. 
Sapona'ria (Bot.) fufa, Ibap ; from its fap giving a lather like that of 

Toap ; a genui of Caryophyllacez. 
Saprl'nus (Ent.) rmtrfii^a, to putrefy ; a genus of Coieoptera. 
Sa'racha (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Sareiia, a Spanilh botaniH ; a 

genua of Solanaces. 
SaroEtn'tllUB (Bot.) aif^, flefli, ititi, a Hower, a genus of Orchidaceat. 
Barolo^taonu-o-um (Omith.) amfant, a caruncle, ^fin, to bear ; having 

Saroonap'noa (Bot-) r>/if, »f«i(, flelh, »w>n. Fumitory; a genui of 

Saroooaulon (Bot.) >■;£, rttfxii, telh, umiyit, a Hem; a genui of 

Baroooepb'alUB (Bot.) eif^i rtfiUt, flelb, Mt^sXn, the head ; a geaus oF 

SaraoohJluB(Bat.)fBff, riifii>f,flelh,jt;<<'^ii,>lip;>genusoFOrchidacez. 
Sarooohl'tum (Zool.) i»^, .■,«{, fleih, x-f^-" «ot <" cfH ; a gcnni of 

Saroococ'ca (Bot,) m^, ntftis, fleih, liiiiif , a berry ; a genus of Euphor- 

Sarcooo11a(Bot,),«f!, r<yi>i, fl.-(li, .iHa, glue; a gcnui of Prnjiacea;. 

SAH 463 

iroodac'tylis (Bot.) rct^f, r«fjr6f, flefti, and }«»TvX«f, a finger; a genus 

of Aurantiacese. 
irc6'de (Zool.) a^ap%aSSnf, flefhy ; applied to the gelatinous and femi- 

tranfparent iiibftance found in the fimpled forms of living creatures, 
urcode'rma (Bot.) f»^t ^afnitt fle(h, ytffA»t ikin ; a genus of Algae, 
urcodio'tyon (Zool.) ff»fi^ a-»f»9s, fleih, ^/xtvow, network ; a genus of 

UXSOglottis (Bot.) r«p$, fftf^it^ flefh, and ^Xarrrii, a lip ; fubdance of 

labellum ; a genus of Orchidacex. 
arco'grapha(Bot.)r«^, r«f««f, fle(h,7^a^flr, to write; a genus of Lichenes. 
aroolas'na (Bot.) r«i^, ftfxisy fie(h, and Xar»«, a mantle ; a genus of 

aroolobus (Bot.) ^dfi, vaf»u, flefh, x«/8«f , a pod ; a genus of Afcle 

aroophj'OUB (Bot.) r«^, r«^»«f , fle(h, ^vx«f, (ea-weed ; a genus of Algse. 
oroophyllis (Bot.) ^Af^^ c»f*if^ flefh, and ^vxx/f , leaves; a genus of Algz. 
arcophyllum (Bot.) d^, t»f»»ty fleih, ^xxo», a leaf; a genus of 

arcophy'te (Bot.) rs^f, ftifxis^ fleHi, ^vrsv, a plant; a genus of Balano- 

aroopyr'amis (Bot.) r«/£, ^ifxist ^Ai, and n/^c^iV, a cluder ; a genus 

of Meladomacez. 
aroorham'phuB (Ornith.) a-i^t rmfxig^ flelh, f^f^^Sf the crooked beak 

of birds of prey ; the Condors. 
arcosc3^phus (Bot.) rc^^, r«^»«f , flefh, and ^nuipts, a cup ; a genus of 

fluroostem'ma (Bot.) ff»f^, ff»f»i$y fleHi, o-rifAfAm^ a crown ; a genus of 

arcostig'ma (Bot ) r«^, ea^Kif^ flefli, and rrlyfAa^ ftigma ; a genus of 

arco'stoma (Bot.) ^«^, r«/»of, fleih, and rr^/uc, mouth ; a genus of 

iaroostyles (Bot.) r«^, ra/»«f, fleni,and ^rux^, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus 

of Hydrangeaceae. 
laroozy'gium (Bot ) r«^^, r«^»*r, flefh, ^Cy«», a pair, referring to the 

oppofite leaves ; a genus of Zygophyllacez. 
largas'sum (Bot.) Spanljhy fargaxo.^ fea-weed ; Gulf-weed ; a genus of 

Marine Algx. 
iarma'ticus-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lat. belonging to Poland. 

46* SJK — SAU 

SBrmenta'oste (Bai.)farmnttiim, b long (boot or twig ) Venteoat'i euel- 

lenC naine for the yiiacex. 
Saro'poda(£nt.)ffi(/N,abefoin,i«^,ri)w,i[Dotiageiiu>of Hymenopten. 
Sarotnut'therB (BiA) ri/n, a berom, Mn^ anther ; i geniu of T«niftr6- 

SBTo'tea (Bot.) ra^nr, a fwceper ; a geniu of BTttneriocoe. 
Sorotluun'iilis (Bot.) rii^t, i brooir, ti/Aytt, a Ihnib ; a genut of Legu ■ 

Soro'thra (Bot.) aipAft, a firMping-broom ; a gvnui of HfperincMc. 
Saro'thrjpua (Ent.) rifti»/tr, a rweeping-broom, riZc, the foot j from 

■' the bnilhes of hair which are attached to the fore-leg«." — CiriiTiL 
SorotbroBta'ohyi (Bot.) the genu aanlira, and rrix<"i > 'p"'^ ; > 

g«nu» of EuphorhiacejB. 
Saipodo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in mythology ; a genui of RanunculaceK. 
Sonaoe'nla (Bot.) P. N, in honour of Dr Sarratir, a French phyfician ; 

typical genui of North American Order Sanaceniacea ; the Watej- 

pitclier 01 Side-faddLiv flower family, 
BSLTsaparllla (Bot.) literally " thorny vine," from ^nifi, tana, a bram- 
ble, farilla, a vine ; a frenui of Smilacese. 
Sa'raifl (Zool.) P. N. in honour of M. San, a learned zoologilt ; a genu* 

of Mcdufie. 
Buan'qoa (Bot.) the Japanefe name ; a beautiful fpeciei of Camellia. 
Sas'safras (Bot.) formed, through the Italian, from Zof. /umr, a rock, 

/«.;(, to break ; Sfai. falfafrai ; Frjagafrai ; a genua of Lamacea . 
SatuTfttonuB-a-um (Ent.) faturaiii, full, rich (of colour). 
Satore'ja (Sot.) JfSiirr, the Arabic name for all labiate plants i Savory ; a 

genui of LahiatB. 
Satur'nla (Hot.) P. N. of Mythology ; a genm of LitiactZ ; alfo the 

" Hen and Chickens " Daify. 
Satyri'diiim (Bot.) the genui Satyrwm, illtc, likenefi ; a genus of 

Saty^vun (BDt.)^Jjrw, a fatyr, from it> fltsnge ligure : a genu of ter- 

teltrial Orchidaces. 
SafyniB (Zool., Ent.) Imrvfii, a latyr, a fabled antmal and companion of 

Bacchus, repretented with pointed eari and a goat'i tail and legs ; 

applied both to a Monkey and a Butterfly. 
Sauoift'nus-a-um (Ent.)/ai.ciw, wounded, injured. 
Sanrau'ja (liot.) P. N. in honour of SDiirav/o,a Spanilh bofani(t(?) ; 

. g.!., ot DiUt»i.„ .. 

SAU — SCJE 46s 

m>a«pb'alU8 (Foi. Zool.) ri^ft. a liurd, ufaXii, a head. 
irogloa'anm (Bat.) *^ft, > liiard, and j-xSn-a, a tongue ; a genui of 

I'roids (Ichth.) viufit, a lizard, iHif, likeodi ; Liiard-fil)iei. 
irop'ala (Ent.) rm/fi, a lizard, i+r,, reftmbUnce ; ilfo a genu) of Foflll 

iroptery'sla (F<x- Zool.) s^fH, a lizard, rri/uf, rtifuyi, a da. 
I'ropUB (Bot.) fvfis, a lizard, sw(, a foot { a genui of Euphorbiacett. 
irothe'ra (Ornith.) rKifmrif, a fpike, frocn iu loog ftraight bill. 
iru'nu(Bi)t.)s''iJ^ii aliiaid, iufi, a tail ; topical genui of Sauniracoi. 
UBU'roB (Bot.) P. N. in Iwnour of Hinui Baa£il it Saajutt, a Swift 

philofopher and bocanilt, who died in 1799 ; > geoiM of ConpoQUE. 
Ite'ria (Bot.) P. N., a geniu of Marchantiacng. 
itle'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genoi of Acanthaccs. 
ivage'sla (Bot.) P. N. in honour tit F. B,dc Samaga, a French phy- 

Gciui, who died in 1767; typical genus of SaiiTag;niac(iB. 
'Bsta'nia(Bot.)P. N., a genuiof MelaftomaceiB. 
Tla (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Leguminols. 
lig'nia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Sa^lg^y, a French natutalill. 
rlsny* (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Cniciferm. 
rluto'iiia (Bot.) P. N,, a genut of Malvacec 
la'tUia-e (Oroith., EnC, Bot.) Lat. that dwelli among flooei, c ^. 

Veronica faxatllis. 
M-Go'thEBB (Bot.) P. N., named In compliment to hii late Royal 

Highnefi Prince Albert. 

d'oola ) „ . . liaxum, 1 rock, mb. to inhabit: the Wheatear 
. [■ fOtnith.) -; 

dcolinsl ( genui and family • 

d'fraga (Bol.)/iiiwi, a (tone, yrna^, to break ; from itt reputed medical 
qualities in calculus ; typical genus of Saiifragacea. 

["ber-hra-hrum (Zool., Bot.) 1m, rough, fcurfy. 

ibe'riB (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Algie. 

hbio 'sa (Bot, )y^iii», leprofy ; from its medicinal qualities; the Scabious ; 
a genus of Dipfacacea, 

kblo'BU3-a-um (Bot.) Lai, rough, Icurfy, <. ^. CentaureayidM^. 

Ltoa'lis (Eat.)fiairr, rough ; alkiding to (he nifed fcalet on the (ore- 

ibrl'ta (^Bot.) fisitr, rough, fcurly ; a genus of JafminaceB. 

b'»o1b (Bot )/fj*fl, that ufei the left hand ; a genus of Goodcniacew. 

+66 SCA — SCE 

ftaircafe, from the Ipjral turreted and 

I f7.ani.-t J wihheA (, 


Soala-rift , „..,^ j ^uv.j f..._ ^f tj,e (heU ; the WentU-trap» ; a 

genat and family of MoQurci. 
Sonla'ris (Ent.) Lai. of or belonging to a ladder. 
Scale- mos Be B (Bat.) popular name of JungermanniaceiE. 
Sna'Ila (Bot.) p. N., a genu, of Compofita. 
Soall'ge" (Bot.) P. N-. a geQm of Leguminofi. 
Scalige'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genu) of Umbellifer?. 
Soalio'pB s (Bot.) the genus Staiia, and IJ<i[, rclemblance ; a genui of 

Sas'lopB (Zoal.) •rti^ff., a mote ; the Shrew mole. 
Soolpal'lum (Zoot.) Lai, a lancet ; a genu< of Cirripedei. 
SoamTaoiiy (Bot.) it is uncertain from what plant the nififuiii of the 
Greeki |wai derived ; the name i) now giren to purgative reCni 
derived from Convolvulacez and AlclepiadaceK. 
ScEtlt'dlz (Bot.J f*iAf, a kind of wild pol-berb ; a geniu of Umbetli- 

Scapallla (Bot.) riBvam, a a hoe ; a geniu of JungermaaniaceiE. 
Scaphidi'idfB^ (Ent.) dim. of r»^'(, a bowl; a family and getiui of 
ScapWdlutn i Coleopiera. 

Soa'phia (Bot.) taif *, ■ boat ; a genus of Licheaes. 
SoaphiBo'ma (Ent.) fKxfli, a bowlis-aH^abodf, a jenas of Coleoptera. 
Saa'phllim (Bot ) ixifn, a boat or IkifT; a genus of Sterculiaceoi. 
Soaphyglo'ttia (Bot.) rmifv, a biat, yX-rrm, tongue; a genui of 

(. Lai.fiarahaiii,^ beetle ; a family and 
if "( genus of Coleopiera. 

Soa'lttbUB (Zool.) applied to a geniu of land-lhelU, probably from a 

reftmhlance to the beetle, fiarabuvt. 
Soarede'darla (Bot.) etymology uncertain ] a genus of Oichldacen. 
Soarl'olft (Bot ) doubtful ; fpecilic name of a fpeciei of wild Lettuce. 
Scari'tea > ,p , f ^'- » ''i'"' "f precious Hone of the colour of the 
Soarl'tidse/ ' i filh SMn-j; a genus and family of Coleoptera. 

Soa'rua (Ichth.) Lai. a very delicate kind of filh mentioned by Pliny, of 

which Hrange tales were told ; a genua of Labridv. 
Sceli'dOBali'rua (Fas. Zool.) rMXii-Sv, leg, trmift,, a lizard. 
Boell'dothe'rium (Fos. Zool.) rtii-!i„, leg, 6„U.„ a wild animal. 
Scelochi'lUB (Bot.) nix.:, the leg. and xf'J.'!, lip ; from the form of 
Labellum in thij Epiphyte ; i genus of Orchidaccr. 

SC£ — SCH 467 

lede'smus (Bot.) o-x^yii, a tent, ha-fjtisi a chain ; arranged in Angle 
linear feries, fide by Iide ; a genus of Defmidieae. 
pa (Bot.) rxm, a covering ; from its economical ules ; typical gemis 
of Nat. Ord; Scepacez. 

yoB'ma, (Bot.) 0-«i«««'/btct, covering, Hielter ; a genus of Euphorbiaceie. 
pseotham'nus (Bot.) r»iv«{[«, to (belter, da/Mv«fi a (brub ; a genus of 

>'sia (Ent.) o-xifrc^w, to (belter ; a genus of Diptenu 
^tran'thus (Bot.) r»mr«]p«y, a (laffor baton, «ydof, flower ; a genus of 

ptromy'ces (Bot ) r«?«rrp«v, a ftafT, /mD»ii(, a fungus ; a (e^on of 

leffe ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jama Chrifiian Sckagffer^ a German 
naturalift and writer upon Fungi ; a genus of RhaiSinacesfi. 
snlei'nla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Cinchonacez. 
iUeiia'aa (Ent.) P. N. in honour of SchaUcrt a member of the 
fcientific ibcieties of Berlin, Halle, and Jena, who publi(hed (everal 
works between 1785 and 1805. 
Uigi'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Chenopodiacese. 
umaYia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lichenes^ 
lu'era (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lauraceas. 
Eiue'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Labiatie. 

adono'ras (Bot.) c^tii*^ near, «^«f, a mountain ; a genus of Gramina. 
e'fflera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Araliaceie. 

elham'mera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C, C. ScheUummety Profeflbr 
at Jena ; a genus of Melanthaceae. 

ello'lepis (Bot.) ^xiXAm, to dry or parch, Xi**!;, a- fcale; a genus of 

elve'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariaceae. 
eppeYla (Bot.) P. N., 3 genus of Capparidaceic. 
eUOlLze'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John and Jamtt StkeutAzer, 
German botantds ; a genus of Juncaginaceas. 
le'kia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Liliaceae. 

lllera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the illudrious German- poet and 
dramatlft ; a genus of Byttneriaceae. 

ille'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the fame ; 2 genus of PIperaceae. 
I'ma (Bot.) rxZ''* to fplit or cleave ; a genus of Ternftr5miace2. 
im'pera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the di(lingui(hed bryologid; a 
genus of Cruciferse. 


468 SCH 

Bobi'nUB (Bot,) rjc'tx, the Greek name for Fillaeia Lcnilfciu, the Mallic- 

tret ; a genut o{ TereblntauK. 
Sohiu'iei (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Euphorbiacec. 
Sohis'tna (Bot.) r^i'^ft to Tplit; a genui of JaDgermannlaces. 
SohtEmato'pera (Bot.) rji^iV/ia-aTK, a cleft, w^fM, a poudi ; a geniu of 

SohismBtopta'TldeB (Bot.) rxi'/ta-'Tti, a cleft, rrifit, witfiki, a lem ; 

a feffion of Palfpodioid FUlcet. 
Sohiamo'oenw (Bot.) rxv^>. a deft, u^i, a horn; a gtam of 

Sottla'oitU (Bot.) ix'rfiM, a cleft ; a gEnm of Gtamina. 
SohlEtan'the (Bot.) rx-*'**' <^^<!"- diTidnf, Ji4ii, a tlower ; a genua of 

Scrophukriacea . 
Sohl'atas (Omith'.) rA^'t'i *" diriile; in allufion to the forked tail; a 

genui of HummiDg-bird). 
Sobiatl'dlum (Bot.) rx'rrii, divided ; a genus of Bryoid Muici. 
Sotalataoar'pha (Bot.) rx""', divided, idfpu, a carpel (literaUj, buSkj '< 

a genuj of Compoftta. 
Sohlatooe'phalaa (Zoot.) rx<rtii, cleft, diiided, iif ■><!, head ; a genui 

of Entozoa, or iateiiiiul worms. 
SohiBtomi'trium (Bot.) T;K'''">'""'led,fiiTf.«,a little veil; a giniu of 

Sohistophrag'ain (Bot.) rx'"'i' '^''^^ tf'yt*"' * partition ; a geniu of 

Soliiatophyrium (Bot.) rx'rrii, divided, .pii»»..., a leaf; a genui of 

Biyoid Mofci, 
Sohiflto'stega (Bot.) rx""<< fp'''. "•>••> aioreiing; a genui and fa- 
mily of Mulci. 
Sohiatoata'phlum (Bot.) rx"rit, diiided, rTifn. a wieslh ; a genu) uf 

Sohiwere'tikitl (Bot.) P. N. in honout of Andrru, Sikhmci, a Rnfllan 

liotaniit; a genui orCniciferge, 
Sahliaam'na(Bot.)rzif>^tofptit,Jiji>utB,atboni; ageauaofPolypodiaceK. 
Scbizaoby'riuin (Bot.) fx^'i-, to divide, iij);i^r, hoik ; a genui of Gnunina. 
Schizffi'ft (Bot.) rx'iZ'^, tocleaTe; from the appearance of aggregate fan- 
like fpikes ; a genui of PolypodiacejE. 
Sohiian'dra (Bot.) r^^Z"! ** divide, inf, itV', a ftamen ; typical genus 
of Schiiandrac:.-x. 

SCH 469 

Sohisan'giam (Bot.) a-x'ti^^ to divide, ayytiZv^ a Teflel (feed-veflel or 

capfule) ; a genus of Cinchonaces. 
Sehlsanthes (Bot.) «:^<'(«, to divide, Matt * flower; a genus of 


Sohixan'thUB (Bot.) ^x*^'** ^ ^^» '^^'s* > flower ; a genus of Scrophu- 

Sohizaspi'dia (Ent.) 0-;^<(», to ait, ia-m-iitavf a (hield. 

Schizooar'pis (Bot.) r;^!^*, to fplit, xaf^of, fruit ; a divifion of Mufd. 

Schizocar'piim (Bot.) ^X''{«| to divide, mmpwofy fruit; a genus of 

Sohlzoca'rya (Bot.) «^/(«,to divide, ma^imv, a nut ; a genus of Onagracez. 
Sohiso'ohiton (Bot.) ir;^t(«, to divide, ;^tmv, a tunic; a genus of 

Sohicoohise'na (Bot.) 0^;^i(«> to divide, x^*'*'* ' mantle; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
Sohizoohla'mya (Bot.) ^xZ^^ to fplit, x^-^f^t, a mantle; a genus of Algae. 
Sohizoco'don (Bot.) ^xZ^^ ^^ divide, »«l»v, a bell, from the deeply deft 

corolla ; a genus of Pplemonlacez. 
Sohizoder'ma (Bot.) a-xZ"* to divide, liff^m, fkin ; a genus of Fungi. 
Schizodio'tyon (Bot.) r;^»{«, to divide, ^i»tv«», a net ; a genus of Algie. 
Sohizo'dium (Bot.) o-xZ"* ^^ divide ; a genus of Orchidacea. 
Sohl zodon (Bot.) a-x*i'*% to divide, Situs, o^«»T«f , a tooth ; a genus of 

Bryoid Mufci. 
Sohi'zcxloii (Zool.) ^X'i^y to divide, e)«i/f-«3«»T«f, a tooth. 
Sohizoglos'sum (Bot.) ^(^oty to cleave, >'Xaf^r«, a tongue; a genus of 

3ollizogo'nium (Bot.) r;^;/?*, to fpUt, ya»r/«, an angle or joint ; a genus 

of AlgSB. 
Schizo'gyne (Bot.) ^i^w, to divide, ywn, a pidil ; from the deeply cleft 

ftigma ; a genus of Compofitie. 
SohizolSB'na (Bot.) «';^/C*t to deave, \aiva, a mantle; a genus of 

Sohlzolepis (Bot.) ^xZ^* to divide, Xiwlt, a fcale ; a genus of Gramina. 
3chizolol>ium (Bot.) ^X'i'^y to divide, X$8is, a pod; a genus of 

3ohizolo'ma (Bot.) ^x*^"* to divide, x«^c, fringe or edge, alluding to 

the fronds ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Sohizome'ria (Bot.) *x'»K^, to divide, /ul^t<, a part ; a genus of Cuno- 


Sohiao'inerlB<Bat.)l>ine derivalion; a genni of Alga. 

Sohlzone'ina (Bot.) tx-^ii, to divide, rifut, ■ tiLament ; a genua of Algte. 
SotaiEOno'tus (Bot.) ix-Z't to di'jite, tini,a ridge or ]»ck ; a genua of 

8ahl2opetalon (Bot.) rxZ-' t° iliride, rinA^r, a leaf; from the Ucini- 

ated petali ; a genui of Cmcifent. 
Sohizopbrag'nia (Bot.) '%''>, to diyide, ^>fi<s a partition; a genui 

of HydraageiceK. 
Sohiiopllylluiii (Bot,) r;i;i(ii, to divide, pv>.l», a leaf; a ^nui of Fungi. 
SoblKOplan'ra (Bot.) rx'i'' to divide, wt-ivfii, the fide; a genua of 

Bobllop'terlB (Foa. Bot.) rj^;;;*, a cleft, wrifi,, a Ecm; foOil ferm fa 

called from their deeply cleft leafleta. 
SohlzOBl'phon (Bot.) tx'i''' to fplit, r/^>, a tube ; ■ genua of Alg*. 
SchlEOSta'ohyimi (Bol.) ^^/fw, to divide, rr«i;w,a clddei i a genua of 

SohizoBteplia'llllua (Bot.) rx'Z', to divide, rii^int, a wreath ; a genua 

of Aoiaiytlidicea. 
SoUeoatlg'ma (Bot.) rxZ'^ to divide, rr^iua, a mark ; a genua of 

Sctallothe'oB (Bot.) rxi^i, to divide, tin, » (heath ; a genua of Cheno- 

SoUEothe'oium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genua of Fungi. 
Bdtii'zoUlXli(Bal.) irxiZ-i'o 6itide,Bti(,hiir or toll; a genua of Algc 
SoUzy'loc (Bot,) fxK'i t° divide, iixtw, wood; a genua of Fungi. 
Sohku'hrla (Bot.) P. N. In honour of Clirlflan SiiiuAr, a German bota- 

nid ; a genua of CumpafitBB. 
SohlegeliB (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the eminent German metaphyfidan ; 

a genua of Crelcentiacen. 
Sohlatohs'Tft (Bot.) P. N. in honour of > Swi& botanill ; a genua of Sa- 

Sohlelds'ala (Bot.) P. N. In honour of the eminent German author of 

"The Plant;" a genua of Ehretiacea:. 
SohUr'odus (Foi. Zool.) rtx^t''' rough, ;)»t, a tootlii folTil filhea To 

called from the minute pullulea on the fuiface of their teeth. The 

jaw) and teeth are the only portioni yet found. 
Sohlothei'inla (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Mufci. 
Schmldella (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. C. Scind^/, formerly Piofeflbt of 

Botany, Academy oF Erlangen ; a grnut of Sapindacetc. 

SCH 471 

lohmid'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sekmidt,^ German boUnift ; a genut 

of Compofitie. 
ichobe'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Chenopodiaceie. 
»ohOBnefel'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gramina. 
IchcBni'oolus (Ornith.) dim. of a-x^ut, a reed; fpecific name of tiie 

Reed Bunting ; Emberiza SckanUuiiu. 
(ohconi'dlum (Bot.) r;^oryo$, Lat, /chantu, a ru(h» i7)««> refembiance; a 

genus of Gramina. 
tohOBno'batea (Ent.) 9^x*^**i* *■ '^P^ ^^ ruflies, 0«Ti«, to tread, 
tchoanobiblos (Bot.) r;t«rwf , a rufli, BlBk*t^ baric ; a genus of Thymelacex. 
lohoBno'bius (Ent.) a-x»^^u^ ru(h,0iM»,to live; it is found among ruflies. 
tohOBnobry'um (Bpt.) trxiXuf^ a rulh, /3^y, hryum, a mofs ; a genus of 

ichoanooaulon (Bot.) ^x'^'^t* ^ ^^» »«vx«(, Lat, caMiu,^ (lem ; a genus 

of Melanthacez. 
ichCBnopra'sum (Bot.) r;^*?**;, a rufli, ir^9-«v, a leeli ; fpecific name of a 

fpecies of garlick. 
lohoBiioWna (Bot.) ^x*^**'* * ^^> Xcuo, a mantle ; a genus of Um-i 

iohoano'pBifl (Bot.) the genus Schaniu, o^*^* reiemblance; a genus of 

lohcBnor'ohis (Bot.) 0-;^«TMf, a ru(h, i^x^si an orchid ; a genus of 

lohoBQOxy'phium (Bot.) r;^p»V«f, Lat, fchmnuty a rufli, »vf «f, bent ; a 

genus of Gramina. 
iohce'nuB (Bot.) 9xfi^•i^ a cord ; it is made into cordage ; a genus of 

tohOBpfia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Sehdpfy a German botanift ; a 

genus of Oladlcez. 
tcho'llera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Vacciniacese. 

tohombur'ghia (Bot.) P. N., in honour of jSiV Rolxrt Sehomburghy a cele- 
brated traveller in Demeraia, and diicoverer of the Victoria Regia; 

a genus of Orchidacese. 
{oho'ma (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitas. 
tohoxi'geram (Bot.) one of AdanTon's unmeaning names; a genus of 

loho'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of R, van der Schoty Jacquin's fellow- 
traveller in America ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
ichousb8B'a (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 

47= SCH 

Sotaontan'ala (Bat.) P. N., a ^nin of Mdiacez. 

Schou'wia (Bat.) P. N. in honour of J. F. &<(wu, a alcbnud Daoilh 
botinift ; a geniu ef Cradfei*. 

Sohradera (Bat.) P. N. in honoar of Hm. A. D. Sihidir, i Gennu 
botinld and Pntfellor at GSttingen ; a gentu of Cinchonaecff. 

Sohran'kla (Boc., Hot.) P. N. in honour of Fnmit Pado ii SArmi, a 
German natarallH ; a genui of IiCgumiBoTc. 

Sobra'bara (Bot.) P. N. in honour of an eminent G«nnan bocaalft and 
ProfeHoT at Eriangen ; i genus of CeladraceE. 

Sahrel3ena'lia (£DtO P. N. In honour of "Jslann Chr^iam Doid wn 
^rirfifT, author of "No*«b Infrflorum Speciei," Ac. 

Sobrslber'sla (Bot.) P. N., a j^nui of Cinchooaces. 

Schrenkla (Bol.) P. N., a gcnui of UmlwllifenE, 

Sohubar'tla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ilf. f dsjrrf, a Poliflibotanin; a 
genu) of Conifers. 

Sohuohia (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Vochyacez. 

Schu'fla (Bot.) P. N., a genut of Onagtacen. 

SohtUtes'ia (Bot.) P. N. In honour of an eminent Gennan botanidj a 
geniu of Gncnina. 

Sohult'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Cari Hrinriik StkiJl^, a celebntcd 
German botanill ; a genus of UmbelliFenc. 

Sohomaahs'Tla (Bot.) P. N., a genua of DiUenlaceiE. 

Sohwa'bea (Bot.) P. N., a genut of Aeanthaces. 

SohwSgrlohe'nla (Bot.) V. N. in honour of Frrdrnci Schviigrkim, a 
Profeilor at Leipzig ; a genu* of AmytMactte. 

Sohwal'bea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophubriacwt. 

Sohwan'tiia (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Mat[righiace9E. 

Sohwart'Ia (Bol.) P. N. In honour of C, Siivrt, a writer on Entomo- 
logy ; a genu) of Marcgiaaiiacea. * 

Sohwarziel'la (Ent.) P. N.. &me derivation. 

Sohwetg'gera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ProfcHiir Scimtiggtt, one of the 
authors of a Flora of Erlangen ; a genui of Chufiacat. 

Scliwalgge'rla (Bot.) P. N. lame deri ration ; a genua of Violacez. 

Sohweinlt'ata (Bot.) P. N. in honourof JIf. Sikmiiiiiis: a genui of Mono- 

SohwenifBld'la (Bot) P. N., a genui of Cinchonatee. 
Sohwen'kla(Bot.)P. N. in honour of J. r. 5><ivHiL(, Prokflor of Medi- 
cine at Jena ; a genui of ScrophulariaceiB. 

Sohweyokher'ta (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Gentianieeie. 

SCff — SCI 473 

SohyohowBlcTa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Urticacese. 
Scia'dlmn (Bot.) ^ximiigt, a parafol ; a genus of Aigz. 
Soiadophyllum (Bot.) ^-xia^io*, an umbrella, ^vXXm, a leaf; a genus of 

Araliacez. ^ 

Soiadophy'Bium (Bot.) ««i«)t«», an umbrella, ^tf^«», to inflate ; a genus 

of Bryoid Muici. 
Soiadopi'tys (Bot.) ^-wi^iot, an umbrella or paialbl, m-iruf, pine; the 

Umbrella pine ; a Japaneie genus of Coniferae. 
SciSB'na (Icbth.) o'ttitufm, a (ea-fifli ; the Maigre. 
Solee'nldGB (Ichth.) the family of the Maigre fiflies, of which Scuemt is the 

Soiad'nolds (Ichth.) refembling (itltg') the genus ScugM, 
Sola'phlla (Bot.) 0>»/«, (hade, ^ixl«», to lore ; a genus of Artocaipacec. 
3oiaph'ilu8 (Ent.) o'hU, (hade, ^iXtr*, to lore; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Scll'la (Bot.) a-MvXkot, to injure; the roots are poiibnous; Squill; a 

genus of Liliaceae. 
Solnooi'diana (TxxyL) the genus Scineys^ iH*;, Ukenefs. 

f o'ziyyu OX ^uiyMf, the land crocodile or newt 

, > (ZooL) ^ about the Nile, mentioned by PUny ; a genus 

( and family of Reptllia ; the SIcinks. 
Sclndap'sus TBot.) ^Mt^m^H of the Greeks was an ivy-like tree ; a genus 

of Orontiacec. 
}olol>ia (Bot.) «-»««, fliade, Biim^ to live ; a genus of Urticaceie. 
Soiophila (Bot.) a-mm, fhade, ^Xi«, to love ; a genus of Urticaceie. 
Sciotham'nuB (Bot.) ^»i«, fliade, d«fcvoc, a (hrub ; a genus of Umbelliferss. 
Soipio'num (Bot.) the Calamus Seipionum yields the walking-canes, and 

bears this name in common with the noble Roman, P. Comeiiui, upon 

whom his father when blind leaned as on a (lafT, and who was called 

Scipio by his fellow-citizens, 
loirpidlum (Bot.) dim. of Sdrptu, an allied genus ; a genus of Cyperacen. 
(oir'puB (Bot.) Lot. a rufli ; a genus of Cyperace». 
Iclr'tes (Ent.) ^xi;t«», to flcip, leap, 
lolsaureria ) ._ , . r dim, oifclffnra^^ rent or cleft; the Little flip- 

r (ZooL) •< 

•oiasiireHidsd ) i fliells ; a genus and family of MoUufca. 

•oitami'ziesd (Bot,)fdtamenta, dainties ; the (plendid Nat. Ord. of plants 

reprefented by the Ginger-plant, &c. 
oiurl'na (Zool.)fciynu ; a rub-£[imily of Mammalia, 
oiuro'pteras (ZooL) fiiunu, a fquirrel, wrtfif^ a wing. 
oiu'niB (Zool.) Lot, a fquirrel. 


474 ' SCI. 

&cIare'a(B(n.)LatiQiEed from the word CWj, a well-kDown fpeciei of 

Solaraoh'ae (Bot.1 r»>.iifii, hard, ij^in, an iwn j a genui of Oramina. 
Salarau'tbns (Bot.) nimfii, hud, itin, a Howei; from the dry, juiceteli 

calyx ; typical genus of Sderanthaceie. 
Sole'ria (Bot.) nVufit, hard ; a genui of Gramina. 
80161^1)0818 (Bot.) ru>.nfif, hard, Bdni, foot or pedeftal; a genui of 

Solwooar'pus (Hot.) e-KXufii, hard, ur"^ ^ru'^ i ^ genua of Compofitm. 
ScISTOChes'tium (Bot.) mXnfit, hud, ;(<<tx, a tuft j a g«<iu> of Gramina. 
Solsro'ohloa (Bot.) fKiifii, hard, z'^'i S*^ '• * g^nut of Gtamina. 
Solerooao'oua(Bo[.) nKnfiiJard, ■■■«;, berry ; a gtnui of CiuchoBacciE. 
Solsroiler'Dia (Bot.) r>Ai^, hard, )i|V4i, Ikin i a gemu of Fungi.'nia (Ent.) tuXnrit, hard, SiffH, a Ikin ; a genut of Hyaieno- 

Solarodon'tlum (Bot.) ttX-nfit, hard, J3ov(, iSimi, a tooth ; a genu) of 

Bryoid MolTes. 
Sclsi'oln'iia (Bot.) riJuifit, hard, XatM, an CDielope ; a genua of Cheuo- 

Solero'leplB (Bot.) fcXii^, hard, xiritj » f<»'« i > genua of CompoTitM. 
BcleroIo'bium(BoC.)rii>.fi(>[,hard,JL>0>r,apod; a genua of LegurainofiB. 
Scleromltrion (Bot.) mXit^t, hard, ^'r^a, a chaplet ; a genua of 

Solaroon (Bot.) riXn^c, hard, ail, an egg; alluding tothefruitj a genua 

of Verbenaces. 
Sdero'phora (Bot.) nXufh, hard, f i(U, to bear ; a genua of Lichenei. 
Soleropby'ton (Bot.) rxktfit, hard, f vt«, plant ; a genua of l^ichenei. 
Sole'ropi (Zool.) nknfti, hard, £+, the eye; e.g., 1 icaie filtrofi, the 

fpeflacled Yacure. 
Solerop'torla (Bot.) nxifii, hard, rn^'t, a fern ; a genua of Orchidaa-m. 
Salarosala'diuni (Bot.) nuiftf, hard, nualm, an umbel (literally, para- 

fol) ; a genua of UmbellilerEe. 
SolBrostont'ina (Bot.) nXnffr, hard, ni/ifim, a wreath or chaplet ; a 

genua of Diplacacez. 
Soloroaty'UB (Bot.) ft\n>tf, hard, b-tExw, a pilUr (ftyle); a genua of 

Sclarothun'nuB (Bot.) rxXniii, hard, iiftm, a Oitub ; a genua of 

Sclarotba'oi (Bot.) tuXufis, hard, Sinn, Iheath ; a genus of Lobellacec 

* SCL — SCO 475 

iriz (Bot.) rxXii^*; , hard, 0f/{, hair ; a genus of Loafaces* 

um (Bot.) 0>xXn^»Tfr«> hardnefs; a genus of Fungi. 

7lon (Hot.) r«Xnf«(, hard, {vX«», wood ; a genus of Myrfinacea^ 

rm (Bot.) fc9^i powder or duft produced by fawing ; like fine 


>a'mpa (£nt.) ^ju»Afff-n««f, an earth-worm, »^fi«ri»,a caterpillar. 

phsigus (Omith.) 0>i(*Xn{-ii»«f, an earth-worm, ^iywi to eat. 

triohlim (Bot.) << liairy-worm," from r»wA.j|(-D»«f , worm, 6(i{, 

If, hair ; a genus of Fungi. 

Bnt.) 0*»«xt«(, crooked, curved ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

B (Ent.) a family of Hymenoptera of which Scolia is the typical 


s (Bot.) a genus of Leguminofae. 

loa (Bot.) rftorXtr, a prickle, ;^X4c, grais ; a genus of Gramina. 

)i'na (Ent) fcolopax, a woodcock ; from a reiemblance to the 

lage of this bird. 

z (Omith.) Lot. a woodcock. 

Qdra (ZooL) Lot, a centipede. 

adrlum (Bot.) a-MkB^U^fa, a centipede ; Hart's tongue; a genus 

>lypodioid Fiiices. 

I'thlU (Bot.) r»«Xof, a thorn, «96ef, a flower ; a genus of Cinchon- 

t/mum (Bot.) ^MvXof, a prickle, o-iriffAm^ feed; a genus of 


n'thUB (Bot.) 9»ikvfjL»^y a thiftle, «>6of, a flower; a genus of 


>cepll'ala8 (Bot.) 0>JMXv/u«f , a thifUe, m^hAh, head ; a genus of 


IB (Bot.) 0-«^x«f, a thorn; the plants are Tpiny; a genus of 


89) rp . X i9»mXwrtifA,my to wind about, /. e, beneath the bark 

I > <. of trees ; a family and genus of Coleoptera. 

* (Ichth.) Lat. a mac