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Full text of "Fowler's commercial directory of the principal towns and villages in the upper ward of Renfrewshire"

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' vtx vM <*• Mr o/ »•> ^/i yfi vJ^ ^A j»4 :*i j»-i j,»^ Jli Sk :i^ >«d ili JJii 5^4 ^4 :^ ^4 J^i S^ ^ ^i ^ iJi i>«4 
: /^ ^^ ^ ^»^ ^^^ ' •< 7ii ^tt 7«> m fa 7i> Tj? Tit TK ?K 7«t ?<? TR T*'^ 7»? ^s :^ 7*? ft- »? 7<? ^»^ 7»t ^ W 








1834—35 ; 



^Including the following Sea-bathing JJuar- 

ters, viz.— Grourock, Innerkip, Helensburgh, 

laargs, and Rothesay. 





Of whom may he had every Neio Periodical Publication. 
: ~J< i-K igi, ^i ii-- v»r ^'i. if^ iK:fi.^ >'i t'i i»!£ i% i«4 ^i i'4 i'i i'^ i'^ ^^ ^% ^^ ^4 ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ 



R- 2tf\ K 


,/'//, '^90 

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

National Library of Scotland 









134— S5 ; 







'seventh publication. 



f See next page. J 


In presenting to the public the seventh edition of the Directory, the 
publisher with gratitude acknowledges the valuable assistance he has 
received from many respectable individuals, and solicits a continuance 
of such favours, as he is thereby enabled to make his Lists more com- 
plete, and consequently more generally useful. 

With regard to the usefulness of suck a work, he deems it unneces- 
sary to say much, as this, on the slightest inspection, will be found ap* 
parent. The Lists and Tables inserted in the Appendix are of the 
most useful description, and suitable not only to the Merchant and 
Trader, but to the public generally. In the accuracy of details, and 
distinctness of arrangement, he is aware that the chief value of suck 
a work consists; ^he has, therefore, spared neither pains nor expense 
in securing these. As it will require a series of publications to re- 
vinnerate hlmforJiis labours, he looks forward with confidence to a 
discerning public, for that support in his undertaking which his exer- 
tions require; at same time, he pledges his most unremitting attention. 
■to every source of information whereby he may render his Directory in 
every way worthy the very distinguished patronage it has already re- 

As there are but few Copies throion off, except what are subscribed 
for, non-subscribers will require to make early application; and, to 
prevent disappointment, it will be found advantageous for those who 
ti-ish to secure a copy, to give in their names when the surveys are 



Tlie ptihlic are respectfully requested, when Removals . and change 
of Firms take place, to send early notice to the Publisher, that the 
Lists may be , made up by the \st of May. Such Notices require to 
he accurate, as they are inserted verbatim. Attending to these notices, 
will be found of much public advantage, by securing accuracy in the 
Lists. — All communications, post paid, will be-duly attended to. 

N. B. — Bookbinding — Copperplate Engraving and Printing'— 
Let}.er Press and Lithographic Printing, done in a superior Style. 

^^ Orders HECEiyED for evehyNew Periodical 
Publication. ^, ,^R■f 

Menfrewshire Directory Office, ) 

.P4isLEr3 1834. C ^i 





Fr ^ 








For the Upper Ward of 




Magistrates and Town Council of Paisley, 
By their most obedient humble Servant, 

Bill Table from July 1834, to January 1S36. 

Wed. 1 8 15 22 29 
Thur. 2 9 16 23 30 

JULY 1834-. I JANUARY. 1835 

Tues. 1 8 15 22 29: Thur. 1 8 15 22 29 

Wed. 2 9 IG 23 30;Frid. 2 9 16 23 .30 

Thur. 3 10 17 24 31ISat. 3 10 17 24 31 

Frid. 4 11 18 25 
Sat. 5 12 19 26 
Sun. 6 13 20 27 
Mon. 7 14 21 28 

Frid. 1 8 15 22 29 
Snt. 2 9 16 23 30 
Sun. 3 10 17 24 31 
Moti. 4 11 18 25 
Tues. 5 12 19 26 
Wed 6 13 20 27 
Thur. 7 14 21 28 

Moil. 1 8 15 22 29 
Tues. 2 9 16 23 30 
Wed. 3 10 17 24 
Thur. 4 11 IS 25 
Frid. 5 12 19 26 
Sat. 6 13 20 27 
Sun. 7 14 21 28 
Wed. 1 8 15 22 29 

Sun. 4 11 18 25 
Mon. 5 12 19 26 
Tues. 6 13 20 27 
Wed 7 14 21 28 
Sun. 1 8 15 22 
Mon. 2 9 16 23 
Tues. 3 10 17 24 
Wed. 4 11 18 25 
Thur. 5 12 19 26 
Frid. 6 13 20 27 
Sat. 7 14 21 28 

Sun. I 8 15 22 29 
Mon. 2 9 16 23 SO 
Tues. 3 10 17 24 31 
Wed. 4 11 18 25 
Thur. 5 12 19 26 
Frid. 6 13 20 27 
Sat. 7 14 21 28 

Wed. 1 8 15 22 29 

Frid. 3 10 17 24 31 

Thur. 2 9 16 23 SO Thur. 2 9 16 23 30 
Frid. 3 10 17 24 31 Frid. 3 10 17 24 

Sat. 4 11 18 25 
Sun. 5 12 19 26 
Mop. 6 13 20 27 
Tues, 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 29 
Sun. 2 9 16 23 30 
Mon. 3 10 17 24 
Tues. 4. 11 18 25 
Wed. 5 12 19 26 
Thur. 6 13 20 27 
Vv\<f. 7 14 21 2-^ 

Mon. 1 8 15 22 29 
Tues. 2 9 16 23 30 
Wed. 3 ]0 17 24 31 
Thur. 4 11 18 25 
Frid. 5 12 19 26 
Sat. 6 13 20 27 
Sua. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 4 11 18 25 
Sun. 5 12 19 26 
Mon. 6 13 20 27 
Tues. 7 14 21 28 

Frid. 1 8 15 22 29 
Sat. 2 9 16 23 30 
Sun. 3 10 17 24 3! 
Mon. 4 11 18 25 
Tues. 5 12 19 26 
Wed 6 13 20 27 
Thur. 7 14 21 28 

Mon. 1 8 15 22 29 
Tues. 2 9 16 23 30 
Wed. 3 10 17 24 
Thur. 4 1 1 18 25 
Fri. 5 12 19 ^Q 
Sat. 6 13 20 27 
Sun. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 4 11 IS 25 
Sun. 5 12 19 26 
Mon. 6 13 20 27 
Tues. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 29 
Sun. 2 9 16 23 30 
Mon. 3 10 17 24 31 
Tues. 4 11 IS 25 
Wed. 5 12 19 26 
Thur. 6 13 20 27 
Fri. 7 14 21 28 
Tues. 1 8 15 22 29 
Wed. 2 9 16 23 .30 
Thur. 3 10 17 24 
Frid. 4 11 18 25 
Sat. 5 12 19 2G 
Sun. 6 13 20 27 
Mon. 7 14 21 28 
Thur. 1 8 15 22 29 
Frid. 2 9 16 23 30 
Sat. 3 10 17 24 31 
Sun. 4 11 18 25 
Mon. 5 12 19 26 
Tues. 6 13 20 27 
Wed. 7 14 21 28 
Sun. 1 8 15 22 29 
Mon. 2 9 16 23 30 
Tues. 3 10 17 24 
Wed. 4 II 18 25 
Thur. 5 12 19 26 
Frid. 6 13 20 27 
Sat. 7 14 21 28 
Tues. 1 8 15 22 29 
Wed. 2 9 16 23 30 
Thur. 3 10 17 24 31 
Frid. 4 11 18 25 
Sat, 5 12 19 26 
Sun. 6 13 20 27 
Mon. 7 14 21 28 



Draft of Order for Payment to the Bearer, or Order on demand, or 








Jay's . 







not exceed 





£0 1 










































































I 5 






1 10 


For any sum not exceeding ...£100 ... One Shilling and Sixpence. 

Above jSIOO and not exceeding 200 








Three Shillings. 

Four Shillings. 

Five Shillings. 

Seven Shillings & Sixpence. 

Ten Shillings. 

Above £3000 Fifteen Shillings. 
Every Bill in each sec, is chargeable with the respective duties. 


For £5 & under £10 ... Os 2d'\ 

For 10 
For 20 
For 50 
For 100 
For 200 













1 6 

2 6 


For £300 & under £500 .. 5s iW 
For 500 do. 1000 .. 7 6 
For 1000 and upwards, 10 
In full of all demands, 10 
Receiver of money to pay stamp. 


To or from any -place in the United Kingdom, the Islands of 
Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark, or Man. 
For every sum of 100/. or under, every progressive sum of 

100/; and fractional part of 100/., the premium not above 

20 per cent. . . - - 

For the said sums progressively and fractionally, where the 

premium is above 20 per cent. 

Is 3d 

2s Qd 


For every 100/. or under, every progressive sum of 100/. and 
fractional part of 100/. the premium not abave20 per cent. 2s €d 

For the said sum, progressively and fractionally, the premium 
above 20 per cent. - -- • 5s, Qd» 



BARRHEAD Directory 186 

Appendix {see Neilstjn) 200 

BRIDGEOF WEIR Directory 151 

Appendix {see Houstoun) 157 

CROSSLEE Directory - 151 

Appendix {iee Pullokshaws) 157 

ELDEKSLIE Directory 142 

Appendix {see Johnsione) 14 

GRAHAMSrONE Directory 18P 

Apendix {see Neiston) 200 

HOUSTOUN Directory - 15 

Appen '!x . 157 

Carriers' Quarters . I5S 

Fairs . ISy 

Grave Digger - 137 

Justices (.1 the Pesce - 157 

Meiical Practitioners - 1"8 

Midwives . . J5n 

Ministers . - 157 

Officer--, Church and Precentors 157 

Session Clerk - 15 

Schools, Public . . ib 

Do. Sabbath , ib 
Societies, P'liendly, Religious, &c. 

to Managers of • 89 

HO W.WOOD Directory 171 

Appendix {see Luchwinnock} 18J 

HU;?LET Directory - 214 

Appendix {see Pollokshaws). 21S 

JOHNSTONE Direcory - l"^! 

Appendix - 146 
Adjusters of Imperial Weights and 

Mea-ures . 147 

Auctioneers . ih 

Boat-, Canal pas-age - 148 

Carriers' Qu irteis - ib 

Coffee ana News room - 147 

C(;mraiitee I f I'own Management 146 

Court, Justices of the Peace ib 

Fairs . 15( 

Gas Light Company . 149 

Grave D gger . I-IS 

Jtiousti.iin St Johnstone Lodge 1-19 

Insurance Offices . 147 

Justices of the Peace » 14 

Library " . . ].1P 

Mechanics' Insntution 15( 

JVledical Practitioners 147 
Jl id wives 

Winisiers . . 148 

Officers, Church . ib 

Do. Excise . 147 

Do. Sheriff . 14( 

Post (JtTice, arrivals and dispatch 148 
Pi'Stage, rates of, in Great Britain 

{see Paisletj Direciory) - ICf 

Se-sion Clerk . 14^ 

Schottl,-', SalibHth - \EH, 

Societies, Fnemily, Religious, &c, 14' 

to ?v3anagers of . gc 

Writers . . 143 

KILBARCHAN Directory 159 

Appendix - 166 

Auctioneer . 167 

Agncnltural Society 169 

Cirrierb' Quarter- - 167 
Comraitee of I'own Management 166 

Curler^' Society - 170 

Fairs - ib 

Fire Engine - - ib 

Grave Diggers - 167 

Justices of Llie Peace • 166 

Library. Kilbarchan 168 

Do Ptelief, - im 

Medical Practitioner - 167 

Midwife - ib 

Vlinisters - 166 

Officers, Church and Precentors ib 

Se-sion Clerk - ib 

School Parochial . IrTJ 

Do Sabbath - ib 
Societies, Friendly, Religious, && 168 

Do. to Managers of 89 

St. Barchan's Lodge - 168 

LIN WOOD Directory 142 

Appendix {see Johnstone) 146 

LOCH WINNOCH Directory 171 

Appendix - ISl 

■Agricultural Society - 1S6 

Auctioneers . 132 

Banking Agent - 183 

Carriers' Quarters . ib 

Coaclies, btage » ib 

Court, Justice of the Peace 1S2 

Curling Club - IS.'i 

l-'airs. . - 186 

Garthland St. Winioeh's Lodge 1S4 

Grave Digger . 182 

Insurance Offices, . 183 

Justicesof the . ISl 

Lochwinnoch Library . 185 

Medical Practitioners 182 

vJidwives . ib 

Ministers - ib 

Officers Church and Precentors »b 

Do Sheriff - ib 

I'ost, arrival and dispatch - 183 
Postage rates of {sec Paisley DirtC- 

t ry) . 109 

School, Parochial - 184 

D.J Sabbath - il) 

Session Clerk - 182 

Societies, Friendlv Religious, ScC 18i 

Do to Managers of 89 

Writers . - 182 

f^ EI LSTON Directory 186 

Appendix . 200 
.Adjuster of Imperial Weights and 

Measure - 203 

Agricultural Society 205 

\uctioneer - 200 

Carriers ■ 2' 2 

Coaches. Stage - 262 

Jourt, Justice of the Peace EuO 







2 1 




Curling Club (Barrho «') 

Cuiler>' Society (Neilston) 

Fair, Barrhead 

Fdirs, Neilston 

G IS Light Company 

Grave Diggers 

Insurance (Offices and Agents) 

Justices of Peice 

Mechanics' Institution 

Medical Practitioners 

Messengers at Anns 

Wiilwives , <-: 


Officers, Church and Precentors 
Do. Excise 
Do. SberiflF, &c. 

Post, arrival and dispatch 

Postages, rates of (see Paisley Direa 
tory) - - 109 

Ses^ioll Clerk - 201 

School Patochial - ib 

Do Sabbath (Barrhead) 204 

Do Do (Neilston Original) ib 

Do Do (Neilston Assosiation) ib 

Societies, Friendly, Religious, &c. 203 
Do Temperance (Levern)' 205 

Do Home Mission ' ib 

Do To Managers of 8P 

Thistle and Crown Lodge 204 

Union and Crown Lodge 20.0 


tory - 171 

A\)pend\x {see Lochwinnoch) 181 

NITSHILL Directory 214 

Appendix (tefe FoUo skaws) 2i^ 

Paisley directory . i 

Appen<iix . W 

Addre-s and Notices . i 
Adjusters of Imperial Weights and 

Measures . 12( 

Agricultural Sdcietj! (lienfrewshire) l-ib 

Do. Do, prize ploughing? jg, 

match S. 

Archers, Paisley . ► 124 

Auctioneers . » 96 

Bands, Instrumental , » 130 

Banking Houses, Paisley . 97 

Do Do Union . ib 

Do Do Scotland, Western 

(branch of) . 98 

GTaFgow Union (branch of) . ib 

Do Do Provident ib 

Bill Table . . 4 

Boats, Steam . 114 

Do Canal passage 1.1'-' 

I>o Cart Do . 114 

Bridewell . 9(- 
Canal Company, (Glasgow, Paisley, 

and Ardrossan) , 112 

Carriers'' Quarters . IK 

Coaches, Siage . ib 

Coal Merchants and Agents 121 

Coffee and News Rooms i 101 

Commissioners of Supply , 94 

Constituency and Voters . 89 

Conveyance by land and water 109 

Courts Commissary . 

Do Head of the Burgh 

Do Justices of the Peace i 

Oo Quarter Sessions . 

Do Sheriff" 

D ) Do Small debt 
Curling Club 
Deaf and Dumb, Soc ety fjr the 

education of 
Directions for recovery of persons 

apparently drowned 
Dispensary and House of Recovery 
Due,, River and Harb lur 

Fine Arts (Society lS-29) 
Firemen and t ire Engines • 

Furnished Lodgings . 

Gas Light Company . 

Grain Mdls . 

Grave Diggers . 

Hospital, lovvn's 
Il surance, (Offices and Agents) 
Jail and Bridewell (Commissioners of) 96 




Justices ot the Peace < ^^ 

Libraries, Paisley, • l''l 

Do Theological . 10^ 

Do Trades . J'J 

Lieutenancy of RenfrevKshire 93. 

Lo 'ge, St Mirren's . 1^1 

viagistrates and Town Council ^ 

Markets and Stores , 120 

.Vleiiica! Practitioners . 9S 

Do Socety (1818) . 1:^5. 

Messengers at Arms, . 9S 

Alidwives . Sy 

vl misters . 104, 

vlnrt Cloth Society . 127' 

Officers, Church, and. Presenters 105 

Do Sheriff . 95, 

Do 'I'own . yS 

Philosophical rnstitution (1808) 10'2 

Police Commissioners of Burgh 90 

Do Do Suburbs ib 

Do Regulations of , 91 

Do Rates of Assessment ib 

Population . . 69 

Police Ward Divisions for Burgh 9L 

Poor's Funds (Overseer for Burgh) 107 

Porters Regulations for . 113 

Do Fares . . ib 

Postages, rales of in Great Britain loy 

Posts, arrival and dispatch of ib 

Presbytery Meetings » lOi 

Procurators, Faculty of « 94 

Public Offices, &c. - 117 

Public Sale Room , 96 

Road Committee, New Town, (1792) 122. 

Renfrewshire Militia 

Renfrewshire Yeomanry CavcJry 

Reiiirewshiie Political Union 

SchooU, English, Middle Parish 

Do Low do 

Do Grammar 

Do Hutchison's Charity 

Do Meihodi-t, Sabbath 

Do Roman Catholic 

Do Sabbath and Week day 

Do Town's Mercantile, &c. 




Session Clerks 

Societies, Paisley and Eastern Ren- 
frewshire Bible 
Ua Auxiliary Missionary 
Do for the prevention and cure 

of intemperance 
Do Female Benevolent • 

Do Friendly, &c. 
Do Gaelic Missionary • 

Do Youth's 
Do to Managers of 

Youth's Association for the preven- 
tion and cure of Intemperance 

Sta'm;j Duties 

St. M in en 'a Lodge • 

S ent Masters 

Steam Vessel ' , 

Stores (See Markets) 

Supply, Renfrewshire, Commission- 
ers of . . 

Street Guide 


Boats, Canal Passage 
Coaches, Stage 
Court, Justice of Peace 
Curlers' Society, Pollokshaws 
Curling Club, Mitsbill 

Fire Engine 

Grave Diggers 
Insnranco Office 
Justices of the Peace 
Library, Auldfiekl 

Do rhdrnliebank 
Lodge, Gardeners, Pollokshaws 
JVlagistrates and Town Council 
I^leiiical Practitioners 
Midwives • 

Officers, Church, and Precentors - 

Do Sheritl' 

Do Town 
Poor's Funds Overseers , 

Posts arrival and dispatch 
Postage, rates of {see taisley Direc- 
Royal Arch Lodge . 

Schools, Auliifield 

Do Easiwood 

Do Nitshill : 




Schools, Pollokshaws Town 


Do Sabbath, Auldfield 



Do do Thornhebank 



Do do Pollokshaws 


Session Clerk 



Societies, Friendly, Religions, &c. 



Do Temperance 



Do to Managers of 



Street Guide 



Writers , 






Appendix {see Johnstone) 



RENFREW Directory 









Coaches, Stage ^ , 


Coffee Uoom , 



Conveyance by Water j 



Court, Quarter Sessions 


Fairs, Fire Engine, &c. 






Grave Digger . 



Justices of the Peace 



Magistrates and Town Council 



Medical Praotitioiiers 



Midwives • 






Officers, Churcbj^ and Precentor 



Do Excise 



Do Town 



Post, arrival and dispatch 



Postage, rates of, see Paisley Directory 109 


Session Clerk 



School, Town's Grammar 



Do Tra'ies'' 



Do Ladies' 



Do Ladies' subscription 



Do Sabbath , 



Societies, Female Benevolent- 



Do Friendly, &c. 



Do to Managers of 



Writer' . 







Appendix {see Poltoksham) 



Table of Distances 


* 10^ 




Appendix {see FuUukshaws) 



YOKER Directorv 



Appendix {se^ Henfreiv) 



To avoid jostling in meeting.— Fas'^en^ers should observe the general rule — 
" Keep to the right," that is, allow those you meet to pass on your left 

Abbey close from Old Smith 

hills to Abbey street 
Abbey street, from Thread street 

to Eilis' lane 
Ahercorn street, north end of 

West Croft street to Hamilton 

Albion street, west side of Love 


^Back Sneddon street, north side 

af Old Sneddon street 
Bank street, south side of Gauze 

street to Mill street 
Barr street, south side of George 

.street to Canal street 
Barracks, (Foot^ north side of 

Birclay street, south side of 

George street to Canal street 
Barterholm, east side of Lyles- 

Biadda, north of Saucel 
Blacklaw lane, west side of New 

Sneddon street to Back Sned- 
don street 
Brablock, east side of Renfrew 

Brick lane, from South Croft st 

to North Croft street 
Bridge street (New Town) from 

Abbey street to Abbey Bridge 
Bridge street (Burgh) from Ab- 
bey Biidge to Orchard street 
Bioomland street, West end of 

Wellmeadow to Ferguslie 
Brown's lane, west side of Cau 

seyside st, to George place 
Buchanan st. (East) north side of 

Inkle street to Greenlaw st. 
Buchanan street (West) south 

side of George street, lo Canal 

Burn Row, from Gordon's lane 

to River 

Burn's place, east side of road 
leading to Renfrew 

Caledonia street, from St. James* 
street northward 

Calside, south west from head oi 

Campbell street, (South) from 
Neilson st. to Espedair Burn 

Campbell street, (West) north of 
West Broomland street 

C^amphill, south side of Canal st. 

Canal street, west side of Cau- 
seyside street to Ralston square 

Carbrook street, from North side 
of Brooralands to West Camp- 
bell street 

Cart lane, east side of New Sned- 
don street to River 

Cart street, from Thread streel 
to Seedhill 

Carlile lane, east side of New 
Sneddon street to river 

Carlile place, east side of New 
Sneddon street, opposite Wal- 
lace street 

Carriagehili, from Dovesland 

Carriagehili, (High) West of Orr 

Carriagehili field, West of Car- 

Castle street, west end of Well- 
meadow street to George street 

Causeyside street, from the foot 
of St. Mirren's st. to Calside 

Charleston by Lyleslaud west- 

Christie Buildings, High street^ 
west end of Old Bridge 

Christie lane, east side of New 
Sneddon street to the Quay 

Christie street, sou.h of Garth:.. 
land pkce 



Christie Terrace, fronting river, 
west end of Old Bridge 

Cburcii-hill, north side of High 
street, to Oakshaw street 

Clark's place, Seedhill 

Commercial Court, 112 Causey- 
side street, west side 

Cotton street, south side of Gauze 
street to Abbey street 

County buildings, Gilmour st 

Cowieston,foot of Maxwellton st. 

Crossflat, south side of Muslin sr,. 

Cross street, west side of Castle 
street to Queen street 

Croft street, (East) from Wal- 
neuk to Renfrew road 

Croft street (North) from Green- 
law street to Common Quay 

Croft street (South) east end of 
Sneddon Bridge to Wallneuk 

Croft street (West) from New 
Smithhills st. to Abercorn st. 

Cumberland Court, 1 10 Causey- 
side street, west side 

Dovesland, from Lylesland to 

I^uke street, south side of Row- 
an street 

Dyer's wynd, east side of Moss 
street to River 

Earl Grey Place, Lylesland 
Eliis' lane, v.'esi end of Abbey St.. 

to River 
Espedair street^ north and south 

of South Campbell streex 

Ferguslie (Back Row of) west 
end of Maxwellton to west lane 
of Ferguslie 

Ferguslie, west end of "West 
Broomlands to Millerston 

Ferguslie east lane, south of 
West Broomlands to Maxwell- 

Ferguslie mid lane, west end of 
Maxwellton to Ferguslie 

Ferguslie, (walk) north west end 
of Broomlands (West end) 

Ferguslie west lane, west end of 
Ferguslie to Canal 

Garthland lane, north side of 

Muslin street 
Garthland place, east end of 

Gauze st. opposite Christie ^t^ 
Gas Work, north west of foot of 

Wells street 
Gauze street, from Old Smith- 
hills street to Garthland place 
George Place, east end of George 

street to Brown's lane 
George street, west side of Caa- 

seyside to Ferguslie 
Gilmour street, from Dyer's 

wynd, .north to New Sneddon st. 
Glen street,, west side of Love 

street to Caledonia street 
Glen lane, north side of St. 

James' street to Glen street 
Gordon's lane, east side of Cau- 

seyside to Burn Row 
Greenhill, north west side of 

Underwood street 
Greenlaw, north of Muslin street' 
Greenlaw st. east end of Nforth 
Croft street eastward 

Hamilton street (by Calside) east 

side of Calside to Dovesland 
Hamilton street (Great) west side 

of Renfrew street to River 
Harbour lane,, east side of New 

Sneddon to Q.uay 
High street, west end of Old 

Bridge to Wellmeadow street 
Highland lane, south side of north 

Croft street 
Hospital lane, west side of New 

Sneddon street to Back Sned^^ 

don street 
Hunter street, west side near 

foot of Moss street 

lukle street, from Lawn street to ' 
1 east end of Gauze street 



John street, North side of 
Broomland street 

King street, north side of Broom- 
land street, opposite to Queen- 

King street, from Saucel to 

Lawn Street, head of Gauze st. 

to Wallneuk 
Lady Lane, west end of High st. 

to Canal street 
Laigh Kirk Lane, west side of 

Lillia's Wynd, north side of High 

street to Dyer's Wynd 
Lonend, from Saucel to Black- 
Love Street, from St. James' 

Place to Nether Common 
Lowndes' Lane east side of New 

Sneddon street to the River. 
Lyiesland, from Neilston street 

to Dovesland 
Lydenoch street, west side of 

Renfrew street to River 

M'Dowall street, west side of 
Caledonia street westward 

M'Leod's Buildings (Old Smith- 
hills) east end of Old Bridge 

M'Farlane's Lane, north side of 
North Croft street, to Niddry st. 

Marshall's Lane, north side of 
Orchard street to River 

Mary street, west side of Car- 
riage hill 

Maxwell street, east side of Love 
street to Ba«*k Sneddon street 

Maxwell ton, East of Fergus! ie 
back row 

Maxwellton street, south side of 
Broomland street to Cowies- 

Meeting House lane, west side 
of Moss street to Oakshaw 

Middle Lane, west side of New 
Sneddon street to Back Sned- 
don street 

Mill street, east end of Oauze st. 
to Seedhill 

Millerston, west end of Ferguslie 

MoncriefF street, east side of 
Love St. to Back Sneddon st. 

Moss street, from Cross to Old 
Sneddon street 

Muslin street, east end of Gauze 
street to Williamsburgh 

Niddry street, west side of Ren- 
frew Street to River 
Neil street, from Cowieston to 

Canal Bridge 
Neilston street (burgh) from head 
of Causeyside street to Lyies- 
Neilson street (by Calside) east 

side of Calside to Dovesland 
Nether Common, from Love st. 

Newton street, from Cowieston 

westward to Maxwellton 
New Sneddon street, north side 
of Old Sneddon street to Cart- 
New street, south side of High st. 

to Causeyside street 
New Smith hills street, north 
side of Old Smithhills street t,o 
West Croft street 
North street, east side of Love 
street to Back Sneddon street 

Oakshaw street, from head of 
School Wynd to Bowliriggreen 

•Oakshaw Head, north of Bowling 
green by Oakshaw street 

OldSneddon street, foot of Moss 
street toSneddon Bridge 

Orchard street, east side of Cau- 
seyside St. to Gordon's lane 

Orr street, north side of Highst. 
to Oakshaw street. 

Orr Square, north side of High st 



Orr Town, south side of Mary st. 

Patterhill, southward of Car- 

prince's street, north side of 

Underwood street 
Prussia street, east side of Cau- 

seyside street to Gordon's lane 
Pudding Lane, east side of Car- 


Quay Lane, east side of New 

iSneddon street to quay 
Queen street, south side of 

JBroomlands street to George st. 

Ralston square, west end of Ca 

nal street 
Renfrew st., north end of East 

Croft street to Burns' Place 
Rowan street, east side of Doves- 


Saucel, east end of Gordon's 

lan*^ to Lonend 
Sandho!es, head of Well street 

to King: street 
School Wynd. west side of Moss 

street to Oak^^haw street 
Seedhill, fiom Cart st. eastward 
Shuttle street, south side of New 

street to Brown's Lane 
Sir Michael street, south side of 

Georpe street to Canal street 
S'ate Quay, east side «f New 

Srieddon street by Carlile Place 
Siik street, east side of Lawn 

street to Gauze street 
Smith's Lane, north east side of 

New Szjeddon Street to River 
Smith hills, from east end of Old 

bridge to Gauze street 
Snodgrass' Lane, Seedliill 
Stevenson street, head of Causey- 
side street, (west side) 
Stirling st. west side of Calside 
Stock street, west side of Lyles- 

land to Calside 
Storie street, south side of High 

street to Canal street 
Stow Place, foot of Storie street 

to Stow street 

Stow Street, vi'est side of Cau- 

seyside street to Stow Place 
St. James' Place, from foot of 

Moss street to Love street 
St. James's street, from Love st. 

to Underwood street 
St. Mirren's st. east end of High 

St. (south side) to Causeyside st. 

Thomas street, north side of 
Fergus lie 

Thread street, from Bank street 
to Cart street 

Twigg's lane, north side of New 
Sneddon street to River 

Underwood street, from St. 
James' street to foot of Well st. 

Union street, north side of Un- 
derwood street 

Union St. south side of Stock st. 

Wallace street, east side of Love 
street to Slate Quay 

Wallneuk, north end of Lawn St. 
to east Croft street 

Wardfop street, south side of 
George street to Canal street 

Water Brae (Burgh) foot of St. 
Mirren's street to River 

Water Brae, (New Town) west 
side of New Smith hills st. to 

Water Lane, south side of Max- 
well ton 

Wellington street, west side of 
Caledonia street 

Wellmeadow street, west end of 
High street, to Broomland st. 

Well street, south side of Under- 
wood street 

West Brae, north side of Well- 
meadow St. to Oakshaw st. 

West St., south side of Broom- 
lands St. to Newton st. 

Wilson street, head of William 
street westward 

William St., north side of Broom- 
lands street 

Williamsburgh. east end of MuSr 

lin street to East Toll Bar 


.BBEY Sounding Aisle, 9 Abbey Close — Robert Lang, 
key-keeper, 5 Bridge street, (burgh) 

Adam, David, spirit dealer, 10 New Sneddon 

Adam, George, chimney sweep, vent mender and curer, 
6 Law^n street 

Adam^ J. &J. blacksmiths, Lylesland — ho. 10 Neilston st, 

Adam, James, cowfeeder and spirit dealer, Carriagehiii 

Adam, James, editor of the Western Independent, 5 Moss 
street — house 86 High street 

Adanx, James, grocer, 2 Wellmeadow 

Adam, Janet, cowfeeder, 13 Orcliard street 

Adam, John, of Collinslee 

Adam, John, & Co. fleshers, 17 Smith hills 

Adam, John, spirit dealer, 4 Abbey close 

Adam, John, watch and clock maker, 11 Smith hills 

Adam, Matthew, 109 Causeyside — ho. 10 Neilston st, 

Adam^ Mrs. grocer, 9 Moncrieff street 

Adam, Peter, enterer, 9 Back Sneddon 

Adam, Robert, spirit dealer, 49 Moss street — ho. 18 do. 

Adara> Robert, surgeon and druggist, 1 Smith hills 

Adam, William, cowfeeder, 7 Wallace street 

Adam, Wm. shawl manuf. 109 Causeyside— house 22 
Storie street 

Addison, Mrs. dress maker, 72 Canal street 

Advertiser Office, (Paisley), 15 St. Mirren's street, pub- 
lished on Saturday morning; 

Agnew, Robert, grocer, cabinet and chair maker, 66 High 
street — workshop 43 Wellmeadow^ street 

Agnew, William, blaclvsmith, 93 High street 



Aikraan, Edward, clotlilapper, 110 Causeyside — Louse 1 

Oakshaw head 
Aird, William, broker, 15 South Croft street 
Aitken, Fulton, ropemaker, 7 Smith hills— ho. 3 Lawn st. 
Aitken, James, cowfeeder, 60 George street 
Aitken, James, late chandler, 24 Ferguslie 
Aitken, Jei-vis, umbrella maker, 13 Broomlands 
Aitken, Miss, dressmaljer, 62 George street 
Aitken, Robert, cartwright, 62 George street 
Aitken, Samuel, block cutter, 21 South Croft street 
Aitken, William, joiner and. cartwright, 62 George street 
Aitken, William, teacher, 35 Castle st. — house 12 do. 
Alexander, Gavin, manufacturer, 14 Seedhill 
Alexander, James, manufacturer, 92 Causeyside 
Alexander, James, shoemal^er, 6 Moss street 
Alexander, John, broker, 34 Causeyside 
Alexander, John, manufactiurer, Bath place, 13 S-eedhill 
Alexander, John, wright, 3 Causeyside 
Alexander, Mrs. cowfeeder, Orr town 
Alexander, Robert, tailor, 19 Cotton street 
Alexander, Wm. weaver's wright and shuttle maker, 20 

Inkle street 
Algie, James, baker and vintner, ]0 St James' place 
Algie, John, farmer, Corker hill 

Allan, John, oil, colour, and spirit merchant, manu- 
facturer of genuine Japan paste shoe blacking, 
wholesale and retail, 76 High street — house 41 do. 
Allan, Mrs. eating house, 47 High street 
Allan, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Saucel 
Allan, Mrs. grocer, 26 Broomlands 
Allan, Mrs. teacher, 21 High street 
Allan, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 79 Causeyside 
Allison, James, flowerlasher, 92 Causeyside 
Allison, John, ginger beer manufacturer, 29 Moss street 
Allison, Robert, wright and grocer, 20 Gauze street 
Allison, Walter, wright & timber mercht. 69 Bcoomlands 
Anderson, David, grocer and Little Mill Distillery spirit 

cellar, 18 Lawn street 
Anderson, James boot & shoemaker, 15 Wellmeadow st. 
Anderson, James, grocer and spirit dealer^ 75 Love street 


Anderson, James, of Glen, Anderson, & Co., house 14 

Wardrop street 
Anderson, James, spirit dealer, 23 Abbey street 
Anderson, Jolin, grocer and spirit dealer^ Carriagehill 
Anderson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 71 Love street 
Anderson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Old Sneddon 
Anderson, John, writer, County Buildings, ho 23 Niddry st 
Andersons & Merry, manufacturers, 14 Causeyside 
Anderson, Miss, dress maker, 13 Ferguslie 
AndersojQ, Mrs. grocer, 134 Geoi^e street 
Anderson, Mrs. Renfrewshire Tontine and Hotel, 22 
Gauze street. New Town- — (Steam Carriage Com- 
imuy of Scotland office,) Coaches to and from Glas- 
gow times every lawful day, other coaches to 
a«d from Glasgow pass every honr 
Anderson, Thomas,^ (Townhead Tavern,) 78 High street 
Anderson, William, broker, 70 High street 
Anderson, Willia;!!}, thibet' cutter, J 10 Causeyside 
Andrew, Henry, spirit dealer, 32 George street 
Andrew, Robert, grocer^ spirit dealer, quarrier and buil- 
der, 9 Neilston street, qjiarries, Stanley and Foxbar 
Angus, J. straw hat maker, 12 New Sneddon 
Angus, John, tailor, 12 Nevv Sneddon 
Artwickle, Joseph, German clock shop, 4 Broomlands 
Archibald, Andrew, accountant, agent, &c. 9 Moss street 
Armour, John, cooper, and adjuster of the imperial dry 

meeisures, 93 High- street, and spirit dealer 94 do. 
Armoiir, John, manufacturer, 8 George street 
Armo^ir, Mrs, John, spirit dealer, 3 Abbey close 
Armour, Robert, carter and cowfeeder, 2 St J ames' place 
Armour, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 George street 
Armour, Robert, cooper,, grocer, and ham curer, 8 Church 

hill, cooperage 7 do. 
x'Vrnetl, John, toll-keeper and vintner, West toll bar 
Arneil, William, cartwright, 3 Bum row 
Arthur, Archibald & Co. shawl manufe. Christie Terrace 
Arthur, William, spirit dealer and stabling, 80 Canal st. 
Auld, Alexander, agent, 15 Causeyside, ho. 23 George st 
Auld, John, of Auld & Taylor, house 5 Christie street 
Auld &. Taylor, writers, 5 Moss street 


Auld, Tboraas, sen. feuar, 28 Lady lane 
Auld, Thomas, collector of poor's rates, 11 New Smithhills 
Avoy &■ Acton, silk winders and warpers, George place 
Ayton, David, gad inspector, house 38 Lady lane 

BACHOP, James, gfocer, 3 Renfrew street 
Bailey, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Old Sned- 
don, house 96 New Sneddon 
Bailey, Dayid, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 Williamsbiirgh 
Bain, David, manufacturer^ 24 Orchard street 
Baic, James, baker, 144 George street 
Buin, John, confectioner & teacher of dancing, SO Moss &t, 
Bain, William, Ironmonger, 1 High street, ho. 31 do. 
B^iird, Rev. Archibald, U S.C. house 57 Love street 
B-aird, Charles manufacturer, 43 George street 
Baird, Gs'orgej farmer, Oldhall , ' 
Btiird, JamoH, fartttir, Whltglmugb 
Baird, James, grocgr.and GQwi$mim, 19 N©w Bmlth hilb 
Baivd, John of Baird & Wollaea, houm 4 Clai'k'g Oourl, 

Baird, Robert, grocer ^ spirit dealer, Bt. James' plac43 
Baird & Wallace, manufacturers, 8 Causeyside, calico and 

shawl printers, Nethercommon 
Bairnsfatlier, George, hygoist and agent for the Brit'isli 
College of Health, 5(S High street, lodgings 14 
Wellmeadow street 
Baker, Archibald, shoemaker, 7 Wellmeadow street 
Baking Association, baking house, 21 New Smith hills, 

John M'Gregor, foreman 
Baldrence, Andrew, house Lonend 
Baldwin, W^m, saiith and bell hanger, 6 St. Mirren's st. 
Bailantyne, Alexander, weavers' wright, joiner, and cabi- 
net maker, 9 Broomlauds 
Bailantyne, Hugh, spirit dealer, 60 Broomlands 
Banks, Rev. James, house Mount pleasant 
Barbour, James, cowfeeder, Greenlaw cottage 
Bai'bour, Robert, umbrella manufacturer, 101 High street 
Barbour, Robert, umbrella manufacturer and furnishing 
warehouse, 22 New street 

PArstEY*. 17 

Barbour, William, wright and cabinet maker, 24 Gausey- 

side, bouse 28 Storie street 
Barday, Andrew, of Barclay, Andrew, & Co., residence 

Canal Bank 
Barday, Andrew, & Co Shawl merchants, 24 Gatreeysido 
Barclay, George, of Barclay, John, & Co., ho. IxAbbeyst. 
Barclay, Jas. of Barclay & Millar, residence Canal Bank 
Barclay, James, spirit dealer, 6 West Croft street 
Barclay, James, tea dealer and gi'ocer, 2 Smith hills 
Barclay, John & Co. steam loom factory, 15 Abbey close 
Barclay & Millar, silk & yarn merchants, 111 Causeyside 
Barclay, Mrs. Robert, of Glen, Canal Bank 
Barr^ Alexander, cowfeeder, 30 St. James' stre&t 
Barr, Andrew, sorting master, Mr. Twigg's Mill, 86 New 

Barr, Archibald, vintner, mason iodg:e, 43 New street 
Barr, David, dyer, 8 Marshall's lane, ho. 9 Orchard st, 
Barr, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 51 Caledonia st. 
Barr^ George, &. Co. leather merchants, 29 High street 
BaiT, George, carter, I(> inlde street \ 

BaiT, Hugh, distiller, Loxwell distillery 
Bafr, James, of Laigh Common, house 1 Maxwellton 
Barr, James, spirit dealer, 16 George street 
Barr, James, wright and glazier, 77 High street 
Barr, Janet, heddle caster, 30- New street 
Barr, John, of Barr & M^Nab, house 1 Maxwellton 
Barr, John, clerk, Lowndesdale 
Barr, John, grocer and spirit dealer,. 74 High street 
Barr, John K. grocer and tea dealer, 169 George street 
Barr, John, manufacturer, 26 Causeyside 
Barr, Jn. muslin manuf. 15 Causeyside, lio. 12 Barclay st. 
Barr, John, pastry baker, 60 Storie street 
Barr, John, sen. warper, 2 Dyer's w^md 
BaiT & Leighton, builders, 2 Garthland lane 
Barrs & M'l^'arlane, writers, 33 Old Sneddon 
Barr & Macnab, iron and brass founders, engineers, smiths^^ 

& mill Wrights, Abercorn foundry, 15 North Croft st., 
Barr, Mrs. Alexander, house Underwood 
Barr, Mrs William, house 5 Orchard street 
Barr's Paisley Apothecai-ies' Hall, 8 Fligh street- 

B. 3 


Barr, Patrick, of Barr & Leighton, ho. 2 Garthland lane 

Bari", Robert, chandler, 40 High street 

Barr, Robert, grocer and cowl'eeder, 2d Love street 

Barr, Thomas, Barr'sbiick head and tap T06m, 17 High st. 

Barr, Walter, spirit dealer, 22 Old Sneddon 

Barr, William, of Barrs & M'Farlane, ho. Ferguslie place 

Barr, William, cowfeeder, 17 Barclay street 

Barr, Wm, jun. of Barrs and ,M*Farlane— ho. 1 Max- 

Barr, William, yarn merchant, 41 New street 
Bartholomew, Alexander, manufacturer, 8 Causeyside — 

house 2 Caledonia street 
Barton, Archibald, hair dresser, perfumer, and peniquier, 

Christie Terrace 
Barton, James, manuf. 112 Causeyside — house Hunter st. 
Beat, Robert, smith and farrier, 8 Christie street 
Beaton, Alexander, beamer, 75 Causeyside 
Beaton, William, beamer, Stock street, Charleston 
Seattle, Walter, excise-officer — house 6 Moss street 
Begg, John, teacher, 45 Maxwellton 
Begg, Rev. James, A.M. — house 6 Stow Place 
Eeith, Fulton, fiesher aud spirit dealer, (stabling,) 21 

Broomlands street 
Beith, William, drawing msister, 4s Smith hills — house 

23 Moss street 
Bell, Henry, sheriff officer, 12 Dyers* wynd 
Bell, James, thibet cutter, 13 Wardrop street 
Bell, John, boot and shoemaker, 4 Gauze street 
Bell, John, flower lasher, 10 Smith hills 
Bell, John, grocer, 16 Ferguslie 
Bell, John, Woodside 

Bell, Malcom, spirit dealer, 14 Gauze street 
Bell, Richard, manager, tan-work, Seedhill — ho. 2 do. 
Bel], William, surgeon, 19 George Street 
Bennie, William, musician, 8 Moss street 
Biggar, Hugh, victualler and spirit merchant, 82 Canal st 
Biggar, John, manufacturer, 82 High street 
Biggar, Robert, spirit merchant, 16 Causeysidfe 
Bingham & Morton, clothiers and hatters, 109 Hrgh st. 
Bingham, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 20 High st. 


Bisset, Robert, shawl manufacturer, 11 Ferguslie 
Bissland, William, & Co. manufacturers, (Christie Build- 
ings,) Terrace 
Bissland, William, of Bissland, Wm. & Cp^ — house 4 

Orr's Square 
Black, Archibald, sen, smith and farrier, StoneEeld 
Blaclv, Mrs. grocer, 30 Cotton street 
Black, Wm. hair dresser and perfumer, 1*2 Smitli hills 
Blackwood, Misses, dress and corset makers, 6 Love st. 
Blackwood, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Love st. 
Blaikie, Andrew, engraver, copperplate printer, 7 Ab- 
bey street 
Blair, Alexander, baker, 33 Canseyside 
Blair, John, grocer and vintner, 32 Wellmeadow street 
Blair, Mrs. cowfeeder, 1 Maxweilton street 
Blair, Mrs, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer,, 38 New st, 
Blair, Peter, porter in Paisley Union Bank^^ — ixjuse 27 

Lawn street 
Klair, Robert, sen. tailor, 102 Causeysidie 
Eflair, Robert, jun. tailor, 16 George street 
Blair, W^ alter, grocer and spirit dealer — 1 Brid^ street 
Blair, William, manufacturer,. B Causeyside 
Blelodi, David, & Co, Haberdashers, 88 Higb ^teeet 
Bone,. William, miller, Bakers' Mill, Camphill 
Bonner, William, (Burn's Head Inn,) 11 High.stroat 
Borland, Alexander, accountant Western Bank of Soot- 

lajid, 4 Smith hills — house 69 New Sn.^4*^n 
Botfland, Mrs. eating house, 9 Broomlands 
Bowes & Harris, builders, 30 Thread stre^^t 
Bowes, Hugh, feuar, 2 North Croft street 
Bowes, Wm. of Bowes and Harris — ho. 58 Oausejside 
Bowie, Alexander, manufacturer, house 99 Causeyside 
Bowie, Henry, &; Sons, manufacturers, 8Q C^ji^yside 
Bowie, Walter, farmer, Holland Bush 
Bo.wie, Wm. keeper of bowling green, 37 Oaldhaw^st 
Bowman, James manufacturer, 162 George street 
Boyd, James, window glazier, 32 High st hci, p2 'cb. 
Boyd, John, grocer, 92 Causeyside 

Boyd, Matthew, man uf. 110 Causeyside, ho. J4\17^^uk 
Boyd, Robert, manufacturer, 23 Causeysid9-^h9,use do. 


Boyd^ Thomas, of Boyd, Thomas & Co. ho. 52 High st. 

Boyd,- Thomas, & Co. shawl manufacturer^^, 109 High st. 

Boyd, Thomas, musician, 11 Shuttle street 

Boyd, Wm. vintner, (carriers' quarters) 91 Causeyside 

Boyd, Wm. & Son, merchants, 26 Gordon's lane— ho. do. 

Boyd, Wm. jun. tea and sugar warehouse, 30 High st.- 
hoLise 52 do- 

Boyle, John, contractor, spirit dealer, and eating house,- 
14 St. Mirren's street 

Braid, Mrs. 1 MuKlin street 

Brand, Wm. of Mac N air & Brand, ho. Whitehaugh Ho. 

Brannan, Hugh, shoemaker, 10 Canal street 

Bredila.nd Pottery, Brediland, Wemyss, Inglis and Co. 

Bremner, Rev. John, Catholic Clergyman — house 2 East 
Bnchanan street 

Brewster, Rev, Patriclv— house Hillhead 

Brisbane, John, wright, 30 Gauze street 

Broadwood, Mrs. stay and corset maker, 61 High street 

Brock, James, hairdressei^, 15 Gauze street 

Brock, Miss Eliza, straw hat maker, 42 Causeyside 

Brock, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Gadze street 

Brodie, David, teacher and accountant, 16 Old Sneddon 

Brodie, John, shoemaker, 72 Broomlands 

Brodie, Robert, clerk in Paisley Union Bank, ho. 11 
Abbey street 

Brough, David, haberdasher, 109 High st. ho. 3 Garth- 
land street 

Brough, Peter, haberdasher, 93 High st. ho. 9 Bridge st. 

Brown, Alex, vintner, 6 Abbey close 

Brown, Andrew, cotton spinner, Auchentorley 

Brown, Andrew, merchant, George place 

Brown, David, blacksmith, 5 Back Sneddon 

Brown, H. & J. manufacturers, 109 Causeyside 

Brown, J. & M. hosiers, 26 High street 

Brown, James, & Co. Charleston Pottery, Carriagehill 

Brown, James, fenar, 3 East Croft street 

Brown, JameS) hosier, 78 High street 

Brown, James, picking master. Underwood Mill 

Brown, James S. teacher, 4 Orr st. ho. 2 Back Sneddon 

BrowP; John; baker, 56 Causeyside 


Browri, John, canteen, Paisley Barracks, Williamsburgh 

Brown, Jolm, cowfeeder, 29 Lady lane 

Brown, John, farmer, Alton 

Brown, John, farmer. High Cardonald 

Bi'own, John, flesher, 18 Gauze street 

llrown, John, grocer, 25 Queen street 

l3ro<wn, John, grocer, 41 George street 

Brown, John, turner, 02 High street 

Brown, John, Warehouseman, ho. 13 Barclay street 

Brown, John, wright, 23 New Smith hills 

Brown, Matthew, of Crossflat 

Bfown, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 58 Kigh stre«i 

thrown, Mrs. gTocer, 18 Smith hills 

Brown^ Mrs. grocer and vintner^ 44 Storie street 

Brown^ Mri. John, farmer, Headeretea 

IfowHj Mrs. Eegistei' Offlo© for gti'v^aati, 4D Ntw %Um% 

BrowK, F©top, flesh©r, 2 Old Sneddon 

Browo, Robert, pattern drawefj 4 Qmth strett 

Bfown, Sharps, & Co. manufaeturtrg, 4 Shuttl© gtreet 

Brown, William, baker, 1 Wellmeadow street 

Brown, Wm. of Brown, Wm. jun. & Co. ho. Egypt Park 

Brown, Wra. jun. & Co. commission agents, 13 Causeyside 

Brown, William, grocer, 9 Wardrop street 

Brown, William, grocer and gardener, 15 Williamsburgh 

Bro\vn, William, & Son, manufacturers, 85 Canal street 

Bi-own, Wm, of Welker and Sons, ho. 14 Wardrop st. 

Browning, Archibald, & Co. chemists and druggists (cross 

steeple) 103 High street 
Browning, Gavin, surgeon, 102 High street 
B.rownlie, John, bill poster, 5 Marshall's lane 
Bruce, John, fish-dealer, 10 Moss street 
Bryao, J as. slademan to Saucel Brewery Coy. 13 Saucel 
Bryce, David, slater, 6 Bridge street, (New Town) 
Bryce, James, joiner, 1 and 2 Moncrieir street 
Bryson, James, cowfeeder, 5 East Croft street 
Bu(j^tmnan, Bdw. B. of Saucel Brewery Coy ho. 13 Saucel- 
Buchanan, James, confectioner, (Glasgow Arras Inn,) 24 

High street 
Buchanan, James, cotton-twister, 10 New street 
Buchanan, Mrs, James, ho. 55 High street 


BuchanaHy James, colour maker to Fotheringham and 

Buchanan, Blacldandraill 
Buchanan, James, wine and spkit merchant, 162 George 

street— 'house 19 Storie street 
Buchanan, Janet, mangier, 6 Broomlands street 
Buchanan, Misses, dressmakers, 22 Smith hills 
Buchanan, Moses, boot and shoemaker, 2 Maxwell street 
Buchanan, Mrs. pa-Tti^y baker, 36 High street 
Buchanan, IMrs. James, house 55 High street 
Buchanan, Mrs. Michael, pocer, 100 George street 
Buchanan, Walter & Co. shawl manufacturers, Gart"* 

land factory, 5 Gnrthland lane 
Buchanan, Walter, late merchant, 7 Back row, FergusU© 
Buchanan, Walter, of Fotheringham & BuohanaH, Eou§^ 

CaiTiagehill house 
BtiUey, John, cashier Western Bank of Scotland, 4 Smith- 
hills — house do, 
Bulloch, John, hair dresser, 9 St. Mirren's street 
Burgess, Jas. porter to the Paisley Bank, ho. 37 Thread at. 
Burgess, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 136 George st. 
Burgess, Thomas, contractor and well-digger, 9 Fergiislie 
Burns, Miss Janet, flesher, 48 Moss street 
Burns, Rev. Robert, D,D., 40 Oakshaw street 
Burnside, John, manufacturer, 32 Gauze street 

CADDijE, Walter, barber, 10 Castle street 
Calderwood, Thos, baker Sz grain merchant, 99 High st.* 
Caldwell, George, sen. bookseller, stationer, and. printer,, 

2, New street, (up one stair) 
Caldwell, James, of Caldwell & Semple, ho. 25 Moss st. 
Caldwell, John, Abbey house factor, 11 Abbey Close 
Caldwell, John, & Son, tailoi-s & habit makers, 97 High st^ 
Caldwell, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 97 High street 
Caldwell, Mrs. grocer, 35 Castle street 
Caldwell, Mrs. engrafter of silk stockings, 2^ Ferguslie 
Caldwell, Thomas, boot and shoemaker,, 29 Ferguslie 
Caldwell, William, boot and shoemaker, 31 High street 
Caldwell & Semple, writers, 6 Moss street 
Callender, John R. town chamberlain. County Buildings 

house 23 Niddry street 


Callender, Peter, teacher, J 5 Gordons lane 

Callexider, Thomas, currier and leather merchant, 23 and 

25 Thread street, hoiise 5 Christie street 
Cameron, Benjamin, ropemaker, 16 South Croft street 
Cameron, Daniel, collector of arrears of taxes, 23 Moss st 
Cameron, Daniel, tea dealer, and collector of statute la« 

hour money, New Towrv— house 2 Cotton street 
Cameron, David, rope maker, 81 High street 
Cameron, Doiigald, Sheriff Officer, 10 Moss street 
Cameron, Duncan, spirit dealer, JO Moss street 
Cameron, Hew, upholsterer, 3 Prussia street 
Cameron, Hugh, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 6 

Cotton street 
Cameron, James, land surveyor, 22 Inkle street 
Cameron, John, grocer, victualler, and spirit dealer, 18 

Cameron, John, rope maker, 73 High Street 
Cameron, Mrs, baker, 2o High street 
Cameron, Mrs. manufacturer of harnish twine, 73 Hi^h st, 
Cameron, Robert, teacher, 52 George street 
Camefon, Samuel, formerly of Jst Battalion Royals, 7 

Cotton street 
Cameron, Miss Sarah, furnishing &; hosiery, 17 Causeyside 
Campbell, Alexander of Barnhili, sheriff-substitute— house 

6 Garthland place 
Campbell, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 30 Glen st. 
Campbell, Mrs. Alexander, cowfeeder, 4 New Sneddon 
Campbell, Archibald, merchant tailor, 30 Causeyside 
Campbell, Daniel, cowfeeder, 61 Back Sneddon 
Canipbell, D. & D. dyers, 5 Snodgrass' Lane, Linside 
Campbell & Gardner, dyers, 6 Marshall's Lane 
Campbellj James, egg dealer, 23 Orchard Street 
Campbell, James, grocer, 14 Cotton street 
Cam|ibell, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, (east end of 

Old Bridge,) 22 Smith hills 
Campbell, John, boot and shoe maker, 3 Muslin street 
Campbell, John, cowfeeder, 3 North Croft street 
Campbell, John, boot and shoe maker, 13, Prussia street 
Campbell, John, spirit dealer (Coffee-Room buildings), 

4, Lillia's wynd— house 105, High street 


Campbell and M'Callam, dyers, 12, New Smith hills 

Campbell, Miss, teacher, 13 VYardrop street 

Campbell, Mrs. broker, 12 St. Mirren's street 

Campbell, Mrs. grocer, 22 New street 

Campbell, Paul, manufacturer, Lonend 

Campbell, Peter, of M'lntosh and Campbell — house 6 

North Croft street 
Campbell, Rev. John, 44 Oakshaw street 
Campbell, Robert, spirit merchant, 23 Lawn street 
Campbell, Mrs. R. (temperance coifee-house,) 10 High st. 
Campbell and Rodger, wine & spirit raerchts. 6 Smithhills 
Campbell, Thomas, & Co. dyers, 1 Water brae, (3urgh) 

and 1 Causeyside— house do. 
Campbell, Thos, agent and mess, at arms, 25 Old Sn^don 
Campbell, Wm. & Co. shavd manufs. 24 Cause3-side 
Cai-iile, Alex, of CarlUe James & Sons— house 76 New 

Cagrlile, Creor^e, feuar, 82 Glen street 
Carlile Jas. of Carlile, Jas. & sons, ho. 33 New Sneddon 
Carlilo, James, & Sons, thread manufs. 13 Carlile place 
Cai-Wle, Thos. of Carlile, Wra. & Co. ho. 13 Thread st. 
Carlile, Warrand, of Carlile, Jas, & Sons, house 33 New 

Carlile, William & Co. manufacturers, 26 Gauze street 
Carmichael, Charles, farmer, Hunterhill 
Carmichael, Mrs. Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 83 New 

Carriagebill Victualling Society, D. Walker, salesman 
Carrick, James, cooper, 44 Millerston 
Carrick, James, grocer, 39 Millerston 
Carrick, William, baker, 18 Lady lane 
Carruth, George, hosier and church officer, 5 Abbey close 
Carswell, Allan, of Glen, Anderson & Co, house Short 

Roods, Nethercommon 
Carswell, Allan, grocer, 29 Newton street 
Carswell, Geo. sen of Carswell, W^. & G. ho. 50 Love st.' 
Carswell, Geo. jun. of Carswell, W. & G. ho. Burn's place 
Carswell, James, grocer and grain mercht. 3 Smith hills 
Carswell, J. F. house 20 Caledonia street 
Carsy;ell, John F. & Co. manufs. 1 New Sneddon 


Cars well, Miss, 83 High street 
Carswell, Robert, cloth-lapper, 32 Gauze street 
Carswell, Robert, house Short Roods, Nethereommon 
Carswell, Robert, jun. agent to the Insurance Compan}^ of 

Scotland, 8 St. James's street 
Carswell, Robt. jun. &Co. linen thread manuf. 8 St James's 

Carswell, Thomas, house 62 Love street 
Carswell, W. & G. muslin and cotton thread manufactur- 
ers, 8 St. James' street 
Cathcart, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Wallace street 
Cathcart, John, general grocer, tea and wine merchant, 16 

High street, house 77 do. 
Causeyside Coffee-Room, ]07 Causeyside 
Chalmers, J. K. teacher, 20 Sandholes 
Chalmers, James, spirit dealer, 21 Orchard street 
Chalmers, John, hair dresser, 35 High street 
Chalmers, Tarbet, grocer and vintner, 13 Maxwellton 
Chalmers, William, shoemaker, 10 New Sneddon 
Charlton, Thomas, excise officer^ house Lonend 
Chillas, Robert chandler, 57 Canal street 
Chisholm, James, pattern drawer, 12 Wardrop street 
Christie, George, house 6 Gauze street 
Christie, John, saddler, 50 Moss street 
Christie, Misses, house, 6 Gauze street 
Christie, Tho. violin and shuttle maker, 56 George street 
Clapperton, John, & Co. thread raanufs. 70 New Sneddon 
Clark, Andrew, chimney sweep, 12 St. Mirren's street 
Clark, Andrew, warper, 4 Abbey close — ho. 11 Wallneuk 
Clark, James, of Clark, J. & J. & Co.--ho. 4 Clark's 

place, Seedliill 
Clark, John, grocer, 44 Moss street 
Clark, John, of Clark, J. & J. & Co. — ho. Burns' place 
Clark, J. & J. & Co. tliread manufs. 25 Gauze street- 
factory, 3 Clark's place, Seedhill 
Clark, Miss, dressmaker, 44 Moss street 
Clark, Miss, dress maker, 5 Storie street 
Clark, Miss, straw hat maker, 10 Cotton street 
Clark, William, warper, 10 Cotton street 
CI eland, Jas. gas inspector, 22 Moss street; ho, 68 Love st. 



Clerie, Peter, cowfeeder, 4 Storie street 
Climie, Robt. land surveyor & civil cngineerj 3 Moss st. 
Coats, Grieve, & Co. silk gauze manufs. 26 Orchard st. 
Coals, Jas. of Coats, J. & P. ho. 11 Back row, Ferguslie 
Coats, James, of Coats, Grieve & Co. house, 11 Rack row, 

Coats, Jervis, & Son, grocers & ham curers, 14 Broomlands 
Coats, Jervis, of Coats, Jervis, & Son, ho. 14 Broomlands 
Coats, J. & P. thread manufs. 11 Back row, Ferguslie 
Coats, Peter, of Coats, J. & P. house 16 Maxwellton 
Coats, Wm. of Coats, Jervis & Son, ho. 73 Broomlands 
Cochran, Adam, gardener, Calside 

Cochran, H. & M. comb manufs. & jewellers, 1 Smithhills 
Cochran, James, surgeon, 17 Wellmeadow 
Cochran, James, wine and spirit dealer, 84 Causeyside 
Cocnran, John, feuar, 9 Wellmeadow street 
Cochran, John, spirit dealer, 81 Broomlands 
Cochran, John, glazier, 6 Old Sneddon 
Cocliran, John, spirit dealer, 12 West croft street 
Cochran, Mrs. dress maker, 30 Old Sneddon 
Cochran, Mrs. tuscan, straw hat, stay, and corset manu- 
facturer, 1 Smith hills 
Cocliran, Robert, merchant, 110 Causeyside, house 22 St. 

James' street 
Cochran, Thomas, druggist, 26 Wellmeadow street 
Cochran, William, clock maker, 7 Smith hills 
Cochran, William, eating house, 20 Wellmeadow street 
Cochran, William, flower-lasher, 1 Barclay street 
Cochran, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer, 22 New Smith hills 
Cochran, Wm. mashman, Saucel distillery, Kingst. Saucel 
Cockburn, Thomas, accomptant in Paisley Bank, house 13 

Abbey street 
Coffee and News Room, 105, High street, (Cross,) James 

Love, keeper 
Colquhoun, James, bleacher, Barterholm 
Colquhoun, John, clothlapper, 109 Causeyside — and 

bleacher Thurscraig 
Colquhoun, John, clothlapper, 13 New street 
Colquhoun, John, cowfeeder, 5 Wellmeadow street 
Colquhoun, John, victualler & spirit dealer, 9 North Croft 



Colquhoun, Walter, accountant and house factor, house 2 

Garthland lane 
Colquhoun, Walter, flower-lasher, 2 Brown's lane 
Comb, Matthew, wright and turner, Lylesland 
Comrie, Peter, cowfeeder, 4 West Campbell street 
Condie, James, & Son, bookbinders, 42 Moss street 
Connally, Thomas, grocer, 21 South Croft street 
Connell, Adam, beamer, 43 Broomlands 
Connell, Alexander, beamer, 2 Ferguslie, 
Connell, Archibald, commercial traveller at Ross and Dun- 
can's, 6 Abercorn street 
Connell, Daniel, town officer & town's crier, 2 Hunter stj 
Connell, John, baker, 22 Wellmeadow street 
Connell, Mrs. A. grocer and spirit dealer, 23 New Sneddon 
Connell, Thomas, victualler & spirit dealer, ^^ High st. 
Conner, Francis, travelling merchant, 98 High street 
Cook, Archibald, engineer and manager of Gas Work, 

house there 
Cook, Helen, grocer, 12 George street 
Cook, James, confectioner, 39 High street 
Cook, James, manuf. 4 Gauze street, house Hamilton st. 
Cook, James, portrait and landscape painter, 39 High st. 
Cook, Mrs. Archd. grocer and cowfeeder, 17 Lawn street 
Cook, Robert, & Co. silk mannfs. 4 Gauze street 
Coolc, Thomas, grain dealer, 45 New street 
Cooper, Mrs. broker, 3 New Smith hills 
Couper, James, carter and cowfeeder, 17 George street 
Cowan, Alexander, shoemaker, 16 Wellmeadow 
Cowan, John, spinning master. Underwood Mill 
Cowan & Son, bakers, 103 Causeyside 
Cowan, Wm. fiesher, vintner, and stabling, 37 Causeyside 
Craig, Alex. Hawkhead Mills, meal shop, 26 High street 
Craig, David, of Craig & Hainilton, ho. 12 Abbey street 
Craig's drug shop, 102 Causeyside 
Craig & Hamilton, writers, 4 Moss street 
Craig, J. & J. drysalters, 22 Moss street, and manufac- 
turers of draining and roofing tile and bricks of all 
descriptions, brick work, Nethercommon, tile works, 
Linwood and Renfrew Pottery 
Craig, James, apothecary and druggist, 82 High street 


Craig, James, of Craig, J. & J. house Nethercommon 

Craig, James, jun. of Craig, J. & J. ho. 60 Love street 

Craig, James, fish dealer, 47 Moss street 

Craig, J. gardener, vegetable and fruit shop, l6 George st. 

Craig, John, surgeon, 82 High st. house 83 do. 

Craig, Mrs. grocer, 15 Maxwellton street 

Craig, Mrs. William, house 26 Causeyside 

Craig, William, grocer, 37 Storie street 

Craw, William, shawl manufacturer, 3 Christie street 

Crawford, Alexander, manufacturer, 110 Causeyside 

Crawford, Andrew, of Crawford, Andrew & Co. house 

25 Moss street 
Crawford, Andrew, & Co. manufacturers, 116 Causeyside 
Crawford, Duncan, & Co. spirit dealers, 62 Storie street 
Crawford, Hugh, weavers' wright, 25 West street 
Crawford, James, cowfeeder, 13 Storie street 
Crawford, James, grocer and grain dealer, 17 Bi'oomiands, 

house do. 
Crawford, James, teacher of dancing — Academy, M^- 

Leod's Buildings, 3 Smithhills st. — ho. 33 High st. 
Crawford, John, accountant, and agent for the Scottish 

Insurance Company, Christie Terrace — 'house 4 

Stow Place 
Crawford, John, cowfeeder, 3 House end. Well street 
Crawford, John, spirit dealer, 3 St. Mirren's street 
Crawford, John, writer, agent for the Scottish Insurance 

Office, 9 Moss street, house 24 Abbey street 
Crawford, Matthew, whinstone quarrier, 19 Mill street 
Crawford, Miss, teacher of music, 24 Abbey street 
Crawford, Mrs. James, (Royal Oak Inn) 45 Moss street 
Crawford, Mrs. straw hat and dress maker, 109 George st. 
Crawford, Ninian, of Crawford, Andrew, & Co. house 

59 Love street 
Crichto.n, Thomas, sen. teacher of Town Hospital, 7 

New Sneddon, house 9 Back Sneddon — ^Sessioii 

Clerk for High Church Parish 
Crombie, William, bill poster, 23 High street 
Crooks, John, coal dealer, 133 George street 
Cross, Andrew, trunk and umbrella manuf. 18 High st. 
Cross, James, of Cross, James, ^ Cq. ho. 70 Causeyside 


Cross, James & Co. shawl manufacturers, 115 do. 
Cross, Mrs. muslin printer, lb High street 
Cross, William, picture framer and gilder, 3 Gauze St. 
Cross, William, manufacturer, 169 George street 
Cruikshanks, James, spirit dealer. Stock st. Charleston 
Cumming, Moses, cowfeeder, 60 Canal street 
Camming, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 77 High st. 
Cumming Thomas, cowfeeder, 32 Castle street 
Cumming, Thomas, flesher, 51 High street . 
Cunningham, Daniel, ironmonger, 21 High st — ho. do. 
Cunningham, James, grocer, 26 Glen street 
Cunningham, John, baker, 25 Gordon's Lane 
Cunningham, John, flower lasher, 14 Causeyside 
Cunningham, John, ironmonger, 87 High street 
Cunningham, Misses, milliners, 13 High street 
Cunningham, Robert, gardener, 148 George street 
Currie, David, church officer, 38 Oakshaw street 
Currie, David, shoemaker, 6 Williamsburgh 
Currie, Findlay, cowfeeder, 93 High street 
Currie, Jean, mangier, 2 Canal street 
Currie, John, spirit dealer, 55 George street 
Currie, Mrs. cowfeeder, 7 Middle lane 
Currie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Renfrew st. 
Currie, Mrs. Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Seedbill 
Cuthbertson, Gavin, bookseller and stationer, 4 Moss 

street — house 24 Glen street 
Cuthbertson, Miss Jean, dressmaker, 7 Love street 
Cuthbertson, Miss, teacher, 24 Glen street 

DALRYMPLE, Mrs , James, grocer and spirit deafer, 

104 George street 
Dalziel, Andw., victualler & spirit merch., 12 Canal st. 
Dalziel, John, flower-lasher, 6 Barclay street 
Darling, Andrew, wright, 34 Castle street 
Darroch, D, C, reedmakers, weavers' office, 25 Nev/ sto 
Davenport, Mrs., broker, 5 Old Sneddon 
Davidson, Arthur, manufacturer, 2 Gauze street 
Davidson, James, cloth lapper, 15 Prussia street, ho. do. 
Davidson, John^ teacher of English & writing, 9 Schocli 



Davidson, John, beamer, 11 Queen street 

Davidson, Matthew, cowfeeder, 5 Newton street 

Davidson, Miss, house 3 Orr square 

Davidson, Miss Margaret, confectioner, 16 Causeyside 

Davie, Jas. & Wra., grocers & spirit dealers, Dovesland 

Davis, James, farmer, North Cardonald 

Davis, Solomon, wine & spirit merch., 26 Wellraeadow, 

and 2 Gilmour street 
Deans, Andrew, house 20 Orchard street 
Dempster, C. & M. dress makers, 30 Glen street 
Denholm, Thomas, keeper, Renfrew Road Toll Bar 
Denny, Joseph, wright and glazier, 7 Smith hills 
Deuchrass, Jn. pastry baker, (Rob Roy Inn) ISSmithhills 
Dewar, John, copper and tin plate worker, 17 High street, 
Dewart, William, grocer, 6 Blacklaw lane 

house 2] do. 
Dewarts, William, spirit dealer, 19 New Sneddon 
Dick, David, printer, bookbinder, bookseller, stationer, 

and librarian, 3 High street, {west end of Old 

Bridge) house 1 Garthland lane 
Dick, Miss, dress maker, 4 School wynd 
Dick, Thomas, of Dick, Walter, & Son, ho. 46 Love st. 
Dick, Walter, Sz Son, shawl warehouse, 9 Causeyside 
Dickie, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Charleston 
Dickie, John, cloth lapper, 8 Causeyside 
Dinning, David, spirit dealer, 66 Broomlands 
Dixon, Miss, house 13 Lawn street 
Dobie, William, tobacconist and tallow chandler, 12 

High street, house 13 do 
Docherty, James, rope maker, 7 Smith hills, house 13 

Abbey close 
Dodds, Andrew, wright, Lylesland, house 11 Nelson st. 
Donald, George, cowfeeder, 15 Well street 
Donald & Moffat, builders, 2 Maxwell street 
Donaldson, Jas. boot & shoe maker, 18 Wellmeadcw st 
Donaldson, James, weavers' office, 34 Old Sneddon 
Donaldson, John, smith, 64i Love street 
Donaldson, Robert, spirit dealer, 27 Moss street 
Donaldson, Samuel, wright, and movtcloth keeper for 

Abbey Parish, 3 Thread street 


Donaldson, Wm. boot and shoemaker, 29 St. James's st. 
Dougald, John, umbrella maker, 61 Storie street 
Dougan, Neil, teacher, 6 Abbey street 
Douglas, John, boot and shoemaker, Carriagehill 
Downie, John, manufacturer, 169 George street 
Downie, Lady, 9 Orr street 

Downie, W. lappet wheel cutter & turner, 10 Oakshaw st* 
Drennan, James, boot and shoemaker, 7 Maxwellton st. 
Druramond, James, architect, teacher of landscape and 

architectural drawing, 15 High street 
Drummond, James, manufacturer, 5 George street 
Druramond, John, gardener, Crossflat 
Drummond, Robert, manufacturer, 12 Causey side 
Drummond, William, manufacturer, 6 George street 
Dudgeon, John, & gardener nurseryman, Underwood st. 
Duff, Daniel, watch and clock maker, and repairer of re- 
peating watches, musical clocks & boxes, 38 New st- 
Duff, Dugald, cowfeeder, 31 Moss street 
Duff, Peter, carding master, Underwood Mill 
Dunbar, David, boot and shoemaker, 4 Gauze street 
Dunbar, Mrs. Patrick, grocer, 10 Glen street 
Dunbar, Robert, tin plate worker, 14 Smith hills 
Duncan, Arch, of M'Intosh & Duncan, ho. 1© Gordon's 

Duncan, David, gardener, Hope Temple, 15 Love street 
Duncan, John, spirit dealer, 42 Millerston 
Dunlop, George, cowfeeder, 15 Well street 
Dunlop, James, waiter, 35 Well street 
Dunlop, John, boot and shoemaker, 2 Broomlands 
Dunlop, John, wine and spirit merchant, 82 Broomlandi^ 
Dunlop, Peter, sladesman to Saucell Brewery Company, 

house 88 Canal street 
Dunlop, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 95 Causeyside 
Dunlop, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 25 George street 
Dunn, James & Co., manufacturers, 1 Smith hills 
Dunn, Jas. of Jas. Dunn & Co., house Greenhill House 
Dunn, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 26 Maxwellton 
Dunn, John, writer, 4 Moss st , ho. 3 Caledonia, street 
Dunn, William, manufacturer, Barterholm 
Dykes, Thomas, starcher, 47 Causeyside 


EAGLESHAM, Hugh, of Scroggie & Eaglesham, 

house New Sneddon 
Eaglesim, Misses, millinery, leghorn, and straw hat 

warehouse, 77 High street 
Edmiston, Alexander, spirit dealer, 34 Canal street 
Edmiston, John, letter runner, house 6 New Sneddon 
Edmiston, John, spirit dealer, 6 New Sneddon 
Edmiston, William, spirit dealer, S3 Canal street 
Edwards, Andrew, broker and tailor, 36 High street 
Edwards, Walter, tailor, 2 Storie street 
Elliot, William, enterer, 33 Well street 
Erskine, David, grocer and tea dealer, 43 Causeyside 
Erskine, James, tailor, 9 Maxwellton street 
Erskine, John, mangier, 9 Maxwellton Street 
Erskine John, sen. warper, 2 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Erskine, John, warper, 2 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Erskine, Robert, warper, 2 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Erskine, Thos. singeing house, 42 Causeyside, ho. 43 do. 
Ewing John, beamer, George place 
Ewing, Robert, church officer, 13 Caledonia street 
Ewing, Thomas, Middle Church ofScer, 1 Storie street 
Excise Office, 41 High street, (see public offices) 

FAICFINEY, John, grocer, 20 Orchard street 
Falconer, William, surgeon, 6 Neilson street 
Fairley, George, S^ Co. pawn brokers, 34 Causeyside 
Farquharson, Robert, manufacturer, 14 St. Mirren's st. 

— house 5 St. James' Place 
Fergus, James, sen, teacher, H Abbey Street 
Fergus, James, jun, teacher, 79 George street 
Fergus, John, manufr., 1 14 Causeyside — ho. Muslin st. 
Ferguson, Daniel, spirit dealer, 32 Canal street 
Ferguson, Donald, excise officer — ho. 4 Wardrop street 
Ferguson, James, grocer, 19 Cotton street 
Ferguson, John, cowfeeder, 53 Back Sneddon 
Ferguson, John, gardener, 7 Smith hills 
Ferguson, John, thread manufacturer, 3 New Sneddon 
Ferguson, Miss, milliner S^ dressmaker, 37 Broomlanxls 
Ferguson, Mrs Patrick, grocer and chandler, 93 High st* 
Ferguson, Ni>il, tailor, 9 Broomlands 


Ferguson, P. late quarter master, 30 New Sneddon 

Ferric, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Storie st. 

Ferrie, Andrew, flesher and spirit dealer, 4? St Mirren's St. 

Ferrie, John, flesher, 17 Sandholes 

Ferrier, Charles, coal merchant, 5 Love street 

Ferrier, Mrs. dressmaker, 6 Moss street 

Ferrier, Rev. William, D. D , U. S. C, 49 Oakshaw st. 

Ferrier, William, spirit dealer, 5 Love street 

Fillans, John, fruit dealer, Millarston 

Findjaj'-, John, gun-smith, 37 Nevy street 

Findlay, William, farrier, 2 New street 

Findlay, William, fish and fruit dealer, 82 Causeyside 

Findlayson, James, tailor and habit-maker, 5 Storiestreet 

Finlayson, James, florist — ho. 4 Clark's place, Seedhill 

Finlayson, Wm., shawl manufacturer, 169 George street 

Fisher, George, wright and glazier, 81 New Sneddon 

risner, J. ar J., bleachers, Cat^riagehiil-ueld 

Fisher Mrs. D., grocer, 62 High street 

Fisher, Robert, tailor, 118 George street 

Fisher, William, tailor, 1 1 Broomlands 

Fleming, Andrew, cork manufacturer, 13 High street 

Fleming, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 100 Causeyside 

FJemipg, James, grocer and tea merchant, (carriers' 

quarters,) 32 High street 
Fleming, John, of Fleming, John & Co. — ho. Albion st. 
Fleming, John, merchant, 46 Oakshaw street 
Fleming, John, & Co. upholsterers, 33 High street 
Fleming, Joseph, writer, messenger at arras, auctioneer 
and appraiser, 9 Moss street — ho. 13 George street 
Fleming, Miss, dressmaker, 3 Albion street 
Fleming, Miss, dressmaker, 53 High street 
Fieuiing, Misses, milliners and dressmakers 92, High st. 
Fleming, Wm. S^ Co. pawnbrokers, 49 High street 
Fleming, Mrs^ Henry, grocer & spirit dealer, 18 Seedhill 
Flemington, Wm., toll-keeper. Moss Toll Bar 
Fletcher, Hugh, vintner, 21 Smith hills 
Forbes, Jas. manuf. Ill Causeyside — ho. Marchfield 
Forbes, John, linen weaver. Rowan street 
Forrest, William, wright 8^ timber merchant, 10 Inkle st. 
Forrester, John, grocer & spirit dealer, 92 Causeyside 


Forsyth, James, flesher, 9 Inkle street 

Fotheringham & Buchanan, calico-printers, Blackland 

Fotheringham, Robert, victualler, Calside 
Foiilds, Andrew, brass founder, 24? High street— house 

39 New street 
Foulds, Andrew, cooper, 95 High street 
Foulds, Matthew, & Co., reedmakers, brass-founders, 

and tin-plate workers, 16 Causeyside 
Foulds, Matthew, of Foulds Mw. & Co— ho. Bladda 

Fowler, George, publisher and bookseller, Directory- 
office, 10 Barclay street 
Fowler, Mrs. John, gardener, and cowfeeder, 13 Well- 
meadow Street 
Fowler, Joseph, sen. bookseller & stationer, 10 Gauze st. 
Fox, Greenland, flower-lasher, 2 Brown's lane 
France, Rev. William, U. S. C. 1 Maxwell street 
Fraser, Donald, spirit dealer, 12 Dyer's wynd 

Fraser, Geo. grain dealer, 2 Cotton st ho. 38 Thread st. 

Fraser, Geo. tailor, 78 High street 
Fraser, Jas. grocer and tea merchant, 16 Wellmeadow st. 
Fraser Kenneth, hair dresser, 86 Causeyside 
Fraser, Peter, (Saracen's Head Inn,) 2 Moss street — gigs 
and post chaises. Coaches to and from Glasgow 
every hour 
Fraser, Thomas, reedmaker, 20 Causeyside 

Fraser, Wm. of James Dunn & Co house 23 Glen st. 

Fraser, William, spirit dealer, Lylesland 
Fraser, William, spirit merchant, 106 George street 
Fraser, William, supervisor — house 161 George street 
Fullarton, Alexander, copper and tinsmith, 98 High st. 

— house 29 Oakshaw Street 
Fulton, Col. Robert of Hartfield, Maxwellton house 

Fulton, David, surgeon & druggist, 23 Gauze st ho. do. 

Fulton, George warper, 3 Queen street 
Fulton, George, warper, George place 
Fulton, James, cutler, 74 High street 
Fulton, James, grocer and ham curer, 14 St. Mirren's st, 
bourse 6 Moss Street 


Fulton, John, grocer, 28 Wellmeadow street 
Fulton, John, tinsmith and brazier, 7 Gauze street 
Fulton, Mrs. William, heddlecaster, 7 Ferguslie East lane 
Fulton, Robert, canal store keeper — ho. 17 Canal street 
Fulton, Robert, spirit dealer, 12 Broomlands 
Fulton, Thos. manuf. S Causeyside — ho. 57 George street 
Fulton, William, merchant — house 42 High street- 
Fulton, William 8^ Sons, manufacturers, 50 Maxwellton 
Futt, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Ferguslie — and 
105 George street 

GALBREATH, Archibald, teacher, 25 Oakshaw street 

Galbreath, Charles, spirit dealer, 27 New Sneddon 

Galbreath, James, & Co. brokers and mercht. tailors, 73 
High street 

Gallagher, Duncan, shoemaker 'and broker, 21 New- 
Smith hills 

Galletly, James, twine maker, 16, South Croft street 

Galloway & Walker, shawl warehousemen, 115, Causey- 
side, and 18 Friday street, London 

Galloway, Wm. of Galloway & Walker — ho, 19 

Gait, Hugh, turner, 9 New Sneddon 

Gait, James, tailor, 32 George street 

Gait, Thomas, grocer, 8 Cotton street 

Gait, Wm. joiner and cabinet maker, 7 St, Mirren's st. 

Gardner, Alexander, accomptant, Paisley Bank,— house 
West Sandyford 

Gardner, Alex, farmer, Meikleriggs 

Gardner, Alex, printer, bookseller, and stationer, 5 Moss 
St — printing office, 3 Lillia's wynd — ho. Greenhill 

Gardner, Andw. peruke maker & hair cutter, J 8 Moss st. 

Gardner, Archibald, writer, 3 Moss st. — house 16 do. 

Gardner, Robert, carver and gilder, 2 Gauze street 

Gardner, Robert, shoemaker, 74 High street 

Gardner, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Old Sned- 
don — ho. 12 St. James place 

Gardner, Thomas, sen. cutler, 91 High street 

Gardner, Thomas, jun. cutler and surgical instrumental 
maker, 14 St. Mirren's street 

Gardner, Thomas, spirit dealer, 71 Broomlands 


Gardner, William, Abercorn spirit store, 20 Abbey close 

Garvin, Mrs. grocer, 9 BroomlanJs 

Gavin, James, manufacturer, 3 Millarston 

Gebbie, John, grocer and ham curer, 27 High street 

Geddes, Robert, victualler, 24 Wellmeadow street 

Gemmell, Andrew, warper, 26 Causeyside 

Gemmell, Francis, draper, 105 High street 

Gemmell, Jas. shawl manuf, 3 Causeyside — hOi Calside 

Gemmell, James, tailor, 5 Love street 

Gemmell, John, dyer, 3 High street — ho. 9 Abbey street 

Gemmell, John, flesher, 12 St. James's place 

Gemmell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 High street 

Gemmell, John, writer, Gilmour st. — ho. 21 Caledonia st. 

Gemmell, Matthew, tombstone engraver, 9 Abbey st. 

Gemmell, Mrs, Andrew, glove and hosiery shop, Christie 

Gemmell, Mrs. grocer, 22 Abbey street 
Gemmell, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 6 Love street 
Gemmell, Peter, warper, 15 Causeyside 
Gentles, Thomas, plumber and brass founder, 32 High 

street — house 44 New street 
Gibb, Alexander, bleacher, Linside 
Gibb, Archibald, cowfeeder, 3Q Moss street 
Gibb, Archibald, manufacturer, 85 Causeyside 
Gibb, James, & Co. hat makers, 13 Moss street 
Gibb, James, (Commercial Inn and Coffee House) 51 

Moss street, and 103 High street (Cross.) 
Gibb, John, house Linside 
Gibb, John, late manufacturer, house Calside 
Gibb, Matthew, paver, 11 Glen street 
Gibb, Robert, cart wright, 3 Mill street 
Gibb, William, late manufacturer, 24 Moss street 
Gibson, Alexander, manufacturer, 1 16 Causeyside 
Gibson, A. tea and tobacco dealer, 23 Oakshaw street 
Gibson, A. writer and Justice of Peace clerk depute, 

County Buildings, house 44 High street 
Gibson, Andrew, flower lasher, 143 George street 
Gibson, Andrew, gas inspector, house 23 Oakshaw street 
Gibson, Andrew, of Gibson, J, and A.— ho. 8 Moss st. 


Gibson & Craig, wine, spirit^ and tea merchants, 107 and 

108 High street 

Gibson, David, grocer 4" spirit dealer, 12 Back Sneddon 
Gibson, Isabella, grocer, 53 High street 
Gibson, James, baker, 95 New Sneddon 
Gibson, James, spirit dealer, 41 Ferguslie 
Gibson, John, grocer, 14 Newton st. ho. 26 Broomlands 
Gibson, John, of Gibson, J. & A. house 8 Moss Street 
Gibson, John, (Terrace Tavern) Christie Terrace, and 

109 High street 

Gibson, J. & A. yarn merchants, 113 Causey side 

Gibson, Miss, house 44 High street 

Gibson, Mrs. Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Bar^ 
clay street 

Gibson, Mrs. grocer, 22 Broomlands 

Gibson, Mrs. grocer, 29 Castle street 

Gibson, Mrs. N. house 44 High street 

Gibson, Robert, grocer, 24 Castle street 

Gibson, William, agent for A. Fullarton & Co. publish- 
ers, Glasgow 

Giffen, William, canal treasurer, house Canal Bank 

Gilchrist, Allan, boot and shoemaker, 68 Canal street 

Gilchrist, John and Co. dyers and printers, Lonend Dye 
and Print Works 

Gilchrist, John, of Gilchrist John and Co. house Lonend 

Gilchrist, Thos. of Gilchrist John and Co. ho. Lonend 

Gillespie, John^ slater, and slate merchant, 42 Moss st. 
slate yard, 82 New Sneddon 

Gillespie, Mrs. eating house, 4 St. Mirren's street 

Gillies, David, baker, ^i't)0 Causeyside 

Gilmour, Andrew, (Buck's Head Inn,) 97 High street, 
stabling, back entry, 6 School wynd 

Gilmour, A. wine and spirit merchant, 102 High street, 
house 31 Gauze street 

Gilmour, Archibald, house 32 Calside 

Gilmour, James, silk and yarn merchant, 113 Causeyside 

Gilmour, James, spirit dealer, 24 New street 

Gilmour, John, house 32 Calside 

Gilmour, John, land^i^jtveyor, 31 George street 


Gilmour, Mrs. Matthew, (King's Arms Inn,) carriers' 

quarters, 25 High street 
Gllrnour, Peter, vvright and window glazier, 24 High st. 
Gilmour, Thomas & Co., silk and shawl merchants, 24" 

Gilmour, William, mangier, and bed furniture glazier, 11 

Gauze street 
Gilroy, Mrs. straw hat maker, Lylesland 
Glen, Adam, haberdasher, 101 High street 
Glen, Allan, tailor, 93 Causeyside 

Glen., Anderson & Co. thread manufs. 34 Gordon's lane 
Glen, H. leghorn and straw hat manuf. 86 High street 
Glen, Mrs. Andrew, grocer, 3 Broomlands 
Glen, Thomas, baker, 18 Broomlands 
Glen, Walter, cloth merchant, 28 High street, house 61 

Storie street r- V* 

Glen, William, farmer, Hawtibead Mains 
Gold, Mrs. mangier, 6 Causeyside 
Goldie, Henry, tailor, 10 Wellmeadow street 
Gollan, Alex, gardener and cowfeeder, 15 Broomlands 
Gollan, Dan.chrystal and stoneware mercht. 8 Broomlands 
Gordon, Andrew, manufacturer, 13 Causeyside 
Gordon, Mrs. stay maker and milliner, 38 Moss street 
Gordon, William, flower lasher, 28 Orchard street 
Goudie, Alexander,, tailor, 148 George street 
Goudie, Moses, ginger beer manufacturer, Glasgow, — 

house of call, Mr. Robertson's 25 Moss street 
Goudie, Thomas, cooper, 49 Causeyside 
Goudie, W. cooper and riddle maker, 48 High street 
Goudielock, James M. house & sjgn painter, 2 Lady lane 
Go wan, James, sheriff and town officer, 13 Moss street 
Gowan, Mrs- dressmaker, 13 Moss street 
Gowan, Thomas, spirit dealer and gardener, 11 St. Mir- 

ren's street 
Graham, Alexander, brewer, Saucell Brewery Cpiajgaijy^, 

house 14- Saucell ? '['",. , ,•; 

Graham, Duncan, shoemaker, 27 New Smith hills 
Graham, Edward & Co. new clatliing shop, 1 St Mir- 

ren's street .,'', i- . 

Graham, James, teacher, hpuse 32 Glen street 


Graham, Robert, manager, Saucel distillery, King street, 

Saucel — house Bladda 
Graham, Thomas, merchant tailor, 16 Moss street 
Graham, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 88 High st. 
Granger, Luke, tailor, 15 Back Row, Sandholes 
Granger, Mrs. dress and corset maker, 15 Back Row 

Grant & Co. yarn warehouse, 109 Causeyslde 
Gray, James, grocer and grain dealer, 75 Broomlanda 
Gray, Robert, flesher, 35 High street 
Greenlees, Alex grocer, 3 Muslin street 
Greenlees, Hugh, manufacturer, 112 Causeyside 
Greenlees, John, agent, 23 Lady lane 
Greenlees, Mrs. stay maker, 102 High street 
Greenlees, Thomas, ^ — house 56 Canal street 
Greenlees, Thomas, & Co. silk merchts. 13 Causeyside 
Greig, Andrew, spirit dealer, 19 Maxwellton street 
Greig, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 9 Prussia street 
Guthrie, David, superintendent Abbey biu'ying ground, 

1 Muslin, street ./..";;' "f," ''"'".'.'''''' ~L''\'',1"-'^t 
Guthrie, James, shawl comtnission agent,- IQ5 Causeysid© , 

— Iiouse 99 do. -,,, 

Guthrie, John, shawl manufacturer, 4) Cotton street 
Guthrie, John, Upholsterer, 34i Gauze street 
Gutlirie, Mrs. Wra. milliner and straw hat maker, 30 

Gauze street ','.,/,."' ^^^ " 

Guthrie, Wm. of Morton, John,'* t;6.--^i6.'89 Causeyside 
Guthrie, Wm. manufacturer, 31 Gauze street 
Guy, Walter, cooper, 49 High street 

HAIR, John, &,Co."nianufacturers, 15 Causeyside — -bo. 

28 New street 


Halden, John, & Co. manufacturers, 9 Marsh all's lane 
Halden, John, of Halden, John, & Co. — house Camphill 
Halden, Mrs. leghorn & straw hat makers, 7 Wellmeadow 
Hall, Archibald, Sf Co. thibet croppers, 28 Gordon's lane 
Hall, Captain John, 35 New Sneddon 
Hall, Mrs. John, grocer (^ eating house, 8 Wallneuck st.^ 
Hall, Thomas, grocer, 1 Abbey cIo3e 
Hamiltan, Adam, of Lownsdale 


Hamilton, Alex. — house Blackland mill 
Hamilton, Duncan, twiner, 9 Sandholes, Back row 
Hamilton, Hugh, bleacher — house Blackland mill 
Hamilton, Hugh, mason, 6 Sir Michael street 
Hamilton, Jas. clothier, habit & pelisse maker, 65 Love st. 
Hamilton, James, grain dealer and baker, 30 High street 

and 6 Moss street 
Hamilton, James, watch & clock maker, 10 New Sneddon 
Hamilton, Janet, furnishing shop, 34 Wellmeadow street 
Hamilton, John, — house Blackland mill 
Hamilton, John, flower lasher, 24 Gauze street 
Hamilton, John, grocer, 2 West Campbell street 
Hamilton, John and Hugh, bleachers, Blackland mill 
Hamilton, John, jun. bleacher-chouse Haircraigs 
Hamilton, John, of Craig & Hamilton — ho. 4 Garthland St. 
Hamilton, Mrs. 22 Moss street 

Hamilton, Mrs gardener and fruit dealer, 29 Causeyside 
Hamilton, Robert, cowfeeder, 22. Maxwellton street 
Hamilton, Thomas, spirit dealer, 18 Moss street 
Hamilton, William, bleacher, Lownsdale 
Hamilton, Wm. spirit cellar, 69 George st. & 18 West St. 
Hamilton, Wilham, victualler, 8 Ferguslie 
Hamman, William, spirit dealer, 10 St. Mirren^s street 
Hanna, David, grocer, 29 Glen street 
Hanta, Robert, of Reid and Hanna, — ho. 58 Storie St. 
Hannah, George, cowfeeder, 13 Newton street 
Hannah, Robert, of Wark, Leckie & Co.— ho. 70 Cau- 

Hannay, Wm. jeweller, 19 High street — ^lio. Burns' place 
Hardie, James, turner, 39 High street 
Hardie, Wm. & Son, tobacconists, and agents for the 

West of England Insurance Co. 16 High street 
Hardie, Wm. jun. of Hardie Wm. & Son — ho. 3 Cale- 
donia street 
Hardie, Wm sen. of Hardie Wm. & Son — ho. Burns' place 
Harper, James, spirit dealer, 3 Lillia's wynd 
Harris, Robert, of Bowes & Harris— ho. 30 Thread st. 
Harris, Robert, watch and clock maker, 25 High street 
Harrow, Wilson, & Co. calico and silk printers, Collinslie 
Hart, David, house 46 High street 


Hart & Hodge, writers, 87 High st. and 9 Church bill 

Hart, John, auctioneer, 4-6 High street 

Hart, John, draper, general furnishing shop, 7 High st. 

— house Cartvale 
Hart, John, earthenware dealer, 2 New street 
Hart, John, gaoler — house County Buildings 
Hart, John, of Hart and Hodge— ^ho. 87 High street 
Hart, John, painter, 21 School wynd 
Hart, Robert, farmer, Pennelly 

Hart, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Thread street 
Hart, Robert, grocer, 2 Well street 

Hart, Robert, stationer, (Christie Buildings) 109 High st. 
Hart, Thomas, agent, 1 1 Cotton street 
Hart, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 11 Williamsburgh 
Hart, William, (Paisley Arm's Inn) 39 Moss street 
Hart, Wm. painter, 94? High st. and 9 School wynd 
Hart, William, sheriff officer and constable, 7 High st. 

house 1 Well street 
Hart, Wm* writer, auctioneer and appraiser 103 High st. 
Hartley, Robert, teacher, 22 Moss street 
Harvey, Brand & Co silk thro-wsters, Blackball factory 
Harvey, J. & Co wrne <!^- spirit merchts^ King st Saucel 
Harvey, James, of Harvey, James, 4" Co. — ho. 1*2 Saucel 
Harvey, John, smith and spirit dealer, S Mile house 
Harvey, Robert, warper, George place 
Hastie, Archibald, baker, 4 Lawn street 
Hastie, Miss, baker, 152 George street 
Hatrick, Alex, smith and bell hanger, 21 High street 
Hatrick, James, lead drawer, 27 New street 
Hatrick, William, wholesale and retail genuine drug and 

patent medicine warehouse, 10% High street, (Cross) 

house 6 Stow street 
Hay, Henry, tailor, 105 High streetr 
Hay, Peter, silk dyer and ren^ovator, 19 Smith bills— ho, 

23 Niddry street 
Hay, Robert, of Neilson and Hay, house 77 Canalst. 
Hectors, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 23 Moss st, 
Henderson, Andrew, baker, 12 Gauze street 
Henderson, Mrs. Duncan, groeeF';fiind/ spirit dealer^ 1 

Cowieston ' -S'i^^fe*:^ > ' - 

B 3 


Henderson, Hugh, spirit dealer, 5 Millerston 
Henderson, John, cutler and hardware raerchant, 19 

High street 
Henderson, John, grocer, 113 George street 
Henderson, John, late merchant, 46 Moss street 
Henderson, John, spirit dealer, 12 Gauze street 
Henderson, Peter, of Reid and Henderson — house 51 

Love street 
Henderson, Robert, farmer, Carriagehill House 
Henderson, Robert, depute collector of assessed taxes, 

County Buildings — house 84 New Sneddon 
Henderson, Thomas, accountant and yarn agent, 109 

Causeyside — house 32 High street 
Henderson, William, spirit merchant and confectioner^ 

22 High street — house do. 
Hendry, Alex, leather and shoe merch. 102 High street 
Hendry, Alex, leather merchant, 2 New street 
Hendry, Allan, twister, Hamilton street 
Hendry, James — house Camphill 
Hendry, John^ teacher, Rowan street 
Hendry, O. surgeon, 5 High street 
Hendry, R. and O. apothecaries, 3 High street, and 15 

Hendry, Robert, grocer, 88 New Sneddon 
Henning and Jamieson, surgeons, 85 High street 
Henning, Misses, dressmakers, 89 High street 
Henrie, C. teacher, 9 Ferguslie Mid Lane 
Herd, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 78 Canal street 
Herriot, Peter, teacher, 8 Barr street 
Hicks, John, barrack master, Williamsburgh 
High Street Reading Room, 12 High street 
Highat, Robert, shipmaster, 9 Orr street 
Higgen, John, tinsmith, 4 Back Sneddon 
Hill, John, flower lasher, 5 George street 
Hill, John, gardener, and fruit shop, 17 Back Sneddon 
Hill and M'Gown, beamers, 17 Back Sneddon 
Hodge, Arch, clerk in Paisley Bank, ho. 52 Love street 
Hodge, J. and T. tobacconists, 20 High st. house above 
Hodge, James, distiller. Glen Patrick 
Hodge, Mrs. James — house Glen Patrick 


Hodge, Mrs. William — house 20 High street 

Hodge, William, of Hart and Hodge, house 20 High st. 

Hodgert, Ninian, sen. teller in Paisley Union Bank— ho. 
6 East Buchanan street 

Hogg, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 29 New Sneddon 

Hogg, John, farmer, Cardonald 

Hogg, John, grocer, 28 Gordon's lane 

Holmes, A. C. and Co. manufacturers, 4 Orchard street 
— house Saucel Bank House 

Holmes, James, shawl manufacturer, 8 Orchard street — 
house Saucel Bank House 

Holmes, James, wright, glazier, grocer and spirit dealer, 
72 Broomlands 

Holmes, John, cartwright and timber merchant, 19 
Abbey street— house 12 do. 

Holmes, John, Cowfeeder, ISO George street 

Holmes, Matthew, joiner and cartwright, 130 George 
street — house 146 do. 

Holmes, Mrs. grocer, 51 George street 

Home, George, excise officer, house 87 High street 

Hood, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 95 New Sneddon 

Hope, J. auctioneer and appraiser, general agency ware- 
house, and public auction rooms, Lyceum Buildings, 
101 High street 

Howat, Mrs. grocer, 9 West Campbell street 

House of Recovery, 1 1 Bridge street 

Houston, George, manufacturer, 110 Causeyside"— -house 
45 Oakshaw street 

Houston, John, general furnishing warehouse, 24 Well- 
meadow street, and 15 High street 

Houston, Peter, grocer Sf spirit dealer, 20 St. James's st. 

Houston, Robert, glass, china, and stoneware merchant, 
1 Smith hills — house 140 George street 

Houston, W. L. sheriff clerk depute, County Buildings, 
house 6 Love street 

Howie, James, cowfeeder, 26 New street 

Hume, Robert, grocer, 3 School wynd 

Humphries, James, mason, 26 Canal street 

Hunter, James, chimney sweep, 36 High street 

Hunter, Jaoies, flower lasher, 6 Love street 


Hunter, John and Co. joiners and cabinet makers, 100 

High street — ^furniture warehouse, 13 do. — timber 

yard 19 Old Sneddon 
Hunter, John, of Hunter John and Co. — house 101 

High street 
Hunter, John, tailor, 38 George street 
Hunter, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 15 George street 
Hunter, Richard, cowfeeder, 11 Maxwellton 
Hunter, Robert, of Hunter John and Co. — house 19 

School wynd 
Hunter, William, tobacconist, 99 High street 
Hunter, Wm. joiner and weavers' wright, 84 George st. 
Hunter, Wm. rector of Grammar school, 5 Church hill 
Hunter, Wm. spirit dealer, 12 Smith hills 
Hutcheson, Mrs. grocer, stoneware and chrystal shop, 

28 Wellmeadow street 
Hutchison, Archibald, flower lasher and heddlecaster, 16 

George street 
Hutchison, James, spirit dealer, 1 St. James' street 
Hutchison, John, plasterer. Glen Lane Cottage 
Hutchison, John, teacher, 34} Moss street 
Hutchison, Matthew, feuar and hosier, 18 Abbey close 
Hutton, Alexander, victualler, 149 George street 
Hutton, Jas. Sf Co. shoe and leather merchants, 4 High st. 
Hyndman, William, cowfeeder, 10 Orchard street 

INGRAM, James, of Ingram, Thos. ^- Co — house 45 

Ingram, Thomas Sf Co. shawl manufs^ 25 Orchard street 
Ingram, Thos. of Ingram. Thos. Sf Co. — ho. 1 Greenlaw st. 
Ingram, Wm. tobacconist, and spirit dealer, 23 Moss st.- 
Irvine, Andrew, and Co. Wrights, Lylesland - 

JAAP, John, boot and shoe maker, 1 High street ' - - 
Jack, Jas. provision raercht. Sf ham curer, 89 High street 
Jack, John, grocer and grain merchant, 52 Storie street 
Jack, Miss, milliner, dress and straw hat maker, 7 New 

Smith hills 
Jack, Petei*, grocer and grain merchant, 95 High street 
Jack, Peter, writer, 9 Moss street — house 31 Glen street 


Jack, Robert, grocer, Stock street 

^ack, Robt. thread raanuf., 28 Gordon's lane — ho. 24 do. 

Jackson, Andrew, flesher, 19 Sandholes 

Jackson, Miss, dress maker, 62 Storie street 

Jackson, Robert, farmer, Rylees 

Jackson, William, cowfeeder, 62 Storie street 

JafFray, David, joiner and cabinet maker, Lylesland 

JafFray, Jas. wright and shuttlemaker, 118 George st, 

Jamieson, Archibald, 4 Garthland place 

Jamieson Sc Armour, tinsmiths and braziers^ 94 High st. 

Jamieson, George, Captain and Adjutant Renfrewshire 

Militia, 10 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Jamieson, John, dyer, 2 Saucel 
Jamieson, John, manufacturer, 6 Caugeysidt 
Jamieson, Miss— house 1 Maxwell street 
Jamieson, Mrs. matron, Town Hospital, 7 New Sneddea 
Jamieson, Mrs. straw hat maker, 5 George itrtet 
Jamieson; Robt. of Henning & Jamieson— ho. 89 High St. 
Jamieson, Wm. — house 97 Causeyside 
Jardine, James, late tailor, 56 Storie street 
Jardine, R. teacher of English and writing, 46 High $t. 

house 45 do. 
Jeffrey, William, groeer, 4 Broomlands 
Jeffrey, William surgeon, 18 Orchard street 
Johnson, Samuel, manager Paisley Theatre, 2 Bridge st. 

(New Town) 
Johnstone, James, flesher, 99 Causeyside 
Johnstone, James, manufacturer, 99 Causeyside, and 

grocer 5Q Storie street 
Johnstone, Joseph, musician, 44 Moss street 
Johnstone, Robert, grocer, 66 Broomlands 
Johnstone, William, tailor, 105 High street 

KEIR, Adam, sen. 5 Garthland place 

Keir, Adam, jun. 5 Garthland place 

Keith, Alex, silk gauze manufacturer, 9 Inkle street 

Kelly, Peter, spirit dealer, Gilmour street 

Kennedy, Alexander, smith and farrier, 81 Causeyside 

Kennedy, and Co. stationers, 30 Causeyside 

Kennedy, C. John, teacher, 30 Causeyside 


Kennedy, David, cooper, 10 High street 
Kennedy, Mrs. grocer, 11 Cotton street 
Kent, James, cowfeeder, 3 Cross street - /'■ 

Ker, Mrs. sen. post mistress, (post office, Christie Ter- 
race) — house 43 Moss street :'-J «'--*'®^'-^^' 
Ker, William, assistant post master, Christie Terrace 
Kerr, Allan, letter runner — house 2 Thread street 
Kerr, Mrs. Andrew, grocer, 7 Cotton street 
Kerr, Dr James, and Son, 7 Orr street 
Kerr, Mrs. Duncan, cowfeeder, lO Niddry street 
Kerr, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 68 George street 
Kerr, James, M. D. house? Orr street 
Kerr, John, baker, 94 Causeyside 
Kerr, John, joiner and cabinet maker, 65 High street 
Kerr, John, & Co. raanufs. 17 Abbey street, ho. do. 
Kerr, John, and Sons, thread manufs. 28 Gordon's lane 
Kerr and Lochhead, manufacturers, 1J3 Causeyside 
Kerr, Mrs. Hugh, wine and spirit dealer, 7 Glen street 
Kerr, Peter, and Son, heddle twine and thread manufs. 

34 New street, house do. 
Kerr, Peter, spirit dealer, 32 Moss street 
Kerr, Robert, manufacturer, 21 Thread street — dye work 

and calender, Bladda — house 59 Love street 
Kerr, Robert, merchant and agent for Caledonian Insu- 
rance Co, 113 Causeyside, house 1 Oakshaw head 
Kerr, Thomas, thread manufacturer, 24 Glen street 
Kerr, Thomas, of Kerr & Turnbull, house 1 Christie St. 
Kerr and Turnbull, merchants, 4 Gauze street 
Kerr's upholstery and furnishing warehouse, 7 Gauze st. 
Kerr, William, surgeon, 7 Orr street 
Kessan, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Lylesland 
Kibble, James, of Whiteford, residence, Greenlaw bouse 
Kibble, Miss — house 2 New Smith hills 
Kibble, Mrs, James of Greenlaw, Greenlaw house 
Killocli, John, spirit dealer, 10 Williamsburgh 
Killoch, Mrs. grocer, 16 Wallace street 
Kincaid and Gordon, dyers, 16 New Smith hills 
King, Alexander, merchant, (Coffee Room Buildings, 

Cross,) 107 High street 
King, Allan, cloth merchant, 44 New street " l^*'-"'''^^-'-^ 


King, Archibald, surgeon, 11 Smith hills 

King, James, grocer, 8 Love street 

King, John, late trumpeter 0/ the \Qth Light Dragoons, 

9 Canal street 
King, John, grocer, 82 Broomlands 
King, John, paper imitation painter, 68 Canal street 
King, Mrs. dress and corset maker, 80 Xau&ey.sjde 
King, Mrs. grocer, 20 Glen street V* ,!,'^4,^'7/ 
King, Mrs. linen dresser, 9 Canal street ' 
King, Mrs. — house Lonend 

King, Mrs. New- Commercial and English Hotel, 2 
Smith hills,— gigs, noddies, and post chaises, coach 
to and from Renfrew seven times every lawful day, 
and steam coaches to and from Glasgow times 
every lawful day 
King, Thomas, cloth merchant, 9 High street 
Kinninmont, Isabella, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 William- 
Kinross, Thomas, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 26 

Causeyside — house 109 High street 
Kintrea, Robert, mason, 9 School v/ynd 
Kirkland, John, manufacturer, 2 Barclay street 
Kirkland, Robert, clothlapper, 112 Causeyside, ho. 89 do* 
Kirkwood, Allan, writer, 3 Moss street — ho. Glen street 
Kirkwood, William, Saucel Distillery Spirit Cellar, 39 

High street . , 

Kirkwood, William, traveller for Harvey Japiesand Co. 
house 8 Abbey street .^I^f^ ''X''^' ^:"'r 

Knox, James, clock and watchmaker, 80 HigK street- 
house 8 Orr street 
Knox, John, coal merchant, 14 North Croft street 
Knox, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 81 High street, ancj 
24 Moss street ' 

Knox, J. and R. wrights, 14 North Croft street 
Knox, Robert, clock^nd watchmaker, 64 High 
Knox, William, spiriQealer, 100 George street 

LAIRD, Alex. jun. spirit dealer, 31 Wellmeadow street 
X<aird, Alexander, teacher, 134 George street 
Laird, James, cowfeeder, Carriagehill 


Laird, James, iron founder, 89 New Sneddon — ho. 37 do. 
Laird, Mrs. John, dressmaker and milliner, 33 Moss St. 
Laird, Mrs. William, hair cutter, 98 Causeyside 
Laird, Robert, pattern drawer, 109 High street 
Lamb, James, architect and surveyor, Underwood street 

and iron merchant, 4 St. James's place 
Lamb, Susan, furnishing shop, 15 Smith hills 
Lambie, Andrew, hair dresser, 37 Moss street 
Lambie, James, engineer, 16 M'Farlane's lane 
Lambie, Mrs. — house Burns' place 
Lang, Alexander, manufacturer, 59 George street 
Lang, Andrew, toy, basket, and brush shop, 49 High St. 
Lang and Anderson, writers. County Buildings 
Lang, Gavin, writer and town clerk, County Buildings, 

house 22 Moss street 
Lang, James, boot and shoemaker, 70 Broomlands 
Lang, James, causeyer and cowfeeder, 13 Abbey street 
Lang, James, church officer, 29 Thread street 
Lang, Mrs. James, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Abb^y st, 
Lang, John, dyer and renovator, 16 Old Sneddon 
Lang, Joseph, baker, 39 George street 
Lang, Malcolm, dyer — house Burns' place 
Lang, Mrs. feuar, 8 Smith hills 

Lang, Peter, causwayer and cowfeeder, 33 Moss street 
Lang, Robert, church officer, 5 Bridge st. (New Town) 
Lang, Walter, manufacturer, 9 Smith hills 
Langmuir, Mrs. grocer, 8 Lawn street 
Langmuir, Robert, flesher, 24 New street 
Langmuir, Wm. grain merchant and miller, 19 Thread 

street — house 1 Cart street 
Latin, Samuel, hair dresser, 45, George street 
Latta, John, cowfeeder, 40 Millerston 
Latta, William, plasterer, 32, Gauze street 
Lauder, Robert, blacksmith, 21 New Smith hills 
Lawrie, Gavin, Blackball, Causeysite, and Corsebar ToU 

Lawrie, William, jun. confectioner, 15 Smith hills, ho. do. 
Lawson, John, manufacturer, 1 Causeyside, ho. 6 Stow st. 
LawsoD, John, smith, farrier, and spirit dealer, 1 Burn rovr 


Lawson, Robert, sen. house 9 Shuttle street 

Lawson, Robert, jun. reedmaker, 27 New street — house 

9 Shuttle street 

Lawson, William, ironmonger, 2 High street 

Leckie, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 53 High street 

Leckie, Archd. of Wark, Leckie, & Co. lio. 19 Thread st. 

Leckie, Mrs. dress maker, 11 Wellmeadow street 

Lee, James, farmer, Stanely 

Lee, Mrs. corset and dress maker, 3 Love street 

Leggat, David, gardener, and cowfeeder, 7 Maxwellton 

Leggat, James, cowfeeder, 36 Lady lane 

Leggat, Robert, grocer and carter, 5 Inkle street 

Leighton, Robert, of Barr and Leighton, ho. 4-4? Moss st. 

Leiper, Alexander, house Gateside 

Leishman, John, of Leishman, Thos. and Son, house 

Leishman, Thomas, & Son, grain merchants, 81 High st. 
Leishman, Thomas, of Leishman, Thomas, and Son, ho. 

43 Oakshaw street 
Leitch, Andrew, warper, 4 Abbey close 
Leitch, John, joiner, cabinet maker, and lappet wheel 

cutter, 7 East Buchanan street, furniture warehouse, 

10 Smith hills 

Leitch, William, warper, 12 Prussia street 

Lennox, Hugh, superintendent surveyor, and collector of 

New Town police assessments, office 28 Lawn street, 

house 21 Abbey street 
Leshe, Robert, tailor, 1 Stow place 
Liddell, William, late ironmonger, house 6 Bridge street, 

New Town 
Light, John, flowerlasher, 10 Orchard street 
Light Joseph, flowerlasher, 18 Abbey close 
Lindsay, John, boot and shoemaker, 27 Canal street 
Lindsay, Walter, jun. smith, 80 Canal street 
Lindsay, Walter, sen. smith and vintner, 60 Causeyside 
Linn, Thomas, manufacturer, 114 Causeyside, houte 

Great Hamilton street 
Livingston, James, boot & shoemaker, 43 High street 
Lochhead, Alex, spirit dealer, 3 Mile house 
Lochhead, John, farmer, Ingleston 


Lochhead, John, (late n:iller, at East Neilston side,) 57 

George street 
Loclihead, John, and Son, grocers, 2 Causeyside 
Lochhead, Robert, manufacturer, 36 Canal street 
Lochhead, Robert, spirit dealer, 13 Moss street 
Lochhead, Susan, grocer, 20 Cotton street 
Lock, Mrs. grocer, 11 Canal street 

Lockhart, J. turner and wheel wright, S8 Wellmeadow st. 
Lockhart, Jas. turner and wheel wright, 21 School wynd 
Lockhart, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Espedair st. 
Lodge, Benjamin, tailor, 5 Castle street 
Logan, James, farmer, West March 
Logan, James, grocer, 2 Bridge street, (Burgh) 
Logan, James, pattern drawer, 109 High street 
Logan, John, shoemaker, 44 Broomlands 
Logans John, thibet cutter, 10 New street 
Logan, Thomas, thibet dresser, 30 Storie street 
London Genuine Tea Company, 2 Smith hills — H. Stone- 
bridge, manager 
Longwell, James, warper, 15 Causeyside 
Lorimer, John, cloth merchant, 102 High street 
Lorimer, Mrs. Alex, house 8 W^est Croft street 
Lorn, Alexander, confectioner and pastry baker, 9 St. 

Mirren's street 
Lorn, James, baker, 5 George street 
Loudon, James, wholesale grocer, 35 Wellmeadow street 
Loudon, William, tailor, 94 Causeyside 
Love, Angus, cloth merchant, 33 High street, house 12 

George street 
Love, James, keeper of the Paisley Coffee Room, house 

26 St. James street 
Love, William, clerk at Hart and Hodge's, 87 High st. 
Lowe, Wm. bookbinder, 2 New street 
Lowndes, Charles, manufacturer, 80 New Sneddon 
Lowndes, Wm. and Jas. Sf Co. manufs. 80 New Sneddon 
Lowndes, William, of Arthurlie, house 79 New Sneddon 
Lyall, George, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Orchard st. 
Lyall, James, of Lyall, Wm. and Son, ho. 90 High street 
Lyall, Thomas, writer, Gilmour street 


Lyall, Wm. and Sor>, grocers, 90 High street, house 12 

Oakshaw street 
Lyle, William, toy, basket, and brush shop, 90 High st. 
Lymburn, John, and Sons, silk mercers, leghorn and 

straw hat warehouse, 15 High street 
Lymburn, Mrs. Hugh, drug shop, 99 Causeyside 
Lymburn, Muir, and Co silk mercers, 6 High street 
Lyon, Andrew, spirit dealer and confectioner, 26 South 

Croft street 
Lyon, Mrs. hosiery shop, 19 Barclay street 
Lyon and Walker's General Coach Oaice, 1 Moss street, 

stables and coach yard, 4 Garthland lane and 

George place 

MACK, John, spirit dealer, 1 Saucel Bridge, Saucel 
Mackie and Laird, linen and woollen drapers, 33 High st. 
Macome, Alexander, town's commercial school, 4 Meet-- 

ing house lane, house 7 Oakshaw street 
Mair, James and John, slaters, 29 Gauze street 
Mair, James, of Mair, James, and John, 8 School wynd 
Mair, John, slater and spirit dealer, 29 Gauze street 
Mair, John, boot and shoemaker, 3 High street, house 

32 Glen street 
Mair, William, slater, 8 School wynd 
Maitland and Alexander, cabinet makers and weavers' 

Wrights, 15 Wellmeadow street 
Maitland, James, spirit dealer, 2h George street 
Manson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 38 New st. 
Manson and Son, reed makers, 39 New street 
Man well, David, wright, 19 South Croft street 
March, Thomas, teacher, Dovesland 
Marnoni, Antoni, carver and gilder, 7 Lawn street 
Marshall, Alex, of JNIarshall, Morison, and Co. house 

28 Gauze street 
Marshall, Morison, and Co. manufacturers, 3 Orchard st. 
Marshall, Richard, flower lasher and clothlapper, 11 

Gauze Street 
Marshall, William, baker, 6 Broomlands 
Marshall William, juh. and Co., shawl warehouse 17 



T'^Iarshall, William, manufacturer, 83 High street 
JVIartin, Alexander, cutler and gun maker, 71 High st — 

house 28 Oakshaw street 
Martin, Charles, boot and shoemaker, 25 South Croft St. 
Martin, James, baker, 20 Abbey street 
Martin, James, carver, gilder, and print seller, Christie 

Martin, James, grocer, 7 Bridge street, (Burgh) 
P>Iartin, James, jnn. teacher, 1 Brown's lane 
Tilartin, James, spirit dealer, 1 Brown's lane 
Martin, James, smith, 5 Bridge street, (New Town) 
Martin, John, grocer, 9 Seedhill 
Martin, John, spirit dealer, 7 George street 
IMartin, Matthew, baker, 24 Gauze street 
Martin, Mrs. Francis — house Beauchamp Place, 42 

Love street 
Martin, R. and J manufacturers, 16 Causeyside 
> ^artin, William, of Simpson and Martin— ho. 42 Love St. 
Mason, Archibald, manufacturer, 11 Gauze street 
Mason, Gavin, grocer, 28 Thread street 
Mason, Mrs. corset and dress maker, 88 High street 
Mason, Peter, preserver of Foreign and British quadru- 
peds, birds, &c. 2? Back Sneddon 
Mason, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 80 Canal street 
Mason, Thomas, and Co. shawl manufacturers, 7 Silk st. 
Mason, Gavin, grocer, 28 Thread street 
Masson, George, and iion, thibet croppers, 28 Gordon's 

Mathison, Andrew, grocer and tea merchant, 87 High st. 

house 86 do. 
Mathison, John, tailor, 5 Cotton street 
Maxwell, Mrs. Andrew, grocer and vintner, 20 Old 

Maxwell, Alexander, tailor, 3 Lawn street 
Maxwell, James, yr. of Brediland, Merksworth Cottage 
Maxwell, James, cowfeeder, general washing field, 6i 

New Sneddon 
Maxwell, John, mason, 8 Wardrop street 
Maxwell, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 94 Causey- 


PAISLEY. ' 53 

Maxwell, Robert, late merchant, 34 Gauze street 
Maxwell, William, of Brediland, Merksworth Cottage 
Maxwell, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Gauze st. 
Meiklehara, John, teacher, 160 George street 
Meiklewee, William, grocer, 2.5 New Smith hills 
Mellis, William, flowerlasher, 11 Wallneuk 
Melvilie, John, flowerlasher, 1 Barclay street 
Melvin, Thomas, weavers* furnishing shop, 37 New st. 

and ] 7 Broomlands 
Menzies, James, of Stewart Menzies and Co. — bouse 7 

Gauze street 
Menzies, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Cotton street 
Menzies, Robert, jun. of Stewart Menzies and Co. — ho. 

15 Maswellton 
Menzies, Robert, sen— house 15 Maxwellton 
I\Ienzies, ppirit cellars, 75 Broomlands — do, 2 Sauce! — 

do. 5 Well street 
Merrylees, John, manuf. S4 Causeyside — house Calside 
Middleton, James, brewer, Lexwell Brewery, MiUerston 
Miller, Adam, tinsmith, 9 St. Mirren's street 
Millar, Andrew and John, writers, M'Leod's Buildings, 

4 Smith hills 
Millar, Andrev/, of Millar, Andrew and John — house 

34 Gauze street 
Millar, David, and Son, tailors, 103 High street 
Millar, G. R. spirit dealer, 1 10 George street 
Millar, George, cowfeeder, 73 Canal street 
Millar, Jas. of Barclay and Ivlillar — ho. 12 Wellmeadow 
Miller, Jas. manager, Blackball factory — ho. 3 Greenlaw 

Millar, John, broker, 79 High street 
Millar, John, copper and tinsmith, 82 High street 
Millar, John, teacher, 6 Cotton street 
Miller, John, teacher, 59 Storie street 
Millar, John, of Millar, Andrew and John — house 28 

Millar, Miss, ladies' school, 1 Orr street 
Millar, Walter, spirit dealer, Lylesland — house do. 
Millar, Wm. jun. north church officer, 29 Moss street 
Miller, William, spirit cellar, 10 Wells street 

E 3 


Miller, Wm. town drummer and bill poster, ?5 Moss st. 
Miller, Robert, grocer and grain dealer, 9 Orchard street 
Miller and Smith, silk mercers, 9 High street 
Miller, Thomas, draper and silk mercer, 97 High street, 

house 6 Moss street 
Milligan, Edward, cowfeeder, 15 Back Sneddon 
Milligan, John, broker, 10 St. Mirren's street 
Miliiken, Mrs. dressmaker, 20 Maxwellton street 
Mills, James, pattern drawer, 14? Wardrop street 
Mills, Peter, builder, 5 Stow street 
Milne, John, flowerlasher, 78 Canal street 
Minto, M. grocer and earthenware dealer, 4 Back Sned- 
Mitchell, Andrew, plasterer, 149 George street 
Mitchell, Arch, turner and vintner, 27 Wellmeadow st. 
Mitchell, David, nail manufacturer, 6 Storie street 
Mitchell, Daniel, spirit dealer, 85 Causeyside 
Mitchell, Daniel, tailor, 17 Castle street 
Mitchell, James, boot and shoemaker, 71 Broomlands 
Mitchell, James, broker, 16 New Smith hills 
Mitchell, James, dyer, 4 Clark's place, Seedhill 
Mitchell, James, keeper of Bridewell— house County 

Mitchell, John, furnishing shop, 24- Broomlands 
Mitchell, John, farmer, Patterhill 
Mitchell, John, porter Glasgow Union Bank — house 109 

High street 
Mitchell, John, boot and shoe maker, 11 Wellmeadow st. 
Mitchell, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 8 Prussia street 
Mitchell, Thomas, Little Mill distillery spirit cellar, 117 

George street 
Mitchell, William, flowerlasher 1 Barclay street 
Mitchell, W^illiam, spirit dealer, 13 New Smith hills 
Mitchell, William, teacher, 21 Lawn street 
Moffat, John, foreman to Macalister A. and W. — house 

63 Love street 
Moir, James, straw hat manufacturer — house 91 High st. 
Molineaux, Jno, agent, and furnishing shop, 12 Storie st. 
Molloy, Duncan, shoemaker, 4 Silk street 
Montgomery, W. cashier of police, (Burgh) ho. 9 Cross st. 


Monro, William, and Son, tailors, 6, Glen street 
Moody, George, of Wylie, Rodger, and Moody-, house 

Morgan, John, of M'Kerrell and Morgan, ho. 4i9 High st. 
Morgan, Robert, grocer, 30 Caledonia street 
Morgan, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 62 High st. 
Morran, Peter, shoemaker, 76 High street 
Morren, John, grocer, oil and colourman, 1 17 George st. 
Morris, Andrew, boot and shoe warehouse, 104 High st. 
Morris, Andrew, flower-lasher, 2 Wardrop street 
Morrison, Alexander, grocer, 6 Old Sneddon 
Morrison, Alexander, spirit dealer, 77 Broomlands 
Morrison, Mrs. Claud, grocer, 33 King street 
Morison, James, of Marshall, Morison, and Co. — house 

9 Garthland place 
Morrison, Jas. wine and spirit merchant, 45 Broomlands 
Morrison, John, spirit dealer, 2 Wellmeadow street 
Morrison, Mrs. leghorn and straw hat maker, 14 War- 
drop street 
Morrison, R. stationer, and public library, 85 High st. 
Morrison, Wilson, teacher of music, 9 Back Sneddon 
Morton and Co. manufacturers, Christie Terrace 
Morton, Henderson, shoemaker, 34 Glen street 
Morton, John, leather cutter, boot and shoemaker, 9 

Smithhills — house 11 do. 
Morton, Jn. of Morton Jn. and Co. — ho. 38 Causeyside 
Morton, Jn.and Co. shawl manufacturers, 38 Causeyside 
Morton, Mrs. grocer, 5 Moncrieff street 
Morton, Thomas, shoemaker, 16 Back row, Sandholes 
Morton, William, baker, 14 Storie street 
Motherwell, John, nail maker, 7 Orchard street 
Moyes, Geo. manuf. 6 Brown's lane— house 40 High st. 
Muir, Archibald, teacher, 7 Seedhill 
Muir, A. and R. bleachers, Glenfield 
Muir, Catherine, earthenware dealer, 4 Causeyside 
Muir, D. and Co. apothecaries, 21 Smith hills 
Muir, Hugh, grocer, ham curer and spirit dealer, 24 

Wellmeadow street 
Muir, James, grocer and spirit dealer^ Stock street, 
Charleston — house 31 Calside 


Muir, J as. sen. and Co. manufacturers, 4 Causeyside — 

house Greenhill Cottage 
Muir, James, slater, 9 William street 
Muir, John, accountant, librarian to the Paisley library, 
and keeper of Society rooms, 22 Moss street — house 
34 Glen street 
Mtiir, John, of Muir and Murdoch, 4? Oakshaw street 
Muir, John, manufacturer, 110 Causeyside — house 140 

George street 
Muir, John, victualler, 22 Lawn street — ^house do. 
Muir, John, writer, 3 1 Gauze street 
Muir, Matthew, grain dealer — house Greenhill 
Muir, Miss, straw hat maker, 18 Storie street 
Muir and Murdoch, clothiers and hatters, 3 Moss street 
Muir, Robert, baker and grain merchant, 45 Moss street 
Muir, Robert, carter, '■Z6 Queen street 
Muir, Robert, flesher, 26 Moss street — house 21 do 
Muir, Robt. writer, 5 Moss street- house 6 Garthland st. 

Muir and Smith, silk mercers, 9 High street 

Muir, William, feuar, 19 Smith hills 

Muir, W. grain dealer and miller, Saucel Mills — house 

7 Burn row 
Muir, Wm. grocer &: grain mercht. 93 High st. — ho. do. 
Muirhead, Andrew, shoemaker, 32 Glen street 
Mungle, Hugh, grocer, 26 Cotton street 
Mungle, John, teacher, 3 mile house 
JSlunn, Armstrong, manufacturer, 35 Storie street 

Munn, James, manufacturer, 15 Causeyside — house 13 
George street 

Munn, John, sheriff officer, 6 Renfrew street 

Munn, Robert, druggist, 67 Causeyside 

Munn, D, surgeon, occulist, and druggist, 31 Causeyside 

Munro, Daniel, potato dealer and grocer, 31 King street 

Munro, Daniel, tailor, 93 Causeyside 

Munro, James, tailor, 7 Broomlands 

Munro, Mrs. tailor and furnishing shop, 1 Abbey close 

Munro, William and Son, tailors, 6 Glen street 

Munroe, David, tailor, 42 Moss street 

Munton, Captain John, 18 Gauze street 

Murdoch, James and Co. boot and shoemaker, 53 High st. 


Murdoch, John, silk and cotton yarn merchant, 7 St* 

Mirren's street 
Murdoch, Peter, of Muir and Murdoch — ho 25 Moss st. 
Murdoch, William, thibet cutter, 31 Causey side 
Murphy, James, shawl manufacturer, 109 Causeyside, 

house, 13 New street 
Murphy, Thomas flower painter, 6 Bridge st. (Burgh) 
Murray, Daniel, manufacturer, 14> Sir Michael street 
Murray, George, and Co. manufacturers 116 Causeyside 
Murray, John, cowfeeder, 10 Sandholes Back row 
Murray, Miss, Agnes, dressmaker, 1 1 Abbey street 
Murray, Miss, Marion, grocer, 41 New street 
Murray, Mrs. Helen, spirit, dealer, 43 Maxwellton 
Murray, Mrs. straw hat maker, 54 High street 
Murray, Philip, wright, 4 St. James' street 
Murray, William, and Son, painters, oil and colourmen, 

Gilmour street 
Murtrie, W. superintendant and surveyor for police as- 
sessment, house 21 High street 

MACALASTER, John, and Co. manufacturers, 113 

Macalaster, Mrs. grocer, 24 New Smithhills 
Macalaster, W. manufacturer, 113 Causeyside, agent for 

the Globe Insurance Co , ho. 2 Oakshaw head 
Macalister, A. and W. clothiers and hatters, 106 Hi^h 

street, house 1 7 Storie street 
Macalister, Andrew, of Macalister, Wm and Sons, ho. 

25 Calside 
Macalister, James, agent, 120 George street 
Macalister, John, of Macalister Wm. and Sons, house 

Biackland place 
Macalister, William, jun. of Macalister, Wm and Sons, 

house Biackland place 
Macalister, Wm. sen. of Macalister, Wm. and Sons. ho. 

25 Calside 
Macalister, Wm. and Sons, manufs., 15 Causeyside 
Macalpine and Watson, silk merchants 14 Causeyside 
Macalpine, A. of Macalpine and Watson, ho. Camphill 
M'Alpine, James, spirit dealer, ly Moss street 


M* Arthur, Adam, manufacturer, 5 Causey side, house 

21 St. James' street 
M^Arthur, James, of M'Arthur, J. and J. ho. Camphill 
M'Arthur, J. and J. manufacturers, 114^ Causeyside 
M*Arthur, John, boot and shoemakers, 10 Smithhills 
M'Arthur, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Wallace st. 
M'Arthur, John, twiner, George place 
M'Arthur, John, shoemaker, 16 Orchard street 
M'Arthur, Mrs. matron, town hospital, 7 New Sneddon 
M'Arthur, Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 12 Dyer's 

M'Arthur, P. and D, grain merchants, 82 High street 
M'Arthur, Robert, shawl manufacturer, 21 Causeyside, 

hou&e 23 Glen street 
M'Arthur, Wm. manufacturer, 16 Causeyside, house do. 
M'AuIay, Daniel, carding master, Underwood Mill 
M'Ausland, Peter, (old sun tavern), l6 Lawn street, — 
where Burns, the Ayrshire Bard, met with Wilson, 
the Paisley Bard and American Ornithologist 
M'Ausland, Rt. boot 8^ shoemaker, 14 High st.>, ho. do. 
M'Ausland, Mrs. dressmaker and milliner, 83 Broom- 
land street 
M'Bean, Lauchlane, excise officer, ho. 27 George street 
M'Caifer, Alex, blacksmith and ferrier, Saucel 
M'Callum, Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, New Smithhill 
M'Callura, Alex, grocer and vintner, 37 St. James' st. 
M'Callum, Angus, London genuine tea Co. 2 Smithhills 
M'Callum, Mrs. dressmaker, 19 Newton street 
M'Call, Mrs. green shop, 21 Moss street 
M'Cargow, Adam, house 5 West brae 
M'Caul, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 2 St. Mirren's street 
M'Clymont, Mrs. tape merchant, 18 Storie street 
M'CoU, Mrs. dressmaker, 7 Smithhills 
M'Conechy, Mrs. eating house, 10 Gauze street 
M'Cormick, Mrs. dress maker, 2 St. Mirren's street 
M'Creath, Mrs. dress maker, 81 Canal street 
M'Cree, Arch, grocer and spirit dealer, 9 New Sneddon 
M'Dade, John, grocer, 7 Old Sneddon 
M'Devat, Mrs clothier, \6 St. Mirren's street 
M'Donald, Alex, spirit dealer, 5 East Buclianan street 


M 'Donald, Allan, broker, 83 High street 

M'Donald, Donald, D. and J. manufacturers, 14 St. 

Mirren's street — house 49 Love street 
M'Donald, Duncan, cowfeeder, 3 Lawn street 
M'Donald, James, boot and shoemaker, 2 Storie street 
M'Donald, John, gardener, ] 3 Gauze street 
M'Donald, John, tailor, 15 St. Mirren's street 
M'Donald, Mrs broker, 79 High street 
M'Donald, Mrs. straw hat maker, 6 Silk street 
M'Donald, Neil, late manufacturer — house 49 Love st. 
M'Donald, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 24 Gauze street 
M'Donnell, I (Wallace Tavern) 15 Moss street 
M'Dougal, Alexander, cowfeeder and spirit dealer, 5 

Silk street 
M'Dougal, Donald, Turf Inn, 8 St. Mirren's street 
M'Dougal, John, brewer, 1 Ferguslie, East Lane 
M'Dougal, Malcolm, at Ross and Duncan's — house 

Niddry street 
M'Fadyen, Archibald, cowfeeder, 5 Cotton street 
M'Fadyen, Findlay, spirit dealer, 9 Gauze street 
M'Fadyen, James, grocer and grain dealer, 31 High st. 
M'Fadyen, John, beamer, 15 Castle street 
M'Fadyen, Peter, Shakspeare Tavern and Tap Room, 

Gilmour street 
M'Fadyen, William, cowfeeder, 18 Sandholes 
M'Farlane, Alex, clerk in Paisley Bank — house 2 Cale- 
donia street 
M'Farlane, Andrew, spirit dealer, 36 Moss street 
M'Farlane, Campbell, church officer, 24 George street 
M'Farlane, Daniel — house Canal Bank 
M'Farlane, David, Union Tavern, 9 High street 
M'Farlane, Graham, of Barrs and M'Farlane— house 33 

Old Sneddon 
M'Farlane, Hugh, manufacturer, 110 Causeyside— ho. 

56 Love street 
M'Farlane, Jas. & Co. distillers, Lonewells, 11 Well st. 
M'Farlane, James, distiller — house 27 Well street 
M'Farlane, James, feuar, Stirling street 
M'Farlane, John, spirit dealer, 1 St. Mirren's street 
M'Farlane, Misses, dressmakers, 27 New Smith hills 


M'Farlane, Mrs —house 33 Old Sneddon 

M'Farlane, Malcolni, flesher and spirit dealer, Earl Grey 

M'Farlane, Robert, tailor, 10 Silk street 
M'Farlane T. H. wine and spirit merchant, 29 Lady 

Lane — house Canal Bank | 

M^Farlane, Walter, collector of poors' rates, 30 St. 

James's street 
M'Farlane, William, hair dresser, 4 New street 
M*Fee, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 69 Broomlands 
M'Fee, Duncan, smith and ironmonger, 73 Broomlands 
M'Gavin, Hugh, tailor, 47 High street 
M'Gavin, James, cotton yarn merchant and accountant, 

114 Causeyside — house 31 Glen street 
M'Gaw, Joseph, travelling merchant, 4 Cross street 
M'Gibbon, John, ironmonger — house 16 High street 
M'Gibbon, John, wright, 68 High street 
M'Ginty, John, broker, 12 Old Sneddon 
M'Gilveray, Alexander, baker, 108 George street 
M'Gilevray, Duncan, dry Salter, Blackball — and dyewood 

manufactory, West Burn street, Greenock 
M'Gilvray & Fleming, manufacturers, 6 Brown's Lane 
M'Glashan, Alexander, tailor, 12 Causeyside 
M'Goun, Andrew, grocer and stoneware merchant, 21 

Old Sneddon 
M'Gown, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Carriagehill 
M'Gown, Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 1 1 Maxwellton 
M'Grath, James, vintner, 30 Old Sneddon 
M'Gregor, Duncan, of Coats, Grieve and Co. — house 

26 Orchard street 
M'Grrgor, Gregor, shawl manufacturer, 112 Caaseyside 
McGregor, Hugh, shoemaker, 51 High street 
McGregor, James, cloth lapper, 23 Causeyside— house i, 

24 Bridge street, (Burgh) 
M'Gregor, John, foreman, baking association, 21 New 

Smith hills 
McGregor, Thomas, hair dresser, 31 Moss street 
M'Gullan, David, tailor, 14 St. Mirren's street 
M'Hroy, Mrs. broker, 28 Moss street 
M'Hutchison, Mrs. milliner, 12 High street 


M'llwee, John, shoemaker, 6 Williamsburgh 

M'llwham, William, beamer, Charleston 

M'llwrick, Thomas, warper, Cart Lane 

M'Inally, John, grocer, 4 Wallneuk 

M'Indoe, John, cowfeeder, spirit, and potato dealer, 3 

King street 
M^Innes, Daniel, hair dresser, 15 Orchard street 
M'lntosh, Allan, leather cutter, 38 Moss street 
M'Intosh and Duncan, tanners and curriers, 37 Gordon's 

M'Intosh and Campbell, slaters, 19 Wellmeadow street, 

and 6 North Croft street 
M'Intosh, John, of M'Intosh and Campbell, 19 Well- 
meadow street 
M'Intosh, William, dyer, 4 Bridge street, (New Town) 
M'Intosh, Mrs. spirit dealer, 1 Wellmeadow street 
M'Intyre, Peter, shoemaker, 5 Wallneuk 
M'lver, Daniel, teacher, 6 Abbey street 
M'Kaig, John, jun. spirit dealer, 43 Moss street 
M'Kaig, Mrs. dress maker, 19 Moss street 
M'Kaig, Mrs. mangier, SO St. James's street 
M'Kay, Alex, tailor, and collector of road money. Abbey 

Parish, 53 High street 
M'Kay, James, flesher and vintner, 13 Smith hills 
M'Kay, James, pattern drawer, 27 New street 
M'Kay, Jean, green grocer, 49 Moss street 
M'Kay, Mrs. John— house 12 Abbey Close 
M'Kay, William, tailor, 33 George street 
M'Kean, James, clothier, 23 High street 
M'Kean, John, beamer, 10 Old Sneddon 
M'Kean, Robert, of Sim, William and Co.— house 3 

West Croft street 
M'Kechnie, John, spirit dealer, 46 New Sneddon 
M'Kechnie, Robert, M. D. 10 Smith hills 
M'Kechnie, Thos. bookseller and stationer, 80 High st. 
M'Kellar, Donald, carter and cowfeeder, 3 Silk street 
M'Kell, John, hair dresser and perfumer, 4 Moss street 
M'Kenzie, Colin, grocer, 55 Storie street 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, gardener, Renfrew street — shop 6 

Smith hills 


M'Kenzie, Duncan, confectioner, 3 Wellmeadow 
M'Kenzie, Hugh, boot and shoemaker, 35 Calside 
M'Kenzie, Miss, dressmaker, 74 Love street 
M'Kenzie, John, road and well contractor, 6 Wellmea- 

dovy street 
M'Kenzie, Niel, tailor, 103 High street 
M'Kerrell, Fulton, stamp office, 1 Smith hills — house, 
Brabloch; Robert Kerr, clerk — house, lH School 
M'Kerrell and Morgan, manufacturers, 14 Causeyside 
M'Kerrell, Mrs Jn. grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Lawn st. 
M'Kerrell, William, manufacturer — house 3 Garthland 

M'Kim, Hugh, eowfeeder, 17 Abbey Closs 
M'Kinlay, Daniel, M. D. 42 New street 
M'Kinlay, Robert, flowerlasher, 12 Causeyside 
M'Kinlay, Walter, sheriff officer, 6 Moss street 
M'Kirdy, Hugh, german clock manufacturer, 7 St. Mir- 

ren's street 
M'Lachlan, Duncan, gardener and eowfeeder, 17 Well st. 
M'Lardy, Mrs. confectioner, 5 St. Mirren's street 
M'Lauchlan, Hugh, carpet shoeniaker, 76 High street 
M'Lauchlane, Mrs- straw hat maker, 68 Love street 
Maclachlan, William, paper ruler, Wilson street, Glas- 
gow, entry 73 Hutcheson street 
M'Lachlan, John, eowfeeder, 2 Bladda 
M'Lauchlan, Rev. Robert— house 45 Causeyside 
M'Lean, Eliza, eating house, 14 Moss street 
M'Lean, Hugh, draper, 86 High street 
M'Lean, James, cotton yarn merchant, 14 Causeyside 
M'Lean, James, gardener, 28 Cotton street 
M'Lean, John, dyer, 9 Dyer's wynd— house 4 do. 
M'Lean, Jn. late wine and spirit merch. Williarasburgh 
M'Lean, John, manufacturer, 28 Glen street 
M'Lean, John, weavers' office, 94 Causeyside 
M'Lean, Misses, dress makers, 92 Causeyside 
M'Lean, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 9 School wynd 
M'Lean, Robert and Co. manufacturers, 109 Causeyside 
Mac Lean, William, writer; 5 Moss st .—house 3 Cale- 
donia street 


M'Lellan, James, spirit dealer, 67 Canal street 
M'Lellan, John, grocer, 9 South Croft street 
M'Lellan, William, beamer, 5 Maxwellton street 
M*Lelland, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 69 High 

M*Leod, Joseph, sen. surveyor of taxes, 95 High street 
M'Leod, Mrs. Joseph, jun. druggist, 4 Moss st. — house 

16 do. 
M'Leod, Mrs. midwife, 95 High street 
M'Lerie, Joseph, pattern drawer, 6 Gordon's lane 
M'Lerie, Mrs. David, grocer, 29 New street 
M'Lerie, M. & J. furnishing shop, 102 Causeyside 
M'Lerie, Patrick, grocer & grain merchant, 39 Ferguslie 
M'Lerie, Thomas, warper, 89 Causeyside 
M'Lintock, James and Son, calico printers, Linside 
M'Lintock, James, victualler, 31 George street 
M'Machanj Elizabeth, hair dresser, 95 New Sneddon 
M'Machan, Patrick, spectacle maker, 95 New Sneddon^ 
M'Millan, Duncan, Earl Grey Inn, 17 Smith hills 
M'Millan, James, teacher, 2 Glen street 
M'Millan, John, painter, 93 High street 
M'Millan, John, twiner, 27 New Sneddon 
M'Millanj Mrs. dress maker, 2 West Campbell street' 
M'Millan, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 27 New Sned^ 

M'Millan, Neil and Co. cloth lappers, 15 Causeyside 
M'Morland, Rev. Peter, 7 Orr street 
M'Murray, William, egg store, 57 High street 
M'Nab, Andrew, of Barr & M'Nab — ho. Burns place 
M'Nab, John— house Burns place 

'Nair, Archibald, of M'Nair & Brand^house 2 

Garthland place 
M'N^air and Brand, silk and shawl merchants, 22 New st. 
M'Nair, D. thibet cutter, lb Lawn street 
M'Nair, David, grocer, 97 Causeyside 
M'Nair, James, manufacturer, 110 Causeyside 
Macnair, Rev. Robert, Abbey Manse 
M'Nair, Robert, farmer, Meikleriggs 
M'Nair, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 72 Causeyside 


M'Naught, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 116 George 

M'Naught, Daniel, smith and farrier, 66 George street 
M' Naught, James, slater, 2 Bridge street 
M'Naught, John, reporter for the Paisley Advertiser — 

house 9 Orchard street 
M'Naught, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 10 \bbey st. 
MacNaughtan, Rev. John — house Castle head 
M'Nee, Mrs. straw hat maker, 36 Moss street 
M'Nee, Rt. & Co. smiths & bell hangers, 6 Dyer's wynd 
M'Niel, Donald, clerk, Saucel Brewery Company — ho. 

14 Orchard street 
Macneil, H. taJlor, 23 High street 
M'Niel, James, tailor, 25 High street 
M'Niel, Lachlan, spirit dealer, 18 Old Sneddon 
M'Niel and Livingstone, teachers, 7 Oakshaw street 
M'Niel, Miss, straw hat maker, 27 Causeyside 
M*Niel, Mrs. twiner, 13 Old Sneddon (furnished lodgings) 
M'Neilledge, Misses, dressmakers ani milliners, 10 1 

High street 
M'Nicol, Archi'iald. shawl manufacturer, 14 Causeyside, 

house Wardrop street 
M'Nicol, Daniel, twine and thread manufacturer, 1 East 

Buchanan street 
M'Nicol, Duncan, fiesher, 21 Smithills, ho. 22 School 

M'Nicoll, Mrs. eating house, 6 New street 
M'Nish, Archibald, wright, Stock street, Charleston 
M'Phail, Duncan, house, sign, and ornamental painter, 

14 High street, colour shop, 6 St. Mirren's street 
M'Pherson, Arehd. spinning master, Mr Twigg's mill, 86 

New Sneddon 
M'Pherson, Hugh, cowfeeder, general washing field, 

Shawfield, near Maxwell ton 
M'Pherson, John, grocer, 57 New Sneddon 
M'Pherson, John, carding master, Mr Twigg's mill, 68 

New Sneddon 
M'Pherson, grocer, 137 George street 
M'Pherson, John, English and Commercial School, 35 

Moss street, house 93 High street 


M'Pherson, John, grocer and saddler, 7 Broomlands 
M'Pherson, Mary, grocer, 120 George street 
M^Pherson, Peter, saddler, 13 High street, ho. 100 do. 
M'Queen, Alexander, joiner and cabinet maker, 3 Bar- 
clay street, furniture warehouse do. 
McQueen, James, ironmonger, 20 High street 
M'Readie, Samuel, tailor, 44? Moss street 
M'Sporran, E. boot & shoemaker & grocer, 14 Gauze st. 
M*Taggart, Mrs. cowfeeder, 48 High street 
M'Wade, Mrs. dressmaker, 70 High street 
M'Walter, Mrs. milliner and corset maker, 43 High st. 
M'Walter, Wm. surgeon and druggist, 78 High street 
M'Whinnie, Robert, grocer and vintner, 22 Sandholes 

NAIRN, Andrew, Warehoasman^ — house 2 Maxwellton 
Nairn, Thomas, saw-dresser, 15 Inkle street 
Nairn Thomas, thread maker 93 Causeyside^ 
Nairne, William, treasurer, Gas Company, 22 Moss street 

— house 52 High street 
Napier, John, collector of Cess, County Buildings, re- 
sidence Blackstoun 
Napier, Matthew, cabinet maker & joinery 52 Causeyside 
Neil and Young, victuallers, 34 High street 
Neilson, Geo. clerk, at White, Jas. jun., ho. 6 Love st. 
Neilson, James, jcarpet shoemaker^ 11 John street 
Neilson, John, late merchant, house Nethercommon 
Neilson> John, of Neilson &.[iay, house 21 St. James' ,st.'- 
Neilson & Hay, printers, 15 St. Mirren's street 
Neilson, Matthew, heddle maker and weavers' office, , 

40 George street 
Neilson, Miss, sempstress, 6 Love street 
Neilson, Thos. joiner & cabinet maker, 36 Wellmeadowst ■ 
Neilson, Thomas, traveller, 8 Abbey street 
Nesmith, James, fish and bacon, store, 19 Smith hills 
Newton, Mrs. cowfeeder and grocers, 5 Bridge st» (Burgh) ; 
Nicholson, John, tailor, 25 Lawn street 
Nicol John,, cowfeeder, 22 South Croft street • 
Nicol, Walter, and Co. manufacturers, 112 Causeyside 
Nicol, Walter, of Nicol, Walter, & Co. ho 20 Orchard st, 
Nisbat, Thomas, collect, of police (burgh) ho 59 High st. 



Niven, John, salt oflfice, 38 Broomlands 
»iven, Walter, shoemaker, 15 Back Row Ferguslie 
l^ixon, Simon, cowfeeder, 8 Storie street 
!Notman, Mrs. William, cowfeeder, 87 Causeyside 
Notman, William, manufacturer, 110 Causeyside, house 
17 Wardrop street 

O'FARRELL, Hugh, permit writer, ho 41 High street 

O'Harra, Patrick, broker, 7 St. Mirren's street 

Oliver, Archibald, grocer, 34 Glen street 

Oliver, Robert, tobacconist, 83 Broomlands 

O'Neill, Patrick, spirit and provision dealer, 20 Moss st. 

Orr, Andrew, spirit dealer, 12 High street 

Orr, Francis, accountant, 9 Gauze street, ho. 4- Bank st. 

Orr, Hugh, grocer, 9 New Sneddon 

Orr, James, grocer, 1 East Croft street 

Orr, John, jun, & Co. cotton spinners. Underwood street 

Orr, John, of Orr, John, jun. & Co. ho Underwood st. 

Orr, John, shawl manufacturer, 114? Causeyside 

Orr, Mrs. John, house, 35 Causeyside 

Orr, Mrs. William, sen. house 10 Causeyside 

Orr, Robert of Lylesland 

Orr, Robert, victualler, 1 Broomlands 

Orr, Robert, builder, 21 Moss street 

Orr, Robert, stocking maker, 40 New street 

Orr, Thomas, (steam boat inn) 42 Moss street 

Orr, William, joiner and cabinet maker, 29 High street 

house 1 Barclay street 
Orr, William and Robert, manufacturers, 106 Causey- 
side — James Dykes, agent 
Osborne, James, weavers' wright and turner, 20 Lawn st 
Oswald, James, tea merchant, 33 George street 

PAISLEY Advertiser Office, 15 St Mirren's street, pub- 
lished on Saturday morning 
Paisley Directory Office, 10 Barclay street, G. Fowler 
Paisley, Johnstone, and Renfrewshire Newsman or Wes- 
tern Independent Office, 5 Moss street, published 
on Thursday morning 


Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer Office, 19 High st. 

published on Saturday, at 7 evening 
Paisley, Theatre, 2 Bridge street, S. Johnson, manager 
Park, Alex, tea and coffee shop, 97 Causeyside 
Park, John, jun. manuf, 6 Causeyside, ho. Gockston 
Park, Mrs James, F2 Gauze street 
Park, Mrs. milliner, 1 New street 
Parker, Misses, dressmakers, 55 Canal street - 
Parker, James, at Gilchrist, John, & Co. Lonend, house 

Saucel Bank House 
Parker, Robert, baker, 5- St. Mirren's street 
Parker, William, flower lasher, 13 Wardrop street 
Parker, William, sen. late manufacturer, 56 Canal street 
Parlane, James, tailor, 106 George street 
l^arlane, Walter, toll-keeper, East toll bar 
Paterson, Alexander, grain merchant, 56 Causeyside and 

109 George street 
Paterson, Alexander, grocer and carter, 17 Inkle street 
Paterson, David, warper, 24 Maxwellton street 
Paterson, Hugh, tailor, 63 George street 
Paterson, Matthew, cowfeeder, 34 Canal street 
Paterson, William, broker and quill merchant, 19 Old 

Paterson, William, flesher, 30 New Smithhilis 
PatoD, James, M.Di 9 Orr street 
Paton, James, flesher, 3 Abbey close 
Pafcon, John, boot and shoemaker, 89 Canal st. ho. 88 do*. 
P^ton, John, cowfeeder, 40 Gordon's lane 
Paton, John, draper, 103 and 104 High st. ho. 109 do. 
Paton, John, grocer, 34 High street 
Paton, Robert, joiner, cabinet maker, and timber mercht. 

4 St. James' place, furniture warehouse do , house- 

24 Moss street 
Paton, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Barclay st. 
Paton, Robert; tailor, 3 Love street 
Paton, Thomas, coal agent, 89 Canal street 
Paton, Mrs William, Scotch cloth merchant, 103 High; 

street, house 4 Moss^ street 
Paton, William, spirit dealer, 4 High street 
Patrick, John, London hat warehouse, Christie Terrace 


Patrick, Robert, London hat warehouse, 86 High street 

house 32 do 
Pattison, Daniel, grocer, 68 Causeyside 
Pattison, James, farmer, Holland Bush 
Pattison, Robert, blacksmith, 9 Gauze street 
Pattison, Robert, merchant, 53 High street 
Pattison, Robert, excise officer, ho 48 West Croft street 
Pattison, Robert, wright, 21 New Smith hills 
Pattison, Thomas, teacher, 28 Maxwellton street 
Pattison, William, blacksmith, 2 Broomlands 
Pattison, William, land surveyor, 62 High street 
Pattison, Mrs. 24 Causeyside 
Paul, John, manager of Mr. Twigg s cotton mill, 68 Newv 

Paul, Peter, wood turner, 23 Smith hills. 
Peacock, James, writer, 12 Dyer's wynd^ 
Peacock, John spirit dealer, 58 Causeyside 
Peacock, Mrs. P. H. druggist, 20 Sandholes, house do. 
Peacock, William, baker, 70 Causeyside 
Peacock, William, victualler, 86 Causeyside 
Pearson & Co. boot & shoe warehouse, Christie Terrace 
Peattie, Mrs. milliner, 6 Barclay street 
Peden, J. teller to the Paisley Bank, ho. 1 Garthland place 
Pendrick, William, wright, 2 Hunter street 
Penn, John, nail maker, 3 Broomlands 
Peock, Mrs. Meikleriggs 
Perrie, Arthur, spirit dealer, 17 Moss street 
Perrie, William, jun. hair dresser, 30 Wellmeadow street- 
Perrie, William, sen. hair dresser, 1 6 Broomlands street i 
Petrie, James, house factor, 72 Broomlands 
Phillips, George, grocer, 64 Millerston 
Philips, William, agent, London Royal Exchange Assur-;. 

ance, 53 Gauze street, ho. 1 Hamilton street 
Pinkerton, Alexander, feuar, house 1 Muslin street 
Pinkerton, John, 53 High street 
Pinkerton, John, wright 39 Wellmeadow street 
Pinkerton, Mrs. William, 53 High street 
Pollock, Allan, baker, 19 Gauze street 
Pollock, Alex, cotton yarn merchant, 23 Causeyside ^ 
Pollock, James, silk and yarn merchant, 21 Causeysidej^ , 

house Greenhill 


Pollock, Mrs. stay and corset maker, 4; Storie street 
Pollock, N. & P. cotton spinners, 15 Newton street 
Pollock, Nathan, of Pollock, N. 8^ P. ho. 26 Broomland« 
Pollock, Peter, of Pollock, N. & P. house 1 Ferguslie- 

East lane 
Pollock, Thomas, spirit dealer, 12 Pligh street 
Poison, John, muslin manufacturer, 69 High street ho. 

16 Wellmeadow street 
Porter, James, jun. manufacturer, 5 George street 
Porter, James, manuf 116 Causeyside, ho. 84 High st. 
Provan, Robt. manuf. 109 C^iuseyside, ho. 16 Wallace st. 
Provan, W. & H manufacturers, 9 Gauze street 
Provan, William, of Provan W. & H— house 4 Bank St.. 
Pullar, David, shawl manuf. 7 Causeyside — ho 45 New st 
Pullar, Vv'illiam, & Sons, raanufs, 26 Causeyside— ho. do. 
Purdon, Jas. slademan, Saucell Brewery Coy, 13 Saucel 
Purdon, William, joiner & cartwright, 25 Williamsburgh 

QUIN, John, german clock dealer, 31 New Smith hills 
Quin, Patrick, spirit dealer, 18 Abbey close 

R AILTON, James, boot and shoe maker, 39 High street 
Ralston, Archibald, wright and broker, 54 George street 
Ralston, James, silk and shawl merchant, 112 Causeyside 

and 13^ Great Distaff lane, London 
Rdlston, John, feuar, 47 High street 
Ralston, Robert, 31 High street 
Ramsay, William, flesher, 22 Causeyside 
Rankin, Charles, tailor, 89 High street, (back land) 
Ranken, Mrs. Jonathan — house 3 Oakshawhead 
Rankin, Elizabeth, grocer, 2 School wynd 
Rankin John, brick builder, 1 St. James' street 
Rankin, William, teacher, 31 Storie street — session 

clerk for Low parish, house 1 Barclay street 
Rea, John, dyer, 12 Niddry street, house 1 1 do. 
Rea, William, blacksmith, 94 High street 
Reformed Synod's Divinity Hall, 38 Oakshaw street. 

Rev Andrew Symington, D,D., Professor 
Reid, Alexander, excise officer, house 19 Saucel 
Reicl, Andrew, victualler, 23 Gauze street 

70 FA ISLE Y.. 

Reid, Duncan, spirit dealer, 1 Muslin street 

Reid and Hanna, smiths and iron boat builders, 12 High 

street, main entry by Low Kirk lane, Causeyside 
Reid and Henderson, writers 4 Moss street 
Reid, James, joiner and cabinet maker, 46 Calside 
Reid, James, musician, Salutation Inn, 29 High street 
Reid, John, gardener and seedsman^ 45 High street 
Reid, John, joiner, cartwright, and timber merchant,. 

Lylesland, house do. 
Reid, John, nursery and seedsman, S Moss street, nursery 

Linside, SeedhilL 
Reid, John, teacher and session clerk for Mid Church pa'- 

risli, l9. School wynd, house 1 St. James' street 
Rei<T, Joseph, warper, 12 Gauze street 
Reid, Mrs. grocer, 44 George street 
Reid, Mrs. grocer, 10 Lawn street 
Reid, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 8 Well street 
Reid, Robert, grocer & grain dealer, 19 Well meadow sti 
Reid, Robert, spirit dealer, 56 George street 
Reid, William, of Reid and Hanna, ho 47 High street 
Reid, William, of Reid and Henderson, house Linside 
Relief Synod's Divinity Hall, 32 Thread street, Rev 

James Thomson, D.D., Professor 
Renfrew, John, smith and farrier, 90 George street 
Renfrew, Mrs. dress maker, 21 Moss street 
Renfrew, Mrs. Robert, smith & farrier, 1 Williamsburgh 
Renfrew, William, shawl washer, West Toll Millerston 
Renfrewshire Directory Office, 10 Barclay st., G Fowler 
Rennie, James, flesher, 28 George street 
Rice, Samuel, victualler, 46 Broomlands 
Richardson, John, shuttlemaker, 25 Lawn street 
Richardson, Mrs. John house Burns' place 
Richmond, James, baker, Charleston 
Richn;iond, James, confectioner, 43 Moss street 
Richmond, Misses, J. & A. teachers of piano forte, 1-: 

Water brae (burgh) 
Richmond, Robert, keeper of Corsebar toll 
Richmond, Thomas, manufacturer, i Causeyside 
Richmond, Thomas, surgeon and druggist, 21 Glen St.. 
Risk, John, turner, 13 Storie street 


Risk, Thomas, cashier, Glasgow Union Bank, 109 High 

street, house. Burns' place 
Ritchie, Archibald, teacher, 32 Gauze street 
Ritchie, David, tea dealer, wholesale grocer and victual- 
ler, 8 Gauze street — -retail shop, 21 Gordon's lane 
Ritchie, Henry, spirit merchant, 6 Moss street 
Ritchie, James, wright and timber merchant, 7 Abercorn 

street, and three mile house 
Ritchie, Mrs. William, grocer, 20 School wynd 
Ritchie, William, grocer and spirit merch. 32 Causeyside 
Robb, Baird, and Co. wrights, 2 Silk street 
Robb, George, window glazier, 2 Lillia's wynd— house 4« 

Dyer's wynd 
Robb, William, & Co. manufacturers, 1 Causeyside 
Roberton, Andrew, enterer, 32 George street 
Robertson^ Alex, pattern drawer, 14 Wardrop street 
Robertsons, confectioners, 8 Moss street 
Robertson, Daniel, gardener, 3 Smith hills 
Robertson, David, flowerdrawer, 27 Orchard street 
Robertson, general rag store, 30 Gauze street 

Robertson, James, cabinet maker, 80 Broomlands 
Robertson, James, church officer, St. George's Church, 

41 Gordon's lane 
Robertson, James, farmer, Hillington 
Robertson, James, glass, china, and stoneware merchant, 

12 VV^ellmeadow, and 86 High street— ho. 86 do, 
Robertson, James, manager of Underwood cotton works 
Robertson, James, warper, 13 Causeyside 
Robertson, John, beamer, 18 Barclay street 
Robertson, John, manufacturer, 1 Prussia street— house 

37 Canal street 
Robertson, John, theikar and feather dealer, 34 St. 

James's street 
Robertson, John, warper, 8 Causeyside 
Robertson, Jn. wright, 19 Gau?e street, and cowfeeder,; 

7 Inkle street 
Robertson, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Moss st. 
Robertson, Kenneth, gardener & cowfeeder, 24 Love st. 
Robertson, Mrs. Alex, spirit dealer and eating house, 11 

Moss street 


Robertson, Matthew, grocer, 14 Caledonia street 
Robertson, Mure, Govan coal agent — ho. 10 Barclay st. 
Robertson, Peter, reedmaker, 98 Causeyside 
Robertson, Quentin, dealer in sinaples and lash twines, 

53 Storie street 
Robertson, Robert, hosier and draper 100 High street — 

house 26 do. 
Robertson, Ross and Son, bleachers, Foxbar 
Robertson, Robert, bugle tavern, 150 George street 
Robertson, W. S^ R. hat manufacturers, 97 High street 
Robertson, Wm. hardware dealer, 15 New Smith hills 
Robertson, William, at Whyte, James, jun. 66 Back 

Sneddon — house, 13 Wardrop street 
Robertson, Wm. vintner and boatman, 93 New Sneddon 
Rodger, Robert, of Wylie, Rodger and Moody — house 

1 Christie street 
Rodman, John, M. D. 1 Orr street 
Ronald, David, flowerlasher, 145 George street 
Ronald, James, wright, grocer and spirit dealer, 92 New 

Ronald, William, builder, 23 St. James' street 
Ross, Alexander, of Ross and Duncan — house Abercorn 

place, 13 Niddry street 
Ross 3) Duncan, thread manufacturers, Abercorn factory, 

6 Abercorn street 
Ross, George, shoemaker, 118 George street 
Ross, James, cowfeeder, 18 George street 
Ross, James, and Co. spirit dealers, and (carriers' quar- 
ters) 34 High street 
Ross, Mrs. John — house Abercorn place, 13 Niddry st. 
Ross, Philip, teacher, 20 Smith hills — house 19 do. 
Ross, Robert, brick and drain tile maker, Rowand's land, 

22 King street, (work Linclive) and baron officer for 

the Marquis of Abercorn ■ 

Rowand, Andrew, farmer, 20 Ferguslie 
Rowand, Andrew, flesher, 107 George street 
Rowand, Robert, flesher, 27 High street, and I New St. 

house 86 High street 
Rowand, Robert, spirit dealer, 76 Broomlands 


Kowat, Robert, shawl manufacturer, 13 Wardrop street, 

house 12 do. 
Roxburgh, Andrew, of Roxburgh, John and Son — ha. 

57 Canal street 
Roxburgh, John and Son, manufacturers, 13 Canal st. 
Roxburgh, John, of Roxburgh John and Son — house 13 

Canal street 
Rule, James, baker, 111 George street 
Rule, John, baker, 32 Orchard street 
Rule, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 85 High street 
Rule, Mrs. John — house 13 Abbey street 
Rule, Robert, baker, 99 High street 
Rule, Robert, silk and yarn merchant, 109 Causeyside-— 

house 42 Oakshaw street 
Russell, Alexander, beamer, 69 Love street 
Russell, Andrew, beamer, 9 Gauze street 
Russell, James, architect, 3 mile house, Glasgow road 
Russell, James, of Smith and Russell — house 5 St. Mir- 

ren's street 
Russell, John, confectioner and spirit dealer, 13 St. Mir- 

ren's street 
Russell, John, grocer, 11 Broomlands 
Russel, John, silk and shawl warehouse, 31 Gauze street 
Russel, Misses, dressmakers, 29 Glen street 
Russel, xMiss, dress maker, 23 Moss street 
Russell, Thomas, beamer, 13 West Buchanan street 
Russel, William, fiesher, 18 Sandholes 
Russell, William, Ayr and Kilmarnock carrier, 107 Cau- 

SANDERSON, John, brushmaker, 31 High street 

Sands, James, Greenock, carrier, 3 Hunter street 

Saucel Brewery Company, 13 Saucel 

Saucel distillery, spirit cellar, J 1 Abbey close 

Saucel Distillery, King street, Saucel < 

Savage, John, teacher, Catholic school, 4 Orr street 

Scadlock, George, pattern drawer, 3 Neilson street 

Scott, John, cashier, in Paisley Union Bank —hoase 1 

Gauze street 
Scott, John, boot and shoemaker, 24 Lawn street 



Scott, Matthew, manufacturer, 109 Causeyside — house 

4 Wardrop street 
Scott, Mrs fruit dealer, 2 New street 
Scott, Robert, thibet cropper, 68 Canal street 
Scott, Robert, shawl manufacturer, 116 Causeyside 
Scroggie and Eaglesham, dyers, 59 New Sneddon 
Scroggie, James, of Scroggie and Eaglesham, house 

34 New Sneddon 
Scroggie, James, jun. dyer, (Bladda dyeworks,) 2 Bladda 

and 3 Burn row — house 7 Burn row 
Semple, David, of Caldwell and Semple — ho. 73 High st. 
Semple, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 75 High street 
Semple, John, stocking maker, 73 High street 
Shanks, Alex, gardener, 11 Smith hills 
Shanks, William, church officer, 1 Oakshaw street 
Shannon, Samuel, and Son, cloth lappers, 103 Causeyside 
Sharp, Duncan, shoemaker, 1 1 Back Sneddon 
Sharp, Misses, dress makers, 4 Christie street 
Sharp, Thomas, of Brown, Sharps, and Co. — house 32 

New street 
Sharp, William, of Brown, Sharps, and Co. — hopse 

George place 
Shaw, Duncan, spirit dealer, l6 Maxwellton street 
Shaw, James, clerk. Underwood cotton works 
Shaw, James, glazier, 7 Queen street 
Shaw, John, baker, 2 Bridge street 
Shedden, John, manufacturer, 12 Causeyside 
Shirlaw, James, weavers' wright and shuttle maker, 5 

Canal street 
Shirlaw, John, wright and shuttle maker, Stock street 
Shirlaw, Thomas, wright, 2 Queen street 
Shirlaw, Wm. hair dresser and wig maker, (up 1 stair,) 

99 High street 
Sim, Archibald, baker, 33 Storie street 
Sim, Duncan, baker, 38 High street 
Sim, James, foreman to Carlile James and Son, 13 Car- 

liie place 
Sim, Matthew, spirit dealer, Hamilton street, Calside 
Sim, Simon, sen. baker, 6 Glen street 


Sim, Wm. and Co. hard and soft soap manufacturers, 1 

West Croft street 
Sim, Wm. of Sim, Wm. and Co. — house Gallowhill 
Sim, Wm.raanuf 102 Causeyside — ho. 95 High street 
Simm, Robert, feuar, XXL fVellmeadow street 
Simpson, A. H. of Simpson and Martin — ho. 54 High st. 
Simpson, Andrew, skinner, 16 New Smith hills 
Simpson and Martirv, writers, 1 Smith hills 
Sinclair, Archd. hat maker, 94 High street — house do. 
Sinclair, Daniel, shoemaker, 3 New Smith hills 
Slater, David, warper, 20 Smith hills 
Slater, John, of Haircraigs, farmer 

Slater, Matthew, starcher, 20 ."^^mith hills — house 3 Ha- 
milton street 
Slater, Robert, grocer, 9 Lawn street 
Slater, Robert, grocer, 37 Thread street 
Sloan, Sam. confectioner and spirit dealer, 2 Broomlands 
Sloan, Steven, spirit dealer, 69 High street 
Small, Henry, shoemaker, 56 Caledonia street 
Small, William, Paisley Museum Tavern and preserver 

of Foreign and British skins, 1 Dyers' wynd 
Smart, Rev. William, U S.C — house 56 Causeyside 
Smellie, Mrs eating house, 6 Wellmeadow street 



th, A. and Co. cork manufacturers, 2 Dyers' wynd 

th, Adam, writer — house 59 Causeyside 

th and Alardice, brickmakers, Marchfield 

th, Alexander, spirit dealer, 1 1 Dyers' wynd 

th, Alexander, warper, 8 Causeyside 

th, Andrew, spirit dealer, 1 Bladda, (East Kilbride 

carrier's quarter 

th, David, merchant tailor, 97 Causeyside 
th, David, grocer, and spirit dealer, HI George st. 
th, Duncan, grocer, 3 Neiiston street 
th, Hugh, millwright, 9 William street 
th, James, coal merchant, L3'lesland 
th, James, cork cutter, 12 New street 
th, James and George, brick makers and brick layers. 

th, James, flesher, 94? High st. and 47 Moss street 
th, James, tailor, 31 Moss street 

T6 paisley. 

Smith, James, and Son, timber merchants, 72 New Sned- 

Smith, James, twister, 7 West Campbell street 

Smith, John, baker, 34 Moss street 

Smith, John, cowfeeder and grocer, 10 Lawn street 

Smith, John, grocer, r48 George street 

Srr.itli, John, of Smith and Russell, — ho. 25 Glen street 

Smith. John, pattern drawer and print cutter, 21 Gauze st 

.*-mith, John, tailor, 18 Abbey close 

Smith, John, tailor, 29 High street 

Smith, John, timber merchant, 72 New Sneddon 

Smith, John, manufacturer and builder, 107 Causeyside 
— house Stock street, Charleston 

Smith, Misses, straw hat and dress makers, 5 West Bu- 
channan street 

Smiths Mrs. grocer, 86 New Sneddon 

Smith, Mrs, Ann, spirit dealer, 2 Dyer's wynd 

Smitii, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 19 Causeyside, Kilbar- 

chan, once Kiiburnie carrier quarters 
Smith, Robert, of Barshaw 

Smith, Robert, grocer and ham curer, 8 Moss street 
► miih, Robert, grocer, 12 Broomlands — ho William st 
Smith, Robert, grocer, Carriagehiii 
Smith, Robert, spirit dealer, zO Castle street 
Smith, Robert, spirit dealer, 6 Smithhills, (Carriers' quar- 
ters ) 
Smith, Robert, wholesale and retail boot and shoe ware- 
house, 50 Moss street 
Smith iSi Russell, calico printers 5 St. Mirren's street 
Smith, Thomas, tailor, 36 Moss street 
Smith, William, boot and shoemaker, 3 High street 
Smith, William, grain and spirit dealer, 67 and 68 Cau- 
Smith, William, grocer, 4 Castle street 
Smith, William, flax dresser, 21 High street 
Smith, William, manufacturer, 14 Ferguslie 
Smith, William, spirit dealer, 12 Causeyide 
Snodgass, A. & J. millers and grain dealers, Seedhil! 
Snud^rass, Hugh, cowfeeder and potato dealer, iCT 
George street 



Snodgrass, Hugh, flesher,18 Moss street 

Snodgrass, John, miller and grain dealer, Cardonald mill 

Snodgrass, John, miller and grain dealer, 22 Seedhill — 

house 24 do. 
Snodgrass, John, painter, 28 Gauze street 
Society Rooms, 22 Moss street — John Muir, clerk 
Sommerville, William, victualler, 69 Broomlands 
Sorbie, Mrs. dressmaker, 6 Old Sneddon 
Southwell, Sam. flax dresser and rope maker, 18 High st. 
Speirs^ Alexander, manufacturer, 30 Orchard street — 

house 63 Love street 
Speirs, John, spirit dealer, 35 High street 
Speirs, Robert, Inch cottage 
Speirs, Robert, turner and grocer, 15 Saucel 
Speirs, Robert, R. N. 24 Williamsburgh 
Spence, Peter, reedmaker, 28 New street 
Spowart, Robert, grain merchant, 6 Silk street 
Spreul, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Wellmeadow 
Spreul, Thomas, teacher, 1 Wellmeadow 
Sproul, Joseph, Londonderry and Strabane provision 

store, 78 High street — house 38 do. 
Sproul, Miss Barbara, dressmaker, 2 Stow Place 
Sproul, Wm. vintner and boatman, 8 New Sneddon 
Stalker, John, dyer, 9 New Smith hill? 
Steel, Robert, manufacturer, 52 Caledonia street 
Steven, J. and W. rope and twine manufacturers, 80 

High street 
Steven, James, of Steven J. and W. — house 9 Orr st. 
Steven, William, of Steven J. and W. — ho. 58 Storiest. 
Stevenson, Alexander, sheriff officer, 19 Abbey close 
Stevenson, Allan, spirit dealer and eating house, 6 Moss 

Stevenson, James, cooper, 79 Broomlands 
Stevenson, James, seedsman and agent for London snuffs,. 

1 St. Mirren's street 
Stevenson, James, cowfeeder, 28 St. James' street 
Stevenson, James, shawl washer, 48 Causeyside 
Stevenson, John, carter, 6 Gordon's lane 
Stevenson, Miss, leghorn and straw hat maker, 121 

George street 

G 3 


Stevenson, Mrs. mangier, 69 Causeyside 

Stevenson, Robert, of Threepwood, residence Blackhall 

Stevenson, Robert, accountant in Paisley Union Bank — 

house Spring Bank Cottage, Love street 
Stevenson, Robert, manufacturer — house 19 Storie st. 
Stevenson, Thomas, teacher, 7 South Croft street 
Stevenson, William, shawl manufacturer, 33 George st. 
."^tevenson, William, house factor, architect and measurer, 

9 Ferguslie, Mid lane 
htevenson, W. and J. manufacturers, 108 Causeyside — 

house 9 Ferguslie, Mid lane 
Steua t, Robert, of Steuarthall, sheriff clerk, County- 
Buildings — house 3 Church hill 
Stewart, Alexander, carding master, Underwood mill 
Stewart, Alexander, broker, 22 Orchard street 
Srewart, Allan, grocer and spirit dealer, 68 Canal street 
Stewiirt, Allan, surgeon, 30 High street 
Stewart, Allan, watchmaker, jeweller and hardware mer- 
chant, 89 High street — house 43 do. 
Stewart, Arch, of Stewart and Lochhead — house 1 

Christie street 
Stewart, Bryce, tinsmith, 1 Broomlands 
Stewart, Charles, J. E. writing master, 7 O'akshaw street 
.Stewart, David, lime merchant, Blackhall 
Stewart, David, thibet croper, 31 Moss street 
Stewart. Francis, pottery warehouse, 41 High street 
Stewart, James, grocer and tea warehouse, 17 Weilmea- 

dow street 
Stewart, James, jun. of Stewart James, jun. & Co. — ho. 

JU5 Causeyside 
Stewart, James, distiller. King street, Saucel — house do. 
Stewart, James, jun and Co manufts. 105 Causeyside 
: tewart, John Knox, M. D. 16 Saucel 
Stewart, John, of Clark, J. Sc J. & Co — ho. Burns place 
Stewart and Lochhead, drapers, 100 High street 
Stewart, John, wine and spirit merchant, 74 Love street 
Stewfert, Matthew, grocer and vintner, 3 St. James' st. 
SteA'art, Matthew, starcher, George place 
Stewart, Matthew, turner, 25 Lawn street, Margaret, dressmaker, 15 Wellmeadow street 


Stewart, Menzies 8^ Co. Saucel distillery spirit cellar, 6 

Smith hills 
Stewart, Mrs. matron, house of recovery, 1 1 Bridge st. 

Stewart, Mrs. Eagle Inn, (up 1 stair) 8 High street 
Stewart, Mrs. eating house, 8' Broomlands 
Stewart, Peter, bleacher, Lonend 
Stewart, Peter, manufacturer, 2 Canal street 
Stewart, Robert, grocer, 18 Lady lane 
Stewart, Robert, tailor, 1 Dyer's wynd 
Stewart, Robert, wright, 28 St. James' street 
Stewart, Thomas, baker, 73 Love street 
Stewart, Thomas, wright, 15 VVellmeadow street 
Stewart, William, boot and shoemaker, 51 Storie street 
Stewart, William, flowerlasher, 1 7 Sir Michael street 
Stewart, William, pawnbroker, 2 South Croft street 
Stewart, William, teacher, 30 Gauze street 
Stewart, W^illiam, picking master, Mr. Twigg's mill, 86 

New Sneddon 
Stewart and Wright, shawl manufacturers, 31 Orchard st. 
Stirrat, James, thread manufacturer, 61 High street- 
bleacher. Nether Craigs, Abbey parish 
Stirling, Archibald, spirit dealer, 2 Millerston 
Stirling, William and Co. saddlers, 13 High street 
Stoddard, David, shoemaker, 60 Back Sneddon 
Storie, Alexander, spirit dealer, 60 High street 
Storie, William, cartwright, 5 Back row, Sandholeg 
Stow, John, manufacturer — house 5 Stow place 
Strang, John, print cutter, 33 Gl^n street 
Strang, Wm. twister, 75 Canal street 
Sutherland, D. M.,pyeand biscuit baker, 17 WelltneadovT 
Swanson, M^., straw hat maker, 66 High street 
Swan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Maxwell street 
Swan, Robert, flesher, 12 Moss street, and provisioiFstore, 

12 St James' place 
Symington, Jamieson & Co., silk mercers and straw hat 

manufacturers, 10 High street 
Symington, R. B, manufacturer, llO Causeyside — bouse 

16 Back Sneddon 
Symington, Rev. Andrew, D. D. professor of dlviflity to 

the Reformed Synod — house 38 Oakshaw street 


SyminjT^^on, Walter, hosier and draper 106 High street, 
(Cross) — house Caversbank, 48 Oakshaw street 

Syre, Wilh'ara, manufacturer, 17 Causeyside — house 8 
George street 

TAIT, William, house surgeon and apothecary. House 

of Recovery, 11 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Tannahill, James, commission agent — house 16 Barclay 

Tannahill, Thomas, manufacturer, 6 Causeyside — houte 

16 Barclay street 
Tannahill, Thomas, late manufacturer, 13 West brae 
Tannahill, Thos. spirit dealer, 1 Bridge st. (New Town) 
Tannock, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 35 Calside 
Tassie, James, carter, 4 Old Sneddon 
Taylor, Alex, of Boyd, Thomas & Co. ho. 2 Great Ha- 

millton street 
Taylor, Geo. spirit dealer and machine maker, 22 New 

Smithhills and 8 Moss street 
Taylor, James, weavers' v/right, joiner, cabinet-maker, 

and turner, 33 Causeyside 
Taylor, James, manufacturer, 10 Barclay street, ho. do. 
Taylor, James, and Son, tailors, 12 High street 
Taylor, John, boot and shoemaker, 23 High street 
Taylcr, John, grocer and tea merchant, 107 High street, 

house 38 New Street 
Taylor, John, late teacher, house 30 Gauze street 
Taylor, John warper, IS Causeyside 
Taylor, Mrs. grocer, 54 Canal street 
Taylor, Peter, clerk, Mr Twigg's cotton mill, 68 New 

Taylor, Robert, baker, 105 George street 
Taylor, Thomas, & Co. manufacturers, 8 Causeyside, ho. 

10 Barclay street 
Taylor, William, of Auld and Taylor, ho. 4 Muslin st. 
Taylor, William, merchant, Rosebank Cottage 
Teas,' Andrew, spirit dealer, 36 Ferguslie 
Teas, Joseph, broker and shoemaker, 5 New Smith hills 
Telfer, James, skinner, 7 New Smith hills 
Telfer, Thomas, beamer, 78 Causeyside 


Terapleton& Co. saddlers & upholsterers, 32 Wellmeadovy 
Templeton, James, manufacturer, 113 Causeyside, house 

61 Love street 
Templeton, James, warper, 110 Causeyside 
Templeton, John, tailor, 89 High street 
Thom, Charles, builder, Wfst Carriagehill 
Thomson, Alex, reedmaker, 12 Causeyside 
Thomson, 'Archibald, flower-lasher, 24 West street 
Thomson, David, boot and shoemaker, 18 Lawn street 
Thomson, Duncan, Star and Garter Inn, 19 Smith hills 
Thomson, George, cotton-yarn merchant, 9 Moss street, 

house 24 Causeyside 
Thomson, Hugh, ironmonger, 3 High street 
Thomson, James, brick builder, 10 Old Sneddon 
Thomson, James, collector of statute labour money and 
feu duties for the burgh, Ciiamberlain's office, Coun- 
ty Buildings 
Thomson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, S5 Moss st. 
Thomson, James, professor of music, 12 Wallneuk 
Thomson, .)ohn, jun. cloth-mercht. & hatter, 86 High st. 
Thomson, John, sen. merchant, 66 High street 
Thomson, John, silk and shawl manufacturer, 6 Brown's 

lane, house Blackland Cottage 
Thomson, Mrs. house 4 Garthland street 
Thomson, Rev. James, D.D. professor of Divinity to the 

Relief Synod, 2 Garthland place 
Thomson, Thomas, manufacturer, 6 George street 
Thomson, William, baker, 1 I Broomlands 
Thomson, Wm. & Co. ironfounders, 89 New Sneddon 
Thomson, William, manufacturer, 6 Barr street 
Thomson, Wm. ironmonger, 3 High st. ho. 38 New st. 
Thomson Wm. sheriff and town officer, 6 Moss street 
Thompson, John, house 10 Gordon's lane 
Thompson, Joseph, at Wingate, Son, & Co. 1 Causeyside, 

house Barshaw Park 
Thompson, Mrs. house 10 Gordon's lane 
Thompson, Robert, grocer, grain, and spirit dealer, 12 

New Sneddon 
Thompson, Thomas, leather cutter, 83 High street 


Thompson's tuscan, straw, and millinery warehouse, 26 

Hi^h street 
Thorburn, Mrs. spirit dealer, 6 Queen street 
Thornton, Mrs. William, spirit dealer and ginger beer 

maker, 6 George street 
Timpany, William, grocer, Umon street, Charleston 
Todd, George, tobacconist, 3 Moss street, ho. do! 
Toland, Daniel, tailor, 39 Moss street 
Torbet, John, surgeon, 1 Lawn st. ho 27 Gauze st. 
Trann, Miss, house Burns' place 
Turnbull, James, baker, 78 Broomlands 
Turnbull, Mrs. James, sen. 4 Back row, Sandholes 
Turner, Hugh, flesher and spirit dealer, 1 Ferguslie 
Twigg, Joseph, cotton-spinner, Adelphi Mill, 68 New 

Sneddon, house Adelphi place, 41 New Sneddon 
Twigg, Miss Jane, teacher, 92 High street 
Twigg, Misses, boarding and day school, 12Wallneuk 
Twigg, Thomas, teacher, 2 Middle lane 
Tytler, James & Co. joiners and cabinet-makers, 101 

Tytler, Mrs. heddlecaster, 106 Causeyside 

URIE, William, confectioner, 29 High street 

V ALLAN CE, Alex, wright, 24 Moss street, house do> 

Vailance, Hugh, sen. accountant, 9 St. James' place, en- 
try 2 St. James' street 

Vailance, James, cabinet-maker and furniture warehouse, 
68 Broomlands street, ho. do. 

Vailance, James & Co. tobacconists, 8 Cross, ho. do. 

Vailance, John, wright ^nd ironmonger, 26 George st. 

Vallintine, John, tailor, 6 MoncriefF street 

Vessie, William, surgeon and druggist, 9 St. Janes 

WACHOPE, John, provision shop, 21 Glen street 
\V addle, Mrs. plain and fancy heddle caster, 30 Maxwell- 
ton street 
Wade, Misses, boarding and day school for young ladies, 
S5 New Sneddon 


Wade, Rev. W. M. clergyman of trinity chapel, ho. 85 
New Sneddon, and teacher of the English & French 
languages, class room, 2 Hunter street 
Walker, Alex, baker, 41 Broomlands 
Walker, Alex, cowfeeder, 17 Sandholes 
Walker, Alex, foreman, house 21 High street 
Walker, Andrew, manufacturer, 110 Causeysid^ 
Walker, Hugh, spirit dealer, 16 Broomlands 
Walker, James, grocer, 32 Storie street 
W^alker, James, shoe shop, 17 High street 
Walker, John, cooper, 9 Moss street 
Walker, John, of Walker, Son, &; Co. ho. 16 Wardrop st. 
Walker, Neil, tailor, 26 Lawn street 
Walker, Robert, reed-maker, 31 Orchard street 
Walker, Robert, spirit dealer, Q6 Causeyside 
Walker, Son, ^ Co. manufacturers, 1 13 Causeyside 
Walker, W. & R. timber merchants & wrights, 1 Aber- 

corn street 
Walker, William, tailor, Dovesland 
Wallace, Alexander, plumber, 25 Old Sneddon 
Wallace, Alex, slater, & captain of the firemen, 14 Bridge 

street, (Burgh) 
Wallace, David, silk merchant, 33 Gauze street — bouse 2 

Greenlaw street 
Wallace, Hugh, manuf. 1 Prussia st. — ho. 32 Thread st. 
Wallace, James, of Baird and Wallace — ho. 25 Moss st. 
Wallace, James, dyer, bQ New Sneddon — ho. 57 do. 
Wallace, Jean, grocer, 31 Causeyside 
Wallace, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 George st, 
Wallace, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 George st. 
Wallace, John, grocer, 78 High street 
Wallace^ Robert, tea merchant, 2 Moss street 
Wallace 4* Smith, grocers, 78 High street 
Wallace, William, slater, 35 Moss street 
Wallace, Wm. victualler and spirit dealer, 15 Gauze st. 
Wallace, William, wright, 106 George street 
Wardrop, Alex, manufacturer, 9 Wallace street 
Wardrop, Thomas, tea merchant, 4 Smith hills 
Wark, Alex, boot and shoemaker, 87 High street 
Wark, James, of Wark, Leckie, & Co.— ho. 2 Thread st. 


Wark, Leckie, and Co. dyers, 6 Snodgrass Lane, Seedhill 
Warnock, Andrew, angola manufacturer, 69 High street 
Warrington, William, pawnbroker, 9 Moss st — ho. 2 

Maxwell street 
Waterston, John, painter, 45 High st. shop 7 Moss st. 
Waterston, James, grocer, 19 Abbey close 
Waterston, William, painter, oil and colour shop, 14 St. 

Mirren's street — house 41 Oakshaw street 
Watt, John, wright, 2 Walneuk 
Watt William, nail maker, 54 Storie street 
Watson, Archibald, spirit dealer, 18 Gauze street 
Watson, 6c Co. linen and woollen drapers, 92" High st. 
Watson, Dewar, of Harvey, James, & Co. — ho. Lonend 
Watson, James, cowfeeder, Carriagehill 
Watson, James, flesher, 17 George street 
Watson, John, jun. wine and spirit dealer, 70 Broom- 
lands — house 16 Max well ton 
Watson, John, shawl manufacturer, 8 Causeyside 
Watson, Mrs. cowfeeder, 6 Lawn street 
Watson, Peter, clothier and hatter, 1 1 High street 
Watson, Robert, shawl manufacturer, 169 George street 

— house 8 Neikon street 
Watson, Robert, joiner and cartwright, 35 Glen street 
Watson, Thos. jun. of Macalpine & Watson, ho. Camphill 
Watson, Thomas, warehouseman, 8 Back Row Ferguslie 
Watt, William, nail maker, 54 Storie street 
Webster, Wm. grocer 8f spirit dealer, I East Buchanan st. 
Weddell, James & Co. confectioners, 5 Moss street 
Weir, Andw. grain & spirit merchant, 33 Williamsburgh 
Weir, Archibald, silk and cotton yarn warehouse, iia; 

Causeyside — house 56 do- 
Weir, Duncan, tailor, 20 Gauze street 
Weir, James, High Church officer, 20 School wynd 
W^eir, John, grocer, 30 Thread street 
Weir, John, grocer, 56 Causeyside 
Weir, Mrs. grocer. Underwood street 
Weir, Robert, White Swan Tavern, 29 Orchard street 
Weir, Wm. wine c^ spirit mercht. 20 Causeyside — ho. do. 
Weir, William, — house 59 Causeyside 
Welsh, Arthur, cashier, Paisley Bank — ho, 5 Bank street 


Wemyss, Inglis, & Co. Brediland Pottery, Brediland 
Western Independent, or Paisley, Johnstone, and Ren- 
frewshire Newsman Office, 5 Moss street, publisii- 
ed every Thursday morning 
Whiteford, Andrew, grain dealer & grocer, ]4fi George st, 
Whiteford, Andrew, tailor, 26 Maxwellton street 
Whiteford, David, victualler, 26 Causeyside 
Whitehead, Jos tanner, I Seedhill — ho. Kilnside House 
Whitehead, Misses, — house 14 Abbey street 
White, James, spirit dealer, 8 High street 
White, John, fyrmer, Fulwood 

White, Misses, beat floss or gimp thread makers, SO Cot- 
ton street 
White, William, farmer, Fulwood 
Whyte, Andrew, bookbinder, Coffee Room Buildings, 3 

Lillias' wynd 
Whyte, Andrew, and Co., manufacturers, 14 Causeyside 

Wliyte, James, jun. manufacturer, 66 Back Sneddon 

house Abbot's Burn, near Merksworth 
Whyte, James, bleacher & shawl washer, Millerston field 
W^hyte, James, carter, 3 1 Cotton street 
Whyte, James, flowerlasher, 4 Greenlaw street 
Whyte, John, sen. manufacturer, 7 St. Mirren's street 
Whyte, John, tailor and renovator, g Back Sneddon 
Whyte, Jn. jun. cotton yarn warehouse, 109 Causeyside 
Whyte, M. bill poster, & general officer, 90 Causeyside 
Whyte, Neil, spirit dealer, 3 Lillias* wynd 
Whyte, Robert, manufacturer, 13 Old Sneddon 
Whyte, Thomas, grocer, 99 George street 
Whyte, Thomas, spirit dealer, 15 St, Mirren's street 
Whyte, William, carter, 13 Sir Michael street 
Whyte, William, thibet cutter and bleacher, Greenlaw 

Wight, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 South Croft st. 
Wilkie, Andw, shuttle mal:er, 39 High st. & 62 Storie st. 
Wilkie, David, baker, 47 High street 

Wilkie, Jas. painter, 39 High st. & 62 Storie st ho. 2 do. 

Wilkinson, David, manufacturer, 17 Barclay street 
Wills, James, grocer and vintner, 63 George street 
Wills, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Broomlands 



Williams, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 79 High st. 

Williamson, James, china merchant, 109 Hi,j?h street 

Williamson, James, supervisor — house 108 High street 

Williamson, Mrs. grocer, 23 School wynd 

Wilson, Alexander, warper, 4 Abbey close 

W^ilson, Andrew, grocer & grain dealer, 12 Abbey close 

— house 10 Abbey street 
Wilson, Andrew, grocer and victualler, 25 Moss street 
Wilson, Andrew, merchant — house 2 Caledonia street 
Wilson, Charles, Arngibbon spirit cellar, 77 High street 
Wilson, J. 4" J' wine and spirit merchants, 96 Causeyside 
Wilson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 George st. 
Wilson, James, sen, grocer and vintner, 42 Broomlands, 

and grocer, 28 George street 
Wilson, James, spirit dealer, 13 Gauze street 
W^ilson, James, jun. victualler, 97 Causeyside 
Wilson, Jean, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 Abbey close 
Wilson, John, brass founder, 38 Moss street 
Wilson, John, broker, 4 Wellmeadow street 
Wilson, John, (Caledonia Inn) Caledonia street 
Wilson, John, grocer, 3 Quay lane 
W^ilson, John — Ferguslie House 
W^ilson, John, flesher, 101 Causeyside 
Wilson, John, grocer, Lylesland 
W^ilson, John, late manufacturer — house Calside 
Wilson, John, rope and twine merchant, 84 High street 

— house 63 do. 
Wilson, John and Sons, Hurlet — office Christie Terrace, 

open on Thursdays from ]2 till 4 
Wilson, John, pattern drawer, 15 Wardrop street 
Wilson, John, surgeon, 13 Broomlands 
Wilson,. J. & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 17 Smith hills 
Wilson, Matthew, manufacturer, 66 Canal street 
Wilson, Miss, corset and dress maker, 31 High street 
Wilson, Miss, dress maker, 61 High street 
Wilson, Miss — house 4 Garthland street 
Wilson, Miss — house 85 New Sneddon 
Wilson, Miss, mangier, 79 High street 
Wilson, Mrs. flower-lasher, 12 Prussia street 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 36 High street 


Wilson, Philip, teacher, 9 Cross street 

Wilson, Robert, London tea warehouse, 37 High street 
— house 1 Storie street 

Wilson, Thomas, baker, 2^1 Sandholes 

Wilson, Thomas, 1 Water Brae (Burgh) 

Wilson, William, grocer and vintner, 37 Fergusiie 

Wilson, William, spirit dealer, 10 JStorie street 

Wilson, William, wright, 3 Maxvvellton 

Wing-ate, Son, and Co. wholesale yarn and shawl mer- 
chants, 1 Causey side 

Winning, James, flesher, 11 Smith hills 

Wiseman, Andrew, keeper, Hillington Toll bar 

Wock), Charles, cowfeeder, 14 High street 

Woodrow, Jas. shawl merchant, J ) 2 Caiiseyside— ho, 8 
George street 

Wotherspoon, Fran., grocer <^ spirit dealer, 8 Neilston st. 

Wotherspoon, Robt, grocer and spirit dealer, Lyiesland 

Wright, Daniel, flesher, 21 Moss street 

Wright, Daniel, cV Son, spirit dealers and eating house, 
17 Causeyside — Kilbarchan carrier's quarters 

Wright, Duncan, gardener, Greenlaw 

Wright, Gillies, warper, 20 Causeyside 

Wright, James, hairdresser, 12 St. Mirren's street 

Wright, John, gardener, 4 East Croft street 

Wright, John, agent, 26 Cotton street 

Wright, Miss Janet, 31 High street 

Wright, Mrs, umbrella maker, 20 Gauze street 

Wright, Nathaniel — house 31 High street 

Wright. Thomas, hair cutter and perfumer, 91 High st. 

Wright, Walter, hair dresser, 10 Broomlands 

Wright, William, hairdresser, 21 Abbey street 

Wylde, Roger, & Son, manufacturers, 1 10 Causeyside 

Wylde, Roger, of Wylde, R.oger, S^- Son — ho. 82 High st. 

Wylde, Thomjis, of Wylde, Roger, & Son — ho. 65 Back 
Sneddon street 

Wylie, John, at Fulton Wm. & Son — ho. Thornley cot. 

Wylie, Alexander, druggist, 31 Moss street 

Wylie, Andrew, mason, 25 Storie street 

Wylie, David, boot and shoemaker, 5 Broomlands 
Wylie, George, M. D., 9 Orr street 


Wylie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Wardrop st. 

Wylie, Matthew, flesher, 83 Causeyside, & 148 George st 

Wylie, Mrs. dressmaker, 109 George street 

Wylie, Robert, baker, 4 Smith hills house 6 do. 

Wylie, Robert, tailor, 89 Canal street 

Wylie, Robert, of Wylie, Rodger Sf Moody, ho. 1 Garth. 

land Place 
Wylie, Rodger & Moody, writers, 2 Lawn street 
Wylie, William, cowfeede"", ^S Abbey close 
Wylie, William, grocer & victualler, i 9 Sandholes 

YEATS, Robert, wine & spirit merchant, 4 Silk street 
Young, Andrew, boot & shoemaker, 18 High st. — house 

9 School wynd 
Young, Andrew, cowfeeder, 50 Causeyside 
Young, Andrew, K., M D. 23 Moss st.— ho. 54 Love st. 
Young, Andrew, 7 Old Sneddon 
Young, George, feuar, 3 Love street 
Young, James, boot and shoemaker, 75 Broomland street 
Young, James, feuar, 39 Canal street 
Young, James, grain and potato dealer, Newland Craigs 
Young, James, plasterer, 73 Love street 
Young, Mrs. broker, 1 Broomlands 
Young, Mrs George — house 6 Glen street 
Young, Rev. John, — house 17 Back Sneddon 
Young, Robert, grocer, 10 Millerston 
Young, Robert, pattern drawer, 1 44 George street 
Young, William, carter, 2 Bladda 

Young, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Moss street 
Young, WnUiam, manufacturer, 24 Orchard street 
Young, William, shawl washer 56 Causeyside 
Young, William, surgeon, '• Old Sneddon 
Young, William, clothier and tailor, 8 Smith hills 
Yuill, Archibald, manufacturer, 113 Causeyside 
Yuill, James, farmer. Blackball 

Yuill, William, flesher, (Hay Market Inn,) 5 New street 
-"gigs and horses to hire; coach office and carriers* 
quarters, and keeper of the Abbey Parish Hearse. 







Those who wish their Societylinserterly will -please send notice, he- 
fore ]st May, to the Publisher, with the date of Erection, the title of 
Society, the names of the Treses, Treasurer, Clerk, and Officer, with 
the name and No. of the street in which they reside; also the date of 
Election of Office hearers. Such notices require to be accurate, as 
they are inserted verbatim. Attending to this notice will be found a 
great convenience to members of Societies, and enable the Publisher 
to make the lists more complete. All Communications, post-paid, will 
be regularly attended to. 

As much delay and unnecessary trouble has been occasioned by Sc^ 
cieties and other public bodies not givirig in their lists, the Publisher 
intimates, that lr^LESS the same be regularly forwarded, he will not be 
accountable for omissions. 

Population of Paisley within the bounds specified in the Reform 
Act, Forty-six Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-nine- 

Number of qualified Voters for a Representative in Parliament, 
One Thousand Two Hundred and Forty-two. 

The Constituency of Paisley at the time of the first election of 
Magistrates, under the Reform Act, amounted to about Eleven 
Hundred and Eighty, of which Nine Hundred and Eighty-three 
voted, and One Hundred and Ninety-eight did not vote. Two of 
the Old Councillors were returned, the other Fourteen were new. 
The Magistrates are all new. 

Magistrates and Town Council of Paisley, 
William Hardie, Esq. Provost. 

Robert Patison, 
Robert Hendry, 
William Jeffrey, 
James Clark, 
Johii Henderson, Esq. Treasurer. 

Esq^rs. Baillies> 


Messrs. John Orr 

Robert Cochran 
Alex. Carlile 
James Drummond 

Messrs William Brown 
John Dunlop 
Robert Bisset 
Thomas Calderwood 
Dewar Watson. 

J. R. Callender, Chamberlain. 
Gavin Lang, Town Clerk. 
John Hart, Procuratot Fiscal. 
H 3 

so '. Paisley. Commissioners of Police^ 

Commissioners of Police for the Burgh, 


The Magistrate?, ex-officiis. 

1st Ward, George Todd and John Paton 

2d James Lamb and Alexander Borland 

3d ....i.. Peter Jack onevacant 

4th Hugh Glen and Robert Stevenson 

5th James Stirrat and Robert Kerr 

6th Thomas Glen and William Marshall 

7th James Young and Charles Baird 

8th James Gen mell and Archibald Weir 

9ih George Lyall and William Muir. 

George Todd, Treasurer. 

William Montgomery, Cashier. — Thomas Nisbet, Collector. 

Andrew Millar, Writer, Clerk. 

William Murtrie, Superintendant and Surveyor, ho. 21 High street. 

Two Serjeants— Five Corporals— -and 13 Watchmen 

Wm. Ewing, day serjeant, house Inkle street 

A. M'Neilledge, day corporal, house 33 George street 

S. Kerr, day corporal 

William Russell, night serjeant, house 47 High street 

Ml Armstrong, night corporal, house 93 High street 

James M'Stravick, night corporal, ho. <f3 Moss street 

Commissioners of Police fordhe New Town and Suburbs, 


The Sheriff- Substitute, er officio. 

1st Ward David Ritchie 
2d ... Ninian Hodgert 
Sd ... John Hart 

4th Ward Andrew Wilson 
5th ... James Coats 
6th ... Dewar Watson 

Ninian Hodgert, Treasurer-^ Clerk, 

Hugh Lennox, Superintendent, Surveyor, and Collector^ 

Two Serjeants— One Corporal, and 4 Watchmen 
Alex* Campbell, day serjeant, house 25 Lawn street 
John Keith, day corporal, house Garthland Place 

Robert Hamilton, night serjeant, bouse 21 Abbey Etreet 

MrguJations of Police, S)C. Appendix • 91 

T ~~~ — — ' — ^~-*"' ——^^ 


A Serjeant and two Corporals attend regularly at the PoHce 
Office, County Buildings, to call the roll of Watchmen, half an hour 
before they take their stations, and muik such as are absent. The 
Serjeant and Corporal are thereafter to patrole the streets to observe 
if the watchmen are doing their duty , to apprehend vagrants and 
disoiderly persons; and to givp, in the morning, a written report of 
the whole transactions to tht Superintendent of Police. 

The Watchmen are to be on their respective stations, fronri April 
till September inclusive, at 10 o'clock at night, and remain till 5 in 
the morning. And from October to March inclusive, at 10 o'clock 
at night, and continue till six in the morning. 

Each individual of £b or upwards of annual rent, has a vote in 
the election of Commissioners. 

Bate of Assessment on Bent for the support of Police, S^c, 

£2, and under ^'3, ... .„ ... Os. 6d. per Pound. 

3, an<l under 5, ... ... Os. 9d. do. 

5, and upwaids, ... .. ... Is. Gd. do. 

Conversion Money in lieu of Guard. 

£2, and under £5 ... ... .«. 2s. Od. per Annum, 

5, and under 12 ... ... ^s. Od. do. 

12 and upwards, ... ... ... 5s. Od. do. 

Quarterly Meetings 

For the Burgh and Suburbs, on the first Monday of March, June, 
September, and December. 

, — , — , — i-< d ^- . , — — ■ — ^-- • 

Police Ward Divisions for the Burgh. 

1st Ward— Gilmour Street, High Street from No. 1 to 9, south 
side, and from No. 103 to 109 north side, including Christie Tef- 
race, Lillias* Wynd, St. Mirren's street, Moss street. Hunter street, 

, Dyer's wynd. Old Sneddon street. Back Sneddon street, from 
J4o. I to 6 west side, and from No. 63, to end, east side. Maxwell 
street, New Sneddon street, from No. 1 to 6 west side, and from 
No. 92 to 96 east side. Hospital lane. 

2d Ward-s-New Sneddon, from No. 8 to 55 west side, and from 
5(y to 89 east side, including Carlile place. Quay lane. Quay, Har- 
bour lane, Middle lane, Blacklaw lane, Back Sneddon, No. 7 to 
59 St. James' place. Love street, Glen street. Glen lane, Albion 
street. North street, Wallace street, Moiicrie£f street, Underwood 

, itreet, Caledonia street 

92 Faishy. Divisions of the Burgh. 

3ij W;jrd — H'ch Street, from No. 10 to 27 south side, and from 
No. 87 to 10? north siHe, Church hill east side. New street. 
Shuttle street. School wynd, Oakshaw street, from No. 1 to 10 
eouth side, & from No. 45 to 49 north side, Meeting House lane. 

4rf-h Ward — Hah streef, from No. 28 to 37 south side, and from 
No. 79 to 86 north side, west side of Church hill, Orr street and 
square. Oakshaw street, from No. 1 1 to 36 south side, and from 
No. 38 to 44 north side, Storie street, Stow place. Canal street, 
from No- 12 to 19 south side, and from No. 74 to 82 north side, 
Genrge street, from No. 12 to 15 south side, and from No. I5fi 
to 160 north side, Barclay street. 

Sth Ward — High street, from No .38 to 55 south side, and from 
No. 56 to 78 north side, Wellmeadow, from No. 1 to 17 south 
side, and from No. 27 to 43 north side. Well street, from No. 10 
to 35, West Brae, including Bowling Green and Oakshaw head, 
J.ady lane, George street, from No. 16 to 31 south side, and from 
No. 136 to 155 north side, Barr street. Sir Michael street. West 
Buchanan street, Canal street, from No. 20 to 37 south side, and 
from No. 60 to 73 north side. 

6th Ward — Wellmeadow, from No. 18 to 25 south side^ and No,. 
26 north side, including corner shop of No. 22 Sandholes, Broom- 
lands street, comprising what was formerly east and west 
Broomlands, West Campbell street. Carbrook street, William sf. 
John street, with the exception of Nos. 1 1 and J2, King street, 
from No. 1 to 4 west side, and from No. 31 to 33 ea&t side^ 
Sandholes, (back row), south side. 

'ytb Ward— Castle street. Cross street, Queen street, Maxwelhon 
street. West street, Ferguslie, east lane, east side, Newton street, 
north side, Neil street, north side. George street, from No. 32 to 
84, south side, and from 85 to 135 north side, Ralsto« Square, 
including Mount Pleasant, and Castlehead, Canal street from No. 
38 to Relief Church, south side, and from No. 41 10-59 north side* 

Sgi "Ward — Causeyside. from No. 19 to 59 east side^ and from No. 
60 to 103 west side, Neilston street. South Campbell street, Es- 
pedaire street, Calside, west side, from road leading to Maxwell- 
ton to head of Causey side, Stirling street, Stevenson street, Stow 
street. Canal street, from No. 1 to 11 south side, and from 83 to 

\ 90 north side, George street, from No. 1 to 11 south side, and 
from No. l&l to 169 north side, Wardrop street, Brown's iane, 
George Square. 

9lh Ward— Water Brae (burgh). Causeyside, from No. 1 to 19 east 
side, and from No, 104 to 116 west side. Orchard street. Mar-. 
shall's lane, Bridge street (burgh), Prussia street, Gordon's lane, 
Burn row, Bladda> Seedhill. 

Lieutenancy of EenfreivsJiire, dec. 

Appendix. 93 


Archibald Ciimpbell, E'^q. of Rlytheswood. L')r<i Lieutenanr. 

W. M. Fleming, Esq. of Barochan, Vice LieuleiiuDt. 


Sir Jri. iVlaxwe!! of Pollok, Bart. 
William Napier of Blwckstoun 
Ludovic Housion of Johristoiie 
John Maxr.ell, yr. of Poilok 
Sir William Milliken Nnpier of 

Millikeii and Napier, Bart. 
Sir M. Shaw Stewart of Green- 
ock and Blackh.ill, Bart. M p. 
Robert Fulton of Hartfie'd 
Ritiht Hon. the Earl of (jla^trow 
Sir Roi)ert Crawford Pollock of 

Upper Pollock Bart. 
Col. .Js. Haivey of Castlesemple 
Wm. CnnmKhame of Craijrends 
Jasi. C. Porterfield of Ponerfield 
Right [Ion. Jas. Vis. Kelburne 
Robert Fttrquhar of Newark 
Wrn. M. Alexander of Southbar 

Wm. Lowndes of ArthutHe 
"Robert Wallace of Kelly M.P. 
Wm. M'Dowall of Gaithlaiid 
Lieut. Gen. Darroch of Gourixfe 
R. C. G. Routine of Ardoch 
Duncan Darroch, yr. of Gourock 
William Mure of Ca!dv\e!i 
William Maxwell of Dirgavel 
Alexander Spiers of Eld«-r>:|)e 
Geo. Houston, yr. of Johnsr<!ne 
The Provost of Renfrew for the 

The Provost of Paisley for the 

The eldest Mapistrate of Grtea- 

ock for the time 
Robert Wylie, Clerk of General 




Mcitthew Brown of Crossifiat 
Andrew Brown of Auchentorlie 
Wm. Bis.^land, 4 Orr square 
John Bell, Woodside 
James Barr. i Maxwelltnn 
Matthew Boyd, 11 Wallneuk 
Alex. Campbell of Barnhili, 6 

Garthland Place 
James Carlde, 33 New Sneddon 
Alex. Carlile, 76 New Sneddon 
Thomas Carlile, 13 Thread street 
Wm. Fulton, 42 High street 
Robt. Farqnharson of Alargue, 

I 5 St. James' place 
Wm. Jamieson, 97 Causeyside 
Adam Keir, 5 Garthland place 
Atlam Keir, jun. Garthland place 
William Lowndes of Ariharlie, 
79 New Sneddon 

! William Maxwell of Brediland, 
Merksworth Cottage 
.James Maxwell, yr. of Brediland 
Robert Maxwell, 34 Gauze street 
Fulton M* Kerrell of Brabloch 
Daniel M'Fnrlaue of Canal bank 

j Wm. M' Kerrell, 3 Garih.and pi. 

James M'Farlane, Lonewells 
R. M'Kechnie. M. D Smiihhltls 
Robert Orr of Ralston 
William Orr 
Robert Orr of Lylesland 
John Orr, Underwood 
Robert Orr, 10 Causeyside 
Robert Smith of Barshaw 
Wm, Sharp, George place 
Thomas Sharp, New street 
John Scott, Union Bank 
Robert Steuart, of Steuarthall, 

Church hill 
Joseph Twigg, Adelphi place 
Joseph Whitehead, Kilnside 

Arthur Welsh, Bank street 
Aichibald Macalpine, Campblll 
Alexander Gardner, Sandyfurd 
The Sheiiflf Depute anil Subtii- 

tute of Renfrewshire 
The Provost and three BaiUes of 

Paisley for the time being 
Archibald Young, Clerk 
Alex. Gibson, Depute Cieik 
John Hart, Procuiator Fjccal 

94 Faisley. 

Commissioners of Supply, Sfc* 



Maxwell, Sir Jri. of Pollok Bart. 
Napier, Sir William Millik«ii of 

Milliken and Napier, B<irt. 
The Sheriff & Sheriff Substitute 

of the County 
Alexander, W. M. of Southbar 
Barr, William, of Drums 
Brown, Andrew, of Auchintorlie 
Campbell, A* of Blytbeswood 
Craiq:, William, of Kukton 
Cuiiiughame, W, ol Craigends 
Dunlop, Henry, of Arthurlie 
Dunlop, James, jun. of Arthurlie 
Fulton, William, of Spreuiston 
Fulton, William, jun. Paisley 
Fleming, Wm. M. of Barochan 
Graham, Alexander, of Capilly 
Graham, John, of Craigallian 
Graham, Patrick, of Limekilns 
Haaiilton, John, of Greenbank 
Harvey, Col J. of Castlesemple 
Howie, John, of Shawhill 
Houstoun, Geo. yr. of Johnstone 
Huustoun, Ludovic, of Johnstone 
Kibble, Jame;;, of Whiteford 
Lowndes, William, of Arthurlie 

Macdowall, William, of Carruth 
Macdowall, Wm. of Garthland 
Martin, William, of Davieland 
Maxwell, J. yr. of Pollock M.P. 
Maxwell, Jas. jun. of Brediland 
Maxwell, William, of Brediland 
Maxwell, Wniliam, of Dargavel 
Mure, William, of Caldwell 
Napier, William, of Blackstoun 
Orr, Robert, of Ralston 
Smith, James, of Jordanhill 
Speirs, Archd. Wm. of fCilallan 
Spiers, Alex, of Elderslie 
Speirs, Thomas, of Speirston 
Stewart. J. of Williamwood 
Steuart, Robert, of Steuarthall 
Snodgrass, Campbell, of Thornhill 
The Provost of Paisley 
The Provost of Pollokshaws 
The Provost of Renfrew 
The eldest Bailie of Renfrew 
Wilson, Andrew, of Deanside 
Wilson, John, of Thornlie 
Wilson, William, of Cowglen 
Wilson, William, yr. of Thornlie 
Wylie, James, of Curs well 

William Barr, Clerk of Supply, Office, 33 Old Sneddon Street, 


Faculty of Procurators. 


John Muir, Esq. Dean. 

Councillors : — William Barr, John Anld, and John Dunn. 
Examinators : — Robert Rodger, John Crawford, & John Anderson^ 
G.. Lang, Treasurer, Wm. Hodge, Fiscal, & John Gemmell, Clerk^ 


Rabert Walkinshaw William Campbell, 1 Joseph Fleming 

Rabt. Caldwell, sen. Johnstone John Hait 

Lochwinnoch Peter Jack WiHiam Fernie 

John Muir William Bare Andrew Millar 

A 'ex. Campbell Andrew Mercer Robt. HodgerJ, 

Gavin Lang ' A- H- Simpson Johnstons 

Faculty of Procurators, S;c. 

Appe7idix. 95 

William Hart 

P. A. Rumsay, Edin. 

Robert Wylie 

John Auld 

Wm. Howie 

Andrew Pafereon, 

William Mac Lean 
John Dunn 
John Crawford 
William Hector, Pol 

Robert Caldwell, jun 


J. Hamilton 

John Gemmeli lAlexander Gibson 

Jas. Campbell, John-JHmes Caldwell 


William Martin 

William Barr, jun. 

Robert Mnir 

Archibald Gardner 

Robert Rodger 

John Anderson 

William Reid 

John Hamilton 

Peter Henderson 

William Connell, 

, Librarian — Library 4 Moss street. 
Wniliam Hart, Officer 

William Hodge 
lAllan Kirkwood 
iGraham M'Farlane 
'Andrew Duff 
I Hugh Vallance 
jJohn Millar 
iDavid Semple 
[Robert Mbcome 
John Millar.Johnstone 
iMatthew Anderson 
I Neilston 
George Moody 

Justice of Peace Small Debt Court, Court Hall, Couniij 

Buildings, held every Friday, at eleven o'clock forenoon. 

Alexander Gibson, Depute Clerk. 

John Hart, Fiscal. 

SHERIFF COURT— CouHT Hall, County Buildings. 
Sits every Tuesday during Session. 
J. C. Dunlop, Esq. Sheriff ) 

Alex. Campbell, Esq. Sheriff jRobert Steuart. Sheriff Clerk 

Eobert Wylie & Robert Rodger, 
Joint Procurators Fiscal 

Walter L. Houston, Sheriff Clerk 



Held on Thursday at Ten o' Clock, once a fortnight. 

Robert Steuart, Clerk | Walter L. Houston, Dep. Clerk 

J. R. Fleming, Barr Officer. 

Barr, John, 12 Moss street 
Bell, Henry, 12 Dyer's Wynd 
Brown, James, 8 Moss street 
Cameron, Dugald, 10 Moss str. 
Fleming, J. R. St. Mirren's st. 
Gowan, James, 13 Moss street 
Harper, Andrew, 32 Gauze st. 
Hart, John, 46 High street 
Hart, Wm. (constable,) 1 Well 


Munn, John, 6 Renfrew street 
M'Kinlay, Walter, 6 Moss st. 
M'Donald, Donald, Moss street 
Niven, Alex. 43 Moss street 
Stevenson, Alex. 19 Abbey close 
Thomson, David, 18 Lawn st. 
Thomson. Wm. 6 Moss street 
Turner, Wm. 12 Moss street 
Wands, James, 68 Love street 

street, and 7 High street 

Allan, John, Sheriff Officer and Constable for Renfrew and La- 
narkshire, 51 Stockweli street, Glasgow. 

96 Paishy. Bead Courts of the Burgh, Ssc. 

Head Courts of the Biiryh. 


Michaelmas, - - 2d Fridiy after SDth Septem'oer 

Candlemas, - - 2(1 Friday al'ter loth January 

lieitan, - - 3d do. after 10th April. 


Daniel Connpl, 2 Hunter st j James Gnsvjin, 13 Moss street 
Htfiiry Belt, 12 Dyer's wynd j William Thomson, 6 Moss St. 

W^illiam Miller, Town Drummer, 35 Moss street 
Daniel Connel, Town Cner, 2 Hunter street 

Commissary Courts held every Thursday at eleven 

o'clock forenoon. 

J. C. Duniop, Commissary — A. Campbell, Commissary Depute— 

Robes t Wylip, office 2 Lawn street, Commissary Clerk. 

Quarter Sessions. 


First Tuesday of March, May, & August, and last Tuesday of Oct. 


A. Brown of Auchintorlie W. Lowndes of Arthurly 

F. M'Kerrell of Brabloch W. Napier of Blackston 

J. Orr of Underwood R. Steuart of Steuarthall 

William Fulton of Park W. Barr of Drums. 
R. Farquharson of Alargue 

John Hart, jailer, house County Buildings, 
James Mitchell, keeper cf Bridewell, house County Buildings. 


Campbell, Thos. 25 Old Sneddon | Fleming, Joseph, 9 Mosss st. 


Fleming, Jos. 9 Moss street 
Hart, John. 46 High street 
Hart, William, 103 High street 
Hope, James, 101 High street 

General Agency Warehouse and Public Auction Rooms, Lyceum 
Buildings, 101 High st. — James Hope, Auctioneer and Appraiser. 

Bavhing Houses, '■ Appenaix. 97 


PAISLEY BANK 1 Cotton Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon, (shuts at 12 on Sa- 
turday.) Drafts on London* and Edinburgh | given during 
.' ''•'these hours. Bills far discount given in on Monday before 12 
^ ''iioon, and called fvr on Tuesday — and on Thursday before 3 after- 
noon, and called for on Friday. 

Arthur Welsh, Cashier, Bank street. 

Alexander Gardner and Thomas Cockburn, Accomptants. 

John Peden, Teller. 

Alexander Macfarlane, Robert Lamb, Adann Keir, jun. and 

Archibald Hodge, Clerks 

James Burgess, Porter, 37 Thread street 

* Smith, Payne, and Smiths, Bankers, London, 

•f Kinnears, Smiths, & Co. Bankers, Edinburgh. — Office in Glasgow, No. 58 Vir- 
girua Street, Alex. Brown, Ageni— Robert Montgomery, Agent at Irvine- 
Charles Morland, Agent at Stranraer. 

The paisley UNION BANK COMPANY.— 1, Gauze St. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon, (shuts at 12 on Sa«. 

turday.) Drafts on London* Edinburgh f or Manchester|: givem 

on these hours. Bills for discount given in on Monday before 

jj^lS noon, and called for on Tuesday betwixt ten furenoon and 

three afternoon. 

John Scott, Cashier, 1 Gauze street 

Robert Stevenson, Accomptant, 

Ninian Hodgert, Teller 

Robert Brodie, W. Scott, and John Stewart, Clerks. 

Peter Blair, Porter, 27 Lawn Street. , 

* Sir Richard Carr Glyn, Halifax, Mills & Co. bankers, London. 

+ Sir William Forbes, J Hunter & Co. Bankers, Edinburgh. 

If t William Jones, Loyds, & Co« Bankers, Manchester.— Office in Glasgow, No. 

15 Ingram Street ; William Walker, Agent. 

PROVIDENT BANK, 22 Moss Street, 

Open on Monday and Thursday, from 10 till 12 o'clock. 

Robert Farquharson, Governor. 


Messrs., John Bell Messrs. William Langmuir 

William Bissland 
Alexander (/ampbell 
William Fulton 
Alexander Gardner 
William Giffen 
Gavin Lang 

John Orr 
John Peddie 
James Pollock 
Dr. Rodman 
John Scott 
Thomas Sharp. 

James Craig, Cashier. 

9S Paisley. 

banking Houses, S,c 

M'Leod's Buildings, 4- Smith hills Street. 
John Bulley, Cushier. 
Alexaiidpr Borland, Accomptanf. 
l)rHW on Jones Loyd h Go. London; William Jones, Loyd & Ca. 
Mttnchesrer ; Becket, Bloyds & Co. Leeds ; Bank of Liverpool ? 
L.Htouche & Co. Dublin ; Northern Bank, Belfast ; Cumberland 
Union Bank and Branches ; |Backhonse & Co. Sunderland ; 
North of England Joint Stock Bank, Newcastle; Merfield and 
Huddersfield Joint Stock Barik; Leith Bank and branchefi. 
Neguciate Bills on every town in Great Britain and Ireland, where 
there is a bank or banker. 


.^Ebenezer Ramsay & Son, Agents 
^Robert Robertson, Agent 
^David Anderson, Agent 

Robert Salmond, Cashier 

James Prentice, Agent 

-^Robert Caldwell, jnn. Agent 
^.v-William Richardson, Agent. 

Alloa, ~, 

Blairgoyvrie, — 
Cupar Angus, 


JHamilton. ^ 

Lochwinnoch, , 
Lockerbie, .-w-. 


Christie's Buildings, 109 High Street. 

Open from 10 forenoon till 3 afternoon, (shuts at 12 on Saturday). 

Bi^ls for discount given on Monday and Thursday before 3 o'clock 

afternoon, and called for on Tuesday and Friday. 

Thomas Risk, Agent. 

James Muir mid D. C. Phillips, Clerks. 

John Mitchell, porter, Christie's Buildings, 109 High Street. 

D\^nw on Aberdeen, Ailoa, Ayr. Auchtermuchty, Bathgate, Bir- 
irsingham. Carlisle, Dundee, Edinburgh, Greenock, Huddersfield, 
Kincardine, London, Jones Loyd & Co.. Leeds, Lochgilpbearf, 
Liverpool, Manchester, and the different branches of Manchester 
nnd Liverpool district banks, (for them see Edinburgh Almanack) 
Moffat, Port-Glasgow, Strathaven, and in all places, (see 
Edinburgh Almanack) on Ireland where the provincial banks 
of Ireland have branches. — Office in Glasgow, 15 Virginia Street, 
J. A. Anderson, Manager. ___ 


D. M'Kinlay, M.D. 
John Torbet 
William Vessie 
A. K. Young, M.D. 
Gavin Browning 
William Kerr 
Jas. Paton, M.D. 
William Falconer 
D. Munn 
David Fulton, Vaccinator to the National Vaccine Establishment, 
N.B. — For Residence, see Directory. 

Thomas Richmond 
James Kerr, M.D. 
John Rodman, M,D. 
R. M'Kechnie,M.D. 
Allan Stewart 
Gforge Wylie, M.D. 
JoKt^ Craig 
William Jeffrey 
I^avid Fulton 

Archd. King 
Wilham Bell 
William M'Walter 
Robert Jamieson 
Robert Adam 
John Wilson 
.James Cochran 
William Young 
Osborne Hendry 

Midwives, SfC. 

Appendix. 95 

Mw. M-Leod, 05 High street 
Cox, 6 Mid lane 
Cochran, I 1 Willianfisburgh 
Wylie, 4 South Croft at. 
Erciea, Calside 
8hlr!uw, 3 Wardrop street 


Mrs. Rohertson 6 Wardrop si. 
Muir, 9 Queen street 
Fletcher, 23 Queei* stfeet 
Gihb, 17 Wests reet 
M. Kerr, 16 Brooininnde 

Dispensary and House of Recovery^ 
1 1 , Bridge Street. 


Rev. John Bremner 
Matthew Brown 
Andrew Browii 
Janries Cariile 
Alex. Campbell 
William Fulton 
James Harvey 
Adana Keir 

William Lowndes 
Fulton M'Kerrell 
William MKerrell 
John Grr 
James Stewart 
Thomas Sharp, for 
Brown, Sharps &Co. 
Joseph Twigg 

Thomas Tavlor, lor 
T. Taylor & Co, 

Joseph Whitehead 

Arthur Welsh 

Robert Wylie, for 
Self and Parmere 


Rev. Dr. Burns Thomas Greenlees 

Andiew Barclay Alex. Gardner 

George Barclay William Giffen 

David Bain A. C. Holms 

Peter Brough John Haldane 

Alex, Cariile | William Langmuir 

Mr James Pollock, Preses. 

Mr Alexander Gaidiier, Treasurer. 

Mr Robert Rule, Secretary. 


Rev. Robt. Macnair 
J M'NaughtdH 
James Pollock 
Robert Rule 
Rev Dr. Thomsoia 
Archd. Yuill 

t)r. George Wylie 
— • James Kerr 

Mr. John Torbet 
— William Kerr 

Dr. Daniel M'Kinlay 
Mr. Archibald King 

— Allan Stewart 

— William Falconer 

Mr William Tait, House Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mrs Stewart, Matron. 

Attendance at Dispensary from 10 to 11 forenoon, and from 4 to 5 



7 New Sneddon, 
The Paisley Town Hospital was first opened for the reception of 
the Poor, in May 1752. It is under the direction of three mecnber-s 
of the Town Council, nioe Gentiemeu from the town at large, \m" 

1 00 Paisley. 

Directors of Hospital , S^c, 

mineted by the Town Council, and a member from the Sessions of 
the three Parishes in the town. It is supported by an annual as- 
sessment on the Inhabitants. Connected with the establishment is 
an Asylum for Lunatics, on a small scale. 


Rohpit Cochrnn, Convener, | David Murray, Treasurer. 

Walter M'Gibbon 
James Robertson 
William Brown 
John Brown 

Walter Blair 
John SiQW 
James Loudon 
Robert Steveii&on 

James Driimmond 
John Dunlop 
John C. Condie 
Peter Jack 
William Barbour 

Thomas Crichton, Master — Mrs M' Arthur, Matron. 

Daniel M'Kinlay. M.D Surgeon. 

From 1st June l83o to 1st June 1834., the averas:e number of 

People in the Hospital has been 162. Of these 38 have died. 

In Hospital, Ui June 1834— Men, —- 33 


Boys, *-»" 
Girls, **' 






Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, Bart. Major Com, 

James Stirling 
(jieorge Robertson 
Adam Keir, jun. 
J. Hamilton 


Honstoun Stewart 
Duncan Darroch 
Robert Fsrqiiharson 
George Houston 

James B. Kirk, M. D. Surgeon. 

Joseph Housley, Sergeant Major. 

Clothing, Blue— Lace, Gold. 


William Houston 
David Mure 
James Fulton 
David Crawfurd 


William Mure, Esq, Colonel. 

Alexander Speivs, Esq. Lieut. -Colonel. 

James Walker, E«q Major. 


William Howie 
J»mes Patrick 
Donald Cameron 
Robert Morns 
Douglas Dick 


Wm. Cnrminghame James Anderson 

George Hamilton 

John M'Farlane 

John Caldwell 

James Love 
George Jamieson, Captain & Adjutant 
John B. Fleming, M. D. Surpeon 
James Anderson, Assistant Surgeon 
Peter Ferguson, Quarter- Master 
Clothing, Red — Lace, Gold. 

Paisley Coffee lioom, S^e. Appendix. 101 


Joseph Twigg, Convener — David Bain, Treasurer 

Alex. Gibson, Secretary. 

William Jamieson [Joseph Whitehead jtfK 

Robert Patison 
William Sharp 
Aiexan'^er Gardner 
Adam Keir, jun. 
William Fulton 

William Giffen iWilliam Martin 

Matthew Brown 
Thomas Sharp 

John Orr 
Willians Langmurr 

Janoes Love, Keeper. 


107 Causeyside, 

Captain George Jamieson, President, 
William Marshall, jun., Secretary, 
John Smith, Treasurer, 
John Robertson, Keeper. 


10 High Street, (Cross,) 

Mrs Robert Campbell, Proprietor. 


BROOMLANDS— 26 Wellmeadow street— John Cochran, P»e- 

ses, 7 Wellmeadow — John Dunlop, treasurer, 82 BroomlaJids 
HIGH STREET— 12 High street— Robert Lang. Preses-John 

Melville, Treasurer. 
NEWTOWN— 2 Gauze Street— John Watt, jun. Preses— Wtn. 

Guthrie, Collector — Alexander Brovn, Officer. 
OLD SNEDDON— 1 Old Sneddon street— Robert DonaUhoj., 

Preses and Treasurer — Committee, Robert Andrew, ARgus 

Wilkie, Peter Clark, John Hart, Denis Whyte, Keeper. 
SNEDDON— 31 Old Sneddon street — Committee, James Taylor, 

William M'llwrick, John Galloway, John Watson, WiiiJiam 

Tait — Mrs Blackwood, Keeper. 

This Room is shut on Sunday, 


22, Moss Street, 

Was opened at Whitsunday 1802. The terms are .£3 3s. for a 
share, and 10s 6d for annual subscriptions— readers not subscribers 
15s. yearly, and 8s. half yearly. It contains 4000 vols, aiid ha* 
about 200 subscribers and readers. 

I 3 

102 Paisley* Trades Library^ §^c. 


Gavin Lang, President — Andrew Blaikie, Treasurer, 
Wm. Martin, Secretary. 

Rev. Robt Macnair 
Wm. Bissland 

Robert Rodger jDavid Wallace 

Rev. Wm. Smart James Pollock 
Dr Robt M'Kechnie Hugh Vallance [Robert Rule 

John Muir, Librarian, 


42, New Street, 

Open on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, from 8 till 
10, and on Saturday evenings from 6 till 8, the Librarian generally 
Bccommodates country members from 3 till 4 on Thursdays — terms, 
One Shilling of Entry Money, One Shilling and Sixpence quar- 
rel ly. 


James Adana.jun. President, | Ninian Crawford,. Treasurer, 
With ten other Curators. 

Allan Smith, Librarian, 35 Canal Street. 


22, Moss Street. 

This Library was instituted in 1808, and consists entirely of 
Theological Books, and of books treating on subjects nearly con- 
nected with sacred things. It is supported by an annual subscrip- 
tion of IDs, 6d. from each member. 


Professor Symington, D. D , President, 
John Stow, Treasurer, 
Rev. Dr. Robert Burns, I James Carlile, 

Wm. Smart j Rev. Robert Macnair. 

John Muir, Secretary and Librarian 


Hall, 10 Abbey Close, 

Was instituted in 1808, and incorporated by Charter in 1812. 

Rev. Dr. Burns, President, 

Dr. James Kerr and William Jeffrey, Vice-Presidents, 

Robert Brodie, Treasurer, and Thomas Gilchrist, Secretary,. 

With Ten Ordinary Directors. 

Messrs. Condie and Craig, Librarians. 

Public Schools and Teachers. Appendix i03 


GRAMMAR SCHOOL~5 Church Hill. 
William Hunter, A.M. Rector. 

town's mercantile and mathematical school. 
4 meeting house lane. 
Alexander Maconie, Teacher. 


John Reid, Teacher. 


William Ranken, Schoolmaster — Mr. Gibson, Assistant. 


William flardie, Esq. Provost, 

Robt. Patison, Robt. Hendry, Jas. Clark, & W\ Jeffrey. Baillies. 

James Carlile, Treasurer, and Margaret Hutcheson's Trustee. 

Kev. Dr. Burns for Low Church 
Rev. James Begg, for Middle 

Rev. John MacNaughtan, for 

High Church 
John Henderson, Town Trea- 


Robert Cuchran, Convener of 

Town's Hospital 
Alexander Auld, Convener of 

Weavers' Society 
Robert Orr, Convener of Mer~ 

chants' Society 
James S. Brown, teacher. 

James Weir, officer. 


Hugh M'Farlane, Preses, — James Pollock, Treasurer. 


Thomas Carlile 
Thomas GreenJees 
Robert Rule 

Rev. Dr. Burns i P. Brewster 
Dr. Ferrier James Pollock 

Dr. Thomson John Orr, jun. 

Robt. Macnair j Peter Brough 


Rev. D. J. Murdoch | John Stewart I Patrick 0*Hara " 

J. Bremner John Small John M'Gee 

Patrick O'Neil Arthur Lennis I James Johnstone 

F. Connor \ James Ross j Terrence O'Neil 

John Savage, teacher, 

104 Paisley, Sal)bath ScJiools and Teachers^ S^c. 


Held in xHtia Chapel, 12 George Strekt. 

Alexander Meiklehain, President— James Riley, Secretary, 

Colin M'Kenzie, Clerk. 

There are under the Directors' inspection, Scholars, (morning and 

evening classes) about 250. 


Rev. Robert Macnair, Prei^ident. 

Alex. Gardner, Treasurer — John Scott, Secretary 


Rev. Dr. R. Burns [ James Whyte, jun. 
Rev Jn MacNaughtan' James Pollock 

ThoiDas Sharp 
Peter Broiigh 
Andrew Brown 
James Coats 

Wm. Brown, jun. 
John Orr 
Capt. Macalpine 
John Haldane 

medical directors. 

Arthur Welsh 
James Macarfhur 
Hugh Macfarlane 
James Stewart 
John Merrilees 

Dr. M'Keehnie, William Kerr, Dr. A. K. Young. 
John Mitchell, teacher, Storie street. 

sabbath and week day evening schools. 

Instituted 1798. 

Hugh M'Farlane, President — William Hardie, jun. 


William Notman and John Brown, Secretaries. 

John Muir, Clerk. 

The Committee meets on the first Monday of every month. 

There are under the Visitors' inspection 50 Sabbath Schools. — • 

Scholars, 2774- Three Week day Evening Schools — Children in 

the week Evening Schools, 124. In all 2.898. 



Ar.sBT Chuhch-— 16 Smith hills and 7 Abbey close, Robert Mac- 
nair and Patrick Brewster — appointed by Marquis of Abercorn. 
Gaelic Chafel — Oakshaw street, John Campbell— Congregation, 
JHiau Church — Church Hill, John MacNaughtan — Town Council. 
Middle Cnr/BCH— Church Hill, James Begg A.M. — Town Council. 
New North Church — 14- Love street, Peter M'Morland — Sub- 
scribers and Seatholders. 
St. George's Church — George street, Robert Burns, D.D.,— • 
Town Council. 

The Presbytery meet in St. George's Session House first Wednesday of Februaffy, 
May, July; and last Wednesday of MarcSi, Sepiember, and December— hour 12 
jioob— Officers, James Roberlsoji, Jdines Weir, Thomas Ewing, Robert Lsmg. 

Ministers^ S^a- Appendix. 105 

DISSENTERS, arrang-ed alphabetically. ' 
Baptist fw^PKi— 6Barr street, S. Cameron, jE'/ier.Cotigrepation. 
Baptist Chafkl—^3 Stone street, T. Watson, W. Shanks, and 

J. Taylor — Congregation. 
BuROHFR — 21 George street. Vacant— Congregation. 
Church Phessytbbiai^s—SO Causeyside, James Pinkefton-ia. 

Gx^s/TBS— 4 South Croft street, John Scott— Congregation. 
Independent CuAPiiL—S Abbey close, James M'GaVin & Andre'Jtr 

Kelly — Congregation. 
Independent Chapel— 2S Old Sneddon street, Robtrt 

M'Lanchlan — Congregation. 
Independent Methodist — Abbeydose, Mr Johnston — Conference 
Methodist Chapel -12 George street, Wm. Constable, Peter 

M'Covvan, Wm. Illingsvvorlh, and Henry Chetlle— Conference. 
Ri'FORMED PnESBrrEur— 39 Oakshaw street, Andrew Symington, 

D.D., Professor— Congregation. 
Relief {East)~-9 Thread street, James Thomson^ D. D.. Profee- 

ttELiEF (^Vf est)— Cnr\a\ street, James Banks, — Congregation, 
Roman Catholic Chapel— 3, East Buchanan street, John Brem* 

ner — appointed by the Bishop. 
Trinity Chapel — (for Protestant Episcopalians) — St. James^ 

Place, W. i\l. Wade — Congregation. 
Unitarian Chapel— i2,Geor^e Street, Christopher Dunlop, David 

Wilson, Robert Findlay — Congregation. 
United Secession— 16, Abbey Close, William Smart— Congre- 
United Secession — Oakshavv street, William Ferrier, D. D. and 

William France — Congregation. 
United Secession— 6, St James' street, Archibald Baird— Con- 
Old Low Church — Preaching station— Connected with the United 



Abbey Church Parish, A- Blaikie, 7 Abbey street 
High do, Thomas Crichton, 9 Back Sneddon 

Low do, William Rankin, 1 Barclay street 

Middle do. John Reid, 1 St. Jame.*' street 


AsJ^EY Church — Robert Lang, officer, 5 Bridge street (New Town) 
John Hatrick, 4 West Jiuctianan st. precentor. 

G-^SLic Cbafel — Dan. Cameron, 44 Oakshaw street officer — Ale;?. 
M'Kay, precentor, 53 High street 

i06 Paislej/. Chircli Officers, $e, 

HianCHoncJi — James Weir, ^0 School wyn'i, officer — James IngTis, 

Wsrdrop sfreer, pn-ceiiiof 
MsnnhK CiiVRCH — ThomHs Ewiup, I Storie street, officer — Joha 

H-irc, yi School wy))d, precentor 
Np.rr North Churcii — W Love street, William Millar, f)fficer. 29 

Moss sfiee , Diivifl Allison, precemor, 13 Love st. 
St. Gvsosge's Church — .larnes Robertson. 41 Gordon's lane, 

oliicer — Robert Donald, Linwood, precentor 
Baptist Chapel — 8 Barr street, no officer — Samuel Cumeroii, 141 

Geori^e street, precentor 
Do, St«.r e stree , .Tames More, 43 Storie street, officer, 

— Robert Cuthbertson, J27 George st. precentor 
BiffiGHKR — Campbell M'Farlane. 21 Geor^^e street, officer — An- 
drew Moyes, 36 George street, precentor 

I.vniiPKJVDE.YT Chapkl — 8 Abbey close, no officer—George Drtvid- 
son, pr.^centor 
Do, Do. 23 Ot,D S'/nnDoy SmiiET—John M'Allom, 

officer— J. Matthew, precentor 
MfiTfTODiST Chatel — Henry M'Cowan, George street, officer- 
John Spence, Lady lane, precentor 
Heformed PaBSBYTERT — David Currie. 39 Oakshaw street, officer 

— Alex. M'Farlane, Ferguslie, precentor 
Mbliev (East) — James Lang, 29 Thread street, officer — Daniel 

Cowan, 2 Garth land lane, precentor 
Rbljep { WbstJ — William Stewart, Stirling stieet, officer — Robert 

M'Kvvan, 108 George street, precentor 
HoiTAy Catholic Chapel — Wm. Stanford, 4 East Buchanan st. 

door keeper choir 
TiiJsiTY Chapel for PnoTEsTAyr Episcopalta.vs — John Robert- 
son, 34 St. James' street, officer — John Wright, 
26 Cotton street, clerk 
UviTARijy Chapel— i2 George street — James Melvin, precentor, 
United Secessiom — 16 Abbey close, George Carruth, 5 Abbey 
close, officer — John Murkland, 7 Sir Michael street 
Ukited iS^cjbss/O'V— -Oakshaw street. William Shanks, 1 Oaksbav? 
St. officer — Geo. Wishart, precentor, Albion st 
Unxted Sbcrssjon — St. James' street, Robert Evving, 13 Caledo- 
nia street, officer — Richard Jaap, 14 Sir Michael 
street, precentor 


Abbey Church— Charles Mitchell, 17 Smith hills 

Abbey Close United Secession Church — David Thomson, 9 Oak- 

shdvv street — Charles Mitchell. 17 Smith hills 
:past Eeiief Church— Charles Mitchell, 17 Smith bills 

Overseers of the Peer, Sfc Appendix, 1 07 

Gaelic Chapel— James Lochhe»d, 10 OaksliHw sfrfpt 

Hiph and Low Churches — DHvid Thomson. 9 Orikshaw srreef 

Oakahaw Street United Secession Church — Williiim Shariks, 1 

Oakshaw street 
Reformed Presbytery Church — D. Currie, 39 Oakshaw street 
West Relief Church — David Burns, 1 Ralston Square 

David Guthrie, Baillie of Abbey burying ground. 



First District, comprehending the \st, 2d. and 9th Police Wards. 

J St Wnrd — John Clark, Patrick O'Neil, John Condie, James 
Gibb, John GiHespie, Thomas King, James Thomson. 2d 
Ward — David Murray, John M'Kinlay, Robert Brown, Rt>- 
bert Paton, James Ritchie, John Hutchison, Simon Sim. 9tb 
Ward — Walter Blair, grocer, Lurioviu Nicholson. .John Came- 
ron, John Watson, John Baird, George Lyall, Wm. Arneil. 

Second District, comprehending the 3d, ^th, and 5ih Police Wards. 

3d Ward — William Hardie, jun. Peter Jack, William Henderson, 
John Taylor, Robert Armour, James M'Kean, John Hair. 
4th Ward — William Barbour, Peter M'Arthur, James Ross, 
William Masson, John Robertson, William Craig, Hugh Big- 
par. 5th — Walter M Gibbon, John Blair, James Porter, Jas. 
Mailland, Wiiiiaai Dunlop, Hugh Sera pie, Matthew King. 

Third District, comprehending the 6th, 1th, and 8th Police Wards. 

6th Ward — James Robertson, Duncan M'Fee, James Mitchell^ 
James Crawford, James Morrison, James Turnbull, James 
Donaldson. 7th Ward — John Brown, 41 George street, John 
Brown, Queen street, James Wilis. Alexander M'Gilveray, 
John Burns. Williim Good, William Aitken. 8th Ward — 
David M'Nair, Robert Armour, William Notman, WlHam 
Brown, Alexander Paterson, C. Dunlop, Causeyside, James 


James Williamson, Alexander Vallance, John Brown, Love street, 
Robert Keir, James Fleming, grocer, John Muir, James Taylor, 
Thomas Gilmour, Walter Allison, Alexander M' Naught, Mat- 
ihew Neilson, William Galloway, James Millar, Waiter Blair, 
Hianufucturer, David Bain, Hugh Maefarlane. 

1 08 Paisley. 

Sccieiies, Sfc» 


Paisley arid Eastern Henfrew shire Bible Society, 

Right Hon. the Earl of Glasgow, Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire, 


Ten Vice Presidents. 

Rev. Dr. Burns, Mr Warrand Carlile, Secretaries, with a Com- 
mittee of Twenty Directors. 
John Muir, Clerk. 

Paisley Auxiliary Missionary Society, 

Instituted 1813. 

James Carlile, President 

William Hardie, sen. Vice President 

A. H. Simpson, Trpasurer 

Rev. Williana Smart, Secretary 

Paisley Youth Society. 

Instituted 1816. 

George Moody, President, 2 Lawn street 

William Philips, Treasurer— Alexander Gardner, Secretary 

With a Committee of Sixteen Directors. 

Paisley Gcelic Missionary Society. 

Instituted march 1817. 

James Carlile, President 
Mr William Hardie, Vice-President 

William Hardie, jun. Treasurer 
Rev. Robert M'Lauchlan, Secretary 
With a Committee of Eighteen Directors. 


Durrie, Miss, 26 Causeyside 
Findlay, Mrs, 18 Barclay street 
Fleming, Mrs. 16 Sauce! 
Gibson. Mrs. 3 Barclay street 
Lyon, Mrs. 9 Smith hills 
Martin, Mrs. 1 Maxvseil street 

Mathie, Mrs. 3 Gauze street 
M'Neil, Mrs. 1.3 Old Sneddon 
Scroggie, Mrs. 71 Love street 
Tait, Mrs. I Maxwell street 
Wilson, Ts. 1 Water brae (burgh) 
Young, Mrs. 49 High street 

Conveyances by Land and Water. 

Appendix. 109 

POST OFFICE.—Christie TekuaceI f 



















a: m. 

P M. 

Edinburgh .»^..^^^-.^v*.....^^.w» 
Glasgow ^■i.-*..*, ^^v-. ...... •w^*,^.^ 

Greenock and Port Glasgow 
Beith and Joht>stone-^'»^«-^v^ 
Greenock and Port Glasgow 
North of Scotland »-.v^*.^^** 
Irish *-....* ».^..»^..^.^*..*x*^»^.v^ 
Glasgow 'v^*^«.*....^v^..^».^.v*«. 
Renfrew •v**^».*..i.....w*^«.H^.^.w«. 
London *^..^*-i.-^v»-»^-»»^»i *.•«.*... 
Greenock and Port Glasgow 
Edinburgh ^■.^*-^-^.^..^*^^ 
Giasgovv %-«.v^»/»'^..i.^-.'v^,^,^ 

Beith, Loch winnochjjohnst. 
Renfrew .w-..^--..^*^....^*..^^... 


H. M. 













A. M. 
P M, 
P. M. 

Office open every lawful day froai 8 Morning till 8| Evening-T- 
on Sunday from a quarter before 11 till ii — a quarter before 
4 till a quarter past 4, und from 6 till haif-past 6. 

Mrs. Ker, post mistress — house 43 Moss street. > . 

William Ker, assistant. ~' 

John Edmiston, letterrrunner, house 6 New Sneddon. 
Allan Kerr, letier-runner, house 2 Thread Street 

Mates of Tostage of Single Letters in Great Britain. 

From any Post Office in England- or Wales, to any place ) s. d. 
not exceeding 15 miles from such Office. j 4 

For any distance above 15 and not exceeding 20 miles, 

20 — ^ SO 

30 . 50- 

50 _ 80 . 

80 120. 

. 120 170, 

: 170 , \^ 230, 

.230 300 

And so on in proportion, the postage increasing progressively one 

penny for a single letter for every like excess of distance of 100 miles 

All double, treble, and othet letters and packets whatever (exce^j)t" 



110 Paisley. s^^ \m\iVK^^^ff^ Coaches, S^-c. 

by the penny post) pay in proportion to the respective rates of sin- 
g;!e letters ; but no letter or packet to or from places, within the 
Kingdocfi of Great Britain, together with the contents thereof, shall 
be charged more than as a treble letter, unless the same shall weigh 
sn ounce, when it is to be rated as four single letters, and so in pro- 
portion for every quarter of an ounce above that weight, reckoning 
each quarter as a single letter. 

Locliwinnoch and Bishopton Penny Posts. 

•j ; -:^-. STAGE COACHES. ' ~~ 

iVlessrs Lyon and Walker's Coaches to GLASGOW, start from 
No. li Moss street, 15 times per day viz :— 9, 10, quarter past 10, 11, 
and 12 noon — and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, half past 7, 8, and 9 evening. 

Departure of Lyon & Co.'s Coaches, from GLASGOW to 
PAISLEY at 9, 10, and 11, forenoon— 12, noon— and 1, 2,2^, 
3, 4, 41, 5, 5i, 6, 7, 8, and 9 evening. 

Office, Tontine, and 78 Trongate, Glasgow. 
Departures of Coaches from Lyon and Co.'s General Coach 
Ofilce, No. ], Moss street, daily from SALTCOATS to GLAS- 
GO^V, at 7 o'clock morning, and from PAISLEY to SALT- 
COATS, at 8 morning, and 5 afternoon, through Howwood, Beith, 
Dairy, and Kilwinning. 

To EDINBURGH daily, II farencdn, and 1 and 4 o'clock af- 

To KILMARNOCK, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at > 
4 o'clock afternoon 

To RENFREW, on Thursday at 1 and half past 5 afternoon 

The Van starts every Tuesday and Friday, at half past 9 o'clock fl 
evening, to the Steam-Packet Office, Nevvhaven j arriving in tin>e " 
for the starting of the London Steam Packets. 

The Levern Trader Stage Coach arrives from BARRHEAD 
every Thursday at 11 forenoon, and departs from Mr Yuill's, Hay 
Market Inn, 5 New street, at 5 o'clock afternoon 

To RENFREW, the Palace Royal Coach, from Mrs. King's, 
Commercial and English Hotel, 2 Smith bills, seven times every 
lawful day 

CARRIERS' QUARTERS, &c. v.xd ;- > 

AYR — William Russell, 107 Causeyside, arr. on Wed Sat-depV 

Tues Fri 
BEITH — Robert Thomson, 5 New street, arr. Tues Thurs Sat. 
dep. Tues Thurs Satur 
— James Howie, 34 High street, arr. Tues Thurs. Sat dep, 
Tues Thurs Sat — - 

BRIDGE OF WEIR— Alex. Craig, 34 High street, arr. Thur 
dep. Thur 
— John Caldwell, 34 High street, arri^'Tues Fri dep 
Tues Fri 
CUMNOCK-^James Campbell, 25 High st- arr- Mon dep, Tues 

Carriers Quarters Appendix. 11! 

DALRY— Hugh Rodger; 34 High st. arr. Tues Fri;dep. Wed'Sur*. 

— Robert Crawford, 4 Moss street, arr. Tuas. do.^. Wed. 

DUMBARTON— Thomas M'Gee, 14 Moss street, arr. Fri dep. 

GLASGOW — James SmsUie, 5 Abbey street, arr. daily dep. d^ily 
— » John Bell, 7 Smith hills, arr. daily dep. daily "• ' 

— James Bissland, 8 Smith hills, arr. daily dep. daily 

— Hugh Paton, 24 Lawn street, arr. daily dep. daily 

— Archd, Leckie, i Dyer's vvynd; arr. daily 3 o'clock p.m. dep. 

daily 9 p.m. 

— Ai'& J. Thomson, 6 Smith hills; arr. daily, at G o'clock, p.m. 
^. '» dep. daily at ^pna. 

— Robert Allan 10 Silk street, arr. daily dep. daily 

— Robert Cathcart, 44 Moss street, urr. daily, dep. daily 
GREENOCK — Walter Cathcart, 23 New Smithhills, arr. daily 

dep. daily '. ■: . 

HOUSTON— William Steel, 34 High, street arr. Thurs dep. 

Thurs ' v , ■ 

IRVINE- H. Dunlop, 91 Causeyslde, arr. Tues Fri dep. \Nt6. 

Sat ' ■•'■ ■ ■■ ' ■' ' ^ V '' 

JOHNSTONE^Peter Lindsay, 23' 'Hi^h st, arv. daily dep dai!y 

— John Paterson, (fobt carrier)? 32 High st.arr^ daily dep daily 
KILBARCH AN— Robert Galbraith, 34 High st; arr. dail^ dep, 

daily •" '• '• .-^'i''" ■J'^^'m.--- C' -^ 

— John M' Arthur, 12 Causeyside, arr daily depf^daily 
— James Crawford, 16 Causeyside, arr daily dep d;iily 

— : Robert Cairdie, 32 High st. arr. daily dep. daily 
KILBRIDE— (East) James Elder. I Bladda. arr. and dep. Thurs 

— (We?t) — Wm Robertson, 34 High st. arr. Tues dep. Wed. 
KILBURNIE— Mrs Jas. Allan, 34 High st. arr. Tues dep. Taes 

— James Allan, 32 High st. arr Thurs dep. Fri 
KILMACOLM— Boyd Park, 29 High st. arr. Thur dep. Thur 
KILxMARNOCK—Wra. Russell, 107 Causeyside, arr. Wed Sat 

dep. Tues Fri 

— John Stevenson, 32 High st. arr. Mon Thur dep. Tues Pri 
KILW^INNING— James Jack, 34 High street, arr. Tues Fri dep. 

Wed Sat 

— Robert Boyd, 32 High street., arr, Tues dep. Wed 
LARGS— Robert Small, 32 High street, arr. Tues deo. Wed 
LOCH WINNOCH— Robert Love, 25 High street, arr. and dep. 

Tues, Sat 

— .John Robertson, 29 High street, arr & dep. Tues Thur Sat 
MID-TOWN FIELD— P. Cameion & Co. 32 High street, arr. 

Mon Wed Fri dep Mon Wed Fri 
NEILSTON — John Stevenson, 3 New street, arr. Thur deo. Thur 
NEWMILNS— John Patrick, 25 High street, arr. & dep. Wed 

and Sat :/ 

— Robert Mair, 91 Causeyside, arr. Fri dep. Fri 

112 Paisie^y Glasgow, Paisley, and Ardrossan Canal, 

POLLOKSHAWS— Alexander Finlayson, 13 Saucef, arr. and 

dep. daily 
PORT-GLASGOW— By Gipenock Carriers 
RENFREW— (Foot Post)— William Morton, . 44 Moss street, 

arr. twice daily dep twice daily 
SALTCOATS—John Cunningham. 27 Wellmeadow street, arr. 

Tues and Fri 8 a.m. dep. Wed 3 p.m. and Sat 8 a.m. 

High sireet, arr. Tues dep. Wed 

91 Causeyside. arr. Mon Thurs dep. Tues Fri 
STRANKAER— Bush Reid. 91 Causeyside, arr Fri once every 

3 week.s dep. Sat once every 3 weeks 


Passage Boats, for Summer, 1834. 

P.iisleyfor Glasgow, 9, 10,10^, 11, \2 1. 2. .3. 4. 5, 6, 1, 

Glasgow for Paisley, 9, JO, J J, 12. — —I, 2. 3, 4 o, 6, 7, 8. 

Glasgow for Johnstone, 9, 1 1. -2, 4, 3, 6, 7. 

Johnstone for Glasgow, 8|, 10, 11|. 1^, 4|, b\, 6|. 

Paisley for Johnstone, 10, 12 -3, 5, 6, 1, 8. 

Fares, - - First Cabin. . .Second Cabin. 

Between Glasgow and Johnstone I -' ^ 9 

Between Glasgow and Paisley 9 G 

Between Paisley and Johnstone 3 3 

For intermediate distances, and for children, see Way Bill. 

Trading Boats. 

Start every lawful day from Johnstone for Paisley^and Glasgow, 

at 9 morning. 
From Pais'ey for Glasgow, at 6 morning, half-past 10 and 12 noon. 
From Paisley for Johnstone, ar 1 I forenoon. 

From Glas^'ow, for Paisley and Johnstone, in winter, at day break, 
and 12 noon ; and in summer, at 6 morning, and 12 noon. 

For Rates of Carriage, apply to 

James Stewart, Moodie's Courf, 31 Argyll street, Glasgow, 
John M'Gee, Store keeper, Port-Eglinton, Glasgow. 
Archibn!d Fulton, Store-keeper, Johnstone, 
Robert Fullon, Store-keeper, Paisley, 
"With any of whom orders may be left, and inquiries made, relative 
to the Carrying trade. 

Porters Regulations , S^c. Appendix^ 115' 



No person shall be pernhitted to ply or work on the streets of Pais- 
ley for hire, as a Porter, without first entering his name and place of 
residence, in a book for the purpose, in the Town Clerk's Chamber, 
and without giving bond for the faithful and honest discharge of his 
duty, under such penalty as to the Magistrates shall seem proper, and 
without having a Badge or Ticket containing his number. 

Persons wishing to be admitted as Porters, must apply to the' Ma- 
gistrates, by petition, stating their place of nativity, age, residence, 
and former employments, and produce satisfactory certificates as to 
character. On being admitted, and before being allowed to ply, each 
Porter must implement the above enactment, and he shall thereafter 
Strictly conform to, and observe the following Regulations : 

1st. He shall renew his Bond at the expiry of three years, and on 
the decease of the Cautioner^ or his removal from the Town; which 
decease and removal he shall, within eight days, intimate in writing to 
the Town Clerk, and he shall also, in the same manner, and within 
the said time, , intimate his own removal or change of residence. 

2d. He shall wear his Badge or Ticket conspicuously on the left 
breast of his coat, which Badge shall be of brassj and bave inscribed 
the words ,, . i 1 and the Number, 

in the order of his admissipi, and he shall ;aJ^;,haTe a transcript of 
said inscription painted legibly on the right §ide of his barrow or hur- 
ley. , 

3d, He shall not,^ when unengaged, refuse employment when 
offered, whether on his station or not ; and if he alledge previous en- 
gagement, he sliall, when required, specify the nature and time of his 

4tb. He shall not demand higher fares than those specified in the 
subjoined Table ; a copy of which -Table, with these Regulation*., and 
also a small plan of the Town, divided into Sections of half a mile, he 
shall always have in his possession, and produce to persons employing 
him when required. 

5th. No Porter shall appear on his station intoxicated. All Por- 
ters are prohibited froin standing on the pavement, or crossings, to the 
obstruction or annoyance of the lieges; as also from smoking, when 
upon their stations, or in any manner giving offence. In general, 
they .areicnjoined to Conduct themselves orderly among themselves, 
and discreetly towards the public. ' ' ' 

6th. Porters contravening, or not conforming to these Regulations, 
will subject themselves to a .penalty not exceeding thirty shillings, 
which penalty shall be awarded, and the regulations enforced in a 
summary manner by the sitting Magistrate^ who may dismiss from 
said employment, and deprive of their Badge such as shall offend. 


A.PaTcel not exceeding ,28 lbs. any distance not more than'' y"'- 
half a mile, •« *% -►* v* »x W-'^^'-'t^- 24 

K O 

114 JFaisleT/, Boats on tJie Cart. 








And for every additional half mile, -w* *-^ ■«.>. -v^ 1 
A Parcel or Parcels exceeding 28 lbs. and not exceeding 

56 lbs. any distance not more than half a paile, >? Of, ,3 
And for every additional half mile, -.^ -w* ,*%. o'*?'(f9c 

A Parcel or Parcels exceeding 56 lbs. and not exceeding 
1 12 lbs. any distance not more than half a mile, ** 
And for every additional half mile, ■«. ,<.».■». . 

Any Load on a Barrow or Hurley exceeding 112 lbs. an4 
not exceeding 30C lbs. not more than half a mile, . %* 
Arid for every additional half mile, -w* ^^ »^ 

And when detained more than one quarter of an hour at 
loading or unloading, for every additional quarter of 
. an hour, ..^ *-.. -wv ** *> ■•^ 1 

One fourth more to be charged after 8 o'clock evening in the Win- 
ter Season, and 10 o'clock in the Summer, 
Assisting at removings when a considerable time is consumed, 
For the 1st iiour, '^->- -^ 

For every other hour, ^^ *■» 
For every load of Furniture — not exceeding half a mile, ' 
Every other half a mile, ■«■ -.^ *^ *^ *> 
Watching during the night for the first hour, •<^ ** 

For every other, '»^ -v* 

Acting generally as a Porter for a whole day of 10 hours, 

For one half day, *^ ** 

One hour, -^^ ■».■» 

When any parcel contains money, intimation is to be given to the 

Porter. ' 



/:,\:\\i <(Jr/oT 3iiJ '■ 

Steam Vessel. 

The Gleniffer steamer, starts from the Quay daily. The destn 
jjation and houis of departure, may be seen on the boards. 

Steam Boats, for passengers, start from the Bromielaw, Glasgo w, 
every lawful day, with great frequency, to all parts of the Frith, and 
round the coast. For particulars se6 Notice Boards, No; 8, New 
Sneddon Street. . 











Passage Boats, 

The Passage Boats which ply on Cart have no fixed hour of start- 
jng, the time being regulated chiefly to suit the passing tff the Steam 
Boats on the Clyde. Parties passing down the river can generaify 
be accommodated on application. 

Cart T anno ge Dues. Appendix. 115 


Messrs, Thomas Orr, 42 Moss street 

William Sproul, 8 New Sneddon 
William Robertson, 93 New Sneddon 


Of Rates and Duties on Goods, Wares, Merchandize, Coals and oihtr 
Commodilws carrud in and u7>on the River Cart. 

Each Hogshead of Tobacco - - - - - 3 

Each Ton of Sugar - - - - - - 4 

Each tierce of Sugar under If) cwt. - - - - a 

Each Barrel of Sugar, under 8 cwt. gross - - - 1 

Each Puncheon of Rum - - - - . 3 

Each Pipe of Wine or other Liquor - - - - 4. 

Each Hogshead of Wine, Beer, Porter, or other Liquor - 2 

Each Quarter Cask of Wine, or other Liquor - » 1 

Each Hogshead of Fhix Seed - - - - - 1 

Each Tun of Oil, at the rale of 252 English Gallonsto the Tun, 4 

Each single Butt of Oil - - - - - S 

Each Hogshead of Bottled Wine, Beer and Porter, containing") ^ 

10 doz. - • - - - - - "J 

Each Barrel of American Ashes . _ - . I 
Each Butt and Tierce of Ashes, according to gross weight at 1 .. 

the King's scale per ton _ - _ J . 

Each Bale of Yarn . _ . „ „ - 3 

Each ordinary Bale of Osnahurghs and Tweels - - 1 

Each large Bale of do. do. - - 2 

Each ordinary Bale of Woollens - - - - i 

Each large Bale of do. - , - - - - 2 

Each ordinary Calender Box of Goods - '■ - 1 

Each large do. do. - - - -9! 

Each barrel of Beef, Herrings, Tar, Pitch, aitid Tufpentine, ' 1 

Each last of Herrings, &c. of 12 Barrels, - - - 9 
Each Tierce of Beef ______ J^ 

Each Eight plirkins of Black Soap • - - 1 ' 

Grain— 10 bolls a Ton - - - - - 4 

When less than a ton, Id. per boll. 

Flour— 10 sacks a ton, - _ .. _ _ i 

When less than a ton^ Id. pier boll. 

IV'leal— 10 loads a ton, - - - - , ^ 4 

W hen less, than; a itoniTdri per. boU., .).!:« i,i,T 

garley—perboU - \.«ioJ d?i/M,. f;ST.K,ft;ierl«l3&iJ-3i,.Uaii 

Each ion of Staves - - ,. , u^.' f,-,,.„,,s „ -■ , 7- 

Each Five Boxes of White Iron ^nd Tin Mes''. ,/ - « 'i^ ---^i 'jrJ 
Each Block of Tin, - - - --iA ^.,vn.,^s^ r.M-.^>Mu j, 

Each Thousand of Slates - - - - - 9 

Each Thousand snial do. - - - ■• - 4f 

Each Thousand Bricks - - . _ _ ; g" 

Each Thousand Pantile ' - . - .. 1 ;^4 

Each side or Crate of Glass, - - - - .. J., 

Each gross of Choppin Bottles, - - . - - >iX 

Each empty Porter ^nd Tobacco Hogsl^ead and Puncheon "\i' 

Potatoes— per Boll, - - . - - - "1' 

116 Paisley, Directions for Humane Society, 

Each empty Tlerring Barrel, ' - - - - 0| 

Each Ton of Butter, at the rate of 20 cwt. a ton - - 4 

Each Firkin of Butter under 10 cwt. . - - 0| 

Each Ton of Candle Boxes, - - - - " ^ 

Each Ton of Hard Soap - - - - - 6 

Each Ton of Chalk and Whitening ► - - - 4 

Each Ton of Coals, Stones, Fire-clay, Sand and Lime, 2 

Each Ton of Kelp - - - - - - 6. 

Each Ton of Soap waste not employed for manure - 2 

Eresh fish and the return of boxes that contained them, free. 
Each 49 or 50 feet of Square Hard-wood, - - . 7 

Each 50 feet of Fir, Poplar, Plank, or other Soft Wood • 7 

Each Ton of Iron, Lead, Leather, Linen from Ireland, Cotton, 
Dye Stuffs, Alabaster, Bark, Hides, Cheese, Hemp, F'iax, 
Corda<,'e, and other Goods, subject to the River Duties, not 
specified in the above table _ _ _ - 6 

Passage and Pleasure Boats, 16, passengers with ordinary) g 

lucr<£a<?;e to be accounted a ton - - J 

Lugfiage of persons going to bathing or other quarters, free 
Passtrr^ers on business allowed 28 lbs. of luggage free; all ad. 
ditional to pay as other goods 

If the owners of goods subject to River Duty, or their an^ents, are not 
willing to pay the rates and duties contained in the above table, then 
it shall be competent forthe Tacksman or Collector of River Duty to 
demand payment thereof in terms of the Act of Parliament. 


For the Recovery of the apparerdly Droioned or Dead. 

IN APPARENT DEATH three objects are constantly to be 
kept in view : 1st, to remove every hurtful cause ; 2d, to regulate 
the temperature of the body; 3d, to restore breathing. For these 
purposes the following directions may be usefully employed, till 
medical assistance arrive, which ought instantly to be sent for in 
every case. ' 

In a case of Droiv7iing. (■ _ .: 

Remove as qni.ckly as possible all wet clothes from the body, dry 
jt well, wrap it in any warm woollen covering,,, and convey it, with 
the head and breast moderately raised, to the. nearest house, where 
none but useful assistants ought to be admitted. Let the body now 
be laid on a warm bed or upon a warm blanket near a fire, but not 
exposed to a strong heat. Let the lost heat be restored by rubbing 
the surface with warm cloths or hand:?, by wrapping a piece of warni 
flannel or blanketting round the waist, and by applying warm sub- 
stances, ^rs^ and chiefly to tha trunLand head, next to the limbs. 
The most convenient for this puVpose are bottles or flasks filled with 
warm water, and bags or stockings filled with hot grains, chaff, bran, 
salt, or sand; Large glysters of warm water should also be exhibit- 
ed. To restore the breathing, let a person firbily, compress the npsr 

Public Offices. Appendix. ilT 

trils vvifn the fingers of one band, then apply his tnauth across the 
mouth of ihe .body, and blow forcibly; let him Jio.w hft his head, 
and the air will escape. This operation is to be commenced as 
soon as possible, and continued till natural breathing return, or till 
the case appear hopeless. If waiter in the mouth and nostrils pre,- 
vent inflation of the lungs, it ought to be' discharged by blowing in- 
to the raouth while the nostrils are left open. 

In a case of Strangling. 
Remove every thing tight from the nfick and breast, then proceed 
to- inflate the lungs and restore heat, as directed above. 

In a case of Suffocation from Impure Air. •r'i 

Admit fresh air. infiafe the lungs, and if the body be cold, re- 
store heat as directed above j if, as sometimes happens, it be warmer 
than naturally, reduce the heat by dashing the head, neck, and 
breast, §ip^r,c|y with cold water. 

■}?> .ao''/» )a case of Apparent Death by Lightning. 
Besides lismg the same means as for sufi'ocation, give large glys- 
ters of salt and water, and use friction over the whole body. 

In a case of Apparent Death from Intense Cold. 
Avoid placing the body at first near the .fire, use friction rather 
than apply heat for a time f in other respects act as for drowning. 

In a Case of Excessive Intoxication. 
If the breathing be suspended, act as for drowning,. gfye larg^e 
glysters of salt and water, endeavour to bring up the contents of the 
stomach by tickling the throat with feathers j for the same purpose 
when the power of swallowing is restored, give copious draughts of 
warm water. , • 

To prevent Death from Loss of Blood. 
If from a wound, apply firm pressure to the wound by the finger, 
or a small pad, till medical assistance can be procured. If fainting 
has taken place, lay the patient in the recumbent position, and ap- 
ply hartshorn to the nostrils.— If the bleeding is from an internal 
part, apply cold wet cloths, and avoid all stimulants. •-" i^ 

A Medical Apparatus lies in the Town's Hospital, another ill the 
House of Recovery. 


Advertiser Office — 15 St. Mirren's street, published every Saturday 

Cess and Tax — County buildings, John Napier, collector, residence 
Blackstoun ; Joseph MLeod, surveyor, 93 High street; Wil- 
liam Barr, clerk to Commissioners of Supply, 33 Old Sned- 
don street. 

Chamberlain — County buildings, John R. Callender, Chamberlain, 

118 Paisley. Public OJlce^. 

Coach Office — (Lyon's), I Mosa street 

Coffee Room — 107 High street (Cross), James Love, keeper. 

Directorij Office — 10 Barclay street, George Fowler, Notices for 
Directoiy received at Lyon's Coach Office, 1 Moss street. 

Excise and Permit Office-^A'X High street r open from Eight morn- 
ing to Five afternoon— William Fralser, supervisor ; Robert 
Paterson, Walter. Beattie, Donald Ferguson, Thomas Charl- 
ton, Alexander Reid, George Home, Lauchlan M'Bean, Al- 
fred Harvey, officers; George Lewis, assistant ; Henry O'Far- 
rell, permit writer. , 

Gaol — County buildings, John Hart, gaoler. 

Gas Compant/ Office— .22 Moss street, William Nairne, treasurer ; 
Works, Blackstoun Road ; Archd. Cook, manager and engin- 
eer ; Feter Jack, clerk and law agent. 

Glasgow, Paisley, and Ardrossan Canal — 18 Canal street; William 
Giffen, treasurer and manager ; Robert Fulton, stor6-keeper. 

Justice of Peace C/erA— County Builings ; Alex. Gibson, depute 
clerk; J. Hart, fiscal for the Burgh, office 87 High street 

Mail Gig, carries parcels but no passengers- — Post Office, Christie 
Ten ace. - ■ 

Paisley and Renfrewshire Hefbrmen Office— '19 High street i publish-, 
ed on Saturday at 7 o'clock evening. 

Police Office (Bmgh) — County buildings ; William Murtrie, super- 
intendent and surveyor; Andrew Millar, writer, clerk. 

Police O^ce (Suburbi'-) — ^^2 Lawn street; Hugh Lenaox, superin-. 
tendent, surveyor, and collector. 

Post Office — Christie Terrace; Mrs. Ker, post mistress; Williarrt 
Ker, assistant; John Edmistoii, letter-runner, house 6 New 
Sneddon ; Allan Kerr. do. house 2 Thread street. 

Procurator Fiscal — Office for the Burgh, 87 High street ; J. Hart,. 

Procurators Fiscal — Office for the County, 2 Lawn street ; Robert 
Wylie and Robert Rodger. 

Register Office fur Servants — 14 Moss street; Mr M'Kaig. 

Register Office for Servants — 40 New street ; Mrs. Brown. 

Renfrewshire Directory Office — 10 Barclay street ; G. Fowler. ^ 

Renfrewshire Militia Orderly Roovi — 10 Bridge street (Burgh) 

Sheriff Clerk— rCounty buildings ; Robert Steuart, clerk ; W. L. 
Houston, depute- clerk. 

Stage Coaches— Mes&ts. Lyon & Walker's General Coach Office,. 
I Moss s-treet. 

— Hay Market Inn, 5 New street. 

St<rmp Office— I Smith hills , Fulton M'Kerrell, sub-distributor. 

Steam Carriage Company of Scotland— Office 22 Gauze street, New- 
Town, (Renfrewshire Tontine and Hotel.) 

Tailors" Journeymen House of Call— 9 High street; D. M'Farlane. 

Town Clerk — County buildings ; Gavin Lang, clerk. 

Western Independent, or Paisley, Johnstone, and Renfrewshire NewS' 
man — Office, J Mos§ stieet, published every Thursday niorii»> 
lug, deliveied in town on Wednesday evening. 

Fire Offices, S^e. Appendix, 119 


Alliance British and Foreign —J ohn Gemmell, writer, Gilmour st. 
Atlas — County buildings, Robert Henderson. 
British Fire and Westminster Life-^6\ High Street, James Stirrat. 
Caledonia Fire Insurance ^'42 Moss street, Jaroes Craig, sen. and 

1 13 Causeyside, Robert Kerr. 
Crown Life Insurance and Annuitjj Office — 9 Moss &t. Peter Jack, 

Edinburgh Friendly — Paisley Bank, 1 Cotton st. Alex. Gardner. 
Edinburgh Life — Paisley Bank, 1 Cotton st. Alex. G-ardner. 
Globe — 113 Causeyside, William Macalaster. 
Guardian — 33 Old Sneddon, Graham M'Farlane. 
Hercules — County buildings, J. Anderson. 

Insurance Company of Scotland — 8 St. James' st. R. Carswell, jun. 
London Royal Exchange Assurance — .33 Gauze st. Wm. Philips. 
North British — 6 East Buchanan street, N. Hodgert, sen. 
Norwich Union — 1 Smith hills, Simpson and Martin. 
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, and West of Scotland 

Fire Insurance Company. — Christie Terrace, John Crawford, 

Scottish Equitable Assurance Society — County buildings, Alexander 

Gibson, writer. 
Scottish Union — 9 Moss street, John Crawford — and 1 Smith hills, 

Fulton M'Kerrell. 
Sun — 5 Moss street, Wm. Mac Lean, late of Gardner & Mac Lean, 
West of England^[6 High Street, W. Hardie & Son. 
West of Scotland — 2 St. James' street, Hugh Vallance. 



Baillie Patison, Convener. 

James Drummond, and Robert Bisset, Councillors. 

Ninian Hodgert, William Macalaster, and John Crawford, 

(Secretary,) Insurance Agents. 

Alexander Wallace, Captain, 14 Bridge street, (burgh) 

William Wallace, Depute-Captain, 35 Moss street 


1 Robert Leighton, serjeant, 44 

Moss street 

2 John Gait, corporal, 7 New 


3 John Kelly. 12 Cotton street 

4 James M'Naught, 2 Bridge 

street (burgh) 

5 James Barr, 31 St. James' st. 

6 John Gilmour, 7 Bridge street 



1 Gavin Fleming, serjeant, 38 
High street 

2 James Muir, corporal, 9 Wil- 
liam street 

3 Hamilton Fulton, 14 Bridge St. 

4 Wm. Chalmers, 10 New Sned- 

5 Jas. Spiers, 25 Old Sneddoii 

6 Wm. M'Kaig, 21 Cotton st, 

120 Paisley, Coal Blerchanis and Agents. 

The Engines and' other apparatus, are deposited in Engine House 

in Gilmour street 

Keys for them to be found at the Police Office, at Alex. Wallace's, 

siater, J4< Bridge st. (Burgh), and Wm. Wallace, slater, 35 Moss st. 


Anchenlodmont Coal Yard, 33 Gordon's lane — Ludovic Houstoun, 

Esq. proprietor ; James Lamb, agent; Andrew Erskine, salesman 
Craigenfeoch Coal Yard, 16 Old Szieddon — Campbell Snodgrass, 

proprietor ; Wm. Parker, agent 
Govan Coal Yard, Canal Basing 19 Canal Street-^Mure Robert. 

son, agent 
Hallhill Coal—lOSCauseyside and 9 Ferguslie Mid lane, William 

Stevenson, agent 
Hurlet and Dalmarnock Coal Ree, Saucel Wharf— John Wilson & 

Sons, proprietors; James Hamilton, agent 
Qiiarrekon Coal Basin, 29 Canal street — Ludovic Houston, Esq. 

proprietor, James Lamb, aeent, J. Brovi^n, salesman 
Househill and Nitshill Coal Yard, 30 New Smith hills— Alexander 
, Dove and Sons; James Dalziel, agent 
Househill Stone Basin, 28 Canal Street — James Hosie, proprietor, 

ho. Nitshill ; Thomas Bell agent, ho. 27 Canal street 
Lylesland Coal Ree — James Smith, proprietor 
New Monkland Coal Yard, 14 North Croft street— John Knox, 



Belfast and Sligo Provision Stores, 20 Moss st. — Patrick O'Neill 
Canal Store, 18 Canal Street — Robert Fulton, store-keeper 
Fish Market, 47 Moss street 
Flesh Market, 47 and 48 Moss street 

Londonderry and Strabane Provision Stores, 78 High street — Jo- 
seph Sproul 
Meal and Cheese Market in public Weigh-house. 32 High street 
Provision Stores, 8 Church hill, R, Armour & Co. 
Salt and W^hitening Store, 14) Broomlands — Jervis Coats & Son 

Adjusters of Imperial Weights and Measures. 
Dry measures — John Armour, 93 High street 
Liquid measures — Alex. Fullarton, 98 High street 
Weights — Reid and Hanna, 12 High street 

Besides a weekly market, held on Thursday, Fairs each of three 
days* duration, annually begin on the third Thursday of May, and 
of February— the second Thursday of August and of November.— 
But the August Fair, called the Paisley St. James' Day Fair is the 
most considerable; being distinguished by horse- racing, attended 
by numerous shows, and observed ps holiday tinae by all ranks of 
the people. 

Grain Mills, SfC. Appendix. 121 


BakprK* Flour Mill, Canal street, (Bakers' Society,) William Bone, 
miller — James Cooper, carter — house 17 George street 

Cardoiiald Corn and Barley Mills, Cardonald — John Snodgrass 

Corn and Flour Steam Mills, 19 Thread Street and Mill street-* 
VV. Lafigmuir 

Hawkhead Corn, Flour, and Barley mills, Hawkhead— Alex. Craig 

Saucel Corn and Barley mills — William Muir 

Seedhill Corn, Flour, Malt, and Barley mills — John Snodgrass 



165b. Master Tailors* Society — David Smith, pres, Causeyside— 
John Smith, treasurer, High street — Joseph Fleming, clerk, 
13 George street — William Thomson, officer, 6 Moss st. 

1701. Shoemakers'' Society — -John M'Farlane, preses, Cross — 
John Donaldson, treasurer, Broomlands — Alex. Gibson, 
clerk, County Buildings — Alexander Wark, officer, High st. 

1702 Old Weavers' Society — Alexander Auld, box-master, 15 
Causeyside— Robert Kirkland collector, 89 Causeyside— 
John Hart, clerk, 87 High street — James Robertson, officer, 
41 Gordon's lane 

1703. Maltmen's Society — Edward B. Buchanan, box-master, Sau- 
cel — James Buchanan, treasurer, George street — Alexan- 
der Gibson, clerk. County Buildings — James Robertson, 
officer. 41 Gordon's lane 

1723. Wrights' Society— Thova&s Shirlavv, preses-— John Smith, 
treasurer, 107 Causeyside — John Dunn, clerk, 4 Moss street 
— James Gardner, officer 

1723, Corporation of Merchants — Robert Orr, Convener, Causey- 
side— Robert M'Kechnie, M D. collector. Smith hills- 
Alex. Gibson, clerk. County Buildings — James Robertson, 
officer, 41 Gordon's lane 

1749. St. Mirren's Zoc?(/e— Patrick Barr. R. W. M. 2 Garth- 
land Lane— Wm. Bowes, depute master, 58 Causeyside — 
Wm. Hart, senior warden, Saucel — John Maxwell, junior 
warden, George street — Robert Leighton, senior steward, 43 
Moss street — Frederick M'Kenzie, junior steward, 31 Oak- 
shaw street — James Humphries, senior standard-bearer, 26 
Canal St. — Gavin Fleming, junior standard-bearer, 38 High 
street — Matthew Gemmell, sen. senior key keeper, 9 Abbey 
street — Hugh Hamiltrn, junior key keeper, 6 Sir Micha«l 
street — Peter Mills, visitor of Trades, 5 Stow street — Wm. 
Dunlop, visitor of Trades, 25 George street — Archibald 
Donald, treasurer, 2 Maxwell street — John Patisou, secre- 
tary, 41 Weilmeadow— Peter Campbell, tyler, Cbarlestoft 

122 Paisley, Societies. 

1751. Fleshers' Society — Robert Muir, preses, 56 Moss street— ; 
Andrew Jackson, treasurer, 13 Back row, Sandholes — John 
Muir, clerk, 31 Gauze street — Daniel Cameron, officer, 10 
Prussia street 

1757. Society for Reformation of Manners — John Stow, Secre- 
tary, 5 Stow place.— Return not given in 

1760. Hammermen's Society — Alexander Martin, preses, High 
street — John Findlay, treasurer, New street— Alex. Gibson, 
clerk, County Buildings 

1761. Paisley Croft Society — Robert Patersou, preses. West 
Broomlands— William Smith, collector, Ferguslie— Andrew 
Arthur, treasurer, Renfrew street — George Halden, clerk, 
7 Wellmeadow — William Young, officer, Lawn street 

1769. Princes Journeymen Society — James Weir, preses, School 
wynd — John Burns, treasurer, 7 West street— Williana 
Gibb, clerk, 17 West street — John Gibb, officer. Canal st. 

] 773. Ayrshire Society- — Thomas Gilmour, preses, 24- Causeyside 
— James Forbes, treasurer, 111 Causeyside — John Ronald, 
clerk, 18 Cotton st. — Daniel Council, officer, 2 Hunter st. 

1776. Widow aiid Orphan Society — William Young, preses, Or» 
chard street — William Stevenson, treasurer, Ferguslie lane 
— James Caldwell, clerk, 6 Moss street— Daniel Cameron, 
officer, Gaelic Manse 

1777 Bakers' Society — William Marsliall, deacon, Broomlands— 
John Bain, treasurer, George street — John Brown, collec- 
tor, Causeyside — William Rankine, clerk, 31 Storie street 
— Peter M'Neilledge, officer. High street— William Bone, 
miller — Flour mills, Canal Bank 

1781. Brewers' Society'— MdXcoim M'Kechnie, preses. Moss Toll 
— James Elliot, treasurer. Well street— Robert Inglis, clerk, 
9 Glen street — Robert Young, officer, 123 George street 

1782. Florist Society — Alexander Davidson, preses, gardener, Fer- 
guslie House — David Reid, treasurer, Linside— James Fin- 
layson, clerk, Seedhill 

1783. Cumberland Journeymen Society^-' James Lawrie, preses, 
MoncriefF street — James Weir, treasurer. School wynd— 
Matthew Adam, clerk, 13 Canal street— Malcolm Whyte, 
officer, 90 Causeyside 

1787. Paisley Friendly Society — Peter Dick, preses, New Sned- 
don — Andrew {White, treasurer and clerk, Causeyside— 
David Thomson, officer, 9 Oakshaw street 

1 790. Sneddon Friendly Society — Robert Blackwood, preses, 26 
Back Sneddon— Joseph Robertson, collector and clerk, 25 
Moss street — Daniel M'Callum, officer, Back Sneddon 

1792. Neio Town Road Co»z/ni«ce— William Forest— William 
Sim — Ninian Hodgeri — Daniel Robertson— Andrew Clark, 
— John Hart, writer, cleik, 87 High street 

Societies, Appendix 123 

J800 Maxwellton New Friendly Society — John Henderson, preset, 
18 Barclay street — Allan Carswell, treasurer, Newton ?r, 
— Neil M-Millan, clerk, 45 Broomland& — David Maitland, 
(tfficer, 13 Glen street 

1802, Bond of Friendship Society— Andrew Fleming, preses, 
Incle street — James Glassford. treasurer, 4 Prussia street 
— Robert Inglis, clerk, 9 Glen s-treet— Archibald M'CaU 
lum, officer, Hi?h street 

1802. George Street Friendly Society — Robert Walker, preses, 12 
Queen street — James Parerson, treasurer, 36 Ferguslje-— 
George Fulrori, clerk, 3 Queen street — WHiiara Brownlie, 
officer, 59^ George street 

1802, Gordon's- Lane and Storie Street Friendly Society— -Tiohext 
Findlay. preses, 42 Welimeadow — John Alexander, tres- 
P'lrer, 3 Causeypide— Peter Calender, clerk, 15 Gordon' » 
lane — Duncan M-'Nair, officer, 14 Gordon's lane 

IS02, Seedhill Friendly Society — Jarvis Coats, preses, Barclay st. 
—William Barbour, treasurer, Storie street — Daniel 
M'Lean, clerk, 4 Ferguslie — Malcolm White, officer, 90 

1802. Young Friendly iSocze/?/— Remodelled 1830: — Central 
Committee — William Thomson, preses, 3 Neil street — 
John Baird, treasurer, 43 George street — Robert Gilchrist, 
actuary, 51 Brooralands — Thomas Hurdcastle, 23 Maxwell- 
ton, general office for the three sections 


First Section'— Alexander Manson, preses, New street — Arthur 
Davidson, disburser, Thread street— John Urie, clerk, Weli- 

Second Section — William Thorason,^ preses, King street— Robeit 
M'Farlane, disburser, Broomlands— -^Andrew Whyte, 
clerk, Causeyside 

Third Section — James Orr, preees, Sneddon — William Parker, 
disburser. Canal street — John Webster, clerk, Thread sr. 

1804. John Street Friendly Society — John M'Intyre, pxesee, 3 
Ralston square— Robert Walker, jun. treasurer, 12 Q»aeen 
street— James Crawford, clerk, 17 Broomlands street — 
Robert Young, officer, 122 George street 

1804. Renfrewshire Society of Teachers — John Kennedy, preses-, 
30 Causeyside — Philip Ross, treasurer, 20 Smith hills- 
Robert Jardine, secretary, 46 High street — James Robert- 
son, officer, 41 Gordon's lane 

1805. Caledonia Friendly Society — John Poison, preses, Well- 
meadow — John Robertson, treasurer, 18 Barclay street- 
Matthew Adam, clerk, 83 Canal street— Alexander Jeffvey, 
officer, Espedair street 

1 24 Paisle}/, Socitti^S 

Jy05. Journeymen Tailors' Friendly Society — Robert Rule, prese=, 
Hi^ii street— 'Archibald Campbell, treasurer. Causeyiiide — 
Hugh Fraser, cleik, 12 New Sneddon — J^mes Brown, offi- 
cer. Moss street 

1806, Archers' Society — John Hamilton, captain, 4 Moss street 
—John Duim, secretary — James Lamb, John Gemmel!, 
Dr George Wylie, David DicK, and Robert Rodger, direc- 

1806. Glasgow, Paisley, and Ardrossan Canal Company — Com- 
mittee of mana^'ement : — Luduvic Houstoun, NA'illiam 
JHousfoun, Col. Fulton, VVilliain Lanpmuir, Matthew Brown, 
Captain Monrgomerie, C^aptain M. Hamilton — Committee 
of accounts for Canal ; James Gibb, James Lamb, and John 
Scott — Wm. Gitfen, manager and treasurer — Robert Wy- 
lie, clerk Robert Fuilon, storekeeper 
Railway — In June 1827, this Company was empowpred by 
Act of Parliament, to complete the line of Communication 
j^efween Glasgow and Ardro<san, by mean« of a railway. 

}809. New Bond of Friendship — Robert Brock, preses, Castle 
street — Robeit Alexander, treasurer. Canal street — Robert 
Iriiilis, clerk, 9 Glen St.— Robert Baird, officer 4 Silk st. 

1810. Paisley Transfer Friendly 5'ociVy —Christopher Dunlop, 
preses, Caustyside — James Stevenson, treasurer, 5 West 
street — William Gibb, clerk, 17 West street — Daniel Con 
nel, officer, 2 Hunter street. 

1811. Paisley Female Benevolent Society — Mrs. Barclay, president, 
Mrs. James Dunn, treasurer — Miss Agnes Carlile, secre- 
tary — Superintendents, Mrs. Bums, Mrs. Cockburn, Miss 
Davidson, Mrs. Lang, Mrs. M'Dermid, Mrs. Muir, Mrs. 
Thomson, St. James' place— Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Haldane, 
Mrs. Rule, Mrs. Macnair, Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Broiigh. 

1811. Paisley Militia Society^ Adam M'Arthur, preses, 5 Cau- 
seyside— Archibald Yuill, treasurer, 113 Causeyside — 
Ja'nes Millar, clerk, ill Causeyside— William Crombie, 
officer, 23 High street 

1812. Hope Friendly Society —Robert Drummond, presps, Cau- 
seyside— William Robertson, treasurer, Broomlands-- 
Robert Inglis, clerk, 9 Glen street— Alexander Begg, offi- 
cer. Cotton street 

1812. Rose Friendly Society ^ChaY\e& Hatrick, preses. Abbey st.— 
John Smith, treasurer. Canal street— John Dickie, clerk. 
,33 Glen street— James Weir, officer. 20 School wynd 

1812. Uadenvood Friendly SocietT/'- John Cowan, preses, Cale- 
donia street — return not given in. 

1812. Scotch Thistle Friendly Society— W illiam Robertson, preses, 
14 Wardrop street— David Millar, treasurer, George street, 
Robert Inglis, clerk, 9 Glen street— Walter Davidson, 
vi^cer, Broomlands street 

Sccfefies Appendioc. 125 

1815. Albion Fi'iendly Society — William Colquhoun, preses, Fer- 
guslie— Robert Armour, treasurer, 1 George street — Ro- 
bert Inglis, clerk, 9 Glen street — William Buchanan, offi- 
cer, Storie street 

1817. Catholic Friendly Society— -Arthur Lennis, preses, Max- 
weilton — AntonijMarnoiii, vice preses, Lawn street — Tot- 
rens O'iVeil, treasurer, Seedhill — John Savage, clerk, Orr sr. 

1818. Harmony Equitable Society— r J avnes Uykes, preses, Canal 
street— William Crawford, treisurer, Maxvvellton street- 
Robert Inglis, clerk, 9 Glen street — William Brownlie, 
officer, George street 

1818. Medical Society— for the mutual communication of profes- 
sional knowledge and friendly intercourse — Dr. John Rod- 
roan, president— Mr Torbet, first vice president— Mr Ful- 
ton, second vice-president — Mr Munn, secretary End 
treasurer — for residence see Direc'tory 

1818. Henfreivshire Out -Pensioners' Friendly Society— -J smes 
Brown, preses. George street — William Smith, collectcr. 
Cotton street — John Dickie, clerk, Glen street — John 
M'Niel, officer, 27 Causeyside 

1819.' Henfreivshire Agricultural Society — Sir John Maxwell of 
Pollok, Bart, president— Sir William^Milliken Napier, Barto. 
Archibald Campbell, Esq. of Blythsvvood, Ludovic Hous- 
ton, Esq of Johnstone. VVilham Napier, Esq. of Blackston, 
John Wilson, Esq. of Thornlie, vice-presidents — Wjlliam 
Glen, Esq. of Netherwood, treasurer — Mr A. H. Simp- 
son, writer, Paisley, secretary — and twenty-four ordinary 
directors — Mr Alexander Cunningham, preses 

The Judges awarded the premiums as follbws : — 

1 For the best Bull above three years old, to Mr William^ 

Stevenson, in Smith hills, Neilston - - £5 O 

2 For the second best do. to Mr Alexander Spiers, East 

Mitchelton, Lochwinnoch - - - 3 

3 For the third best do. to Mr John Caldwell, Haddock- 

ston, Houston - - - - I 

4- For the best Bull, calved after 1st Jan. 1832, to Mr. 

George Patow^ Bankhead, Renfrew - 3 

3 For the second best do, do. to Mr William Bogle, 

Paper Mill, Cathcart - ^ - 2 

6 For the third best do. do. to Mr Alex. Cunningham, 

West Fulton, Kilbarchan - - - 1 (^ 

7 For the best Bull calved after 1st Jan. 1833, to Mr 

John Lang, Garniland, Inchinnan - - 1 10 

8 For the second best do. do. to Mr Arthur Mather, 

Nerherplace, Mearns - - - 10 

9 For the best Milch Cow, to Mr James Robertson, 

Hall, Neilston - . - - - 3 

L 3 















1 26 Pahley. Societies. 

10 For the second best do. to Mr John Latta, Bankfoot, 

Paisley - - - - - 

1 1 For the third best do. to Mr George Paton, Bankhead, 

Renfrew _ _ _ - - 

12 For the best Cow, calved after 1st Jan. 1831 in calf 

or milk, to Mr Waiter Aitkeii, Boghall, Houston 

13 For the second best do. to Mr John Lang, Garniland, 

Inchinnaii , _ - - 

14. For the best Quey, calved after Isst Jan, 1832, in calf 
or milk, to Mr William Knox, Walkinshaw, Renfrew 2 

15 For the second best do. do. to Mr William Fleming, 

Fulwpod, Houston 

16 For the best yeld Quey, calved after 1st J^n. 1832, to 

Mr William Glen, Hawkheadmains, Paisley 

17 For the second best do. do. to Mr Joljin Gilmour, 

Futbar, Paisley . - - - 

18 For the best Quey, calved afrer 1st Jan. 1833, to Mr 

Walter Aitken, Boghall, Houston 

19 For the second best do. do. to Mr Thomas Sommer- 

ville, Hattoii, Erskine - . - 

The Sweepstakes for the best three milch Cows were awarded 
to Mr Glen of Hawkhead mains, also those for the best two Queys^ 
No Boars or Sows were exhibited. 

A great number of the members and other gentlemen friendly to 
the Society dined together, in the Renfrewshiie Tontine, and spenc 
the evening in that agreeable maner for which the meetings of this 
highly respectable and useful Society are distinguished. 

The aimual show of Cattle, by members of the Renfrewshire 
Af»ricultural Society, took place on Thursday 29ih May 18o4.- 

Aimual Ploughing Match —The Annual Ploughing Match of the 
Renfrewshire Agricultural Society took place yesterday, on Lyles- 
hiil, at Nitt-hill, the property of the Right Honourable the Earl of 
Glasgow, tenanted by John Wilson, Esq. of Thornly. Twet)ty- 
eight ploughs started, and the day being exceedingly favourable, a 
gieat concourse of delighted spectators attended, among whom were 
Sir John Maxwell, Bart., M. P., President of the Society, and a 
party of ladies, in a caniage and four. A great number of other 
gentlemen and ladies, in gigs and on horseback, attended from all 
parts of the country. After a careful inspection of the work, which 
was admirably executed, the judges awarded the prizes as follows:— 

1st, John Algie, younger, Corkerhill. 

2d. Alexander Snodgrass, New Mains. 

3d, John Algie, Inchinnan. 

4th., James M'Creath, servant, Porterfield, 

5th, Matthew Jackson, servant Cardonald. 

6th, George M'Eiwan, servant, Hawkhead Mains. 

After the labours of the day were over, about fifty gentlemen sat 

Societies- , Appendije. 127 

down, with the Judges, to a most excellent dinner, in Mr. 
M'Farlane's Inn, Nitshill. 
1819. Paisley Building Society — John Scott, treasurer, ] Gatwe 
street — Gavin Lang, secretary, County Buildings — Thoma* 
Cockburn, Alex. Martin, Wnn. M'Lean, James Lamb, Tho- 
mas Risk, James Craig — John Heudry, officer, St James* 

1819. Paisley Provident Society — William Bicket, preses, 1 1 Bar- 
clay street — Arc'bd. SiewaJft, treasurer. High street— Andw. 
Millar, Secretary, M>Leod's Buildings, 4 Smith hiiis 

1820. Fernah Friendly Society — Mrs Gardner, preses, 2 Wardrop 
street — Mrs Jardit)e, treasurer, 56 Storie street — Robert 
Inglis, clerk, 9 Glen street — Williana Buchanan, officer, 6 
Sir Michael street 

1820. Female Union Society — Catharine Hood, preees, Back 
Sneddon — Janet Burnet, collector, Wardrop street — James 
Fulton, clerk, Maxwellton — Thomas Hardcastle, officer, 23 
Maxwell ton 

1820. Mortcloth Society — William Andersan, preses, 65 West 
Broom lands — Neil M'Millan, collector, 45 Broonalands— 
William Barbour, keeper, 1 9 Maxwellton 

1820. Sneddon Quarter Mortcloth Society — Robert Orr, preses, 
29 Back Sneddon — Robert Blackwood, treasurer, 59 Back 
Sneddon — William Hill, clerk, 17 Back Sneddon — Dugald 
M'Gregor, keeper, 14 New Sneddon 

1822. Paisley Commercial Building Society — Captain Archibald 
Macalpine, president, Camphill — Robert Stevenson, trea- 
surer. Spring Bank Cottage — John Dunn, secretary, 4 Mbss 
street — James Robertson, officer, 41 Gordon's lane 

1822. Paisley Union Provident Bank Company — Committee, 
James Macfarlane, James Barr, William M'Lean, James 
Craig, Robert Cochran, Robert Smith, and Dr. James Kerr 
— Ninian Hodgert, treasurer, 1 Gauae street — Barrs and 
Macfarlane, secretaries, .33 Old Sneddon 

1823. Paisley Gas Light Company — Incorporated by Act ol' Par- 
liamejit, 30(h May, 1823 ; but a new Act has been obtained 
extending the fJfmer, and authorising the Company to 
double, and should the increasing demand for the light 
render it necessary, to treble their former capital ; it ait^u 
imposes high penalties on those who defraud the Company, 
and very summary process for recovery of rates and penalties. 
This additional Act received the royal assent 26th March, 
1832. — Dr. M'Kechnie, re-elected Governor — John Scott, 
Es^q. Dep.- Governor — Ordinary Directors — Wm. Lowndes, 
Alex. Fullarton, John Bell, Robart P'arqiiharson, William 
Brown, David Wallace, William Kerr, William Martin', 

John Orr, Peter Brough — Extraordinary Directors Dr. 

John Carnie, Dr. James Kerr, James Dunn, John Black- 

128 Paisley, Socielies. 

bnrn. Gavin Lambie, Tbonnas Grahame, Andrew Mitchell, 
William Fulron, Robert Wylie, Captain Archd. M'Alpin 
— Archd. Cook, engineer and manager — VVilliam Nairne, 
treasurer — Peter Jack, writer, Paisley, statutary clerk, and 
law agetil — James Cleland, David Ayton, and Andrew 
Gibson, inspectors — Company's Office, 22 Moss street; 
open from 10 till 3. 

1824. Caledonia Heritable PToperty Society — Matthew Slater, 
preses, 20 Smith hills — Robert Boyd, treasurer, 23 Causey- 
girfe — Peter Jack, secretary and law agent. 9 Moss street 

1821. Funeral Society — David Borland, preses, 38 Canal street — 
Robert Cameron, treasurer, 52 George street — William 
Stewart, clerk, 1 Muslin streets—Robert Young, officer, 
122 George street 

1824'. Grocers' Company — James Carswell, preses, Smith bills — 
James Crawford, treasurer, Broomlands — John Dunn, clerk, 
4- Moss street — Daniel Connel, officer, 2 Hunter street 

1824. Sir William Wallace Equitable Friendly Society — Alexander 
Wilson, preses, 28 Thread street — Arthur Hutton, trea- 
surer, 3 Meeting House lane — Adam Cairns, clerk, 1 1 
Thread street— William Buchanan, officer, 30 Storie street 

1824. Sneddon Equitable Friendly Society — Thomas Smith, preses, 
Ferguslie — Matthew Foulds, jun. treasurer, 16 Causeyside 
— William Masson, clerk, 80 High street — John Caldwell, 
officer, 130 Georgre street 

.1824. Paisley Catholic Benevolent Society. — Charles Drumraond,^ 
president — Rev. John Bremner, treasurer. East Buchanan 
street — Peter Gillan, sub. treasurer — J. M'Keegan, clerk. 

1825. Equitable Society.— Cemral Committee — William Wilson, 

president, 33, Glen street— William Galloway, treasurer, 
1 15. Causeyside — Thomas Watson, jun. secretary, Camp- 
hill — Thomas Ewing, general officer for the three sections, 
1, Storie street — Sectional Committees— Fiist section — 
Alexander Mackay, preses, 25, Broomlands — John Hender- 
son, disburser, 113, George streetr-Peter Lambie, clerk, 
Broomlands — Second Section— Jldhn Gardner, preses, 11, 
Thread street — Robert Lang, disburser, 141, George street 
—Hugh Gray, clerk, 28, Glen street— Third Section — 
James Cross, preses, 115. Causeyside— Robert Hay, dis- 
burser, Advertiser office — Colin Sim, clerk, 6, Glen street. 
1828* St. Andrew's Sickness Assurance Society — Antony Reid, 
preses, 49, Caledonia street— Alexander Robertson, trea- 
surer, 14, W^ardrop street — Jdmes Thomson, clerk, 59, 
Love street — James Stevenson, officer, 79. Broomlands. 
1829. Paisley Fine Arts' Society.— Robert Muir, president— Dr. 
Geoige Wylie, and John Phillips, vice presidents— Andrew 
Roxburgh, secretary— James Wallace, assistant secretary- 
Thomas Boyd, treasurer— V'jlliara Shanks, officer. 

Societies. Appendix. 129 

1829. Paisley Rp.furtn Societi/. — Archibald Stewart, preside^Ht, 
(^urthland place — Robert Bisser, vice-president, Ferpuslie — 
Matthew Neilson, treH!<urer, George street — Robert Urie, 
secretary, Ferpuslse. Members meet every second Monday 
— all the meetings are open to strangers. 

1829. Paisley Society for Protecting the Dead. — David M'Nair, 

preses, Cuiif-eyside — Mnithevv Neilson, trea?urer, George 
srreet — John Parkhill, clerk, 12, John street — Hugh Kerr, 
otlicer, Blacklaw lane — Guardhouse, Oakshaw street 

1830, Paisley United Curling Club. — John Hutchison, prf«e?. 

Glen lane — John Dunlop, treasurer, 82, Broomlands — John 
Falconer, deik, 3, Wardrop street— Malcom VVhyte, oiheer, 
90, Causey:<ide. 

1830. — Paisley Society for the Prevention and Cureof Tnteinperance. 

— William Lyall, vice-president, 90 High sireett Return 
not given in. 

P aisley Apiarian Soczc^j/.— William Henderson, prescs, Cas- 
tle St.— Robert Stewart, treasurer and secretary, Glen !ane», 

1830. Paisley Youths'* Association for the Prevention and Cure of 

Intemperance.— -OeoTge Moody, president, 49, High street 

— William Melvin, 23, Ferguslie, and Thomas Eaglesim, 
74, High street, vice presidents— James Thomson, trea- 
surer, 59, Love street — Daniel Richmond, secretary, 21, 
Glen street. 

3830. Penfrewshire Political Union. — R. C. Bontine, Esq. of 
Ardoch, chairman — Robert Wallace, Esq. of Kelly. M.P. 
Campbell Snodgrass, Esq. of Thornhill, George Masson, 
and James Fleming, vice presidents — Robert Bisset, trea- 
surer — John Henderson, secretary. 

1831. Paisley Pattern Drawers'' Society. — David Millar, president, 

7, Causeyside — James Millar, treasurer, 116, (^auseyside-— 
James Ronald, secretary, 6, Causeyside — officer vacant. 

1832. Paisley Horticultural Society. — Robert Steuart of Steuart- 

hall, president, Churchhill — James Clark, treasurer, 4 
Clark's place — Duncan Wright, clerk, Gre&nlaw house- 
James Gardner, officer, Garthland street. 

1633. Cart Rowing Club. — James Muir, Es-q. of Greenhill, covet' 
modore — Robert Gumming, E^q. wiiter, treasurer and se- 
cretary — Committee, Messrs. John Houston, Alexander 
Follofk, jun. \^ illiam Coats, Andrew Gibson, Charles 
Miivitie, John Adam, .fames Laird. Alexander Paton, Hu^h 
Brown, William Scott, Peter Thomt-on, Andrew Coats, 
James Muir, George street — Gigs, Wave, 6 oars — Naidd, 
4 oars. 

130 FaisJey. Societies, ^ c. 

J 833. Evergreen Equitable Friendh) Society.— ^James Mel vin. presi- 
dent, Wallneuk -Alexander Muir, treasurer, 139, George 
street— Christopher Dunlop, 83, Causeyside— officer va- 

1834. Paisley f Burgh) Road Directors.— Town treasurer, convenor 
^-^Low parish— W-dher Blair, grocer, convenor— Gavin' 
Kerr, Rohert Hamilton, John Falconer. Robert Armour, 
James AlWsou— 'Middle parish — Hugh M'Farlane, convenot^ 
—John Condie, George Fisher, John Brown, Joseph 
Robertson, James Gibb — High parish — John Brown, gijo- 
cer, convenor — Dugald M'Ausland, James Robertsortv 
William Caldwell, Alex. M'Naught, Alex. M'CJilveray — 
Appointed by Town Council — Messrs, John Orr, John. 
Dunlop, William Brown, Alex. Carlile. 


P&Mey Bmfmwshire (Ind^pmdmtJ PoHtiml Union Ba?ic/— (Black- 
hall) Wm. M'Candlish, master, Blaekhall. 

Pskky Instrumental ^anii— William Gait, ms^ster, 3 Cotton street, 
Thg roerabers joined the Benfrewahire Political Union, June 
12, 1832. 

Paisley Renfrewshire Political Union Flute J5a7iJ— (New Town) 
Andrew Russell, master, 9 Gauze street 

Paisley Rijle Band-^ Robert Robertson, master, 150 George street 

Paisley. Martial Thistle J5«m/— John Simpson,, leader, 68 Love st. 



AITCHESON, John, feuar, 23 High street 

Aitken, Hugh, spinning-master, Old Mill 

Allan, Davi<l, carter, 4 William street 

Allan, Jam«s, carding-master. New Mill 

Allan, John, carding- master, Johnstone Mill 

Allan & Watson, cotton wick manufs. 11 Macdowall st, 

Allison, James, blacksmith, Jo William street 

Allison, James, sen. smith, 5 Church street 

Anderson, George, confectioner, 21 High street 

Andrew, George, huilder, 62 High street 

Andrew, Thomas, spirit dealer and druggist, 17 High st. 

Arrol, Mrs. grocer, 4 William street 

Arthur, William, grocer, 8 Rankin street 

BALLiVNTINE, John, wine and spirit merchant, 60 

High street 
Ballantine, William, grocer, 8 William street 
Barbour, Mrs. W. milliner & straw hat maker, 29 High st, 
Barbour, William, spirit dealer, 29 High street 
Barclay, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Quarry street 
Barr, George, foreman at Robert Donald's machine shop, 

73 and 76 High street 
Barr, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 William street 
Barr, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Macdowall street 
Barr, Mrs. John, vintner, 20 Campbell street 
Barr, WilliEan, iesher, 20 High street 
Beaton, Agnes, grocer, Graham street 
Bishop, James, umbrella maker, 16 William street 
Blackburn, James, auctioneer, wine and spirit merchant, 

(Blackburn's Tavern) 24 High street 
Blackburn, Robert, machine maker. Old Mill 
Blackwood, Janet, eating house, 52 High street 
Blair, James, tailor, 54 High street 


Blair, John, carter, 11 Houstoun square 

Blair, Robert, manager of Gas work, ho. Brewery street 

Blair, William, belly master. Old Mill 

Bland, R. C. commercial traveller, 51 High street 

Bland, William, surgeon, R.N. 19 Houstoun square 

Bland, Wm. wine & spirit raercht. 56 High st. ho. 57 do. 

Boao", James, wright and timber mercht. and fitter u[> 

of the li""ht gig passage boats, 5 Dimity street, ho. 

16 do. saw mill 18 do. 

Boag, Neil, of Macdowall & Boag, ho 15 Dimity street 

Boyle, David, grocer and tea dealer, 18 Houstoun sq. 

Braidwood, John, foreman at Macdowall & Boag's 14 

Dimity street 
Brooks, Rev. George, house 56 High street 
Brown, Archd. boot and shoemaker, 22 Macdowall street 
Brown, Matthew and Co. cotton spinners, (New Mill) 18 

Rankin street 
Brown, Malloch, & Co. cotton spinners, Elderslie Mill &■ 

Old Mill, 36 High street 
Bryson, James, teacher, 1 William street, ho. 3 do. 
Bryson, John, draper, 28 High street 
Buntin, John, tiesher, 32 Macdowall street 
Buntin, William, clothier and draper, 57 High street 

CALDWELL, Thomas, picking master, Old Mill 
Cameron, Alex, cotton spinner, 77 High st. ho 76 do. . 
Campbell, Archd. spinning master, Hagg Mill 
Campbell, James, grocer, 16 Graham street 
Campbell, James, writer, 10 George street 
Campbell, John, of Campbell & Rodger, 15 Church st. 
Campbell, Mrs. linen dresser, 9 Houstoun square 
Campbell, Mrs. spirit dealer, 9 High street 
Campbell & Rodger, candlemakers, 15 Church street 
Campbell, Stirling, grocer and grain merchant, 56 High 

street, ho. do. 
Campbell, William, writer, 18 Collier street, ho 17 do. 
Campbell, Wilson, ropemaker, 62 High street 
Carmichael, C. milliner and dressmaker, 5 Quarry street 
Clapperton, Rev. John, house Mount Pleasant 
Clark, Archd. wine and spirit merchant;, 14 George street 


Clark, George, grocer, 6*6 High street 
Clark, Hugh, Jan. tinsmith, 30 High ?itreet 
Clark, John, shoemaker, 50 High street 
Clark, Wm, joiner and cabinet maker, 14 Macdowall st, 
dimie, Robert, land surveyor and collector of statute la- 
bour money for the parish of Kilbarchan, 58 High st. 
Cochran, John, flesher, 15 High street 
Cochran, INIrs. milliner and straw hat maker, 1 Collier st. 
Cochran, William, flesher, 4 High street 
Colquhonn, John, farmer, Barbush 
Colville, James, spinning master, Floors Mill 
Connell, James, seizing rtsaster, Floors Mill 
Conneil, John, boot and shoemaker, 1 William street 
Courtney, Henry, nail maker, 8 Houstoim square 
Craig, John, (Cross Keys Inn) 22 Houstoun square — to- 
bacconist, wine and spirit cellar, do, 
Craig, Miss, dressmaker, 69 High street 
Crawford, George, licensed horse dealer, 12 Macdowall st. 
Crawford, James, mechanic. New Mill 
Crawford, James, watch & clock maker, 51 High street 
Crawford, Robert, hair dresser, 1 Macdowall street 
Crawford, William, auctioner, grocer, wine and spirit 

dealer, 25 High street 
Crichton, Mrs. John^ dressmaker, 9 Quarry street 
Curaming, Andw. shoe and leather warehouse, 59 High st. 
Cuthbertson, Mrs. Agnes, spirit dealer, Dick's bridge 

DA VIES, William, spinning master, Cartside Mill 
Dickson, Henry, engine keeper, 2 Macdowall street 
Docherty, Daniel, spirit dealer, 12 Macdowall street 
Donald, Archd. spirit dealer, 13 High street 
Donald, Robert, engineer, machine maker, & iron-found- 
er, 73 and 74 High st ho. 66 do. 
Douglas, James & Co. ironmongers, 26 High street 
Douglas, John M. surgeon and medicine warehouse, 26 

High street, ho. do. 
Dove, Alexander, machine maker, Stewart's Mill 
Duncan, Miss, teacher of reading, writing, arithmetic, and 
sewing, 14 Walkinshaw street 


FINDLAY, Joseph., raercliant, house Rosebank Cottage 
Fletcher, Peter, brazier ^'tinplato worker, 57 High street 

— house do. 
I'loddiart, James, saddler, 71 High street 
Fraser, Jaraes, seizing master, Hagg Mill 
Fraser, John, teacher, 10 George street 
Fulton, Archd. Canal store keeper, ho. Canal bridge 
Fyfe, John, baker, 15 High street 
Fyfe, Robert, carding master, 21 Macdovvall street 
Fyfe, Robert, manager, 2 Macdowall street 
Fyfe, William, cotton spinner, 20 William street 

GALBR,EATH, David, carter, 27 Campbell street 

Gallagher, C. cork cutter, 32 High street 

Gardner, William, joiner, cabinet maker, cart, plough 

Wright and glazier, 6 William street 
Gas Work, foot of Rankin street 

(Tibson, John, boot and shoemaker, 31 IMacdowall street 
Gibson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Macdowall st. 
Gibson, John, machine maker. Old Mill 
Gibson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 64 High street 
Gibson, Samuel, joiner and cabinet maker, 22 Macdowall 

(Gordon, James, eating house and mangier, 23 High street 
Gow, George, boot and shoemaker, 6(i High street 
Gow, John, boot and sho^uaker, 28 High street 
Gow, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 13 Quarry street 
Gowldie, Archibald, grocer, 51 High street 
Graham, Bernard, fruit merchant, 28 High street 
Grant, Alex, cutler, 27 High street 
Gray, James, boot and shoemaker, 21 High street 
Gray, Peter, old drug warehouse, 58 High street, ho. do. 
Grieve, Walter, boot and shoemaker, 9 High street 

HALL, Alexander, sen. gardener, Laigh Cartside 
Hall, William, grocer & stoneware dealer, 6 Quarry street 
Hamilton, John, cooper, 28 Collier street, house 9 do. 
Hamilton, Robt. flesher & spirit dealer, 20 Houstoun sq. 
Hamilton, Wm. boot and shoemaker, 1 Houstoun square 
Hart, James, gardener, 18 Houstoun square 


Hawthorn, John, at \Vm. Campbell's, 18 Collier street 
Hewitt, John, A. house, sign, & ornamental painter, 15 

Houstoun square 
Hill, James, excise officer, 32 Campbell street 
Hill, Miss, milliner & dress maker, 23 High street 
Hodgert, Miss, (Black Bull Inn) and posting house, 53 

High stieet 
Hodgert, Robert, writer, 2 Brewery street 
Holmes, John, at Wm. Campbell's, 18 Collier street 
Houstoh,. James, watch and clock maker, 57 High street 
Houstoun, John, carding master. New Mill 
Houstoun, Ludovic, of Johnstone 

Houstoun, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 57 High street 
Houstoun, George, & Co. cotton spinners, Johnstone, 

Cartside and Hagg Mills 
Houstoun, William, Johnstone Castle 
Hunter, James, grocer and spirit deale^, 19 High street 
Hunter, John, merchant and cotton spinner — house and 

office, Hunter place. Brewery street 
Hutton, Jas. &; Co. shoe & leather raercht. 15 Houstoun sq 

INGLIS, Alex, teacher, Cartside 

JACKSON, George, brass fouadfer, 20 Houstoun square 

JafFray, Peter, builder, 4 Graham street 

Jamieson, Hugh, clerk, Old mill, 36 High street — house 

14 Houstoun square 
Johnstone Assembly Rooms, George street 
Johnstone Coffije Room, 53 High street 
Johnstone iron foundry Co. 18 Dimity st. — Robt. Welsh, 

manfigor — house 12 High street 

KEAN, George, carding master, Peockland Mill 
Kean & Laing, engineers, mill wrights, and brass foun- 
ders, 7 High street 
Kean, James, of Kean & Laing — house 7 High street 
Kennedy, VVm. rector of Town school, Ludovic square — 

bouse 137 Graham street 
Kerr, John, carding master, Stewart's Mill 
King, James, picking master, Cartside Mill 


Knox, Robert, watch & clock maker, 30 High street 

LAIRD, James, boot and shoemaker, 27 High street 
Laird, James, sizeing master, Johnstone mill 
j^aird, James, stationer & printer, 57 High street 
Laird, Miss, dress maker, 76 High street 
iiaird, Miss, leghorn & straw hat maker, 20 Houstoun square 
Laird, Mrs. J. beefsteak & porter house, 63 Graham st. 
Lang, James, clerk at Mr Boag's, 5 Dimity street 
Lang, John, boot and shoemaker, 2 Campbell street 
Lang, Will, carter and spirit dealer, 70 High street 
Laing, John, of Kean & Laing — house 15 Dimity street 
Laing, Robt. cotton spinner, 12 Dimity St. — ho. 6 High st. 
Lawrie, Robert, draper, 17 Houstoun sqaure 
Lee, James, gardener, 5 William street 
Lechery, Thomas, confectioner, 25 Macdowall street 
Lochhead, Mrs. James, grocer, 65 High street 
Loudon, Hugh, cloth niercbant, 55 High street 
Loudon, James — house 55 High street 
Loudon, John, cloth merchant, 19 Houstoun square 
Love, Archibald, grocer, 17 Church street — and sizeing 
master, Old Mill 

MxALLOCH, Wm. of BiOwn, Mallocb, and Co.— house 

Mount Pleasant 
Marshall, James, mechanic. New Mill 
Marshall, John, teacher, 10 Walkinshaw street 
Marshall, Robt. turner & turning lay maker, 10 Canal st. 
Melvin, Mrs. eating house, 7 Houstoun square 
IMillar, David, stoneware & fruit dealer, 13 High street 
Millar, Hugh, manager, Stewart's mill 
Millar, John, writer, 58 High street 
Millar, Miss, dress and straw hat maker, 26 High sJreet 
Millar, William C. surgeon, 55 High street 
Miller &; Robertson, apothecary hall, 20 Houstoun square 
Miller, Robt. wholesale grocer and grain dealer, iO Hous- 
toun square 
Miller, Wm. C. of Miller & Robertson— ho. 55 High st. 
Mills, Thomas, grazier and flesher, 25 High street 
Mitchell, Archd. bread & pastry baker, 36 xM'Dowall St. 


Moftat, William, renovater & dyer, 8 George street — ho, 

22 Collier street 
IMontgoraery, Robert, & Co. wick and cotton yarn manu- 
facturers, Pe'ockland Mills, 1 and 78 High street 
Montgomery, Robert, jun. of Montgomery, Robert, & Co. 

78 Hio-h street 
JMontgoraery, Robert, sen of Montgomery, Robert, & Co, 

— riesidence Pe'ockland House 
More, x\lex. tailor, 21 Houstoun square 
More, Mrs. Jane, grocer, 60 High street 
More, William, boot & shoemaker, 21 Houstoun sq^uare 
Morrison, Maxton, & Co. wrigbts, 18 High street 
Morton, Robert, baker and grain dealer, 57 High street 
Muir, Alex, shoemaker & leather cutter, 63 High street 
Muir, John, surgeon, 58 High street 
Murray, Robert, hair dresser, 9 Houstoun square 

MACADAM, Wm. picking master, Stewart's Mil! 
Macalister, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 High st. 
Macarthur, Duncan, engine keeper. Floor's Mill 
IMacavoy, William and Co. grocers and spirit dealers, 2^) 

Macdowall street 
Macdowall, Henry, throstle cotton spinner, Floors Mill 
Macdowall and Boag, engineers, machine makers, iron 

boat builders, cast iron & brass founders, 14 Dimity st 
Macdowall, John, of Macdowall & Boag — house Enfield. 

M'Connechy, Mrs. grocer,. 5 Collier street 
M'Cormick, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 24 High street 
M'Donald, John, collector and clerk, Johnstone Gas Co. 

— house 7 Macdowall street 
M'Donald, John, smith and farrier, 35 Macdowall street 
M'Dougal, David, carding master, Pe'ockland Mill, 1 

High street 
M'Dougal, James, carding master, Cartside Mill 
M'Dougal, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 16 High ^t.. 
M'Dougal, Neil, wine and spirit dealer, 22 High street 
M'Fadj^en, Miss, dress maker, 36 Macdowall street 
JSi'Farlane, Archd. teacher, collector of Statute labo-ir 

money and poor ratesj 38 High street — ho. 51 d©, 
M 3 ■ 


IM'Farlane, David^ customer weaver, 5 Collier street 

jNI'Farlane, Miss, milliner & straw hat maker, 51 Hlgli st. 

M'Farlane, Robert, spinning master, Pe'ockland mill 

M'Fee, James, tailor, 5 William street 

M'Greg-or, Alpine, (Rob Roy tavern,) 5 High street 

M'Gregor, Duncan, sizeing master, Stewart's mill 

IVj'Indoe, William, teacher, 4 Collier street 

jNFIntjre, Gilbert, spirit dealer, 3 High street 

M'Innon, P. boot and shoe maker, 59 High street 

]M'Lardie, Wm. customer weaver, 12 Quarry street 

oM'Laren, Duncan, sLzeing master, Cartside mill 

IM'Laren, Flugh, machine maker, Stewart's mill 

M'Laien, James, picking master, Johnstone mill 

M'Laren, M. surgeon, medical hall,2] Highst. — ho. 41 do. 

Ai'Lean^ Duncan, tailor, 57 High street 

]M'Lellan, Miss, dress & straw hat maker, 23 Floustoun sq, 

M'Lure, Daniel, tailor, 3 Church street 

M'Millan, Duncan, grocer and spirit dealer,, 5 Graham st. 

M'Naught, Wm. manager of G. Houstoun & Co.'s mill, 

21 Macdowall street 
M'Neil, Duncan, picking master, Hagg mill 
jNi'Xeil, James, spirit dealer, 6 Fligh street 
M'Neil, John, boot and shoemaker, 7 Collier street 
jNFNei!, John, manager. Old mill, 3() Highst. — ho. 34 do. 
M'Neil, Lachlane, boot and shoemaker, 13 Quarry street 
M'Nicol, Alex, cotton waste dealer, 18 High street 
M'Nicol, James, spirit dealer, 24 Houstoun square 
^M'Phail, Mrs. John, leghorn, straw hat and dress maker, 

3 Graham Street 
M'Pherson, Hugh, saddler, 23 Houstoun square 
McQueen, Peter, grocer, 7 William street 
M 'Ready, Mrs. milliner, leghorn, straw hat and dress- 
maker, 2 Graham street 
M'Robbie, IMrs. Jas. milliner & stay maker, 54 High st. 

NAIRN, Cuthbert, general grocer and tea merchant, 23 

High street 
Naismith, John, hair dresser, 24 Houstoun square 
Neilson, x\llan, farmer, Cochran mill 
NeilsoD, Janet, grocer, 20 Macdowall street 


Nesraith, John, spirit dealer, 5 Houstoun square 

Ox\TT, James,, plasterer, 5 Houstoun square 

Oliver, VYm painter & window glazier, 7 Houstoun square 

PATE, William, spirit dealer, 8 Quarry street 
Paterson, James, grocer, 71 High street 
Paterson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 49 High street 
Paton, Daniel, spirit dealer, 28 Graham street 
Pearson, Thomas, plasterer, 1 1 Houstoun square 
Peglar, John, spirit dealer, (late of the 7th Hussars) 25 

Collier street 
Peglar, John, tailor, &c. 55 High street 
Pettigrew, Allan, spirit dealer, 34 Rankin street 
Picken, Mrs. fringe maker, 3 VVilliam street 
Pinkerton, John, surgeon, 68 High street — ho. New Field 
Pinkerton, M. S. surgeon, 18 High street 
Pinkerton, Miss, dress maker and silk dyer, 68 High st. 
Pinkerton, Robt. wine & spirit dealer, 14 Houstoun square 
Pinkerton, William, cloth merchant, 21 High street 
Pinkerton, William, druggist, 16 High street 
Pitcairn, Alexander, watchmaker, 61 High street 
Pitcairn, Miss, dressmaker, 61 High street 
Pollock, Mrs. John, grocer & spirit dealer, 132 Graham sf. 
Purden, Matthew, grocer, 5 Macdowall street 
Presley Hugh, carding master. Old Mill 
Preston, John, grocer and nailer, 61 High street 

RAINE, Wm. & Co., painters, paper hangers and gla- 
ziers, 71 High street 

Ralston, John, millwright, engineer and machine maker, 
77 High street — house do. 

Reid, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Church street 

Reid, William, stoneware merchant, 59 High street 

Reid, William, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Houstoun sq. 

Riddle, VVilliam, builder, 4 Church street 

Robertson, Andrew, clerk, Cameron's Mill 

Robertson, James, of Millar and Robertson— hous.e, 19 
Houstoun square 

Robertson, John, slater, 12 Ludovic square 


Rob.^rtson, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, (Union Ta- 
vern,) 62 High street 

Robertson, Robert, clerk at Rob. Donald'* 73 and 74 
High street 

Robertson, VYiii. boot and shoe maker, 4 Floustoun sq. 

Rodger, James, tailor, 7 I High street 

SAMSON, John, grocer, 12 High street 

Sivvers, John, wheel wright & turner, 16 Quarry street 

Seott, James, wood turner, 37 Rankin street 

Scott, John, carter, 32 Campbell street 

Shanks, Thos. at Banktop Mill— ho. 23 William street 

Shankp, William, machine maker, and engineer — house 

Bank hoase 
Shedden, William, carding master, Hagg Mill 
Sinclair, John, carding master, Hagg Mill 
Sheilds, Michael, hair dresser, 7 Houstoun square 
Sloan, James, slater and lead merchant, 18 Ludovic sq.. 
Sloan, James, wine and spirit dealer, (Buck's Head Inn^) 

J4 High street 
Smellie, James, machine maker, Pe'ockland ^lill 
Smith, Andrew, grocer, 32 High street 
Smith, Hugh, machine maker, 11 William st. — ho. 10 do. 
Smith, James, house Banktop 

Smith, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 63 High street 
Smith, Robert, wright, 11 William street 
Smith, William and Robert, ironmongers, 54 High street 
Speir, Robert, stretching master. New Mill 
Sproul, James, umbrella maker, 7 Collier street 
Steel, John, carding master, CartsideMill 
Steel, John, picking master. Floors Mill 
Stevenson, Alexander spinning master, Johnstone Mill 
Stevenson, B, general grocer, 70 High street 
Stevenson, Jas. flesher, Johnstone Arms Inn, 65 High st. 
Steve ison, James, tailor, 24 High street 
Stevenson, John, carding master. Old Mill 
Stevenson, Mrs. John, sempstress, 9 Houstoun square 
Stevenson, William, manager of George Houston & Co. *>i 

cotton works — house 15 Collier street 
Stevenson, William, spinning master, Floor's Mill 


JStewart, Alex, cotton spinner, 39 High st. — iio. 40 do. 
Stewart, Miss sempstress, 1 Collier street 
Stewart, Mrs. Andrew, grocer, 15 Graham street 
Stirling, William, teacher, 65 High street — ho. Cartside 
Storie, Archibald & Co. grocers, boot and shoemakers^ 

132 Graham street 
Struthers, Thomas, spinningmaster, Pe^ockland Mills, 1 

High street 

Tx\YLOR, Allan, blacksmith, 5 Rankin street 
Taylor, C. stationer and printer, 17 High street 
Telfer, Rev. Alexander — house Banktop 
Thomson, James, baker, 52 High street 
Thomson, John, spirit dealer, 5 Macdowall street 
Thomson, Robert, manager. New mill — ho. 18 Rankin st. 

VTCAR, Alexander, carding master, Stewart's Mill 

WADDEL, John, merchant, 2 Quarry street 
Wann, Miss, milliner, straw hat & dressmaker, 69 High st. 
Watson, John, sizeing master. New Mill 
Watson, Robert, carding master. Floors Mill 
Watson, Robert, machine maker, Stewart's Mill 
Watson, William, boot and shoemaker, 51 High street 
Watt, Rt. cotton spinner, 2 Macdowall st. ho. Brewery st. 
Webster, George, clerk to Geo. Houston & Co.'s cotton 

works — house Cartside Cottage 
Weems, John, plumber, copper and tinsmith, 8 High st. 
White, John, spirit dealer, Cartside 
Wilson, Elizabeth, grocer, 13 Quarry street 
Wilson, Matthew, carding master, Pe'ocklaud Mill, 1 

High street 
Wilson, Mrs. Hugh, spirit dealer and eati - ' 'iih 27 

High street 


F O W L E R'S 


AITKENFIEAD, Alexander, farmer, Barskiven 

Aitken, James, spirit dealer, Quarrelton 

Allan, James, overseer of Ludovie Houston's coal works, 

house Craigton 
Allan, William, foreman, at Linwood tile work 
Allison, John, blacksmith,. Elders] ie 
Allison, William, spirit dealer, Elderslie 
Anderson, John, spinning master, Elderslie Mill 
Andrew, John, (Black Bull Inn), Quarrelton 

Barclay, MIss, dressmaker, Elderslie 

Barr, Robert, vintner, Quarrelton 

Bell, John, carter, Elderslie 

Bowie, John, blacksmith, Greenend,. Quarrelton 

Boyd, Joseph, carding master, Linwood Mill 

Boyd, William, spirit dealer, Thorn 

Brown, Andrew, cotton spinner, house Auchintorlie 

Brown, James, overseer, Linwood Mills 

Brown, Malloch & Co. cotton spinners, Elderslie Mill 

Brown, Peter, foreman, Linclive brick & drain tile works^ 

house Linwood 
Buchanan, George, gardener, Greenend, Quarrelton 
Buchanan, Ludovie,. farmer, Greenend, Quarrelton 
Buchanan, Peter, clerk,, Linwood Mills 

CALDWELL, Mrs. cowfeeder, Elderslie 

Campbell, Alex, gardener (Sir William Wallace's 

Old House,) Elierslie 
Carmichael, Lachlane, basket maker, Greenend 
Carrol, Henry, hair-dresser, Elderslie 
ChahLers, Andrew, tailor, Linwood 
C'liapman, Alexander, picking master, Elder.'-Iie 
Clark, Mrs. Robert, grocer, Elderslie Inn, Elderslie 
Cochran, Mrs. grocer, Linwood 


Colville, Robert, picking master, Lin wood Mill 
Craig, Archibald, machine maker, Linwood Mill 
Crawford, William, teacher, Elderslie 
Crichton, James, machine maker, Elderslie Mill 
Ciinninghara, Hugh, grocer, Elderslie 
Cunningham, James, shoemaker, Linwood 
Currie, Archibald, grocer, Elderslie 

DONALD, Robert, teacher, Linwood 
Duff, Alexander, engineer, Elderslie Mill 

ELDERSLIE Co-operative society, David Paterson, 

Erskine, James, spirit dealer, Elderslie 
Erskine, Miss, dressmaker, Elderslie 

FORBES, Andrew, hillsman, Thorn 

GARDNER, Alexander, farmer, Linclive 

Glassford, William, teacher, Quarrelton 

Graham, James, moss improver, Linwood 

Graham, James, overseer of Campbell Snodgrass's coal 

works, house Overtown 
Greenhill, Campbell, K. carding master, Elderslie Mill 

HANNAY, Claud, eating house, 13 Ploustoun square 

Hart, John, beamer. Old Road, Elderslie 

Hart, John, engineer at Elderslie colliery 

Hart, John, feuar, Elderslie 

Hart, Thomas, basket maker, Auchinlodmont 

Henderson, Js. grocer, wine & spirit merchant, Linwood 

Hodgert, Robert, overseer of Ludovic Houstoun's coal 

Works, house Overtown 
Plodgert, Robert, tailor, 14 Houstoun square 
Hodgert, William, clerk to Ludovic Houstoun, house 

Hodgert, William, hillsman and spirit dealer. Thorn 
Hood, Charles, tinsmith, wine and spirit dealer, Linwood 
Houstoun, Ludovic, of Johnstone, residence Johnstone 



Houstoun, William, Johnstone Castle 
Hunter, William, sizeing master, Elderslie Mill 

KELLY, John, carding master, Linwood Mills 
Kelly, Thomas, carding master, Linwood Mills 

LANG, Geo. grocer, spirit dealer, & cowfeeder, Elderslie 

Lee, Allan, joiner and cartwright, Linwood 

Lee, James, farmer, Linwood 

Linwood Cotton Spinning "Company, Linwood Mills 

Linwood Victualling Society, John Galbreath, salesman 

Losh, Wm. factor to Ludovic Houstoun, ho. Quarrel ton 

Lyle, Alexander, farmer, Benstone 

MALLOCH, Wm. jun. manager, Elderslie Mill, house 
Mount Pleasant 

MCCORMICK, William, carter, Quarrelton 
M'Crae, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, Elderslie 
M'Creath, Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, Elderslie 
M^Dougal, Peter, spinning master, Linwood Mills 
M'Farlane, Alexander, spinning master, Linwood Mills 
MTarlane, Arch, teacher, Sir William Wallace's Old 

House, Elderslie 
M'^Gregor, James, grocer, Thorn 
M'^Gregor, William, hillsman, Craigenfeoch Colliery, 

house Elderslie 
M^Intyre, John, boot and shoemaker, Linwood 
M^Kendrick, Archibald, tailor, Elderslie 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, Linwood 
M'Kie, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Elderslie 
M'Lure, John, boot and shoemaker, Linwood 
MTherson, Alex, fiesher and cow doctor, Elderslie 

NEILSON, Walter, spirit dealer, Elderslie 

PARK, William, farmer, Greenhill 
Paterson, Matthew, blacksmith, Linwood 
Pettigrew, John, spirit dealer, Elderslie 


REID, James, carding master, Eklerslie mill 

Reid, Williara, grocer, Linwood 

Rowand, Alex, carter and dealer in peats, Linwood 

Rowand, Mrs. Bethia^ grocer and spirit dealer, Linwood 

SALMON, Fiillarton, grocer, Quarrelton 

Shaw, William, hillsnmn, High Craig House, Craigboag 

Sinclair, Mrs. Thornhill Inn, Thorn 

Smith, Daniel, baker and vintner, Elderslie 

Smith, James, boot and shoemaker, Elderslie 

Snodgrass, Campbell, coal mine proprietor, residence, 

Thornhill House 
Speir, Robert, of Burn brae 
Sproul, James, machine maker, Elderslie mill 
Square, David, clerk to Campbell Snodgrass, Thornhill, 

house Quarrelton 
Steel, Archibald, spirit dealer, Linwood 
Steel, William, carding master, Linwood mill 
Stevenson, James, carter, Hillhead, Elderslie 
Stevenson, Mrs. straw hat maker, Elderslie 
Stewart, Robert, boot and shoemaker, Linwood 
Storie, Archibald, wright, Greenend, Quarrelton 
Stuart, John Knox, M. D. at Charles Hood's, Linwood 

Vv'ALKER, W. & R. timber merchants and wrights. Eh 

Watt, Alexander, engineer, Linwood mills 
•Watt, James, clerk, Linwood mill 
Watt, John, druggist, Linwood 

Watt, Joseph, foreman, Linwood mills, house Linwood 
Wilson, David, gardener, Elderslie 

YOUNG, Mrs. Alexander, straw hat maker, Linwood 





J O H N S T O N E. 

Robert Watt, President — William Pinkerton, Treasurer. 

George Webster 
Wjliiam Kennedy, C.erk 

Hohert Montgomery, sen. 

Robert Lawrie 

James Allan 

Aichibald MFarlane, collector of Statute Labour Money 

Justices of Peace, Johnstone District 


L. Houstoun of Johjistone 

W. Houstoun, Johnstone Castle 

Campbell Snodgrass of Thorn- 

Robert Watt, Jobnstoae 
James Brown, Linvvood 
Robert Montgomery, Johnstone 


"William Malcolm Fleming of 

Robert Freelandof Broomward 
William Stevenson of Cro?slee 
Wm. Carlile of Houstoun Field 
Archd. Jamiescn of Woodfoot 


Sir William Milliken Napier, q! 

Milliken and Napier, Bart. 
William Napier of Blackstoun 
Wm. Cunningham of Craigends 
CaptainJas. Stirling of Glentyan 
Jn, Findlay of Gryffe. Bankhouse 
Alex. Cunning^ham, West Fulton 
JDuncan Graham of Meadside 


William Macdovval! of Carruth 
Henry Macdovval!, Carruth 
James Corbet Porterfield of Por- 

William Campbell, vpriter, cleri: 

.Tustice of Peace Court, held in Black Bull Assembly Rooms, 
] 1 & 12 George street, first Friday of every month, at 1 1 o'clock 

Wm. Campbell, 18 Collier st. 
Jas. Campbell, 10 George st. 
John Miller, 58 High street 


Robert Hodgert, jun. 2 Brev/- 
ery street 


Findlay Munro, Thorn | Alexander Anderson, 22 Col- 

Alex. Henderson, 3 William st. lier street 

Excise Officers, c)'C. AppendiJe, 147 


James M-Robie, 51 High street | Thomas Hill, 32 Campbell st. 

Hercules — Robert vVatt, Biewery street 
Scotland Insurance — William Shanks, Bank House 

Adjusters of Imperial [Veights and Measures. 
Weig-hts and Dry Measures — Robeit Donald, 74; High &t, 
Liquid Measures— Peter Fletcher. 57 High street 
" "" ' AUCTIONEERS. — — 

James Blackburn, 2i High st. j. Wm. Crawford, 25 High st, 


J. Pinkertoti, sen. — ho. Nevvfield 
M. S, Pinkerton— -ho. I&Highst. 
John Muir, 58 High street 
Malcolm M'Laren, 21 High St. 

Wra. C. Miller— ho. 55 High st. 
James Robertson— ho 19Hau9- 

toun square 
John M'Douglas, 26 High st. 


Mrs. Barbour, 9 Houstoun sq. j Mrs. Allan, Elderslie 
Mrs. Orr, 18 High street [ 


Black Bull Inn, 53 High Street. 

George Webster, Convener and Treasurer. 

Robert Montgomery, sen. Secretary. 


W. Houstoun, Johnstone Casde 
Campbell Snodgrass of Thorn- 
Robert Watt 
John Bryan 
Joseph Findlay 
John Millar 

Ludovic Houstoun of Johnstone 
Sir William Milliken Napier, of 

Mil liken and Napier, Bart. 
Robert Montgomery, jun. 
William Mdlloch, sen. 
William Campbell 
Henry Macdowall 

PUBLIC READING ROOM, 21, Hoctstoctn Squaue. 

Terms Is. a Quarter. — Strangers residing more than 3 miles from 

the Town admitted gratis. Preses and Treasurer chosen quarterly 

Alex. Patrick, keeper — house 2 1 Houstoun square. 

Johnstone Assembly Rooms, 11 George Street, 

148 Johnstone, 8(C. Ministers, Sfc. 


JonNSTONF. Church — 11 Ludovic square — Alexander Telfer 
UjfiTED Secessiox Church — 18 Church st. — John Ciapperton 
Relief Church — 9 Waikinshaw street —George Brooks 
Methodist Chapel — 6 Quarry street 
N.B. — For residence see Directory 

John Haip, 8 Canal street 


Johnstone Church — William Semple, officer, 14 Quarry street- 
John Haig, precentor, 8 Canal street 
United Secession CauRcr. — James Steele, officer, Colin street— 

^ Gibson, precentor 

Relief Church — Vacant — John Marshall, precentor, 10 Waikin- 
shaw street 

Grave Digger and Town Crier— Wm. Semple, 14 Quarry street 

POST OFFICE, 53 High Street. 
Mails arrive at half past five o'clock in the morninp:, and half past; 
four evening, and depart at ten mornine:, and half past six even- 
ing. — Office hours from eight o'clock a m., till nine o'clock p.m. 
M. Hodgert, Post Mistress. 
N.B.— See Rates of Postages, Paisley Directory, page 1C9. 

GLASGOW— James Allan, 24 Hif^h street, arrives Wed Sat 
departs Wed Sat at 9 morning 

— James Manby, 23 Houstoun square, arr. and dcp. daily. 
GREENOCKand PORT GLASGOW— Jas- Allan, 24 High 

St. arr Tues Fri dep Tues Fri 7 o'clock morning 

— Alex. Henderson, 3 William street, arr Tues Fri dep Tues 

PAISLEY — Peter Lindsay, 26 Collier street, arr daily dep daily 

— John Paterson (foot carrier) 2U Houstoun square, arr daily 

dep daily 

— James M Galium (foot carrier) 7G High street, arr and dep 

Mon Wed and Fri 

— Robert Cardy, 25 Rankin street, arr and dep daily 


Canal Store, Archibald Fulton, Store keeper. 


Paisley Directory — page 112. 

Societies, Appendix. 149 



1819. Subscription Library — Alex. Munn, preses, 53 High street 
William Malloch, jun. treasurer. Mount Pleasant — John 
Burton, clerk. 23 Campbell street — Archibald M'Farlane, 
Librarian, 51 High street 

Gas Light Company -^'Kohert Montgomery, sen. governor, 
Pe'ockland House — Robert Blair, manager — John M Don- 
ald, clerk, 7 Macdowall street 

1799. Elderslie School Committee— John Hart, preses, Elderslie 
— Andrew M'Crea, treasurer, Elderslie — William Craw- 
ford, teacher and clerk, Elderslie. 

1803. Loyal Johnsione Yeomanry Society — John Stevenson, 
preses, 9 HoustouTi square — William Riddle, treasurer, 12 
Houstoun square — John Holmes, clerk, 25 High street — 
John Murdoch, officer, 22 Collier street 

1807. Elderslie and Johnstone Friendly Society — William Crawford, 
preses, 2^ High street — Alexander Munn. treasurer, 63, 
High street — Archibald M'Farlane, clerk, 51 High street—- 
David M'Millan, officer, Elderslie 

1807. Johnstone Friendly Society— Ungh Millar, preses, 58 High 
street — Thomas Anderson, treasurer, 17 High street — 
James Bishop, clierk, 16 William street — Dunean Biair, 
officer, 5 Hit;h street 

18 11. Houstoun St. Johnstone Lodge, 24.5— James Oait, R. W. M. , 7 
Houstoun square — William Pinkerton, depute-master, 21 
High street — James Gray, pass master, 21 High street — 
Matthew Barr, senior warden. High street — William Clar«, 
junior warden, Macdowall street — James Sloan, treasurer, H 
High street — Thomas Andrew, secretary, 17 High street- 
George Webster, senior deacon, Cartside — William Craw- 
ford, junior deacon. High street— Robert Hodgert, senior 
Rteward, 14 Church street — James Blair, junior steward. 
High street — Henry Muir, tyler, 4 High street 

1BI3» Elderslie and Newion Fi iendly Society — (Remodelled 1831) 
John M'Kinnon, preses, Elderslie — Daniel Smith, treasurer, 
Elderslie — James M'Creath, clerk, Elderslie — John Laird, 
officer, Elderslie 

1813. Johnstone Transfer Friendly Society — William Reid, sen. 
preses, 59 High street — William Reid, jun. treasurer, I 
Houstoun square — James Bishop, clerk, 16 William street-— 
Duncan Blair, officer. 5 High street 
1820. Johnstone, Quarrelion, Thorn, and Elderslie Coffin and- 
Coffin Cover Society — James Smellie, preses, 5 High street 
— John Allan, treasurer, 14 Collier street — David M'Far- 
Ian, clerk, 5 Collier street — Duncan Blair, officer, 5 Higb 
• street — William Semple, cover-keeper, 14 Quarjy strett-— 
William Clark, contractor, 14 Macdowall street. 

150 Johnstone, So. Societies. 

1625. Johnstone Mechanics^ Institution — Robert Montgomerv, jun. 
preses, 78 High street — Jumes Smellie, vice-preses, 6 High 
street — Ale«. Dove, treasurer, 4 William st. —-James Lang, 
secretary, 17 Dimity street — -Alexander, M'Donald. libra- 
rian, 7 Macdowall street — hall and library room, 9 High st. 

1829. Johnstone Burning Ground Watch Society — Thomas An- 
drew, preses, 17 Hifih street— James Smellie. treasurer, 6 
High street — Wm. Kennedy, secretary, 137 Graham street., 
William Sem[)le, officer, i4< quarry street— With a Com- 
mittee of ten Directors 

1830. Elderslie Co-operative Society — George Steel, preses, EV 
derslie — David Paterson, salesman, Elderslie — Robert 
Wr'«ht, clerk, Millerston 

Johnstone Temperance Society — William Nichol, preses, Mount 
Pleasant — [iobt. Hendry, treasurer, 20 Collier street — ■- 
Archd. M'Irityre, clerk, 5j6 Collier street 

ISSl. Johnstone Instrumental Band -^ Archd. M' Arthur, leader, 
3 High street 


Committee—Thomas Andrew, president — James Gumming, trea-. 
surer- — John Bryson, secretary and clerk. The Committee 
meet on the first Monday of every month— Scholars about 

Cnrfside—^ John Stewart, teacher, Scholars 50. 

William Street — George Andrew, and John Bryson, teachers--^ 
scholars about 70 

Jjudovic Square — Thomas Andrew, Nisbet Thomson, and Robert 
Camming, teachtrs — Scholars 70. 

Old Mi//— (Instituted 1803)— Conducted by Archibald M'Farlane, 
teacher. There are 18 managers, two of them assist every 
Sabbath evening in rotation — scholars about 70. 

Methodist — Held in their chapel, 6 Quarry street. Neil M'Ewan 
and Michael Fisher, teachers. There are under the Direc- 
tors' inspection about 100 scholars. To this school is 
attached a library 

—— — _- 

Johnstone Cross, nearly opposite to the Black Bull Inn, is dis^ 
Tant from the Cross of Paisley, 3 miles, 5furlonps, 34 poles. Fairs 
are held on the Thursday following the second Monday of July and 
on the last Thursday of October, for cattle ; also, on the last Friday 
of December for horses. 

Although this market is not generally known^ being but lately es^ 
tablished ; yet, from the excellent supply of cattle brought forward, 
promises to be one of the most numerously attended Fairs in the- 
West of Scotland. The market place is spacious and very exten-^ 
sive, affording accommodation rarely to be met with* 

HOUSTOUN, &e. 151 



ADAM, John^ grocer, Houstoun 

Aitken, James, cart and mill wright. Bridge of Weir 

Aitken, Walter, farmer, Boghall 

Alex. William, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge of Weir 

Allison, WMUiam, farmer, Kirkland 

Armour, Jn, overseer, Barrochan — ho. Comely Cottage 

Arthur, James, farmer, Stabalee 

Arthur, Matthew, shoemaker, Barrochan town 

Arrol, Wra. sen. cotton spinner, Butt's Mill, Houstoun 

Arrol, William, jun. clerk, Butt's Mill, Houstoun 

BALLA'NTYNE, James, farmer, Little Haddock stane- 

Barbour, Alexander, (Black Bull Inn) Houstoun 

Barbour, Alexander, slater, Houstoun 

Barbour, James, spirit dealer, Houstoun 

Barclay, James, theikar^ Houstoun 

Barr, Alex, wine and spirit merchant. Bridge of Weir 

Barr, Alex, tailor, Houstoun 

Barr, Alex, teacheir. Bridge of Weir ::;Q 

Barr, James, tailor. Bridge of Weir 

Barr, James, wool carder, GryfFe,<^ove Mill 

Barr, John, of West Yonderton no?''*' } ■ .^ , 

Barr, Matthew, tailor, Houstoun 

Barr, Robert, cotton spinner, Gryffe Grove MiU 

Barr, Robert, tailor, Houstoun ,' .; adl . 

Begg, Miss Jane, milliner, dress maker,^ and straw hat 

manufacturer, Bridge of Weir 
Best, Martin, spirit dealer and grocer. Bridge of Weir 
Blackwood, William, farmer, Barrochan Cross 
Blair, Matthew, boot and shoe maker,, Houstoun 
Blair, William, grocer and spirit dealer. Bridge of Weir 
Boyle, Robert, baker and spirit dealer, Bridge of Werr 

152 HOUSTOUN> &C. 

-T- ■ ^^>X l L -. ' ^ ■ ■ . ^^ r-— , — - 

Brown, Malcolm., grocer and spirit dealer, Houstoun 
Bfown, James, shoemaker, Barrochan town 

C ALDER, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Crossiee 
Caldwell, John, carrier and carter. Bridge of Weir 
Caldwell, John, farmer, Haddockstane 
Cameron, Dougald, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge o£ 

Cameron, John, grocer, Houstoun 
Cameron, John, warehouseman, GryfFe Mill 
Campbell, John, boot and shoemaker, Crossiee 
Campbell, Robert, tailor, Houstoun 
Campbell, William, flesher, Cfosslee 
Carlile, William, bleacher, Houstoun Field 
Carruth, John, farmer, Muirtown 
Carruth, Mrs. Wm. farmer, Birkenhead' 
Christie, Andrew, farmer, Fodston 
Craig, Alex, carrier, Bridge of Weir 
Crawfurd, Henry, surgeon and druggist, Bridge of W^eir 
Cruthers, Johnj carding master, Old Mill, Bridge of Weir 

DALTON, Joseph, earding^master, Gryffe Mill 

Dickie, Miss, dress maker, Houstoun 

Dutf, John, carding master, Crossiee Mill 

Duncan, Catherine, dress maker, milliner, and straw hat 

manufacturer, Bridge of Weir 
Duncan, John, customer weaver, Houstoun 

FINDLAY, John, GryfFe, Bank Ifduse 

Findlay, J. & J. cotton spinners, Old and N^ew Millfe, 

Bridge of Weir 
Findlay, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Craig Bait 

Tollbar, Bridge of \¥eir 
Findlay, Patrick^ carrier and carter, Rridge of Weir 
Fleming, William Malcom, of Barrochan 
Fleming, William, farmer, Fulwood 
Fordie, Wm. land steward to A. Speirs, Esq. of Elderslie 

—house Blarock 
Fraser, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Houstoun. 
Freeland, John, <$' Co, cotton spinners, GryfFe Mill 

HOUSTOUN, &c. 155 

Fi-eeland, Robert, of Broom ward 

GARDNER, Jn. spinning master. Butt's Mill, Houstoun 
Gavin, George, carding master, Butt's Mill 
Gibb, John, farmer, Shovelbred 

HAMILTON, Wm. boot & shoemaker. Bridge of Weir 

Hay, Rev. William Scott, Bridge of Weir 

Henderson, John, feuar, Houstoun 

Henderson, Alex, clerk, Houstoun Field 

Henderson, Mrs. dressmaker, Houstoun 

Henderson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Woodside 

Henderson, William, wright, Gryffe Mill 

Holmes, William, farmer, Yateston 

Holmes, W. smith, farrier, & spirit dealer, Bridge of V\^eir 

Holmes, James, farmer, Muirhouse 

Houstoun, James, grazier, Bridge of Weir 

Houstoun, Robert, joiner and cartwright, Houstoun 

KERR, George, sawjer, Bridge of Weir 
King, Amelia, grocer, Bridge of Weir 
King, John, builder, Houstoun Cottage 
King, Walter, sen. late mason, Houstoun 
King, Walter, jun. builder, Houstoun 
Kirkwood, John, farmer, Nethei field 
Kirkwood, Robert, farmer, Reilley 

LAIRD, James, sen. farmer, High Lawfield 

Laird, John, farmer. Mid Glen 

Laird, John, farmer. High Lawfield 

Lang, Alexander, coal miner and cow feeder, Whirrli^ 

Lang, Alexander, farmer, Houstounhead 

Lang, i\rthur, of East Yonderton, farmer 

Lang, Gabriel, miller, Barrochan Mill 

Lang, James, farmer, Botherickfield 

Lang, John, farmer, West Glen 

Lang, John^ grocer and spirit merchant, Bridge Lin^ 

Tavern, Bridge of Weir 
Lang, John, joiner and cartwright, Crosslee 
Lang, John, spirit dealer, Crosslee, 

1.5^ HOUSTOUN, &C. 

Lang, John, wright, victualler, and spirit dealer, Bridge 

of Weir 
Lang, Joseph, farmer, coal <^ lime merchant, Goudenlee 
Lang, Joseph, smith, horse cutter & spirit dealer, Bridge 

of Weir 
Lang, Robert, farmer, GryfFe Wraes 
Lang, William, farmer, Wraes 

Lang, W^illiam, spirit and cloth roercliant, Bridge of Weir 
Lang, Mrs. William, jun. milliner, dress and straw hat 

maker, Bridge of Weir 
Leiteh, James, smith and farrier, Barrochan town 
Loudon, Alex. Hardgate toll bap 
Lyle, David, farmer, Scart 
Lyle, James, farmer, Innally 
Lyle, John, farmer, South Barlogan 

MILLER, James, spirit dealer, Crosslee 

Miller, John, keeper toll bar, Bridge of Weir 

Miller, Miss Janet, dressmaker, Crosslee 

Miller, William, engineer. Old Mill, Bridge of Weir 

Monteith, Rev. John, D.D. Houstoun Manse 

Muir, John, carding master, Old Mill, Bridge of Weir 

Muir, Robert, teacher. Bridge of Weir 

Munro, Robert, grocer, boot and shoemaker, Houstoun 

M'COWAN, John, manager, Crosslee Mill 

M'Dougal, A. spinning master, Old Mill, Bridge of Weir 

M'Dougal, Alex. (Saracen's Head Inn), Bridge of Weir 

M'Dougal, Daniel, Druggist, Houstoun 

M'Ewen, John, agent, Houstoun 

M'Ewen, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Houstoun 

M'Farlane, Mrs. Peter, toy shop, Bridge of Weir 

M^Indoe, James, farmer. Crooks 

M 'Gavin, James, grocer & sickle grinder. Bridge of Weir 

M'Lean, Alex, manager GryfFe Mill — house Broom ward 

M'Naught, John, manager. Old Mill, Bridge of Weir 

M'Kemmie, James, spinning master, Crosslee Mill 

M'Laren, Donald, forester— house Houstoun 

M' Murray, A\e^ miller,. Mill of Gryffe 

HOUSTOUN, &c. 155 

M'Murray, George, grocer and flesh er, Barrochap town, ; 
M'Murray, James, farmer, North mains ' -afa^oitdT 
M'Murray, Robert, farmer, Back of the Hill& Barsjiegrie 

ORR, Robert, Lonend, Houstoim 
Orr, Robert, spirit dealer, Houstoun 
Orr, Thomas, farmer. South Mains 
Orr, William., smith, Houstoun 

PARK, James, farmer, Killallan Manse 

Paterson, Robert, farmer, Greenhill 

Paterson, John, farmer, Waterlee 

Paterson, William, farmer, Wallies 

Paterson, William, parochial schoolmaster, session elerk, 

and collector of statute labour money, Houstoun 
Paton, Andrew, mason. Cross Keys Inn,, Houstoun 
Paton, George, shoemaker, Houstoun 
Patrick, John, toy shop. Bridge of Weir 
tPatrick, Robert, shoemaker, Bridge of Weir 
Paul, William, clerk, Crosslee Mill 
Pettigrew, iames, cart wright, Houstoun 
Pettigrew, James, cart and plough wright. Bridge trf 

Pettigrev/, James, jwn. cart wright. Bridge of Weir 
Pettigrew, Mrs. midwife, Houstoun 
Pettigrew, Thomas, wright, Houstoun 

PIDDLE, John, gamekeeper & baron officer, Houstoua 
Risk, John, blacksmith, Gryffe Mi]l, Bridge of Weir 
Ptobertson, John, teacher, Crosslee 
Rodger David, customer weaver. Bridge of Weir 
Russell, Miss Helen, teacher of millinery, dressmaker, 
and embroidery, Houstoun 

.SALMON, Jas. spirit dealer & toll bar keeper, Crosslee 
Scott, Alexander, farmer, Crosslee and Goselet 
Scott, David, 'farmer, Laigh Lawiield 
Scott, James, farmer, Kirkton 
Scott, John, farmer, Turningshaw 

J 55 HousTouN, kc. 

Shanks, William, jun. cotton spinner, GryfFe Grove 

Throstle Mill 
Sharp, James, cooper, Crosslee 
Shaw, William, carter, Houstoun field 
Shearer, Alexander, wright, Swainiston 
Shearer, Matthew, cooper, Houstoun 
Sibbald, James, farmer. Knows 
Simpson, John, farmer, Meiklefield 
Sloan, James, slater and lead merchant, Houstoun — slate 

yard, near Renfrew ferry 
Smellie, Thomas, surgeon and druggist, Houstoun 
Speir, James, tanner — house Burngill 
Speir, Peter, currier. Bridge of Weir 
Speir, Robert — house Burngill 
Speir, William & Co. tanners, Bridge of Weir 
Speir, W^illiam, sen. tanner — house Burngill 
Stevenson, Archibald, teacher, Houstoun 
Stevenson, David— house Crosslee 

Stevenson, Wm. & Sons, cotton spinners, Crosslee Mill 
Stevenson, William, of Crosslee 
Stewart, James, farmer and miller. Nether Mill 
Stewart, Rev. Wm. assistant to the Rev. Dr. Monteith, 

Stewart, Robert, wright, Crosslee Mill 
Stewart, Robert, teacher, Hardgate 

TAYLOR, Joseph, baker, Houstoun 

Taylor, Robert, feuar. Bridge of Weir 

Taylor, William, farmer, Elphistone 

Thomson, James, spinning master, New Mill, Bridge of 

Thomson, John, sen. teacher. Bridge of Weir 
Thomson, Wm. smith and farrier. Bridge of Weir 
Todd, Alexander, grocer, Houstoun 

WALKER, Robert, clerk, Old Mill, Bridge of Weir 
Wallace, Mrs Robert, victualler & spirit dealer, Crosslee 
White, James, farmer, Loanhead 

White, Robert, farmer. Chapel and Robert-yard farms 
White, Robert, wright, Barrochan town 



White, Thomas, joiner and cart wn'ght, Woodside 

White, William, farmer, Woodside 

Whitehill, James, boot and shoe maker. Bridge of Weir 

Whitehill, Peter, sl^emaker, Houstoun 

Wilson, Matthew, farmer, Millhill 

Wilson, Hugh, farmer, Barffillen 

Wilson, Hugh, farmer, Mashington 

Wilson, William, farmer, Towncroft 

Wishart, Wm . carding master, Crosslee Mill 

Woodhouse, Archibald — house Crosslee Cottage 

YATES, Alexander, farmer, Cieeves 


F O W L E R 'S 


Justices of Peace residing in or near Houstoun. 

Wm. M. Fleming of Barochan 
Robert Freeland of Broomward 
Wnn. Carlile, of Houstoun Field 

Wm. 'Stevenson of Crosslee 

J. Findlay, of Gryffe Bank house 


Parish Church— -^ilomioun. Rev. Dr. John Monteath, Houstoun 
Manse, Rev. William Stewart, Assistant. 

BvRGBER Church— Bnd^Q of Weir, Rev. William Scott Hay, 
Bridge of Weir, (Parish of Kilbarchan.) 


Pa^sh Church — Houstoun, Matthew King, precentor, Houstoun, 
—John Duncan, officer, Houstoun. 

BuRGHEB Church — Bridge of Weir, Alex. Ritchie, precentor, Kil- 
barchan— John Horn, officer, Kilbarchan. 


Houstoun Parish Church— 3o\\x\ Duncan, Houstoun. 


358 Houstoun, S^c. Medical Practitioners ^ Sc-c. 


'i homas Smellie, Houstoun. j Henry Crawfurd, Bridge of Weiro 


Mi? Pettigrevv, Houstoun. | Mrs Tarbet, Bridge of Weir. 


^Houstoun Parish School — Wm. Paterson, schoolmaster, session 

clerk, and treasurer of Poor's Funds. 

Houstoun Village School — Archd. Stevenson, teacher. 

fridge of Weir Subscription /^c/too/— Robert Muir,rteaeher, Bridge 

of Weir. 

CvQSslee *ScAooZ— John Robertson, teacher, ^Crosslee. 


;Houstoun School — Parish School House. 

This School is patronised and supported solely by Mrs Cunning- 

harae of Craigends. The children are liberally supplied by her with 

'Catechisms and Bibles gratis — Scholars 5-i James Frani, teacher. 

Bridge , of Weir School — Burgher Church. 

Conducted by the Rev. William Scott Hay, and Robert Muif. 

To this School is attached a Library, — Scholars, about 50. 

Crosslee School — John Robertson, teacher — Scholars 75. 

To this School is attached a Library. 


GLASGOW- William Steel, Houstoun, arr. Thurs. dep. Thurs. 

PAISLEY—John Caldwell, Bridge of Weir, arr. Tues. and Fri. 
dep. Tues. and Fri. — Paisley, Alexander Craig, Bridge 
of Weir, arr. Thurs. dep. Thurs. — Paisley, William 
Steel, Houston, arr. Thurs. dep. Thurs. 

JOHNSTOIVE— James M'Callum, (foot carrier,) Saracen's Head 
Inn, Bridge of Weir, arr. Tues. Thurs. Sat. dep. Tues. 
Thurs. Sat. 

JOHNSTONE and GREENOCK Carriers— James Allan and 
Alexander Henderson, from Johnstone to Greenock, ai;« 
rive at Alexander M'Dougal's, Saracen's -Head Inn,i 
every Tuesday and Friday morning, and arrive again, at I 
same Inn, on the evening of said days for Johnstone. 

KILMARNOCK and GREENOCK, Carrier— William -Barclay^ 
from Kilmarnock to Greenock, arrives at Alexander 
M'Dougal's, Saracen's Headinn, Bridge of Weir, or 
Tuesday and Friday morning, and arrives again at sai 
Inn on Wednesday and Saturday,- fpr rKilmarnocb. 

Societies, Sfc* Appendix. 159 



1807. Bridge of Weir Friencllij Assodation- — William Hamilton, 
preses, Bridge of Weir. — John Steel, treasurer, Bridge of 
Weir — John Thomson, clerk, Bridge of Weir- — James Laird? 
officer, Bridge of Weir. 

l^'i Houstoiin and Killallan Book C/m6— John M'Ewen, preses, 
Houstoun— John Forsyth, treasurer, Houstoun — Peter 
M'Kay, clerk, Houstoun — Thomas Pettigrew, librarian, 

3^29 Bridge of Weir Funeral Society — Alexander M'Douga!, 
preses. Bridge of Weir— William Lang, treasurer, Bridge of 
Weir— ^William Kerr, clerk, Bridge of Weir — John Salmon, 
officer, Bridge pf Weir. 

Houstoun Instrumental ^awcf— William IJre, master — house 
Houstoun, 13 members. 

jSf. B.— To Managers of Societies, see Paisley Directory, page 8i>'. 

fairs] " 

Houstoun— Second Tuesday of May. 
Bridge of Weir— First Friday after Lillia's Day Kilbarchan Fair. 



AITKEN, John, hair dresser, Church street 
Allan, George, druggist, Cross 
Allan, Robert, agent, Town Foot 
Allan, William, flax-dresser, New street 
Allison, Rev. Matthew, Relief Manse, New street 
Andrew, John, joiner and cabinet maker, New street 
Andrew, Robert, teacher. New street 
Andrew, Thomas, joiner, cabinet maker, and rustic chair 
maker, mill, cart, and plough wright, New street 

BARCLAY, John, farmer, Drygate 
Barr, James, farmer, Windyhill 


Barr, John, farmer, Barnscroft 

Barr, John, jun. licensed horse-dealer, Manswarye 

Barr, John, mason, Kaimhill 

Barr, Matthew, beamer, steeple square 

Barr, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, Barrholm street 

Barrie, John, spirit dealer, Barrholm street 

Blackwood, James, farmer, Kibbleston 

Blackwood, James, tailor. Shuttle street 

Blackwood, William, teacher, Church street 

Blair & Campbell, tailors. Steeple square 

Broadwood, farmer, Cartside 

Brcdie, David, cooper and nursery man, New street 

Bvodie, John, farmer, Clavens 

Brodie, Mrs. M. wine &: spirit dealer, Mason lodge, Cross 

Brodie, Robert, spirit dealer. Church street 

Brodie, Thomas, farmer, West Auchincioich 

Brown, James, boot and shoe maker, Steeple street 

CALDER, John, farmer, Coalboag 

Caldwell, Archibald, farmer. Nether Craigends 

Caldwel), James, grocer, Barrholm street 

Caldwell, John, farmer, Auchans 

Caldwell, John, grocer, Cross 

Caldwell, Robert, joiner and cabinet maker. New street 

Cameron, Daniel, customer weaver, Shuttle street 

Carruth, James, farmer, Lawmarnock 

Carruth, Robert, farmer. East Fulton 

Christie, James, wright. Cross 

Christie, Janet, ironmonger & colour shop, Cross 

Clark, James, of Burnfoot, farmer 

Clark, Mary, grocer. Church street 

Clark, Miss, milliner, leghorn & straw hat maker. Church 

Clark, Mrs. Robert, farmer, Damton 
Clark, Thomas, slater and plasterer, New street 
Climie, James, of Cullochant, farmer and road surveyor 
Climie, Robert, land surveyor and collector of statute la,-" 

hour mone}^ Cullochant 
Climie, Robert, agent, Church street 
Cochran, David, tailor, Steeple squar© 


Cochran, John, farmer, Priestoun 

Cochran, John, farmer, West Torr 

Cochran, Mrs. grocer, Church street 

Cochran, Peter, of Clippens 

Cochran, William, farmer. Green 

Gojquhoun, James, farmer, Barbush 

Connell, James, farmer, Locherside 

Gonnell, John, farmer, 'Tween-the-hills 

Craig, James, farmer, Sandholes 

Craig, John, of Whinnerstone and Monkland, faroier^ 

Craw, George, gardener, Clippens 
Crawford, Archibald, grocer, wine and spirit merchaoty 

Ewing street 
Cuninghame, Alex, of West Fulton, farmer 
Cuninghame, Mrs. of Craigends 
Cuninghame, William^ of Craigends 
Carrie, David, boot and shoemaker, Church street 

DARROCH, Neil, of Littletown, farmer' 

Davies, Agnes, milliner and dress maker, Shuttl<3 street 

Davies, John, jun. beamer, Barrholm street 

Davies, John, sen. beamer. Shuttle street 

Davies, John, grocer, Ewing street 

Dick, James, leather cutter & furnishing shop. Cross 

Donald, Peter, farmer, Faulds 

Donald, Robert, farmer, Penneld 

Douglas, Charles, tailor. Steeple square 

Douglas, Rev. Robert, Kilbarchan Manse 

EDDIE, James, jun. farmer, Overjohnstone 

Eddie, James, miller and grain merchant, Milliken Mill 

Erskine, Robert, farmer, Manswarye 

Erskine, William, farmer, East Auchincloich 

FERGUS, Robert, farmer, Netherjohnstone 
Ferrier, Mrs. Jean, spirit dealer, Steeple street 
Frame, John & Son, calico printers, Locher printfield 
Fraser, John, tailor, Steeple street 
Fulton, John, farmer, Kaimhill 

o 3 

16'^ KILBARCHAN, kc, 

Fulton, Thomas, farmer, Lintwhite 

GALBREATH, John, spirit dealer, New street 

Galbreath, William, farmer, Threeply 

Galloway, Walter, farmer, Shilliiigworth 

(lardner, John, builder, Barrhoira street 

Gavan, Mrs. teacher, (Ladies' weekday school) Stirling st. 

Gibson, Mrs. Deaf hillock Toll bar 

Giffen, James, spirit dealer, Overjohnstoiie 

Gilmour, John, farmer, Netherjohnstone 

Gilmour, Wm. vintner & keeper, Overjohnstone toll bar 

Glen, David, farmer, East Braes 

Gow, Mrs. agent, Barrholm street 

Gow, Robert, grocer, Barrholm street 

Graham, Captain— house Meadside 

Grant, James, miller and grain merchant, Glentyan Mill 

Gray, David, boot and shoemaker, Ewing street 

HALL, James, spirit dealer. New street 

Hancock, Fergus, watch and clock maker, Barrholm st^ 

Harvey, John, farmer, Barnbrock 

Hatrick, James, farmer, Boaghouse 

Hay, William, tailor. Steeple square 

Hill, William, farmer, Sandholes 

Holm, James, farmer, Bruntshields 

Holm, John, farmer, Barmuflock 

Holm, Peter, of Hairlaws, farmer 

Holm, William, of High Bruntshields, farmer, grazier^, 

and licenced horse dealer 
Holms, James, sen. joiner and cartwright, Barrholm st. 
Houstoun, Archibald, spirit dealer. Church street 
Hqav, Miss — house Shuttle street 
Howie, Alex, surgeon, New street 
Hunter, Archibald, jun. agent and grocer, Townfoot 
Hutchison, Thomas, baker & grain merchant, Church st. 

JACK, Robert, farmer, Greenside 
Jackson, Allan, farmer, Selvieland 
Jackson, James, of Huthead, farmer 
Jackson, John, farmer, Mains of Milliken 


Jackson, William, farmer, Passinglinn 
Jaraieson, Joseph, spirit dealer, Ewing street 
Jamieson, Mr^. of Muirhead, farmer 

KERR, John, cartwright, Steeple square 

Kerr, William, farmer, Overtoun 

King, Edward, agent, Barrholm street 

King, Miss, milliner and straw hat maker, Barrholm st. 

LAIRD, Miss Agnes, agent, Steeple square 
Lang, Alex, boot and shoemaker, New street 
Lang, Arthur, jun. of Bower, farmer 
Lang, Alex, of Laigh Bruntshields, farmer 
Lang, Robert, grocer. New street 
Law, Francis, builder, Steeple street 
Lee, James, farmer, Linwood 
Lee, John, farmer, High Auchinsale 
Lochhead, William, farmer, Ryevraes 
Logan, John, farmer, Westcrossflat 
Love, William, jun. teacher, Barrholm street 
Love, William, sen. grocer, Barrholiji street 
Lyle, James, jun. farmer, Horsewood 
Lyle, James, se*i. farmer, Torrhouse 
Lyle, Peter, farmer, East Torr 

MACDOWALL, William, of Carruth 

Manson, William, schoolmaster and session clerk — ho, 

Barrholm street 
Meikle, Mrs. feuar, Barrholm street 
Millar, Miss Ann, milliner and dress maker, Ewing st. 
Millar, Mrs. John, grocer. Church street 
Millar, Robert, druggist. Church street 
Monie, John, shoemaker. Steeple street 
Monie, Robert, flesher and spirit dealer, Ewing street 
Muir, James, farmer, Plainlees 
Munro, Colin, spirit dealer, Cross 
M'Arthur, Alex, agent, Barrholm street 
M'Fee, Nathaniel, boot and shoemaker. Church street 
M'Gavin, James, smith and farrier, Shuttle street 
M'Gregor, John, agent, Church street 

1 64 KILBARCHAN, k.C, 

M'Gregor, Mrs. furnishing shop, Barrholm street 
M'Keith, George, spirit dealer. Church street 
M'Cemmie, John, carter, Cross 

NAPIER, Sir Wm Milliken, of Milliken & Napier, Bart. 
Napier, William, o£Blackstoun 
Neil, Robert, boot and shoemaker. Steeple street 
Niven, Robert, farmer, Waterstone 

OR R, John, farmer, Todholes 

Orr, Peter, farmer. Law 

Orr, Robert, farmer, Wheatland 

PARK, William, grocer^ Shuttle street 
Paterson, James, farmer, Mill of Cart 
Patrick, James, shoemaker. Steeple street 
Pattison, Alex, farmer, Laigh Auchinsale 
Purdon, Andrew, bleacher, Merchant's close 

RAMSAY, Robert, flesher, Ewing street 
Renfrew, William, farmer, Mains of Blackstoun 
Rodger, John, farmer, Hillhead 

SEMPLE, James, farmer, Middletown 
Semple, James, jun. manufacturer, Barrholm street' 
Semple, Miss Grace, milliner and dress maker, Cross- 
Shields, Francis, gardenei'^ Wardhouse 
Smith, James, baker. Cross 
Stevenson, James, grocer, Townfoot 
Stevenson, James, of Auchinames, farmer 
Stevenson, James, spirit dealer, Ewing street 
Stevenson, John, of Barnbeth, farmer 
Stevenson, John, church officer, Steeple square 
Stevenson, Miss, milliner, dress and straw hat maker^ 

Stevenson, Mrs. grocer, Ewing street 
Stewart, James, farmer, Thirdpart hall 
Stewart, John, Buck's Head Inn, Cross and New street 
Stewart, William, boot and shoemaker. Church street 
Stirling, Captain James, RiN, of Glentyan 

KILBARCHAN, kc, l65 

Stuart, John Knox, M.D. at John Davies', Ewing st. 

TAYLOR, Duncan, farmer, Little Toll 

Thomson, James, farmer, Brannochly 

Thomson, John, cooper. Shuttle street 

Tinto, Miss Margaret, agents Ewing street 

Tinto, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Ewing street 

WALKER, Hugh, Locker Bank 

Walker, John, farmer and spirit dealer, Church street 

Watson, Mrs. farmer, Blackstoun 

Welsh, John, smith and farrier, Townfoot 

Yvliyte, James, joiner, cabinet maker, grocer and spirit 
dealer, Steeple street 

Whyte, James, wine and spirit dealer, Cross 

Whyte, William^ blacksmith, West Fulton 

Wilkie, Robert, farmer and miller, Lochermill 

Wilson, Alex, auctioneer, flesher, grocer, and land sur- 
veyor, Shuttle street 

Wilson, Archibald, tailor. Steeple street 

Wylie, Alexander, feuar, Shuttle street 

Wilson, George, grocer and spirit dealer. Steeple street 

W^oodrow, John, builder and farmer, Wardend 

Woodrow, Matthew, farmer, Barnbeth 

Woodrow, William, farmer, Clochoderick 

YOUNG, Colin, grocer and spirit dealer, Church streefc 
Young, John, customer weaverj New street 







Matthew Houston, President— ^Robert Climie, Treasurer. 

George Wilson 1 Edward King 

John Aitken Robert Ramsay 

William Cochran Archibald Crawford 

Williara Park Alexander Holms 

John Millar 

William Love, clerk. 

James Stevenson, oiticer. 
This Committee is appointftd by the Feuars to uplift a halfpenny 
per foot of front, for keeping the town clock, fire engine,, and public- 
wells of the village in repair. 

Justices of tlie Peace residing in or near Kilbarchan. 

Sir William Milliken Napier of 

Milliken and Napier, Bart, 
William Napier of Blackstoun 
Wm. Cuninghame of Craigends 
Wm. Campbell, 

Capt. James Stirling of Glentyan 
John Findlay, Gryffe. Bankhouse 
Alex. Cuninghame, West Fulton 
Capt. Dn Grahame of Meadside 
clerk, Johnstone 


pASisa Church — Church street, Robert Douglas, Parish Manse 
Meliep Church. — Ewing street, Matthew Allison, Relief Manse 
Maptist Chapel — Town foot, James M'Gavin, Shuttle stJ'eet 

Williara Manson, Barrholm street 


Parish CnuacH-^John Young, officer. New street — Precentor va- 
cant _ 
Meiief CauiiCH^John Stevenson, officer, New street — Nathaniel i! 
M'Fee, precentor, Church street 

<Grave Diggers, S)--c. Appendix. If 7 


Pahish Church — John Young, New street 
Relief Church — John Stevenson, New street 


Alexander Howie, New street 


Mrs. Stewart, Church street 


Alexander Wilson, Shuttle street 

PAROCHIAL SCHOOL— Steeple Square. 
William Manson, school master 


Committee — James Adam, president — John Dunsmore, treasurer 

William Manson, secretary and clerk. 

Visitors. — Rev. Robert Douglas, Alexander Howie, Rev. Matthew 
Allison. The Committee meet annually. There are under 
the Visitors's inspection two Sabbath Schools Nos. 1 and 2— 
Scholars about 260. 

^Parish School Rpom ( 1)-!- Managers and Teachers, John Duns- 
more, James Laird, Alexander Wylie, John Gardner, sen. 
John Gardner, jun., James Gardner, James Stevenson, James 
Christie, John.Chapman, Robert Millar, Robert Climie, jun. 
Alexander Stewart, John Young, William Watson, William 
Manson, James Adam. sen. Joseph Brown, Archibald Craig, 
William Wilson, Robert Cochran, John Inglis, William Gavin, 
James Gardner, William Hector, Robert Inglis, John Hill] 
and John Aitken — Scholars, ]80. 

iLadies' Room adjoining the parish School (2)-F.-Scholars 38. 

Jtelief Church Sabbath evening Class — The Rev. M. Allison imparts 
religious instructions to intending coramunjcants, and others of 
more advanced years. 

^adies' Week Day School, Stirling street — Mrs. Gavin, teacher 

This school is patronised and supported by Mrs. Stirlin<^ of 
Glentyan. The number of girls who attend on an aggregate, 
for instruction in reading and sewing, is seventy. 


ITo GLASGOW — Robert Galbraith, from New street, every 
Wednesday and Friday morning, and returns same day. 
~ William Orr, from Ewing street, every Tuesday and Fri- 
day, and returns same day. 

To PAISLEY— Robert Galbraith, from New street, daily, and 
returns daily. 

168 Kilharchan. Fares^ 8^c. 

To PAISLEY — John M'Arthur, from Barrholm street, daily, and 
returns daily, 
— James Crawfiird, from Cross, daily, and returns daily. 

To GREENOCK — William Barclay. (Kilmarnock carrier,) ar- 
rives every Tuesday and Friday, and returns on Wed- 
nesday and Saturday. 

To KILMARNOCK— William Barclay, arrives every Tuesday 
and Friday, and departs Wednesday and Saturday. 



176S. Kilbarchan General Friendly Society George Wilson, 

preses. Steeple street— Andrew Crawford, treasurer, Ewing 
street — William Manson, clerk, Barrholm — No officer 

1784-. St. Barchan's Lodge, No. 208, now No. 154— John Barr, 
jun. R. W. M. Yonderton — James Christie, depute-mas- 
ter, Kilbarchan — Robert Craig Hatrick, senior warden, 
Kilmalcolm — Robert Kirkland, junior warden, Kilbarchan — 
John Woodrow, treasurer— Robert Kerr, secretary- 
George M'Reath, senior steward — Francis Law, junior 
steward — Alex. 'Wilson, senior deacon— John Millar, junior 
deacon — Matthew Koustoun, standard bearer — JohnYoung, 
bible carrier — James Houstoun, tyler 

1801. Kilharchan Union Friendly Society — James Buchanan, 
preses, Barrholm street — Alexander M'Gurthe, treasurer, 
Barrholm st.— Wm. Arnot, clerk, Barrholm st. — John 
M* Arthur, officer, Barrholm street. 

]8Q2. Kilbarchan Friendly Association — David Crawford, preses, 
Barrholm street — John Dunsmore, treasurer, Barrholm 
street — Robert Speirs, clerk, Townfoot — Geo. Anderson, 
officer. Church street. 

1802. Zoyal Kilbarchan Yeomanry — James Grant, preses, Glen- 
tya» Mill — Alexander Wilson, treasurer. Cross — George 
Wilson, clerk, Steeple St.— Jas. Houstoun, officer, New st. 

1808. Kilbarchan Library — William Love, preses — Archibald 
Crawford, treasurer, Ewing street— John Wilson, clerk- 
William Speirs, librarian, New street— George Anderson, 

1810. Kilbarchan (No 1) Friendly Society— James Kirkland, 
preses, Barrholm street — James Hall, treasurer. New st. — 
Wm. Love, clerk, Barrholm street — John Wilson, officer. 
Town foot. 

3811. Kilbarchan {No. 6) Friendly Society— W\\\\am Green, 
preses, Kilbarchan — Alexander M'Arthur, treasurer, Kilbar- 
chan — John Dougal, clerk. Steeple square — George An- 
derson, officer, Church street. 

Societies, Appendix. 169 

1814. Kilharchan fNo. ]2,J Friendly Society— '"Kohext Houstoun^ 
preses, Barrholm — Alexander Wilson, treasurer, Cross-— 
Janoes Galbreath, clerk, Crosse-William Boyd, officer, 
Barrholm street. 

1816. The Kilharchan Friendly Society, for mutual Protection 
against Loss hy Fire — Vacant, preses— Archibald Craw- 
ford, treasurer— William Manson, clerk, Barrholm street- 
James Stevenson, officer. New street. 

1823. Kilharchan Helief Lihrary--Thomas M'Kean, preses, Stir- 
ling Street — William Love, treasurer. Shuttle street—- 
Rev- M. Allison, secretary — Alexander Fullarton, librarian, 
Steeple street — and eight directors. 

? Kilharchan and Neighhourhood Agricultural Society— 'Wm, 
Erskine, farmer, Auchincloich, preses — Alexander Wilson, 
auctioneer, Kilharchan, clerk — James Grant, Glentyan mill, 
treasurer — John Woodrow, mason, Kilharchan — Alexander 
M'Murrich, farmer, Clavens— -John Logan, farmer, Cross- 
flat — Robert Carruth, farmer, East Fulton — Alexander 
Pattison, farmer, Auchinsale — James Thomson, farmer, 
Brannockly — James Giffcn, toll keeper, Overjohnstone— 
Walter Galloway, farmer, Shillingsworth — John Barr, far- 
mer, Manswarye — John Barclay, farmer, Drygate — George 
Wilson, grocer, Kilharchan, Managers— John Logan, farmer 
Tannelmuir, Lochwinnoch — Robert Park, farmer, Glen- 
shinnoch, Erskine — James Simpson, farmer, Leperstone, 
Kilmalcolm, Judges. 

The Committee of Management annually chosen. 

Premiums awarded as under, at the show in 1833. 

1 For the best Bull, three years old or upwards, to Peter 

Orr, farmer, Law - - ^61 5 

2 For the best Bull, under three years old, to James Ste- 

venson, of Auchinames - - I 

3 For the best year old stirk, to William Woodrow, farmer, 

Clochodrick - - - 10 

4. For the best cow in milk, not above eight years, to John 

Logan, farmer, Crossflat - - 1 5 

5. For the second best cow in milk, to Mrs, Brodie, inn- 

keeper, Kilharchan - - - 10 

6 For the best three year old in n^ilk, to James Walker, 

farmer, Manswarye - - - 10 

7 For the best two year old in milk, to Peter Donald, 

farmer, Faulds - - - 15 

8 For the best yield quey, two years old, to Robert Jack, 

farmer, Greenside - - 15 

9 For the best one year old quey, to John Barclay, far- 

mer, Drygate - - . 10 


170 KilharcJian, Fire Engine, Sfc. 


James Grant, Glentyan Mill, preses — John Logan, farmer, Cross- 
flat, treasurer — Alexander Wilson, auctioneer, Kilbarcham 
clerk — William Erskine, farmer, Auchincloich — James Connell> 
farmer, Locherside — John Fulton, farmer, Kaimshill — James 
Lee, farmer, Liuwood — Peter Donald, farmer, Faulds — Peter 
Orr, farmer. Law — John Stevenson, of Barnbeth — John Bar- 
clay, farmer. Drygate — William Kyle, farmer, Sandholes, 
Managers — Thomas Robertson, farmer, Copley, Neilston— 
John Craig, sen., farmer, Gavin, Lochwinnoch — Robert Lang, 
farmer, Mathonock, Kilmalcolm, Judges. 

N.B.-— The Publisher has given an extract of the Prizes awarded 
in 1831, and placed them to 1833, considering them the same, as 
the Clerk of the Society did not give them in his return for that year, 
(see Notices to Managers of Societies, 1st page of Paisley Appen- 
dix.) page 89. 

1829. Kilharchan Curlers' Society — No preses— John Andrew, 
treasurer — James Mack, clerk, Steeple street — Andrew 
Adam, officer, Steeple street. 
? Kilbarchan Female Society in aid of Missions — Mrs. Robert 
Wilson, treasurer — Rev. Matthew Allison, secretary, with 
a committee of six Directors. 
1S30. Kilharchan Renfrewshire Political Union Band, No. 1— 

William Dyer, master, house Kilbarchan. 
JS'.B. To Managers of Societies, see Paisley Directory, page 89. 


The Fire Engine and Apparatus are lodged in the Steeple Build- 
ings. Keys are to be found at Alexander Fullarton's, Steeple square, 
Hugh Gavin, Ewing street, and John Climie, Engine keeper, 
Castle Tarbet. 

*LMHa's Day, 3d Tuesday of July, Old Style. 
•St. Barchan's Day, ist Tuesday of December, Old Style, 

• Old Style is too antiquated to be understood now, and we would recommend to 
the inhabitants of those villages who regulate their Fairs by it, to join in " the pro- 
gressing march of intellect." The Russians who are in the rear of European civili- 
zation, have lately adopted New Style* and surely we will not allow ourselves to 
4roop behind. 




ADx\M, John, farmer, Laigh Barford 

Adam, Robert, farmer and cattle dealer, Plantly 

Aitken, James, farmer, Park 

Aitken, James, wriglit, Calderhaugh Mill 

Aitken, James, grocer and spirit dealer, High street 

Allan, Hugh, clerk, Calder Park Mill 

Allan, John, customer weaver. High street 

Allan, John, saddler, High street 

Allan, Miss, dress maker, How-wood 

Allan, Robert, carding master, Calderhaugh Mill 

Allan, Robert, heckler, Calder street 

Allison, Archibald, wright & timber mercht. How-wood 

Allison, Hugh, boot and shoemaker. How-wood 

Anderson Duncan, shepherd, Muirshields 

Anderson, James, lime burner, How-wood 

Anderson, John, farmer, Ballgreen 

iVnderson, John, undertaker, Calder street 

Anderson, Mrs. druggist, High street 

Anderson, Robert, surgeon and druggist, CaUer street 

Archibald, John, farmer, Clovenstone 

Armstrong, Mrs, furnishing shop. High street 

Arthur, Archibald, of Gavelmoss, farmer 

Arthur, Mrs. William, Black, Bull Inn, Cross 

Arthur, Robert, farmer, Tannelmuir 

Arthur, Robert, farmer, Wattieston 

BAHjLTE, Thomas, teacher, How-wood 
Baird, Andrew, farmer, Barford 
Barbour, John, farmer, Auchingown 
Barbour, John, grocer. High street 
Barbour, John, musician, Eastend 
Barbour, John, jun. sawer, High street 
Barbour, John, sen. sawer. High street 
Barbour, John, wright, Eastend 


Barbour, Robert, feuar, parish raissionary, and collector 
of poors' rates, High street 

Barbour, Widow, Old Tower 

Barbour, William, of Little Cloak, farmer 

Barclay, John, farmer, Bowertrees 

Barclay, Peter, farmer, Greenbrae 

Barr, Mrs. of Lochside 

Barr, Mrs. teacher of sewing, Calder street 

Bartholomew, John, joiner and cabinet maker, Burnfoot, 
and overseer at Bar 

Bartholomew, Wm. fariAer, miller, and grazier, Millbank 

Bartholomew, Alex, farmer, Tannelmuir 

Bartlemore, Alexander, farmer, Meikle Cloak 

Biggar, David, candle wick manufacturer, Loanhead 

Blackburn, James, farmer, Sandystone 

Blackburn, John, wright, Kirktoun 

Blackwood, George, farmer. Wheels 

Blair, James, farmer, Rashiefield 

Blair, John, of Kerse, farmer 

Brodie, Hugh, farmer, Risk 

Brodie, James, of Ward, land measurer, Johnshill 

Brodie, John, carding master, Calderhaugh mill 

Brodie, Robert, draper and tea merchant. High street 

Brodie, William, jun. of Kerse, farmer, 

Brodie, William, sen. of Nervalstone, farmer and coal- 
mine proprietor — Robert Howie, hillsman 

Brown, Robert, hair dresser & customer weaver. High st. 

Buchanan, Samuel, boot and shoemaker, High street 

Buchanan, Thomas, manager, Calderhaugh Mill 

Bulloch, John, druggist, High street 

Burns, Robert, grocer, New^ton of Beltrees 

Burns, Thomas, farmer, Little Cloak 

CALDWELL, Allan, of Kaim, farmer 

Caldwell, Hugh, farmer, Ward 

Caldwell, James, farmer. Mid Barnaigh 

Caldwell, John, of Auldyard, farmer 

Caldwell, Lieutenant, John, Gavan 

Caldwell, Mrs. farmer. High Barnaigh 

Caldwell, Rcbert, Bucks' Head Inn, How-wood 

Caldwell, Robert, sen. of Calderhaugh, writer, High st. 


Caldwell, Robert, of East and South Muir dykes, farmer 

Caldwell, Robert, jun. writer, High street 

Caldwell, Thomas, farmer, and thread manuf. Loanhead 

Caldwell, Thomas, farmer, Munibrock 

Caldwell, William, of Beltrees, farmer 

Caldwell, William, of Gavan 

Caldwell, W^illiam, farmer, Midhouse 

Caldwell, William, of Wateryett, farmer 

Cameron, Peter, bleacher, Midton field 

Campbell, James, of Burnthill, farmer 

Campbell, James, wright, Newton of Beltrees 

Campbell, John, bleacher, Bowfield 

Campbell, Miss Eliza, milliner and dressmaker. High st. 

Campbell, Miss Mary, milliner and dressmaker, High St.. 

Campbell, Robert, agent, Calder street 

Campbell, Robert, grocer. High street 

Carduff, Andrew, blacksmith, How-wood 

Carsewell, Mrs. house, Braehead 

Clark, Andrew, farmer, Longcroft 

Clark, David, of Hollow Barnaigh, farmer 

Clark, James, grocer, wine, and spirit dealer, Cross 

Clark, John, farmer. Little Gavan 

Clark, Robert, farmer. Risk 

Clark, Thomas, of Top House, farmer 

Cochran, David, mason, Newtown of Barr 

Cochran, Mrs. William, of Ladyland 

Connell & Aitken, cabinet makers &:cartwrights. High st. 

Connell, James, sen. of Calderhaugh, Newtown of Barr 

Connell, John, draper, Calder street 

Connell, John, writer, Newtown of Barr 

Connell, Robert, joiner, cabinet maker, and cart wright, 

North Shields Gate 
Connell, Robert, tailor, High street 
Connell, William, writer, Cross, house, Newtown of Barr 
Craig, James, farmer, West Lochhead 
Craig, Jas. teacher & land surveyor, Newton of BeltreeS 
Craig, John, jun. farmer, Wester Gavan 
Craig, John, meal and cheese dealer, Fauldshead 
Craig, Peter, grocer, How-wood 

Crawford, J ames; auctioneer and spirit dealer, High street 



Crawford, James, customer weaver, Chapel street 

Crawford, Lillia, grocer. How-wood. 

Crawford, Peter, keeper, Miiir toll bar 

Crawford, Robert, mason and slater, Newton of Barr 

Crawford, William, beamer, Kirktoun 

Crawfurd, Andrew, surgeon, Johnshill 

Crawfurd, John & William, wool spinners. Cloak Mill 

Cunningham, farmer, Whitelawmuir 

Cunningham, Robert, farmer, East Loanhead 

Currie, John, farmer, Gateside 

DAVIDSON, Deacon, Arehd. smith, Newtown of Barr 

Dickie, James, miller, Millbank Mill 

Donald, James, spirit dealer, Calder street 

Douglas, William, road surveyor, Ellistoun bridge 

Dow, James, tailor, Calder street 

Duncan, Jos. ironmonger & tinsmith, Tanholes, Kirkton 

Dunn, Thomas, writer. Cross — ho. High street 

Dunsmore, Alex. How- wood 

Dunsmore, John, cabinet maker and cartwright, Calder St. 

Dunsmore, Williamj church officer, High street 

EDMISTON, Alex, grocer & spirit dealer. Factory clos® 
Edmiston, David, gamekeeper, Castlesemple 
Ewing, Robert, farmer, Fairhills 
''Ewing, Robert, feuar. High street 
Ewing, Robert, grocer. High street 
Ewing, Thomas, grocer, High street 
Ewing Walter, farmer, Bridgend 
Ewing, William, Lochwinnoch Road Head Ijm 

FISHER, David, hosier, High street 

Fulton, Buchanan, & Co. cotton spinners, Cald^rhaugHs 

Fulton, John Knockbartnock 
Fulton, William, of Broomknow, farmer 
Fulton, William, farmer. High Burnside 
Fulton, William, of Knockbartnock and Balgreen 
Fulton, William, of Spreulston, farmer 
Fyfe, Robert, engineer, Calderhaugh Mill 


- ■ I. - — » ■ ■■■-■ - - "K ^ r •«■ , .-..-« -.«— . 

GARDNER, Mrs. housekeeper, Barr 

Gardner, Richd. bird stufFer, & portrait painter, Calder st,. 

Gall, James, keeper, Clark^s bridge Tollbar 

Geramill, Francis, of Overtoun, farnaer 

Gemmill, John, of Burnfaulds, farmer 

Gemmill, John, snufF-box maker and ctirliiag stone cutter^ 

Calder street 
Gemmill, Matthew, teacher,^ High street 
Gemmill, Miss Jean, farmer, Lorabank 
Gibb, James, farmer, North Castle Walls 
Gibb, James C. watch and clock maker, High street 
Gibb, Robert, farmer, Swinetrees 
Gibb, William, farmer, Burnside 
Gibson, Helen, grocer. High street 
Gibson, Mrs. Newtown of Barr, Toll bar 
Gillies, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Chapel street 
Gilmour, Allan, of Boaghouse, farmer 
Gilmonr, James S. grocer and spirit dealer, Kirktoim 
Glen, John, of Muirfaldhouse, farmer. 
Glen, Robert, farmer, Heathfield 
Glen, William, of Kaim, farmer 
Goldie, George, shoemaker. Chapel street 
Greenlees, David, farmer, Waukmill 
Greenlees, Robert, farmer, Beltrees 
Greenlees, Thomas, farmer, Gavelmosa 
Grant, John, miller Bridgend Mill 

HARVEY, Lieut-Colonel James, of CastlesempI© 

Harvey, Thomas, of Muirend, farmer 

Hardie, James, gardener, Castlesemple 

Hay, John, boot and shoe maker, Newton, of Beltree* 

Henderson, George, surgeon. Chapel street 

Hendry, James, carding master, Calderhaugh mill 

Hendry, John of Auchingown, farmer 

Hendry, John, farmer. Knows 

Houston, John, farmer, Old Tower 

Houston, Matthew, farmer. Hall 

Houston, Miss, bookseller and stationer. High street 

Houstoun, Wra. of Watties ton, Newton of Barr 

Hunter, Captain Robert, Braehead 


IRVINE, John, carding master, Calder Park Mill 

Jack, John, manager Hall hill Coal work — house do. 

Jack, William, carter, Kirkton 

Jack, William, farmer, Muirshields 

Jamieson, Alex, poulterer, Lochshaw 

Jamieson, Alex, reeling master, Calder Park Mill 

Jamieson, Hugh, farmer. Little cloak 

Jamieson, James, spinning master, Calder Park mill 

Jamieson, John, farmer. Hill 

Jamieson, Miss, milliner, dress and corset maker, High st. 

Jamieson,, Robert, farmer. Boghead 

Jamieson, Thomas, farmer, Fairhills 

Jamieson, William, farmer, Bowfield 

Jamieson, William, farmer and flax miller, Elliestoun brig, 

KAY, Mrs. William,, farmer, Artnocks 

Kerr, Robert, farmer, Kerse 

Kerr, Thomas, of Muirhead, farmer 

Kerr, William, farmer and cattle dealer, Barrodger 

Kerr, William, farmer, Knows 

King, David, farmer, Lorabar 

King, James,, sculptor and statuary. High street 

King, James, of West Muirdykes,. farmer 

King, James, of Yardfoot, farmer, 

King, Miss, milliner and dressmaker. High street 

King, Thomas, farmer,. Middletoa 

LAIRD, Andrew, customer weaver and grocer, Kirkton 
Latta, Andrew, of Gavelmoss, farmer 
Latta, James, of Boydstone, farmer 
Law, William, farmer, Kaimhill 
Lin dsa^v John, sen. How-wood 
Lochhead, John, farmer, Auchengreach- 
Lochhead, W illiam, farmer, Rivoch 
Lochwinnoch, Victualling Society, Andrew Lindsay, sales- 
Logan, JameSj farmer, Byrebush 

Logan, John, cloth mercht., chrystal & toy shop, Galder st. 
Logan, John, farmer, High How- wood 


Logan, Robert, baker, High street 

Logan, Robert, mason. Factory close 

Love, Lieut. James, of Knows, and factor of Hartfield^ — 

house Hallhill 
Love, William, of Linthills, farmer 

MACALISTER, Hugh, teacher. High street 

Macalister, John, tailor. High street 

Macdowall, William, of Garthland and Barr 

Maitland, John, watch and cloct maker, Chapel street 

Marshall, John, of West hills, farmer 

Mathieson, Edward, tailor. High street 

Maxton, Cochrane, wine, tea, & spirit merchant. High st* 

Maxton, John, nursery and seedsman, Harvey square 

Miller, James, farmer. Park 

Miller, William, of Lochhead, farmer 

Montgomery, J. spinning master, Calderhaugh Mill 

Montgomery, Mrs. of Easthills, farmer 

Montgomery, William, younger of Cloak, factor of Castle- 

semple, St. Bride's Mill 
Moody, Mrs. grocer, High street 
Muir, Robert, farmer, Ward yett 

M^Artney, James, blacksmith. North Shields gate 

M'Cormick, Neil, tailor. Chapel street 

M^Curdy, John, boot and shoemaker. Chapel street 

M'Farlane, John, baker. High street 

M'Farlane, Mrs. spirit dealer. High street 

M'Farlane, Walter, forester. How-wood 

M'Farlane, William, forester. How wood 

M'Keggie, Peter, farmer, Laigh Langstylie 

M'Lean, John, boot and shoemaker, Calder street 

M'Leish, Peter, teacher. High How wood 

M'Leish, A. water twist spinning master, Calder Park Mill 

IM'Naught, James, blacksmith, Newton of Belltrees 

NEIL, Andrew, parochial teacher and session clerk, Cha* 

pel street 
Neilson, John, baker, Calder street 
Neilson, John, farm steward, Castlesemple 


Niven, James, farmer, Little Crossford 

Niven, John, farmer, Barrbowie 

Niven, James, grocer and spirit dealer, How wood 

Niven, Samuel, shoemaker, High street 

Niven, William, keeper. How wood Toll bar 

ORR, Alex, surgeon, Harvey square 

Orr, .lames, auctioneer, Calder street 

Orr, James, farmer, East Johnshill 

Orr, James, of Langyard, farmer 

Orr, James, of Newton of Belltrees, farmer, Glenhead * 

Orr, John, farmer. East Barnaigh 

Orr, Mrs. Thos, stationer, hardware and toy shop, Cross 

Orr, Robert, farmer, VVesthills 

Orr, Robert, of Auchinhane, farmer 

Orr, Robert, of Cruiks, farmer 

Orr, Thomas, grocer and tea merchant, High street 

Orr, Thomas, of Risk, farmer 

Orr, Thomas, (Orrion Academy,) behind the Cross well 

Orr, William, carding master, Calderpark mill 

Orr, William, farmer and grazier, Auchinhane 

Orr, William, merchant. High street 

Orr, William, of East Johnshill, cattle dealer 

Orr, William, of Kaim and Greenbrae, faraier 

Orr, William, of Linthills, farmer 

PATERSON, Andrew, writer. High street, ho. Cross 

Peock, Robert, of Beltrees rauir, farmer 

Peock, William, of Burnside, farmer 

Pinkerton, Allan, of Mossend, farmer 

Pollock, Alexander, of Top house, farmer 

Pollock, Alexander, of Windyhill, farmer 

f^Oilock, Allan, vintner, How wood 

Pollock, John, of Burnthill, farmer 

Pollock, .John, of Springside, farmer 

Pollock, Robert, farmer. South Castlewall 

Pollocli, Robert, of Gilsyard, farmer 

RALSTON, William & George, coopers, Chapel street 
Reaside, Robert, farmer, Kerse 


Reid, John, of Aucliingown, farmer 
Reid, Robert, (Lochwinnoch Inn,) Cross 
Richmond, Alexander, grocer, High street 
Richmond, John, forrester, North Gate 
Richmond, William, cooper, High street 
Ritchie, Robert, customer weaver, Johnshill 
Robertson, Miss, milliner, leghorn, straw hat, and dress- 
maker. High street 
Robertson, Misses, milliners & straw hat makers, Kirktoim 
Robertson, R. picking master, Calderhaugh mill 
Robertson, William, farmer and land surveyor, Newfauld 
Robison, William, teacher, Townhead 
Rodick, Robert, cutler, Castlesemple 
Ross, James, of Over Broadfield, farmer 
Ruthven, William, basket maker, Bridgend 

SAMUEL, James, farmer. Mount top 

Scrim, William, farmer. Park 

Sheddon, Jas. manager Calder Park mill, ho. High st. 

Sheddon, John, jun. fiesher, (Wheat Sheaf Inn) High st. 

Sheddon, John, sen. fiesher, (Brown Bull Inn) High st. 

Sheddon, William, vintner, Calder street 

Sheilds, Mrs. housekeeper, Castlesemple 

Shoolbraid, Rev. John, Secession Manse, Chapel street 

Simpson, Thomas, draper. High street 

Simpson, William, smith, Calderhaugh mill 

Sloan, William, linen and woollen draper, High street 

Smith, David, farmer. Holms 

Smith, James, sawer, and grocer. How-wood 

Smith, John, tailor, Calder street 

Smith, Rev. Robert, Lochwinnoch Manse 

Speir, Alexander, jun. farmer, East Micheltoun 

Speir, A. sen. of Peockstoun, farmer. South Micheltoun 

Speir, James, land measurer. Upper Hole 

Speir, Mrs. John, of Upper Hole 

Spiers, William, farmer, Jamfraystock 

Speirs, William, undertaker, Harvey square 

Sproul, James, foreman, Boufield 

Steel, Alexander, farmer, Turnershields 

Steel, James, grocer and stoneware merchant, High street 


Stevenson, Alex, boot and shoemaker, Kirktoun 
Stevenson, Daniel, postmaster and agent, High street 
Stevenson, Hugh, of Laigh Broadfield, farmer 
Stevenson, James, grocer, and customer weaver, Newton 

of Beltrees 
Stevenson, James, power loom factory, Knowsfield 
Stevenson, John, farmer and miller, New Mill 
Stevenson, John, wood, iron, and brass turner, Chapel st. 
Stevenson, Mrs. farmer, Over Broadfield 
Stevenson, Walkinshaw, tailor, Newton of Beltrees 
Stevenson, William, farmer, Tannelmuir 
Stewart, Alexander, hair dresser, Calder street 
Stewart, John, of Yard head and Barford, farmer 
Stewart, Robert, farmer, Kaim 
Storie, Mrs. milliner, leghorn & straw hat maker, Chapel st. 

TARBET, Mrs. spirit dealer, High street 

Tarbet, Robert, tailor, High street 

Taylor, William, teacher and printer, Calder street 

Thomson, Andrew, agent, High street 

Thomson, William, Risk 

Turner, William, gardener, Barr 

Tyre, Robert, grocer, Calder street 

URIE, John, butler, Barr 

VEITCH, William, tailor, High street 

WALKER, John, farmer, Gilsyard 

Walker, John, musician, Peockstone 

Walker, Patrick, grocer and spirit dealer, Cross 

Walker, Robert, farmer, Fairhill 

Walker, Robert, feuar. High street 

Wallace, Hugh, carding master, Calderhaugh Mill 

Wallace, William, farmer, Overtown 

Wark, Francis, of Cochran Place, Hazel Head and Hap- 

Watson, John, boot and shoemaker, Calder street 
Watson, William, boot and shoemaker, High street 
Watt, William, theikar, and curlingstone maker, High st 


White, James, farmer, Lochhead 

Whyte, David, farmer, Peockstone 

Vv'hite-, Malcolm, spirit dealer, Higii street 

White, Robert, farmer, Whitehilis 

Williams, Thomas, tailor, How wood 

Wilson, Alesander, of Over-trees, farmer 

Wilson, Humphrey, mill wright, Calderpark Mill 

Wilson, John & James, carters, High street 

Winning, Andrew, farmer. How wood 

W' right, Mrs. of Calder Park 

Wright, W^iiliam, & Co, cotton spinners, Calder Park Mill 

Wylie, Miss Jean, dressmaker, Edge 

Wylie, William, farmer, Edge 

YOUN'G, Alex, of Castlewalls and Crossford 

Young, David, farmer, Midton 

Yoimg, George, grocer, High street 

Young, James, mason. High street 

Young, John, baker, High street 

Young, John, clerk, Calderhaugh Mill 

Young, John, former. Nether trees 

Young, John, jun. builder, Calder street 

Young, John, sen. mason, Calder street 

Young, William, moudiwart catcher. High street 


L E R 'S 



Jaraes Harvey, of Castlesemple 
Wra. Macdowall, of Garthland 
Wiliiam Cochran, of Ladlyland 
James Love, of Knows, Hallhill 

Wm. Montgomery, yr. of Cloak 
John Fyffe, High street 
Johu Buchanan, of Calderhaugh 
James Wright, of Calderpark 

Thomas Duun, fiscal Cross 

Robert Caldwell, clerk, High street 

Richard Wylie, bar-officer and constable. Chapel street 

182 LGclnvinnoch. Justice of Peace Courts S^c 


Held on first Saturday every month, at 11 o'clock forenoon, 
Robert Caldwell, clerk. 


Robert Caldwell, sen, 
Robert Caldwell, jun. 

John Connel! 
William Connel! 

Thomas Dunn, Procurator Fiscal Andrew Paterson 
N.B. — For residence see Directory. 

Richard Wylie, High street | Robert Young, High street 


R. Henderson, town crier^ Cross. 
William Dunsmore, passing bellman, High street. 


Jances Crawford, High street | John Robertson, Factory close 

James Orr, Calder street | 

i . — . 


Alexander Orr, Harvey square I Robert Anderson, Calder street 
Geo. Henderson, Chapel street j 


Mrs. Colin Turner, High street ( Mrs John Blackburn, Kirktoun 


Pahisb Cbusch, Chapel street — Rev. Robert Smith, Lochwin- 

noch Manse. 

UxiTED Secession' Church, Chapel street — Rev. John Sbool- 
braid, Secession Manse. 


Parish CnuRCH-^Wm. Dunsmore, officer, High street — Wm. Orr, 
Precentor, Calder street. 

United Secession Chusch — James Campbell, officer, High street 
^Precentor, vacant. 


Andrew Neil, Interim- 


William Dunsmore, High street. 

Post Office, Sfc, Appendix. 183 

POST OFFICE, High Street. 

Arrival of Post. 

Arnves at 8 o'clock morning fronfi Glasgow and Beith, and from 
Paisley at half past 6 o'clock evening. 

DepHrture of Post. 

Departs at half-past 4 o'clock afternoon. 

Daniel Stevenson, Postmaster. 

N. B. (For Rates of Postages, see Paisley Directory, page 109. 

STAMP OFFICE, High Stheet, 
Robert Caldwell, sen. Writer, sub-distributor. 

West of Scotland Fire and Life. — James Connel, Agent, 

Newtown of Barr. 


Robert Caldwell, jun. writer, Agent. 

COATS to GLASGOW, (by Stevenston, Kilwinning, Dairy, 
Betth, and How-wood,) arrives every lawful day at Loehwinnocb 
Road Head Inn, at 5 to 9 o'clock morning ; and arrives again at 
same Inn, from Glasgow for Saltcoats, at J 5 minutes past 6 o'clock 

The above Coach arrives at Buck's Head Inn, How-wood, for 
Glasgow, at | past nine morning, and arrives again at same Inn, fo£ 
Saltcoats, at 45 minutes past 5 evening. 

The HERALD Stage Coach from GLASGOW to SALT- 
COATS, (by Paisley, How-wood, Beith, Dairy, Kilwinning, and 
Stevenston,) arrives every lawful day at Lochvvinnoch Road Head 
Inn, at 9 o'clock morning, and arrives again from Saltcoats for 
Glasgow at same Inn, at 6 o'clock evening. 

JN. B. — The distance from Lochwinnoch Cross to Lochwinnoch 
Road Head Inn, is 1 mile, 1 furlong, and 17 poles; and from 
Lochwinnoch Road Head Inn, to Buck's Head Inn, How-wood, is 
2 miles, 5 furlongs, and 32 poles. 

GLASGOW, from Robert Love's, on Tuesday and Saturday morn- 
ing, and returns same day. 

— James Storie, trom Chapel street, on Monday and Thursday 

morning, and returns same day. 
PAISLEY— Robert Love, from High street, every Tuesday and 
Saturday morning, and returns same day. 

— John Robertson, from High street, every Tuesday, Thursday, 

and Saturday rporning, and returns same day. 

184 LochwinnQch, Parochial School, S;c. 


James Love, from Beith to Greenock, arrives at John Shedden's, 
Wheat Sheaf Inn, High street, Lochwinnoch, on Tuesday at 6 
d/Hock mornirip', and arrives again at same house, on V\ednesday 
evtning, for Beith. 

Andrew Neil, Interim. 


Committee — John Buchanan, president — Thomas Orr, treasurer 

— James Shed(ien, secretary and clerk. 
Visitors. — Rev Robert Smiih — -Rev. John Shoolbraid~A!ex, Oir 
The committee meets annually. There are under the visitors' in- 
spection seven Sabbath Schools. Scholars 595 as under. 
Parish School Room — Conducted by Robert Wallace, and assisted 

by six men and four females— Scholars 140, mostly adults. 
Calderhaugh — Matthew Gemmell, Richard Gardner, and Peter 

Anderson, teachers— Scholars 133. 
Court Hall — Robert Barbour and John Connell, teachers— Scho- 

lars about 43. 
Orrian Academy — Thomas Orr, teacher — Scholars 60 
Tuwnhead — James Clerk, James Gilmour, Alex. Gemmell, and 

James Jamieson, teachers — Scholars 88. 
Tonmfoot. — Robert Aitken, John Barbour, Hugh Macalaster, and 

David Dunsmore, teachers — Scholars \3\. 
iJoiv-wood-^VeiQi MLeish and Alex. Dunsmore, teachers — Scho- 
lars 40. 



1799. Lochwinnoch Garthland St. Winiock Lodge (No, 204^ — 
William Walker, R. W. M. Calder street — John Young, 
depute master — John Smith, senior warden — Robert Con- 
nell, junior warden — William ConntU, treasurer — James 
Watt, secretary — Robert Jamieson, pass master — John 
M'Farlane, senior steward — James M'Intyre, junior steward 
— William Young, senior deacon — James Steel, junior dea- 
con-— Robert Gemmell, tylcr. 

ISiJl. Lochwinnoch [No. 4y Town and Country Friendly Society — 
Robert Ralston, preses — Alexander Gemmell, treasurer, 
Johiishill — William Robertson, clerk, Tovvnhead — Thomas 
Cameron, officer. Factory close. 

181 L Boio-wood Friendly Society — Robert Brown, preses, Linnies- 
ton — Archibald Allison, treasurer. How-wood — Hugh Al- 
lison, cleik, How- wood — No officer. 

Societies, Appendix, 185 

1812. Lochwinnock fNo 6 J Friendly Society — Alexander Jamie - 
son, preses — Robert Dunsmore, treasurer — V^illiam Wal- 
ker, clerk — William Millar, officer, Factory close. 

1813.^ Lochwinnock Female Society for Religious Purposes.— ~M\%% 
Wright, treasurer — Miss Agnes Wright, Mrs. Barbouij 
Miss Swan, managers. 

18]7i Lochwinnock Society for Helipious Purposes — James Harvey, 
of Castlesemple, president — Rev. Robert Smith, vice-presi- 
dent — James Shedden, treasurer. 

1820. Lockwinnock Female Provident Society.— Mrs Gemmel!,. 
preses, Johnshill — Miss Crawford, treasurer, Johnshill— 
Miss Robertson, clerk, Factory close — Miss Laird, collec- 
tor, Kirkton street. 

1821.- Lockwinnock fNo. 7, J Friendly Society. — Daniel Dunsmore,- 
preses, High street — John Watson, treasurer, Calder street 
— .Andrew Thomson, clerk. High street — James Clerk, offi- 
cer, Townhead. 

1822. Lockwinnock fNo. 8,J Sedentary Trades^ Friendly Society— ^ 
Alexander Wylie, preses, Johnshill— John Watson, trea- 
surer, Calder street — John Cameron, clerk, Calderhaugh — - 
Peter Greenlees, officer, Calderhaugh. 

1>823. Lockwinncck Library, (High street,), was opened in 1823, 
The terms are 6s. entry-money, and 6s. for annual subscrip- 
tion. It contains about 600 vols. John Blair, of Kerse, 
president — William Connell, treasurer — Andrew Paterson,. 
secretary — Miss Houstoun, librarian, High street.. 

1824!. Lockioinnooh Coffin Society. — Robert Robinson, preses, Gal- 
derfield — Robert Ewing, treasurer, High street — Alexander 
Jamieson, clerk, High street — John Smith, cover keeper, 
Calder street. 

\%2Q.-— Lockwinnock Female Benevolent Society,— Mis, Col. Har- 
vey, Castlesemple, president — Mrs. Shoolbraid, treasurer — 
Mr?. Orr, secretary. 

1827. Lockwinnock Tract Society. — Rev. R-obert Smith, president. 
Manse-— Thomas Dunn, Esq, treasurer, Main street — Wmo 
Connelt, Esq. secretary, New Town of Barr — Robert Bar- 
bour, agent, Main street. 

1827. Lockwinnock Curling Club* — Archibald Davidson, president* 
No return given in. 

1830» Temperance Society. — Andrew Malholland, preses, Higb st. 
— Robert Ewing, treasurer, High street — Matthew Gem- 
mell, secretary. High street — with a Committee of twelve 

1831. Home Mission. — Rev. Robert Smith, preses, parish manse- 
Alex. Orr, vice-preses, Harvey square — Thomas Carswell,- 
treasurer — Thomas Dunn, secretary, High street— Robert 
Barbour, missionary, High street. 
Q 3 

186 Locliwinnocli. Societies. Sec. 

1831. Lochwinnoch Victualling Society — George Macarthur, preses 

— Robert Allan, treasurer — Hugh Macalister, secretary. 
High street. 

1832. Committee of the Lochwinnoch Agricultural Society — Colonel 

Harvey of Castlesemple, president — William iVi'Dovviill of 
Garthland, Es-q. vice-president — William Montgomery* 
Esq. of Cloak, treasurer — and Mr. \Vm. Coniiell, writer, 
secretary — Curators — Messrs. James Love of Knows, John 
Cimpbell, Bovvfield, James Caldwell of Muirdykes, VVra. 
Fulton of Sproulston, John Caldwell of Gaven, John Craig, 
Gavt-n, Alexander Young, Corseford, Alexai\der Wilson 
of Trees, James Latta of Boydston, John Gemmell, Over- 
ton, John Fulton of Knockbartnock, Wra. Bartholomew, 
Millbatik. John Logan, Tandlemuir, John Blair of Kerse, 
William Orr of Johnshiil, Alexander Pollock, younger of 
Gillsyard, and Wm. Love of Linthills. 
? Locwinnoch Instrumental Band — John Gemmell, Master of 
Band, Kildale. 

1832. Youths' Temperance Society — Matthew Crawford, preses, 
High street — John Dunsroore, treasurer, Calder street — 
Matthew Gemmell, secretary, High street. 

1833. Lochwinnoch Old Town Curling Club — William Crawford^ 
president, and No. 1 Douper — Doupers, No. 2, John Storie* 
No. 3, Robert Ewing, No. 4, John Logan, No, 5, John 
Blackburn — Matthew Gemmell, clerk — Carvers of stones, 
William Robertson and John Cochran. 

5^= To Managers of Societies see Paisley Directory, page 89. 


* Trades' Kace, 2d Tuesday of May Old Style 
Farmers' Race, 1st Tuesday of July, New Style 
*Fair O'Hill, 1st Tuesday of Nov. Old Style 

*For remarks on Old Style, see page 170. 



ADAIR, William, dryer, Kirktonfield 

Adam, John, farmer, Rigfoot 

Adam; John, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 

NE1LST0>^, BARtlHEAD, kc, 187 

Adam, Robert, foreman, West Arthurlie Mill 

Adam, T. C. surgeon, Barrhead 

Aitken, James, pattern drawer, Ferenize printfield 

Aitcheson, George, manager, Springbank field 

Alexander, David C. watch and clock maker, Barrhead 

Anderson, Captain Matthew, Broadly 

Anderson, Jas. C- wood turner & wheel wright, Neilston 

Anderson, J. Arthurlie Inn, Artiiurlie 

Anderson, J. milliner;^ leghorn and straw hat maker, Ar- 

Anderson, John, carter and carrier, Neilston 

Anderson, John, contractor, Neilston 

Anderson, John, smith and farrier, Neilston 

Anderson, Matthew, writer, Neilston 

Anderson, Miss Janet, baker and vintner, Neilston Inn, 

Anderson, Thomas, post master, land and road surveyor, 

Anderson, Thomas, tailor, Neilston 

Anderson, Wm. grocer, teacher, & session clerk, Neilstoa 

Andrew, Robt. mercht. manufacturer, & grocer, Neilstoa 

Andrew, Walter, clerk, Kirktonfield 

Armour, James, cooper, Neilston 

Armour, Robert, farmer, Patieston 

Armour, William, farmer, South Uplaw 

Armour^ William, wright, Neilston 

Arthur, James, dryer, Kirktonfield 

Auchinclose, Mrs. spirit dealer, Barrhead 

BAIN, Mrs. grocer, Neilston 

Bannatyne, Wra. spinning master, Levern cotton raiU 
Barr, James, farmer, BowBeld 
Barr, John, jun. bleacher, Chappell 
Bell, Alexander, butler, Caldwell house 
Bell, William, cloth merchant and spirit dealer, Barrhead 
Bisket, Mrs. dress and corset maker, Neilston 
Bisket, Thomas, joiner and cart wright, Neilston 
Black, Misses, milliners and dress makers, Uplaw muir 
Black, Mrs. Charles, bleacher of cotton and linen cloth, 
Ferenize bleachfield — house Corsse Arthurlie 


Blackwood, Matthew, bleacher, Arthurlie 

Blair, William, spirit dealer, Dovecothall 

Broadly spinning and steam loom weaving company. 

Broadly Mill — William Craig, manager 
Brown, James, farmer, Wraes 
Brown, John, surgeon, apothecary hall, Barrhead 
Brown, W^illiara, cooper, Barrhead 
Brown, William, farmer, Knockglass 
Browning, James, customer weaver, Uplaw tnuir 
Brownlie, Matthew, carter, Barrhead 
Bruce, James & Co» grocers and s-pirit dealers, Barrhead 
Bryson, James, keeper, Shilford and Uplaw muir Toll 

CALDERWOODy Adam, manager, Levern cotton mill 

Caldwell, David, dryer, Kirktonfield 

Caldwell, John, boot and shoemaker, Neil&ton 

Caldwell, John, grocer, Levern Lodge 

Caldwell, Thomas, farmer, Rawflesh 

Caldwell, William, farmer, Crossmili 

Campbell, James, grocer, Neilston and Levern Lodge 

Campbell, Peter, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 

Cameron, James, blacksmith, Uplaw Muir 

Cardie, James, grocer, Levern Lodge 

Carfrae, John, ironmonger & nail manufacturer, Barrhead* 

Carswell, Allan, farmer, Thorterburn 

Carswell, James, spirit dealer. Thistle and Crown Mason, 

Lodge, Neilston 
Carswell, John, boot and shoemaker, Neilston 
Carswell, John, farmer, East Uplaw 
Carswell, John, farmer, West Muirhead 
Carswell, Robert, carding master, Broadly Mill 
Carswell, Robert, farmer,. Craig of Carnock. 
Carswell, Robert, farmer, Craighall 
Carswell, Thomas, farmer, Fauldshead 
Carswell, William, farmer, Glenhead 
Carswell, Wm. and Thomas, farmers, Craig of Neilston 
Chalmers, Andw. & Son, bleachers, Waterside bleachfield 
Chalmers, Fleming, slater and plasterer, Grabamstone 
Clark, Andrew, carding master, Broadly Mill 
Clark, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, Barrheftd 


Clark, William, spinning master, Broadly Mill 

Cochran Alexander, farmer, West Capley 

Cochran, Alexander — house Kirktoniield 

Cochran, J & A. bleachers, Kirktonfieid 

Cochran, John, vintner and keeper, Dovecothall Toll bar 

Cochran, John, Kirktonfieid 

Cochran, Robert, sen farmer, Ferenize 

Cochran. Robert, sen. feuar, Grahamstone 

Cochran, Samuel, power lootn factory, Dunterlee 

Cochran, William, farmer, West Cars w til 

Cochran, Wiiliam, grocer, Neilston 

Cochran, Wiiliam, grocer and spirit dealer, Neihton 

Citchrane, Robert $ Co. bleacher;?, Glanderstone 

Cochrane, James, dryer, Glaoderstone 

Cogan, Jn, Si Robt. power loom factory, Corsse Arthurlie 

Colquhoun, David, grocer and spirit dealer, Dovehiil 

ColquhouD, Margaret, grocer, Barrhead 

Colquhoun, Robert, farmer and carter, Bogg Hall 

Colquhoun, Robert, surgeon, Barrhead 

Connell, James, toy shop, Barrhead 

Cooper, Thomas, farmer, Woodneuk 

Cowan, Lauchlan, saddler, wine and spirit mercht. (coach 

office,) Barrhead 
Craig, Allan, grocer and spirit dealer, Barrhead 
Craig, Mrs. flesher and spirit dealer, Neilston 
Craig, Arthur, Kirkton 
Craig, James, notary public, auctioneer, and messenger 

at arms, Barrhead 
Craig, John, farmer, Foreside 

Craig, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Newton of Mearns 
Craig, John, spinning master, Gateside Mill 
Craig, John, teacher, Dplaw Muir 
Craig, Miss, of Kirkton 
Craig, Mrs. farmer, East Head of Side 
Craig, Mrs. Peter, farmer, Crossmili 
Craig, Robert, farmer, Waterside 
Craig, Robert, roadmaker, Hairlaw 
Craig, Robert, sorting master, Gateside Mill 
Craig & Steel, graziers and fleshers, I^arrhead 
Craig,yrhos. ironmonger, cabinet maker, & joiner, Neilstoa 


Craig, Thomas, mason and farmer, Knowhead 

Craig, Thomas, Wheat Sheaf Inn, Neilston 

Craig, William, boiler, Nether Kirktonfield 

Craig, William, boot and shoemaker, Uplav4^ Muir 

Craig, William, f^irmer, Banking 

Craig, William, farmer, Covvdenmuir 

Craig, William, farmer, Foreside 

Craig, William, farmer, Howcraig 

Craig, William, farmer, Plymuir 

Craig, William, grazier and farmer, Barrhead 

Craig, William, joiner, mill cart c'y plough wright, Neilston 

Craig, Wm. jun ornamental stone cutter, Covvdenmuir 

Craig, William, of Kirkton 

Crawford, Captain, Balgray house 

Crawford, Hugh, younger of Upper Pollock 

Crawford, James, joiner and cart wright, Hall 

Crawford, John, tailor, Neilston 

Crawford, Sir Robert, of Upper Pollock, Bart, 

Camming, John, spinning master, Ferenize spinning mill 

Cunningham, David, mason, Barrhead 

Cunningham, James and Son, bleachers, West Arthurlie 

Cunningham, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 

Cunningham & Russell, blacksmiths and farriers, Dove- 

Cuthbertson, David, tailor, Barrhead 

DAILLIE, Peter, blacksmith, Dovehill 

Dale, David, carding master, Gateside Mill 

Dalglish, Misses, dress makers, Barrhead 

Daniel, John, hosier, Dovehill 

Deans, itichard, farmer, Dubbs and Laigh Lyoncross 

Denholm, James, colourmaker, Ferenize printfield 

Denholm, Thomas, gardener and spirit dealer, Barrhead 

Donaldson, William, tailor, Barrhead 

Donnelly, John, spirit dealer, Barrhead 

Dougall, Alex, jun, carding master, West Arthulie Mill 

Drysdale, David, surgeon, Arthurlie 

Duncan, Andrew, grocer, West Arthurlie 

Duncan, Arch. & Co. slaters and plasterers, Barrhead 

Dunlop, Charles, of Carlebar 


Dunlop, Henry, of Arthurlie 

Dunlop, James — house Spring hill 

Dunlop, James & Sons, cotton spinners, Levern, Gate* 

side and Brooraward Mills 
Dunlop, James, farmer, Laigh Carswell 
Dunlop, James, foreman, Gateside Mill 
Dunlop, William, cotton spinner, Gateside Mill — house 

Dunn, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 
Dunn, James, grocer, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 
Dunn, Miss, draper and straw hat maker, Barrhead 
Dunn, Mrs. Alexander, milliner & dressmaker, Barrhead 
Dunn, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 

EDGAR, Wm. broker and earthenware dealer, Barrhead 

Esdon, John, spirit dealer, Dovehill 

Ewing, William, grocer and grain dealer, Barrhead. 

FARMER, William, grocer, Levern Grove 
Faulds, Robert, grocer, draper, and shoe blacking manu- 
facturer, Barrhead 
Fergus, John, teacher, Gateside 
Finlay, Steven, of Picket Law, farmer 
Finlay, William of Trees 
Finnie, Colin, sen. spirit dealer, Neilston 
Finnic, Gavin, wright and smith, Ferenize cotton mHl 
Fleming, Rev. Alexander, A. M. Neilston Manse 
Forrest, Charles, miller, Kirkton Mill 
Foulds, Mrs. Andrew, Springfield house 
Fulton, James, farmer, Midgehole 
Fulton, William, farmer, West Capley 

GALLAUGHER, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer, Neilston 
Gardiner, John, A. M. parish schoolmaster and treasurer 

of poor's funds, Neilston 
Gemmill, Alexander, boiler, Gateside Bleachfield 
Gemmill, John, farmer, Holehouse 
Gemmill, Thomas, farmer. Nether Comore 
Gibbie, John, farmer, Boylestone 
Giffen, William, horse dealer, New House, Mearns 


Gillies, James, baker, grain dealer and grocer, (Corsse 

Arthurlie Inn,) Barrhead 
Gilnaour, Alexander, farmer, East Muirhead 
Gilmour, Allan, farmer, Burnside 
Gilmour, James, farmer, Muirbouse 
Gilmour, James, mason and spirit dealer, Barrhead 
Gilmour, John, farmer. Over Carswell 
Gilmour, John, farmer, Spierston for Dykes) 
Gilmour, Mrs. milliner and straw hat maker, Bulterwell 
Gilmour, Robert, farmer, Riglaw 
Glen, James, grocer and grain dealer, Neilston 
Glen, John, wine and spirit dealer, Grahamstone Inn 
Gormly, William, picking master, Gateside Mill 
Graham, Aitcheson, & Co. calico printers, v'^pringbank 

Graham, Henry, clerk,. Fereneze Printfield 
Graham, John, of Craigallian, cotton spinner, Fereniae 

cotton mill — residence Chappell House 
Graham, William, druggist and post master, Barrhead 
Gray & Whitelaw, millers, Wraes mill 
Gray, William, baker and spirit dealer, Barrhead 
Grieve, Weaker, clerk, Springbank field 

HAGGART, Robt. grocer & spirit merch. Grahamstone 
Hardie, John, tailor, Grahamstone 

Hardie, W. E. calico printer — house Springfield Cottage 
Hardie, Williamsons, & Starke, calico printers, Spring- 
Harper, William, steam loom tenter, Broadly Mill 
Harvey, Alexander, farmer. West High Uplay 
Harvey, George, farmer. Mid Lioncross 
Harvey, Robert, farmer, High Auchenback 
Harvey, William, baker and spirit dealer, Barrhead 
Hatrick, James, farmer, West Hollows 
Hopkin, John, boot and shoemaker, Uplaw Muir 
Hutchison, James, Balgraystane 

JAMIESON, James, grocer, Barrhead 

Jamieson, John, picking master. West Arthurlie Mill 

Jeffrey, William, baker and grocer, Barrhead 


KERR, Alexander, spirit dealer, Barrhead 
Kerr, Daniel, tailor, Barrhead 
Kerr, James, farmer, Kilburn 
Kelly, Mrs. Hugh, stay & corset maker, Barrhead 
King, James, grocer, Neilston 
King, Thomas, clerk, Crofthead Mill 
Kirkwood, Allan, flesher, Barrhead 
Kirkwood, James, tinsmith, Barrhead 
Kirkwood, John, teacher. West Arthurlie Mill 
Knox, James, farmer, Moin 

LAMBERT, Wm. manager, Ferenize cotton mill 
Lambie, Alex, colour maker, Springbank field 
Lamond, William, clerk, Ferenize Bleachfield 
Lee, John & Co. patent & fancy nett manufs. Barrhead 
Legget, David, builder, Graharastone 
Leitch, Mrs. teacher (Barrhead Female Schoolj Graham- 
Liddell, George, blacksmith and farrier, Barrhead. 
Lindsay, John, gardener. Nether Kirktonfield 
Lithgovv, Miss, dress maker, Neilston 
Little, William, blacksmith and farrier, Barrhead 
Livingstone, Allan, boot and shoemaker, Neilston 
Livingstone, John, boot and shoemaker, Grahamstone 
Lochhead, James, cabinet maker & furniture vi^arehouse, 

Lochhead, James, farmer, West Arthurlie 
Lochhead, James, sen. customer weaver, Grahamstone 
Lochhead, Mrs. Robt. corset and dress maker, Neiistoa 
Lock, Hugh, clerk. West Arthurlie Mill 
Lock, Miss —house, Dovehill 
Lockhart, Samuel, spirit dealer, Kirkhill 
Long, George, tailor, Barrhead 
Lowndes, Charles, Arthurlie House 
Lowndes, Wm. of Arthurlie House 
Lymbery, Armado, tailor, Neilston 

MACKIE, David, grocer and spirit dealer, Barrhead 

Mancur, Peter, gardener, Arthurlie 

Maitland, James, clock and watchmakeri Neilston 


Maitland, Miss, tea dealer, Barrhead 

Marshal, Mrs. sempstress, Neilston 

Martin, Alex & Co. patent & fancy nett manufs. Barrhead 

Mather, Williana, of Nether Place, Upper Pollock 

Meiklejones, William, boot and shoemaker, Neilston 

Meikle, William, farmer, Killoch 

Millar, William, musician and groeer, Kirkhill 

Millar, Findlay, tailor, Barrhead 

Millar, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, Barrhead 

Miller, John, tailor, Crofthead 

Mitchell & Morris, cotton spinners, West Arthurlie Mill 

Monie, Hugh, sorting master, Ferenize Cotton Mill 

Monteath, James, manager, Netherkirkton Bleachfield 

Morrison, George carding master, West Arthurlie Mill 

Morrison, William, carding master, Crofthead Mill 

Morton, Archibald, dealer, Corsse Arthurlie 

Muir, Andrew, farmer, Crumyards 

Muir, Andrew, wine and spirit dealer, Dovecothall 

Muir, James, spirit dealer, Neilston 

Mure, Colonel, William, of Caldwell 

Murray, David, tailor, Barrhead 

M'Arthur, Mrs. haberdasher, milliner and dress maker, 

M'Arthur, Neil, joiner cartwright, and timber merchant, 

M'Avay, John, farmer and spirit dealer, Brig house 
M'Callum, John, gardener, Carlebar 
M'Conechy, Wm. spirit dealer and cowfeeder, Barrhead 
M'Corkindale, Dugald, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 
M'Cowan, Robert, smith and farrier, Grahamstone 
M'Culloch, John, grocer, Barrhead 
M'Culloch, Mrs. grocer, and furnishings, Barrhead 
M'Culloch, Robert, of Barrhead Foundry Co. Barrhead 
M'Donald, Thomas, carding master, Gateside Mill 
M'Ewan, John, hair dresser, Neilston 
M'Ewan, Robert, grocer, Neilston 
M'Farlane, Andrew, shoemaker. Uplaw Muir 
M'Farlane, David, manager, Corsse Arthurlie power 

loom factory 


M'Farlane, John, tailor, Neilston 

M'Gilchrist, John, watch and clock maker, Barrhead 

M'Gregor, Petei', pattern drawer, Springbank Field 

M'Indoe, Archd & Co. calico printers, Ferenize PrinttielJ 

M'Isaac, John, boot and shoemaker, Neilston 

M'Kay, John, flesher, Barrhead 

M'Kean, Archibald, foreman, Chappell dyewood mill 

M'Kechnie,Giib. customer vve;iver& spirit dealer,Barrhead 

M'Lean, John, clerk, Levern cotton mill 

M'Lean, Thomas, farmer, Brownside 

M'Lellan, Archibald, farmer, Barshagray 

M'Lellan, John, teacher, Grahamstone school 

M'Lintock, Robert, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 

M'Mennis, John, carding master, Levern mill 

M'Millan, Alexander, foreman, Ferenize Printfield 

M'Monagal, Hugh, Levern Bank Inn, Levern bank 

M'Neilledgey James, farm steward, Arthurlie House 

M'Pherson, Charles, boiler, Kirktonfield 

M'Queen, Richard, boot and shoemaker, Dovehill 

NICOL, James, grocer, Arthurlie 

Nicol, John, cabinet maker and spirit dealer, Arthurlie 

ORR, James, of Crofthead 

Orr, James, & Co cotton spinners, Croftliead Mill 

Orr, John, book-dryer, West Arthurlie Field 

PAISLEY, John, wright and joiner, Barrhead 

Paterson, Duncan, farmer, Netherkirk 

Paterson, Mrs. spirit dealer, Barrhead 

Patrick, William slater and plasterer, Neilston 

Paul, John, foreman, Ferenize Bleachfield 

Pinkerton, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Dovecothall 

Pinkerton, William, joiner and cart wright, Bogside 

Pollock, James, builder and vintner, Barrhead 

Pollock, Missas, milliners and dress makers, Barrhead 

Pollock, Robert, stenter dryer, Chappell 

Pollock, Robert, of North Walton 

Pollock, Thomas, contractor and spirit dealer, Neilston 

Porter, James, grocer, Neilston 


QUIGLEY, David; grocer and quarrier, Arthurlie 

RAMSAY, Wm. tailor & habit maker, Corsse Arthurlie 
Reaside, John, gamekeeper, Mount Hooly 
Keaside, Wm joiner and cart wright, Uplaw Muir' 
Reid, Thomas, cart and plough wright. Point House 
Renfrew, Arthur, blacksmith and farrier, Neilston 
Ritchie, Allan, farmer, Roddenhead 
Ritchie, David, farmer, Auchentiber 
Robertson, Francis, farmer, West Head of Side 
Robertson, James, sorting master, Broadl}' Mill 
Robertson, James & Son boot and shoemakers^ Arthurlie 
Robertson, James, farmer. Hall 
Robertson, John, manager, Crofthead Mill 
Robertson, Robert, farmer, Middleton 
Robertson, Thomas, farmer, Capley 
Robertson, Thomas, merchant, Grahamstone 
Robertson, William, carter, Neilston 
Robertson, William, ironmonger, cloth, and spirit mer- 
chant, Neilston 
Rodger, Allan, farmer, Hairlaw 
Rodger, Andrew, farmer, Mains of Glanderstone 
Rodger, William, ploughman and grocer, Kirktonfield 
Russell, Alexander, smith and draper, Barrhead 
Russell, James, flesher, Neilston 
Russell, R. S. & Co. wrights, Newton of M earns 
Russell, Samuel, manager, Gateside Printfield 
Russell, Thos. & Co. calico printers, Gateside Field 
Russell, Thos. calico printer — ho. Bedford st. Glasgow- 
Russell, William, farmer, Glen 

SAMUEL, James & Co. West Arthurlie store 
Sawers, Peter, of Craigengall, bleacher, Netherkirkton 
Scott, Alex of Stewart & Co— ho. Barrhead foundry 
Shaw, Daniel, keeper, Shilford toll bar 
Slater, Miss, straw hat maker, Barrhead 
Sloan, Dalrymple, plasterer and slater, Neilston 
Smith, James, vintner, smith, and farrier, Shilford 
Smith, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Barrhead 


Smith, William, coal and lime merchant, Uplaw Muir 

Smith, William, keeper, Dunsmuir toll bar 

Speirs, James, farmer, Mossneuk 

Spence, Henry, carding master, West Arthurlie Mill 

Spence, , teacher, Upper, Pollock 

Sproul, James, farmer, Townhead 

Sproul, John, grocer, Neilston 

Sproul, Mrs. S. — house Barrhead 

Sproul, Robert, farmer, Braeface 

Sproul, William, farmer and cattle dealer, Japston 

Starke, James, calico printer — house Springfield 

Steel, Archibald, farmer, Uplaw 

Steel, James, farmer, Knockglass 

Steele, Robert, grocer, Barrhead 

Stenhouse, Jn. ik Co. calico printers, Crossmill printfield 

Stenhouse, Thomas, calico printer — house Crossmill 

Stevenson, Allan, farmer, Old Barn 

Stevenson, Andrew, road contractor, Crosstabe 

Stevenson, David, boiler, Chappell Field 

Stevenson, David, vintner, Woodside 

Stevensoh, Hugh farmer, Mill-third 

Stevenson,. James, clerk, Chappell Field 

Stevenson, James, farmer, Dunse Muir 

Stevenson, John, farmer, Kirkhill 

Stevenson, John, wright, Neilston 

Stevenson, Peter, foreman, Chappell Field 

Stevenson, Robert, picking master, Levern cotton mill 

Stevenson, Robt. stone and earthern warehouse, Barrhead 

Stevenson, Thomas,, farmer. North Smithhill 

Stevenson, Thomas, farmer. West Neilstonside 

Stevenson, William, joiner and cart wright, Neilston 

Stewart, Alex. (Barrhead Academy) Barrhead 

Stewart, Allan, farmer, Greenhill 

Stewart & Anderson, joiners, Neilston 

Stewart, David, farmer, Greenside 

Stewart, Hugh, of High Carswell, farmer 

Stewart, James, manufacturer of Dyewoods, Chappell 

dyewood mill 
Stewart, James, tailor, Neilston 

R 3 


Stewart, John, feuar and flesher, Barrhead 

Stewart, Miss Janet, dressmaker, Neilston 

Stewart, Mrs. Alexander, draper, Barrhead 

Stewart, Robert, farmer, West Uplaw 

Stewart, S. Sf Co. millwrights, engineers, brass and iron 

founders, Barrhead foundry 
Stewart, Samuel, of Stewart, S. & Co. Barrhead foundry 
Stewart, Walter, farmer, Kirkton 
Stewart, William, steam loom tenter. Broadly Mill 
Stirling, William, slater, West Arthurlie 
Struthers, Peter, farmer, Loanfoot 
Stuart, Duncan, copper and tinsmith, Neilston 
Swan, James, teacher, Neilston 
Swan, Robert, tailor, Neilston 

TAIT, Rev. James, Levern Cottage 

Taylor, Andrew, farmer, Hairlaw and Caplethill 

Taylor, John, farmer, Blackbyre and Logann Rais 

Taylor, Misses, milliners and straw hat makers, Barrhead 

Taylor & Wallace, bleachers, Netherplace 

Telfer, Thos. & Son, boot and shoe exporters, Neilston 

Telfer, William, boot and shoemaker, Neilston 

Templeton, John, keeper, Kirkton Toll bar 

Thom, William, spinning master, Crofthead Mill 

Thomson, Alex, teacher, Levern mill school, Dovecothall 

Thomson, David, manager, Ferenize Printfield, ho. do 

Thomson, Peter, print cutter, Ferenize Printfield 

Thomson, Robert, copper and tinsmith, Neilston 

Thomson, Saml. manager, Dunterlee power loom factory 

Thornton, James, spirit dealer, Neilston 

Todd, David, carding master, Ferenize spinning mill 

Tuckle, James, carding master, Crofthead Mill 

WALLACE, Alex.farrier,& blacksmith, Corsse Arthurlie 

Wallace, Andrew, farmer. West Carsv/eli 

Wallace, James, vintner, Uplaw Muir 

Wallace, John, grocer. Black Bull Inn, NeilstoO' 

Wallace, John, surgeon, Neilston 

Watson^ Alex, spirit dealer, Barrhead 


Watson, Alex. & Jaraes, joiners, cartvvrights, and timber 
merchants, Barrhead 

Watson, Mrs. &traw hat maker, Barrhead 

Weatherly, James, gardener. Trees 

White, William, dryer, Kirktonfield 

Wilkie, Robert, dryer and starcher, Ferenize Bleachfield; 

Williamson, George, calico printer — house Springfield 

Williamson, John, jun. tailor, Neilston 

Williamson, John, sen tailor, Neilston 

Williamson, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Neilston 

Williamson, Robert, calico printer — house Springfield 

Wilson, Alexander, excise officer, Barrhead 

Wilson, David, customer weaver, Barrhead 

Wilson, James, farmer, Snypes 

Wilson, James, quarrier and feuar, Barrhead 

Wilson, John, hair dresser, Barrhead 

Wilson, Robert, mason, Uplavi^ Muir 

Wilson, Samuel, spinning master, West Arthurlie Mill 

Wilson, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Barrhead 

Wilson, Williamj boot and shoemaker, Uplaw muir 

W^ilson, William, carter, Gateside Mill 

Wilson, William, surgeon and druggist, Neilston 

Winning, Robert, grocer, Gateside 

Wood, James, grocer, Neilston 

Woodrow, Matthew, smith, Dunterlee power loom factory 

Weight, Ann, grocer, Neilston 

Wright, Duncan, salesman, Barrhead — Levern mill oper- 
ative store 

Wylie, Mungo, farmer, Brooradykes 

YOOL, Walter, boiler, Kirktonfield 

Young, David, wright, Crofthead Mill 

Young, John, farmer, Boghall 

Young, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Neilston 

Young, Mrs. David, cabinet warehouse, Barrhead 

Young, Mrs. farmer, Greenend 

Young, Robert, farmer, Parkhouse 

Young, Thomas, surgeon and druggist, Barrhead 

Young, William, grocer. Neilston 



Young, William, merchant, Neilston 

Young, William, picking master, Ferenize spinning mill 

ZUILL, James, manager, Crossmill Printfield 
Zuill, John, colour maker, Crossmill Printfield 
Zuill, Thomas, spirit dealer, Bridgebar 




Justices of llie Peace, residing near Neilston* 

William Craig, of Kirkton 
Henry Dunlop, of Arthurlie 
James Dunlop, yr. of Arthurlie 
Charles Dunlop, of Carlebar 
William Finlay, of Trees 
John Graham, of Craigallian, re- 
siding at Chappell House 

William Lowndes of Arthurlia 

House ' 

William Mure of Caldwell 
Archd. MTt)doe, Ferenize 
James Orr of Crofthead 
Peter Sawers, of Craigengall 


Held the first Monday of each month, alternately , at Neilston and 

John Hart, writer in Paisley, Fiscal. 
Alexander Gibson, writer in Paisley, Depute Clerk. 


James Craig, notary public. 


Samuel M'Birnie, Neilston | Jas. W^right. constable, Barrhead 

Robert Stevenson, town crier, Neilston. 


Scottish Amicable Life — Robert Young, Agent, Neilston 
' West of Scotland Fibe— Robert Young, Agent, Neilston 

Excise Officer, ^c. Appendix. 201 


Alexander Wilson, Barrhead 


Wiliiara Wilson, Neilston 1 T. C. Adam, Barrhefid 
Thomas Young. Barrhead Robert Colquhoun, Barrhead 

John Wallacp, Neilston David Drysdale, Arthurlie 

John Brown, Barrhead ( 


Mrs. Young:, Neilston — Mrs. Renfrew, Barrhead 


QHvncH OF Scotland, Nei'ston — Alexander Fleoiing, a. m.-~ 
house Neilston Manse 

ILvirnjo Smc£iss:on Church, Barrhead — James Tait, house, Le\'ern 



Williani Anderson, Neilston. 


Neilston Cburcb — John Carswell, officer, Neilston Walter 

M'Kinlay, precentor, Graharastone. 

United Secession Chuuch, Barrhead — J. White, officer, Barr- 
head — William Bauchop, precentor, Grahamstone. 


John Carswell, Neilston — James White, Barrhead. 


John Gardiner, a.m. Neilston. 


Arrival of Post. 
Fronn Glasgow Daily (foot post) seven o'clock evening. 

Departure of Post 
To Glasgow Daily (foot post) at 6 o'clock morning. 
\ Office open from Seven o'clock morning till 10 o'clock evenin| 
' Thomas Anderson, Postmaster. 

William M'Intyre, Runner. 

202 Barrhead, Neihton, S^^c. Barrhead Post Office, &, c. 


Arrival of Post, 

From Glasgow, Daily (foot post) Seven o'clock evening. 

Departure of Post. 

To Glasgow Daily (foot post) at half Seven o'clock nnorning. 

Office open from Seven o'clock morning, till Eight o'clock evening. 

William Graham, Pos: master. 

^\B. — For Rates of Postages see Faisley Directory > page 109, 


The Levern Trader Coach, starts from Mr Cowan's, B'lrrhead, , 
pvery lawful duy (except Thnrsday) at half past ?iine o'clock morn- . ■ 
in?, for Glasao-A', and leaves the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Gorbals, Glas- 
gow, for Barrhead, as half past four o'clock afternoon. Same Coachi 
srarts from Barrhead for Paisley every Thursday at ten o'clock fore- 
noon, and leaves Hay Market Inn, 7 New street, Paisley, fur Barr- 
head, at five o'clock afternoon. 

The Royal Sovereign Stage Coach, from Irvine to Glasgow, by 
the Lochlibo Koad, arrives every lawful day, at Arthurlie Inn, at 
half past nine o'clock morning, and arrives again, at same place, 
from Glasgow to Irvine, at five o'clock afternoon. 

The Perseverance Stage Coach starts from Neilston Inn, for 
Glasgow, every lawful day, at nitie o'clock morning, calls at Arthur- J 
lie Inn, a quarter past nine, and leaves Glasgow for Neilston at halt 
past five o'clock afternoon. 

The Tallyho Stage Coach, from Kilmarnock to G^T^gow, calls at 
Arthurlie Inn, at half past ten morning, on Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday, and calls same days from Glasgow to Kilmarnock, quarter 
from five o'clock evening. 


GLASGOW— John King, every lawful day (except Thursday) 
at seven o'clock morning, and returns same day. 

— John Anderson, daily, at eight o'clock morning, and returns 


— Robert Lawrie, Mon Tues Wed Fri and Sat, and returns 

same days. 
PAISLEY — Robt. Lawrie, every Thursday at ten o'clock morning, 
and returns same day. 

— John Stevenson, every Thursday, at ten o'clock morning, 

and return same dav- 

— Thomas Muir (foot carrier) every lawful day, and returns 

same day. 
N. B. — Neilston Carriers to Glasgow pass through Barrhead, 

S'arrJiead Carriers, S^c. Appendix. 203 


GLASGOW — Archibald Wilson, (foot carrier; every lawful day, 
and returns same day. 

PAISLEY — John Davidson, (foot carrier; to Paisley on Tuesday 
and Friday, to Glasgow on Monday, Wednesday, 
Thursday, and Saturday, and returns same day. 

— John M'Neil, (foot carrier) every lawful day, and returns 

same day. 


GLASGOW — Robert Templeton and William Parker, from 
Irvine, arrive at Mr Will-iam Bardie's, baker, Barr- 
head, 01) the mornings of Tuesday and Friday, about 
seven o'clock ; and arrive again at same house, from 
Glasgow to Irving on the mornings of Wednesday and 
Snturday, about seven o'clock. 

— Hunter Dunlop, from Irvine, arrives at Arthurlie Inn, on the 

mornings of Tuesday and Friday, about seven o'clock, 
and arrives again at same place, from Glasgow to Ir- 
vine, on Wednesday and Saturday at niue o'clock 
S^ Carriers from Stranraer, and from other towns in the west, call 
at Arthurlie Inn. 

Adjusters of Imperial Weights and Measures. 
John M'Gilchrist, Barrhead. 



1797. Neilston Society for Charity — Robert Young, prases, Neil- 
ston — William Anderson, treasurer, Neilston — Robert An- 
drew, clerk, Neilston — Robert Muir, officer, Neilston. 

1799. Neilston Friendly Society — Duncan Stewart, preses, Neil- 
ston — ^Wm. Robertson, treasurer, Neilston — ^James Robert- 
son, clerk, Butterwell — Wm. Meiklejones, officer, Neilston. 

1802. Neilston Militia Society.— James Armour, preses, Neilston— 
James Anderson, treasurer, Neilston — William Anderson, 
clerk, Neilston. 

1805. Barrhead Female Friendly Society. — Elizabeth Buchanan, 

preses, Barrhead — Margaret M'Lean, treasurer, Dovecothall 
— William Lamont, clerk, Corsse, Arthurlie. 

1806. Neilston New Friendly Society. — Robert Swan, preses, Neil- 

ston — William Robertson, treasurer, Neilston — James Swan, 
clerk, Neilston — William Meiklejones, officer, Neilston. 
.1-S07. Barrhead Trades' Society — Abraham Bodies, preses, Barr- 
head — Robert Steele, treasurer, Barrhead^— Stuart Wilson, 
clerk, Barrhead— John Forsyth, officer, Barrhead. 

SOi Barrhead, Neilslon^ 8fc, Societies, S^c. 

1810 Neilston Original Sabbath School in connexion with the Croft' 
head Sabbath School. — John Stevenson, president, Neil- 
ston — Duncan Stuart, treasurer, Neilston — James Campbell, 
secretary and clerk, Neilston. There are under the Direc- 
tors' in.«:pecrion 2 Schools — Scholars about 120. 

131 S. Barrhead and Neighbourhood Curling C/m6 — William Craig, 
president, Barrhead — Allan Todd, vice-president, West 
Artbur'iie— -David Easdon, treasurer, Barrhead — David 
Leg:gat, ckrk, Graharaston — Robert Millar, officer, Barr- 

18if. Neilston Thistle and Croion Lodge (No. 267;— Walter M^- 
Eviren, R. W. M. Fereneze Mill — William Patrick, depute 
master, Neilston — Gavin Finnie, pass master, Fereneze— 
Robert Whitelav/, senior warden, Holehoiise — Alexander 
Martin, junior warden, Hoiehouse — William Gormaly, 
treasurer, Fereneze — Thomas King, secretary, Crofthead— 
Robert Main, tyler, Hoiehouse— Lodge Room, James 
Carswell, Neilston. 

^818. Neilston Masonic Sunk Fund.— -Rohevt Craig, prases, Mur- 
dock Muir — John Caldwell, treasurer, Neilston — Thomas 
King, clerk, Crofthead— Robert Muir, officer. High Hol- 

1819. Neihton Female Society— Rohexi Young, pi-eses, Neilston— 
William Robertson, treasurer, Auldmuir — James Robert- 
son, clerk, Butterwell — Robert Muir, officer, Neilston. 

1819. Neilston Younger Female Friendly Society. — Mrs. Cars well, 
preses, Neilston — Alexander Cameron, collector, Neilston — 
James Craig, clerk, jtJarrhead — John M'Ewan, officer, 

1819. Barrhead Book C/m&.— Robert Cochran, preses — Andrew 
Miller, clerk— Meets every two weeks on Saturday evening, 
in Mr. Stewart's academy. 

1821. Barrhead Sabbath School Association.— Vetex Thomson, pre- 
sident, Barrhead — Charles Leckie, vice-president, West*] 
Arthurlie — Alexander Brown, treasurer, Barrhead — .Tamea 
Dunn, secretary and clerk, Barrhead. The Asscciatioi 
meets on the first Tuesday of every month. There are un- 
der the Directors* inspection 6 Schools — Number of Seho-j 
lars at present, 300. 

1821. Neilston Sabbath School Association.— Rev. A. Fleming,] 
president— William Meikle, treasurer — Jarnes Swan, secre-j 
tary. The Association meets on the first Tuesday of everyj 
month. There are under the Associations' inspection 
Schools — Number of Scholars at present, 120. 

182 U Renfreicshire Bleachers' Friendly Society.— Preses, vacar\t- 
James Colquhoun, treasurer, Barterholm— Williami Audw- 
son, clerk, Neilston, 

Societies, 8fC» Appendix. 205 

1823. Barrhead Florist Society. — Robert Andrew, preses, Neil- 
stori — James Gillies, treasurer, Corsse, Arthurlie Inn- 
Matthew Anderson, clerk, Neilston. 

1823. Barrhead Female] School. — Miss Finlay, treasurer, Trees 

— Mrs Leitch, teacher, (school) Grahamstone. 

1824. Barrhead Unionand Crown Lodge. — William Craig, R.W. M. 

Barrhead— James Pinkerton, depute master, Dovecot- 
hall — D. C. Alexander, pass master, Barrhead — John M'- 
Cowan, senior warden, Dovecothall— Alexander Melville, 

junior warden, Grahamstone— , treasurer — Robert 

Steele, secretary, Barrhead — Archibald M'Cowan, garden 
steward, Grahamstone^James M'Garthe, acting steward, 
Corsse, Arthurlie — Hugh Cowan, acting steward, Barrhead 
James M'Coll, standard bearer, Corsse, Arthurlie — James 
Buchanan, tyler, Barrhead — Daniel Kerr, chaplain, Barr- 
head — Lodge Room, Lachlan Cowan's, Barrhead. 

1824. Neilston Curlers' Society —Thomas Anderson, preses and 

treasurer, Neilston — Matthew Anderson, clerk, Neilston. 

1825. Levern Mechanics^ Institution. — J. Wilson of Thornlie, pa- 

tron — John Cumming, preses, Gateside — William Robert- 
son, treasurer, Barrhead — Robert Haggart, secretary and 
librarian, Grahamstone, and 9 ordinary Directors. 

1825. Neilston Society for Mutual Information.— A. new preses 

every meeting by rotation — James Robertson, treasurers, 
Butterwell — Robert Young, clerk, Neilston — no officer. 

1826. Neilston and Neighbourhood Agricultural Society. ^ — Captain 

Matthew Anderson, treasurer, Broadley — Return not given 

1827. West Arthurlie Cotton Mill Funeral Society. —-Wm. Sharpe, 

preses, West Arthurlie — William Leggat, treasurer. West 
Arthurlie — Alexander Dougal, clerk, West Arthurlie — John 
Porter, officer, West Arthurlie. 
1830. Levern Temperance Society — Rev. James Tait, president, 
Levern Cottage — John Brown, vice president, Graham- 
stone — Alex. Brown, treasurer, Barrhead — Henry Graham, 
secretary. Barrhead — with a Committee of 12. 

1830. Levern Curling C/m6.—- Archibald M'L^idoe, president, Fere- 

neze bleachfield — Thomas Young, treasurer, Barrhead- 
Francis Oatt, Secretary, Hurlet. 

1831. Barrhead Home Mission Society. — Henry Dunlop, of Craig- 

ton, president — James Bruce, vice-president — Rev. James 
Tait, vice president and treasurer — Alexander Dunn, secre- 
tary—Mr. Gillmer, missionary. 

1832. Levern Temperance Youths' Association. — Charles Samuel 

president, Arthurlie — Return not given in. 
? Neilston New Friendly Society. — Robert Swan, preses— 
William Robertson, collector— Jaraes Swan, clerk— Wil» 
liam Meiklejones, officer. 

206 Neilston, Barrhead, ^-c. Societies^ 8fc. 

1833. Barrhead Gas Light Company. — John Cunningham, trea- ^ 
surer, West Arthurlie — Alexander Stewart, clerk, Barr- 
N. B. To iVIanagers of Societies, see Paisley Directory, page 89. 

Neilston Renfrewshire Political Union Band. — James Telfer, mas- 
ter, Neilston. 


For Cattle, are held on the third Tuesday of February, May, and 
October, Old Style. 
For Horse Racing, &c. on the Fourth Friday of July, New Style. 


For Horse Racing, and Cattle market, is held on the last Friday 
and Saturday of June, New Style. 

*4;* For remarks on Old Style, seepage 170. 

F O W L E R ^ S 


Street Guide of Pollokshaivs. 

Auliifield. Hunter-Street 
Baird's Court, south side of Harriet Street 
j'engal Street, north side of Main Strpet 

Cartcraigs Street, (North) from Toll B-irr. alon^ road leading to Cowglen 
Cartcraigs Street, (South) from he.d of King Street, along Race Road 
Cro?s Street, from Harriet Street to Toll Barr 
Factory Street, from Macarthur Street to River Bank Bleachfield 
Green Lane, east side of Factory Street to Pleasance Street 
Harriet Street, from Auldhouse Bridge to King Street 
Hunter Street, south side of King Sireet 
King Street, from Harriet Street to Cart Water 
Kirk Lane, south side of Main Street to Factory Street 
Kirk Street, vest side of Factory Street to Kirk Lane 
Macarthur'.s Street, from Main Street to Factory Street 
Main Street, from King Street to head of Pollnk Street 
Maxwell Street, from PoUok Gate alon? road leading to Glasgow 
Pleasance Street, from Main Street to River 
Poilok Street, from Main :?trcet to PoUok Gate 
<Shawhill Street, from Pleasance along Shawhill 
Wellington Street, north side of King Sireet to Turnpike Road 
Wilson Street, from PoUok Street to Turnpike Road 

ABERCROMBIE, Henry, spirit dealer, 5 King street 
Ad'^ra, John, spirit dealer and road contractor, 22 Mam st. 
Adam, John, spirit dealer, 10 Pollok street 


Adam, Mrs. J. spirit dealer, 26 Main street 
Alexander, Jolin, teacher, Strathbungo 
Aikenhead, farmer. Moss and Hagg farms 

Algie, Mattticw, spirit dealer, Crossmjloof 
Armour, Robert, gardener and florist, Camphill 
Auld Thomas, wright, 4 King street 

BAIRD, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, (Green- 
bank Store), 4 Harriet Street 
Baird, Matthew, of Baird, Thomas and Son, house Up-. 

per Green Bank 
Baird, Thomas, and Son, turkej-red dyers. Upper Green 

Bank dye-works, and fancy dyers. Green Bank, ho. 

Green Bank House, 6 Harriet street 
Barlas, James, builder, 6 Pleasance street 
Bennie, John, baker and spirit dealer, Crossmyloof 
Bijrgar, James, joiner and cartwright, Crossmyloof 
Bisset, Andrew, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 67 

King street 
Bisset, Andrew, lawn dryer, Auldhouse field 
Bisset, John, keeper of Pollokshaws Toll Barr, 1 North 

Cartcraigs street 
Bonthron, Thomas, coachman, Pollok 
Boyd, John, grocer, and flesher, 10 Main street 
Brown, John, grocer, 36 Main street 
Brown, Robert, of Langside 

Brownlee, Mrs. grain merchant and baker, 70 King street 
Burnside, Archibald, hair dresser, and preserver of Foreign 

and British quadrupeds, birds, &c. 8 Macarthur st. 
Burnside, John, grocer, 30 Pollok street 
Burton, James, postmaster, 25 Main street 

CAMERON, John, spirit dealer, boot and shoemaker, S 

Harriet street 
Cameron, William, jun. picking master, Auldfield 
(-"ameron, William, sen. throstle spinning master, Auldfield 
Campbell, Donald, foreman, saw mill, 44 King street 
Campbell, Dougal, gardener, Pollok 
Campbell, Hugh, church officer, 45 Main street 
Campbell, John, tenter, Auldfield 

208 POLLOKsHAWS, kc, 

Campbell, Robert, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 45 

Main street 
Carswell, Robert, joiner and cabinet maker, 48 Main St. 
Chapman, F. watch and clock maker, 18 Main street 
Cochran, Thomas, carter, Eastwood 
Cogan, John and Robert, cotton spinning and power loom 

weaving factories, 5 Hunter street, Counting house 

12 Montrose street, Glasgow 
Colledge, William, writer, Auldhouse 
Colquhoun, Peter, hosier and spirit dealer, 42 King st. 
Cook, Matthew, boot and shoemaker, 5 Main street 
Corbett, Thomas, surgeon and druggist, 21 Main street 
v^'rawford, James, tenter, Auldfield 

Crawford, John, manager of power loom factory, Auldfield 
♦J] uwford, John, foreman of power loom factory, Auldiield 
Crawford, Thomas, clerk, Auldfield 
Cull en, James, teacher, 48 Main street 
Cunningham, Thomas, servant to John Maxwell, younger 

of Pollok, house 13 Green Lane 
Cuthbertson, John, surgeon and druggist, 16 King street 

DAKERS, Mrs. Jean, dressmaker, 4 King street 

Davie, John, carter, 34 Harriet street 

Deans, John, carrier and spirit dealer, 40 Main street 

Deans, John, carter, 54 Main street 

Deans, William, grocer, 19 Factory street 

Dick, Alex, baker, grocer and spirit dealer, 9 Main st. 

Dick, James, grocer, 34 Main street 

Dick, Miss, house, 5 South Cartcraigs street 

Donachie, John, slater, 47 Main street 

Donald, John, game keeper, Parlchouse 

Drysdale, William, victualler, 32 King street 

Dunlop, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Harriet st. 

EADIE, William, tailor, 45 Main street 
Edmiston, James, farmer, Lochinch 

FAULDS, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 20 King street 
Finlayson, Alexander, carter, 26 Main street 
Finlayson, Alex.jun. spirit dealer, 47 Main street 


Finiayson, J. and Co. grocers, spirit dealers, and clotli 

merchants, 56 Main street 
Finlayson, Mrs. cloth merchant, 59 Main street 
Finnic, Colin, book dryer, Auldhouse Field 
Fleming, J. J. and B. bleachers, Newlands Bleachiield — 

office 66 Brunswick street, Glasgow 
Fleming, James, bleacher, house Newlands Field 

GAVIN, Misses, dress-makers and milliners, 6 Main st. 

Gemmill, Alexander, boiler, Aiildfield 

(Tibson, William, boot and shoemaker, Strathbungo 

Glen, Mrs. housekeeper, PoUok 

Govan, John, Old Trades' Inn, 32 Main street 

Govan, Miss, dressmaker, 32 Pleasance street 

Gray, David, mason, 24 King, street 

Gray, Robert, smith & plough maker, 2 North Caj^tcraigs 

HADDY, William, spirit dealer, 8 King street 
Hamilton, Gavin, grocer and spirit dealer, 64 King sti^et 
Hamilton, Hugh, house Coustonholm, office 21 St. An- 
drew's street, Glasgow 
Hamilton, Jolm, house Coustonholm 
Hamilton, Mrs. house Coustonholm 
Hector, William, writer, 5 South Cartcraigs street 
Henderson, James, grocer, and dealer in cloggs, 26 Max- 
well street 
Henderspn, James,, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Pollok st. 
Henderson, William, baker, 03 King street 
Hodgert, Robert, surgeon and druggist, 5 Harriet street 
Hogg, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, Crossmyloof 
Hosie, Andrew, quarrier, wine and spirit merchant, (coach 

office), 29 Main street 
Hosie, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Pollok stret 
Hosie, David, quarrier, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Main 

street , ,. 

Hosie, James, baker, 29 Main street 
Hosie, John, tailor, 1 Pleasance street 
Houstoun, John, boot and shoemaker, Crossmyloot- 

JOHNSON, George, sen. gardener, Hopeh.ill 

S o 


Johnson, George, jun. gardener, Coustonholm 

KAY, John, manager spinning factory, Anldfield 

Kay, John Russell, carding master, Auldfield 

Kelly, John, plasterer, 36 Harriet street 

Kessan, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 King street 

King, Mrs. Robert, grocer, 59 King street 

Kirkwood, Matthew, land surveyor, 23 Main street 

Kirk wood, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 40 King street 

LAW, John, stenter dryer, Anldhouse Field 

Law, Robert, lawn dryer, Auldhouse Field 

Law, William, boiler, Auldhouse Field 

Leckie, Robert, joiner and cartwright, 7 Factory street^ 

and spirit dealer 18 do. 
Lindsay, James gardener and spirit dealer, 4 Main street 
Litster, John, surgeon and druggist, 49 Main street 
Livingstone, James, spirit dealer, 1 Maxwell street 
Livingstone, Robt. jun. grocer & spirit dealer, 33 Main st. 
Livingstone, Mrs. Robt. sen. spirit dealer, 22 Shawhill st. 
Lochhead, Miss, milliner, dress, and straw hat maker, 42 

Main street 
Locke, John, writer, 38 King street 
Logan, Rev. George, A. M. Eastwood Manse 
Logan, W^illiam, washer and cleaner of gentlemen's lin- 
ens, napery, &c. Govanhall Field, 15 Green Lane; 
orders left at Mr. George Caldwell's, No. 2 New, 
street, Paisley 

MACK, Hugh, boiler, Auldhouse Field 

Mack, Mrs. grocer, 14 Main street 

Macquisten, Peter, civil engineer and land surveyor, Cbus- 

ton Bank, Counting house, 4 Dunlop street, Glasgo 
Martin, James, accountants^ Couston hill Cottage, offic 

Miller street, Glasgow 
Mason, James, spirit dealer, 39 King street 
Mason, Robert, jun. ftesher and grocer, 42 Main street 
Mason, Robert, sen. grazier, fiesher, grocer, and spirit 

dealer, 72 King street 
Maxwell, Sir John, of PoUok, Bart. 


Maxwell, John, younger, of Pollok :,mk)<.1 •, 

Menzies, Walter, grocer and spirit deal&r,. 2 Macarthur st.. 

Millar, Alexander^ spirit mercliant, 28 MaxwelUtreet 

Millree, James, boot and shoemaker, 2 Main, street 

Mochree, James, grocer, IS Main street 

Morrison & Welsh, smiths and farriers,, 2 Cross street 

Muir, Alexander, flesher, 54 Main street 

Muir, John, clerk, Auldlield 

Muir, Mrs. spirit dealer, 39 Mam streot 

Muir, Mrs. cowfeeder. Whins. 

Muirhead, JameSj blacksmith, 61 Main street 

Muirbead, James, skinner and glue maker, 62 Main st 

Muirhead, John,, grocer, 62 Main street 

Munro, Alexander, pastry baker, confectioner, and spirit 

dealer, 59 Main street 
Murray, John, carding master, Auldfield 
Muter, John, and Son, grocers, 1 PoUok street 

M^ALPINE, Mrs. eook, Pollok 

M' Alpine, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 6 Pleasance street | 

M'Brayne, Hugh, starcher,. Auldhouse Field 

M^Bride, Neil, mule spinning master,. Auldfield 

M'Burney, Alex, sheriff officer and constable, 30 Kingst. 

M'Coll, John and William, joiners and cartwrights, 30 

and 1 1 North Cartcraigs street 
M^Cracken, Wm. joiner, and weavers' wright, 26 Main st. 
McDonald, Archibald, sen. butler, Pollok 
M*Donald^ Ang^us, sheriff officer for the counties of Ren- 
frew and Lanark, 28 Main street 
M*Donaldj James, tailor, Crossmyloof 
McDonald, John, &tarcher, Auldfield 
McDonald, Mrs. dressmaker,. 1 Maxwell street 
M'Donatd, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer,. Strathbunga 
M'Ewan, James, teacher^ 17 Hunter street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. beamer^ 30 Macarthur street 
M'Farlane, Thomas, stationer and librarian, 47 Main st. 
McGregor, Charles, spirit dealer, 3 Cross street 
M'lntyre, Archibald, parochial schoolmaster and session 

clerk, 6 South Cartcraigs street 
Mlntyre, Archibald, jun, teacher, 11 Macarthur street 


M'Intyre, Donald, accountant, Moss side, office, Ship 

Bank Buildings, Glasgow 
M'Intyre, Donald, farmer, 5 Macarthur street 
Wlntyre, James, tailor, 53 Main street 
IVPIntyre, Robert, grocer, 30 Main street 
JM'Kechnie, Daniel, church officer, 42 King street 
M*Lachlane, Mrs. spirit dealer, Crossmyloof 
M^Nab, John, nailer, 1 Cross street 
iM'Nair, Robert, spirit dealer, Crossmyloof 
M'Queen, Colin, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Wellington st. 

NAESMITH, John, spirit dealer, 5 King street 
Nicol, Andrew, gardener, Auldhouse Field 
Nicol, John, singeir, Auldhouse Field 
Nicol, William, cloth merchant, 42 Main street 

PATERSON, John, grocer, 2 Main street 
Paterson, John, tenter, iVuldfield 
Pollock, John, tenter, Auldfield 

RAE, James, tenter, Auldfield 

Ralston, John, keeper, Hagg's toll bar 

Rann, William, overseer, Titv/ood colliery 

Keid, William, of Riverbank, writer, 9 Kirk street 

Renfrew, Alexander, grocer, 3.5 Harriet street 

Rennie, Jas. manager and clerk, Auldfield Bieachfield 

Ren toul, James, of Langside Valleyjlksduiyt/i. , 

Richardson, Francis, carding master, Auldfield 

Richmond, Thomas, spirit dealer, Strathbungo. 

Richmond, William, book and stenter dryer,. Auldfield 

Robertson, J. grocer, 21 King street 

Ross, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Harriet street 

Ross, James, tailor, habit and pelisse maker, 40 Main st. 

Rule, James, mole catcher, Crossmyloof 

Russell, William, cloth merchant, 66 King street 

SALMON, Peter, thatcher, 46 King street 
Scott, John, spirit dealer, 68 King street 
Shand, Robert, builder, Crossmyloof 
Sheddon, Richard,, spirit dealer, Strathbungo 


Sloan, John, A.M., teacher, Stratbbungo 

Smart, James, gardener, Camphill 

Smith, David, (Tontine Inn,) 62 King street 

Smith, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Strathbungo 

Smith, Robert, joiner and cabinet maker, Eastwood 

Steel, Alexander, tenter, Auldfield 

Steel, James, hair dresser, 17 Main street 

Steel, John, flesher, ,o9 Main street 

Steel, John, surgeon, 38 King street 

Stevenson, Gavin, wright, J 6 King street 

Stevenson, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 58 King st. 

Stevenson, John, groom, Pollok 

Stevenson, John, tailor, 71 King street 

Stevenson, Miss, straw hat maker, 45 Main street 

Stewart, Alex, gardener, and spirit dealer, 29 Khig street 

Stewart, Andrew, of Moss side 

Stewart, Rev. Findlay — Burgher manse, 1 1 Kirk street 

Stewart, William, spirit dealer, 17 Harriet street 

Stirling, Allan, boot and shoemaker, Crossmyloof 

Strang, James, carter, 15, Hunter street 

Strang, Robt. carter, grocer & spirit dealer, 49 Main st. 

Struthers, x\rchibald, grocer & spirit dealer, 13 Pollok st. 

Struthers, James, (Maxwell Arms Inn,) 38 Main street 

Struthers, James, clerk, 34 Pollok street 

Struthers, James, feuar, 34 Pollok street 

TAIT, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Pollok st, 
Tassie, James, victualler, 63 King street 
Thomson, Alex, baker, Strathbungo 
Tosh, George, clothlapper, Strathbungo 
Town Hall, 37 Main street 

WALLACE, Agnes, dressmaker, 8 Pollok street 

Wallace, James, grocer, 8 Pollok street 

Walker, James, grocer, 53 Main street 

Wark, Jobn, sen. grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Main street 

Wark, Mrs. John, grocer, 40 Main street 

Warnock, Robert, sJater, 47 Main street 

Wason, Alex, copper and tinsmith, 44 Main street 

Watson^ James, librciriaa, 1 Wilson, street. 


Watson, James, tenter, Auldfield 

Watson, William, teacher, Crossm^'loof 

Weir, Mrs. James, flesher, 48 Main street 

Whyte, David, barbour, 1 Pleasance street 

Wilkie, William, joiner and weaver's wright, Wilson st 

Willox, John, church officer, Eastv^^ood session house 

Wiilox, John, quarrier, Eastwood Farm Flag, and Giff- 

nock, Liver Stone Quarries, house 38 King street 
Wils(jn, Hugh, cooper, 1 Kirk lane 
Wilson, Mrs. James, grocer, 53 Main street 
Wilson, James, hosier, ]2 Main street 
Wingate, Gabriel, spirit dealer, 18 Pollok street 
Wishart, John, blacksmith, Crossmyloof 
Vv^'right, David, gardener, Dumbreck Bridge Gardens 

YOUNG, James, & Sons, bleachers, Auldhouse Field 
Young, James, bleacher, house 22 Harriet street 
Youngj John, clock maker and turner, 37 Main street 
Young, Robert, bleacher, house 22 Harriet street 
Young, William, bleacher, house 22 Harriet, street 



ADAM, William, farmer, Oldbar 

Allan, David, smith and farrier, Thornliebank 

Allan, William, miner over the ores, Hurlet 

Anderson, David, overseer, Cowglen colliery 

Anderson, Gabriel, farmer, Rabslea 

Anderson, Gabriel, grocer & spirit dealer, Thornliebank 

Anderson, John, woollen draper, grocer & cooper, Hurlet 

Anderson, Matthew, surgeon, Hurlet 

BAIRD, William, farmer, Broadbar 


Barr, Archibald, farmer, Gifnock 

Barr, Thomas^ farmer, Deaconsbank 

Barr, Thomas, farmer, Slates 

Bowie, John, farmer, Dykebar 

Brock, David, hillsman, Haugh coalpit — house Hurlet 

Brown, Andrew, contractor, Thornliebank 

Bruce, J. & J. cartwrights and joiners* Nitshlll 

Bryson, James, Darnley toll bar mal ,ft 

Bryson, William, spinning master, Thornliebank 

CAMPBELL, James, baker, Thornliebank 

Carswell, Robert, teacher, Nitshill 

Colledge, William, writer, Auldhouse 

Cowbrough, John, tenter, Thornliebank 

Couper, John, farmer, Davieland 

Craig, Alex, grain merchant and miller, Hawkhead mills 

Crum, Jas. jun. cotton spinner— ho. Thornliehank house 

Ccum, James, jun, cloth raerchani, .T'howiliebank, John 
Scott, salesman Mi;!"-*;"- • ■ . ^- 

Crum, James, jun. & Co. cotton spinning and power loom 
weaving factory, Newfield and Thornliebank, i - 

Crum, John, calico printer arnd bleacher — house Lower 
Birkenshaw Cottage '-rl /j^rrif):: ^./Oi'ii; A. ,A'Jhh 

Crum, Messrs John (^r Walter, •& Go. ieal^eo,!p.nriters akd'' 
bleachers, Thornliebank n [ ■ 

Crum, Walter, calico printer and bleacher — house Thorn- 
liebank house . . 

Cruickstone, ancient residence of Mary, Queen of Scots 

Cumming, James, overseer, coal works, Hurlet 

Cunningham, Robert, smith and farrier, .Gowglen 

/fki'iofli' ^'feooi'. 

DEANS, Matthew, farmer, Burnfield I 

Divan, Philip, carding master, Thornliebank 

Donald, William, clerk, Thornliebank 

Dove, Alex. & Son. Househill and Nitshill coal work, 
ho. Nitshill — coalyard, 30 New Smith hills, Paisley 

Dove, Archibald, boot and shoemaker, Nitshill 

Dunlop, Misses, of Househill 

FINDLAYSON, Alex, smith, Thornliebank 


Fleming, James, lime merchant, (Arden lime works)— 

house Darnley 
Foulds, James, jun. farmer, Nether Auldhouse 
Foulds, James, sen. farmer, Kinnishead 
Freeland, John, Mains 

GILCHRIST, Erskine, boot & shoemaker, Thornliebank 
Gilchrist, William, tenter, Thornliebank 
Glen, William, farmer, Hawkhead Mains 

HAMILTON, Alexander, farmer, Dykebar 

Hamilton, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Nitshill 

Hart, James, farmer, Wellwas 

Hart, Thomas, spirit dealer and gardener, Thornliebank 

Harvey, David, boot and shoemaker, Thornliebank 

Henderson, Peter, teacher, Thornliebank 

Hogg, Thomas, engineer, Cowglen colliery 

Hosie, James, sen. quarrier, Househill free stone quarry 

— house Nitshill 
Hosie, John, farmer, Cruickstone 
Hurlet & Campsie Alum Co. alum manufacts. Hurlet 

JACK, Andrew, farmer, Priesthill 
Jack, William, spirit dealer, Hurlet 
Jackson, James, farmer, East Mains 
Jackson, James, sen. farmer, Kinwadrick 
Johnstone, David, store-keeper, Thornliebank 

KEAN, John, boot and shoemaker, Hurlet 
Kelburne, Right Hon. Viscount, Hawkhead House 
Kelso, Mrs. grocer, Thornliebank 
Kirkwood, Matthew, farmer, Liggetston 
Kirkwood, Allan, farmer, Wardhill 
Kyle, Andrew, farmer, Netherton 

LANGMUIR, Walter, farmer, Oldbarr 
Livingston, Alexander, farmer, Saturland 
Lochtie, Robert, clerk, Thornliebank 
Lowrie, Thomas, of Rosshili 


MILLER, David, spirit merchant, Thornliebank 
Miller, John, manager, cotton spinning, and NVeaving fac- 
tories, Thornliebank 
Morton, James, farmer, Henrypqroft 
Motherwell, James, farmer, Roughmussle 
Munro, Alexander, grocer. a,nd spirit dealer, Nitshill 

M'Donald, 'Donald, foreman. Alum work, Huflet 
M'Ewan, John, farmer, Saturland 
M'Farlane, John, farmer, Haugh 

M'Farlane, P. grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Nitshill 

M'Gill, John, overseer of Hawkhead Lands — house East 

Mavis Bank /..■•V^o:;;^^ .l 

M'Gown, William^ cooper, Hurlet 

M'Kay, Robert, tenter, Thornliebank 

M'Kee, Isaac, tailor, Thornliebank 

M'Lean, John, grocer, grain and spirit dealer, Hurlet 

M'Lintock, James, overseer of Willson & Sons' alum 

and copperas works, Nitshill 
M'Lintock, Wm. overseer at alum & soda works, Hurlet 
M'Nabb, John, farmer, Dykebar 
M'Pherson, butler, Househill 

NOTM AN, Robt. clerk to John Wilson and Sons, Hurlet 

OATT, Francis, manager of Hurlet and Campsie alum 
Company's al,ura^v^f,Oirks.-:r-llQ.U-Se Levern Shields 

PATTISON, Robert, farmer, Darnly 

REID, James, mason, Nitshill ' 
Reid, James, spirit dealer, Hurlet 
Reid, John, farmer,Brock]ee5 
Renfrew, James, smith and farrier, Nitshill 
Renfrew, William, smith arid farrier, Hurlet 
Ritchie, farmer, Clough 

Robinson, Thomas, gamekeeper, Hawkhead 
Ross, Andrew, mason and spirit dealer, Thornliebank 
Russell, Johti and James, millers, Darnly 
Russell, Mrs. spirit dealer, Nitshill 



SMITH, Robert, farmer. Byres 

iStark, John, cloth lapper, Thornliebank 

Stewart, George, spinning master, Thornliebank 

Stewart, Peter, mill wright, Thornliebank 

Stewart, Thomas and William, farmers. Upper Darnly 

TASSIE, James, farmer, billhead 
Telfer, William, farmer, Househill wood • 
Turnbull <$^ Fletcher, calico printers 4" bleachers, Darnly 
Field , . - 

WATSON, Fcobert, farmer, Arden 
"Wilson, George, Old Cruickstone 

Wilson, John, & Sons, alum, copperas, and sods raapufac- 
turers, lime & coal workers, Nitshill Ǥ- Hurlet works 
Wilson, John, jun. Levern Holm 
Wilson, John, sen. of West Hurlet 
Wilson, William, of Cowglen, writer 
Wilson, William, West Hurlet . 

Wright, John, tailor, Nitshill 

yOUNG, William, farmer, Orchard 








Population, four thousand five hundred. Hegistered voters for 
County Member, forty-seven. .r:- 

Election of Magistrates first Tuesday of October. 

Qualification, Burgesses resident and possessing jp,r.eroises of ^4 year- 

Magistrates^ tind Town Council^ S^c. Appendix, 219 

Magistrates and Toimi Vduricil of PoUodkihdws. 

Thomas. Baird, Provost^ 
John ^yjllox, Baillie. /, . 

Robert ^CQmp^.ell, Treasurer, 

COUNGMiLORS. , U'- .\'t">'^'r^. 

George Stevenson I Alexander Wasson 

Thomas Coibett T ' Peter Colquhoun 

-• Mattliew Baird ./ |. David Brown 

John Lock&, Procurator Fiscal. 
;-/'H-. David Wilkie, Town Clerk. 

-'-r'i ■[ . , ^ ■ ■■. ■ . — -. ^ 



Sir Jn. Maxwell, of Pollok, Bart. John Wilson, sen. of Thornlie 

John Maxwell, yr. of Pollok 
William Wilsijn, Covvglen 
James Crum, Thornliebank 
John Crum,- Thornliebank 

John Wilson, jun. Hurlet 
William Wilson, Hurlet 
Walter Crum, Thornliebank 
James Yoiing, Auldhousefield 

Thos. Baird, Greenbank House j Hugh Hararkon Coustonhoim 

Justice of Peace Courts Court Hally PoUoltshaws, held first 
Thursday of every Mot^th, at iO d clock Per enooH:, 

John Loeke, Depute Clerk, 38 King street, Pollokshaws. 
William Hector, Fiscal, Pollokshaws. 

• • .■•i*t>f!«i' 1 .-.iWRITEaS^'iftii «'.au:f. 

William Wilson7 Cowglen 
William Reid. of Riverbank, 9. 
Kirk street, Pollokshaws. 

craigs street, P^ollokshaws 
William CoUedge,. Auld House 
John Locke, 38 King street, 

William HectQr, d South iQart- ( Pollokshaws; 

'" SHERIFF OFFICERS."'' ^''''^ ' 

Angus M'Donald,, for the Shires of Renfrew and Lanark, 28 Main 

street, Pollokshaws. 
Alexander JV^'.Barney, 30 King street, Pollokshaws, 


Alexander M'Barney, 30 King street— 7 James Campbell, town 
drummer ahd crier, 8 Main street. 


Alexander M'Barney, gaoler— house 30 King street 


Vitst of Scotland — John Ralston, Hagg Toll bar, Pollokshaws 

220 Pollokskaws. Engine for ExtinguisJiing Fire, See. 

Lodged with Mr Baird, dyer, Greenbank, Harriet street 


Thomas Corbet, 45 Main street, PoUokshaws 

John Litster. 49 Main strieet, PoUokshaws 

John Steel, 38 King sti'tet 

John Cuthbertson, 16 King street 

Robert Hodgert, 5 Harriet street ....,'-., „ 

■■ — -^ h'i\a^u%:-oirn.. — 

MID WIVES. ■ . ■ ' 
Mrs. Renfrew, 39 King street: PoUokshaws 
Mrs. Chalmers, 32 Pollok street, PoUokshaws 
Mrs. Richmond, hygeist, 41 King street, PoUokshaws 

"" MINISTERS,.'^:' .rv.:i.\,!."/.r 

Established O/itrcjh— Eastwood, George Lbgan^J'A. Mi^TrhOjW^g 
Eastwood Manse ' J'" ■.■,""''•'"' • 

JSuaGHEit Church-~-~\T K\rk street, PoUokshaws — Finlay Stewart 

-—house 1 1 Kirk street, Ponockshaws 
United Skcession (JauRCH — 47 King street, PollokHhaws, vacant 


""j^ASTwooD Parish Church — John Willbx, officer, Eastwood—*- 

Archd. M'Intyre, precentor, 6 South Cartcraigs street 
United Secession Church ^D^u, M'Kechnie, office,r, 42 King 

street— Andrew Wilson, precentor, 38 King street 
BuRGBEii Church — Hugh Campbell, — officer, 45 Mam street- 
James Robertson, precentor, I Shawhill street 

SESSION CLERK. ;'r^^;"~S;; '"';':7^ 
Archibald M'Intyre, 6 South Cartcraigs street. 


Minister and Kuk Session, and a Committee of Heritors and Feuars. 
William Hector, treasurer. 


Parish Church — John Willox, house, Eastwood Session'hbuie 
Burgher Church — Hugh Campbell, 45 Main street. PoUokshaws 

Eastwood Parish School — 6 South Cartcraigs street, Pollokshaw* 
— Robert M'Intyre, teacher. 

PoUokshaws Town School — II Macarthur street 

Archibald M'Intyre, teacher 

Strathhungq School, built Dy subscription, A.D. 1833;, 

John Sloan, A. M. teacher. 

Post Office, 8^c, ' Appendix^ 221 

Nifshill School, Nitshill, built by subscription, A. D. 18u8; 
James. Taylor, teacher. . 
' Auldfield School — 21 Hunter stieet, Pollokshaws, 
James M'Ewan, teacher. 


'''•■■ ' Arrival of Post. 

FROM GLASGOW daily, (foot post) half past 5 o'clock evening. 

■ilia ,ii:f^;•"^^'.J Bt/'n-^it, — -',. ■ ■ 

. Departure of Post. 

TO GLASGOW daily, (foot post) quarter to eight o'cloek 

' morning,, 

' '' Office open f 1^6 m 7 morning till 9 ^veningi 

James Burton, post master — Henry Burton, letter carrier. 

(N.B.For Hates of Postage see Paisley Directory, page 109.) 


King William- IT; Stage Coach to GLASGOW,-starts (every 
lawful day) from the Coach Office, William Dunlop's, No. 'I Harriet 
street, and A. Hosie's, 29 Main street^ Pollokshaws at ten o'clock 
morning, and half-past five afternoon^— And to Pollokshaws, from 
the Coach Office, Kirkvvood's Arms, Hamilton's Closs, 47 Siock- 
vvell street, Glasgow, foiir afternoon, and eight o'cl^fck evening, 
Fares, rnside9d., Outside 6d., and Basket 7d. ' 

The Royal Sovereign Stage Coach, from IRVINE to GLAS- 
GOW, by the Lochl'ibb road, arrives every lawful day at Pollok- 
^ihaws Toll bar, at half-past ten o'clock morning ; and arrives again 
at same Toll bar, from Glasgow to Irvine, at half-past four o'clock 
afternoon. : . . 

The Levern ' Trader Stage Coach, from BARRHEAD to 
GLASGOW, arrives every lawful day, (Thursday excepted) at 
Pollokshaws toll bar at 10 o'clock morning ; and arrives again at 
same ToH bar, from Glasgow to Barrhead, at half-past 5 o'clock 


GLASGOW — John Deans, from 54 Main street, Pollokshaws, 
every Wednesday and Saturday at ten o'clock 
morning, and returns same day. 
— Andrew Wilson, from 38 King street, Pollokshaws, every 
Wednesday and Eriday, at 10 o'clock morning, aad 
returns same day. 
Glasgow, ;Pa(is1ey, and Ardrossan Canal Passage Boats, in going 
from Paisley to Glasgows pass Dumbreck bridge, about 40 minutes 
after leaving Paisley ; and pass Dumbreck bridge again, in going 
..from' Glasgow to Paisley, about 15 minutes after leaving Glasgow. 
.J^utsbreck* bridge is about one mile distant from Pollokshaws Cross. 
For hours of starting from Paisley and Glasgow, see Paisley Di=-, 
yfictory^^page 112. 

T 3^ 

222 Pollohshaws, Societies^ 



17i9. Polhkshaws Old Society of TFe^rer,?— Thomas M'FaHane, 
preses, Main street — Thomas Wilkie. treasurt^r, Maxwelf 
street — Georgfe Stevenson, clerk, 58 King street — James 
Campbell, offifer, 8 Main street 
1777. PoUokshaws Young Society of T^eavers'— Jnmes Young, 
preses, 15 Factory street — John Kyle, treasurer, Shawhil! — 
Geors^e Johnstone, clerk, Hopehill — James Campbell, offi- 
cer, 8 Main street. 
1783. PoUokshaws Royal Arch Zo^c, Npr 203, now .No. 151>— • 
Alexander Munro, R. W. M. 59 Main street— Alexaiuier 
Young, depute-master, 15 Factory street — John Spencer, 
senior warden, 65 Kin? street-rr-Thomas Robertson, junior 
warden, 2 Auldhouse bridge — James Struthers, jun., senior 
steward, 38 Main street — Arthur Reddick, junior steward, 
29 Main street— -Matthew Cook, treasurer, 5 Mwiri street — 
Henry Chandley, secretary, 60 Main street-— Alexander 
K'i'g) garden steward. 59 King street — William, Highlands 
tyler, 60 King street— Lodge, MaxweH Arms Inn, 38 
Main streft, PoUokshaws. 
J.789. Thornliebank Friendly Society — Thdniais Jackson, preses, 
Thornliehauk — Alexander Finlayson, treasurer, Thornlie- 
bank — John M'Nab, clerk, Thornliebank — Thomas Muir, 
..' . officer 

^1,799. PoUokshaws, Ayr, and Renfrewshire Society — James Living- 
ston, preses, 1 Maxwell street-— James Young, treasurer, 
15 Factory street — James Mason, clerk, 45 King street— 
Jame-^ Campbell, officer. 8 Main street 
IBOO. PoUokshaws Auldfield Sabbath Evening School — Robert An- 
derson, president — Thomas Shields, treasurer, with a Com- 
mittee of ten teachers — John Kay, secret iry and clerk. 
There is under the Directors inspection one school. 
Number of Scholars at present, 300, 
1805. Thornliebavk Sabbath School — Peter Henderson, treasurer* 
There is under the Visitors' inspection one School— Num- 
ber of Scholars at present, about 170 

1808. PoUokshaws Curlers^ Society — Jtihn Deans, preses, 40 Main 
street — Andrew Brown, treasurer, Thornliebank — George 
Stevenson, clerk, King street — Hugh Campbell, officer, 
Main street 

1809. Coivglen Coalhewer's SoezWy— Archibald Muir, preses, PoU 
^,.. terfield — James Wingate, treasurer, Potterfield— James 
a:-; Dovvnie, clerk, 47 Main street;— Alexander Muir, officer, 
%''-:.A Potterfield 

H^ih Mur let Friendly Society — James Sme!lie> preses— Robert 
Notman, treasurer,, Hurlet — Angus Bruce>,c]erk> Nitsbiil'^'— 
Wiiliane .Browning, officer, Nitshill '' ~ ■ 

Societies, Sfc, Appendix. 223 

1812. PoUokshaws Burgher Church Sabbath Evening School-' 
Rev. Finlay Stewart, president and. treasurer, with a Com- 
mittee of teachers — Robert Walker, secretary and clerk 

There is under the visitors' inspection one School — nuint>er 
of Scholars, 220. 

1818. Aiddfield School Library, (Auldfield School Room)~.J. 
M'Evvan, librarian. Open every Friday evening from 8 
to 10 

1825. Marchtown Weavers\ New Society — David Smith, presei», 
Muirhonses — William Nolson, treasurer, Strathbungo— . 
James Stirling, clerk, Muirhouses— Peter M'Phea, officer, 
Crossmyloof ' > < 

1828. Pollokshaivs Funeral Society — Peter M'Cafi^umi -preses, 
King street — John Paterf^on, treasurer, King street — David 
Lachlan, clerk, 34 Pallok street—James Downie, officer, 
2 King stieet 

1828. Thornllebank Library, (School house) — James Crura, junior 
Patron, Thornliebank — John Stark, librarian 

1828. PoUokshaws' Vine 'Lodge of Free Chartered Gardeners-' 
John Lochhead, R. W. M. Glarkston toll— Dougald Camp- 
bell, pernor garden, Pollok—Matthevv Algie, junior garden^ 

Crossmyloof— John Bisset» treasurer, PoUokshaws' toll- 
George Stevenson, clerk. King street— John Downie, offi- 
cer, King street 

1829. Nitshill Curling Club — James Hosie, sen. preses, Nitshill 

James Fleming, treasurer, D-artAy— Managers, appointed 
for Hurlet, William M^Lintqck and John Uosie — for Nits- 
hill, Alexander Dove and Walter Lock— for Darnly, James 
Fleming and William Stewart 

1830. PoUockshaws Quoit Club— Bavid Guthrie, preS'es, Maxwell 
street— John Litster, treasurer, 49 Main street-^ Thomas 
Livingston, clerk, 22 iShawhill street— Archibald Weir, 
officer, 48 Main street— with 4 of a Committee 

1830. Thornliebank Temperance Society— liev. George Logarjl 
A.M., president— Peter Henderson, vice-president, Thonu 
liebank— William Gollms, treasurer, Tbornliebank— Robert 
Locbtie, elerk, Thornliebank 
? PoUokshaws Temperance Society— Hey. Geo. Logan, A. M» 
president, Eastwood Manse — Andrew Wilson, vice-presii- 
dent, 38 King street— John W'elsh, treasurer, King stieet 
— Rpbert Thomson, secretary, Maxwell street '. 

1838. PoUokshaws Instrumental Band— Johu Warren, master 45 
Main street, members 16. ' ' 

N. B. — To Managers of Societies, see Paisley Direetory, page 89, 

^ , ( FAIR. : ."', ^,:ij:;r '^'^^'f 

Poliokshav^s, I^ast^Ftiday of May, for Horse 'Racing^ ij|| 



ADAM, Archibald, spirit dealer, Higll street 

Aitken, Alexander, farmer, Scotstone 

Algie, Peter, farmer. Old mains 

Algie, Robert, farmer. Town, luchinnan 

Allan, John, Wright, Yoker •; 

Allison, James, customer weaver; High street 

Angus,, Thomas, spirit dealer, Yoker 

B AR R, Johnv overseer, Mr. i);utin!s, Glenhead 

Barr,. Walter, tailor. High street 

33athgate, John, factor, High street 

Berry, John, Baker, Hearst lane 

Black, Mrs. grocer, Hearst lane 

Blackwood:, Walter, farmer, Bettom 

Blue, Daniel, spirit dealer. New Town 

Boyd, Adam, joiner and cabinetmaker, Cow lane 

Boyd, George, Wright and timber merchant, Hearst lane 

-chouse Cow lane 
Boyd, William, farraer,^ Back row 
Brock, Mrs. — chouse Castlehill, Ferity road 
Brock, William,, starch manufacturer, Orchard street 
Brown, John,. farmer, Cow lane 
Brown, Johnj grocer and spirit dealer, High street 
Brown, John, teacher. High street, collector of teind and 

assessed taxes— house Back row ' ■ 

Brown, Mrs. Leghoirn and straw hat raakei^, Back row 
Btown, Mrs. teacher, Hearst lane l^ur'"* ji'^doH-l 
Brown, Robert, coast waiter---ho use Orch^r^: street 
Brownlee, Robert, maltman, Yoker . - 

Bruce, Archibald, spirit dealer, Hillhead 
Bryce, John,, farmer, Moss land 
Bryce, John^ smith and farrier, Hearst lane 
Bryce, John, spirit dealer, North Ferry House, Yoker 
Buchanan, Jas. spirit dealer, & keeper of Yoker toll bar 

RENFREW, &C. 2^25 

CAMERON, Robert, of Lady /^re, , , 

Campbell, Archibald, of Blythswood . 

Campbell & Russell, bleachers, Arklestone 

Campbell, William, superintendent of iVXessrs Dixon, andi 

Co.'s coal works, Skaterigg — hous.e Woodeqd 
Chapman, Robert, farmer ►^'andyford 
Chapman, Robert, jun. faa'mer, Arkleston yfw i 
Clark, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer,' Hign street 
Clark, John, superintendent of River Clyde — ho. Clyde 

Clark, John & Robert, bleachers, Renfrew field-^ — house 

High street 
Clark, John <5c Robert, millers and farmers, RenfrevK 

mill, High street ,; , , ^ , ^ 

Colquhoun, James, keeper Inchinn^il toll bar , ; 
Coubourgh, James, farmer, Mutton hole ,o;m • yi 

Craig, James, joiner and cart\yright, Nether Souinbar 
Craig, Robert, spirit dealer & Glasgow carrier, Dog row 
Crawford, Andrew, of Fauldhead, manufacturer 
Cumming, John, spirit dealer, Canal street 
Cumming, William, gardener, E.lderslie 
Cunninghame, Mrs. beamer and spirit dealer, Jlearstlane 

DENNY, James, wright, Clyde Bank — house Yoker 

Dickie, Robert, smith, Yoker 

Dodds, James, vintner and farmer, Moss 

Donald, James, farmer. Wester Yonderton 

Donald, Robert, joiner and cartwright, "i'oker 

Dow, Daniel, ohoemakei', Hearst lane 

Duncan, George, gardener, Scotstone 

Dunlop, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, High street 

ELDER, Math, wright & timber merchant, Mugg's lane 

FERGUSON, William, teacher. High street 
Findlay, John, saddle tree maker, High street 
Fiemington, William, keeper, Barnsfoid toll bar 

GALLOWAY, James, parish teacher, lachinnan 
Gibb, John, baron officer, Walkinshaw 

^26 RENFREW, kc, 

Gibson, John, farmer, Brovvnsfielci / *'*'"' ' 

Glen, John, agent, Canal street (Muo-il. 

Glen, Mrs. milliner. Canal street 

Gray, John, farmer, Blarthill 

Gray, Robert, spirit dealer. Dog row 

HAMILTON, George, spirit dealer, Yoker 

Harvey, John, distiller — house Yoker. 

Harvey, John & William, & Co, distillers, Yoker 

Harvey, William, distiller — house Yoker 

Houston, Archibald, farmer. Wester Walkinshaw 

Houston, James, grocer, High street 

Howat, William, session clerk, High street 

Hunter, Mrs. vintner, New Town 

Hutchison, jaraes, Reform Tavern, Ferry road 

Hutchison, George, writer and town clerk, Orchard St. 

Hutchison, John, of Fulbar 

INGLIS, William, farmer, Windyedge"-^*'f 

JACK, James, customer weaver, "W'ilson streiet 
Jamieson, Robert, ferryman, Ferry house 

KETER, William, farmer, Bogside 
Keter, Mrs. John, farmer, Arkleston 
Keter, Thomas, farmer. Cockles 
Keter, Thomas, farmer. Moss-land 
King, Robert, late provost, High street 
King, Mrs & Co. tailors., Hearst lane 
Kno}^, John, grocer, Canal st.reet 
Knox, vVilliam, farmer. Middle Walkinshaw 

L VNG, Hugh, post-master and grocer. High street 
Lang, John, spirit dealer, Back row 
Lang, Miss, teacher, ladies school, High street 
Lockhart, Rev. Laurence, Inchinnan Manse 
L.umsden, James, oi Yoker haugh 

MASON, Mrs. J baker and spirit dealer, High street 
MaaOi), William, baker. High street 

RENFREW, kc, ^€7 

IVTaxwell, Peter, wright, Blythswood 

Middleton, John, gardener & farm steward, Blythsvvood 

Mitchel, Miss, stayraaker, Orchard street 

Morrison, George, farmer, Skaterigg 

Muir, Alexander, farmer, Netherton 

Muir, James, farmer, Annisland 

Muir, James, grain dealer, Wilson street 

Muir, Thomas, farmer, Loanhead 

M'DONALD, Alex, spirit dealer. Drawbridge, Inchin- 

nan, and tonnage master. River Cart 
MTarlane, Allan, manufacturer, Orchard street 
M'Farlane, Rev. Duncan, Manse, High street 
M'Farlane, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, High street 
M'Hutchison, Jas. Saucel distillery spirit cellar, Castlehill 
M'Kean, Mrs. Andrew, grocer. Canal street 
M'Kenzie, John, cooper, Pinkerton's lane 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, collector of statute labour money, 

Back row 
M'Laren, Duncan, spirit dealer. Canal street 
M'Laren, George builder. Back row 
M'Laren, John, spirit dealer. Canal street 
M'Laren, Peter, burgh schoolmaster, High street 
M'Laren, Peter, teacher. Mutton hole 
M'Latchie, John, overseer, Scotstone 
M^Laws, John, surgeon and druggist, Hearst lane— ho, 

Pinkerton's lane 
M'Leod, John, spirit dealer. Back row 
M'Lintock, Mrs. house keeper, Blythswood 
M'Millan, Duncan, spirit dealer, Ferry road 
M'Millan, Miss, corset and dressmaker. Ferry road 
M'William, Alexander, cloth merchant. Canal street 

house Cow lane 

NAIRN, Thomas, twister, Canal street 

OGILVIE, Robert, farmer. Knock 
Oswald, Miss, of Scotstone 

PARK, William, grocer, High street 

ikS RENFREW,^ &C; 

Paterson, John, Easter Walkinshaw 

Patoi"i, Georgie, farmer, Bankhead 

Pattison, H. W. surgeon, High street >rno 

Pattison, Robert, nurseryman, at Austin and M'Auslan^^ 

nursery, Kirkland 
Pollock, Misses, Hole 
Pottie, James, smith and farrier, Yoker 
Pnrdon, William, toll keeper, Pvenfrew toll bar 

RADCLIFFE, Jonathan, excise officer. Orchard street 
IJenfrew Economical Association, Dog row, Mitchell 

R. B., vSalesman 
Risk, Moses, salesman to John Harvey & Co. distillers, 

Yoker— house do. 
Robertson, Peter, farmer, Porterfield 
Russell, Bernard, smith and farrier, Hearst lane 

SHIELDS, Alexander, grocer. Canal street 

Sloan, James, slater and lead merchant (Houstoun) slate 

yard, near Renfrew Ferry 
Smith, James, of Jordanhill 
Snodgrass, James, farmer, Portnauld 
Snodgrass, John, farmer, New Mains 
Spiers, Alex, of Eiderslie 
Spiers, Robert, Abbot's Meikle Inch 
Spreull, J. Glasgow City Chamberlain— ho. Clyde bank 
Stewart, John, cooper, Pinkerton's lane 
Stewart, John, wright and cloth merchant, Canal street 
Stewart, Miss Eliza, dress maker, High street 
Stewart, Miss, milliner and dress maker. High street 
Stewart, Mrs. Archd. (Black Bull) Head Inn, High st. 
Stewart, Thomas, grocer and druggist, Back row 
Stewart, Wm. coal merchant & spirit dealer, Ferry road 
Swan, Archibald, beamer, Back row 
Swan, Misses, dress makers, Back row 

TARBET, Peter, late of Renfrew Ferry, spirit dealer. 

Brick House, Dumbarton Road 
Thomson, James, grocer. Canal street 
Thomson, , spirit dealer, High street 


Turner, William, hillman, Skaterigg coal works 

\V ATERSTON, John, coach proprietor and spirit dealer, 

High street 
Waterston, John, vintner and Glasgow carrier, Canal st. 
Watson, Arthur, farmer, Pointhouse 
Watson, James, excise officer, Yoker 
White, James, excise officer, Yoker 
White, John. jun. farmer, Fulwood 
White, Thomas, farmer, Easter Yonderton 
White, William, farmer, Fulwood 
Wilson, Andrew, factor, Deanside 
Wilson, James, grain merchant. Dog row 
Wilson, James, spirit dealer, Yoker 
Woodrow, James, manufacturer, Orchard street 
Wright, Peter, flesher, High street 

YOUNG, Robert, jun. wright, Cow lane 

Young, Mrs. Robt. sen. grocer and spirit dealer, High st. 





Qualified voters, seventy four. — Tlie Burgh of Renfrevr, with Kil- 
marnock, Rutherglen, Dumbarton, and Port- Glasgow, re- 
turn a Member to Parliament. Population of Burgh, Two Thous- 
sand and Two. Population of Parish, Two Thousand, Eight Hun- 
dred, and Thirty Three. Kilmarnockis e olace where the result of 
the Poll is ascertained and declared 


230 Benfreiv. 

Magistrates, S^c. 


John Hutchison, Esq. Provost and Eldest Bailie. 

Alexander Sheilds, Esq. Bailie, 

James Muir, Esq. Treasurer. 


Duncan M'IMillan, 

Thomas Stewart, 
"^'Viiliarn Stewart, 
"William Stewart, 
John Jaffrey, 
Peter Wright, 
.lohn Brj^ce, 
John Waterston. 

Charles D. Stewart, 
John Gumming, 
James Woodrow, 
Alexander Clark, 
James Hess. 

James Filshill, Dean of Guild. 
George Hutchison, Town Clerk. 
John Stewart, Master of Works. 
Walter Barr, Fiscal. 


Retifrew, Inchinnan, and ErsJdne District. 

Archd. William Speirs, Elderslie 
James Smith of Jordanhill 
Andrew Wilson, Deanside 
Matthew Rodger, Rossland 
The Provost and Bailie of Ren- 
frew, for the time being 

.Tames Burns, Freeland 
Archd. Campbell of Blytheswood 
Malccm M. Fleming of Barochan 
John Harvey of Yoker 
Alexander Speirs of Elderslie 
Thos. Dundas Speirs, Elderslie 

George Hutch'son, writer and Town Clerk. 

Pleld on first Tuesday of March, May, August, and last Tuesday of 



William Murchie, Gaoler, Hearst Lane. 

James Gal breath. Drummer and Town Officer, Pinkerton lane. 

James Swan, Bellman and Town Officer, High street. 

ESTABLISHED CHURCH, Duncan Macfarlan. 


Andrew Crawford, officer. High street. 
Williain Howat, precentor. Paisley. 


William Howat, High street. 

Grave- Digger^ SyC. Appaadix. 231 

Andrew Crawford,, jun. High street. 


Jonathan Radcliffe, Orchard street 
James Watson and James White, Yoker 
Robert Brown, Orchard street, coast waiter 

"^ Medical practitioners. 

John M'Laws, Pinkerton's lane 
H. VV. Pattison, High street 

Mrs. Park, High street — Mrs. M'Adam, Wilson street— ?vlrs. Morri- 
son, Ferry road 

PUBLIC schools. 

Hear &t Lane Feinale School — This school is supported by subscription, 
Mrs. Brown, teacher 

Toum^s Grammar School— High street, Peter M'Laren, teacher 

Trades' School — High street, John Brown, teacher 

Ladies'' School — High street, Miss Lang, teacher. This school is sup- 
ported by subscription, and conducted by Misses Speirs of El - 
derslie, Misses Campbell of PJytheswood, and iVJiss Oswald of 
Scotstone. The number of girls w^ho attend on an aggregate, for 
instruction in reading, writing, arithmetic, and eewing, is 55. 

Snhlxith Evening Toadies'' School— High street, 1st Class, children, 
superintended by Miss Lang, sctiolars 48. 

2d Class of adults, conducted by Misses Speirs and Miss Lang, 
scholars 20. 

Sabbath Evening School — High street, John Brown and David Barr, 
teachers, scholars 86. 

Sabbath Eveniyig School — Town's Grammar School, High street, con- 
ducted by the Rev. D. Macfurlan, scholars 65. 

POS r OFFICE, 1 High Stkeet. 






PAISLEY, at 10 — 30 minutes morning 
PAISLEY, at 6—30 do. evening 
GLASGOW, at 8—30 do. do. 

232 JRenfrcw, S)C. Stage Coacli^ S^c. 

Letters must be put into the Post Office a quarter of an hour be- 
fore departure — Office open on Sabbath from 9 to 10 morning, 12i 
till 1 afternoon, and 7 till 8 o'clock evening 

Hugh Lang, Post -master 

N. B. — Letters delivered in town by post-raaster 

William Morton, post runner, Mugg's lane 

g^ For rates of postages, see Paisley Directory, page 109. 


Baron of Renfrew starts from John Waterston's, High street, for 
Glasgow, on Monday morning at half past 9 o'clock, and at 10 
o'clock on the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sa- 
turday, and leaves Lyon's office, No. 7^, Trongate, Glasgow, at 
half past 4 o'clock afternoon for Renfrew- — and on Thursday starts 
from Waterston's for Paisley at II o'clock forenoon, and S o'clock 
afternoon, and leaves Paisley at 1 and half past 5 o'clock afiernoou 
for Renfrew 

]S1 B, — Parcels forwarded to and from Glasgow, Paisley, and Ren- 
frew by the above coach 

To Glasgow — John Waterston, from Canal street every Wednesday 

morning at 10 o'clock, and returns same day 
To Glasgow — Robert Craig, from Wilson streeet, every Wednesday 

and Friday morning at 10 o'clock, and returns same day 
To Glasgow — John Duncan, from High street, tvery Wednesday 

and Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, and returns same day 
I'o Paisley — Walter Knox, (foot carrier,) from Society Vennel, 

daily twice, and returns do. 
To Paisley — William Morton, (foot post runner,) from Mugg's lane, 

daily twice, and returns do. 

The Steam Boats which ply on the River Clyde pass Renfrew ferry 
almost every hour of the day, (Sabbath excepted ) and passengers are 
conveyed by Robert Jamieson, ferryman, south ferry house, to and 
from the Steam Boats for Glasgow, Greenock, and other places round 
the coast. 



J 339. Renfrew Sailor'' s Society— T>nnQ&n lA' W\\2iX\, preses, Canal 
quay — William Barr, treasurer, Pligh street — George Hut- 
chison, clerk. Orchard street — James Swan, officer. High st. 

1687. Renfrew Incorporation of Tailors— Robert King, deacon. 
Back row — John Stewart, treasurer, Cross — Robert M'Wil- 
iiam, cierk, Cow lane — Officer vacant 


SGcietles. Appendix, ?33 

1758. Renfrew Societt; of Wrights, Masons., and others — William 
Stewart, preses, Ferry road — Robert Young, treasurer, Co-v 
lane — John Stewart, clerk, Cross — Andrew Crawford, jun. 
officer. High street 

1770. Renfrew Societt/ of Weavers and others -John Rrown, preset = 
Back row — John Stewart, treasurer, Cross — John Glen, clerk' 
Canal street — James Swan, officer 

1801. Renfreiv Operative IFeavers' Friendly Society — Archd. Adam> 
preses. High street — Thomas M'Kenzie, treasurer, Backrow* 
George Ferguson, clerk, High street — Andrew Crawford, jun* 
ofScer, Higli street 

Renfrew Social Book Club — Colin Houston, preses. High st. 

— Taoinas M'Kenzie, treasurer, Back row— William Brj'Cf, 
1st clerk, Hearst lane — Colin Houston, 2d clerk, Ciiurch st. — 
James Wiilison and Charles Douglas, Uog row, librarians — 
John Fleming, High street, and Bernard Russell, Hearst 
lane, inspectors of books 

1805. Loyal Renfrew Yeomanry Society — Robert King, preses^ High 
street— William Barclay, treasurer. Dog row — John Brown, 
clerk, Back row — Wm Murchie, officer, Hearst lane 

1814. Renfrew Toiv ahead Friendly Society — James Hutchison, pre' 
st's, Orchard street — Thomas Stewart, treasurer, Back row — 
John Glen, jun. clerk, Back row — William Murchie, officer, 
Hearst Isine 

1817. Renfreio Mort Safe Company — Walter Barr, preses. High st. 

— Alexander Clark, treasurer. High street — John Stewart, 
clerk. Cross — Andrew Crawford, jun. officer, High street 

1817. Renfrew Mort Safe Society — John Glen, preses, Cross — Alex- 
ander M' William, treasurer, Cow lane — John Stewart, clerk, 
Cross — officer vacant 

1820. Renfrew Coffin Cover Society — James Jack, preses. Canal st. — 
Thomas Johnstone, treasurer, High street — John Robertson, 
clerk, WilsQU street 

1820. Renfreiv Female Benevolent Society — Mrs. M'Laws, presi- 
dent, Pinkerton cottage — Miss Hogg, treasurer, Cow lane- 
Miss E. Clark, clerk. High street 

1825. Renfrew Coffin ^'ocicYj/— Allan Hutchison, preses, Wilson si* 
— John Stewart, treasurer and clerk, Crass.^Andrevv Craw- 
ford, officer, High street 

183S. Renfrew Standard Society — John Faulds, preses. Cow lane- 
James Stewart, treasurer, Townhead — Robert Boyd, cieik, 
Cow lane— Andrew Crawford, officer, High street 

1834. Renfrew Economical Victualling Association— K. B. Mitchell, 
salesman, Wilson st. — managers elected quarterly 

N.B— To Managers of Societies, see Paisley Directory, page 8& 

U S 

234 Renfrew, 8f€. Fen/rew News Boom, &;c. 

At the Black Bull Inn, 3 High st — Free to Burgesses and Strangers. 

Engine for Extinguishing Fire, 

Captain — James Wallace, Dean of Guild, High street 
The Water Engine and other Apparatus, are deposited at the Gaol, 
Key to be found at William Murchie's, town oflficer, Hearst lane 

1831, Renfrewshire Instrumental Band — Alex, Shields, master, 

Fairs — Third Tuesday of May, Second Friday of June, and Third 
Friday of October for horse and cattle. 



By the Bill to regulate tiie boundaries of Scotch towns, re- 
turning, or joining to return Members to Parliament under 
the new regime, tlie following are the boundaries assigned to 
Paisley and Renfrew. They are certainly ample, and will 
not be complained of as cutting too closely o« Itie outskirts. 


From the summit of Byres Hill, on the north east of the 
town, in a straight line to the point near Knockhill, at which 
the Renfrew Road is joined by a Road from Glasgow; thence 
in a straight line to the summit of Knockhill; thence in a 
straight line to the northern Gable of Moss Toll house on 
the Greenock Road ; thence ia a straight line in the direction, 
of the chimney of Linwood Cotton Mill to the point at which 
such straight line cuts the Candren Burn ; thence up the 
Candren Burn to the point at which the same is joined by the 
Braidiland Burn at the Bridge over the same on the John* 
stone Road ; thence up the Braidiland Burn to a point which 
is distant 500 yards -(measured along the Braidiland Burn) 
above the said Bridge '^ thence in a strait line to Meikleridge 
Bridge over the Candren Burn; thence in a straicht line to 
the point at which the Old Neilston Road leaves the New 
Neilston Road ; thence in a straight line to the summit of 
Dykebar Hill ; thenee in a straight line to a point which is 100 
yards due north-east of the summitof Bathgo hill ; thence 
in a straight line to the point first described. 


From the Bridge over the Paddough Burn on the Glasgow 
Hoad in a straight line to a point up the Paddough Burc, 
which is distant SOO yards in a straight line from the said 
Bridge; thence in a straight line to a point on the Greenock 
Road, which is distant 250 yards (measured along the Green- 
ock Road) from the point at which the same leaves the Paisley 
Hoad ; thence in a straight line to a point on the River Clyde, 
which is distant 300 yards (measured along the River Clyde), 
below the point at which the same is joined by the Canal ; 
thence along the River Clyde to the point at which the same 
is joined by the Canal ; thence along the Ganal to the point 
at which the same is joined by the Paddough Burn ; thence 
along the Paddough Burn to the Bridge aforesaid. 




Crossof Paisley to Di^ereiat Places in the County,, 



m. f. p. 

Abercorn Inn, 22 Gauze street — Mrs. Anderson 2 4 

Abbey Kirk, 16 Smith hills - - 114 

Abbey Manse— Rev. Robert Macnair - 3 39 

Abbot's Meikle Inch — Mr Robert Speirs - 1 5 8 

Adelphi Mill— Mr William Aitken - - 4 19 

ArdeiiLime Kilns— (This lime is faioed for being superior 
in quality for certain purpases)— J. Fleming, lime 

merchant, Darnly - - - 5 116 

/rtburlie— Mr Henry Dunlop - - 3 6 20 

Arthurlie bleachfield — Mr Matthew Blackwood - 4 112 

Arthurlie House— Mr William Lowndes . 4 3 29 

Arthurlie Inn — J. Anderson - - 3 7 22 

Auchentorlie — Mr Andrew Brown - 7 29 

Auldhouse bleachfield — Messrs James Young & Son 6 2 22 
Auldfield Cotton Works, and Steam Loom Factory — 

Messrs John and Robert Cogan - - 6 1 30 

Bmkhouse— Mr William Shanks - - 3 5< 11 ^ 

Banktop — Mr James Smith - - 3 5 37 

Banktop— Rev. Alexander Telfer - - 3 5 37 

Banktop Mill— Walter Brock & Co. -•- ^- -''- - - ''^ ^ 3 6 I 

Barbush - - IfjJl^il) ^! f^j •< ' 3 6 24, 

Bargarran, (famous as a scene of witchcraft) 5 5 

Barr— William Macdowall of Garthland - 10 1 31 

Barshaw— Mr Robert Smith - - 1 4 10 

Barshaw Park— Mr J. Thompson - - 1 32 

Barskivan — Mr Alexander Aitkenbead - I 6 36 

Barrhead— United Secession Church (gate of) - 4 2 5 

Beauchamp Place — Mr Francis Martin, approach 42 

Love street - - - - 4 13 

Blackball, (the ancient residence of the Stewarts of Blaek- 

hall) - - - 10 4 

Hythswood House — Archibald Campbell, Esq. 3 6 30- 

Bowling Green, (once the Prffltorium of a Roman Camp) 3 IS* 

Table of Distances, SS7 

Biabloch— Mr Fulton M'Kerrell 

Bridge of Etlisioiin _ - - 

Bridge of Weir Cross, Saracen's Head Im, Mr Alex. 

M-Doutral . - . 

Bioarily Mill— Mr WirHam Craig, manager 
Broomland street, (head of West street) 
Broomward House, (Bridge of Weir) Mr R. Freeland 
Brown's Field — John Gibson 

Burgher Church— (Bridge of Weir) Rer. Wm. S. Hay 
Burnbrae — Mr Robert Speir 
Burns' Place (Renfrew Road)— William Hardie, Provost 

Calderbaiigh Mill — Fulton, Buchanan, & Ca. 

Calder Park Miil— William Wright & Co. 

Calside (hpad of Stock street) 

Catside — Mr John Merrylees 

Camphill — Messrs M* Alpine and Halden 

Canal Store, Johnstone 

Canal Store, Paisley - - 

Canal Bank — Mrs Barclay 

, Mr Wiliiam Giffen 

Mr Daniel M'FarJane 

Ca debar — Mr Charles Dunlop, (New Road) 

Carruth — Mr William Maedowall 

Caitside Mill — George Houstoun & Co. 

Castlthead (the site of a Roman Camp) 

Causeyside (foot of New street) 

Cau?eyside. head of (Mr Adam Smith, No. 59.) 

Chappell — Mr John tJarr, bleacher 

Chappell House— Mr John Graham 

Chappell Works — Mr James Siewart, Dyewood manufac- 

tu er _ „ - 

Charleston Mr (James Dickie,) 
Cochran Place — Mr Francis Wark 
Colins-ee — Mr John Adam 
Corsse Arthurlie — Mrs Charles Black 
Coisse Arthurlie, bleachfield 
Crofthead — Mr James Orr 
Crofthead Mill— James Orr & Co. 
Croffhead Printfield 
Cowglen Coal Works 
Cowglen — Mr William Wilson 
Cowieston Cross — Mrs Duncan Henderson 
Crossflat- — Mr Matthew Brown 
Crosslee House — Mr William Stevenson 
O'osslee Mill — William Stevenson & Sons 
Crosslee Toll bar 



5 12 


4 13 




3 16 

5 31 




5 5 


6 2.5 


6 1 

6 16 


7 13 


7 29" 

5 2S 

7 9^ 

6 » 


3 16 

4 6 

4 36 

4 14 

6 5 


2 7 


7 15 


4 36 

7 8 

1 23 



7 12 


7 29 


7 7 



5 2 


J 12 


6 3 


7 21 


7 25. 






«J 12 


7 2 

6 13 

4 35 




7 10 


6 18. 

^'^^ Table of Distances: 

JJarnley House, the ancient residence of Lord Durnley (in 

ruins, - . - 4 2 15 

iJunterlee Cottage— Mr Samuel Thomson 3 6 3 

Dunterke Steam Loom Fdctory—Mr Samuel Coehran 3 5 37 

Elderslie Hause— Alexander Speirs, E-^q. 3 2 33 

Eiderslic Cottage - _ 2 5 12 

Elderslie Cross— Mrs Robert Clark, Elderslie Inn 2 2 19 

Elderslie .Mill —Browns, Malloch, & Co. 2 4 36 

Elderslie, the Birth Place of Sir, William Wallace 2 5 Id 

Eastwood Kirk— Rev. George Logan, a.m. 6 3 2 

Fereneze Ca'ico Ffintfield — Archibald M-Indoe& Co. 3 5 IS 

Fereneze Corron Mill— Mr John Graham .. . 4 3 24 
FergiHlie— Mr William Barr, (necr this is the site of Fer- 

guslie Castle) . . 1 2 36 

FeTguslie Hill, Mrs George Gardner . 12 7 

Fergushtt House — Mr John Wilsnti . 1 36 

Fbors Mill— Mr Henry Maodowall . 3 6 21 

Gallowhill » . _ 12 

G »rth and Place— Mr Archibald Jamieson 3 & 

Gateside Printfield . . 4 2 3-9 

Gateside Cotton Mill— Jas. Dunlop & Sons (by Chappell) ^ 5 23 

Gas Work, Johnstone - . '3 Q sit 

Glanderstone Bleachfield— Mr Robert Cochrane & Co. 5 2 35 

Gientyan House — Captain Jaines Stirling, R.N. 6 26 

Grahamstone Cross— Mr Thomas Robertson, merchant 3 3 38 

GieenbankFancy Dye-works— Messrs Thus. Bdird & Son 6 1 32 

Greenhill House — Mr James Dunn . 5 18 

Greenhill— VIr James Pollock - . 5 6 

Greenlaw Hou«e — Mrs James Kibble .- 5 12 

Gryffcj Grove Mill— Mr Robert B^rr - 7 2 27 

Gryffe Bank House-^Mr John Findlay - 7 19 

Gryife Mills— John Freeland & Ca. . 7 3 19 

Hagg Mill — George Houstoun 8c Co. - 4 2 6 

Haufh — Mr John M-Farlane - . 4 I 29 

Hawkhead House— Right Hon. Viscount Kelburne 2 1 2 
Hiwkhead Corn, Flour, and B«rley Mills— Mr Alexander 

^'■"'K - - - 1 7 2 

High street, (head of Lady Lane) . 2 30 

Holehouse — Mr John Gcnunell > 5 7 5 

Hou-^toun Cross, (by Johnstone and Crosslee) 6 7 5 

Houstoun Parish Church— Rev. John Monteith. D.D. 7 29 

Houstoun Parish Manse— Rev. John Monteath, D.D. 6 3 38 

Houstoun Bleachlield— Mr W. Carlile - 7 1 23 

Table of Disfantcs. 

Househill — Misses Dnn!op 

How-wood — Buck's Head Inn, (Mr Robert Caldwell) 

Hurlet - - . 

Hurler Alum Work — Hurlet and Catnppie Alum Co. 

Hurlet Alum and Soda VVoik, Messrs J. Wilson & Sons 

In-chinnan Bridge - 

Inchinnan Kirk— Rev. Laurence Lockhart 
Inchinnan Manse — Rev. Laurence Lockhart 

Johnstone Castle — Ludovic Houstoun, Esq. 
Johnstone Cross, near Black I ull Head Inn) 
Johnstone Mill— George Housion & Co. 

Kilbarchan (Cross) - ; . 

Kilbarchan Parish Kirk — Rev. Robert Douglas 
Kilbarchan Parish Manse — Rev. Robert Douglas 
Kilbarchan Relief Manse — Rev. Matthew Allison 
Kilnside House — Mr Joseph Whitehead 
Kirktonfield— J. & A. Cochran, bleachers 

Langside — memorable for tb* defeat of Queen Mary's 

Troops, 18th May, 1568 - 

Levern Bank Inn— Mr Hugh M'Monagal 
Levern Mill — James Dunlop & Sons 
Lificlive — Mr Alex. Gar<iner 

Linside — M.\- Gibb, bleacher . . 

Linwood Cotton Works — Linwood Company 
Locher Prin'field —Messrs, John Fiame & Son 
Loeher Bank — Ninian Hodgert, sen. - 

Lochwinnoch Cross 

Lochwinnoch Parish Kirk — Rev. Robert Smith 
Lochwinnoch Parish Manse — Rev. Robert Smith 
Lochwinnoch Roadhead Jnu, (Mr William Evving) 
Lochwmnoch Roadhead Inn is distant from Lochwinnoch 
Lochwinnoch United Secession Church — Rev. John 

Lochwinnoch United Secession Manse — Rev. John 

Shoolbraid - - - ; 

Love street. No. 50 (Mr George CarsweU) 
Lylesland— Mr Robert Orr 

Marchfield — Mr James Forbes 

MaKwellton House, Col. Robert Fulton of Hartfield 

Blaxwellton street (Horse Shoe) — near this spot several 

persons condemned for witchcraft, were burned in 1 697 
Maxwellton (No. i) James Barr of Laigh common 





7 IS 


6 32 




1 .30 


1 20 


5 20 


7 15 


7 2 


5 ft 


5 34 


6 27 


4 SO 


5 6 


2 26 


6 30 

4 31 


3 2S 


2 20 


4 3' 


4 20 


4 15 



3 10 


2 11 




6 I 


5 26 


2 39 


4 24 


1 17 

9 5 4 











7 35 


Table of Distances. 

Merksworth Cottag:e — William Maxwell of Brediland 

Midtonfield — Mr Peter Cameron 

Millbank— Mr William Bartholomew 

Millerstoii (Bridg-e) 

Milliken— Sir William Milliken Napier, of Milliken and 

Napier, Bart. 
Moss street, foot of, (opposite head of Old Sneddon) 
Mount Pleasant, (Johnstone) Rev, John Clapperton 
Mount Pleasant, (Johnstone) Mr William Malloch 
Mount Pleasant, Paisley — Rev. James Banks 

Neilston Cross, (opposite parish church gate) 

Neikton Parish Manse — Hev. Alex, Fleming, a.m. 

Nethercommon — Mr John Neilson 

Netherfield — Mr John Kirkwood - 

Nether Kirkton — Mr Peter Sawers 

Newfield— -Mr John Pinkerton, surgeon 

New Mill, (Bridge of Weir) — J. and J. Findlay 

New Mill, (Johnstone). ..Matthew Brown & Co. 

Newton of Belltrees (Mr John Bartholomew) 

NitshHI Alum and Copperas Works, Messrs J. Wilson 

and Sons _ _ . 

Nitshill fCross) — Mr P. M'Farlane, innkeeper 

Old Mill (Bridge of Weir)— Jo & J. Findlay 
-Old Mill (JohnstoiJ€;) Brown, Malloch, & Co. 

Paisley Balcers' Mill, Canal «treet 

•■ Bank, ] Cotton street 

■ « i - Barracks 

" Castle . - - 

-. East Toll Bar 

r Gas Work — Mr Arehd. Cook, engineer & manager 

- " Union Bank, 1 Gauze street 
— — — West Toll Bar, (head of Linwood road) 
Pe'ockland House — -Mr Robert Montgomery 
Pe'ockland Mills — Messrs Robert Montgomery & Co. 
pollok— Sir John Maxwell of Poliok, Bart. 
jPollokshaws (Cross) 

.Quarrelton^wMr John Andrew, vintner 


m f. 


I 19 


5 28 


7 3 


4 5 


4 I 

1 18 


7 2 


7 2 

6 18 


2 28 


2 34 

6 26 


2 11 




1 21 




5 36 




7 32 


5 6 




6 22 

5 28 

J 30 

5 17 

1 4 

7 27 
7 28 
1 15 

Ralston House 
Jlenfrew Cross 
Renfrew Ferry 
jlosebank Cottage- 

•Mr Joseph Findlay 


5 10 


3 26 


3 7 


7 10 




4 32 


6 11 


7 1 




4 18 

Table of Distances, g^j 

Sandyford — Mr Alex. Gardner 

Sandyford — Mr George Caldwell 

Saucel Bank House — Mr Janies Pa ! er 

Saucel Brewery - ^ 

Shaw Mill, memorable for being the residence of some of 

the reputed witches of Renfrewshire) 
Shortroods— Mr Robert Carswell 
Sir William Wallace's Tree— Elderslie 
South Arthurlie Printfield— Mr Archd. M'Indoe & Co. 
Springbank field—Aiichison, Graham & Co. 
Springhill printfield— Hardie, Williamson, & Starke 
Springfield House — Mrs Andrew Foulds 
Springhill House— Mr James Dunlop 
St. James' Place 

St. James' street, (No. 20) Head of Caledonia street 
Stewart's Mill, (Johnstone) Mr Alexander Stewart 
Storie street, (No. 32) foot of - 

Stow place — Mr John Stow 

Thornhill House— Mr Campbell Snodgrass 
Thorn— Mr William Hodgert 
Thornliebank House — Mr Cium - 
Thornliebank New Field— Messrs Crums 
Thornliebank Print Field and Mill- Messrs Crums 
Trees — Mr Wiliiam Finlay 

Underwood— Mr James Lamb, architect and surveyor 
Underwood Mill— John Orr jun. & Co. - 
Upper Greenbank Turkey Red Dye Works, Messrs 
Thomas Baird & Son 

Wellmeadow— Mr Robert Simm (No. XXI.) 

West Arthurlie Bleachfield— James Cunningham & Sons 

West Arthurlie Mill— Mitchell and Norris 

West Broomland street (head of M'Kerrell's lane) 

West Hurlet House— Mr John Wilson, sen. 

West March— Mr James Logan 

Woodfoot - - ^ 

Woodside— Mr John Bell, (the site of a Roman Camp) 

Woodside- (Kilbarchan) - . ^ 




2 39 


2 39 

G 6 

3 23 


2 9 

6 25 


4 17 


7 28 


6 17 


4 1 


3 8 


1 33 

1 23 



6 33 







6 21 


5 1 


7 12 


3 35 

3 16 

4 2 


3 6 



7 38 


3 24 

1 11 


7 10 

7 35 



6 14 


4 18 


Where merchants live, and wholesale dealers, 
A,nd various kinds of small retailers; 
Stirweons, tnidwives, and innkeepers, 
Blacksmiths, and painters, chimney sweepers. 
Who have to let well-furnished rooms, 
Who curl hair and sell perfumes. 
Who strive from drownin<r you to save, 
'»Vho make your coffins, dig your graves, 
Who guard your merits when you're gone, 
By 'jjraving them on your tomb- stone. 
Who for misdeeds bestow rebukes, 
Who bind, buy, sell, or lend out books. 
Bellmen, door-keepers, and precentors, 
Number who vote for parliameuters, 
'J'he members of incorporations, 
And all who fill our public stations ;. 
Town criers, agents, auctioneers. 
And who at funerals furnish tears. 
JVlinisters, teachers, police rules, 
Sabbath and week-day evening schools, 
Those men who vigorous efforts join. 
To circulate the word divine, 
When banks are open , and when shut, 
And where all carriers put up ; 
The places whence all coaches start, 
When they arrive, and when depart, 
The time of starting of the post. 
Where stamps are sold, and what they cost, 
The saving banks, fire engines' stations, 
The newest tables of taxation. 
About the boats, which will convey 
Yourself or goods the cheapest way ; 
Tables by which you'll quickly see 
How days of weeks and months agree, 
Letter writers, money lenders. 
Fish, bacon, egg, and other venders, 
Cattle shows, and ploughing matches, 
The regattas, and steam coaches, 
Porters, barrowmen, and their fares, 
For to convey your goods and wares. 
Sailing vessels, large and small, 
Agents, masters, trade, and all. 
Where you may have the cheapest readmg, 
Also steam vessels and cowfeeding ; 
1 these and other things will show. 
Which 'tis desirable to know, 
Knowledge like this there's little doubt, 
Few prudent men will go without. 
You'll have it all, you soon will see, 
If you become possess'd of me. 












Including the following Sea-bathing Quarters, 

viz., Gourock, Innerkip, Helensburgh, 

Largs, and Rothesay. 



coyTAXiriNa MAur useful lists and tables. 





fSee next page. J 


In presenting to the Public the Thied Edition of tlie DisECTortr 
for the Lower Ward of RF.NFUEwsuinE, the Publisher, with 
gratitude acknowledges the valuable assistance he has received f-om 
many respectable individuals, and solicits a continuance of such fa» 
vours, as he is thereby enabled to make his Lists more complete, 
end consequently more generally useful. The numes of the streets 
and the numbers of the houses in Greenock and Gourock have recently, 
at the Publisher's request, been painted on conspicuous places, and 
he respectfully recommends to the fevars and inhahitants to preserve 
these names and numbers, and to obliterate the old ones. The deli- 
very of letters and parcels, tke finding of places wanted, ^c. ^c. will 
thus be very greatly facilitated. 

With regard to the usefulness of such a work, he deems it unneces- 
sary to say much, as this, on the slightest inspection, will be found ap- 
parent The Lists and Tables inserted in the Appendix are ofth^ 
most useful description, and suitable not only to the Merchant and 
Trader, but to the public generally. In the accuracy of details, and 
distinctness of arrangement, he is aware that the chief value of suck 
a work consists; he has, therefore, spared neither pains nor expense 
in securing these. As it will require a series of publications to re-" 
wunerate him for his labours, he looks forward with confidence to a 
discerning public, for that support in his undertaking ivhich his exer- 
tions require; at same time, he pledges his most unremitting attention 
to every source of information whereby he may render his Directory in 
every wuy worthy the very distinguished patronage it has already re- 
ceived. Although not promised, a Tide Table is given with this edi- 
tion gratis. The publisher cannot promise to continue it, unless he 
meets with that encouragement to enable him to do so. 


The public are respectfidly requested, when Removals and change 
of Firms take place, to send early notice to the Publisher, that the 
Lists may be made up by the \st of May. Such Notices require to 
he accurate, as they are inserted verbatim. Attending to these notices, 
will be found of much public advantage, by securing accuracy in the 
Lists. — All communications, post paid, will be duly attended to, 

Receiving IBoxes are left at the Shops of 
Messrs. C. Crawford, Surgeon, 4 Quay street, Gourock. 

John Hislop, Bookseller, 47 Cathcart street, Greenock, 
James Kerr. Jan. Bookseller, \0 Hamilton street, da. 
James Breingan, Postmaster, Clyde street, Helensburgh, 
J. Fife, Postmaster, Innerkip. 
Matthew Underivood, Grocer, 3Iain street, Largs. 
R. Gemmell, Bookseller, Fore street. Port Glasgow, 
William Glass, Bookseller, Watergate street, Rothesay. 
JS" B. — Bookbinding — Copperplate Engraving and Printing-— 
Letter Press and Lithographic Printing, done in a superior Style. 
1^' Ordess Received fob. evert New Periodical 
Public A rioy. 
Rekfrewsiiire Directory Office, 
Paisley, 1834. 




For the Lower Ward of 

'JM mMmM:4 WW f9MM.JLM.mM^9 




Magistrates a\d Town Couxcil of Greexock 
AND Port Glasgow. 

Sy their most obedient humble Servant, 

4 Bill Table from July 1834, to Decemhery 1835. 

JULY, 1834. 

JANUARY 1835. 

JULY 1835. 

Tues. 1 8 15 22 29 


1 8 15 22 29 

Wed. 1 8 15 22 29 

Wed. 2 9 16 23 30 


2 9 16 23 30 

Thur. 2 9 16 23 3J 

Thur. 3 10 17 24 31 


3 10 17 24 31 

Frid. 3 10 17 24 31 

Frid. 4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 25 

Sat. 4 11 18 25 

Sat. 5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 26 

Sun. .5 12 19 26 

Sun. 6 13 20 27 


6 13 20 27 

Mon. 6 13 20 27 

Mon. 7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 

Tues. 7 14 21 28 




Frid. 1 8 15 22 



1 8 15 22 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 29 

Sat. 2 9 16 23 



2 9 16 23 

Sun. 2 9 16 23 30 

Sun. 3 10 17 24 



3 10 17 24 

Mon. 3 10 17 24 31 

Mon. 4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 25 

Tues. 4 11 18 25 

Tues. 5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 26 

Wed, 5 12 19 26 

Wed. 6 13 20 27 


6 13 20 27 

Thur. 6 13 20 27 

Thur. 7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 

Frid. 7 14 21 28 





Mon. 1 8 15 22 



1 8 15 22 29 

Tues. 1 8 15 22 29 

Tues. 2 9 16 23 



2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. 2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. 3 10 17 24 


.3 10 17 24 31 

Thur. 3 10 17 24 

Thur. 4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 25 

Frid. 4 11 18 25 

Frid. 5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 26 

Sat. 5 12 19 26 

Sat. 6 13 20 27 


6 13 20 27 

Sun. 6 13 20 27 

Sun. 7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 

Mon 7 14 21 28 




Wed. 1 8 15 22 



1 8 15 22 29 

Thur. 1 8 15 22 29 

Thur. 2 9 16 23 



2 9 16 23 30 

Frid. 2 9 16 23 30 

Frid. 3 10 17 24 31 


3 10 17 24 

Sat. 3 10 17 24 31 

Sat. 4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 25 

Sun. 4 11 18 25 

Sun. 5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 26 

Mon. 5 12 19 26 

Mon. 6 13 20 27 


6 13 20 27 

Tues. 6 13 20 27 

Tues. 7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 

Wed. 7 14 21 28 




Sat, 1 8 15 22 



1 8 15 22 29 

Sun. 1 8 15 22 29 

Sun. 2 9 16 23 



2 9 16 23 30 

Mon. 2 9 16 23 .30 

Mon. 3 10 17 24 


3 10 17 24 31 

Tues. 3 10 17 24 

Tues. 4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 25 

Wed. 4 11 18 25 

Wed. 5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 26 

Thur. 5 12 19 26 

Thur. 6 13 20 27 


6 13 20 27 

Frid. 6 13 20 27 

Frid. 7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 

Sat. 7 14 21 28 




Mon. I 8 15 22 



1 8 15 22 29 

Tues. 1 8 15 22 29 

Tues. 2 9 16 23 



2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. 2 9 16 23 30 

Wed. 3 10 17 24 



3 10 17 24 

Thur. 3 10 17 24 3i 

Thur. 4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 25 

Frid. 4 11 18 25 

Frid. 5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 26 

Sat. 5 12 19 26 

Sat. 6 13 20 27 


6 13 20 27 

Sun. 6 13 20 27 

Sun. 7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 23 

Mon. 7 14 21 28 



Draft or Order for Payment to the Bearer, or Order on 


Not exceeding 60 
days' sight. 

demand, or 



£2 and not exceeding ^5 

5 5 




Above 100 

Above 200 

Above 300 

Above 500 

Above 1000 

Above 2000 

Above 3000 



















8 6 
12 6 


1 3 


60 days' sight 

£0 1 6 







8 6 

12 6 


1 5 
1 10 


For any sum not exceeding. ..£100 
Above £ 100 and not exceeding 200 








One Shilling and Sixpence. 

Three Shillings. 

Four Shillings. 

Five Shillings. 

Seven Shillings & Sixpence. 

Ten Shillings. 

Above £3000 Fifteen Shillings. 
Every Bill in each set is chargeable with the respective duties. 


£5 and under £10 




For 100 
For 200 








For £300 & under £500 
For 500 lOGO 

For 1000 and upwards, 
In full of all demands. 

. 5s Od 

Receiver of money to pay stamp. 


To or from any place in the United Kingffom, the Islands of 
Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sar^k, or Man. 
For every sum of 100/. or under, every progressive sum of 
\00h and fractional part of 100/., the premium not above 
20 per cent. -------- 

For the said sums progressively and fractionally, '.vhere the 
premium is above 20 per cent., - _ - - 






For every 100/. or under, every progressive sum of 100/. 
and fractional part of 100/., the premium not above 20 
per cent. --.----- 

For the said sum, progressively and fractionally, the pre- 
mium above 20 per cen^., , - - - - 

2s 6d 
5s Od 


To avoid, joistling in mee ing — Passengers should observe the general rule, 
•' keep to the right," that is, allow those you meet to pass on your left 

Ann street, from Tobago st cross- 
ing Roxburgh, Holmscroft and 
"Wellington streets, southward 

Ardgowan street, from Nelson st 
to Bedford street 

Ardgowan street (Glebe,) from 
Crawfurd street to Clarence st 

Ardgowan square. Union street 

Argyle street, from West Black- 
hall street to George square 

Arthur street, from St. Lawrence 
street to Cartsburn street 

Bank street, from Cathcart square 

to Dempster street 
Bearhope street, from Roxburgh 

street, crossing East Shaw street 

to Tobago street 
Bedford street from end of Union 

street and Johnstone street to 

Bell entry, from Dalrymple street 

to west Breast 
Belville place, head of Ratho st. 

Blackball street (East) from 

Uue end street, crossing Car- 
nock street, to Mr Hunter's 

BL ickhall s'reet, ( West) from west 

Burn street to Clyde Crescent 
Bogle street, from Rue-end street 

to Regent street 
Boyd's place. West Blackball st. 
Boyd street, from Ker street to 

Clarence street 
Breast (East) from East Quay 

lane to foot of William street 
Bri ast ( West) continuation of 

East Breast to West Quay 
Brisbane street, from Nelson st. 

to Bedford street 
BroaH close, from Cathcart street 

to Shaw street 
Brougliam street, from Grey place 

westward to .lardine's burn 
Buchanan's dose, 6 Dalrymple st. 
Bnccleuch street, from Venael to 

Tobago and Market streets 

Campbell street, from Clyde Cres- 

cent, crossing Brougham, Union 
Ardgowan, Brisbane, and Finart 
streets to Old Lime Quarry 

Captain street, from Roxburgh st. 
(head of Sir Michael street) to 
Wellington street 

Carnock street, from St. Andrew 
square to Dellingburn street 

CartsJiUrn street, from Rue-end st. 
to iton Foundry and southward 

Cathcart square, head of Hamil- .\ 
ton, William, and Cathcart sts. ] 

Cathcart street, from Cathcart sq. 
to East India Breast 

Church place, from Cathcart sq. 
to Market street 

Chapel street, from Bogle street 
to Dellingburn street 

Clarence street, from Roslin st. 
to Manse 

Charles street, from Vennel, cross- 
ing Hamilton st. to Dalrymple 

Clyde Crescent, from East Clyde 
street, foot of West Blackball 
street to Forsyth street 

Cowgate street, from Vennel to 
Market street 

Crawfunlsdike from Cartsburn 
bridge to East Hamilton street 

Crawfurd street, (East) head of 
Ratho street southward 

Crawfurd st. (West) from Charles 
street to Boyd street 

Cross-shore street, from Cathcart 
street to East Breast 

Custom-house place, back of Cus- 
tom-house, and foot of East 
Quay lane 

Custom-house and Excise Build- 
ings, foot of East Quay lane 

Dalrymple street, from William 

street to Nicholson street 
Dfllingbiirn stiett, from Rue-end 

street to Regent street 
Dempster street, from Lynedoch 

street, crossing Williamson st. 

and joining old road to Innerkip 
Den- iston place, north side 6( 

Brougham street 


•Dock Breast, from C'ustom- house 

pldce to East India Breast 
Donald's court, near East India 

Breast, east end of Calhcart st. 
Drummer's close, from Dalrym- 

ple street to William street 
Duncan street, from Roxburgh st. 

to East Shaw street 

East Clyde street, from Rope- 
work street to Clyde Crescent 

East India Breast, from Dock 
Breast to East India Quay 

East India Qiay, from Rue- end 
street to E;»st Harbour 

East Quay lane from Cathcart st. 
to East Breast 

Exchange Buildings, 44 Catlicart 

Excise Buildings, foot of East 
Quay lane 

Pinart street, from Nelson street 
to Bedford street 

Forsyth street, from Clyde Cres- 

cent, crossing Brougham, 

, Union, Ardgowan, Brisbane, 

and Finart streets to old lime 


Fox street, from Seafield, crossing 
Jardine's burn, Union, Ardgow- 
an, Brisbane, and Fin&rt streets 

George square, by West Burn st. 

and head of Kilblain street 
Grey place. West Blackhalt st. 

Hamilton street, from Cathcart 
square to West Burn street 

Ijamilton street, (East) from 
Crawfurdsdike bottle work to 
Port- Glasgow road 

Harvie lane, from Hamilton street 
to Vennel and Dalrymple st. 

Highland close, from Cathcart st. 
to Shaw street head of Shan- 
non's close 

lligh lload to Gourock, from 
end of Union, Johnstone, and 

. Bedford streets 

Holmscroft street, from William- 
son street to Trafalgar street 

Houston street, from West Ste- 
wart street to Campbell street 

Ingleston (Upper) near head of 

Cartsburn street 
Innerkip street, from head of 

Vennel, to head of Wellington 


Jamaica street, from West Black- 
hall street to Union street 

Jane place, north and south side 
of Thomas street 

Kelly street, from West Stewart 
street to Ford 

Ker street, from West Blackball 
St. to east Clyde street 

Kilblain street, from head of Ven- 
nel and foot of Innerkip street 
to George square 

Kirk street, east side of Roslin- 
street to West Church burying 

Laird's street, from West Black- 
ball street to Crawford street 

Lindsay's lane, from West Quay 
lane to Vennel 

Longwell close, from 5 Cathcart 
street to Shaw street 

Lynedoch street, from Waterloo 
place to Shaw water road 

Macknight street, continuation of 
St. Lawrence st. from Katho st. 

Manse lane, from Hamilton street 
to Market street 

Mansion-house lane, from Cath- 
cart street to Mansion-house 

Margaret street, from Seafield, 
crossing Brougham street to 
Union street 

Market street, from Church lane to 
Tobago street and Ann street 

Mearns street, from Regent street 
to Dempster street 



Melville court, 17 HamUton st. 

Mo-rison's court, 42 Cathcait st. 

jMount lane, from Regent street 
to Wellington street 

Mount Pleasant, west end of In- 
nerkip street, crossinj^ Holms- 
croft and Wellington streets, 

Nelson street, from George square 

to West burn 
Nelson street (Glebe) from Craw- 

furd street to Clarence street 
New Dock lane, from East Quay 

lane to Dock breast 
Nicholson street^ from Nelson st. 

to Ropework street 

Open shore, from Shaw street to 
Duck head 

Patrick street, from Finart street 
to East Clyde street 

Port-Glasgow road, from East 
Hamilton street to Port-Glas- 

Prince's street, from Innerkip st. 
to Nelson street 

Ratho street, from (East) Flamil- 

ton street to Belville pkice 
Regent street, from Ann street to 

Dellingburn street 
Robertson street, from Brougham 

street to Mr Thomson's, Caddie 

Ropework street, from Dalrymple 

street to Thomas Ramsay and 

Co.'s Ropework 
Roslin street, from Crawfurd st. 

to end of Clarence street 
Royal close, 69 Rue-end street 
Roxburgh street, from Bank street 

to Innerkip street 
Rue-end street, from Cathcart st. 

to Cartsburn bridge 

St. Andrew street, from Rue-end 
St. crossing St. Andrew square 

St. Andrew square, from Spring- 
kell street to Canock stseet 

St. James' streef, from Stanners' 
street to St. Lawrence street 

St. Lawrence street, from St, 
James' street to Ratho street 

Salmon street, north west side of 
Innerkip street (No. 48) 

Shannon's close, from Shaw street 
to East breast 

Shaw place, from Bank street to 
Regent street 

Shaw street, from William street 
to east end of Cathcart street 

Shaw street (west) from Nelson 
street to Ann street 

Sir Michael street, from Vennel to 
i\ oxburgh street and end of Cap- 
tain street 

Smith's lane, from Vennel to Mar- 
ket street 

ispringkell street, from Cartsburn 
street to St. Andrew square 

Stanners street, from Crawfurds- 
dike to St. James' street 

Steam-boat quay. East and West 
of Custom-house and Excise 

Stewart street, (East) from Rue- 
end street crossing Springkell 
street to Iron Foundry 

Stewart street, ( West) from West 
burn street to Clyde Crescent 

Sugarhouse lane, from Vennel 
crossing Hamilton and Craw- 
furd streets to Dalrymple street 

I'aylor's close, from Hamilton st. 
to Dalrymple street 

Thomas street, from (East) Ha- 
milton street westward 

Tobago street, from Innerkip st, 
to Market street 

Trafalgar street, from Shaw place 
crossing Regent, Roxburgh, 
Wellington, and Dempster sts. 

Union court, No. 24 Dalrymple 

Union street, from George square 

to Bedford street, or High Road 

to Gourocb: 



Vennel, from Innerkip st. cross- 
intr Hamilton and Dalrymple 
streets to West breast. No. 1 
to 50 from Hamilton street to 
Innerkip street. No. 51 to 75 
from Hamilton street to West 

Virginia street, from Chapel street 
to East India breast 

Watt place, south side of Cathcart 

Watson's lane, from Hamilton ett 
to Vermel 

Wellington street, from William- 
son street to Bank street 

West Burn street, from Kilblain 

street crossing Crawfurd £treet 

to Dalrymple street 
West Clyde street, from Clyde 

Crescent to Whiteforeland point 
West Quay lane, from Dalrymple 

street to West Quay 
West Quay, from foot of West 

Quay lane eastward 
William street, from Cathcart 

square to east and west breast 
Williamson's street, from head of 

Innerkip street (southward) 
Whtieforeknd point, near bitttry 

York street, from Crawfurd stret t 
to Clarence street 




Appendix D."? 

A'ictress , . 2 
Adjuster of Imperial Weights and 

Me:(sures • 139 

Agents for Ferry Boats . 118 
Agentg for S.iling and Steam Vessels 117 

Agruultural Society 281 
Assessments on Uents, for Paving, 

Water, &c. - . P4 

Asylum (Lunatic) . 100 

Auctione^frs . 97 

Banking Heu^es, Glasgow Union 98 

GreeiT'ck il) 

I'rovident 99 

Renfrewshire 98 

Bill Table . 4 

Billiard Club (Greenock) 101 

Billiard Rooms. (Public) 102 

Boats (Steam) . 129 

Bridewell and Gaol . 97 

Carriers' Quarters, &c. 112 

Cattle Show (Greenock) 281 

Chamber of Commerce ■ 137 
Clyde Marine Society, (Greenock 

Branch) . UO 

Clyde lid e Table 285 

Ci)al Merchants and Agents 1S9 

Coast Waiters (ee Customs) - 136 

Ci'g'ee Room Exchange 100 

Do. do. Greenock • 101 

Consul (American) 137 

Do. (Brazilian) - ib 

Do (Spanish) . 138 

Conveyances by Land and Water 111 

Courts Burgh - - 97 

D ). Commissary . 97 

Do, Justice of Peace 96 

Do. Quarter Sessions - 97 

D. Sheriff 96 

Cnuf ts, Sheriff Small Debt 
Cricket Club 
Curling Club (Greenock) 
Custom House 
Do-tituie Sick Society 




Directions for recovery of persona 

ai'parenly drowned • 154 

Excise - - 137 

Fairs (see Markets and Stores) 129 

Firemen and Fjre Engines • 'b 

Furni^hed Lodgings . lOS 

Gaol and Bridewell . 97 

Gas Works . . 137 

Grain Mills - liO 

Grave Diggers - - IWi 

Greenock Archers' - 144 
Greenock Exchange Buildings and 

Assembly Booms - 101 

Infirmary - .99 

In-trumental Bands . 144 

Irsurance (Offices and Agents) 138 

Justices of the Peace 95 

King's Weighers CCustoms) ] 13 

Lmdwaiters (see Custo ns) 136 

Libraries, Greenock • KjQ 

Do Mt'chanics ib 

Lieutenancy of Renfrewhine • 95 

Lockers (Customs) - 113 

Lodge, Crawfurd's Dyke, St. An. 

drews (No 211) - 141 

Do. Greenock Kilwinning, (Noll) 140 

Do Grand Encampment (No. 20) 142 

Do Greenock Mount Stewart, 

Kilwmninfe(No. Ill) 14* 

Do. Greenock St John, (No. 176} 141 

Do. Royal Arch ^No 17) 14iJ 

Magistrates and Town Council 93 

Markets and Stores . 139 

Mail Gigs , . 112 

Medical Practitioners - yS 




Medical and Chirurgical Association 99 

Messengers at Arms - 97 

Mid wives - - 99 

Ministers - - 104 

MortCloth Society - 144 

Notices (Public) . 2 

Officers, Church and Precentors 105 

Do, Coast (see Customs) 136 

Do. Fishery - 11^ 

Do- Inland (see Excise) 137 

Bo. Sheriff - - 97 

Do. Si earn Boat 94 

Do. Town - 97 

Old Man's Friend Society - 143 

Overseer of Poor's Funds 105 

Parliamentary Boundaries 177 

Pilots (deep sea) . 118 

Police, Town - 94 

Do. Harbour ib 

Porters and Barrowraen - 114 

Do. Regulations for ib 

Do, Fares - - 116 

Posts, Arrival and Departure of IJl 

Postage (Rates of) in Great Britain 112 

Presbytery Meeting 

Public Offices - 136 

Public Sale Rooms 98 

Reading Room (Greenock) 101 

Kegarta 284 

Renfrewshire Yeomanry Cavalry 100 

Royal Northern Yacht Club 283 

Sailing Vessels 128 

Schools (Public) and Teachers 102 

Do. Charity - 103 

Do. (Female) of Industry ib 

Do. Ladies' Schools - ib 

Do. S bbath . 104 

Searchers (see Customs) 136 

Session Clerks 105 

Shipping Companies « 116 

Shipping Li-ts . 119 

Societies, Religious, - 106 

Do. Anti-Patronage 107 

Do. Association in aid of Glas- 

gow Missionary . 106 

do Auxiliary Missionary ib 

Do. Bible Associhtion . 107 

Do. Bible (Greenock) 106 

Societies, Fe;»ale Association in aid 

of the Jews - 107 

Do. Female Benevolent 14:* 

Do, Female Missionary 106 

Do. Friendly, &c. „ 140 

D-). Gaelic School . 106 
Do Ladies' Association in aid 

of Greenock Gielic School ib 
Do. Temperance for the promo- 
tion of - . 14J 
Do, Ti wn Mission . lc7 
Do. do. Missionaries ib 
do to Managers uf 93 
Stamp Duties • . 5 
Steam Ve.-sels . 129 
Do Regulations for . 133 
St' ires (See Markets) - 139 
Street Guide . - 6 
Supply, Renfrewshire, Commission- 
ers of (Lower Ward) • 96 


Trustees (Harbour) - 136 

Do. Town - . &t 

Water Company (Shaws) 138 

Writers 9o 


Appendix . 159 
Adjusters of Imperial Weights and 

Wea.-ures . 17*5 

Agents for Sailing and Steam Vessels 166 

(\S3essment,on Rents for paving. &c, 160 

Banking Hou.^es, Glasgow Union 161 

Do. Greenock . 161. 

Do. Provident - Itil 

Do. Renfrewshire - 161 

Bill Table . . 4 

Boatmen, (Customs) . 174 

Boats (Ferry) - 171 

Do (Steam) . 171 

Carriers' Quarters, &c. - 165 

Coal Merchanis and Agents 175r 

Coast Waiters . 174 

Coffee Room . 16:^ 

Conveyance by land and water 165 

Courts Burgli . 16(> 

Do. Justice of Peace 16() 

Curhng Club - - 178 

Custom House - 174 
Directions for Recovery of persons 

apparently drowned or dead 173 

Excise - 174 

Fairs . 176 

Firemen and Fire Engines 175 

Furnished Lodgings 164 

Gas Work . 175 

Gaol . I'l 

Grave Diggers . 163 

Instrumental Bands 177 

Insurance' (Offices and Agents) 175 

Justices ot the Peace 160 

King's Weighei's . 174 

Library, - ■ 163, 

Land waiters., (Customs,) 174 

Lockers (Customs) - 174 

Lodge, Cumberland, (No. 216) I7d 

Do. Dune, Kilwinning, Port- 
Glasgow (No. 63) - 176 
.Magistrates and Town Council of 

Port-Glasgow and Newark 159 

.Markets and Stores . 176 

.Vledical Practitioners - 161 

Mid wives . 161 

Ministers - 163 

Officers, Church, and Precentors 163 

Do Sheriff - 16i) 

Do Town - ib 

Overseers of Poor's Funds 163 

Parliamentary Boundaries 177 

Pilots (deep se^i) . 167 

Polic ', Town and Harbour IftJ 

Porters (Steam Boats) 1«6 

Do. Regulations for l&i 

Do. Fares of - 167 

Po3ta.;e, (rates of) in Great Britain 165 

t^osts arrival and departure of 163 

Public Offices - 174 

Regatta - 284 

Royal Northern Yacht Club 283 

Sailing Vessels • 171 





Schools, (Public) and Teachers 


Notice to Feuars 


Do, Beaton's Free 


Officers, Church, and Precentors 


Do. Sabbath 


Overseers of Poors' Funds 


Searchers (Customs) 


Postage, Rates of , 


Sc'^sion Clerk 


Posts, arfivajs and dispatch of 


Shipping Companies 




Shipping Lists 


Royal Northern Yacht Club 


Societies, Religious 


School, Public 


Do. Adult 

Do Sabbath 


Do Bible 


Session Clerk 


Do Female Benevolent 


Societies . , 


Do Female Bible 


Steam Roit Porter 


Do Female Gee! c 


Steam Vessels 


Do Friendly, &c. 




Da Juvenile 


Adjusters of Impeiial vVeigh » . nd 

Do Missionary 



Do Salbath 




Do Temperance 


Ranking Houses, Provident 


Do To Managers of 


Bill Table 


Stamp Duties 


Boats, (Ferry) 


Stamp Office 


Do. (S-eam) 


S'eara Vessels 


Carriers' Quarters, &c. ', 


Srreet Guide . • 


Clyde 1 ioe Table 


Tide waiters 


Coal Me^chant^and Agents 


Trustees Harbour 


Coast Waiters . 




Coffee Room 


Consul (Danish) 




Conveyances by Land and Water 




Courts (Justice of Peace) 


Coal Merchants and Agents 


Curling Clubs 


Conveyance by Land and Water 


Directions for Recovery of persons 

Direction- for Recovery of persons 

apparently drowned 


apparet)tly drowned or dead 


Fairs (see Markets and Stores 


Grave Dijrger . 


Grain Mills 


Justices of the Peace 


Grave Digger 




Insurance Offices and Agents 


Medical Practitioner 


Justices of the Peace 


Mid wives , 


Library, Largs 


Minister . 


Lodge, Largs, St. John (No. 173) 


Notice to Feunrs 


Do Largs, Adams, gatdener 


Officer, Church, and Precentor 


Medical Practitioners , 


Pilots (River) 


Midwives , 


Posts, arrival and dispatch of 


iMinisters , 




Notices (Public) 


Eoyal Northern Yacht Club 


Officers, Church and Precentors 


Schools, Public , 


Do Sheriff 


Do Ladies . 


Overseers of Poors' Funds 


Do Sabbath t 


Porters and Barrowmen 



. 190 

Posts, arrival and departure of 


Do. Temperance 


Postages, (Rates of) in Great Britain 112 

Do Managers of 


Public Baths 


Steam Boat I'orters 


Do Offices 


Steam Vessels , 


Regatta . , 


Do Regulations for 


Royal Northern Yacht Club 


Schools (Public) and Teachers 




Do Charity 


Appendix i 


Do Sabbath 


Carriers' Quarters 


Session Clerk . , 


Cattle Show (Greenock) 


Societies, Religious 


Conveyances by land and water 


Do Auxiliary Missionary 


JDirections for the Recovery of the 

Do P'emale Missionary 


apparently drowned or dead 


Do Friendly, &c. . 


Grain Mills , 


Do Temperance 


Grave Digger . , 


Do To Managers of 


Justices of the Peace 


Stamp Duties 


Medical Practitioner . 


Steam Vessels 


Mid wives . 


Street Guide 


JUinister& . 








Appendix . 244 
Adjusters of Imperial Weights and 

Measures . 258 

Agricultural Society 2,19 

Assembly Rooms i 247 

Assessed 'I'axes : 244 

Auctioneer , 247 

Banking Houses ib 

Do Greenock ib 

Do Provident ib 

Do Renfrewshire ib 

Bill Table . 4 

Boats (.^team) o5.> 

Carters, Regulations for 251 

Do. Regulations for 252 

Cattle Show , 259 

Clyae Tide Table 285 

Coal Merchants and Agents 258 

Coa<t Waiters 257 

Coffee Room 247 

Conveyancei by Water 250 

Courts Burgh 246 

Do Commissary ib 

Do Justice ot the Peace 246 

Do Quarter Sessions ib 

Do bhenff . ib 

Do Sheriff Small Debt ib 

Curling Club 

Custom House 257 
Directions for Recovery of persons 

apparently drowned 257 

Excise • ib 

Fairs 258 

Firemen and Fire Engines 257 

Grain Mills 258 

Grave Diggers 249 

Hackney Coaches and others 252 

Do Fares ib 

Instrumental Banda 260 

Insurance (Offices and Agents) 257 

Jail . 247 

Justices of the Peace 2J5 

Libraries (Town) 247 

Do f Mechanic) 248 

Do (Youths) 249 

Lirutenancy of Butesh ire 245 

Lodge, Rothesay, St John, No 292 259 

Magij^trates and Town Council £44 

Markets and Stores 258 

Aledical Practitioners 247 

Midwives ib 

Ministers • 248 

Not ces (Public) 2 

Officers, Church and Precentors 249 

Do Fi-hery 257 

Do Sheriff 246 

Do Town - ib 

Overseers of Poor Funds 249 

Population of Burgh and Parifh 241 

Porters and Barrowmen 230 

Do Regulations for ib 

Do Fares 251 

Posts, Arrival and Departure of 250 

Postages, (Rates ol) in Great Britain ib 

Presbytery Meetings 

Public Ottices 257 


Rothesay Assembly Rooms 

Rothesay Marine Society 

Royal Northern Yacht Club 

Sailing Vessels 

Schools, (Public,) and Teachers 

do Sabbath 
Session Clerks 
Societies, Religious 



Female Benevolent 
To Managers of 
Temperance, for the pro- 

motion of 
Youths' Society 
Stamp Duties 
Steam Ve-sels 

do Regulations for 
Street Guide 

Supply, (Buteshire) Commissioners 
Trustees, (Harbour) 






Appendix - 27tj 
Adjubtevs cf Imperial Weights and 

Measures 280 

Bill Table 4 

Boats (Seam) 279 

do (Fetr>) 280 

Carriers' Quarters, &c, 279 

Clyde Tide Table 2b3 

Coal Merchants and Agents 280 

Conveyances by Land and Water 279 

Courts (Burgh) £76 
Directions for Recovery of persons 

apparently drowned 280 

Fairs, (see Markets) 280 

Grain Mills 2-0 

Grave Digger 273 

Insurance (Offices and Agents) 2i0 

Library - 277 

Magistrates and Town Council 276 

Markeis and Fairs 28,' 

Medical Practitioners 277 

Ministers 278 

Officers Church and Precentors 278 

do Town ^/ll 

Overseers of Poors' Funds 278 

Population 276 
Porters and Barrowmen (Steam Boat) 279 

Po.*ts, Arrival and Departure of 279 

Postage, (Rates of) in Great Britain 279 

Public Offices . £80 

Reading and News Room £77 

Regatta i^J4 

Royal Northern Yacht Club £83 

Schools (Public and Teachers) 277 

do Infant ib 

do Sabbath 278 

Session Clerk 278 

Societies, to Managers of 5!7f> 

Stamp Duties 5 

Steam Vessels 279 

Street Guidq 2S3 

Writer . 276 

F O W L K R ' S 


Those marked * are Feuars. 

ABERCROMBIE, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 22 

Tobago street 
Adam, Archibald*, skipper, 7 Charles street 
Adam, George, timber measurer, 6 East India breast 
Adam, James*, cooper & fish curer, 27 Sugar -house lane 
Adam, James Likely*, carman, 9 Bearhope street 
Adam, James, njason, 2 Vennel 
Adam, John, draper, 2 Cathcart square, & 48 Hamilton 

street— house 7 Charles street 
Adam, John, saddler, 38 Cathcart street — ho. 2-i Vennel 
Adam, John* — upholstery and cabinet warehouse, 41 

Hamilton street — house Ann street 
Adam, John, provision shop, 1 West Burn street 
Adam, Miss, dressmaker, 8 Cross shore street 
Adams, Richard*, pilot and spirit dealer, Ladyburn 
Adamson, William, boot and shoe shop, 7 West breast 
Advertiser, Greenock, published on Monday and Thurs- 
day, 7 o'clock evening— Office 3 William street 
Agnevv, Alex, joiner and glazier, 42 Cathcart street 
Agnew, James, spirit dealer, 21 Rue-end street 
Aitken, James, hosier, 32 Hamilton street 
Aitken, James, spirit mercht. 53 Dalrymple street 
Aiiken, M. hosier and yarn merchant, 20 Hamilton st, 
Aitken, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 19 Bogle street 
Aitken, Thomas*, measurer, Shaw place 
Aitken, William and John, mill wrights, 4 West Blackhall 

street—house do 
Aitkins, Robert, ship master, 30 Vennel 
Alexander, Alex* carter, Roxburgh street 
Alexander, Francis, clerk, Irving's land. Regent street 
Alexander, George, spirit dealer, Crawfurdsdyke 
Alexander, James, clerk, 13 West breast— ho Brisbane st. 



Alexander, James, joiner, 28 Harvie lane 
Alexander, James, shoemaker 42 Cathcart street 
Alexander, John, Collector's clerk, custom house, Ni- 
cholson street 
Alexander, John*. R N. 20 Brougham street 
Alexander, Miss, dress maker, "2 v\ illiam street 
Alexander, Miss, house, Regent street (west) 
Alexander, Miss, straw hat maker, I9 Tobago street 
Alexander, Matthew*, farmer, Mains 
Alexander, Mrs. Archd. 20 lirougham street 
Alexander, Mrs. James. 4 Brisbane street 
Alexander, Thomas, collector of Harbour Oues — office 

Custom House — house Brough im street 
Alexander, VV^m. farmer, Bogston 

Alexander, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer, 32 Dairy mple 3t. 
Alexander, Wm.* at Buchanan & Co.s — ho. 11 Shaw st. 
Alfred, Mrs. Charles, spirit dealer, 48 Vennel 
Allan, Alex, ship-master. Regent street (west) 
Allan, George, sliip master, Regent street (west) 
Allan, George, jun, smith, 'dO Rue-end st. 
Allan, George*, sen smith, 5 Hue-end st. — ho Arthur st. 
Allan, George*, tobacconist, 12 Dalrymple street 
Allan, Miss, dressmaker, 4'2 Innerkip street 
Allan, Mrs. Jacob*, 39 Hamilton street 
/'Ilan, Mrs, John*, vintner, 42 Innerkip street 
Allan, Mrs. Robert*, tobacconist, 65 Dalrymple street — 

house Mearns street 
Allan, Robert, customer weaver, 3 Sir Michael street 
A'lan Robert, grocer, Allan's land, Arthur street 
Allan, Wm. carver and gilder, Ladyburn 
Allan, Wm haberdasher 33 Hamilton street — ho, Boyd 

place, W'est Blackball street 
Aiian, William ship master, 7 Grey place 
Alan, Wm. surgeon & druggist, 46 Cathcart st. — ho. In- 
nerkip street 
Allison, Mrs. spirit dealer, 1 Cartsburn street 
Allison, Mrs band-box maker, 6 Vennel 
Alli>ur, Wm. of Robb & Allison — ho. 60 Innerkip street 
Allison, William*. 42 Sir Michael street 
Allison, William*, wine and spirit dealer, 1 9 Vennel 


Altrnont, Richard, sugar boiler, 3 Jamaica street 
Amos, Walter, overseer. Bank foot, Ardgowan 
Anderson, Alex. & Co. sugar refiners, Deilingburn street, 

house. Mount Park, Roxburgh street 
Anderson, Andrew*, agent for Glasgow Union Bank, 
Union Bank Buildings, 3, Church place — ho. George 
Anderson, And.* mercht. 25 Cathcart st. ho. 9 George sq. 
Anderson, George, landwaiter, ho Cartsburn street 
Anderson, Archibald, shoemaker, 1 Manse lane 
Anderson, James, clerk, 73 Nicholson st. — house Sugar- 
house lane 
Anderson, James, foreman cooper, 25 Sugar-house lane 
Anderson, James male, 11 East Blackball street 
Anderson, James*, quarrier, Crawfurdsdyke 
Anderson, James, shopman, 4 Shaw street 
Anderson, John, baker, 6 Hamilton street 
Anderson, John, ship-master, 21 Kilblain street 
Anderson, John*, slater, 15 Deilingburn street 
Anderson, John, smith and vintner, 64 Innerkip street 
Anderson, John*, teacher, 1 Union st.- — ho. 5 Kirk st. 
Anderson, John and Thomas, slaters, i5 Deilingburn st. 
Anderson, Mrs.* house, 8 Kilblain at. 
Anderson, Mrs.* 44- Nicholson street 
Anderson, Peter, ship master, 50 Cathcart street 
Anderson, Robert*, joiner, St. James st. ho. Stanners st. 
Anderson, Thomas*, slater, 16 Deilingburn st. 
Anderson, William, grocer, 43 Cathcart street 
Anderson, William, M.D. 44 Nicholson street 
Andrews, David, tailor, 7 West Blackball street 
Andrew, James, spirit dealer, 32 Bearhope street 
Andrew, John, perfumer and hair dresser, 30 Hamilton st. 
Andrew, Miss, milliner and dress maker, Arthur street 
A.ndrew, Miss, straw hat maker, 42 Cathcart steet 
Andrew, Mrs. James, straw hat maker, 18 Innerkip street 
Andrew, Robert, baker, 2 Hamilton street 
Angus, Alexander, sugar refiner — ho. 108 Union street 
Angus, Alexander, & Co. sugar refiners, 17 Nicholson st. 
Angus, John, tailor, 53 innerkip street 
Angus, Mrs. grocer^ 16 Ttiylor's close 


Angus, Robert*, merchant, 21 Cathcart street— house 

Clyde street 
Arbuckle, James, Sf Co. tanners and curriers, Stanners st. 
Archibald, David, mason and vintner, 8 Smith's lane 
Ark!ey, Arthur, cooper and grocer. Regent street 
Aikley, James, shoemaker, 55 Hue end street 
Armour, George, boot and shoemaker, 1 Watt Place 
Arthur, John, shipmaster, 7 charles street 
Arthur, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Vennel 
Arrol, Mrs grocer, Crawf'urdsdike 
Athol, Mr8. William, house 3 West Blackhall street 
Auld, CharleSj surgeon, 18 Hamilton street—house, 

M'Kellar's place, I'nion itreet 
AuUl, Banfiilton, shipmaster, Garnock gtrtet 
Au'd, Rev. William, M'Kellar'i place, 48 Union street 
,^uh), William; ship master, 31 Shaw street 
Avery, John, vintner, t)7 Dalrymple street 
Aytoun, Roger*, banker, Bank street— ho. Margaret gt» 

BAILLIE, John, chrystal & stoneware merchant, 42 

bhaw street 
Bain, David, Cathcart Tnvem, 3 Watt place 
Bain, Donald, teacher, 69 Nicholson street 
Bain, James*, grocer, 12 West Shaw street 
Bain, James*, tailor, Henry's land. Regent st. (west) 
Bain, Quentin, cooper, 2 Innerkip street 
Bain, Williauj, shoemaker, 42 Shaw street 
Bain & Johnstone, merchants and ship owners, 74 West 

Blackhall street 
Baine, Archibald, jun. grocer, tea, & fruit merchant, 74 

West Blackball street 
Baine, Archibald*, merchant — house Margaret street 
Baine, Mrs. John, 22 Sir Michael street 
Baine, Robert*, merchant — house i Nelson street 
Baine, Walter*, merchant, 25 West Burn street— house 

Kilblain :?treet 
Baine, Walter & Rt. coopers & fish curers, 25 West Burn st 
Baine, Walter, jun. merchant — house Kilblain street 
I>aine, William, foreman rnperaaker, 5 Kirk street 
Buine, William, tailor, 9 I^ongwell close 


Baird, James, land waiter — liouse Mansion house 
Baird, James, merchant, 32 Clarence st — ho. J Boyd <^t. 
Baird, Robert* & Son, lime, coal, and brick merchants, 3 
Rue-end street —ho. 4-7 Ann street (entry by Demp- 
ster street 
Bakers* Flour Mill, (Bakers' Society) Shaw's water, (No. 

3,) Baker street, Peter Kelly, miller, ho. do. 
Bald, John, tide-waiter — ho. Innerkip street 
Balderson, David, merchant, house 10 Kirk street 
Balfour, William, & Co. coal merchants, 9 West Breast- 
house 62 Vennel 
Ball, John, tide waiter, house Innerkip street 
Ballantyne, James, distiller, 14 Tobago street — house 

St. Andrew's square 
Bannatyne, John, wig maker and hair dresser, Craw- 

Bannatyne, Mrs. Robert, 13 Brougham street 
Bannatyne, William, boot and shoemaker, 4* Market st. 
Barbour, Ephraim*, carpenter, 3 Bearho;;e street 
Barbour, Ephraim, & Co, painters, 9 West Breast 
i^arbour, James, smith to Shaws' Water Company — ho. 

Middle Murdieston 
Barbour, Thomas, grocer and cowfeeder, 17 Tobago st. 
Barclay, Henry, surgeon and druggist, Crawfurdsdike 
Barclay, James, grocer, 34 Charles street 
Barclay, James*, late ship master, 7 Market street 
Barclay, John, boot and shoemaker, 51 Innerkip street 
Barclay, John, flax merchant, 70 Vennel 
Barclay, John, spirit dealer, 10 Charles street 
Barclay, Rev. George*, Everton 

Barnes, Edward, grocer & spirit dealer, 15Cross shore st. 
Barr, John, spirit merchant, 61 Dairy mple street 
Barr, Robert, potato & spirit dealer, I East India Breast 

and 9j Dock Breast 
Barr, William, mate, 2 East Stewart street 
Bathgate, Charles, vintner, 3 Highland close 
Batjie, John, sugar boiler, West Blackball street 
Batty, Daniel, hatter, 9 West Blackball street 
Baxter, Alexander, grocer, Stanners street 
Baxter, Catherine, grocer, Crcwfurdsdike 

B 3 


Baxter, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Market st. 

Baxter. Duncan, engineer, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 
Ciirtsburn street 

Baxter, Mrs. Jean, broker, 13 Taylor's close 

Baxter, Mrs. grocer, 32 ^haw street 

Beaton, John K & Co. renovators, 5 Cross Shce street 

Beith, Neil, tailor, 5 Drummer's close 

Beith, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Cartsburn st. 

Bell, Agnes, teacher of English, 3 West Shaw street 

Bell, Daniel, tinsmith, 5 Cross-shore street 

Bell, John, spirit dealer, 59 Daliymple street 

Bell, Mrs. James, baker 3 Hamilton street 

Berry, Mrs. A. pastry baker and spirit dealer, 3 Vennel 

Berryman, William, broker, 7 Taylor's close 

Black, mate, 36 Shaw street 

Black, Archd. & 6ons, merchants and agents, 2 Custom- 
house pi; ce — house West Blackball street 

Black, Catherine, grocer, 75 Ann street 

Black, Donald, grocer, Roxburgh street (West) 

Black, Duncan*, cooper, 11 Buccleugh street 

Black, George, mate, 55 Cathcart street 

Black, Hector, spirit dealer, 47 Shaw street 

Black, James, comptroller's clerk, customs — house West 
Stewart street 

Black, James, shipmaster, 5 Dellingburn street 

Black, James, teacher, 48 Union street 

Black, John*, writer. 4 William street — ho. Allan's land 
Shaw place 

Black, Mary, grocer, 47 West Blackball street 

Biack, Miss .lean, grocer, 30 Tobago street 

Black, Mrs.* 4 West Stewart street 
-^lack, Mrs. cowteeder and gardener, Mansion House 

Black, Mrs. eating house, 20 Shaw street 

Blackwood, Andrew, wig maker and hair dresser, 13 
Cross- shore street 

Blain, Mrs.* West Blackball street 

Blair, Donald, tailor and vintner, 7 Shannon's close 

Blair, Duncan, joiner, 36 Rue-end street 

Blair, Duncan, merchant, 6 Cathcart street - liouse West 
Blackball street 

GR^E^'-NOCK. 19 

Blair, Duncan, shoemaker, 5 East Quay lane 

Blair, Geo.* wine and spirit merchant, 21 West- Burn 

street — house Ford Cottag'e 
Blair, Hamilton, post boy, 11 Highland close 
Blair, James, wine & spirit merchant, 13 Shaw street — 

house Regent streer- 
Blair, John, spirit dealer, 41 Sir Michael street 
Blair, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Shaw street 
Blair, John, spirit dealer, 8 Vennel 
Blair, John, vintner, 13 East Quay lane 
Blair, Lieut Duncan, R N. superintendent of Quay and 

Harbour police — house 1 Cross-shore street 
Blair, Mrs. West Burn street 
Blair, Mrs. James, vintner, 9 William street 
Blair, Mrs. William, 13 Ardgowan street 
Blair, Peter, vintner, 11 Cartsburn street 
Blair, R. and G.* wine & spirit merchants, 21 West 

Burn street 
Blair, Robert,* wine and spirit merchant, ho. Kilblain st. 
Blair, Robert, writer, 3 Bank street — ho. Trafalgar st. 
Blair, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 18 West Burn st. 
Blair, Thomas, shoemaker, SO Sugarhouse lane 
Bhiir, William, boot and shoemaker, 17 West Burn st. 
Blanckin, Harm, sugar boiler, 4 Clarence street 
Boag, Alex, clerk Glasgow Union Bank, 3 Church place 
Boag and Gregg, silk mercers and drapers, 8 Cathcart sq. 
B^ag, John, draper, 8 Cathcart square — ho. 4- Tobago st. 
Boag. John, grocer, 51 Dalrymple street 
Boag, John*, smith, 24 Charles street 
Boag, Mrs. Thomas. 9 West Stewart street 
Boag, Mrs. William*, 25 Charles street 
Boag, Thos.* smith, 56 Shaw street — ho. 18 Jamaica st. 
Boag, William, farmer, Craigie Knowes 
Bogie, Mrs grocer, 53 Innerkip street 
Bohling, Conrod, sugar boiler — ho. 5 Dellingburn street 
Bologna, Mrs.* piano forte and singing teacher, 51 West 

Stewart street — house Western Villa 
Bonnar, Miss Ann, dressmaker, 51 Cathcart street 
Borthwick, John, nursery and seedsman, 45 Hamilton st 
Borthwick, Mrs.* Stanners street 



Bowes, John, fleslier, 8 Manse Lane 
Bou'inan, Rev. John J. — bouse 48 Nicholson street 
Boyd, Adam, jun. ^: Co. tea and coffee dealers, I Hamil- 
ton street 
Boyd, Janies, ship-master, Lament's lan^d, Regent street 

BojJ, James, ship-master, Donaldson's land, Regent st. 
Bovd; John*, Brackleston 
I^'Oyd, Miss, dress maker, 48 Hamilton street 
Boyd, Mrs. grocer, 8 Broad close 
Boyd, Mrs Tiobert*, 9 Smith's lane 
Boyd, Mrs. Thomas, Boyd's place, 21 West Blackball st, 
Boyd, Mrs. William*, 77 Brougham street 
Bovd, Robert, ballast merchant, 5 East Breast 
Boyd, Robert, forman, tanwork, Ladyburn 
Boyle, John, pawnbroker, 16 Dalrymple street 
Boyle, John*, provision, stoneware and ehina merchants, 

1 4" Dalrymple street — house do. 
Boyle, Mrs. spirit dealer, 61 Dalrymple street 
Bradley, George, hat maDuf* 15 William street — house 

Longwell close 
Brodie, George, spirit dealer, 47 Shaw street 
Brodie, Mrs. Adam, grocer, 5 Dalrymple street 
Brodie, Robt. vintner, potato dealer, and agent for ferry 

boats, 7 William street 
Broadrim, James, mate, 4'2 Shaw street 
Brown, Alex. & Son, joiners, block makers, turners, and 

glaziers, New Dock lane — ho. 24 Shaw street 
Brown, Angus, spirit dealer, 58 Shaw street 
Brown, Daniel, hair dresser — toy shop, 9 Dalrymple st. 
Brown, David, block maker, 5 East Stewart street 
Brown, Duncan, and Co. silk mercers and drapers, 47 

Hamilton street 
Brown, J. R. grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Vennel 
Brown, James, grocer and spirit dealer. Regent street 
Brown, James, rector of gram mar school, 61 Nicholson st. 
Brown, John, boatman, Custom House, — house 45 Ha- 
milton street 
Brown, John, cowfeeder, 5 Kilblain street 
Brown, John, customer weaver, Salmon st. — ho. Shawst. 


Brown, John, carpenter, 5 Union court 

Brown, John, hair dresser, 52 Shaw street 

Pirown, John, ship master, 5h Dalrymple street 

Brown, Misses, J & B. teachers ot white seam, coloured 
& fancy work,eV: painting on velvet, 20 Hamilton st. 

Brown, Mrs. grocer, 2 Broad close 

Brown, Mrs. teacher of the female school of Industry, 14 
Sir Michael street 

Brown, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 56 Dalrymple street 

Brown, Neil, measurer, 5 East India Breast— ho. Sha\t 

Brown, Neil, porter to store, No. 24 — ho. Hue-end street 

Brown, Robert, mason, 19 Tobago street 

Brown, Robert, rope maker, 8 Brisbane street 

Brown, William, agent, 18 East Quay lane — ha. Nichol- 
son street 

Brown, William, working jeweller, 45 Hamilton street 

Brown, William, surgeon, 55 Dalrymple street 

Brownlie, Buchanan, and Co. tinsmiths and plumbers, 6 
West Breast 

Brovsnlie, J. & J. copper and tin plate workers, 2 William 

Brownlie, James, at Steuart and Bennies — house Shaw 

Brownlie, Matthew*, merchant, 6 West Breast — house 
Regent street 

Brownlie, Miss*, Regent street (West) 

Brownlie, Mrs. Shaw place 

Brownlie, William*, iron and bra?s founder and tinsmith, 
55 Cathcart street — ho. HilUide 

Bruce, Alexander*, Carisburn street 

Bruce, Archd. grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Innerkip st, 

Bruce, Arthur, corkcutter, 5 Cathcart square — ho. West 
Blackball street 

Bruce, Mrs. agent, 3 Hamilton street 

Bruce, Robert, surgeon. New Apothecaries' Hall, 38 Ha- 
milton street — house 54- West Blackball street 

Bryce, James, spirit dealer, 10 Tobaizo street 

Brymner, Alexander, cashier, Greenock Bank, 44 Cath- 
cart street — ho. Regent street 


Buchan, Walter, jun stone cutter & engraver, 5 Duncan st. 

Buchanan, Archibald*, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Ha- 
milton street — ho. 1 Regent street 

Buci)anan, Charles, vintner, '25 Charles street 

Buchanan, Colin*, teacher, 31 Sir Michael street 

Buchanan, Geo. watch maker and jeweller, 8 William st. 

Buchanan & Gray, house, ship, sign^ and ornamental 
painters, 6 Shaw street 

Buchanan, G. & W copper & tinsmiths, 2 Dalrymple st. 

Buchanan, James C merchant, 6 West Breast — ho. Re- 
gent street 

Buchanan, John*, boot and shoemaker, 5 Cathcart st. — 
i ouse Mount Park 

Buchanan, John, brass founder and gas fitter, 18 Cathcart 
street — house 3 do, 

Buchanan, John, glass warehouse, 36 Cathcart st — ho. 
SS do. 

Buchanan, John*, jun cooper & merchant, 17 Charles st. 
— house Roxburgh street 

Buchanan, John, King's porter, 29 Vennel 

Buchanan, John, merchant, 8*5 Charles street — ho. Pros- 
pect hill 

Buchanan, John, ship-master, Boyd's place, 22 West 
B'ackhall street 

Buchanan Sf Lamb*, joiners, cabinet and block makers, 

2 Tobago St. 20 Market st. and 4 Cross Shore st. 
Buchanan, Mrs spirit dealer, 2 Shannon's close 
Buchanan, Malcolm*, leather merchant and boot maker, 

3 Cathcart street — ho. Hyde Park Cottage 
Buchanan, Malcom, stillman, 14< Tobago street — ho 7 

Innerkip street 

Buchanan, Mrs.* 7 Vennel 

Buchanan, Neii*, of Buchanan and Lamb — house, Tra- 
falgar street 

Buchanan, Robert, ship-master, 7 Charles street 

Buchanan, Robert, teacher, 6 West Shaw street 

Buchanan <^ Co. soap and candle makers, 35 Charles st. 

Buchanan & Lamb, joine'-s, cabinet and block makers, 2 
Tobago street, and 20 Market street 

Bulloch, Charles, tide waiter — house 30 Sir Michael St.. 


Buntcn, Thomas, White Hart Inn & Hotel, I Cathcart st. 
and 8 Catlicart square (post & job horses & carriages/ 
Burgess, John, tobacconist, 2 Dalrymple street 
Burns, Gavi, , sliipmaster 
Burns, James, mariner, 6 Charles street 
Burns, John, shipmaster, 64> Rue end street 
Burns, Robert, mason, Mount Park, 25 Ann street 
Burrell, A. M. shipping agent, 4 Shannon's close 
Butler, Mrs. Robert, pattern printer, 3 Cathcart street 
Butler, Robert, watch and clock maker, 3 Cathcart st. 

CAIRD, James*, smith, 9 East Breast — ho, Shaw place 
Caird & Co. eng-ine makers, mill wrights and founders, 

Crawfurdsdike, and Arthur street 
Caird, John*, founder, house 63 Rue end street 
Caird, John, c^- Son, smiths, 9 East Breast 
Cairns, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Vennel 
Cairns, George, hosier, 4 West Burn street 
Cdlder, wohn, hatter — umbrella and parasol warehouse, 

56 Cathcart street 
Calder, John, assistant collector, 47 Hamilton street 
Calder, John, smith, 9 West Breast 

Calder, William, boatman, Custom ho. — ho. 12 Wiiliam st. 
C;iider, Wm. carver, R. D Ker's land, Clyde Crescent 
Calder, William, ship carver, 7 Ropework street — house 

Clyde Crescent 
Caldwell, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Hamilton st. 
Calender, Thos. ship-master, Crawford's land, Regent st. 
Cameron, Alexander, joiner, 3 market street 
Cameron, Alexander and Co. joiners, cabinet makers, and 

glaziers, 26 Hamilton street 
Cameron, Archibald, spirit merchant, 2 East Breast 
Cameron, Duncan, porter, (badge No. 50) 6 Manse Itne 
Cameron, George, grocer, 67 Dalrymple street 
Cameron, Hugh, gardener. East Hamilton street 
Cameron, Hugh*, of Cameron <^' Co. — ho. 6 Chapel st. 
Cameron, Hugh*, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 2 Back 

street — house 4 Ardgowan street 
Cameron, John, cooper, .53 Shaw street 
C araeron, John, cooper and coal dealer, 7 Manse lane 


Cameron, John, currier, collector of market dues, and in- 
spector of flesh market — ho. 1 Bogle street 
Cameron, John & Co. drapers, 23 Hamilton street 
Cameron, John, painter, 12 West Breast— ho. 58 Dai- 
ry mple street 
Cameron, John, shipmaster, 42 Sir Michael street 
Cameron, Mrs. Hugh, vintner, 5 Cathcart square 
Cameron, Mrs. John*, 12 Jamaica street 
Cameron, Mrs. toy shop, 16 West Burn street 
Cameron, Patrick, wine and spirit dealer, 12 East Breast 

— house, 5 Dellingburn street 
Cameron, «& Co. joiners, blockmakers, and glaziers, 22 

Hamilton street, and Rue end street 
Campbell, Alex, wine & spirit merchant, 69 Dalrymple st. 
Campbell, Anderson, and Co. wine and spirit merchants, 

25 Cathcart street, and 28 Shaw street 
Campbell, Angus, jail and bridewell keeper, 2 Market st. 

— house do. 
Campbell, Angus, vintner and farmer, Port Glasgow road 
Campbell, Archd. letter runner— ho. 5 East Quay lane 
Campbell, Archibald, ship-carver, 4 Cross shore street 
Campbell, Archibald, hat and umbrella manufacturer 56, 

Cathcart street — ho. Reform Cottage, Mount Park 
Campbell, Archibald, letter runner, 4 East Quay lane 
Campbell, Charles, sexton, New Burying Ground, Inner- 
kip street 
Campbell, D. A. distiller, 14 Tobago st. — ho. Regent st. 
Campbell, Daniel, hair dresser, 7 Charles street 
Campbell, Daniel, skipper, 16 Dalrymple street 
Campbell, Donald, foreman boat-builder, 17 Rue end st. 
Campbell, Donald, cooper and coal merchant, Haddow's 

yard, Crawfurdsdike 
Campbell, Duncan*, 4 Duncan street 
Campbell, Duncan, spirit dealer, 3 Harvey lane 
Campbell, Mrs. Duncan*, 13 Sir Michael street 
Campbell, Francis, F. smith, and edge tool maker — 1 1 

Longwell close 
Campbell, Graham, spirit dealer, 62 Rue end street 
Campbell, John, accountantj Roxburgh street 


Campbell, John, Adjutant of Local Militia — ho. Mount 

Campbell, John, sen. agent, 18 Ea^^t Quay Lane 
Campbell, John, Comptroller of Customs, Custom House 

Buildings — house West I?egent street 
Campbell, John*, late merchant, 47 West Blackball st. 
Campbell, John"^, merchant and general agent, 41 Cath- 

cart street — ho. Bridge end 
Campbell, John, mariner and grocer, 22 Dalrymple st 
Campbell, John, ship master, 28 Charles street 
Campbell, John*, skipper, 38 Vennel 
Campbell, John, spirit dealer, 14 Cross shore street 
Campbell, John, tidewaiter, Longwell close 
Campbell, John, & Son, shipping agents, 18 Hamilton st. 
Campbell, Margaret, grocer, 52 West Stewart street 
Campbell, Michael, broker, 62 Vennel 
Campbell, Miss, dressmaker, 42 Cathcart street 
Campbell, Misses, straw hat makers, 3 Bank street 
Campbell, Misses, straw hat makers, 30 Innerkip street 
Campbell, Misses, dress makers, 1 Open Shore 
Campbell, Mrs. Alexander*, 58 Rue-end street 
Campbell, Mrs. Alex, spirit dealer, 11 East Breast 
Campbell, Mrs. Duncan, grocer, 69. Vermel 
Campbell, Mrs Dugald*, 57 Vennel 
Campbell, Mrs. eating house, 30 Market street 
Campbell, Mrs. John*, 18 Hamilton street 
Campbell, Neil, agent for the New Clyde Shipping Com- 
pany, and general agent, Excise Buildings, — house 
7 West Blackball street 
Campbell, Neil, surgeon, 18 Hamilton street 
Campbell, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Cathcart st. 
Campbell, Peter, hairdresser, 43 Rue-end street 
Campbell, Peter, pavier, iO Nicholson street 
Campbell, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 4 Hamilton st. 
Campbell, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 31 Vennel 
Campbell, Robert, cowfeeder, 5 Kilblain street 
Campbell, Walter*, 31 Westburn street 
Campbell, William, carman, 19 West Shaw street 
Canevali, Robert, nail maker, leader of Greenock Instru- 
iTiental Band No. 1, 2? Tobago street 



Carbery, Alexander, broker, 11 Taylor's close 
Carmichael. Andrew, clerk, Renfrewshire Bank, Bank st. 
Carmichael, James, distiller, H Tobago street — ho. West 

Stewart street 
Carmichael, John, boot and shoemaker, Arthur street 
Carmichael, John, shipmaster, 1 Taylor's close 
Carmichael, Thomas*, wood merchant, — ho. Bank top 
Carmichael, skipper, 6 Manse lane 

Carrick, Miss Janet —furnishing shop, SO Hamilton St. 
Carswell, Mrs. grocer, SI Shaw street 
Carswell, Robert, spirit dealer, Regent street 
Carswell, Robert, shoemaker, 60 Innerkip street 
Catholic Chapel, Ma ift^ji trance, 25 West Shaw street 
Caven, John, packer glass works, Crawfurdsdike 
Chalmers, Alex*, carter, Hamilton street (east) ' 

Chalmers, Alexander, spirit dealer, 8 West Breast 
Chalmers, Archibald, clothier and tailor, 8 Market St. 
Chalmers, Daniel, spirit dealer, 2 West Breast 
Chalmers, Mrs. vintner, Hamilton street (East) 
Chalmers, Mrs. vintner, 13 Westburn street 
Chalmers, William, coal agent, 1 Rue-end street 
Chalmers, William, salesman, 1 Rue-end street 
Chalmers, William, spirit dealer, 11 West Breast 
Chapman and Co. Crown glass warehouse, 22 Charles st. 
Chapman, James, spirit dealer, 22 Charles street 
Charles, Mrs. mangier, 42 Shaw street 
Chisholm, Daniel, tailor, 12 William street 
Chisholm, Mrs. 24- Hamilton street 
Chisholm, William, cooper, 4 Union Court 
Christie, Peter, carver and gilder, 26 Vennel 
Ciapperton, John, shipmaster, 7 Springkell street 
Clark, Alex*, mason, 11 Westburn street 
Clark, And. excise officer, ho. Port Glasgow road 
Clark, And*, grocer, 24 Dalrymple st. — ^^ho. Union court 
Clark, Archibald, shipmaster, 19 East Quay lane 
Clark, Captain George, late Adjutant Royal Ayrshire 

Militia — house 51 West Stewart street 
Clark, Daniel, boatman, Custom House — ho 6 Highland 

Clark, Donald, spirit dealer, Crawfurdsdike 


Clark, Duncan, flesher, 40 Rue-end street and Arthur st. 
Clark, John*, watchmaker 8^ jeweller, 54< Cathcart st. 
Clark, Misses, dress & straw hat makers, 4 West Burn st. 
Clark, Misses, milliners & dress makers, 63 West Black' 

hall street 
Clark, Mrs. grocer, 7 Kilblain street 
Clark, Peter, cooper, foreman to M'Leish, Kayser, & Co. 

11 Sugarhouse lanv3 
Clark, Wm. marine painter, 9 William street 
Clark, Wm. printer, Greenock Intelligencer — ho. William 

Cleland, Hamilton, assistant tide surveyor, Custom house 

— house Regent street 
Clink, Wm. (Argyllshire Tavern) deep sea pilot, 7 Dal- 

rymple street 
Clink, William, jun, mate, 7 Dalrymple street 
Clyde Commercial List, published Tues. Thurs. and Sat. 

46 Hamilton street — Wm. Johnston 6z Son 
Clyde Flint Glass Co.'s Works, Crawfurdsdike 
Clyde iron Company, II East breast — Robert Gardner, 

manager, 9 Cross shore street 
Cl5'de Pottery Company, Ladyburn, Port-Glasgow road 
Coats> George, jun spirit dealer, 4 Cartsburn street 
Coats, George, sen, spirit dealer, 41 Rue-end street 
Coats, Thomas, draper, 70 Dalrymple street 
Cochran, James, founder, 38 Ann street 
Cochran, James, teacher of dancing, Academy, Buck's 

Head Inn Hall, 14 Hamilton st. entry 4 Watson's 

lane, open from 3d Tuesday of August, till end of 

Cochran, John, shipmaster, 7 East Stewart street 
Cochran, Walter, spirit dealer, 50 Shaw street 
Coffee Room (Exchange,) 44 Cathcart street 
Coffee Room (Greenock,) 8 Cathcart street 
Coleman, Wm. Henry, assistant clerk, customs, ho. 62 

Ann street 
Collie, Alex, spirit dealer, 9 Highland close 
Collie, James, architect & land surveyor, 48 Hamilton st. 
Collins, James*, baker, 71 Ann street 
Collins, William, baker, 4 Shaw street 


Colqahoun, A. editor, Greenock Intelligencer — house 

Bay of Quick 
Colquhoun, Frederick, hair dresser, 67 Vennel 
Colquhoun, John, shoemaker, 2 Hopework street 
Colquhoun, Mrs 77 Brougham street 
Connacher, Peter, collector's clerk, ho. 4 St. Andrew's 

Connell, James & Co straw hat manufacturer, 16 Cath- 

cart street 
Connell, Mrs. Allan's land, Shaw place 
Connell, William, fender merchant, 50 Crawford street — 

ho. 10 Patrick street 
Connor, John, 71 West Blackhall street — ho. do. 
Conway, Francis, clothier and draper, 3 Shaw street — 

ho 55 do. 
Conway, M. stoneware merchant, 61 Vennel 
Cook, shipmaster, 4 West Stewart street 

Cooper, Catherine, mangier, 1 East Quay lane 
Cooper, Edward, foreman, Crawfurdsdike Foundry 
Cooper, John, boatman. Customhouse — ho. 4 Shaw St. 
Cooper, John, harbour master, 42 Cathcart street 
Colter, Mrs. matron. Infirmary, 11 Innerkip street 
Couper, Misses, leghorn & straw hat makers, 4 Shaw St. 
Coutts, Rev Charles, teacher, 6 Ann st — ho. do. 
Coverdale, Norrison, shipmaster, 8 Crawfurd street 
Cowan, Daniel, provision merchant, 57 Dalrymple street 
Cowan, Gilbert, upholsterer, 48 Hamilton street 
Cowan, Mrs. straw hat maker, 17 Hamilton street 
Cowan, Robert, draper, 2 Cathcart square and 48 Hamil- 
ton street — ho. 25 Ann street 
Cowan, Robert & Co drapers, silk mercers, and haber- 
dashers, 2 Cathcart square and 48 Hamilton st, 
Coyle, Hugh, fish retailer, 9 Taylor's close 
Coyle, John, provision shop, 2 Highland close 
Crawford, Alex, tea merchant, 4 Cathcart square — house 

Regent street 
Crawford, Agnevv*, merchant, 8 East India breast — ho. 

Mansion house 
Crawford, Andrew*, joiner and blockmaker, 23 Charles 
street and 20 West Burn street 


Crawford, Catherine, grocer, 4 Cowgate street 
Crawford, David, writer, 3 Mansion House Lane — house 

Deer Park 
Crawford, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Vcnnel 
Crawford, James, professor of dancing — Academy Assem- 
bly Rooms, 441 Cathcart street. Open from end 

of August till end of November 
Crawford, John, clerk, 29 Cartsburn street 
Crawford, John, copper and tinsmith, 7 Dalrymple street 
Crawford, John, landwaiter — house Crawfurdsdike 
Crawford, John, manager, 28 Rue-end street 
Crawford, John, tailor, 48 Hamilton street 
Crawford, Matthew, cooper, 29 Cartsburn street 
Crawford, Mrs Greenock Tavern, (carrier's quarters) 15 

Taylor's close 
CrawfordyMrs. A. grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Market st. 
Crawford, Mrs. John, straw hat maker, 42 Cathcart street 
Crawford,. R. victualler and spirit dealer, 5 Ann street 
Crawford, William^ pastry baker and vintner, 45 Vennel 
Croal, David,: mate, 52 West Stewart street 
Croft, James, shoemaker, 5 Manse lane 
Crookshanksy James, sheriff officer, 24 Tobago st. 
Cross, George, grocer, 55 Innerkip st. 
Crossard, James J. shipmaster, 1 West Stewart st. 
Crossard, Miss, milliner, 1 West Stewart st. 
Crouther, James, excise officer — house 32 West Shaw st. 
Crown Glass warehouse. Chapman and Co. 22 Charles st. 
Cruden, David, mate, 52 West Stewart st. 
Cruikshanks, Ninian, baker, 5 Vennel 
Cullen, Michael, broker, 7 Broad close and 23 Shaw st. 
Cullens, Alex, wine and spirit merchant, 2 West Quay 

lane — ho. Boyd's place, 1 West Blackball street 
Gumming, John, teacher, session clerk, and treasurer of 

Poor's Fund for Middle Parish, 3 Bank street — ho. 

11 William street 
Gumming, John B. shipmaster, 4 Brougham street 
Gumming, Wm. late West church officer, 64 Nicholson st. 
Cunningham, David, provision store, 39 Shaw st. 
Cunningham, James, clerk, customs — ho. 56 Shaw street 
Cunningham, James, tailor, 45 Hamilton street 

c 3 


Cunningham, Miss, Kelly street 

Cunningham, William, tailor, 5 Drummer's close 

Curran, James, broker, (il Dalrymple st. 

Currie, Adam, shipmaster, 22 Hamilton street 

Currie, Alex, vintner, 7 Dalrymple street 

Currie, Archd. perfumer, 13 William street 

Currie, David*^, () Cartsburn street 

Currie, Duncan, boot & shoemaker, lOBuccleuch st. 

Currie, Duncan, spirit merchant, 16 West Burn street 

Currie, John, (Greenock & Dublin Tavern) 16 East Quay 

Currie, Malcora, cowfeeder and retailer of coals, 19 West 

Shaw street 
Currie, Miss, dress and straw hat maker, St James' st. 
Currie, Mrs. Archd. (James Watt Tavern,) 5 William st. 
Currie, Mrs. Mat. vintner, board &: lodging, 17 Shavir sr. 
Currie & M'Nah, smiths, 18 Harvie lane 
Currie, William, ship-master, 4 Nicholson street 
Currie, William, v^rriter, 3 Church place — ho. Hopkin's 

land, Regent street 
Cuthbertson, Robert*, late ship-master, Roxburgh street 

DALE, George, ship tavern, 9 East Quay lane 

Dale, John, (Theatre Royal Glasgow) manager Greenock 

Theatre, 2 Mansion House lane 
Darroch, Archibald, spirit dealer, 46 Dalrymple street 
Darroch, James*, grocer, 24 Market street 
Darroch, John, tidewaiter — house 7 Dalrymple street 
Darroch, Mrs. spirit dealer, 4 Shaw street 
I>avrdson, Archibald, coppersmith, 6 West Breast — ho. 

Mount Park 
Davidson, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 11 Dalrymple St. 
Davie, George, baker, 12 Dalrymple streefe^ — ho. do. 
Davie, James, cooper, 2 Bogle street 
Davie, Mrs. James, vintner, 3 East Breast 
Davisson, John, tidewaiter — house 75 Ann street 
Daw, William, (deep sea) pilot, 24 Shaw street 
Dawson, Jonathan, spirit merchant, 37 Sir Michael st. 

— house Shearer's land, Ann street 
Deas, John, pilot, 10 Highland close 


Dempster, Geo. & Co. timber merchants, 23 Hue-end st. 
Dempster, James, jun. arehitect, 23 Rue- end street 
Dempster, James, sen. joiner, 23 Rue-end street — house 

2 East Stewart street 
Dempster, Mrs. George — house 51 West Stewart street 
Denholm, James, tidewaiter — house Regent street 
Denniston, Hugh, elerk, 39 Rue-end st. Cartsdike bridge 
Denniston, John*, merchant, 79 Brougham street 
Denny, John, grocer, M'Vicar's land, Crawfutdsdike 
Denn)', John*, boat builder, Crawfurdsdike < ^: 

Denny, Mrs. William, grocer, 44 Rue-end street 
Denny, Wm. salesman to Kippen, James 8^ Co. — house 

44 Rue-end street 
Devlin, Philip, broker, 10 Taylor's close 
Dick, George, W.* draper, 38 Hamilton street 
Dick, John, flesher, 8 Tobago street 
Dick, Robert, Brachelston Toll bar, head of Innerkip st. 
Dick, Thomas*, cooper, 6 Bearhope sti^eet 
Dickie, Alexander, carpenter, 36 Rue-end street 
Dickson, Adam, clerk. Gas Works — ho. 45 Nicholson st, 
Dickson, John, tidewaiter — house ^nn street 
Dickson, Miss, 75 Nicholson street 
Dickson, Thomas, mason, 5 Rue-end street 
Dinsraore, Wm. spirit dealer, 1 Watson's lane 
Directory, Office, (Renfrewshire) G. Fowler, 10 Barclay 

street, Paisley 
Docherty, Toll, victualler, 60 Dalrymple street 
Dodd, John, 69 Nicholson street 
Dodd, M. A. tidewaiter, 69 Nicholson street 
Donald, Jas. keeper of New Dock — ho. 7 Donald's Court 
Donald, John*, baker, 47 Shaw street 
Donald, Mrs. grocer, 52 Cathcart street 
Donald, Peter, victualler and vintner, 8 Shaw street 
Donald's Tavern, board and lodging, 53 Shaw street . 
Donald, William*, agent, 35 Charles street^ — ho. Mourtt 

Pleasant ::.i\i 

Donald, William, spirit dealer, and stabler, {Wheat Sheaf 

Inn) carriers' quarters, 2 Church place 
Donaldson, Andrew clerk. Custom House — house West 

Regent street .wn^uiiil 


Donnelly, Daniel, slater, 7 Smith's lane 

Dougal, Andrew, shipmaster, 22 Sir Michael street 

Dougal, Neil, teacher of music, (Blue Bell Tavern) 1 

Cross-shore street 
Douglas, Malcolm, poulterer, 6 Cathcart st. — house do. 
Douglas, Peter, shoemaker, Stanners street 
Douglas, Robert, cooper, 13 William street 
Douglas, Robert, & Co. spirit dealers, 4i5 Shaw street 
Douglas, Robert, mate, 57 Dalrymple street 
Douglass, John, joiner, 21 Cartsburn street 
Douglass, Michael, nail manufacturer, 28 Shaw street- 
work shop 27 do. 
Douglass, Miss Isabella, 56 Shaw street 
Douglass, Mrs. John, grocer, 21 Shaw street 
Dow, John, saddler, 20 Hamilton street 
Dow, William, surgeon, (Infirmary 11 Innerkip street) — 

house do. 
Dowie, Ebenezer, surgeon & dentist, 3 West Blackhall st.^ 
Downie, Charles, mate, 6 Shannon's cl©se 
Downie, John, keeper Crawfurdsdike Toll bar 
Downie, Mrs. Alex, vintner, 29 Shaw street 
Downie, Mrs.* East Clyde street 

Downie, William, joiner and vintner, 67 Rue-end street? 
Drain, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 8 Hamilton street 
Dripler, Wm. mate, 9 Bogle street 
Drummond, Robert, grocer, 66 Ann street 
Duff, Alexander, spirit dealer, 13 Vennel 
DufF, Archibald, farmer, Largs 

Duff, James*, brass founder and ironmonger, 4' Cathcart 
St. — Foundry, 7 East India Breast^ — ho. View Bank 
DufF, James, farmer, Fencewood 
Duff, John, spirit dealer, 38 Vennel 
Duff, John, vintner, 44 Hamilton street 
Duff, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, l(y Bearhope street 
Duff, Robert, carpenter and grocer, 1 Innerkip street 
Dumbreck, James, tacksman, Crawfurdsdike Toll bar, 

Dumbreck, Mrs. vintner, 8 West Breast 
Dunbar, Mrs. David, dressmaker, 14 Sugarhouse lane 
Duncan, A. shipmaster, 38 Hamilton street 


Duncan, Alexander, skipper, Henry's land, Regent street 

Duncan, Daniel*, 7 West Breast 

Duncan, James, tidewaiter — ho. Innerkip street 

Duncan, John, accountant, Greenock bank — ho. Ann st. 

Duncan, John, skipper, 11 Buccleugh street 

Duncan, Misses, dress and corset makers, S Tobago st. 

Duncan, Mrs. eating house, 5 East Quay lane 

Duncan, Mrs. vintner, 4 East Quay lane 

Duncan, Robert, baker, 11 Hamilton street 

Duncan, Robert, grocer, 43 Cathcart street 

Duncan, Robert, late vintner, 9 Cross shore street 

Duncan Robert, & Co. ship-builders, 26 Rue-end street 

Duncan, Robert— ho. 51 Rue-end street 

Dunlop, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Tobago st. 

Dunlop, Geo. writer, 3 Hamilton st. — ho. 30 Tobago st. 

Dunlop, James*, writer, 17 Cathcart st. — ho. 34 do. 

Dunlop, John*, writer — house Glen Place 

Dunlop, John, ship-master, 30 Sir Michael street 

Dunlop & Liddel, writers, 55 Cathcart street 

Dunn, James, accountant & manager of Gas Work, 15 

Crawfurd street — house 17 do. 
Dunn, Mrs. Robert, teacher, Sugarhouse lane 
Dunn, Rev. Jn. teacher and librarian— ho. 36 Charles st. 
Dwyer, Patrick, King's weigher-^ — ho 4 East Quay lane 
Dyall, James, skipper, Nicholson street 
Dyall, John, hat warehouse, 14 Hamilton street 
Dyall & M'Callum, coopers, 42 Dalrymple street 

EASTON, Mrs.* 75 Nicholson street 
Easton, Robert, shipmaster 45 Dalrymple street 
Easton, William, nailmaker, 45 Dalrymple street 
Eddington, Mrs. 62 Crawfuid street 
Eddington, ^iteuart, mate, 62 Crawfurd street 
Eddington, Thomas, shipmaster, 62 Crawfurd street 
Elder, John, shipmaster, 39 Cathcart street 
Elder, Mrs Wm. provision shop, 38 Cathcart street 
Eider, Robert, boot ani^ shoemaker, I? Westburn street 
English Episcopal Chapel, 104 Union street 
Erskine, Henry, of Stewart, A. & Co.. — ho. High Gou- 
rock road 


Erskine, James, late of Excise, Hillhead, Union street, 

Evret, John, board and lodging house, 58 Shaw street 

Ewing, May, dz Co. merchants, 21 Cathcart street 

Ewing, Miss*, 51 Nelson street 

Ewing, Peter, baker, 51 Shaw street 

Ewing & Reid, merchants and agents, 9 East Breast 

Ewing, Robert*, merchant, 69 Rue-end street — ho. West 

Stewart street 
Ewing, Robert & Co. merchants and general agents, 

Royal close, 69 Rue-end street 

FAIRLI'E, Mrs. John*, 14 Bogle street 

Fairrie, Adam*, sugar refiner — house Virginia street 

Fairrie, James, clerk, 39 Rue-end st. Cartsdike Bridge 

Fairrie, James, and Co. cooperage, Crawfurdsdike 

Fairrie, Mrs. James*, 5 Carnock street 

Fairrie, Thomas*, sugar refiner — ho. East Blackball st. 

Fairrie, James, and Co.* sugar refiners and merchants, 

39 Rue-end street, Cartsdike Bridge 
Farquhar, John*, jun. wine and spirit merchant, 1 Bell 

entry — house Seafield 
Farquhar, John, sen. and Co. grain merchants, wine and 

spirit dealers, 28 Charles street 
Farquhar's Tavern, and public reading rooms, 6? Vennel 
Ferguson, Andrew*, grocer and vintner, Stanners street 
Ferguson, Alex, pensioner, 10 Brougham street 
Ferguson, Archd.* ironmonger, 6 Cathcart street — 

house Ann street 
Ferguson, Daniel, agent for the London, Leith, Edin- 
burgh, and Glasgow shipping Co. (George Inn 
buildings, 6 Shannon's close — ho. Nicholson street 
Ferguson, Duncan, and Co. agents for the Leith and 
Greenock Shipping Co. (Morrison's Court) 42 Cath- 
cart street 
Ferguson, Duncan, agent, (Morison's Court) 42 Cath- 
cart street 
Ferguson, Fergus, locker — ho. 48 Innerkip street 
Ferguson, J. ^^ A. soap and candle manufs. 17 Market st 
Ferguson, John, customer weaver, 48 Innerkip street 
Ferguson, Mrs. John, house, 8 Argyle street 


Ferguson, John, fishery ofRcer — ho 106 Union street 
Ferguson, John, ship chandlery, paint, and grocery store, 

(Bell entry) 4 West Breast 
Ferguson, John, grocer and merchant, 8 Market street 
Ferguson, John, cooper and grocer, 31 Dairy mple street 
Ferguson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Dalrymple st 
Ferguson, John, shipmaster, 7 West Blackhall street 
Ferguson, John, spirit dealer, post and job horses, gigs, 

and carriages, 4 Cathcart square 
Ferguson, Mrs. eating house, 44 Vennel 
Ferguson, Peter, grocer ^nd spirit dealer, ] 1 Shaw st. 
Ferguson, Robert*, farmer, Salmon street 
Ferg'ison, Robert, keeper Ladehead bleaching field, 46 

Innerkip street 
Ferguson, Wm. cabinet and chair maker, 7 Market st. 
Ferguson, W. ^ J. grocers and merchts. 66 Innerkip st. 
Ferguson, Wm, coal mercht & grocer, 53 Dalrymple st. 
Ferguson, William, tailor, 8 Innerkip street 
Fernie & Ilutcheson, slaters, 22 Vennel 
Fernie, Richard, of Fernie and Hutcheson, house East 

Stewart street 
Ferrie, Robert, and Co. coal and lime merchants, Craw- 

Ferrie, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 1 Duncan st, 
Findlay, Alexander M house, 69 Brougham street 
Findlay, Alexander, ship-master, 71 Nicholson street 
Findlay, Mrs. M. house, 69 Brougham street 
Findlay, Mrs. James*, house, 69 Brougham street 
Findlay, Robert, B. & Co- clothiers and hatters, 71 West 

Blackball street (formerly 12 do.) 
Findlay, Robert, merchant, 4 Shannon's close — house 19 

East Quay lane 
Findlay, Robt. of Findlay, R. B. & Co. — ho. 56 Union st. 
Finnic, John, spirit dealer, Crawfurdsdike 
Fish, John & Co, sailmakers^ 7 Donald's Court 
Fish, John, sailmaker, — house Virginia street 
Fish, John, shipmaster, 64 Rue end street 
Fisher, A. C surgeon, assistant to Ninian Hill M.D. 16 

Hamilton street 


Fisher & Lamont's cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 

Union Bank Buildinf^s, 3 Church place 
Fisher, James, of Fisher c^ Lamont — ho. Laird street 
Fisher, Mrs. vintner and lodging house, 3 West Quay 

Fisher, Peter, ship master, Blair's land, Regent street 
Fleming, Archibald, mashraan, 14 Tobago street 
Fleming, Daniel, working jeweller and goldsmith, 13 

William street 
Fleming, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Charles st. 

joiner and glazier, 13 do. 
Fleming, James, joiner, 16 Vennel — ho. 35 Charles st. 
Fleming, John, joiner, 16 Vennel — ho. 66 Ann street 
Fleming, John & James, joiners and glaziers, 16 Vennel 
Fleming, John, portrait and landscape painter, 4 William 

Fleming, Mrs. Crown Inn, 10 West Breast 
Fleming, Mrs. John*, 2H Sir Michael street 
Fletcher, Diigald, tailor, 11 Broad close 
Fletcher, Duncan, gardener, 2 Charles street 
Fletcher, Mrs. Angus, coal agent, 14 Harvie lane 
Fletcher, Mrs. grocer, 10 Broad close 
Fletcher, Mrs. mangier, 76 Ann street 
Forbe.^^, Matthew, tailor, 41 Crawfurd street 
Forrest, Duncan, late boatman, 16 Dairy mple. street 
Forrest, Miss, dress maker, 8 Springkell street 
Forster, Duncan, tailor, 10 William street 
Forster, James*, rope maker, 53 Vennel 
Forster, James, vintner, ajid boatbuilder, Brown's land, 

Forster, Mrs*, vintner, 73, Ann street 
Forsyth, Mrs*. Regent street 
Fraser, gardener, 40 Ann street 

Fraser, John, decorative and general painter, 3 Watt 

Frazer, James, shipmaster, Ladyburn 
Frazer, Misses, sewsters, 64 West Blackball street 
French, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 7 Charles street 
Fullarton, Miss, dressmaker, 10 East Blackhall street 
FuUarton, Mrs Thomas, baker, 74 Vennel 


Fullarton, Williara, skipper, IQ Nicholson street 
Fulton, James*, joiner, 3 Buccleugh st. ho. 22 Tobago st. 
Fulton, Misses, straw hat manufacturers, 17 Cathcart st. 
Fulton, William, hostler, 12 Highland close 
Fyfe, John, ironmonger, ship chandler, decorative and 

general painter, 10 Williapi street, paint store i- 

East Quay lane 
Fyfe, William, mate, 6, Broad close 

GALBRAITH, John, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Open 

shore and 3 Dock Breast 
Galbreath, Archibald, .ship and insurance broker, 

commission agent, &c. 2 West Quay — house 

Innerkip street 
Galbreath, Matthew*, late ship-master, 48 Innerkip st, 
Galbreath, William, measurer, 16 Sir Michael street 
Galle, Edward, ship-master, 24 Hamilton street , 

Gait, Mrs. John*, 48 West BJackhall street 
Gait, Robert, house, 19 West Burn street 
Gardiner, John, sugar sampler, 56 Nicholson street 
Gardner, Mrs. vintner, 2 Kilblain street 
Gardner, Mrs. George*, 17 Sir Michael street 
Gardner, Peter, tailor, 9 William street 
Gardner, Robert, I'e&her, 18 Hamilton street 
Gardner, William, sailmaker, 1 Cowgate street 
Gavin, John, foreman — house Bt. Andrew's street 
Gavin, John, hair dresser, 17-Vennel — house 32 Sugar- 

house lane 
Ga\ in, Samuel, King's Weigher — rhouse 5 West Quay 
Gay, Mrs. grocer, 40 Riie^-end street 
Gemmel, Samuel, writer, 3 Watt place-— ho. Braugham st. 
George, James*, ship-owner. Wood cottage ; 
George, Samuel, ship-master, 28 Charles street 
Gibb, John, clerk, 28, Rue-end street — house Ann street 
Gibb, John, grocer, 57 Dalrymple street 
Gibb, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 6,Vennel 
Gibson, Andrew, ship^master, Mansioa house lane 
Gibson, John, dyer, 3, Kilblain street 
Gibson, Robert, carm^in, Grarit's land Arthur ,s|;reet 
.Gibson, Thomas,; mariner, 2 East Stewart street 



Gilchrist, Duncan, waterman, 11 East Breast 
Gilchrist, James, spirit dealer, 29 Market street 
Gilchrist, Jas. mill wright, M'Gown's land, 8t. James's st. 
Gilchrist, John, accomptant, Glasgow Union Bank, 3 
Church place — house, Hopkin's land. Regent street 
Gilchrist, Jn.wool carder, Brakleston — ho. 80 Innei kip st. 
Gilfoil, Robt. locker, Custom House — ho. 30 Hamilton st. 
Gillespie, John, shoemaker, 1 Ropework street 
Gillies, Donald, slater, 2 Crawfurd street 
Gillies, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 8 Springkell st] 

— house St. Lawrence street 
Gillies, John, Jun. sawyer, 22 Bogle street 
Gilmour, Archibald, spirit dealer and eating house, 3 

East Breast 
Crilmour, Jn. teacher, 34 Sir Michael street — ho. 3 Vennel 
Gilmour, Mrs. vintner and eating house, 2 East Breast 
Gilmour, Rev. Andrew, 1 West Burn street 
Girdwood, Miss, dressmaker. 17 Cross Shore street 
Gird wood, Mrs. vintner, 17 Cross Shore street 
Glass, Robert*, cooper and fish cure r, 20 Charles street 

— house Forsyth street 
Glass, Robert, Jun. cooper and fish curer, 20 Charles st. 

— house West Stewart street 
Glassford & Aitken, candle manufacturer?, 36 Charles st. 
Giassford, David*, writer, 47 Hamilton st. — ho.- Bank st. 
Glassford, J. B. of Glassford & Aitken— hbu'se Forsyth's 

land. West Regent street 
Glen^ George, tidewaiter — house Mansion House 
Glen, Peter, clerk — house Mansion House 
Glen, William, grocer, 29 Vennel 
Gordcn, javnes, mariner, 56 Vennel 
Gordon, Miss, milliner & dressmaker, 4 Nicholson street 
Gordon, Hev. William, 24 West Shaw street 
Gordon, W^illiam, ship-master, 4 Nicholson street 
Gourock Ropework Company's Warehouse, 10 Cross- 
shore street & 8 East Breast, Archd. Bain, manager 
Govan, Andrew, sen. surgeon and druggist, 4 Cross- 
shore street — house M'Gown's land, Crawfursdike 
Gow, James/ tailor, 14 William street 
Gowans, James, excise officer, Beattie's lodgings, Carts- 
burn street 


Graham, David*, joiner, 5 Duncan street 
Graham, Eh'za, straw hat maker, 3 Bearhope street 
Graham, Edward, cabinet and chair maker, 33 Charles st. 
Graham, James, coal merchant, 5 East India Breast — ho. 

Boyd's Plac •, West Blackball street 
Graham, John, ship chandler — house Grej Place 
Graham, John & Co. ship chandlers, 11 West Breast 
Graham, Margaret, tailoress, 3 Bearhope street 
Graham, Mrs. John"^, 8 Grey place 
Gfahame, William, spirit dealer, Arthur street 
Granger, Robert, shipmaster, 7 Union court 
Grant, Lewis, locker — house 41 Grawfurd street 
Grant, Mrs. spirit dealer, 33 Hue-end street 
Gray, Alex, mate, 12 Highland close 
Gray, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 Market street 
Gray, Donald, cooper, 4 Rue-end street 
Gray, John, boot and shoemaker, 1 9 Hamilton street 
Gray, John, carpenter^ 36 Rue end street 
Gray, John K. jun town clerk, 47 Hamilton street — ho. 

J 5 West Stewart street 
Gray, John, mate, 1 Union court 

Gray, John*, merchant, Bogle st.— ho. 1 Ardgowan st. 
Gray, John G* wheel wright Sf turner, 3 Sugarhouse lane 
Gray, Marion, confectioner, II West burn street 
Gray, Miss Mary*, 4 Carnock street 
Gray, Mrs.* Kelly street 

Gray, Robert & Co. ironmongers, 32 Hamilton street 
Gray, Thomas*, Plantation 
Gray, William, ironmonger, 2 William street 
Greenock Advertiser, published Monday and Thursday 

evening at 7 — office, 3 William street 
Greenock Apothecary Hall, 35 Hamilton street 
Greenock Assembly Rooms, 44 Catheart street— John 

Park, keeper ,., 

Greenock Bottle Work Company, Crawfurdsdike 
Greenock Brewery Company, 14 Nicholson street 
Greenock Chain Work Company, late J. & A Ramsay, 
chain cable manufacturers, iron dealers, anchor and 
ship smiths, 37 Dalrymple street and /West Craw- 
fur d streett — Daniel M' Arthur, managers. 


Greenock Coffee Room, 8 Cathcart square — John H. 

Teulon, keeper 
Greenock Distillery Company, l4Toba.i?o street 
Greenock Exchange Coffee Room, 44 Cathcart street — 

John Waliier, keeper 
Greenock Intelligencer, office, -^ Broad close, published 

every Wednesday and Saturday — A. Colquhoun, 

editor •>fS'U;tu;. 

Greenock Rope work, Thomas Ramsay and Co. 3 West 

Quay lane 
(ji-eenock Town and Foreign Libraries, Rev. John Duftn, 

librarian, 36 Charles street 
Greenock Theatre, 2 Mansion House lane, Duncan Shaw, 

proprietor, 5 Cathcart st. John Dale, manager 
Greenshields, James, victualler, 31 Vennel * 

Gregg, John, draper, 8 C.ithcart square — ho. Mearn st* 
Gregor, Miss, house 74 V^est Blackball street 
Greig, Walter, ship-master, 54 Dalrymple street 
Greig, Wm. cooper, 17 Harvie lane- — ho. 29 Vennel 
Greir, Miss C. dressmaker, 17 Shaw street 
Grcive, William, shoemaker, 26 Vennel 
Grey, Chas. portrait & landscape painter^ 17 West Burn st. 
Grierson, Andrew, ship-master, 22 West Blackball street 
Griffiths, Wm. Middle Church officer, 2 William street 
Grouther, James, excise officer, 1 Duncan street- 
Gruer, Jn. cooper ^^ w oden dish maker, cobperage 3 

Market street, and 5-3 Vennel • 

Gunn, T. J. tailor. 2. Vennel r^mij 

Guthrie, Robert, gardener, 28 Ardgowan souare '"^'•" 
Guthrie, Rbt. shoemaker, grocer & spirit dealer, Arthur st. 

IIADDOW, &;Carraichael, wood niereht*. Crawfurdsdike 
HaddoW, John*, wood merchant— ho. Springkell street 
H albert, Miss, boarding school, M earns street 
11 all, Aie:xV ship , master, y^Spririgkell' street " 
Kail, Janet, grocer, Crawfurdsdike 
Hall, 3\irs. grocer, ;30 Cahsb urn street"' '-[f- 
Hall, Mrs virftiier, Lang's land,' vStanners «U^'et 
'Hall, Robert, spnit dealer,' C'ra\vfirrdsdik<S • '-^ 

G%n^WO€K^ 41 

Halliday, Thomas, mariner^ 2 •Watson's lane 
Hamilton, Auld, shipmaster, 61 Rue-end street 
Hamilton, George, superintendant of public works, Ea-^t 

India Quay — house 5 Cross shore street 
Hamilton,. Hugh*, wine merchant, 18- Eas-t Quay lajiie — ■ 

house 24 Crawfurd str,eet 
Hamilton, Jas. keeper. Brougham toll bar,'40;: Brougham st 
Hamilton, A. &. J. cabinet & chair makers, 35 Charles st 
Hamilton, John, carpenter. 45 Dalrymple street 
Hamilton, Robert, grocer, 51 West Stewart street 
Hamilton, Robert, mate,. 10 iVrdgowan street 
Hamilton, Robert, japanner, 55 Cath cart street 
Hamilton, William, shipmaster, 57 Dalrymple s'reet 
Hamlin, John, eating house, 15 Dalrymple street 
Hamlin, Thomas, shipowner, Rue-end street 
Handyside, George*, slater, 31 West Shaw street 
Hardie, Mrs. William, (Burns' Tavern) Lady^barn 
Hardy, Miss, teacher of sewing, 1 Vennel 
Harkens, John, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, S DalryrH- 

ple street 
Harkness, Thomas, spirit dealer, 1-S East Quay lane 
Harris & McDonald, slaters, 42 Shaw street 
Harris, Thomas, (Museum Tavern) preserver of Foreign 

and British quadrupeds, birds, lish, reptiles, insects, 

&c. from the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, 9 Cross 

shore street • . , ; 

Harrop, John, & Co. rice merchants, Greenbank mill^, 

Shaws water ■ 

Harrop, John — house Finnart cottage 
Harrower, Jas. boat man. Custom ho. — ho. Mansion ho. 
Harrop, Robert spirit dealer, 5cJ Vennel 
Hart, Thomas, silk mercer, 2 West, Blackball street 
Hart, \Vm. spirit merchant, 2 Open Shore 
Ilarvey, B. tailor and clothier, 1 Shaw street 
Harvey, John, & Co.. cabinet makers, 2 West Shaw street 
Harvie, Alexander, shipowner, 5 Ardgo wan square 
Harvie, Mrs, grocer, 33 Dalrymple street 
Hatrick, Alexander, spirit dealer, 32 Ann -street 
Hatrick, John, pilot, II Shaw street 
Haugh, Alexander, cutler and gunsmith, 46 Shaw street 

4^ GllfeENOSS:. 

Hay, David, baker, 15 Shaw street 

llyy, John, retailer of soap '{knd candle, 42 Hamilton st. 

Haynes, Samuel, manager at Harrop, John, & Co.'j^ 

Greeubank mills, Shaws Water 
Heramen«, Lieut. Samuel H., R.N., liis Majesty's Agent 

for Emigration, office Excise Buildings, residence 

Mount Park 
Hedderwick, Peter, jun. marine architect, 22 Tobago st. 
Hedderwick, Peter, sen marine architect, 3 Vennel 
Henderson, George, pawn broker, 15 VeBnel--ho«se do. 
Henderson, James, cooper, 22 Chaj el street 
Henderson, James*, Forest's land, East Clyde street, (en- 
try by Patrick street 
Henderson, James, boot and shoemaker, 3 Hamilton st. 
Henderson, John, London boot and shoe warehoi;8e, 4S 

. Cathcart street, house Shaw street 
Henderson, M. grocer, 51 Shaw street 
Henderson, William, spirit dealer and Glasgow carrier, 

1 1 East Breast 
Henderson, William, shipmaster, 21 Bogle street 
Henry, J. & Co. cabinet warehouse, 16 West Burn street 
Henry, James*, sen. joiirer, 50 Innerkip street 
Henry, James, grocer and dealer in coals, 37 Vennel 
Henry, James, R, grocer & spirit dealer, 56 Inncrkip st. 
Henry, John, broker, 65 Vennel 
Henry, .John, tailor, 2 William street 
Jleiir^v^Yilliam*, joiner and grocer, 9 Ann street 
HepBtTrn, George, shipmaster, 99 Union street 
Hercus, Hugh, teller, Renfrewshire Bank — ho. Kiiblain st 
Hercus, John, clerk — house 11 Kiiblain street 
Hercus, Peter, clerk, 17 Nicholson st — ho 11 Kiiblain st 
Heron, David, nautical, optical, and stationery warehouse, 

1 William street 
Pleron, John*, chronometer,^ watch maker, and jeweller, 

1 William st— ho Ramsay's land. West Blackball «t 
Herriot, John, vendue -master, auctioirieer and ■ ap-praiser,. 42 

Cra^Yfurd street ? : 
Hill, DuDcan, surgeon, 8 Shaw street 
Hill, James, skipper," 20 Hamilton street • 
Hill, Matthew*, miller, Greenock corn, flour,, and naalt 

millsj Prince's street— -ho. 30 Vennel 


Hill, Mrs. Andrew*, Seafield 

Hill, Niniaij*', M. D. physician, consulting rooms 16 Ha- 
milton street, ho. 12 K 11 blain street 

Hill, William, (Henry Bell Tavern) 1 West Quay liuie 

Hill, ^yilliam, miller, 9 Tobjigo street 

Hill, William, shipmaster, 20 damilton street 

Hislop, John, printer, bookseller, and stationer, 47 Cath- 
cart street, printing office, 1 Walt Place, liOu«e Bu- 
chanan's land. West Shaw street 

Holboiirn, Adam, engineer, 10 St. iVndrew street 

Hood, John, boot and shoeniaker, 33 Hamilton street, 
house do. 

Hopkins, Misses*, Regent street, west entry Trafalgar st. 

Horn, Catherine, dresser and nian<fler, 14 West Burn st. 

Housley, Joseph, sergeant major, Renfrewshire Yeomanry 
Cavalry, Inaleston 

Houston, Archibald, agent for Anderston bottle work, 19 
East Quay lane — glass and china warehouse, 13 
CathcarJ, street, house 19 East Quay jane 

Houston, INlrs. mangier and dresser, 55 Rue-end street 

Houston, Robert, carter, 2 1 Charles street 

Houston, Robert, carter and carman, 2 Laird street 

Houston, Robert, & Son, dyers, 24 Sugarhouse lane, 
woollen ma.nufactory, 4 Shaws' Water 

Houston, Robert*, sen. dyer, 24 Sugarhouse lane, ho. do. 

Houston, Robert, jun. manufacturer, 24 Sugarhouse lane 
— bouse 3 Crawfurd street 

Houston, \Ym. of Houston, Robert, & Son, ho. 10 East 
Blackhall street 

Houston, Wm. manufacturer, 24 Sugarhouse lane, hoKse 
Deer Park 

Howieson, Wm. tidewaiter, house Tobago street 

Hoyle, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Cross shore 
street, and 14 Charles street, ho 56 Shaw street 

Hughes, Miss, house 4 Boyd street 

Huie & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 60 Vennel 

Huie, Mrs. Robert*, house 62 Ann street 

Huieson, Wm tidewg.iter, 31 Tobago street ;, 

Hume, Miss, straw'hat maker, 8 Innerkip strqet 

Hunter, Andrew*, of Hunter, John, & Co. house West 
Blackhall street 


HuijUm-, Andrew, boot and sboeinaker, 68 Ann street. 

Hunter, Archiltald, baker, 51 Catbcart street 

Hunter, Georg-e, gardener and frnit shop, 57 Shaw street 

Hunter, Gilbert, pastry baker, 17 V^ennel 

Hunter, James, customer weaver, 17 Vennel 

Hunter, James*, merchant and ship-owner, residence 

Hafton House, Argyllshire 
Hunter, Jas & Co. mercliants & shipowners, 38 Shaw st 
Hunter, John*, agent, J West Quay, house VV^st Black- 
hall street 
Hunter, John, & Co. agents, 1 West Quay 
Hunter, Jn. manager, M'Nabb & Co.'s ropework. Regent st 
Hunter, John*, house 73 Nichol>:on street 
Hunter, Miss, dress maker, 3 Ann street 
Hunter, Joseph, eating house and vintner, 2 Lindsay's lane 
Hunter, JNIrs. Hugh*, View Bank, Wellington street 
Hunter, Mrs. grocer, Crawfurdsdike 
Hunter, Mrs. keeper of Excise office, Excise buildings 
Hunter, Oughterson, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 39 

Cathcart street 
Hunter, Thomas, (Star Tavern) 3 Broad clos3 
Hunter, Thomas, of M'Naught, Hunter, & Co., house 

View Bank, Wellington street 
Hunter, Wm. baker, 14 Hamilton street 
Hunter, Wra. ropemaker, Leitch & Co.'s works, Regent st 
Hutcheson & Co. confectioners, 15 Hamilton street 
Hutcheson, Jas, of Fernie & Hutcheson, ho. 29 Vennel 
Hutcheson, John, clerk, ho. 41 Dalrymple street 
Hutcheson, John, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, Ander- 
son's land, Crawfurdsdike 
Hutcheson, Thomas, skipper, 1 Bearhope street 
Hutcheson, Walter, assessor, Springhill, (head of Ann st) 
Hutchison, John, clerk, 41 Dalrymple street 
Hutton, Hugh, & Co. sugar refiners, Roxburgh street 
Hutton, Hugh*, Brazilian Consulate, Roxburgh street, 

house Rosehill 
Hutton, Joseph, merchant, ho. 79 Brougham street 
Hutton, Joseph, & Co. merchants, 2 West Quay 
Hutton, Mrs. Burns' Tavern, 45 Hamilton street 
Hutton, Mrs. mangier, 23 Tobago street 


liuttoD, Robert, merchant, ho. Broiigbara street 
Hyndman, Joseph, shipmaster, 45 Dalrymple street 

IMRIE, David, & Co. Economical Victualling Bazaar, 

Arthur street 
Inglis, A. foreman, at Fairrie, Jas. & Co.*s Crawfnnlsdike 
luglis, Andrew*, writer, 3 Hamiiton street, house West 

►^tcwart street 
In^-lis, James, writer, 7 Ijongwell close, bo 55 Cathcart st 
jnirlis, John, ship master, 1 Harvie lane 
Innes, John, land waiter, house Clarence street 
Innes, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Ea,st Quay lane 
Innes, Peter, teacher, 5 Sir iMichael street 
Intelligencer, Greenock, published every Wednesday and 

Saturday, oiiice 3 Broad close, 
Irvin, Mrs. grocer, 28 Market street 
Irvine, James, carver and gilder, 50 Cathcart street 
Irving, Mrs. John*, Regent street 

JACKSON, John spirit dealer, Arthur street 
Jamieson, George, shoemaker, 24 Tobago street 
Jamieson, James, merchant,, ship owner, general agent,. 

and dealer in copper, 1 Custom House Place — ho. 

Brougham street 
Jamieson, J ohn, w^iolesale & retail grocer, 38 Hamilton st 
Jamieson, John, surgeon and druggist, 38 Rue-end street^ 
Jamieson, John, victualler, 13 Vennel 
Jamieson, Jolin, wine and spirit dealer, 5 West Quay lane 
Jamieson, Robert, merchant, cooper, and fish curer, 21 

Bogle street, house 99 Union street 
Jamieson, Fvbbert, gardener,- J William st. ho S;dmon st- 
Jamieson, Thos. & Co. joiners & glaziers, 7 Sir Michael 

Jamieson, Thomas, vintner, 8 West Blackball street 
Jamieson, William, gardener, Belville place , ' , 
Jamieson, Wiiliara, vintner, 45 Rue-end street 
Jamieson, William, vintner, 5 York street. 
J arden, Joseph, spirit dealer, 3U TobagCK street 
.Jardine, John, wood turner, 7 Market street 
Jenkin, Thomas, mate, 5 Wo-st Quay lane 


Jervis, David, clerk, 12 East Stewart street 
Je-ssinian, Alexander, agent, 7 West Stewart street 
Jessamine, Miss J. milliner, 7 Hamilton street 
Johnston, A. & \V. engineers, founders and smiths, Eagle 
Foundry, and iron work, Shaws water, house low 
Gourock Road 
Johnston, Archd. boot and shoe shop, 56 Dalrymple st. 
Johnston, Archd. gardener, 22 Tobago street 
Johnston, John, hair dresser, 10 Shaw street 
Johnston, John, lithographic printer, 46* Hamilton street 
Johnston, John, plasterer, 4 Nicholson street 
Johnston, John, wateriiian, 5S Shaw street 
Johnston, Kerr, Itookseller and stationer, 4f) Hamilton st. 
Johnston, Miss, drjss and corset maker, 22 Tobao-o street 
Johnston, Misses*, Ardgowan street 
Johnston, Misses*, Kelly street 
Johnston, Mrs. Adam*, Sea bank, Johnston street 
Johnston, Mrs. George, spirit dealer, 31 Dalrymple st, 
Johnston, Mrs. Jas. grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Ann st. 
Johnston, Mrs. John, grocer, 4 Smith's lane 
Johnston, Mrs. M, spirit dealer, 44 Dalrymple street 
Johnston, VYm.* merchant. 74, VVest Blackball street, ho. 

Finnart, Forsyth street 
Johnston, Wm. & Son, typographic printers, 46 Hamil- 
ton street, house Laird street 
Johnston, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Market st. 

and smith, 4 Donald's court 
Johnston, William, smith 7 Dock Breast 
Johnston, William, jun. writer, 46 Hamilton street, ho„ 

M'Kellar's place, Union street 
Jones, Thomas, teacher, 25 West Shaw street 
Jump, William, shipmaster, 17 Cathoart street 

KAIN", Peter, shoemaker, 44 Vennel 

Kay, Mrs. grocer, 31 Shaw street 

Kayser, John, C* merchant, 4 Sugarhouse lane — house 5 

Brisbane street 
Keith, Malcolm, merchant tailor, ti Cathcart street 
Keith, Mrs. Duncan, vintnor, 3 Market streH 
Kelly, Anthony, spirit dea'er, li New Dock lanQ 



Kelly, Mrs. house 31 x\nn street 

Kelly, Peter, miller, Bakers' Mill, Baker street 

Kelly, William, grocer, 12 William street — ho. Ann st, 

Kelso, John, provision warehouse, 44 Shaw street 

Kelso, Matthew and Daniel, coopers and fish curers, 24 

Shaw street, and Dock Breast 
Kelso, William*, ropemaker, 55 Vennel 
Kennedy, Alexander, miller, corn, flour, and barley mills, 

Cartsburn street 
Kennedy, Daniel, broker, 10 Dalrymple street 
Kennedy, Daniel, harbour master, 4 Tobago street 
Kennedy David, cabinet maker, Kennedy's brae 
Kennedy, James, parish officer, 25 Market street 
Kennedy, James, town bellman, 32 Bearho])e street 
Kennedy, Mrs. grocer, 10 Shaw street (West) 
Ker, Alan, & Co., agents, 4 West Quay 
Ker, John*, agent, 4 West Quay — house 1 Grey place 
Ker, Mrs. John*, 37 West Stewart street 
Ker, R. D.* merchant — house Finiiart 
Kerr, Alexander, Regent street (West) 
Kerr, Alex.* wine and spirit merchant, 52 Dalrymple st. 

ho. 28 Charles street 
Kerr, Edward, hair-dresser, 4 Hamilton street 
Kerr, Francis, broker and shoemaker, 10 Taylor's close 
Kerr, George, and Son, merchants and ship-owners, 12 

West Breast 
Kerr & Inglis, writers, 3 Hamilton street 
Kerr, James, jun.* bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 

10 Hamilton street 
Kerr, James, sen. bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 22 

Hamilton street 
Kerr, James, silk mercer and draper, 35 Hamilton street 

— house Union street 
Kerr, John, jun. wine and spirit mercht. 54 Dalrymple st. 
Kerr, John, lathe splitter (Kerr's x\rms Inn) 3 Charles st. 
Kerr, Jn. mercht. 12 \Vest Breast — ho. 14 Brougham st. 
Kerr, John, pilot, 32 Bearhope street 
Kerr, .John, shipmaster, 21 Bogle street 
Kerr, John, spirit dealer, 8 Ann street 
Kerr, John, tidewater — ho. Market street 


Kerr, John, wine and spirit cellar, 9 Cathcart street, and 

1 Cross-shore street 
Kerrs and M' Bride, Newfoundland raercliants, 12 West 

Kerr, Mary, eating house, 8 Cross-shore street 
Kerr, M'Ss, dressmaker, 6 Long^vell close 
Kerr, Miss, 68 Union street 
Kerr, Miss, manuf. of hive water, 7 Union Court 
Kerr, Mrs. James, 49 West Stewart street 
Kerr, Robert*, 12 West Breast — ho. 8 Grey place 
Kerr, Robert, ship-master, 1 West Quay lane 
Kerr, Robert, ship-master. Regent street 
Kerr, S, S. teacher, 2 Rue-end street 
Kerr, William*, wholesale victualler, 1 1 Hamilton street 
Kerr, Wm.* writer, ^^ Hamilton street — ho. Kilblain st. 
Killocli, William, carman, Grant's laad, Arthur street 
Kincaid, Daniel, post-boy, 11 Highland close 
King, John, xM.D. physician and police surgeon, 2 West 

Blackhall stie3t — house Sugarhouse lane 
King, John, s])irit iealer, 3 Charles street 
Kin"-, John, vintner, 30 Hamilton street- house 42 do. 
K^inloch, Archd. boot and shoemaker, 5 Hamilton street ' 
Kinen, Mrs. dressmaker, 8 Cross-shore street 
Kinon, Mrs.* 3 Union street 
Kippen, James*, merchant, 36 Cathcart street — house 78 

Brougbaiu street 
Kippen, J as. S;- Co. wine & spirit cellars, 36 Cathcart st. 

Kippen & Lindsay, merchants and general agents, 36 = 

Cathcart street— cooperage. Chapel street 
Kippen, Miss Mary, 5 George sqiiare , 

Kippen, Mrs. George*, Southhill 
Kipson, Mrs. house 3 Captain street 
Kirkhope, Geo. boot and shoemaker, 11 Cathcart street 
Kirkwood, Elizabeth*, Crawfurdsdike 
Kirkwood, James, spirit dealer, 11 Vennel 
Knox, .Alexander', baker, Cobleck's land, Crawfurdsdike 
Kuhll. Nicholas*, general agent, 3 William street— house 

15 Cathcart street 


LAIDLAY, iVilliara, auctioneer, appraiser, and account- 
ant, 9 Charles street 

Laini^, Andrew, bookseller and stationer. Chart and 
Nautical Instrument warehouse, 54 Cathcart street, 
binding shop, 14 William street — house do. 

Laing, Mrs. 14 William street 

Laird, Archibald*, carman, 24 Vennel 

Laird, Alex. & Sons, ship])ing and general agents, vSteam 
Boat Quay — house Forrest's land, Laird street 

Laird, Janies, ship- master, 6 Union court 

Laird, John*, vintner, 41 Innerkip street 

Laird, Matthew*, carter, 20 Tobago street 

Laird, Walter, collector of anchorage and shore dues, 
Steam Boat Quay — ho. Forrest's land, Laird street 

Lamb, Thos * of Buchanan & Lamb — ho. Trafalgar st. 

Lamont, Colin, jun. cashier, Glasgow Union Bank — 
Union Bank Buildings, 3 Church place — ho, do. 

Lamont, Colin, late teacher of mathematics, Roxburgh st. 

Liimont, Duncan, spirit dealer, 6 Rue-end street 

Lamont, Donald, porter, 1 Union Court 

Lamont, James*, house 6 Crawfurd street 

Lamont, James, of Fisher & Lamont, 2 William street 

Lamont, John, jun. merchant, 1 West Quay 

Lamont, Miss, straw hat maker, 18 Innerkip street 

Lamont, Mrs. Commercial Tavern, 10 E ist Quay lane 

Lamont, Mrs. Walter, pastry baker, 41 Shaw street 

Lamont, Neil, tailor, 1 Taylor's close 

Lang, Alexander, carman, 1 Carnock street 

Lang, Alexander, draper, 48 Cathcart street 

Lang, James, carman and spirit dealer, 36 Shaw street 

Long, James, manager of M'Nabb &; Company's flax mill 
— ho. Regent street, (enter by Mansion house lane 

Lang, John, builder — ho. 5 West Burn street 

Lang, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Dalrymple street 

I>ang, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 Rue-end street 

Lang, M rs. grocer, 22 Tobago street 

Lang, Nicholas, foreman, 22 West Burn street — house 
West Blackball street 

Lang, Robert, clothier and draper, 46 and 47 Hamilton 
street — house West Stewart street 



Lang, Tliomas*, merchant, house 7 Grey place 
Lang, Thomas*, merchant, house Nicholson street 
Lang, Thomas & Co.* thuber merchants, 18 and 20 Rope- 
work street 
Langlands, Mrs. grocer, 45 Vennel 
Langwill, x\rchibald, landwaiter, house Orangefield 
Latta, Robert, tidewaiter, house 1 Clarence street 
Law, Archibald, shoemaker, 2 Crawford street 
Lawrie, Alexander^ teacher, J 9 Bogle street 
Lawri«, Neil, grocer & foreman, 10 Bearhope street 
Lawson, John, ship-master, 2 St. Andrew's street 
Lay, Kenneth, house 52 West Stewart street 
I.eckie, Robert, agent, 18 East Quay lane, ho. Wilson's 

land. Regent street 
Leidenroth, John, sugar boiler, BO Rue-end street 
Leidenroth, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, Crawfurdsdike 
Leitch, Alex, skipper. Regent street 

Leitch, Cameron & Co., house, ship, and decorative pain- 
ters, 10 West Breast 
Leitch, Colin, clerk, at James Little, & Co. house West 

Blackhall street 
Leitch, Colin, river pilot, 56 Dalrymple street 
Leitch, Daniel, carpenter and vintner, 16 Dalrymple st. 
Leitch, Duncan, grocer, 58 Dalrymple street 
Leitch, Duncan, ship-master, Regent street (West) 
Leitch, James, skipper, 88 Vennel 
Leitch, James*, merchant, house Margaret street 
Leitch, James*, mercht. 73 Nicholson st,, bo. Fox street 
Leitch, John, painter, 10 West Breast, ho. Regent street 
Leitch, John*, ship-master, 8 Ardgowan square 
Leitch, John, ship-master, 30 Hamilton street 
Leitch, Miss, dressmaker, 18 Shaw street 
Leitch, Miss, 66 Nelson street 
Leitch, Miss*, 73 Nicholson street 
Leitch, Mrs, Duncan*, Cowdenknowes 
Leitch, Mrs. house 74 West Blackhall street 
Leitch., Mrs. John*, spirit dealer., 39 Sir Michael street 
Leitch, Mrs. Robert, 76 Brougham street 
Leitch, Neil, collector's clerk, custom house, house Rox- 
burgh street 


Leitch, Quintin, and Co. rope merchants, 11 West Breast 
Leitch, Quintin and James, ship owners, wine and spirit 

merchants, 73 Nicholson street 
Leitch, Wni. T. salesman at Mr Ferguson's, 4 West Breast, 
Leitch, Wm.* merchant, ho. Madeira Lodge, Union st. 
Leitch, William, and Co.* sugar refiners, 4 Clarence st.. 
Lennie, George, spirit dealer, 16 Ann street 
Lennox, Miss, straw hat maker, Arthur street 
Lethem Robert, tidewaiter, 27 Sir Michael street 
Licht, J. H. spirit dealer, Hamilton street (east) 
Liddell, William, writer, house Sugarhouse lane 
Likly, James*, late merchant, ho. 10 East Blackhall st. 
Lindsay, Andrew, of M'Fie, Lindsay, & Co., ho.. Allan's 

land,. Shaw place 
Lindsay & Grahatn, dyewood mill, Cartsburn OfHce, 1 i 

West Breast 
Lindsay, Luke*, watchmaker and jeweller, 46 Hamilton 

street, house Mount View 
Lindsay, Robert, Royal close, 69 Rue-end street 
Lindsay, W. A. merchant, 30. Cathcart street, house 22 

Sir Michael street 
Lindsay, William*, sen. 22 Sir Michael street 
Little, James*, agent and American Consulate, 2 West 

Quay, ho. Trafalgar street 
Little, James &; Co. agents, 2 West Quay 
Livingston, D. agent for Alex.. M^Leod, leather merchant, 

69 Dalrymple street 
Livingston, John, gardener 46 Vennel 
Livingston, Misses, dressmakers, 1 Duncan street 
Livingston, Mrs. Andrew, 1 Duncan street 
Livingston, Ronald, glass and china merchant 3 Cathcart 

street, house Watt's place 
Livingstone,. John, carpenter, 45 Dalrymple street 
Logan, George, clerk, 38 Shaw street 
Logan, Miss, dressmaker, 3 West Shaw street 
Logan, Mrs. Thomas, Margaret street 
Logan, Ralph*, postmaster, 1 Church Place, house Rox- 
burgh street 
Logan, William, clothier, Crawfurdsdike 
Logan, William,, spirit dealer, 3 Shaw street 


L-oudon boot and shoe warehouse, John Henderscn, 48 

Cathcart street, house Shaw street 
Longwill, Robert, copper and tinsmith, 5 Hamilton street 
Loudon, James, ship-master, 73 Nicholson street 
Louchrin, John, broiler, 8 Cross shore street 
Lrouthear, George, mate, 7 VYest Breast 
Love, John, session clerk, (East Parish) East Quay lane 
Love, Miss, milliner & dressmaker, 76 West Blackball st. 
Love, Robert, customary weaver, 39 Vennel 
Lowrle, John, cooper and mariner, 10 East Quay lane 
Liimsden, Janet, mangier, 61 ^nnerkip street 
Lu^k, Andrew, grocer, 32 Hamilton street 
Lusk, Charles*", cartwright, 31 Cartsburn street 
Litsk, John, pasteboard manuf. 7 East Breast 
Lusk & M'lntyre, rag and paper merchant, 5 New Dock 

lane, R. B. wholesal© stationer, 7 East Breast, house 

Sir Michael street 
T^n«k, Robert*, insuraiice broker, Sir Michael street 
Lyle, Abrau.*, cooper, house 00 Nicholson street 
Lyle, Alirain, & Son, coopers, 00 Nicholson street 
Lyle, Charles, cooper, 00 Nicholson street, ho. do. 
Lyle, Gideon, cooper, VVestburn street 
Lyle, John, teacher, 37 Hamilton street 
Lyle, Robert, siiperiritendent of town police establishment 

— bouse 9 VVest Stewart street 
Lyle, Rev. Alexander, house 1 Union street 
liyon, Andrew, grocer, 22 West Shaw street 
Lyon, Andrew, skipper, 19 East Quay lane 
Lyon, David*, carman, St. James street 
L^^on, Hugh, grocer and japanner, 19 Tobago street 
Lyon, John, spirit dealer, 21 Carlsburn street 
Lyon, John, spirit dealer, 2 Ropework street 
Lyon, Malcolm, teacher of Navigation, &c. 5 Viiginia st. 
Lvon, Robert, ship-master, 31 Shaw street 
Lyon, Robert, cooper, and coal merchant, 9 Manse lane 

MACKIE, James, MD physician, 43 Hamilton streot, 

house Jamaica street 
Mackie, Mrs. Jarae:s*, 1 Cross-shore street 


Mackie, Mrs. Jamaica street 

Mackie, William*, cooper & fish curer, 10 West Black- 
hall street, house West Stewart street 
Main, David, King's weigher, ho. 28 West Stewart street 
Main, Hugh, ship-master, 3 Nicholson street 
Main, Robert, ship-master, Regent street (West) 
Main, mate, 8 Sir Michael street 

Malcolm^ Alexander & Co. coopers, 3 West Shaw street 
Malcolm, John, sausage and fruit shop, 29 Hamilton ?t. 
Malcolm, Walter, manager, 3 West Shaw street 
Manderson, Miss, teacher,. 2 East Stewart street 
Manson, Miss, teacher, 71 Ann street 
Manticha, Joseph, carver, gilder, and looking glass man u-- 

facturer, 47 Cathcart street 
Marquis, John, carpenter, 45 Dalrymple street 
Marquis, John, carpenter, 29 Market street 
Marquis, John*, jun. merchant, 33 Cathcart street, house 

West Stewart street 
Marquis, John*, late ship-owner, 9 W^est Stewart street 
Marshall, Broadfoot & Co. cabinet and chair makers, 2 

Harvie lane 
Marshall, Claud,- sheriff-substitute, 9 St. Andrew square 
Marshall, James, ship-master, 19 East Quay lane 
Marshall, John, ropemaker, 6 Duncan street 
Marshall, Wm.* skinner and tanner, Ladj-burn, Port-- 

Glasfjow road 
Martin, Archibald, vintner, Orawfurdsdike- 
Martin, Mrs: vintner, Williamson's land, Crawfurdsdike 
Martin, John, merchant and agent,: Excise Buildings, ho. 

Mount Pleasant 
Martin, Mrs. Daniel, ho. Mount Park, Roxburgh street 
Martin and Co. merchts. and ship-owners, 4 William st. 
Martin, Rev. Richard, house Kelly street 
Martin, Wm. late ship-master, Forrest's land, East Clyde 

street (entry by Patrick street) 
Mathie, Robert, spirit dealer, 12 Market street 
Maughan, Miss Eliza, 12 Brougham street 
Maxton, Peter*, late ship-master, 10 Patrick street . 
Mechanics reading and news-room, 36 Hamilton street' 

E 3 


Melville, David*, fish and oil stores, Melville Court, J7 

Hamilton street, ho. do. 
Melrose, George, architect, Lady-hum 
Melrose, John, cooper, West Burn street 
Mennons, John*, newspaper and general printing office, 3 

William street, house 2 Grey place 
Menzies, x\lex. of Rayside, Sf Co. house 5 Rue-end street 
MenzieSjJn. working silversmith & jeweller, 3 Hamilton st. 
Menzies, John, teacher of English, M'Gregor's land, 

Arthur street 
Menzies, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 5 Market street 
Menzies, Rev. William, house 3 Bogle street 
Menzies, William, cooper, 3 Manse lane 
Miller, Andrew, haker, 6 Market street ' 
Miller, Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 7 East Quay lane 
ftiiller, Archibald, boot and shoemaker, 9 William street 
Miller, Capt. James, 5(^ Brougham street 
Miller, Hugh, mariner, 11 Hamilton street 
Miller, James, gardener, 18 Ann street 
Miller, John & Co. general agents, 5 West Quay 
Miller, John, fishery officer, M'Kellar's place, 49 Union st. 
Miller, John, late ship-master, 42 Crawfurd street 
Miller, John, mercht. 5 West Quay, ho. George square 
Miller, John, ship-master, Regent street (East) 
ISIiller, John, ship-master. Regent street (West) 
Miller, John, ship-master, 25 Jamaica street 
Miller, Miss, 5 George square 
Miller, Robert, vintner, 29 Hamilton street 
Miller, William, haker, 53 Dalrymple street 
Miller, William, ship-master, Roxburgh street 
Milne, Hugh, mason, 34 West Shaw street 
Mitchell, Andrew, spirit dealer, 6 East Breast 
Mitchell, Hugh*, lime and coal merchant, Crawfurdsdike 
Mitchell, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 9 Shaw street 
Mitchell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, McDonald's land,. 

Moffiit, A. & J. slaters, Tobago st. and 42 Cathcart st. 
Moffat, David, founder, 21 Cartsburn street 
Moffat, Jame?, G. furnishing shop, 42 Cathcart street 
Mohrman, Joseph, sugar boiler, 7 Bogle street, house do. 


MoUoy, James, grocer, 65 Dalryraple street 

Monachan Peter, broker, 6 Taylor's close 

Montgomery, .John, town crier, 2 Hamilton street 

Moody, Mary, vintner, Crawfurdsdike 

Moody, Miss, 7 Grey place 

Moody, Miss, Helen*, 8 Catlicart street 

Moody, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, Crawfurdsdike 

Moore, John, & Sons, wrights and joiners, 3 Mansion 

House lane 
Moore, Mrs. silk and woollen dyer, 28 Cartsbiirn street 
Moore, W. H. music seller and teacher, (West Bridge) 

25 Hamilton street 
More, Andrew, joiner and glazier, 3 Bearhope street 
More, John, joiner, 4 Cross shore street, house Maiisioa 

House lane 
More, Misses, dress and straw hat makers, 3 Bearhope st. 
Morren, Rev, Nathaniel, Forrest's land, East Clyde street 

(entry by Patrick street) 
Mories, John, clerk, 36 Rue-end street 
Mories, Misses, milliners, dress and straw hat makers, 29 

Cartsburn street 
Morison & Co. joiners and blockmakers, 24 Shaw street 

and 5 Dock Breast 
Morris, David, shijuiiaster, 30 Tobago street 
Morris, James, shipmaster, Trafalgar street 
^lorris, Peter, clerk, 33 Rue-end street 
Morris, Robert, White Horse Inn, and carriers' quarters, 

33 Market street 
Morris, William, clerk, Crawfurdsdike 
Morrison, Archibald, tailor, 3 Market street 
Morrison, Buchanan, comptroller of accounts and jerquer, 

Custom house, ho. 74 West Blackball street 
Morrison, D. clerk, 13 Hamilton street 
Morrison James, porter. Regent street (West) 
Morrison, Jn., bookbinder & paper ruler, 46 Hamilton st. 
Morrison, John, boot and shoemaker, 58 Dalrymple st. 
Morrison, John*, grocer, 21 West Shaw street 
Morrison, Malcom, joiner, house, 28 Shaw street 
Morrison, Miss, milliner & dress maker, 26 Sir Michael st, 
Morrison, Peter, shoemaker, 74 Ann street 


Morrison, William, shipmaster, 14 Bogle street 

Morrison, William, tailor and clothier, 3 Cathcart square 

Mosscrip, Geo. steward, St. James street 

Mosscrip, Rev. George,- house St. James street 

IMuir, Crawfiird*, writer, Longwell close, 7 Cathcart st. 

house East Blackhall street 
Muir, George, grocer, 2 Shaw street 
Muir, J. & A.* merchants, silk mercers aud haber- 
dashers, 5 William st., ho. Rosehank, Forsyth st. 
Muir, James and iVndrew, straw hat manufacturers, 10 

William st. & wholesale and retail hatmanufs. 12 do,- 
Muir, John J baker, 10 William street 
Muir, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Cartside Cottage,. 

Arthur street 
Muir, Miss, dressmaker, 71 Nicholson street 
Muir, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 11 Tobago street 
Muir, Robert, general inspector of the fisheries of West 

Coast, house Kelly street 
Muir, Robert, manager, Crawfurdsdike Foundry, ho. do. 
Muir, Robert*, at Wm. Scott & Co. 5 West Quay lane 
Muir, Thomas, carpenter, 36 Rue-end street 
Munn, Hugh, ship-master, 20 Hamilton street 
Munn, Neil, mate, 1 Union Court 
Munro, A. M,D. Greenock medical hall,, 15 Cathcart st. 

house 64 Rue-end street 
Munro, Andrew, general agent and insurance broker, 5 

West Quay, house 24 Nicholson street 
Munro, Andrew, sen. house 15 Nicholson street 
Munro, Daniel, ship-master, 1 1 Bearhope street 
Munro, David, accountant, 45 Nicholson street 
Munro, James, coal merchant, 22 Charles street, house 22' 

Sir Michael street 
Munro, John*, teacher, session clerk and kirk treasurer 

of the Old Parish, house Regent street (West) 
Munro, Neil, boot and shoemaker, 4 Duncan street 
Murchie, Mrs.* 1 West Stewart street CT 

Murdoch, Duncan, tanner, 6 Harvie lane, ho. Tobago st 
Murdoch, Wm.* merchant, Shaw place (entry Bank st) 
Murdoch, William, excise officer, house Ladyburn 
Muriess and Clarke, ship and boat builders, 7 Ropework st. 


^lurphy, Humphry, provision store, 45 Siiaw street 
Murphy, John, vintner, 08 Vennel 

Murphy, Miss C. stay & corset maker, 4 East Quay lane 
Murray, C. & (t. general agents. Excise Buildings, house 

West Blackhall street 
Murray, James, broker, 67 Vennel 
Murray, James, carter, 6 East Quay lane 
Murray, Peter, teacher, 9 Westhshaw st., ho. Bearhopeat. 
Murray, Thomas, provision store, 4 Dock Breast 
JMurray, Thomas, tidewaiter, ho. 5 Dellingburn street 

M'ALESTER, Calhren, grocer, 74 Ann street 
M'Alister, Alexander, grocer, 7 Kilblain street 
j^l'Alister, A. & Son, plain and ornamental house paint- 
ers and paper hangers, 34 Hamilton street — ho. 76 
Ann street 
M'Alister. James, hair^dresser, perukemaker, and per- 
fumer, 22 Hamilton street 
M'Alister, John, baker, 59 Dalryniple street 
M'Alister, John, general grocer, 5^ Dalrymple street 
M 'Alpine, Duncan, shipmaster, Regent street (West) 
M'Alpine, John, permit writer, Excise buildings 
M'Alpin, Misses, Stevrart's land, West Shaw street 
M*Ara, Renton, tailor, 50 Cathcart street 
M'Arthur, Archibald, skipper, 3 East Breast 
M 'Arthur, Archd. spirit dealer, 3 East Bieast 
M'Arthur, Brothers, & Co. provision store, 19 Hamilton 

M'Arthur, Daniel, manager of the Greenock chain work, 
37 Dalrymple St. — ho. Wilson's land, Roxburgh st, 
M'Arthur, Duncan, mate, 3 Bearhope street 
M'Arthur, Hugh, rigger, 6 Manse lane 
M'Arthur, James, wheel wright, 32 Market st. 
M'Arthur, John, baker, 7 Cartsburn street 
M'Arthur, John, porter, Renfrewshire Bank — ho. do. 
M'Arthur, Miss*, house Margaret street 
M'Arthur, Mrs. 3 Union street 
M'Arthur, Mrs. Alex.* 4 Brougham street 
M'-trthur, Peter, skipper, ib West Blackliall st. 


IVT'Aulay, Archd. shipmaster. Sir Michael street 
M'Aulay, James*, wholesale and retail cooper and wood- 
M^Aulay, Miss, Elizabeth, 75 Nicholson st. 

en dish maker, 7 Hamilton street 
M'Auley, John, merchant — house Rue-end street 
M'Auley, John, retailer of ales, 2 Buccleuch street 
M'Auley, John & Thos. merchants, 5 East India Breast 
M*Auley> Mattw. locker, 6^ Rue-end st. ho. Union court 
M^Auley, Misses, leghorn and straw hat makers, 7 Union 

M'Auley, Mrs — house 20 Blackhall street 
M'Auley, Peter, late tidewaiter, 58 Shaw street 
M'Ausland, Archd * customer weaver, 62 Nicholson st. 
M'Ausland, David, currier, 6 Harvie lane 
M'Ausland, George, shipmaster, 43 West Stewart St. 
M'Auslan, John, hair dresser, 15 Market street 
M'Bean, Rev. Angus, 4 Union street 
M'Beath, Jas. Excise officer, Boyd's place, West Black- 
hall street 
M'Brearty, James, vintner, 61 Dalrymple street 
M 'Call, Alex, shipmaster, 14 Bogle street 
M'Call, Rev. William, 10 Brougham street 
M'Callum, Alex, merchant — ho. 50 Nicholson st. 
M*Callum, Alex. & Co. ship owners and sugar refiners, 

22 Sugarhouse lane 
M'Callum, Daniel, hair-dresser, 68 Vennel 
M'Callum, D. cooper and mariner, 30 Sugarhouse lane 
M'Callum, Duncan, musician, 7 Hamilton street 
M'Callum, James, farmer and spirit dealer, Drumfocher 
M'Callum, Mrs. D. washer and dresser, 3 Longwell close 
M'Callum, Neil, carpenter and mariner, 1 Vennel 
M'Callum, Neil, spirit dealer, 19 East Quay lane 
M'Callum, Peter*, hardware merchant, 56 Shaw st. — ho. 

Springkeil street 
M'Callum, Peter, iron merchant and nailer, 31 Cartsburn 

M'Callum, Peter, mate, 3 Open shore 
M'Caskill, Kenneth, locker of stores (No. 19, 20, 22, Sf 

23,) Rue-end street — ho. 4 West Shaw street 
M'Chrystal, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 5 York street 


M'CIure, Wm. sheriff clerk depute, County buildings, S 
Bank st. — ho. Forrest's land, West Blackhall street 
M'Connochy, Duncan, baker, 21 Vennel 
M'Conochie, Archd. coal merchant, 5 Custom house 

place — ho. 3 Open shore 
M'Conochie, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Vennel^ 
M'Connell, Miss, dressmaker, 22 Tobago street 
M*ConnelI, Wm. shoemaker^ 11 Cowgate street 
M'Cormick, Alex.* wine and spirit merchant, 43 Shaw 

street — house 55 Dalrymple street 
M'Cormick, Daniel, ship master, 4 Tobago street 
M'Corraick, Donald, shoemaker, 33 Charles street 
M'Cormick, Mrs. retailer of stoneware, 65Vennel 
M'Corquindal, Gabriel, pilot, 11 Market street 
M'Corquodale, Allan, carpenter, 16 Dalrymple street 
M'Corquodale, John, boot and shoemaker, 63 Ann st. 
M'Coull, Mrs. Peter, spirit dealer, 46 Dalrymple st. 
M'Crae, Mrs. Alex. 50 Ann street 
M'Cubbin, James, post boy, 11 Highland close 
M'Culloch, Alex, flesher, 43 Cathcart street — house 8 

Tobago street 
M'Culloch, James, tailor, 35 Market street 
M'CuUoch, John, cooper and vintner, 1 Crawfurd street 
M'Culloch, John*, shipmaster, Trafalgar street 
M'Cunn, James, grocer, 7 Manse lane 
M'Cunn, John, clerk to John Scott 4* Sons, 45 Dalrym- 
ple street — house 11 Kilblain street 
M'Cunn, John, agent, 13 West Breast — house W"est 

Stewart street 
M'Cunn, Mrs. 25 West Stewart street 
M'Cunn, Thomas, of Leitch, Quinten 8c Co. — ho. West 

Stewart street 
M'Cunn & Russell, plumbers and glaziers, 7 Dock 

Breast and 21 Shaw street 
M'Diarmid, Donald, messenger at arms, 3 Cathcart st. 
M'Donald, Agnes, mangier, 52 West Stewart street 
M'Donald, Alex, blacksmith, 15 Hamilton street 
M'Donald, Angus, sexton, Innerkip st. burying ground 
M'Donald, Archd. Clans' Tavern, 42 Shaw street 
M'Donald, Archd. tailor, 7 Drummer's close 


>I'Donald, Donald, shipmaster, 19 West Blackball st, 
McDonald, Duncan, grocer, Muir's land, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Donald, Duncan, ship master, Donaldson's land, Re- 
gent street (west) 
M'Donald, James, (Tontine Inn and Hotel) 10 Cathcart 

St — coaches, post chaises and noddies — parcels to 

and from Glasgow, (per mail gig,) daily 
M'Donald, John, eating house, 38 Dalrymple St. 
M'Donald, John, mate, 3 East Breast 
M'Donald, John, spirit dealer, 30 Market street 
M'Donald, John, spirit dealer, 8 East Quay lane 
M'Donald, John, teacher 9 Tobago street 
M'Donald, Mrs. Donald*, U West Shaw street 
M'Donald, Peter, spirit dealer, 2 Bell Entry 
M'Donald, William, M.A. and physician, 11 William at 

house do. 
M'Dougall, Allan, spirit dealer, 14 Market street 
M'Dougall^ Arch, grocer, 13 Hamilton street 
M'Dougall, Colin, excise tidesman, M'Gregor's land, 

Baker street 
M'Dougall, Colin, tidewaiter, Cartsdike 
M'Dougall, Daniel, gardener, 31 Ann street, and 31 

Hamilton street 
M'Dougall, Daniel, musician, 18 Hamilton street 
M'Dougall, Duncan, grocer, 48 Cathcart street,^ — house 

Springfield Cottage 
M'Dougall, George, vintner, 68 Dalrymple street 
M'Dougall, John, flesher, Sinclair's land, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Dougall, John, messenger at arms, — house 13 Sir 

Michael street 
M'Dougall, John, porter, 29 Market street 
M'Dougall, Mrs. Glasgow Tavern, 11 Shaw street 
M'Dougall, Mrs. — house 18 Kilblain street 
M'Dougall, Samuel, wholesale grocer, and grain mercht. 

'20 Vennel — house 25 Sir Michael street 
M'Dougal, Wm. gardener and spirit dealer, 25 Market st. 
M'Dowall, William, searchers' clerk. Custom house — 

house 38 Cathcart street 
M'Eachren, Mrs. grocer, 31 Tobago street 


Macewen, D. collector of poors' rates, and treasurer of 
poor funds for East Parish, 7 Manse lane — ho. West 
Stewart street 
M^Ewen, Archd. grocer, master of Trusty steamer, 3 

Market street 
M'Ewen, Coll, wine and spirit merchant, S.5 Shaw street 
M'Ewen, Daniel, foreman carpenter, 33 Rue end street 
M'Ewen, Mrs. John* 2 Captain street 
M'Ewen, Mrs. Robert,* 50 Nicholson street 
M'Fadyen, John^ and Co. painters, 17 Cathcart street 
M'Fadyen, Jn. hat maker, at J & A. Muir's, 2 Roslin st. 
M'Fadyen, Robert, tobacconist, 4-1 Hamilton street — 

house Innerkip street 
M'Farlan, And. vintner, board and lodging, 37 Shaw st. 
M'Farlan, Archibald*, customer weaver, 6 Duncan st. 
M'Farlan, Dougall, boot and shoemaker, 11 Hamilton st. 

— house 1 Argyll street 
M'Farlan, James?, provision merchant, 2 Hamilton street 
M'Farlan, Miss, dresmaker, 37 Shaw street 
M'Farlane, Daniel, joiner and cabinet maker, Mearn?; st. 
M'Farlane, Daniel, late teacher of Grammar School — « 

house 10 West Stewart street 
M'Farlane, Dn. boot and shoemaker, 34 Dalrymple st. 
M'Farlane, George, retailer of stoneware, 2 Smith's lane 
M'Farlane, James, shoemaker, 52 West Stewart street 
M'Farlane, John, clerk customs, house Wellington st. 
M'Farlane, John*, coal merchant, 20 Dalrymple st. — ho. 

Tobago street 
M'Farlane, John, depute harbour master, 1 Open Shore 
M'Farlane, John, foreman cooper, 17 Charles street 
M'Farlane, John, pilot, 9 Longwell close 
M'Farlane, John, & Co spirit dealer, 6 Shannon's close 
M'Farlane, Malcom, spirit dealer, 5 Broad close 
M'Farlane, Miss, milliner and dress-maker, 4 St. An- 
drew's square 
M'Farlane, Miss, poulterer, 21 Hamilton street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. mangier, 22 Dalrymple street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. house, 4 Brougham street 
M'Farlane, Peter, general grocer, 66 Dalrymple street 
M^Farlane, Rev. Patrick, D.D. Greenbank 


M'Farlane, Robert, grocer, 45 Cathcart street 

M'Farlane, Robert, brewer, H Nicholson street — house 
4 Innerkip street 

M'Farlane, Robert, sailmaker, 7 Donald's Court — house 
Dalrymple street 

M'Farlane, Thomas. M,* tanner and skinner, 10 Carts- 
burn street — house do, 

M'Fie, Bryce, (King's Arms Tavern^,) general artist arid 
maker of musical and nautical instruments, 11 West 

Macfie, Lindsay, and Co. wholesale general grocers, 3 
William street 



e, Miss, dressmaker, 1 1 West Burn street 

e. Mrs. James*, Orangefield 

e, Mrs.* 19 Westburn street 

e, Mrs. vintner, 60 Vennel 

e, Robert and Sons, sugar refiners, 7 Bogle street 

e, Robert, at M'Fie Robert and Sons, 7 Bogle st. 

e, W^illiara, and Co. plumbers, 7 Dock Breast 

e, Wm. A ■ of M'Fie, Lindsay, & Go. ho. Orangefield 

e, Wm. of M'Fie, Wm. & Co. ho. 2 East Stewart st. 

e, Wm.* sugar refiner, 7 Bogle st — ho. Regent st. 
M'Gavin, Peter, basket andchrystal shop, J 6 Innerkip st., 
M'Geachie, J. shipmaster, 33 Charles street 
M'Gibbon, Andrew, mate, 31 Shaw street 
M'Gibbon, John, vintner, 1 Bell entry 
M'Gilchrist, Robert*, merchant, 2 Taylor's close 
M'Gill, Alexander, ship-owner, 16 Cathcart street, and 4 

William street, residence, Patrick street 
M'Gill, Andrew*, ihipraaster, Regent street (West) 
M'Gilp, Alexander, spirit dealer, 8 William street 
M'Gillevray, Duncan & Co. silk throwsters and dyewood 

manufacturers, 8 West Burn street 
M'Gilvray, Angus, and Co. bakers, 24 Hamilton street 
M'Glashan, Finlay, vintner, 58 Shaw street 
M'Glashan, John, teacher, 9 sugarhouse lane 
M'Gougan, Archd. boot and shoemaker, 4 Virginia st. 
M'Gown. John*, merchant — house 10 George square 
M'Gown, Misses, 98 Union street 
M'Gown, Mrs. vintner, Buchanan's land, Crawfurdsdike 


M'Gown, Peter*, 20 Cartsburn street 

M'Govvn, Robt* mercht. 3 Bell entry — ho. 25 Shaw st. 

M'Gregor, D. bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 8 

William street ?.p^ 

M'Gregor, Duncan, cooper, 53 Vennel •=^nri()l , 
M'Gregor, Hugh*, master of the Gulliver steamer, 51 

Rue end street 
M Gregor, James, W. cooper, 16 Hamilton street, and 13 

Crawford street — house 1 Boyd street 
M'Gregor, John*, smith, Arthur street 
McGregor, Malcom*, cooper, 16 Hamilton street — house 

9 Neilson street 
M'Gregor, Malcom, spirit dealer, 12 Taylor's close 
M'Gregor, Malcom, draper and clothier, 70 Dalrymplq 

street — house Regent street 
M'Gregor, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 10 Willian> st, 
M'Gregor, Mrs. vintner, 8 Dalrymple street 
M'Gregor & Co. provision warehouse, 3 Cross-shore st. 
M'Hutchison, Wm. & Co. economical bazaar, 6 Manse 

M'llvain, John, boot and s.hoemaker, 4 William street 
M'llvain, Mrs. William*, 5 West Burn street 
M'liwraith, David, hosier, 13 Hamilton street 
M'Uvvraith, James*, contractor for the PoHce Dung, 29 

West Burn street 
M'liwraith, John, sen.* coal merchant — house 29 West 

Burn street 
M'liwraith, Miss, leghorn and straw hat maker, 16 West 

-> Burn street 
M'liwraith, William, skipper, 27 Market street 
M'Innes, Mrs. boarding and lodging, 47 Dalrymple st. 
M'Inroy, Peter, hatter, 11 William street 
M'Intosh, Colin, King's weigher, ho. 5 Williaim .street 
M'Intyre, Archibald, cooper, 9 Su^arhouse lane 
M'Intyre, Archibald, grocer, 9 Smith's lane < 
M'Intyre, Dan. West Church officer, 65 Nicholson st. 
M'Intyre, Duncan, of Stewartfield, residence Shaw place 
M'Intyre, Duncan, shoemaker, 40 Rue-end street 
M'Intyre, James, sen. mason, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Intyre, John, boat builder, 36 Pwue-end street 

64i * GREENOCK. 

M'Intyre, John, flesher, 4-9 Cathcart street 
ISI'Intyre, John, foreman joiner, 24 Shaw street 
M*lntyre, John, jun. rope and rag merchant, 5 New 

Dock laneij 
M"'intyre, John, surgeon, l^ William st. — ho. Shaw place 
M'Intyre, Mrs. John, 9 Sugarhouse lane 
iVl'lntyre, Patrick, locker of stores, (No. 17, 18, and 24) 

Rue-end street — house S "Watt place 
M'Intyre, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 49 Cathcart street 
M*Iver, Arch, bookseller and stationer, 53 Cathcart st. 
M^Jver, Mrs. Alexander*, 53 Cathcart street 
M'Lver, Roliert, carpenter, 36 Rue-end street 
M'Kaig, John, customer weaver, 5 Union Court 
M'Kay, John hair-dresser, 64 Vennel 
M'Kay, Peter, shoemaker, 54 Shaw street 
M'Keachren, Arch, late warehouse keeper, M'llwraithV 

land, Ann street 
M'Kean, James, broker, 6 Taylor's close 
?d*Kean, John, broker, 59 Vennel 
M'Kechnie, Alex., spirit dealer, 7 Market street 
M'Kechnie, Daniel, spirit dealer, 68 Dalrymple street 
M'Kechnie, John, Elephant Tavern, 8 Longwell close 
M'Kechnie, Mrs John, 5 West Blackhall street 
M'Kechnie, Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, Ingleston 
M^Kechnie, Wm. Smith, 28 Rue end street 
M'Kellar, Alex, cooper and fish curer, 17 Sugarhouse 

lane—house, 2 Vennel 
M'Kellar, Alexander, shipmaster, Drumfochar 
ZvI'Kellar, Alexander, surgeon, 1 West Blackhall street 
M'Kellar, Alex, and Co. eating house, 14 Shaw street 
M'Kellar, Archd. depute harbour master, 10 West breast 
M-Kellar, Archd. vintner, 11 West Burn street 
M^s^tllar, Archd. of Turner and M Kellar — ho. Gal- 
breath's land, Innerkip street 
M'Kellar, Donald, grocer, 9 Vennel 
IM'Kellar, Duncan, draper, 9 William street 
M'Kellar, Duncan*, smith and farrrier, 12 Tobago street 
M Kellar, Duncan, fisher, 10 Broad Close 
M'Kellar, James, master of Samson steam boat, 32 Cath- 
cart street 


M'Kellar, John, shipmaster, 33 Charles street 

M'Kellar, Mrs. John*, ^5 Ann street 

M'Kellar, Mrs. John*, 12 Harvie lane 

M'Kellar, Miss, grocer, 10 Brougham street 

M'Kellar, Neil, (Gardner's Arms Inn) 4 Manse lane 

M'Kellar, Peter, shipmaster, 7 Ann street 

M'Kellar, Peter, grocer, Crawfurdsdike 

M'Kellar, Wm. shoemaker, 20 Tobago street 

M'Kellar, Wil'iam, R.N., 8 Brougham street 

M'Kelvie, Jn.* grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Dalrymple 

street — house, Roxburgh street 
M'Kelvie, John, jun. wholesale grocer and tea dealer, 16 

Shaw street — ho. Bonn's land, Sir Michael street 
M'Kelvie,. Mrs James, cowfeeder, potatoe and hamper 

merchant, 5 Ann street 
M'Kennon, Mrs Archibald, 32 Cathcart street 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, shoemaker, 64 Ann street 
M'Kenzie, Archd. ironmonger, 43 Hamilton street 
M'Kenzie, Archibald, tailor, 7 William street 
M'Kenzie, Donald, spirit dealer, 17 Shaw street 
M'Kenzie, Dougal, customer weaver, Gourock high road 
M'Kenzie, James, baker, 18 Vennel 
M'Kenzie, James, (M'Kenzie's Tavern,) 43 Cathcart st. 
M'Kenzie, John, miller-— ho. Dellingburn street 
M'Kenzie, John, tailor, habit and pelisse maker, (Earl 

Grey Tavern,) 1 Taylor's close 
M'Kenzie, Mrs grocer, 20 Tobago street 
M'Kenzie and Walker*, millers and grain merchants^ 

Shavvs' Water (No. 2)_ corn, flour, and barley rnillsj 

Dellingburn street 
M'Kenzie, William, gardener, Port-Glasgow road 
M'Killop, Archd. foreman, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Kindrick, Miss 48 Nicholson street 
M'Kindlay & Co.,. wholesale victuallers, 8 Hamilton st. 
M'Kindlay, James, mill-wright — house Murdieston 
M'Kinlay, Archibald, foreman to Hunter, Oughterston, 

and Co — ho. Bogle street 
M'Kinlay, John, church officer, 52 West Burn street 
M'Kinlay, John, messenger at arms, 7 Longwell close 

-!-house West Shaw street 
E 3 


M'Kinlay, Mrs. vintner, 69 Dal rym pie street 
M'Kinlay, Peter, spirit dealer, 4 East Breast 
M'Kinnon, Archibald, writer, 3 Cathcart st — Ik). 102 

Union street 
M'Kinnon, Archd. jun. West India proprietor,3 William st 
M'Kinnon, James, boatman, Custom House-rho. Shaw- 
street t£j*^I ,lj;i 
M'Kinnon, John, smith, 33 Rue-end street 
M'Kinnon, Lachlan, ship master, 30 Crawfurd street 
M'Kinnon, Miss, milliner, 31 West Shaw street 
M'Kirdy, Mrs. John, 16 Sir Michael street 
M'Lachlan, Archibald, baker, 30 Hamilton street, and 

4 East Quay lane 
M'LachlaP; Colin, shipmaster, 16 Hamilton street 
M'Lachlan, Charles, skipper, 67 Dalrymple street 
M'Lachlan, Chas, steam boat porter and agent, Shaw st, 
M'Lachlan, Daniel, shoemaker, 1 Cowgate street 
M'Lachlan, James, grocer, 11 Vennel 
M'Lachlane, Lachlane, spirit dealer, 6 Shannon's close 
M'Lachlan, Nathan,*, agent, 16 Sir Michael street 
M'Lae, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Cartsburn st. 
M'Laren, Donald, tidewater, — -ho. 6 Shaw street 
M'Laren, John, smith, 36 Rue-end street 
M'Laren, Miss, dyer of silks, 54 Innerkip street 
M'Larty, Daniel, ship-master, Shaw Place 
M'Larty, Michael, hat-maker, (i Charles street 
M'Larty, Misses, dressmakers, 34 West Shaw street 
M'Larty, William, spirit dealer, *^4 Cathcart street 
M'Latchie, Matthew, carter and cowfeeder, 3 St. An- 
drew street 
M'Laurin, William, painter, 6 Cathcart street— ho. 39 do. 
M'Lay, Wm. sen. and Co. gun-makers and cutlers, 39 

Cathcart street 
M'Lay, Wm. jun. gun maker and cutler, 13 Cathcart st. 
M'Lea, Eliza, grocer and spirit dealer, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Lean, Allan, vintner, 58 Vennel 
M'Lean, Archibald, tailor, 4 William street 
M'Lean, Daniel boot, shoe, 8f leather cutter, 3 Manse lane 
M'Lean, Daniel, cooper, fish curer, and oil merchant, 4i> 
Dalrymple street — house, 50 di). 


M'Lean, Duncan eating house, 10 East Quay lane 
M'Lean, Duncan, skipper, 34 West Shaw street 
M'Lean, James*, joiner, cabinet maker, and ironmonger, 

7 Manse Lane 
M'Lean, John, copper and tinsmith, 26 Dalryraple street 

and 2 West Quay 
M'Lean, John, jun. grocer, 30 Hamilton street 
M'Lean, John*, grocer 6 Dalrymple street 
M'Lean, John, at J. and A. Muir's House, 5 William st. 
M'Lean, John, porter, 6 Shannon's close 
M'Lean, John, salesman to Campbell, A.ndersoa & Co. 

— house, Charles Street 
M'Lean, John, skipper, 1 Union court 
M'Lean, Matthew, carter and hay merchant, 2 Cravvfurd 

M'Lean, Misses, teachers, milliners, dress and straw hat 

makers, 42 Cathcart street 
M'Lean, Mrs. spirit dealer, 4 East Breast 
M'Lean, Mrs. vintner and lodging house, 7 Drunaiwer's 

M'Lean, Mrs. retailer of ales, 11 Charles street 
M'Lean, Mrs. vintner, 4 Dalrymple street 
M'Lean, Mrs. teacher, 14 Bogle street 
M'Lean, Neil, late shipmaster, 4 Brisbane street 
M'Lean, Peter, shipmaster, 57 Dalrymple street 
M'Lean, Peter, shipmaster, 26 Sir Michael street 
M'Leish, Adam*, merchant, 4 Sugarhouse lane — house 

Belville place 
M'Leish, Kayser & Co*, sugar refiners, 4 Sugarhouse lane 
M'Lellan, Angus, spirit dealer, Stanner's street 
M'Lellan, Angus, spirit dealer, 3 West Breast 
M'Lellan, Daniel, grocer & tea mercht. 57 Dalrymple st. 
M'Lellan, John and Co. merchants and shipping agents, 

5 East India Breast 
M'Lellan, John, jun. merchant — ho. 13 Kiiblain st. 
M'Lellan, John, merchant — house Shaw place 
M'Lellan, John, tidewaiter — house 6 Springkell street 
M'Leod, Alex, leather warehouse, 65 Dalrymple st. — D» 

Livingstone, agent 
M'Leod, Angus*, carpenter, 3 Diincan street 


M'Leod, Auley, peffumer.and hairdresser, 52 Cathcartst. 
M'Leod, Donald, teacher, East Hamilton street 
M'Leod, Donald*, victualler, 40 Hamilton street 
M'Leod, Evander, messenger at arms, 18 Hamilton st. 
MXeod, George, shipmaster, 23 West Blackhall street 
M'Leod, John, boot an^ shoemaker, 7 Shaw street 
M'Leod, John, boot and shoemaker, 10 William street 
M'Leod, Joiin, tobacconist, 40 Hamilton street 
M'Leod, Mrs. grocer, 31 West Shaw street 
M'Leod, Torquill, cooper & spirit dealer, 6 Taylor's close 
M'Lintoch, John, groeer, 47 Vennel 
M'Lintock, Robert, porter (51) 11 East Breast 
M'Liver, Mrs. eating house, 9 Market street 
M'Losky, John, merchant tailor, 3 Shaw street 
M'Luskfe, B. surgeon and druggist, 32 Cathcart street 
M'Millan, Alex, tinsmith, 15 Dalrymple street 
M'Milian, Angus, cork cutter, 18 East Quay lane 
M'Millan, Archd. grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Ropework st. 
M'Millan, Colin, tailor & clothier, 55 Cathcart st. ho. do; 
M'Millan, Daniel, shipmaster. Regent street 
M'Millan, David, spirit dealer, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Millan, Duncan, (Liverpol Tavern) 10 East Quay lane 
M'Millan, Hugh, foreman cooper, 38 Shaw street 
M'Millan, James, ship builder, 33 Rue- end street — ho. 

at Yard 
M'Millan, Malcom, pilot, 7 Drummer's close 
M'Millan, Mrs. grocer, 34 Rue-end, street 
M'Millan, Mrs. James, {Britannia Tavern) 7 William st. 
M'Millan, Neil*, grocer & spirit dealer, Cartsdike bridge 
M'Millan, William, shoemaker, 13 Market street 
M'Millan, William, spirit dealer, 9 Dalrymple street 
M'Morland, Mrs. —house 25 Ann street 
M'Nab and Co. flax-spinners, sail cloth and cordage ma- 
nufacturers, 12 East Quay lane 
M'Nab, Duncan, late of the excise, 1 Duncan street 
M'Nab, James, tailor, 54 Vennel 
M'Nab, John, merchant — house Shaw place 
M'Nab, Mrs. vintner, 71 Vennel 
M'Nab, William* — house Mearns street 
M'Nair, Charles*, shipmaster, 62 Anne street 


M'Nair, Joseph and Co. cabinetmakers, joiners and gla- 
ziers, (H« arse house), 26 Bearhope street 
M'Naught, Archibald, spirit dealer, 6 Manse lane 
M'Naiight, Donald, skippei*, 1 Longwell close 
M'Naught, Hunter and Co. commission merchants and 

insurance brokers, 4 William street 
M'Naught, James*, late ship master, West Clyde street 
M'Naught, John*, 69 Vennel 
M'Naught, Miss — house 1 West Bum street 
M'Naught, Mrs. James*, 3 West Stewart street 
M'Naught, Peter, foreman sail maker, 12 West Quay 
M'Naught, WilHam, writer, 3 Church place 
M'Naughtan, John, draper, 4-8 Cathcart street — house 

Roxburgh street 
M'Naughtan and Harper, milliners, leghorn and straw- 
hat manufacturers, 4 i^icholson street 'J tSiif' 
M'Naughtan, Miss, teacher — house 72 Afth stVe'et 
M'Naughtan, Mrs.* — house. 72 Ann street 
M'Neil, James, letter runner, 13 Market street 
M'Neil, John, merchant clothier, 11 ^haw street 
M'Neil, Miss, sempstress, 30 Tobago street 
M'Neilage, Archibald, ship master, 8 Cartsburn st. 
M'Neilage, Mrs. retailer of coals, 26 Cartsburn street 
M'Nicoli, Daniel, tailor, 58 Shaw street 
M'Nicol, Donald, shoemaker, 11 Shaw street 
M'Nicoi, D. M. coffee roaster, 8 Dalrymple street 
M'Nicol, D*. boat builder, 1? Rue-end street — ho. East 

Blackhall street 
M'Nicol, Mrs. Nicolr^'house 4 Carnock street 
M'Night, Andrew, loQker (of No.. 12, 13, and 14) 22 

Chapel street — house Hendry's land, Innerkip st. 
M'Nie, Adam, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Vennel 
ISI'Nish, Mrs. John, milliner, 2 Watt place 
M'Nish, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 10 Shaw street 
M'Nuky, James, boot and shoemaker, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Peake, Duncan, spirit dealer, 28 Vennel 
M'Phail, Hector*, jun. merchant — house 21 Kilblain st. 
M'Piiail, Hector*, sen. shipmaster, 21 Kilblain street 
M'Phail, Mrs. washer & linen dresser, :i6 Sir Michael st. 
M'Phail, Mrs. retailer of ales, 7 Kilblain street 


M'Phail, Neil, cowfeeder, 5 Kilblain street 

M'Phedran, Archibald, merchant and fish curer, 22 and 1; 

23 Charles street— house Orr's land, Regent street | 
M'Pherson, Archibald, deep sea pilot, 28 Tobago st. 
M'Pherson, Daniel, porter to store (No. 19) 10 Rue-end stt 
M'Pherson, Hugh*, cloth merchant, 5 Hamilton street i 

— ho. Rosehill, Roxburgh street 
M'Pherson, John, clerk, brewery, Crawfurdsdike 
M'Pherson, John, mason and vintner, Gourbck high roadii 
MPherson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 49 Shaw st. ' 
M'Pherson, Malcolm, supervisor — ■house Dempster st. 
M'Pherson, Mary, grocer, 23 Cartsburn street 
M'Pherson, Miss, dressmaker, 9 Ann street 
M'Pherson, Peter, tailor, 5 West Quay lane 
M'Pherson, Peter, upholsterer, 30 Sugarhouse lane 

IVIacquarrie, Daniel, painter, 5 Cross-shore st ho. do. 

Macquarrie, Donald, skipper, 3 Market street 
Macquarrier, Mrs. vintner and boarding house, 9 Broad 

Macrae, Duncan, letter-runner, 13 Cathcart street 
M'Queen, James^, grocer, 55 Shaw street 
M'Queen, John, wine and spirit dealer, 3 Dalrymple st. 
M'Queen, Peter, spirit dealer, Stanner's street 
M'Quistin, Mrs. hat maker, 9 William street and 1 East 

M'Symon, Walter, shipmaster, Trafalgar street 
M'Taggart, Archd*. late skipper, Regent street 
M'Tag^-art, Daniel, manager for Clyde Shipping Coy , 

34 Shaw street — house 30 Vennel 
M'Taggart, John, spirit dealer, 1 Innerkip street 
M'Taggart, Mrs 30 Vennel 

M'Taggart, Neil, cowfeeder, 2S West Siiaw street 
M'Vicar, Archibald, carver and gilder, 2 Bank street 
M'Vicar, Peter, mate, 3 Union Court 
M'Vicar, Robert & Son, smiths, 6 Dock Breast 
iM'Vicar, Robert, jun. of M'Vicar, Robert & Son — ho. 2 

East Stewart street 
M'Viccar, Archihaki, carpenter, 50 Dalrymj)le street 
M'Whirter, John, (deep sea) pilot, 6 Spniigkell street 
M'Whirter, WUliam*, teacher & architect, 36 Crawfurd st. 


M'Whirter, Thomas, boat-builder, 46 Rue-end street 

N A SMITH, John, baker, 17 Hamilton street 

l>ie\\ & Fraser, booksellers, Siationers, and bookbinders, 

1 Hamilton street 
Neil & Gray*, general agents & ship-owners, 24- Bogle st. 
Neil, John, ship-master, 34 Cathcart street 
Neil, Mrs. John* — house 54 Rue-end street 
Neil, Wm. farmer, Chapeltown, Port Gltisgow Road 
Neillis, James, vintner, 57 Vennel 

Neilson, John, nail manufacturer, 27 Tobago St.— ho. do. 
Nevin, Peter, broker, 9 Dalrymple street, and boot and 

shoemaker, 63 do 
New burying ground, 16 Dr.nean street 
Newport, John, mariner 54 Vennel 
Newton, James, agent, 6 Shannon's close 
Newton, Lieut. Jas R.N. 11 East IMackhall street 
Niccol, Thomas*, boat builder, 46 Rue-end street— -ho. 

East Stewart street 
Nichol, Adam, teacher, 24> Sir Michael st — ho. 23 do* 
Nicholson, John, mate, 8 Sir Micliael street 
Nicol, David, retailer of ales, 9 Broad close 
Nicol, Duncan, ship-master, 49 Innerkip street 
Nicol, Mrs. John, vintner & lodging house, 5 Union court 
Nicol, Mrs. William, vintner, 6'4 Vennel 
Nicol, Samuel, ship-master, 75 Nicholson street, Geo. tailor, habit t^- pelisse maker, 46 Hamilton st. 
Niramo, Thomas, druggist, 63 Dalrymple st.— ho. Ann st. 
Ninian, Mrs.* — house 14 Bogle street 
Nisbet, William, weigher, 49 Vennel 
Niven, Archibald, spirit dealer, 49 Rue-end street 
Niven, Archd. agent, (steam boat porter, No. 32) 16 East 

Quay lane 
Niven, James, boot and shoemaker, 31 Hamilton street 
Niven, John*, gardener, 48 Cathcart street, and spirit 

dealer, Ash Tree Cottage, Port-Glasgow Road 
Niven, John, grocer, 3 Bearhope street 
Niven, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Ladyburn 
Niven, Misses, straw hat makers, 9 Ann street 
Niven, Mrs. grocer, 3 Dalrymple street 


Niven, Rebecca, vintner, Ladyburn 
Niven, Robert, spirit dealer, 56 Rue-end street 
Niven, Wm grocer and cheese dealer, 9 Ann street 
iNoble, Lieut. George, R.N. 60 Union street 

O'BRIAN, Daniel, broker, 14 Taylor's close 

Officer, William, coal dealer, 52 Vennel 

Ogilvie, Daniel, tailor, 1 Ropework street 

Ogilvie, Lawrence, locker. Custom House — ho. iVllan's 
land, Shaw place 

Oldham, John, hat manufacturer, 36 Hamilton street 

Oman, James, ship-master, 5 Boyd street 

Omnet, William, tailor 65 Dalrymple street 

O'May, Misses, teachers of English reading and sewing, 
3 Bank street 

O'Neil, John, draper & clothier, 9 William street — ho. 38 
Shaw street 

Oi'kney, John, ship-master, Regent street, (entry Man- 
sion house lane) 

Orr, Daniel, baker, 64 Dalrymple street 

Orr, Erskine, builder, 54' Dalrymple street 

Orr, James*, joiner and blockmaker, 5 CrosS'Shore street 
house Regent street 

Orr, James, & Co. painters, 10 West Breast 

OiT, John*, vintner, East Hamilton street 

Oir, Joseph, joiner and blockmaker, 8 Lindsay lane 

Orr, Miss iMary, dealer in tobacco & candles, 13 Shawst. 

Orr, Misses, dress and straw hat makers, 53 Innerkip st. 

Orr, Mrs. James*, Regent street (West) 

Orr, Mrs. William*, 11 Buccleuch street 

Orr, Mrs. William, Mearns street 

Orr, W^illiam, baker, Williamson's land, Crawfurdsdike 

Orr, William*, blacksmith, Crawfurdsdike 

Orr, William, blockmaker, 5 Cross-shore street 

Orr, William, clerk, Greenock Bank — ho. Rue-end street 

Orr, William, general grocer, 10 William street 

Orr, William, tidewaiter — ho. 52 West Stewart street 

Oughterson, Geo. of Hunter, Oughterson & Co.— house 
High Gourock road 


Oughterson, Jas.* merchant, 39 Cathcart street — ho. 87 

Union street 
Owen, Hugh, broker, 3 Taylor's close 

PARK, John, Assembly Room keeper, 44 Cathcart st. 

— ho. Kilblain street 
Park, John, coal merchant, 7 Shannon's close 
Park, Jn.* wine & spirit mercht. 59 Rue-end st. — ho. do. 
Park, Miss, dressmaker, 45 Nicholson street 
Park, Wm. house Regent street (West) 
Park, Wm * tanner, 6 Flarvie lane — ho. Regent street 
Park, Wm. wheel wright and turner, 3 Dalrympje street 
Parker, John, Captain of firemen, 67 Nicholson street 
Pasley, John, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Cathcart sL 
Paterson, Alex, crowm glass warehouse, 36 Cathcart st. 
Paterson, Daniel, tailor, 53 Cathcart street 
Paterson, George*, West Clyde street 
Paterson, John, forman to Glassford & Aitken, chandlers, 

34 Charles street 
Paterson, John, joiner and blockmaker, 14 Harvie lane 
Paterson, Robert, ship-master, 4 Nicholson street 
Paterson, Samuel, ship-owner, 1 Nicholson street 
Paterson, William, eating house, 34 Vennel 
Paton, Archibald, excise officer — house Mount Pleasant 
Paton, David, ship-master, iihaw place 
Paton, Jas jun. and Archd. gardeners, Boagston, Port- 
Glasgow Road 
Paton, James, gardener, Chapelton, Port-G!asirow road 
Paton, John*, writer, 41 Cathcart street — ho. Virginia st, 
Paton, Mrs. Robert*, 4 Cross-shore street 
Patten, Alex * cashier, Renfrewshire Bank.^ — ho. Bank st. 
Patten, Archibald, merchant, 9 Vv^est Blackball street- 
house Bank street 
Patten, A & H. & Co hat manufs. 9 West Blackball st. 
Patten, Henry T.* writer, 45 Hamilton street 
Paiten, Hugh M. merchant, 9 West Blackball street — 

house Bank street 
Patten, Js.* accomplant Renfrewshire Bank— bo. Bankst. 
Pattison, David, retailer of tobacco and snuff, 42 Hamil- 
toa street 



Patrick, Joseph, dyer, 6 West Burn street 

Patrick, Mrs. R. dyer, 24 West Burn street 

Patrick, Peter, tailor, 7 Drummer's close 

Patrick, William, late ship-master, 1 Duncan street 

Paul, Arthur, mariner, 49 Rue-end street 

Paul, Colin*, plasterer, 7 Springkell street 

Paul, Daniel, cloth merchant, 7 Shaw street — house do. 

Paul, Edward, ship-master, 11 West Burn street 

Paul, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Hamilton street 

Paul, James, retailer of coals, 10 Buccleugh street 

Paul, John, spirit dealer, 13 East Quay Lane 

Paul, John*, wine and spirit merchant, 65 Vennel — 

house 15 Brougham street 
Paul, Misses — house 8 Brougham street 
Pearce, Alexander, grocer, Ladyburn 
Pearson, P. & Co. shoemakers and leather merchants, 5 

Cathcart square 
Peebles, Wm. apothecaries hall, 35 Hamilton street 
Pellat, Frederick, of Clyde flint glass Co.— ho. Rue end 
Pennell, Joseph, sail maker, 12 West Quay 
Pennell, Mrs. Charles*, 25 Sugarhouse lane 
Picken, Samuel, shipmaster, 8 Watt Place 
Pitcairn, Andrew, landwaiter — house 53 Ann street 
Pollock, James, farmer, Gibbshill 

PoUok, Thos. late shipmaster, Lamont's land, Regent St. 
Poison*, John, tidewaiter, 31 Tobago street 
Porter, James, mate, 7 West Blackball street 
Potter, Mrs. Alex, eating house, 68 Vennel 
Potter, John, shipmaster, 4 Nicholson street 
Potter, Lewis, mate, 4 Smith's lane 
Potter, Thomas, shipmaster, 48 Nicholson street 
Poynter, John, chemical works and grinding mills, No. 

5, Shaw water, baker st. office Low Green st. Glasgow 
Prentice, Mrs- Robt.* wine & spirit dealer, 3 Cowgatest.j 
Prentice, Thos.* builder & spirit dealer, )i2 Market st 
Pringle, David, mason, Stanner's street 
Pringle, John*, manager of bottle work — ho. Crawfurds- i 

Pritchard, Mrs. 13 Union street 
Proving Warehouse, 2 Custom House place 


Pursell, Jas. grocer 4' dealer in stoneware, 17 Dalryraple st 

QUEEN, Kenneth, spirit merchant, 46 Hamilton street 
Quin, Henry, rag and rope store, 18 Shaw street 
Quin, Henry, vintner, 73 Vennel 

RAE, John, grocer and vintner, 17 Innerkip street 
Ralston, William*, oil and fish merchant, 53 Vennel 
Ramsay, Andrew*, merchant, 3 West Quay lane- — house 

17 Clarence street 
Ramsay, Thomas & Co, rope and canvass manufacturers 

and sail makers, 3 West Quay lane 
Rankin, Alex, grocer, 66 West Blackhall street 
Rankin, Alex, watchmaker and jeweller, 10 William st. 
Rankin, John 4^ Co. merchts. & agents, Excise Buildings 
Rankin, Miss*, 3 Houstoun street 
Rankin, Robert, carpenter — ho. 71 Ann street 
Rayside & Co. sailmakers, 8 East Breast 
Rayside, Robt. of Kayside & Co. — ho. 11 Hamilton st. 
Reeves, George, carpenter, 6 Union Court 
Reid, James, landing surveyor, and sur'v:eyor of w,are.«- 

houses, Custom house- — ho. 5 Grey place 
Reld, John, mate, 17 Tobago street 
Reid, John, shipmaster 32 Bearhope street 
Reid, Joseph, of Ewing^ Reid, Spanish Consulate — ho. 

Shaw place 
Reid, Joseph 4" Co. merchants, 9 East Breast 
Reid, Miss, Janet, 50 Nicholson street 
Reid, Mrs. grocer, 28 Cartsburn street 
Reid, Mrs. Robert*, 54 Crawfurd street 
Reid, Mrs. hardware merchant, 2 Shaw street 
Reid, William, flesher, 2 Hamilton street 
Reid, William, mate, i West Quay lane 
Renfrewshire Directory office, 10 Barclay street, Paisley, 

G. Fowler 
Rennie, Rev. Ebenezer — ^ho. 6 Crawfurd street 
Rennie, Robert, cooper and fish curer, 9 New Dock lane 
Richards, Thos. excise officer. Excise buildings 
Richmond, Thomas, spirit dealer, 4 Vennel 
Rigg, Jonathan, grocer and vintner, 66 Dalrymple st. 

7f) GRRI^.NOOK. 

Ki*»k, Mo^ea, spirit Aen]6r, 'IS Ci'ofls Shore strert 
Jtitchic, D ivid, (Irvine and Saltcoats Tavern,) 7 liroad 

I'itcliie, David, .sliijiriinstcr, 21 Ho;^;le j;trect 
llitcliie, Hu!j,-h, irroccr, 50 Cathcart Htreet 
l.itcliic, Mrs. Waller*, 7 .ruoaicij Mtrcct 
jii'cliiu, Mrs.* ^rain and hay rncrcliruit, 17 Tobago .str<('t 
K t hie, William, shipmasurr, Arthur street 
Hn\}]), A n(h-cw*, grocer, wIim; /y .s[)ii It mcrrht. IH Vcnncl 
lu)l)h, Daniel*, jdiiicr an<l wood merchant, 4 Argyll st. — 

ho. 6 Brisbane street 
Kohl), David, spirit flealer, 1'? Vcnncl 
lJ(»hh, llu^h, l'\'r<4iisland, (ioin'ock lii^li ro;nl 
Jkohb, John, jun, biiiKler, (VA West BlackhHli street 
liobb, .John, npirit dealer, 2 ('rosa Shore street 
|{ohl), Mr.s. vintner, 8 I'^ast (^nay lane 
llctbb, |{icliar(], builder, ;'; I 'l'ol)a}ro street 
liobbcS" Allison, bnildern, (i? West lilncUhall street 
Koberf.Kon, Alex, spirit dealer, 2'? Catheart street 
.Kobcrlson, (lliarlcs, tidewaitcr — ho. West Blaclvhall st. 
I{()bertaon, (i cor •re*, tneichant and a^^int, .'58 Shaw st — - 

Ijoumc 24 Ard^^owaii scpiant 
Hohertsoii, (Jco. t"^' Co merelits. and a/.-'cnts, MB Sliaw st. 
K«jbcrthon, .hnnes Hunter'^, bankers (ireencx^k Bank, '1 l 

Catheart st. — ho. Bagatelle 
Robertson, .John, (loidcn Bull Inji, .^(1 Shaw street 
ivobertson, IVlaleoin, vintner, .O Linds.iy's lane 
Bolx'rtson, Mrs. grocer, If) 'rol)M/^o street 
liobcrtson, Mrs. hj)irit dealer, H Inncrkip st. 
Itolx'rison, Kcv. Andrew, boiirdin;^ establishment, ':'A) 

( ' ra w In rd street 
Ijolx-rtson, 'Choirias ri/;i!,'cr, Hi^^hland close 
Ifohertson, William, shipmaster, Shaw street 
i;ol>ertson, William, shipmnster^ West Shiiw street 
i;oI)ins(^n, Archd. smith .and larricr, eart and plon;^li t*ie- 

lory, ;>f) Vcnnid and (!artsl>nrn st. — ho :il V.-nncI 
lM>binsoii, John, draper, '.) Hamilton street — Iio. 2 Wd- 

liani street 
llobinson, MtH. spirit de.alpr, 10 TiOngwell close 
i;oht)ld, Z. clockmaker, It) Edst (^uay lane 


UodfTfT, Alex, of Rodders & Co. rnerchts. — ho. Finnart 

Itotl^cr, Alex, teller, llenfrcwhliire ], Bank st. — ho. 
iNclson street 

Ilo(lv;('r, .lames, .sliii)maater, 21 Cartshiini street 

Kod/rcr, .John, jun of Itod/^ers «S: Co. — ho. Jarnaiea st. 

Hod^rer, .lohn*, jmi, — ho. 2'2 West Stewart stnict 

llod^er, IVIIkh, drcKsinakcr, 8 W(;st Miewart street 

Rodger, Miss*, i<2 Hue end street 

Rodger, Sainnel*, — ho. 8 N(;lson street 

Rodger, William*, brewer, 14 Nicliolson st. — ho. Mount 

Rodgers Si Co. eloth rnerehants, New Coflee IJoom 
Buildings, 8 Cathcart s(jnar(; 

Rodgerso)!, .J.irncs, merchant, 38 Shaw street — house '21 
Craw Curd street 

Rose, Ilngh, tailor and pelisse maker, (Golden [^>uil en- 
try,) .'')(> Siiaw str(U!t 

Ross, Alex, wine and sj)irit merchant, 3 Siigurhouse lane 

Ros.s, Andrew, shipmaster, 7 West lilackhall street 

lioss, Corbet, and (>». shipping agents, 1' Sliarnion's elo«!p 

Ross, Daniel*, victualler, grocer, and hay merchant, 17 
Tobago street 

Ross, niigh, s[)irit dealer, hay merelit. stabler, (carriers' 
(piartcrs,) noddies, gigs, arul saddle horses, "ZJ IShaw 

lloss, .lohn, b;d<er, !i.5 Hamilton St. and Ramsay's lanfJ 
W(vst lilaekhall street 

Ross, .l»nios, (l>iick Mead Inn,) 14 Hamilton street — en- 
try 4 Watson's lane 

]{oss, ,Iohn, tailor, '2 Ooss shore street 

Ross, Mrs. C. eating house, 8 I'^ast (^uay lane 

Ross, T. I>. mtMxhant, 4 Shannon's close — house We&t 
lilaekhall. street 

Ross, William, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Shaw st. 

Rougvie, .lames, oi" Service and Rougvie — ho. 15 IlamiU 
ton street 

Rowan, Miss — house 9 West St(!wart street 

Roy, Henry, river pilot, 4'^ Shaw street 

Roy, Hugh, mate, 42 Shaw street 

Roy, Thomas, shoemaker^ B Innerkip btrectl 

a 3 


Russell, John/ plaraber, 7 Dock breast — ho. SO Hamilton 

B-Ussell, John, spirit dealer, 6 Lindsay's lane 
Russell, Robert, smith and farrier, Haddow's land, Craw- 

Rutherford, James, clerk to Walkinshaw & Co. paper 

makers, 4 Custom house place 
Ryder, James, R,N. teacher of Navigation, 8 Dalrymple 


SAND, David, messenger to Custom house — house Wat- 
son's land, Arthur street 
Sands, William, spirit dealer, Arthur street 
Saunders, Thomas, collector of customs, Custom house 

Buildings — ho. 10 Ropev^^ork street 
Scott, Charles C. sliip-builder, 45 Dalrymple street — ho. 

Kilblain street 
Scott, J. B. wine and spirit merchant, 13 Highland close 

— ho. 42 Cathcart street 
Scott, James, editor of the Greenock Advertiser — house 

51 West Stev/art street 
Scott, James, flesher, 55 Dalrymple street 
Scott, James*, grocer, 1 Sir Michael street 
Scott, James, shipmaster, 55 Cathcart street 
Scott, James Sj- Co. shipowners and wine merchants, 6 

Cathcart street 
Scott, .James, spirit dealer, 51 Vennel 
Scot', James, wine merchant — house 4 Ardgowan square 
Scott, John, of Scott, Sinclair, & Co. — ho Kilblain st. 
Scot% John, jun. ship builder, 45 Dakymple street — ho. 

Finnart House 
Scott, John*, sen. of Hawkhill 

Scott, John Sf Sons, shipbuilders, 45 Dalrymple street 
Scott, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 53 Cathcart street 
Scott, Matthew, shoemaker, 5 Longwell clo*e 
Scott, Miss, grocer, 17 Tobago street 
Scott, Mrs*. Shaw place 

Scot', Mrs. Wm. farmer, Fergusland, Gourock high road 
Scolt, Peter*, flesher, 5i Cathcart street, and 10 Market 

street—house 76 Ann street 


Scott, Peter, jun flesher. 22 Hamilton street 
Scott, Peter, mate, 53 Vennel 
Scott, Peter, shipmaster, 4 West Stewart Street 
Scott, Rev. John, D. D 1 Houston street 
Scott, Bobert, boot & shoemaker, 45 Havnilton street 
Scott, Robert, smith and farrier, 4 Taylor's close 
Scott, Sinclair, and Co. engineers, iron and brass found- 
ers, 12 East Stewart street 
Scott, Thomas, engine-keeper, 5 Donald's Court — house 

Manse lane 
Scott, Thomas, perfumer, 14 Cathcart street 
Scott, William, cowfeeder, 77 Ann street 
Scott, William*, grocer, 34 Hamilton street 
Scott, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Market st. 
Scott, William*, merchant — house 13 Patrick street 
Scott, William, and Co*. Scotch snd English cloth mer- 
chants, 9 Plamilton street 
Scott, William, ship-chandler, 2 West Quay — house 45 

Dalrymple street 
Sellers, Archibald, spirit dealer, 55 Vennel 
Sellers, A. and J boot and shoemakers, 50 Cathcart st. 
Service and Rougvie, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 

15 Plamilton street 
Service, Arch, of Service and Rougvie — ho. West Burn st 
Service, Quintin, mate, Ai'thur street 
Service, Robert*, spirit dealer, 4 Hamilton street 
Service, WilHam*, late shipmaster, M'Kellar s place, 49 

Union street . 

Service, William*, writer,' 53 Cathcart street — house 

Dr. M'Killock's land, Gourack road 
Shands, Misses, dress and straw hat makers, Arthur st, 
Shankland, Mrs. grocer, 51 Innerkip street 
Shankland, Mrs. straw hat maker, 34 Charles street 
Shankland, Robert, wright, 53 Shaw street 
Shanks, Mrs. John*, 8 Cartsburn street 
Shannon, Arch, harbour master, 11 East Blackball street 
Shannon, Misses, 13 Brougham street . , , 

Sharp, Daniel, merchant and ship owner, 1 West Quay 
— house West Mianse, Crawford street ogqmiB 


Sharp, Joseph, Greenock Distillery Spirit Cellar, 33 

Charles street 
Sharp, Samuel, tailor, Arthur street 
Shaw, Allan, carpenter, 2 Union court 
Shaw, Duncan, and Son, copper and tin plate workers, 

japanners and plumbers, 1 West Quay lane 
Shaw, 13uncan, tobacconist and spirit merchant, (Shaw's 

Tavern,) 5 Cathcart street 
Shaw, James, flesher, foot of Stanner's street 
Shaw, James, vintner, 3 Union Court 
Shaw, John, cooper, 2 West Stewart street 
Shaw, John, George Inn and Hotel, 10 East Breast 
Shaw, John, shipmaster — house 66 Nelson street 
Shaw, John, vintner, 68 Rue end street 
Shaw, Mrs, Ann, vintner, 7 West Blackhall street 
Shaw, Mrs. Wm.* 27 Market street 
Shaw, Thos. of Shaw, Duncan and Son — ho. Jamaica st. 
Sliaw, Wm. cabinet and chair maker, 43 Hamilton street 

— Furniture warehouse and house, 33 Charles st. 
Shaw, Wm * flesher, 10 Market street — house 33 do, 
Shaw, William, vintner, 32 Shaw street 
Shaw & Co; fish, ham, and oil merchants, 18 Hamilton st 
Shearer, Alexander,* ironmonger, 4 Shaw street 
Shearer, John, wright, 5 Taylor's close 
Shearer, Miss, straw hat maker, 14 Bearhope street 
Shearer, William, skipper, 7 Union court 
Shedden, Robert, shipmaster, 5 East Breast 
Shedden, Robert, shipmaster, 1 Harvie lane 
Shedden, William, victualler, 3 Manse lane 
Shovetho, Benjamin, ship-steward, 33 West Burn street 
Sillars, Arch, church officer, 10 West Stewart street 
Sillars, Jas. assistant teacher, Innerkip st. — ho. 71 Ann st 
Simons, Wm. & Co. ship-builders, 28 Rue end street 
Simons, William*, ship-builder — ho. St. Andrew square 
Sirapkin, John, sugar boiler, 4 Sugarhouse lane 
Simpson, David, skinner, 7 Crawfurd street 
Simpson, James, foreman canvass factory, 5 Factory lane 

— house Sir Michael street 
^mpson, James, porter, Greenock Bank, 44 Cathcart st 

house, 1 Mansion House lane 


Simpson, John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 46 Cath* 
cart street — house iV[ansion House lane 

Simpson, Mrs. mangier, 6 Lon^well close 

Simpson, Mrs. spirit dealer, 31 Shaw street 

Simpson, Mrs. Walt r, 8 Springkell street 

Simpson, Robert & Son, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 
45 Cathcart street 

Simpson, Robert, sen. cabinet maker and upholsterer, 46 
Cathcart street — house do. 

Simpson, Robt. jun. cabinet maker — ho. 3 Cross-shore st 

Simpson, Thomas, shipmaster, 2 Captain street 

Sinclair, Anfi^us, carter, 51 Rue end street 

Sinclair, Arch, boot and shoemaker, 6 East Quay lane 

Sinclair, Daniel, shipmaster, 5 East Breast 

Sinclair, David*, wholesale grocer and spirit dealer, 32 
Venn el 

Sinclair, D. and P. painters, 3 West Blackball street 

Sinclair, James, bookseller, 4 East Breast — house 54 
Cathcart street 

Sinclair, Jo n, gardener and seedsman, 12 Cathcart st. 

Sinclair, Matthew, jSfrocer and spirit dealer, 36 Shaw st. 

Sinclair, Robt.* of Scott, Sinclair 8^ Co ho. West Stew- 
art street 

Sinclair, Rev. Sutherland, Shaw place 

Sinclair, William, grocer, 3 Manse lane 

Sinclair, Wilh"am, mate, 16 Dalrymple street 

Skinner, George, gardener and seedsman, 13 Cathcart st 

Skuse, Peter, mate, 8 Vennel 

Slater, James, teacher, 26 Tobago street 

Sraellie, James & Co. joiners and cabinet makers, 1 Carts- 
burn street 

Smith A. & Co. corkcutters, 8 Manse lane 

Smith. Alexander, flesher and vintner, (Black Bull Inn) 
7 Cathcart street 

Smith, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 39 Cathcart st. 

Smithy Alex, tailor, 49 Cathcart street 

Smith, Arch teacher, 34 Bearhope street 

Smith, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 9 Tobago street 

Smith, David, carpenter, 45 Dalrymple street 

Smith, James, tailor and grocer, 1 West Shaw street 


Smith, John, broker, 11 Taylor's closee 
Smith, John, grocer and confectioner, 5 West Shaw st. 
Smith Miss, 5 George square 
Smith, Miss Jane, dress maker, 10 Broad close 
Smith, Miss, dressmaker, 32 Shaw street 
Smith, Miss, teacher, 3 Market street 
Smith, Mrs. Duncan*, Boyd's place, 21 West Blackhall st 
Smith, Mrs. grocer, 10 Broad close 
Smith, Robert, builder, 9 Brougham street 
Smith, Thos. boot and shoemaker, 32 Ann street 
Sommerville & Carrie, joiners, cabinet makers, and glaz- 
iers, Rodger's land, Crawf urdsdike 
Sommerville, James, porter, Glasgow Union Bank, Union 

Bank Buildings, 3 Church place — house do. 
Sparks, Robert, joiner and glazier, 7 Baccleuch street — 

house 28 Market street 
Speirs, James*, farmer, Brackleston 
Speirs, .James, spirit dealer, 55 Shaw street 
Speirs, Jas. of Speirs and Wrede — ho. East Blackhall st, 
Soeirs, James, coal, fish and oil merchant, 22 Vennel 
Speirs, James, spirit dealer, 4 Carnock street 
Speirs, James, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Dalrymple 

street — house Nicholson street 
Speirs, John, sen* M. D. physician, 21 Hamilton street 

— house 2 Houston street 
Speirs, John, M.D. physician, 38 Vennel — ho. Brackleston 
w^peirs, John, skipper, Crawfurdsdike 
Speirs, John, R. M D. physician, 21, Hamilton street 

— house 2 Houston street ^ 

Speirs and Wrede, sugar refiners, Hamilton street, Port- 
Glasgow road 
Spence S^ Co. tobacconists, 41 Shaw street — house 3 

Cro.^s shore street 
Spence, James, cooper and fish curer, 3 Watson's lane — - 

house 3 Vennel 
Spence, John, shipmaster, 5 Dellingburn street 
Spence, John, tidewaiter — house West Shaw street 
Sproul, John, pastry baker, 53 Shaw street 
Stanton, Thomas, Leith Tavern, 3 Lindsay's lane 
Stark, Rev. James — house Crawfurdsdike 


Steel, Hugh, boot and shoemaker, 31 Vennel 

Steel, Miss, 1 East Blackball street 

Steele, Miss — house 53 Rue end street 

Steel, Mrs. mangier, 42 Cathcart street 

Steel, Jas. joiner, cabinet & chair maker, 17 Hamilton st 

Steele, R. & Co. ship builders, 36 Rue end street 

Steele, Robert, ship builder, 36 Rue end street — ho. St 

Andrew's square 
Steel, William, assistant. Post Office, 1 Church place 
Steele, William*, tobacconist, 4 Charles street 
Steen, John, spirit dealer, 5 East Breast 
Stevenson, Hugh, tide surveyor — house Regent street 
Stevenson, Jas.* brown and white earthern ware manuf. 

china and glass merchant — warehouse, 4 William 

street. Port Glasgow road 
Stevenson, Mrs. James*, Shaw place 
Stevenson, Peter, broker, 43 Vennel 
Stevenson, Robert, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 40 

Cathcart street 
Stevenson, Rob. salesman— ho. Watt'sland, Crawfurdsdike 
Stevenson, Thos. & Son*, merchants, agents, and insur- 
ance brokers, 3 West Quay lane— ho. 21 Crawfurd st 
Stewart, Alex, tailor, 48 Hamilton street 
Stewart, Andrew & Co. merchants and shipowners, 15 

Virginia street 
Stewart, Andw.* wine & spirit raercht, 29 Sugar house lane 
Stewart, Angus, tailor, 64 Ann street 
Stewart, Archibald, waiter, 1 Highland closs 
Stewart, Archibald, mate, 1 Ropework street 
Stewart, Archd. & Son, boot & shoemakers, 56 Shaw st. 
Stewart, Archd. D. CM. and surgeon, 13 Vennel, and 

Sir Michael street 
Stewart, Arch, spirit dealer, 11 Buccleugh street 
Stewart, Charles, steward, 56 Dalrymple street 
Stewart, Duncan, smith, 53 Shaw street 
Stewart, J. G. teacher, 7 Manse lane 
Stewart, J. Sf W. merchts. and shipowners, 2 West Quay 
Stewart, James*, mercht. 2 West Quay — ho. Seafieid 
Stewart, James, skipper, 29 Sugar house lane 
Stewart, James, victualler, 2 Rue end street 


Stewart, John, collector's clerk customs — ho. Boyd street 
Stewart, John, shoemaker and grocer, 24 Vennel 
Stewart, John, spirit dealer, 6 East Breast 
Stewart, John, tidewaiter — house Sir Michael street 
Ste%yart, Mrs. Campbell, 1 Ardgowan square 
Stewart, Mrs. Andrew*, hou^e 6 Boyd street 
Stewart, Mrs. spirit dealer, 34 Rue end street 
Stewart, Neil, cooper, 21 Bog-le street 
Stewart, Robert, Baron Officer, 3 Mansion house lane 
Stewart, Sir Michael Shaw, Bart. oFGreenock and Black- 
hall, M. P. Ardgowan, and No 19 King st. London 
Stewart, Thomas, gardener. Mount Park, 25 Ann street 
Stewart, Thos. grocer and spirit dealer, Craw urdsdike 
Stewart, William, baker, 2 West Blackhali street 
Stewart, William, mate, 53 Shaw street 
Stewart, William, steward, 1 Taylor's closs 
Stewart, Wra.* rnercht. 2 West Quay — house Seafield 
, Stoho, Robert, land-waiter — house Bearhope street 
Stodart, James, tide-waiter, house 8 Argyle street 
Storm, David, master of the Active, 6 Shannon's closs 
Strutliers, George, victualler, 53 Shaw street 
Struthers, Robt. grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Dalrymple st 
Stuart & Rennie, merchants and ship owners, 24 Shaw st 
Stuart, James*, of Beltrees, merchant 
Summers, George, spirit dealer, Port-Glasgow road 
Summers, John, locker, 29 Charles st — ho. 8 Tobago st. 
Summers, John, watch and clock maker, 8 Manse lane 
Sunter, Joseph, mariner, 4 Market street 
vSutherland, Daniel, master of the Hercules steam boat, 

1 Shannon's closs 
Sutherland, James, vintner, 34 Charles street 
Sutherland, Jas. foreman of glass cutters, Crawfurdsdike 
Sutherland, Mrs. spirit dealer, Gourock high road 
Sutherland, Robert, shoemaker, 8 Innerkip street 
Sutherland, William, excise officer — house Market street 
Suttie, Thomas, smith and grate maker, 17 Cathcartst. 
Swan, Allan*, writer, 3 William st — ho. 101 Union st. 
Swan, David, shipmaster, 7 Manse lane 
Swan, John, mate, 7 Manse lane 


Swan, Robt. W. agent for the Manchester Assurance, S 

William street 
Swan, William, slater, 23 Tobago street — slate yard, 3 

Sir Michael street 
Sweeney, Alexander, spirit dealer, 72 Vennel 
Sweeny, A. old iron merchant, 30 Shaw street 
Sword, Archibald, wine merchant — house Watt's land, 

Sword, Arch, and Co. wine and spirit merchants, Watt's 

land, Crawfurdsdike 

TAIT, Alexander, ship. master, 3 Captain street 
Tait, Misses, straw hat and dressmakers, 12 William st. 
Tait, Peter, tidewaiter, 47 Dalrymple street 
Tarbet, Mrs * Ford road 

Tarbet, Misses, sewsters, 4 Sir Michael street 
Tasker, James*, sugar refiner — ho. 86 Union street 
Tasker, Young, & Co. sugar refiners, Dellingburn street 
Taylor, Alexander*, farmer, Gourock low road 
Taylor, Alexander, foreman, 28 Rue-end street 
Taylor, Alexander*, Macfield Cottage, Gourock low road 
Taylor, Andrew, shipmaster, 3 Vennel 
Taylor, Angus, boot and shoemaker, 2 Dalrymple St. 
Taylor, Angus, shoemaker, 49 Cathcart street' 
Taylor, Angus, steward, 40 Vennel 
Taylor, Archibald, ropemaker, 8 Brisbane street 
Taylor, Archibald, shipmaster, 33 Charles street 
Taylor, Daniel, cork-cutter, 56 Shaw street — ho. 5 do. 
Taylor, Daniel, ship-master, (ship tavern,) 8 William st. 
Taylor, Daniel, deep sea pilot and spirit dealer, J 1 Mar- 
ket street 
Taylor, George, cowfeeder, 7 Innerkip street 
Taylor, James, measurer, 57 Dalrymple street 
Taylor, John, grocer, 32 Vennel 
Taylor, John, spirit dealer, 48 Innerkip street 
Taylor, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 Shaw street 
Teirney, M. and J. spirit dealers, 3 West Breast 
Telfer, Alex, cowfeeder and grocer, Crawfurdsdike 
Tennant, Js. gardener and seedsman, 18 West Burn st. 



Teulon, John H. Greenock Coffee Room keeper, 8 Cath- 
cart square, (Billiard room proprietor, 3 Bank st.) 
house Red Barn Cottage, Mearns street 
Theatre, Greenock, 2 Mansion house lane, Duncan 
Shaw, proprietor, 5 Cathcart street — John Dale, 
Thom, James, engineer and superintendent for Shaws 
Water Co. Everton Cottage — office, 2 Dock Breast 
Thom, John, coal merchant — ho. Crawfurd street 
Thom, William, grocer, 30 Hamilton street — house do. 
Thompson, Alex.* customer-weaver, 27 Sir Michael st. 
Thomson, Adam, teacher, 24 Sir Michael st — ho. do. 
Thomson, Alexander*, banker — Greenock bank, 44 

Cathcart street — house Caddlehill 
Thomson, Alexander, smith, 45 Dalrymple street 
Thomson & Buchanan, merchants and agents, 12 East 

Quay lane 
Thomson, Daniel, ship-master, 2 Vennel 
Thomson, Donald*, Shaw place (entry Mearns street) 
Thomson, Donald, spirit dealer, 16 Charles street 
Thomson, ship-master, 50 Nicholson street 

Thomson, Edward, grocer, 54 Vennel 
Thomson, Jas. professor of dancing — Academy, Assem- 
bly Rooms, 44 Cathcart street 
Thomson, James, clerk, Renfrewshire Bank, Bank street 
Thomson, James, mariner and grocer, 7 Kilblain street 
Thomson, John*, mercht. 12 East Quay lane — house 

Thomson, John, clerk, Greenock Bank, 44 Cathcart st. 

—house Caddlehill 
Thomson, John, book-keeper, 73 Nicholson street^ — hd. 

Ropework street 
Thomson, John, bookseller, stationer, and chart seller, 

15 William street 
Thomson, Jn. custom house officer — ho. 5 Dellingburn st. 
Thomson, John, general merchant, auctioneer and ap- 
praiser, vendue commission warehouse, 13 William st 
Thomson, Miss, house, 50 Nicholson street 
Thomson, Miss, straw-hat maker, 10 Nicholson street 
Thomson, Mrs. straw hat maker, 45 Dalryn)ple street 
Thomson, Mrs. William*, 2 Cartsburnstreet 


Thomson, Mrs.* Ladyburn, Port-Glasgow road 

Thomson, Mrs. 4 Union street 

Thomson, Mrs.* 13 Union street 

Thomson, Rev. Donald — house 49 Innerkip street 

Thomson, Thomas, mate, 1 West Quay lane 

Thomson, William, tidewaiter — house Dellingburn street 

Thorne, Robert, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 17 

Hamilton street, and 6 Innerkip street— house 1.5 

Tobago street 
Tierney, William, spirit dealer, 18 Dalrymple street 
Tillery, Thomas, gardener and botanist, 3 East Quay lane 
Todd, George, merchant and agent. 38 Shaw street — 

ho. Boyd's place, West Blackball street 
Todd, John, boot and shoemaker, 11 Cathcart street 
Todd, John, cooper and fish curer, 26 Sugar house lane 

— house '6'2. Hamilton street 
Todd, Mary, grocer, 1 Carnock street 
Tookney, Mrs. grocer and yarn dealer, Crwfurdsdike 
Tough, Alexander, cooper and mangier, 11 Charles st. 
Tough, Alex. sen. ropemaker — ho. Blair's land, Regent st 
Tough, Alexander, jun. ropemaker — house 63 Ann st. 
Tough, Alexander, and Son, rope makers, — (Regent st. 

Ropework) Regent street 
Tough, Berry, ropemaker — house 19 Bogle street 
Tough, Daniel, clerk, 31 Vennel 
Trecey, Bartholomew, clothier, 61 Vennel 
Trench, Alexander, foreman, 28 Rue-end street 
Truelove, William, umbrella maker, grocer, and stone- 
ware merchant, 32 Cathcart street 
Tulloch, Mrs. grocer, 25 Cartsburn street 
Tulloch, Mrs. Ann*, 8 Manse lane 
Tulloch, Mrs. vintner & lodging house, 8 Dalrymple st. 
Turbet, James*, writer, 3 Bank st. — ho Ford house 
Turnbull, James, tidewaiter — ho. 6 Ropework street 
Turner & Buchanan, merchts.& ship agents, 17 Cathcart st 
Turner, Catherine, grocer, 1 Manse lane 
Turner, James, jun. writer, 5 Watson's lane —house 15 

Hamilton street 
Turner, James*, writer and town clerk, 3 Church place 

— house Finn art 
Turner Sf M'Kt-ller, writers, 3 Church place 


Turner, Peter, carter and spirit dealer, Stanner's street 
Turner, Robert, draper, 55 Cathcart st. — ho. Tobago st. 
Turner, Thomas*, merchant, 17 Cathcart street^ — ho. 73 

West Blackball street, (formerly 10 do ) 
Turner, William, pensioner, 15 Sugarhouse lane 
Turner, William, surgeon, 35 Hamilton street — house 

W^est Blackball street 
Tweddel, Jn. grocer and spirit dealer, 39 Dalrymple St. 
Tyro, Robert^ spirit dealer, 7 Vennel 

UNITED Secession Churchy 10 Innerkip street 
United Secession, Church, 51 Nicholson street 
United Secession Church, 2 Union street 
Urquhart, Alexander*, carpenter, 26 VVest Shaw street 
Urquhart, Mrs. spirit dealer, 9 Broad close 

VIEBROCK, Henry, sugar boiler, 17 Nicholson street 
— house do. 

WALKER, Alexander, spirit dealer, 21 Dalrymple st. 
Walker, Andrew, locker, Johnston's tobacco warehouse, 

3 West Quay — ho 31 Vennel 
Walker, Hugh*, 5 George square 
W^alker, James, boiler maker, 12 East Stewart street 
Walker, James, grocer and vintner, 5i Shaw street 
Walker, Jn. draper, 48 Hamilton St.— ho. 6 5 Nelson st. 
Walker, John, engineer— -house Cartsburn street 
Walker, John, keeper, Exchange Coffee Room, and Bil- 
liard Tables, 44 Cathcart street — ho. 39 do. 
Walker, John, at Scott, Sinclair, & Co.— ho. 18 Carts^ 

burn street 
Walker, Miss C. milliner and dress maker, 39 Cathcart st 
Walker, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 52 Rue-end st 
Walker, Mrs. Anchor Inn, 42 Shaw street 
Walker, Mrs. retailer of coals, 51 Shaw street 
Walker, Rob. fancy biscuit & pastry baker, 21 Hamilton st 
Walker, Robert, cabinet maker, 7 William street 
Walker, Robert, teacher, St. James' street 
Walker, William, clothier, 4 Dalrymple street — house 3 

William street 
Walker, William, miller — ho. George square 


Walker, William, spirit dealer, 42 Shaw street 
Walkinshaw, James, Sf Co. paper makers, (Overton paper 
works) — warehouse 4 Custom House place, Gree- 
nock, and 107 Ingram street, Glasgow 
Walkinshaw, James*, paper maker, Overton paper works 
Wallace, Colin, manuf. of fire works, 7 Drummer's close 
Wallace, Hunter, & Co. merchants & shipowners, 38 

Shaw street 
Wallace, James, jun. clerk, customs- ho. 71 Ann street 
Wallace, James, sen. warehouse keeper, Customs — house 

Cartsburn house 
Wallace, Mrs. eating house, 16 Cross shore street 
Wallace, Mrs. (Wallace Arms Inn,) 23 Cathcart street 
Wallace, Robert of Kelly, M. P.— office, 38 Shaw street 
Wallace, Thomas, ship- master, 7 Laird street 
Wallace, William, brewer, Crawfurdsdike 
Warden and Co. ship-chandlers and grocers, 12 East 

Breast and 28 Hamilton street 
Warden, Ivie, farmer^ Finnart 

Warden, Jonathan, vegetable pill maker, 33 Hamilton st; 
Warden, Mrs. William, farmer Murdieston 
Warden, Robert, baker, 12 Cathcart street 
Warden, William, late farmer, Emnart; 
Warden, William*, 9 Nicholson street- 
Warden, William, of Warden & Co. — house Bearhope*st. 
Watson, Alexander, chimney sweep <^ soot naerchant, 4 

Cowgate street. 
Watson,. David, surveyor of Works, 38 Hamilton street 
Watson, James, cloth merchant, 10 East Breast- — house 

Roxburgh street 
Watson, James, tidewaiter — house 6 Cathcart street 
Watson, John^ clyde flint glass Co. — ho. Ratho street 
Watson, John, H. of clyde flint glass Co. 303: Greenhill 

place, Glasgow. 
Watson, Mrs. Robert,.13 Union street 
Watson, Mrs* Robert &. Son*, farmers, Low Murdieston 
Watson, Robert, ship^master, 7 Laird street 
Watson, .Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 64 Dalrymple St. 
Watson, William*, stamp office, 3 Church place. — house 

IS-West Stewart street 
H. 3. 


Watt, Jame?, jun. brewer — house Crawfurdsdike 
Watt, James, sen.* brewer — house Crawfurdsdike 
Watt, James and Co * brewers, Crawfurdsdike 
Watt, John, foreman bookbinder, at Neil and Frazer's, 5 

Drummer's close 
W^att, John, teller, Greenock Bank, 44 Cathcart street — 
, I house Stewart street 

Watt, Mrs. John, tea-merchant, 4 West Stewart street 
Watt, William, clerk, Watt's brewery, Crawfurdsdike 
Webb, John, poulterer, 51 Shaw street 
Weddell, John, landwaiter — house, 4 VVest Stewart street 
Weddell, Miss Mary, confectioner and dealer in wines, 

Steam Boat Quay 
Weir, Alexander, spirit dealer, 1 Charles street 
Weir, Duncan, and Co. agents and merchants (head of 

Open Shore) 33 Shaw street 
Weir, Duncan, mercht — ho. Forsyth's land, Regent st. 
W'eir, James, spirit dealer, 27 Market street 
Weir, James, spirit dealer, 62 Dalrympie street 
Weir, John, excise officer, — house 8 Union street 
W'eir, John*, joiner and glazier, 65 West Blackball st. 
Weir, John, vintner and rigger, 8 East Quay lane 
W^eir, Mary, spirit dealer, 16 Market street 
Weir, Misses, 45 Rue-end street 

Weir Rachel, grocer and dealer in ales, H Ann street 
Weir, Robert, tailor, 34 Market street 
W^eir, William, house agent, 13 Cathcart street 
Welsh, Mrs. N. house 68 West Blackball street 
West Kirk (old) 63 Nicholson street 

Westlin, , mate, 7 West Breast 

Wetherell, Mrs. grocer, 10 Broad close 

Wharton, John, collector of excise — house Hill end 

Whitaker, Miss, Stewart's land. West Shaw street 

Whyte, Colin, boatman, Custom house buildings 

Whyte, James, dealer in coals, 42 Shaw street 

Whyte, Jamesy shipmaster, 7 West Breast 

Whyte, John, skipper^ 10 West Breast 

Whyte, Martin, mate, 7 West Breast 

Whyte, Mrs. Matthew*, grocer, 3 West Shaw street 

"Whyte, Mrs. flesher, 23 Hamilton street 

Whyte, Peter, skipper, 63 Ann street 


Whyte, Robert, shipmaster, 7 Wei^t Breast 
Whyte, Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Innerkip street 
Wilicie, Hugh, shipmaster, 74 West Blackball street 
Wilkinson, Mrs. broker, 1 Taylor's close 
Wilkinson, Rev. Thomas, Regent street (vvest) 
Williamson, Archd. coal dealer, 7 Cowgate street 
Williamson, Charles, accountant, messenger at arms, and 

auctioneer, 15 Cathcart st. — ho. Roxburgh street 
Williamson, George*, writer and procurator fiscal tor low- 
er ward, 47 Hamilton st — ho. Williamson st. 
Williamson & Glassford, writers, 47 Hamilton street 
Williamson, Mrs. Archd.* 25 Sir Michael street 
Williamson, Thos. D merchant, 28 Charles street 
Wilson, Abraham, eating house, 2 Shannon's close 
Wilson, Alex, shipmaster, 7 East Stewart street 
Wilson, Archd.* depute town treasurer, ho. Union st. 
Wilson, Archd.* mercht. Custom house place — house 74 

Union street 
Wilson, David, farmer, Cornhaddock 
Wilson, James, boot and shoemaker, 5 West Shaw st. 
Wilson, John*, shipmaster. Regent street (west) 
Wilson, John, spirit dealer, 24 West Blackball street 
Wilson, John, tallow chandler, 43 Cathcart street 
Wilson, J. Sf S. bakers and vintners, 6 East Breast 
Wilson, Mrs. A. vintner, 3 Taylor's close 
Wilson, Mrs. provision shop, 13 Cathcart street 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert*, 10 West Burn street 
Wilson, Mrs.* West Shaw street 
Wilson, Rev. John, 13 Jamaica street 
Wilson, Rev. Robert, US.C. ho. 10 Union street 
Wilson, Thomas, shipmaster, H Bogle street 
Wilson, Walter, copper and tinsmith, 9 Shaw street 
Winder, James, wooden hoop manufacturer, 22 West 

Burn street, Duncan M' Arthur, agent 
Winton, Jas. joiner and glazier, 3 Innerkip st. bo» 49 do. 
Wittet, Miss, dress maker, 2 William street 
Wood, Alexander*, 33 Rue-end street 
Wood, James, carter, (Baker's mill) Baker's street 
Wood, John, millwright and engineer, Dellingburn street 

— house M'Gregor's land. Baker's street 
Wood; Miss*, 8 George square 


Wood, Miss, dressmaker, 13 West Burn street 

Wood, Wm. late tide surveyor, ho. Mansion house place 

Woods, Mrs. eating house, 17 Shaw street 

Wotherspoon, Mrs. spirit dealer, Ladyburn 

Wrede, Lear, of Speirs & Wrede, ho. Hanjilton st. (east) 

Wright, Donald, spirit dealer, 27 Charles st. and grazier 

and flesher, 26 Dalrymple street 
Wright, Duncan*, Regent street 
Wright, Gilbert, tailor ^ clothier, 10 Shaw street 
Wright, James, shipmaster, 66 Ann street 
Wright, John, shoemaker, 8 Dalrymple street' 
Wright, Joseph, ship agent, East Regent street 
Wright <x Muir*, leather merchants, boot and shoemak- 
ers, 12 Shaw street 
Wylie, Alex, assistant collector of Town assesments — ho. 

1 Manse lane 
Wylie, Alex, locker of general wood stores, West Quay — 

house 53 Ann street 
Wylie, James, baker, 55 Cathcart street 
Y/ylie, James, spirit merchant, 2 Harvie lane— .house 17 

Hamilton street 
Wylie, Robert*, shipmaster, 56 West Blackball street 
Wyse, James, confectioner and lozenge manufacturer, 16 

Hamilton slreet 
W'yse & M'Nie, china, stoneware, and poultry merchants, 

24' Hamilton street, and grocers 27 do. 

YOUNG, James, salt office, 42 Hamilton street 

Young, Maitland*, sugar refiner, house Bellvue place 

Young, Miss, dressmaker, 17 Tobago street 

Young, R. Sf S. fieshers, Arthur street 

Young, Robert, ironmonger and nail manufacturer, 7 To- 
bago street — house 2(5 do. 

Young, Samuel, flesher, "25 Hamilton st. spirit shop 26 do. 

Young, Thomas, carman, 6 Broad close 

Young, Thomas*, sugar refiner, 3 Ker street — ho. 3 
West Stewart street 

Yuill, Archd. writer, 3 Cathcart St.— house Allan's land, 
Shaw place 






Th^se loJio wish their Society inserted, will please send early notice, 
thereof to the Publisher, with the date of Insiitution, the title (f So- 
ciety, the name of the Preses. Treasurer, Clerk, and Officer, with the 
No- of land and name of the street imvhich they reside; also the date 
of Election of Office hearers. Attending to this notice will be foa>:d 
a great convenience to members of Societies, and enable the fubiisher 
to make the lists more complete. — N B. As much delay and unneces- 
sary trouble has been occasioned by Societies and other Public Bodies 
not giving in their lists, the Publisher intimates that, unless the same 
be regularly forwarded, he will not be acccountable for omissio.vs — 
Feuars who may be omitted to be marked as such, are requested to send 
in their proper address to the Publisher. 

Magistrates and Town Council of Greenock, 
Robert Baine, Esq. Provost. 
Thomas, Tunicr,^ 
Jhmes Watt, > Esqrs. Bailies, 
Wra. Macfie, j 

Adam Fairne, Treasurer. 


Messrs. Robert Steele 

Thomas Carmichael 
Andrew AiiOerson 
Jolm Mriclellan, jun 
Robert Kerr 

iViessrs. William Park 

John Buchanan, jun. 
John Rxlger, jun. 
John Ker 
William Leitch 

Meet tirst Tuesday of every month. 


Alexander Dunlop, Advocate, assessor for the town at Edinburgh. 

John Patten, W.S. law agent for do. at Edinomgh. 

James Turner, town clerk — J. K. Gray, jun. town clerk. 

Archd. Wilson, assistant treasurer — George Williamson, procurator 


George Hamilton, superintendent of public works. 

Archd. Shannon, harbour master, eastern division. 

John Cooper, harbuur master, western division. 

Archd. M'Kellar, depute harbour master, eastern division. 

Daniel Kennedy, depute harbour master, western division. 

Thomas Alexander, collector of harbour rates. 

Walter Laird, collector of anchorage and Steam Boat Dues, &e. 

Custom House Quay. 

94 Greenock, 

Water Trustees, S^c. 


The Trustees for paving, liphring, cleansing, and watching the 
town, and supplying? the same with water, in terms of acts of Par- 
liament, are the Magistrates and Town Council, along with nine 
persons elected by the FeuKrs and Householders, viz. 

Alex. M'Cailum 
James Little 
Nicholas Kuhll 

John Ross 
(t. W. Dick 
James Mackie, M. D. 

Donald Thomson ( 
John Paul 
James Kerr 

Water coMMrssiONEns. 
George Muir 
James Graham i 

John M'Lean ! 

Hector M'Phail jun. 
William Scott 
Archd. Buchanan. 

John Boag 
Daniel Sharp 

George Williamson, collector. 

Hat hour Trustees and Commissioners, 
By Acts of Parliament, the Magistrates ard Town Council are 
Trustees, they are also Commissioners, along with nine hhip-owners 
elected annually in October. 

Town Police — Office 47 Hamilton street, 
Robert Ly le, superintendent of Town Police— ho. 9 West Stewart st. 
John King, M.I>. police surgeon, 2 West Blackball streeli 
Alexander Mann, Serjeant, 12 Taylor's close. 
Gilbert Love, 15 Murket street. 
Donald Monroe, 15 Market street. 
Andrew Cochran, 2 Taylor's close. 
Donald M'Bride, 30 Market street 
James Carron, 15 Market street, 
John Weir, office keeper, 2 Hamilton street 

Harbour Police. 

Lieut. Duncan Blair. R.N., superintendent of Quay and Harbourj 

Police — house I Cross-shore street 
Beavon, James, 8 Sha^f street 
Buchanan, [^n. 7 Union Court 
Fivte, John, 4-3 Shaw street 

And 12 night Watchmen. 

Hay, Peter, 17 Vennel 
Pearson, Henry, 17 Vennel 
Sinclair, Peter, Ann street 

Steam Boat Officers. 
M'Millan, N.mI, 12 Dalrymple street— White, Donald, 15 Vennel 


Rate of Assessment on Rents, fur paving, liffhtmg, watching, and 
bringing water into the town, !s. 6d. per puu'td. 

Lieutenancy of Benfreivshire. 

Appendix, 95 


( Those mnrhed * belong to Greenock Subdivision, J 

Archibald Campbell, Esq. of Blythswood, Lord Lieutenant. 

W. M. Fleming, Esq. of Barochan, Vice Lieutenant. 


Sir .In. Maxwell of Pollock, hart. 
William Napier of Biackstoun 
Ludovic Houston of Johnstone 
John Maxwell yr. of Polloc 
Sir William Milliken Napier of 

Milliken and Napier, bait. 
John Maxwell of Dargavel 

William Lowdes of Arthurlie 

* Robert Wallace of Kelly, M.P. 
William Macdowall of Garthland 

* Lt.'Gen. Darroch of Gourock 

* R C. G. Bonti'ie of Ardoch 

* Duncan Darroch, yr. of Gourock 
William Mare, of Caldwell 

•Sir M. S. Stewart of (Jreenock | William Maxwell of Dargavel 
and Blackball, bart. M. P. Geo. Houstoun, yr. of Johnstone 

Robert Fulton of Hartfield I The Provost of Renfrew for the 

Right Hon. the Enilof Glasgow ' time 

Sir Robert Crawford Pollock of The Provost of Paisley for the 
Upper Pollock, bart. I time 

Col. Js. Harvey of Castlesemple * The eldest Magistrate of Gree« 

Wm. Cunninghame of Craigends ; nock for the time 

* J. C. Portei field, of Porterfield | Robert Wylie, clerk of General 

Right Hon. Jas. Vis. Kelburne j Meetings 

Robert Farquhar of Newark j * Crawfurd Muir, clerk of Gree- 

Wra. M. Alexander of Suuthbar nock Subdivision 



Sir M. S. Stewart of 
Greenock & Black- 
hall, Bart. M P. 

Robert Wallace of 
Kelly, M P. 

Lieut. Gen Duncan 
Darroch of Gourock 

Captain H. Stewart 

J. Shaw Stewart 

P. M. Stewart 

Capt. D. Darroch, yr» 
of Gourock 

Robert Stewart 

The Sheriff-substitute 

Alex. Dunlop 

James Watt 
John Dunlop 

Robert Ewing 
William M'Fie 
James Oughterson 
James Leitch 
A. Graham 
Roger Aytoun 
Thomas Lang 
James Likly 
George Robertson 
John Robertson 
A. M'Leish 
William Leitch 
Sir Gabriel VVood 
Andrew Anderson 
Robert Angus 
Matthew Brown 

John Fairrie 
James Kippen 
John Ker 
Claud Marshall 
Capt. A. Montgome- 
ry, R N. 
John May 
Matthew Rodger, yr, 
Robert Sinclair 
John Scott, yo'ir-fTpr 
John Speirs, M. D. 
Charles Scott 
Alexander Thomson 
James Tasker 
Robert Thorn 
Maiiland Young 

Archibald Bain 
The Provost and four Bailies of Greenock for the time being. 
Archibald M'Kinnon, Proc. Fiscal, David Crawford, Dep. clerk. 

96 Greenock 

Commissioners of Supply, S;c. 



The Shfi-iff and Sheriff Substi- 
tute of the County 
Sir M- S. Stewart of Greenock 

and Blackhall, barr. M,P. 
.Robert Wallace of Kelly. M.P. 
Qpn. D. Dnrroch, of Gouroek 
"V^ ilnam MFie of Lanphouse 
W. Cuninghame, merchant, Port 

William Mat-dowall of Carruth 
Houstoun Stewart Capt. R.N. 
R. C. G. Bontine of Ardoch 
.Tames C Porterfield of Duchal 
Roger Aytoun, Banker, Greenock 
Captain Darroch of Gouroek 
The chief Magistrate of Greenock 
The chief Magistrate of Port 

Wm. Barr, clerk of Supply, 33, Old Sneddon, Paisley. 


Allan Swan, Esq. Dean. 

David Glassford, treasurer — Archibald M'Kinon, fiscal 

—Robert Blair, secretary. 

1821 David Glassford 

1822 W. Liddell 
James Turner, jun. 

1824 Crawfurd Muir 
V\ .Johnston, jun. 

1825 William Currie 
Robert Biair 
Andrew Inglis 

1827 James Dunlop 

1828 William Service 

1829 H. T. Patten 
Archibald M'Kellar 

1833 James Inglis 
James Tarbet 

1815 Robert Walkinshaw 

Claud Marshall 

Robert Stewart 

William Kerr 

Allan Swan 

John Larront 

George W'^illiamson 

John Dunlop 

Archd. M'Kinnon 

John Pa ton 

Samuel Gemmill 

David Crawford 
1SI9 James Turner 
1S2I Archibald Yuill 

John Black 

Wra. Crichton, Bar Officer— N. B. for residence see Directory. 

Justice of Peace Small Debt Courts Bavk street, held 
en Thursday once a fortnight, at 11 o'clock forenoon. 

Archibald Young, clerk — David Crawford, depute-clerk, 
Archibald M-Kmrion, Pro. Fiscal. 

Sheriff Court, County Buildings, Bank street. Sits €ve7'y 
Friday during Session, at II o'clock forenoon 

John Colin Dunlop, Sheriff. Claud Marshal, Sheriff-Substitute. 

George Williamson, Procurator Fiscal. 

Robert Steuart, Clerk— William M'Clure, Depute-Glerk. 

Sheriff Small Debt Court, <^'c. Apjwndir, 97 

Sheriff' Small Debt Court, County Buildings, Bank st. 
held on Tuesday at 1\ o clock, once a fortnight. 

Claud Marshall, Sheriff Sub. j William M'Lure, depate-clerk. 
Robert Steuart, clerk ] 


Cricbton, Wm. 2 Cathcart st. 
Crookshdnks. Jas, 25 Tobago st. 
Donaldson, Wm. 4 Cowgate st. 

Hunter, Wm. Shaw street 
Robf^rtson, John, 2 Vennel 
Yule, John, 4 Cowgate street 

Burgh Court, 47 Hamilton street, held ei^ery Wednes- 
day at W o clock forenoon. 
James Turner, Town Clerk, — J. K. Gray, jun. Town Clerk 


Alex. Mann, serjeant, 12 Taylor's close. 

Carrap, James, 15 Market street 
Cochran, Andw. 2 Taylor's close 
Love, Gilbert, 25 Market street 

Monroe, Donald, 25 Market St. 
M'Bride, Donald, 30 Market st. 
Weir, John, 2 Hamilton street 

John Montgomerie, town drummer and crier, 34 Market street 

Commissary Court, held at Paisley every Thursday at 
eleven d clock forenoon. 

J. C. Dunlop, Commissary — A. Campbell, Commissary Depute 

Robert Wylie, Commissary Clerk. 


H«ld at Renfrew first Tuesday of March, May, and August, and 
last Tuesday of October. 

Jail and Bridewell, 2 Market Street. 
x\ngus Campbell, Jailer and keeper of Bridewell — house do. 

Messengers at Arms. 

Lyie, Robert, 47 Hamilton street — house West Stewart street 
M'Kinlay, John, 7 Longwell close 
M'Leod, Evander, 18 Hamilton street 
Williamson, Charles — house Roxburgh street 

M'Diarmid, Donald, 3 Cathcart street 
M'Dougall, John— house Sir Michael street 


Heniot, John, Steiel's land, 

Crawfurd street 
I Laidiay, Wm. 9 Charles st. 

Williamson, Charles, Roxburgh st. 
Thomson, John, 13 William st. 

98 Greenock. Public S!ale Room, Sfc. 


Vendue Commission Warehouse, John Thomson, general merchant, 
auctioneer and appraiser, 13 William street. 



Bank Buildings, Catheart Square. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon, and from 7 to 8 
evening, (shuts at 12 noon on Saturday.) Draw on Jones, Loyd 
and Co. London ; and on Robert Burns, Glasgow Union Bank, 
Edinburgh ; and on all the principal towns in England and Ireland. 

Andrew Anderson, Agent. 

Colin Lamont, junior, Cashier. 

John Gilchrist, Accomptant. 

Alexander Boag, Clerk. 

James Somerville, Porter, lives at the Bank, 

GREENOCK BANK—U Cathcart Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenon till 3 afternoon, (shuts at 12 on Sa- 
turday ) Drafts on Sir Charles Price, Marryat & Co. London, 
on the Commercial Bank, Liverpool, and on Sir William Forbes 
and Co. Edinburgh, given during these hours. Bills discounted 

Alex Thomson, Cashier ] Alex. Brymner, Depute Cashier. 

John Duncan, Accomptant. 

John Watt, Teller, 

James Simpson, Porter. 


Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 2 afternoon (shuts at 12 on Sa- 
turday ) Draw on Sir Charles Price, Bart. Marryat & Co. 
London — On Kinnears, Smiths, & Co. Edinburgh — William Na- 
pier and Co. Agents, Glasgow. — Bills for discount given in daily. 

Roger Ayton, manager>s— Alexander Patten, cashier. 

James Patten, Accomptant. 

Alexander Rodger, and Hugh Hercus, tellers. 

James Thomson, and Andrew Carmichael, clerks. 

John Macarthur, porter — house Bank. 

Agents.— Wm. Napier & Co. Glasgow— Alex. & John Beith, Campbelton— William 
Campbell, Inverary— Ivie H. M'Crae, Rothesay— Steven & Sons, Port-GIasgow. 

Banking Houses, ^c. 

Appendix. 99 

PROVIDENT BANK.— TowNHALL, 47 Hamilton Street. 

Open on Saturday evenings, from 7 till 9 o'clock. 
Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, Bart. M.P. President. 

D. Balderston, convenor. | William Liddell, secretary. 

Managed by a Committee of 15* 

Colin Lamont, jun. cashier. 

Any sum received above Is. — 4 per cent, interest allowed from 
12s. 6d. to L.30, if it lies one month-*and 3 per cent, when the 
Sum deposited exceeds L.30. 


Charles Auld 
Robert Biuee 
Alex M'Kellar 
W. M Donald, M.D. 
John Jamieson 
B. M'Luskie, 
Jh. R. Speirs,M.D. 

John Spelrs, M.D. 
Ninian Hill, M.D, 
William Turner 
Neil Campbell 
JohnSpeirs,jn. M.D. 
James Mackie, M.D. 
John King, M.D. 
W. Buchanan, M.D. 

N, B. — For residence see Directory. 

Duncan Hill 
William Brown 
Barclay Henry 
Williatn Allan 
Archd. D. Stewart 
Alex. Munro, M, D# 
John M'Intyre 


Instituted 1818, for Promoting Professional Intercourse and 

John Speirs, M.D.president — James Mackie, M.D, vice-president. 
J* Speirs, jun. M.D. treasurer — Charles Auld, secretary. 


Charles Crawford and Ninian Hill, M.D. 
Robert Bruce, librarian. 


Mrs. Bell, 9 Charles street 
Calder, 7 Vennel 
Grant, 3 Shaw street 
Holmes, 53 Vennel 
M'Arthur, 3 Market street 

Mis. M'Lay, 69 Nicholson st. 
Sharp, 38 Vennel 
Wylie, Stirling's land Cravv- 
Wright, 62 Crawfurd street 

INFIRMARY— Innerkip Street, Established? 

Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, Bart, M. P. president. 

Chief Magistrate of Greenock, vice-president. 
p. Glassford, secretary — Adam Fairrie, treasurer. 

]nO Greenock. 

Lunatic Asyium, ^c. 


Jn. Rodger, jun. cliairman— David Balderstone, Esq. vice-chairman, 

Messrs. Maitland Young 
John Marquis, jmi, 
James Little 
John Martin 
Archd. Wilson 
James Caird 

Chief Magistrate of Port- Glasgow 
Messrs. Alexander Rodger 

Robert Lindsay 

Duncan Weir 

John Campbell 

Archibald YuiU 

James Mackie, M.D. I Mr Charles Auld 

Mr William Turner | John Robert Speirs, M.D. 

William Dow, (surgeon) apothecary. 
Mrs. Cotter, matron. 

Lunatic Asylum at Fancy Farm, 

Established 1824-. 

Conducted under the superintendance of the United Kirk Sessions ; 
of the three parishes of Greenock, and a Committee appointed 
by the Heritors. 

William Thomson, manager. 
Dr, James Myckie, physician. 


Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, Bart. m. p. Major Com. 

Houston Stewart 
Duncan Darroch 
Robert Farquharson 
George Houstoun 

James Stirling 
George Robertson 
Adam Keir. jun. 
J. Hamilton 

James B. Kirk, M.D. surgeon. 

Joseph Housley, Serjeant Major. 
Clothing, BJue — Lace, Gold. 

William Houstoun 
David Mure 
James Fulton 
David Crawford 

EXCHANGE COFFEE ROOM— 14 Cathcart Street. 

George Logan, Treasurer. 


James Onghterson Archd. Sword 

Hugh Hutlou Robert Lindsay 

J. W. Mac Gregor 

John Walker, keeper. 

Greenock Coffee Room, S^c. 

Appendix, li\l 


Was opened in 1821, the terms are £\ 15s. yearly, paid in advance. 
Strangers residing in the town for not more than six weeks, are 
admitted gratis. 

Hector M Phail, jiin. Treasurer. 


Robert Park 
Adam MLeish 
James Mackie 

Samuel Paterson 
John Graham 
John Marquis, jun. 

Robert Jamieson 
Alex. M'Callum 

John H. Teulon, keeper — house Red Burn Cottage 


Was opened 2d June 1832 — Terms 15s. annually, payable half 

yearly in advance. 

John Buchanan, Chairman. 

Archibald Ferguson, Treasurer — Alexander Lang, Secretary. 

Matthew Orr 
George Hamilton ■ 
James Duff; 


John M'llvain 
Alexander Tough 
James Fleming 

William M'Leod, keeper. 
(This Room is shut on Sabbath. J 

James MLean 
Malcom Buchanan 

ASSEMBLY ROOMS.— 14 Cathcart Street. 

Messrs. James Tasker 
William Wood 
James Stewart 
Alexander Thomson 


Messrs. William Leitch 
Crawford Muir 
James Oughterson 

George Logan, Treasurer. 

Messrs. Dunlop and Liddell, Secretaries. 

John Park, keeper. 

GREENOCK BILLIARD CLUB— Exchange Buildings. 

i'if Cathcart Street. 

Opened January 1831 — Limited to 40 Members. 

committee of management. 

Robert Ewing 
Adam M'Leish 
James Rodgerson 

John Macauley, Secretary* 

Strangers admitted on being introduced by a Member. 

John Walker, keeper. 

I 3 

George Noble 
Robert Sinclair 

102 Greenock. Puhlic Billiard Room, &:c. 

John H. Teuion, proprietor — house Red Burn Cottage. 

GREENOCK LIBRARY— Instituted 1783. 
Mason's Hall, 36 Charles Street. 
By a late regulation, it is proposed to limit the price of Shares to 
£3, the annual payment is 13s. 

In 1807, a collection of Foreign literature was commenced, which 
collection, now greatly enlarged, was in 1834; united to this library, 
and is free to all the subsciibers, without any additional charge. Ten 
pounds annually from the general funds, are applied to the purchase 
of Foreign books. The Library contains upwards of 9000 volumes, 
and has about 231 Subscribers. 

Duncan Ferguson, Chairman. 

Rev. N Mofren 
Ninian Hill, M.D. 
Rev. Dan. M'Farlane 

Claud Marshall 
Alex. Patten 
Thomas Turner 

John Wharton 
George Williamson 

Rev. John Dunn, Librarian and Treasurer. 


4 Sir Michael Street. 

The Library contains above 1000 volumes, and has upwards of 
3'JO members. — Terms — one shilling per half year, open on Mon- 
day, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, from 8 till 9 o'clock. 


John Neilson, President. 

Robert Allan, Treasurer — William Alexander, Secretary. 

Thomas Boyd, John Henry, and Peter Blair, Librarians, 

with 15 other members of committee. 


Grammar School — Brown, James 
Mathematical School — Buchanan, Robert 
^rc/u7ec/ure— Biaikie, John — M'Whirter, William 

Drawing, ^"c. — 

English, and English Grammar, ^c. — Anderson, John— Murray, 

Peter — Walker, Robert 
English Reading, Grammar, History, and Geography'— Thoiasoi), 

English, Writing, and Arithmetic — Bain, Donald — Cumming, John 

—Kerr, S.'S. — Menzies, John— M'Donaid, John— M'Glash- 

an, John — M'Leod, Duncan 

Public Schools, S^Q. Appendix. H> 

English, Writing, Bookkeeping, ^c— Gilmour, John— Innes, Peter 

— Slater, James — Stewart, J. G. 
Gae/«c— Sinclair, Duncan 

Grammar, Geographf/, Book keeping, S(c. , 

Greenock Charity School — Munro, John 
Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Sfc — Dunn, Rev. John 
Music— Ciivam'wg, John — Dugald, Neil 
Navigation and Nautical Astronomy— Lyon, Malcom 
Roman Catholic Schools-Jones, Thomas 
Seaman's School—Cants, Rev. Charles 
Writing, Arithmetic, Drawing, SfC. — Buchanan, Colin 
Writing, Arithmetic, Mathematics, and Drawing — Nichol Adaoi 
N. B.—For residence see Directory. 

Female School of Industry— M\s. Atsgus, Patroness — Superinrend- 
ants, Mrs. Marshall — Mrs Johnston —Mrs. Leitch — Mrs. James 
M'Fie— Mrs Cameron — Mrs. John Kerr—Mrs. Buchanan — Miss 
Visitors, 1st Quarter, Miss Lusk— Miss Thomson — Miss C. Camp- 
bell — Miss Graham. 
2d Do. Miss B M'Fie— Miss Hunter— Miss Boyd— 

Miss Williamson 
3d Do. Miss Miller— Miss Reid— Miss Scott— Miss 

4th Do. Mis. Ninian— Miss Janet Kerr — M'ss Camp- 
bell-Miss Mary M'Fie 
Miss Dunlop, Treasurer— Miss E. Watson, Secretary. 
Rev. Dr Scott, Chaplain. 
Sahhath Evening Department— ^u^ex'm^endanis, Mrs. M'Nab and 
Mrs. John Cameron — Teachers, Miss Brown lie — Miss Mary 
Hunter — Miss VViiliamson— Miss Aitken — Miss Georgina Mac- 

School mistress, Mrs. J. Brown. 

Greenock Charity School — The Chief Magistrate of Greenock, 
Chairman— Directors, Hector M'Phail, jun.-^James Jamieson — 
John Black-T-Robert Park— Charles Auld— Thomas Aiiken— 
John Graham— John M'Farlane — George Todd— James Watson 
—William Martin— James Stewart — Thomas Farrie, Treasurer — 
Henry T. Patten, Secretary. 

John Munro, Teacher. 


Charles Street Week Day and Sabbath Female School — Garden- 
er's Hall, Manse lane.— Teacher, Miss Mary M'Naughtan. This 
school is superintended by Ladies, and attended by about 130 girls 
who pay 2d per week, for which they are taught reading and sew- 

104 Greenock. Sahhath Schools, S^c. 


Crawfurdsdike Sabbath School— Conducted by Mr Thomas Fairrie, 
and a number of assistants — scholars about 250. 

Aetv Parish Sabbath Schools — Managed by a committee of Session 
—John Ker, secietary and treasurer, 4 West Quay. 

Greenock Sabbath Schools Society — John Dunlop, president — Hobert 
Lindsay treasurer — Rev. Andrew Gilmour, and George William- 
son, jun. joint secretaries, with a committee of 14 Directors. — 
There are under the Directors inspection, 19 schools — teachers 36 
— scholars 506, local system — teachers' prayer meeting, third 
Monday of every month. 



Chapel of Ease— -Grey Place, West Blackball street, Niathaniel 
Morren — appointed by Communicants 

East Churce- — 4 Bogle street, William Menzies, A.M. — Town 
Council and committee of Proprietors 

Gaeiic Cbapel — 15 West Burn street, Angus M'Bean — Proprie- 

MinoLE Church — 1 Cathcart square, John Scott, D.D. — John J. 
Bonar, assistant. — Town Council and Feuars 

West (Old) Church — 63 Nicholson street, Patrick Macfarlan, 
D.D,— Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, M.P. 

'J'he Presbytery of Greennck cnisists of the five parishes of Greenock, the two of 
Port-Gla gow, tlie parishes of Iniierkip, Goutock, Kilmalcolm, Erskine, Largs, and 
Cumbraes, — in all, 13 Parishes. 

DISSENTERS, arranged alphabetically.- i 

Baptist Chapel — 7 West Burn street, Donald Thompson 

BuRGBER — 40 Rue-end street, Cartsburn Bridge. George Mos- 
script — James Stark, assistant and successor — Congregation 

Independent Chapel — 9 Sir Michael street, Alex. Lyle. 

English Episcopal Chapel — 104 Union street, Richard Martin 
— Congregation. 

Msthodist^Cbapel — 6 Tobago street, vacant — Conference 

Belief — 33 Sir Michael street, William Auld — Congregation 

Reformed PREsurTERY — 44 West Stewart street, Andrew Gil- 
mour — Congregation 

JRoMAtr Catholic Chapel— -25 East Shaw street, William Gordon 

— Bishop 

UrfiTASiAir Chapel— ~3 Sir Michael street, William Maccall — Con- 

Ukited Secession-'\Q Innerkip street, Sutherland Sinclair— Con- 

iSes-sion Clerks' OJJlces. Appendix, \{)5 

United Secession — 51 Nicholson street, Robert Wilson — Con- 
TJvjTEu Secession — 2 Union street, vacant — Congregation 
Univehsalist Chafel'—'^ Walson's lane, William Scott 


East Church Parish, John Love, 1 East Quay Jane 
Middle do. John Cumming, 11 William street 

West (Old) do. John Munro, Regent street 


Ministers and Kirk Sessions, and a committee of Heritors, 

D. Macewen, Collector 
John Munro, Kirk treasurer. West ((Jld) Parish 
John Cummina'. Kirk treasurer, Middle Parish 
D. Macevvenj Kirk treasurer. East Parish 



Chapel op Ease — -John Shearer, officer— E. Graham, precentor. 
East CMuncH—Jobn Stewart, officer — John Love, precentor 
Gaelic Chi7-rch— John M'Kinlay, officer— Bryce M'Fee, precentor. 
Middle CiiuncH—Wm. Griffith, officer— -Jn. Gumming, precentor. 
West (Old) CuvecB' — D. M'Intyre, officer— Robert Hunter, 
depute precentor. 


Baptist Chapel — John Ferguson, officer — no stated precentor 
Burgher — Archd. Taylor, officer — James M'Pherson, precentor. 
English Ei'iscofal Chapel — vacant officer — George Bradley, 

Independent Chapel— -Geoige Ireland, officer — Duncan M Gre- 

gor, precentor. 
Methodist Chapel — vacant officer — John M'Kellar, precenter. 
Relief — .James Wilson, officer — Robert Whyte, precentor. 
Roman Catholic Chapel — John O'Neill, sen. officer — Thomas 

Jones, precentor. 

United Secession — Innerkip Street — D. Weir, officer — James 

Winion, precentor. 

Do. Nicholson Street — Archibald Sillars, officer 

— David Imrie, precentor. 

United Secession — Union Street — officer — Joseph 

Martin, precentor. 
Unitarian — M'Donaid, precentor. 

106 Greenock, Grave Diggers, 6,'c. 


West (Old) Church Burying Ground, Nicholson street — Daniel 

M'liityre — house, 65 Nicholson street. 
Innerkip Street Burying Ground, Innerkip street, south side— An- 
gus M'Donald — house, 43 Innerkip street. 
New Burying Ground, Duncan Street, Charles Campbell— house, 
48 Innerkip street. 


Greenock Bible Societtfi 

Instituted 1807* 

Return not given in*^ 

Female Missionary Association 

Instituted 1815. 

Mrs. M'Nab, Secretary, 

Mrs. John Cameron, Treasurer. 

Committee of Thirty Collectors.- 

Greenock Auxiliary Missionary Society* 

Instituted 1819. 

Andrew Muir, President. 
Robert D. Ker, Treasurer— William Macilvain, Secretary. 

Gcelic School Societyi 

Instituted 18?0. 

William M'Fie. President. 

James Watt, Claud Marshall, Hugh CHraeron, Vice-Presidents. 

George Blair, Treasurer— VVm. Rodger, Secretary. 

Ladies Association in aid of the Greenock Gcelic School 


Instituted 1827* 

Mrs. Campbell, Craignure, Treasurer. 

Miss Dunlop, Secretary. 

Greenock Association in aid of the Glasgow Missionary 

Instituted 1820. 

Alexander Shearer, Vice President. 
Return not given in. 

Religious Societies, ^c. Appendix. 107 

Greenock Female Association for promoting Christianity 

among the Jews. 

Instituted 1824. 

Return not given in. 

Greenock Bible Association* 

Instituted 31st Octobeh, 1827. 

Lieutenant-General Darroch, President, 

Andrew Clark and James Dutf, Vice-Presidents. 

James Kerr, Treasurer and Depository. 

Daniel M' Arthur and Andrew M'Farlan, Secretaries. 

With a Committee of Eighteen — Sub-Committee for supplying 

local wants, Six — lUO Collectors, viz, 60 Ladies and 40 Gentlemen, 

Greenock Town Mission. 

Instituted 12th February, 1828, 

Baillie Williani Macfie, President. 
James Watt and James Turner, Vice-Presidents. 
Thomas Hart, Treasurer — John Black, Secretary. 


Peter M'Callum. 1 James Sfuart. 
Thomas Hamlin. Thomas Fairrie. 

William Martin. Andrew Munro. 

Robert Park. Thos. Carmichael. 

William Johnston. 
John Buchanan. 
Andrew MuJr. 
R. D. Ker. 

Town Missionaries. 

East Parish, Mr. Smith. 

Mid Parish, Rev. Mr. M'Callura. 

West (Old) Parish, vacant. 

Rev. Mr, M'Callum, Gaelic Missionary. 

Greenock Anti-patronage Society, 

Instituted 1830. 

John Simpson, President. 
John Anderson, Treasurer. 
A. M'Kellar, Secretary, 
With a Committee of Twenty Directors, and Twenty Collectors 
viz. 8 Ladies and 12 Gentlemen. 

JOS Greenock. Furnished Lodirinsrs 




N. B. — A. Apartments. — B- Beds. 

Adam, Mrs. 2+ West Blackhall street. 

Agnew, Mrs. 32 Shaw street. 

Anderson, Mr>>. 55 Cathcart street. 

Anderson, Mrs, 15 Cioss-shore street. 

Andrew, James, 36 Shaw street. 

Andrew, Mrs. 4 William street. 

Appleby, Mrs. 26 Shaw street. 

Brtrrel, Mrs. 12 Dalrymple street. 

Bain, Mrs. 4-2 Cathcart street. 

Baird, Mrs. 7 Laii-d street. 

Beatt'e, Samuel. 8 Cartsburn street. 

Boap:, Mrs. 24? Ropework street. 

Black, Mrs. 9 Dtdrymple street. 

Black, Mrs. 65 J)alrymple street. 

Black, Miss, 5 West Qnay lane. 

Boyle, Miss Helen, 8 West Stewart street. 

Bramner, George, 9 Longwell close. 

Brodie, Mrs. 33 Hamilton street 

Brodie. Mrs. 32 Shaw street 

Broadrim, Mrs. 4-2 Shaw street 

Brown, David, 3 Open Shore 

Brown, Mrs. 16 East Quay lane 

Brown, Mrs, D. 7 West Breast 

Burns, Mrs. 64? Vennel 

Calder, William, 12 William street 

Cassie, Mrs. Daniel, 65 Vennel 

Charles, Mrs. 42 Shaw street 

Clark, Mrs. 14 Shaw street 

Clark, Mrs. 30 West Burn street 

Coats, Mrs. David. 5 William street 

Comb, Mrs. 43 Cathcart street 

Craig Miss E. 56 Shaw street 

Cross, Mrs. Henry, 5 Cross-shore street 

Cunningham, Mrs. 25 Shaw street 

Cunningham, Mrs. 6 Union court 

Currie, Miss, 62 Crawfurd street 

Diw, Mrs. William, 24 Shaw street 

Docherly Mrs. H. 15 Dalrymple street 

Dow, Mrs. Alex. 7 Blackhall street 

Dunbar, Mrs. David, 4 Sugar house lane 

Duncan, Miss Janet, 9 Cross shore street 

Duncan, Hannah, 21 Tobago street 

Dunlop, Mrs. John, 3 Hamilton street 

Fairlie, Mrs. 35 Cathcart street 
























































































Furnished Lodging 8, Appendix^ lOP 

Farquhar, 67 Vennel 

Fisher, Mrs. 11 East Quay lane 

Gay, Mrs. 40 R^ue-end street 

George, Mrs. J. Watt's land, Crawfurdsdike 

Gillies, Mrs. 1 1 East Breast 

Gillies, Mrs, Arthur street 

Gilnnour, Mrs. John, 3 Vennol 

Goodart, Mrs. 8 West Stewart street 

Goudie, Mrs. 9 Dalrynnple street 

Grier, Mrs. 17 Shaw street 

Gray, Mrs. Wm, 30 Hamilton street 

Guthrie, Mrs. William, 6 Crawfurd street 

Hamilton, Mrs. A. 57 Dalrymple street 

Hardman, Mrs. 15 Palrymple street 

Hastie, Mrs. 74* Ann street 

Hawkins, John, 36 Shjjw street 

Henderson, Mrs. 69 Dalrymple street 

Hialop, Miss, 34 Market street 

Houston, Mrs. 25 Jamaica street 

Houston, Mrs. A. 5 Cross-shore street 

Hoyle, Mrs. 56 Shaw street 

Hunter, Alex. 3 Market street 

Hunter, Mr'*, 37 Shaw street 

Jamieson, Miss C. 1 Taylor's close, 

Jasson, Mrs. F. 14 Sugarhouse lane 

Johnstone, JMiss, 17 West Burn stfeej; 

Keith, Mrs. 1 Taylor's close 

Kennedy, Mrfc. SO Cathcart street 

Kerr, John, 1 Open Shore 

Leitch, Mrs. S3 ^earhope street 

Lyie, Mrs. 38 Hamilton street 

Marsiiall, Mrs, 34 West Shavv street 

Mensiies, Mrs. James, \2 William street 

Millar, Mrs, John, 70 ]Sficholsoji street 

Morrison, Miss, 1 1 West Breast 

Morrison, Mrs, John, 13 Hamilton street (entry 5 Watson's 

Morrison, Mrs, 25 Shaw street 
Morrison, Wm. 1 1 West Breast 
Mowat, Mrs. 1 Cross-shore street 
Macalister, Mrs. 34 West Shaw street 
M'Ausland, Miss, 8 Innerkip street 
M'Callum, Miss, 5 West Burn street 
M'Corkindale, Mrs. J, 14 Cross-shore street 
M<Culloch, Miss, 24 Hamilton street 
M'Donald, Peter, % Bell enjtry 
M'Dowall, Mrs. 38 Cathcart street 


















































































110 Greenock. Furnished Lodgings. 

__ ^_ _ 

1 I M'Ewen, Hugh, 1 Open Shore 

.3 3 M'Ewen, Mrs. 5 East Breast 

6 5 M'Farlane. Miss, 15 Cathcart street 

1 1 M'Farlane, Robert. 64 Vennel 

2 2 M'Fie, Mrs. 11 West Burn street 

2 2 M'Gibbon, Andrew, 31 Shaw street 

4 3 M'Gibbon, John, 1 Bell entry 

2 2 M'Glashan, Mrs. Kelly street 

1 1 M'Gown, John, 64- Vennel 

1 1 M'Gregor, Mrs. 65 Dalrymple street 

1 1 M'Gregor, Mrs. Alex. I Cowgate street 

2 1 M'Intosh, Miss, 10 Brougham street 
2 2 M'Intyre, James, 54 Dalrymple street 

I 1 M'Intyre, Miss, Morrison's court, 42 Cathcart street 

1 1 M'Intyre, Mrs. Thomas, 6 Manse lane 

2 2 M'Intyre, Mrs. 12 William street 

1 1 M'Kellar, Mrs. 54 Dalrymple street 

3 3 M'Kellar, Mrs. 9 William street 

1 1 M'Kellar. Mrs. 7 East Quay lane 

2 2 M'Killop, Mrs. 2 William street 
2 2 M'Kinlay, Mrs. 8 William street 

1 1 M'Lachlane, John, 36 Shaw street 

2 I M'Lauchlan, Duncan, 14 Sugarhouse lane 

3 3 M'Lauchlan, Mrs. 21 Hamilton street 

3 3 M'Lauchlan, John, 8 William street 

1 1 M'Laurin, Mrs. A. 5 Cross-shore street 

4 2 M'Lea, Mrs. Alex. 7 Laird street 

1 I M'Lean, Charles, 11 Broad close 

2 2 M'Lellan, Thomas, 3 Open Shore 

2 2 M'Millan, Neil, 12 Dalrymple street 
] 2 M'Mutrie, Mrs. 65 Dalrymple street 

3 4 M'Neil, William, 54 Dalrymple street 
1 2 M'Neilledge, Mrs. Arthur street 

7 5 M'Pherson, Mrs. Walter, 37, Cathcart street 

1 1 Nicol, David, 9 Broad close 

2 2 Nicol, Mrs. 3 Shaws street 

1 1 Patrick, Mrs. Joseph. 4 West Burn street 

2 2 Ralph, Mrs. 3 East Quay lane 

2 2 Robertson, Mrs. 10 East Quay lane 

2 2 Robertson. Mrs. 3 Shaw street 

3 3 Rodger, Mrs. 38 Hamilton street 
3 2 Scott, James, 55 Cathcart street 
2 3 Scott, James, 9 William street 

5 4 Seaberry, Mrs. 1 Westburn street 

2 2 Simpson, Hugh, 3 Dalrymple street 
5 4 Simpson, Mrs. 33 Cathcart street 

3 3 Simpson, Mrs. 42 Cathcart street 

Furnished Lodgings^ SfC, 

Appendix. Ill 











































Sinclair, Miss, 16 Dalrymple street 
Smith, Mrs. Daniel, 5 Tobago street 
Smith, Mrs. 32 Shaw street 
Spence, Miss Ann, 1 Taylor's close 
Stewart, Miss Ann, 3 Watt place 
Stewart, Mrs. William, 5 Broad close 
Strathern, Mrs. 28 Charles street 
Suuter, Joseph, 4 Market str«;etj 
Tait, Mrs. T. 62 Ann street 
Taylor, Mrs. 3 Shaw street 
Tillery, Mrs. 20 Vennel 
Tulloch, Mrs. 8 Dalrymple street 
Turner, Mrs. 15 Sugarhouse lane 
Urie, Miss, 1 West Stewart street 
Walker, Mrs. 10 Brougham street 
Walker, Robert, 7 William street 
Whyle, Mrs. 7 West Breast 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert*, 28 West Burn street 
Wilson, Mrs. 14 Cross-shore street 
Young, Mrs. 10 West Stewart street 


POST OFFICE, 1 Church Place. 









A. M. 





















P M. 





— . 








1 9 

— - 




H. M 

Edinburgh ***-w**-.^v*v^»^v*v^.^** 

Glasgow, Paisley, & Port Glasgow 
Glasgow and Port Glasgow ..^-^ 
Irish ■.^v^.**"*'^'^*^^^^*^*^..^^..^ 
Glasgow, Paisley, & Port Glasgow 
English •v^.".^*.*.^*-..*-^*.^^*^*^..^*. 
Foreign ■..■^•v^v^.^.w,.^****-^..*^^.,*^ 
Glasgow, Paisley, & Port Glasgow 
Edinburgh «/».'»^**-.^**»»»^»->.v**-vv^ 
Glasgow, Paisley, & Port Glasgow 
Largs and Innerkip %».-.^.-w>.^**-w^ 
Gourock 'v**^%*».>.'v*v*.«^v»«.v***....» 


Ardintinny **».*»«***»**«■..».* .**^.^ 

Rothesay and Dunoon on intimation, 




3 30 


P. M. 
P. M. 


112 Greenock. Bates of Postage ^ S^c, 

Office open on Sunday from 8 to 10 morning, and from 45 minutes 
past 1 to 2 o'clock afternoon, and from 8 till 10 evening. 

Ralph Logan, post-master — house Roxburgh street 
^^ illiam Sfeel, assistant — lodgings. Mansion house, 
Archibald Campbell, letter runner— house 5 East Quay lane 
Duncay M'Crae, letter flinner — house 13 Cathcart street 
Jnmes M Neil, letter runner — house 3 Market street 
Open oti lawful d-dys from 7^ in the morning till iO evenlne (except 
when receiving or dispatching mails), from 5th Apiil to 5th Octo- 
ber, aud at 8 morning for the other six months 

Bates of Postage of Single Letters in Great Britain, 

From any Post Office ir) England or Wales, to any pJaee ) s. d. 
not feXL'tsediug 13 mil^s uom such Oilier, ) i 

For any distance above 15 and not exceeding 20 miles... § 

go SO... 6 

,.. »... 'dO 50 ,...0 7 

50 80 8 

80 , 120 9 

120 170 10 

170 230 11 

230 SOU 1 

And so on in proportion, the postage increasing progressively one 
penny for a single letter for every like excess of distance of 100 

All double, treble, and other letters, and packets whatever (except 
by the penny post) pay in proportion to the respective rates of single 
letters ; but no letter or packet to and from places, within the King- 
dom of Great Britain, together with the contents thereof, shall be 
charged more than as a treble letter, unless the same shall weigh an 
ounce, when it is to be rited as four single letters, and so in propor- 
tion for every quarter of an ounce above that weight, reckoning each 
quarter as a single letter. 


Mail Gig arrives from Glasgow by Paisley at Tontine Inn and 
Hotel, 10 Cathcart street, at ^ past 4 afternoon, and ^ past 7 even- 
ing — departs ^ past 2 afternoon, and ^ past 10 night, with which 
parcels are duly forwarded to all parts of the kingdom. 


Trom Greenock to 

BEITH — James Love, Tontine stables, 2 East Quay lane arrives 
Tuesday, and departs Wednesday 

Carriers Quarters, Sfc, Appe-ndix. 113 

GLASGOW— William Henderson, 11 East Breast, arr. Tues. 
Thur. Sat, dep. Mon. Wed. Fri. (per steam boat) 

— William Renton, (Mail Gig) 2 Church place, arr. half- past 

6 morning, dep. half-past 9 morning 

— Alexander Lindsay. 47 Shaw street, arr. and dep. daily. 

James Sloan, (Mail Gig) Tontine stables, 2 East quay lane 

John M'Leod, 1 Highland close, dep. Mon. Tues. and Thur. 

arr. Mon. Wed. Fri. (per Steam Boat) 
INNERKIP— Robt. Beith, 20 Vennel, arr. and dep. daily. 

— Daniel Campbell, arrive and dep. daily 

Parker, 2 Church place, arr. Tues. dep. Wed. 

JOHNSTONE— Alexander Henderson, 15 Taylor's close, arr. and 
dep. Tuesday and Friday 

— James Allan, 15 Taylor's close,'arr. and dep, Tues. and Fri. 

KILBARCHAN— 15 Taylor's close, (by Johnstone carriers) arr. 

and dep. Tuesday and Friday 
KILBRIDE (WEST)— 2 Church place (by Irvine carrier) arr. 

Tuesday dep. Wednesday. 
KILBIRNIE— Alex. Darroch. 2 Church place, arr. and dep. Mon. 
KILMARNOCK— Barclay. Tontine stables, 2 East Quay lane, 

arr. and dep Tuesday and Friday 
LARGS— Robert Small, 2 Church place, arr. and dep. Friday and 

occHsionaliy on Tuesday 

— James Goldie, (Horse Post) 2 Church place, arr. and dep. 

LOCHWINNOCH-.(by Beith carrier) 

PAISLEY— Walter Cathcart. 6 East Breast, arr. and dep. daily 
PORT-GLASGOW— John Graham, 7 William street, arr and 

dep. daily 

— John Miller, arr. and dep- daily 

— John Blackwood, 2 East Breast, arr. and dep. daily 
SALTCOATS— (by Irvine carrier) 

Muir, Robert, principal officer — Miller, John — Ferguson, John 

LOCKERS.— (Customs.; 

Gilfoil, Robert 
Grant, Le\^is 
M'Intyre, Patrick 

M'Naight, Andrew 
Ogilvie. Lawrei.Cfc 
Scott, Robert 

Summers, John 
Walker, Andrew 
Wylie, Alexander 

KING'S WEIGHERS.— (Customs.) 
Dwyer, Patrick —Gavin, Samuel— Main, David— M'Intosh, Colin. 

K 3 

1 1 4 Greenock. 

Porters and Barrowmen, 


Mid Quay. 

Those marked * attend at 

No. of 

No. of 




Duncan Young* 



John Taylor* 



John Telfer* 



James Wilson 



Lachlan M'Lean 



Chailes M'Lachlan 



William Morrison 



Archd. Darroch 



Donald M'Donald 



James Morrison* 



John M'Leod* 



Neil MCallum 



John Park 



John M' Parian 



John Carnahan 



Alex. Duff* 



Robert Rennie* 



Alex. Ritchie* 



Martin M Neilliedge 



Archibald Niven 

Archd. M'MiUan*- 
Henry Smith 
Peter Haggerty 
James Gray 
Hector M'Alister* 
Peter Chambers 
Robert Miller 
Dougald Campbell 
William Henderson 
William Chambers 
Duncan Cameron 
Robert M'Clintock 
Archibald Gillies 
James Benham 
Malcom Downie 
Archd. Grierson 
Donald Niven 
Daniel Henderson 
Donald Wilkie* 


The Magistrates and Town Council of Greenock, in virtue of the 
powers committed to them by the Acts of Parliaments, 41 Geo. III. 
cap. 51 and 57, Geo. III. cap. 32, hereby enact and ordain the fol- 
lowing Regulations, to be strictly observed and enforced from and 
after the Ibt June 182b", until expressly altered, viz:— 

1st. That no Porter or Barrowmen shall be permitted to ply for 
hire within the Town of Greenock, and on the Quays and Breasts 
thereof, without being first licensed pursuant to the said Act, and 
having found caution faithfully to observe and fulfil the present 
iiegulations ; and eath Porter shall have constantly affixed to bis 
breast a badge, specifying his number, and which shall be delivered 
to him on his being licensed; — and all persons contravening this Re- 
gulation, shall forfeit and pay a sura not exceeding Five Pounds for 
each offence. 

2d. That all Porters shall with diiigence and expedition perform 
the services for which they are engaged, and shall not soil or injure 
the property ejitrusted to their charge ; and shall conduct themselves 
with civility and discretion, under a penalty not exceeding Five 
Pounds for eacli offence, besides being liable to the party injured for 

Sd. That when a Steam Vessel, just arjived at the Harbour has 

Regulations for Porters. Appendix. 1 15 

taken a berth in the outside of another Steam Vessel, no Porters or 
Barrowmen to stand on the paddle-box or on the side of the insids 
Vessel, but arrange themselves in the middle of that Vessel, and if tha 
Vessel just arrived occupies an inside berth, they shall then arrange 
themselves on the Quay, at least four feet from the edge thereof, till 
called to be engaged, and permitted to pass on board by the oflicer at- 
tending for that purpose ; nor shall any Porter, upon being engaged 
to carry Luggage or other Goods in the Town of Greenock, or from 
the Quays and Breasts thereof, attempt to transfer these to another 
Porter, but shall himself fulfil his engagement, and when required, 
accompany his employer; and all persons contravening this Reguli- 
tion, shall be subjected in a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for 
each offence. 

4th. That no Porter shall embark the Luggage of Passengers go- 
ing on board of any Steam Vessel until the Passengei-s intending to 
land at the Harbour shall have first landed with their Luggage, under 
a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence. 

5th. That the Wheel Barrows belonging to the Porters who ply 
on the Harbour, appointed for the Steam Boats, and in the Town of 
Greenock, shall be arranged and stationed, each with the number of 
its owner's Badge, and his name legible painted thereon, in a situa- 
tion to be fixed by the Officers appointed for that purpose, undei a 
penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence. 

6tli. That Porters plying on the Steam Boat Quay shall be care- 
ful not to permit boys or other idlers to go on board any of the Steam 
Vessels, and, if necessary, they shall call for assistance on the officer 
on the station, and on the masters and crews of the Steam Vessels, to 
aid them in keeping boys and idlers from going on board, and on 
forcing them when on board, on shore: And the officer, and the mas- 
ter and crews of Steam Vessels, shall be bound to give such assistance: 
And all persons contravening this Regulation, shall forfeit and pay a 
sum not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence. 

7th. That no Porter shall demand or take a higher sum for his 
services than the fares stated in the Table hereunto annexed, and each 
Porter shall, when plying, have in his possession a copy of these Re- 
gulations and the Fares annexed, and shall at all times produce the same 
to the person employing him when required, and that under a Pe- 
nalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence. 

8th. That the Magistrates, on sufficient cause shown, may declare 
the Bond of Caution granted for any Porter forfeited, and deprive 
the offender of his License and Badge. 

9th. The Penalties incurred under the preceding Regulations, 
may be sued for before the Magistrates, and recovered, at the instance 
of the Procurator Fiscal of the town of Greenock ; and such propor- 
tion of these Penalties to be awarded to the informer as tbe Court may 
in its discretion direct. 

10th. That a Printed Copy of these Regulations, and Table of 
Fares annexed thereto, be placed in the Cabin and Steerage of each 
Steam Vessel, for the information and guidance of the Public, 

IIG GreenocJi. Fares, ^'c. 


Established by the Magistrates and Town Council of Greenock, /or 
Porters or Barroiomen plying within the Town of Greenock, and 
on the Quays and Breasts thereof. 

From any place within (he Town of Greenock, and not beyond the 

Delling Burn or West Burn. 
A Letter or Parcel at or under 7lbs. 
A parcel above 7ll)s. and not exceeding 56lbs. 
A parcel above 56lbs. and not exceeding 112lbs. 
Any load on a Wheel Barrow, exceedin^f lliilbs. 
From any place in the town of Greenock and not beyond 

the Burgh of Crawfurdsdike or Tolls on the High and 

Low Gourock Roads. 
A letter or parcel not exceeding 7lbs. 
A parcel above 7lbs. and not exceeding 56lbs. 
A parcel above 5Glbs and not exceeding 112lbs. 
Any load on a Wheel Barrow, exceeding llSlbs. 
For labour per day, - - - - 

For labour per hour, from 1st April to 1st October 
Ditto from 1st October to Ist April 


















No. 10 


Clyde Shipping Company. 
40 M'Taggart, Daniel, manager, .34 Shaw street 

Glasgow, Greenock, and Belfast Steani Shipping Company. 

Black, Archd. & Sons, agents, Custom House place 
Glasgow, Greenock, Campbellton, and Londonderry Steam 
Shipping Compang. 
48 Kuhll. Nicholas, agent, 3 William street 

Glasgow, Greenock, and Dublin Steam Shipping Company. 
60 Little, James, & Co 2 West Quay. 

Glasgoio, Greenock, and Inveriiess Steam Shipping Company, 
56 Laird, Alexander & Sons, Steam Boat Quay 

Glasgow, Greenock, and Liverpool Steam Shipping Company, 
4 Black, Archibald & Sons, assents. Custom House place 

Greenock and Ayr Shipping Company. 
52 Kippen & Lindsay, agents, 36 Cathcart street 

Greenock and Bristol Shipping Company. 
24 Ferguson, Daniel, agent, (George Inn Buildings,) 6 

Shannon's close. 
Greenock and Inverary Shipping Company. 

Benham, James, (porter. Badge No 56,) agent, house 
J 6 East Quay lane 

Shipping CompatiieSi^'c> Appendia\ 111 






Glasgoio and Liverpool Shipping Company. 

Kippen and Lindstiy, agents, 36 Cathcart st. 
Greenock and Londonderry Shipping Company. 

Kuhll, Nicholas, agent, 3 William street 
Greenock and Rolhsay Shipping Company, 

Benham, James, (porter, Badge No. 36,) agenr, bouse 
16 East Quay lane 
Greenock, Whitehaven, Laiicaster. Annan, Carlisle, TJlverston, 
and Dundee Shipping Companies. 

Brown, William. IS East Quay lane 
Leith and Greenock Shipping Compnay. 

Ferguson. Duncan, & Co. agents, 42 Cathcart street 
London, Leith, Edinhnriih^ and Glasgow Shipping Conpctnyi 

The Cetiifjwny'g Tug j3&rl<eti m\l lV«m Leith kv Glm 

gew and Gretnoek on Tiitsday, Thuridsy, and ii» 

turday, and from Grffnock on Taegdayand Fridayi 

Fergu§on, Daniel, aggnt, (Giorp Inn Buildii)gi>) 6 
Shannon's closi 
iVew Clyde Shipping Compmy* 

Campbell, Neil, agent, Excise buildipgl 
New York Line of Packets. 

Little, James, & Co. agents, 2 West Quay 



No to 
'V'a-'^el3 and Shipping Companies, 

4 Black, Archibald and Sons, Custom House place 

8 Brown, William, 18 East Quay lane 

12 Burrell, A. M. & Co. 4 Shannon's close 

13 Campell, Neil, Excise Buildings 

14 Campbell, John & Son, 18 Hamilton street 
16 Evvirig and Reid, 9 East Breast 

20 Ewing, Robert and Co Royal close, 69 Rue-end street 

24 Ferguson, Daniel, (George Inn Buildings) 6 Shannon's clos^ 

28 Ferguson, Duncan & Co. (Morrison's court) 42 Cathcart. st^ 

32 Ferguson, William, 53 Dalrymple street 

40 M'Taggart, Daniel, 31 IShaw street 

4i Hunter, John and Co. 1 West Quay 

4o Jamieson, James, 1 Custom House Place 

46 Ker, Alan & Co 4 West Quay 

43 Kuhll, Nicholas, 3 William street 

52 Kippen and Lindsay, 36 Cathcart street 

5Q Laird, --v.lexander and Sons, Steam Bout Quay 

60 Little, James & Co. 2 West Quay 

62 Maccum,John, 13 West Bi east 

63 Maiquis, John, 33 Cathcart street 

118 Greenock. Agents for Sailing and Steam Vessels. 

72 Rankin, John and Co. Excise Buildings 

70 Miller, John & Co. 5 West Quay 

80 Munro, Andrew, 5 West Quay 

81 Murray, C. and G. Excise Buildings 

83 M'Gown, John, 4 West Quay 

84 M'Lellan, John & Co. 5 East India Breast 
88 Neil and (iray, 22 Bogle street 

90 Sharp, Daniel & Co. 1 West Quay 

92 Stevenson, Thomas and Son, 3 West Quay lane 

94 Stewart, Andrew & Co. 15 Virginia street 

96 Ross, Corbett, and Co. 4 Shannon's clof^e 

99 Thomson & Buchanan, 12 East Quayiunti 

100 Turner & Buchanan, 17 Cathcart street 

107 Weir, Duncan & Co. 33 Shaw street 

110 Wright, Joseph, East Regent street 

112 Barr, Robert, 9 Dock Breast, and 1 East India Breast 
116 Biodie, Robert, 7 William street 


Adams, Richard 
Blackney, Richard 
Clink, William 
Crawford, James, 

I>dw, William 
Deas, John 
Gillies, John 

SEA PILOTS (Licensed) 

Kerr, John 
Martin, James 
Murphy, Alex. 
M'Cormick, Daniel 
M'Corquodale, Gil- 

M'Millan, Angus 
M'Millan, Malcolm 
M'Fherson, Archd. 

M'Whirter, John 
Ross, James 
Stewart, .lames, 
Stewart John, jun, 
Stewart, John, sen. 
Taylor, Daniel 

Shipping Lis^s, 

Appendix. 119 







<. Sloop 










Admisal Dun- 
can Sp 
Agnea Be 
Do. Sp 
Do. Sp 
Do. Sp 
Alert Sp 
Do. Cr 
Do. Sp 
Alexander Bg 
Do. Sr 
Alicia Sp 
America Sp 
Amethyst Sp 
Anna Sp 
Ann Bk 
Ann M*Kenzie 
Ann & Lilly G\ 
Antilles Bk 
Do. Sp 
Ark Sp 
Atalanta Bg: 
Avalon Bg 

Balclutha Bg 
Bee Sp 

Belmont Bg 
Betsey Bg 

Do. Sp 

Bolivar Bg 

Bon Accord Bg 
Bonny Lassie Sp 

Borealis Bg 

Breeze Cr 

Britannia Sr 

Brothers Sp 


Peter M'Lean 
Robt. Chamber* 
D. M'Calium 
Simon Weir 
A. Carswell 
\. M'Kenzie 
D. M'Lean 
I. M'Kenzie 
John Scott 
P. M'Arthur 
Dun. Campbell 
Robf. Duncan 
James Smith 

D. M'Alpine 

D. M'Calium 
David Lamont 
J. M'Laren 
J. M'Farlan 
A. Campbell 
John Leitch 
A. Sinclair 

W. Milroy 
James Shearer 
Thos. Simpson 
A. M'Dougall 
J. Carmichael 
J. B. King 
D. Monro 
R. Buchanan 

P. Brown 
A. Carswell 
R. Sheddon 
James M'Lean 






Dn. Ferguson & Co. 
Martin and Co. 
Robert Kennedy 
Duncan Weir 
T. and A. Carswell 
John M'Calium 
D. M'Lean 
J- and A. Sharp 
Baine and Johnston 
R. Angus and Co. 
James Campbell 
R. Rennie and Co. 
James Smith 
Robert Baird 
J. Jamieson & other> 

D. M'Calium 
John Speirs and Co. 
John M'Cannand Co, 
John M'Farlan 
J. Scott and Sons. 
John Leitch and Co. 
Kerrs and M 'Bride 

182 J. and W. Stewart 
52 D. Service and Co. 

?94 Alex. M'Calium &Co. 

100 Alex. M'Dougall 
\1 J. Carmichael 

100 Rt. Reid&Geo.Dutcl 

169 J. Ferguson and Co. 
63 R. Buchanan & Wm. 

154 Kerrs and M'Brido 
19 A. Carswell 
9H Stuart and Rennie 
35 James McLean 















Clyde, &c. 





















J20j iQreenock, 

Ship2')ing L?sfs^ 







William Greig 


James Stewart 




J. Armstrong 


J. Armstrong 




Don. Martin 


David Martin 




John Wilson 


John Wilson 




James Allan 


Harvey Allan and Co. 




John Potter 


Alan iter and Co. 




Ales. Morrison 


A. Stewart and Co. 




W, Shearer 


VV. Shearer 




D. Sinclair 


James Scott and Co. 






John M'Corquodale 




John M'Tavish 


John 31'Ta»ish 


Catherine and 



John Campbell 


Neil Douglass & Co. 


Catherine ar 




D, Lamont 


D. Lamont and Co, 

? • 



Daniel Duncan 


S. D. & J. Duncan 




Archd. Cleric 


Archd. Clerk & Co. 




James Whyte 


J. Blair 




Alex. Harper 


D. Ferguson and Co. 




Jqlin Kerr 


Jas. Todd, jun. & Son 

Do. fishing 



A. Carmichaal 


Archd. Carmicliael 




Thos, Hytcbison 


Ivobert Jamieson 


Christian and 


Richd. Adams 


R. Adams, pilot 

Pilot boat 



David Smith 


W, Blackwood 




N, V/alsh 


N, Walsh 




A. Ramsay 


A. Ramsay 




John Dunlop 


J. Heid and Co. 




Wm. M< Mister 


Ale^Tfjnder Brown 




Dn. McLean 


D. Ferguson and Co. 




Wm. Ritchie 


Roht. Glass and Co. 




A, Crawford 


A, Crawford 


Ci-uiKston Cas- 

Carmichael and John 



Peter Fisher 


John Haddow Si, Co. 





Thos. Potter 


q. & J. Leitch & Co. 



John M^Ewipg 


D. M',I)ougall & Cq 




J. Morries 


Kippen and Lindsay 




r. Edington 


Kippen and Lindsay 




John Ferguson 


Stuart 3nd RennJe 




Collin Duncan 


Collin Pungao 

Do & coaal 



Neil Black 


Neil Blapk 


pougias To 



D, M'Ken?ie 

J, and W, Stewart 




Jn, M'Kellar 


John M<KeUar 




Alex. Whytp 


John M'Gowa 


Puke Qf Clar- 



VV. Blacfe 




Puchess of 



R. t<aing 

319 A. M'CalIumandCo.| 






Shipping Lists. 

Appendix. 121 







John Graham 


Archibald Sharp 


Edward Bro 



Neil M'Tavish 


NT. and J. M'Tavish 




Jn. Ivi'Alpine 


Carmichael and Had- 




Archd. M'Fee 


J. and A. Sharp 




J. IM'Kinlay 


A. Firown and Co. 


Eliza & Jane 


Jn. M'Neilage 


D. M'Neiiajxe 


Eliza Stewart S 

R. Milier 


J.&W. Stewart & Co. 




D. W Alpine 


Dan. Sharp and Co. 




John Cormaik 


Glass and Sons 




Alex. M'Lean 


D. Ferguson & Co. 




J. M'Kenna 


D. Campbell 




John M'Lcfin 


J. M'Lean and Co. 




J. Boyd 


A. Sword and Co. 




D. M'lntyre 


Dugald MTntyre 




John M'Gaw 


Jas. Hunter and Co. 




A. Taylor 


John Scott and Son 



Peter Brovyn 


R. Rennie and Co. 




G. Burns 


Alex. Harvey and Co. 




Alex. M' Arthur 


John Todd and Son 




N. iM'Calium 


NT. M'Callom 




J. M 'Galium 


Archd. M-Callum 




C. Macquarrie 


N. Shaw 

Coast ^ 



Samuel Ficken 


Jas. Hunter and Co. 



James Black 


J. and W. Stewart 




John Campbell 


John Campbell 


Geo. & Jean 


John Todd 


John Todd 




Kobt. Miller 


R. Miller and Co. 




R. Chambers 


James M'Brair 



Robt. Dunlop 


Nfeil and Gray 




A. Brown 


Kerrs and iM'Bride 




n. G. Booth 


H. G. Booth 


Good Design S 

Robert Kelso 


J is. Adam and Co. 




VV. M'llraith 


R. Duncan 




Samuel George 


Jas. Hunter and Co. 



R. Kerney 


E. Allan 




D. M'Donsld 


Daniel Sharp and Co. 




J. Campbell 


Jas. Adam and Son 


Heart of Oak Sp 

John Speirs 


John Speirs and Co. 




D. M' Donald 


Donald M' Donald 




James Fyf'e 


J. and VV. Stewart 




R. M-Farlane 


liobl. M'Farlane 


Helen and Mar- 



Wm. Turner 


Wm. Turner, jun. 


Helen M'G 




Robt. Shedden 


Alex. M'Callum 


i 22 Greenock. 

Shipping Lists. 


Hero B? 

Hewit Sp 

Hope Bg 

r>o. G\ 

Howard Bk 

Hugh Crawford 
Plunter B;? 

Industry S| 

Innes Sp 

Iris Bp 

Isabella Bg 

Isabella & Mar 

James Dennis- 
ton Be 
Janet Gi 
Do. Sp 
Do. Sp 
Do. , Sp 
Janet and Mar. 
garet Sp 
Jan nets Sp 
Do. and Mar- 
garets Sp 
Jane Haddow 

Java Sp 

Jean B'' 

Jupiter Bk 

Jean Btr 

Do. Gt 

Do. Sp 

Do. Sn 









A. Carmichael 
D. Swan 
T. M'Lean 
A. Hution 

John Murray 

John Shaw 
J. M'Lean 
A. M'Kechnie 
Don. M'Donald 

Alex. M'Lean 

D. M'Phedran 
John B'ack 
John White 
L. M'Kinnon 

John M'Fie 
Archd. Whyte 

Jas. Robertson 

J, Hamilton jun. 
N. M'Fie 
A. P. Ciirrie 
D. Currie 

Alex. Findlav 
A. M-Naugrh't 
John Hobertson 
John Fletcher 

Peter Taylor 
Wm. Fuliarion | 
D. Crawford 
Neil Campbell 
Alex. Duncan 
D, Crevar 
R. Livingstone 
D. Campbell 
R. Paterson 

D. M'Gown 
Hugh Campbell 










Q. & J. Leitch & Co. 
A. M'Phedran 
Jas. Scott and Co. 
Neil M'Arthur 
Martin and Co. 

Robert M'Farlane 
J. M'Kelvie and Co. 

John and D. Shaw 
J. M'Lean 
Adw. M'Gill& others 
D. Sharp and Co. 

Hector M'Lean 

3')3 D. Sharp and Co. 
73 D. M'Phedran 
2-2 John Black 
5S r>. Service and Co. 
54 L. & D. M'Kinnon 

76 John Weir 

61 William Ferguson 

25 James Robertson 

345 J. Haddow and Co. 
7H D. Hoyle 

169 A. Harvey and Co. 

*l-2 J. M'Lellan and Co. 

2SI T. Hamlin and Co. 

Arthur M'Nau^ht 
29 A. and J. Robertson 
17 M'Callum and 

14 A and P. Taylor 
Ferguson and Thom 
6?:! D. Service and Co. 
34 D. Service and Co. 
85 J. and A. Sharp 
51 Ferguson and Thorn 
65 J, Adam and Son 
71 D. Service and Co. 

240 J. and W. Stewart 

and Co. 
57 John M'Gown 
60 Robt. liuie and Co. 









"Riv. Clyde 











Do. & fishing 




Co. & fishing 

Co. & fishing 




Shipping List, 

Appendix, 123 



John Denniston 


J' M'Kessock 


John & Robert 


VV. Douglass 


Jura Sp 

Katties Sp 

Rodger Shaw 


Colin Shaw 


Kelvin Sp 

llobt. Niven 


Keith Stswart 


Thos. Stratton 


King Henry Bp 

Andw, Gibson 


Kirkman Finlay 


A. Russell 


Kitty Sp 

Dond. Thomson 


Do. Sp 

Lady Frances Sp 

Robert Niven 


J. Ballantyne 


Lady Margaret 


Jn. M'Intyre 


Lady Montgo- 

mery Sp 
Lady Eleanor Sp 

John Lawrie 


D. Campbell 


Lark Sp 

R. Ritchie 

' 2b 

Lavina B^ 


Laurel Bjj 

E. Paul 


Leander Bg 


Laurence Sp 

J. Speirs 


Lochsley Sp 

J. M'Lachlan 


Lois Bfj 

D. Thomson 


Lord Nelson Sp 

A. M'Callum 


Lotus Bg 

Thos. Wilson 



Madona Bg 

A. D. Smith 


Margaret G 

A. Jamieson 


Do. Sp 

Arch. Sinclair 


Do. Gi 

D. Bruce 


Do. Be 

A. M'Kinlay 


Do. Gt 

J. Campbell 


Do. Bg 

J. M'Alister 


Do. Sp 

R. M'Lachlan 


Margarets Sp 

Alex. Duncan 


Do. Sp 

James Hossack 


Margaret and 

Ann Sp 

D. Johnston 


Do. & Mary Sp 

Thos. Stewart 


Margaret Wil- 

kie Bk 

J. Morris 


Mail Bg 

D. Bryce 


Maria Sp 

A. Sinclair 


Do. Sp 

D. Blair 


Do. Sr 

D. Gillies 


Robt. CuthbertSe Co, 

Robert Glass 
Rodger Shaw and Co. 

D. and J. Cameron 
R. Baird and Son 

Robert Kennedy 
Q. and J. Leitch 

A Ian Ker& Co. &others 

C. and J. Morrison 
William Adamsou 

John Ballantyne 

O. M'Donald 

J. and A, Lyon 

D. and J. Campbell 
R. Ritchie 

J. and W. Stewart 

E. Paul and Co. 
Jas, Hunter and Co. 
Mitchell and Speirs 
Dugald Gray and Co. 
D. Thomson and Co. 
William Baine 
Campbell Anderson 

and Co. 

J, and W. Stewart 

D. M'Neil 

P. Sinclair and Co. 

N. M'Leod 

J. M'Lellan and Co. 

J. Campbell 

Reid and Patterson 

Robt. M'Lachlan 

Alexander Duncan 

James Hossack 

Brown and Johnston 
W. & T. Stewart 

A. Stewart and Co. 
J. Buchanan and Co. 
Gideon Lyle 
Duncan Blair 
D. and A. Gillies 




Do. & fishing 














Coast & fish 







Coast ' 






Do. & fishing 




1 24 Greenock. 

Shipping List. 



Do. By 

Mariner Bji 

Wars S 

JVJarquisof Bute 

Bk >J. MiUar 
vVm, Shiarer 
John Ijrtwson 
A. JM'Aulay 













Mary Campbell 
Mary Clark S( 
Mary Eliza Bk 
Do. & Afrnes Sp 
Mary Sharp Bk 
JNIarys Sp 

Do. Sp 

Do. and Jean Sp 
IMermaid Sp 
IVIeteor Bg 

Minerva Bg 

^Vlonarch Bjz 
Mother and Sis 









Pt^ygy &Ann Sp 
Do.& Nancy VVy 
Penelope Sp 
Perseverance Bg 
■ifhoetiix By 

Do ^p 

Prince William 

C. M'Kinlay 
\. Campliell 
Alex. A'l'Keliar 
Alex. Thomson 
Tames Laird 
John M'l.ish 
lolin Stewart 
Thos. Campbel 
r. Hutchison 
Peter Brown 

J. Carsvvell 
M. Clark 
J- M'CuUoch 
J. M'Kay 
Don. M' Donald 
Alex. Whyte 
Thos. Baiilie 
Alex. Crawford 
D. M'Millan 
John Gibbs 
Daniel Brown 
J. Buchanan 

D. M'Callum 

Dav. M'Kellar 
J. Carmichael 

L. Maxton 
D. M'Millan 



















Ellar M'Kellar 
Andrew Lyon 
J. M'llwraith 
P. M' Master 
IL M'Lachlan 
John M'Intyre 
John Campbell 
Arch. M'Lean 
H. Campbell 
John Cochrane 
J. Campbell 

\rch. Stewart 

\. Sharp and others 

Jos. Fennell and Co. 

J. M'Lellan and Co. 

J. M'Gown and Co. 

J. Duncan 
D. M'Larty 
Alex. M'Kellar 
Alex. Thomson 
James Stewart 
John M'Lish 
), Stewart 
John Chapman 
Thomas Hutchison 
Peter Brown 

T. Carswell 
N. Clark 

J. Farquhar jr.& others 
J. M'Kay 
Daniel Sharp 
Alexander VVhyte 
Baiilie and Kennedy 
J, Pennell and Co. 
James M'Eachran 
J. and W. Stewart 
Dan. Brown & others 
Uobert Glass 

John Black 



Fish. & Coast 

















Co. & fishing 

58 Flobt. Baird and Co. Canal, &c. 
i97('Baine and Johnston [Foreign 











Martin and Co. Foreign 

Joseph Reid and Co. Foreign 

H. M. Patten and Co. 
J. and W. Stewart 
Jas. & Andw. Lyon 
James M'llwraith 
Hobt. Baird and Co. 
11. M'Lachlan 
David ."M 'Donald 
John Campbell 
Archd. M'Lean 
John Miller and Co. 
Jas. Smith and Son 
John Scott and Sons 

55 John M'Farlan 




River Clyde 




Co. & fishing 






Shipping List. 

Appendix* 125 

Princess Vic- 
toria S 
Providence Sr 


Renowri Bk 
Kichard & Wii- 



Roger Stewart 

Romulus Ek 
Rossmore Sp 
Rowley Bg 

Royal Adelaide 
Ruby Sr 

Salus Bg 

Sir Hector 

St. Patrick 
Stirling Castle 


Terra Novo 
True Brothers 

Two Friends Sp 

Ulysses Bg 












James Bissett 
J. Henry 

G. M'Leod 

R. Adams 
Alex. M'Kellar 
Archd. VVhyte 
Jas. Cochrane 
John Niell 
Wm. M'Neil 

Robert Kerr 
Tbos. Calender 
J. Cameron 

John Humphrey 
T. Campbell 

Alex* Wilson 

James Wallace 
A. M'Lellan 
John iVl'Kinlay 
Thomas Curdy 
Neil M'Vicar 
David Smith 
John Campbell 
John Neill 
C. M. Lauchlan 
C. Cook: 
G. Burridge 
John -Nish, jun 

Jamet Fraser 
J. Nicholson 
J. Crooks 

John Cleish 
John Gordon 
William Hill, 
James Hill 
L. M'Lachlan 

N. M'Callura 
Hector Baxter 































R. and A. Carswell 
J.Hamilton&J Henry 

J. M'Lellan and Co. 

Adam and Clark 
A. M'Kellar 
Peter M'Kinlay 
Jas. Cochran and Co. 
Neill and Gray 
William M'Neil 

Andw. Stewart & Co. 
Q.. & J. Leitch& Co. 
J. M'Kellar 
Alex. Harvey and Co. I 




Fish & Coas^ 


Coast ' 



Foreign ^ 

Thomas Lang & Co. | Foreign 
John Scott and Son Coast 

John Haddow, jun. , 

and Co. 
A. Harvey and Co. 
Robt. Baird & Son 
J. M'Lellan and Co. 
John M'Kinlay 
J, and W. Stewart 
Neil M' Vicar and Co. 
David Smith 
Walter Baine 
Neil and Gray 
J. M'Lellan and Co. 
Martin and Co. 
J. Stuart 
J. M'Gunnand Co. 

Alan Ker and Co. 
Hugh HuttonandCov 
J. Crooks 

John Clark 
Stuart and Rennie v 
H. M. Patten & Co. 
Kennedy and Hill 
Kerrs and M' Bride. 

a. Castle 

D. Service and Co. 

Wm. Crawford 185 J. M'CunnanaCo. 
L 3 



Canal, &ea 












P* YachI' 








For£ig,Ji ' 

126 Greenoch 

Shipping List. 





W. Miller 



C. Buchanan 




John Buie 


Water Witch 


J. Kelso 



vVin. Castle 



I". Hamlin jun. 



,1. Morris 

William Doi 


a 1(1 son 


llobort Glass 

William & J 



W. Hill 

William & J 



n. M'Keich 



John Cameron 


■>f)9WM!ilerc<?cR Murdoch 
d6 Robt. llennie & Co. 

3H J. Buie and others 

114 J. Kelso 
29.J J. Scott and Co. 
299 rhos. Hamlin Si Co. 
19 ? and Co. 

\\3 Robert Glass 

18 W. and C. Hill 

25 J. Brown 

1 87 





Do. & Coast 





AcHdi m 




Ann Grant 

























!lam. Anld 
Samuel Nichol 
Robert Suttie 

Jn. Ciapperton 

Wm. Henderson 
Andrew I^oyd 
I'im. Gorman 
Wm. Mitchell 
Alex. Melville 
John Orkney 

Tohn Inglis 

ohn JMiller 
)avid Baton 

lames Ritchie 
ohn Kerr 
liihn Campbell 
lolin Miller 
Doug, Lamont 
John M'Kellar 


Bk John Brown 
SjGtiurgti Mason 

3''5 Wm, Kiilson & Sons 
.■•(3.') Robt. Bogle and Co. 
3\'2 Wm. G. Anderson 

and Co. 
tl2 Geo. Buchanan and 

A. Shannan 
377 W. Kidstone & Sons 
3:J::: Robt. Fccles and Co. 
i2'^. \. Denny and others 
iSii John Tennant&others 
;{7!i Robt. Eccles and Co 
.37x Stirling, Gordon and 

32.5 J. T. and A. Dou- 

I glass and Co. 
r27H'.fames I'mkerton 
4-19 Stirling, Gordon and 

349 G. Anderson & others 
.5K9 Wm. G. Anderson 
26.5 Jis. Ewing & others 
261 A. Miller and others 
211 A. Miller and others 
153 Alex. Miller and Geo. 


199 Wm. Croil and others 
430 I'hos. Barclay&others. 


skipping List. 

Appendix 1 27 

Forth Bk 

General Wolfe 








James Ure 

J')hn Dinning 
Wm. Miiirea 
Antlvv. Grjerson 

W.C. Hamilton 

JamesEwing l]k 
James M'lnroyS 

Jane S 

Jane Brown Bk 
Jat)Ctl-)unlop Dy 
Jean Sr 

Jean Hastie 8 
John Scott S 
Kent Bk 

Lady Campbell 

Ladv of the Lake 

Louisa S 

JViargarot Bg 
jVlarfjaret Gra- 
ham Bk 
Mercator B 
]*Jestor S 

St. James 

S John Shaw 
Bk John Baton 

S VVm. Atliol 

S A. IVJ'NeiUedge 

S.Thos. 'I'ait 
Bk Thos. Morris 

SJos. Hyndtnan 





Kobt. Main 
Wm. Jumps 

David Ritchie 
Geo. Duiilop 
James Scott 
Daniel Gormat 
"v\ rn. Robertson 
Alex. Croall 
J. B. Combro 

Peter Simpson 

llohert Whyte 
Teter M^Kellar 
Hugh Munn 

Jas. Hamilton 
Jas. M-Nicol 
Robt. Atkins 

I^. Coverdale 
Jas. Salmond 
Jn. Crawford jr. 
Jas. Bollock 
Jn. Galletly 


288 James Ewingand Co. 

j39 llobt. Bogle and Co. 

.3H»J» 1". and A. i)ou- 
glasK ;ind C'o. 

313 J. T. and A. Dou- 
glass and Co. 

.•i32 W. & J. Kccles^ Co. 

•291 Stirling, (iordon & Co. 

S^^i llobt. Bogle and Co. 

406 Stirling, Gordon & Co. 

:in G. AndersontSjTSmiih 

37fj Vv^. Kid.ston and Son 

.'i34Slirling, Gordon &c Co, 

<itj5 Jairies Ewing and Co 














John Campbell 1314 
Thos. Wallace 
James Boyd 



J. Scales 



Bg D. Cunningham|29'7 
S Thos. Martin 
S Robt. Watson 

Wm. Tiwner S Charies Leitch 



Vl'lnroy, Barker and 


VVm. Mills and others 
Thos Laurie & others 
Dun. iV]'Gown&Co. 
A. Denny and others 
Uobt. Hastie and Co. 
W. & J. Eccles& Co. 
VVm. G. Anderson 

Glen, Dobie apd Co. 

Wm Morrison&others 
Itolit. Eccles and Co. 
J. & A. Smith and Co. 
Alex. M'Ausland and 

James Hamilton 
W. Kidston and Sons 
J. & A. Smith and Co. 

Robt. Hastie and Co. 
J. M'Call and others 
J. & A. Smith & Co. 
Jas. Pollock & others 
llobt. Laurie & others 
G. Buchanan & Co. 
Jn Henshaw & Co. 
Gilkinson and Brown 

and others 
W. Sloan&A.Tennant 
Wm.Morison & others 
llobt. Rodger & Co. 
Geo. Cole and others 
John Miller, jun, and 



128 Greenock, 

Sailing Vessels, 



No. to 


To Ayr, 



Ton, Men. 


To Bristol, 


24. Mary 

Richard Power 

99 7 

24 Sarah 

Thomas Courtenay 

87 6 

24 William 

Henry J. Parfit 

121 7 

24 William Henry ' 

Samuel Wakeham 
To Glasgow. 

117 7 

40 Ann 

James Lamont 

64 3 

40 Betty 

Archibald M'Arthur 

73 3 

40 Clyde 

John Barrie 


40 Forth 

Duncan Campbell 

62 2 

40 Friends 

Donald M'Naught 

66 3 

• . Friendship 


78 4 

40 Jean 

William Kerr 

55 2 

32 Janet 

John Sinclair 

56 2 


Archibald M'Callum 


32 Jessy 

Hugh Black 

51 2 

40 Kelvin , 

Duncan Henry 

80 3 

40 Lilly 

James Leitch 

70 3 

13 Mary 

Dugal Lamont 

70 4 

32 Paisley 

Robert Officer 

47 2 

32 Peggy 

John Duncan 

57 2 

13 Pilgrim 

David Smith 

70 4 

13 Sampson 

John M'Arthur 

70 4 

40 Tweed 

Peter Cameron 
To Leith, 

60 2 

28 Admiral Duncan 

Peter M'Lean 

74 3 

28 Ceres 

Alexander Harper 

73 3 

28 Clyde 

Duncan M'Lean 

75 3 

28 Elizabeth 

Peter M'Lean, jun. 

71 3 

To Leith, PorUDundaSy . 

Port Hopetoun, Edinburgh, and London, 

24 Active 

John Lyall 

49 3 

24 Alert 

David Reid 

50 3 

24 Andrew and Keatty 

Lewis Lamb 

73 3 

24 Dove 

James Smith 

50 3 

24 Fly 

Robert Smart 

48 3 

24 Keatty 

William Sinclair 

80 3 

84 Lark 

Andrew Campbell 

49 3 

24 Star 

Peter Litbgow 

50 3 

Sailing Vessels, 4'c. 

Appendix, 129 





To Liverpool. 



Toti. Men. 



D. M'Alpine 

93 7 



Thos. Goodsman 

102 7 



James Hardie 

151 9 



Rich. Mather 

1C2 7 



John Little 

94 7 



John Marshall 
To Rothesay. 

109 7 

• • 


Archibald M'Fie 


40 3 

Sail from Mid Qua^ 




Ton. Men. 



John Fraser 





John Menzies 





John M'Crae 





L. M'llvray 








Mrs M'Farlane 




D. M'Kinniven 





Charles Buntin 



• • • 

Holy Loch 

D. Fergnson arr. 

Tues. dep. Wed. **v* 



Archd. M'Kellar 





James M'Farlan 

Tues. & Friday ***^ 



D. Ferguson 

Wednesday ■v*'^ 








To Arrochar. 


M aster. 


Ton. Men. 



James Lang 

To Ayr. 


!y 54 7 



Htinter Tues. Thurs. & Sat. 115 10 



Neil Currie, 

To Belfast. 

Mon. Wed. 

96 10 



H. Price 2 

times a week 

161 SO 


Belfast - 

James White 2 

limes a week 

12.3 17 


City of Glasgow M'Kellar 

once a week 

183 14 



A. Rti'^sell 2 times a week 

104 17 



Thos Brown 

202 17 


Toward Castle 

Wm. Stewdit 2 times a week 

97 8 

130 Greenock, Steam Vessels, S^c. 

To Campbellion, 

No* to . ' 


Vessel, Master, Depatture. Ton. Me . 

... Duke of Lancaster James Napier 2 times a week 90 9 

To Campbelton and Londonderry ^ 

48 Foyle Alex. Coulter Tuesday 136 10 

48 Londonderry James Turnbull !Friday l02 9 

48 St» Collumb David Wyse Tue. & Frl. 140 13 

To Dublkt 

60 Seotla Jamts Oman Wiekly 165 16 

To Dumharton, 

Leven _ James Lanj, ? *„:«« ^«iu S4 7 

Leven James Lang 7 .„,^ j^., 54 7 

New Dumbarton Peter M'Kinlay } twjce daily ^^ rj 

To Glasgow* 


Start from the Steam-boat Quay, viz ;— In Summer from six 
morning to 6 evening, and in Winter from 7 morning to 4 after- 
noon. For particulars, see the Notice Boards, in Custom House 
Flace, and 9 Cathcart square. 

Steam Boats leaving Greenock pass 

, _ Hours Minutes 

Port-Glasgow in about*^*'**'********-^***^*-*.** -^-v* 15 

Dumbarton ■w**^vx%/»v*v»-.^«^*%-«.v^»^**-.^*^wv*** ***% 45 

Erskine Ferry-«^**-«^-«^'^-^**-«^'w*-«^'^**-w^-v*-**«^»^ 1 »^-w* 15 

Cart Mouth*'..-^»^-^*-w*%*^»*^*^«»**^v*,^*^^«. 1 *^^ 35 

Ilenfrew**-*^*^-^*****^***.'^*-********^*-^***^***,*^ 1 *»»% 4^ 

And arrive in Glasgow*»***%'»^***t.'v*i^^****-v**% 2 v*** 30 

Steam Boats leaving Glasgow pass 

Hours Minutes 

Renfrew in about ■w*-wkv**»**v%*-.**%/»,***%**v*v*-»-k **« 45 

Cart Mouth'^-«^»^v^'v*-v^»«,*,v**i.*-»^»-»,^*^v%«^** ■*»** 55 

Erskine Ferry**-^«^*^**v^.w».v«.«^-.^.w^-.^-.^»^v***-v* 1 v*** 15 

Dumbarton ■.^»^******^*»v^**-v^.k*v^...-k-^******.w* I t^** 45 

Port-Glasgow v^^v*^**^ — ^^»***^^^*v 2 ^^ 15 

And arrive in Greenock %*v»,v'»'w»*%«*%.».-***«»v»%» 2 ♦*%* 30 

Steam Vessels, 

Appendix* 131 


Ko. to 












To Glasgow, 

David Storm 
Henry Hossack 
William Deans 
R. Campbell 
N. Jamieson 
Alex. Leitch 

every lawful day 







Archd. M'Ewing Do. do. 



H. M'Gregor 
D. Sutherland 
J. M'Kellar 

every lawful day 

To Gouroek, Dunoon, Rothesay and Glasgow, 

Arran Castle 
Earl Grey 
Dunoon Castle 

Inverary Castle 
Windsor Castle 

John Barr 
James Johnston 
D. Currie 


3 times a week 



Dougal Thomson daily 

To Helensburgh, Roseneath and Glasgow. 

Caledonia James Wallace daily 

Clarence John Turner do. 

Greenock Alex. M'Kellar do. 

Helensburgh Alex. M'Leod do, 

James Oswald James Whyte do. 

Sultan M'Innes do. 

Waverley Robert Douglass do. 


Maid of Morven 

Rob Roy 


To Inverness, 
Robert M'Lean 

Colin M'Nab 


Ton aien 



74 5 

74 5 

49 4 

81 9 

105 10 

100 8 

102 10 

70 8 

90 9 

57 7 

70 8 

70 8 

81 8 

68 7 

68 8 

^5 7 

43 6 
52 6 
42 6 

To Islay, Staffa, lona, and Skye, 
Maid of Islay, No. 2 John M'Pherson to Islay 
and Skye weekly, and occasionally to lona & Staffa 140 10 

To Kilmun and Faisley. 
Gleniffer Robertson daily 32 7 

To Kilmun and Glasgow, 

Earl Grey Jarnes Johnston 

Kilmun Wallace 

St.Munn John Hunter 


105 10 


102 10 

twice daily 

63 8 

132 Greenock. 

Steam Vessels, 


No. to 

To Gourock, Innerkip, Largs, Millport} Ardrossan, Troon, and Ayr, 


Fairy Queen 



Departure, Ton. Men. 

Mon. Wed. 96 10 


Neil Currie 

To Largs and Millport. 

Hunter 3 times weekly 

M'lelian daily 

M'Keliar do. 

Neil Currie 3 times weekly 

To Largs, Millport, and Arran. 

M'Kenzie 3 times weekly 

To Liverpool. 







Ailsa Craig 

James M'Keliar 





City of Glasgow 

James Boyd 






Thos. Wylie 





Rob. Crawfurd 





John Wood 

Robert Ewing 






R. Hepburn 




M nchester 

Hugh Main 






Alex. Drysdale 
To Lochgilphead. 




Dunoon Castle 

D. Currie 

3 times a week 



Inverary Castle 






To Lochgoilhead. 

3 times weekly 



St. Catherine 

P. Graham 
On Lochlomond. 





Wra. Buchan 


To Newry and Dublin. 

St. David 

John Moffat 




To Paisley. 

Robertson daily 32 

To Rothsay and Inverary. 

Neil Currie 3 times a week 100 8 

Taylor Do. do. 103 10 

To Skye, 

Highlander, M'Innes weekly 51 6 

To Stranraer. 

Loehryan Gillespie weekly 94 


Dunoon Castle 

Regulations for ^(eani Vessels, Appendix. 133 


The Magistrates and Town Council of Greenock, Trustees for 
the Improvement of the Harbours of Greenock, and for establishing, 
supporting, and regulating the Police thereof, in virtue of the povvers 
committed to them by the acts of Parliament, 50, Geo. IlL Cap. 
167, and 57, Geo. lit. Cap. 32, hereby enact and ordain the follow- 
ing Regulations, to be strictly observed and enforced from and after 
the first day of June 1826, until expiessly altered, viz s — 

1st. That every Steam- Vessel for the conveyance of Passengers 
only, shall be brought alongside of that portion of the outside of the 
Custom House Quay betwixt the Watch-house and Light-house, 
provided the same is not previously occupied ; and Steam Vessels 
for the Conveyance of Goods and Luggage shall take their stations 
alongside the other portion of the said Quay— and that under a 
penalty not exceeding Five pounds for each offence. 

2d. That all Masters or other persons in charge of Steam Vessels, 
shall depart and sail from the said IJarhour punctuaUy at the hours 
of sailing announced on the boards put up for the said Vessels 
within the town of Greenock, and that under a penalty not exceed- 
ing Five Pounds for each offence. And the time of the day shall be 
pegUiated and determined by the Public Clock at the Square. And 
on no account shall the period which has been announced, be altered 
by the Masters, or by others under their diref^tions or acting under 
their authority, under a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each 
offence. But it is hereby provided and dtclared, that if. from the 
state of the weather or any unforeseen occurrence, the Vessel can- 
not sail at the time announced on the boards, she shall depart as 
soon thereafter as the Master or other in command shall be required 
by the person appointed as after-mentioned, and that under a pen- 
alty not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence. 

3d. That the Bugle or Horn, used as a call for the Sailing of any 
Steam- Vessel, shall jnot be blown or soundf'd for such purpose until 
within five minutes of the time appointed for sailing, and it shall be 
done not on the Qaays, or through the streets, but by a person sta- 
tioned on board the said Vessel, and that under a penalty not exceed- 
ing Five Pounds for each offence, 

4th. That masters and Crews of all Steam-Vessels, lying nearest 
the Quay, shall have a sufficient ging-way board, with a hand rail 
affixed to it, placed betwixt their Vessel and the Quay, and shall 
give free access over the decks of their Vessels to passengers, to and 
from the Vessels lying in the outside berths or stations; as also 
free access for the conveyance of luggage and coals, to and from said 
vessels— under a penalty not exceeding five pounds for each offence. 

5th. That when it is dark, every Steam Vessel, for passengers, 
ehall, under a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for each offence, 
have and use eufRcient lights at the time of their arrival at^ or depar> 

134? Greenock. Regulations for Steam Vessels, 8fc. 

ture from the Harbour, so as to enable passengers to get on board 
or to land with safety. 

6th. That the Masters and Crews of all Steam-Vessels, shall take 
special care to exclude all persons under pretence of selling fruit or 
other eatables, or persons pretending to be porters, from coming and 
remaining on board within ten minutes of the hour of sailing, and 
shall, when called upon, assist the officer on the Station and the Li- 
censed Porters in keeping on shore boys or other idlers — under a 
penalty nor exceeding Five Pounds for each cflFence. 

7th. That in order to defray the expence of removing and carting 
away the dross, ashes, and rubbish, discharged from Steam-Boatsand 
)aid down upon the Quay, there shall be paid annually as follows, viz: 
For each Steam-Vessel plying on the River and resorting to Gree- 
uock Quays daily, at the rate of Is. 6d. for every horse power. 
Steam Boats plying on the line, that only call at Greenock. 

Once in 2 days. Is. 4d. per each horse-power. 
Once in 3 days, Is. 2d. do. 

Once in 4 days, Is Od. do. 

Once in 3 days, lOd. do. 

Once a week, 8d. do. 

8tb. That a person shall be appointed by the Magistrates and 
Council, to see these regulations carried into execution and strictly 
enforced ; and the Masters and Crews of Steam- Vessels shall obey 
the orders and instructions given by that person. 

9th. That the penalties incurred under the preceding Regula- 
tions may be sued for before the Magistrates of Greenock, and reco- 
vered at the instance of the Procurators Fiscal of the Harbour Po- 
lice of Greenock, and such proportion of these penalties to be award- 
ed to the informer as the Court may in its discretion direct. 

10th. That a printed copy of these Regulations shall, by its own- 
ers, be placed in the Cabin and in the Steerage of each Steam- Ves- 
sel, and which shall at all times be open and patent to the passen- 
gers on board of said Vessel — under a penalty not exceeding Five 
Pounds for each offence. 

D. Kennedy, Superintendant for berthing steamers. 


For the Recovery of the apparently Drowned or Dead, 


IN APPARENT DEATH three objects are constantly to be 
kept in view; 1st, to remove every hurtful cause; 2d, to regulate 
the temperature of the body; 3d, to restore breathing. For these 
purposes the following directions may be usefully employed, till me- 
dical assistance arrive, which ought instantly to be sent for in every 

Directions, S^'c. Appendix. 135 

In a Case of Drowning. 

Remove as quickly as possible all wet clothes from the body, dry 
it well, wrap it in any warm woollen covering, and convey it witn 
the head and breast moderately raised, to the nearest house, where 
none but useful assistants ought to be admitted. Let the body now 
be laid in ^ "arm bed or upon a vvarm blanket near the fire, but not 
exposed to a strong heat. Let the lost heat be restored by rubbing 
the surface with war(n cloths or hands, by wrapping a piece of warm 
flannel or blanketinfj; round the waist, and by applying warm substan- 
ces, ^irs^ and chleflu to the trunk and head, tiext to the limbs. The 
tnostconvenienc tor this purpose are bottles or flasks filled with warm 
wafer, and bags or stockings filled with hot grains, chaff, bran, salt, or 
sand Large glysters of vvarm water should also be exhibited. To 
restore the breaching, let a person firmly compress the nostrils with 
the fingers of one hand, then apply his mouth accross the mouth of 
the body, and blovv forcibly ; let him now lift his head and the air will' 
escape. This operation is to be commenced as soon as possible, and 
continued till natural breathing return, or till the case appear hope- 
less. If water in the mouth and nostrils prevent inflation of the 
lungs, it ought to be discharged by blowing into the mouth while the 
nostrils are left open. 

In a Case of Strangling. 

Remove every thing light frotn the neck and breast, then proceed 
to inflate the iungs and restore heat, as directed above. 

In a Case of Suffocation from Impure Air* 
Admit fresh air, inflate the lungs, and restore heat as directed abovpj 
if the body be cold ; if, as sometimes happens, it be warmer than na- 
turally, reduce the heat by dashing the head, neck, and breast smart- 
ly with cold water. 

In a Case of apparent Death from Lightning, 
Besides u.sing the same means as for suffocation, give large glysters 
of salt and water, and use friction over the whole body. 

In a Case of Apparent Death from Intense Cold. 
Avoid placing the body at first near the fire, use friction rather 
than apply heat for a time ; in other respects, act as for drowning. 

In a Case of Excessive Intoxicaton. 

If the breathing be suspended, act as for drowning, give large glys- 
ters of salt and water, endeavour to bring up the contents of the 
stomach by tickling the throat with feathers j for the same purpose, 
when the power ol swallowing is restored, give copious draughts of 
warm water. 

To prevent Death from loss of Blood. 

If from a wound, apply firm pressure to the wound by the finger, 
or a small pad, till medical assistance can be procured. — If fainting 
has taken place, lay the patient in the recumbent position, and ap- 
ply hartshorn to the nostrils. — If the bleeding is from an irKerrml' 
pact, apply cold wet clothes, and avoid- all stimulants. 

1 36 Greenock^ Harbour Trustees and Commissioners. 


By acts of parliament the Mapi'^trates and Town Council are Trus- 
tees, they are also Commissioners along with nine Ship-owners, 
elected annually in Novemher. 

John Gray 
William Martin 
Wm. Baine, jun. 


Alex. Allan 
William Stewart 
James George 

John Marfjuis 
Wm. Johnstone 
Duncan Weir 


CUSTOM HOUSE— Custom Hou^e HuiLWKes. 

Open from JO o'clodi morning to 3 o'clock afternoon. 
Thomas Saunders, Collector — John Campbell, Comptroller, 


Neil Leitch 
John Macfarlan 

John Stewart 
John Alexander 

Andrew Donaldson 

James Blaik, Comptroller's Clerk. 

James Reid, landing surveyor and surveyor of warehouBt'* 
Buchanan, Morrison, comptroller of accounts and jerquer 
James Cunningham, clerk to do, 

James Wallace, sen. warehouse-keeper 
James Wallace, jun, clerk to do. 


George Anderson 
Andrew Pitcairn 

John Innes j John Crawford 

Archd. Langwell j Robert Stobo 
John Weddell j James Baird 

William M'Dovvall, searchers' clerk 
Hugh Stevenson, tide-surveyor 
Allan Thos. Chatfield, Principal Superintendent of Quarantine at 
Holy Loch, and Commander of his Majesty's Revenue Cutter, 

David Shand, messenger. 


At Easdale Robert Robertson 

Inverary Alexander Hodge 

Lochgilphead Duncan Campbell 

Oban John Robson 

Rothsay Archd. Mac Lea 

Tobermory John Macdougail 

Excise Office^ SfC.- Appendix. 13')' 

EXCISE office—Excise Buildings. 

Open from 8 o'clock morning to 3 o'clock afternoon. 

John Wharton, Collector — Malcom M'Pherson, Supervisor. 

Peter Connacher, ColK'ctor's Clerk. 

Archibald Paton and James iVrBeath, Export OfficerSi 

John M'Alpine, Permit Writer. 

Wm. Sutherland 
Thomas Richards 
John Weir 


James Crowther 
Wm. Murdoch 

James Gow^ns 
Andrew Clark 

[rs. Hunter, Housekeeper. 

Advertiser Office — 3 William street. Published every Monday and 
Thursday, at 7 o'clock evening, John Mennons, proprietor. 

American Consulate — 2 West Quay, James Liitle Vice-Consul. 
Assembly Rooms — li Cathcart street, John Park, keeper — house 
Kilblain street 

Brazilian Consulate — West Roxburgh street, Hugh Hutton 

Chamber of Commerce of Greenock — Incorporated by Royal Char- 
ter in 1813. — Robert D. Kerr Chairman — David Balderston, 
Treasurer — Directors, Messrs Walter Baine, jun. — A.idrew 
Anderson— John M Gown — Hubert Kerr, John Grey, Adam 
M'Leish — Koger Ayton — John Miller — James Stewart, Wm. 

Clyde Commercial List— 46 Hamilton street. Published every 
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday-^Wra. Johnstone & Son. 

Coffee Room (Exchange)— 44 Cathcart street, John Walker, 

Coffee Room (Greenock) — 8 Cathcart square, John Teulon, keeper 

Directory O^ce (Renfrewshire) — 10 Barclay street, Paisley, Geo* 

Gas Works — 15 Crawfurd street, James Dunn, manager. Insti- 
tuted 1828 by a Society of Gentlemen, who subscribed the 
sum requisite for their erection, .£10,000, under the condition 
of giving up their right for the benefit of the Community, on 
being paid common interest for money advanced. This trans- 
fer to the Community has been made, and its benefits acknovv- 

Justice of Peace Clerk^S Mansion House lanej David Crawford, 

Mail Gig Q^ce— Tontine, 10 Cathcart street. 

Police Office — 47 Hamilton street, Captain Robert Lyle superint- 
tendent of Town Police— Lieut. Dtincan Blair, R,N., super- 
intendent of Harbour Police. 

PooTs^ Rates OjffiJce^l M^nse lane, D. Macewen, collector. 

M 3 

138 Greenock, Public Offices. 

Fost Office — 1 Church P'ace, Ralph Logan, post master, house 
Roxburgh streef — William Steele, a'ssisfant — hou^e Mansion 
house — Archibald Campbell, 3 East Quay lane — Duncan M»- 
Rae, 13 Cathcart street — James M'Nel!, 3 Market street, let- 
ter runners. 

Procurator FiscaVs Office — 47 Hamilton street, Georere William. 
son, Procurator Fiscal for the Town and Lower Ward of the 

Register Offxefor Seamen — Gardners' Arms Inn, 4 Manse Jane, 
Neil M'Kellar. 

Shaws Water Joint Stock Company/ — Constituted by Act of Parlia- 
ment, 10th June 1825 — Sir M. S Stewart, Bart. M.P. chair- 
man — James Watt, vice-chairman — John Shaw Stewart, Jas. 
Tasker, James Stewart, Andrew Muir and Andrew Lindsay, 
directors — Robert Thorn, engineer — James Thorn, superin- 
• tendent and collector, office 2 Dock Breast — David Crawford, 
clerk — Office 3 Mansion House larie. 

Sheriff Clerk — County Buildings, Bank street, Robert Stewart, 
clerk — William M'Clure, depute-clerk. 

Sheriff" Court House — County Buildinofs, Bank street 

Spanish Consulate — 9 East Breast — Joseph Reid, vice-consul— 
Stage-conveyance, 4 Cathcart Square— John Ferguson. 

Stamp Office — Union Bank Buildings, S Church Place, William 

Statute Labour Monpy Office — 7 Manse lane, D. Macewen, collector 

Tax Office f Western JJistrictJ — John Napier, collector — David 
Crawford, clerk of Supply, 3 Mansion House lane. 

Town Clerk — 47 Hamilton street, James Turner, town clerk — J. K. 
Gray, jun. town clerk. 

Town Treasurer — 47 Hamilton street, Archibald Wilson, depute 
town treasurer. 


Alliance-— 55 Cathcart street, John Dunlop 

Atlas — 44 Cathcart street, Alex. Brymner 

Eagle and United Empire Life — 41 Cathcart street, John Palon 

Edinburgh Friendly — 3 Watt Place, Samuel Gemmill 

Hercules — 38 Shaw street, George Robertson 

Imperial — 3 William street, Nicholas Kuhll 

Insurance Co7npany of Scotland — 15 Crawfurd street. James Dana 

London, Leith, and Belfast Smack Insurance Company (marine)-^ 

George Inn Buildings, 6 Shannon's close, Daniel Ferguson 
Manchester — 3 William street, Robert Swan 
North British^i William street, John Black 

Palladium Life Insurance — 3 Mansion House lane, David Crawford 
Pelican Life — 35 Charles street, John Buchanan 
Phcenix jPire— 35 Charles street, John Buchanan 

Engines for Extinguishing Fire, ^c. Appendix, 1S9 

Scottish Union — 2 West Quay, James Little & Co. 
Sun — 55 Cathcart street, William Liddle 
West of En^'land — 45 Hnmilton street, Henry T. Patten 
West of Scotland ■-'5 West Quay, Andrew Munro 

Engines for Extinguishing Fire, 

I, Chuiich Place. 

The Water Engines and other Apparatus are deposited at the 

Eng'ne house, ] ('hurch place. 

Keys for them to be found at Angus Campbell's, keeper of Bride- 
well, 2 Market street — William Donald's, vintner, 2 Church 
place — Robert Lyle's, superintendent of Town Police, 9 Wes-t 
Stewart street — Police Office. 47 Hamilton street— and of John 
Parker, keeper of engines, 67 Nicholson street 


Baird, Robert, and Son, (lime and brick) 3 Rue-end street 

Balfour, William, and Co. 9 West Breast 

Campbell, Donald, (Haddovv's Yard) Crav^furdsdike 

Ferguson and Thorn, 53 Dalrymple street 

Fletcher, Mrs. Aligns, 14 Harvie lane 

Graham, James, 5 East India Breast 

Lyon, Robert, 7 Manse lane 

M'Conochie, Archibald, Custom House place 

M'Farlan, John (and dung) 20 Dairyraple street and Tobago st. 

Munro, James, 22 Charles street 

MTlwraith, James, (and dung) 29 West Burn street 

MTlwraith, John, sen. 29 West Burn street 

Speirs, James, 22 Vennel 

Williamson, Archibald, 7 Cowgate street 


Fish Market (opposite) 1 West Breast 

Flesh Market, 10 Market street 
Besides a weekly market held on Friday, fairs, each of three day's 
duration, annually begin on the First Thursday of July, and fourth 
Tuesday of November. 


Weights ^ 

Dry Measures > Adjusted at the Council Chamber, 

Liquid Measures 3 ^"^ Hamiltgn street. 

140 Greenock. Grain Mills, 8cc. 

— -__ . — i^ , : __^ ^._ __. 

Cartsburn Corn and F our Mills — Ingleston, Alexander Kennedy, 

GTeenock Corn, Flour, and Malt Mills — Prince's street, Matthew 

Hill, nriiller. 
Shaws Water. (No. 2) Corn, Flour, and Barley Mills-- M'Kenzie 
and Walker, millers and grain merchants, 17 Dellingburn st. 

Shavvs Water, (No. 3) B:iker's Flour Mill— Bakers' Mill Coy 

Peter Kelly, miller, Bakers' street — James Wood, carter. 



17J1. Greenock Master Wrights^ Society — James Fisher, preses, 
3 Church Place — Archibald Ferguson, treasurer, 6 Cath- 
cart street — David Crawford, clerk, Deer Park— William 
M'Gaw. officer, IG Hamilton street. 

1738. Greenock Ship Carpenters' Society — Alexander Lamont, 
preses. Manse lane — Archibald Turner, treasurer, Tobago 
street — John Marquis, clerk, 29 Market street — William 
Gunn, officer, Co^^'gate street. 

1742. Greenock Gardeners' Society — John Gilchrist. Lord Chan- 
cellor, 3 Church place — William M'Leish, Depute Chan- 
cellor, Belville place, Cartsburn — Archibald Wilson, deacon. 
Union street — Robert M'Farlane, treasurer, Innerkip street 
— Key-keeper, Nathan M'Lachlan, Sir Michael street— and 
John Marqu's, junr., West Stewart street— Examiners : 
Alexander Carswell, West Blackball street — and Johfl 
Spiers, junr., M. D., Brakleston — David Crawford, secre- 
tary, Deer Park — A. M'Kellar, Depute-secretary, 3 Church 
place — William Weir, officer. Cathcart street. 

1741. Master Coopers' Friendly Society — William Chisholra, dea- 
con, 25 Hamilton street — Hector M'Phail, junr., treasurer, 
Kilblain street — Andrew Inglis, clerk, 3 Hamilton street- 
John Kennedy, officer, Dalrymple street. 

1745. Master Weavers' Society — Robert Allan, deacon and treas- 
urer, Sir Michael street — D^ivid Crawford, clerk, Deer park 
— Robert Watt, officer, 25 Vennel. 

J 758. Clyde Marine Society, f Greenock Branch J — John Hercus, 
treasurer, John Burns, William Martin, John Alexander, 
R. N. and Robert Lusk, directors. 

1766. Greenock Kilwnnhig Lodge — (No. 11) — J. B. Kirk, R. W. 
master— David Crawford, depute-mastef — Robert Steel, 
senior warden— James H. Robertson, junior warden- 
James Carmichael, treasurer— John Paton, secretary, 41 
Hamilton street. 

1771. Master Bakers' Society — William Orr, deacon, Crawford 
street — Andrew Inglis, clerk, 3 Hamilton street— William 
Walker, officer, Innerkip street^ 

Societies, Appendix* 141 

1776. Greenock St. Johns Lodge, (No. 176)— Malcolm Keith, 
R. W. M. — John Galbreath, depute-master— Duncan Shaw, 
pas=-rnaster — Wrn Allison, senior warden— Robert M'Fa(''> 
yen, junior vvaiden — John Black, secretary — Joseph Scotr, 
treasurer — John Parker, senior deacon— Archibald Houf- 
tOn, junior deacon — John Steven. George Flenrjing, Jatn»s 
Morrison, and John Gaven, stewards— Walter Buchar, 

me.— -Greenock blaster Butchers' Societij. —(RevWed 1832.)— 
James Scott, deacon, 31 Cathcart street— Andrew Scotf, 
vice-deacon, 25 Hamilton street— John M Intyre, treasurer, 
49 Carhcart street— James Tarbet, clerk, 3 Bank street-— 
Donald Campbell, officer, Market street. 

1792. Journeyman Coopers 5'ocjWy— Alexander M'Kellar, preses, 
Vennei — Dougal M'Fsrlane, treasurer, Hamilton street- 
John Black, cleik, -i William street— Robert Drunamond, 
officer, Ann street 

1793. Greenock and Innerhip Farmers' and Agriculturnl Society-^ 
Dugald M'Kenzie, preses, Innerkip — Robert M'Gilchrisr, 
treasurer, 2 Taylor's close — Williani Kerr, clerk, 3 Ha- 
milton street — John Lang, officer. 

1797. Barbers', Wigmakers\ and Hairdressers' Society— John 
Gavari, preses, 17 Vennei— Auley M'Leod, treasurer, 52 
Cathcart street — John M'Glashan, clerk, 9 Sugarhouse 
lane— Daniel M'Callum, officer, 68 Vennei 

1798, Greenock Society for Relief of the Destitute Sick— -John Ker, 
preses, Clarence street — Hector M'Phail, jun. treasurer 
and secretary, Kilblain street— Robert Simpson, Daniel 
Robb, Donald Thomson, James Darroch, D. M'Leod, 
Feter M'Callum, John Simpson, John Buchanan and D. 
Chisholm, visitors — N. B. This benevolent society has now 
existed above thirty three years, in the course of which (hey 
have distributed between two and three thousand pounds. 

1803. Caledonian Friendly Society — John Neilson, president, II 
Tobago street — JtJrnes Anderson, treasurer, Crawfurd st. 

— William Greig, secretary, 29 Vennei— James Brown, 
officer, Kilblain street 

ISO*. Crawfurdsdike St, Andrew's (No- 211.)— Jn. M'Keuizie, R. 
W. "M. ) Taylor's close— Gilbert Wright, depute master 

— Michael Douglas, senior warden — Dan. M'Lellan, junior 
warden — Daniel Morrison, secretary — R. M. Lennox, pat^s 
ma.'^ter- — Campbell, senior steward — Graharn, 
junior steward — Alexander Pratt, junior deacon— Daviil 
Hatrick, tyler 

1809. Joxirneyman Shoemakers" Society- — James Alexander, trea- 
surer, (Morrison's Court,) 42 Cathcart street — Alexander 
Dunbar, secretary. Sir Michael str( et — William M-LeUan, 
clerk, Longwell close — no officer 

142 Greenock, Societies. 

1810. Greenock Grand Encampment. (No. 20. J — John Gavin, 
commander, 17 Venriel — Alexander Cairns, depute-com- 
mander, 2 Vennel — Archibald M'Alister, pont-commauder, 
76 Ann str. — -Robert Lyle, senior Captain, 9 West Stewart 
sir.— Andrew Hloffat, junior captain, 43 Cathcart street- 
Duncan MDougall, treasurer, 48 Cathcart street — Evender 
M'Leod secretary, 18 Hamilton street — Alex. M'Cormick, 
standard bearer, 55 Dalrymple street — James M'Creight, 
guard, Highland close 

1810. Greenock Royal Arch Chapter, (No. M J — Malcolm Keith, 
1st Principal Z. 6 Cathcart street — George Dick, 2d Princi- 
pal I. Hamilton street — Richard Robb, 3d Principal J, 
John Gavin, 1st Principal sojourner, Vennel — James Niven, 
2d Principal sojourner, Hamilton street— John Tweedle, 
3d Principal sojourner, Kirkton — Evender M'Leod, record- 
er E. IS Hamilton street — Willinm Brown, recorder N.— 
George Muir, treasurer, Dalrymple street— John Herrior, 
master of the V. Kirkton — Duncan Foster, master of the 
2d V. William street — John Crawford, master of the 3d 
V. Hamilton street — James M'Creight, Janitor, Highland 

1811. Greenock Female Benevolent Societi/~~hady Shaw Stewart* 
patroness — Mrs. John Kerr, president. Grey place — Mrs. 
John Cameron, treasurer, Jamaica street — Mrs. Ninian, 
secretary, Bogle street — Rev. William Menzies, chaplain— 
26 superintendents — 26 visitors — and 10 collectors. Ab. 
stract from the treasurer's account for the year ending 5th 
October 1833, income £259 I8s. 6id.— expenditure £230 
53. 6^d. — cash in the treasurer's hands, £29 I3s. — £259 
18s. G^d. The object of this society is to relieve Indiyent 
Females in Affliction, belonging to the town of Greenock, 
and its neighbourhood. The benefit resulting from its ope- 
ration is evident from the above statement. Extracted from 
the Annual Report, 1833. 

1815. OperatitJe Shoemaker'' s Society — Daniel Robinson, preses, 
Loiigwell close — James Alexander, treasurer, Morrison's 
lane — William Moody, clerk, 46 Hamilton street — John 
Davis, officer. Manse lane 

1815. Greenock St. Crispian Society — James Alexander, preses, 
42 Cathcart street — John Paiker, treasurer, Dalrymple st. 
—Matthew Scott, clerk, j4 Tobago stieet— James Scotr, 
officer, 10 East Quay lane 

1816. The Relief Congregational Library — Entry 2^. and Is. p€it 
quarter, paid in advance — Open on Tuesday and Friday 
evenings from seven till eight o'clock — Mr. Love, librarian. 

Societies, Appendix. 143 

1820. Greenock Searnans' Friend iSoczef^— William Martin> pre- 
sident, Bay of Quick-— Thomas Hamlin, treasurer, Rue-end 
street — Robert D. Ker, secretary, Finriart — John Hercui*, 
jun. assistant secretary, Kilblain street 

1822. Greenock Old Mans" Friend Society — Jn. M'llvainf prespp— 
James Ker, treasurer — John Hercus, secretary, Kilblain si. 
This society was instituted in 1822. It is supported by vo- 
luntary donations and quarterly subscriptions. Its chief ob- 
ject is to relieve old men who are in indigent circumstances, 
and who are unable to support themselves. This Society 
directs its altention mostly to those who receive nothing from 
other societies, or whose receivings are inadequate to their 
real wants. Irs meetings are held in the Gaelic Chapel 
Session House, at Half-past eight o'clock in the evening, on 
the first Tuesday of the month. In the winter time the 
meetings are monthly, and in the summer quarterly 
Greenock Militia Association — Robert Blair, president- 
John Fleming and Andrew Ingles, managers — John Black, 
treasurer and secretary 

Greenock Friendly Funeral Society — John DufF, preses, 44 
Hamilton street— David Melville, treasurer, 17 Hamilton 
street — William (jireig, clerk, 29 Vennel — Robert Drum- 
mond, officer, Ann street, 

Roman Catholic Chapel Library — Chapel, 25 West Shaw 
street — Rev. W. Gordon, president — John Boyle, treasurer 
•—James Sinnolt, librarian — with a Committee of nine Di- 
rectors—Terms, 2s. of entry money, and Id. per week to 
readers— N B. This library consists entirely of books treat- 
ing on subjects connected with religious instruction. 
Greenock Branch of Lochgoilhend Education Society — Thos. 
Stevenson, preses— Donald Thomson, treasurer—. Joha 
Black, secretary — Archibald Buchanan, Peter M Galium, 
John Buchanan, and Dougall M'Ewan, directors. 
Greenock Shipwright's Provident Union Society — Daniel 
Campbell, preses, 4-2 Cathcart street — John MIntyre, trea- 
surer, Crawfurdsdike — John M'Glashan, clerk, 9 Sugar- 
house lane. 

Master Shoemaker' s Society — Thomas Blair, preses, West 
Burn street— Archibald Kinloch, treasurer, Hamilton street 
—James M'Farlane, jun. clerk, Stewart street 
Greenock Association for preventing Sepulchral Violation—" 
Wm. Leitch, president— Joseph Patrick, Vice president- 
John Taylor, treasurer, Charles Gray, secretary, 5 Marktt 
street- Robert Drummond, officer, Ann street 
Greenock Funeral Association — James Milne, preses. Cow- 
gate street — Donald M'Pherson, treasurer, 42 Cathcart 
street — John M'Glashan, clerk, 9 Sugar-house lane — Alex. 
M'Kenz'e, officer, Ann street. 

144 Greenojch Societies, 

1828. Greenock Cricket Ct^wS— Alexander E-odger, president, 8 
Cathcart square— -Robert MFie, treasurer 

1829. Greenock Society for the Promotion of Temperance-^(wai 
formed 6th October) and consequently may be considered 
the Parent Society cf Scotland'!— John Dunlop, president, 
Glen— Robert Douglas, secretary — with a Committee. 

1830. Greenock Curling C/«6. — Hugh Mitchell, president— James 
W. MacGregor, treasurer— A rchd. Paton, secretary — VVm, 
Menzies, chaplain— William Turner, surgeon— John Paton, 
legal adviser— Committee. James Thom. John Buchanan, 
Charles Auld, Dun. MDougali, Thos Carmichael, Adam 
M'Leish, John M'Naughtan, 

1831 • Greenock Mortcloth Society-^ James Milne, preses, Cow- 
gate street — Donald M-Pherson, treasurer, 42 Cathcart st. 
—John M'Glashan, clerk, 9 Sugar-house lane— Alexander 
M Kenzie, keeper, Ann street. 
? Greenock Mount Stewart, Kil.winni7ig-~(Ho 1 1 1.) — Archibald 
MKellar, RW.M., 3 Church Place— John M'Lellan, de- 
puty-master — \T'illiam Liddell, senior warden, 55 Cathcart 
street — E. M'Leod, junior warden, 18 Hamilton street- 
Alex. Rodger, treasurer — A. Yuill, secretary, 3 Cathcart 
? Baker s Mill Company — John Ross, preses, 35 Hamilton 
streets—Robert Warden, treasurer, 12 Cathcart street— 
George David, clerk, \2 Dalrymple street— Andrew In- 
g!is, secretary, 3 Hamilton street— William Laidley, ac- 
countant, 9 Charles street 

1334. Greenock Arching Club-^ John Smart, Captain —Archibald 
M'lver, secretary, 53 Cathcart st, — James Hill. treasurer- 
Committee of Management, John M'Naughtan— Alexander 
R„ Johnston, Stuart Graham, William Johnston, Duncaa 

1329. Greenock Instrumental ^a«rf— (No. 1.)— D. M'Dougall, 
patron— Alex. Allison, president — Wm. Frazer, treasurer 
—Rob. Canevali, secretary and leader of band, No. 15 
Sir Michael street— Members 18. 

1831. Greenock Thistle Flute Band, (No. 3.)— John Neilson, 
preses, 27 Tobago street— William Galbreath, treasurer, 
25 Tobago street— Joseph Blair, secretary — Daniel Craw- 
ford, leader of band — Members 16. 

Not received in time for irisertion in its proper place. 


And. Lindsay, president— Wm. Rodger, vice-president- R, Rox- 
burgh & R. Brownlee, Secretaries, with a coraiaittee of 1 1 directors. 

PORT-G! ASGOW. 1 45 

F O W L E R ' S 


Street Guide of Port- Glasgrnv. 

To avoid Jostliwj: i' m'e'iiig — Pis-eiiger-; yhould observe the general ruic, 
" Keep to the nght," ihu.t i», allow those >ou meet to pass on your lett 

Bicfk Row, from S^love street to Chapel lane 

Balf-'ur sircer, from Hiver Clyde, crossing Shore screet to Chapel 

Barr's Brae, from Han's Brae foot to High Holm Ga'e 

Barr's Brae-foot, from head of Princes street, to head of Kopework lane 

Bay street, from foot of Roi'ework lane, east end of Fore struet, to Robert Street 

Belhaven street, tVom Brown street, westward 

Black Bull Clo-e (south side of) Bay street 

Brown stieet from Shore .'■trcet, westward 

C-ampbell .-treet, (^mii!) sideof ) Bay street, to Puck factory 

Chapel lane, from Prince's stree", to west c rner of Chapel (head of Balfnur street^- 

Church street, fiom lore street, crossing King street and Prince's street, to i'arieh 

Crawford street, from Fore street, to Falconer street 
Custom Hi)U>e lane, from Ea-t Quav to King street 
Devnl's Glen bridge, west end nf Shore street 

Dock head, from foot oi C<istom House lane, to foot of Ropework lane 
Dock Warehouses, north side of Bay street 
Dry Dock, head of Ea>t Quay 
East Breast fmm East Quay to Mid Quay 

East Quay from Custom House lane (o d Custom House) turninp northward 
Falconer street, north wtst side of Cluirch street, to Crawford street 
Fore stieet, from Custom flouse lane, passing head of Scariow street, to Steam-boat 

Gillespie's lanp, from King street to Princes' street 

Glasgow street, from SLCara-boat Quay, crossing Fore street to north side of Steam- 
boat Quay 
Harbour, north east side of Fore street 
Jean street, south side of Shore street 
King street, from riorth west corner of Scariow Warehou es, crossing Church street 

to Wood lane 
JLyon's, from fore street to King street 
iviary street, south sid^ of Shore street 
IWiel Quay, north east side of Fore street 

Mr. Wood's proposed Dry Dock, north west corner of Prince's street 
Newark Avenue, from head of Bay street to Newark Castle 
Newark Castle, easten'i of Newark Avenue 
Fnnee's street, from north we>t corner of Wood's proposed Dry Dock, crossing 

Shore street and Church street, passing Gillespie's and Willisoii's lanes to 

Kay's land, adjoining Barr's Braefoot 
Road to Greenock from Devol's Glen i 'ridge, westward 
Robert street, from Bay street to south end of Mr Brown's Sugarhouse 
Ropework lane, south side of Bay street to Barr's Brae foot 
Scariow street, from Fore street to King street 
Scott's lane, from Fore street to King street 
Sinclair's elose, south side of Bay sfreet 
Shore .vireet, from King street to Devol's Glen Bridge 
Sieam.boat Quay, from nortt) west comer of Scariow Warehouses, to West Qway 

Town Building, &c fronting East Breast and Fore street 
West Breast, from Mid Quay to West Quay 
West Quay, from Fore street, passing Custom House and Lighthouse, running es 

ward frpm Lighthouse 
WHliara street, south side of Shore street 
Willison's lane, from Prince's street to High-holm 
Wood lane, from Custom House lane to Barr's 3rae>fuo) 

N . -'^ 


ADAMS, Alexander, ship master, Bay street 
Adams, Richard, deep sea pilot, Greenock road 
Aitken, James, tailor, Scarlow street 
Aitken, John*, merchant. Dock Head 
Aitken, Miss, dressmaker, Ropework lane 
Alcorn, Thomas, grocer, Bay street 
Alexander, Robert, spirit dealer. King street 
Alexander, Thomas, tailor, Gillespie's lane 
Alexander, William, farmer, Bogstone Greenock road 
Allan, Duncan, grocer and agent for Threepwood bleach- 
field. Church street 
Allan, Mrs. spirit dealer, Scott's lane 
Allan, Thomas, smith and farrier, Robert street 
x\nderson, James, sen. tanner. Back row 
Anderson, James, jun.* ship-owner, Scarlow street, ho. 

Anstruther, Mrs.* Prince's street 
Armour, Alexander, hair dresser. Dock-head 
Auld, Mrs.* house, William street 

BAIN, Auley, spirit dealer, Barr's Brae-foot 
Baird, John C. dealer in Tobacco and Snuff, Church st. 
Barclay, Mrs * house Brown street 
Barr, Rev. James, D. D house Devol's glen avenue 
Baxter, Duncan, spirit dealer, Scott's lane 
Baxter, John, china and stoneware merchant, King street 
Baxter, Miss, dress and corset maker. King street 
Baxter, William, ship- master, Browm street 
Beith, Adam, boot & shoe maker, Sinclair's close, Bay st. 
Bell, Donald, saddler. Church street 
Birkmyre, Henry, manager of Duck factory, house Camp- 
bell street 
Birkmyre, Wm. manager, house Campbell street 
BiackwT^ood, John, carrier and grocer, Robert street 
Blair, Robert, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Scarlow st. 

house King street 
Blue, Mrs. spirit dealer. Customhouse lane 
Hlundell, Joseph, watch, clock, and umbrella maker. 

Bonnar, Cornelius, spirit dealer, Lyon's lane 


Bontine, R. C. G. of Ardoch, Finlayston 

Brichens, Miss, dress-maker, Princes street 

Broadlbot, Walter, teacher. Princes street, ho. Chapel lane 

Boag', Geo. foreman to Matthew Steel & Co Cha])el lane 

Boyle, John*, collector's 1st clerk, house Balfour street 

Brock, Mrs. grocer, Lyon's lane 

Brown, Alexander*, ship-master. Bay street 

Brown, Archibald, session clerk, Church street 

Brown, James, King's weigher, hoipe King street 

Brown, James, spirit dealer. Custom House lane 

Brown, Matthew, sugar refiner,, Robert street, ho. Ciunc 

Brown, William, ship-master, Khig street 
Buchanan, Alexander, Parochial school master, King st. 

house Robert street 
Buchanan, Mrs. house Brown: street 
Buchanan, Wm. looker, house King street 
Burns, Matthew, spirit dealer, Greenock road 
Burnett, John, ship-master. Shore street 
Burrell, A. M. & Co. agents, Scarlow street 
Burrell, A. M; agent, house Chapel lane 
Bursy, Edward S. collector''s 3d clerk, house Ladyburn 

CALDER, James, gardener, Fore street 
Callender, Thomas, ship-master, Gillespie's lane 
Cameron, Mrs. George, pye and pastry baker, and spirit 

dealer, Lyon's lane 
Campbell, Dougall,, ship-master,. Bay street 
Campbell & Dykes,, painters and ship-chandlers, Dock- 
head, joiners and block-makers, head of King street 
Campbell, James^ cooper. King street house do. 
Ciilsliolme, John, cooper au4 ship master, Scott's lane, 

house Princes street 
Chisholme & Paterson, agents, West Quay 
Clark, Alexander T. flesher. Church street 
Clark, Miss Mary, dress maker. Custom House lane 
Clark, Mrs. spirit dealer. Custom House lane 
Clark, Robert, flesher^ Church street 
Cliney, Mrs. grocer. Custom House lane 
Coffee-Roora., Town Buildings,, Fore street 


Colquhoun, INlrs. Archibald, milliner and dress makers 

Princes street 
Colston, John, surgeon, Medical Mall, Town Buildings, 

Fore street, house Gillespie's land. Princes street 
Colston, Mrs. Lyon's lane 
Connal, David, iarraer, Broadfield 

Cooper, VVillianj, wine and spirit merchant. King street 
Coyle, Daniel, engineer. Gas Works 
Crawford, Alexander, tea dealer, Dock-head 
Crawi'oid, xA.ndrew, ship-master, Willison's lane 
C.awford, Daniel*, s])irit dealer. Bay street 
Crawford, Duncan, writer, Lyon's lane, ho. Greenock road 
Crawford, James, teacher ol" dancing — Academy, Town 

Hal], King street, open from end of INIarch till June 
Crawford, James, deep sea pilot. Custom House lane 
Crawford, John, sen.* late ship-master, Greenock road 
Crawford, John, jun. ship-master, Greenock road 
Crawford, Patrick*, late cooper, Barr's brae 
Crawford, Williani,* M D. Scarlow street, house do. 
Crawford, William, green grocer. Bay street 
Crichton & Co. general grocers, wine and spirit merchants. 

King street, and Lyon's lane 
Cron, Mis. John, fiesher» Fore street 
Cron, iMiss, dress- maker, Bay street 
Cion, Mrs. spirit dealer, Bay street 
Crumbeil, John, sugar baker and grocer. Bay street 
Cull en's, John*, slater, Shore street 
Cumming, Jolm, cloth juerchant and collector of Harbour 

dues, Ciunbray, Cloch, and Toward light money, 

Cliurch street 
Cuninghame, William, merchant, house Balfour street 
Cunningham, William, spirit dealer. Bay street 
Cuthbert, John*, foreman to Mr Laird, house Barr's brae 

DALLAS, Wm. foreman cooper to ]Mrs. Paton Water st. 

Darroch, Capt. D. of Drums 

Davidson, James, ship-master, Willison's lane 

Davie, John, tailor, Church street 

Deleamy, Joseph, S. M. 11. N. Gillespie's lane 

Denniston, Robert*, cooper, King street, house do. 


Dewar, Chas. (George Inn) Fore st. entry by Scott's lane 
Donaldson, David, rigger. Custom House lane 
Dougall, Joseph, merchant, house Princes street 
Dongall, Miss — house William street 
Douglass, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, Scarlow st. 
Douglass, John, bookseller and stationer. Town Buildings, 

Fore street 
Drysdale, William, shipmaster. Brown street 
Duff, William, shoemaker, Lyon's lane 
Duncan, John, sail maker. Bay street 
Dundas, Alexander, rigger, Robert street 
Dunlop, James D. — house Jean street 
Dunlop, John* — house Jean street 
Dykes, James, writer and town clerk, town buildings. 

Fore street — house Bay street 
Dykes, Mrs. Robert* — house Bay street 

ELLIS, David, stoneware and rag merchant, Custom- 
house lane 
Elsworth, J. land- waiter, house Bay street 
Ewing Mrs.* house. Bay street 

FALCONER, Archibald*, ship-owner, Fore street, ho. 

Jean street 
Falconer, Mrs.* house Devol's glen avenue 
Fairlie, Matthew, upholsterer, Church street 
Fairlie, Mrs. (Old Buck Head Inn) Scarlow street 
Finlayson, Alex, boot and shoemaker, Scarlow street 
Fleming, John, U. S. church officer, ho. Prince's st. 
Fleming, John, watch and clock maker, Lyon's lane 
Fleming, Peter, & Sons, cabinet makers, Fore street 
Forgie, Mrs. grocer. Bay street 
Forrest, John, boot and shoemaker. Church street 
Foulis, Andrew, carver and guilder, Dock head 
Frazer, James, tide-waiter, house Chapel lane 
Freeland, Kirk treasurer, Barr's brae foot 

Fulton, James, spirit dealer. Bay street 
Futt, William, gardener, Clune brae-foot 
Fyfe, James, painter and ship chandler, (Bast Quay 

Head) Fore street 

N 3 


Fyfe, Robert, rope-iuaker, Laigh Aucliinleck 

GALBRFATH, James, (Hope Tavern) Dock head 

Gardner, Alex, baker, Church street 

Gardner, Alex, manager Gourock Ropework, house 
Prince's street 

Gemmell, Robert, librarian, bookseller, and stationer, 
(stamp office) Fore street 

Gibb, John & Son, contractors^ for Port-Glasgow har- 
bour. Bay street 

Gillespie, James*, baker. King street 

Gillespie, Robert*, merchant, house Gillespie's lane 

Gillies, Daniel, boatman, Ropework lane 

Gilkison, David, ship-owner. Glen Huntly 

Gilkison, Robert*, ship-owner, Barr's brae — house Wood- 

Glasgow, Robert, ship-master, Bay street 

Gooding, Richard, spirit dealer, (Cardross Ferry-house) 
Fore street 

Gordon, Frederick, surgeon, (Apothecaries Hall) Church 

Gourock Rope Work, Flax Mill Company, Robert st. — 
William Birkmyre, manag-er 

Gourock, Rope Work Coy's warehouse. Barr's braefoot, 
x'Vlexander, Gardner, manager 

Graham, Miss, dressmaker, Gillespie's lane 

Graham, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Churcli st. 

Grant, John, comptroller and comptroUing. surveyor. 
Shore streefc-^i 

Gray, Alex, spirit^dealer, old Clyde Shipping Coy. porter, 
Falcon street 

Gray, James, tide WTaiter, house Lyon's lane 

Guy, John, & Co. boot ami shoemakers, Fore street 

HAGGART, Hugh,^ wine and, S'pirit merchant, Church st. 

Hair, Andrew, grocer. Dock-head 

Hair, James, general grocer, wine & spirit mercht. Bay st» 

Hall, Archibald, spirit dealer and tailor, Scott's laae 

Hall, Henry, locker, house Lyon's lane 

Hall, Mrs. John, sen. teacher, West Quay 


Flalliday, IMrs. spirit dealer, Chiircli street 
Hamilton, William, merciiaiit, house Princes street 
Hannah, Joseph, siiip-master, grocer and spirit dealer;, 

Chv'.rch street 
Hardie, Jolin, baker, Fore street 
Hartvvell, Misses, furnishing- shop, King street 
Harvej, Mrs. straw hat maimer, Barr's brae foot 
Harvey, William, at King, Matthew, jun. & Co. 's bouse, 

Scott's lane 
Hartridge, Mrs. spirit dealer, Scarlow street 
Hay, Mrs. Thomas, spirit dealer, Bay street 
Henderson, Wm boot and shoe maker, Scarlow street 
Hendr}^, Wm. foreman cooper, Scott's lane 
Hendry, William, tea dealer. Bay street 
Henry, Archd.* collector & warehouse keeper — eollector 

of English, Scotch, and Irish lights, ho-. Glenhuntjy 
Hewetson, George, brevver-:-Port-Glasgow brewery, 

Greenock road 
Hodge, Denniston, tide waiter, house Barr's brae foot 
Holliday, Mrs. spirit dealer, Church street 
Holm, James*, house Bay street 
Holm, John, gardener, Mary street 
Holm, John spirit dealer and coal merchant, King street 
Hosie, James, boatman, house Bay street 
Hosie, Misses, dressmakers, Bay street 
Houston, Patrick, sugar sampler. King street 
How, Janet, grocer, P^obert street 
Howie, Misses, dress makers, West Quay 
Hunter, Alex, spirit dealer. Bay street 
Hunter, John, cloth merchant, M^Naught's land, Fore st. 

house King street 
Hunter, John, ship -master, Scott's lane 
Hunter, Miss, milliner and dress maker. Dock-head 
Hunter, Nathan, watch and clock maker, (post master,) 

Dock -head :-..^vi^-. . 

Hutton, Mrs. David, druggist, Gillespie's lane 

INGLIS, Rev. David, U. S. C. house Princes street 
Irvine, Joseph, & Co. spirit dealers. Bay street 
Irvine, Walter, landwaiter, house Fore street 


JAMIESON, Miss*, Shore street 
Jarden, Mrs milliner and dress maker, Soarlow street 
Johnston, David*, late merchant. Princes street 
Johnston, Wm. & Co. upholsterers, Church street 

KELLY, John, agent, West Quay, house Gillespie's lane 
Kemp, Simon, teacher. King street, ho Church street 
Kennedy, Neil, ship-carpenter. Church street 
Kerr, James, landwaiter, house Shore street 
King, James, town weigher and provider of water for ship- 
ping, house Scott's lane 
King, Mrs. John, Chapel lane 

King, Matthew, agent & ship-owner, Fore st. ho. Shore st. 
King, Matthew, jun. & Co. agent & ship-owner, Fore st. 
King, Miss, house Princes street 

King, Walter & John, builders. Shore street, house do. 
Knox, James, jun. teacher. Princes street, ho. Balfour st. 
Knox, James, wright and block maker, Lyon's lane 

LADE, James, writer, Fore street, ho. Shore street 

Laird, James, grocer and spirit dealer. Bay street 

Laird, John, blacksmith. Chapel lane 

Laird, John, & Sons, ship-owners & agents, Barr's brae foot 

Laird, Matthew, merchant, house Shore street 

Laird, Miss, silk dyer. Church street 

Laird, Robert, merchant, Barr's brae foot, house do. 

Laid, Thomas, measurer, Barr's brae foot, house do. 

Laird, William, & Co. hat manufacturers, Church street 

Lang, John, baker. Church street 

Lang, John, farmer. High Auchinleck 

Lapsley, Claud, spirit dealer & steam boat porter. West 

Law,, Ivy, ship-master, King street 
Law, Wm. joiner & wheel wright, Bobert street 
Leggat, John, ship-master. Bay street 
Le^ats, Misses, Bay street 
Lenaghan, Patrick, spirit dealer. Bay street 
Lindegreen, Mrs. spirit dealer, Scott's lane 
Livingstone, Duncan, tidewaiter, ho. King street 
Livingston, John, baker, Fore street 


Liviag'stoD, Miss^, dressmaker, King street 
Love, James, boat builder, Robert street 
Love, Matthew, gardener, Robert street 
Lumsdep, William, mate, ho. Dock-head 

MAINS, John, boot and shoemaker, Scarlow street 
Mains,, William, merchant tailor. Fore street 
Manners, John, boot and shoemaker, Scarlow street 
iMartin, James, ship-master. Bay street 
^Martin, iMrs. milliner, dress and straw hat maker, Clune 

Brae loot 
Martin, Thomas, ship-master, Church street 
Martin, William, tidewaiter, house Chapel lane 
Matthieson, ]\L's. William street 
Maxwell, Thomas, steam boat porter. King street 
May, .John, of Parkjee 

Menzies, Jarges, spirit dealer & gardener, Greenock road 
Millar, James, grocer and vintner. Fore street 
Miller, Alexander*, late merchant, Greenock road 
Miller, Gavin*, grocer and tobacconist, King street 
Miller, James, watch and clock maker, West Quay 
Miller, John, baker. Church street 
Miller, John*, Greenock carrier, Chine brae foot 
Miller, Thomas, (Crown Inn) West Quay 
iMilliken, Hugh, & Co. agents, West Quay 
MoDtgomery, Peter, town treasurer, Town buildings, 

Fore street, house Bay street 
INIorgan, James, surgeon and dru-ggist,' Prince's street- 
Muir, Allan, bread and pastry baker, Foie street 
Muir, Mrs. Flora, agent, WiUison's lane 
i\lair, William, foreman, house Ropework lane 
JMuir, William & Co. coach office at James Stewart's 

vintner. Fore street, foot of Church street 
Munro, Misses, straw hat makers. Church street 
JMurdie, Mrs, spirit dealer, Ciiapel lane 
Murray, John, shipmaster. Church street 
Murray, Robert, tigiuit. West Quay, house Gilles-pie's 


iSPADA'M, John, spirit dealer, Fore st. ho. Scott's lane 


M'Arthur, Alexander, shipmaster, Gillespie's lane 
M'xA.rthur, Charles, shipmaster. Shore street 
M'Arlhur, James, spirit dealer. Church street 
IVi'Aulay, VVilliam, land & tide surveyor, ho. West C^uay 
M' Bride, Bernard, spirit dealer, Clune brae foot 
M*Callum, A. & Co« genuine tea warehouse, Town 

buildings, Fore street 
M^Cann, Neil, teacher. Fore street 
!M'Conachie, Mrs. grocer, Lyon's lane 
^I'Colls, Misses, corset and dress makers, Prince's street 
WCrae, James, spirit dealer. Bay street 
M'Creath, John, grocer and spirit dealer. King street 
M'Donald, Angus, f King's Arms Inn and Hotel,) chaises 

and noddies, Fore street 
M'Donald, J. & G. ship builders, Bay street, ho. Barr's 

brae foot 
^I'Donald, John, shipmaster, Gillespie's lane 
M'Dougald, Malcolm, shipmaster, Prince's street 
M'Farlane, Alex.* painter, oil & colour shop, Dock head 
M'Farlane, Alex.* Barr's brae, house Mount Plea.sant 
M'Farlane, James*, clerk, Back row 
M^Farlane, John, shipmaster, Lyon's lane 
M'Farlane, Parlane, spirit dealer. Back row 
M'Farlane, William, cowfeeder, Shore street 
M'Gaw, Mrs. grocer, Prince's street 
M'Gee, Charles, tide waiter, house Fore street 
M'Gill, James, ship carpenter. Fore street 
M'Gregor, Jame?, tailor, Lyon's lane 
M'Instrea, James, customer weaver, Boyd's close, Bay st. 
IM'Intosh, Alex. I\LD. Prince's street 
M'Intyre, Alex, carman. Bay street 
M'ivellar, Alex, librarian and bookseller. Church street 
M'Kollar, John, steam boat porter. West Quay 
M'Kindlay, Mrs. mangier. Prince's street 
M'Kinnon, Andrew shoemaker, Prince's street 
M'Lachlan, Alex. & Co. shipowners and agents, Town 

buildings, Fore street 
M'Lachlan, Robert*, shipowner, house Bellhaven street 
M*l.*achlan, VValter*, shipowner, house Bellhaven street 


M'Larty, Angus, & Sons, sail makers, Falconer street, ho. 

Scarlovv street 
McLean, James*, sugar refiner, house Bay street 
M'Lean, James Sf Co. sudar refiners, Robert street 
M^Liisky, merchant tailor, King street 
M'Millan, John, clothier, Town buildings, Fore street 
M'Millan, John, grocer, custom house lane 
M'Mnrtrie, Mrs. John, copper and tinplate worker, 

plumber and japanner, Dock head 
M'Nab, Duncan, tide waiter, house Fore street 
M'Nai ght, William*, writer. Church st. house Rosebank 
M'Neur, James, boot and shoe warehouse, Church st. 
M'Quaig, James, spirit dealer, Customhouse lane 
M^Rae, James, joiner and spirit dealer, Barr's brae foot 
M'Taggart, Alex, dyer, Shore street 

NEIL, Elizabeth, spirit dealer. Shore street 

Neil, James, farmer, Kingston, Greenock road 

Neil, Matthew, cooper and hampermaker. Bay st. 

Neil, William, farmer, Chapel ton, Greenock road 

Neilson and Lade, writers. Fore street 

Neilson, Alexander, writer. Fore st. house Shore street 

Neilson, Mrs. spirit dealer. Bay street 

Nesmith, Andrew, woollen and linen draper, silk mercer 

and haberdasher, Fore street 
Newark Sail Work Co. Bay st. John Duncan, mana:i;er 
Nichol, John*, ship master, Bellhaven street 
Nichol, John, teacher, King street, house Shore street 
Nicol, Alexander, ship master. Princes street 
Nimmo, Hugh, carman, Church street 
Niven, Hall, grocer and spirit dealer. Bay street 
Niven, Robert, baker. Church street 

OGILVIE, W^illiam,* (Custorai), house Shore street 
Ogilvie, William, manager at Mrs. John M^Murtrie's 

Dock head 
Oliphant, John, mariner and spirit dealer, Customhouse 

Orr, Hugh, spirit dealer, Lyon's lane 
On", John, ropemaker, house Newark castle 


Orr, Matthew foreman, house Wind}^ Hall 

()rr, Peter, spirit dealer and ropemaker, Scott's lane 

Orrok, Weniyss, ot Orrok, house Brown street 

PARK, William*, collector's 2d clerk, ho. Willison's 

Parker, Andrew, cooper, Gillespie's lane 

Parker, B-ev. John*, house Plantation 

Paul, James, painter, Fore street 

Paul, Hugh, hairdresser and perfumer, Church street 

Paul, James, tide waiter, house Lyon's lane 

Parker, William & Co. economical bazaar, Kmg street 

Patterson, Andrew, general grocer, wine & spirit mercht, 
Churclj street, house Shore street 

Patterson, Janies, harbonr and dock master. Town Build- 
ings, house Shore street 

Paton, George, spirit dealer, Boy street 

j^aton, James, sen. gardener, (ireenock road 

Paton, ]\]rs cooperage, Water street 

Parkin, Andrew, cooper, Gillespie's lane 

Pollock, John, mason and spirit dealer. Shore street 

Poole, John, mate. King street 

Port-Glasgow Crown Foundry Company, King street, 
Duncan Ritchie, manager, house Ropework lane 

Pmt- Glasgow Smith Work Company, Ropework lane, 
William Muir, foreman, house do. 

Porter, Robert, keeper Port-Glasgow toll-bar 

Potts, David, steward, Bay street 

Potts, William, locker, house Bellhaven street 

RANKIN, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, Ropework lane 
Reid, Archibald &; Co. smiths and anchor smiths, Scarlow 

street and Fore street, house Scarlow street 
Reid, William, shoemaker. Bay street 
Renwick, George, hosier. Church street 
Reston, James, tide waiter, house Scarlow street 
Ritchie, Daniel, founder, blacksmith and chainniaker, 

Ropework lane, house do. 
Ritdiie, Duncan, manager, Crown Foundry, house Ivope- 

work lane 


Ritchie, Duncan, shipmaster, Water street 
Ritchie, John, boot and shoemaker, Church street 
Robertson, Charles, shipmaster. Chapel lane 
Robertson, Michael, pastry baker and spirit dealer, Scar- 
low street 
Robertson, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer. Prince's street 
Robertson, Mrs. Samuel, grocer & spirit dealer. Prince's st 
Robertson, William, ship master. Prince's street 
Rodger, Alex, ship master, Scott's lane 
Rodgerson, James, King's weigher, house Prince's street 
Rose, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, Church street 
Rose, James, skiper, Church street 
Ross, George, cooper, Lyon's lane 
Ross, John C. & Co. ship-chandlers. Fore street 
Ross, John C. ship chandler, house Prince's street 
Rose, ,Tohn, foreman carpenter, Shore street, house do. 
Ross, Mrs. (Black Bull Inn) Bay street 
Roy, Duncan, spirit dealer. Fore street 
Russell, Janet, vintner and eating house, Scarlow street 

SAWERS, Miss, teacher. King street 

Scott, Matthew, merchant tailor, Church street 

Scott, William, tailor and clothier. Shore street 

Scott, William, tin plate worker and plumber. Church st. 

Scoullar, James, gardener, Brown street 

Semple, John, boot and shoemaker. Bay street 

Sharp, Robert, carpenter and spirit dealer. Shore street 

Shaw, Henry, hair dresser, perfumery, liardware and toy 

shop. Church street 
Simpson, Archibald, clothier, Church street 
Simpson, Peter*, ship master, Barr's brae 
Sloan, James, slater and lead merchant, Prince's street 
Smith, Hugh, ship master, Balfour street 
Smith, Hugh, tailor, Lyon's lane 

Smith, Jasper, cooper and letter runner, Willison's lane 
Smith, John*, nail manufacturer, Crawford street and 

Dock head 
Smith, Mrs. grocer. Church street 
Smith, Mrs. John, grocer, Scott's lane 



II i j ■ »— ^^— ^— 

Smith, Margaret*, retailer of tobacco and snufF, Dock 

Spence, William, ship master, Prince's street 
Steele, Matthew &, Co. coopers, Chapel lane 
Steel, Robert*, Devol's glen avenue 
Stelling, Herman, sugar boiler, Robert street 
Steven, Alex, general grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 

Church street 
Steven and Sons, general grocers, wine and spirit raerchts. 

head of Church street 
Steven, Mrs. (Buck's Head Inn) Fore street 
Stewart, James, spirit dealer, Fore street 
Stewart, James, deep -sea pilot, Church street 
Stewart, James, teacher. Free School, head of Balfour st. 

house do. 

TAIT, George, excise officer, house Barr's brae foot 

Tarbet, James, carpenter, (Wheat Sheaf Tavern) Forest. 

Taylor, James, tailor, Lyon's lane 

Taylor, John, tailor, Lyon's lane 

Taylor, Peter, tailor. Prince's street 

Telfer, James, flesher and grazier, (Flesh market) Bay st, 

house do. 
Thomson, John, messenger, Customhouse, ho. Scarlow st. 
Todd, John, spirit dealer, Church street 
Todd, Mrs. milliner and dress maker. Shore street 
Turner, John, merchant and grocer. Bay street 

Wx\LLACE, Francis, searcher, land and coast waiter, 

house King street 
Wallace, James, architect and teacher, Clune brae foot 
Walker, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, Bay street 
Walker, George, merchant. Dock head 
Walker, John, slater and mason, Chapel lane 
Walters, Alexander, spirit dealer and cabinet maker, Cus- 
tom house lane 
Ward, Charles, mate, Church street 
Watson, George, spirit dealer and grocer, King street 
Watson, William, accountant. Church street 
Wharton, John, collector of excise, house Hill end 


White, John, smith, Custom house lane 

Wiiite, Mrs. Ann, spirit dealer, Custom house lane 

Williams, Samuel, slater, Church street 

Williamson, AS. C M. Scott's lane 

Williamson, Charles, gardener, fruit shop. Church street 

Williamson, John, gardener, fruit shop, Fore st. house 

Williamson, John, grocer and spirit dealer. Fore street 
Wilson, Aulay, tailor and clothier, Fore street 
Wilson, John, flesher and grazier. Church street 
Wilson, Mrs. spirit dealer. Dock head 
Wilson, Mrs. house Brown street 
Wittleton, William, ship master. Shore street 
Woo-d., Alex, teacher, Prince's street 
Wood, John, ship builder. Shore st. house Glenhuntly 
Wood, John & Co. ship builders. Shore street 
Wylie, John, ship master. King street 
Wylie, William, tailor. Dock head 




Notice to Managers of Societies, ^c, see Greenock Directory, page 93 . 

Magistrates of Port- Glasgow and Newark^ 
Archibald Falconer, Esq. Provost. 
David Gilkison, 1 r? x) v 
James M'Lean, \ ^ 

Peter Montgomery, Esq. Treasurer. 

Messrs Robert Laird^ I Messrs. Wiiiiara Crawford,, 
Matthew King, I Andrew Nesmith, 

Alex. Brown, I' Hugh Haggart 


James Dykes, Town Clerk, 

Alex. Neitson and James Lade, Fiscals. 

James Paterson, Harbour and Dock Master. 

John Cumraiiig, Collector of Harbour Dues, Cumbray, Cloch, and 

Toward Light Money. 

160 Port-Glasgow. Town and Harhour Police^ S^c. 

ings) Fore Street. 

Thomas Rees, Superintendent of Town and Harbour Police. 
James Morrison, liouse, Town Buildings, Fore street; 
John M'Kechnie, do. do. 

Rate of Assessment on Rents for Paving, Lighting, Watching, and 
bringing water into the Town, Is. per Pound. 

R. C. G. Bontine of 

David Johnston, 
Robert Gillespie, 
James M'Lean, 

Residing in or near Port-Gla^gow. 

\Vm. Cunini^hame, 

Archibald Falconer, 

Matthew Brown, 

Jas. Anderson, jun. 

Robert M'Lachlan. 

William M'Naught, Fiscal, 

Archibald Young, Cleik. 

James Lade and Alexander Neilson, Depute Clerks. 

Walter M'Lachlan, 
A. M. Burrell, 
Willuitn H^unilton, 
Dfivid Gilkison, 
Archd. Beniy. 


1815 William M'Naught, 
1822 Alexander Neilson, 
1829 Duncan Crawford, 

1829 James Lade, 

1830 James D^'kes. 

Justice of Peace Small Debt Courts Toivn BidldingSy 

Fore Street, held on Monday once a-fortnighi, at 

Eleven o clock forenoon. 

Archibald Young, Cleik — James Lade and Alexander Neilson, 
Depute Clerks— William M'Naught, Fiscal. 

Anderson, Wm. Backrow, 
Hedderwick, John, Lyon's Lane, 
M'Kechnie, John, Town Buildings, Fore street. 
Rees, Thomas, Town Buildings, Fore street. 

Burgh Court, Town Buildings, Fore Street, held every 

Wednesday and Saturday, at Tivelve o'clock noon. 

James Dykes, Town Clerk. 


Thos. Rees, Town Buildings — James Morrison, Fore street— John 
MKechnie, Fore street — James Morrison, Town Crier, Fore street. 

Gaol, 4'c. Appendix, 161 

GAOL — Town Buildings, East Breast. 
Thomas Rees, Gaoler, house, Do. 



BANK— Fore Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon, till 3 afternoon, (shuts at 12 moosi 
on Saturday.) Draw on Jones, Loyd, & Co. London ; and en 
Robert Burns, Glasgow Uniou Bank, Edinburgh ; and on all the 
principal Towns in England and Ireland. 
Matthew King, Agent.. 

GREENOCK BANK— Town Buildings, Fore Street. 
Alexander M'Lachlan & Co. Agents. 

RENFREWSHIRE BANK.— Head of Church Street^ 
Steven & Sons, merchants. Agents. 

PROVIDENT BANK— Town Buildings, Fore Street. 
Open on Saturday evenings from 8 till' 9 o'clock. 


Messrs. James M'Lean 
Matthew King 
Wm. Cunmghame 

Messfs. Robert MLachlan 
David Johnston 
Aichd. Falconer 
Peter Motitgomerie 

Robert Gillespie, Treasurer. 
Any sum taken in from One Shilling and upwards, and Banik 
Interest allowed when the sum exceeds Twelve Shillings and Six- 
pence, and lies fore one month. 

STAMP OFFICE— Fore Street. 
Robert Gemmell, Sub-Distributer. 


William Crawford, M. D. 
Frederick Gordon, surgeon 
A. S Williamson, C. M. 

John Colston, G. M. 
James Morgan, surgeon 
Alexander M'lntosh, M. D. 

N.B. For Residence see Directory. 


Mrs. Eddington, Church street I Mrs. Kennedy, Church stree^i 
Glen, Shore street | Neil,. King street 


162 Port' Glasgow. Coffee Room, S^c. 

COFFEE room—Town Buildings, Fore Street, 
Was opened in 1816, the terms are £\ 6s. yearly, paid in ad- 
vance, captains going to sea haf price. Strangers residing in the 
Town for not more than six weeks admitted gratis. 


Messrs. Robert M'Lachlan, ' Messrs. A. M. Barrel! 

John Grant I James Anderson 

Duncan Crawford j John Chisholm. 

A. S. Williamson, Treasurer. 
Thomas Reas, keeper, house, Town Buildings. 


Instituted 1798. 
The terms are One Guinea a share, and 6s. 6d. for annual Sub- 

It contains about 1500 volumes, and has about 50 Subscribers, 
Peter Montgomery, President and Treasurer. 

Janaes Barr, D. D. | James Kerr j John Nicol 

Alexander Buchanan, Librarian. 


Parochial School — ^Buchanan, Alexander 

English, Writing, Arithmetic, Geogrnphi/, Latin, G^^eek, c|-c.— Knox, 

James, jun. 
ITriling, Mathematics, and Geogrnphi/ — Nichol, John 
Beaton s Charity School — Stewart, James 
English, Latin, Greek, and French — Broadfoot, "Walter 
English, Writing, Book keeping. Navigation, c^-c. — Wood, Alexander 
Beading, English Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic, French, and Geo- 

grajihy — Kemp, Simon. 

iV. B* For Besidence see Director^/. 


Founded BY David Beaton, 1816. 

James Dunlop, Esq. President and Treasurer. 

William Park, Secretary. 

governobs for life. 

Archibald Simpson 
James Dunlop 

Nathan Hunter Peter Montgomerie 

David Johnston *James Cleland 

James M'Lean Archibald Brown 

The Magistrate, Town Clerk, and Parish Minister, ex-officiis. 
James Stewart, teacher. 

Ministers, ^c. Appendix. 163 


Parish Church — Church street, James Barr, D. D, — appointed by 

the Magistrates and Town Council of Glasgow. 
Chapel OF Ease — Head of Balfour st. John Parker — Proprietors 
United Secession — Prince's street, David Inglis — Congregatiua 
Unitarian Chapel — Gillespie's lane, vacar.t 

iV. B. For Presbytery Meetings, see Greenock Directory page 104) 


Parish Church, Archibald Brown, house Church street 


Minister and Kirk Session, and a Committee of Gentlemen. 

Mr Freeland, Kirk Treasurer. 


Parish Church — David Melrose, officer — John Ptolemy, precentor 
Chapel of Ease — M. Munro, officer — Archd. Harvey, precentor 
Uniteu Secession — John Fleming officer — Auley Wilson, pre- 

Parish Church burying ground, Church street — David Meirose, 

house Balfour street 
Chapel of Ease burying ground, head of Balfour street— James 

Mills — house Campbell street 
East burying ground — vacant 


Port-Glasgow Bible Society* 

Instituted 1807. 

Rev. James Barr, D.D., Secretary. 

Return not given in. 

Port- Glasgow and Newark Female Benevolent Societ;/, 
Instituted June 1812. 
Mrs. Anstruther, President — Mrs. Wylie, Treasurer — Miss Camp- 
bell, Secretary. 

Port-Glasgoiu Sahbath School Society. 

Instituted Dec. 1814-. 

Neil Douglas, President. 

James Knox, vice-president — Matthew King, jun. treasurer 

John Boyle, secretary — with a Committee of 27. 

9 Schools, about 500 Scholars 

Sabbath School Library contains about 600 volumes 

16A> Porl'Glasgojv. Furnished Lodgings, ^-c. 

Missionary AssociatioTi, 

Instituted 1816. 

David Johnstone, President 

Peter Campbell, creasurer— W. Park, secretary— ^witb; 10 collectors 

Juvenile Missionaryi Society/,, 

Instituted 1822. 

Kev. James Barr, D. D. president—return not given in. 

Pori-Glasgoiv Female GcbUc School Society, 

Instituted I829i 

Miss Ricchie, Secretary — return not given in. 

Female Bible Society, 

Instituted ?■ 

Mrs. Dr. Crawford, president and treas^irer. 

Miss Anstruther — Miss Mathieson — and Miss Isabella Paterson, 



N.B. A- ApartmentS'^B' Beds 
A B 

2 2 Allan, Mrs. Scott's lane 

4 3 Burnett, Mrs. Shore street 

3 3 Campbell, Mr.<!. Shore street 

1 I Cliney, Mrs. Custom house lane 

2 2 Currie, Mrs. Scariow street 

6 3 Dennisfcon, Mrs. Gillespie's lane 

J 1 Davie, Mrs. Archd., King street 

2 2 Dunlop, Mrs. Dock head 

5 3 Hirst, Mrs. Ropevvork lane j 
S 2 Lamont, Mrs. Scariow street j 
2 2 Lang, Mrs. King street ^ 
2 2 Muir, Mrs. King street 

4 4 M'Coul, Mrs. Prince's street 
2 2 M'Fie, Mrs. Lyon's lane 
2 2 M'Kellar. Mrs. Custom-house lane,. 
8 7 M', Mrs. Church street 
4 4 M* Vicar, Mrs, Shore street 
2 2 Paul, Mrs. Custom-house lane 
2 2 Rucker, Mrs. Church street 

2 2 Scott, Mrs. Bay street 

3 3 Shaw, Mrs. Church street 
1 I Wilson,. Mrs. f . Chapel laae / 

Conveyances by Land and Water. Appendix. 165 


POST OFFICE, Dock Head. 
Arrival of Post. 

1 EDINBURGH, GLASGOW, and PAISLEY, (mail gig) 

six morning 

2 IRISH and North Mail, (per Royal Mail Steam Packet, one 


3 ENGLISH, GLASGOW, and PAISLEY, (mail gig) four 

o'clock affprnoon 

4 EDINBURGH, GLASGOW, and PAISLEY, (mail gig) 30 

minutes past seven evening 

Departure of Post, 


(mail gip) ten morning 


gie) 30 minutes pa&t two afternoon 

3 EDINBURGH Letters per latest Steamer 


(mail gig) 30 minutes past ten evening 
A regular Two-penny Post between GREENOCK and PORT- 
GLASGOW, 4 times daily. 

Office open on Sabbath from 8 till \0 morning, from 1 till 30 mi- 
nutes past 1 afternoon, and from 7 till 10 evening 
Open on lawful days from 7 in the morning till 10 evening, (except 
when receiving or dispatching mails) from the 5th April to the 
5th October, and at 8 morning for the other six months. 
Nathan Hunter, post master, Dock head. 
Jasper Smith, letteriunner, house Willison's lane. 
N.B For Rates of Postage, see Greenock Directory, page 1 12. 


Trom Port Glasgow to 
GLASGOW— James Dongal, Scot's lane, arr. and dep. every 

Tues and Fri 
GREENOCK— John Miller, Chine brae foot, arr. and dep. daily. 

— John Graham, Gillespie's lane, arr. and dep. daily. 

— John Blackwood, Robert street, arr. and dep. daily. 

166 P art- Glasgow, Shipping Companies, ^c. 


No. to 



Clyde Shipping Company. 

Murray. Robert, agent, West Quay. 
Neuj Clyde Shippinq Company. 

Burrell, A. M. & Co. agents, Scarlow street. 


No to 
Vessels and Shipping Companies, 

5 Burrell, A. M. & Co. Scarlow street 

7 Cnisholme and Paterson, West Quay 

9 King, Matthew, jun & Co. Fore street 

13 Laird, John, & Sons, Barr's brae foot 

17 Milliken, Hugh & Co. West Quay 

21 Murray, Robert, West Quay 

2-j M'Lachlan, Alexander & Co. Town Buildings, Fore street 



No. to 

4 Grey, Alex. Falconer street (Old Clyde Shipping Co.) 

6 Kay, Alex. Gillespie's lane, (^ew Clyde Shipping Co.) 

8 Lapsley, Claud, West Quay 
12 Maxwell, Thomas, King street 
20 M'Kellar, Jahn, West Quay 


The Magistrates and Council of Port- Glasgow and Newark here- 
by enact and ordain the following Regulations, to be strictly observ- 
ed and enforced from and after the I5th of May 1828, viz. : — 

1st. That no Porter or Barrowman shall be permittetl to act as 
such for hire or reward,, within the Towns of Port-Glasgow and 
Newark, or on the Quays and Breasts of the Harbour thereof, with- 
out being duly licensed, and having found caution for tlie faithful 
performance of the following Regulations. 

2d. That all Porters or Barrowmen shall diligently, expeditiously, 
and civilly perform the services for which, they are engaged, and shall 
not injure the property entrusted to their charge, under a penalty nut 
Kcceeding Two Pounds for each offence, besides being liable to the 
party injured in damages. 

3d. That no Porter shall embark the luggage of passengers going 
on board of any Steam Vessels until the passengers intending to land 
at the Harbour shall have first landed with their lu^age, under a 
penalty, not exceeding Two Pounds for each offence. 

Table of Fares. Jppendix. 167 

■ ■■ > ■ 

4th. That no Porter shall demand or take a higher sum for bis 
service, than the fares stated in the Table hereunto annexed, and each 
Porter shall, when plying, have in his possession a copy of these Re- 
gulations, and of the Table of Fares annexed to his licence, and 
shall at all times, when required by persons employing him, produce 
the same for inspection, under a penalty not exceeding Two Pounds 
for each offence. 

5th. That the Magistrates or any one of them may, on sufficient 
cause shown, declare the bond of caution granted for any Porter for. 
feited, and deprive the offender of the license. 

6th. The Penalties incurred under the preceding Regulatiops 
may be sued for btfore the Magistrates, and recovered at the iiit4an<:e 
of the Procurators Fiscal of the Burgh Court of Port Glasgow and 
Newark, and applied as the Magistrates may direct. 


To be exacted by Porters or JSarrowmen, in terms of the preceding 


Any parcel not exceeding 1 lb, weight, from any 
place within the Town, and not beyond Balfour 
street to the West, or the Flesh Market to 
the East, 

When beyond these places, 

Any parcel above 1 lb. , and not exceeding 7 lb. weight, 

When carried beyond these places 

Any parcel or package above 7 lb and not exceeding 
56 lb. - - . 

When carried beyond these places 

A barrow load, 

When carried beyond these places, • 

Extracted from the Records of Couricil, 

6y JAMES DYKES, Town Clerk. 

Council Chamber, Port. Glasgow, C 
23d September 1831. ( 

DEEP SEA PILOTS (Licensed.) 

Adams, Richard, Ladyburn I Stewart, James, Church street. 

Crawford, Jas. Custom House lane | 









168 Poi 

t Glasyow. 

Shipping List. 







_ Brig 

S Ship 


..^ .Barque 

Sk . . . Smack 



Sp ...^ . — , — Sloop 


,„.,,..-.^ Galliot 

Sr Schooner 


^., . ..----G ABB ART 

S vv,^^,.,^ . ..,^, .^..^. „.^ S N w 







, Trade. 



E POiiterbridge 


Peter Denny & others 




John Ciirrie 


Neil Currie 




John Lan<T 


John Lanjr 




Walter Ewiiig 


D. M'Ausland&otherf. 


AfTiiess & 



Wm. Roebuck 


Alex. M'Kellar 




John M'Kellar 


Peler Denny 




Robert Davie 


James Alexander 




John Rankin 


John Rodfjer & others 




John Chapman 


John Chapman 





John Nicol 


John King & others 



Math. Crawford 


Dav. Gilkison &others 



Archd. Falconer and 



James Greig 


Walter M'Lachlan 




Dun. Finlayson 






John Spence 


J.ChisholmifJ Spence 





John Wilson 


James Lang 



James Rose 


James Rose 



Dumbarton Steam 



James Lang 


Boat Company 



Wm. Johnston 


Janet Lang & others 




Robt. W.Wilson 


Archd. Falconer and 
Waiter M'Lachlan 


Elizabeth and 





A. M'Kinlay Mothers 



Fair Helen 


John Blair 


D. Gilkison & others 



Robt. Cochran 


Walter Glen, junr. 


Fairy Q,iieen Sp 

Wm. Henry 


Robt. Bannatyne 





William Currie 


D. Gilkison & others 



Gt Jn. Davie, iunr. 


John Davie, junr. 




James Smith ' 


Duncan Kay 


Shipping List. 

Appendix. 169 







Jan net 









Wm. Hagart 
James King 
John Rose 
William Latta 

Daniel Rankin . 
Dd, M'Lachlan 
James Brown 
John Buchanan 
John Bunten 


John GtJohn Bunten 

Juventus SnlJas. M'lntosh 

K, L 

Lady oftheLake 
Steamer Pk 
Leven Steamer 
Lilly Sp 

Lochslay Sp 

Lord Byron Bk 


New Dumbarton 

Nimrod Bs 

Port- Glasgow , 

Sr John Hutchison 
S I 

Sally Gt Alex. Davie 

Shepherdess Bk Robt. Glasgow 

Thos. Fletcher 

James Glen 

Pet. M'Kinlay 
John Campbell 
Thos. Jamieson 

Colin M'Ewing 
Hugh Miller 
Spi Duncan Baxter 
Cr J. JVl'Cormick 
SpJs. Robertson 
Sp John Davie 

Pet. M'Kinlay 
Wm. Robertson 









D. Gilkison & others 
Matth. King & others 
John Rose 
William Latta 
William Rankin, sen. 

and others 
Walter Glen, junr. 
John Denny & others 
J & GM'Don.&others 
Alex. M' Donald. 
Alex, Bunten &others 

John Kibble & 

John Bunten 


83 Robt. Lang & others 





Alex. Brown & others 
Lochlomond Steam 
Boat Company 

Dumbarton do. 
A. M'Kinlay& others 
Walter Glen, junr. 
Jas. Anderson, junr 


Tropic - 


Bk Alex. 
Bg Chas. 


BkJohn King 


Pet. Denny and others 
Daniel M'Naught 
Duncan Baxter 
Casper M'Corraick 
John Chapman 
John Davie 

Sp James Davie j 56 

Dumbarton Steam 

Boat Company 
Jas. M'Leaffi & others 













84 J&GM'Don.& others 

5o Jn. Service and others 
•295 Robt. Laird & others 
32"2jn. Laird and Sons 
^97 Jn. Chisholm & others 

38? Mat. King and others 






Jn. Dixon and othersj Foreign 

170 Port- Glasgow, 

Shipping LisU 

Vessels belonging to Glasgow ivhich Trade from and to Port-CldSffow, 


Ant Bk 

Bengal Bk 

Bee Bk 

Buckingham Bg 









Elizabeth Wal- 



James Pye 
Uun. Ritchie 
John Allan 
C. Robertson 

Thos. Callendei 
Walter Boa^ 
James Wright 
John Wylie 
John Blair 

Jas. M' Queen 

Jane Bg 

Joanna Bk 

John Campbell 
Lady oftheLake 

Mary WalkerBg 
Marchiness of 
Queensberry S 
iviiramichi Bk 
Mount Stewart 
Elphinstone S 
Montezuma Bk 


Arthur More 
Alex. M'Arthur 
A. P. Currie 
Andw. Crawford 
x^ndrew Gray 
Peter Simpson 
John Hunter 
Hugh Smith 

Dugd. M'Coll 
Alex. Gray 
John Murray 

Wm. Spence 

Robt. Whyte 
Richd. Cleland 
Andw. Mowit 
Wm. Drysdale 
Jn. M' Donald 
Alex. Pollok 




Rich. Brown Bg 
Saint John Bk 
Saint Vincent S 
St athmore Bu 
Uiiicorn v*- 

Wolfe's CoveBk 
William Rodger 




















FollokGilmour & Co- 
R. Jaraieson & others 
FollokGilmour & Co. 
Deniiiston, M'Gregor 

and Co. 
PollokGilmour &Co. 
Young and Freeland 
John Cross 
Robt. Kinnier and Co. 
Walkinshaw, Adam 

and Co. 
Wm. Gemmill&others 
PollokGilmour & Co. 
Alex. 1'ennant 
PollokGilmour & Co. 

Do. Do. 

J. Campbell, sen. &Co. 
Young and Freeland 
PollokGilmour & Co. 

and Co. 

Robt. Kinnier & Co. 

PollokGilmour & Co. 

John M'Farlane 
lit. Hutchison 

Andw. Small 
James Wright 
D. Anstruther 
Jas. Thomson 
J. Davidson 
Geo. Spencer 

Wm. Baxter 
Alex. Mitchell 
Robt. Dunlop 
Alex. Nicol 
William Brown 
Dug. Campbell 
Robt. Crawford 



Peu Hamilton [593 
Rob* Crawford 497) 

J Campbell, sen. & Co 
Wm Morrison&others 
J Campbell, sen. &Co. 

Do. Do. 

PollokGilmour & Co. 

Do. Do. 

Jn. GilkisoH & others 

Pollok Gilmopr& Co. 
Do. Do. 




John Fleming 
John Cross 
Young and Freelands 
Jn. Dempster&others 
PollokGilmour & Co. 
Dennistoun M'Gregor 

and Co. 
PollokGilmour & Co. 

Do. Do. 

J. Campbell, sen. &Co. 
PollokGilmour & Co. 
J.Campbell, sen.&Co. 
Wm. Jamieson&others 
^. Campbell, sen. & Co. 
PollokGilmour & Co. 
Walkinshaw, Adam, 
and Co. and others 

Sailing Vessels, 

Appendix, 171 


No. to 

















To Glasgow, 
James Lamont 
Archd. M'Aithur 
John Barrie 
Duncan Campbell 
Donald M'Naught 
William Kerr, 
Duncan Henry 
James Leitch 
Peter Cameron 

Ton. Men 























1 to 5 



1 to 5 



1 to 5 



1 to 5 


Ferry Boats. 
To Master. Departures. 

Craigend Ferry John Menzies hourly 
Cardross Ferry John Frazer do. 

llill, Ardmore Charles Buntin do. 
Mnir's Ferry John M'Crae do. 

The abovtt Ferry Boats cross hourly every day to Port- Glasgow, 
and when hired, will go to Greenock, Tail of the Bank, Gourock, 
or oflf to Steam Boats, passing up and down the channel, for or with 
goods and passengers. 

Goods, Parcels, &c. lor the Ferry Boats, to be left vi'ith Richard 
Gooding, Elephant Tavern (and Ferry House) Fore street 

N.B Iht Craigend Ferry is nearest to Dumbarton — 2d Car- 

dioss Ferry is opposite Port-Glasgow — 3d. Muir's Ferry is lower 
down Towards Hellensburgh. These Ferries are about half a mile 
distant from each ocher. The Ferry of Hill Ardmore is distant 
from Helensburgh 3 miles on the same side — 3 miles from Car- 
dross on the same side — from Greenock nearly 4 miles, and 4§ 
miles from Port-Glasgow across the clyde 



No to 

To Arrochar, 

16 Leven 

James Lang 

Departure. Ten, 
occasionally. 51 


4 Benledi 
4 Nirarod 

To Ayr. 
John Hunter 
Neil Currie 

3 times a-week 1 15 
Mon Wed Fri 96 


172 Port ■ Glasgow. 

Steam Vessels. 

Sn. to 
Agents or Porters. 

Vessel, Master. 

16 Leveri James Lang 

16 New Dumbarton Peter M'Kinlay 

Ton. Men. 
54. 7 

72 7 

To Dumbarton and Glasgow. 

> twice daily. 

To Glasgow. 


Start from the Steam Boat Quay, viz : — In summer from 6 morn- 
ing to 6 evening — and in winter from 7 morning to ^1 afternoon. 
For particulars, see the Notice Boards, West Quay, 

N.B. Steam Boats leaving Port. Glasgow pass — see Greenock DU 

rectory page 130 

Steam Boats leaving Glasgow pass — see Greenock Directorif 

page 130 

21 Active 

2i Alert 

5 Commerce 

2i Dispatch 

5 Favourite 

91 Itiduhtry 

21 Trusty 


David Sform 
Henry Hossack 
David Deans 
Robert Campbell 
N. Jamieson 
Alex. Leitch 
Archd. M'Ewing 

every lawful day 




21 Gulliver Hugh M'Gregor Do. do. 

21 Hercules Daniel Sufherland Do. do. 

21 Samson James M'Kellar Do. do. 

To Gourock, Dunoon, Rothesay, and Glasgow. 

8 Arran Castle John Barr daily 

Earl Grey Jiimes Johnston daily 

20 Esving Nisbet daily 

8 Dunoon Castle D, Currie 3 times a-w-eek 

8 Inverary Castle James Dawson daily 

WindsorCastle D. Thomson daily 


















To Greenock, Gourock, Innerkip, Wemyss Bay, Largs, Millport, 
Ardrossan, Troon, and Ayr. 

4 Benledi John Hunter 3 times a- week 

12 Nimrod Neil Currie Mon. Wed, Fri. 

To Helensburgh, Gairloch-head, and Glasgow. 

12 James Oswald James Whyte daily 

20 Waveily Robert Douglas daily 




Steam Vessels. Appendix. 17S 


Helensburgh, Roseneath, 

and Glasgow, 


No. to 







20 Caledonia 

James Wallace 




8 Clarence 

John Turner 




12 Greenock 

James Henderson 




8 Helensburgh 

Alex. M'Leod 




20 Sultan 

Alex. M'Keller 






















To Isla, Staffa, lona, and Skye, 
12 Maid of Islay, No. 2 John M'Pherson To Islay 

and Skye weekly, and occasionally to lona and Staflfa 14)0 
To Kilmun and Paisley. 
8 Gleniffer Robertson daily 32 

To Kilmun and Glasgow. 
Kilmun Wallace daily 

20 St. Mun Robert Hunter twice daily 

To Largs., Millport, ^c 
4 Benledi John Hunter 3 times weekly 

Fairy Queen M'Lellan daily 

Hero M'Kellar do. 

12 Nimrod Neil Currie Mbn. Wed. Fri. 

To Largs, Millport, and Arran. 
8 Albioni M'Kenzie 3 times weekly in summer 

To Lochgilphead. 
8 DunoonCAstle Di Currie 3 times a week 

8 Inverary Castle ■ - occasionally 

To Lochgoilhead, 
12 St. Katherine P. Graham daily 73 8 

To Paisley, 
8 Gleniffer Robertson daily 32 7 

To Rothesay and Inverary. 

8 Dunoon Castle D. Currie 3 times a-week ICO 8 

20 St. Mun Robert Hunter 3 Do. 63 8 


For the Recovery of the apparently Drowned or Deadj see Greenock 
Directory, Page 134 

HARBOUR TRUSTEES, Resident in Port-Glasgow. 
The Provost, Magistrates, and 3 senior Councillors, ex'officiis, viz, 
Archibald Falconer I James M'Lean j Matthew King 

David Gilkison j Robert Laird | Alexander Brown 

James Dykes, Town Clerk, Town Buildings, Fore street 

James Paterson, Harbour and Dock Master, Town Buildings 

John Gumming, Collector of Harbour Dues, Cumbray, Cloch, antj. 

Ibward Light money, Chureh Street. 


174 Port-Glasgow, Public Offices. 


CUSTOM HOUSE. — We^t Quay. 

Open from 10 o'clock morning till 3 o'clock afternoon 
Archd. Henry, Collector and Warehouse Keeper. 

collectors' clerks. 

John Boyle, 1st clerk j E. S. Bursey, 3d clerk 

Wiilianri Park, 2d clerk | A. H, Hardie, 4th clerk 

John Grant, Comptroller, Comptrolling Surveyor and Jerquer. 

William M'Aulay, Land and Tide Surveyor. 


John Elsworth 
Walter Irvine 

James Kerr, 
Francis Wallace 

KINGS' WEIGHERS. — (Customs.) 

Brown, James. 
Johnstone, .Tames, 

Kodgerson, James, 

LOCKERS.— (Customs.) 
Buchanan, William j Hall, Henry | Potts, William 

TIDE WAITERS— (Customs.) 

Frazer, James 
Gray, James 
Hodge, Duddingston 

Livingston, Duiscan 

Martin, William 
M'Gie, Charles 

M'Nab, Duncan 
Paul, James 
Reston, James 

BOATMEN.— (Customs.) 

Gillies, Daniel ( Hossie, James 

John, Thomson, Messenger and Watchman. 


Open from 10 o'clock morning, to 3 afternoon 
John Wharton, Collector — house Hill-end 
Malcom, M'Pherson, Supervisor — house Anne street, Greenock. 
George, Tait, officer, Excise office, Port-Glasgow, ho. Barr's 
brae foot. 
Coffee Room — Town Buildings, Thomas Rees, keeper 
Court House ^Town Buildings 
Directory Office, (Renfrewshire) — 10 Barclay st. Paisley, George 

FiscaVs Office, (Justice of Peace)— Church st. Wm M'Naught 
FiseaVs Office, (Town)— Fore street, Alex. Neilson and Jas. Lade* 

Public Offices. Appendix, 175 

Gas Work — Instituted ]830, by a Society of gentlemen who sub- 
scribed from L.3000 to L.4000, the sum requisite for their erec- 
tion, who agreed to reliiiquish the benefit in favour of the corpo- 
ration, on being paid common interest for money advanced— this 
transfer has been made to the Community, and its benefits ag- 
knovviedged. Robert Murra)', manager — James Dykes, town 
clerk, secretary. — Committee Room and Company's OfBce, 
Gas Works. — Open from 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock 
Barbour and Dock Masters' Office — Tovirn Btiildings, James 

Justice of Peace Clerk's Office — Fore street, Archibald Young, 

clerk — James Lade and Alex. Neilson, depute-clerks 
Police Office — Town Buildings, Thomas Kees, superintendent of 

Town and Harbour Police. 
Post Office — Dock head, Nathan Hunter, post master — Jasper 

Smith, letter runner — house Willison's lana 
Stamp Office— Tore street, Robert Gemmel 
Town Clerk's Office — Town's Buildings, James Dykes, clerk 
Town Treasurer's Office— Town Buildings, Peter Montgomerie 

Sun Fire — Town Buildings, Alex. M'Lauchlan & Co. 
Scottish Equitable- — Town Buildings, James Dykes. 
Scottish Union — Fore street, Alex. Neilson, writer. 

" """^ SEA INSURANCE. ~ ' 

Association of under Writers and Insurance Brokers of Glasffow 
far the port of Port- Glasgow, and ports adjacent — Fore street, Mat- 
thew King. 


Captain Daniel Ritchie, Ropework lane. 

Engines for Extinguishing Fire, 


The Water Engines and other apparatus are deposited at the: En- 
gine House, head of Mid Quay. 

Keys of the Engine House are to be found at Captain Daniel Rit- 
chie's, Ropework lane, Town Buildings, East Breast, Richard 
Gooding's, Cardross Ferry house and Custom House Watch- 
house, West Quay. 


Baxter, Duncan, Scott's lane 

Holm, John, Scott's lane 

M'Crae, James, Bay street 

Patterson, James, Bay street, office Town Buildings 

176 Port- Glasgow. Coal Merchants and Agents, S^c. 


Fish Market, Mid Quay 

Flesh Market, Bay street 

A Fair is held annually on the third Tuesday of July. 


Dry Measures C 

Liquid Measures -s Peter Montgomerie, 

Weights L Town Buildings. 



1731. Master Tailors' Society — John Taylor, preses, Lyon's lane- 
George Pagan, collector, Dock head — Archd. Brown, trea- 
surer and secretary, Church street — no officer. 

]745. Cumberland Lodge, (No. 216)— John Grant, R. W. M. 
Shore street — Wemyss Orok, senior warden, Shore street— 
Archd. M. Burrell, junior warden. Wood lane — Alexander 
Vallance, senior steward, Robert street — Robert Murray, 
junior steward, West Quay —Duncan Crawford, secretary, 
Devol's glen — John M'Kechnie, tyler, Town Buildings 

1758. Dorric Kiltoinning Port- Glasgow Lodge (No. 63) — John 
Hunter, R. W. M. Fore street — return called for but not 
given in. 

K90. Clyde Society — Alexander Brown, Esq. preses — Alexander 
Gardner, secretary — Messrs Archibald Falconer and Patrick 
Crawford, key-keepers — David Gilkison, William Hamilton, 
Robert Gilkison, Port-Glasgow — James George, Robert 
Jamieson, William Johnstone, Greenock — Alex. M'Gre- 
gor, Glasgow — N. Bannatyne, Rothesay. 

1814. Journeyman Wright" s Society — John Cuthbert. preses, 
Barr's brae road — James M'Crae, treasurer, Barr's brae-foot 
— Alexander Wood, clerk, Princes street — John Forrester, 
officer. Church street 

1817. Old Man s Friend Society — David Johnstone, preses — Adam 
Patterson, secretary — Matthew King, jun. treasurer — Rev 
Dr Barr, Rev. Mi-. Inglis, William Cunninghame, James 
Anderson, sen. George Renwick, James Gillespie, Ales. 
Gardner, Peter Montgomerie, John Hardie, Robert Laird, 
James Fyfe, James Stewart, Archibald Reid, Henry Shaw, 
John Ait ken 

1818. Curling Cluh— Geo. Kalley, secretary. Return not given in. 
1824. Fort Glasgow and Neioark Friendly, Funeral, and Mortsafe 

Society — James M'Crae, preses, Batr's brae-foot— Andrew 
Hair, treasurer, Dock head — Alex. Wood, clerk, Prince's 
street — David Taylor, officer, Prince's street — James Knox, 
contractor^ Lyon's lane 

Societies, &!C. Appendix. 177 

1826. rort- Glasgow Ship-wrights' Provident Union Societjj — Akx. 
Munro, preses, Church street —Arthur Taylor, sen. treasur- 
er. Shore street — Alex. Wood, clerk, Princes street — Jas. 
Wilson, officer, Scott's lane 

18^. Temperance Society —D'dv'xd Johnston, preses, Prince's street 
John M'Kellar, treasurer, West Quay — Simon Kemp, clerk 
Shore street 

1831 Port-Glasgow and Newark In'trumental Band — Lewis Wil- 
liams leader — Alex. Chalmers, Duncan MvKinlay, Dennis 
Fachans, John Whire, Robert Marshall, Robert Lawrie, 
James Smith, John Frazer, James Clark, Henderson Glen, 
drummer, Alex. Williams, James Chalmers, James Devises, 
John Christie 

1832. Port-Glasgoio Jowneyman Shoemakers Society — John Tucker, 
grand master, Scott's lane — Alex. Henry, depute-master, 
Bay street — William Semple, conductor, Campbell st. — 
'"' John Forrester, warden, Church street — Joseph Tucker, 

host, Bay street— John Billies, secretary, Barr's brae-foot — 
Matthew Beith, inside tyler, Scott's lane — John Donald, 
ontside tyler, Black Bull close 

N. B. — To Managers of Societies— -iSee Greenock Directory, page 93 


Greenock.-—¥\-om the Point, on the West of the Town, at which 
the Shore of the Firth of Clyde is met by the March between the 
Parishes of Greenock and Innerkip, up the said March to that 
Point thereof which is nearest to the Southern Point of the Ridge 
of Bow Hill ; thence in a straight Line to the said Point on Bow 
Hill; thence in a straight Line to the Southern End of the Upper 
East Reservoir for supplying Greenock with Water ; thence in a 
straight Line in the Direction of the highest projecting Point of 
Knocknair Hill, to the point nebr Woodhead Quarry, at which such 
straight Line cuts the Easternmost of the Two Rivulets which form 
the Lady Burn ; thence down such Rivulet and the Lady Burn to 
the Point at which the same joins the Firth of Clyde; thence along 
the Shore of the Firth of Clyde to the Point first described. 

Port-Glasgow — From the Point on the Shore, West of the 
Town, where Devols Burn' enters the Firth of Clyde, up the said 
Burn to the W^aterfal! in Devols Glen ; thence in a straight line to 
a Point in the MilKdam Burn, which is One Teousand Yards, 
measured along the same, above the Point where it enters the 
Clyde; thence in a straight Line to a Point on the Boundary b&- 
tween the Parishes of Port-Glasgow and Kilmalcolm, which is dis- 
tant Eight hundred Yards, measured along the said Boundary, frona 
the Point where it meets the Clyde ; thence down the said Boun- 
dary to its Termination on the Shore; thence West along the Shore 
to the Point first described. 


F O W L E U ^^ 


05= The Publisher feels much pleasure in calltji^ the at- 
tention of his readers, particularly those of them who are in 
the habit of passing some part of the summer season on the 
coast, to this beautifully situated, and easily accessible vil- 
lage. The names of the streets have recently been painted on 
conspicuous places, and the houses numbered, so that letters 
and parcels may 7iow be so explicitly directed, that all chances 
of delay are removed. The list of lodging house swill be found 
peculiarly useful, as, at a single glance, the number of apart- 
ments and beds are seen, and strangers will thus know, at once, 
where to apply, according to the extent of accommodation 

Those marked * are Feuars, 
N. B. — A. apartments, B. beds. 

ABERCROMBIE, James, gardener, 5 Bath st. 
Adam, William*, farmer, 4 Kempock street 
Do. Do. Do. 4 Do. 

Alexander, Mrs. 1 1 Shore street 
Amos, Robert, 14 Shore street 
Anderson, Oliver, coachman, Leven house 

BARCLAY, Hugh, farmer, Low Pennyfarra 

Barclay, John, farmer. High Pennyfarm 
1 1 Barr, Alex, mariner, 3 John Place 

Baxter, Duncan*, grocer and vintner, 7 Kempock 

Baxter, Duncan*, 1 Bath street 
Do. Do. 1 Do. 

Beith, Francis*, smith and farrier, 5 Hopetoun st. 

Bell, Archibald, 26 Shore street 

Bell, John, porter for Arran Castle, Dunoon Cas- 
tle, and Windsor Castle Steam boats, 1 
Hopeton street 

Bentley, William*, of Rock Bank, cotton mer- 
chant — Count.-ho., 81 Brunsvvickst Glasgow 























GOUROCK, &:C. J 79 


Birrell, Peter, Greenock carrier and coal mercht., 
5 Shore street 

4 4 Blair, Duncan, 4 Old Chapel street 

1 1 Do. Do. 4 Do. Do. 

2 2 Blair, Mrs. 9 Kempock place 

Boag, John, farmer, West Branchton 
Boag, Robert, farmer, EastLeven 
Broadley, Edward, gardener, Ashbiirn 

1 1 Broadley, Thomas, gardener, 7 Shore street 

2 2 Brock, Ann, 1 John Place 

Brown, Arch*, manufacturer, Innerkip road 

5 5 Brown, Lachlan*, fisher and grocer, Q Kempock 


3 3 Do. Do. Do. Do. 9 Do. 
2 2 Do. Do. Do. Do. 9 Do. 
2 2 Do. Do. Do. Do. 9 Do. 

1 1 Do. Do. Do Do. 9 Do. 

2 2 Brown, Mrs. vintner, 10 Kempock place 

Brown, Arch*., Innerkip road 

2 2 CAMERON, Archd. 8 Shore street 

Cameron, James, schoolmaster, session clerk, and 
land surveyor, 5 Kempock place 

3 3 Cameron, Miss Agnes, 14 Shore street 

2 2 Cameron, Miss Margaret, milliner, and dress- 
maker, 11 Shore street 
Cameron, Miss Margaret, milliner and dress- 
maker, 5 Kempock place 
Cameron, Mrs Dugald, SO Shore street 
Campbell, Alex, river pilot, Cloch 
1 1 Campbell, Archibald, 18 Shore street 

Campbell, Duncan, (jaunting car to hire) 5 Hope- 
ton St. apply to Jamieson, Archd., George Inn 

4 3 Campbell, Mrs. James, 7 Shore street 

Campbell, Miss, 9 Kempock place 
Campbell, John, Innkeeper, Cloch Inn 
Campbell, John*, skipper, 11 Ropev^^ork street 
4 4 Campbell, Peter, 9 Quay street 
1 2 Campbell, Robert*, 21 Shore street 













180 GOUROCK, &C. 

Carsewell, John, mason, 9 Kempock Place 
Carsewell, Thomas, 8 Shore street 
Chalmers, John*, 3 Bay street 
Chalmers, John, 1 Ropework street 

Do. Do. Do. 

Crawford, Charles, surgeon and druggist, 4 Quay- 
Cook, Donald*, merchant, Bath street 
Crooks, Mrs. A*. Leven 
5 5 Cumming, Peter, merchant, Craigburn 
5 5 Do. Do. Do. 

Currie, John, fish dealer, 27 Shore street 
Currie, John, grocer, 19 Shore street 

DAL2ELL, James*, Clyde View, 4 Bath street 
Darroch, Lieut-general of Gourock and Drums 

1 1 Dennistoun, Ann, 2 Old Chapel street 

Dow, Peter*, 8 Kempock street 
Dunmore, Thomas, Innerkip road 

2 3 Dunn, J. & J. bakers, (Gourock Inn) 36 Shore St. 
2 3 Dunn, Mrs. 8 Shore street 

Dunn, Rev. John, librarian to Greenock Library, 
2 Bay street 

EICLES, John, (Greenock Tavern) porter for 
Hero Steam -boat, I Ropework street 

■■'.anb bci 
7 7 Ferguson, Duncan*, 6 Kempock place 

1 1 Ferguson, Miss E., 3 Kempock street 

2 3 Ferguson, Mrs. grocer, 15 Shore street 

Ferguson, Peter, vintner, 23 Shore street 
Findlay, Robert farmer, Wester Leven 
2 2 Finnie, John, farmer, Faulds 
2 2 Finnic, John, grocer, 16 Shore street 

1 2 Do. Do. Do. 16 Do. 

2 2 Do. Do, Do. 9 Do. 

2 2 Do. Do. Do. 9 Do. 

3 3 Do. Do. Do. 9 Do. 

GOUROCK, &C. 181 

A B 

6 4 Fleming, Robert*, spirit dealer, Ashton 

5 4 Do. Do. Do. Do. 

5 4> Do. Do. Do. Do. 

5 4 Do. Do. Do. Do. 

5 4 Do. Do. Do. Do. 

4 5 Do. Do. Do. Do. 

9 11 Forbes, James*, manufacturer, (Fort Kempock) 

6 Kempock street 
8 9 Do. Do. 6 Do. 

Fyf'e, John* Innerkip road 

GI3B, James, coachman, Gourock House 
2 3 Gillies. Mrs. Innkeeper, 6 Quay street 

5 5 Glen, David*, 13 Kempock street 
2 2 Do. Do. 13 Do 

5 3 Do. Do. 12 Do. 
5 5 Do. Do. 12 Do. 
2 2 Glen, David, 12 Kempock street 

Gordon, Richard, butler, Gourock House 
Gourock Ropework Company's* Ropework, 8 
Ropework street — Wm. Scott, manager — ho. 
S Old Chapel street 
Gourock School, 3 Bath street — James Cameron, 

5 4 HAIG, Mrs.* 6 Quay street 

2 2 Hailes, Thomas, plasterer, 2 Bath street 
Hair, Wm. farmer, Auchmeade 

2 Hali, Archibald, 29 Shore street 

2 Hall, John*, spirit merchant, 16 Kempock street 

2 Do. Do. Do. 14 Do. 
4 Do. Do. Do. 15 Do. 
4 Do. Do. Do. 15 Do. 

Hall, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 16 Kempock st. 

3 Halliday, John, joiner and spirit dealer, 13 Quay 

3 Hamilton, Walter, 15 Shore street 
2 Harper, Alex.* 1 Shore street 

4 Hastie, William*, 13 Ropework street 


18^ GOUROCK, &C. 

A B 

4 4 riastie, William*, 1 3 Ropework street 

1 I Henry, John, 1 Old Chapel street 

Home, James, Clyde View, 4 Bath street 
Hossack, Alex, fisher, 1 John's place 

4 3 Hossack, James*, skipper and grocer, 4 Quay st. 

1 1 Hossack, Wm. river pilot, 3 Quay street 

2 2 Humes, Mrs. 25 Shore street 

Hutchison, John, mason, 3 Ropework street 

5 4 Hyndman^ Miss*, 1 John place 

JAMIESGN, i^rchibald, George Inn, 10 Quay 

3 3 Johnstone, Mrs. 1 Hopeton street 

2 2 KA.Y, Martha, 10 Ropework street 

Kelly, Mrs, spirit dealer, 30 Shore street 
8 11 Kerr, Hugh*, manufacturer, (Fort Kempock) 5 

Kempock street 
5 6 Do. Do Do. 5 Do. 

5 5 Kerr, Mrs. 23 Shore street 

2 2 King, John*, 2 Bath street 

Kirkpatrick, James, gardener, Leven 

LAIRD, James, carter, 2 Hopeton street 
Laird, Wm. farmer, Shaws 

Lamont, Wm.* of Maybank, merchant, 3 St. 
Enoch's Square, Glasgow 

3 2 Lapsley, Walter, grocer, 6 Ropework street 
Lawrenson, Edward, Light-house keeper, Cloch 
Leitch, Daniel, grocer, 2 Ropework street 
Leitch, Mrs.* 1 King street 
Liddell, William*, merchant, Berryburn, 1 Bay &t. 

Liddell, James, farmer, Ravenscraig 

Lilly, Mrs. 8 Quay street 
3 3 Lindsay, John, 7 Kempock street 

Lingley, Elizabeth, linen washer and dresser, 14 
Shore street 
7 5 Lochhead, William*, Rosebank 

Louden, James, grocer, 31 Shore street 









GOUROCK, &Cr 183 

A B 

1 2 MAIN, David, river pilot, 1 Kempock place 
Mains, Elizabeth*, 3 Kempock street 

4 4 Mains, Helen, 12 Quay street 

1 1 Main, James, fisher, 1 1 Kempock place 

2 2 Main, James, fisher, 1 Bath street 

Mains, Janet, innkeeper, 8 Quay street 

5 3 Main, James, fisher, 8 Quay street 
i 2 Main, Mrs. John, 8 Quay street 

Marquis, Alex* customer w^eaver, 2 Shore street 

4 3 Marquis, Hugh*, I Quay street 

Marquis, Mrs. farmer, £Ia Mill 

3 4 Martin, Jas« river & deep sea pilot, 12 Kempock st. 

Martin, Mrs. lodj^ing house, 1 Bath street 
Mathie, James, farmer, Smieston 
Mathie, John, farmer, A.uchineach 
Millar, John, farmer, Auchineach 
Millar, Miss, 1 Hopeton street 
Millar, William, farmer, Divert 
Milligan, Thos.* mason, 2 Kempock street 

Do. Do. Do. 2 Do. 

Morrison, Mrs.* 14 Quay street 

Do. Do. 13 Do. 

Do. Do. 15 Do. 
Morrison, Mrs.*" I Kempock place 
Murray, John, whinstone quarrier, 17 Shore st. 

5 4 M'ARTHUR, Archibald*, 6 Old Chapel street 

M'Ausland, Archibald, fisher, 9 Shore street 
M'Call, Alex.*lateforman, of GourockRopework, 
12 Ropework street 

1 1 M'Callum, Mary, 27 Shore street 

2 2 M'Corquodale, Duncan, baker, 33 Shore street 

M'Cunn, James, vintner, and river pilot, 19 Shore- 
M'Cunn, John*, ll Shore street 
M'Cunn, Thomas*, grocer, 8 Shore street 

5 5 M'Cunn, Wm.* grocer, 3 Quay street 

2 2 Do. Do. Do. 3 Do. 

2 2 Do. Do. Do. 3 Do. 





























184 GOUROCK, &C. 

A B 

M'Donald, Malcolm, 26 Shore street 
.M'Dougall, Donald, fisher, 1 Hopeton street 
M'DoLigal], Duncan, fisher, 2 Hopeton street 
M'DoLigal, John, 29 Shore street 
M'Farlane, John, river pilot, S2 Shore street 
M'Farlane, John, smith, head of King street — ho. 

11 Shore street 
M'Farlane, Mrs.* 33 Shore street 
M'Farlan, Robert, quarrier, 10 Kerapock street 
M'Glashan, John, porter for the Albion, Largs & 
Fairy Queen Steam-boats, (and foot post to Gree- 
nock,) 9 Kempock place 
M'lnroy, Mrs.* Leven Flouse 
M'Inroy, Peter, gardener, Leven House 
1 1 M'Kecknie, Robert, mariner, 9 Shore street 

1 1 M'Kellar, Mrs. mid-wife, 7 Shore street 

M'Kenzie, Daniel, baker, (post office,) 11 Quay 

M'Kenzie, James, flesher, 6 Quay street 

3 3 M'Kiniay, Duncan,*, fisher, 30 Shore street 

M'Kinlay, Mrs. grocer 7, Quay street, 

2 1 M Kinnon, John, late porter for Castles Steam- 

boats, 1 Hopeton street 

4 4) M'Kirdy, Mrs. 10 Kempock street 

M'Kirdy, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 10 Kem- 
pock street 
2 2 M'Lean, Mrs 13 Quay street 

M'Lellan, Donald, farmer, Larkfield 
M'Lellan, Duncnn, quarrier, 1 Hopeton street 
M'Leoci, Rev. Doijald, Innerkip road 
M'Millan, Archd. boot & shoemaker, 30 Shore st. 
M*Nab, John, gardener, Gourock House 
M'Nabb, Mrs 11 Kempock place 
M'Nairen, Robert, ropemaker, 7 Shore street 
M'Neil, Christian, 20 Shore street 
M'Neillage, Mrs (steam-boat tavern) 12 Quay &U 
M'Pherson, Alex, ropemaker, 7 Shore street 
M'Taggart, Mrs 5 Ropevvork street 











GOUROGK, &G. 1 857 

2 2 PARK, Archd * fisher, 10 Kempock place 

2 2 Park, James, 15 Shore street 

Park, Robert, fisher, 1 King street 

Park, Robert*, river pilot, 10 Kempock place 

3 3 Park, William*, porter for the Benledi, Giennif- 

fer, Nimrod, and St. Catherine Steam-boatSj 
10 Kempock place 

4 Paterson, Alexander, 31 Shore street 

5 Do. do. 31 do. 

1 Paterson, James*, 3 Ropework street 

2 Paterson, John*, 4 Ropework street 
Paterson, John, land steward, Gourock House 

1 Paterson, Mrs. 3 Bay street 

1 Paterson, William, 2 Ropework street 
5 Peacock, Mrs.* 4 Kempock street 
5 Do. do. 4 do. 

Peters, James, mason, 13 Shore street- 
4 Phillips, Mrs. 33 Shore street 

Pullar, Wra.* manufacturer,. Innerkip road 

RAE, William, tailor,. 20 Shore street 
Ralston, James, boot & shoemaker, 27 Shore st. 
Ranken, Andrew* of Ashburn, merchant 
9 Do. do. 11. Kempock street 

Reid, John, hairdresser, 5 Quay street 
Reid, William, flesher^ 2 Quay street 
Rennie, Alex, farmer, Gateside 

2 Ritchie, Archd. farmer, Midton. 

3 Ritchie, Duncan, 25 Shore street 
2 Ritchie, Helen, grocer, 28 Shore street 

Ritchie, John, (Glasgow Tavern) porter for the 
Earl Grey, Kilmun,. and St> Mun, Steanir 
boats, 1 Quay street 
2 Ritchie, Robert*, Road to Innerkip 
2 Ritchie, William*, farmer. Cove 

Robertson, William,, writer, Innerkip road 
2 Ross, James, river and deep sea pilot, 5 Bath st,. 

2 SCOTT, Janet, 8 Quay street 
2 Scott, Mrs. 3 Old Chapel street 
Q 3 

186 GOUROCK, &C. 

Sharp, Mrs. grocer, 8 Kempock place 
Shearer, James, game-keeper, Gourock House 

1 1 Shearer, James, 12 Kempock street 

Shearer, John, farmer, Braeside 

Shearer, John, farmer, Sliaws 

Simpson, Alex, coal merchant, G Shore street 

Simpson, Alex, vintner, 5 Old Chapel street 

2 3 Simpson, James*, coal merchant and Greenock 

carrier, 4 llopeton street 

3 3 Simpson, James*, vintner, 11 Kempock place 
2 2 Simpson, John, quarrier, 3 Kempock street 

Simpson, John*, wright, 4 King street 
Simpson, Joseph, spirit dealer, 8 Kempock street 

2 3 Simpson, Rohert, farmer, Urumshantie 
1 1 Sinclair, Mrs. Wm.* 4 Kempock place 

Smith, Alexander, flesher, 12 Quay street 
1 2 Smith, John, boot & shoemaker, 5 Quay street 

3 3 Snjith, John, 5 Kopework street 

Spiers, James, teacher and librarian, 35 Shore st. 
3 3 Do. do. do. 5 Quay street 

Spcirs, John*, M.D. Innerkip road 
.5 5 Spc'irs, Mrs. 11 Kempock street 

Stevenson, John, farmer, Forreston 

1 1 Stevenson, Wm.* late farmer, 3 Shore street 

Stewart, John, joiner, 13 Quay street 

Stewart, Thomas, 30 Shore street 

Stewart, William, ropemaker, 8 llopework street 

Storm, Robert, 15 Shore street 

Stuart, Mrs. Charles, 2 Bay street 

Do. do. do. 

Do. do. do. 

Do. do. do. 

Do. do. do. 

Do. do. do. 

Do. do. do. 

Sword, John, spirit dealer, 13 Shore street 

2 2 TAYLOR, Miss, 9 Shore street 
4 4 Taylor, Malcom, 2G Shore street 

3 3 Thomas, Mrs. 5 Ropcwork street 























GouRocK. kc, 187 

4< Thompson, Dougal*, 11 Kempock place 
5 () Do. do. 1 Kempock place 
5 5 Thomson, Duncan, mariner, Bath street 
3 3 Thomson, Duncan*, 6 Kopework street 

Thomson, William, keeper of the Asylum at Fan- 
cy Farm 
Turner, Archd. river pilot, 6 Bath street 

1 1 Turner, Miss, 2 John place 

2 2 Turner, Mrs. 26 Shore street 

Turner, Mrs.* 4 Kempock street 
Turner, Mrs. teacher of" Ladies' School, 4 Quay st 
Tvveedale, Hugh, fanner, Auchinearn 
Tweedale, James, farmer, East Branchton 

3 4 WATSON, Mrs. James, farmer, Lxui?h Drums 
Webster, Alex, ploughman, Gourock House 
Weir, Hugh, shepherd, !29 Shore street 
Weir, Miss. 29 Shore street 
Weston, Thomas, mason, 3 Kempock place 
Whyte, Duncan, 8 Kempock place 
Whyte, James, fisher, 1 Ilopcton street 
Whyte, James, skipper, 5 Quay street 
Wright, Mrs. 1 Kempock street 

YOUNG, John, fisher, 1 Quay street 













■eaaBga aiawMm M Bfia a Mu r K 






Lieut-Gen. Darroch of Gourock and Drums. 

Captain Duncan Darroch, younger of Gourock and Drums. 

188 Gourock, Medical Practitioner, 

■ ■• __ — f 


Charles Cravvford, 4 Quay street. 

Mrs. M'Kellar, 7 Shore street 

GOUROCK LIBRARY— 35 Shoke Street. ' 

This Library was instituted in January 1829, and consists of the 

most approved books in Divinity, and History, and contains upwards 

erf' 500 volumes. — Open every lawful day from 10 a.m. till 3 P. mi. 

(to accommodate strangers,) and on Tuesday evenings from 7 till 9. 


Rev. D. M'Leod. President — Charles Crawford, Treasurer and 

Secretary, with 18 of a Committee. 

James Speirs, Librarian. 


Gourock School — 3 Bath street, James Cameron, Schoolmaster. 
English, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, ^c — 35 Shore street, 
James Speirs 

LADIES' SCHOOL— Shore Street. 

This School is patronised and supported hy Mrs. General Dar- 
roch of Gourock and Drums — Mrs. Crooks of Leven — Mrs. Ran- 
ken of Ashburn — Miss Liddell of Berryburn — Mrs. M Inroy — Mrs. 
Graham — Mrs. Crawford — Mrs. Bentley, and Miss M'Cunn — Miss 
Darrock, secretary ; and attended by about 20 girls, who pay ''id per 
\veek, for which they are taught reading and sewing. 
Mrs. Turner, Teacher. 


Sabbath Evening School — Gourock Church — Conducted by the 
Key. Donald M'Leod, and assisted by Dr Crawford, James 
Speirs, John Henry, Walter Lapsley, John Smith, John 
Wales, James M'Taggart, and Duncan M'Corqudale. Schol- 
ars about 140. 


EsTd^Bi^iSBED CuuncH — Church street — Rev. Donald M'Leod, ap- 
pointed by the Male Communicants. 


John Black and David Glen— Joint Treasurers, 
John Black — Clerk 

David Glen 
William Robertson 
Charles Crawford 
Duncan M'Corquodale 

Walter Lapsley 
James Scott 
John Shearer 

Church Officer and Precentor. Appendix. IS.!) 

This Church (excepting the superior's ais!e) has been erected by 
voluntary subscriptions. The Constitution granted by the General 
Assembly of the Church of Scotland, vests in the Feuars of Gou- 
rock connected with that Church, and the yearly male sitters in the 
Church (being communicants) residing in the barony of Gourock, 
and that part of the barony of Ardgowan, east of the New Ferry 
Cloch, the right of electinj^ managers annually, and the clergyman, 
when a vacancy occurs. — Rev. Donald M'Leod, ordained minister 
11th August 1831. 


James Speirs, 5 Quay Street. 


Alexander Marquis, 2 Shore Sfreet. 


POST OFFICE- 11 Quay Street. 
Arrival of Post 


GOW, and GREENOCK (foot post) 48 minutes past 8 
o'clock morning. 


GOW, and GREENOCK (foot post) 45 minutes past 6 
o'clock evening. 

Departure of Posts. 


GOW, and EDiiNBURGH (foot post) 30 minuses past 6 
o'clock morning. 


GOW, and EDINBURGH (foot post) 30 minutes past 3 
o'clock evening. 

Daniel M'Kenzie, post master, 11 Quay Stv^et. 

John M'Glashan. letter runner, 9 Kemi^uck Pi^jce. 

N.B — See Rates of Postages, Greenock Directory, page 1 12. 


Albion, Largs, and Fairy QMee/i — M'Glashan, Joiiu, 9 Kempock 

Arran, Dunoon, and Windsor Castles — Bell, John, 1 Hoperoun st. 

JJenleai, Glenniffer, St. Catherine, and Nimrod — Park, William, 10 
Kempock Place 

Earl Grey, Kilmun, and St. Mmtj— Ritchie, John, (Glasgow Ta- 
vern) 1 Quay Street, and Dunn, Juhn.i:6 Shore streel 

Hero — Eccles, John, 1 Ropevvoik street 

190 Gourock. Fiver Pilots, 

RIVER PILOTS, f Licensed.; 

Campbell, Alex. Cloch House 
Hossaek, Win. 5 Quay street 
Main, David, 2 Kempock place 
Martin, James, 12 Kempock st. 
M'Cunn, James, 19 Shore st. 

M'Farlane, John, 32 Shore St. 
Park, Robert, 10 Kempock place 
Ross, James, 5 Bath street 
Turner, Archd. 5 Bath street 


For Steam Vessels, see Greenock Directory, page 129. 

All Steamers and other sailing vessels going out or coming into 
the Clyde, pass and re-pass Gourock. 

N B —Boards, announcing the destination aud hours of depar- 
ttire, may be seen at 10 and 12 Quay street. 
For Regulations of Steam Vessels, see Greenock Directory, page 133. 


For the Recovery of the apparently Drowned or Dead, see Gr£enock 
Directory, pages 134. 


Birrell, Peter, 5 Shore street 
Simpson, Alex. 6 Shore street 
Simpson, James, 4 Hopeton street 



1825. Gourock Society for Protecting the Dead.-— WWWam Pat«r- 
6011, preses, 3 Ropevvork street — Matthew Morrison, trea- 
surer, 14 Shore street — Thomas Carswell, 8 Shore street- 
Edward Broadley, Ashburn — 'Thomas Weston, 3 Kempock 

183L Gourock Temperance Society — James Speirs, preses, 5 Qtiay 
street — James Scott, treasurer, 3 Old Chapel street— Wil- 
liam Scott, secretary, 3 Old Ctiapel street — with a commit- 
tee of four Directors. 


Those who wish (heir Society inserted, will please send early notice 
therevfto the Publisher, with the date of Insiilution, the title (f So^ 
cietij, the name of the Preses, Treasurer, Clerk, and Officer, loith the 
No- and name of the street in loldch they reside; also the dote 
of Election of Office hearers. Attending to this notice tvill be found 
a great convenience to members of Societies, and enable the Puhlislter 
to make the lists more complete. — N. B. As much delay and unneces- 
sary trouble has been occasioned by Societies and other Public ^Bodies 
not giving in their lists, the Publisher intimates that, unless the sttme 
he regularly forivurded. he tvill not be acccountabte for omissioss. — 
Feuars who may be omitted to be marked as such, are requested to send 
in their proper address to the Publisher. 


F o "^r li E m ® 



f> ~ — _, — , , . 


Thi!> pleasantly situated watering place is about iiiye miles 
below Gourock^ and possesses excellent bathing accommndii- 
tion. From the list of Furnished Lodgings subjoined^ showing 
the number of Apartments and Beds, strangers can aceom-- 
modaie themselves with Lodgings to the required e.rle) t^ with 
almost no trouble. The purity'' of the air^ the agreeable site^ 
and the easy communicaiion either by land or water, with the 
populous towns and cities on the Clyde, render it altogether a 
very pleasant and desirable retreat, either for the invalid or 
for the man of business who wishes to escape for a season the 
busy turmoils of commercial life. 

Those marked * are Feuars. 

N.B. — A. apaiiments, B beds. 

A B 

3 3 ALEXANDER, John*, Innerkip 

1 1 Alexander. Mary, Innerkip 

5 4 Alexander, Mrs. James, Innerkip 
Amos, Walter, overseer, Bankfoot 
Anderson, Alexander, gardener, Wemyss Bay 

BAILIE, Mrs. housekeeper, Ardgowan 

Bailie, Thomas, groom, Ardgowan 

Bannatyne, James, tailor, Innerkip 

Beith, William, coachman, Kelly 
1 1 Boag, Margaret, Innerkij) 
3 3 Boag, Mrs. Archd.* Innerkip 

Broadfoot, John, farmer, Leitchland 

Broadfoot, Mrs. midwife, Innerkip 

Brown, Mrs. sen. Innerkip 

Brown, Rev. Thomas, jun. Innerkip Manse 

Buchanan, Andrew, baker, Innerkip 

Buchanan, Thos.* joiner & boat-builder, Innerkip 

Buchanan, William, shoemaker, Innerkip 

19'2 ' INNERKTP, &€. 

A li 

CLYDE, Thomas, Parish school-master, Innerkip 
Coats, William, tailor, Innerkip 
Cochran, James, shoemaker, Innerkip 

3 4 ("ochran, Mrs. Robert*, Innerkip 

2 2 Craig, James, flesher, Innerkip 

Crawford, James, farmer, Underhengh 

DOUGLASS, William, farmer, Clochrielea 

EDWARD, William, mariner, Innerkip 
Eriglish, Ezekiel, qnarrier, Innerkip 

Ewing, Mrs.* Innerkip 

FA1R6AIRN, John, forrester, Innerkip 
Finlay, Gabriel, farmer. Hill 
Finlay, William, farmer, Meikle Cloch 
Ford, Benjamin, wright, Innerkip 
Fyfe, James, grocer, spirit merchant and post- 
master, Innerkip 

HAIR, James, farmer, Garvock 
Harvie, James, fisher, Innerkip 
Hastie, David, gardener, Kelly 
Hunter, Mrs.* John, Innerkip 

JAMIESON, John, farmer, Everton 
Jamieson, John, \intner, Innerkip 
Jamieson, Malcolm, of Laigh Lnnderston 
Jamieson, Mrs. Robert*, of Lunderston 
6 5 Jamieson, Mrs. Thos.* Innerkip 

3 3 Jamieson, Mrs, x\lex. Innerkip 

Johnstone, William, smith arid farrier, Innerkip 

KELSO, Robert, farmer and miller, Flatterton 
Kerr, Robert*, Innerkip 
Kincaid, John, farmer, Magieston 

LOCHHEAD, Thomas, overseer, Kelly 
Logan, Mrs. house-keeper, Kelly 

INNERKTF, &C. 19^ 

A B 

Love, John, farmer, Finnockbog 
4 4 Low, Thomas*, miiiister, Cottage, Innerkip 

Lowrie, James, Carlton, Place, Wemyss Bay 

MAIN, George*, (Innerkip Inn) Innerkip 
Main, John*, fisher, Innerkip 

8 6 Main, George*, sen. fisher, Innerkip 

2 2 Do. Do. Do. 

Marquis, Archibald, farmer, Spnnga 

Matthie, Wm.* quariier, Innerkip 

Melross, iVdam, gardener, Ardgowan 

Millan, Archd. customer weaver & grocer, Innerkip 

Miller, James, farmer, Bellfarm 

Miller, James, farmer, Little Cloch 

Milligan, Andrew, roadmaker, Innerkip 

Moncrieff, , Wemyss Bay 

Montgomery, Alex, farmer, Leven-bank 

Montgomery, Robert, fisher, Innerkip 

Morries, Hugh, dustomer-weaver, .^nnerkip 

(S 7 Morries, Hugh*, late ship-master, Innerkip 
Muir, Robert, farmer. Leap 

M^CALL, Jolm, Wemyss Bay 
M'Fie, William, of Langhouse, sugar refiner 
4 M^Kenzie, Dugald*, iisher, Innerkip 
3 M'Lauchlan, Malcolm*, Innerkip 
McMillan, John, roadmaker, Innerkip 
JM'Nei), Mary, grocer, Innerkip 
M*Pherson, Robert, farmer, Bogside 
J 1 M'Pherson, Mrs. milliner & dress-maker, Innerkip 

8 6 ORKNEY, Mrs * Innerkip 
1 1 Do. Do. Do. 

PACE, George, game-keeper, Ardgowan 
Paterson, Robert, farmer, Langhill 
Patrick, Mrs.* Innerkip 
Pattison, John, dj-ke-builder. Innerkip 
Pattison, Thomas, dyke-builder, Innerkip 



194* INNERKIP, kc, 

A B Paul, Edward, customer weaver, Innerkip 

Paul, James, fisher, Innerkip 

Paul, William, boot and shoe maker, Innerkip 
7 5 RODGER, John*, joiner, Innerkip 

SCOTT, Hugh, skipper, Innerkip 

Scott, John, farmer, ShielhiU 

Scott, Thos. farmer, Holmston 

Scott, Walter, farmer, Langhouse 

Shearer, James, farmer, Cornielees 

Shearer, Robert*, keeper Innerkip 

Smith, Gilbert, Innerkip 

Smith, Hugh, grocer, Innerkip 

Smith, John, bookseller and stationer. Cliff Cot- 
tage, Innerkip, and St, Vincent street, Glas- 
gow — house, Wilson street do. 

Smith, John, surgeon, Innerkip 

Stewart, Hugh, shepherd, Ardgowan 

Stewart, James, Werayss Bay 

Stewart, Sir M, Shaw, Bart, of Blackball and 
Greenock, M.P. Ardgowan, and No. 19 
King street, London 

7 6 THOM, Archd. fisher, Innerkip 
5 4 Do. Do. Do. Do. 

Thom, William, fisher, Innerkip 

Tyre, James, boot and shoemaker, Innerkip 

Tyre, John, customer, weaver, Innerkip 

W^ALLACE, Robert, M.P. of Kelly 
Warden, James, farmer, Kingston 
Warden, John, gardener, Langhouse 
Warden, Robert, farmer, Carswell 
Warden, Wm. flax and wool miller, Dunrod mill 
Warkman, John, farmer, Dunrod 
Weeters, Archd. mariner, Innerkip 
Wilson, gamekeeper and forrester, Kelly- 

Young, J. teacher, Innerkip 
Wylie, Mrs- John*, Innerkip 


Feuars who may he omitted to he marked as such, are requested to 
send in their proper address to the I^ublisher, 




F O W L E R^S 


Sir Michael Shaw Stewart of Blackhall and Greenock, M. P. for 
County of Renfrew. 

Robert Wallace of Kelly, Esq., M. P. for Town of Greenock. 
William M'Fee of Langhouse. 


John Smith, Surgeon. 


Mrs. James Cochran, near Parish Church. 
Mrs. Broadfoot, Bridge-end. 


Thomas Clyde, Innerkip. 


Independent Chapel —Cond[icted by Mr. Thomas Low, Mini^tpr. 


I/fiVEMxip Parish Church. — Thomas Brown, appointed by Sir 
Michael Shaw Stewart, M. P. 

LvDEPENDENT Chapkl, — Thomas Low, Congregation. 

Innerkip Parish. — Thomas Clyde, Innerkip. 


Kirk Session and Heritors. — Rev. Thomas Brown, treasurer — 
Thomas Clyde, clerk, Innerkip. 


Parish Church. — Robert, Scott, officer — J^mes Tyre, Precentor. 
Independent Ckapcl — No officer — John RoJger aid William Pdul^ 


196 Jmierhip. Grave Digger ^ S^c. 


Robert Scott, Innerkip. 




GOW, and GREENOCK, ('horse post) 8 o'clock morniug. 


GOW, and EDINBURGH, (horse post) aO minutes past 
.5 oV-lock afternoon. 

James Fyfe, Post-master. 

N. B.— For Postages, see Greenock Directory, page 112, 


From Innerkip to 

GREENOCK. -Robert Btith — Daniel Campbell. 
Airive and depart daily. 


No. to 


Vessel. Master. Dpparture Ton. Men. 

To Largs, Milport, Ardrossan, Troon and Ayr, 
Benledi, John Hunter, 3 times a week during summer, 115 10 
Mimrod, Neil Currie, 3 times a week, 96 10 

To Gourock, Greenock, Port-Glasgow, and Glasgow. 

Benledi, John Hunter, 3 times a week in summer, 115 10 

Fairy Queen, Lewis M'Lellaii, daily, 4U 6 

Hero, Duncan M'Kellai, daily, 60 6 

Nimrod, Neil Currie, 3 times a week, QQ 10 

To Gourock, Greenock, Port- Glasgow, and Paisley, 
Gleniffer, Robertson, occasionally, 32 7 

N. B. Notice Boards announcing the hours of departure, may be 
seen at the Post Office. 



Grain Mill &{C. Appendix. 197 

Fw the Recovery of the apparently Drowned or Dead, see Green- 
ock Directory, page 134. 


Flatterton Corn Mill — Robert Kelso, wilier. 



1798. Jnnerhip Friendly Society. — Robert Warden, preses, Cars- 
well. — Hugh Scott, treasurer, Innerkip. — Thomas Clyde* 
clerk, Innerkip. — John Beith, officer. Innerkip. 

1828. Innerkip Burying Ground Watch. — William Mathie, preses, 
Innerkip. — John Jack, treasurer, Innerkip. — William Frar 
ser, clerk, Bridgend, Innerkip. 


A Y R S H 1 K E. 


A neat pleasant village on the coast of the Clyde, containing 
some good Inns, and environed by m^ny agreeable Villas ; occupy- 
ing nearly a mile in length of the sea-shore of Cunningham, the 
northern division of Ayrshire; its distance S. W. from Greenock 
being 14 miles J from Paisley 22 ; from Ardrossan, N.W. 13; and 
from Ayr, also N W. 32. Although pretty closely hemmed in by 
hills, the shore over which the buildings of the Town are spread, is 
flat ; and the beach is particularly favourable for bathing, screened 
by the hills in question from the keen blasts of the north, and from 
the raw breezes of the east. Largs boasts of a peculiarly mild ge- 
neral temperature, and as the air, while qualified with a healthful 
impregnation of saline particles, is rarely loaded with fog, allowed 
salubrity of climate has occasionally procured for the place the ap« 
pellation — " Montpellier of Scotland." From these and other causes^ 
the Town has of late years become a fashionable resort for bathing 

1 98 LARGS. 

in the summer; during the season there are from 1,500 to 2,000 vi- 
sitors. Independent of the beach, a handsome building is erected 
near the sea for Hot, Cold, Vapour, and Shower Baths, to which h 
attached a large Coffee Room, Billiard Room, and Library; strang- 
ers are admitted to become subscribers by the week, month, or whole 
season. This erection cost nearly £2,000, and is managed by a 
committee. Provisions of all kinds are readily procured- Fi^h in 
particular are plentiful and good. Indeed the Largs fishermen con- 
tribute greatly to the supply of Greenock, Glasgow, and Paisley, 
with this article. By the numerous Steam-boats almost hourly call- 
ing at the place, whatever is wanted for family use, and not furnished 
by the place, may be easily obtained. There are also in the Town, 
various well-stocked retail shops, in which grocery goods, liquors, 
haberdashery, hardware, &c. are sold. 

Close by the Town, in the year 1253, was fought the celebrated 
battle of Largs betvvixt the Scots, and a powerful army of Nor- 
wegians or Norsemen, when the latter were defeated with immense 
slaughter, an event which put an end to their predatory expeditions, 
and caused their rapid expulsion from every settlement which they 
forcibly held in the Scottish dominions. The issue of this battle 
was no less important to the nation than the overthrow of other in-» 
truders was at a subsequent period ; for, had the Norwegians been 
successful at Largs, and the English at Bannoekburn, it is probable 
that the very name of Scotland would have been annihilated. Nu- 
merous monumental tumuli, cairns, and stone coflSns, in which have 
been found ancient warlike implements, axes, and spears, are to be 
roet with over the whole face of this part of the country. 

One great desideratum in Largs is the want of the names of the 
streets being painted on the corners, and the houses numbered in the 
same manner as Gourock, Greenock, and other towns and vil- 
lages in Renfrewshire, the whole of which were done at the sugges- 
tion of the compiler of this work, and finished according to his ar- 
rangement, and under his immediate superintendance ; which ar- 
angeoients have been approved of by the several authorities) aod 

LARGS. 199 

given general satisfaction. It would certainly be very beneficia', 
were every City, Town, and Village arranged in the s-ime manner, 
but particularly Sea-bathing quarters, the want of which has been a 
just ground of complaint by strangers visiting the place, and even by 
the inhabitants themselves. At length, however, a subscription for 
the above purposfl has been set a-moving, which, if followed up with 
proper spirit, will at once enable correspondents to address letters 
and parcels to their proper destination, and also enable the visitors = 
(being only temporary residents) to give a direct reference to their 
lodgings, and thus all chance of delay will be removed. And as the 
compiler of the Commercial Directory for Renfrewshire has been 
solicited by a number of the respectable inhabitants of Renfrew- 
SHTRE, Lanarkshire, and Largs, to give in his Directory a list uf 
the principal lodgings, furnished or otherwise, in Largs; this the 
Publisher is assured will add much to the interest of the inhabitants 
generally ; — he has complied with the request to publish the work 
once every two years (although at considerable expense), provided a 
sufficient number of Subscribers are obtained. 

Street Guide of Largs. 

To avoid jostling in meeting — Passengers should observe the general ru e, 
" Keep to ihe r'ght," that is, allow those jou meet to pass on your Isf: 

Bath street, from Main street, to Gogo s'reer 

Boyd street, S. side of Nelson street, to Gafeside street 

Brisbane place, from Largs' castle or foot of Charles street, to foot of John street or 

Mrs. .Sfjeirs' house 
Brl<baue road, north side of Nelson street 
Charles street, from Irvine high road, to Brisbane place 
Crawford street, S side of Main street to Gogo street 
Crescent, from foot of John street to Acre Co'tage 
Cumbrae close, S. side of Main street, to Bath street 
Forth srreet, from Harbour- to the Baths 
Fraser'j close, N. side of Main street 
Gallowgate close, from GMllowgaie street to Lade street 

Gallowiiate street, from foot of Nelson street, to Main street and head of Bath «t. 
Gaieside street, from Kirk clo-e and Lade street, to tligh Muirbum road 
Gogo street, from Gogo l)ri(ige, to Ba^h street 
Hill street, from Charle- street, to May sfreet 
Jolui street, from Irvme high road, to Brisbane place 

Krirk close N. side of Mam street, to Lade street and foot of Gateside street 
Lade street, from Gallowgate close, to Kirk elose and foot of Gateaide itreet 
Main street, from the Harbour, to Gogo bridge 
Manse Court, north side of Main street 
May street, from Irvme high road, to Crescent 

Nelson street, from Bay of Largs and Gallowgate st. east to High Mulrburn road 
New street, from Waterside street, to Gateside street 
Piper row, from Tron place, to Gateside street 
School street from Gallowgate close, to Boyd street 

200 LARGS. 

School wyiid, east side of Gallowgate street 

Townhe^d close, hea^i of Main street, north side 

1 ron i-l;ce. north side fif Main street, from Post office to Fraser'* close 

Wa't-rside strett from head of M liii street at (rogo Bridge, to New street 

Vfiljon btreet, south i-ide of NelS m street to Gaieside street 

















Those marked * are Feuars. 
N. B. — A. Apartments, — B. Beds. 

A B AITKEN, John, farm steward, Burnside 

Alexander, William,* joiner, cabinet maker, and 

upholsterer, Lade street 
Allan, James*, School wynd 
Do. do. Gallowgate street 
Do. do. do. 

Allan James, weaver, Wilson street 
Allan, John*, Fairly 
Allan, John*, Main street 
Allan, Mrs- spirit dealer. Nelson street 
Anderson, Mrs. Forth street 
Angus, Hugh, tailor, Gallowgate street 
Arbuthnot, William, fisher, Nelson street 
Armour, James, gardener, Haylee garden 
Arthur, John*, (White Hart Inn) Gallowgate st. 

8 7 Ayton, Mrs.* Gallowgate close 

2 2 BANKIER, David> and Son, ironmongers, Gal- 

lowgate street 
Bannatyne, John B., Haylee Cottage 
Barclay, James, farmer, Barr 
Barclay, Wm. carter & coal mercht. School wynd 

1 1 Barclay W^m. mason. School street 

Barr, Robert, farmer, Netherhall 
Beith, James*, Main street 
Beith, John*, Curabrae close 
Beith, John*, procurator fiscal. Main street, ho. 
Brisbane place 

3 2 Beith, Robert, builder. Nelson street 

4 3 Beith, William*, cooper, Gallowgate street 
6 6 Do. do. do. do 

2 4 Do. do. do. do. 

Beith, William, farmer, Undercraig 
1 2 Beith, William,* wool-carder, Gogo-side mill^ ho. 
Boyd street 

LARGS. 501 

A B 

Berwick, George, excise officer, ho. Main street 

Blair, Margaret, grocer. Piper row 

Blair, Rob. joiner, cart, & plough wright, Main St. 

Blair, William, gardener, Hawkhill 
1 1 Blair, William, mariner, Nelson street 

Boag, James, spirit dealer, Fairley 
1 2 Boag, Mrs.* tea dealer, Gallowgate street 

Boyd, Elizabeth, grocer, Gateside street 

Boyd, John, farmer, Kilsland 

Boyd, John*, joiner & cabinet maker, TroD place 

Boyd, Maxwell A., nurseryman, Main street 
7 7 Boyd, Mrs. Archibald,* Nelson street 
6 6 Do. do. do. 

6 6 Do. do. do. 

3 4 Boyd, William*, Main street 

4 4 Dn. do. do. 

Boyd, William, & Co. medical hall, Gallowgate st 
Broadfoot, Robert*, Gateside street 
Broadfoot, William*, Gateside street 
Brisbane, Thomas, M. D. Woodbank Cottage 
Brown, Robt. principal coast waiter, Main street 
Brown, Robert, Fairley 
Brown, William, quarrier, Main street 

1 1 Burns, Mrs. School street 

CAIRNIE, John,* of Curlinghall Crescent 
Caldwell, John, saddler, Manse court. Main st. 

2 2 Caldwell, Peter, mason. Lade street 

Cameron, Daniel,* Fairley 

Cameron, Kenneth, cabinet maker, Main street, 

house Forth street 
Campbell, A. D. of Ashcraig 
Campbell, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, Main st. 
Campbell, John*, M. D. Gallowgate street 
Carswell, Alex.* joiner &: cabinet maker, Main st 
Carswell, James, farmer, Constable wood 
1 2 Caskie, Alexander,* School street 

Caskie, James, surgeon & druggist, Main street 
Cherry, James, agent, Nelson street 

^02 LARGS. 

A B 

Clark, George, plasterer, Gallowgate street 
Clark, Wm. (Earl of Glasgow Arm's Inn) Gal- 
lowgate street 
Clark, Wm. & Co. silk mercers and cloth mer- 
chants, Main street 

9 7 Cochran, John*, Cochran place, with coach house, 
stabling, 8fc, 

9 9 Do. do. do. 

9 9 Do. do. do. 

9 9 Do. do. do. 

Covyper, P. & J. smiths, Gateside street 
Craig, Hugh, grocer & spirit merchant, Nelson st 
Crawford, Alex.* of Harplaw, farmer, Harplaw 
Crawford, Alexander, spirit dealer, Main street 
Crawford, Archibald, watchmaker and jeivelier, 

Main street 
Crawford, David and John*, farmers, Ryelees 
Crawford, Hugh,* farmer and grazier, Fiat 

4 4 Do. do. Gogo street 

7 7 Do. do do. 

Crawford, Hugh, farmer, South Farthings 
Crawford, James, farmer, Whitley Burn 
Crawford, James, joiner S^^ cartwright, Tron place 

1 2 Crawford, Marj', mid-wife. Main street 
Crawford; Robert, carter. Main street 
Crawford, Robert, farmer, Beithglass 
Crawford, Robert, farmer, Holehouse 
Crawford, Robert*, farmer, Whitley Burn 
Crawford, Thomas,* of Killburn, farmer, Killburn 
Crawford,^ William, farmer, Bankhead 
Crawford, William, farmer, Hangingheugh 
Crawford, William, smith and farrier, Main street 

1 1 Cunningham, John, painter. School street 

DICKIE, James, farmer. Mains of Skelmorlie 
Dow, Rev. John, Largs, Manse 
Duff, John, S) Co. turners, joiners, cabinet makers, 
and wheelwrights, Main street 

2 3 Duff, John, Wright, Main street 

LARGS. ^03 

A B 

DufF, William*, Session Clerk, Main street 

4. 4 Do. do. Gogo street 

7 8 Do. do. do. 

Duncan, George, jun. 8^ Co. cabinet and chair- 
makers. Nelson street 
Dunlop, Alexander, Priory Lodge, Brisbane place 
Dunlop, James, Priory Lodge Brisbane place 
Dunlop, Mrs. Alex.* of Priory Lodge, Brisbane pi. 

EASTON, George, contractor. Waterside street 
Elder, Mrs. Fairley 
Ewing, Mrs. Fairley 

FERGUSON, , teacher, Maigle 

I 1 Fleck, John, carter and coal merchant, Gallow- 

gate street 

II 10 Fleming, Robt.* of Silver Rae, coach house, sta- 

ble, 4 stalls, &c. 
1 1 Fowler, John, Gallowgate close 

Frazer, Archibald,* smith and farrier. Main street 

1 2 Frisken, Alexander, hedger. Waterside street 

Fyfe, Allan, joiner, Fairley 
Fyfe, John, joiner, Boyd street 
Fife, John, ship builder, Fairley 
Fyfe, Miss Janet, milliner, Boyd street 
Fyfe, William, ship builder, Fairley 

3 3 Fyfe, Robert,* carpenter, Boyd street 

3 2 Do. do. do. do. 

GAVIN, Hugh, dealer in stone ware, Main st. 
Gemmill, Wm. Glasgow and Largs store, Main st 
Gibson, Robert, farmer Chappellton 
Glen, James*, fisher. Nelson street 

2 S Glen, Mrs. James, Qallowgate street 

Glen, Robert*, ironmonger. Main street 
6 6 Do. do. do. Gallowgate street 

Gordon, John, gun maker, Main street 
Graham, Rev. Gilbert, Parish Schoolmaster, 
School street 

20 i LARGS. 

A B 

Graham, James, Nelson street 

Graham, William, Nelson street 

Greg, James*, cooper and baron baillie, Main st. 

Greig, James, farmer, Middleton 

Hair, John, farmer, Outerwards 

Hall, John, student of medicine, Gallowgate St. 

Hall, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Gateside 

Hall, Mrs. John, Gallowgate street 

Hall, Peter*, customer weaver, Gateside street 

Hall, Peter, jun. weaver, Brisbane road 

3 3 Hall, Peter*, sen. weaver, Brisbane road 
Hall, William,* weaver, Wilson street 

2 2 Hamilton, Hugh*, mason, Gateside street 

Haniilton, William, boot and shoemaker, Main st 
Hay, Captain G. J., R N. Fairley 
Henderson, George*, of Bankhouse 

2 2 Henderson, Mrs. Jean, grocer, Gallowgate close 
Hendry, Archibald, tailor. Main street 
Hendry, Grizzel, grocer, Main street 

2 3 Hendry, James*, boot and shoemaker, Main st. 
Hendry, John, farmer and miller, Nodesdale mill 
Hendry, Peter*, grocer and spirit dealer, Main st 

5 4 Hill, Archibald*, late baker, School street 

5 4< Do. do. do. do. 

Hill, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, Main st 
Hill, David, steam boot porter, Bath street 
Hill, Mrs. Janet, (Weaver's Arms Inn,) Gallow- 
gate street 
Do. do. do do. 

Houston, Alexander, steam boat porter. Nelson st 
Houston, Matthew, weaver. School street 
Houston, Mrs. leghorn and straw hat maker. 

School street 
Houston, Pobert, steam boat porter, Forth street 
Houston, Robert, wright, Lade street 
Hunter, James, Gallowgate street 
Hutchison, Charles, Fairley 
Hutchison, Miss, Fairley 
Hutchison, Peter, Skelraorlie Castle 











LARGS. ^05 

A B 

JACK, Adam, wheel wright, Tron place 
Jack, John*, gardener, Wilson street 
Jamieson, Archd. U. S. C officer, Wilson street 
1 Jamieson, David, weaver, Gateside street 
Jamieson, James*, of Undercraigs 

1 Jamieson, James, flesher, Main street 
Jamieson, John*, Crescent 
Jamieson, John, teacher. New street 
Jamieson, Miss, & Co. dress, stay, and straw hat 

makers, Main street 
Jamieson, Robert, fish and spirit dealer, School 

wynd — pleasure and row boats to hire 
Jamieson, William,* grazier and flesher, Main st. 
Jamieson, William, parish church officer, sexton, 

sheriff and commissary officer, constable and 

town crier. Kirk close 
Jamieson, William, silk, cotton, and woollen dyer, 

and wauk-miller, Gogo side 
Johnstone, John, factor to the Earl of Glasgow — 

residence, Fairley Mill 

KERR, Robert, farmer, Burnside 
Kerr, William*, late ship master. Main street 
King, B. spirit dealer. Main street 
King & M'Millan, distillers, Largs distillery, Wa- 
terside street 
King, M. spirit dealer, Gallowgate street 

Kirkhope, — , farm steward, Bridgend farm 

Kirkwood, Mrs. William*, New street 
Knox, William, spirit dealer, Fairley 

LADE, Daniel*, farmer, Bath street 
Lade, James*, farmer, Bath street 
Lade, John*, of Nodesdale, farmer, Nodesdale 
Lade, John*, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,*^ 
Main street 

2 Lade, John*, jun, weaver, Lade street 
Lade, John,* sen weaver, Gateside street 
Lade, Robert*, farmer, Bath street 


206 LARG?. 

A B 

Lamont, Lachlane, shoemaker, Main street 
Lang, Hugh*., M.D , ana Vic3 Danish Consulate, 

Lang, James*, of Farralside, house Bath street 
8 7 do. do. ISelson place, Nelson street 
8 7 Do. do. do. do. 

Lang, John*, glazier and painter, Main street 
3 4 Do. do. do. do. do. 

Lang, John*, of Routenburn 
12 12 Do. do. Prospect hill, unfurnished, coach- 
house, stable, 3 stalls, garden, and about five 
acres arable land 
5 5 Lang, Miss, Gogo street 
3 4 Do. do. 
2 2 Do. do. 
8 8 Do. do. 
$A 4 Do. do. 
5 4 Do. do. 

Lang, Robert*, of Blackdales 
14 7 Lang, William*, of Burnside house — ^coach house, 
stable 4 stalls, and garden 
• Lindsay, Miss, teacher. School street 
Lochhead, Mrs- John*, Main street 

1 1 Lochhead, Robert, sawer, Bath street 

Logan, John*, grazier, flesher, and spirit dealer, 

Gallowgate street — Logan's hall, School st. 
Lyle, John*, grocer, and librarian. Main street 

MACKIE, James, smith and farrier, Piper row 
Mackey, Major George, Main street 

2 3 Mains, Mrs. School street 
1 1 . Do. do. 

Malcom, James, musician, Nelson street 
Malcom, John*, agent, New street 
1 2 Martin, Daniel, gardener and seedsman, Gallow- 
gate street — garden, Spring Gardens 
Mayhoul, Hugh, gamekeeper, Skelmorlie Castle 

3 3 Millar, David,* baron officer, (for Brisbane estate) 

ho. Nelson street 


A B 

Miller, John, tailor, Main street 
Montgomery, Captain, Bridgend Cottage 
Montgomery, Hugh, teacher, \¥)Ison street 

3 3 Moody, EHzabeth*, Gateside street 

Moodie, James, land measurer, Gogo street 
Moody, John, dyke builder, Waterside street 
Moody, John*, grocer, Gateside street 
Moody, William, nurseryman, Brisbane Road 

1 1 Morris, Archibald, (isher, Nelson street 

Morris, Archibald, weaver, Crawford street 
Morris, Captain Robert, of Moorburn 
Morris, Daniel, spirit dealer, Waterside street 
Morris, John, fish and spirit dealer, Gallowgate st. 
Morris, John, miller & grain merchant — house 
Townhead close 

3 3 Morris, Mrs. Daniel*, Crav^iford street 

1 1 Do. Do. Do. 

Morris, Mrs. Hugh*, mangier, Gateside 

2 3 Morris, William, builder, W^aterside street 

Morris & Whiteford, millers and grain merchants, 
Gogo mills 

Morrison, Jamas, bookseller, stationer, and libra- 
rian. Main street 
5 4 Muir, David*, Nelson street 

4 S Do. Do. Do. 

Muir, John, Star Inn (Quay Head) Forth street 

back entry, Bath street 
Murray, Alexander, advocate. Crescent 
Mylne, James, M. A. professor of moral Philoso- 
phy, Glasgow University, residence Fairley 

MACARA, James, glass, china and stoneware 

merchant, Main street 
M 'Arthur, Capt. Charles*, R. L. M. Largs' Castle 

5 6 M' Arthur, Charles*, baker, Main street 

M'Call, Miss, Fairley 

M'Call, William*, depute post-master, Main st. 
M'Caul, Mrs. John, Hay lee 
1 1 MFarlane, John, boot and shoemaker, Bath st. 


A B 

M'Farlane, John, flesher & spirit dealer, Main st. 

M'Kechnie, John,* grocer and customer weaver, 
Main street 

M'Kellar, Neil, tailor & pelisse maker, Bath st. 
3 4 M'Kirdy, John*, fisher, Nelson street 

M'Kirdy, Mrs- John, tailor and clothier, Main st. 

M Lean, Rev. Daniel, teacher, Gallowgate close, 
— house New street 

M'Lennan, David, & Co. — house & sign painters, 
Main street 
1 2 M'Luckie, William, plasterer, Nelson street 

M'Naught, Mrs. spirit dealer, Kairley 
5 6 M'Nauglu, William*, sen. Main street 
3 4. M'Neil, Robert*, agent, Boyd street 

M'Neilage, J. shoemaker, Maigle 
7 6 M'Neilage. Revert, boot & shoemaker, Nelson st. 

M'Nicol, Peter, tailor and clothier, Main street 

7 8 NAPIER, Andrew*, builder, Boyd street 

Neil, Mrs. Bath street 

ORR, Adam*, cooper, Bath street 
Orr, John, fisher, and Steam Boat porter, Bath st. 
3 3 Orr, John, Forth street 

Orr, Robert, writer, Crawford street 

PARKER, Mrs. Fairley 

Paterson, John.* builder, Wilson street 

Paterson, John, farmer, Towergill 
S 3 Paterson, Mrs. Forth street 

Paterson, Mrs. of Merry.flats, Brisbane place 
5 5 Paten, John,* Main street 
3 2 Do. Do. Do. 

8 7 Do. Do. Gallowgate street 

Patrick, Robert, & Co. bakers, grocers, and spirit 

dealers, Main street 
Patrick, Robert, & Co. bread and pastry bakers, 

Main street 
Pollock, Miss, Brisbane place 

LARGS. £09 

A B 

Pollock, Mrs.* Crescent 

5 6 RALSTON, Robt.* late merchant, Brisbane road 
Richardson, Mrs. Jacob, Rosebank 
Riddle, James, farmer, Thirdpart 

3 3 Ritchie, Robert*, mason, Wilson street 

Robb, Daniel*, wood merchant, Brisbane place 

Robertson, , gardener, Skelmorlie 

Robertson, James, farmer, St Fiilan's well 

Robertson, John, M. Northfield 

Robertson, Robert, farmer. Dykes 

Robertson, William, dyer. Main st. and Gogo sU 

Robertson, Thomas, farmer, St. Fiilan's Well 

Rodger, David, quarrier. Nelson street 

Ryburn, James, boot and shoemaker, Main street 

SANDS, David, turner, joiner, & cabinet maker, 

Main street 
Sawers, John, joiner and weavers' wright, Water- 
side street 
Scott, , farmer^ Grassyard 

Scott, George, farmer, Auchingarth 
Scoit, James, teacher, Boyd street — ho Main st. 
Scott, John*, sen. of Hawkhill 
Scott, John", farmer, Mains of Brisbane 
Scott, John, farmer, Quarter 
Shedden, William, precentor, P. C. Wilson- street 
Sinchiir, Robert, of Kirklands, Hawkhill 
Small, Robert, spirit dealer and carrier. Main St.. 
Snodgrass, John, joiner and cartwright, Main st. 
Speirs, Mrs. of Eldersiie,, Marine Villa 
1 1 Speirs, Mrs. School street 

Spence, John, librarian, keeper of the Baths Coffee 
and Billiard Rooms, and Yacht Signals — ho, 
Bath street 
Steven, Rev. William, U. S. C. Secession Manse^ 
Waterside street 
2 1 Stewart, William, grocer, Wilson street 

s a 


A B 

Strachan, Thomas, (Brisbane Arms Inn) Main sU 

12 9 Do. Do. Do. Do. 

Struthers, Robert*, Acre Cottage 
Sutherland, Spencer, builder, Main street 

4 3 TAYLOR, James,* late shoemaker. Nelson st, 

Tennant, Robert, Fairley 

Thorn, John, farmer. Farthings and Annet Yard 

5 2 Thomson, Peter, labourer, Nelson street 
2 3 Tyre, Hugh, agent, School street 

Tyre, Mrs. mangier. Main street 
Tyre, William, hair dresser. Main street 
2 2 Tyre, William, Boyd street 

UNDERWOOD, Matthew, grocer, wine & spirit 

merchant. Main street 
Underwood, Thos.* (Eglinton Arms Inn) Bath si. 
—neat gigs and noddies 
10 8 Underwood, Thos. Moorburn place, garden, &c. 

13 12 Do. Do. Do. garden, &c. 

WALLACE, Adam, teacher. Lade street — ho. 
Boag's lodgings, Gallowgate street 
2 2 Wallace, James, boot and shoemaker, Main street 
7 7 Watson, Mrs* Brisbane place, Main street 

W^atson, Thomas, moudiewart catcher, Maigle 
Whiteford, Robt. miller & grain mercht. Gogo mill 
1 1 W^ilson, Archibald*, weaver, Gallowgate close 
Wilson, David*, shoemaker, Main street 
Wilson, Henry, gamekeeper, Hawkhill 
Wilson, James,, of Haylee, residence Quarter 
W'^ilson, John, farmer, Millrigg 
W^ilson, Miss M. Haylee, residence Quarter 
10 10 Do. Do. Do. coach house, stable, &c. 

4 5 jyo. Do. Do. cottage, garden, &c. 

2 2 W^ilson, Richard,* hair dresser, Main street 
1 1 W^jlson, R.obert, weaver. Nelson street 
Wishart, David, baker. Main street 

LARGS. 211 

A B 

Wisbart, William*, clothier, Main street 

4 3 Workman, John, spirit dealer and carter, Main St. 

W^ylie, Alexander*, slater, Gateside street 
1 2 Wylie, Hugh, spirit dealer, and coal merchant, 

Tron place 
1 2 Wylie, John,* weaver, Gateside street 

Young, Capt. Alexander,* of Broomcraig Park 

A P F E M D I X 


F O W L E R \S 




Jn Cairnte, Curling Hall, Largs 
James Wilson of Haylee 
Robert Morris of Moorburn 

Robert Hunter of HurvlerstOBe 
John Jamieson, Crescent 
James Lang of Ferralside 

Robert Orr | John Beith 


Court Hall, Main Street, 

Hdd on the first Monday of every month at 11 o'clock forenoon. 
Robert Orr, Depue clerk — John Beith, Procurator fiscal- 
William Jamieson, Bar officer. 


William Jamieson, SheriflF ofiicer and Town crier — bo. Kirk close. 

212 Largs. Provident Bank, 


Instituted 1828 — Writing office of John Beith, writer. Main street. 
Open on Saturday evenings, from 8 till 9 o'clock. 

Tlie Right Honourable The Earl of Glasgow. 


Messrs, Robert Lang I Messrs, Hugh Lang, M.D. 
Daniel M'Lean John Johnstone 

Thos. Brisbane, M.D, l Thomas Underwood 

Kev. John Dow j George Henderson 

William Steven ' 

John Campbell, M.D. secretary — John Beith, treasurer. 
No less a sum than one shilling received. — No interest allowed on 
any sum less than 16s- 8d. and that only when it lies one month. 
Interest calculated by months; and on multiplies of 16s. 8d. only, 
and accumulated annually. 


John C!!ampbell, M.D. | James Caskie, surgeon 

Mrs. Jamieson. Gogosi('.e | Mary Crawford, Main street 


Bath Buildings — Bath Street. 


James Lnng, treasurer and secretary. 
John Spence, keeper. 


Built by Subscription in 1815 — managed by a Comniittee of 

Hot, Cold, Vapour, and Shower Baths^ 

Price of a Hot Bath, 2s. or 12 for 2 Is. 

Do. Cold do. Is. 6d. or 18 for 21s. 

There ? flag staff at the Baths, and a full set of R.N.Y.C. 
flags under the charge of the Bath keeper, for the u«!e of Members 
of the Club, and every good day in summer, the Club ensign is 

A handsome Billiard Table is kept in the Coffee Roam for the 
use of Strangers. 

James Lang, secretary and treasu-rer, Bath Street* 
John Spenee, keeper. 

Lm-gs Library, Appendix, 21 S 

LARGS LIBRARY— Instituted 1815. 
Bath Buildings — Bath Street. 

Open from I 1 o'clock foivnoon till dusk. Entry-money one f?umea 
— Hrijiiial subscription 10s. 6(i. Those who enter after the first of 
June are not required to pay the annual contribution till June of 
the following year. Non-suoscribers are invited to read the Books 
of the Library at the following rates :-— 

For a week, 6d. — for a month, Is. 6d. — Three months 4s;. — Half 
a yt'ar, 7s — a year, 1,3s. The Library contains upwards of 400 vo- 
lumes of well-stlected books in various departments of litersitme. 


Robert Orr 

Thomas Brisbane, M.D. 

James Lang 
Hugh L^ing:, M.D. 
John M. Robertson 

John Campbell, M.D. secretary and treasurer 
John Spence, librarian. 


Parochial School — Graham, Rev. Gilbert 

Etiulish English Grammar, Latin and Greek, Arilhmelic, Book- 
keeping. Geography, and Natural History — M'Lean, Rev. 

English, English Grammar, Latin, Greek, Writing, Arithmetic, and 
Book keeping — Scort, James 

English, English Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic, Book- keeping, and 
Land- surveying.— J arn'iesoxi, John 

English Reading, Grammar, Recitation, Writing, Arithmetic, Book- 
keeping, Stenography, Latin, Greek, French, ^c, — Wallace, 

English, Writing, Arithmetic, and Bookkeeping — Montgomerie, Hugh 

Loj^gs Girls School — School Street — Miss Lindsay, teacher — This 
school is supported by subscription, and conducted by Mrs 
Spiers, patron i=ss— Mrs Paterson, treasurer—Mrs Jamiesoi^— 
Mrs Boyd— Mrs Dr Campbell— Miss Pollock, and Miss Clark, 
superintendents. Scholars about 24. 


Logans Hall — School street — Female Sabbath school, taught chief- 
ly by Ladies. Scholars about 60. 

United Secession Church — Waterside street — Conducted by the 
Rev. William Steven, assisted by nine teacher?. Scholars 
about 70. 

Wallace's Academy — Ijade street — Instituted about 1796, conduct- 
ed by Mr Archibald Hill, assisted by two teachers. Scholars 
about 40, 

214 Largs. . Ministers. 


Pabjsh Church — Gallowgate street — John Dow — appointed by the 
Right Honourable the Earl of Eglinton. — John Steele, assist- 

llNiTKn Secession — Waterside street— William Steven — Congre- 

PARisn Cfl-yijc//— .William Duff— house Main street 


Minister and Kirk Session. 
William Doff, treasurer. 


Parish Cnuncn — William Jamieson, officer — William Sheddan, 

Unitud Secession — Archibald Jamieson, officer— Richard Wilson, 



Parish Church Burying Grownc?— William Jamieson, ho. Kirk close. 



Mrs. Steven, treasurer — Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. M'Lean, secre- 
taries. — Committee of twelve Collectors. 


Instituted 1831. 

Rev. William Steven, president — Johii Malcou., vice-president 

William Broadfoot, treasurer — John Lyle, secretary, Main st. 


POST OFFICE, Main Street. 

GOW, GREENOCK, (horse post) 20 minutes past 9 
o'clock, morninjT. 

(foot post) 10 minutes past 4 o'clock afternoon. 

Departure of PosU Appendix. 215 


(foot post) 10 minuses pasf 10 o'clock irioruiriiJ, 

GOW, EDINBURGH, (horse post) 30 minutes past 4 
o'clock pftprnooTi- 

William M'Call, depute postmaster, bouse Main Street. 
Office open on Sabbath except during divine service. 


GREENOCK — Robert Small, Main stieet; departs and arrives 

on Friday. 
PAISLEY & GLASGOW—Robert Small, Main stre t ; de- 
parts on Tuesday moining, and arrives on Wednesday. 
WEST KILBRIDE— Archibald Jack, Cumbrae close, (foot post) 
arrives and departs daily. 



No. to 


6 Hill, David, Bath street. 
12 Houston, Alexander, Nelson street. 
14 Houston, Robert, Eorth street. 
20 Orr, John, Bath street. 



No- to 
Agents or Porters. 

To Milport,. Ardnssan, Troon and Ayr, 

Vessel- Master. DepaTiure- 

16 Benledi, John Hunter, 3 times a week in summer, 
20 Nimrod, Neil Currie, do. do. do. 

To Milport. 
16 Benledi, John Hunter, 3 times a week in summer, 
12 Fairy Queen, Lewis M'Lellan, daily, 

12 Hero, Duncan M'Kellar, daily, 

7o Dunoon, Wemyss Bay, Innerkip, Gouroek, Greenock, Port- 
Glasgow and Paisley, 
6 Gleniffer, Robertson, occasionally, 32 7 

To Wemyss Bay, Innerkip, Gouroek, Greenock, PorUGlasgow and 

16 Benledi, John Hunter, 3 times a week in summer 
12 Fairy Queen, Lewis M'Lellan, daily 
12 Hero, Duncan M'Kellar, daily, 

20 Nimrod, Neil Currie, 3 times a week in summer, 
N. B. Boards, announcing the destination and hours of departure, 

may be seen at Mrs. Hill's, (Weaver's Arras Inn) Gallowgate 






















216 Largs. Ferry Boats. 


To. Ma ter. Departure. Biats. Ton. Men. 

Curabraes, Arch. Robertson, 6 times daily, 3 1 to 7 2 

Parcels, &c. for Cumbraes' Ferry Boats r.o be left with Mrs. Janet 
Hill, (Weavers' Arms Inn) Gallowgate street. 
Distance from Largs to Cumbraes Ferry House, about 2 miles. 
Do. do. Milport Qua), about 5 miles. 


See end of Lower Ward Directory. 


See Greenock Directory, page 134<. 


Danish Consulate for the West of Scotland. — Mansefield, Hugh 

Lang, E^q , M. D., Vice-Consul. 
Principal Coast Waiter, Robert Brown. 
Stamp Office. — Main street ; Matthew Underwood, distributor. 


Heratles. — Bath street; James Lang. 

Went of Scotland. — Gallowgate street ; John Campbell, M. D. 


Barclay, William, School wynd. 
Fleck, John, Gallowgate street. 
Wylie, Hugh, Tron place. 


Comesday, 1st Tuesday of June, old style. — A coasiderable mar- 
ket for horses, cows, wool, shoes, butter, milk dishes, &c., are dis- 
posed of to the highlanders and country people. Many boats 
corae from the highlands, and the idlers are much amused with 
shows of wild beasts, &c. &c. The Fair lasts three days. — The 
other Fairs are held on first Wednesday of February, third 
"Wednesday of July, and fourth Wednesday of October. — The 
three last Fairs not attended to. 


Gogo Corn, Flour, and Barley Mills. — Morris and Whiteford, mil- 
lers and grain merchants. 
Node%dale Corn Mill. — John Hendry. 
Lcuf^s Distillery.— ^Waieiside street j King and M'Millen. 

Societies, &ic. Afpmdix. 2 1 7 


1 76B. Zargs St. John's Lodge, ( No 1 73;— James Caskie, R W. M. 
Main street— Hugh Angus, depute-master, Gallowgfute 
street — Hugh Craig, pass-master, Nelson street— William 
Wood, senior warden, Tron place — Neil M'Kellar, junior 
warden, Bath street — Archibald Malcolm, secretary, Wil- 
son street — William Wishart, treasurer, Main street- 
Robert Malcolm, Wilson street, and John Campbell, Main 
street, deacons — Archibald Hill, Main street, and Alexan- 
der Malcolm, Wilson street, stewards — William Glen, 
tyler, Kirk close, 

1810. Largs Adam's Lodge Gardeners* Society.-— Sanctioned 2d 

. March, 1824 — Daniel Martin, preses. Spring gardens — 

John Workman, treasurer, Main street — James Armour, 

key-keeper. Haylee — John Jack, clerk, Wilson street-— 

Archibald Jamieson, officer. New street. 

1813, Noddle Curling Club, (No. 1;— Major George Mackey, 
president, Main street — Thomas Underwood, treasurer, 
Bath street — Robert Brown, secretary, Main street — mem- 
bers 20. — This club was first instituted by John Cairnie, 
E«q of Curling Hall, in 1813, and in 1814 a number of 
effective Curlers became members, when they played upon 
the Noddle Burn, and took the name of the Noddle Cur- 
ling Club ; the Club now play on a natural shallow pond 
belonging to Captain Robert Morris. 

1814. Gogo Curling Club, No. 2, for Mountaineers J — Peter 
Hendry, president. Main street — John Lang, treasurer and 
secretary, Main street — and 4 inspectors — members 25. 

? Largs Curling Club, No 3. — James Lang, president, Bath 

gtreet John Lang, treasurer and secretary, Main street— 

and 4 inspectors — members 50. 

? Thistle Curling Club, No. 4, f Cairnie' s own. J — John Cair- 
nie, of Curling Hall, president — John Lang, treasurer and 
secretary. Main street — Robert Orr and James Lang, di- 
rectors — Annual subscription, 10s. 6d. — The Thistle Club 
is limited to 10 members, who play upon Mr. Cairnie's 
artificial pond, which affords ice in the course of a few hours' 
frost ; this is certainly the best artificial curlmg pond in thp 
west of Scotland. 
1830. Largs Temperance Sccieti/.—'WiWam Hall, president, 
Wilson street — David Armstrong, treasurer, Main street- 
William Robertson, secretary. Main street. 





A thriving and populous town on the Island of Bute, beautifully 
situated at the head of a fine Bay of the same name. The town of 
Rothesay was erected into a Royal Burgh by King Robert the II. 
who granted the Charter on the 1 2th January, 1400-1. It is go- 
verned by a Provost, two Baillies, twelve Councillors, and a Dean 
of Guild, of which the Marquis of Bute is present Provost. Here, 
also, the Courts of Justice are held ; and a very handsome edifice 
has been newly erected in the castellated style, for that purpose, 
containing an excellent Court Hall, Sheriff, Justice of Peace, and 
Town Clerk's Offices, &c., at the back of the whole is erected a new 
County Jail, the whole of which is to be surmounted by a Tower, 
which, if carried to a proper height, so as to be easily distinguished 
from all parts of the town, (which there is little doubt will be done) 
will have a fine effect, as it is to contain a clock and bell ; both of 
these the town stood greatly in need of — vessels will likewise thus 
be enabled to know the exact time either at entering or leaving 
the harbour. 

The town also contains a great number of well-stocked, neatly fit- 
ted up shops, of every description. A number of excellent Inns, 
with superior accommodation ; also a Coffee and News-room. It 
is likewise provided with an excellent Harbour, with numerous plea- 
sure conveyances both by land and water, to be had at a very mode- 
rate rate. 

Few towns have arisen so rapidly as this, from adverse to pros- 
perous circumstances, greatly owing to its extensive herring trade— . 
for a sea-faring life the people appear greatly to love, although the 
fisherman's life may be accounted one of the most incessant peril 


— for daily bread he must brave daily dangers. In that season whea 
the tiller of the ground rest from his labours — when the art'zan and 
mechanic are warmly housed — when the dormouse and the squirFel 
sleep in their soft woolly nests — and the little birds find shelter ia 
hollow trees and banks, or migrate to milder regions, the poor Fish- 
erman must encounter all the fury of the combined elements, for 
his children's bread is scattered on>the waters. It is thisperpetuuUy 
enforced familiarity with danger that interests our feelings so power- 
fully in their behalf, together with its concomitant effects on their 
character— undaunted hardihood — insurmountable perseverance — al- 
most heroic daring, and, generally speaking, a simplicity of heart and 
tenderness of deportment towards the females and litrle ones of 
their families, finely contrasting their rugged exterior. With tneti 
such as these, no wonder than the herring trade has been carried Eo 
such an estent as it is in this place. 

There are registered at the present time no less than 60 vessels 
from the Custom-house of Rothesay, rating from 15 to 2i!<0 tons- 
burthen, giving in all a total of 3,193 Tons from the town alone, 
besides numerous other vessels registered from other ports, engaged la 
the same trade, belonging to ship-owneis and merchants in the pluce». 

Rothesay has likewise been long celebrated, and justly, for the 
mildness and salubrity of its climate, so much so indeed, as to have ac~. 
quired, on that account, the appellation of the ' Italy of the Norrh.' 
Lundlucked as it is almost on every side, its beautiful bay — and shei- 
tf red as is the town itself by the high range of hills, which, as it were, 
wall it in behind ; the angry tempest se^ks \v. vain to disturb the tran- 
quillity of the favoured spot — -while its insular situation prevents it 
from expeiienciiig those extremes of cold and heat to which the 
rest of the country is subjected, by the changes of the season. Nd 
wonder, then, that merchants and others, retired from the busy, 
tuimjils of a commercial life, are induced to take up their abode in 
its pleasant retreat, where num ers of them have erected handsome 
and splendid seats and villas, and thus once more assisted in bring- 
ing one of the ancient Royal residences of the Kings of Scotland Ja?. 
to view as a place of note. 


Besides all these, another great cause of its growing prosperity, 
is the extensive Cotton Works carried on by Messrs. Thorn and 
Struthers, giving employment to some hundreds of individuals. 
The extent of these works will be better known by the amount of 
mule spindles they conuin, which we can safely state as amounting 
to 22,0C0 at least. The town of Rothesay, in fact, can boast of 
• being the first place in which the art of cutton-spinning was com- 
menced in Scotland. The old mill, a small one-storey house, situ- 
uted in Ladeside street, from a cotton mill was converted into a 
meal mill — fiom that to a weaving shop — next to a dyevvork — and 
IS at the present time occupied by Messrs. Duncan & M'Fie, as an 
ale and porter cellar. The:e is also a pretty extensive power-loom 
fuctory carried on by Mrs David Doig. and ably managed by Mr 
John Robertson, who has the superintendence of the work, which 
aifoids the means of livelihood to many of the females of the place. 

As a sea-bathing quarter, few places on the shores of the Clyde 
can compete wi:h it, being, as was said before, so well sheltered on 
all sides, from the keen blasts of the south-western winds and 
storms. Its lodgings are numerous, containing any extent of ac- 
commodation wanted, beautifully situated on both sides of the bay, 
and the other parts of the town; whilst the numerous pleasure 
conveyances, either by land or water, by which visitors can thus 
easily visit any part of the island, or any place along its shorep, 
iTihke it at once an agreeable retreat either for the invalid or man of 
pleasure. And the numerous steam-boats departing from it to 
Glasgow, calling at the intermediate ports, ensures the man of busi- 
ness, who may be here for a season, an easy return. There are 
likewise two steam packets depart for Glasgow every day. 

But its fine climate and picturesque scenery, although perhaps 
with many the principal, are by no means the only attraction whicli 
Rothesay possesses for the intelligent visitor. The antiquities in 
and around the place, would alone sufllice to invest it with no ordi- 
nary degree of interest. It is well knovvn that Rothesay was, in 
former times, frequently honoured with the presence of royalty ; and 
the massive ruins of its aucjent castle (said to be built about the 

ROTHESAY. 2"21* 

year 1100) still speaks its former grandeur, where af old the mo- 
narchs of Scotland, with its chieftains, were wont to array them- 
selves, and occasionally held their court, or sought a temporary re- 
treat from the toils and anxieties of public affairs, and even frora 
danger. Too much praise, therefore, cannot be given to the present 
Nxjble Marquis, who, with a zeal worthy of his illustrions race, has 
spared no expence to preserve this noble relic of our country's an- 
cient glory from falling into utterdecay. Not like many of those of 
our countrymen who have had &ome such venerable relic of antiquity 
upon their lands, caused them, with ruthless barbarity, to be razed 
to their foiusdation, to erect a pigeon house or dog kennel with the 
materiel. But the time we hope, is not far distant, when the en- 
viable possessors of old edifices, must be taught that good taste, 
their own interest, and national glory, require the conservation of 
these venerable relics of olden time. 

Some rustic tower, 

Founded by Norman or by Saxon hands, 

Beloved of old, and that delightful time 

When all alone, for many a summer's day,, 

1 wandered through your calm recesses, led 

In silence by some powerful hand unseen. — Aken'SIDE. 
Another ancient relic, preserved likewise ffom utter dispoliation by 
the Noble Marquis, is an effigy of one of his long departed ancestors, 
Thomas, or the 'stout Stuart of Rothesay,' (jcontained in the ruins 
of an old Roman Catholic chapel, in Rothesay church-yard) who 
fought so bravely for his country against the invading Norwegians, at 
ihefamous battle of Largs, fought in 1263 ; the figure and heraldic em- 
blazonry around the gothic dome which contains it, are much defaced 
by time, but much more so by barbarous and callous-hearted visitors, 
who mutilate and deface it by attempting to break pieces off, either 
through wanton mischief, or to carry away. Shpuld any lov- 
er of these relicts of olden times chance to visit Rothesay, aiid 
wish information concerning them, he will find those there that 
are more capable to do so, than it can be done in these small 
bounds, as il would swell a volume, to give even a note of eveF>y 
thing worthy of visiting, among the most intelligent of iheee, I may 

T 3 


mention Mr John Heniy, a man who is respected ^y all classes^ in 
the place, and none more worthy of it, and who is intimate with all 
!he localities of the island. 

Notwithstanding all the advances which Rothesay has made in 
the scale of commercial and political importance, she still droops be- 
h nd in many cases. One particular want, a want greatly felt by vi- 
sitors, and even by the generality of the inhabitants themselves, is the 
numbering of the lands, and affixing the names of the streets upon 
the corners, which has already been done in various towns upon the 
Clyde, and found to be of the greatest benefit, as letters and parcels 
can now be forwarded with the utmost dispatch, and without the 
ieast danger of delay, which I am sorry to say, is not the same in 
R.'jthesay. The Publisher of this work set the town the example 
last season, by naming and rumbering one of the streets at his own 
expense, in hopes they would have followed the same, that he there- 
by might have been enabled, in compiling the Directory for the 
place, to have given a direct reference to the different Traders, 
Merchants, Lodging-houses, &c. in it, but as they have not as yet 
followed the example set, he trusts that they will see the utility of 
having it speedily accomplished, and thus place themselves upon a 
level with the other towns and villages. 

Rothesay Street Guides 

To avoid Jostling in mceting^Passeagers should observe the general rule, " Keep 
to the right," that is, allow those you meet to pass on your left hand. 

-^''gjle place, Irom Argyle street northward, or road to Port Bannatyne 

-^^r gyle street, from Gallowgate street to Argyle place 

- —street, north end of Argyle street to Argvle Terrace 

.^reyle Terrace, from street, or Mrs. Lees to Rev. Mr. M'Nabs 

Battery, Piince's street 

r^ishop street, from Eist Harbour or Prince's street to Castle street 

^riogend street, from Montague street to Ladeside street 

-oridge street, from Montague street, Bridgend street, and Gallowgate street, to 

Captain John Stewart's, Ivevbank 
t-asiie-hiH street, (west side) of High street to Tower lane and King street 
'-dstle street, (ea.-t side) of High street to Mrs. M'Gregoi's, Mount Pleasant 
<-;0,beck square. Mill street 

«-o-.ijrnshili sttt-et, from head of Bridgend southward to Corn Mill, and road to St. 
^ N man's B.jy 

t^ottoi. ana Corn Mills, head of Mill street 
^a*t Lav, Prince's St ret t 

Ui.Uowgdte street, from Montague street, foot of Bridgend Street and Bridge Street 
. 10 Argyle street, or Captain James Gilchrist's house 


street, or road, (west side) of Gallowgate street to ? 
Gii'lford street, (oppo.-iie harlmui) from Watergate street to High street 
HiRh street, Irom the West Quay, passing Foley Gate South Wesiwahi 
Huiuly Place, East Kay, Prince's street 

King s'treef, troin Tower Line and Castle-hill street to Mih street and New Vennel 
? — street. West side of Kin:^ street to Burn 
Ladeside street, fr< m Bricigend street 

Mill s'reet, hf>m King sneet and New Vennel to Cotton Works 
Montague street, from Watergate street to Bridge street, Bndgend street and Ga'- 

lowgate street 
New Vennel, (west side) of High street to King street 
Old Vennel, (west side) of High street to Mill street 
Prince's street, from Watergate street to Battery house 
Kothe.-ay Castle, (in ruins) hounded by New Vennel on the South — King street on 

the West— Castle-hill street on the North— and High street on tJie East — Entry 

by Tower lane 
St. Colums street, west side of Mill street to Burn 
Store liiiie, from Prince's street to Watergate street 
'J ower lane, from Montague street to King street and Castle-hill street 
Wateriiate street, from the East Quay to Castle street 
West Quay, Gallowgate street, Argyle street, and Argyle place 

A B 

Those marked * are Feuars. 
N.B. — A ai^artmentSy B beds. 

ATTKEN, Mrs. dressmaker, Castle street 
Alexander, John, boot and shoemaker, High st. 
Alexander, JNlrs. Prince's sti'eet 
Anderson, Alexander, y. wright, house Mill st, 
Anderson, Archibald*, nail manuf. Ladeside st. 
Anderson, Arch, nailer & ironmonger, Montague st. 

1 1 Angus, Archibald, baker. Store lane 

Angus, Hugh, fisher (pleasure boats to hire) »Stoie 

Annan, Mrs. grocer. Mill street 
Apothecaries' Hall, G. Hicks, Montague street 
Atchison, John, excise officer, Gallowgate street 

BAIRD, Wm. grain merchant, Argyle Terrace, 
counting ho. Union place, Union st. Glasgow 

Bannatyne, Dougall, (Cross Keys Inn) Montague 
4 3 Do do. do. Argyle st. 

2 2 Bannatyne, C. Prince's street 

Bannatyne, G. draper & silk mercer, Montague st 
Bannatyne, Miss*, Prince's street 
2 2 Bannatyne, Mrs. Gallowgate street 
Bannatyne, Mrs.* High street 


A B 

Baanatyne, Ninian*^, fishery officer, Montague st. 

(entry Tower lane) 
1 2 Bannatyne, Robert, Bogany house, East Bay 
Bm'bour, James, tailor, High street 
Barr, Geo. spirit, ale & porter cellars, Prince's st. 
Barr, John, master, Arran Castle (Steamer) Prince's 

Beith, Hugh*, smith. Store lane 
Beith, James, boot and shoemaker, Castle Hill st. 
Bell^ John, saddler. Store lane 

1 1 Bell, Mrs. Montague street 

Bell, Ninian*, leather merchant, Montague street 

2 2 Bissland, Mrs. Dougal, midwife, Gallowgate st. 

1 1 Black, Archd. mariner. King street 

2 2 Black, Duncan, Old Vennel 

Black, James, carpenter & boat builder. Prince's st 
Black, John, grazier & cattle dealer, Columshill st. 
Black, John, grocer. High street 
9 9 Black, Lieut. Archd.* P^.N. Hawthorn Park, 
Argyle place, stable, 2 Stalls garden 

Do. do. / 

Do« do. 

Do. do. 

Black, Mrs. Colin* Bishop street 
Black, Mrs. James, Bishop street 
Black, Mrs. William*, Prince's street 
Black, Stewart, tailor, Montague street 
Blair, Miss Margaret, Gallowgate street 
Blair, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, High street 
Bowie, John, sawyer, Mill street 
Brown, Alexander, and Co. copper and tin plate 

workers, Montague street 
Brown, Alexander, fisher, Guildford street 
Brown, Alexander, merchant. Prince's street 
Brown, Brice, mate, Montague street 
Brown, Bryce, grocer, High street 
Brown, Charles*, baker, Montague street 
Brown, Duncan, cabinet & chair maker, Gallow- 
























gate street — house Montague street 















A B 

1 1 Brown, George, boot & shoemaker, Montague st. 
I 3 Brown, James*, Argyle place 

Brown, John, carter, (licensed) New Vennel 
Brown, John, grocer and tea mercht. Montague st. 
Brown, John*, kite merchant, 4 Argyle place 
5 5 Brown, Misb*, Argyle place 

Brown Mis. Colin, washer & dresser, High street 

Brown, Mrs. Huntly place. East Bay; 

Brown, Mrs. Robert, Mill street 

Brown, Mrs. sj)irit dealer, Ca-stle street 

Brown, Peter, mariner, P-ince's street 

Brown, 'I'horaas, boot and shoemaker, King" street 

Brown, William, tkher, High street 

Bruce, Henry, (Clydesdale Inn and Hotel) stable, 

3 stalls, coach house, Prince's street 
Buchanan, Rev. John, Kingarth 
Buchannan, William*, clothlapper, 3 Argyle place 

2 3 CAMERON, Archibald, joiner, Bridge street 

Cameron, John, gardener, JMill street 
2 2 Do. do. Ascog Mill 

1 [ Campbell, Alexander, teacher, Watergate street 
1 1 Campbell, xA.rchibald, Columshill street 

Campbell, Archibald, flesher, 3 Guildford street 

1 1 Campbell, Archibald, Watergate street 

Campbell, Archibald, writer and procurator fiscal, 
Castlehill street 

2 2 Campbell, Charles, Mill street 

Campbell, Duncan, general grocer. Tower lane 
Campbell, Duncan, teacher, Gallowgate street 

2 2 Campbell, John, foreman cooper, Bisliop street 

1 i Campbell, John, grocer and spirit dealer. Prince's st 
Cam])bell, John A. ensign, H.P. 21st foot, Lead 

Campbell, Mrs. Argyll place 
Campbell, Miss, dressmaker, Montague street 

3 3 Campbell, Miss Jane, grocer, Bridgend street 
5 5 Campbell, Mrs. Archd.* Gallowgate street 

Campbell, Mrs. grocer-, Montr.gue street 

9 O 


A B 

Caropbell, Mrs. John*^ Point House 
Campbell, Mrs. staj and corset maker, Water- 
gate street 
Campbell, Neil, grocer & wine merchant, Gallow- 
gate street 

1 2 Cannichael, John,, fish curer, Prince's street 

2 2 Chalmers, Janet,. grocer, Gallowgate street 

1 1 Clark, William, mason, High street 

Cochran, Mrs. straw hat maker, Mill street 
Cofffee Rooni;, Watergate st. and 1 Guilford street, 
Leitch, keeper 

2 2 Cooper, Mrs. Alex.* grocer &; spirit dealer, Mill St. 

Crawford, John, bird fancier, Castle street 
1 J Crawford, John*, High street 

Crawford, Robert,,Steara-boat porter, Bishop st. 
Crichton, Wm. grocer &. spirit dealer,, Montague st. ' 
('Uinijiing,. Archd. cooper & fish curer, Prince's st. 
Curaming, James*, Gallowgate street 
Cunningham, Mrs.* ironmonger, Montague st. 
Curl, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Montague st. 
Currie, Adam, grocr 4' spirit dealer, Montague st. 
Currie, Andrew, mariner. Bishop street 
Currie, Duncan, boot & shoemaker, Montague st. 
Currie, Mrs. Mount Pleasant, head of Castle street 

o o 



















D..\LZIEL,. John;, Black Bull Inn, Gallowgate st. 
Dj. do. do. do. 

Do. do. do, do. 

Denoon,. Rev. James, M.A. Mount Pleasant 
JJick, Adam, grocer, Montague street 
Dick, Adam, spinning master, Rothesay cotton 

Doig, Mrs. David, power loom factory, King street 

house Mr Robertson's land, High st. 
Donald, David, spirit dealer,. Castle street 
Doiigall, John, manager, Rothesay cotton milis> 

Mill street 
Douglas, Mrs.* Prince's street 
Duncan, Alexar.der, fisher, High street 


A B 

Duncan, Alexander, joiner. Bishop street 
24 20 Duncan, Alexander*, late mercht. Laurel Grovo, 
coach house, stable 3 stalls, garden, 4 acres 
pasture ground 

1 2 Duncan, Alexander, Store lane 

Duncan, Alexander, spirit dealer. Lade street 

2 3 Duncan, Archd. cabinet & chair maker, Bishop st 

Duncan, Archd. vegetable shop, Montague streqt 

3 3 Duncan, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, New 

2 ] Duncan, Daniel, Columshill street 
1 1 Duncan, Daniel, cooper. Mill street 
1 1 Duncan, Daniel, shipmaster and owner. Castle- 
hill street 
Duncan, David*, Craigmore Cottage, East Baj 
Duncan, J. & J. woollen and linen drapers, silk 

mercers, &c. Montague street 
Duncan, Janies, eating-house, Montague street 

1 2 Duncan, James, mariner. Prince's street 

Duncan, James*, merchant. Bishop street 
Duncan, John, baker & grain merch. Montague st 
Duncan, John*, jun. blockmaker and grocer, Wa- 
tergate street 
Duncan, John, fisher, Tower lane 
Duncan, John*, grocer and spirit merchant, Mon- 
tague street 

2 2 Duncan, John, mariner, Prince's street 

Duncan, John, master and owner. Castle street 
1 2 Duncan, John R. Stewart's land. Mill street 

1 1 Duncan, John, tailor, Watergate street 

Duncan, John, teacher. Old Vennel 
Duncan, Lieut. Robert*, R.N. Columshill s'reet 
Duncan, M. E. & Co. silk mercers, Montague st. 
ho. Laurel Grove 

2 2 Duncan Mrs East Bay 

2 2 Duncan, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Bish- 
op street 
Duncan, Mrs. mid wife, High street 


•7 O. 

a o 

A B 

2 2 Duncan, Mrs. Archibald*, Gallowgate street 

2 2 Do do. do. 

] 1 Duncan, Mrs. Prince's street 

10 6 Duncan, Mrs Prince's street, stable, 2 stalls 

4 4 Duncan, Mrs. Robert*, New Vonnel 
Duncan, Mrs. spirit dealer. High street 
Duncan & M'Fie, ale and porter cellars, Lade- 
side street 
Duncan, Robert, boot & shoemaker, Montague st 
Duncan, Robert, customer weaver and musician. 

High street 
Dftncan, Robert, spirit dealer, Gallowgate street 
Duncan, Robert, laylor, Mill street 

1 1 Duncan, Samuel*, blockraaker Watergate street 

FERGUS, Walter, mechanic, Rothesay cotton 
mills, Mill street 
4 4 Ferguson, Archibald, shipmaster, Montague street 
Ferguson, Elizabc^th, dressmaker, Castleliill street 
Fisher, Duncan, precentor. High street 

1 2 Fisher, Robert,* cowfeeder and customer weaver. 

High street 
Fitzpatrick, James, dealer in stoneware. Mill street 
Flanagan, Thomas, nailmaker, Montague street 

2 2 Fletcher, John, sawer, Montague street 

Forlong, Miss, East Bay 

Fortay, James*, mate, Columshill street 

Frazer, John*, dyer and renovator, Mill street 

3 S Fullarton, Mrs.* High street 
Fullarton, Mrs. mangier and dresser of silks and 

crapes, Store lane 
Fullarton, Mrs. Prince's street 
Fulton, James, teacher. High street, ho. do. 
Fulton, Robert, baker, High street 

GARDNER, Mrs. F. Ashburn, East Bay 
2 4 Gibson, Mrs. Andrew, mangier, Gallowgate street 
Gibson, Thomas, M. D., High street 
Gilchrist, Allan, gardener and cowfeeder, High st 










A B 

Gilchrist, Daniel, confectioner, bread and biscuit 

baker, Watergate street 
Gilchrist, James*, late shipmaster, Argyle street 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Archibald, Montague street 
Gilchrist, Mrs. John, Bishop street 
Gilchrist, Thomas, hairdresser, Watergate street 
Gillies, x\lex. cooper, and fish curer, Bisliop st. 
Gillies, Alex, mariner. Bishop street 
Gillies, Andrew — ^jaunting car to hire— Mill st. 

4 3 Gillies, Daniel,* shipowner, Bridge street 

Gillies, John, sen. jailor, ho. County Buildings, 

C'astle street, keeper of Rothesay Castle, and 

public bleaching green 
Gillies, John, silk and woollen dyer, Ladeside st 
Gillies, John, writer and town clerk, County 

Buildings, ho High street 
Gillies, Joseph, grocer, boot and shoemaker, 

High street 
9 8 Gillies, Miss Margaret, Prince's street 

5 4 Do. do» do. 

Gillies, Miss Mary, grocer. High street 

Gillies, Ninian, (Earl Grey Inn) and master of 
the Mary M'Gill sp. Watergate street 

Gillies, William, cooper and fish curer, Prince's st 

Gilroy, Robert, grocer, Kingarth 

Girdwood, — ,; land steward to the Marquis 

of Bute 

Glass, William, bookbinder, bookseller, and sta- 
tioner, Watergate st., residence Mr. Orkney's 
land, Prince's street 

8 Do, do. Mid Ascog House, stable, garden, 

and 4 acres pasture ground 
Glen, Thomas, tombstone engraver, High street 
Graham, Duncan, boarding house, Seabank, Ar- 
gyle street 
1 1 Graham, Duncan, mariner. Castle street 

9 6 Graham, James*, Prince's street 
S 5 Do. 4o> } Coach house, stable, 2 stalls, and 
^ 4 Do. do. y 2 A & 2 B will be given to eiUier 




A B 

1 1 Graham, John, iLariner, Prince's street 

Graham, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Argyle st 

1 1 Graham, Mrs. Castlehill street 

Grant, George, teacher, High street 

Greer, James, boot and shoemaker. Mill street 

1 1 Greig, Misses, milliners, straw hat, and dressma- 

kers, Lade street 
Grierson, David, grocer & spirit dealer, Prince's st 

2 2 HALDANE, Alex, steam boat porter (No. 3) 

Watergate street 
Hall, James, ironmonger, Montague street 
Hamilton, James*, tobacconist, Ascog Bank 
1 2 Henry, John, sheriff and town officer, High street 
Henry, Robert, fisher. High street 
Herbert, Lieut. John, R. N., Bridge street 
Heron, James, parochial teacher, Kingarth 
1 1 Hervey, Robert, Columshill street 

Hicks, George, Apothecaries' Hall, Montague st. 

house do. 
Hope, Sir John, East Bay 

Hughes, Peter, nail manufacturer, and hardware 
, merchant, Castlehill street 

Hunter, Moses, baker, and grain merchant, Mon- 
tague street 
8 5 Hunter Mrs.* Argyle place, coach house, stable 
3 stalls 

3 4 Hunter, Robert*, spirit dealer. High street 

3 3 Hutchison, Mrs. Wm. spirit dealer, Gallowgate st. 
1 1 Hyndman, Duncan, cooper, Gallowgate street 
Hyndman, John, pipe clay manuf. Lade street 

IRVINE, Alexander, sheriff depute, Castle street 

JAMES, Mrs. East Bay 
Jamieson, Christina, grocer. Mill street 
Jamieson, James, carter, (licensed) New Vennel 
Jamieson, James, spirit dealer, Montague street 


A B 

Jamieson, Mrs. Hugh flesher, and steam boat ta- 
vern, 4 Guilford street 
Jamieson, Mrs.* vintner & stabling, New Vennel 
Jamieson, Neil*, cooper and fish curer, Prince's st 

cooperage, Castle street 
Jamieson, Robert,* cowfeeder, High street 
Jamieson, Robert, innkeeper, and boatman for 
steaiuers, Kingarth 
2 2 Johnston, Duncan, pilot of the steamer Glen Al- 
byne, Castlehill street 
Johnston, James, master, Earl Grey steamer, Mon- 
tague street 
Johnston & Ferguson, painters, Montague street 
4 3 Johnston, Miss,* Prince's street 
2 2 Johnston, Robert, mariner, Gallowgate street 

KELLY, Archibald, carding master, Rothesay 
cotton mills. Mill street 

Kelly, John, hair dresser. High street 
2 2 Kelly, Ronald, baker and grain merch. Prince's St. 

Kennedy, Hugh, steward, Windsor Castle steamer, 
Montague street 
1 2 Kerr, Affleck, plain & decorative painter, Bridge st 

Kerr, J ames, gardener, Higli street 
8 7 Kerr, Mrs. John*, i\.rgyle Terrace 

Kibble, Miss,* Huntly place, East Bay 

Kidd, David, lime merchant, Kingarth 

1 1 LAMONT, Daniel, Columshill street 
Lamont, Duncan, cooper, Kingarth 
Lamont, James, cooper, Montague street 

LI Lamont, John, fisher, Montague street 

Lamont, Neil, boatman, Watergate street 
Law, James, grazier, flesher, and eating house, 
Watergate street 

6 5 Law, Mrs*. Prince's street 

Lawrie, David*, late merchant, x\rgyle Terrace 

1 2 Lawrie, James, builder, Bridge street 

1 1 Leckie, Mrs. grocer, Bridgend street 


Lee, Mrs. Culevin cottage, Argyle Terrace 
4 4 Leitchj Colin, mariner, Gallowgate street 

Leitch, Duncan, customer weaver, Bridge street 
Loitch, Joiin, late of ciistoai house, Montague st. 
I.eitch, Neil, sheriff and town officer, Castle street 
Leith, David, house and sign painter, High street 
Liddel, Jaijies, warehouseman, at Mrs t>oig's, 

King street 
Lindsay, Robert, late merchant in Glasgow, Co- 

lumshill street 
Linton, Miss Jemima, milliner and dressmaker, 

High street 
Linton, Robt. wine and spirit mercht. Montague st. 
Linton, Thomas, hosier, ^lontague street 
Lorrain, Wm. B M.D. Argyle terrace 
Lyle, William, ropemaiier, High street 
Lyon, Mrsr Seabank, Argyle street 

^L\CALLSTER, James, tailor, Montague street 
Macalister, John, mate, Swift cutter, Gallowgate 

Macalister, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Co- 

lumshill street 
Macalister, Stewart, teacher, Columshill street 
Macalister, Wm. shipmaster, Gallowgate street 
Mac Corkindale, Duncan, (Bute Arms Inn,) no*d- 

dies and gigs, barges and row boats, witli 

steady drivers and able mariners, 2 Guildford st 
3 2 Macfarlane, George M. surgeon. Sharp's land, 

Montague street 
Mackay, James*, principal heritor, Klngarth 

1 2 Mackay, Mrs. midwife, R. Stewart's land. Mill st. 

Mackinlay, Charles*, tanner. King street, house 
Rockvale, Argyle terrace 
10 8 Do. do. stable, 2 stalls, & garden, do. 
Mackintosh, Wm. Eiast Bay, Prince's street 
Mackirdy, John,* writer, Montague street, ho. do. 
Maclachlan, Thomas, M.D. Colbeck square 

2 2 Macrae, Mrs. Colin, strawhat maker. Bridge street 


A B 

4 2 Mac Rae, Ivie H. agent for Renfrewshire Bank, 

and West of Scotland Insurance Company, 
Gallowgate street, ho. Argyle street 
Marshall, Capt. Wm. Adelaide place, East Bay 
Martin, Alex.* grocer and spirit dealer, Store lane 

2 2 Martin, John, cabinet maker, Montague street 

Martin, John, manager, Rothesay corn and flour 
mills, Mill street 

1 2 Martin, Neil, carter, Bridge street 

Martin, Robert, hedge dresser to the Marquis of 
Bute, house High street 

3 2 Melone, Mrs. Prince's street 

Miller, Daniel, tailor. High street 

Miller, Hugh*, shipmaster and owner. Lade street 

Miller, James, & Co. wine and spirit merchants. 

High street 
Miller, James, of Miller, Jas. & Co. ho. High st. 

2 2 Miller, William, slater. Mill street 

Milne, Alex, late shipmaster, Prince's street 
1 1 Mitchell, Alex, fish curer, Gallowgate street 

Mitchell, Andrew, boot and shoemaker. Mill st. 
Moore, Charles, post-master, Prince's street 
Moore, Colonel Archd.* Buteshire Local Militia, 
Foley House 

9 9 Morrison, Mrs.* Huntly place, East Bay 

Morrison, Robert, gunsmith, Prince's street 
] 1 Muir, x^rchd. mariner. Bishop street 
Muir, Archd.* tanner, Bridge street 
Muir, John*, writer, and factor to the Marquis of 
Bute, house High street. 

5 4 Muir, Mrs. Park cottage, Columshill street 

Mulrhead, Henry, watchmaker and jeweller, Mon- 
tague street 

10 6 Muirhead, Misses, stable, 2 stalls. Prince's street 

3 4 Munn, Archd. mariner, Gallowgate street 

Munn & Stewart, drapers & silk mercers, Mon- 
tague street 

6 5 Munn, Dougald*, of Munn & Stewart, ho. Port 


u 3 


A B 

Munn, John, wigraaker& haircutter, Montague st. 

M^ALtiASTER, Archd. freeholder, Castle street 
M^Allaster, Margaret, spirit dealer. Store lane 
1 2 M'AUaster, Robert, fish curer, Gallowgate street 

4 4 M^\lister, Finlay*, student of divinity, Gallow- 

gate street 
M'Alpine, Daniel, agent for Arran, Dunoon, and 
Windsor Castle Steam-boats, Mill street 

1 1 M'Alpine, Daniel, mariner. Bishop street 

M*Alpine, John, shipmaster, Montague street 

2 1 M'Beth, Rev. Daniel, parochial teacher, Castle st. 

M'Bride, Andrew, flesher, High street 

M' Bride, Rev. Peter, ho. High street 

M'Call, Miss*, Argyle place 
1 2 M^Callum, John, shoemaker, Montague st. 

IVrCallum, John, flesher and spirit dealer, Mon- 
tague street 

M'Callum, John, grocer and carter. Mill st. 

ISI'Connechy, Daniel,* wright, Colurashill st. 

M'Connechy, Joseph*, wright. Mill st. 

M'Conechj, Robert, boot and shoemaker, New 

M'Conechy, William*, joiner, Store lane 
6 9 M'Corkindale, Miss Mary, boarding house, Prin- 
ce's street 

5 4 M'Crae, Mrs. Mount Pleasant, Castle st. 

McDonald, Archd. book-vender, High st. 
McDonald, J. cooper. Prince's St. 
McDonald, John, sexton, house High street 
McDonald, Major James, 5 Argyle place 

3 5 M'Dougall, Alex, spirit dealer, Watergate st. 

M'Dougall, Archd. carding master, Rothesay cot- 
ton mills, Mill st 
1 1 Do. do. Old Vennel 

M*Dougall, John, customer weaver & cowfeeder> 
U.S.C. officer, Gallowgate st, 

M'Dougall, John, tailor and cowfeeder, King st. 


A B 

M'Dougall, John, mariner and spirit dealer, Mon- 
tague street 

4 4 >r E wen, John, shipmaster, Argyle terrace 

M'Ewen, John, silk and woollen draper, Mon- 
tague street 

5 3 M^Farlane, Janet, teacher, white seam, Gallow- 

gate street 
1 I M^Farlan, John, mariner, Gallowgate st. 

M*Fie, Archd. shipmaster, Gallowgate st. 
1 1 M*Fie, Archd. skipper, Montague st. 

M*Fie,. Archd. sen, cowfeeder, boot & shqemaker, 
High St. 

M'Fie, Archd. jun. cowfeeder, boot & slioemaker. 
High St. 
1 1 M'Fie, Daniel, shoemaker, Montague st. 

M'Fie, James*, F.ade St. 

M'Fie, John, baker, Montague street 
1 1 M* Fie, John, Castle street 

M'Fie, John, merchant, Montague st. ho. do. 

M'Fie, John, R.N. Castle street 

M'Fie, Mrs. Gallowgate street 

M^Fie, Mrs. Gilbert, linen dresser. Bishop street 

M'Fie, Mrs. John, grocer, Bishop st 

M'Fie, Mrs. washer, and dresser. Mill st. 

M'Fie, Miss, dressmaker. Store lane 
3 3 M'Fie, William*, boatman, High st. 

M'Fie William, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 
Montague st. 

M'Gown, Miss, Craigmore cottage, East Bay 

M'Gregor, Capt. John, Argyll street 
9 8 M'Gregor, Mrs.* Mount Pleasant, headof Castle st 

M'Indoe, Archd. cooper and fish curer, Montague 
St. ho. High st. 
3 4 Mcintosh, Archd. customer weaver, Bridgend st, 
1 2 Mcintosh, Daniel, carter. Mill street 

Mcintosh, David*, Glenfall cottage, East Bay 

M'Intosh, John,* grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 
Montague st. 
13 9 M'Inlosh, Neil^* laercht. I Argyle place, garden &e. 


















Mcintosh, Neil, mercht. 1 Argyle place, garden &c. 

M'^lntyre, Daniel, carter, Prince's st. 

M'lntyre, Mrs. Prince's st. 

M'Kay, Daniel, shoemaker, Montague st. 

M'Kaj, John, teacher, Castle st. ho. High st. 
2 2 M^Kay, , fisher, Prince's st. 

M^Kechnie, iVrchd.* public weigher, ho. High st. 

M'Kechnie, James,* grocer & spirit dealer, Mon- 
tague street 
1 2 M'Kechnie, Wra. late coal merchant, Montague St. 
1 ] IVPKellar, Archd. grocer, Bridgend st. 

M^Kellar, EUar, flesher, Gallowgate st. 

M^Kellar, Mrs. grocer,. Watergate st. 
1 2 M'Kenzie, Ales, mate, Store lane 

M^Kenzie, Bannatyne*, wright, Montague st. 
1 1 M'Kenzie, James,* shoemaker, Montague St. 
1 1 M'Kenzie, James, skipper, Castlehill st. 

1 2 M'Kenzie, Mrs. Montague st. 

M'Kenzie,. Wm. master, Albion steamer, house 

High street 
M'Kinlay, Alexander, master of the Water Witch 

Pleasure Boat, ho. High st. 

2 2 M'Kinlay, John, shipmaster, ho. High st. 

M'Kinlay, John, tailor, Castlehill street 

2 3 M'Kinlay, Miss Janet, High st. 

1 1 M'Kinlay, Mrs. Bryce, grocer, Bridgend st. 
M'Kinlay, Mrs.* grocer, Montague st. 

i 2 M'Kinlay, Mrs. Guildford street 

M'Kinlay, Mrs. John, spirit dealer. High st. 
M'Kinlay, Robert, boat and fisherman. Castle st. 
M'Kinnon, Charles, piper. Bridge street 
M'Kinnon, Farquhar, shoemaker. Prince's street 
M'Kinnon, Flora, teacher of white seam. Bridge st. 
M'Kinnon, Mrs. Watergate street 
M'Kinnon, John*, shipmaster, Argyle terrace 
M'Kirdy, Alexander, mate. New Vennel 
M'Kirdy, Archd.* builder. Mill street 
M'Kirdy, Arch.* builder, joiner, & timber raercht 
Watergate street, timber yard Montague street 
(North side) 










$ 3 M'Kirdy, Charles*, cabinet maker and upholster- 
er, Mill street 

M'Kirdy, Lieut. Robert,* R.N. Prince's street 
I 1 M'Kirdy, James, carter, Prince's street 
1 2 M'Kirdy, Janef,* Mill street 

M'Kirdy, John, innkeeper, Kingarth 
1 1 M'Kirdy, Mrs. Archd. High street 
3 3 M'Kirdy, Mrs.* grocer, Mill street 

1 2 M'Kirdy, Mrs. James, Bridge street 

2 2 M'Kirdy, Mrs. Thomas,* Watergate street 

1 1 M'Kirdy, Robert, mariner, Bridge street 

M'Kirdy, Wm.* boot & shoemaker, Montague sfe. 

2 2 M'Lachlan, Miss, Castle street 
1 2 M'Lachlan, Mrs. Bridge street 

M'Lacblan, Peter, fiesher & grazier, Watergate St. 
M'Lea, Archd.* writer, Montague st. entry by 

High street, ho. Bridge street 
M'Lea, John, Insurance agent, Montague street^ 
entry by High street, ho. Bridge street 
1 1 M 'Lean, Allan, Bishop street 

1 I M'Lean, Archd. tailor, Montague street 

J 1 M'Lean, E. general furnishings, Montague street 
M'Lean, Hugh, salesman for R. Wright, coal 

agent, Prince's street 
M'Lean, Lauchlan, foreman cooper and fish-cur- 

er, Montague street 
M'Lean, Miss Marion, Argyle street 
M'Leish, Hector, carter and cowfeeder, High sfe. 
M'Lellan, Dun. and Archd. boat and Bshermen,. 

Castle street 
S S M'Lellan, Mrs. eating house, Watergate stfeel 

2 2 M'Leod, Alex, cooper. High street 

M'Leod, John, teacher. Mill street 
M'Micken, Gilbert, builder, Bridgend street 
$ 4 M'Millan, Alex, shipmaster, Prince's street 

M'Millan, Bryce, cart and plough wright, Kew 

M'Millan, Bryce, eart& plough wrIght, Store lane 
M'^Milian, J. ale and porter merchant, sign of th» 

Three Tuns, Castlehill street and High street 


A B 

McMillan, Jn. surveyor of taxes, ho. Montague st. 
McMillan, John, upholsterer, High street 
McMillan, Miss, dressmaker, New Vennel 
M'Millan, Miss Margt. teacher of English, Writ- 
ing, Arithmetic, and plain Needle Work, 
Castlehill street 
M'Millan, Miss, Prince's street 
M'Millan, Robt. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 

Watergate street 
M'Millan, William, carter, Watergate street 
M'Nab, Mrs. Alexander, straw hat maker, Mon- 
tague street 
M'Nab, Rev. Samuel*, U. S. C. Argyle Terrace 
M'Naught, Angus*, freeholder. High street 
M'Naught, Colin, grocer, Montague stseet 
1 1 M'Naught, William, tanner, Gallowgate street 

M'Naughtan, B.* grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 

Montague street 
M'Naughtan^ John*, customer weaver, High st. 
M'Naughtan, William^^ cowfeeder. High street 
M'Neil, Archd. sheriff & J. P. clerk, collector of 
cess for the county of Bute, Office County 
M'Neil, Bernard, chimney sweep, vent mender 
and curer, Castle street 

1 1 M'Neil, Daniel, Mill street 

2 2 M'Neil, Daniel & Co. spirit dealers, Castlehill st. 

M'Neil, Jean, grocer. High street 
M'Neil, John & Daniel,* smiths & farriers, Castle- 
hill street 
M'Neil, John, smith and farrier— ho. Castlehill st. 
1 1 M'Neil, Neil, Columshiil street 

M'Neill, James, joiner, Gallowgate street 
M'Neill, Robert*, Gallowgate street 

4 5 M'Neilledge, Mrs.* High street 

M'Pherson, Arch, tailor, Glass's land, High street 
M'Pherson, Daniel, customer weaver. High street 
M'Pherson, Duncan, tartan weaver. High street 
6 5 M'Pherson, John*, boat builder, Argyle street 

5 5 Do, do. do. do. 


M'Pherson^ John, Prince's street 
M'Quisten, Alexander, plasterer. Mill street 
M'Quisten, Daniel, plasterer, Bridge street 
M'Taggart, Neil, boot & shoemaker, Montague st. 
M'Tavish, Rev. H. Huntly Place, East Bay 
M'Vicar, Archibald*, late smith, Montague street 
M'Vicar, Duncan, (Black Bull Inn) smith and 
farrier, Prince's street 

NAISMITH, Jn. tenter, at Mrs. Doigs, Kingst. 
Napier, James, builder. Tower lane 
Napier, Thomas,* builder, Bridge street 
Neilson, James, (Glasgow Arms Inn) King street 
Neilson, Rev. Thomas, A.M. Mount Pleasant, 

head of Castle street 
News Room, Montague street 
2 5 Nicholson, William, late sergeant of the 93d 

Sutherland Highlanders, fishery and pleasure 

boats to hire. Bridge street 
Nicol, Archibald*, harbour master, Prince's st. 
Niven, Allan, boot and shoemaker, Mill street 
Niven, John, hairdresser and peruquier, High st. 
Noble, John, coal merchant, Bishop st. — house 

Prince's street 

OGILVIE, John, late excise officer, Bridge st. 
6 8 Oiiphant, Mrs.* Argyle street 
4 4 Do. do. do. 

2 2 Orkney, Mrs. Thomas, spirit dealer. Prince's st. 
1 I Orkney, Mrs. William, Bishop street 

Orkney, Robert*, builder. Prince's street 
1 1 Orr, John, sawyer, Gallowgate street 

Orr, Mrs.* Argyle place 
6 6 Orr, Mrs. Argyle street 
1 1 Orr, Thomas, plumber, Prince's street 

1 1 PAGE, Mrs. High street 

Park, Miss, Bishop street 

2 2 Paton, William, ship-master, Prince's street 


A B' 

Patterson, Gsorge, East Bay 

Peddie, William,* of Springfield, house High St. 

Perry, Alexander, cowfeeder. Mill street 

Perry, William, carter, Mill street 
1 2 Pirry, James, gardener, Prince's street ' 

Pope, George, sailraaker, Castlehill street 

RAMSAY, Mrs. 8^ Miss, boarding school for 

young ladies, Prince*s street 
Ramsay, William, boot and shoemaker, Lade st. 
1 1 Rankin, Alexander, shipmaster, Bridge street 

Rankin, Misses,* Battery House, Prince's street 
Rankin, Peter, fish merchant, High street 

1 1 Reid, Duncan, Castle street 

Robertson, John, manager at Mrs. Doig's, King 

street — house Castlehill street 
Robertson, Marion, pye baker, and eating house, 

Montague street 
T?obertson, Miss, East Bay 
6 4 Robertsan, Mrs. Argyle street 

2 2 Robertson, Mrs. High street 

Robertson, Thos. watch and clock maker, and 
jeweller, Watergate street 
i 1 Robin, John, New Vennel 

Rothesay Castle (in ruins) entry by King street, 
the ancient residence of the Scottish monarchs 
Rothesay Medical Hall, Barton, J. H. Montague st» 
Ruthven, George, High street 

SALMON, Peter, sailraaker, 5 Guildford street, 
house do. 
5 5 Sandilands, Mrs. Prince's street 

SellarS) Duncan, boot & shoemaker, Montague St. 
Sellars, Neil, grocer and spirit dealer, High street 
S 5 Semple, James*, Argyle place, garden 
10 Semple, John*, Argyle st. stable, 2 stalls &; garden 
Sharp, Archd.* cooper & fish curer, Monta'g,ue st. 
— house Prince's street 
1 1 Sharp, Bryce, boot and shoemaker, and cowfeeder. 
Lade street 










A B 

Sharp, Charles/* mangier, High street 

Sharp, Henry, gardener ^ cowfeeder, High street 

Sharp, Hugh, grocer. High street 

Sharp, John, grocer,. Gallowgate street 

Sharp, John, porter, (No. 6.) Castle street 

Sharp, Matthew*, Gallowgate street 

6 6 Sharp, Mrs,* Bridge street 
1 1 Sharp, Robert*, Lade street 

Shield, Alexander, ship-master, Montague street 
Simson, James, surgeon & druggist, Montague st. 
Sinclair, John, cowfeeder. High street 

1 2 Sinclair, John, upholsterer, Montague street 
Smith, James, fisher. Castle street 

1 1 Smith, James*, spirit dealer and builder. Mill st. 
Smith, Mrs. Margt. retailer of teas, Montague st . 
Smith, Robert, fisher and fish curer High stree t 
Sommerville, Andrew, High street 
Spelisey, Patrick, mariner, Montague street 
Spence, John*, plain & decorative painter, Argyle 
terrace — shop and house, 5 Nile street, Gal- 
lowgate street, Glasgow 

7 6 Steel, Mrs. Mavis Bank, Bridge street 

Stein, Miss, Prince's street 

Stevenson, Capt. Allan, Craigraore Cottage 

Stevenson;, John, M.D. Craigmore Cottage 

1 2 Stevenson, John, mariner. Bishop street 

2 1 Stevenson, Miss Ann, straw hat maker. Bridge st. 

Stewart, Alexander*, late ship-master, Castle st. 

Stewart, Capt.* John, swift cutter— ho, Bridge st. 

Stewart, Charles, gardener. Bishop street 

Stewart, James, boot and shoemaker, Prince's st. 

Stewart, James*, Montague street 

Stewart, Leslie, carter and jaunting car to hire, 
Mill street 
1 1 Stewart, Mary, Castlehill street 

Stewart, Miss Eliza, Castle street 
7 6 Stewart, Mrs. Archibald, Prince's street 
4) 4 Stewart, Mrs. Bryce, Argyle terrace 

Stewart, Mrs. grocer, Bridge street 



A B 

1 1 Stewart, Mrs. New Vennel 

1 1 Stewart, Mrs.* Watergate street 

Stewart, Peter, tailor, Mill street 

Stewart, Robert*, haberdasher, Montague street 

Stewart, Robert, student of divinity, Montague st. 

Stewart, Thomas, supervisor of excise, Bridge st. 

Stewart, William, grocer, Watergate street 

Stirling, Archd. boot & shoemaker, Watergate st. 

Stirling, Capt. Ascog Bank, East Bay 

Stuart, Capt. John*, of the Chicester cutter — ho. 

Ivey Bank 
Sydney, Thomas, painter, Watergate street 

2 2 Syre, Alexander, Prince's street 
4 3 Syre, Archibald*, Prince's street 

] 1 TAYLOR, Andrew, seaman, Castlehill street 
1 2 Taylor, John*, mariner, Bridge street 
Tennock, John porter, Prinee's street 
Thom, Robert,* of Ascog ; house Mill street 
? ? Do. do. Ascog House 

Thom and Struthers, cotton spinning factory, 

Rothesay Mills, Mill street 
Thomson, Daniel*, of Greenfield House, High st. 
4 3 Thomson, Daniel, ship-master. Prince's street 

Thomson, Dougall, master of the Windsor Castle 

Steamer — ho. .5 Guildford street 
Thomson, John*, boot and shoemaker, Tower 
lane — house King street 

1 1 Thomson, Mrs. Montague street 
4 4 Thomson, Mrs. Argyle place 

Town's Barn for public use, Columshill street 
Turnbull, Anthony,* Bridge street 

7 5 URQUHART, Mrs. David, Argyle street 

2 2 WADDELL, Mrs. Alexander, Montague street 

Walker, Angus, boot and shoemakerj Mill street 
Walker, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, High street 



A B 

Walker, James, brazier, copper & tinplate worker, 

Watergate street 

1 2 Walker, William, hosier, Bridge street 
1 1 Wallace, Mrs. William, Montague street 

Wallace, Wm. clerk, Rothesay Cotton Mills, Mill st. 
1 1 Weddell, John, mason. High street 

Weddell, Mrs. dressmaker, High street 

Weir, Archibald, fisher. Prince's street 
3 3 Weir, J. Prince's street 

Weir, John, boot and shoemaker, Mill street 

Weir, Neil, grocer and spirit dealer, Prince's st. 

Whyte, John, customer weaver and cowfeeder, 
High street 

Whyte, John, smith, Mill street 

1 1 Whyte, Lilias, Bridgend street 

2 2 Whyte, Miss Mary, Prince's street 

Williamson, Mrs. mangier, Casile street 
2 1 Wilson, James, Gallowgate street 

W^ilson, John, gamekeeper to the Marquis of Bute, 

— house High street 
Wright, Robert, coal agent for Ferguson & Thorn, 

Greenock, Prince's street 
Wright, Robert, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 

Montague street — house do. 
Wright, Thomas, miller, Rothesay corn and flour 

mills. Mill street 

YATES, James, slater, Watergate street 
Young, John, picking master, Rothesay cotton 
mills, Mill street 




Population of Burgh and Parish — Six thousand and eighty-four — 
number of Voters who qualified previous to last election of 
Councillors on the 5f.h of November, 202. As renters paying 
L. 10 yearly, and as proprietors within the burgh to that annount 
of inconne from their properties. 

Notice to Managers of Societies, Sfc. see Greenock Directory, page 93 


The Most Noble the Marquis of Bute, Provost. 
William Gillies, ) t? t> m- 

Archibald M'Indoe \ ^''^''' ^^''^''^' 


Mcfcsrs. Charles Mackinlay 
John M'Kinlay 
John Muir 
James Duncan 
James Miller 
Aiexttndei Brown 

Messrs. Daniel Thompson 
Neil Jarnieson 
Robert M'Kirdy 
Archibald M'Lea 
Neil M' In tosh 
John M'Fie. 

Archibald Sharp, Dean of Guild. 

Archibald M'Kirdy, treasurer. 

.John Gillies, town clerk. 

Archibald Campbell, procurator-fiscal. 


These Trustees are, by Act of Parliament — the Magistrates and 
. Town Council, along with the four following Trustees elected 
by the shipowners of Rothesay, in October, viz. 

James Gilchrist j James Bannatyne 

Arclid. Gumming j Daniel Gillies 

Archibald M'Kirdy, treasurer — John Gillies, clerk 
Archibald Nicol, harbour-master, house Prince's street 


Archibald Macneill, collector for the county of Bute. 
Archibald M'Lpa, collector for the burgh of Rothesay 
James Macmillan, surveyor, house Montague street 

Lieutenancy of Buteshire. 

Appendix. 245 


The Most Noble the Marquis of B'lte, Lord Lieutenant and High 

Archibald Moore of Kildonan, Vice- Lieutenant and Convenor. 


The Marquis of Douglas and 

The Earl of Glasgow 
Viscount Kelburne 
Ltud Pat. Jas. H. C. Stuart 
Loid D. C. Stuart 
Ninian Bannatyne, Rothesay 
R{»l)ert Brown, Chamberlain, 

K. Finlay of Castle Toward 
J. Fml'^y, yr. of Castle Toward 
John Fullarton, of Kilraichael 

Old Constituency, 
New do. • 


James Hamilton of Kaimes 
Alex. Lamont of Koekdow 
John M'Kinlay of Braes 
James Miller of Millport 
John Muir, Rothesay 
Jn. Paterson, chamberlain, Arran 
William Peddie of Sprinpfield 
George Robertson of Larkhall 
John Stoddart, Arran 
Robert Thorn of Ascog 
Alex. Irvine Clerk and Deputy- 

Ri^ht Hon. Sir William Rae, Bart. M.P. 




The Moet Noble the Marquis of 

James Hamilton of Kaimes 
Archibald Moore of Kildonan 
Robert Thorn of Ascog 

ex offioiis. 
The Sherifr & Sheriff Substitute 

The Provost and two Bailies of 

The Marquis of Bute's factor 
The Baron Bailie of Bute 
The Bailie of Mountstuart 
The Duke of Hamilton's ftictor 

of Arran 
The Baron Bailie of Arran 


Capt, James Miller 

Alexander Irvine, Clerk of Supply, house Castle street 


BUTE. Archd. Moorg John Paterson 

William Gillies John Muir Johti vStoddart 

James Hamilton Capt. John Stuart 
Alex. Irvine aeRan. 

Geofge M'Kay Capt. Jn. Fullarton 

Ex. Officiis. 
The Sheriff and te. 
The Baillies of rhe Burgh of Regality of Mountstuart 
The Provost, Baillies, and Dean of Guild of the Royal Burgh 1 

Archibald Macneill, clerk, Rothesay 
Archibald Campbell, Procurator-Fiscal, Rothesay. 

X 3 

246 Rothesay. WriterSf Sfc. 


Alexander Irvine, N. P. 
Aicliibald Campbell 
Archibald M'Lae 

Jobn Muir, N. P. 
William M'Fie 

Juhn Henry, bar officer 
NB. — For residence, see Directory. 

Justice of Peace Small Debt Courts Tow7i Hull, Castle 
istreet, and at Brodick, Arran, held on the first Mon- 
day of every month at 12 o clock noon. 

Archibald Macneill, clerk, Rothesay. 

Alexander Fullarton, depute-clerk, at Brodick. 

Archibald Campbell, procurator-fiscal. 

ISher^ff Court, Town Hall, Castle street — sits every 
Wednesday during Session, at 11 d clock forenoon. 
James Ivory, Sheriff — Alex. Irvine, Sheriff Substitute 
Archibald Macneill, clerk 
Archibald Campbell, Procurator-Fiscal. 

Sheriff Small Debt Court, Town Hall, Castle street — ■ 
sits every Wednesday^ at 11 o'clock. 


Fisher, Duncan, High street | Henry, John, High street 
Leitch, Neil, Castle street. 

Burgh Court, Town Hall, Castle street, held every 

Thursday at 12 o'clock noon. 

John Gillies, town clerk. 


Henry, John, High street ] Leitch, Neil, Castle street 

Henry Henderson, town-crier, Bishop street 

Commissary Court, held at Bothesay every Wednesday 
«^ 11 o'clock forenoon. 

James Ivory. Commissary — Alex. Irvine, Commissary- Depute 
Archibald Macneill, Commissary Clerk. 

Held at the County Buildings, Castle street, Eothesay, 
first Tuesday of March, May^ and Avgiist, and last 
Tuesday of October. 

Jail, SiC. Appendix. 247 

JAIL, Castle Street. 

John Gillies, sen. Jailer — house County Buildings. 


John Stewart, Port Bannatyne. 


Branch of the Greenock Bank, -'Connty Buildings, Castle street. 
John Gillies, agent, house High street. 

Branch of the Renfrewshire Bank — Southend of Gallovvgate street, 
Ivie H. MacRae, agent — house Argyle street 

PROVIDENT BANK— Town Hall, Castle Street. 

Open on Saturday evenings from 8 till 9 o'clock. 
The Marquis of Bute, Patron and President 
Archibald M'Lea, secretary and cashier. 
Managed by a committee of H directors and 4 trustees, inclnding 
the Magistrates of Rothesay, who, with the trustees, are vice- 


Thomas Maelachlan, M.D | William B. Lorrain, M. D. 
Thomas Gibson, M.D. George M. Macfailane 

James Simson, I 

N.B. — For residence, see Directory. 


Mrs. Duncan, High street 

Mrs. Mackay, ?vlili street 
Mrs. Aitken, Mill street 

Mrs. Bissland, Gallowgate st. 
C. Mcirtin, Store lane 
Mrs. M'Kmlay, Prince's st. 

BUTE ARMS COFFEE ROOM,— l. Guildford Street. 

Was Opened in 1790, the terms are Ll yearl}?, — 123. half-yearly 

— 7s. quarterly, — and 3s. monthly ; paid in advance. 

John Semple, president — James Miller, treasurer 

Committee of Management. 
John Semple j Archd. M'Lea, j James Miller. 

Robert M'Kirdy | Ivie H. MacRae | 

John Leitch, collector, house, Montague street 

2 Guildford street. 


Bishop street. 

Subscription, 20s. — annual payment, 8s* 

Rev. Daniel M'Beth, librarian. 

S4S F^othesay. Bothesay 3Iec' antes Library. 

Montague Street. 

Adam Dick, librarian. 


Grammar School. — M'Beth, Rev. Daniel 

Efiylish- English Gfammar, Elocution, Composition, History, Geo- 
graphy, Zo^m— Mercantile Department — Writing, Arithmetic, 
and B ook- Keeping— 'Cam\)he\\ Alexander 

English, Reading, Galic, Writing, Arithmetic, Book-Keeping, Na. 
viqation, and Nautical Astronomy — Campbell Duncan — M'- 
Kay. John 

English Writing and Arithmetic — Duncan, John — Macalister Stew- 

English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Accounts ; Elocution, 
Grammar, and Composition, on the Edinburgh Sessional sys- 
tem — Grant, George 

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Book-Keeping, English GrammaTf 
Geography, and Latin — M'Leod, John 


Bridgend street, (Secession Church] — Thomas Linton, John Ewen, 

and others — scholars about 40. 
Castle sireet (Parish School) — Robert Macnair and Ronald Kelly, 

scholars ? 
CdumshiU street {Mill School) — Stewart Black and Alex. Gillies, 

Gallowgate — (Mr. Duncan Campbell's School Room) — Neil Camp- 
bell, Dougald Munn, and Duncan Brown, scholars? 
High street — (Mr, Fulton's School Room) — John Duncan, Archd. 

M'Fie, and others — scholars about 50 
High street— ■{ Mr Grant's School Room)-— Ann Young, scholars ? 
MiU street — fMr. M'Alister's School Room) — Miss Jean Camp- 
bell and Miss Doig, scholars? 
MiU street— fMr M'' Lead's school Room) — John Gillies, scholars 48 
Watergate (Mr. Alex. Campbell's School Room) — William M'Kir- 
dy, James Stewart, and A. Campbell — scholars about 60. 


Established Church. 
Parish Church (Rothesay) — High street, vacant. 

—Patron, the Marquis of Bute 
Parish Church, f'Kingarth)—John Buchanan 
Chapel of Ease, High street — Peter M'Bride — Proprietors and 


Rqf(mned Presbytery — High street, Thomas Neilson, a m., Congre- 
United Secession-T-Budgund street, Samuel M'Nab, Congregation. 

Session Clerks S^c. AppeTidioc. 249 


Parish Church f Rothesay] — Rev. Daniel M'Beth Castle street 
Parish Church, (Kingarth)—JatD&s Herron 


Ministers and Church Session 

William Duncm, Church Treasurer, Piinee's street 

Rev. Daniel M'Beth, Secretary, Castle street 


Parish Church (Rothesay) — John McDonald, officer — Duncan 
CampbeH, precentor 

Parish Church (Kingarth) — James M'Fie, officer — James Herron, 


Chapel of Ease — V/m. Walker, officer — Duncan Fisher, preeentor 

Reformed Presbytery — Daniel M'Intyre, officer — vacanr, precentor 
United Secession — John M'Dougald, officer-— John M'Dougald, jun. 



Parish Church, (Rothesay)— '^uryiug Ground, High sireet—John 
M 'Donald — hous?, east side of High street 

Parish Church, fKingarthJ-~-3nme» MFie 


Hoth^say Youtfii Society for Missionary and other i?e- 

ligious TM7poses, 

Listituted 1818. 


Rev. — I Rev. Samuel M'Nab . 

-^ Peter M'Bride j — Thomas Neilson 

Neil M'Neil, preses — Ronald Kelly, treasurer 

Dougald Munn, secretary, Montague srreet 
With a committee of 18 direcors, elected annually 
This Society has a Library connected with it of about 1000 vok. 
all purely religiouo, scientific, and historical works, by tbe^most 
esteemed authors. 

Terms — Annual subscription, 4;s. ,4d. 
James M'Evven, librarian, Montague street 



Miss Campbell, treasurer, Castle street 

Mrs. Mooie, secretary, Foley House, with 10 visitors. 

250 RotJiesay. Conveyances by Water, 8^c. 



Steam Packet) from thirty minutes past 9 o'clock mora- 
ing, to 2 o'clock afternoon. 


AND GREENOCK (Royal Mail Steam Packet) from 7 
to 9 o'clock evening. 


Steam Packet,) from 5 to 7 o'clock morning during the 
summer, and iu winter from 8 to 10 morning. 

Steam Packet), from li o'o'clock forenoon till 5 o'clock 

OiBce open on Siuitlay from 4 to 6 afternoon, and on lawful days 
from 6 morning till 10 evening. 

Charles Moore, Post-master and Stamp Distributor, Prince's street, 

house do. 
Robert Walker, Letter-runner, house, Bishop street 
N.B. — For Rates of Postage, see Gfeenock Directory, page 112 
Names of Packets. 
Arran, Dunoon, Inverary, and Windsor Castle. 


No. of 

1 John M'Pherson, Montague street 

2 Robert Crawford, Bihhop street 

'd AlexaJider Haldane, Watergate street 

o John Tennock, Prince's street 

6 John Sharp, Castle street 

7 Neil M'Kinlay, Ladeside steeet 


No person shall be permitted to ply for hire as a Porter, until 
Licenced by the Trustees, and furnished with a Badge, which must 
be constantly and conspicuously affixed to his breast, and his name 
painted on his barrow; and all Porters must be sober, steady, 






JF^arefor Porters, S^c. Appendix. 251 

and civil to every person ; they shall not go on board the 
Steam Boat until called on by some one of the passengers, 
w^hose directions shall be immediately obeyed, without waiting any 
other hire. No separate charge shall be made for letters and parcels, 
or goods which ought to have been delivered together, and the 
delivery must take place immediately on arrival— all under a penalty 
not exceediTig twenty shillings ; or in the option of the Trustees' for- 
feiture of License or Badge, 


From the Quays as far as the Bridge at west end of Montague 
street, the south end of King street, the east end of Old 
Vennel, the School House, the east end of Prince's street. 

A letter or small parcel 

A small trunk or large parcel 

A small or half barrow load 

A full barrow load, when an assistant is required 

From the Quays as far as the north end of Gallow- 
gate, the west end of Bridge street, the Cotton 
Mill, the Manse, Mount Pleasant, 

A letter or small parcel 

A small trunk or large parcel 

A small or half barrow load 

A full barrow load, when an assistant is required 

From the Quays as far as the north end of Argyle 
street, Capt. John Stuart, St. Bryde's Hill, Foley 
House, the Battery 

A letter or small parcel 

A small trunk or large parcel * 

A small or half barrow load 

A full barrow load, when an assistant is required 

From the Quays as far as the noilh end of Argyle 
place, Argyle terrace, Houses beyond the Battery, " 
to Miss Alison's 
A letter or small parcels - - - 2 

A small trunk or large parcel - - 6 

A small or half barrow load - - - 8 

A full barrow load, when an assistant is required 10 

Similar distances in other directions, to be charged at the like rates. 











All Carters shall lead their horses slowly along the Piers and 
Breasts ; they shall not ride on their carts, nor place their horses 
taid carts across the Piers ; and they and Porters shall, at all titles, 

252 Rothesay. Fares for Carters, Sec. 

arrange and place themselves, and their carts and barrows, on the 
Piers and Breasts, as the Harbour master may direct, under a pe- 
nalty not exceeding forty shillings. And all Hackney Coachmen 
shall be licensed by the Trustees ; and they shall drive slowly along 
the Piers and Breasts, and shall draw up their carriages where the 
Harbour master shall direct, under a like penalty. 

All Porters, Carters, and Hackney Coachmen shall, at all times, 
Rccept of (he first hire offered, and immediately follow the directions 
of their employer—shall exact no higher fees than those in the fol. 
lowing table ; and shall have always, in their possession, and produce, 
when required, a copy of these R(:'gulations, under a penalty not 
e«ceeding forty shillings for each offence; or, in the option of the 
Trustees, forfeiture of license or badge. 


From the Quays, as far as the Bridge at west end of Montague 
street, the south end of King street, the east end of Old 
Vennel, the School House, the east end of Princes' street. 

For each cart load of 6 cwt. - - ^'0 2 

For each cart load of 12 cwt. - - 3 

From the Quays, as far as the north end of Gallow- 
gate, the west end of Bridge street, the Cotton Mill, 
the Manse, Mount Pleasant 
For each cart lo^d of 6 cwt. - - 3 

For eech cart load of 12 cwt, - t. 4 

From the Quays as far as the north end of Argyle 
street, Capt. John Stuart, St, Bryde's Hill, Foley 
House, the Battery, the north end of Argyle place, 
Argyle terrace, houses beyond the Battery, to Miss 
For each cart load of 6 cwt. - - 4 

For each cart load of 12 cwt. - - - 6 

Similar distances in other directions, to be charged at the like rates. 


From the Quays, as far as the north end of Gallowgate, Mr Black's 
shade, Prince's street, the Old Manse, south end of Mill 
s-treet, and south end of Bridgend street, Is. 6d. To all 
other parts of the Town, 2s. 

shipping List, 

Appendix, 253 




Bj? Brig 

Bk Barque 

Cr Cutter 

G Galliot 

Gt Gabbart 

Fk ....Packet 

S Ship 

Sk Smack 

Sp ....Sloop 

Sr .....Schooner 

Sw Snow 







Ann Worth 
ington Bg 




Caledonia Sp 
Catherines Sp 
Catherine and 

Margaret Sk 
Ceres S| 

Christina Sk 
Clyde Si 

rence Si 

Earl of Arran 

Edinburgh Sr 
Eleanora Sp 
Elisabeth Sl< 
Eliza Sr 

Emma Hamil- 
ton Sk 

Flowers Sk 
Friends Sk 

Friends Sk 

Friends Sp 

Helen Sk 



Jas M'Kenzie 
And, Carsweli 
DnI. M'Kinlay 
Hugh Ritchie 
Jas. M'Kenzie 

Alex. Duncan 

James Gibb 

rhos. M'Lea 
Danl. Duncan 

Jn Carmichael 
Geo. Brown 
John Duncan 
Alex. Brown 

Walter Black 

James Black 
Arch. M'Fie 
R,obt. Baillie 
Jn. M'Kinlay 

Geo. Brown 

Ben. M'Intosh 
Allan Baillie 
Alex. Hendry 
Robt. M'Kirdj 

Neil Lamont 
Robt. Miller 

John Gibb 














Neil M'Intosh 
Fhos Carsweli & Co 
VVm. Gillies & Co. 
H. Ritchie & Co. 
A. Sharp & Co. 

A. Sharp & Co. 

James Gibb & Co. 

Daniel Gillies 
Danl, Duncan & Co 

John Carmichael 
Neil Jamieson 
John Duncan 
Alex. Brown 

James M'Alaster 

James Black & Co. 
A. Sharp & Co. 
A. Sharp & Co. 
Robert Baillie 
Alex. Brown & Co. 

Geo. Brown & Co. 

Benjamin M'Intosb 
Allan Baillie 
Alex. Hendry 
Daniel Gillies 

103 James Gilchrist 
94! Robt. Miller & Co. 

25;John Gibb 


Coast. & fishing 
do. do. 
do. do. 


Coast. & fish. 

Foreign, Coast 

Coast. & fish. 





Fo. & Coast. 

Fo. & Coast. 
Coast. & fish, 
do. do. 
Fo. & Coast. 

Coast. & fish. 



Fo. & Coast, 
do. do. 

Coast. & fish. 

254 Rothesay* 

Shipping List 




Janet Bj; 



Janet & Mar- 

garet Sk 

Alex, Mitchel 


Jean Sp 

John M'Lea 


Jeanie Sk 

Jn. M' Kin lay 


Jessie Sp 

Alex. Duncan 



Lad V Frances 


in. Bannatyne 


Lark Sk 

Arch.' M'Fie 



Margaret Sk 

Hugh M'Nicoi 


Margaret Sk 

Stephen Morrit 


Margarets Sp 

Alex. Duncan 


Maria Sr 

Daniel Gillies 


iVlaria Bk 

Ninian Miller 


Marchioness of 

Bute Sk 

James Black 


Marquis of 

Bute Sp 



Mary Sr 

Alex. Sheilds 


Mary Sp 

Wm. Hunter 


Mary Ann Sk 

Ang. M'Alister 


3Iary &Ann Sk 

llobt. Walker 


Mary and Ag- 

ues Sk 

John M'Kay 


Mary Camp- 

boll Sk 

James Carswel) 


Mary M'Gill 


Ninian Gillies 


Marys Sp 

Alex. White 



Peggy Sp 



Peggy Sk 

Wm. Turner 



Rebecca Sk 

Alex. Nairn 


Robert Sk 

lit. M'Alister 


Rosin a Sp 

Scotia Sp 

John M'Ewen 


Jn, M'Kinlay 


Susanna Sk 

Thomas Sk 

Math. M' Bride 


John Duncan 


TwoFriends Sk 

Arch M'Intyre 



Williams Sk 

Hugh Miller 


"N^'illiam and 

John Sk 

Wm. Hill 



Jas, Duncan & Co. 

Alex MitcheH &Co 
Wm. Gillies & Co. 
T. & D. M'Kinlay 
A. Sharp & Co. 

John Bannatyne 
James Miller 

Hun:h M'Nicoi 
S. Morris & others 
Alex. Duncan & Co 
Daniel Gillies 
Ch. M'Kinlay & Co 

Arch M'Indoe 

•Tames Duncan 
.fames Duncan 
J. Fionie & Co. 
A. M'Alister 
Alex. Brown & Co, 

John M'Kay 

Thos Carswell & Co 

Ninian Gillies 
Alex. White 

William Turner 

Alex. Nairn 

Rt. M'Alister & Co 

John M'Ewen 

Jn. M'Kinlay & Co 
M. M«Bride& Co. 

John Duncan 

Hugh Miller 
Wm. Hill & Co. 


Fo. & Coast. 





& Fo. 
& fish, 


Coast. & fish. 

do, do. 

do. do. 
Fo. & Coast. 



do. do. 
Fo. & Coast. 
Coast. & fish. 

do. do. 

do. do. 











do. do. 

Coast. & fish. 























Tue. & Wed. 




Wed. & Ffi. 



Steam Vessels, Appendix. 255 


No. to 

To Arran. 

VesseL Master. Departure. Ton. Men. 

8 Arran Castle John Barr. ? every Wed and ^^ ® 

2 Inverary Casfle James Dawson, > c / • ' 70 8 

a \TS7- J r-i ^1 pk } i rru \ "^^t. in summer ^^ „ 

2 Windsor Castle Dougald Thomson, ) 90 9 

To JJunoon, Kirn, Gourock, Greenock, Port- Glasgow, and Glasgow. 

3 Albion Wm. M-Kenzie, 
2 Arran Castle John Barr, 
2 Dunoon Castle Donald Currie, 
2 Inverary Castle James Dawson, 
S Kilmun Robert Wallace, 
2 Windsor Castle Dugald Thomson, 

To Inverary; 
2 Dunoon Castle Donald Curri-e, 
S- Largs James Taylor, 

To Islat/f Oban, Tobermory, and Skye. 
S St. Mun Robert Hunter, to Islayon Tues. 63 8 

To Oban, Tobermory, and Skye on Thur. 
N.B. Taking passengers for Maid of Isiay. 

To Lochgilphead^ 

2 Dunoon Castle Donald Currie 5 times weekly 100 9 

3 Largs James Taylor, do. do. 103 10 

To Greenoclt, Port- Glasgow, and Glasgow. 
3 Earl Grey James Johnstone, daily. 105 10 

S St. Mun Robert Hunter, Mon. Tue. Thur. Q3 8 


All Persons having the charfje of vessels, steam-boats, &c. arrivinc» 
at, or taking advantage of, the Harbours or Piers, shall observe the 
foilowing liegulatious t — 

I. They shall birth, shift, and trim their vessels, and slacken and 
fasten ends and ropes, as directed by the Harbour-master, and attend 
at the tirae appointed for that purpose — under a penalty of forty shiK 


II. They shall not allow their vesssels to rub on the Piers; but 
sliall keep m use such fenders as the Harbour-master may direct; and 
those nibide shall allow free access over their vessels to those in out- 
side births, and vessels in outside shall fend off from vessels in inside 
births — ^^under a penalty of forty shillings. 

II I. They shall not obstruct the free passage of other vessels, by al- 
lowing their vessels to lye at, or near to, nor by having ropes across the 
entrance to either of the Harbours-— under a penalty of forty shiilings<» 

256 Rothesay, Regulations, 

IV. They shall not make fast their vessels to the Piers, otherwise 
than to rings or palls direct to their vessels, and not round the corners 
or any part of the Piers — under a penalty of sixty shillings. 

V. All goods, ballast, or any other thing intended to be shipped by, 
or discharginjj; from, any vessel, shall be laid down upon the Pier 
where the Harbour-master shall direct, and shall be removed there- 
from at his desire, and effectual means to his satisfaction shall be used 
for preventing any part falling into the Harbour — under a penalty of 
forty shillings. 

VI. No fires or lights shall be kindled, or taken on board any vessel 
loaded or partly loaded with such combustibles as are mentioned in the 
Thirtieth Section of the foresaid Act. And fires in all vessels, except 
Steam-boats, shall be extinguished at 8 o'clock at night, and shall not 
be lighted sooner than 7 in the morning, and no fire-arms shall be dis- 
charged near the Harbour — under a penalty not exceeding forty shil- 

VI r. No vessel shall be taken to the graving bank; no dock shall 
be made ; and no fire shall be lighted at or near the Piers or Harbour, 
for any purpose, without first obtaining authority from the Harbour- 
n)a<!ter, whose directions must be obeyed — under a penalty of forty shil- 

All Owners, Masters, and Crews of Steam-boats shall, in addition 
to the foregoing, also comply with the following Regulations : 

VIII. They shall, at all times, intimate on their respective boards 

their hours of sailing, and shall sail at the hour so intimated, and no 
alteration of the hour shall be allowed on any pretext — under a penalty 
not exceeding five pounds. 

IX. Free access shall, at all times be given over Steam-boats, In in- 
side, to those in outside births, far all necessary purposes; and hatch- 
ways and coal scuttles, when not in immediate use, shall be kept shut 
— under a penalty of forty shillings. 

X. The engine of Steam- boats, arriving at the Piers, shall be slowed 
or stopped one hundred yards from the Piers, so as they may move 
slowly to their births; and when arriving at night, they shall have in 
use a sufficient number of lights, not less, in any case, than three band 
iantherns— under a penalty not exceeding forty shillings. 

XI. The flarbour-master, with his assistants, are empowered and 
required to enforce all the above Regulations, and to use every effort 
to promote good order and sobriety, and to suppress riot, theft, &c. ; 
and no person shall insult or obstruct them, in any way, in the execu- 
tion of iheir duty— under a penalty not exceeding five pounds. 

XI I. The above penalties shall be incurred by offending in any one 
particular of the above Regulations; and the expense of enforcing 
these Regulations, as well as any damages incurred, shall be exigible 
besides the penalties. 

Xlll. The Magistrates, if they see cause, may mitigate the penal- 
ties to not less than one-fourth. 

Extracted from the Record of the Minutes of the 
Trustees, by 


DirectiojiSy S^c. Appendix. 257 


See Greenock Directory, page 134). 


CUSTOM HOUSE— Montague Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock morni:]g till -t o'clock afterneon 

Archibald M'Lea, principal coast waiter 

Archibald M'Kechnie, Public Weigher, High street 

Ninian BariTiatyne, Fishery Officer, Montague St., entry Town lane 

EXCISE OFFICE— Bute Ann's Inn, 2 Guildford Street. 

Thomas Stewart, Supervisor. ^ 

John Miller and John Atchison, Officers. 

As^cnrhhj Rooms — 2 Guildford street. D, MacCorkindale 
Coffee Room— I Guildford street, John Leitch, collector 
Directory Office — (Renfrewshire) 10 Barclay street, Paisley, G. 

Justice of Peace C/en^— Watergate street, A» Macneill 
J^oors' Raise Office — Store lane, Wm. Duncan, treasurer 
Post Q/^'ce — Prince's street, Charles Moore, post-master 
procurator FiscaVs Office — Castlehill street, A. Campbell 
Sheriff Clerh—'SS' 8.te'[^^ie street, A Macneill 
Sheriff^ Court House— County Buildings, Castle street 
Stamp Office — Prince's street, Charles Moore, sub-distributor 
Statute Labour Money Office — High street, John Gillies, collector 
Tax Office — County Bu'ldings, Castle street, A'ex. Irvine, clerk of 
supply, Arch. Macneill, collector for county, Arch. M'Lea, 
collector for burgh of Rothesay, .John M'Millan, surveyor 
Town Clerk — County Buildings, Castle street, John Gillies 
Town Treasurer — Watergate, j^rchd. M'Kirdy 


Caledonian- — Montague street, John M'Lea, ho. Bridge street 
Hercules — County Buildings, Castle st. John Gillies, ho. Highst 
West of Scotland — Gallowgate street, Ivie H, MacRae 


The Water Engines and other apparatus are deposited at the Cot- 
ton mills, hea:d of Mill street. Keys for them to be found at 
John Dougall's, manager, Cotton mills, ho. Columshill street. 
Bannatyne M'Naughtnn, grocer, Montague street, Superin" 

T 3 

258 Bofthesay. Coal Merchants^ 4"c. 


Campbell, John, 3 Guildford street 

Fer(j;uson & Thorn — Robert Wright, agent, Montague street 

Noble, John, Bishop street 

«f- ■ . ■ — ___ . — . 


Fish Market, West Quay 
Besides a weekly market, held on Wednesday, Fairs are held on the 
first Wednesday of May, third Wednesday and Thursday of 
July, and last Wednesday of October — New style. 


Adjusted at the County Buildings 
Arch. Sharp, Dean of Guild 


Rothesay Corn, Flour, and Barley Mills, Mill st, Thomas Wright 
Greenan Corn, Flour, and Barley Mills, Greenan, David Blair 



1786. Rothesay Friendly Society — Daniel M'Conochy, preses, Co- 
lumshill street — John Gillies, sen. treasurer, Castle street 
— Stewart M'Alister, clerk, Columshill street — Robert 
Walker, officer. Bishop street 

J 790. Rothesay Marine Society — Daniel Gillies, chairman. Bridge 
street — Archd. M'Lea, secretary, Montague street, entry 
High street, with 12 Du-ectors. 

1792. Rothesay Cotton Mill Society— John Duncan, preses, Mill 
street — Bannatyne M'Naughtan, treasurer, Montague St.— - 
Stewart M'Alister, clerk, Columshill street — Archd Sin- 
clair, officer, Ladeside street 

1802. Bute Friendly Society — John Gillies, sen., preses, castle st— 
Bannatyne M'Naughtan, treasurer, Montague street- 
Stewart M'Alister, clerk, Columshill street— Daniel M*- 
Alpine, officer. Mill street 

181 L Coopers' Society — Archd. Gumming, preses. Princes' st. 
Bannatyne M*Naughtan, treasurer, Montague street- 
Stewart M'Alister, clerk, Columshill sfe. — Daniel M'Alpine, 
officer, Mill street 

Socktks. Appendix, 259 

1 83 1 . Rothesay St. Johns Lodge, No .292— Wm. Glass, R. W. M. 
Watergate street — Robt. Orkney, depute- master, Princes" 
street — James Smith, pass-master, Mill street — Archibald 
M'Dougall, senior warden, Old Vennel — James Waik'^r, 
junior warden, Watergate street — James Napier, chaplain, 
Galtowgate street— George Grant, secretary, High st — 
John M'Neil, treasurer. Castle street — John Wilson, High 
street, and John Napier, Gallowgate street, senior Grand 
Stewards — Hugh Thomson, High street, and David Leith, 
High street, junior Grand Stewards— Alexander Haldane, 
tyier, Watergate street 

1830. Temperance Society — Lieut. Archibald Black, prases— Ro- 
bert M'Nair, secretary — Rev. Thomas Neilson, and Rev. 
Samuel M'Nab, patrons 

? Bute Farmers^ Society — Archd. Macneill, secretary, W"ater- 
gate St. The Society's ploughing match for 1834 took place 
at Windyhall, near Rothesay, on 25th February; twenty- 
eight ploughs appeared. The competitors were to be on 
the field at 10 o'clock forenoon, and to commence precisely 
at eleven. The size of the furrows were to be 5| by 8^ 
inches. The time to be taken up in executing each lot, not 
to ex-ceed the rate of 13 hours to an acre, Scots, Messrs. 
Ninian Duncan, George Brown, and John M'Fie, were 
appointed judges, when the prizes were awarded as follows: 

1st To James Barr, son of Mr. Wm. Barr, farmer, Cran- 

claglaon, the Highland Society's medal and - ^1 5 

2d To Robert M'Farlane, ploughman to the Marquis of 

Bute " - - - - - 1 5 

Sd To William Hunter, son of Mr Robert Hunter, Saint 

Colmaik - • - - - 1 

4th To Robert Duncan, son of Mr Alexander Duncan, 

Brigadale Gruff - - - - 15 

5th To Hugh Dick, servant to Robert Thom of Ascog 10 

6th To David Dick, servant to Mr Haig, Meikle Kelmory 7 6 

And to each other competitor - - - - I 

The Society's competition for Horses took place on Wednesday 
the i6th July, on Guildford street, Rothesay. The horses were to 
be brought forward at 9 o'clock a.m., when the judges awarded the 
prizes as follows : — 

1st For the best brood mare that has had a foal, to Thos. 

Stevenson, Ardmalish » - - ^£1 

2d For the next best do. to John M'Dougall, Kerrytonlia 1 
3d For the best two year old gelding, to ? ? - 

4}th For the best year old colt, to Thomas Stevenson, Ard- 
malish . - - - - ^0 10 



260 Roihesay, Societies. 

Sth For the best two year oM entire horse, to Hugh Mont- 

gomerie, Little Kelmory - - - 15 

6th Foi- the best two year old filly, to Robert Hunter, St. 

Colmaik - - . - 15 

7th For the best one year old do. to ? ? - 10 

Upoti the 7th August the Marquis of Bute's Prizes for breeding 
JVlares, were awarded by the judges as follows ; — 

1st To Mr. James Jannieson, Ambrismore 

gd To Mr. John M'Dougall, Kerrytonlia 

.^d To Mr. Hugh Montgomerie, Little Kelmory 

4th To Mr. John Stuart, Upper Ardroscadale - 

The Society likewise give the following premiums for the cleanest 
and neatest kept farm cottages in the Isle of Bute. This certainly i$ 
a most laudable and praise-worthy undertaking, and worthy of be- 
jyg followed by other societies of the same kind, who may not as yet, 
have undertaken it :— 

1 To the competitor whose cottage is kept cleanest and 



- 4 


- 3 


- 2 




Do. do. 


Do. do. 


Do. do. 


Do,, do. 


Do. do. 


, Mill Instn 



£0 12 


is kept next 





is third 





is fourth 




is fifth 





is sixth 



Mill Instrumental Band — No. 1, Alexander Giliies, leader, 
house Columshill street — members 18. 

1832. Rothesay Mechanics' Instrumental Band — No. %, Chailes 
Kerr, leader, house High street— members 9 






This well and increasingly frequented bathing place is situated on 
the verge of the Western Highlands of Scotland, and is about eight 
miles distant from Dumbarton, the County Town. It is of very 
recent origin, having been founded about the year 1779, by the late 
Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, Bart., by whom it was named after 
his lady, Lady Helen Sutherland Colquhoun, of the house of Suth- 
erland. Although of so recent a date, it is rapidly on the increase, 
numerous handsome villas and houses being erected in and aronnd 
it every sedson^ which the numerous visitors fiequenting it in the 
baching season render necessary. 

This town was erected into a free Burgh of Barony in favour of 
Sir James Colquhoun of Luss. by Royal Charter, granted 2bth 
July, 1&)2, and is governed ^y a Provost, two Baillies, four Coun- 
dlloi-s. Treasurer, and Dean of Guild. The Magistrates have 
power to make such bye laws as are consistent with the laws of the 
realm, aJid may be conducive to the establishment and preservaiij3n 
ol" good order, and to the advancement and prosperity of the burgh. 
The right of franchise consists in having right, by feu or lease, 
of 100 years, to a house and garden ground within the territory 
of the burgh ; all such are entitled to vote at elections of Magis- 
trates, and to be elected to the office of Biagistrates, or Coun» 
cjllors, but under the following provisions, that no person shall 
be entitled to vote at the elections, or to be chosen Provost of 
B^»i!lies, they havii^g right as aforesaid, who is not a resident bur- 
gess. But (as it would appear from the charter) if lease or feu 
holders build up such garden ground, they lose their right of fran- 
chise. This to many will appear strange, but it is a proviso in the 


eharter, done with the most laudable intention to preserve the town 
according to the plan, to each feu in which there ig a portion of 
garden ground attached, that by this nneans the town may be kept 
free, light, and airy, and clear from that density of building so pre- 
valent in many others. The town is built on a regular plan, ac- 
cording to which every new edifice is or ought to be erected. Few 
towns have a finer appearance, when viewed from the sea, or oppo- 
site shore, than this, were there but a spire to adorn the prospect ; 
and* for the benefit of the inhabitants and those visiting the town, a 
public clock, which the place stands greatly in need of. Here al^ 
IS, or ought to be, held a weekly market upon Thursday, with four 
annual fairs, each of two days' duration, for horse and cattle, and 
every otbar commodity, on any part of the territory of the burgh j 
the first held on ihe second Tuesday of February, the second ugon 
ttie first of June, except when it falls upon Sunday, in which case 
to be held on Monday following; the third upon the sixth of August, 
acid the fourth upon the tvi^elfth of November — -these two last being 
upou the tame conditions as the first. The Slagistrates have also 
full power lo levy toils, customs, and other duties at said fairs and 
weekly market, and to apply the same to the necessary expense 
of maintaining peace and good order during the said markets and 
fairs, otherwise for the good and benefit of the community. 

Such is the beauty of this town, such a union, too, of the agree- 
able and convenient does its situation present, as to render it not 
in the least surprising the resort of company hither in the sea-bath- 
ing season is so great. Readily accessible by land and water — close 
to a fine beach — open to the soft and salubrious marine breeze — 
celebrated for its fresh water springs — sheltered by hill and wood 
from the keen blasts of the north and east — plentifully furnished by 
the pea wuh wholesome, palatable, and nutritious food — at a short 
distance from a complete depot of every necessary, and almost even 
every luxury, of civilized life— in the immediate neighbourhood of 
eharming and varied scenery — of the safe and pleasant ride— of the 
roranntic walk, — what can be wanting to render Helensburgh a most 
atUeciive spot to all who resort to the sea-shore in quest of healthy 


or v^ith a view to seclude themselves for a short period from the 
noise and turbulence of a busy life ? Of the private lodgings all are 
well, and many even elegantly fitted up and furnished. The baths, 
built by the late Mr Henry Bell, engineer, in 1806, of which there 
are both hot and cold, with every necessary convenience, are in a 
handsome and commodious building, situated in East Clyde Street, 
and at present possessed by Mrs Henry Bell. To the baths is at- 
tached an Inn, with superior accommodation. The town has also 
another Inn, with great extent of accommodation. The place has 
also a Reading or News Room, neatly fitted up, terms moderate j 
and a Post Office, from which the arrival and departure of Mails to 
Glasgow take place twice daily. It is also well supplied with shops 
of every description. What they do not afford can be easily pro- 
cured from Greenock (a town provided with every necessary, every 
convenience, and almost every luxury of life) by the steam^boats, 
which call nearly every hour in going to Roseneath or Garelochead. 
A small harbour for steam, coasting, and pleasure vsssels, is an agree- 
able appendage to the place. There are also two places of worship 
in the town, one for the original Burghers, the other Congregational 
Independents, — the Parish Church at Row, between two and three 
miles distant, Helensburgh is twenty-three miles N. W. of Glas- 
gow, five N.E, of Greenock, and nineteen N. W. of Paisley,— 
places^these, whence, and from their vicinities, most of the summer 
company at Helensburgh will as yet be found to come. 

The first Steam boat trip made in Britain was from Port-Glas- 
gow to Helensburgh in the year 1812 by the Comet, Mr William 
M'Kenzie, master. The Comet was the first Steam- vessel, brought 
to utility, or to be of general use built in Britain, by the late Mr 
Henry Bell, architect, mill-wright, and engineer, Helensburgh, to 
whom the town is greatly indebted for the many improvements ha 
made in it, whilst he was Provost of the Burgh. 

Mr Henry Bell was born 7th April, 1767, at Torphichen mill, 
in the parish of same name, Linlithgowshire, Scotland, and departed 
this life llth November 1830, at the Baths, Helensburgh. The 
mortal remains of this illustrious individual are interred in Row 


Church-yard, Dumbartonshire, where, on my lately visiting the spot 
(August 1834) how was I surprised, nay, will it be believed? — that 
not a single mark of respect has been erected to the memory of 
the illustrious dead, to tell the stranger where his remains are 
deposited ! ! Not in this manner did he treat worth and merit, 
as evidence of which the same church-yard contains a con- 
firmation of it ; a large metal tablet 6 feet 8^ inches in length ; 
3 feet 7 inches in breadth ; and 5| inches thick ; supported by 
six pillasters of 2 feet in height ; the tablet contains the fol- 
lowing inscription: — " To the Memory of Captain Rolebt 
Baint, born May 1788, departed this life at Fort William, 
December 1827 — aged 39 years. — C. R. Bain, was appointed by 
H. Bell to the command of the Comet Steam-boat in 1814<, by 
which vessel a communication was opened up between the Western 
Islands of Scotland and Glasgow, through the Crinan canal in July 
1819. He was the first Captain who commanded a vessel from sea to 
sea, through the great Caledonian canal, in 1822. This was erected as 
a tribute of honour for 16 years, faithful service, by Henry Bell, en- 
gineer, Helensburgh." — His widow, Mrs. Bell, uould ere this have 
erected a tribute of respect to his memory, had she not (which I can 
positivelystate)been given to understand that certain individuals wish- 
ed to have the honour of doing so ; but shame to our country, shame 
to our merchants and mechanics, for whom he has done so much; 
it will remain for ever an indelible mark of disgrace ; the finger of 
scorn will be pointed at them, and they themselves held up to deri- 
sion, if they allow any longer the remains of this illustrious individual 
to remain unhonoured. The fortunate, the wealthy, and the titled 
dunces too frequently get buried beneath a splendid monument ; and 
a false table of virtues is emblazoned thereon. The sculpture is 
called in to display the resources of his art in decking their tomb- 
stone, while the wisest and the best of men, are too often left to rua 
down the stream, forgotten or uncared for ; and the humble artizan 
is left to tell on that of the other, that he was " born on one day, 
and that he died upon the next." With what feelings of inwrought 
emotion does the traveller tread the ground where the bard of Man- 


tua drew his infant breath ? — and how intensely do we listen to the 
stories of Alexander, of Csesar, of Pompey, and of Seipio; and ej^ the 
footsteps of ** Macedonia's noadman," and the hair-brained Swede ' 
These have taken up many a precious hour of our time. But after 
hll, what have these men done for the real welfare of mankind ? 
They have sung of gods and godesses — of bloody fields— -of smok- 
ing cities and desolated homes ; they have '* marched unmoved 
amidst the agonies of slaughtered thousands" — the victims of "am- 
bitious madness,*' and they still pass for heroes, by those who think 
it more glorious to ktU than to save mankind f But let us turn 
our thoughts to a man of another mould — to that illustrious indivi- 
dual whose aim was the philosophy of utility, and whose actions 
were those of patriotism and humanity.— To a man whose me- 
chanical inventions and improvements have given a new and 
nobler tone to society—opened up new channels of national hap- 
piness and universal benefits. To contemplate the life of such a 
man, tends to expand the understanding and purify the soul ; 
tends to link man with his fellow-men, and to exalt his con. 
templations towards the Divine source of all wisdom and good- 
ness \ and that man to whom we owe " floating bridges" upon 
the ocean, is well worthy to be ranked amongst the highest benefac- 
tors of his race, and has claims on his countrymen, which ought to 
be met with a liberal hand from that world in which his name will 
be perpetuated through the ages to come, where his " floating 
bridges" and magnificent palaces, which, " over the mountain 
waves," and amid the roaring tempests, march "like giants rejoicing 
in their course," will bear testimony to his merits on "rivers yet un- 
known to song," through lands yet uncheered by the voice of liber* 
ty; through climes yet unvisited by the mild beams of Christianity, 

Helensburgh Street Guide. 

The names of the streets not being painted on their corners, nor houses num- 
l)ered, the references are not so definite as they should be 

As many of the streets are not yet opened up, a reference is given 6y f^e s/re^^s 
leading to them. 

To avoid jostling in meeting — Passengers should observe the general rule, " Keep 
to the right," that is, allow those you meet to pass on your left hand, 




Adelaide street, from Clycie street, and Clyde street (East) to Alcntrose street, and 

Montrose street (East) northward 
Argvie street, from Sutherland street, to Adelaide street. 
Ar<^vle s rcet, (East) from Adelaide street to Roxburgh street 
BelTstreet, from Clyde -treet, (East) to Montrose street, (East) northward 
Cairpbell street, from Clyde street to Montrose street, northward 
Charlotte streit. from Clyde street to Montro-e street, northward 
Colquboun street, fiorn Clyde street, passing Colquhoun square to Montrose street 

Colauboun square, the place where Colquhoun street crosses Prince's street 
Oha'rle's street, East end of King street to Montro>e street, northward 
Clyde street, from Su'herland street to Adelaide street 
Cfvde strpst, (East) from Adelaide street to Roxburgh street 
Ed'iiibur^h street, from Chde street (East) to Montrose street, (East) northward 
George street, from Clyde street to Montrose street, northward 
Gla-cow street, froiYi Clyde street to Montrose street, northward 
Glenfinlas? street, from Clv'ie street to Montrose street, northward 
Grant .'^treet, from Civde street to Montrose street, northward 
Hanover street, from' Ciyf^e street (East) to Montrose street. (East) northward 
James's street, from Clyde street to Montrose street, northward 
John Street, from Clyde street to Montrose stroft, northward 
Kins street, from Sutherland street to Adelaide street 
king "treet, (East) from Ac^elaide street to Roxburgh street 
Lomond street, from Clvde street to Montrose street, northward 
JVlacdonald street, from Clyde street (East) to Montrose street, (East) northward 
Maitiand street, from Clyde street to Montrose street, northward 
Montrose street, from Sutherland street to Adelaide street 
Montrose street, (East) from Adelaide street to Roxburgh street 
Prince's street, from Sutherland street to Adelaide street 
Prince's street, (East) from Adelaide street to R(xburgh street 
Roxburgh street, from Clyde street (East) to Montrose street, (East) northward 
Sinclair street, from Clv^'e street to Montrose street, northward 
Suffolk street, ftom Clyde street to Montrose street, northward 
Sutherland street, from Clyde street to Montrose street, nt rthward 
Victoria street, from Clyde street (East) to Montrose street, (East) northward 
William Street, from Clyde street to Montrose street, northward. 

Those marked * are Feuars. 

]sj_B, — A apartments, B beds. 

A B 

4 3 Aberdeen, Robert, steward, Helensburgh steam- 
er, Gay Cottage, Colquhoun street 
10 7 Aitken, Miss*, Boarding school tor young ladies, 
Springfield Cottage, (head of) John street 
Alexander, Rob. F*. Campbell's Cottage, John st. 
Anderson, Rev. John, Colquhoun street 
Andrews, James, distiller, Aldonnick Distillery 

6 5 Angus, Mrs*. Clyde street 
4 4 Armour, Mrs. John, Clyde street 
2 2 Arrol, Mrs. Robert, furnishing shop, Clyde street 
10 8 Arrol, Peter*, shoemaker, Gleibeside house, Row 

Arthur, Rev. John, Boarding establishment for 
young gentlemen, Burnside, Campbell street 

7 4 Do. Do. Burnside, Campbell street 



BAIN, Alexander, baker, Clyde street 
6 5 Bain, Baillie Js.* student of divinity, Maitland St. 
Bain^ John, carrier, Maitland street 
Bain, John, spirit retailer, boot and shoemaker, 

Sinclair street 
Bain, Miss, milliner and straw hat maker, King 

street, Sinclair street 
Bain, Mrs. Thomas*, Argyle st. Colquhoun st. 
Bain, Mrs. William*, Clyde street 
Bain, Robert, fisher, (pleasure boats to hire,) 

Sinclair, street 
2 2 Bain, Walter,* baker, Clyde street 

6 5 Do. Do. Do. } , 

c i T^ -r» rk )- 0"e garden 

5 4j Do. Do. Do. I ° 

Bain, Walter*, joiner, cart and plough wright, 

smith, and iron plough maker, Sinclair street 

4 4 Bain, William, steam boat porter, Colquhoun st. 

Batteson, John, teacher, town clerk, »& collector 
of statute labour money for the Burgh, King 
street, Sinclair street 
Bell, Mrs. Henry*, Baths Inn, East Clyde street, 
chaises, noddies, and curricles — hot, cold, 
and shower Baths 
IS 13 Do. Do. Clyde street 
12 1 1 Do. Do. Cottage, Clyde street 
5, 4 Do. Do. Clyde street 

Bisset, Wm., florist & gardener, Roseneath castle 
Black, Mrs*. Rock Lee, East Clyde street 
Boag, Walter, shipmaster, Prince's st.j Grant st. 
Brabender, John, mason, Prince's st , Sinclair st. 
Breingan, James, grocer, wine 8^ spirit merchant. 
Post- master, and Procurator Fiscal^ Clyde st. 
9 9 Do. Do. Colquhoun street 

5 8 Do. Do. Sinclair street 
5 4 Do. Do. Do. 

f' ? Do. Do. New Cottage, Sinclair street 

(east side) 
Brown, Duncavi, keeper Drumfork Toll Bar, East 
• Clyde street 


A B 

8 8 Browne, Jas* parish schoolmaster, Row Cottage, 

Row, stable 2 stalls, garden, <^c 
Brown, Major Jas. D*. Rock Villa, East Clyde St. 
Brown, Mrs., Rock Bank, East Clyde street 
11 10 Bruce, Rev. William,* Ardoch Cottage, East 
Clyde street 

5 5 Do. Do. East Clyde street 

6 6 Bryce, James,* surgeon, Clyde street (west end) 
5 5 Do. Do. Do. 

11 10 Do. Do. Do. stable, 3 stalls 

Buchanan, James, late surveyor of taxes, Clyde 
street (east end) 
2 2 Buchanan, Jas. of Buchanan J. Sf T., ho. Clyde st. 

Buchanan, James ^ Thomas,* joiners, cabinet- 
makers, and glaziers, Sinclair street 

Buchanan, Mrs. Geo., Rosebank Cottage, Clyde st 

Buchanan, Thos, of Buchanan J. & T. ho. Clyde st, 

CADDELL, Mrs. grocer, Clyde street 

9 9 Cameron, Thomas*, Clyde street 

Campbell, Duncan, barber, Sinclair street 
Campbell, George William, Duke of Argyle, 

Rosneath Castle 
Campbell, Lord John, Ardincaple Castle 
5 4> Campbell, Mrs. Clyde street 
8 6 Chisholm, Mrs. James*, Clyde street, coach house, 

stable, 3 stalls 
5 4 Do. Do. William street 

12 8 Clarkgow, John, shipmaster, Campbell st. garden 

Cochran, Miss Eliza, dressmaker Clyde street 

Cochran, Robert,* John street 

Colquhoun, Alex. & Co., painters, Clyde street 

Do. Do. Clyde street 

Colquhoun, Arch joiner, & cartwright, Clyde st. 
Colquhoun, Charles,* coal merchant, Sinclair st. 
Colquhoun, Baillie James*, spirit dealer Clyde st 

7 6 Do. Do. Clyde St., (west end) 

Colquhoun, Henry*, Maitland street, (head of) 
7 6 Do. Do. Clyde street (west end) 

Colquhoun, Sir Jas. of Luss, Bart. Rossdow, Luss 








A B 

Colquhoun, J. C. Sheriff of Dumbartonshire; resi- 
dence Gleii'Manlin 
Colquhoun, John, wine, spirit merchant, & frui- 
terer, Clyde street 
Colquhoun, John, fish curer, Colquhoun street 
Craig, Daniel*, Dumfin 
6 4 Do. Do. Clyde street (west end) 
5 5 Do, Do. Do. do. 

8 6 Do. Do. Cottage, Clyde street, stable 2 

1 1 DAVIDSON, And.* builder, Prince's st. William 
Davidson, Mrs. grocer, &Cm Clyde street 
Dennistoun, Jas. of Dennistoun, advocate, Camis- 
4) 3 Dingwall, John*, post runner, Clyde street 

Dixon, Joseph, advocate, Rock Bank, East 
Clyde street 
5 4 Dunlop, Thomas, plasterer, George street 

FARQUH ARSON, James, fisher and fish dealer^ 
Clyde street 
3 3 Ferguson, John, joiner, Prince's st. Sinclair street 
Fernie, William, writer, Prince's st. Sinclair street 
5 4) Ferrier, Mrs*. East Clyde street 

Forman, Mrs. M , grocer and spirit dealer, Clyde 

GAY, Duncan, joiner & cabinet maker, Colquhoun 

Gay, Miss Mary, Clyde street 
Gemmell, John*, Clyde street 
Glen, Alexander, grocer and general merchant, 

Sinclair street 
Glen, James, wine and spirit merchant, Clyde st. 
3 2 Glen, John, carrier, Mai tl and street 

Glen, John, flesher and spirit dealer, Clyde street 
z 3 


A B 

Glen, Robert, Tontine Inn and Hotel, Clyde 

street, coaches, post chaises, noddies, post and job 


Glen, Walter, ship owner, Clyde street 

4 3 Gow, John*, wright. Prince's st. Charlotte st. 

Grant, Joseph, watch and c^ock maker. Clyde st. 
Gray, Mrs. John, washer & linen dresser, Clyde st. 
Guy, Andrew, gardener, Bay Park, East Clyde st. 

5 4 Hamilton, Gabriel,* quarrier, Springbank Cottage, 

Sinclair street 

6 5 Henderson, James*, steward, James Oswald 

Steamer, Clyde street 
9 7 Do. do. Willowburn Cottage, Glas- 

gow street, stable, 1 stall, &c. 
Henderson, John, shoemaker, Grant street 
Hopkins, Charles, gardener. Prince's st, Sinclair st. 
Houston, Peter, copper and tinsmith, Clyde street 
Hunter, John*, grocer, Clyde street, teacher. 
Prince's street, Grant street 

1 1 JARDINE, Graham, sawer, Sinclair street 

5 4' Jardine, Miss,* Barnpark House, Clyde street 

9 9 Do. do. do. do. 

1 1 Johnstone, Mrs. John, grocer, Clyde street 

KENNEDY, Lieut. John, Prince's st. Charlotte St. 
Kent, Wm.* joiner and cabinet maker, William 

street— house Clyde street 
Kerr, James, teacher. Infant School, William st. 
Kidston, Richard*, ironmonger, Seabank, Clyde st. 
Kincaid, George, nailmaker, Prince's st. Sinclair st. 
King, William S. M.D. Argyle st. Colquhoun st. 
Kinloch, R. & A. Glasgow boot and shoe ware- 
house, Clyde street 
4< 4 Kirk wood, John*, house factor, Prinoe^s st. Suf- 
folk street 

2 2 LAMB, Mrs. Thomas, mangier, Clyde street 

Law, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, Colquhoun st. 
Lawrie, Rev. John, parish manse, Row 


A B 

Lawson, James, Apothecaries Hall, Clyde street 
4 3 Lennox, Alex, wine & spirit merchant, Clyde st. 

4 3 Lennox, Alex, wine and spirit merchant, Clyde St. 

5 5 Do. do. Smith's land, dov 

6 5 Do. do. do. do. 

Lennox, Auley,* surgeon, Clyde street 
6 Do. do. Clyde street, stable, 2 stalls 

3 3 Lennox, Robert,* maltster, Colquhoun street 

Lennox,. William,*general grocer & agent, Clyde st 

10 9 Do. do* Clyde street, stable, 2 stalls 

10 10 Do. do. Millhill Cottage, Sinclair street, 
coach hoi3:se, stable, 3 stalls, garden, &c. 
Leuchars, Robt.* gardener. Prince's st. Sinclair st, 
Lindsay, James, grocer, Clyde street 
Lindsay, Miss, housekeeper, Ardincaple Castie 

1 1 Luke, Alex, slater, Prince's street, Sinclair street 

MARQUIS, Hugh, late su-pervisor, Argyle street j 
5 4 MenzieSj Robert,^- late joiner, Clyde street 
5 4 Do. do, Clyde street, stable 1 stall 

Miller, Hugh, builder, Clyde street 
Monteith, Adam*, Rockbank, East Clyde street 
Morris, L.* Ebeneser Cottage, William street 

4 5 Muir, William, slater and plasterer, John street 

Munro, John, cooper, Maitland street 
Munro, Neil*, spirit dealer, Clyde street 
Murray, Robert, builder, John street 

M' AULEY, John,* Clyde street 

M' Auley, Mrs, R milliner & dressmaker, Clyde gt. 

M'Auley, Robert, pilot, Greenock steamer — ho. 
Clyde street 

M'Auslan, Archibald, steam boat porter, Colqu- 
houn street 

5 4. M'Auslan, John*, John street 

M'Auslan, Miss Jane, milliner and dressmaker, 

Maitland street 
M'Auslan, Neil, spirit dealer, Clyde street 


A B 

M'Auslan, Peter,* spirit dealer, Row 
14^ 14) Do. do. Uunsmore House, coach house, 

stable, 2 stalls, garden, &c. 
6 5 Do. do. do. 

M'Auslan, Robert, boot and shoemaker, Clyde st. 

2 4 M'Callum, Donald, coal merchant, Colquhoun st. 

M'Callura, Donald*, grocer, Clyde street 

M Galium and M'Leod, clothiers, Clyde street 

M^Callura, Peter, grocer and general merchants 

Clyde street 
M'Corquodale, John, overseer, Westerton 
11 1 1 Do. do. Clyde street (west end) 

coach house, stable, 2 stalls, garden, &c. 

4 5 M'Donald, John, painter, Clyde street 

5 4 M' Donald, Lewis, grocer and general merchant 

Clyde street 

3 3 Do. do. John street 

16 12 M^Dougall, Alex* steward, Clarence steamer. 

Row House, Row, coach house, stable, S stalls, 
5 3 Do. do. Laurel Cottage, Row 

5 4 M'Ewen, James,* baker, Clyde street 

M'Ewen, John, pastry baker, Sinclair street 
M'Ewen, Robert, saddler, Clyde street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Donald*, flesher and grazier, 
Clyde street 
5 6 M'Farlane, Donald*, smith and farrier, Rowbank 
Cottage, Row 
M'Farlane, Duncan*, boot & shoemaker, Clyde st 
M'Farlane, John,* M.D. Clyde street 
M'Farlane, John, customer weaver, Sinclair st. 
M'Farlane, Miss, John street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. East Clyde street 
M'Fiirlane, Parlane,* farmer, Clyde street 
M'Farlane, Peter, carter, Colqohoun street 

17 17 M'Gregor, Hugh, Ardencapel Inn, Row, coach 

house, stable, 10 stalls 
M'Innes, Archibald, clothier, Sinclair street 
5 4 M'Intyre, Duncan,* Clyde street 
8 7 Do. do. do. 










A B 

8 3 M'Kay, Mrs. Duncan, John street 

3 4f M'Kechnie, John*, confectioner, Clyde street 

M'Kenzie, John, grocer, Clyde street 
M'Kinlay, Alex farmer, Nether Cross, Luss 
7 5 M'Kinlay, Andrew,* joiner, Clyde street 

M'Lachlan, Lachian, baker and spirit dealer, 

Clyde street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs. Archd. Clyde street 
M'Lellan, John, quarrier and spirit dealer, Sin- 
clair street 
5 4 M'Leod, Alex.* master, Helensburgh steamer— 
ho. Clyde street 

9 6 Do. do. Clyde street 

4 3 Do. do. do. 

M'Leod, Daniel, tailor 8^ spirit dealer, Clyde st. 

1 1 M'Leod, Gabriel, baker, Clyde street 

M'Leod, Miss Mary, straw hat maker, Colquhoun 

2 3 M'Millan, Daniel*, Craig Cottage Row 

M'Murrich, John*, smith and farrier, Clyde st. 
M'Naught, Duncan, M.D.C.M. Medical Hall> 
Clyde street 

4 5 M'Naughtan, Miss Jane*, Clyde street 

5 5 Do. do. do. 

M'Neil, Peter, carter, Colquhoun street 

4 3 M'Neilage, Archd. boat builder, Clyde street 

M'Neilage, Mrs. Archd. milliner and dress mak* 
er, Clyde street 

10 8 MacRae, Duncan,* undertaker and road con«' 

tractor, Sinclair street, (head of, northward) 
M'Vicar, Duncan, butler, Ardincapie castle 
2 2 M<Vicar, Mrs. D. John street 

5 4. NAPIER, Mrs * Claremont Villa, Clyde street 
9 10 Do. do. do. do. 

6 5 Do. do. Bellview house do. 
12 10 Do. do. do. do. 

Neilson, Mrs. milliner and stay maker, Clyd,^ st^ 
Nimmo, William, T.* banker, Clyde street 


A B 

OATT, John, teacher, Town Hall, Prince's st. 

3 3 Orr, James, mariner, James' street 

Oswald, Henry, tailor, Clyde street 
Oughterson, Arthur*, late merchant, Clyde st. 

PATERSON. Lieut. Colonel Archd.* Bay Park 
5 5 Phillips, Miss, Prince's street, William street 
2 3 Proudfoot, Mrs> D. Prince's street, Sinclair st. , 

READING and News Room, Clyde street, Alex. 
Lennox, proprietor 

4 3 Reid, Mrs. John*, Clyde street 

Rodger, Peter, smith and farrier, Sinclair street 
Russel, Mrs. Jas * Glennaa Cottage, Clyde st. 
Ruthven, Robert, builder, Lomond street 

SAMUEL, Thos*. merchant, Rosebank, Clyde st. 

Scott, Allan, late merchant, Prince's street Suf- 
folk street 

Service, Robert*, joiner, Prince's street, Glenfin- 
lass street 

5 4. Do. do. Glenfinlass street 
5 4 Do. do. do. 

5 4' Service, William, joiner. East Clyde, street 

5 4 Do. do. do. do. 

2 3 Smith, Archibald, gardener, Sinclair street 

1 2 Smith, Dougald,* spirit dealer, Colquhoun st. 
Smith, Jas*. of Jordanhill, Baths^, East Clyde st, 

10 8 Smith, Miss, East Clyde street 

Sfrath, Robert, boot and shoemaker, Clyde street 

5 3 Snodgrass, Miss*, Clyde street 

8 7 Do. do. do. 

4 3 Do. do. do. 

4 3 Do. do. do. 

Steven*, Helensburgh Cottage, Lomond sto 

Steven, A. <^ J. distillers, Maitland st. (head of) 
Stevenson, James*, M.D. Clyde street 
Stewart, Jas. gardener, Prince's street, Suffolk st. 
Stewartj Janie&*, maltster, Maitland street 


A B 

Stewart, Capt. John, Clyde street 

5 4 Storer, Mrs* William street 
2 2 Do. do. do. 

6 6 Suttie, Alex.* mason, Clyde street 

TAYLOR, Misses, Woodside Cottage, Argyle st 
Thomson, George*, joiner, Clyde street — ho. 
Prince's street, William street 
5 4 Do. do. Prince's street 

5 4 Do. do. do, 
2 2 Thomson, John, John street 

1 1 Torrence, Lewis, gardener, East Clyde street 
Turner, Duncan, Parish Schoolmaster, Luss 
Turner, John, grocer and general merchant, 
Clj-de street 

AVALKEPl, John*, spirit dealer, Lomond street 

4 3 Do. do. Clyde street 

Watson, Alex, boot and shoemaker, James' street 
8 8 Watson, Robert*, late boot and shoemaker, 
James' street 

Weir, Duncan, shoemaker, Prince's st. Sinclair st. 
I 2 Wlieldon, Daniel, Sinclair street 

6 4 Whyte, Mrs. Prince's street, William street 

Williamson, George, carter and coal merchant, 
Clyde street, coal yard, Sinclair street 

1 2 Wilson, Alex, grocer, bookseller, and librarian, 
Clyde street 

1 1 Wilson, Auley, weaver, Maitland street 

5 4 Wilson, Mrs. Clyde street 

Wright, William, butler, Baths 
Wylie, John*, builder, Grant street 




F O W L E R S 



Notice to Managers of Societies, 8fc. see Greenock Directory, page 93 

Population within Burgh throughout the year, about 1200 
Suburbs being included, probably - - 1406 

Under the Reform Bill, it is not represented as a Burgh. 

Qualified voters for the County within the Burgh 69 

■k^^«^%«^^«-w«^^^,^«^<^«^««v« in the Suburbs 24" 

AH the inhabitants being of lawful age, and having right to a house 
and garden ground within the Burgh, by feu or lease of one hun- 
dred years, are Burgesses, and are entitled to vote in the election 
of the Magistrates and Town Council, whom they are to choose 
out of their own number. The election meeting is held on the 
lith September, annually, at 11 o'clock forenoon. 

Constituency - 56 


Jaraes Smith Esq. of Jordanhill, Provost 
James Bain 7 ^ g^^j^^^ 

James Colquhoun ^ ^ 


Messrs. Robert Glen I Messrs. Donald MacCallum 

John M'Murrich | James Lindsay 

William Lennox, Treasurer 
John Hunter, Dean of Guild 
Charles Cassels, Town Clerk— John Batteson, Depute Clerk- 
James Breingan^ Procurator-Fiscal. 


William Fernie, Prince's street 

Burgh Courts Town Hally Prince's street, held first Sa- 
turday of every month, at 12 noon* 
Charles Cassels, Town Clerk 
John Batteson, Depute Clerk 

Town Officer^ S;c. Appendix, 271 

Parlane M'Callum, Prince's street 


Auley Lennox I Williaoi S King, M. D. 

James Bryce I Duncan M'NaUjsht, MD, 


Clyde Street. 

Was opened in 1830; the Terms are L. 1 Is. yearly — Sea-Bath- 
ing season, 10?. 6d. — monthly, 4s. — weekly. Is. 6d. 
2 London daily papers — 2 Edinburgh, twice weekly — 4 Glasgow 
papers — 2 Greenock, twice weekly 
Alexander Lennox, proprietor 

LIBRARY, Instituted 1816. 

Town Hall, Prince's street 

Walter Bain, Preses 

Daniel M'Leod, Treasurer — William Duncan, Secretary, with 3 

of a Committee 

John Oatt, Librarian, Maitland street 


Parochial School — Browne, James, Row 
Boarding Establishment — Arthur, Rev. John 

English, Book-keeping^ Latin, French, Greek, Writing, Arithmetic, 
Geography, Navigation, Guaying, and Land- Surveying — Batte- 

&on, John 
English Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Book keeping, and Mathe- 

matics, — Hunter, John 
English Beading, Writing, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Grammar , 

Geography, Mathematics, and Latin — Oatt, John 
N.B. For Residence, see Directory. 


Instituted 1833. 
Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, Bart. President 
James Smith, Esq. of Jordanhill, Vice-President 
Rev. John Anderson, secretary, 


Lieut. Grove, E.N. 
David Fogo, Esq. 

Rev. John Arthur 
Kev. John Lawrie 
Major Brown 

James Kerr, Teacher 

Scholars about 50. 

Open for visitors every Tuesday and Friday, 

This schaol is supported by voluntary contribution, 

A a 

278 Helmshurgh, Sahhath Schools, Sfc. 

Sabbath schools, 

St. James* Street, — Conducted by the Rev. John Arthaf, 
Scholars about 50. 

King Stufet.— Conducted by the Rev, John Lawrie, John 
Batteson, and others — Scholars about 4fl. 

A Class for Bible Instruction on Mondays. 

Secession <7Ayr<jA— Colquhoun's Square— (meets on Monday even- 
ing) conducted by the Rhv, John Anderson 
Scholars about 30. 

To this school a small library is attached, for the use of the class. 

Two feus were pranted at a feu duty alnnost nominal, by Sir 
James Colquhoun ofLuss, Bart, about the year 1829, for the pur- 
pose of erecting a seminary or seminaries for public instruction. 
We hope the public of Helensburgh will appreciate the grant so 
frankly given them by the Lord of the Manor, and that ere long 
they will erect a seminary, for the literary moraU and religious 
instruction of their offspring, adequate to the wants of a daily 
increasing population. 


Parish CuuTtcMs — Row, John Lawrie. Duke of Areyle, Patron 
Burgher — Colquhoun square, John Anderson, congregation 
iNDEFKffvxjfT — James street, John Arthur do. 


James Browne, Parochial teacher. Row— ho. do. 


Minister and Kirk -Session, viz. : — Rev. John Lawrie — James 
Bain — Robert Glen— William Lennox— Alex. M^Auslan — John 
M'Corquodale; — John M'Farlane, and Charles Robertson 


Parish Church — Row, Archibald Morrison, officer — John Batte- 
son, precentor 
Burgher — Colquhoun square, vacant, officer — John Hunter, pre- 
ItidependetU— 'J ame8 street, Duncan M'Glashan, officer— John 
Brash, precentor 


Archibald Morrison— house, Row 

Conveyances by Land and JVaterfSfc. Appen'lix. 279 


POST OFFICE— Clyde Stbeei*. 

Arrivtfls of Post. 


post) 10 minutes past eight morning. 


LISH, EDINBURGH, and GLASGOW, (per royal mail 
Bte^.m packet) about balf past seven evening, every lawful dayi 

Departure of Post, 
BURGH (mail gig) half past seven morning every lawful day. 
post) forty minutes past four o'clock evening-, office open every 
lawful day, from 7 morning till 9 evening, (except when re- 
C4^iving or despatching mails) from 5th April to 5th October, 
and at 8 morning for the other six months. — Open on Sabbath, 
fram 8 to 10 morning, from 1 to 2 afternoon, and from 4* to ^ 

Jkmes Breingan, post master. 

John Dingwall, runner, house Clyde street. 

N.B. For Rales of Postage, see Greenock Directory, page 112. 

DUMBARTON and GLASGOW— John Glen, Clyde street, 

dep. Tue. arr. Wed. 
GA'IRLOCHEAD— John Bain, Maitland street, arr. and d^p. 

twice weekly 



Nil. f(» ^ 

A Bain, William, Colquhoun Square. 
8 Gay. John, Sinclair street. 
16 M'Auslan, Archibald, Colquhoun street 



No. to 
PoTier or Agents. 

To Roseneatk, Greenock, PorU Glasgow, and Glasgoio. 




Ton Men. 



John Turner, 


70 8 



Alex. M'Keliar, 


70 8 



Alex. M'Leod, 


81 8 





68 8 



Robert Douglas 


55 7 

280 Helensburgh. Ferry BoatSy <^c. 


No. to 
Pnrtersor Agents. 

To Hoseneath, Gairlochead, Greenock, Port-Glasgow and Glasgow, 
4 James Oswald James Whyte^ daily 68 7 

N. B. For particulars, see the Notice Boards, at Mr Glen's Ton- 
tine Inn, (Quay head) Clyde street, and at Mrs Bell's, Baths Inn, 
East Clyde street. 


Master Departures Boats Ton Men. 

To Greenock M'Farlane, daily ? ? ? 

Do. L. M'Gilvra, do. ? ? ? 

Do. Duncan M'Kinneven, do- ? ? ? 

Directions for the Recovery of Persons apparently Drowned or 
Dead, see Greenock Directory, page \S^- 


Post Office-^Q\yde street, J-tmes Breingan. 
Procurator Fiscal' s Office — Clyde street, James Breingan. 
Heading or News Room — Clyde street, Alexander Lennox. 
Megister Office for Lodgings — Clyde street, James Breingan. 
Statute Labour Monei/ — King st. by Sinclair street, John Batteson, 
Town Clerk — Town Hall, Charles Cassels, John Batteson, depute 

Town Treasurer — Clyde street, William Lennox. 

West of Scotland — Clyde street, Wm. Lennox. 


Colquboun Charles, Sinclair street. 
M'Callum, Donald, Colquhoun street 
Williamson, George, Clyde street 


Besides a weekly market, held on Thursday, Fairs, each of two 
days, duration, annually begin on second Tuesday of February — 6rst 
dayofJun'e — sixth day of August — and twelfch of November, for 
horse and cattle and every other commodity. But the Fairs in 
February and November, are the most censiderable. 


John Hunter, Dean of Guild, Clyde street. 


^ Millig Corn, Barley, and Malt Mills, Robert Lennox, miller. 

Greenock Cattle Show, Appendix* 281 


List of Premiums awarded to Exhibitors of Stock at 
Greenock, on Tuesday , \si July, 1834i. 

The District Cattle Show took place at Finnart, in presence of 
a Committee of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scot- 
land. The Committee came to the ground between ten and eleven 
o'clock, with the following practical judges, viz.: — Mf. Pollok of 
Titwood. and Mr, Mather, Nether-place Mearns, for the Ayrshire 
Dairy Stock ; Mr. Glen of Netherton, and Mr. Weir, Catbkijta 
for the Horses ; and Messrs. M'Farlan, sen. and jun. Faslane, and 
Mr. M'Farlan, Lettermay, for the West Hghland Stock and Sheep, 
who immediately commenced their examinations. Mr. Lochead, 
Toward, and Mr. M'Aulay, Dunoon, who were on the field, under- 
took, at the special request of the Committee, the office of examin- 
ing the different articles of the Swine Stock; 

The following is a list of the premiums, as awarded by the several 
judges, whose care and discrimination gave universal satisfaction, 
viz. : — 

Class. I. — Ayrshire Stocki^ 
For the best aged Bull, to Hugh Blair, Auchenfoil, Kilmal- 
colm, - - - - - J 
FcM" the second best, to John Hair, Outerwards, Largs, 
For the third best, to William Peebles, Fechan, Largs, 
For the best two year-old Bull, to Robert Wallace, Esqv 

Kelly. M: P.. Innerkip, 
For the second best, to John Hair, Outerwards, Largs, 
For the best'year-old BiiH, to David Logan, Catburn. Largs, 
Far the second best, to John and Gabriel Finlay, Hill, In- 
nerkip, ... - - - 
For the best Milch Cow, to Hugh Kerr, Haining, Largs, 
For the second best, to James Craig, Innerkip, 
For the third best, to Mrs. Scott, Fergusland, Greenock, 
For the best pair two year-old Queys, to John Laird, Bow, 
Greenock, - - - ■■ - r 
For the second best pair, to John Hair, Outerwards, Largs, 
For the best year old Quey, to John Laird, Bow, Greenock, 
For the second best, to William Peebles, Fechan, Largs, 10^ 

Class W. — Highland Stock. 
Fojrthe best pair of West Highland Oxen, to John John-- 

stone, Fairly Mill, Largs, - - 2 

For the second best pair, to John Johnstone, Fairly Mill, 

Largs, -- -- -- 10 

For the best pair of West Highland Cows, to William 

Jamieson, Largs, - - • 2 O 

For the second best pair, to Peter Scot, jun. Greenock, 1 o 

A a 3 
















282 Greenock. Greenock Cattle Show* 

Class III. — Sheep Stock, 

For the best pen of two Black Tups, to David Logan, Cat- 
burn, Largs, - _ , . - L.2 O 
For the second best, to John Scott, Quarter, Largs, - 10 
For the best pen of two black faced Tup Hogs, to David 

Logan, Catburn, Largs, . - - 2 

For the second best, to David Logan, Catburn, Largs, 1 

For the best pen of ten black faced Wedders, to John Hair, 

Outerwaids, Largs, - - • - 2 

iVb other pen shown. 

For the best pen of ten black faced Ewe Hogs, to David 

Logan, Catburn, Largs, - _ - 

For the second best, to Wilham Peebles, Fechan, Largs, 

Class IV. —^ Work Horses. 

For the best Stallion, to Alex. Crawford, Largs, 
For the second best, to Robert Craig, Hattrick, Kilnialeoira 
For the best Brood Mare, to John Hendry, Nodsdale, Largs, 
For the second best, to Robert Craig, Hatrick, Flilmalcolm, 
For the third best, to Arthur Lang, Cunstone, Kilmalcolm, 
For the best two year-old Colt, to John Hendry, Nodsdale, 
Largs, - - - - ' - 7 

For the second best, to Robert Lang, Malbecnock, Kilmal- 
colm, - 
For the best one year-old Colt, to Thomas Kinloch, Brig. 

end, Kilmalcolm, _ - « . 

For the best two year-old Filly, to Hugh Crawford, Flat, 

Ln'rgg, ------ 

For the second best, to John Thorn, Annatyard, Largs, 
For the best year-old Filly, to Robert Craig, Hattrick, Kil- 
malcolm, - - - - - 10 

Class Y.— Swine. 

For the best Boar, to Eobert Wallace, Esq. of Kelly, M. P. 

Innerkip, - - - - - 10 

For the best brood Sow, to Hugh Crawford, Flat, Largs, 1 

For the best Pig, to Robert Wallace, Esq., of Kelly, M. P. 1 

it must be satisfactory to the district to learn, that the intelli- 
pent judges were sensible of growing improvement in the animals 
shown, particularly in the young, both male and female, of the Dairy 
Stock, and in the Mate Sheep — of this latter class, the judges de- 
clared they never saw better Tups ; and there was so near a parity 
of excellence among them, that they had considerable difficulty in 
determining the order of preference. The pair of Highland Oxen 
shown was remarked as being very fine j also, the Mares that gain- • 














Hoyal Northern Yacht Cluh 

Appendixi 283 

ed the first and second prizes. The weather being uncommonly 
beautiful, a large concourse of spectators, both from town and coun- 
try attended. 

In the afternoon, the resident Members of the Highland Society, 
with the practical judges, and a number of the competitors and in- 
habitants of the district, Sdt down to an excellent dinner in the Ton- 
t«ie. — Provost Bame in the chair, supported on his right and left 
by the Rev. Dr. Macfarlan, and the very Rev- Principal Dewar of 
Aberdeen on his way home from Rothesay.— Claud Marshall, Esq.., 
Croupier. — By the show of yesterday, the district has secured the 
Highland Society's conditional grant of £23 for Bulls and Quey& 
for 1836, HI addition to the same sum for 1835. 



Duke of Portland, Commodore. . 

John Crooks, Vice Commodore. 

John Allan, Secretary and Treasurer, Glasgow. 

Duke of Buccleuch, 

Marquis of Douglass &Clydesdale 

Pcight Hon. Earl of Glasgow 

llight Hon. Earl of Eglinton 

Lord John Scott 

Lord Nevvborougb 

Hon. G. Dunbar, Ackergill Tower 

Sir Wm. Maxwell, Bart, of Mon- 

Sir M. S Stewart, Bart. M. P. 
Sir James Dalrymple Hay, Bart. 
Colonel Blair, of Blair 
Lieur. Col. R. M'lNeil of Barra 
James Smith, of Jordanhill 
Robert Morris, Moorburn 
Charles S. MacAlester, Kennox 
Robert Sinclair, of Kirklands 
Andrew Ramsay, Greenock 
Robert Hunter, of Hunterston 
William Brown, Glasgow 
James Macnair, of Balvie 
W. Robertson, of Strouel Lodge 
Francis Reid, Glasgow 
Jimes Lang, Largs 
John Campbell, of Otter 
William R. Paterson, Glasgow 
William Held, Glasgow 

R. Angus, Glasgow 
Major George Mackey, Largs 
James H. Robertson, Greenock 
James Dunlop, Largs 
Archibald Smith, Glasgow 
John Scott, jun. Greenock 
Charles C. Scott, Greenock 
James Meiklam, of Carnbroe 
George Strickland, Liverpool 
Robert Struthers, Largs 
John C. Buchanan, of Auehin- 

Alex. SmoUet, yr. of Bonbill 
John M. Robertson, Largs 
James Buchanan, of Blairvadick 
William Wooten, Abney 
John May, of Broadfield 
Philip Gell, Hoptonhall, Derby- 
Michael M. Kean, Hoptonhall, 

Alexander M. Findlay, Greenock 
William Hamilton, Glasgow 
Robert Hamilton, Glasgow 
Hugh Tennent, Glasgow 
Matthew Perston, Glasgow 
/rchd. Campbell, of Glendarael 

^84' Greenock^ 

Rbpal Northern Yacht Clah. 

Matthew Brown. Purt»Glasgo^l^' 
John Robertson, Cxreenock 
Joseph C Ewarr, Liverpool Struthers, Glasgow 
H. H. Fazakerly, GjUibrand Hall 
James P. M'lnroy, of Lude 
Cftptuin James Kean, R. Ni 
Riiph W. Jamieson, Limerick 
WilHaiH Eeitch, Greenock 
Cunningham Boyd, Fort Breda 
John G. Boyd, Fort Breda 
Robert Bartholomew, Gfasgow 
Robert Ewin^, Greenock 
Stewart Smith, Glasgow 
James D»i'elish, jun. Olaspow 
Andrew Ranken, of Ashburn 
Jas. Robt. Dennistoun, Glasgow 
John Cuninghame, Craigends 
John Muir, jun. Glasgow 
Neale Thomson, Glasgow 
Jolui Buchanan, jun. Glasgow 
Adam M Leish, Greenock 
D. Campbell, of DunstafFnage 
Geo. A. Crooks, Glasgow 
Keith iSIacalister, of Glenbarr 
Robeit Crooks, Glasgow 
Elias Cathcarr, oi Auchendrain 
James Guthrie, of Scots-Galder 
John Mat-aulay, Greenock 
Robert Kerr, Greenock 
Robert Smith, Glasgow 
James Bogle, jun. Glasgow- 

Macgregor Laird, Liverpool 
John Scott, of Havvkhill 
John Thomson, Glasgow 
John Nay lor W right, Liverpool 
A*R. iVIncdoneli,of Glengarry,&e. 
John iVI'Iver, of ■ Ardmarnock 
James Ewing, M. P., Glasgow 
Robert Eecles, Glasgow 
Matthew Pearce, Glasgow 
Alexander Murray, Largs 
John Angus, Greenock 
William Hamilton, sen. Gla!*gow 
Captain John Hibbert, of Chal- 

font House 
George Parker, Glasgow 
Dugald Macfie, Dunoon 
Alexander Mi^tchell, jun. Glasgow 
Archibald Borron,, Liverpool 
Charles H.Forbes,of Kingairloch 
Rev, T.Leveson Lane, of King's 

Major James Mill, of Noranside 
H.Fletcher Campbell,of Boquhan 
Captain J^mes Lyon 
William W^atson, London 
John Wilkinson, of Brymbo Hall 
James Hunter, of Hafton 
Thomas Bartholomew, Glasgow 
Sir John P. Ot^d, Bart., of Kil- 

John Baillie, Glasgow 
David Ferguson, Glasgow 

List of Yacht& that gained Prizes in 1833. 

Dublin, 2d July, Hawk, John Scott, Anglesey Cup 
Greenock, 29th July, Amethyst, James Stnith, Stewart Cup 
Greenock, 29th July, Dream, Andrew Ranken, Greenock Cup 
Helensburgh, 30tb July, Emma, R. Morris and J. Allan, 20 ton 

Helensburgh,' 30th Jaly» Emma, R. Morris and J. Allan, Helens- 
burgh Cup 
Largs, 1st August, Sylph, John Crooks. Portland Cup 
Largs, 1st August, Rattlesnake, John M'lver, 15 ton Cup 
Largs, 2d August, Imp, James H. Robertson, 10 ton Gup 
Ardrossan, oth August, Dream, Andrew Ranken, Ardrossan Cup 
Oban, 2l6t August, Clarence, Robert Sinclair, Ladies' Cup 

Hoyal Northern Yacht Club, S^c* Appemlios. 285 

Ohan, 22d August, Hawk, John Scott, Oban Cup 

Campbellton, 28th August, Clarence, Robert Sinclair, Kintyre Cup 

List of Yachts that gained Prizes in 1834. 

Dublin, 17th July, Fanny, James Meiklam, Kingston Cup 
Dublin, 17th July, Clarence, Robert Sinclair, Dublin Cup 
Dublin, 2lKt July, Clarence, Robert Sinclair, Adelaide Cup 
Dublin, 21st July, Clarence, Robert Sinclair, Booth Cup 
Helensburgh, 28th Julj% Hawk, John Scott, Helensburgh Cufji ' . 
Greenock, 29th July, Fanny, James Meiklam, Greenock Cup 
Greenock, 29lh July, Clarence, Robert Sinclair, Stewart Cup 
Greenock, 29th July, Elf, William Kerr, jun. 10 ton Cup 
Dunoon, 30th July, Fanny, James Meiklanr:, Dunoon Cup 
Largs, 1st August, Clarence, Robert Sinclair, 15 ton Cup 
Largs. Is! August, Sylph, John Crooks, Portland Cup 
Largs, 2vl August, Amethyst, J>^mes Smith, Largs'^Cup 
Larg?, 2d August, FJf, William Kerr, jun. lO ton challen.^je Cop 
Dunoon, 41 h August, Clarence, Robert Sinclair. 20 tun Cup 
Inverary, 2Ist August, Gleam, Henry Gore Booth, luwrary Cup 
Inverary, 21st August, Fanny, James Meiklam, Callander Cup 
Inveiary, 2igt August, Elf, William Kerr, jun, Inverary 10 ton Cop 


Joseph MLeod, Surveyor of Taxes for Renfrewshire ; residencer 
95 High Sreet, Paisley. — But for the paiishes of Greenock, Port- 
Glasgow, Kilmalcoim, and Innerkip, a receiving box for returns 
and written communications relative to Assessed Taxes is put up a&. 
Mr. D. M'Gregors, stationer, No. 6 VVilliam street, Greenock. 


Calculated hy Mr. Malcou Lyon, Teacher of Navigation, Sfc. 
Greenock, Jvr Fowler's Directory. 
Tides are the daily rising and filling of the waters of the Ocean, 
and are produced by the attraction of the sun and moon, but chiefly 
by the attraction of the moon, which varies in the inverse proportion 
of the square of its distance from the ob_,ect it attracts. 

The tide on the side next the moon, or that which happens whe« 
the moon is above the horizon, is called the superior, and the other 
the inferor tide ; but it is only in the ocean and large seas that there is 
sufficient water to admit the ei3Pect even in iluids to be distinctly ob- 

286 Gremoch Clyde Tide Tahk. 

In the interval betvreen the two successive transits of the moon, 
»he produces two tides, and the sun, in every twenty-four hours, pro- 
duces- two tides also. The tides produced by the sun and moon, 
coincide at the times of full and new moon,, and the consequence is, 
tlie tides at those times are higher. 

At the quarter of the moon, the effect of the solar is to diminish 
tlie lunar tide, and at tliose times, we find the tides are below the 
average height. 

The tides at full and> change are called spring tides, and those at 
the quarters, neap tides, but the highest and lowest tides are general- 
ly about the third tide after the full, and change, and the quarters. 

When tiie moon is nearest the eartby-the tides, of course, are greater 
than usual, and when the full or change of the moon happens about 
thQ beginning of January, when the sun also is nearest the earth, the 
tides are the greatest of all. 

Tiie times of high water at, any individual place, are greatly influ- 
a>ced by its local situation, but there is, at every- place, a mean re- 
lation betv'Teen the time of high water and that of the moon pas^ing 
the meridian, which relation is subject to periodical variations, depend- 
ing on the distances and relative positions of the sun and moon. 

The time of high water is materially affected by the wind ; for it 
is found, that gales of vi^ind from the south, south-west, or south- 
east, will compel the waters to continue longer about the neighbour- 
hood of Greenock, altltough the waters in some cases may not rise,^ 
an observer wiii not perceive any fall of water fbr an- half hour, or 
three-fourths of an hour, after the estimated time. 

Likewise strong north, nortli-east, or north- west" winds prevent the 
waters from obtaining even the height tliat we might expect^ and to 
retire sooner. 

But persons wishing to take adv«.ntage of the tide, will Bnd it con- 
venient to consider the state of the weather before, and at the present 
tiine — Ijy doing so, they, will ;save some time. 

As the Tides are calculated for Greenock, no explanation is requi- 

site.forthe neighbouring places, such as Helensburgli, Gourock, and 

Riifiaeath wljich will ha\'e high water about fh.2 same time : bu? f )r 

Larg.Sj Ilothesay, and Millport,. it will be necessary to subtract fifteen 

• minutes, as these places receive tlie flood first. 

Clyde Tide Table. 

Appendix. 2 87 

AUGUST, 1834. 



, — .<»- -■■ 












H M. 

H. M, 



H M. 

H. M. 

F 1 


8 9 

8 41 




9 44 

10 11 

Sa 2 271 

9 7 

9 33 




10 57 

11 44 

S 3 ^28i 

10 9 

10 46 




li 44 

11 44 

M 4 1291 

11 17 

11 48 





T 5 








W 6 








1 04 

Th 7 







1 23 

1 42 

F 8 


1 12 

1 30 




2 04 

2 25 

Sa 9 


1 50 

2 10 T 



2 51 

3 17 

S 10 


2 31 

2 53 W 



3 54 

4 30 

M 11 


3 21 

S 49 Th 11 


5 13 

5 56 

T 12 


4 22 

4 55 F 



6 41 

7 28 

W 13 


5 41 

6 28 




8 00 

8 34 

Th 14 


7 9 

7 50 




8 58 

9 23 

F 15 


8 94 

8 59 




9 44 

10 05 

Sa 16 


9 25 

9 52 




10 23 

JO 41 

S 17 


10 14 

10 37 




10 58 

11 16 

M 18 


!0 56 

11 16 

Th 18 


11 31 

11 46 

T 19 


11 34 

11 52 





W 20 








Th 21 









F 22 



1 07 




1 10 

1 26 

Sa 23 


1 21 

1 36 




1 43 

2 00 

S 24 


1 53 

2 10 


24 i21 

2 26 

2 52 

M 25 


2 29 

2 48 




3 14 

3 37 

T 26 


3 09 

3 30 




4 14 

4 52 

w 27 


3 55 

4 21 




5 38 

6 25 

Tb 28 


5 00 

5 40 




7 06 

7 48 

F 29 


6 19 

6 59 




8 19 

8 51 

Sa 30 


7 35 

8 12 




9 17 

9 43 

S 3J 


8 41 

9 10 



oori's Fhase 


00)1,' S tlUiSi 


D. H. 


D. H 


New Moon 

5 6 

35 Mor. 


ew Moon 

3 2 

51 Aft. 

First Quar 

ter II 10 

13 Alt. 


rst Quar 

ter 10 t 

» 26 Mor. 

Full IVioon 

19 fl 

11 I\lor. 


jll Moor 

I 17 11 

18 Aft. 

Last Quart 

er 27 11 

46 IVJor. 


sst Quar 

ter 26 ' 

3 6 Mor. 

Clyde Tide Table, 

OCTOBER, 1834. 

NOVEMBER, 1834. 

.2 'o 







H. M. 


H. M. 

Week ( 




H. M. 


H. M. 

W 1 


10 16 

10 50 

Sa 1 


11 30 

11 45 

Th 2 


11 12 

11 35 

S 2 



F 3 


11 43 

11 51 

M 3 




Sa 4 


11 56 

T 4 




S 5 




W 5 


1 22 

1 47 

M 6 



1 15 

Th 6 


2 13 

2 39 

T 7 


1 38 

2 02 

F 7 


3 9 

3 40 

W 8 


2 28 

2 55 

Sa 8 


4 12 

4 45 

Th 9 


3 28 

4 01 

S 9 


5 22 

5 59 

F 10 


4 44 

5 27 

M 10 


6 31 

7 04 

Sa 11 


6 07 

6 47 

T 11 


7 31 

7 58 

S 12 


7 21 

7 56 

W 12 


8 21 

8 45 

Vr 13 


8 20 

8 44 

Th 13 


9 4 

9 23 

r 14 


9 05 

9 26 

F 14 


9 42 

10 01 

W 15 


9 44 

10 02 

Sa 15 


10 16 

10 32 

Th 18 


10 18 

10 35 

S 15 


10 51 

11 10 

F 17 


10 51 

11 08 

M 17 


11 27 

11 44 

Sa 18 


11 21 

11 35 

T 18 


11 48 

11 53 

S 19 


11 51 

W 19 



M 20 







1 14 

T 21 




F 21 


1 37 

2 00 

W 2^ 


1 10 

1 29 

Sa 22 


2 25 

2 51 

Th 23 


1 51 

2 14 

S 23 


3 23 

3 56 

F 24 


2 40 

3 06 

M 24 


4 36 

5 17 

Sa 25 


3 43 

4 20 

T 25 


5 59 

6 42 

S 26 


5 03 

5 46 

W 26 


7 15 

7 49 

M 27 


6 28 

7 10 

Th 27 


8 19 

8 49 

T 28 


7 45 

8 20 

F 28 


9 11 

9 33 

W 29 


8 46 

9 13 

Sa 29 


10 5 

10 37 

Th 30 


9 34 

9 55 

S 30 


11 11 

11 45 

F 31 


10 39 

11 23 

Moon's Phases. 

I). H. M. 

New Moon 2 11 02 Aft. 
First Quarter 9 4 00 Aft. 
Full Moon 17 4 26 Aft. 
Last Quarter 25 4 28 Aft. 

New Moon 
First Quarti 
Full Moon 
Last Quarte 
New Moon 

D. H. M. 
1 8 7 Mor. 
jr 8 6 29 Mor. 

16 10 47 Mor. 
r 24 3 36 Mor. 

30 6 47 Aft. 

Cli/de Tide Table. 



JANUARY, 1835. 

ek day 
nth day 




Afternot n 

ek day 
nth (la\ 






H. M. 

H. M. 

Qi O 


H. M. 

H. M. 

M 1 


11 50 

11 56 

Th 1 




T 2 



F 2 


1 12 

1 34 

W 3 




Sa 3 


1 55 

2 16 

Th 4 


1 16 

1 39 

S 4 


2 36 

2 57 

F 5 


2 3 

2 27 

M 5 


3 18 

3 40 

Sa 6 


2 52 

3 17 

T 6 


4 04 

4 27 

S 7 


3 44 

4 12 

W 7 


4 53 

5 19 

M[ 8 


4 40 

5 9 

Th 8 


5 50 

6 22 

T 9 


5 40 

6 11 

F 9 


6 bS