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Full text of "Dioscoridis Libri octo Graece et Latine: castigationes in eosdem libros"

This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project 
to make the world's books discoverable online. 

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject 
to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books 
are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. 

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the 
publisher to a library and finally to you. 

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at |http : //books . qooqle . com/ 










Apud Petrum Hauirinura^vialacoba?^ 
fub figno caudae Vuipiase* 

5f ^ 4 9 

Cum prmilegio Regis^ad {exennram* 

\meimv tjuuayj^iy^^, 
H y/cioj^ 'TZih' a-TThZv ^difUctK.m iy 'jtov Zv ojwrzt^ <fcwif^ciyy otiw^ 

.: j 'nn^\^KcLu^4.youn^ 

T^r o-^a^ t^ax£^v^,mutw jj l^K^oTraffcL cm AvroviiiyK^ yty^oL^Pj ca, hjj^ 

TypograpKus leftoribus. 

I V M D E I Opt. Max. benignitate confe- 
«quutus ef&m,Yth^literaruin formx^ quas 
I exculpfijmultis probarentur^hoc mihi ftudiu 
ifuitj vt optimum quenque librum in quam- 
Iplurima exemplaria hac fcribendi ratione 
"^ transfunderem. Initium itaque huius rei a fa 
cris mihifaciendum putaui : quas veluti primitias cum Beo 
perfoluilfem ^ alios huius lingu^ auftores pri^fertini boncs 
exprimerc aggrelTus fum.Quam ad rem cum aliorum etiam 
dodoram & nobis amicoru hominumjtum lacobi Goupyli 
mcdici opcra ac iudicio vfi fumus^ qui nobis vt Diofcoridis 
iibros ita exprimcremus , vt in angnftum quoddam ipatium 
contraherentur^ confilium deditjbenignifsimeque pollicitus 
eft fc ea diligentia^quam maximam adhibcre poifet^effedu- 
rum^vthic audorex multorum veterum codicum fidee- 
mendatusinmanushominumperueniret. Quodvt pr^efta- 
ret exemplaria ab aliis excufa cum mulris veteribus libris ma 
nufcriptis contulit, locofque omnes^ qui peruerie defcripti^ 
aut deficientes elfent^afterifco annotauit^vt eos poflea refti- 
tueret.(ca enimlibros cafligadi ratio poticr ei vifa eftjquam 
vt ea 3 qu^ iam recepta eiTent, induceret ) Id autem quanta 
fide acdiligctia ab co fit pr^ftitum videbitis in cafiigationi- 
bus,quas isin hunc audoremfcripfit: vos igitur hisnoftris 
laboribus interim fruimini^ dum vobis expreifam imaginem 
plantarum , de quibus in hoc auctorc tradatio eft appara- 
mus. Valete. 

aa i} 



de xBateria medica Iibri fcx. 

Eiufdemdevcaenatis animalibiislibriduo^in quibus tr^- 
datio efl: de cane rabido^ & de notis^quib* agnofcjmus cos^ 
^ui ab animalibus veiieQum relinquentibus idi funt. 

niNAS £K TilN ATlAKran TAN 2TN- 

hcuoy s^oeiyjiv^^ 

VyLeiUf y. tu 


ay^hTCL Te^T^ 


cu^Kyi KtCdif£dT6 


ce. §\;£. 
C£. pfcT. 

y. hd\ 

f. fxC- 
«T. pxs-. 

ce. picT'. 
^. ^> 




» y 













aa ui 

3*. i«* 

g. pKi3* 


^. /». 

y. V. 

iS. !->. 

«. p-r. 
«. pxr< 


a.u.mKQ> ky^Ld^ 

^uvnM^ K^ivvjA 
ci^TTiKQ^ ykKcwidL 




y. ^A.. Gt^o^ 

$, p^. h/myji/m 
>. ^••S'. dLmTizLTn^, 

^. ps*. ccoycfKsvn 
<?, g'^]?. ka^Ko^cc ^oyyvKM 
^. ;fii. kpoyKcdCt^s 






4. §;r, 

> 5"7. 
^. p|m. 

^. TC^ 

^. I^- 
/2. <7W. 


^, py>. 

a. /A k^Tty^mcL KirPihv^Xo^ y. px-S". 

i^. cr-d-. k^T^^cnuitvKvitKoyo^ y. <i'/,^^ 

y» pystf» dLcra^'^ cf. '3". 

/3. o-y. kaCigo^ t. ^JcA 

^. §yflc. ktrCoKn e. c-pr^. 

^. §o=/I. kazKnTad^ > f^. 

5/. po?. k<T/.v^y y. foy, 

|3. ^^. kajjaKd^i ^. /9. 

^. I^ , koTJd^^^^ $, pS, 

y, pg. n^iAicc^Jb^ ^. ;»• 

g. '^Tj;. n^; T&Ty \j:sr* Acansto^ «^^^5/-* 

^^. pyJ*. -Twy jf. /g. 

}^. fs. kcmKlujcy y. p§^ 

£. pM. k^i^ kiiiyJs ^. <7;c* 

«^. pKy. kqciy!>Kos eP. |iS. 


k^d.yf^h.o^ uo^ 

jS, \L ^i^a^i^ 

r. > 


c&. f. ^oiTue^^ yji i l| cu/ni Kiyrj^. 


0. ^9. &. 'TTU. 


y, 5^. $h^K^y 

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$. fy.i, ^p^Tou/r/J 

cf . i^. 


0. OOit. ^c^vov ^K(loj70p 

/. ^^. 


fi. (f}CcC. 0^^uo^ 

0' F^r. 


0. ai^, ^^Z^^-aTricc 

<r. pw- 


tL fic^. r 


>. ^?*, TdLKa 

i2. os. 

k-^v^ov ^Ka.c^oy 

y. K-^. yiKayMja/AHoy 


k-^y^ov crofSdyio^ 

y, Kij. ytKa^uTToTJa^y 

r. xr- 

B ^ 

yiKiC ^<^v 



i§. M. yiKysii^-nnyuiio^. 

iS. <. 


cL. puJ^, yiKio-h^ 

J^. ^f. 

^iKOJO? UV^i-^yJi 

cT. p^^ yi^icv 



e£. pn yillo^ 



y. §;^* i^/u^rJavi 

y. > 

U^} 0u(nKicrAii 

{. i^.' y.^m/ 

:;/• fX«:. 

np '3^/ -iz^ ^ai^hi(r/.Qu /j? - yS 

s. fo. 


it, /r. y^ kuTT^K^TJ^. 

$. CTfii. 


A A^. ^l^tTCid^ 

5. POfiC 

^CtTC? )<f^i& 

cT. >^» y» ii Q//, 'T^v y^fMViov 

5. p^* 


^. <Tf. y^ yj^Kic^ 

2. psr. 


$. yj). y^ ^ftKii^ 

f* CT^ 


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Jl p.?. 


y. §xr. y^csLy^a 

5. P^.S. 


C f> yi cPzKi/ound 

i. pcs. 


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g. $0d\ 

^okCo^ iMJ^ims 

^. fT. >ijV£;"rs£9S 

iS. oS. 


> pX. rȣ5i>'oSS^5' 

iS. ;y. 


cT. ^y.-A. -^r^f/iim 

5 p^.^ 


^, §^r. yKavyaoy 

> p- 


<r. p)iA >X«S| 

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i3. fcr. >vj;^; 

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aa iii] 





fi£.Xfl£ ;^ 

«f. fM«e. 


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'^^YiVhy*^ ^ 

13. §xA 

\\ajiov kuvyiiLKmy. 



i3. fxg^ 

ihcuov ccv^diyoy 



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lh€uov ^cthdvtvov 

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thcuov yKivyjvoy 

Ct. |}** 

- AiifW ihcua^ cU' 


%Kauov Mmyov 

CC. V* 

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'ihauov ihi-nvov* 

u. vu 


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ihsuo)/ 'le/vov 



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thmoy ^^fvivov 

CL -M^ 


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\hcuOv idiuvov 

ci. hys^ 


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ihcuov cftrt 'tS x^iMi$ yJnioov^ 


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a, t^A 


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thcucv yjiyjvov 



t. i>. 


£L. h. 



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ce. ^s^ 

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ihcuov y^omoy 



g,. ty. 

ihcuov w^Zjpiyov 

a. f 5^ 




<t. hg. 


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ihcuov ^^ytvov 

€t. vC* 


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thcu^v ^.-^aKivov 

CL fl. 


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%ham .(Uhivhvo^/ 

<«. /.^g- 


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ihcuov (MhlVOV. 

et. V^. 

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%hcuov ohiv^voy 

tf. y^. 


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thcuov mwmtov* 

ef. A}'. 


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«r. P^cS. 

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y, chyi» 



Ki^jyJov &)0V 

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y, ^v'. 






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Kly^yii vy^tx^ CTJCJii^ 

c?. r^. 


tf. 7. A 

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a* TC* 


iS. x^d. 


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l. A 

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e. f K, 


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62. r. 



oim imJ^pst^pT}}^ 
mo^ (/^.^u^iTTf^ }y ctn^m^^^M, 
Qivoi mxiTiT^^ s» /£.- 

o>hQ^ uv^cn/unc g, ^^. 

mo^ y^Jiw^ s. |{. 

mo^ vr^TzteAT/f^ s. !?■. 

Wo^ m^^Tn^ 
mo^ f)H7tyiTii^ 

moi mKluiiTijf 

6. ua. 

g. ^. 

mof oiL ajxu^VyiS K^ d.^m i, |g, 

c7vo^ qio^iKtT^^ i. />(/• 

oiV0f.(WKCUj0eA7^f €. //iS. 

mo>^ji7}}i g. X». 

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o^ivo^ pomyJTTif 2, /^ 

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c£. rfiC- cr!J)!cc 

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fii. As. 

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iS. §k8. 

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y. m. 
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c/o^Tnoi bdJKic^>o^ ^'i<^? 

C/Ofmoi '^^7^o> ^. ly* 

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<^v*^o^ fjuaiYjo^» 



e. §f ^. 




c£. o;c. 


CL. TT» 


C£. 08. 





mjVL^ cLy^c/L 





CL ^-TtC. 


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a. p^/. 


<r. pojf. 

cvm ^^ioy 

cL* Y^^y* 



cTvy^VTov mTtiuoy 




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%vo^ cu i^. x^ S^^vCm 

sa^}^ kyisi. 

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^m ro HyJkpy 




<^ Qi^TTHa^ Twy vzzTD (^hkSv 

^(pvKiyo^ ty^o^ 


iy ^Kio:jav hfhy^m >?. i2. 

^V ^ 




^ctf Xg.boKOV 




95i7t»y ^atii^ 






«. %iC, 

^Of Tm^ OTC//4^^^S7«i 



i3. ». 





9^af Ttweiov xcfl mf^^h 

.«oy> JC5C4 






> pia. 

^a^ 7f A-^eicy x^ cs^S^THoy k^ 




iS. CT-;*, 



^ap vmv K^ apymv 



iS. ^;{- 

^of ^mv^i^op/i^ov 

A r>- 









7i^^>^e£>y l^^k ^fh 




0. foy. 

*T§di.y>t $* fn* K5« ^* y«« 

^^eiyKit 0' ^<^* 

^afet 7^1^;^ -fe^ Tpv^yo^ ^huo^ats 
J^J^>y^a>y ». r» 


^vJ^l^o;/ iB.p35. 

vJpounKov ■ ^ >^. 

<z^ TcTpoy C- ^^' 

vpj>p 5. /». 


^5£;cotf C/77J '7W?; 7iKU£trm «^* '^''^ 

(puKA^/yiov y* ^'^^" 

^aaioKo^ /Lf^c» 

^Ko^i . <^- f<^» 
(^c/vif j". ITy.Tt^ CL p«3» 

OpUiPOf ^ ^^ 

<pv>xh^ y* fy^^ 

(pv>Koy > fi«. 

(^iTlvuet ^. §^ 


yihfidM'A > 5-1. 

^K^UV^ S. p/£. 

^KKo^ yjey^ y&po^ ^ cr^, 

ycLmiiy.TA <^* §s£, 

^udLid^^n ^. i"9» 





y, poa. 


>./. ^ 

y.tcL ^<isjJbCovym 


> fog,; -ifiv^Jim^fJLm 


>§or. -i^vJby^c^ci 

«t. /> 

eT. §0. -^vJb^fJVyi^flQV 


<P» po^, 4^^/^73y 

t. ^. 

iS. «!• -i^pi/^ibioy 

T. ;t^. 

^. cr/i^ 4^^>A/oy 

• /.0.. 

^.cr/ff, 4^'>Aoy 

r. /. 

jS. 0. 4^e£W. 

£. p^* 

ig.s-r. n 

0, §/Jf, £lKJ^HMf* 


/. m ^xj^v 

0, ^oa^ 

Av^. ^jOOTzie/;:^^ 


f. f A iSsV. 

^. y</^.' 

«r. yg. ^;^fi« 

& §». 




Prior numerus librum , pofte- 
rior caput indicat. 




^rugo rafa 


i 5.16" 

^rugo fcolecia 


i ma- 

Ms vftum 


5- 2*7 


ADnntmum san- 

Aetitcs lapis 













Acanthus fylueftris 






Acetum ^ 



Acetum mulfiim 



Acetum fcillinum 



Acetum e ftoechade 








Alfine . 










Aconitum 4^77.78,^.7 

Alumen fcisfsile 




Adeps omnis 2.* 



Adeps fampfiiclii odorc im^ 

Amiantus lapis 


2.9 i 



4.15 <? 

Ammoniacon , 




-^ris fquamma 

5.89 AmpeHtis terra 

^ris flos 



bb iij 



5.1 £f£ 














Ampliisb^nsei Aus not^ eius Aqua mulfa 





Andrachnc fylueftrif 








Anferinus adeps 

















Aqua frigida 


S.9 Arabicus lapis 

1.135 Araneus 

1-177 Arbutus 

z,iz^ Arcion 
i»zo9 Ardion 

3.1^7 Arfturon 
4.23^x4.15 Arena 

2.151 Argemone 

5.15 o Argenti recrementum 

5-^75 Argenti fcoria 
:2..i07 Argentilpuma 

i.^7 Argentumviuum 

i.iS Arifirum 

S'(^<y Ariftolochia 
S-^^i Armeniaca mala 

2..95 Armeniuslapis 

S-m Aron 


S.155 Artemifia 
5^140 ArundojvideHarundo, 
4.155 Afarum 19 

5.8^ Afclepias 5.10^ 

5.104 Afcyron 5.172, 

^.178 Afiuslapis 5.142. 

5-"8 Afpalathus 1.19 

4.177 Afparagus 2.152, 

5*74 Afplenon 5.151 

4-8i Alpidis iftus not:e curatio, 
4.^9 7.1S38.15, 

2.59 After Atticus 

8.X Aftragalus 

5.18 Athamanticum 
•^.54 Athera 



z. 2,08 



5.1015 6".2,7 




5.IP Atradyli^ 





Atfamenmm librarium 5.183 



Atramentum futoriii 

5. 114 







AucUana nux 






Butyri fuligo 


Auricula muris 



Auripigmeatum^ fiue arfeni- 



con 5.] 





Ca^cilix iftus not3^ 




eade quc viper? morfus 7.11 



Calamu5 odoratus 












Calx viua 


Barbula hirci 




Bafilifci iftus notx elus cura- 







Bdcliiiim 3 


Canis rubus 




Canis rabiofifigna 




curatio morfiis eius 7-3 



ab eo morforum vi 

idus ra- 

Blatta piftrinaria 

f %.H 





Cannabis 3.1(^5.155' 






1,146' Capnos 


Brafiica marina 




Brafica (ylucftris 
















Bubulum fseuum 










Cafeus recens 


Bulbus efculentus 


Cafeus equinus 






bb iiij 


1*1 DEX. 





















Cekicuai nardum 




Cenchri idus notx remedia 




Cicer arietinum 


Centaurium magnum 



2.9 5" 

Centaurium minu$ 




















Ceraft^ i&us noti^ curatio. 




Cinis farmentinu§ 


Cerui genitale 




Ceruinuni cornu 




Cerumumfafuum . 




Cerufla j.io^^^r.ii 

















Clematis . 

. 4.7.18^ 













Chamarleo albus 




ehamafleo niger 






Coccum infcdorium 4.48 

















Chelidpnium minus 


Colymbades oleae 




Conyza 5. 15^ Cyphi 

Corallium 5. 139. Cypirus 

Coriandrum 5. 71. 6^, Cytinus 

Coriaveteramentaria z. $1. Cytifus 

Corkrius frutex 







Cotonea mala 


1* 114 

2. 15S 
I. 175 


J. 4 
4. 115, 

Crirhmum feu crithamon. 

2. 157. 
Cucumis fatiuus 
Cucumis fylueftris 
Cuminum fatiuum. 
Cuminum fylueftrc 
Cyclaminus altera. 


Damafcenapfuaa i. 137 

Damafonion 5. 144 

Daphnoides 4. 1^8 

a, 117 Daucus 3. 85 

5, 168 Delphinium 5,. 84.8^ 

I, i^ Dendroidesnthima 4. i^^ 

1. ic5"i Deuteria ^.i^ 
^.159 Didamum. S- 37 

Didamnum Crctele, 5. 59 

Diphryges 5.110 

Dipfacum 5. 15 

Dipfadis morfus note eius cu 

ratio 7.I4» 8.11 

4.245 Dorycnion 4. 75*^^ 

X^.i^2 Draba 2. 187 

2. i<^3 Dracomarinus 2*1^ 
4.154 Draconis marini idus reme 

dia 6^ 40 

Dracunculus z* 19S 

5. 28 Dryinii(9:us notx curatio* 

1. 105 7.12. 8.10. 

2, iio Dryopteris 
2. 294 Dukisradix 

4. 270 Ebulum 
4. 192 Ebur 



4.. 189 
5* 7 

2. 195 

4. 129 

121 Echinus terreftris 

jCyparifsias tithymalus.4. 156" Echiun 

1. 150 

4- m 
2. 48 

2* I 

2. 2 

4. '-7 




5.80. Ferula 

^ 91 


4, 15^ Fefluca 

4. 159 


4.40 Fibrini teftes 

2. 2 5" 


I. p5 Jicus I. 



I. 57 Ficus fylueflris 

I. 18^ 


5» 75 Ficuslixiuium 

1. 187 


4. 57 Filicula 

4. 188 


4. tSi Filix 

4. i8i? 


4*85. 5.5 Filirfoeraina 



4. ip Fimum 

2. 98 


I. 155 Flosa?ris 

5. 8S 


4. 109 f1o5 falis 

^ 119 

Epirotica mala 

I. 131 Flospunicse 

I. li/ 


4, 45. 47 Flosfyueftris punici 

I. 127 

Eretria tcrra 

5.171 Foeniculumerraticum.5, 82, 


I. ii8 Foenum grsecum 

2. 114 


2.1 Fraxinus 

I. lOa 


1. 146' Fuligo e myrrha^refina^fty^ 


4. zp racc. 

1. 85 


i* 170 Fuligoliquid^picis 

I. P7 

Eruca? olerum 

z. 51 Fuligo piftoria 

f . 182 


6". z Fuligo rdinx 



2. 131 Fuligo thuris 



5. 24 Fumaria 

4. iio 


1. i4p. Fungi 4.8; 

5. «s^.H- 


4. 41 G 


3.9<?, Gagateslapis 

^. i4(^ 



5. 150 


2. 1Z7 Galbanum 

5* 97 


2. ii8 Galla 

i. 147 


5. 152 Gallina 

2. 41. $1 


I. 14? GalHn^ cerebellum 

z. 55 

Farina crafsior 

2. 112 Gallinaceus adeps 

2. 95 


2. 95" Garum 

2. 54 


^. 95 Genitalecerui 

. ^. 5^^ 




5- S 


3» i?i 




^> ipo 




P- S 


4, zo. 


I. 144 


I. 12-2. 

Glans fardiana i. 112. 

Glans vnguentaria 4. kS^o 
Glaftum fatiuum z. 115 
Glaftum fylueftifc z. zi^ 
Glaucium |. 100 

Glaux 4. ^i 

Gluten pifcium 5. 102, 

Glutinum 5. loi 

GnaphaUon h H'^ 

Gnobius 2.. 32, 

Gramen 4* 30 

Gramen arundinaceu» 4. 31 
Grameaparnafi 4. 52, 

Grofsi J. iS^ 

Gypfum 5-^54* ^•2'4* 


H^matites 5. 144 

Hxmorrhoi not^ eius cura- 

tio 7* 15- ^-i^ 

Halica 2.. 118 

Halicacabon folanum 4. 72- 
Halimus t. iii 

Harundo J. 151 

Harundo cypria 1. 115 

Harundo vallatoria i. 115 
Paftida regia x. 199 


Hedera x* iio 

Helenium i. z7 

Helenium altenim i. z^ 

Heliofcopius ^. i^f 
Heliotropiu magnum 4. 193 

HcHotropiu paruum 4. 15^4 

Helleborum album 4. 133 

Helleborum nigrum 4- ^34 
Helxine 4. 39. 8(5^ 

Hemerocallis 3. 137 

Hcmionitis 5. i^^r 

HerbaSabina i. lof 

Heriacium magnum 3. 72» 

Heriacium paruum 3. 7S 

Hippace 2-. ^S'^ 

Hippocampus 2,. 3 

Hippogloflbn 4. 132. 

Hippolapathon z. 141 

Hippophaes 4. 1^^ 

Hippophsefton 4. kS'^ 

Hippopotami teftes 5. ^f 

Hippofelinon 3. 7^ 

Hirci herbula 3- 7^ 

Hircinum f^uum 2.. 88 

Hirculus I* 7 

Htrundines 2.. ^7 

Hirudo ^- 32^ 

Hordeum 2.I108 

Horminum l* i4f 

Hyacinthus 4* ^5 

Hydromeli 4* ^3 

Hydromelon 5* 3^ 

Hydropiper 2^ 19^ 

Hyofciamus 4. ^9- ^- ^^ 

Hypecopn 4^ ^? 






Iudaipos lapfe 


lancQs odoratus 




Latmm Venem 

Lac coagulatum 
Lac rpuliebre 
Laftuca fylueftris 

Lana cremata 
Lan^ria herba 


!• 12.8 Lapathum 

5. $o. Lafer 


I.I. ^.160 Lathyris 

1. 180 Lauer 

4.144 Laurus 

1. 14^ Laurus Alexandrina 

5. 107 Lauribaccae 

4. 12,0 Lemniaterra 

2. 150 Lens 

2,. 1S8 Lcnspaluftrxs 

I. I Lentifcus 

4. izi Lcntifcina refina 

5.155 Leontopelaton 

4. 52. Leonum pinguia 

I. iS Leontopodion 4 

1.104 Lepidium 

2,, 55 Leptocarya 

^. 2,1. Lepusmarinus 
Lepus terrcftris 

5. 15 Leucacantha 

5. z Leucanthemon 

2.. 7j Leucas 

(S.zS Leucoion 

2.. 78 Lichen 

2,. 78 Lignorum marcor 

z. J<>5 Ligufticum 

%.i6(S Liguftrum 

I. 12.9 Lilium 

4-17 Lilium fylucftre 

2.. 14^ Limonion 

z.Si Linguabubula 

2..85 Lino2oftis 


4. 15^ LithocoHa 

a, 140 

5- 94 

z. 154 

I. 108 



5. 115 


4. 88 


I. pi 

5. no 
2.. 90 

4. i|3.no 

z, 2.05 

1. 142* 


5. 1S« 

5. 138 

I. 113 

I. Z5 

5. Ii5" 

4. i^ 

4. iz8 
4' i^S^p 

2, IZ5 

5. 1^4 



j. 158 Mandragora 

4» jS S^ xS 


z. 111 Mannathuris 

u 7^ 

Lonchitis 5. 

i6i.iSz Marcor lignorum 

I. 9^ 


5, 13 Maron 

5- A9 

Lorus arbor 

I. i72r Marrubium 

3. no-xio 

Lotus ^gyptia 

4, 114 Marrubium nigrum 3.110 


4. 112, Maftiche 



4. III Meconium 



1. i^z Medicaniala 

3U 177 


z. 15^ Medion 


Lychnis coronaria 

5. 14 McduIIa 

2-. 9i 


5. 1$ MelPonticum 



I. 155 Mel 

2. lOI 


4. zS Mel faccharum 

2*. 103 


I. ir<^ Mel Sardou. 

i, 102. 

Lyncis vrina 

2. uo Melhcraclion 



4. 5 Melampfithium 




5- ii^ 


I- Hi Malanthium 

. 5-95 


2. 31 Meliaterra 

5. iSa 


5. 148 Melilotos 

3. 4S 


I. II Melimela 

5. IC^IL 


1.154 Mclifrophyllon 



2. 144 Melitites lapis 



I. iSo Melomeli 

5, 29 

Malum Armeniacum 

I. iSS Memphites 

5- i>^ 

Malum cotoncum 

I. i(5"i Mentha 

3. 41 

Malum dulce 

I. 131 Mentaftrum 

5. 42, 

Malum Epiroticum 

I. 131 Meon 

^* 5 

Malam Mcdicum 

I. 151 Mercurialis 

4. 191 

Malum orbiculatum 

I. 131 Mefpilus 

1.170. 171 

Malum Perficum 

I. 131 Milium. 

2, 119 

Malum prafcox 

X. 131 Millcfolium 

4. II^ 


I. i^^ Milleped^ 

i. 5S 

Malum fylueftre. 

1.16^ Mify 

^, ir/ 





Molybdoides lapis 



Mullus . 




Muris auricula 

Murus araneus 

Muris aranei iftus notx eius Oeimaftrum 


2,.7 Nafturdum i. itj 

^. ^4 Natricis idus not^ eius cu- 

5. lOo ratio 7« 15. 8. i^ 

5. p8 Nepeta 3.54 

5. 152, Nitrum 5, 156 

1. 181 Nitri ipuma 5. 131 

2. z4 Nuxauellana i. 186 
5. i(S Nuxiuglans i. 179 

5. II 8 Nuxpinea i. 74 

2. 74 Nymphxa 3. 14 8.149 • 

1, 175 O 

2. 73 Ochra 


Mufcus Marinus 

Myrtus fatiua 
Myrtus fylueftris 

Nardi genera 
Nardum Celticum 
Nardum montanum 

5. 107 
4. 28 

z. 8 
I. 159 
I. 138 
I. 13O 

7*^.87. Oenanthe 

I, zo Oefypum 

4» 99 Olea 

z, zy Olea fylueftris 

4. 117 Oleafter 

2,. 17^ Olese a^thiopicas lachryma 
I, 117 !• 142^ 

I. 78 Olei vires x. 17 

I. I7P Oleum amygdalinu. i. 139 

4 . ikS" Oleum balaninum i. ^^ 

I.. 157 Oleum candidum 1.3^ 

I. ^(S Oleum carynum i. 42. 

4. lip. Oleum cicinum i. 58 

Oleum gnicinum i. ^S 

I. icz Oleum commune i. 50 

a. i3<^ Oleii e gnidio grano i. 44 

i. 21 Oleumhyofcyaminu. i. 3^ 

4. 16*1 Oleum laurinum 1. 50 

I. iJ Oleum lentifcinum i. 51 

I. 7 Oleum maftichinum 1.52. 

I.' 8 Oleum melanthinum 

^, ^47 

Nardinumvnguentum. 1.74 Okum myrthcum u 4^ 
Nafturtiu. Olcum 


Oleii oliux fylueft. i. 


Palma ektc 


Olcjm omphacinum 

I. d7 

Palmiae Thcbaica? 

1. 150 

Oleum picinum 

.1 pi? 

Panaces i^fclepi} 

S. 5^ 

Oleum rhaphaninum 

L I. 4<J 

Panaces Chironium 


Oleum fefaminum 

I. 41 

Panaces Heroclcum 

5- 55* 

Oleum Sicyonium 



z. zo^ 

Oicum finapinum 



2. 120 

Omphaciiim i. 

zp. 5.5 


4. 6f^. 


5- Si 



4. liS 

Papauer erratkum 

.4.. 6-4 




4. iff 


5. 170 






1. u^ 


S' H7 

Pardorum pinguia 



7- - 


4- 54 


2. 144 


3- if 


5. i^i 


5* 5^ 


4- 55 


2. 2.:» 


I. zS 

Paftinaca? marin^2<2 

;us no- 



t^ eius curatio : 

%g. 8.<^ 


I. 151. 


4. l^5> 


s- 77 


4. i^S- 


5- 52.- 


2. liS'^ 

Origanum fylueftre 



4. 14 


2' 174 


I. i£S 


Z. I7i 

Perfica mala 

2. 16^ 


I. 117 


4. 1^7 


5. iS^ 


4. 10 


4. M5 


5. 77 


z. 113 


3. 92. 


2. 88. 


3. Ui 


Phalangjj morfus nota? eius 


5- 157 


7.5. S.3 


I. 112. 


5- 159 




2. 130 

* * 



PBrygius laph 


Phycus marinui" 






Pinorum cruca; 







Pix liquida 

Pix ficca 




Plumbum elotum 

Plumbum vftum 

Pnigitis terra ^ 









Populus alba 

Populus nigra 

Porrum capitatiini 


4. 45 Portulacai 

%. isd 

5- 141 Potamogcton 

^. 102 

I. 10 Potcrion 

^ 17 

4. 100 Propolis 

2. IC(? 

5, III Pmnus^pruna 

i. i7f 

5. 141 Pfeudobunion 

4. IZ^ 

4.130 Pforicon 

5. nS 

u S7 Pfyllion 4. : 


I. po. pi Ptarmica 

z, 19% 

6". z Pulegium 

5- 3^ 

I. 87 Pumex 

^ 1^5 . 

i. 1^9 Purpura 

2. 4 

i. loi. Pycnocomon 

4. 17^ 

1. 178 Pyrethrum 

3. 8^ 

I. 88 Pyrites 

5. 145 

4. 16S Pyrorum gencra 

I. iiJ8. 

J- 9^ Q^ 

1* 9^ Quercus 

t 143 

1. 155 Quinquefolium 


4- ^^S K 

$i 100 Radicufla 

a. ip3 

5- 9S Radix 


f. 9^ Rana 

2. 28 

5- 177 Ranapalufiris 


4., 8 Ranunculum 

2. 2C<? 

3. ^4 Rapum 

2, 154 

5. io8 Rccrementum argenti 5.101 

4. 142. Refinsevariaj 

i. 93 

4. 5* Rha ^ 

3. 2 

4.4 Rhamnus 

I. 120 

4. 188 Rhaphanus 

2-. 137 

5. 85 Rhaphanus fylueftris z* 158 

i. no Rhodia radix 

4- 45 

I. 114 Rhododendron 


%*i79 'Rhm 

X- 148^ 




illdnus 4. i«5"4 Sanguis taurl 

Rofa I. 151 Sapphinis 

Rofei paftilli t. i$t Sarcocolla 

Rofmarinus i- 1S7 Sardian^ glan^es 

Rofmarinum coronarium; Sardonia 

5.8p. ' 

Rubigo ferri 
Rnbrica fabrilis 
Rubrica Sinopica 
Rubus canis 
Rub us Id^us 
Ruta fylueftris 

Sacra herba 

Samia terra 
Sandaracha 5.112 
Sanguinaria foemina 

6". t^ 

6". 14 

S' 4f 
5- HS 

Sarmentitius cinis 
S, 31 Satureia 

'3. iSo Satyrion 
5. 93 Sat)''rion crythrionio. 3. 144 
5. III Scammonia 4. 171 

5. m Scandix x. i^B 

4, 57 Schiftum lac 1. t7 

I. 12,4 Schiftoslapis 5. 145: 

4.38- Scilla ' 1. lOi 

z. 140 Scolopendra i, jS 

4. i^^S" Scolopendr^? Idus nots? & 

5. 52, eiuscuratio 

5. 55 Scordion 

3. ii^ 


1. 283 

4. ri Scoriaferri 


3. P5 Scoriaplumbi 


5.115" Scorpioides 

4* J^^ 

5. ii^ Scorpiusmarinus 

1. 14 

5. 115^ Scorpiusterreftris 


6". 4 Scorpij idus not^ ^ 

sius & cu 

i. 137 ratio. 

7.7. S.5 

5. 40 Securidaca 

3. 14^ 

4. 174 Sedum magnum 

4. 3i? 

5.171 Seleniteslapis 

:5- ^s> 

5. 173 Selinufiaterra 

5- 17^ 

3. 47 Semperuiuunt 

4. ?i^'i?^ 

'. ^. ip Semperuiuum minus 4. ^o 

4*4 Seneda anguium 

1. li?. 

4. 5 Senccio 


1. S>7 Sepia 

1. 13 





X» 70 Sory 

^ iip 


z. iSo Sparg^iiton 



j. 45" Spartipn 

4. 15^ 

Sertula campaii^ 

5. 48 Spondylion 



z. ys Spinaacuta 

^. it 5 


1. li Spina aiba 


Sefamoides^ 4. 552,. 1^5 . Spitia Arabica 



^.'60 Spongia? 


Sefeli ^t&iopicum 

5.<S"i Spongiarumlapldes 


Sefeli Creticura 

3, S^ Spun^anitri 

5* 135 

Sefeli Peloponncnfe 

5. Sz Spuma falis 


Sicyonium oleaira 

1 5f Spuma argentt 


Siderim 4. 55.34. $f Squamma ^ris 

. 5.^9^ 


1.154 Squamma ex acie dccuifa. 


i. 115 5.pa 


1. I5P Stachys 

5. 110 


%. 29 Stade 

li 74 


4. 159 Staphisagria 

4. 15^ 


s. 184 Stibium 

5- 99 


u 154 Stimni' 



a*i39 Stoebe 

4. 12.' 


j. i?4 Stoechas 

3. 31 

Siiymbrtot^ vtnin^e 

i. 155; Stomoma 

5- 90 



4. K)i 

Smarides pifces 

i. 50 Stratiotes millefoKum- 4.10^ 


a. X7<? Strigmentabalnearura. 1.54 

Smilax a^cra 

4.: 144 Strigmenta gymnafionim. 

Smilax iaeufe 

4.145 r. ^. 


f. rfi'^ Strigmentapateftrica^ i. 55 


5. 79 Strobili 

r. 84 

Solanum hortenfe 

4. 7x Struthion 

2;. I9J 

Soianum mantcum 

4.: 74 Styrax 

r. 8a 

Solanum: fomnifenm: 

u 4 75 Suillusadeps 

>. 87 


:,. 159 Saillus pufeio 



I. 174 Sulpkir ^ 

5. 114 





!• rSi Tragos 
4» p.io Tribubus 

4. 80. ^n Triphyllon, 
z« ^ Tripolliuni 
2'. po Triflago 
a. 2.17 Triticum 

h 9^ 

4- ^^7 

i. 107 

.^- 57^ 


Tauri fanguis 

Tauroruni pinguia 




Terra 5. 170 Typha 

Tcrrafornacuni 5.17^ ..V 

Teft^ 5. 178 Venenata 

Tefticulus canis S« F41. 142. Vencrisvmbaicus 

Teucrion^ Teucris 5. iii Veratrum album 
5. 10 Veratmm nigrum 
4* 9^ Verbafcum 
4' W Verbenaca 
1. 185 Vermes tcwni 
5. 147 Veiparum idus curatio 8»^ 
». 55 Vininatura^ 





Thracias l^pis 






Thyites lapis 






Torpcdo pifcis 




7. a 


4. 150 


4. 164 

• 4. 60 

■u 72^. 

^82. Vinum abfinthites 
i# 85 Vinum acorites 
1.105 Vinum adynamon 
I. 84 Vinumalbum 
5. 154 Vinam anethinum 
4. I7S Vinum apiites 
5» 2.4 Vinum aromatites 
i* 44 Vinam afarites 

1. ii5 vinum e betonica 
4. 1^5 Vinum bunitcs 

2. 17 Vinum calaminthites 
<5,iO Vinum catorchites 
5. 23 Vinum cedrinum 

49. 50 Vinum cedrites 
5. SJ Vinuni ceftrites 

cc ij 



5- S^- 74 








Vinum chamsedrytes 5.51 

yiaum e cham^Ia^a. 5.79 

-Vinum chamsepityinu 5.80 

Vinum e conyza: : ; ^><^^ 

Vinum cydonitcs • 5.2-8 

Vinum daucites -r ^»70 

-VirAumdictamaites; 5.57 

Vinum ex foeniculo 5,75 

Vinum e fiore falis 5.7^ 

rViaumheileborites 5.82, 

Vinixm hyiropites 5.5Q 

.Vinum ex iride ^- : 5.^1 

Vinumiuniperinum ^.^^ 

Vinum lentifcinum 5.58 

Vinum mandragorites 5.81 

Vinum marathrites 5.75 

Vinmn marinum 5^2.7 

Viaum c marrubiQ 5.55 

Vinunl melites 5.51 

Vinum melitites 5.15 

Vinum melomeU 5.19 

VinumemyrAa 5,5^5 

Vinum myrfinites 5.57 

Vinum myrtites 5.56" 
Vinum e nardo fylueftri ^.^9 

.Vinum nedarites ^,(^6 

Vinum oenanthiaum 5.55 

Vinum omphacites 5.1L 

yinum origanites ^.(^1 

Vinumpalmeum 5.40 

Vinum panacites 5.72, 

Vinum phthorion 5,77 

Vinum picatun^ . 5-48 

Vinum pineum $.S^ 

yinumepipere ^.^^^ 


Vinum rcfinatum 5.^^ 

Vinum rhodites 5.55 

Vinumrhoetes 5.54 

Vinum faluiatum 5.71 

Vinumefaturcia s*(So 

Vinum fcammonites 5.83 

Vinum fcillinum 5.2.6" 

Viaum {ioecbadites 5.52. 
Vinum ftrobilites 5.44 

Vinum e fycomoris 5*42» 
Vinum e Syriaca nardOjCcl- 

tica^malabathro ^.S-/ 

Vinum terebinthinum 5.59 
Viuum thymites 5. 59 

Vinum e thymd^a 5.7^ 
Vinum tragorigauiies 5.55 
Violaalba ^ 5-^5^ 

Violapurpurea 4.112. 

Viperse idus notae & cius cu- 

ratio 7.10^8.8 

Viperina? carnes 2,.i8 

Virulentorum ^iduum cura- 
: tio 8,1 

Vifcum 5,10538.1. 

Vitex - hH^ 

Vitis alba 4.184 

Vitisnigra - 4.185 

yitis fylueftris 4.183 

Vitis yinifera 5.1 

Vlmus 1.112, 

Vmbilicusveneris 4.92-.95 
Vnguentorum ratio 5.5 

Vng. abrotoninuni. i.St 

Vng. amaracinum uS^ 

Vng. anethinum i.^s^z, 



yng. cinnamominum 

1.75 Vng. fampfuchiaum 


Vng. crocinun?. 

i.fS^f Vng.fufinum 


Vng. cyprinum 

J.66 Vng.teKnum 


Vng. elatinam 

1.55 Vnguis odoratus 


Vng, gleucinum 

uiSZ Vrina 


Vng. hedychrooa 

J.71 Vrfinus adeps 



1.^7 Vrdca 


Yng. malabathrinum 

1.77 Vua 


Vng. megalinum 

1.70 Vuapafla 


Vng. rjiehnum 

i.^S Vulpinuspulmo 


Vng mendefiym 

1.75 ' 'X 

Vng. metopion 

1.75. Xanthion 


Vng. narciisinum - 

1.^4 Xyris 



1.7^ z 

Vng. ociminum 

2i.«5'o Zea,feufemca 



147 ZopifTa 


Vng. rofaceum 

J, 54 Zytum 



JancifcusFontationus Mon^cffiilcnfis 
(^iuiT^Qis. S. P. D. 

A G N A profedb habenda gratia5& benc 
pr^candum his hominibus eft, qui operani^ 
ftudium,cpgitationes d^nia- omnes eb con- 
ferunt, vt veteres fcriptores enarrent . Ab his 
enim nonminus beneficiuaccepimus^quam 
5 &# vixpowmiet vvl eos nobis excitar ent, a 
quibus ad onpiem humanitatem informarcniur : cum nihil 
aliud fit audire cum, quiHippQcratis^Platonis^Ariftotelis, & 
Galeni fcripta ita enarret ^ vt mentis eorum fenfum aperiar, 
quara eos loquentes adhuc audire: quod lac. Syluiu Luteti^ 
profeflbre Regium Joan.Schironium, Anto.Saportam^GuilL 
Rondelletium^Petr.Guichardum Monfpeffmedicos eximios 
facere quotidie experimur. Quibus lacobu Goupylum an- 
numeranduputamus,quiSocratisiIIud apud Xenophonteia 
probe tcnens tc ^ I^thv S/cu^&^^^tf^y 7^ ai^^Tn^} i^ ky^^f 
S/at*7i Ji of^y^ ^KccCteJy TS ;^ n^xoy^ prseterquam qubd bono$ 
audores nobis interpretatur, diligetifiime etiam conquifiti$ 
vetuftis exemplaribus, eoru fcripta magna fide ita emedat^vt 
in eis tutb verftripo&mus . Cuius rei fide facit Biofcorides, 
ita ab eo fuo nitori reftitutus^vt de alio no melius^quc ad ma 
tcriam mcdicam pertinent>difcerepolsimus. Itaque hos bo- 
nos,&do<9:osyirosamemus,colamus,& obferuemus; atqup 
tandem non opinione^ fed firmaperfuafione imbuamur^ vt 
ab iis pendeamus, qui vetuftate quandam audoritatem prse 
fe ferunt, & certa fcribedi ratione reftifsime nos informant. 
Diofcoridem igitur verifiimum fidelifsimumqueplantarum 
defcriptorcmitambenecaftigatumjpukhreq; expreffum diH 
geter legamus^eiufqueperdodum explanatorem beneuole 
attenteque audiamus. Bene Valete. Ex Lutetia Parifiorum 
ad IILCaLAugufti, 


-2|^P S A qua? nunc diceturlierbartmi claritas me- 

^'^1 dicinse tantum gratia gignentc eas tellure^a ad- 

|mirationem curx prifcorum<iiligentiaequc ani- 

^^imum agit .Nihil ergo intentatum inexpertumq; 

— ^^illis fuit. Niliil deinde occultatum quod no pro- 
deffepoftcris veHent, AtROselaborataiisabfcondercatquc 
fupprimere cupimus^ Sc fraudare vita etiam alienis bonisJta 
certerec6dunt,qnipauca aliqua nouere,inuidentes^is:& 
nemine docere^ia audoritatcm fcieti^ eft,Tantum abcxco^ 
gitandis nouisvac adiuuanda vita mores abiunt. Suflnnum^ 
opus ingeniorum diu in hoc fuit, vt intra vnumqucn<^refi:c 
fada veterum perirent. At hercule fingula quofdam inucnta 
deorum numero addidercj ommuraque vitamclarioremfc- 
ccre cognominibusherbarum^tam benignc gratiam memo- 
jia referete. Non seque h^c cura eorum mira eflet ia his qii^ 
fatu biandiuntur^aut ciboinuitan t/ed culminaquoq^ mon- 
tium inuia & folitudines abditas^omnifque tcrrsfibrasfcra- 
tati inucnerCj quid qua?que radixpolleretad quosvfiisiier- 
bardm folia pcrtinerent ^ etiam quadrupedumpabuioima- 
da ad falutis vfus vertentes. Minus hoc quam par eratjno^ 
ftri celebrauere, omnium vtilitatum & virtutum rapacfismi 
Primusqj &r'diu folus ide ille M. CatOjOmnium bonanim a- 
rtium magifter^paucis dutaxat attigit^boum ctiam medidina 
non omiffa. Poft eam vnus illuftrium tentauit C Valgias,e- 
ruditionc Ipedatusj imperfedo volumine ad diuum Au^i- 
fium ^inchoata etiam pr3?fatione religiofa ^ vt omnibus ma- 
lis humahis illius principis potifsimum femper medicetur ma 
ieftas.Antea condiderat folus apud nos^quod equidem iauc- 
ni^PonipciusL^neus^Magni libertus, quo primum tempore 
hanc fcicntiam ad noflxos perueniffe animaduerto. Nanque 
Mithridates maximus fua aetate regu, quem dcbellauit Pom- 
peius , omnium ante fc gcnitorum diligentifiimus vitse fiiiSc 
argumcntis praeterquam famaiatelligitur . Vni ci excogita- 

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fuetudineipfainnoxmm fieret. Primbinuenta generaantl- 
dotj^ex quibusvnum etiam nomen eius retinet.lJlius inuen- 
tum autumantjanguinem anatum Ponticarum mifcerean- 
tidotis-quoniam veneno viuerent Ad illum ^\fclepiadis me- 
dendi arte clari, volumina compofita extant : ciim folicira- 
tus ex vrbcRoma.pra^ceptapro fe mitterer. lllu folum mor- 
talium vigintiduabus linguis locutu certum cft, nec de fob- 
iedis genribus vllum hominem per interpretem appellatum 
abeoannis LVL quibus regnauit. Is ergo in reliqua inge 
nij magnitudine medicin^ peculiariter curiofus^sb homini^ 
bus fubieftis^qui faerc pars magna terraru, fingula exquires^ 
fcrinium commcntationum harum & exemplaria^effechisq- 
in arcanis fiiis reliquitPompeius aute omni regia pr^d a po- 
tituSjtransfcrre ea fermone noflro libertum fuum Len^um, 
grammaric^artis doftifsimumjufsit: vitseq^ itaprofoit non 
minus quam reipublic^ vidoria illa^pr^ter hos Gr^cl auto- 
res medicinx prodidere.quos fuislocis diximus. Ex his Euas 
rex Arabum^qui de fimplicium effedibus ad Neronem fcri- 
qua nihil pene aliud quam rci difficultas intclKgatnnPtDxe- 
rc nanqj effigies herbaru atq^ ita fubfcripfere effedus. Ver u 
&piaurafallaxcft^& coloribus tam numerofis/pr^fertim 
in irmulatione natur^se^multum degcnerat transfcribentium 
fors varia.Pmereaparum eft finguias earu a?tates pingi^cum 
quadripartitis varietatibus anni faciem muterit . Quare c^- 
teri fcrmone eas tradidere. Aliqui ne effigie quidem indica- 
ta,& nudispleruquc nominibus defunfi;i , quoniam fatis vi- 
debatur poteftares vimque demoftrare quserere volentibus.^ 
Nec cft difficilc cognixu^nobis certe^exceptis admodum pau^ 
cis contigit reliquas contemplari fcientia Antonij Cafton\ 
cui fumma authoritas erat in ea arte nofiro seuo ^ vifcnda' 
hortulo ciiisin quo plurimas alebat^ cetefimum setatis annii 
cxcedcns^nulkm corporis malurn expertiis^ac ne f tate quj:^ 
dem memoria aut vigore concufas^& ca?t. 


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k/>ii^op6);g«c;a<3j, ;^7*o^>» ^ vt differeri ab aliisordme tradi 
W <Aa>*w^^i;^^y^7t^y ha- to, gencra medicinaril virefq; 
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finguioru medicam,-inu cogni- .^^«> w 's^ 4;^9^7 'xwy ^:^?- 
tioe. <>uinetia vernacula fami ^m' Q^&Jcrsia^ . f^am.^.t^ i o 
iiareo; materia copleftemur, 4^05^ c/^ y^i -d^ ctwj-^^j) y^i 
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ge validiores intelligutur. C5- V'm rtv^ TOTrcv^ • liyoe^T^.ocu yf 
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imi^o-s-h^i^v ^'(TiV " cAj^ag^. annis:reliqua a trimatu iotilia* 

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ftagneis vafis recodi couenir. rieivoi^ )ityfHii9 k7rov^<^Jm. 
Iris. hset 

' LIBER I. 4 

TlfilexJbf. Ki^. dL Iris. Cap* L 

P;r ct/TTO ^' 7?^ ;^T* Ris a coeleftis arcus fi- 

I ie^vlv l{j.<pip€ict; &>vS~ I milimdine nome acce- 
f^g^:>(Pv>Xu /e* ^5p« pit. Folia fert gladioli, 

0^/52 ^i^iep^fA^l^oycc Ji jc^w -^-Afit fed maiorajlatiora^& pinguio 
5 ^Ti^ £f Kt^paT^^^h^^ Ji r a.Flores in caule ^qualib^ in - 
c^ y^K% TTUP^^XYiKdL^lrmv^U' ter fe Ipatijs diftant^incurui^va 
'my 'TTcmKct '» y> KivyJ, % ^j^cl rij: fiquide cadidi, palletes^ lu- 
S fjf^uit S TTTpspy^^ lxj;fio//^oy- tei^purpurei^aut coerulei coipx 
Ttt o£^wo3<y /jri Tiay TO;a- ciutunqua diuerfi coloris ipe- 
hioff k-Trein^A^^iejiJi t5 al^^ ciequxda coeleftisarcusima- 
^^ yici/pi^cuu^eia7 ^voLTtithify^' go reprefentari videtur.Radi- 
• ^icu , ou6}cr«i-, Af MfA^ TjW ces fubiacet geniculate, durse^ 
inM/h ^■d^vaifnu oy mci x^'^ odorat^^ quas fruftatim difle- 
Jid^vTzt Kiy%yamt)v^^,l^ daejin vmbraficcantur^& tra- 
Ji ^iKtim » ;^Xyei/£/H j^ twt;cs- ieftae lino recondutur- Melior 
c/by/x^ y^oy T^m^ kei^ » eftHlyricaj&Maccdonica: & 
x^ ^yj?cpp/^o^^X^' \as^KoKGCQ^^i^ interhaslaudatifsima^qui^pu- 
J^j^^v<^s^zGur% ^od \scd^ mila fere & denfa coftat radi- 
iu^or^zaui^^iJ^ul^JiiJii^ yjfi ce/rangenticotumaXjfiibrufa 
fra ytiia^ TTv^cm^ . r^jLu rn o- colore, guftu amaro^ odpre^ 
ap.tuij eiKr/^tvkyy^ ^vaTj'^»- qua fyncero, ita vt nullu pror- 
Gu^^^afuxii}^ 7t cy T^ K^7?s- fiis fitii redoleat.^ua^ dum tli- 
J.O *^ ^civei/OTe.^ » ?j&34« cf^' X£2/- ditur fternutameta mouet.Se- 
ju* ygfc-Ttt ;;^oW 5 vn/^k <sfcs^ cundum locum babet Africa- 
yimv hvrp^^ivM^TUTA Juuiuei^ na, candicans^ g^ft^qj amara. 
^mKcuovx^au TSpjj/oyi^oy'^- Teredinesin vetaftatefentiiTt^ 
lAJcdM^psu ju^^jzii 7^7^ ym^* tuc tame odQratiorcs reddi fo 
, ^iwum o' X^^^i/n TiSimt. ^ffjuv} let . Vis omnib^ excalfaftoria^ 
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©j^^ C»;^?, K^-m Jxjwky^yu humoru g..^gre rei}ciunt crai- 
v-^k Ki^^iO^ziov^TajL ^y^^^vcTj {itiem digerut^bile craflamque 
. Ji * ^>^k^ 'jT^m^otSpajt f^S" pituitam ex hydromelite dra- 
iJf^ofifi^Kn^^ oAxiiV- < ^'. ^oij chmis feptem epotf purgat^io 
, ^ Cwfomoi j Ks^ efcLxpvQ^iau mnii cociliatjachrymas ciuntj^ 
. ^ *^ ^i tormiui^ 


torminibus mcdentur.E^dem ^ $p^^»^ IZv^^^^^t oia^ 'j ^vi- 

potse.ex aceto auxiliatur fer- {jSpcu '^eMiH-jmt^ k^i^un^ i^ 

pentiiiiftib^jlienofissComilfiSj ^Trh^wM^^i^ anu^oi^^ k^ -5fe<- 

^fri dionibuSjhorrorib^ & g,- •i/j^^Qti » p/>«c7, ^ TcTi- fmt 
bus genitura effluitimenfes ex <i^'k^ci^*avjj oim /& Trc&eT- 

vino potaj pelIut.Decoftu ea- tm^^y^^mvX^hjiJti^yi^-nikmi^ ^ 

ru/oeminarumfotibusvtiliter l%u£LHcuj^^<m^^ yMJsuaeio; 

imponit>ad emolliedos locos> 7rveid4 c&tw, /uutKA&jtiv li^ 

laxandaq^ in eis venaru ipira- ^-tth^ Xj kyci^^i^^iy^ ty^aJo^ 7^ 

cula^ifchiadicis infundir, fiftu- h^ IfyJhjjtT^a-^i^ c^exfy^v ^i ^-^- 
las ac finus carne explet.Radi- ttzov a-afmvm^fs^es^y^^^^ /s i o 

ces ex melle gladis modb fub- i^ tcohXv^m t^ f^thjT^iSytuC^uoL 

dit^e^part' extrahut:quietia co y^TAojm^ > ^hicroun ^H^ 

^^ & illit^^ftrumaSj veteresq; Mi ^ mY^ifJui^m ma^aj^ s^- 

^uritias emolliut. Sicca? quoqj 3«w yJlccTrKcAHTzu^^^su q ^mi 

vlcera replet> & cu melie pur- f^(nv %KXMy :^ etieLK^^^oun ^ 

gatmudata ofla corpore ope- yikwni^i^ t^ X-io^i^dL r Isi- ^ % 

riiitzdolorib» capitis, cil aceto m (m^iumv*6f(^iuv<n q^ ^ yji^sL' 

3c rofaceo magna vtilitateilli- KcCKya^^mij o|^ ^ ^oAoi /^-m 

UuntAdmotae cu albo veratro mhcL^Sawt* (^cai^ 75 ^ I^»a«> 

&duab^me}]is partib^letigi- ctmH^^^m^<nw,t>KiCopip Ki:j 

iies S^A^itia ctitis in facie a fole ^tS 7^^ Si^hccmyt ^khj ^izt^ 

cotrada emaculatipefsis^mala ^Kcj^ncm^ fAyai/^o i^ 7n<x- z e 

gmatiSj & acopis inferutur. In cu^ z^ yuuLKifyxLm x^ "cLiu^irut^^n^ 

vniuerfumjmagniad oiavfiis. /^'^uvtif^ inKxj^wpiu 

Acorum. Cap. 11. n^iA;c/f». Ks^» ^\ 

Acoru folia iridishabet^an- kuesv "to, pttpv^Xa e;^ 1/^, 

guftiora tame:radices non diC- (pp leiJ^y^^vdr^eiM z^ tu^ pl- 

fimiles,complicataSj no in re- ^ct^ i^ knm^^y iSicLmiruf^a^ 

ftum fed obliquum adas ^ & c> £, h^> hM Tji^vaqa^yk^Kk H 

fummo cefpiteiparfas genicu- ^Kaya^ zcu ll^^m^h^^^^ycm 

lis interceptas^alhicates^ guftu Jii^pi^kd^^-^KivKi^^.J^ptuH- 

acreSjOdore no ingratas. Opti cii t^ }^vcr&i,Kcu t^ Sr^^j iA kn- 

mum eft denfum^candidu^ pie J^^^.J^icc^i^i 'S '^nc Trvmv k^k^u^ 

HUjCarie no exefiim^ odorarii, m^kCia>7W, f ^ 'TrK^^f I^^S/^r* 
cuiufinodi ' *sii^: 


s^TP H ^7 tJ Ifi )^>ouJji iy t5 cuiufmodi Colchidicii & Ga- 

yxKoLV£i'k(mh'ivov Ki^^^S^ov^ laticum^quod aipletioa diciit. 

Atu^cciav i;^ i '^i^a hpfjmrt^ Radici vis calfadoria . Deco^ 

YMhmo^^si 5'.7o i^s4if^^ (w^ dum potu vrina citrprodeft la 

«jS Spcd vj-m^ajpiLlQv -s-pk cj-Asy- teris doloribuSj& iocineris at- 

I pc£? TT&yoj/ ;^ ^pctKjof £j «'^T^i', que thoracis : ite torminibus^ 

0o(^ov^^fy}yMTciy aTTita^arw vulfc^ruptisiliene abiumit^vri- 

cm>3ivva; w^^eop^Gii^ gpctyfov" nx ftillicidio & ferpentum i£ti 

%m7zi^^ "^A mJ^iiCToi^^ K^ Hs IfyJ,- bus auxiliatur^ miid enribus ad 

^a^u m }W 'TTol^ 7w yjvcavMciL^ muliebres affect^ iridis modo 

*p D p^Ac^ ^ U^iisk/miy^^cupfi i vtiiiter imporiitur^ oculorii ca 

10 l'mir/.o'i'iiju"^ yJ^cu^yfMfyvyo ^ ligxnes fucco difcutit^antidotis 

'pT^ a}vJiroi> » p/^fic -^A^^g^ radix magno vfu comifcetur. 

nee^^M^oz/. Kg^. /. Meum. Cap. III. 

yitiov ih y^i^^or k^fjm" Meon^quod Athamanticum 

^w> '^^TO TTKiis^v i/9 ^.Jd5- vocar^in Macedonia & Hiipa- 

Jhviciiy lazzufidyoujoiov y^Kcd X) nia plurimum gignitur^anetho 

l^ roii ^uT^oi? kvii^i^m^^^-nfov i foHis &cau]e fimile/ed eo craf " 

^tS /iyij 9a. Jim^ %t,v aid&auvov-i fius.binum ferm e cubi tor u al- 

TOiT \ilcu? vizzrefiKTttpwVov Ks - titudine attollirur^iparfis i obli 

t^fiSr ^KcLyLcu^^yy au^ca^^f^ quum redumq; radicibus,Ion 

ji/jfiw^ l/aihm^ ^^fjuuvoiws ? gis^tenuibus^odoratisjlinguam 

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2*Q ^d* liMTo^ii yjl K^cct Ji^U cl:^ ex aqua^vel tritx citra co- 

4'^(7ieds- 'Tszd^miy T^s^yvk 7n~ (ftionejpra^clufbrum renil vefi 

ei y>l<^v K^ vt^es^ '^Sth 7^^/i- c^q^ fard^ vitia potu leniunt^ 

-p^vm 5 ?^ Jhcmvexau^ ofm- vrin^ difficultati medetur^fto^ 

^ouTJ. 90/Luc^v T^ luTrmuAiri- macjii infiatioes difcutiut.Tor 

cn^nfy qio^oi^^lg^tiyj^c f J^icc- minibus,affedse vulu:^^ articu 

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f^TJ^o^e^ (7bv uihm khcu aJ-- pedoris^trits cum melle in e- 

-77 oy.Kiz^ ^oyi^^^cnv:, ^h^ 75 k- clcgmate auxiliatur ^ languinc 

%m Ji \ij.u^rjm k-m^^j^Hcta ^V per meftrua pellut^dilcelsioni- 

%yj^.crixcu7m<^m Ji y^wTTKci, bus feruefadse: infantib^ aute 

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"k^ qubi 

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bibaturjCaputdoloreafFiciut. % M^mvidpQv. * 

Cypirus. Cap. III I. n^/K^/xft^K. Ke^. J^'* 
Cypirus^quem aliqui eryfi- K^/^^fi^^r , ol Jt lpe>f?7V>»- 
fceptrum^ vt afpalatum appel- ^£0? w< 7:^ i W\ccV/ ^^oy- 
larxt^foiiafrrt porraceis pro^ cT^^uA^ai q^ £;^ ofw/c^ ^sre/^^^s 1 
xima j fed longiora & exilio- ^y^oTi^ct 'j ^ )^j6r^^^ygjj^ 
ra:caulcm odorati iunci,cubi- xoj^ df^^ Tr^^^^duav^ % kou UH^oya. 
talem aut maiorejangulofum^ yovtdJ^a <, t^m xtvtn^ oZ y^rsi 
in cuius cacumine minuta fo- icapv^hjj ^u^cteim l^v tTt^imi 
iia cum fcmine exoriuntunra- fjuv^m k^ airi^ucLT^^, fiicu J** 
diccs^ quamm in medicina cft v^nm %v K£u « ^i^^^ X-mm- lo 
vfuSiCohserentesinter fc oleis y^scdsm^ \Kcua; cmtcLfp^^lcoj'' 
obiongis fimjles, aut rotund^^ wV,w /^ gpoyyvKcu » ^Kcuvcuy 
nigro colore/uaai odore.ama hje^J^^liimvA^oi^ pm-mJi If 
ro guftu.In lacunofis^paluftri^ Timslpyiinfzjai^ k^ ^nKujtJ.-m- 
bus &cultis enafcit.Optima eft J^mv.kexm Jil^vi ^u^v^-m 
grauifiima^ defa/ra<9:u contu- y^ TrwAjm im <Xcf ^- ^ Jb^ff^v^ j> 
max^plena & alpera^odoris cu ^^^T^ct-^^idL^cj^oihi^ yusrra. mo^ 
quada acrimonia iucudi^qua- J^ejLfji.vmns . ttj/^Jtt; Jk' "^^^ ^^ 
lis eft CiliciajSyriaca5& qu^ a yjKisu^^iSy n cveiuyJ^i^ » am r 
Cycladibus infulis petit. Huic yjjnKiJ^v yimy.<hujctiju$ '^>^t 
calida vis inefl:.Vcnarii Ipiracu cwTi ^^umvyMy km^^o^n- 
lalaxatjVrinam ciet, ad calcu- yji^^iiovim-yM^^ubioimysJ^vim^ ra 
los aquamq^ fubter cute vtiliC- rjtiyjTt^ 'mitotSij^ ^oit^yY^ ^/^«sp- 
Cmebibitur^ aducrfus fcorpio mJ^AKTvi^ ^ kcu t&^ «sfei ^ 
num idus remcdio eft, peifri- rrfniM Ji y^-nf.-^i^it^ y^ ^uvinai 
ftionib* vuluae & pclufionib* ^exa>yip-A^ k^m^^H^ a^v^ 
fotu ^deftjpellit mefes. Cotra %^Jjjj6i,irom Ji y^ rot^ ^si- 
vlceraoris etiafidepafcatvo- ^-n %Ky^cniynuMy^ot$ ^^e^ %<^ 
retq;/arina ei* efffcax eft- Ma- K^d^t^ytvrtu kcu ^7Ayua,(n 
lagmatis calfacietib^S: vngue ^K.^fJWfiiyJkyy^ h? Ttt ^>^7zt 
•torufpilfametisbe-ne adijcifo rmv yIj^mhj'^r^'m^^H^''^ y^ 
Ict.Aliudcypirigen*tradiitin 'knes^i ^^ywTrti^v c^ h^^cL 
Indianafci^gingiberis effigic, ^j-i^yAWi^^^^ti^MdsX/r/!»^^ 

^uad tJie^ 

LIBER. I. 5- 

% ^ct/uetojifi^v^ iifomhf K^ 'm- quod maducatu crod vim red 

j^oy c^'e/(r/£73U5;£9!.1ac;;^/cS^y H^ dic>guftu amaro fentit,^ illitu 

'm^')>^uA -^miti i Ttf)^^^* prjfen te pfilo thri vim exhib er. 

UptliafMju^fjiii. Kt^. L Cardamomum. Cap. V- 

Y^d^^i^yiXif aeAgoy ri oJ6 Cardaiuomu optimu cfk^qS 

- 7Wf yuiijuiLymn vjji ipAc^/o; d.Qu cx Comagene , Armenia^ Bo- 

^osme^v yj>fju^o/dpov . -^^yS- iphoroq; deuchit:in India quo 

w A' x^ (^ iyc/>V i^ k^^k, que & Arabia ^uenit.Eligi do- 

Iv.ri-p^ Ji 70 J^ca-pciyc^y, 'srM bet plenu/rangenti cotumax^ 

f2^5 ju^lAuxifyii y> f^> TttovTnv, occlufum/arftumq^^qd^enim 

%i0epv Vgi^Kcu Tu TA l^qxA mK-A^ huiufmodi non eftjCxoletu iu- 

?o KTim^yivm Ji <^etyLv iy vsro- dicatur)& guftu acre^ fubama 

'Trjy^oy^Jk^oLfictv <^ i'/^ ^^ju£t9- rum,8<: odorc caput t^ntas, Ex 

malcM^^nTtii Si fieS ScTctToi- ^- calfadoria vim habet pouim- 

yoj/Spo^^zi^^imiKATrjiuui^^^r^ que ex aqua fadt ad comiria- 

rfLyTOs^^dL-hyu^iv^^ij Tra^Kunyy les^ifchiadicos^tuffes^ neruoru 

fiyM7^yCoiyzlffjjt,a-nt^ gpo^ov^y refolutioneJte ad rupta,vulia> 

^ i^ 'iKfjuv^ ^KcLTiiiW oyXi)0^iy tormina:Iatas vetris tineas ex- 

fUT omv Ji mofjSpoYy ysipei- cutitEx vino aute potu ^ reni- 

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XTzi^^ 5^9" ^^ '7''^^ hCokoi^ ctp- pione idis^neq; non omnibus 

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ao if^pH K^ t,u€^vct '^^(Jiidm- drachma calculos comminuit^ 

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np%'A. Ke©. r. ' Nardum. Cap. VI. 

Ndy J^» £57 cAio -^^o)*'» fjSfj^y^ "^^o nardi genera-.vnu Indi- 

2<5 17^ H^ff[) hJtm* ^ Ji cv^itui* cum^alterum Syriacu appella- 

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colore^perquam odoratum^ac cwpjdS^^^ oiyjLif^ ^ uT r Hj^^sri^i 
cyperum redolens^breui ipica^ ^^y un ta Iqxh , fju/^lv %yH^ r 
amaro fapore^lingua ficcante^ ^i^^^^^mv^k r '^vmv^K^ Ja^'cj/i? 
quod diu in fua odoris gratia kva^yipciffTJm^cnnfjSpov^ji ts t? 
permaneat.Ex Indicis aiit nar utcdJldL l^' iyjLi/6vA o hSr/M^ n ^ 
dum quodda Gangitis vocat^ /Jpv^ u^i^yt-^/^lTJf.dLTo Tim 
a fluuio Gange, apud que ena- wo7tL/xl Tm^^^mTc^ r o^a^ yif 
fciturjmonte pra?terflucnte:q5' ya '.^^K-dyS/Jn^Tral |) (pvf). k^n 
genus ob multa loci^in quo ^- ^pu ^t^ imcLyu^ Zmi J)k ^i l^* 
dit^vliginem^viribus infirmius vJa.-mS&i TiTmv Sv^u y^ omm 
cft^atqjproceri^ adolefcit^plu- yj&yi^^^^rKetoyai rttx^^ '^ ^^ 
res ferens fpicas ab vnica radi ^yu^^knw i ku^ pi^/jp y^ ^kv 
ce comofaSjVnaqj conuolutas^ yiy.^^^ iy T^iTnm^KiffAvii^i^fouii 
ac grauiter olet es. Montanura JW^ /^r^ ^f omuJ. iS 5^ l^wn^ 
aute odoratiuSj ipica breui ac hjcoJ^^^^zo^^oCoga^ yjjn^ipi 
mutila, odore cypero vicino, {«i;» ;^^ r c^J^cT/^tr.sp/ss^' r 2j 
cgteras habesSyriaci dotes.Eft ci>Xuc9 kvTAjju ^ic^i ovi^ici.' ^S 
& genus quodda cui Saphari- yJ^ Kifoi/$pii.y^£i^ Ji tj^ £j cmu 
tico nomen lo cus indidit/ru - (^afiTiy^^^^oJ^^a yjoKoQ)^k7ro ^ 
tice breui^ i magnas fe iparges elov ^joiJus.(qAnt m*j^Ko<^yji^ 
fpicas candidiore interim me- KivyJr^oy y^Kh^i^iS'' tn fAa^y 
dio caule^hircorii virus fupra *ix^^">^'^?^^K^''^^ '^? ca^uL^^iv 
modu redoIente:quod impro- J^eiAmKKiyi^^. ^mtsr^Mi^ J^^Q 
batur.Madefadu vedifolet:q5 ^ k/TroCtCfiifa^i}^ o^ -^iydcyci^ 
vitium ex eo deprehenditur^g* J^/c r Kivy2y Sycu r s^yojj iymj 
cadida fit Ipica^&fqualida^nul y^uiiSh% f^^ '^yp ^yfh^JhKt 
loq; puluere obCta. Adultera- '(oun J^ hjr . \i/.^uo^yT^^ 97^^ 
tur ftilbio cum aqua aut paL ya m^ vMttj^ S o)W (^omiUT-dy 
meo vino^inlpiifationis ponde c^Ji ^i cruuTnKov^ kjvTijuv^iy^f 
nfq^ caufa in^irato.Intueri au ^ofvnpcuf yn^.om q" i ye^ei^ 
tem oportet fi lutfi radicibus «e^ k^ou^ciy iJS^c^ im^m-fi r U- 
infideat^Sc in cerniculo pulue- t,o^s mhi^Jy ai^iv p^ejt(ofj a r 
rem excutere , eluedis manib^ yj^m^Tiy. c/jy^n^lvrct ei^^^cvi 
Ytiiem.Vim habet cxcalfado^ '^^&j./iyauiv q ^y^^tn 9^w^7*/.-t 


r^v.^ii^dPVzh^^l^iiTi-m^^v Kot riam^& exiccante.Vrinam mo 

hi^ T^ t<^ mo.iSpcu^ K5" W uentjaluum potii fiftunt^vulug 

l'A,fjJ/^(}4 p'J3*^^ irso<n^.{Bpcu^i^ proiiuuia, faniemque appofita 

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'ncu^^mjjj 4^;^S L?JV/.]; 'm-iofjut.^ gida auxiliantur ^ & ftomacht 

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*T^(jdpQi^^lt7Kinrjri^ T^ ^9 r/C\ ^i-- regio morbo, renum vitijs. A- 

iun^K^n^^tivyj^^h^^V''^^^- quxauteincoci^ fotu adin- 

(m 5' iz/^-nj ^; TTveASfnT^-i tiV fefliim^vulua? infiamationibus 

ir^^^-d^iTxtii oufuova^ fM^a^ icoy medentur: ad glabras oculoru 

Tiu^mfdcn /^ t!^}> -mi l/i l^hdtx genas valent: fiquidem eas ad 

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(pi:7za)c^ MfjvjjamL^m ^A^Oit- fufishumorecorporib^ inlpar 

eA^^i^^^y^^^-^^oi^ TS a^ibuiin Jjidi guntur.Mifcentur antidotisjSr 

'mmj.cL.ujymf^ '^i^ cw^niolu^. m fi^iili nouo non picato ad 

dfjrSi ih'p) Q eiV-rct cip 9 (QKiiiy^ Iv o cularia m edicam enta rcco- 

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J5 fnu ijujj o/V^) ^ cL^cc^T^KUid-eisrLt^ vino in paftillos coacTta. 

U^lK^^vyjl^Nct^A.K^^. ?^\ - Nardii Celticu. Cap. VIL 

H 5 5c^'nx.»vii/'c/^^>'^y2^ S' , Celticum nardum nafcitur 

cy TU^ i(^ Tsjyjfiajf ciKTncnv om in Ligurias Alpibus , faliun - 

^^ie^? Imyuiqjkvy!' khii^^fyi^ . ca patrio nomine appellatum^ 

i/JvZ"^ 5' i/v t5 t^^iaXcij Si ^ prouenitque in Iftria . Exigue 

i,o u.vi<j%Q^ fzi^os cruJ^ T '^i^cu^.jHS' fruticat^ &: cum radicibus m 

A<7U£i^ kvohauCcufoy^c^ ^- manualesfafciculos compo - 

io^Ka^SfX^ ':$ (^uT^ci vTrom- nitur. Folia habet oblonga 

'^^v^^cUf^cL^aJj^ o^ fu/hivoy\ yo colore in flauum langiiido^flo- 

vaf 0' r y^hZv Vgi ^ r oi^orj i rem luteum. CauHcuIorum & 

;;^W '2^ n kfc^J^aMiv JH ^ radicum duntaxat vfiis eft^ & 

15 y^ta.^yiUi^a^y^-m.ffcwdUf^m^uM odoris fuauitas: vnde pridie 

Ti 704 Jia^ci$^^^ ^ei^o^jla^ li fafciculos aqua abluere expe- 

ysiZihf^TJ^vcu W lSa.^Qu$ yo- dit^&c exempra terra pauito fo 

T'j>ovy^u^^luSpHxapT7iSy7'^ loatq, humeti fubieda char- 

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irmy^^^liTiuTco k^^coAi -^ gfre^ fiquide vtile^ cil acerofo 

k>^.07sl^ alicnoc^ 


alienoqj plfopter humoris vim, kn.o^(d tJ c^;^g»?^y ^ J^K^ 

non excutxtur.Adulteratur im- c^ i \Yiuji.<hi hi-nvidjfM^S^^i-- 

pofita herba fimiii^quse hircu- '^ 5 MJcmvyOKOf^i/ii hj^^v:i 

lus vocatur^ ab odoris graui- «^ ^/^'??'«^ ^^^ ^^ "^ '^ ^ ^^' 

tate ; fed facilis cognitio; nan- fjiiiv ^p^h^^^fifoy ^^cm.\v^ 

«jue herba candidioreft^ fine p^jpk o^ j^ cmfva>m^ay^Ko^ jof i 

cauliculo^minoribus folijs, ra- '^y » 'Triu ^ xgy^wnpfic, ^ j^tJqv 

dice neque amara ^ neque o- cmt^vM id (pi^Xa *i^y iJi^ 

dorata, vti verum nardum eft. fi^oM '^y^aJ)% k^at^Ti^af S^ 

Itaque radices atque cauliculi^ c^p cm ^ o^^ryS'^ e;^. krrv^ 

abiedisfolijs triti fecerniitur^ mm^^yT^K^^oLK^To^fL 

vino excipiuntur^digeruntur-- ^aiy-vi Ji ^v^u f/J^i-j e^ ^iM-t id 

que in paftillos5& ita fidili no J^' km^ii^^ , kyctKcLu^aJfm 

uo diligenter operto , aflerua- x^^ o/vw, i^ "^o^^t/.^^ hcfTrhi^ 

ri debetLaudatur maxime re- aai ^vKcali ai lgpuyJv(f> kyy^a> 

cens, iucudi odorisj radice nu ts^^^Tm^lati om^KZ^* kei 

merofa cohseres^plenu^nec fra ^ Si '^y » ^(^TpotTo^ i^ cAja^ 

^gile. Ad eadem j qux Syriacu ch^^^^Kv^j^o^^ ovk oSbpv^o^^ ^^ 

.pollet; fed vehementius vri- ^K^fiiff.Jiuief)^ ocm. x^ ^ ffvej^a. 

nam cit5& ftomacho vtilius x^chiif^iiVKmie^Ti^l^co^ 

eft . Ihflamniationibus ioci - ^T^fioi^iipiKei o i) W ^ ii 

neris, &felle fuifufis auxili- ^'^aftpMyuQVdL^^K^hTietyJf.K^ 

atur. Contra ftomachiinfla- TJvw^T^cei^^^x^i^'^'^^ 

tiones, cum abfinthij decodo -i^f^w k-hif^ovmvo^i^yt, o~ ^q 
bibitur: item aduerfus liencm^ ^iW i^ ojTKlulct ^ i^rrd ^ t 

renum & veficse vitia & vene- x-^s7y ^ vi^%i^.i^ *sp^ ta hCo- 

natos iftus ^ ex yino * Additur ^«/cNWTtt tnui oiycp^i) ^< ^ 
in malagmata^potioneSj & cal ^Kiyu^i^ ^fvv^i^m^hmid 

facientia vnguenta. tcl^ ^ ^iap.cirA ^^f/^7jyj. 
Motanu nardu.Cap. vIII. n^} Oo^wNc^cT». K£?>. j5. ^^ 
Montanum nardum^quod HSi opm^yafJbiyJig.K^t/A' 

ab aliquibus thylacitis^& niris y» J^ <sm wm i^ ^Ksoutj^ k^ 

appellaturj in Cihcia, & Syria Vitei^ > i^vkTOJi ci xjKt>ud. kcu 
nafcitur^iurculo 8c folijs erin- mjeid • <pv>Xci iy y^Kov^ o^ta 

^io fimilibus. minoribus:,iii- ^vf/mi^v7Uyixfy.fone^ ^\ 
mmc » wio? 


ei utui 7§Ay§ct yj^ ctyjpf^J^f* nime tamcn ipinoliSjalpcriiqj, 
fi^cu M S^&ioj fA^cuycu Iaj6-- Radicib* binis nititur^aut plu 
c/Vi> cfi/Oj % vJjL ^Kmv; , oiaxn^ rib^^nigris^odoratis/eti baftu- 
kcmoHhQv^ )^v67i^i n^ ui' la? regif ,fed longe graciliorib'*^ 
Kpon^i ^AxS . o-JTS J^ K^^ & loge minoribus. Ncq^ cau- 
^ Kqv^q^ yM^T^YyoiTZ ai'^^ (pi- lem^nequefruftum^neqjflorc 
fH.^mJi M fi^oL c^5 Q7U Kcu profert.Ad eadem ad quf Cel 
» m77x^ vafJh^. ticum efficax. 

n^/A^§if- Ki(p. 6'* Afarum. Cap. IX. 

Kak^Y^ of ii 5 vfl/cTijy i^^fiu^ A farum^ quod & ipfum ali, 

y^Kovcn 'zidL hjoxh^ ^^^oMOiua, qui fylueftre nardum appellat^ 

jQ *T7/'wW. <^?J>,Xtf 'i'^ xjcssi^ o^tciy heder^ folijs minoribus mul- 
l^KpoTi^ Si '7ro>0^Z Kcu gfoy- tbj rotundioribiisque, floribus 
yjUdT^^ . fitfe» fjL^7i4p 'Twy cytino hyofcyami fimilibus ^ 
9'j?^6jy ^?e)^ tS pi^/j> '^repipy- purpureisj interfoliaproxime 

* ef-ihfcl>cN^uo^.v(iuci>^ yMvm radicem emrcantibus ^ odora- 
iii^<6^^\^ 01$ ^ sm^uxi lot- tis^m quibusfemen acinofuni. 
j^)w?>*yy7w.*p/^^ iVf^^OTX- gradiccsnumerofasjgenicula^ 
hcu^ ^vaiti^his^ Kinijcu^ ^hl- us^ tenues , obliquas ^ grami^ 
ycu oucJcu i^fiJ^ . }^a7iqca ni non difsimiles^ongetamea 
f^^T©/ 7Po>xZ Kcu c/o^Jh^ stf- graciliores^ odoratas> excalfa^ 
iAxuvovw KGU ohjiQvm Kia^ cietes> & qu^ linguam vehe- 
T y>.Zcsay* cf^yctLu^ Ji mj-T^y menter mordent. Excalftdo- 

io J^ov^artKi ^^fjta^m^ ^ dL^uS* riam vim habet:vrina cit^ hy-^ 
CovazL hJ^^cd-m-mi ^ l^ci<hyjo7f dropicis &vctufto coxendi^ 
^oyioif^Apun Ji }tc^ iju^luucc cum doloriprodeft.Radices 
f^^T^ jMktapiTnv 'TTtt^^m cu fenis drachmis ex aqua mulfa 
fi^dj '^Thn^f < /. y^^^v^ potf>menies trahunt, & vera^ 
<ny 0^ \>xiCo^$ KivKG^.Luyv'^ tri albi modo purgant . la vn- 

%^J^Kp //ye^/^j^ysTza oy -^cyJi- guenta additur.Vmbrofis mo- 
oi^o^^7j^^KH<;;aJiuf T^iyr^ k^ tibus ^puenitj fcd plurimum in 
^pvyctjt^ t>XvexJ^^ yji * kvsj^ Poto^Phrygia.lUyrico^ & Ita- 
n-ni^muci^. ^ li^ luftinienfi agro, ' 

Tiyt^'^.^^ Yii^.l Phu. Gap, X. 

^cv.ol c/V^ yjl ^T^ lcySci» Phu,quod a^aliqui /yiucftrc 
. w'./b» _ ^ nardum 


narJum appellant^nafciturin vafJh? H^^^y^^^var) S c^ ':ny^ 
Ponto folio olu&tri ^ aut ela- Toy^(pu>^ci olkui^oCGaKo) S iVTrr- 

ram vergente^ geniculisinter- ^^-Tropi^u^ovy ^azKOiXovyJieiK^iu-' 
cepto^floribus narciiTo proxi- ySpov ^yuaiv-y a}% <sr^^ n^rov ^ 
misj maioribus 5 tenerioribuSj vcif}ucn)u^u£i^s> Ji x^ <T§u(p%d7^.'- 
& ex albicante purpureis : ra- ^^y^o/^TUi -^^sm^Kj^ d^^Trz^- 
dicc fuperlus ad digiti mino- ^v^* '^ila Ji » ^dj}Biifa>^^ 
ris craisitudinem ^ ex obliquo JtnciuKov ui-qoZ rro Tri^^^^^TrKi-^ 
villofain nigri veratriaut iun- yct Ji cm^i^isi ?;>« y^^TnQ 
ci odorati modumtcapillame- %yo$ S fjdhni \>>.iCoes^ , «iW^- j ^ 
tis inuicem cotextisjauefcen- m^omiin^TrKif^u^-ixdlaMbtc^ 
tibus odoratis ^ cum quadam cAj&^Jify vapJi^ovTzt t» larB^wc- 
odoris grauitate nardum ::emu 7« 77735* '^ies^ ^e^fA^Jots^Ji- 
lantibus. Excalfacit^vrinamo- vawJi ^f^-mhcve^w^/ 
uet^ fi ficca potui dctur . De- |»^ ^v^o^^y s^ to ajno- 
codum eadem pr^ftare po- ^s.o^ o' hj-m?^ 'io hjTo JuLct-m ^ 
teft • ad lateris etiam d olorem ^iirv^ y^ f^ses^ crxey pct? i^vov^iii- 
cfficax 5 menfes cit ^ antidotis /^i 7^ 2^^ ^j dnJo^i^ ^- 
inferitur . Adulteratur radice j^i^^^Ttte. JbKovTta Ji o^vfw^mji^ 
rufci ammifta : fed maleficium p/^^zis' Tnz^^^f^yv.cSpn • ov;)^pk 
deprehenditur : quoniam h^c Ji » o/mymm^ hjTM Vgi • <3"/X/)- 
dura eft ^ & frangenti contu- paJ y^ ^^/ fitSTsu iC5«i Jij^e^.v- 2. © 
maxjfine vUa odoris gratia. ^i cTf;^ hoa^Jiaj;. 

Malabathrum; Cap.XL n^^M^^aSjP». fo<p,/i. 
Malabathrum arbitratur a- lAaKJ^C^ifovm^t <mKw-^ 
liqui efle ladici nardi folium^ Cojjounv ^cu tSV hJr/Sfr yaf^ 
falfi quadam odoris cognatio- Jov (^vKKov ^Kd^dy^ot em^ 
ne: permulta cnim nardum o- Ty,^ y^-rX rh l^pluj lu^^apHOj^ ^^ 
lent^quemadmodumphu^afa- ^tomA ^''^^y c^;^ r^S Jo?^'? 
rumjniris.fecusautemres fe v4^fp^i>^ to 0ov /amfov ^v'^'- 
habet.Nanquemalabathrum e^>. ci/. s;^ cT^ oy';^^-. icT/oi^ 
foliufuigeneriseft.quodln- y^V^i^^o? (hvoyS^ov ^j rot^ 
licx gignunt paludcsjlentis pa hJn^^is 'liKUiim^^^vn.ov h ott?- 
lufcijs r^/S- 

w^0pc>v V(l> vStLTiy y^^mp n iuftris modo 'innatans aqius ^ 

, imrc^yriKf^Tt^v (payji. fi(a^ finc radice.Id coUeftum fta- 
^K ^A c^^-^i^pm^y ^^' tim - lino tranfluimr , & ficca- 
€0^. J)ci^ei'pou7i him.iy |«§iw- tum reconditur . Tradunt fic^ 
-n» ^v^V7^.<pcta7 J^ y^ ^ catis seftiuo feruore aquis.hu- 
5 '^p^oi kvcilne^v^VTo^}i^vM mum aridisfruticib^ vrizquod 
r(i^^y^i^(;i^vyivcif 'rl^yJj:, vbi non euenerit^ ne amplius 
jLm-po «i^'a y>. T«TK (mySv (pii quidem renafci . Laudatur re- 
J^:h^ Si y^Kov ^ ^ic^am cens, ex candido nigricans, 
y^^:^K^um,i^wf^^Kca^iZi^ integrum^nec fragile.odore 
k^uv^v n ii, oKozKAe^v, 'Trhy^' caput fericns , quod diu m fua. 

lo yjvy2v ta oap,%ii^ l-mSii^^oy vi odore permaneat ^ & nar- 
T>,^ o-jft) Jtct,vd^^% ^n^l^.yiv^ dumfaporeimitetur.nuUofa-^ 
c^ im k-ky.ve^lov. ^i <^ ^J^pcc- lis guftu. Infirmum verb & mi 
n^J^ ^ wPioyj^-m-ifj^ov./crjccd- nutim contufum^prxfertim fi 
^o)rrw/ l^v r krTToipo^h ^ (pav^ cariofimi virus olet , viriofum 
Kov, Jhjiuu4v e;^ t^o) ^ r^i^' eft. Eafde nardo fortitur viresj 

15 TAv4^. ^hjYMesv ^ ^/^^^'^ fed cfficacius omnia pr^ftat. 
rn^T^^i^. Ji^^^y^TimT^cif^ Vrinam vehementius ciet , ac 
Toi ^ hj^^^iie^ ls7'A« "Td ftomacho magis ^deft mala- 
^KciU^ov Jtu^aui^.iy^^^ bathrivis.Lippitudinibus^inflS 
rTalo(p^K!^yJ.$(pK^yujovd.^cip'' mationibiifqj tritil &in vmo 
f^^ei ivfii^s^V cv (Hvc^ £, K^oy ferucfadum comode illinimr: 

i cmi^ioijdpov^^-nl^w Si i) fubditu lingu^ , oris hslitu dc 

yK^osvi «jek VjcdSioM <^fJLciTo^^ fuauitatem comedat. Veftium 

i^ mwitjmioi^ li^WACoanzi quoque odorem interpofimm 

^ ii IvdJ^TttSTt ^^t^. feruat^& ab erofione tuetur. 

n^/KfidojJii;. Ks!^. i^^ Cafsia. Cap. XII. 

' Kfl£5C57£i^ Ji Vgj 'Truiova iih^ Cafsia.cuius complura funt 

15 ^ TbJj k^cdtj(J]o(^Qfov kpciCicu^ genera^iuxta odoriferam Ara- 
->y^<4oac.X:^ ^i^iov^^diy^' biam gignitur , crafsi^ corticis 
q^Kom-^^vKkci &> TTkTTioicdrJix.- farmentOj folijs piperis. Blige- 
uy>i 'S Tiyyjy^ov^oQpg^\£Viyj>Qci-~ da eft fuluefces^pulchri colo- 
ki^d^^^yhjj hJtajf^ucL^cL} kcu ris ^ coralii ^mula, pcrqua an- 
^^icu^^ TH^ ffvejtyyioi^ ^Kip-^ gufta^Ionga^crafla^& fiftulofa^ 
iviynyM ■ " i> guftii 


guftu morde-n-S3& cu aliqiian- </Vj/,wy z^ tS y^P^^y'*^ ^^f^'^-^' 
toferuore aftringens^aroma- cm ^i^' 'ttvU^^ 7n.'^/'i^^^^y^i^- 
ticajVinofo odorej cuiufmodi lUAV^^Ha^iohi^^ff^^ ^'^ gojxyj » 
eft^qu-x ab inxol^s^aehy appel- S% mmj-m vsro T^y cm^ej.m 
latur^ab Alexiandri^ negocia- lyQv^^-m-^ M^n-P*^ ^ "^- 
,tpribus5daphnids.PIuic prgfeit au-ptiU-m -^ ttS^' ^ cLK^^dj^- ^. 
crafla ^ purpurea & Qigricans^ J\cBii Iwtt&^^j'. «j^c cfs -tt^-^w 
Zigir cognomine ^ qux rofam l$7y -^ uAhouva iy\y,7ric,<P'^ey *^ 
odoreimitatur^pcipui in me- yfci,?^ytiHc^i^-a, po^f^ovazx: 
dicina vfaSi Secundum locum Tfc£!^>i ^ki^^^"^ '^,*^^. 
tenet antediciajrertia^cui Mu )c^V ^>c^if c^i^^iri^MtrnfM ^ 
feletico blafto, id eft germiniy » (s^i^/c^Ui^^.TeiT}) /^ '^J^ ^ ^^^ ^^' 
cognomen eft. Reliqu^ viles^ K^ySpn^ ^Kdy.jt^ pcc^Kii-r^ * '^^ 
& quGe aphemum dicitur^ ni- c/^ xs/^ l/jr^K&^cd^ » ^o:/- 
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rimofa : & qu3s darca^^ citto Shi^KfPiO^^hoio^^» ^ i^hoioo^x 
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guftu coarguitur, cum nec a- p^w ^l^y^jmS^^cm. S^^tu^tci^. 
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medull^ cortice habeat. Inue- m 'n r (pKoih t^ t? ^-n^M-* 
nitur eri am lat a qu^dam fiftu- va, \vex(sy.iiiu Si >y ^K ss w a (m^ 
la^mollis^leuis/urculofa^ q an- eiy^ykTizt^^^^zii^-^y l/jifr^^^y <^'^- z<> 
tedida* pr^fertur. Damnatur ^epvcm. A^ ^5 ^^A/»^ . imo^yj- 
candicans/cabra,hircinum vi- /^{$ S^ t^ -^K^^y-^^J ^:d V'* 
rus redolens , & qu^ tenuifi- ^ciJ^tyTfay^ovamf o» t^ ^^??^ 
ftub , & fcabra cute fit. Vim Tiuj m^ ^^vcra^ Ji t^ (TueiY/CC 
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gendl Couenit ad medicame- ouf^nyJvy |/}f^-yTO^V-> s^jfp^tjcrw? 
ta ocuiorum ^ qu^ prsftand^e^ <^^ki5-.ci§£^'^^ /^" ^V 7« 'S^gfi- 
clarirads gratia c6cinnatur> & o^vJh^>u£W cp^Ky^iyJ'^ ua-ki 
ad malagmata. Letigines toUit f,uct7ZL'^uyJ^ r cu^i f($ }iiKi'm 
cum melle ilHta^menfes trahit^ y^-T^-y^^^h^ y^ %uy/ii'^x ctyety, 
corra 6 

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?», y.cu ^^ Ttt? ivTz^ ?iX£- liat^aduerfusiteftinasinflama- 
y^vei^^TiiTitim^^auiiau^iiS^ tiones omneis & renum vitia, 
ye?>e?^ • «V \yx^^taixmi TS pota proficitFoeminis in folio 
;tici -^"bufjuiunTA yjjjaufiy defidetib^autfuifimetis^^eft 

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mov J% auTJi^ ^iyvi/^Qv mfii; ponderemedicamentismixta 
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XlllKma^lJLi^^ Ks(p, ry. Ginnamomu. Cap. XIIT; 

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mu£fZp^ei?m^ejLm . Sia.^ patrium fibi nomen vendica- 
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(3«y TTO^s" £^^l^«dw^^«r 7^'' cum^qubd cafsise^ cui Moiyliti 
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*ivu7ov fm^^ rro ^s^atpamv > r^ figie. Sed in eo genere recens^ 

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My K^Tijiv Jirmi^ ftuCJioi^ 'jicu vergens^I^rue^ tenuibus ramu- 
KHovyO^ot^ ffiuji^(77 yj&^ituivoy^ lis^ ac frequentibus nobiscin- 
&poJ^huZ<h^.'^Jb\ ^ » Tov ftum^ perquam iucunde oles, 
d,ex^v y^dm I57 ^ r Q// 'TA Optimi fere indicium^iticundx 
cAiedJi^ iM77t'm.c4ei(r/.i7m y6 odoris proprietate coftat . In- 
fj^ T6 (ze^sDvziu tJ)a.^av70f » ucnitur enim cii optimo^ eoq; 
oej^n 'Tmy^t^ovcrst % iLOfJhLf^^^ quod peculiare eft^ odor rut^ 
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z^V t3 y^(;^y Kcu vi^aKfwti^ov acre^mordes, & cu calfadioc 
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4« A^ Ta^^m iaswjouSpov^ y^ citb confricanti aiperum ^ aut 
cy tS SpfiCjJe^ -0idS\^ i^Ktiov frianti lariuginofum Jeuib^ ta-: 

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Cai^0v Toy ^»Jv. hj^fii^ ^ j5 dice furculu.facilis eft huiufcc 
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litu cu nares primu c^fuiiitiir, mnjf -ji, y^^^Tloyx i^TrAoy^ jy 

olfadu explentia^deterioris di ^K^f^tw^ ^m) lat^^Amy^^yjm 

gnotioaeimpediut . Eit etiam /)^f ^ <rk 'ih^iOn^Xw^mvX^ 

montanu^crafrum^pumilu/ul- /e i^ l^^Ji^v^.^TiztyQ^yjoKoClv^ ^L 

uefcens admodu. Tertiu a Mo J^pa *^yu}kv r ^oom* ij t^- ^ 

fylitico^perqua fuauiter olet, rFovTni^^To ui^Kov^^Kev/m^ 

nigru/ruticoiiim^paucis inter- Kiav l/ja^^h^^hu^pmhs Ji x^ ou 

cedetibus genicuIis.Quartum^ vrzKv^yccToy . T^TstpToy^ Kn^yJy^ 

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terofum^ vile, acfriabile^ ma- T^Xf^cAl^uv^y ts y.cu fiey^Klw 

gna habes radice^ qixse cafsiam £;^y*p^'C^ y^o^.^nju^y, TiiuT^oy f^ 

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fam^Sc cortice fulus^xafsise fi- Ct^S^ t^u) dLoLuj Ji^^^ih:,^ Tri^ 

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fuaultatis . incik . Deligito fca- r^ -^^^cdJ^^yKou ^ '^vo.T^Kaf^ov* . 

brum^albu^rugofum; at teue^ v^ K^ov^y^ tv ^vko^A^ Jz ;cJ^'^ 

& lignofam circa radicem ^ vt j>l(a^ 0^ a,^HOf m^m . E^ 

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a cinnamomo genere diiFerre ?''§f^; rov yjv/ci^fjuov roivKo- 

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Ginna^ jCvauiy 

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^y '^^%u^j>mm^(m^fA'ny^y^juu!i^ <\t^tmoV^t^^ concoquir,vrina 
■KeiK7jyj/r/^7rc'£r/Jiv,ei'^^ 'j z. ?u ciet^ta mefes^quam p artus po- 
f^ a z^ Ifj^^vcL 'm/o^tj^ cy K,cu tum aut ex myrrha imp ofitum 
^^^^.(Apoy ^ mwm^^i '2a h~ pellit^contra beftias^quae virus 
$4gkoi^^ ^Aeloti y^ ZtfjfcLintJUii^ eiaculaturj venenaq^ c6ueriit; 
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tr/.QTzuI^Tu h/Twy^^^ipi^uMJ- uerfantem difcutit^ crafsitieni 
7« 75' ^ K^aiei^x^ ht <hiipm- extenuat3leatigines,& vicia cu 
y^y^^ct/M 71 y^ i^pitXH^ amy^-- tis in facie ex mellc illitu detcr 
.W?^ f/^-m f/i?j7o^ c/TTi^i^.y' git:c6tra tuffes^defluxiones^a- 

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^Ua^^vJ^ptd^^rct^^vi^pohM^^Ju- vitia^S: vrin^ difficukate effi- 
^uej.d^^Luyin/'^ Q ^ roU vrzKv- cax eft^vnguentis preciofis in^ 
rnKioj ^uve^trK^ y^^r.algj Tro- fcri folet : & in fumma^ magni 
Kv}^A<^7.kr7n>v^'^ Ji el>" J^tu- ad omnia vfiis. Tritu vino ex- 
l/^yh K^oy ohcd 'kycixciuCd//6/:z^ cipitur^vmbraq; ficcatum^qub 

X5 yoyy'^ ^n^cuyoySpoy l^ a-/i2. diutius eduret^reconditur, 

TV^ik^uz. Y^.^. i}\ Amomum. Cap. XIIII, 
^ A^u£y 'Q^ b^wazo^ ohy.^ Amomum exigue fruticat, 
^^J?:^', oy. IvK^iw/T^.uTrzTrM^ui- ^% ligno fe conuolues in race- 
vo^ lc^T^X-)^ iiriK^ h^s pu mi modum , flore, ceu cSiniu 
y<fov^ <J>i- KiuyMk^(pvK>. a M (^.^vo^ dx viol^^ paruo : foiijs vitis al- 

xo yictomtct.yJ.K>.iqoyMSQ^ 10 of- h^ fimllibus. Laudarur quam- 
^icy^^tm^oy iS /^^'^^.'i^y t^ maxime Armeniacu fuluo au- 
^luKoy ^fzdyjUo-y^hjZh^l/^- ri colore^ligno fubrufo^val- 
y&.T^ 'j u/hiiyj^y cAi -roln ttc^ -de odorato . Medicum ^ quo- 
^oi^ }y vy^tpuS^poM-ni^mi? ^u^ niam in cam.Deftribus & a- 
^.k^iujUTrSrie^y. Igj 5 u^yL quofis enafcitur, infirmius efle 

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i-^Acv^K^u }yZhf izl'^ \iKm^ fubuiridc, tactu reneram fru- 
'Myi/n^oy rVotm^A ^ -nt cfeTO^-n- tice venofo , odcre origani , 
^iy <£m)ul\'^y^oh^'/>3\f^oh i\ P5ticam Yero fubrufum, par- 
^ii^^^goy y^^*>riva>h^^ rsi-Kfif.i uum^fragilejracemofn fructu 
^^'^■^ ii«i Tpi^.J .'2?A«;iWv. turgens^ &odore-naresferies 
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Deligito recenSjCandidum vel lich.iti£ Jiii a^arpum i^ k^ 

fubrubnim^quod nec aftri- -dvn x^v^oy.^Tn^hytfAvovn 

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tur/eminis pl enum , vuis par- ^i^^imm ^"^vAai^^^dL^^c^o^ 

uis fimile, graue^ valde odora- iia^lo%h^^A^ hj^Z-Tt^^ ^cu ^ 

tum ^ modo cariem non con- i^^iwjjivaa^ ryiZtnhcL^zfKouZ 

traxerit, acre ^ guftu mordens, r ;^^'^ ^ i nrtitxjKov. <fajlciijuy 

fimplici colore non euarian- 5' 2;^ ^^^//AtfjTjcJ^^^/yiy^l^- 

te.Vimhabet calfaciendi ^ a- ^myj^v^vTriQ^Tr&im^kviJhjjovTc» 

ftringeadi, exiccadi.Somnum ^^Tmrny^^T^^Try^oLo^st^ov^ (pKi 

allicit,& illitum fronti.doioris ffzcya; I £, fUKmi(>iJbLS -mim- 10 

fenfum aufert , inflammatio - y« :^ J^u^op^, cytop^mo^KymTct? 

nes 3 & meliceridas conco- ^ri/jrWoxAfAays-T^^kci^^vfl^^' 

quit.difcutitque: iuuat guos Kei^ntJ^-je/yJt^ cvy,U>Kf) y^ 

fcorpius percufsit^ex ocimo i)(piKHy}Ci7m£^^^ei^y^o<^!^~ 

iilitum, &- podagricis confert> jmv<pKif^va}'iy W of emKif- 

inflammationes oculorum^vi- ^ois" (PjJjgsL^piSi^^h J% iwrj 

fcerumque lenir ex vua paiTa, yjj>QU)t&tcL y^ ^ o^Mtoi^z^ ^ 

ad vuluaru vitia ^ in pefsis,aut Xfys-^c^tm '^^^atyu^^v^ m^^v t% 

infefsionibus ytile eft . Deco- ^ a^pi-lM^ hj^ a.^^(ei >W 

dum iocineri ^ rcnibus , po - vm^^ n(pptmo7^ y nrc^^^yjn^. 

dagp, potu conuenit . Anti- yu^jw 4 -gj^ avTJJoTZitf , koj 

ciotis immifcetur,& preciofiil m^ T^KvTtK^^^t^^im uuc^y. 2*0 

fimis vnguentis. Adulteratur a- JhKi^ounv Jivm tJ '^fM^^v 

momum hcrba fimili^qua? a- ^%Kip}&{i^AkiJu^tu^^iy.(^\5%' 

momis vocarur , fed fine odo- em kju^yud \vo^t^ i^ to Kal 

re/ine frudu . Nafcitur in Ar- kyJ^pTm^ -pv^ySpn J^ cy o:?/^- 

menia,flore origani.Quare ia yict, ^iri- Ix^cni iy(pps l^tyl- 

huiufcemodi probationib^ fra y(0.MJi c^ ^l r mint^v J^- H 

gmeta fugiendafunt: eligenda xj/j^aicusn^ ^ccjqu.u'T& ^^- 

autem, qu^ ab yna radice in- (pivyp.ikKi^^v M ta ajm wiSs 

tegrosfurculosemittunt Ji^^/i^yrct^KKJ.J^isf tikhoi^. 
Goftus. Gap. XV, n^fiHo^v. Ks^. /1. 

Prg.cellit Arabicus^cadidus, Kogn Jic^oipi 6 ij^uSiyJ^yKivyJ:^^ 

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6^5? ^ kS^o^, ni^iirA^iXy^^i i^ «- leuisj eximia odoris fuauita « 
J^ii^ T S5ruIaJ.c/V,y7?p5yi 5' ^ /v- te. Secundum locum fibi ven- 
J>/i^ icTpci- ^y ;9 JcJipo^ ^ t6^- dicat Indicus/ieuis, vber^vt fe- 
Ki£< i?vtf^'^|.'7ei755' J)fe 'o^^y Tula niger . Tertius eft Syria- 
(juuccdi^^k^^ ^odjf TT^led - cu s^ grauis, coiore buxeus , & 
' J^a^^^r^KTtyi^ TA oajjSi • 2e/^^ odore feriens,Optimus eft re- 
JiVgiyo ^'crtpdlo^r^h^iCDf-^^^Ki c-ens.albus, abunde plenus^de- 
^n^ S^oKii^9nim^l^o^^k7ioyiJt- fus^aridus.a t^credinibus noa 
yico^^aQ^cd^o^^ ytvffm c/Vi;c77;ccV, crofus , finegraueokntia^gu^ 
:^ TTupiiJ^.-.ctiyumv ^ i;)^ S«p- ftu calidus ac mordens. Vis ci 
pm-nm'}^ Jia^^avyJiv yhpLi^edv excalfadoria^vrinam ciet^mc- 
^^ ky^^h i^r '^"ciiHe^v^^v fes pdUt, vitijs qu^ vulua ma^ 
k^(dpv, l) ^^p^ai xak y^- le habent^tam impofitu quam 
imTKAyuLm 2| Troe^i-tn.ci^^mvo^ fotu & fuffitu auxiliatur. Co- 
ySiiOi M Vj^oMkttas ^oii^ vy^ tra vip erarum morfas fextan- 
y<t$ ^V^»^r, ^ ^^ 3ti£ix- tem bibere prodeft : item ad- 
K^ ndm J9 axd^cLm^ % ^sy- uerfus pedoris doIores> con^ 
S5 yiA^mm^ yiiT om ^^ i-ifV-Sriij ^nulfa^inflationefque^cx vino 
^ k^%oSmdL c/V TnsLe^fnm, yuc-t Sc abfinthio:venerem ex mul- 
Vtvou^Km^Ji^^iJi xsf^iK^^v^ fo ftimulat 5 latas venrris ti- 
^KctTetcu;^^' vSct-m^yqvy^i neas ex aqua pellit , horrori- 
<?;wi T5 fipvcn pt^r ihouou ^Q bus ex oleo ^ ante f ebrium ac- 
r?^ ommyi^mM^ Kcu Trzi^^Kvn^ cefsiones , S: neruorum refo- 
po yjTi^^ y^^^H M i^ e(p>jX/y y^7&' lutionibus oblinitur: vitia cu- 
y^i<^ei> ft^-J* tM^o? % fJti>J7u^* usm facic^, cum aqua vel m el- 
fj^yfVTtuM x^ fjjaxi\uuLm vA leillitus emcndat. Additurin 
kvnJ^^Toi^yfztyvuoun S^hiot-rus antidota & malagmata . Sunt 
^fUkicdTdTos 7Gv.X£fmQLyLji>pv qui admiftis helenij comagc- 
Ikivhs ^i^a;^ cfhKouMTty ^jJiih ni pr^duris radicibus^ adultc- 
lo^fyifJi i Mymcn^ , «7^ -^ jet, quod deprehefu faciic eft: 
TTvyt tLuj y^vi^i Tz Ihiytovjin fiquidem neq; guftu feruet hc- 
'dw c/vaJidjf ciiToyov J^ 77M/-7f lenium^ neque validu odorem 
mfmdy^^ vibrat,vtcaputtentarepofsit. 

Up^^ja. Ki^. i/* pdorat^ iucus. Cap. XVI. 
S;^yo5-,» i^o 71^ .yVs^ ^ hiCiii. Odoratus iuncus, ia Africa 

b iiij & 


Sc Arabia nafcitur. Laudatifsi- ^Ji^^ k^MdAii^ M o/t^ 

mm ex Nabathsa ; proximus kCu-nudi wp^Sp-A* l-n? \^ ;{/>«;- 

Arabicus^quem aliquiBaby- TjV/J.cT&i^T^p^yfi A' « l.^Av/^^ 
loniamcognominanr.alijteu- h^%m9^^^u\mm y^hovsr^^ai 

chitin : pefsimus ex Africa.Eli- J^^^Ttv-^mJ 'j hiCuvJA '^-^^a^^. 

^endus eft rufus ^ recens , flo^ ^^^.Kiy^ Si ^ ^apdmv^ hj- ? 

ribus rcfemis > tenuis , ruben- ^epv.^zt^^vojf^^l.^^o^^tuu'^ 

tibus fragmentis^ qui mani- \u7rip(puepv >t) xi^h.-^PoSi^a,^ 

bus confricando rof^ odo - awj tTi l^jc^J)^ l^^J^di cPicl^^ 

rem emittit.igne^ mordaci- C>^ rxP!^,^ M-mfryK^cp^ 

tms ad linguam . Bloris , cul - ^wf ij[f 'tt^xk^^ 7wpeSji&>>-^ ^ig^*- i o 

niorum,radicifq;eftvfus.Vim cn/j^^^i Ayboi^ k^t y^Ka.^am ^ 

yrin:£ ciund^ habet, menfes ^ t5*^ li^n^.J^Svciutv o l-)^ J)h- 

pellit, difcutit inflationes , ca- ^i^^n^/J^v^uuliAm k^j^-ph ^/sy- 

put aggrauat.modice aftrin- ^rj^^j J^iawzmy^r^^ry^- 

git,comminuit,excoquit, ac p>,x^//iy,%!ayo^V£T?t? ^i^^Te^W^ 

yena-rum fpiracula laxat. Flos %ri ^ "^miy.hTnv^w.y^ km- H 

eius in potuvtilis fanguinem ^fju^nyJiv.Ti^otmh^i m^ ~ 

reijcientibus , doloribus fto - tJV, -m-narxcKn ^i(nmv ^.^ 

machi , pulmonis , iocineris, cuuaT^^ hayj^-^^i yt^ ^vm^ ^^ 

Sc renum , mifcetur antidoris. jud^^v, 7n>iv^ucvo^^ 'ytmTL^ , vt- 

Radix aftringentior eft : ideo (^uSv.uiyvw J^ k^] kvv^TDi^y 

faftidijs ftomachi , hydropi- -^^t^fi^u ^T^iyj^ji^. cf>5 yA:-^ 

cis , conuuliis , drachma vna -m,- ko:^J%(n<^pU^i^ JiJh-m 

cum pariponderepiperis^per vJ^^idTncoairtmajma^cisnp^-. 

dies aliquot darur . Deco - t^ )'in>v Tn7d^ia>^ ^^ -^iA^c^^ 

dum vulua? inflamatio- -nva^. tq J^ afd{i^M. a^-m^ ? 

nibus^addefidentium ^ ^/^djv (^K'^ytjxiv& ^^\y^ 

fotus vtile eft. yJ.^ap.ctc4^<Jiov. 

Calam^ odoratus. Cap.XVH. UpKctKiij:^. Kg^. t^. 

C A L A M V S odoratus KiKctuQi koaifjuivy2^ ^ ^ Je^ 

in India nafcittur: melioreft p IvhJi-^Xgjo hJr yj^m^h 

fuluus^ denfe geniculatus ^Sc yj^o^.^TrvyMovcih^^-l^^iwoKKi^ 

qui alTuIofe frangitur , plena myJcLKmb^ ^iavo^o^^yi^v 

araneorum ascLy^m^^ 


k^u^im T <rof>r/ya^\^hivjot>^y araneorum fiftula ^ albicans, 
c4/ $ T^ <huimo:sYi<Ti yKi^orgv" lentus in mandendo^ & aftrin- 
i^iito^y-^S^^ttxi^^Jhuuafjo^pci. gens^accum aiiquanta acri- 
yjvm 'TTo^^, o^y ^[^i^ ^^ monia amarus . S^rinam potu 
hr^^gt.oi^ % (pQ^in saAj{^7os i- cietrquarc cugraminis^aut api] 
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risei BoVjiTK^y. Ks^. /it. Balfamil. Cap.XVlIL 

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lac inflillatus coagulat^quod 'j AcPoKi&cJ^o^^jrpoff^iv^x^yiK^i 
adulterat^ n5 efficit. Quinctia nrJ o cmgztyei^ 'Trfiyjtm tto o^ 
fyncerusin aquaautladecc- JkJbKi^f/Spo^i^^A^^vokyJ^iu-^ 
lerrime liquatur ^ coloreq; la- o^ ^t^j^^h^ '^J^Kami » vJit-rt ^ 
ftefcit: vitiat^ verb olei modo to TU^i^^ }y ^xxc^ji] «^-^ ^' 
innatat^ fe conuoluens^ aut in /ok&Jpo^ om^TrK^ h^^-t^p t. 
fteJIse modu diffundes.Synce- Kcuov^<nj<;fi<i^ou.tm%^iar^oKBpo? 
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gni genere, quod xylobalfa- ^rti ojjarTrK^vhoSii-^^-rov. * To 
mum vocant, probatur reces, ^ \xjk ov % y^KcT^ ^uKoCiKc^iAov, 
farmento tenui^ fuluum, odo- iiauU^Q^ 70 -TrpocTrpctTov ^ x^- i^ 
ratum/quadamtenus opobal- '^oy^^^ov^i^ ttj^cv cv^Ji^^^^u 
famum ipiras, Neceffarius cria ^ ^W oinC^(yuiAii,r 5' ;^pc5^^ 
feminis erumpit vfus: quare e- y^ -^^ t»t8 ^ ;>g W aJayK^a. 
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m a/m r?^ -^7^^,% JhKi(ou7t * ne hyperico fimili, quod a Pe^ 
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o^ya>ini cy. ^ fjtei^ov 7t mcu guiturmagnitudine^inanitate, 

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fja -m^ d^cu>^ vs^w^^ ^^- pupillisofFundut,medetur pcr 
ifdM -^li^ UA^o^^^^^^ufi.^ fridionibus vulua? cum rofa^ 
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%^ufctuju^i^ Ai>7?^5^ IfxC^v^ quoque, fecudas & partus ex- 
x^ ftya (Tvy^^tS-Hi kuh^ y^^^i trahit , horrores illitu dikii^ 
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S^ YjxAKi^i^^x.cu^Kiyua,(n tium idus: mifcetur acopis^ 
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}{miiiw X-)^ '^ JhjjdLf.m o^zt^ famma , prxcipua authoritas 
T6 ^^cTuujovyJiim^v Ji y^f fucco , fecunda femini ^ mini- 
'^^'Tro^ylKci-^gvivSiro^jKov.o'^ y^f ma ligno.Semen commodc 
W 'mvo^o^^ ^^i^ ^K^isjeX' p otui datur doloribus lateris^ 
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(Lov,i/S^Qi$y Juaoves^crty^^AexoJi- ficultati^ torminibu$ ac fer - 

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Ex aqua potum cruditatibus, ^oa^Ji k^^i-^^.v vJclv% ^- 

torminofis , viilfis, venatorum yo^Spovkm-i^ca^^^i^oi^^^b^fioi. 

iftibus opitulatur^ vrinam cit^ MitTi^i^.cTmu^Qi^^lcpi^n ^Y-i,'^ 

ad capitis vulnera cum ficca «t^c^ t^ |y ^t^^^H *jJad^t^-7« .«$- 

Iri couenit^ fquammas ofsium T^t 'ieiJbs apuo^^ f^^cii , hdLy^ 

extrahit , Sc ad vnguentorum Ji ^. Ki^mM^^^AyvTiu. Ji x^ ^- ? 

ipiffamenta additur. r^ ^v iiv^y ^ ^^dL-rrt, 

Alpalathus. Cap.:KlX. - rieel ^•roK^i^rjy. Ks^. ;9'* 
Aipalathus, aliis eryfifce- hajjn.Kct'^?^'^ o\ Jl\^v(^,(rKyt^ 

ptrum, frutex eft furculofus^ '7?,esv^ba.^^ I57 IvKdiJ-^^^k- 

anultis fpinis horrens . nafci- j^id^i- iro^i^^.di ymyjT^KBpo^^-jip^ 

tur in Iftro ^ Nifyro , Syria, & mi&m^ h JW« ^ J^iG-^p^) £j «ji/- ^^ 

Rhodiorum infularquo ad vn- ft^i iy paJo^^ ? ^^Sv^ olfxvpiio) 

guentoru IpifTamenta pigmen ^^ W r )uyp«;/ gv-^ei.Xgi y^ 

tarij vtuntur. Optimus eft gra- xoi* ^iJr, :^ iLd^?^ 7^ ^ipKGt^ 

xiis 5 detrafto cortice rubens^ «S^^u <dfv^o^ % 'TTdfmeitcdv^ 

3ut in purpuram verges^ den- '^ry^t^k , hu4h^y ^y^i^Gy oi ta 

fus, odoratus^ guftatu ama- yM^:,%<^Ji ti x^t-ne^y SJb? ^i 

nis. Eft & alterum genus can- cimk Xivm-^ ^vhZJi^yeivoap.ov:,'^ 

didum, lignofum^fine odo- J-yy^ ;^eP''^ y^^^/r/js* Auiiu- 

re: quod deterius habetur. fny M %^ St^^T^z^ fwrn, 

-Vim calfaciedi cum aftridio- cu-ificd? Jj^^v c^U n W ^- 

ne obtinet . vnde decocium ^'^a; I4*J -^V wiromu vjx Jin- 

cum vino ad tetra oris vlcera yxvlp^j^Q^ ^p^l^ "^ y^^ "^^ ^^^ 

colluenda conuenit /ad no- 70) li aj/oio:^ 7JI vouas -^j, k- 

mas genitalium^ Sc fordida vl- Ka^^cia; \yy.Kv\o^o^ ^ yjl 

cera infundkur ; fubiectum in ^me)^ ik? ct^Luja^ 5 %uCcva t% 

peflb , partum extrahit ^ al - y^TcL(m^ tJuyvuSpo^ ^iosS^ li 

tium fiftit eius decoftum : 8c M k^i^-^^. outov mkiav /- 

fanguinis reieftione potu co- ^ * y^ cduaTo^ ewcLyd^Jii^ 2.^ 

hibet 5 vrin^ difficultatem in- ^.o^v^<h)ai:^vei^!/ tz y^ luTrjiv- 

flationefquc difcutit. ^Ti^mvKv^. 

Mufcus. Cap. XX. Tl^eji^vov. Ks?». /, 

Bryon^id eft mufc^^a quibuf BpJcv , -^^ r*iw Jl arKiy- 

dam ipkchnoa appeBatur : ia y^<^'/ h^^kStj^u , c^i^mc^cv 6m 

cedro. ' Jhi^^m. 



^ivS^^m y^i^dvm^ tMvyJyG>y S cedro arbore^ populo alha^ 3c 

^pidLv0y\(hoLQif^£i'j Ti^ySJ^f^tm. quercu inuenitur . Optimum 

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rro %v(aH^pv:i'^ KivyJoy y^ly^ri pulneum, : in quo genere can- 

fUKm^oy ^e^y. Aujjumy o^ didum Sc odorarius pr^ftat^ni 

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Tc cj* ojjmi gvwiKjov ^ yJjL «V ^- fandi gratia inferitur^ thymia^ 

yudijui-my Ji ic^ h:d7my (rAiudL- matum^acoporumque comoo 

to did^jWy cAj^^Toy» fltionibus conueniens. 

neeiA^^A\o;:^y. Ke2>. zct. Agallochum. Gap. XXI. 

A}^?\Xo;^'/ ^uKoy %^ (?>££/- Agallochu^Iignumeft quo.d 

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fi^Tjkhh y^ -^TToiyjKov. ircift ritudine^cute verius quam cor 

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n^ei Nfl£ir/-i^5T9:/. Ks^. ;c?'. aqua bibere prodeft. 

^Nioxcc^^Ssy^o; Si vaf3(^(p^ov^ }y Narcaphthum. Cap.X X I L 

rr&77> k 'f hJ^iiSs Ko^^i^Ji^ q' Narchaphtu ex India defert, 

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bro quod iucudi odoris gratia xiiyhtjucot^oi <hk r lucdJ/diQ 
fuffitur. Mifcetur thymiamatis ^ yuyi^o^i m^ crjtivct^^il^ Su- 
compofitis : conflri£lionibus izti^m^ a>(f^w ^ ^7fa^\<^-^ 
vulu^e fufFitu prodeft. ygQ^haj Kim^fnctMv* 

Cancamum. Cap. XXIII. Uiei KcSt^cuiVi Kso. ay* 
Cancamum Arabici ligni la Kdy^t^tcoy J^y^vh "Gpv ofit^ $ 
chrymaeft^mirrha? quodam- Cmp ^vhov ff^u^TA^ c^cnoiiCQ^^ 
modo fimiliSjVirofi guftus^qua &^c^<h$ i^ t5 y.icm^ %^ m 
ad fjifimenta vfurpant. Veftes '^fni^^n ^Zyw.^^y^-TrjL 
eo , additis ftyrace & myrrha, ^dt^ Sz^^ l/iaTJu f^^ cvJjt^ 
fufFiutunVim proditur obtine n€ i, c6^iUi$.<^cL^iy J^) iV- 
re e^tenuadi obefos^fi tcrnum ^et-m "i^h ^i^cwTimj ^v y^- m 
cbolorum podef e ex aqua,aut ^'m^JKm-i^raoCoKov ^tttS^^ 'm 
inulfo aceto plufculos dies ebi vo^Spov y cn/j) vJkv t llvixihiv 
batUFjIienofis datur^ comitiali- !<?>' l^^d; -^u^^^ ^ tSiJbw y^l 
bus, & fulpiriofis: menfes cum ajjKluuiKai^^iCj c^x»??/;w>7>> )tcu 
aqua mulfa pellit^oculoru cica k^^7iyJtriu^hM<i r 2^ <tCv 
trices confeflim emedat ^ vino ^.hty^irc^y-ii^^^ei'^ ^ W <J/ j-^ 
madefadu medetur eoriidem l^^Kfxms raL^a>€ ovKd^K^ k^ 
hebetudinibus,aduerfiis gingi- CKvedmci^ toLra^^ J>£6W o^tm^Tr^o^ 
uas humore pr^gnanteis^dolo t^ ^jvi^lm^ ovKm yJj^ oJhvraK- 
reiq; detiil^no aliud efFicacius. yd^yon: ovSiv tT^e^v 'Troia. 
. Cyphi. Cap. XXnil. mdl^vipied^. Kio.kJ^. 

Cyphi odorati fuffimeti c6 Kv<pi ^^^tiuctri^ "fy cnnva- io 
p ofitio eft^dicata diis^qua abu ma yuc.yaej.cqji!w ^& . y^vr^ 
de ^gyptijfacerdotesvtutur. H hmd v^r^yji^ei^^ o\ ^ cdyj^ 
In antidota mifceri folet, fuC 7f/6) UpSi^» ^yvim.ft kcu ai^ 
piriofis daturinpotu.Permul- ^nJirQt^ ^ y^ k^^vjcci^ J>%- 
t3s componcndirationes^qua- JbroJi oi ^ovG^aaj . ^/.ivuaim 
rxi vna h^c cft : Sumito cyperi M auTov \u(^ifi^y7zu ^K^on^^ r^. 
dimidiu fextarium^cu pari bac «i r& *©? ^^ ctvr^' wuTre^^H nuL 
carum iuniperi adultse modo:: ^isov^ ofiuv^Jb^ ki^P^^ rh hn^ 
vuse paffe pinguis , exeptis vi- ro * s^(pUm Kfmt^^v ^yty- 
fiacciSj minas duodecim : refi- yjjn(rpivm yjiS^ t^' ^yivvitfk-^ 
n^ repurgat^ minas quinq; ca Tr^^ce^d^/^.ttW ^a? u y^i^ 
lami . ^u 

LIKBER, I. is 

mv diftdfuL^nmj ^ kmpiKi^uy lami & iunci odoratorum ^ & 

%mv 5 lyj^v (Aj^Zy i. . ^jip- afpalathi , fingulorum miiiam: 

TAS < iComv 'mhcuovii^ myrrhae duodecim : vini vete- 

^^* imd^mi ^^^ ^. l%y,y^- ris fextarios nouem^ cum dua- 

T W ndjjj czii^iJ^u yJi-^v yjj kI- bus mellis minisivuam paflam 

^avov mT omv -^ 7^^ (rpMf- derradisvinaceis tufam^cum 

m^ vjl Tcl %.ykcL vS-l^? Kcu ayi- vino & myrrha fubigito:ca?te- 

<7a^5 (A^ov Tou7r>i5^mcm Ti <nju- ra tula & cribrata adiicito, die 

cr/eJy ».i^^'/c6'. ^7« l-^i^^a^ ^ vno humorem cobibere fini- 

f^lxi S;:^; mn^G^Jhv; mj^(ncdty to ^ dein niel coquito dum fibi 

f«|oy omfMKZt Thxi ^Tivvl/jj t£ glutinis afcifcat crafsitudinem^ 

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ky/^y Igpk-am* tritis^ &in ficlilevasrecodito. 

rifieiKep/wtfy. Kg^. yi. Crocum. Cap.XXV* 

K^/jc^^- S57 iipi-Bczt oy laf{?^ Crocam optimu in mede<±i 

x^T^^jiiT^ja ia>fviciot^ fS^ejarpcLTo^ vfu coryceUyrece$5& boni co- 

j^ T iy c/j^oi^^lhi^v 7i hiuKov'L loris^paulu candidi geres in ca 

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^iu/shiify ai^mjgo^y * di^y^.et- partibus coftas^no fragile^ple- 

'M? y ^Ki^nf 5 ^'^rlm vi ^koH nu^a quo dctradu efl nihil^q^ 

W '^^e^^y ola hjfc^vm n U- madelaftu manus inficit^ nec 

f^^^m , 1^x77/^5- Ji c^rio^' fitu redolet, aut cariem fentit^ 

%o fj^y^ Jexut^*o jof fc}i T^mTo^ fubacreifin hui^generis no eft^ 

H mtLK^^ 'Q(^v 3 » ^^p^y/jSpof. aut vetus, aut humore perfufu 

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}ud^ K£^pv}uov^y:cuJ hfrm tov kv- Cory ceo^e tradu Lycix coh- 

yjcmtj oKvt4^M,HTii l| cuym termino.Tertius Lycio^e mo- 

TMcuTtt>KlaSyoJiKVfi!wciiidi^o te Olympo . dein exifegibus 

2;:^ c^ mTneia^y ^ti^jv tSv y^ ^tolise.Cyrenaicu & Ceturi- 

T^ tIuj myjhicuj-i^ct^ji/ic y^T^ pi^fi intcr Sicilica omnia viri- 

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oi^^oojj 01 ^ tS mAist rh '■^4- ci copia, & coloris venuftate, 

siM ^dTTJovnr^TovTo) ^VTUi, tingcdis mortariis dicauerunt: 

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quibits de caufis magno vendi crcp^S ^mfmt^irm^it^ ^^ 

rur, Vtilifsimu in medicina qcF m fiV o^' 7« (^a^imy^G m^c^y^- 

ante defcripfimus. Adulteratur y^d^in? \iiy§;m^?,iQ>^'T^ 

inimiilo erocomagmate tufo^ Siyuln y^^oKOfULcly^T^^^ vjiKcu- 

atque etiam fap^ fublitu: con- ^ov^n Si l^^^^-n^ v2r W^o^ 

trita^qub pondus adiiciatur^fi- y^o^ umjri^m/hov^ i^^ 75 ^^dL- f 

mul argetifpuma^autplubagi- f^vg^^Hm^ A/.3rcp7jp»» uow^ 

ne: fed maleSciu declarat i nfi- CJ^vn^ . cPahol Ji ToC^Tti t^^ 71 

dens puluis, pr^fertim fi defru oi^Tf s;:^^^ yjoyio^T^J^^ , y.i^i 7^ r 

tumin odorado fubolet.Thef. ccr/^^J l-l^^f^TwJti rjy^^pm* 

falusipfamtantum odoratu ef "^Ey^ J^a^pj ^iTrliyJ^v^^KdL- 

fe voluit.Aiij exitiofum^ tribus kvw-^ \£m<^^ovaw;^ ovf^rr/^iy^ id 

drachmis ex aqua potis . Pro- '^f ^;^ oi!^o:a//y i^ kxpcuTizi^ 

ciddubio vim coquendi^ emol xoV Vp /u^-ncyKvxlc^ 'ttjiio^o^* 

liendi^atque fubftringendi Ka- psU^ 7? c^r^K^v cm^io^ui- 

bettvrinam cit^ elegantem co- vos^>Xti gwj y^Kcizv yjjjcu' 

lorcm pr^ftat^qui ex paffo bi- yjh^' (jdyjvw Jt acu TsTr ^s' 

berint^crapulam nonfentient: tsc ^^i^ 'Trovap.acn p^yicr.cu^^^ t^ 

oculorum fluxiones illitu cum i^ ^ti^tn iy y^TmrKimdL^ 

humano lade^cohibet^additur m lok *sj^V tUjj yLf/^cv/ -^ iti- 

iri potioneSj qu^ interaneoru zivKtov^ 'T^tel^r^iP. Ji :^ cs^V i- 

caufa teperantur:ad vulu^ etia (p^oJicnuy^m r efjarmhwT^Jirt^ 

fedifq; cataplafmata^vtiliter in- q>Kifuovd; cm^vv^ y^-my^iQyji-^ 

ditunvencre flumulat^vergetes vo^^k^ ^^ Ttt? a^nyss ^vtcnwivi* 1 d 

ad igne facrum inflamationes ^«£^7 Ji k^ aicu^^riyjov cwrov ^- 

mulcet^ auriculariis colledio- vcu ^jff vicL-jn^ Tnvoy^ov ^Kn^ 

nibus vtile, Qub facilius cote- ^^ < > • ^s- J% ro hjKicwrrj-^ 

ratur^ in calido fidili fole ficca cwroy yvt^^ M ci ma> -^^0(^7 

ri op ortet ^ celcriterq; verfari. of o^ayjvoj ^p^rzt^ci)^ 'j JV* 

Vrinam mouet radix ex palfo" gpi^myi) yj oi(ol h cuuni ^mvowi' i^ 

pota. YA tnJJj yKvyM^ov^ mvSi* 

Grocomagma. Cap.xXVI. Hiei Kpoyj^/Mif^ro^. Kg^p. y,^\ 

Fit etiam exprefsis vnguenti « To Ji K^yJ^f^yv^^Tau Iz 

crocini odoramentis^S? in for rovy^oxjvov uCoa^ r^v k^c^.uA^ 

mas digeftis ^ qa crocomagma twv c^/.Tm^nf^y-^ y.cu aicarKa^ 
vocant ^rwy^ 

LIBER L i-j 

S^y^Vyi^'jajjr 70 hj^hs y^- vocant . Optimum efl: odora- 

X07, }Am$ y^jia^vfm -i i?cs- tum^ modice myrrhamolens 

pi/ ^ u^hM^yA^vxoy y ^ j% J>e- graue^nigrum^iigni expers^k- 

■^cu Ik^jco^ ^ x^'mh€ 7&t> ue/ubamarumjquod madefa- 

;:^oW, A«py^ vsMD^wppoy, ^i^PTfoy du croci colorem reddit^ gii- 

5 '%^pS5- Toy* IJivT^ ncu ^M ftatumque vehemeter .dentes 

yhZajupy cmjf^ov Ts '(njyi;a,^ S- ac linguam inficit ^ mulris du- 

£9!^.* Au^uuty cTe ?;;jf^ i^;i;t77 ras annis^quale eft quod a Sy- 

. yJjjjy/T^v cmiTxoTuyTtoy r^^ zo^ ria defertur.Habetfuas vircs 

pi£^ir .. oltvir.yJLjj ^uctKdLit-nySw^ s^ delenda que caliginem ocu 

^ZTrlulio 5 ^f^iai^-nKbjj . ^/sd- Iis obuerfant:vrina cir^calfacir 

10 hoyet c^ ;;^7^ 'jracrcy t« toi> 'c6coquit^&' emolliLvires cro- 

y^oyjiv Jhjjd/j^ . 9rA«- ci proportione quadamtenus 

, ^yyip rov7Z)v.ij^^ reprrfentat^ quandoquide plu 

T^?^^iu rimamcroci partemfibicro- 

Uieilh^iov. Ki^. K^\ cqmagma vendicat. 

thivm <pv>hci t^ (^KofAcp 'tS Helenium. Cap, X X V I T. 

^<?cnQ^v>k(^ Tm^iTKmcL^q^cL^y^^ Helenium folia habetver- 

iip^ Jt iccu omu^yjihiy^kh Jt bafci aneuftioris folii aipe- 

ovz cLvi}vj7y ^y na-no77cti 'f^iC^du; nora^ oblonga: caulem qui- 

^^ss^irjjpv^lvdJ^^j^yiKlwyv- bufdam inlocis non emitcit: 

We^/W, WJ^^ ^V 7^' (pv- radice fubalbidam , interdum 

T^LcTjy #^# c^ 'my yj^mv w fubrufani^ odoratam^ fubacre; 

2.0 'a^(i>yKi7m^i 7mif(^vih^hafi- vegetam, magnam , ex qua a- 

tdMoyT^jj^yivtw Ji <^j herm^ ^ gnarc propagines liliorum aut 

'mj(rmts x^ hjizmi^ roTnn^.l^Tjff' ^ ari modo feruntur . Montibus 

cmw, J^ ^ p/^ct ^.esi?,}cca jiu- m vmbrqfis^ ficcoq^ folo pro-- 

vo^^)} ^yt^w^TU^^yjveJ Ji 7z k' uenit.Fodimr eftateradix^par- 

Ujf^w ajj-mj^vo^ct^ov ov^ ticulatimque diffedaficcatur. 

25 y.cu%^Ujjci'ajjvf Ji^^^i^ciKcifA Potum radicis deco<ftum men 

Ccufo/j^n pv ^/jkiy.tS jjjiT^ ws,' fes & vrinas ciet . ipfaq; in ec- 

UTot^^ of^uo^ei ^a^tv ^^moi- legmate ex melle prodeft ruf- 

cuf y fy}yfj^(n ^ a37da^:tcrr/^^\u- fijOrthopno^apjniptiSjCouulfis, 

^ivMjm(ni77_y ^AelmJ-^y^- inflationibus,&ferpentiii mor 

^^i&^K^^^ua^VY^ivTrifX^jo.^ fibus.In fumma excalfeciens. 

TiiJi " e Folii 


polia ex vino cofta vtilitcr it -ta A <^v».ei aitr^S^ Qm^TrKi^iU 
chiadicts illinutur. Heleniufto w kt^i-^^v^ ^t om^n^dL^ 
macho vtile in paflfe coditilrfi-: iiym? cd(^%^i^r\^ ^\ yb^ hj<^^ 
quidem falgamarij paululum ijui^^ nrztejf^^v^av. l^n yhvyt^* 
ficcatam r adicem^ mox deco- ^n^.va^Tif >8 ajvr Wohi^v oi 
iftum^ &frigida aqua madefa- a.Kf/j:v7zu^^Ta ct®£4«WTO,i- ^ 
d:ani ^ in fapam conijciunt^- & '^Cfi^Lmv vJ^arr 4^^o>' S-m. 
ad vfus rccondunt.Tritapota- ^i^Xomr fJ^ ?4*'^i^'^^'^'8*J'- 
quead cruentas cxcreationes w«V;^W>:7r/^c/^^Aft^fl£W^ 
cfficaxeft. i^v^cu^-^Qim^, 

Heleniu i£gyptiacum. rigei lExim cuyjTiftH. 

Cap. XXV^III. Kso. yj lO 

' Alterii helenij genus in T^gy E Asywy <2mo /^p« xpcmva^ 
ptp gigni Crateuas tradit:her- -^S^yS*^ oj» cuyj7T]q>*7du Ji Vgt 
ba eft cubitalibus ramulisj fer- yCKmoj; t^vaa m^cua^^ am ^T^ 
pillimodo perhumumrepen V^oifA^iyoL^ ^jV-s^ t^ t^TTvr^on 
tibus^ foliis lenticufe circa ra- ^v^^a Jt m^ tdv (psocov ofzoiccy 
mos^fed longioribus crebrit ^ze^TE^ Jizcu 'Troyo^k^i^ 
que 5 radicc p allida ^ digiti mi- *m^ rxmm^^ ji^cuf ^p^ct^; -W- 
noris craffitudine^per ima te- ;^/ Jhi.Z7vKov (juy^ov^ yJ.'To>^? 
nui, fuperne crafsiore^ cortice K^^^h^^ cucd^y Ji '^^Ti^^y^ 
. nigro . Nafdtur in maritimis <^Koiov%yov<jWf ijkKcwcu^^v^rm'^ 
coIlibiifque.Radix vna in vino cj' Tm^h^ct^oi^ -n^is y^yja- 
epota^contra ferpentium idus Koa^oiul^^haywi 5' \yei ^r om z^ 
auxilatur. "^^ivofji^iif^ctji^ciy^mJ-kmi 

Omphacium^ oleumq; ^n^y. 

Cap. XXIX. nielBKouova>uo^Cot?. 

Oleu quod ex immaturis oH- Ki^^. - '>c9 • 

uis exprimitur, ad multos vfus 'EKcuoy ^^ ^ ^i ly^a. ;^»- 
re6tevaletibusacc5modatiffi- (m aex<^y to &m7eiCi^''i'Kcu^i 
mii: omphacmu id appcllatur. ciJ.^imov y^Keiiw^* lovioxj Jict- 
Prseftat reces^odoratum^quod ^eg^ li mv . a,J^yjToy IvS^ 
non mordeat.Tale vnguen- cf^^, -^im^y Ji ^ tbwuw 
torum compofitionibus ido^ y.cu ^^ tUjj tQv ^f^cdy Jt^itc- 
neum intelligitur.Stomacho <r/.iuh. 'isi Jii kquIaj^^^ 
vtile J>i 

LrBEii i: 


Ml t^ gJcpw^ ovKm goLKvyJv* vtile eft^qubd aftringat : gin- 
£, oMvTWv xpuruuvKoy^ xpcntiV' giuas contrahir, dentes firmat^ 
/^yiy c» T^^o^.TJ. ^ fi§6)7w/ fi contineatUT in ore ^ liidores 


Oleucomune. Cap;XXX. 
Et quo vctuftius ac pingui- 
us, eb ad medicamenta aptius 
eft . Et ( vt reliqua in commu- 
ne dicantur)omne oleum cal- 
^k,cAyOT^c:/4^>tIoy i^vxiwTsy ro hcit , emollit ventrem , a per- 
oufjia.:fi7oiuiii^oii <sj^>- Tol <i^- fridionibus corpus tuetur^ ip- 
io ^'^ 7n?iS^.557 ^ ^ lAjmhioy k^ fiimque promptius ad obeun- 
/uiLkcaivyJv:> kuCKvvoy TS W r da munera rcddit^aluu emol- 
IhxovTz^v oapuayjdv JhydLixen' ov Et, vlceratium venenorum vi- 
t5 fA^i^JiJh"^ 5 ^j ^por T^ 5ot- f es permiftum hebetat^ contra 
vimfjua, (Tuvi ;^» Trr/o^ oy j^ l|5- venen a datur^afsidue p otu red 
^i(dpov,-i{gh^ji%i 3' i(Tzrj yjiTJKhjj ditiimque vomitionibus/oluit 
1$ aijy -^tTuvd^ i^^td^K^TTo^h n v- aluum heminae menfura cu pa 
/a-n.^poi^ay^^o/^ -n ly 7nJ]S>^;?s ri ptiianae fucco aut aquapo- 

*y^i^y ^l TTKn^^y iKfjUy^dSTi 

^Ki^ ^^ls W «Xg^iJVi^-.TO ^^ 

tum \ ad tormina calidum fi- 
mul decoda ruta tribus fexta- 
riis in potu datur^ ventris ani^ 
malia pellit ^ idem maxime ilei 

^io 'TittKcmv h\iJuau!vmTi^oy ;^ S^dL- inteftini morbo laborantibus 

-^o^yiVvJrn^or ^h Itvib^yudjf infunditur. Vetus magis calfa- 

•7^ yWx^^^^Cj wi^Jeoy jj HptM TPt cit & vehementius difcutir^o- 

p«>f TiztKcuoy \kw} i^m^H^^^y^ culorum claritati liiblitu con^ 

fiiWLS ^i kfyeiov ^ mfQvw rfo fert . Si vetufti non fit occafio^ 

>^^aray5t-vl«W«^/^s\i]o^m in vafe decoquitur ad mellis 

Tlitl EKcUis o}6 ^? i^if^ 

iKoudLS* Ke^.XdL 
To d£ c4£. 77?^ Ay^di; tKdUdL; £- 

crafiitudinem^ vt vetuftate re- 

Oleum fylueftris oKuse. 
Cap. XXXI. 
Oleu qd* fylueftres olilie fun 
dut, vehemiter aftriagitr& ad 
c i j fano- 


fartom vfus iccirndufibi locu r\v v-pa.y^my^hvTfj^.yji^d^ 
vedicatJn dolorib^ capitis vti- K^^vcrfJ^lcc^VfoJiviicifu^^eiy. 
liter ^ roiaceo fubftituitur/u- Ivn^v ^ tJ^^Zvm /^ Te^^^^fi 
dores arcet, defltietes capillos Quju^^iu7rva]ui^^ Ji ij -mrj^.^ 
inhiber, furfures^vlcera capitis ^ ^;^c£^5^ '^l^-,^ hiimf^^" 
manatia/cabieleprafqjabfter- ^^^hh r^Trt^aol y^*yj.^*]y »- ^ 
igit: tardius canitie fentiut^ qui ^^-v I^Ai£.'<p5^oy, 
eo quotidieperunguntur. 'Bhiuoy Kiuyjy. Ki^* hC» 

Oleu candidij. Cap. XXXIL Aivzcuvii) jihcuov H^^haCiv ^ 
Candidum oleii fit hoc mo- to '^'^/^h ^hivmyT ^Kr/acwo 
<lo:Album colore^nec annicu- ^i '^h.^^v cy; Wsjip^g ^s y^^oL- 
lo vetuftius ^ in nouum fidile f^ha.yfHoy 7rK^iC<^fMiv^mw^^ i o 
oris patuli funditur^centum he £^^D\u«^a) ySIvKcu^.htu^ 6^^ 
minarum menfura ^ & fub fo- v<^'yiUoy^hi^ yJfp^^ y^^^l/J.^ 
lem media quaque die cocha ^v iui^cu^ y^f^ li fdm.v-^^i r7i 
refunditunex altoque demitti- ^jt-lat^op? ^dfSpo^Jivcc i-a mjv^.- 
tur^vt afsiduadeuolutioe^idu- ^^yjJKicrj-^-^ry^ylf^iujci^A?^^ 
que agitatu refpumettodaua ^ tf.(ppioTi.Tf J^ cf/o/j yifJ^d^^pL i^ 
die foenumgrsecu mu du quin- l^mgfij^" y^ha{ci^< y\cv i' Jct]/ 
quaginta denarioru pondere^ 8^//?>5e/^S<)^e ^Kcm^iv^^joiSpw/ 
calida aqua madefadu donec «V t^ ^i^^m^ov Xkcliov ^zh 
emollefcat^ in fupradidil oleu r ^ccr/yitrca. ro vJb)^*^^^ocTu<7^Jb^ 
deiicitur , ita ne extillet aqua: ^ «^^^i' ^js^t^p^s- 6?^- 077 ^/^- 
poftea ted^ pnrpinguis pice^^ fcorctlov ^ «V ^s;^^ y^Ti^c^i- 2. © 
afliilatim c^fe ^quale pondus v^v rai ^^^ oKy^^y y^ «^5" iomy 
adiicitur,& trafadis odo die- ^Mct^ lyfi^ -^fAfcu Ji^h^y*^ i) 
bus, oleu cocha mouetur. Vbi tclijtci^ ccva^ ^mKof^^ 70 Ikcu 
candore contraxent^m vas no ov.ro^^n kqit^zv ei ij. em r riKot^ 
xm vetere vino affufum recodi t^tsi/^^Vj^V y^vIv kfyetov -ze^- 
debet/ubftratis fertulae Capa- ^ysh^hcqxmvjlvtj^ 7raKcfj% yjjuya- ^^ 
n^ corollis drachmasvndecim pct^>'5 k^nzv^cD '7rfov7n<;pc^fd^ 
pedentibuSjCil pari iridis pon- w uiKiKc^rtov ^(^avi^r/.m^^ku" 
dere: fin minus/urfiis foli ma- ^-^^ oKyj^v iL y^ 'ifim 4 o(r^,r€i 
dandu^& idem munus obeun- .uy^TnzKtv h meo SsJW kulLi^ 
dum^vfque dum inalbefcat. \iy^siov 'dy^i^ % uuKcy 'fpyrm* 
Sicyoniu. Ilgp) 


niei%iwmou%Kcuw. Sicyonmm. Gap. XXXIII. 

Ks0- ^ Ky. Sicyonijcomponendiratio 

Evi<^0 'Z;ffjyjjeiyiOY7v<2^'l^ h^cefttlnlebete oris latiftan- 

pyS/jQV oHm (rA,ii>(i^eii/*ei^ kiCn-' no in Judum/unditur olei al- 

m x^^OTTcp6>u^07^/arAfld7i;fz?- bi quod crud^ oliuse reddide- 

5 fiovy iy^fids yiov \kcuw cdfjM^Tti- runt^congius vnus^aqux femi- 

^otf £^ K£z;yj5 u ')^<i a..K) uMro^ congius: leui id ignc coquitur^ 

T^lA^uAj^ tvle Kov(pc£> TTJeJi mm leniter mouendo: at vbi bis ef- 

em^^^ii^^^^t^m Ji kyu^icTA S^Jj^ fer.buit3&' fubtrado igne refri 

'TAaxnLany to TTOf ^ -i/J^oi ojtto^ xit^ innatans oleu concha de- 

xjO'/^^v 75 %xcuoy^ ^Tzt A>},o l- capulatur ^&c adieda noua a- 

so 'mJhi; Sjtii^.mj-wdlicny hm^ ^ qua c5fcruefcit , & rellquis vt 

To. Koi^m ^tmaiL^ y^ba>^(7Di v- diximusperadis reponitur.In 

'jHiJiJUKTyu^hMi^-^, sr/.iui^i^m Sicyonia maxime fieri cofue- 

Ji T^vTo uiiKm i^ cT/jumd m- yit^ Sicyonij inde accepto co- 

YMthm y^oifj^oy, AuAa^y Ji gnomine.Calfaflroria ad quea 

^i-^^ei 'mm^ ^"p ^WMV-.a} ^loy dam vfq; modum vim habet. 

If oj' 7ru^rm> yjji toi^ rSeX w^ Febri ac ncruorum vitiis pro- 

^^^ • /t§^*''^ '^^ ^*-^ ^9 /^" deft,foemin5 ad commendan- 

niUMS-i bm 7w * giKCo7§t^. dum faciei nitore eo vtutur. 

PyW ^c^ajf^ayf, Strigmenta balnearum. 

Kstp. ^c^; Cap. XXXII 11. 

:0 a hmToii^UjWHOi^mjvsjtr- Strigmenta a balneis calfa-^ 

2.0 ^^M^o^jc/WfldT^ ^\u^i\v^^- ciunt, molliunt^ difcutiunt: ad 

Kcu^v^S^ctp^HVy^aylcrjTiK^ fedis rimas & condylomata 

KoyJiJhd'^!ny of Sici^t^^i^. iUinuntur. 

VvTTo^ c4^ tJ^- *mKcugfa4. Strigmeta pal^ftrica. 

^K^tP- kL Cap. XXXV. 

OJicm^ mKcugptn^ ©^^- Illa verb qux ex pal^ftris 
i^ HK-A^pa,^ tUu mi/jj^ hiyj>^ J% puluerefibiafciuerunt^in for- 
^vTrep^ Td^ /^iei Tov^ yjoyJ^j- dis fpeciem redafta^ articulo- 
Koi^ Gvgpo^dL^ cmv^f^o^ ^- rum nodosimpo&a adiuuat: 
^sxf?' • yj^ l^iaiiyjov? ^puo^ ifchiadicis in fotus aut mala- 
Ah) ^Kiy^Tos n TTvejLct^ £- gmatis locum^calida commo 
'^Vbi^ou . ^ defufficiuntur. 

Py^5^ C iij Strigmea . 


Strigmeta gymnafioru. Vi^Tro^yju^ammi - 

Cap. XXXVL Ks^. * x/. 

Deraf^ gymnafiorum parie- K^ o oy Tm.T^ yjv^eicim 

tibus fimulacrifque fordes^cal-f Tvip^ifju^Trzf^ i^ o imi r cu/S^pi-^^ 

faciunt:tubercula,quf 3?gre ad diTt^^vJ^.ffjuuv^Ti i^<ha.^ri 

co<S:ionem perducantur^diisi- <fu.(m73ei pvfMi^^x^ wfo^ ajTm- ^ 

pant: defquammatis & vlccri- ci^ijsjet-m j^ fsso^ %^ ^^^^Q^-i 

hns fcnum profiint. 7?/^ 4f^X^^ 

EteomeECap.XXXVH ne^lKa.^m., 

In Palmyris Syri^ ^ quod e- iE.Keui^.h.i ;^^ 'm.hiwp^ ^ m 

Ifomeli vocant^ex quoda cau- pia^ ?^ T7yoi- ^A2;;^t^jk^oy ^k- xok 

dic^ manatjOleum melle craf- y^i^ -Tzap^Ts^y f 4>>^^ t? >€:J 

fius/apore dulci. Bilem^crudi- ff^,c# 'myof^pot 'TrT^^Qsyjji^^yi 

tatefqj detrahit^ fextario cu v- (^' ^^ xA^m yul? ii^-n^^^l^^ 

TiX aqua? hemina dato.Sed qui vsrt^ ^iu^ c^mf 'l^ '^^chZi^r 

fumpfere^torpefcunt & viri- mo^or^S yw;w'Zih^y7ziot 

bus deficiuntur: quod mini- ^.ui^Ccd^oyTis^c^iS^cAjXciC^-i^i 

inevercrioportet,verumcre- ^jj^gj^payo^^r^ ^Al&r ' 

brb excitare^ ne veterno preC ^y^iTiL<pip^,(ruu(iliwJ% 

£1 fom^nos captent, Vk & o- iyiioc^ixi.Tn^i^r h-^mthcuov* 

leum e pinguitudine furculo- \gt <H hm /^^X;^y i^ mKcuoVy 

rum ole^joptimum vetus/rat ^ cTst;)^^ j^ Ki-mesh oif, T^^Xi^- 

fum^pingue, non turbidum. ^'or -^^.^'yf^ cTt / J!?d»i? r^xoJ^^^ 

.Calfacit^priuatimque caligi- ^^ to, ima^ounwTSL w$i0>' 

nibus ocdorum illinitur: lc- pw cm^d.Jpm ^ hi^mt^^ j^ 

prasjneruorunique dolores il- ctKy^^-m ^ y£t<£^. ly2S,^6piir* 

litum emendat. yoy^^^«. 

Cicinuni oleum. Tiiei >u>uvooiK^o-J, 

Cap.XXXVni. Ki(p. Ti, z^ . 

Cicinum oleu hoc modo tc- Kimov \Kcmv <r/.WA^i -m i^y- 

peratur: Maturi ricini qua vo^ t^) iS^oTroi^KccCm i>fiS^y y^p. 

ies quatitate torrido fole flac- tww oa:^v aP Jo^yty yjl -J/j^o^ 

cefcun.tj&vuarilmoreinftra- eiV %Ktovy y^itLgp4^i ^xo-Tri- 

ti tatiiper infolatur^ du vcfiiSs Jh^ TtPm W ei^ h mpK£i<^c/ 

cgijte^ ^KoiQi^. 

LIBER r* io 

^xoiViOTPpp^z^^ cortex fradusdeddat, Caro 

^d-^^v T (ra^K^iij.C^i «V oK^y colligitur ^ & conieda m pi- 

^;cfi4Arc^/^^S^fJ^xs^>»7«;c« lam diligenter tunditur: po- 

^^T^^^.u^Qv^iujSf^ft^y^ ftea in lebetemftanno illito,^ 

TT^ ^ a^cLC^ctm viro^mm^o-m qui aquam habeat , demitti- 

^ 5' i;/Si77 r oy hj\m vy^o-m-m. m tur ^ fubiedoque igni ferue- 

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y^^^^az fiV ^Awy kmchJivTZ^ largior increbuit vius 5 longe 

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Kfi<p. Kt Amygdalinii.Cap. XXXIX. 

AiwyMKiyoy %Kcuoy fivii Amygdalinum oleum^ quod 

3.5 f^^7d>moy y^^sj^^jciva^iw Qv- aliqui metopium vocant hoc 

nzora^uxjydaKe^y ^//^Sy*;^/^'. fit modo ; Semodias ex ama, 

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&vbi dimidia hora humorem %dL cuutHh^ -^utdetQVy k(^ ?>f «- 
Iiauferit, vehementius quam )j^/ ^ta/ori^y ^C^ ^-^Tti ajTro^ 
antea tun^itur, mox tabellis ^KiCm ^zsS^^Ki/^lfiTr^Vy x^ 
premitur, dc quod di^itxs hts~ to mv TooyJtt^t-Tvxm «V a</a£,- 
CtjConcha excipitur. Prefsis y^ScO^if^Cw ' ^tj^^ttaxiv eif 
nucibus rurfum hemina aquse td km^bhi^mv kjotukIjjj v- i 
xnlpergitur/&:pofl:quamebi- Mrt? yutw Im^^^j^ ^ v^ mju^ 
berint:idem opus profequen-- 'Tnm lia^^y to kuTQ mei . i- 
dum. Singulas heminasred- ^JiMinM yjorSKtu) i T&Tt- 
d u nt finguli modij* Contra ^ct^r/zjcc^ . -775/^ J^i /s^^ rct^ 
vuluarum dolores , ftrangula- ^ fju!^it^ kky^^Stvm yj^ ^Trn-^dL^ 1^0. 
tuSjConuerfiones^ & eorunde i<^ejfyJ.^y<hu<^o(pi^ rz x^ ^^f- 
locoru inflammationes^ & ef- y.u^vdt^ rnoj; kuT^y T07mv*i7i 
ficax eft : vitiis renum ^ calcu- <^\ yjipaXciK-^Jii; yJj. a>Tt^y ^L 
lofis j difficili vrin^ , fuipirio- vat^,K5" >»';tf ^^ K^ <wejiyccoti\i)^ 
fis 3 lienofisque proficit : dolo- <^2xe^ M yjj yii^ei^nyjit}^ y^ Jb^ 
res capitis ^ grauitafem audi- ar^vexZvTUf ^ /A Kt^mTw;^ ^ i^ 
tuSjfonosincertos^tinnitiifque kc3-yWfiti7/jJt?5 y^cu (mhLujticavi* 
difcutit : maculas & vitia cu- difei Ji vjuamK(^i^ c^ ^^m^ 
tis tollit e facie, & eam erugat 'ttlv^kou ^ikH^ Kcup-nM^^ui^ 
cu melle^radice Iflij & Gypria hiv utyifvfjSijGv y^ y^ivovp^AKj 
cera aut rofaceo cerato: &o- ^a^e/y^Spacfm/jf^^T?,:^^//- 
culoru hebetudines emendat^ CKv&mca Ji egiva^ciir/.ivet^iccv' 2. q 
vkera capitis manatia & fur- mjuv o7ya> 4% k^^^ ksu Wtv- 
furescumvino abftei-git. ^.a^i^^ 

Balaninum. Iltsi^^mvovlKiiiovp 

Cap. XL. K£(fi. il^ 

Siniili modo fit Balaninum Eot^Tw^ Ji kcu tJ ^^aJrm, 
oleum j quod repurgat macu- crmi?^tTtiJ.'<Jiwa.yt^ Ji 1;^ y^ 
las 5 lentigines, varos, & cica- ^^rtpT/xjS'; axnKm^^pctKSy^ tGybt^v^ ^ 
trices nigras. Aluum foluit^fto- o^aSi' fzJbKcaia^^ yjnKias K^p- 
macho aduerfatur, contra au- zvziy^%^ $ }(^^i^^'ciffxS: 
rium dolorem5fono$^& tinni- ^« )y a>TtiKycu^^ i^ ^/^^y ^ ^- 
tns auxilio eft^ cu,m anferino eAymi^ , ymTk ^)eiov ^icao^ 
adipeinftiflatum* ly-^y^ouS^n^ 

Sefa,- '^Kcuoy 


'Excmv tr^aktitm* Ke^. fjJ.* Sefaminum. Cap.'XllI. 

O^im cTi cy.i(jiZiw ^7^ S I M I L I S fefaminij ra - 

c^a<r.aiu.v. Carvinfi. Cap. XLir. 

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y^^mv ffwjTiMfMv.^^vcLUiv '^ quod caryinu vocant , Eadem 

IX^rn r iuiiw 7%^ccKaMh(^. vim habet quam Balaninum, 

n^; loay.vct^'jii XKom. Ke^.^/. Hyofcyaminu* Cap .XLIII, 

K«2 T^ ioTAcii^vov cT^ ct^vl- Hyofcyaminum fic fit* Seme 

1^5 'iwKciCci^v livKi^m ^f- candidum, recens ac ficcu tu- 

?o ^v l'Ath <r^^cjmv X, yi'^iy ditur, & calida alpergit aqua, 

vStj.-n '^f^fJiS^^Vi^ ^V ©^«p^- vt in amygdalino diximus^dr^ 

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hjrk yui^A^ri^ 3\6) djfituny^ i^ mafla permifceantunhoc autc 

r^hjii 'TToii dL^i hj tJtiKap^ fieri oportet dum nigrefcat & 

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yfv-m /uctKuKVKov (iv. mifcetur^ ad emolliendu vtile. 

U^jhKviAkcuh. Kiip. ^S^. Gnidicu oleu. Ca. XLIin. 

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n^iKy/JCfiXoJif. Ki(p. yL Non fecuscnicinum oleu 

n^i Pcl^it^fiXaiif. K^(?. /x^\, OleiiRaphanicu. Ca.XLVl. 

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Tii.-m^ c^ v6<Tii'o (p^eiZar/ i^ more. Phthiriafcs mala vale- 

f^^i^K^ Ttt^ ^ ri (s^mTnv tadiiic contradas tollit , fca- 

c^i;^ britias 


tritias cutis in facic cmen- mi^^^Tfet^^^^^Td^^^^^m^mJi 

dat . Ad obfQnia vtuntiir JE^ atrrm o/ oy cuyj^^q^ tbSt «fjf^<75- 

gyptij. ^fjLU.minjUiji-icCrn^cujii, 

Melanthinum oleuni. n^i M iKdjf^Kcua. Kio-f^ ^'* 

Cap. X L V I L Ksu li ^Kai^m ^ 'A^ ^- 

Melanthinumidem quodra ^X')^ iumim^y^J^ <rmemmf 5 

phaninum poteft. ^S ftu^cufivep» 

Oleu Sinapicu.Cap.XLVnL n^^^ED/u^MXcuii.^ Ki^.m. 

Tritu finapis feme5& calida To mvimm (navA^f)^ ucuv^ 

aqua madefadii, adiedo poft fjiAn rmyimeo^ jy^^^^^a vM 

ca oleo exprimifjid ad diutur- ^^^v^^yi^ila ^fyv^a^hcu 

nos dolores efficax cfl;,trasfert «,i, svmhiCQfS^i^^Trct^ o ^l^ 10 

humoresc[,inaliquapartec6- -Aj^mctkKyfiiJLajTtL tX^ cuy^ 

creuerut. Mirteu.Cap.XLlX. iipimy, n^)/^:jpt77xW5?*Ke.u6^* 

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phacinioleiportioes adii.ciilt» ^KS^^^KcuovliK^ctmH ^V^^y^ 

fubiedisq^ carbonib^ iferue- -^icun t^Tr cty^dmv ^ te^ ^kv. 

fcilt donec c5coquant,innatas cuui-i^^^A diia>v to iipt^^jSpov. 

oleu d^radit. Sedloge facilior cAJK&TmT^fc^Ji (mivoLmc&^T^ cL- 

hfc copofitio: Tencra folia c6 vrczKa, tzwu ^u^^mii^-^^Tzi^ e- 

Tufa coquurin oleo & aqua^Sr 4,^;; 0" SJ^T^r,^ iKcuHyK^ li 20 

qd^inatat eximit. Priuarim alij l(pi<;a,^S^ov ^44'*''^'^'^^''^ 

deiefta i oleii fblia 1 fole mace 0v»,et n^v-m ^^ 'akiov^ qj3 L 

rat:alij pri'^ oleu ifpiflaqt mali- Kcua>kmC%iyeivXvioto "^^^- 

corio^cupreflb^cypiro et iuco (^oun tJ tKcu^ymMony^tmctfh^ 

odorato.Efficaci^ eft amaru m m^ vjj^mif&ty <^v&>* e^ /s l^Tirt'^ 

guftu & oleofu^viridc^translu- zwum^^^ r^yiVcm-^m^Kfi^ovyX^ zj 

cens,& olens myrtu. Aftringit, \Kcu%iiiy')(Kid^v-,Jici(pdun^olpv 

exindurat,idebmedicamenris iiv^mvM. tJjvcLyu^ JXhjjk^^ 

mifcetur quas cicatrice obdu- ;^//J),£r/x»$tLwmM, Jio vjL ^iS 

cuntiprodefl vlceribus in ca- yuyjv^ov hmvKmi-jm^ 5 kcu: 

pitQ manaptibySj^ambuftis igni ^^ Tf^eiy^^y 0,^^04 ^'^'^^ 

LIBEH I, 12^ 

^^y^oM^MT^lTTO^Tciu^^ & papularu eruptionib^ Facit 
Tay^Jj^ KojJhKeiuctrrtt 2p- ad attrita & furfures , fedis ri^- 
Spfit KJi^i^KciiT^ivu^lJ^^cdTU^ ^- mas^codylomata^articulos la^ 
Mh^j4cu ccrat ^%T46j^ H Tr^-djii^ xatos^corporis fudores cope- 
inG>s i^ ^^^* i^^K & omnia qu^ aftridionc 

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Ks^. /• Laurinum. Cap, L, 

JoJi JtimvQv (rMoi^i^ Jik Laurinu fit hoc modoXau- 

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'i^n^ '^%m «V iJi-octy^i kva-^ bus fubada, cocha excipitur, 
hd^CaMoimv* 'iviot Ji ojjupiyuvov Alij omphacinu prius olcu cy- 
'ihcuov fs^gv-ifl^Tis-iVJ^^Tr^j^Ji^ piro^iuco odorato, & calamo 
^v(d i^ ys^Kip^^ ^^ f^ Tzwret infpiffant^ deinde tencra lauri 
Mpn^ q)u>Xci dLTict^^k Cc(Kav ^ folia c6coquiit.alij etiam bac-, 

i^ rzf-tcuuui-ic^unv . ol Ji^ itcu M- cas^donec cleu odore cotra- 
^viJk^ W h h^h -fp-^w T% xerit.alij fiyrace & myrtu ad- 
hcrjxA'. hioi Ji mt cv^/^^(r- dunt^ Optiiiialaurus ad id la- 
^im Kcu ^v^oivhxr^ kei^ J% pfolia & montana. Oleu lau- 
^e?^ (rmcLmd^ ^ opHvii a^ '^Ku rinil vtilius qub receti% quoq; 
rnj(^vXKo$ M^a.J^atp^ei Ji 'B yiridius colorczamarifsimu^ & 

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'li '^oa^^my^oTztmiJ^^iyLV.dJt' liens: vQnaru ipiracula aperit, 
yautt Ji e;:^ ^f>/xct;?vyJ<v, ^- lafsitudines difcutit ^ omnibus 
KaxTiyMv^ 'divcc^^-V.yjfj'iyS7mv neruoru vitijs^algoribus^ deftil 
KvTimv^dipid^H K^ 7x!k ^ Ttt lationib^^auriu dolorib^mali^ 
ysy £^ ^^07 m^(n^ y^l Sj-raKy^ rcnum frigor^ cotraftis^ illitu 

z^ cuf^yy y^^Y^otZo(£poti^'i^ <& non aliud iuuantius : attameu 
y^vcf.vvcdh^^TTz^v. potumnaufeamparit. 

Tiyi^ytviKcu-ii, Ks®, vL Lentifcinum. Cap. LI, 

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Hoc fcal^iemiumentomm ca- vya^lH -^p^^- xmm k^ vdwm 
numque fanat ^ vtilifsimu pef- i^ h$ Tno^s^ik '<d^ ^V ^^um kcu 
iiSjacopis^&Iepranimmedica \i^iyj. c^tw«/WW f^ypvTta . 
inetis:fudores cohibct.Kec fe- 95A\« J^ ^ fcTpSTa^,^ t^ t^^s- 
cus rerebinthinum^ fieri folet^ Civ^yov Ji of^iwf ^mua^^-m • 
quod rcfrigerat & aftringit. ^r^ei Ji ^ gixpei.^ i 

Maftichinum. Cap, LII- n^; Mfls^Tp^x^';^. Ke^» v^* 
Maftichinum e trita fit ma- To Ji jMig7)(ivov,c/it r^^ tut- 
ftiche^uod contra omnia vul giyA^ mo; (mtva.^iw.^Trzi^ J\ 
u^ mala efficax eft: mediocri- ©if^r t^ ov v<^.^i^7rmnrtt , liTnedi 
ter calfacit^ afiringit^ & emol- ^^umvov^^JpV:, fj^xiostv^ vA 
lit.Aduerfaii prominentes fto- *n^^ t^ ^ 'tov ^^y^v c^p- ^^ 
machi duritias , coeliacorum , fiyP.ofjSpa czipp^T^ yj" ^/- 
dyfentericorumque cruciatus >jaLyJ.yJi^JtJcm^ejtyJ"i i^-dom 
vtile: facie emacnlatj & colo- trk m^arj^T^vy^^^e^y^^^ c^- 
rem nitidum facit,optimum in ^oi:af7rctouI>*ffuvv^7^$ p? 
Chio infula componitur. ^w t? y»5w }(J,}^i^v* 

Vnguentorum copofitio. 'Za^^t^^^^ Mv^ay* H 

Cap. LIII. Ki<d. y>. 

Deratione vnguentorfico Ett^ A^^i^ a^£^ uf^^ 
lequeter traftadu exiftimaui- t^\'Ts mm m^v i^ ur/jv- 
muSjquadoquide ca in nonul- iBp^ts^afuAyjHi vj^ l^uC^t^wt^ 
lis corporii vitijs^ aut medica- ya ^ hcfrp^mo^dL^ k)dK^^v iS- 
metis mifta^aut corpori perfu- ^ua^5^ K^^Aji^iTt^v Tm^i^- ^^ 
fa^aut narib^ obieda^ plurimu mv m^mT^i^-^tL Jel JbyjM^oy- 
profunt.in quoru probationi- to^ omChi-Trei^i/i k(f « » y^ims 
bus cofulere nares oport^t>an W r6 iJ.ve^v^^'^e^v^mH y^' r 
eaolcatex quibus teperatur. ocT^^mv.kei^J^^V^v^ rroiav- 
Optimu huiufcemodi iudiciUj 77?*xfiW'W a/i^v /^Sp tth ov 
q5iag,bufdaplane obferuari ^vKiTif) ro roiviToy J^ cm^i-'^^ 
no poteft^^pter eaq admifcet ^eiop txiyu^^^mv crfOo^oTi^edVy 
odore c^teris pualetia: vt in a- 0^ c^ cta^e&mov /^ xfozivov. 
maracino 8c crocino^telino et yj^ tvmov yJI a>^cov Tivm cc- 
plerifqj aliis^q crebra circa^hgc ^ c^/6 tSV ^ hjT^^ y^>jj;a.(h<ij^ 
nieditatioe expcriri coueniet. Jh>u^<piou 

K^ofaccu. V nyi- 

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tl}lPiMviiir/,njct^ac-^^o>yJ''* Rofaceum. Cap. IXlIL 

VQehyorihcucy yn-m qi^tz^' . Rofaceum fic firJunci odo- 
^viihi^fa^ Liy/ict; L Ihcuov x/- rati quinque libras & befTera 
^o^k.^y/^o^ ^y^-^^ ^Jp^^' tundito^et fubaftas aqua in vi- 
cTu^ uJkrJ:^%\li ayuyjvm'i^7^ k^. gintiolei libris 6€ quincunce 
j OT^<7a5'fiVW//.^ijJif<£; iy- lubindemouedo^coquitordu^ 
yicts iJkhcuov^ ^au ^oS^y k^e^^ que percolaueris^ in olei Jibras 
p^y ctfi^fA0 ^Kicc tAt^T^c^ ^ viginti & quicuncem^ zd^iiQiio 
W ;//£«r ^A^wn ^i^^-i hd-- rofas non, madefaclas numero 
xtm TrKioyiyj^ \szi7cbKiCm ^pi- mille^ & manib^ melie perun- 
fi^'Wft7K \iau.s ihu Tjy^T^ %K' dis^identidem moueto^ inter- 

10 «S-AiCe , oTWj M ^ Tfv-^^A^ i- diu premens^ finito nosfte tora 
'7iv<r^^^A}>.ciioy To *^<h^ySpoy macerari^poftea exprimito: dc 
Ayyetov* arTTov^av Si h^ y^u- vbi recremetum peifum ierit^ 
T^aa fJxm y^Tayw^iajxvm . mutato vafe , in cratere melle 
p^aK^dy cPi e^V hxiifeiom t^ \\i- illitii recondito.Cseterum ro* 
TTw^yTtt foitu,Qm;;^ Kifa; k fasqu^ antea preff^ fuerunt 
j^ ow/ymy. f^lgviiy^ov iKc^Hy in tabellum demittito^& affu- 
W W\/'/ IpTTzv . %?cq /£ croi fis o6iO libris & quadrate fpif- 
Tov^ Av-nesv -i }ca,y^vK'4^^ fati olei, iterum. premito^ ent- 
^^f \'^} "^ -/^^es^^ £- quefecudarium oleum: Qubd 
'm'^^m\Ujcv.yy^7^^^^ ^ji /J^ fi tertias vfq^, quartasveperfu-. 
cL.ToJi ^^.7iJ%y^7n Ji J{ fiones infundes exprimere vo- 

%o ^pnulcji:m J'%ym^A?^rhj les/ecundarium fiet^ tertiariu^ 
zpccrjt^? ^^y^^^ii ^Ki^ Bc quartarium vnguetum. Sed 
v.H Ji ^KH^ AvTies^y 1/^- quoties id feceris ^ vafa melle 
CokLu 'Ti^i^imtca^^i Tc ^ss^ioy oblini debent.Si vtrh fecunda 
\li7m^y%Kcuoy^.7iy \'croykeA^ infufibnem inftituerelibet^in 
^y ^-^a^^L-my^ ^dJhiy kCe^ - expreiTum oleum^numero pa- 

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X<^aj ^J^h.v^cug ^KiVy imbutas inijcito:manib^ melle 
liL^Tn^j y 7LCU 7to;W to Mrtt^v prjmadefadis^agitas pmito;& 
'/S^ TeiToy Kcd -dia^royhm - iterum^tertio aut quarto fimiU 
^^ ^'^5^^ • ^ °^^^ ^* ^^ modo exprimes facito^totiefq^ 
'^iH ^VTQ > n%^. hvxiim recetesrofasdetradisvnguib^ , 
'^^^^^^ immittita 


immSttito : fiet enim ita oleimi ^^^(rCdKi foM , imayumTi-A 

multb validius: nam fepries o- £?y y^ ynw * 2;:^/ cf4 l^cTo- 

leum rofarum infufionem ad- am*$- IjW^^j^»^ Qmiiy^Tta to %- 

mittit 5 nec amplius . Prelum x^K^oy* 'rfu) luCohUJj ^mv ^Mvy 

mcile perugaturjoleum a fuc- i^zjfiTtt cl^ o^jui? * ju^i^ f^l 

co diligenter fecerni oportets xcfl ^KluiJoi^MV-iM ^ 0777-5 

namfi minimnm qttid relin- /t*A£> t^ e^^oy t« p^y^sS ;^§i- 

quatur , vnguentum corrum- ^«y hmKKp^^jf y> livKi^^y^ 

pet. Aljj autem detradis vn- tv pLve^v ^^pei ,%vm M ew- 

guibus^fofas tantum oleo ma- W f^ycc t^ pocAt hv-^^j^Ti^ ^ 

cerant in fole hoc modo: Ro- vi^ai^m^n^ ^ z/samC^i^uji tS 

fe qux felibram pondere ae- exauw £;:^w ga^^V oy-^/W ta 

quant in fextario olei diebus ^\ ch^ ^dM^i^LD Ihcucv , kcu 

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tiam perfufionem quadragin- ^ovts^ cm ytuifi^s ^a •^/S' '^'* 

ta diebus infolantur ^ & fic o- w ii^C^c^^^ ouTOi^ ojm-n^^i- 

leum reconditur. Alij calamo^ 'wXvm 4% ar^cv^poun ^ %Kiu* 

aut aipalatho prius olei Ipifla- 0ViyJ.KtiLUJiiv yj^ kajm,hcL^viu- j, 

menta faciut. Alij coloris cau- CiKKo^^nr cl Si^ xci ayp^v(m 

fa^anchufam admifcent^ & fa- ?ysra c/j^6'm ? x^ ccKa^^^ 

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tlncty fomentis & cataplafma- ^tov eis iuCf^iyf/zt-jtL i^ y^^- 

tibus vtile . Potu foluit aluum^ ^•KasfiJLi^mv i"5f «?' Kvei Jt /Jl io 

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vlcera caua replet & mulcet, cCimf^ gofxd^v.lbi J^ 59 ^e- 

quae cacoethe vocantur: vlce- '^im zoiKmlKyJh^ ^ Ttyy y^- 

libus in capite manantibus^at- yjon^v tss^iivayiv-, k^i^v y^ 

que feruidis eruptionibus illi- ojt^s^WTzyy ^^mM^cjL ^ ;c6-^ 

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tias illitu efficax eft^ad lacefsi- ty^tof/^ov:, ^^ li i/m^Grv I- 

ta interanea & concitatasvul- ^ibtapLov^ yuu u^^^ iyyJKt^^L 

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Elatinu. ■ np 

ItBBER I. ^4 

np£Xfiewif«r/.€ycii77rt^,K£(^.yL ^ Matinum. Cap. LV. 

EKdLTiw ^KiatL y^ ^couL ' Frafta elate tufa & fcarifica 

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^.^ y, kv^Koi^Q^ 75 et^ mjv^i" mox per iportula exprimitur; 

y Jot l|my;£$?i) Ji hj.-n^ la£- Yerum pares elfe debet vtriull 

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^i^^^eilivciKoy^a^^l^foJU^co^yM' rofaceo ^portione relpodet: 

>Ja^ Ji ii f^nKdissei. aluum tamen non mollit. 

Tiyi pc4iKivii ir/.iuci(na$Xi$ .v/* Melinum. Cap. LVI. 

jQ EKiuov (^KivQv ffx-^i^i^ 'jiv Melinum hoc modo tepe- 

TifoW TTivlKcuis li<^$ r .i'cAt- raturrOlei congius dece aqu^ 

crc^ ^i^^ L iJu^ti^-^tsn^tA^CsiKt fextariis admifcetur . Adiicitur 

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j^ ro iKcuoy^^iKt e?^ ojY^eiov mKcL- tur^mox in vas oris patuli oleii 

ivco^v^iTn^i Ti ^vTToy o/^ y^ excolatur^ & indita arundina- 

Ki^jovylt -^ia^v^ k^aicw^ hcd- cca crate ^ aut vetufta tegete^ 

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ao w r him r (j(/^Km J^vautv to res ad fe oleum alliciat. Aliqui 

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ffvujiyA^ Kj ^ <J>a£57yl»5 Yi Ivco" co ntineat odoris fiaauitas^ nec 
^ia^ ^"^ WTahfm^fcy^^n n% euanefcatrpoftea biduo mace- 

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fiftit infufiim 5 fudores cohi- ^h^alyKXvlif^ov^K^Uot^ 
bet^ contra cantharidas ^ bu - lipmcnyinytw Ji ^ ^^ w- 
preftim , pinorum erucas^ bL bAeJiicL^ ^$ou^i<^^^ mw ^ 
bitur, Laudatur maxime quod yJfjt^^lwXpo hjrk So>umy rri, 
cotonca mala olet ^o-yby/W c^oy f^^ov, • 

OEnanthini compofitio. n^)OiW^'y8ir/€ytf- 5^ 

Cap. LVII. <^^' K£<5. v^'. 

OEnanrhe eiabrufcajOpti- OhaiUu^^ iy. ga^vKytr 
me olens pcft^juam emarcuit^^ c^jd!/vj jULapiva^^^^Ahi f^V Swi^i- 
deiedain omphadnu oleum x/i^oy U^oy, y^ ;Jy« .£/^7^5? ^ 
mouetur^voluiturque: & ciim (^mM!^^ 'd ^f^^e^^ J)jQ^iii^ii^ 
biduo manferitjexprimiturj 3c ^ Amv^iTD.Aiu^utay ^^^^ ^^ 
reconditur . Aftringit , proxi- ^j^fiiimv^ hco^o^vcwj tS ^ ps- 
mumrofaceo effedum ^VX'- /iv^^^^ii^^Tk^TiujrMKlcijfhye^^^^ 
bens : fed aluum non refoluitj vjl ^Kkomv* y^ t«t« Si ^ogt 
aut mollit.Probatifsimum eft, Si^yu^r^Tov^ li \^<^^m ^ t? 
cjuod odore oenathen refert. cc;u« «rfu) c Ws^. ^ 

Telinicomponendira- ngei: tW/i^ ir/C£j;oic7c£;. , i j 

tio. Cap. LVm. K29. yi. 

Foenigr^ci libr^ quinque, 'XiKUdi Ki^^ai I. iKaua^J^fas 
calami libra vha^ cypiri hbr^ ^.y^KAfAn Kifajf i. xp-^c-i^^^ \i- 
du^e 5 olei libris nouem/epte- c?^ ^'.oMdCoi^ t^ Ia^wVc-^ti 
nis diebus macerantur , quo - iS^^^^'. z/y£y l^c^r^^s- w.al^^ 
tidie ter mouetur, poftea pre- Te^V* S^l^mu i^ hmv^(7o. lc 
munturj& reponuntur.Aliqui ol cTijiyTi jm^^ y^A^v m^Si' 
pro calamo cardamomu fub- ^ii^v^tum ^-ms vm'^^^^.^^^-^ 
ftituutj& cypiri loco xylobal- Ko^sK:nu.uoy fftuj^^TT^C^ix^m^d 
famum macerat. Alij oleo an- cl^^-se*^?^^ "^ li(^o^^ Wtc/s*» 
tea his odoribus ^iflato foe- yJl^.-m^TaZ-r^^riKi^i km- 
nugr^cummacerantes expri- Ciiyovm linTfjmy ^mjccmv z 
munt . Ho e telinum abfc effus Si Vy^ tJM.K<AK.vy.hjj hjmg-A^* 
emollit, .& concoquit ^ omni- '7&>y,c^7??/-/iy. ^a/^ ^ u^^J-^ 
bus vuluarum duritiis magno- ?^et Toii ^ ^t^cuj ^m pxw- 
pere CQuenit/oeminis difficile %e^^(n . <h<^'/j>v(Ti:u^ t^ \yyj^ 
parietibusfubiicJtjYbiprfex- /^t^j^st^ W^J^?' y^ril^^^ 

LIBEEf t 25 

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iicjipt^ymv ^mvvyfmi ^f 75 tem cotraxerunt/edis inflam- 

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%yx.Kv(^i7^^ crm tSv rciy^i^m tum prodeft^vlcera capitis ma 

^(i^tKi^^ym^tu^Ti J^ oJ-^^iy- natiafurfuresq^expurgat^am- 

^ £^^ a;^iy^,^Y^ ^^ y^Ttiyj^^ buftis^ & permonibus addita 

^uitTa ^ ^fUTKei ^iii yi^ik m cera proficit^vitia cutis in facie 

ej^ 5 oja^j;;^ 7? s?>»?aJk^ • /,cu emedat^pigmetis ad cocilian^ 

aV '^KCcd^TA ui^^vvTnu, <^xs- dum faciei nitore inferir. Eligi 

^u cfs 7& ^apccToy ^ ^/} x,w oportet recens^quod no vehe- 

c7a§£^,ipaJVsy T^ w ttJm^^ o~ menter foenigra^ci odore pr^ 

20 <^ ^\ apSi^v Tok •)^fic^.i.yKv~ fe f er at, & m anu s abft ergat^ fa 

yjj-my^oy ^ r^ ^yd^-;^ li y> 7^/- pore ex dulci in amaru incli- 

ovT^y yJ.>Xi^v, nato.-tale eni optimu iudicat. 

nfaXau^^-u^/^ivd- Sampfuchini copofitio 

c7dt>%. Ks^. v^\ Gap. LIX. 

'EpTrSKHyy^o^a^yi.C^oro-JiSy m-* Serpilli^cafsi^^abrotoni^flo-» 

ji wuCoia oAf^v^^fjcu^myi?^ ^t^- rum fifymbrij, frondiu myrti^ 

r.Qy cTafx-l^S-^dyhJ.^^a KifjxCdm fampfuchi fingul^ portiones^ 

'^^cp^t^^u^g-^Thj^ yj^^ w/my quada pro viribus ipforii con- 

<^cLm hTrrjCKiTmv^ySiSt as iedatione^-vnatundunt^atque 

tS it/Tw TmijdL^^ omj^i Ikcucv is omphacini olei modus adij« 

ci/,<^cuuvM 7Zi(T^Toyy & T^ u^j(0^ citur^qui madentium vires no 

I o 7«xf ^Ta<Sj r ctiwauiy T ^ihu euincatrh^c pofi quatriduum 

tS ^ps;^<^6)y, 3Cj Xam iiuk^i exprimu tur.Denuo noua alia^ 

li^ilci^^ x^ iKBKiCi^K^Tr&Mv To fimili mefura,& 5 quaii tepore 

i/j7i 'zs-awStj^ rhjjTSv <n^a^i' macerata pmutur: ita eni vali- 

Tt^^v^kmiCf^ ^ )'cn>y ^oyoy^ y^^ dius reddi folet. Eligi op ortet 

l|iW*£9ay -^ }/JTovirn%ov,^/jKk fampfiichu colore ex atro vi- 

i^ y^SiTo i^jKew yK<d^y ta ^Scl ridi^plurimum redoles^medio- 

c7aiA-^j^V'icm7rvKvo^oy^lu^7ei'-' criter acre.Vim habet acrem^ 

cs^ J^ftyifAv. Atws&uty o' t-)^ ,^p- calfadoriam, extenuatem^ad- 

^vxiiy^Kmuurtyi^v^J^^tu.^a^^ uerfus ^'•ulu^ prxclufiones co- 

mS <fi Kcu <mch l^Lcm ^ cf/tf- uerfionesque effieax eft^meles 

$p5f>Ia5 v^oas^iu^wji Ti iy e^- & fecundas & partus extrahit, 

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viduae ftrangulatus recreat^lu: Cpvc&i^mcaT^^^^z^m^yi^v^^izdt- 
borum inguinumque dolores kvcat^'^ lcnpv^v *n n^ ^^Cmav 
lenit ; fed cum mellc vti eo uKy^putra (zst^yy^i<^ fdhiTt 
pYX&2Xy quandoquid em vehe- Ji him ^^^ 9^ hvov^l^sr^ rj 
menti aftridione locos indu- cipoJ^^Z ^u-i^mhyi^twi li^ td- 
tat. Lafsitudines illitum dif- 
cutit 5 in opifthotonicorum $ 
vulforumq> cataplafinata vti- 
liisime additur. 

Ocimini campofitio. 

Cap. LX. 
Ociminum oleum fit vt cy- 
primim : Ocimi folia dccer- yj^icv 50^^. hUTfds iL olf^i-- 
ptalibrarumvndecim^&bef- a; ». hjTrc^V/^lasi^ ^ ojTruC^ir^ 
fis portdo , die no ftiique vi - vyKT^ Kiu «/^t/^^-y q^t'^ iKcaaf, 
ginti olei libris macerato^pre^ 
mito^ colato : crnnque exh^u- 
ferisqualluni/urfiisparem o- 
lei modum funditOj & expri- 
niito , Vocatitr autem id fe - 

^cundariunir nam tertise pcrfu- ■^ ovk cmH^^^Tui ^ep^^.n^ 
fionis non eft capax . I>eirKle ^ia^cmv cmujiiv hcLCh im^ 
recens ocimum ^q^ali pon- mhj^v hTriCp^ hiom ^ \o- 
dere , vt in rofaceo diximus^ Sm H^vmxy ts il Sch ojTrrjCi'' ^.a 
rurfos maceratur, & cum tan- &s y^ov om^^^mv k^ im tcjt 

r^}i^^hvei K0Jt xxt^i^ii^ cvy^io^- ^ 
yoXy^V T^ Tit cmr o^ir^TzviKSi^ 
p^r^ASwctrA^cm7}}<kia>^ f«- 
yv%K^ r A}hM$ com^pm* 
nSi flxi^yov (TUVdL' 

hccCm Ik^ov rjT^as /. &>- 10 

xiydTa^ ^ r^ h7m rh$ w^pi- 
<^> CJTTi^ "TPXKlV r^ i(J^V mKA" i^ 
j^s^ «tS Ikcuov kcu l^^v,i(^S~ 

to temporis fpatio maduerit^ 

exprimitur^ & oleum recun- 

ditut . quod fi in animor fuc- 

rit ter aut quater madeface- 

re/emper ocimum recens ad- 

^ts^ Poteft ex omphacino c6- 

fici : fed illo modo melius.- 

Idem quod fampfuchr- 

num poteft, ki 

ineffjcacius - 


hjTQV ^OVOVyiK^KiCi K^uhm- 

Ti^cro, KAV reis J^ n r^T^&u^ 

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t^ a KCU C^TOV OlJL^COU'- 

vov c/Avil^i^pu^^iKrtov Si 
c^^Hvm^Jtj£cuTtu a 





Up AC^OToymv tr/.ivu'- Abrotonmi compofitio; 

AC^Qibmoy ox, «rS eJ^ 70 ^ti^ Olei cyprini odoribus im- 
^ioy^f^ed.ualii^iilKsuyy^shifaf butilibrisriouem &qnincun- 

&'.ov*/yict;LkCqo7zyis<pv7^G>yKi ce^foliorum abrotom libras 

r Tfoi ii*lixSak&^y ^ arTr>Spi^a$y odo die nodtiqiie madefa- 

yvzTA -<5« ^f4^y llmy.cre^y- ftas^ premito. QH.bd fi in lon- 

^ovmJi' ^^ixj 'THitylcm^z^iL^cc gum tempus oleum velis afl 

KmT^ m^-m (pvrXuyt^Cco^^ feruari^ eiedis prioribus foliis 

%7i^ pv>XcCi x^ afct-^C^i^y noua appones^ 3c macerata 

c^-mi^i.Auivum J^i %y^ 2n£§- exprimes . Calfacitj adTulu^ 

JQ ym-nmy-^rjnimim fs^^ rj^ <^ duritias pr^clufionesque effi- 

v<^e^^ y(2jm$ y^ (rY.Kyieia^i Si^y cax eft^menftrua &fecundas 

t^alwec )y J^vTt^» pellit: 

n^; Ayi}^jii TA^vdL- Anethirii compofitio; 

<ja4. K29. 1^'. .. Cap. LXII. 

, ILKcum Kiifas L ovY/ia^^^"* Olei libris ofto & dodrate^- 

j^ iytey <ifej:^ XiTf tf; iLovY/i^ S.oni anethi libras vndecim & 

». c^amCp^ 7w Ia^J^ »05- befTem^ maceratas in oleo die 

^y i' ^-m c*6^s{£ '7a& p^po7 vna, manibus premito & reco 

^ hm>v^azt,\£w /s ^Ajji- Sti dito.Quod fi iteru perfiinderd 

C^o^y minfTzu^^^^^uloy cty^S» velis/ecetes anethi flores cofi- 

eiy^$ iaami^m^ kmC^i:^, Ji~ militer madefacito. Vuluaruni 

^ Q vurm Ji ^KiasBiy t^ ^ ^- duritias emoUit^venaru Ipiracu - 

7§ajf y^ kyu^yDuotw^apoLi^oy la Iaxat> cotra horrores febriu 

©ei^ ^ ^o<h?^ piy^ Stp/i^- circuitu redeutes auxiliatrcalfi 

voy zj^Ko^t^ hvoy^iuu kKyi^-. cit eni^ 3c lafiitudines difcutit: 

•m k^^ay co^iKodh. prodeft articuloru doloribus; 

Hiei^otmyov (ruvdL- Sufinum. 

cnci^. ^ K£^ |>. ^ Cap.LXIIL 

"^ T O Jt (Tov^nyoy ^ % tym Sufinum^ quod alij itlinuni 

^iyivoy v^Kovcny , ovtw «jzey- appellantjfictemperatur.Oki 

i^tw * tKaiov KiTfd^ ^. ovy~ librs riouem cum quincunce^^ 

yict; ft. y^A^u KJTfas s. ovy^ calami libr^ quinque & qua- 

yia^ y . tn^v^yn^ ovyyict^ I. drans^myrrhxvnci^quinque^ 

^vp^cTus ' d ij permixto 

pcrmkto odorifero viao de- m^(m.i om luii^^^-i^^ tri^Tti 
coquuntur & colato oleo^car km^^m^ li *ihcuov^k7r^x^ /4-^ 
damomi tufi &CQdefti aqua KapMf^mnK/i^my^^^iCpi^ 
madefadi librse ti-es^ Sc femis I}4«» vJtcn lix^ei^^ hi^fa^ > .^l^ 
macerantur 3 prcmunturque, ya^/.i^licru^ ^pd^aj^hTrS-^ 
tres lihrx cum femifTe fpLTati 6A;Cr^ KicCmv i^ <t6 \gvu{^hou ^ 
clei aiTumutur ^mille lilia de- Ixo/i; n^^> ^ «^'<5z/ xi^^s*, j^/s/^c 
ccrptis foliis^in latUjnon tame cj//dfi^;)^?j3£,i'7n5Su>Ai^f^ ^.r 
profundum^Iabellam demit- l^K^^ei^m^^^^i^J^^^^^ -, 
tuntur : iniedum oleum^ ma- x^d^ TiTiJhcuo-^ kvuiuvH to^- 
mbusmelleperudis agitatur: vScr} o^xii; p;>§;£^WrU^^^ 
dic noduquc conquiefcunt 5 <^iifj^,%mf ^ojf 'mviiitT^^^tsr^^^ iq 
&inpyxidem matutinis ex- Isihoi^:^^ m TrjliMllj^w^^^^ 
primuntur^quoddefluetoleu^ ^(^^odpovkTri^lu^.a^hTj^ 
protinus ab aqua,qu3? iimul tS cwjiY^Ki^ivn? vMto^ tS 
expreflafuerat^coloicerni o- %Kcu(d'i y> \^^h a>^ ro pocl> 
portet:(n5 enimjVt rofaceum, whm/ju^^-ii^axyo^ov ^ hat^H 
moram tolerat : nam concal- '^(paTn^i^ixa-mY/^^^^'^'^'^'-^ 1% 
faftum feruet& coputrefcit: yj> eiAT^ef^ kYyHa f^yd-rj '<3-- 
quare &pius decapulandum) ^)W)^i(Tpkm ^s^caTnojaty S^ka 
vafa melle illinenda tenuis fal wPih^i} tIw ffv>^ipf^laj i- 
infpargendus^ & fi qua fordes y^^odduf Qm^.Km A^cufTcy > 
vafis faucibus h^fit ^ eximen- uSay^^icj^ ^^ j yjjQtSk ^i 
da. Odoramentis iam expref ||/77ry^y a§<»^ bV r a«t7^5 jo 
fis ex quafillo in labellum traf ^^^7 imp^ ^ h^cd^TKr^mu 
fufis rurfum olei prius odori- Ikcuh tl i(^v '^t^^^ ra> ra^^n* 
bus imbuendi, quod primum ?^> y^ vu^^itt^jzau yuKD^L 
pondus aequet ^ &cardamomi you (nwi[xCa>M ohy^^ /.£, kycc- 
tufi drachma^ decem conijci- y^nm^*)^m(XM^mt^y^m^^ 
untur.Ha?c manibus fcite pref- c^^i' ^/^oy, £|my, t^ ^c- ^ ^ 
fa interiei^a br eui mora expri pW amy^^^^ciiv^Kcu reirov I- 
jnuntur: quod profluit^ repur- OTp^jct; t^m 70 ku-m mli^ <ar^(J 
gatur.Tertiocadeinfundutur^ m^.^CiK>.m i^ t^ %(i^il^mi 
adiedo cardamomo , & fale^ ^ tw h^v^ h^m?^ ^-m -^M- 
& manibus melle madefadis. ^^^(^^^'^7% ymn ^hiCar/, 
Longe x^ 


Zj %^ 70 /? ^T^ov (it^e^y Longe oprimfi erir^quod ptius 

aJ>i9:^v'l;^x/^ov 7^l|^s"7ez7^v cxprimitar: (QCudum quod fe- 

,' 70 TihiUTWLQV'^ 'mKivKnCm quituntertium locum fibivea 

^Kxx^ivu ^ k^TToipuT^Jim^: <fii dicat, Quod nouifsimum pro- 

Sf4s-:^ crm^d^ 70 ^s^-pjV %h7m ~ dit.Denuo in mille lilia euulfis 

5 "^v ^iiiviy-rkauTd TroiZy oi^ foliis expreffum primo oleum 

^^TTcii^ ^ T ^tifi^Tii^mfM^ infunditur: tum eadem ratio* 

fxafxov Tm^pjui^fmy^-m lii-mv^ n e profequendum^ idemq^ fa- 

mi -m ajjTii^im r Aurie^tJ ciedum^vt prius^addito carda- 

^ Te^TJi S> ^pn^. cj^«7?w^ctA.- momo^ dein expreffo : & qub 

■7^v i) li xctp/«t/i^^yfT7a'5|/- frequentius recentia lilia ma- 

%Q m i^ mii TO' hjT^J^Jzcyj^ «^* Itv ceraueriSjCb validius vnguen- 

ibro^^l|;i^ vidfi^ Kpiva JlcjjcLfii* tum efficies.Denique cu faAu 

imT^fov i^ei^ li iMj^^v,Qm Tiket ab u nde videbitur^ fingulis co- 

o' OT^ awv^iiiMi %^iv (Tji Jhioy^^ pofitionibus mxfcere conuenit 

^ayi, yj,^ crMva/i(i mji.mvy>^ myrrh^ g, optim:^ duas &fe- 

^gsrSV- <ar, y^o-A^ < /.^^- ptuagintadrachmas, & croci 

J5 M,ci^^ < oLol M.}Lf6mi ^ }uv dec em/ardamomi quinqj^ & 

va^m 73 JWy ;:I4<^ g^i^^seKs feptU2gtnta:croci verb &: cin- 

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ytiliisimu ad muliebria inala: K) y^^K>s^7ti>v l^ p^ynnuc^-: 
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Grocinun^. Gap. LXV. Ti}) ^om-m mvcma^Xifp.lL 
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IIBER l. 2.S 

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ysf^c^x»^^ ii) ffv<^iAa ta cujw {piflamenta facies, eifdem p6- 
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xpo^if < Lx^hiami^y^iLyj^ civnciam vnam aifumes^ide- 

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?,caov cuTrof KfOKis y^^ele^f^io) egeris ^ oleum a croco colis 
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•m ofm^^Xvioi Ji ro icr^v f^T yJf" pila agitatum recondito . Ali- 
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y^£^lt^Vy7iyJlciyJ^0$y^oxii7nfi pofitione vtuntur . Optimuni 

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^Q^^icti \v ^yffcL (r/.?K}ifia4 i) uv tra valu^ duririas atque pr^^ 
(Pi< iijTA of ajviil^y^yjoi^A^ mjjj clufiones ^ & vlcera, qu^ ca- 
3c*jpS ^ Kiioyjo £j ^uv^Tii '2^iKcu(j> coethe vocantur^prodeft cuin 
J^i^Kcanovt.cviJLm^Jii ^ i^ tuL- croco^cera^medulla^duplicato 

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K^ ^q/]c^ kTTo^KcLuyJd^xi^ fS'i- emollit, humeftat, & permuL 
J^o^ v^e£Ki^i^AVov. hvamii^ c^i : ad oculorii giaucitates ex 
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coHipofitione cognata funt, ^ 'mesm^* 

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Cap. L X V I . cAwuGjai \kcuovJLi(b*^^ . 

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vna^aqu^ coeleftis tantundem -«Voy <J^<r i^ vi^wl}j.Q>^ku. % 
cum femiire^cui* vna parte o- ui^^^ ag' .i^ ^ cmy^ tS 
leum^ diluitur^ dtera adiiciedis \k:u(^^ tu V^ ^v^^ mw ifi^ %u- 
odoramentis admifcetur: dein Cxn^ait.u^oi^ u^ei^enr' ^i^ 
afllimptis aipalathi libris quin xnCm ksoptKiJ^v KiTfai i^ yi' 
q;^& femifle>calami librisfeXj f^gv^y^hd^v KtTfas <^\Y,um' lo 
&femifle3 myrrh^ libra vna^ qtiv^m kiTfcuf i. mpMf/j^uou 
cardamomi libris trib% & do- xit^cl^ y\ ohoaaA b\vs^ Ixcuov 
drate^olei libris nouem^ & vn- xi-Tfcu ^ . oir/yia^ l> tIw kajji^ 
ciis quinque. Alpalathus tufus^ Kct^-} '/jii^i zcu ^fi^ac '^ vM- 
3c aqua aflfulus decoquitur ii) «n luCc/.h.m^ i-^ .u/^tsl ^ iKcaa 
oleo donec conferuefcat^myr W "h <mjvcu^ciL^i(r^^T M mvkr \\ 
rhaautemvino vetere odori- ^iwf^^^^ otm mKcu% hjiin 
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calamus^digerunturin ofFuIas, ha^v^^ mrrk tJV crpLv^m^ k^ 
qu^ exempto afpalatho immit l|5X&/ iluj kajTaKabov ^ 'ifA^a- 
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lato aheno^ oleum p ercolatur. tw Si u^-rk tovt^v ^e^, ;£^^- 2. o 
Cardamomii tufum reliqua a- k^v hid^m <rk y^>^v ^ I- 
qua alperfiim infundit^ Ipatha Kcfm, i^ y^T^y^ y^T^ tS ko^-^ 
agitat^nulla^du refrixerit, irer- Jh^juSu^v Yjmji^Aw y^ Tnt^v^ 
pellatione, I?oft h^c collato o- i^fSn r% KoiTrSvMn^ y^ yjvi 
leOjin viginti odo libras olei^ gztu^-^^ W oty 4/j-)Z iJLM iictkH- 
floris liguftrij q3 cypru vo cat^ mw^iJ^^ci kTm^iasL^ li %kcuo% %u. 
fex Sr quadraginta librae cum Ctm h^ W wLr^ \kcuov Kifa$ ^ ? 
beffe inftillant,q fufficieter ma cu/^a^ Kvsreipa Ki^^a; yts;. iyyia^ 
defaft^ per iportula exprimu LldTzt^ t^ am^^a^cUyi^i^Trm 
tur.Qubd fi copiofis» defidere- ^y J^ik ccovfiJh^. ict) J^ ^KCim 
tur^idem recentium floril po* ^JnTy ^ vicL^vci£boi$ ro ;a»y 
dus iniedu fimili niodo pmat. \uCuk&v '^tS^^ oiioim^ Ipwis, 


liv T£ M^^v\eiM T5 TelS^p^v & itcru aut tertib fi quis velit, 

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yvirm^oKKiyi^ MM^Ti ^vh detur efficacius • Eligi oportet 

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tyiot Si yjji itmiiJUduoy yu^-px)' uitate nares feriat . Aliqui cin- 

^m, txuLdmy Si^i-^^^ymv- namomum addunt . Calfacit, 

yd/jj^ (jutKctzTJKtu/^ ayei^^T}^ emollit , ora venarum adape- 

aluj i af ^^ov(m! ro7f ^ ^- rit^ vulu^ neruonimque vi- 

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kySm^, acopa aducitur. 

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K^. If. Cap. LXVIL 

i^ S^i^b^i hJTfa^ /. ovY/id^ Spath^ quam minutilsime 

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diebus ac no dibus madefaci- 7^ sad^S > Im ^tA^-$ ^'. y^cu ^ 
to ^ ftrenue & vehementer di- TJ-mt^ ^* «Tzt lli^y jS/^W za) 
ftringito . Qubd fi vis validius viOMiyJk. y^cu h ^ovk^ J):wstLu^ 
fieri^parpondus iterum ac ter yjb-ne^v Sv^u^ 'n>v 5W '^^uiv 
tio fimiliter maceratum expri- zcu JJ^ asu ^h t^i^^ ^cm^ 
mito.Loge optimum eft quod Cfi^v l|iVa. z^Ti^v 'j i^Wp- 
fola irin olet , quale eft in Per- ^ 75 h larp^iiaBi fmJivo^ di?>.iiy i& 
ga Pamphili3e5& Elide Achaiae f/jQva^ M w 7ejtJbi miou^-T^i^- 
natum . Vim habet calfado - ^^y JiVgi 70 oy mi^yA 'ms tmu^ 
riam atque emolientem ^ cru- <pv?Jai^ kcu ai y!?a<h t^V k^ia^ 
ftas adimit, fordida vlcera & ^pvd.t^oy. Au^a^tv ?;)£« ^ 
putrida purgat , confert foe- MmyJ^v^ ^^u^vmv-i sj^d^^ 
minis vulu^ caufariis Jtem in- 7^ jwu aymJivas kcu fimiela4 jm 
flammatiouibus eiufdem at - a^uy^^^ei ^ kcu w^ ^ei ^*i- 
que praeclufioaibus ^ partus e- 7§(W <ha^(jim a^uilH ^ (^k^- 
iicit 5 ha?morrhoidas recludir^ fM^v^^ tb %(u uxxnciv 5 %uCfvk 
contra aurium fonitus ex ace- ts oyXa.}^^^ }icu cuuoV^oiM^ 
to/uta &amaris nucibus^pro- a^jx^fm^ ^^ t£ J'pf t? «ST&^y 
deft : diuturnis deftiilationi - cwj o^ei /ju 'Myam kcu ^r/^oli' lo 
bus 5 naribus illitum ^ & con- kuuyMKoi^ y kcu ^? y^-raj* 
tra graueolentia earum vlce- pt^ ')^m\ov'm > Stay^io^m 
ra , quas o2:rnas vocant ^ au- ^y ^>«:>|6>7>J'p^;' , z^w ©e^ir c^^- 
xiliatur: aluum purgat c y athus vcf4 * y^^^n M i^ tmj yMhldiM-, 
epotus ^ facit ad ilei cruciatus^ x/ja^v mK^^i ^o^wTrcm kou 
vrinam mouet , difficiieis vo- ^z^^ HKieoth-^ yj^m vju oS^.. ^f 
miriones adiuuat^ periiftis co yM^cm w/ chj^^fa^ luouuTtay^ 
digitis & immifsis , vel iis qu^ thct^ioySpm ^v J^uKTvKmJf 
ad vomitum ciendum indun- 'mv ItMmelm^ ksu cm mjLuccy^ 
tur; anginse etiam illinitur,'aut -^^yjov J^icty^ioy^ov % aiayp^ 
ex aqua mulfa gargarizatur : yaet^odpo^v gw). ^a/^^to» 
item ' ' % 

LIBER I. $o 

^ysS> Tfeiyo-njTA Qfneia4*Si' item cotra arteri^ fcafaritiem. 

Jh-mi^Toi^ mvHoy % uL^wm datur etiam iis qui cicuta, co-. 

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ngei FAWyov «r/gyc4- rum haufcrunt. 

ma^. K£(p. I^. Gleucinum. Gap.LXVni. 

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cTKouSf^iiinhs.cuouofjL^^cixjvov^iy ftat omphacino oleo^iunco 

^vovy iy y^Kd.uov^K^veifcfbv yj^ odorato, calamo^ celrica nar- 

•nKii>>:9 «cu^^,;tj kam.h.i^^v^ do ^ Ipatha ^ aipalalatho ^ fer^ 

^ mKiK^Tov^^ ico<^v^i^ yK^v- tula campana , cofto ^ & mu- 

30) t^ cvi/^^t^^^ySpm 7z»i/ ^w- fto : circundatis interim viaa- 

io ^yAXfijy Tw e;^vT7 iyj^H^) t^ i- ceis vafi ^ quod aromata , vi- 

^ei/Lcit-Ttc i) qiv oivoy^K^ td %kcuov» num & oleum c6 cep erat.Tri- 

mHTdx Si Im ^ui^^ k\ ^^ cenis diebus , his in die mo- 

7?^ i5^£^-?5;cca /i575^ TcwTtt I/C- uetur poftea expreiTum oleu 

'Tm&v -i kmvi^-nx. ^uLaut? reconditur. Calfacit, emoUit, 

J^ %')(ei ^^mm^nmj^ ^Xs^ra- remittit.-horroribus & neruo- 

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rTsec A^^/Jya. Ke^. |6^, Cap. LXIX. 

KM^.>u'm Si c^ yujtimyj.h^ Amaracinum longe optimu 

s-P Ki9ivyvi7^'(r/.^ilf) Si //i r in Cyzico fieri folet ex ompha 

ou^^vov Ihcdov £, ^^cufiva gv- cino & balanino, ipiflamentis 

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yjxdficd ^ yi<hujQfj^m' M^ kfMJu^ & calamo faftis^ conditifq; a- 

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y^^TToSo^cTii.fjUd acu (jpM^n . oj fia? , carpobalfami & myrrh^ 

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ri^^ /juc^un Koti zivi/^uo/. fiatjCinnamomum addut. Mel 

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excitat^vrlnam cit^putrilagini- xoy ^ ou^yt^tw ei^ 75 rir ot5- 

bus ac fiftulis per quam vtile: ^^ y^ ^siex-^f^^a^^ yjl zSd^^jc*!- 

nec non humentibus herniis, koj; mrk rk^ ^epvpyai* m- 

poftquammedica manusope eipp&ie* 7^ toI^ £%o^£^^ ^5«^ ^ 

ram fiiam impenderit, cruftas^ rk 'n^^Aexm^d %\^» • ^5- r^ 

& tetra vkerajqua? therioma» Jhanveldji^ apuo^n ^iei^tofU" 

ta vocant, rumpit: difFicili vri- m rov J^dz-rvKcv z^ tm^? W 

nae , iDita fede , & eius inflam* ^-Kiryyujia^ hnoZ , y^ca ^? <u- 

mationibus auxiliatunh^mor^ ^^otjtov a^w^^cnv ^^ii- 

rhoidas iilitu foluit^vuluae fab- (j^o-j • tjLi^lwa, 75 xjv^ ^^^^ ^^ 

ditum menftruos curfus euo- ^t^fj^oyrn^ire^-^^^^-^^^i^K^ 

catjduritias ac vulua? tumo- olJi^ra ujv<d%d.<^G^o^el,'^ 

res diicutit, vulncratis ner- ^g rkv^ue^^Tf^drdL k:u uvo^ 

ms^ Sc mufculis confert, la- rfCi>rci^<rjiJL(^i^ei c^ mK^ucum 

neo c^ntunculo modice ma- iofi^Sjs- 0^i^fj$pov yji cmri^ 

defadum & impoCtum. ^.^i^oy. ^^ 

Megalinil Cap.LXX * Hse/ ^>xXf/oy. Yi.^A. 
Fa&itabatur olim megalinu, To i\ i.*AyiKiiov y^x&y/A>cy, 

fed nunc compoatio exoleuit --s^SjKiu uSp ^or^ \(ry.ivil^rQ^ 

&prorfusobliterataeft.Cmos izKiKoj-^i M viSI. ^^ ojt- 

ad hiftoria^ complem entu mc- "^DJi^cdmv J% t»^ ls:Deid$ > cvy. s- 

minifle non fuit alienum . Mi- gjy aroTrsv cm^nMufeu, iy rov- ^ ^ 

ftura cum amai?acino eadem rov J% <r/.ivua7si » ojvrii r% ol^ 

eratj fcd reSna exuperabat^ ^ju^e^ravcj^^ ^K^ovdL^et Jlr^vipn^ 

hac tantum ratione differcns, riyyi , h^ r^rv^ JnoL^t^H . %gt 

Quare leuiter emolKt . ^efina J\ fJuiKcjtyLT/m ^otW Adprhi 

vnguentis ^ neque tutels ne- ^»77^» myjvr^ r^? ujvep^^ > ^S- 

que voluptatisgratia adiiciturj r^(^'jKciyJ$c^!m yiJo^m yim^i ^^ 

fed coloris craflamentiq; cau- ^dudrB^ J% y^ ^i*),$i^ m- 

fa. Ea tantilper coquitur, dum y^ fMyvrWi Ji -^ r^^dv^n ct- 

definat olere: cuius coquend^ ei^^dpn ^ ^^i^ c^ 'ioc^o^ ;^4 

ratio declarabitur^ dum de re- nrtu • J^Kcd^tnmi Ji ^ ru^ 

fina difleremus. ^fTivmnt-im^hjji» 

Hedy- ' mdHJL 

LIBER i. 15 

rifiet HcAJ;:^oy, Kip.od. Hedychfoum. Cap.LXXL 

Kcu Tv y^Kif^ov /& «^^'^^^^s Qmd hedychroon vocant, 

(p^.wa^of/^ov o'h h^jSotXs hjj-m^* in Co fieri folet : eifdem prs- 

X^y^rm hjjjiyuc&^ T£ ^ irmam' ditum viribus & mifturis, quL 

«; ^^ka&^m<^\ cAjcoJi^^epy bus amaracinum ^ fed fuauius 

mex MiTwwv. Ki(p.cC. Meropium. Cap.LxXIL 

Sx^y<x^£7ztt cT^ K5W ^ cuyji^tii Fit in ^^gypto vnguentum, 

IJLucpv-^omt^ei^^ y-TT hji^y ^i^ quod metopion patrio nomi- 

hovy^ov ^-7ty^;y/3 J/u -Th^ r^s ne appellatur^propter galbani 

^.KCalfM fM^rj • T^ ^iif fjh^v sf miftionem : na hgnum in quo 

10 ot ipv'S.w i5 ypJLhyi^ ujc^'- galbanil enafcitUF ^metopion 

mo^ Y^H-Ttsi.S^t huryi^hm vocat. Coftatamarisnucibus, 

£^% fusv/^m yjt Ihcuov o/>i0ce- omphacino oleo^cardamomo 

xfvov yjt y^oMiuiuov^ ^iyov odorato iuncOjCdamo^ melle^ 

T^ iC5u y^y^iytXiV yjl puthm^ yjl vino^ myrrha^ballami femine^ 

mov yj^ ajxv^m y^^uKc^\uLv galbano & refina . Probarur 

jj y^f^ov Kcu ';^>&(iJJAi y.cu jn^ pi^gue, graui odore^quod ma 

w»^ trvuuTb^Ttu . Jiiuuoy M gis cardamomum & myrrha, 

0^7 To iSapyoiJjwoy acu hi^^ae^v* quam galbanum refipiar.Cal- 

iljLt^cuvov /u^>^ov rov y^pMjizco' facit vehementer^6c: adurit^at- 

fuiv iuu 'ms crp.vfvyi? ^ -J^ r%? que extrahit ^ ora vera venaru 

^hCiw-A? ^ cpoS'^ J% ^ouai^ aperitjVlcera purgat, extrahit- 

^o y« K3" TTJe/i /^cu ctpcL^uo7^ I- que:ad prafcifos neruos^Sr mu 

mcou^m 7i yji yj.2p:uqei tK" fculoSjadherniashumore con 

jtM^^sje^i- n viv^, Kcu uvas Jjieir tradas, cum erodentibus me- 

KomvTnL ^iei^vJ^ooz/AhMi li (sujj dicametis efficax eft:ceratis Sc 

mmj'^ . luyjv-m H yji uusxi^ malagmatis inferitunhorrori- 

yfMim yjx yjAfcdnu^. mo^ T^ p^- bus^conuulfisq; prf fertim qui- 

^$yvi yJjL cTit^ToviA oj^^ipov; bus ceruixin fcapulasdeieda^ 

^mmvH • mei J^ kcu /cTpS^ & retrorfum c5trad:a eft^ vti- 

705 5 licu oMci^^uJoiTai ^sfel v<;i^ le habetur: fudores ciet^vulus 

pct*' 5 itau ffKKneiet^ To^ ^ ^- fpiracula recludit , & eiufdeni 

riw ^KA. i^ y^g^Kov ^udKcacv- duritias laxat : in fumma mol- 

m l-fi liuj itJj^uAv. liendi naturam habet. 

IlfeeiMsy- Mcn- 


Mendefium. CapXXXIIL meiMivJ^^ctv. Ki^p.oyo 

Mendefium conftat bala- K^ -jimJ^mv Ji Ki^a^ 

liino olco ^ myrrha^ caisfa ^ & voh ^ "^^ ^^aMivov \kcuw y.ccc 

refina . Aliqui tameri poft firi- crp.vfvyii ^tcu y^o^io;'^ kxc pT^W 

gulorum j>ondera , cinnamo- (nciva.^irat*mot 'j fj(^' rov ^jslts- 

mi cxiguu addunt^nuUo com- <^hyu<Tiwf , yjwif^f^v ^y^lv i 

peridio: nam quse fimul.ex- ^src9(n7nfjLCa.?^ovm Sci^ipiKZr 

cofta non fuefe^ vim nul- ovx, c/^Ji^cn yi^T^^ mm~ 

lam exhibent. Similem me- '\h\y^(i nlm Jtmauiv >\^(^^ 

topio vim obtiriet^fed inferio- f J^l t^ri^ ^i^yeioif tw ^- 

rcm multo. 'WTntpy nTlova (dp rou 

Stade. Cap. LXXTTTT. ngezSw-w. KiC>.o<^\ id 

Stade vocatur pinguitudo X-tzikt^ Ji /^e^rcu crpojpct- 

recetis myrrh^ cu exigua aqua thv o^Ltvpva^ ri um ^y. iuyji^i 

tufCj&organo expre%Ea p er m vMros oXiUj apnT^Mtfi' 

quam odorata^ac preciofa eft: ^ov ri «/^* o^jaJov. hv<i<h^ r^ 

atq^vnguetu p er fe f acit^qu o d KidM ^j ^TniKvr^Kli^ 1^*^ ^&' I ct*; 

ftade nominatur. Maxime j)- w ?cw //ypoy ni y^if^ov ^- j^ 

batur, qua? nuUa olei miftione kt^. Soyjfjuo^ Ji 'Q^v » kur^^ I- 

admifit, cuius miriima portio kcu(^ i^ ^ iKet^g&^ ^ssk^^^v <Pv'- 

copos eft viriu plurimaru.Vim yfi£,i«y '/UKVjySpity ov£ S^p ^£^77- 

calfadoria myrrhse & calidis yJv^ ct^aixopvaw t« ap.v^r^ kcu 

vnguentisrefpondente habet. ^^^voun rm td^m* 

Cinnamominu. Cap.LXXV. neei yuwa^m^vov. K2^.ol. ^d 

Cinnamominum confit e l^ma^^m^iv c^ s/- 75 lxa^if> 

balanino olco^&xylobalfamig ^co^m ^ <;v^armv ^vkoC^^ 

calami^iunci odorati Ipiffame- c^iitzov^ sf^Ki^ux^v^ ^vov^^chfo^dr- 

tiSj atquc cinnamoni^ & femi- rcov Si-^mvafJt^m^ ^^sriua ?^p 

nis balfamini fuauitate condi- 'y^Vy mv^it^ r^r^ceTrKeicnovo^ m 

tur^ quadruplaque myrrhae ad ^^ t^ mvi^uov (rmiZf^.pU'- ^^^ 

cinnamomum portione^mcl y>vrcuSiy^] pAKt^^riw ^y- 

ad cogenda omnia adiicitur. ^m* Jiyjiujiv H o^ ro i^^iwvy 

Laudat lio acre, molli odore^ ^Kcmiv c/t t? lcr^A 5 kcu w^ 

plane myrrha redoIes^craiTum^ f^u(pcuvov cp.v^Yi^ , ttsl')^ 71 acu 

odoratUjguftu perqua amaro, cA^Z<h^i'^yuv 5' Tf ;^vW w^o;/* 

Id ri ^ 

LIBER I- r- 

#ro ^ 7z>/«7^v if^ tM, \m'm^ ky^ Id no arefina/ed myrrha crat 

^- cjuypyjj^ s;;^ 7& -^;:^^* «^ Ctudine obtinuit : refina enim 

pw» oy (s^aSi^cixn 7n>ipidv^ &i/ neq^ amaritudine prsebet^ ne- 

Jic/j^Jicu/. t^twayu^j SWyet qitevUa odoris gratia adiicir^ 

GtpoS^iet S^iimcLv Z} ^}imv'/Jiv ViiK habet admodu acre^ama- 

^ K^^TTJKpcLf.oMoLgo.acn ^aZb^p/uax^ rz^Sc calfaciente, Itaq- orave- 

vii<m K) <hct(^o^fH^ K^ J^a^yii I- narum aperit^ calfacit^difcutir, 

^airo.^C')^^'Z* miyucLrdL^i^ diffundit ^ humores &ipiritus 

'd H^fnCci?mv\,^i€i '^ Trfo^ t^ attrahit^r aput aggrauat^ cotra 

<2fei f^'7fcu/ Quuij \kcu(^ (h^TTKa-- vului^ vitia cu duplo oleo, ce- 

movi ^ Jw*p?>,^ ^.t/^JuaTTi) -^ k- ra^Se medulla effxcax eft.Ita e- 

jQ '7rtCdL>^H TQ r^Kv r^i i^fiwbn- nim fere multu acrimonise ex- 

T^i-j )y -^nw ^.■KdLYjTi-m . dJK- olefcit^ & qu^da emolliedi vrs 

A6)^ 7^* ciryvJiH 'A.CU (Tii^^uilei contrahitur. alioqui aduritj hc 

^cuo^mi^ Tm^navr "TTci^^m uli- prs onimbus crafsis unguetis 

^v . n^^itii^ ^i (rCeAyyoj; vj^ iadurat.racit miru in modum 

mTrla^ Q/^ijf^i' y^ *s^> jJ/po- ad fiftulas & vlcera qug putre- 

j^ 'AMKa4 >i} cul^ay^ x^ -^ciyy^cu- dinis vitiu fcnferuntdte adher- 

vctc cnw y^^<^fmu(d * fs^j^ TS niashumidioreSjCarbuculos/e 

fiy^ Tsfc ^oJ)yJ, y^ 'Sj^^^ Tfa^ hrm horrores^tremores^gagrse 

uatSyK^ i^ krm ^v tc^oKeov ^i nafq- cu cardamomo:aduerfus 

eim J^yjoi^at^ ai (Jvy^ic^oL- ferpentiu morfiis iHiniturj fcor 

TJ^ cm^uci^T^iT^Q^w-j^KiKTni^ pionu & phalangiorii idiibus 

zo j^ (p^ct^/yioMzTnt^.^ cum tritis grofsis imponitur. 

ITsec vapJi'm ^yp«. Ks^. or . Nardinum. Cap. LXXVL 

'Ndffhvoy uojiov TrziixjK&^ (r/.ivd, Ratio n ardini faciun di eua- 

{iw cfea ^ ^KctCct^m (piiK" riat.Nam aut malabathrino £o 

Ka iy ctf;^ 'miTovm to ttca^ J^ lio^aut fine eo fit: plerunq- au- 

f/Ayvir^ 'm ^cJtKdtMivcd^Kcucii^ » te balanino oleo^ aut ompha- 

i^ o«^aow/6)' ©e^; /uSia 7^«) cij-^y cino : iuncus odoratus ipifi^- 

roulKcuot/ jjyo^ ' 'KJ^^ c/^ tIuj menti graria adiicitur: ficuti 

lucdJica/ yJ^f 3 kfiu>>^y , y^p- propter odoris fiiauitatem^ co 

Jhv 5 (TpiAi^va^ ^iKcmLymv . e^? J^^ ftus^ amomumj nardum^myr- 

'^Ar^ i W7fl\^ J^^iljLHc^t^v^ rha ^ balfamum . Laudatur te- 

^vjvM^Jia^T^^iiiPa^yafJhi/ aue. noa acre. nardi arid:^ 
» «6* au; 


autamomi 6do4*em referens. 
Vis ei extenuans, acris^expur- 
gatjexcaliFacit^abftet^et humo 
res, rarefacit.Hoc liquidii eft^ 
nechabet ftrigmenti craisitu- 
dine^nifi refinarecipiat.Fit etia 
fimplex ex omphacino oleo^ 
iuco,calamo,cofto & nardo. 

Malabathrinu. Cap.LXXVlI. 

Malabathrinum fpijQTamenta 
nardini habetjinfiiper myrrh^ 
plufculu additur: qua de caufa 
calfacit, crocino aut amaraci- 
no viribus reipondens. 

Mjnrha. Cap.LXXVIIL 

Myrrha lachryma eft arbo- 
rls^guse in Arabia gignitur^^- 
gypti^ fpina? non difiimilis : e 
cuiusvulnere defluitlachryma 
in fubiedas tegetes, alia circii 
caudice concrefcit Dicitur ex 
his aliqua pediafimos pr^pin- 
guis,qua exprefla^Stade emit- 
titur . Alia gabirea pinguifsi- 
ma^laeto & pingui folo nafces^ 
ca copiofam fudat ftaften.O- 
mnium prima eft^ qu^e troglo- 
dytica appellatur^accepto co- 
gnomine a loco ^ in quo pro- 
uenittlplendens, fubuiridis, ac 
mordens. Quinetiam legitur 
tenuis quxdam , qu^ a tro- 
glodytica fecunda cft^ bdellij 
modo mollisj verum odore 
grauiufcula^ apricis nafcenc. 

*n)Lii • v^oL cHb T^ y^ qv yT^oid-* 
JV?^jk^ ^/ ^nvvtw ty^^.triwi'^- 

" Uiei M^tf^fitSp/yii, Ksip. o^. 

cv^£dL dL yju j5 vctf<^^^crpLvpr^s 
Ji mtiov* cfto j^ yv^ ^pfJUiPV' 1 o 
xiVikvctKoptm ^y^0Mva> K^ k~ 

Htei^u^^r^* Ki^. o'L 
'S.^i/pvA Ja.'^vh '& iivii%ov 
^jVBiSpov oy k^^Ciii-^ofZJOiov t^ 
cuyjT^iciyM kyjpy^^A* ov iy/j07Tjo- if 
fuvov b/TTOflii 70 icLyj^vov ei^ V- 
Trcgpcd^a; -i^ihoi^' rro S^^cm 

KLTme^ 5 h 'milo^S^-Ai 5 » <;iL%r)i 
KcLixCa^ifm' ^Mti^ -^^Ciiicc Ki-zo 
m,pe^7U7}jy a> l/J^^^ot^KGUhiTra- 
foi$ limf 'f/fj0^SpY,yYi K^^>Kh 
OMbm 7lu> soLKTlw.fsn^^Tivei J^ 
» 7ta>yKoJbT»'/JA y^ovidpyi^ ami 
v!f •fpvcdtTA^ cujibjj ^i^; • vsro- 

yKtb^^ ACU JiJKVyj/) OVCJU^ Jiccv^ % I 

y^i . av>Kiy7tfJ^ Ji Ti^ kcu xC- 
wjy) ^T!t /rfo) Ttc^yKoJuTiyJjjj 
kex^u:>v^yi^\vii7TcL>Ko^ 0!>$ nro 
^J^KKiov y '^^mCpedfijo^ th oc^ 
tw> i^ c/JvKioti Tiiroi^ yl^VOf/Spif, 

tlBER t ^i 

iHiifW^y^ii>^i^y^'A,<sSf- Alia caucalis coghoisinatiir, 
we^^yfjt^^&^f^n^'^^^^*^ ^ :^ pmer modu cxolcufiigL'a^8c 
ex0i cv ami<m^ j c^ya.mm y^ retorrida • Omniu deterrima^ 
-KH-m^ -i^a^Gi.^ y^ AhiTkji^i- qu9 ergafimadicimr^pingui ca 
fceiayKou^i^oyazi 7% o-^ '^ t? res^cano fitu obduda^acris ad 

- j Miu.^. }uu n kfjuvna Si y^^- gumi imagine vergens5&: viri- 
i^it^ hjmSi)ayiJi^ . KouTnimjLdL" bus eius proximaJmprobatur 
^a J%li oxtTti^vyv^Tiij: hnri ^ aminnea cognomine. Ex iis 
'W KiTizLfm luciJ\} yJl KL-mt^ paftilli fiunt^fed e pinguibus 
£$6 • hnti cTs 7&>v Im^m ccKfTr'^ pingues5& odorati: e ficciori^ 
)C5£/ oml/jcoh^^&Tovoi iJtk tu bushaudquaquampingues^& 

10 !Lcyi^^oati7oi!pivajiK^ovuf7{w inodorati: minus odore pol- 
kvdL^TTKdLm, JhKi^iw Ji itofzfii let^quGe oleum non admifit^ 
^£^^w a^uLv^vyi^ a/TrzCplyu^tTi cum in paftillos digerebatun 
X5W ijuyvJ^Q . l^ti-pv h, ^b^ adulteratur macerato gummi 
nnM -i 4^^§£«' 5 yjiyQ^hjj 5 om^ aqua ^ in qua myrrha madue- 
'^^oxju ^7mJi-TdL'^'^V', K^iiivQ^^TS rit .Eligenda eft recens, fqual- 

i^^KcL^bj^cu^ivJ^yb^v-i MvyJ.^-^hv^ lore obfita^ leuis^ vndique c6-^ 
;;^eiMi^i^vi <haL^v(rBi$^K^a4^ color^qux cofrada venas vn- 
puu^oCcdKovTt^wApai-ihjiifh-i guium modocandidas &!£?- 
j^^tlxeiiS^^^pua^TJitUjj* » Ji ^^u ues oftendat^minutis glebis^a- 
^a xgl T« '^^oq. Tno^stiJit^ \giv marajacris, odoratajCalfaciesi 
k^ii^'^, t^uLcLyuv Ji t^ ^p- fiip eruacua & inutilis eft p on- 

^o fJui^^nyMj)^ y^pavitbjv^ ko^Xv^^ derofa ^ coloris picei . Calfa- 
Kuiiiy^iipdu/v^uiv^^^^tKiuvym^ cit , cohibet 3 foporem gignif^ 
KiajBt <k x^ fjmTta^ ujcjMj-^^djf glutinat ^ficcat^ aftringit , vul- 
£) dLiA^ym" kyet Ji tyifduja, i^ uam emollit , & praeclufam a- 
luC^vctaiw^Ti/^^^Qwk-^v^cp pcrit: menfes &:partus cele- 
S ^p^y kmC^yuccn 5 » *sr>j- riter extrahit ^ cum abfinthio^ 

%$ yaiov p^^xS csi^<^^j^ * KajjL- lupinorum cremore ^ vel iiic- 
^ CdL&iTm S% d^v y^TdLir^m^ /4- co rutae admota:tuberculo fa- 
y^^^ yMAyuiv «nf^? ^^ ^o^ bse deuorat in vetere .tufii^or- 
nov :^ o^^wQtduf-^x^ ^arAsypc^ Tre- thopnoea^ in iateru pe(ftorisq* 
yov Kj ^J>^.yji?^Kxjm T^ yjitKid^* doloribus, in alui profiuuiOj& 
mJ^mnda^y kv^ H ^ '^iyit^ dyfenteria : horrores difcudt^ 
®t^ ^ duabijs 


duabus liorisantefebrium ac- *?roo iio cd^.m ^ tTnCoK^^'^:^ Tt^ 

celsione^ ^ fab^ magnitudine Tii^^m y^ li^lo^ ii fAiiboi yjui^ 

pota cum pipere & aqua: fub- ^u "Trii^iim^d^vteia^ ii ^u^r^^ 

dita linguse liquataque, fcabri- va ^ /^ cvcriui? (p^v^i-, kyn y^U- 

tiem arteriae expolit : obtufam 'r^siy hirtn^^.uSpyi ry) yKf^v-A k«) 

vocem expedit ^ ventris tineas i^ji^Ai{o,«^V;i]^'>(f o yi^ thuiV' ^ 

enecatj contra grauem oris ha ^ac^r^ 'tt^c^ i^j^m^mf s^ufJT^^ 

iitum manditurjS: aduerfus a- oiclmo^^^-tt^a '^ lua^y.^^v ^ 

larum t^dia cum liquido alu- v^^-^U^ c:v7?r^qia4 v^dL^J^^^r^ 

mine illinitur.gingiuas & den- Tzw^y orm 5' ^ iXcuc^ o^ict/.Ku^ 

tcs^ ftabiJit, colluto cum vino ^^'f^n-^ oJovroi^ iythcc K^ur^vH* 

3c oleo ore: vulnera capitis il- yj^^.dL j iy -tu h ta yj.0d^% "^ccv- ic^ 

litu glminat , medctur fradis ^\c*X7n7:^o^>i/U'A^ifr^^^>-<^- 

auribus ac ofsib^ nudatJs, per- c^&fie %^ y^^MiKouSijejL UgL^)2-* 

tinfta cum cochle^? carnibus. t^u ciiy y:joyj\.iis <^yu l-^p^io^^e- 

Item purulentis auribus in- yYfyK^-mTiyoYfoout-Ttir cd^yk^ 

fiammarisque cum meconio^ (phifM^vovTzt^ciy ^icei^viep k^ y^ 

caflorio, & glaucio : ad varos ^excf) '^ yKuv}ua>"7rfc^ M Ik^a^ j^ 

sutem cum cafsia & melle iL //^ yj.o.^ci; i. uihfh^ om^yiP)^ 

linirur, impetigines ex ace- Ki^^^ct^ilki^^TpLiyeiiTu-j^^^-^^ 

to purgat 3 dcfluentes capillos ce/^wz? '^iiau^ ^f haSdik k^ o/;s* 

cum ladano & vino myrteo z^fJUJocnviviiyJ^cL^tGiu^y/i^dvvv' 

illita, firmat : diiiturnas deftil- ci* imts^vvsi 3 ^ r^ /(^.'^yi^^ v^' 

latio n es lciiity iMit is p enn a na- Wppas: /; ^l^i^k^a TrJifO) r ^^- 2. ® 

ribus : oculorum vlcera com- ^eorjjfe^v^^^oipoi xj ti:* ov c^p^K- 

plcr^ albugines tollit, caligi- ^l^%Kyj/iJ^ y^7W.^eirraLXiuyj!^^ 

nem diicutit , fcabritiem Ise- ^jui^m k^ lu l-m^r/.OTouimi r yJ^ 

uigat 3 Fit e m y rrh a , p erin d e ^au^^ ^ ^a^fuaiu aptJt^. ^75* 

atque thure , f uligo, &, vt p o- rmuJi^ Kty^ c^ l| cw^t^^ h uoic^^ 

ftea oftendemus, ad eadem t^a z//.r^KiQci^ov^td^*^Mlo- ^S" 

conueniens. ^^cif uilovaiz ^sr^^ r^ ajJTdL» 
Myrrha Boeotica. risei Bo/&>77zSi" £?jw'jpy/^i-. 

Cap. LXXIX. K£^. oPf. 

Boeotica myrrha^diflefta ra- H <h ^oia>vyJ^ c^v^vu^igi Ku 

4is eft arboris cuiufda i Boeo- J^oy Tim ^i i35/^77f 'j^mpuc-^ 
tianalceiis r^^ 

LIBEH t 54 

vou '^f(cc7i7mf^'n. oicKi^^v M tia nafcentis ^Meliof eft qux 
^ 1^^^? (7^uf>vyi Kp r hocd^du;. myrrham odoris iuauitatc re- 

£3 "^^pUcLUAm ^A 

5 mei ^pcix^.-. K£<p. ^^ Styrax. Cap. LXXX:; 

^7i>'pc£| .^>^'^5? *^ A'y J^pw Styrax lachryma ell arboris 

'nr.^c^a^/:l yjj<h7i(p.<hccrjpH'j malo cotOxneef.in!lisa^rcfertur 

iju-^c^l:fM^i:y^ki7izt4^ p77- fordefcens,flanus/eanofj>,?l- 

v^^J^n^ , ^{uCot; %-^y <^Ktv- bicatibus gromis.quaai pluri- 

yjii^^^.^lu^edv tS Ivoo^k ^^ mil in fua odoris grada perma 

j^ oTiwKc^gtv > K,^ ov tS ^Kio^- nes: qui du mollitunmellen h- 

^ ^m^ h-^^oLcicw r:vk u^Ki-nS^ quore reddit: Qualis e Catiibai- 

b^j w^uTc>- JV V^y yj.T^.Cc(Ki- lis, Pifsidia ^ a^ Cilicia deuelii-: 

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(pcLyKo^ <^lo uiKct^ y.jj ^ 4^^^- friabilis/anoq; (itu obdu&us» 

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Bdellium. Cap.LXXXT. Tlizl ^hKhic^v. Ki(p.^L 
Bdellium alij bolchon appel- 'RJi».m ol Sk ^hKm , ol 

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U^K^il.. Ke,..j2;. Thus. Cap.LXXXlI. 

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mukb Zc faluius . Eft & geuus 7«. xe^sToz S^i Tt^ ^ k^uz-v)^^ 
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ca^alioqui cadidum: quod du Xcto3«^lycl>cAj:>iS^^^;)^.c/ij- 
mollitur^maftiches more digi- ^oS^ c/^ cT^i htC^Mo^ t^ ^iwm 
tis cedit. Adulreratur in itincre, ^m-A fuboAvodpo^ 5 y^^ ;cc w- 
pini reflna & giimi^quod faci- ut, Ivy^fh <H '^y » ^iycd.m^\ IP- 
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fcit,thus verb ftatim ardet: ide 7iiiii7^iw*^^Kot ii vj^ i^ o<t^ 
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faciendu Sr aftringedu pollet^ (Jjal-mv^ ^(psiv^krTroy^^p^v Tst i^ 
oculoru caligine difcutit, caua cmGxoT^vujTzt -ml^ yJ^Ai^ , y^ 
vJcera coplet & ad cicatricem -m yJihu ^y Ihy^? ^hae^uij' 
perducitcruenta vulneraglu- yjl aj7rcvh5u2^^ yji».Zv n £« 
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nis eruptiones,etiamii cerebri li m^m^, y^ ihu o^ ^iiy^ 
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pice illitUj tollit : ambufta igni ^toc^o^ cHpet ^ yji rk vrvel^ H 
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do thus crcmatur, flagrante 

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ne mox oftendemus. Alij crurr 
do fidili luto ob!it05& in for- 
nacem indito ^ cremant. Ficti- 
li etiam nouo viuacibus pru^ 
nis torretur 5 dum non ampli- 
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Thuris cortex.Ca.LXXXlIL 

Prsefertur thuris cortex crat 
fuSj pinguis ^ odoratus^ re^ 
censjeuis,minime fcaber, fine 
membranis . Adulreratur ad^ 
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ne odore fumum erudant:thu ji^ iMaiia; c/^iiCt^oy^m. l ^ 

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doris fragrantia vaporem eia- juS' lv&>Jiti4 c/^.^tr^yua.^cu^xcui^ 

cuIatur.Thuris modo vritur3&: t^w ii xj oStcs* m KiCdj/o^* Av- 

vis eadem quae thuri , fed vali- yauiv o "^^ hMv^o kiC^o^ <Jj>- 

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uis fluxione laborantibus in KoupolxjoTfctffJ^iaf^s^^Tfd* 

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cax eft . toftus fcabris lippitu- ejLoj; * (^c^yj^s /g z^ cej^r 4^ 

dinibus auxiliatur, ^(p^x^as^Trom* 

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Manna thuris prohatur can Mdi^vciJiKtC£ikJ^)UfJs'^y 

dore, micarum frequentia^ & ^ hivxii kcu y^ba,^*iv;^y<^^o^. 

puritate. Vim habet eandem. Aujict^j;ol;;;(ettuj3yoKtCavc^ 

quam & thus/ed inu alidf ufcu- rtif^ vTms&i^a^ o /uaK>, ot»./^/V- 

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ris contufl adulterant: fed haec KtCcuf&^ Tuyjof^u^ovlKiy^^J^ '$ 

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enini aeque fiiffitu aerium va- 'jy]<n>7ivc^ ^fMa^^cnTcu hfi^ 

porem^ fcd fuliginofiim & im- ^oy-n t^ ir/zS , kcCoKciJ^ J^l 

puru expuitj & permiftum fiia- zcu ov ;£^3t6pS> » t^ lAicdMu ui" 

ueolentiae halitus virus habet. ktIu^ iyet tIw cuTrz^o^aJ^ 

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Ca.LXXXV. Kef. ^L 

Buliginem thuris fic facito: At^dK^v o KtCdUfCt^^fi rrDti «tw 

Forcipicula , lucernis accenfas KaCtJioi 3i^6* ivct ^vS^foy ^ A/r 

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gitat fpecieruai diftinftione , k^. ^'^ <hcc(p^y.'^^ * oLu^m- 
arbores vulgb cognita?: quaru p^y 'jc (p>,oih Tc-Tpm^A^fui^l^m 
cortex aftringit, prodeft tritus ^^r ts 7Tu^%:'mfrd- x^fo^ x^ 5 
& iilitus intertrigini^ vlceribus 7Ttvt7\i«oj^«x(.o<^£, ^«^ W o-^- 
lummu corpus occupantibus^ ^Kcua ^j \k'/m ^ YJcy:w^<^ 
ambuftisq; cum fpuma argen- mw ht^^yS^^ ^ u&^vrctyaKifi', 
ti & manna , Vlcera delicatu- (p-^V J^ /-4*p;^)T'^ (/:>p^vij, i^y-, 
lorum acrimoniam recuAn- xsT-nie':??? ^y.'?^o;^«/^*>v?Az,i» 
tium^ cerato myrtino except^'^ -^ t1 \^7rv^T/J»\7n)/et ^^ ^^k- 10 
ad cicatricem perducit : tritus yjfi^,^ Km^^ %uCfvi n ^ '/VJ- 
cum futorio atramento ferpe- •75^=« xj^^i^^^ma^? il^A.C&.»^<j^ 
tia cohibet faffitu partus Sc fe mKtdif 7^ t^^V hig-^.iTty ^ «£^ 
cundas eijcir , potus aluum fl- x/y^,K5^ -ri <^:^>v>.« J^^ a//:w <^- 
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rum trita &:iilita inflammatio 'm.^A'p%H^ y^^etjudi-nf. koKs- ^ 
nesleniunt^vulnera ab inflam fuwfm (hcan^ii^K^dUf^v^m J% 
niatione vindicant^trita autem k^ 14*7^^^^« oy U^.lJbv-mKyia^ 
& decofta in aceto , feruen- ^^tvn J^hyjkv^ou^-jl S^p,a^> 
ti collutione^dentium dolo- a^uI^iJi x^iiTrArtyjy^r t^vK'^ 
res mulccnt : hepaticis vtilia Km cKy^f^u 'nw uJctrt \t mKt- 
. {nnt ^ drachmse pondere in a- y^dLw^Trz^cjri, Trttet Ji 7« iw- 2.© 
. qua aut mulfa pota. Pine^ nu- r^ k^ot^^ q>oCiKov (pKoio^ x^ -m 
Cts cortex & folia potu idem ^uX\a£ ircr^-JT^. i^ -rh *> ojim ^X 
praeftant . Teda earum parti- ^clJU^ ^-^ey ^^ ast!?^ i^ s^^- 
culatim fefta fi inaceto co- "^j^ mjj^oii^l^-iTnKy.aC^us^^-' 
quatur^&decofto denscol- yfy^y^^Tis/^^^oy 'tS ^?e4*f«^T5^ 
luatur^dolores leuat. Ex his e- v^f^ tS m-^y^isTcr Uoy-ni^, kcu z^ 
tiam fit Ipatha acoporum pef- Azra^/i J^ l| oi/rw >i'v£w eif i- 
forumq;Compofitionibusido- Yj>7mv (m^^dLma^^iLcu 'zr^c^Vl- 
nca.Quinetiam earum crema- '^rJichio^ • i? cTs l| ^LtS'/ x/;,j'i)^ 
tarumfuligo ad librarij atra- y^ou^pciv^ ^A^^a^uCduhw ^^ 
Hienti cofectioneai excipltur : tAKdu/o^ -^u^^iyjiu y^-nisr/j^vbM 

ca > ^«S^st, 

. LIBEH I. 58 

m^vipxf H.cu/s^f y^XKi^hi^ct^ ea circulitionib^ efificaciisimc 

£^ Kcu yju/^u^ ^iCfi&ui' iinponit^quibus palpebras orr 

vov^^ (sS^ 75 '^iKcc nat/oloreq; mctiuafjCallibre- 

^y^cLpj. Kcul^-^ pharaGrafcivocatrarrofisocu 

^huotf^M^ loru angulisj callofis glabrisq; 

5 KpvoYTa^. genis,& collachrymationibus 

U^innvlJb];^ K5<p. ^L opitulat. Pityides, Cap. 88. 

UtTviJ^if [)' y^Koau^ Kap7ro$ Pityides appelkntur plno- 

T 'MTjm x^ 7^<r mv)UA^^o c^^i- rum picea^q; fruftus^qui in co 

cio^o^ uf^ot^ y^jot^,6.ujJctuiv nis inueniuntur. Vim aftri<9:o- 

at^un^guTrliYj^V', "^^piuaj^jHaw; riam habent, & aliquatum cx- 

?o cr3i7^5-.go},5T5U£77 ai ^A^tKcu ToTi" calfacientem: tufsi & pedoris 

/sfei ^P0,y^ OTt^cT, y^.y liiy- vitiis auxiliantur^per ie^aut ex 

W :^ jX^) wiK iw KcLtjL^djjotjui^ melle fumpti. 

y^, n^JsJTo^W. K5i?.7r6'. Strobili. Cap. LXXXlX. 

~ ^Z^^oCtKot ':} K^ y^ba^ol \^o^ Nuces pine:^ cii Strobili re- 

voty% ^(j^ yKuySo$}i) cnyjiis cuA^- purgat^ madutur^aut cu pafib 

15 yxiTo? modiJoi^Qv^ATi-^^t^lLyL- aut cucumerisfemine bibnn- 

CKimTiyjH r /2^ yjugiv >y ysppSi" tur^vrinam ciet:acrimonias ia 

J^ptuvTTjTa^y^mpfop^ai Si k^ go- renibus & vefica hebetat,fto- 

f4ct;)(^v <hf}jLii^y iJ:^ ajjJlpiyjii^^ machi rofiones leniunt : datse 

. ^K^ KuuCcOfoySijoil^^p/iJ^oun cumportulac^ fuccG^virium 

"nkrovidLif aiuciTt^^y^^rv- in-firmitatem roborant,corru- 

■^^ '^^m <S)ct^^^cL^ liauCKvpoimV' ptorum quoq; humoru labem 

cKot A oigfoQtKot 'knro ii-ji^fm obtundunt. Pine^ nuces inte- 

^pmpctToi ^Kci^m> l^ yKv- gra? recenter arboribus decer 

K^^ l-J^^m^>^ct/^'^ot^ TTct^ pt9 in palTo fraguntur,& deco 

K^x^^^Ai) ^ (^^(Pi(;7y-^ rliojj d^^vetuftx tufii ac tabitudini 

T i^? ;^9' yjg-Ay wLdpdM Kctu- conferunt^fi quotidie ex eo li- 

Q.^CaMo^^ yjjdb!i}'j TOTTKn^^ j?/- quore terni cyathi bibantnr. 

Zy. ^U^^^Td. Ks^. /. . Lentifcus. Cap. XC, 

%'^joiJ^'j^^oy yjdpuov gv^ \ Lentifcus nota arbor eft^cui 

!^/;wy oKor'2) ^ 6 Kop'^^ wvn^f toti vis incQ: aftringendi: femi- 

^j 70 qvaK.oj 2, (pKoio^ Tz^y xxi ni emm/olio.ramOjCortici^ ra 

SmKiu T4i fi^jj^- lcHiSwjcLyu^.. dicibiisqj cognat^e infiit vires. 

yy^ Liqua- 


Liquamentum aute ita fieri fo yn^ -^ -i^ ^U(Tp.ct «Jjt ? ^Km^ 

let : Folia ^ cortex & radix in i^ w "^\^^ jy r (pv>^csy l-h^fA" 

aqua coquuntur^Sr vbi abun- wvtnJjvMn \p ly^h* HTti. 

de codarefrigerataque funt^ iX^-iil-i^^aur (pvn.mfiTrlo 

folia abiiciuntur : aqua denuo idijcov^rk uMto^ Si mim l-l^- 

coquitur^donecmellis habeat y^^ yk-^^i ymurfi^i^ cvgifn' ^ 

Crafsitudinem . Lentifcus fiia aa.^mm''^ c6(^m^^cu^^^ 

fiia aftringendi dote, valet ad- hojy^^ jc^ Ivmf xaihm ^ <^ 

uerfus fanguinis reiediones , (nm ym 'mvoiJLim^ ^ ^i- W 

alui profluuia^ & dyfenterias <k mfct^ cducffoiJk^^ ^, .:?eo- 

in potu . Item contra eruptio- r^S&xTei^ i^e^^ x, Mit^KLn-i^ 

nem fanguinis evulua^&e- ^g.'^h\ih'nkj(^id(i;k^<^w~'^<^ 

iufdem aut fedis prociden- 9i<hAy^giv h/m^^.K^o-xi 

tia. In totum acacia? &hy- Ko^o 'mv^v».m iv.^uCh-m^ 

pociftidis vicem repra^fentat. -r^ krd to«.;^ li k^pi-^m $ 

Idem facit fuccus e tritis fo- airmv HgmJHTKipSpov,^ kmjiA- 

liis.Decodumfotucaua ex- crKw^fiw ^^^epT^i^ Ta iWpfi)- 

plet, &fraaaoflaferruminat, Tzf^TzapB o9e«£, :t^ W o;c iuiJ{?^ if 

Yulu^ fluxiones fiftit^nomas "^'^ivam^ <d».ei^y^ rmv vofjiSv 

arcet^vrinam pellit, motus de- hmtiT^i-Sim /^ ovpnvkjov igjy^ 

tiumcollutioneltabi]it.Viren- I W Ji vAmo^ot^ Uov-m 

tts furculi calamulorum vice i^iayxv^Q^ov . -mA^^vKdLexcs 

^entibus repurgandis affri- y^^^ ^"'^^ H^ae^c^v vm^ 

' cantur . Bit e femine fiCofj$pci'To7goS'^7j,a^i;^Ti-'^^ 

oleum^quod prodeft toi^. yy^w Jiit^ <^a ^ mp^ 

cum quid adftrin- iwS %kcuov gv^ntov , ofuol^ov 

gi opus eft • ^i- 7» $1^44«^ <ho/j$pcc. 

Lentifcus. Cap. XC. np V^^vvnf ^vivn^, Ks^.ri'. 
Lentifcus refinam gignit , UvvZw Ji ^ pavvii l| ^^- 

quxlentifcina cognominatur, i^^ ^vm y^a/i^n^shr" aftG>v ^5 

& ab aliquibus^maftiche. Ji /Mtsijy^. ^mtuvovTst ^^ 

Pota vtilis eft fanguinem reii- cuwsm^ Av^j>y^f , kcu ^h 

cientibus , & tafsi veteri : fto- 'mKeudi iS»;^ 'mvo^pyi • $ g? Si 

macho auxiliatur ^ fed ruftum ^j^'^;^^ I§et/X77/J . f/iyvTza. 

BiouetAiditurindentifricia, <Pi kcu cm,nyMm oJtv7Ci>v . 

XIBER I. $9 

y^ Qm^^iqAdm ^si^^-^njy sth- & illitiones faciei^ ad nitorem 
Cf^^matf., hcmn.a. Ji i^ ^rei- cuti conciliandum. Palpebras 
.;^i* ov l^b^Kum^ > go^-Ti^ 71 oculis incomodas replicat^ma 
,hjaJia^mc7J)ecf/acm>i^ii^i) ducata halitii oris commedar^ 
ouxm l^ ^KTJxi. il/uyZ^x M gingiuas contrahit.Optima & 
^ y^ }(0,>xiri^ Ksu^K^^^ a/ ^(D copiofifiimaininfula Chio ^p- 
T» viic^ . JiuipipH M (iij-m^ » uenit.Pr5efertur(nitedul9 mo- 
KaiJL7P^tKl^^vi7ti^i^iu)\hmmm do^refplendefces^ & candore 
f &> lyuaia. T? KivKOT^Ti^dLJ^pA >C) Tyrrheuicae cerse fimilis^aduL 
it^fd^:^ hj^vCh z^ l/JciJ^}^. ta,retorrida,friabiIis, odorata^ 
i Ji X>-^ti '^'^^1'' J^^^^ ^ ftridore ^dens.Viridis aute in- 

I o KtCoj/ou Ky paTfy»^ q>oC:Kim t^- ferior eft. Adulteraf thuris/efi- 

yvySpm ojurTu naeq- pinea? nucis miftura. 

n^iT^^V-a». Ki(p, ^^\ Terebinthus. Cap. XCII* 

Ti^uAv^^yeaeJiuJ^iy JiyJ^^^Vy Terebinthus cognita ar- 

t^ -TA (^vy^a TLcu KOfT^^vsJ^ bor cft^ cuias foKa ^ & femeo, 

^Koils gv^iK^ 0/7« i^ui^ei & cortex adftringunt , & ad 

25 ©^r fit ;^ » ^vo^yCAiva^of^ii eadem ad qu^ lentifcus con- 
e^idv K^ KcLtj£cufo^a.o Ji ueniunt > fimili parata mcda 
K(il>m$^ hjiii 'Q^jv IJiiJ^iujof^y^ fumptaque. Frudus efui aprus 
Xfi^fjut^^yOv^iivyjo^^^^^p^vTJ- eft^ fed ftomacho aduerfarur; 
xi^^lsj Ji 'dejtso^ <mS^ kf^e^ii* excalfacit, vrinam mouet, ve- 
mcty otu) o;S^ Ji ^^^^ ^^ nerem excitat,contra phalan- 

^o (pstKsLyyim J^ii^TOL i^^^i.^i giorum morfus conuenien - 
Ji \lcuji ^mvii Kjoyu^irna ^1| ter in vino bibitur.H.efina eius 
A^Clxij; ^ vi 7A^(Lr§P^%7tix q" ex Arabia petra?a defertur. 
tgi ^ hJixici K^ mjexa ij cjj kp^ Prouenit etiam in lud^a^ Sy- 
'Sj^ K^ oy KiCv-Ay 'K^ c* wiT xjj- ria^ Cypro ^ Africa & Cy cla- 
Khdun vianii' % S w J^ct^i^H dibus infulis: fed pr^ualet caa 

2-5 iimjyi<^^ oZ^K^yiM^ vaKi^ dida^ perlucida ^ vitreo co - 
ItiVscL T?^ y^Qfjumk^ yujaj/lZ^" lore & in cseruleum vergen- 
otji^ oj&J^^ Ti^uiybou TT^iovjsL, te, odorata , terebinthum o- 
^sr^dLyet Ji Tiztc^v rrSv ^tiwZy m lens. Terebinthus refinas om- 
m^yuv^vri^ pA^To^iwj^juv ^^ neis antecedit: proximalen- 
m^HTu i ^wiyn j^ i iKiivyif tifcina^ & e pinu ^ & abiete : 
^* has 


Iias fequitui' c picea &"pineis (26* a^afei^^/caZ^^iiTtT^MKf' 

nucibus refina • Natura omni- ynK^i gpoCiKimkiJ^^ mati pw- 

bus calfacerCj mollire i.ikvLtt" vvii^uaKaKvyJi:, 9^ ^vx^^ J) a, 

re, expurgare.tufsi ac tabi co- yovm^.kvc^.ys*^^'^'^* 9^^^^'^ ^- 

lieniutper fcj aut in eclegma- jui^a^ £j ci^a^cny^af mKiy.TUs 

te ex melle, vitia pedoris ex- y^^^laijr t f/^ ukhm^^huK^- 5 

purgant ^ vrinam cient ^ cruda ^p^iou ^ Ttt c-k- ^^ay^rt^ 0" 

ConcoquuntjVentrem emol- x^l^YiTtmi^mTiiiyjA^yMjdM Ti^ 

liunt 3 palpebras commodifti- /uahdoset h m kv^yjiKkitjBi jJ/- 

me replicantjepras tollunt^ ^vof^l^ir ^ ^^^ifoi^y y.cu 

cum ^rugine ac futorio atra- ^:^^ >kc^st^i cruj) }% y^hvjiZ ^ 

mento , nitroque : auribus fa- ^^x^c^ti^ ^ vt7^(^-i^6^ riraUiQ, 

niem emanantibus cum mel- ^ffo^vm St^ <nw fjkhtv ^ I- 

!e & oleo , item in p ruritu ge- Kouq^ k^ ^^^ ymajxhv cdJt U.tA 

nitalium vtiles malagmatis^ a- yv^ Si ^ lu^Kigfoi^Jt^ mh^ 

copisque admifcentur.La teru f^^cn yjl kxc^Trcif^ Kcu^Kiv^^ 

doloribusper fe^ illitu&ap- kK^^tJuim ^oa^ y^^' luurlui 

pofitu auxilio iimt, cm^^t^eianKcuo-mv^t/^/^ii. ^^ 
Refin^ ali^. n^injjOT^iJ^^S^nMTv/- 

Cap. XCIII. ya^K^UrjiCim. Ks(?>. r/. 

Liquida refina e pinu & pi- TiviJ) $ ^itvya ly(cL 'mium i^ 

cea^a Gallia & Hetruri a co n- Tnvyjn^yjQfM^ofjdbw i^ y ^H^a^ 

uehi foletjatque olim a Colo- x^v^miu^^K^cLT^ yjfKo^Zm ^m 

phone pctebatur : hiric Co - kcu 'TTc^-n c^toui^iTXi.h^^y -m r 16 

lophonise Cbi cognomentum hr^vv^^iew l^ yjoKo(p(^vict kkh- 

vendicauit.A Galliaquoque b^oic^Kfk-ziyciKciTia^ii!^ --u^t^ 

fubalpina : qua vernaculo no- w< AKTncnvy m am^fud^ gI i 

inine laricem appellant inco- J^ i^TrotKj^i KA^iy^ lyo^dlpvm. . 

k. La in lindu, & per fe^ ma- V^o^^ *7rct^m. ^)s W ^ovi^^ 

gnopcre prodeft tufsi veteri. ^m^^s* oy o*tAi%T&' k^y^^^lav- ^^ 

Colore inter fc diftant : fiqui- TbjJ* itaipo^ot <Ke)c; to ^cd- 

dem alia candida eft^alia ole- (x^tv iy cujTid' yi fjSp yi r/s- '&?7 

ofa, alia mellei liquoris fimili- xsi^yJ^McTelxfiw&U^i^,» J^^ a£^a/- 

tudinc , vt laringa . Cupreffiis v hiiuv S^>7^ j5 Kift^* yvirm. 

etiam liquida fundit refinam^ cT^ kgu 'Uf^ojL^m pvvn ly^i;. 
qu^ ytv$ 

h rn^ rntei 'T^h Ttt au-ni. w qu? ^d eade pollet. Qn^ vero 

fdiiroi fx^lV,» /uV 0^7 gpoCiki' aridaru generi afcribunt>qu^- 

yjj Kcu iKarm^^ Ji TnvKJvni^ da expineis nucib^j aliceabie- 

e^ mium. cz/.K^-pv Si 'mm-i te,alixpicea &pinu exierunt.' 

'duj l/jnih^ti-djuu Kiu <S>avyn>y Eligi debet loge omniu odo- 

j yi/A y^TTuc^jLv fJL^ Ji yJj^-)^ov^ ratifsima^trasluces, noretorri- 

^^iS) sk yA iyi^vm^v.Sta.-' da^neqj diluta, quada cer^ fa- 

^'?p« J^ h/m^i yi ^Tum yi, Iku- ciem prxbes^Sc friabilis. E pi- 

iivii * li.d<ki>"-]c4 c-ioi y.suxi^a-- cea & abiete refm^ c^teras 

n^ov&m . yj:t ^M^ovTtu Ji Siiipo^ antecedut;odoratae enim funt, 

£ct ^^ 'mvjouT^^ ttJV viiaTiVy% tj^ atq; thus odore imitarur. Pr^- 

j^ }L€i77u y^ni T^ i^amyicju/, k Sl ftantiores a Pityufa inuila defe 

Tnuyjyyi y.au gpoCmn^v^cu yjjTm,- runt^quGe fecudu Hifpania. fita 

ex^v^-i c/ithi^^i €H(n^ K^ ou^ eft.Sed q e picea^nucib' pineis 

l^iei^f y^^fjub-iiu tsu^ St/jjd- &: cuprcflb manarut ^ nihil ad 

/u/^i77v 0s ojtayo/. Tju^ctyCcL^ illas^nec tatis viribus potiutur. 

yovTta cTs ^}^ oW k:u Q//Mvcfj. Veruntamen eorundem grada 

j^ ^ f^ 7zi ^iyivn ^ iy«£Ac^^ r^ quoru Sc ill^ fumi folet.Lenti- 

^^utv^r^. . fcinaterebinthin^relpddet, 

^nyihvyvo^piiiivii^.Ki^^S^ Puligo refin^. Cap.xCIIII. 

KcuiTTuA -mrwL ^yivvii v^dL Vriturrefina omnis liquida 

c^7^^ot^Kcca7Qvt kyy^o^Kp tv fo vafe quadrupte capacitatis 

r Uy^ou^pH C-)^ ^hyt^^.Jh y> ad humore^qui infunditunita- 

^^ /tf ^i^ '^ pis-nvMj-^^Jo ^04 lu qne refina? congius^in duobus" 

C^i>i vMio^ ^dkoylct^ fiV kfye^ovy aqu3? pluuix coquif^ fubie<Sis 

%^v hTsr' kv^iiyj^v ^^^^Siwt leuibus prunis , refina afsiduc 

^i yjvomjjas ci^i^ « avQouo^ mouetidonec omnis odor ab^ 

'p}t^ Z) cjS^vttJos K) y^TTvpJ^. olcatur, & friabilis & retorri- 

:^ hj^ TcTr MKrSKot^ ^yJv.Kot- da reddat,ac digitis cedat.Cg* 

i^ T^y M -^^dfiw €i^ yJpat/^oujj teru vbi nfrixit, in ficftile noii 

"kyymv h(jovnov^7)i7i<;iv ccmo' picatu^quod aconitti vocat id 

cti>Tov^amiv^^.yivi^ t^o- eft non illitum^ recoditur. Fiet 

^^ \gi>K4f3c/W ^' roi fST^ihv- etiani eximij cadoris, ii refina 

Kilsiv 7ra<jwf ^yrnvt/jv T^Kjovia^y omnis eliquata pra^colct , quo 

ha^ft^^fuTmh^ cujTil^, focculenta fordesexcernatur. 

y^^ov"^ Vruaru^ 


Vrunturqucquefineaqua^pri vjjovwJiiJc^ Jip^5<h7c^l^ 
mum lento igne : & vbi coire kv^dmv, Ki(pm ^ess^^v * t- 
coeperiir.maior carbonu ftru-. w H ykT^^cTi^mjt^kf^i-i k^U ■ 
es iupponitur ^ &" triduo citra 6»^ Xj ^M J^ •GsjnSF^TOy t^ ^y* 
intermilsionem difcoquuntur^ ^eiy^^^ i, i-i^iioy a.<h^yi'y7/&f 
ylque dum antedidas naturse !<?* »^^^ ;cfiw j^y^tTo^ 7f ^Ss, 2- f 
fua^ notas exuerint.-mox^vt di- ;^/rety7i'SJ^^$>}^^oj' IS^^ 
&Mm eftj repoiiuntur . Aridas hTrohiTncajv^hmv^iin) o Ui «- 
vnius dici ipatio decoxiffe fa- pj*w.W ^ toi |»^V kp)U(7H 
tis eft.Vft2e odoratis malagma c/>' oh»f MAt^pct^ \-\i^v7w^ cuTro^ 
tibus^ & acopisj & vnguento- 77^3«^. ^;;^)»??^?? SHycum- 
rum colorationibus magnope -^y^aj^AsTi-A c^j^c/Vj -r^y iq'' 
xe vtiles fiint. E refina perinde (jLaKcLfim^y x^ ciico-m^y^ f^V 
atq^ thure fuligo excipitur, ad '^ayuu.^&pjki yvfu>7. iitKctuCii 
circumlitiones idonea: quibus v^^ 5 ^ htyifi^ ^ytvyyis' m ^ Itt? 
palpebras fucant > & colorem r u&ai^Xlu ^acniAiyi ^^r^ 
mentiuntur.Prodeft glabris ge 'H^iiKi^stfa.^K^ ^CtC^af^iii 
niSjCoUacbrymationibus^ ero- y^^v^K^aoSSyloL-^Kicpctpci^K^is 
fisq^ oculorum angulis^ ex ea cfbLHfm^ c<?)5s«a^jsV. yyi^ J% 
fit atramentum fcriptorium, l| ai/^ iy iw^dj/ % y^ii^tdt^* 
Pixliquida. Cap. XCV. n^in/Wz^S^r. Ki^.^^L 
Pix liquida , quam alij co- n;W » ^' z;;^^ /«>' ey/of 
num vocant^e pinguifsimis pi- yZm y^ovm , ciwtiy^w ^ 
ni picea?que lignis congrega- iy^r KiTrst^e^T^Tti^y ^vKm^ Tnv- lO 
tur. Optima eft fplendenSj fyn JCiis- x^ 'mTvo^X^ Ji ^vi » ^a- 
cera^lseuis. Contra venena^ ~Cov:fux^KeiccK^}(^^e^*mS 
phthifin ^ purulentam excrea- Ji ^^ ^imycL (^ifya^^^ 
tionem, tufles ^ fulpiria, & p e- ^^m^h 1/^ W/kJ^,^»^^^*^ 
ftoris humores, qui difficile y^T^i-Svamiynyur u^^wa 
cxtufsiuntur^ cftlcax cft, ecle- yy^^ucMX^yoyS^-AwoJ^v. ^kS zf 
gmate cyathi mefura cu meU ^^ y^-T^ yfiJKms. mei Ji kcu 
le dato.Tonfillarum & vu^ in- ^s^s to^ "n^v ^%i^yxm ^ $2t-* 
flammationeSj anginxq; vtili- <^y>^^ (^Kiytcoya.^ ymI <;wjiy^ 
ter perunguntunpuruletis au- ;)^^J)u;)^to^7i yxal ^i tA 
ribus infunditur cum rofaceo, Tivofpoai^Tst ii^ mi/ (oj^m* 

IIBER t 41 

x^^fh7n7^,fcf{>yucL7tx> awj & iUinif cu trito fale feipentiu 
■d.ko7 XHc^ii y^TA^sFKaojof^Tf.KM morrib^^adicdaverb pari cera 
^%Ji ^im ^iy^^u^ii^ hv' fcabros vngues extricatjmpe- 
^> k^ikcn^ pi M-d 71 yWpof tiginesq- emedat: vulu^ duriti- 
KcucKKAejLd^ JhLzwKiov oiu^a" asac fedistubercula difcurir: 
5 pi^* fTJui xfi^o) Ji l-^-A^^ cufarinaq^hoKleaceaetpueri 
h.Kiuo(i> K:f^/muJo^ovccf>', ^i^^ii- jpubisvrina decofta, ftrumas 
M^ ^Vd^^ • fXJc-ni J^ ^ou rupit: cohibet vlcera q ferpur^ 
S -mwo^ (^hoioutt ^ivcioy/^^T^»- cii pineo corticejaut fulphure, 
'm \7ji'/^ /^T«t;;^io/^'»' ijm- aut furfuribus il!ita.C^eru cii 
tA h y^ m^^m-m yLv^.^-mv- thuris mana 6^ cerato jpfudos 

10 Trr-^i^ixs' Ttu^yjo^^Z-^^^tS^ TS vlceru fo^ coglutinai/imis fe- 
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^ J^a.^ i^uC^H /^-m^io^^-^^TTK^ nif:vlcera replet5& cum m.elle 
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LIBER t 42^ 

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vjm c/>ce. T^ 6y -fk^Kios^^ ^pi^ betrquo.uiam marino fale ma- 
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rro^ 'j^ycte^n of amoXKmU t3 agro circa Epidaurum^qu^e pif 
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Naphtha, Gap. CIL n^iN^^rer/ Ki^. f$'s 
Naphthami vocant Baby- Kcckhw <fi ns ^ vi^^btL^rj^ 
lonij 3 bimminis colamen^ co- I57 i ^izCvKmi>i ^cL^iKTn -sfe^- 
iore cadidum: inuemtur etiam i^uayrZ ^dmfi KivK^r c/j^ 
nigrum . Vis ei ignium rapax^ €i<r/.iw M jy ^iKcuf, AuJa^-/ 
ita vt ex ipatio protinus in %;^yip'7Tuy.v}(^h^'7Wpl>JS^7^^ 
cam tranfiliant • Ad fiiffufio- ^ ^a ehct^H^To^ ctf^piu^iivrTQi 
nes oculorum ^ & albugines t^ ^s^^ -^siTc^s^i^Acnu^i^ 
Vtilis . Bifumen omnc difcii- i^K^Tjm^Ta.^ulayu^ SVky^ 
tit, glutinatjemoflit^ab inflam- 'mmL amdsKTH k<pKiyf^7^v* 
matione tuetunvuluarum pro- xo^XnrtKMy^J^ap^Tniii^iyyUaKcc.. 
cidentia , flrangulationesque xv}divy'7^m(7^'> ^^THfiyi^ u<^ 10 
clfadu^ fuffitu^impofitu^eme- e^^^ ^ ^-^cdm^ * 'St?'^^ 
dat rcomitiales morbos fuffi- t^yiK^oa^^ajyo^viy^ \^^r- 
tum deprehenditjgagata? lapi- i^a^f^n* iKiy^ ^ ^ c/mKaTf/t 
dis more : purgationes mulie- X£v^ -C^^jfZfuS-ciau x.g>b^ ^ 
Tum cum vino, & caftorio po xgi yi-^wKt^^^mop^a S\ 
tbm elicit , tulsim vetercm & /e^t* om ^ v^<^^\Li^ltMdL xj" j^ 
^anheiitum adiuuat , ferpen -^ mij ^ai) ^oiicu^ ^ k^d-^v- 
tium morfibus 5 coxendicum ^^^ % a)jajrmcui ^a^^ iy l§- 
iateriimque doloribus auxilia- ^t^/ J^Jfu^cn>j}c^ )^m mmriy 
tur^ datur coeliacis in catapo- 'TrK^e^^ ' «^V^ w J^X| ;cfi/x/fis- 
tio deuorandum^cum aceto icoT^H^TztT^voy^-^^ou^nfcu^ 
potum difcutit fanguinem co- ^tc^- SiuKvi <rvuj tiei ^v^j^l' ^ q 
cretumjdyfentericiscum pti- lyKKitfT^Kcu cm SbcPiYneX'' 
fana liquatum infunditur ^ di- kSv (nw 'p^ioi/yi T^Keiazt^ ^ ;^- 
fiillationibusfuffitione mede- m}^vt -K^^^yuaiuSpA Sr$^ - 
tur^mitigat dentiu dolores ob- mu^, ^ oiiv -mv cLKyiucLTA ^n- 
litum, c^tenim pilos incomo-. ex^KaSeiatL m^JVH^hicmK^ 
dos ficcu replicatj fpecillo im- x2 Si yju ^^s ^ f»^^ e/i^ ^ . 
pofitum : cocalfaftum autem, mKG>v^^ ' ^i^^fjm^au. Jt i- 
Sc cumfarina hordeacea ^ ni- pyei tj^k^ m>M.y^'di^^i§l kf^ 
tro & cera illicu^ podagris^ar- ^myJi^ y^oji KnbcL^yYjni mjJ^ 
ticulorum doloribusjethargi- ^^5^ '^Jom ^ /-w§S i^ viTfcj^ y^-rtt 
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f£p'/i licu iuijoveiiuc ^oii^. T^ rheumatifois , & vrinae diffi - 
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£, ^KvT^M^ 7^ cy uvy.nomy co duritias emoHiut^ nariiim^ 
iSw> litCoL)^£i M 2j K^^m^ que polypo mcdentur: in ace- 
f7a?oy:/;^5-,5i«) oii.y^^^-U^'^^ '^^ co£tx ^ Sc cumlupinis de- 

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'7n^KscMv7u,.Kcu T^ <^v>}it& J% <rumpentes ijlitu reprimunt* 
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mmKsm i^ 'i^m^m-, h^ci.}^i^ bus quas ferpunt ^ carbunculis 

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yj^fcimi^ fju^^pTzi^^ tjiA^y yjia bus^admotacu cerato ftoma- 

Tujvei o7nv^f/^u. chum corroborant. 

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inflatioes, tormina,& ferpetiu $W zcu ^AeietmQf^porki ctHoc 

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HerbaSabina. Cap. CV. ' U^flBpa.^of. K£?j. pL 

S A B IN A duprum ge - 'B^a.^u^shtot ^cApoy Kfl£\«(?7'e- 

nerum eft . Vna foliis cupret 57 '^ Ti% h<N Jio.^mp: ^^ hJr i^ 

fo fimilis ^ ipinis horridior ^ \sJ'ms<^u>>.oiroyuomKJJ'mpU^ 

grauiter olens; acris & fer - cJzy,k^^Ss)c/^r^oy Si i^ S^dL^uoi^* 

uens: arbor eft coada^ bre- ^v^i^piuv^Trvpifi-nyJryjihoQoy'^ 

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litu midgat , Bc cum mcUe ni- nipSpei fs^vvi-^ knrrata^^i t^ 

gritias fordesque repurgantj puKcwia^ awj fW^iltKcm^KdLiT 

. carbunculos cum vino , po - ci^a.z^Ttt} pvmpia^ i^ kv^ct ^f 

ta rumpunt , fanguinem per na^^^f^vi^i (tujj om^Trr^yjct^ 

yrinam eliciunt^partus ap- i^cuLut^f i^edykyi^iuCivctr^ 

pofita extrahunt; & fufFitu i- i^/livi^iy^<^^yU 'j k^ »V- 

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faci^ntihus immifcentur ^ & '^ i^ To7f ^}u^vyJt'^ ^iauci- 
priuatim "" w^ 

IIBER f. 44 

myJiJ^c^^ <^ r%yKit^xjvci>^ priuatim gleudno. 

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KtS^^crJivJ^^oy 't%r ,uiyayl^ ^ Cedrus arbor magna eft^ ex 

i Kiy^PJ^m-iaS^iia mixjiyt^'%a^ qua pice colIigunt,t}u^ cedria 

w /s l^ 0)$ c§p ofm^^y^n vocatur : iuniperi modo bac- 

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T»^ M KAtS^fid; keigii » •m -^^a gnitudine^rotundas. Cedria o- 

x^ Simy»>?^9>a^HcL r%o(^rkm' ptima eft crafia^periucida^ gra 

^ou^va M K^y<^}^c(ymvf <y?n- uis odoris : quae du effunditurj, 

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muM^i^^^^ijp^yi^^^i^^nu^^li pe illita oculis daritatem af- 

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awjaf^^xSv Ti^-^^igi^ V^ ^ conftat^angini^ ea perungunt, 

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(^'bi^e^iji i^^xJviMi ^^,^i m auxilio eft, lendes.pediculosq; 

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#7j'\£//,£?M/.tf^fi,Re;'^ na.in palfp fuippta auxiliatur: 

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in elephantia ^ aut lindu , aut i^uKei -^ ^KitpdjfTim^m tJjtXsf-r 

perimctione proficit ; pulmo- ^i^^^y^^^pn k^ tj^ oj^ ^Tveil- 

nam vlcera purgat ^ & fi cy a- ^vt %ki^a ^au "id.-m la^v vJj-j^^ 

tlius eius forbcacur-, perfanat : po2>«,«^^»..<7yY^x»j;5&^ t^ ^ kTA^%i 

verm es & tineas fubt^r in dita ^^ \yyj^u^oju>/jyt P^^i jc^ (u^ 

necat^& partus extrahit.Fit & C^vu y^i^car^* yn-rjx ^ilojlX-^ 

oieum, a cedria feparatUjdum x^t^sy l| au^ ^&tj^uS^^^r hni 

coquitur , velleribus fupra ha- ^ yj^^^ioj^ii \ei.^ xdPAiG^p^uU 

litum eius expanfis ^ vt in pice. yi^^j 7^} 14*''^ ^^ ^ '^ ^'iCTi-, 

Biufdem ad omnia vfas : pri- '^raotw ^oq %irzc Xj ^ ^aiTpi^.S^- 

natim vehemeter perunftum ^^TTxui ro Ik^jqv )<tim ^ tj} ^^ 

fcabiem quadrupedum, canu^ am r n^f-^Trz-f^v 4^^?^ >9 ^'-^- 

boumqueperfanat : iah^ren- m acu ^oZy hioiy^> y^iu^t^ 

tesricinQsenecatjVlcera qu;^ GfJpQyyi^Ti^^ l^* ojltiu y^67Zi>~ 

f X tonfura.acceperuat , ad ci- ya^ (^^^i^i^ r^ o^m tS ;i«£5t 

catrices perducit. Cedrides ce yvofjSpoi; l\'m7&> hjmi \ mu^ 

dri fruftus vocantur. Calfa - ^o?^ Tbj) M Kiyfu^ auviiy.7iov 1% 

^oriam vim habet, ftomacho aurh ^> <:#» 7^ TOiT '^o^ta^ c/iT- - 

aduerfantur^ auxilio funt tuisi^ v^ui^^ t^v^m r hj-dw cjhhva* 

conuulfis 3 ruptis 5 ftranguriae : '^yj&J^oiA^ y-siKouIi'^ ol ^duu^- 

menfes ciunt, expollinepipe- yMfTniL Au/^ccutv ^t^^vcn^^o^ 

ris poti : contra hauftum le - fjmnvjki^ ^^^ji^jua.^v^^oa^'^:^ 

porem marinum in vino fu* Ji ^nfh^^^yfyffuMcn^q^df- -Q 

muntur^ ferpentes fugantur, ^ve!a$^,Ksu%u^stS,)j>cs7 /x^.- . 

perudo ex adipe ceruino aut ^ Tnrmf^m Kax 'myo.y^cti^y.ou 

medulla^ corpore : in antido- ^zsj^r Kcn.^^m ^diKoLo^^^i^T^icn*^ tnjuu 

ta adduntur . Fuliginem^ quo- civc>> KaiACciiofTtu. Jmyjnm y^ 

modo ex pice, congeri op or- ^Aei-st ^iou^a r m^. 70^ ffiu); 

tet^qus eande^quam pic ea fii- iKst^sicd <^civ t ^viK%^ myuW' 

ligovimpraebet. Si -^ kyrtJbTois. ^? 

Laurus, Cap. CVH. Xlfi Actjpyjjr. Ks^, \^. 
Laurus qusedam tenui folio Aip-A^ m yo^ rti ofz ^e^o- 

conftat,altera latiore.Vtraque ^i^T^vor, » J\ irKcmrie^., ^p- 

cxcalfadroria naturam habet, pmnvji j% ku^oT^oou zcu ^- 

& emollietem. Vnde decoftii Kcch.-pzcu . S^y 7» k^i-^/uA 
earum ium'/ 


wjTi^y «V lyys^^Taa-m tu ^ earu in muHebres Infefliis ad-. 

p^T? cM' K5" zU-ty ofuilsi* Ttt c/^ ditUjVulua? Sc vcCicx vitiis con 

%^^§^ r pu>^,my'^^iuec -imgv- u^nir. Viretia folia fenfim fub- 

^fr^y^ v^f" J^ kSu x^-mTrKuMv* ftringutiillita quoq; ac tritave^ 

Tit^f^r/Ji-j i^ fUKtTlZv '^^Kyr/i^. j(paru apiiimqj iftib^ opitula- 

5 Aujjwnfj ^ ^W <^K^yiJu:ivhjj tur^cade cum polenta^&pane 

<sy^vV«y £;w-y kKfkr(f>'K^af7o> illita inflammatione omne mi 

y^-m7rKu^v%y7niUvlii'j ^s^e^t tigat/edpota ftomachu effun 

yetTiv sii^^VyK^ hfjUirraf^ yjm* dunt , & vomitiones mouent, 

Af c/l£ Jct^viih^^^fjuiJifnmnicu Lauri baccg magis^^ folia caL 

ri^v <pv>K m. itin^mRm-i oau <>j6- faciut: ergo in eclegmate trir^ 

2o Ki^^f^aKeicu (ToyuAKi-nttyKo cu melle velpalToprofuntta- 

yMy ^mo^ P ^crti Z) G^^Trjoid^ i^ bi^orthopn oea?, & om nib^ tha 

T^ -srsei d-dpujtgrf^^^'^^^^' racis rheumatifinis:c6tra,fcor- 

^iyovTtu ^lfujj mt^ *^^ (Tf^^ pionu idus ex vino bibunrtir^ 

^ioTrKnyjTQv^ ^ x^ 'cLKpv^ Si vitiligines emaculatSucc^ bac 

upJiycujt^ TQ S\ m^cx. hjjnuy^ carii vtiltfsime auriu do]ori^& 

15 oyTtiKyuus K^ Jbmzoicu^ ^onbety grauitati inftillatur^cu vino VQ 

awj oim ^ciKcu% axi fo e^vcd %y- tere,& rofaceo Jn medicame- 

^ofSpov . fAy^wu K^ kyJm^ ta aut adiiciutur, qu^ neruoru 

Kj ffvy^icrpLcan ^pf/asviJi'^ j^ lalsitudinesreficiut^acopavo-- 

«D cL^opitvim^ • J^ (pKoth 'f pi- cant: & ad vnguetaj qnx calfa- 

^A^ojjrm-^Kibot^^^i^^HK^tyL- ciut,& difcutiut. Cortex radi^ 

?•<* ipvdL KTHvei K^i i^m^TiKjot^ ^5(^2-. cis calculos rumpitj partus ne^ 

kS , "kzoCoKov ^^^^ irwj olvti cat,hep aticis prodeftjtribus o- 

IvdJU 'T^ivot^o^. bulisinvinoodoratopotus. 

mei UKnTmov. K£<p. pL Platanus. Gap. C V 1 1 L 

*n\flc W» T^ ^j^jifit r <?):;x- Tenerrima platani folia iri 

Km l-i^^jTci ov 0/76» J6| ;i£gii"m- vino deco&a, moxillita^ ocu- 

2- 5^\c£^y7flC59£^f p£i>^iatco9^- lorum fiuxioncs fiftunt,tumo- 

ixmyyjiv<pi^ei Ji ^ t» o;>*J^-nt res & inflammationes leuant, 

^(pAsl^v^". o^\(^Ao;o^s4*»3«V Decodus cortex in aceto^ 

c*; oleiyoJbvTaKya; 457 <hiy;Kv(T dentes in dolore coUuit. Viri- 

,c£fi6.7tt '^<npcuiici %x&)p<i w «/- des pilul^ in vino potse , ler-- 

'^f^ T^^^jla^^pmT^i^iiilot^^vi^H* petium morfibuj auxiliantur: 
hv^-^ excc- 


fixcept^ autem adipe^igni am- aJ^it^^vTtt ^siart^vwejLyt^* 

bufta fanant . inficfes foliorum $a ^'poLTnvi* q Ji y^oS tw/ 9i;a- ^* 

pilulariimque lanugo ^ oculos a<!W ^ i^v Gtpaueji&h ccicolui /Jl 

&: aures ofFendit. o-^v luTnat^v^Kv^mojt* 

Fraxinus* Cap. CIX. rigeiM^^/W Ke^. §6^ 

Praxinus arbor nota eft, cu- M^ta Hv^fov V^ ya>eAiioV', 5; 

ius foiioru fuccus^' & ipfa per- oZt <^v?Xm © }<j)Coi i^ kwm dy 

undta^ aut ex vino pota^ vipe- cim 'myoji/S/ja^ y y^-mTr^ojiu^- 

rarum idibus auxiliatur. Cor- yu l^oJ^J^nTisti ^«^«.o q ^KOtl^^ 

ticis cinis ex aqua illitus le- y^ei^ y^ y^-m^i^eif ^^ vM^. 

pras eximit . Ligni ramenta^ TSf, hi^m^^ k(^m<n, 7^ Ji to^- 

lcobemq- po tu pcrniciem af- yei^Tst ^ ^vKov ^^m> ^st- 10 

ferre tradunt. maicu^ivyJ,Svai* 

^P.opulus. Cap, CX. Tim hti'AM* Ks^. §t 

. Potus albf popidi cortex vn hiv-ju^ ^ SivS'^^ (pMto^ ^m 

cise vnius pondere^ ifchiadicis ^.$ ocvv ov-^p/tci ^ci ^K^^^.hf 

acvrinjftillicidio prodeft.Ab- yiiJ^? l><^\Hi^ gpctyyoveiasJ- 

ortiuum fieri tradunt^fi cu mu ^^etw J^ Xj ccTixjos meu^ ^o- ^^ 

lino rene bibatur. Folia quoq^ b^^ ^ vitJUQv^ y£^^«. ^ T^t ^Jx- 

cilvino poftpurgationespo- KctiJ^ 'mo^a ^^Ta.-i^bd^^jrf 

ta , idem pra^ftare produn tur. qm} otvc^^ li cujiiJ^pAv Al>e72u. 

Tepens foliorum fuccus vti- fyii>^H y.ou ofT^ya; ^ko^ t^v 

liter aiuium dolori inftillatur. q>v>^m x^iufo^ aiga^6^of,Tst 

Pilulse ^ quae^ primo foliorum cAs y^r^ 7^ oy.Cxdj^m r ouK- i o 

p artu cxiliunt ^ illit^ cum mel- hm apcuexGt xSa ptA"^ iJikwTo^ 

le 3 oculprum hebetudini me- ^^/^'^'M^^f, k^jL^Kv&^ma^ S^^-r 

dentur. Memorise prodiderut^ 'Trtvc-i.tyiot <ti i<^£<iuc7 w (^hotlv 

corticcm albs populi , Sc ni- r^s* Kivyc^^ yj^ -^^ ou^lov rf^- 

grf particulatim c^fum3& ful- ^vm d^ u-^^ fuyi^A iy asm- 

Cis ftercoratis mandatum, o- ^evT^ (ts^tnw '/AYjiTre/ffpLhcu^y z^ 

jnni tempore anni edules fun- <i ^omti K^fS uimnj^ IJ^ c/>'- 

gosprciferre. yuot^^ueiy, 

. /Macer. . Cap. CXL UieiMhjte^^. Ks^. ^tL 

Maccr ex Barbaria aduehi- - Mtiyj^f^ (pKoik i^ico^us^oy)^ ot 

t^r^ cortex flauefcens^ cralTus^ \y^ ^ ^af.Ccffh'^^^^^^^:^'^?^^ 

i guilu ' ' ^^m 

LIBER T; 4^ 

^<^m iwS^ y^T» tIjj ycZmr guftu perquam aftringens; qui 

mviT^ AfisSi cufjuLTOi -^v^ Gontra cruentas excreatones, 

. mv litiu Jh<nmeief4 /4u mhla^ dyfenterias, &alui fluxiones 

fiv/xa,n<fpLov* bibitur. 

^meiUTikia^. Kijp.p/^. Vlmus. Cap. CXIL 

5 UTiKia^ Ttt (pin.cs, yji ol Vlmi & folia & cortex & 

kitpi^uovi^ Kcu (^xoio^ ^Trlt'. rami^ vimhabentlpiflandi.Po 

kI, ^Qi^ J% T-k 0v>Xu ^f lia trita ex aceto ad lepras ef- 

A£.^jt7 Keict Qiw o^i hmnsKtLT-' caciter illinuntur^vulnera glu- 

Ti^ct^^y^ 7§ctifj(^TdLyLo}>JSr, tinant,fedmiiltb magis cor- 

^Aoy ^\ (?Ao/c^ CW7) hm- ticis tilia ^ fi fafciae locointor- 

5o Si(jp.ovnPiexHUu^oi'%^ yj^ queatur : nam in lori morem 

IpmTziJ^^, <H ^cLyyr^es^ ^^Qd poteft . Craisior cortex 

^Tco/o^ (Jju oiy6) » vJ^cLTi^ ^o- in vino aut aqua frigida vncia^ 

^^ o^7>;W ct'. 'arXH^B^, o^^ tim potus , pituitas trahit: fra- 

q^hiycui. Ziw To k<pi4^/ucL J% da olfa celerius folidefcunt^ 

T^v (pvT^m % T(£ (pxoiov TC07 fi decodo foliorum coiticis 

i^fi^Zv y^TztPTKQVf^ov-i d^Tccy^ autradicisfoueantur. Humpr 

^ ^o^ftT^yim To Jki/) tZs in foUiculis enafcesprima ger- 

^vtswLs y^jdLTiw fm^TbjJ oit- minis eruptione^cuti illitus ni- 

CKdj^oTv cJoe/(rioijSpov i5)i£^V> toreminducit/aciemqjfplen-^ 

^KCet.^i^c^td^ov cm^to^oy^ didiorem pr^ftat. Qui dum 

^ytpcuvQ^ov <}% To v}^h TovTny fi ccatur, in animalia abit, qu2B 

^^ ayco^iTOji H^ ^exci Yjitio^mH- culicum formam gerunt . Fo- 

J^». Kciym^^erm^^ Ti (piapct-m lia cum tenerefcunt coda^ o- 

Tj^v (^v>Xm l-i^fjSpa Hi ez^d'' lcrum more ad obfonia vlijr- 

p-^^^Ttt* pantur. 

nieji%c£^9mv^^u?^yi. Lignomm marcor. 

, K£<p. pry. Cap. CXIIL 

'25 H Ji cuTTo Tm.Kcum ^vKmi) Ex caudicibus lignifque ve- 

'^sfitjjim cnxnrd^ mjj.igjL^^n ^V teribus caries congeritur, qu^e 

^ ^^^ov Y^T^-TrK^mt&ii^aicL-- farinse modo illitajVlcera pur- 

y^^pei K) kPTjvKot ^vja' toL ^\ gat^ & ad cicatricem perducit: 

cf^TTu^y^X^m^^uuji 1m kvi^0 ferpentia cohibet ^ fi cum pari 

fj^.^iais. i^ oiv(^^iji Q^vcuf T^ anifo Sc vinp fiibada^linteifqj 


impofitaaiinatur. y^^fl^iyKH^yJlca-Kuoc^fj^-A. 
Populus nigra. CXIIII. UieiAiy^^e^v. Ki(p.^^iJ'\ 

Populi nigr;^ folia cum ace- Aiyete^rTviTo •m ipu^XuiuiT 

to iilita,magna vtilitate poda- o^n^ y^T^Trxailof^ct^^Tn^J^&.^ii* ' 

gricisdoloribus illinutur.Reii-' yj,^ oJhjia^ ai^?j«.« ^ l| ^r7^' 

na populus funditjqus in ma- pvr/t (juyjvnm fJuAKiytJusm . h % 

Iagn^ataadditur.Semenpota y^x^\^ J^m-m oiot^ miowi-. 

cx aceto comitialibus vtile eft. yoi-, ^hjn^^mv^ cl(p^e^. Igv^ 

Lachrymapopulorumcomc- ^H-mi^ti ovTol^hjT^y <fi^ 

moratj qu:£ in Padum amnem y^vovy^-m. rh lex^aShy mT^- 

defluatjdurari^ac coire in fiic-. yi^ y^^^^^o^oy , ^iyuw i^ 

cinum^quodeledrumvocant, -^n-m Toy^oy.JpofilKiiiTfoyy^^ 

alij chryfophorum . Id attritu \.V f^/m J% y^jGn^oes^* o^S* 

iucundum odorem fpirat ^ & cTfe^ <^ tJ Tmpj^TtL-^ tii ;^y- 

aurum colore imitatiu-: tritum mH^Xi tS ^fdtMitri y t^c/p m-- 

potiimque ftomachi ventrifq^ vo^o^j Kmvy ^ud^^v kcu xoi- 

fluxiones fiftit. hicc; pivM^igi^cn.' 

Harundo. Cap. CKV. UieiK^Af^v. Ki^.^n. 15 

In harundinu genere qujda ' K^d/my J^io uSp v^ /^b^ 

naftos id eft farftior^vocat, ex vu^i; ^ l| ov-r^ i$lx» yvi-Twi. 

4jua'fagitta?fa(5titari folet. Alia X w S^At^ , l| oS' cu yxa-p^aA 

foemina^quatibiaruligulasef- Toli hjKol^ Hg.-mtr/.ivilovlaLt/aJK 

ficiut.Alia 3. fiftulisaddifia fit, ko^ <^eiyyia$ Tr^Kv^Ko^^TTV-. 

fyringiasrcui multu left carnis^ 'm^pycLTos ^ h$ ^iCKto^^ipioM h^^ 

crebris cida geniculis^ad libro 'm-m^o^.o M n^ ^u;)(U^ i^ yjou 

ru cofcriptione accomodata. Koimp^mo-Ttiufi^fbvo^^ijo?:^^^ 

Aliacraffa^cocaua^ap^amncs yjj. ^im\ y^KHnu^^^vm^ 

nafces^q a ^bufda cypria^ab a- i\ yjj^eioi.-jjl %i%es^ <^&^y^' 

liis donax appellat.Alia phrag- 77ffy\i^o^ ^oiroKivyJfyTr^iTjyvd 

nutesfeuvallatoria,gracilis,ca- ei^uc^^cZ -^ ^i^cty^izt^KcL^^- H 

dicas, vulgo cognita: cui» trita (tcl k^cjl^kcu y^' IcojtIuj }y ffuji 

radix p fe^atit cti bulbis fuisilli- ^oKCol^^^ccmrcu (rdKo^cis y^ 

ta/picula aculeofq; corpe ex- kyJ<^^ * (mii %\h A <;fk^ar^ 

trahit:luxataluboruq;doIores ^ laipvos kK-^^^^m^Tict^n^^et. 

caacetoniulcetVirentiafoIia tk cH (^v^^a x^cdf^ yj^Triyrot. 
tufa& ^ ^ 

LIBER I. 47 

^imn^VTtilpwmKarrsiTi'^ tufa & impofita ignibus facris 

W <^W ^K^wam )'S.7cu, Si medentur, & cxtciis inftama- 

^Koio^ ^^amiUG^ ^^wmvi /^ei^ tlonibus . Conicis cinere per^ 

^ ^T o|»^ ys^T^^TTKah^u i Si unftse cum aceto alopeci^e fa- 

om^ak-a r y^Ki^^ XijnnmlmjL nantur^panicuk lanugo fi aii- 

j f-?r TO? iW5X^<?^^ V}^CO* ^^^ intrauerit^ exfurdar. Eunde 

</b'yaT«/ Q -Ttt ajjTo. ^ /i^^c/oiT effedum implet harundo qu^ 

u^^^o^ yj^dtmsmi^-i* cypria dicitur. 

U^einaLTripou, Ke^.p/r'. Papyrus. Cap. CXVt 

nct97y£^fry^4^^^ 'o'^ W/j Papyrus qua chartj fiut.nul- 

k(p h ^^Ji^-m^ y^iniir^tvilv)^ lis non cognata, pr:?cipu3p in 

it) lAj^ii<^^ii ^i Tbxi ailtaTCi-* medicinavtilitatis^adlaxandas 

^'^yicrrr -2*0^ dLPd^^iTTy crj- fiftulas: madefaifta lino inuoL 

ei^/^^i^ (T/ivctS-Sic^* ^iCep;>:0^i uitur^vfque dum inaruerit.co- 

^^tiiK^isfjSp^Km ^;>§/ |m£^£?7££?. ftri&aenim atqueiinmrlTa ia 

^v«w%^w O^» x^ y^6iiySpii^ l^TH- hiatUjhumore copletur^ & in-^ 

vrK^irm iy^ct^as^ yjl l^oi/cvaii tumefcendo fiftulas aperir.Ha 

ij J^ctifQiyi W (nje^/}'ac,%^ Ji Tt bet nefcio qnid alimed radix-. 

£ |i^ci kuT^i K^T^i^tuor Siot' itaq; i^gyptij ea mandanr^fuc- 

(juiom^oi ^LU) ajjrh o\ ^i at-^ cum tanrii deuorantes^& man 

'^'^o}^hj7mymloimiz/Ar7?iW?[%i fam expuunt. Ipiis radicibus 

rioi^dL?j^.o:s^iji^.yg^f^'^i^(d' pro ligno vtuntur. Cremat^ 

*h ^jKm hjj TzaV. h Ji yjcy^ -uSpn p apyri cinis d ep alcen tia vl ce- 

^^ TidTrj^o^ ci.^i T^ip^dai^^J^yuJ) ra cum omnium partium^ tum 

voud^ Iw^v^ a^^fictv^ oris maxime^ cohibet: ve- 

cTzv/Tj uki^ ' ^^-nov Ji ^oTiff rum melius id combufta char- 

^€i^ J^^Si tI Tnmroy^ tapr^ftat. 

U^lMveim^. K5(p.f/f* Myrica. Cap. CX VIL 

MveiK^ J^ivJ^t^vVge y/fiet-* Myrica feu tamarix arbor 

^5 i^ov mdLp^ uujiiu^ yjsu toI^ ^- vulgo cognita eft^ cu apud pi- 

ffj^t^ yJ^djji (^vi^ov , KOf^h gras, & ftagnantes aquas ena- 

^r 'srcp ct^^^ i^i^vmi /Sp^Ai^ fcatur/rufiu quafi flore ferens 

xciT^ tUjj (rj<;a.<nv. XiTiarraut compagemufcofum.y£gyptus 

Ji m oy euyj7?i(d y^ aveicL >»,«^- Syriaque altcram gjgnunt mi* 

4Pi ^^ TsJ ^^ cujoU TA kyddi* tiore, iylueftri csetera fimilem. 


Frufliumparitgalla^proximii^ H^-Triv p%y^ l/^^papwx^^wJ^j' 

insqualiteraftringente guftu: iy^^Ao^^^^om j'^^ 7^>y- 

quo conuenieter vtimur vice cni^ • ap^^ovri tz aiv yj^xjJb^ 

gallae in medicaminibus ocu- ^^^s^f^^nyj. K^^^Kf^y^ 

lorii orisq; . Datur cruet^ ex- ;g (s^^ cufjuam^ 'Sixi^? c/i •ro- 

creationiin potu^ & coeliacis, t?>>39 mKiaxcui tccu foiyjus yj- 5 

& cotra profiuuia foeminaru, yc«^|;;s JjcTSfw 7^ ^ (p^cc-^/ytoJ^yi' 

regium morbu^ Sc phalangio- ra/^' oiJv^^.TtL^ ^KKh y^-m.^ 

ru morfiisrillitus tumores inhi- 'TrKa^^^.y.cu l cpKoio^ Ji Ttt cuj^ 

bet.Cortex in eofde vftis adhi- tw ^oih tw y^fTrou tc^v Ji ^yx-' 

betur.Decodum foliorii cum Km t^ ^^I4*iyw^ awj cw ^o- 

vino potum ^ lienem abfumit: ^y> axrKmoLTiiyjC^ IJhvJxKyca^ 10 

ad dolorem dentium in collu» Coa^ JicaKv^cfj^ov-, lyyJ>^<T~ 

tionibusfaIutare5& muleribus ^'pfoiii^ii ^ (i§^yju/i rois 

fluxioni vuluae opportunis in ^d^^? y.cu wfc^^ ^^vZmt\~ 

defefiionibus^phdiiriafi lendi- nmiJHoVy xj « W ? IvKar/ li- 

busque circunfufiim prodeft, (p^^t f:^9i:^cm^^v(^J ^^^.- 

abundantiam foeminaril fiftit ^04 <^kkh . y^-T^(mui?<iu7i M ^^ 

imp ofitus arboris cinis , poto- XvLoti^ yjjKiy^^c/y^ tov ^ktMou^ 

rios calices e caudice lienofis cui om ^y (mKhjjtyJ^v ^m^jM 

jnoliuntur^qub datus in hls po cwti 'm^mejLm.h^ tov J/ cLui^if 

tusproficiat. ^0^70$ a}^%fimjTOi» 

Erica. Cap. C XVIII. ^^^.^^ ^^^j^^,, ^^ ^u^^J^, ^6 

Erica fruticola arbor 5 my- o^uom ^eiyj^Mitpoit^v ch/TroK 

ricx fimilis ^ longe minor : cu- K% ^ 0% Tioall^ 1^%^^^^ ;^«- 

ius flore apes reprobum mel ^v^w^ ^?a lp}^^j>vw ov amv^ 

efficiuntjtam flojr quam co- Mov^Tmiri/iinyX^Ay.euToaM-- 

ma ferpentium idibus illitu ^^ y^iu^Kuojv^u-^ £§77^- w 

medetur. J^^yfLcaiu^^Tifj. ^^ 

Acacalis. Cap. C X I X. Tliei Ay^y^iJb>. Ktfp.^fi^\ 

Acacalis frudus eft nafcen- A?^y^ctKh U^^ov KOf^T^is^U 

tisin ^gyptofruticis feminis ^i^JVC^ySpov ^jaiyj7rrq>^%Qt^ 

myricse quadamtenus fimilis: jwjV y^-m rt ra> ujjej.m^ y^a^- 

cuius aquain qua maduerit^ 'im^^j tI amoCpiy^ fMyjv^ 

ad rr^ 

m ia> rxvilot^ twV a;^^ o^vJhf- ad collyria additur,qu5 ad ex- 

Uacu^ ap ui^otaiv, citada oculoru acie couenifut* 

rieet Pizi^oy. Ke^. p/« Rhamnus. Cap. GXX, 

Viim^ btiwits bi? 'sfei <^^- Rhamnus fruticat irt fepibus 

^t^ i^vof^o^fiC<hi^%^7 op- rarnos feres redos & aculeos 

j ^iAtf ^iaci o|ai£:^ ky^^i ^V <:^ in aciitce i^itix inodum ^ foliis 

it l^vdLy^^^ <pv^,a ^KfAy^ V' paruis^oblongis^fuppinguibusj 

^T^^^m^-imydTni^^fjutKtiyJs, t- ten eris. Alterum ei gcn us can^ 

^Simi Iri^ * \u/>co7ifec* z^ didiu5.Tertium nigrioribus la* 

^n iMKdiiT^^cL %^vatL 7^ i^iJK tioribufque foliis conftat ^ & 

Ka^x^ ^KdLibTc^ civ ^^zacL quadamtenus rubentibus: ax-- 

10 ^^^^J^^-i o^iCS^^f fMi}ipai 'm- i us rami quiniim fere cubitoru 

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TOA c9 Tm^^Kcto^ot^ Kj ^ppay- maritimis . Folia decoquuntur 

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aculeatus, dur^^cuius feme pin kiccc/bsiJ^^^^^ih^ oZ^ cm^uci, 

gue & fuliginofum inuenitur: Kimtpv % KiyucdJii c/jex^r/^f)' 

quod potu tufsi opitulatur^ve- t^ ^o^oy ^»|)y kpiyi^z^ tk^ 

ficx calculos cominuit, ferpen of jw<^ Ki^i? ^v^^a^ X) ^^ S 

tiu idibus aduerfatur. Folia & I/jtt^tzSv Jiypnf.^ru inm ^i^ J% 

Y-adix aftriftoriam vim habet: 0v>^GiKcu» ft^a^j^^^tyJ^Zv^ 

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xiliatur.Radix recentia tuber- (^opeT J^ W-ra Tct f^'<j^cm lo 

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sut pityanthen aliqui vocant: TruTudihwK.^cn-iJ^^vJ^oj \<^ ttsl 

arboreft pyraftro fimilis^fpi- ^TrKmovk^^iia^yfiiyjiorief^j i^ 

nofa valde & minor ^ baccas' Ji >y ky^^h^ kyi.r y^^^v o 

profert myrti , plenas, rubras^ <^f« mfrcd \u(pp &cPo^h ^F- 

fragiles , & intus nucleum: ra- ^oyyovkpv^ov:, tvJb^^v TV^fv^ 

dicem multiiidam^alte defcen- g;;j5w>pi^^^x:^5^/^^^^ .SitSf^- 

dentem. Huius bacc^ potu cw.^vi^^^oyjfYi^^ h^hia.v\<TA- 

aut cibo ^ alui profluuium , & ^>Jt^ po"^ yjncLcm-yi mo^os 2.0 

abundantiamfoeminarum fi- i^ l^o'^o^,» 5' p/^'^' ^ij^-^-^^^- 

ftunt.Radix illita aculeos & ^^'^ Keicx^trioKOT^zt^ y^ kyjM$ 

fpicula extrahit ^ abortum fie- cmau^Tax. m%^'^ JiJia^a^ 

ri tradunt , fi ter radice ven- liw ft(aj^y ^ i^L^^aa^^^ k^/i^- 

ter, aut fenfim feriatur/aut ^w^w/^/W jgv/a Tci^ ^Kii- 

perungatur. ^^eirA^t -^i^teiars. z^ 

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Rubuscanis Ca. CXXniL > ^ ^ ^ .■ f a>-^ i,I^. 

Kvvo^GoLToV Oi oi otv/J^K^J^Jf 

? ^ V T E X eft arb oris in- y^K^(n* ^<i.w^ '09? /EiTa ^ ?\XS 

ftar, rubo longe maior: fo~ yL^lcov^J^^J^iihi * (^vKka ^L 

lia fert multb latiora myrto^ ^h^tto^jj^ wKc^TUTic^j^-^ii^vm 

robuftis ky^^ 

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%X^^< 5 n^ 'wU \ithii % rpbuftis circa ramos Ipinis^flo 
^^^e^^ Kiuyiv-i.HAfmiV cm~ re candida,frudlii oblongo^ 
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'72?'m W?*^ Tivofoy^ TAJiaf' inaturitatcih fuluefcit, & floc- 
7i^lezeoJ^J^ajJim}dapo)(^f culos intus continet.Fru&uS: 
^ 911?^ 1»^$- • Ji?;^ rovafwuT^i- exemptis interioribus floccis 
ti^AJht^rx^Yj^vmyi^ 'm^ ap^ arefadus^aluum fiftit; feruefa- 
'Tnexa; ^lo hjTnjQimy^^v h o/- fti enim ij in vino , mox poti^ 
V(A tefj mpdu^ov» arteriaminfeftant. 

UieXY^^u. Ks^. pi Liguftrum. Cap. GXXV* 
Ki;<3^s; cTevJ^poy o"^ ^ to^ Liguftmm arbor eft olese fo 

lo fiCJhts ^v»^a 'i^v.^cua. ^ffdr- liis circum ramos fimiKbus^la- 
l^.'7rKdJ7it 5 ^MTVTie^ c^ ^ tioribus ^ mollioribus ^ & co- 
^KdLmTi^ ^cu yKt^ej^Tc^y lore viridioribus : flore can^ 
xw'^ ^j^yg* S^fvwJ^n-i hjoyja* amf dido ^ mufcofo ^ odorato : le- 
^ .it5^c«'. ^uxim ^m-n!^ kKr^^. mine fambuci ^ nigro . Opti^ 
'^vS.Tziui. J^l iei^ cy t3i kijxi- mum nafcitur in Canope . 8c 

15 M>y/ JC5W K^vaTrn, j^twauiv J% 'i- Afcalone • Folia aftridoriam 
^ Ttt (pvKKct <;v7pir/JiV'o^v J^a- vim habcnt : quare comman- 
/^wfvj^Ta ot<f> ^r Jo^.w> ^ W ducata vlceribus oris meden- 
u}^as '7rv^AS^i<pK^yyu:>vci4H0^ tur ^ illita feriiidis inflamma- 
^'TTKa^vm of^iKihi^ djl^oL^ donibus, carbunculxsque pro^ 
y^rjl Ji k^i4i)ju£(. swmv^^it- fimt ^ decofto eorundem igni 

%o ez<^'w/ ysrmrK^Afjja.^^cw^fjl ambufta fouentur capillum ru 
Ji vLgi lel^^i q>ov^o'j y^K^Tu fant trira folia , qnz in radi- 
0UM fic Keist ^es^^^v-m^ ^^y/S>^- ^^^ fuccQ m aduerint, Flos cs 
^VTu. ro Ji ^bos cmrTfKoi^v aceto fronti illitus, capitis do- 
^mTy^^TTd^ Kmv fjULT oiat^y m- lorem fedaL.Cyprinum oleunx 
f^^axytL^m^ei'- 70 JV criiusilo' quod ex eo fit bdoratum, ex- 

%S ySpov \^hjni^iap.cL ^iL^mv calfacitjemoflitqueneruos:fi 
^ftxdaiiYh yv^-m %3imhcu qu^feruetinaturapr^ditafintj 
xvyJv vtufm.* aflumat, 

Uiei ^t».vfia^. Ke^. §xr. Tilia. Cap. C X X V L 

^i».vfiaLSivJ'%ov V^/oujotov TILIA arbor ^ ligu- 

uh-fcd i<r\ ^fi^^ifiKkcL 'i%su- ftri magnitudiRe _j (oiiis oles?^ 


nigrioribtis & latioribus ^ fru^ as t^tay^hcLTtf^nfit iixcu yuL^ 

fiu Ientiici^nigro,fiibdulci/a- KmfTi^ys^^m^ ?;^;t&'Viij1/>£ 

cematim cohafretejafperis na- (pifyt^u^Kuvctyii^TFifhvyuJv^iCf u^st 

fcitur . Huius folia aftringunt: jJwr? m^w^ly fct^fft 'j Tim^ 

ad eadem vtilia ad quseoka- 'j^jy^'^.7ajJT,i^m ^u>^.UyCv<pH 

_ fter^ cum aftriftio ne eft opus: ^^ kyj^cuu 'mifnjjj-m. ^^ tw ^ 

maxime ad oris vlccra ^ com- ^-^c&^ J^ 6^ sty ytws w?a Tt^Tir ly- 

nianducatajaut fi deco^o col ^fioioif 'ihiOin <f^ct/u/iosY,/ua. vjj, 

luamur: pota vrinam ac men- StiyJKucT^a to ktpi^l^/ua^ ^ ^* 

fescient* vi^o'r'$ov^t£'^if^I/jja.a^yefm 

> Giftus Cap.CXXVlI. U^Khv. Kap.qK^. 

0ftus , que aliqui citharon, Ki^^^ %v mot yj^epr% >u<r- iQ 

aut ciflaron vocant , ramofus oae^y y^Zm. ba^fM^i *i^y ^ tt^, 

' frutex eft^ fed improcerus, fo- ^cohcn nxm^i^ (pvQySpo^^ «^rrXi/- 

Kofus^faxofis locis nafcens/o- vXaJhi^ (pu>^eicN^y ovz v4^\}<y 

Kis rotundis ^ acerbis ^ hirfii- (purXut^v^^pi^^^f^^v^vcL^Jk- 

tis. flos mafculo vt mali pu- dccvav^ S^ ^ ^otcLs^iamM /1^ 

' nicx^ foeminae albet • Vis a- SriJxeof hwyj. Aaijctf/jv Ji %^ le 

' ftringens : vndc flores in vino ^^iK^j*c^v tk culbn^ hnu -m^ 

' auftero bis in die poti^profiint vof/^ec J^^^ ^fj&^a; uj mtihj^ 

dyfentericis 5 & nomasperfe ^^^Jb7^v*neicu^eiji^^i^ y^' 

illiti cohibent ^ vetuftati vlce>- hj^Tsl Ji ysrmTrhctbivm^ n^s 

rum^ & igni ambuftis cum ce- \(^i<rA(ji^ (mJj z^jpwTw 5 Tweix^" 

rato medentur. 'jaytj^xa^iW^ictTUf. 2,© 

Hypociflds. Cap. CXXVIII. Tliex rTmyjgjJbf. Kiip. pzL 

Hypociftis, orobcthron^aut ^ui^mJ^Tmp^^ fi^di^fTi 

cytinus a nonnuUis cogno- yA^vviU^iSpn 'C^m^w^^,^* 

minata^iuxta cifti radices na^ oj/iW J%^6Cn2ipov^t}Xjivvof ^ 

fcitur jfloris punici fimilitudi- hovySpyi^ o^mn wvvi^ \om^ 

ne. Qu^aedam rufa ^ altera Eer- yjl li ^ ajvTovyjffoy *roJ% ^f 

bac ea , tcrtia candid a . Liqu a- yhcd^cn/^To J^ hwm' c^ yjxi'- 

tur acacia? modo . Aliqui ta- \i^ S>i4pYi ky^JaJmot Ji |a- 

men exiccant^fradamque ma ^vojifns outIw^ y^ ^xcW- 

ceraiit, & iricoquunt, reliqua- Ti^^^i^LciTki^%\oim^T0xTk 

que vt in Lycio profequutur. oiMfiC mmm^ui^ om ^ hvKtoi^:, 

'[^ Vires * Au^a^ 

LIBER t $o 

AuldLim ^ i^ T^ ^TLui T? Vires zctxcix habet>vcrum ali- 

iy^ci ^ gu^^im-A^dj; Ji i, |)»- quanto magis ficcat, & aftrin- 
'fiUfTtytmi^iU^-i^^^i^^^ xjat- git.Pradeft dyfentericis^cselia- 

Kicmt^ y<hj(nvrcemv9 >, ^tjuii^ cis^fanguine excreantibus:fG?- 
^6iyj>ti^'^tmyujt)^mov wa- minarumprofluuio &pota& 
^ p^^Yi Kjm^^^* ' indita. - 

Yli^ Kahiou, Ks(f>. px9. Ladanum. Cap. C X X IX 

Egi J^ ^ £75^7 « Jb^ xjcDu.y^- Eft & alterum cifti genus^le- 
'T^ovi^^^v-^^^imK^fhvr,^ don a nonnullis appcllatum, 
,-fM(a>'j^7tt7^ it/Ttt (pvoo^a^ 7TO frutex 'fimili modo nafcens, 

■ xj^^ ^ fjuiyjpoTi^ M 72t ^^Mcd longioribus foliis & nigtiori- 
jo e:;(« J(5" vj^idrt^ , Ktmtm bus:qua? verno tempore quid- 

mvdl' >srri TD ec^ cm^^ity dam contrahunt pingue. Fo- 
^ mj f6>^m » Jiut)cifju>gu7rlim . liorum vis aftringens , ac eot 
*^T£?«">ce T^tmtJtiem^i %au.i^h dem quos ciftus effedus prx- 
.yA^^.-^vt-mjL Ji If ox/jS Tc xs>?- bens. Fit ex eo quod ladanum 

■ i^ovKi^Stifm^T^jpv^o^^it^ ku-^ dicitur. Siquidem cum -cifti 
i^ wiuofj(^cu^ cuyt^ K^ol/jfd^ frondes paicuntur capra? , hii^ 

:^/ ^Lu} WTi^texau ma>^aaik- cique^ pinguitudinem conipi-. 
-^^un m^< 'Tmyinn ycoei^^^ /^ -cue b arba carpunt5& fiio lcrt- 
-w^: pi4i^7$ (s^arhUTlo^^ toreviUofis cruribus adh^rp- 
'j)k ro mjy^m ^d<N^ Luu k^ fcentem rep ortant : quam de- 
-^:uestJ^rc^ vhiloun^yjt cbr^TT- pedentes incolae-, colantef-^p 
,^Q S^^Tax aia^TTKAimifli^ fMyM^* que cogunt in ofFas, & ita re* 

moi Ji jc^u o^ma cmffiepujt cojidunt Alij verb attraAisftj 

im^ ^u9otf i) To (s^ojjKcl^.v niculis ^ infidentem fruticibu^ 
-iuum^ UTHii hm^j^m^ dMA' lentorem abftergunt, conglo-. 

^K(iojtiict.Kpd,7J^y Si V^v hjtii merantque in ladanum. M axi-- 
-huZihf-i ^sm^^^^^iyl/uuMJKfu me probatur odoratumjfubui" 

YfTot^ XiOTte^iS ku^^y'^ -^tA' ride^facile mollefcens, pingue^ 
^uoo»']a,(pcieia^^ytvvZh^*7Zit-' quod arenas non coHegit nec 
^uTnv M 'o?7 To of yai^-sr^ ^ip- fqualore obfitu eft;, refinoium 

ydfj^v* 70 p^ 7oi k^Cixiy Z} quale in Cypro gignitur. Ara- 
'KtCuKjoy hjT^i^^^^f. AwJduiy bicum verb Libicumq; vilius, 

^W^ ^Tslidm^^.fumvidwy Natura ei ^ipillandi, catfaciedi^ 
/^^.ic- g 1} moL 

inoIHendi: ora venarum pate- Y<^x«6t77x^?5fit^«£f!>>t^77w*rr^- 
facit , capillum fluentem con^ m'o'r^ p^'^^ ^^^^^r^^ oi^ 
tinet: addito vino^ myiTH& y<»j9iJ?^y§vit J9^pV?^'«»i^^; 
myrteo oleo : eicatticibus de- W 7% l/j^iTPt^^.^a^ /T^pie^ imt 
corem reddit^cum vino illi- omvy^^T^^^^g^ioi^Qv^^^^^K-yi:^. 
tum:medetur auriu doloribus, oi iS^^o umTn^y » fo^^va ly- 5 
cum hydromelite aut rofaceo *)^o^m ^e^7nvi''im'^t^S^ 
infufum : fuffitu fecunda$ eii- .Ji i, ^^ S^vii^m i^/^Co?.a>ri^ 
citjpefeis immiftum vuluae du- .<rK}^eiaj^^e^mviyms ^ ^f^ ^ 
ritiem fanat^in medicamen- Itmosr^i^ii^j^Kg^T^^ ajcd^^ 
ta qu3P dolorem tufsimque fi^ yo/s* ^ ^viytv^^ %al mL-hiy^m 
niunt5& malagmata vtiliter ^m^f ^yvWiccixidM j^ jq 
inferitur:aluttm fiftit cum vino 't^c^ ^nw oivoi ^KOic^ %5^.ye$j 
vetcrepotu^&vrinamcict. Hy^ovfwnm. 

Ebenus. Cap. CXXX, UidMmv. ^ K2<p. fX. 

Ebenus optima habetur ^^ E(!eyo^ yj^cLV^ » eub^m.i^ 

thiopica & nigra^nuSos habes i^ ^Kcuvtx^ ^ fxi^t^uaa, ^tr^Ji^ 

venaru difctirfus^faftitiicor- m^liA^cfit^^xi^siit «§>a«?ja^) j^ 

nus laeuoretcum frangitur den t? hwTyi^n^^Ka^^^ cTs wm^ 

fa apparet^ mordens guftu, at- JitKVKii cv TA.yi,v<m i^ <imcv^ 

que lemter aftringens* SufFi- (;>ovau,*7i^c^ 'n W cLs^^Or* 

tav iucundo odore fupra car- yjicv ^t c/^^Jias >c&t Ji:^ k^ 

-bones: fine fumi t:^dio. Reces mov cn^^f^cc^^dJo "S^&^^* 

autem ad igne prolata, ob pin 7t>^ cT/i tJw) umda^^ cw&^tiF) ^q 

guitudine accenditur , & trita wel <^ijn(^^inz,^ip^m '^ 

ad cote rufefcit. Altera eft ia- W kaom > ysjiyj^o^ ynw. 

dica,internatis fegmetis cadi- E57 J( v^ K) hitm^i^vazt ^kl" 

xatibus, & modicefuluiSjitem (^vmsK^ixjy^^y^ >u}lk^^ ^ «cf- 

frequetibiis maculis : cxterum Koi^ouoi&^ ^swmti* ^kUv ^^- 

prior^bonitate antecedit. A- var/ » fu^TA> \noiii tu. trAfji- ^^ 

pud quofdgm fefamina^autlpi ^y^cS ky^^m^^vKct l//<?^» oy- 

nea ligna confimilia pro ebe- TtL^tiiv Kiyov rmKovcn • J^ay^ 

-no vaeneunt: quod difcemitur y^cr/.ew q iiu f ^vi r eivcu^ 

exeo.quodfungofafuntj&in ^y^f^ ^lif^y^f uiicf^ rt/^xie- 

purpureas affulas refoluuntur, ^ lim^^^ves^ Tzf y^i^Tt^ 

nihil m^^ 

LIBER t ft 

i«f J^V J^ c^rayi*/**5;^W o*' nihil mordacitatism gufta^ncc 
T» >^ui7«,S «i t5 ^uidLo&lvZ- redolentias in fuffitu praeferen-. 
J^f. Atxidfjuv <^ l^, (rpLm-ayih tia . Caliginem oculorum ^b- 
^y cmKmtotwTtd? TSL^ xi^su^^ fterget , ad veteres deftillatio- 
^'^teiM Kj ^f -d miKcuk p£v nes puftulasque mirum in mo 
5 fjLo.-m-Ziph.vy.TiMrHJ^ 77? to» dum pollet: Si quilpia fada er 
^flfhj^kyJvm^i^Z^^fT^ eo coticula coUyriis vtatur, 
Ko}^u^tu^0^7JO7 ^^'fiyia&.it^Ti?- melmsproficiet.Adoculorum 
yt^s^ 5' ^^ T^' ctp^^f^yj^r TD- medicamcnta efficax cft,fi fco 
%^yjLTwv ^wnuji^mv^ &?^:>Sf^ ^^ ramentave vino Chio die 
vw of oiytd -^^0 ^fjti^euf i^ wjrv no ftuque macerata ^ in coHy- 
ic ^T ^Qi^fSm hmwkK%i ;^ «V ria digerantur . NonnuUi pr^- 
yj^n^veia ai^iTMoj^^i^m. %mi trita ipfa excoiant^ reliquaque 
'^ *7rf^^4fls%f ii.yil^vtnv hm^ eundemin modum peragunt. 
^9'a'76)7^'\ci^'3T/cit;fi^.w£^5^ Alij pro vino aqua vtuntur. 
rt^V oiyoy i'c/^7T ^^Sy^. K^STAi Vritur in fidili nouo^doncc 
Siij9a>m^7^(L%ed$swdLi^ct^ in carbones redigatur. Laua- 
15 x^^. %j ^Kujj^f) &>fo Kj^^iui- mt plumbr vfti modo , & ita 
ycffiSxtCJb^^^affio^^eiJ^iiroi' ficcis fcabrisqj lippitudinibus 
MV7i)if^sfi^$^ii^c(p^}^f/!ii$. conducit. 

Ui^ P&Jby. Ke?>. §xi, Rofa. Cap. C X X X L 

VoJhY-^^ yju cvpetyTk Rofa refrigerat & aftringit, 

Ji ty^^ f^»-ov . y^yd^^v J% fcdficca multb magis. Succus 

jo </^ Tst aMKa. km^dLrkicrmf^ recetibus foliis exprimiturjde- 

'm nrlv tvv^ y^ovf^ov^ oW§ feftis forfice vngmbus(fic ap- 

'j^To Kixj^Av tI oi 'T^ (pi>Kaf^ pellanmrcandid^foliorupar- 

To «TeXoAToy ^^x/^fiV z^^ 'ts^'- tes) reliquum in pila premi & 

€«y vimq.-i iji ^ict ^i^tf ^ teri debet in vmbra donec co 

mj^cL^lj 5 oStt^ 75 am*ri^^ g^tur, & ita ad oculorum cir- 

3.5 ^f rk< l(pbdLKfJux0^f ^;^^'- cumlitiones recundi. Siccatur 

m^. |i»pa/y£7«z cTl tc6 ^yMflt etiamnum folia rofarum^coti- 

c# <7x/ot muji^ i^Qf&pcL*ivti, nnub verfata, ne muceatjnevc 

/ai c^ipfiJTTAiri» • mtiH S\ Ttoy ^?)- fitus in iis infideat. Aridis rofis 

f Sy t4«^y7Ts>y «Jjf o}y6> to hm- & in vino deco ftis -expreflus 

kufJLfko^ (zsS^^K^y^^^^^y Hquor/acit ad dolores capitis, 

o^^stx- ,. g "i auriura. 


auriiiin^ oculonirti, gingiuaru^' c(^htLXfj&v\ &^yfmm-^<fcLK.r5^ 
it<\h 3 redi intefHni ac vulux, - h0v^ kmv^isp.m ofTit^ihf^'^- - 
pennaillicusaur infofus.Eade ^iU^^^i^Ti^lyp^iofAjjov icj Trpocr* 
fine expre&one tufa, prscor- jtkv^o^ov. outa M <ti;)^ rou 
diorum inflammationibus^hu- c^yaCimcu , itDTdvm x^cm- 
jmidis flomachi vitiis , igni fa^ TKoLysifj^ctymH Tck -Gzinjp^jy- ^ 
cro illini prodeft : ficcis ac tri- J^pm^ (pxey^ucvdi y y&i ^fjui.^u 
tis femina aiperguntur. Mifce- ^KiJ^fiVH^^fimmM-m^^ifi^^ Si. 
ri folent vulnerariis antldotis^ ^«cc Tm^ yi/^efi^ m^ojjo.os{^y 
atque compofitionibus quas Xj di^^Af^cu^ k^^au^ityj^^ oM-^i 

ontheras vocantFoHa vruntur 77/o75/r/^iV^'=^^* ''^'^^ '^^ 
in calliblephara. Flos qui in ii<y^>>,iCki<^afci.7vo of ^-o^i^^^i 
mediis rofis inuenitur ^ficca- rml^ ^oJht^ o-^e^frdy^^v ai^^^' 
tus- gingiuarum fluxionibus ^f oux&y pey^75.5?wo£j |>j^j^ * 
efficaciter infpergitur. Capita mt^sm^v ^om. eu yt&poKcus 
pota citam aluunij& cruentas J4 rroS^w, jceW^ fiovm^ x^ 
reieftiones fiftunt. cup^T^^ciicLy^^^hii-p^vm. 

Rofei paftilli. Cap.GXXXII, UidVo^i<hv. Ke^. 9>^^*X$: 
Paftilli quos rhodides vocat^ Kcuca ki^(/^cu JipoSA^y: 
hac ratione conficiuntur: Ro- (rAtvd^ov'^ tzv T^o-mv ivvtv>v'IL< 
faru viridiu 3 qua? nuUo antea i^v yK&>^Zv kC^o^'V ^^ ibnasct^* 
humore madefad^ extabue- iMm <j/.v-apJbuhSiii^^<u 
rintjdrachmsE: quadi^aginta^In- mvfm < <^ .KHardJidirKkm'^. 
dic| nardi drachmf dece^myr w ti^ 'T^o^ytwi^ TeioCcKicuot^*-^^ 
rkx drachmse fex^tritf digeru- i^ is m^ ^y^^suvcw ^ ij krmiv^ 
tur in paftilloSj g^ triu oboloru S^w ^^ yji^cif/^h kyyeiovk/J^ 
p o ndus cquet:ficcatjq; in vm- mvv ^t(jtpiw oi^ov . Ivm ^\ ■ 
bra^in fiftili no picato^atqjob- ^fes^^ciGi t^ySc^vv < ^S'. /ps^ 
turato rec6diit.Alij adiiciut co «>> ^yXvejfiXs t^ mjihyacyo-rnc 
ftidrachniasdu as,iridis Illy ricg v^ mov '^orj u&tu. mkiTc^.^^- rj, 
to tii^^ & vinu -Ghiu cil m elle ^^ <^i aoTSv - *o^v •, cm yjjucu-.. 
mifcet. Mulierib^ moniliu vice hSv <kAv^^'m 't^ t^^^^ 
collo circiidato vftti fut^ad re- Ka>,aMm h^fjtZv^kuCKumvmu -nlr 
tundendu' graiie fudoris virus. '^j l/P^o^mv- ^a^J^cm^ . y^S^- 
Tritis ctia vtuntur ad illitiones Taw o ^ K^i^is a iiaaihi^cm 

^^SS^V^^/^^^/^^^^oy, & diapafinatajquf fiifst ad iii- 

yjl jjUctIto Iv^v^sbJjcu^ km^ dores coercendos^ita vt a bal- 

xXow7«z4y;^S. neis inarefcant corpora j dein 

Uiei AvyJou. firigida aqua abluantur. 

, . . . Ki(^. ^xy, Lycium. Cap. CXXXIIL 

5 Ki}U(iv^Q%m.i TTv^ht^^djf Jt^--^ Lycium^ quod aliqifi pyxa- 
x5<775 J^'y<Pf>oy o^V obc^5£cA£ryf i canthan v o cant, arb or eft Ipi- 
CJht^ X^y TCtm^s^ % ly y^lo-^ nofa, ramis trium cubitprum^ 
ya$':^at tu 06>^cc TrC^cd o- aut longioribus: foliis buxi, 
^/fic ^mi* T^^-Tsvy Si %^ tdi denfis : frudu piperis , nigro, 
*m^ y^(iMcc 5 m^h » 'TrvvJovy larui^ amarOj denfoque : coni- 

^^ Kmr '^^vi^K^ioy Ji G>y^y^t^ ccpallido, nQndifsimili lycio 
^m T^J^^yv >^>u(f>' fi^d^ o^ madefado ; radicibus mulris, . 
'^T^a^j^^Xitya^^ ^vK^itei^, ^ys- obliquis5lignofis.Nafcitur plu- ; 
TtxJt et^ qffKei^if cv y^^mJhiua. rimum in Cappadocia, Ly-. 
^ xy^J^jJCj cy otAXci^TCTO^ '^X- tia, Sc plerifque aliis locis . A- . 
ho7f.7t^^^ Jt^thei ;)(&eAci.^' ipera loca amat. Succi ex- 

1$ a/^£ w Q\r ^yMojr ^v Toii htu trahendi ratio ha?c eft : Rami 
fp(ii€ ^Kct^vTti^yi^ ^^^yTtifyy cumradiculis tufi & ante per 
ip'* h^ai «fJLi^s 5 «9' l-vl^Srsv' multos dies macerati coquun- 
'mvjt^^y ]t ivKm ^^i^^o^my tur,tum abiedisligmsitidein.. 
<jS J^ yp^y 'mKty l-^o^ov /lu- liquor ^ donec mellis craisitu-. 
^ijMKt-T^Jot^ (^<d(nm,Jh}^^ dofiat.Adulteraturidlycium 

lo T^Jik^^y^cT^l-^ia^ t^JLo* adiefra decoflioni amurca^ 
lMyfv^iai^% i4*y^» ^Kiap.si' aut abfinthij .fiicco , aut felle 
71 S ^QHd ;)(OhA,}y 70 '^omyn^- bubulo . Innatans §)uma iii- 
iApoy k^pZh^.^ T? I4*t'(5« ^- ter coquendum exempta, ocu 
f^fyy^imbdveigTff^Gip^^uiyJ,' lorum medicamentis additun 
ii^StKoi-TTS^s-m^^ci^^.y' reliquo ad aliavtuntur. Simili 

x^ n-miii^c^^rkH^pavh^htds modo fit lycium^femincex^ 
y^Ui^a z^mi^otS^i ^ y>>d^ -^ prdTo & infolato . Optimum 
^o^ovX<^ Sii(£>Kt^y '70 xcfjio^ quod vri poteft ^ rcftindpiii-. 
^oyKvKioyy y^ y^TA tU^ <x&i- que rubentemipumam often.i 
m 7iy}L(^foy m.^'iv'^l^yy t^ed- dit ^ glebis extrinfecus nigris^ 
S^ i^KOM^ J)iUff^y Ji yjjpoy jatus^ cum fregeriSj rufis odo- 
^C^6ii* g iiij re 


re minii^e vii*ofo^ cum amari- aS^edfXJsy^gvpor/^' 'my^ias y^&^ 
tudine adftringeSjCrocino co- /^a-n h^ohZA^^ wv G^ 7i )yJ>^ 
loT^ Ccuiufino Ji indicumeft) xiv^a)i<i(pii>ovrKopriK^Ayuui^ 
cafteris.praeftantiusatqueefB- xAipoy. AiivctiJmJilyp.gv^k' 
cacius. LycitHQ adftringitr^ca, }^>y,^7ttl^WoajSVa TyJ^ajf^ 
liginem oculorum difcutir, ge^ x^^cuc^Bi^^pia&i^ Ji W cmri 
nariim fcabiem, prurituSjVete- 0Ki(p4my £> xmJ^wozf z^ fmhiua. 
resque fluxiones fanat-iacit ad ^zufji&Tn ^^sLTnun* 'tfolh Ji kcu 
purulentas aureis ^ exulceratas 'Trfo^ S-t^ TruoyfoouZvm^, -OTte/- 
gingiuas , tonfillas , labiorum S^u^cc^ZkUHKyjst^ctyKyMp^» 
iiiluras^fedis rimas^attritusque ^'7« •)^)sM.l(^<^iv My.-ruKh i^ 
^tum: coeliacis, dyfentericis, oi^^i^ Tm^^iui^^di, bm^^ioufi,' 
potum inditumque conuenit: wr ^4^^^ ^ mUcom^ k^ <A/- 
4atur fanguinem excreatibus mT^i^i-^^moiMvm i) \yyJKv^& 
^ tulsi^ex aqua: contra rabio- ^oy. J^Vl^ iycduja-^oixjHf^ 
fx canis morfus in catapotio ^ S^-jliiin dyvM-p x^ Toif -Csm 
deuoratur , aut in aqua bibi- Kt/o:mmf nm^ cTM^^fWjo» y^ M 
. tur:flau6s fecit pilos: reduuiis: 'TTLm^nc^t miv SMTt-TroTiv* |a^- 
vlceribus quse ferpunt aut pu- ^^« ts Kcur^^j^r^nz^mv^ci^ 
trent^medetur: foeminarum 'niy%^'m7W5^JccuirA7JiJ^yitstdU 
profluuia appoutum fiftit: ra- TcuHgvim Kj fouM^^^ycuKmvTr^o^ 
bioforu idibus exmelle po- ^'^tj^ov^S^oyibS Ji^l^Kvojoki^ 
tum 5 aut vice catapoti} deuo^ motrvro^.v f/^-^Ktmro^yi oMri ^ ^ 
^atunx,auxiliatur. Tradunt In- x^rnimriovKcLiJ&cmo^ov. hL 
dicumfieri lycium, exfrutice ycTcfr^^jihiim i^Tuovyivi^ 
Jpchitide appeIlato:ea fpinaru ^ bdiuj^^Kiy>!J^^ aoW';?- 
generiafcribiturjramosredos <h^!i<^ Si ^Jb? kKyji^^s^l^Jiii^ 
habes ternum cubitoru longi- l^^^v^ l^^^^^im^s % ^ (ah^ 
tudinejmaioresve/ubo craSi- {0:^ ^>Xci;hmi 7iv'9rv^<Jjuofy 
ores^a radice numerofos. Fra- ^m^^^^^ ^Itov (^koio$ ^ccy^g: ^- J 
, <ftus cortex rubefcit/olia ole^e ^J^^sy^V. t» J^ qtv^Xu ofiotct I- 
fimilia. Herba i aceto decoda x^V^ ^^ » '^^ k o|« 14»^^ 
prodimrlienis inflamationib* x,':r5'n^(jttSip)).Igc§^7az<^\£>^ 
& r^gio morbo mederi^& foe m ccrA!u>o^.xa) ;jcT6e^y /2^, 
ininarumpurgation^s elicere, yfjsi y^^^m^yjj^myAij^ arf^ 
Affeuc- * ;| 

tlBER I. ^^ 

jiji offjt^ Ak^U ^S«jtt, Ttt Afleuerant ctlam cniHam ia 

ijiTAmSifmte^i^JlJh-m^TivJi potu^eofdem effedus prae^fta- 

em^fzcLTo^ fjajgpa Jl'o -^iB^/Ta, re.Semen qrathbdimidiopo- 

iM^cN)(^^^H^K0l^am^ tumjituitam expurgare,vene 

^wi-jSo»^^. nis quoque auxilio efle. 

S nfiAH^as* Kap. ^xJl\ Acacia* Cap. CXXXniL 

Aj(^>uiL^6i^c9cuyj:!7jo'a.KS^ Acacia in ^gypto nafcitur 

^J^*6^AyJ'^J^f^^u.9oei- fpina inftar arboris, frutico- 

cfkjoix ^^viff^di'^$ l^vTtt fa , non fe in reftum attoUens. 

Kiu^c^v^T'^ 'jLOfm &s^^^u&v Florem habet candidum, & 

i/fXoCoum^Qv^\l^K^\K^Ki- femen lupino fimile in foUi- 

^^ Ci^ 'ibl^^hiapLct |^§wfl«^o>* culiSjex quo {ncais. expref- 

^ (taS^ tikkdjf 'Si ok. t5 'mm^^ fus ficcatur in vmbra^niger ex 

Hdifm^^y-C^iUfipQv ''S cM^f^cot^* maturo femine >fubrufus ex 

<JjtX£>»cf^7D»§l^£|)wpp<}v^^S viridi . Eligatur modice rufus 

i^^^cd^ i^ ky^^cL ^h^oict H & odoratus , vt in hac arbore 

W€ir-7tt^yAXtt ffwi T%Mf^%* efie poteft . Aliqui exprimunt 

15 i^ xSpi^ Ji cif,^ ki(0i^^ i^- ex foliis ^ & femine fiiccum , 

mw* AtwecfjuvJit^^^gu^t^ Manat & gummi ex ealpina. 

uifVy-icVZTJKlwia^iii^H Ji i^-^ Visei ad Ipiflandum ^ refrige* 

hof m^^TAli^^^ut'/^ x^ Igy- randumque eflicax. Succus o^ 

fnmKctrct^if^Tm^i^fjJi^Ka^^^t culorum medicamentis vtilis : 

pu>/a£,,TT* of T&^pjcLTiiKXMy valct ad iguem facrum^ vlcera 

^^ ^ 'Br&^^eS^m^ q o(^3o&x^Sy i£^- quaeferpunt^perniones^ptery^ 

^giAm^ Im^ Ji ^ poaJ? yxy- gia, & oris vlcera : prociden- 

cuiiHmyTm W df^^^^tia&ii J\ tes oculos reprimit, menfium 

^iT v'^^^^ <;i»,$i ^mKicw T^ abundatiamfiftit^prociduam 

floyjw W;^ cw^iC£^or> ^, l>- vuluam cohibet ; citam fup- 
mj^^^s • yi^cuvH J4 i^ ^ef- primit,autpotus aut fubter in- 

?• ^;^^' . ^sFKmirm Ji xm h^ Tti dutus : capillos denigrat . La^ 

l(^btiKm}{^y 'leiCo^^v i- uatur oculorum medicamen- 

J^Tofewni^^oij^wtrkcmmy^ tiSjtritoin aqua , mox effiifo 

'i^t^ %f K3^bAe)if \(^mw ii quodconcreueratjdonecpu- 
SJbp^ii Srta^ kvoikuixCct^i^ «V ra en^ aqua:& ita cogitur in 
5nfoj^/.ot^, x^t-mJii^ a>jAi pafeillos,Vritur^amincn3da 

^"^4 fidelia^ 


fiJelia^ donec fiflilc fornaci- ^"f^ t^}Ckmi/M,^y^fiiV(d*l^ ,_. 
bus pcTCoquatur: torretiirque . '^ZwJi W h^iicm/ cii.oviT'.- 
ia carbonumhalitu perflata. ; ^,«Jiu^*f,7i ^^'tSV k^c^w^s-^Nf^i- 

Spinsedecodumfolutos znm f^ K^^ra^Thif/Spoy^aj^^aKi^v-^ 

fotu committit.Prrfertur cius fj(^u mtn, To ii ncp^i^kK^ 

ipinse gummi , quod in vermi- ^^ J^capipi tJ (r/.&hm^Ji^:,vi^ 5 

culorum fpeciem cotrahatur, xilov^ Jiccuy^.^yU^vm^ htzi tv 

& vitri modo perluceat ^ ligni h^yjy ^i h ^avvZJ^^ i^ ^vm-^ . 

cxpers : proximum eft candi- eyv^^^nstv* Auujccf^ Jl ly^et 

dum:fordidum vcrb ac refino- . m^i^^KcLsntLuv^kfjLCKujJVKiiy^. 

fiim inutile. Cutis meatus ob- J'^ifJ.m<pcif/uaics^v oli ^^yv"^. 

ftruit, & medicamentoru qui- Tweiy^Ti 71 »t l^ (pKvKTtuv^-. lo : 

bus admifcetur^acrimonia he- ^ y^T^^iopSpov yutr cooZ., 

betat^ambuftis ex ouo illitum , ^^571?" Ji Koi tri^ ky^xAu t^. 

puftulas non patitur erupere. ^^T^eiJbxjd -^ irivT^^-^mf^^ipi. 

Altemm. acacise gcnus in Cap es^aur^ cuyjT^id^lKtiTimj^ 

padociaPontoq;prouenit.^- 7z>i77zi^7nKvic^^uai^iiho(y^ 

gyptia? ipina? fimiiitudinejloge 7fv(p]>a>7i£^^^^>4^i^f Ji «c- ^- 

inin^^tenerius^humile: aculeo-; }(gi^$' (ncoKO'^iJ'^^^i^».pL%x'^, 

jnm vallo munifur/olia habes csl 'myt^a tuoidu^Ti J^l amfijjus^ 

rut^.. Seme. leticula minus fcrt <& '^him^ fTwv^^iiS^oii^Tec',. 

autumno^in loculis connexis^ ^es^i S rtrfA^^oi^ , tiwTlo;^ 

ternum quaternumue capaci- q>ciyjov,<pj^H Ji iy hjri ^^Xi^o^, 

bus. Succus eius adftringit, vi^. ^% (^fj.mfm. y ^kIuj ^Tlm tS SrO; 

rib^inferior, & ocularib^ mc- ^itm ys^mvjsi -, ^i Tao^p^ 

dicamentis inutilis* bd^K^yJ.h^Tni^J^o^Zm*. 
. .Amurc3, Cap. CXXXV. • ril)K^%yis. %i(p. ^,- 
Armuca(exprei& oliua? re- K[Xo%y/i vsnjgaS/oi "Q^v \Kouas 

cretoetunijdecodaincupreo i i/iL^KiQo^yit^^^vfl-^^au 

vafe ad crafsitudine mellis ad- l^-^>yJoyjj^i(i ytk')^ * ju^Ktl d z^ 

firingityC^terosprsbens lycij J^a^ avgda^ed^ytpj(pj\7r^i^qa. ©^^ 

efFe<ftus.Infiiper dentium do- i ^ t^ Kviuoy, pjc ^asov Ji :^ 

Iori.& yulneribus^cu aceto vi- ^h oJhvr^yas i^ "^otvuATzty 

no aut muHo commode illinit: Qm^iou^yi u^^o^a^ % o/W % 0} 

additin medicameta ocularia^ vo^Kimri^yv^ 'j ^ o(^^Kuiy 


%eSf Mikimt ^ \iim\dtsiymi^ & meatus indudu jiio obftru-: 
'mKim/:j$ii!»7i^iK'nm^yiyU cntia. Vetuftate melioremfie- 
m/i^l-n %<P^sc X) aiJhi^iy fm ri conftat . Vtiliter infonditur 
'TfOAS HKmi^cui ^^'')^7tyiti^ fedis, genitalium,ac vuluaf ex- 
^Cti}^0 i^ li^ %(^^f^ot^ ulcerationi. Si verb cum om- 
^lMym/;(jwjo^!^eLmm-\>6'^ phacino recoquatiir ad meDis 
^.^t f/AKi7^Jl\s> ffU9i(n&i , Kcu crafsitudinemjCariofos dentes 
^MmKct^Sisfu^-ifii^a^ TS KwvZir cxtrahit:iumentorum fcabiem^ 
mJy ftlg/>£®v i^s4»^ci?/ i)^(^ cnm decodo lupini,& chamf- 
Kiovin)^ Kc^eipf^toum ^^dTnvi. leote illitu fanat. Cruda Sc re- 
3*jjin4*''^^^^^^^^'"'^^" centiamurcapodagrasarticu^ 

lo Jk^e/Ki^ K) of^iniiLir ^<psKH, lariolque dolores fouerijVtiliC^ 

^ffM^zcL7a9TKii^ozt'lf^i(>id fimum:perun<^ain viHofa pel- 

y»'jw mJ^ov %cu ivnv^^n Ie3& hydropicis impofita \ tu- 

am r CJ^^o-mmrd^.i Toyyj>y* moris molem reprimit. 

WptAyv^. Kg^. pxs-v Vitex. Cap. CXXXVL 

Ayo^ti Kv)pf biyM? ^Qn Ay- Vitex fiue lygos frutex eft in- 

ij S^fdJytfyTra^ 'TrtTzLmls^cc^cn arborem afliirgenSynafcitur in* 
T^.^TO^ £j ^^pi/po/^ (pv6yji^\ fluminum ripisjafperisqjlocis,^ 
yo^.fdLCS^a^ \^v c/V<Shpfitu?D£^> ac torrentium aIueis:ramos ge^ 
/L«tj^ot^'<pyM6c o^ <yV '^ iKcua^y rit I5gos/ra(9:u peruicacesf o-: 
i^KdTifu Ji ^ li J"* etP^f » liaoliu3efedmoIliora.Duo ge 
f£^ Tts' KWHJoy fftuj vsTDOTf <pypi- nera eius^vna harum albu flo- : 

^ {oyT?:^} O^-^irepoygotw (pifi^ cmi^-^ rem mittit cum purpureo: alte- 
fuL^ mmti^.di.txiictim d' 1;:^ ra tantu purpureum^&femen, 
^^u^rnim^^-^iw.oo x^^r vtpiper .Excalfaftorias vires; 
mjimvoi^os^ ^on^^fiojn- habet, & adftridorias.Semea 
mif^amJjLu^im^^vJ^fcd^mimry^ cius potum venenatis i<iibu^^ 
Tu.ajm 'j i^y^Kci^K) ijuftlwaa,^ aquae qu^ cutem fiibiit^ lieno- 
2,5)^ w<3«^(5f ow < i. ^arxS^Sor fisque auxiliatur: lac euocat^ 
ffm otm^iitKui Ji i^y^vlw. <£* menfes cietj drachma? poderc 
'Si^ J\x^yj^4>SryJ.t^v om^ in vino potum: genittira exoW 
^^m.To Jik<^4^jAa.i <7riai K) uit ^caput tentat, & fopore af» 
^amfacLiv^^ «i- l^xaf^J^ttct-: fert.Deco<air herbc &fen:Bnis 
^w ^u9^^cLSf J^^.ai<ny indefefeione^mulierib^vuluae 
x^ ^ malo 


jijalo opportunis opitulat ^ ite y^ (^M^^-m^ kfii^^^^iz^v j^l 

inflamacionibus : purgationes fjut-mi^TJi^m i^ \i3rD^,«*fit^7 

anouet ftme cii pulegio p otu , 70 emipfiei ^^^og^^y^ i^J^fm 

etia fuffltu vcl appofitu:capitis KtyS^kvj <H x^ iutpakco^ycLs -^ 

dolorem diflbluit illitu, inftilla ^^xaosii^ov^iy cm K^btL^y^ 
tur cu aceto & oleo capiti in 
lethargo & phrenitide.FoIia 

fuffitu aut fubftratu fugant ve- 
nenata:illita quoq; ferpetium 
morfibus auxiliantunteftiu du 
ritias cum butyro & foliis vi- 

cifjSpcLomir ^^lioHsL^my 0oih* 

tiumemolliunfcrimasfedisfe- C\iTup\iy^^vykcif^\LiMmMvixa.-^ ^^ 
men cum aqua illitu mitigat, hiTiei^pccyi^i '^70^01 Hwru 
&cumfoUis medeturluxatis, kltp ouji vJk-n cm^\o^\v to 
vulneribusq;. Virga qui manu em^fxa mt^vy\'auu 3 ^m^ (^vk 
teneatdumiterfacit^negat in^ Kot^^qii/uficm^TfctvfiATA JS^* 
terrrigine fentire. Agnu^ quafi J^k^ Jix^io^>jvweiov^ycu ^ 
dicascaftu^vocatGrseci^quo- crJhtrceicu^ vm^TeifJipLi-mvM ^% 
liiam marrona? in thefinopho- Tt^pa.CJbv hjii^ im^ y^&^ 
riis Atheniefium caftitate cu- HpaTzLivo/jutg&fJiayjo^^JiA 
ft odientes, foliis huius cubitus W a -m^ ^auoipo^tois ly^ivi* 
fibi fternut^& lygon quafi vi- enL$ •^imcixyi^^fis y^gpc&fiA ^ 
men^propterinuidamferera- ^ cuvri^xv^^ JiJiA t^ ^ 
laorum flexilitatem. 

S^ix. Cap. CXXXVn. 

Salix vulgo nota eft i cuius 
femen^folia^ cortex &'fuccus 
jfpiiTandi vim habeot.Trita fg- 
lia cum exiguQ pipere & vino 
pota^ileofis fubueniut;/umpta 
per fe & cum aqua pra? ftant 
mulieribus ne concipiant. Sa- 
Hgnum femen in potu fangui- 
nem expuetibusprodeftccor- 
tcx ^ofdem praf bet eiFedus .. 

, Corticis 


W pdiCJo is hmt tvTovop. 
iTia Jiv J%ov ^Q^ mm yvd^ 

}(lu) %^ JijLdLim^kpfJtLlH '^ Ttt 

(pv>Xet kScl fJuiTi. oKi^u 'mm* ^ ^ 
pic^i^om mi^rrtt ^KiiJ^Gj^ 
^(g&d* lavTVi Ji aiw vMp Kv(p^7 
rm^kffv>kit>licaf yj,T]>yJ'^i^ ^o 5 
KdfT^i^ ^'bHi^edfiorn^ordMi eo(p&* 
>Ji.i^ ^, (pKoi"^ (fi 7K iuT^ <^pcL 

LIBER 1* * 5^ 

isgAsM :^^vfi^Vo|«5VW Comcis cmis ^dmifto aceto 
2^ MX»i' cu^iy^TSLrsrKeiS-Hf. o J% maceratusjUitu clauos & caL 
<J»G -w ^u»^m % 'tS oxo/5 ;j(y- los tollit . Ex foliis & cortice 
^of, o» x^v^w foai ^p/^^V iliccus cum rofaceo in calyce 
^'Tifo^f^wmyyiai^i*'/^*^^ punici calfadus, auriu dolori- 
5 7ii^l4^^AW£j^iyw» y^nM- bus auxiliatur. Decodo coru 
'ThJt,uA'7niM^ci^A^t'^ra?xi^ podagras foueri vtilifsimum : 
Jixf/mTue^.huuCcL^^mJi % furfurespurgat incorpore.Ex 
im$^ mm< i^^y<>f^^'<i^'^ cipiturfuccusquimanat exea 
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t:^g/^m4 mvig^^. Atwa^v q" ga enim cocretus humor inue 
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A}^iiKcuce, luj%vm xivm jcgt- Sylueftris oles-^quam Latini 
xoWjorA^ fiw^ibWy kofitt'. oleaftru appellanr^ alij ^thio- 
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quani vtilis . Exprimitur fuc- ^rH^^hi^c^TU^ JS xi^eif 
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aqua ^ ficcatdsque fole in pa- UisdfM^Kttei^^i^liA^aisw-m^ 
ftillos digeritur : fed longe va- jiKmkvaTrKijomyX^ J% Iot^- f 
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cu aqua expreflus eft,Auribus 'jS J)' vJwto^ d^^^t^i, *^i^ S\ 
fubuenit, fiue vlcerentur, fiue k^ "^i Zt^ two^ouZ-ttl ij ^\- 
pus effluat. Folia conuenieter x£i),«^tf.7K j) OyAA^t i^ l-mm^ 
coeliacis cum farina hordea- hicouH^ caj^tS y^Ttf.TrKct^f^ i& 
cea illinuntur: vruntur cu flo- va cuu i(iy,hvm^ y^^Ttu.M -rrt 
ribus foliaj vt tpo dij vice cinis (pi^^a y^-m- t^v k-^i^v^ x, km 
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vrunturj poftremo cerufe mo pfic^^VTa TiaMy cim^o^lt»^ y^ 
do elota cogunrur in paftillos. wma 'srAtaJs^ ft>^ tc -j^f^L 
Huiufccmodi cinere in medi- ^QV K^cL7cx:^Kios^J)*^yM Jl^ 
camentis oculoru conftatipo ToictuT}) y^m^^^ keim^ ^ 
dio non cedcre/ed eifde viri- GmJia^i Teilipba^i^yJ^-o^v ^ 
bus pr^ditu e fle putandu eft. r JiwccfmopcoieD^ r.yifnov. ^ io 
Olea. Cap. CXXXIX, U^piEKoiai.^ Ke^ p^9'. 
Poliorum fatiux olea^ eade Au^c&^ A-r^ o/jt^ x^ ^ ^f/S- 
vis intelligitur/ed aliquato in e^v\Kcd<f4 ipv^Kcc^K^tmp J% tS 
ferior: vnde ocularibus mcdi- Jtwl}4*i^v n^9^ t^ o(p^Kf^ 
camcntis ob fuam mitiorem yj» fj£»^ov kg^^i Jtkrjijmi' 
vim conuenientior efl:. Sudor ^^a^^^ov.to Si ly. x^^f^"^ l'^^^ t% 
ligno virenti accenfo manans, y^o0p^ ^^^m^ov i/^^c^j^-mj^ 
illitu fanat lichenas/urfures et n^e^ x^ -i^ef^i ^ Kj^a^ y^ 
&fcabiem.Oleaginumfemen Ta^io^ov /^tzu x^ & m^ 
illitumedcturfurfuribus^&vl vr.r J% outz^v y^Tm^Ka^m^ 
ceribus<juafdepaicutvoratq;: ottv^ xci ^n^i^e^iriuH. 
^uod ' ' ^'S 

IIBER Iv l^ 

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^Eiiw x«i kKii^%u<moyi't- .^3C adipe & farina fcabros vti- 

yy^^ oJCWitira, gUCSCXCUtk/ 

n^/ Ko^i/^CAJli)y I- Colymbades oleae, 

KsuZv' Ki(p. pji/m Cap. CXL, 

^ Exa?^ yjiKviACi.h^ Ketajt y^Ttt Colymbades tritac & ambu- 

^Kci^iiw^TnJeiyjjJTtti^lZ^ ftis illitx puftulas gigni pro- 

m ipKvKTziX'^^^,)^ \v7m^ ?v hibent , fordida vlcera purgat, 

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h^ciy^^ ^Yfi^^ei. bunculos emarginat. 

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VJ/ U^pi ^cacfvislKeuas ai' Lachryma aethiopics 

^omiuk. Ke^. p^. oles. Cap. CXLII. 

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conftas^mordaxrqu^ aute am- m/ymfj^ov ^ J^vamx^r tc H L- 

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lachryma fudar^ qua? comode .^sr^^^y^vcd^moj/ acuQv^a^ k^ 5 

ad oculoru heberudines illini- KtvmfM^ ly^toyS^av a^Lin - 

tun cicatrices albuginesq^ illi- ^^^e^ 71 x^ \u{jJjlucl mS^x^ 

tu emedat, vrina & mefes cietj «jg^V IJiymy mioi^ oy«p>e^o*-: 

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bitrpartus pellit^lepras & impe Ayet JV jy 'i^Cf^va x^ KH^^oi^ i o 

tigines fanat . Appellatur aute ^^mui i) hi^oit.yj^iPj ^ 

sethiopica & agreftis olea. cd^o^mxi^^iKcucL -9 k^iXcucc. 
Quercus. Cap. CXLHI. n^iApyor. Ks^. ^^7'^ 

Quercus omnis adftrido - A^tk mm ^tSikUu e;^ 

riamvimhabet jpraefertimli- JuL(imy^yiA'hd<;a.il ajj-msgu-^ 

berqui cprtici & ligno in- (pmiuint^vqi ^AiJ/cy xai efs i^ 

tercedit : quinetiam tunica pu ^i^aou iifjS^oeiJi^'o^yG>i y^ 

tamini glandis fubieda . De- 75 ^ ri §,eiKam *feD 75 xi- 

codum ex iis datur dyiente- Kvipos. JielhmM ':ro k^i-ijAiJiA 

riciSj coeliacisj fanguinem ex- hj^^yiAtucmii^ai Jvmri'- 

creantibus.Tritainpeffo/be- ti-ims^t$i tu^jiii^^omis • mt 

jninis fluxione vuluglaboran- oif m^is Kmy <!n^si^w l6i- zo 

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Glandes. Cap. CXLIin. iVftV^dKetim* Viit^. ^ijlJ"^^ 

Glandes eofdem cfFedus ILcucu ^iKoi/oi ^' Tiauj-m ttbw- 

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tis dolorem & fiatus ia cibum KctKyiiS^^iCfCiXj^ofjSiJcu^ i^ Trnv^ 

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<ontra toxica ; intrit^e crud:?^ f^m^Zfuu Ji ji^-nfTrKot^eiazu 

inflammationes illitu leniunt: KSat ^ (^uy^ya^ *m^-pifim^ 
ad duritias swj 


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ifi>,^f ^Kon^^ (TAK^efac, 3t) cant^&malefica vlcera cum 
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iQi^rlx^eh^^iu^rJ^^ulvm gne^glandesviribus qucrnai 
€u ^hniu^ASwbkiJi^Hm* antecellunt. 
5 Tlfi^yiy!^l^^m^ Fagus& ilex. 

K£<^. p^s. Cap. CXLV. 

-^K^' j? (^»;^V X, « '^^^/i^or Hh P^us & ilex quercus gene- 
oVTTt cT^z^or, b/JcaTU <^^-^. w ri afsignantur,& cofimiie mu- 
pi^Mi-.c/^' ^ ^fyi^ 5 (^AOi^^ 14*1- nus obeutJligneap radicis cor- 
^\- owj SMn a.^i^ QV iwm- tex cum aqua co dus^du mol- 

ib es^ iJiYr-m^ vj. imTr\ti.^^i yv^ litus intabefcat ^ & tota node 
y.-ra iKb.ijy^:)^^ fzixcuvi ^9' iilitus, d enigrat capillos ,prius 
^^37i}4;!^^4:7w."jy«£i)xk>^t^§- cimolia terra purgatos . Folia 
■kA^Qi ii T^" (borkdLTi^im-i yji- omnium tufa & trita tumori- 
Tiv}^ Kfiu oUiacim^i^^ Xt^- bus profunt5& imbecillas me- 
yciLJiM.U-^y^cii7ali. brorum partes corroborant. 

15 n^kci^v^. K*?). pu/. Caftanear. Cap. CXLVt 
A? li ^j^^Si^m -^i\(Lnh ^^ '^ Sardianse glades, quas aliqui 
nr rM^m^m % •/J.^a y^KovmJt caftaneas> aut lopima^ aut gla- 
fJ-m%J)o^^^dij}ai^^cv<^ov:ps£ des louis appellant^adftrin^ 
i^ hj-m^-rx^^i cuaim iim J^^^c^- gunt^fimilefque effeftus pra?- 
-/^\ y^cu juaKt^sL 01 ^.Ta^v 'm^ befpraeferiim tunica <^^ car- 

io (^y^^ y^ ^ -hk^v^ QfKmi> » S\ nem. & corticem mediainter- 

<T^\ n^ ^w \<^itWiesy 'TivmvJi' curfat.Caro his qui ephemeru 

mtk%m^H^ biberuntjConuenienseft. 

n^/Kjfz/d^by. m §uf. Galla. Cap. CXLVIX. 

K:^x)i- x^j^^nii ^o^ ivuk . G A L L A fruduis eft quer 

» i^mi otA(psLyJ^i y^einu cus . Aliqua omphacitis appel- 

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£^\ kTpJTrnroi *i liv^ kS^:, berofa^ folida^ nuUo foraminc 
Kcu yjovpit zcu nTfii.udpii, ojt- peruia.Altera plana^Ieuis, per- 
Uyi^ J% M -rliij cpt^Ayj- forata . Eligi debet omphaci- 
•ny j hc/py^^v ovmjf . i« - tis ^ qu2* efficacior eft . Vtriuf- 
'^on^t J% ^^ounv iV^SiT, que visvehemeter aftringere; 
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Trftse excrefccntia in carne, iy '^^^oun \eiiX4 ^m \SP<r^m 
fluxiones gingiuarum & vu^, a&i^^ ^tv^vc^^^ -n ovKm z«4 
arque oris vlcerationem co- yacviJh^ ^kcutuz/^ gif^v S?- 
hibent .-Nucleus dentium ca- ^f.ii Ji cdjDy auTi^v-i^kwM^ 
uernis inditusdolorem fedat. 'n hSv^v Zm^Vy 7^^070^' 
Cremat^ carbonibus donec IJiva;* yvov^u 7* Kcui%cu- ,^ 
igneflagrent, &vinoautace- im y^^.aiu W kv^ivj^v ^a- 
to aur acida muria extindx^ "^t TrJjci^et^^^aciA /^iuirCi^^S-^^ 
fanguinem Hipprimunt.Deco- <n« 3 o7va) S o|« S c|ix/^^. li ch 
&um quibus inhdere exp edit, Isd^^i^ ojj ^v '^rtu^f kcu . ^^ 
cfficax eft^ & contra vuluas \yyS'^(rp.arr^.^^'7?^mm^ vsi- 
procidentes.flaxionesque.Ca- e^^yT^^ "fiu^vcrp.i^,tci\c6y^(7t 10 
piDos denigrant , aceto aut a- Ji % ^m^^^i^hTrrjCfctyacm o^h 
qua macerat^tdyfentericis coe «- uScl]i>aif^l^^(n ^ KotxiuyJI^ 
Uacisqoe cum vino aut aqua i^cfuenvryAai^amTrxa^-^of/Spcu 
trhx conuenienterillinuntur, om^yiuSctv he^ca k^ micdpcu* 
aut bibuntur : obfoniis addi rm} r (z^m-i^^at ^f^v^cu 
debentjaut integr^E in aqua t/s^cKpt^^pcttohcuC^r^ S-z^ 
prapcoquijin qua nonniliil ex- J^'^^ ^^ ^ /ui^si rt e^U^ r 
coquendum eft^quodhis af- i^^!!!ort*>v ^> hjrovri^ '^'^ 
fedibus conferat . In fumma^ ^hov qt^u SS cv-^ % ^m % 
his vtendum ad adftringendaj kvct^^S^^cu ^ Tmp^^-KauCcuk^ 
aut ficcanda qu3£ opus funt, </^ r^^m kurBy. 

Rhus. Cap. CXLVIIl Tl}) Vok, Ksip. g/^'. ^*= 

RHu-s quse obfoniis aiper- P?^- c^ ri. t-^ct^tv \viot\v^h 

gitnr, ab aliquibus eritbros ap y^K^^^KOfT^i V^ ^ y^\s^yis ' 

pellata/emen eft coriarij fru- ^v^txoch-^y^ poo/j S 77^ ^yo^ 

Aicis, fic vocati^quoniam co- ^a l/iLri r^ ^v^ijdJ^^-^f aurl^ 

riorum infeftores eo vtunt^ad ^^^^^ r gi-^v r th^iu£\m* ^ 

inipilfadas pelles. Arbufcula in tgi <h Ayi-p^^iov "^ <pv6^oy ^ 

petris nafcensjbinum fere cu- Tji^fcu^ cht J^^^^^y^* s^p' % ^v^Xcc 

bitoru akitudine foliis oblo- imy^^vj^y -^v^aA ^(pip^dj^ 

gis/ubrubetib^i ambitu ferra- o/t^tu/^/^cc ^ivo^H^? . /m^ 

tis^ acino vuarii graciliu defo, ^s Ji CofzfJ^ots htm^iWKJf^k^ 
magnitudine ^*' 

tlBER I- 58 

'i(i^^myi^nitCiv^Vy\^- magnitudjnc tcrebinthi^cjria^r 
w^.a-nji^TOfikATi^fjSpQv^^ma- damtenus latorcuius corticofa 
c/^s-/6?tv c^;:^»5t?i'. J^uiktm S% tunica perquam vtilis eft.Foli3 
£pj« 'd0v>?,u,cv';SiyJv^mov- vim Habent adftringedi^Sr acii 
atuf ^if Aic^^ky^xjd* pt^.K^- cif effeftusprsebent.Decoftu 
5 vi M -Tis/^^i- 7c k(pi4^/tust' V «^- capillos denigratj dyfenterici^ 
cnvT^^eidL; li '^/ 'iyyJKvirixct^yJ^ infundituf^ & in potus eoruni 
'diJua.^i^Xyv^^aud^^cu co-my infefffufq, adiicitur, inftillatut 
moY^oui^^mv tymj(r^aL ^ c^£- auribuspurulentis,Gangr9na5 
fi-^ia r ^ yLfy^cu^a; Ivd^ yj,- & pterygia cohibent folia ex 
TA-TTKcto^i^AT^ <pu»<u^fUT aceto aut melle illita. Liqua- 

^o 0^^% f4htTD$'^7Tj^Kt<7pL€tJi mentum fitexaridis foliis^ad 
^vcpuKKm^yi^ml^^S^mt^v crafiitudinem mellis in aqua 
vMv wcm^ li Kuyuov otj^/ mj' decodis^ad eadem^vt lycium^ 
c2t:7Sfi)> (JKKtTtSJhuiT 5 A^u£^^ conueniens . Semen eofdem 
«^ ojo, K) Tv KvxAor ^9 icaf' effeftus exhibet:coeliacorum^ 
^^3 ^ ixj-ri ^TTDtSiyA^^^m cy dyfentericoriimq; obfonij in- 

K 'Sf^f^-i^MAi^^^tKtiZZol^yJb^v ipergitur:fra<fla, defquamma- 
TieticJo^t^^xtqiKiyf^-m 'H Tiifii^ ta^ liuidaque^ illitum ex aqua^ 
cwij vMtj y^7A7rKcc<d-€i^y ^KdL-. ab inflammatione vindicanHa 
c^u-7a^am><w^Lut^7nKtiifjLcL~ guse alperitates cum melle ab-; 
^'yKda^^ T^ 7$u^T,tnw; trp^A-- ftergit^cadida^ foemin aru pro-i 
^ fp^rykwn 'kj^ KisjK^v pst«> ibf fluuia iiflit ^ h^morrhoidas fa-; 

^^ myCU}iii^o\M$-n^^a7ri{^fj(^ nat^ cum querno carbonein^ 
J^pvivoD m^ims k^h c^tz^- trito admotu. Aqua in quo fe- 
^oi^i^ rir^ Si li hmi^^i^put men maduit decoda^ cogitur^ 
i-\i^Qv cwJt^^^SiKTihTm^ coitq; efFicacioripfo femine; 
^zafnffS mtoau»<pi&il M^ kjo/jl- Gummi defert^ quod dentium 
pt o^ ZvTi^Ttu Tot^ ^^if^tn cauis imprimitur ad doloresfi-; 

.'7i!»voJhrT&v<z^}'^c^ nieados. 

-r n^Wy/xor. m* ^//9^ Palma. Cap. CXLTK; 

^oht^Q/f' cuyj-jzlep yv^w* Palma in ^gypto gignimr^ 

5?to^7zu Ji f/^cnmepvim^ vi^ Ea medio maturitatis vigo^ 

^^dwlTm^v^iixtmi^^liiX' rc ^ autumno decerpi folct; 

^if&VTnkfu^tm iwcp^dKti^m^ Arabici myrobalani fimilis^ 

-^ -^ . . "TmuA . ^ it ij pomati^ 


pomatis cognpmine, colore TrSfjiA Si xiyi^m^^/h^e)^ '^ 

yiridi, S: odore mali cotonei: ^Sf^yiiA^^hytJuJi^yu^ k^ t 

qubd fi ad maturitatem per- oap,luj' ei ji k^i-^^^m^Tmiifi- 

tienire finatur , phoenicoba - ^S^o^ y>ys7a/ (potyiyj:>CdKe£Po^ .- 

lanus fiet, Palma acerba efi & Is7 Ji ^v^pyl^-^ ^j-^iy^^.-mvo^A-^ 

adftringens : contra alui foe- yor nw m^ ajj0i^% <^^ ^^tif- 5 

minafumque profluuia,in vi- ^stdp ym foiw yjj^a/Kmr 'i^titn 

no auftcfo bibitur: hsemor- Ji '?^cu^Yf6Uti?^i^^alim-m> 

rhoidas fiftic^ vulnera gluti- soo^iS^y^iu^Kd^ei^^aiJ^^^oi" ^ 

mt illitu . Phoenicobalani re- ymCdhcwoi , gimiiyJrn^cu ^y^ 

centes plus ficcis adftringunt, ;;>^ou7) Twy ia^Zvy y^^uKnKye^^ 

capitis dolorem afFcrunt, co- Si^<jiK^^\Honi^fCd^!mju 10 

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ficciores fanguinem excrean- ^iCpcoani^cacuixo^^oiy^v^^^ 

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ws4fxx>{m r y^T^^KoiTfii^ affedo, mifta conferentibus 
wrm^H '6 ^ Px"^ Tz k^L catapkfmatis . Eius decodum 
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dus^ quem fuo amplexu fo- KOfi^^^^in y^^"^^^* ofm 
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fucci cft, ftomacho vtile^ per- fjut^^^ 'a7f o^or Tov-mv ^ Ttt ^Q 
exiguum fufficiens alimetum, i ywyJici^l/jco^^^n^^^^- 
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nias, & ea q i corporc extube TKOu^vouA^rr^ 'A.au<^o^$ kcu 
^at, auriii dolore^^ & nariu vi- (d-m.y^a^ y.ou -tk of fjivmfcrt^ 
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IIBER f. ^o 

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\(L^v/^v ;^«^M /^iAiwat ^ Kip' gra vtilior eft medicinse quam 

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yLr KO^w^ ^imi^^k ^i<k!^ i^ o 
/^oi^ T nt^v.i) Ik r yy^^m f 

anultb magis m6rana:feme ta- 
men imbecilliiis parit . Vis & 
myrti & feminis adftringit.Se- 
men viride aut aridum in cibo 
datur fanguiqe excrearibus^& 
vefic^ erofionib^Succus vire^ 

tibus baccis expreiTus eofde ef ^ i^ypr^v lx9>^Sly7&>y p^xs^? '^ 
feftus exhibet-.ftomacho vtilis^ auTii miiyiv^jua^^ h i^ «fi*- 
vrina cir^pdeft cotra phalagij "^hu^^ ^p.u^^m-^cpo^ctfyQffi^KloK 
morfjnij&fcorpionis iAus ia 
inero:feaiinis decodu capillu 
tingitjius decofti in vino vlce- 
ra iaextremis mebris nata fa- 
natjOCuloru inflamationes illi- 
tum cum poliine poletae lenitj 
cotra segilopas illinitur^crapu- 
lam arcetprgfumptum vinum^ 
quod feruefafto aliquantu ei^ 
femine exprimatur: alias enim 
acorem cotraheretPraeftatide 
feminis effedus.VtiIe procide- 
ri^ vuluarum in defefsionibuSj 
fedisvitiis, &foeminis fluxio- 
ne vuluae laborantibus-.purgat 
furfures^vlcera capitis manan- 
tia^ atq; cruptiones papularu: 
fluentes capillos continet. Ad* 
ditur quoquc in medicameta, 
quasliparasvocant^vti oleum 
quod ex folijs eius faftum eft. 
B ec o ftum foliorum ad defeC- ^o^ov %kcuov. vJj- tts r (pi ».m 
fiones balnearu c6uenit5& co J^ k(^i-^uct^ Si ts n^ e^^^t-S?- 
tra laxatos artuSj& male fblide (iixarm. apfx^^eiyX^ ^^^ -t^ :^- 
fcetes. Eo frada ferruminatio- KcL^^i^ ImiJtrmimTtL ci^^ct ^ 
ni repugnatia ytiliisime fouef> ^^ ksvfATmfm^ y^-ndL-p-m^ 
vitili- ifqi^iuci^ 

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iiBER I. 61 

l(^%ij^^ mTtonkeiTzih m^:^ viciligiaerB emend^t^ punien- 
M iy bl^ii^ i^ ^^ Z-nt 7ivq\^ tis auribus infunditur ^ & ca- 
/o»yTK: ^y^fjutv^^T^j^ yy fuM- pillos denigrat. Succus eadem 
o^m^ ^v^ K)ol^cuj7m c)" ^ efificit . Trita f olia ^ & ex aqu ji 
Xc^ TJt hjT^TGiei • ^-ri M Tot illita humidis vlceribus5& par 
5 ^iy^Xac Aejfid y^iziTrhu^jjif^cc of tibus omnibus fluxionelabo- 
2 Jct77> (tfoi^ei Toi^ ^dup^o/^ T rantibus^coeliacifque profunt: 
^yjiyyil^ ^^^.'nlo/Jpoif rtim^ & admifto omphacino oleo^ 
*m(77x^ K£^i}jcm>7r^cuii o^f^coujm aut exiguo rofaceo ciim vino, 
y> ^ pojivov Ihi^v i^ om ^^ ad vlcera ferpentia^ ignem fa- 
ys^ov^i^ -^TDiffj^i^ IpiiinTnhotiny cnim^teftium inflammationes^ 

l^ J^i^fb^v ^^Kiy^y&i^om- epinyftidas^ & condyloma- 
yvKVffj ^ m<fv?^(Aa{7j'^i}^ Ji ta . Arentium foliorum farL 
^Jisc *miti^vyms Xj 'Tp^ifj-^/ois-i navtiiiterinfpargiturparony- 
;^»c7^r ^^lfissT-xi^sw,^ ;^- chiis, pcerygiis ^ & contra ala- 
tsdy^^i^ fjta^^hcu^ v^ mefHi^Yj^ nim feminumqueperfbfiones: 
cm 3(^p<hciKm ^>^ei 7i\j i/pS- cardiacorum fiidores cohibet; 

x^ 7Z£4' y.&3(^f^a A y^ h^.^.-. Folia cruda feu cremara cum 
'7imia>i^^',7we^v^T& 7^ *Su cerato^ ambuftis^paronychiisj 
f y^fat 7JI 'T^imv^a^ iA-Tuu ^' pterygiisque medentur.Expri- 
Kt^iTox (^ Ttt ^vAX<« 7Ta0>yio~ mitur follis fiiccus adfufo ve- 
^ov oiyov mhcuovyt vMros tere vino aut aqua cxltM^ cu- 
otACeiov j Ti04 Q/s^^uCiTWL . >j J^l ius recentis vfiis eft: nam exic^ 

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^iw^f^cAj^&Ttli^kJhy^fi. vires amittit. 

UtetHvfnSaJm. K€<p.pv^. Myrtidanunu Gap. CLVIL 

To Si UJufiiSa^ovxty^ov I- Myrtidanii dicitur^adnatum 

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cAt^ ^ o^^owohvei ^f^ mi^ mcfcensq;, & concolor: quod 

%%ei^^ ^^fcfivn^ <if/>i(^ov 5t>^« perinde quafi man^ myrti cau 
Ji ^o^Moj/ 'f ijcj^mn^, hnm^n^ dice ampIeditur.Magis q. myr 
101. M YfiT^jv ^ fMi-^ oivcd ifj^^ tus adftringit:tufum addito au 
§S oiifTrKd^v Ts «^ ^o^ir/,>s^^ ftero vino reponit^coaduq; m 
c5»^ <r/ii ^n^cuvmy J^fc&^^yJTie^y paflillosficcamr in vmbra:mul 
'H o^ -n yj^pzw y^ ^ ^iykovy tb efficaci?5& foiiQ & femine. 


ccratOjpefsiSjinfefsionibiis^ca* fuy^i^ipov ^fe^^i^ ctsw^^TjI}*-, 
taplafmatis admiftum^ vbi ad- v^^tTp.am^n k^ vs^^vi^TryJjsqLmn 
ftringendum dicjuid eft. 'm^^gu-i^cd^ h^tJ^atu 

Cerafia. Cap. CLVm, : nseiKs^oT^y. K€^. py»', 
Cerafia aluo vtiliaiunt^fi vi- YJc^ma, t§s cwm ^^KG>e^ 
ridia fiimantuneadem ficcata, KetuCoMo/ui^ci^c/uzDiKiot T^l^y^'^. 5 
illa fiftunt.Gummi quod cera- ^»pi 'j HgTicn zoiKiay.r^ acijtfju 
fi refiidaruntj cum vino diluto r zi^adim^ G^ ^oviop 1.27^ 
tuffi vetuftg medetur:coI orem KauCdUfoiJpov ^' ^kattio^^ co- 
comendat^vifiim exacuit, ap- ^vgo^^ ^ ^ l^vAfjuca^ z^ cpe|r/ 
petentia inuitat; idem ex vino m^'a0%^S J^ iy Ki^Zym ^T 
potum calculofis auxilio eft. otvovmvo^ov* la 

Siliqui^e, Cap. CUX. rTsei Ks^^to^ Ki0.pv^\ 
Siliquse recentes ftomacho K^^^ntLyKoi^ "^KdLuCa^o^ 
aduerfantur, aluum foluunt: ^a^^^^pLa.^ivy^H^ i^ 
c^dera ficcatae fiftunt , ftoma- icotKia; KvvyJ^ |»p^t*^yi^ Hgit 
ch oq^ vtiliores fiunt • Vrinam m KctKiajf^ cAj^/Lia^T^^ oyTrt 
ciuntj led prsecipue^qii^ vina- i, ^Uv^myi^r /j^Iki^^ Ji to <Jic. j- 
c#is condiuntur, fi5v<PciJi(^v}^m mwv^^a^ 

Mala. Gap.CLX. neezM»\l^. Ks(f?.p|'. 
Folia^ fiores^ & germina cu MnKia^ 'T^a.mi Tst ^y^Xcc :^ tu 
. omnis m ali ^ tum maxime co- ai^ :^ ol ^Ka<^)^ gvipQ un^fJLaKt-. 
tonea? adftringunt . Pomis a- gaSi-nf^ jwicDywW, 3(5« Jtstp^^ 
cerbis adftringeiidi vis ineft: tye^ujo^ ^gv^txi^ x^gvi^ua* %o 
maturis verb longe fecus . Ex iPcim^b^^ Si ovy^Qy^i(ib^. t^ cT^ 
ijs verna bilem gignunt , n er- 4i %ae$? k%uJ.^ov^ ^kol yo^ 
y os omneis I^dunt ^ iaflatiOr- Ko^Troia^ aJ^ia ^r^vivfeiJh Tiwf^ 
nespariunt. 'nt^^m^iJULToujJTa, 

Cotonea mala. U^KvMi&y f^^Km* 

Cap. CLXL Kif^. pfdL z^ 

Cotonea ftomachovtilia^vri* T«t Si yjuMvia^cAjgo^^ov^ 
aa cient: verum tofta miriora pvyJ^o^^^^^Tfra Ji ^Gnvig^^ 
Iiabetur.Profiint coeliacis, dy- ^ yviTJJ^ , ys>^^^ icotKta>co7> 
fentericisjpurulenta extufsieti- y^ 70 JhaivT^^e^yjoi^ y-a^ I^^ttui^ 
b^^cholericis^pr^fertim cruda, yJt^ >c^ ^Ki^iZoj /AaKtga. l>m^ 

^ iibeb: l (St. 

i^ tJ wTToSq^yuei SicojTtSy ap~ MaceratoriiKquoi' commo3c- 
fio^ii -m$ ^pji^^fiii % xjooiKidu; f>w in ftomachi aut ventris fluxio- 
fcetli^o^jS^otf oi^ TTzroyJ 'j^jKci^ nibus^potuidatur.Succus cru- 
^ju^v ijuT^vxstu^£iuf6/uSpofy c^- dorum aflumptus orthopnoi* 
^Tivomii fJ<p^« . T^ Jt kc^i-^A' cis faliitaris eft . Decodo fo- 

if ^wfc, ^^9^iKv7^ciMzTv>dovy K^ uenmrvulua?,& fedes fi proci- 
v<^^f ^mcs'^^'^'f» To. Si c/ju ^ dant.Cotonea quc melle con- 
/ttk/To^, xal mj-w. fj$p ovfiiTjyJ,* diuntur, vrinam mouent : mel 
cjD Ji pm tIw hjj-rSj hcLKctu- autem fibi conftringentem ii- 
tai^-m <^dLurf* ^yjcdTiydv y) lorum vim5& infpiflantem ad- 
yJj gvTTjixiv ynrvji . TciJi sn/j) fcifcitQua? cii melle coquun- 
^ 7&) li^xtu l-^fjSpa^ cAjgouet;:^ tur, ftomacho atque ori gra^ 
ffSp Kcu ou^/ucty MT?^^ M ^yjcd' tiora fant/ed minus infpiiTant. 
'nyj., TA J% a /uA y^Tu.TThiim cl- Cr uda cataplafin atis adiiciu n- 
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as^go^^uctMciTfomyy yju ttu^ aut fi ftomachus ^ftuet^ aut 
ps)ff7v y ^/uctgoi? (^Kiyuaj.nv-m ^ in vomitiones efTundatur ^ ad 

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yv^Qv Toi^ //. ^gcq^/Tou^^ quindecim fextariis {iicci vnus 
^«y txHKjrm ^i^v hh \7r0i o^L mellis adiungitur ^ aKoquin in 

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ya miiu^Kcu^ ;v§iovt^« c/^ l| ^- omnia^qu? difta funt.Fit & o- 
r (TjcwA^iTai 70 y^oioSfjoy um- leum ex iisj quod melinum vo 
^^>'5* ^'^^■^^ o^mw? 9J7?ii-- caulmus , quo vtimur quoties 
xoy \kciiou iivi^fjSp . ^xiyc,- adftringeti oleo eft opus.Eligi 
^m Ji cf^Tw ixjjdjyaL^fwxf a M oportet vera^quse fane fimt ro 

a-5'^ Kcu ^{?i5p^ KM cAJciJa izuj" tunda, parua & odorata : qu^ 
Ttt. 'Tw JiKi)iuSfjci ^ou^ct Kcu verb Struthia dicuntur^magna 
ii&ylKci %^k 'Q^ <MJ;:g>jgit.Tu Si quide funt/ed mins vtilia. Flos 
«t^S^i ctxjim l'A^7i Kcu '^(Kcd" & viridis & ficcus cataplaf. 
£^ ^ ysrrcL-^Kicr^cicFp/ c^^th y matis imponitnr: iis couenieSj, 
®p/ T^jpj^af^eiajf %^v7cty qug adftridionem defiderant, 
^ inflam.* 



Jflflammatiombus oculorum, K) -tt^I^ o(p^ft£y ^xry^vk^,^ 

reieftionibusq; fanguinis. Co- ^Tr^i :u^^^ aiayj^s^ xxnhia^ 

tra citam aluum , & menfium 7^ "^^!n^^ x^ \fml^m (^o^tsi e^- 

impetuSjin vino bibitur. ^^'Cf^^omv^vi^ci. 

Melimela. Cap.CLXII. Tl^eAyi^i^Km. K^^p. §|^'. 
Melimek ventre molliunt^& T^ 4\ fmimKd KciKia^ u^ ^ 

ab eo animalia expellut^ftoma Ki&m^^^^ ^eidL aiCTivio^ y^^ 

cho negotiu exhibet^ -^ftuofa. ico^^uci^ ^<5-« Tmnrnxd. K^- 

Ea multis dulcia malavocatur. x^tzu -^ rr/ei^v yKvyJjmK^* 
Epirotica mala* TLi^ UTeipmtmv ^4- 

Cap. CLXni. Kc^. Ki0,p^y-, 

Epirotica mala^qua? Latine T^J^if:prHpcDvy^?^^fJpcty^^ 

crbiculata diciimr , ftomacho ^QfjiaW Ji IftmvKi^^ hosi- 

vtilia : fiftunt aluum^ vri nas e- /^;^ , ^ihia; ^KtJni^ > ^^9^ 

uocant, malis tamen cotoneis fr^UjsTiyJ. ^ 'k-mtn-n^ {dp-nn 

inualidiora. ^rcfiv yj^J^vicdy V^/» 

Sylueftria mala, Uiei kyuo^Km* 

Cap. CLXUIL K2<p. ^\J\ r% 

Sylueftria mala fimilia funt T^ '^ S.f^u %otu 701$ Xa^m^ 

vernis, & adftringunt Sane in ^^^v-m • JS <H ^^ tg, cv-^. 

hunc vfum immatura omnia (^^ ^^1^^'^ > 'k&^e^iiepis Sprcg^ 

opusfunt. (n^^g^Sau 

Perfica mala. Cap. CLXV. n^i n^aimv mKm* Ke^p. p|i 
Perfica poma matura tam Tcl cf^^ 4?mJ ^Kci. Iaj^^^ ^ O 

fiomacho , quam ventri vtilia ^^cAJicoiKioi, 7^ Tii^Trifct» 7ti e- 

funt. Acerba aluum cohibent^ m/i^9if/o}iyJ,mkiai^^Hf>ii^^vr 

fed ficca vdiementius. Deco- 't^ 0^:^ '^y^ci^viccmpci yvovim. 

fl:um eficcis alui ftomachiq; ^ t^ kt^i-^^iucL Ji hjTz^y ^^Sy 

fluxionesfiftit Kot^Cctv6f/Spov.i ^fzct^y K^yM- 

Armeniaca. eap.CLXVl. ^'W^f^''^*^'^ W. H 

Tiiei Kpfj&pwji^v^ ^e^. p|r . 
- Armeniaca^quse a Latinis rkJi /xiy^irt^ -^^ov^dL 

prsecocia dicuntur , minora J^laffjSpmyJypc^fjULigjM^s^t^ 

funt fupra4idis , & ftomacho yJiuu.l/j^m^^^Tie^ -w Trp ©^ 

vtiiiora. H.ejL0mV: tiJi-^^ 

' ■ , Medica ' Tl%tl\h^ 

tlieiMxJ^r/Jy. K£<p. §f ^'. Mcdicamala.. Ca. CLXVn* 

i!du'^VMS)yJ.Kt')i0pci'yim^ Medica mala Perficaue aut 

m/J. % yjiS^fOMMKcL^ j>0uaI^J% cedromela ^ qt^a? Latiiii citria 

xJ^Uyfmm y^ejtua* (jiuTiy yi^ yocant^nemini non cognita. 

*6^ y^m^o^ujj J)' oKou T&5 e- Arb or ipfa omnibus anni tem 

5 i:iii$\f7izt}Os.iKmucujToJ\^fm^ poribus pomifera^aliis deci- 

>.G7 omfM^-AAS ^Vf^uvitjd^oVt duis, aliis fubnafcentibus. Ma- 

^ ujil^-'/ t5 ;<§%> ouSJ^f tnroL lum oblongum efl: ^ rugoium 

^i^is^ cuA^un %^v dL-mc^tQi" rclore aurum imitans, cum 

5c^r. i^^oLuyL^i M t^ 'T^^v oy grauitate odoratum^ femen ha 

oh(p^aJ7iv}yeiv ^^^u^^ify iooi- bet pyri.Id in vino potum ve- 

1 o Kisuf T^ lisri^ > iiiyjkucqxa. TJ Benis refiilit, aluum mouet^o^ 

"fy <:^$ l/jcdSi<iut '^^Tos To ris fuauitatem fomiiiedat^ de- 

km-if^AM^ 'Ad^oyjKf^? awTmi/ifii^ co&o eius co|luto , aut fuc- 

Cptiinii-w fJjkhX9^ <smyjicU'~ co : eftur in malacia mulieri- 

x^y fisS^ '7^ y^osnj^ • ^vKa.TJeiV bus : veftiariis inipofitum ab 

J^ zia //0^7762 «^K^j^Sg^^Ttt g- erofionis vitio veftes vindica- 

J5 'T^jTJ^fj^ayjCeovoif^ . te exiftimamn 

meii-rTToy. Ki0.p^L Pyra. Cap. CLXVHL 

^ A-;77ou Jis ;to>a k Hchi^ 'T^Toz Pyrorum multa gen era^ qux 

Ji 0(poum* oS^y «? TTt krTT^y^a-r tame omnia adftringunt: pro- 

^yJ.y^'nL'wKicrpLrtTttaf^?ou7i^ inde adduntur conuenienter 

TD q' i(pi4^^a^ awmv l^cur^y m repelletia cataplafmata De-- 

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/^^5 xjoiKicarhGiaj' ^dTTjoimfi aluum fiftunt : ieiunos efitata 

\^ouSpsu7i\yyigei^/ fedunt- ^ 

metAptgi^/^^. Kg^. p|9. . Achras. . Cap. CLXIX.- 

^ H M k^k^.SMi Vgrj ky^is A C H R A S pyraftri ge- 

k-mov , iS^^/feW ^ifTWjom* nus eft> quod tardifsime ema- 

^rvji. Aauumy JVi^^^et ^ gv^v- turefcit. Vim pyro adfein- 

xxrn^ykmowo^y ^^rk gentiorem habet^ & ad ea^ 

hjjTCLa^^l^H^cpjf^H Jiy^ 7tt dQm conuenit : flxingunt eti- 

t^KKcca/ji^f.-Aji^/TJ^^uKov am eius folia . Ligni pyro^ 

ian^y 7^0£4C y ^Qa^ i^cifySs rum cinls efficaciter his^auxi- 

73?^ \^ tujymo>y mt-p^ois. liatur^ quos fungi ftrangulant; 

^^ Aiunt 


Aiunt fungos , fi fylueftria py^ ^am Ji vvi^ o-n xay mvJi-l^cj 
racum eis coquantur^inrio- m^ k^i^^ f^VA^^v-i kCy^Cei^ 
xiosfieri. cu>7sJv ^i^ysc^. 

Mefpilus. • Cap. CLX^. Heei Mia^KGV. Kt^. fi^^ 
Melpilus^quse a nonnullis a- Mi^Kav to AV Jpoy, o m^ 
ronia vocaturjfpinofa arbor afioi^ofmUy^^Tdx-i clk^^" % 
eft, folio pyxacanth:^: fert po- J^^Vgij^ouom tzjT^ <?y?^o;^ tiv- 
mum faaue, exiguo malo noq ^eiyjfi^y^priv ^ipv m^^ym- 
difsimile , tribus intus ofsicu» x© %^m vJux> , l')^^ Te^a 3- 
lisrqua ex caufa id nonnul^ ^e^cttvJ^c^v^k^pmi^^TS^yjiic^ 
tricoccon appellauere . Tarde ^v w\^ cujto lyo^^cLm. ^£^.- 
maturefcif, efii adftringit^ fto- f^cbs^m^mvhh^v^ ^O^ =^' ^^-^ iG> 
macho gratum eft ^ aluumque C^axrAoidpov , Iaj^^^j^vtc ^C^ 
fupprimit, x^ yM.la4<^yvi^Vicov> 

Altera meipilus. ■ nsei l-rie^v uAojnKov. 

Cap. CLXXi. YJt^.^^joL^ ; ^ 

• Alterii mefpiligenus in Ita- yiifimK^ J^ £, ^'Tse/j/ '^^y «- 
lia nafcitur,quodaliquifeta™ c/bf ^i)'niua.ipv^fSpov>%Xvt(^t ^ 
nium j alij epimelida vocant. imt^KtJtL y^Kovm. ol 0/^,^77«- 
Arbor foliis mali ^ fed minori» vm cvof/A^oun.MvS^fov^Q^ m- 
bus : pomum fert rotundunif Ktb Iw^epW t^T^ ^u^O^ok c-n /^/- 
efui aptum , vmbilico latio - y^hiesv* ty^ H^f^f n^rcoZ-m 
re : quod adftringit , feroque ^oY/ifKov •, ^^daif/^iV', ^Kc^ivyX- 
maturefcit. ^vrr^ 'jivv^^^cty^^^ztmgvfpov- zo 

. , ■■ m-^mTmvoyh^ov^e^S^id^* 

Lotus arbor. Cap. CLXXn. ^lid h^-rw. Yit^. ^oC. 

Lotus arbor eft vaftf magni- A^t^^ t^ Jivif^c^v^^c^vrov^ V<pi 
tudinis/eres bacca pipere ma- hfAyc^^^:, y^fm $ <pifi p.^l^^ei 
iore, dulce^cibis grata^ ftoma- '7ii7nfzco^yKvxm:>9^^d<^^v^hSr 
chofacile.Aluufiftitbaccis.Ra ^fjui^v.yjitKic^^.ymwv.^-rZ^ ^ 
metoru ligni decodfi fiue po- ii ^tajii^v t» ^vuvii cL^i- 
tUjfiue infufione dyfentericis 4^^wi5^i?^o7X,l^^i^^i?M^^^ 
acfoeminis fluxione vulu^ la. ^o»^ Sucnrneim^^ iyyuxjcu^ 
boratibus^auxilio eftirufat ca-- poyj£aZr.|ct^5:^c-i Jl ^ 7&:^^-,k^ 
piiios^citam aluum cohibet. l^m-j^tyfsi&^^tovtjmf. 

Cornus. . Hse? 

LIBEJL I. <^4 

TlmKfma^. K*<p.po>.', Cornus. Cap. CLXXnL 

K^vU Jivj^e^r^y i/§oy, Cornus dura arbor eft^bac-- 

3(^P7^ (pi^ ios iKcua^^^cm" cas icrhoVmx modooKlon-. 

^yj»ryx(&^v To ^m^jw^-Tii^ gaSjquf primfi virentjdein per 

'TrtuvSfj&pQv £i IfiwdDyy S m~ maturitate rubefcimt^aut cer§ 

I epeij^y %M<S^^v-i «^t^V^m, fi^- colorem reprsefentant Jn cibo 

fjLJo^ovTzt-^s^^xot^Ji^ fvmiccu adftringut^profiunio aluiatq; 

Jhenmexa^-y mxifn^^^QV vju. dyfenteri^falutares^fiueine- 

.^V t-ivi^st^xcu €i^ iSfScr;, ;t^ dulio^fioe in defruto exhibea- 

tiXfJLfijj^iTtu. ^f hxtiu .qM -Twy mr.Muria^vt oliuaf^condiutun 

yhcdfm 0v}>. m /p^f K^ofi^- Sanies^ quam viretia folia tor- 

^^vov^af^leifsSiXeiy^a$.y^ rendo refiidarunt,impetigini 

'm^tQ/:^o>. — ' conuenienteriilinitur. - 

neeioW K«(p.poc^'. Sorba. CAp.CLXXmL 

O^flc /ri mhi^ovTcix^ fu^ Sorba colorem luteum re- 
^ TiiTru^.TfM^^iyTtLKcu-lit' ferentia priuSj quam matnre- 
e^v^vTo, ijv mt^ ^ ^K^rtKs^-^^ fcanr3difle6i:ai& foje ficcata: 
jj v^w mua^ i^o^cc 5 Kcu To manduntur^ aut aluum fiftant.,^ 
I| ai/T^v J% ^ive^v cLKi^cv-mv Eadem eft fundio molitoxum 
4^77 ^(phmhcti/.Ccu^o/j^oy^z ou farin^ ^ fi polenta? loco fima- 
ro a^pi-^^fjuL Ji €miwV'*wrvoft/i- tunquod & decofium eorum 
yov^-^ajmiv^m, . inpotupr^eftat. 

Tl^exKoziufJtj^TA^ K^^. poi Prunus. Cap. CLXX.V.. 

%p, Koyju/x^UJ^yJ^^av ^&ycL^ - Prunxis arbor eft nota, ai^ 
tit^yyO^oK^^^ji^lJ^^dJi^fy}^- ius pomumeftur :fed ftoma- 
xx^^f^^s^mhia^ ^zctKjAicvyjo?. chum malehabet^aluum mol-„ 
iSv i^e ffuetamvK^ /^Kt^ -^t lit . Syriaca pruna ^ & pr^eci- 
<^ J^fit^M^t^S/j^aya/^Vi^o;;^/?- pue^ qua^ Damafci gignun™ 
ml^lne^v^Srhjs^*(Mi^ TLcu tur , exiccata ftomacto vri- 
2,5 mxixt^mkTtKjo^. 7c ktpi-^iiipuk lia flint , aluimi adftringunt* 
'mv ^yM^jy ci> otvcp (rA.i^£ilp^-, Folia pruni m vino decoifta 
j^i' x^ hccy:tpya.et^o^ovY)uovU cpllutione , & gargarizaai v-, 
iAfc i^ZhccK^maS-fustfmf/a^ uam ^ gingiuaSy & tonfillas 
Ttlpp^cisi^^i.-Ti^^-mMm' fiuxione laboranteis repri^ 
f^;^jwwfw rt;^e^mx//^iW munt.Pr5ftantidemfylueilri3 
^f- pruno 


ximcm exiccamcum iapa ve- 4*f3n«V Si fJm^ l-^/xaTtSy l/j" 
tb decod jjftomacho vdJiores ^^Qyui^^nes^ ^ <;n-\tmm^^ 
redduntur, aluiimq^ magis ad- xo/X/oj yvtrm ./nJi jw^ tS"^ 
firiogunt, Gummi prunorfi ag mxM/mh.ias-i 'S0 w>>Xjfroc5yjX/- 
glutinat, p otu in vino calculos 3&v ^ptT^iyJv mi^oy. ffuv oiv&* f 
cominuit: ex aceto quoq; iUi'^ <nw o|« J^ Im^io^ov^Kti')^'- 
tumjlichenas infan tiu fanat. iu^ W om ^muiim ^0mvH. 
Arbotus. Cap. CLXXVI. Tlieji Ko^pv. Ks^. po/. 
; Arbut^fiuevnedoarboreft Koijxt^^ Siv^^ov^Q^ymej^ 
cotonei^ malo non difsimilisj mm )UjStDvid^ w^,i(^vrKov^y^^' 
tenuifolio:cuiusfrufiuspruni w «pj? i? iio^tamKov ^yc-. i6 
manitudinem implet^nullo in^ So/ ^ kTrv^fjuuov * (uuaKuKa ^- 
tus nucleo: huic mensecylo co Kov^dpov * nrnrv^v-r^ cPi -vjan;- 
gnomeeftimaturusautflauetj jupj>oy % l^v^hy l^i^ov i- 
aut rubefcitjin efuacerofus, ^^ZA^^ y^yj^i^^v ^ j^ 
fiomacho aduerfatur,capitisqj ^ctK.^;)^^. 
dolorem mouet. Tiiei AiivyM.^u , if 

Amygdaix. Ca, CLXXVII. ILt^. f/(. 

Amyhdalx amar^ radicum AfwyJdKia^ 'pnxfo^ ,« fi(ct 
tritarum deco dum vitia cutis ktpi-^b&fau heiUy^iKif W of 
in facie corrigiuillitj nuces ide 'Tr^oai-Tn^i kmy^^fi ij ^Ta '^ 
munus prarftant^inenfes admo ^kuoyS^KdLy^-Ttt^TrKct^^.v-m-i 
t^ dunt/apitis dolori auxilia- T^hjT^ mSl.r/r^o^^Spu 3'^^- 2.0 
tur^illitas frontiaut tempori- yet y^-r^^jdwid^i^yjc^^^-^/iu^ 
bus aim aceto vel rofaceo: e- ^on^y^-m^^Kct^vT^i^^TtiTiT^ 
pinydidas fanant ex vino ^ ite ty^ord<^oti ^r o|otf yy po^Vi^> 
putrefcentia vlcera5& qux fer yJj^ /^^ cmwKvM^ du) ohc^* 
punt^ & m orfiis canum cum ^^ M (rmn^vM Kj 'kT4ivt^ ij 
mcUe: earum autem cfu dolo ^ yjjvod^^y.-m^ uwj ^juKm *l^i^(/Spcc z f 
res finiunmrjaluum empHiunt^ Ji V^v kvcdJhjjctymy^^i^ fj(^.KcL-~ 
fomnum faciuntj vrinam ciet^ y.Tiv^r vwavy^^ 0Mf>n^yJ> 5 x^ 
cotraifanguinis reiediones cu '^po^ cuj/^70^ a^ayd^^Jju) iuTai 
amyloaflumunturjrenuvitiis, kidKov'^Ki£i/CaMo0pcrmS^/& 
&- pulmonu- inflamationibus^ y^f e^-nx^^ x^ ^Tmui/Jovmu^^ 
V . ex - : ^ 

IIBER I. d^ 

mw uMti miySiidrA ohkh^-^ ex aqua in potu aut edegrna- 

f^a mw^y^w-A ^%^Q>vi^m' c/V- te cil refina terebinthina dan- 

'mve.m(n^ k^ Kibudm^mjjj ykv^ tur; calculofis diflticiliq; vnnx 

xJiJhii^^jy ^TizLVim^ ^ i3»|/ ^ in paflb auxiliaatur^ Sc illinfiu 

m/^v \iM7mviJuL7(ihiJi., plm) ^ cum melle, & lade hep aticis^ 

^ ?J77 i^ ya.Kc£KV M^^^y^cL^y^ tuisi, & inflationibus coli^ nu- 

f!>o:/ ^myjyo To tiJ^^^Tjf.?^ cT^ cis aueilana^ magnitudinerqui- 

£, «£.,«^i^.75c fs^aKcLiA^iWoidiiit nis feptenifve pr^fumptis ebrie 

oW 1. 3 <^. jtTOv^ jib^ k^ ht^im" tate non fentiunt potores:vuL 

;(5sri2p^^m jLu; 77y;,7^ i)" x^/^' pes fi cum quadam efcaxas 

Iju hj-n)saj(^H ;^:^^Wya, yjiti vorauerint^emoriuntur.Gum- 

lo i2o/»5^ ^^cufjuLTQ^h^')^^^ mi eius caifacit ^ & adftringit: 

mo^ov • i?^^ o|« c^-s Qm^to- reiicientibus fanguine^ porum 

lj^cL^KH^ci4 ommhmois al~ auxilio eft: impetigines qus 

§«• lctT^t! K^ 0i}^ /(^^'^i^v m^ fummu corpus occuparunt ii- 

Kpdi^^TTi^ ^'^j^Kibim^i i> a>' litum cu aceto toDit: tuisi ve- 

<^iKei mjui yKvzH ^r;6ySpovJ j^ tuft^ cu diluto vino potil me- 

15 yKvvMcc y^ Ij^ c/>^^ kyuuyid^ detuncalculofis cu paifo bib e- 

h^y y^T^woKxi ^ociiyy o^y l^? ^Trfoi re pro dcft.E nucib^ grfcis^dul 

l»c/^y&iajf Tns- mzpci^. 'i^ aujrh ccs cibo idone^/ed mulco mi 

t^l K^^TWJ-nm y ^ivpiiTiyJi 5 jS§6)- nus valet in remediis^^ amarfi 

Sr^v-m i% mJj ^ Ki*^£ri Tfil i- attame extenuant^vrina ciunt^ 

miSiLKdLyKat-^^^^^^v^TTKi recetiu cum fuo putamine^ hu 

i o ibv knm^^^Am. mida ftomachi vitia emedanr. 

li^elnmyjKiiv. '^i^.%ok- Piftacia. Cap. CLXXVilL 

Xlm^dL -A "^^^ved^a of- Piftacia^qu^ c6 ftat in Syria gi 

cvexdy o^tk gpoCiK^t^^ caj^^- gnijpineis nucibusfimilia fcnr^ 

^^i^fj^a, Ji Kcu Tnvo^ct hj & ftomacho amica:trita cu vi- 

oivtb KHcL^dpTmo^iyLToii ^ojjS^. no cotra ferpetium idus pro- 

i5 ITge^ "^dfvm ^cmn^mu funt^fiue edantur^fiue bibatun 

K£(p. poS". . , Nuxiuglans. Ca.CLXXIX, 

Kc^yac ^cmhjyj*^ S. vjm TT^p- Nuces iugiades^quas .nonuUi 

fftyJ^y^KavsTv/i^iuS/Jd^J^jdjT^- Perfic^s vocant, funt difficiles 

^dy x^^uxL^^^Ko-TToik^ cocodu^ftomachoinutiles^bi- 

^^cCKciK.^^y ^io^unv Ivnsfna,, liof^^ capitis dolore inferetes^ 

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tufsientibus inimic£L% Sc vomi- ^mput o^tCf0<T/.i,(^£C 'Trqo^ I- 

turis ieiunis in cibo aptg.Cum furns- vhi'^^ b^vimimv ^ofyJ» 

rutavcrb &ficis pr^fumpt^, xx^n^vdMTKpaffJi^y^^^^nxres^^^ 

& a fiimmo cibo ^ venenis re- Sr^yTct i^ cmQocii^^.vr&y cvv }^a 

iiftunt : nec minus fi a veneni ^ 'myji^(^'^Keiovct 'j ^^id^jvmy 

hauftu comedantur: largius e^ vrKarHcw ^uiv^ zv^mi^^^^- % 

fitat^ tineas latas pellunt , illi- TnirKSjo^s^ o i^ /^^^Ts* ipxef^^ 

nuntur mammarum inflam- v^y^-i^h/m^y^^^^^^^m^^^ 

inationi'^ abfcefsibus ^ luxatit aiv oxi^<j uAKm ^ ^tu^^-^^J^ ^^ 

que^ cum meHis cxiguo.& ru- -Afo^v^ i^ ako^ iy m^iTn^^Trfh^ 

ta : cum cepa autem^ fale & Kujjo^cNTti^ k^ oj/^^TaJ^mT^ 

melle^ canis hominifque mor- 'iroiH^TryfCd^^.vnL q" (tvv TSmJj- ^<^ 

fui proficiunt : tormina ^ cum <p^,:^ X^mrt^^vrtL TSlyL(b^^^Q 

calyce fuo perufta?^ & vmbili- o^^^^ TrojCi.ii J% hkTTVfov y^^v x^ 

co admot3e , fedant . Putamen 7et(p^v c/j mc^ :^ ^'^ci&j^-zutj/o/? 

combuftum tritiimque in o- om^t^v^ it^KkiTei^v 'bgi^ v^ 

leOj & vino ^ infantium capite ^edmxjo; J^(jwj&, k^ tjuju^lujsc 

perundro^nutrit capillum^alo- 'igynTi ^ ofii^ hmi Ke^o? y^\v ^ i^ 

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illitU toilunt. Td y^TWTTKdL^VTtL 

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Cap.CLXXX. K£(p. p^'. 

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carya vocant ^ ftomacho i^fe-. yj^ova, y^ovm > 557 ^i^m^put^ 

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ftse funt:ipfe tamen trit^, & in 
aqua mulia pota?,tufsiveteri 
medenturrtoftse Srcii exiguo 
piperispot^ deftillatione con- 
coqnunr^cremataru cinis curii 
axungia aut adipe vrfi perun- 
ftus alopeciis capillum reddir* 
Aiunt nonnuUi vfta earu puta- 
mina^& in cineris fpecicm re- 
dada^cum oleo, caefioru ocu- 
loru pupillas infantibus deni- 
grare^perfufo fincipite. 

Morus. Cap.CLXXXL 
Morus arbor nota eft ^ cuius 
frudusaluii foluit , ftomacho 
inurilis eft,& facile corruptio- 
ne fentit. Hoc idepra?ftat mo- 
ri luccus : decodus aure aereo 
vafe atqueinfohtus^adftrigea 
tior redditur.Facitadfluxio- 
nes^nomas, & tonfiUarum in- 
flartiationes^addito mcllis exi- 
guo.Sed inolefcit vis eius^adie 
fto fcifsiii alumiiie^ galla^ cro- 
CO5 & myrra: item myricse fe^ 
mine^ iri^ & thure . Immauira 
mori poma ficcatur,tufaq; aci- 
noru rhois vice obfoniis mi- 
fcetur^vt coeliacos iuuet. Radi 
cis cortex deco<ftusin aqua & 
potus aluum refoIuir,latas ven 
tristineas excutit^hisquoque 
auxiliatur qui aconitum hau- 
ferunt . Folia trita cx aceto ii- 
lita,ambuftis igni medentur^ 
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tinguntquecapillu^vitm&fici I4^\^vrsi M^ l^Ceio) vM^n^ 
nigvx frodibus fimul coftis ia Qj^ k^mKov yjl mj'd!uii ^iKcu^ 
aqua coeIefti.SuccusfoIiorum ta^ (pv».ot^^^iif!ei lex;^^ . oJi 
cyathi mefura potuscotrapha ^Kl^^v(^v>Xm ^ (^h^a-^/^-ioS^i- 
kngiorum morfus auxilio eft. zr^ti k^iyet^ TrcteV yjjibou 7r>S 
Feruefadi corticis & folioru bo^. r OKOiov J% ^r tpvKkm rrof 
iuredentes aptifsime in dolo- hmli^^ iiiyjKv<Tp.cL I^j^tqv 
re coUuuntur. Radix circiter V^y oJoyMKyi<:a^ . o^^gTsLi J% 
meflem incifa , fado in ambi- ^ tz^v 'TTJ^fHTSy 'f fi^a^ tr- , 
tu fcrobe^ fuccum emittit, qui exo^u^^StiT.-s ^ cityjiTreicr/s, cJ- 
poftridiec5cretusinuenirifo- etV/-£w ^ tji v^fcud. ImiTnt^ 
let. Is in dolore dentium effi- -p^ 'm o^ ^u^s^ t^ IJhvMKytt^ ra 
cax eft t tubercula difcutit ^ & 'Miet • Kca (^6,00.7^ Siu^^ocii -^j. 
aluumpurgar. scoiKiaM y^^^u^^ 

Sycomorjs. Ca. CLXXXlI. Viiet "^vyjo^esv. Kgip. p^g'. 

Sycomoru aliqui etia fyca- ^vyJ^e^y^ hioi Ji /.cu g575. 
miniyd eft^moru vocat^cuius mjyj.ur^ov ri-pCm^ v^^TfU J\ 
frud^ fycomoru etia propter y.cu k^" auTU •A§.%T7hi cvy^- 1% 
inefficacem guftii appellatur. ^ejv^^ <^^rl a^Tnyov tj*> >£v- 
Arbor eft magna, fico fimilis^ ' enc^^* Jiy^e^v Si o^ ^>a , 0- 
fr5dofa,multolaaeabudas;fo ^ioy TA^rjyTA-^^TniKvKo^v (^i- 
liis mori, p omi3 ter aut quater J^a , t{1^ ipv>Xot^ hms ^pich 
ann o fert^no ramis vt ficus/ed ?^p« Ji y^^^mt tcis zcu TcTflr- 
caudice ipfo, caprifico no dit yj^ tov%7oi4^ovz cmi 'mv cDCf^- a a 
fimile^dulcius grofsis^fine gra- ^vcav mQ/m tw^ cvm^^. krm Ji 
nis iuteriorib^:quod n5 matu- Tw^eKi^is o^iov ietvia> . >xy- 
refcit^nifi vngue aut ferro fcal- yjL>7^e^voKujj^V:, ovk t^vm Ji 
p atur. Nafcitur plurimu in Ca My^afMj^r ^ Ji m^Tmvo.ue" 
ria^Rhodo^locifq^no multitri- vov Ji';^ iwam-mMuJcu oVy- 
tici feracibus:vbi prouetu foe- yt » mJ^^^fcd. (^vtrmi A ^kSI^v if 
cmido reftibiUq; iuuamentum of y^eJ(^ yjt ^ojtd ^ y^ a^ rol^ 
adfertjCil annona? caritas prc- ov iroKvTBjes^? romr ^o^n^ J^ 
mit. Pomum aluo vtile cfi:, fed ^J rJl^ mroJ^cui^Jik 70 Jthjj^- 
per quam exilem pr^bet ali- ^k^ r6 y^prwX^t Ji IvmKio^^ 
monia, Stomacbo aduerfatur. y^o^^ > kjfo^^o^ ^ y^<^^y^^. 
Succus V, ^^ 

LIBER t fij 

cTn^irajL 'j li iivi^^ov ^)v ^p- Succus primo vcre tenera ar- 
*3ro^<y^A(;ei vicip)v^qi (^KoiS l^i-m- borc^ante^ frudil ferat^eximi 
wD^^yi^ Ki^ ^Ka>t/S/Jii'^u^7ie^v turjapidis iftu fiimmo corrice 
^ ^Ku^ei-^ovJiv him, <n^5^e- defquammato : fi enini altiore 
yi-TUiJi fzntY/c^ % \ei(£f to i&^ plaga violetur cortex, nihii ef- 
5 yj^voy 5 Kcu Ivifcw^v i^ c^aTrKcf,- fluet.Spogia aut veliere lachry 
^v iv kyyeict) ogpcmm^ armri^ ma excipitur^quae ficcata & in 
S«w. Au^acuv Ji i^ooTnf paftillos coada fiftili vafe re- 
fuiKouvm ^xjo^nvyJy TfccV' ponit.Vis fjcciemoUit^vulnc- 
pca7tov^<hcejpofytvyjliy twv Jhcss^- ra coglutinat^difcutit colle<ftio 
'Tilm^-mv^T^ 'j ^, cvy^ii^ '^fc^ J3es codioni repugnareSjbibi- 

10 l^TPiTo^v cAJ>/^7rtx^ l^Ailfcoui^ tur ctia aut illinitur cotra fer* 

yoc^ cuTKtuici^y ^fm^u 75 ^yi- pentiu morfus^ duratos lienes^ 

fuiiu x^ (pei>tia4, Taj^i- Sii^ ftomaclii dolores & ^fridio, 

^itJhvi^^.Tin S^iT. aes. Celerrime teredine fentit, 

• Uiei ^vKov Q^iC yJ^tif^^* Ficus Cyprea. 

Ke^. p-^y. ' Cap. CLXXXin. 

i^ TmrQU Siy^li/ w^m^^ iihi Gignitur & in Cypro arbor 
iicL^kesv^ ^iKicc y^ oucTzt^ ffvy^' genere diftans^quse cum fit vL 
luvidT^. ^ii}>.ci%QiYjk^ rrov J^ y^^- ' mus^praedita tame eft foliis fy- 
mv y^^ T^ At5>^^<' yj^y.yji^^KBv-i comori^frudu pruni magnitu- 
i^ ywyJmesy^^r^ J^ ^ct TmT^ dine^ multo dulciore^ fupradi- 
tyu^iicL Toi^ (s^Hfn.i^ot^, £ds ca?tera fimilis. 

io n^ei^i/j^v. Ki(p. otJ"'. Fici. Cap. CLXXXlIir. 

SS'<5& m^i^ce. T^ AmKoL^y^' Fici maturj recentes ftoma- 
^^y^ yMKiasKJunyJ.' paJ>W chum Isedunt^aJuu foluuntrfed 
0' £|- ku r5v lix^puLvsrjJcs- 'l<;tncu. f acile cotrid a ab eis flu^o^fi- 
iioM^A^ioi^v K^ iJ^fdTZtiv ^m^- flitur.fudore euocant papulaf- 
iCKmy^liJ^-iA ^ cy^iS7yJ.^p^ que^fitim fedant^calore reflin- 

1-5 yiAcfia^*^^ J^ fijpfit T^c^i^j^p- guunt . Siccis natura cxcalfa-. 
juafiiyJ,yJ)4Aliyj^^ci^ivKjoiKic&y ciendijVires alunt/ed fitim ma 
ct^Ttt ^wua,vo^o7^ gooA^v gis ftimulant^aluo vtiles^ rheu- 
i^yfii>Sc}4'§>e^y^^ Ji ^ «^V/^eiot matifmis ventris & ftomachi 
nJt zCgei yji vi^efi^ c^^TdJt^ contraria ; gutturi autem, artc 
ms o» uiiyjoovQ(/i{f4 y^yj^t-^olm risrjrenibus, veficiFj Sr iis quos 
^ i iij longa 


loga valetudo decol brauitjan- y^ k^^uaTi^^i ^ cmKmltKmf 
helatoribuSjhydropidSjComi- vJj.vi'%(d'mym^*aicvAcL'b^'^^ ^ 
tialibu$ aptifsim^rferuefafta? KaMrot ui^ji^iu him?^i^V7^^ 
cii hyiTopo &pot3?,thoracein owj vo^^im kcu ^o^v-rzt* ap- 
piirgat: tufsi v^teri^ diutumifq; (J^a S k^ TraKGUol^ ^np > ncd 
pulmonu yitiis couueniunt^al- ^m^ ^ mu^ya ^wt^ 'm.- j 
i4uni molliont tufx cil nitro & "^m ^ yj>i\imf Te ^diK^<^ ^- 
cnicOjdein manducat^.Deco- Tdv^u&r^ vit^ov yjl KjpoTu^vl^ 
ftum arterix & tonfillaru in- ^o^ct.70 J^ k^pi-^^ixu ojjt^h 
flamationib^ gargarizatu pro- w^ ^ apTifeiaM yimel^i^a, 
deft.Cum hordeacea farina ca (^xiyfzjow^^ctf^^e-t «V hw^^of- 
taplafmatis mifcetur^Sc in mu- yleJtapLUy xcu f?^ toJ &\mhv- ^^ 
iiebres fotus cum foenogra^co a^^ J% ^yvTm^ y^^ ci^ yMicu^ 
&" ptifana. Cfterum cum ruta %^t^ TTJexoA pt^nv. r^K^tD? » Tni- 
^ocl^ torminibus infundutur. c^a^* cuo TrAy^td Ji i^s-v]^^ 
Co £t£e illitjque duritias difcu- i^ct^gpc^pm 0^77 tyyJ^vautz. Kct- 
tiunt, parotidas & furunculos mt^TrKa-fiotd^dL Si l^^ Kcicty 
emolliunt, pauos ad matura- <hcttpop^ ayixnexd^ , vrct^e^-nM^, i| 
tionem perduciit, maxime ni- JhbihJjnj; fActxi^m^ (^-jy^dKct m 
tro^iri aut calce addita.Crud2e Wm ^ y^ /u^t^ov atw ie/Ji % 
fi cii antedid:is tuqdantur^jea- yi7fa> % kirCigrf, 7JI a>tM. J) ;m-. 
dem efficiunt: cum malicorio^ my-Ta mw & el^ynm » tk kuj^ 
pterygia purgant ; cum atra- t» /^'S* tnjM mSic^ J\ ^ouj^y Tiii- 
mento futorio ^ deploratis fe- ^vyct, ctjctjcct^^si • uata ^k^ ^-^ 
ye tibiarum fluxianibuSj& ca- y^bov cH t^ov yji/uiu? '^v^c^- 
<:oethicis vlceribus medentur: 'nyj^ > cA^-^x^^ ^ Kuyjoyi^wS)^ 
quin&cumvinodecod^ad- i^^^vi^Ji ofom i^ fJn^Ttx^ 
dito abfinthio &hordeacea fa k-^Jiv^td ^ y^i^yeo k^ kKivfCd-^v^ 
rina ^ vtilifsime hydropicis illi- Jo^7nyj:>tsi>(^^ii y.cLTa.7rKct^7-: 
nuntur . Cremats cum cera- to. • yjsjf^^A M tJu^^TdL m~ 2-5 
to fanant pernioncs ^ prurigi- ^0TA-,yt^^.TKc^ ^^orTOi-^KcicL q i>^ 
neSjfonitusquc fi crud^ teran- ^ mJj vtLTTvi vy^ a^ctx^f^.v- 
tar^ 6c finapi liquoreq; aliquo Tzt yctl c^T^^vjtL 05? ^m^ il^^ 
cxecpta? auribus inftiHentur . )yyj;t^ot}^^mif€i* OJ^S- 
T| fylueftrisj quam fatiu^ fici ^^ r^f aL^as 2^ 'f ^m^a r^yJr^^ 
lafteus, WT?»- 


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mznxjQ^ "o^ YVKdcms Z^^ » ladcus fnccm coaguli modo 
^Tua^hxfH Kcu TD Tnwi^i Z^ lac contrahif^ cocretiimqj diC- 
*^ To o^orlxKVico^ Tt m^7iii>y foluit^ vt acetu: exulcerat cor- 
za4 a^u^^TJjco^^mxia^ 7S hv pora ^ meatus aperit^ foluit al- 
^yji^ y Kcu v<A^.? dLm;)^Kctgj^ uum^ vulua recludit cum detri 
5 ^wV, ^Tct kfAvyMxov hmv m- ta nuce gr^ca potus,menfl:rua 
youSpo^ y }ix£ X^hAtbi kyd-p^ ciet cum luteo oui appofitus, 
*sn^9i^^ cnw iov K^xibtt> ^ » aut Tyrrhenica cera:podagri- 
z«pS iv^hjjim* 'jroiti.ymi? T^ coru cataplafinatis cum farina 
Kai^.^mKdLo^cLai ^impm^ pm - foenigraeci & aceto vtilis : le- 
Ta, mhiov kkivcp^ Ksu c^oi^* pras^lichenas^ vitiligines^ vitia 
op.iyp Ji Kkcm^? y-^ KH^" cutis in facie^ pforas^ vlcera in 
vaS', l(p»x«^> kK(pov^y -^^.^^k- capite manantiajCiim polenta 
;}^e^$ mw h^<^lr(£>* Kcu (TAXi^^ expurgat.inibllatus plage^per- 
^myTTKiKToi^r^^ tJV irK-^yAs l-m- cuffis a fcorpionejVenenatoru 
^^6^0^^ K^ loCoKof^^K^ moJi!'' idibus & rabiofi canis morfi-- 
XTzt^^onbet^K^cckyTUKyct^ i- bus auxiliatur: prodeft detium 

15 0^^ %eia> kv£CK}i(pb^^^Kcu «^ td d olori lana exceptus , 8r cauis 

^pSuct ^v^f/^o^. Kcu /^pAw*- eoru additus.-verrucaru infor- 

iudUf cu^ei y ^ccn ^kA-TrK&^trA^ micationes tollit cu adipe^cir- 

Td^ oy K^xKoiiTctpyJ^. cumlita in ambitu carne. 

TLteiKy/ac ffVK^^. Ki(p. ^-ttL Bicus fylueftris.G a.CLXXXV. 

T^ ajjti J^ jyo '^^h/j^ iroiH Hoc idem pr^ftat fuccus e 

%c> rj^y a/TTO 7^>' kyeja^ cv'/,^^- i^- teneris ramis fyluefl:ris fici^qui 
kSv yKdJb>yJmu ctM iy}'VQt Zcn^ la<fte pr^gnantes^filente adhuc 
(^TTZd ^ o(p^K^v^iCKur^yJ^ oculo^tufi exprimuntur & fic 
*To^^yj>7Ti6^Qt 5 c^SAife^^^ catus in vmbra reponitur . Et 
^Kh ^iti^cuyo^f a/ (t/jo. krm^ lac & fuccus imponuntur ex- 
'nt^.wJKdaQ.di^vij. c^ iy ^i ^'- ulceratoriis medicametis. De- 

X5 yjt>nyJ.^Jhyi^^%7%o'7Fv$i^o codd cum bubulis carnibus 
^Kof. cup y^AJ)u ^omt^y4>U' ramuli ficulni/acilem aiFerunt 
GiK^.-^^pcu^lvi-^TzLT^Tzi decoftionem . Lac efficiunt 
^i^^r^niyLKcc Kvvyjin^oy quod magis foluat^fiinter co- 
iy T^l-^iri mi,<ihoVyCiM7i (mi^ quendum ficulneo furculo ipa 
3^rfiM/7W27a;£^ir/W{ot47?y. tiselocomoueatur. 

rieei O.KuA^ i iiij Grofli 


GrofsL Gap. GLXXXVL Ilset OkuI^^j. K^?j. ^^. 

Grofsi^ qu^e erinei nonnuUis Ol Ji %Kuuboi > <jm Si Tivm 
vocantur, codae illit^ ftrumas \eji:jioi y^ii^ot^i<p^<H yJ}cL^KA^ 
npdosqj omneis emalliut:cru- ^evw, cTstW mjq>o(^h ^ ;^/- 
dse formicas^ verrucas & thy- ^'J^ct^ oitf^Kciojovmy ^^) J^ 
mos^nitro farinaq; additis^toi- iJLv^my^du; '^ "^uoi^^ mu vtT^a^ ^ 
lunt. FoKa eaJem poffunt^illi- KaiiiTrKcc^vT^^ Jc^ kuuo0 cLt^^- 
ta cum fale & aceto vlccra in aj.z^7a. (pvT^a M t* iuT^ ewv-' 
capite manantia^ epinydidas, oj^rcu^ aux) o|^ c/^ xj ^'07 ^cfidTst- 
& furfures fanat: iis ficofse ex- ^Ka^m^^ k^^dSy miu^ i^ 
tuberaaoncs^&: genarum fca- iTnw^vicLs /Sv^ *7:zt^7eiC{^icu i o 
briri:?perfricantur.Nigr^ fi- 6i kuToi^ Zfi^ (ruyjiJ^^ -^ r^u- 
<:us foliis cauliculifque candi- ^ar ^Ki(papZv,iy Kivy^o y^^- 
d^ vitiligines perunguntur^ fa- 'Ta-s-^iwroy'^ '^^*' '^ l^'^^^^^ ^- 
ciunt ad canum morfus, & vl- yii^- o^L^i^m % rui^ yjKiJou^^iH: 
cera qux ceria^ id eft fauos^vo y^ -Trfo^r^ -/Mvichicl a ffvv fjiKiv^ 
cant. Groisi cum fyluefixis pa- ^j '^J^ '^ Ju*eici. hk-pun .Ji if 
paueris foliis offa extrahunt^ ol okuju^i ^ 09* 5 ^^ ^'^mio^ 
furunculos cum cera difcu- ky^ ^ii>}<oi^^Jh^ltMci4 7^ ffuu 
tiunt^cotra muris aranei mor- y^m J^^votm* auu. oeoC(^ Jiic^ 
ihs^ & fcolopendr^ venena^ oiy^ii^cmTrKci.^rrc^-i^^^ ^- 
cum eruo & vino iUitse^ auxi- y^>S^ Jify^-rcL kcu a^oKomv 
liantur. '^^cl; a^uiloun» ^ P 

Lixiuium ficus. n^e^ Koy/i^^ t^^ mrA^u 

Gap. GLXXXVII. K£?>. §:r^'- 

Fit ex cinere fic» ta fylueftris TinwMK^mUcL^ci;(nj~ 
g, fatiux lixiuiu^crematis ramo ym^ >y «^pif y.cLiv7ray t KhdJ^^ 
r u cauIiculis:quo d fiibinde ma q^^ 'f ri^pf^oi * 'tizKvC^o^v Ji cm^ 
cerari op^ eft & inueterafcere, ■ rUxj JSmSi ;^ m.Kcmv*a^ ml^^ 
fiquide inter cauftica intelligit J^ y^^r^i t^ '^^gjyj^ ^ -^ci^y^ ^- f 
Gagr^nis jpdeft;:naqj expurgat y^cavii^cccf.vcLy^^^ -^ i^ i- 
&. cofumit^quf excrefcut:e6q; vciCKi(r/.i ^m ^o5ci';^^<^o cw^ 
nc vtendu eftrSpongia afsidue t^ iS, • cmi^^/yov ^^i^viru fftu^s^ 
hoc lixiuio imbuta fiiperpo - ;^^ k^ cmv^^vmAq^' %'jJiit^ 
aitur, Interdum dyefentericis, liiMi^oyToJ a>^ c';?? Jt^cnvn^tKm 

IIBER 1 (?p 

z^wtKcuh '^^fjA-my y K^ mK' & in fluxioncs vetuftas> & fin* 

TTzyy x^yo^y ic^ ,ui)J.hm'y^ cuniculatim excdetes^magnot 

B^^ei y^Kcu kjo^Kol kcu m^^ que^inftillari c6ueniet.Etcnim 

xoTjic^ mjuQ^U-i hiKOTO)^ mf purgat^coglutinat^carnereplet 

i^alu&i^^zcuiroTiltwM^s & oras comittitjno fecus atqj 

5 cu^^s ^^oi/^Qcom vju '^ea- emplaftra q cruetis vulneribus 

fUL-niy oiyfjucTzi^ cccrdauuTzt^ iniiciunt^^nema vocat.Bibitur 

ffiLu vJ^cLjn^ yjud^id fmcs<^i - ad difcutiendu fanguine cocrc 

^^ J^vKiqjLiyn ' y^ Ikcuqu ui- tu, & cotra pr^cipitationes^ru 

^^7^^ lKiy>v^ jccftKiam^ 75 k5" pta^couulfa^cum cyatho aqug 

fhxnyTietyJi^ y y^^^ lccuTiul recenter colatum; addito olei 

1 iwdb^v asKiibQ^ ^oii^ itSbiA" exiguOjCoeliacis dyfcntericis t> 

wa^ -m^ yuittKot^Ji Yji ajpi~ fe cy athus dat^ prodefc neruo- 

G^itaJ:,<w;^iaucL(iffiS^oyaiLu ru vitiis , couolfionibus com^ 

iKcucpy l^^^ta^ yuyouait.x^ *3j^5" mode illinitur ex oleo^ vtpote 

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hi^J% i J^^viyr ^^Tva-i^ Ji H' reliqua lixiuia, pr^fertim quer 

mmw, numromniatameadftringunt, 

U})n}aic^, K.^. ^L Perfea. Gap. CLXXXVIIL 

^ n^^aia JiyJav ^o^y^ ^ 4- PErfea arbor eft ^ in i£gy- 

^'77?6) ^ KOfT^iy :pi^y iJ^Jicuty^ pto, fruftum fcrens cib o ido- 

2-P augi^^^y • l^' cv /Jx T^ u^^ neum^ ftomacho vtile : in quo 

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coetV/.£73^, f/aKt^Ti J% iji ^ij- ne inueniuntur , prsefertim in 

CdiJt.^matuy Jit;^ tu c^vk- Thebaide. Arida.folia in fari.. 

K^ K^ jfm^wKccTJo^JpuByi^^ nam redacla , illitu fanguinis 

eu^^cr^uitkZy .^ ^t^ Ji fV- eruptioncs fiftunt . Arborem 

2 5f/»iw wsi" ^ ^(riJ\ kytu^i-n^ hanc prodiderut aliqui in Per- 

m fy^j ^Ta-TsS^j/ Ji Hicu- fide exitiofam efle^translatam- 

yj^oy, (L>KQtc^^cu -9 IMJ)^ que in iEgyptum^ mutata na^ 

(4&y i/ji^, tura in f ibos receptam, 

n})^ KiezJh^. Ks^. PtS^ Iberis. Cap. CLXXXIX. 

^lC}h^7^iKci^JcLu^rsK^t^^ Iberis fiue cardamantica^ 

'T^' folia 


foUa HabetnafturtijjVerc vi- 

rentiora ; caulem cubitalem, 

autminore: inincultis nafci- 

tur^a^ftate ladeumflorepro- 

mit j quo tempore efficacior 

eft ■. Radices duas nafturtio fi- 

miles habet^ calfacietes 3c ad- 

urentes: ipfe enim ifchiadi- 

cis cum falfa axungia empla^ 

ftri modb vtiles ^ quaternis 

horis alligat^jVt dein 

in balneas defceda- 



locus per- 


ms lib; t 

^^104 TidfMjULtd ^p^jmvy^^ 
K^7(^^K^roLVizu ^ kya.^ cu 
fiZdu "srth i^cL<hyjDu^y ctum xi- 








il2 nEPI TAHS 



Anazarbei de medicinali ma 
terialibri fecudi prsefatio^ 

ON AETTEPON. lo.HueUio Suefionefi mtey^retc. 

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cau. iS^fiWicL r ^ortLsrmv 2^^;^»^ 
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yjov ^^v^if^yi^vnu y^Acn^^ o- 
'^yf^v^ru^ ^i^h ra^ -^^i Of^ 
(jun^oKn crpiiy^cn • ^y^^ov 
cTs y^bcupH rd \v7m^ Xkvja-^ yu^ 
^TZL^^KKir^ \S^(7ci^yxvZrci, 

bro qiiem de- 
teria condidi- 
muSjde aromatibusj oleis, vn- 
guetis^arboribus, &nafcetib«> 
ex eis fuccis^hclirymis, femini 
biisq; difleruimus . In hoc au- 
tem fecundo de animantibus^ 
melle^lafte5adipe,frugibus3 at- 
que oleribus explkabim us , 
fubnexis herbaceis qux acri 
prsedita fiint f acultate ^ vtpote 
quse cil ipfis cognatione iun* 
fla fint : qualia allium^ccpa^ 
finapi^ intelliguntur.Idqs ideo^ 
ne cognatorum viresdifiunxi-.- 
ffe videamur. 
Echin^ fiue erinace^. CapJ. 
Marinus echinus ftomacho 
ventiiq* vtilis eftivrina cit^hu- 
ius tefta crudainafiata^como 
de medicamentis admifcetur, 
q pforas abftergutcrematc vc 
tb cinis fordida vlcera expur- 
gatjluxuriante carne reprimit. 


Echlnus terrcftris. nsei^rSpj^s^^^jjljj^yi^* 

Cap. II. K?^." C'. 

Terreftris erlnacci corlum Ko) cS y^^wov Si l^m rti 
combuftum alopecijs cum pi- M^aa y^W>^23^^ *dLK6ymyJtci; pus 
celiquida aptifsime illinitur^ tsL -mimf vy^dLf y^Tu^tofji^oy 
afsiccauun corp^5& cum ace- a^^^ei'i }i e^xf^ (r/.cKmv^' i 
to mulfo potum ^ renum vitiis ^ iy min^-A ^ o|y^Am^, 
auxilio eftritem aqusequa^cu- ^o-a^ vitp^mim^^ y^ ^ms \^ 
tera fubiit^conuuliionibus^ele- cnfy^ vS^qc^-J^^ k^ amLsrimhm^ 
phantiae , & male habitis^quos iKitpdu^vScn^^y^^K-nn^ * |>tp£uy« 
cache<3:os vocant rvifceru flu- Ji iy ^ <k2 ta am,(ifyju psy- 
xiones exiccat. Eiufdem iecur ^vcrpj^^^i^ t^ %^ Ji ojwni |;t- ^^ 
fidili folibusex codo arefa- £^y^y \^^ogfh.^iuoy^x)?^i^ 
iflum^ ad eofdem vfus vtilijSi^ cwn57^^y,©^> iu kwm. cftcic^ 
me reconditur. &f^t^HhobijSpov* 

Hippocampus^ Iliet l^^Tn^yJ^uTrov* 

Cap. III. Ks^. y . 

Hippocampus marinum l^^r-zi^Lm^y ^^iojroy "^ i$ 
onimal eft exiguum^cuius cre- {^om uiy^lv 5 ov y^iyw kyaXyi' 
mati cinis cxc^ptus cum li- (pb^em. ^ 7i<p^ if.cm^ ^y^^^ 
quida pice ^ aut axungia feu o^vY/i({> » k^^yjyt^ jAv^&i 
amaracino vnguento iilitus^a- vjx y^TA^i^SasL^kKedmyua^ 
lopecias replet. i^^L^tt. 

Purpura. Cap. im. np Xio^t^v^u K£«^ J^'. %^ 

Purpura vfta exiccat^ den- Uo^tpv^ y^&tcm. Jhjjauty ?- 

tes abftcrgitjCxcrcfcentiasin ;^ ^n^^vnKluv^ {mmmtuij o~ 

oarn e cohib et, vlcera pur- ^vTt/^y^x^c^KMUAT^y il j^- 

gat , & ad cicatri- 'm'=^Kriidjjj^%ya/^b^fvw Ia.- 

cemperducit. ymyihjmvkmmhuin 

Buccina. Cap. v. TVfi\iyi(^jyjy>v. K£(^. 1. ^f 

Eadem prxftant concrc- TA ^T^t Jj cTr^cDo? :^, o/ x//p- 

mata buccina^led vehemen- y^^ y^ivrrHm''^ juaKKoy )(^^ 

tius vrunt; fi quisfalis plena kjoriai H 'ni kh%y hjtk^ 'Tn^A" 

fi<Mi crudo adurat, dentifri- p^»^^ in coua p^jJct y^jTA^of^ 

cio conueniunt : ambuftds vti- ^^ai ^^o^^iy oSvwvIk^ y^^ 

liter, 7^>3cx/- 

^y^^-m cm^KctMyncy\2y liter iUinuturrquibus fbhii me- 

Jt M i/Trug^iizov^zu 75 ^ct^- dKamentum n5 oportet: nam 

fjutzoy • fjj^ /g T^ amvKa^ poftea quam vulnus cicatrice 

mv ^ y^TUii^jj fjuLToi hjT^pccL^ duxeritjipium in rcte modum 

'Tovkr7ro7n':P,^.yvi7ai Ji disCi- induratu^ipote fiia decidet. Vlt 

5 <^^ \i cLuT^v co^ -CimM^o^cjSp osr etiam calx e bucpnis, vt in ei* 

tS> <:^ k(rCi^v Aoo^». mentione demonftrabimus. 

npIoyW* K£^. /. Cionia. Cap. VI. 

Joyio. J% y^Ketw t* c^ Cioniavocatur purpurarum 

'my vji/ioi)my y.cu^Trtff^vfm uA" buccinoruq^media^partes^cir 

cruy ^^ ^ig i %hii 'o^ ri o^d- ca quas teft^ volume clauicu^ 

10 Kow x^ircu J% oyjiia^^<^uCdL- latim intorquetur.Cremata 11- 

yuy l^vm y^<iiyjm£^v iSv mili modo^maiorem purpuris 

^^•uyjdv kcutt!^ 'TTc^cpv^^^J^ia, buccinisq', facultate vredi c5- 

*7D TTji^m cujiwy niu^ (^im . cu fequunt^quonia apprimedi na 

J% cc^yu^ ^v yjA^vyjiry ^ cjus^' tura obtiner.Buccinorum car- 

yjoi Kcu cAj^ua^i • yjoiUcLv Ji nes ori grat^ fur^ & iiomacho 

i^ cy yutKcLoj^cci, vtilesifed aluum no molliut. 

Il^)Mva.m7. Ksip. ^"^ Mituli. Cap. VH. 

Mvuu^J^a^^ie^ujivot^^rvy- Mituli laudatifsimi in P5to. 

•j7Jw/. y^ivTi^ J^ 70 hjTo J^^Zcrt Cremati eunde buccinis eiFe- 

7o7f yjfv^iyjj)i£u7tepv Ji ^Ku- dum pr^bent. Priuatim pliibi 

^VTZf ^^ fzoKiCJhf:^^my^vou- more eloti^oculorumedica- 

^^ mv Hi Tiltp^KiMyJ: (7iw fjh^i- mentis cum melle vtiles habe- 

v^oiLwyjiyh m^TTiTiu ^u:pi turtgenaril crafsitudines abfu- 

^miyouJi^v^.fhi^yJy^^K) munt^albuginespurgatj&ce^ 

TEt a.>KG>f im<r/>07oahra, 7 yJ- tera qux oculis caliginem of- 

ficur^ Ji cp^l hjTwv K'jjjQj'!i- funduticarnes eorum ad canis 

xiotf cmv^T^ ^j(pm y^f* m orfus vtilifsime imp onutur. 

rmjvcu^n^ctjhomKicc^ljJ. ^^"^^^- Cap. VHI. 

htg^ 1| iur (G>aor T&ei-^- Recetes teltinse aluo vtiles, 

fcu '^ y^azu'^ "^iCiiCFcu 7\Hcu K^ fed maxime ius earu : lalit^ v- 

yAT^ y^J^fia^ o-Tji^^^oy^cu^Ttd rutur^tritseq; in cinere, & cum 

i^vh^puf T. Qh^f^i^Qv ^/;^> cedria inftillatx ^ auulfos pilqs 

«s^ renafci 


renafd non patiuntun e^x l&|yfl£?5?r^wa/- 

Cham^. Cap. IX. U})Xit/my. Ketp, fl^* 

Chamarum conchulanim- l^cuo <^ w p(W^y a^ ^ 'tt^v 

que in exigua aqua decofta- a.}Xm Kjoy^yeteim ^<»f^^/^t}^i^ 

rum ins^aluum ciet; id cum vi- eu^ Ktv^l-^^j^o^ ti$ oKiya vM 

no afTumituif. TofpAT om ^^ MuCcUfiw^ i 

Vnguis odof atus. Cap.X. Tl^^Onv^^ou Ki(p. i 

Vnguis fiue onyx cochylij te- Oyyf V^ ^ua x^y^KiovyO-' 

gumentii elt^ei finlile quo pur uc^ioy tS rjr ^p^ypa^*c^'ef^/«'- 

pura integitur : quod in Indise f^oy of nrvi .'yc/>V, <^ ws- ydfJhj- 

■ nardiferis lacub^ inueniUiiaue (po^^t? Ktu^cu^.M ^ k^c>>u£tv^ 

ideo ipiras odore,q» conchylia leivi^^m -r^yy^y-^^^yj r lo 

inibi nardi pabulo vefcantur. vafJbv * cvniyc-m M^X^et^ 

Colligitur pofteaq^ftagnantes iw}<£s^r ajjyjmy oMayfcur^ 

aquf seftiuis fquallorib^ inarue 3^>W cu KUv<u*<hcL(^^et Sihd^- 

riitXaudatifsimus qui a rubro ^ -w^ Ip^Z^ yj^m^ot^o?^ v- 

niaridefertur5cadicas,pinguis. ^uvkx>^ coy 'mxiTrae^^.^wcKo.^ 

Babylonicus nigrefcit^atq; mi- Ji o ^ct^vKcim^ 2^ tMy^or^ey^. j^ 

nor confpicitur.Ambo odoris 'k^JL^^oT^est ^ hjdaet^-i ^^ico- 

-gratiafuffiunt^fedaliquatenus i/Sfoi,mq:^ej.lom^^-Gu>i'fA o- 

caftoreum olent. lidem fuffitu cju ■Vye.t^un Ji ^y ?roi^ \^^^ ^ 

excitantfoeminasvuluf.ftran- yuc^y-n^ ro4 v^ex^^ -Tnt^p-- 

gulatu oppreflaSjComitialesq^: ^a^^^Cj o-mhii^yPtio^^or Tr^^vTi^ 

poti vetrem molliunt » Crema- J^ xofKtcuf fjutKio^unvaxt'^ i\ %a 

• tum~ cochylium eadem efficit, ri xjoy^Ktoy -^iy^ m^ ocmyy h 

qu£epurpura& buccinum. ^g^y^ ^jc^ o x.iJpi^f . 

Cochlese. Cap. Xl. Uie} Kox^-tou -^^otm^. 

Terreftres cochiea? ftoma- K20. iL 

cho vtiles funt> &non facile )Loy>.idi4 -^Q^Taloj ^.0m- 

corrumpuntur. Optimx Sar- ^^ ^ Jbtj^^oTo^ ^ke/^^ /4 S^ ^ 

donic3? 5 Aphricana? , Aftypa- Ttof c^J^ytyii^j KtCuyi^% kgv^ 

leicie^&qufin Sicaia,ac Chio -mKid/^ (nyjiUcL koi '^o^i/J- 

gignuntUF , & qu^ in Liguriae vc^fdpo^^yjlo of w^ y^i^Kt" 

■alpibus^pomatia^jideft opcr- yjeiciJf kKTncn wiia-Aa^j^^ 

ciilares cognominata?. Marina kovkSpos, . /ca^ 5 ^K:i^o^ 

ftomacho it 

tlBER. IL 72. 

^ oQ^jm^^ K^i lAjkzpmH'^ ftomacho idonea, & facile al- 

^^^ios^^oiJM^^.TL^Qwi uo excernitur: fiuuiatilis iii- 

H^^^ }y%lii ^ufJuifiTmf^c^^r rus olet • Qu^ verb vepribus 

;cs/j?M»,^V '^y^o^:,ty -nvtf (A- frutetisque glutinata coh^rer^ 

(nKoy y^ovffj y ^^'/.'nxA^ 'Q^ quam vocant nonnuUi fefi- 

g xjDihia^ y^ ^/Mi^vlju^T^mo^. lon^ ventrem Sc ftomachum 

AtwotTtu Ji TTzi^-m T^ cq^ccyj. turbat^ vomitiones excitat. 

y^^^cL^^^veiv ^cu x^' Cremataeomniumtefteexcal 

Hrap.{i^y Ki^ci; > kKCLov^-^ o- faciendi & vrendi natura for- 

JivTo^^ovKk^ Sin^z^ G(^btiK~ tiuntur : purgant lepras, vitili- 

iMi7^ iy Kivxj^^ra, K^l(p-^Ki^:,-^ gines^dentefque : emendant 

j^ kfjLCKv&moj;^ ym^ 7^^ (^yJ^ oculorum cicatrices ^ & vitia 

oKot y^hn^ %cu Keidi^^vn^ '/^ cutis in facie ^albugines^ac vi- 

lyy^io^ot ffi/ji fA?j7i amy^- fus hebemdines ^ fi cum came 

^eP^y • ^^i ^ iHJUj 'm^ fua vftae tritsque exmelleilli- 

iUKv^oti y^T^^TTKa^mi , 1^/- nantunCrudce cum tegumen- 

Y.^toi-cni^vS^oamyJ^oiiiiAA^ tis impofita^^ aquse inter cu- 

jj Tzt^z^ovz (K^it^Tiu ^vh Tm tem tumorcs exugunt : fed no 

kvtnLuiS-lwcu 7t> vy^ov* x^ TTo- aute foluantur j quam omnis 

My^jtyJ,^ Jt (^uyijuova^ ^m^^i - hauriatur humor . podagricas 

vot/n\:^(TiCQKomAKXj:iLmvouJoi^ inflammationes leniunt^im- 

m i&TTiJZffKct^yn^ xcu ^fjrni- paftos corppri aculeos illit^ 

v<i ayiun KMi fsn^^^fj^ot, euocant^menfestrita^ & ad^ 

2.0 ciiJ^ (Td^u^ ojvTziv Keicu enjuv motae ciunt. Carnes earum cu 

ap.v^vyt K^ KtQaJi/cdTt}> y^^TZL^Kcx.-' thure & myrrha ilHtf ^ciim vul 

^etmji^Tf^tvtJULrtL K^ fjJ,Kt'^^ neraalia ^ tum maxime qu^ 

^T?^ Ttt ysu£^ icoKkScny/jsdT^ herui acceperunt , congluti - 

c^ yLVYjriidiv eum^cty^ (ruu nant:trit£ein acetOjfanguinem 

o|fi Keaw^vTi^ im^un* ^ocl naribus erumpentem infre - 

x^ cf^ j5 au^^^y^Tam^^rjct ^ Kv- nat:viuae corpuSj& praflertim 

Cm^^ ^(^KtgaL^kKy^ovctJ^^fjJ-' Africana? cum acetodeuora- 

^v c73tD«'a€7a Si ^ oq>iizis 0- tu^ ftomachi dolores mirigat: 

Ko^^jeiC^ii^mr oiviii^mii%- trira cum tefta ^ vino & myr- 

m Tre^V oKt^i^ KKoKtzov^ St- rha > fi exiguum inde bibatur^ 

^mvHz^ VM9cm kkytiJuam^ colivcficgquecruciatusfanat. 

hcfy^y^.a, . Tcrrcftris 


Srcrreftris pifoslncommodos kidi:^}^,%i'i':ei^so')^^ml(i^^ 
j-epHcatj fi quis abrafo acu \^ 'n? ^^iyluLt i(p rSf (rofxi^ 
lentore cius, piltitn h/fiipi^mr^^sri^icaf^GiyM 

attingat. eiJki cxn^i^^pf/yrm -^^ ^^^, 

Cancri. Cap. XIL n^Kcyz^Wj Ke^. tC\ 
Cancrorum fluuiatiliii ex- Kofxjvm iTti^yum y^iv^mvy f 
iiftoru cinis qui duo cochlea- ^ Ti^pu ioo^Kvctelm ^mv ^x»- 
ria expleat, adiefto dimidio ra ^r mjuij -^^Jvufyt^ fi^a^ vjiyKvdL 
dicis getian^ modo^ triduo po etV ^**^*^ ^^"i(^ 'Tro^iou cth nu^ 
tus cil vino, m agnop ere pr o- ^ ^ y\ ^oa^Ki^ojoJ^fyM^ z/^a^ 
d eft canis rabiofi morCbus:ri- y^rmjijj S\ uknti lo^zy'» ^nyi^- 
mas pedum fedisq^, perniiicu- JtL^^u^ 'Trom Kj W c* Jk^cTV 1 6 
I0S5& carcinomatajCum deco Kiayi) ^ui^Ka^-iij za^mcdiJUL'- 
&o melle lenit: triti crudispo- ta m^-fi^^c^KHoi ii /^tm (njJj 
tiq^ex afminolafte, auxilian- ylKay.vov^cd^M^^m^^^^-i^y" 
tux co ntra fe rp entium phala- tn iv^aeimv i^m^Tuv^^^^Kti^i) Im^ 
gionimq^ morlus^ atqj fcorpio c^o^nnm ^K'Ay!u^*l(^^\ Ji awj 
num ictus: deco £ti aute & cu ^ccifX£^i^QfjSpoi^(p^(nKoy^ ^^2- i ^ 
iure efitatij iis profant, qui ta- kovcj-j y^ i^ Kaymv ^Ki(T- 
be conficiuntur^aut lepore ma mv ^-toxoW • Te^i^B^mi' J^ 
rinum hauferunt: necantfcor- ^t* o^yj^v y.cu ^sj^^e^mr, 
pionestriti5& cum ocimo ad-- (rio^-^ots Krrmotm, Jl/jjcuf^ A 
moti.Poflunt eade marini, ve- Ta ajj-ri it^ 01 ^Kiojiot^ ^kUjj 
ruminefficaciuspmniapftat. t^kv riioiiv c/rcf>^vcn, , z& 

Terreftris fcorpio. n^/S;topc77if p^^sraij. 

Cap. XIII, K$(p. iy^ 

Tcrreftris fcorpio_tritus & 2;a?p7?7b^p^p5ztro^ ^JaoV^^e?- 
impofitus , fuae plag^ reme - o^ c^te^s*? ^oii^ua 7?^ tJiac 
dium eft: quin eftur aflatus^ad ^K-^y^^ yvi-na^aueiirA^riiJ. 3 i^ 
eadem. . c;7?».^V'3i^? 70 ^c^td. z^ 

Marinus fcorpio. Tl}t 2;wp7/?^ ^Kclc^^^ 

Cap. XIIII. ^ K£^.^ iJt. ^ 

Marini fcorpionis fel con- T» 3«t\«£CCT« cy-o^Tn^d n ^ko} 
uenit ad fiiffufiones oculoru , ^^t,i ^^ W ^y o(p^etK^l^ 
albugineSj& hebetudines. vTo-^ffi^ i^ uvyA^ia ^ i,^ 
Draco. $Kva^7na;i IIp 

ttBER It n 

tl}} kp^M^Tti^hd^ biraco marinut 

Afl«co7». K£<?. ii Cap. XV. _ 

hii^mi ^xio^tis k^cdii-w^^ti^ Draco marinus clifle<9:us & 

-^hnm^^^ ^Ufjui '^ ^^ T apertus impofitusqj idus ipi^ 

c^ju tJV ky^^$ <ujTi ^>^tyjijj, na? fu^ qua ferit^medela efl. 

^ np^^KOTdyJ^^a^. Ks^,//. Scolopendra. Cap. xvt 

^Ko-mvJ^pu ^aoc^ice. 14»- SCOLOPENDRAiii 

hetazL ovIkcu(o k^ y^TA^tt^Si'' oleo decoftafiillinatur^ aueU 

^4*xo7 ^;^5" 'v{^c&«W cT^ lit capillois : fed contadu pru^ 

iUfiidiuov^l^yi^iTaju ritusfacit. 

n^iNotp3c«^i Ks^. ;^'. Torpedo pifcis. Cap. XVtli 

io Ni^jc** d5£XcdOT5« omiT^m l-Tn Marina torpedo diuturnis ca 

^onm kK^f^^v ? ^ Jifef ^ pitis doloribus admota^crucia 

hhy^^s^yyi TD a^oJ^^h r kKy^- tus vehementiam mulcet : ea- 

fjutr^ri^ %<^^djf '$ r/fiTKo^m % dem appofita euerfam fedei^ 

<^oazn77?if^,9£p^^ ^ogi^asu prociduamque coercet. 

^n^Xa^x^^l-^vvi^. Ke^.w. Viperse. Cap. XVUIi 

15 E^ JVi»^ <Tap| £4*»^^ ^ fi* Vip erina? carnes fi coftae e^ 

^oi^it^ o^vJh^K^^ miii W 0- dantur^claritate o culis afFerut^ 

4^^i^ "^^ni rt^exvs* if^* neruoru vitiis auxilianfjincrc- 

(i, ^ lu^m^o^oi ^t^M^ fcetesfl:nimasreprimut:detra^ 

l^cn^M 5' c/i^M^ifw hjTiw^ da aute cute, caput caudaq^ 

^ ctmoicSi^m T^sixhjj ^ r i%itiy quonia came vacat, amputari 

% 6 dia, TB <Jy avm^ Audpm.ijju^^ debetquippe c5metitiu eft q^ 

J^f ^ » <s^i' 7B fclTfoy a/Troico- prcecipit,certa vtrinq; menfiira 

T^ wy ot/qsfijy^Tc cA£ \omy ^^J- prccidi oportere.Reliquuvero 

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f^lKeuii K^oiy>i'Z^hJm oKtyav tu difle^uq; difcoquitcum o,^ 

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dimittiturjadiiciuturfalis cari- ^Uu y§f(Uf^ i^ pm awm^ i\S? 
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trit*^ in pulueris facie/econdit. ^70 ^^eiOTeiCn^yn^. h/Trov^V' 
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mifcetur.nardifpica5.autfoIiUj ^^'^cim aui^^ va^P^^^y^o^ n 
aut malabatliri momentum. ^y Wvh, » uca.dLQd.'^'^ ^^cl-^^o^ 

Seneda anguiu. Ca. XlX. n^/ 0(?S6)^ y*(p6j>%Kt<^. ih\ i<3 

Senedos anguium in vi- Tv^^^^Q^iOiik-i^^v ijv ow^ , 
nodecodadolori aurium^in- ^oii^iA^Q^iv eo^T^Kya^ h^X^^' 
fufu: & dentium collutione^ f/^oy^ iy oJtVT^hyct^ ^eiyJKv- 
auxilio eft.Addunt eam in me- lo^ov. ^(;^an Ji mro ^ «V 
dicamentaoculorumjfedprg- o(^bd.h^yJ,? SUui^HS ^hi^ 
■cipue viperinam. «I^Tomep^ear. ij 

Lepus marinus. H^/ Act.'^m ba^^ctili^* 

Cap. XX.. K5?). /. 

LepxismarinusloHginipar- KayA$^.KimosXmjipfAi-^ 
na? fimilis: eft^qui per fefe trit^^ Xf 2 riv^Si^J^twcc^ Ji Ktioi kcc 
aur cum vrcica marina illit** ca 'ni.^M^^^ y,ci^' Icojtov yji ^ 
pilloseuellit, . izcfvJcpj?^ Te/;;^^ -vj^^otS'. 2.< 

Lepus terreftris. Cap.XXl. n^; Aae^K^j^epw». Ka^.jifit. . 

Terreftris lep oris inaiTatum i:'^ Jiy^^omn K&Lyji>ov h lyid" 
cerebru maditur,iuuandis tre- ^ctKo^^ I^tIIs ^iQ%md{&po? cd^ 
moribusqui valetudine cotra (^ihet^omt^ t^ y^ 'mbo^ yt- 
^ifunt:affri<Suaut cibofacile yo^oi^ • kcu o<kwi<^^ cm 
infantibus detitionem pr^ftat: W«&;' Tm^TtiCo^ot i^ l^o- ^ 
cxuftii caput & cu adipe vrfi- i^or » cTs x^tpi^AM hm /.cm^ 
no aut a cero ilHru^ alopeciarii yjl /.(Xrr^^if^et^m. miu s^aiof 
iaanit atib^mederur.Leporinii kiy.ei\i % %iov^ kKcdTniu 04 ^tpce- 
coaguIiT poft triduum a cocu- "muiA.Ji TniucfTro^cm ^/^ ^a^ 
him potu^co ceptum adimere, ^>7§ei^ , j^i^^ tIu) a>(^iJe?H 
. . -. partmqj - k-jiyAo^ 


kToyjoi Sycu i^^ii^'i7n^ <fe partiiscjj ipem intercipcrejp- 
iic)T ai^jm^^a^f^ivmyZ^JCoiKiaSy diturrvulua? & alui fluorem 
&<piKHo i) cc77\»7?/x«r,£|'SOi' fiftit 5 comitiales iuuaf^contra 
m^^imytA putT^ o^n^^mofd^ venena ex aceto bibicur^, prae-» 
yyiy AwTx/stt Ji ^h yLketzTi^^ lertim adueriiis cocretum lac^ 
5 ^ouCGmv i, \yihm cA?J/^A7«* & viperarum morfus. Sanguis 
^ Ji i^ucL hjiH %%ffj(^y H^^T^ eius fi callidus illinafj vitiaxu- 
^iofj^oy.lpmM^ K^kh(pi^^ tis in facie^yitiliginem.lentigi- 
fciyjov^^^,7iiviy nesquefanat, 

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, Kt<f- K^". . . Cap.XXn. . . 

io Tei^yw SrAKcto;:s7ac7i m- Marina? palUaacf radiiiSjqiii 

Tfoy^ Jii. iuTTo tjT^- ov^a^ ojjTTj^ ei^ cauda .eaat^ aduerfis fqua- 

•'TnfpvKjiy kyigpufiiJLivoy w^ (po- mis refleditur, dentium dolo- 

' iicny^lJiy-TA^yoiiPTA ^cLvyei' rem mitigaf.nam' eos fragitj'& 

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i^ ^.y^inaj^i^i^^^TAt /in i^:t^ Sepiaecofia? dumeftur a* 

^iCf6i>^.i^oy ihtm^B.oy '/^i- tramentum a?gre concoqui^ 

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'Di^o^cajoy ^iMiv^y ^i }coK- tefta faftis conuenienter ge- 

'Kve^ct i^uo^i ^^ TTti^^Te^-^y narum.fcabxitise perfricantur:^ 

^dL-^tay ^K^A^My ^ ^gky S^ <&» vftum in fua tefta donec id q5 

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^73t)Jf/^oy. . &iniedum.~. ,^ - .: 

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%^iTKcimi^^ %^ou^/ii\uC^ Mullorum afsiduo cibo, a^~ 

^7^04 Jbm K^^cLo^i^^stsJKiu-Tra/^ ciem oculorubebetari coftaC 


Is marmi draconis ^ aranei , ac y^v G>im Sk Avci%<^H(mx^ hm* 

fcorpionis morfibus mede- T^-Ta ^KsLCK^nJ^^ciKDvro^ '^ 

- tur^.ii crudusatque dif- cnto^Tnou kcu a,p(iyvi}$ JV/>f^- 

. ieftus admoueatur. ^Ia-vu* 
; Hippopotamus. Up O^^e^^ tTrmTr^iu- 

Cap. X X V^ ^v. KiO* kL ^ 

Hippop otami tc&cs exicca- ^P)^^ l-Trirj^mi^uii ^npav^^ 

ti ac triti cotra ferpentiu mor- ^ K&ica^^^ ^ 'mrtrm ^t* omw 

fus bibuntur, fss^^l^w^-rz^v Jiyuarr^, 

Fiber, Cap. XXVL ^, ^.^ ^^ 

FIB E R ancipitis vit^ a- Ki^es^ op;^^* ^h 'Gp.v ku- 1^ 
nimal j plerunque cum pifci- (^iCioy^^^\e^^vc/J vcktcny m/J} 
bus & cancris ex aqua vidum ))Sy^ , x.cu Kcifyavoia ^^6f^^ 
capefsit.Huius tcftes ferpen^ yo^^. meij^' y^ ^^ l^fmi^^ 
tium venenis aduerfan tur:fter 'ki Ji ^ '^oft^m^^-^^ k^^ko^ 
.nutamenta mouent, & in vni- ^ixjkIuj %;^ r ^m**^^^ 
uerfum varios obtinent vfus; ^ i^t^ yri^^voi < -^a^^o^ i$ 
fiquidemmenfesac partusci- <hoiy>,\u{fhjja yjviik^ %i^^va^ 
unt 5 duabus drachmis cum ^ J^yTS^^ iy/-^civ.«. TTjysw ij 
pulegioppti: partus fecundat f^ ^f^ ^ ®€^V \ymi:uimirji^ 
'que eiiciunt : contra inflatio- ceif^<^6tpot^^Kvy^vi^^iLmij^ 
nes 5 tormina ^ fingultus^venc- (^iou^iy^^ t^ici^^Avcai^&m Ji 
na^ixiamqueex acctobibun- y^ w Kn^^yx/ivfy kcu t^ iq 
turzlethargicos^&vtcunque oTm^J^^TroTi y^Tzt^^^^ovfy 
veterno obdormifcentes ex - %fj£<ii^^os • mj) o|« kcu po- 
citant infufi:cum aceto autem <iiv(^ kcu o(j^^cuv6i£po$^K^ -^^ 
& rofaceo,olfa<9:u & odo^ ^f^&idpoi JiT^ hjTdmn^ 
ris fuffitu, idemfaciunt : poti ipui^eiJiiy t^ou&i^kcu amL^ 
& ilfiti profunt tremulis^con- c^ol^y kcu vrzmi tw yiv^dJ^H tf 
uul(ionibus,& omnib^ neruo- mo^os Tt kcu (Tuy^iOLu^ 
rum vitiis. In fumma^calfado- vo^ . kcu y^^Kov '^^^vkUm 
^riamvim habentEligidebent l:)(P -dwJuLcLfMv.l^Jhk-pv J\ 
teftes^qui ex vno ortuconne- kei rk^ uwj-^vyu^ov^ P^y^g 
xi funt(fieri enim non poteft^ ^a. ui2f af>x^s* ( kJ)jvsaz>y yif 

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XIBER It 71 

^uo ip6:^^ l^ivy^d4 i» m vtgeminifolliculiin vnamem 

i^i c/Jff!v)}csu ii uiii? I- branac6iim(3:ireperiantur)li- 

^i YM^ti^$ ^afioapLoy 5 iS^d- quore int** veluti cerofo, odo- 

' jucSJ^^, J^puvythy^vyJy^iCV^Tei- regraui &virusredolcte3guftu 

^ovy Jiup^.o3is^ov ri mjLu^ acri^mordetejac friabili, natu- 

5 ^^'(^vcnzol^ vpdffj . SoKovm H ralibus^tunicis.circudato; Que 

77y£^ ojj TD, k^m^M % yJ^i fraude aliqui corrupur^ c5iicie 

cufjLm^^v^uSpov cufjutv acu ^- tes in foHem gumi^aut ammo- 

^f/Vi s>;<€3m^ «V <p?^^w j^ niacu cu ianguine & caftorio 

^n^su/ovTi^ , f^jLuv ^ i^^^' fubad;u3& ita exiccates.Vanu 

w 077 ihmJ,i/^oy 70 {^.ov km eft quod traditur teftes ab ipfis 

lo (m^ T^ SiSi^v; Ticu fiTrlei* eueIH,& a fefe abiici , quu ve- 

kouJa m ytf ^G^v a.-^bujL ku* natu vrgentur *. fiquidem f angt 

^v '^<^7my ovTwy <wV# vk* nequeuntjita^vt in fue, fubftri--" 

M H Si^JKoyTos 10 M^u£t yjom- fti.Opera; autem pretium cfl:, 

ffu^ mjvjT% ^ik^i^vv vySpi diuifapellemelleumliquorem. 

Tov^^^lvM ^x/twAa-^ ovv^ cum eueftiete tunica afliime- 

t$^n^V£W7a4 7^v^fiy» re^&ficcatumpotuidare. 

np Taxyi^ iig.romiia» Muftela vulgaris . - 

K£^. x^. Cap. XXVn: - : 

Tctx» y^TomJio^ ^^Ki^S" Muftela quf in domiblES ilO 

«3, ^ Ji^ r ofTzf (T^^Ki^nv^ ftris bberrat^ambufta exente-i» 

I7S6 cft" dKkii lnfctv^^cn cji cAi^ ratur,& inueterata fale^in vm- 

^o OTVT?^ i^Tn^ a^c/pyi^eJy. *^ bra /iccatur.Ea binis drachmis 

^oi^/ua.'7rob^(7Uy^^ohoov > cu vinopota^aduerfus omnia 

^^^TTK^bo?^ n£U .TopK^ ctw ^i^- ferpentiii ven en a pr^fentahca 

^yjiv o^ia^ Kit(pb0c!SL,i § kjoi- eft remedioitoxico^fimili fum- 

Kia ku^ icoexed ^Ka^^^ ij sr/s pta m odo.refiftit. Eius vetricu 

MTcv^jiL^^ejtoJ^^KTotf i^ I^t;- lus coriandro farftus inuete- 

%$ Kiimy^7^ ^i^ '^y^^^^ii^oKii Ji ratusq^^ percufsis a ferpete^ & 

^^m.h ')§7i(X^oa.yuyj^t^ii' comitialibus potu auxiliatur. 

piKeiy^ni^Ti^^as y^rzi;^totjS^it^ Cremata in fidili podagricis 

jE^T* o|8r.T&c/^ cuua aui y^ cofertjCinere ex aceto illito.S5 

TTt^tg^ioaSpov^^t^ffj ^ayt^-i^ guine peru €t2£ ftruma^j imran- 

^iKHj% ^ &m>^witK^u(. tuncomitialibus etia prodeft. 

ll}i k iij Rznr, 


Contra omnium ferpetium "^i^fct^ihmaf!^^'^^ ^^t 
yenena pro antidoto font ra- Ip^nr Ww/> Ipmv^^vri^^c^, 
pa?, fi ex faie & oleo decod:^ iKm i^ IxfiwV''^ C^/^^ ^^ccf^Ca- 
edamurj^iasqj earu itideni for- yoMn ofM^m* i^ ^)^ ^^t^^^*^^ 
beatur:c6trainueterato$ t^^n- rjSvwovi^vhm^^^f^^^y^^vTii f 
dinu rigores pollent* lilit? eo- J^ ^^'m^yh^ cutM^Ayaj^ [ 
rum ciifts, profluetis fanguinis ^^XHcijf.jy^kh^mjtttt^ ^^mv* 
inipetus fiftit; expledis alope- «^^7 ffrjuij cnocrij Cy^di y^Ta^to/u^ 
ciarum iaanitatibus ex liquida youTo^v J^ p^X6)fSy ^cL^ip^v 70 
pice illinitur. Viridium ranaru cu^ cm^^o(Jpoy^ z^m>« 70^ 
cruor auulfbs genis pilos rena i^TiK^rryn km 't^v jSXg$i^'®v ^^ 
fci (phibet^m veftigia euulforu '^ya? f^kbm*hm>^(7i ^ l^v- 
inftillat^:decO(9:5ein aceto & 'mhyLa^mwi-^iApoi vJ^v K^ 
aquadetiudolorescollutione o^ei m ^haitKvlof^ou 
leniiit;' Siiurus. Cap.XXlX. Uiei A^thi^a* Ki(p. di 

Silurus reces in cibo nutnt, A/Wcf viafo/^iC^aoyJfuyo^^ 
& facile prasbet aiuii:fale verb 7§l(^i^? 'Q;t i^ h^mKio^^T^eJt - if 
conditus>minimu fuppeditat '^e)^<^'^$(^^^^**H'^^^ ^ ^^ 
alimentu. Arteriaexpurgat>& ^fi yy cA>-A^f 7m^<rii.vfi^et. 
YOc£expediL Illita faliti caro^ y^-nx,TXeii^^!m Ji » crc^| r Trt- 
aculeos€tinfixa corporiipicu ej^^^^^^trAoKo^Tizt^ kviyei. i^ » e| 
la extrabit.Muria ei? icipietib^ hmi q ^xaw* ^pf^^i ov ipj^ «A/ 
ilyienteriis jpdeft^ fi in defide- (jiv^ne^yjTt^ ^f ifyJ.^erpiot^y^Ti ^-o 
tiiifot? adiiciaturjfluxiones fi- pv:m 7^ fWfzcL7iap.i^ et^ Tim 
quidem ad fiimma cutis elicit: cmK^a^HaM y i^ %y/thvl^o^^ S\ 
ifchiadicis infufa medetur. Jjjjct/vj^wir ^^mvei\, 

Smarides* Cap. XXX. n^/2^ic/b^. Ks<j>. Xv 
. Smaridis pifcis caput exuftu, ^^iJb^ T^ei^i^i y^ i(A-^ 
excrefcentes vlcerum oras pui (poK^ ys^cm ^ txjw» gi>^et\^-^' 2. j, 
uillosq; reprimit: nonias cohi- ffci^yjitw-my x^l vo^.i 'i^cn^T{eiL 
bet^thymos clauosq; abfumit. ^Kois^ij ^^^ oLvctKtjy.ei^axof^ 
Carqnonfecus atq; falfame- c^o^hyiZToi^ tb kcu ztwoTirKi-y 
tumprqdeft a fcorpioneper- nm^ -^ (xaj^^ iourl^^ y^^T^f 
cufeis,aut a cane demorfis. mfrstet^f* V : 

' \- ' '^ Mxnx. ]' " ' '-' n^^ 

LIBER II. '7^ 

Tl\)yicL^nJb?. Ks^. ^flt. M^na?. Cap. XXXl. 

K^ ^f uojtnJh^ yji(^ai^y^H^ M^narum ex capiribus ci- 
cft .hSct^^ a) MKrJKcii T67VK0 nis fi illinatur, callpfas fcdis ri- 
f^SpdifcsyiMir ysrct-TSTKcic^&i^Tzt mas abolet.Eius etiam garum. 
a4h^(ji'To 3' 7^z^'oy oju'?' W b $^' oris putrilagines coilutioe fe- 
5 ^77 jnTnJhvcis J^uH,Kv^ofj^ci/ dat. 
W^. np mCi%. Ki^.K^'. Gobius. Cap. XXXlI. 

K&>Cilv ^ocrtpiilov lciiluCdKcoy- Gobiusrecens in iiiillu ve- 
^^ i^W yxtKiOM y^TciY^i-i^Ai^ tre conie^SuSjfi cofura rima ia 
zdLU-lim/t? T^ f2ff vJctT^^^ig^i; duodecim aqu^ fextanis ^ do* 
t0/i^tJuo7v^i^Vy^)J^ii^'^f necduo fiiperfint,decoquaf, 
^^ -j^ \lca^>tiasL^ TrtT.ird^^yjiiKiajf excolatus & fub diuo refrige- 
k-nt^i^i yj.7ti> W|^>- ♦ yjn^.- rat^ potui def^aluus fine mole-- 
^KuS-e^^ 'j y^ T^ \^ kujjSv ftia deiicit. Illit^* cotra ferpen-^^ 
J\i)(piv7u^% IpTiT^/ ^j<^iK€i. * tiu^canuqjmorfus auxilio eft,^ 
nli) ^acrdi^i^v, Kz(p,Ky, Thunnus. Cap. XXXIII* 
O JlictoTvejt^^ M)p^^ Conditanettliunni caro^qua 
2^ yo/, (Tsif^^Q^ ^m 'Wmejr^v^ mnotaricbon vocant ^fumpta 
ya^^on^ Ji KauCajfo^o^ t^T? iis auxiliatur ^ quos vipera no- 
\izsi l^Jviif-iT^^ y^K^idp^s ^-A mine prgfter momorderit: fed 
^^^iJ^-A^iim^Mi '^ m oTifsKH oportet vinu quamplurimum 
$z>v 'zz^iT^^yTtfi* ow iycEla;^- fiibinde cogantur haurire^ita 
^av 'mveiv TTtKuM x^ lixm.^^i^- ytvomitione reddatur. Con^ 
^iO r^ J^^i^D^-i-^aj; (jAki^ k^ui" tra acrimonias efitatorum ma 
^H^ Ti0m^^Kicis^TTSM J^ Agx omi xime valet , cannm morfibus^ 
TUjyoJyK-Ttiiv 6}<piKi^f. vtilifsime illinitur. 

n^jripp«. K^. Xc^'. Garum, Cap. XXXIIIL 

Ti^ov J^ mM T^ &A'TaeJ^ Garii oe^qjexpifcibuscarni- 

.jvjpSv i^iim jc^ y^iZv yj.-m - busq^ faie maceratis liquamea 

3,5 ^Kcnlof^ov y vof^f l<pt^ Kca eft^fi ex eo fot^ fiat, depafcetia 

kojjqJ^^ktov^ /Xw cifioTS J\ vlcerafiftitimorfisacaneme-^ 

£, om JummejtyJt^ y^ l^aJi - det, dyfetericis atu; ifcbiadicis 

rxnr l<p^ Tov f^ ha t^ ^K/jtim^ infunditur: n6nullis,vt exulce-r 

yct omjc^ijcn^^^ It^* %v J% hd Tcl rata adurat:alijs aute ad lacef. 

mK}wrA l^i^crv. feada ^q vlcera aon fenferunt, 

n^^/ ic iiij 514 


lus pifcium, n^; la^u tSv ncLfiSf 

Cap. XXXV, i:)(6vm. Ki(p. kL 

B-ecentiu pifcium ius^modb ZfiJAtoV oo\iLr ytofm l^i^Svaf- 

perle,modb ex vino potum, TcotKia^^^cLyi^^^^TrQ^Tipty^* 

aluu fubducit.Priuarim adhuc lnur 'mvo^o^^mri 5' pl^t qL 

vlum coficirur e phycidibus & y^jSia>? (TjCivi^f) ^^9^^ tojj'- i 

fcQrpionib%& iulide-epercis^ mt kmi r (^m-hm i^ ciAi^^mm- 

& recetibus aliis faxatilibsnec i^ laKiJ^v i) 't^xjJ^v i^ r ^^m- 

virus refipientibusj fimpliciter Tnf^um ATrzLxSy ly kC^iciic^? u 

cum aqua^oleoj & anetho. it^^ ^Sff vJhLTo^ ^ ihcu^ ^9 kyi^ 

^irnicesledulari}.Ca.XXXVL ^i^^ n^ix/pw. Kso. h/. 

Cimices qui in cubilibus e- Koc «^ ol km Kkim ^v^fu^ 1 <> 

nafcuatur ^ cauis fabarum in- nt ^^a>^£im fui^ xjai^if "izv 

cluSjfiantefebrium fignifica^ oft^uiv ^\ }i£u^ y^-mmyoxj^ot. 

tiones fepteni deuoretur^quar c?^ vi^cm(rjiuumct$ , ^Sc^exoSJox 

tanis auxilio funtr&citra f^bas 7^ rint^riu^ovTu^^x^ kajyiJh-. 

lumpti, percufsis ab afpide ^- jN^Wt^ c^ Ji^ r wi^i h^ 

funt: vuluarum exanimationes rtfin^^rn^' v^ezxjS^ J^ Tiyt^Drif 

olfadiu reuocantrpoti cum vi- /jfSpai oLvcacQtKouuTax ocpp^auvo- 

n o autaceto adh^ren tes fan- (jSpormjuj,omSi%%^ei*3ro^.V'' 

guiiugas abigunt:triti&vri- *nf ^JiTKai^iptm* Jhcmexdjt 

nari^ fiftul^ impofiti^vring an ■re rnmovsiv ui^tf^^oi tw 5§j'^ 

guftias.leuant. nm^Trl^^T^ou 
i::,Millepeda. ;Gap.XXXVII.. U^fi^/jivCafiJmv. Ks(f>. x^'. a # 

Milleped^^qusefub aquario Ovoi 01 •fep? W vJ^eid^y 

vafe ftabulantur^animalia fiint ^Zi ^cn '^hv^mJtL , c^cu^xj- 

multis pedibus nitetia, quae c6 ^o/ i^dL-v^ W ^^^m^kc rth 

ta Gt a manu contrahunt in or- yet^m * ^^roi 'Tro^m i (^jjj oL 

bem r h^ ex vino potss diffici- y« ^a^vat Jvanv^ia. ri ^ mri- 

li vrin^5& regio morbo auxl- f&> • (hei^i^rn^ ^\ uAik ju^ zf 

liantur.MiIlepedasilliniangi- kitz^ eruuoiy^^^xjov^ ax^iKovcn^ 

pis cuin melle vtilifsimu.Tritf 5 yjl ftffS^ toTziKyetu J% Keioi 

& in cortice mali punici calfa ou/> foJivoi ^pfjtat^yn^ i^ xs* 

^2e,doloribus auriUjaddito ro Kv^pca ^oeti acu «^ga*)^?^, atp- 

faceo, cquenienter inftillatur. (^^ou^, 
' / ' Blatt^ ' tifi 

ny2y/-i^'; OttXctocy/o^ emo^^ 



Cap. xxxvni. 

Blatta? eius qu^e m piftrinis 
inuenitur, interanea trira aut 
cum oleo decofta^aurium do^ 
lores inftiilatu mirigant. 

Pulmo marin^ Cap. XXXIX. 

Podagras pernionefq; emea 
datpulmo marinus recens^tri- 

^KUOVTUS^ dy ^ V^ y^T^TTKao^ tus & illitus. 


OJt ^leio^ 'Z) s^veio^ -& ^- 
x^o^ mvj Ujoh'}^ rfTclz 'T^y vskjcA»- 

Kou tSV khdTi^Ko^ 'mi'j^J 

lyiviisT^i) li ^c£p 3" duu^T^yJ,'^ i^ 

ITeei HOTtTD^ Iveiii, Ki^* //^. 
^O HcTctp ov€ioy \^ofj^oy l^^hy 
cmK^TrliKot^ ^^%eiy vn^^ <^l 

IlseJ J^J^QV oi^iyo$ I- 

Pulmo fiiillus. 
Cap. XL. 
SuilIos& agninusvrCnu% 
pulmo impofitu attritus a caU 
ceamentis contraftoi ^ ab in- 
flammatione tuetur. 
Pulmo vulpinus. 
Cap. XLL 
Vulpinus verb ti arefadiis bl 
batur ^fuipiriofos adiuuat . A- 
deps quoqueliquefaduSjinfu- 
fusque^auris doiorem finit. 
Hepar afini. Cap. XLIL 
Afiniiecur inaftatu efii comi 
tialibus prodeft;,veruntame i^ 
iunis edendum pra?cipitun, 
Cap. XLin. 
Genitale cerui tritum & vi- 

^ 5 '/6) ^"^v kSov 7©7i? 'im l^<hSy no p otum, a vipera demorfis 

^^^eifft^nhH* auxiliatur. 

Ileei Ovvp^v 0^6«'. Ki<^.uS'\ Vngula afini Cap. XLTTTT. 

0'}v^^ ovm y^ivn^ i^ oreSrs/- Vngularum afini cinis pep 

^?cmiiy(^%a4iy^m "^^^^^^f^ dies multos binis cocUeari- 

*^cL^mJvu'i^i'^^uMwh7n^ bus potus proditur comitiales 


a^luuare^e^dem oleo fiiba- 
£tx ftrumas difcutiunt : & illi- 
t2z permonibus medentur. 

Lichenes cquorum, 
Cap. XI, V, 

Lichenes funt in equorum 
genibus, & fuper vngulas in 
fiexu harum partium indurati 
calli: qui triti & in aceto poti, 
Comitialibus mederitradutur. 
Vnguli caprinarum. 
Cap. XLVI. 
Caprinarum cinere pcrun- 
&x ex aceto alopeci^ fanan^ 

lecur caprinum, 
Cap. XLVn. 
Gaprx verb inaflati decidua 
lanie;inungi lufciofos pr odeft: 
& dum coquitur^ apertos o- 
culoshalitu eius vaporari:pro- 
deft in cibo toftum ad eadem. 
Tradunthircini iocineris cibo 
comitiales deprehendi. 
. lecur aprinum. . 
Cap. XLVni. 
Aprinum recens fiarefadii 
teratur, ex virio potum contra 
ferpentium volucrumque mor 
fiis auxilio eft. 

lecur canis rabidi, 
Cap. XLIX. 
leoir canis^qui rabie exagita 
mr^ toftu & in cibo ab emor- 

,:. ' £s 


y^T c/m^eLiplulj a)7iTVKei><Jt^of 

amKa-Jticts l^^tw'^ ^^ctTnyHV* 
Uie^ Al^yc^VGWp^y^ iq 

Ot (h 'mv cwySv Ivv^f ^f^^j^- 
*7^ ^ k><6t>mK4a$ ^i^iu^tiiJpQ^ 

swj o^ei ^ P^jmvoun. 
n^ec }^m.'To? cu^i^, Kg^.//^^, 

vvzTUKet>'\lAv ap u^(<j'mv t ctiui" 
iit Ji 77? l^/:/SjUis hjjk Jiy^TiU 
cv/m^iH T^-i li^bdLKumt&>(p\fl- 
TTU^of^ui^ei Q ij l^ofjSpQv Ittjov 

Kt<^ 70 TfdLyiov jjOTfi^. 
Tliei limt,Tof yj^^zs^u* 
Kap, i/i. 

f^v Kbo;^ cvv otV(p 'mvof/^oVylp7P6' z j 
T(^v :^ '^T^-mv J^JyuciTa ^y^^S, , 
Ileet wk Kvos^VTo^^ . 

. KujSoi: Kvossovw ii^m^ ^iCpcs- 


*!»>v visr* hjizv^ Aikx^y^MTntc v~ fis fumptu, netententiif mctu 
i^po<^5da< 7;^p«y 'sr/^Eys^ • A§^^* ^^"^ ^"^^ creditur. Vtiitur m 
•701 ^ «5- ^c(pvKuKluf yji ^ teni ad arcendos aqua? pauo- 
yx^oJhvn fk <A:tyj3y7cf cmJhuS- res denteeo, qui caninus dici- 
71^ «V yj)^<^ y^ ^i^^ovm tur: hilc a cane,qui momordit 
5 '7^^e^)^ovt. exemptum,& folliculo inditu, 

Uiei H-m^TD^ cu^a^. ^ amuleto brachio adneftnt. 

K5(?>, r. lecurmergi. Cap.L.- 

AJQt+^t; ^-mp flx^el^y^v ;9 ^^n?, Inueteratu autem fale mergi 
^v uffv<Ppom}J]o^ yj>X>^^^^^ iccurjex hydromelite binis li- 
JhoTy^^S^o^^tzC^^ <hifr^cu gulispotumfecundaspellit. 
?o Xl^eizc^Tiv^-my, Coria veteramentaria. 

Keo. vi. Cap. LI. 

Ta <i% hmi T^/ /^iivuji^m? Veteris corij cremati illitus 
mtJLKoukK^^-m^ K£'^(^u i^^ clnis ambufta igni , intertrigi- 
T^ay^TTt^yTKitosif/Spoi^^njexys^ nes^necnon calceantentorum 
m i^ Tm^i^fi^cCTti }yTA || v^TTv attritus fanat. 

' Vr ^ A 'A t- /«^ Sallin^. Cap^LII. 

Tliei AKijCToeiJ^y. Kiip' v^ • ^ 

AKUToeiJ^ d^^^S-ii^ K^: Difled2eganin3?j& adhuc ca 

c^7^St?w£y^§£6c^ ToTifl^m- lentes appofit^/erpentiu mor 

•TwV <^iyfmm^yi^m * JSM\ fibus auxiliatur: fcdidentidein- 

cvjui^^ ^fiosm* : alias iufficere oportet. 

' Earu cereDeiluin m vmo bi- 

O Ji^yyJjpetKo^ Sjjt&j c^ tt^-' bendiVdatur contra ferpentiu* 

p^TJ ?ivieioJy>z7oi^ m/jj oim Ji- litorfijs j fanguiriem a cerebri 

tk-Tiu , yji TtzJ; OJ6 .ukfJY/oc^- mebrana profluente fiftitQji?^ 

^SctJO^ctyaslTri^, "^ tov J^ alh- iteriore vetriculi galli finu refi 

yo^ Tv '^ToL Tu cvtJ^ \smyA- det mebrana^ fe<^i inlaminas 

^ov TA mtKtd, xj&f^.ro&tJir k" cornus Ipecie fimilis f ea vero 

vFoA^ifj^ov Ji <^ Tcw^ 14*^^- inter coquedu abiici fo!et)fic- 

^^ ^}t^djf^v y ap uo^e^ goun^- caf^tritaqj in vino couenietilsi 

m> , K^ov u$T ohod moiA}jm.\ me ftomachicis datur in p otu,^ 

. ■' ■ * %J^ Iu§ 


lus e veterc gallinaceo aluum * oM (afzi^r nostivM ^un 
deiicit . Abieftis itaque inte- ii^ cmy^imed^ :>:^^v ^cojko^ 
raneis falem coniici oportet^ T^-rwy i^omr ^^;^v 97vp«al- 
& confuto ventre decoqui in vmMTtS^ /r/gyfltc&w^.O ilr^ 
viginti fextariis aqux^, donec KcuZv^u^SvoymyJiJb-nu^^ 
ad treis heminas redigantun yj^^^cnv >a>iKidi$/4^ovT^'^ -m i 
totum id refrigeratum fub di- c^td^, JSd-nfAC^m ^aj;^ k^ 
VLO ^ datur , Aliqui incoquunt y^izt^i-i^TWi l-ielv p^rsi 'jJct^ 
olus marinum , mercurialem^ -70^ ^i<^v //. ;^TBt>?vm^ ^^ ko- 
cnicum j aut fiiiculam. Cru- liimy* J>'c/b^ o^ W 5|«^9p/fii- 
dos humores craiTosque, a- "^vtm^ Jl mwkhun yj^iiAitw 
Cram bilem , & ftrigmenta eli- ^Kuodicuf^ % KmlG><^v^ -mKcy. ^^ 
cittprodeft longis febribus, % ^niWTdJiov \ S,yei S tiu^? ^- 
fuipiriis^artiailariis mor fxjov ^ yKOicdJ^s^ u^koj/ • cifuo^et 
his & •inflationi^ Ji Try^iiuf ^onoif ^ aS-uoLi^h- 

busftoma- tif^iiVJtol^^lfjcmiuuarou^ok 

chi. ^^^i^, 

Om natura. Cap. LIII I. Uwaov. Ks^. yJ^'. \% 

Ouum molliculum plus alit . fioviidLTTstKovTfo^piu^ri^ov 
fbrbili^& durum plus molli *mv ^o^nrov ^ y^ rov ATrizKov ^t^ 
Luteum ouiycontra oculorum trm^es^i* yiKiw^^^ojuTou-^m^ 
dolores vtile eft: inaflatum fe- pMymes^ M^^^v ^^=/V- 
dis inflammationibus prodeft^ yiac * l^^yi^jttmj!} y^im k^ po- 
cumcroco^&rofaceo: &con J)v(d* ^f-n ^m ^ Mktv^ ^f 
dylomatis^ cum meliloto:cum ?jov (puf^v^. ^ KJovJitKa/^nrtt^ 
y ua autem fruticis eius , quem avjv fjuKiKdra>\/j^' f>oh Ji % vja^ 
rhoadicut^autgallainpatinis' ^Jh^rn-^i^Hcm,^ yJi^^o)bit^ 
firigkurjVtcibp;aluosfiftat:pcr ^ 1 W mKid^yyji yjy^^iuv^ 
feedamofferrifolet. __ Tfm M <:s^iii€^eiau. 

Candidum oui. Hiei Aivyjn! r^ ^jov. ^? 

. Cap. LV. . Ks^; vL 

.Candidum ouicrudum re-: * To <i% Kivm hj^ l)^v h 

frigerat ^ Ipiramenta cutisoc- -^^yliA-TrKATleiy^m^yi^^Sly^ 

cluditjinflammationes oculo- ^uav^vlyr oip^K/mv (pMy- 

riim infufijm lenitj ambuftaj fi (mvkn^v , j^ray^^ri r^ 

. IIBER II- 7^ 

h. %a.<pKvKmvo'ij^ m^y^- ft^tim eo pcrunganturjpuftii- 

fML Qm^t^.y*^Jazd*7ra t6 kyt- las non fentiuntrfaciem a folis 

w^^ lY.^H 5 kycoco^XnucL Ji aduftio ne tuetur^ froiiti imp o- 

Vgt f>ivf^v(oyMmy <rjv hi^aya fitumcumthure fluxionesar- 

tS >^ Tnv wiT^mv^ Ti^^.fjuivov^ cetj auerritqj; inflammationcs 

5 (pK^^JOvdJ; 7i o(p5aKfc^v izt^^vvi oculorum lana exceptum^ ad- 

iel(^ aMakn^^.v m^f^^s ki/m ditorofaceo^melle &vino3mi 

pocfiyoy yu^ omu K^ uAhiT^r i^i tigattvtiliter cotra hf morrhoi- 

if^ ^m^v^cuf^jo^oiJh^ J^^y,tcd(7T dis ferpentis morfus crudum 

gowS^. ky^ayKiiteh M ^fc^ -^ forbetuniumme tepidumpro- 

^in^ chfyuot^ i} %mm ye^sf £y> deft veficae rofionibus^ rcnum 

10 jj5c5 Tietyucrp.oi; Tfct^^^eict; ofTiir- cxuIcerationlbuSjgutturis fca- 

eias->^ ai^^Toi aia,yji>^^$-^ britii^^ reicdionibus fangui- 

yjrniff>QLs K^ ^£^Ko^ ^nj/Mt- nis^dcfti]latiombus^& thoracis 

^a^otiaf^^H, rheumatifmis. 

UteiT^Tiiyi^v» Kip.v/* Cicad^. Cap. LVI* 

TiiliyiS o^^io) l^o^oti Toit Cicada? , qua? inaffat^ man- 

ij^se^ Tli/JKugrv cCKyii^cn ^oih- dunturjVeficse doloribus pro- 

^uinv* fiint. 

Uiet Axfiihv* Ki(p. v^. Locufi^. Cap.LVIL 

AxflJi^ -^^fzteif^a/yJij^ Locuft^ odoris fiiflGtu vrins 

ci>ve/a; ^Kt9i' 'pu c^ yjjicu- diflFicuItates adiuuant, pr^ier- 

mv^(p^J>^ov(n.* ii <h Ki-pu^^ tim quf foeminas male habct: 

^^^kzph^ kd^Kc^ t ovo^y aTflt^o^ earu carnes nulio fijnt in vfii. 

'^ y^ (j(^yihQ/jt>\o^ , c^^utpor- Eft & quodda gcnus locuft^, 

nor ^it^durbtiazt Ji cnpiJ^cc oxof- quae afiracos.aut onos dicit,fi- 

'moj^motg cdd^iySi 'mvo^-A ne penis^prelogis crurib^£.xic 

fi^ o/y^.;^£i^^ Ji hjTk cata aute fi ex vino bibatur^co 

xjn-cm^cd^ 01 y^ trafcorpionismorfiismagno- 

^^ ^hi^yPiivTd- pere ^derit Hac abilde vefcfi 

^e^. turAphri^quiLeptinincoIunt» 

Tliei^ivtJhu Ks^.v». Ofsifragus. .Cap.LVm. 

^ivi^ To %^vm fa>fmi^ y^-- V E N T E R eius auis^quam 

KoviTtv^ lix^cp^^v^-^uTov i) kjoi-- Latini oisifragum appellant^ 

>4ccj(0,Cohi^v'7^v^o{/^ityM^iii' paniculatim potus^ calculos 

l|oy- cum 


-cum lodo pellere proditur. i^GOpei^^TrtiHyl^pehrm* 

Galerita. Cap. LIX. meiKoi>v<^>}^ov. Ki<(f.v^^* 

' Galerita auiciila eftpar-ua^ KopvMrxo^ cpy/^o? oj? ut^ 

apicem in vertice^pauonis mo xph^t^vr^y ^ Jic^vtpTi^ 'i^sfo')^^ 

dOjgeftansiqu? afla^ iri cibo m^^ TttZvo^ . ou-ror ^^s^^pei^ o- 

fumpta^coeliacos adiuuat. '^l^^jcoiKteocci^ 6)(piKft. , % 

Hiriindiaes. Cap.LX. ng^XsWc/bW. K£<?. f'. 

D.iffed!screfcentelunapul- Xex/J<byory£oojt;^ t^^tSV 

lis hirundinis, qui primo partu cx^iy^? ysowroMiat^, ^|oy^»^ 

exclufi funt 5 in ventre eorum tm^ :nKhI)i/^ hn-n^cuv-J ^c^^vi^ 

-lapillos offendes: e quibus du- c^f ^ ta y^gpi Kibz^t^^t^ Sv J^o 

-os vnum colore varium , al- -huCav^tyamyjolKov^r^^i-n-' i6 

terum purum eximes : ijpriuC- ep^ y^^e)^^'^'^^ j^^i^^- 

quamterra attigerint in iuue- w -^ >«^ oVcAJ^^ hV </&§ ua cf^t- 

cx corio^aut ceruina pelle bra ^mKm? % iki^ov^ yjl ^i-i^^ 

/chio aut coUo adalligati^ co- .^^;^oV/ « 7f ct^^^Ko) > omK^T^i^ 

■ mitialibus proderunt ^ & faepe -xot^ l)(fi}Jia^s. ^oKkthdi <ti kcu 

^prorfuseosrecreabunt.Hiru- 'tiwit^kS^ aproy^ru^^rtc^j ' 0t^ ^j 

dines^vtificedule^incibo^aciei C^ac/JyS^cu Ji S^^ ai avit^ 

.vifus medicametum pra?bent. KtA^ y o^ve^ia^ eitn ^ijfzctm* 

Tam puilorum^quam matrum x.auik^' aitTSf iX^i^Ko^ 

infiaili oBa crematarum ci- «'W f/mifm y^nmv cy ;^u- 

nis cum melle oblitus , oculis Tfct ^ajo. yjtKtTo^ ^tS-e^azt , c- 

-claritatem adfert 5 aaginse eo ^vJhf}udj^mH,af^^ei<S% kcu/^;^:! 

commode perungunturivua^ muoc^^^mt^ <^)cij^tot^n^ iicu 

& tonfiUarum inflammatio- ^V ^^vKit^.Kcu 'm^^ium 

nibus hoc cinere fuccurritur. t^K^i^v^-.cA^in.v^mu J^ etu- 

jEt ipfe & ptilE exiccati, fi draw -m x^ o J vio^i , ffiway^yjivs' 
-chmaepondereex aquabiban (l^iKovert/srtyo^cu ^^ vM^ 

tur^hos iuuat^qui an^nf mor- '^i ^zFKyi^^ < ^. ^f 

-bo confiidantur. ' mex "E^Ki^ctMW* Ki(^, iL 

Ebur. Cap. LXI. - EKi(pcu^7o$ ocfiyTofJma^ei^' 

Bboris fcobe iHito parony^ ^uf^mv^a; y^ia^TrKa^.i ^- 
cMafanantur.Vim adftringen- ^^x£u«. J^twci^v i\ t-^^s^^ 

ii ebur obtinet. ^rliyJiv.. 

- - SuilliiS' ' rieeJA$pi«^' 

LIB EH IL : . t(y 

ITeei Agpcs^aK^Cc^. Ks^. |^. Suillas talus, Cap. L X I L 

hgpd^^dho^ dl^ y^^^ fji^.^i^ Suistaluscomburitur^dum 

aP c^/c ^olxflu^o^ i^itw KivKJi^yTy e nigro albefcat : qui tritus & 

X«o^ -ir^yi^^^u-miuMTti&ic m potus inflationibus coli , lon- 

^oi^ ;^ 5^50ot? ^oyiots i2w. giCjue torminibus medetur. 

^ nsei EAct^oy yk^.-niU Ceruinum cornu. 

K£^ f^- Cap. LXIIL 

E\i^» Ki£5«^ ^wy^.wV^oy ^ Cerui in comu cinis elotus, 

vmr-Kv^^ ^Q^yiilH ^vio^ov binis ligulis epotus, prodeft 

«z^^mSo/ JboTy zoyjhjaexm cuujo- dyfentericis^excreantibxis fan- 

'7TJo:yJi'>^ Jhm-neixM^ 5 ^ir^i^- guinem^ coeliacis, regio mor- 

*Q ;wT^ 5 //.7£6iX5K , )y^f^6)^ ^y^" bo^&vefics doloribus cum 

^m vAT^ T^diyi^yJj^^-i^dlyJl^ tragacantha : foeminis fluxiow 

J^ yjjjd$, ^' uy^oZ <7k ^r 715 ne vniux laborantibuSjCum li- 

m^s a^u^lovTo^^ y.^uiitjj, Ji op quore huic rei accommodato.- 

3(0,uiv(t> y^TztCKii^v K^ yjiTiiv «V Cerui cornu contuliun^crudo 

& ulul ^TfdLv ^ikJ^TrtPrKdLopJi.m fiftili, luto circuIitOj & in fur- 

j^ muf) , '^yg^i^ tw KiuY^v -fpvrm. num indito^vritur donec aibe- 

^Ktmiw Ji m y^i^ydcL ' to i\ fcatt id cadmix modo elotum^ 

^(Ztov dif ^^ei ©e^^ T^ oj/ S- vlceribus oculoru^&defluxio- 

(p^K^Hs ^YM Y^ ^^izt* Kcu nibus lalu t are eft:infri<ftn d en- 

oJoi/Tcw 7m^^*7tiCi^ov mjii^' tQ% expurgat Crudi cornufuifi 

&u^v i\ "^JiJua^v^ IfmT^ Jid- ti. nidore ferpetes fugantunfer 

%o HH • hjm^i^v <ti yut'T %\oi^ ;^ uefaftum in aceto^fi eo gingi- 

iicotxv^op^ov^ Tiafyi^fu^U' ux colluantur , maxiHarum a 

^iimu dentitione dolorem adimit- 

Uitl^dtjL-TTm. f/. Eruca. Cap.LXIIIL 

KitJLTnLtcu cm i^ Kdyuim Erucis ^ qua? in oleribus gi- 

'^^veofjSpcu y tskjt^iouSpcu mJj gnuntur, cum oleo perunfti^a 

j,^|'fiuee) djY>yjT^is cmi -w hCo- venenatis befldisferirinegaa- 

KBv ^vKdLilm Ki^VTox. tur. 

Uteil^dif^ei^v* Cantharides. 

K2<?. |i Cap. LXV. 

Kcw^ei^^ ^^ i/Tiz^oTv cAi- Efrumetiscogeftjcatharides 

hm cu cuTTQ T ojTiiiai 0^m «? ad recodedii idonex fimt^quac 

aU' fiftili 


ff5iii vafe no picato condun- eaooymy ky^mvy yt^ 70 <^yuti in^ 
tiir & raro linteo obligato o- ejtifi^^aas Ibonc^ k^cuQ ^ x^^^%^ 
re, & deorfum couerfo iiilpen ^kxy^^ri^^^v '^arr ^'(ko-i^s 0- 
dutur fiiper aceti feruetis, 5 a- Ui^ S^gifJurmTr.v^ x^ W a$ Tni^ 
ccrnnii halitUjdonec ^itu exa- ytim kfcLr^^eiirL dicc7reifa$ >.;- 
nimetur:poftealinotransfix^ yo) ^;:^77^<;z>. a»apyi<^rot Ji S 
reponuntur. Potentifsimse om ^J^/ d womKcuy y^ mhhct^ I- 
nes varia?, luteis liiieis^ quas in Tny^^mt^ '(^ma^ t^vtm hi rus 
penistrafuerfashabet^promiP 7?ji^ls^cm{J/ZeiS ro cS^ 
foqj corporecrajQ&acblatta- imyiJ^^ca/iiXTif/^hoiy 
rum modo perpingues; fed in- i>f cu mK^ojtr kT^yot 

ertes ac imbecill^ ^ qu^ vnius Ji ^cny cu ^- i o 

funt coloris. yo^au^i. 

BuprefteSj & pinorum Ilgei Bsycspofey. 

eruc^. Ca.LXVL Ks^ |/. 

Simili modo reconduntur SXm^rcdi J^kTW-n^vw^ 
bupreftes, genera quxda can- m ^ov^i^^ ^ e^Jb^ ovcru y^^ 
tharidum ^ & pinorum eruc^: bttexSi^v 5 K5W ^ ^wv^umw^ 1$ 
qu^ fjpra cribrum fiiipen- X5"«^^w c^£o:5i;:^fl7.m:;l:73a- 
fum feruenti cinere pauliiper ^es^pSpouy ^p^rcra J>2 (^rMyi- 
jntofta^ j reponuntur . Nis om- it^y^ » c^ 9^^^*)^ amv^v^ 
niumcommunis eroderejVl- nu*J^ufus J% mj^mv xjo^y 
cerare,calorem elicere^qua m^mi^^lKyjtmmy^^Pucmi^ 
de caufa admifcentur medi- km • c^y fAy^mm (^a^uAyM^ i€ 
camentis quse lepras^ feraf- , tok t^ i^^fyjvatN y^ hifs^s 
que lichenas & carcinomata x^Kd^a^ k^ot^^^^u^ 
fanant.Menfesciuntpeisise- ocarv^ ayvcn ^\ kcu XiiuluicL 
mollicntibus addit:^ ^ Aliqui 'Cffiosms' fjuiKcmnm^ (jw^cm. 
cantharidas antidotis impofi- %viot J% l^^^ncra^ rk^ ^c^r^st- 
tas 3 aqua? fubter cutcm auxi- elJ^a^ itcu vJ^mfftKjol^ ^oit^yy z^ 
liari prodiderant: argumento, jLuy/v^Spas cwnJ^oToi^ as oupjf- 
qubd vrinam nioueant. Alij c7v yavov^s . ol S^^rk^Tt^ 
pennas pedesque contra po- hxjrcov /.ou rov^ 'uoj^a^ rol^ -^- 
tarum veaeficia ^ rcmedio efTe ovmv kurk^ cifv^^afucim hU 
traciiderunt^ -^a-hijf. 

Sala- nseiiTa- 

ilEER It - V ti 

' ttiei ^k^djumd^f^. Kit^. ^. SalamanJra. Cap. tXVHi 
^aKdLumS'^ «c/bV Ji^ mi' Salamadra lacertf genus eft^ 
gat^ • \<^ <h y63p^\W » 'mxi^ijfy iherSjVarium;quod fruftra cre- 
fjui^Aj^i ^i9Ey^y m ymt^wL. di tiun efl^ighibus nbn vri. Vinl 
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w «/^ «TMT^flS? ;9 Ki^etKcu^ if thariSj in medicamenta^quoru 
^ -^.^ei? y xoi ijra-n^Taz ^- viis eft exefle ^ & lepras abole- 
^iti>^,MKo7 <h zeu 7ei;)(Ct^ Tct^ re:fimilique m odo reco nditun 
^^-336 luT ^cuov . ^ui^dLmrcu liquefa<9:a in oleo pilos euel- 
i^ Y.dl ci mM l^ivi-ie^Sl^TUy lit. Exenrerata, detradis pedi- 

1 Q w cj^cte»/ ;^ tS*!? iu^^yt^ k^cu- bus & capite in meDe feruatur 
f^y^7 et^ ^M) aurh }^(^* ad eundem vfum. 

nyi Afi^y^Tiu Ks^.f^. Araneus. CapiLXVill. 

A£/^» T^ ^Scv, cKX£?mot - Araneus qiiem holcum^ ali) 

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flcc ajjKt/Mie^^zeulLCTThcCi^eha.^^ adus cuiplenio^ & iinteo illi- 

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t^-AfOTa^^t^t^^^TaTiuy^i^o^ ribus autfronti^tertianos cir- 
i>f a{« . TJcf^ i'^0^ ^J^tSV c7?7- aiitus periahat . Tela eius im- 
"nU^i^v cSudig/iiny ^ k^pxiy^ pofita fanguinem fiftit, vulne- 
f^Z^ "^P^ •7« cm-dKajct rm ra qii^e fiimm am cutem occu- 
Ihimi 4 1^ J^e x^ ?T5e^K « J^oiT parunt^ab inflammationis iniii 

to kp^^^yii^y^-mG^i^i^^ov Toy u^ j-ia vindicat.Eft &alterum a- 
^cc K&jm^Kt^ih^ yJk^v^ ranei genuSjquicandidam^te- 
wv^oA^^Him ivM<^Qy f<V niiem, defamq; telam orditun 
yjjjUcL^zal ^cmTtf^n S^^a- quem in aluta ligatu^& lacer- 
Xhh jiTu^h^^ ^ieioJ^ots to appcnfum^quartanis circui- 
Sf«^Wf/y . Guui-^^v J% po- tibus hiederi narrat.becodus 

15 itv(^ d^Tcthyi^^ pit^ ly^^ ^xrofaceo.&infufus, aurium 
^^^* ^ doloribus auxiliatur. 

nseittfjpo^, m^lK* Lacerta. Cap.LXlX 

- ^m^^ i x^sxK^ ),e^cc U Laceit^ caput intritum ^ & 

^iTSdn^ ^ {7KoK07z&,^ l^iyH appofituhi^ aculeos, & onr- 

itcu miyreirk i^^iyyi^Td. nia corpori infixa extrahitj 

<^p« i varo^i 


var os, formicat^s verrucas^ & 
penfiles ^ quas acrochordonas 
vocat^toUitlecur exefis denti- 
buscoiedu.dolores finitSi di- 
uulfa admoueaaur^idis afcor- 
pione leuamentum praeftat 

Seps. Cap. LXX.; 

Seps, quam aliqui lacenam^ 
chalcidicam vocarunt^in vino 
p ota moriiis fuos fan at 

Scincus. Cap.LXXl. 

Scincus aut ^gypti, aut In- 
diXj aut rubri maris alumnus, 
quamuis inueniatur in Lydia 
Mauritania^.Eftautem terre- 
ftris crocodiluSjfuigeneris/a- 
le inueteratus cum nafturtio. 

'^yjyKo^ p^ m^ *o^V cuyo^ ^O 

Tn Ipu^^ '^JVci/J?/Jor ?T££p^ Ji 
o9Ti hvJia. T»^ fioa^^LatdJo^ 
c^ex(nciw.A9J JiXfoyjo<Niho^ 
y^^<mQf :^ iJ^o^^n^ '^ Tztei)^uL 
^0$ ov x^^Jbi^iAG>.^s£m Ji Jl^voL' 15 
l^v ^^y 'T^^v To ^iei Tiju yg- 

Aiunt carnes 3 qua? renes am- 
pledantur, id fibi yirium ven- 

dicafle , vt fi drachmxponde- ^^if cuutw pue^^Jovv < 'yryS^ 

rebibantur^venerem accen- bosM^^T omu ^ o^fjm^nKhu mS^ 

dant . Verum decofto lentis rk k^t^JimdCajTroTml^i^ Ji^^ 

cum ,melle aut femine laftu- i-^THim i Tr^o^^as^puxS k^pt" 

C2Z cum aqua poto^ veneris cu 4^fxA7i ^ fmjm^ mo^&% zo 

piditates inhibentur. Additur ^iJkxjs^ am^^v vJiLTc^» 

inantidota. iityi^^rtixJix^diTjJiToi^. 
Terrenivermes. neei Twyw^^^^^Ti- 

Cap.LXXlL , p«y. K^^.o^'. 

Tcrrenivermesirhpofitijprj- r«f smg^ xm 077175^^7«, 

cifos neruos glutinant^ tertia- yii^m hfmYfim.i xayhi^XuH J\ ^S 

nasdifcutiunt:dccoaicuanfe K^7eiTalot^*l-l^^yTitJiffwj 

rino adipe,& infufi^afFeftis au ^^£^ ^.eLV^Jio^jriiwTt^y 1/1 

ribus medetur: cum oleo aute y^^v^ifjSpcL ^i^nmvi^mjvi-i^'' 

decodi^fiin contraria aure in- ^svn JiiKsua> K^^yy^o^ct^s 

ftillentur^dentium doloribus to aPvK^^ov^oJiiVTrtxyou^ 

IIBES. ir. Sa 

4finyt4y^ Ji m ove^. KHct OT- prspftant auxammttriti in potu 
nySp^ Qw yh^KH. cx paflb vrinam ciunt, 

Uid-Mvoyihti^. Ki^. oy. Mus araneus; Cap.LXXHi 
MvoyiKiidPa^^eiaziiyoTn^ . Mus araneus difleftus , &: 
rn^myAxxtr^ 7w Ujov Jd' jmpofituSjfui morfus venefc. 
iyueiTo^. cialuit J 

Uiei Uum^ Ke^. oA\ Mures. ^ Cap. LXXIIIL 

- Mm 7»\^ x^TtmSioi^hdL- Mures , qui in domibus ob- 
^^mvm^iTM^-mo-TrKUToiUr^- errant, coticifos fcorpionum 
Ki^ cmtv^^ ouAKtr^-m* plagis vtilifsime imponi^in c&- 
^^fd^v^mj^^l^^P.oi^-^-Tm^v feflb eftrfi inaflatos infant<Ss 
10 a^^ypw^v 7i of TCK ^fjutffiy ederint , oris faliuam exiccari 
oifT^yoiiKov. promittUnt. : 

' Utp) T^^zTo^. Ketp. ol. Lac. Cap. LXXV. 

^ rlKcjLmm^ ^^ TiiS ^cAjyv-- Lac generatim omne boni 
(lovy Tfotpt^y^ mKdZVicov m- fucciefttcorpiisalit^aluume- 
Kid;-» ^uo^TJKiy ^fjd^u yJI molIit3ftoniacIiuni& intefti- 
i^^Tiim' ujdfi9ie^v fjS/^Tvt T^ nainflationevexatrvernumta 
IdeiVGv Tuil ^.exvou ^ x^ Toi- nien dilutius ^ftiuo habetur^ 
fd yKcd^^^ vom^ ^>}<oy Vg7 &eviridi pabuloaluum ma- 
fjuiKuKTtm xjotxias . %gj J% y^- gis emollit. Probatur aute caa 
Khy^Ka-^ivKivxiv y^auomKov didii,?qua|icra{$itudine,quod 
r» ^dpiv-niTiy yji iW(^i^6}£ijjOv vngui inftillatumcogitur. Al- 
.^QlxfijW zmmjy^ %vuyi'. 70 S\ uum minus tentat caprinum: 
OAy&o'^ ^riov xjotKiai dL-njtw </>i quonia pecus hoc adftringen- 
r^i -nucuyjL^ ro^Kiov ^pv(Tn tibuspabulisjrpbore^lentifco^ 
yoAif ^^iToka* S^pv) yjt ^ivcd^Ksu Sc oleaginis frondibus , & te- 
^Kid y iuu T^^uAv^j^ • o^^v xdi rebintho magna ex parte ve- 
lo^'f4^t^v Tuy^et.^To Ji ^ss^" fcitur; inde ftomacho accam- 
CiTeiiy *^ * 'm^^ Ti x^ yKv- modatifiimu reddi foletOuil- 
^ }uj jy Tmiv Ktme)v>ovx ^^'t^ ^ lurn aut dulce^craflumj&pr^- 
cAJ^fjUt^v, li fj$^7tt^6ei0v yjji pingue ^non vique adeb vtilc . 
ivmv x.(u fw«oy V c^>xo/x/^7?- ftomachp. Bubuium tamen^a- 
£^ jt^me^zvyjM. 'jm J^ >ctXflc fininum^& equinUjVentri ma^ 
XfiiKias i^ ^fid^u ^x^c/ffi^tmy ^s idonea ; fed ipfiim turbarit^ 
fey Ti) C^i- 


Qmbusinlocispccora^fcam- oWy'6$7 yo^^flCjc^y;<st,S*sX- 
moniamjVeratriijClcmatidem^ KiCoe^^y S \hd^(»^^^ S y^fia^ 
autmercurialempafcutur^lac m»m }lcu c»ro7^ hv^w^ i'- 
omneventrem^&ftomachum p^y v^* iiptZy l^^yncu^cuyif 
fiibuertit.quale in luftinis mo- cuyi^ nm^^ toS/ ■hinmu Ix- 
tibus efle , a nobis proditu eft. xs^o^y t^ (!^'j».<l > ;^t^ t^ ^ 
Siquidem caprse , quibus can- = (Sf^-dm cAcChi^c^J hj-m-um^' 
-didu veratril pabulo fuerit^pri ^cu l^ye? • vju to ^^ctKcc ^^/ac- 
4no folioru partu euomunt: & T^i-^txi? ^/Ltd^^^v x^ l^^^f* 
-coru lac hauftu naufea creatj yyircu A^^7 Ji ^S.v yixct 
&ftomachuin vomitioncsef ^5^6)77x3y >fW^ Kct^Jaf >c£u 
ftindit.Ventreadftringitlaco- fmu^trl ^ci7n>e^t^ y^yj^^-'j& 
mnedecodu^prsecipueqjcan f/y \Iik^a^^v ^ afnvoi^ '^}-^^ 
dentibus calculis marinis exu- w^ l/j-m^lw^a^m^^^tibS^ fin.-^ 
ftu: & in fumma^omnibus au- A/^a /e g§o>;i(0 y> m^m^^^i^^* 
xiliaturinternis exulcerationi- T&pay^yefpSy, yi^pta^i-^y.ai fmoi 
•bus^prrfertim faucium^pulmo Toi^ t»^ hmt^dMHtii mapAviy 
^nis, Interaneoru,vefica?^& re- If ayS^^-Tcd , xoi ^m^^^^J^f^^ ^5 
numrfoiis verb contra pruritu ifc/bTo^ ystf e«y /z^Td. ^t^^ 
cutis, erupriones papularu^ & ^^S" zo) vi^aTo^ awjdjf^.e^^^ 
viriatos corporis fuccos, reces ^^vtq^ hhi);>Vy fCiyvfSmKcu 
-cummelle crudo^ addito fale, dkZv. kpuo^e^y J% yim<^ 
datur exigua aqua dilutu . Mi- cLmliiSnif Sjm^* rk Jl rnf 
tius infl at quodcuq^ femel fer- xj:>iKm ^9' ihmcnafs^ pgy/^atT*, 2. < 
uefadu.Deco(9:iicumcalculis ^;:^'^ yifjitncdj 7^s xxix^^^^'^ 
marinisaddimidiasjvlcerofas -i^^^v ^^'^* ^ ^ 
ventrisfluxionesadiuuat. TiieiO^oZ-ia.M^tinu 

- Serumlaais. Cap.LXXVL p?».^ 0/. 

■ Lacquodcunq^ferum con- £;^ J^'^ ^ ^ccxcc cTz^Tg- 
tinetimpliciru,quodybidifcef crAe^^^^t^V Toy oppoy , os- j^^oV^ z^ 
*fit a lafte, multb potentlfsimu vo^ ®if^^ yj.^fm loToveiTte^i 
adpurgatioesredditur.Datur 'ytnTcu. SiJi^o^ \(^ mrii'^ 
quibusfineacrimoniavolum^ JeAH^-niTOi tKr^im ^ovKofi^ 
deiedionem moliri^vt melan- ^ m^i^tm , 0^ cm f/^Kccy^ht* 
«holiciSjjConiitialib^kpris.ele- iiZyiQmU7?ity^^Kw^!^S:,%^ 

■ phanrii« 'O^'* 


^iinc^^yiiai^ai^^^-Te^if t^/ phantiis,&crumpe!itibustot0 
fifei oKov 7i'ar2/Mt. corpore papulis. 

Uiet^^^gcvyiKcuT^f. Schiftum laftis. 

Ks^. o(\ Ca. LXXVIL 

S;)^(iwJi7::ayiKu'(im^ Ex omniladefit,quo<ifchi. 

5 {j^oy iji t^n ;)(y 7?c£ m^iLc^ i^ ftu^id eft fcifsile^appellant. Lac 

^vif^poy KKA^ cvxiycf> mrf^- aiit fidili nouQ feruet, ramoq; 

^(OyY^ luiT^ To^i<rai Ji^ » Te^V ficulneo receti moueturjnipar 

Zmlfcuy^^m o^vu^Kmf yda^;^ fis^poftqua bis aut ter efferbuc 

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xojppo^ Tov 7vp»cA)i;^ . c/^»£;« cfi nimferefccs liquidu ab eo. di- 

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fftwc^f am-^v 70 ^Ko^ tSV datur^coueniet Ipongia ex fri- 

'^^Tfti^-iX^li^AytifyjesuZ^yJi' gida continub fidilis labrum 

fA vShLTo'^ 4^;:^« y^^iycu.^Tnv- detei^ere^fextariuqj argcftteu 

15 ^£w Si Sppc^ c*t StctdfjLsLios frigidae aqu2? plenu dcmitterc. 

;^^ YjjTJKfCi 'i^i mvT iio^Kmy Bibitur heminis per interualla 

if /i Tt>7sr ii«7tt|y ^cL^i^m^m fingulis^ vfquc ad quinas^ita vt 

c<^Tef7&>ff«y ol* womr. ^;« intcrcedentibus ipatiis^potan- 

/^ To^^a^dmv^Kct yjji ^jf tes ambulent, Lac autc rcccns 

T©y^ S/TTO Twy tpj^cmjmy ^ctf^ cfficax eft contra rofionesr- 

j,0 iJiiiUdv thry^i^iCcu Trvfaa^i^a^i ftionefquc,ab exitialibus mc- 

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Comdujovyn Jh^vmajt kKcymv^ b upreftc ^ aut pinorum eruca, 

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?tt tJ jS/Woy mjiJL<^^i ]Jia>^ of^^ to > aut ephcmero : pra?fcrtim 

45 ^07. iidijo^liTcu Jiiy 'sr^s i\- bubulum ad id cximie cofert. 

^GH^ <^yiATtJiy yJXmctejL^lJutffi Gargarizatur autcm cxulce- 

(ti^ cjlayi^eia^ci . ]Jiedi Ji ro ratis faucibus^tonfillisquc. Afi- 

ovHoy Ji oKKv^o^oy , ovxa, t^ ninu peculiariter colhitos dca 

IJiyTTti yu^cLTvJjti -j^sv q 7»^ x^/- tes gingiuasque ftabilit . Plu- 

^ict; ^* iKyJiiWf jtv^vauoii xiones alui, fi vlcera fentiatur^ 


tehefmosq^, oiiilium ^bubulum yJjl Tmtop,oi^ ae^^irmv a ^o^ 
aut caprinu cu marinis lapillis etov » dl^^ov I^^Vim^ l^l^^^ *=^* 
decodti/iftitiper fe aute & cu Kj:>yyimr\Mi^'TtfJ' ^ ^x^^^ 
hordeacea ptifana aut halica- iuvTi i^ ^tw 'nit(mvi^\^vi'9^ 
ceo cremoreinfufummagno- jjyxoujfji^SiTiare^i^yfi^v t^o/ -tw/ 
pere inteftinoru rofiones miti- i^ii^m J^^tv • lyitKii^irm cft^ ^ f 
gat:^xulcerat5vulu3?immittit ^Tf^^w^^^ 

tac muliebre. UtejiXmajii^ovyt-KA' 

Cap. LXXVIII. xT^s^. l^t^.^i. 

Humanum lac dulcifiimum TodiTwVyxwatiXoVTix^^xv- 
eft 3 & maxime alit : mammis ^uj-nniv^fy yj^ Tfo^piixmAT^v* 
autem exudum^prodeft ta- &ipiKH <fi^Xd.^i^.ov ^j^f^- ^^ 
bij&r ftomachi rofionibus:c6-i ^v J^^tv x^zJ (p^m* f^^y^ 
m hauftum leporem mari- i% tgi ^€ Ktty^ovl^M^oij 
num praefidio eft: oculis cruo- agom' ^^^^j ^\ KtCoMorcd^ xa^), 
re ex iftu fiiffufis^cum thu- is^^t-mToii c¥.^Kyiyk cufja.* 
rispoUineinftillatunpodagri- ^eim c(^^K^7f*Y^ *aoia^ 
cis vtile cftj cum meconio ^ & ^^ymv^ ix^txS^ tnw. ft^xm^ep if 
ceratb illitum . Lac omne re^ JC5" )w<p6)TSi y^izt^tos^ov.^a^- 
Ipueadum iplcnicis^ hepaticis^ loy J^ mtS yihec mJTJjjjims > »- 
comitialibus ^ y ertiginpfis , & mArtxoti j ffYjnrttfjjo^v^U , c^- 
neruorum vitio laborantibuSj, it^^^PitxjHs ^rot* to ya^§5,<lfe^ 'sr^ 
febricuIofis,& capite dQlenti- jgc^, fm/^iojct^ , 3a^«^a\^S- 
bus : nifi fi quis interdum pur- erTv • ^ ^ '^riJ-n ys^f^^^ '^*'^~ ^^ 
gationis gratia^vt oftendimus^ ^ ns ^a^i^H ro^^^v hi v- 
fchiftum praebeat . Primiparse ^SiJ^KwA^dvct <H fim 70 
canislafte perunftos narrant nifm^Toiimv Yjivo^ylK^ -4^- 
glabrefceretp otum contra ve- Koim ^^$ vs^^^TS.^^J -> ^ 
iiena antidotivicem ohtin^t^ /^etm^v <paffJAm)t (Lim^^ti^^ 
abortus mortuos cxpellit. ^.m ^r^^y ^ TJ^yjj/iT&jy l,u- 2.5- 

^V &dt0V ij^^oKlov* . 

Cafeus recens: ^ ^ w ** >.^>,.rr 

Gafeus rccens fine fale fiim- T^e;^ nctd^ ^y^ tf^Sy I- 
ptu$ alitjftomachoytilis eft, M^.o^7§o^tt^$ ^tAj'^fZif.;^^y 

XIB^R IL 84 

r cViiifiJhm* atif%jSy mmici^^ &facile in mebra delegatur: 

koiKioLff ^7et0^ putXcucvKc^* coipus auget, aluunimodicc 

J^a<pi^m iuTwajuTVf tw^ ^dm emollit : alius tamen allo pr3?- 

mZyLKmrtni ^{im^ cup ov sntey- ftatior^pro natura ladis a quo 

^.lirjuMM l-lvi^iJi Kcu «68a;- conficitunDecodus autcm,& 

SCeif^eiTetoTHit^^^gdxvxa^y^ expreflus, (ieinde inaflat%a]uii 

y«7ai xjot>das • i^^^ M jjgtTtt- fiftit:illitus,ocuIoni inflamma-. 

wKct^xsi^ai l<p^K/u£y ^Kiy^ tionibus, & iugillatis prodeft. 

ya^ K^ itTm^mKUo J% yg^M^jc^T?*- Qui verb reccns falitus eft^mi- 

^d-n^^l^ofyor i)^f H^^ nus alimemi prapbet:corpus a- 

^Qmt^ cTxpKiff cmwJ^o^y Hg^ pte minuit^ftomacho aduerfa- 

xjo^fjia^i 5 To/TTa^y xjoiKiajf v^ tur^negotiu ventri mteraneiiq; 

%vn^ . oSi mtKsui-nepi , yjoi^ exhibet : vetuftiorc fiftitur aL 

Ksa^^KTiKjof.^yi^hmio^l^y uus.Sero quod a cafeo mana- 

Zir/Zy 7§o(pipui'Ta.7ou uit^quamoptimc canes aliitur. 

ITfez I^TTrtW. Cafeusequinus.Ga.LXXX, 

Kg^» ^- QuodhippacenvocantjCa- 

15 Hcf)6*>^oy/4^j*(-arv7ax^>7t; feus eftequinuS:eavirusredo- 

es^^o^ymTTto^^^^ofuSjn^,^^ let, niagnopere alit , bubuloq; 

KvTfooofy ct^ctKo^m T^^HtpA' proportione reipondet. Ncc 

ytot Ji t^Tjdju/iy cic^'iaci» Tiu^ defiint,qui hippacen^cquinumL 

i^mifmTucuf. coagulum appellarint 

ngeiBoWfiii,'? I|^ Butyrum^&eiusfuligo* 

io x/^jo/. K€^.^*, Cap. LXXXI. 

Bov7U£i?y^cxey<i^£7ra y^Kov lic E lade pinguiisimo proba- 

T Kf^piDTaTov ylKctKTof^Toioy- tum fit butyrum^ quale o- 

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Jiy^^r^cu^^iihy>yfm^^ agitato in vafislafte.donec 

^^^^y^^^^'^^'^):^^^^.^^ pingue feparetur. Butyrum 

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Ktf>t77/^irj^*a^<»Jb£^-o3^i^Xtf/A/tfi Ucns: vnde largius epotum 

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T&^^f^H^f^^hofxmv^^^m tra venena.,-Gum melk fi in- 

e^TC^^^VyoJhyvicfeif i<piK^^ fricetur,d^titiones adiuuat? 

i^T^ 1 iiij gin. 


gingiuam pruritus, & oris vk t^-j^-my (^Km iM^v^oti S* 

cerainfantibus cmendatjllitu -m^i^yyjl A0^^.%^ed^v Ji- 

foris capaciora alimentoru fa- yef.rA^^TKao^^fjSpcy , c/JTfo^ ^ y^ 

citcorpora3& ab^Ibidispu- A^J^^njticmf vfpS tq aZ^.^ 

ftulisperiummafcatetibusat. ^otei J% zou ^V (^Kiy^cw 

ferit.Cotra inflammation^s & xof ffy.}oieia; v^e^f rl^ A- 1 

duritias vulua^^quod nec virus mj^^ juu^ J^X^siKa^oy^* ^^ n- 

refipit,n^c vetuftate fentit^bu- Jb<nmeia$ iou ^^ hmkov I\- 

tyru eSicax eft:dyfentericis,& yjom lyxKu^o4/S^of * wi-oT^m^' 

coli exulcerationib» infundit: te /Ayv-m ^atnfUi)^ • K5"' ,«^- 

in medicameta addi fokt, qus x/ca c^^rf twV /^tw t^ vgy^^ ij' 

pusmouetivtileprffertim cum jdultyya^ xouiw^Jv yju ^ti^j^^ l^ 

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Id aute purgat/epletj carncm tou$ -jW ksmJh^ Jityj^ifTcc^ 

creat^ab afpide perculsis vtilit crmv^.i^oy if(piKH\ (juy/j^m 

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niis additu olei vicem pefatjfe kcuou to viu^y^Koz I9 roi^ 'miA' if 

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pti locum fufficitur, dum coa- XAJsf to ^w^Tm ^oviut-v-i <^V 

ceruetur fuliginis modus , que cW;^, xoi ^Ih t^ «^»70 ?«^ ^ti? 

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riter ad cicatricem perducit. ^m a.7ny^oi/7u^i»>^. 


Tl}lE^im. Kip. ^/S\ Medicina lanaru. Ca.LXXxII. 
lcra otmm^ AQX9L ^ Succidselanaemolles.ecollo 
ct-^X^Vx^^T^ a/TTD qi T^ec- feminibusqjlaudatiisimaj ha- 
^xov i) iSy fjLVfm^ «Jp^^om bentur. Subueniut inter initia 
^«^§PA «^^'Tfoty/^^tTtty ^XiL vulnerib^ percuf$is,defquam- 
5 o^uccTtt, amai^^in^ ^}diytjcL matisjimdis^ofiib* fraftis^ ace 
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ycL o|« Kcu\Kcd& % Qivcd • J^- dem facile iiiccos combibunt^ 
Kvyjiyii^ '^ Twy Ifzifi^^Ttov quibus immergutur^& ob pe- 
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amfi^^oy, cfficaciter imponuntur. 

np ^eim KSKP^i^m. Crematarii lanaru cinis. 

^ ^ Kg^ ^y. Cap. LXXXIII. 

T^ ii m(^^et i^tse^ j{yoC' Crcmatarum lanarum cinis 

jf ^iv^xi s^?'»77x//;r, -^cv^yjd- cruftas obducit^excrefcetiasin 
(^Ttiiy^K^rm-^kmiK^rm^lK carne cohibet,& vlcera ad ci-* 
kSv^ x^t^^O m^fd^ J)iu^aM^y catricem perducit. Munde au^ 
•7K ci &m^xy^^y ^^^'^ T^ ^«5/- tem & carpta?, in fidili crudo 
mi.T J"* aor ^o^myi^ x^o^oii^s Cf terorum more vtuntur.Nec 
imoy'^ baXcLo:p,a^ ^f><pv^ei5, «r7- fccns fimbriati marinaru pur, 

^^ykp WT^pyTTw ^aiaiajn^t purarum flocculi cremari fo^ 
-d lya ^ fjM-n ^vfn^^yjD&^ Ient.aliqui cum fordibus lanas 
<m ^mA^miJ^pi cTl iic^m^ carpunt5& melle irrigant, eo- 
cCiKi^ncii^cm^TrKaTugil^td x^pflc- demq- modo vrunt . Alij in fi- 
(m kyyeiii Jii^Tus a-r k>KL dili oris patuli vcrucula inter 
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i^ici J^^lctapiy^ i^^^iCpiftAia I- leo ita fuffufas,vt ne ftillare g,- 
Kcu^ i-m^ Zir f^am>^(iy,if dem pofsint, affulis tedx fub- 
^Ktv ^V^tK^^ y^yicc ^^ai iedis,& eilHem lanisque per- 
cmv^ymr^iitr^yJkt^mjtL mutatim intcrftratis , leuitcr 
^m v^iT^^si, jj^lm Ji G^^m, fucccndunt , & vftas tollunt : 
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dove vlla profluxit, collexSa m^^YfS-.ffiwetsHfje^f^Tiu iy 

reconditur . Lauatur ad ocu- amri^^y^.^TrhtwiruJi ^^ -r^ 

lonim medicamenta : cine- o<p^Xfit}(^.af yjt^.^ui{p ^tpojS^i 

rem in labellis , aqua addita, vMmQmyko^n. ^ x^^TztpdL^^ 

manibus confricant,& co- <roa^HcV7ii/a^ w^ ^?^^^ .^ s 

fidere patiuntridcjj fepius^ tS iuTrziy^Trf.^twifj imnyiot^ou 

mutatcs aquam donec ? i/^k^;^, 2ax« im^o^ov yji 

linguam adftringat, mKtvkvarru^osofj^is* 1^7^79 

riec mordeat. yvi^ dL^irdL^ ^m^im.^ij^ovlni 

OEfypu. Cap.LXXXIIII. yh^ilii^ fjw Mm^jroazi^ '^ gv^pn. 

OEfypu vocat Gra^ci/ucci- O^i Otffim. Ki(p. 7rJl\ 10 

darum lanaru pingucdine. Cu Oik^zBr J^ hiyi^ td <^ -Twy 

ius parandi ratio h^c eft. Suc- olffVTiv^Zv ifm ^i'?:^. t y^Tzt''' 

cida? mblles,radicula no cura- ffy.iva.ffi^i7ti>rKuCm tftufjut- 

tse, caEda aqua lauatur^ & qui- h.a,yj, olav^fk tK^Kuj^ov^lgfov- 

biifcunq; fordibus exprefsis^& ^auim^^fxS/jMTJyAua. «ic- 

in labellum oris ampli conie- ^KtC&y -mfr fVTrafinMjluj fict- j- 

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imp etu ligula^vti re/pum et^agi om-^d^ vJtiifkvii^^ki^vwft tbc 

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fordida ipuma colligi pofiir > ^t^ cty iroKvs kt^^^i^ fvmfo^ 

ddnde marina refpergitur : & av^iy^^^^Tzt ;^7wppat^i 5«t\£t<y %6 

confidete pingui quod Ciper- (7Yi'it^ or ;(^7rtv#j -Ticmva^^^ff^yof 

natabat , colleftoque in alte- Kmf^kyceK<ly.Ceufi ei^ tTcfoy tu- 

ro fi^ftili vafe , denuo aqiia in ^ujifnw kyyitoy^om-^^aj; tb y- 

' labellum fufa agitatur : ipuma J^fHiT x^a-^fciyTidKty -nifct^r^ 

aterumari perfunditurj& de- 'cn i^ H^^iuffimi t^ ba.Kiojvi^ ^ 

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hocm^m^ij juvm TM %^§i,ot- recenijque afFuft, manibus mi 

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Tjf^fjc/^Miufili^TrtiaSf^^SgC/p^^Kim gu^ cjefypum adftringat leui- 

e^f K) 'i0.bA^$ i^ KWKOi <pcu/S' ter^ nec mordeat, atq; pingue 

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^iW 'SFKtu>ism li vM-n^Jj)- nulli excolatum pingue frigi- 

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x^§6>T au yujjeuyjiryvi^ o lot fecus atque ceratum mulieres, 

io 57^< ^£i;jwT^or.oi 5^ ^Ktxuiw^n^ confricantrita eriim candidius 

^ifia K^ ho^Ki^h T py-Tray, redditur. Alij elotis lanis & for 

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k^^^^t^ij^Agy^ccV-j^ojj^.ew U mandant, donec candidum 

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s-o ffjyX^ Ji CiKTtm kgpi^^f Xj que adiiciunt .Melius eft la?ue, 

jjtoff^i o^djy Ipw o/i;i;77M§Sy>oty^- radicula non curatu^quod fuc 

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ffiwigiijcfir £(f^ G JoKt^ou^oi ri aut concrcti habens : veluti 

i^/^I^T^S^Eficn. Aai^fl£,w5'e;)(^f quod cerato aut adipe adulte- 

^p^Tj^t^yj-T^cw^^saTJx^y IxxSy, ratur.OEfypum excalfacit^ex- 

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fi^siiyipQ <S!^^^y^oiUi^ fitum, mefes &partuseuocat, 

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vlccranonaurmmodbfanat, mes^ n i^ cjt Sxii kou ^ aj" 
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p e : cotra erofbs angulos o cu- 3C5" ^^ ^^iCf&^ou^ h^ - 
lorUjfcabiofofqj, genas q occa hovi^ kcu ^qdJUf kou jS^e^at- 
luerunt,& cilioru defluuiaj ef- ^ mvKedfj^a zai ^^ffoujj^ 
ficax eft . In tefta noua torret^ 7^, xsc^sw J% W ogpAKjsv ks^- S 
donecredaftu incinere pin- vcu ^ ^p^i< divn^pfoi^v a/THi^ 
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uimus r quae in oculorii medi- ^etijSfi ipu^^ovffa m^^ 7» of - 
camentacomodcaddifolet. ^KmyJ>* 

Goagulum. Cap. LXXXV. TI^) 'm^iti^-K^yR. ILwnri. ^O 
Lcporis coagulii tribus obo JltTvoLKayiaov Sl^^Ijh mxxf 
lis ex vinOjVcnenatorii morfi^ mc^.oK^^TaMhii^mt^^ S^^^w- 
buSjCoeliaciSjdyfetericis^&foe Ji^mtj; k^Koo^cmv^ i^ Jbcny- 
xninis fluxione vulu^" labora- TSeix^^Jwu ^^i ^oiyj,^ yjjjcu* 
tibus^ac reieftionib» a pefto- ko^^^^ 7«aJ^7cr ^ofACe^ 
re^auxiliatunSanguine in gru- mv iy kmy^ya^^ w i^ 3w^- 1 5 
mos concretum difcutit . Poft y^f.^0iZt.(j$pnn/u^ yJbdLf-^ 
menffruas purgationes appofi mv t5 /tw^^fit^^^ ^ovtvesi^ ovk* 
tum vuluas cu butyro 5 pr^eftat Kn^yTrotei-vro^azi Ji <^'bmfH 
mulieribus vt concipiantipotu XfjiCfja^^ <fl Thu ot^g/foy i- 
vcrb partus enecat, & a puer- ifmo^ *^v • » cfi ^jS /Wzcy ^* 
perio pariendi Ipem adimit.E- i»im l-pr^mxM zot^^ovf^ity }<fiaf * o 
qui coagulumjquam hippacen otf^^i c^ mhjeiyjSv i^ Jhmy* 
aliqui vocat, priuatim coelia- i:ieM(Sv.\%i^ri S^ k^ k§yoi- ^ ytr 
cis dyfentericisquc conuenit. ?§2 y-sa Jhqyjjh^ kcu 'TrKe^TvxJi- 
H oedi,agni^hinnuli> caprea? la- ^sym zcu Jc^kh khj tKipov Koe 
ticorQ^is,& dorci^aprijCeruijVi- ^ui^ov kcu ^vCikovy o^ta^^i^ 
ttili^bubalique coagula fimiles ^un Jivu^r a.ftd^ov<rajL csi^^ ^5 
naturas fbrtiiituncotra aconi- hxonTov i^m W oiVw XcliaCcl* 
ti potum vino, & concretum vof^eu^ iy ^i yAKotytTos ^o^ 
lac in aceto couenienter aflfu- Cedmi ^at o^qk^ iJ% <rS n^^ 
jnuntur.HinnuHpriuatimtri- Ce^viJie&f furiTdi^Ka^^g&g 
4up a purgationibus admotii^ ^Ti^Jit &m Tfetf ipti^c^ 
partus krtKih 

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7i€i JiofiJLi^iv /uuiKi<;sL omfhmii fentat : comitiaKbus ^ ftrangu- 

^iik^ u^^^.ftyJliTrvi^imn^n, -latis vuluis, potu conferrc cxi- 

Jhitiuii^iw Ji « s$7 <p£a)c«5', 'T ftimatur. Sed fi fit vituli ma- 

. ^j^ati-^v ^T^rMCeiy 'inTvaM Iji^ rini^hoc cxperimentum eft: 

vyliyu^t^ ^pyoiTj x^ c/;37p^|- aqua inipergitur , qua pauliL 

4f vSti>^^li£<7DV ^^yiv '^^m^h ^ P^r cum alterius animaiis,tum 

f4^ TmTztl^m-^^j^ThhTriCi^iy^ci pr^cipue agni coagulum^ma- 

hJ^ T^i* -zrT/ji/iz^ w (^cdm^ • « ^ duerit : nam fi eric fyacerum^ 

h^Vii %^vJhi^7iwTa;^a>^ * j5 ftatim liquefcit in aquam : fin 

lo ^^intoLivf^J^ctfj^ei ouoU* minus, confimile permanet . 

KauCaLfiTw^M-ln.^pdxMf^m^ Excipitur autem catulis, qui 

'pJci fmTm Jiujcc^^m ffuuy-^'^-' nondum natare pofTunt . In 

'^zur (ntiuvm» >w/yS^ Ji *mtm. iummaj coagulum omne diC. 

'mrJdL 'Tiiom ^ 7» thotKiKu-- fipata cogit ^ & ccada dif- 

(^a^KveiJiT^mwisSrtu foluif. 

jj np^TC^TBr. K£<?., '3-/. Adeps. Cap. LXXXVT* 

2T%?©eJs-j«^7a «^amI- Adeps anferin^ aut gallina- 

^^ ip^^et 70 viapovy^^^mov % ccus recenSj& fine fale condi- 

e^y/Saor ;t^ J>';^ fibvSy TiTae^- tus^ad vulua? vitia proficinfa- 

/^uf^QVy-nvKimQv J% vd^f^ 70 le inucteratus^ S: qui tcmporis 

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M-j^nhhja^mm , cDV TtKrS- toperc capacior fit^quantus fit 

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xo<;^oy km^ AAtc^v ky- fidile alterum excolatur^ do- 

ySovlgpkxjvQVitcd^h/ ^ Jb^ necadeps omnis abfumatur, 

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Alij fiB^U fiilciunt ftper aqua TmrMai-n ihiov vz^ S/clto^ 
calidam> auttenuem & elaTi- St^/^oS imiHJbifw ^ M^^ 
guidamprunam,qux folisvi- vtiStu^^iiinki^Tlf^j^^ 
cem penfet. Eft & alia curan- ^s h^^tmZfr ^0^^ J&2a- 
di ratio : Exemptis membra- ao^ 7f^^^ St^^er^ TBioS^r 
nis tcritur, conieftusque in tim^^ tJ l|y^<^i^ ^^^apj§ : 
olla eliquatur^ adiedo minu.- hiouvmhy^^ ^^ ao^c^ ^/^&ut 
ti falis momento : mox lineo ^vm^uwy akg^ Ikj^u k^ 
colotransfiifiisreponitur.Vti- Ki^prlou ^(n^^ffhd^vinr^' et- 
liter in medicamenta additur^ -j^ J>a f>iyj> ^ y^m fiyu^yji,^ 
qoae hfiitudines & fatigatio- W^7a/.ip^'{ei dV -7^ Tm-nt 
nesleuant. «VWaxo^. ,, v ^^ 

Suillus adeps S: vrfinus. n^i %7im< vnni^ 

Cap. LXXXVII. c^VfiVKe^. ^^ 

Suillus adeps & vrfinus hoc *reiov Si ^ ^mov^e^Tj^u.^ 
curantur modo : Recens^pra?- tm ovTt^rhaCZv ^^(T^or^ 
pinguis/enibuspotifiimu dc- w y^-^wJiufi^m/iov^QtJ^^ro 
traaus.^inlargioreaquacoele .yif^^taioy^^H^ £j^p J^4<x^ '^^' H 
fti & qua frigidirsima ^ exeptis ^^mi)^ ov -i^v^i^oiiuTov^vix^^- 
tunicis,diligentifsimemanibus vtmy^'^^i'^/(H^l^^J'^^ 
confricatur.&exprimedofer- h^i^Q^mhj^l^ om^^cuct^ 
me ficcatur/ubindeqj noua a- -i/o^^^^rS^ mp^^ vMii 'Troy^.l 
qua abluitur: caeteru fidili ca- ^i hmyJKuJct^^^k f^V x^*^^ 
pacitatisdupkinditus,inaqua yuiatAojf^^Si^i^^nov p^fif^z-o 
dcmergitur,& fubditis leui- .cmiyS^*riuS^^i><<^i:)^yf^ 
bus prunis fpatha mouctune- ^aT^f.^f^^f^^^^f^Tf^"^^^ 
liquatiisq^ > colo transfunditur i^ mi W^.oW ^^ J^^? <=^- 
in aquam: vbi verb refrixit, & «Sr^W ^mto cT/p^u «V 2% 
guttatim aquam omne exclu- xai Ucrac5r^4"^^>^'Kiy'^5F^r 
fit, in prselotum fiftile demit- yq^kQV cmff.>sZf > W/os- ^r t^ 
tin3r,& irfufa aqua leniter eli- nlw -^(jm ^-n^^y^u^hji , 
quari debet3& manu deprimi, h^-^^a^ i^uStil t?! «^v ms^au 
quofaciliusfseculentum virus Ji^ y^^y^h^ if^y^^-i -n^i^^ ^ 
peffum eaf.poftca in pila fpon '?{«) t? V -^^^^ > ^^'J*:?^?^ . 
giamadefaftamtrasfunditur. (U^ia^ vmnffp^iyl^^ azmyyce.^. ., 
Vbi - «'^ 

tT^Mmyf^inhif^o? K^ r Vbicolrecoepit,.refidens ia 

<^T577i>9^x^i-«C3£^^p- imo fordes eximitur* Tertio 

«c^ ktp^coy. T^foy <^ 7e/T« j;^- citra aquam cliquatur , re- 

eiiuMTo^^Ti^ y^-nej-f^i^ ^^ purgatusque,fi<ailibe- 

5ui5«'> ;£^W^^ litixCdtxt^i ~ ne operculato^per- 

# xe^cc.afiouw^iTj^wsy^^-^^oA^^iTO^ quam mgidislp- 

^wT^Sjf^e?^ <5t-rtt4^;^oy T5^y. ^^^ reponitur. 

nyt^Ticm^^ci-^/.^y^^s^' Hircinufeuu.ouilu^&cer- 

Urf^Hi^\KcL(^H^Xi(p^'yri. uinu.CapXXXXVni. 

*T§a7«oy Si X, ^CiT^oy, Hircinu feuum^ouilu, cerui- 

£77 A' J6 tKi^^eiOTf^^^e^muiior num<^ ita curato: Elotu ex hisr 

j^ i-m-haCm mr ^eifn-m ^of quodcunq;,tunicis,(vt in fuilli 

ohywo(jovM hj^y i^<mKitoj;y mentionc didu eft)exeptis pi- 

||y-t4t>WT&' ^^ ^^^ cm l^ emolliendu traditOj ac ma- 

c5 vBt\i^^i «V Sry w fzahiileivy nibus fricato, affufa paulatim 

;^ -TeTCfi /^t' oKifQy y% oTrs^j^i- aqua^donec nc amplius quide 

m^a.)^ts h^T cufidhe^ U- cruentii virus excernatur , aut 

jj xfh»%f^r hm^lwt^stKiyi.Kiu pinguc aliquod innatet, fed ni 

^s^ 7? i/in^.Komv lutco^^y tida fpedetur . Deinde in olla 

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doris vinis euanefcat "^pt^ ^<jzi>Jidjf ojTr^CiKyi^. 

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dorum&leonum. ^m^icLm^i-ij^K^^o-^^^i. if 

Cap. XC. K2(!>. /. 

Priuatim tauroru pingue fic *To A" -mi^^mv^f^^mmov 
curari debct ; Renib' euulfiim «SWi Atf^^y ^5^^ 'rb«^ 't^ ^«<f- 
pingue profluente annis aqua (^A-wf i^ n^exsuov Xxprxuiioy -^rr- 
abluito^detradisque tunicis, ^0,1^0 liu^-nAlvfjpicai ji 
fidili nouo, poftquam exiguu cftV «V X^fdUf Zi^mtd^ m/h^^ 2.0 
fakm iniperferis 5 liquefacito: ixhoKi^^v^iniiTTitJu^^K^-ilt 
dein ih nitcntem aquam exco x^-S^ ei^ ycftwp J^av^^ km^' 
lato, & vbi cocrefcere coepit, cu^^o-m d/j^V Xfic/^^ctyj» ^'fe^^^ 
manibus iterum confricando ry^^<ri Wxn^ ln^Cm c?^o£ pS^ 
vchemeter lauato, aqua faepi^ ^kuZq^v^ ^ ptctm;)$of^^ vJ^ 
infufa refufaque^donec quam. to^j^iS c/^^ iTrTj^jo^Vy, k^i^ h li 
optime elotum videatur : rur- ^KvJ^y^e^^' kcu Tdhty ^i yji 
fiis in olla cum pari modo vini ^iuf lyAiy^^m t-h ^t oivou 
odorati decoquito ^ & cu ite- /W uud^Jot^^m^ J"' iy ^s;;/» cOir^ 
fum efferbucrit^depto ab igni k^(X.> km f TtMe^f r yy^us^id. 
vafe ibide finito pcrnoftare: w y\jim%&<m 70 ^cy cy5st A* 
poftridie / 'J^? iJ 

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77? JC6W M K5W ^eif dihZv l'^' afFedionu eorum caufa ^ qui- 

busfal adueifari folet^fed 

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nu pinguia cura- 

ri oportet. 

Quo pingue odcrametii 

imbuendufit, Ca.XCX 

Taurinum autem & viruii^ 

num pingue^ necnon ceruinu, 

atq; etia huius animalis medul 

la^odoramentis imbuitur^ hac 

rationetPingue quod odoratu 

Teddi debet,demptis^qu9 dixi- 

mus modo,mebrani$j elotu Si 

vino quam odoratifsimo^niilU 

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adiicitur. Terfimili modo be- aciu ^ovoTitJbi^ t5 cum -^V, 
ne conferuefcat.Deinde matu ffutfv^oy o^ia>i W Te^V^ jcsJ ^- 
tinis exepto adipe vinu effun- q>^i.m^) di kysho^m^ 70 sinf^ i9 
dat:& abluto vafe^ fi quid imo wTpf^ ^y moy^lA^Kuj^vac:^ 
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mo eliquatii pingue & excola 7% Trv^i/^t kcu Th^cc^ , ^vxi^ 
tu^ad vfusrecoditur.Hoc aute cm^ 71 hjTo km^v jy ;^S.i- 
modo odoramentis imbuit,q3' po>^v^i7ruJi w 70 7?S^^- 
antea curatiieft.Veru ante di- mu^oy-jiv hjToy^or^y.^m^- ^ 
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portet vt reces tudat) Syncer^ ^ol^ s; 77 h2uj7m l^^.^ff 
& fanguinis expers adeps,reli- -(puToy ^i kcu kutyi^ cS^^Tof^ 
quas habes notas quas ffpe re- . 7^ 7^ o.y>.cL\^y A-7ro>ximH- 
tuUm^in oUa noua demittitur, f «^J/^^^s ^iKomict. x^U. 
infufo Q/m^^ia^ 

LIBER irl ' 90 

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mifcetur : viai Lesbij vcteris 

cyathus vfes*' adiicitur : ea ter 

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doramentis imbuuntur. 

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chi odore imbuitur . 

Cap. XCII. ^ _ , 

Vertim fampfucht odorem C&>v rs y^Z^ -n^^e^^Tnvf^ov 
adeps ipfe repraefentabit hoc cm (^cLv^eufyi^ga^^J^ ^>^ot^ 
modotCurati qua optime adi- TOJJ^eiov^y^ au^-i/S^u h^mxi 
pis^pfertim taunni^minavna, Tt^Kd^mimfA&KTot jLm^yi^ z% 
tepeftiui^ fampfuchi.exquifite ^ if^ov^^^oyZ) ^r^Mihi- 
eofrafti fefquimitia mifcetur^ ^\st(TDV^cm^aim Jti^-j^H^f^o? 
& iniperib largiore vinq dige omvi ^t^ hm^^.^o^? axj-m ei^ 
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node aefcat:matutinis i fiftili f^^^ • *^^l «f l m y^^f^a^ 
oila. /f?^ 

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£^,?4fe zi(p0^.o7aif i r IJla^ o- qua, leuiter coquuntur: dum- 
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j^jcTTC Tn-TmiMia^mv y^Sr^T» tus , nofte tota perman€t:po- 
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(«5i(// pmej.djf.iJulov ^kt^ 'tu^jL' dum eft , contufi itemm fet 
4,vX^ K^/u^hny&^ «f»5 ^^*»/ quimina priori paftillo adiici- 
(uZv f^oM -Jifzi(jv,'Z) hmA-m^ V- tur, eodemque modp in offas 
vlwKdLo:^ fjLdLyM^.-^miy Tu cogitunalijs quse diximusper- 

lo S^cia.<^elnwru^ cm -mtn /e a^ftis, decoquitur & colatur: 
I4mW -^ c/>k/^5" , i^^xwm" & fi qua fundo ba^fit fpurci ^ 
^'77^ ^ T?) ^h^i f^vmexu tia^deraditur, & frigido loco 
s^afyjl* h/Tti^^oi y^'T:a.'\6^cd reconditur. 
TSTTw. nyt X-jiaioi ^vfi'» Adeps anferinus & gal^ 
i^Spy/^^if. K£(p.r>^ Hnaceus* Cap.XCIlL 

j^ *E/ q' is^^A-TT^vTBv 95:«^ » p(*!'- Si quis tamen inciirara.m a- 
ymy %Q^vl^oy % u^^hov^^ dipem anferinum^ gallinaceu, 
fp^ 'i<nmiov S\am^M<6^ 9^/- aut vitulinum a putredine tue- 
m^Mvhxj-m^KaCm i^dtpa.Tov ri velit,ita faciundum eft: 
mov 'kv 0ikQio^%}L^Kuuoy cmfj^ Quemuis adipem diiigeter e- 
kS^j^ Sici-i^lcL^ ec77 imayAvou lotum &^ficcatum in vmbra 

j.Q <^ (r/AO. a^^ 70 ^yt^.y^xi^ s t£- fuper cribrum^per lintea mun 
CaKteii obivtuj n^^e^h ^? da manibus vehemcnrer ex- 
p^p<:;7y <^OT^£<75i/*i2/iJd»r5^7ax/- primat, linoque confiitil vm- 
m SiH^a.$ y^kfm<T!>^ iji tc^^ brofo in loco fufpedat^Sr poft 
<Tu\Td*fji^'^ h j5jLte/^-^iOT^xi^ multos dies noua charta inuo 
yjj^J^hTmSiasLi -^^fTii^amTi^ lutum frigido loco recondat. 

1,5 cT!» o? j^1flt4y;:^6) ii'm*a.ayi'^a. Pinguia aute indito melle vin- 
J^aySpi i^ Iv fJihSit i/Tn/r^ylflc. dicantur ad putredinis vitio. 
275ctw iuLaLiJu^^ Adipum vis. 

Ki^. rJ^'. Cap. XCIIIL 

^AtwdLuy ytxi ^ ^^'^ W V I S O M N I V M eft ex^ 
j «c 9^/w777i:?^5^a^se;t1rxiiv5 Apfic^- calfaccre , moilire ^ rareface^ 
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re.Taurimis adeps^tubulus^& aTtzm.^ tdp^t TOJjpiov cim 
vitulinus aliquantum adftrin- 'TPiczSs.i^^Ti^Qiov^yyro ^^(^r 
guntiearudeniviriumcompos i^ t^ K^ovriov J^ kyaxoyei roi- 
Jeoninusmam refiftere eu aiut rjr^ir^etm Ji dujiix^ dMrK^af^ 
iisquiiafidiasmoliuntur.Cer- KDvm^ cmCaKivocm Hyaj,7i 
uino^elephatinoq; perundos, M Ixt^pd^rioy it^ ki^M kvn- 5 
ferpentes fugiunt . Adflxinge- r^ SuUei y^r&^^io^oy. ro ^ 
tiox eft caprinus : qua ex caufa cuyeioy gv^taAii^oy 'oS^y Jbm 
decod^ cum polenta/hoe^ & ^exm^ JlJh'^ ffzjtj) ^(pkc^ y^ 
cafeo^dyfentericis daturj& cu po/;^ Tjr!a> y^'^^tJ^oy,\yyxi'- 
ptifana? fucco infuditur.Ius de- ^^w 71 f/^ Tiiio^rAi yo-kk. Iaj- 
coftiphtbificisinforbitiomb** ^r^ Ji' k^ <p^!nKo7f of '^o<pL ^o 
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qui cantbaridu venena haufe- yi^^d^^ mTrt^idcny &)(^ikL 
ruthircinus^vtquivalidifiime ^i JiJbm * ro S% Tfdymy 
difcutiat: podagricis auxiliaf^ J^uKvvmrttmy oy^ottb^Tro - 
cu fimo capr^ & croco impo - J^^xjoI^ , ^v^^.^^y ctujj ^yl^ 
fitus: huic ^portione reip5det tmu^.^bon i^ ^hm ^9 Smv^- if 
ouillus. Suillus verb cotra vul- pSfjoy ^ 70 «>e?^£tT«oy h^ 
iise & fedis vitia idoiK^ eft:am u*^ roirt^ . Zmy Ji kvctKoyii 
buftis. igni medetur. E fue vetu ro7^ ^ C^^ y, kou tJ^e^y • 
ftifsimusquifquefaleconditus W meimjroti ct^Aw'^« • ro 
excalfacity& emoUit: elotus JirKtejiy^^v v£ioyl>^ Iv 'tizl^ 
vinopIeuriticisprodeft.Cine- Kauor^roy ^ ^(ifjudyet kou ^- 2*0 
nereautcalce exceptus^infia- Kiom^oivcd Ji ttkujj^v dif^^ 
matipnibus^fiftulis^actumo- ^HmuuejLti^i^^mjj ricpe^ % 
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qu^ ad ima fidit , derafa^fifti^ am-m'^^ ai o^^mco kyynf^ 
|i nouo reponimtur. Quod fi ^ya^^^kTnlvapLm^ ^'^.kZ^^ 
libet incuratas reponere ^ fa - x^m'^^/^^. « J^' cf^nATnvm 
cito omnia quse de. anferum Ijttoti^^ ^«x^/^-Tns/W W-rzfc 
& gallinarum adipe demon- i.^l-m^l^yi^^l^ j^y«is$€^ 
ftrauinius. avi^ ^iS^iatjSp. % 

FeL Cap. XGVI, n^/ Xo\;5*-r ^^W. Kso. cr^ 

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do: Recens prseligatQ ore fol- ^^ tS tt^'^* xaCeiy t <sre?^- ^ 
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farer^mox exemptum ficcatur mvi TceZv ^Jim J^e^my^k^ 
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redolente . Sed quod ad ocu- t^ttw <r//^5 ^^ uyoTi^^ . Tct^ 
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letjligatum liooin vitreu vas^ J^em^^ jSctM «s- ^vjctcy mkouu 
guodmel habeat,immittitur: %^y ^Kr mi ^a^^ybjj 7z>?iJ 
circumuoluto ad os vafis lini Kiyov ^J^ctt^s tS (^im^^m) 
principio , & operto vafe re- fuyjnTmfJiAim^ hjTribou.Am Ji 
coditur • Eft enim vis omnium mTtucu ^kcu J^piuHcu^&ep/u^ 
acris & excalfaciens : intenfis ^acu 75 /u^».oy r >uu t^rioy y^ 
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ni fcorpionis^^ pifcis qui caL /;^yo5" 'rS uy>^H y^^tovuuny 
lionymus appellatur , marina? p^xoVx^ rt ^Mma^ ^9 Jwjfs-? 
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ciSjaquilse^gallin^ candidse, &: zrDplJb^ K^vyjf^jt) cup^ k^en^ 
fylueftris capr^^quod priuatim iJi&^ i^fM^ovaa *s^$ k^^fjuc^ %^ 
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fino^ taurinu multo efficacius. (^Kvmra^T}} '6J7/ S rau^^cu, 
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ofgsi^of/^yi • /2^^ Ji (TjejLymv^ fl:illatumjmedetur:& fibilo ea- 

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ffp^yi^ Kpiv^v. y»cu ii ^Cct-^ &terra cimolia quam optime 
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zirM9(:pcu J^ nif^ouny.^n.ei" contra eadem pollent, yerum 
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6J0£Ker.M J^ w ^KeSvn^ (sr^s num eclegmate comitiales ad- 
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^utm W-Ttt iJi^sAi^^ m- cera, reliquaq^ oniniajmagno 
p.K(iu&cujiim^^ vfu aflanutur, 

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Sanguis. Cap;XCVlI. n££/ Ai^Twy. K£<?. r^. , 
Saguis anieris^anatis & hoedi aT/^ 0^^^ ^ le?^«y xaci 

vtililsime in antidota mifcent- vy^tiTA^^ejiMvJd-roi^^^^yiirl^i^^ 

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tur,Me{lru^fanguis foeminarii, ouai^^.yMja^Ko^Ji ro o^^/Vicy 
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it^ocsrocO?,^ Stz^^ <^77Sr^7zu.^ nere ferueti fuperpomtunCo. 

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/nctUv^cuyov oWJp«9o; uahi^ pimum caprarum,pr5fernm in 
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2^^ioySpcu ' ffujj o^vyycd J% n^ lite illitum: cum axungia verb 
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in modum accipiuntJn eo in- ^y tf^m^ Ix^i^d^^ Tm^KayL- 

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committitur, caua veluti lacu^ to u^rmlv juipo^ ^v cw-ri-^^es^y 

na fubfidet , in qua lana oleo awj^/t^ov <^\ ^ x^^ttS' yji^ 

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por per brachium ad coxa fen oit^cns <^dt. tov ^^^oyo^ c/m 

tiatur peruenire^& coxendicis to i^ov Ix^ zsu 'mjC^j . ;£^XfL 

dolore mitigareraduftio id ge- tcu J% » TvtavTii y^m k^Qi^ 

iius Arabica appellatur. Ouil- %i. » ere^CiT^v S% oicpQJhf tnw ^^ 

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rofaceo cerato exceptu, rimu t% \oAyn Kei(pb^azL ^ vh Ak^ 

fuis iylueftris aridum ^ in aqua yjtou ^a^ fu^' vMto^ n omu 

aut vino potiljreiediones fan- vro^.sTOL^ iuyui^ ^ct^^ai^^^U if 

guinis fiifit: vetuftu lateris do- ^ y.cu ^ovtoy a,hyi}/uA mKzu^i^ 

lore mulcet^ ad rupta & couul -3je^i/7«5p>W7« <kKcu eujacT' 

fa ex aceto bibitur : laxatis cu im^ yui^" o^oi^ ^yofjSpa* $p(w- 

cerato rolaceo medetur.Ta a- fjui-niji ^^7i%vei c^co^(^^^. 

finoru quam equoru fimii fiue cm. ziipar?) poSirA . omv Ji}ccu^ 

crudii fiue cr^matu^ addito a- ^y 'i^-my ^ cuuoppctyct$ Hghm^ ^ ^ 

ceto/anguinis eruptiones cohi i/uC ts i^ y^y^^Spa o^ei f^yei^ 

bet. Armetarij^qui herba pafci- ^t J ^ r l| kyiKx^ qvto^ ^a^pi^ 

tur^ficcu fimu liquatu in vino^ ycv^ ^yiP^ yvKi^^^au ai oiyw kcu 

mox potum, cotra lcorpionil Trob&laa c/Mpm^Kwjrot? ct^q^. 

idus magnopere auxiliat.Co- S^pd^y^^^^aJ^^^ J% ^g^ 

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mixtu ftrumas ex aceto difcn- cfw/) c|« S^, ^t^M^ <Jicc<^opH^ 

titicarbunculos emarginat^tri- tJM^oj^i ts ^lp-Jtiiei (tmj ^* 

tum cum melle^ lini femin e & yjv i^ Ktvo c^mpyi^ iy ^cuo) Kicuf^ 

oleo : ambuftis igni medetur. S^iTa, Trueiy^Td 7^ ^puTnu^i^ 

Galli- '^^ - 

LiBER n. PS 

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^i^^ ^hi^it^v ^^i • ^Aio) dem, fed inetficacius praeftat: 

■Um.^^ilJuo'mT^ib&^9ci(n^i^ priuatim tamea contra vene- 

;9 /A« i\>^V^ 4ui{^ f^? na fungorum,& coli cruciatus 

olois S oiyoy OTo.wV'»' ^.x^>?y ex aceto aut vino bibitur. Ci- 

. ^ awi uJhLTt 'TT^bBicru im>Jn\i' conia? fimfi, fi ex aqua hauria- 

TWiiT tj^mln^i 'm^tuircu.yjTTj^ tur^comitialibus prodeffe cre- 

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vioseiv Tm^H^ra/.iwm^.hHcc tus excuti produntur • Murinu 

mjjj o^H kKCdm^udL; y^^^to-- detritu cum aceto, & illitu^ a-. 

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lo :^ oho^Kiti nsmy^-fi >^i^^ s^- mulfo calculos expellit: fubdi- 

nphei^^^^f^ciJi^TmJiQi^ tx infantibus mufcerda? ^ alui 

•jzJ jLJLuQ^JhL Koihidjf ^sjjf^^ £x,xf /- deieftione promouent. Cani- 

civ e^i^^i. xtvW d^ » oy t^T^t vjj- num quod flagratiisimo canis 

voii^v^iTi Kyi(^^^y ^^e^ OTo- fydcre fiierit exceptum, cu vi- 

^^j» ^9' vJk-T^^ « omv^mi-Kiew no aut aqua potu, fiflit aluum. 

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pw J9 Tii lAiSmmn kfi^Cia^ natur . In India verb , & felici 
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bis teretes tineas .gignunt, ca- vSiTt^f/^ciosyi^vn^ o^ y^-rif.wM^ 

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alperatas arterias^ cum metha ^^ of-meia; T^ay^jap.^i^ awv »- 

&,butyro decada^efficax eft. J^joo^co i^ ^oviif^l-i^^^tv ^tet. 
Tritici J^»i| 


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lo ^9>e^/^^ ^irpum yji yj*' citam aluum cohibet. Recens 

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difcutiat:duritia$cum refina^ ^t^t^ J^l m w <rl>:^d4 [11%^ 

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qait : cum meliloto autem3& ^^^ x^^v <mjj jufi.m.eir(A^ 

papaueris calyce dolores R- J^ Kcuyj&Jlcu^ aie^Jhjcjioji^m^ 

hit , qui latus excruciant : ad- pl;^ to^s 't^^^y kK-pZpi* ;££&- 

uerfus inteftinorum inflatio» wTrKimw Ji yJj ^h «/-t- 

nes cum lini femine ^ foeno- ^iv^rmati^ ^^{fm fjt^TkU" 

gr2eco^& rut%illini iuuat: ftru- yoGxn^^v kcu me^i- kcu m-^ 

inas cu pice liquida^cera.oleo, vov* [ju^-d M -mcm^ v%d4 x, o- t^<* 

& impubis pueri vrina^ad co- ^v zau mes^ 'ptzuJo^ ^(^'bieM 

codionem perducit : & cum y^' \kcuov , ^iedM^ cv.'7ii7nei. 

mjno 5 aut vino, aut malicp- Qm^ ^fmm Ji % oivo} S k^^ 

rio^aut fylueftribus pyris', aut tnv » iSctTw % ajJiot<r^ yj^tkid^ ftvr- 

rubo , alui profluuia fiftit : po- ^7« i^I?? • cnw yjjJh)viG> Jii 

dagricis inflamationibus, cum o|« , ^JtL')^yJ.rfhiy^ya; &- ij 

cotoneis aut aceto prodeftrde- q^ixS-l-i^^v M ^tk ofot^ cTp;.- 

coda in acri aceto^modo quo f^a^ oy Tfmy cd^ yJjmi , ;c^ 

hordeaceum cataplafina^& ca ^i^my i/mv^pSpoy-, rics^i v- 

lida impofita ^ lepris medetur. yiln . '^^ha^^y <^ ^ a.K^es^ 

Cremor verb farinae ex aqua^ ^ S<Mn k^ l-^^.y tnjui ^mssn 

atq^ cu pice,& oleo decodus^ j^ ^^tut^ , 7:vtm^tk '^* (ujj o^h ^ 

puri mouedo eft:cu aceto fub- 5' ;)^x^^V £, I4*J^V /^-tw ^V- 

adus itidem^& cum pice, co n cTjf , ^s^f 7* ti^ i4^m ^ivfjuc- 

tra articulorii fluxiones pro- Tct cy^^« • roJil^ cwwy 2- 

deft.Farina ex his aluum cohi- ^^sy^y ;w;\irf; ga^77;coVi:^ (?xs>- 

bet^inflamniationesqjmitigat, ^vmwj^vyTtm.^ 

' Zythum. Gap. CIX. neei "^i^v. Kg^. §8^. if 

Ex hordeo pot? fit^cui Zytho 2y,^/ <rA.<ijji\^rm Sm. w x^;- 

nome eft . Is vrinS cit^rencs & ^i . 257 ^\ J^oveAVxi^ , jc5" ye- 

neruos tentat, mebranis^ pra?- ^r^Zy iy ymfm SL^^tid^^i^ ^ki^ 

fertim cerebru veftietibus^ of- $a ^m^/^m }C0,KjC6Vicor^iv^ 

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luc* y^^^^H 

IIBER II- loo 

^fhm-i^^i^ffd^Tjicned^^TrziiiTJ' fuccucrcat^elepliatlafiiigignit: 

yJ^.cAj^p^^s^ MzjO ^^i(pci^ yyiw perfufu Zytho ebur^obfcquio- 
fi^i^^o^ lirm. fu & operi traftabile redditnr. 

Ileei Koyg^:^^. Kf^. ^/. Curmi. Cap.CX. 

Kfiti 7^ H^ifJ^^ Mkxjvq^^ rit & ex hordeo potus^ que 
f ay.ixjetlpt£pn Ji oic m zpt^^^a curmi nominat^eoqj fepe po- 
Kou di-nomv ^fJistTt mT^.djuf tu^pro vino vtiitur:veriim do- 
;;^Sy7ra , ^c^^cdXjlr '^ j^ ;^ lorem capids mauet ^ malum 
xo-^uov-, x^r v^ve^v ^w^ikSv. fiiccu gignit^neruis nocet.C6- 
(TKiui^i^ iik^i/A TTu^m ToictS- fimilia etia potus genera ex tri 
TA 9ra^7«,ir of TH ^sr^^laiTi' tico fieri folent^in Iberia, qu3^ 
^^ £^y /^j»e/ot ;^ jSpeWot. accidente Ipedat^ & Britania. 

neei Zf^d?. Ke^. ^/«i. 2ea/eu femen. Cap. C X I. 
Iho, h^^i * i f^ yip a,^ Zea duorum generum eft: 
5rx»3 n A <fiia>KKo> jc^^t^u, vna fimplex^ altera in gemmis 
^ <ho:ny \Ku7fot$ %;^tjau (nw~ putaminibus grana bina iiida 
i^ivy^L^QV 70 caA^ua, . %^ /e gerit^ ob id dicoccos appeflaf» 
15 7^0(^1 ^T^e^ M^ Kfdrf , c^52>- pIus quam hordeu alit^ori gra 
fcor dLT^oecdTie^ J% TTVfm <y- tardigeritur in panificiajminus 
TQimm^yi» ^uarri triticum alens. 

: U^ei KeifJL9ov* Cralsiorfarina. 

< ^ Ke^ §;r. ^ Cap.CXn. 

KefuvQv ki^^him o^ '7*? '£^ Crimnon craisior eft ex Zea 
%o r^^yi.mcL r dLKiu^v yyo^Qv tic triticoque farina , ex qua puL 
li ^eias Kj 7ive^v^%\ ov 'TrtKii^ tem faciunt. Abunde alit, faci- 
yvi7WL.tgj Ji i}(0.vSs^ Tio/pi^v K) le conficitur^aluum vehemen- 
hjH^^n^^^v^ ^K-r^mne^v M tius adftxingit^fi Zea^cx qua fit^ 
XfiiAjtf^ 75 tf/TTO TSi" ^ftf^f^ ^Xi- prius torreatur^ 

^j n^^O^.V.^ Ke(?:^0'^ ^"^'S^- Cap.CXIIL 

Kai ^ oKy^ cTit ott toZmjjZ Eidem generi figillo adfcri- 

'fpoi^ ^ft) r5V (!^eid^yk7fo(p^pct bitur/ed minus aliquanto nu- 

A <5t7« -^criy c^HViirafrDTrztH'- trit:in panes^vt Zea^cogitur.Fit 

w J^^ jyaoT^.Jy Kfiimyl^ m- quoq^ e filigine crafsiorfarina^ 

r?r » 'TuAmi -^/n-m. quam Gr^eci crimnon vocitat. 


Ather a, Cap. C x I II I, nefi A^/^^^ Kit^.fti/i\ 

Athera ex Zea fit teauifsime A^a^ ^ ^ -n!^ "kKv>u(^i^ 

molita: eft aute iorhirio, q-ia- ^^ ^^ ^j^-^lv ^^io^ tp/zvi^tytgp 

fi liquida palucula^ infantibus fUtp^tjuf. &^'^ mK-me^ov ly^^ 

coauenieus5& cataplafmatis ^TmjiSot^^^'^^^*'^^^'^^^^' 

- ^ Tragos. Cap.CXV, md^^i-^o^j. Kio. piL 
Tragos quaudam halica? fru Tpi^c li ^mf^ 7m^^ 

gis figuram gerit: mulrb mi- '7r%yi^m ^ '^^^^^iyu^r If^a^ 

iius,qaam Zea nurrit^qubd (^^-np^^ oi Tme^Tayaj^C,^^^^^ 

mukum aceris habeat : quare 7^ nrt\if %*^v td k^^foA^, M 

aegrius connciturjaluumqj ma ^ ^^r/cmpy^^f '^> ^ mhla; iq 

gisemoUit. ^TKCcy^Ki^, 

Auena. Cap. C X V L nsei Bp« o^t/. K^^. ^k^ 

Auena genicula qu^dam ha B^S/^^ v.i\^^? 'o^ , <sry-. 

bet/olio &ftipularriricuimi^ ^oti tuom kcu roi^ tpi^^Xotf^ 

tatur,& in cacuminibas depe- ^vitcn A J^HXyi^ivQ^ . y^f^Ttiy. 

denresparuulasvelutilocuftas Ji %yet W ^^<v> «s-^ i;ce/- \i 

bipedesgerit^inquibusfemen ^HdL SmKct^of ot^To mA^M 

continetur,vtilead cataplaf- y^imuiiv ^i y^rii'7rKa.m<^^>re& 

mata, vti hordeum. Pulte hu^ a>^ -^ ^i^, ^c^ ^atc^ Si l| ^- 

ius aluus fiftitur^prodeft tufiie- rovymrtu mxnxi^ m\kt$ . 

tibusinforbitionefuccus. ^l^ hjrov yu)2^ ^^o(^ov^q^ 

Oryza. Cap.CXVlt ^™t>T^- ^^ 

Oryza fragum generis efl, O^v^a rm m^^Sy V^v SJhf^ 
m paluftrihus riguiiq; nafcens. ^yo.w^'» cv IxdJ^ffJ ^im^ k^ v^ 
Mediocriter alit , fed aluum ^oTr. rfot^t^uo^ Ji fi^re^imicsu 
fupprimit. ^thia^ ^Krtm* 

Halica. Cap. CXVIII. Uieli^QvJ^^ov. Ke^.cw, sj 

Halica fit ex Zea^ qua dicoc- O 5' p^vJ^po^ yvi^ ^ k 'f%- 
con appellauimus : plus alit, 5 ^«y^V J^yJKKovl^ia^'^o(ptju£^ 
Oryza:aiuu magis cohibet^fto- ne^f /fe Spv^»^ ^yvmiyjmep^^ 
macho longe vtilior . decoda m>deL;.liJso^^ne9f Ji ^k 
^na^ctqillitaque I^rastoIIit, Tspv^cum ^ ^^^^^im^^ ^v%h 
vngmuni 14*^- 


l-^^t^ Hgrrd^t^ei^^T{£i ht- vnguium fcabridas cxtricat, ia 

^i^hv^i kpig^ujyK^cuyjKci' cipientibus 3?gilopiis mede- 

^as uf^fjSpu ^^mii. ef^cxi/- tur . DecoAum dyfentericis, 

ffixi n tJ a^i-^/Mt km m^ quos excruciat dolor^infufum, 

fj^.kKyifJufloiJ^aiyTfml^cil* idoneumeft. 

5&«7cy. n5)Kir;:t^».K£<?,p/9'. Milium. Cap- CXDL 

Kl}/;:^of i^&<pfij7^£^ w xo/- Mlium in panes coaftum, 

^y crjwf^Zv^apTumit^i^ ^ » mimis c^eteris frugibus alit^fi- 

^V ^ ^xiis cyiivcL^iiim YMhL ftit pulte fua aluum ^ vrinam 

tiM h/im^e^ ^ mS. (^x^" cit.Torretur milium , feruenf-r 

a^<Si)if ^hn^m ^V ^.iL\&^ ttv que in facco ponitur ^ vt tor-* 

XP ejL&>fjS>pvi^q>i<^m i^ 'T^v ^W ^- minibus, reliquisq; doloribus^ 

^^7z»¥ V^ ^o^^ua» fi foueatur^auxilio fit. 

nfiei' £At;//tf. K£<?. pK. Panicum. Cap. CXK 

Ehvuo^yi 'i fuhiybjj^TSy ffi^ PANICVM frumenta- 

*n}^m'^ tm^udL^v ^ ^y^(^ ceis feminibus annumeratur^ 

jCfioisL*ci>^^7tt>^ c77n%tiov.ijSp}i milio Cmile , eodemque mo-» 

J5 ^ ^2^^ li iuii dL^^^ovefa^ L- do in panes fjbigitur: eofdein 

^i>^6)TS£9t ^cV Tci tSV Jce)*;;^!* ^ habet vfiis^minus tamen & nu 

^TJovgv^ty^* trit^& ftrmgit. 

. Up '^^Tafjci, Ke^. fXfitV Cefama. Cap. CXXI. 

^icTJx^v vs^^soput^y^ ij <^^ S E S A M A ftomacho in-» 

6)cA'^ $5*^77)^ miitvxiv ^ o^T^i^ titilis cibus, halituSjgrauitatem 

^-O Trt^ ^t€^ed(ryJt^oy \/u^vi fJUi-m, facit 5 quoties inter manden - 

|i TwV liiy7ti>rw7^'7rKei^.v $ dum commiiTuris dentium in- 

J^cc(po^£i7a^ cv yey§o;f cgaj^yTw- h^Ct : neruorum crafsitiem iL 

fmSy^T^u&si^ha^a-Tziyii^ litu difcutit ^ medetur auribus 

(phiffioyd^ ic^ TTVfiiy^TTt^ij yjs- fraftis 3 ambuftis jinflamma ^ 

Mf khyitJLUT^^iy ia^<^v </S- tionibus^coli doloribuSj&r ce* 

5 jff^ ^^Tniii^^ffujv^oJiya) M u raflia? morCbus : capitis dolo- 

c^coSi^ ^yi^Tztl^ lyjc^cncd^ res ^ qui :^ftuadone concitan^ 

yyiij^a Tm^^vb^'^' » A' ^ctf tur , ex rofacea lenit : eadem 

^^•i^^cni cv oiycd Ttt hm efficit harba decofta in vino, 
^tH/uaKica'^^K^(ju>ycufo^'' pnefertiminflammationib^ o- 
^K/uMy |, ^tkm^mcus dfiJ(^i, culoruni doloribusq; prodeflu 

-^yf) : Exea 


Ex ca fit oleum quo^gipti} yvz-mi^ vm^ %Kduov\lhjTii% 

VtUfltur. otauyjTTJm^Zvw. 

Lolium. Cap. CXXIL UpAte^^. Ke®, ^k^^ 

Lolium quod fnter fegetcs Alt^^i Ji ^a^of-^ ^fa « >c'a 

nafcirur, molitu , illitu nomas, iMy^ <^ w^ Trv^oi^ ku^TaL. 

putrefcentia vlccra , gangra?- Jhu^arMv tyet ^yti^dLmmv vo r 

nasque emarginat : fanar cum ^y i (rviTnidmv i^ yctyy^aiyin* 

raphanis ^ falc & aceto feros xa^ psi(paJ!m >C) ihZv y^Ttf^xcL^ 

Iichenas:& ex aceto^ & fulphu cn^» iy ^i^as kyeAn^ i^ xs- 

re viuOjlepras : ftrumas quoqj ^sy^s- <njjij beie^ kTnf^ai y^ %\h 

difcutitjCum fimo columbi- S^^flcmyV^^^^s^ ^ '^^- 

nOjCt lini feminc decoftum in §2^ ib^ KivoajA^/uud l-^c^vi cy oi la 

vino:rumpit>qu<e aegrius ad co vw ^i^iM^ <hco<ui*K^ 'viJiajs^ 

ilionem perducuntur. Dcco- '^ct \iosm^^ctJiKii t^ ^uji «5- 

Aum ex aqua mulfa^ vtilifsime Kty^i^a l-^^osc ^ y£\cm\dus 

ifchiadicis illinitur : fi cum po- (ny^vi (od^tKu* mjJj ky^n^ 5 % 

lentajthure,myrrha^aut croco cw-jpy» » ^o-m » u^ti.vm% \sm 

fuffiatur^coceptione adiuuat. "^ytzcd^-Atmj^yii^r Gxjy^kii-ifi^ -^^ 

Amylum. Cap. CXXIII. m^ TI^A^h. Ks^. ^Ky. 

Amylum ex eo appellatimi A.uvkov mof^^ ^J)a. ni 

cftjqubd fine mola fiat.Opti ^ei^ uukov y^TtLo^ivili^nu^ 

mu ex trimeftrij natione Cre- Aei<^vJi ^fy 70, mciva^ofJ/jof 

ricum aut iEgyptium . Ratio & ttv^ v emmUv^ xfavxjciv Ji 3 

faciundi amyli h^c eft : Pur^ ouyj^^tov* truvi^^rm M c^ ttv- %& 

gatum trimeftre triticumma- e9v m^miov y^bsiav ^ ^p^^~ 

defcit quinquies dic, 8cfi fie- ^ii myniiuf ^ i^^.^^H Ju^ 

ri poteft, no fte : cum emolli- vcltov Ji K) -m^ vvkto^* ctw J% 

tum fueritj effunditur fenfim, uahnjco^ o^^/jto, JV? <sf^mi 70 

fine a^tationc \ aqua^ qub mi- vJtdo ut;^y p^e^V ^ yj^v^lvcL 

nus eremor vtilis vna exclu- ^ ffUjjiKKKv^fiT^u. 7^ yogif^avA- z^ 

^atur. vbimolifsimumeflevi Tmi J& tto^^ fjiaKctmTam^ 

detur mutata aqua pedib^ cal '^o^SpQ^^amyidi^ToSJi^^Tei^ 

cari oportet : rurfus infufa^te- ^m toi^ 'Tromv^STzt uitd^ cm^^ 

ri : tum demum enatantes ibi ov-m ^eiCeiv • ei-rct kvouf^£m 

furfures incerniculo exim5di> li v^t^iiJ^ov mvj^t «^/<SJ^ 
reliquumqi -| 

LIBER IL ' 1^2. 

^^KoiTiiv^hi^^^JTurifJ^Cci-^ reliquumq; quallo fportifque 
xw«ViA/r;):§rt, J^WwWts ficcatum tegulis nouis confe- 
Iv^a^ ^6yeiv cm YJc^uiS^^i itim torreat^ir flagrantifsimo 
X5"ySj' <i W^ S|y7ttT6) w-fd^y in fole : nanque fi paulifper 
^ Y.h Insltl-p^ [idn o^Xi.^TToi vdum maneat, acorem conci- 

tiiSi^^o^^xpi&^ fiuyuLnt pit. Contrafluxiones oculo- 

>t^ myJ^-m^ Z^ (^Km7^yoj;'<dx rums puftulas> cauaque vlce- 

hi M i^ cuuaiv^ dLyayo-^a,^ myo ra efficax eft : fanguinis reie- 

^oy,;^ W ^ ofTJiexctv ^^^' diones potu cohibct, exafpe- 

yi- yuyi}^S\yi^^Kci:^jn kcu ratas fauces lenit^kai atque 

m^<70'\jiifjitiLffi.<rAzvaZi'm^iZ^ obfoniis admifcetunPit etiam 

%o i^ ^ciZ^ ^^y§i(rAi yLou tffhv^ amylum ex Zea, qu^ macera- 

cn^is 'bS^ f^dnf n StvTif^v wu5- ^ tur ^ ac eluitur vno aut altero 

£$ty,;£^ gtxjii^ 7f ottcv ami^Kt'- die^ & fubad^ farin^e modo 

0ei<m <tiA ^r^^^^m 'k^ fiȣ5ty- manibus fubigitur : preflaquc 

^(Hi^ h o^u7d% )5x/6) «? ^- feruentifsimo in fole, vt ante 

fipMTz&fTD J^ TDt^inv otSrtTsy mS^ retulimus^exiccatur: nuliius in 

J5 ^f I^^;m ^m'^^*s>S? 'S ^i medicina vfus^ ad alia tamea 

MtTd z/S^TXii* conueniens. 

n^/T»xsii)f ixeJpii.Kg(^.p;ica' Fcenu gr^cu.Cap.CXXlIXr. 

T»A/?3^ T^ oK. *? ThK^&^ 2\£y- Foenigr^ci farina vim habec 

pd7 ^KdLyLvm y^x J^ct^TJzh emoUiendi difcutiendiq;: in a- 

i'j)^ J)jmurr y^TtiL^TrKeiodfj^oy qua mulfa decoda aduerfiis 

"^o j%}^m]f awj (jLiKiy^dLref> l(p^y tam internas,§ externas infla- 

'Ti-otci ^s^- (pKifujovd^ -m a/w^ mationes, efficaciter illinitur : 

^ hiircwij n^^tji 3 ^ ^^ ^«^y lienem cu aceto, & nitro trita 

yj] A^Kct^v-i (mKh^a ^o7, td '$ extenuat S uccus deco iti eius 

ct^l^fii ofit ^f lfyj,dimcc eU T^ foeminarum malis fubuenit:&: 

yjijjcuitHcctcTu. H^^ ^pKiywdi^ ^ fiuetumor^fiuc pr^clufio fit 

^^^vm (rwui^^^^.quLy^xi cHi^Tsi yvlnx fouet^S: infidet.Fenigr§ 
^^ ij 'Tnrj^Ay Kj cL^^ct^ 70 i- ci in aqua decofti cremor ex- 
'^^Kt.ufiuau'^ ofvJkTt I^mSw prefl^jCapillos/urfures^&r ma 
Gifirtnwsiuv Ji ^v^f^ 'Zcj^^- nantia capitis vlccra purgatJo 
fig^ cwii Tnasl' fjudLKci^v z^hi:^ cosdilatat^et emoUitjfi cu anfe 
^uJjoy T^ /2fei T iiHfccy liTTovi, rino adipe peiH vice fubiiciar, 
yKcd^^ Viridc 


Viridecumaceto vtilifsimum ^KGifi^ Jifiiir %lov; kTtvovfft 

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Linum. Cap. CXXV. Hp hm. Ke^ pxl. 

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melle exceptum , pro placen- ^^^ mKv KufACavo^ov.x^ 70 

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mbusp^rquamvtile. l-j^ii^. 

, . . Cicer Xift 

/ tlBEB. II. 105 

. n^Ef^g/ySoy- Kccp. pjcr. Cicer. Cap. CXXVI- 

E^Csv^i i/ue^^^i/jmM' CI C ERfatiuum aluo ido 
c^oi^a-nmyTiyivuA-Tt^y ipitn- ncum eft, vriiiam ciet > infla- 
Wr)C^;v§ow^ ^Trcitmxic^ tionemparit^colorcm com- 
v^TG.fjLUf^mi^yi-p? ^^ SM- mendat,mcnfesacpartusex- 
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j^^Trt-^rxi^w i^. uAhigrt auj) co<ftumillinituradinflammai< 
opo^o/^ feip^f, ©e^>- o§pi?^5' ?^^- tioncs tcftium ^ verrucofas in« 
>^f«yot5- Kcu uu^mxicis , '^f formicationes, ad fcabiem vL 
Ts 4^^^ y.ca k^^^-i >tiu het- cera capitis manantia^ impeti- 
'^c^ ic^-T^, y^%m^<^^%^y^ i^ gmesquc: contra carcinoma- 

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fTc/br, x/;/5V. kfxq^oTtesi^ ^^ prodeft. Altcrum genus arie- 
Jiov^ii7JKjo)yJ)Jh</Spov^^ i- tinum nominatur : vtrunque 
KTiCPyy^ vJ^cdTTOi^p^ i^«4«- citvrinaSjdatocumroremari 
^TBi' a/jT^v ow) KiCoMcovJi. no^hydropicis aut regio mor- 

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na4cri(rY{c^%yiothJ,g-^^\^o^s%- rucarum formicantium pen-^ 
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hcdyeiiT^h^ytw «/'^JVWt^ fingulisgranisfingulastangur^ 

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mipqp^jiJbvm * ImTaidt ;tatlr decidere eas arbitrarur . Syl^ 
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Kois 10 ho^^icpJxTm Jpiuik^ tS le eft 5 odore acri, fed femine 
;£^p77w 'cl>dt^efa»r •Jf^iS/ ^? 0- difcrepat ; idem quod fatiuum 

*5<3ai,oS^£?^. pr^ftat. 

n^iW//jfeAX»w;c«.Ks<^.px^'. Faba. Cap. CXXVIL 

Kvu^slT^mit^^TnfivMsiTta^ Faba inflationem excitatjSP- 

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gidiqj oaturai Decoda in po- :^^;^«.I4«^*^ ^ mwliu^ 

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conucnienter manditur.lnfk- ^^or^^abm^.yvi^ ^ktpv^" 

tio leuior contrahitur. fi aqua ai^nesf r6 ^5J£^V« vthtTii y^^ 5 

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mationes quas vulnus excita- (phiftxoyk^ em^:iuiH% ovxa; 0- i» 

uit^mitigat: cicatrices cocolo- u^^oisf mfl^if uag-i^ ^'^^^l^ 

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que^reprimitrfubaduvino^fiif ;)^ui7e/f y^cu ^Kyr^? l^^Ky-m 

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creat.Manducatafine cortice ^nn^ ^ei^ni xs^c^^^r- zo 

faba^ ad auertendas fluxiones^ m^^^o-mv^^m-K^ri^ ^,- 

fronti illinitur : decoda in vi- ^^v^ vji J) ii^^v «p^e^/^^ - 

no teftium collediones fanat: vi^ l^w^V hi m^ "^e^mW 

quo tardius pubes erupat^pue x^ 'toU \mCcuoiiJi twv ^Trtu- 

ris imo ventri illiniturjVitiligi- *Ayy '^-TAoffKeioyoi/^.of^ kyKov^ 
nem purgat . Fabarum corti- cm^Kv-mfH^c^viyetJ^iK^^^-^ 

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& minus alimenti capeiTunt^ ^6(poi^ ^ /%y^^ y^T^tintgyti^^, 

cupolenta^fciflb alumine, & fi^ JlkK^iiov k^ %<^^ i{^ 
yeterc oleo impofiti cortices^ IkcxI^ r^izimKcc^iT^^^h^^t 

LIBER It f*4 

^i^M^ Jiatpo^eticcu tfia ^cL^ ftrumas difcutiut: decofto ca- 
^« 7© k^e4*if^ hj-mv.om' rum lanx inficiuntur.Faba de- 
•37S«7za /e ^ -sji^^ W fi/^^ pto corticein illas partds diui 
im 0A)O^m ou^Yfcr/a^ m - fa^in quas fiiapte natura fcindi 
KinniTpkm «V iio thcu^^f tur^imponi folet fanguinis de- 

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/sf^^aTwmiiSpo^ }(0rm li i5fw- citatis * nanque eas fupprimirj 
^^ov * fi femifeda apprimatun 

n^) KuifMi cu-yu-^k. Faba ^f^gyptia . 

K£0. fyd. Cap. CXXVin. 

O iicu-p-^m KuauD^ htvtoi ^gyptia faba^qua aliqui Po 
^Q 'TTowyJv m^ovcn^'7rK^<^^ "^ y^ ticam vocantjni^gyptoplc- 
ysw ov cuyS^yTlo^^z^ Zv Acnei J^l ruque prouenit: in Afi^ etiam 
^ 0»? juMxJei cy wiT hiu9cuf c/O", Cilici^q; lacubusjnuenit Fo- 
^i<j%timli^ '5 ^^^J^oy ^><» ^^ lia habct ampla^etiam fi ad ar- 
m-m-cRiv^ y^xh cTe TThyoalov^ borumfrondescomparentur^ 
^J^iLTouv-To m^raPbD^ caulem cubitalem^digiti crafsi 

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yort^ kTm^auv <?£§« (pvcAia paueris,amplitudine:& vbi fla 
wae^^^K^e^u ^hctHJentot^^^ o7^ re exuitur/crt foUicuIos veipa 
via^$ fjuzpof \s^ca^m ro ttS rum fauis fimiles, in quibus fa 
fjuL i>^ rniijKpoKvf.ii^Kii-m''^ yj ba fupra operculum^bullan tis 
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xy ^tCf6(rAt7dj, f^y^cu ^Kci>e^^.^n locafi^ nomen eft.Faba virens 
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f^eil^m 'S i».tLuixx>v''i;)^v Ji~ vulgare magnitudine fuperat. 
v^^vgvnliKhJj iLculAj^fAA^r Adftringendifacukatem obti- 
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infparfojpolenta? vicc,Iomc- oTn^mc^c^oyhvkh^trii-itsf^ 
to : datur ^iuoqj in pultc. Ccr- mhnumi^^if Si «AV^Ta/. t* 
ticcsinvinomuIfodecodi>fi H hi^ fjt^^^av m^ l-^u^vct 
terni indc cyathi bibatur, ma- oj? amfjkkm^i^ 'KfnXjiA^^ '^Kn 
gis proficicnt. Facit ad auriuiti 3o^ KJDti^^v T&im^ x^ ^h g>^ 
dolorcm,quodincarummc^ TaA^aw JV •7rci« ro ^y ttSij7>> f 
dio vindc fpcdatur, guftu a- yKt^i^thjT^^mv^m ^^^ thu 
marum, fi tritum & cum ro- }^vm?jhmv<rujjpoJ^yo)ffiwi^^ 
faceocoduminftilletur. ^oyT^x^^^^C^^^v. 

Lens. Cap. CXXDC nfi^wcov. ^. qny. 

Lens frequenti cibo aciem *^oix»^$tC^cc(jKic^a^ (njo^ 
oculorum obtundit^ aegre co- i^^^kfjCKmTiiTSyJ^Sim^yT^o^^y^ 10 
coquitur^ftomachum male ha tf^^^^yo^^ Tniuu^^nzo^coua,- 
betjCumqj&intcftina inflat: ^u naz a^n^mt KothU^ J% 
fedaluumcum corticecofta ^Kwi^ <^ r% Ki^^l^o^- 
fiftit. Pr^ftat in cibo/ju^ facil (j^of *<h6t^i^6i S% amB 14^- 
lime coquitur^nihil atri in ma- m m f^^v hiiii ^ ta dVcc- 
cerationereddens.Vim habct Se?%? fJt^^Kcu;* AtwcLu^v i\ g- li 
adftringendi :qua cx caufa al- ^ cv^tJikIuj • ot^v KoiKtav /0j- 
uum cohibct^fi detrafto antea oi > ^cL-^h^^eis kcu^ l-h^ -* 
cortice difcoquatur accurate» 3«V c/mfuhZ^-^^mesiTov af 
primaqueaquainter coquen- t^ i^i^U^ ScT^tTc^ ^/Trop^o- 
dum efFundatur (quippe pri- \0ov ^ Kvvy27 yif yfi^Kia^ '^5 
mum id dccoftum ventre re- cs^rniv k^pi-^ua air^yhi J% 2.0 
foluit)Somnia tumultuofa ex-- Juaiyiesh S,^7t>$ fs^S^ ^ ve^- 
citatjCapiti,neruis5ac pulmoni fii^ kou -m^Mmm kcu x^^fic- 
inutilis: melius fuo fiingetur htw .^ihnov J% ri 'Um \%ytv 
munerc contra alui fluxiones^ hTroTcUi -sj^V-rtt fjim-rTtjns 
addito cum accto intybo^ aut KotMd^^uts/lcyi^ axrm /^*? ©I^s-, 
portulaca, aut beta nigra, aut (A^^^tn^ » ^t^^cT^ij^jjf , S tnviKov i^ 
baccis myrti»aut putamine pu yJiKOJfog^ S ^JpTtyy^ » m^m>, % 
nici^autaridisrofisjautmelpi- po^y f»fS-/> %tifi,miKm'^ ««y> 
lis/orbisvc^pyrisThebanis^aut » kimv ^S^uimv ^ nKpi^n-^ 
malis cotoneis^ aut cichorio^ m jJMKm , % yj^eiov^ » i^ya- 
autplatagir^,autgallisitegris: yKiaa^v^^ mMm oKOTtK^m, 

IIBER It ioj 

^iJvt^^^Tlwt-^mfi^^oy^ qu^|>oftd^co<9ionemabud- 
wJi^olf^cmTaQ^.M^ uatur.velvuarum rhois qu^ 
7io|o^ mt^hZ^ ifoyH^^-^y obfoniisini{>arguntur:verum 
h/m*iii%^^^'TAed'^^^ acetumcumeo diligeterper- 
^iKidMy 3tau kydifo^lw <fl $o- coqui debet, alias aluum con- 
^ ^;;Qv ^Ki^iMm^ Te^duwy turbat. Contra fubuerfionem 
itt (pcacfi) Kdu Jig.-m^TTi^rns ^- ftomaciii ^ triginta grana len^ 
^zUvm^^Tttif^^fi^^iS^yAmM tis delibrata deuorari prode ^ 
'^di^f ffwj hKphcp Ip^r W^- rit : dccoda cum polenta ^ & 
4vj5«V %cu ;£^7aWxa<^«r/^7tt ilUtajpodagras lenit:finus cum 
h ^'Amsr^coAcTDc^xoMS,!?^' nielle glutiiiat, cruftas rumpit^ 

lo e^s n^yfiTlei Kcu ihm iyct- vlcerapmgatjdecodainace- 
^^«Jffi* oia; o|^ J^e I4^S«V to duritias &ftrumas difcuti^ 
m.n^SpufT^ Kcu ;>$f^a.M$ Jic(r cu cotoneo autmelilolo me- 
<pQ^ei • uwj ^KiKa>r(^ i% » ««- detur inflammationibus 002- 
cftsjf/^), o(p35tx^; ^X£>Awyot? ^9 lorum, fedisque^ addito rofa- 
i^jtuKk iji^Tnvi^ifo^^m yu^ ceo : fed in amplo finu aut io- 

i^yvfSov* om J\ 'm'^ ixeitovm flammationibus fedis^ qua? ma 
c^^ ^KTvK^iphsy^vZy £j xjqk^ ius remediuni exigunt/um pu 
TTwy /juyihmy ffvj) aiJioi^ % f o^ tamiiie punid ^ ac ficcis rofi&^ 
c/bi^ |M£^Tir fit^s^o/^o^ ^^y^ adieftomelIe,decoquitur:h6 
p^^v XM lAhm^ • ^^ vo^f mis qua? ih gangraenam euafe- 
J% ytyy^cann^ ofioia^^ t xcu runt^adiun^a maris aqua^pu- 

i-o ^Kdcm^ fjuyv^ns • <sfa^ <^ ftulis, & his quaeferpiint, igni 
iphjvKwvtt^ Kca ig-^Ttt^ K^ I- facro^ pernionibusqs, vt ante^ 
^vffimhcm Kcu ^fArM &^ didum eft:contra manimas ih 
«&e?«p>»TO • ©e)/ A'' ^i^yJ^giSi'- quibus lac in gfumos coiit, 8c 
'm jucL^ik iccu cm^fyiMedc^s I- prx nimia fui copia profiindi- 
4^^o^ a ^rcoJfiA cl§^'^« mr tur, co <fl:a In aqua maris, & il^ 

^ TOL^TTKcL^H^. Hta auxiliatur. 

np^WA«* Kfiif. fA'* Phafioli, Cap. CXXXi 

$flfe77oxo^ $L>o3®cA*^5S7ya/^7rt»y Phafioli inflant ^ fpiritus ci^ 

jwyM-nzoi-jcA/flTrfe:;?©*',!^*»^^^^ ent^^gre coquutur.Viridcs ci- 

X^?o^ ^ l^of$fio^yKjiiKia$ im bo aluuni emoUiuntjad vomi- 

Kci£im$*is^s'^\l^^i4:^h^o^* tionesidonci. 

Tiyi o Eruuift 


Eruum. Cap. CXXXI. npO£p&. Kcip. jxi» 
Ei^tiumparuusfrutcxomni- OtfCo^ yjcietyu^i btLu,n ^ 
bus cognitus^angufto folio^tc- ffjto^ ^ <^vq^v>^o$ , K^wils^ % - 
nuis^femina in valuulis habes> ^y inrtptwt77tf oy xoCoTiT, l| 
equibus farinafit^nomine e^ 2y ^ivsw tJ y^ui^cv le}- 
ruina^ad medendi vfus conue^ Civo^ ^Ktve^ViC^^f ^(^ tii-f 
niens.Eruum capiti onerofu m Te^xiu) ^^'^m ^^i^lf^ - *^ ^ ^^ 
eft^aluum efu turbat^ fan guine i^^yiCctetyJ^ y mhia^ ^ t^- y^n^ 
per vrinam extrahit , elixo bo- zo^ ei ^^a^yt ^cuyai^Ti^* ou- 
ues faginantur . Paranda? fari- %m 2^ • ^$i\ hiTmm 1:^- 
iia?ratiohaeceft.Vberioragra "^i im^n^iSpoi \ entsi/^^s- 
na cadidaque ddiguntur, per- w fi to f| ojuni oe^Crm ov~ lo 
mifcendoque aqKarelpergut^ 71») • ^/.hi^^ Tbv hj^oi^ov^^yjl 
donec fufficienter combibat: vivym^ \aln uthv kyot(^v^Zvy 
poftea torretur,vfque dum hi^ %<hvs li W iK^h svf/.mSv ^ 
ans cortex difrumpatur: molir- o^tyc ^^^^ Avmpj^ciy^ oao/- 
taque^ farinaiio cribro incer- oV. ^Ttt khia&f^ y^ <hcta^aa^ 
nuntur^poftrembJFarina reco- yj>(r/Jv(>> j xs^S hjTro'^? • t^ Ji if 
iditur . Hsec aluo vtilis eft. Vri-r hjKot?jov , ov^nTix^v ^Vj^olas 
nam ciet 5 meliorem colorem '^roinTtyJv^hmcLikv^i af^i^& 
efficit, fan guine.rri per veficam tS » <^ -^tSj (z^t^^ gpoc^mcu-* 
aut aluum cum torminibus e- fji^^iy^ <hkKoiKiu^KouiUJ<PB'' 
licitjx lar^usin cibo aut potu m • y^^fei J%%hiCM mjjj lA^ 
affumatur: vkera cum melle KiTtyy^ (puyjovs KoultpiM^y^ 2.0 
.purgat^ lentigines & vitia cu- axnhovi^ .jc^ lihomv m>^* 
tisinfaciej&maculas totiimq; ya^V ^ 'Ig^cn yjl m>^%i^^ 
rorpus emedatrnomas^gagra?- ^^kgu yLyy^^ma^ * i^^ cta^oa ^ 
nas^duridasqj/erpere no patit etV ^xiom Ttt^ of fwefc7r, 
mamarii duritiasemollit, atra xjsu^eid^hzou ay^oLy^s kcu 
vlcera qux theVjpmata vocat^ ^wietfit^z^pp-ita • ^y^^ttoV J% ^3 
fauosqueemarginat^carbucu- .cnw oiya> kupoJhztil kcu kv- 
Jos rupitrcu viax> fubada illitu ^cdTriJ^-^Km y^i \^6<hK7it Sf«- 
morfib^ viperaru^canij^homi- ^tiivh ^^-m^TrKoLojoi^os" cvy 
nuqymedetivrin^difficultates, c|« Jl Jvcroveicis -^ kcu gpo^ 
tenefmofqjjex ace^to mitigat. (^ovf kcu 7mf^v^ m^ei. etf^ 
. . . .. Eruum , ^lji 


uiln # t^ -m^ kr^tpovjj^ y^ Erutim tabidis, qm alimentuiti 

yov fu}i^s (^^vKTXiV x»^^:' w non fentiunt)toftu>& ad vncis 

/t&ai?. ^ c/^' iV'4*»^ «^ ^<^ magnitudine melle exceptum> 

TTtPTT^vs^oY^ ^mrKet m 5t^»- fumptum%conuenit.Eius cre- 

&^ovi -ik^ ^ (jm^-n l^e^- mor perniones, & pruritus in 

5 5ni5«. totocorpore/anatfouendo. 

n^ie5p/^«. Ks(ji. pxjS'. LupinL Cap. CXXXH. 

Q^k%Lm^ %tjijies^ y&timw^ Satiuus lupinus notus eft,cu- 

'Tzj Sx^ye^yffw/;'^ «Ixm c^x«- iusfarinacummelle delindu, 

^^oviiKfxt^^^ i^Teivio^^^ aut potu vetris animalia expel 

^ 'iyTz»; c^' oMoCe^t^vTi^.m HtJpfi quoq; macerati &cum 

so 'itjL-my^Qi l^otSi/jot > t^ auTO^ fua amaritudine efiti^eade etfi 
J^^Zffj, x^ Tw ijpi-l*».*^ iyTtt^y ciut.Decoftu eorii idem mu- 
rm auTtt ^m^-ri mysiov tgl nuspr^ftat^cum ruta & pipere 
■'mm%i&? <?r^^y l^^v K5" azrx)»- potumrquare lienofis prodeft 
viyjsvi cd(^tKH . ecwTX»^75 Eodevlceratetrajqu^rherio- 
^>7§w»r *6$7 ')^Amusiv-i i^ S^- mata vocantjgangraenaSj inci- 

15 exouATt^v-i -i^e^i k^y^tjSpyi^y piente fcabiem^ eruptionespu 
kK(poxj y mhm l^cuf^MTtt^y ftularUjVlcera in capite mana- 
m nou k^^edv . to «T* auii tia^vitiligines, maculasque fo- 
7LCU y^-midujim y Kcu \u€fjm uerevtiiiisimii.Menfes&:par- 
o^mcm^^m ^/u^T^ apLv^r^ x^i tus extrahit^cum myrrha & 
IJAKm^ l/i a^^Tcd . y^^ - melle fubditum in vellere.Eo- 

^Q p« Ji likK^ve^v ^Ztvl '^ 575- rum farina cutem liuoresque 
KiifJutTity i^ ^My^vdLs- (t^i- corrigit^inflammationes cum 
y« mjy ^(ph(i> acu v<fcLv * cnw polenta & aqua mitigatjtuber 
o|« Si t^iM^ ^m^it^^&iif <py ciila & coxendicum cruciatus 
fjMTn^pgtedJhi^ Ji u/BTttCii^Xet ex aceto lenit ^ ftrumas in ace* 
t9 %\h I4«^V YMi Tignti^Kc^'- to coda illitaque difsipat^car- 
i^H^^ Kcu cwdpcaas ^ppwom. buncuIosrumpit.Decofticoe 
^ yi&SvSdLToi <fi oyt&ejLM l-^^^^^y- lefti aqua^donec in cremorem 
Ti^oi ^ao/ t^i yjKi<nmy lentefcantjfaciem abftergunt: 
ap,i^un ^<mim'^ J% yct* medentur pecoru fcabiei^cum 
yjmiovTo? pi^»r ^ tJAKajtoi X-i^ radice nigri chama?leontis, ita 
^yw,©e^jSd^7wy 4^£5c^ i3y3> vt tepente decofto abluantur. 
<^/- - o ij Cit 


Cit vrinam radix cum aqua 

coda.Lupini triti ^ vbi mace- 

ratu dulcefcere coeperint^cum 

aceto poti ^ faftidium de-^ 

~ trahunt5& cibi auidi- 

tatem faciunt. 

Lupinus lylueftris. 


Gignuntur & fylueftreslu- 
pini^ fatiuis fimaes , fed omn^- 
no minores, qui eadem quae 

Rapum. Cap. CXXXIIII. 

Decodarapi radix aUt^in- 
flationem parit^ humentem ac 
fluxam carnem creat^venerem 
-ftimulat : decodo podagra?, 
pernionesque fouentur, con- 
tritoquc rapo atque impofi- 
to jnuantur : fi excauatse radi- 
dici roficeum ceratum adiga- 
gatur^&feruenti cinere elique 
fcat^exulceratis pernionibus 
proficiet..Cymae eius decod^ 
manduntur ^ & vrinam ciui^t. 
Semen antidotis & theriacis, 
prasfertim quae fenfiim dolo- 
ris auferunt, anodyna vocant^ 
idoneum efcpotum contra ^e 
nena falutare eft^venerem co- 
citat. Rapum muria coditui^^ 
minus alimeti fufiicit:fed mul- 
to magisappetentiamrecre^t. 

Syhieftre rapu.Ca.CxXX^^. 

Sylueftre rapum in aruis n^- 



vJbLV K^ 'ZD^au^ ^^itm Ktyei. ot 
Ji ormiyKvy^^VTif mTo/ (Tujj 

np (d^pmv ky^ov. 

^Sy^miu^^mwti^ cix^'/jQSvrKci 
i^e^f ^vmtm^k(p^imm w 

m^yyKv-^ciLf ^dw fi^ay ^ ;t«pfi>- 
r(wjiO<iivlw oy cujta c^^p- 

^Kyji>^cLyifjJirKa, gJM^ojv zO 
tSV kcm£^)fif ^iC^i<rwTtu 1«^- 

^^,£57 i\ <^QV^m7yJf * 70 J^l 

am^fjun eJ^ kvTlJhTots K^ Srwpi^- 
yJs$,kvm<^QV> c^^70V*^0ii^ 
J% K) Toif '^emWiif crr^y^ cTBt 

&%y^, ^ C3lf«^Ct^£^cft'£77fi£. CtX- t^ 

fjt^v^m. j%k7fo(pmi^ yvt^ 

TO 0iSf>affX.OfjSpil • TU^ (Sp 701 

Sps|«r kvt^Kay&diiH» 

n^/ Xoyyv}^ kyidj;* K«^.pxs. 

H (j^TOik^a yfyjh^ (pvf) h 

LIBER II. 107 

ipK^o/^, hifm? m^^^cufii-i^ V'~ fdtur^ fnitlcofiim In oibiti al- 
'loi^';niKwJKciJb^^tl a.}Lpov hiio^^ titiidine alTurges^ramofuJseue 
ovhKctl^vaa kSu^ ihxiuKou incacuminefoliafertfeuia^di 
'To TiA^^^ % xau ^^?ovGt * ;£^p- gitali latitudine, aut maiora & 
m S%o9 KoCo7^ y^v/jb^m* fruduminfiliquis calyculatis: 
5 kvQi^^ivmv ii tSv ^Kcifrm' ciimq; eoru inuolucra aperiu- 
m ylm^^v A>Xof iucpahoeiJ^^ tur^alia intus filiqua ipeftatur, 
%g7*KoCc^ 5 iv % am>%m.^cL qu2e quanda capitis ipecie prg 
pkkoMd y ^coj^VTO. J% Kiuy.k hc% in qua femina paruula c5-. 
tv^fj^v * i^yv^m Aaixiyy^- cipiutur/orisnigraintus alba, 
m <^(mmv K^fjS a>A»;:^^- Additurin medicameta quib* 

lOTcrooa J^' kKiv^m-j^viw^p ad detergenda cute in facie^to 

//ivm^^ TTveivm S cueivmv % toq^ corporejVtimunprsefer- 

ie^Civm* tim qux ex lupini aut arui, tri- 

U^fil^miih^* Ke^. px/. ticiautlolijfarina,fierifolent. 

B»mj,JC5« W-TT^^wpi^fidlip^ Napus. Cap. CXXXVL 

(pvm^hg' \gjv > ^i^tIov J^ Tfopi- Coda napi radix inflat, mo 

i^ ^^ ' 7n>i« ^ li am^^ (wm^ dicum alit.Semen cius potum 
km^^^X^^imujcL a^mi^ venenorumvireshebetat^an- 
(j^ov^^y^v^^iiK^ ctvvJirnii^y tidotisadmifceturj conditurla 
ihfz^viT^ jt^TtWTTi f^ft(^QC. lc radix. 

nfiV^cLviJbf. Ke^.pxf- Radix Cap. CXXXVIL 

^Pci(paiif^-2^ ctvm imv^w/ Radix(q grsecis raphan^ di- 

2,0 ^TATi'/^ K^^^/uutrn)(My c^u^- cif^excalfacitjflatus gignit, ori 
^rii cAj^ifia^^f^^ivKTj/.i J^e fuauis eft:&d ftomacho aduer 
'fo y^i^AvyJi^ IvmKio^H m fat^rud^ ciet^vrina pellit^ aluo 
efjjT imKdy&ai^ uSir^ov mw" aptionfummo tame cibo fiuni 
ifyiilmi» T? kvdJia^, <s;i^i^o - debet^ quo magis ei^ diftribu^ 
f^ii '^ tA^Tt&fil^i tIw 7fo ^hJj* tione adiuuet. quiiaut pfumif, 

^5 ^uQ^i J^ K^ Tolf ly^iv fj^T^niTt cibufiiipenditiquarevomitu- 
^ihjQfSii:kKfiCo7 J% K^ 7US ris comodilsime datur ante ci- 
euSrioHr 1^5« J^^jtviHKctiJiCcL' bii. Sefiium acie cxcitat:deco- 
vo^n ^iojouTi ^ovicdf^Y^ Toif fta cotra vetere tufsimj & pi- 
*m^f -f/jvaxnv ai ^^^.kjJ J% tuit^e crafsitie in peftore^ e£fi- 
^mls kui^i ^uar G^v^tTos caxeft.Cortexexacetomulib 
KuiJ.Ca^Q' o iij celerius 


celeriusvomitionesmouetchy hufJLCdjfSfjSpo^ ^ IfUTimTte^f^ 

dropicis commodifiime illini- apujo^m iJ^^ed^miun^^y^Ta^^Ka'- 

tar^Iienofisvtilis/ugillatacum cS-«r j^ ^jS^t^ ^; (mhtwtjmf 

melle papit ^ & nomas amoli- cuv fJt^JKtti Ji vo/uai l^i^en 3C9^ 

tur: cotra viperaruta i<ftus au- ^dTrtu cu^ei.^oyi^ iy \yto7i- 

xillatur^alopecias ad pilum re- yt/ron^i^ kKtd-midcL^ Jk<Ttmei'(pci f 

ducitjlentiginescumloliacea x^cv^kmmii^ <7ajjai^im i- 

farina emendat^ his qui fungis K^fxp^^on^ k^ m^ vstd uvm-- 

ilragulantur 5 tam cibo quam itdv vivtpf^ois ^i^^c^oy.if^off 

potu falutaris eft . Semen vo- S mofj/jo^ x, \y.uJbjjdL ar^ • ^ 

mitionesfacit^vrinammouet, S^am^yuL hjj-mi If/jivxiv-iOv- 

menfes cit , lienem extenuat^ ^yrpKov , (mKlwo^ x^^p^^nxav ^^ 

cum aceto illitum gangrxnas mof^ov ij^t ofoyr • mjuiccy- 

validifsime emarginat, : co- ;)^yj}7f T£jSo»:&«k<?>£-4^S^y cvj^ 

^um cum aceto mulfo angi- o^vfjuMri SǤ/>(? ^^ cLVdytpyi- 

nis perquam vtiliter gar- etapie^i^ <s^s yji^^^v SyM 

garizatur ^ contra cera- criw o)m -mvofj^ov ^ii^^^^cm* 

iHs morilis^potu ex ^Kec<^v Si ^.r o^ov^ y^ yty- if 

vino auxilio eft. ^cuvoi c/jiiva^ ^^eJ^^* 

Rhaphanus fylueftris* U%) Vci^m<h$ k^^e/a^* 

Cap. CXXXVin. "k2?>. fx/. 

Sylueftri rhaphani,qua Ro- Pu^av)^ k^cc (p6>7.^ f;^ 

maniarmoraciavocat/oliafa ?^/flC tS »^p<i) > «le^^ to, ^c 

tiuo fimilia^ fed magis lapfana Kau-ifliAi fjZn^ov • p/^cc ii U ^^ 

imitatur: radix gracilis^tenera, j^yS, ^uakcw^ > -imJ^ftiJLi^^ ku^ 

fubacris. Tam foliu q, radix in ^iv^w Ji tk (pi»,ci i^ n p/- 

olera recipitunfed ha?c excalfa ^c£*e^^^*s$7 Si ^p^77x/ii^o5- 

cit^vrina concitat^fftuofa eft. §>»77zi, ;^^7Wc/iwf. 

Sifer. Cap. CXXXIX. Ufi^tat^yi. Ks^. ^xS^ 

Sifer vulgb cognitum^ cuius %t(me^v yfdejLfzov-, ov » p/- 2-5 

radix decofta ori grata eft^ & (a l(p^)i c^^^^ , ou^fjut - 

ftomachoj vtilis ^ vrinam ciet^ ^^^ ov^iiinui , oflls^y^ ^zK^h- 

& appetentiam inuitar. - wJ», 

Lapathu fiue rumex.Ca.CXL. U}) Ac^OTtS». K^a. pju". 

Ex generib « rumicis^oxyla- Ki^^v^^ ^ iwS o|:^^«i - 

pathum *7!CL^v 


'm^v Kiy^7tu*(pvoM^ov ov ?A£- pathum vocant,quod jn acutu 
^^'^/^xneh K^Tsi diKpUy vtto^v. ^ tendit^dura hab es extrem a, in 
M 77 iiMmvTiy oly^ o^tov tS paluftribus nafces.Alius eft fa- 
^sr^TO) > 7et7z>v J^* '^? 'iy^ov^ tiuus^illi difsimilis.Tertiu gen' 
uiKpov^^^ep^^v kmyhdojs^^ fylueftre^paruu, plantagini_jp- 

5 ^Kdx^y^ TawHvov . e^7 cTfe za2 ximu^huniile & moUe . Quar- 
^nrapTrfy ^Jbf cumi^ o %vmo^cL' tum eft quod alij oxalida, alij 
hiMti kyciivciJd.^ KdLm^my K^ anaxyrida^autlapathonvocat. 
Kovm-i'? (^vTO^a ouota 7% kyd^^ Folia ei^ fylueftri ac exiguo ru 
^ ^i/^% KctTm.^^^ :^xc^ i yX" mici fimilia, caule no magno^ 
yi^^KUfTii^ x^^v^ylpv^cfy J^ft femine fubacuto^ rubere, acri, 
^^ ixv^^imqi y^K^y^^ cm T^y ia caude & agnatis appedici^ 
<^u^4vAM'~7raM7tf>v Ji 70 Xc6- bus^emicante. Omnium deco 
^oy udKcir^ '/x>iKidLtf l%L/>^y. do olere aluus emoHit. Crudi; 
^'ftiy if^ y^TztTrKccxfix/^oy^ fu^^ illitu^melicerides, rofaceo aut 
Kiy^eiJtc^^(Tuj)fQjiy^1} zpom croco adiedo^difcutiunt. Syl*^ 
JicLf^^H. 70 i)" am^M tS k'^^ ueftris S: oxylapathi^ & eius 

i^ ^ fk UvKoL^Tm^v ^ w l^ct?J- quam oxalida nominat/emen 
ib^^Tnyi-m cdd^m^^ 0' vJiL' ex aqua aut vino vtiliter bibi- 
'TtJf % oiyovy ^)r JvmTieldLi i^ tur^contra dyfenteriaSj& coe* 
7totKiciyJ>$ Jia^^^^y^ Afftw liacorum affcAus^ftomachifa 
cDuA^^v^Kj asi^^ a-Aapm ^xjt- ftidia/corpionumidus.QuoJ 
y^ • ^ ^ -^j^^o/ J^' 77^ oyJ^V fi quis in potu pr^fiimat nihil 
2.0 -:5r^iT^3 "^y^yiy^^'^ ^ j^i^i^ hj' molefli ex iftu patietur. Radi- 
'T(^y^'bru(!m}%\Hy^G>iMixii^^ cesex aceto co ft2e.au tillitse 
T^TTKa^^^w^yi^Tri.voun kI- crud^, lepras^ impetigines, & 
^4t.- , Kei^^a^ 5 ovv^i^i Ki - fcabrofos vngues perfanat:fed 
^!!^is*J)So 's^AP^-^fiCetv 7- 70 antea locus aceto&nitro ia 
T^v ai m^ yiTfcd ^ o^€i.^^tv<i fole perfricandus eft. Pruritus 

15 Jijy Miio^ovf 7i kipi^dm ajv- corporis^ decoftum earum fe- 
'T^y^^aMrKovi^oy . -mp^* dat^fi foueatur^aut in foliis 
e^vrn 0' co-m.KyLdjf Kok IJby-mK' balnearum confricetur.Codc 
ya^ l-i^yi^w ^ oiytd yji Jior in vino & inftillatf ,auriu den- 
KKv^of^cuy J)[ci(poe^vcn ^ ;^t^ tiiimq- dolorem mulcenCj-ftru 
es^Jif /.cu mic^7iJ^> s^Srw mas parotidasque difcutiunt, 
^«^ o iiij liene 


li^nem cum aceto extenuant. mw om x^^<mx^ti<m^ earxn 

Aliqui amoliendis ftrumis ra- 

dicum geftamine vtuntur , eas 

collo appendcntes . Trit^ & 

admotae foeminarum proflu- 

uia fiftunt, cum vino autem 

potas r^gio morbo medcn- 

tur^calculos veficf com- 

ininuunt>menfes ciet, 

fcorpionum idi- 

bus auxiliatun 

Hipporapathon. Ca.CXLr, 

Hippolapathon olus cft ma- 

gniyn paludibus nafcens: eaC- 

dem habet vires^quas fijpradi- 


Lampfana. Cap. CXLII. 

Lampfanafyluefbe olus eft: 

plus aiit^rumeXj&ftomacho 

vtilius. Cuius folia caulesqj co- 

quunturin cibo. 

Blitum. Cap, CXLIII. 
Blitum eftur oleris modo, 
aluo vtile oft:nulIius in m^di- 

Malua. Cap. CxLIIH. 

M A L V A fatiua efui lon- 

ge aptior fylueftri : ftoma - 

Ji awj^oh^d £f mifo^ou^iKTi^h 
QV-i7fO<^t^7it^V i^ cAJi^fm^^ 

^n^/Bx»-??». K€<?. f/V* 

BxWoy Xflj;3^sy£TO i^ ^tc 

%gi J% cAjiUiihicvy ov<huicuf %p^v ^-<> 

cho aduerfatur^ aluum iuuat, 9o\uctp^f ^ 39 luKoiKtQ^^ 4? juSk 

fed mdtamagis caules : in- Kov ol ic^Koi^a/iiepi^ J% iy yM^ z^ 

teraneis & vefica? vtilis . Cru- ^i i<^iKiuoi.AujiajuJv '$ %-)p t^: 

da folia cum falis exiguo ma- ^ir^et ^fjuk y^izLTrKa^^y-nt i^ 

ducata, segilopas ex melle fa- fuia: iKi^m iKSv juaosit^yTa, 

nantrverum cum cicatricem cuyK^^mct kycmivi^etv sud fA-f 

trahere co^perint , ea demum TUTi^sje^f fff^' m t? hmivK^e^H 
citr^ c%& 

LIBER It 109 

cCf;^ T oLxSy ^yi^oy hj7%.mtei citra falem vtendum eft. Con- 

z^ 'TTfli fjuKtojsov jy <r^»im 'ttkx-^ tra aculeatos apium velparum 

j^^ yJlct7rKeiojoJpii'x4v '^/SJ' 9.^^ idus^ illita efficax eft : ea- 

m-wt Si rii axjTiw ^fJw hJicu/ dem cruda cum cJeo trita per» 

cfiy ^cuo^^aTTKazio^ SiutjSpi*^ undi , non feriuntur . Vlcera 

j ^ iesv WT^^TTKcL^iiif^ ^;W^^ manatia in capite, furfurefque 

x^ ''zItu^cc ta,w.l(p^ j K^a t^ cum vrina fanat . Sacris ignu 

(biiKKcLX^Giv^cuciicmTf^ljSpct^ bus & ambuftis decofta fo- 

'Ttuti.-ii^TA Z) l^unTiiKdm ^<?s- lia^ tritaque^ vtilifsimc ex oleo 

K^ 70 Ji k^pi-^/ua, ojj^ tmhA- imponuntur . Eius decodum 

;fi77 w lyyj^^sqjici v^^^^ii? TS vuluas infefsione mollit : pro- 

Jo (^eJ^Ttt ^srS^ J^u^f^ am%m deft erofionibus vefic^^ & in- 

X) m7t(34 K^JbLKivKiii of^ihoy, teftinorumjVuIu^/edifque^cly 

o Ji ^auo^ (7WJ r fi^cu^ ^a^ ftere infufum . lus deco €tx cu 

l^oAt^otf 'moj TH^ ^^cmyu^ii^^ radicefua, contra omnia ve- 

^i^S '^ M mm^$ 'myoyw. co^ n ena auxiliatur ^ fi continub a 

^^hJ^K) (^^cLyyioSimoig ij >i bibentibus reuomatur. Cotra 

J5 KcL y^-mcujti^* Si y^py^zf fxt^- phalangiorum morfus reme- 

To^ iumKBTov ky^ov cm^fjui" dio eftjac euocatSemen in vi 

rro^^mo^o^ ^Ttt o/W> Ttt /zefei no potu addito loti fylueftris 

^gty ^yilJLamfmt^vvH* . femine, veficx cruciatus lenit: 

TLieji KT^a^i^m* %i§.f^L Atriplex. Cap. CXLV* 

hitij^cL^t? o\ Ji^^jcroKi^^ Atriplice aliqui chryfolaclia- 

*^ yoy^Ki^oy yaet^y> it^^cvyni non vocat, cognitum olus eft. 

iS ky^oy^ rio Ji mmvm • Ka.- Duo eius genera ^ fylueftre & 

;^4ys7!a ii \^y . e57 J^ yau fatiuum . Coftum eftur ^ vt o^ 

Uci^ (jutK&x^nm-iy^-Tti^Kctoso^ Ius.Aluum mollit,panos difcu- 

iSpoy Ji &f^y Ti m l^^y^ (pv-^ tit , fiue crudum, fiue co^tum 

yidKci Jiet(po^€iJ Ji ^p^i- aw- illinatur.Seme cum aqua muL 

z^4i moijSpo^ ^ik ^Ktxfirouy la potum ^ re^um morbum 

hne^y^e^mvei. fanat. 

risezK^V»^» Brafsica. Cap. CxLVl. 

Ks^. p^'. BraflicaiatiuaaJuoeftido- 

Kp^/x^n Jt^t^^xAjKoi?jo^y nea^fi modo leuiterferuefa- 

4i£6^C^<^^ 1^0^«, yj^4^' «fta edatur ( namperco<fta al- 

^azc uum 


uum fifli t, fed multb m agis bis Sti ^a cTe xjnthJd^ '1^(77^ v^ /uaK^ .. 

coda, aut qu^ in lixiuio coqui xov « Sl(n(p^$ y^ oj/ ^c^m I-Am- 

tur} ftomachum autem male ^jst^ yi^j><^uei^i j Xj S^^iuv^ 

habet. acrior eft apftiua. Irr i^- ts'^ iS «rse^v». « J^ cp cuyj'^^ 

gypto propter amaritudinem J^iiL-mzplaj/ a.C>^Gmc,cL^^Kvtd'7rl& 

non eftur.CxcutietibuSy & tre c? 5' ^oa^el K^^^o^hm i^oui- ^ 

mulis effe prodeft : fummo ci- yn^K^ -m sz y^swTrdhjtr k^ om }fd^ 

bo fumpta crapulam difcutit, ^/iaj; aCmun-^ &mKccuCiii^o</^n* 
& vini noxam reftinguit. Me- ^Jili ku^ •miiuui hu<^M^>^ 

lior ftomacho cyma, fed acri- Tspoy ^w, J^iuL-neS"^ Ji ^ ipn-n- 

or, & ad ciendum vrinam va- ^wJT^pATap/p^j^^Sey y^Kogu.ua,'- 

lidior. Ea condita ftomacho ^y^y^ yjoiKia; -TdL^zTJKoy. Si iq' 

inimica eft , aluum contur- ^Kh^aij-m^^ujoi u^'ifiSt;yJl 

bat. Crudus fuccus cum ni- vi^Hii^T^^Tnvoi^o^.y^tKidM /ua 

tro &irideuoratusaIuum e- Ki-^i^iuf omJi,'7PJ^HAytoJv~, 

mollit : cum vino quoquc epo }tm^ ^cn^-Qw m/y^ Ji ^w^ 

tus viperarum morfibus auxi- fw ^ o^^y TrtJk^^eAytot^ ^ ap^a^ 

liatur : cum foenigra?ci farina 7JyM^'^yacn r IvTra^i^ t-m^TrKal j- 

podagris & articulorum vitiis li^o^ ;^ im.KojLoi? a^uitei'\y' 

illinitur : prodeft & fordidis ')^o^o^^^g.^^\cvjrr\i<Ti^yjC'. 

vlceribus & vetuftis illitus : ca (^h^^ n^^^\/ui^- Ji cueJvis i- 

put purgat naribus infufus: me xeyp» <^g^^$^ y^ra/ilwia 2- 

fesextrahit cum loliacea fari- y^.n^a''^ (^i».cLyJ]cL7rKao5ifjuiyci 

na inditus . Folia per fefe illi- jj^S* Icoj^^ S ^ kK^^iroDv k^o^ za 

ta^ aut cum polenta trlta^con- crc/^ <^; ^(twj (pKiy^vli.Jtj i^ 

ferunt inflammationibus ^ tu- QtJi^^^x^l^LmTnKorrti Ji y^ 

moribufque : epiny didas ^ ig- omymvJa^ y£i Kicsr^^ /2w 

nem facrumjeprafque fanant : ^' aKojy Ji aJfdpaza; ^ffh^ 

carbunculos ex fale rumpunt: th • 7^ Ji yju ^vm w ojf y^ 

fluentes capillos retinent : co- (p^A "^t^vi-^s^a $ ^ f^yu- 2,5 

^a,addito melle^aduerfus de- fj^cc fdhJii^Tfo^ yo/ua^ >^1^^- 

pafcentia vlcera ^ gangr^na% v^v ^ik^.cau^, q l^iy^ct pc^^ 

yalent:Iien ofisq; ex aceto cru- o^m cuTKtujtyjoi^ <S<p^B. JtoLujaC' 

da profunt.Mafa^deuorato luc my^a Ji^cpmyf^ aWiCjo^Triy jtct^ 

co/Qtuiam vocem inftaurant. 3?9«^ t^S ;^aou acLiwmyof^o^. 
Deco- '3^ J^ 

LIBER II. ■ «o 

•70 'j i<f>&4viAwt o' iy^f.mfW i) Decoaum eiuspotu,aIuum & 

e^>fyflc mel TrrjofjSpcsv.To-^^cwhos menfes ciet . Tlos poft conce- 

kiixAov ^tc^;' r km)(ln(m ^^- ptionem in peffo iiibditus.par 

^^lifmo^sS.Too cnA%m ^Kt- tum abortu vitiat.Scmen eius, 

fa ^ <i ^yi^^w yvot^^i 'mn- prrfertim qua? in i^gypto na- 

5 ^ovS^mv^c^ k-Tiyi^f /^o-fe^ fcitur.potum tineas repcllit: in 

o' l^ «^ dMtiSiTiii KoiKiuH^.^po antidota theriaca additur , fa- 

c^T^v r kTTom^^ >y <poi>tif> ot ciei cutem lentiginesq^ expur^ 

Ji kcojko) yKa^ol '^ivri^ <n)v r gat. Virentes cauliculi cu radi- 

fi^cu^ X, kv^n<p^v7i^ f?W :^t' ce cremati, Sc adipe porci ve- 

§«6) '7r3^iti'(l>y'7rKiv^ci4 ^^ovta ^- tufto excepti , diuturnos late. 

so ^ucc-nt X^m^n^v-n? Trzi^ounv* rum dolores mitigant. 
Utex^^e^.ui^kyAa^- Brafiica fylueftris. 

Ks^." ^ijl{\ ^ Cap. CXLVn. 

YipJ^^-dk^yeAci^pvi^a^iQm- " Syueftris bralsica, mariti- 

TDTX^^y ot> ^72?£^3ttxcdsc7i5/^ i^ mis pr^niptisque lods^ ma- 

KpyiuJii^J^^i^Tom^^^oiicvciT^^iA gna ex parte gignitur : fatiuaj 

l^ ^epyKivaoiificLJiVgi k5" JWy^- fimilis, fed candidior, hiriii- 

£^ K^^mitpi* To e/^ w>ij/^ ^w ti6rquejamara,Cuius cyma in 

i^Kjovicil-i^^viyt.kgo^v. A-j- lixiuiacodajOrinoninfuauis, 

vuf^^ Ji %^ ik (^u>Kcc m-m- Folia illitu vulnera congluti- 

*7rKciojofj^ci^ico>Kmi^V7fst^/^ nant, & inflamationes tumo- 

w/^ iy J>6£^o§»77iw*y oich)^7rt>v resque difcutiunt. 

^^7iKj(pKiKiUJ0vZv, ^ /-• • 

^^-1^'' /> r^ ^ Brafsica marma. 

K'^ ^^QLo^^uKipySpitxpiiX'' Marina brafsica a fatiua 

Cnyl^i^Keac^ •mTrwfv^ ^fu^i;^ proriiis abhorret ^ qubd folia 

%^vast ov>Kct hju^m t3 <^f^\j ferat rotudae ariftoIochisPjprj^ 

a $ ?a( kit<^Koyv^ oucic&*lK7d<pvyji '^ lo nga^ten uia: fingula a ramu- 

iKci^v cuJr kmi xKovm -^u- lis rubentibus exeunt ^ fingu- 

^m If hh uo^vS^^ Ktods* lari ^ vt hedera , pediculo : a!* 

^/tf* 5' ^ «^ A£y;M^5« ^Kujj^igi bo iucco pra? dita eft, fed pau* 

'^ TA ycvaet ufp^uv^o^^ ^ Troak co ^ falfo guftu ^ & aliquan- 

tuTTixfof j ^/TTzi^ T^w (Tv^cnv. tum amaro ^ pingtii concretu. 
cV)* Herba 


Hcrba in totum ftomacho ini- Saj* Ji » T^u.Kcaco^f/a^fy /e/- 

mica^acrisivehementilsime al- fjteici^xjotKta^ hvTtyjdT^-m l(^^ 

uumcietjincibocofta.Co» ^^{^^<m.. mwi-^Qun Ji a/j^VL 

quiturpropter acrimonia cu miJ^^n^^fitJui-nm-dhi^Tm, 

pingui came. ^ tw x/s/Sy. 

Beta. Cap. CXLIX. meJTgyrMy, Kfi0.§.>wS^. f 
Beta duorum generu eft, e T^rxov ^osiy TS^y, Zvji^ 

quibus nigra coquitur cu lcn- fuKd^ ^Xfim^e^v xjotTJa; cvv 

ticula^vtventrefiftatquodma aotii^ i-^^v* it^ fiS».ov i f>i?^ou 

gis radice eius prfftatur.C adi- tJ J^ K^um h)xx>ihJov. kij^^pon^ 

da aluo vtilis eft. Vtraq^ tamen ^at Ji Kaxi^fxa JioL tJ o» au^ 

propternitrofiimhumore:que nol^vt^cdhs.o^^v o yuho^ hj^v ^^ 

habet in fe^noxij fucci eft.Vn- xct^^et tu^okUij pm ly-^^ii^- 

de fiiccus earu cu melle nari- vos ^ yihjm?^ vjl a-m-Kyia^ g)^ 

btis indit% capiit purgat^auriu <^«. t^ ii i^v fi^Sv jc^ wif 

doloribus auxiliatur.Decodu (pu)^m a^^i-^^^^mTJ^cdv x^ 3w- 

radicis &foUorii/urfureslen- vi<hv erpimvm^ y^ ^mryjt^ 

defqj deterget, perniones fotu im&J)f7iHiv}tmmrrKov^ov*o>- i $ 

mitigat.Crudis foliisvitiligines^ ^li o ^rol^ (pv».ot^ '/^jm^TrKic^ 

nitro antea perfiidas : alopc- c^v S&t a^i^oi^ ns^i-mn^^^biy- 

ciaru inanitates/capello prius 7r«^-x, kKtdmyua^ xmmM^H^ 

exafperatas:atq; depafcetia vl- a^^s^ :^ ^v^^i£pdL%K^ . I^s^ 

cera^ illini prodeft. Eruptioni- o £|^3«^7« x^ Trucin^Ttii^ i^ 

buspapularu,ignifacro,am- li^unTdKcxmtU-pfi. ^o 

buftifque,codamedetur. nee^' Ay<fpctjjf»/. 

Portulaca. Cap. C L. K£<p. p/. 

^ Portulaca? vis adftringit:ca- Ay/pdii;)^» Jtwctim X^ cv^ 

p jtis doloribus , inflammatio- ^/jciiy • Kct-ntwKa^m^yi Jt ^ 

nibus oculoru,c2eterifq;,cu po a^^/Twy jtg^^w^ khyifJULm i^ S- 

lenta imponiturcardoribus fto (pbtLh/uZv pk^^vdz^ i^ ^^ ^- ^? 

machi/acro igni, veficae dolo- kcu$ . ;^ ^u^^v Trv^it^cn x^ I- 

ribus^ auxilio eft: commandu- ftmTnKam^ y^ 'd^cm cLKyi^-. 

cata,dentiuftuporesfedat:fto- <n ^oab^ ^ ^^e^b^acc J% cu^^ 

machi & inteftinorum ^ftua- eftW x^ $vf^^v :^^ c^Tipm 

tionemjfluxionefquemulcet: ^Tri^&xnvi^f^^v^^lvm^tvi' 
renes y£^5«^ tu 


vi^^ti n jhLmfjSpots K^ wm renes & veficam adiuuat , etia 
ho^d-rf^m* yJX 'm ^^ ffujj-^ fi erofione fentiant:veneris im 
^unai Q^ua,i <kxy« • Tm^itK-A' petus exoluit:fiiccus epotus fi- 
^W ii m ^ho^ ajjT4^ oi^fip- mili effedu prodeft, in febrit^ 
^ ^srtfiij^o^ x^ c9 TTu^oi^ ^i- vales. Contra tereres vetris ti^ 
5 Zy . n^ma^ *iK[m^^ ^oy^^L^ neas^ cruentc excreatione,dy- 
^tf^5 cu^-m^ n M(m i^ ^m- fentenajh^morrhidas, & pro- 
T^ee^y vm ^^ su^ujo^oiJbL^ Z) fluuia fanguinis^percofta effi- 
aii^f^aya$ ^ '^mKviip^ yyo^ cax efLltem contra fepis mor- 
y». Kcd fs^ ^cTD^ cT^^/^Ttt, i^ fus. O cularibus medicamentis 
el^ T^ li^^K^x^ ii ;^jK77^r vtilifsime commiiceturjintera- 

xo ^yfvw^iymj(jp.i 7? -^ om- neis fluxione laboratibus , at- 
gm ^^fzcc7J^oySpG>y.% * M^o^ que vuluarum erofionibus^ia- 
w /«^tf; * xai ^^ w \\ l> funditur: contra dolores^quos 
xgL<Titb? Kitp^ctKydiS cuu foJi^ x&us excitauit, caput ex ro&^ 
y&> % \kcu(0 t^C^iyfjut . nsi^^ n ceo 3c oleo fouetur : eruptio- 
-ri of yjiip^ l|ew^^7tt y md nes papularum in capite^ cum 
1 5 otvcd <7ix^y^*(ists^ n^mjyijir^ '^ vino emendat;vulneribus qu^ 
<?^fid)ce?J^oy7a 5 ffvjj^(ph(^ ka- ad fyderationeipedantexpo 
TU^TrKoLojof^v. lentaillinitur. 

*ngee Av J^pijjt?»^ i^^c^. Andrachne fyluefhis. 

K£<p. pyi. Cap. CLL 

AvJ^^dL^ii ky^ett^ evjTn Andrachne Sylueftris paniii 

2, o 'TrKctTJTtfci (^vTKificL 'Trfo^ 7« «? eft foliis & latiorib** q portula- 
aiS^fi^^ i^ itLaicu(^v^ h in* c^ hirfiitis, Nafcitur i petrofis, 
^uiHtn ixrTroi^. %giv o^n ^9 cv x.^ eft qfi & iri hortis , folia oleas:^ 
TO^5<?y>Afi6 g;;^ o^ici, %cucl^ fju- fcd minora multo * Veru plu- 
xfoT^^aJi im^i^Td^^mKjHty^fdL M i^ ra^tenuioraqj cauliculis nS>ri- 
A^jntKQt^^Kia IfjSpflt^ cu^ pu^ catibus ab radice vna frequeti 

^5 ti^^fi^d^^Tro^Kkcm^yluj^KjcyMLt^ b%inclinatib^interra.Himafi 
vcu^o^[j^a j" cAj')^^ ^9 yKi- in fiiccufacile foluut tenace li- 
^eti^i/^^tjuj^ ALLo^w/e quore cii quoda falis guftu. Fa 
t;)^ ^^(jtmTi^v-iiS^^iimduu^^yje' cultas eius calfacere acre vira 
^mv-^^ifi^v c/>cd(2>o§i»77x>/ <ruv obtineSjSr exulceras ftrumis il 
k^ovy^lc^ KcmTTKcc^o^iii. linitur cu axungia vt difcutiat. 
Ilfiei Aipa- 


Aiparagi. Cap. CLIL nseii^-£^V^. Ki^,p6i 
Corruda fiue fylueftris alpa- Aamfi^^f mTfcuo^ % ^i^ 

ragus vulgaris eft notiti^se.Hui^ k^^a yj6^t^^^o% liy^xhl^ 

cauliculi in cibo cofti ventre -^^S^Vj^ ^fcdi^v^mricw fA^i^r^ 

^moUiuntjVrina cient. Radicis a^ ^ ov^ m^.^rSv ^ p/(Sy ii 

-decoftii contra vrin§ difficul- k<pi4^fjut TnvoiSpov ^on^ Jb- $ 

tatejregium morbu/enii vitia^ covfi^m^ )Kmeiyu>% vi^^tifnm^y 

& coxendicil cniciatus^in po- i^aSixx>t^ • (^co.et^f^ioSimi^ /e 

tu proficit:cu vino aute^phala- t/Ar omvk^i-\Qi^ov, kcu^ IJhv^ 

'giorum moriibus auxiliatur.Si TahyivmSi xfaTzv^cSii <rS i^s- 

•decofti fiiccus fiiper dente c6 •vIm^tos' I^ tw 'ttovouZti oJhy- 

tineaturj eius dolori medctur. v . to« *^^ ^^ tA o/j^ vm lo 

Semen potil ad eade valet. Ca to ^mp^ ^m^ov.^cm J\ ^ 

neSjVt aiunt,fi decoAu bib^t^ Toyir ^wva; ^oviu^ t^ ot^Hw- 

emoriuntur.Alparagu etia na- [jLii^cuj-m^ k-Tro^rlicmv* tviot Ji, 

fciprodidcrutjarietiscornibus ld^yi<7tv;ov Wi7>-x/5/oS x:^^- 

contufis,atquedefofsis:quofJ, ra auyid^? Y.m^\)\p<^k'm 

■4juatum equide fentio^plane a kajji^.yi^ 'luolJl kwi^jfov* ^ 
veritate abhorret.Altilisaute O ^m kccU^^^ ovro^y 

alparag^ multis ramis frutic^t, ^f^o^ o^ ^oKv^ch&Jbf :, (pvK-- 

fcJiisfoenicuh*, logis^numero- Kcl l^v ^o^kky ^Kfk *, 0^4:^/5« 

Csrradice rotuda^grandi^lpon- //ct£^5jpa) • p/^ac ^07>yXj»/^- 

gia habentcHuius teneri cau- ^% ^^vtcl mcPiMv . ov -pvo^^to 

ficiditritiinvinoalbOjrenuin y^hiov KmvfSiJov wiTk omv%Q 

dolores fedant Afliis aute co- Kwxjiv^ 'TmL^ (p^^mvM^. l<p^^ 

ausve^vrin^ flillicidiujdifficul J^ » o^pSo^ Ka^CoMo^o^^ ttwjh 

tateq;, ac dyfenterias^ mitig^t. gpcr/yoveid$ ml JbcTovac^ ^^ kcu 

Radix cum vino aut accto co- J\jmnpict^''^ Jiji^a hm e4*»- 

ftajuxatos art^ muIcet.Deco- ^^ ^ o|« S oiw-, Tmiu qky.- 

ifta cu ficis aut ciceribus fum- i^t^ • ^"^ <^\ (^^ ^'f^y ^^ z j 

pta/egiu morbil fanatrcoxcfi- ^iCiv^v Kcty.Cct^o^yi^ /Sw /- 

dicis cruciatus ftraguriamque y^^ne^v • f^ "^^ h^clM kcu 

leuat. Alligata radix,aut hauftii q^uyyoveiav^^ctT^o^S^ii Ji ^ 

eius decottUj conceptum adi- ^o k^(tiMi cwi Tnvo^otymft 

mitj&fterilitatemadfert. kjiyjov kcu k^pvoy. 

Plan- : n$et Afyo- 

LIBER IL. 112. 

TliejLAfVoyKdo3Ziv*Ki^.^yy\ Plantago. Cap. C L 1 1 L 

Ap6y>,edojtiv M>ov Vgj' li ^ Duo plantaginis genera:mi- 

puxfovTz Si.iJUH^ov* V)^ 5 7^^ nor folia habet anguftiora^mi- 

lJUY.eh (p6>^u ^vwTE^ Ti^ut^ nora^ molliora^ lasuiora^ & te- 

xpoTi^ci , ^ wi-KeLmT^^ y^cu nuiora : cauliculo angulofo in 

^ K^oTce^^ x^ Xi-^oTi^r/^hio) terram indinato: floribus pal- 

ifi yi>vio&tMi wcK-Kiii£^u (di cm Hdis : femine fummis caulibus 

iliJi yLij^^£Uf?ni liy^k^Ti Si am^ emicante.Altera maiorjaetior^ 
[jusL W 'i^m-T^Jvs^KTdv^^V^ . virentiorque^latis conftans fo- 

yi^tov l^j^vi^^oy^^TrhccTvci^uT^oVy liis^oleracei generisicuius cau- 

Kec^eoJ^rH^y^o^ Si ^ wtk lis cubiti altitudinem petir^an- 

j^ 'pvtd<N^:,<^v^o^^\^'^^'my^ gulofus^fubruber^amedioad- 

€d$^\yL fdinv /iii^i ico^v^y»^ cm^ verticem tenui femine circun- 

fjut-Ti ^i^^uSpo^ Ki'nl%.filcu datus : radicibus nititur tene- 

Ji vTreim iTizthoi^xhaScu^Kiv^ lis^ hirfutis ^ candidis , digitum 

xai 3 -m^^ JhiKTvKov . i^juvZTiU crafsitudine aequantibus . Na- 

o' ^? Tot^iiK^at ^ (^iaftm^ fcitur in lacunofis ^ fepibuSj &c 

Xf i) oiiKujoi^Timc^cAj^it^Tic^v locis humidis.Multb vtilior ma 

J^ii ^^?ov. ^twcLfMv <Si%^ gna efLvim habent folia exic- 

•Ttt ^y^Xcd ^npdiifTJziv , gvTzIrioiv' catoria^conftringentemrquare 

t^v ^iu xgwprKcLo:sifjSiidL ^^ omnib^ malignis vlceribus^ 8c 

575W7tt TA ^(^KOH^ii K^ ^^£W7t&}v^ fluxioni opportunis atque ele- 

•m ^iv/uATJyJ^i^ dLii^bcL^Ttt ^m phanticis, fordidiiq^ illita pro- 

%o of^td^iu^ 5' i^ cduojficLycu/yVo iimt^profluuiafanguiniSjVlcera 

^i-5 culhpcty^i^tfTm-mylrmvK- quseferpunt^ epinyftidas, car-t 

Tii^r ajTTQvKol i^ 'hM ^ovicL ^ bunculoSj nomafque cohibet: 

aid^KcL y Yju ira y^^micL \a^- vetera vlcera & ina^qualia ci- 

'TtWj^^ xSk^tt^v; 57^^)icMc6'j^ 7* catrice obducuut, chironia fa- 

wv6<hyLTCL jcou TweiJc^JUTtL (pK^ nant^finus conglutinant: mor- 

x^ yi^vas 5 'm%(drti^i > (^vy^^Kct^ fibus caniSjambuflis igni^infla- 

'^i^iiu^ A YMz euyiKtdm mjuj mationibus,panis^parotidibus^ 

ijKmv cmrn-Kaodf^u g>^^jk^. I- ftrumis^segilopiiSjillita aim fa - 

^'bov Si To KAya^o^ m^' iKm le profunt. Coftum cum ace- 

Kol olots KapiCa^a^oy^ JIkt^v- to & fale oluSjdyientericis^coe 

TceAYM^ KOimKi^ms ifuilet. liacisque fumptum fubuenit. 

^So' Datur 


Damr & in locum betse cum ^Jt-m J^ ;ci£) ^ra $«c*t £«^- 
]enticuIaco<9:xim.Etadaquam 77 cnvrhm mw^^ot^i yMz 
inrer cute cui leucophlegma- ojf)^ KivxaqtK^^veo^ s^rra,To 
tiseridmeneftjdatur &herba ^ne^^ao^^rsLt , ^(ttj JiJbroi i 
deco fta poft aridas epulas^ fic ^ot e^^ • ^/« J^ ;£tfJ c^Xwtt?/- 
vt niedia antecedat : comitia-^ Xfii^^jcou a<d-/uartxxn^ J^Jh^a. ^ 
libus & fufpiriofis data profi- Ji^\o^ tSv <?i>;yX6)y > 'xa. oj^ 
cit . Foliorum fuccus , colluta ^f^u&n %hXM a^uK^^^fieiuwj^ 
fubinde oris vlcera^ purgat: ^^ J)i€aihJu^of^or- Qw J% xi^ 
cum cimolia aut cerufa igni ^x/V » 4*^/376) > I2to 7»!-. 
facro medetur : fiftulis infufus ^vffTTnMi^' mex^^i ts Xyvxu^ 
prodeft 3 lippitudinibus & au- lo^os i^^p^hS^zai ^^ ^isex- ig» 
rium doloribus idem fiiccus ya; xcu o<^ba\tuas «istt^s-us^ 
inftillatur . Additur quoque in yo^ ^Ko^ • tuu KoTXveiot^ /^«r- 
oculorum coUyria. Gingiuis y^o^. Jtj ^^ oSkci ^/zitcai- 
cruorefiiffufisj&fanguinisre- ^a^zcu ns^? ouija aii-p^^ 
ieSionibuSjpotu confert: cly- -m mm^o^ • %ajL (^^ Jbcvj^ 
ftere dyfentericis infunditur^ rwyj^vily-AKvloiJ^o^^mviTitti^ 
contra tabem datur in potu, J\ }lcu f^sa^ ^-^^J^ ^-^ ^^ 
aduerfiis flxangulationes vul- v^eAH^ miya^ tz^sf^Tm oj? 
nx in vellere fizbiicitur^ etiam lei^^> Koi C^eSi l^MiA4tn?o^i/i: 
fi vulua fluxione laboret • Se- kcu ng.^ J% mmp^o^ ^t 
men exvinopotum^alui flu- omv^ 7^ rns Kothia^ fiv^^ 
xiones & fanguinis excrea- 'ncuov^Kou 'nJv<m^ alfjLATo^X- %i 
tiones fiftit . Decoda radix & 'Td^^J Ji fila a^i-^^^mxai 
manducatu, & coUutionejden JioMXvlo^yi k^ Jia^omiJtk^ 
tium dolores fedat : eade cum ta^ IJhvTaKya; ^nohH • fm^si M 
foliisjvlceribus renum&ve- r^^ w^%Km i^ y5^a?T^J>'- 
fic^ in paflb datur.Ferunt treis J^^ « \i\ai^ ra (pvT^a ^ yhu- 
radices cum tribus vini cya- >uo^. (pam Ji ft^a$ ^iis m^- %^ 
this,& pari aquae modo^tertia- c^ y^r otn wa^v tccZv ^ v- 
nis auxiliari; & quatuor^quar- J^tc^ Itimv^ Teirma^^oii^r t^- 
tanis.Sunt qui radicis gefta, 'mf-mcdJ^riosa^a^lila^Avm 
mine^difcutiendis flxumis v- J^ k^c/^JiupLa^n^cdv^T^ft?^^ 
tantur. wfl^^ie^*J^^k^Jia(poesvm^ 

Lauerfeu JlseiSk 

tlBER: Xt n^ 

mei %iou^ ^^- F«=^'» Lauer feu Cum. 

^iW To oi» t/c&i^ c^e^ (nteTOi Cap. C LIIIL ^ 

afToi^vM(7j'^^m opSoy, ^i- Slon in aquisinuenitur/ni- 
m esy ^ ^t?>Xfit e;^y ^Xfimfic J^- tice pingui/eda^ foliis latis^C)- 
c5TJirs.x/y<» Xpm-r^^ A^xf <j7^£^ cT^ lufatro fimilibus ^ fed minori-; 
j yju if^,i^77^oy72t.<2# e^oi^- bus^& ocioratis.Qiif cruda c6 
v^ %^U T^ K9" i^ >^'9^^ ^v- ftacjue efu, calculos rumpunr^ 
^« yA ^y^lvei^ov^n m^i atque excernunt: vrinas cient^ 
^ iyS^cLYMjL liifAjjJA a.yeiy Jh~ mefes &partus extraKunt^dy^ 
cnmetyjoi^-n^^^m^^^^y- fentericis in cibo auxiliatur; 
gtt . K£^TSi5^ M i^p« 'sfe) ^- De fio Crateuas tradit 5 herba 
1 6 Toy oyw • W«£ bd,u^QHSii ohL effe fruticis ip ecie^ pauca folia 
yA %^vc7u ^uTO^et ^^spji^ //e^- ferente^ rotfida^ maio.ra quani 
^oyei ^jhoff^ovyfjc^^sufeii^^fty'- menth^^ nigra ^ & ad erucani 
yj^oyiztlu^ciLLqi. _ . accedentia. . ^ -vr^ 

neet 2/£n^]u^ei8v Ks^. pysi Sifymbriuni.; : Cap. CLV; 
"21(70 iJiCeioy (ol Jit^7rv}^oif . Sifymbrium ( ali). ferpiflunj 
15 ^^oy K^2m)c/» y§f^i^ ?>y£3> iyluefixe vocantr) iit folo in4 
iijmQV^c/liofiTAaJit^cTzuwj-TA^TV- culto nafcitur ^ "mentha^ hor^ 
^vT^on^ov H % lAjaJi^i^ovr 9£- tenfis fimilitudine ^ odoratiii% 
(^du/&y^7Jm\, AwJd^yMt^ latiore folip.Inferitur coronis; 
kyfjw/mmy^affCQ^i'^ *s^^q>ci:y ealfaciendi vim babet: con^ 
^veiasKfhj^di/^^ 70 as4^^ tra ftilUcidia vrinae:^ calcul6& 
^ ^ ^ o/V^ 'mo/^Qy' K^ qio^is^x^ que/emen ex vino bibitur^tof 
\vf^i^7m>H.7aLji(^v}^eLcm'' riiina & fingtiltus fedat ..Foliar 
^xctojs^ ^^ iU(p^^ci)i.')4dUf y^^ in capitis dolorejfronti aut te- 
r ^OTd^^m ^0i (i&Tdwa^isses^ poribus illinimtur : item cori^ 
•nc^iiim i!ff>^^^ ^ou (ifijKtTiSy. tra velparuiri apiumque ifias; 
; mmM ic^ l^JtkToi^ ^^/. Vomiitiones potu cohibet; 

^f TLiei ETie^v cnavLiCejiou, Alterum Sifymbrium. 

Kg^. ^/. Cap. CLVI. 

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Jttfmtw yol J% 5 k:u w-ra <77oy aliq, cardaminajali) fion appel 
^ouCTy /eyycl^po^ '^ -^flc 5 ;gt- lant.Eaherbariguisgaudet^8^ 
^a TA hrri tS^ mt^^^a^Yi. cifde in locis^quibus fion pro- 
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uenlt: qu5e idch nonnullis car- ^^fJHf^vtw c/Chiot Kiy^un^it^ 
damina nominatur ^ quod gu- tJ htxivcu if^^M/ju^ tIw yjo^ 
ftu cardamum ^ id eft naftur- (jr/.ovWfiS s;^fi to ^^ ^a»e$S^- 
tiUjrepraefentet. Folia primuni tijv ^m§^^»^ auii^ei ^^X^^ 
rotunda prodeunt^adulta eru- ^ew i^- vi t^? hu^^jiov- 1^ J^^ 
C2 modo findunturJd excalfa hio/uioufvm-yOv^TjyJvy^iC^eoir/.i' ^ 
cit, vrinas mouct, crudu cfturj iiuSit^ i^ov^ amy^bru%ti ^ 
purgat lentigincs , cutifq; vitia Xj ^mx^i^-i x^ i^pnKiy y^-m^^Ku- 
in facie^nodibus impofitUjma Mvrtt <fi' cm w yyjcw, €6>2^7 
tutinifque detradum. Si hnKKv^v» 

Crithmum, Cap.CLVlI. mei Ke/Sfiay. Ks^. fv^^. 
Crithmum/eupotius^vta-. Kei^^votJi^mTn^v^^io 
liqui 5 crithamon ^ fruticofa Bc f^ScAcr ^6?7 ^0Tmm^k^pLKa<pi$y 
vndique foliofa herbula eft^ ^ m^x^v li t^^s- . (^vq^ov op 
cubiti altitudinem fere petcs. mfihcti^Tm^^KAo^otsro'' 
Nafcitur in maritimis ^ & pe-* i^iiy ^y ^Xoi^ ^crxgoy ?a^ poTir 
trofis : foliis pinguibus, nume- t{^ -imKium^^ ms n^ cwJfi^ 
rofisj albicantibuSj veluti por, ^ji? m^totiiiffty^TrKamJTi^oi^ ySpij 
tulaca? 3 latioribus, & longio- cz»; -^^ am(^K&^e^i^:,h^uvei^ 
ribus 5 falfb guftii , fiores can- {otcn Ji m^^ ibjj y^m ^ c^.^ 
jdidi fiint ^ &iemen^ ceu roriC h^x^y liv Ji n^fT^v m^Sp KiSo^ 
marinij odoratiim 5 molle^ ro- wnJb? /^^flcm> co-s^dVs ^jp^- 
tundum 5 quod ficcatum rum- -^kov^I^ \^(iM^$ M^^m* i^ 
pitur: habet intus tritici modo ey Jby 6)^ Tn/ppoy e;^ tJ ^^^* 2.0 
iiucleum: radices digiti crafsi- ft^oi.Ji My^7vK\i Ti^JT^^^yTfiif 
tudjne 5 tresaut quatuor^ gra- S -licm^^^^huGiJ^^yyiMa^* Ju^ 
ti odoris & iucundi. Radix, vctwJl x^f^Kpix^ filcL kcu 
femen & folia incoda vino^ i^ qtv>Kct ofacpi-l^^^VTct oivcdx^ 
potu vrinae difficultati & re- ^tyof^a^^oii^v <^<^ve^vcn % 
gio morbo auxiliantur : men- h7ietyjo7f * msi kcu » n^ict^^ ^i 
\cs cient, eftur crudum co- w-, Ka^ikw l(^^v *n yJm 
ftiimvein olere^feruatur e- ^uAvt^o^^ov -^kcu Tati-^ii^ 
tiani in muria, woy^^. 

Coronopus. Gap.CLVni TiteiKofQvmth^^Ki^.pk 

Coronopus obloga herbula Ko^mo^Traf "Tr^i^m^^mj^ 

eftjper ^^? 

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^^^iM^iifigpi&^ov.x^Ti'}^- eft, peir terram r^ehSyfifsis 
pjiTttrpkm Ttt ^y^Xtf'Xfl£;^2tk- folliis : coquitur in olerc : ra- 
•72« 5 i^ ^-Hi^^r^iliiJf KiTTlw dicem habet tenueni ^ adftrin^ 
tp^Vy ^^tm^lSnodpbjjn^fS^ gentem^qU^ in cibo cojlia^ 
x^/Xiay^^^-^rr/pyjtM^.^fvgTzwc/^'^ cis facit . Prouenit in aggeri- 
% ^^(Tbt^ Ti-TTti^i ij liSi^^%cu bus, & locis incuUis^ & le- 
cy TO^ o^^K. cusvias. , 

mei%o'^^o. Ki^. ^¥* Sonchus. Cap. C L I X. 

'EoA^u J^So^Hfy^Tv fSy yf Sonchi duo genera : fylue- 

V^'j k^poii^^^e^v ^ kK^^Ji- ftrior quida eft^&^ magis ipinis 

'^ipv' To J% ^ ^v^t^^^nepy itai horret : alter teneritate quada 

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lmrcYjx<jSfv^oi*^y>.dL\y^ lofo caulejinani^interdu rube- 

c^ Si€i<rA^^v l^ap^hfpL lijj rerfoiiisinambituperinterual 

nk^^i^Hdji^. <hu^utjui ii ojjT^v la diire<9:is.Vtriufq5 vis refrige- 

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'^ovj^ • o^y ^fjta^ y^aziifui- ftuanti ftomacho & inflama:^ 

j< 76)>/^ Q^K^tmal^-i y^^-m^wKiio^ tionibus illiti profunt . Succiis 

^ot df^^ounv* Si^Ko^ y^- eoru ftomachi rofiones forbi- 

'i7«ppa0oy^o^ , SttyfAy gofji&^ ttone mitigat^kc elicitj in vel- 

p^v y^^its^'jyH^ x^ ya\d y^- lere appofitus fedis ac vulu± 

^aj£ ^9e5ikV a l/i Iei6)>* colledionibus opitulatur . Ta 

S^ziCKmyJi pmfdj; (phsyptA- herba^ radix illita vibratis \ 

■j^^ v&^oyt^, » J^ ^A zcu ^ p/^^cd fcorpioneidibusiubuenitAl- 

y^^mwT^a^ii^ cxofino^KiK^iOt^ ttt fonchus tenerior,arboris 

ot§«^, O cf^ £TS^? OTz;;^r inftar^latiscoftansfoliis^caule 

%ctJt7t^(^^S^^ S^vS^cdh^^^^i^ in ramosexeuntefoliadiftin- 

'?rhciiv^v)^o^*'Ta: '^ q}i>Ka. J>«- guunt:fed ad eadem poUct. 

M rh x^hoy * W ovto^ S\ t» , Seris fiue intybus. 

dmjTtLvntft. Cap. CLX* 

^ Uiei "Si^&f. Ki^. pf . Seris duum generum eft: al- 

!Elee^ SiosYt*%v » ^'k^u^^^m-^ tera fylueftris^qu:^ picris & ci- 

xfti: » :^ yjt^mv y^ouf^n* i chorion vocatur: akera fatiua, 

ji Ttfi^ H.su^Kftw<pv».o7^^e^ latioribus foliis conftat, fto- 

^ hj^M^ii^ni y^TnvjS^. macho quam hortenfis vtilion 


Qwe iterum m duas ipecies di kcu 70/^n^ d% Attdv ^Jh^^* ^ 
.geritur: vna folio latiore pro- ^ynfiJ^ '^^^tJttmch^i^ 
ditjla^feuearam fimillima: alte- KM^m^<pvy^o^*i ^^h^^^v^^^^" 
ra aaguftiore eft folip , & gu- Xo^ tcco^ tiA^mXfo^. * ^iw /& 
ftu amara. Vtraque refrigerat, ^J-^imt^^KVit.^ aa^^.lAj^fxa- 
& adftringit^ftomacho vtilifsi- :^i 'm(^ J^l >t^ ^^^i^ H^y^ S 
maialuu fiftit cofta,fi cum ace mr o^ois My-Ctwo^su . yj^ 
to adfumatur . Sylueftres fto- ^u<^cuty^(u Ijo^^^my?*:^ 
macho meiiores : quandoqui- 7S£^; r^p^c^ yi^kihnuZ^. 
dem sftuautem ipfum ^ & que t^ ?d ^;^^ mfYi^fovcn ^ ^- 
imbecillitas vexet/ibo leniut, ^T^iI^oy . y^TmKaoso^cu J^ 
Cafdiacisperfc^autcumpo- <5t^ kk0ko> ml y^* lciz^Ttt? ic 
']ent% vtiliter ilHnuntur: poda- y^^i^cUMS «^ ^imuoi • ^ Jii. 
gris^ & oculoru inflammatio- x^^^^ It^htiKfAZv^ ^uy^^^ 
nibus aiixilio funt. Herba cum v^^ ^n^vm^iSi ^ct jccu^L 
radice illita 3 percufsis a fcor- ^fij^sf.Tw^Afic^^cwjcr/op^o^Aii-. « 
{>ione fubuenit^igni facro cfi ;iv^if k^iyei* juu ^unTrihuTd 
polenta medetur. Succus cum cnx^ kxiphcpioiTiU.^ffujj 4*,«-^? 
eerufa^ & aceto , valet ad illi- t^^ci^ <f^ >t^ o|« '^^^ ^' ^^o^ 
tus eorum 5 qua^ refrigeratio- cUiTe^v cm^ir^^ tZv 4^'|e^^ 
nem defiderarit. . i^^m^ 

Chondrilla, Cap.CLXL m^) Koy/e/AX»^. JCe^ pfi. 
Chondrilla^qua aUqui cicho Koycl^pi^A»,» J^^^ ^tz) ;w;^- 
rion^alij ferin appellant, caiile, ex^'^ H^criv % aifi<hy tu p^f^vK- ^^ 
floreV & folia habet cichorio ^« ^ jiyy^Kov^ i^ t^ ^'9» ept^* 
fimiliarqua ex caufa nonulli fyl >(^p^ph ^f^m^^^v k^^ih^ <«;- 
«eftris intubi Ipecie efle jpnu- tot2vU ^t^v aiti^hs kyxctiU- 
tiarut, verum tenuior tota eft: '^oT^esv ^ t^ tm" ^ Ji/m^ 
in cuius ramulis , giimi mafti- ^tKmaf^ioi^ hjTot^ oot^i<r/.^ xSi^ 
ches fimillimii tuberculo fabse ^ o>ioy ^97X>»5 /^J^'S« i^a-^ £5 
-iitueniri folet;quod cu myrrha f^cc* <2 -nvcc ^^imr^ ^^t^ 
tritu & linteo appofitu, inftar ^^y^i^^sr K^ctyZs/ o^yi^^ ^}^^ 
oliuse/oeminarum menfes tra ^cda^^i^kp^ ayeij ''^m^m^ 
hitTufa cum radicibus herba^ t? p/^/J ;^t^ > «V T^o^cmt^ 
adicaomelle^ diuiditur in pa- aiATrKimT^ ^ysu^ou /t&u- 
ftiilos^ '^^^ 

LIBER It n^ 

"'jfif^olm^ J)ii^y7i^ K^ vi^fcp ut- ftillos ^ quinitf a Jmifti vitili- 

iijiri^^bl^poik h/mTpA^^tM^. cu gines ^maciilant. Gummi in- 

-^miM rka, Si k^ 'reiycL^ 75 ufmi* ordinatos pilos replicat: quod 

* ^ » f /^«e 5' 'TT^oapcilQmm «5- Ttt item tenera radix efficit ^ fi in- 

ixrdS^^^i^^J^^^ «^ dJjiiiv £^'tKo tin da jiicxro acus , pilis admo^ 

^yits'^;^ 'sr^oa^^^jjtf^w 5p;|/V» ueatur . Contra viperas in vi- 

pf^leiJi K^ ^^%^$ cwi 01' no pota proficit . $uccus de- 

m ^m^vi. Kcu KjoihicwA^m codix^ in vino , aut per fefe 

^Ko^ hj-m^ I4«S«V owj om K^ potus ^ aluum fiftit . Aliud ha- 

*7k^^yKcu ^d' tfi^T^y. l^ J^ ^ betur chondrillae genus , fo- 

tnepv ^Jbs mvJ^^^T/i^M'^^^ lium ferens oblongum ^ cir- 

lo Ji %;^ (^Ci^^co^ov^ ^sf^^^ cumrofum,hunii iparfiim/au- 

iCA^-icm yii^igpai^SpQv»](^\ov J^ lem fucco madentem la^eo* 

cmS fus6v * fi?^cu/ Ji KiTrluij^ ?- radice tenui, rotunda^ leui^ve- 

m.i(.^v •i i(jov(^hj} y g^Y^vKUjjy geta, flauefcente^ fiiccofa. Cu- 

^Ot^lcw^ylmj fjt^^v. AuJ^ci' ius& caulis 5 & fplia conco* 

Ijuy Ji %^ y^Koi i^ t^ (^u\- quendi vim Eabent. Succus in* 

jj Xflc -i mT^imi •o Ji oTro^ Tez^v commodos palpebrarum pi- 

Tm ai' ^K^iipi^ aicmKkyi-n" los refledit . Nafcitur xn Ixth 

'/jo^ > (pv^w Ji c¥ yiiJimx^tf^ €^cultis. 

^SSL. Ke?. eir.- Cucurbita. Cap. GLXII. 

KoKom/^ccU^Jjf^riimy^' Cucurbita efiii apta: crudaj 

'^ Tm-Kct^eiacL KHct ^ olJifjufTzL jfc^ trita illitu tumores ^ & abfcef* 

k^Trogi^cfTr^ccvyi.^ToJi^^y^ct fus mitigat . Ramenta eius in* 

wj^^TmJiois mfi&(m^&(^\i(mi fantibus contra capitis ardo- 

;<J^ T ^oiy^Toc ysjTATrKajosi^ • r em ^ quam fyriafin vocant, ia 

i^ w^)i^ l(^.bdLKtjm ^KeyfXQVdi ^ fincipite illinuntur ; oculorum 

'!^JtLy^j(g,ffQfZjom^,o''^^Ko^T inflammationes podagraique 

%^ ^vap^Jjmy ^KiCirTtfJv^^^ ^TtiiK refrigerant* Succus cramen- 

-^a^ i(^' tcojTiv ziu ^Ttt po<ft- tis tufis per fe ^ aut cum rofa- 

yov ly^fMv^oiJ^o^ J}<piK^*iicu ceo inftifiis^ aurium doloribus 

^SF^i y^aovfjSijbjj cm(paiBdiJU auxiliatur : aduftiones cutis in 

^^^^'o/^t^^^^yfsK^^oAJirA^iy- ardenti febre illitu adiuuat: 

?:?f ^/^TTj^scd-^fKf ;|i<J>c9a/S««7ii^ totius feruefafi^, & expreflse 

H op^xo^ . . - p iij fuccus^ 


p3ccii5,cum meHe exiguo^& m oy^Kl^ mo^of yusm f^KiTQ^ 

tro potus, aluuiri leniter refol- ^pu^o^ ^ v^'/f«> mhlaM Kua xk^ 

uit. Vinum in cucurbitam re- (pa^.i^e! tj^ xotKAyoi wu-djjj ^- 

centem excauatam infufum^fl ^^X^^cil; rii moy jy ^cu^ti^ 

miftum fub diuo teneatur^ po- ati^^tA^.s^^ 7^* cwj» yfer, /^^- 

maluumleuigahit. ^^dL-rleimKidUfXoiKpa^. f 

- Cucumer fatiuus, UteLHi^epvaimis* 

Cap- CLXin. Ki(p[ §1/. 

Satiuus cncumis aluo5& fto- SW yiLmeP^ ^x^iW^&^- 

macho per o^ vtiHshahetur^re- f^^^^^ J^^KvyJo^ ^ oi (p^es^'' 

frigeratjCorruptione no fentit^ m^'d<;Bi ofuSJiofy d^cotTHVxjo^ 

velic^ prodeft ^ ojfaftu reuo- x^toSfv^Sv Q<7^^moi^oi , yju ^o 

cat, quos animus liquerit . Se^ ^io am^ijuL lujSi u/f_ia>^ ipvi(^v 

mt modice vrinS mouet : cum cLfuS^o^^ <rujj yiKax.Ti S yKvycH. 

laAeautpairp.jVeficaeexuIce- -sye?>'W hii/(M<;H ^mam^^-m 

rationibus fubuenif.Illita cum ii ^i}»^ct hm auij mt^ Y^-aJ.- 

vinofolia, morfus canii fanat: '^rKdL^-^^-imtih^m^Ha.w ciut 

& epinyftidaSjCuni melle, fjmn Si QmmrTiMu if 

Pepoaes. Cap. CLXIUl nsetmTcw. Ki^.pic/i\ 

Peponis caro in cibis^ vrina H J% rov mmm ^| vm 

cit; inflammationes oculorum ijj-m ov^-Avm i^0A^% • ;^t«- 

illita fedat. Rameta eius cotra wKctS^Sazi y It^^Kmo ipKifa^^ 

aduftionem infantium, quam vd^a^iv^. iv ^H ^piy/ua oj/t^ 

fyriafin vacant, fincipiti impo cjeiZoi TmMm -^^ fH ^^iy/ua,- 2*0 

nuntun fronti admota^oculo- lo^cm^p^TTU , kou f£y^77^o- 

nim fluxiones auertut. Succus ^ot^ o(p^^7$ aPv aicmK-^ 

cumfeminejadiedafarina^fic- TJi^ioi x^ii^Z pt^wmvA. 

catus in fol^i cogitur m fineg- c^^ 'x^Kh ojjjj m euAfipuLTt ^r- 

mata, qua? faciem repui^3t,& yeif kuu^c;> kcu |>ȣ^yS^V <^ ^- 

nitorem afferunt • Radix fic- X/V, o^^ity/uaL yiyt-m fo^tm Kj H 

ca 5 & ex hyiromelyte pota, Kau^^sffiuovm i^azoTnv . n <^l 

drachm^ pondere^ vomitione fi^ac ^n^^ r^b^m auj) u<^pfxi^ 

jmouet.Si quifquam moderate Kiti < cK)(M^\^.7z,tsyjvS.H Ji 

iecundum coenam vomcre cu 77^ (m^im am^ Mtivqv \^im 

piat^geminis oboli^ fit cotetus. £r5AJ*^af ^^Mqum KoKoi ^\ 


iyi^H Jt mi weict v^-mnrr.Hr' Sanat quoqtic Illita cum meHe 
«Swa /^Ttt <j5 wHKm^. vlcera concreta in modum fa^ 

Uiei^iMico^^ciicpu. ui^qu^ceriavocant. 

Ke^ pfl. Laftucx. Cap.CLXV. 

Beiidt.^^Ayjies^ho^dfMi^-, Laducse fatiu^^quibus natu* 

1 ^m-if^^^^uem, , vTTicdVAM > ;w/a/- ra refrigatrix ineft ^ ftomacho 
cj; MKa^-nm-, yixa^ra^ h^tu^ grat^ habentunfomnu conci- 
cm.gim, l-i^bSaa. J% ymTzu liat^aluu emolliunt,lac cuocatr 
'T^o^ijumi^. Si^KVTOfJi I- verum decod^ magis alut,fto 
^oiSpn^ ^ua^mi^ afui{ei. machicisillotas effeprodeft.E- 
To cTe tmc^fXdL aur^^ ^Esmyui'' potufemen^afsiduaslibidinuni 
^^ y^v > TW aujji^i heiiirrotm imaginationes in fomno ^ co- 
^oTi^.y^) ffWjQuiav euTtriqi- pefcit^& veneri refragatur Jp- 
fH. cujrcu <S% iTiwi^^ %^L feverb frcquentioresincibo, 
fSpou, kuCKved^ia^ ^m ^oivh daritati oculoru officmnt; in/- 
^mi. * TAef^voyrou J% ci? c&^- fiamationibuSj & ignib^* facris 
ft^», l^'^>Jicrtimi J%^ %p^un opitulatur, muria condiuntur. 

15 rt ^ctfifxfi^^v tS rov y^vKov Cu in caule exierunt^vim qua- 
xou l-TTov itwiyuti rM kyeia> danancifcutur^fucco autla&i 
^iMyjo^, fylueftris laduc^ fimilem. 

Ke^ ff/. Laaucafylueftris^ 

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»^ jt^§^ 5 }(^K6>th<dc^. Ji K^ riii Sylueftris laAuca fatiua? fi- 

i^v>XQK Kivxori^^ jccui^^^mi- milis eft^ fed longior caulis, 

£^. ;c^ Tfcd^^^ ^of^vTSL* dc candidiora folia , gracilio- 

OTiif i 3^ ^Tf of* tS ycvaety6i(^ia>- ra , &r afperiora : amaro guftu 

mu A y^rd^ma.im rLutj <h^ct- eft^ & viribus aliquantum pa- 

^j^ fmmn'o2!tv i) T^oTO miS^ paueri fimilis: vnde ladeum e- 

25 ?y/o/ i-iiiS-pun r^uMyjc^/ioi . ^;^- ius fuccu aliqui meconio per- 

bt^liji ^^"^llvy^iiou^^eii mifcuerut. Aquam per aluum 

i QT^i JboivlCoKm oK^J/tMrt^^ eHcit.potus in aceto muHb fiic 

JV y^-A yMKicu^^ kmy^^^^et $ cus ad duos oboIos:argema ca 

itoi c^;^^ Zf k^Ktw^ vniH yJX liginemq; repurgat^cotra adu- 

^i o73<^W \y^io^'Amj^ ftiojies efficacitcr iliinitur \ ck 

yjjj^yji^ p iiij lade 


laAe mulieru. In fumma^fbm- yjojaxmi^ -^^^aKTjJct Mk^-: 

niim aIlicir:dolQri$ leuameutu xoy \j?!rv0vzif za) AvdtPujuo^^ a.-* 

prafftatj mcnfes trahit ^ contra ^ cTV e///^fis > iro-n^iTtu Ji k^ 

fcorpipnum^& phalangiorum t!s^$ cyLQ^m^Trhiimi^ i^ (pctxccy, 

idus bibitur.Semenjno aSter^ yoJiKrov^ . tJ <^ ojA^/mi Zi4p. 

quam fatiuaejlibidinu imagina- tb w «f^e^y 'T^^^h^m^aiiy^^ ^ 

tiones in fomno amolitur , ac i^ mtJQuAajf kmq>i<^^* iuLa,^ 

venere arcet . Succus ad eade nmi^ij^ 5 /^j^-^^ "^^ t^ hj-m^ 

yajet/ed viribus jnfirmior.Re- h^^nvces^ ^m . amTJ^rm 

ponitur in fidili nouo lac eius Ji h qtsv^ a/ u^^f^ot^ k-/yeim 

antea^ y t in aliis Uquaminibus *s^mctliy^.s ck':^ ^ t^ ao/- 

?ijoris eftjinfojatum. ^?^ ^hiapLUT^* ^ lO 

/Gmgidium. Cap.CLXVlL meiViyyi^^ou. Ke^.pl^. 

Gingidiu/alitjuilepidion^ia. Tw^^c/^^oy^oJ J^jXmcT/oy^i^yV 

5yria^ & Cilicia pleruque na- 70^ ^m^v ^ x^>a>uct ts ^ cs;- 

fcitur : herbula fylueflri pafti- etd^^oruiiov ^(^tuvcd ySp^ htxi^ 

liacae fimilis^tenuior^S^: amari- ky/e^ , XiT^rnePV d^ /^ 57W«^ 

pr: radice parua Cd.dicitc fiib- ^n^or pi^ioy vsrexewyj^zf i^oy. ^ j 

^mara. Olus hoc crudum, co- xc^^^gya^ Ji iuoyni^ l^^y, 

itu% co ditumve eflair magna k^ "mej^t^^y l^.tw*%s7 cfi caj-* 

ftomachi vtilitatc ; vrinam cit. ^fm^rov^nnm* i^ li kipi-h-* 

T> eco dum ex vino p otum ve- ^ ^roiJ ^m^oy ym^ omu 

fica^prodeiL " ^^'^^mym». 

' ' Scandix. Cap. CLXVIIL ^ Tl^i%}i3Ji^mu K£<?>. p|4 2.<> 

ScandiXjfylueftr^ olus eft^a- ^^ic^f^^l,:^ 'tSto ot;i^/oy xi;^- 

piarum, fiibacre : quod crudu mJj^T^S^^iyi^-fi^^i^^Tn^ov^i^A^ 

codumve manditur, ftoma- ^vl^^y^^rS^vl^o^oy^ly- 

cho & ventri vtile.D ec o dum ;w/Aj|oy ^^ cAjgo/ua^^v.ii Ji kgL 

in potu, vefic^, renibus^& iq- 4*^/^^ ^tz»? }tu<:ei ^mujav vjl 

cin^eri confert. n^^foi^ mviiAyov i^vim^n» tj 

Caucaljs. Cap.CLXIX., ^ m§/ K^tt^^c^/c/^j^. Ks^.pfS". ' 

Gaucalis^quam alij fylueftre KcvjH^^-i tytot <Pl JbJjxjov S- 

daqcumvocantjCaulicuIo eft ^ov y^ovai ^^^xiqv'^ am,^ . 

dodrantali ^ aut maiore , fub- ^cLUicuov S 3c$:2 yS^ovy \^M-. 

birfutQ: folus apip fimilibus, (^,(i^uy>.ii,\'^'v yu^^^t^tmc^ 

foeni- ' or^xy- 


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zfou cyidJ^o)^ Kivm^hjZA^. multifidis^hifpidisc^ candid^ ia 
hk^^wiTW^ Ji Kcu rkio i>^if cacumine vmbella^ fuauiter o- 
m y.cul(^^v l^if/^ov • *ea J% lente.Crudum coftumye ole- 
^ovf^wJy. rummodoeftur^vrinamouet. 

5 n^)£^^ea,w». Ks^. fo". Eiuca. Cap. CLXX, 

'^jl^^uav^&Toui^Av ^>JH07 Cruda cruca venerem lar- 
^§©^y cnAyocniy^^TTctpo?,"?' y^ giore cibo concitat.Seme eo^ 
»70 am^im o kvr t^ oj^-Timei' dem effedu prodeft : vrinam 
|p»77yiyvsrtf/;^y£jC7s:5//iy ;9 cit, concodioniprodeft, aluo 
luicoiKm.^ojv^ c^^'^ <^^^ perquam commodata . Scmi- 

%p. 77 cunH :9 fk W ap^aet^^km^ ne ad codimeta vtiitur : quod^ 
-jf^y^ /fe' 04^70^ /sj^^ li 'TTKeiO' vti in longum tempu5 aflerue- 
m^ctdpiv ^om-^^ei (?y§Sy- tur, adiedo lade aut aceto^di 
m^ :9 ydKuyti:, K^ kv^Ki^^v^- gerunt in paftillos . Gignitur 
^^^o-^CAovu rivi^^ i*2- etiamnum fylueftris eruca,ma 
p^ioy c^i^(Duoh^Ki<^ iv rf ^'^^ xime in Iberia^ qu^ occidea- 

15 r Itmi^cLstk-fi^idrZr^ am^yuL^n tem ipeftat : cuius femine pro 
^ayTTCTyfeorojTHA ^y3j56>- finapi incol^ vtuntur.Vrinam 
^t ^m^^X^ Q J^afiAliKj^n^oy vehementius pellit , multb fa- 
£i J^pifjLurn^y •jnsP^S ^tS »/^5p«. dua acrior. 

n^ill/J/^. Ks^. po/. Ocimum. Cap. CLXXL 
SXzt(zoyyj{ifiiujoy^iCf&(7zouA - Ocimumvulgb cognitum. 

^f^ m^TnfKv^k^CKvmTA^-^yiV^ i^ Idcopiofiore cibo oculorum 
ifjoiKtcjLs fxaKeL/^riioov-.mvfzJ.Tafy acie hebetatjaluum moHit^fpi- 
T^yawv^ ifni iKcy^yihaxm ^sr^ ritum mouet,vrinam p ellitjlac 
xXitTJicorJiiqjii-T^CKTiToy^y^T^' euocat:aegretamencoficitur^ 
^Kdod^oy^ m ^l^^iiH^Tm lUitum cumpoUine polenta?^ 
TOX»,i) '^oiivcd Zj oli'^ (^uyuo" aceto & rofacco ^pulmonum 

25 vius ^oit^y^^y^ J^pamTos 3*- inflammationibus auxilio eft : 
Kcco^na 7y (TAo^Tnov ^z^kjo?* k^^ dra.conis marini ^ Sc fcorpio-r 
icajTo cf^i (wy ojLyo> ^^y^^^ o(^' nisifiibus per fe prodeft; & 
i^\u^y oJ^di;.o Ji ;^Ko^ hxni cum vino Chio oculorum do- 
hMOK^bcu^ei k-xKt^ W oy o^- loribus.Succus vifiis caliginem 
lajAftoT^-j;^ 7« pey oitTTt |>tfwi. abftergitjdeftillatioes t^dcczx. 
ni j . . - . Senaen 


Semen potutn conuenit atram -td J% ^m^ua motAfov^iqu^^ 

bile gigncntibuSjd ifficili vrin^^ |^ 7o7ir* ykKcuw ^kIuu '^v S- 

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dc mouet fternutameta: quod votrmdl Jl -^ '^.aputiik ^x«o- 

idcm herba efFicit ^ fed oculos vcl; ImaTmfSpoy J)^ otT^i^iinar 

premi neceifum eft^cu fternu- :^ » mct Ji li ^j^ii ^;^^ ffi/^w- ^ 

tamentu vrget.Sunt qui in ci- Tii^m Jii^ o^3«fcx^ir JS 

bis abdicandu cenfeantquan- omovw ri '^^apml. <pvK<iosDf~ 

doquidem manducatum^& in wl Ji rr/x^ Guuii ^ ovz t^Qtm^ 

jfole pofitum j vermiculos cre- cftot 70 ^(m^v ^ Ti^v u »- 

at. Aphri autem adiiciunt, fi fe )Jq^^<r/Mhi)uci 'pvdiy hiCvi^ J\ 

riantur a fcorpionc^qui oci- trs^m-ki^^etm l-n 01 ^a-pvn^ iQ 

mum ederint, nullo conflida- tujii ly ^y^^^n^ -^iaro jxogTTiV 

ri dolofe. krovot JiaiM^^t^» 

Orobanche.Cap. CLXxII. TVpi OepCciK')^^. Kit;^. f>o0'» 

Orobachecauliculuseft5fe£. O^Cax-^ y^hkv 0^7 z3- 

quipedalis, &interdu maior^ Tjip^ov S^f JjtamboL^wv ^ I- 

fubmber^ hirfutus, tener , fine v/ot^ Ji i^ i^^ov^ <p6>^m •&7c- ^ 

foiiOjpinguisrfJorcfiibalbido^ Ki^m^VihJaffv^^voiepycdf^^ 

aut in lutcum vcrgentetradice my '^kivkjoh S fjum^oicn yu^ 

digiti crafsitudine, &,cum ari- ^nf^ov.fil^ Ji vm<ii- JbLjcTv^ 

ditatc flaccefcit caulis^ fiftulo- \ov ^i 'm^^ x^-mTiofy^j^n 

fa. Hanc inter qua?dam lcgu- *sfS^ '^ ^ ^k^ ^n^^majf* 

minanafciconftat^&eaftran Jo%h Ji (^voy^ov It oajreJloif zo 

gulare : vnde orobanchc fibi 77^77 miyeiv hj-ri • t^v kcu tLuu 

cognometum vfiirpauit.Eftur^ ^a^vvfuoM e^x«. Ku^titJ) 

vt olus^cruda, & in patinisj a- /e Kj co^vi^ l^^V, 0*0 \oW- 

fparagi modoy dccoda.Legu- Jti 0i kam^y>i l^o^ov^ 

Kientis addita, codionem ac- lajTeloi^ ^tmi-^^^^^v^-pA.-^v is/- 

cclerare creditur. ^JbTLHl-i^v, 2^ 

Barbulahirci. Ga.CLXXnL Viyt^^a^-my^voiXiip.py. 

Barbulahirci^q ab aliis co- H^a^Tr^yov S 'n^fa/Tnlydv^ 

me vocatur, breui eft cauIe;fo 0] Ji^ }d^ y^m^y^hk ^pa 

liis croci : radice longajdulci^ ^y^u>Xuy^oyjdox>iJOts£*fl^ci^ 

fupina : magno fijper caulera iLDk^yKJMuty^omJi^n^}^ 


j(^Kv|;it4>A^^:9*e|2j£frf>fi^^V caIycc,ecuiusfummofemea 
fikas^k^' ni^Ti houa t^vJh nigrum dcpedet, vndc namea 
^ i %itt\i6hm$. i nditu cft. Herba efui apta eft. 

Tifi Qm^-^K^. Ke^. ioJi\ Omithogalii. Ca.CLXXini. 
O^ihoyLKo^yt^-KmS^TfV' Ornithogalu cauKculas eft 
5 r*e)y,>^i^h, <sm}^m i^ ^- tener candicans.tenuis/efqui.-- 
cm^Lucuov^ tiiy& mte^^vd.<U$' pedalis,tribusautquatuor ia 
t;^y, ^^Hs % Tic^e^^ i^TiztTjk* cacumine moUibus agnatis : a 
A0 Zva^^tlec^v fS^^TA' quibusfloresjpdeut/orisher- 
yi<N, J> ^oi:)^iv7a. ^ yLKcLTLTi'' bacci, & cum hiates fe padu t, 
^evTtt- i^ urm^v hj^v mi- laftei vifuntur^ inter quos dit 
xPhmU^ nk/^xS,^^ 'TtTm^ov fedum^cachryosmodo^capi- 
^Ttt a^y axmo-^oijSpov h^ fu tulum emicat. Coquitur cii pa 
>jivbiov • ^il^st Ji ^xCdJ^r 1- nCjVt melanthiu.Radix bulbo- 
^ofjSpn afAM 71 ;6, l<p^. fa^cruda & coda manditur. 

: n^JTcfjv. Ke^. %^. Tubera. Cap. CLXXV. 
Tcf^wpi^cc^o^J^^spWj^ Tuberarotiidseradicesfunt^ 
j^ i^u».oi:,h^Ko$^<^lc!MhorlcL' finc caulcjfincfoliis flauefcca- 
^$ Ip-jiQ^^lMifi^f M V^r tes:vere fodiutur^cruda & co- 
i^ n ij I^SrM l^oifipiu fta eduntur. 

Ileef ^yuKwu Smilax hortcnfis* 

Kg^ po^'. Cap. CLXXVL 

"^luKd^ lUi-mSicL ^ho^^^ Hortenfis fmilax^frutex,ai-. 

^^ rm KoCta ^ \jsr' mm ii a,ajj^-. ius femcn a nonnlUs lobia vo- 

£^yif ;£^«5* ^v>}^ct%^ yua^ catunfolia habet heder^^mol- 

(mofzctei > fjuiKayjin^ juSp lioratame:tenues caules^& ca 

rni^x^Kousih^^hjb-mxi^^y^'^^^- preolos vicinisfruticibus cir- 

;^f <i^mwK^fAfjovi 701$ 'm '^ cumuolutos: qui tantum ado-- 

^TL^^otf bAuMot^ • axjiavo-' lefcunt, vt topiarias fccnas re«p 

\^^d4 T6 l<p' lyjLiioVi Si 7t iuu prarfentarcvideanffiliquasfoe 

&%two.'7rotii^ • AO^^ Ji pi^H nigr^ci J>fert longiores & to- 

li^jotov TjKei*^xfQ7^e^v J^l yji rofiores^ in quibus femina re- 

Hm^^^nes^v iv m m^^T^ num fimiha/ed inapquaK colo- 

tujoiei, v%%eft^ 5 olyu id;)^oc6* re recluduntur : qu^e quada ex 

i^ f^tis: <^i %is^7Tv.ei^ovrsL^ partcfulucfcut.Sili^ua$co<9:a^ 

^cL^y^if^ ' cum 


aa,cumfemineinoleribus,a- >:it:)^wf)Ji£^^ $^TocnvQx,a^ 
iparagi modqcftur. Vrinam crc^l^o.^oorWT^i am^fjL&Tt 
ciet, & tumultuofa fomnia fa. ais kajji^-pu^^n^syy^ 

Medica. Cap, CLXXVII. n^i Mi*c/>x?r. Ks(p, pc^\ 
Medica cumrecenter pro- ^Mj^cAyi som^' ^^77 <?:/o- f 
diit/oliis & caule trifolio prg- f/V« -Te^^y^Xft) tS <i ;^§7zjx^^ 
tenfi fimilis eft: procedes verb moi^ • ^oi;^y^' Ji 5?yoip:;\. 
folia contrahit^caules edes tri^ xot^'^ -^iyiWyV^Uv^ "ctviHati 
foIiJ3& filiquas corniculorum 7e^^jAX<y c^m^\ \(^'' & 70 
modo intortas^in quibus fe- ^p^ c^am<^vK& (pujccv ^ 
inenlentismagnitudinedepe- fU}^^^^i7r^q>ct/ufLiyov0ryji^fL ^O 
det.Idficcatum,iucundifapo- tjov. o^ ^^te^v^v.^yuTzu »- 
risgratia^conditaneofaliadmi J^SauciTZi^ ^etv m^ kpwTD^k 
icetur. Viride^quibusrefrigera ixi;?, ;)(^Xfi>£^V J^ y^TO^Kci^vt 
tione ops» eft^illitu fuffragatur. ®(^5A^7a 4o|56)^ e/^<>i4ui« . ox» 
perba tota pro gramine vtun J% ri ^ct ^vm 01 ^cHwo^^L 
turjquipecoraalunt. (potkyii k'^iki0^. 1$ 

. Aphaca. Cap. CLXXVni. n^}A^i;ci*^, Ki<^. po/. 

Aphaca in aruis nafcitur^ A(^iyjA^w^iov'S$^v6^of- 
altior lente, tenuibus foliis; fi- ^j kesv?cu$^iayj^v v-^^-Konesn 
liquas lenticulam maiores fert, Ki^^i^pvn.ov*^ JiW hm ^m 
in quibus' terna quaternave y^cLy.^^oycL^^Kkyaa.^(^di^ 
femina^nigra^lente minora^ yj:>v ^imys^ ^y am%yus.4m^^ 
continetur : qu;^ adftringendi neim % rcosa.^m luylhGyv i) lu 
vim habent; quare torrefa^Sa, yjiOTi^m (^axov. Atj^umy J% 
fiomachi aluique fluxiories fi- i^ ^i mn^fj.^na ^v^tzlui^ 
fiunt , fi frefalentis more de- g2^v 'i<;vi(n yjl f sJ^ ^ixIcl; kcu 
coquantur. cv^^v (p^vrlof/SfJct y^l^Hxi. 

Porrum capitatum. i^a)yl^i£pctZ^^<pco(i^^ if 

Cap. CLXXIX. n^) npiiTis Ks^^&jtS. 

' Capitatuporruinflationefa K£<?. pofl^. 

cit,noxiu fuccu creat, tumu!- n/^y<7z»y yjtcpctk&iiv <pvo£<h^:, 
tuofum fomnu parit.vrina ci- y^yS-/uuo^j ^J^jciyeieiv^ol^m^, 
et^aluo accomodat , extenuat, yh:, l^jKotMoVj u^MjJvm^kt^' 
oculorum ^KvQTaag. 

' IIBER il. ^ ti9 

txvG^^as OT;»77/iy, H^^T^t^mm oculorum aciem hebetat^me- 

ky^^y^}^fx£im:^^£^^^!Km fes pellit/ed Ifdit exulceratam 

fji^u^ K^yiip^Zr tMJi-^^iJ^ veficam> fcnesque: fum ptifa- 

^iWj/*» :9 ^^c^^ycLviyi 7a <^ na verb coaum, efu pefioris 

5ziJ§^^r*» o'ri|tw* ojJrt-hM' vitia extrahit. Coma eiusin a^ 

^^Tuof dtcKAo^^ :9 ^4,4^ %i^- qu-^ maris, 3r aceto cofta^ in 

«^<i ^mptfiJei ^^tMjmy y^ defeisionibus^ ad pr;£clufione^s 

CKXnfiAy ^i^^cis. afmyKavdy^ vulu3?, & duritias, ytilis habet. 

o' ^^voo^T^^y yv^ '^m v- Porrum bis aqua mutata co- 

Jht.<^v l-^^v, -m ym&%^'^^ oy aurii,tum frigida maceratum^ 

5cA&77 4u;:^S.o 'jxof-Tii^ J^p;^J dulcefcit>& multb min^ inflat, 

10 np^ 'i;i(^y -n xj^^^-i^t^ri^^y cu Semen acrius eft,& quandam 

^ o.yijhQ^hjji ibi^ c^y o^ii ^ adftriftoria vim habet : quare 

/za,>jca^^ fjLvy.7ii^m<p}o(j[M- fuccus cum aceto^addito thu- 

yoy^jLuiiyit^ % Ki^djf0r iii^/jTu^. re aut manna/anguinis profla 

^ k(^fOiiimi^wAes^^,%'!!^^ uia fiftit^ maxime fi narib^ eru 

-dpi ^^ctxj mvi-m (Tuy uihm pat.Venerem flimulat: conrra 

15 ky-h o^^KiKT^Trsiei jy «sj^V ^^ omnia thoracis vitia tabemq- 

c{f j2p6>^y';c^3rwpf /e 'Z) r ofr^ ^ delindu efficax eft : arteria 

fisuf l<373^3y '^ iows;^- i^ c(u purgatj fed fi afsidue eftur^ 

p077W o4^6)^ >fy2^*<syw^'jW^ vifiisobfcuritateinducitrfto- 

^y Jihmk^ifi i^^ptoJ-^itTotf macho aduerfatur * Succus ex 

ffuij ^Ktrimodpoi ^kI^* z^ melle potus^aut illit%c6tra be- 

ao anTo Ji y^rzt/^Ketctjif/Spoy i^£- ftiaru morfiis auxilio eftiipfiim 

}Ji*^yibmy^ coi^itKyicus o ^Kh qtioque cum acqro autthuris 

K^n^i^ymo^i 2j Ki^amr^^y z^ poUine^ lade aut rolaceo^ vti- 

yiKUKTi % po J^yc^ oyca^^ » ai- litcr aurium doloribus ^ & fo-. 

$« ^ t^ m^t^rst^pv^^a^ nitui inftillatur. Varos toUunt 

7a poy r smm ^'4^ ys^r^^^Kdi- folia illita cum vua rhois^ qua 

ij hkyr^ H^cmyvKiiJdf IStsu^I- ad obfbniavtttntur: epinyfti- 

^j^^Ti^^ir^iaujij aKory di medenturj cruftas cx falc 

cmTrKoLTJoySifjoy^fii i^ rot am^ illita rumpuntj vetercs fangui- 

l/^rot K^.^^xvir^ytmy^Ttti nis reieftioncs cohibent^.fi hi^ 

^w^TO^ ^oyiovskyay^^i^r nis drachmis^ & ^quali bacca 

fii^roiXm^uny* rummyrtipondere bibantur. 

np Ampelopra- 


/ Ampdcpi^aliim , U}) Ay/mko:t»e^iTziil 

Cap. CLXXX, Kg^. fT\ 

Ampeloprafu ftomacho JEna A/ATnKi^i^^ahY^H^^f^^ 

gts aduerfat3& plus porro ex- Tt^v r <z&€/«r», ^^f^a^m-n^ 

calfack: vrinam & menfes ve- esf ^ lau i^myu^T^^e^v* icstTct- 

liemcntius ciet. Id contra fer- ijdwm uyo^y.^etQj^ai^ti^ 5 S 

pentium morfus effe couenit. 0i6^^^of^jov of^^i' 

Cepa. Cap. CLXXXI. ^/K^^^W Ke^. f^/. 
Cepa longa acrior eft^quam Ke^/uuvov i^ii/i-nfov ^i (/a.- 

rotunda^item flaua quam can- xfjov tS ^oy^vKc^^vjl -n ^oM^y 

dida, & ficca quam viridis, & tS a^x?,^ td ^aejv ^ X^^^P^» 

cruda quam cofta^aut fale c6 ijii i^v 'tS 07??«^ ^eiyfi^'^. la 

dita. Omnes tamen mordent, i<>7 <Ji aTtwfru <hyjnyj> xj 'miv- 

flatus gignunt^ appetentia inui fjut^mvyj^.ofii^ia^ ^A^yjJli/J,^^^ 

tantjfitim mouet, & extenuat: rn^(wwJ^^'\a>^^Ji.os^<^Ji^am 

faftidiu pariunt^ & cxpurgant: y^^%iiyj^ hjYMKtcL kifa^^fuo-^ 

aluo vtiles funt . Ex dctxz&ls w^ i^xfmm t^v t^ ^m k^ 

)3urgametis in oleum coied^, cu^^oi^y^Avv^^tiKctvov J% f^ 

ixmorrhoidaSjreliquosq; ex- ©e^^vSf^ w xs-^^m >t} «V ?- 

crctionum exitus referat, iiib- Kcuov ^uCKa^vru.c Ji ^kIs If- 

dit^ pro balanis . Succus cum ^ii^o^cvy pi\i7i ^itb&ikiA 

melleiiUtuSjOCuIorumhebctu CKva>'!rivinp\afy(fioi^^vt<piKioify 

dinibus,argemis,nubcculis3 & i^(4:^i^'oif'&3^^^^^ <^- 

incipientibus fuftufionibus au c^^yjo^^J^f^^t^^f^m^^ni^ 

xiliatunangki^ eode perungu- Tn^rTayldiA k^ Ay^yXyxvwjz 

tunfupprcirosmcnfespellit^ca ^3*f77;wV cft^ p/yoi- )t6^«\»^V 

putpurgatnaribusinfufus:ca- x.auoJ^KTst^ J^ y^-m^Ketcrp.ct 

nis morfibus cu aceto^ruta^ & fie^* akk yA 'myiiov^ y,fik i&^ 

meUc illinitur:cu acetoautem Uto^ • fftu)o|« /t h »XiV ^ 

perunftas in fole, vitiligines fa ^^i^^^ ^Kjpcv^ i^S^Ttu • /mt ^^ 

nat:& cupari fpodio^fcabras 7<^vJi amJiov -i^es^^bttK^- 

lippitudines fedat: varos cu fa- aj^md^ > y-^^ mbot^ cu^ dKm 

le reprimit:contra calceamen- 9eX\« * f^ o(^vi^^(^ Ji^ ^ci-n 

torum attritus^cum gallijiaceo naes^ cJ^ieif^ala. y-^J^/^^TwV 

adipc Ytilis cft^citj aluo ^cft: ^i^nm^ i^ ^^ \%v<ny mKt^ 


LIBER IX. i2.e 

3^ Josyimaix^i /njeiff^v^ > xai in auribus fonkuy ac graultatc 
^oppottiTTa ^Tzfc* * ;^ o^r W emendat : ad puruletas aureis^ 
tf/7njAJ*4e*^ w/ vMt^v^i^ cv & elicicnda earudem aquam^ 
TtiT^ ^cTv ifu&^H^K) «sj^f ix^- valet: alopecia? earu fucco ^- 
c7^>wat^ Tme^^Qol^o^ 5 w;:^o7 fricantur^qui celerius^quam al 

^ ^ ax^Ajuoviav fsr^(rAdKH7iiX7ei' cionium pilos euocat:largiorc 
;^r.e^ J^^ 70 j^aV^-w >^^^' cibo cepa capitis dolorcsciet^ 
X£dX>^V ^^^oy i2pfi>^y^l4«3^y ij co ftaq- vchemetius vrina pel- 
tivfmmne^v ^^ye-w.^^eoy <S\ lit:eos lethargicos efficit^q, va-. 
l^oyS^Qv c9 yomi hYib^p-pv; letudinib^ aducrfis, vt etia co- 
•jtc/w.tSto Tnivtm I^^Sty;^ }(§^ da^plus a?quo vefcant:elixa^& 
^'^Ka.^^v (nw ^(piJ^ % avKcpj cu pafsisvuis^et fico illita^tuber 
^ypwtTct Tii^Tli ^ J)ct.V^yiom. ciila c6coquit^8i: celerrimc ru 
U})^xj:>escfbv. ki(p. g^r. pit. Alliu. Cap/CLXXXII. 
Xxj^jes/oy 70 «^3 igjy nu,iepy Allium quodda fatiuum atq; 
K^ i(Mmv7iyyZ^ 'firo u» cuyj^nJo) hortefe habetur^quod in ^tgy 
pLLml^aKoy V<;iy^ y^ovm S% ptOjfingularij vtporrumjCapi- 

jj To^ oy airm p2>air dLikibrL^. *e$7 te coftat, cui^nucleos aglitas, 
J% x^ ^Q Ayejtoy c(ptoaxoJhy >^- Gr3?ci nominant.Aliud eil: fyl- 
h.ov^OY. h.tmct,^y Ji t-^ J^^i ueftre^quod Ophiofcorodon, 
fjuSay^ ^fUecfTJzh^ oKzpiVKtw id eft anguinUjVOcant. Vis allij 
pvos^Jn^K) mKia4 Ta^^^cTJ^^y, acris eft^excalfacit^mordet^ex- 
^Hf^vvyJy gi^jLcd^v^Ji-^f m- ceruit^aluu turbat^ inflationes 

%o nvKUviluTJVivuct^^ircai ^jOi^ facit^ftomachum exiccat^fitrm 
edttKiujyi^ Qm(p(W^a4 ofjLjxiTOi^ gignit^flatum permouet, fiim- 
k^CKvco\rm^^C^(i>(r/.6tj^oy^x^ mamcorporiscutem exulcc- 
<3^V7Ji\y ^tyta^ov> 'Twy zJJii- rat^aciem oculoru eiu hebe- 
'myapfio^Hikf-TTfeiacKccfA^V'' tat, couenit & cotra aquarum 
yii^^:}(<tf ^oyias mpyi^^y mutationeSjVOcem clarificat> 

2,^ ifjy, i\ X5" t<p^y \Sn6tSf>oy • vetere tufiim crudum coftu^ 
qtb^esi^f Jix^ x£viJkf(p^^H ve lenit:potu autem cu origa^ 
ffwj ^(^t-^i^Ti oetytvn moui ni deco d:03pediculos,& Jedes 
m^imf^ iy (^trf (^ve^^y^ enecar.crematicinisillit^^iugil 
hnoma £, ^etmHJa^ lam ^- lationib^ cu jnelle^& alopeciis 
Tu^iQ^oy^i^ 3' T ^^07n>uZy cu nardino vnguinejmedetun 
ffiw eruptiones 


,'n!ptipitcsj>3pulaninicuni o- ffuji vofJ^v^ iu.vfiG> kai iK<^ jt 
lco Sc: fale ianat: vitiligines Ji- lhiU0 yiBa^^fmTzt ^^.my^^ 
chenas^lentigiaeSjVlcera capi- cL(t>irt}cn Ji kcu k>.^oij^ x^ x«^ 
tis manatia^IepraSj & fiirfures, ^vas x£^^axjc>vrcLp^^,f 7^ k^ 
cum melle exiiBit: cum thure, m'pj^yb^'hk(m^t mw ^v^jt?' 
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defefsionibus additUj mefes & btqxa %M(JLhjum yJx J\vTi^m iq 
fecundos partus e3rtrahit.Alliu kyd^y^i^rdijjrcJi k^ v- 
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myttoton vocant , efu cit vri- ^^¥^i^^ov ii fAv^r^iVy^d^ih 
namjOravenarum patefacit, mm^K^kva^^im^y^iai^i 
hydropicisvtile. M i^vJ^edTnm^^^v. if 

Scorodoprafum. Ufi^Kjo^Jb^s^Tiiv. 

Cap. CLXXxni K«9. m^'. 

Scorodoprafum magnitudi- '%K/>fJi(ss^m ^v^ cns n&^"- 
neporrum equat^ qualitatum crDy yikya^m^^^^^vm^ rk •r/cg- 
porri^&allijparticcpsrvnde^ Jovkoz r^ (mt^dov ^iimTtr, 
mifcuasfibiviresex ytroq; ve o^^vkcu rhJj Jtjuiapuv (juk^Aj^ 20 
dieauit, effeftus allij ^ & porri l^^Koiom oatz i^ li (r/Jc^Jhf 
praebensrineificaciustame.Co -^ii^s^im* iv^^W ^ 
dumjporri modo5duIcefcit5& r^WKa^^ikrojL «V $^Zm &p 
in olerum vicem tranfit. ^tv /ti^aiifvl-^^ov K^ir^hv^ 

Sinapi. Cap..CLXXXIIIT. ;£5w;^o^oy. 
Sinapihortefe^aliquinapivo U^lXmma^, Ks<p. §;rJf. zf 
cat.JEligi debet adultu^valde ru '^mTn % vattv^ isthipv ii 
fum, no magnopere ficcu^ fed fi^ y^nifiie^v acu y^-mTiv^ovi 
q^fradu inteme virefcat^ & aJe)ha.hA tJ-^^haMy-ivJii'' 
veiuti quodafucco. madeat.cj ^v X^fi>£?7 TicuoiQvei e>pj^xov. 
fiucolorerfi^dereccsidgenus yhavKov* cs^<^ccm y^y^ai 
tepeftiuu kx^of 


htfjLom 70 ^mhvt. fhuictm tenipeftiuumEabetur,Adca]- 
M^^^uaimv 3 M^^uj^eiVy im- faciendy,extenuand^:,extrahe 
flzra^, im(^Kiy^vleiy J><«- dum^efficax eft^ Ad elicieridani 
futosyi^.uiyei^ S^l o ;^Xo^ iti- capitis pituitam manditunco- 
^ vJ^^of^Km , «Je^iT k^^ihi^s tra pr^duros tonfiUarii tumo- 
^ ;t, W;igoyiot^ Ttao^n-m w res^ac vetcrem callofamq; ar- 
ipT^e/^ ^ T^Xe^J^^ > iy^j^- teria? fcabritie/uc cus ex aqua, 
yi^loy^oi ^mlH • ^^^ - & melle.conuenietcr gargari- 
. '^\y t -m^ i^irdwi(^ Ke^oy.^^ap 2atur:fternutamenta ciet^tritu 
^i^ yjy^ • ^K^-^ixxn^ . 7? iSo- & naribus admotu:comitiaIi- 
a^^v^ejiKSfTivi^fSuf^i busquoqueauxiliatiir.Foemi- 
lo y^oH' nai i-m K^^^r^v n^ nas vulu^e ftrangulatu opprefc 
-ra^xdt-Sewlypjj^^^^ ^^ y^ fas excitat : lethargicis, derafo 
^>coS^.puip Si (RiXjoi^ ^ cmn^ capite^illinitur cum ^cis admi- 
^y X;^f (^omii^i.^mt^i^-sS^ ftum^donec rubefcat locus, &: ^ 
l^iM^K^ cmKLZa$y'Zf xcf^Koif ad coxendicum cruciatus im- 
«V 7m .^oi/ma.Kyiiua,y07rov pofitum^ adliencs^&omne gc 
^u&T^yeiy t^ ojt <rS iSiSBD^^i^ nus dolores confertjCum per- 
T^tiJ' imK^Ayeiojf ^ovKo^b^ 7% mutanda^ valetudinis caufa^ex 
-mc m£^m5fiV xs-y». S^^- alto vitia extrahenda funt. A- 
sT^ya :^ kK&Tmua^ ^gnA^Kct-^ lopecijs illitu medettir/acieni 
^y> ^Qtmmy Si y^'b^^<,iLcu pufgat jfiigiUatacummellesa- 
xs^s-GiTncL cufH Guu fMKtv » 9£fit- dip c aut cerato f apit* Fere iiii- 
^^ V » 3c«^6)tS . enjjj %li Ji ^jye^V petigines & lepra^jeo cum ace 
hii:^^ K^ Ki^cLS ky^Qv^ 'TTc- to peruriguntuf: coritra febri- 
ejt^iiw mi^ Ji Kcd ^^ umjcircuitus aridum bibituf!^ 
t^k^iSoxs ^n^y.ii$S.Kqim om- aut potiii polenta? modo ^ ia- 
viAosoij^oy T0m7i^^imax7tL^-' ipargitun extrahetibus empla- 
yJl^sTi IfJLwKdL^oi^ Kcu 4^i?e^- ftris ^ fcabiemque extenuanti- 
s J Kou^ f^yyv-m ^m/:^^ • Jhsr^' bus^vtiliter adaiifceri folet: tri 
Koicu^ T^ xj S^ii KBioy cmv^- tum^grauitati aurium & foni- 
p^oy tS cucjo'^ /fgTTt ovK^ ^^s- tiii 5 cum fico impofitum pro- 
khJ Si j^xk cujTi: ffu/j f^m deft . Succus ad hebetudines 
t4i^ii>'^^ 7D kyLCKv^^mc^ i^ oculorum & genarum fcabf i- 
'T^ci.^ct ^i(fct^ %y^iop$pQfi tias magna vtilitate illinitur; 
^hili^ <j Expre& 


Bxpreflus recenti femine fuc- ;;f^KiZ^'^ Ji Xtj %X6>£^y 75 am^ 

cus, iti fole ficcatur. ^,^^ TihnTi^KiClv ^a^cuiff) ai 

Nafturtiu. Cap.CLXXXV. ytU(^.. U^tKi^Mu^i. }Li(^.f^u 
Nafturtium optimum con- KafM^v yJ.mqoy yS^ e%ca 

ftat efle Babylonicum.Omni- ^hzS tc ^ t« ^cxMuKmi yj.%^^ 

um femen eft acre : excalfacit, ^%9m-Tc^ 5 70 ctzrlg^ ^p^ ^ 

ftomacho aduerfatur^ aluuni Ir^y^J^^iuv^^^yjogof^^^v^Hjo/Td^ 

turbat 5 tineas excutit ^ lienem ctp T^ed^^-^ % th^v^^ i^^v^ 

imminuit^ partus exatiimat^ vdosovyaxrKVMu umao^l^C^vcc 

menfes cit ^ venerem ftimulat, ^ ^e^y, \ufJLt/jua ymv^tm jswj-d^ 

finapis & eruca^ fimile intelli- mapm^f^v^iQiyjiJiimjjYt^Tri 

gitur. Lepras & impetigines i^hjl^fjUid/cmrjujuLv^iKiis^^^io 

abfterget . lUitum cum meUe, Kiy^ui^auji ^ki-p li cjjKtwa. 

lienem extenuatjfauos expur- T^^privo^ y^Tu^TrKetojzySpo^ , /,cu 

gat^pulmonumvitiaextrahit^ y^eAcccLmvy^^pi^^^iccu-m oa, 

forbitionibus incoftum. Ser- 2ni^.Ko^ hdyeilyy^^-JfOfjSpoif 

pentium venenispotum refi- \oQ^-A^mv.\%7r%^v 71 'o^yct/- 

fiit 5 atque eas fuifitu fugatica ^nipaf/jutm 'myo^ov ^ ^utct- 1^ 

pilloru defluuia cohibet : car- ^y Jt loTnTA <ha>y.ei*^^i 7^ 

Dunculos ad fuppurationem fiovtm^zTd^,* y^ctM^ay^^ m- 

perducit^& rumpit : coxendi- ei^-^il^ Tnjo^Trtiotw* mjui o|^ Ji 

cibuscum polenta commode ZjkK^piTti^ li^Tct^Ku^y^i^ci' 

ex aceto illinitur^tumores col- J^yj^ti ojipiKeii^olS>ifzci<jccKcu 

ledionesqi difcutit ^ emittit fu (pKtyfzsvk^ J)u<pofei^ Jb^hZd/ ^^ 

xunciilos,illitum cum muria. -7^ oitTTVol auu Sxu^^ i^^-nt^Ku- 

Hcrhx ad omnia eadem eftV My. i^ytmu J\ t^ ajuiu 'jrotS^ 

ftiis,licet minor. %Kctosov ySp 701 Juocltox. 
Thiaipi. Cap. CLXXXVL uyi&Ki(ma>^. K£<?>. §x/. 

Thlaipi^ herbula anguftis 0Kiaxn ^(nm>m 6^ ^vh 

foliisj digitali Iongitudine>in 70!$ (^6}>.oii w^ Ja.y,iCKou ^- ^^ 

terram verfis ^ fappinguibus ^ ;w^ THTpjcdyScrj Im w^ y^?^ ct- 

in cacumine diuifis • binum y^or^Jimy '{smtdmu^ig , y^^ 

dodrantum cauliculo ^ tenui ^ Kov JiK^Tmv uyim .JicjT}ba,[Xi' 

non fine adnafcentibus ramis: cuoy • hnro^mJn^ oKiyt^ t;i^v- 

frudu circaipfum totum> ab Tst^ y^ '^ tKov^kwnv y^in^ 
extremo '^^kwvj^ 

LIBEH II. lis» 

\fe^'^xcew£f2/^»'<^| extremo in ktius fepanden- 

ijui-fioy lfjL0i?\^ x.afMcudy <^<rKo te : femine nafturtij inclufo le- 
'et^s, okvei <^7i^KcmjLiyoy 0| ticul^ vafis eflfigie ^ riifi quod 
ov}c:u ^oyo^ l^Kiv) iifj^ infringitur (vnde nomen ac- 
-Si, •&^\e:.jcoy.<^* o/oT^ ^i^ti. hm cepit)flos albic:rt. Nafcitur in 
^ Toiy^i i^hm^iyw (^Mi^^^r femids^ & fepibus.fofsisque. 
Gzr%*^c>Vai>Srsp^77/ir;tf- Semenafperi guftus , excalfa^ 
Khjilm^Tiy^ d-^ y^^^e^h ciens: bilem vtrinque extra- 
-^^^ ^x»:^? o^vCdLmu* h/KXV' hit, potum acetabuli menfura: 
^£w A^ ^ ccje.^* ^i%c^^Kai}'diyi (pdeft ifchiadicis infufum: fan- 
c/V t} cuyuuL Ti^^v, ^ix^ W ItiToi guinem potu educit ^ internas 
to i^^^fj^y^^"f^^'^^ "^"^ ^^ fuppurarionesrumpit:menfes 
y^raulwtccyy.cu tuC^vcc ^bei^ei, ciet ^ fed partus enecat . Alte- 
I^^eiJi y^uni:t> Jcof trtesv rum thlafpi tradit Crateuas^ 
^KdcnTt^o 'nn^ ^(n-m m-hvn i^ quod aliqui P'eriic5 finapi vo- 
Kov(7j^^Koi7o^i>>^,ov J^ u&^aKo}- cant ^ latis foliis/adicibus ma- 
p^ory.cuqi7o<h ^juyvwToii gnis : vtile ifchiadicorum in- 
^ q^;)c^d.M ^ciXKVirfiLm* [ fufioni; 

n^rA,-^/^it?. Ks<p. §^^'. Draba, Cap. CLXXXVII- 

A ^^.^yi n TricL my^oii 'i^va^ Draba herba ad cubiti alti- 

-v'h^,t>^CJht?Ki7Tld!.^^ THZ^' %yj^ tudinem affurgitj tenues ipar- 

•75^ Si -r^ ^yAXct tixj^ K^^- gens ramos^ & ex vtroque la- 

-^^.H^kimKi-nec^. >^ i^uvy^Ti' terefoliajCeu lepidij^fedmoL 

%o £^'*'^^* ^'^** ^ cmtAStoy y^ba liorajS^ candidiorarin cacumi 

f^ ctKV^.lp^v dM^^KiiSdL^TdD ne yerb fambuci vmbella ge* 

t:?/^ « TTOct ^uAis-ifcTsu Tii zriKrmA rit^cadidos flores habente.Hei 

fjuiu^ af y^TrmJhyJci.o q xof ba h^c cii ptifana coquitur^ in 

r^^ hj-m^ |i»^V kyri 7mii^iQ$ Cappadocia maxime . Semeti 

{juyfvmLToii ^srcs^-^^^^^ny' aridii^pipere obfoniis admi 

li}) ^ucnu^ Kj^ .pr/. fcet. . Irio Ca. CLXXXVIIL 

^^ £ P T S I M O N qi-Uw Eryfimon,Latini irione vo- 

'zfei rnumKei^ 5 /cai ommis^^ Cat^iuxta yrbes^rudera hortot 

mjt mmv^ ^ (^uKkcL J% ouota qiie nafcit^ foliis eruc^ fylue- 

cAj^duf^ 'k^o> %^* }[^hicc U ilris:cauliculis in lori modu le 

imitii^ 3 dM^A AWj^i^oyTtt. s^sr' tis et obfequiofis:florib** tuteis^ 

t'AfCi't q ij filiqui^ 


CUqms in cacumine gracilib^j ^Hfm ^ Ko£oi Xfi^To^ J^-Tj U 

vt foenograeco , coroiculatis : ^vol 0^ tIu^^^ vi S^ amffjiA- 

femine nafturdj^exiguo vren-. ^nct i^aKpk Kctpj^fjc&^ m^'??^»-. 

tisguftus.Contrathoracisflu- cicty 7iyf^J\i v^rm' 'dw }ivm* 

xiones efficax eft , & fi puru- mov^ ©^^ hi^u? ^mim^ 

lenta extulsiuntur: regio mor- -WiTjwoy, luTPJovi , 0S^r hm-^ f 

bo^ & coxendicibus prodeft: e^Vj/j^iJ^^, i\LK^^i^ov tjwj 

contra venena in delindu cti y^Ktv.m^^ x^ ^9^ ^ Stwi- 

melle datur : illinitur ex aqua <nLu&,<pap^'^.y^7zi^Xcio,ri/u^^ 

aut melle vtiliter csecis carci- vov q" (IB^SMto^ % ^xm^^^y^g- 

nomatis , paroddibus ^ duritiis xe? zofyjydfzaizt y^ vTrldLy (tak^ 

mammarum^ &teftium infla- eictJ^^rmicdv.i^i y cf/cAJ^-/ -^ xo 

mationibus. In totum exte- ^f&y 9xe>^c« wastt^^i/^ ts ;^ 

nuat^&calfacit.Mitius mul- yj.^Kcui;^puaJy&i*c/7n£iyJ.'pscP'^ 

ib ad clyfteres fiet^fi aqua ma- <ti ynw ^^ ^ lyKKva^wra^ 

defcatatquetorreatur^vellin- km£esi^^^ vMv i^ (pft>;^lv,^ 

teoilligatUspinfitafarinaob- c»fh^v ^^ obivmitiu oT^ii^v ^ 

litum peraiTetur. ^uto^ ^^xeiMvTof* ^l 

Piper. Cap. CLXXXIX. npmmVs. K^^. px6'. 

Piper in India nafci , breul TiimejLJiv^f^ov Isopelw (pv^ 

arbore traditur: qu^e inter ini- of^oy oy hJidy ^e^^^^ kc^^mv 

tia> praelongumfrudum^velu- Ji Wim ^ y^7«^;^/ ^ *s^^ 

ti filiquam promit^ quod lon- f/^m y^^.mf KoCov^y o4p '6?t 

gupipereft:habetint^aliquid oaKph m^ ' %^v t^ cvTor ^-O 

tenui milio fiitiile, quod tan- *>ce>;vg6) Tm^^ximv^ rfo fuK'-^ 

dem in perfeftii piper euadit. Kov \^^ ^Kmv Tii-^^ S- 

Idautemfiiis teporibus dehi- ^p H^iiiw oWcy^ imes^^ 

fcens,pandensq; fefe racemos hcxmKov^ov . iSo-Tf^ wW, 

emittitjgrana feretes qualia vi- icSiOCjov^ (^iepvm ofot^ 7e^i^ • ; 

<femus.Ea acerba cadidum pi- 'j^ J%^kcu outpuyj^tkn: ^oI m^^^i 

per faciut^aptu ocularibus re- yef ^(n to Kivxjov m^zkjiy ho^ 

mediis,antidoti$5&medicami- ^Totm fjiJ>Ki<^ a^rs^ o(pbti,K^ 

nibus^qua? cotra venenata pa- f^ndL ym d^viiJ^mvf kou ^e^- 

rantur : theriaca vocant. Lon- wla^ iujjiim^* H^ J\ to /^ 

gum verbvehemetius mordet^ fjcay^ovcmnTUf^oyri J^|«, 


x^ <asiw^ov ,M7i S,G>e^y, & quoniam prius 5 emature-. 
K^ crm7}i<hiov f^V W kvTJcfi^ fcat decerptu eft ^ fubamarum 
Tzjy^' y^ ^etciyj.^ Aujif/ei^ * relinquitur,antidotis Sc theria 
^ cT^ ^j^tfi^ «cfto^ x^' iV^y- cis medicaminib^ expetitu.Ni 
T^e^y -rS K&jyx^v, y.cuhu^fzci' grumverb, vtpotequodtepe- 

^'Tie^vyzcu fm>0^oy <^k 70 S- ftiua maturitate colleaum fit, 
vcu Sejt^v ki^c&.uAv^ovy h) - odoratum efTe coftat.candido 
^mT^eiy n «V W i§7i/'- fuauius, acrius, Sr ori gratius 
m^.^<h KwyJy Kca o^^a^ necnon ad condimetavtilius. 
y^ilov^ k^vi^e^y ^t «^«- Sed candidii-,& adhucin acer^ 
^YilUm.ly^rA-pv J% 70 ^ofv' bii verges ante didis infirmius 

%o r^Tov y.cu w>Si^e^^ iMKcm^ ^ eft.Eligi opertet grauifsimum, 
c^o^e0^ pWy, ^<7pc£7^v/V plenu,nigru,fmemultisrugis, 
mi u^ ^Tv^cothf . cyJetV/gTzu reces ac minime furfurofum* 
J-i 7iaf7% fAhcufi dire^ipov^u- Jnueniuntur etiamnum in ge- 
yh KjXjovpov^ S ;£^\«5 &t^^* ^^^^ ^^^^ femina nutrimento 
Aulaujv J% tyei iCjotvZ^ SrǤ^ *defcfl:a,cafla, inania^ minimi- 

JSmK^ViOv^viTiKluu^Tn^PTlmlui^^cm- quepoderisquodvocat bra- 
cr^giylfjj^^hcti^o^y^v^m^yiy^tt'' fma.Vis omniu excalfacit^ vri-- 
kIvj^toov w^ yJ^cu$ cnnmiTowi na ciet,c6coquit,extrahit^ diC- 
*70)v*^uol^i K^ fiyta ^oSim^ cutitjabfterget caligine q ocuii' 
mvQurmy t^zcu mjy^io^ov* lis obuerfat. Piper/ebriu hor- 
i| ^ejLoHy,7ois ccpi^ 2^ yj^t tonh^ circuitu repetetibus^ fi- 

'^olfJi.^fvct • ibyMJ\Kcu cLTtyjov uepotUjfiueillitu/ubuenitifer 
Svcu ymi ffwjounap ^^^' pentiu morfibus auxiliafjpart® . 
fjSpoy • jS»|i 75 Kcu viam toI^ extrahitjCoceptu adimere cre» 
it^^e^y^mi^m a.ofjLi^H^ ditjftatim a cocubitu fiippofi- 
%rn c/^K^K7oii yju inmifJULiTi tfi:tufsi,oibusq;peftorisvitiis^ 
hc£^CciMO{dpov • Kcu aujjiyyai^ fiue eclegmate> fiue potu^fiic- 

^5 i^fxjo^H ha^^^io^pov Gvjj y^- currif.angin^ eo &melle couc 
wn * yjcu gpo<pov^ Kvei "mo^- nieter gungunt:potu cureceti 
yoY ft5TU M(pviif(pv».m icTct- b^laurifoliiSjtorminadifcutit: 
hZv • hmx^Keyfj^Ti^ei J% cuj} di vua paffa maducatu^pituita 
^(biJ^i Jiaymm^^v* cvd^jujjov a capite elicit: valetudine tuet, 
7^0^:^ vytmov^i^ tl4fv ^y^. dolor^sfioitjappetetia mouet: 
-57(4^ q iij c6ca- 


concodione acimuat^ad intin- W^lei ^ mjjji^^fxtyjipSpo^ ^. 

^us efculenrorum addituiftru ^i^utnv .kvctKiiip^^v ^l -^c^ 

mascupicedifcutit:viti!igincs ^i^i^^ <hcLipo^ii\iWLyi^ ^\ 

cx nitro emaculat . Fiftili no- kxipGv^ (njuj yi-Tf w* (pdysvw J% 

uo,vt lenticula^motu torretur. W l<^iKH -^vl W ai^iyjm^ 

N6 eft huius arboris radix gin xjvovIj^ov m <pum. S q li^a hj ^ 

giber^vt aliqui exiftirxiauere^ir- */s,o^;i \^ Cw^^ x^i^^l^ 

cutipaulb pbft oftedem^ Na- vtoi^ixiLCov, kihjVH^ <h>.d- 

quepiperis radixcofto fimilis <7Vfj^Xoiu i^ 'mimg^^ ^ ^ 

eft^ora guftantiii accendit, fa- TnTii^ied^ fi^ap^^Lmvovm ibji 

liuam ciet.H?c liene reprimit^ yiVGjvy^ i-^^k rs?^i^ca.ov ^M'^. 

cu aceco illita.aut pota : caput ttimHvoi o ajTKuJ^cc mxu %\h v^ ^<^ 

etiam purgat^manducata cum rm^xcto^^vi i^ mvo^yi^ hrm 

femine pedicularis herba^^qua (pxs^/^77^^ 7 yi&^ 9X(piJbf i- 

ftaphideni agriam vocant. ^V fMo:^^azc. 

Gingiberis. Cap. CXC. n})^tyyiC^i^f. KiO. p/. 
Gingiberisfui generis plata ^t^/yiQ^t^ Um Vd ?wy, 

eftjiTroglodytica Arabiama- 'pvd^ov ci, tS. Tf&yKoJbn-if 

gnaexpartenafcesjquavirete, k^ ke^Cid. '^rheic^v' (3} ^m - 

-admulta^perindeatqsnosru^ 'Tza rS^i^xoj} ^VTroMij-^^'- 

ta^vtutur,& primis potibus & Tnf^ j5//^/Tq3 T^yipcp e^om^ ^V 

eduliis admifcent. Huius radi- ^s^^va^ov^ i^i-li/uAiztixi' 

ces,cyperimodo,paru.'e funt^ yuZTi^. 1;^ J% fi^ict f^y^k 

candicates & odorata?^ atq; pi <yV# ^m^et^v ^^sdxivY^-m, ^^ 

per fapore imitantur. Eligi de^ ^tpv^ tS y^iaei , kcu hjci" 

bet quf teredines n5 nouerut. J^a. Mi-pvii -d iTJp»/<jW. 

Amultistamenobidcodiuntj vSsr' c^/djy fdp TOLT^ejf^kw 

9 celeriter caric fentiat, ac fi- itd. tS cAlm-^Tiiiv ^ kcu J^cm^ 

dilibusinltaliam afportatur. fJA^iw yj^p^Lutoi^ ^^mKicts/. 

Gingiberis cibo couenies eft, hj^yigotm ei^ ^oZmy^c^uCl- ^f 

& cii codimeto a{rumit.Excal- viraz S% ytA^ii Tael^v. AuLet^ 

fadoria vim &: excoquentem (juv Mt^^^/jmmLubyTBTSi- 

habet-aluu leniter emollitjfto- Ktjjtjy/uaKctKVitLu yjotAia^ cmei- 

machovtilis eft^efficax aduerf^^ aZry caj^ucl^v ^iSyJI ^$ 

^aqoculis cali^ine offundut. ^- cmcp^.07<iUi^yik to^ /ifo/^.' 

lu /^O^O 


(juyvTOi jy ct)n<^7oi^ > i^ j^- lii antidota addi foIetJn fum- 
^KavTizt^ioiu^m^ tSt5 7n- ma piperis viribus refpondet 
w%'§£fi>^ JhuitjLH. Hydropiper. 

uytT<^^o7n77(^m>Xi0,^^dL, Cap. CXCI. 

TJ^pTTi^^vtwf/Sp/uaKi- Hydropiper apud aquas 
5 $a Tra^ c^aoimt^ uMm t cm^ nafcitur , qux ftagnant^aut pi- 
(lydai ^H^ioir yjmjxh /$ Wim gro lapfu repunt : caulem s^dit 
ytvATziJ^iy^B^ioy^^ Gv /u^^- geniculatum praedurum^ mul- 
Ticuk^^i^XAtotyS-m viS\joo-p.id^ tis alisconcauumrfoKa men- 
IJLtt^o^a Si i^ 7fv^tkcl>7i^ y^ thae, maiora j molliora^ candi- 
KivK^Tipu 5 6\tiL^ic oy Tjj y^vaei dioraque ^ guftu piperis ^ acri> 
^^ Scrz^ TOTntikA^ov fjuUh k^(dyuL citratamen vHam odoris gra- 
TJ^oyTtt^xc^W /s X*;^ om 'AKa> tiam : fruftum acrem ^ in fur- 
-iOfim luy^m iit(pv6^ov ttq^ culis paruis ^ prope folia race- 
'T^cpiiTXcCyffUJvi')^ i^ Qa/fmxNy matim coha^rente • Folia cum 
J^^t^uii K^ au^Tov. h.vjjiiim '^- femine illita tumores veteref* 
^)^ Ttt 0u>yXoi (Tj y tS KOfTrSy^ que duritias difcutiunt ^ fugil- 
15 T^TrKaojii^ayOii^i^uetlct K^ ;^o lata delent :qua? poftquam ia- 
yinf (r/.Knei(i; iicK^ofii* "C^imi aruerunt, tufa pro pipere 
T imj;(5t3«M§iy,^M^ySrey7« J^ i^ in obfoniis admifcen- " 
"yjomvy^^^ytv^^mT^ TTiTii^zid^ tur. Radix pama^ 

ctx^TT^j^vso^^^^W^ip^^^^^^ nullius in mt&' 

%^ fny^cw ci^v^v* cinamomenti. 

.5.0 uyf^offmSf, K£^. p#. Ptarmica. Cap. CXCII. 
Um^^uiyJi Mu^loy '6$7 z\S- Ptarmica exiguus frutex eft, 
Vd^ %^v f^Kfov^ '7ro>xi^y^(p^ {iirculos habes p aruos^multos^^ 
§5?^ o^iovi kQ^iivtp* /sfe) oO^ S: rotundos^abrotono no diC- 
^y ^Xflc omt^^my htyjoTtt 70!^ 'f fimilcs: & circa eos folia olcaE^, 
iKajict^y<7n>}0\,kyi^' a,yso> J^ ^<r- longa ^ multa ^ & in cacumi- 
^5- 'z^? kv^f^Jh^ x/jpihtov ij^ysov. necapitulum^vtiandiemadis, 
^(p^l^^J^qtuv K^^ r omlujyU paruum, rotundum^ quod fuo 
^i^^yjy '^apt^i-Q^v ^ ivo^ acri odore fternutamentu ex- 
^. Jhjici^ Ji y^TdrsgKcioyi iia- citat^vnde nomen accepit.Fo- 

ci,m}^9^rA c^ iiij efficaw 


efficaciftime mouet . Nafcitur oi^c^^l^t-Tzt m^.^kw <f% h 
in montibiis &petrofis. ifiyo7^ i^m^d^cn li^^t^* 

Radiculafeulanariahejr- n^}2^«37». Ke(p. ^cy. 

ba. Cap. CXCin. 27?oy<Svoy ^fiJee^y '^ s S 

Struthium herba v ulgb no - c^lei o^hv^m ^Zy^m ^s^^ yj> 
t^^quapurgadislanisvtuntur^ Mf^m ^^ ietm . ov » ftlccs 
quieascIuunt.Huiusradix eft ieA^etctmi ovfmiy^' ^a^^ 
acrisrvrinam ciet: prodeft tuf- iTi^Tixm^ ]2»|)yjop3w7vo/«^^ crh 
ifijiocinerofisjOrthopnoese ex ^KirtyKx^^XhdsLexov^^S^iKctLi 
melJefumpta>cochlearismen Caj^of/^pn' icopJaM li u^i>«. 
furajaluumfoluit.Eadem cum uvjj i\ '7ma:<jt x^^ it^m^m^ 
panace & capparis radice cal- pi{>i haip^v-^hl^ts^v-^T^e^yy^io' 
culosfrangitj&cumvrinaex- l|ayp«y mei* kcu emxU^u^^ 
turbat j duritia lienis abfimiit; mf^a^oy TiitH* (s^^.i'^v Si 
menfes impofita trahit>par- \^hjjaa.'s^y,cu%[jLC^vcL(^b4^ 
tus efficaciter enecat . Cum p/ lfi(^y^s . (^jjj kK^phep Ji. k^ 
polenta autem & aceto iUita^ o^a ^i^-m.^KcL^v ^ h.i(m^^ «<- 
leprastollit:tuberculadilcutit^ ^h* <hctt^o^H kcu to, (^u^irti^ 
cum fariua hordeacea & vi- cmj cLKii^a> nft^ep yju oiy^ I- 
no decoda . Mifcetur & ma- •vf^isly . fuymisi Ji Jtca ^KKv^ 
kgniatis 3 & ocularibus coUy- eioi^ o^vJ^fndtjj xgx fjuLKiy^'^ 
fiis 3 claritati$ caufa . Sternu - 07* mel Ji x^ '^affjuovi. i^ eiV 
tamentamouet^per ospur- ^ j>m^ J% iy^if^ov Kmr 
gat 5 trita cum melle ^ & nari- ^-ri f4hno^yys>^}^ cftcl ss- ^ ^ 
businfufa. mTo^^ 

Cyclamin^ Gap.CxCini. n^^iKvyCKciiJuvis. Ks^.^r^'. 

Cyclamin^ folia habet hede Kuyj^ij^iyo^ (^u}^.a %^ ofMitc& 
l^^^purpurea^variajin quib^ fix- Kios^y^q(pv^diy '^ixjKct.y yJ^Tza" 
pra ifraq- albicat maculjrcaiJe ^v Ji yMz cufa^v UM7s.im 'vkrp- 
nudOjquaternos digitos ?qua- Kium^*i(^Koy Ji TiTfccJ^jiTv^ %$ 
tes florib^ in eo purpureis, ro- Koy^yj^ov*^'' ov a^^ poc^^/jT 
faru effigie:radice nigra, & ali ^f ^yee^^om • fil^cuf ^Kcuyajf 
quantum lata, vt rapum videri l^j^yjyShm^cLTTKmiajif^v^m^Kcif 
poiHt. Quse cum hydromelite im''k Vi nro^cnx, ^' vi^o/jdKi" 
pota pituita aquamt^ detrahjt: To^^arfii ^^hf^ ^ ^^S ^^^* 
"■ ' ' ' , * f ■' menfes ' - ' ^ '^ 


t^%fjifimJ%miimo,i/Spiim menfes potu appofituvc ciet, 

crpo^^ee^V^fltoio ov rfl \0S^ Tradunt fi praegnans radicem 
^^ilcw^ypu^yyj^r^^cLidKcol-- tranfgrediatur, abortum fierl 
7m cwTYtv^i^ o" ^ o^uTiiuov m- Partum appenfa accelerat:con 
^Kt-n^op^Ti^Tnn^'^ 'Trfof ^ ba^ tra venena , pr^fertim leporis 
5 vlmLUL ^? om.n^ uhd93* <7r%oi marini , ex vino bibitur : illita 
Mj^cy drtXoLojToy ^ epsTs^Twy I- contra ferpenrium idus/eme- 
57y a^v^af/^uLKjoy y^-mTrKaos^ dio eft: immifta vino inebriat: 
imr^.^TJLei-ii QimfM^^SasL* regium morbum difcutit ^ tri- 
x^^gyiiji iJ :^ lim^ov ^iSy /^cc- bus drachmis pota , cum paf-. 
j5^^y 'TTK^os ^b^cm^^^ yw^ fo aut diluto mulfo.Sed opor- 

X9 }uo$ S /^^/y^ctTZjy vM^oi^.y^-m^ tet eum qui ebibit , miiltis ve>. 
TC^viv S^ M h oiiuo 9^^ r cr/- ftibus conte<9:um^loco calido^ 
yovTA^ iu ^KHom l^^noi^ ^- Sr a perfridionibus tuto ^ re- 
€fi?4</v ^s- i<^pd»^>)-o 6£,OTxpia- cumbere , qub facilius exudet: 
fSffo^tJ^^a^^^KiicPyi^ ovoicnti-m eiedi autem fudores fellei co- 
m^otZ^iy^^^fmv^tw ro^~ lore inueniutur.Succus eius ad 

15 ^c? <iy'f /<j;^ yikdToi^i W piv^ purgandum caput^naribus in- 
^pojT )(0af(m xjtip^ylriy to^M-- funditun ad deiicieda quoque 
xlvhio> iv l§/6) ^po^^i^ ^foi i<jo* alui excrementa^ in vellere fe- 
f^eA/y ^^m^Tonv* y^Tzt^i- di fubiicitur: illito vmbilico & 
^VTo^ 'j cum hr Ip^^ £) y- imo ventre coxarum tenus^al- 
*^yx><^i^'Z) i^ii^m?dcu/ {A^i(T- uum emollit^& abortu efficit: 

fO 5-^^;^(Jjt^<i>aj^J^|^yt^s^*£j^p5^ fuflfufionibus 5 &retufe ocu- 
^r^sviro^usQ^^iiiy^kiJLCKJijo^Triv' loru aciei , oblitus cum meile 
'm o(p9<^/<K> Ij^^wM^o^ 'x^ktj^ fuccus prodeft . Medicamen- 
ffbv fukivapf>Lc^i. fiiyv^^iif^^ tis abortum inferentibus ad- 
'zi ^^fiaJii^fcw 0* Tgo^^H w mifcetur.Succus cum aceto il- 
^o|i iigrTtf^tou^os Q^ ')^Ko^ litus^prociduam fedem refti- 
^ 5 y^^^(n,yjhi^f} q » p/^cd zoW7o tuit.Exprimitur tufa radice fuc 
'0PA ^ kSx/^of^''», 140^^« ^rS CUS5& ad mellis crafsitudinem 
^>3& 'i^i lAy-mJ^a^ (w^cnm* decoquitur . Radix cutem pur 
jv^yTji o" ^ ;;gSTrt j5 p/(^c«>£) l|c£y- gat^eruptiones papularum re- 
UfjLcLTdL<^n.iijfca)M'7ayL^'*. primit, vulneribus ex aceto 
?|«^ ;£^y- Id^jm r >yj4 ^%L7o^ per fc aut cum melle medetur, 
icl^»<5(i7«- ' lienem 


liencm abfumit : vitia cutis in IZ^.xg^-ntwM^ijS^'^'^ i^ <m>Jt-* 

fade,& alopecias emendat: var^KH' amiy^^pei Ji ^t^pij^ * 

eius dccodo luxata^podagras^ x/y x^ ^othxjc^' Iu^t^ J^ )c^ 

& capitis vkufcula ^permo- csS^ gpi^cnay^^M-^^^w^z^ 

nefquefoueri congruum eft; ^ ^yjh^co<^A%mJ'eAai^^u%'- 

ipfaque in oleo vetere ferae- tKcl liktbi-^^^ ko-m^ y^Tm- ^ 

fada j illito oleo^ vlcera ad cu rKovvs^oy-a^vl r <h" W« ^- 

catricempcrducit. Cauatara- kcuov dj}a(tS-H^y hM^vKoly^^ 

dix oleo expletur^& cinere fer t^^io^^ov f- IkxiovylyzciXcof' 

uenti imponitur 3 adiedo in^ ^^ /g ^KaepvT^ 'tS Wi?,;^ 

terdum Tyrrhenic^ cer^ mo- '^^ymi cm 6^,£^ot« J^£2r>^?o£r- 

mento^vt ftrigmenti crafsitudi s^^^s^ o mo-n iy yjm 7i/pfw- lo 

nem vnguentum cotrahat, cn nyj^ iKi^Vy «s- yKoiZ<hf i/A^ 

primis vtile pernionibus . Ila- v^-w.-s^Krp.ct ^/fci/ ^^mlKWffTv.: 

dix, fcillse modo^ concifa repo ImTf^.-m ii i fi^cc rm^.^ 

nitur.Narrant ad amatoria at <wV-# <ru}:^. a, l<^^et^ ii z^ 'Trph, 

fumi contufam ^ 3c in paftillos (^ikJcc hjiiv KciuCcu/t^^ Ka^TrSU 

diuifam. Nafcitur in vmbrofis^ ctw^ ^i^WxfiecS-c^W r ek7fo^<r- j- 

maxime iiib arboribus. hjo v;, <^kw 5' <J; mjiruoi^ -linroi?^ 

Alteracydaminus, H^r^^^^f^-rkHvhf^ 
Cap/cxCV. XlmE-npc^yjJKKrxmv^. 

EST & altera cyclami- KvxKif^vof Irne^^luStviot 

nus ^quam ciflTanthemon aut xjomv^mv S xjo^si^pvy^ov y^ 2*0 

ciifophyllon vocant : foKis he^ KoZm^ (puKKat'^ nocsShmT^ 

d er^ 5 fed minoribus : geni- iKio^va J^' y^Kois 'Tm.y^^ p^ 

culatis caulibus , craisisque, yeiTtlhts ^ dkxeiKiv^ijS^bt^ loi^ 

circa viclnas arbores, capre-r Tm^/Mi^oi^ Sivi^^imv \Km^ 

olorum modo ^ fe voluen- t^a^' ctff^AKwyJyludcN. }(g.f- 

tibus : flore candido ^ odora- 'Tri^ /£ 6»^ ^dyi^ gtt^vK^^ , olcoi^ i j 

to : acinis hederx molhbus ^ o^ yjom^ iJULKayi^ , J^puos ^ 

lenti guftus 5 aliquantulum a- ^n yivaef ^i^ ^ yjl yhJ^or 

cris : radicc fuperuacua; na- fila a^a^r (^Urm^^^ct^ 

fcitur in alperis . Huius acini, '^^a ^e^oii . Tzufry>$ y^-m^ 

dra4chm.£e vnius p.odere poti, Im < ^cjl t^ ^k?^^^ mo^oi 

LIBER 11. i2-<^ 

'^r otm uvyJo yjji^v ^ cum vini albi cyathis dxtohm^ 
nm^ct^ ll, ajTK^vti -m-m J>' 'i%m quadraginta diebus , liene per 
i^ mhla; ^Trav^ju^^oy. ^V-w vrinam & aluum abfumilt.A<i 
■ ' ' orthopnoeabibitur.reliquias 

^yjirm ji^^^ei 'TTobeicrx, 
< Tliei A^Kjovriov* 

A^Kovnoyt^^pv^O^ct yj(T^ 
yuiJ.^mKoy, o(pioeiJ^ J^ct7rof>~ 



Cap. CXCVT. 

Bracunculus foKo conftat 

he^eraceo^magno^cadidis no 

tis infigni ; caule refto ^ bicu- 

bitab\ verficolore ^ maculis re- 

:^o ^ve^y rol^ amxot^, ^ctznexa^ rv fperfo purpureis , ita vt angue 
'Tjzi^ry^pTiii^ J^ iT' Hy^ov ^o^ plane referat , bacuH crafsku- 
7§vdJ'^^y^d/u£L7i IV ,(S "^- dine:frudus fummo caule ra- 

?^ci 'TTom^ gpoyyvK^ ^ ^xCoeiJ^ify 

y^ opu^iicia^td^^Kotlvtyovcm, K^mov* 

^uSTO ojf cvfr/.Uti ^zkiip^ctyiMii^ 

-^ca^tnai* Aujja^y Jilyet 

n^^c ,cur Ikcuov hc to otj^^- 

raLKytdi^ Traoerr A$ Ji W fiyo^ 

iiLTmJia.if^y^TcL^iot^oc Ji 95^- 

J^Q(7t>vK*yJiajoi/^r3: l^vy^^d- 
nv i^cqji&KaiMtxn^ yjl rbii Its^ 
IJttw Ji (^cm^' fjm^ liv /i^^^tr- 

K:nuidvm iyiC^vm ^btf^fnyiv h- 

cematim cohxrct^ colore pri- 
mum herbaceo ^ & cum ema- 
turuit^ croceo^guftu feruens, 
mordaxque: radice aliquantu- 
lum rotunda^bulbofa^aronon 
abfimili^ tenui obduda cor- 
tice . Nafcitur in lepibus vm- 
brofis. Seminis fuccus cum o- 
leo inftillatus^aurium dolorem 
mitigat: naribus etiam ex la- 
na impofitus^polypumabfii- 
mit: carcinomata illitu fiftit: 
triginta eius grana , fi in pofca 
bibantur^ abortus inferunt: o- 
doremaiuntpofteaquam flac 
cidi flores emarcucrutjConcc- 

ptus adhuc tencros enecare. 
vcu.vt q' p/^« 9^A«wm««(?a)iSo)*- Radix excalfacit: orthopaoeis^ 
^ Ifbomiduc* ^yfJULm^ ajsd>s^ ruptis^ vulfis^ tufsi , dclHIIatio- 
/^^, i2^|/> 3(0*Tsi^id • y^ Ttt i» nibus^auxiKatur : humores pe- 

^£c/L)u. vy^a.a)cw.iy(>yL miti^ &oris excreatu facilesredditj 
k^ fiue 


Cue cofta toftaque cum mcl- 1^^/ 7? jc^" o^ifura. f^Km^ 

Ie,autperfefeedamr,fiu€fa- y^ y^^ lavTlu) ^iC^a>ay.QfjS^\ 

rina eius ex melle delingatun ^y,^ ^ }Ma auji fAhi-a «^.xh- 

vrinam peUit , venerem exci- y^-m, . £57 /4 ov^myjA^ o/s^V n 

tat , cum vino potato phage^ ^^ stwounaj^ lyei^H ^yof/^Tt 

denas vlcerum ,& qxix cacoe- ^r' oJioy • X5£i ?>^o y^i^ i^ ^ 

thc vocantur , trita cum melle e^st-^Jbuyi/J, /^stw ^^vmia; xey- 

& hryonia alba , expurgat, & :dJ> <nw ^ukiv K^^a^ hu^ 

ad cicatricem perducit: colly^ ^^Jp« i^ k7r.vKo7. yji yj>KKu^ 

ria ^xipfaad fiftulas& eiici^ acclldjj-mi a^a^KiTliwTr^lc 

endos partus fieri folent . qui <rveiYya?^yJji \uCpov KafitJfjjj. 

radice fuas manus perfricue- (pctm Ji t-n m ^ o^ccT&l-hi w ^^ 

runtj a vip eris feriri negantur: 70.- ;^es^^ th p/{jj, ^' i^<hit^ 

illita ex aceto^ vitiligines ema- oJ^^ztd^ fdpn • imK^^cei J% 

culat . Folia recentibus vulne- ^ ix$ot> £?«>[) o|« it^TA^t^^^ 

ribus^ linamentorum vice,con azt.^ Ji ev^Xa kScc cm ^V- 

uenienterimponunturrdeco- viOT^d^TZtiv ai-n ^it^v cmv^^ 

da in vino pernionibus appo- ^fic apfio^efy^ ^V y^u^Kk ^ S 

fiiifle prodeft : caieus folfis in- l^vj^yT^t ov or/6) yjj amn^v-^ 

uolutus , a putredine dcfendi- 7« • 'tz/^c^ 7^ ovaiKcv^Qi -m^ 

tur.Succus radicis ad nube- (i^vTO^oi^^Si^^^Q^ <^ci^'iJ'j ^ 

culas, albugin es, & oculorum ko^ t^s }l{yi> «/^'{« ^^ yg^H 

caligines conuenit. Radix cru- uct^ yjl KivyJua,^ yji kxK^* 

da coftave, ad ianorum vfus, Kit^^^ikw cA&J fila %tu n^^ ^^ 

pro olere recipitur : in Gym- nluv l) iy&^a. ^ncTv > l<p^- ts i^ 

nefiis infulis, quas Baleares vo- eS/^ I^owVjj-o; A' c^ wi- ;);y/^- 

cantur ^ co dam radicem cum vi-ncn rii^i^ y^a^Si^au^ J£s^x- 

melle multo , in conuiuiis pla- Kapim^ l(p^ t filcw (ziyfoi^ 

centamm loco ofFerunt . Ra- w ^Xi-n cr^^x^ h 7o7^ t^M" 

dix mefiibus effoditur , lo- ^o/r , ct^-n ^Kcocotuj^v tw^ * ? 

taque fmftatim concidi- TiMcmy. hm-n^^ Si M 7»> 

tur,& lino traiefta^ ^i^clp c^ Trv^fjwATS I^v^cwtou; 

ficcaturinvmbra^ yJxmKuxicwm yjl'ysmrcytiv' 

qC ira recon- ^, ompa^ra^ fft Kiv&> iy h^i^ 

ditur* vnM^m ci ^''•^ 

Arum. * xitsji Ae^s^ 

LIBER n; 1^7 

TlgetA^v. Ki<p.f^l\ Arum. Cap.CXCm 

Ae^v ii H^oij^oy ^m^ m- Aron.apud Syros lupha vo- 

'eSi> ^«V^ > ^^'^'^ i^^»^ ^'^^^ citatum , foHa emittit dracun- 

ToT^ tS i^^^iri^^^y^oTi^ iJ culi/ed longiora, & pauciori^ 

K^^kar7K67ipcc^K^xov m^^- bus diftinda maculis : caulem 

5 cuov^xm7rz^(^ye^v,<dfoeiJ'^^ W fuppurpureum , dodrantalem, 
cZ y^^^i KfoxA(m* fiia KivyJ pifHlli fpecie , a quo croceuin 
<z3e>> -rlui fd J^^cowniov^in^ x^ femen exit : radice dracunculi 
\^i7tu l^p^pr^ n^rlov oucru J^p/-. alba.qu^ decofta eftur, vtpo- 
^Sicu ^ttyivtw ^ ^ (pi>^^ te cum minus acris fit.Folia ad 
Hr^mmyK^ y^^' I^^t^ |>»f^- ^fi™ condiuntur,& arida per 

loS^ml^o/^^I^W. AuiJ^ fe,decoaamanduntur.Radix, 
[juv^l^^yifli^^y^-^^if^ femen&folia^dracunculivi- 
x^ Ttt o-j>^fld TixtJ ojj^ -mi^^sL res habent . Priuatim radix ex 
yjovvcd.^^i&t^^iftlctyjM^TrKoL^T' fimo bubulo podagris illini, 
cij^V ji^" ^KCir^ cm TroJhL^ tur, & dracunculi morerepo- 
^kSv* ojTmv^w SHas^ tov nitur . In totum^ ob midorem 

15 S'^cmvv>i.i^ ^^Kov o^ cfti 71& eius acrimoniam^in cibum ex- 
^ AiW cTp/oiJ l<^c/>ix^5-. petitur. 

Ileei Ae^ (Tctfou. Ks^. p0** Arifarum. Cap. CXCVHL 

Aei^e^v '6^ ^xepV iSoT^- Arifarumexiguaherbulaefl:, 

viov y fit^ tp^v &^ iKcucii y £57 cuius radix ole^magnitudine 

Si S^ttmme^ rov ac^v • o^v implet^Ionge maioris quam a- 

%o vouA^ \hi(ii y^rn^mKaLtm^Ti. ron acrimoni^rvnde illitu no- 
Hjin.veii rc ^V (Tuejtf/m c^- mas fiftit. Fiunt collyria ex ea, 
^y» \\ ajjryl^ ynrtfj. . <?Si^p« ad fiftulas efficacia. Illitu radi- 
h, Kcu cuJh7oy nstWTo? ^«yo:/* a- cis^ genitale animalis cuiufcu- 
7^5«£7a. que in perniciem agitur. 

rieei Acf^ocAsVa. Ks^i. ps-S'. Haftula regia. Cap. CXCIX. 

i f Actpohv^? ovTiy roii 'ttXh^h Haftula regia vulgaris nori- 
y&^t^v^^vykctX^y ime^(Ttii ti^ eflijfoliismaiorisporricau 
fjuiyl}^ o^tct* y^Koy Ji >^Sov^ le leui, ferente in cacuminc 
ip^vTctl-Tr Akpn ai^bo^ y^iju/s- florem , quem anthericon ap- 
voy cw^eiicjoy . fi^cu J% vTTHm pellant : radices fiibiacent ob- 
QmtdKafy q>Qy^vKcu ^ fictxaJoti longse, rotunda?^ glandibus fi* 
tuotsu^ miles^ 


m3es 5 gufiu acres, quse excal- t^icu^S^fiiJi.Hca i(^ ? yivenv^ i^ ^ 

faciunt : vrinas & mcnfes epo- JuvdLUiv 9^ ^TOoij x/^v^cn q ^ 

tx ciunt : lateris doloribus^ru- S^acnyyK^ 'iu^a^A 'Tr^^eicnuuSf^ jy 

ptis^conuulfis & tufsibus, dra- 'Trm^a^ ^jyi^-T^ ^ ^^7(^^-> ^ 

chmar p o ndere potse ex vmOj emiqxeL-vi^i^ pf^ofitTa < «c '7r>3^ 

medentur.Ea verb vomitio- Sof T^rpi^M^ l/imQ mmt^yi^. % 

nes adiuuat^ ludicri tali ma- mS'j K^cAjifU9^(>is^ocrDvcc^(L- 

gnitudine commanducata: a yiho^ ^f>G>^r x^^Tninc^^y.^wif 

ferpente demorfis datur aptif- JiShw ^<^i}J^^ cc^v < y. t^ 

fime 5 verum trium drachma- mySi^s^x^rrofTrKi^iv Ji Mrk 

rum pondere ^ foliisque fiori- J^^yuctTA tu^ti <^v>^ot^ itsu t^ 

bus &r£dice ex vino^ morfiis li^n ^ toT^ du/^(n ewv otvc^ iy^ i^ 

illinire oportet, Item vlcera fV7m^>i^vtm0pdLiKm7yf^- 

fordida & depafcentia ^ mam- *^v ^ <hJ^jf^v ^K^y^va^ ^ <pi 

marum quoque d^ teftium in- iia.-m /^ ^hbi^va^^enjf/.a^^-hu-i- 

flammationes , tubercula , fu- ta^ Tfv-p^ oinu T>i ji^A^ ^^ s% 

runculofque^decodis infece t^ ^^^a^d-Toi? (pxiyLOivciijA*^ 

vini bulbis/ecentibus inflam- ^(pira.o Jt ^ko^ ^ pi^ji^ ^d' ^^ 

mationibus ex' poleta auxilia- KaCcdv omv 7raK<xJi yKvyJo^y-Acu 

tur.Radicis fuccus adiefto ve- o^ulu^v»^ y,cu xpoKii^avv^4^>^.v7Ti>7 

tere vino duld^myrrha & ciro- l-m li hjni^if^i^v yivi^ Iq^^ 

co decoquirur^fitque perquam juxn^ (paffmyj^v*}C} ^^0^ S-m ttu^ 

vtileoculis medicametum: ad of^o^Srm Ka^^lnvTiVyK^ (livKiCci^ 

purulentas aureis per fe, & cu mrSY.cu idKtv ^ otvo) ^ ap.voT^ zo 

thure 3 melle^ vino & myrrha x^j^wS^^ ^^ii* Uovr^iKyax^ 

tritus 3 prodeft : in contrariam t^ ^ci^Q* lcLvr Xf/^^ea h yuKo? tS 

aurem infufus , dentium dolo- d}vx4f^(f^ ^'^^•^ (m^ym^Kuii^ 

rem mitigat . Cinis e radice >1- cra^vi fi^a '^-rx^oa^ XwimKct^T^ 

litus 5 alopecias ad pilum re- ctu^-A^^hlcd-nhyjai icLtxCviX-i^- 

ducit . Oleum in excauatis ra- S^v <^ %cu(^i ^ ^ yj^s^iKBujt^vcui ^ 

dicibus igni decodum ^ illitu ? \'^l,^^ ^^ ^p^^ -> ^Kmu^pc^ 

exulceratis pernionibus & am ytuk-TKa^ ^ ^Tiueln^Tct ImKi^ 

buftis ignij conducit: & furdi- (^o^ov &)0iKei }t:u "^ ai^TUK^/fi- 

tatijinfSlIatum in aurem^auxi- <^ ^on^tyy^G^^ov «V to ov^* 

liatur . Candidam vitiliginem ^ kK^hii uuxiv ^m/mti^ivrri 

linteo ^ 

ey?W<»cif W6)5y.^7^;^/c3-£7- linteo anteaperfriiaam info- 

&u M pi^fld !7p^;)^* J^ ys}iro$ i^ le^illita radix emendat. Semen 

^ ei^^ iigjTi^Q^-^ (TioK^iTiiv^ floresquein vinopoti^fcolo- 

i^^m ^9 (T/Lo^^mm dM-n^a^^KSv pendrae & fcorpionuni vene- 

o^y of om^i^v'7&' y^iny^ir^ nis^mirum in modum refiftut: 

^ TBiJi >y liw yjiihscXM. aluum purgant. 

liiei ^oKCovlJbiJiuov. Bulbus efculentus. 

Ks^. <r'/ Cap. CC. 

BokCk %i&Si^s yi^im^ 'm Efculentus bulbus vulgo co^ 

mv ovi^Q^^'\ij^,ua^^^c/jyjol* gnitus^a nobis eftur.-ftomacho 

hiQ^y Trujpo^^ yJI kmi ?jCun^ itO' & aluo vtilis rufus^&qui ex A- 

jQ fu^ofjS/jorc S% -arixf 0^5 JC5W ^^^^- phrica defertur . Amarus verb 

KeoJ^i^y lA)<^fjui^'ne9^', -mT^i- & fcillin^^ftomacho aptior eft^ 

;coV . maiT^? <S% cTei/^^ i^ ^§- & concodione adiuuat.Bulbi 

fuimyjori) ti^s snMjouniW m^ omnes acrimonia habent^ ex- 

^i^^Zvr^^^cLymo'm^yKcd<i^ calfaciuttvenere ftimulant^lin- 

GWi yjx i^Qi^yudL 5 vroK^j^od^Qi^ gua tonfilhsqj exafperant^mul 

15 <^mi 'fptAvm 5 tyi^nvyuii^ tum alimcnti pr^bent^ carnes 

TovZTis^^TtoioZm Ji y^-mf^KcL^ creant jnflatione pariun tluxa 

fj^o/ «^u^,- $t£^fi£7%, ^Act^ct- tis/ra<ftis^articulorum dolori- 

'72^ (TXoXoOTt^''^) m^s W T a^- bus efficaciter illinuntunipicu 

^m IJhjJos • ')dL'yy^cuva$. -rs ;c5" la extrahunt:gangrf nas & po- 

r^J^-^^as ffujtj uhav Zi y^^' lctij dagras ex melle aut perfefe^ 

*o Tot^y^ T^ cm T^v vJ^^a^mx^y hydropicoru tumores ^ & ca- 

oiJ^ifMZTSL y^ mfoJ^^itT^ ouoi" nu morfiis cu melle &'piperis 

of svM ^m y^ ^s-z^^fi Kelcd ppllineilliticohibent: fiidores 

y^TH^TrKci^vnrlTd^unyCJ^pd compefcunt:ftomachi dolores 

Tu^'' JC5« soijA^v lcfUua^ W«- mitigat: furfures & vlcera qus 

ary^ Wtv^ ^ kp^^.^ oum- in capite manant, cii tofto ni- 

2,^ i^^unQuj Inl'^ vi7f(f>. ^^- tro abftergunt/ugillata varoi* 

^un Ji 36, uTmTTtci kcu m^i^^ que per fe aut ex oui luteo^ & 

3£Si9' lcojiiysli mjjj mZ kwj^^ lentigines cu melle vel aceto^ 

xcu <pcau>is Qjjj fjUhiTt % t^H, emendanfjfraftis auriculisvn- 

*n^> Ji cd7t»>v ^Kiap.cfw. Qjjs guibufq; expoletamedetunii- 

^(^iTG^ J^ 's^^^Kis^f QTJ^^v' de calidis cinerib^ torrefa<ftis^ 

«19^- toUunt 


toliunt ficus: item cum cinere k^^cae^vm 'j jy mjyjjs l^^vl^rTii 

e msenanim capitibus ^ impo- ^ ^p^axno J>S, £> ^4^ mjtviStav 

fitircremari verb & cumal- Tu^paKZv suii^s^ayif omTi^y^ 

cyoniomiftijVitiaciitis infa- T^rHdm^ Jtica/ jityj^ri^ kh-* 

cie, atrafque cicatrices, in fole xjliovm , e(p*»A/y ;c££^ oJxct; <t«^aJ- 

ilIiti^emaculantFaciunt ^d ru- vds amy^^e^ujjv av ^kicp yg^ ^ 

pta 5 fi cum aceto codi edan- -rrx^^ioySpQt . (Jai o|« ii Is^Sr^i 

tun Sed copiofiore eorum ci- ^ti^aayJfjS^os v^m^n <se)^ pin 

bo abftinedum^ quoniam ner- y/Mi^Tsu^vKAoszSm Ji hrTZv t^ 

uos tentant. ^\5)Si5ir oi> t5 ^p^ffe^ cTe? cftct 70 

Bulbus vomitorius. ci^^i^^vwf^coJhi^. 

Gap. CCI. nse/BoA^oy, Kse, (xi. 10 

Bdbus quem vomitorium BohCo^ 3 y^ovpi^o^lju^vici^^ 

vocant 5 folia habet lentiora e;^ 70^ ^y^Xic X^jm^Si^pte^^ 

multo &longiora qnam bul- ^ -jc^S wLt^Qrc^ti ^ iJbjy- 

bus efculentus : radicem fimi- ^yp/^iO^lc/xqcw^iSo^^s^oy 

le^corticc nigro.Ea radix man- (pKotl^i^Kc^.ccuT}) s&o^'» ;dfit9' 

fa, aut decodum eius potum, avrlw i^ 7© kd-l^iusL mj-m^ ^- 1 5 

vefic^ malis medetur : vomi- vof/^oy.^^ jtiJsTi' ISwy^ 

dones moiiet. ew^Tz^y m^. 

Scilla. Cap. C C I L nsee^ %}u>Xct$. Ki(p, aSf. 
Scilla vim acirem atq^ ferue- %}u>}^u J)^vct^v t^ J^^t^oj^ 

tem habet^affata ad multa vti- i^ Tiv^miw' 'TniKv^i/igo^ Ji yt^ 

liore efle coftatPoUine ad cru nw l-^y^aa gcqri Ji% ctux? 2.0 

ft5 fubafto^ aiit luto oblita^ in ^'Trkio^Wyk^ <JiSo-m ^ts %Ki 

clibaiiu coniicitur^ aut carbo- ^oy,» dpbpu^tv XymS^ yik^ 

nibusobruitur^donec obdu- ^t^ a^ o^^yn^ ty^Z^ ^ ^icei 

cens crufta fiifFicieter intofta (^ov ^5'% ^ixjtf^vros^^ fjiM 

fuerittqua exepta, fi non emol *mvuA<ik yi^v^v-Jircpov 9^^^ » m^ 

lefcat, altero polline fimili^aut Xoy ^'^xa.cmPii^^ lu oju^ 'mti ij 

luto circumlinitur,&eade qu? ot,«^' ^-^fd oSttd^ lA^^auy 

priu$fiut:na quc ita no affatur^ i^KaQ^e^ ^ Mm^y^i -r^a/^ 

interaneis maxime noxia efli. T^^cc^Xiqa «jse.^^^^;^^»»?* 

Torret ite in olla^inditd opcr- 'ptIaw $ ^ of ^x/^a.mTmwa.^^ 

culo^qu^ in furnu demittatur. ^'« i^ jut^i^jSi^^i^ ei^ axitoMov^ 
- , Sumi Kfii/^- 

ilBERr H. 119 

hsiiJLCa^i^ o' ojuTn^Ti /ifi.^ra- Sumi etia folet quod maxime 
^Trtlc^^.v^Mfou^^m:,'K^ eft mediUjdireptisviuotertus 
e-Ae^ A o)frm^<m ^jy^om-^ tunicis^ quod fruftatim confe- . 
ydv fk ^:^T^v uSo-roi^ feT^p» -n . dii coquitur^mutaia f^pius a- 
iTn-^^^j^ov^d^i? ew mm/^h qua^donecipfanecamaritudi^ 
j I S^fiLLu o?J»^ ^_2cf^p, ^j fwpai- ne nec acrimonia habeat: tra- 
irew J^' u^ £r/4,* Tm^c^^^ iedaq; lino frufta ficcanturiri 
J>^p£5eikc }jycifio>yi>$ ^ <2^s- vmbra.ita vt ne vUa quide par- 
^ ^^Km T&^ r('^^' T? /i'?y te fe cotingat: his fcilla? fegmi, 
T/twtTS^.^VeAo^ov y^ o%ov ^ 0^0^ nibus ad oleum.yinum, aut a- 
ffitiKK^vm :^(!>^^ ^p^^ P^ cetum fcilKnum vtimur. Ad ri- 

Sb -ic/i6irW<^ W^T^ ivJ^ovT^^ maspedUjinternaparscrud^ 
'i.cc^ auju S^Mc^ <^s^V, » w) t3 fcill^ in oleo feruefada^aut cu 
pa73y>»7;*;^ey>c^7?9£wlp^ocAw- refina liquefada, imponitur: 
y^Ttit^ J'^ y^'7^.'^hctm^'^'h^^ decoda iri aceto demorCs a 
irvv %liA 0' ^T?»^ fsff}^ %v u^esi vipera^cataplafma eft. Ad fin-^ 
^cr/J-^it^^iRMJi^Kict^aMni^lm gulas aflae parteis adiedis o-^ 

15 o/??S:^ /4'fij o;£7i^ , JiJhfjSp sco- &.oms tofti falis^ cocUear ynii 
y^ifm %v % Jv.o vi95<ri •^p&r /ud aUt alteru damus ieiunis^ad c^ 
KoLitv miiits' ^r 'TTjTiiua.-Tir -k^ moliienda aluum;in potu aute 
d:p0u&7iyjs Jhvdf^if^ ksi^ Io* m Sc od oratis medicaminibus.& 
i^^m xjvyi^Tsu ^KouSp^Xj cTn i/- quibus vrinam ciere volumus^' 
J^pedmyjS-/ i^^uoL^yj^v^^ot^l^m-. hydropicifque & ftomachicrs^^ 

^ ^ TTohdi^ei Tzt invu, ^ cm iKrde^v quibus innatat cib^^regio mor 
^o^tbu^m^ ^rPiorr^v ^ovia^^^y bo,- torminibus^in tufsi vetere^' 
a,:^u^7;yjSi/,a^ct^oexy^v^hjlcif^ fafpiriofis^ & ore rciicientibus 
jL*f^ 0.o}ayii "^ioCoKis (k/v w^m ia- tres obolos^i delin<ftu ex mel- 
hsi^Hoa. 'Kgx (Tvyy^M-^Tu Ji le fumpfiffe iztis eft* Coquitur 
, rcfuAkm^ Y^ ^CpdmiiwTrfo^' cu meHej & eftur eorunde gra' 

^5 7^ auTd ^u^ Tn-lei gvv%)j>v~ tiajmaxime vt cocoftione ad- 
ffa,&.y£ri '^^^-yxotZJi^ h^p KoihictM* iuuetStrigmentaper aluu ex^ 
1^^ Ji ^s^ -rd ajuTo. ir^tei 0- trahit . Coda' & fimili fumpti 
(juoia^ xa^sufoij^ii * <pvKiiii- modo^ eofdem pra^bet effe- 
^ J% i^ aurii^ rbZ Jmv J^ fl:us:{ed cauedus fcillas vfus^his 
W m 'b^n^ m S^v airo^. guiinteftinum feotiunt vkus.- 


Adpenfiies verrucas 3c per- k£u ^^ kKpo^jJiyas m^ z£t^ 

niones^ tofta efflcaciter ifiini- yjfUTKcL lyyf^th^azL IttjLto J^ 

tur,Trituxn femen^& in carica im4^^ ojjt'^^ Kmv avoKnt^^)? 

aut melle deuoratum , aluum a/ t^J^ » f^J^in ^j ^p6)3^y, ^^- 

cmoUit.Scilla tota in limine ia- xduwti mKicuf. s^ J% kcu kKi^i-^ 

nuse fulpeia^mali medicamen-r (^a}^m oKit ^ ^v ^0y^ 

tx noxam arcet- Kpif^af/^it* 

De Pancratio, ^ TLtei nctyy^um. Ki(p,<p/» 

Cap. CCIII. Uccy^qiATtCv^ol q^ iy qiro ^yJk 

Pancrariu^quod aliquifcil- Kcu^ GyGfjLa^ounyfi^ciVgj ^okC% 

lam appellat, radice eft magni ^ylK(i> c^U \^7ru^o^ % -isro^ 

bulbijfiibrufo colore aut fup- id^^^vfo^^Tny^k zj c^p^JJV^ t^ ics. 

purpureo^guftu amaro ac fer- yjjm '(^vKKct y^im l^tn^ ^^ 

ueterfoliis lilij/ed longioribus. v^o-n^ JiX^ M itma^j T^y 

Scilte vires & prseparationem ^t^ t^ <ru>X}^^zcu (r/^wcmca^y 

habet 5 eodemque pondere in y.ou Sbm ^T^oHkam Q/m 'w ec^TwV 

morbis etficaciter affumitur: m^v • cmeiyjide^ ^Tnt t«^ 

cui tamen mitior quam fcilte cncsr^yi^ » Wtt?^ JbJfdf/j^ , Ss^y i^ 

facultas ineft . Radicis fiiccus '^ ^Ki^o^Jpit^filcc Tcw-m^^ m^ 

cum erui farina digeritur in yv^nmleoChai ^^ii^cdx^k^ 

paftiilos^ qui hydropicis fple- yuTrKcLo^i^Yiei^dfrKr^^iS^ ^- 

nicifq^ cum hydromelite^com Jb^m Qi^ v^io^Km ozkIlui^ 

modifsime dantur. icoi^^vS^^a^TnyJiicof^^i^i^ 

Cappark, Cap. CCIIIL Tliel ILcmTii^mu ^^ 

Capparis aculeat^ frutex eft, Kap. <rJl'* 

qui in terra ftratus^magis in or %.k^sn^%i^ b^tuo? %^y h»^^ 

be cuagatunlpinaSjVt rub^^ha^ 3z^c5?^ > ccri ^Si- yj^eiStk \q>a>^ 

bet^in hami modu aducas:fo- ^os' cny^^^ kyyjq>Q£iM$'i* 

lia mali cotonea^^rotunda: fru- p^v i>s^ii7or (pv>Ku ^oyyvKcCy 

Au olej fimile^qui cu dehifces /^^Kia. }a>Jt*>n^ G^ta' y^^-Tiiv Si ^l 

paditur^florecandidupromit: otov ^iKcua; t^ oi^ot;)(6ei^ >^vxjov 

quo excuflb^nonfliil gladisob- ^^'Uw dMbo$*ob ^iaivTo^^cAj^ 

16 g9 iigura inue nitur^q^ ap er- elo^^Ttd 77 mv ^Kct^o^ cmtm^ 

^^rana acinis punicoru fimi- yj/s^y t^ aict^\v%;)^ yJxicoi^ 

lia^Qftendit^parua^rubicunda: a^^co htc^y yjy^oii l^v^oti* 

--.. . radi^ fi|i^ 

LIBES: ifc ko 

ftid^ Ivke^Jii^ i^fMyixds ^m- ra dices lignofas {pargit, gran- 

U^.<pii^ ^D-mTtWi h Tfax-m /^ i^s numerofasque. Tenui ple- 

hi^prjoyeioii liTot^y^ vncrut^ x^ oL runque folo^afperisqiloci^, ia 

yjim-hif.^ej^k-m SioifcfXj' infalis & iuxtarudera nafci^; 

xoi- ajm^ -^ y^^^TTo^ «V $^%m. tur. Caulis & fru<aus,cibi gra- 

'5 T^^-PtH A mKidLif^ y^:jccs6fxa,~- tia condiuntur : aluum turBat^ 

^,- Ti V^ ic^ J^-Uhr^pe^^reliTSL ftomacho aduerfatur/itim gb 

o' {^'^^hu^fjut^ri^st ^? ^AoSf. gnit : coda tapien ftomacho 

S QuV y^o-Tii^ hjT^i wjKhl^cL quam cruda vtilior eft.Erudus 

-my.H^lK-m )\^< put^r om ^- drachmis duabus in vino po- 

VG^pQ^ am ^uAejL^ K ,2}** <^'^ tus, quadraginta diebus, liene 

10 otpj-j ytcuhdL^^/^^Aijj^cuyuaL-m^ abfumit, &vrina.cruentumq^ 

hrlyiih li § -mft^-Kvm ^oti- excrementum emirtit : bibitur 

h^-myo/idpo^ y^iTii^^Kcu ^^ vtiliisime in coxarudoloribus^ 

fhyucLiu -^ ajjQ.oyidLTii.^i^hjji & neruorum refolutione^tem 

•7? %j^&* jy hjnt^K^M^lH. ^ S- ruptis & couulfis: nienfts ciet^ 

Jc/^y ^^m Tmxiei K^pv:i^ aiv caput purgat.Dentiuni dolore 

j^ q|« l4o-t4«>c5* y^ <hctyJKv?i^of. fedat lemeri ex aceto deco^u^ 

k d l(ly>so (pKctls ^^-eh-i ^i^ Ti colluto inde ore. Aridus radi- 

Tit 'zrfoica.fjU^ efui^iyK^ diays^ cis cortex ad eade proficit: yl- 

^IH ^ '^mor^h'me)y ^ ^^^^ omnia yeteraj& fordida- 

^iaKowSpo^f '^AU^.y^-nfTrKiosz-^ & qux occalueruntjexpurgat:: 

rna # i^ojmi^v oTJKmmv Qu^ lienofis cumfarina hordei illi- 

^^ ijfjjXKvm ' JkjjoySp}} T^ Tiy^To- linitun dente demorfa ^ dolori 

v^wo<fbyvCoii^*^(potiTKku' eius auxiliatur. cum aceto tri-< 

ki^kTwmi;)^ avvo^iKScc,7^'^ ta, vitiligines albas abftergeti 

hvKku Kj-^ fildtMdJ^^vmyirjtKa- Radix fpliaque ii>trita ^ ftrii- 

eAos z^ ^i^tiJbL^ J^cti^of£i. cycd- masacduritiasdifcutiunt.Au- 

x>^<^s- r TsKy %v im yuKo^ \\yu^. rium vermiculos infufiis ftic- 

, ^ fjutvS-^^ x1«y^.H fj^roi KvCiK/i cus enecat . Aphrica ^ & pr^- 

^^ j^^^^f/r, 'p-^codpii Ji /^^ 7W fertim Marmarica capparis^yc 

pLopyj^i-ms K^fofdp'<i^^zu:7mi}fj^ he menter inflat . Apula vo mi* 

n^m^o^-f^^ A^Arnmii^y-^^H tus facit . & qu^ a Libyco^ 

» cv ajmuKici^yi Ji iv^ i Ifv^a^ & quae Rubro mari defertur^ 

^t^ioT^^ i^^jQ^j^^ i^fifjjjT^jni^ mirum in modum acris eftr 

^KVArm- X ij fi^^i-' 


fiqmdem in ore puftuks Qxci- (^hvKwvovmx. tJ <^^4i^ iuu yj.:. 
tat^ gingiuasque ofie tenus ex^ Tt^ovozt -ri oZkcl ^i^i yj^jud^ 
cft : quare iu cibis non ab rc cnt^s' • o^v fs^s ^fZmv £c^^ ai^ 
daiiinatur. imrihio^n 

Lepidium. Cap. CCV, , U^ei AiTnSlov* Kttp. c-L 
: Xepidium aliqui gingidium Ai^J^ov^ o htot yY/lSiov y^- 5 
vocant 5 herbula vulgo nota: Kovcn^ yjdei^v ^oTztpm ' ^ej.- 
muria cum lade feruatur • Vis y^vo^ovci^ a^' Wcj^ /^' ^^A^t- 
foliorum acris & exulcerans: ^TTsr. A£^««^^ Si *oti i^v ^yA- 
quapropter ifchiadicis trita^ kc&v J^f^i^^iHa.^mvyJi^o^v ^^cl-- 
prrfentifiimum eft auxilium> .cT/w Vgivcm7rKcci7^ciyCL/:mfJ7i^ 
fi cum helenij radice , quarta ^Tt^mv 'hSov (nwlhiviov p/^^ iq 
parte hora?3 illinatur: lieno* cmn^if^Spov ^^^s ri-ntoiTiv S^ 
fis fimili modo prodeft. lepras fos^iyi^Tn aiD^vimv ofioi(t>r k^l 
eximit . Radix appcnfa collo^ ^(n 3 i^ >l^!s^$. « 5 '^l^a JoyM 
dolore dentium iiberare exi- Hivn^v ^V^t^ '^ pauT^tSj, 
ftimatur. " *z^3£7?o/4«^'j} TS^a^^Kt^. 

^ Ranunculum. Cap. CCVI. UieiBctfsiyiov. Ks^. cr/. ij 
■ Complura ranunculi gene- Bci7fd.^ovyGl Oycrihfvov a,^oy 
ra. vis tamen omnibus vna^ a- h^kov0'7ov7^u ^heiovu yS^ *^i? 
crisy & vehementer ex ulceras. ^^. A twcc^4$^ Ji f^u J^piuffccy 
Nam vnii coriandri foliis con '^ '^y^ ^yjsnjyj.e^ ^ii '^cuj-' 
ftatJatioribus^fubalbidiSj pin- ^'v,(pv>Xct o[ujotcc icoeicpi^TrKciTo- 
guibus : fiore luteo ^ interdum Tipa Ji y^ -imKiui^^-jy KiTm^'* iO 
pqrpureo: <:aule gracili^ cubi- ci^^s p^mvov \ aiiOTt ^r^g^ygSy • 
tum alto : radice alba, exigua^ yjjJKov Ji 4 '^^^v^ v-^^ Ji om 
amaraqueymultis capiliamen- ^y^cd^-fi^cw fny^aPyK^vy^h^^m^ 
tis 5 heUebori mddo ^ fibrata: xfo^^ %-^um cwh^vims m^ Ia- 
nafcitur in limitibus humidis. uC6^^* (^viiza J^\ra^^ p^po/r. 
Alterum laHUginofiuSjIongio- Eg7 J% ;^ er^poy ciJhs yvocdJi^- 1 j 
ri caule /pluribus foliorum ^ov^k^ ucty^.oy^Konpv^h%/uas 
incifuris, plerunque in Sar- t;^v '^Kein^ t^v (pv»,et>Vy7rKel^v 
dinia proueniens, quam acer- ^^ .(Td^JoivU '^vd^ov^ J^iuJ^ 
timum 5 quod fylueftre apium t^tov.^o Jii kcu cjhjvov uye/ov y^ 
appellant.Tertii4m minimum^ Kovcn^yMi t^t^v ffpojfoi^>ipov 
odorc ii 

LIBEH II. ' ^^ 

^ iCfTomm, tIS%>- -^^vaSt- odore gram/iore inreo.Quar 

^m^-itazrA-r^^m hr/J^ TBvroy^ tu hiiic finiile^flore lacteo.Fo- 

ial^ci^yji^uzv?ov, Aoj^uutvk lia^flores&cauliculirecenres^ 

%^-m ^-JMa i^ oly^Koli^yru- iUitu exulcerant, & cruftas no 

Ko) K^TzL-TrXctodf/^oi^ ^yj^vyJ? fine dolore gignunt: quare ra 

5 ^ £^f ft>77xi}y (^ ^V o^.y oW- gues fcabros extricant^ fcabie 

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Kcu^kzpo^fd^m /-^ cLKmnyjdLc alopeciasq; paulifper illita,tol- 

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-i^^a Jt KUT^VTToiua ytu^.- nes jFouentur. Sicca radix, tri- 

lo rKiovTm o^ yKiue^y . ^5 <^ f ^t^ taque^ fternutamenta ciet, na- 

'^a^uJov yjv^lnpA Kelu ^g^^- ribus admota : dentium dolo- 

fo/^ii Tu^ ^-/.riftn-^ ISivraK' rem appenfa leuat ^ ipfos ta- 

•^0; XjOv<pi(i ^cm.^^^oySpn^^u- Xlien frapgit. 

^H^ToicwToii. Anemone. Cap. CCVIL 

nee^ hnfjuim. K^o. «x^. Duo anemones genera^vnu 

i^ AnfjL^')yh^^">-^ iS^kyjLct:, fylueftre^ alterum in cultis na* 

l cTe yitJLfi^es^ • Kcu T^^ 'Auiesu .. ^5 fcens.Cuius multa? Ipeciestvna 

fjS^ v^ oomyj' (^k» TdL OM^A • » pboeniceu flore profert:altera 

Ji 5 \ssoKwy.cL n -^ctKdKvlovTa^ candicante,aut ladeii, aut pur 

% ^p0v^. (pvKXdL ii yj^eioHc^, pureu.haru folia coriadro fimi 

Ki^o^Jigz^. ^)^ T^ >f';^- lia ca^teru fcilfa tenuius in ter- 

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a^^4 &# fJtMmvo^ 5 Kcu fjATCL fi^tenueSjin quib^ fiores aut pa 

iu(plKict fjiAKcu^ct^ % ^ajdMiloV' paueris^& in medio capitula 

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S u^ledv 5 ohvH -pvcm <heiKj^u- magnitudine^aut ampli^paulo 

fdiJYi . M <^ kyjLCJL KoLTu ^dJ/Tct gradcfcit^ac veluti geniculis <j- 

1$ iJLtHlmT'^^nytJce$V:,K^Toi^tpijK-~ bufda cingitur.Sylueftri ampti 

Koi^ ^KcL-rwrie^ y^cu «r/Xit^PTi- tudo prorius maior^ iatioraq^ 

p^:tUjj 71 yji(pciKluj cmmyj&^- folia^S: duriora:oblongius ca- 

£^v l^ ' du!^^ (poiviKDau^ p{ific put:flore puniceOjtenuibuSj& 

A4777ct Kiu ^KHCd .7> Sivi lyei multis radicil capillametis. A-. 

^U:>>,c& u^KciMcL <S'^^iiW7i^cL (ZacL, crior ^{ijq^uenigra habet foEa .. 

AuLcL^^ ; X iijj Vis 


Vis vtriufque acris : ea de cau- l^tmctmv 5 e;;^^^^ S^fiiju^cw ku^ 
fa fuccus naribus infufus, pur- (^671^02* o^v ')<jkq$ ^ pi^jjs-^- 
gat caput.Commanducata ra- -nf^ ^m \y^^^^ ^s^r yji(^ac>S^ 
3ix pituitam trahit: decG<9;a yj^^^m apuo^et, ^julosa^^t^ 
inpafTo & illitajmedetur- o- J^wpi^fltjt^M^^^^ -14*13^- 
culorum inflammationibusrci- cnt /& c^ >\yx^ ;c; KUTzt^Kuo^- ^ 
catrices eorundem & hebe- fjt^it^lip^h/uZv (pKiyuovd^idi^ 
tudines emendat, fordidavl- '7zu*}tcu tglJ^ afl(pbaxfxj^7^ ci/Ko^ 
<era abftergit . FoHa , & cau- :^ k^CKm-Tr.ai k7n>apii^^kvcL- 
leSjficum ptifana decodie- %<i^^H Ji kou ^^ ^vttup^ ^ 
-^anmrj copiam ladis pr^- IkyjS^r rr^ <fi (^'J>^<t ^ (il' K^koi 
hent: menflrua ciunt ^ velk- cwui-h^m^ '^iosdva ^ l^o- ^a 
•reappofita. IlKta quoquele- i^a^yiKciv^^cjjS^^^c/? fi^M-' 
fras eximunt . Sunt qui erro- t^j Si %up.hjuct kyei* y^izL^^K^ 
re du(fti> argemonem nomi- My-izi.'j Kiir;^,' kfpi^mv. 'Evioj 
xiari eupatorium putent : quo- J^ ju/) Jhjjifj^pci Sio^^jhv hm 
Biam a fylueftri anenione^ ar- 1^^ kyj.a^ kvtjuj^v^i^ yTiuj K^p^ 
gemo.nem & papauer , quod /j^Ujj ^ apycf^vluj ^ 7L6t) foii- 1^ 
xh oeada appellant (de quo in- Jk pLv.m'dct (^s^ t^ cv w^ amJ- 
ter papaueris genera refere - yj^in^j \<^m(p>^^) <hk lir dJ- 
mus^propter colorum cogna-' S^y lui^^mj^^^otjmmjxc^a^- 
tionem in fioribus , diftingue- yo^^-^irKdJvmrcu 'Ajj a^yt^vljji 
X^ non polfiint . Verum papa- hom.riexov houAlpvn^. ^kIj^ 
uer& argemone colore mi^ ^ ctfyc/umii^.K-nov ^ct^ 'li (pom-^P 
nus faturato Ipedantur , Sc v- yj)ujr *^ jy tJt po/dLfof-^^-ii^iT?- 
traque tardius fi oret . GJuine- fov ^ Ji ot^m ^ ^* (^T- ^'^'^ ^* 
tiam argemone croceum fiic- 6&Sct,j^ j? p^of^^v^ I^jv Wi-a- 
cum^guftu admodum acre/ed cj y^oyj^ovT^ i^ J^^tM-tuj ^V 
4it : rhoeas verb candidiorem rluj y,v(nv]o^^m*yr J^ hoia^K^v- 
&acrera.Infuperanemone& yjoTiesv ^J^^imjj.kfA&oTipajzf 
iphoeadi capitula fyluefiris pa- J^luiTct^v iu^piKtci ^mvik-- 
paueris fimilia infimt^ fed in a- yidL Tm^^Ki^^ct^^tay^^TrKriv 70 
ixemone fuperne crafiiufculu^ 'it'^ rX^ ti^mm^? ojjtS^v <mo-^ 
iarhoead:e fiibagufti^Anemo- m-y^^^ii o^ tJV ^otdJh^ vT^i^voy» 
-i^esgenera nec fiiccurcaiittut^ cu:o diti/mcui^ Ivi^v diidm. 
• ' - " •.. nec • ^ ^Sts.v 

^-nyjdJidu^ t^tm^ia.yx' oUyei nec calyces habent , {ed quafi 

cL^rmt^ipv AKpov.of ctpQv^cu^ T^ aiparagi cacumcn. In aruis illa» 

^ ti^Keiov c//Jr;cu (^ii^vrcu» fepius enafcuntur. 

rigei K^ymmAi* Ke(». cL Argemone. Cap. CCVIII. 

A^-^^uin'^ ohov uki t^ Qujom Argemone in totu {ylueftri 

? kydcL ^yjovt" td <H <pv>Xov iys- papaueri fimilis eftrfolia habet 

/u4r^ %^ o^m'S^oAf)^crpLmr anemo nes, diuifa : flo rem pu- 

yjwhlv oomxjotw^z&^^yfv '^ £w- niceum:caput in cauliculo pa- 

Mdu^ fJMAMn \oiiii^ ImwAYJ^^'- paueris rKoeadis5oblongins,&: 

\dM iii^ ^KctrrekM 'aP^ t» ofy^)- fummis partibus latum : radi- 

^v iA^nyildu^ qioyyvKlwoT^iv $ cem rotundam : fuccum croci 

^^ kvim Kpoiu^QVTzt 3 ttfiimuj. xci- colore, acrem, dimittit . Arge- 

^cu^H Si c^yi^ K£u vi(piMu . ^ ma & nubeculas cxpurg^t. Fo 

^uymvcJ4 ^pj*>>f « 7^ <?y;^ac lia illitu inflammationes com- 

mrcfTTKctr^^Sjtjcu pefcunt. 

J^fa^uf>.i^,JifcySj'o, A'^^?^^ Cap.CCDr. 

1$ 0^7 5 iidf^k^v a^^ A ^h y^ Duo anagallidis genera^quj 
yMduf^vl^vcTUTi a^^bo^^^biheisc tantu flore diftat.Na qu^ coe- 
>^i}iTsu • w cf^ 70 <por>/mtWy otp- ruleo flore eft , foemina dici- 
f w. ^rtu^iot Ji b?7 zip^fmci cm tunmas^qu^ phoeniceo.Fruti- 
, yi^^ (^v>Xct t^^rrct cm TiT^cirs^- ces funt parui^in terra iacetes, 
y»7 yjjjMm ^k^^ ^ -iisTogpoy- foliis in quadrangulo caulicu- 

*o yjj^cc ^^ rk w iK^ivar KcLjf- lo pufillis/ubrotundis^ ad hel- 
'2rov 'zsrgef^spw . eicn J% ku(poTi' xin^ folia accedentibus : femf- 
^cu (3^vv77iocu • cL(^K^fm7oi , ne rotundo.Vtraquc mitigan^ 
cioKoTmv imam^itcu^jofmv I- di vim habet;inflammationem 
(^iKTJKcu. <h ^Ko^ a^mv oMct- arcet^adaftos corpori aculeos 
'^^aoyLez(p^<ii ^ knro^KtyacLV- extrahit^ nomas cohibet . Suc- 

Z5 i^ ^^coJjJj • Kcu ydiv \y)^o~ cus caput gargarizatu purgatt 
dpo$^ iMvwv wm W«5 \cw & naribus infufus ^ dolorem 
^'iJ?^ ^*'^^^'*^^ ^f A)T»^ dentium lenit ^ fi in aduerfam 
w h^^m^-n %ixCk:4^ ' K^ca- narem iniiciatur: argema cum 

. f« J^ ^V^ twm ukhd^i ^T- melle Attico emendat : retu-. 
f ^coy, xfi£i kij&h^07ncu? ^on^. {x^ oculorum aciei auxiliatun 
^^3- X m] cotrx- 


cinQtis 3c renum vitia^ fi ex vi- yov ^r/o^o^ 5 k^ n^yt^xjav^y 

no bibatur, prodejl* Tradunt }ccu§7m,T7Kc6f.^cim<f'Vivia^ 

eam qua? coeruleum ^dit flo- /u^^fl^vcm tb yMuyioy m^y 

rcm^prociduamfedemrepri- tsfes-^^om^ Ja.KTu>siov <^^.eiv. 

mere : qu^ vero plxoeniceumj 7^ cTs 70 (^oivmw^ Ipe^^^y ;cii $ 

illitu euocare. wrKci^etam^ 

Hedera. Gap. C C X. nte) yjo^v. Ke^, «7/. 

Hedera diSeretias miJtas ia Kiods' ^^7^.04 1;^ J^iu^opa^, 

ipecie fortitur, fjn^mas autem 'ms k^t eilo^y^Ttd Ji^Jtm-m-- 

generetreis/Namqua?dacan- 70? 7f f7r, * xl>47«i ^ h f£p m$ 

dida ePccirera nigrajterria he- Kivy^^^h o^u^a; J^i^^i^. yS,o iq 

Kx. Candid a/ru 5: n m fcrt ca n- ?;/ X£:^>:c^j ^^^< Tay y^^Tfiy K^yJv' 

didufn: nigra^ nigrum^aut cro- uiKa^y f^KducL j^ KfoyS^cvTzf^^ 

ci aemulum^quaai vulgus Dio- ov cA^ 19 J-JiSTsu j^ovvctiov -^k^- 

iiyfiam vocat : helix frudum m-o Ji ^ildiy^^^U r '^^-^hi:/ 

non gignit^ fed albashabet vi- yj^ %^ rrrt ^cXM^wtTK^;^ -ra (pvK^ 

ticulaSj&foliapania^ angulo- ko, \i7^k i^ yiymjifi :y^v^L rj 

fa, & concinniora. Hedera o- 7i£^ Ji yjojv^^ J^^iut \gj^ gu-^Piu 

mnis acris eft , & adftringens: %jorT vw^^Jot^ l-^ms.mi^ Jt 

neruos tentat , Flqs triurn di- cumi 7^ 0p aP^ tcicti Tm^ J^ 

gitorum carptu ^ facii: ad dy- ktvkqi^ Ka^^vTzt 3c^ 'Tr^i^.yrtt ^ 

ientericos , in vino bis die po- c7v(d^ ^^ Jimme/icot^ J^> J^l 

tus : ambuftis cum cerato tri- 7»^ yiuifo^ Jh invm' ^ ^s^^ttv 1 o 

tus illinitur . Recentia folia ex exyj/j-m Ji apuilH mjjj mpe^rn: 

acetb cofta , aut p-uda cum Kio^^T^-m Ji jL^Kk r ovk^ 

pane detritajiencs fanant. Fo-^ Karffwv olal-vliwiW^^S ^uact^ 

iiorum & corymborum Snc~ fmcuvKHcuvo^a^ cmKmulZv-^ 

CUS3 cumirino vngpentOjmel- Tut.pn/sl^^y^ i^^^^^ ^ ^^^ 

le aut nitro^ nari|>us infun- Kcoy '2^ r^v ico^vfxCa>v oujv ieJvo)i ti 

ditur^ Sc contra veteres ca- % uiKiTt^^i viTfcd^Ty ^z^^ lu ^6 

^msdolorts caput eo cum a- via iS? K&pctKn^ kKyiua.Tf. a^- 

ceto j & rofaceo perfiindi vti- ^Ih^ yJx cmC^^Tou aiu) o^h 

le eft : punilentis auribus ^ aut y^ po/tvt^' Z-TUKya^ Ji k^ ttj^ 

doletibus^ cum oleo medetur. of^^vr^ &7ciffujilKoum}2'Tsu. 

-■-'--■■ Nigr^ ' ' i^'^: 

-qS J^Ltkdjfoszttmla^Kofy^ Nigr^ heder^ fuccus^aut e- 
plico^v^ot 'TTi^vT^i y krondiM poti CQrymbi, corpus infir- 
mmsn^i^ -T^^o^icn r ^hoi- mant, mentemque turbant lar 
pu^ ^XiW^vm.xeict S^.a^ai'^. gius fumpti. Acini quinque tri- 
poLTAm'^ vui^vy&m '^^ym- ti, calfadique inpunici mali 
5 Sr^VTa dun \(iiim ai (nJicox^ cv cortice cum rofaceo , fi inftil- 
m^^^h-m ^i 73 kvmeif^ov ?^ lentur a contraria aure, dolo- 
lcn ybvletkytu^^ro khjyi/ua ^ctv reai dentium mitigant . Deni- 
y{,^^kouyoun iix^To^ ce^;^^ ol grant capillum, illiti corymbi. 
ico^v^Sou x^T^^Kiio^Tai Ji lu Folia in vino decoftajillinun- 
^vKKct^9$7^ tx;wirl4i;^/- turomnium vlcerum generi, 

IP i?t fltJy ^ry&j v^ Y^-nL^^hdLfmuA-- etiam fi cacoethe fint: vitia cu 
yayjfjMy^fxa.Tei. ^^xjoyj^^ y^ tisinfacie^&ambufta fanant^ 
|<?^»A/ /i6i! st ^mvi G>^ m^ei^/h' Vti antea diximus^deco da.Ma 
T^ ^b^.movm Q ^ y^7Af//mct uent menfcs triti & fubditi cq 
x^-^^mf cl mpiJLCoi KHor rymbi.* iidem poti^poft purga- 
i^ 'Trz^vTi^Ji WiT^ T^ y^bcL^ tiones foeminarumj drachmas 

ifm< ^}S^^^<L7umoy V<;7.K^o ponderej concipiendi ipem a- 
^o^t Sir (^v>o^m fjtkhin ihv^ dimunt . Pediculus folionim 
S^V i^ isn^^^V tS (MTfa^lur melle irrigatus, ac valu^ indi- 
fxIjMcL lyei ^ XpiC^vcL .oS ^^ tus ^ menftrua & partus extra-^ 
Kof ^ga^of^oi.To^ i^ 7o7^p^- hit. Inftillatus fijccus putrida 
b^ajAfozii^a^x^awmJivci^oic-r tajdianarium^graueolentiam- 

^P n^:i;(u^eiM 5 J^zfvov cumi ^f- que emendat5& fanitati refti- 
KotToi^^ • i) zT«y« <^^^.^ tuit . Lachryma hcder^ pfilor 
tm-KH^o^ov . cTi TwV p/^Sv thrum eft : illitu pediculos e- 
yihh? cuu o^H '^^.^^(^cQsotr/yio necat.Succus radicum in acc- 
MKm^^'^. . topotus^contraphalangiapro. 

np XsA/c/bv/oy t5 /««- 4^& 
25 >AA». Kstj?. (r/4- Chelidonium. 

X£A/c/d'w>l^;i^Xcy i- Cap. CCXL 

n>K77 T^j^yuciiov.^n yjl fAci^ovcCy Chelidoniam maiu^^caule 
iX^oy^^^.y^ Tm^-^viJdL^ ^iJx- eft gracili ^ cubitali aut alti o- 
%m m^^i • <?5y>s>^6i Imia^dL'-^ re ^agnatisfoliofis: foliisra- 
'^^'r^^>'^^^H^'n^ M '^y nunculi ^ mollioribus tamea. 


& COlof C C^fiis: flore viok al- ^ ff^ ')^KlJhvUv x^xmyKcG:^^ . 

b^5 fecundnin fingula folia y^^lw ^oajfyitcfjm^'' %Keiczv 

prodeunte : in eo fuccus cro- ^i^^ovdM^f Str^ Tlh^svxShv* 

ci, mordax > acris^ & aliquan- p(O^V J^ yj^omh? ^ J^pt^i^ J\t- 

tulum fubamarus , grauiter o- K-nJci^, -btjo^ -imirty^a^ i) ihC" 

lens ; radix fuperne fingularis, ^«5*?* fi^^ucth^v ^ '^ A"fie, ^ 

infemc m multa crocea capil- ^-Tte^Sr^y Si ^K^mtr KafT^^ J\ 

lamenta fibratur ; Cliqua , ceu <ycr<z^ tJV yj^.^vtiSbf ^mrn^^ 

corniculati papaueriSjtenuis, u^i^i * lULny^^o^ l>$itmoi ^^ l^ 

in metse figuram longa^ in qua m^jualiu ^eiZpvct ^mvos^iai 

femen papauere maius reclu- ^^ o ')^>^^ ^y^^ iw^m t^ 1- 

ditur. Succus in ^reo vafccii 4*i^^ ^ ^KySi^r a^^d- lo 

melle prunis decofius , oculis yjt>v k^mt^n ^a^f o^vJh^jua^ , 

claritatem adfert . Foliis, cau- ^Ki^i-TuxJi T^i^v^Xeczajyfi^ 

le 3 radice ^ fuccus exprimitur ^cf^o yutp^Tro^ ^ of^p^pov B^- 

ineunte ^ftate ^ & ficcatus in e^vfynau^^cu^/^wij» (r/ja,7tai 

vmbra digeritur in paftillos. kva^TrhJi.oc^^m.iJl fii^a 'mo^ 

Radix cum anifo & vino albo fjU^ ov>y kn^^ v^ o/Vw Uvyj!^^ ^ 

pota ^ medetur regio morbo^ hTZetJcov^ ^^mvei yjl tpm^ 

& vlceribus quse ferpunt : im- 'm"K^ y^-Ttt^xct^.f/^a crtjuj 

pofita cum vino ^ aut mandu- olfvcp IJbVTaKyia; li <naiH JioL" 

cata demium dolorem fedat fuao^fjSp}** JbyM J\ eovofjui^ 

Hoc nomen fibi videtur ven- ^xtJivtovyl^c^Ji cLua, tsu^ yi^ 

dicafle , qubd aduentu hirun- KtJim (pcuvofjSpaj^ kyatpviTOj, ^ ac 

dinum exoriatur^ & difceffu >ot^vm^J% m/iJLrm^K/jJ.^H, 

emarcefcat. Sunt qui narrant, vm J\ t^qaaaj? 0f W 7tf tv- 

hirundincs matres exc^catis (pKcd^^^^r^v ^ ^KtJivo^ vtoomv^ 

puHis^admotaherbavifumirc- ^ WTsp^i- *nr^<7^i^vmt t^ 

ftituere» '^ctyjZvw t mi^a>m uuth^ 
CheKdonium minus. UpXoaJoyi^f^ ^Kp^. %$. 

Cap. CCXII. Kg<?). <TiC\ 

Chelidomum minus, quod XiXiJbvtov 'jouiulv 5 0? J^ 

triticum fylueftre aliqui nun- Trv^h &^mv c^iKt<7m^ y 0o^ 

caparut^ herbula pediculis ab Wwy V^v ojc xJ^v ct^/>- 

faqicegedensjfine caulc:foliis T^^my^ ht^^Kovyj^uy^oi^ xjs^ 

hedcr^, ' . ^iJ^^% 

LIBER II" 154 

^foiH^^^r^f^^ePi^ ^ f^^- hedera?, multo rotundioribu^, 
hov itcu iMKfoT^e^Ky ^ ^m- & minorib Veneris^& fuppin- 
e/t^Ttai -^Ki^e^t^ '2^2;^- guibus: radices habct ex eode 
AtJWoy • pi(^a; J% l')^ oifc tS <S2/- callo coplurcs.pufillas^ in gra^ 
^rkijuy^ki m-^.kc^&tr^ 'Ttu^ norutriticimoduaceruati c6 
5 p« j? ff^mf/^c^' ^^^ ^* ^m 3 geftas:quar5 tres aut quatuoif 
T&^psi- hj^t fjm^cu Tna^^' inlongitudineexeut.Iuxtaa- 
mcu . <py£w J^' '7ra§* v<^m^ quas & lacus nafcitur.Vis ei a- 
'nhfjuicrt^, t^ AtIw </bW cris^&anemonesmodo^fum- 
/^iy i^^tuMdj^ ^ 'Ticte^^KntncUf i- ma cutem exulcerat: pforas & 
yg^^y^ ?x;c6y£nzi? T^ c/^n^i - fcabrosvngues eximit.Succus 

10 yticjM^-^e^'^ ^'/maw^^iKt^ radicib^ expreffus ad purgan- 
€^v^ k^mm . cd M ft^cu ^^ du caputjUarib^ ifunditur.Dc- 
M^w ^lKTtfjcat ^^finy)^- coftueiuscummellegargari- 
mcL? /u^T^ fjiihiTQ^ ^tfS^ K^^?' zatumjmagnifice id prceftat,& 
mvwi^coSls. omniapedoris vitiaextrahir. 

n^/ Q^mc. Ke^. (^Fy\ Othonna. Cap. CCXIII. 

^5 Obaymol i^ f^ctm ^ymya^ Othona alig. maioris chelido 
K^ '^sihm yjJKlv Svcu* oi <tiy nia? fuccii effe aiut^quida glau^ 
yXcajx/ov.olJi.Th^ Xj^e^vnJhr ci),Alij fuccu florib^ cornicula 
myjOiyQ^^TSv iv^y ^>^^v*^ ^- ti p ap aueris expreffu. Alij p er- 
vm M s4ym kva;yt»^iJbs -m^ miftos coerule^ anagallidis^hy 
^UJcuficLs yJjLvomi^v i^ ^m- ofcyami, & papaueris fiiccos, 

^^ Cyoi- yoKQv . 01 Si ^07^n$ Tfc^Ko effe cotedut. Ahj troglody ticas 
tPoTJzJi^ 'nyh > n Tt^ o^na ^- cuiufd a herb^ fiiccu^q otho na 
x«7ai> mcu ^xh^i^v^^^ <r^ vocat: nafciq; ea in eo Arabise 
iju^ K^ u» T« ^T* cuyu^^ov ttzdiu^qui ad y^gyptuipefiar. 
ke^CiiiXyet M-rd ^vTO^ci z/j^d Othonnafoliis eruc^^foratis 
^ l/>(^£p>i^7reAy^»7« S(X^ cti- cribri modo, & veluti a tinea 
s f,rrQyjom , -^(peifdL y cKt^(pv?^ciy derofis ^ iq,ualore obfitis, pau- 
^v^^ J% ipipi ^om^Vy^KcLTu^ cis : flore croci^latifolio:quar-c 
(^v>};oy* oQiv tA^cOf oMi^vyi^ ^daanemonesipecieeflepu- 
kuii 7iv\^eiJhf Svcu.^^vKi^iw tauerutlxtraftis fucc® oculo- 
'J\ Kcu H^ 7^ i(^bd.>,fjuy^ oTray ru medicametis adiicitvbi ex- 
f^arrmy^^feiv J^Mdvact^ kou purgare eft op^cmordet eni 8c 
- '^TA ' abftergQt:; 

abfterget omnecaliginejqii^e ^n^iTit-m amay^olhm^ xjS^iu^ - 

pcuJis offunditur .Tradunt hu- hjTrrjm^-^cm^.t!^^^ ^^ya x^ i5- 

more queda ex herba emana- '^ucna^ km}^m tSV ^otuvh^^^y 

re,q. elotus, femotis calctilisjin ^Ktwca/T^i ^ ^ei^^T^^ r Kt 

paftillos ad eade digerir. Aiig, ^v-iCLycc7rKdo:r^m '^oyvr/.M^izi^h 

tame affirmat^Iapide efle i^gy t^ ctwmXyiQt Ji (pctm cotr Ki- f 

ptiUj in Thebaide nafcenrem^ ^v Svcu cuyCwov \v fA^Cdi<h 

exigua magnitudine, ^reo co-^ '^veoySpov , Ti^Kyco^nv ^ iM^ph 

Jprejguftu cum feruore quoda tS fu}^^^ i^mvT^ r yivm 

& adftri<3:ione mordaci. (j(^ Tn^p^^a^ iy gv-^^d^m 
Auriculamuris.Ca.CCXIIIL n^fiM-JofeSr^v. Ki<p. ciJf. 

Muris auricula^quam myo- Mvl^ Srsi%l ifi ^xvo^ ojTt^ ^^ 

fotida vocant, herba eft cauli- y^x^m^ctvim ^tgjjhi^ imi ^d^ 

bus pluribus ab vna radice^ a- ^i^n^ ^KHoya^^ \^v^z$ t* ko^ 

liquatenus abimo rubetibus, 'm^v i^ mKksr^vTXct''^ omtuM 

& concauis foliis anguftis^ob- im im ^voljpS^^y l^Tm^TTii^Lu} 

longis » dorfo acuto^ elato^ni- t^vlu ^Kcu/i?ov-r^^km Jio ^ 

gricantibuSjpcr interualla alsi- ^vKo-m ojt JictgviuATt^v. «f c|y i% 

due geminatis , atque in mu* arm^Kn^ynt.c/it^uiw -n nwoL 

cronem definentibus, Sc tenui y^cwuol hi r iuct<^KZv'i(p' %v kv 

bus caulicuHs ex alarum finu ^Kia yMctvi^Qvlci uiyj^k ^f to. <? 

^. prodeuntibus: flofculo^vt ana- hctyD^iJh^yi^ct q MKivMi li 

gallidis , coeruleo : radix digi- m^^^lynscjs. ^KKdl- k^TroCKet^ 

talicrafsitudinejmultis capil- ffi^.Ka^K^ii^V^vcujoict ^'yricc^:^ 

Jamentis fibrata, Radix illita TS(r/oxo775vJ^f/<i>.^(foTS§««a ^l 

afgilopia fanat*Sunt quialfi- Kiosr^v izw-m^ yi fildt, K£tlci^Kc& 

aen^muris auriculam vocitat. S^ciou cuyKd^mccjZ^.Tm^ o ^, 

Glaftum. Cap. CCXV* rr^) t^^jv. s/. v.^^.L 
Satiuu glaftu^quo infedores laa.^n^^-JijuA^^c^^ ? o/ ^cn^eis ^l 

lanaru vtuntur/oliu habet pla ^^'Vnu 0v>Koy %^ ctfvoyKeof-' 

tagim fimile^veru pinguius ni- m £//?>^k*x;^p&T^oy jj Z) je^?- 

griusqjtcui^ caulis duu cubito- hctpr^.^ov^y^Kcv 5' \s^M7rj^')^v. 

ru altitudinc excedit. Illita fo- JtjMo^ ^ n^ (pvK^^a KaTct-TrKu^ 

lia tu.cnores omn.eis dilcutiunt^ To^i/S^ct 7m oiiviyu^ Jiai^cfeiyy 
' criienta ^ ;^. 

LIBER II'. n$ 

t^ ^iwsL-m- % %m,uct 7f caii/a^ cruenta vulnera gmtinant/an- 
•7« ;w;yA2i'. cu^l^cf)^a; ii<dK^ guinis proflimia fiftunt^ ignem 
xw, JC5W ^cty^Mfi/Jo yJ^ h'^^- facrum , phageda^nas ^ putre- 
w^l^v(n7A-t.arm 71 K^ (m:^i* fcentia vlcera5& qu^ ferpunr^ 

; m ^e^^Tfei^- fanant. . 

5 np i:7:*77c/b^ a.^ci:^.Kif. cr//. Glaftu fyIueftre.Ca.CCXVL 
l£;a7i^ kydn^-Trc^^-^hi^JiciZcpz Sylueftre glaftu fatiuo fimilc 
T? ^ hjj^^(^u>Xci e;5^ i-tfi^^- efttfolia fert maiora ^ laduca- 
ycd ^^ Ttt -? Sjpf cAix^^^^xoii" ceis proximaicaules prftenuex 
Ki^^oTif^i 'TTohv^ M^ \dfO' mulrifidos^quadatenus ruben. 
^jjsr/s^ijjyT^ || ctxp» ci<7^ ^hi tes:in quoru cacumine follicu 
20 ^^ yK&ojDSiS" ^AXot i/Troiif^'- li multi dependet^ quanda lin- 
fjidfj^oi^iv cTs- 7^ ain^^yux^cu^i guarum enigiem referentes^in 
AoJA/yoy ■hi^>hJ^ci^j -?« ^x»- quibus feme flore tenui^ luteo. 
•7« 1? Ctf^Ji^^^iiipa^a^ ;^cc7X» £ade q & fiipra didapra^ftat: 
m^i 'mvofuvnKj yJ^u^Kctojr>/4 potu & illitu lienofis auxiliat. 
fiu ^npme^k K£^.^£?^^'. Telephiu. Cap. CCXVIL 

^ Tjjxl^ioy.^j^Tsx^TcT^ovX^.oir Telephiu herba portulac^ 
r^ tS ;!i^^w eoijcs;^ o^^^^kyrA' fimilis ^it^?^ caule^Sc foliis : a- 
im^Ka^t^v Jio wap* ?;^ccv las binas in fingulis folioru ge: 
^w^r <^v>Km %u(pvo.</Spa^,^ k^\ ni cuKsjann e ft it^ramuli a ra dl- 
Zv xXmic^ 5-'. S ^.kTTo w p/^>f5' ce ieni feptenive prodeun t/o- 
^A»p (p J>\?. fi>y yjjck'jo£iS(^-/^i m-^ liis referri coe rul eis^ cr afsis^ le- 
^m% K^ yKixfm' ^ crcifiwMyy tis^zc carnofiSjflore luteo^aut 
aJl^^ufhjyct it KivyJ,(^'krd!j. A cidido.Nafcitur inter vites, 3c 
p9 k^uTnkZcn y^ ^7ri>i> IfyiTi-- locis cultis vere.FoIia fenis ho- 
(10 li %c£e9^.^p^7nvei Si ysj^- ris illita albam vitiligine fanat: 
'ffKdL^mykici Tw {^yMcc hm S^et^ fcd poftea hordeacea farina 
e| KivKluv*M cfe' ^^ TmJTct cl- ilHni debet> perunda es 
ij. fMiKvcm ^^^.cu^i ^ K^ kK- aceto etiam in fole vi- 

^ qiOv$ am^t^y^Tct aiuj Q^ il» ^^ tiliginetollunt^fed 

rd(^^iA fj^ Tot ij(^ li amiyi^i . vbiinaruerut, 

UfjjsuijuTikm-i^* abftegutur, 

, 7iK<^ fdpCm <hv7ifii* Finislibrifecundi. 

n£AA- PEDA- 




Anazarbei de medicinali ma 

lo^I^ueUioSueponefi inter^retc. 

charifsime A- 
tariiSj tradidi- 

mus de aro- 

maiibus^vnguentiSjOleis^ arbo 

ribus3carufrudibus& lachry 

miSjitede animalibus ^ cerea* 

libus^oleraceiSj & herbis acri» 

moniapr^ditis.Inhoc autem 

terrio radices^ fuccos, femina, 

herbas, & quae vernacula^& 

inter fe cognata cefentur^ 

qu^que pluribus fcatent 


Agaricum. Cap. L 

Agaricum radix fertur lafer- 
pitij fimilis/edfacie fuma folu 
tior 3 S:rariorefungof6q;to- 
ta contextu. Duo eius genera: 
foemina, qu^ prrfettur, reftis 
intus venarum difcurfibus c6- 
ftatmas rottindus eft,& vndi- 
que compadior.Vtrique guft^ 
initicKlulcis, mox ex diftribu- 
tionein amaritudinem traniit: 

KiOr AI02K0PI- 

^iX7WT£ Af «S 

Q/i ^imiwro} ^T(d\csFaj^*^my 
^^pt^m Kcu^himA7Zi>y k&I 
^'mZy Kcu cmffjf^TCipy ^ cvu^ 
<^^6>^^m 7^ Koe (pafua.'jaifMy Iti^^ 

np AyapK^, Kg^. a ; 


(p^yif^ ov 7TV}U/b 'AiJ cniK^cweia^ 
(h^ 75 (nK(piovy cL^cua; J^ Vgjf 
oKit*iS7 ch To ^> aJUT^ ct.ppg;*'?^ 
Ji^^^tKv^TdV <hei(^i^ei TO '^KV %^ af 
^V KTijcfbyd^ cAJ^oii; oyTci". t6 

^Srgy sxjjjL(^ukuy(.v(S{^^ kii^hri 
fd o.uoiet yjlof;^^ ^'^yKvyJ^ov 
T^y mal| kyaJi^ci^^lJt^Kpci^ 


tlBER Ilt n^ 

^ysiTUJL Ji (^*T? a^A^ c^ gignitur in Sarmatia? regione^ 

^-nik.-hk-pun Ji ol jS^^v^ qu3f Agaria dia t Sunt qui ra- 

ft^a// Bivcu^^nvif Ji of >ms ^\l- dicem effe plantas aiFirmet:aLj 
p(6fi7 -mf Siji^m y^^ 07.-^? yn - Vt fungos nafci in arboru cau- 

^ ^V^ ol fxiium^', o^^vStiw dicibuSj quada putrcdine. Gu 

^JiK^oi rl^ K^ 'lim kmm yi^a- gnitur in Galatia Afia?,Sr Cili- 

ridL /sl xAKrAjdL om imy^.S'^m^ cia^in cedris/ed friabiie^& in- 

c^^vTiioy uSp 73; y^ k^A^^ firmum.. Adilringedi calfacie- 

HhJj ^ TZii JiuidfJ/ ^Q^ ^:^;- diq^ naturam habetiefficax eft 

xiov^^^ucc9vxoy'7rototwr2^^ T coutra tormina, cruditateSj.6(r 

q>o(poi^ K^ o^juo-m-m^y^vyuctTd rupta:prodeftitideconrufis>& 

7? iy '£d,uciiuMoKZy Jt J)jq7v ab alto deuolutis. Daturduo- 

*^>S^^ MofjSpo'i ^jn ohofU' bus obolis in vino muhb^ fe- 

hiTos' ATiv^i.ioi? * -TTi/plojown cTl brim non fentietibus: febricu- 

IfS yifiU^ijitb. Kcu Y^mtTiy^i Jt loiis verb^i aqua mulfa.A.rqua- 

2| oL^^tiyjys-iK^ UTieiom xsf^ tis quoq^/ufpiriofis, iocineris, 

J^cnmewHi^ ij v'4i^%myjn^ 4^ renumq; vitio laboratibus^dy- 

^ '^aov^vtn^i^ C^etyjs^ wjipx^ fenteri cis. Ite fi vrina ^gre red 

y^xjo^icrj^ < LJ^M^or(^bi datur^fi vulu^ ftrangulatus vr- , 

mxoii Ji u^T^yKuylm* cmKit- geat^fi pallor membra decolo 

ytioilf Ji uAT o^vfjiihiTofy if ^^ ret> drachma vna dari folet : fi 

(^^Hjoli of/hi (fiauctoi^f^oy tabes infeftat, ex paflb : fi lien 

yjjt Y^TctnrriOfj^oy ^ uMPcy^ i- negotiii exhibet>ex aceto mul 

ao y^ov cm^otpovu^ov. o^joic^ /& fo;fi diflblurio ft omac&i eft^ita 

^ o^vf^iyfnZcny ^ Hgi/im cTv^ 4- vt cibi teaax no fit,maditur^& 

fwtTci- kyctjiayA^y cxyj) /mci>^6^ fine ylla humoris forbitioe de 

Kov uff vjk.70^ KuuCcii/6f/Spoy. uoratur. Simili modo acida ru 

mtiKcu^$l^cdy iLcucifbpm ftatibuSjPpinat. Sagqinisreie- 

^ySuAT^. ^x^ cmKif^oi ^T dione^ fifHt»tribus ;obolis ex 

i^ o|y/^/7?!^ KuuCdj/ouSpoy -li 7~ aqua fiiptu. Facit ad coxedicu, 

croy ^hS^rkyet Ji ^ IfjfjJjjjn^ & articuloru doIores> & comi 

Xfici wi^u-m^put-TovL^ejui v^ tiales morbos, fi cu ac^to mql 

^e^iiyujicu^iij^tiiKi^gTo^ipy foparipodereaflumantrmefes 

MwKmJiKcu fi^>.^ ciet:foeminis,quasiflatiovuluQ. 

w amtmcM^ffic^ SiS^oy • vexat vtiliter ^quali mpdo da- 

^- ' tun. 


tur.Horroresfoluitdamm air- }(^^fH ^ yJa myJajf < i; 
xc febrium acccfsioncsraluuiri % . ^Ttt fjmKatp^rov m^/o-. 
purgat drachma vna aut alte- ^oy- ?s7 cTl %at ^mn^i 
ra^ fi cuni aqua mulfa bibatur; ''^mih^m m*^ ^iij^-ni? < 
vcnenorum antidbtum eft de- fiM Q}cm Keifjt.£a^6,(d^po^ • kcu 
narijinftarj cum dilutapotio^ ^^r I§m7z»/ /*e ntKvr^? y.£u ^ 
ne fumptum : fi ferpetes i<ftum J^^fjucm^ohxiTei&CoKou /^«t* 
vibrarunt 5 morfiimque fnh&'- Qmvmof^oy ^YibS^^xa} y^~ 
xerut,tribusobolisexvin6p6 ^kov <s^i/d qj^to^ Tmrti, 
tu^mire auxiliatur . In fumniaj -3*5« ofmt^^^ ^^ <^tiuai^j 
intemis omnib^ vitiis couenit; Kcu»Ktxjdif i^H^oy ^ & ^ 
pro viribuSj & aetate datu^niic /^d"' v*/^""»^» ^^ S%^t q%ov^ i^ 
ex aqua^nuc cxvinOjiis ex ace ok i^e f-ST* o^omhiT^i % ^i- . 
to mulfo^alijs ex aqua mulfa. KiHfAjov. 

Rhaponticum. Cap. IL *n^} P2. Ke^. ^V 
.Rha^alicui rheu^ Latjni rha- VdL^ol «TV pSov }(£f.Koil(7j^ •>^- 
ponticum vocant, prouenit in vZtoj of lU^-vS^ ^ojmo^y 70^ 
iis^quis ftipra Boiphorum funt ™> , oStv kcu yjo^lii^t . pi^^z rf 
regionibus^ex quibus affertur. - (jiKojya ^ y^'>/TTweio> tS p^y^^ 
Radix nigra^centaurio magoo k(o ^oinqa ^ u^tKpoTip^: //^ 701 
fimilis/ed minor & rufior/un j'^ ov^si^Sr^d^ ^ioauoS', p^- 
gofa^aliquaritu kuis^fihe odo- j-zf, <^yj>v<^oi. t^ M oju^ KpdL^ 
re.Optimu habetur^quod tere 77^7 7^ '(mp<Kyi<^v > '^l»^/- 
dinesn5>fenfit,figuftatucum %?oV "7? v^-m-.TbjjyZmi ^'j^ 2,6 
remiiraadftridiorielentefcat^ ctyf<^'»i^'vU6J5^y€/i6t4^£toj)4- 
maducatumque colore reddat ^y tis \my§^o^ acu yj>oyJ^of *]rt^ 
pallidum^aut ad crocu incEna ai^ 7% ^6(julv . Jloiii Si 'm- 
tem.Id epotu facit ad inflatio- vof^v ^^ c^^^ivtvpuiTtia&i^ 
hcSjftomachi imbeciHitate>& ^f^^v^krovim^^b^y^fjUL ^m^ 
omne gen^ doIoresyadc5uuJ- 7om'^ajyi<jp.a7^^m>lujmv?^ii' i^ 
fa^ lienofos, hepaticos, tormi- Tizfnxjov^^n^Pf^iTiyjov^y gpocpQVfjA-. 
na aivrium^veficf &"pedoris yov^^ Kou^i ^ ^$7v Kcf^ b^~ 
vitia, aduerfus inteta pcordia, i^y^ xsi xm^vS^um oj> t^- 
& viiln^ maia^coxedicum do- ms^^teu 7^ q^v^^v mS.^ 
loreSj fanguinis excreationes, "^ /t^^ishf^ cu^TOi '^Bucret^y 
fu^irisy a.^^7u^ 

Sc&ui7«,M;>^f,A^y7«ezW> fufpiria,fingukdyfentenas & 
»)/?j«;£^^ J^c^^.K^ ^iJ^^^y cc3eIiacoru affeaus,contra fe- 
^ W^y J^y(^'7d.J^H^ i- brium circuitus.Snrenenatoru 
^iWTSi^^e^yuTise^f e<^^v morfus.Datu$m fingulis vale- ^ 
^^^,ri SujT^oug K^i^oi;^ tudinibus eode, quo agaricum 
V :f&cifS^^' A^-t' ohm^^^ .^ pondere,& cum eifdem Iiquo 
kTiv^i^trTnj^osr^im J% ^ ,t«- nbu$:fifcbri careant.in mulfo; 
u^^T^sro^^mim^ ^ >\yx^i-, fin aliter^ex aqua mulfaifi tabe 
mTxluum7i mr o|:;^x/7cr^- experiuntur^ ex paffp: fi lienis 
^ VJWK Qi Im JidLua^o^fJUi' exercet,in acero mulfo. fi diflb 
m K^ y^-m^vof^ov.l^J^n^ v- lutio eft ftomachi, id cft cu ci^ 
xo -^oZim^o^ov^ii.cuiei <h\ itcu bi tenax non eft,manditur, & 
mKiifJui^ K^Kety^as ^r 0- fine forbitione vlla deuoraruri 
|ot^ y^rA^t^y.% (^uyu&vh liuentia lichenasqj toDit/u a- 
OTfc^ra^ Jta;^ ^i^nias ^ ^J^ <^^^<^ iUitu^ inflamationes .. om- 
m7^^^K€tosi^o%i Jihcd' neis veteres ex aquaoblituni 
^.'Ttdhjjii Jimyui^9^7^0ji^ (iJi^ difsipat.fumma eius vis adftriii 
15 li nrtxB^ ^iuaaja^. . gens.cum aliquanto calore. ; 

U^^uUrha^^f. Ks^ >'. Gentiana. ^ Cap. III. 

nynoyjt </bx« /J^ -im ^- . Gentianse inuetioprima at 
^v c^f^m Tiy-pJb^ ^ I>Ay- fignatur Getio Illyriorum re- 
eiSv ^ctffJKi&i,a4' t K^T ^Tna- gi,a quo cognomcntu habuit; 
yviAoj^ ?5;j) w.«V 7?^ pv>Xci 7** Folijs partim proxime radiceg 
i ^ ^ <Z3€?V T« pi^»» 3£^§:5^ S ipyo- iugladi planta^nive fimilibus^ 
yMos!i> o^ict \^ifi^ci^TDi J\ fubrubrisj partim a medio cau 
i¥ fdm tS K^hTd^ X5" f^M^ ie 5 & pra^fertim iuita cacu- 
Tri ^TSxpoy lj({574lyi«;w/xf S^* mcn , paulum diifeais : caule 
^xS^ A^ mof^KSof 70 ^;;^^ cauo, & I?ui, digiti crafsitudi* 
Jdi.KTvKis^TiJiiicfJi^m^^y)/ lie^genicui.ato y & ex interual-. 
^5 ykffj fhiKn/u^iya^^ oic Jiotg^i^- lis maioribus foHato , binuni 
itoy (letloym ^yA^o^ m fsepe cubitor"um : femine jn ca 
^v».<t'}(g,f7tiy'jtp(6)yoy)(^Kvii lycibuslato fine ppndere, glU 
^ ^KdmjiyXjCtv^f^oy^cc^^^^^eiJify csS^ mofo , fatis ad iphondyli ic- 
liy «rS afoyJuKn'' filay ^y^h^ liien accedentc ^ radice lon - 
i^k» kitf^Ko^et TH fcfic/^f i gse ariftolochise/rafra^amara; 

f >[a£citrit 


Nafcitur in fublimibus mon- m, ')^djf^m^cw,^'9*Srm <M3? 

tiu iugis^vmbrofis lo cis>aquo- v^i^h^i^T^^PUi k^td^^cui^ ^ mj^ 

jGsque. Vis radicis excalfado^ moi^ ^nmn^ kcu i^vi^i^^ 

tiz^Sz adftringens: contra mor t.m)(i.yuv ii e;^ » \iZj^ ^^^ 

fus ierpentiumVduabus dra- mhu^<;ir7?tiyJjjij*^y^ ^\^:^ 

chmiscumpipere^mta, &vi- ejtoHyjni^ mvl^oi^Yi < 0.ii^ 

■no pota^ auxiliatur. Extradi ^x^^^^ ^Jut-mTr^TiiQta»^ ^ -^- 

fucci drachma> laterum dolo- yaimj^-mi ma^.n^X yjuhlcr^sL 

ribus, & ex fublimi deturba- Tz^f Imv < a. x^u -s^ir ScA^V 

tis3ruptis5& conuulfisjprodeft: ^xsi^gSy» xfit) TrliuMm^ pW- 

hepaticis & ftomachis , pota t^ ts xcu ^omLcixdmM^^iii^ 

c\xm aquaiubuenit.Radix col- ^ Y^wtTi^i^^ mj ^^-^^^m^m la 

lyrij modo fubdita^partus eij- yo/^^w^g^* vi^Ttii^l^^irKH '^ 

cit : impofitajVt lycium^vulne- e//c^py6£ » pi^a myui^i^vmy <m^ 

raria eft, & vlcerum cunicula- $7^^V 6S7 «fe £f TidvyuaLitv^ 

tim depafcentium mcdela.Suc hmti^y^-A m^ xteoy, w?- 

cus prsecipuc eodem cfiFeftu vojt^v T^lhyJSvltu^uai^Kou f^^ 

prodeft : oculis inflammatiov. x/^ 'sra ^hjaucc^ Jt^h^pbtiK^y i^ 

ne laborantibus illinitur : pro im')^i<rp.dL<^KiyimmT^% yu^ 

.meconio coUyris acribus im- ytvw Aii^H^Ti J^pifi^u tzSV 

.mifcetur, Radix vitiligine abC- KO^.veim Ti^htiJ^ct olvtj m- 

tcrget . S ucci , ex trahendi ra- mmv^Qp '^i^ kk^m o^azvaM 

tio hsec eft:.C6tufa radix quin » pC^-X^-^CO d^^^^^^^iy 

que diebus aqua maceratur : ^oL^^jac^ vMv c^nfdpct^ L 2/2 

poftea in eadem tantifper de- Stti l-vj^^^-ra oy 70 vJkv^ ct- 

coquitur , dum extent radi - pg/^ rf^y <^^im eu p^cuy kcu 

ccs:&vbirefrixitaqua.linteo fwri Ti^i^^^JJ^cu 75 iicfc>pc/>- 

excolatur : mox difcoquitur^ y^-m cftf' o-Woy -W 'i-ifiTux 

dum mellis crafsitudo fiat^fifti 'i;)^ii Ilv 'fpyrm fuKiTmii^ t>( 

liquc reconditur. (njgaa&i.}uu amv^Tsu afo<^ci ^ 

Anftolochta rotunda, mq> kyyn^^ 

Cap. III I. JJp Aet^Ko^as ^oy^ 

Ariftolochia nomen ex eo yjyji^* Keip. c/l'. 

£bi adoptauitj qubd exiftime- A^i^Ko^a &vopui<^'^h7ro'r, 

tur,op time pueijis opitulari. ^krMv Aa^pdm r ?so^cu^. 
Tria Ijj 

tlBER IIJ* J58 

^n i0M gpa-^/pvhn^ ^W Triaeiusgeueratfadjint.RP^ 
s^^u^yi , <pv>^ct M;^ }u<T'- tpda.q foernina vocaf/pliis he 
cviSylAjdJ^ ^'Ttt ^fi^vviTo^y dcraceis pft.ati odo^e cu scri- 
' * ' monia^mollibus^iubrorundis^ 
multi§ ab vua radice germini- 
bus^plogisq; palmitib**: florib^ 
cadidisjpilei fiiBilitudirie i qb^ 
quodnibru eft^graititer olet; 

6ioy€i TTix/^x^^j 75 cf'e of auTii^ 
KfcS» ,Ki(p. L 

yJhii$'KKmict M7?6t ci^ amb^" 
?rB^7r\ȣ?7^y^ye'72tt.pl^flt J^ tJV 

i^ IJiei^C^V^kfz^ori^cu Ji 7a^\ 
^ ^cLi ^HfOlifcii-iKl^PiiLiy^pKotlv I 


Gap. . . V. 

. Longa^mafcula appellatnrji 

nonnullis daftylitis , longiorc 

quam rotunda folio: teniiibus 

rardulis^dodratalib^: fiore pur 

pureo^ grauiter plete^quimar 

cefcens in'pyri fimilitudiaem 

turbinatur . Radix rotundae^in 

orbe conglobata , rapi modo^ 

Long^verb radix digiti cralsi 

tudinem5& dodratislogitudi- 

nem impler^ nonunqua paulo 

maiore.Amba? colore int^ bu-^ 

xeo.guftu amaro^& gf stii» 

Ariftolochia clematitis. 

Cap. VI. . 

Eft etiamnum tertia longa^' 

quae clematitis vocatur^ramLi- 

los habens tenues ^ refertos fa 

liis fubrotundis 5 minori fem- 

perviuofimilibus: flores ru- 

^^ ^ — T- 'v^^ ,T'"— - tae : radices longiores , tenue% 

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diora : caule non promit^veru ?;^ , i^x' isp W ^a t5 /<?ff5y 
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mendat: erodentibus medica- ^^p« /u^ ^(pov;^$ 3W«* rjuyh^ 

mentis admifcetur : phaged^- 'i w^ }hviwi(n r cta^^cu^J^ r^ 

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nigri figuram habet . Nafcitur ^Ktwi ^fWKkow^^v^inmM Ji ly 

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Veneris, Cap. XIII, rT«e<^ A/^fitx^t/. K'i^. v^'^ 

Dipfacum aculeatarum ge^ A;4c£;w^ w oi<$w-^&*^ 

ncris eft:cau!em habet altum, i^ aljTyr ys^hki H ?^. j54*^xw. 

' ipinis, . A'0^^. 

LIBER lil. ^j^ 

hm^^h^ i^ ^y >^ fit ^eiK-A^i- fpinis horr idum/olils IzEtncx^ 
m 'Tzv y^T^v /tf/4tf> ^iMiUy fpinofis.biriisgeniculafingu- 
J^So ^^"ii^gcv^vv^ ^f^i'^^ h compIetSfcnubus.prrfon- 
kK^^J^) yju hj-d. ci^^mm gis , ceu quafdam bullas intu& 
^lJL(poKuyL^ im fu(r/i$ w. \i^' ^ ^xtra aculeatas^in dorfi me- 
< 6>^5 ?cra>^'y T^ 7J1 t^G>^.v i^VTtt dio habpntifbus, concauo ala- 
Aw^^JVi^ , ^ icoiKiM <H^i- ^^^ finu , in quo imber aut 
ei^d J^So A^s^jjT^i/ <p:>?\X6)y& ros aiTeruetur: vnde dipfaci, 
^uJbL-TU hni T^v Jfomv y^ qnafi fitientis, nomen traxit. 
T^v otxC^m^ mj>X'^yeiv*G^v i^ ^ In cacumine caulis^fingula fur 
cvoua ^KYMm. W a.^ou A A culis capitula infunt , oblon^ 

^o y^Kov y^pcY^rAV h7ri(^v(rrj^yu&- ga ^ echinata Ipinis : qu^ are- 
(^coii iJUcizaiyM.ei l^m^ <fm[u/L fada^ candida fpeftantur, dii- 
ZM5- l^c^^dVis: • f «p^S^OTt J% fedaque meduUa tenus , ver- 
Kiom <pouviw* t;^ cf^ rji tTm- miculos oftendunt . Sanat ri- 
>ciin<i /^Ttt ukmv tIw i^-ne^i- mas fedis , fiftulasque ^ fi tufa 
m inju^^^cm. » m^A, H \i\cL & decoda in vino radix ^ vf- 

J5 5 im-m^ Qtw om k^^Uvib&crst^ que du fit crafsitudo cer:?,im- 
k^ Kjo-TrSijcty^ v^fia-mfKaQjzt 'm mittatur . H^edicametum ^rea 
^^ y -Tzii i^^ Jd>K7vKiif> fciy^JhL^ pyxide rccondendum . Aiunt 
y^ crJejLyyeis ^'n^M^yi^e^- formicatiombus , verrucjsque 
miv€i.a/^v^hvu Ji c/Wto (pof penfilibus femedio efle . Ver- 
/Mim ei$ :^zviv TTv^iJtL . (popi miculi capituloru in foUica 
'"^ojt yjl fiwpmiuZv hjTo £, kx/jo- lo alligap^ coUo aut bra- 
'^^Jovm ^ictua. Svcu, o^ o' tSV z^- chio ap pefi ^ pro dun- 

(^coSi^ (TJ^aKAYjcs ^^^/ji^6JcL lif~ turquartanisfebri 

Ji.oiA^ofj(^ nk^dLTtili^oi^ci- bus reme- 

^'x6> % ^^0Lyiovi^<^^iul^m 7i-* dio efla 

Ah^^ K^vzis (p\j^rm oj> %kyn Spina alba nafcitur in mon- 

£t vK(^J*c(Ji TOTToir ouXXat i^vijn, tibus & fy|u6fis: folia fert albi 

ycL^Kkov-n KivyJ^lu^pi^n ^<ri' cham^leonis anguftioraj& ca 

mnesi^O zjKiimn(cCy-C^ didiora ^ a|iquantum hi^ida^ 

(^a/cty^^Ja • y^Kov <^ JSo Sc aculeata:caulem fiipra bina 

* '^y^^y cubita 


cubita akum.poHicari aut am- m;)^^,<^.zTv\ov ^ji ^>4k J ;^ 
pliore erafiitudine : albicante^ iz^lovo^ 'nayc^^<^i.%vyiv^yjsm. 
iatuscauum: in cacuminc ca- ^^o^^v^ifTri^oviihmyji^a^ 
pitulum ineft fpinofum,echini xS 'm6^<^ ky^^ch^^ I;^'y6> 
xn^rini OTiulum/ed minus, & ba.KcL^(^ %^i^^^^^^h \Kio:m 
cbjongum; florespurpurei, in ^ -imfj^mi^ oj!^ ^ptpv^^ ^y f 
quibus femen ccu cnicum, fed JT^ td «zjlpAwt « ^- x.y/jc<3^, <;po-/yv-~ 
rotundius.Huius radixpota, Kcme>vM. TWwj5p/{^ot£^ 
coeUacis,ftomachicis,& iis qui ^^,-7^.1^ ^^ cu.^7^6iyji{^,go- 
cruenta extufsiunr, efficax eft: fjuct-^Ki^^^^mhicou^^ii-oye^ rt z/- 
vrinam cit,tumoribus illinitur. ye7, i^-niirKir^iyl # -a^^i^r o/cAf- 
Becodo eius dcntes in dolo- ^^ i^ ^ ktpk^^iuut SkajjjSs ^^ 
rccollui prodeft.Epotumfe- ^^Ss- Sc)j?mx>^ Wc/>^y. 
mcn couulfisinfantibus, & l (of^ov.iiJi c^Tj^mt^viJpoy^ 
ferpente demorfis auxiliatur: imJiotfam^yS^oi^^oa^.^l^ 
geftatumpro amuleto, ferpcn mToJ^aioi^ . <?>^' Ji tv ^V 
tcsabjgere traditur. ^ov % hm ^ei^ M^h. 

Spina Arabica. utei Ay^^^ ke^C^ ij 

Arabicam fpinam natura al. A^3rc ke^QtyJii hiyMo^ 7^0) 

b^fpin^ fimilem effe conftatr ^yW mcu JhK^Ti Kiv/JikyJ^ 

ipfa fiquidem ftringit . Ad fan- ^•^^«^ l^ ^V p5tm>«;^. 

guinis reieaiones , menfium J^oy ;c, ^pc^ dicL-p-^ iuimlo^ 

abundantiam, c^terasque flu- ^ ^^ tjKj ^ot^ ^51.^^775:^^0:^^^ 

siones radix etiamnum valet. ^ ft^a.Tiztei^^Kma^ hj^H 
Proucnitinafperis. me^^Sxo^t^^y. Ke^//. 

Carduus. Cap.XVL -^KoKv^^^^iy^^i^^u^^ 

Carduus , Gr^ci fcolymon Kiom^ i^ ^ xeyzJJ? ky^b^^^ ku^ 

vocant/oKa chamdeonisba- y>^'n^^^.Kai7i^^'^ ^ ^ydit 

bet 3 aut alb^ Ipin^, nigriora, ^^^^vk^i hUm'pa.^6v.^'7ru *f 

& crafsiora : caulem longum m<^v>Xm^i(^"%}u^^)i ky^^^- 

^dit,fofiofum,capitc fpino- JWrp/^^^y-jTs^u^Wmt;^^ 

fo: radice nigra, & craffa, quse ^f Jiyccui>' mSw^l^ 7^ e;^.y. 

Jilira^graueolentiam alarum Tds ^ uac>/Ka^, t^ -jiKomv 

tqtiusquc corp,ori5 cmcndat: aS^JbcZji^y^TU^Ti^uojoy^^. 
item ^ ^ 

xsfi i0s4*»Sr«5r3t af ctv0 yJj in* item fi dec6(9:aj in vino biba- 

yo^^yi- S.yei j% ovp^ ^sroMct tur . Copiofini autcm viinam 

jc$u Jhazoch.^j^^^ec kfTK^ms foetidamque expellit* Hcrha 

tSoGL , KcL^^w^m 1^^ &^cp cum recens tchercfcit^ in ole-- 

. kam.^-pi. ra^alparagi modOjtranfit; 

K$© /K Potcnum. Cap.XVll 

Tloviejtov^ /Ws^ cT^ y£y£^- Poteriumjoncsncuradavo 
Jt&y^Kovd^ ^^<>^V^ fjtiytiTy cantjlargefruticatjCorticcob- 
-KKma^ %^v fzazfoi^y ^Kdi^tk^ duAum tenui ^ Ipinis honidS, 
luoj^ 7Zi> JW^ , Ki^TrTDvs' y l/^^sgftfr lanugine fpilTajramulis longis, 
, iD TfcLyL'^^ , (^yat * ^;g?^, ^z^ moliibuis^lentis, tenuibus^ tra- 
^if^^oKo^ Ji hiti^oi md' gacandi3eproximis:foliispar- 
Ketw^Ki^TTiov^otwleidJ^^yX^ uis^ rotundis : flore exiguo^ 
tgiv ky^^J^i^y ci^^ fjuy^k^ candidi coloris: femine nul- 
Kiuy^^ ^pTO Ji"^ Kcu J^fifuujy lius vfus^fed guftu acuto & o* 
^;!gwy. (^ui-m ii \Ka>Jim yxu_ dorato. Nafcitur in aquofe, 

JS}^oKopoti ^^eiot^. f^i^ouji y- &collibus. Radices demimt 
^^retaj 'm-^^m Jio % Teimjt^^psu^ binum ternumve cubitoram, 
nv^oiJ^^r ^ TJn^ ^o^ TJ1 >« i- neruolas, & firmas: qua? pro- 
m^^tTaiyctitAtTi Mjipm Kou, xime terram recife, dantfiic- 
fxet o^m . yji^Treifizu Ji ym I- cum gummi fiinilem . Tufe^ 
^Tn-TKuS-^iTcu viv^m Jiayjo^f pr3?cifis nerub & vuloeribas 

%o Kcu Tt^v^-nt Ko>^Zai^ Kcu ro glutinandis illinuntur . I>eco* 

kipi^4^fzct J%avT7i mvofj^ovy ^um quoque eius ncnionmi 

Tdjinsi^rZ^hd^nmo^" affeftibus prodeft. 

/^'C«- ^ ^ Acanthium, Cap.XVnr, 

Titd km^ov. y Ki^. d. Acanthium alb^ fpin^ fc, 

Ah^^ov \u^ion Ttt (py^Xfl! €.- mile , foliis aculeatis per cx- 

H y^^T^ Kiv^ k>^^^WJ.y^0 tremitates, & lanugine ara^ 
Ji ky3J9^JHi l|o;^r,* oy cvK^ ncofa obduftis ) ex qua col- 
Kt-p^ov Kcu v^'^ tv nU^^ouy leda- & neta , veftes bombi- 
^^^jxCcacaHjiii * yvt-rtu . WTwi" cinis fimiles texunt , folia vd 
»p/{ac Kcu 'm<pv>KciyO'm^7o^ radices ad remcdia opiftho- 
WMr^onbS^m^A. toni bibuntur. 

Hsei Acan- 


AcahAus. Cap. XIX. mei Ak^^^, K^(p. if. 

. AcanthuSjRonxanipxdero- Aw-S^, » ^§^'w5«t-* <pys- 
tam vocantnafcitur in hortisj 'mof Tm^^J^ctsi^^i^ oy 'm^d" 
petrofis, & riguis : folia Habet hm^i^ m^i^i^i^ ^^iotrX^ $ 
multo laducaceislatioraj& 16 ^Xcs-nmpc^ «^yMrtVc^x^ ^ ^ 
gi or a, eruca? diuifura^nigtican yM^^pcL ^iMxjo^^l^/:^u cs^ t» ^ 
tia, pinguia, Iseuia : caulem bi- r hjlcofMiv v^T^^yuiKmfdL^ kmv^- 
num^ubitorum^digitali craf- mci*i(^>^o7Kmv^<Si'm.')^V'i'm^ 
fitudinejl^uem, prope vertice ^^ Mhtukov j ojo J)tfcgjj^7wj^ 
exinterualliscircundatumfo- ^^ t^ yj^pp^ tm^HKAi^ikm 
lioIiSjCcu nucamenta qua^dam (pv>xuetoi^ Ttm:,olovei Kt-rlcieioi^ 
oblonga refcrentibus/pinofis^ -C^u^yum^ kH^^chm/^lZv lo 
e quibus fios prodit albus: fe- li aihos ^uts^i^mKivxjov ' cm^' 
men pblongum^luteum: caput /^^ vsroAwiJc^riW^^^Tjiwy* Srt>pa3«- 
iJiyrfi fpecicRadicibus nititur <^i^ ^ i5 y^^ct^^ f /^oz c/^' S^tf cr- 
longisjmucofis, rubris, & glu- yhi^cu^uuldJei^^iuTrv^i^^ 
tinofis : qu^ vftis igni & luxa- Kpcu'cu Ttvi^ TwexK^^is x^ 
tis artubus illit^ fubueniilt: p o q>ifu^acrjy aptj^iioj y^T^^TroLh^T- ^. 
tse vrinam ciunt^ fed aluum co ao^au • mo^eu ii ov^ a^ 
hibent . Ruptis> conuulfis ^ ta- ^uny}^ miKicu/ l^m.'^ (pbtm^ 
bem ienticntibuSj mire pro- jm^i^ jyj^y^m •i^am.^cL^ > 
/unt. . . mhj^-mmv, 

AcanthusfylucfiriSi : nee^^ A^^ettf^ iW^^. 

. ' Cap. XX. :^ K2<p. /. i^ 

Nafcitur & fylueftris acan- ^r/j^sw cHe ^ ^ je/« eiy^^y 
thus/colymo fimilis, aculeat^^ oujoicL mcoKv/i^iky^^cht^^^pct^ 
breuior quamjatiiius^& is qui /^e^-' '^^ ^ 7mj*JAm^.^ x? iJ- 
in hortis^uenit:cuius radix ad ides^ Jtwciiiu Jiyjj /^ WTiif 
cade ad quf iiipcrior efFxcaix. ^i^^ oau i^ yiis^ sw^tSV. 
Anonis. Gap. XXI. Ili^Avm^^*, 

Anonis^quamaliquianoni- Ks^. xi. 

da app ellant/amos habct fru- Kvmif^ol Ji^ mmiS)^ ^^y- 
ticoioSjdodrantaleSj autpaulb <??> yxm^s am^incu^i yJlyjH^ 
maipreSj frequetibus genictilis ^oyt^-ybtt^MHM^^ 'mhv^SyaLToii 
cindos^ cauis alaru multis ca- ^ju^lo^ko^ t^vT^^ mn.ai^iu(^L, 

piti' Kidi 


LIB ER II L " 144 

htd ^ip^fn^ ipupidact ^icfky pitibusrotundfs/oliislcnticu- 

h.f^^a.jS^^ (puHjov y *sr^$ T^ l^-,tenuibus^pufillis^ad rutf aut 

w TmyiffQu t \cd7ou 70U Z^ ^f- pratcfis loti folia accedetibu^, 

T>yj>7rH^tf\ \smSti(7ioL ^ cAji^^ fubhirfiitis ^ odoratis, no iniu- ' 

<^yc ^^jcAsV olovm . kKpuixi^w M cundc olentibus . Muria codi- 

^ 'Sjjf^ rou ky^brxpvyiw* y{^ e- tur, antequa ipinofafiat^ cibis 

^ ^iigi^, t^un Ji ol iiKdJbt k~ gratiisima • Rami acutioribus 

K^bAs o^eittS:, (T/.oKQ-TtteiM^fii- ipiniSj& veluti ipicujis firmio- 

jW* * ^tj^ Ji hivyJjuu^^^fi&Jif- ribus horret: radice mittit can 

mlw^^K^^^iwnahjj-h l (pKoth didam^qu^e excalfacit^S: exte- 

mof/Spof mjjj oY)j(,> i Qv^ oiyet nuatthuius cortex ex vino po- 

jQ x^ ?d^i^ ^xjttIh 5 l^^f vza-s- tus, vrina ciet: calculos comi* 

ejpf^Tiei. kqn-^^^jo. -Ji o» S- nuitjmargines vlcerum erodit. 

^uKfATtp JC5W (JicUKulofSpii^^L Radix cu decoquiturin pofca 

m oJovT^y ts^^byei* dolorem dentium collutionc 

^ V ^ /^ mirigat . Decodum eius potu 

m^Mw^y^^,,. hjmorrhoidasfanarecreditur. 

^ Ks^. xs:. Leucacantha. Cap. XXIL 

^Mung^H^bek^y Tojjm » ft^a Leucacantha praedita eft ra- 
l^U xxfTreipcp^ mv^k^ 't^^^^-, » dice cyperi ^ valida & amara 
w ^coiiStr/TKt, ocAsyT^^^^^ct^ 5K£ qu^maducata doloremden* 
fduv^Tiu* IV iJ krm?i^ ajjf tium fedatzveterilateru dolo- 
(\wo7m HJJdi^ Teim ^Sr^j', ri^atqjifchiadicis prodefl^de- 
%0:^yibei 'liffMxjexTf^lli '^^ovioti^x^ . co&o cyathis tribus ex vino 
t^ctJiX£^7^y ^yryf/am^antoij^ot^^ poto. Eade Tuptis & conuulfis 
x&j 70 yi^JhZJif Ji Tjji^ ^i^d^y -m medetur. Radicis epotus fuc- 
kuTs: meimo^oiv. cus eofde prasbex effedus. 

n^/Tg^}ay^3rtr, Ke^, }ty\ Tragacantha. Cap. XXni. 

T^yaK^^-ji^u ^fy irKcL^ TragacanthsE radix lata & 
%^ reta i^ juKeicNf^tpauyofj^it Ji ^ lignofa, fummo ceipite niu- 
-CsS^y^i^kp^^x^xKAJhi-TziTreiyo^y tur, vndc furculos humiles 
*^?^h^^^^f '6 l^T^JTrzKu.K} W robuftos , latifsime fundit , in 
i/^TT^j/^^^Mieeflc^^Mrt^/^^Tttli quibus minuta folia^ muka 
UT^k kK^i^f i^y-m \y^v^ nonnunquam tenuia exoriun 
'^i^^a^m^ifumtfy^KiuyJs^y tur^qu^ fub fe ipinas albas^ 

'^- redasj 


rt&^s Sr &mas ocailunt . Eft ;^£9i>-, SpdstV • es7 M i ^t^^ 
ctiamnum tragacantha^lachry v^b^ii^m ^ \\^€ amlfin^ 

ma;qu2e^vulncrata radice ma- ^ayi^ cmnnjucji^atj^oyS^ J)uipi 

nanSjConcreuitPr^ftatpellu- ^^ ^ J)caoii^ x^KHic i^i^^x^ 

cens, gracilis^teuis, fyncera & y^btie^ x^vmyhsjw^. kuicc- 

fubdulcis , Cutis ipiracula^vt f^v'Mi^ opLXil^xifip^H ^~ 5 

gummi^obftruit. Huius incre- ^i^-^rxccgiKlu^.^^fft^ <fi- au^ «f 

buitvfusad oculorum medi- 'mc^^KLuyJ^yJl^^^^^f^ 

camenta, ad tuisim ^ exaipera- i^ ^s^^n^ ^ ofiii^icw ^ays- 

tas fauces^ retufas vo ces^caete- -m^m-i Ks^^pm^^r am)xxi m^^ ^ |, 

raique deftillationes.cuni mel- ^^ymii cj> cv^Keiz-m atw id~ 

le in delindu: fubdita qubque KiTt^cL^^x^hitjiTid rv-T^-n^^^ jq 

Ungufliquefcit^&inpairoma T3>xwanvi* ^'vstsuo' anmCpci^ 

defada^drachm^ pondere bi> ^tcc cv yKvyJi < i. ^hii^^y 

bitur^contra renum dolorem, ^^ n^^^m o<hwUu vjlyji<^.mi 

& veficse fofiones, mixto cbr- ^ip-, tiij^^^i hj-ns k^cSo> ^cc- 

nu cenu vfto & eloto^aiit fcxt ^«^ luv^dij^ ^ TnTrKv^j^^^ S 

fi aluminis momento. ^Trji^eliii %^^ oKty^f. i j 

Eryngium. Cap.XXinL meiHovY/hv* Ki(p.z^'. 
. Eryngium aculeatarum ge- Hp-JT^/oy ti^v clk^^S&j Igrj^ 

heris eft. Cuius folia in princi- S> <Jv ap^ Tst ^v>Xct Kctymiv'^ 

pio^file conditajia cibos f eci- «V ^udia^ injuvv^fjSpcu s^ J^g 

piuntur.iata autem funtj& cx- ^Kunct^^^fu^a 'mi Tn^i^^afeo^ 

tremo ambitu alpera, guftu a- f^v^ovTzt t^ ycvaBiydjv^^ajifQ^-. iO 

romatica . S ed vbi adoleuerut y^ Si. ky^y^ijvrm xjV ^kj^ovo^ 

circa coplures cauliu eminen- f|o;^r j^^KSviifp %y >^^ tk^^ 

tias in ipinasaculeatur.in quo- y^a v^^iKii 'Q^^cuesei<^s i^ 

lufummitatibusglobofacapi- y^^^ ^ui^Spct cos^k^^ 

tukjduraru acutilsimanimquc llvTti^ )di/jKO}^ a^Kvi^a^ ^ %v t^ 

Ipinaru ambitu ftellatim cir- ')^fj^ yKme^v^K^y^y^mo^ 2^ 

cuuallantuf/quoru colos alias J^ m yjjojfoiw c/vei(rAi7aji.fi^c& 

viridisjalias albusnnterdu coe- Jiamf^iyMf^ ^KctjHct^ yusKomid 

rulc* inuenitur.Iladix obloga, yC^iUi^ Qm^alfHOJsf^hJb^^vKiJj' 

latajforisnigra^ifiterne cadida, n^yJhizTJKov ^yiKovrii-miyof; 

poltcis crafiitudine, odorata. i»^?^ ^JiyA; £, cyd;/^??^»^?^. 
Nafci- fu^T^ 

tlBEit III^ i^i 

^viim S ^ ^diiii^ ZiUT^a^^cn Nafciuir in alperis & campc- 

^ms* Atwscurif'^i^^fW'' ftribus.Vim habet calfaito- 

TJidy' * mofijS^n ayet ;^ ou^gi ;^ rianx : pota* menfes & vrinas 

iMp^ifvciyqio^oi^ T^ i^ \ljiirgiuus^ pellir, tormina inflationesque 

^m^ Kifci-wTnzvxjiHfji ^^*- difcutit: contraiocineruniYi-^ 

j e^oJ^rKTCi^y Y^ ^dLo^^y ^Kn^ tiajferpentiii moriiiSj & haufta 

4^4s7Vy apuJ^ei Quj m'M mi-Ttu veneaa, cu virio prodefhBibi- 

H ^&ik Ttt 'T^Kii''^ QjM czipvKU tur adnerfas plurima cfi femi- 

vou ccT^p^,^^ < i^-Tc ^>S^$.U nis paftinac^ drachma vnarap 

^'^Hw M Zv (SexA-nloy^-A zai penfa iEitave^ tubercula diicu- 

y^TziTrKct^ijt/Jpit -, ^u^-m ^hctr tctc proditur. Pota cum hy-^ 

1 o 0;^H4i^^ Ji ixjT^^ ^mfj^n ^ dro mclite radix ^ opifthotoni^ 

V ^p\u/mto^^ o^marQTtiytiCDt^ IZw cis & comitialibus medetur. 

Axo» <?ti>Ao/ s;;^ a%v>K'A ^- Aloes folium fcilla? Cmilitu- 

^TA»57oy, mi')^ T^i^meh^^sm" dinem habet^crafium^ pingue^ 

15 '^^ciTy ^^^i^k, fiV ^wTTKm^ modice latUjrotudil^ retrojfus 

'/Xtd^y^^-Tf^p y^riqa JiT^fd pandurfolia vtrinqjex obliquo 

pj»'l^ 7^ <^yA\a£ ^ ^Kct-i^m i- longioribus interuallis ftrian- 

F^v ^iS) A, c^auSs- l^i^vTU^jtoKO' tur, & in fpinulas definunt re^ 

i^^j ^KlvJi hiisi^/ct^^etx^ tufas_ truncasq;. Caulis emitti- 

of^torcLvba^ Ji uvKiri^r^^v tur no diisimilis antherico:£o$ 

*Q kjp-iJvA^ htyj^^st^i/oa^o^ Ji albusrfrudus hafluiae rcgi^ co 

oKit^-^ kr^roy^oo^ai ^tK^oravi* gnatus:graui tota eft odore^ Sc 

i^cfi uJiviy^i^o^ (k^ mosa^ guftu amarilsima : radice vna^ 

K^yl^^^Dm 'jim fi^av. ijjv2^ ceupaIo^interradepada.Plu 

1UX J% c^ i\ h<^(i /mK^g-A Kt- rima pnepinguifq; in India gi- 

Trzt^yli^^^K^aroo-TTicp^uyji^- gnitur^ex qua coaft^ liiccs» ad^ 

^^ijt^.<pviTauJiz^^(xpuCi^-K^ fertur.NafcitetiainAiia&A- 

£tJ7^5 Kcu h V(n ?ra£^5ttXci5*-. rabia3ilocisq,bul3a,maririmis: 

muf 'urmi^ Kcu vi<n>i^y i>^c^du!' & in infulis (vt in Asdrojnpn 

^fj) ovzcAj^vi^i m liri(7vhy valde fucco extrahendo ido- 

^por '^YXi KKnic^) ^iCJuJiroiy om^ nea/ed ad glutinanda vulnera 

Vii^ot y K^u i^TAwKetojo^n. fane,q. vtilis,fi detrita iUinatun 

«ftTjfi/ , t 0UO 


Dti o fuD iiicci genera:quodda J^tHv ^i i^ tochM 7w^}d<^ 

arenofum,quod fedimentu pu fjutros*m ^ rot -^fi^ZAfy 

rifsim^efl^videtur. Alteru ad t^ \^^^mryi^Hg,^^cdrL. 

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ribus inipargitur, vlcera ad ci- cmTrKa^v , ^cm^-m jc^mS^ 

catrice perducir^ cohibetque: yJthrovKM 'iKm x^ y^irt^>x<l^ 
eadem euJbM 

tIBER> tXL : 24^ 

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UteiA-hv^pv.' Kstp. z/, Abfinrhium. Cap.XXVL 

A^y^yhm^^ct^STny^ov^yjdptuo^ ^ Abfinthium , aliqui bathy 

^vrid* %gt JiajjrJ!^ ^^vmv li of picron ^ herba vulgb cognita. 

mvT^^ >ij y^TT^Jhyudbyz^f of^ t$ Praeftantius in Ponto & Cap^ 

H^MLf^a) 'WJjfci 'pjvei^oy, Av padocia, in monte Tauro na- 

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fcli & nardo gallico potum: fa jj^^aiijixu»^^ yafAvm^vmr 
ftidia dircutit , & arquatos fa- ^ d^ofiiia^ i^ h^i^ti^^^ 
nat madefafti dilutumjaut de- ^mii^T^ amCf^fpLA hm S t^ i^ 
codi ius > quotidie tribus cya.- ^e4**.^<^&* ^^^i' v^fMfifjf ha^ 
this hauftum : menfes cit po- idMoyh^^i Hiirr^^wihm ^- % 
tum , aut cum melle appjofi- a>riy0 X| e//f^;fic>OTo^5V 75 
tum. Contrafiingorumftran^ i^T^ogj^^ov /^- ^wSlo^.^^fo^ 
gulationes conuenienter ex a- J Tihx hso^wmmt Tnifui^^cif^ 
ceto bibitur • Aduerfatur ixia? j^^^ <^v o^i ^vo/jSpovy QwoY^ 
vencnis cum vino 5 item cicu- 7« 5 ®e^^ ^^^ ^ Km^v i^ mu 
tx^Sc muris aranei morfibus, yahSi Hytj^fT^^i^ J^pdicovT^^^u 10 
& draconi marino. Anginae Kiomo^mnciyvm^T i^ii^^^^^itr^ 
eo cum melle & nitro perun- jua Qw (Jih.m ^ vir?^ k^ ^^ 
gun tur , & ^piny dides ex a- cmvvKvM^ m vict-Tt.^Tr&ls 5' y- 
qua. Ad fugillata & oculo- ^m^met (uu fuktv^i) 'sn^g kfji^ 
rum caligines ex melleilU- CKva^mas^i^^n-fofl^^^^vntZTzt 
mtur:item auribus,fi manat oujoiiifi.i^ov^mlfiia^o^ J/Sum ij 
ianies . Dentium auriumque "rk^^i-^^^oi^Trfo^iiuK-yicu/i) 
dolores decodum vaporisfuf- l^ovm.KyaM.cK^-a^i^ov^ cuk> 
fitu compefcit. Dccodumin y>cvyM^^^7d7rKajjfxa.o(^^itQ^fjm 
paiTo dolcntibus oculis obli- -^ocA/y^yywoir-^s&JacTxiaj^^ 
nitur : item prsecordiis & io- ii i^ ^}^ '&zo^v<^^ti£^i^'Smq 
\ daerisj tritum cum cerato cy- kcu ^^^ii\jr^yi iuu ^oms ^o 
prino ftomachoquoquc lon- vizt^^TeL^ovvm-i^vofjSiJQViUdpca'^ 
ga valetudine laboranti ^ cum t? ju/Tr^ivfTrfof dfj^^^v joJl^ 
rofaceo : cum ficis aute^ aceto vfof^uo^i i^vJ^mnuHs^y^ mhit 
& loliacea farina , aqu^ inter vim^.ju^^^Wif airr^ cvKmyi^ yi- 
cute Kenofisq; fubuenit. Vinu ?^^ ^fm ^iv^a. '^niVdL^f) j^ 
ex eo fit, quod abfinthen vo- If sariH i^ otyo^oXi^/jSpo^ k^lAv tf 
catjprefertim in Propontide& ^r^^yf^Kt^ ^ T^to ^ae^Tcy- 
Thracia,quoad ante difta vtii vM :^^ixsVj,^ ^po/ 7% ^sfe^i^ 
tUTjCufebri carent:aIioquin in fii^cc;)^&V7iuhk7ivf)i^ici*itcu 
a?ftate ^ppinat, & accepta huic ^m^^-^^Tr^omimv \\ afJr S^f issr 
vino incolumitatem refenmt, ^cxs mnvm hvcu yo^^omc^ 
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^KH m ^TKcLTiifjSiJpy «V Inlparfum arcis abfinthifi^ ve- 
W juC&lif ^fCfmt THfm ia t- ftes ab erodeatium iniuria via 
ptaiia*^moy)pSy7i -^ iKcuny dicat : culices ex oJeo pcrun- 
wmwL^ mKumlhSi^ mu dumabigit^^&acorpore ar- 
caJ^Tsf • TP ^ ^mMM ? ^^i^s- cet:atramentum librarium di* 
5 ^ t5 amSfiyfMTi hm * ^^^at luto eius temperatum ^ literas 
^y^ lCfmztjAcm 7»§« Tt^ ^i//- a munum erofione tuetur.E5d 
fwtTo. fio/jcfc J)fe z:s} To 'S ^hi<T^ ftimatur liquametum eofdemL 
fzetTtif c^ytmeiy t^ a/j-m.Tf^iy prseftare effedu$.Attamen po 
^V W ^W ov JbKi/Mt(o(jSp tionibus improbatur j quonia 
ijjTo ^ 3f^^fza.^Y H.CU ^ipcL- ftomachum male habet^ & 

10 K-xx^ef oy>To J%^?aa]uuet, i, capitis ciet dolorem. Sunt qui 
f^§>» i4*jS«'ir« xai yuyjvy^n decofta amurca /Kquamen- 
JbhovJvvic. ' : tum adulterant. 

Uiei A-^v^a :^KcLo:yj}^ MOTOUm abfinthium. 

'■ K^j. jc^ . Cap. XXVII. 

^ A-^y^oy Mxio^py Ttyis^t ^ Abfinthium marinum^quod 

15 xsu (nei(pm y^hmjaj^t^mhii^ ^qui leriphum vocant , co- 
^y ^ rSi fjs^ei y^^ma.JhxAciM piofifiimum in Tauro montc 
Ttw^i^ i^ZTau yzcu of T5t- iuxta Cappadociam Sr in Tar 
^un^H T»V cuyjT^ov •' |) <f^77 phorifi i^gypti gignitur : quo 
^?0v3 ol i^flfticpi ;^yT«i.l^ cTe Ifiadpro pliu^e ramo ytuntiir. 
3? mot K^o}(g.f^(i^o^yiotKHcikCppr' Herba eft ten^abrotonipar 

io W6) f^KpSfy^^TTh:^^ axn^fiei^ ui'fimilitudine ^ referta minu* 
rnm-^^imTnK^^y i^^^im^^iy tulis feminibus^ fub amara^fto- 
^apoajxo^ ^ cC^ovasL ^Tct ^d- macho immica. Ea grauitcr o- 
ffii^f^aia4 • » •nr 14**^^ ^^%> & ^^^ quadam calfa<ftio- 
;^d*lfl«>7^ 5 J l^tmH^^A^ Kcu ne adftripgit; per fefe aut cum 
Zj}ip^act fUTo^ i^kuT^ 5 iiT/Crt- ory za co fta^ interaneorum a- 

1$ eiMf xx('ikfiiy^^ ^oyyvka^ nimaUa^ teretefque tineas^ ad- 
KTHyeiy\^i^vas(,m>daykoV' iedo meBe^ cnecat^aluum lcr 
tptdi^ itujoLTu Si KcuQjjj"^ 14«- uigat:cum edulio aute vel len- 
fjLsLTi y% ^am j^^^^BfTsa TTfc ticula decoftajeadem pr^ftare 
iuTinroiHyM-TmviTtu^iiijJ.U' poteft . Pecora maximc pin- 
$tt 7?t ©^ffccTtt ye/^'^ac. guaf^i^.hocpabulp. 

^- J^^^^ ^'\*^'jtij^^^^!jj^ t iij Abfin- 


~ Abfintliium Santonicu* ' nieiA-^v^av ffWTti^ ^ 

Cap. XXVIIL yiov. Kiq^.x^. 

Tertiii genus abfinthio afsi- E^ J%zca TeiTvvSjbi k^^r^ 

gnatur 5 quo Gallia alpibusfi^ ^w, ipvitJ^ov i» t^S y^T^i W 

nitima fcztctz id patrio nomi- ax^«^ yLKav^ fm\^r S &77- 

ne Santonicum vocantjregio-^ ^eicd^ mnfTivmxg^ovm %7m- f 

nis in qua nafcitur cognome* vv/u^^ rS 'f^JvonfjA out^ ix^Jb^ 

to^abfinthio non difsimile^ve^ vi J> ;^5^ • s^^J^o^ ^4^v^&> ^ o5 

riim fub am aruni eft^ no adeo /^iw) «£7&) ^ «y^ctFgpfcoVj •vWtt/- 

feminisfoecundum.Eadequx y^ov<^^y.ajiJhfjS.^ay'mku^ 

foriphiumpoteft : m.^^(nejtm(^. 

Abrotonum. Cap.XXIX. -^ > v .v » - "^ o^ 

Abrotonum duorum eft ge- ^ku bi'Mo^ cffey j^^« JVV> vzzro- 

nerum . Foemina quadam ar- uuko^ (^uTKot^Xi-TT^o^Miny & 

boris Jpecie fruticans , candi^ ^ (nptpia^^ 7« lO^yU ^rxwps^ 

iat , circum ramulos fdliis, fe.. di^d»^^* g^r* «tm l;^y Ki>py /u€S- 

riphi modo ^ minutim incifis:- cf^? ^^^y^Ts^c/^^^S^eJfitiro^t^y^/MJWiJy Xf 

floribus referta eft j comanti- hZ<hf ^ ^(t^ ^ie^v^^m-qly. 

bus in fiimmo/ulgQre aurijCO TAycum^ <^}Ui J^ ivvjyj^cdTf^ 

lymbis : quod per ^ftate pro- kiv hvsu ^m 75 ^ irrt^^^y ll\n 

diit^ fuauiter olet ^ cum graui- y^iiTa^yjKx^^Stsu^moif^f- 

tatequadam &amaro guftu: v:z)t k^k-^vbtoy.imKS^^oviX^ 

idgenus ficulumefle conftat. ^'T^cfexi^o?«'y«^!)^;^^^'nV ^^ 

Alterum mas vocatur/armen- t« i^ ilwkcnaM^x^ ^ U^mKi 

tofum j gracilibus ramulis vti r% v^^tUj^ ci/eidj^. Tov^y b y^tp 

abfinthium. Plurimum in Cap 91^«- hml^mv^Ai^oi^ &^fiCh 

padocia gignitur ^ & Gala - vMtd^ ^m^Spo^y^H^b^ 

tia Afiatica, atque in Syria? boTJvoid^^-Ayf/acj^ecmic^canv^L 

Herapoli . Crudum femen tri- *^im/u(mvexcu^^^upiibm hn^ zS" 

tum & feruefadum ex aqua^ 5(*'<^ • ^ b^e^^y (^ap/uayj^v 

inpotu auxiliatur orthopnoi- '^y a^vATOf ' <sf<^^y <jvjj cL 

cis^ couulfis^ruptiSj coxendici- v^^^ruy^iaui^ji^pu^^Ti^t^' 

bus, vrin^ anguftiis, menfibus \Kahu V^, <hdm Ji vJl^-m^Tk 

fupprcisis, aut remorantibu^. ^ij^huo^oyrm^^^ 


^^m.fj^oy<P\aujjoyy^ <Jo£- In vinopotuexitiaHuveneno- 
;^« T^ \h:^iv7^^\MmJ% ap^ m antidotu eft; horroribus ex 
f/jo^et cm <i>ctKct)fm Kcu <r/Jif- oieo illinit:ferpetes & fubftra- 
^'6}y *p'A^ii Koi cip.^K^7 tu & nidorefugat: cotraiftu^ 
0K^ujovcu^ awj l<^^ 'AjDpjiviui eorucu vinopotuprodeftjpri 
i %fJtfiM ^^Ttiv y^Ta7rKu^iv.<ha- uatim efficax cotra fcorpionu 
[^ofiet Ticu 0u^u£tiri mrk a~ 3c phalagiorii venenaroculoru 
^5- xujg/y; Ke^ov- 14*!- inflamationib^ comode illinit, 
^v.iJuyvwJi i^ cumcotoneocofto^autpane: 

fJr 7i«>t)^ /ezya tritu cufarinahordeaceaj de- 

iAct!!» ff/w€y£4- coduqj,tuberculadifcutit:iri- 

^^ C7CU/. ni copofitionibusadmilcctur. 

Tltex TcoaSzBy. K£<p. /♦ Hyffbpum. Cap. X X X. 
TostitTrosmciyfdexuioi-i^osY.^ . Hyifopumjherba nulli non 
» >t^ '^of 'Tii^Q^ IpHVA^ ^Jiiut^ cognita^duum generu eft^mo- 
575ra. ctei^ Ji *o^/ i t^ xjhiyjci tanum & hortenfe. Optimum 
'pjyenf^it* Avv€Cfjt4v Mi^Ki" e:ft Cilicium. Vimhabet exte* 
1$ '£vv7imy^^^umvyM'cL(^i^^ nuadi & calfaciendi ^ deco^u 
mt'o ^ ffvmy^K) vMro^ytjL^tli^ cum ficis, aquajmellc, & ruta, 
r xj myfi^ii K) wm.oSpviyaffyi m potumque^ peripneumonicis, 
fmvj^Qvi^i, k<^puivm^^^')^ .dijLitumf tufsi^lpiriofis^deftilla- 
,;:^dyic^;(3i7wpp6>^op9o7ryok';el w^ tionibus^&: Orthopnoicis auxi 
5V^^V^9^vC^?jt^^/7?;5kx«- liatur:tineasenecat.Idefacitjfi 
2*0 r^f^n ^ ^Ti ^iH.^yi 5 i) ^ ,cu melle delingatiir . Craflum 
^i y^^ K&thiduf 75 cLoi^Mf^ ^ humorem per aluum extrahif, 
mjvllv^^irtirm^Spoy* $lC^q(f~ decodii ex aceto mulfo epo- 
.^'d ^/^' yj^^^Sy ai;Wxei- tu: Sradfubducendam aluum 
m 'zr^h ifmfaiy^y itoiyJa^yC^oJ^po cu ficis viridibus detritis man- 
iifoy Ji m^fi^ Wip^ro^ ^^ ditur,vehemefiu$q;addita iri^ 
15 y^^M/^u,ii^H 7^iJh$% ^uniJtis^m cardamomo^ aut irione ^ deii- 
ft7rot/i'$^c^^ojcuf.'^lctvrh(i<T'' cifxolore in corpore fouet:lic 
c^yd/^^f^^^^^^vi^f^^^fo^^^^^ ni^&aqu?intercutem,cufico 
ya i) v<Pfai7niy avv m^ ii <^^ nitroqj^inflamationibus quoq^ 
i^ufu^vct^.J)ci0o^H 'j^ C-mTricc ex vino illinitur : cii feruete a^ 
m}y liicivl^^^^^y^izi^^rMi^eiact. qua impofitu^fijgillata difcutit: 
5w^i- X iu} cum 


cnm decado ficorum 5 Qpti- mj^iy^itJ^dtitiLyifys^i^ 

mc anginis gargarizatur . De-. <n/x/i>;f i^e4« itwcTi?^ 2g/5^y.5c/bV-» 

coduni cum aceco, dentiu do *my t^ Wyov <m^^v{ cfuu o|« L 

lorem ia coUutioiie fedat : in- 4^*»^^ ^ <^wcKi/^ofSis*huH jj 

fiationes auriciUarum yaporis x^-ms^i^ S-m^fm^^TzL 

fiiifitudifcutit. c&fi-mrf^^etosu i 

: StQechas*^ Cap. XXXI. Utel ^n^^^fUh^. Ksf . xi, 

StoechaSjiuxtaGalliainin- ^t:^^^ ^jy^L^T^ujSz'^ -Tm^ 

lulis eiufdenxnominis eregio^ ;cf yLKuiimryyim^m-nKfu ^^ 

ae Hafiiliae gigmtur, \mde co- osLhiaS'^ ^nf^cu^ cf^ <>^)(4ar/j, 

gaomentu accepit. Herba te- ?^v jca) t^&e) tTmivvLUiU i^m. 

niiibus furculis^comathymi^ ^cLWTpjox^^rd^^G^hl^Ui^l-r lo 

logiore folio fubamara guftu^ "^vm ioifdm ^^, f^Kpoc^uK^ 

& aliquantiim acris.Cuius de- >,o7ipL ^roi y. KcuJ^^tuSaj^ 

coftum^hyiTopimodOj ad pe- ^Tny^va^yKiXim^^iKpo^ 'mmu 

^orisvitiaefficaxeft.Aiitido- miSSi r^h^i-i^f/a, hj-m^ x^-* 

tis mifcetur. Vifc^ra omnia Sc ^sh vo^mTm^ m^i t» <i d^yp^- 

vniuerium aniraantis habitum x/ • f^wm <Pl ;taci siiTi^T^i^ jfj 

iiextenuatjabobftrudionibus ;^»i^/;<4>f.* 

&far<9:uliberat neet Oei^ov^ 

-Origanum. Cap.XXXII. Kef* x^. 

Origatium Heracleoticum, Oeiyuio$^£^}0^&^KM^oti\ 

^iod & cunicula vocantjfoliu mhJw y^oven^<pv>^oy l^^et^^ 

habet hyffbpo non difsimlle: ^£§W z5oaa>^6> • aY.ii<hov J^ oj iO 

vmbellam autcm non in rotse 7§o^eiMg' ^ &AX* iV^z^» Jiyipnfd' 

fpecie orbiculatam ^fcd veluti yoy»;e5« W dizpm Twy pct^iyy t^ 

piultifida^feniine in lummis vir ismpf^ ov Tnmoy, E^ J% ^pr 

gis haudquaqua dcnfo.Excalfa fjmvm • o5«y tb kt^i-i^fm ojUt 

/cit; vnde deco<9:uni cum vino t^i? <na; ow ^^y, af^^H S«- 

-potu^demorfis a feipente con eMJ-iicmf.dy y?sJUKSJi roi^ m M 

uenit. Si cicuta aut meconion v«oy % immmo^i Tmm^m. mm. 

hauferuntj ex paflb: fi gypfiim o\vu0m Ji m^ "TmmKim yu- 

^ aut ephemeron^ex aceto mul- -^v S l^i#/^«pQy.<z3e?f a t^ an^c-^ 

fp propinatunRuptiSjCouulfis, ^ray ym "^iyfxa^. is.cu vi%(&-: 

-jiydro|iicis^ciifi^Q efuidatur. m^ m'^ ^^yi' ^^V^^^^^^^-^ 

■^nidJi'^^£m.%£i^ovm)oi'' Aridam acctabuli inenfiira po 

^PiT) ffwjimtuitcd ^ih^a, xj^ tum iaaqua omlfa ^ atros hu* 

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venena in vino Bibuntur^rn en l|*W immylm yukr Qvm^ i^ ?^- 
fes trabunr : peripneumonicis, izlwuJi:di;^un'^^i 75 k^ ^sk^. 
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te dantur.Grata ac^itis eoru K-mSib-m^S^^Jiit^-Ti Trivf-.^o 
potio eft : quare cibum fafti- fnt ^Tn^TUfro^y rm^ koseihm 
Idientibus & ftomacbo acida x^ yjxjo^fjA^i^ ^ l^vofiytAi&^ 
rudati, imbecilloque traditur. <n Jl/owrjtou l<p' %y ahiajtil^ 
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naufea^&a^ftusprsecordioru J^pm.Tme^yjiKov^ * ititpo^H 
excitetur: tumores verb cum J^i^jotMfjLct^ y^itt^TTKct^ih' 2.5 
polentajilita difeutiunt» m^Ta ^x^/Wy. 

Pulegtum. Gap. XXXVI. n>i r>j5;^yofr. Kscp. x/. 

Pulegiu herba vulgaris noti- TK'i:)^v T^uydptujo^^Ki^majuTj 

tif.Exteauat5calfacit5decoquit; yX^^piuLavTtm^^Ti^^St'^* ^rj&Sa'^ 

menflruai fecundas ac partus *;5 e,6£MJu^fl£ j^ J^vt?^^ £) e//.^§y^ 

eiicit: ... S^-a* 

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'i^puL ojjtSs y^'ii0uod^ Kao^oy gat ^ conuerfas^ vuluas corri- 

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np A/zTTztV^i^. K£<5. x^. Didamnu. Cap. XXXVIL 

Aimti^jiof t/ju y^h&voj 77- Diftamnum aliquibuir fylue 

yg/ yKyi^vci'ky^cLif . rdcL "S^ ftre pulegiu vocatur.Cretenfi? 

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em zafTiiv <p^H. ^iei J\ mti- aut femen profert . Pr^ftat '0- 

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fcd efficaclus multb: natn non ^y^^^y Ji 7nj>x5 • oi fjysf 
potuin modb , fed appoiitum -^ mof^n k»^k H^^sre^^^- 
quoque aut fuflfitum 5 defun - ^iii^xsm^tm^i/^ityrAT^^it 
flos partus eiicit . Produnt in x^t^ ijjtSovd c/'A'mic^.tpcm ii 
Creta capras fagittis percuf- iy-mj^cuyLfofXfirn^^riifiijbei^ 
fes^ huiusherbse pailu^eas cx- * pu^ ^ nm^^ms Tiw) ^^xi^ Ik- f 
cutere * Purgandi vim habet ^in.H^rim^^M-r^li')^ 5' i^ 
fuccus illitus^ aut cum polenta Jt^^^nw t^ai^ o ;^xor hj 
tritus.Herbaimpaftos pedi- iSs-iH^rd^ii^o^tTCiCoiJipoi 
busreUquove corpori acule^ ^u^ axpi7t»v , y^TzfTrKcLosn^n 
os, iHitu refi^t . Ad lienis do- Jt i ^oruitt t^ -Cm/Jm} r cn» 
lorem : efficax habetur : fiqui- My%r homv <m^7vi ^ ^- ^o 
dem ipfiim imminuit . Metunt Tnva (PAoh.om^.^TrtieiJi £j ^e^^ 
a?ftate & autumno.R.adix cius '^vov (mKtwh^ fxHot'^ auriif* 
guftu calfacitjpartus accele- >uL^7ntom Ji kurtw c/^^.f^ i^ 
rat.Succus cumvino potus^ (^htnTTtd^t^.iJi^^iCa.mjiytvo^ 
cotrafeipentium morfus pra?- tM^tis ^fi/ualvH^ Is? tPi ;^ c^u^^ 
fidio eft * Tanta herbae facul- rixjoy . ^oy&S' J^xsf^ ^ mJ^-^ 15 
tas eft 5 y t olfafta abigat b e - xrotsh ^kI$ ojm^ ^r om ^- 
ftias^qu3e venenato lAu f^ui- vopSpo^^rotcLi-m^-ni^ ^oWj»? 
ant,appcnfaque contaftu exa^ » ^met^i^ i/ x«i l^^imotj^ii 
nim et . Vulneribus ferro illa^ J>&x,iVy it^ ^nr^mTiJo^n kvae^ 
tis, &veaenatismorfibus^in- ^eiy rihCoh:t^ejtci,ri Ji ijj- 
f u fus fiiccus pra?lentaneo eft r^$ ^kic^u am^o^ov ^x»>*r 2- o^ 
remedio 5 fi ctiam ab ia- m<ti^v % IoCokov J^^yiueiv^ v^ 
ftillatione ftatim in «3^^ t3 cmyii^jZcu x^ Ket^C<& 

potu aflumatur. toj^oy ndm^lA/^,tii$ vyii^i^ 

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Cap. XXXVIIL K£<?. hi/ 

Quod plcudodiftamnum To J% -^vJhJ^KrztfjufOY ^^^S 

vocantj multis in terris nafci- Kouf^p ov > (piinu^ cy wo ».ol$ tc- 

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effedus pra^bct^fediiiefFica- iLt^Ta tS J>x7a^6) «y;)^ o^;W 
ciusmultb. ^ ^^^ujI, 

Didamnum nji 

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n^i tS him Kpivu- ^- Diaamuum crcticum, 

Kidfm. Ki0,K^.- Cap. XXXIX. 

^i^iTox J% -m cuTti ^im^ t- Defertur a Creta alterum <Ji 

-n^av SJh^ J^/.-T&C/Mv 5 (puMo/r ftamni genus^ foliis fiiymbrij, 

ifiiKof m(rjuCeiov^KK(ii(n ii iw:- ramis maiorib^: in g^bus flores 

5 '(or\o %^ d}^^s oeiy^ip kydi^ fylueftris origani^nigrijmolles: 

toivJ^^^jKdj^y ^h^xh • capLn ^^ odor folioru inter filymbrium 

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ixihti^ijiii^Ui^.^TrttH J^l^V cax ad eadem^ied minus narcs 

oazt K) n ^9 i^-f JocTOi' ^xjj/.tt- ferit. Mifcef emphftris &.me- 

yj^ C^afp^uari.fMyyTJu J% Kdi dic aminibus q^a? aduerfus ier 

lo liJL^Mgpoi^ i^ ^eAAyJl^* pcntium iniurias configuntur> 

np Exa/iT^^xx. K«9. //^ thcriacavocant. 

EKiKi(j^ciXj:>h^**o'iKcij:^oCo<r/.oy^ Saluia. Cap. XL. 

ol cfayich -^V'^^ 'Q^vcmfJUA Saluia fiue eleliiphacon/ru 

tM^^v^KuyJKoni^fiCS^Hi ^"^iiyd tex eft ramofus, longuSjVirgas 

y\i^ 7L2ui ^imK^^ytai l^v^^v^^d habens quadrangulas, & ca- 

15 ju^kU x;jJbi>nci hv^-nt^ &mm uas : folia mali cotonei effigie^ 

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J^^^niifTriv i) W ^^6)y T^; y^ quam iucundo odore, fed gra 

io xZy tdGnSf' l^/Mvn k-^k ep/^.^ue- ui : lemen fummis in caulibus 

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fni^iXi '^ k^pi-^f^ r (pifK' rit . In afperis nafcitur. Menfes 

Km^rzKiJ^v^Spcta^yiv mvo^ cit & vrinas, decoftnm folio- 

f!^oy>^ 'ifmwicL i^ ^iu^pi/k yjla rum ramonimque potus ^ & 

cojhyjy^fv^vcf^Kifyu^k^-^fiy. partus extrahitj & paftinacs 

»5 fj^Kcuvi 5' ii j?/;Kt^> ^ favuAtt marinse idibus auxiliatur. Ca- 

vtifyt^cum^^x^k-rroyj^a^txlr pillos denjgrat^vulnerum fan- 

^yifioMvX^ivlKyj^v.TrciMei''^ mx) guinem cohibet^tetra vlcera 

uvoi 70 kipk-ijAua, r <^v>^m i^ r purgat: teftium pruritus fedac 

xxiJ^y kur is^cxKvliySpavy rami foKaque^fi decodo eo- 

rs^i<i^ri cuiblcL xj&ncfjum, rum foueantun 

Tlp Metha. 


Ment&a. Cap. XLL np H<f^^m>infii^iiXif,^i. 

Mehtha^cognitah^rbaeft. H<^Qif^0f-iOi Jiyf^vbtcjj^yifeiei^ 
Calfaciendij adftringendi, at- ^v ^W^w. JktiufMv ep^y ^§- 
qtie exiccandi vim haber.Siftit ^vytbjj^gv^^jyM^/^ri^.mTLw* 
fanguinem^p.oto ex aceto fuc- o^v cu^men 'mof^oi o ^" 
co:tincas in ventre teretes ene hQ^ajJTHfuro^oi^'^ thf^v^f ^ 
cat, venerem flimulat, fingiiU KT^yei gpoy^Ka^^ki^p^^ffict 7^ 
tuSjVomitiones^colerasquefe- 'gps^^^,^ Kt/yf/x^v^^ yy ImToi^y 
dant terni ramuli cum acidi x^^Ki^av Tra^H J^o% T^uKha 
granati fucco poti. Suppura- vofU ffvjj^oA^ l^^as')^!^ ^^ 
tiones difcutit^fi cil polentail- ^y^.Sici<^ofS Si i^ m^g-ltM^ 
linatur. Impofitafronti^capitis ^ p^^ri hl<^mv i^-vt.-TtK^S^.v* 10 
dolores mulcct: mamas fi ten- xs" y^^^cLKaKyitj^ mpy^^ imi- 
danturjautlafteturgeant/o- ^n^v tS fw^^o) *^^y 75 
pefcit : cum fale canum mor- t^T^m t^ ajplf^wnv -^^^-J^^ 
fibus illinitunaurium dolorib^ <^ ^^ ^ 'Tzfii y.auoJ^h^i^ ys> 
cum aqua mulfa fubuenit:vul- 't^s^K^a ^co^yicfj^ yu>Cog 
nx ante coitum admo ta, con- crw) usKiy^eiTa) k^i^y&i * yM^cu- , 
ceptioiii refiftit:Iingu2e fc abri- fi <^^ ^^rk nrK-A^nil^^v <m^gi^ 
tie confrida kuigatrcoire lac^ "^i^ov.kmjriMA-i^aj l^yit^tw 
denfariq^incafcu no patitur, yhSoj^vTiifu^^^^cfj/ 572^7^- 
fi folia potionib^ laiftis immer CoyS^oy Kicuv^'z^j yi^M krjfoit- 
gatur.In fumma^ftomacho vtx- tov ^uKiom I9 cu7ro)tKv^vTm 
Tis eftj& in condimentis pecu- ^^ ? (t^u>>.m* iccu y^^Kn Ipv 10 
liarcm gratiam habet. k^gufut^v ^kfiTvuctT^J^f. 

Menthaftrum. n^i HcA/c^r^u» i;^'»* 

Cap, XLH. ^ K^^. /wf. 

Sylueftris methajLatini me- ^T Ji A^ovi ^fioa^ov^y^" 
thaftru vocatjhirfiitiore eft fo- w Jclitjti^^ov To7f <pv>Xot^^ acu 
ho^Sc prorius maiorCjq, fifym- Wt^ fj.cT(^ov mmjfj.C^k^ ut oij^j ^ 
brij^odore magis virofo.quare <^ ^&^iig^e^v^ic^ triovci^ r 
minusadfanoruvfusexpetit. ov i^y^a. ^^aw ci^Tov. 

Calamintha. Cap. XLIII. U}) Kstxufjivbvf^* Kip.uy» 

EX calaminthx generibus KccKoL{/4v^yi:,'^^f^ TJ^keiVoii^ci 

qu3^dam montibus famiHaris, Wh^Xi '^ 9^^*^ oi^xncciiu^ 

folia \imiKivy^ 

ilBER IIL ' ifz 

•^Kiuy^ixj^vUJiy^yJ^^tpii folia ocimi habes, incana^fiir-» 
yjyjiWfSpa^m^^in^^fi^ves^* cuIoSj& caules angurofos^puxr 
H M 77^ y\^^n ioiK^^ptii^m pureum florem . Altcra pule- 
tfi'0^7 7Pjiikye/cLSfcuj7{ju) >xj» gio fimilis eft^fed maiorrquam 
^yu c^AKim^} y J)ov .7m laun /ylueftre pulegium ideo appel 
- 'TTsfcfiom^ Wt^^ fcdiJuuQt vim^ larut^<^ubd odore ipfum semu- 
Toy y^\o vm* H i^ TtiTA tstyjnf letur : n cp et am Latini vo cita r. 
iJl/oauq) k^ip * hmm^^^^ Tertia methaftro cognata eft 
nu? <^y?Ao;^ , ^4iXw noi KKtU^^ foliis oblongioribus , caule Sc 
(A^^mr "uTC^i^iif^m^i} 'i^m ramis maioribus, quam fupe- 
i^YMxiaauv Q t1 <p6}^mU'jo riora^ fed vinbus inefficacior. 

^^ u^o)^ m^edVK^)%vf^> x^ S^fi- Omniumfoliaguftuimpenfc 
/t5ci*pi{s: fiLp^jf^-r. ^ysTO cTi^ci feruentia^&' acria;radix fuper- 
TnJiot^ yjl oj> T^efy^cn Tim> y^ uacua . Nafcirur in campeftri- 
^^"^w^- . 'mya^n Ji kcu <^- b^,alperis^& aquofis. Potu aut 
T^^TrKuo^p-.i^^a ^ kq-ayet l^TTiro- illito demorfis a ferpentc opt. 
J^/KTot^. ayetr /e Kcii (Z^^ ^m i- tuIatur.DecoiSum p o tu men^ 
^ (^i-^ua- mvoySpoy • ^on^ Ji iy ks^S: vrinas expellirtruptis,c5 
fiyuxKTs^ cma.a]jia<nv -iO^^mL uulfis^orthopnoesp^tormiaib^ 
ad^^q>Q<pot^ > ;:tf^%^> y-^ f »>«* choleris, horroribiisque auxi- 
t^^^ T^^^imimf^^m^ liatur.regium morbumexpur 
fotBpiA 'miii mjjolm> y^I /jcts- gat : pr^fumpta in viao vene- 
e^y hjmy^^^H* Ihut^s 7i m$ refiftit : tineas ca?terac]ue 

%o Kreivei xgl kcrAopiJ^^ mjutj cIa- interaneoru anim.alia^ cum fa- 
m t^ wcKiv mvou^n • e^^i ts le $z melle pota , enecat : nec 
xcfled^jiT^^m, w^i^.a <$« Jccus coda crudave^fi teratun 
tKK^swvaiyrui ^qcd^^yim^m - Blephanticos efitata adiuuar^fi 
yof^ov o^ou yiKcLmo^.<^^. poftea feru laftis ebibatur.Fo 
1« Ji 3C5« ei<%^3 y^ %fj^dL lia detrita ,fi in vellcrefubiicia- 

2,^kyei7ti<pu}^.aKHa of <me9^-- tur^mefes extrahunr, &panus 
Tw . SvfMoS^/Tzi Ji IpTHTu <Jid enecat. Accenfa aut fubftrata^ 
}LHi^<^<^ednvySpa.'Kiui:^vH ferpentes fugant ; nigris cica* 
TiTa^mKcuva^ ouKd^ 1-^1^^ tricibus candorcm rcddunt.-ia 
ozlI) o;i&> K^ K^7zi,^Kci<^Hm^s(^ vino cod?,&:iIIita^& fugillata 
55uj« ^ \>srciMiu \%ctJiKms vi toIlunt.Calamintha ifchia^ids 
c^v^"^ imponitur^ 


imponlfUfiTt cx altohumo- cmv^-m «^ fJt^TuauyKfmi 
res euocjet , fummam cutcni imii^ovm^Ttuiimt^^L^HtJLv^Kcu 
cxurens,Vermes necat^fuccus a.&>^ys>^ t^-w cy encn mnm a 
auribus inftillatus. ;^xcf cjtga^o^oi-, 

Thymum. Cap. XLIin. np ey^«. Ksa». ^wcA. 

Thymum ab omnibusco- 06 ^^ To^^ofotfiTsu w^-W-^ 
gnofcitur , fiirculofus frutex, Tsiy ^cinimoy ^^vyt¥oii^^y(pvh 
cxDibusfoUismultis &angu- Kcceiot^ '^t^oI^ iy moi$ ^sah- 
ftis circundatus: capitulis in }oijuf^hov*'i;^y*i^'' S^xfov }U(pi^ 
cacumine , flore purpurafcen- j^st iuf^is *?n>f^y£l^(>v7«. ,u^\;- 
te refertis. Gracili foio^ & pc- ^ ^^^y^Tsu iv mT^c^hm ^ Ag- 
trofo ^uenit. Vim habet hac^ '^oy^.ot^ ^'iTiti* t^ul^Lm ^\ s- lo 
vtcum fale j & acetopotum> ^ 'mviy^oy fXJiri ihm ^j o- 
pituitamper aluum detrahat. ^oy^jX-j^/ <pKiym7^J^^ j&t^ 
Decodi ius prodeft ortho- ;co/xii«i^.7i5'ctol4^^^<>^^«T! 
pnoiciSj&anhelatoribus:tinc- fjhj7ofof^^7ivoiyj>7f k^ ct^d-uei'' 
asventrisexigitimenfeSjpar- 7iico7^0o}i^'%h^v^^ ts ll- 
tus, & fecundas pelHt: vrinas i^^ ;^ tt/pdwctyK^^i^Covuy yjl 15 
ciet : cum melle in eclegmate» i^jrk^* %gi Si £, ou^Ti^nxSr^' 
facilesfacitexcreationes: re- -^Si iJtAKtTix^c//.KH^\v ^l/j^ 
centes tumores difcutit j cum ajfciy^yi' t* o>t ^^yjo$ 'Trotn * 
aceto illitum: concrctum ftn- S^a^ofH Ji oioY.p^i^ "t^mct' 
guinem diffoluit: verrucas thy 7« y^Ttf^^^u^y putr* o^ots^cu" 
micolorem rcddentes> penfi- ^Tni^iiiCot/sS^tctKuHyi^^^ t^ 
lesque toUit, ifchiadicis cum (zoi^K^Aitfo^^Jha;cu^i*i^t~ 
vinOj & polenta impofitu fiib- ^a^hyJt^ju/iT w x^ kK(pi7a>? 
uenit : hcbetibus oculis in ci- cmTt^yi^.ti^o^i^k^ChvcmuJj', 
bo prodcft.Perquam vtile pro to^ l^ofjSpoy <nw 7fo(pi /J^sa^. 
condimento^duntaxat ad vfus c^^ngoy Ji ^ ^^ tIvo &y i5- 
corum^qui refte valent. y^a. ^tti; hv Gfiu^iou if 

Saturcia. Cap. XLV. Ti\\Q>vfxCi^a^* Kgtp. ^L 
S A T V K. E I A triuialis (dvy.C^imkvm ymexfp^ 
notitiaf eft : gigniturin alperis 'fpidifJUiyA o? Ki-^oyetotf^z^ Tfcc- 
locis^& tenuifolOjthymo fimi ^ot TOTn^t^^o^iu^iJup^lhd'^* 
liSj minor tamen ^ & tenerior; c^y ^y7oi%sui7PZ}^Ti^gc^(pk 
dcfert c^vijsi 

tiBEii tit in 

^y^ ^X^ t^pt^ l^hh' ^^^^ fpicam flonim pleham^ 
"^K&^m.^dL^ h Tzt winai 7% coloris hcrbacei. Eade poteft 
hCfu^ ofici&^ Kgii4ajiiti^yu 7JI qjXx thynium^fi modo cofimili 
^^*7^\<^ u-^k ^mhj^ fumptitetur. Aptusfanis vfus. 
TS.yvf) Si jy crozt^ ^rf^S^^ Eft etiamnum quxdam fatida^ 

^ kt^ ^^ ^ ^^a^ kicow, tAj fylueftri prorfus mihor.q pro^ 

pf^^-de^ ^l <zsas^0<m cft^ pter mitiorem acrimonia^ co- 

75 fj^ cmiw^ r S^^ii/^uTJfiu. modius in cibos reccpta efl:. 

n^; E^^>^,is. Ki(p. /^/. Serpiilum. Cap. XLVI, 

E^7Tu>xoro fS-n^^^ ^- Serpillum duorum gcnerum 

mvTi^^imix-lv^^^^m T? S5^5* -^ cft : Hortenfe odore fampfti- 

tb ^ipdu^edUATjyJi^^mo/uagrtjQ k- chum imitatur^atque in cofo- 
^ ^ %^^m T8 K^i Sj-n &y ca/ii nas addi folet^ cui a ferpendq 
^e^r ^y4 tSs >*?V ft^oCoKm* nome indifum efi: quoniam fi 
'i^ Ji ^v>^a ^ ^^6>y/fi2 oetyi' qua eius particula terram at- 
yj^l^^i^ii^KLu htvxjoTi^^k- tingat, inibi radices demittet. 
^Jicdi^mZy}(cf.^ix^ofih)- Eolia & ramulos origani ha- 

t$ stli^^eps yn-m * O ^-ns '%jv bet/ed candidiores : in itiace- 
Ayao^^o^it^^v-yi^H^^w.ix riis. multb procerius affurgit* 
l^ovy oL u.' Sp3rV >CKmidL cwmf Sylueftre, ^g^^ ^PP ^U^t u^n oa 
h^w!.dL ^uy3Jiia>Jyij^v><km nkj" fcrpit, fedin altitudinena inq*6 
'TTKiccoujoim TT^yiv^y ^^m<^vcc fcit, ramulos^des tenueSjfiii'- 
S^.V^ K^cmiJufi^e^^ ^ ^^^»- ciiiofos/olik refertos logiori- 

*^ ePT^t^ *^^^ yivbfi^fd, J^^tfddy bus quaiti rutaf^ & durioribu% 
oiT^i '^Mcc' p/^^ a.^7t^^.(pui'^ anguftis: flores iucunde olent;^ 
cif TdTfcu^ Qn^)i9ie^^ xsf^^^ guftati acres: radids npllus v- 
fjLmTim-ne^^ ^rm immv^ u- lus.Nafcitin pettis,fatiiio effi-i 
fm^^v^-lajt ^^^ 7£u) Ji^Ter- cacius, atque magis excalfaci- 
'Mj^m om^TdJ^oTtes^Apir ens^&admcdedivfum apti^* 

^ 5 uluja. -yi ayet '^oZe^.m^ 5?7- Mefes trahit>vrinam potu ciet 
vo^Spo^*a(pihetgp6(pQvf , fiy^- torminibus>ruptis5Vulfis5& io- 
7f^y(xmifpt.cL7ay'i'mt^^ i^uy^-- cineris inflamationibus^auxi- 
ieis^i^ fs^Qs IgTTSTw 'mvo^os r liatur3& aduerfus ferpetes po- 
3^ ^jTttTrKciojof^os • ywg<^fij\w^ tu illituve: capitis dolores mul 
4 oJuiUu Tm^iM^"^ I^^jS^V cet codum, abicdo rofaceo^ 

& niadefaftu in accto: maxi- *^oiinut^^^ h/f^^ dui %\{ ^ 

ine vero phremticis,& lethar- >sr^Cfa')^s iaAh^ «Ti c^ x»- 

gidsconuenit.Cmentos vo- Bti^fisiy0^miiJbfhfi^?<!>^7m£i 

mitus fedat fuccus , drachmis 3 ^ « a^-t^? c&^th^ < /u^x» 

quatuor ex aceto potus. 60^^ At*i' o|»^ ^6^^ ^ J(?^^^ ^? 

Sampfuch^. C^p. XLVII. *n^; Stf^-^Jx*** K*^.w^'.| 

Sampfuchum in Cypro^ & Sd^M-^^^y y^in^y ii ym^ 

Cyziceno laudatiisimum : fe- ti}dwov ksu -d^m* hxj-nfi^JH 

tundum fibi locum vcndica- i\ti^^ 'H cuyo^m* h^hw 

uit i€gyptium. Amaracu gens ^ <^ ^a^^iyJiuZ^ ^^T^va/ tn^ 

5icula, & Cyziccna appellan >uxk kfz^eim*TcA Si *b^ cre- 

Herba eft ramofa , perterram ^yjtxoWj^p-jriD^ c^ 'f >^^*^vx i3 

repens, foliis eius calaminthe^ >^^ itLok^ K^jk^fifi t^vm^V 

quse tenui folio conftat, hirlu- fi^i^ -^^ w^o^^vy^oti n^KA^f^- 

t!S3& rotutidiSjfoauffiimu odo ^^y(^^i'%d^i^'^a>th^^'lf'^tf^'^ 

rem Ipirat^i Jco coronis inferi- TJ/JiijrKmi^njym 9i<{i^ot^. 

tur.Vis eius cxcalfaciens . Sirc- Apfio^n Je tJ i^s^^ a^ ajj-m^ 

cus decofti potus, couenit in- 'Trmi^ov hm of^^m c/p<y- ij 

cqaentibus hydropicis ^ Sc iis 'n^mi^xcu Shaz^ves^^tt^v ^ ^^»- 

quos vrime difficultas^aut tor- ^k^W.|»©6 q nk^hn.dim^ 

tnina excruciattt Jllita ex mel- ^^fi£^'yT5t //.57« ^h/TZ)^ , tf^p« 

le arida folia,fngiflata tollunt t yim^sia. * Kcd If^tiucc S.yei ^ 

menfes fubdita in peflo trahiit: c3e?^V«.)' ^$ Ji tDLo^k '?rhw 

contra fcorpionis idum ex a- >^^ ^^ <*ASy 3C5" S|oy^ ^£^7«- 2.0 

cetOj & fale illinuntur : luxa- "ts^imw • *&t9cH gj^i^dm 
tis tumoribusque.cerato cx:ce- -^^^ y^&m c^v^tKiii^^^v-m cmTf- 
pt^imponuntunaduerfusoca ^wi) i^^olSfui-nto^hf 

lonrm inflaramationes, tumo- heo<}}0pivld XAifc^TS^i^ meh l^ 

resque cum pollinc polentse ^Ksmv^uy^vk^imtL^KifT 
illini prodeft. Acopis mala- cnw i/^- 7m7ni}^s ^^n\i. f/i- ^ 

gmatisque^ calFacicndi gratia, pVTtu J^ i^ V^m^ ^ ^Xc£- 

commlfcetur. y^udm -s^t 70 ta^f.od^vm* 

Melilotos,fiuefertuIaCS- rrQ^xyr / \r / 

pana. Cap. XLVni. n^;M^;^^T.. K.^/... 

Scrtola Capanalaudatilsima M£ AX A n T OZxpdvgofy 

S k-rltxif ^ cs xx^i/jOi^ i^o ^ in Attic3j& CyiiCO^ & Chal- 

p^\?j/iMn iiuvda^orxfO}u^ci>y cedone nata: cuius color vici- 

i^ lufSJ^^.^ijZTaj. Ji K^ c^y^U' nus eft croco^boni odoris. Ns 

^k ^ v&>^dPyU/A\ii^m^. yuu fdtur & in Capania circa N6 

^75705" K^ T^ti) l-j&Jiau* Auzfflc- lam, colore in lureum kngue- 

5 ^j^ A'^ $;^ gviSmLu^^},ctKv- fcente^odore infirmo.Vim ha- 

m>^<7jif (pkiytuim^t/Jkt^ o bet adftriftoriam, inflamatio- 

7?^ ''T^o^^huDtj^ x^ fjtmfdUF rioriem orrine emollit, praefer- 

XfJkKTvKtov K) JiJ)j^w>t^ tura: tim t qu3? in oculis^vulua ^ iedc 

-^KvyjKl-iM^bm^-^ yj,Td^Ka^ autteilibuserumpat, fi expaC- 

tB^ri^ioT^ Ji K^ ^yj Kiyjj^vo-- fo coda illinatuninterdu »ure 

fo 'Sy»^ Tm^iM-y^mi^^ Vfhiyov ^- addiro oui luteo aflato^autfoe 

co'^y, » xivown^usu^yf yj^ia< w nigrseci farina^lini feinine, aut 

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pt^KtzfiJtL^ fs^^^i-T^i ;^y I- risjintybove . Recetes m dWcc* 

eojTty of vJttv^^ cLp^p^s ffwj ridas per fe cu aqua^ & vlcerat 

y^^ yi^x^ o1v(d%yj^xjJ^ yjrni^ manantia in capite^illitacumi 

i^ ^t^f^^f^AKyi^^Tt ^^^v creta Chia , vino aut galla ia- 

/iST* o/yK l^^^^Mfju^^ ffujiTt' nat.Stomachi dolores & cni- 

n Tw? ^isi^^^f}^m*K} ^TUKy- da^S: cofta cu aliquo ex antc 

d^TTU^ei ffujjyKvyJiel^^ yv- di<9:ijsleuat:dolorib^auriu m|- 

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io Mt ofot/f^ loJiyni ■ , ^la^capitis dolorem lenit, 

^ O^iMApK; Ks^. //y. Marum. Gap. XLIxi 

M^foy^ vffiC^toyy^ix. ypd^tpuiiry Marum herba cognita vul- 

q^fivytjfdJ-Af^o^iii tS aP^ ^p/- gb,furculofa^flore origani, fo-: 

yti/cj^Ti t^%t ^v>^a, T»T« X£y liis multb candidioribus^ fiord 

xfmg« -tto^aS ^ T5 tf/S©^ ^jfi)- odoratiore. Vini habet^ fiiym- 

^ _ cAfe^^poy.E;^ 5' AjJctu^y otjuoicw brio coflmile. Subftringit eni^ 

" mcFvuCpia^d^cv^py ^ h^^uJjyoi & modtce caFacit:qua de ca^ 

iff>{u£t*o^y i^o^Vti liptfffyjlci'' fa iUitu ferpctia vlcera fiftit, & 

^KAojis^oy^i^ «V -Ttt ^^«i T in calidas illiriones additunla- 

svf^tu^iTwy^ ^yv%iiuy2i'^ $ xta magnefiam,&: Tralleis co-i 

'i)i(^^^)^mdi^iyfiKif^hH- piofifsima gignitun 

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AcinGs. Cap. L. npA3Jy«, Kn^. t* 

Acinos aut aconos a Gr^cis Ax^yo^,» Imo^y Triu 'b$ hi-r 
flicjtjtenuiilccoqj.ramulo hcr- '£6icafpfy^^aMa>(^iyJ^:i7m^-^ 
ba^ ocimo fimiliSjOdorata ^ fed ^y^c^a i}a/LC£f^<U(Tuii^^a, ^ x^ 
hirfiitionqua coronz faditatj Iv ^S^^j^.^p* omt$ cfV^ 30^57*1/ - 
a nonnullis olitoribus colitur. i7!U.i0ii?7Mxfit>dajf iyiu^Akucc f 
Menfes &aluupotafiftit.lllita mo^'ii'(puyih.A7iic^\po{n7i{^ 
panps ignemq; facrum fanat. Mirt }t^TzL^xuo:sn0ii IZtu.^ 
Baccharis. Cap. LL n^i Ba;t;^p56)s-. Ks^^* yc&. 
Baccharisherbafrufticofa,q B{i;t;^e«^ iSoW» J^*^^<»-^ 
in coronas additur: cuius foHa ^sx^ <^(^ajfcdmlrAM^ »> i^ (^vK ^ 
afpeiafunt.m.ediaviolg&vcr Xci7f<^;^_ct,^i^)^^/i:;^vi^ 10 
bafci magnitudinercaulisangu i^^v /'« K^(^\a^i^^'}(£fjJKo^o q&>- 
lofus^cubiti altitudinem petes, vtiiJ^iy^T^^)^^ li u-J^^-^t^cc^ 
diquantulu afper^no fine ap-^: ;>(y^'^A?^ Tm^tpvAt^-afyi^J^ii 
pedicibus adnatisrflorepurpu ipc%i^(pue^ , vzzrDXfiyj^, tydcN*' 
reo/ubalbicante^odorato: ra- pi^^uc/^o^/i^/W^jSM^^^o^ 
dicib^ veratro nigro fimilibus, l}^^Coe^i^htzqcu7i lap^A xx)fA \i 
guib^ odor ineft cinnamomo j^iJ^ . <^ikh J% ncL^st p^^td 
jpximus. Afperfi fqualidilq; fo- x^lmua.. ra^vf^^jt^cL 14«- 
M amat* Radix raqua decoda ^^ ^ v^T^y^»^ <«^V^ 
riiptis. vulfisjex alto pcipitatis, (^jJif^in^^^ci^m^JhmioiAif^ 
ipiradi difficultati,falutaris. Ite ^»^ ;;^oy/^, A^rsyetf • ct>« J% 
diuturn^ tufsi^Sc Yrinx difFici^ ^^ e^Io/ctr-^SrHe^ocAira/s-^^wiO 
litcnefes ,pellit: CQtra ferpentiu (^^^ w m^ c/>'c/)jto.^^- 
morfus vtilifsime daf in vin o. ^c^ J^ I^sl r iimKZy p^Sk> 
Recesradixappofita^partuex %hy^H%i^^pci'7m^*7^i;>$7^ffH^ 
trahittpuerperis eius decodu \yyJi»sn(rp.cLTo h^k-^m^hmc. 
in:defefsionib^}pdcft:in diapa- etp^{« • ii^^ti^Maam,Gp.cm 
finatavtiliterinferiturjucundi ^mwiv^^lK0Jflwl:^u(7CL 'dw z^ 
odorisgratia.Folia3Vtpotequf ^uc^Jfajf.TO.Ji (pvhKctcv^Hty^ 
adftringat^capitisdolorib^ illi-r 077« y^-m^^ffhaojif^ci^ ^l^iKet 
tuprofunt:ocuIorumirnflama XA^aKeo^yuf^o(^^M?v(pK&[f^ 
tionibus,mammis tumetibus a vlAKf^^ ^yK&'^ k^^^oy.y^ 
partUgiegilopiis incipientib us, ^^us k 75W (pK^^yoylof^ 
ignibiisqs ^ 


Msu Ipvi^ka-ni . tsJ J%ii^ V" ignibdsque /acris auxiliantur. 

mo^Tszic^ »lopii» Odorfomnumgignin 

U}) Bnyi^is. Kip* yC / Ruta. Cap. LIL 

. TiiyLs/oi o^mot Y.al Ay^ov^ Rutamontanafylueftrisque 

<rS ij jJwle^f j6«mvT5 J^e^/^T!' fatiuaj&hortenfiacriorcft^& 

5 iStKcu oi^7^v^}r ^fZm'^ in cibis damnata; fatiua verb 

J% mmv-m lc^J>^75e;y TD ^jusefubficuarboreenafcitur^ 

vm^-Ttusay-Ks^stiiuoijSiJov.A^^ magisin cibos admittitur. V-- 

^m^ j% y^gjyjy^fptojif-n- traque vritjCalfacitjexulcerat : 

v^, ihy^TJKd-iOifqnr^yJ j lufi^^ vrinam ciet^meftrua pellit^ al- 

iwv kyt>ya.^ l^oLSpu t^^X) ttt- uum-fiftit potu cibove: l^taliu 

to vif^stym?Ja» ig^0* Kiu rr^v medicamentorum antidotum 

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■^ikw.^v i^vCii^oD fd ojA^* menfura ^ ebibatur . Folia per 

^1^70$ -T^^.m^^ om* i^ m^- ie pra?fiimpta^aut cu nuce iu- 

.CfCd^VTi^ J^k TA^pv^Xa y^' e- -glande^aridisque ficis^ineffica- 

ecwmyKcdfHTA y^qu0V 0uinKu CGS venenorum vires reddunt: 

15 jc^V )C5W cvxm ^ii^Zvy Atsf^KTzi contra ferpentes fimili modo 

^^^^0Ts^ Zmfiffj/ua, iy ^s fbmerc conuenit: geniturani 

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.(^ov^yuu mvo^ov • l-vf^i^y ^ fedat . Facir ad pedoris latc- 

W kn^fdb |»p^ ym w^^y^ <^q~ riimque d olores ^ diff i culta - 

^Q(poL^ '^ei,^teiJt Kca^^ tem fpirandi^ tuifes 3 pulmonis 

*7rK^fm Ttivov i^bii^f.y^^^J^Sa'- inflammationem^coxendicum 

mom^G-^^i^f^Tmvyjividjf^h^,^ articuloriimque cruciatus ^ & 

y^fxa.Tzti^^iv^cip^&y^fiyiTiz^ horroresfebrium circuiture- 

exoSim^vo^k^ov 0s ^«p»'^. petentcs ^ pota vt ante did;um 

xcu ^i IfiTTiv^rfziadi^ Ji K0 cft . Itc ad inflationes coli^vui- 

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w W tKsurn 14«^/ £, oj^^y. decocta > & infufa . Foeminas 

'mi^/L^ ^ v<^exyj>i K&iov fji^nra vuluae ftrangulatu liberat^ fi a 

^MTO^ ^i^-m^r aiJbia a.^t dhL~ genitali^fedetenus cummelle 

jiTvKiov cmT^^v '^p^-zT^iW. fubiiciat.Ferucfadta exolco, 

kyal^tMy '$ miKcuo^ £, '^:^^^ & pota, vcntristineas excuriti 

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articulariis doloribus exmel- iKfz^v^^hcnvdi^^y^TU^Kic^ 

h y aqu2 inter cutem cum fi. ff^^yu^ JV i^ ^^ af^m ^V- 

asilIinitur.Eifdcminpotuau- (m-ja am^ jjim^*m^Ji aCm^ 

xiliaturj decoda in vino ad ©^a^ ScTf fi^csptr •\^^x/fiy«-. j^ 

dimidias partds ^ & oblita. mo^S^av J^' iS^j^TKTD/^^ a^ 

Cruda conditaque cibo, vifus TgJvi^ 6y oim Si^tf ^^V«? ^ y 

f ciem excitat: dolores oculo- t:^m)»::>^iJ^6v*i^ J^ z^ l\m* 

xum illita cum polenta If nit, m$ s^ifjSpov Jfuiov x^^nzer^v-' 

dolonbus capitis cum rofa - t^* jta* w ci l(p^K(Mii7^ ^- 

ceo, & aceco illita auxiliarur : ed<Mfia^ twui ^(piras y^-nt^uKo:^ 

profliientem naribus fangui- ^y ^^im^mjui loJivc^ ^ kcu 

nem fiftic rrita & indita:te^ olHyji^ca.aK^ni77$Qyt^,iyiu~^^ 

ftium inflammationibus cum ^^ctyia; W z^ tSv ^m^a» 

laureis foliis impofita ^ & eru- ^,mii imrt^^i ^b^^Trt) «^V «w 

ptionibus pabularu cum myr ^^^y <^xg>^yi^ W Jb' - 

to > & cerato prodeft . Cum <^-m(^i».oi^ x^^mTKuMy cl^pi^ 

pipere autem vino, & nitro u^^^tsu ^ lioM^^.TA aui 

-afFrida , aJb^ vitiligini medc^ (xu^^mi^ y^ mm7%^ oi^o^ ^X i^ 

tur . Cum eifdem illita for- za/^mfw ;ca/ y/^6) ^cjw&i- 

micationes tolHt^ & verru- /^Qy^KivyJvkhtpQy iZw.Kcu 

cas qu^ thymi florem repr^e- y^-m^Ku^v fi twrk rtm ajj^ 

fentant ; contra impetigines 'ni^v^l^^vi Kcii i^j^u^yjwi cu^ 

cum alumine , & mdle vtilit p« . ^i^sxf? /.oJ m^c^ ^ 

fimeimponitur, Succus in ma yiiKi-n Kajt^mttcmii^jLuS'' f^ 

li punici calycc calfeaus, au- ynv. o Ji x^>^^^ ^^^ '^^$ a7rt\ 

rium dolori etficaciterinfun- ycm^mJm^f(ia*v6^oi yM^ 

ditur : hebetudinem oculi qui lyy^ofSfjori^ kf^hva^cu^ iSo- 

ienfere, ruta cirm focnicuH fi#c jjScT^t^ ^^^ou yyy^Z x^ 

co ac melle perunfti iuuan- yku-toAy^ko^oi^^Lm^TAKct^ 

tur:ignemfacrum,vlceraqu^ Tir;9?p57in«t?;^i;;^^^ (tI^vH 

lerpunt, aut in capite manant, I^h i^ -^ipL^i^t^y.wi \oShtd ^- 

cum aceto , rofacep^& cerufa 'm-^iilSpo^^ilw • -mi tb him 

perfanat:manfa,alliorumcepa moJ^yytm yj^ojuiJLvm Jft^v- 

^uqj ^crimonia domat . Mota- tj^to^ , W« ow^wii^y . t« 

^ga fi cppioiius eftur^ interficit. <fV Ip^ySy ^?;y ^g6?;bty ;tTw«. 

- . ' . Dum ' ' ' im 

LIBER Ilt. 151? 

sis^i J% tIw a}'^oiv «V W cU- D um florem promtt> & ad mu 
fi^va^>- cv^Xip^i^QVy mnom^ rias coI]igiturj.cutem inflat, & 
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i^mrjjyii <Hymy^7^^ & coxendicum doloribus:me^ 

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ha^iesrt^^jfiy^^. Ac^/^57^- liculos: foliis multb , quam aL 
p. 'touS ^ 'i>Kovmy$Jys}Lcu terius rut^ longioribus^ tene- 
^ur^idjie^, g^af{i07p.a, , c^^g ripribusqi|<?,odore graui,fiQr^ 
K%v'^'^^ V iiij cadid^ 


jfaijdido^capitulis in cacuniine ^gyxcV, W Siitfii ts ic^dixt^c lu 

paulb inaiorib^ q. fatiu^e rut^, ya^ iJLH^(iva.'t6 ^ui^H^m^y^iSy on^ 

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fiattin quibus triangulu femCj y^^-cy Vk cm^uuL Tei^moy^ \sm 

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fiicco, ac gallinacco felle^teri- y^M-m^ KeimvQ^hov i^ omvxau 

tur contra retufam oculorum ^^S^ kK^KTDeAMViKpoxjovTii) 

aciem.Sut qui eam harmalani /uapi^a ^KS.y^ovcrt M 'nyi^ 

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mam quandam cum mojy fer t^y au^^ n:Ujj 'sj^^ td /u^Kviu* 

|iet fimilitudine : radice nigra^ «^gpBcw^Tii }'i^a aikaM K) tS ^-^ 

flore candido . In col^bus^ & $« Mvyjoy \jz3rap^y,(^vi^ J^ <i 

}i£tQ iblo prouenit. j^fflXo^po/rjJ^c/j^^oi^-^i^eiW, 

Moly. Cap/ LIHL n^iMAsA)^. Ke(p. j'4''. :^f 

Moly folia habet graminis la MZkv t^ M^ <^v».cc l^ 

tiora^humi ip arfa; florem alb^ ^^d^ t^icty cTX«7i/7t ^^. t^\ 

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gnitudine viola? purpureae re- ^iu^ 'j^haKTlpgoeiy %:mya J% 

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candidum, quaternum cubito ^cois 'm-)^^ 7?ayrt§6)y5 W a.y^ov i Q 

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a!iq.d quod allij fpecie referat. J% fjLty^a ^o>£oH^i;^ glvth tr^po- 

Radix parua bulbofa^qua? mi- J"^ k'^^ «^/ v^^^ kya- 

rum in modu valet ad aperie- coju^a^rm^/^hyi ^st» J^/- 

izs vuIuaSjfi trita cu irino vn^ yov [av^u w ^si^iJ^^pn ^ 

quento^inpeflbfubiiciatur. 'mo3&. aj 

Panaces. Cap. LV, n^^na^nKc^^ Ks^. y/. 

Panaces nonullis heracleum ITANAKES^ ^^zkh^ 

dicit: ex quo qpopanax colligi oy^l^ oZ o mw^al mj»,iy^^ 

folet. Plurimum in Boeotia5& '■lax . ^hSgny '^ya.Ttu c^ ^oi^" 

ia Phocide Arcadias nafcitur : -j/sc ^ ^'^'h^^& w k^i^Macy . 


LIBER Ilt 1^7 

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cj» Tif ^^gf^lmjijfl^aey^i 57^y- coloris> multti ad ficulnea ac- 

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^v-m M ^n^v^vm . o^i^ou-^ cauato folo ftratis^ quae ficcata 

^^mS^x^ liv 3(^Kov cmni^v- toiluntur . Simili modo caule 

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i6)^ A^f^oiTo amYfiov * ^iTi cti eximut.Mdiores ex radicir 

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ffb^.vf^p htym m ^^ajy^o^y inteme albus , aut fiibfoluuj, 

i^t^^y fori» 

foris ad croci colorem incli- yi^cd^^vo^^^^^^^h^^^o^^KimL^ 
aans ^ feuis , pinguis , friaSilis, ^^ycAl^v^o^^cAj^rm^^ "nt-^a^^ 
ccner , ftadm in aqua filique- jj Miu^o^SafiomMo^.o '^ p!^i!4 
~ fcens, graui odore. Niger im- <P(£j\qs x, fi^ctyJf* Soxov-m yt 
probaturjac mollis . Adultera- kuu^nGL^^^ mpTi^^Jt-uuAl^^ 
Tur ammoniaco aut ccra : ^^i. j) Vfh^rt J^iuTefCot^Q* w^ <J^' \ 
iynceri experimentum eft ^ fi jcTuhct^^iO '^^eiJhKof kni^^yx^ 
digitis ia aqua friatus refol- KeocTouw* Awja^^ ':S cumi Vgi 
Hatur, & laftefcat. Excalfacitj ^pijt^iiiLi.u^KoLK-n^^Mwvyr 
mollit 3 cxtcnuat : horroribus Tszy^^^iy apj^^i Tfo^^oJar^ 
febrium circuitibusque , vul - ^iy^^^ccn/ffpLOLT^fiyf^^TAy^^ffKiV' 
fis, ruptis, laterum dolori^ tor- ^r ^yA^m^ $^p^^^ gpopot^^ la 
minibuSjftiilicidio vnnx coUr- ^«•yj^s^etdt^. -i^p^^ -w ai AiJCiH 
uenlt . Gontra veficx fcabiem aiy u^iy^(iro>i% om i^ttilpm'' 
ex aqua mulfa aut vino bibi- yortfJL^lwi-n X>«> yJj \ptC^vA 
tunmenfestrahit/oetumenc- (p'b^piyxpl%i/.'^iv^7^^^^'m4 
cat^inflatio nes quar vulua ma- h v<;if^yy^ cAh^ia; J^ct^o^ei m 
le habentjduritiasque, ex mek fuyjv aJi^yki o i^ ^^%'^- ij 
le dilutus 3 difcutit : ifchiadicis ^ l^dJo^j fAyjvmi. Ji Xj 0x0- 
illinitur, acopis Sc capitis me- ^/^ ^ y^^p^tyjj^ JbvifA^m^ Tn^ 
dicaminibus admifcetur , car- ei^i^Tli J^ ^ dUf-^ay^^yapfJ^ei 
bunculos rumpitj podagri- sy^mM^m^ /^'^<piA^^!^^ 
cis cum vua paffa iUitus fub- ^ov yj.-m^^KcLo^^^or m^iTH- 
uenit : dolore dentium libe- wSi)'T^* ruy IJbvmv a^>»- ^^ 
rat^cauis inditus: oculorum a- ^Tit ^ afn^MSfJo^w^ ^dua- 
ciem illitu excitat Ex eo &pi- m • Iqi^K/Jt^v n '^ llvh^idt 
ce optiniu fit emplaftrum con hy^^v* f^^^ ^ ^/o^ su^Xas- 
tra beftiarum morfus , quse in ^^V l^ Tpoir ri^ Kvo^Jiy%i a^i 
rabiein efferantur.Radix in ra ^t.i^ ^p^^cco ivS^^Tzt i^ ^^ 
nienta confcifTa, vu!u3e admo- b^a^ mT^d^a-^^ l^Cfvu" ^9> %<^ 
ta ^ partus extrahit : ad vetera 71 tKy^ 'Trom mKcua>^i) 'm l-v}^- 
vlccra efficax eft ^ nudata offa K^fSci. r Igim ^P^m^KHa. y^r 
corpore operit ^ fi trita cum rATrKuojof^ii ^ mjj) uAKin £>- 
melle iliinatur^ Seme cum ab- ^iouXi-A. 4i y^m$ ojjt^ (w 
fmthiofumptumjmerespellit, i4*i^^&) x»5-^>ot>^ei^^fiC 
ciin» . «^ 


tnw kejt^K^yia. <^ ^^ t* /o- cum ariftolochia ^ prodeft ad- 

CoKdi, (4^1.^ > ^ ^jtwv^ iierliis animalia qua? vcnenum 

g^eiK^f TTiiyii^ ffwH ow^oTi' eiaculantur & contra vt4ux 

^Qf$poff. ftrangulatus in vino bibitun 

Ilget n^awc^s' et<3xx>r^3. Panaces Afclepij» 

^ ^ Ki(p. W. Cap. LVL 

Vidiitui^ kcyiK^TnoTj kvi^ Panaces Afclepij caulem a 

m amv y^^ i^^Kh Ki^Sh , <?»- fblo emittit tenucm , cubita-r 

^cuov^ ^ycL<n <hH^Mgjipim%7n- lem, geniculatum, circa quem 

el h rk ipy>Xa. t^m i^api^^td^ folia foeniculi funduntur ^ fed 

fjLei'(ovu M^ xj cAfc<si/T£^^*otJw- maiora tame hiriutioraque o^ 

10 J^y) *}tcu tTT a^zpou mA^)oy^ \<p dorata : in cacumine vmbcl- 

olj Tot a]f^ ^vcntaJ^ y Jfi uiu^ la ^ vbi flores emicant aurei^o- 

lvcl>J)/i ' fiii^ci }i utKpi* Auncc^ dorati & acris guftus : radir 

f^v J\ l-^f^i cAi^^rov To a^bo^ k^ parua eft & tenuis.Auxiliarem 

y^^^i CeJ^r thim y.aA (^vM- vim habent flores & femina^ 

To. }tou (^ar^Jtuvajf > kho? oiuj contra vlcera^ phagedsenas, Sc 

^ fj(h.m orm-n^fj^o^ • kcu <z3^r tubercula ^ C trita cum melle 

c^mrk mvofyof oujj oivut^ yuu impon antur: aducrlias ferp ea- 

muJGCh,H(poy^o^ (wuj \h.a!i0, y^ tcs ex vino bibuntur, & cum 

Koum M -nn^ ^oMenoi^ mi rim oleo illinuntur.Aliqui panaces 

}Lyj.ajf oexysJiov ^ « </^e> xoy/- iylueftreoriganum vocatjalij 

Tduj 'arset IV A^wm c* roii m- cunila^de qua in origani men- 

^9 eioeAyj^ov. tione diximus. 

Tliei Ua^ocxo^ ^^mii£, Panaces chironium. 

K5<?. y^^ ^ ^ Cap. LVIL 

IlajfeiyM ^^miov ^inrm ^- Panaces Chironium in Pc- 

hJ'^ of 7w *miKeicd o^H' (^uhXci lio monte maxime prouenit: 

cTt i^ k^pj,m \u^ifn • oiL foiiu cius amaraco fimilc: flos 

25^ ^viTn^eiJ^' ^i^oif K^Luiy kcu aurcus : radix parua^ qui^ nou 

pu ^a^ojf 5 ycvo(j}^a> J\ Jejt- alte demittitur, guftu acris. 

^aif. Atxj^u^ Ji X^ i pi(oi pota radix fcrpetiu ve- 

«3^^ IpmreL ^pjo^v» y^ » xe- neno rcfiftit. Illi- 

m Jl zmwM-^odpii ^sS^ Ti ta coma cade 

h^^^t^ pneftat. 

Ilfe* A/- Li^r: 


Ligufticum. Cap.LVlIL mec Atyj^jcov, Ke<p.y». 

Ligiifticumjquod alij pana- AiyugiKav (pvim ^'^K^gcv h 

cea^alij panaces vocant^ pluri- Ktyjdct:^^ ^r <s;e9^vvfuaj^ 

muin Ligurianafciturjinmor %^m of 'm y^a^Cf^ kTnmcpy 

^ teApennino^Alpibusconter- oe^^ M^^y q^^oiw TlKm<n. 

minozvnde nome traxitPana- W^/ Ji ctwri tt^hSmol hm- % 

ces incolse n5 ab re appellant: ^mi if.hJi'^^^ W« » p/^i« i^ 

quonia & radice & caule, he- J yjjjXQ^ tom tS ^^^catKtedn* 

raclcotico panaci fimile fit, & xjdv 'Tmcm^-^ ij^ i J^u^afuf l^id 

viribus eifdem praeditu.Gigni- y^syix&.(^Si''^ o^ ^m^v-^KG^^ 

turiualtilsimisaiperifqjmoti- wmts i^fei-^^m^ot^ '^mmot^ 

bus^ac vmbrofis^maximevcrb ofioji /uaKi^MTPa^^m^ thi- J<> 

iuxta fluenta. Cauliculil fert a- py|/.;(^x/oy '^ (pifi w^h^tpuno^ 

nethijgeniculatum^ tenuemj& iyiS®, yiUva^^idpov^^ % '(pi\ 

in circuitu folia fertulae capa- xce iotxjOTtc Toic r fjmhtKaTn^T^v^ 

nsp, njolliora, odorata , prope <pep<»T£(f$t 5' ^, lodcN^ (^Gr^^ 

verdce graciliora^& longe ma Ji m ^^ Sx^ w T^y^yS^Kcu 

gis diuifarin cacumine mufca- /i^yXoy Im^ff/j^iva. W h^M '^ rj , 

rium , in quo femen dependet cxtdJiGyy l<j>* ? ;t, tJ cori^/ua ^- 

nigru/olidum & oblongu/oe KdM^vadv-i-^^^tJk^^i-^T 

niculo proximujguftanti acre^ /JtMf>AA%\&^ycvaa0p(^ Ji J^^i/zu y 

& aroma oIens:radix candida^ (^(^ua.v^ov^ila Kivdii^Giizoia t"^ 

heracleotici panacis fimilis, o- r ^caxmTiyS. ^cm^ cAjciJn^. 

dorata. Radicis feminifque vis Auvufag 5^ r cjA^imx.to^ k^ ^ ii^ 20 

excaIfadaria,c6coquens:pro- ^»>' &^^Vi>:75;77uaj af/xLl^ort 

deft ad inteftinos dolores ^ tu- ^^ T^afii^ ^y^fzarA k^ m- 

mores^concodiones. Itcm ad 4^? x^ oljy/t^ccm^ x^i/jfmw/ucL- 

inflationes ^ pr^fertim quibus Wj^^ i, juaKig^ lus ^ ^/ua, 

ftomachusturgeat:& cotrafer ^v^z^ ^}!r^elm'^KiycLrAyi 

pcntium idus: vrinas & men- 5' x^ <^u^^^x^ Xu/thudL ^m/Uii* ^ 

fts potu trahiLEofdem pri^ftat i^ ^^fi^^a J^ ^ci^/jSpiA td hj- 

dfe^us appofita radix-Semen ro vtoih. pLyvm Jii ^i^u £j t^ 

cum radice oxyporis & medl- cm^/ua. y^m^i i^ tu^ l^v^ 

camentis decoquentibus ad- esi^xcu^Tux^Tn^ty.cS^JtujdLfM^ 

mifcetur: ori pcrquam vtile: m^*tmZ^i Si h^^^^v Vgjv. 

quar^ '. . , c:^y 

IIBER III. lyj, 

Imr^di^^nmTTi^i&^ ium ^m quarc pfo pipcre vtuntur eo 

fjtu ot om^^^mh i^<sy>m^m^ indigena? ^ ad obfonja . Adul* 

ss!i^ari'^M(n>i6i^-raiJi,amf^ teratur feminequodam fimi* 

^77 vn *scL^iiiim J^a^t' li, quod facile guftu dilcerni- 

yS^ Tii y^vaet \m^h ys^Vgiy. tun amarum enim eft. Alij fc* 

^'gV«/<^e yji am^^jjuL^^ou men foeniculi aut fefelis ad- 

S (no%Kmf <njiAJfM(sy>^r6S y c/b- mifcentes^ ligufticum -dolo vi- 

houm ii/To* tiant. 

-._^ - ^/ 'J ^' Paftmaca. Cap. LIX. 

yei t^tn y^/^tJicd > ^KecmT^- Paftinaca fylueftris folia gin 

jo e^4^m -im^Trme^^iipjJhrjV Jt gidij habet^ latiora/ubamara: 
of^v 5 Tf^x^. > (ntlSioy lyov- caulem redum/cabram: vm- 
'7« <i^'^'y2*» Tm^^-TrKimav ^ l(p' ou bellam fimilem anethi ^ in qua 
d% Kiify^yZvf^i^/im^^U' ff ores infunt candidi^^: m me- 
e^wc/^Vjn^^t^y^^C^t^orom/^o- dio exiguu quiddam cemitur 
Tu^oy • p/^ic cA& ^KTVKou 70 mi^ colore purpureo, fere ad cro* 

M ^)^^ vmMl^oAA^h^ii-Ai^MtA' ceu accedete:radix digiti craf- 
Am> e^SiJ, To^TZjy h y^^- m- fitudine^ dodrantalis, odorata^ 
^ft^mes^^^^^ 'i^tuju KivSi. qixx coda madirur. Semen po 
ap^^eij^ Jucovesm-y^-u^ tum vclimpofitij^meftruamo- 
4^^6mxc>^y3(5tzV uet.Isc6uenitinpotione|,quos 

vrli/Amy if '^sfS^^eim Jijiy^ vrin^ difficultas torquer^ aut 

lO uzti^y^ ^?^ycif*wfJ^ ©e^- lateralis dolor excruciat^ aut fi 
hciCivT^t^ ^mMM kiiySl^ v- aqua cutem fubimferpentium 
^ ^^^'w ; ^^'^, ^ ^^<^>^\ morfibus idibusque prodefl: 
4«. » Ji}il?j y^ hjiii oh^nntm prrfumentes \A nulla affici in- 
u!cnt (nimtJtdjf^mt9\uZy^ iuria a ferpcntibus traduntur: 
iy£pcL m&l>>^ c^^^idpyf. conceptus adiuuat. Radix vri- 

n ^J^ ^vhKu Mci ^ixtM^KtTo^ -nampcUit jvenerem ftimular^ 
cm7i^(4pA,7d(pciy^/iyJ,'(x^ partus appofita eiicitFoIia tri^ 
Tu^d^ccy^^^^H. oMyMTTivTk, ta, & cum melle impofita.pha 
sacpi^xW iJWcft^^Ti^^ mcif^ gedsenasvlcerumpui^ant.,Sa 
f^if^^ TihjT^ huAki^ tiuaadeadempoIIet,ineffica^ 
^yZ^y^y. ciortamen^&ciboaptior. 

Uiti^i^.^ Sefeli 


ScfeliMalsiKenfc. np2e(:^efi)r^«wM^ 

Cap. LX. Tticovf Kt(p. I'. 

Scfeli Mafsilienfe fblia foe- Sl J5X/ t^ tMtccw^g^-n w, Oi&^ 

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Cap. LXL yjiv. Ke^fci'. 

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bet heder^ejminora, & ad pe- (m%U^^'j »^ci^ t^ t^tci xj<^^ 

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jfoy^ <|>y?\Xce '1;;^ xj^veic^ Tm^n^Ki ait^^latiora^& craisiora:caulc 
ina.^^K^rji^^'^ i^mtj^^fi.^ {'jc^r^ Malsilienfis magnitudi- 
^ ;s^\cy u^^m <rk m>osau&'n-' nem/enilacei\& latam in ca» 
)wy 5 vap^xjosiJ}^ ^ l^sr* 2x^6) «/*e cumine vmbellam , in qua fc- 
rouTis axt<iJ)[oy ^KctTv^Z» 5' T^y- men latius, odoratum^ & car- 
TCd ;£5t§m- '3rX5£'7z>7id^5' :^ Su6>- nofius p endet. Eifdem viribus 
JVf ^ * z^ mpyjt>Jigi^o^, Jhujccutv p raeditum eft: n aicittir in alp e^ 
eft t5u) ioTJUj ?;^^.^ye7az oy ^- ris ^ riguis 8c col&bus . inueni- 

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n^/TopAxk K£(?).f>; Cap. LXIII. 

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iim y^KSc;7.<pvi^ ijj To^y^^ yjhi- ticum fefeK vocant ^ iuxta Ci-i 
z/iW'*i/^&.?S7*^i?i>'7z^;/o'/{^5y- liciam in Amano monte na- 

ij ^ScA£^J;^y mp4d^77oV '2fe4ip£- fcitur, herbula furcidoia^fc- 
^li^J^Th^vJuotov kinnJtajtoi^ v- mine duplici^ rotundo^ fcuti!- 
'jroJ^fitw^z^ ofedMTilpv ' mofu- lonim emgie , odorato, foba- 
vor^^Jhffoveidu^ >> ^ \^h(^v cri . Contra vrins difficulta- 
k^m^Jm. o'o ')^>^i r x^y^v ^ tem bibitur , potu cii ^enfes. 
fr6 am^fxan^ in %x^pco oto^, S u cco feminis caulifque virea 

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^i/aax^ Ttt <Jj6 ^S^^kjo^ o5tA«- das pedoris excreationcs ia 
y^^p^l^ mhiToi^ delindu cum melle. 

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i^ ^tmv mn^^Ttov hrv h cv^U Sifon ex^uum femen eft, ir^ 
'^^df^ov^m^ioixo^ <^ivci>^^' Syria natii, apio fimile^ nignr^ 
fmui^^js,aj/^7rj^e^stov.^oim- feriies^oblongum. Contra lic- 
yoy /sre?^ cmKtwei z^ JhffoupJd^^ nis vitia bibitur,vrinse difficul- 
r^tfifduim litoy^w . ^Zv^ tace potu emcndat^remoratos 
h lum ol im^mtofiv^-n mik$ citat. Quo in codimetis 

ciimaicutl>it%& aceto^indi- /wmxx^hok^y^irl^^ G^o^^ 

gen^vtutut.incaciiminegra- X(Li£eiiomu\'^ Jii^KcjuU 

nula multa geritd creMall^zy* otx/sfijy» 

Amfum. Cap. LXV^ . * ^ ' '» -^ 

Anifum in fiimnia excalfa- f>k ^ni0pav^tm^^ cnKtyt^ ^re- ^. 

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diorem facit, doloris leuafne* yoy p^ -^rgo^ cmknyec^'^ Jhtmvejia^. 

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jnahum venenis aduerfatunva ti^.^to cA* td djli(7oy^Tpt y^pi' j^ 

let ad inflationeSjaluuni & al- X« J^ystutv %^ ^pjtW77M'. |i^- 

ba fceminarunl profluuia fi- ^cu/Ttmy^ duwmi cv/^^fl^yov^J^ci'' 

ftit, lac ad mammas elicit ^ ve- <^pi*77jwiy> oi^yramyy thA^^^vyJyy 

nerem ftimulat : dolores capi- vtP^ayTriKol} cit^-^y myS^ovap 

tis leuatj fuffitum naribus:cum /^^« M <m^$ tc tk \oC6Kd ^i 

rofaceo tritum^inftillatumtjue, lim k^^t^os iiATrylvfLccTzo^i^yyjot i j 

fradis auribus medetur . Me- ?Ja^ r 'i^m.k^ K^m fotw^y^ yju 

lius iemper recens, plenu non Kdys^^-^^ <^vo una^ C3it§2^^ 

furfurofum^odore pra^ftans^ luS^v^xo^fui^j^oy •Si r ptai jce- 

Inter prima laudatu eft ^b^dsxydjf ^i'K^ W p»|^^. o r 

Creticum^ proxi- c>7t^y^K^oy mv f&J^yqihsttlo/U^- 

moIocOitgy- yoytccj.igiodJvry^^ojoyTZiVi-^O 

ptium, ovK^iJ'foyyK^fm'7Ttw^ZJ^^ycS' 

Camm. Gap.LXVI. ^" t? S^.^^i!0^^x^^ 

Carumjfemen eftvulgaris; rieeiKctpoy. Ks^. |/» 

notitise. Excalfacit^yrinam co- Kct^r * azn^fzcirioy "o^y^^ 

citat^ftomacho vtile^oscom- ei.aoy oiipiiTtxov^b^ fM;!!7ix&v^lAj- tf 

mendat, concodionem adiu- ^[uct^^Vy c/j^fiovy Tn^^tx^VyUf' 

ttat^vtilitcr milceturantidotis yvfJpoy ^rotsain/cnoi^y^o-' 

& oxyporis : anifi viccm pr^- ^v^e^t^ ^m^^ • a^ctxo^ptw^ 

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do^manditur. cif^^vh7vof. 

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meiknptu. Ke0,|^, Anethum. Cap.LXVIL 

AyjjQif* |;*f S k Kifjm kj r y^%- Aridi anethi cpma? fcminit 

mj To kpi-^fjut. m/of/^oy^yiiKu que decoftum ^ potu lac euo- 

^7^tOT«^^6{psj^7i:g|^:7ysyi^cc- cat^ioflationes & tormina fe- 

imm^ Tra^i^mhidi^ li ^ th^ I- dat , aluum vomitionefque fi- 

j Tn^Kcum^ if/^L^ m(n., oS§i 7^ ftit^ vrin as ciet, fin gultus lenif^ 

ium^Ki/^uot} 7mpy,^feiykuCKV'- oculoru aciem hebctat Sc ge- 

y« Ti W o4e^>, X, ^yw <j&vun nitura reftinguit afsidue potu, 

myt^ Tnvo^^ov.-^icnmv $ ii_ Foeminis vulu^ malo oppoitu 

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ety^^ ei^ lyy^^,apioL,To q^ ^p- lomata illitus eius cinis toliit. 

10 jAu /Jkv k^ y^-m-TTK-jL^y^ KsyJlt-^ Cuminum fatiuum. 

K&^ucL-ntaufei* Cap. LXVIIL 

rieei KufAvn-^i^u^ii* Ke^. |/. Cuminu fatiuii ori gratu effe 

Ku^n'oy ii%i/^fov c/j^uov i^ fed multb magis ^thiopicum 

TcJTif ^iShKov ^ cu ^mri kIv^o^ quo d Hippo crates regiu appcl 

m7rcy^in> ^uojKixoy^iyjKm, lauit.Secundu locu tenet ^gy 

15 ihvT^pov li ^u-^^TTjiov^e-tTzt T^Kot ptium:reliqua iequuntur. Pro- 

'TTzy. ouf) ^ yLKctria 'Z^ oj> kcncL uenit in Galatia^ in Afia^ Cili- 

K^KiKiyJa j^ -n^ivvdL^i^ ov i^oi^ cia3& Terentia^& plerifq; aliis 

^KeiOi;i T&cT5;>. Hs; J^ ^^jLuofn- tradibus . ExcaFacit ^ adftrin- 

iciv,<pj:^iy2y^^}ipa^^xirciff^lov git,exiccat; ad tormina inflatio 

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im,<^Jto'^ Ji x^opoT^diiurts <xuy cis datur in pofca : demorfis a 

S|v/^fitT&)^* ^AetoS^kTot^ Ji cnjJj ferpente^in vino. Teftium col- 

Qiv(.\ SiJ)j/^y rl^Kiymyc[l,'k^ ledionibus auxiliatur^impofi- 

p»)^ ^^i^ m^eivci cLKiv0ipy% tiim cum viia paffaj aut lolij fz 

*5 '^^^^ri omTi^y^. tTAp^ J% y^ rina caeratove. Menfium abun 

loiwyauiuy.Hoy^i^ Tzt? iy. ^yjnl dantiaminhibet.Contritu au- 

%cffv cu^YpcLyictc • cujj o^H K^oy te in aceto^ & oarib^ obiedil^ 

^(Ttvi^^h , 7§i^H Jt ^ -^Z- fanguinis profluuia fiftit . Co^ 

Tu c/;77 T^ of^or^^y qsm^ov lorem bibentiu aut perundo- 

riilicjvy^ioy^oy. lum mutat in pallorem. 

n^et X Sylueftre 


' Sylueftrecuminum* nse^ Ku/^Tyoy i^ot^; 

Cap. LXIX. ^ • Ke^. |6'. ^ 

- Syluefcc cuminum ^ pluri- Kvfam ^ye^oy > (?Jgw ,a^ 
nium eflricaciufqj in Lycia & ^heigof yj^ oic/pyi^^e^y of m/- 
Galatiae Afia, atqj Ca:rthagine x/ot y^ ks^ot tjJ'^ yLx^trld; ^ kcu' 
Htlpanise gigmtur;frutke par- ^ y^^^im r^^r \ajmm' t^ <Pl f 
uordodrantaK caule^ac tenul, ^yJoy%;^v ^x>y ombtLixicu^ 
quaternis \ aut quinb foliis te- oj* , Kir^h > W ^^^ ^vn.iexaL ^*- 
nui:bus3veIutiferr'atiS3& gingi- % I . xsv^a j 0/37^5 ^vyreiffpky^ 
dij diuifura.In cacumine capi- t^JwJ y^-m^im cc^ -yt^f/iait^y.Y^- 
tiiaqmna^atitfcnahabetjmol (^ijKict Si %^ W a.ice^v i^ J 
lia/otunda:in quibus cft feme r'. ^oY/vKot^ fjuthccyj, 'of oko lO' 
acerofum ^ guftu fatiuo acrio- y^fTii^ ky^fco^hi , ycvQySpep Ji 
re. nafcitur ia collibus. Bibitur ^ejLwC^^i rov- ifstie^v . (^us- 
femen ex aqua^a Aierfus tormi *m <ti oy y^&Kc^ot^ ^ ^k^cu 
na inflati<ynefq5nte contrave- /4 to ^'^pjusi cereJr $]p(5<pot? xa^ 
neiiatas bcftias^ex vinoifingul lu7ivtu/ua,7Sm> gvjj vJstrf^n^ 
tus ex acetofedat:ftomacfio o|« <Pi Kvy^vs^ 'Tm^et^ ^srS^yi 
. vtile^que birmor vexat. fiigilla- ii r^ h^oxoL y.ca mKiihj^^^* 
ta tolfit, fi manducatu cif mci- ;^v ^z^ <jr/^ * d?§fi cTe KsuvTni^ 
}e & vua pafla illinatm*: teftiu cr/fid /zi«oyii«r«y ;ccw y^-nt^ha^^ 
jnflam m-atronibuSjadiedis eif- fftuo f^iv kou px^p/ J>. (^Ktyyu>-' 
dem ilKtum medetur. Eft & a- vdt/TS <h<^^y JSw jt/-«Ti 7&>y 
Kud iylueftris cumini genus, fa aurooy Y^-nfTrKcLo^^oit. E57 ^2.0 
tiuo non difsimilej quoda fin- lTS£^y ^^p<i^ 'k^p.ov w^yov \u~ 
gulis floribus promit cornicu- ^spW tw -^^u^fcdyl^lyj^v <fC ay" 
h, in febEme exerta , in qmbns 5oc^ *^ kfim tk^ticL y^rim^^ 
feme eft melathio fimilerquod hi m ift? imi&uci o^joioy fMXcw^ 
potil omnium ferpentiii mor- -Sr^ • TcS^Tt) *tsiyo^oy , <3£^? Ip- 
fibus prf fidio eft.CarcuIofis & imoii^-mot/; (^i<;oy ^i^a^^^on- H 
iis qui vrina? ftilEcidio vexan- bS k^ gpct/yovetSin iy Kt^Zi^ it^ 
tur,aut concretum fanguinem cu/ua7o$ ^lf^oi^ ovejvm^ 
cum lotio reddunt, auxiliatur: Qmirviirmim J^ fnx/- 

fed apij femen feruefadum w ojsi^u^ i- 

f^offeabibendameft, m^^y* 

LtBEB: ilt 16% 

tiieiku^io^. Yiitp. o\ Ammi. Cap. L X Xi 

AM^^imt ^ (^70 eubioTuxjovy Ammi vEthiopicum cumi- 

mJiy^snnxtm wjurmy^m. num appellant. plerique hoc 

Xviot ^hi<>m ^i(nh^/ji cu^^Qm natura diucrliim efle ab illo 

«^y wJ^oj^ %(^ti!j^ Svcu^k^ Its- exiftimant . Vulgo notum eft: 

5 ^a^ IV Af^iL yiexu^v '^ li csh^ femen exile ^ multo minus cu- 

/^7707j w^5T£^oy m>X% f^ yjj- mino , origanum refipiens. E- 

(Mv\i^'^ opf^yi^oy Tn ycvcr&.\itKi ligendum eft purum ^ minime 

y^ Si T^ H^^fj^ j^ ^ cHT&f S- furfurofum. Vis ei excalfado- 

ihu ^twu^j H \-)^ )tf tSt^ fl]S ria ^ feruens^ & cxiccans : facir 

pmit^W'^ mfx&vxMV jy ^vfOMV- ad tormina ^ vrin^ difficulta- 

io ^Jf^r^miifiVM f^^ gpi^oL^y Jlcrov- tcm^ ferpentium ifius^cum ^i- 

e/a^5 JC5" ^ejtoJ^^KTsi^ ^adyut-. no potum : menftrua ciet. Mi- 

yoy mw ow* ojyei j^ Hcu 1^.»- fcctur derodentibus canthari- 

m . ^yi>w k^ Tm^ J)k y^btXr- dum medicamentis ^ qu^ ec- 

etc/i>r c^Jhfiot^ ^m^^ li cwTtTri^ doria vo cant : vt inde exortis 

5^y ws* Qmr)m(^GUi J)j(7ov^ vrin^ difficultatibus refiftat. 

i^ dcuuY.:uu7m'ma.:^'vif7rKdL^y Sugillata cummelle tollit3.co 

cui) f^v ea%H • 7f s-s-ff Si Kn lorem potu. aut illitu mutat ia 

^ooMmi/i^ovruum^^^ pallorem . Suffitum cum vua 

yoy hmToyisB^rc^^i.i^^ ga pafla aut refina, vuluas pur- 

^o me.^;d.e/o'.. Ke^.oaV Conandnim. Cap.LXXL 

KQeioyniioefcx^voyyjcietmyy Corindru aut corianu vulga 

J^^ccmv \yov -^KVfictuj » o^v ris eft notida^jVim refrigerato- 

3(^Tii^\uojof^Qy j^ra, apTZiOv riahabes.Quareillitu cupane 

if kK^tTUv 5 %%unmKaizt kcu %o^ aut poleta jenibus facris:& vl- 

cTHTtf^ /fitTut* ^rttt; ^tt^TJ d^e cenbus qux lerpunt,medetuiT 

xfiw 5a<p;cft omvmvS^a^-i aai J>- epinyftidas cu meUe vid vua 

Juimf (^^4 Kcu cdl^dt^ pafla3teftiuinflamationes,car- 

yjs ^e^mvei * ^rk \^iy^v bunculofqj fanat: cu faba fre^ 

ii :^tfiJk> ^ i^vMAT^ Jti£kvi^, fa^ ftrumas & tuberculas difcii 

r^ Ji can^fjM oKi^y f/^ cnc^^v tit: tineasinteraneorum cxpej 

^7^yhvm^%Kl4iy^cx^ z^S^,iy Ik femen cum paftb potum^^ 

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&gcnituram adauget Jargius ^ cm^f/^tTo^Wil/jyitTtm.^KS 

autem fumptum^menteni non ov Ji Knfp^.y tuvh lUii iialfoidj^ 

finc periculo mouet: quare c6 hmmi^ym^t^^y ^ <?:^Xct7?v 

tinuo, & copiofiore vfu abfti- twL rjjsumci. l^ mui-^j^ ^^ 

nendum . Succus cum ceruffa^ m cu/th . o Jt ^ho^ svy 4<^/- 

ipumave argentij necnon ace- ^(p % ?j^p/^6i Kj o^i ^ f^oJim 5 

to & rofaceo illitus , ardentes xgMy^^iou^m ^ i<p^M w Kp 

fummse cutis inflammationes 'jiui am^imoM ^hiy^ya^ 'rai 

emendat. TrvfdJ^f* 

Hieradum maguum. mezIg^^xfi^^rS ^'xss* 

Cap. LXXII. \ Ki^-^ /^- ^ ^ 

Hieracium magnum, cau- U^K4oy ii f^}a ^y^xh k^ iq 

lcm emittit afperum ^ fubrur -ylm T^j^y^^if^^oy.ki^^^^ 

brum/pinofum, cauum : folia J\ v7riiuyor<pv>}^cLt'j^ oa. ^ici^ 

ex inceruallis rariufcule diuifa^ ^jm-mf \mxiqxiy^ k^axZ^ , 

fimilia foncho per ambimmrlu cfix';^ lw?i§» ^ ^iti^p^HcLn* 

teos flores in oblongis capitu- ctfew f/^KvjdL zv rji^^im -isns- 

lis.Vim refrigerandi habet^ & ^-^(n. ^a^y l;)^ -^m-nidy^ i| 

modice lubftringendi:vnde il- ^JUiTsim^ \mi<^^^vam • ttpiy fu- 

litum ftomacho ^ftuantijin- fm^^ y^(mu^(^Kcu (pK^y^ 

flammationibufqj prodefl:.Suc f>tJ^y^^ x^m^Trha^^si^oy ip^uS^ 

cus erofionem ftomachi for- ^«.^ J^ ^x^ko^ ^Tttpfo^o^^ti^o^, 

bidoae mitigat.Herba cum ra hyu^'/' (mt^vyei. ^ J^ ^et awj 

dicc illita^uibratis a fcorpione TMpi^i» xgjTzL^TrKdL^iicpx^ ^ycof^o- i<3 

idibus auxiKatur. cr/.»;tw i§jJ^. 

Hieraciumparuum. UteiUe^iuovrktu^ 

Cap,L XXIII ^^^y. Kt^^'. 

Hieracium paruum^ folia lie^-^oy ro ^y^lv > <^vrKct ?- 

codem modo obtinet ex in- ^(P ^ ^o c^ iia.<;iA^iwy I- 

teniallis diuifa per ambitum; Tn^frpkycL ^etkx^^^^HOJi^Tt^^ if 

cauliculos teneros ^ virentes , a/^ J^ ^v^^^ ^ut^i^ kcu yKa- 

inquibus hitei flores^orbem £^\ ^ oi^ aj)^ ^j^dy yp^ 

circinantes^emicant.Vimfua xKoy mei^^^i^ovTa, Atwccf^/^ 

ad eadem ad quaf fuperiorim- <^ ^;^ J*^ ^t^ t^ hj^^^ 

pendiL ©e?«j»^^. 

Apium. IlielSfiM- 


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a^j^ opbciLhjuZ'/ ^Ktyuoya; fj^" 
Tet OfTou^lt mk^nikA^ khtpl - 
5 rov y^TSLTTKccojiijSpQy^ kcu i^gtw- 
cvy ^^<t^u '7RZ^n)p^^* fza^ 
^ts Ti ^^^^(^^im-m kyi-m * z/- 

1^6 ^oy, Kcu To k^k-\vi^m~ 
Toy TS Kcu Twy fiCj^y mmm~ 

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/uaKjOif*\fjA7ot^ yjyoiw 'yjoiKSdUf 
m Im^, To J% aTripua V^v 
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etoJ\}Km>y Kcu Tolr Tabd^/j^y 
vniTtdyjofft^ OTSi//^A7wy 7^ o$t 

f 5 j^ctKwnKoy • fiiypvrnu Ji Jio) i- 
yaJkuot^ Kcu ^eisuccu^ KOU ^H" 

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K^tp^ oL ' 
EKcuo^mjyoy 'j^yei^oy \y tm^ 
io. i^v<f^o/^ Tom^^ pLH^oy <ra -^pti- 
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O^£i)i7^x/yoy y^\6^ 557 flr73B&- 
15 cTfe <iy75y yjksffiiaejLet kcu xjiipiiKiei 

(i>pTot iy^Cti^^i<^ (dy oy^^Tro^i^ 
cAj^) htm^wmoi* (^u^Ttu Ji ojif 

T^T^OIS mTfdJiffJ KCU opmoTf» 

R Itt 


Apium. Cap. LXXmi. 
Horrenfis api] herba ad ea- 
dem ad qu^ corianum conuc 
nit : inflammarionibus oculo- 
rum^cii pane aut polenta illi- 
nitur : a^ftuantem ftomachum 
mulcettmammaru duritia ex 
lad;e concreto contrada re- 
primit: vrina ciet^fiue crudum 
fiue coftum edatur. Decodu 
eius radicifque potum ^ vene- 
norum noxa? refift^t^ quum vo 
mitioncs excitet: aluum cohi, 
betSemen vehemenrius vrina 
pellit: cotra ftrpentiu venena^ 
aut epota argenri Ipuma auxi- 
liatur: infiauones difcuta:. Ad^ 
mifcetur medicameris qua? do 
loru lcuamenta pr^at:theria- 
ds quoqj^ac tuisis remediis. 


Cap. LXXV. 
Elcofelinuni in humidis na- 
fcitur/atiuo gradiuSj& ad ea- 



Oreoftlinum, caule eft do> 

drantem alto , ab radice te- 

nui exeunte : per cuius am- 

bitum ramuli, & capitula ci* 

cntXy multb tamen tenuior- 

ra: femine cumini oblongo^ 

acri 3 & odorato^ tenui : na- 

fcitur in petrofis & montibus. 

X iij Vrina 


Vrinam cictjlemme ac radice Amuju^ /& *i^ ly^^^s Kcui 
in vino potis; menfes trahit, fi^uov^yi-nicm^^^^-vTi^afomp. 
Antidotisj nec no medicame- S.yei Ji kcu Xf^ihjjei . tlyvmt 
tis vrinani cientibuSj& excalfa H ym oM^rtJi^r^ti' aau Tui J)ov^ 
ftoriis^ inferitur . Nec halluci- pmcu^ k^ '^^fxmmal^ JhjjdU 
nari nos oportet^ exiftimantes tucny.ouJim ^xm^Z^ voul- ^ 
oreofelinuni effe , quod in fa- ^ovTWi t^ Ifioaim^v m^ to cv 
xls p rouenit: aliud enim eft p e- 7ii7§cu^ <^voi^ov ' ^o yof o?7 to 
trofelinum. mT^oa^mv. 

Petrofelinum . Ilid Tli7fo(PsKim. 

Cap. LXXvn. K£^ c^. ^ , 

BetrofelinuminMacedonia 'S.iyavovroyym^oaij^vohfT^To^^ 
prouenit^in prseruptis locis:fe- ^vi^ oi? ^uJtvid^ cv i/7:^z§M- 
inineammiijOdoratiore/apo- ^uot^ Ti-Troi^ mi^^t^j lotK^^ 
rc acri^ aroma olente. Vrinam 2^«50^6)=^^p(r/ ';> i^ J^^iuv ^ 
cit ac menftruarcontra ftoma- a^cii^^cr.Ti^pv.ol^yiTim^if^tu.cd? 
chi & coli inflationes , & tor- ky^-pv^&^y^U ^ ^ '^^ ^^ 
mina prodeft:Iateru^renum3& ^v k^ yJoKti i^miuf^Ta^aei^ ^ if 
veficGedoloribusin potii iiib- g^6<^ot^* fs^sm^s^Kut^ainriiiot^ 
uenit. Admifcetur antidotis y- 'Z^ v^^^v ^ xi^^^&s ^ '^tS Kcl^ 
rinam cientibus. Ccaoi^ov. ^yvmJ^ kcutoI^ 

Hippofelinuni. o^p»TO^^ ^VcAjtw/. , 

Cap. LXXVIII. np I^zy^^^iy». Ks(j>.o»*^ 

HippofeliniijLatini olufatru . I-TOTfT^XiyoyjoI/w^^^^^jjXoyjoI^^ 
appellat^aliqui fmyrnion^qua- Ji^ kyiioaiKtm , ol J"^, mxi^vm 
^is aliud fit^quod propric finyr y^cnirn^^^ri wexcd^ wp ^'a 
niondiciturjVtpaulbpofirefe crpjijmov \^afyov7o$ hi aoTiy^ 
remus.Eft aute maius & fatiuo lgd^iaD,(A>X<^ ^^l<^Ji niu KivxS^ 
apio candidius: caule alto^ ca- ti^v r x«mm ai>dvov*y^jK^$ 
uo^moUi, habete veluti lineas: "mKo^^ v-i^Koi^^ ^v<pie)^, oiove) ^ 
foliis latioribus^in puniceil ver ^^fiC.aAwtV £;!^y* (pv}Kcc ^ka-tvti 
gentibus:coma rorifmarini^flo ^ ^v^^^^omojt^ct^ of ol^ Vgi? 
ru plena^depedetibus in cacu- a>$ KtCeJUfci>v<h^ ko^ ^^ aP^ 
mine corymbis, ante ^ deflo- ^^^^k^ x^^vuCol^ ^}/ lia^'^- 
r^^czi: ea feniine turget nigro^ mi. aiwi<^^"ajTiojxa, Ji ^a^-^ 
oblon k^"- 


^mmiUf^mgov^ ^^iiuj kmpuir- oblongOjacri/oIido, aromati- 

^^or p/^at Ivdiv,^^ kvjyJa^ oS^^ co : radix dimittitur odorata, 
^<rjoi '7ra.')^au^{ji^ li cviT/Jot^, candida aec crafla^ciu^ os c6- 
K^ 'm^ 'iKim, ^ee;^e'J£w «T^ ^V mendat. In vmbroiis ^ f^" 
€#> 75 aikim. iy « p/^«« Si I^Sr» ftribus nafcitur. olern^ gene*- 
f ^ S.^s-) lo^T^s^. Ttt 7? ©'JAX<:« :^ ol ris, vt apium , radix cruda co- 
^^\oi l^QvJ) l^dtt\;^9' liwm <aauc eftur . Folia cum cauli- 
^^ .'^^ /;^i/ii>y cy.ivi^iim ^ i- bus decoda maduntur5& pcr 
f(a Si TaeA^^^Tjiw cir ^^mct4. fe aut cu pifcibus pr^paratur^ 
Xi^wjami H \y5i h jf^p^^ m^jL cruda^; muria codiunmr.Vim 
(Jfjoi- <Jy moiWsi-n^ta^^jZm i- hanc habet^ vt poto fcniine ex 

^^ ^0)^v *^(lf^mri li^y fipuj)^ mulfo vino mefes cieat: algen- 

^Tnyo^o^ yji ffvy^ioi^o^' x^s calfacit potu autillitu: vri- 

^ayyoveiitii^ ^on^. z^ » pi^ai nx ftillicidio auxiliatar. Radix 

liT^hj-rkmii. cofHempra^ftateffedus. 

Tltei'2,iw^vm. K£(p. o9\ Smyrnium. Cap. LXXIX. 

^iw^vm o^iSp h iu>j>uci '75^0- Smyrnion ^ quod in Cilicia 

25 ai?^oy K^j^at^^mi^m '7r}Ji<^y petrofelinum vocant^plurimu 

sjf Tra K^o.(/^6) kum% o§^.^ tS- in amano mote gignitur.Cau- 

m M^Kov ^j^ oL0m (nuvtd^ le habet apij^ & ftolones mul* 

7mecf'^viMA')^v'm-7roy}.4'(pix tos : folia latiora ^ fubpingui^ 

Kct S ^MTurpcc^^j^l^ r >^y,^ v- ad terram infrafta, robufta^o- 

^^KKZ^^^^v^TTc^ydT^z^ dore medicato , cum quadani 

^^ 'i^lAj6i)/iaiv^^^iu^7iiV^<paf^^ acrimonia^ iucunda, colore 
m<h 'n ^K^ <^f^}J^oy7zc T? in luteum languefcente : ca. 
^Sd-iTjidJ^ov J^ iTn 7f ^xS pitibus caulium orbiculatis, vt 
^y»9o«c/W • OT-lp^ q>oyyjKov^ anethi ; femine brafsicse , ro- 
o^ioy T^ j y^iuCn^, uiKcw^<S*fi tundo , nigro , fapore afpero^ 
^^\ ;^t>o^a^6> «^ ^il^y^t^ %j aiS ficut myrrha,ira vt alterum all 

3.5 lyo5-^ ^/ooZr* ^^ fi^ciJ^ftixHcCy teriusloco cadat. radix quo- 
c/j£o JW, i^mK^^TTzKir^Ko^^ M- que odorata ^ guftu acri , fau- 
w^ <? ^^§:^yf <pAo;By %^v<j^^ ^cs mordct , fuccofa , m'oIIis: 
4co^v f^ ^Kd^a , IvJh^^v Ji eortex eius foris niger , intus 
yj.e^f^oy n ^^s^K^y^v.^v^w 'i ^ yiridis , aut fubalbidus . Nafci- 
<wi}(ihm ToW Y^ )^coKioo;^^ tur iu faxofis j & colUbus, at- 
b X iiij q^ue 


gue iquaEdis, & limitibus ter- Tc^kvk/xjoi^ x^ yovicu< ^^ftmoi-rs 
renis. Yi% radicis^iierbse, & fe- oue^. Atw^f^iv Ji %^ n p/^«« :^ 
minis excalfacere. Foliis mu-^ » -^^nSas :^ 5 rs.^^ ^ffjtmv,\m. 
ria maceratis ad obfonia vtun Ka^^k^ iiK^^^^mA ^^/uaia^ 
tur^aluumfiftunt/adic^mcon 'Tupu».cc,mhidi^7^ httTrr^ A 
traferpeatiu idus biberc con "^i^ot^mo^MiiioTrcTuJ^^KToi^af^f 
uenit, tufles & prthopnoeas ui^Hy^m^ivH'^ ^0^)^^i^o^ 
mitigat^ vrinx difficulrati me- boTivoid^.iy JhazueJa$ l%wy^ 
deturtrecentestumores^coUe-. izfTrKa^^^yiii rrl ^(jpaTA 
dioncSjduritiasque difcutit^ilr olJ^uaTJL.i^ ^x^yw^va^ -^ (rAKn^ 
lita, & vulnera ad cicatricem eia^ J)ct(^of£%^ t^cvj^tS: n 2- 
perducit : partus abortu vitiat^ ^iA^n^uxdined^ d.yet * ^iS^Scjct, la 
fi feruefalta fubiiciatur . Se- MK^^^^o^^^^l^ctiAChd^nti.^^ 
inen ^ Uenis , renum & veficse li mi^aa. o awm^^ ^^ vi^ppoi^ 
vitiis prodeft: menfes & fe- :^ carKytya i^^w^v of t^lei* S.-^ei 
cundas pellit; commode datur q' i^ Xfjt^t/Mc&^ Avt^u* ^s f 
ifchiadicis in vino^ inflationes l^iM^ pmr omu 'mo^ov of^ 
ftomachi lenit^ fudores ciet, ^.^eiy^4^/ua^vli/.7!Viu^7^-.^ 
& rudus . I>^culiariter datur a^^ ^s^vi^ %gi Ji £, IJ^^mh^ 
hydropicis in potu , & contra l^iDKVKoy. IJiog rnryoijSpt^i^^ 
febrium circuitus. v^^G^m? ys^ ^oJhv;, 

' Elaphobofcum. U^ei EKutpoCoirAii. 

Cap, LXXX. K5(p. cr', 

Elaphobofco foeniculace- ExcdasW/oyj^xo^*^ x/, i^ 
us caulis eft^aut rorimarino Cajfmiii S ^^^(i> liM^ifh 
fimilis , geniculatus i foliis du- y^yiLytcdi^o^ • ^yM^e iiJ^iY.tu^ 
um digitorum latitudine, vt Xs4 t^ ^xiTo^-^ Ik^S^ cm^U 
terebinthi, prselongis^aliquan- m m nf^iCiy^u , ^ienuKKuc^ 
tum ajperis, circumfra<ais:ad- /Jyct Tfu^^^a, Trom^. t^ J^ to- 
nata muka habet/erentia vm- ^vij^i lyjf^ai o ii^Ko^^^ui- H 
hellas anethi fimiles, & femi- ita. l^i^ju^ o^ia kvi^, , ^tK- 
na eiufdem:florem fubluteum: ^ xssroju/^Ktya^ i^ td emfi^ k^ 
l-adicetemumdigitorumlon- y»3» Iw^epl^* fi^ct if 7aJ^'^ 
gitudinis , & crafsitudinis vni- ktvkjo^ li ^m > 'm^cJ^KTv^ 
tjs ^ candida ^ dulci , efiii apta. kov ^ uwl , -^t^msL^ IJuJi^* 


i^o}(pjhi,ifKa^iii^ ifi7- Caulistenerpro olerc mandi 

^z/k ^7. Ww ffl£<w r ^fiu^ W tun Contra ferpentium idus, 

iKdt^a^ v€A6«9«<7wf ,ctm;)^^y Toi^ datur iemen in vino.Fama au- 

T IpTT^r Jif(min tt^v K^Tiimrip tem eft^hocpabulo, ceruas fer 

fm cT/c/^^ '7w<r lf>7n%J^Km^ ffvy pentium morfibus refiftere. 
^oJyw* n^iMc^i5p«,K£^.^*. Poeniculum. Cap. LXXXl. 
Mi^a^ov^ aiiyji ^i^ofj^vi i 'Triuy P oe niculum fi herba edatur, 

tD^vccw yihcc x^iaima^ysvjji 75 aut ifemen cu ptifana bibatur^ 

tm^ua, Ji 'mvo0pm S oto^s^^- mammas lade replet . Comx 

iSpm 'Siosi^.-TQ H i^l4**^ decodum in rennm dolorib* 

tS'!? yi^i <smir^% vi<ppmxjo7^ fubditu proficit, quippe qubd^ 

IQ ^7^^xpg]v^iffj^ViJ)H^i9li' vrinamex:citet:contraferpen- 

xiv "^ctf^v^^fA^^^jlol^TDj^i tium idus in vino conuenien- 

^LTotf mw oivoi 'Trpjo^cSpcv^K^ y^ ter bibitur^^mefes ciet:in febri- 

jzt^nci&.y&'c^^pi7ti7^Tvetu- bus naufeam & ftomachi fer- 
^opK^ ^cgjjmv^ptdL^nm^iuii^ uorem,ex aquafrigida potum 

w^^-ip^^SJctlo^^^tvoiAmv. fedat.Cotrit2Bradices& cum 

l^ €u Ji fi^cu hSeu !nw ^MTi ^- melle iUitse^morfib* canil me- 

^wKettQrHiTtu^xmjotNKTtL^pa- dentur. S uccus caulc&r foliis 

m^oim, Jix^Kh iK^uCh^ exprimitur^ &in fcle ficcatus, 

wv r y^Km ^ •73& fi>Km av in medicameta adiicitur, qu^ 

mep^iipitif^i^^^^^l^^x/iJ^ ad excitandam oculoram a-* 

^^GSPEC ^fo^uJhpxiecy amji^i ciem commode temper^ntur, 

|r0 7az;^»OT'^^.j^y;J^g^ef^^^7i Extrahiturfuccus adeadeva* 

mnp^ *n^s Ttt hjjTt^ '/(K^^ov-^ lens^etiam feminc viridijramu 

I-n w 7ii?ir^y>Xo/^ ^ ^m^ hcpi lisquc & radicibus prima ger- 

fuxn^^ » fi^^'^^ T^ ^^T^uj minatione incifis . In Iberia 

c»ffA«t^e77y.Ei^o'TM_©e?^eW' quaead occidentem ipedat^ 

^ayi&iAeia^K^omhliAmo^m fuccumreddit gfimi. fimilem^ 

2^xij^/4amo^exi^ov^yij^%kv^ Caulem mcdium^ dum herba 

SiJflr^ fd(^v T y^Kov r cmp^^i floret ruftici demetunt , igniq; 

m^i^ TTv^) Tme^vUvlmJvcL {j^ni admouent , qub facilius vi co* 

^ ^li^^a^ohsi kpJf^fUCi loris exudans 3 gummi remit- 

^iiKifj{i.t.%^^'5l^}}i<^^^oy^^ tat:quod eflficacius fucco eft, 

^k2 ^V t^ li^^md 'jSm ad niedicameata oculomm. 
n^i joejaiculu 


Foeniculil erraticUjfiue Hip- nytlTr^ua^di^^» 
pomarathnL Cap.LXXXlI. K^(p. ^^\ 

Eft & fylueftre foeniculum, I^OT^^^^iSjsoy fA^l^i^^Qy %^^ 
fnagnuifert aute feme cachryi ay^ov jtdy» *^k^ <^ <mi%i/a. yj.^ 
fimile^cuius radix iucude oiet^ y^^i oaoiQ^^fit^cL '^ U7ii<r>v hji 
potacjjftranguriajraedenme- c/Vi^/>iw maytAvn gpctYyoveia^^ 
fes impofita cier. ventre fiftit, ]^w%ufjduii 71 S>« ^^^^ib^ 
iradice aut femine poto, & c6- iSprii 'j cmiffjux. x^ » f i^ac x^;- 
tra ierpentium morfus auxilia Ktiu? 'i^cn mofj^ja, 6m§/oJWj£77>/^ 
tur, calcuiosque cominuit, & t6 ^oti^^ iy hi^t^ 3pi^<f ^ '/•* 
regium morbum expnrgatila- x7^£py amy^^^f^* r Ji <pyK^ 
d:is abundantia facit deco Au hcd? tc k^^i-^iua m-ot^ov yi" 10 
foliorii hauftti & foeminas a ka a^^ k^ W ok* tox^tSy 
partu purgat.Traditur aliud ywDcuica; kmy^^^ei,x^€i7dj> 
liippomarathri genus^longo^ -^tTi^v 'fTrxtf/Apot^ov.^pi^^^ei 
exili5& angufto folio : femine e;^y ^vk^^/jiK^^^y^' ^"^^ 
coriadri/otundo,acri3& odo w H gpoyyvhoy «j^?^ ^ ^6X6-^ 
xato.Excalfaciendi natura ha- eia^o^i.uaiJ^ lvSth^^}fxa^%yJv' ^^ 
bet^&r viribus foeniculo relpo kv&^oyei Ji hmi » Jhjlaut^ t^ 
det/ed ad omnia infirmius. *3i^ipt^0jiSnn<^^oy h)>%m* 
Daucum. Gap. LXXXIIL UfiJ^ditM. Ke^. 'sry. 

Daucumaliqui Dauciuvo- Aajjyjo^^ol^^^Si^y^ov y^-kAmy* 
cant.Creticum foliis foeniculo f^ 77^ V^ y^rni^^yun^i^td 
fimile^ minoribus & teauiori- e;^fly t^ ^J^Act ofifitsCi^x^onqa 2.0 
bus:caule dodrantali, vmbella q ^ wnloTi^ayj^uKoy cm^afit* 
coriandri^florcalbo:feminea' tuov^^Aiiiov oujotoy yjoamc^^ 
cri^cadidOj hiriiito ^ fiiauiisimi d^^ hiwj/i» tkto/^ Kctfwi^ 
odoris in mandendorradix di- J^^iuv^^Kivxi^^Mai^ i^l^ J)a^ 
^itali crafsitudine, & dodratis ijulosu,^ hoHifirfii^ct, JtLxruK^d 
longitudine adoIefcit:in faxo- t^ Wp^i-.T^ p /^;wr im^fmr ij 
fis nafcitur,& locis fole illuftra o^^yS^ d oy -m^ihai 7im>yK^ 
tis. Altud eius eenns ^ fylueftri ly»A/V.O Ji vs kur IsJ aiKiy^ 
apio iimile, acre^odoratum^a- cLyjLti» Tm^^sy^mo^ ctfc^fm^^ 
-roma olens 5 feruentis gufius. thiJ^i^si^ lveiJ)^^yiuoc^i^ 
fsQhtzdkiranm Creticum . i^TTv^edhi ffia^i^ J QKfnvyJf* 
Tertium Tt 


to Ji Tei-Tvy SStf iu>%t(B (pi».a Tertium afsignafur genus fo 

tor/Mi^ 7« djl^ MuyJ,^}u^£Oo!V liis coriandri, floribus albis^ca 

^ Xyet /Jl zof-Tiiv ouQta hi^^ pite & fcmine anethi, mufca- 

%^*TmiS)ov\u(t,iii^^(^mv(fi'' rio paftinac^rfemine oblogo^ 

m^^ust-m^imtmz^iiwy^tiii m ceu ciimini,acri,Ommum fe- 

^xp/Mv^J^^tfucd^. To JimUusL men excalfacit : potu vrinam, 

Wtwv Jt/^cLvuv %yp b},utim' menfes, 8r partus extrahit, tor 

3£>y -mvS^ov %umvm^,%iJLC^imy minibus liberat , veterem tuf- 

x^ ^pm kyd^pv^y^ g^omv km.K fim mitigat : phalangioru mor 

Mzltm^Cy>^v ^mm ^cdJvlt fibus potum in vino auxilia- 

Kov^ctpyiyei ^' jy ^ficKccy^/scAw/.TT;/? tun tumores illitu difcutit.Se- 

^o ^^\y aivotvG^^J^a^popei^^i^olJ-i minis duntaxatin aliis gene- 

f^Trt yjlu^\£i^y*^ J% ^m^ ribus inualuit vfus : ia Creti- 

r ^AT^mr (mipjuajo^ (ZJiyof, co, etiam radicis^quaj maxi- 

r x/)>»77kSxj'? p/^jjr>» v^f^^ mecontravenenatorum iniu 

KtgsL ©jfo^ TA ^a^ia 'mvi^ yjn riam in vino bibitur. 
^ivd* n^/ AsXf^/v/if, Ke^.^J^'. Delphiniu. Cap.LXXxniE 

15 AiK(pivtov tkmai mim <h- Delphinium/urculos emit- 

'cm^u&v^'» zcu t/,ei^ova^ a/TTo tita radicevnafefquipedales^ 

pioi^ filn^ ^ oU^v»^iejct I- aut maiores,a quibus folia ex- 

m^iT^kvdL Ki^^k^cm^YJA^ cTfex- eunt parua^t enuia, diuifa,prs"- 

^tvoHj^'o^vz^&voua^,dLv6Q^ longa^ qu^ delphinoru effigic 

J^oi^m }sivx/i(ii^%tL7^P^v^ov* reprxfentant;vndetra<5iu no- 

* ^ (mip/jut oy KcCo7^ >^>';^?> ^iW- nien eft . Flos viote albse noa 

^ifii^y ^oa^ TTO^y jym olvtb difsimilis^purpureus: & femen 

c/.ot^mo^Kyiimot^^ kiolJ^v %n- in filiquis^milio proximu^ quo 

^^v.ouiTjJ^X Kj ri\y (Tio^^m^di mt no aliud vtilius bibi poteft^ab 

^/Ts^tPA? ^ wudL^ Tmp^xvi^* fcorpione percufiis. Aiut enim 

kfmt^ZToi^ ri ^ va^mJ^iy" obieda herba^ fcorpioes refol 

^pi^^vt^su^^tdpi/ii Ji fJr 70 hj' ui^ atq; ignauos torpefceretfc- 

ci y^^cu^uiriu J^ i^ Tfct- mota vcrb ea,fefe recolligere* 

'^ffi ^ lijnKtot^ ro-TTotf, Prouenit in^^eris & apricis. 
UieiAiKqityiQvirie^v. Ddphinium alterum, 

• m- ^^'- Cap. LXXXV. - 

AiK(piyiov tri^ov/i q' uAm^oyy ALTErum eft delphinium, 
f»ueiuoi quod 


quod Uomani bucinu vocat^ }^ueuoi0ismHf^i) avizlfAip^fif 
fuperiori fimile/ed foliis & ra r% ^ hjHy TiHi ii ^uAo/^^ 
jnislongegracilius. Viribus cif ititf itKmmf iXT^onm tc^xS. 
dem poUetj fed non ita effica- J^otutv X^v i^ ojjtk^ t avr t^ 
cibus» e^ifvtfj^cifi^^^iiw ii at^yif, 

Pyretbru. Cap; LXXXVL n^/n:;$l3ptf. K€(?. <y/.f 
Pyrethrum Romani falina- ni^i^av ^a, *^ h^kov k- 
remvocant.foU^caulemque vt^aaK^^pi^XtL&^T^t!^ chwioif 
emittit vt daucum fylueftre & '^--^of x^ pc^^^av • ciii^oy 
foeniculurvmbellamqjanethi^ #^^ kvi^v let^^H^.lll^ct 
circinata? rotunditatis . Radix JdLH,wKov (isyiKou tc 'Trti^f ^ 
longaeft,polliciscrafsimdine, ^^yivmt^af^m%6i>VKj^7ii. ^^ 
guftu feruidiflfimo . Pituitatem ^Kiymuiiif *9^v i^mam^x^^M 
elicit; ideo in dolore dentium, i^ ^^ IJbvmhyeui g^oy^ uA* 
decoda in aceto, colluto inde gfot;^ l^^an i^ JieoLhvZotjS.^ 
ore^auxiliatunmanfa pituitam y»* S.^ Jii^ <^Kiy/u£L J^cc^^- 
extrahit;fudoresciet^perun<ao cm^au^ffuy^tof^yi Ji y^T 
ex oleo corporerdiuturnis hor \\cuov^ iVpSia^ x^« 'miova^ i% 
rorib^ efficax eft & cotra per- <s^f ^a '^^ma. ftyn , k^ ^V 
fridiones membrorum, refo^ l^ytJi^ciJi i^nz^eipSpctfu^» 
lutionesque eximie conducit. ^ oz^uaTo^^Siii^m i^^^i* 
Rofmarin^.Cap.LXXXVn. Ufi Aieair&TiJhff. Kttp.^Tr^', 
Duorofmarinigeneraivnu htCmiefiiif Jtosvji u^ ^^ id^ 
foecundum frugiferumque, cu mpbo^^C^" a^m Ji tiu^ S ^tc- iO 
3us feme canchrys vocatun fo -i^ni^ ^x«4t^>», ^^ o n^^^f 
lia foenxculi habet,cra{siora & vj^y^vi x^W(^v», cjl '^ t^ 
latiora^in rota? Ipeciem^ humi ua^^G> o^ot^Oy ma.-^Ti^ J\ 
fparfa^iucunde olentiatcaulem ;^ -TrXinvTiej. Tfo^eiM^im^ 
cnhhi altitudine, aut maio - y7flgpa>^u,h^ch*y^hoY'^ o 
rem, multis concauum alis : in tmrniy^i i, yj^Zovct-ifMi^y^hQJ^ ij 
cacumine vmbella Jn qua fe- ^'^^v^ ^Tt^y^aiy :^ W* S/^» cv.t^ 
men copiofum, candidu,iph6 dJ^or Ip* ? y^^^ytz^ 'Trzhv^^Kivy^^ 
dylo fimile ^ rotundum> angu- htHjCd^ (TtpovJ^uKo^^^o^iifJmtdJ: 
lofum^acre/efinaceu, quodin %;^VyJ^tuvfylynrji'Cmy of o tS 
mandendo llnguam exurit: Jici,ua,£c^<S^i<mx^oi'i/ryivmy. 
radix li^<sk 

IIBER iir; i^r 

fi^a. i^ A€yjci G^^>6S»^>o^oi/^ radix thns redo|et,candida^ p- 
htCaiis, H JV lii^ y^ii- miTtx* gradis. Eft & altenim omniao 
lo/^iTec T» ©e^ '^'^^ cm^yun <pl confimilejfemen fercns latism^ 
^{'TTMTd^.ytksajf-^m c^oyliuo^^ nigrum vti Iphondylion^ odo- 
huGihi^i 7rupcdvm^^i^ccy^2ic pt ratum^minime cxurens/adic^ 
^ Tz^; oiLTif^^KcuWy^KeCid^eiTziif foris nigra^intus fi fragatunai- 
tN Ktuxiui. H cT^ Kiy>ySp^ ot;£^p ba.Verum id quod fterile &(^ 
m^ yjj' 'im-m. o^ia, aazt t ^s^Q' tur^ iHorum plane fimilirudine 
Hfnt^cuf^hiy^hcycLvimS' refert : fed neque caulem^ ne- 
72 dlf^^ »72 (mi^uct.(^vi^ o' <^ que florem^ neque femen pro- 
rzrs^i» Ac?7 ^ Tif^;^'^ T^OT/i-.^t- mit.Nafcitur in faxofis & aipc 

iQ (tS^/ H xx>t]icds n 'i^cmgrm.^Ka- ris.Trita omnium herba ccm- 
^ti7a.K^(iaxm\\6iiii.^ <^».H^ muniter h^morrhoidum pro- 
(p?dyuova.^ 75 W y^T^^^JdKTv^ fluuia fiftit/edis infiammatio' 
hm7!^a,vyeiy'^ yMJ^hKafAct^ nes & condylomata mitisar 
ic^ ^t^M$-,Kcu Ttt J^a^n-^a. cocoquit ftrumas & abfcSus* 
c^y cuTrog^tzATOfy (wutA^^h, cu qui ad maturationc argre per- 

X^ Jif>i(cufAfai ffuij u^Kiv %KKM ducuntur.Siccseradiccs cum 
Avuy^^eP^my Zi i^pci^^^ tZy^w melle vlcera purgantrtoririini- 
xcu^eioJiKTQt^^ h^tp^miiiy bus medentur cum vino poic, 
ow^ mj^cu' \(^L^jjji r ly\i- & contra ferpentium mor& 
*^ \ ^^'e^ > JicL(p(iesv(7i J\ Kcu conueniunt :menfes & vrinas 
iiJiua.iu. ^Kcua.K^TU^srKctiT^ cient, ueteres tumorcs illita 

%x> (Tvj^ouo jy^Kh':^^ p/^i^ Kcu difcutiunt. Tam radicis quam 
T^j^a;^ o^^<hoKif^ Uiy^i^of herbxfuccus,adiedomcl3eil- 
/i^TJ ^h?&i^^o^. li Kop^ litus,QcuIorum aciem exacuit. 
5Tp^ mojj^o^yir^ ixjTo, met. Potum femen adeadempol- 
Bon^K^miKnjicuiK,^^^ at let:ficomitialemaIum fentia^ 
^e^KjmKo^cu^cha^cniny'}- tur, aut vetus pedorisvitium^ 

i5 KT^eAKoy -n ^mmftcd? k^ oL auxilio eft:regio morbo labo- 
yoij hiij^og^ • gp a ^ i/pfi)i7^ rantibus cu vino & pipere d^ 
xij W ko/w khm^ocSf.oraf' tur : fudores mouet^cum oleo. 
<w^« ^ \^yuAm^ K) am.ap.a.n^ pcrucium : ruptis & conuulfis 
^^-^^OA^^ ^ ysnarmKao^Af^os prodeft : pod^is, cu loliaccs 
h&ios (p^cumc^kK^^c^ i) oIh farina, & aceto tritu iUinirur^ 
H^^^ purgat 


purgat vitili^ncs , addito acc- a^\^ovV n mi^ ^ ^yfvf^Qf^ 
to quam acerrimo , Semine in % J§/,ay7ttTO,T^ cayijf/^Ti^ J 
potionibus vrendum^eius qui- ^si^iam^^T^p^^^^i 
dem quod Ganchryn non fe - ^ tJ yJ;y^v_^^i^oi<rA^uS>oM0' 
rat 5 quippe illud fua acrimo- vJb^/jii^ § ^^^^ ^ ?«%«^ 
nia^arteriam exafperat. Rof- ifm-^n!^ «pT^e/^* esc^^^ib-TSir f 
marinum cum erica nafci/o- c^' isrjpf^' ^.m' t^ 'Ǥ^'3^^^ ^^^^- 
liis laducse fylueftris amar^ vs>vM^iMyjkt^ArjA mH^^ 
afperioribus , candidioribuf- o^i^ (^un.cii:^y<m ^ii^^}U 
que, radice breui , Theo - ^^ {^' ^e^^^] y^3^'pv^ =^l 
phraftus author eft:po- ay» ^ d-r^ tojj^m^ ^^<;m 
tuqs idipfu alterutra hz^KoTie^ f^ ^i ^ T^ayorti^ le 

parte purgare • t* 91^?^«« 7i:^y 7^^ ^tMics^. 

Cachrys. Cap.LXXXVIIt n^/Kc^>;^uo^. p^. W. 

Canchrys vim habet excal- To it^ yj^y^^v Jiwu^v \x\ 
faciendij Sr vehementer exic- ^%ii^mM:^jcL^Ae^m^m <^o 
candi : quare abftergcntibus J^^ct-o^vi^^lic^^f^i^ A«- 
inedicametisinferitur. Contra yi^ov^ ©pV fUfpumlo^'01^ ^^ 
oculorumfluxiones capiri illi- o<p^h^h:,am t^V^ Tu^cfj^A^- 
nitunita vt tertio die foluatur. ^Kuodj^oy, yji im<7p,0^<^ 

Rofmarinu coronarium. iX^^yie^^n^^iu^ ^ 

Cap. L X X X I X. np Ai^fiO^fi^-nJbjr. Kg^.^srS • 

liofmarinum quo coronarij ht^dMOiVi Uu }e^uaxoi ;^ - 
Vtuntur^ ramos mittit tenues^ },ovi;7v '^omuely^ajj^^Xff^ ol ^^d^ u 
& circa'eos folia minuta^den- yo^him^mnm.fiCJhi fJ^ ks 
fa,longa,exilia, fubter incana, ^^> ^ ^^^^- f^^^^ ^^f^ 
fupcrnc virentia, graui odore. r?7vyj?^(J^iU^^z^ W 
Excaifaftoriavipra^ditumeft: ^yKeyy^<^^ J^r^^w %Xfi^ 
rcgium fanat morbum/i de co e^ ^vo(^<u Atwuuiv^ /s Ip^ 
fium in aqua ante exercitatio ^^u^mU^ ' Uiiesv Umlufi ij 
nesbibatun&vbilaborasex- WtJst 5x>Ti^l4^W ^vJa^ 
crcitationi fe crediderit, in bal <Af ^ ^v yju^^cnm jom. 
iieadefcendat,&mcrum po- «W '/^^i^^isy xoy>f K<uoha>^ 
tctAcopis.gleucinoqs vngue- -n^y^ ^yujx ii ilox kyJ^^Mic 
to admifcen folet. x^ tS yK^m(^ ;^ V*'"- ^ 

SphondylliT. ^P 


npS?>3yc/bxk Ke^. /» ShpondyKum. Cap. XC. 

!S:<p5;f/bxioj^ ?>iJ?A« fj^%yei y^^ Sphondyliu fofo quadam- 

crcjsy \or/J7^ TTKaT^^m * -©^r ten* platani & panacis habet; 

m tS Tmctxjo^^yjpjhobi ^ cw;^ caules foenicukceos , cubitali 

aia^ % K^ fX€i!^QV(t$^\oixiv:u f^ altitudine^aut amprius afTurge 

5 6^^o>-y Gxripua 'j l-zr' ^^<y S- tesjn quorum cacumine fem^ 

^/oi^ (naih£i^Si^Kovy^^K€C7V7i dupl ex, fefeli fimile^ fed latius, 

^v Ji x^ KivxjQTit^v -^ ctpjy- C2didiuSj& magis paleacemn^ 

p(dSi'^e^y^^afvoap.iiy'cm'^^ utf- grauis odoris : fk>res eius a}bi> 

yj.*fi^i(.v KivKtu^-y '^a(^hw tyc^i- aut pallentesr radrce rapham^ 

ffi.i^vtTiU M a/ iKciihcrf JC5^ cnv- candkla . Nafcitur in paluftri- 

j^ eTps/^ ^eloi^.O <H '/MfTrcf wj^ bus & aquofis . Potum {QmQtt 

eri ito'^-^^ c^^y^im y^"" yx^iKict^ pituitam per aluum extrahit r 

(fK^ucLT&ihri^^Tm ii Tnyo^u^- med^tuft' iocineris vitiis^ regio^ 

ya w'^77^K<j/KT£e«;i«^,cpSt>^o/- morbo- ^ comitialibus ^ortho - 

Kov^^zmKyfyTiijcifi j(^ u^eiyjljjj pnoicis^ vuluarujs ftranguia- 

7niyciX<!^^uf^f4/^^ cH m/cty^ tiontVeternofos fuffitureuo- 

jj X£4 w r^ y^TcL^ies^^^, cttjj cat : cnm olco commo<fe in- 

\Kcuid^h\uCf.')^t^yi^^y^.(^X' funditur capitibus phrenetica 

rSs^ifuotj^ (p^^mvyJt^^Kytba^- rum^&r lethargiconmri^item ca 

ymf^iu<;^3^Ka.K^vin*l7:i'^ J% piris doIorib*;cum nita ilhtu^ 

ka} ^vmrw; trtj^ myiiG> y^^- ferpcntia vkera cohibet. Da- 

^Ku^d-ei^J fh pi|ac M^'^ hjT^- tur radix con tra regium mor- 

ab eiS<?7 JCj nmrticol^. ^iv^^cm. hxim^^ iocineris vitiarcirctmi- 

il Kj z^Ti^a^L r^-ny/M tCk^^ rafa eadem & inicda callos fi 

t^ a/ <pjttf^i'T J^i cit^isf yKQ flrularumderodit.Recentisfla 

poS ')(VK>>f ^^ eiKyji^fj^ei Z' ris fttccus exulceratis auribus, 

rni K} TTvciY^tw-rtf. d^^^H^am' puruletisque accommodatur: 

v^-m /e vKidlo^^^m -ri qtti c^terorum fuccorummo 

^Koiw yyKiap.cLi:G. re exprimijdein recondi folet. 

n^/Nd^^z^r. Ke?). 5-i. Fenrla. Cap. XCL 

^ liaf^fyTiTis yKQt^ S IvTo? » E viridi ferula medulla pota 

tmtxmiA mo^vf cuuoTTlci - vtilis eft ad cruentas excrea- 

^ui Kol mKicixx^v^ w<piKHy Kcu tiones^coeliacosqj, & cotra vi 

i^ohmis JiibTnx <nw QVi(£>^ peraru morfjs in vino datur, 

-^ erupenteq^ 


eruiiipcntectiqtfc naribus fan- Jc^wW c^ftvm cu^y^ct^^a^l^ 
guineminditaiiftitSemenpo m^ arribStm. Ti h cm^(M 
tum torminofis auxiliatur : fii- ^e^«^V 'mo^av axp^Ui,^ 
dores cietj vnfto ex oleo cor- iJ^^Ztgls mei ^dpt^oy fur i^ 
pore • Caules^ fi edantur ^ ca- KaiisM e/S ;^xw i^6>3^y7^5" xs- 
pitis dolores faciunt : muria (pctKaXyS^ ^m^nnejf^^vov^ 5' i^ ^ 
conduntur. Ferula itaque cau- ^^ W iKfi^v^i^. o y^y vaf^^ 
lem profert ternum f^pe cu- :(0Koy kya^^ipm^yiroy^d^ 
bitorum : folia foeniculi ^ lon- jct^^ihXu o txi P^^^ \m^ 
ge afperiora5& latiora.qua ab piy^m^nict 'j ^^y Kfi>Lei?oyoL» 
imo caule vulnerata fagape- ^^^Tioityi^twoyyYZT^iyjo- 
num efficitur. Kw^o/i/Spov^^r^fi^n^ j^ 

Peucedantu Cap, XCII. Up Reyx^jW». Ki^. '^^ 
Peuccdanum^ caulem mittit TlivydS^o^ yjjuKov hin^ K£- 
tcnuemjgraciletum^ foeriiculo ^ly^)%vlvy yi&pi^i^ tijiXiiowi^ 
fimilem : comam habet ftatim ytliji '^ g;^ m^ ^ p/^o^ h^^ 
ab tcrra copiofam ^ ipiframq;: ylw i^7rvx9lui'dLv^$ fM^hmv^ p/ 
floreluteoiradicenigrajCrafla^ t^ajf ^ihsuydi^^CafvoapLov^^kS^fcJ 15 
graui odore/uccofa, gignitur ^^^y o^srJj^ygTO h oficn cucaU 
in montibus opacis.Tenera ra o/r.O^^£w A^ ^ ^^^ i-mh^^ 
dix cultello conciditurjproflu- dmnpi<i^M ^^^a^xsijt 70 
ensque eplaga fuccusvmbr^e cimti^ioy c^i^^ of tr/j^v^iTaM* 
mandatunin fole fiquide con- \im -^ tS ^rdahkw^ 04» 3 tS 
feftimeuanefcit.CoIligiturca (w}^i}^^ u^pctXctK-^c&tf mei k^ afl 
pite prius & naribus rofaceo c/^TtSf^Ta, \cw m 775* ^J^oc 
perfirGs, ne capitis dolor pre- ;;^/^ avr id 'fvcts pjivcp 2> r 
mat, & vertigo ientiatur. Afla- y^^paKlui ^y^TnC^i^ij ^ '^^^ 
tione radix inutilis fit.Tam lac ^^ J^ yytrm liS^^cm. » pi^cc 
^ {nccm radice & caulib* ex- l^mCov-m Jii^ol ^m; i^ ^" 
trahi folet,ficuti e madragora: ^i^oy^y^ -^ fi^ot ^y /ua^J^ap- 1^ 
vcru inetficacior fiicco lachry ^s** tijoy Ji <^e$>€J ^ y^\iy 
ma habetjSr velocius expirat. 2^^ ^ t^^ov c/A7nei. atioTi J% 
Interdu etia cocreta inuenitur <^el<r/i^ ^i^Tnm-pt MyLfvoVy 
lachryma^thuris fimifitudine, dfAOtoy>aCdifa>7%7o7^}c^Ko7f:^ 
caulibus radicibusq-, adhseres. Tutffi^cuf^a^^hci^iyov, 
Prrfertur t3 

LIBER iit ti9 

1'; A' ys Ad^ni (^ (TOf JSj- Pr^efeitur faccus e Sardinia & 
fk £) aaivm^im '^vi^o^.^a Samothrace , colore rufo , o * 
^iof?p.of^iiyj^of^^^uajv 'liw dore graui/eruens guftu. Ex 
;^yi77y*<£ga^^^ J^ W of^ ^^pc- oleo & rofaceo illitum peu- 

cedanum prodeft jethargicis^^ 
phreniticis 3 vertigihofis ^ co - 
mitialibus, & longis capitis 
doloribus^ refolutis , ifcbiadi- 
cisj conuulfis : omnibus^ ia 
vniuerfum ^ viDJs neruorum^ 
ex oleo & accto iUitum , pro-^ 
deft. Eius oifadu reipirant vul 
nx ftrangulatus ^ & vetemofi 
reuocantur: incenfum ferpen- 
tes abigit . Aurium doloribus 
conuenienter ekroftceo in- 
ftillatur j cauerhis dentiiim in- 

l£pot^. 3if i(0,^h^m^ ^ v^yffit 
^^m svfp^tof/^of (juiT Ixcua 

ro ^V y^e^jtH^j i^ r x^^Tu^^iecu^- 
vm hiciAXwnyxtvSimim jj ^ pics 

t^TttKyduif c9<;oi?oySpQf inw po- 

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25 ©€95- jSjT);^^ f/AT iov KctU^- 

yofjSpoi Jifozrvoicuf it ytcu gfO' 

ctf.ao^eiyXjOi}JityTl'^'^0^ ^- 
KdiAm^Kou cmhtuucLwkeiyi^ eA;- 
<poyJcu^ \\o'^? dL^yt^* <mt3i 75 

^^ W5t^ ^9 <hdLTi.tm^ '^'^m zai partus mire adiuuat . Tacit ad 

V' vi^m 'mvh^oi ^m • hdi^- vefica? crudatiis, & rerium di- 

fwT S^i i^ li^^n^^^yt^rim S% Z) fietiones potum & vuluam a- 

» p/^«£ ^nf^ Ttt duu7u^iKcc?ioy I- perit.Radix ad eade vtilis eft^ 

yio^vazwmvtTW^ j^i iww^ -to k- fed inefficacior : eius decodu 

f^i-i^ ust^y^^^et Ji Kcici ^Ap_i bibitur.Farina cius/ordida vU 

M TdL^v7izt^k%K)uiyi^K^'miiLs^d.wo ccra purgatj&vetera cicatri- 

Igicdv k^igi^crt^ Kctx Ithii/KoT 7« ce obducit :fquamas ofsiu qx- 

ditum, mitigatdolorem:con- 
tra tufsim efficacifsime ex ou6 
affumitur , fufpir:isQue,& tor- 
minibus^& inflationibus fub* 
iienit '. ventrcm leuiter emol- 
litjlienem abfiimit, difficyes 

Tuiff X£/^<uztK(iyact(7j^^/uaff7t^ 

yJif*^Kiy^ JV Tiw^m^opctrw^ 


trahit.In cerata,& calfaciehtia 
malagmataaddit.Radix elfgi 
debet recens, qux cariemnon 
fenferit , firma^ odoris plena . 
y Succus 


Succus a^potloncs amaris mi- ^y«7zw Jt o c-Tsii ^^ 7« ottt^^- 
cih^^zm ruta^ aut pane calido^ rrct kuvyMKm 'mKfm^ % m-^^ 

aut anctho refoiuitur, 

Gith/eu Metanthlum. 
Cap. -XCIII. 

Gith exilibus fiirculis fruti- 
cat 5-fiepe binos dodrantes ex- 
cedens:foliis vtfenecionis mi- 
xmtis 5 fed multb tenuioribus : 
capitulo in cacumine tenui , 
p aruo ceu pap aueris ^ oblc^n- 

go^ intercurfantibus intus me- _p^v y(^ ri i^ii^ tDct^fo.fuci-m. 
branis : qnibus femen includi- a^ 0% ^ t^ amf^ mKaM-, 
tur nigrum\j acre , odoratumj ^y, hjSth^ y Jt^^m^xao^^^o^ 
quod panibus infpargitur.Ca- ei^ ofr-is^.A^fio^i q^ iy ^axcih, 
pitis doloribus illitum fronti, ^Z<n n^i^^TrKaoji^ov -r^ fu- 
fiibuenit; difcutitrecentes o- itiTTzo^}^ TU^af^/AjGi^ -v^-ij 
culorum fufFufiones^tritum ex ^^ If^ofJjuov fJ^ToJpiy^ 
irino> & infufum naribus:tol- f^ ]ejLnmQrcu^ <fi ^ ^cckSv^ 
lit lepraSjlentigines ^ duritiaSj ^ >Ji(ts^? ^ oi^^ijuim. wxKcu^ 

^m ^i>Kc&l^y utTtfkcdC^ h-^ 
nfoy^*0f fjd,ii0m', ynyij^m^ 'e- 10 

tumoresque vetuftos , cum a 
ceto iUitum: circumfcarifica- 
tos clauos excutitj €um vete- 
re vrina rmpofitum : dentium 
dioloribus^decodumcum a- 

ceto & teda ^ prodeft : teretes 14^^ KcuJiuKKv^oxjS^or ^^ 
ventristineasexpeHityperun- myiaseiJii^ 'iKiny^^ gpoyyu- 
S:o ex aqua vmbilico : deftil- 
latione laborantes adiuuat^tri 
tum in linteo, Sc olfadum : v- 
rinam & menftrua ciet, mul- 
tis diebus fumptum ,. & lac 
exjrahit: difficiiltatem ipirai^ 
di Ciim Yxno potum leuatpha- 

X^ CT/f.h.neidLS aiJuio^H }{^7n^Kei 

^r K^iK0Vi^^)(Ct^^h7WS 
oiCVydLoset ^ uuLU oiyG> TrtKcuu 2,0 

TctKyea^ jui^TTt o^vi mi JkS/ov 

Kd4 Jt^Tzt^BhuoJOfjSpiSffii D^(^ci^ 
a/mAdpt.(ii e/^^K y^ od^^yo^-m 

myct ;6) ov^ K^ ylKci oi^^.Tra^ 

tlB ER ilt 170 

f'6yi^Jii^^diKk^ifi^}Lmst- langiorum morfibus ex aqua, 

imif < i.,uffSM'TOi^^^r<^d drachmafponderc^hauftii au- 

yjl'^ '^l^m-m^vm^^oy.pem xiliatunincenfo ferpentes fu- 

Q ^ kvcu^eh cuj-m ^Ketoy ^^iy. gantur. Tradunt largius cpo^ 

n^i2u<f>/oy. Ks^. ^jf. tumenecare. 

cvezop K^ ap^icu^ ^ ^JW^ Lalerpmum,& Lafer. , 

a!j^7ov* y^eiyiuip^i^^ vaf^Hjy Laferpitium inSyriajAr- 

0u}Xci %^ mKim ofzotct euAp menia^ Media , & Libya na- 

^ '^Kei7u.fi!^cc Si ^puetJif7J'm* fcitur ^ caule ferulaceo ^ quent 

io ^^im-^of^-^a^.y^icaiTiMa^ mafpetumvocantifoBis apia 

TO J^ )^iP^Mi K^ (^vfJuti^L k^ fimilibus : lato femine . Radix 

ycCKmhHim. m^G^T^^A iy vimmci excalfacit ^tL cibis ^grc con-^' 

cutf \K&l(d y^nicFKU<^Sim,* awj coquiturjVefic^ noxia : fugil- 

i%iy^HmmT%%w^m)i^ct^ latis illita cum oleOj& ftru^ 

Simsof^lH*^ <z^ JtLKT^- mis ^ ac^tuberculis cum ce^a* 

ij Mov n gfo^^» fi^f « ^cf/^» w tOj medetur : ifchiadjds con * 

o|« l -^b^m z^ y^T^^TTKcit^H^ uenit cum irino aut cyprin o» 

ffsL^^ctaifuav^n^^yaivi^ip- cerato : excrefcentibus circa 

jfxam mvap^vi^ov^o^f T£ '^ fedem toUendis illihitiir ; cuni^ 

fuy^vjS^n K^w^jufjuuTti K^ A- putamine mali punici, & a-^^ 

hctii7v>xi}^r7zuJioo^*ly;)^.~ ccto deco<3:a : venenis pota 

«0 ^^f^y^y 'f f'C**^ i(5w tS ^- refiftit t os commendat, dbis 

^.5. Jict(piqi Ji oji/TH ^ifubpo^ aut fali permifta. Lafer e radi- 

Kcu <hc&/yis j tjpLvfiilfdv ncu a/ ce atquc caulc fcarificatis colJ 

t! c<^9 cMimof^ m is^m^m'^ Kgitunprffertur autem rufum^^ 

f/^ (fi lnmYiis; <^^r ySmv T? tranflucens ^myrrha? senmlum' 

ysvo&cA^^^^rn Sieiuivo^ cm hon porraceum ^^ odore va- 

^^ To Ksxim ;\|S^w^. fAv rot v^ lens/uaui guftmquod dilutuni' 

^ fbjjdiyJ^ m.v\is IkSov. 'm w- fadle albefcit . Cyrenaicum^ 

m yiiVffyi%UfzdM mii ;c^9* t- fi quis deguftarit^humorem xd 

Kov 70 myA^Tk r ImrA ^^ayi^ to . corpore ciet , blandiisimok 

n<»7c^.&- 75 7«y^.«ly6) 70 $0- odore ^ adeb vt ne os quident 

p^i^S^m^Hii^Wmy^v; guftanti nifipaululum ipiret; 

it%' Y y Me<E: 

uioscoiiims, - 

Xi^tficirm & Syriacum minus 1'^ mSi^si^mejiayis^ fu^^S 

^iribus valent , & magis viro - ^ «otv k^vi^^t^i^ iS^^»^/^ 

fiiBpi reJdiint odorem , Lafer ^^avtx^^^ cap.tuj.JhhGu^ $ 

cnifne antequam ficcefcat » a- *^i ms^!^r l^^oM^^au^ffaL-' 

dulteratiir fagapeno , aut fa - ys.mm (juymj^ov^n khiues^ I- 

bse lomcnto:quod maleficiuni p^f^Ya oz^ ^ca^i^iiSf t% y^va^ f 

^eprehenditur ^ guftu^ odore, i^ -t^^? ^ /t? «>4f ^ ^^? ^^«''i 

vifu, & dilutione . Caulem a- hiot M r ^^/Jhh mK^io^ ai.k 

liqm filphion^ radicem magu- K^m^uib^^ ^^^dj^ jza,yj<^py^ 

darim^&foliamafpcton vo- -m M (^vn.cc ^cmirt^iBp^icV' 

cauere . Efficacilsimum lafer ^ hjcotziiv^ Si ^^^ l Itto^^ etT^ ^r^ 

lEioxfoIia , poftrem& caulis • (pv».ciy^7Tt o ^Ko^Ji^Ji ^y- f^ 

Acretn vim habet ^ inflatio - m<hi^i^ J'puv^^h.&'mKiai St- 

aies facit:perun das cum ace- t^Tnvm.tnw o/y^ £, Tnm^H, y 

to^pipere & vino/alopecias o|« y^TU^tof/^or o^vA^Kta^ 

fanat : oculorum aciem ex- "ri mnvx.ky'^ kp^<^'ii$ ^^m-' 

acuit , & incipientes fuffufio - ^c^ea^ iicLT/^JcLgiy^c mw ^ 

iie$ y illitum cum meUe ^ difsi- u-a ly^^to^yor^^ oJbv^K- H 

pat ; cauernis dentium in do- -^cts 'p chv^tui eU raj^^djua^ 

ioreinditurj aut ;cum thurein Tzt^x^ ^zk^v^Ttu aiu) KiQojfed^ 

lintep circundigatur, aut cum tT^ ly^i^^^ f^V o^ytw^K^ Jie& 

tyilbpo 5 ficis codis in po - KKvliw^ffu^uosshr»^ Z) avm^ 

fca ^ os colf uitur : 5is prodeft, h^t^t^poi^ mw ||«;£f irw, j^ 

qiios beftia iai^Hem effc- im Kvo^aiKt^y ''^ ix^^Bi cmi'^ '^^- 

rat^ momorderit ^ yulneri- ^n^y-m^ 'm^TieLvuacn^ ^ cV 

businmiffiim: valet aduer- tSv hCoKXt>y ^dm TmiTTtty ymm 

fus VQJeni telorum , & ani- w ^a^ immM'^ 7z>|sy/<i7wyy 

flialia ortmia^-j qu3? virus cia- ly^ii^vo^i^mouA^vorcmJl 

culantur , potumi ^ut illitum ,: ffy-opjoTrT^mi^y lKoua> cft e^^ 

fcorpionum plagis oleo dilu:^ ^ficx«<?i£7ztt3,»^ cm yt^yyfcu^ if 

tum circumlinitur ^ gangr^ - m^ym ^y^i^^^ifmy I- 

Bisprsecoercitfeimmimturf & mw<s^^7%' ci^^a^^ pt^Ti 

cum ruta,nitro & meKc; vel *7rvrs^(^ w njiouyjl imd^my 

per fe^carbunculisrclauos cal- t ^d* lcmm-il^Kovt t^ tgi tim 

los^^prius circumrafos vellit.'^ Umm^^fik^j^a^e^^^ma^» 
cerato' ^i^f^aKcu 


^ju^hu^^eirxM^cdTiJj evmy cerato aut aridoruin fiamm 
^^SvT^lpt^Ti^y^e^Trcvei 7UU carne prxmollitum ^ recentes 
^^ai^(^iT\i^ ffuu^ %\u^ iichenasexacetofanat.Etex- 
c^Kmfjuxrm M mKvmicL^ f^ crefcentia in carne > polipof- 
^M5£^3««' » hv Siu^tomo^ que ^ fi aliquot di^bus cum a- 
5 d^ »/j£^-;f ^ 77yi^, o-a^ozT^r^ W tramento futorio^aut a?rugine 
%l(i^^ mw (m^icoKcdiJ^.kfi'^^ JHinaturrextuberantia cum for 
ki^ $esy^v ^onoji ^a-^Tit fice extrahit . Veteribus fau- 
.m*^mtui r cu^viSicd^ JhLcruju^ cmm fcabritiis opitulatungra^ 
<m vi^Tt-Ji^b^s ^cu im}fo^-^ mm ^ fobitoque irraucefcen* 
btif^duuTiK^' hm)(^bai^i • w/- tem vocem^dilutum aqua/or- 

IQ ii4 r 9eM^ mw fAhiTi iicc^to bitione confeftim expe^it : v- 
fiim^fftwciy^icoii 'n hciyL^/> uam ijlitum cum mellerepri- 
eio^a /j^ f^hjiipiris &)(^m^r mir -, anginis ex aqua mulfa v« 
€A)^oiM^^f mS^KctuCcufom" tiiifcime gargarizatur : vefcen- 
yo^ovJicuTyt^^n^Tieif/ucl^eic^ tes l^etiore colore mangoni- 
&}%}o^^T% Jiibfx^vor^UviiTi'- zat : tuQi commode in fejbili 

;e5 jco7^ t^ oy 'fopyifmm )KmejtKo7^ ouo datur5& pleuriticis^ in for 
'niL^ii%0'myJis i(^'x>iu^$ Si- bitionibus: in fellis fuffufio- 
JbTiw fJUirTi ffvmi |»f^£y.Ay^ ^ ne^ & aqua inter cutem ,xaiii 
p/>** mjoj m7i%%ei y^xiCh(i> ^- aridis ficis : horrores difcutit 
"^^y^ oim • T^nJsitMs 75 W cum vino^pipere^ & thurepo^ 
im^Tt^niu>lf IS^hov chM/h rm^ tum : neruorum contra(9do <;> 

2^0 ti^Kijm$ ^ SiJbv yj,TziumyHV * nibus ^ opiflhotonicisque da- 
^J{}>^aj;Si rki (s^cn^mm tur oboli ponderedeuor^^ 
«7S ;£5t72t7f^o«, iiy^p}^ei^<?it^- dum: hxrentes gui^e hirudi «• 
^o^ fjL&r o^a^ hjmC(h>.i\ ^ roif nes , gargarizatum cum ae^ 
yiKct Ti^fjLCisjxhov tyJhy miS- to decutit:ad lac intus coagu- 
cj it) cmKWyrjaaH^ fur l^vfUhJ- latum bibiturrcomitialibus ex 

1,5 T^ A»^5e/r Sojj.^/ <^5«V J% aceto mulfo proficit : menfes 
ow^mg^ Xj^vfv?» y^TOLytM^ ciet, cum pipere & myrrha 
yicL difCKoiKtaxjoii f of p^>J Kolu. potum : coeliacos adiuuat , in 
-Cc^i/o^^vo^ ^(^v>S$ 6)<piKet' ^- acino vu^ fumptum: cum lixi- 
T!t Jl Kavia$ 'TreSn^Vj G}<^^KH 7* uio autem potui datum^repe- 
#If yicft^ GmsqjLgn^-i fiyf^^ra. te coiiulfi^ ruptisque prodeft^ 


adpcttiooes rcfoluitur', nuci- ^ciKviw Jieifi^^TSf^.*^ 

bus amaris.aut ruta aut calido kux/yMhon 'mzpolf^ S ^^'^.>, 

pane.JoIioru luccp ad eadcm 5 a.^Tep^^/LLof.oJ^ms' tSy 

proficitgr^fed multb ineffica- (pu».mTi ajrd (jS^m,tei^m- 

cius: cum aceto mulfo mandi- £^^xi) ^ViKitmv IMe-m Ji 

-Tur^ad expediendam arteriam, mr^^vy&hL-x^^tipuli^cdv^^i^ ^ 

maximecum voxretunditur: a^weSa^^f/Axm^A amK^Trm^ 

eo cum laftucis ytuntur^ exit- ^y ^^^^tr^Zy"^ J^ ^mo> ^ u^ 

- gue in viccm eruc^ . Fertur & ^iMyjdv l^ovrt^ dL^ri ^j^/y- 

-altera magudaris in Libya na- ^v.Kiy^^m M k^ i^n^a fmyL 

-fc^radixlaferpitio fimilis^fcd MeA^ipm^vi cp>j^y^p/{cc 

^minus crafla , acris & fungo. m.^^ia m.^m ytTJQy Ji m- ^^ 

fa , exqua noa proiuit fuc- ^^.J^^ifjtScci^ ;)^^ 

cus: eiufdem cum lafer^ fa- ^ l^u<jtt*^iii i\ 7« ijarr^ 

Cultatis. TO 07X^1^ • 

Sagapenum. Cap. XCV. n^i2e«>a^W K€(p. '^{^ 

Sagapenum ferulace.^ her- 'Zcj^J.^ttUjuov Im^ *^ 'm>ts 

: l>ae fiiccus eft , tju^e in Media vci^^^DHitvi ^y©^'»^ ^ /m- if 

naicitur . Optimum efl: tranfl J^a. Jia^ifei J% ojimi td J^av^ 

hiccm^ fuluo forinfec us colo- ^g^ tfe^^v f^ iu^h^ &jt /V r 

: re> &intus albo ^ iiefcio quid tif^i^ Kwm ^ t^ov ilutu^v 'ctt^i! 

.interlafer^&galbanumredo- mK<^iou )(gj ^>£m^ S'pfAv c9 

4ens 5 guftu acri . Prodeft iate- t? yiVim.^Tr^iei' J% <ss^i b^^,^ 

mm^& peQroris dolorib^j tuil zflr i^ mKiue^^ mov.^yu&r^^^^ 

fibus yetuftis^conuulfis^ & ru- (miatxaL^vt^^^^fa^ ^oviot^^m" 

-ptis.Cra0mpulmonispituita ^^^iiji^mtyuovt iWetr^^brufei^ 

expurgat. Datur comitialibus, JiJbw J^ % cotx»^/;cc7^,6ot- 

ppifthotqnicis, lienofis:ite cpn S^oTovnaH^ > anKtwtxol^ Tm^ - 

:tra neruorum refolutionem \ kuvko% y^n-i^yy^on^^o^ 

perfriftiones ^ & febrium cir- yJiv Tr^J^iroif cv ^Ti^tn^y^ ^j ^5 

cuitus in potutin yngucnta ^ m^^iajxitm o' ta(^m^^ ©e^c- 

beadmittitunmeiespellit.fed uyiw* a^yetiyXju^Ltja }y g/^- 

foetum exanimat^ cum hydrp- Cpviz<pbtip£imvovSpovf^'^* v- 

melitc pptum: prodeft ex yinp J^po^Ki-rti^, kpiya k^ ^^wJ^- 

hauftumjferpentium iftibus: kthi^ ^j omhctiJiCiXifoijSpov* 

^' olfadumi ' • • ^t-^^ii 

£^^jH -2);V9iam?^i^^.f^^ cAh&nm ex aceto v^cdiianim 

i^.T%\>^o<srpaAn^Qif.mjh4jn ftrangulatus excitat , ocido ^ 

Mmcrm^ m$ a/h^h.^^ic^ mm cicatri ces /ofFufam caE^ 

tcuChm^^x^ 'TiicmJir/.07J!UjJ^ ginem^hebctudme.s,fufFufio^. 
-T^TsSs- xS^cu^ i^^^^^uATU. nesquc detergit. Refolui- 
5 cOisMJfip c^' ^V^ S^ ^ ^^^'. jy^' yj lafer,ruta^aqua5& 

yiiiK^iiMvz^^Kp&h^j^ y amarisflucii>9^autmel- 
^ct^ 5 fi^Ktv J if T^^p^. ie^ atit caiiido p ane. 

npE:/?o^k K£?>. r^', Euphorbium. Cap, XCVI* 
'Ev^o^Cto^ JfycT^oy *^ ycy^^.- Euphorbium Libyca aitor 

)w^^,AV\/&w,:j?c/v4<4oay<^1S eft, feruisr fpeciem habens, 

^^ y^ ^e^undM 7iAaKG>, mv q\i2s in mote Atlate iuxta Mau 

f^.^y J^ptt^vrmTn^/ J^^JhiKon^ ritaniam inuenitur. Ea acerri- 

ol^ T« J^ c^^j-TTot cif>^iyii(jj J^ia. mo fucco turget.cuius eximia 

T^omTT^lUoy -w^moScn&^y feruoremexpauefcentes inco 

zoiKia^^t^^^Cci^it; Tn^^Kv te^ouiilos ventres elutos, ar- 

i&iia^^^Hamh rmSivS^es^^y bori circumligant; & cminus 

ISf^yjh^v km-noi^ imes^^m caulem contisincidunt^con-. 

^^ Toy ^x^v.^S^W n i>r feftimque cplaga.perindeat- 

^Ttvo^ c6>5.«^ la^Kiihm^;^') que vafe quodam> ventricn- 

c^^ ^rT^^^U:i4 y^cu hm}^ los copiofus ladishumor ef. 

i^HT^hy^^.M^^Xl^ fluit,pr^teridquodhumifpaf 

«)y77^.^^<. e.7 J^\ S'o ip'A fum , vulnus eiaculatur . Duo 

^^WT^o^u^T^^,Sici,j^fl,^ ^- foccigcncra :vnum orobima 

"^^^^.^f^m^^^ a^to.- gnitudine > farcocoUx modo 

^ ^ 77 ^ TUM, y^tucu, iaS- emicat: alterum in ventriculis 

S^^ Y^ cujjt^.JhKov^Ji ^ concrefcit^atque vitreum {v^c^ 

7. ^^«. V^^f ^y^^ £tmv . Eligendum eft tranflu. 

^^^-.^^e;^^^ r c/>«^>« ^ cens, & acre.Euphorbium a- 

« fi^^i^"^; MJhyj^^^A-^v dulteraturfarcocolla?&duti- 

T^ >«y^ Kcii^CiiMo.^o,, M ni miftione, fcd difficiie quide 

^c6^jjy^^^,7^. 3,X^^^^^ experimentumrquippeculeui 

cmf^^y^yr^^c^m^q^ m^ guftu.os accenffi diu detineat, 

7oi^om,a>,T^^ To^jcc^ adcovtquicquidori obijcia- 

^l^^c^^^o^Ct^ Jb;c«y^W^ tur^planeeuphorbJu refipiat. 


Bius inucntia tempore Inhx » tj^ roi c^^m^ h/ri ^^ }q6<:m 

rcgis Libyse cognita extitit. ^v fin^nxU-m^ KtCm^ Imyco-r 

Succusiliitufuffufionesdifcu- Sm.^fmsLfjcrjS^Vi-^^etolnni^^^:^ 

tit ^ potus tota die exurit: qua- (po^m^m <as^yjua.^^ h/S>^^'' 

remelli coUyriisque pro acri- ^of^TiveplfJs^ TtnJi^ohii^T^^ 

inoniae ratione admifceri de- im^^^ 'ttz^^^c^v mKm ^^ % 

bet. Coxarum doloribus pro- yv7UJ^:^yjo>KveiOi^ i(p hdXo- 

defl: inodorifera potione hau yoM Tjfr J^fi^uvTVTo^* ^V^C^ % 

ftus: fquamas olsium eadem }^0y ^yiaaffi:, ut-^^s^ a}<i>^m~ 

die exicnit : verum eo vtentes^ mminiT^yum ^ "myotSpo^ • i- 

neceflc eft linamentis aut ce-. (^mm <^\ >y UTnM^djJ^u/i^or 

ratis communire corpus^quo M^ m ;)^€d^'6$ dLT^tmlt- lo 

ofla CQnueftiuntur.Aliqui me- tsu iIjuij <^}Lifj^tw tu$ o^7^ 

mori^ prodiderunt, percuflbs 6ufy^fzo7o7^ %k^^07iu^J$d^'S-' ' 

a ferpente nihii molefti paf- m ii vn^ liMiJiy m^)ujk\^t 

fiiros^ ii incifa ofle tenus ca- c/lj^pW T^if i^THTOcf^iiLToti^ %cl} 

pitis cute 3 intritus fuccus in- 77^ ^iLKc-^cLs dL^t^ Ig^a ^i J^p- 

fundatur , vulnufqqe poftca fzit t^*? iuipsa!^^ , \f^n tov ot^v J J 

f Qnfiiatur. - Kwy X^ pot^^ 70 Tfctvua. 

Galbanu. Gap. XCVH. nfi XukCoJ^-^. K^^. ^f^\ 
G A L B A N V M fuccus eft XdKCa^n ottz^ *^y vof^^Ko^ 

nafcetis in Syria ferul^, quod \y weicL ^y&t^t^v^ Jc5 hiot f^ 

nannulli metopium vocant. Tti^moy y^KovmAgj i\ avTHf 

Maxime lauclatur cartilagino- keis^ KiCcnf&H/if^ ^vS^fdcta^^ 2. 

fum^merum^thuris effigiem y^^^^hi7ni£^^ ^iKoiX^v^ 

pr3fbens j pingue , minime li- oa cTI 71 'jS imkp^7o$ ^, f^ yof 

gnofum/etinensnonnihil ad- b^iKo^ (Xiyvf/Spov^aapit ^hou 

iedi feminis ^ & ferul^^ graui out* ot^ vy^k^ ov7i ^x/y }(^^ 

pdorejnequevaldchumidum^ i^^nes^^Jbhovm J^l hjTiiJV a«'- 

neque nimis aridum . Adulte- yuJjTt^JmyU&^ k^ lp£>^V y^ %$ 

raturfabafi'ela,refina& am- ka^micnyJiy. £^uLct^ty <PViyes, 

moniaco^ Galbanum excal- ^p^TiJitijij^Tnf^miKhu^cm^ 

facit, vrit 5 extrahit ^ difcutit : cajztTJKtw^J^tapfiii^njLtuj ©e^gr- ' 

menfes ac partus trahit appo- ^t^i/i S^ y^ •u*n5St/^6?-«J^^ 

fitii vel fuifitu: lentigines a« luuJMJAi^ly^ivci h/i^^si,uvi 
cetp n 


7* m^ei yutT o|o v; i^ viT^a o^- ceto & nitro p crun & as tol- 
*jrhccS-fi^' it^JTct^mnw Ji ns^^ lit : deuoratur ad tufiim vetc- 
wtKcuew iSm;^, ^jamfoiaj;^ ^- rem, difficultatem ipirandi^fii- 
fxarttypiff^T^^ ain/!(7^al ccaMTt" fpiria, rupta, conuulfa: adu er- 
^m^ Si k^ Ttiit/Savjj * q|« k^ fatur toxjcis, potuijt cum vino 
y<rp.vpv>i'7nib^cri^c^Cei>}^eiK)7i' Sc myrrha . fimili modofom- 
^jnKS-Tzt 'iyiCfvct tuQteof Pijj^S^- ptum mortuos partus cxtrahitt 
au-cmtv^mJii^/n^flJim imponiturlateris dolonbus5& 
^m^y ^ ^> ffb^LuSc^' cm- furuncuUs : comiriales, & vul- 
Kit-^txat^ T6 JC5W if^^eim-^ myiL^ u^e ilrangulatus ^ & vertigino- 
x^ (TAo^mfjuLVic^iiiocnp^cuyo^ii fos olfadu fjfcirat:fi vratur^ 

|o ii^yei^H > S^eifis T^ ^fjuQ^yi fugat nidore fcrpentes^ & per- 
^im^ TDif TB (pjyy^t^^ov; i- un Aos feriri non patitur : {tt^ 
cT^zTDW 7i}fSiy(7vv a^QvJ^Jhcd iJ ;^ pentes cum oleo & iphondy.- 
^cd^fi ^kjiT^^^^fm-T^^ KT^' lo circumpofitum^necat: den- 
y^-oJbvw T^ TT^yoy ^'zrKa^ei- tium dolorem oblitum^aut ca- 
£?« » ai^bmm ^f tv^^Z^^ uernis indiium^mitigat: vri- 

l^ ;7z«i^* J^xfi J^ £> Jua^yfSm^TToi^ na? difficili prodefle exiftima- 
f^y.xue^ c/^ £j «i- ^'"'jw ^tH^uO' tur . Rcfoluitur ad potiones a- 
Tti^m^oii kyuuyiiKoit i^ vJsCr- maris nucibus ^ aqua ^ aut ru- 
-77 » myiicd » ^u^i^m S 2§Ta) ta , aut calido pane ^ mulfave. 
S^p//S. «^^5)^ Q^ mKmei(^ » ;i^x- alias meconio ^ sere vfto ^ felle 
ySmc^f^oi^lt p^}^ z>^2. ;£5t- liquido. Si purgare Galbanum 

s-O 3rt/§fi}' J^ auur ^\iKQfj^o^^ vj^t voles^in feruentem aquam de- 
^i t^<^v vj^f Tttyji^m yif hj- mittito : nancjue cum liquefar 
'm^^cm^Trxiim to ^vmeh' o^ 6ium fuerit^ eius fordes fluita* 
^exam^ tiwvtii odow ;t^3sc- bunt:quas hoc modo facile fe- 
fov (iijajLh i^Saas hjmiL^iuAm parabis : mundo linteo raro- 
€?^ ;>^KVMv "TTv^iJ^j. % ogpdiayov que alligatuin fidiliaut^ca 

.'s,^h/yeiov^a>s ^Ach^i^r TTv^^ pyxideita pendeat^vt imum 
'm 70V a^y^ot^ 'tvv lyc/W^y xsi^ vafis ne tangat: opertoquc va- 
w^^m.;\ €i; dJctC^^y vJo)p fe in feruidam aquam demitti- 
yj^; * ovTcn ^ ii "^vogi^v i^ to:fic cnim fynceru, veluti per 
'7rowA^a^'nti h; «/^* V^ym. td Ji colum eliquefcet, & lignofimi 
^^iSih^ i^/ml^ncd ^H^ in linteo rcmanebit. 

r]^;A^- Ammo- 


Amnaoniacum. Utex hu^jtdimv, ' 

Cap. XCVIII. Kg^* d. 

AnimoniacuHX,ferul2e fijc- Auaedvica^v , -^twto l^nif 
<:\is eftj quam iuxta Cyrenem *Q^ vaf^AXc^ , '^va.a^ov c/; r^ 
Aphrica gignit: cuius fruticeni y^-m yju^tuijTi KiCvyt • yjiK^^Tux J^ 
cum radice agafyllim vocant. cu/^ oxo^ o ^^^ Qjj^ ta U^a^ ^ 
Probaturbenecoloratum^li- kyimj>xh\ lyx^mov j%cujtotj 
gni & calculorum expers,thu- td cil^otw ^^ d.^vKov k^ o^ku 
ris fimilitudine^minutis glebis, ^.^^KiC^cdTi^QV -m? ^vS^^oi^y 
denfum, fyncerum^ nulla for- y^^e)'^ k^ Tnjyj/h 5 m^y^<w 
de fpurcatum^caftoreum odo- Xy^v ^vr^ex.^^y^^e^lov ta l<s~ 
re imitanSjguftu amarum, hoc m^ my^ov H ta ycv^ * y^Kei^ i<^ 
gcnusthraufma^ideft^friatu- w J^ 73 ToioviTiy^ ^mi^ct^ 
ram appellant^ quod verb ter- t^ ii yc^^th^ 3 Kt^S^^ , <pv£^^ 
ram, & calculos coUcgitjphy- fua, . 'pvZ-m ^ 01» KiCm y^^ri 
rama . gignitur in Aphrica iu- %.u^mtL . yjKh^ t>v !^v<ff^ov vof" 
xta Ammonis oracdum ^ foc- ^KaiJhi^, Atweiutv M lyei ^ 
cum ilillantcferulacea arbo- ^i^xTiiC^y^oOTfixrzts^Ws^pA/^w^T? j^ 
re. Mollitjextrahit^calfacit: tu- ^v-^iioL^o^nvmv <r/JK^(dfxA^v^ 
bercula duritiafque difcutit:po 7^ ;^ (^vpua^^mv* zothlay tI vziri^ 
tum 5 aluum foluit : partus ex- yei T^d^v ' x^ ti^C^vu >^7^m^. 
trahit^liene CGfiimit, drachmae mK^va rr/.ei fJl' o^ocs < ot od 
poderie hatiftum : articulorum s^yx^ a^^(»>v i^ ^i%m ^V^t» 
coxcndicumq; doloribus libe- Tm^tTM-m * Conb^ J^ ^ ctc3-- ^o 
rat? auxilio eft anhelatoribus, ^^nyjn^^^^o-Trmm^-i omKyirSt^ 
orthopnoiciSjComitialibus. Ite xm^^ r^ -m^ ly^cmaj/ cv h^^a,- 
quibushumor in peftore coit, m %p^vm , c^tKei^f^ov yum' 
fi cum melle delingatur^aut cu ^hto^ » S '^^tccmv^^. ^ipov^oy 
ptifan^ fucco forbeatuncruen ^k%* a>yei M y^ ov^ GUfxa,'!^- 
tam vrina pellit:albugincs ocu <h'a^-A;)^ <f\ vJlrmQ^ l^p^K- i^ 
lorum abftergetrgenarum fca- /ujh^ ^vmfM^* k^ 7fu;)^W7^^ 
britia abfiimit : tritu autem cu ^Kiip.i^0v t^hh . Keicd^.v J^ Qjjj 
aceto^Sc impofitu^iocineris lie J(|« ^ c/Tnn^v 5 Tm^e-i W ^^ 
uiCjjdurltiasfedat: difcutitto- ei Q^KbMU 7J1 %^% r/Mef^* 
fos^qui in artqb^s cocaUuerut^ xv«,>6j 7^ ^ t^ ^"^^; Trtofn^ 
<um . ' . i^ 

LIBER nt 174 

^^x/Tc^^f^^TtfTXcdicro^oy,^ cum melle aut cum pice illu 
:^ Wcov) ^-^iJJ* 'TTTs/S i^ ^^ KO' tum . lafsitudines, & coxendL 
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lo/Jw^ ^jCni^^TS^KiT^Z^ \smyu}~ lini thuris fimilis, rufa^ guftu a- 
fov^ ifjL^Tnxfov TM }4y<7e/. AajJcc- mara. Vulnera glutinat^oculo- 
10 ^/;f J^ 1;^ ;G)^A»i7)tMy T^ccv^ud^ mm fluxiones inhibet: em- 
sa^ ;^ l^^AVM w; (^ c^-5b6X- plaftris inferitur. Adul- 
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mei r^iLv Ke«. e> Glauaum. Cap. C. 

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frlhs^^TrtKiy 7^^ mjeiti^ ^jm(jS. qu^ ad Hierapolim Syri^ na- 
n^^ioii^ ii hjTXs Tzi ^yMfic T^SV fcitur^ foliis fere corniculatipa 
TAt^cL-nTiib; ^^o?^Uwt%&Ti' paueris^pinguioribus tamen^ 
f5t c/^ ^ ;^«d«iji*x«, K^^voiT- in terram iparfis , odoris tc^ 
fUL x> in^o-n^^ o» T? >iy<;er;)^ tri , guftus amari: tota croceo 

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^m^^i&miw^^T^^^^^wuv^' faciunt indigense , vfque duni 
m i/if K?jCafoj$ Kf^-^yioiv a^i flaccefcant , deinde contufis 
l^^a^ov^HTtti^xi^i^ri^lK' fuccum cxprimunt: cuius eft 
^Ki&oi0 w ^k6v'%^ cAa n ^^ yfus ad ocidorum medicameii 

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pf^-^KVicoviyTof* frigeret. 

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melle aut aceto madefaaum. jjiij J>£^<ja fJ>aTt k^ o^et. 
Glutinumpifcium. IleeJ I;^t>oyixx»^, 

Cap. CII. Kgf. ^^'. 

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veccr eft pifcis ceracel Praeftat xatKiu '^v 'ip^Svo^ mriov . ^a- 

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quod cclerrime liquefcit. Vtile fiSn^ , •7«;^?«. T^JwyV» «<?£- 

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cxtendunt. ^s>o<^^^^v> 

Vifcum. Cap.ClII. ' ,."^-'^5 . /t «>'• 

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Vifcum optimum eft reces, cnlov tS^&yum t^^n^hii^y 

intus porraceum , extra fuluu, iit-n^ jj vm|^^>^/c/^y 5;^y i q 

quod alperi nihil^ aut furfurofi ^sl;}^ % mnf^SAf. yvirm q t% 

conccperitFit acinis in robo- ^vo^ ^p^S ^(jis&«^ '^jva>^^ 

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foho: contufiim acinum lauat^ ^ict. Tiv^cd • x/t^sw c/^' o ;^^- 

&pofteainaqua decoquunt. 'Tii^^STtL^xtJi^^ e^itt ^ v^a-rj 

font qui commanducando ip- ?4^w. ivtot Ji fjuto^^Qiiuj^ i J 

fum eflficiant . Gignitur quoq; t^v l^>fit^ovw. yviw ii /^ cjo 

in maIo3pyro5& plerifque aliis iJt/^hia^ i^ cL-mov ^ l| ^H,(dv Siv^ 

arboribus : quinetia inuenitur d^^cdv* ct5et<r/£w Si ^ *sf)^ fi- 

in quorundam fruticu radici- ^cu^ ^^m mySv* Aiwa^ Jt 

|>us, Emoliit^difcutit^ extrahit: J^ap^Sv^fm.h^^v^cmamt^^' 
paro- ■ fu^^ 

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^et^jiuLni. fuamvimintendit, * 

" / < . s , y/ Aparine. Cap.CIIII. 

TOioJc/^jBfc^a^o^j^g^y^oJcl^j^p/- Aparinc ramis multis5& 
Kai^eoTroy XgKovmy oi Si^ USy paruis firuticat, aiperis , qua- 

j^m^m^ ^>Ko)y puy^oXTTtTfo.y^" drangulis , per interualla orbi- 
m^T^a^ri^vy^a, ii a^ d^^rf'- culato foUorum ambitu^ vt ia 
fwsTB^ K/ijiKOTi^Z^ ^K^^ec rubia : flos albus : femen du- 
2^^ Tirlfv^Qhia^cw^ K^ rum jTotundum ^ concauum^ 
^^' am^/ua oytKiteshKivm^gpoy album ^ vmbilici figura^ alpe- 
yjKov^^KciKoy liL fji^avv m^ lyL f itatc veftium tenaci • Ea pa- 

3^$^o^5«je^i7ipp^72Udt ^ J^- ftpres coli vice vtuntur, ad 
770/^ » 'TEia, y^fdVTtu Ji ojjtI^ i^ eximendos e lade pilos . Se- 
01 %ni^i^ ai-nnhyw cm r yi- minis ^ caulium ^ ac foKorumf 
Km7t^^^!^^tyjjf^y T^v of hj- fiiccus, potu contra vipera^ 
TSTti^h Xmj-^i 75 am^fjjo, rum phalangiorumque mor- 
X3J-o\^Koi x^7a<?y^fl£ 'x^- fus auxiliatur: infulii aun 

^5 Ta^vra^^paKar/^toSiiKTeii^ t^ I- rium dolori medetur, 
^oJyxTZii^^o}/!^ ^tvo^ov u^^ Herba cum axun- 

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aiaK»ip^aa.o^ijyyi(^K^^JIiai- cutit. 

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Alyffiim. -Cap. CV. n$e<Axuom Ki(p.^ 

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vnicaulis^lubalper/otutidis fo ^cf)^^<^v»^ a %^y ^(y/}vKd^mf p 
liisrfrtidu dupliciurh iciitorum & o K^^^y^i^ cW kisoi J>V/jac J>i- 
effigie^in quo eft femen, qua^ «ft^Atf , cy oi^ tc amfiuL •fero- 
damtenus latu^in montibus5& crXfiSTV.^ys^ at l^ym ^ T^dLyk- f 
afperislocis emicatEius deco ^tdttt/^. Hcwth^ t^ i^l-J^i^ 
ftum fingultus fine febri^potii vrt^v-, Kto^wit} ^ Ji^ ^ttv^z^ 
difcutit:ide efficit^fi quisea aut 'tS xu«*£) xpctja^yo » So^pcti'- 
teneat, aut odoretur; cu melle S^y> vi ot^Tc <P^dL* cnw uiuv J^ 
trita^vitia cutis in facie, & len- heiov^ (pcoutd k^ ttpiihr; kmroy^^ 
tigines cmedat.contufa in edu ^f^* JhaitJixgi Kvosop vj/m Jo 
lio^rabiei canis mederi puta- ISc&ca . <7t/>jco w i^frp.djn y^ 
tur.domibus appenfa falutaris Jh^v^y^^ifd^Qv Si h olxjo^ 
eife creditur5& hominibus at- vyteem >i>6w mcu vjl dy^ci" 
que animalibus fafcini amule- '^t^ ^ i^dots kCa.(nidL!/7t7 . ^- 
tum. Purpureo linteo circum- et^^y Ji (pomnj^ liyt&i , Sps^ 
iigata^pecoru morbos abigit. iMiit^y yiainskmKcivm* « 

Afclepias. Cap. C VI. UteJi k^i-^-miib^. K5<p. p/, 
Afclepias ramos emittit lon A^rih.A-mm KKmicikvlyiCj yLA-., 
gos: folia heder^^ longa: radi- vj^i ' W ^i' ^^^^^ ^>t^i x^i^sBT 
ccs humerofas, tenues jOdora- oujiiisc • fi(d§ ot?xW k^ Xe^if^ 
tas:ff oris virus graue:femen fc lifdJ'i<'£ti%^^voap.Qy'amf^ 
curidaca?. riafcitur in motibus. o ^^ 'TrcKima^ (^ut^ afif>ten. ^jh 2^ 
, Radices cx vi no potj tormini- ^vof Ji su ft^su a> otv<0 mi^^ 
bus auxiliaturj& contra ferpe- yct/^^o(p^^oi^ iy S«e«oJ^>t7o«v 
tiu iftus. Folia adueriiis vulu^ yjf ^i^ (^v^^a xg.Ta^Kct^opSpa- 
mammarumqj vlcera^qux ca- 4^i^ ^i» W op ^^'kn^ 
coethe vocant^illinuntur. 1^7^04 n^yjnt^d^. 

AtfaayHs. Cap.CVII. tl}) A^fccK^wyJJh^^.^ K^^^ 
AJtradylis ^ fpiha eft cnico A^^aKTUKi^ky^v^A im iotit^GC 
fimiHsjfolia multb longiora mm^ ^K£ion^ct'jjrz>>x%(pvK'' 
ferens in funimis virgis ^ ma- Kcl t^vim hr^KpHT '^ctCJim ^ 
gna parte nuda, afperaque, Ji '^rKmy yvtmv Tfct^y^y im ^^^ ' 
WXSL f ^min j pro fufis vtuntun yMJMi^ pi^Zrm d-n k^iv^^ 
capi. % 

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ayji^^<h ' ^^ ^^fz&^y ' fil^ horrenfcflos luteus:qiubuidam 
J% hi'^^ S.^itgo^ ^ TOjjTif^ rk in locis purpureus inucmtun 
^rj}^u acp5 » }coiu^Kauoy^p7/-h radix tenuis, fuperuacua. Co^ 
^eiec ^o^vnt Quj mTii^ y,'u majfeme &folia cil pipere^& 
sm0\ cjcofmo^KiicniL^ fyipeKei , vino terunturvtili&ime cotra 
tvtot J^* igoes^m 7^ ^y^y^^m^^ fcorpionti iftiis.percniros tra- 
a.y^iti^c/;^ d^ jc^-rwiH ^TnjcC^ dut quadiu ea teneatur herba^ 
d(dJkoQt4 mou u km^^ijt; nullu experiri dolore^ ipfomq; 
cf^^^y, depofitaftatimrecrudefcere^ 

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Tloxvm^v ^^o^ \ ?7 opt^- Poly cnemon/rutex eft iiir- 
y«c^^5 e;:^y (pv-^ct oezyii(o lu- culofus/oliis origani: caule^vt 
^^«•r ij ^xcy 'TmKv^^va-niV ^V P^legi j, geniculis multis inter- 
*i^y\i;^vo^y'kX^ (/S^Totrl cepto^^fine vmbella^tenui tamc 
miitov^m^k cT* W dLx^ ko~ in cacuminc corymbo ^ bonr 

15 §v^C/a£ /^st' cA)0Sia4 Ttyo^ /p/- odorisy& acris.VuIneri5us ag- 
^di4* Uoiet'^ vJ^idtnr-KdL^^fdpov glutinandis recens^aut aridum- 
yKtd^v S fitpoy ptSf vMJo^y^r^o^ cnm aqua, eflFicaciter illinitun 
Tfuv^Tzt^Ko 7X Soa* J)h '•$ TnfA" fed quint o die fotui debet . Ad 
'p^cuov Kveiv^-mvi^ K^ ^TTfo^ gfcty* vrin^e ftillicidia ruptaquc^ cum 
^vetdi^ ^ fiyfjut^ ffujj otm, vino bibitur. 

10 nsei KKtvoTwJia. Kg0. p9'* Clinopodiu. Cap. C I X. 

Kxtvo^mJ^ov ^t/Mov "Q^ mi Clinopodionfrutexeftfoliis 
^uTo (p^vymZJi^ Jican^uovy ferpillo fimilis, furculoftis, dit^ 
^uo^ov i&miifca^ 5 t^v (puK- um dodrantu altitudine.nafci:^ 
Kct IfTTVKtp 7izt£^Kjii77c£, Ttcu 73^ tur iu petrofis.Flores^marrubi}' 
<jM^ o^tu m Kxivi/ff 7fZ)c^yy cJjt- mo do , cx intcruallis difiindi 

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TlmTix Ji » Trict Kcu nro kpi-i/A- tur berba & fiicci ei^ decoftu^ 
^ ^tSV^ K^i '^Aeim Jiy^ucL' ad conuulfa, rupta^ flraguriaSj 
^Kcu mscLop.ctra^Kcu p>^- ferpentiii i(ftus:meni^s &rpar- 
•Ttt ^ gpcey}'ovejtajf'Ay:t z^ ?^)f- tu« pellit: & penfiles verruca^ 
Tfi^KculiACpc^K^k'Afo^fJivd4 quas acrociiordoaas vocaat, 
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eiicit^aiiquod diebus potil, al- kmCi»,^ W tyjLPdc ifM^dus m^ 

uum fiftit dccoftu zd tertias, yof<i^oy.x^;\jW Te /W^ cct: jJ/- 

potiimquc , fi fcbrim feiitiunt, 757 l-^i^oy kcu myofj$pov ^ o^ 

cx aqua^slioquin cx vino, ^TvplTo/r ^ o/y6J ^ Trv^iioun J% 

Lcontopetalum. J/vMT^f* 

Cap. CX. n^iA£onD*5^«^if. Kg(p. p/. ^ 

Lcontopetalon caulem e- AeanomWdy ij^w^^ov iy/HCNr 

mittit dodrantalem , aut altio- am^^cSovy 1t il) fiei^oyu^^ip^v^ 

rem ^ plurimis alis concaimm^ 7« /^^j^Atf^ 'zs-Kaga^, «^' ^/ ^- 

& in cacuminc femina par- y^m hoCo) 00^10$ i^iCiy^i^^^ 

uaduo auttria^infiliquiSjCl- JirrovTob^ Soli Teza mn^ijA^ 

ceris modo : fiores anemonse ^di; ct^^i ^omm^tomT^ cwt/^ ^^ 

fimiles , punicei coloris : folia n * «fy^Xa Ji o^iuxfAixCyt:, a>^ 

brafsicse/ed papaucris diuifu- nrvmi^^ ^^ '^ '^^^ f^yjmo^* 

ra: radicibus nigriSjrapse fimi- fi^ac wcKcuyct t$<^ yt-^fyvKn^ lio- 

libus, ftrumofis . nafcitur in a- :)^^t;^v7!u y^^^x^vJ^Jhot^ 

niis & fegetibus . Radix auxi- Ttvai • ^pui^m JC q^ a^ov^oi? ?.cu 

liatur {erpetium iftibus^ ex vi- oy tS mrib . 7«zJw » pi^o£ w^ 15 

no pota . nec alia res celerius oxyw 'mvoi^vi » ^o>}5^ IfTnTOfh- 

dolorem finit. Mifcetur ifchia- y^ioii . Ta^^^td^ hrzivoi^ nrom^m.. 

dicorum clyftcribus. ijuay.-ru Si kcu «V 7^ /j^jstcft- 

Teucrium. me^^TW». Ke(?.p/i. 

Cap. CXL *tiw^m^o\J\}Lcurov7o^'t^ 

Teucriori.fiuevt aliispla- i^J^w y^^m^^r^cLfctCSoet^ 

ctt teucris, hcrba eft virg;^ re- Ji^ mzuu ^^f/AJ^vl ^ w^U 

fcrens effigiem ^ triflfaginis fi- %v>^oi ^.V^vjcl l^g^/vSri^jsT^- 

militudine ^ tenui folio , lion m ty^iov. ^virm M <srKei<;tv o? 

multum a cicefe alicno . hsec xjKwci rS y^-m^^^TtiM^ vA 

in Cilicia iuxta Gentiadem nosaja. y^ov^Ti\. ^ i^^twajni ^ 

Ciffademque vbertim proue- J^ s^ X?^^§^ f^^^' l\vy^hrov 

nit . Recens cum p ofca^ aut a- '^ -^^ » |j>£^ ^^scd-^o^ y.aX 

ridseferuefafta? ius^potu lic- mvo^yi^ mKhia -mu^ i%v^ 

nem potentcr abfumit: lien o- fS^. y^-nxf^rKiosiTdL A iwm <n/- 

fis cum aceto & ficis illinitur: ^/ ^i^ 0^^^ ^ cmTJwiK^vi 

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c^^e^pof^mi' «/^^T o|oiff itcm ferpentiummorCbus ex 
pim ^eli <^yu^* acetpfolo^fineficis, 

iV^ilicL^S^^mu ts^.^^^ Trilfago, Cap.CXIL 

XetfiiuS^fi^^ol $ )(afuuS^(^^ Chamaedris Grapcis^aliis cha 
S X^jfij J^pt^. <ft A J^ T» m^m mk maedrops : Latinis triifago di- 
^ \upifiay^7^KptG>jK^wi{w citur.fimt qui eam teucrion 
Tsn^ TtuKpm hjxiim , (pi^-m appellaiiere^ propter ea quam 
ci> T^tty^tn K^ mTf&S^fft tc- cum teucrio fcruat fimilitudi- 
'jrtir^kiSi bdL^imi^ am^pU'^ nem.Nafcitur in petrofis & 
m^^ (^v».ai^v fitHfa.^m ^- afperis: frutex dodrantalis^ fo- 
^'n Kcu 1% ^m S^vi t^iOy liahabens exigua, amara/efFi- 

10 ^z^ roM^^is^^^vesv-iUt^ gie & diuifiira quercus : flore 
x£^y. mjn.iym S^hjTUij Mly^ paruo ^ pene purpureo . Car- 
^tjuiiaLrcS x^TxV, LtiidLim pitur femine prsegnans. Re« 
Jt'i^ ^}^£^ a^i-i^^^ ffuy cens in aqua de^coda, potii 
ilMv Kcu mv^of^yty ^on^y tuisibus^induratojieni ^vri nae 
ojmspLciaTy ^n^jcmKtuj) %<m}^ difficultati , incipientibus hy- 

1 5 pfi>^6) j iXK^v^vm 5 i^ SitAith- dropicis ^ auxiliatur t ci t m en- 
xoTir<Ji>£^;^'2>€i;^g^t^fid:t, ies ipartusextrahit^Iienemex 
l/^^pydi^ carhlujci T^Kei Qw o|« aceto pota confijmit : adtier- 
*7ro2^(7a, • tisi^JiTa^exucvT^ fiis ferpcntium venena ex vi^ 
mq> mQx^^jy y^-rtiwKao^fjt^ no, potu ^ iliituque efficacifif- 
y» 'TTotSi* KiiA Ji JhjiuTU ^ eif ma . Trita digeritur in paftil- 

^® y^-7itwiv€t ctiefTThjis^^nu ^J^ los ad fiipradicftarpurgat vete- 
T^ ^f^nuka^K^dyay^^oeiv %K~ ra vlcera^ cum melle : cum 
mmhcuk Qw ^Kiv*di^£iA oleo illita^ caliginem o^ 
i;)^^?^ TTtf «^ o^d^cXiwTiT cfio) I- culorum difcutit: 

Ka!!e(^mai%y^iOxjS^nKcukK^- natura eius 

^o^Ve^Jc/^i^pAt^TTJcw. eftcalfa- 

^S riset Asi/^^s". Kip.ftyi cere. 

A^uH^^l^eivyiy^Kciwpv^xi' Leucas. Cap. CXIIL 

T££9: w iS^fot; oi? 5 JYWt?- Leucasmontana^latioribus 
6^y 7S ^ mKpoTiipf t^vcFu w 5 vrbana foliis, femine acrio- 
j(^^vK^ k^^u4rt^ov^ Spcc^Kjs>* re^amariore^ori ingrato, effica 
T^fA ^Tnt Tuyy^H ^ yi^fi^esv* cior tamcii ^ fatiua habetun 
©^- %" Vtraq^ 


Vtraqiie ex vlno cotra anima- om-Tr-K&o^^eu o i^^o-T^f ^ ^ 

liumvenena^pr^ecipue mari- W^a" > ^'^i^C^i^ ^tigT olWy 

norum opitulatHr. imwf hCoT^h ^ ^>^ 'J^? 

Lychnis coronaria. $a;Ket<xnG>v* 

Cap. CXniL mei Ao^iJhc ^ipdM^f^- 

Lychnis coronaria,flore eft T?)t&. Ks^. p/cT . ^ ^ 

albae viok fimiK , fed purpu- ^}^;)S^^ ^^^m^^^vic^^ cu!^ 

reo quo coroila? faditantur. 'b$v ofzam Kivia>'LG>^ iLCT^^^pve^f 

Contra fcorpionum idus fe- M ^xrJ^Spoy «V^t» ^<pciJic£. 

men in vino potum auxitia- 'Si li cmffjzL^i^ tnxu aw'^ 

Lychnis fylueftris. Ufi AvyilSb^ lySa^. lo 

Cap. CXV. K^.^ p^^; \^ ^ ^ 

Lycbnis fylueftris^omnia vr Kvyns kyeict oux)U ta ^j^ 

hmx fimilis. Bilem per aluum p6> 3(^7» W^^ • •2^ «f"'^ an*^^ 

detrahit/emine duAusdrach- au-m^ < ^.^TS^^TFt^.vcL-^ei 

mis poto:idis afcorpione fub- h^tia mthJdM ^\oJ\i* m <r^of^ 

uenit . Aiunt huius herbse? mowKiKTttrctffA^ei. (^cm ii'i^ i^ 

appofitu, fcorpiones tw (^/^^^Tnot^ va^mS^^ mk^ 

torpefcere, & in- iEs^Tmv; yyi^ mu^r^f^i 

ertesprorfus MmokT^? nn^d^. 
reddi. Tlieji %^dnv* 

Lilium. Cap. CXVl ^^^^^ ^cmKmy, Ww 7.' ^ 
L I L I A coronamentis fe aS^^ <^(pafiG>^'n}tSy 'Qp.y^i^ 
dedunt^Liria a quibufdam vo- ^oy ver' iym Knejoy . \(^ ou 
cata.Equibusvnguetumtem- -m "^ ')€i^^ x^TA^rmil^^m 
peratur quod aliqtti lirinum^ '6mn^K^ejLvov^oiJ\<roii(mov}i^ 
alij fufinum appellant ^ ner- }Jij(n ^ ^KGOcvm 'ovnhm^ 
uos & priuatim vuluae duri^ f&v^zculJiG^^^mv ^iei^Tfo^ ^ 
tiasemoIliens.Foliahcrb^il- (T^ex%v» w J*e i^T^ce; -7^ ^y/.- 
lita , contra ferpentium idus Aac ^Trf^-XfitM^M^fit > IpmTZJcT^- 
auxiliantur : fcruefada ^ am- mt^ i2oj*^* 'mmS^ ^ ^i j^ 
buftis proficiunt : aceto con- jc^^iTi^^^VTtt^ Tapi^u^V" 
4ita,vulneribus opitulantur. 'TA'$iifoii7fe£vfui.'^i(^yn7^' 
Succus ^ «^^ 

iiBEn rir. 178 

l i^Q^ auTtSif izfy^ o^H^ t ^ Succus zdieSto melle aut ace- 

hm-yi-^^f T£ of ;j^KyJi/jL£&- tOjin aereo vafe coquitur^con^ 

77 iJ^Sy >/v2.7ai ^:Ji^fza}u>v n;i^i uenienti medicamcnto vetu- 

*7tt ^fii\dWfit ?>j6H > x^ ^2J^£7p5t« ftatl vlccrum ^ & ad recentia 

TBt Ttmiuarrp* . » cT^ p/^a Stt?» vulnera . Inaflata radix & ex 

*f Xff 5C ^ '^^Sim^TTiJexx^-ni J2- rofaceo trita, igni ambufta fa:. 

TB^) Kiu if^^ci» ^hiojH i^ IfJL- nat 5 vuluam emollit ^ menfes 

plmciL ^^ ^ ?AK^ %7rovKn' m^ ciet ^ vlcera cicatrice obducit; 

^j^xm Ji KidLifbH^m. mpm J) a^ cum melle detrita^ n eruis pr^- 

KOTmi- icuqiufM.TO, ia,w* kk- cifis , luxatifque medetiir : vi- 

(potsT^ amoi(ihdifi za^ Kt^s^f^ tiligiaes ^ furfureSj & lepras e- 

10 Jt^ mw^ • Kiw k^£^^ ffp,yi^ mendat : vlceraque in capite 

yet^ Ttt -n ^m^Tia 3(^^fH i^ manantia expurgat : abfiergft 

ky^uvitdTtt 'miH" Quj o^ei li faciem & erugat : teritur in a- 

Md tf &wi ifo^pii^u <^xi».ci^y ceto cum byofcyami foliis^ & 

kcu cLKiv^6> '70m(^^l^m ^k&y- farina tritici ^ mulcendis tefti- 

^m mfcuTHrdu^rfo'^ cmfiJUL lim inflammationibus. Semen 

i^lfm-Taiv J^yf4aar/ aiv^af^-' pptum mcicfibus ferpentiuni 

kov 'T^^v ' lftmmKA7u>v Ji ^ adueriatur : ignibus facris fc- 

/hi7rKmr^i3.mjjj a/v^ Xiai^yjzi^ men & foKa qxm vino illinun* 

'70^7? axsif^ x^ tbJ ^i>Ka, ^flfi- tur . Tradunt & rubra efle 

m Ji mi^^^TTOfiv^ alf^ xpL lifia . Jn Syria autem & 

vou yyi^. aiapyii;sLizt ji ^j^u^ Pifidia Paphili^jCffi- 

^.3 mrcu c9 tS «Tr^eTct ^ inaiSicL tSV cacifsima vnguen 

mayj^xjhsai *sr^^ ri^ ^ PtS^^- ^^^ nafcun^ 

me^ Ba^\6JTSir; Ballote. Cap. CXVII; 

Ke^. p/^'. , Ballotcn^nominealionigrii 

B|^6)7^ « /i^A^t^ mt^mov*?^ iriarrubiu v.ocant : caules ^dic 

. X«5' iy/jtc? liT^oiydni^^^^hdMa^y quadrangulos^ nigroSjfijbhir- 

-moMa^^lK fzkS fi^n^ ^K€i6' ftitos, coplures ex vna radice; 

m'<pu>Kci o^ iSF^^cd ofcjotccixei^ foliis maioribus quam marru- 

^oyx 'S i^qiQ^^/yuKoTtfct x^ Ma4ci bij^hifpidis^cingcntibus per iii- 

^«pj^Tiyy rm! y^Kov im^^- terualla caulc, fubrotundis gra 

'^}^m% y4Ktm<^y^y^ Jii(m<h. ueoletibus, apiaftro. proximi^; 

t^9 i% ^nii 


vndc aliqui apiaftrum eam vo o^^y Zf tSto ^\t:^$v»^oy \yj^ 

caueriincandidi flores vniuer- X£w kcu t» ^V^ «^ cLudL ^u 

fi verticillaro ambitu caulem eiy^HTcu uuk^I^ roTr y^Koi^. 

coronant . Vis eius eificax ad- ^o^hM^* Jcaivf^ tw (pu».a, 

uerflis canis morfiis^foliis ex y^TttTrKao^^^ci^ ^or^mei 

fale illitis: feruenti cinere flac- ^i ^ wiohmtL* pM^m^^.-i-m % 

cefcunt folia^ vt condylomata ii of ^^^ujoamii^k^Ti^vJ^Kdm^ 

reprimant; purgant & fordida t* <d>Xei • IvTmi^-n iK}c^ cu^ 

vlcera cum mclie. ^iKrn cumH^^^ei. 

Apiaftrum. Cap.CXVlII. n^hM^/^^yM«. Ke^j.p/». 
Meiiflbphyllon fiue melitt^- M^/oj^^t^AXoy, o mot umr^ 

na^id eft, apiaftrumj^id fibi no- tcuvcd^ y^ovuj^ Jikii 'iA^ i^ 

men vfijrpauit ^ quoniam apes T« 'tticl 10? f/jtMTlct^^hiZi 5^ <xd- 

ipfa herba deleftantur 3 cauli- tv^ ri ^v»cc ncu W y^KictyTn 

culi & folia ballota? , de qua ^ei^nySp-A ^^csr^i ^^ovcc $ 

paulb ante diximus^ fimilia et Tmj-rct ^ca Ki^PTfon^yOv^ ouTt» 

fent, nifi maiora^ tenuiora- <:ftt£T£ic ' o^ovTBt J^^ xjTfou^^KH. 

que, nec ita hirfiita Ipeftaren- Affd^et H 7^ t^v^.cLiro-nlo^. if 

tur: citreum malum olent. Fo- ysi auu o^jcd^xcu y^-m^TrKcco^^.- 

lia cii vino pota aut illita pro- vct *aS^ ciiUifTno^TrKiKTot^y ^ (p5£- 

funt contra idus phalan^o- Kct/yioJ^^}i7oL$,itcu yMyoJ^kTois. 

rum/corpionumque:item ad- J^ to kqfi-l^^ Jihj-my i^^ 

uerfus canis moifum . Deco- rmlKisSfiov ^n-fo^ i^ ixni mH* 

&Mm eorundem gratia^ foueri ^^ 75 \y¥^^(Tp.cm^^^ l/<^w- le 

prodeft : defefsionibus foemi- )im ky^^ c^u^rw . oitVT^K- 

narum ad ciundos mefes con- ^^^ t^ J)lKKocp.et^ifx.Kv<jp.i'f 

uenit,dente$ eodem in dolore J^cnme^yMf • /SowdeT^ Tot^ i^ 

colluuntur^dyfentericis infun- ^ ^i^-mv miy>^ot$ tnw vU 

ditur.Fungorum ftrangulatio- 7fo> 7^(pv>Xci mmf&iiccy.eu ^o^ 

nibus folia , addito nitro ^ po- (pov^oii , kcu citKeiKriv Sf 3«- ^ 

tu auxiIiantur:torminibus & 'mfoljoii^.jt^.Tct^Kciojif^ci':^ m 

orthopnoicis^deKrrdu. Illita ^,J>rt(?o§«/:^j/^'cAtr,Kai?x- 

cum fale ftrumas difcutiiit, vL ^-^ a^cnt^^^ei , t^ ts c^ tz»? 

cera purgant, articularios do- af^»vy^y kKyi^TO, Tm^ilii-' 

lores illita fedant. ^cu y^rmhciLMyTit. 

Marru- Ti^^ 

tlBXR IIL 17^ 

UxeiTL^^cjou. Ki(p,^t^\ ^ Maraubium, Cap. CXIX. 

Xlp^^cnov ^yjos- "^y ami uu Marrubium^ frutex eft ab ra 

iSpi^^^ ^KvyxcLSb?^<£osxii^mj^^ dice ramofus, candicans, fub- 

A£vxi*'> T67?«t')6)yo,'' T^TiT ^iCJhti* hirfiitus, quadrangularibus ra- 

CiJv^oi' Si -m t/AyiK(d Sii^zTi^Kcd mis:foliumpollicea?quat: fub- 

p<niVy <-mq>i^/yvKov^ Jkav^ ^ht^ rotudum^ hiipidum^ rugofum^ 

<757> m}q)h rn ycim^c^ otasvi^ guftu amaro : femen in cauU- 

^Twy '^omr sc^kZv li cm^ bus,& ex interuallis: flores ver 

fjxL^i^ aP^ oUyei a7jivA>Koi "fu- ticjllato ambitu aiperi . Nafci- 

^a. <pvs7at ^ T« oliooTnM^i^ tur propter afdificia^ruinas^ & 

^-^H-mdL. TovTou 7w (pvKKa, |>ȣ^ rudera. Huius folia ficca^ cum 

jo <nju/ -Tw ajA^udTt l^ji.c^uGC «^lo) femine decoda in aqua aut vi 

vMv'^ yvKilpf£iJci^K6^^^Si" ridium fuccus datur cum mel- 

JJ372U ^^ mrSlof <pbu7jyJi^^kS-' le fulpiriofis ^ tuisientibus ,'& 

^vm^^^iojoumf.ct^iiyet X} 'tvI ad tabitudinem redaftis.CraC- 

^^ oK, boi^Yj^f 7ptJh^ ^ii^ci4 yu" iam e pe dore pituitam , cum 

'^(m*<h%7eax^^^'0.^^o^ ficca iri eiicit. Mulieribus a 

£5 ^w^oii' yjjjsufi ^r iyij^^y l/z partu non purgatis datur , vt 

^cdv ^ /£m^6)y, i| c/bfcx^i3- menftrua & fecundas extra- 

<na^>5^ 5«e/ocAj;67^K3^7ii7^^- hat : item in difficili partu , & 

yimu^i. mvm^cn* )(m<^ f^ mt his qui venen a hauferunt ^ aut 

X) ygcpe^Tir 2^7?)/.7a i)^ <?>y;^fi£ ;^ a ferpentibns demorfi funtrve- 

iztTKccosi^uiTjyiA^tv^^^vm- ficam renefqnc kdit. Folia 

^Q^%Kmd^cc}(^^Pi.^ipvy<i7Z cum melle illinuntur fordidis 

X} vo^s" ct^i5Tj<373!C} Q<A/jJci$ 'TTMu vlceribus purgandis : ptcrygia 

^m^Tru^tlHw.y^ TD l| ^Twy nomalque fiftunt, laterum do- 

Jia-ji^siuci^oL&povyoKLcrp.cii/iL^Ki' lores mitigant. Succus foliis 

Co^m iSy ovT^m-, x^ cpjg^t- contuiis expreffus, & fole co- 

(po^oy ^ xKiCd ^Ttfc)^ 736 av-ni adus ^ ad eadem poUet : cum 

15 mei't';7 Jt}i^oivA^>d^ aiuj vino & melle illitus oculo- 

o//6> r^ fmjTt \y^tofi^oy • (i- rum claritatem adiuuat : na- 

'xo/^^pet Ji y^ 7me^y J>ct ribus regium morbum expur- 

rm '^rj^v*&)7UKy£u^ li i%ui^H gat: aurium doloribus conue- 

%yyvfj^rt^6^oyy^^"lc^/^ yjl iiienter inftillatur^per ie aut 

{/ATAfQjiyou^ cum rofaceo.' ^ 

nsei^Ta- z u) Sta- 


Stachys. Cap.CX% 
Stachys frutex eftjinarru- 
bio fimilisjfed longiortfolia 
ferens numerofajhirrutajra- 
^a^pr^durajCana^odoris iucun 
cii, & complures virgas ab ra- 
dice exeuntes , marrubio can- 
didiores: nafciturin montibus 
& aiperis . Vim habet excalfa- 
doriam & acrem: folioru de- 
co Aum potu pelUt menftrua 

' PJiyUitis, Cap.GXXI. 
Phyfiitis j folia promit ru- 
jpiici fimilia, longiora, &vi- 
ridiora^fena aut feptena ^ rc- 
<fta 5 qua; parte antenore I^e- 
ijia cernuntur 3 a tergo autem 
penfiles quafi vermrculos te- 
iiues often Junt ; in vmbrofis 
& opacis hortorum locis emi- 
cat, guftu acerbo : neque cau- 
Jem j neque florem, neque fe- 
inen profert.Folia in vino po- 
ta ferpentiuni morfibus aduer 
fantur : quadrupedibus per os 
jnfufa auxilio fuQt:& fi dyfen- 
teria autrefoiuta aluus exar- 
cet^potui datur. 
' Phalangiu. Cap.CXXH. 
Phalangiu a quibufdam pha 
lagites vocatur • ramuli fimt ei 
duo^aut tres^plurefve, in diucr 
fa tendetes: flos candidus^lilio 
'fimilisj multasincifiiras habls: 
'. ' femine 

S-Twp^^ ^st^OiT Iw^spk tZJ^- 
^^v>Xci kfcucLi^l *^M-^ 

Atwuuiy J^ %yei ^f/umVAA^v^ 
(fu>Xm'ifJLlMVei K^ «PfcuTS^fi^- f}« 

^yXXte^ ^uXXet cLviam. ofAJOio^ 

^\ y^^^cp azdKyiyj>^%^vrciy^ 

k^m^TTffSpot^^ MTrfov;' ^u^fmi ^ 

Tcutvi$ Ttt (pv>>vct ^r* ohou ^- , 

cmr^rfct-TTtJ^v *7^ i^k^uxi^ 
ro^ ^yX^tJtAn^^^cfciL jSo^Sre?* 'zsr/- 
ysTai vJcu ^s^^iJhcnvT^eidif kcu 


^ctKiy^myol Ji ^otKctyyirfov^ *$ 
ot M yju 'Ttwrbjj Kw/Jjy^^ 
y^Kovat ' jtKZvy ^cn efho » ^f «i? 
% ^KBiovi^y Jie^^TSir a^ ct }^J^ 
Ks>v*ct^^^ji Kiuy^ymja^^mKmet 
/Mvto ^ oi70i/^.f iToKKa^ ^yovrrL* 

tlBER III. iSo 

em^f^^T^A')^ uikdjf^!i$^c/p femine nJgfo , lato ^ ad lenti- 

^atjc^? tjMov 5 't^me^v tM Tzj/ cul^ dimidiat^ figuram^ mul- 

^?^S*'f/^/oy w/x/)oj/,X€c??oy5 j^;,6> to tenuiore : radice parua^ te- 

eh S.ua. Tzf iKw^at c^ w nui , herbacei colors^ dum a 

>^^, fepy ^ w^ixx^Toz-^yV terra eruitur: prouenit in coU 

1 wS^at yie^koipoif. rccji^^ t^ Hbus . Huius folia, femen^ flos 

^v >XcL Kcu 70 C2rs§ w^ Mfiw T^ fit^- cii vino pota^auxiliantur con^ 

^f myicSpoy fz^7' mHy^r^opTao^ tra fcorpionum phalangio- 

7nJiK7otf9>^yt^^K^(pi£Kcc/yioi^L rumque idusitormina quo- 

XTB/^ • KvH M Ksu ^i^oi^^ que difcutiunt. 

'n'o>-r..^W^.r, Trifoliu. Cap.CXXIIL 

Kio. ^Y.y\ ^ TrifoIiuGr^atripfiyUon^a- 

li} ocytriphyllon^alij menyan- 

i:ei^vn.oy ol J% l^i^vK^ thes.alij aj^halrion,vocat.Fru- 

myol J% y fz^va^^^ , 01 J% tex fupra cubiti altitudine at- 

karplKm^ y otJ% miuoy y^Kov^ tollitur, virgas habens tenues, 

P7 , 5ti}4^Q^ '6?7 w)5jfi>^ /^«^Wj iiiceas & nigras^ vnde ramula- 

IS fd^Jhi^ t;^y w^ks^ uA.K'Myc^y res enafciitur appendi^rul^, m 

%iyi^i^^^7m^^uiJiS^ l;>oy- quibusternafinguEsgermina- 

<^l^W mf6>Xu o^ia t^jTd tionibusexeiitfolia^lotoarba 

*7&) ^ S^wi^iA , Tcia, ?j$td' eyjr^ ri fimilia:iis receter enaris rutj 

^\igvim • ecjtt» a hu-my ^p- odorineft:vbi ailtadoleuerut^ 

77 ^ (^vofSm m-^ovy hj- bitumeoletFlore^editpurpu^ 

• ^P^/j^yw ii k<^a,K7ou' ai%^ reu. feme quadatenMatii, fub- 

/s kvim crcp^y^oir» ozrlp/^ hirfatu^ exaJtera extremitate 

^ ysTo^KuTv y^ <im>iQjpj^ a^. cxertu^ antenn^ modo corni- 

T^lTim Tiie^Tos ^-arc^ * z&^ culu gercs. Radix tenuis loga 

f ^^^e;^y ^lilct cl^xfit^^ , ^- valida . Seme & folia in aqua 

/^i,* i^^'.Boj*3i^ ^ 70 ajrip^ pota pleuriticis,vrinse difficul- 

^5 ^.y-a4W?yAaOTo,«W^^- tati.comirialib^.&iisquiaqug 

/fiCTT ^K^€A7jyj>7$, ^jmjmm. inter cute pricipia fentiut foe- 

S^^fi'^\4^^^ii^ ii^co' minis quoq; vulu^ virio oppor- 

-^najfjV^etjLcu^-^yei Jt i^ y^T^- t unis, auxiliantur: mefes ciunt: 

i^tA^MMJ^Jiycu^^^a:^^^ temx drachmae e fcmine dari 

^WTa^ < y.r Ji i^ii}^m < <f > debcnt^e foliis verb quaterns?. 

¥:^ ^ Z iiij Con^ 


CJontra ferpcntium idus trita dLfiyei:M kcu ^eJ^Hifrmi^ t^ 

folia, &^^ acetO mulfo pOta^ ^iAX<:d tMcIL mjuH o^uuaXitJ ^tVQ' 

pr^iidio funt.Tradut aliquijto ^ct • Igoe^v'^ A %viot tit t^ ^- 

tius fruticiSjradids/oliorumq; (pi-i^fjui okov t« bciu^ou x,3u li^ 

decodu fotu dolores eoru fi- ^ii^ii^ Tmy f^uT^mif K^TmiKou-^ 

nire^ quos ferpentes pcrcufle- ^ oy cm-my l^TiiToJ^/KTt^y m- S 

rintrqua aut aqua fanatus quis psJI^TKi t^v^ 'mot^y^ 4* cul^^ 

fucrit^fi ea qui^^ia alius fouea- ^.Tnv^AiiivMTi^ajl %n%oi %k^ 

tur,qui vlcus habueritperinde iu)^%^v j^tco^t^jjS? , t^ o/j^ 

aflricicur vt a ferpete demorfiis. ta ^^ Toi$ th^e^(n. ^Ti^is-- 

Quida tcrna folia aut femina mJi^nv^^cm^ 'Te^TOs Telci 

in tertianis ^ cu vino potui de- ^v^^a % ^jeiot <mi^ua.Tii mx> oU i3 

dere:& in quartanis^quaterna^ yw^c/^i o T^wpTaia ^.h^ hvov^ 

vt quse febriu circuitus difcu- Trt W '7kJLo<hts.fjiyfvim o ^* 

terer,Radixantidotisinferituf. i^^ yt fi^at i^ oj/TiJbToi^. 

Polium. Cap.CXXIIIL meiTloKSiikeiyS. Ki<p.9}cK 

Duo gen era polijtmontanu, Tloxtoy 70 ^, I$7y oceivlvyo ^ 

cui theuthrio nome eft^& cui^ Tiv^m y^rjSwy ou y.ou « ^yi^ ^ 

cft vfus.Tenuis frutex eft^cadi- mrbdLu,mv Ji \<^ Ki^^h^uvm^ 

duSjdodrantalis^ feminc refcr- om^ciuicuQv^y^tiirGu i^-Awpss-^epjji^ 

tus:capituIoincacuminequa- ;u^i?joy Ix 'iqov.yjipiJiCosi^ 

dam corymboru Ipecie pra^ fe J^s- ^x^ly m^mhtcw T^f;^,^^- 

ferete^paruo^cano hominis ca fvoc^v f^-r^mcj^i^cAj&^ffici^.To 

pillo fimilijgrauiter olente^ no J^ ?7?^y .5Bt,tw6?J^W^v> oy;)^?r 2*0 

fine quadam fuauitate. Alterii vw^ Jjtovov t» SiJ^ttH, x-k) cLcf^p^t- 

-ftuticofius^non vlqueadeb va- y59££py jj^tw 7^ JtmjufitV' aJ- 

les odore^& viribus infirmius. yccma tH ojjt^v to hmlifuus.m^ 

-Potu feruefadi ius auxiliatur vitjh^h ^eto.H>y.7riiri.^h^VyV^ 

ferpcntiu i dcxhns , hydropicis^ J^fcd^iKoi^^ txmfci<h(ny {mKluut- 

morbo regio: &Iienofis cx a- yjt^ Jienw %^ei*'UiSi}y yjc^a-^ %i 

cetoiftomachu male habet: ca XciXj^V Xj }(^jo^,u^p^r ^^y^ «^^ 

' p ut doloribus atFicit,aIuum & k^ mucuj x^ X^twcc* \sm<;f0v^ 

menfes cienfabftratu fuffitiim- vv^Jpov Ji kcu ^uteitM^ov, ^^ 

ve ferpentes abigit:illitum vul- et«c ^^^^^. y^TnTrhuo^p^ov o 

ner^conglutiuat. ^wj^Tnxpyxa^ 

Scor- Uiei 


npr/apj)4f, Ki(p. pjtl. Scordium. Cap. CXXV* 
"EyJ^Jiov ^puiTiu i» ofHvois SCORDIVM^ in mon- 
*3nJ^/5-)c^ %Ktl><hm^^v».at^if tibus & paluftribus nalcitur, 
lomTA p^uaij^pvi, fXH^oyci Ji foliis triflaginis, inaioribus^no 
^ oi^ ouim^ ^mmiMA ^ fic in axnbitu diuifis, aliquan* 
5 ^f^i^siaM^^mm^ ^ T>f cw tum allja redolentibus ^ guftii 
ffy.o^ Sil^ovi^^gw^i^^ i% x^l ifx* amaris & adftringetibusrqua^ 
^icfii 1(^70. 7(w )^vm* K0ifhU dranguliscaulibus: fubrubro 
J% 7i7f<iy^vct.*k(p* m cuf^ y- flore. herba vim excalfado - 
mfv^oy . AtwcL^v Si\^ » riam habet : vrinam cit . Co - 
T^a, ^^^TiY.Uu^ <hQv^ymy(.Uij ftarecens aridavc cumvino^ 

^^ 'Tm-ntp^nyKti^^.^h^et^i^ !>»- aducrfus venenatos ferpen- 
fkk(biA(iiMyt mxl^mtp fo^il^ tium morfus bibitur : ad fto- 
Tii-rmMy/JutTAxcfk^^im^* machi quoqueroCones^dy- 
^$ TS c^l^oiy <o(jul^v X| i)j^ fenteriam, & vrin^ difficulta^ 
ctrneidjt^y^ <^(n>veituf < jS'. tatem^ binis drachmis cum hy 
mjj^ iK^^^/uihiTJ^K^^^H i^ vm, dromelite : craffamcn purule- 

J5 f^^ 'TTvZch^ lio ^^y^^.^^TTom tum pcdore expellit . Facit a* 
^ ©^5- mKajtm} iS»;^ v^ fL ridse farina advetcrem tuisim^ 
yuctTU^i^exzniff^ciTU. miu ^<y- rupta^conuulfa, fi cum naftur- 
J^cfj/u^^ K^ uihiTi i) jiiivrji IMyeL tio melle & refina mifceatur 
m ^ii^ c^ oaKHKT^^^cu varo- in eclegmate : inflammata mo 
^vJ'fmj^oncd$(^hffy(zajnvC<^' dice pra^cordia , ccrato exce- 
*^ vcO\jA(^^7CL yj»^mi( m^a^^Si ' pta , recreat : cum aceto acri 
^tH i\ ^ «jjjf;^ 'miiy^tijf fz^r aut aqua ^ podagris conuenie- 
iliirJ^pifAoc ^^tofjtivnjt liff ter illinitur : menfes^^impofita 
vi^To^ iici.Tct^Kcio^}ji^v7^^^gz mouet : vulnera conglutinat: 
^c^ il%piulujxyjvii'ZfT^c£U'* vetera vlcera puigat , & cx 
f^ci,7Ttxo>?,a'^i?^'mKcuiLkyci* mellead cicatricem perducit, 

2^y^b:upH, Kcu mrovKS Gtuj jli^ ficca excrefcetias in carne co- 
hi^ • ^^e^ <^^ -i^crctfia^^Tix, hibct.Succus ad eadem vi- 
9E^«, Tnvi-Tm d^ y^ TD \lhj'- ria bibitur. Inter prima 
^^yuhKf^d ^i Tu, ^^nuha efficax Ponticum 

imi^. ^cif}i^7ov ii '^ 73 'TToy natione Cre- 

'mK^vic^Toy^isvxoy. ticumq-. 

n^f Tufiihgo, 


TufsIIago. Cap. CXXVI. n}lB7i;^H. Kte. §/-/• 

Tufsilagini folia funt ma- B>»;!^oy^yV^«s;;^o-wo/i«x/^- 
iufcula quam heder^ , fex aut G^^u^tp^^a Ji^^i ^^a/m ^f ft^ 
feptem a radice fubalbida a ^MryoK, ^r ^m^ -ri ^m KiuyJ,^ 
terra^ fuperne virentia, in plu- oiLcPlr *^k ri vs^^m y>^^e^ 
res angulos exeuntia: caulis y^n^ ^ttkhh^ i^rr^^y^KQv^ 
palmum altus : flos lutcus^ ve- cm^utcuoy*d.yboff ^^v ^^ ^ 
ireprodit , quo vna cum cau- iap>,l^ied$ Ji imClT^ei v^ *n 
lc confeftim exuitur: inde no - as^^ xau r^v yjfuKor t^^v -nyV 
nullihis vacarc exiftimaue - <^iKaQov an^KoV' a^ kvoM^ 
runt • Radix tenuis eft & fu - \krdL^)^y 'dui 'j^ajf^i^ei u^Pi^ 
peruacua : nafcitur in amoe - a-^^A^r^kw ^ KiCiM^H^ lo 
nis & riguis,FoUa ex melle l/vi^fiiiTVTroi^JXcixir^iT^f^iK' 
trita igai facro ^ & omnibus Ket Kitu ffwj yAKin y^-nt^KeK^r- 
inflammationibus illitu me- Gi^ety\^v(nmKdt,T^}L&A ^m^ 
dcntur. AridsB fumus perin- ^K%yfJu^'i\jLu\'3^.\^^1^uMi^(i 
fundibulum hianti ore raptus^ «T' ^a^ ^s hproy^-mKFp.h^ tJv 
hos fanat qui ficca tufsi atque -^^a^i ^n^^ x^ l^^^w^oiai ^ 
orthopnoea infeftanturrpefto Q^Ka.^j^cu^^e^^Tnvei^OTxi^ ya. 
ris vomicas rumpit . Eun- vovTtrj r i^Tmv rh fzT^T? H-- 
dem effedum prsebet fu& f^yTOj y^ y^TtLrm^tn^p&jei o ^ 
fita radix. Decofta in 'maf^^a^aaprti^if^Aiu.TiJ^^, 
hydromelite^.&" po- du^Tv 'mm ^ » pi{^ -feD&y «ifi>- 

ta emortuos par- ^^yiX^C^vov r 7^^^^y(^s oicdK ^o, 

tus eiicit . Ki oif v<f^oiuKm l(p^ 'mo^n* 

Ariemyia. Ca^ CXWII Uj)) A^utsici; 'mKV" 
Artepifia magna exparte KKmn. Ks^^, px^^ 

in mariamis nafciturjabfinthij AoT^^^^ci eif) Z» Tm^^so^air 
modo fruticofe , maioribus & mis ilTrois cn^ to 'TroKvy^ma ^-^ 
piaguioribus foliis^ ramisque f/j^i<^J^f 'm^oucio^ k-^v^ec^iJLei t^ 
huius quidem genera duo , '^q*'j i^Ki^m^Art^^ri (^vKKst 
vnum isetius habitiusquc^ fo- *i^\i(m,x^ j* «&/ v^ tm kuf Ix^^ 
liis virgisque latioribus . Alte- yk ^KctTjr^a tx^^ "^ (pvKKo,^ 
rum' tcnuius^ flore paruo^ te- Z^rpi) fi^InfJ 5\Ae77?0T£§5e,i«> 
nui, can^dido ^ graueolente : ^ ^'A^k^M-^^j Kpy^^i^%^(>^' ■ 
xft^te T^' 

tlBER IIL i8i 

fzsi^^^a^ ^ h^ EmtJ^Ti aeftatefloret.Suntquimine- 
^9 ^AiTo-^^oi^ Xi^^iKciftpoy ^oni^ dkerraneis vnicaulis nomine 
nm di/t^^Kotm T^c^y^yZyO^oi^^a appellant^tenuem herbulam, 
fHKph^a^v^ir^ ^ski^Kic^Vyja^oi- fimplici caule & minuto^flori-? 
Ji^r^ ^ot^yKi^oyym^ovm ctp busfcatetetenuibns^flauoco- 
^rif^sidj^ f^oviKKmov'hi Ji Vj' lore: hsec iucundiorem quam 
fi)fi^9^paf ^ ©e« ^^* Ai^ifpoTiqou prsecedens efflat odore. Vtra- 
§ d^juaivHffii^ Ki7ritwism,oinif>- que excalfadt , extenuat : fer- 
^mv^cufS^^^iscnyei^^^ijuU' uefad^conuenicnterin mu- 
euzBfa, ly}(^^erj:jLct'm^^^'k^6>' liebres defeiius adiiciuntur^ad 
yU^ \fjipXuim i^ hmi^mv i) iu detrahcndos menfeSjpartus/e- 

10 Q^^im', ^ojy 7S ;^ (pKiyfiovlui ^ cundasqueritem ad pr^clufio- 
if^e^^ ^ rF^-^v Ktb^V:, K) IttO' nes vulua?, & eiufiiem inflam- 
p^ »§<s)y.» Ji ^Tria y^y^a nT^Qu mationes: calculos cominuut: 
y^-mTrKGi^&H^Tst ^>x^^ tfzfitwu remoratam vrinam cient:mea 
yjy^.o o' || ajui ^vKo^ XW^V fes pellunt pubi illit^ . Succus 
iT^iqyyiil) ©e^f^^V^ «^^ iuTro vulu3f inditus ex myrrha, eade 

J5 mi^fccs oauK)7i \yyJ^cF^pu y^ qu^ infeifo trahit. Coma trib^ 
vrov^irm i% » yJ^ ©jf^s" ij^ drachmis eorundem educen- 
'^/ujr mr^^K^^^ < y% dorum gratia bibitiu-. 
n^/ Ap7^/i/rffi£^ x$;^a-. Artemifia. 

(pvT^H. Ki(p. q4. GapL CXXVIIL 

A^'npumts.K^o^v»,ofy% m^. Habetur & Artcmifia? ge- 

fP ^S^ ^ ep^T^ i, ^c^iAis nus alfud, I minutis foliis cir- 
^^^, >^^^ ^^^^^'^ ^^^^ ^^ riuulos aggerefque.Item ia 
Qui^au-m^ i^ ^'(pvKKu TetCiiu^ agris frumentariis nafciturJo- 
yiz/G<JZtW^J/'^fi7^//^K;;^«. ribus&foliisodore Sampfu- 
H oai^Tt^^TrGyfiTiy^/japfCfx^ chi rrferentibus . fi quis ex ea 
^£^4^ Tko ^TU^Lu w-dw i/^ diligenter tufa cum olco amy- 

%yLyxjySasKm \Kcu]^ys^>?^i^ mi- gdalarum malagma ftoma - 
iim m^KctypLOfK^^cm cm cho imponat : vexationcm. 
-w <^^yov^J;^p,'7nv^^, a partis eius fanabit. Ner-^ 
Jlmj4vive^^ 77^ wiVH^^ ;^- uorum dolores fucco 

}sh Tm-m^ c/t: joSyn Ikcuh /J- huius cum rofaccQ 

i^ /^l^i^a^Tii^^cmuu inundiscuratun 

n€£i AmJbrofia. 


Ambrofia, Cap. CXXIX. n^/A>u^^^^V Ks^. p^cS". 

Ambrofia pufiUus frutcx eft, KiJLC^mci,Ql Ji ^Spjf^ol <Pi 

ramofus alritudine trium pal- ^o^ft^ cif7i^enct,^^iirA^^ '6^ 

jnorum:foliis rut^>circa imum ttjL^^mi tc xiifii^^mhiysXcL-- 

caulem exiguis^cauliculi fcmi- c/bi-<py>Aa£e;^^y^r oHCoxwr 

nibus , perinde quafi racemu- <^ j^k^ fju/jpa. h^ myii>i* t* % 

lis grauidij qui nunquam flo- ^i^rda.^tffUcism^ ^-n^ 

rem pariunt > odore vinofo , m->hiicj07t^v ^o^^uJioi^ mJiTi.^ 

fuaui : radicc tenui ^ fefquipe- aM^^sj^Tn o^>i oh^cN^^^Mcfn 

dali . Coronantur ea Cappa- >^ pi^ci KtiT^\<h{nn^u^f, ^J^a^ 

doces . Vis eius reprimere ac ^hi^!^ Ji ot xgm^m^hxicLmf 

repellere^&illitu adftringere <rT^fitw.AuiJfl£W'o?;)r€*?aX77- ^^ 

Kumores,quiin aliquaippar- ^vr im(^i^,(^m x^ajm^H- 

tem incumbunt; ^ziy^^i^-nf^KcLojt^fimy cv^a^^^ 
Botrys. Cap. CXXX. npBo^Tyos-. K£(p. §x. 

B O T R Y S fruticola her- Bo^l^v^ 't^cl "S$v Sx» muv%,ba^ 

ba eftjluteatcta^&in mul- ftyoij^wr^ J^djxs^j^iJ^w^^jjjCTr^Mi^ ?- 

tas alas fparfa:femencircato- ^^«^7» fMt^hjc^.-rt Si Wp.twfc ij 

tos ramuios prouenit: folia ci- tm^ tdT^- yJKmiu^ ^m^^uyji'' 

chorio fimilia:tota fuaue odo- ^uro^ayj^em i.upplyy^Ti 

rem Ipirat : quare veftimentis (wyLimJf cajZA^ h^m' Mkcu 

interponitun inuenitur in tor- l^voi^ mri^*^, ^y^^ '5 «^- 

r^ntium ripis, & conuallibus. x/ca ^ y^^iM^ ^ yiuu^is^, 

Pota orthopnoeas mulcet. Atwaujv J^i^ oujJoliva) 'mvo- i^ 

Hac Cappadoces Ambrofiam (j^vi of^mola^ OTt^»;i^§Bj/,xai 

vocant^alij artemifiam. wJTfjuj a.f^Cfoa7aj^ x^-Tr^m.Jbi^ 

Geraniunu Cap. CxxXI. "^^^M^Ji^-nfooi^u^. ^ 

G E R A N I O N foliis a- T^pivm^Ti S<pu}>.oY %yj Ifjmm 

nemones jdiuifuris longiori- knwiv^^^i^ispkvov-i^jii.^o^^r '^^ 

bus : radice fubrotunda ^ com \ilcuf '5 wo^ojyjMy^^^yxw^^ 

eftur duki . Qu^ drachm^ l^o,«S!^V, » ti»' vni^cm, iv om^ 

pondereinvino pota^vulua^ S.^t < ^Kl^^^Jj^^^a^kuwiv^ 

inflationes difcutit . Gcrani- /tz^Ta-V^rxu^J.Jc^x^^ v^* cjtim 

um ^terum ^ cauiibus minu- ^^ t-n^^y jig^ywy^?;^-; }t^Kic& 

tis m;^4 

LIBER ,111. iSj 

W^d, ^oiiJ^tythsm^uA* ^y\- tis & pilofis {efquipe<IaIib^:fo- 
M^KiyA e/^(p5pjs^ W^x^ay liis malu^^ in fummis alisfur* 
^ iw^^xSy l|o;t^^ •xTVfie/ £vfifi?& fum fpeftantia gruum capi - 
nvma^ i)^ )^^dJeity Tu^cLKsLf cv? tula infiint,cum fuis roftris, 
7o7^ ^ifA^wv.t KtwSy oMvm* autcanini dentes.Nullius in 
5 ;ig^^^ ^ ^? ^ lafv/^ihiJucL, medicina vfus* 

n^/ ryfitcpax/V Kg^. §Ai3^ Gnaphaliu. Cap. CXXXH. 

TvA(piKiov^70vr7i rolf ^v^Xo/? GNAPHALII foliis mol 

TJyW iy77 y9ct(^iK\i ^m"^ Kiv- libus ac albis pro tomento v- 

vjns Kff? ;ww /MtxoLicot^, 'THiiH cf^l tuntur. Bibuntur eificaciter fo 

ciw Qivc^ kv^p% 'jnv^o^aTA lia in vino auftero 5 ad dyfen- 

:o ^yMflc ^)^ iij(Pirmdajf* teriam. 

n^iXi^W. Kf^. fx/, Typba. Cap, CXXxnr. 

7v(piti(pu}Xoy kviaiTj hv^^ Typha folium sedit cyperidi 

oiM>toy • 3(£iLuKh XB oy 5 ofjuthhy fimile:caule album^lafue^^qua 

Isr' dixfCf> ^yJt^oy^oM^i 'Tiv bilem : flore in cacumine am- 

-miyk^ z/moLir^i^oy^o y^- bientem^defiim^ qui in pappos 

}Sm\ymhf^y.\m.rwjrji?'Tod.y~ foluitur, quod panicula aJiqui 
^kyciXi^(^'^y^ei'nmKcu%V'' nominant. Huius herbseflos, 
«&) TiVTrhvidpct^y^r^y^fjULniL fuiJlo adipe eloto except^ am- 
^e^7rxxtei.(^uzrtu Ji of %Ki^ -^ buftis medetur.Gignitur in pa 
v^po^G7f/xnf7l7roif. luftribus & aquis ftagnaribus. 

n^] Kiy^af. Ki(p. ^Kcf{. Circ^a. Cap. CXXXHIL 

io ^K/p<5w^^ 01 c/^ JifyJlaM ^- Clrcsea, quam & dirc^am 
Kovoj^ Tu ^ (py}^u l-jip qpy- aliqui vocant ^ foliis eft horte* 
yv(d tfzoicL iw W^ , 7m^(^ui^ fis fohni^ agnatis crebris : fio- 
Jtt$ J% wo»sis . h^ t/AKdJifoLy re nigro, pufillo ^ copiofo : fe- 
fi4Hpk^jn>».i • if^^T^iy S% lay^ niine milij^nafcente in quibuH 
^H^ly nmy ohvei x&e^wtr dam veluti cornicuIis:dodran- 

1$ pi^ct^ flOT3riWfi£? y S /i^ tali radice.triplici ferme aut 
KZyKd^y avdJU^ , ^^tutfvyj^^ quadruplici, candida , odora- 
^Kt<:cL n%y 7J77 Tnj^dAcn ta, excaFaciete.Nafcirurin a. 
^yjTO roTTot^ KcdhjTnfolcus Iaj^ pncis, faxis, & yento perflatis. 
>iKim .rauT^^ «p/^iWfiP^ Radicistuf^pondo quatuor, 
VI . ^Kd^Sazt Kcti g^^y^Tct infextariis tribus vini dulcis, 
i^.ul^y per 


her dlem & noftem maceran itu^v ^ yuzTk of o)hv >xv- 
turjpotiiqiietxiduo vuluasex- iues^ ^tatvKcu^ /.^^5«'^ »- 
purgaiit^Semen in forbitio- ^.^iy.vde^vhjmK^^^Hi 
nibus datuiii , lade mammas ^ /e mfm€ jAXct ^Tctona ^u^ 
hutricum explet. . ^oi^i^mkay&aMo^io^. 

OEnanthe. Cap. GXXXV. ntci 6/W^«^. K^. fXe'. ^ 
d £ N A N T H E folia ha- O W2r«.,of J^ uik^^v K^- 
betpaftinacx:flbrem candi- kSarr7tt^(pu>}.a*i'^S$^^ 
dum : caulem cf afTum , palmi ipvhlyo^M^ o K^jd-i^ x^Kly 
altitudine : femen atriplicis: myLo.am^mcuoy^icu^yii^l 
radicem magnam^inmultaro &^ k^d^i^iorft^ity (uyiKm^ 
tundacapitulaextuberantem: xj^aKkil^vf ^Mova^^^ofyj^ id 
liafcitar in petris . Caulis eius Kas.(^viw i^ mfcu^^TrwTvro 
8c folia , cum mulfo vind po mprz^ i^ o if^xW 39 't» <py ^Xcf, 
ta fecundas eiiciunt. Radix W^s^ ^^^ ^vn^m Ik^ok^v 
e vino vrin^ ftillici- cujvo]yoyijum.yi^}'^C,^°^^^^'- 
dio conuemt. ytp <srcif ^^/y^exu^ ^ff^Z"!* ^ 

Conyza. Cap. CXXXVI. n^zKo?y^>j/. K€^. §k/, j^ 
C O N Y Z ^ duo gene- Koyvi^a, n f^ la iuKpa. Jcst^^^, 
rarqu^ parua vocatufjodore hjG><h<>iqcita:i^n'^jxei!^m;^-^ 
pr;£ftantioreft:maiorverbffu ky^fjyLi^b^f/m-mTois^ ovk^ 
tice altior eft & foliis latio- Koa^m.iiro-n^^yJi^i^^^^^ 
tibus 5 graui odore. Vtriufque kyi^oTi^iu J% ^moiysf^ ^V 
folia olese fimiliajhirfuta^ pin- (^vrKoi? \kau(iX^ <h(nei to^-^z^ 
guia. In rtiaiof e caulis biriiim ^)y>^7mic('v^i'or^K^K^^ 
aibitorum altittidine attolli- ^ftei^t^h^^o^j^^X^Jf^ 
tur.inminorc pedem aequat. h^i^iim 'TniJiravbo^ -^eidfQVi 
Flos ff agiiis , lutei coloris/ub- ^uyoy^^smi^m^ov^ ^-mj^i^ 
amafus qiii iri pappum abit; ^syoy-pi^iw 5 2;:g»^i.AttJ«£^ J^^ 
tadices fuperuacua?. Suffitii y.^m <is>ogpa>7Vv^o^ ffiw ^ 
fubftfatuqueffutejt totus fer- %7i 0v}>.Q'ti ^ ^v^^jAiyo^^^itfie& 
perites ftigat^ culices abigit, & MMViy K£^G>m^ kvriKuvym* 
pulices riecat. Folia conuenic- jclftvi ^ 4^>^<xf •^^c£^?^*^- 
ter iliinrirituf ferperitium pla- w o"^ tk ^y ^X« ^^sX/^^ Ittx Ipf 
ms^Sc tuberculi^ ac vulnerib^. Tr^o^HKim ^ (^vu^lmv-^i^fctu-^ 

LIEER ilt iH 

jud7tt>%i)mi^ cnui mm tv h" Plores & fofia cu vino ad me- 

do/ ;^ 7* ^zJ^XflC <zP!f^/ y^TOLfUAf^ fes partusque ciiciendos biba 

yim k*)coyLuj ^ e^^^-j©? ojcCa- tur : item contra vfinae fliUici- 

Ktui:,K^ ^^ef/ya^iaff^z^ q>i<^\i^ ^ dia^ arquatum morbunT^& tor 

""Une^v' Ai^T* o^if^ h cmKATt.i^ mina ; comitiales pota cx ace- 

- m)i moy^cL ^(^^ei. ;^ tts* i<j£ to adiuuant.Decoifcumi in dc^ 

^(j^SihjJr l^y^^^quLcLri^ -ra fefsionib^ medetur vulu^ma 

^ iJLvi^pa ^^.TnvH . c cTs ^M^ lis Jmpofitus fiiccus aborttini 

c?^^5eiV \}if0ap.h ^tei'm^ facitEx oleo efficaciter horro 

^Kj^h fiytf avy^topi^it » ribus oblinitur . Capitisdolo^ 

muf^T i\cuisJ Ji M7?i £, kj^ res tetiuis illita fanat.Eft & ter 

j^ ^ctKdXyia^ y^iu^Kcc^j^n iS,- tiuni conyz^ genus^caule cral 

w. rMw j^ Te^Tsy e<'c/2!i' X5- fiorc, ac molliof e : foliis me- 

vvl^itrisi Jt y^K0 'TrctyoTi^ dia^ inter maiorem ac mino- 

i^ fmKciKjam^.,^lif <H (pin.ot^ rem amplitudini$> minime au- 

IJLeil^m n^ K^7^>^^yiK(io:m}v Ji f tem pinguibus: multb grauio- 

IJLei^oyQ^^ihfmfki^vGsT^olipu ris hxc eft odoris & iniucun- 

l^^^tf^X^^K^mh^peix^ kTzt^" dioris/edinefficacior.Proue^ 

XTBT/^^.^yfe^ ^ ^^ Mxjo^oi^. nit lo cis non riguis, 

nse^ H^^;£5fc^x/Jbr, HemerocaUis^fiiieHlium 

K£<?. p^f • fylueftre. Cap.CxXXVlL 

H^sa^j^^Xi? V i^ilMtf l-)^ H E M E R O C A LL I S fo 

X^ yjni^Y o^tcc xf /V6)> %Xffi§i lium &" caulem habet lilij^por- 

16 c/^ (yV-z^o '(?^arz . ^y^/j J)& <^ raceo colore : flores in caule 

ojtf^ y^^' lijsku kn^^^Lorj y\ pcr fingulos exortiis, terni aut 

% c/l'. tIuj ^m tS Xf/V^) htyS^ quaterni eriimpunt, lilij diuiftl 

«TK oim oq^aw ^yeip'*T{w o% ra^quoties dehifcere coeperut. 

^oajr lx^qZ^i;;^d}yp^(u^ o- colore perquam palIido:ra-. 

ftxtieof ^qkC% cAJu^yib^ ^ li ti^ dix magna eft atque bulbola: 

^ Keid m^aix yjl tnio /uiKtv cv quse pota^aut cum melle & la- 

hi(d GF^^^^auTTio:^^ (^y u~ na in pelfo appofita , aquam 

ip.yd'pi jc^ti cu^a.yj>^$. TO educit & fanguinem.EoIia tri- 

M^i».c&Kiic& y^Tct^Kcit^yn^- ta mammarum inflammatio^ 

iicL ipKiy^coiyki- fAct^vTcd l'A to nes a partu contr2<S:as>oculo-; 

^T^yy^i^^l^y tsr^uyH^ riimque colle^iones mitigar- 

^ Radi 


Radix & £o\h 3gni ambuftis i^i(^-m<srKio.rf)Ji S ftlet, yA 
Vtilifsimeillmuntur. -ri(pu>Xi£a(pihif(£>>fcm t^ttu^ 

Leucoiujfiucviolaalba. pt^Tt^v^ 

Cap. CXXXVHL U^rKwma. Ktp. ^h/i 

Leucoion vulgaris eft noti- AiuKoioy yi^imn *^y3 e$7 *jj 
ti^j fed irifloribus differentia ^TOs-Aflt^o^fitoj^lS^d^.S^ ^ 
qu^dam:nanque aut ccerulei, xiwKov 'Skiv S f^hts/oy % KXiOMoiu!' 
aut albi^aut purpurei, aut lutci » ^ipp^y^ptSTcJetV/s^. E57 J% 
inueniuntur.Luteaverbpra?ci hj^m^fcAi^ytgov tsS^ r)u7e^-- 
pui in medicina vfiis.Hui^ ari- KUuy^m t^ (/^Kim^T^ om^h 
di flores feruefadi in defefsio- |»£$6 cum^^Mvlct «^ lfe3i<;;Lt5i 
nibus valent contra vuluae in^ w «^/^ ^i^s^r W 'zfe* vs^^cjy j^j 
flammationes , & meftrua ex- ^k4^w 4» 0^5^^ l^hiim* 
pellunt : fanat oris vlccra^cum iyflcxj^os^vTa 'j yja^^iv ^otyaj^^ 
mellezcum ccrato^ rimas fedis. w h Mk7vK(j> ^^nTnvi^ffvv 5 
Semen duum drachmarupon fuXin fit^Srts'. 5^ ^^p^rr^ ca;5 
dere ex vino potum^ aut cum <n)v wW ^mi^et^ J^m^^^v j^oiv 
mellc inditum, menfes, fecun- ^zjt^m^^^S ^snf^^^V ffut) /^k/J/^ 15 
das & partus exrrahit .Radi- £,^fu;at^ h^irtes- ^ '(«^^yfic 
ces cum aceto illitse \ Kene re- «tT^.ecl Jl \i^cu y^a.yrKci<d-ei(m 
primunt^ & podagricos iu- cmj%^H^si»^oim (mKhZa^ y.cu 

Cratseogonum. U}) l^e^.^nm^m. 

Cap. CXXXtX. k:£<?, p\^. ^ 10 

Cratseogonumy fiuc vt aliis K^st-mo^vov^iol q y^arm.ovovy 

placet crateonO) foliis melam- (^v>^cti;)^ tfMnoL lu^ r ^*Xrt/4- 

pyro fimilc cft^ multis calamis ^TTv^is^^KHii^ Jl kmi ^d^ fi^n^ 

cx vna radice emicatibuSsmui ^voy^ /SAfiC^/ fovt^T^J^i^^^ctf^Trit 

toruq* geniculoru: feminemi- M o^toy xli3^<w.^:3£^ cV cvir4- 

lij: nafcitur magna ex parte in ot^ x^ (^^vyt^eiAm q^ cmTOTro^ ^ 

opacis & frutetofis, fumoperc kv li^T^ii^ ix^f^^ ^ <^f^^y • 

acrcTraditu cft a quibufdam, I^-cf^w Ji \^ *TJmv » Tricni 

hoc fi bibat ieiuno ore^ter die 'lov y,ctp^v ya/jcuy^ kj^ivo^mcoy 

poft mefes purgatos^trib^ obo Tcotm^ia^ /pf a^t^ 7^ /J.^^^ 

lisin cyatis aquaeduob^ mu- mvry^i^u^im^i^ «rScr^j»- 
lier ciif^^ 

IIBER ilt iS^ 

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cKicw Teio^^oK^s ^vMto^ wji- ginta diebu$, &. vir modo c6- 
bti>y G. im i^£^ f ^*a> Wts)^ fimili totidem dieb^ ante coi- 
jiit^ Qcm^WiTa^-m^ W i- tumhaunat^virilis fexuspar- 
fA^^Z)^hma^iTa>;, tumfuturum. 

5 n}] ^v>X^. Ke^. f)^u. Phyllum; Gap. CXL; 

^v>^oy^ol <ti%Kcu6ipv)^oyy Phyllumjquod & elieo- 
bt Ji ^pvoncty j(0^ovo7 * ^uew phyllon vocatur, duiim gene- 
h mT^cu^iio jvSfi hhv^m xt- rum eft^quod autem thelygo- 
pdijov j 0tmfH ^fvoy * t^v num appellant, in faxoiis mu- 
^KG>eh^6^y Ix^it; 75 f J V.oy fcimodogignitur^folio ole^e^ 

10 }(0jijKovhi7Soyy ^^x^ * f^i'"^ f^^ niagis herbaceo ; caule te^ 
hi^^l/jj^e^boi kiuKov* Kdp^v nui^breuirradiceexiliifloreni 
/^^(ova StT^ (ivimvof, 70 J% albu profert;fcmen papaueris 
et^ivopvov > Ttt p^^>Xct o^toy maiufculfi . Sed arrhenogonu 
tS ^sr^eipfj^pa^yM^^^S^ ii tha- cietera huic fimile^ folo fruftu 
^lp«*e;^ 5^ o^ioy cwpei l|!co- diftatrhabct emm racemofum 

ij 5i»J£^££^ Iheua^ ^^vdAoL hiyi^ quidda deflorentibus oleis no 
w c/^ Tp dL^m^ivov ^o^jv^ kf- difsimile . Arrhenogono potu^ 
fmwMy^To di ^Kvpyoy ^Xv rpafculi fexus facere partus^ vt 
TDXfJy. I$bf e? ^rmvr^v K£$t- thelygono foeminei^ proditun 
Tkidi^Xyuo) Ji JbjtS^ri mSjA Horii Crateuas author eft;fe<l 
lii^t tSs ^ hjT^ i$Deias huiufmodi hiftoriatenus^ mihi 

^'^ ^iy^'. produxiffevilumeft. 

; np Opp^. K«^. §A«i, Tefticulus, Cap. CXLI ; 
-^§^^><'*' ^^ ^"^^^ «>p;^K J(5t- Tefticulus, quem Gr^ci cy* 
XoiJfl7, ^iJ^fiC t^^^.Tii y^i \- rioforchin vocant , foliis cir- 
^td^<t <&ti w H^Kov iK^ liy ca imam caujis partem, in ter* 
'TTv^^aikKetta, fjuLKctmo^tdty ra flratis ^ olex molli fimiH>; 

*5 ^viTi^^yJlKSdfJLcty^cm- buSjIongioribuSjanguftiorib^^ 
pt'^Aojr ani3B6^r 75 /ujiiws', Iseuibus : caul? dodrantali;fIo- 
W » ^% ^^<pv^Sit^a» |5oA ribus purpureis:radice bulbo- 
^o«cr?,oOTf^x*»3J>*3r\iar,9&yia) fa^ oblonga , oliuse modo an^ 
aT iKcuai tUJ^ ^ h&i^Aui J^ gufta ^ duplici ordin e:fuperid- 
^7i»7ip0y}^ liwi^^^Kifr rc,quseplenioreft:infenore^ 
T&^ A q[u^ 


qu^ molllor ac nigofior/E- 

duntur radices codx^ vt bul- 

bi:ex quibus fi maiorem edant 

viri 5 mares generari dieuntur: 

fi minorem foeminx > alterum 

fexum,Addunt> in Theflalia 

mollem mulieres in lafte ca- 

prino bibere 5 ad fHmulan- 

dos coitus : aridam verb, 

ad inhibendos:& alteru 

alterius potu refolui. 


fis& fabuletis. 

n^ TOJJTtjS^ J^ l^^£i%T a U&i 

Foyei ft^oj^ 'izsi ky<f^Zv l^Ofii' 
vlwy(ifj>iytipvov mcfj,r o ^^^^'^ 
*mci \smyjcJ^ajiKZy, ^Kvpm* ^ 

yjjDsuitas-^Tiv ^ dLTizLKlv u^ cu^ 
Ofyti 'ii^esf-i^oy m^^^miM 

Cap. CXLII. 

Tefticulus alio nomine fe- 
rapiasj Andrea authore voca- 

tur , quoniam radix ad multa ^kii'7r5}^j;)^w^vi'^i^yi^,<^vX'^ 

vtilis &Vfoliis effi porri^ latio- Kcl%^ htyjTtt (ss^.<!td omi^^^ 

yibus 5 oblongis^pinguibus, ex TCHi^Kci^wrie^ Si k^ UTm^^ e- 

alarumfinuinflexis:caulcpal- ^m^^^-m ijvr f/^^hcur xpj^ 

meovfloribus pene purpureis: xi« essib^^cuichtpno ^sm^T^f 

radice tefticulis fimili : qua? il- (^v^^fitcL^ vm^v o^ytJion ^q 

lica tumores difcutit ^ vlccra o^iijL.VL w Jt^cL^y %xi ^^<^ 

purgat, & ferpere eadem non ^Kn^^ofj^Tii.o^hi^^my crAiMgi 

patirur . Abolet fiftulas5& illi- ^JLlKmv kyccH^^vm^x^i 

^._ -_n .: 1 _«:^ A „• '^p^T^f i<piK7ir^V^kyct<r/.iV(i^i '^ 

tu inflammationes lenit.Ari- 

Ax radices nbmas inhibent:fa 

liantq; putredines ^ & oris vL 

cera cacoethc : aluum fi- 

ftunt e vino potx. De 

hac ^ eadem qnx de 

tefticulo canis 

produntur . 


*m^ii)J>^S K^W^KciOJ0iJ^ii,^ii^ 

Jiyi x^ ^^V y^rt^^ tky/^ 
ffjJ^K) yMKiitP enw olycd ctc-S^T- 

LtBER II t iS^ 

tlp tnTveiii. Ki(p, q^y\ Saryrium. Cap, CXLHI* 

'ZccTueJoy^o^i i^ Teh^y^ov y^ Satyrium aliqui trifoliu vo 

Xwfw, l^sreiJ^i i>^ cmr 'dw '^JJjj cant> qiionia tria fert folia^ ad 

(pui^^LTejtct ^i^i :aKKs0pLim Xa terram infrada^ rumici aut li- 

m"^ S kpm ouotf. %Kii\tva lio fimilia,minora tame^ac ru- 

5 uSlo T^/ ^ Qj\/^^aj^')(0jijKh J^ -it bra:caulem cubitale^nud-iirflo- 

KovyUA^^hy ebi 'myim^ hho^ rem lilij efFigie,candidum:radi 

'^Kpi^M^^K&jyJvyi'(^cLif ^bhCoi' cem bulbof^jm.mali magnitu- 

Siocn>v fJ(MKQh7rull>^^^-ri /4 c*- dine/ulua,intus vtomim,can- 

rin^KVjyj/v m^ mr ytvo<j^(^ didam^guftanti dulcem, Sc ori 

yKD>i^*^v zcu cjS<^u$v* Tajj^jL»* non in<irata:quam in vino ni- 

2Q M7.rjHv ijioivcd ukk<iMtwj^%u* gro auftcro bibere connenit, 

^; QTn^Tovov. Kt^i f/ ^iKH contfa opifthoronum.Vtendu 

'>)wjxi'^ cnjutjou^iicTu '^^yi^^ipcL ea dum concumbendi incefsit 

01 -^ ewiijjj £) c^uii^ ktvSy rluj cupiditas , fiquide ea pronio- 

c^ri uwjotAdL, res ad venerem fieri affirmat* 

n£e22si7ue«oi/|fy3jDd- Saryrium erythronium. 

i^- vk Ke^ ]u<^. /Cap. CXLIIII. 

2cf Tve^ov tJ/ Ipi/3p3 w,o; A^ Eft & altefum fatyrium e- 
oa7v§«y|pi>9^iw;c^/^£j(^ ^§0^4 rythronium fiue erythraicon^ 
Kivo^.p^ \uo^\r^uei^oy 5^ ;^ id eft rubrum^ femine lini^ma- 
fe*>U£tKiov-^ i^ ^KCoy^i) KHoy o^ iore , durOjl^^ui^ fplendenrc : 
i$o^ei7ta ij djj-m awjfjuna; \y^-' quod fertur , non fecus arque 
^Q ^m S^ ^ x^o (!xiyyj)i,igj Ji 'f fcincusJibidine excitare.Cor- 
pi^»? iwS^o ^^ 0xo/of v-m^jo^ tice radicis gracili , rufo : intus 
Zijy^ C7i>pp>>^ • 70 c^ *£Vc/^2r«v xsi^- aatem album includitur^ fa* 
m-iy^ivo^^t^ c/j^^v^y^ yKv^ por^ dulci^non rngrato ori: 
w*(pjiitu iv Iajauoi^ <5u Spfi- in montofis 6c apricis enafci- 
voi^ ii%tii$*i^fei7aJL Si oTt ^9 hV tur.Venerem^vt produnt^fi o- 
'^ ^(f''^^' ^#^^ ^ p'C^ '^P^- mnino manu teneatur radix, 
iSt^b '2?!^^ k(pt^<Sim,cLmjj oivii ftimukt, eoque magis^fi biba- 
ii^Tro^im fjJSi}^ov* turinvino. 

n^)Of^'y8»^pii. Ks^p.p^ae. Horininu. Cap. CxLV, 


$7y\a9£pV/2^iCi776i)7wf ^'J/^oif. ba cft; foHJs marrubio fimilis: 

^^^o^- A ij caule 

caulc iemkubitali jquadran - ?^\o^ J^ Ti7§i*^v<if Siztm" 
gulo ^ circa quem cmiaenti^ ^cSafy^^^ ov £|o><tt o^icu xo*- 
filiquis fimiles proieunt , qua? CoTif 6>^ l-^i 'Hui ji^duf ymvxqcuy 
ml' radicem i^edant, in qui- cv oTir mi^ it^f^o^y \l7ri ^ 
Eus (iiu^rfiim femen^ recludi- ;^ 'z5 i;^« <^^f^vm co§iV/.s'^ 
turrfiquidem in^fylueftri ro- (^auor cm^i^lTie^vhm^A-^ 
tundum^fofcumque inuenitun ^^ ly (j^hOM^^ jj /§^^^ • «^- 
in altero^ nigrum & oWongtjy k« c^^ i^ 'tStzj ^ ^ivG) 'myou^^ 
cuius eft vfiis. Ad veneremfti- m^miuotJidM 'Tiztt^iu^^^imy^' 
mulandSjCumvinobibivolut. ^^^ (nui uhj-n ^^^^..ua^ 
Purgatcummelleai^emasal- MuK^imTtt^ y^T^iTrha^v M 
I>uginesq',5& illitii ex aqua tu- fS* vJkm^ ly otaiyLA-m iidit^^' iq 
mores difcmit . Eo etia extra- f^i^ «rjtoxo^Tst^ cmajplw.^ y^ n 
humr aculei ex corpore. fdem '^ct ^ j^g.Tzt^Kci^&i^^T^ cw^ 
effeduseftiHitaeherbse.Sylae- met.ii Ji &yeAov ^xvepTi^t 
fee magis viribus poUet : qua- lyet 7^ Jbj^ccf^hc^y /^V^!) 
re vnguentis, prsfertim gfeu- k^ (^vy^iapLcajj^ ^hi^ H 1%- 
ckOjpermifcetur. yuvmcd* ^ H 

Securidaca. Gap. CXLVL Tl^pi^BJhcztfts. K^??. f/^r «^ 
Hedyfaron^quodvngueta- Ht^irapoy 70 vzz^* ^y 1^%-^ 
sijpelecium^ ideftfecuridaca 4^y y^ix^otTnKiKlm^^^ 
vocant/rurex eftjfoKis ciceris: m^J^ <pvn.cc^ici %p^v l§e^iy% 
fcmen-rufu in filiquis fert:Gor- cfMiXyKoCi^ Ji y^^vot^ \oixS^ 
aiculoru: modo adunciSjquod Wov ok li cmffjut. ^ppoK> 0- lO 
ancipitemf fecurim a^miilatur, m^v mkiiLi k^(^iso^^^ t^v i^ 
vndenom^n^atcepit amarum mo^j^gcx^^mfly '^c^^dpiii^iU'- 
guftu.Ston]tacho vtile in potu. f^^;^y ro^^^.myfVTUx J\ yxd 
Addititrin antidbta. Cu melle h-nioToi^, mwi/^wa <&, ^«-^ 
ante coitus fiibditum^ conti- ??S^y ^ t5> i^lteds ^atoajo)^ 
piedifpem adimit. Hafcitur m ^vcuJbm. ^vtw <ft in Kft^^ 2^ 
fegctibus &hordcis. - 'dcu tto^I^. 

Onofma. Cap. CXLVH. o^^^, .* cA^ ^^i/^. 0/ <^ 

Onofma,oblongafo]ia ha- (^Koyivy/i q' oVoy/v y^m^^ip 

^adfimaitudinemanchuf^^. ^v>K^%:;,$ttux^ic^'msikyx^'' 

longitudino <^^> 

1TB E1R. Hf/ itj 

mfy'Sf^u^m^£mxeiH^&^n^ct' longitudine qtratuor aigito- 
iiLJC7uKA7if^}ccfy7i'^^Kd7Z)^ rum, &vnius latimdinejmcS- 
JhLKTvhii^cm')^^ H^7igpG>^a^ Ha^in terra iacentia^fine cauk^ 
yx^ipi^-nt Toi^ ^ xLyyiayii^t^ fine fcminej finefloTe : raclicc 
JV ^^xof j 2;ic9?^rj iyij^ i* nititur longa ^ tcnui ^infirma, 
i^i^iov ''S vTTcgiv \izdm7jt>-i i^- rubelcente : gignitur in aipe- 
m^^^Ki^Pih^^Zi^^cx^ iav^* ^vf) ms . Pdliain vino pota par- 
/& ^ Tfot^in Tt^Troi^.To^jra itiL tm extrahunt.Pr3pgnans 
'W>Xfi£ l» ma> 'TTD^ym , ir^piu, fi:eam fupergredia- 

^Y^^fpGLm ii 077 mi "iyyMo^ u- tur, abortumfa- 

«^jgS tIjuj 'Tiidjf <^ TJTf^i^* cere Sicitur . 

m njHNviJ^cua^. Kttp. p^i. Nymphfa. Cap.CXLVIlt 
thj^j^cau ^iJsw Ifkktm 2^ Nyniplxsea nafcitur in pa- 
vicL(n^in^t^^ i5u?y?v« 0^^ g;^ ludibus & ftagnantft>us aquis^ 
o^/fic xjC&excp (;p,i^hie^ o ^ foliis fabx ^gyptia? ^ mino - 
cm^^u^^z^^mm^^sSfi^^fCy^TzL ribus , &lon^oribus , aliis ia 
r uMTo^yTA fkyjii^ wjm t6) fiimma aqua , aliis d^erfis 

55 Sfi/^-ji 'zy^efcvfic Dit ^ cLt/'? p/^Mi- plurib* cx radicc eadem pro- 
Ay^$ (Pi Kivxiv^fiom y^het^yi- deuntibus : flore Iflio fimili^ 
^y xpomSi^ T0ftm>'j$7uv 5 ^- alb o^ & in m edio cro cos ba- 
mjf^cnfi^gpoyyuKoy^uiK(A mt^ bente: cum defloruerit^vtro*- 
^K'imy% ^{pep^rt yvi^^» m tundum malum ^ aut papaue- 
imoiiij^a^A-i pkKdjf-vi % v^%' ris caput, extuberat : ni^o fe- 

io mi ^A^5C7Aa£7i>V, ^xvoi-^^y- mne ^ denfo & lato ^ lenti gu- 
^^(^ yyiyjoi^l t T^Ko^Ku-^ ^us : caulis eft I^uis^ nigerjmi- 
0^ ovm^fy tciKct^^o^m t? nime craffus, ^^gypti^ fabs 
ffii xj^^deiou" p/^fl£ fUKcuyu^Tfct' cognatus : radix nigra^ fcabra^ 
^UjfomKoHj^!^^^ 3 n$' Ti^ust^ ciau^ fimilis ^ quse autumno 
^57yoOT§6>* '^a^otiu /mjjow fecatur.Sicca cum vino po<- 

i-^ ^^(?«5 mKiaxov^ <Jf>£X«^cA/- ta co^liaciSjdyientericisque aii 
cf^yre/xSs-ji, arrKiyot7}!Ki.i(£lc£ xiliaturj&lienemabfi3mit.Ra- 
®\ctaT?^ 3^ isr,^^ (;3^j^is ;^ 5y> dix ftomachi acveficse doio.. 
<^^edikKyi^-niyifll^cc^i^kK^h ribus iflinitur ^ vitiligines er 
^i»;^ mwvJkv* kK07n3ua^ aqua emendat : impofita cum 
TSflw OTojM^c/7777^S«^ictTO piicc,aiopecus medetur.Ea- 
miWp A iij dem 


^em contra veacris infomnia mn^rax Si jS pi^ot "m "^h hi* 

bibimr^fiquidem ca prorfus ^&yfxov^-^^m^our^wy^i-iTiif^ 

adimit 3 pora afsidue aliquot kTtvidjf n l^^^im cuJbi^iu 

diebus , genitalequeinfirmat. ^ar^^r oKsya^ y^^e^^ » ^ '^f oy- 

Jdem femen potum efTicit, S^^Ki^i 'myou -ro kuiiJi^TatH 

J^ymphae^ nomen fibi vendi^ £j t^ axj4^uA'7ro^.y*JhKei Ji 6>- ^ 

cafle vid^tur ^ quoniam aquo- ySuci^wu^iUii^ J)dL7i hv^ 

fa amet . Plurima inuenitur ia J^ov (^nKm tcW;. c^pisr/.iizu J% 

Elidc 3jin Anygro amne ^ & in ctcMji op mJ^ om r iyy^» -^ 

JSoeoti^ Aliarto. ^fj^^yt) ^ ^fn&va^ of 'couap tcj, 
fjymphsea altera. npN2//>t^cLia^aM»f. 

Cap. CXLIx. Kg^ eu9'- ^ ^ ^o 

Eft & altera nymphaea/u- r/ywi ;^ S^x» yz/iW<?>:£/flf^ ^sr 

ius flos blephara dicitur, fo- t^ SySs^ jSx^ce^^/^s^STW^^iJx- 

liis ante diftaj, radice alba, x^l>oy^o^/tf TS©e^f^fi*^- 

icabra ^ flore luteo , nitente , viHpi^rfi' ^' tb; ^€y;cW ^ '«'ce- 

l-of^ fimili.Huius femen & ra- ;^n^%xiih^Q^ mum^^><^(^Vy 

diXj contra foeminaru proflu- lyu^iov pa^J)» . 'm^m Ji » pi^« Jioi 15 

uia efficaciter ex vino nigro 'zi axri^ua ts;^ ^otw yMJcuK^ 

bibuntur . Nafcitur in Th^iTa^ ojcv otv(f> ydKsjfi mi^ov. tpvi^ 

liajamne Peneo, t^u 0« Toiif ^ ^c-jaKiav tc-^ 

Audrofaces, ^^rKj:^ r csuvftJ? crrJTct^o^y.' 
Cap. CL, n^lAy/^oeT^Xfii^* Keo.py^ 

A N D R O S A C E S her^ AvJpcmKi^ yvirm .4« ^ ^- ^^ 

ba eft amara^ tenues fpargens e/ot cy Tm^^^Mcm^^i^ limiy 

iuncos , fine foliis ^ folliculos '^a Ji *^ w^^-i W!7!iyMf(^ofy 

in capitulis hahens : in quibus mud^(L<pvn. of^ ^kaxjov im ^ 

/emen continetur -• gignitur in u^pcoSt^ '^ys^^ ^tKliyJv mi^ 

Syrise maritimis , Ea drachmis fwtTZJ^. 6.tw€im JlX^ 'otS^-^ 

duabus in vino pota^ copio- auffuvoiycd < $, ^Kyi^s^ov^cLH 

fam hydropicis vrin am ci-. «zroMoi. omi iiJfm-mmv a,yeiv. 3C5" 

^t . Idem eifcdus eft fe^ t^ k(^i4^^ 'j 7»r '^^ i^oKop 

minipot0 5&.herb5 ^jro^^mvofjSjao^^iiajuii^Tf^iSi^K^^ 

decoftorpodagris 'ni^Kioc^izuJiKcuim^JroJ^K^ 

Vtiiiter illinimr. ym]f co(^m(^s. 

Af|ilenum. '^^'^ 

LIBER Itl. 1« 

npAOTX^V Ki(p. pyi. Afpleriuinu Cap. CLL 
A aTJKtwaVyol $ ir/.o\omv<P^toY^ A^lenum^ ^H^^i fcolopen- 
oJ cTsX (mKLuutoy. ol J^ if^ivioy^ol drion vocant, aljj fplenion^ a- 
Ji Trhiv^y^pi^^^n^^ c7.Qh07dv* li) Hemionium ^ foliis eft mul- 
d*^^ 7o> 1^e!ai G^tit y '7rK€iova tis/colcpendr^animalifimili-r! 
S ^-Tri fidZ^ ^t^a^ ^i^^ySpci. bus^ab radicevna prodeunti- 
(puiTtu cJv T^i^^oi^ x^ mTfcuf ^ bus.Naicitur in parietibus^ fa^ 
pmo YjiyKkmi 'TizthJffy.ki^ • S- xisq; filiceis, & opacis:ncc caii 
j^^Kct^kvd^^eUof^^yi^mlm lenijnec fjorem, nec femen ha 
p^a hi TA fii mi^v^Jii^yJj-m bet.folia filicute modb diuidii 
^v \im^du/^^itj MaiMyB^^v tur/ubter flauefcetia hirlutaq; 

^^ H'x>^aed*'^^^F^^'^'^yP'^ fupemeviridia.Vimhancha- 
f JMflc im^i^vTSL ffuji o|i y^i bent folia in aceto feruefafta^ 
myif/$px cmyifxi^f f/.(m\7.. vtperdies quadraginta pota, 
vu T^iUivM J% y^-m^Trhiosciv licnem abfumat: quibus etiani 
I; 70^ cuTKl/Ma. 7ti7f «py^Xoi/ KBi- coutritis lienem ex vino iUini 
3/r ^ oYvoi^^onbBi ^ gpur/ynfif oportet • Stranguri^ & regio 

iS /Ji Kuysi^s^ }mi^ti<iYcfi ydbov^ morbo prodeft^fingultu fedar^ 
7^ oj? XXJ5W ^u^^i.JojtS Si c£- cakulos in vefica comminuir^ 
T^jwo^ «y^ y^^^ lacy Ti^j^ jti«.r C&aeptiim adimcre creditur, 
7d viuioyov cmhhuos r^ccSouk per fefe aut ciim ^muli liene ap 
y»'kiT^xj5y« cTfe^ vvKiii ^dffj J^v penfa.Tradut noftu,fiIentclti 
vjjilw Q^vc^vATOHJoy, na.huiusreigratiaeffbdienda. 

io npHfnoyhcfbf. Kt(p. p0\ ' Hemionitis. Cap. CLII, 
U^onTJS^ol J% axrhtwioi^^ Hemionitis^ qiiam aliqui 

^uMoy hinmof^tov «T^^txov,^ iplenion vocanr^ folium emit^ 
T«6J5 /JwoeiMfyi^ca S\ v^i- tit dracun culi^ lun^ modb ia- 
m T^or^cu^Ki^nlcuo-lm S^M^n,^ curuu^radicibus coh^ret riiul- 
Xoy> ouT^jX^y^y • Arc h^bof tiSjtenuibus: nunquam flores ^ 

15 i?)ep« . t^vi-m cJi mTfdS^oj^ Tp* nequc feme^nequc caulem gi- 

msy^ycuiTcf.dpQ ^\ ^'Tricc ^'- gnit : in petrofis nafcens> au- 

iStyjdJi 71^ W o|i -:iz>S^^,t/- ftero fapore.Ea ex aceto pota 

KHcmKlcuci. lienem abfumit. 

n}) Av^j>?.tJhs. K€<p.ey>^ Antyllis. Cap. CLIIL 

Av^hhh Mi • i ^V A N T Y LL I S duplex eft 

5^ A iiij qufda 


qu^dam enim lenti fimillima, ^^is^Tm^wKiajoLqiv^Xeit^ 

foliis mollibus, reftis ramulis, ^ ji^ ithmid^ mbAfm^ vs^c^ 

paln^i altimdine : radice par- l^^ '^My-d f yMtf ^>.&,y^* 

ua,tenui.Nafciturinfalfistcr. ^i^dL^lKVTf^^m^Lf^mw <^ 

vs^Zc a fole illuftrads, non in- v<^co^iJLu^is li^mn xsucAjnkioi^^ 

fulfo gufta. Altera eft foliis ra- ^yo^t^c-V S(paKf^^M <P' Its^^s f 

mulisque aiug^fimilis,hirfuT ^yusx^mTui 'A (fy\irkcLY.cu ri 

tioribustame^breuioribus, & ju^^yUzotK&iM^njTie,^. f^ roi 

afpcrioribus, florc purpureo, i^ ^f^ci^T^a'^,^ 7f «^JjMts^.ti? 

pdoris admodum grauis : ra- «T* h^^ ^^^pve^tw^ 0cwvQuuof 

dice cichorij , Pota drachmis i^v^Zyi^Ulct Skt^ yj;;^ejLov. 

guatuor vrin^ difficultati) re- i^wjarm ^l "i^^^ cPbcr^ue^vin ^a 

nibiisque plurimum prodeft. ^ y^ejt-am^ moJ^'it ^on^y^ 

Tnt^^vulu^ pituitas emolUut, isrk^^^ < <f'. ^ mhio^.un 

cumrofaceOj&Iade impofi- M^hiyuATtx^ ^ v^e^^ uicu: 

tae : vulneribus medetur. Quae mjjj '^oitm y^-^^KcaTt ^<^^ 

autem aiug^ fimilitudinem ^^of/Sy^ "^ ^ ^cmuxirr^ 

refert, pr.<etcr alia ^ pota » Si, ta ^yuwmw l^ict, p^ i% 

cum aceto mulfo co- ? t-i^Km % l^mT^^SiKJok iZ-m 

mitialesfanat. ^ mJ^llvuknitmoi&ft^ 

Anthemis. Gap. GLini. Ufi P^i^.y^t^u Ks^ f/J^^ 
Anthemidjs genera tria^tan- h^yu^^m M uvK^j^fioYy 

Tum flore diftatia: rami dodra oi Si »£^'y:^^y, ^k t» hbSt 

tales/ruticofi, alis multis con- am taes^ ^ o\ M y^iyutupuAKvi^ iO 

caui : tenuibus foliolis^ p^ruis^ Aa. ^ ^^ 7« ^M ojuotm 

numerofis: rotundis capitulis: ^tzl rS Isuliy d Ji fishct^^.uoy]^ 

floribus in medio aureis^fbrin ol Ji ^ucroySfJtlw/t^^Hg.-^ieuf^^ 

fecus orbiculato ambitu cadi* y^Kovsn*7a/Jm eith "leict av^ 

4is^melinis,aut purpureis^ma- <?7 fJm JicL^ie^Trtt" ^^n^ om 

gnitudine foliorum rut;^ ; na^ ^fztsuot bcJLfJuso^Mi^fm^KOi %i 

fcitur in afperis^ & iuxta femi- s^j^yTsr ^?Aot^» lajdvaeici fju^ 

tas: colligitur vere. Vim habet zpk^K^iSk^vniT^k^t&t^iKici^* 

radices.flores &hcrba excalfa ^zf*iv^^v fjS^^tmloyiu h-:' 

■ciedi^extenuadiq; : potu^& in- 2rt*,s|©&g/ 3 akiy^f) WJitXm-n- 

fefsione^pellut mcftrua, part?>3 pSrA£y^S^tw?A^;$S m^(fve^i 
V " vrinam " i^ 


j^^my^h^ ^<^« (pi)^m'(pvi^ vrinam; calculosque : aduer- 

c» iLws Tf <^;)(J^ ^ "^^^ W o^ fus inflationes, & flei tormen- 

f^m-GuTXiyi'^ <^%afo^* AiwcL" ta bibuntur: bilem fufFuiam 

^wo e;tf ^ ^ p^'^^ ^ '"i ^S^ expurgant:iocinerum vitia fa* 

ijjiS^TWJjfl^^TJJwtyjAg^^tuJ- nantrdecodo earum^eficae 

5 -TTZM' moiApajt Ji ^ £>;i^^o- fouentur . Ex omnibus his ge- 

^cu^j(0rnt^ia Siyovm x^ g^- ncribus ad calculos efficacilsi 

C^yetyi^ hibot^^K^^e^^^mv^i^ S fsimaeft^qu^eflorcm purpu- 

^ <nff)A^m/!^wa&^ t^ «- reum habet , cuius amplitudo 

}^t^ k^ Iticmj^oy ii imyi^^^f^' maiufcula efc hanc proprie he 

m i^ ^TiartxjOii IZv'^. ^ -n i^l- ranthemon vocantEa cuileu- 

^^ 4*5/^ ^ flLyT^/ ^^ 7nje^iJ4 Ku^A canthemo nomen eft^ ite quse 

ia^iTta W -sje^^ xl^.ts^e^ chrylanthemon dicitur^vehe- 

'^Kjomepy O ^^^^ u^a>m td Tirf mentius vrinam ciunt • -^gi- 

^vidiM^i-it^^m^oKots"^ yiM' lopiis illit^e medentur: com- 

\ov JcftW %fi£&^«^j^ y^i^oy. manducatts vlcerum eruptio- 

*2vJiKivm^^vy^i^o?li- nes in ore^lanant^NonnuHi 

1$ f^nvm^nesv ^ 70 p^uam^^y, in clyfteribus ex oleo vtun.* 

&i^7?^i5oa77 Ji ^ cuyKchtct v^ tur ^ terunturque in farinam^ 

w7rKcio:m^cu*iicLiJLcLcm^cu ad abigendos febrium circui* 

«1^:^ ct(^Sfrti'/Sy7au.;^Si"7tti€l^ tus. Flores & folia recondi 

'mis i^ mjry^j<xp,ei'n ^r %ouh^ debent ^ & priuatim tufa ^ ia 

KeiOTaCouJjn^ hjT^ fs^s aicL- p aftillos digeri ; radix quoqu e 

^^ aKivluj 'mv ^oJ^kZ-j Tru^tT^y, ficcari^ dumque ingruit ne- 

amiv^^JiJ^7a:(pvn.ci:i^ cefsitas^bina? partesherbse da- 

Ttt du!^ li&^v hjiih viTpioym rijmodo floris aut radicis par$ 

J etffls i^ cwdO.dLixCal/ov^m Tfo^^u- vna ^ modo co n tra^ floris p ar- 

3cot?*r 5' filcw ^^cuyoyTo^^^ei^ tes dua?, & hcrba? vaa^per- 

cti Ji cm^^ofjpn^^ (hJoyau o t^ mutatim duplicato poa 

i j /A w jSoTcwV m^ii 0» T^ 5 t5 dere^alternis diebus: 

ciM^vs S -f fil;AS jtwpo^* %y* o^nJi bibere autcm o- 

mmjJdMVoy^ <i5 cw^t^ ufi^Tils portet in vi- 

5iSoW>*r£y,ojfc^a|c/i^X5£i77(i- no mul- 

^OVTOS m^ yi^.fcu^^^Tn^/Hv Ji Jh fo^dilu 

ifipfi^V^y^ciiJ^Gi» to. 

nieiUaf" Par- 


. partltenium. Cap» GLV. Uteinaf^vU Ki0,^vL 

Parthcnium 5 aliqui am^ra- XJap^mvyolJikueif>0cjsv^Ql 

con vocant ^ foliis cft corian- q Kivy,cfShf^y^0v>^ct%^ taxii^ 

dri, tenuibus : flore per ambi- zoeT&i KiTrjd^aj!^ hi^^H^ yJi}tKa>y 

tum albOjintus melinp^ odore t^ ^/^ w<(m m^m^ oc^h -feo- 

fiibuirofoj fapprc amaro. Sic- Cpa>ujQv 5 tm J^ ^y<;w ^tapt^ov. 

catiijCum aceto mulfo^ aut fa- AaJjuTtu /^ |ȣ^ (Ju) G|y ttl^i- 

le potu^non fecus atq; epithy- *tj » Qw ^ai mhm(m. g>^ to Im^ 

mu, & bilem & pituit a detra- ^ ^v^^K^f^t x^ %hluu X^y 

hitfufpiriofis prodeft,& mela- jiji-TW ^ TiKy atS-^TTx^t^ <y^?- 

cholicis.Herba fine flore a cal xeiv 2, tuKciy^Kmi^. » '3^«« Ji 

culofis , & anhelatoribus ma- ^^eJjr Tcy ^'3t>:^, ^<?£\i/^5' I- 10 

gna vtiUtate bibitur. Valet de- ^t? \i^dvrtt>v k^ k^fxjstriKSv -ot- 

co <flum ad infidendum in du- Ti^f)* ii Ji k^i-U^ aurX? ly^ 

ritia vuluarum 5 & inflamma- ^£^ap.ci v^^a4 Itntxn^vf^n^ k^ 

rio nibusJllinitur facr o iQ^i^Sc ^uyiuuuvoiay^ "Q^, Ysm^TrKim" 

coUedionibuSjCum flore. w^^ '^^ \^un7iiKet7dL yju 

Buphthalmum. ^heyizova^ (nui 7B?ir ai^^my. ij 

Cap. CLVI. n^)B5i09<J^fd». K£(p. pv/. 

Buphthalmon (quidam ca- Bov0b:LKca>v (ot J% ys^yKdJf 
chlam vocant ) tenues emittit y^ovm)^>da. kviacj Tfv^p^^y 
cauIiculos,moIlefq;:foliafoeni '^Ki'£a.*fpv}0^ct Ji fjia^^^&i^ 
culi Juteum florem,anthemide S* duf^ /u^Ktyc&^i/B^ova t'^^ 
maiore^ oculi fimilitudine,vn- aM^^<h^ 5 l^btLXujo^iJS • o^y 2.0 
de nomen traxit: circa oppida y^ ^vofza^ • ^viw SHsm" 
nafcitur5& in capeflribus:Flo- Sioi?* xffi ^ W TreXfif. T^aJ- 
res cu cerato triti, tumores du th^ t^ om'^ kSo. trwv K^pft^T^^oJ- 
ritiafque difcutiunt Aiunt epo SipuLra. x^ (mKaexa^ S^iaf^o^* 
tam poft exitu a balneis^regio (^am ^\ o-n it iS ^t^KOM^f^ yui-' 
morbo corrcptis, colorem tra 7a 'to II^S^V TO&.w^ay^cv;^^/- 1? 
du temporis reddere. ^ 'Tc^m ^^ ^^y^v Tiya, *m^ 

Paeonia. Cap. CLVII. hjTceA'/Jti. 

Pxonia fiuc glycyfide.Grae- rieeJ neuoviai. Kitp. ^v^» 

cis aliquibus pentob oron di- ncuoyia, ^ % yxviUJinj^ty 01 J% 

citur : fiint^qui id^os dadylos mvTiCoprol J<Aa»r Ja>zTuKH.^ 

radice Tiwft^oj^ 

LIBER IIL ^ 19© 

^ U^etM 'mmdM x^m.-i^r radice pajomam vocant.Cau- 

hos k ^(m^^euo^-^i^^-vix ^ I^s altitudine icfquipedis ado- 

:^^(pviM? t^^y ^^d ' <pii>XA lefcitjComitatibus multis ftola 

J^ » ^'ifptw ^iiffJhim y^^vd 0- nibus.Hmus duo genera- mas, 

fiDtci: • j5 A ^K€i(£ km^<;ui rk foiia iuglandis habetdn foemi- 

^ ^yM i« S>$4p mxi^vm* %oCou <^i na verb/myrnij more diuiduii 

77 w iv«W I^tt' dix^ou T» :(^^3 tur . Summo caule filiquas e- 

ktwfchLhoi^hf4^iHr%va^ia>:^h- mittitjVelutigr^cas nucesiia 

«7&>y syf /(rycov'^ £f;>vpo; ^c^m/ ^K quibus ciim debifcunt , multa 

Ko\utKfo)^i^pil^^ 7^7s 7K po/£^5 grauula rubra ^ acinis punico- 

oj? ^?';© cf^' mxdjfi^^ ifx^Tri^ipue^i rum fimiliajinueniuntur^ & in 

10 it /. |/{a{ cfl£ T^V S' ^fmgyTn- medio nigra, quinquc aut fex, 

ex MKTvKis-m:;^^^ /^xjof'j iwi^ purpurea. Radix maris (te- 

^ms^ yivo,^(^ ^^aazt^KivvJt' nuis ) digitali cralsitudine , & 

cmJi iHi ^khoj; rm^a^vii^s palmi longitudine , guftu ad- 

m4f> ^ctKc^ot^ i^vm ^^»4 ftringens ^ alba : foeminse ra- 

S^^ k(^6AK&^* Auhw y)" dicjbus ceu glandes circiter 

1% veu^h » fi'^et Ttu^ c)6 7ixA( f^yj, feptcm aut o Ao inhaerent ^ vt 

^e^/u^^yjrumJiycouTDiy^- in haftula regia. Foeminis a 

rctutwtci ktwyMKov fj^yc^^ partu non purgatis ficca ra- 

^mu^yi^^msTty^Tk ys»^^ dix datur: ciet menfes nucis 

lituiyjt^ /SoifSi^' ^beicra. ^ o7vq>, ^YXCts magnitudinc pota : fic 

&<piKeiJi)y)Kn(^ixjot^Kcuyi^^i'' ventris doloribus cum vina 

^o Ti^i^^y^w^ ^ptuht^, I4u- auxiliatur . Valet contra re - 

^ast ^ oim yjl ^tvof/^a w- gium morbum , & renum , ac 

Kidji 'mat . tcv i^ Hs^^^mZ L S vcficx dolofcs. Decoda in vi- 

tC\ xjomiinrvf^] ^o^vr^ i/if noaluum fiftit.Rubra grana 

<iiv(p fj^m iyj^jpwjpotuTl^i/Spdv rubenteis menfes fiftunt ^ de- 

igScn • ^imymii n, ittyj^oju^' cem vcl duodecim pota in vi- 

tKYot^ l^au^ot ^yt^vm,'4.ca -feo no aufteto & nigro:ftomachi- 

'T^v TmSim ^tvoi^ot , x^ L cis & crofionibus ea efle pro- 

Snofj^ot k^^^ Ki^d^na^ ^- deft-a pueris pota^initia calcu- 

^tToujJTii.olA uh^^ufi^ K5" iorueximiit.Grananigraauxi 

^^ T^ \^i^th^ 7WV TzviyySii liatur fiipprefsionibus no &ur- 

i^ "^s m^ u<^eAyJ*^ mtyii: nisj vulua? flxanguladonibus. 


& matrids 4oIoribus,quinde- it^ oJhjid^ ^j5^^ c^ {uUiq>iTB 

cim numero pota^n aqua mul % otva^^a^^f ii\ }coyjtai 'um^of^ 

fa,autvino. Nafciturinaltifii- movm,'^ 
inis montibus & pr^ruptis. Uiei Aibo w4p^u. 

Lithofperrmum, Ke<?. qvL 

Cap. GLVIII. At^ismpi^vyt Ji cujcdn^Vi S 

Lithofpermon a feminis du ot J^ V^mu^^^Ql Ji ^^.ttheiojf^ 

titiz nomen accepit : foliis eft J>i t^W ^ ri tmi^ua l^^^t 

olea?15gioribus, & latioribus, Sty y^ •si^am^^v ivouetg^* 

mollioribus: iacent humi^quse <py>Xa?;^ ofioiu ^cuas^myfo^ 

ab radice exiliunt: ramulis re- rt^dL M ^ ^KAiu^n^a^ i^ ^x«i- 

<ftis, tcnuibus ^ firmis, crafsitu- ^T^es--^^ Toi^iw Tn^^fj^ct ^^ 

dineacuti iunci, lignofis^in imy^^iKHfjSpa-itKmUH cfu 

quorum cacumine bifidi ex- ^k^H^^d^-^d^^s oiv^vov^^^^^ky 

ortus , cauiiculonim Ipeciem ^vKcich ^imJi^m a.iLpm «^- 

cxhibcnt : foliis longis , inter ^m Ji^Ko^ Xit^vcn^^p^Koei^i^* 

<\xix paruum femcn, rotun- %^vm tpun.a f^KfAmf & 

dum , erui magnitudine, du- wripiua Ki^Jk^y^oYyvKov-i a«- H 

ritia lapidea. Nafcitur in alpe- ^tph^ lefCcd ^Ictov . f ySTai «i iftL* 

ris & ^editis locis . Vim hanc -^m Tmois k^ v-^Ko^f. AojuV .. 

habet , vt femine cum vino al- /mv Jtt^ li mi^fjui fjLnr omv 

bo poto calculos frangat,pel- Uv)mwio^ov>,Ki'^t^ ^v^Sit 

latque vrinam* ^cu ove^ ^>^/;, 

Phalaris* Cap. CLIX. Utei (p^iejiJbs. Ksi^. py9-*iO 
. Phalaris cauliculos emittit ^^aei^^y^KUhiacTTvlKJif' 

2e5culmisfimiles,aminutisac '(Ji>vK%7^%v iy k^ytgzoy 'mi}>.k^ 

nidlius vfiis radicibus^ multos, h-mKcugzt ^vwnJJn ysJKu^^* 

duum palmorUjgenicuIis cin- JT^myJTtt lu^ ^ ^ias'emi^fjut'j 

ftos^gradliores tamen ac dul- %mp ytiyi^o^ ^f^^^ ^sz^yiy vt^z^ 

ces: ieme cadidUjOblongu^mi- ^jcsf . b.uL<im 5 %y^ yu^rmomf^ ^ J 

llj magnitudine. Tuditur,& in v» » ^rr^ie k^ yjKilplBpyi cft* vJ^oi 

^ua autvinofiiccus advefi- »o/y«5^§6r'7tt'f j605^6)r^V^.4^- 

caf cruciatus vtilifsime bibitur. 'za 'r^i^y -Trmidp-A.k^ r cmi^ua,- 

Semen cochlearis menfiira po 70$ 'y^ xo^Kictfk vJclJo$ c7X»- 

nimjadeademefFicaxcft. ^os'^miJ^'4^^o$_^.hjl^'7TtiS, 
Rubia* n^^£fw^ 


np Epy ^o JW«. K£(5. pf . - Rubia. Cap. C L X* 
Epy^jooJW&y 5 j^ If ^y^JWoj', Erythrodanum radix rubra 
|y/o/ cA& T^u^ioyy^rJuff)^ p/^ct c/^' cft ^ qua tinguntur lan^e . Vna 
'fyy qv^A M^(m *i^n^k^ iponte prouenit, altera feritur 
^ccyi Jt cm^r^y 0^ o» bt&Ca^n vt in Tbebana Galli^ ^ & Ra- 
M ^ ytrahiuii^-i K^ faCcarfn ^ m- ucnna Italiaetin Caria inter o- 
x/Ws^ i/m^^ ;ti«7a|yr %aA^ Icas 5 vt in artris ^ {blo creditur* 
m dj^eSf^^y ^"^"^ ^'^^ ^^^- hancnon finequ^eftu ferunt: 
^aji.eo(^%iiJUi>^ 5^ ccj^pg^, J>i 7^ nanque maximum ex ea fen- 
yvt^ c//^ 'Hivr^ •7rK^^4v -sns?^- tiunt prouentum . A^cri cau- 
Jbv.eii^ Ji hm 01 y^-Koirtfd^ les & quadrangulijongi^ apa- 

10 y^m^ucapoX^fa^^fm^^^t^mrms riaa? non difsimiles, robuifio^ 
rf^ii^mexra^^y^^TTiiiTSiJi^' res^Sc multb prorfiis maia- 
lovi$K£af0uci>.idne9i'*^^v'Tif resrfoliis perintenialla certa 
oA SidL^^rwv T^ (^u^ct xg^ circum articulos^ fteHatim de- 
%){g,<^v -pvv^ Zi^ i^Efo^ Him- cuflatis. S eme eius ro tundunx^ 
xKov a;kAK^p^cc>j(g.f7m gf^t^fi-v- inter initia viride^ mox nibru^ 

15 Kov^ii ^w^rtt yKtd^VySrTi Ipy- poftea cum ematuruit , nigrii: 
^lv^ ^TA -TnTTzt^vo^ov fdKioroy radix tenuisjlonga^rubra. Vri- 
plGLKi7TJ\iJuz}t^,^%p^ia^iiQV'- nam ciettquadc cauiaregia 
fwnm^o^^v hr^tmtf ^ri ^- morbo opitulatur , pota cvm 
KiK^S^rov mm^Spyi ^ab^iJ^U' aqua mulfa : item ifchiadicis^ 
J^x/is^ 71 )^ Tm^K^Kv^fjSpotr a- & refolutts . Crafliim ^ copio^ 

% o yei 0' oS^ 'TToKKdL ^ Tia^ciJiS famque vrinam pellit, nonun- 
St? J^ k^ cufAcCy Kov^^ t^rot quam & fanguinem: bibentes 
Mh^* vtfjii^cuf r^ 'mvovm. i^ tamen quotidie kuari opor- 
l^v rz^v movf/^m rtw iia.^ tet , & excrementorum qu^ 
fo^ai • ^eioJ^KToii 71 ^«Sre? redduntur differetiam ^efta- 
pvKoi f/na tUv (pvKKm THi S^V. re. Aduerfus ferpcntium mor- 

i$ oJt}(0,fmijiiTo^vj^Km^m^ fus^ramulos cumfoIiis,vinQ 
vo^o^ y onKhZdL i^Kei. ma^^- bibere pr odeft. Seme cx aceto 
bS(m.Ji i pi{a^£//Cpy£4 ^ 1,^- potum^Iienem abfumit.Impo- 
m 'i-^^i^hvne^ • ^e^''^^^ fita radix tralut partus, mefes^ 
A Kox i^<?ot> KwuisfiiT Q^ot^ fecundafque. Albx vitiligini^ii- 
i^7«TA.fi«aro,«%/jj. litacxacetomcdctur. 


' Loncluris. Cap. CLXI* Up AGy^TjJb^. Ke^. §|i< 

LonchitisfoKahabet por- Aoyj^Tt^ ^u>Xcl tyettn^m 

ti, latiora ^ rubcnda , plmiina^ ^fT* o^ieti mKaijTc^ i\ i^ 

adradicem circumfrafta^ve- \^v^it^KH<^^iSfeh T^p/- 

iuti in terram procumbeiitia, lcUf^JChAf/fpe&^^c^T'^^ 

paucain caule,in quofloreSj %}^ Ji n^ <^ ixf )(^Kh okL $ 

ceu galericuli , hiantibus co- ya^ if o% S^ t^ta mKiffy.Qst^ 

micis perfonis {imiles, nigri, ^m ^im Jl mi^^i^ ^?<ro- 

& e ridu albam exerentes ve- W0/5' tA^^^m-, i^KHPex. p^^uv^ 

lut linguam ^ quas ad labrum xcv H nk^^ ku^mv l^i^kfTw 

inferius fpcftet : femen inuo- r ^sfuaToi' ^c li yj.-m y0~ 

lucris daufum lancea? fimile, ho^^ek'^ yhm^Jmv • -7^ ^'p- 10 

triangulum : vnde fibi cogno- /^«t o owi>/oj' xoVx^* '^' >^^^^ ^ 

mentum arrogauit: radix dau- m^oy^^mon * t^,v x^ ^^ ^- 

ci . Nafcitur in fitientibus , & mvvt/^d^yilied^A ' p/^a S% cux>U 

alperis. Radix ex vin p o t a v- cAty JWf- <pviw ai ^f cf.^i^ koj k^ 

rinam cict. vUujot^ Ti^Mt^.Tzww,? i p/^^^ J)~ 

Lonchitis altera. ou^irrJicit 'm^^a (njximf!.^. ^^ 

Cap. CLXIL Wcei^Tit^i^K^^y^-nSos* 

AlteraeftIonchitis,quama- Ke^. §|^'. 

liqui alpera lonchitin dicu t: fo Aov^vi hie^ , r- cTs xo;^;w- 

lia fcolopedrij emittit, fed afpe Ttv itAy^dM ^ ^v». u wW S- 

rioramaioraque,acmuItbma (juitct0y^oKomvJ'ei(i'', 7f ct^^ne^ 

gis diuifa . Vulneribus mirii in <^ ^ ^(ovccy l, f/^n. ov \%cnA' ^o 

modu prodeftjin eifq^ infl am- yi«. i^uJjcL^ Ji ?;^ Tfcaju^ir- 

mationes excitari non patitur. Kiiy^ k^y.^fAtvn^ • wm M yji 

Pota ex aceto licne abfiimit. GJDJwa m'r o^ots mo^Ti. 

Althxa. Cap.CLXIIL n*£i MSra^. Kep. ^f/. 

Altha?a,quam alij ibifcu vo- AK^a , tvia* M )Ci<rm ys- 

catj infylueftrium maluarum KovmyfmKiyt? V^v kyim ^- ^ 

^enere eft ^ cui folia vt cycla- J^^ > ^y Wvfic ^£et<^2p» S^^ jo/- 

mino 5 rotunda , lanugtne ca- kKifitvos- , e>;^oo£ • !;)(€< «^^ <st?- 

nefcunt:florerofaceo:bicubi- ^^ j>ocfbeiM$'^Koy JiTfiy^ajj, 

tali caule : radice lenta ^ intus p''^««' <^4 y>-i%&v^ KivKt/j) hJh^ 

^ alba. Althsea appellaturj qubd ^/. Xlyo/^^ j' ^',W«f '/^^ t^ 

intcr ^T^-t/ci?^-» 

fTokueiK^f K^ mhv;j^»gcv ojj- inter primas fit vtilis , & pliiri- 
Tj^^.i^^^^ W ^ puihdt^i^-^^ bus polleat remediis, Decofta 
So/W, jf^ y^h^\mj^ mt^^m. enim in vino aut aqua mulfa^ 
mm^yrfl^ '^cdfJutTti^^m^edTiMi & per fe cum imponitur tufa^ 
^/^c/k^ , hfm^^ifjuLTti^ m<^ t$ efficax eft cotra vulnera: item 
^ ^KifpcaivovT^ts^ MyLTUhim 6Ai<r- ad ftrum as^ parotid as, abfccfl. 
m^^yXlj^umijLetTff. ^ mjjj^im? fiiSjmamarum inflamatfones^ 
wj%m" JV«^3f«^ ;^ <>j6WvT£i5 frafta fedis,inflationes^neruo- 
S p^cOT x^%7ttuKei.(jiju(jLciK^ ru rigores:Squidem difcurit3& 
;^«£7a J% £(p5« i^ e5p»TO ^£«77 excoquir/umpit,& ad cicatri- 
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aioLy>>yLuj jy Jii^otcu^.Ti M k- venenatis non feriuntur.Valet 

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ftat aquamjtrita radice addita^ <^ » p/^ee ^ ycAy p ^«^^ \6ia k^ 
iub diuo addcnfari. cixu^^ai^iu^S^m. 

Alcea. CapXLXIlil. Ui^AKua^* ^Ks^p. pf/": 
Alcea iylueftrium malua- AxjcI^» i> eeyTT^ ^^>' ^fyv i- 
tum gencri afsignatunfolia ha y^a^ ^Ki^^sr/sp^yoa ^y ^/.^^ I- ^ 
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ina caules treis aut quatuor, ^orrainr y^Kmy.t J^'* (^^ouIT 
corcice canabino veftitos^ flo- X^vm xm^^^ Tme^wyJimr 
rem rof^;paruum : radtces al- clI^ ^xfov^ ljM<?£pW f^^^yit^, 
bas latas^quinquc aut fex^cum xa/^> mKareia; ^ . ^ r- ojbv 
plurimum cubitales: qua? cum Wp^es)^' ^' -nm oiva) » yc/kTi cw- j^ 
vino aut aqua pot^^dyfenteri- volh^i^^^^meicu^ ^uu jiy^- 
cisruptifquemedentur. ^lZvw. 

Cannabis. Cap.CLXV, ^^^^ ^^^ 

Cannabis fatiua planta ma- KahcLCi^ (pvTiy ^fery c^l^^am 

gni in vita vfiis adrobuftifii- a^ rS^itd ^^? to^ to^v Iajt^- iJ 

mos fiines faditandos : foliis v^t^^to^v ^mm ^KoyJ^' (pv^O^^cc 

fraxini , graui odore : caulibus ^% m^^TrKmcL t» /^x/dis Jl£r- 

proceris^inanibu^femjinero- &^* ^Koii fMXfoti^ moU* 

tundo, quod largiore cibo ge- y^fm ^oy^-vKov , %i t^o^o^ 

nituram extinguit, Succus *isK^m/t<rCmun^ y^vhu. %Xfi>- 

cx ea recetejConuenien e)^ 'j ^Ki^H^^df^^i 'Trfc^ 'tw^' iQ 

ter auriu dolorib* t St^v kKy^J^va; 0/93.^6^0^* 

inftillatur. neec KcLifviCud^ kyia;. 

Cannabisfylueftris. ^ Kfe^* §f/» 

Cap. CLXVL KcmctCt^ cl%ia oc^CJjlci (pi^ 

Sylueftris eannabis virgas opita roi$ rXi kKhcflts^ -> i^iKOM' 
fert althaja^ fimiles ^ minores^ 75^ ^\ yji Tfst^^nfcc^ rj^ ^ H 
nigriores, & alperiores ^ cubi- y^mfu-, tv v-^^ 'iri^^m • t^ h 
ti altitudinem sequantes : fo- ^'J^Xci o^/c« t^! «/^§<y, 7f ^t;)^- 
lio fatiuse, nigripre & alpe- ^fdL^Xx^^Js^Koircfcc eLi^^h'^, 
riore : flore lychnidis ^ fiibru- m^^ci^ Kvyn^ if^P^f^ ' ^f- 
bro ; femine & radice althx^. ^ 3 ^ fi^d^fo^icL T\bi,^cu^^ 
Peco- ^md' 

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Atwctutv ^l^ » fi^<^ s<p^i y^ Decoda radix , lllitu inflama- 

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?^e^/ , y^ o/i^WTa J^ct^^o^ir/y tit 5 tofos articulorum diisipat. 

j6c« 7me9.i^ fhd*)^^ ^yuuh hr:^ Huius cortcx torquendis funi- 

7rw>7?>ir c/^ ^xo/k, ou^To^ fJ^ bus accommodatus. 
5>^^o.£^™. ^^^^^^ CapXLXVIL 

Kvlyjt^^y «« cTt oMiy^^v-, ^X Anagyris frutcx eft arbori^ 

5^ S/^cT^v ;(^\»i775 -Sxi two^ 'ofz <pti^ inft ar^ perquam grauis od ore^ 

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;coV • ^^-ri^ oif Y^^TJoi^ yut^ mum , verficolori facie , fimi- 

x/jo?^, To j^S^A^ vi^pZvyVTDiyj' lc rcnibus ^ quod durefcitvna 

Ko^ * ^§£0^5 ^xwpu^fiTtfi /^ /z^ maturefccnte.Tenera folia tri- 

^y tJ'/ ^©yx»> m^mapJn Tu6- ta tumores illitu reprimunt . fi 

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i^/mTTKcLysi^a^ Qtiiyuam <^K~ fesque moretur^dragm^ pon- 

KH . 'mrtt^Tix Si < ^>S^ of dere bibuntur in paffo : fic 8c 

yKv/M ^it^fm y^ iitCoKh fuipiriofis dantur,& contra ca 

^eiov^Aaul^tjMm ^ lyiQ^iiM' pitis dolores iri vino: Difficul- 

%^? J^ x^j^ci>^cOs.ymf (PjJj o/W. ter parientibus adalligatur^ ita 

eg? Si ^cLzPtOv JbgDHjovffzurM vt a partu ftatim auferantur; 

^^ />V Toi m^wL 7^ kmTcyMv caj- H.adicis cortex concoquendis 

^ed^ k^p^KovTct piTJ?^ tS ^au" difcutiendifque adhibetur. Se- 

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i^ <>jc77^aja.o J^ y^^^-$\^6iJUs- tiones vehementcr ciet. 

vo^^ifjuiTov (tmj^mm /jy«. Ccp^a. Cap. CLXVIII. 

UieiKyi-TTcilctg. K£(j. §|1 Cepa?a portulac? Cmilis eftj 

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'^A-^yAKcii^^cL 5^ t^T^^v^KcL^ dicem tenuem . Foiia in vi^o 

ft^cw Ki.'njh* Coy^^i 'ra ^y>Xc2 pota^ vrinse ftillicidio^ & vefi- 

mvoiSpcc ouju om^^oj^p/ovexcd^Ti c^ fcabie laborantibus^ opitu- 

koi -^emm niw HLgrj ' ^^^x/^ lantur : maxime id prseftat , fi 

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gi ^ius quem inyacatho n^ hoc ampj.-pv tS ^cui^^v HgM^ 

eli corrudam vocantj bibatur. uSpovTmo.^ih 

Alilma. Cap. CLXIX. Tliex AhJsfpLarof. Ki<p. 0^. 

AKfma^ali} damafomon ap- AhuJpccCyol '$ kKvjcHjf/i 5' ^ 

p ellant: folia ei plantaginls; ni- /^fit Wwoy, ol /^ d.w%m-, 1 J^ ^u- 

fi angailiora eiTent ^ laciniofa, esv h^ovoj '^i^a ^ 'iy^et ap- ^ 

conuexaque in tcrram ; caule voyKSim> o^tc&y ^^vd^n^ J^ k^ 

fimplici 5 tenui ^ cubito altio - cm '^Luj' yjkai^ ay^ho^ Ji xs- 

retcapitibus thyrfirflore tenui, '^Soi- , i-^rAo^ -^ 'TtAyu^X'^^ 

candidOj pallefcete:radicibus -ntbiuciL^ ^^&ij^/^^n^^ ^e- 

tenuibus^vt veratii mgri^acri- vtJo.^ )^^yj<^v7m^a'fi^ca cdg 

bus, odoratiSj modice pingui^ yjcKOMo^ lM€C^£?Lf Kml^u c/joi^iQ 

bus: aquofos amat tradus Jla- J^^, ffez^uSiu^ <cm>'ki'm^i • v^ 

dix 5 fi drachma vna aut altera /p j*a^ S^ (^ikh ^eicL Af^uo^H 

bibatur yhh conuenit ^ quile- i fi^a: mvo^n cnw oht^ ^ oavr 

porem marinum deuorarunt, < cL S jS^.tbT^ Kctydh^^^cdKjO'- 

aut a rubetis ranis demorfi m bttKio:^o'^ ^-ii^Toii Kmo <pfv^ 

fant^am opium hauferunt: tor you^h^Sm^i^^ms owm TnTrto- ^ 

minibus atq^ue dyfenterise^per yStnyV^ ^o^oig jt^a J^JcnvneiciM 

ie 3 aut cum pari modo femi- y^S kvjiju) , yy mu JW) Jh/jKj:^ 

nis dauci ^ potui datur . Con- mvop^^f • of^tn yJ* mn.(Tp.cL^ 

uultis, & contra vitia vuluse m %cu /s!^^ rkv9^et}(^ *m^^ 

prodeft. Herba fiftit aluum^ -^ Ji '^'i^^Am m)dca^yKcd%/uy^ 

nienftrua p eliit ^ tumores illita vd ty^^ -Z^olJ^yi^Tct y^-marK^^ j^^ 

mitigat. <d-ehu.<ziT^vvH* 

Oiiobrychis. Cap. CLXX. Jliei OvoCpu^Jh^. Ks^.^o. 

Onobrychisjfoliahabetlen OvoC^v^s (^vK>.cc t^ o^ucica. 

tis^Iongiora paulbrcaulem do- ^cdic^ ^xf « iJLcOfii^cc ^kov 

drantalem : florem pumceum: ambct^^cuov*^'^^ (^oiviKovv^f^^ 

radicemparuarnafciturinvliw y^a^ '^it^aJA (pii^ a^ }[^^;u^ot^ i) ^ 

ginofis Sr incukis. Herba fua- cjLp^7s iz^i^. AuJufuv 3' l^ » 

pte vi, fi trxta iliinatur , tuber- 't^u omTrKa^eiim, K^a iicty^.^ 

cula dilsipat : cum vino pota^ ey^T^* ym^ o/W J^ wmdpn 

firangurias fanat:iilita ex oleo^ q>cr/y^fim^ ^£^.77iuei'(rvy ^cu^ 

fudoresmouet, Ji ^Hp^ntJ^f^ius >uvS. 

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Y^WjOi 5' cL}J'f>iatu/M>y:,ol Hypcricu^ a!ij androfaemoo, 

g >Mp/o'/,oo^ ^^^^w, Ji«c 7^ alij corion, alij chama^pitya 

r 'z^ T^ emf^ lapLm himou appellant , quoniam femen 6- 

^l/vy» f j*w*^y>X« £;)(« :T*t^/<i) dore refinam imiratur : iiircu- 

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yi&p/i« vsjT) jit jigii^^T^dAw?/-** oy '7?f tur : fubhirfuta iiliqua ^ & itt 

10 ^^sp^> ^>^'^> xfdS^^at S rotundo oblonga^hordei ma^ 

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TS-mg wijf 5 i) TS/TzuV cLTiztK^ tertianis ^ quartamsque - cuni 

tyhd.sj& ja^^dtvii^mvofij^oy-tfifi^' vino potum liberat . Semea 

mii'$^i%^^^om»iAf>ci$ l/,7o quadraginta diebus hauftum^ 

ojji^M^m^joi^ov, x^7«^y»,ct jfchiadicismedetur.Polia cunt 

cujj 'mcmipfjiav y^TztTKctilo^ femine illita^ambufta fanant. 

U^eiZZv. K^.^e. Afcyron. Gap. CLXm, 

^Q . ^ AfiF>«;poy,oi ^ i<r/ypo<^^V,of <^' A S C Y R. O N fiuc afcy-s 

ei^c^fioazuuj^y^y^f^rn) ^iU o^y roides, hyperici genus eft^ma- 

v(StKi/!^ ^)4^ Sici(^i^ov^itKci>m gnitudine diftans , fruticofiu^^ 

l/Mlpv^(^pyi^(diSi<Pc^v i^l k^m" maiores habens ramos, fut- 

ipotvty^oy 'm^(pu».oi^ KiTJ^ots* culofiores ^ rubentesque : fo, 

ctJ^ J^ ^^Kjva ^apf j£^p^v 0- iia tenuia: flores luteos, S: frti-* 

%i ^^^lp^^^y^i^v^ fnrmfyy^ Aum rcfinofum ^ hyperico no 

IvT^ Tmpf^iQr^cu oictm catA^T" abfimilem : cuius attritu digi- 

mlctTis MzTVKa^ym i^kqilo u fere cruentantur ^ qua d# 

iticPiomfzoy )t^H<^. Uoie!i ^ caufa androfa^mon vocaucre. 

tk]» k^^ 'Trfk t^dijks^ ^o^i Vfus feminis ad ifchiadicos^p^:^ 

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nam biliofa recremeta amplif- ot-^^ ^^ ^\4<h xi^ia mi>,ij 

fimc detrahit : fed afiidue da- mw%^^ ii aiJiyaj p^S ^;)tS'^ 

re oportet , donec fanitati re- ct? vydL^m^^m^i^ x^ n:^s Tivoi^ 

ftimantur . lUinitur & ambu- ^tk o^crAfic^wV. 
ftis efficaciter. Jliei AvJ^f^oTzu^u^ 

Androfemum • - Ke^, ^oy\ f 

Cap. CLXXIIL ^ AvJ^qomfiQv^oVj J^ovuii<Uht^ 

Androfemon ab hyperico^ ol '$ j^ ^^70 S.ir/M^ov ^K^cn^Jju'^ 

afcyroque ditfert, qubd fhiti- ^sf^ J^ VS \^iKov)y ^ ijxy^. 

cet ramulis lurculofis^ac te- fov ^w^o^ m M-^^oy^^^o^^^p^v^ 

nuibus; rubetibusvirgis:&fo- yufdJHi^' * vn^otyry^jSpo^ -ru p^^ 

liis rut^ 3 triplo aut quadruplo CJicx, • <pv>Xa tti-Tr^KdLmom % tu 10 

maioribus^qu^ trita vinofb fuc '^n-TrKctsnoyu r myi^z^ k fi(pUv^ 

co mananttcomplureis alas ha ^t^ ohdJap^hh kfpiTtc^^fMt^xa^^ 

hct in cacumine ^ vtrinque ex- <^' '^^(^ *t3h^o t^ £V^;c/)&> TSTwp» 

panfas, pinnatasqj; circa quas^ (m04a4y^ at ov^KidL my^a^ 

flores pufilli^ lutei : & in caly, ^/Kivol" i^p^^ is yJxuHi^o^uoto^ 

culis feme papaueris nigri^ in- '^'^ s^Katr^ mmvo$^mv^ y^ ^ 

figne lineis.Huius comse tri- Td^upo^.a^ciTeiip^aztJ^^xjo* 

tse refinofum odorem reddut. ^*^y fnvvdJ^ Ic^Ujj hmJiStdot, 

Semen tritum drachmis dua- ^^ rov-rov y^^p^ x^o^- Jhd^t 

bus potum^ biliofa alui excre- < ^^J^ 'Trobei^^S.yei ^KeiJyi /J^ 

meta pellittifchiadicis maxime "^ia^^.pamvei Ji fJuiKim l^i- 

medetur : fed a purgatione a- J^^^MJipt^Td liv mba^mv S- ^P 

quam exorbere oportet. Her- <^7o^ cmj^otpHv.K^ TrvexJcgjiJTtt 

ba ambuftis illita medetur^ vul c/^ » ^TriaL ngrrct^TrKct^eicm, Id.-m^ 

neribusianguinemcohibet. x^cSf/^lm^, 

Cons. Cap.CLXXnn. w.,. ^;aV ^^ ^^J 

Coris^quod aliqui hype- Kovm^^vn.ovX^^ipTm^^-^mov^ 
ricon vocant , frutex eft folio 7^^'? ^eiKn^yUacpoTi^v'^ it) ku 
eric^5 rubro^pinguiore^ac mi- wpfiJ-ngoy i^ Ifi^Sfoy, biiJM^ Jt 
nore^non altior dodrante^fiia- '297 Gm%cLWw?^<Jj<^yuii^Ji^iwtJi 
uiSj odoratuSj acris. Potum fe- ^ ou^Ar. Toyroy ^^e^^^ '37770 
men menfes trahit , & vrin as: ]>h^> ^^ ^ v^n:Ayduiia S,-^ 
contra iSo»d« 


j^^^Acu (^aK<irfytoj^'KTnti y U cotra plialangioru morfiis, if- 

c^fzStxj^l^ 'n }icu l^mS^T^vrms chiadicos ^ & opifthotonicos 

enw otva> ^mi^ha^* m^ji =/V ex vino potu auxilio eft:horro 

p/>» mw ^im^ei^ am M ribus ex piperc^fed opifthoro- 

hno!^7oviM ^ ^^y" nicis cx oleo ^ aptifiime illini- 

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xwcft- tur/edlaboranteinterpotan- 

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f y^ ^ cet : fiquidem corpus totu dc- 

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Koxjjpov J^S<775 k^^vmy ]micUf* Cap, CLXV. 

%vol^Coi(iffjJ^fi'nh'^cc%^ii<m, A I V G A herba in ter^ 

cm iX^ vmw^Tor (^uT^ct o' '^:;<P ^^ repens : incuruse fimilis : fo- 

o^ici ke^^eocp ^zf S, xe^^^ liis femperuiui minoris , mul- 

35 <k 7ro>X% ^ Ktmtf^dTifcc iy Jtt^ to tenuioribus, hirfiitis & pin- 

tncc-^TTtJiu^k ^ T^xy 3t^*<;l^»^503'- guioribus^ circum ramos den, 

/^ t^VTzt mioot^ (S^ hiTrlk fis 3 odore pinus : flore tenui, 

fw?x/yflfi>5 K^i(^yi^a^ '^ ca^ yj^ luteo y vel candido : radice ci~ 

exa* TcivTii^ -m (^uK^xU ^m^a chorij . Foha feptem diebus in 

fA^ ory» Irm ■^uipa^ ^^JKiifov ^- vino pota , regio morbo me- 

%o ^^^'TTcvei cm ii fAj^dJhc. &gpa£- dentur: & quadraginta diebus 

mvei fub" vJ^o^}j7o^ mvom- ^x hydromelite^ifchiadicos la- 

vccJiJhTOi i) yiwnyJi^ Z) Juaov nant ; dantur peculiariter vri- 

^m i^ v^fi^nxjHi )SiG>i^^^lov ns difficultatibuSj iocineris5& 

^Tttx, gpo<p\ifj^Qi$,'^m'^ Jihj" renum vitiis : torminofis pro* 

T?i Xj o\ i9 ^^}tkeidL tS 'mvnm-i fiint.Et apud Heracleam Pon- 

3.5 hi (WTiJirc^ cr§o^ kmflov.^Tro-n- ticam^perinde atque antidoto 

^oylsr TD cc^pi-J^fAa, yjrrzfTTAi^T-- contra aconitu vtuntur^bibea 

ci^Tzu 5 Tfh T^ ^pifyiiSpcL^ t^s decodum.Ad antedida il- 

^©/T&jy AAvfS^m ^k^pi-^" iinitur ^ cum polenta iure dc- 

f^?j 7?^ '7W(f4*KidM^^ Ji (Fujj coCti fubafta : trita infarinam 

irJm^ z^ ctvii y^TciTriivovJtJb^ & cum fico iu pilulis fumpta, 

^^Hi Bii) aluum 


^luum emollit: excepta melle^ 
cii a?ris fquama & refina deij-* 
eifappofira ex melle,vulua? vi- 
tia extrahitrmammanim duri- 
tiasdifcutit; vulnera glutinat: 
vlcera qu^ ferpunt^ cuni mel- 
le illita^cohibet. 

Aiuga altera. 

Alterum efl; genus aiugse^cu 

bitalibus ramis , in anchor^ 

Ipeciem incuruatis , pr^tenui- 

bus 5 coma fupradid:^ : flore 

candido : iemine nigro : h^c 

etiam pinum redolet. Tertia 

mas nominatur ^paruula ^ fo- 

li^exilibus, albis^ pilofis^ cau- 

l^ afpero , candido:lutcis flof- 

f^s y femine iuxta alas. Refi- 

pit 8c hxc pinqm . H^ dua^ 

vimfuperioris obtinet^ 

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Kcioy^ %p^V (pv»,iejia K^Trfa^Kiv-^j^ 
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icorctM^Kiec /:^Kiyci* cmp/udvof 

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OyjzilJj QV70> is^.X/TJmV» '^^ 






jaS n£PI TAHS 

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T6) OVTT '^ TlSi' >Jmt^m i&3- 

Klqpoy 70 ^5t^»/4t'i>y ^'^p^jTifo- 

. C^p/jXe^ 7^-375^^ fCdfJm>Ol ^iiwU 

^<5 X^T^v t^vtTtt M^njlv rd^^ois to 
if-vj^^^S :^ //«^oyc6,T5J?iWy^y^ 
XflC luut/^a^^KayJ,stfjUiidL S^^uiy 

3if &) o^ T ;£styASy gye^; t^ em^f^a 

Titc Ttt 0'J^flfi JW (5i/M.eroy7ix^ |i*- 
faiviv.cav l<^ Xa -^ ^KHm^^yim' 

^' TtViS^Kif^Tdih *7rfO<T/.h^m 



Anaiiarbei de mediciaaii ma 

I^. ^tUio Su€pione[i interfrete^ 

Ribus antelibris, 
ainatilsime Aree, 
tradidimus odora 
reSjVnguenta, animalia ^ fru- 
menta^ olera ^ rad^ces^ fuccos, 
herbas , feminaque . In hoc 
autem quarto difieremus de 
radicibus , & cis qu^e reftant 

Betonica, Cap. T. 

Ceftron pfycotrophon vo- 
citatur^ quoniam frigidis locis 
inueniatur . Latini betonicam 
appeIIant.Herba eft^caulem fe 
rens tenuem^cubiti altitudine, 
aut maiorem, quadratum: fo- 
lia quercus^molIia^Ionga,in 
ambitu diuifa^ odorata ^ pro^ 
pe radicem maiora; in fum- 
mis caulibus ^ femen veluti fa- 
tureiae fpicatum ineft . Decer- 
ptahuiusfolia ficcantur^ plu- 
rimos ad vfus . Radicibus niti- 
tur^vt veratrijtenuibus. Qus 
ex hydromelite in potu, pitui. 
tofam vomitionem euocant, 
B iiij f oUa 


l^oEa dari debcntruptis^couul iwvSi(^v»^m J^^om^^ii 
fis mulieribus vuluae malo o- am0yi.cL^ f^iy/LiAnra^ vj). /©^^ 
portunis, & ad laxandos vteri W oj? i^^^d e^a^a^^^^ miyi^ 
ftrangulatus ^ denarij pondere i^ceix^^ < i^^oKm h^fo^.^ 
cum hydromelite : trcs in vini urc^ mjQ^su^^eAoMitTtii^ M 
fextario drachm^, contra fer* hKyJi y\ fjutr omv Kjoiuxm jS^ I 
pentiu morfus ebibuntur. Her li^-m^TrKcto^^-d <h « -Twdy g>(^u 
ba magna vtilitate illatis a fer- x^ r^ ^eeocf'^--?^^ > >C5^^ -^^ 
pete vulneribus illinitunaduer tk 5*?at^^ otom mT Qi-m rm 
fus etia venena drachma ex vi- b&tatt huo^et * w ^ t?^ *zw- 
no pota couenittprffumptaeaj m^^ovMv ^KaCilii^ haCh ^a^ 
fi venenu hauriaturjnihil noce ^m ^dLoj^vt^ '^ ^htim^ lo^ 
bitrvrina ciet: aluum fubducit: zoiKui$ ts -^CtC^^yJi ' ^e^^ 
medetur comitialibus & infa- 'miiH M y^ ^^TTjct^^i^ ^- 
nisjpota cx aqua: & iocineris vo^oi? ^-d' via.rro$ ^.ivo0Hy 
lienHq- vitiiSjdrachmx ponde- x^ -^mL^nKoi^-^mhUjJtKoti H ^r 
re in aceto mulfo: coco&ione l^vufiWTo^ ^i^ktik < ct . cMm^ 
adiuuat^fiquiseafabsemagni- ^(Tst^wnii ^\ v^ 'm-i^v laJii 
. tudine fecundu coenam cum ir^ f47A rl Mmov auilui hjja- 
melle cofto deuorarit: modo ftoy fAy^bo^ y^i^^myi fz^rk tA- 
c5fimili acida rudatibus pro- Taro? iip^vo^m^ Xj l^v^ifma^ 
pinatur.Stomachicis ea madu- mM^rax^^^^ymi^ii <S)a- 
care & foccii deuorare pro- f^cs^^ i^ y^m^m-mv liv ^- 
deritjfi poftea dilutu vinii for- ^ov, 4t' imlkf^aS oTm ^ay^a^ 2,0 
beatur.Datur fanguine excrea fj^oriiJhwo ^ ^^'^^oivJt^- 
tibus^tribus obolis^cu diluti vi- ohm rcJL^Uuv yuc-A vj^i^ro^ 
ni egelidi cyatho : ifchiadicis^ yjud^vho^ys.huiirtiJhi^^^i^a^ 
renum & vefica^ doloribus^ ex Jjnm^ 7? ^-^* vMr^^ y^ vi^tr- 
aqua : aqu^ intercutem binis 'nyJi^ 'k^ vMqiv kh-pvm * vS^^t^»^ 
drachmis ex hydromclite^fi fe 'T^m^ ^ < ^. ^^•S-' vJ^foaihi' 2.5 
bricitat:fin aliter^ex mulfo: re- ro^ Trvfio^^imrkTWfiTot^ t^ 
gio morbo laborates recrcait, ohovuhirf * hrseim^ T5 ni^^ 
menfes pellit , drachmse pon- 01«^, yjjt ysjt^i^ci^ ^y^ ohv^ 
dere cum vino p ota:aluu pur- < i» fur^ otvou mvQM})'yj>thid^ 
gant drachmx quatuor pota?, Ji < S''./m^<m^y^^es^'^ 


vi'^^(il^mi yjii^v <^V- in hydromelitis decem qra^ 
mim-l^ ^^ ^^irt^wW^y^'''^' this, facit cum melle ad ta - 
jo^i^^^^Tzi^KiTs^^dyTnJ-nSrt-S^x bcm & purulentam execrea- 
^lM^<^i>'^^iT^e^i'^^ ^ tionem.roliaficcatritaque fi- 
^^iuq> h/yeia). aili vafe reconduntur. 

5 n^iBf£7EUP/x?i-. ¥.i(p, 0. Britanic3. Cap. Cap.IL 
l^^^i-miim 3 ^i^oynuH, 'T^u £- Britanica aut vetonica, fo- 

c^^£5£ '^ oVcvTtt cJ&Tnyiv<7Bi* ftringentia; radicem tenuem 
y^hh Jihimv ol ykyiJi ' fi- & breuem : caulem paruum 

?P 'Cdv K^7?lLui % ^e^^oj^* :x^>^' emittit . Foliis exprimiturfuc- 
^irm ^ djj-m^^^ ^uhKdLyy.cu cus.qujigni autfole cogitur. 
^ ^hJq> % Twei ovgpimT^. Au- Vim habet adftringentem,pri- 
va^yJ^ i^ 9J^iy.liJj IcAW uatim depafcentibus oris & 
a^fj^ovfftvj^$i^afso/ua- tonfillarumvlceribusaccom- 
7i Kcu m^ex^pu^oiivo^.^.^mm modatam.Valet etiam ad re- 

l^J\ jtcd ^9^ -ri KOLT^ tmL 5^- liqua , quibus adftridione eft 

U})Aun^^H. Ki(p. y\ Lyfimachia. Cap. III. 

Kucn^yiov^ol S\ hvpv y^^ Lyfimachia^quam aliqui ly- 

}So7^y^Kz$ him -myycum? % tron appellant^ caules emittit 

% Ix^^oyti^^UT?^^^ BKt.wtdM'y cubitales altioresve , frutico - 

^^ %v Tm^i ^-pvm^-i (^ihKm u- fos^ tenues, prodeuntibus ge- 

57?Sj^ Iztpicyi^ Tm^^WKmm loi^ niculatim f oliis^tcnuibus, fali- 

*^^^ii^ci^-^<;u^ovTmv^TiAyiU(ri* cis figura^guftu adftringetib*: 

2ySo^ TTi/ppcv % ^ven>iHi. (^ii^ flore rufo, aut aureo: gignitur 

^; \hihm 7c^/^.2j m^-d y- in aquofis & paluftribus . Po- 

Jb(.'7tt.A&ujoliMo^Ko^r(pi!K liorum fuccus adftringete fua 

7^,Km9^iy^i^m-in^i cayimo^ vi fanguinis reieftionem fijp- 

kvct')^^^ i^Jbmi^^ict^ ^^ primitjdyfentericispotui da- 

Kcu tyxxvcwLcc ' fiotwT^ yjjjcu^ tur^aut infunditur : menfium 

Xftfoy %m<nvi^ 'm^^nrj> z^ ^^ abundantiam fiftit ^ in peffa : 

w PJ6 ijmr4%m eu^Y^scyia^ fanguinis profluuio fubuenir, 

iy^^^.m^'A p mx if^tio^ei, finareseahcrba obturentur: 

*es7 vulnerum 


vulneram cruorem coIiibet:a- £57 M x^ ^caj/Mmzi k^ %«/- 
-cerrimum nidor^m fuffita red ptor^fMcib^iJ^ J% J^qifjLiiTnrcv 
Aittqm de caufa ferpentes fu- t^ w y^worS^ Ti ^ IpmT» 
gatj & mufcas interficit, J^dxm ^ kj/£« ki7m%rumv*> 

Sanguinaria/eu poly^ rL^^^TroKvpvaa^^pm^* 

gonum. Cap. IIIL Kt^* <fi\ ^ 

POLYGONVM mas UoKu^j^voif di}h v^a Vgt 

ramos habet tenercs &cxi- '/Kmii^t^v^ X£7z?oi)^ -Tf yps - 
ies^copiofoSjgeniculis cindosj ^^vro>Kovi -p^cm ^tXHKAii^ 
quiperterram^vtgramen^re- ju^W > ep-TrcvTa^ cm -n!^ y^i 
puntifoliarutsejfedmolliora Z^*mf t^^^Gngis * ^irKdi ^\ m^ 
longioraque:feminefabom- ywou o^tUyo/meiyS^^e^A^iQ 
Bibusfoliis turgcfccnte : vnde S% x^yw/ mf %y^^v (^vKKov • 
marem appellari vo!unt : fios c3^y Jtstf hf'^'^ y^KHrm* om^s 
cicandidus,aiitpumceus, Vis cA&Ks^w » (pomicotu:'. /^Lujjd^ 
epoti fucci eft , Ipiflrare ac re- f^vJ% %^t gwPipiUu-, ^"jycn^ 
frigerare ; prodeft cruent^ ex ^iW h p^yKcs- ^mvGf^o^ • k^^^* 
crcationi, choler^^alui fluxio- ^« <ti cu^^oim^^Kcu t^T^ ^- „ 
aibuSj&vrinajftiJlicidio^nam ^KjotKtaj/ ^iu^oj -^ ^K^e/xm^ 
vrinam apertp cict.Cum vino t5 kcu qiu^-^/yoveiZojv , X>« -^ 
potus^contraferpentiu mor- w^Zvafy^^^^Qa^Ka/^ejto^ 
fus auxiliatur 3 daturque in fe- J^^lKTot^ (ur oivovmvoiSpoi-i^ 
Bribus per horam ante figm- ^nes^^^J^^ ^ ^S^ ^'p^ 
ficationes: foeminarum pro- w cmKr^^Gia^ Kci,uCdUf^fi4'io 
fluuia impofitu fiftit : idem fuc yo^ . I^m t^ Si fotlu yjojcu* 
cus purulentis auribus inftilla- k^ov ^9e5«V, yigj ^V ^y-mA 
tur.Facit eximie ad genitalium ^di; acu Trvofpoiu^ i^^^i^pof 
vlcera^cum vino>adiefto mel- dL^ydl&t . (nwi-i^^^Ji, oivi^ ^ 
lcjdccodus . Stomachiferuo- yh^ mo^^Ka&^v -, ^.^0^ nrotu 
ri 3 fanguinis reieftionlbus^vl- *!^^ 7* l^ miom^ %>:m • v^ %% 
ceribus qu^ ierpunt^ ^g^^^- *TdL^Kio:^w '^ 7^ ^yMct ^sj^V 
bus facris^coUedio nib**^ soua^v Xy^^ m-t kou auyu&^ioi 
tumoribus, & rece- kvdLy^-^) Y.cu%^m^^i%vm7A^ 

tibus vulneribus fo Kdmi^ acu ^uyyuova^-^i^ oitS^/* 

|ia illinuntur . fiaTc&A^TfcLij^T^^ii^ipsiTa* 


np rioxy^ya Sm^fifi?^» Sangamariafoemina* 

Ke(?>. I. Cap. V. 

TTo^y;^yoi' ^^^ 5«ttt?/oy )S?^ Sanguiaaria foemina fruri- 

fi6yoxxmovy7fv<p^e)v^Kg:Kei^^' cat vno caule , arundini tene- 

Jif^^varFti ffwjif)^ 'i^v e>;c«- ro^fimili, denfis geniculi$,& ia 

\^(jSpci k».iKoi^ &i^^ crimf^ r fe tubarum modo fardis : ar- 

X) ^ lU^ -pvcmi t/3 ^iiiCKu^ \\- ticulos in orbem cingunt api- 

o;^? 'mw?',<^v>XdLejLOL^ \otm<24. ccs^ foliolis picea? fimiles.Radi 

p^ak;^£iii'0yf) Tm^ -m* v- cis nullus vfiis : nafcitur in ri- 

la.tih(n. ^aLavuy J^l %^ go- guis. Huic quoq; ipiflandi re- 

-^i-mv^-i^^^vyjAV^^Kf-pi djora, frigeradique natura^ad eadem 

|0 Tw ^^ ojJr Iv f^ ct^K5^§oy. valens,fed inefficacior. 

uyi^TnKvyimrii, Kg^. /. Palygonatum. Cap. V L 

UoKv^vuTov ^vtrau a/ opiffi^ Polygonatum nafcitur in 

^wifoi' imtm -m-^^tn^i • (pv)0\(t motibus/rutice cubito aldo- 

'i^v ti/Md ^^4n^ fssKdLrvr^ff^ re:foliis lauri,latioribus3& te- 

}i i^ KioTie^^yi.vim^^ ouom uioribus/apore mali cotonei, 

J5 ri fJt^Kta yjiStivicp S po/S> /<J' ^- aut punicijCum quadam adftri 

-4«6)/ ^ <i^c;CiKKi^it£0 l/J,<X' ftionetflores p fingulos folio- 

w J% lK(punv r^v (^vKKm 2?2rJt nim exortus promit^candidos^ 

^syj£gtjT6) ^Ki^ -K^^^vrtt r foliis numeroGores^incepta a 

^vK^Kcdv r kex^m h/zi ^ ft?yi^ radice fupputatione : radicem 

yvo,(Spii*}\taM o" K^mv-^ ^KtL- habet albam, moUem, logam^ 

^^itMVy ^xfdu^^^TizKv^vccToy^ JiL^ crebro geniculatam, denfam, 

treica^^^afvomoVi^^i i^^ftv^m graueolentem,digitum crafsi- 

^K^mK^^^T^iicm^^^r^ciVLUL tudine sequatem: qua^ vulneri* 

ra y^rcfTTKctostf/^pitv^y Si i^ bus efficaciter illinitur.Quin- 

£077^0 w T^ ov 'anf«<W75). etiam m aculas in facie delet. 

Z^KK,u^v\ol'^Jkpoi^,^ol'i Clematis. - Cap. VIL 

^vpoiJ^i^^ ol A 'Tnhvpvoi^^ CLEMATISHVMI 

^g^^cn.^ut^ u/ hj^^^otc^nJiiJUL ferpit 5 Iseto > pinguiquc folo 

^'j*(')fP,^Kpkot7ny^vi£'T0 7ic& proucnit ^ viticulas Ipargens 

f)(0^^7drziKov'$ (i^HfoVyMpi^llA crafsitudine iunci exiguas: 

p(i^r^7t^^v'^rn^oUy foUo lauri figura. & colorc^ 
f^yf^T^c^v muItQ 


multo minora , Ea cum cauli- ui-Aforie^v J^^Tn»^^. Ww 

businAdno pota^ alui proflu- 7^ (p^JKXa kcu 01 }(^kqi auh 

uia & dyfenterias fedant: fub- cnyc^ mox^it^J^cc^oiuf k^ c/V- 

dita in peffo cum lade & ro^ (nmeid; W^ • ju^.Ttt -^^hcc^ 

faceo^ aut cyprino> cruciatib» ztdst J% kcu '^oSivov % w^hov 

vulu^e medentur.DoIores de- ^ ^mo^^^^^i^ySpdL^ v<A^i % 

tium commanducata finit:im- ^vo:^ ^^^Tnvei • W« J% ic^ 

pofita ferpentium morfibus , oJovTtay ^yov^ JteitJucosnfS^ . 

iuuamentumpr3eftat.Ferture- ^nbHytcu^ejoJywmi cmTt^ 

tiam contra afpidum idus cx ^fjSpyi.l^^Hw J\Ka^"ctamJb* 

aceto pota opitulari. Gignitur jiKroi^ mroloi^ mvodilyi^ 

interrenis. b^v.(pi'tw J% ^ ^^a^i^. ^^ 
Polemonia. Cap. VHL TL^fi UoK^^yU. Ki^V* 
Polemoniam alij pM^teria, XlouiJLmioy:, 01 J% (piK^^ 

Cappadoces chiliodynamin eiovyjf^^T^^Jhyj^fAj^KioJu^ 

appeUantjramis exilibus^vtrin- yutuy y^Kovm^ ytxmU i;^ u- 

quepinnatis:foIiispaulog[ru- '^P^a. -n^^miBpcL* (pihKa Jl 

taemaioribuSjaclongioribuSj ohiyi^^ ^Htoy&^ mydM^hmim~\^ 

calaminth:^ aut faguinaria? ^ Kjme^ Jl ^o^ 7^^ ^ 'TrvKv^J-^ 

ximis^ quibus in fummis velut yov 5 tw> n^KcLmy^^ , W 2- 

corymbi dependent^nigro fe- y^ov J\ hj-my m^ yJpvpLCot^ 

mine:radice cubitalijalbicate^ at o7f am^tjLA /iuKai^ • p/^c^ ^- 

radicul^ fimili:nafcitur in mo ^cua ^ -imKivico^y %iA^ifyi^ ^ir 

tofis & afperis. Bibitur in vino 37« • (pviw a> l^ol^ ksu f^ci' % (^ 

radix contra ferpentes & dy- ^jj7 Tom^ . Tuvtv^ j5 ft^cc ot'- 

fenteriam , & ^ aqua aduer- ytw at oly^ ^^ ^^Ja kcu 

fusvrinsedifficultatcm, &CO- Jbcnmelcuf^ Jhcntveica^ li kcu 

xendicum cruciatus.Daturex ^c^iJ^ yS vJa.-muauKhjjiyj^ti 

aceto drachm^p6dereIieno- J\yuiT ^iox^tcmy < L oKmy. 

fis. Eadem fcorpionis plagie al kcu ^i-T^irm » tovtov fiZa t^ 

ligatur.Tradunt^eum qui radi- ^^ cyji^^ov irK'a-)jjj, ^cjim J\ 

ce guftauerit a fcorpione non ^ 7z;7?£^ -^tyoym ku-^ 

feriri:euq;Ji iftus Ct^nihil mo ?£«) S k^v ir-h^yrpm /uAtJiy 77«- 

leftipafTurum. Dentium dolo- ^y ^Tmdei J\ kcu oJhm^yW 

remmanfamitigat. Jn^^o^so^-^ 

K£«?. 6'* Cap. IX. , 

%vu(^v7^y 97S7?^ov'<?^2w <Jif Sympliyton petreon^ id eft 
cT^Tf fltis-, xX6>v/flC J'^ ?;^ oai>;fit alus^nafcitur i petris/axnis te- 
cetyi^Cft^^Ki^^i riupiMu &% i>^ nuibus, paruis, origano fimilij 
^ ^juov^TO ^ oKo^ '^$i |t^x5c^^ bus:capitulis thymi : furculofu 
;^^Scr6^,>\Lij«^f^?TjJxJ totum^odoratum^guftu dulce, 
cei^yt^ 'miAhov ^sresy^^^^^^y- faliuam ciens: longa radice> 
^ct^c^''?;)^ /w^xffit^^vffi^-^r^p^y- fubrufa , digitali crafsitudine. 
^v-^o(7o^ Mktvkov m^^.TcvTo Deco Au in aqua mulfa & po 
i4^^^Y aujj fimxfirco ?Jl ^^ tu pulmonis vitia purgat: fan- 
10 ^f iyfii/^Wp^ T^ ^z'- ^sy^- *guinem reiicietibus, & renum 
•^ormToi^^^ it';i^6<?7^;ca} malis, ex aqua datur : ad dy- 
n<^^tvKjo7^ <ruM vMt7 JiJbw fenteriam, rubraque foemina-i 
ffwj on'et> ^Vt-iM^if m^m^ rumprofluuia^in vino deco- 
^avm^m^^ifi foujj yuujiuzeioy ftum:ad conuulfa verb & ru- 
hv^oy' <yujj l^uuhaTt fi ^^ pta ex aceto mulfo bibitur . 
15 am<Tix(L^ tgx ^iymrd. yjl £- Quin & commanducatum fi- 
J>4<jy 'Q;i iici^ommoh^^ tim fedat> faucibus afperis {nh 
fd^H i^ m^ S^ely')^^'^ T^a')^'^' uenit y vulnera recentia ente- 
m*icjo}^'S,}uuv^^(d'TtiKcuam'- rocelasque conglutinatj & 
fioiM.cif^cimKpa,7ei ^c^-^-Aof^r- iUku cohibet.Carijes au- 
cofjSpoy^ }y -m Kpiet J% ^uTiiTJi tem cu fymphy to de- 
2,0 ^•^A'oL<nuf axj7o7^, co(9:3?coaIefcunt • 

np*2y^«(?'JTif av.sj. Symphytum alterum. 

K2f>. L Cap. X. 

'^pL^vToy A>^o^olA.7ni- Eft & alterumfymphyton^ 

KToy }(cUiKoy kyUm ii^Myijaloy quod aliqui pedon vocant: id 

S yicu fA£i^ovct^Kjov(pov , m.x^-i caulem emittit bicubitale, aur 

15 yovioeij^^mly oncnTi^H ook^v^ maiore^craffum^ leue^angulo- 

^ Si^ ovK ojc. usy^hm Jiu^n-* fum,vt fonchi inane: circa que 

(z^7o>yy (py^Xfld Mcriccy ^yk^ v- breui interuacante fpatio ^ fo- 

vrouiim is^i t^ t£ ^ovyK^asM'' lia exeut angufta, buglojQTo ^p- 

l|o;^s' ^\ t^ o}(^hk7:ai^ xima,obI6ga,hirfuta:caulele- 

76« 5^yicf^ Ttyk^ TST^.tA^V • ciidu angulos quofda ftriato: 

^vy^m foliis 


fbliis tenmbus cx alanim finu (^in.m h^^^m ^ctimy-i k^ 

prodeuntibus^in quibus flores hjsni^ ^iac^kt^^ h"^ ems? 

lutei^&circacaulemvelutver fMthivn k^ actfni^ ^ Tiyyj^j^ 

bafci femina emicant.Ta cau- Koy m ^ho/jaivJoKoff J^ h ^xos- 

lis quam folia^ajperalanugine ^ -m (pin.ciiyei '^ouj^ -vW^ac 

horrent^ taduque pruritu co- yjm^vsr^ liu^ azt^^t^^ vji/h i 

citant : radices demittuntur fo <^h IwTn^touS^Taji^ia o u<mim 

ris nigr^Jpjintus candid^^vifco- ilwj/^ Qm(^d.miUf ^xo/vcu^ 

ixx quariim eft vfus , Trit^ & h^o^^v ^uv^ ^ yhi%^cu*%v 

potae cruentis excreationibus^ ^ » /tS^<^^* Tioil&(n h Ket^fj, ot- 

ruptisque proficiunt : recentia iio^c/2 cd^^^oiyJi^ ^ ?^M^r 

vulnera illitas conglutinant: 'ncusi^i^vio^edTAKa^^c^my^' \o 

carnes quoque \ fi concoqua- 'rtmKdL6si^iu* y^ tu xptu J% 

tur^cogunt addita? : inflam- muir^of^cu mwi-pim* insrvA^ 

mationibuSjpraefertim fe^ nrKi^m^m cT^ ©^V (^Xiyt^vAs 

dis^cum fenecionis fo- filhigt ^ i^ JcLzrjKi&^ oj^^m- 

iiis,vtihter illinfitur. ^^ f^^ru eii aX6ij ^et-^esvTo^^ 

Holoftium. * Cap. XI. n^/ Om^«. Kr^- d. ^ 

Holoftion herba eftpufiUa, OKkm^^ma^Q^ i^-z^k \^ 

Iribus quatuorve digitisiuper- y^^ oi>s TdSy JhK-wKm n TSoszt- 

eminens extra terra^ foliis vi- § m.^u>^ u Ji %^ ksu yJk^fiai^ 

tiliculisqj coronopo aut gra- zomoini<h Tm^^TrKma ^% i- 

mini proximis, guftu adftrigen ')^dgBi^gv^tHd4'iZ<^ ^^ atpiJ^^ 
tib5*:radicealba,pr5etenuivfq; xst^W fi>^ Te^^yKivictiu tS io 

incapillamentifpecie^longitu MS^yO^iiXis J^iLioKm nosd^ 

dine quatuor digitoru : nafcit fm' <piiw i^ ^xc0o/r.Aa/;<:e- 

in collib^ terrenis.Vfus eius ad w ^\ m ^um yjtU ffuviyif 

Tupta,ivino potfrna & carnes cuu^fMn:, Jt^^ ©e?^ fiy^TA 

cogutur, decodionib^ addita. ffuxjovm^m-nlirm* 

Stoebe, Cap. XII. U^^i^^iGu Ks^ ^. ^ 

Stoebe vulgaris eft notitisercu- Stb/S»- IV o KOfi^s jy -d (pvK- 

ius fenie & folia ftringut:qua- Kct gvt^si^t^^v £» Jvmvrei&xn 7» 

propterdecoftu dyfentericis k^pi-^^d^^ku-roSy ^kw*\yy><^ 

infundif: auribus quoq; purule t^w <^e jcj «^ Z^ Tnfo^otw-^ 

tis inflillatur. lUita folia oculis Tdiy^T^^Kcc^vnr^ '^ ^^^-'^ 

riBER iiiL ^ m 

&m\H cSfxtml^p^y^f^y 'A^ ^ i<i« crueris jpfufit^& erfipe 

^^Kno^^-,'^ cuuo^ct'j4d4^ It^^* tis fanguinis impetus cohibet. 

rr«eiKKy4«V Ks^. '>• Clymenum/ Cap. XIIL 

KKy,«%^sj' ;^xoy cLvim ^n^i Clymenum caulem fert fa- 

*^yovjmmroi ^ri mi^t^'0vh ba?^ quadratum : foEa planta- 

^Kd J^ ''^> T^ '^ kfvoyX0o:sou^ ginis , folliculis fupra caulerti 
f^\iux J% %yet im ffi x^Kcu in fefe inflcxfe , vt in iride , &: 
^^ ^^4Kct, viuovTrt y micoTTf, 7et - p olyp orum cirrhis . ProbatiC- 
J> ;(5u 'TroKvTTDJh^ ^uxT^fJ^cuu fimum eft e monribus . E fru- 
^a^v Ji T^lfiHm * XvKi^iw tice toto cum radice faccus 
J%tKov iru/j TTT pi^ij. 'TTOiH J% exprimitur,qui ad faguinis re- 
yjKo^ '^^ iicfjtaTo^ hfcLyayj^ ieiiliones, in potu efficax eft : 
miA>o^ • m KciKtsLyjivf ^ x.cu coeliacos , rubraque foemina- 
jouZ l^v^hcvc^mitcdr^^jp^v' rum profluuia, refrigcrando 
Im^^^et J% }^ W cA^fjojym^m infraenat : fanguinem naribus^ 
€u^}far}ias, li Ji (pvKKa K^u erumpentem fcpprimit . Trita * 
%7^^jKiyjci7o7syi07fd7oi^U foHa, aut fiKqua^ recentibus- 

i^ mn^^a^ m^m^ Ittovk^ vulner&us impofitsPj ea ad ci- 
<FimQ^}y^. catricem perducunt. 

U})^m;f^ov. Periclymenum. 

K&?i. iJl\ Cap. XII IL 

n^yjKv.tj^oy ^tjLnazo^ l-- Periclymenon^fimplexfrir-: 
^v A'zrKov$-,t^y oib J)£t^i/iua- ticat^ex interuallis parua folm 
10 i&y <pvKKie4u iik^^K^oTtt hu^ fcabens , ipfum ampkftentia, 
w > 'imK&vj(^ ^ 3ao:^S , Koi fubcandida , hederacea : rnter 
fm£^ Ttt ^v^^^ct i^CKciTia^s* foliafiirculiexeuntjinquibusr 
t^ * %v Kctf^i^ Ki ^Tm^irtJi baccae^h edcne fimiles ; fl os fa- 
9iordi'^^*K^KoyyyMd.jLu^ s/^^s- bf cadiduSjaEquantu rotudus^ 
li$^\^gpoyyvKoy^oloyei cmyM- 3c quafi in foKu procumbens: 

i^lSmov tS ^y ^X^ • }(0>^-^y (r/.Kih' femen duru^ & quod diftlcile 
e)y Kcu Jb^cj^flzya^y • f i^fiU'* euellatunradice rotuda, craC- ^ 
'Bcf^djf ^^gp». spygTza oy*k- fa, Naftitur in aruis ac fepib*> 
ejvfcuixgi (p^ccy^7^» ^iKir" conuolues fe adminiculis, pro 
nw Ji mffm^(ni^oun b£- ptcr afsidentibus . Semen eius 
^oiu ^livmlKOfmmwes^ poftquam ematuruit coUedu, 

i>r oscoaiDis 

Srinvmbra Cccatu^fidrach- av}^&^^Z} ^ttes^v^f^ m^l 
raajpoderedeturinvino^qua- 'mnw pm-r oiyov < L oAziSy 
dragenis diebus ^ lienem abfu- im -Ayk^i f/.i^emKhZa Tiiti^ 
iBit^lafsitudincm difcutit : fed x^ K07n>vhvHyK) l^^motdjf eix^u 
vrinam ci^t, ftatim a fexto die >Ji k^ Kt/y^y*ov£^ 'iyet hmi ^ 
cruentam • Orthopnoe^j & %>msviiA^^ai(A^^Sit.%^ d% ^ 
fingultuiprodeftrpartum ac- y.ou ojHPTixioyy^hjThxjJiiy 
celerat . Folia fiznt eifdem vi- 72^ ^v»,a itiuapu^ %y^ viuk^$ 
ribus prajdita^ quse tricenis fe- ^^'.cTrSlyTw^K^' k-pni^ /f5p«- 
ptenis diebus cpota^ fterilitate -wj.'mim*k'KH^oldpdL ii yu^r 
facerc produtur : perun dis ex \h.fuou Im t^v ^octiySy , w 
olcOjfebriumalgores abigut. (^fiyjo.mgGUT^w^ j^ 

Tnbulus. Cap. XV. n^} Te^i^cAii. Ks^. A. 

T R I B V L I genus vnum TeiCoKo^ ySp y^^^oiaJ;^ 
terreftre^foliisad effigiepor- S^^iy^A -ri^vhXct loiYj^yM^i' 
tulacs^tenuioribus, viticulis n^^SiyJirri^YXifJLciT^ y^t^ 
in terra ftratis:lpinis fccundum yas igpcddpUy-^ (is>S^ kuTol^ 2- 
folia rigidis^ pr^duris: iuxta y^^ f^v(^w^(nLhyi^cd , (pvi-m i^ 
amnes&rudera n^fcitur.Eft ^XTm^wjT^yiM? yA o\yjjm^ 
& alterum genus, aquis fami- <hiu H57 cTe 77^ kcu tvuS"^^ 
liarCj quod in fluminibus na- 573^ m-ntuJH^ (pvo^o^ ^ zJ - 
tum coma exeritjaculcos con- m%i^^ 7^ y^uIuj^tIw Ji a^ 
dens: foliislatisj & pedicu- v^^cL-^yjcv-nlm^^^v^^i^r/rKAiici^ 
lo longo: caule parte fiim- ^^v%^vr^ fjuty^ov^xpj}^^ jt io 
ma^quam ima crafiiori^ad- l| a.y^ov myi^^uSn.07 tw ia 
funt ci & capillamenta quse- jSiSnfi . ^(r%^ S^l y.cu Tdp^^ 
dam ipicacea : femen durii^ab JV^ mvk hmTn^pvxIi-nt <;a^eich7» 
altero non abhorrens, Vter- yjLfi^ trKr^p)? ht^ yju l ^Bfrl- 
quc refrigeratis & infpiflantis e^^« A^o^ree^/ ii ^^owij^^j- 
eftnatur^:ideoinflammatio- '^unv^^m 7t w^tW OhiypcO" 2^^ 
nes omneis cataplafmate ad- y«? ys^-rzf^T-KdLap.oLrra^ cwv idKj- 
iuuatVlcerainoreerupentia^ 77 J% a.(p:^^ koj mtx^mdL^ 
putredines^ gingiuas^tonfiUas- K5" W li d^^n^rfim^Si-m-i 
que perfanat.Succ^ ex his coL kcu ^KcL^^p^invoun* ^Kt^^oy^ 
Jigitur ad oculoru medicinas. w J% y.cu^$ t* if^Ku^yJ^ 
Semen eM 

tlBER titl. ict 

I ^ itqt^jk; sjj7&t^*x?^<dm ^^- Semea ddm rcces bii)imr,cal- 
fei^y-ret^ w«^o^^^A«.<i5/e culofis iuuamentum affert* 
^e§ j^K om < L^mni^n i) K^ Drachraa tcrreftris tribuli po-* 
^^KittijoxSyiy-^^ljioSi^^t^ ta^ iJlitave, i<aos a vipera rc- 
ZmH^^m-if^^ i;^^' creat ; contra vcnena cum vi^ 
^ cnuah' fiiT otyH TOo^o?.JiT«- DO aptifiime bibitur .Dedo- 
p/ 5 ^ 4^'ax^ Tn hTrit^ytxL auj dum eius fparfum puliccs ne- 
irS faM^y^ol S% <tki m gfvui^ cat. Thraces qui ad Strymona 
Vflt 'jTOT^tjthy ^AU^y^ fM ^tf^ amnem habitat, virenti tribu- 
j/\fi>pflt'/fV'7rr^o<p3f77*r 5 ^.gfcf^V lo equos faginat, & e dulci fc- 
- x:y;t«z) oV?flc Jtj 7f o^iUjot^oTlo^Trtr minc & efculento panemjquo 
1 o ouui^^^^totjiS^oi kifSi hv c^Ttf. vefcuntur/aciunt. 

n^i hi^m. K£(p. //. Limonium. Cap. XVL 

Ah^7iov^oI SiyViue^iiJ^^* Limpnion^foliahabetbe- 

Ti yS^ (^v»,a \^ omsL J^v- tx 5 tcnuiora & longiora^ de^ 

TKtb^^mhriP^ Si i) fuutv^orc" cem^ fepe plura : caulem tc- 

^ct.^iiy^n^Kaco^yjjjy^jv wmov^ nuem^ reftum^ lilio ^qualem^ 

i^o^^^oyjdvv &^^ >tphov^}4^y' feminibus rubris fcatentem, 

'756 )idip7rou i^v^^S ^(^ovm rljuiJ qux guftata adftringunt . Se- 

^vm. AujjsiTazJi o Yji^rl^ mentritum^"& ex vino ace^ 

KHo^ cujj mtjs vri^^^ h^vCiipii tabuli m enfura p oturiij dylen- 

-arxii^o^ ctbtTiyneticovt j£j mKict' tericis coeliacisquc prodeft: rii 

i(joviJi>^iKHrfotw T yjj)cuKtioy bra foeminarum profluuia fi- 

^^ Ifv^ov l(ptgsivei]?, ^viTcu ^l o^ ftir. Nafcitur in pratis & palu- 

K€iju£^77Z^lKfi<hinTim^, ftribus . 

n^i ActyJ^TvoJb^, Ki<p. /^'* Lagopus. Gap. XVlti 

Au^iiTrii^jijjja^t^csLKit Lagopusherbafiftit aluum 

'A^yia>tKid^,'7ftv6(j}pov(tiTotvov'' invino pota;aut in febri^ex 

^'mfr TTv^iociy^y ^^Jj^to^. aqua.Eadem inguini alligatur^ 

*5 f^i-^t^ ^ H^ ^9f ^Kifuovh in infiammatione. Nafcitur ia 

^^Ccoyciiy'4v^^ J% of cEs^^nZi* lcgetibus. 

n^fMifJ?«. K£(?. //. Mediura. Cap. XVIlt 

Mii J>oy ^yfi^ If mztKmioii ri^ MEDIONi^ ^^^^^ ^ 

^tf x^7ii7f0S^ffiri^/pv}XoL opatis nafcitur : folia habct 

o^iAjietJ)* }(gjijKh TCi^X^^-* iridis: caulem tricubitalem,^ 

^^.? C Si 



& ifi e^ flbrem grandem^pur- a.y^A '^^f^pue^aJS' pjyiho, jtaJ^ 
pureum/otundu: fcmine cnu ^<pcp» * KOf^T^i^ iitKfci > lcr^csJ^ 
ciymixxatotradicem dodranta- xi?;V^* p/^ct art^ui^a, /SatzTO- 
lem^ crafsitudinc baculj, gafiu ^ e/^^ ?;^:/£7a ^d^^y gfv^yy» yi^- 
acerbo.Qu^tritainfarina^S^ o,w^<i). nrT^iyie^^^ei^ccoiikH^ 
ex mellc decoifla^ rubros me- ')^^U-^ ^ ^^a/t? I<?^ €C?' I/^- ^ 
fafoeminarii fiftit^ eclegmate -ih lm^.^^^\<>tJ^ ^r\^'^^^ 
per aliquot dies fumpto.Seme <^^7iJi cm^uct mu ciy^ T^^b^.v^ 
iavinopotum,meftruapei]it. ci^^tuuLua.» 

Epimedium. Cap. XIX, n^;£^x4i;J!fif K€^. i5'. 

Epimedium^ caulis eft non E^^u/^J^oy y^Ko^ *bp.v ou 
magn^jheder^foliisjdenisat- lAyi^^^-AA^^Tmp^-isKit^d.^ ^'Jx- 
queduodcnis^nequefiore^ne- Att?;;^^';?^^!' /. i» i0. ovrc S\ 
que fruftumfeTcns: radice te- ^-«^7^? oxm h^^A (p^et ' pi^ct^ J% 
nui:,mgra3graui odore.guftufa K^^^rica^f^Kcuvaj^^a^ioff^^i^y.v^ 
tuomafcitur in humidis. FoHa e^f^o> f^^al* c^vsto cv rom^ 
cum oleo trita^impofito cata^ vJ^^mf . Touttj^ tw ^JW^ce 
plafmate> mammas incrcfcere ^^« ^t* IxcsiorA, y^iursFT.dj^ujf 
non fim:nt.Rad2X conceptum a^^^v ^^^ 't^' ^ ctj^i^,kii^ 
adimif. Folia trita quinis dra- ^uo^^n^^i^ccK^T^ (pi}^uKCfu 
chmis^poft meftruas purgatio ^Mv7ziiifmij> fM-m ^ y^^ 
neSjquinq- dieb' in vino pota> ^%^^ < ^»^x«3t>£ Im ^^^^ 
pr^ftatmulierib^necocjpiat. Lk^n^i^^oi^r^ei. 

.Gladiolus. Cap. XX. WieJi^Bit^m. ^<> 

Xiphion.alij phalganon, Ks^ xV 

alij machosronio^Romani gla- 

dioliim^ vo cant . nomen inde H/^/oy j ci Jii^t^i^Tyi^ov^ oi 
accepitjquodfoliu gkdijpre- M^ud^^^yiov yj.xw<77y //cb 75* 
,beat ipe ciem. Iridi fimile erat^ ^ <p'j >-a 1/ 5^^, £o/;« ^ fe^- 
nifimrnus & angirftius vide- ^h^.iKwjJcv f^Sp 'tzi kcu ^ydri-- ^* 
retur^&gladij modo mucro- cpv^zcu aMo^ St^ cut^^my 
natum,neriiofumq;.ln caulem hZA^ . y^)^t <^1 kmoi ^- 
exircubitalem^Tnquopurpu- ^y^^ovy V 0^.2^5« -^rcp^i/f^) 
rei flores^io ordine digefti^ in- siyAJiv , k^^ k>^nKcdv /^£>^- 
tcr fe diftant:rotundo femine: iu^k^t^v J^ gfo^i/urfildi^ f^* 
radicibus 's^ 

^JpfjuMc/m^lTie^^i^^ radicibus geminis, vna pufij- 
fj$filw,S<r^^hCia f44Kpii* ri- lorumbulborum modo, fuper 
•7a>y » (j$p niTOi^^i^i *^y,» ^^ ^t^ram infidente ^ quarum ia^ 
a,m^h^^%^'^e0^'^'^'^ ^ f^' feriorgraciliseftjfupernavbe 
\m o? cte^ypoi^* t^m>arm ^^ rior : naicitur in aruis . Sup^- 
5 » didbtsi^i fi^* x^^w^Kit^fjS^n ripr cum thure illita^ admifto 
fjLiT oiiiH x^ KiCojf&iti^ kxiia^ yinOj Ipicula & aculeos e cor^ 
X. (koKo*m€ omccm^iaujik- pore extrahit : panos; cum Jcm 
hiii^co Si ca^m Kcu vtP^ouihm lij farina & hydromclite difcu 
J^ctp^^H ^iyi^Ktt • o^^v w tit : qua de rc huiufmodi cm- 
WiGJTzu^ i^jiiTrKi^oi^ f^yvTOi, plaftris inferi foIet.Menfes im^ 

jo d,yet A' K5" y^Ttt^ulujicc ^96- pofita trahit . Superiori radice 
^au,^cm Ji x^ k(pffoS!a7si7Pi ex vino pota^ venerem ftimu- 
IP^fjcdv i{w 'kvm-ni^ '^ilduif ffwj lari> & inferiore fumpta fte- 
mcp 'm2f€iim^iiw y^T&ji^u Jf rilefcere tradunt- Supcrio- 
kyird^mm^h oyT5£;)u*?j^Tr r rem quoq, vtiliter infan- 
mtfiotf Gxp^Ki^s ^'^M '^ ^^fi enterocclisjcfi aqua 

ij I W^» p/^^ oJ' ^t5 ^^ tiMv* porai dare pras^cipiut. 

UpXm.^-ymH. Ks©. iii. Sparganium. Cap. XXI. 

'^'TTCf^^yism (piT^ut^ hm^ Sparganion^aEg^xiphldion vo 

•7* |/(pzc/!f6>, 5^yd»7^£^< J^ j^ c7n- cat/oliahabctgladioli/edarr 

KKiyi^Be^* W' £zf « /6 «tS i^- diora, & J terra magis jpcube 

hov cd fiei G^ajt^ia ai&o KOf^» tia: in fumo caule veluti pilula^ 

^^ jiJb-m » p/^fl6 3^ 5 xc^Trir fiioJ" j^minet^i g^b^ feme.Cotra fer- 

o/y6>^eto<AJiC7B/^. petisvencnaradixcu vinoda 

npSye^c/b^. Ks$. jtiS'. tur. Xyris. Cap. XXlt 

'%veify'Ti(j^<pxin.A%')^ XYRIS, foliahabet iri- 

1eJtJio(ioiety^Kc&'rvne^Si y.^ dis, latiora^ & in cacumioe 

i^ aKpiii^iai*}(^Koy Ji oH. pti' mucronata : quorum mcdia 

<r» w ^i;>Afi)y cTupjfluo;'^ i<5tjSr caulis erumpit, fatis craHus> 

^ TiAyuji^z^p* Z KoCol 7€iytim'iy cubitalis^ ex quo filiqua^ triari- 

W* ^TzSy ai%^ 'j^p^y^air-Ti gulares dependent : in quibu^ 

Ji ov ftl^» ^oiytxjouSj ^KOfTiiff purpureus floSjin medio puni- 

Ji i» ^Xfltxioi/ Tuji^t^ o^to^^ ceus: fcmcn in folliculis/mil^ 

^oyyvho^ j If y 3por , J^eiut^ • fabis^rotundum^rubrumjacrc: 

f^<< G ij radix 


racfix loDgaj genicukta , rufe. f i^ot |J ^'Kuy^rS^^^^^di.^^} 

Contra capitis vulnerafrada^ fotj ^s^/SiTa ^s^r^ cj> m«a5 

tjue efficax eft : aculeos & fpi- ^cwpuni^. h^ y^Tztyf^a-nt^cLyi^ 

cula omnia citf a moleftia ex- ^ J^ c^oho^m^^i^^TTS* ^.KorU 

trahit^adieftafioris ^rister- mai£'w ^ hmna^ (j^^^ 

tia part€ , & radicis Ventau - ijJTA yaKmi ^bot^ ^.^s tc:- 5 

rij ac meMi$ quima : tumori- m-iX^yjt-iitweji^s^llis^ ^^o^Lk^ 

bus & collcdionib* ilUta cum ^jmTOi.^^ccmiii J^ x^ olj^^yjf^'- 

aceto medetur. Radix ex pat '^^ <pX£>^yfi£.f '/^Tzt^Kuim^ 

fobibitur^ad conuulfa^ rupta^ f^n ^rll^i^^Tnn^ Jiij <s^f 

coxendicum dolores^ftrangu- €aj^i7^sLTa/f>vf(juL7et^l^(iJeL^7^ 

lias & alui profluuia.Semea % q^ccyyiseicti*^ Sictfloia; « ^L jo 

tribus obolis potum, vri- Z,<^ ^t^- yw^oi ^^KcLap.m*l 

namvehementiusim- - J% ^ctfm^ ovfymm-m^To^ cazv 

pelUtr&cumacetOj ^iCoKoY^T^oimf oi om^riKi''^ 

lienem abfumit. x^ojxhlwacnjuiJG^ei^^^^ 

Anchufa. Cap. XXIII. np A>x«^^- ^g^ V'j| 

* AMCHVSA, qusealio Af)(pcm^tw€m}(J^vy^oi<ti^ 

comine calys , aut onoclfia oyiKKicuf. K^hScn^T^ pti^u^J^cti-^ 

"appellatur , folia habet ladu- ^ ^iJdi^ya ta o^v(pvKK^mt^^ 

cx in acumen, faftigiata , hir^ '^KisjccyJbLijhij^fct^c^^ ptkKOMd^ 

ftftaj aJpera ^ nigra^ multa^ ab vroK^k.Tm^ot^diy i fi^ii^ ^o<f 

radice quoquoverfiim humi Tn^TrKa^vm Tif >^ ky^^Jii' to 

Jparfa 5 ipinis horrida : radici » 'j pi^a Mktvkh 70 ^^^^tluj 

crasfitudo digitalis 5 qu2e aefta- ^oau^v^pcu^fjivr^^^^i-^jl^yea 

te prouenic, acmanus infi- ^ytZ} ^A^^aasiw y^&t^a^^^vi 

cit fangiiin eo co lore : I^ to fo- rru/. of Iv-^oif timf. £ 91 ^^ |i- 

lonafcitur . Radix adftrin - ^«£^?7?/^;*'5r5/3f7a^anf)^ y^^^ 

git : ad ambufta & vetera vl- tc^j/uaJcl iy mKcukthiCMyhu^i zf 

cera , ex oleo & cera eflficax 4^.«^'» x^§S ^ iKcuco'l^un7iiKit 

. eft : igoi facrp cum polenta Ta jj mjuv uK^phci) it^Tzt^Kct^H 

jTiedetur : lepris & vitiligmi- m (i^oc7n6i*x^ ix<&«> £, Kies^c 

bus illinitur ex aceto ; partiis -aujJoiiy^Tti^KctojoiJ^it^^z^^ 

extrahit ^ viiluse indita , Eius ^^n ^' i^ 'iixQpjst ii^-Ttt.am.Ti 
decoftum i\ 

LIBER Iin. to^ 

Ji i^i-Uf^ ^T^^ ^^^-Tiu y^J ^ decoaum renum vmis, liem, 
?xTi§tx^'?^3V2^p^^^'?^> «^^^'^- .&bileiutfiifisdatur;& fi fe- 
)mi^7r\)fcc^mi^ fjt&MKfcLla'^ hxis fit^ ex aqua mulfa.Siftunt 
jj ^i».ayjoihiapm(n fwr oTyou akum folia in vino pota .Ra- 
OTo'i£A><^.;^Sy5 5^ «>rr^p4^' dicepigmetari; vtuntur ad vn- 

* ' uyiAyx^^^^^^^e^^- Anchufa altera. 

Ki<f: x<A\: Cap. XXHIL^ 

Kyysv^\7ie^,U£moi^* „ Eft & altera^quam aUqui al- 
3uCdJ)rm S Svq;^kW l/ixi- „cibiadion,autpnochilesappel 
jm^.t^-m^JmxiiiV^ ^Wy larut.H?capriorediftat,quo4 
tQ7<^ ^y^o7i£^Jt^7 Ttt ^uMtfj minorahabeat foha^ fed finuli 
^ci^^S^Jiofaiwf^iy-rAiO^m modo alpera : ramulos exiles 
M^^etV TdVdjf^c rro^ipv^ei^ in quibusflos^urpureus inpu 
Ji^^im^myj^^^rli^di Ji^y- niceum vergens conlpicitur: 
bpa.s^ lAjfjimmy ^ 7QV ttO' radices rubra^^prdong^ ^ qu^ 
£$tA«f7Jx l;;^cuoar 75 oJ/^teS'- ^Befsibus fenguineum fuccum 
j^ /t^*9us7^ /j j^ iAf/^=^^ 'T^- fandunt : in ftbuiofis nafcitur. 
.TOS-. L.imdLyLi^H ijj-m^ i wu Vis ei foliisq; ineft,qu5 contra 
T <puM®y ^mJi.yjTtki? i2oj«5«V, virus cum reliquorum ferpcrl- 
lU>d9i' Ji i^^c^J^^-ATtii^^i^m^ . tium, t um m axim e vip erariim 
yfidy ifcia mo^a^ -^ r^dpili' auxUietur, fiue cibo^ fiue po- 
i^ce^ jAA^moi^ %%^ alligatu:tiam fi quit. 

^^ 7i $© Awt 'jS Si»£/oy hm^^iv^r^^ quaxn mandens^in fe ip entis os 
i/7toKTiVH hjiii . ' ^ inipuatjeum-necabit. 

npET^^^ri^x^Vitf. Anchufat^ia, 

- Ks<^ xi, ;• . .Cap. xx\r. . .. 

E^ J^' K5E* S»^» l/^£pV TDu/- B S T & alia huic haud diC- 
■ r^^^i^<i^Q H z(jf%oy%^v^ ^oi' fimilis^femine puniceo>mi-r 
^5 ymtwAv W v^ jjuiojvim^'' jiprc. Guius femen manduca- 
rvor cim>^v<T-A h^tv ^fxdt r If- ^tuni ^ fi in ferp entis fauces in- 
7ii7i,cimK7^yii.nJi f i^<£ ^- ipuatur,eaminterficict.Radix 
7?t yoow^rey ;^ Ka^ii^ chdSiS'-^ acetabuli mcnfura cum hyffo 
<%jo|i/^d<^««arxM5t>rv'i?XATOfiU' ^po &nafturtiapota,latasvca 
l^iLwy.^?^ c^mi^m» tris tineas excutir. 

np . C iij Lyco» 


• Lycopfis,quae^'& anchufa Ayxd4*^,orcD£\^ Wt^k^ Sf- 

^ nonnuUis vocatur ^ folijs la- '^vo^ iix.iKiim^^Ti i^ <^i>^a 

(ftupz 3 longioribus , ai|>eriQ - l-)^ o^iet ^iJh^iUy fmxpoTi^. 

'tibasjlatiorihusque^ crafsis^ad Jii^ vf^^Tie^ ligl^m^si x^ 

radidscaputr^cicientibusrcaji '^KaTu^T^^^m^^Smo-rtL^ Tf 

lc longo jrefto,fcabro,hir- 7?^^/^»^ zfi<?5c^^'*j^\oy cb/>»52 

futis adnarxs 3 midtis j^cubitali- ^tuty^\Q^'^y,'fuyjWi'^^^^^^ 

busifloreiniis paruo;^urpu- cftA^ l^vizt ^^^^^^sw^j^^aiti', 

rafcente::radi.cerubraj& ad- ^ct^^as^jyW Jjjtiiu^ a^^ ui' 

"jftridgente : nafcitur -in catn-» x/5o£.,':njp<pye/^by7tt*pi^'<x /fe" 'spy- 

* peftribus . Guni oleo radix il- ipk^^gv^iyji-^v^^ cjs -m SQt^. y^ ^<i 

lita j vulneribus medetur: & -m^K^o^sofjSpi» <Hpjirl\ajii i 

' curn farina hordeacea , ignib» pi^<^,f sti^Ta }a!^\j^ ^^tTnt/ 

•fecrisifudores perunfta mo- ^'^i^v(nmKitr^'-KH^o m<£>^i(P:9 

^et,adieft6 oleb. - ^ 'fSffn /^st* IXflc<« j^pSTcw wy«- 

^- Echfumi * C^ nee^E)!». Ke^ x^ 

* E C H rO N^ folia habet ^ E^ov.ot <^\4e/JW>oi /4,^-1^ 

^^raeionga^, afpera, aliquantum yjCtiJ)ciVy-7^^(pi».et t^i^ , 

'tenuia^anchiifeproxima, mi- /^jw*^ Tfu^Sa^ <sdw^ct^<sS^ 

'iTora tamen;fubrubra> & pin- 7» w )iy:)(i(jiAS-^iilom Si x^Kt 

■^guia-lpinults tenuibus horri- ^Tme^^ity^^et wnlk omz^fx^' 

"duIa:cauIiculos exiles, num e- >^ w S. t^ Matx^H t^ f y ?Afic* 

^rofos : ininutaque vtroquela-. x^KiaKi-^a.^^Tftil^i* ly^^iiq&^^^. 

tere folia^expanfi^pinnata^- ^v^^ji^-j^O^ieJtctW^k^^^ri^ 

que^nigrajn fummc^ caule bre yct^ mKm UylKcL^oyci '^ ns^^ ^o- 

.uiora : flores/fecundum foiia yiv r W^^;t^» r itgjjK^.-m. Ji 

'purpureos 5 in quibus femina '<i?^57t«£^7tt <py>Afic*^p^ypo«- 

'^capiti viperaru fimilia infimt: Siji ns^^ % aa^^^s- xjiipetKn 

"radix nigricat , digitp tenuior. ?;;^otf o(z;Qior}i^e£Jl k^t^ot^^^ ^f 

Q^^ non percuisis - modb a J^zivKiSyifTrouiKcuyet.-i 7tf « uo 

-ferpentibus ek vinp prodeftj yoy 7o7^ Ja^Herr^f \im Ipmi^-i 

Ted eos qui atitca biberimj fe- "/2o>}6« ^9e5:j« ^To/yif^i^Xot iCf 

^riri non patitur. Folia & ft- i^ <sr^wv7tt$ eLj^^KTa^ 'TnaS^ 

men idem praeftant- munus . o^im p' ^ t» <?yM« ^ Q ^- 

"" ■ Lumborum ^ ^ ' -^^. 

LIBER lUt i04 

^f*7r:co<*Ji-Zicrjtpuof^y^wz^ Lumborum dolorts Ihddit^iti 
s(^ yiKu yj^rAojTa ^uy^T omv S vino aut forbitioiiefumpta5& 

. j^(pnud7c^hii(p^s^, lacextrahit. — 

r^T.ayjJuoiJ^^i. Kitp.^ wL Ocimaftrti. Cap.xXVin. 
rix^^a^^/^V.oJ^J^ OiAm/p/j - Ocimoides,Latini*odma- 

^ <b\i}XcL. tSp \yti mJ) fMj^^ Qfxom^ ftrumvocant^foliafcrt ocimi, 
KhZm Mj^yi5d,utcuii^^ Jci^tfSr S: ramos dodratales-tiirfutos: 
^o^'^> cTe TTv^j^TfNAsi^is viKrwi- filiquas hyofcyamo fimiles/e- 
fAc^t^Kip^^ cnTiguaw /Li^oMOfy mine-j vt gith^nigro prxgnan- 
hiKovxs tuKa^^(i>.Aul^uiy J*\ tes . VimSabet fem^n in vino 
e;>f* 73 OT^^Aws wo.w^sy cj> oi^ potum ^qua viperarumcsete- 
^^ vc;):^';}4o/iiK7iiu^K^'7^a.>>.cc 'T^y rarumque ierpentium- rn.orjG- 
hTi^T^j Jhyua,Tzi ^p^muBy. bus medcatur . Datur tfchia- 
jUbw Si iyl^aJiiun^ f/jiT^ diciscum-melle^vino^myrrha^ 
ap.vpm-j^mmf.e^rYi^<A,A v^ &pipere. Radice niti.tur-te- 
m^^U-S^An^ a.^T^f. , ; nnl^Sc fuperuacua. - - -^^ 

.nS)Em». Ki(p. xS^ JBrinus. GapPxXIX. 

JS "Em^iifif^^Tm^^x^^Tti^y 2) Erinus nafcitur apud fontes 
y^hc^iy^if}h(&%:^comu£ti^^ :&fluuiios/oliisocymi/e4mi- 
^/cCv^ic^^Tispat JV ^\m%<?pLi' ^ioribus/parte fuperna.diuifi^ 
yc^\-d.%m^^y f^fiZv^KKmic!.'^ .dodrantalibus furculis quinis 
i:i^s^^^5a^cu^a^^ K%ui^\ fenkve^ore candido ^femine 
x^jiy ayA^fi£j^/^o^^ nigroparuo & acerboffplia 

io Iqs^l ^ p(j^^'%tv y^T^s y^ &caulesJadeo fuccaxurget. 
^r^ TrCmKi.l^iw o Kci^Tiis <^ . Semen' drachmis duabus ^, in 
i\*^K^^i^jii^^ isrS^m^^-rni quaruor. mellis cyathis ^ obli- 
yM^J^bo^ ^^ic^^a^Jz^f^-Tii, 09- .tum- ^^ oculorum fluxiones co- 
^^.^y l).;^/(j^of 7^<?7v.o Ji hibet. Succus cum fulphure & 
.^j^ofrXpj?9^^^^^ nitro inftillatus^auriumdolo- 

p^ ATTv^^l^-yi^^^iomiK^^Q^^^ res fedar. . 

np A.X^?y^ar. ^ K#- k\ , -Gramen. Cap.' XXX. 

Ax^57f y-XH.i^W £^^>?m- GRAMEN geniculatis 

•;2^>w.5pw7ttoOT 'f y7^^^anro ferpit ramulis^ a quibus. radi- 

r j^iS^T ^iif^<i'li{a4 yhv- ces ^argit dulces , . articulis 

jMtfsy^ycL-jtiJ^^i •-^;^>^^a?|H pr^ciuctasvfolia acuminata, 

>^ (r/A>j£^^ . " C iiij dur^, 


4ara,&rjVt arundimsp^rua? Ja- c/x^^^^Kcmti^m x^iu^m^ 
ta^incxilitatemfaftigiatur^^a- ^i^^u^^it^ov-vi^ow^y^.^icrJlyyi, 
quc iumenta & bques pafcut^ TctiTH^ ^ p/^^c '^'m,^KcL^o(Ai/n 
Trita radix iHitu vulnera con- A«^,7?^«u.uaTrt jw?^.?. 70 k k^ 
gIutinat.Deco<a:uei3in potu. (^i-^uAajuvr^ mifjS^o^^ ^i^ 
tormipibus medetur, & vrinse 5j>o>»f -^/^ i, Jhajfueldu^. iy tzJ i 
difficultatib' : calculofa; etiam <5fei ^ wiay 'sfet7?^^7tt Xi- 
V^fica? excreraeta comminuit, ^j^ ^u^h^ 

Gramen arundinaceunu npKdKauef^^dT^en^. 

Qap. XXXl. K£^ hi. 

. E S J & arundinaceum gra Kixhaua.^^mi^ fji^lm <^ 
jnej priore mukb maius^ quod ^am^-ntrii k^^^ia^.igj 'j lo 
iumenra necare traditur^prae- Tcltujm "tLw^-m Coab&f^j^t, x^ 
fertim in Babylone id quod iu fxdu^^ Z9 ^xCuhZvt nm^ r 
5^taviasnafcitqr. QM^.(^otdpn. 

<5ramen Parnafakunt np w cy wi,^vitmk^ 

. Gap. XXXII.j ;i^^9E&>r. K2<p. xjg'. 

QV Q D in Parnafo mon^ H Si^ t% 'mcvcLm' i^otj r^ 
te gignitur- denfius fruticat : ya Si^&gj^ymKvyj.o^J^n^^ '^^ 
foliis hederaceis : flore odo - (^u^^ciJ^l yjosSt^tci ^lf^-^y, 
rato, candido ;femineparuo^ ^^uvm^ sLouh,5chri(^^7n>yy 
iion inutili: radicibus quinis pcty^oVyoi}La,^i^y'li^a^ L % 
aut feni^^digitali crafiitudine, ^^Mktvkov 'm^f^Ku^yJ^^^ua^ 
xandtdis^mollibuSjrobuflis^ ac k€tyj<y yxvjceiai %t/p£^.Sy i0 
dqlcib^ Succusfiinvino cum ;i(U\o< l^|^3«V ot«> o/W ic^u ^ 
melleparij&myrrli^dimidio x/77 a:/^s7?&) kcu a^v^m L 
decoquatur; aduciaturquc pi- fua^ fA^H,7n7i(qH t^ Ha2 x/- 
peris & thuris tertia? portio- ^fiM^dJ^S t^ Td^ta^^offjutyJy 
nesj>robatiisimum erit oculo G;iydi.ei^yiff^^l^^x^irk' 
rum medicametum:id in aprea T^ih^wt^lt ^Kmwjli^. %^ 
pyxide reconditur.Decoduni toH kt^i-^m w "p^m^^^iS 
radicis idem quod berbajpr^- *sS^ k y^ hm. m ^X mfM 
ftatSemen vehemcntius vrina touW /j^i/jdS^ J^ovpimm ^ kclI 
impeUitj aluu vomitionesq; fi- iLt^my xsfi Kotxiaff jticmi ^\tt 
ftit.Natum in Cilicia gramen, kav. HMo» Ki^hJtrutfi^mijSpn^ 


tw ol cm^eiot xjYW ^^otv^ quod incokf cinna appellanf, 

yy^k S^^GibSsm^jm^i^^^^^mys^ boues inflammatjfieovireuti 

^aimk^^m. &pe pafcantur. . 

: Uiel^J^^ei-nJb^. Kitp.hy* Sideritisr Cap.XXXET, 

'S.khet7J^^9i''Si^(ixkHcti^^'7sic^ Sideritin aliqui heraclea vo* 

I '^gi ,^ii>Xci,*i^vcfa, o(iatoL tm^ cant: folia habet marnibij^ fed 

£J76> > omfmyij^^ H 's&^^ t^ longiora/atis ad fronde quer- 

rm b<iXi<^ixjctif%j^fvlfy jjuxfo^ cus aut faluia? acccdetia^mino 

rr^pa f^ m i^ 7f et^j^jV Kg^ui^ ra tamen,& a^era:caules a?di£ 

J^ knm 'n7§cLyi-^Qi4\ sm^ quadratos , dodrante altos, ac 

foauQi^ t -^ ^H^ovas^oiickeiMi' quandoq; etiam maioreSjnon 

1*^ <i T» >eyoiWj^ c7t>iw vajijczJ^oy- iniucildi guftus^aliquatumquQ 

rm' hi oTiT osc iias)/iyui^t ^creV fubftringetis:in quibus per in- 

'^Koi ^skx^ijiSf &<2^ (t^oiovy terftitia orbiculat^ vertel>r:r> 

K^ c^ cuuTU^ cmp^ l4}^'<pik vtinmarrubiOjlpcdantur, Sc 

jmJii» 'iSsmm^T^ot^ ^eloi^. ieme in eis nigrum: nafcitur in 

Auvetf^Ji i^^T^qiy^Xuy^ pctrofis Jllita folia fuapte vi^, 

^ '7^7rhciocFi(4pccy^0jf(Jm>ificoh' vulnerafinc inflamauonisp^- 

^^/M ^ kc^Kry/JkfToy* jiculo iungunr. 

nfiei^ET^^ri^i^Jii- V Siderids altera. 

c/S^r. K«<^,^/. ^ ; Cap. XXXUIE 

. AM» ffuhaT^r K>.eom ^^yp Altera fideritis binum cubi- 
Jiji^s^Kir^Toi^ i^».a Ji om toru ramuIis,cxiIibus-ibIio fili- 
^ t^3&^ f^AKfZvyt^tct Tot^ i i^i cis,numerofo,vtrinqj per oras 
eiJb^ycocpo^Jlfm^^^k Ix^Ti^&h diuifo: pediculo logo^prodeu- 
S*7> <&t 5' T a^mifctf ^^hZvy tibus e fummo alaru finu fur- 
dWTO^yW^ fzaxpct^ yK^a^-i t<sr culiSjlongis^tcnuibust capitulo 
ItJif » ofsufoHMi^MA^^Av l;^u- ia cacumine orbiculato, aJpc- 
<m$ "^a-^ajffytif Si em^^o^h ro^in quo fcmen continetur^^ 
%^o^<jiiTki^gfo^/yv>Jme9y J^i^ bcta? rotudius aUquantb^ac du 
^Aknf^TipovJumf^^ $ JCf wnc rius.Huius vis/oliorumquc^^d 
1d?7 i) w ^«M«y Tf ay^TJJcj!» vulnera^pra^cipua eft, 
Uiei Eai^ini-^ejivJh^*. Sidcritis tertia. 

- Kap.^ XL ^ Cap. XXXV. 

Bmiy iTSffiC m^ Kty^^^ffiJ^f^ Sidcritin aliam cjTi? tradunr^ 
^t^lwK^ " quam 


jqnim Crateuas heracleam vo tj^^ Iw^y auiiv Kfixrni(X4 ^pdL 
cat^m materiis5&: vincis nafce- xKs^dM y^eiy(^vo^tw cv -tdL 
tem^ foliis ab vna radice mul' ^t^ ;^ kumxc^oDf^X^vmi ^J^- 
tiSjCoriadro fimilibus^ circa co xa cro^^i amfua^ '^t(n$ oicoicc 
liculosdodrantalesjtenerosj^ w^emft^ ^^ v^^Km^ am^m- 
ueSjfiibcadidos atq^ fubrubicii iaras^\m%s^7^i^%^Qt?^ -Njsnjxsv-^ 
dosrflorepuniceo^paruo^gu- m^ia>ipivbim * di'^ ^ (pom-^ 
ftanti amarOj & ieto, Huius ea x^utxpk^ycm^i^ mKe^..yKL 
vis eft, vt quaniiis recenti vul- ^a ^ kcu twjth^ » Jhuaui^ l^ 
neri impofita, fanguinem fiip- iwTJ^t^oVy ;icoU»77Jwi ^au^i 
primat. i^noT^umt'. 

Achillea. Gap.XXXVL T\fi Kyin.A'^. - lo 

Achillea^ quibufda Achillea Kso, a/. 

fideritisj dodratales aut maio- K^^^p^m^ ^ vs^uZm -nm y^cu 
res gcritfcapQSjfuforu effigie^ ^bjj dL^^hKBm ajJ\ieTvvM^^<^ 
minutulis foliis circudatos^ cx p<iCJia, can^fztcuu % /.ai ijh^ 
.obliquo crebrias habetibus in- {4)^ katcjQmH^^ koz ^au^ 
<ifiiras iedionibus^ coriandro ^ py^^voLe/^ ^^i'^*^ > ojt ^Ka-j^ 
fimilibus^fiibfuluo colore len^ yQV ofTOfuAs t^vni '7rvyjal\ 
tis^odore multo^ n o infu aui^ve ^^^^^^cpi^» mei&i > <sm7Tu^^, , 
rum medicato: 'vmbella in ca- yu^p^ciL , 'TriKic^ci , Jz kvS^y 
cumine rotun<Ia,floribus can- (pa^iJULm^A J^It^u) Imluu-mi 
didis [purpureis] & auru semu Jioy W AJtepv ^iei<P'^fi^xcti% 
latib^:prouemtl5tofolo.Trita KivyJ kcu '^uhtorni' ^JeT^u ao 
coma fanguinolm glutinat^& ^^ih>y^m m^Kt^u* '^cu rovTou 
ab inflamatidnii periculo tue- ^ yS^/a xc4«£ ^i/^cu^y "Q^ jcahr 
tuneriipentefanguineinhibet^ KavyJi^ x4 k^pKiypmw^ gu^ 
- & crueta vuluj jpfluuia in vel- -^y?^^ '^ mavyJi > kcu t4^ 
lerc. Decoifio quoqiie infidet c>/. ^^fct^ c^^e^^7Zf>,}Lca ^t^j 
fcemin^efluxionevulu^labo^ k^i-J^f^ <^l ojjt^-^ 'G^v lyyj-t^ 
rantes.Ad dyfenteria bibirur* .^^cc fokcu^* -mwTsi J% kcu 

Rubus. Cap.XXXVU. <sasJhenvTieia^.^ 

Rubus^notitijvulgaris.Vim . U^BiLtou. Ks^.x^'. 

habet ficcandi^ & adftringen- Biro^, tw yv^<rAOfjSp . r^- 

, di: capillaru tingit , Ramorum 9« W |>»£^iv^" q^^^^.^^^^f/* 

dcco-. ^^ 

.: LIBER IIIL to6 

*ji<fCa.^i'^uii -m-i axpiuSys>v decoftum^potu aluuiiftitj& 

&At7^>', icoo<icLif *i^^ "^vofji^ovy J^ f cernin aru profluuia: prefteris 

fouIjl7n;)^yM)ajiCHi^v^^^n~ morfuaccomodatifsimu.Gin- 

^e.^^ JV?>i«^>7J hJ^rci. xpasTy- giuas firmant, & oris vitijs fo- 

yei M K^ oZku iy Sp^ct^ iyi^i lia comanducata medetur^co- 

< J)aua,ojiaSpu -ra (puy^cty% ?p- hibentque illita^vlccra qua? fer 

^1*705 l^^h ^ ^^C^'^ T^x^ oy punt. Vlceribus in capite ma- 

xe^ciM ycf^^Tnvei^ y^ cip^\- natibus,oculifq;procidcntibus 

/u^v (^t^-TTicocmif /^Lcfu Kov^Kci^ rcmedio {niit^Sc codylomatis, 

jiArtt^yJl'cumy^i<k4 ysrm- Sc h^morrhoidibus folia illi- 

•TXfiic^/W^fiCTtt <pt>xx«e.x,c/^ $D- nuntur.Cardiacis,& ftomachi 

jo ijuf^yjlv Ji xgly^%<hum'i khcl doloribus, trita cSuenieter im 

cmtJ^pSpAo^ uj^^ei. l a yoKoi ponuntur.GauIes cii foKis tua 

wjj^s oiL^hiCivrmv T^y }(gjjKm d uu tur, exprimiturque foccus^ 

7J1 nx^/ <^iKkm , cvgfcx^^^ c» »- mox fole cogitur^fingulari re-. 

Km^9>%^^v mfi ^^mi^ T^ «^ medio, cotra omnia qua? mo- 

^^f^dur^'^ y_^p!zv hmo^Kbs db di(3:afunt.Mori inrtibo na 

l^ ^wH^uh^T^i 'nK^oif H^ -T^ 5D fcetis, quamoptimematuri iuc 

^n/s ofuo^H* 'hA(7t J% Kj icct- cus^ad oris mcdicameta coue- 

^isu' l^oa^o^ uici>$ TiizrH^o^y nit:fiftitur aluus pra?maturi ci-. 

JC5« -7^ du^^^ {H iju-nf^ rrp^y «^V bo^nec no florc in vino poto. 

'clfva^^yjniKicij/l!^^. -, Rubus-Id^us. 

risei iJ^cis $dL7W. Cap. XXX VIIL 

JO Ks^. Kip Id^i^srubus appellatus eft^ 

'Bim )JcucL <^-x»^. >tA> Jik quo nia copiofus in I^ proue- 

^ m^^lul oj> T^ / J^ii '^y^^rcu. nit.Eft aute loge tcnerior prio- 

i^ JiA^TiztKCimpci^T^ 'f <3^ re^ac minoribus fpinis horres/ 

hj79^^ ky^bcn,^ fuxfdi^i^vazu quanqua & fine fpinis imienia 

<f^jjctw ^iH-Tri kuT^ TVi ^ ku" tur Jufupcr cadem prf ftat^qup 

2575V, i/i^nkAo^vJiTuauT^icw^ fupradidus. Oeterum floscii 

^f mw fjAKt-n xwSiVjcf ^\- melle oculorum colleftioni- 

^}l£^ ipuy^veui ^^iotxf.-. bus commodilsime illinitur,& 

m^aa^^x^lqunTdKciTctcrSiv- ignem facrum extinguit : fto- 

yun*(^tAitytyJii ^n ym^ ^jictms machicisque ex aqqa biben- 

ojTOTT^ c/^^cToTW. . d^sdatur. 

nseiEA- Hc3- 


nierBx^im. K^.K^\ Hdxine. Cap. XXXIX. 

BxfiV»?;;(«(pi5>^«£?f^fl/i«x^«r- Hekine cognometo cifram- 

ffto^^Ki^rlomJiyKou HXmU /^- pelos^fQliis*eftheders^mino- 

xpa, ^vrHyJu^u q-m>v ap tv^ ribus: ramulis exilibus, quibus 

^t.<^itrnu ifi I9 (^^ytm^ nsu copleditur quodcuq; contige 

AfjLTro^m iy oirG>* AujLium Ji rit adminiculu. Nafcitur in fe- ^ 

%^ ^^i>^m oy^?df ^tio^ pibus,vinetis3&fegetibus.Po- 

§^QS}^mwxx>t}d(i^> liorii fuccus potu deiicitaluil. 

neeiJBKCTW. Ks^. ^* Elatine. Cap. XL. 

Emvvht^^ (pvTXai^ t- Elatine. folia habet helxina?, 

fjUita. tS ix|iy>f> ^^inp^ Jt i^ minora, rotundiora,pilofa: te- 

^yyvKome^ > Atcrs^ • yJKmd4 nuibus & dodrantalibus ramu 10 

wil(^ii',m^yuajtm L « f^i^ lis, quinis fenifve ^ a radice fo- 

7?:? pi^it^ytpuTO^m TD^f^a^-^u^vm liofis^guftu adftringctibus.Na- 

&v T? }^v0Bi. (^uiTtu oy t^Tti^ xfiu fcitur in fegctibus & cultis.O- 

-TpWc/^ l^yMTjfjuiti. AutJiifziy Ji culoru fiuxionibus, & inflam- 

i;^ 7si(pv>Xei y^^TVL^Kcaiojui^pct mationibus auxiliatur/oliis cn 

cnw ttX(pim^y<^Kiyf^voy7as ksu polenta tritis, & impofitis. Ea^ i^ 

pufjutti^oy^Qig ^^£Xf5V l$9<^- dem coda forbitlonis yfu dy-- 

^ :^ l^j^ St^iTO c/^ W po^fiv/^jj fentQriam fiftit. 

neei.Ei^wm. K%//oL Eupatonum. Cap.XLT. 

B^Tra -m^ov croac '^ (p^vyLifd Eup atorium^ fruticofa her- 

J^f^fdLCJbya^aipi^iiffzt^ajfyKi- ba eft^vnicum efferens cau-^,© 

'^Vy^vKdJ^^q^^v^fW^cuvdJ^yiy-- lem ^ lignofiim , nigricantem^ 

J^tffvy^7m^cudif%i^lj£i(oya*(p7jK redum, tenuem, hirfutum^cu- 

ha Ji c^ J^cigi/i^7tiiyyl^ap(,hfcc bitalcm , interdum ampliores 

jdaKt<^mv ^^ L^i^f iitxe foliis per interualla quinque- 

vstxhWjtJj; ^ WTzt^yJsXjiS ^gfcy- foUj , aut cannabis potius fi- 

yiSia^f^>Xoy totKjo-Ttt^i^hrm milibus , quinquepartito aut 1 J 

Ji \s!JOfUK(U^cc ^tvoetj&^ || ot- amplius diuifis , nigricantibus, 

x^tfv i/rra^^ii • <zEr(^w£6 /4 & ipfis per ambitum ferratis: 

<i^m^vKAiy diMo ^ar y^K6^ femen medio caule erumpit^ 

\m>Jaffu^^ j£5^7w ymv/ii^ 0^ /ju pilofum ^ deorfum ipeftans ^ 

^mf t^^jiok oy%^ |»$^^y. quod ficcatu veftibus inh^eret, 

T«y-r Cca- 

LIBER III 1: x©7 

Contntahuius folia^Srcu fuil- Hctxtn^ ^ (^i».ci furk g^tm^ 
lo adipe impofitajvlcerib^ quj ^t^H^v mMtav -khcl zmT^" 
eerc cicatrice trahuntjmeden- tw, -d J^jm^TTtvxa^m rm xhyJ^if 
tur.Herba & feme in vino po- Jatzu . td </■& mA^yiA sccu^ '^^ec 
tu dyfenteria , iocineris vitiis, mr' omv ^mi^ct^ Junyne^ 
^&ferpetii5idibusIiberat.Nec icoii kcu IpmToSr.Tot^ a<pihei. 
defunt^qui aberrates argemo^ tmt 70^7^0; k^fXimdM hj^t^ 
ne hanc appellarint^cii tamen erwj ^KoMyi^.m^^liie^ y4 ^S^ 
lange alia fitjVti expofiiimus. cn^ ymM^aySp. 

Quinquefolium. . UieiUrjTaipij^AOv. 

Cap. XLII. ^ Ke^. /4''' 

10 Quinquefoliii ramulos fert Uivv^^pvKKoy yjSr/a^ ^ipi ^p- 
feftucanim fimilitudinc, te- (poHMs^KtT^i^yam^ct^cua^^^lo 
nues 3 dodrantaks , in quibus idv y^imr <pv>Ka t^^^^hiyJ-^ 
femen : folia mentha? , quina -m i:h>6aucf> ^ TrivT^ y^^^lyj.^? 
fingulis pediculis ^ raro plura^ fzc^v 5 ^roayiW Ji 'tt^ TrKeiova^ 
in ambitu ferrata : florem ex yJiCKec^v l^a^iycL ^m^i^* 
jj candido pallefceritem, auri ^- cti^Ssr o toy^oK^yjii-.y^^f^^S^u 
mulum^ Nafcitur in riguis ^ & ^v^ j <^ £?y/^oir T^wr^ 'Trap 
aquariis dudibus. Subrubram oy^-mi^ftljiM 5 '^:sc« <drvbfovy^ 
habet radicem, oblongamjVe- 'Tn^^mr^m^^^j-rifcu^ hMCopi ,wt- 
ratro nigrocrafsiorem. Pluri- Kojfo^lki '^Mi;>g»^^. Ayyst^ 
mis pollet remediisJus radicis 5' t^ *? f i^»^ i^l4*5 w^ ^;^/ ^^ir» 
to decofta? ad tertias , fi in ore ^i^-ntCiCciMv h tS I4«V^, oJbv 
contineatur, dentium dolores T^ya^ Tttujiv Acc/^Slit^pov \\ 
fedat: putrida oris vkera, col- iS ^^71* ;^ <PA7n/oyai -tk) l^ 
lutione fiftit : arterix fcabri- TS^ucin Jia-ooj^of/^ov 'i^Acr.* 
tias> gargarizatu kuigat: con- x^ Tfa^T^ms ofviem ct^ctyis* 
tra alui profluuia^ & dy fente- yx^i^oaJpov c7apa/j«3*^^V '^'^ 
»5 rias auxiliatur : item articulo- . f eoyc7 x^ Sva-rmelct ^n^' af^ 
rum coxendicumque cruciati- ^avxm^ ^n yj^ l^ccS^yJi^ *m\ i^ 
bus potum.Co Aa in acet03&; ^V^y. ^"^ 5 ci c|« kmcl /^tu.^ 
jllita^ ferpentia vlcera cohibet: '7rKaLoso^iiiS^'?rA'wiA'myet*<^dL'- 
ftrumas, tumores, duririas^ab- ^o§£T;;^/ci/ot^5<rx^.»f/c£,%o'V^'it«4* 
fcefliis & collediones difcutit 7«, ayeyfw3?^cc7a> hmrAUdjrcu 
ignes V^- 



sgncs {acrcs, rcduuias, condy- ^Latmhormy '^^puykiu <J/ M^ 

lomata ^ pforaf^ue fanat • Te- xtz^M) > kxI Jcoy^^^uATst^ kcu 

nerae radicis fuccuSjContra io- -i^^^.^lai-m^ o &% ^xc^ ri^ fU 

cin eri s^pul monum q-^vitia pro- ^nf a<?7« xw^ y '7n>m *wes^ ta «^ w- 

deft:item aduerium venena. 'TiztrtKoiTritivuovi-mi^^K^ ^a, 

Cum hy dromelite autem , vcl ^imyun* tu i\ t^ij»^ a ^hma % 

diluto vino, & piperis exigpo^ kcu ^b^ vS^^auAKiToi ^ omv jc^- 

bibunturfolia^contrafebrium jcfctcfSpov zcu ^^Tn^i&^ Ihi^v 

circuituSjin quartana quidem, ^^ <[kMi<h i^ ^ om t^ nrot -75- 

quaternum ramulorumdn ter- Ta^mov , *noja!^m yxmadm 

tiana verb, ternum ; in quoti- ^v>^a^ hm H w^ov ^a^y^i^ 

diana^vnius. Ea quoque fo- ^m Jil^au^e^/ovlvc^., kpiyeiJi 10 

lia^ tricenis pota diebus^comi- kou cmhyi-^a^ mvoL^ct ^" ^m 

tialibus profunt. Foliorum fuc £^s K.vyd^ei A x.cu 'iKT^e^y 

cns^ tribus cyathis aliquot dies Tzt^cd^ ^kos t^v ^v».cd^ ^o- 

potuSj celerrime regio morbo 3?}<r cm nvas «/^p«^ wmKui'' 

medetur. lUita cum melle & btov^Kyi^c.Tfctv^uctT^^Ti'^ cv- 

fale^tam vulneribus quam fi- ex-^/^-oj; fJt^^" ^m k^ ^KtTn^ y^- 

ftulis remedio funt: enteroce^ Ta^^KctTJo^^u }2w ^ov^ /e 

licis auxilium pra^ftant, Qnin- kcu t^7se;JcitAr;w7ir , kcucu^}^ 

quefoliu fanguinis profluuia ^ctyici^^l^rm mo^o^ 'acu -/^-7^^ 

& potu & illitu fiftit. Ad expia whctocsii^ov : 'liw^iTax Ji kcu 

tiones, caftimonias^ & incan- ^s y^^^t^i^ k^ cu^uc^aya^ 

tamentainciditur. KcukyHos. to 

Phoenix. Cap.XLIIL THei^omyji^. Ki{p.jAy\ 
Phoenix folia habet hordci^ ^om|> ol Si latm^ol f^iky^^ 

fed breuiora, & anguftiora^ wm^Ttlp^^^v^.cii^^^etou^ictxft 

fpicam loHo fimilcm: calamos ^-^^^fctyori^cL S^ -^ (;^vG>w^ct^^ 

digitorumfenum^radiciaduo yuv Si\u(pi^'^ tI^ cu^ciriiKojiai ii 

lutos:fcptenaso£tonalveipi- tlciScL^TvK^s yMKt^^T}!^ ?^^^*ij ij 

cas . In aruis tedisque recen- <;^;^^ C' ^ ^*^^^'^ '^ ^^ ct^y- 

ter illitis nafcitur . Harum vi- po^f >^ c^ tuv <pcy^'f tuv v^oy^* 

riucompos^vtinvinoauftero Tay^t<^v> ^uZuuiv Si^-)^ 'Tn-^ 

pota^aluiprofluuium^&ema- vou^ov oi' oiva^ augiffff> y J>jif^ 

nantem vulua fanguine fiftatj '^ofUi^il^cuu^^ct^ci^TlK.^^^a^ 
winx ^ 

IIBEK IirL. . ic8 

^ovfm ^Kmy^ (^o^dii Ig^if.t^^ vrinx impetus infenet . Sunt 

f ^U57 M-nvi^ ^ \%cumi hj-dm qiii adalligata in puniceo vel- 

mdut '6v<him.ovi^kh (^Qiyim \^^ lcre &fufpenfam,fanguineni 

ei(i> i) ^^ii-PilotSpluj, fupprimereprodant. 

mel iS^caa^ p/{>»r. K^^, /x<K, lAx^ radir. Cap. XLIIII, 

^ l<f'£u:tf!^cc,l^utwpmA'm^-j\ Idxa? radici folia font ea 

hcimy^"mf cuj-mJ^i a>^%}jyji^ qu^ rufco: circum ca veluti 

/imcu -Trcduy^mv^ll %v H^^i cul- exigui capreoli funt, in quibus 

^i • T^vts ^ fi^u gv^im <j(pL fios . Radix fpiffandi naturanx 

^^^^o^^^au £©* Sy ^zAlfefijr e^ habet , his conueniens quibus 

^cHcu^vi-m 3' i) :?jfpr yj^iKm adftridionc- opus eft . Pota ^ 

jo ?^M^^ ^^ ^^^ y^^y-^oy^ £U' citam aluum: menfe$quej&:' 

^fldytoM Ti 'TTaam /bjcTj, omnem abundantiam fangui* 

n£ec Pi?c/lf:£^ pi^jj^. nis fiftir, : 

K£(?. j/i Rhodia radk. 

Po Jifii p/^<:i •)P/;y2 w W iW^;c6- Cap. XLV. 

^nchiorAv^a K^g^^ToovfpoTipsc ^ Gignitur Rhodia radix in M a 
2j ^ a^d^ho^ JQjb)v ov tS J>cijS- cedonja , cofto fimilis , leuior, 
-vbi opmi^ofai imi6'm. t^m^y^A ingquabilis-.qu^ contrita rofis^ 
^,u5v^ 5' c^ 7?Sy /^o^£d?v;i>cti^- redolet . Vtilrfsima capitrs d^»- 
'Twy ffLu) ^oJi-^tblhiyi KiTn^iQm' loribus, fi madefada fronti & 
Ti^.f/^Prii^llAC^i^f^^yi ^T^- temporibus cum rofaceimo- 
vTZ') K^ y^oTzitpot^. mentoimponatur^ 

xa neei W^izsi.V/fir. K.^. ^/. Equifetum. Cap.XLVI. 

J^TTtveti (pv^na of limc I- Equifetum in riguis & fcro- 
^oJ^pot^i^ Tztip^otr }(^xicc%^t bibus naicitur ; caulicufi pro, 
iuva.y'^v^^ciyV'mfi^a^<;^^ia.y deunt inanes, geniculati , in 
^ncm iiHKyif^fhity iu77i<pvyJ- ie far<9:i , rubefccntes Jeniter 
w «V ii>^iiKa^ ^ /i tfiyTz^t ^;. fcabri , diiri , & iiincea circa 
15 y^A (pvKKex: TTvyjfk^Kf^d. ecj^e^ cos folia^ crebra^ exilia . In fii-. 
7UX Ji Hf V'>\/>^ cd/ciCMm^ am biime attollitur ^ vicinos ar- 
TA Tmi^KBi^vSpa ^Ki;)^ Z} y^TA^ bonim caudices fcandens^ob- 
iL^nmS.ivj ^iu^/Jpyt yJueu^ uolutumque dependet , co^ 
'srohKi^f fj^Kcwoj^ y^^^hr' mk multis\, nigris^vt equo- 
c^v QVfLji^cL I^KeiJ^^y triwL rum cauda:radix lignofa dura. 
'Z-pjTiii^ Vi« 


Vis herb^ Ipiflare rquare fin- Sti/t^/jc» J% i mm^t^v c ^j^yxo^. 
guine n^ribus enimpcnte inc* mm^ (U^\\ar^a4 'mm W ^ 
cus ipfe fiftitrprodeft dyfente- im^ii^m^i^ JbffzmeAo; 6>(^^h. 
ricis in vino potns: vrinam cit* ^mm^o^ fu% (ym*mGiSi oS^ 
Sanguinolenta vulnera gluti- £^-. 7a Si (pvn.a, heu/Mt rfccj- 
nantur triris foliis,&*i]litis.Ra- fjuilu ;a>?^2 KetoL l7n73zLodf/^cu f 
dix cii fua herba tuisimjOrtho- ^ <^ fi^et 2^ h^u ^o^unTi x^ 
pnoeam^ruptaque adiuuat. Fo l^hmvoiims ^ ^^yeyudL-nsui ki^n^ 
liis in aqua potis , diflediones y^^l^f^-m J^ x» ^-nf^ J)cu^L 
veficx & mteiHnorum ^ ente- cr&fr ;^ ;6t^9&fi>r ihaxjomv^ ^ ci^- 
rocet^4>^^ vnumcoalcfcere, ^^iLhJuf (rjLuiyei^^T^ <^u>^ct 
cogiq; fcruntun ^mo^d.lsvJit^, iq. 

Equifetum alterum. Yit^ E^ii^^ i^-Travex- 

Cap* XLVIL c/b^. Ki^.u(\ 

Alteru cqmfetum caulis eft l^^TrcvejLi hi^ vJ^yun? c^ 
reduSj ^qualis, cubito maior, Jicmyui^v i^vast C^^i^^a^ 
inanistcomisper intcmalla bre yji KivxjSiTi^s yj^ ^jiJstKctm-n^^ 
uioribu$3CadidioribuSj& mol- ^as^ » n^ ^ hjr^ h^cuf^au mw if 
lioribus . Id cum aceto tritum o|« T^etviimTzi lUw 'Aj^ auiiiit 
vulneribus remedio eft^ea- %yiovaiLJiwa.m^. 
demquefungiturfacultate. me> K^zx^y jSflf^/x^ir* 

Coccuminfeftorium* Kg^. y.k 

Cap. XLVin. KovMi ^di^ bituoi '^ 

Coccu quo infcdores vtun /wxpo^ (p^vyn/dJii^ % ^(TUiv- ^o 
tur, frutcx cft furculofus^ par- 'Tztt ol Kjomit w^ (pam > oTrtvi^ 
tius, cui grana ccu letcs adhae- c/AJKi-p^iit (nwA^yinx . iei- 
ret^qn^ eledacogcrutur.Opti ^ Ji *^^y '^ yiMVctTim x^ » 
miigigniturinGalatiaj& Ar- kpf/SptaxM ^ Itthta ^ of k(n^- 
menia^deindeAfia^&Cilicia: x^ -^ zfKkeiQ^^l^^^rn J^^a^ 
vltimuexomnibusHilpanicu. mv n Zv lesmvidL. AaJafziy Jl^f 
Vis huic i^iiTandi • yulneribus, %^ ^JTTjuduj ^k^uilovcm Ttetj- 
ncruifqsprfcifis^coucnieterex ^(n vjl nv^mf r^dinGiy hSd 
aceto tritum illinitur.Nafcitur ^rk o^ot^ mrcL;rKc£c>sTi^yi » 
quoq; in Cilicia^c qucrcubus, y'mr£U Jl w oy xjKivict <i r& 
cochlearu cxiliu fimilitudine, J^tciv ou&m yji-^^hict uiyja>^ 
quod ^ 

LIBER III t. lop 

Uicar^hyu^^yji^T^^f^' q«od illius regionis muliercs 

^ a,i^^.^uw xjQMv y^ovm^ ore legunt,& coccil vocitant. 

melTt^yoij. Ks^./xS'. Tragium. Cap.XLlX. 

^^ayc^v <P'J'^7ru xjW ^ /^«t/j Tragiu nafcitur in Creta tan 

^'7;), 1;^ J^ T^' ^y>Afi£ %V; 0- tu infula^ letifco femine^ folio^ 

j ^/fi£, JtjW pi^J^:^ jy TO y^f- & ramis fimile^ fingulis tamen 

crc'A 'fxii-ifon^^ Ji TTuiTtZy (pi^H ^ninorib^/uccus ei ladeus^gu- 

Ji onv KofJLfXH Tmj^ryJim^ mi non difsimilis.Semen/oIia, 

TfisvVif^ ^ (^urhdL K^ ^cs^pTc^ ;^ lachrymaq;,illiiu ipicula e cor 

70 Mkc^ov yJluTThci^J^a, (^v pore eiiciunt : omnia Quoque 

on>(pyimauv,7zu (TAOKOTn^ ^ W corpori impa Aa,euocant:po- 

lOT^s-Ttt Wii^^^J-t^ofld . 'TTjyoi^oL ta ftranguri^ medcntur^ calcu 

^ ^dLY/oveJoj/ }Sw.x^ hi- losveucsfrangunt^menfestra 

^i^ ri^ at hJj^ ^vT^ei , ^ Kunt.Modus in fumptione eft, 

y^Ttf.fxLhidL a)« . MuCmf^-m drachma vna. Fama eft fylue- 

^iGKvJiiv < L (pca^ <H x^ W ftres capras fagittis confoiTas^ 

kyAOj; £a>^? 7t)^fc^5^W i^vi- eiusherbaepabulo ipiculaex- 

15 f^^oK^ tIu) n;imf^ i/^CkVKtiv cutere, 

WfiCiwJ^^. Tragium alterum. 

jflee^ st».!Jt; 7?c«^'oy. Cap. L. 

Ks^. v". Eft & alterum tragium^quod 

i:^.ytov 'i>\o 7» ^ (pii».c& tr.agoceros aliqui vocant, fo- 

%'^ oujoici (TjLohomvJ^ficp y pi^ctsf lia ic olopendrij habet3& ^adi- 

^^ A MTilluj 5 KiuKlui^ imt^irVA^ cem fylueftris raphani ^ t enue, 

ihojf ^u^ctvo) kyeid. * H 'n> iSo»- candidam ; quam crudam vel 

SneT iumrimSk G>fMi 7^ y^ coftam effe dyfentericis pro- 

e?>^^ l^o^cj^V-zje^Cci?^ « c/^ ;;^ deft - Folia autumno ^ hirci vi- 

Tat '•^'*& ^djyo-^TjypGy 71* «pzJ^XfiC rus olent: exinde fibi tragij no 

cf i^y Sfi^ai^y • Ss*y jc^a mouiA' men adoptauit . Prouenic in 

* r 5«/ T^iyov, montibuSj& pr^cipitiis. 

Uiei 'X^'pu K£<p. vL Tragum. Cap. L I. 

T^^^^fjOi cJ^^^zop^oy, of <re, Eft etia herba tragos^qua ali- 

^k-^or^pv^ Tm^ ^h^iiTln yiA qui fc orpio aut tragano vocat: 

/jgtt, bummi^ om yv\^^ Irm^ maxime in maritimis nafcens, 

ju>> J ^fs4^6m can^u^^ n yLH- p almum alta aut amplior/ru- 

^w, D ticofa. 


tkofa , humllK^ oblonga ^ fine {fi>v, <pvM ^ cT^^s cJ;: %^ 5 c^ /1 

foliis 5 pufiilis circa ramos aci- rSy xKiJ^v ^,9(r/.eiv^m o;cm 

nis, rufis, mulds^ magnitudine ^iyci ^k^cu ^ TTu^ai^ ^^Tk jwl- 

tritici^ acuro cacumine ^ guftu yc^i 7rv^$v , l^eicu W AzefVy 

multum adftringente. Race- wlkkcu Kiay yiiau^ai gw^i^ 

morum acini decem ex vino y^^Toimvh y^^^^cf cd^ ^diyi^^ 

poti^ coeliacisj ^' foeminis flu- tttjt^ Qw orj^ 'Trc^tm ^ xjOiXiec^ 

xione vulu^e ] ab orantibus^au- Koi/f 5^ kou for/J^ yuvcuaoL^ cod^u 

xiliantur. Tunduntur a plerif- My^/y . \mi i^ yJis^TXiV^^ <u>^ 

que ^ & in paftillos digefti afl rh^aM awKA-Tiovin ^o^tr/^oi^ c-.^ 

feruantur^quibus vtuntur cum knii^^mji i^ outoh ^Zvw* 
opus eft. s ^ / ^^ ^^ 

luncus. Gap.LII. n.£.2;^w. Ki^.vC. 

lunci duo gencf a: vnu l^uis 2;^^va^ imjTt.v ^ocrcy Sjbu tJ 

nominati^akerum acutijqui in iJ^p ^i hmi K^etw ^vos Aaci^ 

mucronem faftigiatur . Cuius ttd J^^I^v^vq^ a^ttv^is W aK^ov^ 

etiamduo aisignanturgenefa: J^iocsivo i^TOJjTJi^ Sjb$'-^^y6 

vnii fterile/eliquum fert feme eiy^^Trz^yTs '^^y^f^v yuiKtwtt t^ i^ 

nigru jrotudu3& crafsiore con mei(pif>ii , ma^^^nt^i ^^wn^ 

ftaccalamOjCamofioreqj.Ter- q\ yjxayun^'^ m^yj/i^<;^c^u 

tius eft iuncusquivocatur o- E^ycAs y^ ^tt} "ttckkTp (jii^yjc^ 

lofcoenos^ priorib^ carnoSor, h<;i%ciL iy ^ifsfxfn^ loiv Aolv^ 

aiperiorqsj is fimilem fupradi- Iko()(Ivo^ Kty)i^'A,%^ /s y^ hj- 

ftofrudum incacumine pa- t^ y^pTizy W d.K^ovoucm t%io 

rit.Semen vtriufque toftumjex ^ ^w. Au^oTipm cTj -^^ 

diluto vino p otii ^ fiftit aluum^ ^ii^ (ppvyetg ^ mmiSpH tX^ y.^d 

& rubra foeminarum proflu- fi£tTcf^mKicti^K^^o(w^v^ly'L 

uia: vrinam cit^ capitjfque d o- riioy^iy «f^z mH*i<^ '^ >y 'ju^^^^ctK 

lores facit. Qu:^ proxima funt >iV. id ii ns^s tIjjj filaj; ct^Ta- 

radicifoliatenera^conuenien- Kk^^iKKcty^Tti^TrKcffiO^a^q^a^ -^ 

ter iHinuntur, aduerfus phalan KctY/io^^-^nois ofui^ei. H Si ou^ 

giorum morfus. itthiopici iun ^^oTrim ^^^og^l^nvojTimv s;^ -tJ/ 

ci femine fomnus allicitur: fed y^^V (^vKKk-^rt^ J^^^et cw^ 

modus in potione feruandus ^ ^ tzSt ^(nm t^ ^iS^s^^f^ 

cft^nefoporfiat myj^Kiav, 

Lichen. nset A«^ 

ilBEll IIIL 110 

rrggi A^p;^«>% K€?Vy>'. Lichen. Cap.LIlL 

Aet^ , 5 cm 7c5V ^ST^Sy.of Lichcnjqui faxis eft familia- 

'Ji^^^iov ^^Kovm^^^m o^ ^- ris , allquibus bryon appella- 

<n)^<^oy Tjx^ i^S^^ocni^ 77%- tur: alperginofis petris adhse- 

7$-^^ . tcJt?» Ti^-m.TThdL^i cu-^ ret^ vt mufcus.Is ilHtus fangui- 

j ^foccya; Il0io7 , /^ ^Myuova^ nis profluuia fiftit , inflamma- 

*7:zt£^:reiw^ytciu hetyblja^ ^^oc* tioncs arcet^impetigini mede- 

'^vei'i:piK£i Ji ^9 hnpizoti^' tur.Iuuat regio morbo corre- 

jjAhiTo^ iicL^iodftoy • <^uxiTc^ ptos, cum melle illitus : oris & 

Ji Y^ w yKd-Piii^ '^io^v^ovt linguas defluxiones inhibet. 

-jTj^/T^Tzu. Paronychia. 

io n^eiUu^mv^i^^ Ki!p.vJ\ Cap, LIIIL 

napmv;)^ci(pviw l-iTrcT^ms Parohychia cxiguusfrutesr; 

^fMiTA.iov oAW/oyTTsVx&jjTw =/t in petris nafcens^ peplo fimi- 

^i/M iKcL^av-iniii Si <Bu>Xoi^ lis > niinor longitudine^ maio- 

mi^ov. Q^^c/p '^TrtTKccMv Kiiov ribus foliis . Illita paronychiis 

oW Trsc^cDvu^oi yju meict, ^^ atque duritiis/emedio cft, 

15 £^^£i5«. Crhyfocome. 

rifieA X§y^x/^r. Ks^. vL Cap. LV. 

yL%v<rom^ ^aCJiov o^' ct7 S^i- Chryfo come p almi altitu- 

pucuoy %^/ 700 f^v kjg ^y^CoHj% tudin e fruticat ; - co ma Ip ecie 

e^/W vos^imyldM ictu&icw^Ki corymboru^hyiTopo fimili:ra- 

'^m-i m iMi^opa ^ih^og^yjjdw dic e hirfuta^ veratri nigri mo - 

,^ Q /4t*V VA km^ijWm^cp /W Sl^tty, d o, t enui ^ cy p erum aequan te; 

oy T^yhjjitei vTrzxji^pov (^ytTui guftu non iniucundo, ex dulcl 

^. 'TisLKi^/Joi^ iy 7Ti7§(iS^(n, Av^ auftero : in petrofis opacilqu^ 

vesi^uiv Ji 'i^ ^^fA^mh iy ^- nafcitur. Radix calfacitjSc ad- 

wiitMv » ^i^^cL *i}7roLvyJi^ ^ <3^- ftringit : his conueniens^ quos 

i^iuao-nicol^ af (Jjlov(m'KauCi, iecur aut pulmonis inil amma- 

. v£tu£ Si k^ tymi uSco^uiKiv e<p^4 tio male habet: contra purga- 

c^s yj*^l<7rj ^9^£^-^. tiones vuluse,deco(3:a cum hy- 

rieet XpyiT^^^yay. K2(p, y/. dromeliteaffumitur... 

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berat,iatusruberrima/orisni yJ7^> evJbS^y /%>p& £p^^> 
gra. Quae trita cum aceto^atq; e|^Sf«y ^ uh^cuvojtt. S 77^ ^o»5a 
impofita 3 muris aranei morfi- cwj o|« Kicuf^^cTa. ^ omm^ 
bus auxiliatur. Sft^ (wyiK^^ S^viy^m* 

Elichryfum. Cap.LVlL nge^' EA/;^vcrz>i.. Ks^. yf. 5 

Elichryfon quidam chryfan- E>J;)^:;(7Dy , 01 J\ ^:; Ws^. 
themon ^ nonnulK & id ama- t^hoj /i>^x^ TtjuTo ^^dipcu^Tcj? 
ranton vocant 5 quo deoru fi- Jt^ovtnv^ ? /C5« t^ ^'J^x^ ^- 
mulacra coronant:ramulu ha- (^dLmen • p^i^cftoy xeyx^;/, ^j^^i^- 
bet candidum , virentem , re- £pV > k^Vi ^%^ov ^o^un.cL 9^yi> 
dum,firmum:foiia interceden ^ <Aa£r^/^^'w l;^y ^^v^t so 
tibus fpatiis angufta^abrotono -wo k&e^rhov -jc^/I^, xi^;cxff- 
fimilia : comam aurex lucis in ts§m > ^ve^^eu/^^y mi^oy ^^g- 
orbem^vmbellarotundavelu- ei<p2pW^> &^^^ zojvuCoi^ ^it^^ 
ti ficcis corymbis dependenti- O^i pC^ k£7??Iu> . ^usw cTfe 
bus^radice tenui;nafcitur in a- ci ^fltpcfiT:? yJ^ ^^a^iiS^oi^^j 
Iperis^&torrcntiualueis.Con mu Bo»5«/Ux^^ c7t«)o}l 15 
tra ferpentium idus^coxendi- v^ cro^^ > JbcmjpScu^ y^ Ip- 
cu doIores,vrin^ ftillicidia.ru- ^t^^j' cAJ^/^^;?? , xffl 1%i<Ji /^ 
ptaque.coma e vino pota opi- py^cn- m Im^^ ^}^ • f^ 
tulatur: ciet menfes. Sanguinc ^ouCoi^ ca^Tof^ w osc xlc^ei 
concretil ventrisac veficx ab- « ^'A/ot rmKet Qwom^jjv^^m^ 
fumit,pota cum mulfo-ieiunis, vof/Spn • /^ /e m y^-r^foajj 10 
triu obolonl podere, fiftit de- oaov ^dCoKov vkBt^AbSazt <^ 
ftillationes , data in vino albo ^i^o^/^T? omv uv^v '^cujjji^- 
diIuto:veftibu$ inferitur.vt eas 'tsu S^ x^ y^i^ l^vcdv a^C^c^ 
aberodcntiuiniuriistueatur. ^mTi^t^vm.ixj-ni. 

Chryfanthemum. mei '^^rjom^^v. 

Cap. LVIIL ^^^' ^»- ^ ^ ^H 

Chryfathemu aut caltha^no- Xpy^W^^y/i ;^A7^jOi J^' 
nulIis'buphthaImos:herbaeft ^ou^^^i^v^vr^e^-n^ j^ccy 
tenera/ruticofa,leue$proferes btLtmHiis J^.heiot? cw^i^i^Qv^ 
caules,& multifida foIia:fiores ^^ K0^>fti ^ f'^^ ^Ay^/Jff* 
fupra modu ipledentes^luteos, auf^ ^Mcc ^ tt^fS^ sihCoyrcCy 
orbem ^ 

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'TiihHr 01 y^Koi <fl' cuf% h a;^- oppida nafcitur . Cuius caules 

yijjQvnx^' Tot ^^^ ^^ /^ ^^ oleris vice manduntur . Flores 

p6)75V> ^A^TdyujLTJX >Ayi'Ttij.'^(i^ cu ccrato triti^fteatomata diC- 

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of "Toi^ KovTfol^ am i^$ fjuixfi^ dunt^ fi fequence lo ngo bahiei 

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UieiAyii^rroy, Ketp.yS*^ Ageratum. Cap. LIX. 

A>«^7&v !^^o^ *6$T<p§y>^- Ageraton ft-uticofa herba 

10 viSif^-imbdLimhiynu^TrHvo^ya^ eft^ p almari longitudine affiir- 

^Kov^-^ %^(^i^s fjulu<;a. opiyjim' g^i^s^ fimplcx, humilis ^ origa- 

miS^ofi^v^i^ ov cS^o^ 'TToy.' no maxime fimilis : vmbellam 

^oKxiy^h^^ ^vcTOBiSiiy %xmiov gerit ^ in qua flos buUis aureis 

Ihi^vo^v.ivofjuipz/ <fi kyi^' emicat^ elichryfb minor.No- 

'm-i Jik 'Tocm'7roKv to dM^ o~ men ei inditum eft , quoniam 

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^f^idySpat^ayiyyKouT^m' vrinam cit ^ & vuiua? duritias 

exv^pew fjuLKi^Tleiv, emollit. 

Xl^ex ITeei^^peSvo^. Verbenaca. Cap. L X. 

10 Ks^. I'. Perifterion^fiue verbenaca 

neei^ps^ (^viTui ^v c^ixP^Qif nafcit in aquofis. Nome ex co 

75*^/^. ^}cft Ji covo^^ c/^ qi duxiife videtur^ g? colub^ cir- 

rras *^iexma4 yiSicdi dieiTel^eiv ca h ac p erqu am libeter verfari 

cy auTA^modL <H o^ embu,(m ?- foleant. Dodrantis altitudine^ 

^vact tJ thi^^ K^ fjLii^ov^mTzt' &interdum amplius adolefcit: 

15 Kd amlm/i^c&yVTszKivy^oitTni folia c caule prodeilt incifa^Sr 

^vyJ-m \z <t2 x^}^* ^voyJKmo^ fubalbida : ea fingulari ramo^ 

a>^ To^TToKv H^ ^yo^t ^o^ c^J^iV/g- radiceq; fola ^c oftare l^pius in- 

w» AoyMrc 7u ^y ^Xfic (7VV f 0- uenitur. Folia cum fuilla adipe 

Jim % <;4ct7jp^ip^cp vicif% 'TT^ogi^ recenti, aut rofaceo impofita, 

^yh^ct^aimivvieuf u^oct^ 'Troieiv. vuluaru doloresfinire putatun 

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ignem &crum illita ex aceto ^m« Jiyjl IptcnmMTpL ^ 

repriiiiiint:putrida vlceraco^ of « ^Ttt^c^cD-^OTt , k5" ^>^77t- 

hibentzvulacra glutinantrvete- Jbvns ItA^, Ksi^ 7f uufjuiTzt yjJK 

raqueexmelle^adcicatricem xS, y^ hfmvm 7«, mKoua, 

perducurxt. tnJj i^htTi» 

Sacraherba, Gap.LXI. ^n^flspif^iSoW»^. Ks^. |ci. ^ 
Sacra herba^qux & perifte- U^^oTmny ol 5 ^g^^iZva 

reon nominatur/amulos emit \yJ,K^7w;^U.C<kt4 kviviin Tr^yjai^ 

tit cubiraleSjaut maiufculos^an om- 5 ij usi^oja^ ^^cdyio^S^^^ ^ 

gulofos^in quibus ex interual- 04 ^^u». ^c/y- ^S^ictg^ u/Itt^v Io; 

lis folia querc^/ed minora an- yS-ni cT^yi^^^^-v m^iTcffi ^CjS-Fo- 

guftioraq; eifdem diuifuris in vct^i:mT^^'AuS^c& 'tS' zCy^a^.V" ^O 

ambitUjColore aliquatenus Cf- ^TrcyKctvy^-fi^aj/ Ji i5tc«//?^^A5- 

fio : radix longa^ tenuis- flores ^7ircw% ^^^u^a^Ki^^L Hau^ 

purpureijgraciles. Folia cu ra- r^/ 7^ ^vkkcl ^j ^il^dL irz-n^oijui 

dice in vino pota^illitave, ad- yct .tieTor;» i^ y^-m^TrKa^^/i^Uj 

iicrfus ferpetes poUent: eadem 'TTDiet ^po^ IpmTct-^r^k hT^^ov 

drachm:^ podere cii thuris o- tk q^ukkcx. %m < oKmv ^' KiCai$ 

bolis tribuSjin vini veteris he- i/cdqi Tei^CoKay crijy oinv 'mKcu^ 

mina^quadragcnis diebus^ieiu kjotjk-a tjua vi^ I^*j5^pcc^ //'. 

1X0 ore^cotra regiu morbu bi- ^[joi^a* oiSi^^ r '^ond z^ 

butunveteres tumores & infla (pKif^va^ x^TamKcL^vm. a^v 

riiationes mitigat: fordida vlce vM*i^ fVTm^ iKyjn ;^3tJp^.l4«- 

ra purgat. Tota in vino deco^ ^(tu 'j ok» crvv ovm^i^^a^ t^V ^^ 

fta^tonfiUaru-cruftas abruni^ i/i -mtx^t^oii ^zkjt^^^Hei yji yo- 

pit:oris nomas gargarizatu co yt^t^Tttr «i <;o^v aicLy^y^i" 

hibet. Aiunt^fi aquafpargatur louU-^ i<pi^ai:'fcuvo^Qv 7^ ar 

tricliniu^qua rriaduerit> Icetiq- cvu.7r^diot$ tc kT^^itua^c/jJict- 

res couiftus fierL Daturpota- ^jcdy>7ipov; t^§«^ mittv^^Jbr^ 

dum in tertianis febribus, ter- Ji nei^^^im ^iiif td ^e^^v ^-H 

tium a terra geniculu^cum fo- vv ojTii ^ y^s oujj tbT^ ^y^tJ- 

liis circundantibus: quartanis^ voi^ (pvKKQii^Ti-TA^im^oun Ji rii 

quartu.Sacra vocant herbam^ TBTregT^y. n^Kovm Si atj-m Ufcur 

quoniam multum ad amuleta^ ^OTzdHuu Jik 7© cZ^y^v h toT^ 

<?xpiationcsqj commendetun >^^cifufis nm ^^ emAi^dm. 

"^ - ■ Aftra^ ' " ' neet^ 


U^) A^otytKa. Ke^|^* Aftragalus. Cap.LXIL 
AgpiyiKQ^ boMM<rm W «/- Aftragalu5,paruus a rerra fru 
v£h? i-m y^^^ <P'JKKot$' £, yJKmhti tcx/oiiis &ramis ciceri fimnis: 
tujnto^ l^iCh^* dul^ TT&f^Vf^j^.^ flore purpureo, paruo : radice 
f^ijiAytlci '$ v^gj q>oyyvKii eU rotunda/aphani modo gran- 
1,^^flpcu/osluf^yc^ii^^7m£^udi' di^ qua? adnatas appendices 
Ji)i^ i^vojx 9Ef?c£;>,w^ wtff3ir/.X/f firmas habet ^ nigras , pr^du- 
p5T5p^ fi>r jct^flCTtt oinTnTrKiy^ ras , veluti cornua inter fe im- 
l^d4^yiK:u^^')^u(m.fSp(^c:u7r!i plicatas^ guftu adftringentes. 
yj,i, ^uiTtu Ji Ifi Ivct^ifi&ti x^ nafcitur in vcntofis , opacis,& 
cimkt^ ^ ^ovi^of^ot^ -li-mt^. in niualibus : ea Memphis Ar^ 
^^ imhKn Ji of wsiJi^iSi T^iofy^- cadi3Er fcatet. Aluum fiiut ra- 
i^tcf^» I?^ =^ mKiaM ^iufAATJ- dix in vino pota : vrinam mo- 
^auSpbjj otf olm ^^c^ i5 pi^at- uet : vetuflis vlceribus , ficc^ 
^VHTt ^ ti^icmii K^ ^^ *m- etficaciter inipargitur: fan- 
■^o/ot \Km ^«p^ a7n-m.ojcfj^yi'3C) guinem fuppriinit:2egre 
iuuA i^' xSv^iT^ Jt efl'j«p& propter duritiam 

^ JVoc 75 ^psoy fia/75V. tunditur. 

nse^ Tfi&?J^St>y. Hyacinthus. C ap. L X 1 1 L 

K% ^ I)''. ^ Hy acinthus folia habet buU 

rim^^ (^vKKdl^o^uxiicL hi : dodrantalem caulem 5 la?- 

^okS^ • yj/jKh Gxn^cualoVi uem^minimo digito tenuio- 

Keiov^KiTTjone^y 70V fztKpov M' rera^ herbacei coloris:comam 

2^ KTvKou^ XKaely • yJith) hm- procumbentem ^ florum pur- 

y.eif/hlw Kij^iiw djl^ts ^K^p pureorum plenam, incuruam: 

m^v^ei/oi^^fi^iWKiu ojjtOjj radicem quoque bulbaceam. 

l/^fpgoM ^oKCt^. H w <njjj oim Qux , vt creditur , pueris cum 

y^-TTL-TrKa^HmL Ktvyja om ^mj^ vino albo illita^pubertate coer 

^v > hMot^ -m^iiv m^Tng^v-r^* cet , & non patitur erumpere: 

74 'hAm^ ^ ia>iU(U^^Kcu ov^ ^^ flftit aluum pota & vrinam im 

^^cjzL^K^ {pco^uyytoJ^KToi^ i^ pellit^ phalangiorumque mor- 

aaH . H^i^TTOi Ji 9J7^imne^f fibus auxiliatur.Semen adftrin 

m-, K^ ojyji;^ ^eicaoi^^ k^ui- gentius eft ^ theriacis espetinl: 

l^' iK7iesv7i.amxi^3,'^^ auu regium morbu emendat, cum 

iir^-mvoij^tou vinopotum. 

neet^ Diiijf Papa. 


Pauaucrcrraticum, meiM^ica>vo^ fota^. 

Cap. LXIIir, Ke^, |J^'. 

Papauer erraticum , quod Uimv '^mymoM^ o <h^ 

rhoeada vocaat ^ vcre quidem ^ -m^^^ t^ ai%^ amCa.>Xeiv^ 

iii aruis cum hordeo nafcitur^ <^'*7kz of k^u^cu^ %a^$ , o 75 

fiore protinus deqduo , vnde iti^ <7i/AXfi>^7au.?o/jc^ ^/^' Ta (pvK, f 

& nomeu apud Grsecos acce- ^ci leiyt^cd^ % lu^d/^ S xi;:^- 

pit . Folia eruci^^ aut origano^ eJw » ^u^ \m^^lvcc , ^^ 

autcichorio,auttliymofimi]ia K^rn^ ii zeu ^cl^^cl')^^ 

fpectantur, fed 15gior% diuifa, xov ^. ^iii^ , of^oj' \ Tfayjm 

fcabratiuceus ei caulis^ redus, q$ iri^^edrcwbos tpotviKXitw^z/ii^^ 

cubitalis^aiper.-flos fylueftris a- TiiiyLsu xswx^y o^to^) 'tS' rr.s^ 10 

nemones, puniceus^ interdum ^^^'i^ himm^-u^h^^ Si^?^ 

albus: oblogu caput/ed quam ^,/^ , i'?,^^ ^ tvi « rSV ak^ 

^nemones minus:feme rufum: ^m* y^^-zxj^ 7nJ\\U* \ildL im^ 

Tadixlonga/ubalbida,minoris ^m^y <£S)zxzwj^^^ Mktoxou^L 

digiti crafsitudine, guftu ama- ^u^ ur/^oj ^mi^i^m^L 

ra.Hnius capita quinq; aut fex, iuvw t^ m^^ '^'^ '^ ^'- ^ 

iavini cyathis tribus ad dimi- /l(^t otyou KtJd,^v 7€iZy l-h^fTu^^ 

dias decoda, potui dabis, qui- coc h^ ^\ dLyijeiyy 'TriTf^i oi^ cl$ 

bus fomnus accerfendus eft. ^Jxw ^krySm . tov Ji amp^ 

Semina acetabuli mefura ex a- ^70^ ^^/ ooTiy l^vCcapoy mjJi 

qua muHa pota^ aluum leniter ymuKP^w ^ Xjoihia^ ■A-mea^ ^- 

emolliuntt ad idem pr^ftandu KdLo^^f^yvTta Ji acu ,0^x17!^^ 2. Q 

mellitis placentuKs. 8?dulcia- ^ffj^ca iT&coif <s^f li ojsjtc^ 

riislibis admifcentur.Foliacii t^: J^ «py^Xa (rw tS^ yj^fioA^ 

calycibusillita^inflammatio- ^^^tattKclMvta {p\iym4 ^ta^ 

nesfanant: eorundem fotu & w kcu to cdhh:^,uei ^\ hjTS^ 

perfufione/omnus allicitur, ciir>^^y^^oin>^v *^. 

Papauerfatiuum. UtejiMiyjsi>yo$y>^.^v* %^ 

Cap. LXV. Ks^p. |i 

E fatiui papaueris genere, M»W a ^vs '^y -l^me^f^ 

quod hortenfe eft^femen in pa itMTnvniJvi to amofia, a^TomH^ 

nem denfatur, qui fanis in vfu tzu h^tIw of vyeia. p^^m Y.ca 

fitreo etia ex melle pro fefama mv ykx-n p cXM-^^tm^y^^i avrn 

vtuntur; ^Zv^ 


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c'miu//.yjii%^v(m.'7o ^iuovr^i^ pitulum habct longum, &fe- 

-75 gjA^ua Kuixiv^ H M 775^ ct- men cadidum. Sylucftre verb, 

y^AlyHg.^^^hj/l^uaaLrm caputinfidcns^ demifiiimque, 

JidM^mKojif am^fxa.o y^^^St" &nigrumfemen^quod pithi- 

^ Ti^ cyoiL(4^iW'^* c^m po/- tis nominatur: nonnullis tame 

k^iy iuTi^i^ik li pmli kuiSs &ipfum rhoeas dicitur, quo- 

TovoT^v. Tem 5^ i^6>7^p« i^ niam eius fcapolai^eus fuccus 

(pap^}Ui)<h<^^ i^^y^m^. emanat.Tertium magisfylue- 

T^Twv^ ^'^vtTyL ttW mS^djf C977- ftre^et ad medicinas valentius^ 

fM"/M. Ko.7^ Si cwTv^/ ivldL^? multo his longius , produftio- 

i^ J^^tiTx/w^S&^y 7a ^yXXfit y.ajL cu re capitulo.Omnium in com- 

mSiifj y^^^-^b&fw oy iJcAtTT mune natura refrigeratrix : 

^ <sr^awf7K\i0pcu ^ usryoTOS- quare fi capita ipfa3& folia de- 

m.mn^Tdi ii *BOi If^^vmidiM to coquantur in aqua ^ fomnum 

a^i-^fxa, ^K$£i^ idy^Td^Ki^ fotu conciliabunt. Bibirur de- 

d^c&Td. Ji K€icu du /j^dSidu puiT^ c o dum contra vigilias . Cali- 

X$ kh^piTT^v utytv^ouytmcs^^K^^ ces cum polenta triti* & cata* 

^^vd^ ^ l^vaiTi^.KciTd, dLp^^a- plafinatis admifti^ignib^facris, 

c!7*Sii ii id^Qvm djJTtu yKco- & i nf lammationibus profun t. 

^V hcmXdAliv «^ '^o^^aY.iif^i^ Tunduntur quoque virides5& 

^^ctivovTus arTTOTi^^^ £j QVTO) digeruntur in paftillos^qui fic- 

^^^, j(g>^* lctvToi I4^b^' cati ad vfum recoduntur.Ca- 

to odi cu Kjci^auiM vJ^d.rt fjii^t^ pita quoque per fe in aquaca 

i^cncd^^ ttiu cnw fAhJV TidKiv quuntur ad dimidias^itenimq; 

\'\>^^dm^a.^tf%vdvgpatfAno adiefto melle^ du humor co- 

v-^rj^f , fTroLovm (^d^tA^iijQv o«A«- eat in eclegmatis kntorem.Id 

xw. kmJhjjov fmS^ 0^:>^$ yji medicamentu in tufsi, arterias 

"^^vfxa.-ncrp.ovi djr^eid^ ^> mKid, fluxionibus,& coeliacoru afFc 

j^ y^i cfict^.d^f. c^^^<;^e^v Ji y ftu doloris leuamentum prae- 

viw^i^T^v airm <^y^j^' bet.Eft^icacius tame redditur; 

^hi-^AjKovx^ kv^xjdi.ro Jt ojA^ addito hypociftidis fucco et a- 

^7?> tiAKcuviA^ f^mvoi KHov cacia.Papauerisnigrifemetri 

mw Qivcd 'TTovC^-m ^s^i pey- tum cu vino bibitur^ cotra ci- 

^ rj^iKiar ^ yMJcujiHov f at^, ta aluum3& foeminarum j>flu- 
yj.Td.tmKM^ , uia; 


uaazinperuigilus frontitempo i^7ii^KJi.x>^w Ji amr cc^^v^ 
ribiisque illiniturjex aqua. O- mmiim^ SJ^w , y^iu <ri 
pium cius magis refrigerat^in- tuiziirov k^ 'mv Kfoiu^foy. c J^l 
ipiiratjficcatqucrlumptuin erui hyri^ k^ ku^^ M)(}^^ crmTrKm 
magnitudine^dolore finit, c6- jc^ m.ywjm zai Ivi^auyar am- 
coquitj& fomnum allicitrtufsi, ;? 3«V ^e^y^^ W oe^C^^^ctv^sS- ^ 
atque coeliacorum valetudini iwjo^^o^Kj C^votoc^ jc^ tts- 
auxiliatur : verum fi copiofius '^^iyJ^* ^o-a^-* ^p im >tcshtcL'~ 
hauriatur^nocet^ cum lethargi y^^ <htx^<7im*/sfK^cov Ji ^- 
cos efficiens interimat. Ad do- SW^- ^Ki-fi^ci^mm Kn^qytKou^ 
lores capitis cum rofaceo per- Xj hau^et.TrtiH Je jc* YA^dhaK^ 
fufum efficax eft : auriu dolor pZ(n tmi ^oJho) i^Cft^A^Q^* lo 
rijCum amygdalino^myrrha et wniiKy^vci Ji oujj kuvyMhhcd 
croco inftillatuninflammatio- i^ ^om vji ofjiifn ly^i^ocS^oi' 
nibus oculorun^ cum torrefa- cm M f^uyuov& l^^h^u' 
6to oui luteo ^ficittigni facro gwj Ki-Ajv^^, &^? i> y^oxja* Koi 
&vulneribus3Cumaceto: po- ^^\^vi7i7dKct7tL A ^ rfau^ 
dagris, cum lade mulieris Sc /MtTzt ffiu) olei'^e)^ «^* ^TrtM- j^ 
^croco fomnumacccrfitjfub- ^oi awj ylh&Kv yaijcayytcfi x^ 
ditumfedipro balano: Opti- xpoK^' 'ts^^ibu^ fi* JiiKTvKeA 
mum habetur graue ^ & den- avv ^ciKd.n vwv m^u y^i.ti" 
fbmjguftu amarum,odoratu ^rJiV<pvQ'7r^^o7njm.^,i)$c&'- 
foporifcrum^quod facile aqua gtl ^c^ J^ tS la^ y^^eoTJKD^y^- 
diluitur^ Iseue, candidi^neque y^l^ ^ r? y^i^jetyl/uy^^Z^ <hiwi i^ 
afperu, neq; grumofum^ quod vo^ uJhv^Kc^o^^KivKc^yi f<iX^> 
inter coiandum non vt cera (yjTtbpoiJLCoiJii.^-ncvqi^oiM-; 
coeat^ & in fole diffundatur: voi ui t7^ S^-a^^ hi? KA*e)^> 
dein admo tum lucernis , no n hn tS '^Ki(D 'n^^^ <h^ofii- 
atraluceat flammatextinaum voiiy mS^ Kvyvov lla-mof^o^ 
denique, odoris vim cofcruet. ov ?o(^coStA (^Koy ' (^vKioc^v Ti 2.5; 
Sed opion gIauciQ,gummi^aut ^t^^ td (fC^i^USctt ^jxi ov t« 
fvlueftris laitucce fucco^ adul- 05?LtM Jkocim^JoKovcn J% euuTtv. 
terant.Verum glaucio fuca- yKctvKJoy ^p/^jtujm % yJj^fLiy 
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reddit laftucaceo fucco fi£tu, q ^j^pI^ <r6 yKoL^'^o? xfoy^^i^ 
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ccHo^r umLmi ATom ^ //- fcit,& infirmu eft. Nec defunt 
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TTstt^yvov^^.iif itj <dtif TT^J^yii^ adipem ei admifcerent . Fiftili 
- ytwcu ami>*^c^y9b^ Jin^ t^ nouo torretur ad oculoru me 
G(p(icchU4H^ W l^<iicii K^vS W dicameta^ dum moUius atque 
"kv yj^KmA-nes^ i^ xj}fone^^ rufius appareat. Diagoras^vt 
^duri.E£^ai<^U7n^(^'nn<hci^ Erafiftrat^ author eft^vfueius 
^^cv/ <^'Am hmckzijud^iv hjjii damnauit.oculoru lippitudini 
7^^ ^mv Qmi^v l^-nsKyyim^ bus^& auriil vitiis infundi ve- 

lo m l^b^y,m^vMk -rh ku^ tans^quonia vifus acie hebeta- 
C-kmiri^ meu jy y^^e^^m. av- rct^et fopore gigneret. Addidit 
J^e^W ^ ?w. oTt ei ju,¥i\Jhxov- Andreas, iHitos eo protin^ ex- 
^^iTv^KouZ-TodLV oliy^^tofjSpoi c£ecari,fi non adulteraretur» 
ikir" h^.tjM(k,^AyLQ? J^0m ^ Mnefidemus vfum dutaxat ol- 
vhju hjTH ^m Svcu 7tw }(^r fadandi probauit , quonia ad 

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a.K^.edgJiim^aCATuy^eiy. ret^alioquinobisvtnoxio in- 
ct# 0^7 -ifiuj?! vsTo 7»V Trei^^^ terdicit» Qux comentitia efle, 
\uf^fjSiJct'Ji^TicmiJuipTu^S' experimento deprehendiJtur: 
hwLTmc lfy>t$ r Miyeiay ^ fiquide eflfedus, viriu huiufce 
<paf^K>i.i^ o^TOOT/ J%<smy^l' medicameti^fidefaciut^ quare 

zo^l/w ^ ^ "^mv % cv».iym tcv non alienu fuerit fcriptis ma- 
o^v*moi '^Hv W yji>Jia; ^ r dare, quona modo is excipia- 
(pu^Km Kcr^ovh iiLTei^^m Jik tur fuccus. Aliqui capita ipfa et 
^srSipof»;^ TexCovTi^ %v ^Jicf^k- folia tundunt^ & praelo expri- 
v.dTTKi^^^sn "fo^ffy.ary^el^^Ji munt^ teretesq; in mortario^di 
ri Tnmrpv u/AyJnmov iJ^dUfi^- gerut in paftillos: id meconm 

^^epy ^ oTTH.oTn^^ovT^ J\ JS^ vocatur, multu opio ignauius 
70 W J%i(T^t^ hia^^jjjcu^ Porrb opij faciundi ratio hxc 
^y^iipiv fjut^ejle^ liv k^^L eft: Cu ros in eo exaruerit^cul 
tt^ov^ch uM^ra^Qj^ro^ Jid^Tt^* tro decuffatim in ftellas^ne pe- 
<nu^i^6^ ^Kaym Ji ^ mJi<ij; nit^ adigaf,, ex obliquo i rcdu 
\nh^€-i:ii hT^yjfp s|eOT^xw5' , fumma cute incidere oponet^ 
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lacliiymam exeuntem^ digito z^ hmi'^ li Mxpvcyl^^f^ 

in concha abftergere^nec mul vov J^ktS^^ eJr iwny^ • }y ^^ 

tb pbft redire^ vt cocreta inue Kty c/Tn^pcAHi^ uffi^TrtKv-oi 

niatunetenim qu^ tum^am po eiV/s^ ^ ^mjj^q^^^x^ t? I- 

ftero die etia ofFenditurjin ve- ^mitT}) =/V «TWi- oJc/V/e^, J^ cTe 

tere pila teri debet>& in paftil ^ ^'u^^Civ iyam>T7^^ i- S 

los cogi. Cum tame inciditur, ycc^Kd^ytymtj;^iif (^ tti tS tb- 

retrocedendum eft^ne veftib^ ^^v 5^'^ hct^^pely <f^^^ 

fuccus dcradatur. tc /oi^ i-^-^^^ ? //^^r'^);' t^V 

CorRiculatumpapa- ^^^* nJ}M«V^;o^>c^^£^77- 
uer. Cap. LXVL ^ . ^^^- J^^- ^ • 

P A P A V E R ceratites, id ej^Kioy.ot Si^.k^^eidM mmyct^ ot 

eftj corniculatum ^ folia habet A\5rfxdt&37or(? JMce g^^ X£i;;£5&- 

candida, hirfuta , verbafco fi- ^(AcL^^yu^^ta tj^Ki^^^Tn^ifrpk-^ 

milia in ambitu fylueftris pa- yct iUjj<Sv.f^k^iijfi&a^ -tk ^ 

paueris more ferrata : caule kyj.(}4 ^imvai^ vjl ^y vjjji^oy 

non difsimili : flore pallido : o^m^cu^^^ ^^^y' y^fvriy cTH ^ 

calyculo foenigr^ci, in cor- my^ly^T^y.7riho^ ojd^ yl^.^^ 

niculorum modum inflexo, tfjuDiovm rm^-mhmro^ty kcu 

vnde nomen mutuatur : femi- l-Tmyofzagcq-im^^ ^ ^t^h^ 

ne papaueris^ pufJIo nigro- fuKajr^o^uoioyT%7i7f fii^myo^^ 

que:radiceperfimima ceipi- ^i^^ tli^m^K^^^voij^tw^fjfk^ 

tum, nigra , craffa : nafcitur in Kajyajf^-m^^^mf • p ^270/ ^ wi' ^ o 

maritimis & afperis . Radici ^^dttKctoofoi^ 7^^/^ ly TfoLyl^ 

ea vis ineft , vt in aqua deco^ ct. Atw^fay J% %yei i5 f^ pi'(ci 

da ad dimidias , coxendicum l^wS^iTa a^t^ ^fAcrot^ h uM- 

&iocineris affeftusjpotufa- 'pic^'7ro'^^J^d<fcLfy^iw- 

net : prodeft his qui craffa Tnt^^Sia^.att^^^mum^x^ 

quaedam ^ afpera, aut araneo- tsJv ^^ct % ^dL^ayjih if^vTo^ ^ ^ 

fa cum lotio reddunt. Aluum &>0iKeiy .li <S% am^fjLO. ^K^^bos 

leniter purgat femen , aceta- olvCi^^s ^^>/ cuj) fiiKt>Lpdr6>y 

bulo in aqua mulfa poto. TunKidj^ cmiyjody yj.^^si* iv^ 

Cruftas emarginant, iUija ex (p^Sn.d i^-m ^'^n l^^a^ ^p 

oleo folia , florefque, &: ar - p7?^^ i^aTTKabiyTitdv iKouoi' 

gema , 'iy^t^.y-T^ 


ly^t^vTdL M 'ricm ktIwojv gema ac nubcculas iumcnto- 

effyciJut.i^vi<^ii^A aiTTOf^^fi, rum perundas^abftergut.Sut 

tviot <fi iTrhcci/i^mx^ vof^Atmn^ qui glauciu^hoc papaueris ge- 

CJ6 TowTj^i^ ii yKuimy yvi^ nerefaftitari exiftimarut, fal5 

cOot 'Hiu r <p6}^m\y(!iiceia^. quadafoliorum cognatione, 
^ uyt Mim/o$ k^0<ki^* Spumeum papauer. 

Kc?. IC- Cap. LXVIL 

Mimj a^(ih5^<^ S^i v- Aliud papaueris genus^aphro- 

ym ie^yJKeicL xXi*S«^>,3^My des^id eft, fpumeu vocatur, ab 

t^ am^fjusuov-^yjl -d(^6>h^ aliis heracleum^caule dodran- 

^tpoj"^ (^y^i^gpa^at lotxjD-nty talirfoliis admodum paruis/a- 

lo 2, xap^dvmfojj^T^KUjyjoV:, k^ dicute fimilibus : frucftu inter 

70 oMv Ji ^oTCuSm \ivm '& i) ea candido.Nam herbula alba 

k<^^Z<hr pi^flu^ ^ KiTiiUj} cow- eftj& fpumea totairadicein fu 

nffKkov. Tax^TV^ y.ofnii cvkkL nio ce^ite . Legitur ^ftate fe- 

^TO oTXJif 7iKH(d$ aJ^^iw^ s^- men, cu integre adoleuit^deci 

Cpt^^i^ fif^fity^V armm<ri^; ^^- ditque exiccatum.Datum ace- 

15 ScM§« ii Si ii^iw/ l^vid(pou tabuli menfura in aqua muL 

^^SjSo^ (juji fuKiKpi70 KayL- fa vomitione expurgat: priua- 

C^mjo^o? • /J/fflS' ch^ » TTJiccuT;^ tim huiufmodi purgatio, co- 

^^^^miimKymlmii oLp^^«. mitialibus prodeft. 

^ / ^ < . X ^ , ^ ^-^. Hypecoum. Cap.LX\^IIL 
"t^mmov^oi i^^\im^iciiv ^j^vs- "^ ^ ^ 

io ci*(pviw ^ ci tS P7T6) ^ TO5- Hypecoon, aliqui hypo- 

dLpikoaj^' (^v^KovSi e;)j« Tmyi^ pheonvocant: nafciturin fe- 

v(do^tov^}CKZvii4 fju-^i^* A'j- getibus aruisque 3 foliis rurse^ 

yccjiwy ^ i^VyuKo^vmf tS exilibus ramis.Natura eadem, 

T^V tmmfjo^ oTm. qu^ papaueris fucco. 

n^i Xoffi^vi^v. ApoUinaris^fiuehyofcya- 

if K£^. |a^ mus. Cap. LXIX. 

totTixjdfjjii-^biujio^ o?7 x§jjKoiii Hyofcyamus^ frutex cft cau- 

iv/«^ m;;j€ii-j <py?\^flc ^Kcena^ les emittens craflbs : folia lata^ 

cOTi«Jju<,l5({<3w£va6>fil\cWfie» J^ oblonga, diuifa^nigra^ hirfuta: 

(nciiTm^'^ r 7(^Klv\(pi^^ m flores elaterecaulis^ordine^ 

^w^va^^ 2(fm>f0iA^ yJtJ' deuntjtaquampunicoru cyri^ 


ni^ fcutulis fepti leminu plenis^ voi > 7Ti(Pi(xyf^ ot kamJ^cmf l 
vt papaueris.Tres eius differe- cocA^uaraf ^w, ^V^^y^ ^Ka>^ 
ti^rVna femine nigrb^floribus w.e^ Ji ccm^ iict:poP^ jeim. 
pene purpurcis/milacis foliis, O ^ y> S/Sr^ -i^T^f^v^ 
cytinis praeduris^Sr fpinofis.Al (^^i^(pi}^.dL(7fxiM'AJo^l^^^ 
terius femen fubflauu, vt irio- (ao.^ uikOM^.i) t^ ^^vyov^ <r/.Kn- 5 
nis: flores iutei:folia,& filiqu^ fjv^ '^ kn^^M^. O Si vs 
fimpliciores.Ambo infania gi- &^'i ^AKoeiS^^^'j}>,a i^KoCov^ 
gnunt & foporem,ideo in co- i^sKehie^-^^r^^M <sm'^cuf^^ 
muni vfu danantur.Tertiu ge- ^V^^ ^iai^v^^ ki^^^o^neso «- 
nus^ vt quod mitifsimum eflet, ^i fMiiS^^ ^Trafyjicn i^ ?^^w 
medicirecepere:pingue,lanu- Wj))>c^j^§Mfe?i.E'%-^^^^^^ lo 
ginofum, molle, candidifloris ^^n^^cuf vimGi^osm ^mr 
feminisque^inmaritimisrude- u-m^li ^^^97axk^% ^owJV^s-, 
ribiisque nafcens.Cuius occa- h^A>.^yJ^ ^'^T&h^ ^ f^^^, 
fio fi non adfit^ rufum vfurpa- mKcy*^u^w 57^ :^\Ar^ m 
ri oportet: niger^ vt detcrrim^», l^^wn . ^ J^e im -^Ta^^ w<> 
improbatur . Recenti feminc, ptS^-^. '^ '^?' f ^^7^'j' 5' 4^-- j j 
caulibus/oliisquetiifis,fuccu$ Kcwctam^yjM^^m m yetex- 
in fole exprimitur , & exicca- ^v. Xi/x/^ew J^s^o -Aa^^ii hfm. 
t o humore, vfus ad annum vt ^oi" 2^ ^^u>^cl i^ol k^koi yj> 
que prorogatur : nam facile -^of/^poti^cit^KiCo^ot a/J- 
corruptionem fcntit . Extralii- xi6).|»pj£/yo/^'« ^ hf' ^^{ 
tur etiam ex ficco femine fe- <^\ kxni ^^aitcwTiv />i to lo 
paratim in aqua calida tufo,& c^cr^^^ov.^XJKi^f) 'j -^ licm^' 
expreffo . Liquamentum au- f^hJimf l^^aj^noT^ou^ov 
tem fucco lafteo pra^fiantius ^iie^Vyi^i^^J^^^ro^^^fuoZTme^ 
eft,8j- magis dolores finit. Co^ -^o^^i ^ <^.<^?j^o^y»- s^ <^^ 
tufa herba reces,addita trim e- iS kKTiov rfio^vTi '^^Kicjp.a^^ i^ 
ftrifarina,digerituripaftillos, hc^iunj^epy^^ ^^^yj^^&^^ ij 
& reconditur . Liquamentum 'tsHcm, ^ iur^^^ m-mtc^ kui-^ 
primum,&quod a fi cc o fe- ^a^^ctvfTrKd.o^^^Jskp^rioi^^ 
mine exemptum eft, coUyrijs, itmri^yHiJl^^ n^jnxTef- 
quiedobris fenfum auferunt, ^7p^Ki(rp.ctl^^km'^y^puTS 
commodifsime inferi folent: a77%ufiW«V;w>Av««rf./^c/V- 
conrra 7^?^ 

LIBEH Ilir. zis'- 

fet) x^^^^wf^ J^^twj Kcu contra acutas.calicJasque flu- 
^fiuoy • co^hyojf Ti y.cu t» xiones^ dolores auriiim^ atque: 
^ z^'£5?y. oLu) kht-j^ii i\ vuluaemala,profiint:cumfa- 
% cbv^lTBK, ^i T£ ^'<? ^hfjbSif rina autera aut polenta , ocu- 
OXiyuj^ykf Kou vrcj^/ xaJ W lorum^pedumjCseterariimque 
- ^AXfl;?. 75 eTi oTjifua, 7^ aww. partium inflammattones pla- 
wi^^yet* 'TTopuoK^ ^«V iS^- cant^Semen eadcm pr^ebetr 
;^r iLoi xgna.floujj yuu jtZuA tufsi , deflillationibns ^ oculo- 
i<^,3r«A/^y ^ <tkAcdi^iajc^^srSi rum fluxioni, & doloribtis^efii 
7t fOfuT yjjjduyMiv Koz W 2?v- caxrcontra menfium abunda^ 
K(i4 cufxo^sc^ai , cc;7>7 '^^OAOiT tiam^& rumpentem aliunde 

j^ (TLoy w^yj^m airi^,udv Aa ^ki- fanguine^ oboli pondere cunt 
:x^ctT&>OT^V. dLp^^ei i, ^^ papauerisfeminej&aquamul 
^M^d^^l^^^ m(pbo:^uS4oi^y fa 5 bibitunpodagris fubuenk: 
fut^v^ cv Toyjrroii-mfjL^iSpiify teftibus inflatrs ^ tnammtsque 
Kmv fjusT ohoy yj.-m^Kuojt- tumentibus a partu^ tritum ex 
f^ay^ xai fiV Tu S.^ci kvcoSij^ vino illinirur.Aliis quoque ca- 

X5 VfiC K^nu^^Ki^rjuL^lct i/tyi^T^ii co- taplafmatis^ qu:^ doloris leaa- 
q>2Kicuf>^ . Tta^ Ttl hdLm-TrKci- mentum pr^^ftant^ admifceri 
^eyoE puhKct^ ftV Wtbe ^ kni folet . Folia omnibus medica- 
J^a oup^tigsL fZiyfvySpn kh- mentis dolorem fedantibus, 
pi-niif^Kai y^^* lcLvra. y^-m^ per fefe^&r ex polenta^ vtiliiii- 
*7fKao^^ct* Ttt* i\ fT^atpcfTTL me imponuntur : recentia ^ acf 

:io^yM<:« ^S^TK-zrXfic^yTrt^ii^ajJb, mitigandos omne genusdo- 
ydTtilct^kvmi7zt7:ivoy,^7c!cc lores^oblinuntuf: cum vino 
J% i» Ti^a^^^vTtiaujjDY- terna^ quaternaye pota/anant 
y^j »^dKois 7Tuf.7i\^ st^ - algidasfebres^quasepialosvo 
i75y«*e4»^y7acrs^W^cc;^^ cant. Co<Sa olerum modo 
Kcu ^ped^vTTt TivChiov ^xmSts^j folia/i acetabuli menfura mS- 

i^ ftJiTSioM 'me^T^^lailf^^i-m, duntur^ mediocrem infanianj 
(^ctai cTs 077 \ai vi %KYJii e;^y- gignurit: litm effiecre tradut^ 
•m viimK^ \yY.KxiTA T^hjii ^- fi^colo vlcus fentiete^infun^ 
775p>A^€TO . 4 J^£ \iZfjL M^.T 0- dantur. Radicein aceto 
lovsl-i^^act^lJbyT^^K-^^di fasr decoda, dentes in 

ihimja;ucL dolore coUuutur. 

np Pfyllium 


PlylEum. Cap. LXX. npSE^yMk Ke^ o\ 

pfvllion foKis coronopo no '^vn.m «fy^Xov *iy^ yjif&vi^m^ 
difsimilibuSjhirfutis^longiori- J^t(4j:im^i^ci*yCKmcL^'^ am^ 
bus:farmetofa foeni modo^ in bd^LmuQu^ xgi^To oKoy ^ojmm 
totum hcrbula: ramis dodran- ^^T^hs^afy^wJ'' hm^ k^- 
taIib^:comaamediocaule.ex- ^ km f^.tfour^ ^t^Kov^YA'-^ 
ori:ur,duob^ tribiisve couolu- (^dJKta Ji Jio S t^o. W a.Kpoy 
tis in cacumine capitulis; i his we^aAw^^'^ ok am^^ct -^fJx 
femine duro.nigro^ pulicu fi- Kotio^m^!4^iiMiir/.Kyieh*^i^- 
mili vnde & nomen : in aruis w oy kesh^^ ^ >?P^^^ ? 
& iacultis nafcit. Vis ei ad re- ^tu>af^v J% t^^^^Kvat/Jj ^^^ 
frigerandu.infpiflandii^&mol ^iKetM ysrrtt^Kcalo^ov^kf^ i^ 
liendu conueniensrarticuloril ^hMym^cdvM^yt^i^Tti^oh 
morbis,parotidibus,tubercu- J^i^^T^^^m^^^ 'm^>^^'' 
lis,tumoribus;Vulf s,illitu auxi >fW,/<J' \oJivou % ^oi^% uj^a^ 
liarurtimponiturin dolore ca- Torafr^jioyJKacTiT^ <irm mt^ 
pitiSjCii rofareoy aqua^aut ace cDwy y^ l^oy.(piKov^vyJZ^eijf^-~ 
to:enterocelisinfantiu,&pro- -m-^rKuo^^imov (7uoo|«.c/^ J^l 15 
minetivmbilico^illituex ace- oivS.i(^\i ^K^^.bo^ Kimov-m ^^i 
to medet. Terit acetabuli me- 0(^v c/i Jvcnv vSnro^ tfaKTVKois-y 
f jra, Sc 1 aquse fextario made- ;^ owj my^To iiJ^^ rni^Kkt' 
fadu,vbl cocreuir aqua.illinit: T^y -^y^^ h^Mi^s^i^ ^^ 
fiquidevehementerrefrigerat> i'% c/V }kov omii^bi^^T/i x^- 
& in feruente aqua deiedum Tet^sM^ ^ ^.^ulw^ 'jroiH J^^ 2.0 
cslore reprimit. Contra ignes x^ ^^ t^vmmKsiTzi. Q^offt J% 
facroselficaxeft.ramaefl:,fivi tv yj>f^S^eiau a/ oiyjt^ yKid^ 
rens domu importet, no fine- ^^ovyCid.-i^^^a.i^-fpk^.KA- 
re in ea pulices gigni. Cuadi- ^tio^ J% fi^i^ sictmifyTa fy- 
pe tufu/ordida vlcera, & q ca Tni^ i^ y^ui^ twv Ik^v kva 
coethe vocant, expurgatSuc- y^^petj Ji ^vkos /^t^ ^- ay 
cmvermiculofisaurib^^autflu w ^)$ Sto. '^ivfMitiZo^tt 
xioekboratib^^jexmelle^deft ^tn 'Z^ ozt^KyiH^^i^vT^t. 
Hortefefolanii. Ca.LXXI, n^/S^fi^^i^a. /^^ /^* 
HOR.TENSE folanum fru- "ZTfvyvoi yjiimo^ ecfV'J>- 

tcx cibisidoneus.pufiIIus3mul- ^4; '657 ^^i^m^oh /A-^ar 

tis (^^^^ 

tlBER II II. 2^17 

^«AWs^fc^yy-TT&Uei^-r^P^cc tis concauus alis : folio nigro^ 
jAhoj^a 3 iiUJ^v iJisi^ovu ksu maiore quam ocimi , 8z lario- 
^hiiTvl^a-K^m nk^r^i^^x^o> re : frudu rotundo, viridi, qui 
e)v^fAm ^ » ^ppo? yvt^ P'^- P<^ft maturitatem nigricat, aut - 
T^' ^' mw^iw^w- i^^cdCSi; /e Fuluefcir : herba innocentis gu 
5 «gsW» <3£?^ >*,i7e7y. AcLoV ftus.Natura ei refrigerandi : 
w</^te;j« 4^KTtKiw*t^VT^ quarefoliavlceribus qu^fer- 
^uXXcc y^-r^tsKdLo^^tXr.lffMi' punt,& ignibus iacris, conue- - 
Ih ^i ^um^Mttt K^a ?§- nientercum poUine poient^^ 
sT^Ta? fiSTti c7zW77ctAi»r i^omt;- illinuntur: srgilopia, capitif- 
<^S* lcivd 'i' cOTTJ^wS^a Kf7«, que dolores , trita ^ impofita 
i o ah^K^-mL ^^xmvH Kcu K&<pci - per fe fanant : ^fluanti ircma- 
^di>4ajf*Y.al^^')^j^tniv- cho auxiliantur : parotidas/u 
u^tp^oy^-^fiiiTiS^ci^Ji^ci' fale detrita.illitu difcutiunt. 
^o^H mjuj iKm xScc v^-ru^TsKctfs- Valet fuccus ei^ aduerfus igne 
aiijSpduK^o y^}^^$ J\ hmi m^ facrum, atque vlcera qu^fer- 
-sjg^V ^uaiTTiKam kcu 'ifm-m^ punt^ cum ceruffa ^ rofaceo & 
15 owj'\ifjLp.i^(^ Ksu j^oJiyG> Kcu argenti fpuma : ad ^gilopas 
Ki^^^yj^c^' ^^ (uyKa^Tict cTe cum pane : infantium adufrio- 
cwj ci^Tid, l^mtn Kcu (TuejLZ- ni ^ quam fyriafm vocant.cum 
nmuJ^tot^ mjujloJiv^ IpiC^i- tofaceo perfufus proficit: iii 
^f/S^orf/iyvuna J\ x^ }co».v- coUyriis^ aqua? vel oui vicem 
eioi^ h-n SMto^ 5 iov t^T^ exhiber^^ontra acutas fluxio- 
^^^^fiv^izi J^^ifjda, €?r W nes illitus : aurium dolori in- 
iy^iffeti:ri<piKH acu rlTUhyea^ ftillatus prodefl: . Menf.um a- 
ov^^r.lj^ cTi K5U po«S'^- bundantiafiftir,invcllerefub- 
youKHov oif \ei(d «si^^daV.c <Pl ditus.Succus fuluo gallinaruiii 
^Ko^ kvayK^c^ ^^^^cdy- cortalium fimo lubaftus^ 
h&Tiu^y cvuf^ciKciocmtjSfjo^ k(pL 3: linteo appofi^tus, ^gi^ 
^5 StdTru^JpyibsdV x^TotxjJ^cfiy K^ lopiis praefentaneo 

fiKH cmTt^^jof. eft remedio . 

!!}( ^"^vyi^ aXi)(g^J.Cii. Soknum halicacabon. 

Ke<p. o^. Cap. LXXII, 

Es7 T^ %t}ov i^pvyjovj )Ji0^ Eft & aliud foIanu.qS" pedilia- 
kwjiv^&o^ X^m^ o\ Jl evira- ri nomine halicacabo aut pfy- 
hiJ^ £ faKds^ 


falida^ id eft veficariam vocat, ^/Jk, (pJ-aXok o^^r^v r^ ^i^^^ 
folils antcdicio fimilibus^verii ^'w , ^KeirurdeSi^ ffp '^^ yi 
latioribusrcuius caules^poftea- j^^oi q iL/jS ^ t^ mj\if^ax 
quam adoleuerunt^prona ter- ya.yuixmm^ ypvWKO^y <^ 
ramfpcdantrfolliculisorbicu- l^^^iv^JhuyjoK ^<pif^i<^v ?- 
laiis veScuIis fimilibus tfemine f^isy (p^jostu^y Tnjyfh ^^^(p^^^^j 
intus fuluojrotuado, lisui aci- ^Sokj 6>f p^.j^ ^r^Kil^^ cpiy ol 
jiorum vuae effigie : quo coro ^(pdMOTrhom ;^& j h^t^^^kL 
narijvtuntur, corollis intor - mTSf tsaj' 9E<^iyo£^. Aapa/My 
quentes.Vim vfiimque horte- J% *i^ lasu ^m ^ ^t&xJ 
fis folam habet : verum cibis twju-^w <;f'oyi(jb' ^f^f '^^ 
nequaquam expetitur .Regiu ^iC^c^<r/ASr^.<J):n^ct7ai Ji o -/Mf^io 
morbum purgat , feminepo- /zr^V iwS myo^iSpo^yhi^t^v drm> 
to^Sc vrinam peliit.Ex vtraque y^^^m ^miY^i ccvyp^Z,^^ 
herba fuccus extrahitur, qui cTt' i^^oT^V^^ 5 tt^cc,^ f Ȥ we^ 
ficcatus in vmbra^ reconditur, vt c%i% <nrS^ ami^m-^^^^i «^* 
ad eadem valens. ^^ t^ hjTS,. 

Solanum fomniferum. npSiJv;)((f«v>v^77x5, 15 

Cap. LXXIIL Ks^ 0/. ^ 

S O L A N V M fomnife - S-Tf y;^oy ^va)vyJvy ol A^ 
rum, aliqui etiam halicaca- iKiyJ.y^Cov ^ bdf^vo^ "& xko.-. 
bon appellant ^fruticat multis <^£^ s;^;' 'm>o^ov^y Tm-^ovi 9?- 
ramis^ denfis , caudicofis ^ fra- u^S^^-i^^^^^^ysot^ -> <pi}^af 
&M contumacibus, pinguium •;rx>^§w^ MTst^m^iMP^^Zv ^\j 10 
foliorum , cotone3fque mali Kult^vic^' h^^ l^u^lv y hof^' 
fimiiiumplenisrflore grandi, yi^<r * nafTtiv c/^hoCoT^ k^w-^ 
riibro: fru du in folliculis cro- Iovta' '^ildjf ^mlv %;)(OV(m v^l 
cato : radice grandi, fubrubro %tj^ov^ au^^yi^-tpu^m of tts- 
cortice veftita : nafcitur in fa- ^rfdhsi tottoi^ » 9n;pp^ 3tfcXct<r- 
xis^non procul a mari.Ra- ^^. Totym (pKoioi -m^ yi^vis ^^ 
dicis cortex, in vino drachm^ o? oiyc^ ^^"s-. < oxjut ^va>v-^ 
pondere potus^ fomnifica vim idv 'iy^et Jkouuiv r Ivmi ^ ^- 
habct, opio mitiorcm . Semen 'AJ»m om^Y^^v^o Si xaf-m^ 
vehcmetervrinacit.Corymbi ov^myJ^^ ^fyv a^yxjf ' cf/c/byTOi 
duodecimhydropicis dantur: Si ij^^edmms icfi^vy£oi 0^1^. 
fiquid '^>JiOvis 


mmvif^h '^^-n^y U^m fiquid numero adirc3at,^alie- 

^^•^JZovTU» ^it^rotww <Pl ju^- natione mentisfaciunt.Remc- 

yjzpir^^ 'toJ^S -mofjSi/jet) , ^- dio eft aqua copiofa mulfa^po 

yvinx Ksu kv&4itZm o ^x^ tui data.Succus paftillis inferi- 

^tJV k^ 7fo^(Titoii • <^i«^e4«- tur,6.r medicametis qu^ dolo- 

5S«^</^ otm £ <^ciKf:ir^i/f/Spo^ risleuamctupra?bet:decodu$ 

oJbvTSLKyicu^ctp-^^.oJ^^Ko^ in vino^fi in ore coiineafjden- 

7^^ p/^jf^ AuCwi^-^a^ fjL^-m ^- tium doloribus auxiliatur.Ra- 

hJTof ly^^^ic^cii- 'mp^Tei-TtUi dicis fuccus , cum melie illituSj 

np ^^y;(f itf jumiK^i oculorum hebetudines t ollit. 

Ke?>. oJl\ Manicu folanu, Ca.LXXIHI. 

10 "^Tfv-j^ov iJuinKov^ moim^-- Solanu maniconjaliqui per- 

mv,^ ol H^ ^vov ^AAKicra^.Ti- fion^ alij thryon appellauere^ 

To-j T^ fjS^ (pi».ov mi^^hiaov Huicfoliii crucse fimile, maius 

Vgiv hj^oufxi^iJM^Qv Si ti^^ la aliquato/atis acan tho,. que ps 

r^t kK^^^r^n w Kixjt 'TTzuA- derotavocant^accedes.-caules 

§/e>> y^KefW>^AOvi J^ kv/i»57y a radice proceros emittir decc 

j^ krm -jv^ pi^a^ \^<pv€i^ H^^. % aut duodecim, vlnae akitiidine 

/^' Jc>^i5' l^^^tv-mv-^o^-Tbjj T/uk adolefcentes-.caput in cacumi^ 

oukU^ cmuitd^hjii S^m^ \ - ne,oliu3? figura ^ fcd vt platani 

K^aM-^JiumrrtA^.vJ^mnshci^ pilatehirfuriu$,verum maius^ 

Tuiou (jtpcup^jg ^ei^oyd J^ kcu Jatiusque.-florem nigrum:poft- 

rtsx^cjwnfjf^V hhoi ij&Kduff. uA- quam eo exuitur/acemus exit 

^^T^Ji^rk-To y^pw 'U)^^^%vo^ rotundus,niger,denis aut duo- 

^J^-i gpoy'^/!Kov^uiKa.'/oL*y f:uy^ denis acinis coftans^fimilibus 

Jas i % i^\ oujoias kjcxf^ m^vyL- hedera? corymbis^vt vu^ mol- 

CoiiyUAKayJ^i &(T'^ ^(py^». pi- libusiradice firmatur candida, 

t,ciJ% vm<,7 KiiTcii^^m.^fi^xjoi- crafla, caua^ cubitali : gignitur 

Kij 0? m^^m* ovzTOk Iv ofmol^ in montibus^vento perflatis>& 

^mt^k^f^awiujoiijy '^rKct platanetis. Radix drachmsev- 

■7T«/W7. di.ujlctuiv Jit')fi J pi- nius pondere pota ex vino/a- 

{a£ -mvotjSpyt UAT om < i 'SFK^ cit fpecies vanas, imaginesque 

ho^^ (pcti^rticia; km^mJiv ov% n5 iniucudas obuerfari/ed du 

k)/iJS> * Jio J\ < vHi^tjtu^ plicat^hicmodus,adtreis<? vfq* 

i^t^ocmy k^t TetZv ^f^^Sv^ dics mentis alienatione aflPen: 

J\J\ E ij qua* 


quadrupficatus^imerimit. Re- J^'.^' m ^w^ iy hdu^m-, h-n 
mcdio eft aqua mulfa copiofi* 
pota3& vomitione reiefia. 
Dorycniu. Cap. LXXV. 
Dorycnion Crateuas halica- 
cabon^aut calea vocat ^frutex 
orese nuper prodeunti fimilis : 
nafcitur in petris^non pro cul k 
marijramis cubito minoribus, 
foliis olese fimilibus colore^mi 
nufculi$^firmiorib%pra?ter mo 
dum fcabris:flore candido: fi- 
Iiqui$ i cacumine, ceu ciceris^ 
defis^rotundis^quinis intus^aut 
fenis feminib^exigui eruima- 
gnitudine,l;^uib%firmis, verfi- 
coloribus: radix ad digiti craf- c^ ^ ^i^'xofpi^«w' •zra^^r M^ 

Aopvmcv y^uTivas aKiHgi/i^- 

'Tli^CUf ^ QV m^p^CO ^KdLO^^y 

^'j>Kci et\ To> ^ductrf \hcuct 
Tm^RsKima^^^y^oTi^ oX K<xi 

oy 0/V flzrtf AwcTTfiC gpoyyvKu i » 
<r\cm o^oCot (jUKfoi.Ketscyl^u* 

fitudine Sr cubiti longitudine ktvk^^u^ko^ <H T^^ri^Kii ^ 15 

adolefcitJd fomniferu efle co- y<^ 'zStzj yjsrmvicov Svcu '^k^ 

ftat.Copiofius hauftu mortem ya^y /e ^av^^^^v^t^am Si 'nns 

adfert. Nec defuere^qui dice- ^ 'to <mk%tjua. hm, «V tk ^iAjScc 

rent^ feme in amatoria expeti. 'm^KaiJ.Caii^, 

Madragoras. C^p. LXXVI. 

Madragora^aliqui antimalu, 
alij circeam vocat^ quonia vi- 
deatur radix ad amatoria co* 
ducere.Duo ei^ generamiger^ 
quaefoemina exiflimaturjthri- 
xJacias appellatus^anguftiorib^ 
foHis^acminorib^quam ladu 
cse^virofis ac graueoientibus, 
in terra foarfis : mala gerit for 
bisfimiliajpallida, odorata^ in 
quibus femen veluti pyrorum: 
radicib^inhgret bene magnis^ 

n^/MfiU^/pci^^pif. K£(p. o<;'\ 
KoifyiJi ch^y^aPyol':^ xjpxsf^di^ 

(dp -n^ ^Kv$ ^Koi ^tMxla^ 
y^Kovfj^oi • fj}^u%^y ^y6* 

'mihpTa i^KdLOVoi? i^(^^^yf^ 
a}^a^cAjeiJ\i^ c^ oU Kcu y^fnic 

LIBER II ir. zip 

ibo % Tf^^^i icm^m^Ktyfdpcu binis>tern isvejnter ft cp nu o- 
^ihau<,ptb^ouysui^'' ilm irm- lutis^nigris foris^int** albis^craf- 
i^h^diMitvt^^i KivYjfj ij m)(0 fo corticc vefl:itis:cank viduus 
(pkoioryjjjhoyj^itpipi. T^ J% eft. Altcr candidus^qui mas di- 
S^ofm^ Kou KivK^^ ov hm v^etov citur^ nonnullis norion vocita 
^ QitiKiam' ^ ^i^Xa, '^ (/jfyi\cty tus.-huiusfoHamagnajaibaJa^ 
hiv}(0^ 5 'Trhdmct , KiidL i(^bA^ ta^lseuia vt bet^imaia quam al 
*j\ii7K^*'ra.Ji^fj^K(X. iJi^xiaici^ terius duplo maiora^colore in 
xpoHj^ovTzt r'^^ ^oia^ludJ\) ^} crocum inclinante , iucunde 
Ci^a^woroL K^ l^orn^ot^T^t' cum grauitate quadam olen - 
f^i^ 'THiffz^^ x^KafotwTOjLyi^dc tia : quorum pomorum cibo, 

lo Ji l^idL t5 f^s^ cuu77)<^ ijL€H^m aliquantum opiliones fopori- 
Si 2} \iv)co7z^a'a.)i£/^v?KO^ Jt y^ tur . radix, alterius fimilis^ma- 
ajjTH. Xvhili^Si o(^\oih -nli ior &cadidior, orbata&h^c 
f /^M^ yj^^d^ x^^«^ K^ '&JT57S- caule. Succus fit e cortice re- 
^V mi^^tiL^hiia^ Q rjiiwm cetis radicis tufOjSr prelis £ib- 
^ To^gpcL^hauopro-n^^^^y ie^fto : qui infolatus vbi con- 

25 ogfdLm^ kyydGi.^^tvhi^iTtu ^ ly creuerit^ fidili reconditur. Ma 
nif/^XdLOfjuoi^i^kvi^oy'^-^- lisquoqj fuccus depromitur, 
viw 70 \lcui7m '^^K^dL. ^ fed aliquanto ignauior . Deli- 
(^Kotlf '^ i p/^»< fikAou^^^ iy bratur radix, & traiecftuslino 
^ctCK^iKiv^/^i^^^Hi k- cortex ^ad vfumfiifpenditur. 
m^^^tnyXviot a ng^*\cvm oiy(^ Aliqui radices in vino ad ter- 

ao '^ IK"^ ^^i ?iT«5 x^ ihvKif^ tias coquunt , & defoecatii ius 
•7?rtf/7n)77Sty^*;^fi5i«^oioc77r feruant : cyatoque vnovtun- 
dr^iiTFvoiv ^ ^oJhjJciyTtiiy yjji tut^in peruigiliisj& doloribus, 
3iw hh ^ W Sy S>ihoyw kyau" & ante fediones vftionesque 
^mojif 7%tJJio^m S Y^oy^m ne fentiantur . Succus duobus 
«3Tj;«c(z«J jj S^^ cjdSWs' lCoKtny obolis ex mulfopotus vtve- 

>5 JtJolyTrK^^o^oKx^^ffvyfjLiKDipi ratrum^pervomitiones bilem 
%^a.yihed tpKk^fjA i^ t^Kcuydjf atrampituitamq; extrahitive- 
^riiyciifV^xiCoforasKeiCdy''^^ rum potu largiore^vita adi- 
^i liiyi r ti^:>^yfv'^ ^ hV mitur. medicamentis oculari- 
W o(^^c£Kiny^$ ^ kycdJiviii Jv bus,& his quf dolores finiunt^ 
9ii^ih<£fi '^^7s,futKjx}iliim<. pefsis quoque emollientibus, 
^^-5" . E iij admi- 


admifcetunfemiobolipodere y^^^letwjiv Jiom ^ f/idCom 
indit^^per fe mefes Sz part^ ex- ^cgi^^yt/u^luua k0^ ifAC^va 
pe!Ht:fubdit** fedi jp balano/o dL^^J^Kiuhm li hv ^cO^dnu 
innificus ei1:.R.adix ebur emol- amr^^ vTnfov mm^imKiomv 
lire fertor, q fenis horis cu eo 5' itj \\i^e&]a ^iyt^ » p/^oc ow^ 
decofta fit:& ad accipiedamj ^fJipyi h/m im t%^i /.^ c^- f 
quam effingere optaueris^ for qsKcf^y hjr «V S ctl' 77^ ^8A>»Sn; 
ma>ipfii facile preftat.Folia re- ^fi^ Tm^o-Aiva^ei* t* 5 ^y^- 
cetia couenieter oculoru infia ^^ ^orpeiTtL i^fxot,^ ©t!«^ ts 
niationib*^ ^ & colledionibus, l(^bAKju2v ^x^ucykf ^koj W 
quasvlccracitarutjCapolenta cm ^vlK-im fA^) (i^W^'^^ '<^- 
illinunt:duritias omneis fuppu -jzt^hao^f^dL.ita^^^^^ei cfl Kai" ^O. 
rationes3ftrumas^& tubercuia *m(Tw; ctwtex aJt ytgi S/Trsr^j^- 
difcutiut: flugmata fine exulce- Td^^^i^.itt^^^^vf^^ mp^^Te^- 
ratioe delet^fi g^nis fenisve dic- Ceifj^i 7% rcv;)^ cm '^wiqa< i S 
b^/enfim p erfricent.Folia fer- /.^>;«^7^. mv tS IhYJ^tw i- 
uant in muriis, eofde ad vfus. (pcwi^i.rFuej^v^^yr^ <^ 7^ ^^^^>^ 
Tritaradix ignib^iacris ex ace M^am>ri'^'-m fm^^^hjjii \% 
to, & ferpetium idib» ex mcl- ;^«5«i'.» Si \iIcl owj ViH %Hci^ 
le aut oleo, medetur : firumas hunTTiKcm loLw ♦ mrekJi Ip-, 
atq^ tubercula^cum aqua difsi Tnrsuy *z?x»yt^> «^ Mfi.htrt » g- 
patiarticuloru cruciatuSjCn po Kcuo>'ffuij vMrt J^ ^i^M^ ^ 
leta fedat.Fit citra codionem (^vfjuim iicf)^' ^a.^dpm ttd- 
vinii e cortice radicis^ ad hunc vov; ^ntof ,«^7« ^o/Twy.axg:/*- ^^^ 
modum : Tcrnx mina? in vini {stbu <^ i) Ji^ l-l^tnm om^ 
dulcis raetretam coniiciuntur, ox. ^ ^xo/« w p/^jjr.J)^ q" I/^- 
Dantur ex eo terni cyathi > iis Cel»^iy y^a.^ y\ ^^ ^Tfn^Moi 
a fecari aut amburi debent, vc vov yhviuo^^ <^Jiyeu ts l^ twn^ 
ante diftu eft: fiquidem nullo ^itro^ y\roii fuKKacj t^^ps^ 
tuc afficiutur dolore/ed veter S K,m^ a>^ ^Hfirmi-, ov -^^i 
no quodam prefsi^torpefcunt. kyltKay.Civovm tS kx-yi (zarog 
Mala fop ore afferut olfaftu> & ^k 70 }(^'7u^ipi^.r^ 3^ ^/XfiS 
etia fi mandatur: item expreC' lcf^cuyof^A y^\Snof^cL ^p®- 
fis exeisfuccus:nimiotamen 77<^* ^ 1| ^t&Jv pfyxoV^srxgo- 
odore perc ufsi . obmutefcunt. yu^yTaJi icsu kt^^yov^ iToim.^ 
Semen 'to^x 

LIBER Ilir. iio 

-tJ ii OT^p.twt tSv yii^Km '^Sr^y, Semen malorum potum vul- 
v^e^^v yj.^i^ • ^<^^v J% uas purgat : appofitumq; cum 
fj^T k^TTue^y ^o'^ p<>"^ ?^^*' iiJphure ignem non experto, 
hv^ofo^m^iw <H ^;^5««r- rubra foeminarum profluuia 
*^^^^ t7^ filiif ^WBi^^ Z) fiftiLScarificata punftisq-j mul 
i .^ cv^iovro^ cif rdw umTn-m tifariam aperta radice^erum- 
cv'i^t}P^^ov!igi M oy£p>6g^£pr pcns lachrymaj cauo vafe rc- 
tfd o%9v ^Kor ovz ifi TTWiv Si cipitur. Liquam entum autem 
«To-^Tw i^ie^uml-^v cu ottai^ v^ fucco lafteo praeftatius eftrfed 
^t^ii^^ajt ii 70 7o/«7Dy » 'sr«- non vbique,vt experientia do 
£$t. l^es^(n sAs i) l7i^ix.y fjcA- cet,radices ladeum fuccu de- 
^^ ejLov K^y^fjSpUjj 5 (^voiS^ ^ kchrymant.Alium tradut eflc 
^mhirmii t^ ^ 7« hr^a* madragora ^ nomine morion^ 
(^i>}<ct%)^v<jtLif Qi^ia T6) hivy^ in opacis iuxta fpec^ enatum: 
^S^^ct^^tL . ymy^o-ne^ «Ti hi folijs albi mandragor^^minO'- 
amhtLpuala^Ktvyi,^-^yCK(0 <^ ribus,albis,dodrantalibus,radi 
Titz) pi^fiO' 5 oS^ffw k-TiAKhjj %aA cem ambietib^iquse moUis eft 
15 mzfjjJi (JJKptp fj£i^ovit mnbtL^ & cadida^paulb maior palmo^ 
(Jm^ mi^^i ifjALtvKsi ix^kh,Ijj poUiceq; crafsitudine xquat» 
(^sFAmvo^luj taov < ct.4 u/i- Tradut eam in pane,offaj ob- 
T^ ^(piT^y \ttotj^bjj oj/ ijJ' foniove^drachma? podere dc- 
t^A % o4^ , am^ep^*'^^'^ uoratam, vfum rationis inter- 
JW^o aS^t^roii^ % ^ aty cipere.Obdormifcitenimho- 
10. ^oLj^; (^yiA*n^cu^(ij/o(^o? ov- mo^eo fere quo comederit ha 
h:ih? omSi^^y.^S^^k^ o5 bituJenfusimpos^tcrnis qua- 
^ 067 <4^cnvtyyjitTaj^* ^^vrnu ternisve^ex quo data eft,horis. 
A ncu TtwTA 01 liCTfol oim li - Hac medici vtutur, cu fcinde- 
^v«y5 Y^Hv fA>Xei<n, <pitoi J% di vrediq; necefeitas adeft.An- 
Kcu kvji^Tov Syoj tUjI pi^^ tidotu elfe volunt radice^cum. 
15 mvoi^Uu fjATiq^v^oy ^ i^- manicofolano potam. 

Kov(jSpov fjmiyj>v. Aconitum. Cap, LXXVII. 

n^} AmiTH. Ks^. o^. A C O N I T V M , aliqui 

AKovtTovyiM^ 'mpMKtA^^y pardalianches,2lij cammoron, 

ciJ%}(g,ufi.o^ovy 01 i% Si*xy<?o- alij theliphonon^ alij myo<S:o- 

Wi ol J^e^i/oxT^yoy* ^^^w» non^ alij theriophonon vocat: 

9v>^^ E iiij folia 


foiiaiiabetcydamini^am cu- piTXsLt^^^et ^a% lioszipsi^ J^ 

cumerisj tria aur quatuor, mi- ^ac jojKKa^ja^ » ^FuxIcp^mx^L 

nora & {abhirfata:caulem p al 7^^^ Ji ^ -fejTf ct^^jfit^ :^Xoi? 

mo altil: radix fcorpij caudam >J ca7j^jxS^''^ila o^U (r/,r.^mi£ 

emu!atar,& alabaftri modo i^A^gihCou^. kk^Cuq>Q€i^f> 

fplenclet. Torpefcuat, vt fama Tkt« r pi^sw' <p5«<57 ^5w.;>5«- ^ 

eitjfcorpiones admota radice, <w oy.oftTn&i ^ Tm^Kveiy mjt^v^ 

fl:upe:c];qui rurfum hellebori J^iyefi<^ Ji^m iT^iCcecv 

cotaduexcitamur.Oculorum ^^^vT^f.ujyvw <Pi ^c^- 

roedicamentis leuaudi doloris hcixuiyjli kWi^W Jhyi^m. 

gratia adiicitur:£necat panthe KTmi Ji K) Tn^Mkis i^ ci^ i^ 

ras/aes,lapos & feras omneis ^y^ot? .£, TmM^eiov Kf^ctJiot^ 10 

ia carnibus obieftum. c^jij^fj^ov i^ 7m£^CcL»J^oy. 
Aconitu alreru. Ga.LXXVIII. n^i B-ne^v hmvm. 

Eft Sc alteriVaconitu.qd' alig^ Yinp. ok 

cynodonon, ali; lycodonon A K O N I T O N %7^t^v^ % 

appellat.Huiusgenerafuttria: %not Kuvoziiyovy ol Ji Kum^ 

vnii^quovtuturvenatores:alia zii-m y^Kovoj . '^vZ-mi^J^ 

4uo in vfum fuu vertere medi ^srk^^psv ^ mua. , cv 70% y^-^ 

ci.e quib^ tertiu qd^Poticu no- houytkon^m^^yot^ %fm J)u(pi^ 

minatjplurimuinltahXmoti- ^av ^ ts^ cu/ji' ^uKKa c/Vs- 

bus luftinis exilir^ apriore di- ^ ouata tu^^tov crXtfwoy , 

ftas^qm folia faciat ctEgie pla- ^AXoy JMTn^miva ym ijjo.^ 

tani^crebriore diuifura^ Iogio« ^o-ne^ , na;»^ kcu juAKa^Ti- zo 

rajScmukbnigriora.-cauIefi- ^^ * y^Kov fi y^^ ^:^ -^ieJt" 

cilis pediculo fimile^ nudii/u- Jh^ , ^^v -^kov > v^f wi-)^- 

bitali altitudine ^aut ampliore: 6>^, % zaJ fxei^om^H^fT^v ^ c» 

^ieme in fili^s oblogis recodit: xoCot^ cm^^y^!n vtoaS^ • ^iCa^ 

radices in modu fquill^ mari- m4p ^^KiitT^va^ KOfiJtiy ^- 

n^ cirrorii nigrefcut.Qmb^ad Kouyoi* ^? ;)^Syw ni^i W r i| 

venationem luporu vtutur^tn- xy;c^ ^e^^yZyv^^yTtf K^ictm 

fert3e%uide crudis carnibus^ <5^Tr.igpfi>:^<7a^ -^tw/mJ 

& deuorat^PjIupos enecant. myl<i:ycu^{kcnv ojjto-U. 

Cicuta. Cap. LXXIX. ri^) K^ijyfi». Ks^ o^\_ 

jCicuta caule i^dit geniculatu^ %.mioy y^Kly kyim ^s^yst^mJit 
vt i^ 


iD; fm^^ly^ fAyufy (pu»,ei J% vt foeniculi grade/olia ferula?, 
yaf^xj Ifxp^^^y^^vdme^ Ji K^ angiiftiora^graui odoratu : ra^ 
^a^vocr^' W dizpm Si hmo^ mijmox vmbelle in fummo j>- 
(^iams yjji (Tuiihcccw^^ <sm- deut: flores quoq- albicates:& 
X5i/;ccy • (uA%ujsu I/^^£§W iyi^j©, feme anifo cadidiusrradice no 
^KivyJ^nesv" ^i^oL '/MKyry^ ov aItajC6caua,Cicut2?letaleve- 
^u^cc. E^ }i m ojiJT^ tSv nenu ineft/uaq; vi refrigerato 
^^pTjyJ^v^ y^ni' -i/jlvj a^iopZv* ria necat.Remedio eftvini me^ 
^nbeim Si knfi-m . p^y^i^oy- raculi potus» Succ*^ exprimitur 
^Jir^ ci}Lpci fm^s 'Tcy |}ȣ^y- c5tufis cacuminibus, priufqua 
^^cu T^ cmpfMi ^ % ^ yJju^^ yjl femina & com^ ficcefcat,g, fo- 

J o m^KiC^Tui yj> 'yTfo^^yi^ yji ffvgpi" le defatur in p aftilIos.Mult^ ad 
^i^ru of^hicp, *kiJi "THih.v^iigzv medendi ratione vlus eft aridi: 
£i^ ^jju vycL ^'ih ^<^ |»^y- comod e mifcet collyriis, q Ic- 
^.r fjuysfv^oi amnMedSToi^ uadi doloris gratiatcperatur: 
aioi^ois xjoy^veJot^^Ti^KiiT^ ignesfacros^&vlceraquafler- 
fzcL* IpmiaJ 7i x^ IpunTnKcfTcL put, illitu reftinguit. Herba cu 

J5 y^-TtwrKd^v (^^miarj* » tSi 'ttiu coma trita5& teflib^ circulita, 
xsf) M icof^a KHu ji^iwyrKciTlQid' libidinil imaginationes in fom 
jf» Twy cft ii^v-i bipdTJo vm jSojj- no^cop efcit:{ed genitale refol- 
S^ • rncteim ^ v^ aiJhict y^- uit. lac puerperaru mamis ap- 
*Ttt'?rK(t^V'nf..yJj. yiKa. a^mt/ny pofita extinguit : in virginitate 
yu^^xji TS oy 'zirep^m m>KuH mamas coercet^ & increfcere 

10 mj\%bc3U!,^ vjji StSujoi^ k7to(pot^ no patit:pueri$ pr^ftat^vt corii 
mie! om 77r«cf>W . <^sp^?a7cy tefticuli cibu no fentieteSjinta- 
H^Q^ Tiy^nTtKov K^fuy^e^- befcat,EfficaciGimavisCreti- 
xov K^ 70 i-S/w yKcuTvi^ TM csejMegarefi^mox Attic:^^& ia 
j^ft) K.CU iuKi'-uci -pvoi.iSpov» Chio & Cilicia nafcentL 

ns£z^faA«/^?. Taxum. Cap.LXXX. 

Ksip. i/. SMILAX a Gra?ci$,ta- 

S.u^'xaf, of c^>^^xoy> pG)- xus a Latinis appellatur, ar- 
IJLolQi''^ 'vliov yM^m^KvJ^fovW bor abietis magnitudine, & 
Trtt^TrKJnnov^iwTot^ipiiy^ot^K) foliorum eiufdem figura, in 
IJ^y^.^iycv^-TziKicLK^Q^vafCcdvk Iralia & Narbonenfi Gallia 
T? }(^rk rhji lairw/ictju (^vi^o:^ Hi^anij contcrmina nafcens» 
'f^ Auicu- 



Auicula? quae Italica? taxi bac- w cTl ZplrcoJd i^yei>^i>t^ 'riv 

cas deuorant, denigrantur : & iic^pw Wdifltl^oyTtf^^^cJyg- 

qui ederint cafde homines, al- r^*ol Ji 'i^cnviyyd'^^h c^ty'- 

ui profluuio corripiutur. Nar- pofW ^Tn^^ot/n^ii o ovni vrf^ 

bon^ tam praffentis eft vene- Cmiit^To^Tauvii ^jjiam^ u^t^- 

ni^vt fi qui dormiat fub ea, aut p^e/, m :^ oit tSV ^/^ t^ vzaro- ' 

eius vmbra fubfideant, Isedan- y^^awi-m^ m/u^^VTu^ jSxot- 

tur, & faepenumero morian- 'P7ji^^'7ro».im Jiij^iazeiv, 

tun quare de taxo h^ec tradun i^^eiTzu Ji ^ hj-nii ^^y ^ 

tur^vt ab ea caueamus. fsn^^puhjl^^i^* 

Apocynum. Cap. LXXXI. neeiATrrmoy. Ks^. -^ri/ 
Apocynon^fiue cynocrabe, K^m-mf^v-i olJ^y m/^y^^Vy ol lo 

brafiica canina, frutex eft lon- J^, m^^iu^^^ * ol J^ iwvi^ 

gis viticulis coftanSjmale olcti- (lo^Vy oi S% yjuyonpi/uLC» y^Kov- 

buSjletis^viriliumq; modo ob- (n^X^vos "Q^ liCiot^t^v ^- 

fcquiofis , fraftu fere inuidis: y^d^,>d/j(iAif^Jh<^eiv^i^', <py\- 

folio hederf ^molliore tame5& ^ac xjojiS' t^tet ^ fjutKcLmTi^^ 

per extremu acutiore,IetOjgra Ji kcu l\\mp^ vsjt 'iv^ov^ jStf- ij 

ui odore: idluteo fucco tur- ^ioafxtL^ -dzdyKt^ciyOTrzv ^ga 

get.Siliqu2e,ceu fabaru/oUicu- ^him • J^p^? J^ coaei KoCh 

lari ipecie ^ digiti longitudine yjuAfmv ^^ MziCkh t^ u^xjofy 

protenduntunfemine intus al- SruMjc^c^»^ • W %v euj^^/udTJcty 

bo^duro,paruo.FoIia cum adi- ay.Kne^^ opLty^k^uiKewA. Ttwjif^ 

pe in panes coafta, canes, lu- T^^v^XaE, uvv '^cc-n ofTumyi^V" ^^ 

pos^vulpes, & pantheras ene- Ta iy Tm^CK-A^vm-i Kreiyn w- 

cant>in cibo data^Sr protinus yas^ kvkjol^^ kKCdmy^^^, mu^M- 

eorum coxendices refbluunt. kh^^tt^^^j^ Ji Tizt^KvH 

Neriu^feu rhododendru. cuvToSy to. 'i^cc, 

Cap. LXXXIL mel Nmou. 

Nerion aliqui rhododaph- Ks^. 'ttC^ i$ 

nen^alij rhododendron vocat, Nfeoy^of Ji.^^oJhJd^Vihol 5\ 

frutex eft vulgaris notitise^Ion- foJiAvJ^^oy , ^f/jo^ yc^eifjut^^ 

gioribus quam amygdala fo- kwuyJixTSi ^y^h^^ Kcum* 

liiS5CraJsi0ribufque.fi ore in ro- ^T^es^ 'i;^v (pv>^ a. li Ji qj!^ 

fam conformato : fruftu nuci 3t?^ \oJb{Ji$*y^^ Ji l//(p^>>' i- 
gr^c^ (wyJ^(pi 


iwy^Ko^^ h^ yiej^'^ iyefirxwl- gr^c^ fimai, corniculato, qui 
vov 5 -srxjip}) mei<fbt4 (^vcnoif , S- patefadus quandam lanofam 
^/ov 'ToT^ y^o^y-STi^oK •^Tct-a^K* naturam oftcndit^ fpinarum 
^/^5d cf^ tii^TrD^v^ ixm fietKfk , f y- pappos repradentantem, radL 
?^eiJ^$yycV<mf^Cf>iKfw^,(pvir ce longa, acuta,lignofa, gu- 
iTiui» '7m^M<Tou YMJt OT«£f 3a- fianti falfa : nafcitur in amoe- 
^Mmc^i^ TiDTnj/; /-<a) cKt£^ ot7«- nis, maritimis^ & fecus amnes. 
fioTr ^uietfJuviil-^^T^ciM^^ Plores & folia mulis, canibus, 
^ TK «pvJ^flc, miZ^ ^ ic, hm iy afinis , & quadrupedum pkiri- 
^fMGVG^vKjr^Trxeigci^fT^^^ct-Trijtdy mis venena funtt hominibus 
f^l^dcoy cpba^Vitluj* ai^mmv verb contra ferpentium mor- 

IQ '^(mgjyuiy dv olm mof^ATr^i^ {us prsefidia , e vino pota : eo 
J^iyMTtt. ^eicor K^ ^»^07 « magis ruta addita : imbeciilss 
ms-fioi Tm^U^HtJA^t^'^ i^- etiam animantes , vt pecus & 
'gkz^ r ^dcdv cdi cuytf i^ mes- capra^^fi aquam bibant, in qua 
Carr^^^Tm -T^hm&^yyus.hj- foliaeamaduerintmoriutur. 
w mjLTn^icriH. Fungi. Cap. LXXXIIL 

J5 neee [JiVY^Tm* Fungoru differentia dnplext 

Ki^p. 'Try. autenimmaduntur,autpemi- 

Myz^Twy JidLC^o^ Mi^ti ciales funtMuItis de canfis ve- 

^fit^ fi^dffj^jot eimrt » <?3Btp77- nenofigignutur,vbividelicet 

scoi . Tra^ ^o/X& /e cuiicn^ clauus ferre^^jin quo fit rubigo^ 

yhovw Tomm^t y^'il\oii autpanimarcoradftierit,autfi 

^ y^TitnfJ^ois ^% fiyuim ^cnaro'- iuxta ferpetis cauerna.arboref- 

"^ cf^Tn-mv (pc^K^^ 'nu^ ve^quf priuatimpariutnoxios 

Y*/u/ > «2 , w JivJ^fim \oiciii$M- fruftuSjerumpatContinet qui 

^sF-nxjovs ^iesvm Tovs }(^^ovs* talesfiint^nefcio quod ftrigme- 

\^ven S% zcu yKOiciJ^ ol miov* tii concretamq; pituita ^ tcrra- 

'2VI ommyiv • it^-niT^VTis Jl que eniti^ quamcelerrime co- 

2$juji7tt 7c k(pau^i^cu 5 ra^s putrefcunt^atq^ marcore vitia- 
J^oL^^esvrttJt <TYar6y^(^uo\ Ji^ tur.Scd qui veneno imbuti no 
m roiovTQi l^cdiJLo^TTom j McTftfi- fimt/uaue in iuribus gratia ha- 
<sfKiovct^v7is u^ 701 zcu oV - bctlargius tame fiimpri no cet^ 
7c/ ^KA^rou^i J)jcm97iovf/^ot^ &2egriusconcoftiftrangulat5 
mi^pmf "^xoKifcu^ ^m-pvTcu aut choleram morbum citanf. 




Rcmediocftnjtripot!»^autL*xi ^yl^^^uZw SiTmin^ nrtTilofjui' 
mvL cu acida muria,autferuefa yo/ n^w % •^M^fJut-m. lliKm<;^ 
df faturei^^aut origani iufcu- % "^uC^^ ajTroliacLri^ % lexyL 
lu:debellatur etia gallinacei fi- yjyj S lcn^o> yi^ ^.t o|oj^ 
mi potu ex aceto, aut eiufdem ^ivoJjoQi , » fuKtrJ 'iicKet^yjB^ 
dclin(f|:u cu melle multo.Cor. m ^^>.S . Tfo(ptuoi A ei(^ x0j 5 
pus alunt^fed aegre diflbluutun JbtrMKvTDi • oKoc^^m d^ &>$ I- 
cii magna ex parte intcgri ipfi^ 'mT^Kvmjj) ^oi^ <^7\i^m'f 
cum recremeris alui reiiciatur: kmctiJhvnu. 

Colchicu. Cap.LXXXUlL Uiei KoK^yjov. Kg^. 'arcT'. 

Colchicon, aliqui epheme- KoK;;^>dv , ol J^, ^iwicpv^ ot 
ron/unt qui agrefte bulbu vo J% ^kCov a^^ov ^ Kyiy>v7o? tovi o 
cant , autumni exitu flore ^dit (p^yoTnoepv kviaaTv eu/bo^ -is^^ 
croci,candicantem^ab eo tem Ktvm -, ouoioy ^okjov all^ • i'- 
pore^fbliabulbi^fedpinguio- ^^y Ji-m^piKKct <pi^H^oKCZ 
ra: caule palmo altum/eretem Tm^Tr^KimeLyKim^iT^e.^' y^pj^ 
rufum femen : radicem foris c kqv am^yualov , v^%i7ov l^v-vi 
nigra rufefcetem^qua? delibra- ^^ovii^as/qiKoiov^i^varti^^ty-^x 
ta, cadida & moliis ipeiftatur^ xj^ov Iv Tt^tjh^jaMi^ % v^Ki-m^ 
lafteo fucco madet, atquc gu- ^o^';, uv)u)> x^ i^TrzcK^ tc^ Itt.v 
ftatu dulcis inuenitur : bulbus pu'^ <yu£zV/57za r^ yKvv.^u'V 
eius mpdiam habet rimam^ fif- ^ Ji l ^kCo^ Siij^Lmv fjia^v 
furamque^qua flos erupit: plu- ;^d* bM ro du/^s k(piitci • iioyZ' 
rimum in Mcflenia,& Colchis to J% ^KSi^^vc^ tS^^Wcc zo 
cnafcitur . Ea comefa ^ fungo- %^yjKyci?. ^oo^c^ Ji y.TtiVH 
rura nijore, ftrangulando ene- y^T^ ^iv miyyi^v oyuilai^ yxi^ 
cat . Hanc autem depinximus^ yj/^fjth hn-^^i-^i^Lyh J% guvtIw 
nc a quoqua imprudenter pro vvct ymKizr^ ^%&>^aa.a^v ^k^ 
bulbo deuoretur.mirumenim Cov"!T!i£^Jo^eo^yjif*o^v \7i^KTt^ 
in modu faporis voluptate im- yj),<hG^ tIu) '^JovIwtoI'^ k-Trei- ^- 
perito^ allicit . Remedio {unt ^c/^ , ^y^^Ji to7^ ^di-pvm o- 
eadem quae fungis ? bubulum mtx£ilTmimyjA7w^(^a)pvm,}tca 
etiam |ac potu auxiliatur . ita- -^a.Ka ^mov ^tyoy^ov • <yV tc o- 
que cum adfuerir,no aliud de- twj m^A tovto > m.<hyl$ dL»,ou 
fideratur auxiliam, M^ ^Qn^^.To^. 

£phe- me^^ Ep^ 


' neetHip^ii^e^y. Kitp.^L Ephemcru, Cap. LXXXV. 

Etp-^ju^ePh <>* ^\ ^^v i-ydcij^y Ephemeronjaliqiii iylueftre 

pu >Xct %cu y^Kov ou^otsL X^ Kfi iria appeliantj folia hab et lili}, 

y(d^Ki77io7i^u Si dur^ ^ivyjy^m- fed tenuiora: caulem parem: 

}if(i'i(^P^v cf^ uahcLmyi^ei Si florem candidum^amarumrfe- 

^vTii $7 JkicrvhovTid^^ yiidL^fjL^ men mcUe: radicem vnamjdi- 

yi^k^ <pr^i'Mi^ lijdj\t^' ^iftw ov gitali crafiitudinejlongam^ad- 

-/^^^7$ ^ mcLKi^uotc* TouTov n ftringenteai, odoratam: nafci- 

^ fi^ct oJbvTztKyas '^ q^ipuct^ tur in fyluis & opacis . Huius 

zay hcocKiflo^yi, Ttt Si <pv».u radix dentibus pra^cipuajfide- 

a/ ohep l-^^viti }L£u y^iuTrhOr- c 0(3:0 colluatur. Folia in vino 

10 ^vl a oIcAi^Ttt j^ ovudfl a <h or co <ft a^difcutiut tumores5& tu- 

^ofiiyfjtMTTtd if^^ov X^vTtiL, bercula^qua? nihil adhuc humi 

neei E^|W. Ks(?.W» di contraxerunt. 

^ r. «~!^« .f jv * ^J, -. ..-,„ «f _fi^ Hekmejd eiimuralisher 

* ' *A>' j/^* ' * ba. Cap.LXXXVI. 

J5 Ji^KuCiiiov/i Ji^ Tn^Kvc^vvujov Helxine nafcitur in parieti^ 

i[^^m*(pvi^ cm ^r/yol^ £* roL nis^ fepibus ^ vineis & fegeti- 

^iry^Uct 5' e;)5« X57r?i6 <s§fv' bus:foIia ei mercurialis infunr 

^a^^v^a o^ict Kivoljig^^M- hiriiita : cauliculi fubrubentes 

ai^L'--!;^^ T^i y^K^ialmi ajpcf & circa eos veluti fcmina a- 

f/ATict^fd-^^ct^ kvnKduCwiomva. fpera, adhxrentia veftibus.Fo^ 

1 o T l^A-vim. t::^imcLim Si t^ ju. lia refrigandi ipiffandjque na^ 

^vTT^a i^i^dmV'/pj'7^i'mrlhi'rA3* turam habentjqua ex caufa fa- 

WTTKcio^fUVdL \a^ if>ujjmKcilcty nzut illim faeros ^nes , adufta 

yj^vJ^K<i(X£t'm^nJi(i^ljutict,<pv condyIomata,pan6sincipien- 

-^^KAc^^^i^ix.,^ ^f (Pk4(w tes, tumores, inftammationeC 

vhi^otJ^i^Tzt^o^^^Ko^cuvTTfg que. Succus cius cum ceruC 

»5 Mtyei^ ^l^ttfu^^^i^unmKciTrt Ji) fa^ ignibus izcris 8c vlceri- 

t^wi'^ i<p^i: it^-nt^ii^o^^i^ bus qu^ ferpuntjCommode il« 

7roM)^ctc cvy K^G>7h' xjjtt^icl k-^ linitur , imponitiirque poda ^ 

yac\>»^9w » 7§cLy^(^ 9icL7iy GXpi^ gris cum hircino adipe aut ce- 

KH ncu ^n-rlovTu^ ^oyimQ ^^ rato cyprino : veterem tufiim, 

K>j^ K0M^o<pi^o^ Q70V yJjcL^of^ emcndat inftar cyathi hauftus: 

^ confil- 


tonfillis Infiammatione fentie- ^ 'mfi^ijum pj^^^t^im aJiei* 

tibusvtilirer&gargarizanirj& y^y3^ixryi.dL i^ iil^^ta^oi. &(pL 

oblinitur: auriti dolorcm cum Kt^y Vgj* mi. eoTAKya^ mw p^ 

rofacco inftaiatus leuat. JlrVw ly^i^ov eot^iXeu 

Alcine. Cap.LXXXVlI. nseiA^ffrW. ^Ke<p.^^'. 

Alfinen,aliqui anthillion^no- AK<^vnyol^^iJLvhS^^iujdrS 

nullimyosotavocantjquonia i;)^v (pv>Kcto(^iu i^vl^ Ijvqi^. 

mufculoru aures folia imitan- kKmyi Ji^ iik ii c^A^%oiX ^ A\, 

tur. Lucis opacifq^ gaudet^vn- mSn^ otKfiv t^tcc^^.tt^cc Vpv o- 

de alfine dida eft.H9c erat ea- (^ia iK^m , ^'Trerjo^n^ct ii yMji 

de quse helxine, nifi humilior uscKfo^puKKoTi^ k^ ol M(mci, 

ciret^& foliis minorib^,nec hir <fioL7ee(p^^^ n > (ruyjm o^f/.' lo 

fiira. cu teritur odore cucumis isuZauD/ M tp^t -J^x.vKtuj. ^v- 

reddit. Vim refrigeradi^aftrin- 'yStitlw • a^uLlpvrmv ^^ ^uy- 

gediq^ obtinettoculoril inflam [^m l^^K/^y , .0*73^ kK^L 

mationibus cu poleta illinitur. w v^^TrKiif^fM-A }tcu ^^ 

Succus auriii doloribus infun- ^'^v *mm ySKh^ aui^^ <icsx- 

ditunquin&emedatoiaquse IpAj^i.iLsu y^^Kov iif^arm ^ 

helxineJd eft^muralis herba. '^^ ^'^- V* '^^^iiyyf* 

Lens paluftrjs. n^/ (pcoc^ r cmr t£X- 

Cap. LXXXVIIL //^rm. Ki(p,*7iL 

Lens paluftris ^ inuenitur in ^axi^ ocmr m.^^Twy^c^- 

squa non fluente^ mufcus len-. eicy.i7Wt om -m w^/ju^v uM- 

ticula^ fimilis, refrigeratoriae twj' , i^pw Sy o^ w ^cijc^, 4^'- la 

naturse. Propter quod conue- ^v t^ JUuiun.TidTULs qfKifuo* 

nienter coUedionibus^igni fa- ycu^ ^liun-TnKaen K^Trojd^aj^ 

cro ^ 3c podagris , illinitur per (if^^i^^ y^-mTrKuoc^f^o^^ ;^' 

fe , ic cum polenta : giutinat, lo^rCy ^y^aiu) kK<^tTq>*7m0*^ 

&'procidentia puerorum in- xo>^5 J^ }uu ui^es'^>^ W 

teranea. cm^mti^v^ ^ ^ ^ 

Semperuiuum magnu/eu nsei A^^^oy ^ y^yxKM. 

fedu. Cap.LXXXIX. ^ K£<^*^ r^%\ ^ ^ 

Sempcruiuiimagnuideono h^ltm ro ukyet hofm<^ 

minatur^ quo;nia peipetub fo- «ftct to fltft^zixW Twy (pvKKm* 

lia vireant: cuius caules cubiti yj/Jhoii J'' mm myucuoi^^^ ^ 

alti- /^^t*'- 

LIBER. IIII. 2.^4 

^^o^as^^^^ cfttJCT^^Aoy izfi.yi^ altitudinem implent.interduni 
Kou.wnAes^^ho^Si^lfin^^ excedunt,pingues,crafiimdine 
%^v^ cd4^ <t^ 0(?^e^^^ 'n^y- pollicari,virentes, characi^ ti- 
)jui>^ov'^i>><cLU7:tLe^^fjti^yc,^^ thymalimodoinfeai:foliapia 
MjctuKov u^/lKouy*yKioc^HS?i guia , carnofa, magnitudinc 
^T^' -Tz S.iifov, if TK (jSp y^TW- pollicari, in cacumine lingu^ 
71^0 7WV c>6>Km vTHm^Spa^Tv. fimilia alia in terram conuexa, 
J^ yT^ T^oJ jciipfit\fw) mesn^^K- alia in capitc ftantia inuicem, 
^'Iw* ^jAjj^sCjW-aov c<^d^- ita vt ambitu cffigiem imiten- 
^«cf^S^^^iecti^oyTa* cpy£w c/^l tur oculi : nafcitur in monti- 
It ^w^ l^eim^ itai og^a.moi^. bus , & teftaceis : fupra domi- 
lytot Ji (puTzioum dJUTv cm T^y cilia etiam ferirur . Eius vis re- 

^^ oiJwt^^TWj^. Au^af^/ J^ V}et frigerare, & adftringere : me- 
-i^mKhJi ^ c;6(^t^vim ^ mova^ denturignifacro ^ nomis^ vl- 
^H^unTiiKcm^^^Tiv^-m^yO' ceribus qu^ ferpunt^ oculo- 
fjiaf^o^p^K/u^v^K^^vai^TTU' rum inflammationibus , am- 
eiji^Tu^^oJiiQ^^^H^Tzt^TrKar- buftis igni, podagris per fe , & 
j^ 75^ac Ttf (pvKKuy^d^ lcajT^^ )c^ cum polenta illita folia. Suc- 
A^Ttt i^(p( w . A' ;!^\o^ ^V cus capiti , in doloribus , cum 
yjt(petKctK.-)ia$ t/A-m kKt^iTov y.ou polenta aut rofaceo perfundi- 
fo J>yoy i^C^-^^w \Kcu (poLKciy' tur: datur in potu contra pita- 
>fOc/^z7Bif ^ ^'m<^Jhwy zcu langiorum idus, dyfenteriam, 
ihafj^ot^oa^ot^ 5 xfiw JhcnyneA- aluique proSuuia : terctes ti- 

%oyxi7^^qiOY/vKa$7i%Kuty^^c^- neas potus in vino excutir; 
myiosei mxu oiyo^ -Trsde/r^Jbo? fubditus in vellerc ^ mulierum 
^\oujj -^iiDcu^my iji isfo^- abundantiani fiftit: fuccus o, 
TceAy^kwMo^Ko^Kciuo^m culorum lippimdinibus^ fan- 
tSv c<p^^uim7a>y aip^i^^ k~ guinis vitio conceptis : inun- 
msu^Tn^* gitur. 

^. UieiAei^aH^f^Kfov. Scmperuiuumparuum. 

Ke^. 'T. Cap. X C. 

A^?^G>Qv ii uiYjfly t^vi-m li Semperuiuii paruu in petris, 

rpi^^^i^ Kcu m.7fcu$'^^cu ^iypt^ parietinis,& maceriis^nec non 

Kcu ^i^es^i \im(^iot$ ^X^Kict fcrobib^opacisnafcitjCaulibus 

jwro (itct^fi^n? ^Q}^a^Km7iy ab vna radice multis^tenuibus^ 

^' crebro 


erebrofoliadstexilibusfoliis^ ^tmo. ^y^XaeiV/ ^(^g§^y* 

rotundis , pinguibus ^ mucro- ^a^m^Zi/yf^zpZyJ^^ic^v Itt* aKpn* 

natis : caule a medio emican* avim ^ ^ y^>^v I9 fuotd ^afei 

te^palmumaltovmbellamher am^^ 'ji uuiyc^^^X^vm 

bidofque fiores, & tenues ge- mih^v i^ ^"^ KiTrjk i^ yKa>-' 

rente.rolia eifdem cum priorc ^/.^royT^y tw ^yMflC ^diurj g- ^ 

viribus pr^edita fijnt y^ tOij ojtTb^ 7^ mesHfitj^cd* 

Semperuiuum tertiura, nee« A«^<»» hie9'^. 

Cap- XCI. Kg^ ^L 

Tertiumvideturfemperuiui AozSJi ^vcuiy^j^v^Jh^ 

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femitas vbique . Folia 5 caules^ ,u^7^ -ZiTme^Tu^oJh k^ olx^m- 2.0 

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