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The School of 

Landscape Architecture 


IjU SJOjJLa^ >^ ■yVT.<j^»A/vti/rv|. 

Digitized by 





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S. B. <te 2^. FTiTITBBaBR, 


At a strong and oandnsiYe eridence of the superior qnality of the " STAR ** 
ALPACA BRAIDS, is the preference that is given them over all competitive 

Harlng been subjected to rigid tests for the past ten years, and wherever 
introduced, they at once became the desired article. 

They are made of the rety best materials, with the greatest care and efficient 
wwkuMinship, and upon the most improved machinery. 

With these appliances, and a determination to go ahead, the manufacturers have 
made the *< STAR " Alpaca Braids the most popular Braid of the country. 

FInl PTise» Silver ICedal, Franklin Institate, Philada., 1874. 
First Prise, Silver ICedal, Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 1874. 
First Prize, Silver Medal, Industrial Bzposition, Oinn., 1875. 

Vw Soiriaf IhcUaes and Band Svuhg 



^^^^|\ |8 



XX xs 

!n^ Bdst «Bd Uost Popiskr Tbre&d of t])» ftgd. 

sou utKsn I* ixiuci, r'r^,^ 

7STcm.O&T maajSi 330 CaxmiX StBMt,"^St>«^9(P%oxaB. 
r, 8 8tMwW»7 St*. PkUiUUlvkU. 


South of East M of H'achlQori Had/ 

Adctbttsbmbno takcQ at this oQice/or the Qj^ciaLt^utogqe and alLlKVSIkf'P^n oLtltf 
Utiftaa SlaterMr(rCcMdas. ' The prlnciiMt papervof c^ covacry^lM^ «a fil^fer kMpMiUu^ted 

nae of exhibitors and Yisicori£Mfrally^ ,- ., , .. .-4 . ', 

Centennial Catalogue Co. 

8« W. OflT, rgqrth «ad Uhrary 8ta,i PhllaflilpWi, 





This Company owns the exclusive right to publish, sell, and 
distribute th^ **Offici<il Catalogue of the International EoMintion of 
1876^** the Work being printed tinder the direction of, and com- 
piled firom iSmnuscript furnished by, the '^U. S. Centennial Com- 

Advertisements -taken on application to S. M. Pettbngill 
& Co. Advertising Agents. 





S9Seit4fr, FmblithiMg and AdoerHahig Mmmagtr^ 

Si4 Xaifcrt 81., pyMdpbta. 
8. M. PBtfRNatLL H C0.» 

, Ko. 701 Chaatnut Street, Philadelphia, 

No. 87 Park Row, New York, 
No. 10 Stata Street, Boston, 
Exhibition Grounds— South of East end 
of Maohinery Hall, Building No. 41. 

]. M JOMI8ON fl 80N8, LImhed, 

SoU £»r9^«an AgnUt, 

Mo. a Castle St., Holbom, London. 

z>xstxcrrose4S : 

- JOlflf 8. MORTOK, Wm. H. Pbnnbll, 

H. ttontMBACR, Stephen F. Whitman, 

jftBoaoa t, JOKMS, John R. Nagle, 

Joseph Heilbrun. 

QBm of iSb$ Oaxjgaaj on bUUtkn Qraoidi, BnlUIag Vo. a, Sooth 
or brt tad or l(add&«7 Ban 

i • / 


QnitcD ^tatcj^ Cctitennuil Coimni^rjsiioiu 

International exhibition. 

Official Catalogue. 








Published for the Centennial Catalogue Company 


(ri«t^ st tt{t Si&aribt llitM, («adnib|t, ym. 

1876. digitized by Google 

ErtAMi according to Act of CongreSp in Hi* year 1876, by the 


in tbo ofl*^ of the librarian of Congren, at Washington, 0. C. 


Centennial Catalogue Company Aaalgncea of Copyright. 


by Google 


Subject Index, National Exhibits . . ^. 4 

The International Exhibition of 1876 •• •. 7 

Synopsis of the Cl^stfication . 8 

United States Centennial Commission » 'V . 9 

Officers of the United States Centennial Commission •"• zo 

Centennial Board of Finance "^. zo 

State Boards of Centennial Manageis. "". zz 

System, of Awards w . Z4 

Judges of Awards . . . .' % ;. Z5 

List of Buildings and Special Exhibits « ;. ,. jk> 

The Main Exhibition Building ; * * 23 

Key to the Notation , i i 25 

Ground Plai) of the Main Exhibition Building • > a6 

Classification «~V 27 

Catalogue of Deportment I.. Mining and MetaUurgy .« • 47 

Catalogue of Department II.. Manufectures .......'. K • xoz 

CatalogTie of Department III., Education ai^Soience 321 

Annex to Main Builduig ^ ^7 a 


by Google 








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JO oopipao3 |«JOj^ 

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tS^: : : : :<S : : 

, "a fe^^g.S.RSR^^g:*8.gi55cJ 


: : t^ : S :<S 

H M m M MM : in !mmmmm .m • 

I Si 3- 3: : , : : ;C : , : : : : :<S 


'B9U0SS930V pov 

|«4aai|V JO 'iBui|uy 
'»|qTWa3toA jo Ojjqw J 

3 .'SiHf l:?i 

X S 5 SiSlilMiMi?:?!^: 

SSI i; 

: ! : : i 

R ^ :?3;H^:i::.^::t?:« 


s : t : : ^ : : : 


oin«1»W po« *Xj»pn3 
'■foox »gpa*aJBiiipiBH 


*3p 'soodsa^ 

Hm.M.:. ; nn :m : :::jj.»f . .m 

^i I sl:t&iJ5:n^Ss! 

Si A 

si?! : i ! i l&i i i 


• 'tajOog ynm 'J^M 

DW *SipMp[ *3piipo|3. 


p9)pj paw U9AO^ 

JO »|q«ia8aA y> »pooO 
oatAo^ pov vu»\ 

•319 'MmfOJty 

'XJ9))0J 'S3{IinU93 

*8txtJ99ut8a3 Saiai'pi 

■ojj Tg3iajin|rei9y| 

•«)3npoJ^ 8ora|W 


fT A 

: : : 


: i : i : 

" m M M i? R H M MMHMH :hiM,3mH«« 

H ^5 5 'S : : : ! ; i j'SS :.5 » 5 I 

i I : : 2 : ! iS: S i 

<5- « 5>5«^S.s : 

!^ : I ! 


1 5S?^5::l1:f:6:Slll 

MrOM M M MMMinM«>**f4MM{M 

^ i : ^ ^ 5 1 

: i 1 li^ : i 

S ^ ^.?^l^i 5 S i 

:^:S s 

5^ ^ S^S :-S« :^ • 5: :^ iSi3" 




: : 

d i 
S i 


: : : : 

: : : r§ ! ! 1 : ! : : 

: i M i ! -if 

• : ! ! S : 

S» : 

S SS :S8 ! ! ! 7:7 


i : i I i ! 

??: : 

S 'S :'§.:« i i : i 1 : 

! ! ij: :l !"§■ 


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i?i|fei R 


S lkl'% ii%-l^Sil 


ii= SfeS 


s SS-8> : s'S'S 'S ? i ; 


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S SS^ •: 8"2 : •& ff : : 


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sSsa=Hi«»i = 

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: S- ! 1" J S 


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=Hf JS 


Sss8=.a1J5^: = 

= »y=J?^v§ 

:?=f Jr 

-:«? ? saSSsI??-!?! 

m^ = ?^H 


-:=?? ? 5sS! ili 5?5i 



I nSisSrS"!?! 

= y::»?«H 


-:?5f 1 Sllssi? ?"&!'. 




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?5 = 8Ss8f ff"&?i 


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SSvS s s-s. 











%^UW Ui 

mmiBiHB k ^ I 



y Google 


by Google 

The International ExHiBmoN of 1876. 

The Cong^ress of the United States, by an act approved March 3d, xS/z, provided 
that die centennial anniversaxy of the promulgation of the Declaration of American 
Independence in Philadelphia should be celebrated in that city "by holding an In- 
ternational Exhibition of Arts, Manti&ctures, and Products of the Soil and Mine." 
llie preparatioa of the Exhibition was, by the act, confided to the United States 
Centennial Commission, composed of a commissioner and alternate commissioner 
nominated by 1^6 goranor of each State and Territory, and confirmed by the Presi- 
dent of the United States. A subsequent act, approved June zst, zSya, created the 
Centennial Board of Finance, charged with the financial conduct of the Exhibition. 

A proclamation by the President of the United States, dated July 3d, Z873, an- 
nounced the International Exhibition, and commended it to aU nations. An act of 
Congress, approved June 5th, X874, requested the President, in the name of the 
United States, to invite the governments of fofeign nations to participate in the Ex." 
The invitation thus extended was accepted by the governments of 

Argentine Rq;mblic, 

Seychelles Archipelago, Norway, 

Awktria- Hungary, 

New Zealand, 


Orange Free State, 


New South Wales, 







South Australia, 

Bermuda, and 







Cape of Good Hope, 








British Gutana, 



France, with Algeria, 





StralL^i Settlements, 



Great Britain, with col- Gold Coast, 



onics, VM. 



The Centennial Commission provided for the classification of the objects to be 
exhibited in seven depctftments, which were referred to five exhibition buildings in 
this manner: 


I. Mining and Met^urgy, 
II. ManufftctuKS, 

III. Education and Science, 

IV. Alt, 
V. Machinery, 

VI. Agriculture, 
VII. Horticulture, 



Main Building, 

Art Gallery 
Machinery Building, 
Agricultural Building, 
Horticultural Building, 


Total 48.47 

The applications for exhibiting spcu«, however, both at home and horn abroad, so 
exceeded the calculatioDa that had been made as to necessitate the erection of an- 
nexes supplementing the capacity of each of these buildings. Enumerations of these 
additional structures will be found' on subsequent pages. The classes of objects 
grouped in the several departments are indicated in the following synopsis of the 
danfication of the Exhibition. 






TALLOftaYk. . 

Wp— X09 

lib— xas^ 

Minerals, Ores. Stone, J 
MetUluflnafel Fftxluow 
Mining EdgiiMarinr; * 


n. MAinjFAcruRBf. 

MxHf Buhmmo. 

a»7— «a7 
aaS— 234. 


265 — 271 

380— »aj 


Chemical Manu&ctures. 

Cerainlcs, Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, etc 

Furniture, etc. 

Yams ana Woven. Goods of Vq^ble or 

MiiKial Materials. 
Woven Md Fehed Good» of Wopl. etc 
Snic and Silk Fabrics. 
Clothing, Jewelry, ett. 
Pa{>cr, Bunk Bfiok^, Stationery. 
Weapons, etc. 

Medicine, Sutnty, Produtis. 
Hardware* Edg^ Took, Cutlery, and 

Metallic Ptooucts. 
Fafancs of Vecotoble^ AjdmiO, or Mispml 

Carriages, V-ehlcles, and Accenoriet. 


Art Gallsrt. 

III. Education and 


IV. A«T. 

Educational Systen^s, Methods, and ^- 

Institutions and OrgaQisatiops* 
Scientific and Philosophical Instniments 

and Methocte. 

Engineering, Arcbiteqtuiie, M^P^f etc, 
Physical, Social, and Moral '* 



Eai^ving and lithography. 


Industrial and Architectural 1 

Ceramic Decorations, Mosaics, etc 



V. Macminsxt. 









Machines,.Tools, etc., of Mining, Chea- 
btry, etc. 

Machines and Tools for woiking.'Metal^ 
Wood, and Stone. 

Machines and Implements of Spinning, 
Weaving, etc. 

Machities, etc., used in Sewing, Making 
Clothing, etc 

Machines for Printing, Making Books, 
Papes Weiking, etc. 

Motors, Power Generators, etc. 

Hydittulle and Pncumktio AppuntiM* ' 

Railway Plant, Rolling Stock, ^c. 

Machinery used In Preparing Agricul- 
tural Products. 

Aerial, Pneuaaiif;! and Water Trans- 

Machinenii and Apparatus, es^lally 
adapted to the reituraBBcnts •f the 

i Exhibitioc 

too— 609 


BuitMNG. . 

VI. Agricvlturit 




670— 6f9 



Arboriculture and Forest pretfuctf., 


Agricultural Prodacts. 

Land Animals. 

Marine Animals, Fish Culture, 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 
TcJctUe Substances -of Vegetable or 

Animal origin. 
Machines, Implei^Mnts, and Processes (of 

Agricultural EMgineering andt Adttlais^ . 

Tillage and General Management. 







Omaiaental Trees, Shrubs, and Flowrers. 
Hot Houses. Conservatories, Graperies. 
Garden Tools, Aoceaadries of Gardening. 
Garden Designing, Construction, and 


The fall text of the classtfioation of the sereral Departments will be found at the 
commmgemgnt of the enumemti^a of ohjecta 9h^wix in eacht Thit t^stribbt^ob of the 
d^Kutments and buildings through the four volumes of the catalogue, is as follows : 

VoUQlfK I.^Depa&TMENT I. Minings and Metallurgy; II. Manufactures; 
III. Education and Science, Main Building and Annexes. 

VoUTMS II.^Department IV. Ar^, Memorial Hall and Annexes. 

VoLUlfS III.— DSPARTICENT V. Machinery. Machinery Building and Annexes. 
BoEdings of United States government and foreign governments, of State govern- 
ments, axuf of ipdividval exhibitors. 

Volume tV.-— DSPARTMBNTVI. Agriculture; Vll. HMicultun, Agricultural 
and Horticult9aj9J BoitdlAgi mod Annexes, Alphabetical Index of l^xhibitors. Com- 
nussioners, Judges, etc. 



Alabama, .... Richard M. Nekon, Sclma, ...... James L. Cooper, Huntsville. 

Arixooa, .... RichardC.McCox^ck,WMh'B,D,C.,Jolv^Was8on, Tucson. 

Axkaasas, . . . Geoige W. Lawrence, Hot Springs, . . G. C. Dodge, Little Rock. 
CaBibniJi, ... J. Dunbar Creigb, San Francisco, .... Beiuamin P. Kooscr, SanU Crus. 

ColonMlo, .... J. Manhall Paul"; Fair Play, N. C. Meeker, Gradey. 

OniKCtiait,* . . Joseph R. Hawlcy« if^rliord, , . . ., ., VUn^m P. Blake, New Harea. 
Dakota, .... J. A. Buxbank, Bonhomme county, . . Solomon L. Spink, Yankton. 
Ddawsov, . . . John K. Kane, W^iningtoq. ^ . 4 . . Ji^ H. Rodney, New Casde 
District of Cd., . James £. Dexter, Washington, .... Lawrence A. Gobrigbt, Washington. 

Fkrida, . . . . T. H. Osbo^^ JfrnkMrnrOle, J. T. Bexiiard, TalUhassee. 

Geoigia George MiJ^cr^ .^t^mtn, Richard Peten, jr., Atlinta. 

Idaho, ..... .Thpvoas Donaldson, B<yse Qty, .... Christopher W. Moprc^ BcwscCity. 

llSnois, . • .*' . F. L. Matthrw^ C^irlipville, XA'i'^rr^ce Weldon. Bloomington. 

Ittfianay .... J. L. Cainpl)«U; CrawiWdsville, .... Franklin C. Johnson, New Albany. 

Iowa, Robert Ldwry, Bavenport, 'Coker F; Claricson, Eldora. 

Kansas, , . , ^ jbhA A.' IMatti% Atchtton, Geoi^ge A. CrawfoM, Fort Scott. 

Kentodcy, . . . Rob^c^ HaHfiry, lAGrkage, Smith M. Hobbb, lloont Wosh'n. 

Looisiaaa, . • . John \ifog^. New Orleans, ...... S^ifard Pfenlngton, Philadelphia. 

Maine, Joshua Nye, Augusta, Charles 1^ Haskell, Portland. 

Maiylaad, . . . John H. B. Latrobe, Baltimore, . . . . S. M. Shoemaker, Baltimore. 
Uassachttsetts, . George B. Loring, Sal<m, . . . ... . William B. Spooner, Boston. 

Michigan, . . . James Btmey, Bay Oty; ' Claudius B. Grant, Houghton. 

Mhmeaoca, ... J. F%tcb^ W»]^, St, I^aul, . . . . W. W. ^olwdl, Hixmeapdis. 

Mississippi, . . . O. C French, Jackson, M. Edwards, Gholson. 

Missouri, .... John McNeil, St. Louis, . Sa|nucl Hays, St. Louis. 

Montana,. ... J. P. Wo<>itnan, Helena, .;.... Patrick A. Lsjgey, Vbiginia City. 

Nebii^^ . •..rIUKy&M0Q4y«0BMJu^ 19L. W. Fuim^^vowostSIC 

Ncjtada, . . . . W. W. MjcCoy, JCut^ka, ^ James W. Haines, Oenea. 

New l^ampshize, Ezekiel A. Straw^ Manc^^ter, .... M. y«.;p« l^gq*!/, Manchester* 
NewJ[eney, . . Orestes Cleveland, Jersey. City, .... John G. Stevens, Trenton. 
New%feidoo, . . EW/ldfee W'. tilfle, SiflitSi Fe, . . . .". StiiplicnB.Elkins,'Washington,D.C 

NewYs^ « ../''K/M;B«Dk#Hk,)^ewTAk, C. P. Ri^ball^^ei*^ Yoric. 

North Caroliaa, . Samu4d F. Phillips, Washington City, . J. W. Albertson, Hertford. 

Ohx>, Alfred-T. Goehom, andnnaxfr . : . . Wilson W. Griffith, Toledo. 

Ortgoo, .... J. W. Virtue, Baker City, A. J. Dufur, Portland. 

PemuTlvaiiia, . I>fitikl/X'U^ne|, Jftb^stiwi, . . . ; . ^Asa, Pa^du^ Mcuidb-biunk. 
Rhode Uaad, . GeoiBe H. Coriias, Providence, . . . . R. C. Taft, Providence. 
SottdL CaroUna, . William Gumey, Chariesl9»» . , ; .V . Archibald Cameron, Charleston. 
Tennessee, . . . Thomas H. Coldwdl, ShelbyvUle, . . . William F. Prosser, Nashville. 

Texa«, W.H,PandM,N^Tm<k, ..... John C. Chew, New Yoric. 

Uiali^ John H.WiokiceivSa2t Lake City» , . Wia. Haydoq, Sale Lake Oty. 

VcnncMm • • ■• . Mi^dl^tooGoWlmidlk RAtUnd, . . . .r Hienry-'Cha^e, L^ndott. 

^i>8^i«> . . . . F. W. 14. He^ijdayi Ricil^iqond, . . « . Edmund R. BagwcU, Onaacoch. 

Waahfa|fM)^Tci;.^EIwt>odEvaps,Olyf^if^ . . . . . . . A14X.3. Abeniethy,CoivliMCQMnCy. 

We|!|^^i||i]da, , lAIesai^^|tp'BQtel5r,.Shfipherdstair^, . Andiww J. Sweeney, Wheeling. 
Wla^do^V • • '• Xkmd A^irood, Madison, ....... Edward D. Holton, Milwaukee. 

WyoBdaf, . . . Joseph M. Carey, Cheyenne, Robert H. Lambom, Philadelphia. 





Vice- Presidents : 

Thomas H. Cold well, F. W, M. Holliday, 

MiDDLKTON Goldsmith, Robbrt Mallory, 

W. W. MoCoY, . John A. Martin. 



Secretary s .... 

Counsellor and Soliciior 7 

Executive Committee: 

Daniel J. Morrell, Chairman. 
Alfred T. Goshorn, John Lynch, 

George H. Corliss, Charles P. Kimball^ 

Alexander R. Boteler, J. H, B. Latrobe, 

Richard C. McCormick. David Atwood, 

N. M. Beckwith, Samuei. F. Priluts, 

George B. Loring, J. T. Bernard. 

J. R. Hawley, President, ex-offici^, 

Myer Asch. Secretary. 

Assisiamt Secretaries : 
Myer Asch, Dorsby Gardner. 

Chiefs of Bureaus of Administration : 

/i7r^(f»— Director-General and • 4frrr«//i»w«— Burnet Landrctr. 

Myer Asch. ' Horticulture— CkkvlVBS H. MiLLEX. 

Installation— VLlXiKV PETTlT. Fine Arts— JOHfi Sartain. 

Transportation — ^DoLPUUS TOR&EY. Medical— WihUAM. PEPPER, MJ>. 

MacMinery-^]OHH S. ALBl^T. Awardt—FtJLUClS A. WAUUBB* 


John Welsh, . . 
William Sellers, 
John S. Barbour, 
Samuel M. Felton 
Daniel M. Fox, . 
Thomas Cochran, 

Directors r 

. . Philadelphia. . JoHN O. JAMES. . . . Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia AMOS R.. LITTLE,. . . Philadelphia. 

. . Virginia. WM. L. STRONG, . . . New Yortc. 

. .Philadelphia. THOS. H. DUDLEY, . .New Jersey. 

. .Philadelphia. A. S. HEWITT, . . . .NewYoric. 

. . Philadelphia. JoHN CUMMIRGS, ^ . . Massachusetts. 


Clement M. Biddle. . Philadelphia. . John Gorham Rhode Island. 

N. Paeker Shortridgb, Philadelphia. ' Charles W. Cooper, . Pennsylvania. 

James M. Robb, .... Philadelphia. William Bigler, . . Pennsylvania. 

Edward T. Steel, . . Philadelphia. RpBERT M. Patton. . Alabama. 

John Wanamaker, . . Philadelphia. J. B. Drake, Illinois. 

John Price Wetherill. Philadelphia. GeoroeBain, . . • . Missouri. 
Henry Winsor, .... Philadelphia. 

Officers of the Board of Finance. 

John Welsh, Phfiadelphia. 

VUe-PreHdenis : 
William Sellers, Philadelphia. John S. Barbour, Virgiaia. 

Secretary and TYeasurer : 
Frederick Fraley, Philadelphia^ 


Henry & Lansing, 



[Appointed by the Governors for the mjaoagemetit of State and Territonal exhibits.] 


J. F. Mibier, President , Montgomery. | J. M. Kennedy. Esq., TnscalooM. 

Peter Hamilton, Mobile. K. O. Pickett, llorence. 

A. Cunningham, Talladega. I 


J. N. Hopkins, Secretary, 1 . J. S. Vosburg. 

Wm. J. Osborne. I JohnWaason. 


H. U Fletcher, Preeideni, Uttle Rock. I DVi. E. Woodruff, jr., Uttle Rock. 

A. L. Breysacher, Little Rock. W. C. Stout, Lewisburg. 

L. H. Roots, UMa. Rock. I A. V. Li&difcum, Helena. 


Jacob Deeth. 
R. B. Redding* 
A. N. Towne. 
T. J, L. Smiley. 
Dunv Malone. 
Jacob R. Snyder. 
John G. Downey. 

James L. Ord. 
Wm. Murray, Esq. 
Jacob R. Hci. 
B. M. Sergeant. 
J. Is. Hebron. 

. K. Porter. 


Geo. Q. RiduBond, Pueblo. 

Stephen Decatur, Georgetown, Colorado. 


Charles R. lacenoll. New Haven. 
Nathaniel Wheeler, Bridgeport. 
Fiedeiick J. Kimbury, Waterbury. 
Ebcneser Learvco; Norwich. 
Thoous L. Mailer, Brooklyn. 

Lyman W. Coe, Torington. 
Burdell Loomis, Hartford. . 
John E. Earle, New Haven. 
Thomas R. Pickering, Port^^Q[^ ' 




F. J. Dewitt, Yaakton. 

E.W. Miller, Union. 
A. F. Slunr, Mmnehalui. 

W. J. L. Tratt. Gmad Foite. 
W. A. Burleigh, Bon Uonuiie. 


«, President, Dover. 

Ue, Seeretary, Wfl- 
Allen V. Lesley, New Castle. 
Charles Beasten, New Castle. 

Joseph P. Comeg^ 
teander F. Rid 

iohn H. Bcwlcy, Smyrna, 
lenry B. Fiddeman, Millbrd. 
John W. Causey, Milford. 
Charles H. Richards , Georgetown. 
Paynter Frame, Harbeson. 


A. V. Conover, St. Augustine. 

E. C. Howe Key West. 

George E. Wentworth, Pensaoola. 

Austin Savage, Boise City. 
J. C. Isaacs, Boise City. 
Cyrus Jacobs, Boise City. 
A. Rossi, Boise Qty. 
John Hailey, Boise City. 
La&yette Castre, Boise City. 

D. S. Wilkens, Tallahassee. 
W. S. Boyd, JaclcsonviUe. 


Thomas Ranney, Boise Gty. 
Y. E. Logan, Boise City. 
M.J Hin, Silver City. 
B. WUsen, Idaho Ctty. 
John McNally. Rocky Bar. 
L. P. Br9wn, Mount Idaho. 


[ohn P. Reynolds, President^ Chicago. 
' C. Smith, Secretary, Galena. 
*ile Mason, Chicago. 

Francis Col ton, Galesburg. 
Amos C. Spafford, Rocktord. 


A. L. Roache, CkairmaHt Indianapolis. 
Thomas E. Garvin, Evansville. 
John Sutherland, La Porte. 


Hon. S. Kirkwood, Des Moines. 
Alex. Shaw, Des Moines. 
Wm. Christy. ^ 

E. T. Cox. Secretary, Indianapolis. 
John S. William^, La Fayette. 

B. R. Sherman. 
I. T. \oung. 


George T. Anthony, President, Ldtven- 

worth. \ 

W. S. Parkinson. V.-President. Ottawi^ 
Alfred Oray, Secretary, Topeka. 
George W. Glick, TVeaeurer, Archison. 

T. C. Henry, Abilene. 
Charles F. Koester, Marysville. 
E. P. Bancroft, Emporia. 
W. E. Barnes, VlneUnd. 
R. W. Wright, Obwfego. 


W. B. Machen, EddyviIIe« Lypq Cq. 
Clinton Griffith. Owen<itown. Daviess Co. 
James H. Bowden, Russelville, LbganCo. 
E. H. Hobson, Greensburg, Green Co. 
E. D. Standifbrd, Louisville, Jefferson C«. 

J. C. Hughes. Florence, Boone Co. , 
William WarHeld, Lexington, FayetteCa 

Jennings Price, Lancaster, 
ohn Dishman. Barbourville, Knox Co. 
'. L. Clevelana, Augusta, Beachen Go. 


H. Bonzano, President^ New Ofle^s, 
E. C. Hancock, New Orleans. 

Effingham Lavnooe^ Now Orkaaa. 


Charles W. Roberts, Bangor. 
F. E. Shaw, Paris. 
Edwin Sprague, Rockland. 

John G. Morris, Baltimore. 
1. Thomas Scharf, Baltimore. 
George A. Hanson, Baltimore. 

W. H. Simpson, Bel&st, 
F. N. Dow, Portland. 
E. Knight, Portland. 


Douglass H. Thomas, Baltimore 
William H. Corner, Baltimore. 


J. T. Chad wick, Boston. 
Curtis Guild, Boston. 
Hiram Hosford, Lowell. 
C. E. Whitier, WhiliersvilU. 
George T. Plunkett, Hinsdale. 
Henry M. Phillips, Springfiel4. 
E. T. Miles, Filchburg, 
J. H. Ctaremont, Boftton. 
Lewis N. Gilbert, Ware. 

John Savery, Wareham. 

Wm. F. Whiting, Ashbumham. 

Chester Snow, Harwick. 

C. E. Veoi»a»«, Wt^tAeM. 

S. B. Phinnev, Barnsuble. 

Daniel Needham, GrotoH. 

H. G. Knigjktt Easthampton. 

Harrison 1 wQid, TauMKni. 

E. W. Kinsley, Boston. ^qo[^ 



John J. Budcy, Detroit. 
Hennr FraTidc, Gtand Rapids, 
Jooauian J. Woedman, Paw Paw. 

MerriU I. MilU, Detroit. 

Jay A. Hubbell, Houghton. 

F. W. Nobk, SfcrtUkty^ Detroit. 


Fsm Gihaon, Minneapolis. 
Ponock Pusey, St. Paul. 

Philip S. Harris, St. Paul. 


A. M. West, Pruidtni, Holly Springs. 
H. W. Warron, K&r-i*r«#;*jrf.5*cEoo. 
H. M. Street, 7V««r»rrr, Booserille. 
A. £. Lewis, Scranton. 
Janws A. Uoskins, BrooUuiTeB. 

Frank Burkiu, Houston. 

tL. Power, Seeretaritt Jtckson. 
B. Yellowley, Madison Station. 
.G. Paxton,Vickslmrg. 


Thomas ADen. PrtHdeut, St. Louis. 
J. F. Cook, LL.D.. Lagrange. 
J. W. Harris, Rocheport. 

ij. W. Strong, Knrr-/ 
P. Murphy, Gopltn. 
• J. L. Tracy, St. Lou 

I. W. Strong, Knrr-/W«n<M, St. Joseph, 


T. C. Vtmnt^ Foct BeoMB, Ghateaik 
Wm. Peck, Bannack, Beaverhead. 
Amatrong, Glendale, Beaverhead. 
Mrs. S. B, Bowen, Bozeman, Gallatin. 

W. A. Gark, Deer Lodge, pe«r Lodg6. 
D. J. Welch, Missoula, Missoula. 
J: A. Harding, Radersburg, Jefferson. 
T. £. Collins, Diamond, Meagher. 


Damd H. Wheeler, Plattsmooth. 
1 S. Morton, Nebra^ City. 
W. D. Scott^ Rule. 

Gay C. Barton, North Platte. 
Charles F. Manderson, Omaha. 


C. C. Stevenson, Prendent, Gold HiQ. 
Thomas G. Taylor, Gold Hill. 
R. RobiMon; White Pine.' 

tD. Sullivan, Bureka. 
. H. Day, Lincoln. 
F. R. Hall. Nye. 
A. A. Cnitis, Lander. 
John C. Fail. Humboldt. 

H. M. Yerington, Ormsby. 
H. T. Rice, Ormsby. 
B. F. Leete. Washoe. 
J. R. Johnson, Dougbw. 
Levi Wilsey Elk. 

ieremiah Miller, Esmeralda. 
I. P. Haidtine. 


lames A.Waton, Chairman, Manchester. 
Lewb — • * ~- • 

_ J W. Clark, Manchester. 
Mason W. Tippan, Bcadibrd. 


SaaiHel C. Brown, Prtsideni, Trenton. 
EdMti Bettle. Camden. 
Henry L. Janeway, New Brunswick. 
John T. Bird, Flemington. 


Stephen B. Elkins, Washtngtou , D. C 
W. F. M. Arny, Secrttary, Fort Dcfi- 

Richaid Hudson, Silver City. 

Edward D. Baker, Claremont. 

lames F. Brlggs, Secretary, Manchester. 

Georg;e W. Riddle, Manchester. 


Thomas H. Dale, Paterson. 
Sanford B. Hunt. Newark. 
Nathan W. Condict, Jersey City. 
Patrick T. Quinn, Stcrttary, Newark. 


W. G. Ritch. PrtHdmt^ Santa Fi. 
Thomas S. Tucker, Treasurgr, Santa F<. 
Josi D. Sena, Santa Fe. 


Akmro B. Cornell, Ithaca, Tompkins Co. 
John Murdoch, Elmira, CbdftiM Co/ 
Jackson S. Schulu, No. 63 Cliff St., New 

York City. 
Frank Leslie, No. 537 P^U"! St., N«W 



R. P. Ranny, Pretidtni, Cleveland. 
Rutherford B. Hayes, Fremont. 
E. F. Noyes, Cincinmatf. 
G. W. Mciikwk, StenbenviUq. 

Felix Campbell, No. 1315 Pacific St., 
r BuD^Uyn. 

H. Havermyer, New York. 
Frederick A. Conkling. 

Barnabas Bums, Mansfield. 
F. F. Green, Secretary and Superintend- 
ent, Cleveland. 


M. Wnklna. Willamette Forks. 
C. P. Burkhardt. Albany. 
E. R. Geary, Albany. 
W. J. Halsey, PortlftiM. 

M. P. Deady, P^ktland. 

Thomas Condon, Forest Grojce^r^Tr^ 

S. G. Reed, PorUaad. J^OglC 



Morton McMichaiel, Philadelphia. I George Scott, Catawiisa. 

Andrew G. Curtin, Bellefonte. Foster W. Mitchell, Fmnkliii. 

John H. Shoenburger, Pittstmrg. | 


John Gorham, Providence. 1 William Goddard, Providence. 

Hon. Henry Lippitt, Providence. I Rowland Hatard, Providence. 

James Y. Smith, Providence. | John R. Bartlett, Providence. 


J. M. Safford, Davidson Co. j Joseph Barbiere, Shelby. 

C. C. Gier», Davidson Co. George E. Purvis, Nathvllle. 

J. T. Wilder, Hamilton Co. I S. B. Lowe, Chatlanooga. 


J. E. Preston. Marlin. 1 g. J. Adams, Dallas. 

E. L. GretpK, Rush. | 


Wm. Jenninn, PmidefU^ Salt Lake City. | John T. Caine. Salt Lake City. 

Henry C. Goodspeed, Secretary^ Salt loseph R. Walker, Salt Lake City. 

Lake City. ^ | GwinBe S. PrcMocc, Salt Lake Q^. 


Toseph S. Patterson. 
P. P. Pitkin. 


iohn D. Imboden. President ^ Richmond. 1 G. J. Wharton, Pulaski Co. 

farshall Parks. Norfolk. Edward M. Pace, Danvflte. 

Samuel J. Moffitt, Harrisonburg. | 


James S. Lawson, Olympia. I Henri M. Chase, Walla Walla. 

Charles E. P. Wood, Port Discovery. Phillip Riiz, Walla Walla. 

Edward S. Kearney, WalU Walla. | 


O. C. Dewey, Wheeling. 1 Thomas Maslin, Moorsfield. ' ' 

G. W. Franihcim. Wheeling. 1. P. Hale, Charleston. 

C. N. Beall, Bethany. f 


T. B. Parkinson, President , Madison, | T. C. Pound. Chippewa Falb. 

Eli Stilson, Oshkosh. F. Kuehn, Tremsmrerf Manitowoc. 

Adolph Meinecke, MUwaukee. W. W. Field, Anrrfofj, Madboa.. 

J. I. Case, Racine. | 


J. R. Whitehead, Cheyenne. 1 John Fosher, South Pass City. 

Stephen W. Downev, Laramie City. f J. H. Pyachou, Laramie City. 

Jaraea Fraace, RawUns. I J. A. Van Caster, Fort Brid^pr. 


The Centennia] Commission have substituted for the ioternational juries em- 
ployed at previous International Exhibitions, a system of awards which provided : 

That awards shall be based upon written reports attested by the signatures of their 

That the judges should be selected for their known qualifications and character, 
and should be experts in the departments to which they are respectively assigned; the 
foreign members of this body being appointed by the Commission of each country 
and in conformity with the diftribution and allotment to each ; the Judges from the 
United States by the Centennial Commission. >'q^ze6 by GoOqIc 

That judges should be reimbursed for their personal expenses. 



That l e potU and awards should be based upon inherent and comparative merit ; 
&e elements of merit being held to include considerations relating to originality, in- 
veatioii. discovery, utility, quality, skill, workmanship, fitness for the purposes 
intended, adaptation to public wants, economy, and cost. 

That each rqx>rt should be delivered to the Centennial Commission as soon as 
eompleted, ior final award and publication. 

That awards should be finally decreed by the United States Centennial Commis- 
sion, in compliance with the Act of Congress, and should consist of a diploma with a 
oaifofm BroQse Medal, and a special report of the judges on the subject of the 

That each exhibitor shall have the right to produce and publish the report awarded 
to him, but the United States Centennial Commission reserves the right to publish 
and dispose of all reports in the manner it thinks best for public information, and 
also to embody and distribute the reports as records of the Exhibition. 



a, if Ining , and Metallnrgy, including the If achinery.— (ClasMt too to 108 of 

the dttsificatioo. See page 37.) 
Matala, If etallnrglcal Products and Proceaats.— (Classes no to X15.) 
IfachiBca, Tods, and Apparatus of Mining and IfetaUurgjr.— (CUsses 500 to 507* 

■d 5»«.) 
Mitttt Bngineering— Models, Maps, and Sections.— (CIsmcs lao, xsi.) 

AkacawlerL. HoBey, 96 Broadway, N.Y. 
Prat T. Slemr Hunt, LL.D., F.R.S., 

St. Jaaies Hotel, Boston, Masr 
PraC 1. M. SaflbftI, NashvQle, Tt.»..<. 
Sw B. AxtdL Santa K, New Meaico. 
- , FrhaTBetr ' " 

John Frits, ^hlehem, Pa. 

Attitin Savaae. Boise Otyi Idaho. 

W. S. ICeycs. M. E., Eureka, Nevada. 

Prof. Frederick PrinWp jr.» Eastoo, Pa. . 

Matthew Addy« Cincinnad, Ohio. 

PkoC G. C Broadhead, Plea^ UiU^ 

Mr. Isaae Lowthiaa BeH, M.P.. F.1t.S., 

Great Britain. 
Mr. Ernst P. Althaas. Breslau, Germany. 
Mr. Louis Simonin, Paris, France. 
Mr. F. Valton, France. 
Mr. R. Akerman, Stockholas, Sweden. 
Mr. Achille Jottrand, Belgium. 
M.L.Nicho1sky, Russia., 
Mr. Nicholas Jossa, Russia. 
' Dr. Th. Kjerulf, Christiania, Norway. 
Doa J^a^iel de Cortatar, Spain. 

mom XL 

', Glaaa^ ArtMclal Stone, etc.— (Classes ao6 to ai6, and 919, 103, 517, 518.) 


Gen. Q. A. GNhaore, U. S. A., cate D. 

Van Nostrand. New York. 
Aitluv Bccfcwith, 134 Fifth Avenue, New 

Prat E. T.CoK, ladianapoliB. Indiaaa. 
Gen. Hector Tyndale. PhiladelphU, Pa. 
Henry Wurt2, Uoboken, N.J. ^ 

R. H. Soden Smith, M.A., Great BrU 

Dr. G. Seelhorst, NuremberEi Germany. 
M. Ch. de Bussy, Paris, France. 
Adolf E. Noidenskiold. Sweden. 
Mr. K. Notomi, Japan. 


Cheaaiatry ftnd Pharmacy, including the Apparatua.-^r^Cbssea soo to aov vnd 974* Si^t 

Prof. C. A. Joy, Colambia College, New 

Pratr. A. GcMh. Univeiaky of PenasyU 
vaida, Philadelphia, Pi. 

Prat J. LawrciMa Smith, LarnkftiO*. Ky. 

Prot C F. Owmdler* Colambm Cetege, 

Prof. J. W. Malkt. Univemity of Vir- 
ginia, OvolMMsriUe, Virginia.. . 

Dr. WUUam Odling, F.R.S«, Great Bri- 

Dr. Rudolf von Wagner, WQrslkirg, 

M. J; F. Kuhlmann liDa, France. 

Mr. Prosper De Wilde, Belgiumi 

Mr Emanuel Pfttemo, Italy. ' ' LC ' 




Animal and VegetabU Products, and tha Macbiaary for tbelf Praparatloa^CkHks 


Prof. W. C. Kerr, Raleigh. N, C. 

L. B. Arnold, Rochester, N. Y. 

Col. J. F. Tobias, 1705 Locust Street, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Col. John Bradford, Tallahassee, Pla. 
Quido Marx. Toledo, Ohio. 
Rykotd T. Brown. Indianapolis. lod. 
W. S. Oreen, Mll&rd, WbT 

Mr. Edduard Martdl, FhUioe. 
Don Edward Loriagi Mali^ga, Spsia. 
Dr. Nicolau J. Moreira, Brazil. 
M. Javme Batalha Rels, Portugal. 
Mr. Ekeda Kcnzo, Ja^an. 
£. Oldendorn, Argentine Confederation. 
Dr. £. H. Von Baambauer, Netheriaads. 
H. G. Toly, M.P.. Canada. 
Julius Wopeler, Coblentz, Germany. 
O. F. §fSu de Casali, Italy. 
Prof. Tbonus H- Segelcbc, Denmark. 
Rustem Effebdi, Ttirkey. 


Pish and Piab Producta — ^Apparatus of Pisbing, etc.— (Classes 640 to 64B.) 


Prof. S. F. Baird, Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Washington. 
T. B. Ferguson, Baltimore, Md. 

Joachim Anderssen, Norway. 

Timber, Worked Lumber, Parta of duildinga, Poreatrj.— <Cbuses 600 to 607.) 

Prof. Wm. H. Brewer, New Haven^Conn.. 
J. M. Bennett, Weston, Lewis Co., W.Va. 
Prof. J. S. Newberry. aevelaad, OMo.df 
ColumbUCoUege,N. Y. 

M. Rodrigues de Vasooncellos, Portinal. 
Hon. W.-Skeatr. Canada. 
Dr. Jos£ de Saldanha, firaxil. 


Flirpitwca, UpholaUrjr, Wooden •Ware, BafkRai etb.'-iClassee at;, sis, Mt, Mi^i n6. 



Addison Boyden, Boston, Mass. 
Chauncey Wiltse, Omaha, Neb. 
Robert Mitchell, Cincinnad, O. 


Lc M^rqais de Rodiambeau, Praaoe: 
Mr. Theo. Sbycrs, Belgium. 
Fnuwis Thonet, Auetruu 

6Bon Ynx. 

CoUon, L4Beii, add Other PidMc*; iadodiag ihk Ifateriala and tke |f*ok|«iry.— 

(Qasses m8, 339 to 334, 531, s>3, 534. 66$, 666.) 


-Edward Atkinson, Boston, Mass. 
Hugh Waddell, Jr., Savannah, Ga. 
Col. Ed. Richardson, Jackson, Miss. 
A. D. Lockwood, Providence, R. I. 
Chas. H, WMff, Cincranati, Ohio. 
Samuel Webber, C. £., Manchester, N. H. 
Geofge O. Baker, SelAa, Ala. 

Consul Gustav GebhaMl> Germany. 
Albert Danines. Tuik^. 
Tkm Alvaro de la Oanoam, Spain. 
Muor A^ Goidv. SwiuecUad. 
ProT Gustave Herrmann, Germany. 
Prof. Giuseppe Dassi, itiiiy. 


Wool and Silk Fnbrica, including tha Materfali and the Machinery. Woven and 
Pelted Oooda of Wool, and Mixturea of Wooi.^Classes 335 to 341^ 533^ and 667.) 

•Ilk and SUk Fabrics, and Mixturea in whfch Silk is the Predominating Mnterial» 
^Classes 343 to 349 and 530.) 

John L. Hayes, Cambridge, Mass. 
Hon. Elliot C. Cew4n, New York. 
Chas. le Boutlllier, Philaddphia, Pa. 
Chas. J. Ellis, 714 Market St., Philadei. 

phla. Pa. 
J.O. Limg, Vassalbora% Me. 

nry M 

Dr. Max Wejgert, Genuanyl 
Mr. Chatel, Fiance. 
CMd Arabeta. Sweden. 
Mr. Ha(yami Kense, Japan. 
Mr. John G. Neeser, Swilserlknd. 
Aogust Bebmer, I^gypt. . 
Theodore Bochner^ Austfia. 




dotliiAC, Furs, India Rabbcr Qoods, Ornameata, and Faacf Artieks. (BschMive 
of Leather Boots and Shoes.>-<Classes 350 to 357 and 388.) 
Caoatchouc and Gutta Percha Industry.— (Class 985.) 


Tni, W. H. Chandler, Ph.D., F.C.S., 

Lehigh Uniyersity, Bethlehem. Pa, 
Wm. O. Unthicum, New York Cfty. 
Bcni. F. Britton, New Yort City. 
Dr. GcorKC Hewston, San Francisco, Cal. 
Prof. E. N. HoTsfonf, Cambridge, Mass. 


Mr. Dietz-Monnin, France. 
Mr. Modest Kittaiy, Russia. 
Mr. Edward Kanits. Austria. 
Mr. M. P. £aipey, Omada. 


Jtwalrj, IVatcbea, Silverware, Bronses, etc.— (Clasa 353.) 


Martin P. Kenaard, BoatDn, Maok . 
Peter GoUcsleben, Denver, Col. 


6. H. Heat^. Ttmli. 

M. RouUeaux du Gag«, France. 

eBovp xa. 

f.eatlirr and Manufactures of Leather, incladtAf Boots, Shoes, Trnnks, ttSi— 
(dancs 53* and 533.) 


Gov. F. H. Pietpont, FahrnKMint, Marion Co., 
W. Va. 

John Caauninas, Boston, Mass. 
ThooM Miles, Philadelphia, Pa. 
J. P. Ftedcs, WUmiastoB, Del. 

OBOVP xm. 

Paper Industry, Stationery, Printiaff, and Book Makiaff.— (Classes 358 to 964.) 
Machinea and Apparatus for T^M:. Settini:, Printing, Stampliii;, Bmbessinf , and 
lar ««*fc^««g Books and Paper Working.— (Classes 535 ana 540 to 547.) 


i M. WIHcox, Ph.D., Glen Mills, Pa., 
1^ Sprtice Sl, Phila. 
C. O. Chapin, Springfield, Mass. 
Wa. Paxon, Hartfbfd, Gona. 
Edward Coaly, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
H. T. Brian, Government Priatiag Ofllce, 

Sir Sidney H. Waterlow, Bart., M.P., Gryt 
G. W. Selu, Germany. 

Appttmtoa of Beating, Lighting, Ventilation, Water Supply, $»4 Dr«lna09«— 
(Qaiscs na to S94.) 

C C Cox, M.D., LL.D.. Washington, I 
And Ames, jr., ll.D., Wakefield, Mass. 


Mnrdwiire, Ifidifc Ttoota, Cutlery, •<«.HCUiisei Oo to 384.) 


Charles Staples, Portland, Me. 
Daniel Steinmetz, Philadelphia. 
Gtatfx L. Reed, Clearfield, Pa. 
GcB John D. ImbodcB, Richmond, Va. 


Hoa. J. Bain, Locd Provost of GlaitiM^* Qttat 

Mr. D. McHardy, Great Britain. 
Mr. Diefeabach, Germany. 

non xvL 

HiUtBry and Sporting Arms, Weapons^ Apparatus of Hunting, Explosives, etc.— 
(QasMS 904, 905, and 963 to 970.) 

Major Wm. H. Noble, R.A., Great Britain. 
Capt. Comm't of Aitillerie Lesne, Belgium. 
Capt. L. F. SaMsnha da Gama, Bradl. 

CqI.S. C. Lyford, U.S.A. (Chaixmaa (govern- 
ment Board, eto). 

Gea. H. L. Abbott, U.S.A., WiOstts' Pefatt, 
NY. - . 

(«eoi|iB A. HaadlkOB, St. Paul, Minn. 



GEOiOF xvn. 

Cafri«g««f VehiQles» and AcceMorie8.-~<Classes 099 to 296.) 


, 134 State St. Mr. Guiet, France. 

Mr. Duflfus, Caoula. 

Thos. Goddard, Boston, M 
B. F. Morse, Augusta, Me, 

Railway Plant, RolUnt Stock, aod Apparatus, Road Engtno*.— (aiw»e« 570 to 577.) 


Capt. Dougiaa Galton, R.E., C.B., F.R.S.^ 

Great Britain. 


Robert E. Ricker, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Gen. T. A. Morrts, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Felician Slauper, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Mr. Ernest Pontcen, Austria. 
Mr. E. E. A. Schaar, Belgium. 


VesaeU and Artiolef of T^aaaportation— (not iachidad in other c«oims).WCIasaes 
•87 to 544. Md 590 to 59TO • -1- / v 


Isaac Newton, New York. 

J. W. Griffith, Portsmouth, N. H. 

H. C. GMdspeed, Salt Lakie Uty, Utah. 


Col. F. H. Rich, R.E., Great Britain. 


Motors, Hydraulic and PneumaUc Appacaftua, ctc-HClaates 550 to 555, «hd 560 to 568.) 


Mr. W. H. Bariow. C.E., Great Britam. 

C. T. Porter, Newark N. J. 

Joseph Belknap, New York, 
ames Moore, Philadelphia, 
loratio Allen, South Orange—" Homewood,' 
N. J. 
Chas. £. Emery, 7 Warren Street, New York 

Prof. Reuieaux, Germany. 
Nicholas Pciroff, Russia. 
Emil Brugsch, Egypt. 


If achina Tools— Wood, Metal, and Stone.— (Oasses 510, 511, and 514 to 516.) 



Yrving M. Scott, Union Iron Works, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

Georae H. Blelock, Springfield, Mass. 

W. F. Durfee,' Wisconsin (at 56 Broadway. 
New York). 

Prof. John A. Anderson, President Kansas 
State Agricultural College, Manhattan, Kan. 

Mr. John Anderson, LL.D., C.E.» Great 

M. Le Commandant F. Perier, France. 
Mr. C. A. AlMStrom, Sweden. 
Mr. Au^wite Cobcrt (fUs), Belgium^ 
Mr. Fehx Reifer, Austria. 

Machines, Appa^itua, and . Implements used in Sewing and Makiac Clothing 
Lace. OmaiheAtal Objetta, Pint, etc.-(Casses 530, 531, and 5?4 to 537 J wounng. 


.Mr. Fred. A. Paget, C.E., Great Britain. 


George W. Gregory, Bostbn, Mass. 

Edward H. Knight, Patent Office, Washing. 

ton, D. C. 
L. D. F. Poorc, Springfield, Dakota. 

cFun xxm. 

Agricultural Machines, Implements of Asdfi^turt, lUrticultttre, Mid Oardetfoff. 

— (Classes 67J 10 675, and 680 to 683.) t — •« **«ww«o.u».. 

Tillage and Qcneral Management.— (CEuscs 690 to 693, and 715, 716.) 

Oardea Tools, Accessories of Gardening.— (CUuues 730 10 739.)' 

Garden Designing, Construction, and Management.— (Classes 710, and 731 to 733.) 


Hon. John P. Reynolds, Chicago, 111. 
James S. Grinncll, Washington, D. C. 
Geo. E. Waring, jr., Newport, R. I. ■ - 
James Bruce, Corvallas, (Oregon. 


Mr. John Coleman, Great Britain. 
Dr^ Jose de Saldanha, Bmzil. 
■Doii Fermin Rosillo, Spain. 

(ci!Sr.™!?7i;n"?.7t??;j9T' ^' "^'*"*» •'•^^"•^ ««'»*n% Prothel., etc.- 


C. B. White. M.D. , New Orleans , La. , 
J. H. Thompson, A.M., M.D., Washington, 

Dr. William Roth, Germany. • Tp 
Dr. Ernst Flei^cbel, Austria. ^ ^^ 




Inatniincfits of Precision, Research, Bzperimeat, sad IlluBtration, including Tel- 
egraphy aad Music— (Classes 300 to 327.) 

ProC Joseph Henry, LUD., Secretaiy of SirWiIIiamThonison,LL.D.,D.C.L.,F.R.S., 

Smitbsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. Great Britain. 

Prof. r. A. P. Barnard, S.T.D., LL.D., Jul. Schiedmayer, Germany. 

Cohimbia College, N. Y. Mr. E. Levasseur, Prance. 

Prof. J. £. Hilganl, Washingtoo, D. C. P. F. Kupka, Austria. 

Prof. J. C. Watson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Edw. Favrc Ferret, Switzerland. 
General Henry K.. Oliver, Salem, Mass. 
Geo. F. Bristow, New Yorlt. 


ArcUtectore aad Bagineeriag. (For Agrfcnltural 
(For Mine Sagiaeering, see Group I.) Architecture.-^* 
Baginecriag.— <Classcs 330 to 333, and 335.) 

iaeeriag, see Class 680.) 

34», 34a.) 

James B. Eada, C. E. , South Pass Jetty WorLs, 
laa Common Street, New Orleans, La. 

General Wm. B. Franklin, Hartford. Conn. 

Richard M. Hunt, 49 West Thiity-fitth Street, 
New York. 


Sir John Hawkshaw, C.E., F.R.S., Great 

Mr. Lavoinne, France. 

t Continho, Brazil. 
, Netherlands. 

, M.E., PortugaL 

mr. i^voinne, rrancc 
J. M. daSilvaContin 
1. G. W. Fvnie, Ncth 
Louren(o Maheiro, iA 

• osovp xxvn. 

Plastic aad Graphic Art Sculpture.— (Classes 400 to 405.) 
Paiatiag.— <Classes 410 to 4x3. ) 
Bagiaviag and Lithography.— (Classes 400 to 434.) 
Photogr^hy. — (Classes 430 to 433.) 

ladostrial aad Architectural Designs, Models, and Decorations.— (Classes 440 10443.) 
(Cbnes 450 to 454.) 
Decoration with Ceramic aad Vitreous Materials; Mosaic and lalald Work. 


Frank Hill Smith, Boston. Mass. 
James L. Claghom, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Prot S. F. Weir, New Haven, Conn. 
Donald G. Mitchell, New Haven, Conn. 
(;eo. Ward Nichob, Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Prof. Henry Draper, Medical CoUwe, 
New York City. 

Mr. diaries West Cope, R.A., Great Bri- 

Mr. Peter Graham. Great Britain. 

Carl Schlesineer, Uermany. 

Dr. H. VoMl, Germany. 

Mr. Emile T. Saintain, France. 

Fritz L. Dardd, Sweden. 

P. N. Arbo, Norway. 

C^iunt of Donadis, Spain. 

Mr. Tantardini, Italy. 

Guglielmo de Sanctis, Italy. 

Mr. Carl Costenoble. AuRtria. 

Prof. V. Dahlerup, Denmark. 

J. £. van Heemskerck van Beest, Nether- 

0B017P xxvm. 

Bdacational Systems, Methods, and Libraries.— (Classes 300 to 306.) 
lastltutioas and Organizations. — (Classes 3x0 to 3x3.) 


Hon. Andrew D. White, LL.D., Presi- 
dent of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 

D. C. Oilman, LL.D., Piestdent of St. 
lobn's Hopkins Univenity, Baltimore, 

Hon. J. M. Gresoty, LL.D., Pres. Illi- 
oeb Industrial Union. Champaign, III. 

Hon. J. W. Hoyc M.D., LL.D., Madi- 

Sir Charles Reed, Great Britain. 

Mr. Rine Fouret, France. 

Col. John Marin, Spain. 

Prof. Dr. Otto Martin Torell, Sweden. 


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[NoTB.*>Thc bttikUng» bear the nuraben prefixed to them in thu table, being die nunbers 
adopted by the Centennial Guide Book Co. (Limited).] 

BuUdiogs South of the Avenue of the 

No. Part Pac* 

X. Main Exhibition Building, I. 93 

a. Machinery Hall, 111. 9 

3. Machine Shop, 111. 117 

4. American Boiler House, 111. X17 

5. Coriias Boiler House, III. 1x7 

6. British BoUer H6use, 111. X17 

7. Shoe and Leather Exhibition 

Building, III. X05 

8. Office Centennial Board of Fi- 

nance, •• • III. X17 

9. Office U. S. Centennial Com- 

mission, 111. XX7 

xo. Centennial National Bank, III. XX7 

XX. Weimer Machine Woiks, 111. xx8 

X3. Bartholdi Fountain III. 146 
X3. Catholic Total Abstinence Upion 

Foimtain, HI. X46 
14. Fuller, Warren, & Co., Heating 

Apparatus, III. xx8 
X5. Gillender & Sons, Glassware 

Manufactory, III. xi8 

x6. Camp of West Point Cadets, IIL xx8 

X7. Iron Pipe, III. xx8 

x8. Liberty Store Wofks, III. xi8 

19. Annex, Saw Mill, III. 1x9 

30. Boiler House, III. X19 

ax. Railway Engine House, III. X19 

aa. St. Cecilia Orgaxts, III. X19 

33. Automatic Railway, III. XX9 

34. Monument — American Soldier, III. X19 
as. Gunpowder Pile-DriTer, III. X19 
36. Jesse Star & Son, Iron Works, III. 1x9 
97. West End Railway Offices, III. XX9 
a8. Pneumatic Tubes, III. XX9 
99. New England Granite Co.'s Ex- 
hibit, III. X30 

30. Railroad Crossings, III. xao 

3X. State of Nevada Quarts Mill, IJI. xao 

32. Store House, III. x3o 

33. Friction Drum, III. xao 

34. Stokes & Parrish, U. S. Hoist- 

ing Machine, III. xao 

35. Chilean Amalgamating Ma- 

chinery, III. xao 

36. Campbell Printing Press, III. xao 

37. Old Locomotive and Car, III. xai 

38. Car House, III. xax 

39. Police Station, III. xax 

40. Avcrill Paint Co., III. xax 

41. Centennial Catak>gue Co., III. xax 
4a. Stokes & Parrish, Boiler House, IH. xax 

43. Ehret's Waterproof Roofing, III. 121 

44. Tombstones, III. laa 

45. Terra Cotu Pipe, III. laa 

46. Mineral Annex, x and a. III. laa 

47. Fireproof Venlilated Buildings, III. 12a 

48. Swings, III. laa 
Ornamental Stone Work, III. laa 

Buildingt North of the ATenue of tbe 

Republic, nnd West of Belmont Av. 

No. Part Pmg^ 
$1. United States Government 

Building, III. 73 

Sx^. Bartholdi Electric Light, III. las 

53. United States Hospital, III. 73 

S^yi. Howre Monument, III. isa 

53. United States Hospital Tent, III. 73 
$3yi. Jeroaalera Baxaar, III. xas 

54. United States Laboratory, III. 73 
545J . Office Philadelphia ** Times," III. xas 

55. Peimsylvania State Building, III. X33 
55^. Hungarian Wine PkvOion, III. X93 

56. Ohio State Building, III. xa3 
56H. Police Station, HI. 194 

57. Indiaiu State Buikiing, III. 134 
5754. Sponge Fishers of Turkey, III. 124 

. 58. IlUnois State Building, III. 134 

58^. Bethlehem Baxaar, III. 124 

59. Wisconsin State Building, III. x»4 
59^. Fog Horn and Bell, III. 194 

60. Michigan State Building, III. xa4 
6x . New Hampshire State Build- 
ing, HI. zas 

6a. Connecticut State Building, III. 135 

63. Massachusetts State Build- 

ing, III. X35 

64. Delaware State Building, III. 135 

65. Maryland State Building, HI. 135 

66. Arkansas State Building, III. ras 

67. Japanese Dwelling, HI. T35 

68. West Virginia State Buading,UI. X35 

69. Canadian Log House, IV. 134 

70. Missouri State Building, III. X30 

71. British Government BuOding, III. X30 
7a. British Government Building, III. 130 

73. British Government Building, III. X30 

74. New York State Building, III. r3o 

75. Liinard's Relief Plans, Paris, 

Jerusalem, Italy, etc.. III. 130 

76. Pop-corn Stand, III. 131 

77. Cigar Stand, III. X3x 

78. Soda Water Stand, HI. X3x 

79. Tunisian Cafi and Baxaar, III. x3x 

80. Columbus Monument, III. X3X 

81. Drinking Fountains, III. xjx 
8a. Restaurant "Trois Frires 

Proven9aux," III. 13X 

83. Office New York "Tribune," III. X3X 

84. Wortd's Ticket Office, Cook, 

Son, & Jenkins, HI. X3X 

85. Loiseau's Pressed Fuel Com- 

pany, III. 133 

86. Spanish Government Build- 

ings, HI. 133 

87. United States Sifznal Office, III. 141 

88. Tennessee State Buildini;;, HI. i4r 

89. Mississippi State Building, 111. 14a 

90. George's Hill Restaurant, III. X4a 
9x. Bishop Allen Monument, III. 143 


tSOT«.- Tk » a ip>i u— of t^ Building 

tvKten MonK off the Avcaue of the 
Vtpuifiic, ftad y^mmt of Betmont Av. 

Pait Pa(tt 

be found at the faidicated part and 

pace of the 

'and Boston "Her- 


jLOSoe eff 


f> RowdTs Newapocper 

tioa BniMms, 
9^ Calttnia Slate Buildins, 
fS. Cffrtnmial Fire Patiol, No. s, 
^ TuikUi Cale, 
97. Ofiee Fkank LeaBe'a PubU- 

III. Z4fl 

9!. iDva State Bnildii^, 
99. Rhode Island State Bttikling, 
HA. Yiiweei State Building, 






■St of Belmont Avenue^ftnd 
of Fottntain Avenue. 

m. Ait Griluf , 

ao^ BTnai BTiidi Monuaient of Re- 

%ina liberty, 
sBf. PheCBgrapluc Alt Bonding, 
ID5. Yieaatt Bakery and Coffee 

adl Fnadpal Annex to Mala Ex- 

hibitton Building, 
aaj. Swedish Go v c iM B cn t Buildiog, 
<o6. JapaaoM Baxaar, 
109. The Jndces' HaU, 
noL Centeanial Photographic Co., 
t». Shect-netai FnviUon, 
aa. Gersan GoYcrament BuOding, 
113. Raiboaid Ticket Office, 
iM- Office United Slates Centen- 
nial Cosmissioo, ^ 
tts. Brsalian Gonrenunent Build'g, 
n6. The I>airy, 
117. Resiannm " La Fayette," 
jA Hoeae of Public Comfort, 
z^ Empire Transportatioa Co., 
aa. French Goremment Bnflding, 
m. Crmennial Fire Patrol, No. a, 
IB. Pcnn'a Educational Building, 
B}. Tdegiaph Office, 
134. Ajaericaa Fiisee Conpouiy, 
las. Ebwrirhcck^ Thomas, & Stew- 

art's Glass Magarine, 
Bl Moorish VtUa, 
B|. American Bible Society, 
tA. HoatB^s Camp, 
U9l Oftee Water DepaitaMnt, 
i3P^ Soda Water Stands, 

II 9 

II. 10 

III. 143 

II. «37 

IIL 143 

I. 374 

III. «44 

in. X44 

III. 144 

III. 144 

ni. X44 

III. 144 

III. X44 

in. 145 

III. 145 

III. 145 

HI. 145 

in. 145 


III. 145 

"I. 145 

III 146 

III. 147 

III. 147 

III. 147 

III. 147 

in. 147 

HI. 147 

III. 148 

111. 148 

No. Fut Page 

131. Cigar Stands, III. 148 

13». Singei^s Sewing Machines, III. 148 

133. Centennial MedicalDepartm't, III. 148 

X34. PortugslGovenunent Building, III. 148 

135. Bankers' Building, III. 148 

136. French Glass Exhibit, III. 149 
237. Kindergarten, III. 149 

138. Centennial Police Station, III. 149 

139. Philadelphia City Bunding, III. 149 

140. Music Pavilion, III. 149 
14Z. Burial Caskets, III. r49 
143. Perforated Metal Building, III. 149 
Z43. Rubber Roofing, III. 149 
Z44. Cuban Acclimation Office, III. 149 

145. Naral Group, III. 149 

146. The Dying Lioness, IIL 149 

Buildings Bsst of Bslinont Avsnus, and 

^rth of Fountain Avenue. 

Z5Z. Horticultural Hall, 
15a. Agricultural Hall, 

153. The Women's Parilios, 

154. The Women's School House, 

155. New Jersey State Buildmg, 
X56. Restanrant of the South, 

i57> Kansas end Colorado StaU 

158. New England Fanner's Home 

xoo years ago, and Modem 

159. Great American Restanrant, 

160. German Restaurant, 
i6x. Tea and Coffee Press, 

x6a. Butter and Cheese Factory, 

163. Soda Water Stand, 

164. Cigar Stand, 

165. Farm Wagon Building, 
x66. Pomological BuiMing, 
167. Brewers' Building, 
z68. Model House Apiary, 

169. Guano Company, 

170. Special Fk>wer Exhibit Build- 

17X. Wind Mills, 
X72. Office " Ohio Farmer," 
X73. Hay Press, 
174. Police Station, 
X75. Elevated Railroad, 
176. Boiler House, 
X77. Virginia Sute Building, 
X78. Protective Fire Apparatus, 
Z79. Pop-corn Stands, 
x8o. J. L. Mott Co. Fountain, 




















































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Size, x88o by 464 feet 

EMgimets amd ArckiUcts, HSKRV PBTTTT ft JOS. M. WlUON. 

Contractor, R. J. DOBBINS. 

Wrought and Cast Iron Manufactured by Wu. SELLERS & Co.. Moor Iron Worki^ 

Wrought Iron Fumidud hy A. ft P. ROBESTS. Poncoyd Rolling Millf, 

Cast Iron Furnished by MORRIS, Tasker, ft Co.. Pascal Iron Worht^ 

Erector of Iron H^^^ri, WaTSOM MANUFACTURING Co. 

The Mua Ejdiibition Biiilding, containing Deimrtments I, II, III of the Exhibition, 
if in die form of a parallelogFam, extending east and wett j88o feet in length* and 
north and south 464 feet in width. 

The larger portion of the structure is one story in height, and shows the main cor- 
nioe upon the outside at 45 feet above the ground, the interior height being 70 feet. 
At the centre of the longer sides are projections 4x6 feet in length, and in the centre 
of the shorter sides or ends of the building are projections 316 feet in length. In 
these projections, in the centre of the four sides, are located the main entrances, 
which are* provided with arcades upon the ground floor, and central facades extend- 
ing to the height of 90 feet. 

The East Entrance forms the principal approach for carriages, visitors being 
•nowed to alight at the doors of the building under cover of the arcade. The South 
Entzance is the principal approach from street cars, the ticket ofiices being 
located upon the line of Elm Avenue, with covered ways provided for entrance into 
the building itself. The Main Portal on the north side communicates with the 
Art Gallery, and tiie Main Portal on the west side gives the main passage way to 
the Machinery and Agricultural Halls. 

Upon the comers of the building there are four towers, 75 feet in height, and be- 
tween die towers and the central projections or entrances there is a lower roof Intro- 
dnced, showing a cornice at 94 feet above the ground. In order to obtain a central 
feature for the building as a whole, the roof ovef the central part, for 184 feet square, 
has been raised abQve the mrronnding. portion, Und lour towers, 48 feet square, rising 
to I90 feet in height, have been introchiced at the comers -oi the elevated root 

The areas covered are as follows : 

iQUARB raiT. 

Ground floor , , . 873,390 00.09 

Upper floors in projections 37>344 -85 j 

" in towers, . 96.344 .60 Ic 

936,008 nz>47 



The general amngeme&t of the ground plan shovn a eentiml avenue or nnve zno 
feet in width, and extending 1833 feet in length. This is the longest avenue of that 
width ever introduced into an exhibition building. On either side of this nare theie 
is an avenue zoo feet by 183a feet in length. Between the nave and side avenues 
are aisles 48 feet wide, and on the outer sides of the building smaller aisles 84 feet in 
width. In order to break the great length of the roof lines, three cross avenues or 
transepts have been introduced of the same widths and in the same relative positions 
to each other as the nave and avenues running lengthwise, viz. : a central transept 
Z90 feet in width by 4x6 feet in length, with one on either side of 100 feet by 4x6 
feet, and aisles between of 48 feet. The intersections of these avenues and transepts 
in the central portion of the building result in dividing the ground floor into nine 
open spaces, free from supporting columns, and covering in the aggregate an area of 
416 feet square. Four of these spaces are zoo feet square, four zoo lieet by lao feet, 
and the central space or pavilion zao feet square. The intersections of the 48 feet 
aisles produce four interior courts 48 feet square, one at each comer of the central 
space. The main promenades through the nave and central transept are each 30 
feel in vridth, and those through the centre of the side avenues and transepts Z5 feet 
each. AU other walks are zo feet wide, and lead at either end to exit doois. 

The following table gives the principal dimensions of the di£ferent parts of the 
building : 


Measurements taken from centre to centre of supporting columns. 

Length of building 1880 feet 

Width of building, 464 " 


Central avenue oe Nave. 

Length z83a 

Width Z30 

Height to top of supporting 
columns 45 

Height to ridge of roof, . . 70 
Central Transept. 

Length, 416 

Width Z20 

Height to top of columns, . 45 

Height to ridge of roof, . . 70 

Side Avenues. 

Length 183a 

Width, zoo 

Height to top of columns, . 45 

Height to ridge of roof; . . 65 
Side Transepts. 

Length, 416 

Width zoo 

Height to top of columns, . 45 

Height to ridge of roof, . . 65 

The foundations consist of piers of masonry. The superstructure is composed 
of wrought iron columns, which support wrought iron roof trusses. These columns 
are composed of rolled channel bars,- with plates riveted to the flanges. Lengthwise 
of the building the columns are spaced at the uniform distance apart of 24 feet. In 
the entire structure there are 67a columns, the shortest being 23 fe^ and the longest 
Z35 feet in length. Their aggregate weight is a,aoo,ooo pounds. The roof trusaea 

Central Aisles. 

Length at east end 744 feet. 

" at west end, .... 67a '* 

Width 48 " 

Height to roof, 30 " 

Side Aisles. 

Length at east end, • . . 744 " 
" at west end, . . . 67a " 

Width a4 " 

Height to roof, 34 '* 

Centre Space or Paviuon. 

Groimd plan, zao ft sq. 

Height to top of supporting 
columns. 73 " 

Height to ridge of roof, . . 96 " 
Towers over Courts. 

Ground plan, 48 " 

Height to roof, zao " 

Corner Towers. 

Ground plan S4 " 

Height to roof, . ..... 75 " 


«« rimilar in fbnn to those in fenerel use for depots and wwrehoosas, and consist 
of straight raften with struts and tie-ban. The aggregate weight of iron in the roof 
tmsstt and girders is 5,000.000 pounds. Thte building being a temporary construe- 
tioB, the oolnmns and trusses are so designed that they may be easily taken dovm 
and erec te d again at another site. 

The sidea of the building, for the height of seven feet from the ground, are finished 
with bridcworlc in panels between the columns ; above the seven feet, with glased 
sash. Portions of the sash are movable for ventilation. The roof covering is of tin 
npoB dieathing boards. The ground flooring is of plank upon sills resting upon the 
gnnmd, with no open space underneath. 

The bnildhig stands nearly due east and west, and is lighted almost entirely by 
Bde light from the north and south sides. Louvre ventilators are introduced 
over the oe&tial nave and each of the avenues. Skylights are introduced over the 

SomU balconies, or galleries of observation, have been provided in the four central 
toweis of the building at the heiglits of the different stories. 

A oooqilete sjrstem of water supply, with ample provision of fire cocks, etc, is 
provided for protection against fire, and for sanitary purposes. 

Offices for foreign commissions are placed along the sides of the building, in the 
nde aisles, in proximity to the products exhibited. 

The ground was graded and foundation laid for this building in the autumn of 
iSij^ The erection of iron work at the site commenced on May 8th. 1875 ; the erec- 
tion of the iron work was finished December ad, 1875 ; and the buildmg was accepted 
kom the contractor February Z4th. 1876. The cost of the building was ^1,580,000, 


TBX locatkm of objects in the Main Building is shown by a letter and figure, inii- 
eating the nearest column of the building. The letters — A, B, C, to U — designate 
the succeKive ranges of columns, proceeding southward from the northern wall across 
the width of the building ; the figures, the number of the column in each range, count- 
ing castwaidly firom the western wall, the entire length of the building, from z to 79. 
Thus C 5 is tiie column in the third range from the north, and the fifth finm the west- 
cm end of the buildiiig. The southeastemmost column is U 79. 

The dass of the classification to which each exhibit belongs is indicated by th9 
I figures al the end of the line. 


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Scale, 3lboJl. U i im. 


A Mineral Annex. 
6 loiSAn* Socn. 
C Gentlemen* » Room. 

E Offices. 

F Sestaatnats. 

G Stairway to GaUeries. 

H Carriage Annex. 



1. Vnited States. 

2. Cemumg. 

8. Austrfa and Baiganf. 
4. BMStta. 

6. ^HUn ondPhOigptMsUkmiB, 
e, Terkeg. 

7. Egypt. 

8. Denmark. 

9. Sweden. 
10. Portugal. 
U. Tmds. 

12. BaiPttiL 

13. Japan. 

14. China. 

15. ChiU. 

16. Argentine R^peitUc. 

17. Italy. 

18. Norway. 

19. Sweden. 

20. Australasia and eOier RritUk 


21. Canada. 

22. Great Britain and btdla, 
28. Fhtnee and Crioates. 

24. SwiUerland. 

25. Belgium. 
28. Brazil. 

27. Netherlands. 

28. Mexico. 

29. Peru. 
SO. Orange Fi^ee Slate»^QQ^^ 

Total Length, 1880/1. Width, 484 fU Beight, 70 ft, 

Department L-Mining and Metallurgy. 


Class zoo. — Minerals, ores, etc. Metallic and non-metallic minerals, exclusive of 
coal and oil. Collections of minerals systematically- arranged ; collec- 
tions of ores and associated minerals; geological collections. 
I Class iox. — Mineral combustibles. Coal, anthracite, semi-bituminous, and bitu- 

I minous, coal-waste and pressed Coal; albertite, asphalt, and asphaltic 

I limestone; bitumen, mineral tar, crude petroleum. 

Class zoa. — Building stones, marbles, slates, etc. Rough, hewn, sawn, or polished, 
for buildings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, or for interior de- 
I coration, or for furniture. ' 

I Marble — white, black, or colored — ^used in building, decoration, 

statuary, monuments, or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured. 
Class 103. — Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied 
by specimens of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, 
concrete, beton. 

Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the 
processes of mixing, etc. Hydraulic and other cement. 

Beton mixtures and results, with illustrations of the processes. 
Artificial stone for building purposes, building blocks, cornices, etc. 
Artificial stone mixtures, for pavements, walls, or ceilings. 
Plasters, mastics, etc. 
Class 104. — Clays, kaolin, silex. and other materials for the manu&cture of porce- 
lain faience, and of glass, bricks, terra cotta and tiles, and fire brick. 
Refectory stones for limng furnaces, sandstone, steatite, etc., and re- 
fractory furnace materials. 
Class 105. — Graphite, crude and refined; for polishing purposes; for lubricating, 

electrotyping, photography, pencils, etc. 
Class 106. — Lithographic stones, hones, whetstones, grindstones, grinding and pol- 
ishing materials, sand quartz, garnet, crude topaz, diamond, corundum, 
emery in the rock and pulverized, and in assorted sizes and grades. 
Class Z07. — ^Mineral waters, artesian well water, natural brines, saline and alkaline 
efflorescences and solutions. Mineral fertilizing substances, gypsum, 
phosfhaXs of lime, marls, shells, coprolites, etc., not manufactured. 


Class 1x0. — ^Fredous metals. Digitized by dOO^ Ic 

Class ixi. — Iron and steel in the pig, ingot, and bar, plates and sheets, with speci- 
i ot slags, flttxei , naidutt, and products of woridng. 


Class xxa. — Copper in ingots, bars, and rolled, with specimens illustrating its Tarious 
stages of production. 

Class 113. — Lead, dnc, antimony, and other metals, the result of extractive pro- 
cesses. I 

Class 114. — Alloys used as materials, bsass. nickel, silver, solder^ etc. 


Class xao. — Surface and underground surveying and plotting. Projection of under- 
ground work, location of shafts, tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts 
and fi>r drainage. 

Boring and drilling rocks, shafts, and tunnels, etc. Surveys for 
aqueducts, and for ascertaining the nature and extent of mineral de- 

Construction. Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving 
and timbering tunnels, and the general operations of opening, sloping, 
and breaking down ore, timbering, lagging, and masonry. 

Hoisting and delivering at the sur&ce, rock, ore, or miners. 

Pumping and draining by engines, buckets, or by adits. 

Ventilation and lighting. 

Subaqueous mining, blasting, etc. 

Hydraulic mining, and the various processes and methods of sluic- 
ing and washing auriferous gravel and other st^>erficial deposits. 

Class 121. — Models of mines, of veins, ett. 


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Department IL-ManufactureSl 


Class ta x Chemicab, phammoeutical prepuatioiis. 

Mineiai sudds, and the methods of Bwmifafrtme. Sulphuric, nitric, 
and hydrochloric acids. 

The common commercial alkalies, potash, soda, and ammonia, with 
their caibonates. 

Salt and its production. Salt from deposits— satire salt Salt by 
solar evaporation from sea water. Salt by evaporation from water of 
•aline springs or wells. Rock salt Ground and table salt 

Bleaching powders and chloride of lime. 

Yeast powders, baking powders. 
Cuss 90IK.-- Oils, soaps, candles, illuminating and other gases. 

Oils irom mineral, animal, and vegetable sources. Refined petro- 
leum, benrine, naphtha, and other products of the manufacture. Oils 
from various seeds, refined, and of various degrees of purity. Olive 
oil, cottonseed oQ, palm oiL Animal oils, of various kinds, in their 
refined state. Oils prepared for special purposes besides lighting and 
for food. Lubricating oils. 

Soaps and detergent preparations. 

Candles, stearine, glycerine, paraffine. etc., spermaceti. 

Illuminating gas and its manu£Eicture. 

Oxygen gas, and its application for heating, lighting, metallurgy, and 
as a remedial agent 

Chlorine and carbonic acid. 
Class 902. — Paints, pigments, dyes, colors, turpentine, varnishes, printing inks, 

writing inks, blacking. 
Class 903. — ^Flavoring extracts, essences, perfumery, pomades, cosmetics. 
Class 904. — Explosive and fulminating compounds; in small quantities only, and 
under special regulations, shown in the building only by empty cases 
and cartridges. Black powder of various grades and sizes. Nitro- 
glycerine and the methods of using and exploding. Giant powder, 
dynamite, dualin, tri-futroglycerine. 
Class 905. — ^Pyrotechnks, for display, signaling, missilfts. 


Class 906. — Bricks, dnun-tiles, terra cotta, and architectural pottery. 

Class 907. — ^Fire day goods, crucibles, pots, furnaces. Chemical stoneware. 

Class 908. — Tiles, plain, enameled, encaustic ; geometric tiles and mosaics. Tiles 

for pavements and for roofing, etc 
Class 909. — ^Porcelain for purposes of ^ostntction. Hardware trimmings, cte. 


Class aza — Stone china, for chemists, druggists, etc., earthenware, stooewmre; 

faience, etc. 
Class an. — Majolica and Palissy ware. 
Class aia. — Biscuit- ware, parian, etc. 
Class 313. — Porcelain for table and toilet use. and for decoration. 

glass and glasswars. 

Class 214. — Glass used in construction and for mirrors. Window glass of Tarlcms 
grades of quality and of size. Plate glass, rough, and aground or pol- 
ished. Toughened glass. 

Class 215. — Chemical and pharmaceutical glassware, vials, bottles. 

Class 216. — Decorative glassware. 


Class 217. — Heavy furniture. — Chairs, tables, parlor and chamber salts, office and 
libnury furniture, vestibule furniture. Church furniture and decoration. 

Class 218. — ^Table fumiture.^jlass, china, silver, silver»plate, tea and coffee sets, 
urns, samov^ars, epeignes. 

Class 2x9. — Mirrors, stained and enameled glass, cut and engraved window-glass, 
and other decorative objects. 

Class aao. — Gilt cornices, brackets, picture frames, etc 

Class 221. — ^The nursery and its accessories ; children*! chain, waJking chairs. 

Class aaa. — ^Apparatus and fixtures lor heating and cooking, — stoves, ranges, 
heaters, etc. 

Class 333. — Apparatus for lighting, — gas fixtures, lamps, etc 

Class 224. — Kitchen and pantry, — utensils, tinware, and apparatus used in cook- 
ing (exclusive of cutlery). 

Class 225. — Laundry appliances, washmg machines, mangles, dothes-wringeis. 
clothes-bars, ironing-tables. 

Class 226. — Bath-room and water cloiet, shower bath, earth closet. 

Class 237. — Manufactured parts of buildings, — sash, blinds, manteb, metal work, etc 


Class 228. — Woven fabrics of mineral origin. — ^Wire cloths, sieve doth, wire screens, 
bolting cloth. 

Asbestos fibre, spun and woven, with the clothing manufiictured 
from it. 

Glass thread, floss, and fabrics. 
Class 229. — Coarse fibres, of grass, rattan, cocoaimt, and bark. 

Matting, Chinese, Japanese, palm-leaf, grass, and rushes. 

Floor cloths of rattan and cocoanut fibres, aloe fibre, eta^ 
Class 230. — Cotton jrams and fabrics, bleached and unbleauied. 

Cotton sheeting and shirting, plain and twilled. 

Cotton canvas and duck. Awnings, tents. 
Class 231. — Dyed cotton fiibrics, exclusive of prints and calicoes. 
Class 232. — Cotton prints and calicoes, induding handkerchiefs, scarfit, etc 
Class 233. — Linen and other vegetable fabrics, uncolored or dyed. 
Class 234. — Floor oil cloths, and othef painted and enameled tissues, and imitstloa 
of leather, with a woven base 


Digitized by VJVJO*- 

Class 235. — Card wool &brics. — ^Yams, broadcloth, doeskins, frncy cassimeres. 

Fdted goods. 
i;LAS8 236. — Flannels. — Plain flannels, domets. opera and fancy. 


CUSS 937.— Bbhkets, robes, and shawls. 

Cuss 338.— Combined wool fal^rics. — ^Worsteds, ysxns, dress goods for women's 
wear, delaines, serges, poplins, merinoes. 

Cuss 339. — Carpets, rugs. etc. — Brussels, melton, tapestry, tapestry Brussels, Axmin- 
ster, Venetian, ingrain, felted carpetings, druggets, rugs, etc 

Cuss afa — Hair, alpaca, goat's hair, camel's hair, and other febrics, mixed or un- 
mixed with wooL 

CUSS 2fz. — ^Printed and embossed woolen cloths, table covers, patent velvets. 


Cuss 242. — Cocoons and raw silk as reeled from the cocoon, thrown or twisted 

silks in the gum. 
Class sfs,— Thrown or twisted silks, boiled off or dyed, iii hanks, skeins, or on 

Cuva44. — Spun silk yams and fabrics, and the materials from which they are 

Cuss 245. — Plain woven silks, lutestrings, sarsnets, satins, seiges, foulards, tissues 

for hat and millinery purposes, etc. 
Cuss S46. — Figured silk piece goods, woven or printed. Upholstery silks, etc. 
Cuss 247. — Crapes, velvets, gauzes, cravats, handkerchief, hosiery, knit goods, 

laces, scarfs, ties, veils, all descriptions of cut and made up silks. 
Cuss 248. — Ribbons, plain, £uicy, and velvet 
Cuss 249. — Bindings, braids, cords, galloons, ladies' dress trimmings, upholsterers', 

taulors', military, and miscellaneous trimmings. 

Cuss 2Sa — Ready-made clothing, knit goods and hosiery, military clothing, church 

vestments, costumes, waterproof clothing, and clothing for special 

Cuss 251.— Hats, caps, boots and shoes, gloves, mittens, etc., straw and palm leaf 

hats, bonnets, and millinery. 
Cuss 252. — Laces, embroideries, and trimmings for clothing, furniture, and carriages. 
Cuss 2S3.--Jewelry and ornaments worn upon the person. 
Class 254. — Artificial flowers, coiffures, buttons, trimmings, pins, hooks and eyes, 

fans, umbrellas, sunshades, walking-canes, pipes, and small objects of 
' dress or adornment, exclusive of jewelry. Toys and fancy articles. 
Cuss 255. — Fancy leather work, pocketbooks, toilet cases, traveling equipments, 

valises, and trunks. 
Class 256.~Furs. 
Cuss 257.— Historical collections of oosturaes, national costumes. 


Class 258.— Stationery for the desk, stationers' articles, pens, pencils, inkstands, and 

other apparatus of writing and drawing. 
CUss 259. — ^Writing paper and envelopes, blank-book paper, bond paper, tracing 

paper, tracing linen, tissue paper, etc., etc. 
Cuss 260. — Printing paper for books, newspapers, etc. 

Wrapping paper of all grades, cartridge and manilla paper, paper 

Cuss 261.— Blank books ; sets of account books, specimens of ruling and binding, 

including blanks, billheads, etc.. book binding. 
CUss 262.— Cards; playing cards, cardboard, binders' board, pasteboard, paper or 

cardboard boxes. 
Cuss 263.— Building paper, pasteboard for walls, cane fibregi^lJ tJ^DOair-wheeb, 

ornaments, etc. 
Cuss 264.— Wall papers. enaraeHed and colored papers, imitations of leather. 
• wood, etc. 




Class 265. — Military small-arms, muskets, pistols, and magariwe guns, with tbttit 

Class 266. — Light artillery, compound gnns, machine guns, mitrailleuses, etc 
Class 367. — Heavy ordnance and its accessories. 
Class 368. — Knives, swords, spears, and dirks. 
Class 069. — Firearms used for sporting and hunting, also other implements for the 

Class 270.— Traps for game, birds, vermiii, etc. 


Class 372. — Medicines; officinal (in any authoritative pharmacopoeia), articles of 

the materia medica, preparations, unofficinal. 
Class 273. — Dietetic preparations, as beef extract and other articles intended 

especially for the sick. 
Class 974. — Pharmaceutical apparatus. 
Class 275. — Instruments for physical diagnosis, clinical thermometers* ste&oscopes, 

ophthalmoscopes, etc (except clinical microscopes, etc, for which see 

Class 324). 
Class 276. — Surgical instruments and appliances, with dressings, apparatus for 

deformities, prothesis, obstetrical instruments. 
Class 277. — Dental instruments and appliances. 
Class 278. — ^Vehicles and appliances for the transportation of the sick and wounded, 

during peace and war, on shore or at sea. 

Class 380. — Hand tools and instruments used by carpenters, joiners, and for wood 

'Uid stone in general. Miscellaneous hand tools used in industries, 

such as jewellers', engravers'. 
CLASb soz. — Cudery, knives, penknives, scissors, razors, lasor straps, skates, and 

implements sold by cutlers. 
Class 28a. — Emery and sand paper, polishing powders, polishing and burnishing 

Class 283. — Metal hollow ware, ornamental castings. 
Class 284. — Hardware used in construction, exclusive of tools and implements. 

Spikes, nails, screws, tacks, bolts, locks, latches, hinges, pulleys. 

Plumbers' and gas fitters' hardware, furniture fittings, ships' hardwan, 

saddlers' hardware, and harness fittings and trimmings. 


Class 385. — India rubber goods and maaufiEkctiurea. 

CLASS 286.— Brushes. 

Class 287. — Ropes, cordage. 

Class 288. — Flags, insignia, emblems. 

Class 289. — Wooden and basket ware, papier macfae. 

Class 290. — ^Undertakers' furnishing goods, etc. 

Class 291. — Galvanized iron work. 

(For fann vehicles and railway carriages, see Dqwrtments of Agriculture and Maddnery.) 
Class 29a. — Pleasure carriages. 
Class 293.— Traveling carriages, coaches, stages, omnibuses, hearses, Bath chairs, 

velocipedes, baby coaches. 
Class 294. — ^Vehicles for movement of goods and heavy objects, carts, wagons. 

Class 295.— Sleighs, sledges, sleds, etc Dgtzedby ^ 

Class 296.— Carriage and horse furniture, harness and saddlery, whips, spurs, horsa 
blankets, carriage robes, rugs, etc 


Department III -Education and Science. 


CUtttf 2^w— Elementarf instruction. In&nt schools and kindergartens, arrange- 
iAents, furniture, appliances, and modes of tndning. 

Public schools, graded schoob, buQdings and grounds, equipments, 
courses of study, methods of instruction, text-books, apparatus, includ- 
ing^ maps, charts, globes, etc.; pupils' work, including drawing and 
penmanship; provisions for physical training. 
Class 301. — Higher education. Academies and high schools. 

Colleges tend universities. Buildings and grounds; libraries, museums 
of zoology, botany, mineralogy, art, and archeology; apparatus for 
illnstratioa and research, mathematical, physical, chemical, and astro- 
nomical courses of rftuiy; text-books, catalogues, libraries, and gym* 

Class 309. — Professional schools, tiieology, law, medicine, and soigery, dentistry, 
pharmacy, mining, engineenng, agriculture, and mechanical arts, art 
and design, military schools, k<aval schools, normal schools, commercial 
schools, music. 

Buildings, text-books, libraries, apparatus, methods, and other 
accessories for professional schools. 
Class 303. — ^Institutions for instruction of the bhnd, deaf, and dumb, and the feeble- 
Class 304. — ^Education reports and statistics. 
National bureau of education. 
State, city, and town systems. 
College, university, and professional sysleirs. 
Class 305. — Libraries, history, reports, statistics, and catalogues. 
Class 306.— School and text-books, dictionaries. encyclop«edias, gazetteers, directo- 
ries, index volumes, bibliographies, catalogues, 3ilins«nacs, special treatises, 
genera] and miscellaneous literature, newspapers, technical and special 
newspapers and journals, illustrated papers, periodical literature. 


Class 31a — Institutions founded for the increase and diffusion of knowledge. 
Such as the Smithsonian Institution, the Royal Institution, the Institute 
of France, British Association for the Advancement of Science, and the 
American Association, etc, their organisation, history, and results. 

Class 31Z. — Learned and scientific associations. Geological and mineralogical 
societies, etc. Engineering, technical, and professional associations. 
Artistic, biological, loological, medical schools, astronomical obser- 



Class 3x2. — Museums, collections, art galleries, exhibitions of works of art and 
industry. Agricultural fairs, state and county exhibitions, national 
exhibitions. International exhibitions. 
Scientific museums and art museums. 
Ethnological and arch^ological collections. 
Class 3x3. — Music and the drama. 

Class 320. — Instruments of precision, and apparatus of physical research, experi- 
nent, and illustration. 

Astronomical instruments and acccs^ries, used in observatbriesl 

Transits, mural circles, equatorials. collimators. 

Geodetic and surveying instruments. Transits, theodolites, needle 
compasses. Instruments for surveying underground in mines, tunnels, 
and excavations. 

Nautical astronomical instruments. Sextants, quad rants, repeating 
circles, dip-sectors. 

Leveling instruments and apparatus. Carpenters' and builders' 
levels, hand levels, water levels, engineers' levels. 

Instruments for deep-^sea sounding and hydrographic surveying. 

Meteorological instruments and apparatus. 

Thermometers, pyrometers. 


Hygrometers and rain gauges. 

Map$, bulletins. 

Blanks for reports, methods of recording, reducing, and reporting 
Class 33X.T— Indicating and registering apparatus, other than meteorological ; me- 
chanical calculation. 

Viameters. pedometers, pezambulatonk 

Gas meters. 

Water meters, current meters, ships' logs, electrical logs. 

Tide registers. 

Apparatus for priming consecudve numbers. 

Counting machines, calculating engines, arithmometers. 
Class 322. — Weights, measures, weighing and meteorological apparatus. 

Measures of length ; graduated scales on wood, metal, ivory, tape, or 
ribbon ; steel tapes, chains, rods, verniers, rods, and graduated scales 
for measuring lumber, goods in packages, casks, etc., gangers' tools and 

Measures of capacity for solids and liquids. 

Weights. Scales and graduated beams for weighing; assay bal- 
ances, chemical balances. Ordinary scales for heavy weights ; weigh- 
ing locomotives and trains of cars. Postal balances. Hydrometers, 
alchometers, lactometers, etc.; gravimeters. {See Class S7^-) 
Class 323. — Chronometric apparatus. 

Chronometers. Astronomical clocks. Church and metropolitan 
clocks. Ordinary commercial clocks. Pendulum and spring clocks. 
Marine clocks. Watches. Clepsydras, hourglasses, sundials. Chro- 
nographs, electrical clocks. Metronomes. 
Class 324. — Optical and thermotic instruments and apparatus. 

Mirrois. pUne and spherical. ^.^^^^^ ^^ GoOqIc 

Lenses and prisms. ^ 

Spectacles and eyeglasses, field and opera glasses, graphoscopes and 
- stereoscopes. 


Cameras and photographic apparatus. 



Apparatus for artifidal illumination, including electric, oxyhydrogen, 
and magnesium light 


Photometric apparatus. 

Spectroscopes and accessories for spectrum analysis. 

Polariscopes. etc. 

Thermotic apparatus. 
Class 325. — ^Electrical apparatus. 

Friction machines. 

Condensers and miscellaneous apparatus to illustrate fbe dischaige. 

Galvanic batteries and accessories to illusttate dynamical electricity. 

Electro-magnetic apparatus. 

Induction machines, Rumkorff coils, etc. 

Magnets and magneto-electrical apparatus. 
Class 336. — ^Telegraphic instruments and methods. 

Batteries and forms of apparatus used in generatixig the electrical 
currents for telegraphic purposes. 

Condiictors and insulators, and methods of support, marine telegraph 

Apparatus of transmission ; keys, office accessories, and apparatus. 

Receiving instruments, relay magnets, local circuits. 

Semaphoric and recording instruments. 

Codes, signs, or signals. 

Printing telegraphs for special uses. 


Dial or cad ran systems. 

Apparatus for automatic transmission. 
Class 327* — ^Musical instruments and acoustic apparatus. 

Percussion instruments, drums, tamboiines, cymbals, triangles. 


Stringed instruments other than pianos. 

Automatic musical instruments, music boxes. 

Wind instruments of metal and of v/ood. 


Church organs and similar instruments. 

Speaking macliines. 

Vocal music. 


(For Agricultural Engineering, see Cla^ 680.) 

(ForMisungEagineerinig, see Class no.) 

Class 33a — Civil engineering. Land surveying, public lands, etc. 

River, harbor, and coast surveying. Construction and maintenance 
of roads, streets, pavements, etc. Surveys and location of towns and 
cities, with systems of water supply and drainage. Arched bridges of 
metal, stone, brick, or bcton. Trussed girder bridges. Suspension 
bridges. Canals, aqueducts, reservoirs, construction of dams. Hy- 
draulic engineering and means of arresting and controlling the flow of 
water. ^ 

Submarine constructions, foundations, piers, docks, etc 



Class 331. — Dynamic and industrial engineering^. CMHtnietkm -and wetkiiig of 
machines ; examples of planning and constmction of manufacturing 
and metaUmgicai cstablislnMBts. 
CuaB sjSi — ^Railwaj enginecTtag. Location of railways, and the construction and 

management of railwa]^ 
Class 333. — Military engineering. 
Class 334. — Naval engineering. 

Class 335.>-Topographical map. Marine and coast charts. 
Geological maps and sections. 

Botanical, agronomical, and other maps, showing the extent and dis- 
tribution of men, animals, and terrestrial products. Physical maps. 
Meteorological maps and bulletins. Telegraphic routes and stations. 
)' Railway and route maps. Terrestrial and celestial globes. Relief 

maps and models of portions of the earth's sui&ce. Profiles of ooean 
beds and routes of submarine cables. 

Class 340. — Physical development and condition. 

The nursery and its accessories. 

Gymnasiums, games, and manly sports. Skating, walking, climbing, 
ball-playing, acrobatic exercises ; rowing, hunting, etc. 
Class 341. — ^Alimentation. Markets ; preparation and distribution of food. 
Class 34a. — ^The dwelling. Sanitary conditions and regulations. Domestic archi- 

Dwellings characterized by cheapness, combined with the conditions 
essential to health and comfort 

Fire-proof structures. 

Hotels, club-houses, etc. 

Public baths. 
Class 343. — Commercial systems and appliances. 

Mercantile forms and methods, counting-houses and offices. 

Banks and banking. 

Saving and trust institutions. 

Insurance ; fire, marine, life, etc. 

Commercial organizations, boards of trade, merchants*, produce, and 
stock exchanges. 

Corporations for commercial and manufacturing purposes. 

Railway and other transportation companies. 

Building and loan associations. 
Class 344. — Money. Mints and coining. 

Collections of current coins. 

Historical collections. 

Tokens, etc. 

Bank notes and other paper circulating mediums. 

Commercial paper, bills of exchange, etc. 

Securities for payment of money, stocks, bonds, mortgagw, gromd 
rents, quit rents. 

Precautions against counterfeiting and misappropriation of money. 
Class 345. — Government and law. Various systems of government 

Departments of government Revenue and taxation, military organ- 
ization, executive powers, legislative forms and authority, judicial func- 
tions and systems, police regulations, government charities. 

International relations ; international law ; diplomatic and consolar 
service, etc., allegiance and citizenship; naturalization. ^ 

Codes. ^ 

CLAS8inCAT10r<i. 37 

Municipal | 

Protection of property in \ 

Postal system and appliances. 

Punishment of crime. 

Prisons and prison management and discipline; police staBons; 
houses of correction ; reform schools ; naval or mwine discipline ; pun- 
ishment at sea. 
^LAbS ^46.- 'Benevolence. General hospitals. 

Special hospitals for the eye and ear, for women, etc. 

Hospitals for contagious and infectious diseases. 

Hospitals for the insane — under State control, and private asylums. 

Quarantine systems and orgwnifaitifrns. 

Sanitary regulations oi cities. 


Inebriate asylums. 

Lying-in asylums. 

Magdalen asylums. 

Asylums for infants and children, foundling and orphan asylums, 
children's aid societies. 

Homes for the aged and infirm ; hoine& for aged men and women ; 
soldiers' homes ; homes for the maimed and deformed ', sailors' homes. 

Treatment of paupers. Almshouses, feeding the poor, lodging 

Emigrant aid societies. 

Treatment of aborigines. 

Prevention pf cruelty to animals. 
CLASS 347. — Co-operative associations. 

Political societies and organizations. 

Military organizations and orders. 

Trade unions and associations. 

Industrial organizations. 

Secret orders and fraternities. 
Class 348. — ^Religious organizations and systems. Origin, nature, giowth, and ex- 
tent of various religious systems and iaiths. Statistical, htbtoriocl, 
and other facts. 

Religious orders and societies, and their objects. 

Societies and organizations for the propagation of systems of religion 
by missionary effort. 

Spreading the knowledge of religious systems by publications. 

Bible societies, tract societies, colportage. 

Systems and methods of religious instruction and training for the 

Sunday-schoob, furniture and apparatus. 

Associations for religious or morel improvement. 

Dispensing charities, church guilds. 
Claib 349b — Art and industrial exhibitiotts. Agricultund foirs, state and county ex- 
hibitions, national exhibitions, international exhibitions, international 
congresses, etc. 


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Department IV -Art. 

Class 400. — Figures and groups in stone, metal, clay, or plaster. 
Class 401. — Bas-reliefs, in stone or metal ; electrotype copies. 
Class 403. — ^Medals, pressed and engraved ; electrotypes of medals. 
Class 403. — Hammered and wrought work — re^oussi and rehaussi vork, emboMed 

and engraved relief work. 
Class 404. — Cameos, intaglios, engraved stones, dies, seals, etc. 
Class 405. — Carvings in wood, ivory, and metal. 

Class 4x0. — P^ntlngs in oil on canvas, panels, etc. 
Class 4x1. — ^Water color pictures ; aquarelles, miniatures, etc. 
Class 4x2. — Frescoes, cartoons for frescoes, etc. 

Class 4x3. — Painting with vitrifiable colors. Pictures on porcelabi, enamel, and 


Class 4aa — ^Drawings with pen, pencil^ or crayons. 

Class 431. — Line engravings from steel, copper, or stone* 

Class 432. — ^Wood engravings. 

Class 423. — Lithographs, zincographs, etc. 

Class 424.— Chiomo-lithographs. 

Class 430. — Photographs on paper, metal, glass, wood, fiibrics, or enamel sur&ces. 
Class 431. — Prints from photo-relief plates, carbon prints, etc. 
Class 432. — Photo-lithographs, etc. 
Class 433. — Photographic apparatus and supplies. 

industrial and architectural designs, models, AMD DECORATIONS. 

Class 440. — Industrial designs. 

Class 441. — ^Architectural designs; studies and fragments, representations and pro- 
jects of edifices ; restorations from ruins and from documents. 

Class 442. — Decoration of interiors of buildings. 

Class 443. — ^Artistic hardware and trimmings, aitistic oasdngs, Gorged metal work 
fbr decoration, etc - ' 


Class 450. — Mosaic and inlaid work In stone. 
Class 451. — Mosaic and inlaid work in tiles, tessane, glass, etc 
Class 452. — Inlaid work in wood and metal, parquetry, tables, etc t 

Class 453.— Stained glass. igitized by VjOOg IC 

Class 454. — Miscellaneous objects of art 


Department V.-Machinery. 


Class 500.— Rock drilling. 

Class 501. — ^Well and riiaft boring: 

Class 50a. — Machines, appozatus. and implements, for coal ontting. 

Class 503. — Hoisting machinery and accessories. 

Class 504. — Pumping, draining, and ventilating. 

Class 505. — Crushing, grinding, sorting, and dressing. Breakers, stamps, mXXls, 

pans, screens, sieves, jigs, concentrators. 
Class 506. — Furnaces, smelting apparatus, and accessories. 
Class 507. — Machinery used in Bessemer process. 
Class 508. — Chemical raanu&cturing machinery. Electroplating. Paint and pow* 

der mills. Blacking and soap-making machinery. 
Class 509. — Gas machinery and apparatus. 


Class 510. — FUudng, sawing, veneering, grooving, mortising, tonguing, cutting, 
moulding, stamping, carving, and cask-making machines, etc., cork- 
cutting machines. 

Class 5x1. — ^Direct acting steam sawing machines, with gang saws. Bark mills. 

Class 51^ — ^Rolling mills, bloom squeesers, blowing fons. Rivet, nail, bolt, and 
tack making machinery. 

Class 513. — Furnaces and apparatus for casting metals, with specimens of work. 

Class 5x4. — Steam. trq>, and other hammers, with specimens of work, anvils, forges, 

Class 515.— Planing, drilling, slotting, turning, shaping, punching, stamping, cutting, 
and coining machines. Wheel cutting and dividing machines, emery 
wheels, drills, taps, gauges, dies, etc. Grindstones. 

Class 5x6. — Stone-sawing and planing machines, dressing, shaping, and polishing, 
sand blasts. Tilgfaman's machines, glass-grinding machines, etc. 

Class 5x7. — Brick, pottery, and tile machines. Machines for making artificial stone. 

Class 518.— Furnaces, moulds, blowpipes, etc.. for making glass and glassware. 

Class 5x9. — ^Tools, implements, etc., for working metal, wood, and stone. 


Class 590. — Machines for the manu&cture of silk goods. 
Class sax. — Machines for the manufacture of cotton goods. 
Class 532. — Machines for the manufacture of woolen goods, carpets, and tapestry. 
CLASS 533. — Machines for the manufacture of linen goods. - 



Class 524. — Machines for the manufiicture of rope and twine, and misoeUaAeow 

fibrous materials. 
Class 535. — Machines for the manu£eicture of paper and felting. 
Class 536. — ^Machines for the manufacture of india^nibber goods. 
Class 537. — Machines for the manufacture of mixed feibrics. 
Class 538. — Machines for the manufacture of wire doth. 


Class 530. — Machines used in the manufieu:ture of lace, floor-cloths, ianc j embroid- 
ery, hahr, ribbons, etc. 

Class 531. — Sewing and knitting machines, clothes, corset, hat, and bonnet making 

Class 533. — Machines for preparing and working leather. 

Class 533. — Machines for making boots and shoes. 

Class 534. — Machines for ironing, drying, scouring, and cleaning. 

Class 535. — Machines for making clocks and watches. 

Class 536. — Machines for making jewelry. 

Class 537. — Machines for making buttons, pins, neadks, etc 

Class 538. — Pipes for smoking. 


Class 540. — Printing, stamping, embossing, and lithographing presses. 

Class 541. — ^Typecasting machines, apparatus of stereotyping. 

Class 543. — Types and typesetting machines. Type-writing machines. 

Class 543. — Printers' furniture. 

Class 544. — Bookbinding machines. 

Class 545^ — Paper-folding machines. 

Class 546. — Paper and card cutting machines, paper box machines. 

Class 547. — Envelope machines. 


Class 550. — Boilers and all steam or gas generating apparatus for motive purposes. 

Class 551. — ^Water-wheels, water engines, hydraulic rams, windmills. 

Class 553. — Steam, air, or gas engines, electro-magnetic engines. 

Class 553. — ^Apparatus for the transmission of power, shafting, belting, cables, 

transmission of power by compressed air, etc., gearing, cables. 
Class 554. — Screw propellers, wheels for the propulaon of vesseb, and other motors. 
Class 555. — Implements and apparatus used in connection with motors, steam 

gauges, manometers, etc. Anti-friction metals. 

Class 560. — Pumps and apparatus for lifting and moving liquids. 
Class 561. — Pumps and apparatus for moving and compressing air or gas. 
Class 563. — Pumps and blowing engines, blowers and ventilating apparatus. 
Class 563. — Hydraulic jades, presses, elevators, lifts, meters, cranes. 
Class 564. — Fire engines, hand, steam, or chemical, and fire extinguishing appa- 
ratus, hose, ladders, and fire-escapes, etc. 
Class 565. — Beer engines, soda-water machines, bottling apparatus, corking machines. 
CLASS 566. — Stop valves, cocks, pipes, etc. 
Class 567. — Diving apparatus and machinery. 
Class 568. — Ice machines. 

Class 570.— Locomotives, models, drawings, plans, ett^tized by GoOqIc 
Class 571. — Carriages, wagons, trucks, cars, etc 


Class 578«— Bnkcs, buiSen, couplings, and snow-plows. 

Class 573. — Wheels, tixes, axles, bearings, springs, etc. 

Class 574. — Permanent ways, ties, chairs, switches, etc. 

Class 575. — Station arrangements, signals, water-cranes, turn-tables. 

Class 576. — Miscellaneous locomotive attachments^ 

Class 577. — Street railways and cars. 


Class 580. — ^Flour mills. 

Class 581. — Sugar refining machines. 

Class 583. — Confectioners' machinery. 

Class 583. — Oil-making machinery. 

Class 584. — ^Tobacco manuiacturing maehines. 

CLASS 585. — Mills for spices, coffee, etc. 

Class 586. — Machines for preparing £uicy goods. 

Class 587. — Machines for preparing malt and spirituous liquors. 

Class 59a — Suspended cable raflways. ^ 

Class 591. — Transporting cables. 
Class 593. — Balloons, flying machines, etc. 
Class 593. — Pneumatic railways, pneumatic dispatch. 
Class 594. — ^Boats and sailing vessels. Sailing vesseb used in commerce. Sailing 

vessels used in war. Yachts and pleasure boats. Rowing boats of 

all kinds. Life boats and salvage apparatus, with life rafts, belts, etc. 

Submarine annor, diving belts, etc Ice boats. Models and drawings. 
Class 595. — Steamships, steamboats, and all vessels propelled by steam. 
Class 596. — ^Vessels for carrying telegraph* cables and railway trains, also coal 

barges, water boats, and dredging machines, screw and floating docks, 

and for other special purposes. 
Class 597. — Steam capstans, windlass, deck-winches, and steering apparatus, lans. 


Boilen, engines, cranes, pumps, etc. 


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Department VI -Agriculture 

CXASS 6oa— Umber and trunks of trees, entire or in transverse or truncated sto- 

tions, with specimens of barks, leaves, flowers, seed vessels, and see^ 
^ Masts, spars, knees, longitudinal secdons of trees, railway ties, ship 

timber, lumber roughly sawn ; as planks, shingles, lath, and staves. 
Timber and lumber prepared in various ways to resist decay and 

combustion ; as by injection of salts of copper and sine. 
Class 6ox« — Ornamental woods used in decorating and for furniture ; as veneers oi 

mahogany, rosewood, ebony, walnut, maple, and madrona. 
CXass 60a. — Dyewoods, barks, and galls for coloring and tanning. 
Class 603. — Gums, resins, caoutchouc, gutta percha, vegetable wax. 
Class 604. — Lichens, mosses, fungi, pulu, ferns. 
Class 605. — Seeds, nuts, etc, for food and ornamental puxposes. 
Class 606. — Forestry. — Illustrations of the art of planting, managing, and protecting 

forests. Statistics. 
Class 607.— Fruit trees and shniba. 


Class 610. — Fruits of temperate and semi-tropical regions ; as apples, pears, quinces, 
peaches, nectarines, apricots. plums« gnpes, cherries, strawberries, and 

Class 6zz. — ^Tropical fruits and nuts, oranges, bananas, plantains, lemons, pine- 
apples, pomegranates, figs, cocoanuts. 

Class 6ao. — Cereals, grasses, and forage plants. 
Class 631. — Legummous plants and esculent vegetables. 
Class 623. — Roots and tubers. 

Class 633.— Tobacco, hops, tea, coffee, spices, condiments, heibt. 
Class 634.— Seeds and seed vessels. 


Class 630. — Horses, asses, mules. 
Class 631.— Homed cattle. 
Class 632.— Sheep. 

Class 633. — Goats, alpaca, llama, cameL 
Class 634. — Swine. 
Cl-ASS 63s.— Poultry and birds. 
Class 636. — Dogs and cats. 
Class 637.— Wild animals. 

Class 638.— Insects, useful and injurious. Honey b«M. cochineal. sUk-wonns. 


CXiSS 64a — Marine mammals. — Seals, cetaceans, etc., specimens living in aquaria, 

or stuifed, salted, preserved in alcohol, or otherwise. 
Class 641. — Fishes, living or preserved. 
Class 64a. — Pickled fish, and parts offish used for food. 
Class 643. — Crustaceans, echinoderms, beche de mer. 
Class 644. — MoUnsks, oystexs, clams, etc., used for food. 
Class 645.->-ShelK corals, and pearb. 

Class 646^ — ^Whal^>one, shagreen, fish-glue, isinglasa, sounds, fish-oiL 
Class 647. — Instruments and appaialus of fishii^ — ^Nets, baskeu. hooks, and other 

apparatus used in catching fish. 
Class 64S. — Fish culture. — ^Aquaria, batching pools, irenels for transporting roe and 

spawn, and other appaiatus used in fish breediag, culture, or praser- 


animal and vegetable products. 
(Used as food or as materials.) 
Class 650.-— sponges, seaweed, and other growths used for food or in the arts. 
Class 651. — ^The daiiry. — Milk, cream, butter, cheese. 

Class 6s2. — Hides, fnis, and leather, tallow, oil, and lard, tvory, bone, horn, glue. 
Class 653.— Eggs, feathers, down. 
Class 654. — Honey and wax. 

Class 655. — ^Animal perfumes ; as nnisk, civet, ambergris. • 
Class 656. — Preserved meats, vegetables, and fruits. Dried, or in cans or jars. 

Meat and vegetable extracts. 
Ceass 657. — ^Flour; crushed and ground cereals, decorticated grains. 
Class 658. — Starch and similar products. 
Class 659. — Sugar and syrups. 
Class 660. — ^Wines, alcohol, and malt liquors. 

Class 66x. — ^Bread, biscuits, crackers, cakes, conlectionery, cocoa, chocolate, etc. 
Class 66a. — ^Vegetable oils, oil cake. 

Class 665. — Cotton on the stem, in the boll, ginned, and baled. 
Class 666. — Hemp, flax, jute, ramie, etc, in primitive forms and in all stages of 

preparation for spinning. 
Class 667.— Wool in the fleece, carded, and in bales. 
Class 668. — Silk in the cocoon and reeled. 
Class 669. — Hair, bristles. 


Class 670.— Tillage. — ^Manual implements, spades, hoes, rakes. Animal power 
machinery, plows, cultivators, horseshoes, clod-crushers, rollers, haiw 
rows. Steam power machinery, plows, breakers, harrows, cultivators. 

Class 671. — Planting. — Manual implements, corn-planters and hand-drills. Animal 
power machinery, grain and manure drills, com and cotton planters. 
Steam power machinery, grain and manure drills. 

Class 673. — Harvesting. — Manual implements ; grain-cradles, sickles, reaping-hooks. 
Animal power machinery, reapers and headers. Mowers, tedders, rakes, 
hay elevators, and hay loaders. 
Potato diggers. 

Class 673. — Preparatory to marketmg. — ^Thrashers, clover-htdlers, com-shellers, 
winnowers, hay, cotton, flax, jute, ramie, wine, oil, and sugar making 
apparatus. Qeaners and smutters. Horsepowers. ^ 


Class 674.— Applicable to iann «coiioin)r. — Portable and stationary engines, chaffen, 
hay and feed cutters, slicers, pulpers, com mills, farm boilers and 
steamers, incubators, edged tools, mills, meat choppers. 

Class 675. — Dairy fittings and appliances. — Chums for hand and power, butter- 
workers, cans and pails, cheese-presses, vats, and apparatus, ice-cream 
freezexs, cedar-ware. 

Class 680. — Laying out and improving farms. — Qearing (stump extiactofs), con- 

itmction of roads, draining, irrigating, models of fences, gates, drains, 

out-fidls, dams, embankaaents, iirigatiiig macbtnery, stadc baSUUng aad 

Class 681. — Commercial fertifiierB, pbosphatic, ammoniaoal, oalearsoiis, eia 
Class 68a.<^-Transportation. — ^Wagons, earti, sImU. har&ess, yokes, traction engines, 

and apparatus for road making and excavating. 
Class 683. — Farm buildings. — Models and drawings of iartn houses and tenements, 

bams, stables, hop-houses, fruit-driers, ice-houses, windmills, granaries^ 

barracks, apiaries, cocooneries, aviaries, abattoirs, and dairies. 


Class (Soa — Systems of planting and cultivation. 
Class 691. — Systems of draining and application of manures* 
Class 693. — Systems of breeding and stock feeding, training 
Class 69^— Veterinary suigexy and appliances^ 


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Department VIL-Horticulture 

Class 700. — Ornamental trees and shrubs, evexpvens. 
Class 701. — Herbaceous perennial plants. 
Class 70a. — Bulbous and tuberous rooted plants. 
Class 703. — Decorative and ornamental foliage plants. 
Class 704. — ^Annuals and other solt-wooded plants, to be exhibited in successive 

periods during the season. 
Class 7os.-f-Ro8cs. 
Class 706. — Ca c tacea. 
Class 707. — Ferns, their management in the open air and in ferneries, wardian 

cases, etc. 
Class 708. — New plants, with statement of their origm. 
Class 709. — Floral designs, etc. — Cut flowers, bouquets, preserved flowers, leaves, 

seaweeds. Illustrations of plants and flowers. — Materials for floral 

designs. Bouquet materials, bouquet holders, bouquet papers, models 

of firuits, vegetables, and flowers. 

Class 7x0. — Hothouse and conservatory plants. 
Class 7x1. — Fruit trees under glass. 
Class 7x3. — Orchids and parasitic plants. 
Class 7x3. — Forcing and propagation of plants. 
Class 714. — Aquatic plants under glass, or in aquaria, etc 
Class 7x5. — Horticultural buildings, propagating houses, hotbeds, etc., and modes 

of heating them. Structures for propagating and forcing small Ihiits. 
Class 716. — Portable or movable orchard houses and graperies, without artificial 

heat. Frames, beds. 


Class 790. — ^Toolsand implements. — Machines for the transplanting of trees, shrubs, 
etc Portable forcing pumps, for watering plants in greenhouses and 
methods of watering the garden and lawn. 

Class 73X. — Receptacles for plants. — Flower pots, plant-boxes, tubs, fern cases, jar- 
dinieres, etc Window gardening. Plant and flower stands, ornate 
designs in iron, wood, and wire. 

Class 703. — Ornamental wirework, viz.: fences, gates, trellis bordering of flowei 
beds, porches. Park seats, chairs, garden statuary, vases, fountain^ 
etc Designations, labels, numbers. 

Class 730. — Laying out gardens. — Designs for the laying out of gardens, and th( 

improvement of private residences. Designs for commercial gardens, 

nurseries, graperies. Designs for the parterre. Books on gardening. 
Class 73X. — ^Treatment of water for ornamental purposes, cascades, fountains, 

reservoirs, lakes. 
Class 73a. — ^Formation and after-treatment of lawns. 
Class 733. — Garden construction, buildings, etc. — Hockwork, grottoes. Rustic 

constructions and adornments for private gardens and public grounds. 
Class 734. — Planting, fertilising, and cultivating. ^ 



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A9Aenna,D^& Son 147 

ABcrkaa Kevapaiper Union 60 

•AiMtt''CSstf..V: 47 

BaAmr ft Jones 144 

Bgifct, Edwaid A John 145 

Banfen. W.J & Sons 145 

.' Ouppinc Norton I'wMds. 146 

BukyftCo 54 

BSood. WoOe & Co. 

iHood, watte « i^ 147 

l^id^ loiBS,& Brother 148 

St Co 101 

CfaiVs'*aN.T.* Spool Cotton Faicing second page of cover. 

CutvdS ft Cochrane 146 

Uaol^ Joko. Jr^ & Co 15a 

C«no««r, Ddvid F^ & Co ^f 124 

ZteviMTsr, J ohn, ft Sons 755 ' 

Divvn, W. A^ & Co na 

DiMiM' Elwtiic &>a|iw «. , «.....«w«.. 

Bsat, WilKam, & Son 151 

f lcad^ E. D. & W. A 13a 

f mdi ResUorvit i la 

Faraald ft Oianipion '.....ti% 

Gieawr^W. W 144 

Grast Combtnation Store Third page of cover. 

Cooccater Iron Works 100 

Gniblib loa. C^ & Co , 101 

Goodai/ s Hooaebold Specia>iiiea. 147 

Henrr.Alez - i44 

HaaUrc, Jos. MS 

Hooper, Oeeve, Jr. MS 

HwUcHft Sehnoger 125 

Henri^cs' Safes 14a 

HoTstnan Brothere & Co. • >a4 

HaseUae GaOCries '. 47 

Minson, r, ft Co iS4 

KJnle, Sl P. ^ »3a 

Lewis John T., ft Bros »oo 

McAffister.W.T.,&Co. • 47 

WmumaT Tiles 125 

Mama& Headley »a5 

HcCaDons, Crease, ft Sloan »«3 

UcGce, John G., ft Co. »45 

Ra^Bmihws ACo }y> 

lYesbyterian Banner "4 

Pratt. B. C Bcx>. ft Co Mi 

Pnrndent Life and Tract Co "4 

Pean Motual Life Insorance Co 47 

ProBsrhrania Railroad • 55 

PifftabuTjch Daily E wni or Chronicle > • » 

nttsKmrch Cominerciai .........•••••• .................••«•••• • 125 

RadwayV^Dr, Medicines ; ; •••• ^i 

* Star " Alpaca Braids Faang second jiage of co\«r. 

Sen Nev«mper. 3^1 

Scott. W. C^ ft Son »44 

Snitb, David, ft Co »44 

Tomkimoo. A. S 320 

ThoTDtoa, John, ft Co »33 

United Presbyterian »33 

Wstlao«,Thos., ft Sons. '•'""' •••••: ;-»33 

West Philade^hia Fsunenger Railway Company Second page of cover. 

Toric S»nc Fhdc Spiming Co •"• Y49 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(At six for 26 oents) 

ust the u jn ±'±'i±iD sTA-mng, 

The ''ABOKA/' 


OffLoe, S. "^v^r. cor. Fifteezitli. mxu9u "Viaa^ 3t«^ 




^ lii^sTf^ATj/jQ eVlrv Section orTHEQn}0E:A/IO A^llthe 7 
Wti.,' ^Csewces.Tj^eA^OPticon is the BEST.LWTEf 


4^-- ^ W^ Y.M^ALL|§TER 728 C^Sinuf StPhiu.Pa 



ISBVrS, JAN. lit, 1»7«. 

Unfted States bonds. Phlta- 

delphU and other •tocks 
and loans, . ■ • • 

Mortgages and ground rents 
upon propertr appraised at 
fS.3Miaoo, all first liens. 

Real estate owned br Co.. • 

I'remium notes and loans «•• 
cured by collateral. • • 

Cash on hand and In trust 
com6anies, ... 

Scrip diridends held by Co.. • 

Balance in hand of agents, • 

AU other securitiet* • 

853.6(0 Z3 

X9r.9i6 69 
si3.0)0 00 


SAMUEL C. HUEY. President^ _ .^ 
H. S. STEPHENS. Second Vice-President. 
HENRY AUST1E, Secretary. 

8TBBBT, rn 1 1 ■ ADBTiPHIA. 


Losses reported, but not 

yet due $i90A^ oo 

Reserre at 4 per cent Inter. 

est, reaulred to tnsinn 

outstanding risks. • 4,sSi*n9 eo 
Scrip yet outstanding, 113J03P 00 

Surplus to policy holders, . 

4 per cent, basis. 
Surplus to policy holders, 
• 45» por cent, basis, 
Totai number of policies 

issued In 1875. ... 
Policies In fbrce Jan. z. 1876, 
Amount at risk, $i 


SAMUEL E. STOKES. Vtce-PresidenL 

1U5 abA 1181 GhMtaut St^ PUUUUlpldA. 



Dept. L—Mining and Metallurgy. 


Minerals, Ore*. 

Mianmls, Or«t, Btone, MiaiiLf 

OaniBte Xioa Ik 8t««l Co., Jofam- 

■MB.P». Wd6. 

fe«a,ftad hanntlte ores from 
F_t FmikstowB, MaridesbuK, 
Cntkf Hemfena, and SprlngficM 
■pecubr, magnetic, red nematite, 

* <,mad Lake Cnamplainores; 
Inm Mount aitt ores. 

• i-I^CS^AadiEcoai finonn JohosuMra aad 

■■■■staa mines; Belgian oven and pit 

coke. xoi 

# lime and j;anister horn near HoIUdays- 

hiatg, Henrietta, and Canister mines. Z03 

5 Wharton, Joa«ph« Camden, N. J.— 
NidBd oice. tS. xoo 

*S Sharswood, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— T jow 100 

a MacMCic Iron ore from the Moimcuc Fur- 
nace mines, Danbury, N. C. ; oros and 
mincsals from North Carolina. 100 

i Conl from North Carolina. lot 

e Mar^ile from North Carolina. xoa 

^Steatite, acalmatolite, etc. from North 
Carolina. 104 

4 Hatch, Job.:. San Francisco. Cal.^ 
kfinerais of the Pacific states ano territo- 
nes, Mexico, Central and South America, 
Cfana, Japan, eie. T 67. no 

6 Barton, Chas., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Om frxHS ** Blaxinf Star " silver mine, 
Colorado. T ft. soo 

9 Adams, J. Howe, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Ore from "Blue Jacket" silver mine, 
Mootana distria, Colonido. T 71. too 

7 Beaton, Caroline C, Philadelphia, 
Fau — Iron ores from St. Lawrence and 
Levis oouaties, N. Y. T 67. xoo 

t Foote, A. E., M.D., 8726 Lancaster 
avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.— <^ollection of 
miaerab ; elementary collection of miner- 
als far student* illustratii^ principal spe- 
cies ; aO grand divisions in Dana ; every 
chemical element ; every system of crys- 
talUntion ; triroorphism. too specimens, 
svcraging fear square Incites, mostly cry s- 
lalKreU, printed label of species, compo- 
sition, locality sttadied-^10.00 ; crys- 
tallised araaaon stone, feldspar, quarts, 
Braoklte. ratile rosettes, pero&kite, ho- 
drocecantte (new mineral, lCoenig>, schor- 
!. samarskite, telfurides, copper, hex- 


«, aegem«i, oa«r- 
waVedllte, peganiie. 

f aereiand RotHnff Mill Co., Ctevtf- 

laBd,Ohlo.-Oi«i. T60. xoo 

3br dMcs ef esUbili, indicaled by 4 

11 Wvominr Historical ft Oeolo^cal 
Soaety, Wilkesbarre, Pa.— Fossils from 
theanfhrackseoel awasttmseC Wyoming 
Valley, Pa. T 70. 

12 Cook, Isaae, St. Louie, Mo.— Lend 

ores 6«m 

66. xoo 

Wmhington county. Mo. 

19 Port Henry Iron Ore Co., J. B. 
BrIlMmade, Treasortr, 56 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y.— Magnetic iron ores, 
"Twen^-oae." puddling, and furnace 
ore ; " Fisher'' B^semer ore. T 71. xoo 

14 Witherbees, Shermaa, ft Co., Port 
Henry, Essex County, N. Y.— Old bed 

ling and fiimace ore, and new bed 
semer ore. T 7X. xoo 

15 Black Band Iron Co., Marietta, O. 
— Black band, xed hematite, and other iron 
ores. V 63. xoo 

16 Brown ft Co., Wayne Iron ft Steel 
Works, Pituburg, Pa.— Ores. T 6a. 100 

17 Lncy Filrnace Co., Pittobarg, Pa.-« 
Iron ores. T 66. . xoo 

18 Provldenco Franklin Society, Provi- 
dence, K. I. — Minerals and «ological 
specimens from Rhode Island. T 70. xoo 

19 Lombard. Thos. C. New York, N. 
Y. ^Galena from Tudor mine, Hastii^s 
county. One. T 71. xoo 

80 Hussev ft Howe Mining Co., Platts- 
M. Y. — Blue mastic iron ore 

black augneuc iron ore. T 


21 Alexander, John 8., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Collection of miaefals. P 68. zoo 

82 Passaic Zinc Co., Passaic, N. J.— 
2tnc or«s. T 63. xoo 

28 Magnetite Iron Co.f Philadelphia, Pa. 
--Bessemer oces; minerals firom Carter 
county, Tenn. T 69. x(» 

84 Crab Orchard Iron Co., PhiUdet- 
phia. Pa. — Magnetic Bessemer iron ores 
from Crab Orchard, Tenn. T 69. zoo 

89 Herr, Jos- C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hematite iron orm, manganese, and baryta 
from French Broad River, Cocke county, 
Tenn. T 69. roo 

86 Davis. O. W., Jr., Ban^r. Maine.— 
Katahain ores (Umonite). T 6^. xoo 

860 Fleming, F. N. ft J. S., Goochland 
C. H., V?-T 68. 
a Minerals, especially gold ores. xoo 

S Mineral waters. X07 

87 Thomas Iron Co., Hokendauqua, Pa. 
— ^Iron ore. T 64. xoa 

88 Lehigh 2Hnc Co., Bethlehem, Pa.— 
2inc ores and mincrab from sine mines. 
T 64. xoe 


Minerals, Ores. 

29 Virginia Mineral Bureau, Alexan- 
dria, Va.-^Coilcciion of minerals of Vir- 
ginift and We&i Virginia. X 6a.* loo 

SO Stockbridge Iron Co., New Bedford, 
Mass. — Iron ore from West Stockbridge 
and Richmond, Mass. T 70. xoo 

31 Dexter ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Mica from North ^Jaroitnn. T 72, 100 

32 Minong Mining Co.. Detroit, Mich. 
— Native copper, etc. V 67. foo 

83 Shaker, R. M., Carrick Furnace, 
Franklin ootinty. Pa. — iron ore. T 63. 100 

34 Shelbv Iron Co., Shelby Iron Works, 
Ala. — Iron ores. T 71. 100 

85 Rockhill Iron ft Coal Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— T 79 nnd Y 56. ' 

a Iron ores. 100 

6 Semi-anthracite coal ; coke. loi 

86 Tecumteh Iron Co., Tecumaeh, Ala. 
Willard Warner, President and Manager ; 
A. E. Buck, Treasurer, Atlanta, Ga. 
— Pig iron, iron ore, charcoal, limestone. 
T 70. 100 

80« Smith, J. C, Chicago, Ill.—Miner- 
als of Jo Daviess county. V 7*. 100 

87 New River Railroad, Mining, ft 
Manufacturing Co, of Virginia, I'hiladel- 

?hia, Pa.'— Iron ores and other minerab. 
* 50. xoo 

87tf Cosgriff, A., Tilly Foater Iron 
Mines, N. Y. — Magnetic iron ore. Y 6a. 


87^ South ft North Alal>ania Railroad, 
Montgomery, Ala. — Y 60 and 1, 57. 
a Iron ore and minerals. too 

^ Coal and coke. lox 

88 Lackawanna Iron ft Coal Co., Scran- 
ton, Pa. — Iron ores.. T63. 100 

89 Carpenter, Charles, KeUey's Island, 
Ohio. — Geological rocks. Y 63. 100 

40 Lake Superior Iron Co.^ Marquette 
county, Mich.— Iron ore. 1 70. too 

41 Kentucky Qeolorlcal Survey.— Col- 
lection illwtratingtne geology and mineral 
resources of Koitucky. X 6s. xoo 

42 Allen, Oliver, Mumford, N. Y.— Pet- 
rified wood, leaves, Icrns, etc, found on 
his premises. T 7a. 100 

48 VesQvltis Furnice, Btns Iron 
Works, IrontoD, Ohio.^Iron ore. T 
68. 100 

44 Etna Furnace, Etna Iron Co., Hang- 
ing Rock, Ohio.— Iron ore. T 68. 100 

45 Blanche Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 
Ironton, Ohio. — Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

46 Heda Iron ft Mining Co^ John 
Campbell, President, Ironton, O.— Iron 
ores. T 68. 100 

47 Monitor Furnace Co., Ironton, O. 
— Iron ores. T 68. 100 

48 Grant Furnace, W. D. Kelley ft 
Sons, Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

49 Center Furnace, W. D. Kelley ft 
Sons, Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

49« Pennsylvania Geological Survey 
(by John B. Pease). — Scientific collection 
of rocks, minerak, models, and maps illus- 
trating the geology of Pennsylvania. V 
70. xoo 

80 Howard Furnace, Charcoal Iron Co., 
Ironton, O. — lion ores. T 68. xoo 

80a Benton, Lewis F., Antwerp* N. Y. 
— Lead ore. T 70. . xoo 

51 Buckhora Furnace, Charcoal Iron 
Co., Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T68. xoo 

62 Olive Furnace, Campboll, MfcGugin, 

ft Co. , Ironton, O.— I rouores. T 68. too 

58 Lawrence Furnace Co., Ironton^ 

O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

53a Ward, L. B., Nilsa, O.— V 6x Uty 

a Iron ore. 100 

6 Coal. xoz 

54 Pine Grove Furnace. Means, Kyle, ft 
Co., Hanging Kock, O.— Iron ores. T 
68. xoo 

55 Ohio Furnace. Means, Kyle, ft Co., 
Hanging Rock, O.— Iron ores. T68. 100 

56 Washington Furnace, Union Iron 
Co. , Portsmomh. O.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

56« Chaffin, Staples, & Co., Richmond, 
"^ Va.-Orei. t56. xoi 

57 Scioto Furnace, L. C. RoMnaon ft 
Co., Portsmouth, O.— Iron ores. T 68. 


58 Bloom Furnace, John P^ul ft Co., 
Portsmouth, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

59 Clinton Furnace. W. L BeU, Wheel- 
ersburg, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

59s Selma ft Alabama Railroad, Mont- 

fomery, Ala. — Y 60. 
ron ore. xoo 

i Section of cool-beds. 101 

60 Buckeye Furnace Co., Jackson, 
. O.-^Iron ores. T68. too 

61 Cambria Furnace, D. Le'wis ft Co., 
SamsoaviUe, Q*— Ixoporcs. T 68. idb 

62 Jackson Furnace, L. P. N. Smith 'a 
Heirs, Sciotovilie, O.— >In» ott*. T 
68. 100 

68« WalHs, Jno. O., Fulton, Ark.— Sul- 

Khate of antimony and argentiferous ga- 
ma. N 55. «<* 

68 Jefferson Furnace Co., Oak Hill, 
O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

64 Orange Furnace, Orange Iron Co., 
Jackson, O.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

65 Star Furnace Co., Jackson, O.— 
Iron ores. T 68. , loo 

66 Huron Furnace, Huron Iron Co., 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

67 Tropic Furnace Co., Jackson, O.— 
Iron ores. T (^. too 

68 Globe Furnace, Globe Iron Co., Jack- 
son, O. — Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

69 Fulton Famace, Qlobe Iron Co. 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

69o Liking Iron Co., Newark, O.— V ^. 
a Iron ore. ioo 

h Coal. ioi 

e Flux and slag. 103 

70 Wellston Twin Furnaces, Wellston 
Coal & Iron Co., Wellston, O.— Iron ores. 
T 68. 100 

70« Hannibal ft St. Joseph Railroad, 
Hannibal, Mo. — Min^als, etc. from the 
line of the road. V 6$. 100 

70^ St. Louis ft Iron Mountain Rail* 
road, St. Louis, Mo. — Minerals, etc. from 
the line of the road. T 60. xoo 

71 Lincoln Furnace, I. M.> McQbee'a 
£state, Rud's Mills, O.— Iron ortt. T 
68. xoo 

72 Richland Furnace Co., Richlfnd 
P. O., O.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

For locatiap of oljectty indlcstrd by latter and figure, tee Key to Noution,#.SS; g rou nd p la n, ^ at. 



Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

75 Bacle Ramace, L. C. Dam«rin ft Co., 
Rud's Mills, O.— Iron ores. T 68. too 

74 Hope Pumace, L. C. DamarinftCo., 
PonsmouUi, O.— Iron ores. T 68. <oo 

1§ Hamden Fummce, U, C. Damarin ft 
Co. . Portsmouth, O. — Iron ores. T 68. loo 

7^ Marietta. Pittsburc, ft Cleveland 
Railwrav, Marietta, O. — Minerals and 
ores. V 63. xoo 

76 Vinton Pttmacc, Bancroft, Rader, ft 
Co., Vmion Station, O. — Iron ores. too 

77 Kejratone Furnace Co., Portamouth, 
O. — Iron ores. T 68. too 

75 Monroe Purnace, Union Iron Co., 
Ponsaiauth, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

79 Latrobe Purnace, Bundy ft Cobb, 
Berlin Crass Roads, O.— Iron ores. T 
68. . xoo 

79« Bmrntfj Lewia, Phttadelphia, Pa.-* 
Mangantieroiis iron ore, from Warren 
county, N. J. T 50. too 

89 Logan Pumaca Co., Logan county, 
O.— Irno ores. T 68. too 

%l Union Puroace, Brooks ft Haeston, 
Haydensvitle, O. — Iron ores. T68. 100 

8t Mount Savage Purnace, Lexington 
& Carter county Mining ft Manufactur- 
ing Co., Lexington, Ky. — Iron ores. T68. 


%$ Buffalo Purnace, Culbertson, Bar- 
hart, & Co., Greenupsburg, Ky. — Iron 
ores, T 68. xoo 

14 Hunaewell Purnace, Baatcm Ken- 
tucky Raulway Co., Riverton, Ky. — Iron 
ores. T 68. xoo 

M PennavtvaniaPnrnace,Baatern Ken- 
tucky Railway Co., Riverton, Ky.—Iron 
ores. T 68. xoo 

$• Charlotte Purnace Co., Riverton, 
K.y.— Iron ores. T 68. too 

87 Laurel Purnace, Robt. Scott ft Co., 
Kiveiton, Ky. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

88 GalUa Purnace. Norton, Campbell, ft 
Co., l\ntsniouth, O. — Iron ores. T68. xoo 

88« Iowa, State of.— Minerals, ores, etc. 
at leva. V 59. xoo 

88 Raccoon Purnace, Raccoon Mining 
ft Manu&cturing Co., Rivertoa, Ky. — 
Irun ores. 1' 68. 100 

80 Tygert'a Valley Mining Co., River- 
ifin, Ky. — ^Scciion of iron oro. T 68. xoo 

84Vi Chmtitr Icon Co., Chester, N. J.~ 
Iron ore. T 64. 100 

81 Bellefontc Purnace, Meana, RusaelL 
ft Means, Ashland, Ky.— Iron ores. T 
68. xoo 

88 Bneoa Vista Purnace, Means ft Co., 
AsMaad, Ky.— Iron ores. T68. too 

88 Trig)g Purnace, D. Hillman ft Sons, 
Enpire Iron Worlcs, Ky.— Iron ores. T 
68. xoo 

88« Lowe, S. B., Chattanooga, Tenn.— 
Ores. X 63. 100 

84 Center Purnace, D. Hillman ft Sons, 
Kmpire Iron Works, Ky.— Iron ores. T 
68, xoo 

80 Haaging Rock Iron Region, Iroi\- 
ton, O.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

87 Traber ft Aubery, Cincinnati, O.— 
Ifoa ores fiom twenty-five sutes and ter- 
ritories. T 66. Xoo 

98 Borden, William W.. New Provi- 
dence, Ind. — Foftsils of Clark county, 
Ind., and stone. X 60. xoo 

89 Cooper, Hewitt, ft Co., New York, 

N. Y. T 66. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

S Fuels. roi 

100 Ohio Coal Co., Marietta, O.—V 63. 
n Coal. 100 

5 Coke. xox 

101 Rhodea ft Co., Cleveland, O.— V 6s 

tif 63. 
a Lake Superior iron ores. xoo 

6 Massillon, Ohio, coals. xox 

109 Poplar Greek Mineral Railroad Co.» 
Philadelphia, Pa.— T 60. 
a Iron ores, etc, firom Andeisoa county, 
Tenn. xoo 

5 Coal from Anderson county, Tenn. xox 

108 Durham boa Co., RiegelaviUc, Pa* 
a Ores. xoo 

6 Fuel. xox 

104 Olendon Iron Co., Baaton, Pa.— T 

a Iron ores. xoo 

6 Fuel. lox 

100 Mahoning Valley Centennial Asso- 

dation, Youngsiown, O.— V 63. 

a Ores. '100 

^ Coal. xot 

e Limestone. 103 

106 Bye, B. Mortimer, Wilmington, 

a /rva «rv. (Tltaniferous magnetic.) Ckrvrnt 
are, (Rock and sand.) 100 

^ Maryland " verde antique*' marble (sen* 
pentine), various shades of green, hand- 
somely blended; takes a brilliant polish, 
does not fade or weather, and is aaaotcd 
for all kinds of ornamental work. T 70. 


107 Northampton Purnace, worked by 
the Dethlehem Iron 0>., Bethlehem, Pa. 

a Iron ores. too 

6 Fuel. lox 

108 Lehigh Iron Co», AUeatown, Pa. 
— T64. 

a Iron oro. 100 

^ Coal. xox 

109 Buiaae Iron Co., Allantowa, Pa. 
-T 64. 

a Iron ore. xoc 

^ Fuel. xox 

111 Allentown RoHtng Mill Co., Aneo- 
town. Pa.— T 64. 

a Ores. too 

6 Fuel. fcot 

112 Carbon Iron Co., Parryville, Pa. 
-T 64. 

a Iron ore. xoo 

i Fud. lox 

118 Philadelnhiaand Reading Coal and 
Iron Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— T 7a anJ Y 



Iron ores. too 

^ Coals for smelting and steam purposes. lox 

114 Qrund Tower Mining, Manufao- 

turing, and TranRportaiion Co., Graiul 
Tower, 111.— T 68. 

jyS ,,.lzed.y Google™ 

oC aahibi^ indicated by anmbers aft cad of entries, see Classiication, pp. 37-45. 


Minerals, Ores, Stone^« 




130«* Chattanooga Minera] District, 
Chatunooga, 1 cnn. — X 63. 

: gold quart*. 




1X5 Ironton Furnace Iron ft Steel Co., 

Ironton, O.— T 68. 

- a Iron ores. 100 

i Biuiminous coal. loi 

116 Bellbfit Furnace. Belfont Irtm 
Works, Ironton, O.— T 68. 

a Iron ores. 100 

6 Bituminous coals. toz 

117 Ophir PumaM Co., Jackaon, O.—T 

« Iron ores. 100 

6 Jackson county stone coal. loz 

118 Norton Iron WdVks, Aahland. Ky. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

h Coals and coke. loi 

119 Ashland Fam'ace, Lexington 9l 
Big Sandy Railroad Co., Ashland, Ky. 
— Tfl8. 

n Iron ores. |oo 

h Coals. 10 1 

120PoweI, Robert' Hare, ft Co., 424 

Walnut street, Philadelphia, P*.~X 54. 

' A Iron ores. xoo 

6 Semi-bituni'nous and gas coaLs,fii&m the 

Powekoa o.iate, Ifcnra^ylvAnin, fox 

181 Union Iron Co. of Buffalo, Buffalo, 

N. Y.— T 64 ami U 60 outside. 

m Iron ores. 100 

6 Limestone. J03 

122 >Voodstock Iron Co., Anniston, 
• Ala.— T 63. 

m Iron and manganese ores. too 

6 Limestone. Z03 

123 SaucoA Iron Co., UeUertown, Fm 
-T64. ' 

a Hematite and magnetic ore. 100 

d Limestone. 103 

128^ SeUna, Rome, & Dalton Rail- 
road (by S. W. Bjlird), Cincinnati, O.— X 

a Copper and iron ores. loo 

h Coal. loi 

t Slate, marble, and limestone. io3 

d Fire clay. 104 

124 Andrewa, Hitchcock, ft Co., Cleire- 
Innd, O.— V 6i to 64. 

« Lake Superior iron ores. zoo 

b Brier Hill coal. 101 

c Limestone. 103 

125 Duncan, John W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— T 7a. 

a Iron ores. 100 

b Clays. 104 

1S6 Pern at«k] ft Inm 0»., Clinton- 
ville, N. Y.-T 63. 
a Iron ore. 100 

h Graphite ore. Z05 

187 Thomfts, W. H. B.* Mount Holly, 
N. J.~T 68. 
n Minerals. zoo 

^ Marls for fertilizing purposes; mineral 
waters from ^Jew Jersey. Z07 

127^ Brooke, E; ft 0., Birdsboro", Pa. 
-T 67. 
M.igneiic and hematite iron ores. zoo 

3 Anthracite coal. zoz 

128 Myers. A. J., Shenandoah Alum 
Springs, Va.— T 67. 
a Minerals, ores. zoo 

h Mineral spring watets, chalybeate, iron, 
and sulphur waters. Z07 

188« Andover Iron Co., Phillipabtirg, 
a Iron ores. zoo 

b Coal. foz 

c Limestone and slags. X03 

For location of 0I9C0IS, indicated by letter aiMl figure, cee Kej-ioNotalieo^p. as;sitmBdpJaB^p.,i>a6. 

189 Crane Iron Co., Catasauqua, Pa. 
• — T 64. 

a Hematite and magnetic iron ores. 

i Fuel. 

e Limestone. 

a Iron and copper ores ; 
h Coal. 
c Marble. 

131 Lehigh Valley Iron Co., Copley, P^ 
— '1" 64. 

a Hemaiitc knd magnetic ore. 100 

i Fuel. loi 

c Limestone. 103 

132 Ohiton Coal Co., Ybungstown, O. 

a Black band ore mixed wUh coaL too 

i M ineraLridge coal. zoi 

182<i Glasgow ft Po^M^asblngton Ires 

& Coal Co., Pbrt Washington, O.— V 61 

and W 64. 

. a Ores. too 

i Coal. foi 

138 Alice Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 

Hanghig Rock, Ohio.— T 68. 

a Iron ores. too 

t Bhuminous cool and coke. loz 

t Limestone. Z03 

133a Coleraine Iron Co., Northampton 
county. Pa.— T 64. 
a Iron ore. 100 

6 Coal. 10s 

134 Hanging Rock Iron Region Fur- 
naces, uharles Campbell, Coic^nissioner, 
Ironton, O. — T 69. 

rt Iron ores. too 

h Cinders, bituminous cools. loi 

c Limestone. 103 

d I'ire day. k04 

1 35 Tuscarawas Coal ft Iron Co., Cleve- 
land, O.-T 71. 

a Iron ores. zoo 

b Coat. lot 

e Limestone. 103 

d Sand, fire clay. X04 

186 Mount Vernon Furnace, Hiram 
Camivbeil ft Sons, Ironton, O.-^T 68. 

a Iron ores. too 

b Bituminous coals. loi 

t Limestone. S93 

d Fire clay. 104 

1 87 Milton Furnace ft Coal Co., Welle- 

ton, O.— T 68. 
a Iron ores. 100 

b Coals. let 

( Limestone. 103 

d Fire clay^ 104 

138 Huntingdon ft Broad Top Rail- 
road Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— V 56. 

a Iron ores. 100 

6 Coal. zoi 

c Limestones. 103 

</Fire clays. V04 

139 State of Wisconsin.— V 60. 

a M incrals, soils, etc. 
i Buildrng stone. 
c Sands, gravel. 




140 State of Ohio (by F. W. Oreen).-V 

61 to 63. 
4 Mineralfr,ores. tea 

i Stone. ^^-- t xos 

e Clay, etCigtized by VjOO^ LC 



Minerals, Ores, Coal. 

141 8tat« of New Jersey (by Qeo. H. 

Cook, Staite Geologist, New Brunswick, 

N. J.).-T 70. 
m Iwem, tine, and copper ores ; minnals, gao- 

kiglcal suite. 100 

# Building stones. los 

e days and sends. 104 

d Fertilisenk 107 

14S State of Indiaita (by B. T. Cox, 

State Geologist),— V 58. 
m Hydratetl brown oxide iron ores. xoo 

i BitiuninoMS and canncl coal from rftrioiis 

nunes. tot 

€ Marble of various colors, oolitic building 

stone, limestone, sandstone, Umestone 

fla^y hydnudic stone. io« 

^Hydraulic cement, caustic lime. to) 

tf Fire, white porcelain, and pouers' clay ; 

sand. 104 

141 State of Michigan (Jay A. Hubbelt, 

Houghton, Mkh., Supcriotendent of MUv 

era! I>epartment). — V 67. 
« Minerals, ores, geological collections, 

etc. iot> 

^ Bituminous and cannd coal. loz 

e Hewn, sttwed, and polished building stone, 

marbles, and slates. zoa 

d lime and cement. 103 

# Clays and sflex for glan mamilkctttreri ; 

jandsoine, etc. 104 

/ Mineral walen, natural brines, gypsum', 

mails, etc. 107 

114 State of Delaware (by J. P. 
Coaegys, Dover, Dd.).— V 5$. 

« Iron ore. too 

i Bnilding atone. loa 

e Clays. 104 

^Natural wood*. 600 

e Fruits. 610 

/CereaU. 6ao 

g- Peas, beans, potatoes, tamipt. <b« 

14ft State of Misaouri (collective ex- 
hibit, by ThoB. Allen, President State 
Board Centennial Managers, St. Louis, 
Mo.).— V65«lM^T6o. 
« Iron, lead, sine, copper, and aickd ores, 
barytes, feld^mr, and soils. xoo 

i Ccnl. zot 

c Stone. Z03 

d Cays, sand, ochres, end kaoUa. 104 

e Tripoli. Z06 

/ Peanuts. 605 

{Wheat, rye, oats, barfey, and com. 6ao 
White boins and black-^ed peas. 6ai 
i Millet. 634 

> Cottan. 665 

k Fbuc and hemp. 666 

/ Wool 667 

mSilk. 668 

146 Cochran, John M., ft Co., Bradford, 
Pa.— Cennelbville bituminous coal and 
oolBe. T 56. xoi 

147 Poater Coal Co., Youngstown, O.— 
CoaL V63. 101 

148 Kittening Coal Co., 126 Sonth 

Fmmh street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Clear- 
field bituminous coal, for steam and manu- 
fiuturing purposes. Y 56 and T 73. 101 

148 Westmoreland Coal Co. JtSO South 
Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Bitumi- 
nous ooal from the Pittsburg seam, for 
msnwiacture of gas and iron, and ibr loco* 
motive fbel. Y 58. zoi 

14fe Warwick. John Q., Masaillon, O. 
—Coal from ^^^umingion mines. V 63. 


For classes of exhibits. Indicated by numbers 

60 Penn Oat Coal Co., W^tmorclan4 
county. Pa. — Section of bituminous coal- 
vttin. T 7a and Y 56. zot 

6<Vs Sparks, Westwater, ft Co.. Co- 
in mb us, 0.-~Caai froes Mu^ingtiA 
county. V 63. zot 

61 Van WleUe, Stont, ft Co.» New 
York, N. Y.— Aathracita ooal firom Eber- 
vale. Pa. W 53. xoz 

68 Rvl« Coal Co., Yoixngatown, 0.~ 



68 Linderman, Q. B., Bethlehem, Pa. 

—Anthracite eoaJ. T 64. toi 

64 Newton. Jotham, New York, N. Y. 

— CompositKMi fuel made of coal-dust. T 
■ 57- «o« 

66 Union Mining Co., of AUoghany 

county, Md.- 


66a Stoner, Hltchman, ft Co., Mt. 
P!es»anl, Pa.— Coal and cofte. X 57. 100 

66 Anthracite Fuel Co., Rcndout, N. 
Y. — Pressed anthracite coal. Y 54. zot 

66^ Hutchinson, A. A., ft Bro., PIttv- 
burg, Pa.— Coke. X 56. zoz 

67 Hickory Coal Co., Pottsville, Pa.— 
Samples ol coal. W 55. zot 

68 Harleigh Coal Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.«^ajnpies ef coal. W sj. io« 

68« Lawton, Burnett, ft Co., Bast Pal- 
estine, Ohio. — Bituminous coal, iirom Co- 
lumbia county, O. V 6z ta 63. lot 

68^ Draper, John W., Pottsville, Pa.~ 
Anthracite coal. W 56. zot 

69 Excelsior Coal Mining Co.. Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Samples of coal. W55. zot 

80 Qarretsoa, Theodore, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Coal from the Girard colliery. W 
55. zot 

81 Wadsworth Coal Co., Akron, O.-^ 
Coal from Mcdlzm ceenty, O. V 63. zoi 

68 Blanvelt, Jan. C, Marietta, O.— 
Bituminous coal from Marietta Run, 
Ohia Y 61 ^tf 64. roK 

6Sa Hurd Coal ft Iron Co., Columbus, 
O. — Bituminous coal from Perry 
county, O. V 63. loz 

68 Lexington ft Carter county Mining 
& Manufacturing Co., Lexington, Ky. — 
Section of bituminous coal. T68. zoz 

68a Church Hill Coal Co.. Youngs- 
U)«ra,0.-^oal from Briaf UiB. Y 63. zoz 

88^ Burton, J. P., M ass II Ion, O.— 
Oal. V 63. ZOI 

68<: Andrews ft Kitdicovli, Youngs- 
town, O.— Briar Hill bk>ck coal. V 61 

(0 63. ID I 

eZd Huddell ft Seltstaffer, PMladet- 
phia, Pa.— Anthracita coad from Draper's 
colliery. W 58. zoz 

64 Keys, John, Brockwayville, Pa.— 
Lump of bituminous coal. Y 56. zoi 

64a Suydam, M. A. ft Co., Columbus, 
O.— Coal from Straittville Mining Com- 
pany. V 63. , zoz 

66 Eastern Kentucky Railway. River- 
ton, Ky — Sections of cannel ana bitumi- 
nous coab. T 63. soz 

66« Havden, P., Columbus, O.— Coal 
from Hocking county. V 63. zoz 

66^ Steubenville CosA Company, Steu- 
benville, O.— BIttmilnous coal. V 63. zoi 
at end of entries, iee CIsssilicatioB, pp. «r^S' 


Coal, Stone. 

16^ Pomoroy Coal Company, Pome* 
roy, 0.-~Coal. V 63. loz 

165^ Brook*, W. B., ft Son, Hocking 
county, O.-^-Coal. Y 63. «ox 

160' Newark Coal Company, Newark, 
O. — Cannel coal. V 63. zox 

169 Dyaart ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Bituminous white ash coal mun CWbria 
county. Pa. Y 57. lox 

I60« Franklin Coal Company, Akron. 
O.— Coal from Summit county. V 

63. xoi 
166^ Pitch, B. 'A., Columbus, O.— 

Coal firom Athens county. V 63. 101 

166c Howells, Anthony, Maaaillon, 

O. — Coal from Pigeon Run. V 63. 101 

167 Kim«s,J.B., ft Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Slate mantela, house decorations, 
building material. T 50. xoa 

168 Williams Marble ft State Mantel 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa. — Marble and mar- 
bleized slate mantels, etc. T 48. xoa 

169 Wilson ft Miller, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Marbteized slate mantels, etc.; p\dih 
slate work. T 51. xos 

171 Hayes, Coulter, ft Co., Pbital 
delphia. Pa.— Slate mantels with grates. 
Ts^ zoft 

173 Doufherty. B. D., Philadelphia, 
Pa.>-Blocks ot Dougherty marble of Ten- 
nessee, loush and polbhed; pedestals, 
slabs, etc. The Dougherty marMe is used 
in the U. S. Capitol, Treasury, South 
Carolina State House, and over one 
hundred and fifty other buildings, publip 
and private, in all parts of the couitirjr. 
Operated since 1853. Quarry in Dough- 
ertyville, Hawkins county, Tenn. T 
49. xoa 

172^ Peninsula Stone Co., Peninsula, 
Q.^Uuiiding stone. V ^. sop 

178 Columbian Marble Co.. Rutland, 
Vt.-«Marble wacMcoting, pedestal, tiling, 
etc. T 54. xoa 

174 Van Ounden, Young, ft Drumm, 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Vermont marble talv- 
lets and rustic monument; Italian marble. 
T 47. xoa 

175 Innis, O. 9., Warden of Ohio Peni^ 

teniiary, Columbus. O. — Limestone from 
State quarries at Columbus, O. V 61 to 

64, 100 

175« Field, F. K., Philadelphia. Pa.— 
North River^ennsylvania, and Virginia 
blue stone. T 53. 10a 

176 Ourn«y« H. D., St. Paul, Minn.— 
Minnesota granite— red, white, and blue. 
T 50. xoa 

177 Forest City Stone Co., Cleveland, 
O.— Sawed stone flagging. T 54. xoa 

178 Chase, M. K., Bluehill, Maine.— 
Cut granite pedestal. {Nap*.) loa 

179 Martin, H. F.. Allentown, Pa.— 
Slate mantels and 'blackboards, school 
slates, etc. T sx. xoa 

1 80 Chandler, C.H^BrownviUe, Maine. 
— Roofing slate. T sx. xoa 

181 Allen, James T., ft Co., Philadel- 

})hia. Pa. — Scagliola and Marezao marble 
or interior decoration. T 54. xoa 

182 Fauchere, A. L.,ft Co., New York, 
N. v.— Marble mantels, etc T 50. xoa 

188 Williams, Chaa^ St. LouU^ Mo.— 
Tennessee, Italian, and Missoun marble 
work ; jewel box. T 53. loe 

188<» Barker, H., ft Bro., Philadelphin, 
Pa. — Pedestal of Massachusetts granite. 
(Aazw.) Boa 

184 Denton, Drake W., OAce, 17 
North Front street, Philadelphia, Pa. — 
Excelsior fire axui water-proof slale rooC- 
iuK, and flax waste-composition batting. 
AU orders promptly attended to. T 
56. loa 

185 Tillson, Davis, Rockland, Maine.— 
Plain, polished, and oraaxncntai gmmte 
work. T 51. loe 

185a Finnigan, M., Cincinnati, O.— 
Buena Vista stone. V 6x to 63. roe 

1853 Fish, W., ft Co., Columbus, O.— 
Stone from Portsmouth and Black Lick, 
Ohio. W63. los 

185^ Finch. Pruyn, ft Co., Olens Falls, 
N.Y.— Block of marble. T5X. xoa 

186 Maine Slate Co., Bkowhcgan, 
Maine. — Roofing slate, dark, rich, lust- 
rous, unfading color, unequaled elasticity^ 
toughness, and strength, wonderful rtft 
ana smoothness of suriace. T. H. Ptitt- 
non, JBusingsr Mama£»r, T 53. toe 

187 Chapman Slate Co., Bethlefaeai, 
Pa. — Roofing slate, flagging, stairways, 
blackboards, posts, door and window sills, 
mantels. T 64. aoe 

1 88 Lehigh Slate Co., SlaUagtoa, Pa.— 
Roofing and school slate, manlds. black- 
boards, bath tubs; burean, tame, ajid 
washstand tops. T64. sua 

1 8 8« Hinsdale, Doyle, ft Co., New York, 
Granite monuments. T 73. xoa 

188^ Fisher ft Bird. New York, N. Y.— 
Marble mantels. T 50. soe 

188^ Howell, C. M., Lancaster, Pa.— 
Marble monumaxts. Y 60. aoa 

189 Allentown Slate Mantel Co., Allen- 
towa. Pa.— Slate mantels. T 51. aoe 

189a Hinton, Uavid, Xenia, O.— 
Building limestone. V 6x to 64. zot 

189^ Caguires, Frank, Chicago, III.— 
Antique vase of limestone. T 53. zoa 

1 90 Carpenter ft Raymond, Cambridge 
City, Ind. — Monumental work. T ys. toa 

191 McDonald, Alexander, Cambridge, 
Mass. — The Centennial Cascade, a rustic 
rockwoik surmounted by a cross (graaite 
from Glen quarries. Mason, N. H.. carved 
at Cambridge, Mass.), exhibiting fine 
qaiality of this granite and its capabiUtaes 
for carved and polished work. N 56 atrd 
T 67. loa 

191o BosI er, Marcus, payton, Q.— 
Limestone. V 6x ta 63. xo* 

191^ Ballard ft GaUoway, Finlcy, O,— 

V 6x fo 63. 
a Building limestone. xoa 

^ Lime, and water lime rock. X03 

192 Bodwell Granite Co., Rockland, 
Maine. — Granite samples. T 7a. xoa 

198 Brinton, Joseph H., Thornbury P. 
O., Pa. — Serpentine stone from quarries 
in Chester county. Pa. T 55. xoa 

194 Scorgie, Wight, ft Co., Cambridge. 
Mass. — Polished granite fountain. U 
48. xoa 

For iocation of otgecli, indioated by leucr and figuie, see K ey to Notation, p. 35 ; ground plan, p.36. 




196 Stnithera. W., ft Sons, Philadel. 
ftua.. Pa. — Manteo, font, group of birds 
ID Caen stone; alto-rdief in statuary, mar- 
ble, tanrteonc, fontf specimens of foreien 
maiUes and native plaster; models tor 
public buildings: specimens of native 
granites, marbles, and sandstones. T 35. 


196 Pennsylvania Marble Co., PhUa- 
delphia, Fa.— Black marble mantel, book, 
and tOca. T 51. loa 

197 Brown, £• F., Commandant Sol- 
diers' Home, Dayton, O.— Stone from 
quanies on grounds of National Soldiers' 
Home. V oz ta 63. zoa 

197« Barker, Henry, ft Sons, Quincy, 
Mass. — Quincy granite pedestal. 
<A^«wr.) '* ' • ,oa 

198 Rutland Marble Co., West Rut- 
land, Vt.— Wrot^t and unwrought mar- 
ble. T 59. xoa 

199 Maine Red Qranite Co., Red Beach, 
Maine (G. G. McGIasban, superintend- 
cat>.— Specimen block of red granite from 
top sheet of quarry. T 55. 109 

199* QraTcs Brothers, Birmingham, O. 
— V^, 
« BdMing stone. loa 

t Griadnoncs. 106 

\$ St. Johnsbory* Gran 

Jebttsbury, Vt. — Granite 
tablet.— T 56. 

JOO Colombia Slate Co., Slatin^on, Pa. 
— Manulactured Washington vein roofing 
since. T 54. xoa 

101 Martin. P. O., St. George, Maine. 
—Block or dressed granite. T 64. xoa 

109 Wella, Chaa. B., Marietta, O.— 
e for building purposes. T 64. xoa 

109 St. Johnsbory* Granite Co., «-Bt. 

monument and 

104 Merrille, Adams H., Williams- 
bmgh, Maine. — Roofing slate. T 50. xoa 

107 demons, C. H., Sandusky, 0.-~ 
limestone. V 6x ic 63. xoa 

908 Concord Granite Co., Qnincy, Mass. 
—Granite pedestal. N 48. xoa 

809 Sheldons ft Slason, West Rutland, 
Vt. — Pedestal of statuary and Uue mottled 
Barbie. V 54. loa 

810 Davis, X.J., Newark. O.— White and 
redsandstooe. V6x/tf03. zoa 

811 McNally. Winiam G., Cleveland, 
O. — Coat-oi-arms of Ohio, carved from 
Berea stone. ( Oktp StaU Buiiding.) zoa 

81 1« Portland Brown Stone Quarries, 
Portland, Conn.— Stoops and doorways of 
Connecticut brown stone. {Outside.) xoa 

811^ Kinr, T. H.. Trumansburg, N. Y. 
— ^Flag stones. (Ouiside.) xoa 

811r Stotler, D. C, Piqua, O.— Build- 
ii% limestone. V 6x fo 64. zoa 

811^ Strom ft.De Plaaque, New York, 
N. Y.— Marble table top and manieiplece. 
T5Z . xoa 

811r Pane, Lewis, Covington, O.— V 6z 

m Bnilding limestone. loa 

i Lime. Z03 

811/ North Pituford MArble Company, 
ntts£»rd, Vt. — Marble monuments, ped- 
estal, and design case. T 56. xoa 
SlLrPaul, John, ft Co., MaaaiUoQ, 
O.— Stone for building and glass manufac- 
tnring. V 61 /<> 63. xoa 
For daises of exbibils, indicated by nuiabejs 

SllAMyera, Uhl, ft Co., CieveUnd, 

O.— Marble mantel and grate. {Ohio 
State BuikUitg.) ion 

818 Thompson, Wm. S., Springfield, 

Ohio.— V^. 

a Stone. 10a 

h Lime. X03 

818a Tra bar, Jacob, Cincinnati, 0.~ 

Limestone. Sftxtot^ xee 

818^ Mueller, John M.. Cincinnati, 

O.— Buena Vista stone. V 6x 

tp 63. xoa 

2\2e Richey, Morris S., Waverly, O.— 

Building stone. V 6z to 64. xoa 

818^ Singer ft Talcott Stone Compnny. 

Chicago, III. — Illinois limestone dressed 
by machinery. {At taring S. S. qfHortu 
cuUmral HaU.) loa 

818« St. Johnsbttry Granite Company, 
St. Jonnsbury, Vt.— Granite 
and ubiet. T 57. zoa 

818/ Richmond Marble Company, of 
Vermont, Philadelphia, Pa. — White mar- 



ble pedestal. T 57. 
818 Amherst Stone Co., 
O.— V 63. 

a Blocks of sandstone. xoa 

b Grindstones. loS 

814 Warthorst ft Co., Messillon, O.— V 

a Blocks of sandttoixs. loa 

b Grindstones. xo6 

814a Berea Stone Company, Berea, 
O— V 63. 
a Building stone and flagging. los 

b Grindstones, and scythe stones. xo6 

%\h Philadelphia ft Reading Railroad 
Co., PbUadelphia, Pa.— T 73 andH 56. 
a Building stone. zoa 

b Limestone. 103 

816 Worthington ft Sons, North Am- 
herst, Ohio.— T 56 and V 63. 

• Amherst building stone. " xoa 

b Grindstones, etc., from quarries at Amr 

hetst and Lake Huron, Mich. 106 

818<s Burlington Manufacturing Co., 

Buriington^ Vt.--Marble tiling.— T 56. 


817 Williams, R. L., Middle Granville, 
N. Y.— T 5x. 

a Vemiont aud Neir Yoik roofing slate, ids 
b Car coupler. 576 


BuiLmNG. X09 

81 8 Hoffman, A. O., Thompson, Wm., 
and others, Springfield, O. 

819 Berea Stone Co., Berea, O. 

880 Hurst, I. R., Cleveland, O. 

881 Pord, O. D., Cleveland, O. 

888 Halderman, L., ft Son, Cleveland, 

883 Wagner, John, Cleveland, O. 

884 Amherst Stone Co., Cleveland, O. 

825 Black River Stone Co., Cleveland, 

826 Paul, John, ft Co., Massillon, O. 

827 Wilson ft Hughes Stone Co., 
Cleveland, O. 

228 Clough Stone Co., Amherst, O. 
829 Worthington ft Sons, Amherst, O. 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 07-45. 


Min«r«ls, Stone. 

S80 Ohio Stooe Co.<, Cteveland, O. 
231 McDermott, J., ft Co., Cleveland, O. 
288 Coshocton Stone Co., Coshocton, 

288 Stitt,Prlce,ft Co., Columbus, O. 
284 Pinnegan, M., Cincinnati, O. 
28 A Pinnegan, J. H., Cincinnati, O. 

286 Montgomery, R. M., Youngstown 

287 Caldwell ft Tod, Youngstown, O. 

288 Byers ft Mclthainy, Youngstown, 

289 Manser ft Haid, Youngstown, O. 

240 Hamilton, Homer, Youngstown, O. 

241 Warthorst ft Co., Maasillon, O. 

242 Stocking, Z. S., Mansfield, O. 
248 Bosler, Marcus, Dayton, O. 
244 Huffman, William, Dayton, O, 

240 Tremain, Chas., Manlius, N. Y.— 

Cement and land plaster. V 72. iq^ 

246 Ervin, D. S., Cedarville, Ohio.— 
Limestone. V 61 /o 64. 103 

246^ Howes Cave Association, Howes 
Cave. N. Y. — Hydraulic cement and lime, 
grotmd plaster, and rock strata. Y 55. 


247 Fireproof Building Co., New York, 
N. Y.— I'eil concrete hollow blocic«, hot- 
low bricks, and beton blocks. T 55. Z03 

247a Michael, P. M.,andoth«rs, Baton, 
Ohio.— Limestone snd lime. V 61 ta 63. 


247^. Sinti, George, Soringfield, O.— 
Limestone and lime. V 61 /o 64. X03 

248 MitchelI,Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Portailica artificial stone building blocfcti, 
partitions, floors, colored paving tiles, 
etc. T 53. 103 

248<* Richardson, Geo., Milwaukee, 
Wis.— Artificial stone, with moulds and 
apparatus for luudening. X 57. Z03 

250 Wampum Cement ft Lime Co.. 
limited, New Castle, Pa.— Portland 
cement, and samples in artificial stone of 
various designs. T 57. 103 

281 Coplay Cement Co., Allentown, Pa. 
—Cements, building blocks, pipe, orna- 
ments, etc. T 56. 103 

252 Allen Cement Co.* Siegfried's 
Bridge, Pa. — Crude and mannfiictttred 
cement. T 57. 103 

288 Cedar Hollow Lime Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Lime, lime rock, model of ftn^ 
nace, and model of recepucle for storing 
and preserving lime. T 58. X03 

268 AbbQtt Pavtment Co.. Bfookfyn, 
N. Y.->Pavemenc. The Abbott Pave' 
ment is a bituminous concrete that has 
been used for six years past on many 
miles of roadway's in Brooklyn, and for 
four or five years in Washington. It costs 
less than the asphalt pavement of Paris ; 
In this country only about one-half. It 
costs less thin one-half for repairs, and 
it is not nearly so slippery, while in all the 
other qualities, of smoothness, quietness, 
cleanliness, comfort to those driving on it, 
economy of horseflesh and vehicles, it is 
admirable. Under patents held by the 
Abbott Pavement Company, old stone, 
macadam, and wood pavemenu cin be 


«tili«ed as a feundation, and mitlioMS cf 
dollars' worth of wood pavements, now 
going rapidlv to decay, can be saved, as 
demonstrated on many miles that have 
been covered in the city of Broeldyn 
T 70. 103 

266 Union Stone Co., Boston, Mass. 

a Articles in artificial stone, soapstone regis- 
ter borders, millstone cement, etc. 

i Emery wheels. 

266« Shields, King ft Cn.. Newark Stft> 

Glass Works. Newark, Ohio. — Sands, etc., 

for making glass. W 6t to 63. 104 

267 Hampton. Cutter, ft Sons, Wood- 
bridge, N. J.->^ays, kaolin, sand. T 
55. «o4 

268 Such, Qeorge, South Amboy, N.J. 
—Samples of clay. T 58. 164 

269 Sarchet, I. W. ft J. T., Olen Loch 
Post Office, Pa.— T 57- 

a Mottlding sand and kaolin. 104 

6 Flint. 106 

260 Kier Brothers, Pitu^urg, Pa.— 
Fire clay. V 56. A04 

261 Bradford, H., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Maryland quartz. T 54. Z04 

261a Tucker, George, New York, H. Y. 
—Tripoii and poli^iing rouge. N 68. so6 

262 Schreiber, W. A. H., Phoenixville, 

Pa. — Oay, kaolin, flint, spar, and sand; 
pocten' and decorators* materials. T 
69. 104 

268 Ton, Charles, Monroe, llicfa.— 

Washed and crude silcx. V 67. 104 

264 Zihlraann, Joseph, Bellair*, 0«— 

Wooden moulafor taping blown glass. 

T 64. 104 

266 Dover Pire Brick Co., Canal Dowm; 

Ohio.— Fire day. T 63. 104 

266 Kreischar« B., ft Son, Pbilaaelptilft, 

Pa. — Fire clay, etc. X 56. 104 

267 American Kaolin Co.{ Works, New 
Garden, Chester county. Pa. ; office, 233 
South Third street, Philadelphia, Fa.— 
Kaolin, chltia, fire day, and fire sand. 
X 58. 104 

268 Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, N. 
J.— <:rude and refined graphite. P 72. 105 

269 Strow, Wile, ft Co., PhiladelpbU, 

Pa. — Black lead crucibles, retorts, covert, 
etc.: plumbago, crude andpivpared: lum- 
ber pencils, stove polish. T 59. 105 

270 Taylor, Robert, ft Co.,Philadelphfa. 
Pa.— Black lead crucibles. T sZ. tos 

271 Morse Bros., Canton, Masa.-^Stov* 

polish, lumber pencils, plumbago. The 
f, u - - - -r -. 

Rising Sun Stove Polish." noted for 
beauty of polish, saving of labor, dura- 
bility, freeness from dust and odor, when 
healed. I'his preparation is an excellent 
article. The Rising Sun Lumber Pencils, 
and samples of plumbago, from which 
they are manufiictured. T 56. 109 

278 Jersey City Crucible Manufacturini 
Co., Jersey City, " ' " 
stove polish. T 58. 

274 Phoenix Manufacturing Co, 


. Tauit- 
ton, Mass.— Crucibles and stove polish. 
T 58. «o5 

276 Webb. Robert, Boston, Masa.— 
Stove polish; cnide and prepared plum- 
bago. T 60. xos 

.fvoDon x-avemenE v^ompany, oia scone, ocove poiisn ; cniac ana prcparca pium- 

macadam, and wood pavemenu cin be bago. T 60. xos 

For location of ofagects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. ss ; ground pbn, p. s^ 



Jewelers I Silversmiths, 


Chestnut and Twelfth Sts., 


Summer Excursions. 

- ■♦■ -■ 


Have arranged for the Centennial Year a system of 


More comprehensive and complete than was ever before presented 
to the American people. These Routes reach every placb of 


States, and the Dominion of Canada, including 




VIRGINIA SPRINGS, and many others. 


Will find the lines of this Company available for reaching, withia 
a few hours' time and at very small outlay, such famous resorts as 




And hundreds of beautiful villages and towns in the mountains of 
Pennsylvania, where the accommodations are excellent and the 
scenic attractions all that can be desired. 

Devote special attention to this Summer Travel. The construction 
and equipment of their lines render travel over them thoroughly 
enjojraWe, and the tickets issued afford «very facility for recreation, 
recuperation, and pleasure. 

PAMPHLETS OF ROUTES can be had gratuitously at the 
offices of the Company in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Balti* 
more, Washington, Harrisburg, Altoona, and Pittsburg, and also a 
handsomely illustrated book describing all prominent resorts. 


General Manner. Au'i C^/U ^Mi, Agnfi, Ckf*. PatscM^er Agtnt, 



Minerals, Mioenl Water» Metollttrglcal Products. 

S7« Nibbinter, Bdward, FbilMMpliia, 

Pa. — Qiuru paste for sharpening razors 
and knaves. T 5a. zo6 

Sn Hand, Jamea C, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Corundum manufactured by 
the Peansylvania Corundum Co. T 57. 106 

278 Wadiiajton MiUa Bm«ry Manu- 
facturing Co,, Ashland, Mass. — Emery. 
T 57- «o« 

179 Boyd & Chaw, New York, N. Y.— 
Arkansas and Washiu oilstone. N 68. 


884 U. S. Soapatooe Manufaetaring 
Co., Cincinnati, O.— Steatite. P 77. zoo 

885 Pattca, P. H., Bath, Main«.~P«ld- 
spar and quarts, for potteries and sand 
paper factories. T 70. xo6 

886 Lehljrh 'Whetatotie Co.. Allentown, 
Pa.>-W1ietsi)Qoei from I^eoigh moantafai. 
near Allentown, Pa. T 57. zc6 

888 Co An, Redington, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Electro selecan, a iMlisfainff 
powder for all fine metals, and infusoriiu 
uUca tern Nevada, fitooi which the ab9va 
is ottde. 


Akamina, s.7 

Water, 13.5 

IxMs, .3 

Tts. X06 

889 Lonla, Jnliua, ft Bro., JefFersonville, 
Ind.^Hot Sprioft, Arkansas, and other 
oUstoaes. N 69. xo6 

890 Sibley. Freeman K., Waltham, 
Mass.— -The prise medal emery and crocus 
ckoth. (Only medals ever awarded !n the 
world.) T53. »o« 

891 Schult*. Carl H., NewYork, N.Y.— 
Carbonic atid and mineral spring waters, 
siphons, glass fmmtains, etc. T 58. 107 

291« Jarves ft Hooper, Detroit, Mich. 

« Fertilizers and animal charcoal. 107 

S Glue and neat's-foot oil. 653 

898 Knieht ft Widden, Portiand Plas. 
ter Mills, Portland, Maine. — Calcined and 
ground land plaster. T 59. Z07 

898 Champion Spouting Spring, Sara- 
toga Springs, N. Y.— Saratoga water. T 
58. 107 

894 Marsb ft Co., Sandusky, O.^Oyp- 
sum. V 6x iS9 63. 107 

895 Gettysburg KaUlyalne Co., Qettys- 
biirg. Pa. — Katalysine spring water. T 
S7- . «o7 

898 Navassa Phosphate Co., Baltimore, 

Md. — Crude and ground phosphates, from 
Nevassa Island, West Indies ; and other 
fertiiizii^ materials. T 57. X07 

897 Charleston, 8. C. Mining ft Manu- 
facturing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Good- 
rich phosphatic nodules, mined from 
A^usix's Ashley fish basin. Lamb's land- 
ing, S. C. T 58. 107 

898 Bolen ft Byrne, New York, N. Y.— 
Artificial mineral waters, granular effer- 

' ( salts, siphons, etc. T 60. 107 

899 Lipipincott, Cbas., ft Co., Phfladel- 
pfaia, I'a.—Apparatus fbr dispeatlng aer- 
ated waters. B 38. (A^nv ami Tran- 
«f//r.) Z07 

For dagf of eacbibitt, faMttcaied by niunbcrs 

800 Lawreaee, A. R., ft Co., Exceltior 

Park. Sarato^ Springs, N. Y.— Excebior 
and Union Sprtitg Saratoga waters, and 
apparatus for having them on draught ia 
their natural condition. T 70. 107 

800<« Tufta, Jas. W., Boston, Maas.— 
Soda water fountains. {.Navt and Traft- 
9«^U.) i Z07 

Ketallurgioal Prodnots. 

801 Hastings ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Gold leaf7foil, and bronze; silver leaf, 
bronze powder, etc. P 47. xzo 

808 WalHa, Jno. O., Fulton, Ark.— 
Base builion. N 55. no 

808 Cambria Iron ft Steel Co.,Johna- 
town, Pa. — Iron— pig(, Moom, and muck 


bar, rail piles and raDs; steel— Bessemer 
' j[, and spi^deisen. Ingots, blooms, and 

808a HuntiiuEdon ft Broad Top Rail- 
road Co., Philadelphia, Pa. — Fig bon. 
Y 56. xxt 

804 Wood, W. D.. ^ Co., McKeesport 
Iron WorkSj Pittsbuig, Pa.— Patent plan- 
bhed sheet iron. T m. zii 

805 Park Bro. ft Co., Black Diamond 
Steel 'Works, Pittsburg, Pa.— Cast steel; 
samples of homogeneous crucible cast steel, 
boiler plate, and flangings. T 63. 111 

805a Mahoning Valley Centennial As- 
sociation, Youngstown, Ohio,— Pig and 
manu&ctured iron. V 63. zti 

806 Rowland. James, ft Co., Kensing- 
ton Iron and Steel Works, Phlladeiphaay 
Pa. — ^AnvU brand, refined bar, band, skelp. 
hoop, and nut iron ; plow, cultivator, ana 
shovel steel. T 64. zzx 

307 Wood Alan, ft Co.. 519 Arch 
street, Philadelpnia. Pa.— Mannfacturers 
of patent planished, galvanized, and com- 
mon, and charcoal bloom, sheet^ and plate 
iron. T 6z. izx 

307a Andover Iron Co.. Phillipaburg, 
N. J. — Pig and spiegeleuen iron, T 64. 


808 Straus, J. B., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Hoop iron. P 7X. xzi 

809 Miller, Metcalf, ft Parfcina, Crescent 

Steel Works, Pittsburg, Pa.— Crucible 
steel and articles manufactured therefrom. 

T 60. ZX9 

809« Olaagow ft Port Washington Iron 
and Steel Co., Port Washington, O.— Pig 
iron. W 63. zxx 

310 Hussey, Wells, ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Crucible cast steel bars, sheets, ho- 
mogeneoas boiler plates, railwav axles, 
forgings, edge tools, rake teeth. 1 68. xxt 

811 Phillips, Nimick, ft Co., Sligo Iron 
Mills, Pittsburg, Pa.— Imn. Tne only 
manufacturers of "sligo** fire box, boiler 
plate, sheet and bar iron, and " Tyrone" 
plate, tank, sheet, and bar iron. Slates 
rolled one hundred inches wide. T 67. 


818 Union Iron Co. of Buffslo, Buffalo, 
N. Y. — Solid wrought iron rolled beams. 
T 64 and 1} 60. xxi 

381« State of Indiana (by B. T. Cdx. 
Sute Geologist).- Pig, bar, and railroad 
iron ; cut nails. V ^7. iix 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-49. 


Metallitrgical PtoductB. 

618 OtU Iron ft 8te«l Co., Clevelattd, 

O. — Ineots. bars, plates, and forgings of 
Sicmen s Martin steel. T 65. xxi 

314 Cleyeland RoUiDi: Mill Co., Cleve- 
land, O. — Pig metals, rails, bars, etc., of 
iron and Bessemer or Sicmen's Martin 
steel. T 60. XXI 

815 South ft North Alabama Railroad, 
Montgomery, Ala. — Iron. Y 60 and T 
57. "» 

816 State of New Jersey (by Qeo. H. 
Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick, 

« Iron, steel, spiegeleisen. xxx 

b Spelter, sheet zinc, zinc white. 1x3 

817 Peru Steel ft Iron Co., Clinton- 
%'iUe, N. Y. —Loops, blooms, billets, bars, 
and steel. T 69. xxx 

81 7<* Silicon Steel Co.. New York. N. 
v.— Silicon steel, rails, etc.; steeiified 
iron. T 63 xxx 

818 Washburn ft Moen Manufacturing 
Co., Worcester, Mass.— Iron wire rods; 
iron and steel wire. T63. xxi 

8 IS'* Valentines ft Co., Bellefonte Iron 
Works, New York, N. Y.-Cold blast 
charcoal iron. T 61. xix 

818^ Youngstown Rolling Mill Co., 
Youngstown, Ohio. — Horse shoe, bar, 
hoop, and band iron, steel mixed with 
iron. V 61 to 64. xxx 

618c Wick, Ridgway, ft Co., Youngs- 
town, Ohio.^Raiiroad iron, of all sizes. 

V 61 ^ 64. xxx 

818</ Brown, Bonnett, ft Co., Youngs- 
town, Ohio. — Pig, bar, uid sheet iron. 

V 61 to 64. xxx 

818^ Eyhon ft Lloyd, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Roiighiiu^ rolls, hand rounds, and 
squares. T 65. xxx 

819 American Sheet ft Boiler-plate 
Co., Cleveland, Ohio.— Plate, sheet, cor- 
rugated, galvanized, metallic tU<r, uniTer- 
sal plate and agricultural iron, Bessemer 
or Sicmen's Martin steel. T 59. xxi 

880 Cooper, Hewitt, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Iron fluxes, blooms, pigs, rods, 
hars» rails, beams; chain, Wire, horseshoe, 
and Martin steel. T 66. xxx 

821 Hanging Roek Iron Region Fur- 
naces (Chas. Campbell, Commissioner), 
] ronton, Ohio. — Pie iron, with articles 
manulactured therernxn. T 69. xxx 

822 Beale, Horace A.. Parkesbuis, 

P.I.— Charcoal and puddled iron for boiler 
tubes and plates, muck bar of stipcrior 
muUity, and hollow bottom plates for pud- 
dling furnace. T 66. xxx 

823 Clark, Wm., ft Co.. Pittsburg, Pa. 
— Hoop, band, and scroll iron. T 06. xxx 

324 Reese, Graff, ft Woods, Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Wrought iron of all descriptions; 
cast and special steel ; tool steel, spring 
steel, plow steel, machinery and agricul- 
tural steel. Are steel, steel hoop, tted 
cotton ties, horse and mule shoes, steel 
toe calks, steel boiler-plate. T 66. xxx 

826 Andrews Brothers, Youngstown, 
O. — Bessemer, fbundry, and mill pig 
iron. Y 6x to 64. xxx 

886 McCitlIeughIf>onCo.,PhiladalfAStt, 
Pa. — ^Bloom and refined cleaned sheet 
iron ; charcoal blooms. Manu&ctiirers of 
"Galvanized." "Best Bloom," " Bc»c 
Refined," ''Harvey's cleaned Sheet 
Iron," cleaned iron for stamping pur- 
poses, leaded roofing plates, corrugated 
iron. Mack and galvanised. F 70. 1 x t 

827 Moorhead ft Co., Soho Iron Mills, 
Pittsburg, Pa.— Galvanized and black 
sheet iroB ; rooftng and oeiling irons. T 
66. XXI 

828 Henderson, James, Hamburg. Pa. 
—Wrought iron made by the Hedde»oci 
process. T 59. xxx 

880 Bp«wb ft Co., Wayo* Iron * 

Steel Works, Pittsburg, Pa.—Cold-blasc 
charcoal metal, blooms, boiler plate, bars ; 
agricultural hrons. T 6j. txs 

881 Bdgar Thomson Steel Co. (limited), 
Pittsburg, Pa.— Bessemer Bted rails, bil- 
lets, bleoms, and ingou. T 66. xva 

888 Lrucy Furnace Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 

— Pig metal, etc. T 66. xxx 

884 Carnogie Bros, ft Co., Ptttsbarsr, 

Pa.— Wrought iron beams, diannels. 

bridge iron, etc. T 66. 11 x 

886 Wilson, Walker, ft Co., Pfttsburs, 

Pa. — Railroad car foigings. T 66. xxx 

886 Keystone Bridge Co., Pittsburg:, 
Pa. — Raritan Bay pivot bridge, weldless 
chord bars, wrought iron, tubular sectional 
columns. T 66. xxi 

887 United States Corrugated Elbow 
Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.— Stovepipe elbow- 
machine ; stovepipe elbows. T 6z. xxx 

888 Grejgory ft Co., Jersey City, N, J.— 
American cast steel. T 59. xxx 

889 Duncan, John W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Pig metal. T 72. ix^ 

840 Tuscarawas Coal ft Iron Co., 
Cleveland, Ohio.— Pig iron, T ^^ and V 

63. XIX 

841 Rhodes ft Co., Cleveland, Ohio. — 
Bessemer car-wheel and malleable char- 
coal iroiw. T 71 and V 63. 1 1 x 

848 Woodstock Iron Co., Anniston, 

Ala. — Hot-blast, cold-blast, and spicgH- 
eisen in>n, charcoal. T 63. in 

348 Middleton, C. W. ft H. W., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Collecrtve exhibit of Fort 
Pitt iron ft Steel Wortcs.Soho Iron Milk, 
Solar Hoop Iron Mills, Philadelphia Iron 
ft Steel Co., Parkesburg Iron Works, Co- 
rydon Winch, Van Alen & Co., Cumber- 
land Tube Works, Danville Iron Co. 
and Star Chain and Nail Wofks — iron 
and steel. T 65 /« 66. 1 1 x 

844 Crane Iron Co., Catasauqua. Pa.— 
Foundry and forge pig iron; cinder. T 

64. IIX 

845 Alexander, John S., Philadelphia, 
Ph.— liayonet spade. P 63. iii 

846 Singer, Nimick, ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Saw, tool, plow, machinery, sale. 
and boiler steel ; steel railway axles and 
springs. T 69. xtx 

846a Selxna ft Alabama Railroad, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. — Iron. Y 60. XI? 

847 Magnetite Iron Co., Philadelfihia, 
Pa.— Bessemer ore products. T 69. xxx 

848 Crab Orchard Iron Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa^^-Sanple* of iroa and steel. T 
69. xxx 

FociooatioB^f oluects, indicated bjr letter and figure, see Key to Noutioo, p. as; ground plan, p. oS 



MtttalKttgibtti Products. 

S4t« ClMster Inm Co., CHestw, N. Jk» 
Iron ore. T64. izi 

S49 Danville Iron Co., Danville, Pa.~ 
Railroad iron. T 66. zii 

560 ^Vineh, Coiydon, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Wrought iraa spikes. 'r66. iii 

561 Philadelphia Iron ft Steel 06.. 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Special thapet ana 
manufactures of iron. T 66. iiz 

861« Ward, Lr. B., Nile*, O.-Commen 
boiled iron. V6i/#63. I'l 

999 Cumberland Nail ft Iron Co«, 
liridgeion, N. J.— Wrought iron pipe. T 
66. XIX 

S53 Daviiu O. W., Jr., Bacupor, Me«~ 
Charcoal pig iron, fluxes, cinden ; articles 
made in part from Katahdin iron. T 

69. XXI 

SA4 Durham Iron Co., Riegelsville, Pa. 
— Flux, pig iron, and cinders. T 64. xix 

S65 Glendon Iron Co., Easton, Pa. — 
Flux, «Iag, and pig iron. T 64. ixx 

866 Selma, Rome, ft Dalton Railroad, 
by S. W. Baird, Cincinnati, O.— Char- 
ooal nig iron, slag and cbarooal, Spiegel, 
carwneels. A. 64. xix 

8A9 Northampton Furnace, wotlced by 
the Bethlehem iron Co^ Bethlehem, Pa.-~ 
Pi^ iron, flux, slags. T 64. xxi 

360 Lehigh Iron Co., AUentown, Pa.— 
FTux« stag, and pig iron. T 64. xix 

161 Bethlehem Iron Co., Bethlehem, 
Pa. — Chaiges and products of iron, Beme- 
mer, and spiegeleisen furnaces; products 
from Bessemer steel mill. T 64. xxx 

S6S Bmaua Iron Co., AUentown, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and iron. T 64. iit 

666 Colaraine Iron Co., Northampton 
county. Pa.— Pig Iron. T 64. xrx 

664 Thonxas Iron Co^ Hokendauqua, 
Pa. — Iron and flux. T64. iii 

365 Allentown RoUing Mill Co.. Allen- 
town. Pa. — Flux, iron, and slag, nst-plate 
bolts, miLs, Hpikes, rivets, etc. T 64. xxx 

666 AUentown Iron Co., AUentown, 
Pa.— Pig iron. T64. iii 


666 Carbon Iron Co., Parryville, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and pig iron. 1 64. iii 

669 Saucon Iron Co., Hellertown, Pa. 
— Pig iron. T 64. 111 

670 Cataaauoua Iron Co., Catasauqua, 
Pa.— Roiled iron and steel, iron and stetl 
ban bent hot and cold and fractured. T 

64. IXX 

6)1 Lehiffb 2tnc Co*, Bethlehem, Pa.— 
Metallic and sheet zinc, zinc oxide. T 

64. XXI 

672 Stewart ft Co., South Easton, Pa. 
—Round, square, and triangular iron wfre. 
T64. xn 

673 Goueh, Edward, AUentown, Pa.— 
Turned rolhs. T 65. xrx 

674 Bay State Iron Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Hooiageneous iron boiler plates and 
iron. T 64. xtz 

376 Co-operative Iron ft Steel Works, 
Danvflfe, Pa. — T and street paraenger 
railroad iron. T 63. xxx 

676 Shalter, R. M., Carrfck Fnmaeo, 
Frsnklfn oouniy. Pa.— Cold-Uast pig iron. 
T65 xxx 

roreafaihils^todteated bynukbefS' 

667 Lehifh Valley Iron Co., 
Pa.— P^ iroa, cinders. T 64. 

677 Philadelphia ft Reading Railroad 
Co., Phlladdphia, Pa— kails. T 73. xxx 

878 Mintzer, S.J. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Silicon steel. T 63. six 

879 Shelby Iron Co., Shelby Iron 
Works, Ala. — Charcoal pi|f iron, chilled 
castings, wire rods, cotton ties. T 71. . xtt 

860 Chrome Steel Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
-^Chrome steel, with samples showing 
tortional. tensile, and compressive strength; 
welded cnrome steel and iron ; ingrediente 
of manufacture. T 64. xxx 

881 Cartwright, McCurdy, ft Co., 
Youngsiown,v). — Hoop, banal and horse- 
shoe iron and steel. V 63 ana T 64. iix 

888 Burton, J. P., Massillon, O.— Iron 
from Massillon Furnace. V 63. xxx 

888 Rockhill Iron ft Ooal Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa. — Pig iron. T 7a. xix 

864 Tecumseh Iron Co., Tecumseh, 
Ala.— Charcoal pig iron, limestone* char- 
ooal. T 70. xxx 

886 Albany ft Rensaelaer Iron ft Steel 
Co., Troy, N. Y.— Bcssenjer steel and 
iron rails, plates, merchant bais, axles, 
horseshoes, etc. T 68. xxx 

866 Nea,Charie8M..York,Pa.~8ilicoft 

steel ; steel and steel ci^iped rails. T 63. 


386 Grand Tower Mining, Maaufae* 
tu^ring, & Transportation Co., Grand 
lower, lU. — Iron ore products ; cokes. T 
68. xxx 

869 Globe Rolling Mm Co., Cincinnati, 
O. — Specialties, Globe Norway iron ana 
Globe refined iron. Iron, T 63. xxx 

690 Lackawanna Iron ft Coal Co.. 
Scranton, Pa.— Steel and iron railroad 
bars. T 63. zxs 

891 Paasaie Rolling Mill Co., Patertoa. 
Vx J.— Rolled iron, rivets, nuts. T 
64. zzz 

898 Cox, Justice, jr., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Pig. bar, sheet, tank, pipe, and 
angle iron; spikes, railway car axles. 
T 70. xxx 

894 Rogers,!, ft J., Iron Co., Auaable 
Forks, N. Y. — Round and sqtiare iron and 
charcoal billets for steel, from Palmer 

895 Vesuvius Furnace, Etna Iron 
Works, Ironton, Ohio. — Pig iron, cold 
blast charcoal car-wheel iron. T 68. txx 

896 Etna Furnace, Etna Iron Co., 
Hangine Rock, O.— Pig iron, cold-Uast 
charcoal car-wheel iron. T 68. ixi 

397 Alice Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 
Hanging Rock, O.— Pig iron, "Whit- 
welfovens," andFerryprocess. T68. xxx 

897^ Briar Hill Iron ft Coal Company, 
Yoimgsiown. O. — Pig iron of various 
grades. V 01 /«> 64. xx> 

898 Blanche Furnace, Etna Iron 
Works, Ironton, Ohio.— Pig irons, Whit- 
well hot blast and Ferry process. T 
68. XIX 

399 Hecla Iron ft Mining Co. (John 
Campbell, President), Ironton, C— Pig 
ih>n, cold blast charooal car-wheel irons. 
T 68. XXX 

89!^^ Strathers Iron Co., Ymmgstowa^ 
O.^ Bessemer, foundry, and gray foige 
pig iron. V 61 ic 63. xii 

a* end of emrieSt sse €lessi6ftlen, pp.- 9jHt$^ 


MetalturgiCftl Products. 

400 Monitor Purttacc Co., Ironton, 
O. — Pig iron, cold blast charcoal car- 
wheel iron. T 68. Ill 

401 Mount Vernon Furnace, Hiram 

Campbell & Sons, Jronion, O. — Pig iron, 
hot blast charcoal foundry iron. T68. izx 

401 « Brooke, B. ft G.. Birdsboro', Pa.— 
Keystone pig iron. T 67. ixi 

402 Grant Furnace, W. D. Kellv & 
Sons, [ronton , ().— Pig Iron, hot Wast 
charcoal irons. T 68. iii 

408 Center Furnace, W. D. Kelly & 
Sons, Ironton, O.— Pig Iron, hot olasst 
charcoal irons. T 66. 11 1 

404 Howard Furnace Charcoal Iron 
Co., Ironton, C— Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T68. zii 

40ft Buckhora Furnace, Charcoal Iron 
Co., ironton, 0.~Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T 68. ixi 

406 Olive Furnace, Campbell, McGu- 
gin, & Co., Ironton, O. — Pig iron, hot 
visM charcoal iron. T 68. iix 

407 Lawrence Furnace Co., Ironton. 
O. — Ptg iron, hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. IIS 

408 Pine Grove Furnace. Means, Kyle, 
& Co., Hanging Rock^ O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal irons. T 68. ziz 

409 Ohio Furnace, Means, Kyle, ft Co., 
Hangine Rock, <>.— Pig iron, hot blast 


charcoal iron. T 68. 

410 Ironton Furnace Iron and Steel 
Co., Ironton, O.— Pig Iron, Player hot 
blast. T68. ixz 

411 Bel font Iron Works, Ironton, 
, O.— Pig iron. Player hot blast. T 68. 


4il3 Washington Furnace, Union Iron 
Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. 11 1 

418 Scioto Furnace, t*. C. Robinson ft 

Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. 11 x 

414 Bloom Furnace, John Paul ft Co., 
Portsmouth, O.— Pig Iran, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T68. Ill 

415 Clinton Furnace,W. I. Bell,Wheel- 
ersburg, O. — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal 
Iron. T 68. itx 

416 Buckeye Furnace Co., Jackson. 
(). — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. xzx 

417 Cambria Furnace| D. Lewis ft Co., 

Samsonville, O. — Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T 68. itz 

418 Jackson Furnace, L. P. N. Smith's 

heirs, Sciotoville, O.— Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T68. 11 x 

419 Jefferson Furnace Co., Oak Hill, 

O. — Pig iron ; cold blase charcoal car- 
wheel and machinery iron. T 68. izz 

420 Orange Iron Co., Jackson, O.— Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone coal 
iron. T 68. xxz 

481 SUr Fumare Co., Jackson, O.— Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone cosu 
iron. T 68. zzi 

488 Hnron Iron Co., Jackson, O.— ^Pig 


iron, hoc Uast Jackson county stone < 
iion. T 68. xzx 

48S Tropic Purnaee Co., Jackson, O.^ 

Pig iron, hot blast Jadcsoti county rtotie 
coal iron. T 68. iii 

424 Globe Iron Co., Jackson, O.— Pig 
iron, hot blast Jacloon county suMie oi^ai 
iron. T68. tii 

485 Pulton Furnace, Globe Iron Co., 
Jackson, O. — Pig iron, hot blast Jack»on 
county stone coal iron. T 68. 111 

486 Ophir Furnace Co., Jackson, O.^ 
Hot blast pig iron. 1' 68. 1 1 1 

48t Milton Furnace ft Coal Co., 
Wellston, O. — Pig Iron, Jackson county 
softener iron. 1' 68. 1 1 1 

488 Wellston Coal ft Iron Co., Wells- 
ton. O. — Pig iron, Jackson county Mime 
coal iron. T68. 111 

489 Lincoln Furnace, I. M. McGhee's 

csate, Kud's Mills, C— Pig iron, cold 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. 1 1 1 

480 BflLffle Furnace. L. C. Damarin & 
Co., Kud's Mills. O.—Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T68. iii 

481 Richland Furnace Co., Richland 

P. 0., O.— Pig iron, hot Mast charcoal 
iron. T68. 111 

488 Hope Furnace, L.. C. Damarin & 
Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. ixi 

488 Hamden Furnace, L. C. Damario 
& Co., Portsmouth, C— Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. ixz 

434 Vinton Furnace, Bancroft, Rader, 
& Co., Vinton Station, O. — Pig iron, 
hot blast bituminous coal and coke irons. 
T68. Ill 

485 Kevstons Furnace Co., Ports- 
mouth, O. — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal 
iron. T 68. 211 

486 Monroe Furnace, Union Iron Co., 
Portsmouth, O. —Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T68. IXZ 

487 Latrobe Furnace, Bundy ft Cobb* 
Berlin Cross-roads, O. — Pig iron, hoi 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. tiz 

488 Logan Furnace Co., Logan county, 
O.— Pig . .. ^ 


iron, hot blast chaFCoal iroa. 

489 Union Furnace, Brooks ft Hueston« 
Haydensville, O. — Pig iron, hot t>Iait 
charcoal iron. T 68. lu 

440 Pascal Iron Works, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Cast iron work for Main Exhioition 
Building. iii 

441 Lewia, Oliver, ft Phillips, PiUs- 
bnrg. Pa. — Iron in merchant bats and odd 
shapes. T64. xix 

448 Roberts, Henry, Newark, N. J.-- 
Iron, Bessemer sted, and cast steel wi/e. 
N 69. IXZ 

443 Andrews. Hitchcock,ft Co., Cleve- 
land, O. — Merchant bar and sheet iron 
V 6x to 64. Ill 

444 Mount Savage Furnace. Lexington 
& Carter county Mining & Manufacti^iiiv 
Co., Lejcingtc 
charcoal iron. 

Co., Lexington, Kyi—Pig iron, hoi blast 
T 68. xzx 

L4a Hxmrod Furnace Co.. Younaa** 
town, O. — Bessemer, ibundry, and m^ 
pig iron. V 6x /p 64. zzi 

I^BpjQsatioBof onsets, iadicatsd by latter and figniib •« >^ 10 Notation* ». aSf «P«in^ 


Metalkirgioml Piodaets. 

44ft BaflUo Furnace, Cnlbertaon, B«f- 
hart, ft Co. , GreemipsDuig, Ky. — Pig iron . 
hoc and cold blast charcoal iroa. T 
68. Ill 

446a Aadrawa ft Hitchcoek, Youiift- 
(own, O. — Scotch, foundry, ibi^e, and mill 
min. V6i<»64. ixx 

446 Hnaneweti Furnace, Eastern Ken- 
Kncky Railway Co., Kivenon, Ky.—PJK 
mm, imc falaat charcoal foundry iroa. T 
68. fix 

44%> UUdas Iroa C^.. Nawark, O^Pig 

lion. V ox /# 64. XIX 

M7 PenxxsylTania Furnace, Eastern 
Kentucky Railway Co., Riverton, Ky.~ 
Fig iron, hot blast charcoal foundry iron. 
T66. XXX 

44i Cbariotte Puraace Co., Riverton, 
Ky.— Pig Iron, hoc blast chajrooal foundry 
boa. T6B. xxx 

449 Laarel Fumace, Robert 8coU ft 
Co., Riverton, Ky. — Pig iron, cold blast 
daoooal car-whed iron. T68. xxx 

440 Qallia Furnace, Norton. Campbell, 
ft Co.. Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast cnarooal iron. T 68. xxx 

461 Raccoon Mining and Manufactur- 
ing Co., Riverton, Ky.— Pig iron, hot and 
cold blast charcoal iron. T68. xix 

4f S Aahland Furnace, Lexington ft 
Big Sandy Railroad Co.. Ashland, Ky.— 
Pig iron, oitununous coal, and Player hot 
blase. T68. 111 

46S Bellcfonte Furnace. Means, Rus- 
scU, ft Means, Ashland, Ky.— Pig iron, 
hot blast charcoal foundry iron. TSs. xxx 

NortoQ Iron Works, Ashland, 
.y.— Pig faon, naU plate, nails. T 


4A§ BnenaViata Furnace, Means ft Co., 

Ashland, Ky.— Pig iron, hot blast char- 

coal iron. 


446 Trigg Furnace, D. Hillman ft Sons, 
jEmpire Iron Works, Ky. — Pig iron, dn- 
deis, etc; hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. xxx 

457 Center Furnace. D. Hillman & 
S<Mis, Empire Iron Works, Ky. — Pig iron, 
hoc blast charcoal iron. T68. xxx 

448 Brnpire Iron Works, Trigg county. 
Ky.— Samples of boiler plate and refined 
charcoal iron. T 68. xxx 

469 Cleveland Malleable Iron Co., 
Cleveland, O. — Malleable iron castings 
and tackle blocks ; fifth wheels. T 55. xxi 

440 Traber ft Aubery, Cinciniwti, 
O. — Broken car- wheels, chill tests, and 
castiags from Hanging Rock pig iron ; pig 
iron. T 68. xxx 

461 Hanging Rock Iron Region, Iron- 
too, O.— Fig iron. T 68. xxx 

466 Sellera, William, ft Co., Edgemoor 
Iron Co.. Wilmington, Del.— Wrought 
and cast mm work for Main Exhibition 
Buflding. XII 

466 Roberts* A. ft P., Pencoyd Rolling 
MOb, Philadelphia, Pa.— Wrought iron 
work for Main exhibition Building. xxx 

464 Morrls,Tasker, ft Co.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Cast iron work for Main Exhibition 
Building. xxx 

For dasses of eehibils, indicated by numbers 

466 Watson.Map«lK:turin8 Co., Pater- 
son, N. J. — Iron framework of the Mair 
ExhibitioB Building. iix 

466 Pusey, Jones, ft Co., WilmiogtOBi 
Del. — Iron work lor Machinery Hall, xi; 

467 Steteof Michigan (Jay A. Hubbetl, 
Houfi^ton, Mich. , Superintendent of Min- 
eral Department). — v 67. 

a Pig, ingot, and manufactured iron and 
steel. tf\ 

b Ingot, bar, jknd rolled copper In its various 
stages. xia 

e Maps, models, stamp-mill modd, etc. .xso 

466 Manhatten Brass Co., New York, 

N. Y. — Sheet brass; bra.^, copper, and 

sine tubing; brass goods, nickel-plated 

oilers, etc. T 65. ixa 

469 Pope. Cole, ft Co., Baltimore Copper 
Co., Baltimore, Md. — Specimens of cop- 
per mattes and slags, and refined copper ; 
metallurgical productt. T 64. iia 

470 Revere Copper Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Copper and yellow metal sheets and 
bars; tinned metal for stove reservoirs; 
bronze cannon cast by a patented process. 
T 64. iia 

471 Pennsylvania Lead Co., Pltts- 
buig. Pa. — Refined pig lead from ores of 
Colorado and Utah. T63. 113 

472 Benedict ft Burnham Manufactur- 
ing Co., WaterlHiry, Conn. — Sheet brass. 
German silver, brass tubing, rods, ana 
wire, lamp burners, etc. T 6x. 'xxj 

478 Passaic Zinc Co., Passaic, N. 1.— 
Zinc iiisots, foil, castings, and oxide; sneet 
zinc. T63. 113 

476a Crocker Bros, ft Co., Taunton, 
Mass.— T 61. 

a Copper and yellow metal. its 

b Zinc. XX3 

474 Holmes, Booth, ft HaydeD8,Water- 
Dury, Conn. — Brass and German silver 
wire, tubing, rivets, lamp trimmings, burn- 
eis. T 6x. Z13 

476 Matthlessen ft Hegeler Zinc Co., 
La Salle, 111.— Refined spelter ; sheet tin 
to show the thickness of tne common num- 
beis. Various sizes of casks for shipment. 
Rolled zinc plates for galvanic batteries, 
lithographing, etc. T 70. X13 

477 Wharton, Joseph, Camden, N. J.— 
Nickel goods. T 63. 1x4 

476 Taylor, N. ft G., Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Tin plate patterns. T 62. 1x4 

480 Scovill Manufacturing Co., Water- 
bury, Conn. — Sheet brass ; German silver, 
gold and silver plated metal ; lamps ana 
trimmings; hinges, buttons, thimbles, 
castors, metal tubes, etc. P 67. 1x4 

481 Ansonia Brass ft Copper Co., An- 

sonia, Conn. — Brass and copper goods, 
sheet metal and wire, planished brass and 
copper. T 54. X14 

462 Waterbury Brass Co., Waterburv, 
Conn., and sa Beekman street. New York, 
N. Y. — Brass and Germansiiver in sheets, 
rolls, wire, and tubes ; brass kettles, cop- 
per and brass rivets and bolts ; percussion 
caps, ail qualities; powder flasks, shot 
belts and pouches ; game baun, metallic 
eyelets, and tape measures. T 69. X14 

488 Lancroft, C. B. ft H. B., Pair Haven, 
Conn. — Sulphates of nickel, ammonia, 
cobalt, and aluminum. P 68. X14 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-45. 


Mining XaginMriag. 

484 Holley, Alexander L., New York, 

N. Y.— exhibit relatine to metallurgical 
engineering. {li^eH gallery.) t«o 

490 Sute of New Jersev (by Geo. H. 
Cook, State Geologist, New Brumivrick, 
N. T.).~Oeo1oeical maps, mine maps^ mine 
ana vein modeu. T 70. lai 

486<t Lowe, S. B., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
— Map of Chattanooga iron dutrict. X 
63. xao 

486 Prince. PrankUD,& Bullock, E. U, 
Audenried, Pa.— Model of (he Wharton 
anthracite ooal vein at Beaver Brook 
collieries, Audenried, Pau T 60. zas 

487 Hanford, Theodore, Jereef City 

N.I. •^Specimen of the stnta of the GraT- 
elpit Gold Mines of Ballarat, Viotoria. 
Australia. T 64. Eaa 

488 Charieatoo, 8. C, Mloinr ft Manu- 
fiurturing Co., Philadelphhi, Pa.— Model 
of thdr worlcs. Y 60. sss 

For locatioaof obfects, iadkatedby latter and figure, aee Key to Neiatien, p, 95 ; ground fdan, p. •# 


by Google 

American Newspaper Union. 

A. J. AIKBDCB, Prefiddest. 

"^^5!* "J?^??*^""!?"'. I 3t5 newspapers, ^3.00 per iine, per week. 
Ckieii* Newspaper UBlon, 1 05A « $3 50 « " 

zx4MoitfoeSt.,Chlo«e. / ^ ' 

Newspaper Unlea, 1 120 « $1,25 " « 

365 Elot Water St., Mihraiikee. / 

tten Newspaper Unloa, 1 200 '' $2.00 " '^ 

X43 RaceSt.,Cinciiittati. / 

StMMnllewapapM'UiilM, 1,45 „ I,5q « 

997 Se con d St., Blcnplils, Tout; ) 

SLPaal Newspaper Ualen, 1 79 m i 7S <« << 

i7WadiasbawSt.,St.Pftiil,Miim. / ' * .^** 


Co^opemthre newspaper printing, as now practked, originated In Wisconsia twelve yean ago. 
his tmaed cc-eperaHoe fat the reason that one side of each of the newspapers is printed at a 
eeoaal office, and the paper sent In its haif-pilntwl state to the home office, where it is completed 
wkh oficorials, local news, and other matter prepared by the editor or publisher. In December, 
-A^ die Idea of co-operation, ttdA odvertitefHents, occurred to Mr. Aikens, while yet serving 
hsltee SB an apprentice, in printtog the message of President Folk on one side of a country 
ww^wpt i of Nenr Ei^^land at Bo8ton,'and the other half being printed at die local office. 

Mr. A. J. Aikens, a practical printer and business man, conceived the idea of reducing the 
OMtof ready-printed paper, as it is now tenned, to country publishers, by making an agreement 
vih ifaem to use a certain space in eadi of their papers ibr advertisements that he might procure. 
This plan of co-operation he put into practice twelve yean ago, at the office of Cramer, Aikens 
ft Oaawr, Mihraiikee. It ti, once became successlul, leading to the establishment of co-operative 
ue e s|Mp c i printing-offices hi Chicago, New YodE, Sk Louis, Cincinnati, Memphis, St. Paul, and 
odnvplacM. Tlieaa are n»wa(vert»a thousand aasnspapenpsiated upon the CQ-opcratlve plan 
is the United States and Canada«, and the number I4 constantly increasing, it laving more than 
doabled in the last five yean. The enterprise is no longer an experiment, but an established sue* 
ce», and die system is one yielding manilbld advantages to advertisen as well as to local pub- 

The Amedcaa ITewspaper TTsioa 

Is e«enlial]y notional. The papen represented in it are located hi all the Statet of the Vnlen 
and in neatly five hundred county seats. They circulate over the whole area cf the country 
fioB Maine to Colorado, distxibuting at least oiu humdrtd cofut tvtryytar to €ack sguart mUf 
^ tkf sOtled/^rtufiu ^ the UiaitdStaUt. 

Aidwu^, aa a whole, the Union List is aadonal, covering aH sections, It is so made up of 
dUezent memben as to be susceptible of easy division hito sections— East, Middle, West, South. 
The distzibution of the papen is as ibUows : 

NewEaglaad 78 

New Ycck j»i 

New Jersey 37 

Pennsylvania . • . « . 05 

Viq^inia 34 

No. and So. CaroHna . . 34 

Ohio zaa 


Illinois 117 

Miehigan 86 

Wisconsin 98 

Tennessee 99 

Kentucky 39 

Minnesota ....... 79 

Iowa 85 

Nebraska . %$ 

Missouri i^f 

Georgia 10 

Afatbama 33 

Louisiana ....... zz 

Mississippi fl^ 

Other States ...... 46 


The dradation of theae papers is huge and conatandy increasing. It is laiger than the cir- 
cahdoB of any other Hsts or combinations of country papen in the United Stat«»~«helatt 
atgprgstr weeUy dzculatian Wng *n>en kundrtd tkcmand *eve» hundred and thirty £1^9 


Wtfina, Purt, wn4 Moh «oo4 IncrtaM cf ftak ilid MWfllit, ClNr Stda, Mtf BMuflW €•» 


Every drop of the Saisaparillian Resolvent communicates through the Blood, Sweat, (Jriae, 
and other fluids and juices or tke system the vigor of life, for it repairs the wastes of dbe body 
with new and sound material. Scrofula, Consumption, Glaoduiar Disease, Ulcers in the Throat, 
Mouth, Tumors, Nodes in the Glands and other parts of the system, Sore Eyes, Strumous Di»^ 
charges from the Ears, ^nd the worst forms of 81dn Diseases^ Brupdoni, Kcver 8oi«ft, Sodd 
Head. Ring Worm, Salt Kheum, Ervsipelas, Acne, Black Spots^ Wijrms in the Flesh, Tumors, 
and all Weakening and Painful Discharges and Night Sweats are within the curative rai^ oi 
this wonder of Modem Chemittry, and a few dajs' use will prove to any pecsoo using It br 
either of these forms of disease', its potent power Cb Ctire them. If the p a t ien t , daily bMomtng 
reduced by the wastes and decomposition tnat are continually progressing, succeeds in annP9tin^ 
these wastes, and Tcpair* the same with new maienal, made iiom healcby Wood, and ais-<W 
Sarsaparillian will and does secure, a cure is certain ; for, when cmce this remedr commeaoes hs 
work of purification and succeeds in diminishing the loss of wastes, its repaira will be tapid«aad 
every dMy the palknt wHtfeel himself growing better Und strtmger, the food dtgetting better,* 
appetite Improving, and flesh and weight increasins^. Not only dees ^he SAJWATAKiujAif Rb- 
•<}LVBNT excel all Icnown remedial agents in the cure of Chronic, Scrofulous, Constitutional, and 
Skin' Diseases, but it H the only positive ctm for KUaogri Bladder, and Uriniiy DisewKs^Ofurel, 
Diabetes, Dropsy. Stoppage of Water. Incontinence' 6f Urine, Bri^t's uiiOLSc, Albtflhfnaria, 
and in ail cases where there are brickda« depoMts* or the water u thick* cknidy, mixed widi 

substance like the white of an egg, or threads like white silk, or there b a moibicC daric, biUous 
appearance, and white bonedust aepostts, and when there is a pricking, burning sensation when 
j>fff*«"g water, and pain in the Small of the Back along the Loins. 

TiHMT of 12 fun* growtli and by Rtdway't Reaolvani 

lfomatLT,.MAaB.. Julv i8di. ifMS^. 
Dk. Raimtat: I have had Ovarian Tnokor in the ovaries and bewela. AU tne doaon said 
" iJUrt ma* no Juip/or it." I tried everythii^ that was recommended, but nothing helped me. 
I saw your Resolvent, and thought I would try It, but kadna faith In It, because I had suffered 
for TWELVE YEARS. I look tix Mties of the Rttatvent^ one box of Radwa/a Pilk, ud 
oaed two bottles of your READY RELIEF, and there is not a.«ign of a tumor to be s€«n 0rftU, 
and I feel BETTER. SMARTER, and happier than I have for twelve vears. The worst tumor 
was in the left side of the bowels, over the groin. I write this to you (or (he benefit of others. 
Yon can publish if you choose. e • e • HANNAH P. KNAPP. 


Cures the wotst pains in from one to twenty minutes. Not one hour after reading this advertise- 
ment need any one suffler with pain. Radway's Ready Relief is a cure for every pain. It was 
the first and is THE ONLY FAIN REMEOV xkAl instandy stops the most excruciating pains, 
allays Inflammations, and cures Coi^ ^ ' '• • . «. _^. « 

glands or organs, hy ona amli* ' 
excruciating the pain the Rh 
tcaied with disease may suffer. 

Will afford Instant ease. Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the Bladder, Tnflamma- 
tion of the Bowels, Congestion of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Difficult Breathing, Palpitation of the 

tumbler of water will, in a few moments, cure Cramps. Spasms, Sour Stomach^esnbnm, Sick 
Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Colic, Wind in the Bowels, and all Internal Pains. Travelers 
should always carry a bottle of RADWAY'S RELIEF wfch tbem. A few drops in water will 
prevent sickness or pains from change of water. It is better (ban French Brandy or Bitters aaa 

FEVER AND AGUE cured for ramr cbmts. There is not ajiemedlal acent bi dib wotld 
that will cure Fever and Asue and all other Malarious, Bilious. Scariet, Typhoid, Yellow, and 
other Fevers (aided by RADWAY'S PILLS) as quick as RADWAY'S READV REUEF. 
Fifly cenu per bottle. ... 


Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated, for the cure of all Disorders of the Stomach, Liver, Bowds, 
Kldki^s. Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Headache, Coactipatmn, Qpeiiveiietb,. IwfigeBtiai, Dys- 

pepsin, Biliousnesa, Bilious Fever, Inflammation of the Bowels, Piles, aad all Deranfffioienu oi 
the Internal Viscera. Warranted to effect a Positive Cure. RADWAY'S PILLS will free the 
system from all (he above-named disorders. Price, 25 cents per box. 

Read FALSE AND TRUE. Send one letter stamp to Raowat & Co., No. 3a Warren 
Street, New York, lafonaation worth thousands wUl be sent you; ^ 




(Ihfik ffNem^ Cohmm J^ l^^*) 

llineralSt Ores, Stone* Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

naanltt Orel. Stone, XIning 

1 Wert Cm nberlaod Iroa ^ St eel Co. 

(uautod), inrotlunintOBf OmincyniHd. 

• Iran ores. loo 

^CoalftBdooka. xoi 

\m Whitwell, Thomas, Stockton-on- 
Tees.— CumberiaDd ores. xoo 

t WlgaaCoal ft Iron Co. (limited). Wl- 

9 ffMu e e e ft JUchards. Swaaeca; 
Sooia Waks.-'Coke fiiel. loi 

iDiaoa, Frederick, I«ndon.~Patent 
fad. xox 

DodgeoB, Arthur, VTeetminster, 
Loadott.— Peat ftiet, maaufhcuired by the 
lifah Peat Fkid Co. lo^ 

6 Uadlc^, Rabert Charlee, Manafield, 

Nocriwghamshire.— Stoocs from the Mans- 

7 CvrmartUa Slate Co. (limited), 
Pcauaadoc, North Wales. — Roofing 


• Heater, Jamea, Aberdeen, Scotland. 
— Red pduhed gnmite monument. aoa 

9 Macdoaald, Field, ft Co., Aberdeea 
Gnukiie Works, Aberdeen, Scotland.— 
Pbtished red granite nwnument. los 

10 Pcn-yr-oraedd Slate Quarry Co. (lim- 
ited), Camanron, North wales.— Roofing 
slates, ilatc slabs, cisterns, ridges for roofs, 
billiard slabs, slate partly manufac- 
tiijcd. loa 

11 Shearer. Smith, ft Co., Dalbeattie 
Granite Quarries, Scotland.— Scotch pol- 
ished granite, and street paring 
blodo. xoa 

IS Beaehrook Qranite Works, Beas- 
Ixcland. — Blue and gray Irish 
In * ■ 

rramtes i 

19 Qreat North of Scotland Qranite Co. 
(liffldied), Peierliead, Scotland.— Monu- 
dTaae in polished red 

19« Campbell, Hugh, ft Son, Newry.— 
Pblished granite. loa 

t4 Hollick ft Co., Greenwich, Xxmdon. 
— Portland cement. 103 

19 Patent Selenitic Cement Co. (limi- 
ted), London. — Method of preparing lime 
f<>r mortar, for plastering suid brickwork, 
and 9lao for concrete. 103 

F?rclA»es of exuILI.3, isdicated by numbers at end of entries, see Cla^isification, pp. 27-45 

IB Woaldhem CeaMnt Co» Wouldham- 

on*the>Medway. Kent, Ejogland.— Port- 
land cement ana its ingredients in differ- 
ent stages of manufacture. Concrete 
Uocht and eihei objecu made ther^ 
finon. X03 

17 Lavers, Alfred Hamilton. London.— 
Portland cement, test blocks, cements, 
pkaier of Kuris, whiting. X09 

17« Busse, Q., ft Co., London. — Ce- 
ment. 109 

19 Francis ft Co., Cllffe Creek, Roches- 
ter.— Cements, eement concrete, parlaa 
sci^l(da,aiid deootatedparian. 103 

19 Greys Chelk Querries Co. (limited) 

« ChSk! whiiiiv, kihidried chalk, gilden' 

whiting. toa 

' k ritnt. roB 

80 Eastwood ft Co. (limited), Lon- 
don.— Portland cement. 103 

81 Pike, William Joseph, Wereham, 
Dorsetshire.— Oays. 104 

88 Harrison, George King, Lye ft Bret- 
teU Lane Fiie Qay Mines ft Brick Works, 
Stourbridge, England.— Stourbridge fire 
clays. X04 

89 Dunn, Robert, ft Co., St. Austell, 
Cornwall. — China clay, in its raw mate- 
rial ; samples for potting, bleaching, paper 
manuiactiiring, etc 104 

84 Oakey, John, ft Sons, Wellington 
Mills, London. — Crude emery stone; 
grain emery ; flour emery. 106 

84« Star Plate ft Universal Polishing 
Powder Co., London. — Plate and polish- 
ing powder. iu6 

Metallurgioal Prodnoti 

86 Johnson, Metthey, ft Co., London. 
—Articles in platinum; rare and pre- 
cious metals. 110 

86 Wigan Coal ft Iron Co. Olmlted), 
Wigan, Lancashhe. — ^Hematite, foundry, 
and forge pig iron. 1 1 x 

87 Great Western Iron Co., Soodley 
Newnham. — Pig iron ixi 

89 West Cumberland Iron A Steel Co. 
Himited), Workington, Cumberland. — 
Pig iron, sptegelciscn, granuialeU blast 
furnace slag, Ucsseiner steel in the ingot; 

steel forginipi, raiU and rail Frctions, 
boiler and bridge plates, railway chairs, 

etc. ; samples Illustrating the testing of 
steel, and its metallurgy. iii 


Metallurgical Products. 

89 Smith, Frederick, ft Co., Caledonia 
Works, Halifax, Yoikshtre.— Rope, rig. 
ging, tdegraph, card, reed, and bonnet 
wire ; iron in its various stages of mauiF 
facture into wire. six 

30 Houghton. William Dicksoa, War* 
rington.— Wire for spedal and general 
purposes. xxi 

30a Tavler, D. P., ft Co., New HaU 

Worics, Bimingham. — Iron, steel, hrass, 
and copper wire. xxx 

31 Edge ft 8oM, Coalport WM%a, 

Shropgihire. — Wire ropes and chains for 
mining and engineering purposes. ixx 

81a Hawksworth, Ellison, ft Co., Car- 
lisle Works. Sheffield.— Steel, and articles 
made therem>m. xxx 

82 Ash ft L^cy, Globe Works, Staffard- 
shire. — Galvanized, tinned, plain, and 
corrugated iron shfoets; poiibratcd sine, 
metals, etc. xxt 

82a Ward ft Payne, Sheffield.— 

Sieel. xxx 

82^ Whitwell, Thomas, Stocktoa-on- 
Tees. — Pig iion. xxx 

88 Cammell, Chsrlea, ft Co. (limited), 
Cyclops Steel & Iron Works, Sheffield.— 
RolleU iron armor plates. xxx 

84 Siemens, Charles William, London. 
— Spaciniens of iron and »ceel. xxx 

84a Jessop. William, ft Sons Oimited), 
Sheffield. — Steel in hats, sheeU, and 
large and seutll plates. xxi 

For dasses of exhiUu, iadicsted by nmnbsn 

84^ Hatton, Sons, ft Co., Bilston, Stsfr 


« Charcoal sheet iron. xxt; 

k Charcoal tin plates. xx^ 

86 Baldwin, B. P. ft' W., Wilde*! 

Works, sear Stotirport ' 

a Button and sheet iron bllck plates. xxt; 

i Tin and teme plates ; tinned sheets, ixf! 

85« Warrington Wire Rope Works,! 
Liverpool. — ^Wire ropes, cord, etc. xxt! 

86 Brown, John, ft Co. (limited), AtUfi 
Steel & Iron Works. Sheffield.— AroMf 
plates ; naval englneeitng. (/« MacAimtrf 
Hail.) la 

87 Swansea Tin Plate Co., The Tin ft 
Teme Plate Manufacturers, Swansea Tit 
Plate Works, Swansea.— Tin and tens 
plates. u$ 

88 Nash, Henry, ft Co., LIverpeoL^ 
Tin and teme plates^ Uack pbie, sad 

: continuous roo&ng.terae plate. u$ 

89 Governor ft Company of Copper 
Mineis in England. Loiidon.- Tin apd 
teme plates. xx] 

40 Morewood, E., A Co., LIsnelly. 
« I'in and teme plates. ft] 
i Machines for manulactiiTiiig tin and tens 

plate, and galvanized sheet traa. 5xs 

41 Phosphor Bronae Co. Ohnited), 
London.— Phosphor bronie tools, locks, 
keys, tubes, wire, sheet, steaai iittiagi, 
parts of machtnerf. xx4 

(N, B. English ExMiHis i* tki9 dt- 
partment are also imstalUd in Agricnlhh 
rai Hall, and catalogued in thai volume.) 
St cad of entfics, see dsMtficstioa, pp. SH9- 


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{//ortk o/AXtve, Cohtmms 10 U 77.) 

Stone, Mining Ptodncts, MetottnrgicAl Products. 

yjnarnU, Otm, Stonei Xiniag 

1 P»rap«ra Iroa & Coal Co., Nelson. 
• Brown hematite ore. too 

^ Coal firom the Aorere riyer. loz 

c Timfrwwt used u a flux fcr iMmadte 
ore. 103 

%}ohoatonm Bro*., Nalsoiu— Heiaadte 
iraaore. zoo 

8 NelMB Cominittee, Nelson. 

a Inn, pkimba^), gtiaa, zinc blende, cop- 
per, antimony, and argentiferous lead 
ores. 100 

i Coal from CaallMoolcdale. Hooat Rodi- 
Cnt, and RaaAoa. zei 

€ lAarble from Rnatanuka, Golden Bay. zoe 

d Pbrcdain clays from Pakawau ana Ruai- 
taonka; steatite from Golden Gully, Col- 
ofigwood. 104 

4 Lonisaon, T. B., Nelson.— Iron ore, 
caldned iron ore. zoo 

5 Washboxinx, W. B., Nelson.— Ar- 
gentiferous lead ore. 100 

6 Taranaki Committee. 

tfTiunic iron sand, older tertiary marl, 
trachyte pebble, trachyte with crystals of 
hornblende, trachyte cast, hornblende, 
"''■^n", nephrite, taranakite, cam^ 
lias. 100 

^ Lignite from Urenoi. zox 

f Focten' clay from UrenuL Z04 

"* Colonial Museum, Wellington.— 

Tames Hector, Director. 

aColtection of minerals, containing mas- 

netic iron, henaatite, chrome, copper, lead, 

sine, and manganese ores. soo 

i Specimens illustrating the dassification of 

New Zealand coals; petroleums from 

Sugar Loaf Point, WaiapUfWaipawa. zox 

r Marble fnMn CoUingwood, Kdmn. zoa 

d Steatite from Parapaxa Valley,Nelson. Z04 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

8 Kennedy Brothers, Nelson. 

m Coal from the Brunner Mine, and coke 

manufactured from It. zoz 

S Raw and ground fire clay. 204 

9 Albion Coal Co., Nelson.— Coal from 
Ngakauau. zoz 

10 Reid. Alexander W., Canterbary.— 
Coal from Kowai Pass. zoz 

1 1 Oakden, J. J.. Canterbury.— Anthra- 
cite coal from Lake Coleridge. loi 

18 Rowley, >Vilson,- ft Co., Otago.- 
Coal from Shag Point, Palmerston. lox 

18 Ross. A., Poverty Bay, Auckland.— 
Petroleum. zoz 

14 Wilson, W., Christchnrcb.— Hewn 
white and yellow limestone. loa 

XetalliirgiMl Prodnets. 

16 New Zealand Commissioners.— 
Specimens of aliuvial gold and gold-bear- 
ing quartz from Auckland, Wesuand, and 
Ougo, collected by the Bank of New Zea^ 
lano. zio 

1 6 Government of New Zealand.— Spec- 

imens of alluvial gold from Nelson and 
I of aur 

_ , _, aens of alluvial goi 

from Otago; bars of melted and refined 

Westland, and ofauriferous ouarts from 
the west coast ; specimens of aJluvial fold 

gold ; ban of chloride of silver, and sil- 
ver; model representing gold exported 
irom New Zealand i86»-75. izo 

17 Nelson Committee.— Specimens of 
auriferous quartz from Re^Um. no 

18 Reefton Committee.— Specimens of 
auriferous quartz from the Inangahua and 
Lyell districts. Nelson. xzo 

19 Tolhurst. George B.. Bank of New 
Zealand, WeUington.— Models of gold in- 
gots, tzo 

at ear* of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 


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(NItftk o/NnMt Cohmns rj to is.) 

Minerals, Metallufgical Products, Mining Engineering. 

Uinersli, Orel, Stone, HiniBg Pro- 

1 McCallam, Arg^le, Yaas.— Co]>per 
and lead ores <Tom woolgmiioo Mine; iron 
ore from Bogolong. loo 

2 Stuart. Seymour C— Auriferous 
quaru from Adekmg ; lode and stream tin 
ore. loo 

8 King, P. O., Ooonoo.-— Sulphuret of 
antimony, from Nundle. loo 

4 Howard. John, Sofiala.-^Antimony, 
from Cruoine creek. loo 

4^ Dewhurst, Arthur, Tsmworth.— 
Collection of minerals. loo 

5 Coulter, Edward, Sydney. — Mag- 
netic iron ore containing gold and copper, 
from Moimt Lambie. loo 

6a Cleghorn, Wm., Uralla.— Collection 

of minerals. loo 

6 Department of Mines, Sydnev. 

a Mineralogical and geologi«J collection; 
specimens of sold from the Southern, West- 
ern, and Northern districts ; models ofgold 
nuggets found in New South Wales ; gold 
tropny, showing praducti<m of New South 
Wales. loo 

i Coal trophy. lor 

7 Towns ft Co., Sidney. — ^Kerosene 
shale from Murrumbidgee. 

8 Fountain, John, Oosford, Brisbane 
Water.— Iron ore from Brisbane Wa- 
ter. lOO 

9 King, P. O., Ooonoo Qoonoo.— Lcpi- 
dodendran fossils from Goonoo Goo* 
noo. xoo 

10 Wilson. >V., Monaltrie, Richmond 
river.— Fossils. ioq 

11 Butchart, J. Hawkins, Sydney.— 
Lode and stream tin ore. too 

12 Caddell, Alfred, 8ydsesr.-*Tta ofe 
and wash dirt from Vq^etaMe Crede Tin 
Mines. loo 

18 New South Wales Shale ft OQ CoiB- 
pany, Sydney. — Kerosene shale. lox 



14 Towna,R.,ftCo.,8; 

shale from Mi 

1 6 Browne, Thomas. Biahe>p's Bridge. 
— Sand<itone from West Maiuand. loa 

1 8 Douglass, ^V., Sydney.— Slate from 
a quarry near Goulbiirn. loa 

1 7 Young, John, Sydney. — Granite from 
Moniya; marble. loa 

18 Mackintosh ft Oakes, Bathurst.— 
Kaolin. 104 

19 Warden, David, Ulladulla.— Kao- 
lin. 104 

Ketallurgical Products. 

19o Lithgow Valley Iron ft Coal Co.— 
Iron. xzx 

20 New South ^Vales Commissioners. 
—Copper ingots. if« 

21 Moore ft Co., Sydney.— Tin in 
got*. X13 

22 Vej^etaMe Creek Company, Sydney. 
— Tin ingots. 113 

28 New South Wales Commissioners. 
— I'in ingou, bars, and grain tin. itj 

Mining Engineering. 

84 Caddell. Alfred, Sydney.— Model of 
shaft of Vegetable Creek Tin Mine, and 
report, plan, and photographs. X3i 

25 Oovernment Printing Office, Syd- 
ney, New South Wales. — Mines and min- 
eral statistics. <» 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27'4S- 


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(North o/Nave^ Coittmm ri to rj.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining^ Products. 

Kaerals, Ores, Stone, Kining Pro- 

1 Collection of Rocka, Minerals, and 
Fossils, illustrative of the geoloev, mlner- 

'* , and minine resources of Victoria, 

ited for, and oo behalf of the Gov- 

jnt, by R. Brough Smyth, F.G.S., 

F.L.S.. Assoc Inst. C.E., Secretary for 
Mines, and Chief Inspector of Mines for 
the colony. xoo 

a Older ieneoos or plntonic rocks. 

i Newer igneous or volcanic rocks. 

c Aqneoos rocks. 

J Upper sihirian. 

f Upper paisozoic. 

/ Mesozoic-carbonaceoos. 

e Tertiary. 

ICoUectioo of mineral speamens. 

/ Economic collection : auriferous quartz. 

i Fac-simUes of gold nuggets found in Vic- 

/ Economic minerals. 

m Fossil fruit. 

S Acadia Catherine Gold Mining Com- 
pany, Sandhurst. — Golden stone. zoo 

S Bleaadale, J. I., Melbourne.— Collec- 
tion of gems and precious stones, consisting 
of diamonds, blue sapphires, oriental eme- 
ralds, rubies, aqua-marines, topazes, 
spinels, beryls, opals, garnets, tourma- 
luca, etc xoo 

4 Commianionera for Victorin. for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Meloourne. — 
• Fac-simtles of nuggets found in Victoria, 
and mineraloyicarand geological speci- 
mens, zoo 
^Coal. zox 
c Sawn slate, block of granite, polished 
marble. ice 
d LimestKmes from Mayor Plains. 103 
r Black clay, day and sand; kaolin 
day. 10^ 
/Sharpening stones from Wangunyah. zo6 

A Costerfield Gold ft Antimony Mining 
Co., Mdboume. — Andmony ore. zoo 

For classes of ezhibils. Indicated by numbexs 

6 Hanckar, J. H. H., Melbourne.— 
Nickel ore from the Boa Kaine Mine, 
New Caledonia. zoo 

7 McGie, James, &Co., Melbourne.— 
Nickel ore. zoo 

8 Shenandoah Oold Mining Co., Sand- 
hurst. — Gold-bearing quartz. zoo 

9 Mining Department of Victoria, 

Mdboume. — Coal, zoz 

10 Mansfield Shire Council, Mans- 
field. — Polished marble, hewn sand- 
stone. 103 

1 1 Arthur ft Dogherty, New Zealand. — 
Lithographic stone. zo6 

12 Lewis ft Whitty, Fitzroy.— Knife 
polish. Z06 

13 Hattersley,J.,Yackandandah.>-Aer- 
atcd waters. Z07 

14 Lyon, Qeorge, Spring Creek, Beech- 
worth. — Lemonade, sooa water, and gin- 
ger ale. Z07 

15 Rowlands ft Lewis, Ballarat.— 
Tonic potass, soda, lithia, and sdtzer 
waters, and ginger ale. zo7 

Hetaliorgioal Products. 

16 Bright Bros, ft Co., Melbourne. — 
Star antimony in ingots. T13 

17 Costerfield Gold ft Antimony Min- 
ing Co., Melbourne. — ^Andmony. 1Z3 

18 Hodgson, Richard, Collinrwood.— 
Star antimony, pig lead, block tm. zzj 

19 Croaker, Scott, ft Co., Melbourae.— 
Star aatuicmy. zz3 

Mining Engineering. 

20 Smyth, R. Brough, Department of 
Mines, Mdboume. — Geological maps, re- 
ports, etc. Z9i 

end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 


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(Stmtk of Nave, ColumHs rs to if,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 

ICinerals, Ores, Stone, Xining Products 

1 Dupuchfjoseph.— Building stone. 

2 Qeorfc, Jno. 8.~BuildinK stone. 


{North of Nave, Columns is to //.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 

XineralB, Ores, Stone, Xining Frodnots. 

1 Bermuda, Qorernment of.^Top of s pllUr of stalagmite, and a small stalactite 
from a f ubmeiged cave. xoc 

2 Ness, Ph.— Building stones. toa 
For classes of exhibits, in di cate d by numban at end of eatiies, see CUasificauon, pp. 87^45. 


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{Nprth 0fN9rth Avenms, Ofhmuu lo tarj,) 

Mineral and Mctalliacical Products, Mining Engineering. 

Kaorali, Oxe»» 0t<»e, Mining Pio» 

1 ApUn, D. — Trophy of tin orofl. too 

S Brisbttne Tin Mining Co.— Tin ores, 

wash din, etc loo 

S Cloncnrry Mlno, Proprietors of.— 

4 Daintreo* Richard.-^Cotteotion ox 
rocks, soils, and finsUs ittustrative of the 
colony. xoo 

5 Foote, Alfred.— Iron ores from Weft 
Moretoa. xoo 

6 Qrecory, A. C— Antimony oros. loo 

7 Henry, Captain.— Nugset of native 
copper. icp 

8 Hume, V/. C^— Collection of tin 
ores. xoo 

Mount Marley Tin Mining Co.-CoU 
lectioa of tin ores. loo 

10 Perry, Matthew.^Copper pyrites. 


11 8taiger,C.— Antimony ores, xoo 

12 Tyrrell, J. dc P.— Tin ores. loo 

15 >Vi1kinson Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Cinnabar. xoo 

14 Oovemment of Queensland. 
« Copper ores, fossils, etc., fiom Ip^vich; 
qnarts and gold hearing stone from Gym- 
pie, Rockh^npton, Ravenswood, Cawar- 
rol. Palmer, CJoncuiry, etc. xoo 

t Coal frxHB Ipswich. lOX 

c Boilding stone. xos 

d Flombago. X05 

6 Aberdaro Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Coal. xox 

16 Alejcander, W. R«— Coal. xox 

17 Allora Mine, Proprietors of.— Coal. 


13 Bingera Miaa, Proprietors of.— 
Cost xox 

Per dsMss of czhfbto, indi c a te d by numberi at 

19 Blackfellowa' Creek Mine, Proprl- 
etori of.— Coal. loi 

20 Bland & Wright, Perseverance 
Mine.— Coal. >ox 

21 Flagstone Creek, Proprietors of.— 
Coai. BOX 

28 Qulland ft Co., Ipswich.— Coal and 
coke. BOX 

28 Rosewood Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Coal. lox 

24 TivoU Mine, Proprietors of.— Coal 
and coke. lox 

25 Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.— 
Slab of polbhed malachite. xos 

MetalLorgioal Fzodnoti. 

26 Government of Queensland. 

a Gold, in nuggcu, from Gympie. Rock- 
hampton, Ravenswood, Cawarrol, Palmer, 
Cloncurry, etc. xxo 

i Tin in ingots. 1x3 

27 Government of Queensland.— Re- 
fined copper. xia 

28 Mount Perry. Copper Mining Co.— 
Ingots of copper. xxa 

29 Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.— 
Trophy of copper ingots. xis 

80 Bulimba Tin Smelting Co.— Refined 
tin, in ingots. 

81 Mount Marley Tin Co.— Refined tin, 
in ingots. 1x3 

82 Queensland Smelting ft Assaying 
Co.— Trophy of tin ingots. 1x3 

Mining Engineering. 

88 Clifton Mine, Proprietors of.— Fos- 
sils, kaolin, etc., showing strata of mine. 

end of entries, see Oassificatioa, pp. 37^5. 


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{S^mtk of North Avomu^ Cohkams ij io ij.) 
Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and MeteUnrgical Prodncts. 

mutnXif Orel, Stone, Mtnliig Fro- 

1 Bntish & Tasroanian Charcoal Iron 
Co.— Iron ores. ttfo 

2 Hammond, W., Hohart Town. — 
Bismuth^ fipon Mount Ktanuj. lOo 

8 Harrap, A., Launceaton,— Petrified 
wood. KOO 

4 Hull, Henry J., Hobart Town.— Tin 
ore. from George's Bay. too 

6 Innea, J. H., 
Ore, fromKonga 

Hobart Town^— Tin 
Kongarooma. xoo 

6 Just, T. C, Launceaton,— Iron orea 
and asbestos. xoo 

Q« Royal Society of Taamania.— 
Topazes and beryls from Bass's Straits 
Island. ibo 

7 Smart, Dr., Hobart Town.— <}old, in 
qukrts. ' xoo 

5 Smith, Jamea, Lanncaatoa.— Bia- 
muth, from Mount Raoosey. xoo 

9 Stanhope Company.— Tin ore. xoo 
lO Harcovrt, Jaaiaa, Hobart Town. 
« Iron ores. xoo 

6 Coal from Seymour. lox 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by i 

14 Hunt, I.. Hobart T 

Tasman^ Peninsular. 

11 Hematite Ifoa Works, Weat Tanar. 
tf Iron ores. xoo 
i Blue and white marble limestone. xoa 

12 Lyell ft Oowan, Melbourne. 

a T-m ore from Mount Bischoff. xoa 

^ Coal from river Don. xoi 

< Slate from . Piper'a rivtf-. xoa 

d Marble limeatone from river Don. xoj 
18 Oroom, F., Haraflald^— Coal. sot 
Town.— Coal firom 

16 Kermode, W. A., Mona Vale.— Gray 
and brown freestone. aoa 

16 Raynor, B., Brldgewater.— Lima- 
atone, with fiaiaiis. xoa 

17 Coverdale, John, Port Arthar.— 
: Pipechi|r« S04 

Metallurgieal Prodnets. 

18 Harconrt, Jamea, Hobart Town.— 
Pig iron and castings. >xi 

19 Hematite Iron Works, Weat Tamar. 
. ^Pig iron and castings^ - xai 

20 Monnt BiacholT Tin Mining Co., 
MouittBlschoff.-«Tin,inincou. xsj 

I end of entries, see dastUication, pp. 87-45- 


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{North of Nave, Colwnns 22 to 2^,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and MeuUurgical Products. 

CoUectioiM selocted from the India 


1I.D., 1XJ).» DuBCTOK or thb Uii>ia 


MinerslSt Orts, Stone, Xinlng Pro- 

m IroB OTtt and magnetic Inm sand from the 
Madne Presidency; iron orei from the 
Pwehiiy Presidency ; icon ones and mac- 
aetic iron sand from the Bei^ Presi- 
ihTf; chnuac Iron oret from balem and 
Sown Arcoc; manganese ores from the 
Ifadras Presidency: copper ores from 
VeUare, Singbhum. and Deochur ; copper 
pyrites from tlie hills of Beloochistan ; 
aalacbice from Central India ; lead ore 
from Deoghur; ^iena from the Malanna 
and Ru-butci mines, and from Catloor, 
Kamtd, Cheta Nagpnr, Duttiah, Hazari- 
baq^, and Beloochistan ;(9tibnite antimony 
ere) from Shigri, Busoh, Borneo, and 
Sarawak; tin stone from Junk Ceylon, 
liaiacca, Kiihun, Mergui, Tenascerim, 
lorat, and Johore ; goldsand from Puru- 
lia, Toradanally, Dandput, Rangoon, and 
Ramasherry; arsenical ores from Pegu, 
Burm^. Tenasserim, Bengal, and Mad- 
ias; aaiphur from Rangoon and Sho- 

h Coal from Nerbodda Coal and Iron Co.^ 
Gurravarra, Oormoo, Chigo, and Ma- 
lacca; lignite from Darjiliag; petroleum 
and naphtha from Burmah. soi 

t Limestone from South Aroot, Nellore, 
Tripanur, MastiHpatam, and Beronda; 
cekite from Jtanigunj; calc spar from 

Fer dames of exhibttt, indicated by aumben 

Kabul: selenite from Ava; white mica 
from Salem; black mica from Behar; 
agalmatolite from Chota N^gpur ; 7eolitet 
from Deccan ; lime from Bownce, Salem, 
Bellary, and Soonporah. 103 

4/CIaM^ fer pottery, from South Areof, 
Madura, North Araot, Sadigeri, Banga* 
lore, and Vizianagram; powdered mica 
from Lahore: quartz, yellow and red 
ochre, fire and china days from Madras; 
ball clay from Mangalore and Raepore { 
kaw, fine white, and prepafed clay, pow- 
dered marble, red lead and led ochre from 
Pattan; litharge from Calcutu; white 
lead fiom Punjab: white earth from 
Beronda: gerodlrom Raepcre; pink and 
vellow earth from Paldeo; white earth 
from Punnah; yellow earth firom Alipore; 
^pe day from Singapore : red day fix>m 
Duttiah ; white earth from Kotee : fullers' 
earth from Sind. 104 

4 Graphite finom CaTiatten Coodul, Ttevan* 
dram, Almorah, and Ceylon. ko5 

/ Corundum finom Madras, Salem, and My- 
sore ; agates and camelians from Cambny ; 
gem sand from Ceylon ; ruby sand from 
XraTaacore; rough garnets from Mysore 
and Vizianagram ; caiderite from Nepal ; 
tourmaline from Nellore ; epidote granite 
from Madras. 107 

f Fibrous gypsum from Kamul ; reh from 
Buttiana. 107 

Motallurgioal Prodaoti. 

h Crade iron from Assam : Wootz steel ; 
native iron ; native iron with slag. izi 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45 


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{North of Nave, Cchmms i6 to 2j.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Minins^ and Metallurgical Products. 

Kineralfl, Ores, Stone, Xining 

1 Qatling Qold Mining Co., Marmora, 
Ont. — Gold-bearing ars«nica.l pyrites. loo 

2 Russell, W. W., Ottawa, Ont.— Gold 
in quanz. too 

3 Lindsay. J. A., Toronto, Ont. — Gold, 
silver, ana magnetic ores. loo 

4 Jackfish Lake Qold Mining Co., To> 
ronto, Ont.-— Gdd and silver, in quanz. loo 

5 McKellar Bros., Prince Arthur's 
Landing, Ont. — Gold, in quartz. loo 

6 McKellar, D.. Prince Arthur's Land- 
ing, Ont. — Gola, in quartz. too 

7 Toronto Gold Mining^ Co., Toronto, 
Ont.— Gold-bearing arsenical pyrites, xoo 

8 Lockwood, W. P., St. Francois, Q.— 
Model of gold nugget. xoo 

Geological Survey, Canada, Q. 

a Quartz, magnetic sand, and alluvial gold, 
models oi ^d nuggets, platinum, copper 
pyrites, native copper, magnetite, magnetic 
iron sand, hematite, iron ores, iron pyrites, 
native iron, antimony ore, galena, olende, 
barytes. mica, magnesite,kennesite, celes- 
tine, albite, orthoclase, a&bestos, ame- 
thyst, agates, and Canadian rocks. xoo 

6 OoaX from Saskatchewan river, bituminous 
shale, crude and inspissated petroleum, xox 

c Sand^ttones, marbles, marble column, 
dolomite, limestone^ syenite, granite, 
gneiss, labradorite, jasper conglomerate, 
ornamental and polished slate, cut and 
polished stones. xoa 

</ Hydraulic cement, gypsum. Z03 

e Clay, fire clay, clay for moulding, river 
and moulding sand, soapstone. Z04 

/ Graphite. 105 

g Lithographic stones, grindstones, whet- 
stones, Durr stones, granite for mill- 
stones. 106 

k Brine, mineral water, phosphate of lime, 
shell mari. 107 

10 Oppenheimer Bros., Victoria, Br. 
Col.— Gold nugget. xoo 

11 Roberuon. Robt.. Halifax. N. S.— 
Representation of the gold fields of Nova 
Scotia. zoo 

11« Morton, George, Frontenac Lead 
Mine.— Pig lead. xoo 

12 Donaldson, T. B., Oldham, N. 8.— 
Gold in quartz. xoo 

13 Sibley, A. H., Silver Islet, Out.— 
Silver ores and native silver. xoo 

\Za Moody ft Nelson, Victoria, B. R.— 
Native copper. xoo 

14 McKellar Bros., Fort William, Ont. 
—Silver ores, native stiver, copper pyrites, 
and barytes. xoo 

For dasses of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

15 Marks, T., ft McKellar Bros., Port 
William, Ont.— Silver ores. too 

16 Dawson, S. J., Ottawa, Ont.— Silver 
ores. too 

19« Simpson, John, Upbam, N. B.~ 
Manganese. loa 

17 Cyrette, Ambrose, Port William, 
Ont.— Silver ores. 100 

1 8 Van Norman, Judge, Prince Arthur's 
Landing, Ont.— Native silver and silrcr 
ores. 100 

19 Plumber, McXntyre, ft Russ, Pott 
William, Ont.— Silver ores. too 

19« Jones, T. R., ft Co., St. John, N. B. 
--Copper ore. i« 

20 Barnes, Prof., Pie Island, Ont.- 
Silver veinstone. xoo 

21 Stephen, George, Montreal, Q.- 
Silver ores. v» 

22 Eureka Mining Co., Victoria, Br. Col. 
—Silver ores. »» 

23 Mechanics' Institute, North West- 
minster, Br. Col. 

« Platinum. *<» 

i Anthracite. va 

24 West Canada Mining Co., Welliag- 
ton, Ont. — Copper pyrites, copper ore. too 

25 Hime, H. L., Toronto, Ont.— Copper 
pyrites. ^«> 

28 Plumber, B., Bruce Mine, Ont.- 
Copper pyrites. »«> 

27 Oliver, Geo., Perth, Ont.— Copper 
pj'rites, bog iron ore. *<» 

28 Ontario Advisory Board, Toronto, 

a Copper pyrites, magneuc hematite, 

faleiia. » »°° 

erpentine, syenite. »* 

c Graphite. "5 

d Emery. «» 

€ Phosphate of lime, shell marl. io7 

29 Shaw, P., Harvey Hill, Q.-Copper 
pyntes. *^ 

80 Stewart. W. W., Montreal Q.- 
Native copper. «°* 

81 Douglas, Dr., Quebec, Q.-Copptf 
ore. *«» 

82 Davidson, Wm., Alma, N. B.-Cop- 
per i^ance. '*' 

88 Russell, Grand Manan, N. B.-Cop- 
pcr glance. ** 

84 Cole, Rufus, Dorchester, N. B.- 
Copper glance. »°° 

85 Sweet, R. J., Halifax, N. S.-Coppcr 
glance. ^^ 

86 Lloyd, H. C, Madoc. Ont.-Mag- 
netite, hematite. ^^ 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45- 



Mining and Metallurgy. 

S7 Lcdyard, T. D., Toronto, Ont.— Mas- 

38 Haycock, 'Will., Templeton, Q.~ 

Mafinctite. xoo 

S9 Cobourg ft Petersbofo* Iron Co., 
Udmont, Ont. — Magnetite. xoo 

40 Bishop. A., Beirs Corners, Ont.— 
Magnetite. xoo 

41 Foley, Jame«, Bathnrst, Ont.~-lIng- 
aetice with apatite. xoo 

43 Baldwin, A. H., Hull, Q.— Mag- 


45 Chipman, David, Berwick, N. S.- 
lia^neiite. xoo 

44 l«wis. Queen Charlotte** Island, 
Br. Col.— Magnetite. xoo 

4J Cowan, A., Brockville, Ont. 
« Hematite, burnt iron pyrites. xoo 

^ Pin&phaceaadfuperpciospliateofUine. 107 

46 Crawford, J. D., & Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Uenutite, spathic iron ore. xoo 

47 CSaathier, O., St. Urbain, Q.— Titanic 
iron ore. xoo 

48 Matbeson a OiUcc, Sydney, N. S.— 
Hexaatite. 100 

it Ottawa Iron ft Steel Co., Ottawa, 

Omu — Iron ore. xoo 

a Stobie, James, Sault St. Marie, Ont. 

— Ixvnore. xoo 

S4 pnval, H. H., Quebec, Q.— Titanic 

iron 01^ TOO 

J5 McDougall, John, Three RlYers, Q. 

— Boc iron ore. xoo 

16 Steel Co. of Canada, Londonderry, 

K. S. — Iron ores. xoo 

§7 MacKinnon, J. C, Whycocomagh, 

N. S. — Iron ores. xoo 

i% Dahamel, Dr., Quebec, Q.— Iron 

pyriccs. 100 

59 Rnascn, ^Villis, Lotblniere, Q.— 
AatlmoBy ore. xoo 

60 Ribbard, P., Prince William, N. B.— 
Aatixnooy ore. xoo 

61 Mime, Lr. H., Toronto, Ont. — Galena 
and copper pyrites, with silver and 

fS Sibley, Col., ft Mclntyre, J., Silver 
Met, One — Gsiiena. xoo 

88 fohnson, C. J., Wallaceburg, Ont.— 
ualcna, blende. xoo 

64 Devine, Thos., Toronto, Ont.— 
Galena. xoo 

88 Weame. Capt., Toronto, Ont.— 
Galena, blende. xoo 

86 Markham, A., Hammond, N. B.— 
Pyrolusite. 100 

67 Brown, J., N. 8.— Pyrolusite. 100 

68 Qalwav Lead Mining Co., Gal way. 
Oat. — ttirytes, ealcspar. xoo 

89 Dolphin Manufacturing Co., Five 
Islands, N. S.— Bar>tes. xoo 

70 Starr. John, Halifax, N. S.— 
Barytes. xoo 

71 Baker Mine, North Biurgess, Ont.— 
llica in plates. xoo 

78 Ackcrly, James, Five Islands, N. S. 
—Dogtooth spar. xoo 

78 Dopp, Geo., Berlin. Ont.— Ame- 
thyst, fluoispar, and pyrites. xoo 

74 Mc Vicar, Geo., Toronto, Ont.— 

Amethyst, xoo 

76 Blackwood, R., Toronto, Ont.— 

Amethyst, fluorspar, and pyrites. xoo 

76 Morrison, W. A., Toronto, Ont.— 
Collection of Canadian precious stones, xoo 

77 Poole, H. S., HaUfaz. N. S.-Ores 
and associated rocks. xoo 

76 Honeyman. Dr., Halifax, N. S.— 

Collection of Nova Scotia rocks. xoo 

60 Bailey, O., Grand Lake, N. B.— 
Coal. xox 

61 Hall, William, Springhill, N. S.— 
Coal. loi 

62 Mitchell, Henry L., GUce Bay 
Mines, N. S. — Coal. xox 

68 McQueen,Wm., Blockhouse Mines, 
N. S— Coal. xox 

84 Brown, R. H., Sydney Mines, N. S. 
—Coal. xox 

66 McDonald, R. A., International 
Mines. N. S.— Coal. lox 

86 McKeen, David, Caledonia Mines, 
N. S.— Coal. xox 

67 Archibald, T.D.,Gowrie Mines, N. 
S.— Coal. lox 

86 Sutherland, James, Big Glace Bay, 
N. S.-Coal. xox 

69 Fraser, J. W., Victoria Mines, N.S. 
—Cool. toi 

00 Routledge, William, Gardiner 
Mines, N. S.— Coal. xox 

01 Campbell, C. J., North Campbellton, 
N.S.-toal. , lox 

02 Hoyt, Jesse, Acadia Mines, N. S.- 
Coal, xox 

03 HudsoUf James, Albion Mines, N. 
S. — Coal. xox 

04 Simpson, Robert, Intercolonial 
Mines, N. S.— Coal. lox 

06 Greener, John,Vale Colliery, N. S.- 
Coal. xox 

06 Bennett, Wm., Scotia Mines, N. S. 

— Coal. xox 

07 Sterling, E., Cape Breton, Big Glace 
Bay, Sydney, and L. Mines, N. S.- 
Coal. xox 

06 Union Mining Co., Union Mines, 
Comox, Br. Col. — Coal. xoi 

09 Baynes Sound Mining Co., Baynes 
Sound Miues, Br. Col.— Coal. xox 

100 Vancouver Mining Co., Vancouver 
Mines, Br. Col.— Coal. xox 

101 Wellington Mining Co., Welling- 
ton Mine«, Br. Col.— Coal. xoi 

102 Ketchum, E. K.. Albert Mines, N. 
B. — Albert iie and bimmtnous shale. 101 

103 Byera, J., Albert Mines. N. B.- 
Alberiile. 101 

104 Smith, Wm., Toronto, Ont.— 
Peat. toi 

106 Griffin, R. A., Huntingdon, Q.— 
Peat. lox 

107 Belliveau Albertite ft Oil Co., 
Westmoreland, N. B.— Albertite mineral 
oil. xox 

106 ^Vaterman Bros., London, Ont.— 
Petroleum and products. xox 

109 Gibson, Robert L., Grimsby, Ont. 
— Building sandstones. loa 

of exhibits. Indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-45* 


Mineral Water, Metallurgical Products. 

110 ParaahmrftBoothiEBOuesing, Ont. 
— Building sandstones and flacking. xoa 

111 Skead, Gloucester, Ont.— Building 

sandstones. loa 

118 Londley,Beckwith,Ont.— Building 
sandstones. xoa 

418 Rankin, John, Pembroke, Ont*— 
Building sandstones. xoa 

114 Bishop, Henry, Nepean, Ont.— 
Building sandstones. loe 

115 Decew, WUliam, Oneida, OnU— 
Building sandstones. xoa 

116 McGregor, Lachute, Q.— Building 
sandstones and limestones. xoa 

117 Qoodfellow, Joseph, North B«k,N. 

a Building sandstones. loa 

^ Grindstones. io6 

118 Dor. U. Free Stone Co., Budreau, 
VII., N. B.— Building sandstones. xoa 

119 Caledonia Free Stone Co., Rock- 
land, N. B. — Building sandstones. xoa 

120 Roberts ft Co., Mary's Point, N. 
B. — Building sandstones. xoa 

121 Bay view puarry Co., Albert City, 
N. B. — Building sandstones. xoa 

122 Hopewell Quarry Co., Shepody 
Mt., N. B. — Building sandstones. xoa 

123 McQuarrie, John, George River, N. 
S. — Building sandstones. loa 

124 Gilpin, Edwin, Springville, N. S. 

a Building sandstones. loa 

/r Limestone. 103 

c Fire brick and fire clay. 104 

125 Heustis, R. B., Wallace, N. S.— 
Building sandstones. xoa 

126 McDonald, George J., Cornwallis, 
N. S. — Building sandstones. xoa 

127 Peters, Henry S., Halifax, N. S.— 
Building sandstones. loa 

128 Vancouver Coal Co., Vancouver 
Island, Br. Col.— Building sandstones, 
marble, limestone. xoa 

129 Howley, Jatnes, Montreal, Q. 

n Building and flagging sandstones. xoa 

fi Sandstone for glass-making. 104 

ISO Pitton ft Co., Quebec, Q.— Sand- 
stone, flagging, curbstones. loa 

131 Worthlngton ft Co., Montreal, Q. 

a Polished marble. 102 

/ Limestone. 103 

132 Somerville, P. T., Arnprior, Ont.— 
Marble monument. 10a 

133 Halon, Alphonse, Quebec, Q.— 
Marble. xoa 

134 Benjamin, H., ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
a M.irble. loa 
i I itiic. 103 

.35 Brunet, Joseph, Montreal, Q.— 
Mnrhle monument. loa 

136 Langevin, A. B., Quebec, Q.— Mar- 
ble, xoa 

\37 Silver, John, Halifax, N. 8.— Mar- 
ble, xoa 

138 McQuarrie, John, George RiYer, 
N. S. — Marble and syenite. xoa 

1 39 Ingram, Wm., St. George, N. B.— 
Red granite clock case. loa 

1 40 Baxter, B., Cayuga, Ont. 

a Dolomite. loa 

i Lime and limestone, hydraulic cement. X03 
For classes of exhibits. Indicated by numbers 

141 Barclay ft Morrison, Stony Monnt 

a Dolomite. los 

5 Clay. X04 

42 Hayslip, John, Ooderich, Ont.^ 

Limestone. xoa 

48 Young, Y. ft G., Gloucester, Ont.— 
Limestone. xoa 

44 Levallfce, N.,Carleton Place, Ont.— 

Limestone. xoa 

46 Kirkpatrick Quarry, Parraboro', 

Q. — Limestone. xoa 

46 Forsyth, Robert, Montreal, Q.— 
Red granite monument. xoa 

47 Bay of Pundy Red Granite Co., 
St. George, N. B.— Red polished gran- 
ite, loa 

48 Danville School Slate Co.. Dan- 
ville, O. — Ornamental slate pano, slates 
in blocks. loe 

49 Danville Slate Co., Danville, Q.~ 
School slates. xos 

60 Rockland Slate Quarry, Melbourne, 
Q.^Slates. xoe 

61 DeCew, William, Cayuga, Ont. 

a Lime and limestone. X03 

d Sand.5tone for gUss-makiag and furnace 

lininj;. X04 

62 Whitson ft Slater, St. Marys, Ont. 
— Lime and limestone. 103 

63 Dunbar, George, Rockwood, Ont.— 
Lime and limestone. 103 

64 Lewis, Levi, Kincardine, Ont. — 
Lmic and limestone. X03 

66 Buxton, George, Goderich, Ont. — 
Lime and limestone. X03 

66 Emsley, R., Guelph, Ont<-L»ime 

and limestone. 103 

67 Ballantyne, Mrs., Gait, Ont.— Lime 
and limestone. xoa 

68 Farquhar, E. ft C, Dundas, Ont.— 
Lime and limestone. 103 

69 Goudle, Thomas, Limehouse, Ont. 
— Lime and limestone. luj 

60 Lavallfce, N., Carleton Place, Ont. 
— Lime and limestone. 103 

61 Baker, W., Arnprior, Ont.— Lime 
and limestone. 103 

62 Quebec Advisory Board, Quebec, 

a Lime and limestone. 103 

5 Porcelain clay. 104 
c Phosphate of lime, chalk. xo; 

63 Garvics, C. A., Montreal, Q.— Lime 
and limestone. 103 

64 Robitaille, Dr., Quebec, Q. 

a Limestone. 103 

6 Marl. 107 
86 Quesnal, Sheriff, Arthabaska, Q.— 

Lime and hydraulic cement. 103 

66 Douglas, David, Pugwash, N. S 
— Lime. 103 

67 Goudie, Thomas, Limehouse, Ont. 
— Hydraulic cement. 103 

68 McKay, Wm., Ottawa, Ont.- 

draulic cement and artificial stone. 



69 Buchanan Mineral Co., Hamilton, 
Ont. — Cement and mastics. 103 

70 Gauvreau, P., ft Co., Quebec, Q.— 
Cements and plasters, artificial stone. 103 

71 Hill, Albert J., Sydney, N. S.— Se- 
lenite. 103 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. S7-4S. 



Minerals, Stone. 

172 Qregory. V. R., ft Co., Toronto, 

Got. — Anincial stone monument. 203 

178 Wandly, Henry, Clover Hill, To- 
ronto, Ont. — Artificial stone. 103 

174 Milnerft Her4, Strathroy, Ont.— 

Artilidal stone u-indow cap. 103 

175 Jostyn, J. H. L., Box 158, TiUon- 
burg, Ont. — Marbleade roofing, a seamless 
sheet of artificial stone, not excessively 
he&vy, but wonderfully efficient ; not rest- 
ing on the roof boards, but accommodated 
tt» them by an iatenremng plastic waier- 
pioof com p osition. Z03 

1 76 Ricffins. Qeorge, Kincardine, Ont. 
— Clay for tNricks. X04 

177 Rnsaell, Samuel, London, Ont.— 
Clay for bricks. Z04 

178 Munn ft Cochner, Dandas, Ont.— > 
Clay for bricks. Z04 

179 Lealte, Robert, Glenwilliam, Otit. 
—day for bricks. 104 

180 Townsbend. Mre. Mary, Rockville, 
Oat. — Clay for bricks. X04 

181 Anderson, Tbos., Nepean. Ont.— 
Clay for bricks. 104 

188 Cashraore, Thos., Pembroke, Ont. 

—Clay for bricks. 164 

188 McGregor, Daniel, Pembroke, Ont. 

—Clay for bricks. 104 

184 Baker, William, Amprior, Ont.— 

Clay ^r oricks. 104 

286 Foehick, Eneaa, Ramsay, Ont. — 

Clay for bricks. 104 

186 Moore, Gilbert, Ramsay, Ont.— 
Oay. X04 

187 Coulter, James, Ramsay, Ont.— 
Clay. 104 

188 Metcalfe, James, Ramsay, Ont.— 
Clay. 104 

189 Foster, W. A., Belleville, Ont.— 
Clay. *H 

190 Workman, Hugh, Brantford, Ont. 
—Oay. X04 

191 Pe«l, Thos. W., Montreal, Q.- 
Clay. 104 

192 Mochan, Albert, St. Johns, Q.— 
Clay. 104 

198 Jackson, Charles, Woodstock, N. 
B.— Clay. X04 

194 Wells, William, Beamsville, Ont. 
—Pottery clay. 104 

195 Ahren, J. H., Paris, Ont.— Pot- 
tery clay. X04 

196 Pratt, Charles, London, Ont.— Pot- 
tery day. Z04 

197 Farrar, O. H. ft L. E., St. Johns, 
Q.— Pottery day. 104 

198 Bell, David, St. Johns, Q.— Clay 
drain tile. X04 

199 Copelaad A McLaren, Montreal, 
Q. — Fire clay, sandstone lacing for fur- 
naces. X04 

800 McMann, O. N., Grand Lake, N. 
B.— Fire day. X04 

801 Bannerman, Robert, Montreal, Q. 
—Pipe day. 104 

808 St. Johns Stone Chinaware Co., St. 
Johns, Q.— Fire brick. 104 

808 Bishop. H., Nepean, Out.— Sand- 
stone for glass-making. 104 

204 McOougall, John, ft Sons, Three 
Rivers, Q. — Sandstone for furnace 
lining. i>4 

805 Oil Cloth Factory, Yorkville, Ont. 
— Sand. 104 

806 Jackson, Charles, Woodstock, N. 
B.— Brick sand. X04 

807 Sweet, S. H., Wentworth, N, S. 

a Kaolin. 104 

d Gypsum. 107 

208 McDonald, George J., Cornwsllis, 
N. S. — ^Rcfraciory stone. X04 

209 Law, John, London, Ont.— Black 
lead crucible. xos 

210 Dominion of Canada Plumbago 
Co., office. Ottawa, Ont.; mines and 
works, Buckingham, Province of Quebec. 
— Manufacturers of electrotyping, lubri- 
cating, penciL crucible, stove polish, and 
other stock of every erade. Assays and 
tests prove quality. Prices are ordinary 
ourrent market rates. X05 

211 Millet, John G., Qrenville, Q.— 
Graphite. X05 

212 Montreal Plumbago Mining 
Co.. Montreal, Q.— Stove poluth. X05 

213 Martin, Charles, Montreal, Q.— 
Stove polish. X05 

214 Kelly, John, Belleville, Ont.— Llth- 
ographic stones. xo6 

215 Ontario Lithographic Stone Co.. 
Marmora, Ont.— Lithographic stone. xo6 

216 Read, Stevenson, ft Co., Dorches- 
ter, N. u. — Grindstone polishing and cut- 
ters' stone. Z06 

217 Seaman ft Co., Lower Cove, N. S. 
— Grindstones. 106 

218 Douglass, David, Port Philip, N. S. 
— Grindstones. 106 

219 Leroux, Q., Quebec, Q.— Mill- 
stones. X06 

220 Casgrain, Stoneham, Q. — Tri- 
poli. X06 

221 Fisher, W., Victoria, Br. Col.— Trl- 

poll. X06 

222 Coleman, William, Paris, Ont.— 

Raw and prepared gypsum. 107 

228 Ontario Plaster Co., Mt. Healy, 
Ont. — Raw and prepared gypsum. X07 

224 Converse, John A., Montreal, Q.— 
Raw and prepared gypsum. X07 

225 Brown, A., Petitcodiac, N. B.— 
Gypsum and selenite. 107 

226 Tobique Gypsum Co., Tobique, N. 
B.— Gypsum. 107 

227 Albert Manufacturing Co., Hills- 
boTO, N. B.— Calcined and anhydrous 
gypsum ; alabaster. 107 

228 McDonald, R. N., International 
Museum, N. S.— Gypsum. X07 

229 Nova Scotia Advisory Board, Hal- 
ifax, N. S.— Gypsum. X07 

280 Davidson, U. A., Black River, N. 
S.— Gypsum. toj 

281 Cove, Jas. A., Claremont Hill, N. 
S.— Gypsum. X07 

232 Fulton, C. A., WaUace, N. S.- 
Gypsum. X07 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by munbeis at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37^5. 


Minerals, Metallurgical Products. 

282a Meighen Bros., Perth, Ont.— 

Phosphate of lime. Z07 

233 McLennan, Jos., Montague, N. S. 

— Gypsum. 107 

284 Merchants' Salt Co., Seaforth, Ont. 
— Brine. 107 

235 International Works, Goderich, 
Ont.-— Brine. 107 

286 Ransford, H., 


Clinton, Ont.— 

237 Tecumseh Works, Qoderich, Ont. 
— Brine. 107 

288 Gray, Young, & Spalding, Seaforth, 
Ont. — Brine. 107 

289 Jourvie, J. A., A Co., Caledonia 
Springs, Ont. — Saluie, gas, and sulphur 
waters. X07 

240 Winning, Hill, ft Ware, Montreal, 
Q, — Carratraca water. 107 

241 Gee, I. N., St. Francis Spring, Q.— 
Mineral water. 107 

242 Hickman, James S., Amherst, N. 
S. — Saline water. 107 

248 Murray, Edmund W., Bucking- 
ham, Q. — Fhosphate of lime. X07 

244 Buckingham Mining Co., Bucking- 
ham, Q.---Cry5tal pi. jspnate of lime. 107 

Xetallurgioal Produoti. 

246 Silver Islet Co., Silver Islet, Ont.— 
Ingot of silver. xxc 

246 Ottawa Iron ft Steel Manufactui 
ing Co., Ottawa, Ont.— Iron billets. iix 

247 Field ft Aydon Patent Smelting 
Co., Marmora. Ont. — Pig iron, smelt^ 
with pure petroleum. xzi 

248 Gauthier, O., St. Urbain, Q.— Ti- 
tanic pig iron. xxx 

249 McDougall, John, & Sons, Three 
Rivers, Q. — Charcoal iron ; iron bars, bent 
and twisted odd; axes, torn a ha wk, 
slag. xti 

260 Canadian Titanic Co., Bale St. 
Paul, Q. — Slags, titanic iron. ixx 

261 Chinic Eugene, Quebec, Q.—Viger 
steel. XX K 

262 Moisic Iron Works, Montreal, Q.— 
Iron, iron bloom. xxx 

268 McDougall, John, Montreal, Q.— 
Iron bloom, car- wheels. xxx 

264 Steei Co. of Canada, Londonderry, 
N. S. — Iicn and steel. xxx 

266 West Canada Mining Co., Bruce 
Mines, Ont. — Ingot copper. xis 

268 Lake George Antimony Co., Prince 
William, N. 6.— Babbit metals, regulus, 
slags, oxidised ore. 1x3 


, 7%£ J^ench Bxhiiits im Mining and Metallurgy are installed in the Agricultural 

Building, and Catalogued in Part IV,) 

Foi claiises of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see dasslfication, pp. 97-45. 


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( Sou/A of Nave ^ Columns 2Stoj8.) 

Minerals, Ores, Mining and Metallurgical Products, 

Kiiisrals, Orss, Stonst Kiaing Pro- 

1 Krapp. Pr., Basen.^Ores and raw 
products. loo 

2 Burbach Works, Borbach. 

« Iron. loo 

h Coal. xox 

r Stooe. xoa 

5 HeinrichshUtte, Aa-on-tbe-Sleff. — 
Spathic iron ore. xoo 

4 Mine Ovirners of the Siegerland.— 
Oics, etc xoo 

( TTu mheoe €jdtibiU »rt insialied in Ma- 

tivcno?es op ubao minbs Kim puknacbs, 


k Royal Pmssian Smelting Works of 
the Upper Harz, Clausthal.— Lead, cop- 
per, and zinc ores. xoo 

6 Royal Prussian ft Ducal Brunswick 
Smelting Works of the Lower Harz. 
Gaslar. — ^Argentiferous copper and lead 
ores. xoo 

6a Royal Prussian Smelting Works, 
Friedrichshuttc. — Ores and litharge. loo 

7 Joint Stock Association for Mining. & 
Lead & Zinc Manufactures. Stolberg, near 
Atx-la-Chapelle.— Lead and zinc ores, xoo 

8 Rhenish-Nassau Co., Stolberg, near 
Aix-la-Chapelle. — Lead ores. zoo 

Solenbofen Joint Stock Co., Solen- 

« Tiles for malt-house fioon. soa 

i> Lithographic stones. xo6 

10 Zimmermann, Otto, Qreussen, To- 
phus. — Tiles. xoa 

11 Stem Portland Cement Factory, 
Stctiin — Portland cement. X03 

12 Hiller, Otto, Berlin.— Mastic roof- 
ing and model roof. X03 

13 Hiieualer. Carl Sam., Hirchberg, 
Sii'*«ia. — Wood cementand model roof. 103 

14 Scharlach, Louis, jr., Hamburg.— 
Roofing. X03 

15 Vowohl Asphalt Works, Escher- 
schausea. — Asphalt mastic blocks. 103 

16 Schindel.^ohn Adam, Solenbofen.- 
Lithographic stones. zo6 

1 7 ApoUinari's Co. ,Ahnweiler.— Mineral 
waters. 107 

17« Bisresbom Mineral Spring Co., 
Bisresbom. — Mineral waters. X07 

18 Juagfer, A., Berlin.— Amber. Z07 

19 Btantien ft Becker, Berlin.— Raw 
amber. X07 

For dasMS of cachibiti. indicated b? numhers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-^. 

80 Managers of Friedrichshall Springs, 

C. Oppel ft Co., Kriednchshall, near HU- 

buighausen. — ^Friedrichshall lu^ural bitter 

water. 107 

{F»r miil mnd grhuUiom**, U€ Mackimry 


Xetallnrgioal Frodnoti. 

21 Borsig, A., Berlin.— Iron, cast steel, 
boiler plates, plates for fire boxes, etc. xxz 

88 Burbach Works, Burbach.— Rolled 
double T iron. xzx 

88 Krupp, Pr., Essen. — Wheels, pis- 
tons, flanges, rollers, springs, etc. ixx 



84 HeinrichshUtte, A u-on-Sieg.— Spie- 
gel iron. XXX 

85 Cologne Mttsen Mining Co., Creut- 
thal. — Spiegel iron. itz 

86 Joint Stock Co., Charlottenhiitte, 
Niederscheldcn. — Spiegel iron. xxx 

87 Wissen Mining ft Smelting Co., 
Wissen. — Spiegel iron. xxz 

88 Lohmann ft Sdding, Witten.— Steel 
for tools and arms. xix 

29 Westphalian Union Joint Stock Co. 

for Nlining & for Iron & Wireworic, 

Hamm. — Wire. xxz 

{Tlu ai«V€ txhibiU »f MitAUurgieal Pro- 

ducU are installed in Mackintry HaU.) 

80 Royal Prussian Smelting Worka of 
the Upper Harz, Clausthal. — Lead, cop- 
per, silver, zinc fiunes, slags, drawings, 
etc. xxz 

81 Royal Prussian ft Ducal Bruns- 
wick Smelting Works of the Lower Harz, 
Gasbr. — Gold, silver, lead, and copper 
composition. xxx 

88 Royal Prussian Smelting Works, 
Friedrichschutte. — Lead bars, slag, and 
drawings. xxx 

88 Hirsch, Aron, ft Son, Brass Works 
at Neusiadt-Eberswalde. — Seamless brass 
tubes, etc. xxa 

84 Joint Stock Association for Mining, 
& Lead & Zinc Manufactures, Stolberg, 
near Aix-la-Chapelle.— Lead and sine 
plates, etc. ixz 

85 Ruffer ft Co., BrealaUd'^Sheet 
zinc. • XX3 

85a Rhenish- Nassau Co.. Stolberg, near 
Aix-la-Chapclle. — Lead. zzi 

Xining Engineering. 

86 Ndrr. Eugene, Berlin.— Drawinga 

and description of a self-acting safety 
lamp. zso 

87 G5decke, Carl, Oelaenkirchea. — 

Plans of the Gelsenklrchen furnaces, zai 



{SomtA ofNove^ Colmmu ^ to 28,) 
MinerSs, Ores, Stone, MeuUurgical Products. 

Mineralf, Orel, Stone, Xiniag Pro- 

1 Imperial ft Royal Metallurgy DU 
reccion, Idria. — Cinnabar. xoo 

9 Jugovix, A., Klaeenfurt.— Ore and 
mining products of Kamthen. 100 

8 Chief Mountain ft Mining Admin- 
istration, Pozoritta, Bukowina.— Pyrolu- 
site for aniline pigments for soda factories, 
German silver ware, and manganese pro* 
ducts. xoo 

4 Metallurgv ft Mining Administra- 
tion, Joachimsthal. •- Meteoric speci- 
mens, xoo 

5 Goldschmidt, Louis A., Dubnik, 
Hungary. — Unpolished opals. xoo 

6 Nedwied ft Son, Schlnn, Bohemia.— 
Red chal^F, red-lead pencils. 107 

7 Baxlehncr, Andrema, Budapest.— 
Hunyadi Jiaos mineral w^ter. vo/% 

S Mineral Water Direction, Pultna, 
near Bribe, Bohemia.— Minosal water. X07 

9 Loser Bros., Budapest.— Gen ulna 
mineral water firom the Oiies-Rakocsy 
spring. X07 

MetalltLrgical Froduets. 

10 Industry Association in Kraia. 
Laibach.— Iron and steel mountain and 

Spiegel iron. 

11 Imperial ft Royal Metallurgy Di- 
rection, Idffia.--^^icieaUver. 113 


{North o/Nave, Columns s^ ^^ SS-) 

Minerals, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerale, Orei, Stone, Hining Fro- 

1 Neuchatel Asphalte Co. (limited). 
Travers, Ct. Ncuchitel.— Natural and 
mastic asphalt. xoi 

{Tk4 mmtrah Uhuirmthtg the gt^ogktU 
formatiofu traversed by the St. Geikard ttm- 

nel are elasHfied in this caialegue^ together 
with the other exhibits ^ the St. Cethard 
Raiiroad Ce., under De^. III., CUusjSJ,) 

Xetallnrgioal Frodoets. 

8 BUrgin Bros., SchaflThausen.— Phoa- 
phate of bronxe, different compositions, 
witli strength and fracture tests. 1x4 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-45. 


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(Mfrik ofJtiao^ Caimmmt S4 ^ 59^ 

Mjacfulsi MoUttttTftal Products. 

Xiiitralfl, Oiw, fltontt Xiniag Pxo* 

1 Bteyberf es Montsen Joint Stock 
Co.» Moauen, Pnnrinoe of Li^. — Zinc 
and lead ores. too 

S Vincent Son, Bi^ficles (Hainaut). 
—Samples of Basteks bkuJk aiarble pave- 
ments. lOS 

SsSacqnolcn, F.» Baateles near Tour- 
nai (Hainaut).— Specimens oT Basteles 

% Ville d« Spa (Communal Administrn- 
tSoajL— TropbY fiirniture, sliowing vie^vs 
of the dty and environs* plans of mineral 
waier-works, samples of these waters, 
articles of export, etc The painting of 
diis furniture was executed dt Messrs. 
Boland, Chas., Broofort, H., Crahey» so- 
mor, G. I., I>ebrus, Alexandre, Debras. 
Alexis, Krins, E., Marcette, Henri, and 
Roigkr, L. S07 

KataUnrgioftl Frodi&oU* 

4 BonehiU Bros., L'Bapermnce Rich 
Fttffnace Fofge Foundry, Marchienne«an- 
Pont, near Charlerol.->^rchitecuiral 
iron. . Ill 

5 Constant, BmiU, Moncenn-anr- 
Sambre, near Charleroi.^PaMcniB of 
building iron spring and web iron. zix 

6 Mnbille, Valdre, Mariemont (Main- 
aut). — ^Manufactured iron. Kind Chaudron 
shafr^inlring apparatus. xiz 

7 Farta. Isaac Joseph, Marchiennta, 

near Quirleroi.— Iron nveted beams for 
ship-building. zii 

S Charleroi Iron Manufacturing Joint 
Stock Co., Marchicane-au-Pont, near 
Charlcsoi.r-Iron for building, etc. izi 

9 Providence Forge Joint Stock Co., 
Marchienne-au-Pont, near Charleroi.— 
Iron for building, iron wheels without 
welding. an 

10 Forge and RolHnr Mill Joint Stock 
Co., lUgissa. neeu- iluy-.^^Polished and 
unpolishea sheet iron by wood and 
coke. tzz 

11 Angleur Steel Manufkcturing Co., 
F. oe Rossius) Pastor & Co., Renory. near 
L i 6 g e.->Bessemer cast steel products, 
rails, tires, axles, foige pieces, uid rolled 
bars. xzi 

12'Jc(nmanes Forge Foundry ft Roll- 
ing Mill Co., V. Demerbe & Co., Jem- 
ma pes (Hainaut).— Broken bar-bended 
Iron, tramway rails, system of tramway 
rails on cast iron sleepers. izz 

18 Bivort, Raymond. Henri, Arbre, 
Province of J^amur.— Kettles and copper 
wire. zis 

14 Bleyberg es Montsen Joint Stock 
Co., Montzcn, near Verviers. — Prepared 
sine and lead ore, potters' ore (pure ga- 
lena) for glasing, pig lead for rolling mill, 
white lead and crystals, silver ore, block 
sine for rolling, galvanizing, etc ZX3 


{North of Nave, Columns 60 to 6s.) 


■Samlft, Om, Stone, Xiiiiiig Pro- 


1 Onde rwater, H. F., Dordrecht.— 

Stones for pavement. zos 

S Van Veracbttur ft Van der Voort, 

*-- ' rUapoIishedr 

8 Borst ft Roggenkamp, Delfsyl.— 
Portland cement stones, lithographic 
f oDstones, whetstones, grin^tones, 
'd, add sand <iuattx: gar- 
s, diamonds, tripoU, and 

» of exhibits, ind ic a t ed by avnben at end of entries, see ClaisUlcsdon, pp. syHtf. 



{North 0/ Nave, Colmmm 6 ta ir.) 

Ores, Stone, Metalliirgical Pvoducts. 

Minerali, Orei, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 AdeUvirdt Baron Tb., Atvidnbenr. 

— Copper ore. 100 

8 Bofors Stock Co., OttUspaiig, Bofors. 

— Iroa ores. »oo 

3 Berg, Axel, Warby, Btockbolm.— 
Iron ores. xoo 

4 Bers, Gottfried, Warby, Stockholm. 
•— Zisc, galena, andaickcl ores, pyritet. zoo 

ft Fagertta Iroa A Steal Works, 

« Iron ores. zoo 

6 Limestone. za3 

(ia Swedish Iron Masters' Association, 

m Collection of minerals. zoo 

^ Maps and drawings. 335 

6 Avesu Oarpenberigs Stock Co*, 

Avesu. — Iron ores. zoo 

) BjSrneborgs Iron & Steel Works, 

Bjomebcrg.*~Iron ores. zoo 

8 Degerfors Stock Co., Degerfors.— 
Iron ores. zoo 

9 Ekman, Carl, Plnspong.— Iron 
ores. zoo 

10 Htrmansson, C. F., Count von, 
Ferna. — Iron ores. zoo 

11 Hofors ft Hammarby Iron Works, 
Gefle.— Iron ores. zoo 

12 Larsbo Norn Stock Co., KafisIIa.— 
Iron ores. zoo 

18 Laxa Iron Works Co., Ltaxa.— Iron 

ores. "^ zoo 

14 LesiSfors Iron ft SUol Co., Lang- 


m Iron ores. zoo' 

5 Hausnuumits and limestone. Z03 

16 Lindbcrg, Lars, Kohlsva.— Iron 

ores. zoo 

16 LflfvsnskllSId, Salomon, Nissafors, 
Jonk5ping.— Iron ores. 100' 

17 RamnSs Iroa Works Co., Bsmnis — 
Iron ores. zoo 

18 Rettig, C. A., Kilafors, Qefle.— Iron 
ores. zoo 

19 Schisshvtte-Molnebo Iron Works, 
Morgoonfva. — Iron ores, krebelite, line- 
ores, and galena. zoo 

80 Stocksnstrttm, Ax si von, Akar, 
Mariefired. — Iron oees. zoo 

94 Ostarby ft ttranbacka Iron Worka, 
0»terby.->lron ores. loa 

90 Uddebolm Company, Rada^—Iron 
ores. zoc 

96 Larsson, P. M., L6a, Rausa. — Iron 
ores. ICQ 

97 Sao6vikena Stock Co., Gefle.— Iron 
ores. 100 

98 Schough, Robert, Lulea.— Iron and 
copper ores. zoo 

99 Geological Survey of Sweden, Stock- 
holm.--Oeological coliectioos. xoo 

80 HSganXs Coal Mining Co., HISgan&s. 
« Mineral coal. zoz 
6 Fire clay, five brick. Z04 

81 Samuelson, S. H., FSskefors, Rada. 
—Peat. zoz 

89 Westerlund, A. F., Nybro, Kalmar. 

—Peat. zoz 

88 Berg, Gottfried, WKrby, Stockholm. 

— Porphyry, serpentine, and marble, zoa 
84 Klintberg, J. W., Wisby.— Marbls 

tahle slabs, jewelry, etc. zos 

86 Kull^rens' C.A.,Widow,UddevalU. 

—Articles ol polished granite. zos 

86 New Marble Works, NorrkSplng.— 
Manufactured marble. zoa 

87 Scanian Cement Co., MalmS.— Port- 
land cement, raw materials and products. 


88 RArstrand Stock Co., Stockholm.— 
Feldspar. 104 

89 Gottland Grindstone Co., Burgsvik. 
— <}rindstones. Z04 

89« Karlson, Gust ft Martin, Lngnas.— 
Grindstone. zo6 

40 Serg, Gottfrisd, Warby, Stockholm. 
« Graphite. 105 
6 Grindstones. 106 
c Vivianite. 107 

41 Berg, Chr. Lud.. Briksberg, Stock- 
holm.— Miaend waters. 107 

49 Mineral Water Stock 
hoba. — ^Mineral wateis. 



91 Stora Kopparbergs Bergslag, Stock- 
holm. — Iron ores. zoo 

92 Sundstrfim, J. O, 
Iron ores. 


83 New Gellivara Company (limited), 
Lulea.— Iron oree. aoo 

MetaUnrgioal SroduoU. 

48 Bofors Stock Co.. Gullpsang, Bofors. 
— Pig Iron, blooms, oar btm, wire rods, and 
iron plate* 


48a RamnSs Stock Co., Ramnis.— Pig 
and bar iron : slag. zii 

44 Fagersta Stock Co., Westanfors.— 
Pig iron, Bessemer steel bguts, bair, 
plates, etc.; steel samples, showing the 
strength of die sted. xxi 

of exhibits, indicated by numben at end of entries, see Classification, pp. ay-45. 



Metallurgical Products. 

ft6 SchUsbjrttan-Molnebo Manufac- 
tnriog CtK, Morfon^Ya. — Spiegeleisen. 


i6 Oateborn Mechanical Works Stock 
Co., GScaioi:g.— Oown of a flue. iiz 

ft7 L4uca Iron Works, -Liaxa.— Pig iroa, 
bkMNDS, and bar iron. izz 


ftS Ankarsrum Works, Ankarsmm.— 
Pis boa, bloouttp ixoa baxs, wiro rods, 
and railway croMingi. s iz 

49 Avesta Qarpenbery Stock Co., 
AvcMa.— Pig iron, Uooms, and bar 
iron. zzz 

ftO BjdrneborKs Iroa & Steel Works, 
Bjomeborg. — Pig iron, Besaemer steel 


and zaanulacturcd 


ftl Degcrfora Stock Co., Degerfors, 

WaralazML— Pig fzon, bloooM, vizc rods, 
and plate. zzz 

62 EkiaaD^Carl, FinBpong.~Plg iron for 
guBS^ auiBeable blooms, auod bar uoa. zzz 

§S Oysinge Iron Works, GTSinge.-^Iron 
in tlie pig and bars, wiin specimens of 
slag. ziz 

14 Herznansaoa, C P., Connt von, 
Fcma, Bemsham mar.^Pjg iron, spi^;d- 
cisen, and bar iron. zzz 

5g Hofors A Hammarby, Hammarby. 
Storvxk, Gcfle.— Pig iron, blooms, and 
bais, with specimens of slag. zzz 

ft6 I^arsbo, Norns, Stock Co., Kafalla.— 
FSg, bar, and anj^e inm ; blooms. zzz 

§7 LcsE^ttfora Iron A Steel Co., Filip« 
stad. — Pig iron, ingots of Bessemer and 
Martin steel, bars, wires, and wire tope of 
die same material. rzz 

48 Lindbcrg Z#ars, Koblava.— Pig iron, 
bar iion, and wire rods. zzi 

59 LSfirenskiSld, Salomon, Nissafors, 
JSnkSping. — ^Izon in the pig and bars, z i z 

60 Rettig, C. A., Kilafors, Sttdcrbamn. 
— Pig and bar iron. zzz 

61 Stockeastrdm, Axel von, Marie- 
fired.— JMg iron lor malleable iron. zzi 

69 Bergslag Iron Works, Stockholm.— 
Pig iron. Bessemer ingoa, blooms, bar 
iron, ano samples of uron showing the 
quality. iii 

63 SuodstrSm, J. O., Charlottenberg.— 
Pig and bar mm ; spikes. i z i 

64 New Gelllvara Company (limited), 
Lulea.— Pigand bariroo; nails. ziz 

65 Osterby ft Strfimbacka, Dannemora. 
•'Pig iron. Bessemer steel mgou and bars, 
blister steel, crucible cast steel, and bar 
iron. zzz 

66 Surahammars Iron Co., Soraham- 
mar. — Iron plate, puddled iron, and steel 
bars, railway wagon whesis and axles, izz 

67Uddeholms Stock Co. (limited), 
Rada.— Pig iron, bigots of Bemeraer and 
Martin steel, and iron in bars, springs, 
etc zii 

66 Lnrsson, P. M., Ltta, R&llsa.~8am. 
pies of pig iron. zzz 

69 Motala Mechanical Co., Motala.— 
Iron and steel, in bars, plates, and sheets, 
with products of working. zzz 

70 Sandvikens Iron Works (limited), 
SandWken.— Pig hon, Bessemer steel 
ingots, forging^ for engiMS, steamers, 
etc zzz 

71 AdetswMrd, Baron, Th., Atvidaberg. 
—Copper in ingots, with spedmens Ulus- 


trating its 

of produc- 

79 Sknltuna Stock Co., Westeras, 
m Copper, with productt of working. tia 
i Brass ia digerent stages of praductiott. zs4 

(^#r rmiU, rmiiway mnd wofiam wktr/s, 
Hres. axUi, tic., asr Clou JTJ, MtKhimrj 

ef esMMis, Indicat ed by awabsis at end of eatrtss^ see Clsislftcsrion, pp. s|sis. 


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{North of Navtt Columns 4^07,) 

Oreft, Stone, Metallurg^ical Products. 

Mineralf, Orei, Stone, Mi&iiig 

1 Geolog^ical Survey of Southern Nor- 
way, Director Th. Kierulf, Christiania. 

«Stone«, eruptive rocks, leading Btrata^ 
constituents of coarse granite dykes. 100 

^ Manuscript nupitj natural section^, gener- 
alised representations, printed maps. 335 

2 Pasmer, I. H.^ & Son, Bergen.—Peld- 
spar. 100 

3 Hinderager Mining Co., Bergen.— 
Copper dre," pyrites. 100 

4 Hoyem, Andr., Bergen.— Titanium 
iron ore. 100 

$ Kongsberg Silver Mines, Kongsberg. 
—Ores, crystals. 100 

5a Dfthll, J., Krag«r6.— Apatite ore. 100 

6 Bamble Nickel Mines, Johaft Dahll, 

Krageri. — Samples of nickel ores, with 
specimens iliuiitrative of the.nteUtn£r.pfo- 
cess. 100 

7 Qlorud Nickel Co., P. H. Prolich ft 
Son, Christiania.— Nickel ores. 100 

7« Qeological Survey of Southern Nor- 
way. Assistant Geologists W. Bri(gger 
and H. Reusch, Chri.stianta. 

a Newly-discovered crystals. xoo 

^ Gsntents of ^ant-kettles, spiral marked 

interior grinding-stones. 106 

Fsr daAses of exhiMis, indicated hy numben 

^i Riogerige*s Nickel Works.— Nickd 
ores, with rocks and specimens of the 
smelting process. 100 

7c Rom Nickel Works.— Nickel ores, 
with rocks and specimens of the smelting 
process. iod 

8 Luttensee, Qeorg, Christiania.— 
Quarry stone for street pavement and 
curbsboses. lot 

9 Moestu« ft Co.,Tbv., Christiania.— 
Slates for tables, roofe, and floors, from 
Slidre quarries. xoa 

10 Pettersen, Karl, TrorasO.— Qranite, 
labbro and other massives, raw and pol- 
ished, lot 

11 Prolich ft Son, P. H., Christiania.- 
Collection of Norwegian apatite ores. X03 

12 Birch, P., Selboe.— Millstones. 106 
14 Christiania Millstones Manufactur- 
ing Co., Chri.stiania. — Millstones. 106 

16 Lonseth, Pred., Christiania.— Mill- 
stones from Saelbo, flint millstones. xo6 

Xetalliirgloal Prodnctf. 

1 6 KoD^sbefff Silver Mines, Kongmbetg, 

— Silver in bars and granulated silver. 110 

17 Cathrineholms Iron Works ft 
Foundry, Fredrikshald. 

a Stoves and other wrought iron. sas 

i Anchors, chains. afif 

at end of entziea, see ClaasiikatioB, pp. S7-45. 


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{North of Nave, Columns i to /.) 

Minerals, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Minsnls, Ores, Stone, Xining Pro- 

] Tagltevto, Francesco, ft Co., MesiU 
mu— CoUection of minenus. xoo 

% Fontana Brothers, Luserna, Turin. 
— l>1acsioaes. xoa 

% TassI, Peter, Leghorn.— Y e 1 1 o w 
narble and alabaster. zoa 

4 Chamber of Commerce ft Arts, 
Sienna. — Marble and alabaster stone. loa 

6 Stock Comfsany for Manufacturing 
ISricks, I'eggio, £milia. — Cement, limeo 
stone. 103 

5 Crispo, Moncada Carlo, Catania.— 
Limestone. 103 

7 Maccagnani, Ulisse, Bolo^na.^ 
Aronutiic earth of Cattu. X04 

SBoIari ft Yellow Earth Co., Si- 
eana. — Bolari and yellow earth, earth for 
coloring. 104 

9 Furse Bros., ft Co., Rome.— Bolarl 
earth of Sienna. 104 

10 Moifino, Lufgi,. Genoa.— Lit b o- 
gruphfc stone. xo6 

11 9cammano, Cav. Michele, Catania. 
— Cedrats. 107 

12 BIrlndelli, Carlo, Florence.-- Colalll 
water. 107 

13 Spedalleri, Ba Felice, Catania.— 
Sulphur. 107 

14 Aristide, Count, Castrocaro.— Min- 
eral waters. 107 

15 Romano, Qaetaao, Palermo.— Sul- 
phur. Z07 

16 Scavo Vita Brothers, Catania.— 
Sulphur. 107 

17 Dily, Edoardo, Catania. — Sul- 
phur. 107 

18 Ardiuone, Francesco, Catania.— 
Sulphur. Z07 

19 Pen nini, Baron of Ploristallo, Cata- 
nia. — Sulphur. 107 

20 Cessna Sulphur Co. (limited), Cese- 
na. — Raw and refined sulphur. 107 

21 Bartolinidott Ce8are,dieBna.— Fos« 
sil flour. to7 

Ketallurgieal Prodnots. 

22 Fornara, Gio., ft Co., Turin.— 
Wire. Ill 

23 Ponsard ft Gigll, Florence.— Iron, 
Buuiganese. 11 1 


{North of Navi^ Columns s^ to 6r.) 

Minerals, Stone. 

BBoraU, Grei, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Province of Paranlu 
4 Iron ores. 

^ Clay, aigil, and schist. 
c Alkahne waters. 




2 ProvinceofSan Paulo.— Iron ores, zoo 
S Ypanema Ironworks.— Iron ores, zoo 

4 Conha Bettencourt, M. J. da.— Min- 
erab. xoo 

5 Gorccix, H.— Rocks and minerals. 100 
For Hass-a of exhibits, indicated by number at 

6 Commission General for the Na- 
tional Exhibition. 

a Ores. xoo 
^ Coal. loi 
c Marbles. zos 
J Clay, argil, and schist. 105 
# Minerals, showing gold and dhuBond for- 
mations. X06 

7 National Museum. 

?CoaK " gitizedbydOO^lSi 

e Marbles. loa 

tl Gems. 106 

end of entries, see Classification, pn 7'r-A(. 

Oils, Blacking, Boots and Shoes. 

8 Goes, J. T. Pereira de. — Minerals. 


9 Lennox, J. A. de.— Minerals. xoo 

10 Correia, J. Severo.— C alcareous 

rocks, galena, and pyrites. xoo 

11 Athayde, M. E. de S.— Mica. too 

12 Moraes, Rozeira, M. G. de.— Martial 
pyrites. xoo 

IS Mende8.J.O. 

a Sulphur. too 

b Calcareous stalactites. xoa 

1^ Costa Netto, J. da.— Fossils. too 

15 Province of San Pedro do Sul.— 
Coal. xox 

16 Villa Franca, Baron of.— Peat. tot 

17 Andrade, A. R. L..— Bituminous 
coal. zot 

1 8 Barbacena, Viscount of.— Coal, xox 

19 Province of Sancta Catherina. 

a Coal. tot 

h Marble. xoe 

20 Lopes, F. J. A., & Co.— Bituminous 
schist. loi 

21 Carvalho, A. P. 8.— Bituminous 
schist. loi 

22 Muricy J. C. da Silva. 

a Anthracite and bituminous coal. lot 

h Quartz, agates, and grindstones. xo6 

23 Sterauz, E.— Marbles. tos 

24 Leao, A. D. 

a Calcareous states and stalactites. xoa 

h Rock cr>-Hial and agates. xo6 

25 Coritiba Museum. 

a Slates. los 

b Violaceous quarts. xo6 

26 Osternack, Charles.— Virfrio lime. X03 

27 Juparana, Baron of, & Noffueira da 
Gama. — Calcareous specimens. X03 

28 Freitas, T. Teixeira de.— Lime. X03 

29 Cardoso, A. Nunes.— Lime from oys- 
ter-shells. 103 

30 Portugal, F. P. de Asvedo.— Calca- 
reous rocks. X03 

3 1 Commission of 8. Joao d' El Rei.— 
Plaster of Paris in powder. X03 

32 Nhorinho.J. S. da Silva.— Lime, X03 

83 Bento, Dr.— Lime. X03 

84 Lendenberg, L. B.— Lime. 103 

85 Rezende, C. Xavier.— Stalactites. X03 

86 Colony of Assungin.— Saponaceous 
clay. »04 

87 Gonraga, E. J.— Clays. 104 

88 GonsaWes, J.— Calcined kaolin. 104 

39 Correa, G. Lourenqo.— Clay. X04 

40 Wirmond, E. E.— Yellow argil. 104 

41 Mota, C. S. da.— Tagua (rose-col- 
ored argil). X04 

42 Gomes, T. G. C— Argil. X04 

43 Figueredo, D. J.— Argil and plastics. 


44 Magalhaes, F. T. 8.— Argil and col- 
ore aclay. X04 

46 Andrade, J. F. de.— Colored clay. X04 
16 District of Formiga.— Argil. 104 

For cl.^s«ie!« of eichihitjt. indicated by numbers 

47 Travanca, A.— Argil. »h 

48 Scbimmelpfing, A.— Kaolio. 104 

49 Ribas, M. de Sa.— Alum. xo6 

50 Ferreira, Domingos F.— Rouf^h and 
cut diamonds. sa6 

51 Silva, L. Macbado da.— Quartr 
prisms. zo6 

52 Heyd,Theodoro.— Grindstones. xo6 
58 Siqueira, P. Lust6sa de.— Abates. 

54 Colony of Mucury.— Preclou a 
stones. X06 

55 Cortex, P. de Siqueira.— Amethysts. 


56 Asevedo, D. J. Sant6s.— Diamonds. 


57 Mad^l, D. Ferreira.— Sulphurons 
water. zc6 

Hetallargioal Prodnots. 

58 Commission General for the Na- 
tional Exhibition. 

a Gold. xxo 

3 Iron. rtx 

c Mercury. 113 

59 Province of Paran&.— Specimens of 
gold veins. xxo 

60 Tourinho, F. A. M.— Magnetic ^old. 


61 Camara, J. Ewbank da.— Auriferous 
stones. xxo 

62 Leone, P. M., ft Lemos, P. L,— Au- 
riferous minerals. xto 

63 Camara, F. T. Vieyra da.— Gold- 
dust, xxo 

64 P6rtuffol, F. P. de A.— Gold-dust, xxo 

65 Province of Pernanfbuco.— Native 
iron. xxo 

66 National Museum. 

a Iron. zxs 

k Copper. tX3 

67 Province of Sancta Catherina. 

a Iron. zxx 

b Nickel. 1x4 

68 Cruz, B. A. da.— Magnetic iron, zxx 

69 Lellian, Ernesto.— Magnetic iron, xxs 

70 Vpanema Iron Works.— Bar iron, in 

71 Silva, M. A. Machado da.— Olicistic 
iron. X XI 

72 Oliveira, A. C. de.— Oligristic iron, zxi 
78 Barboda, Names.— Oligistic iron, xxz 

74 Aranjo, J. A. Vieyra de.— OUiristic 
iron. xzx 

75 Ledo, Agostinbo E. de.— OHeistic 
iron. XXI 

76 Supplicy, J. Francisco.- Pyrites and 
suli^uret of iron. x 1 1 

77 Gasse, F.— Lead foils from Rio de 
Janeiro. XX3 

Kine Engineering, Hodels, Haps, and 

78 Geological Commission.— Geolo^caX 
photographs. xso 

79 Gorceix, H.— Geological map of the 
Chapadao. tao 

at end of entries, see Classificaiion, pp. «7^45. 




{Mttft to Souik Avenme^ Cobtmns a to j.) 

MineralSy Ores, Stone. 

Ktnermlt, Ores, Stone* Mining 

1 Rarmpad, Hipollto. Province of 
Mendoxa.--Collection of minerals. loo 

% Provincial Commission, Province of 
Mendosa.— CoUection of minerals. loo 

5 Lemos, Abraham. Province of 
MeiMloia.— Minerals (or p:unts. loo 

4 Treioar, 'William A., Province of 

La Kt^la. — Colleciion of minerals. xoo 

h Almonacid & Parchappe, Province of 

La Ktqia.— Colkction oT minerals. loo 

6 lUaaea, Manuel I., Province of La 
Riofa. — Minerals ofCerro de Vinchina. xoo 

7 BaacnAan, Francisco, Province of 
La Rioga. — MineraU. loo 

8 Provincial Commission, Province of 
U RicHa. 

• Minerals. loo 

h lime and common gypsam. xo^ 

t White chalk and specimens of ecrfored 

dav used in die manufacture of pottery 

and paints ; colored chalk. 104 

t Q«toe, Martin, Province of Ln Rloja« 

m Uinerals of OUa. xoo 

i Cakinrd lime ; gypsum. X03 

e Chalk. X04 

d Whetstones of " Ia Torre/' in their native 

sute; flint. xo6 

10 Vega, Daniel de la, Province of La 
Rioja. — A petrifaction. xoo 

11 Schroeder, Theodore, Province of La 
Rioja. — Copper ore. xoo 

12 Gifford, Senor, Province of La Rioja. 
— Silver ore. xoo 

1S« Bevan, Edaardo A,, Province of 

La Rioja.— Ores. xoo 

IS Aguilar, Francisco D., Province of 

Sao Juan. 

• Minerals. 100 

k Minrral waters. X07 

14 Oovenuaent of the Province of Ban 
Joan.— Cellecdon of minerals. xoo 

15 Provincial Commission, Province of 
San Lois. 

a CoHectioa of minerals. 100 

h Sione pestk nscd by the Indians to grind 

com and other grains ; stone pan made 

by Indians, etc. xoa 

16 Metzler. A., Province of Catamarca. 
— klincrais. xoo 

17 Romay, Gabriel, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Iron and antimony ores. xoo 

17« Zorilia, Benjamin, Province of Sal- 
la.— Stiver ore. zoo 

16 Ptoviocial Sub-commission of Tioo- 
|a^u. Province of Catamarca. — Ores of 
iron, lead, copper, silver, etc. 100 

fsr daises of 'ishiUts, indicated by numbers at 

19 Galindez. Cl&slco, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Silver and copper ore. 1 90 

20 Villafaiie. Tristan, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Silver-bearing galena. too 

20a Bedoya, Segundo, Province of Sal- 
ta. — Silver ore. xoo 

21 Resoagli, Luis, Province of Corrien- 
tes. — Quaru, flint, agate, etc. xoo 

22 Manailla. Manuel, Province of Cor- 
rieates. — Quaru, agate, copper ore, and 
mica. zoo 

23 Galarrair^t £• G. de, Province of Cor- 
rientcs. — Crystal rock. loo 

28« Tula, Nabor, Province of Catamar- 
ca.— <Jopper ore from the Cerro Negro. 100 

24 Sicard, Juana Q. de. Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Horn-shapea stone. zoo 

26 Porta, Pelix^ Province of Corrientee. 
— Agglomeration of small stones. 100 

26 Acosta de Quirolo, losefs, Province 
of Corrienies. — Crystal rock. xoo 

27 Cufta. Americo, Province of Corrien- 
tcs.—Agate. zoo 

Via Molina ft Carranxa, Province of Cat- 
amarca. — Ore from the Rosario mine, xoo 

28 Cabral y Melo, Jos^ Maria, Province 
of Corrientes. — Crystal rock and flint, zoo 

28« Salcedo, Uladialaa M., Province of 
Catamarca. — Copper and silver ore. xoo 

29 P^Jol, Nicanor, Province of Corrien- 
tes. — Iron ore. xoo 

80 C6rdoba University, Province of C6r- 
doba. — CoUcciion of minerals. xos 

80» Muro, Proilan, Province of Cata* 
marca. — Iron and copper ore, copperas, 
and alum. xos 

81 Pragneiro. J066 M.^ Province of 
C6rcK>ba. — Lead containing silver. xoa 

82 Provincial Commiasion, Province 
of C6rdoba. 

a Lead containing silver, gypsnm, various 

minerals. xoo 

i Marble. xos 

e Whetstones. xo6 

88 Vasquex, Luerecio, Province of C6r- 

doba. — Emeralds ; round-shaped stone 
made by Indians. xoo 

84 MacDowell, N., Province of C6rdo- 
ba. — Minerals. xoo 

86 Olmos, Jos& v., Province of C6rdo- 
ba. — Minerals. xoo 

86 Provincial Commission, Province 

of Satta. 

a (jftleiia, silver, and i.on ores. xoo 

S Wrought stone for table top. xoa 

c Sulphate of lime. X03 

(/Kaolin. xq4 
end of entries^ see Clauification, pp. 97- ts* 


Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

87 Echevarria. Cecillo, Province of 
Santa F^. — Minerals ; quarts and agates 
of Alto Uruguay. xoo 

88 Rftp, Eugenio, Province of Tucu- 
man. — Collection of minerals. xoo 

89 Oovernment of the Province of Ju- 
jui .-Silver ore from Tiicari. xoo 

40 Sub-commitsion of the Department 
nf Diamante, Province of Eotre Rios.— 

a Stones found on the shores of the Plata y 

Uruguay. xoo 

b Hydraulic cementstones and cemcnt,lime, 

artificial stone, petrified wood, etc. 103 
40<x Provincial Commission, Province 

of C^amarca. 
« Quaru, garnets, manganese, etc. xoo 

i Coal. xox 

c Soapstone from Ancasti. xoa 

d Water-lime, gypsum. X03 

€ Colored day, soapstone In powder, kaolin, 

etc. X04 

/'Mineral waters. zoy 

40^ Elordi, Louis, Province of Baenos 

Ayres.— Copper ore from Patagones. xoo 

41 Arguello, David, Province of C6r- 

a Silver ore; 100 

h Anthracite coal. xox 

42 Qalvan, Federico, Province of Lfa 
Rioja. — Coal from Tumbillos. xox 

48 Roman, Gabriel, Province of Cata- 
marca.— -Coal. lox 

44 Valdes. Emiliano, ft Ciprlano, Prov- 
ince of Buenos Ayres. 
a Colored and other stones from Tandil. xos 
b Black and white vegetable clay from Bal- 

c Sand and whetstones. 


45 Olmos, Josi V., Province of C6rdoba. 
— White marble. xoe 

46 Salas, Manuel M., Province of Cor- 
rientcs.-— Marble and crystallized 
stones. xoa 

47 Santos, Francisco A., de los, Prov- 
ince of Corrientes. — Hollow unpolished 
stone. xoa 

48 Hurley, Tom&s, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Granites; copper and black 
bronzes ; antique pieces of stone discov- 
ered in the abandoned mine of Ortiz, xoa 

49 Provincial Commission, Provinca 
of Santiago del Estero. 

a Dressed stones from the Sierra de Guaya- 
can. xoa 

b Crystallized and common gypstun. X03 
c Colored clay and .salti>etre. X04 

ii Iklineral and sarsaparilla watoiB. Z07 

60 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Juan. — Building stone. xoa 

51 Avellaneda, Nicolaa, Province of 
C6rdoba. — Marble, xoa 

52 Segura, Rufino, Province of Cata- 
marca.— Soapstone, flagstone. xoa 

58 Sub-commissionofAndalgalli, Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. — ^Soapstone from Be- 
Icn. I09 

54 Riso, Isidoro,Province of Catamarca. 
a Soztpstone. xoa 
b Water lime. 103 

55 Herrera, Nicolaa, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Slate. 102 

66 Cornejo, Melchora, T., Province of 
a Carbonate of lime. X03 

b Mineral waters. Z07 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numben 

57 Saravia, Pablo, Province of Salta.— 
Sulphate of lime. 103 

58 Fornasari, R., ft Facino, H., Prov- 
ince of Entre BUos. — Hydraulic cement, 
artificial stones. 103 

59 Commission of Parant, Provinca of 
Entre Rios. 

« Paving-stones, limestones, lime, sulphate 
of lime, petrified oyster-snells, etc. X03 

b Clay, fine sand, calcareous clay, contam- 
ing gold and silver. 104 

e Tripoli. xo6 

60 Garlive, N., Province of Entre Rios. 
—Artificial stcme. X03 

61 Peretti, Santiago, Province of Salta. 
— Dressed sione and carbonateoflixae. X03 

68 Solii, Ramon, Province of Entre 
Rios. — Gypsum. ' xq3 

64 Justice of the Peace of Eneenada, 
rrovince of Buenos. Ayres. — lime 
made from shdls. X03 

65 Pedruncini, luan. Province of Bae- 
nos Ayres.— Shell-lime. 103 

66 Valdea, Nicasio, Province of Buenoa 

« Lime from Balcarce. X03 

b Red day. n4 

67 Iftigues, Manuel A., Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — LiBsestone book Tsa- 
dil. X03 

68 Commission of Water Worka, Prov- 
ince of Buenos Ayres. 

a Lime-shells, calcareous stones, raw and 
burnt cement, cement in shape ol 
bricks. X03 

b Clay. X04 

69 Welah, Miguel, Province of Buenoa 
Ayres.— Limestone, quicklixne, slaked 
lime. X03 

70 Caetani, Vicente, Provinea of Buenoa 
Ayres. — ^Artificial marble. X03 

71 Sandrot. Jos6, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Artificial stones. X03 

72 Justice of the Peace of Patagonea, 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Gypsum, 
etc. 103 

73 Ibafies, P.^ Province of Catamarca. 
— Stalagmiucal lime. 103 

74 Provincial Commiasion, Province of 

m Black, yellow, and white limestone, 

common gypsum. X03 

b White clay. 104 

75 Paroni, Andrea, Province of Santa 
Fi. — Hydraulic cement. 103 

76 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Corrientes. — Calcareous stones finom 
Itati. X03 

77 Aguilar, Franciaco D., Province of 
San Juan. — Hydraulic lime. 103 

78 Cache, Manuel, Province df Buenoa 
Ayres.— Gypsum from Rio Salado. X03 

78« Carenso, Nicholas, Province of Sal- 
ta. — Kaolin, white clay, and chalk. X04 

79 Santa CrusrSimon de, Province of 
Entre Rios.— Sand from Ibfciii. 104 

79<( Tamayo, Sidney, Province of Salta. 
— While clays. X04 

80 Arias, Hilarion, Province of Salta.— 
Sulphate of lime. 104 

81 Lopes, Feliciano, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Clay for the manufacture of 
crockery, tiles, and bricks, yellow stone 
for coloring and paint. lot 

at end of entries, see Classificatioa« pp. 87-4$. 



Minerals, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

15 Sub-commission of Bella Vista, 
Province of Corrientes. — Stone oootain- 
tng red and ydlow coloring substances; 
days. 104 

14 Calderon, Pedro. Province of Bntre 
Rios.^ Vegetable clay. 104 

16 Pontes, V. M., ft Negra, 3., Prov- 
ince of Entre Rios. — Oay for whitewasb- 
hig. to4 

16 Hasan, Abel, Province of La Rioja.— 
Refractory bricks. 104 

87 Barros, Jos6, Province of La Rioja.— 
Refractory bricks. 104 

S9 justice of the Peace of Zarate. 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Black ana 
famiginoos clays. 104 

10 Lobo, Tristan, Province of Cata- 
Barca.~-Chalk clay, tiles, and bricks. 104 

91 Lafoae Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. 
aWliite day for bricks; refractory 
bricks. 10^ 

I Hard fossil-ground quarts. 100 

02 Caballero, Eugenio, Province of 
Sslla,— Graphite. 105 

9S Medina, Luis R., Province of Cat- 
•■sica. — Whetstones from Concep- 
cioBi 106 

94 Peres, Luisa, Province of La Rioja. 
— Mineral water. 107 

96 Patron Bros., Province of Salta,-« 
Mineral waters. 109 

97 Schmidt, Antonio, Province of San 
Luis. — Mineral wateis. 107 

98 Escobar, Juan de D., Province of 
San Luis. — White-stone water. 107 

99 Sub-commission of the Colony of 
San Carlos, Province of Santa Fi — Veg. 
etable clay. 107 

100 Otamendi, Carlos, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Shells from the coast of Bal- 
carce. 107 

Hetallnrgioal Products. 

101 Gainxa, Martin de. Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Gold from Patagones. txo 

102 Nell, Federico, Province of San 
Luls.x-Gold and washed gold. zxo 

108 Bertram ft Co., Province of San 
Luis. — Gold from the Descubridora 
mine. no 

104 Provincial Commission. Province 
of San Luis. — Gold from La Carolina 
mine. tio 

106 Lafone Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca.---Copper ingots. IXI 


{North of Nave, Columns $ t^s*) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Saenli, Ores, Stone, IBning Pro- 

1 Oovemment of ChU!.— Silver and 
copper ores, and other minerab. xoo 

tSere, Edonard, Santla^o.—Mino- 
n». xoo 

I Beeobar, B., Copiapo.-^Oold, silver, 
and copper ores, and other valuable min- 
trals. ,ao 

4 Urmcnta ft Brrasnries, Santiago. - 
*-**P!*i ores from Tamagua. too 

I Becadero, R., Santiago.— Stone, xoa 

'* *•« of exhibits, indicated by numben 

6 Sanches, Francisco, Talca.— Carved 
stone from Talca. xoa 

7 CadisMose, Gabriel, Santiago.— 
a Artificisu marble balustrade, mantel, pil- 
asters, and cohimns. xoj 

^ Natural and powdered gypsum. 107 

Hetallargioal Prodnoti. 

8 Government of Chili.— Copper la fa- 
gots, xxa 

Hiniag Bngineering.^OQlc 

9 Brrasuris, Maxim iano, Santiago.— 
Stxata of coal mine in Lebu. xet 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. •7-45. 



{North tf Navi, C^Iumms 64 to 67.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, MeuUurgical Products. 

VliieTalf, Orel, Stone, Xining Pro- 
1 Ochva, Oaspen, Sanchex, City of 
Mexico.— Suipbur from ihe Volcano Po- 
pocatepetl, xoo 
8 Mexican Mining Society, City of 
Mexico. — Minerals and rocks. 100 

5 School of Engineers, City of Mex- 
ico. — Minerals. 100 

4 National Museum, City of Mexico. 
— Minerals and rocks. xoo 

6 Barcena, Mariano, City of Mexico. 
— Livingstonite. xoo 

6 Folsa, M. Jos^ Pregones, State of 
Guerrero. — Quicksilver ores. xoo 

7 Natural History Society, City of 
Mexico. — Minerals. xoo 

8 Government of the State of Duran- 
go, Durango City. — Iron ores. xoo 

8« MuUer, N., Chihuahua City .-Me- 
teoric iron. xoo 

9 Soto, Mayor C, State of Micho- 
acan. — Minerals from the mineral district 
of Angangiieo. xoo 

10 Rull, Miguel, City of Mexico.-MIn. 
erals. ^ xoo 

\0a Corcuera, Manuel, State of Jalisco. 
— Iron ores. xoo 

11 Real Del Monte Company.— Mine- 
rals, xoo 

1 8 State Government of Oaxace,— Min- 
erals, xoo 

18 San Rafael Company,— Minerals 

from Zacatecas City. too 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by 1 

14 Qucbradella Company, Zacatecas 

City.— Minerals. xoo 

16 Mala Noche Company, Zacatecas 

City. — ^Minerals. xoo 

16 Ponce, Juan, Zacatecas City. — ^Min- 
erals, xoo 

17 Romires, S. ft C. J., City of Mexico. 

— Rocks. 100 

1 8 Barcena, Manlmo, City of Mexico.— 
Fossils, rocks, and geological maps, xoo 

19 Farrugia, Pederico, State of Hidsl- 

50. — Minerals and metallurgical pro* 
ucts. zoo 

20 Zenteno, Estevan, Fempoal, Vers 
Cruz.— Coal. zox 

91 Gutierrez, Julian, ft Co., City of 
Mexico.— Marble from the State of Pocb- 
la. xos 

22 Bocanegra, S., Stats of San Lvli 
Potosi.— Alarblet. xos 

28 State Government of Hidelgo.— Ar- 
gils. W4 

KetallTirgioal Froduett. 

24 Bermegilto, PIo, State of Michoecan. 

— Cake of silver from Argangoeo. xxo 
20 Encamacion Company. — \\rrovght 

and cast iron. xxx 

26 Guadalupe Company.— ^Wronght 
and cast iron. xxx 

27 Bsperon, Jos6, Oaxaca City.— 
Wxought and cast iron. tit 

at sed of sntriet, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 


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(South of Ndve, Columns 16 to rS.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

1 Arrivillmsm, Apistin, Pondoo, Prov- 
bwe of Almeria.— Galena. 100 

5 Femaadez, Diego, Cuevas, Province 
of Almeria. — Ajngeatiferous galena and ba- 
tytes. too 

8 Campo*. Prmocisco, Pondon, Prov- 
ince of Aimeria. — LAminated galena, too 

4 If ontoro, Francisco, Vera, Province 
of Alraeria. — Laminated galena. 100 

6 Bachiller. Guillermo, Cuevaa, Prov- 
ince oi Almerfa. — ^Argentiferous galena 
mdi iron pyrites, 100 

6 Ceremelo, Qonzalo, Beiia, Province 
of AixneHa. — Laminated galena. xoo 

7 Qoaxalex, Gabriel, Laujar, Province 
of Almeria. — Laminated galena. too 

8 Terriza, Josft, Berja. Province of Al- 
meria. — ^Laminated galena. 100 

9 Rapalo, Jos6, Almerfa, Province of 
Almeria. —Galena. too 

10 Olmo. Jos6 del, Berja, Province of 
.\Imerla. — Galena, stained with mini- 
um. . too 

11 Cavanillas, Joan, Cuevas, Province 
of Almeria. — Ai?gentiferous galena. too 

18 Corrello, Rafael, Almozita, Province 
of Almerii..— Galena. too 

15 Abad, Jer6ninio. Nijar, Province of 
Alneria.— Pyrotusite. too 

14 Avala, Antonio, Lncar, Province of 
Arraeria.— Steatite. too 

1$ Padilla, Francisco, Nijar, Province 
of Almerfa. — Calamine and carbonate of 
lead. 100 

16 Blanco. Pnidencio, Alcolea, Prov- 
ince of Almerfa. — Gray calamine. too 

17 Duran, Estiban, Almeria.— Oxide of 
copper and calamine. toe 

1 8 Ramirex, Luis, Lucar, Province of 
Almerfa. — Black oxide of cobalt. too 

19 Rio, Eastaquio. Huercal - Overa, 
E^xmnce of Almeria. — Arseniate of co- 
badL too 

10 Real, Jos4, Almerfa.->Carbonate of 
lead. 100 

11 Oomes, Crisanto de, NHar, Province 
of Aimerfa. — Carlwtiate ot lead. xoo 

8S Trell, Mignel del, Berja. Province of 

A]meria.->Carl>onate of calamine. too 
89 Daza y Ruiz, Francisco, Purcliena, 

Prorince of Almeria. — Iron ore. too 

S9a Dasa y Ruiz, Seron, Province of AI- 

nerb— Iron ore. -oo 

8S^ Daza y Ruiz, Lucar, Province ol A - 

meria—CinnalMir ore and cobalt. 100 

84 Vivas Asqueros, Antonio, Pechina, 

Province of Almena. — Iron ore. too 

VW dacses of exhibits indicated by iramberi 

25 Linares. Clemente, Albanchez, Prov- 
ince of Almeria. — Iron ore. too 

26 Villalobos Brothers, Berja, Province 
of Almeria. — Sulphate of lead. too 

27 Hernandez^ Secundino, Feria, Prov- 
ince of Badajoz. — Iron ores. too 

28 Successful Society, Alconchel Che- 
los. Province of liadajoz. — Chakopi- 
rita. too 

29 Lafflte ft Co., Castuera, Province 
of Badajos. — Galena and argentiferous 
lead. too 

30 Mateos y Morato, Santiago, Azuaga, 
Province of Badajoz. — Sulphate of lead. 100 

31 Qrappin, G. de, Llerena, Province 
of Badajoz. — Galena. too 

8I0 Qrappin, G. de, Malpartida, Province 
of Cdceres. — Phosphate of lime. too 

313Grappin, Q. de, Aldeacentenera, 
Province of CAccrcs. — Copper. too 

Sl^Grappin, O. de, various towns of 
the province of CAccres. — Collection of 
ores. 100 

32 Martinez de Santa Marla.Juan, Bur- 
pillos. Province of Badajoz.— Magnetic 
iron ore. 100 

83 LIig6 ft de Planell, Juan, Qabft y del 
Figar6, Province of Barcelona. — Iron ore 
with manganese. 100 

34 O'Daly, Ollmpia Vallcareara, Prov- 
ince of Barcelona. — Maguctic iron. 100 

86 Anglada ft Co., Pontons, Province 
ot liarcelona. — Carbonate of zinc. icx* 

88 Provincial Commission, Atapuerca, 
Province of Burgos.- Stalactites. loc 

37 Richard ft Granducontangne, Rio- 
cavado. Province of Burgos. — Hema- 
tites. 100 

37/» Richard ft Granducontangne, Hu- 
erto-abajo, Province of Burgos. — Hema- 
tites, loo 

37^ Richard ft Granducontangne, Mon- 
terrubio de la Sierra, Province of Bftrgos. 
— Hematites. too 

38 Gutierrez, Julian, Olmos de Atapu- 
erca, Province of R6rgos. — Yellow and 
rrd ochre. xoo 

30 Oria, Eugenio, Pancorbo, Province 
of Burgos. — O.Kide of iron. too 

40 Corporation of Pineda.— Micaceous 
iron. too 

41 MuAoz Bello, Francisco, Cliceres.— 
Phosphate of lime. too 

42 Gonzalez, Diego Bibiano, Cftceres. — 
Calcareous phosphates. 100 

43 Rocandio, Jorge, ft Sbarby, Manuel, 
Zarza y Ciclavin, i*rovince of CAceres. — 
Calcareous phosphate. too 

at end of entries, %et CIa«isificatfon, pp. 97-45- 


Minerals, Ores. 

44 Sunde OUvares, Oerdnlmo de, Garro- 
billas de Alconetar, Province of C&ceres, 
— Copper ore. loo 

45 Miro Cerdii, various towna of the 
Province of Castellon. — Ores. loo 

46 Provincial Board of Agriculture, 
Province of Castcilon. — Galena and cala- 
mine, zoo 

47 Ctminero, Joa6, Cludad-Real.— 
Ores. xco 

48 Piquet, Alfonso Emilio, Horcajo, 
Province of Ciudad- Real. — Ores. loo 

49 Mines of Almaden, Almaden, Ciu- 
dad-Real. — Cinnabar ores and rocks, too 

60 Dudoux, Francisco Javier, Province 
ofikircelona. — Ores. xiw 

91 Gomes Ruis, widow ft sons of 
Gabriel, San Julian del Uot, Province of 
Gerona. — Lead ore. loo 

62 Hisern, Joaauin. Caratliunas, Prov- 
ince of Granaaa. — Hematite iron. xoo 

63 Vasques, Dieeo, Pitres, Province of 
Granada. — Quicksilver ore. loo 

64 Corps of Mining Engineers, Hien- 

delaencina. Province of GuadaJajara. — 
Brittle silver, blue copper, and mala- 
chites, zoo 

65 Gracian, Andres, Huelva.— Sulphur 
of argentiferous antimony. xoo 

66 Ibarra, Josi Maria de, Huelva.-^ol- 
lection of cuprous-iron pyrites and pro- 
ducts, zoo 

67 Vasques y Lopes, M., 2alamea la 
Real, Province of Huelva. — Peroxide of 
manganese. zoo 

68 Rieken y Gerde8,George,Mina Bron- 
teriza, Huelva. — Sulphur. zoo 

69 Solo, Emilio de. Alosno, Province of. 
Huelva. — Peroxide of manganese. zoo 

60 Di<^' y Gomes de Cadis, Eduardo, 
Valverde del Camino, Province of Huel- 
va. — Manganese ore. zoo 

61 Bull ft West, Diego, Valverde del 
Camino, province of Huelva. — Cuprous 
pyrites. xoo 

62 Tharsis Sulphur ft Copper Co. 
Oimited), Alosno, Province of Huelva. — 
Ores and slags. loo . 

68 Rio Tinco Co. (limited). Province of 
Huelva. — Ores. zoo 

64 La Buena P6, Society, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Laminated galena, etc. xoo 

65 La Familia Society, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Laminated galena and ga- 
lena in dross. xoo 

66 La Inocencia Minincr Society, Guar- 
roman. Province of Jaen. — Laminated 
galena and galena in dross. xoo 

67 Stolberg ft Westfalia, Anonymous 
Society, Linares, Province of Jaen.— 
Laminated galena and galena in dross, xoo 

68 English, Heirs of Juan Carlos, Li- 
nares, Province of Jaen. — Laminated and 
gTQund galena and galena in dross. too 

69 Accino y Vazques de Araujo, En- 
rique, Linares, Province of Jaen. — Lami- 
nated galena. xoo 

70 Sopwith, Tom As, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Laminated galena. zoo 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

71 Bonaplata, Eduardo, Bail6n, Prov 
ince of Jaen. — Galena. toe 

79 Fiffueroa. Ignacio, Linares, Province 
of Jaen. — Galena. xoo 

78 Amado Salasar, Enrique, Bailin, 
Province of Jaen. — Galena. xoo 

74 Lohnstein, Emilio, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen . — Galena. loo 

76 Arboledas, Martin, LIuarea, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Sulphate of lead. soo 

76 Villanova, Jos6 Qenaro. Linarea. 
Province of Jaen. — Earth from a lead 
mine, and potter's antimony. toe 

77 Polo Leoncio,Villafelis, Province of 
Leon. — Iron ore. loo 

78 Alonso, Casimiro, Leon. — Oxidised 
iron ore. soo 

79 Bertrand, Casimiro, Alios, L6rida.^ 
Oaelleresa, native iron. xoo 

80 Reynante y Cancio, Manuel, Riva- 
deo, Lugo. — Ores. xoo 

81 Corps of Mining Engineers, Madrid. 
— Ores. loo 

82 Naranjo y Garsa, Felipe, from vari- 
ous towns of the Province of Madrid.— 
Ores. xoo 

83 Mining Engineers, Malaga.— Mala- 
chite copper ore. xoo 

88a Mining Engineers, Marbella, Prov- 
ince of Milaga. — Magnetic iron. loo 

88^ Mining Engineers, Estepona, Prov- 
ince of Malaga. — Magnetic iron. xoo 

88^ Mining Engineers, Mljas, Provinca 
of M&li^a. — Hydrated iron, galezia, and 
magnetic iron. xoo 

88<^ Mining Bngineera, Istan, Proviaca 
of M&laga.— Magnetic iron. xoo 

88« Mining Engineers, Carratraca, 
Province of Milaga. — Hematites. xoo 

88/ Mining Bugineera^ Antequera, 
Province oTM&laga.-<OUgistic iron, xoo 

88i' Mining Engineers, Coin, Province 
of M41aga. — Hematites. xoo 

83^ Mining Engineers, Benahanfa, 
Province of M&laga. — Sul|iho-arseiiic 
nickel and sulphurous nickel. xoo 

83^ Mining Engineers. Benalmadena, 
Province of Malaga. — Hydrated iron, zoo 

88 1 Mining Engineers, Alora, Province 
of Malaga. — Nickel. toe 

SSmt Mining Engineers, Almogia, Prov- 
ince of Milaga. — Malachites and pyrites 

of copper. 


carbonate of lead. 

%Zn Mining . . 

' t. Province of M41aga. — Galena and 

Alhauria el 

88^ Mining Engineers. Colmenar, Prov- 
ince of Milaga. — Galena and pyrites of 
copper. too 

88/^ Mining Eiigineers, Nexja, Province 
of M&laga.— Galena. too 

88^ Mining Engineers, Archidona, 
Province <m Milaga. — Oligistic iron, xoo 

84 Blandin v Carrese, Manuel, Vara, 
Province m Navarra. — Iron ores. too 

85 Macia ft Co., Dem&trio, Penonta, 
Province of Orense. — ^Tin ore. loc 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. «7 -45. 



Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

86 Vila, Prmnciftco, Pentes, Province 

of Orense. — Tin ore. 100 

•7 Mining District of Oviedo. various 

towns of the Pxorince of Ovieoo. — Ores. 


S8 Acebal y Menendcs. Benito, Car- 

rcfioa. Province of Oviedo.— Iron ore. 


89 Uria PlnUla, Navia de Luarca, 
Proviaoe of Ovieoo. — Iron ores. too 

90 National Factory of Trubia,Trubia, 
Proviace of Oviedo. — Iroo ores. xoo 

91 XMestroyLastra, Antonio del, Mier, 
I^ovince of Oviedo. — Ores. zoo 

93 Somoza Pi fieiro, Ramon, Mersa, 
Ptovinoe of Pontevedra. — ^Magnetic iron. 


99 Mini&c Society, Salamaaca.—T i n 

ore. 100 

94 Necschounrer Belleefirod ft Co», 
froai various towns and provinces. — Ores. 


95 Mining & Foundry Co. of Santan- 
der.— Ores. 100 

98 BaenDeaeo Mining Society, Peftal- 
ckxu. Province of Soris. — Argentiferous 
lead ore. 100 

97 Peres, Bernardo, PeAalc4zar, Prov- 
ince of Soria. — Argentiferous lead ore. 100 

91 Director of the Company of Mines 
ft the Manufactory del Pedroso. Caxalla 
de la Siena, Province of Seville.— Iron 

99 Gomes^Jos6 Maria, Vimbodi, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona. — Pyrites and oarytes 
in powder. 100 

100 Monner, Francisco, Las Borjaa, 
Province of Tarragona.--01igistic iron. 


101 Brit6 & Sierra, Camaftas, Province 
of Teniel. — Crystallised manganese ore, 
pyrohisite. too 

102 Maorad, Benito, Camafias, Prov- 
ince of Tcniel. — Manganese. 100 

105 Valdemoro, Juan Pranci8CO,Teruel. 
— Oxide (rf" iron. zoo 

104 Belles, James, Albarracin, Prov- 
ince of Teruel.«— Oxide of iron, zoo 

109 'Pttc*, Francisco, Mnares, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Calamine. zoo 

106 Diero, Vicente de, Bilbao, Prov- 
ince of Vizcaya. — Iron ores. zoo 

107 BoursoiK Mi^ttel, Somorrostro, 
Province of^ Vizcaya.— Iron ore. zoo 

108 Bilbao Iron Ore Company 
(limited), Caldaoiis, Province or Vis- 
caya.1— Iioa ore. zoo 

109 Zabalo, Andrte, Illueca,*ZaracoM. 
— Oligistic iron. zoo 

109« Mouner, Frandflco, Rena, Prov- 
bKeofTamsooa. — Ores. zoo 

1 10 Rueda, Manuel, Meaonea, Province 
ofZaracosa.— Oiig;isticifDn. zoo 

111 Boiven y Senty, Adolfe. Maeatu, 
Province m Alava. — Natural rock as- 
^ahmn, refined hitonam, pore and dty 
ssphattiun. sos 

119 Asphaltum ComfMuiy of Maastu, 
Visona.— Asphaltuss. zox 

tl9 Mininif Union, Calaf, Provlaca of 
Bartdona. — Lignite. loz 

PSor dMMS of csMbte, indicaied by anmben at 

ince of Oviedo.— Min- 


14 LaPerla Bergsdana Mining Socie- 
ty, Pont de Ravenii, Province of Barce- 
lona. — Mineral coal. zxo 

15 Oispert y Pujals, Manuel, Barce- 
lona. — Mineral coal. 101 

16 Oria, Eurenio, Brieva de Juarros 
Province of Biirgos. — Dry pit-coal. 101 

17 JuarreAa Society, San Adrian de 
JuacTOS, Province of Burgos. — Dry pit- 
coal. lOI 

IS Mir6 y Cerdli, C, from various 
towns of the Province of Castell6n. — Coal. 


10 Metallurgical Coal-pit Company of 
Bclmez, Penarroya, Province of C6rdoba. 
T-Pit-coal, and coke. zoi 

20 El Veterano Mineral Society, Sur- 
roca. Province of Gerona. — Pitcoal and 
coke; rocks, illustrating the geological 
composition of the coal districts of Surroca 
and Ogassa. zoz 

21 Board of Arriculture, Industry, 
ft Commerce, Oviedo.— Coke and min- 
eral coal. zoz 

21a Board of Agriculture, Industry, 
ft Commerce, Mieres, Province of Ovieoo. 
— Coal block, weighing 30 cwt. zoz 

22 Coal-pit Society of MuAon, Muflon, 
Polade Lena, Pro vii "^ 
eral coal. 

23 National Factory of Trubia, Tru- 
bia. Province of Oviedo. — ^Mineral coal 
and coke. zoz 

24 Oarcla de los Rios, Eduardo, Mie- 
res, Province of Oviedo. — Pit-coal. zoz 

26 Vigon, Braulio, Carr&ndi, Province 
of Oviedo. — Anthracite coal. 101 

26 Mines of Castilla, Barruelo, Prov- 
ince of Palencia. — Pit-coal and coke, zoz 

27 Femandes CastaAeda, Telesforo, 
Reinosa, Province of Santander. — Lig- 
nite, zoz 

28 Pereire, Isaac, Villanueva del Rio, 
Province of Seville.— Coal. zos 

20 Corps of Mining Bni^ineers, Soria. 
— Impregnated asphaltum. zoz 

30 Peguero, Andrte, Utrillas, Prov- 
ince of Teruel.— Coal. lOz 

31 Sierra, Francisco, Utrillas, Prov- 
ince of Teruel.— Coal, zoi 

32 Bst^ban, Crist6bal, Libros, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Brimstone. zoz 

33 Fernandez, Francisco, Havana, 
Island of Cuba.— Asphaltum. zoi 

84 Blanquer Ronda, Mariano, Calloea 
de Ensarrii, Provinceof Alicante.— Black 
marble. 10s 

35 Serrano, Cardona ft Co., Mon&var, 
Province of Alicante.— Tubing and pillar, 
with enclosure. zos 

86 Jovir, Francisco, Almerfa, Prov- 
ince of Almeria.— Construction stones, zos 

36« Abell6 V Boada, Pablo, Sarreal, 
Prof'Incc of Tarragona.— Alabaster, zos 

87 Daza, Francisco, Macael, Province 
of Almeiia.— Marble. zos 

88 Trtil, MifTuel del. Bezja, Province 
of Almeria.- Marble lor construction, zos 

89 Chief Bn^neer of Hi|rl>waya. Val- 
demolinos. Province of Avila,— Gran- 
Uc. SOS 

end of entries, see Os s sfflrsrin n, pp. S7^4S> 


Minerals, Stone. 

140 Estevez, Manuel Benito, Badi^ox. 

— ^Slaics. to 

148 Provincial Commission of ViUaffa> 
liio, Province of Burgos. — Alabaster, mar- 
ble, calcareous stone, slate, and wheat 
stones. I02 

144 Baldirez, Santiago, Villorobe, 
Province of Burgos. — Slates. zoa 

146 Richard & Grand ucontagne, Bar- 
badillo de Uerrcros, Province of Bi^rgos. 
—Gravel. loa 

146 Corporation of Villamartin, Prov- 
ince oi Cadiz. — Jasper. loa 

147 Corporation of Chidana, Province 
of Cadiz.— Ja.spcr. xq2 

148 Corporation of Qrazalema, Prov- 
ince ol Cadiz. — Colored marble. • 102 

149 Nuftez, Job6 Maria, Ciidiz.— Collec- 
tion of marbles and jaspers. 102 

150 Feo y Hermos, Miguel Alfonso, 
San Miguel de Abona, Canary Islands. — 
Flagstone. xoa 

161 Games, Angel, Santa Cruz de Ten- 
eriffe, Canary l>lands. — Rock, lava, and 
volcanic products. xoa 

152 Society of Friends, Las Palmas, 
Canary Islands. — Jasper. 102 

158 Provincial Board of Agriculture, 
Calig, Province of Casteilon. — Marble and 
calcareous stone. lua 

164 Corporation of Cabra, Province of 
C6rdoua. — Marbles. loa 

155 Lopez Seoane, Victor, Ferrol, Prov- 
ince of La Coruna. — Stones and mar- 
bles, loa 

1 66 Corporation of Portilia de la Sierra, 
Province of Cucuca. — Marbles. xoa 

167 Corporation of La Cierva, Province 
of Cucnca. — Marble. los 

168 YaAiz, Ambrosio, Las Majadas, 
Province of Cucnca.— Marbles. toa 

169 Madero, Cirilo, Arcos de la Cantera, 
Province of C^ucnca.— Calcareous stone. 


160 Rubio Perez, Juan, Guejar, Prov- 
ince of Granada. — Serpentine. xoa 

\61 Corporation of Puente Heridos, 
Province of Huelva.— Marble. loa 

162 Corporation of Galaroza, Province 
of Huelva. — Marbles. xoa 

163 Gonzalez Molada, J us to, Alcau- 
dcie. Province of Jacn. — Construction 
materials. xoa 

164 Corporation of Castillo de Locubin, 
Province of Jaen. — ^Jasper. loa 

166 Provincial Institute, Leon. — 
Marbles and alabasters. loa 

166 Uleeschouuer, Bellefroid, & Co., 
Unzanilla, Pro\ince of Leon. — Marble' 
formed by calcareous fossils. xoa 

167 institute of Secondary Instruction 
of Mondoncdo, i'rovinoe of Lugo.— 
Marbles and slates. loa 

165 Corps of Mining Engineers, Prov- 
ince of Malaga. — Marbles. xoa 

169 Corporation of Mijas, Province of 
M&Iaga. — Marbles. loa 

170 Corps of Mining Engineers, Prov- 
ince of Murcia. — ^^a^ble, grit, construc- 
tion stone, and alabaster. xoa 

171 Corporation of Pilofia, Province of 
Oviedo. — Marbles. xoa 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbeis at 

172 Corporation of Salaa, Province of 
Oviedfo.- Marble. xoa 

178 Corporation of Colunga, Proviacc 
of Ov'iedo. — ^Marble. tos 

174 Odriozola, Joaquin de. Province of 
Segovia. — Construction st(mes. &oa 

176 Corporation of Linares, Province 
of Segovia. — Calcareous cmutructiaa 
stones. Mi 

176 Corporation of Balisa, Province ol 
Segovia. — Granite and siliceous stone, sos 

177 Corporation of Aragoneees, Prc»v- 
ince of Segovia. — Stone. zos 

178 Corporation of Moron, Province of 
Scvilla.— Jasper. zo* 

179 Corporation of Cantalucim, Prov- 
ince of Soria. — ^Marbles. los 

180 Corporation of Sspeja, ProWnce ol 
Soria. — Marbles. zos 

181 Garcia, Cay6tano, Eapejon, Prov- 
ince of Soria. — Iblarbles. soa 

182 Gomez, Jos6 Maria. Sareal, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona.— Alabaster and mar- 
ble, in powder. zos 

188 Board of Public Works, Campea- 
pero. Province of Valladolid.--Calcareotts 
stone. SOS 

184 Generis, Jos6,Sarreal, Province of 
Tarragona.— Alabaster. soa 

186 Board of Public Works. ViUnr- 
mentero, Province of Valladohd. — Crys- 
tallized gypsum. soa 

186 Corporation of Rida, Province of 
Z:*ragoza. — Marbles. soa 

187 Corporation of Calatorao, Province 
of Zaragoza. — Black marble. zoa 

188 Corporation of Fuentea de Ebro, 
Province of Zaragoza. — ^Alabaster. soa 

189 Boada, Jer6nimo, Matar6, Province 
of liarcelona. — Artificial stone. loj 

190 Navarro, Antonio, Las Palmaa, 
Canary Islands. — Calcareous stone and 
powdered lime. 103 

191 Lled6 y Gomez, Cipriano, Cuencn. 
— White gypsum. zoj 

192 Fernandez, Gervasio, Torrubie de* 
Campo, Province of Cucnca.— ^Abbas' 
trian gypsum. so^ 

1 93 Lopez, Simon, Torrubia del Campo, 
Province of Cuenca. — Powdered alaMs- 
trian gypsum. Z03 

194 Corporation of Ayamonte, Province 
of Huelva. — Lime. Z03 

196 District of Mining Engineers, Pro- 
vince of Malaga. — Gypsum. X03 

196 Corps of Mining Engineers, Prov- 
ince of Murcia. — ^Nvnite and black cal- 
careous stone. X03 

197 Corporation of Moron, Province of 
Seville. — Gypsum and lime. X03 

198 Tomlis, Antonio, Reus. Province 
of Tarragona.— Sulphate of barytes and 
lime. X03 

199 Cervera, Luis, Montblanch, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona.— Sulphate of hydrated 
lime. X03 

200 Barren, Leoncio, Alcalli de Qna- 
daira, Province of Seville. — Slack, quick- 
lime, limestone, etc. Z03 

201 Climent, Hernandez, Pmncieco, 
Carcagcnte, Province of Valmcia.— 
Artificial stone. xeg 

end of entries^ see Classification, pp. 9f-4S' 



Minerals, Stone. 

90S Qiralt, MicoUa, Re^la, CuImu— 
Lime. X03 

S03 Benavides, Mariano, La Roda, 
Province of Albacete. — Magnesian 
caxth. t04 

204 Saavedra Ramlrex, Alejo, Soraotin, 
Pxtmnce of Almeiia.--6ilicate of nug- 
ncsia. 104 

905 Daxa y Ruls, Francisco, Somotin, 
Province of Ahneria.~SiliGate of mag- 
nesia. X04 

106 Masoliver, Bartolom6^ Barcelona. 
•^Chalk and volcanic day. X04 

807 Granducootangoe, Richard. Barba- 
dillo de Uerrezos, Province of B&igos.— 
Argil. X04 

SOS Oria, Bogenlo, Pancorbo, Province 
of Burgos. — Bricks. X04 

209 Provincial Commissions of various 
towns. Province of BurpM.— AxgU and 
day. X04 

210 Foundry ft Delft Factory of 
Saigadelos, Cerro^ Province of Lugo.— 
Crude materiaJs for the manufacture of 
dd£L 104 

211 Baoante, Juan, Chantada, Province 
allago. — ^Aigil. X04 

219 District of Mining Engineers. Mar- 
bella. Province of M&raga.~Steatite. 104 

j 21 S Provincial Board of Agriculture, 

' Industry. & Commerce, CoUera, Prov- 

ince of Oviedo.— Spar. X04 

214 Uria ft PiniUa, Navia de Laurca, 
Province of Oviedo. — Refractory stone. X04 

215 Factory of Trubia, Trubia, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo. >- Argil, silicate, and 
lime. X04 

216 Villar Cagide, Joaquin. Santa Ma- 
ria de Abades, Province of Pontcvedra.— 
Steatites. 104 

217 Matheu, Antonio, Montblanch, 
Province oc Tarragona.— Spanish white. 


218 Corporation of Pinell, Province of 
Tarragona. — Refractory earth. 104 

819 Corps of Mining Engineers, Zara- 
goza. — Argil. X04 

220 District Mining Engineers, Igua- 
leja, Prsvittce of Malaga.— Graphite. 105 

221 Villalonga y Peres. Antonio, Capde- 
pera, Bakares.— Tripoli. X05 

222 Corporation of Cabra del Santo 
Cristo.ProvinceofJaen.— Whetstones. xo6 

228 Acebal y Menendez, Benito, Ovie- 
do.— Grimtttones. X06 

224 Peguero, Andrte, Utrilla, Province 
of Teruel.— Jet. 106 

225 Pedro, C&rmen de. La Rambla, 
Province of Temel.— Jet. 106 

286 Sierra, Francisco, Utrilla, Province 
of Teruel.— Jet. 106 

227 Villalba, Gregorio,Utrilla,Province 
of Teruel.— Jet. 106 

288 Sans, Mariano, Patatrnbio, Prov- 
ince of Teruel.— Jet. xo6 

229 Clarda, Pablo, Utrilla, Province of 
Tenid.— Jet. xo6 

280 Banquetla ft Rascon, Frandsco, 
Novdda, Province of Alicante. — Sulphur- 
ous uunml water firom Salinetas. X07 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbeis 

281 Trell, Miguel del, Beija, ProTioec 

of AlmerLji.-~Gypsum. 107 

282 Mejias Moreno, JosA, Pechlna, 
Province of Almeiia.— Lamellated gyp- 
sum. Z09 

288 Alonzo Cortfis, Manuel, Pozas, 
Province of Bi^rgM.— Crude and refined 
salt. X07 

284 Puig, Felipe, Miranda. Province of 
Burgos. — Crude and refined salt. X07 

285 Ceresanian Society, Cerezo, Prov- 
ince of Buigos. — Sulphate of soda. 107 

286 Constanda Society, Cerezo, Prov- 
ixice of Biirgos. — Sulphate of soda. 107 

287 Riacal deAlegre, Marquis of. Alia, 
Province of Ciceres. — Clay marl. X07 

288 Corporation of Santa-Ella, Prov- 
ince of C6rdoba. — Medicinal mineral 
waters. 107 

289 Corporation of Montoro, Province 
*bf C6rdoba. — Sulphurous water. 107 

240 Lopez, Job6 Maria, Lucena, Prov- 
ince of C6rdoba.^Mineral water. X07 

241 Marin Manuel, Villaharta, Prov- 
ince of C6rdoha. — ^Alineral water. 107 

242 Perafita Gavigola, Francises, Qe- 
rona. — Carbonic water. 107 

248 Medinacell, Duke of, Oerooa.— Fer- 
rtiginous and sulphurous water. X07 

244 Garcia, Gabriel, Gerona.— Ferru- 
pnous carbonic water. 107 

245 Vilaret, Jos6, Gerona.— Carbonic 
water. 107 

246 Darniua, Count of, Gerona.— Fer- 
ruginous and sulphurous water. 107 

247 Corporation of Marmoleio, Prov- 
ince of Jaen.— Acidulous ana carbonic 
waters with iron. 107 

248 Gutierrez Rodriguez, Cayetano, 
Mogrovejo, Province of Leon.— Mineral 
waters. X07 

249 Borre^an del Blanco, Domlnga. 
Mc^rovejo, Province of Leon.— Mineral 
waters. 107 

250 Bathing Establishment, Ponferra- 
da. Province of Leon. — Mineral waters. 


251 Damlan Garcia, Josi, San Adrian 
de Vegaquemada, Province of Leon.— 
Mineral and medicinal waters. 107 

252 Corporation of Navajun, Province 
of Logrono. — Mineral waters. X07 

258 Diez Brothers. Gr&valos, Province 
of Logrono.— SulpnuTOus waters. 1x7 

254 Lopez Losada, Antonio, Incio, 
Province of LAigo.— Ferruginous waters. 


255 Niera Gayoso, Dositeo, Lugo.— 

Sulphurous waters. X07 

256 Pardo Montero, Ramon, Traspar- 
ga. Province ot Lugo. — Sulphurous 
waters. X07 

257 Benevolent Societies, of various 
towns and provinces —Mineral waters. X07 

258 Corporation of MoUina, Province 
of Miuaga. — Mineral waters. X07 

259 Corporation of Carratraca, Prov- 
mce 01 Malaga. — Mineral waters. X07 

260 Corporation of Periana, Province 
of MiiLiga. — Mineral waters. 107 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27^5* 


Minerals, Metallurf^cal Products, Mining Engineering. 

861 Corporation of Tolox, Province of 
M&laga.— Waters fipom ruente Acuar- 
gosa. X07 

862 Provincial CommiMion, Murcia.— 
Waters from Archena. X07 

863 Corporation of Verin, Province of 
Orense. — Mineral waters. 107 

864 Corporation of Carballino, Prov- 
ince of Orense. — Thermal medicinal wa- 
ters. 107 

866 Gonzalez Aleere,Tos6 Las Caldaa, 
Province of Oviedo. — I'liermal waters. X07 

866 Casarie^o, Cayetano, Prelo, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo. — ^Alkaline sulphurous wa- 
ters. 107 

266« Casarie^o, Cayetano, Buyerea de 
Nava, Province of Oviedo. — Ferruginous 
water. 107 

867 Cortines, Aurustin de, Puente- 
nausa, Province of Santander. — Sulphur- 
ous waters. 107 

868 Calderon Revuelta, Francisco, 
Alceda, Province of Sanionder. — Mineral 
sulphurous water. 107 

869 Gutierrez de Ceballos, Josi, Ca!daa 
de Bcsaya, Province of Sanunder. — ^Min- 
eral waters. 107 

870 Ana Mic6, Widow of PerrandisJ4. 
tiva, Province of Valencia. — Sulphurous 
and ferruginous waters. 107 

871 Durege, Julio, San Diego de los 
Bafios, island of Cuba. — View of sulphur- 
ous baths and springs. 107 

Xetallurgieal Prodacts. 

878 Richard & Qranducontagne, Bar- 

badillo de Herrcros, Province of Bur- 
gos.— Soft iron and pig iron. 1 11 
278 Corporation of Cobeta, Province of 
Guadalajara. — Iron and iron ore. in 

874 Arroyo, Juan, Cervantes, Province 
of Lugo.— Iron. in 

875 Ojea Porras, Josft, Cervantes, Prov- 
ince of Lugo.— Iron. Ill 

876 Somoza, Juan Manuel, Caurel, 
Province of Lugo.— Iron. in 

877 Lopez, J086 Maria, Puertomarin, 
Province oT Lugo. — Iron. in 

878 Foundry & Delft Factory of Sar- 
l^delos. Servo, Province of Lugo.— Cast 
mgot. Ill 

879 Monriz, Gabriel, Lugo.— Horse 
bit. Ill 

880 Corral, Francisco, Triacastela, 
Province of Lugo,— Horse shoes. m 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

881 Heredia, Sons of M. A., M41aga. 
—Iron, plates , boiler-plates , etc. s 1 1 

888 District Minln^^ Eneineers, Ma- 
laga. — Iron slag. x 1 1 

888 National Factory of Trubia, Ovie- 
do.— Iron, steel, etc. 1 1 1 

884 Uria ft Pinilla, Navia of Luarea, 
Province of Oviedo. — Iron ingot. 1 1 1 

886 Director of the Mining ft Manu 
fiatcturing Company del Pedroso. CazaJb 
de la Sierra, Province of Seville.— Iroa 
castings and iron plates. xii 

887 Belles, James, Albarracin, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Forged iron. txi 

888 Valdemoro,Juan Francisco, Teruel 
— Forged iron. in 

889 Ibarra ft Co., Baracaldo, Province 
of Viscaya. — Iron. 1 1 1 

890 Corps of Mining Engineers, Hu- 
elva. — Copper cement and copper. ii« 

891 Villalobos Bros., Beija, Province 
of Almeria. — Lead. 1 1 3 

898 Mines of Almad^n, Province of 
Ciudad-Real.— Quicksilver ore. 113 

893 Fi^ueroa, IsroAcio, Guarromao. 
Province of Jaen. — Lead in pigs. 1 13 

894 Velasco, Bros, Linares, Province 
ofjacn. — Lead bars. 113 

896 Macia ft Co., Demetrio, Penonta, 
Province of Orense. — Tin bar. 113 

896 Vila Yanez, Francisco, Pentes, 
Province of Orense. — Tin. itj 

897 El Porvenir Mining Society, Mi- 
eres. Province of Oviedo. — ^I'in. 1x3 

898 Alen. Pedro ft Manuel, Santa Maria 
de Acibeiro, Province of Pontevedra. — 
Tin. 1x3 

899 Vazquez Oulias, Frandaco, Bea^ 
riz. Province of Orense. — Oxide of tin. izj 

800 Rui ft Tolon, Barcelona.— White 
metal. 1 14 

Mining Engineering. 

801 Piquet, Alfonso Emilio, Morcajo 
de los Montcs, Province de Ciudad-Real. 
— Plan of the mines of Uorcajo. lao 

308 Mines of Almadftn, Province of 
Ciudad-Real. — Plans of subterranean 
works, macliines, etc. lac 

803 Orappin, Q., Salorino, Province of 
Citceres.— Model of the mine Consiaa- 
cia. lai 

804 Sabate Brunet, Salvador, Barca- 
lona.— Instruments for the explocatioa d 
hard rocks. sac 

at end of entries, sec Classification, pp. 97-45. 


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(Simtk of Nave, Columns i6 to iS,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Unnals, Ores, StoBM, Xining 


_ of Mines, ProWnee of 

183 diarcoal aad auriferous 

Sricaa. loo 

2 Con-ul, Isaac, Province of Cebft.— 

Sand with fofisilt, and Ibasil dorcosi. xoo 

S Msfuano, Jusn., Province of Albay. 

— ^Fossil duucoed. lOo 

4 Peres, Norverto. R.P.Pr., Province 
of Fai^^ainan. ■— Kock »rp\ and volcanic 
topbos. xoo 

i Provincial Commission of Cama- 
rines Norte.— Ox^dixed magnetite, chro- 
sute of lead, auriferous minerab. xoo 

i Llanos, R.P.Fr. Antonio, Province 
of Lepanto. — ^Mineeak and products of 
ramaces. xoo 

7 Veloso, Pascal, Province of Cebb.— 
FossU Charcoal and auriferous galena, xoo 

5 Asehnelo, 9uiterio, Province of 
Buiaran. — Oljgistic iron. xoo 

• ItMpection of Mines, Province of 

Camarincs Nort«. — Cupreous sand with 

natiTe copper. soo 

For iaoes of exhibics, indicated by i 

18 Inspection of Mines. Provl 
Camarines Sur. — Fossil charcoal. 

10 Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Bulacaa. — Oxydised magnetite. xoo 

11 Commission of the District of Ben- 
guet. Province of Benguet.— Auriferous 
sand. xoo 

Province of 

13 Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Albay. — Fossil charcoal, argil, quartzosc 
vein, jet, and sulphur. xoo 

14 Alons6, Teodoro, Province of Ma- 
nila. — Amorphous phosphorus. loo 

15 Inspection of Mines, Province of 

m Sulphur. xoo 

^ Marble. xoa 

16 Municipal Athenaeum, Province of 
if anila.— Marble and jasper. soa 

Xetallnrg^eal Frodvotf . 

17 Provincial Commiasion of Masbate. 
— Gold-dust and grains. xio 

18 Commiasion of the District of Le- 
panto, Province of Lepanto.— Gold-dual 
and gold. xao 

at end of entries, see Clitsification, pp. a7-45 


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{South of South Avenue^ Columns ij to ty ) 
Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

Minerals, Ores, Stones, Mining 

1 Antonio, Martins, Henriques, & Co., 
Mont Alio. — Aniiniony ore from Mont 
Alto. lOo 

8 Cortes Pereira Antimony Mine Ex- 
ploring; Co.— Antimony ore. lou 

8 Antimony Mining Co. of Corte Pe- 
reira. — Antimony ore. loo 

4 Blanck, Carlos Prederico, Lisbon. — 
Antimony ore from llcrdadc cia Prata. loo 

5 Barrif^a. Antonio P., Portalegre.-^ 
Quartz ot Valie de Peso. loo 

8 Caveira Mining Co., Grandola.— 
Copper ore from the Caveira mine. lOo 

9 Deliguy, Ernest, Lisbon.— Copper 
ore. lOo 

10 Eliott. George, & Ferreirm Caa- 

tello, Jose H.. Liblxin. — Iron ores frooi 
Ares Zambujal and San Bartholomeu 
mines. xoo 

11 Eliott, George, Alvito.— Iron ores 
from Sail Bartholomeu and Zambujal 
mines. lou 

18 Feurheerd, F. Detlof, ft Cruick- 
shank. William, Bracal. — Lead and zinc 
ores from Hraqal ana Malhada mines; 
copper ore from Chan^a. loo 

18 Giron, D. Jos6, Lagoas do Pa90.— 
Manganese ore. . loo 

14 Gomes, Alonso, Mertola. — Manga- 
nese ore from the Paraiso, Ferraguao, 
and Calvo mines. loo 

16 Malhada Mining Co., Malhada. — 

Copper ore from Malhada mine. too 

16 Monges Iron Co. (limited), Liabon. 
— Iron ore from Serra des Monges. loo 

17 Moraes, Jos6 Gon9alve8, Arron- 
ches. — iron, manganese, and argentiferous 
lead ore. loo 

18 Mason & Barry^ Mertola. — Copper 
ores from Sun Domingo. loo 

19 OUveira, Joao Correia, Senhora de 

Ca.stclio. — ^I'in ore. loo 

20 Oliveira, Bento Rodriguea de, San 
Pf tiro du Cova. — Anthracite, sulphuret of 
antimony, and galena. loo 

21 Portuguese Copper Minine Co.. 
Evora. — Specimens of ores from Basalho 
mine. itio 

88 Portuguese Mining Co., Covclloa. 

— Tin ore. loo 

88 Per8evcran9a Co.. Oporto.— Anti- 
mony ore from Valle a' Ache, and tin ore 
from Logar d'Aborin. xoo 

For classes ot exhibits, indicated by numben 

84 Sequeira, Thomas, & Carneiro d*An- 
dn&de, Eduardo, Beja. — Cupper ore fitm 
Juliana miae. too 

86 Schreck, Maximiliano, ft Kemp, 
Mauricio, Oporto. — Antimony ore froB 
Campo Kedoado : manganese finom Ptahal 
da Cunha. • loo 

86 Serrlnha Tin Co. (limited). Oporto.^ 
Tin ore from Serrinho (l;i Casca. xoo 

87 Telhadella Mining Co., TelhadcUa.— 
Copper ores. too 

88 Tras-os-Montea Mining Co., Bragan- 
5a. — Tin ore. 100 

89 Transtagana Mining Co., Liabon.—' 
Copper ores. xeo 

80 Velho, Agoatino Franciaco, ft oth- 
ers. Villa Real. — Lead ore. xoo 

81 Preixo, Viacouot dc, Oporto.— Ar- 
gentiferous lead ore. xoo 

88 Zarzechi, Ladislau, Oporto.— Lead 

ore from the Pcgo mine. xoo 

88 Department of Minea, Liabon. 

a Manganese, tin, and antimony ores ; litm 

nvrites. toe 

h Marbles. tot 

84 Oliveira, Bento Rodriguea d', 8. Po- 

dro de Cova. 

« Lead and antimony ore. 100 

h Mineral coal. 101 

86 Industrial Union Co., Povoa de Pe- 

doride. — Coal. 101 

86a Cabral, Fred eric o A. de V. P., 

Oporto. — Coal from Monte das Cava- 

dinhos. loi 

86 Direction of the Public Works of 

Braga. — Building sitones, etc loa 

87 Darreto, Antonio Tavares, Santarem. 
— Limestone from the Granja quarry, xoa 

88 Carvalho, Venceslau M. de, Con- 
deixa a Velha. — Samples of marbles froot 
Co^deixa quarries. toe 

89 Brites, Augusto Pereira, Torrea No- 
vas. — Building stone. los 

40 Direction of the Public Works of 
Vianna do CaMelio.— Building materiab. 


41 Vallongo Slate ft Marble Quarriea 

Co., Oporto. — Slab« and roofing slate, xoa 

48 Governor of the Civil Diatrict of 
Ponte Delgada.— Building materials, toe 

44 Rato, Antonio Moreira, Liabon.— 
Marbles. xoa 

46 Santos, Joaquin Antunea doe, Lte- 
bon. — Samples of marble. to* 

46 Salles, Joaquim Jos* de, Liabon.— 
Marbles. toa 

end of entries, see Classificatioa, pp. t^-it. 



Stone, Minerals, Metallurgical Products, Engineering. 

47 Salles, Qennano Jos6 de, Lisbon .~ 
Marbles. xoa 

48 Bessoni, Visconnt de, Clntnu— Mar- 
Ues. loa 

49 Ponta Del gad a. Committee of. — 
Buildins materials. xos 

10 Direction of the Public Works of 
Vlxeu, Vixeu. — Building materials. xoa 

§1 Direction of the Public Works of 
Oporto, Oporto.— BuUding materials, xoa 

§2 Direction of the Public Works of 
Aveiro, Atsoo. — Building materials, xos 

IS Direction of the Public Works of 
tfie Mondeflo river & Figueira bar, 
Coimbra. — Aiilding materials. xoa 

64 Direction of the Public Works of 
Coimbra, Coimbra.— BuUding matexials 
of the district. xot 

66 Direction of the Public Works of 
Leiria, Leiria. — Building materials of the 
dbtrict. xoa 

66 Bxtrexaos Marble Quarrying Co., 
Extremoz. — Marbles. xoa 

67 Rasca Cement Exploring Company, 
Lisbon. — Hydraulic cement. 103 

58 Parochial Board of Sabacbelra, 
Sabacfaetra. — Limestone. 103 

69 Governor of the Civil District of 
Ponalegre. — Phosphate of lime from Mar- 
vao. 103 

90 Lisbon I>yeing 8t Cotton Printing 
Company, Lbbon. — Lime. 103 

61 Ponta Dclgada, Committee of. 

* Pozzolana and pumice. 103 

6 Mineral waters of San Miguel, and analy- 
sis. 107 

62 Nenville, Lonis, Lisbon.— Kao- 
liiL X04 

66 Coelho, Francisco, Torres Novas.— 
Cby. 104 

64 Msnilha, Francisco doe Santos 

Lopes, Valongo. — ^Wbetstooes. 106 

ror dsiiet of exhibits, indicated by 1 

66 Vidago Mineral Waters Company. 
Lisbon. — Mineral waters. xo 

66 Pedras Salgadas Mineral Waters 
Company, Oporto. — Mineral waters. X07 

67 Jsnson, J. H., ft Co., Lisbon.— Soda 
water. X07 

69 Preitas, Albino, Jos6, Ega.— Mineral 
waters. 107 

70 Fialho ft Bro., Lisbon.— Mineral 
waters. . 107 

71 Committee of Administration. Sul- 
phur baths of Castello de Vide.— Sulphur- 
ous mineral waters. 107 

Metallorgioal Produoti. 

78 Mason ft Barry, Sa6 Domlngos.— 
Gold bar and silver bar. xie 

74 Ferreira ft Sousa, Oporto.— Qold 
leaf. xxo 

76 Cardoso, 1os6 Pereira, jr.. Oporto. 
a Gold and silver leaf. xxo 

3 Aluminium, platina, and tin leaf. 1x3 

76 Belrollas, Manuel Antonio, Gollega. 
— Horse shoes. 1 1 1 

77 Department of Mines, Lisbon.— 
Iron from Moncorvo. zii 

78 Perseveranqa Company, Oporto.— 
Tin ingot. 113 

79 Tras-os-Montes Mining Company, 
Braganza. — ^Tin ingot. 1 1 ,t 

Xiiiinf EngtuMring. 

80 Department of Mines, Lisbon.— 
Plans of mines. xai 

81 Mason ft Barry, Mertola.— Plans of 
mines ; model of a Roman wheel. xai 

83 Sllva, 8. A. P. da, ft P. A. Marques 
de Moura, Avetro.-^Plan of a salt pit. 
with description of same. isi 

at end of entries, see dassificatioa, pp. af^i 


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{Sau/M of Nave, Columns 14 tc 17.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

Kinerals, Orei, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Wilkinson, Riszo. ft Co., Koumarlar, 
Dardanelles. — Sulpnur ore, sulphurous 
copper. 100 

2 Tapa, Daniel, Clan, Dardanellea.— 
Lead ore. 100 

8 Sarral, Mouradite, Trebicond.— Ar- 
gentiferous galeita. 100 

4 Sarral, Lokhia, Trebixond.— Iron py- 
rites. 100 

6 Schirln A^ha, Tirepola, Trebizond.— 
Copper pyrites. 100 

6 Soleiman, Gueugine, Trebizond. — 
Galena. xoo 

T Omer, Oglou Oaman, Lokhia, Trebi- 
zond. — Galena. zoo 

8 Omcr, Effendi. Ordou, Trebizond. — 
Aigeiitifcrous galena. 100 

9 Nimetoulah, Trebelau, Trebizond.— 
Copper ore. 100 

10 Nimetoulah, KarelU, Trebisond.— 
Copper pyritei. xoo 

11 Pappazaki, Ni.cota, Sfakia, CrM«.— 
Ligiuie. xoo 

12 Nimetoulah, Mouradite, Trebizond. 
— Argentiferous galena. xoo 

1 8 Moustapha, Effendi, Cherkech, Gas- 
tamouni. — Chalk. 100 

14 Gonbsan, Government of, Adana.— 
Iron pyrites. xoo 

10 Multesim Oulah, TIreboli, Trebi- 
£ond. — Ferruginous sediment. xoo 

16 Multesim, Abdoulah, Tirebole, Tre- 
bizond.— Argentiferous galena, copper py- 
rites, xoo 

17 Mandeni, Diarbekir. — Silver ore. xoo 

18 Multesim, Tireboli, Trebizond.— Cu- 
preous pyrites. xoo 

19 Ligory, Effendi, Stankeny, Darda- 

m Manganese, iron ore, and sulphur ore. xoo 
h Emery. xo6 

20 Kara-Hissar, Government of, Sivaa. 
-Argentiferous galena, aluminous earth. 


81 All, Hadji Diarbekir.— Brimstone of 

the d«»ert. 100 

82 Moustapha, Hadji, Nich, Danube.— 
Iron stone. xoo 

83 Adrianople, Government of. 
Powdered mica. 100 
h Coal. xox 
c Sand for moulding*. X04 

)4 Debr^, Government of, Monaatlr. — 
Sulphate of chalk. xoo 

For classes of eahibits, indicated by numbers at 

20 Aydin, Government of.— Argentifer- 
ous galena, lignite, iron ore. xoo 

26 Adana, Government of.— Sulphate of 
chalk and galena. too 

27 Gumuch Hani. Government of, Tre- 
bizond. — ^Argentiferous and cupreous ga- 
lena, xoo 

28 Ichkodra, Government of, Monaatlr. 
^Sulphur ore. xoo 

29 Ichkloura, Government of, Monaatir. 

— Brim.\tone, arsenical ore, and sulphate 
of copper. xoo 

30 Havret, Government of, Salonica.— 
Argentiferous galena. 100 

8 1 Topouz, Oglou, ImbroB, Dai danellea. 
a Lead ore. 100 
h Coal. xoi 

82 Koniah, Government of.— Brim- 
stone. 100 

88 Micher6, Government of, Yanioa.— 
Lignite. xoo 

84 Medina, Government of, HIdJaa. — 
Kock crystals. 100 

80 Maghl6, Government of, Aydln.— 
Argentiferous galena, iron and chit^me 
ores. loo 

86 Militiaoua, Government of, Samoa. 

a Talc 100 

^ Yellow earth, aigil. 104 

87 Lapsaki, Government of, Dardanel- 
les. — Brimstone. loo 

88 Karssendi. Government of, Adana. 

Copper and silver ore, lignite and ga- 
lena. iOO 
h Grit sandstone. loe 

89 Tdomane, Government of, Yanlna. 
— Galena. 100 

40 Trebizond, Government of.— Galena. 


41 Uakup, Government of, Monaatir.— 
Aluminous earth. xoo 

42 Samoa, Government of. 

a Galena. xoo 

h White and cobred marble. 
e Argil. 
d Emery. 

48 Soleimaneeyah, Oovernmeat ol^ 
« Melted brimstone, cut rock crystaL iod 
h Argil. 104 

44 Smyrna, Government of, Aydin.~ 

« Lignite, argentiferous galena, iron ore, 

manganese. 100 

k Emery, grindstones. 106 

46 S^roa, Government of, baloaiea.^ 
Lignite. soa 

end of entries, see Claisificatioa, pp. af-45 




Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 


46 Sookft, Qovemment of, Aydla, 
m Iztm ore. 
k Red sandstone. 

e Tripoli. lOA 

J Emezy. too 

47 Saroukhan, Government ol^ Ay din. 
a Chrome ore. loo 
t Mineral water. S07 

48 Samakon Factory, Sophia, Danube. 
— Iron ore. 100 

49 Ergain, I>iarbekir.— Copper ore. 100 
60 Donel Aghop, Eein6, Dardaneltee.— 

Manganese. 100 

SI Dardalah, Mouradile, Trebixond.— 
Copper pyrites. 100 

6t Pafipazaki, Dimitri, S&kia, Crite.— 
Aigiuous talc. xoo 

iS Abdi Bey, MyteUne, Dardanelles.— 
Chrome. xoo 

M AbdouUah Bey, MyteUne, Dardanel- 
m Antimony. xoo 

b Emery. zo6 

§5 Asit Anel^ Olevek, Treblxond.— 
le. xoo 

66 Ulmasrati, Ahmed, Tripoli, Tripoli. 
— Grade brimstone. 100 

17 Administration of the Mines, Con- 
stantinople. — Collection of ores. xoo 
(8 Mehemcd Agba, Aleppo.—Coal. lox 
88 Bridore, Government of, Bosnia.— 
lignite. 101 

80 Djesirft, Diarbekir.— Coal. xox 

81 Kratova, Government of, Monastlr. 
—Coal. lot 

63 Mosttl, Government of, Bagdad.— 
Coal. xox 

88 Nich, Government 

of, Danube.— 

64 Panaloko, Government of, Bosnia.— 

CoaL 10X 

68 Ychtip Government of, Monastlr.- 

Coal. xox 

66 Breill, Castamonni, Castamouni.— 
Lignite. xox 

67 Serkix, Aleppo.— Red marble. xoa 

68 Raionla, Aleppo.— Yellow marble, 
calcareous stone. xoa 

69 Koyondja, Government of, Bosnia.— 
MarUe. xoa 

TO Neaedis, Government of, Samoa.— 
Wbite marble. xoa 

Tl Nicolaki, Jovan Oglou, Dardanelles, 
Dardanelles. — CemenL ^ X03 

79 Sfakia, Government of, CrMe.— 
Grade lime. X03 

18 NaoumCassam, Aleppo.— Argil. 104 
'« rhfict of exhibils, indicated by numbeia; 

74 Baktlar Bes., Panaloko, Bosnia.— 

Pipe-da/. 104 

70 All Effendi, Angora.— Argil. X04 

76 MyteUne, Go^^ernment of, Darda- 
nelles.— Graphite. X05 

77 Osman Bin Mohamad, Bridore. 
Bosnia. — Emery. 108 

78 All, HatUi, Tek6, Koniah.— Emery. 


70 Yildis-Kl, Government of, Sivas. 
« Emery. xof 

h Mineral wrater. X07 

80 Bendissa, Government of, Aleppo. 
—Hot mineral water. X07 

81 Gesrichvous, Government of, Alep- 
po. — Hot mineral water. xoy 

63 Brsindian, Government of, Brxe- 
roum. — Mineral water. X07 

68 Marach, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Mineral waters. X07 

64 Rikanl6, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Mineral water. X07 

66 Zeitoun, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Hot mineral water. 107 

67 Volonia, Government of, Yanina.— 
Mineral water. X07 

66 Central Drug Store, della Sudda*s, 
Inigueul, Ichitli. — Minend water. X07 

69 Bin Cachi Mehemed, Aleppo.— 
Mineral water. X07 

Xetallnrgiesl Produot*. 

90 Giovan, Siros, S al on ic a.— Gold- 
dust, xxo 
Marach, Aleppo.— 

91 Mehemeda, Mi 
Horse shoes and nails. 

93 Moustapha, Hadji, Aleppo.— Iron. 


93 Ak-Hissar, Government of, Bosnia. 
— Iron. XXX 

94 Kerschove, Government of, Bosnia. 
—Iron. xxt 

96 Varach, Government of, Bosnia.— 
Ixoa. XXX 

96 Karssendi, Government of, Adana. 
— Crude iron. xxx 

97 Kara-Uissar, Government oU 

a Iron. xxx 

k Lead slag. 113 

98 Samakon Factory, Sophia, Danube. 
— Iron. xxx 

99 Abass Agha, Kuspuk, Monastlr.— 
Horse shoes. xxx 

100 LIgory Effendi, SUnkeny, Darda- 
nelles.— Copper, xxa 

101 Samoa, Government of.— Zinc xxj 
t end of entries, see Classification, pp. aynAS. 


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{SoufA of Nav€^ Columns rg to 2j,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

mnerals, Ores, Stones, Mining 

1 Yoogoff Iron Works, Ooveriunent 
of Perm. — Copper ores. loo 

2 Pootiloff Iron Works Company, St. 
Petersburg. — Iron ores. loo 

8 Administration of the Ooroblagodati 
Mining District, Government of Perm. — 
Magnetic and other 'ron ores. loo 

4 Administration of the Mining Dis- 
tricts in Western Poland. 

a Iron ore, calamine, and lead blende. loo 
b Coal. zoi 

e Refractory clay. X04 

5 Administration of the Clonetz Mi- 
ning District.— Lake iron ore. xoo 

6 Rogosloosky Crown Copper Works, 
Government of Perm. — Copper ores. 100 

7 Demidofff Paul, Prince of San Do- 
nato, Nigni Tagil, Ural Mountains, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — iron and copper ores. 


8 Oessrick & Woerfel. St. Petersburg. 
^Siberian minerals auu hard stones. 100 

9 Kniaze Michailoffi Crown Steel 
Works, Government of Orenburg. — Mag- 
netic iron ore. xoo 

10 Mining School, St. Petersburg.— 

Minerals and paleontological collec- 
tion, too 

11 Bashkoff, Basil, Bogoyavlenak, & 
Verkhotoorgi, Goverument (m Cola..— Cop- 
per ores. zoo 

12 Russian Rail Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Government of Riazan, District of 
Tronsk. — Iron ore. xoo 

18 Saltkinsky Crown Iron Works, Gov- 
ernment of Orenburg. — Brown and sparry 
iron ores. 100 

14 SidorofT, Michael, St. Petersburg. 

Iron ore. (Northern limits of Russia.) xoo 

b Siberian graphite from the district of 

Toorookhunsk. ' 105 

1 5 Yakovleff, John, Alexandria, Govern- 
ment of Klierson. 

a Iron ore. zoo 

b Graphite. 105 

16 Russian Navigation ft Trade Com- 
pany, O d e s s a. — Specimens of anthra- 
cite coal. lox 

18 Majervsky, T.^ & Stochelsky. M., 

Government of Pietrkoff, district of Bend- 
zin. — Coal. lox 

19 SidorofT, Michael, St. Petersburg.— 
Bituminous coal, from imderground fire 
burning since 1700. xox 

For classes of exhibits Indicated by nuxnbeit 

20 Zievers, B. Wesenberg, Govcranaent 
of Est-land. — Portland cement. 103 

21 Schmidt, C, Riga.— Cement. 103 

82 S3rtcnko,John,Moscow.— Limestone 
and plaster. X03 

28 Lanin, Nicolas, Moscow.— liineral 
water. X07 

Metallurgical Products. 

27 Mining Department, St. Petersburg. 
— ^Native platinum, osmiridium (purifiea), 
and platinum. xxo 

28 Miasky Government Gold Mines, 
Government of Orenburc. — Gold-bearing 
sands ; illustration of g^d washing ma- 
chines. XXQ 

29 Votkinsk Crown Iron Works, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — Iron (in bazs), and 
cast steel. xii 

80 Pootiloff Iron ^Vorks Company, St. 
Petersburg. — Cast and wrought iron,steci, 
twisted rail. i ti 

81 Gun Foundry. Perm.— Cast and 

wrought iron ; steel sections of cast steel 
guns. XXX 

82 Kama Armor Plate Works, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — ^Armor pUte xzx 

83 Administration of the Goroblagodati 
Mining District, Government of I^rm.— 
Cast iron projectile. xti 

84 Administration of the Olonetz Mi- 
ning Districts. — Cast and wrought iron ; 
section of cast iron guns. z 1 1 

86 Demidoff, Paul, Prince of San D6- 

nati, Nigni I'agil, Ural Mountains, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. 

a Iron ; pig bars, ingots, rails, sheets, slags, 
and flakes. iii 

b Copper ingots, bars, sheets; illustrations 
of ^tyle of working. zia 

36 Russian Rail Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Government of Riazan, Distitct 
of Trcnsk. — Cast iron and iron wire. 11: 

• 87 Satkinisky Crown Iron Works, Gov- 
ernment of Orenburg. — Cast iron. xii 

88 Admiralty Tyora Works, near St. 
Petersburg. — Boilerplates. in 

89 Yoogoo Copper Works, Government 
of Perm. — Copper {in bars and ingots), 
and products of working. zzs 


40 Pashroff, Basil, Boeoiavlensk 
Vennihotoorii, Copper Works, Govt 
ment of Oofa. — Copper ingots, baza, rolled 


u«^ii« «/* x/wiA.^—^Opper iii^wia, ui«i»,iuiu«« 

wire, and spangles ; illustiatiozis of rnetb* 
ods of working. zxs 

•g end of entries, see Qasslfication, pp. Vf^ 



Metallurgical Products, Mining Engineering. 

4S Ragoalovsky, Crown Copper Works. 
Govcnunent of Perm. — lHusiradoitt ot 
pncfaictioiis of copper. iia 

48 Rastergaeff, Gregory, St. Peters- 
bors. — ^Tinned iron »hectft. 114 

MiBiJig Engineering. 

14 Admloistration of Mince la Finland. 
— Uckingiar«' editions and reports on 
local nine rnginncnnjt and geotogy. lao 
For daaftcB of exhibits, indicated by onaibert 

45 Scientific Committee of the Mining 
Department, St. Petersburg.— Special eo- 
itions and periodicab on mine engineer- 
ing, xao 

46 Demidoff, Paul, Prince of San Do- 
natio Nigni Tagil, District of Ural Moun- 
tains, Government of Perm. — Maps, plans, 
and views of this mining district : illii»tra- 
tions of gold washing process. lao 

47 Babin, Victor, ft Lepooahlnaky, 
Moscow.— Illustrations of bonng process, 
artesian well, and apparatus. lao 

at end of entries, see Clsfsificatton, pp 37-43. 


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98 ^'"^ 


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IhvM 8, BrevBy Pratt miiMi 1^«m ^s^ .^ '■■• ^* iiicneiion, 

Jai. P. Wchellon, 8ee^. 
"' ^ Sup't 

Cast IroDfiulWakrKpes, Stop YalTe8,FireHydmt8,6a8lolden,&e. 
Ofllce, Fhilddelphid. Jfo. ^ Iforth S&vpn^th St. 

FULAilliPilA LlAi WiBIS. 



John ^. X^iswis <& Bieos.^ 

MANUPAcnntms op 


JJnseed Oil, J^ainters' Colors. 




PRICES quoted, description given, and some SAMPLES shown, of the 
following Manufacturers' Goods, now on exhibition in the Main Building of 
the Centennial Exposition. 


Mannliftetarers' Agents. 7 1 2 Market St , PHILADELPHIA. 

J. RUPERTUS, Empire Revoivexs. 

C. SHARPS, Pat. 4 Shot Re 
F. WESSON, Breech-Loading Rtfles. 

" " Target PUtols. 

WINCHESTER, Reptg. Rifles and Cartridges. 
SHARPS. Target and Sporting Rifles. 
COLrS Patent Firearm Mfg. Co. '* 

SMITH A WESON, Revolvers. 

WHITNEY, Rifles and " 

REMINGTON, " " and Breech 

loading Double Guns. 
WM. G. RAWBONE, Patent Creasers. 
PARKER BROS., American Breechloadiiic 


JAMES PURDEY, London, Breechload'g Guns 
E. M. REILLY & CO . *' 




ALEX. HENRY, Edinburgh, *• " 

Harpoon and Bomb Lance Guns. 


mmgham, " *' 

P. WEBLEY k SON, Birmingham, Bxeedi- 

loading Guns. 
W.W. GREENER, Birmingham, BreechloMUsf 

ELEY BROS., London, Shells, Wads, Caps, 


SELLIER k BELLOT. Percussion Cap*. 









Phnadelphia, 730 Market Street 
New York, 67 Beekman Street 
Boston. 143 Milk Street 
Chicago. 182 Lake Street 



Dept. II —Manufactures. 


Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Pxeparations. 

Chemical HanufMtures. 

1 Gftntx, Geo. P., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Baking powder. T 47. aoo 

l« Petichtwaneer,I^.,ft Co.,New York, 
N. Y. — Polytechnic chenucals. T 47. 


t Rotral Baking Powder Co., New 
Yor\,N. Y.— T47. 

« Balding powder. 900 

i F.aToring extnicts, cdery salt 903 

2a Ohio River Salt Co., Pomeroy, O. 
-Sail. V63. 800 

8 Haace Broa. A White, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Solid and fluid extracts, sugar- 
ooazcd pills. P 43. 300 

S« Procter, VTm., jr., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Saccharatcd pepsin. P 48. 


4 Fries, Alex., ft Bros., New York, 
N.Y.— P48. 

m Chemicals, coloring, etc. 900 

i Artificial bruit and liquor essences, flavors 
Ibrdgais. 903 

6 Gordon. W. J. M., Cincinnati, O.— 
Chemicals^ g^ycerine^ sugar-coated pills, 
f,tidophyIlin, hydrastine. P 47. 900 

6 RoseBgarten & Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Sulphates of quinine and morphine, 
and other chemicals for use in medicine 
and Uae arts. P 41. 300 

I Warner. V/m. R., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — ^Sugar-coated pills and phar- 
attocuncal preparations. P 43. 900 

ifji Hirah, Joseph M.. Chicago, 111.— 
L CWmicaus, albumen, dried blood, aliza- 
jine, carbolic acid, cool tar products, etc. 
P47. ««> 

|>inpl>ell, Sam*l, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jndicinal fluid extracts. soo 

^orfbmcry and toilet articles. 903 

Waiiamson, D. D., New York, 
Y. — Bisulphite of lime, finings, beer 
cleansing powd^, tannate of 
P49- a«> 

tKreltxer, M. C, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Medicines, perfumery, etc., in a 
maible show case. I'hc marble is from a 
rcw quarry just opening in Lebanon Val- 
ley, Pa. T 43. aoo 
%a Scheffer, B., Louisville, Ky. — Prep- 
arations of pepsin. P 48. soo 
10 Keasbey ft Mattison, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Granular efferrescent prepArations, 
l^atine-coatcd pills, phannaceutical spec- 
ialties. P 43. 900 
For daises of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

10a Haoce, R. A., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Fluid extracts. T 43. 90c 

11 Twining ft Schiedt, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Fluid and solid extracts, sugar- 
coated pills, elixirs, coucentratea prepa- 
rations, chemicals^ syrups, tinctures, 
powdered drugs. 1 41. 900 

11a Shoemaker, Robert, ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa. — Fluid extracts; ground, 
crushed, and powdered drugs and spices. 
P43- «» 

12 Powers ft Weightman, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Sulphate of quinia, salts of cin- 
chona barks, sulphate of morphia ; cbemi- 
cals, medicinal, photographic, and for the 
arts. P 41. 900 

12« Morrison, Arthur B., Portland, Me. 
— <>old and silver solution for electrotyping 
without a battery ; restorative for cleaning 
jewelry. T 57. 900 

13 Harrison Brothers ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— P 41. 

a Chemicals, alum^ sugars of lead^ acetates 
of lime ; sulphuric, nitric, muriatic, acetic, 
and pyroligtieous acids. 900 

^ \\'hiie lead, dry and in oil; colors for 
painters, litnographers, and calico print- 
ing. 909 

18a Central Ohio Salt Co., Columbus, 
O. — Salt from Athens county. V 63. 900 

14 Doerr ft Sloan, Philadelphia, Pa 
— Lac to-phosphate of lime, iron, and cod 
liver oil. T 40. aoo 

15 Mellor ft Rittenhouse, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Licorice and pharmaceutical 
extracts ; glycerine composition for print- 
ers' rollers. P41. 900 

16 Stearns, Frederick, Detroit, Mich.— 
Pharmaceutical products peculiar to 
United States, representing his catalogue, 
number 75, 132 pages, z68 classes, ana 
xo/xx> items. P 41. aoo 

17 Dunton, Jacob, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Pills. Compressed lenticular noo- 
excipient porous pilb, made from dried 
powders, bv pressure, without admixture; 
are as soluble after ten years as when first 
made, and much more readily dissolvcxl 
than any freshly-made excipient pill. Pro- 
cess and machinery patented. T 40. 900 

18 Simes, Wm. P., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Camphor, sublimed and com- 
pressed into convenient blocks of z ounce 
and 4 ounces ; is very durable, strong in 
natural oil, and perfectly pure. Patented. 
P 41. 900 

19 Tacony Chemical Works, Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Acids, chemical salu, etc. 
T4a. •<«• 

end of entries, see Oatdficstion, pp. f-iS. 



Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Preparations. 

80 Dreyfua, J. O.. ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Cream of tarUr. T 43. aoo 

81 Mockridge, E.,ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — ^Acumea. T 47. aoo 

88 Bullock ft Crenshaw. PhiladeL 
phia. Pa. — Sugar-coated pills; United 
States Pharmacopoeia and recipes of emi- 
nent physicians, accurately compounded, 
readily soluble, and strictly reliable in 
every particular. P 41. aoo 

83 Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Kryolite, alum, 
lye, sodas, acids, chlo. calcium, and alum- 
ma. T 4a. aoo 

84 Savai^e, Keyser, ft Stovell, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Acids and salu. T44. aoo 

86 Philadelphia Quartz Co., 9 North 
Front street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Silicate 
of soda, in its various forms, specially 
adapted to the different uses. T 45. aoo 

86 Coyne, Qeo. S.. Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Manufacturer ana importer of ^ewood 
liquor extracts, acids, dyestufis, and 
chemicals generally. (Stores. 104 and 137 
Church street, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Chester 
Chemical Works, Debware county. Pa.) 

Acids and chemicals. aoo 

h Dyestufis. aoa 

88 Condit, Hauaon, ft Co., Newark, N. 
J. — ^&f etallic %a\\s, electro-plating materi- 
als ; hatters', dyers', jewelers', and manu- 
facturers' chemicals. P 49. aoo 

89 Baker, H. T., ft Bro., New York, N. 
Y. — Refined saltpetre, borax and cam- 
phor; epsom salts, castor oil. T 49. aoo 

80 Lewie, John T., ft Broa., Phiiadel- 
phia, Pa.— T 4a. 

« Acids. aoo 

h White and red lead ; litharge, orange 

mineral ; paints, colors, and oils. aoo 

81 Silliman Chemical Works, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Chemical products, from tar 
and fine chemicals, known as Fresenius's 
tests. P 43. aoo 

38 Wycth, John, ft Bro., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Pharmaceutical preparations, drugs, 
and compressed pills. P 41. aoo 

88 Waterloo Yeaat Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Dry hop yeast cakes. T 47. aoo 

84 McKesson ft Robbins, 91 Fulton 
street. New York, N. Y,— Gelatine-coated 

Sills, aromatic elixirs, medicinal syrups ; 
uid and solid extracts, perfume extracts, 
essential oils, indigenous crude drugs. P 
43. «» 

86 Bei^amin, E. B., New York, N. Y.— 
Pure chemicals. N 57. aoo 

86 Kurlbaum ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Refined camphor and chemical prepara- 
tions. P 49. aoo 

88 Libe, John C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Baking yeast powder. T 47. aoo 

89 Mcllvaine Brothers, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Ground and powdered drugs, paints, 
etc. P 43. aoo 

40 Smith, Hanway. ft Co., Baltimore, 
Md. — Baking powder. T 47. aoo 

48 Chessman, W. H., Boston, Masa.— 
Pure lime from Missisquoi Lime Co., 
Highgate Springs, Yt. T 50. aoo 

18 Brown, Frederick, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Essence of Jamaica ginger, andother 
pharmaceutical preparations. V 41. 

44 Hagner Dnifr MiUinc Co., Phila- 
delpKia, Pa.— Powdering, grinduig. flak- 
ing, crushing, and other mill vorlc T 
51. aoo 

46 Bower, Henry^ Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Glycerine, steanc and oleic acids ; pnia- 
siate of potash, sulphate of ammonia. T 
43. «» 

46 Browning ft Brothers, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— T 44. 
« Acetic acid, acetate of lime, lead, aluadna 
and iron, siilph. copper. aoo 

k Naphtha. aoa 

e Dyewoods. aoa 

48 Leidy. Francia D.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Soap powder, washing crystals. T 
50. aoo 

60 Bean, Lewis U., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— P49. 
a Pharmaceatical preparations, drugs, 

etc. aoo 

^ Paints— dry and ia oil. aoa 

61 Pftxer, Chaa., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Pharmaceutical and chemical jiro 
ducts : cream tartar, tartaric acid, reaned 
borax, and camphor. P 49. aoo 

68 Preaton ft Merrill, Boaton, Maaa. 
— P48. 
a Yeast powder. aoo 

h Sugar of lemons, flavoring extracts, aqj 

68 Mover, Jas., Jr.. ft Co., New York, 

N. Y.— Girondin disinfectant. Inodorous 
nv object 

and coloricss ; does not Injure any object 

ay be ap|>lied to ; dest 
and neutralizes almost instantly the 1 

or material it may 

offensive odors, vapors, or gases . 
•putrefaction, prevents contagion, and is 
infallible as an agent for emoalmii^ 
P49. «» 

66 Billings, Clapp, ft Co., Boaton. 
Mass. — Chemicals. Manufacturen 01 
acidSj alkalies, ethen, chloroforms, podo- 
phyllin, prepauations of gold, silver, tin. 
rinc, lead, iron, bismuth,^ mercury, and 
trade chemicals. Price lists and special 
quotations sent on application. T45. aoo 

66 Mackeown, Bower, Ellia, ft Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Drugs and chemicals. 
T43. «oc 

68 Phillips k Jacobs, Philadelphia. Pa. 
— Illustration of the recovery of ^d and 
silver from wastes In the industrial arts. 
T 46. aoo 

69 Dooley ft Bro., New York, N. Y.— 
Baking powder. T 49. aoo 

60 White, Charles T.. ft Co., No. 64 
Maiden Lane, New York. — Pharmaceu> 
tical chemicals, quinia. moxphia, strychnia, 
and their Kilts ; iodides, bromides, adds 
C. P., etc. Medals of merit for appear- 
ance and purity. Am. Institute, 1867-1870; 
Cincinnati, 1870; Cordova (Aig. Repub.), 
1870 ; Vienna, Z873. P 43. aoo 

61 United States Salicylic Acid Worka, 
New Yoric, N. Y.— SalicyUc acid and its 
preparations. P 47. aoo 

68 Gray, Daniel H., New York, N. Y. 
— Brimstone and flour of sulphur. T 
4a. aoD 

68 FoUett, O. S., New York, N. Y.— 
White sugar of lead, chlorofona, acctis 
add, and vinegar. P 47. aoo 

64 Kinff, Wra., Son, ft Co., Philadel. 
phia, Pa. — Crude and refined petroleums. 
T 41. aoi 

For locattoa of objects, Uidicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. ss ; ground plan, p. a*. 



Oils, Soap, Candles. 

64a Fraxer Lubricator Co., Jersey City, 
N. J.— Axle gTKwe. T 50. aos 

95 Pease, F. 8., Bnfiklo, N. Y. — Pease's 
" Premium Oils." Improved Oils for 
Railroads, Steamers, and all classes of 
Machinery and Bumii^. P. 41. 201 

86 Baker. John C.,ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Medidaal cod-liver oil, pure, and in 
conAbination with other agents. P43. aoi 

66a Leonard & Ellis, New York, N. Y. 
—Cylinder oiL T 54. soz 

67 Bavenson, Jones, ft Sona, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — tanndry soaps. T43. aoi 

66 Homtn's, Enoch, Sons, New York, 
N. Y7— Sapolio. for cleaning and polish- 
iBg ; hand sapoiio, for toilet. T 48. aoi 

69 Cracin, I. L., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
! Pa. — Dobbins' electric soap and ma- 

terials used in its manulacture. P 47. 201 
TOWri|:ley, Wm., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Mineral scouring soap. T 
44. aoi 

71 McKeone, Van Haasen, ft Co., Phil, 
adeiphta. Pa. — Soaps, oils, perfumery, 
soap stocky candles. T 39. aoi 

1% Conway, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.~ 
Laondry soaps. T 49. aoi 

i 78 Marx ft RawoUe, New York, N. Y. 

I a Glycenne. aoi 

I t Laoqaeis and French varnishes, bleached 

and refined gum shellac, sealing wax. aoa 
74 Gest ft Atkinaon, Cincinnati, 

O. — ^Lard, tallow, ^[rease; lubricating. 

bnmiiv, and paint otb ; car candies. T 

»• ao» 

76 Loper ft Doughten, Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Naval stores. T 43. aoi 

76 Faller, Geo. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Sewii^ machine oils. T 44. aoi 

7 Dreydoppel, Wm., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Korax soap. T 50. aoi 

76 Elkina. Wm. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 

—Petroleum, lubricating oUs, gasoline, 

and demtorized naphtha. T 49. aoi 

79 PBffe, Kidder, ft Fletcher, New 

York, N. Y.— Coal tar products and their 

OSes. T 4a. aoi 

10 Aladdin Oil Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— 

lUnminating and lubricating oib, paraf- 

line, etc. T 43. aoi 

61 Robinson Bros, ft Co., Boston. 
Mass. — Toilet soaps, silver soap. P 
47' ao« 

62 Wmiams, J. B., ft Co., Olaston- 
bny. Conn. — Soaps. Manufacturers of 
Geimtne Yankee, Barber's Bar, Clipper, 
Pumice, Bath, Pocket Shaving, Veibena 
Oeam, and other popular shaving and 
toilet soaps. P 47. aoi 

66 Brown, Robt, B^ ft Co., St. Louis, 
Mo.— Castor oil. T 50. aoi 

66 Marvin Brothers ft Bartlett, Ports- 
Bwoth, N. H.— Cod liver oil. T 47. aoi 

66 Kelley, Bxra, New Bedford, Mass.— 
Watchmakers', mechanics', and sewing 
nachine oils. T 45. aoi 

67 Hartmann, Laist, ft Co., Cincinnati, 
O.— Glycerine. T 50. , aoi 

66 Crew, Moore, ft Levick, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Illuminating and lubricating 
oib. T46. aoi 

iW dasMS of exhibits, indicated by 1 

99 Pratt, Charles ft Co., New Y01I1, 

N. Y.— Petroleum ai A its products, sno 
packages for same. Model of rennery 
and astral oil works. T 43. soi 

91 Smith, Chaa. K., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Burning and lubricating petro- 
leum oils, miners and railroad oils. T 
40. 901 

92 Nye. Wm. F., New Bedford, Mass. 
— Sewmg machine, watch, and clock oib. 
These oils are obtained from the head of 
the sperm whale, ihe black fish, and por- 
poise, and most carefully refined fot dw 
purposes mentioned, only during the sa> 
verest cold of winter. T 49. aoi 

98 Houchton, E. F., ft Co., PhiladeU 
phia, Pa. — Cosmoline, for medical pu»> 
poses ; cylinder and machinery oils,hydro- 
carbonated bone black. T 40. aoi 

94 Boy 6. M. H., ft Lewis, Geo. T., 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Cottonseed oil, manu- 
factured and refined. T 50. aoi 

96 Harkness, N. W., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Refinea petroleum, naphtha, resi- 
duum ; natural lubricating oils, Harkness' 
wells, W. Ya. ; filtering apparatus. T 
43. "o* 

96 Eastman ft Brooke, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-P 47. 

Soaps. SOI 

i Washing blue, Russian dressing, and 

French blacking. aoa 

97 Devoe Manufacturing Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Cans with Devoe's iaucet 
noxzle-top, and samples of oil. T 40. soi 

98 Day ft Frick, Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Laundry soap ; polishes for cleaning paint, 
metal, etc. T 46. soi 

99 Dodd, A. W., ft Co., Gloucester, 
Mass.— Cod-liver oil. P 47. aoi 

100 Warden ft Oxnard, Pittaburg, Pa. 
— Refined petroleum. T 49. aoi 

101 Oleophine Oil Co., refinery ft 
works, Grcenpoint, L. I. ; offices, 320 and 

Sa Broadway, New York, N. Y., and 6d 
eaver street, New York, N. Y.— Refined 
petroleum illuminating oils. Refiners of 
petroleum ; proprietors of the celebrated 
Oleophine iUuminating oils, and manu« 
facturers «f the Company's superioi 
patented can. Oils delivered, in barrels 
and cans, for export and domestic use. 
T 44. aoi 

103 Munger, John W., Portland, Me.- 
Detergent compound. P 49. aoi 

1 08 Eavenson, J., ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Soaps and candles. T 43. aoi 

104 Jewett, John, ft Sons, New York, 
K. Y.— P 47- 

« Linseed oil. aoi 

^ White lead. aoa 

106 Rush ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.- 

Oils. T 41. aoi 

106 West, C, ft Sons. Baltimore, Md. 
— Refined petroleum oil. T 41. aoi 

107 Miller, William P., ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Bodeker's lubricants. T 
49. aoi 

108 Galena Oil Works (limited), Frank- 
lin, Pa. — Lubricating oil. P 46. ao« 

109 Bassett, George A., Washington 
City, D. C— Liquid laundry gloss. T 
71. aoi 

110 Todd, A. M., Nottawa, Mich.— 
Natural oil of peppermint. P 47. aoi 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. ty^^ 



OUs, Paints, Pigments. 

— Indigo extract, indtso cau-mine, unnini. 
cKll, greens, etc F 

111 Cook, Caleb, Provincetown, Msu. 
—Watch and dock oil. T 90. *oi 

112 Dixon Crucible Co^Jerstj Citsr, 
N. J.— Graphite paint. P 79. ooa 

118« Williston. A. L., Northamptos, 
Mass.— Indelible ink and marking pent. 
T46. ooa 

lis Hover, J. B., ft Co.. PhlUdelphia, 
Pa. — Chemical writing fluid ; black ink, 
carmine, violet, and copying inks ; muci- 
lage. "1 47- «» 

1 18« Prunier, Pierre, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Indigo extract, i " 
gallo*tannic acid, arch 
47. aoe 

1:4 WetheriU ft Bro., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — White and red lead, litharge, orange 
mineral. T 44. aoa 

115 Lucas. John, ft Co.. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — White lead, white sine, colors, 
paints, varnishes, Swiss and imperial 
rrench greens, etc. T 44. soa 

417 Bihn ft Co., Brideaburg, Philadel- 

eiia, Pa.— Lampblack. Esublished 184^ 
anufacturen of all grades of lampblack 
lor painters, curriers, printing ink, oll- 
dotn, rubber, and wall paper manufac- 
turers. (Put up in handsome pasteboard 
boxes, neatly labeled.) T 40. aos 

117« Relsinger Manufacturing Co., 
Hairisburg, Pa.— Chemical writing fluid. 
P68. aoa 

119 Kokosing Oil Co., Qambier, O.— 
Lampblack. V 63. aoa 

120 Pelton, Rau, ft Sibley, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Coach, furniture, and Japan 
varnishes. T 40. 209 

120« Rue, Mrs. S., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Furniture polish. W 53. aoa 

121 Reynolds. C. T.. ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. (Established 1770).- Paints, dry 
and in oil, fine colon, chemically pure ; 
superfine (^uick-drying colors for coach 
and car painting* ready mixed paints for 
house and villa painting ; laundry blueing, 
in bags^ ready for use ; artists' materiau, 
embracing prepared canvas for oil paint- 
ing, Tynan water-color tablets, drawing 
papers and materials; crayons, gilder& 
tools, brushes for art, painters' and deco- 
rators' brushes, grainers* special tools, 
painters' cutlery, wax-flower materials, 
etc. The whole line of goods exhibited 
were taken from their regular stock, made 
for practical use, and not display. P 4a. 


181« Brandels, L., ft Co., New York. 
N. Y. — Bronze powders ; gold, silver, ana 
metal leaf. P 59. aoa 

122 Keystone Paint Co., Muncy, Pa.— 
Filler for coach, car, and safe painting: 
paint for school-house blackboards. T 

128 Carter. Dinsmore, ft Co.. Boston, 
Mass. — Writing fluid, inks, and mucilage; 
Lombard's inlcs and mucilage. T 47. aoa 

124 Promherz, Jos., Cincinnati, O.— 
Inks. T47- aoa 

129 Heller ft Merz, New York, N. Y.— 
Ultramarine. T 41. soa 

126 Rosenberg^ D., ft Sons, New York, 
N. Y. — Varnishes and bnking japans. 
Manufacturers of coach, railway, cabinet, 
agricultural implement*;, and miscellaneous 
varnishes ; baking jap.ins for all uses ; 
bronzing and colored varnishes, of all 
colors, a specialty. T 44. aoa 

For locstloa of objects, indicated by letter and fifrtre, 

127 Ware, M. J., Philadelphia, ^w^ 
Ostrich feathers, dyed and sooured. 

128 Lockwood, Brooks, ft Co., Boai 
Mass.- Writing inks and mucib^ge. P * 

129 Pecora Paint Company, Philadi 
phia. Pa. — Paints, suins, fiUerz, 
dryers. T 41. 

ISO Davids. Thad.. ft Co.. New Yor, 

N. Y.— Writing inks and fluid, mucilag^ 
sealing wax, notarial seals, wafers, ci 

182 Raynatd, John, 214 George at 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Black and co 
writing inks, copying inks, mucilaf e, 1 
dye, inddible ink. Inventor of the ** J 
Black Writing Ink," invented i860 ; Insts 
taneouslv black, and remains so for aj 
Raynalcl's instantaneous black Japan 1 
for architecture. Raynakl's instanr'"" 
black copying ink, giving three 
copies distinct and perfect; RayQald*! 
purple and greenish fluids at first, aftedG 
wards turning very black ; Raynald's in- ' 
delible ink for marking linen, silk, and 
cotton, with a clean pen or stencil, will 
not spread— no preparation ; fifteen differ- 
ent albumen colors for coloring maps and 
photographs, all first class. T 47. aos 

138 Iron Clad Paint Co., Cleveland, 
O. — Paints manufactured from iron ore, 
as used in iron smelting furnaces. T 41. 


184 Phillips, C.C., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Varnish ana japans. T 41. 30a 

185 Brooklyn White Lead Co., New 
York, N v.— White lead, red lead, litli- 
arge. T 41. aos 

186 Martin, L., ft Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Lampblack. T 41. aos 

187 Barker, Moore, ft Mein, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— White lead. T 40. soa 

188 Parsons, John. New York, N. Y.— 
Glove powder, Dixon's silver powder, 
carmine and violet inks, pocket mucilage. 
T47- aoa 

189 Wagpfoner, Gifford, ft Co., Chicago, 
111. — Mixed paints. T 50. aoa 

140 Thompson, Albert, Brldgewater, 
Conn. — American sienna patiit. r4o. aos 

141 Sharpless, John M., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Solid and liquid extract 
logwooa. T 46. aoa 

142 Polychroite Veneer Co., Philadel- 

Shia, Pa. — ^Wood fibre composition, for 
ecorating wood and other suriaces. 
P57. aoa 

148 Mathers*, Geo., Sons, New York, 
N. Y. — Type and lithographic printing 
inks. T 47- aoa 

144 Meyers, Simon S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Stove polish, liquid blueing, in eject- 
ing bottles. T 47. 20a 

146 Valentine ft Co., New York, N. Y. 
— Varnishes, etc., for fine coach and 
car work, T 43. aoa 

146 Milliken, Eugene. Boston, Mass. — 
Electrocon liquid polish. T 56. aoa 

147 Masury. J. W., ft Son, New York, 
N. Y. — Grained doors, showing graining 
colors; superfine colors for coach, car- 
riage, and car painting. T 41. 009 

see Key to Notation, p. s5 ; ground plan, p. s6. 



Pigments, Essences, Perfiimety. 

148 Mom, Oco. A., New York, N. T.— 
~~ id blMM. powder blne»Aoe black- 

ladies' ^oc drening, writing Inki, 
«B. T 47. wo 

149 Adams White L«ad Co., Baltl- 
■ove, Md.— White lead and products, 

securing earaeUence of body, 
I, oadformitj, and dantbnitj. 

T^Bt. SOS 

.-».«. Bdword, ft Co.. New York, 
Y. — CoacSftaad car Tanushes, and japan 
ren. T4Z. SOS 

in Mooer, Cbaa., ft Co.. Cfodnnntl, 
O. — Cowcs, dry and pulp; paints in 
' colon, artists^ colors. T 

, . ^V., New York, N. Y.— 

el and iron slab coated with 

I paiat composition. T 54. 90s 

119 Wrfeht, J. R., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Fa. — Printers* and lithographers' inks 
ead «anii«hes. T 47. aoo 

194 CoBtinenta] Manufacturing Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Inks, writing fluids, 
i—iiifce. artists' colors. T 47. sos 

199 Mcaoskew, Bro., ft Co., Philadel. 
pfcfa. Pa. — Paints and colors, ground in 
oil, dry, and in pulp. T 40. aoe 

U9« Robinson ft Pratt, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Printing and lithographic inks and 
' ' T 51. SOS 

159 Brwfn. H., ft Co., Bethlehem, Pa. 
— Uineral paint from Lehigh valley. T 


197 Prince's Metallic Paint Co., Parry- 
rifle, Pa. — Metallic paint and fbunc^ 
facings. T SOL aoo 

199 Johnson, Chas. Eneu. ft Co., Pbila- 
ddphia. Pa. — Typographic and litho- 
graphic Uack and colored printing inks, 
varnbhes, etc. T 47. soa 

tS9 State of Oregon (by A. J. Dnftar). 
— Faims and oils. V 56. soa 

110 MaTpard ft Noyes, Boston, Mass. 
— ^Writing ink. T 47. soa 

191 Bsten, B. B., ft Son, New York, 
N. Y^ — Sign painters' smalts. T45. sos 

192 Rowland. Joseph S. C, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Indeiibie, canceling, and copy- 
tag mk, and writing fluid. T 47. sos 

199 American Bronxe Powder Maau- 
fcctory. Brooklyn, N. Y.— Bronxe pow- 
de«- Nsa. aos 

194 Prands ft Loutrel, New York, N. 

• Copyable printing Inks. (Patent, April, 
187*.} Use any " copyingpress." 20a 

i CoBposttion for inking rolleis. Does not 
harden, shrink, or crack; good for all 
time and climate. 543 

195 Foering, Oeo. W., Locust Valley, 
Lehigh county, Pa.—"Saaoon sienna.'* 
Geologicalhr, and otherwise, a peculiar for- 
SBtion, rich in alumina and peroxide of 
boa, exhibiting the durability of the best 

OdiRS. T 50. 909 

199 Pelrce, I. Newton, Philadelphia, 
Fa.— Sioae sur&ce enamel colon, and 
•aaqies. T 70, aoo 

UTtoith, MsrshaU L., Kimberton, 
n.— Silcx nuneral pafait. T 70. • aoa 

of exhibits, ladteated hy numbers at 

99, MsiMe, Jerome, ft Co., Worcester, 
Mass.— Patent indigo blue dye. A pure 
tedigo ooknr produced in any shade, per- 
lectly fiist. saving in time and expense, 
stands aU mdjgo tests; process learned in 
half a day. T70. «>• 

99 2inftser, Wm., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Bleached and refined shellac, 
French alcohol copal varnishes, sealing 
wax. Shellacs are in quality same as un- 
bleached; refined, give clear, transparent 
solutions; varnishes, quick drying, hard 
surface; kcquers of lasting colors. P 
47* soa 

70 Thomson, J. S., New York. N. Y.— 
Ncn-crasable and other inks. T 47. aoa 

71 Shaw, Thomas Ogg, Providence, 
R. L— Paint made from mineral from Wy- 
oming Territory. T 50. aoa 

72Johnson, Henry M., New York, N. 

Y. — Kalsomine and fresco paints. P 

47- SOS 

78 Stimson ft Babcock, Boston, Masa. 

—P. 47. 
a Coach and car varnishes. soa 

^ Gum copals. 903 

74 Tetlow, Henry, ft Bro., Philadel- 

1>hia, Pa. — Perfumery, bouquet and toi- 
et soaps, fine toilet preparations, blanc 
illusion, etc. P 48. 303 

76 Hotchkiss, H. O.. Lyons, N. Y.— 
American officinal essential oils. P 47. 903 

76^Upham, Sam'l C, Philadelphia, 
Pa.--Extract, cologne, Florida water. 
Perfume fragrant and lasting. Two med- 
als awarded. P 47. 903 

77 Wenck ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Perfumes and toilet preparations. P 
47. ao3 

78 Wenck ft Briesen. New York, N. 
Y, — ^Automatic parlor fountain. P 47. 703 

79 Chawshaw French Toilet Powder 
Co. — Toilet powder and perfumed soap. 
T 48. 703 

80 Sulzberger, David, Philadelphia, 
Ps.— Fluidextracts, by cold process; cook- 
ing extracts, fruit and liquor flavors, fruit 
ethers. P ^, ,03 

81 Ssvournin, W. H., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Lily whites, rouges, toilet powders. 
etc. P47. S03 

82 Malcom ft Stevenson, Philadel- 
phla. Pa. — Fruit flavoring extracts. P 

47. ao3 

84 Woodworth, C. B., ft Son, Roch- 
esta", N. Y.— Perfumery, hair oils, po- 
mades, cosmetics, flavoring extracts. T 

85 Younir, Ladd, ft Coffin, New York, 
N. Y.— Perfumes, oil of cologne, Cali- 
fornia water. T 48. 903 

86 Chesebrough Manufacturing Co.. 
New York, N. V.— Vaseline, pomades, 
cerates, ointments, perfumes, cold cream, 
ete. P43. S03' 

87 Lorenx Bros., Toledo, O.— Concen- 
trated perfumes. P 47. 903 

88 Da Costa, D. R.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Tooth wash. P48. 90'. 

89 Tallmadge ft Co., New York, N. Y* 
—Essential oils and fluid extracu. P 

48. S03 

90 Fritssch. Schimmel, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Essential oils and artificial 
fruit essences. P 47. S03 

end of entries, see Classification, pp. s7-45- 




Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Explosive Compounds, Pottery. 

1.91 BeU. R. W., ft Co., BuffRlo, N. Y. 

— Suple and toilet soaps. T 48. 003 

19U Hotchkl8», L. B., Phelps, N. Y.— 
Peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, and 
pansy essential oils. P 47- ^3 

192 Taylor, C. R., & Co., Philadelpblft. 
Pa.— Toilet soaps and perfumery. P 
47. «>3 

198 B1alr*8, H. C, Sons. PhlUdelphift, 
Pa.— Toilet articles. T47. 203 

194 Colgftte ft Co., New York. N. Y.— 
Fancy soaps and perfumery. P 47. 303 

196 Watson. Richard H., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Handkerchief extracts. De 
Vies's quadniple handkerchief extracts. 
These celebrated extracts are produced 
with great skill, from the finest articles 
known in perfumery, and for delicacy of 
perfumes, truthfulness to- nature, and 
tenacity, they are particularly recom- 
mended: they are guaranteed to be of 
quadruple strength, and warranted not to 
turn rancid. Although not old extracts, 
they have taken favor Immediately, and 
the best proof of their quality is their lane 
and constandy increasing sales. A trnd 
will convince you. P 47. 003 

196 Hoyt, E. W., ft Co., Lowell, Mess. 
—Cologne. P 47. ao3 

197 Read, Wm. H., Bftltlmore, Md.— 
Cologne, tooth wash, perfumeries. P 
47. ao3 

198 Woraley, Thos., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Toilet and fancy soaps, and 
toilet powders. P47. 203 

199 Wright, R. ft O. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Extracts, cologne, cosmetics, po- 
mades, oils, dentifrices, toilet soaps, etc 
P47. «03 

800 Wolf Brothers ft Keech, Centre- 
ville, Mich.— Essential oils. P 47- *>3 

801 Aschenbach ft Miller, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — FlavorixHK extracts and per- 
nimery. P 47. 903 

808 Fricke, Arthur, PhlUdelphia, Pa. 
— Perfumery. P 47. 203 

808 Burnett, Jos., ft Co., Boston, Mass. 
—Flavoring extracts, cologne water, and 
other toilet articles. P 48. 303 

804 Colton, J. W., Westfield, Mass.— 
Cotton's select flavoring extracts of 
choicest fruits and spices. They are 
strictly pure, rich flavors of the fruits, and 
are great saving in actual cost, to all. In 
a sale of thousands of gross, not one parti- 
cle of coloring or adulteration has ever 
been used. P 43. 303 

809 Hale ft Parshall, Lyons, N. Y.— 
Essential oils. P 47. 203 

806 Atwood, Hermon W., New York, 
N. Y. — Cologne. The proprietor takes 
pride in comparing this product of home 
manufacture with the best imported 
colognes. Delicacy of fragrance is com- 
bined with lasting and invigorating quali- 
ties. P 47. ao3 

807 Mitchell, Geo. B., Lowell, Mass.— 
Cologne. N 53. 003 

807« California Distilling Co.. New 
York, N. Y. — Essential oils and fruit 
extracts. P 48. 303 

808 Hambleton, J., ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Bay mm, pomades, cosmetics, co- 
lognes, extracts, hair tonics, etc. P43. ao3 

809 Weaver, James B., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Cologne, Florida water, bay rum. 
T49. «»3 

809« Oriental Powder Mills. Boston, 
Mass. — Imitation samples or military, 
sporting, and blasting powder. P 43. 904 

810 Barber Match Co.. Akron, O.— 
Drawing-room and s ilpnur naiches. T 
44. «M 

811 Toy, Bickford, ft Co., SImsbtiry, 
Conn.--Safety fuses. T 45. 904 

81 1« Da Pont de Nemours, E. I., 'Wil- 
mington, Del.— Powder canisters and salt- 
petre. T 40. ao4 

818 Laflin ft Rand Powder Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Gunpowder, empty packr- 
ages, patent cartriages for mimng, liaes, 
crude materials. N 6a. 304 

81 8« Zenniff, R. H., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— wax matches and tapers. P 43. 


818 Hazard Powder Co., HasardvUle, 
Conn. — Sporting and blasu'ng gunpowder. 
H71. ao4 

814 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Pyrotechnic Tog signals, H 71. 305 

814« Harris. H. G.. New York. N. Y.— 
Balloon signals. U 68. aoj 

CerainioB— Pottery, Poroelain, OUst, 

815 Galloway ft Graff.Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Terra-coita statuary, vases, tanas, ped- 
estals, fountains, flower pots, garden edg- 
ing, etc. B 7a. 906 

816 Neuknmet, Philip, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Fire bricks, clay retorts, gas-house 
tiles, and ornamental building brick. X 
56. 906 

816« Burns, Russell ft Co., Baltimora, 
Md. — Pressed brick masonry. Y60. 960 

817 Moorhead Clay Works, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Terra-cotta sewer and water 
pipes, drain and roofing tiles, garden vases, 
chimney tops, and flues. (Oultidg.) aoO 

818 Harvesr ft Adamson, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Drain and sewer pipe, garden vases. 
statuary, jchimney tops, flues, etc. B 
73. ao6 

818a Davis & Chaddock, Boston, Maas, 
—Firebricks. Y 61. sod 

21 9 Remmey, Richard C. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Chemical apparatus for manulactui^ 
ing acids. B 6S. ao6 

820 Gossin, P.,PhiIadelphia,Pa.— Tem^ 
cotta ware, statuary, vases, fountains, petW 
estals, etc. B 69. ao6 

881 Bowman, O. O., ft Co., Trenton, N. 
J. — ^Terra-cotta drain and sewer pipe, 
chimney tops, and flues ; garden vases ami 
statuary. B 71. aa6 

881a Alexander, J. Park, Akron, O.— V 

Firebrick. so6 

t Stone ware. sso 

888 Pritx, John. Philadelphia, Pa.^ 
Terra-cotu work, hanging baskets, matio 
flower pots, vases, fern cases, etc. ; Imita- 
tion gas logs. B 69. •06 

282« Ogden, Isaac, Newark, N. J.— 
Drain pipe. Y 55. so6 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notattoa, p. 95 ; ground ptsa, p. siw 



Pottery, P<»celain. 

StS Scioto Fire Brick Co., Sciotoville, 
Ohio. — tin bricks and fire day*. V 61 to 
«•- ao6 

_ 1 Dover Fire Brick Co., Canal 
Dover, O.— Fire brick. T 63. 206 

9ZSS Boynton, C. "W., ft Co.. Wood- 
'wWfie, N. J. — Under^drainage lile, hol- 
low buildias brick, and garden borders. 
Ym- ao6 

124 Ambramter, John, Camden, N. J.— 
Tressed brick work. X 58. 206 

MS Union Mining: Co., of Alle^rheny 
cocncy, Md.— Fire brick. X 58. 206 

S2f IVood Brothers, Hftitford, Conn.— 
l>fain ciJcs. W 53. ao6 

127 Hinve«t, Robt., New York, N. Y. 
— Clajnp and band for securing masonry, 
hcUow brick for vencilation, chimney top. 
iOmiside.) 2^ 

t27|« Scatterrood, 'W. W., Rancocaa, 
N. J.— Dram tile. X 56. 206 

227^ Brick Bnamelin? Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pia. — Enameled bricks. U 48. 206 

227 £^ Bichardaon, G«o., MUwankee, Wis. 
Artit Stone and Pipe. T 51 & X 57. 206 

222 Hews, A. H., & Co., North Cam- 
bri^. Mass. — Flower pots, fancy earih- 
cawaie, garden vases, ferneries, battery 
Jan. etc B 69. 206 

229 Hall, A., a Son. Perth Amboy, N. J. 
—Brick used in chimney of New Jersey 
State Building. 206 

220 MauTcr, Henry, Perth Amboy, N. 
J., and 418 to 422 East Twenty-third 
street. New York, N. Y.— Roofing tiles 
ascd upon the New Jeney State Building. 
Chc:a>, light in weight, thoroughly fire- 
proof, perfectly water-tight. 206 

221 Axnericnn KaoUn Co. Works, New 
Garden .Chester Co.. Pa.; office, 233 South 
Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Fire 
brick, tile, etc X 58. 206 

222 Waasei Fire Clay Co., Columbus, 
O.— V63. 

M Terra-cotta work. 206 

i Fire brick. 207 

222 Kreischer, B., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— X 56. 

• Fire bri<dcs, tiles, blocks, and slabs. 206 
h Clay gas retorts, furnaces, and muffles. 207 

222* Newton & Co., Albany, N. Y.— X 

• Fire brick. 206 
h Stove linings, heater fire-brick linings, 

portable day finnaces. 207 

122^ Frieae, C, Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Statuaiy, vases, stumps, flowerpots, hang- 
hig baskets, etc. T 76. 206 

224 Hall, A., & Sona, Perth Amboy, N. 

a Diamantincrfront and fire bricks. ao6 

h Street paving blocks. 208 

r Rocldn^iam antique and yellow ware. 2x0 

232 Hicka, George C, ft Co., Baltimore, 


«-TcTTa-cocza pipe, vase, days, etc. 206 

h Fire bricks, gas retorts. 207 

c Tiles. 208 

Standard fire-clay gas retort, made from 

the renowned Mai^and fire days, and 

renaHcable for refractibiiity, tenadty, and 

freedom from gsuherina carbon. Fire 

days, aU firam within the city limits of 


286 Walker, N. U., Wellsville, O. 

s Sewer pipe, terra-cotta ware, chimney top: 

and statuary. 206 

6 Fire tiles, stove linings. 207 

c Roofing tile. a^S 

237 State of New Jersey, by Geo. H. 

Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick. N. 

J.— T 70. 
a Sewer and drain pipe ; fine and common 

pottery. bo6 

t Fire bricks. 207 

c Stoneware. 3 10 

d Window glass. 2 1 4 

r Apothecaries' and bottle glass. 215 

287a Hampton, Cutter, ft Son, Wood* 



bridge, N. J.— T 64. 
a Fire bri ' 


^ White ware. 
888 Dixon' Crucible Co., Jersey City,N. 

J— Graphite crucibles, retorts, etc. P 

72' 207 

238<> Haws, A. J., Johnstown. Pa.- 

rire brick bottoms for blast Airnaces. 

rolling mills, etc. Y 60. * 207 

289 Mcllvaine Bros., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Foundry facings. P 43. 207 

889<> Kier Bros, Pittsburg, Pa»— Y 56. 

a Fire bricks. 307 

6 Tiles. ao8 

240 Goebel, J.. & Co., New York, N. Y 

—Clay and clay pots. T 57. 2c 

240a Burlington Manufacturing Co 


Buriington, Vt.— Samples of tile floor. T 
56. 208 

240<* Pcck^^ Kennedy, & Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Llay ro(ifing tile. (Outtide.) 208 

240^ Field. F. K., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Flagging and floor tiles. T 53. 208 

241 Young's, Wm.. Sons, Trenton, N. 
J. — Crockery and , porcelain hardware 
trimmings. T 74. 209 

1^42 Empire China Works. James I/. 

Icnscn, Proprietor, Green Point, Brook- 
lynu E. D., N. Y.— Porcelain hardware 
and cabinet trimmings ; also, patent lemon 
squeezers, wood frame, porcelain lined; 
porcelain blade knife sharpeners, etc. N 
70- 209 

248 Moore, Joseph H., Trenton, N. J.— 
Earthenware. T 76. 2x0 

244 Carr, James, New York, N. Y.— 
White granite, majolica and parian ware. 
T 77- 210 

244a Laughlin Bros., East Liverpool, 
O. — Ironstone china ware. T 75. 2to 

245 Davis, Isaac, Trenton, N. J.— 
White granite and decorated crockery 
ware. T 75. a 10 

246 Jeffords, J. E., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Yellow, Rockingham, white-lined, 
buff-stone, majolica, and lava wares. T 
77- 2XO 

246a Coxon ft Co., Trenton, N. J.— 
Earthenware. T 77. ato 

247 Astbury ft Maddock, Trenton, N. 
J.— I'Larthcnware for sanitarj' purptoses: 
china and earthenware for general use. T 
73- sia 

248 Ott ft Brewer, Trenton, N. J.— 
W^hite granite, porcelain, and parian wares: 
vases, figures, table and toilet goods. T 

P« dasses of cxhibiu, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classificiiion, pp. 37-4$. 



Pottery, Porcelain, Glassware. 

249 Thompson, C. C, A Co., East 

Liverpool, O.— Pottery ware. T 76. a 10 

360 Vates. Bennett, ft Allen, Trenton, 
N. J. — Ijiuner, dessert, tea, and toilet sets; 
crockery vrare. T 7;. 210 

252 Brunt, Bloor, Martin, ft Co., East 
Liverpool, O. — Amencan white granite 
dinner, dessert, tea, and toilet decorated 
ware. T 74. 210 

9^2a Speeler Pottery Co., Trenton, N.J. 
— T75. 
a Yeiiow and Rockingham fire-proof ware. 

6 Biscuit ware. aia 

208 Bapgott, 8. ft W., East Liverpool, 
O.— Kocklngham and yellow ware. T 75. 


25B<> Glasgow Pottery Co., Trenton, 
a Stone china and decorated ware. sxo 

i Majolica ware. azx 

254 American Crockery Co., Trenton. 
l!^. J.— Chamber sets and tableware or 
bisque, white granite, and stone china. T 
73. a«3 

255 Greenwood Pottery Co., Trenton, 
N. J. —Ironstone diina, decorated dinner 
and toilet seu. T 74. 3x3 

266 Mercer Pottery Co., Trenton, N. J. 
— Plain and decorative earthenware and 
china. T 75. 213 

%66a Union Porcelain Works, Green- 
point, N. Y.— Porcelain ware. T 75. 2x3 

257 Onondaga Pottery Co., Qeddes, N. 
Y.— White granite, and decorated table 
and toilet ware. T 77. 213 

265 Hambleton, J., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Decorated porcelain plates, 
pitchers, barber mugs. P 43. az^ 

258« Bullock, Charles, Trenton, N. J. 
— China ware. T 77. 3x3 

259 Lrocas, John, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Window glass. T 45. 2x4 

260 Sallandrouze, 3. P., Cincinnati, 
O.— Plate glass. P 43. 3x4 

261 Cohansey Glass Manufacturing 
Co. J liridgeton, N. J.— N 49. 

4 r^/.'nder window glass. 3x4 

i ^..tles, vials, and demijohns. 3x5 

262 Gilbert, P. A., New Haven, Conn.— 
Combination table. Pst. 3x7 

2S%a Lambie ft Sargent, New York, 
N. Y.— Adjustable table. P 51. 217 

263 Klautsheck. Thomas, ft Stewart, 
Philadelphia, Fa. {Pavilton in park.) 

a Window glass, 
b Glass shades, 



264 Diamond Glass Co., Ravenna, 
O. — Double-thick glass from ground white 
sandstone, in windows of Ohio State 
Building. 3x4 

265 Wcnck ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Atomizers. P 47. 3x5 

265^ WhitalL Tatum, ft Co., Philadel- 
]>hia,Pa. — Druggists', perfumers' confec- 
tioners', etc., glassware: fruit jars. N 
49- 915 

266 Holzer, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Druggists', chemists', philosopliical, and 
fancy glassware. N 53. 215 

267 Young, Ladd, ft Coffin, New York, 
N. Y.— Perfume atomizers. T 48. 315 

268 Pile, W. H., ft Sons, Philadclk>ldla» 

P.i. — Hydrometers, specific gravity bot- 
tles, graduated tubes, chemical thermom- 
eters, and analytical wcigkts. N 50. asj 

269 Cateraon, Wm. M., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Bottles for poisons. T 53. 2x5 

270 Pox, H. C, ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Druggists' and perlumen' riass- 
ware made from glass not containing lead. 
N 53. ««$ 

271 Warner, Wm. R., ft Co., Philadet- 
phia. Pa.— Drug dispendfig bottles. P 
43- a»5 

272 Whitney Bros., Glaasboro*. N. j— 
Green and other colored glassware, for 
druggists, chemists, etc. N 54. ax6 

272<> Smith Bros., New Bedford, Mass. 
— Engraving and decorating of glass. N 
5x. 3x6 

278 Boston ft Sandwich Glass Co., Bos« 
ton, Ma.S5. — Glassware. Manufucturers 
of cut crystal chandeliers ; rich cut i^ass^ 
ware of every description, including the 
"Daniel Webster Punch BowL'*^ N 

273« Smith, H. I., ft Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Suined glass window of the " Cruci- 
fixion," the main figure a&er A. Durer's 
celebrated picture. (AVrM Gailery.) 2x6 

274 New England Glass Co., Bast 
Cambridge, Mass.— Glassware. K 
so. 3X6 

274« Smith Broa., New Bedford, Mass. 

— Decorated vases, shades, globes, etc. 
N 5x. 216. 

274^ Jones, Thomas, New York, N. Y. 

— Omami 

nental cut and ground gla 



274^ Hobbs, J. H., Brockunier, ft Co.. 

—Wheeling, W. Va.— Soda-limc giar*. 
ware. N 53. 2x6 

275 Dobelmann, J. B., Greenpoint, 
N. Y. — Cut and engraved glassware. 
N 53. «6 

276 Hartell ft Letchworth, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Gas globes, ornamental sheet 
glass, and Centennial devices. P 64. sifi 

277 Mount Waahington Glass "Worka, 
New Bedford, Mass. 

a Cut crystal floral fountain. T 45. 316 

b Crystal toilet table, prismatic candelabra, 

chandelier, vases, glassware. N 51. 3x6 

278 La Belle Glass Co., Bridgeport, 
Ohio. — Table, bar, and lamp goods, cut 
and engraved ware. N 53. 316 

279 Keystone Flint Glass Co., Pitta- 
burg. Pa. — Pure lead glass, lamp chim- 
neys, silvered glassware. N 5X. 2x6 

280 Bakewell.Peara, ft Co., PittabarK 

Pa. — Pressed and blown crystal and opal 
glassware. N 51. 216 

281 Ripley ft Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— Imi- 
tation cut glassware, lamps blown and 
cut : bar goods cut and engraved. N 40 
to 5x. ai6 

283 Richards ft Hartley Flint Qlaas 
Co., Pittsburg. Pa.— Crystai glass table 
ware, lamps, etc. N 49 /« sx. 3x6 

284 Adams ft Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— 

Flint and opal glassware. N 49 ^ 5x. 216 

285 Atterbury ft Co., Pittsburr, Pa^ 

\ kei 

Lamps and glassware, gas and kerosene 
globes. N 49/^51. 3i< 

Kor location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. as ; ground pUn, p. «6 



Glassware, Pumituie. 

S8ft BxMlator Flint Glass Co., Pitts- 
btug. Pa. — Glass lamp chimneys, silvered 
glass rcBectora. N 49 '^ 5x. 2x6 

2t7 Rochester Tumbler Co., Pitts- 
korg. Pa. ^ Glass tumblers. N 49 ilp 
51. 316 

tl8 Crvstal Olssa Co., Pittsburg, Pa.>^ 
Moulded or pressed arystal glass table 
vare, etc. N 49 i!^ 51. 316 

St9 Central Glass Co., WheeUag, V/, 

Va. — Pressed glassware. N 5a. ai6 

390 Albertson, J. M., Norristown, Pa. 

—Window glass, glass shades; colored, 
obscured, and corrugated glass. N51. 310 

Tm-aitiire aad Objeoti.of Oeaaral U«9 
iA Canatmction and in BwelUngt. 

t01 CoUender. H. W., New York, N. Y. 
—Billiard tables, cue stand and marker, 
pool boards amd buffet. T 5s. 317 

B91« Doremus, P. C, New York, N. 
Y. — SoSk bed and Ipange. V 51. 3x7 

t91^ Pottin Register Manufacturing 
Co.. PhUadelphia, Pa.— Parlor bilUard 
uble. P 57. 317 

$$2 Mitchell & Rammelsburg Furni- 
tmeCo.. Cincinnati, O. — Rosewood bed 
and bureau, renaissance style; walnut 
dimag furniture a;id ball stand, mediaeval 
stjle. P 60. J] 7 

S920 CoUieaon Bros., New York, 
N. Y. — Folding rocking chairs, settees, 
chain. V 71. ax7 

MS Cole, Alexander, Manumuskin, N. 
J.-P 5a. 
M Ironand wood spring-bottom bedsteads. 3x7 
i Sash fiistener. 337 

194 0*Hara, Chas. M., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— " Hygienic" chairs. P58. siy 

995a MiUer, L. H., Baltimore, Md.— 
Fire and burglar proof safes. H 68. 3x7 

996 Gardner & Co., New York, N. Y.-: 
Chairs, settees, car and depot seats, etc. 
T 58. 3x7 

196« New Haven Folding Chair Co., 
New Haven, Coxm.. — Portable ibiding 
chain. T 59. 317 

997 McKinley, John, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Patent baroen' chain. T 58. 3*7 

997« Pabst. Charles, Philadelphia, Pa. 
~So6i bed. P 53. 0x7 

999 Allen ft Bro., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Fsnuture and interior decorations. P 
54. 2«7 

999<t Reeves, S. H., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Spring bottom bed, P 53. 317 

999 Adjustable Folding Chair Co., Pitts- 
buig. Pa.— Adjustable folding chair. P 
58. 317 

999» Brady, B. W., Davenport, Ia.-> 
Wooden slate window shades. T 

53. 317 

too Heahels, Qeo. J., PhUadeljpbta, Pa. 
—Chamber fiminure of wood from inde- 
p ta d rnc e Siiuare : sofa beds. P 57. 3x7 

tOOo Meriden Curtain Fixture Co^ 
Meridsa, Csnn.— Caitain txtarss. P 
S3- »»7 

Ml Smith 


liVaiy funitture, 
Ht MMMS of exhibits, indicated by numbers 


ft CamploOt Philadelphii^ 

lor, Amog-room, dismber, and 

njiture. TT 55- a»7 

901« Sawyer ft Buckley, Maridea, 
Conn.— Chess aad backgammon tables. 
P 53. 31, 

808 Hart, Clarence A., Philadelphia* 
Pa.— Military equipments, gold fnnges, 
etc. B 78. 317 

SOSa Krauae, Frederick W., Chicago, 
111.— Gothic chain. W 53. 3x7 

808 Campbell, Wm., New York, N. Y. 
—Spring roUen for window curtains. T 

53. 317 

809« Harmon. J. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Inlaid checker board. l£a*t Gal- 
Ury.) 3X7 

804 Delaware Chair Co., Delaware, 

O.— Double cane^eat chain. T 58. 317 

804« Stevens, C. A., ft Alrich. W. H^ 

Philadelphia, Pa.— Folding bedstead. P 

54. 317 

900 Phelps, Doremus, ft Corbett, 264 
and 366 Canal street, near Broadway, New 
York, N. Y.— W. T. Doremus' patent 
chair base, patent rubber springs tor os- 
ciJ^aiing chain, patent oscillating rubber- 
spring chain. Being combinations, af- 
ford' ng roanufacturcn a wide range in the 
production of chain for office, library, or 
parlor use. P 53. 3x7 

905^ Smith, Wm. B., New York, N. Y. 
— Improvement in coimter show case. 
N 4X. 317 

806 Moore, York, ft Howell. Phlladel- 
phla. Pa.— Parlor furniture, folding tables. 
T 54. ai7 

806« Shroeder, F. ft H., Cincinnati. 
O. — Pulpit,' with sounding board. P 

47. 3x7 

807 Loth, Henry, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Folding table. P $x. 317 

807^ SpofTord, Jennie H., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Mattress bracket holden, mosquito 
bar. P 50. 317 

808 Ferrari, Guiseppe, New York, N. 
Y.— Cabinet, richly canred, in luliaa 
style of fifteenth century. P 58. 3x7 

808^ Brigg, M., ft Son, Rochester, N. 
Y.— Fire and buigWr proof safes. H 
71. 317 

809 Bveritt, Elisha B., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Portable and stationary washstana 
and writing desk combined : sofa bed. P 

. 56. axj 

809^ Claes ft Co., St. Louis, Mo.— 
Silver-plated show <sute. T 60. 317 

810 Schubeuter, J., St. Louis, Mo.-^ 
Silver-plated show case. T 60. 317 

811 Spiral Blliptip Spring Work3, Cin- 
cinnati, O.— Springs foY- upholstering. P 
53. a'7 

811a Brunswick Bros., Steahsni, ft 
Hart Co., St. Louis, Mo.— Billiard table 
and cue rack. T 54. 217 

812 Woven Wire Web Bed Co., New 
Britain, Conn. — Woven wire bed bottom. 
P 53 "7 

818 Knell, Geo., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Sofa bed, invalid chair and bed, rocking 
reclining chair, chair and lounge, photo- 
graphic chain. T59. atf 

81 80 Adams, Dan., Nashville, Tenn.— 

Hat-rack and chain made of wood from 

*'The Hermitage." the old hone of An* 

drew Jackson. V 7*. axf 

at end of enuies, see Classification, pp. •f-AS» 



Furniture and Decoration. 

814 Carrington,De2oQche,ftCo.,Phil* 
ftdelphia, Fa.~Int«rior deooradons, trav- 
erse curtain fixture. P 56. 217 

81 6 Sheppard, Arrison, ft Sheppard, 
Philadelphia, Pa.— <Jurtains, decorations, 
and upholstered furniture. P 53. 317 

816 Marcotte, L., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Library (Henry II.) and dining- 
room (Louift Xlll.) furniture. T 5a. ai7 

817 Lever Spring Bed Co., Springfield, 
O.— Spring bed. P 52. 2x7 

818 Lamb, J. ft R., New Yoilc, N. Y.— 

Church furniture, metal work, embroider- 
ies, and decorations. P 43. 2x7 

819 Helligmann ft Bro., Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Solid wood cabinet carvingi. P 

820 Wakefield Rattan Co., Boston. 
Mass. — Rattan furniture and ornamental 
ware. T 57. aiy 

821 White, Otis C, Hopkinton. Mass. 
— Sutionary and portable head-rests for 
chairs and car-seat backs. This is a new 
mechanical combination of simple con- 
ttniction, which affords a complete oppo- 
sition movement of great range, to all po- 
sitions, without removing the head from 
the upholstery, and fastened by a single 
clamp. The portable kinds fold op to 
take but little space, make their own 
fastening to almost any form where sup- 
port to the head is desired; they are 
simple, elegant, and thoroughly practical. 
Correspondence and orders solicited. T 
59. «i7 

822 Lambie ft Sargent, New York, N. 
Y.— Adjustable table. P 51. 217 

823 Herts ft Co., New York» N. Y.- 
Chamber suite, carved amaranth, ebony, 
and maple woods; upholstery, Horsfall's 
dre&!iing-case wardrobe. P 54. 817 

824 Cutter, Ephraim, Cambridge, Mass. 
— Adjustable chair for supine postures. 
N 58. a«7 

824« Russell^ W. P., ft Co., Charies- 
ton, S. C. — bhow case in form of a ledger. 
P 74. ax; 

825 Kaiser ft Hersog, 1005 Walnut 
street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Decorative 
painting for ceilings and side walls, in the 
modem renaissance style, executed after 
original designs by the firm. P 56. 217 

326 Steele, John, Louisville, Ky.— 
Folding opera chairs ; church, lawn, aiMi 
school seats. T58. 2x7 

327 Kimbel ft Cabus. New York, N.Y.-*- 
Parlor furniture and decorations. P 56. 


328 Vain, E. W., Worcester, Mass.— 

Patent folding chairs, in great variety. 
Business csiablished x86i. I claim for 
mv chairs durability, thoroughness of fia- 
isn, simplicity in folding, and compact- 
ness when folded. Very extensive assort- 
ment of styles, adapted for parlor, draw- 
ing-room, library, veranda, and shipboard ; 
also, a line suitable for tropical climates. 
On account of limited space allotted, am 
compelled to make a comparatively meagre 
exhibit. T 57. 2x7 

829 Cutler, A., ft Son, Buffalo, N. Y.— 

lJusine»» desks, reading tables«.patent au- 
tomatic folding parlor tables, r 53. 217 

830 Turner. Henry A., ft Co., Boston, 
M:iss.— iiofus and chairs. B 68. 2x7 

881 Koechling B. H.. New York, N.Y. 
— Opera folding chairs. P 51. 2x7 

School of De.sicn, Univbhsitt or 
Cincinnati, Ohio. (^Scuth Gallfy.) *xj 

33 1« Whittemore, R. R.— Laocooo. 

881^ Woodward, W. W. — Fugitive 

881<: Humphreys, Ella.--IUutniaatioa 
and frescoed ceiling. 

831</De Camp, Esaie.— Panel 

881^Rettig, John.— Centre for ceiling 
and border for wainscoting. 

8 81/ Merrill, Susie.— Panel centre. 

882 Seymour, H. J., Chair Co., Tro^, 
N. Y . — Bent chain, patent braided chairs 
and rockers, walnut dining and libary 
chain. T sft. 21J 

838 Cooper, Jas. W., ft Bro., Phila.lel- 
phia. Pa.— Fancy cabinet ware, «ood 
cwings, etc. P 57. *tj 

834 Stiles, Mrs. B. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Ombiaation desk. P 50. 217 

885 Karcher's, Daniel M., Sons, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.--Sideboard. P 60. 217 

886 Yandell,Chas.R.,ftCo..NewYor1c, 
N. Y. — Leather window lamorequins, em- 
bossed wall leather hangings, leather 
chain and tables. P 5a. 217 

887 Schrenkeisen, M. ft H., New York, 
K. Y.— Upholstered rocking chair on ca»> 
ton. P S3' 217 

838 Kilian Brothers, New York, N. Y. 
— Ea.sels, parlor table, anisic stand, taUe^ 
card receiver. P 51. a«7 

839 Schastey, Geo. A., New York, N. 
Y. — Furniture and interior decorations. P 
58. S17 

840 Brown ft Bliss, 189 Canal street, 
Kew York, N. Y.— Dining-room fbrniiure, 
extension ubies, sideboards, etc. Special 
manufactUTvn and exporters of dining- 
room furniture 'V» x«<^." including ex- 
tension tables of every description, with 

Eatent slides and patent screw-leg comer 
lock, also sideboards and side tables 
with leaves of extension table endosed 
within. T 50. 217 

841 Palmer, Theo. J., New York. N. Y. 
— Rocking or reclining chair on ciston 
P 53. «t7 

842 Kittle, 8. P., No. 203 Canal stteet. 
New York, N. V.— Spring mmireRses for 
under-mattress^or with mattress and bolster 
combined, and made to fold compactly for 
transporLition, when desired ; also, smlng 
mattresses with straight frame and elastic 
edges; others so constructed that both sides 
and all the edges are alike elastic and most 
comfortable. A moderate outlay in these 
goods will insure a most exquisite bed. P 
5a. ««7 

848 Schenck, Jas. V., New York, N. Y. 
— Crescent spring mattress. P 51, 217 

844 Paton, Robt., ft Son, Hew Yoiit, 
N. Y. — Church and school furniture, Sun- 
day-school and lecttxre-room settees. P 

54. ««; 

845 Postawka^ L., ft Co., Cambridge- 
port, Mass. — The " X " piano taborec. P 



•846 Roach, J. Chandler, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Spnng bedstead. P 52. 2x7 

For location of objects, indicated >y' *tter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 15 ; ground plan, p. a6. 




S47 Peeu, Edward, Philadelphia, Pft.— 
Adjustable sleeping aparonenc or ratiring 
room. P 57. ax7 

S49 Reevc« ft Ba»tburn, Philadelphia, 

Fa.— Folding bedstead, sofa or parlor bed- 
siead, chamDcr furniture, bedstead fasten- 
ing. P 56. 217 

349 Ahrena, Oeo., Crete, III.^Ezten- 
sion taUe. T 50. si 7 

MO Briggs. Joahua, Peterborough, N. 
H.— Fiaiio stools. P 51. aiji 

Ml Tavlor, W. O., ft Son, Bedford, 
0.— Double cane-seat rockers and chaiia. 
T 59. 2«7 

16U National Wire Mattreaa Co., New 
foiuia.Conn. — Wi re matti esses. P53. 217 

lk2 United Statea Spring Bed Co., 
Sprtnglteld, Ma5». — Springbiedft. P 53. 217 

363 Chormann, E. G., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Parior, sketching^ and studio easels. P 
58t ai7 

354 Griendling, John, 21 S N. Second 
Mreci. Philadelphia, Pa.— Barber's chair, 
ibo(-rcst,and hair-drcssiug standard. This 
ckair IS easily regulated for shaving and 
h:ur<utting combined. An examination 
wSlsatisfyany one of its merits. P51. 317 

8d4> Mairea ft Reed, New York, N. Y. 
— Adjusuble iron chairs. P so. axy 

366 MatUck, Henry S., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Paper hanging and fresco painting. 
P so. 2»7 

U&a Gale, D. A. T., Syracuse City, N. 
v.— Metallic apring arcbbing mattress. 
?y>. 217 

360 Berkey ft Gay Furniture Co., 
Grand Rai>ids, Kltch. — Chamber suite, 
kningci. P 59. 217 

366« Excelsior School Furniture Man- 
uLctariag Co., Cincmnat!, O. — Church 
funtitnre. T 52. 217 

867 Phcenix Furniture Co., Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich. — llcd-room suites, sideboard, 
kail stand. P 57. 217 

3$8 Wooton Desk Co., Indianapolis, 
Ind.— Cabinet office secretary, rotary office 
de«k. F 52. 217 

369 Nelson. Matter, ft Co., Grand 

Rapids, Mich. — Chambersuites. P 58. 2x7 

36»i Peck, Henry. New York, N. Y.— 

&how cases for various exhibitoi's. 317 

)60Junge, Albert, Pittsburg, Pa.— 
Soriac; mattress. P 53. 2x7 

881 Pabst, Daniel, Philadelphia, Pa.-> 
Walmi: sideboard, P 58. 217 

868 Richmond, Backus, ft Co., Detroit, 

ilich.— Combined coupon and local rail- 
road ticket case, with secretary and desk. 
Ps8. 217 

833 Fvler. E. W., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Bedstead. P 53. 217 

864 Halm, Bellowe, ft Butler, Colum- 
bus, O.— Furniture. P50. 217 

866 Buaehor, Cbas., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Paiior furniture, deoratioits, window 
blinds with cornice, curtains, and oui»tde 
shutters; show cases. P 56. 217 

S66„VoUmer, G., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Fnatture. T 54^ 217 

867 Thole, B., St. ]>>uia. Mo.— Book 
«•«. Ps^. 217 

For classes of cxhiblu, indicated by •uinilwn* 

868 Swasey. I. N., M.D., Yonker% 

N. Y. — Uilliard tables; Trichorum ta- 
ble, a new principle in carpentr\', securing 
a permanently level surface, and new built 
up work samples from the French Manu- 
facturing Co. of New York City. T51. ti7 

869 Hover, H. P., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Folding wardrobe and lounge. P ^. 717 

870 Moat,JohnH., Old Saybrook, Conn 

— Furniture made from wood of thr 
"Clkarter Oak," Hartford, Conn, f 
62. 217 

871 Snyder. C. Ridgway. Minneapolia, 

Miim.— Work table, combining lap board 
aod writing desk. P 50. 917 

878 Caulier, P., Philadelphia. Pa.- 
Wardrobe bedstead. P 54. 917 

878 Pettier ft Stvmus Manufacturing 
Co., New York, N. V.— Rcdstead, cabinet, 
bahiit, table, door, door trimmine, window 
cornice, curuinK, sofa, chairs. P 55. 2x7 

874 Schafft, Fridolin, Detroit, Mich.— 

Sideboard. P 60. 2x7 

876 Ransom, D. I^., ft Co., Buffalo, 

N. Y.— Adjustable dcsLsand business cabi- 
nets, can be adjusted to any position, at 
any moment, without disarranging any 
books, papers, etc. Five diflferent slvles, 
for private and general offices. Senu for 
circular. T 50. 217 

876 Wagan, R. M., Mount Lebanon. 
N. Y.— The Shakers' web-seated chain*, 
also with web backs, or with pliLsh cush- 
ions, and foot-benches to match. The 
onlv manufacturer of the " Genuine Shak* 
crs Chairs." P 52. 217 

876« Kiil^ore, J. Lr., Wilmington. Del. 
— Tourists' and miners' folding bedstead 
and spring bed. W 54. 217 

877 Hutchings, E. W., ft Son, New 
York, N. Y.— Sideboard and chair. P 
59. ai7 

878 Demarest,Joyce,ft Co., NewYork, 
N. Y. — Opera chairs. V 51. 217 

879 Centennial Rolling Chair Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Rolling chairs. {aVovc.) 217 

880 Cunningham, Peter B., Bethlehem. 
Pa. — Anthracite coal table, from Council 
Ridge coal fields, Luzerne county. Pa. 
T 53. 217 

880a Nichols, W., Boston, Maas.— 
Book rack. P 47. 0x7 

861 Piiield, J. B. M.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Magic bed sofa. T 58. 217 

862 Beard ft Bro., St. Louis, Mo.— 
Burglar proof safes. B 70. 217 

868a Hassenforder, C, Philadelphia, 
P.a. — ^Safes. H 71. 217 

864 Lord. J. E., ft Co., Quincy, 111.— 
Spring bed botiom. P 5a. 2x7 

865 Goodwin, A. J., Brooktine, Mass.— 
Sanitary l)edsten(l. P 52. 217 

866 Hill, Edwin P., Haverhill, Mass.— 
Folding table. P «;<j. 2x7 

887 Wins & Bro., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Walnut bed. 1' 53. 317 

888 Seidlcr ft May, Hartford, Conn.— 
Sofa bed and adjustable exteiuiion clwir 
P 52. 31: 

389 Hopper, C. C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Chanjber furniture. P 5,7 217 

at end of cutri«:>, *c«- Cla>utific.'ttiun. pp. 27-45. 



Furniture, Safes. 

g90 Andrew*, A. H., A Co., Chicago, 

111.-— T 67. 

m School, cnurch, office, and bank funiiture ; 

desks, pews, pulpits, chain. 3x7 

h Marquetry flooring. nj 

891 Coburn Manufacturing Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Canopy wardrobe and ward- 
robe arm. P 51. 9x7 

892 Rhoner, Frank, & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Reclining chairs. P 53. 317 

898 Close, Thoa. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Reversible settees. N 63. si 7 

894 Allen, Jas. T., & Co., New York, 

N. v.— Rockera. W 54. 317 

896 De Bock, Matthew, South Boston, 

Mass.-~Cabinet, work table, and frame. 

P5X. ax? 

896 Paine's Furniture Manufactory, 
Boston, Ma<vS. — Pulpit and church furni- 
ture, case of designs. T 60. 217 

897 Brunswick. J. M., A Balke Co., 
Chicago, 111.— Billiard tables and materials; 
ivory and tcn-p!n balls. T 51. 317 

898 Collins A Sturgeon, New York, 
N. v.— Reclining chair. T 53. «i7 

899 Ellin, Robt.. ft Co., New York, 
N. V. — Eagle lecium canned in oak, side- 
board, font, hall chairs, and litany desk. 
P 52. ax? 

400 Morse, L., ft Son, Athol, Mass.— 
Folding settee. P 51. 2x7 

401 Hartshorn, Stewart, New York, 
N. Y.— Window-shade rollers. T51. 217 

402 Olenn, Prank, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
American bufl'et. B 41 /<» 44. 2x7 

408 Walter Heywood Chair Co., Pitch- 
burg, Mass. — Chairs. Adapted for export 
to every foreign port and the home trade. 
T 59. 't? 

404 Whitney MaQufacturing Co., South 
Ashburnam, Mass.— Chairs. W 50. 217 

405 Sawin, L. H., Gardner, Mass.— 
Cane-seat chairs. W 53. 217 

406, French, Julia B.. Boston, Mass.— 
Cabinet ana bedsteaa. N 60. 317 

407 Decker, Lr.. ft Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Billiard tables and appurtenances. 
P 54. ai7 

408 Heywood Brothers ft Co., Gardner, 
Mass. — Cane and wood seat and rattan 
chairs, rattan furniture, chair cauc, reeds, 
etc. W so. 317 

41 Derby, Philander, Gardner, Mass. 
— Canc-scat chairs. MauuGacturerof, and 
dealer in, all varieties of cane and wood- ' 
seat chairs for home and export trade. 

W5X. 3X7 

411 Rath, Paul, New York, N. Y.— 
Bay -window curtain, screen, and pedestal. 
V ^1. 3x7 

411^ Wilson, George, Chicago, 111. 

— T 59. 

a Folding bedstead and table combined, and 

recunibein. reading chair. 217 

b Mangle. 335 

412 Watson, J., ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Safes, ladies' jewelry stand. H 
72. 217 

418 Hall's Safe and Lock Co., Cincin- 
nati, O. — Fire, burglar, and fnc and bur- 
glar proof safes, deposit vaults. H 67. 3x7 

414 Herring ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Bank vatuts nnd doors; fire and burglar 
proof safes. H 69. 317 

?cr location of objects, indicated by letter and figii 

419 Parrel A Co.. Philadelphia. Pa.- 
Fire and burglar proof safes. H 07. 3x7 

416 Terwilliger ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Fire and biuglar proof safes. U 
73. 217 

417 Corliss Safe Co., Providence, R. L 
— Burglar proof safes. H 67. 21x7 

418 Valentine ft Butler Safe ft Lock 
Co., New York, N. Y.— Burglar and fire 
proof safes. H 70. 9t\ 

419 Marvin** Safb Company, New 
York, N. Y.-Safes. H 69. 317 

420 Schermerhorn, Charles, New York, 
N. Y.-T 50. 

« Towel stand and rack. 317 

b Mirror. 219 

421 T*«iery, Adolph, PblUdelphia, 
Pa.—." ix. 

a Tables. 317 

S Mirrors. 219 

422 Dubernet, L., New York, N. Y. 

a B.imboo and fancy fire-gilt furniture. 317 
h Paper, velvet, metal, and gilt frames, aao 
422« Peuat ft Rice, New York, N. Y. 
— Pst. 

a. Cabinet ware. 3x7 

b Mirror frames and brackets. aao 

428 Speth, K. L., New York, N. Y. 

Fancy cabmet ware. 3x7 

b Carvings, easels, pedestals, brackets, mo- 
saic veneer, etc. aao 

424 Earle,Jainee8.,ft Sons, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — P 49. 

a Oilt tables. •17 

b Framed looking glasses, Venetian mir^ 

rors. 9x9 

e Picture ftames, brackets. aao 

425 Lowe, A. C, PhUadelphla, Pa. 

a Gilt bouquet tables. 3x7 

b Looking glasses. a>9 

c Picture frames. aao 

426 Hale, Kilbum, ft Co,, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— P 55. 

a Folding bed and crib, flexible^eat chaiis, 

spring beds. 3x7 

b Looking glasses. 3x9 

c Picture frames. 330 

427 McClees. J. E., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— T 49. 

« Gilt chairs and tables. 

b Mirrors. 

c Fancy frames. 

428 Salter, Jno. O., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— P50. 

a Console tables. 9x7 

b Mirrors. 319 

c Cornices, portrait frames. 230 

428/1 Smith, Eldridge J., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— H <». 
a Adjustable desk, school desk and seat. 


b Cooking Utensil. 934 

c Stair rods. 327 

429 Reukauff, Geo. C, Philadelphia 
Pa.-P 52. 

a Bouquet tables. 317 

b Mirrors. 319 

c Cornices, picture frames. aao 

d Mantelpiece. 227 

480 Tiffany ft Co., New York, N. Y,- 

Silver and plated ware, incrustations o 

metals. N 41. sxE 

lire, see Key 10 Noiaiiuu, p. 35 ; groaud plau, p. 36. 





Umbrellas |l|i^ ^4^ M^t street, 

-^ "^ ^^^^B PHILADELPHIA. 

rARASOLS. ^^^ 498&so^roadway, 

MmMoHm h PlliM«lphb. TJ^DB-JifARK, ^EW YORK. 

Corner of Belmont and Fountain Avenues, 




The same 'Mrhich had such a ffreat suooess in the Viexina 
Exhibition, in 1873. 


of the BiAISON DOREE, of Paris, Proprietor. 

Near the Lake, opposite the U. S. Government Building. 



Manufacturers and innporters of 






The only Evening Paper in Pittsburgh receiving the 
Associated Press Dispatches. 

Circulating chiefly among^ families of Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, 
and Western Virginia, no better medium for reaching the purchasing community 
can be selected. 


ll&&ttLBCtnroP8| Zniportoniy JoomtBi ttois fiotiuon of 



Digitized by 




Funuiture, Table Furniture, Decoration. 

iZOa Mitcheson. Mn. M. J., PhUadel- 

phia. Pa.— Moustache spoon. N 41. 218 

431 Bailey ft Co.. Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Stiver ware. N 43. 318 

452 CaldwaU, J. K., A Co., Philadel. 

pliia. Pa. — SilVer ware. N 41. ax8 

453 Meriden Britannia Co., West Me- 
riden, Conn. — Fine electro-plated table 
ware, articles of ornament and vertu. N 
43- ax8 

434 Derby Silver Co., Derby, Conn.— 
Hapl metal .Mlver-plated table cutlery and 
3Borocco-caaed plated goods. P 46. 318 

43 S Krider, Peter L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Sterling silver ware. P 43. 218 

437 Reed and Barton, Taunton, Mast. 
— Hearo-plated nickel, silver and white 
owtal table and presentation ware. N 
47- 918 

433 Lcd>e, A., & Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— 4irvcr and nickel-plated ware in 
hard metal. P 43. 3x8 

439 Middletown Plate Co., Middle, 
town. Conn. — ^Silver-plated ware. N 
43^ 2x8 

440 Oorham Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I.— Silver ware, fine plated 
vare, plate chests, silver and jewelry 
cases. N 41. 218 

441 Manninr, Bowman, & Co., West 
Ueriden, Conn.— Nickel-plated ware. K 
69- ^ ai8 

142 Kann A Sons Manufacturing Co., 
BaitMKire. Md.— AUmta and britaiuiia tea 
and :abtc«poons. P 43. 218 

443 Robbins, Oark. ft Biddle, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Silver ware. N 43. 218 

444 Meriden Silver Plate Co., West 
Meriden, Conn.— Silvcr^pbted and fine 
cut glxv ware. N 43. 218 

445 Holmes, Booth, ft Haydens.Water- 
bury. Conn.— Silver-plated ware. T 
6x. 9x8 

447 Mix. G. I., & Co.,YaIe8vine, Conn.— 
Tea and tablespoons ; planished and brit- 
annia tea and coffee pots, water coolen, 
etc. N 71. 2x8 

448 Hall, Elton, ft Co.. Wallingford, 
Conn.— Electro-plated tableware, spoons, 
forks, ladles, knives, etc. P 43. 3x8 

449 Sigler, C. A J., Paterson, N. J.— 
Embossed glass signs and table tops, glask 
letters, car\'ed wood signs. T 49. 3x9 

449a Sallandrouxe, S. P., Cincinnati, 
O. — Venetian nxirrors and hand glasses. 
P 43- a«9 

450 Walker Olass Importing, Silver- 
h», Mann&ctitring Co., New York. N. Y. 
—Venetian or crystal cut, engraved, dis- 
torting, and toilet mirrors. N 54. 2x9 

4^> Sharp, Heory B., Son, & Colgate^ 
New York, N. Y. — Stained glass windows. 
\NcTih GtUUry.) 219 

451 Florence Manufketuring Co., FI0- 
rmce. Mass. — Hand mirrois. B 70. 9x9 

452 Newman, Geo. C, 906 Market 
street. Philadelphia, Pa.— P jx. 

a Looking gfa.^se«. 3x9 

k Lacquered mouldings (imitation of gold 

gilding) for picture frames and window 

ooraices, and ornaments for same. Thb 

tiniiation of gilding is cheap and durable. 

402<* Schicr, H., New York, N. Y. 

« Mirror. 919 

b Brackets and book rack. aao 

468 Faaer, Chriatian, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— P49. 
• Looking glasses. 3x9 

b Picture frames. 330 

454 Shaw, J. H., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— P 53. 

a Looking glasses. sxf 

b Picture frames, mouldings. 23c 

455 Boland, Fred., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— P 50. 

a Looking glasses. 319 

b I'ier cornices, picture frames. 330 

c Mantels. 327 

456 Durand, Dominique, New York, N. 
Y. — Venetian looking glass. T 46. 3x9 

457 Clark, C. W., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Window shades, window shade doth, and 
shad*! fixtures. T 5a. 330 

459 Johnston, Ed. S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. -Window shade nrilere, window 
shades, lambrequins, cornices. T 53. aso 

459 Gleason, W. B., & Co., West Cam- 
den street, opposite Chickering station, 
Boston, Mass. — Artificial wood ornaments 
for interior decoration, etc. Descriptive 
circulars will be found at the exhibit. O 

78. 330 

461 Reifschoeider, Felix, New York, 
N. v. — Velvet frames, morocco and velvet 
miniature cases. P 5a. 330 

462.Pape, Bros., ft Kiigemann, Cin- 
cinnati, O. — Mouldings for picture frames, 
portrait and photograph frames. P 5X. 


468 Carter, A. A., PhUadelphia, Fa.-- 
Window screens. T 50. 330 

464 Whittier, Reuben S., Hyde Park, 
Mass. — Window screen and mosquito bar. 
T 51. 320 

464a Shorey, John, ftCo., Lowell, Mass. 
—Shade tixtures. T 5a. 3ao 

465 Kilgore, Damon Y.. Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Inside window blinds. These blinds, 
adiusuble, arti.stic. lowering from the tr^p, 
lignt, combining oeauU' with econou.y, 
overcome all defects of Venetian blinds. 
Patented. T 53. 330 

466 McKay, Ferd. C. D., Paterson, 
N. J^j^elf-regiUating shade rollers. T 51. 

467 No^'faenbacher, John, ft Co., New 
York, N. v.— Gilt and imitation mould- 
ings for picture frames and cornices. P 
68. aao 

468 Salem Shade Roller Manufactur- 
ing Co., Salem, Mass. — Control wooi* 
rolleis, flying pawls, automatic stops fo» 
balance rollers. T 50. 330 

469 Colwcll, F. E., ft Co., Chicago, lit 
— Mouldinn and picttue ftames, shade 
fixtures. P 51. 330 

470 Lottderback, Edwib, PhUadelphia. 
Pa. — Rtistic wrindow shades of wood. T 

49 330 

471 Dickinson, Alfred S., New York, 
N. v.— Siirinc roller and drop window 
shades, safety orackets, and pulley blocks. 
T 53. «ao 

473 Lloyd Bros., Philadelphia, Pa.- 

cntiUiting shade fixtures. T 50. 
For classes ef exhibits, itidieatetl by numbcts at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-45. 



Furniture, Heating and Lighting Apparatus. 

478 American Shade Roller Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass. — Sha je rollers, winUow shades, 
and fixtures. T 51. sao 

41 4 Hewett, William, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Self-operating swing carriage for parks 
and lawns. ( Outside.) aax 

474« Fisher, H., St. I^ouis, Mc— Auto- 
matic swing. \Mu90uri auilding.) 2a i 

475 Beaudet, Homer 1., Greenpoint, 
Long Island, N. Y. --Swing-convertible 
cjadTe. P 50. aai 

476 Batley, John, Philadelphia, Pa.-- 
Child's cradfie or crib. P 51. aai 

477 Rusk, Tho8. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Swing. (/« Park.) aax 

478 Providence Gas Burner Co., Prov- 
idence, R. 1. — P 47. 

a " Novelty " gas cooking btoves : ovens 
and heaters, Duming without smoke or 
smell. aaa 

i Gas burners, drop-light sockets, shade and 
globe holders, etc., manufactured from 
wrought brass. 333 

478a Eldridge, G. Morgan. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Automatic stove-damper. (0» 
stave pipe in L/misiana State Build- 
ing.) aaa 

479 Thackara, Buck, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Gas fixtures, chandeliers, 
brackets, hall lights, reading lights, etc. 
N 60. a23 

479a Miller & £aatmead, New York. 
N. Y.— Ship and rai.'oad lanterns. P 
47. 333 

480 Cornelius & Sona. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gas fixtures, bronzes, etc. N 47. 323 

480a New York Lamp Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Railroad and steamship lampsi. 

P 47- 233 

481 Bartlett,Jos. W., New York, N. Y. 

— Crystal and reflecting street lampsi. N 
50 and P 49. aa3 

481a Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Lanterus and appara- 
tus for lighting streets. P 43. 223 

482 Archer & Pancoast Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y.— (iasoliers. 
centre slide chandeliers, ornamental 
bronzes, ecclcsiajitical metal work. N 

47. saa 

482< Kelly, S. S., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Gas brackets, pendanu, brass fittings, etc. 

1' 45. 823 

483 American Reflector Co., Philadel- 

f>hia. Pa. — Gas and daylight reflectors, 
anterns and shades. P 47. . 933 

488a Rollins, Geo. D., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Automatic self-regulating gas burner. 
T so. 223 

484 Tucker, Hiram, ft Co., Boston, 
Mass. — iron gas chandeliers, brackets 
and statuettes. N 47. 223 

484a Heywood, C. L., ft Bruce, 1. M., 
Boston, Mass. — IClevating street iami> ; 
Brucc's vesper street lamp for towns, vil- 
lages, and private groiincLs ; patented by J. 
M. Bruce, December ia, 1874. Office, 4 
Haymarket square. X 59. 223 

486 Willheim ft Newmann, Philadel- 
phia, Pa,— Casjt iron posts and bracket^. 
Street lanterns, mica reflectors, and car 
trimmings. N 48. 323 

f or locatlod of object, indicated by letter and figure, 

486a Kenrlchs. C. F;A.,New York, N. 

Y. — Lamp with non-combustible wick and 
regulated burner; study lamps. N 47. 

486 Quarr6, V., Co., General Utho- 

Sraphers, 83a and 834 Arch street. Phila 
elphla. Pa. — Gas and lamp shades, ano 
transparent window pictures. N 48. 333 

486a Beidler, Geo. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lamp burners for use without chim- 
neys. P 4!8. 333 

487 Baker, Arnold, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gas fixtures. N 4&, 833 

488 Miner. Jacob G., New York, N. Y. 
— Street lamps for gas or oil. P 47. 933 

489 Wilhelm, August, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Celling reflectors. P 47. 333 

400 Bradlev ft Hubbard Manulactnr« 
ing Co., West Meriden, Conn. — Kerosene 
andgaschandcliers,brackets and fixtures, 
lamps. N 47. 333 

491 Kramer, J. H., New York, N.Y.— 
OrnamentaJ lanterns. P 47. aai 

492 Walton Bros.. New York, N. Y.— 

Railroad and steamship brass lanterns and 
supplies. P 47. 333 

495 Dyott, M. B., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Street lamps, brackets, posts, peadantSy 
and lamp goods. P 48. 323 

494 Miller, Edward, ft Co., Meriden, 

Conn.— N 48. 

a Bronze lamps and ornaments, lamp trim- 
mings. 223 

6 Bronzes. 443 

496 Hitchcock Lamp Co., Watertowi^ 

N. Y. — Lamps for animal, fish, or vege- 
table oils exclusively ; no chimneys ; tnira 
twelve hours; fifteen car-candle power; 
odorle.s.s ; smokeless ; portable : for cars, 
shipping, factories, residences, etc. P 
47 M3 

496 Dreer, Smith, ft Dreer. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Beribrd gas-sunlight apparatus. 
P 47. M3 

496a American Gas Screen Manufac- 
turing Co., Haverhill, Mass.— <3a<« 
screens. ( JVesi Gallery.) 333 

407 Atterbury ft Co., Pittshurg, Pa.- 

Lamps. N 49 /tf 51. 333 

498 Parkhurst, V. P.. East Templeton, 

Mass. — Candle stand with flame regub« 
tor. P 47, 333 

499 Williams, Page, ft Co.. Boston, 
Mass.— Railway and steaunanip lamps. 
P 47- «3 

001 Mitchell, Vance, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Gas fixtures. N 49. 333 

6 02, Ives Patent Lamp Co., New York, 

N. Y.— Kerosene lamps, brackets, chan- 
deliers, and pendants, Dumeis and attach- 
ments. P 47. 333 

503 Stockwell Self-lighting Gas Barner 
Co., New York, N. Y.— Self-lighUng gas 
burner. P 50. 323 

504 Wiler, Wm., Philadelphia. Pa.- 
Taper holders, gas torches and keys, etc 

N 71. 225 

see Key to Notatien, p. 35 : ground plan. p. *6 



Furniture, Construction of Buildings, Woven Goods. 

60$ Cleveland Non-exploeive Lamp 
Co., Cleveland, O., and 4a Barclay 
street, New York. — Perkihs & House s 
patent metallic kerosene or coal oil saiety 
Uunps and filling ^ans. Thousands of 
(JMnilies now using this lamp testify to ia 
superiority; because, ist, it is perfectly 
safe from explosion, owing to its scientific 
uruciure; ad, it will not break, being 
made of metal; 3d, it is rendered per- 
Cectiy dean by its patent drip-cup ; 4tn, it 
iise« a very sinall amount of oil. in propor- 
tion tj the light it ^ves, without odor ; 
5th, It gives ti brilliant light, in conse> 
gueace of its pecuUar construction. Our 
filling can is perfectly safe from explosion, 
owing to its scienti^c structure— a flame 
cannot be communicated to the oil In it, 
either by accident or dcsig^n. N 64. 233 

506 AmcxicM Calcium Lijght Co., Phil- 
addphla. Pa. — Calcium light apparatus. 
T 43- 223 

507 The Mains Manufiacturing Co., 
New York, N. Y.—Lami»- N 65. 223 

508 Doty, H. H., Washington. D. C— 
Concentric mineral oil burner. M 50. 223 

509 LavelL P. H., & Co., New York, 
M. Y. — Kerosene burners, chimneys, 
wicks, lamps, etc. P 50. 323 

510 United States Soapstone Manu- 
facuirii^ Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. — P 77. 

a Lava gas tips. 333 

i Soapstone griddles. 224 

512 Cohansey Glass Manufacturing 
Co., Bridgeton, N. J. — Fruit jars. N 
49. 824 

513 Lowentrant, P., Newark, N.J.— 
House furoishing goods. N 70. 224 

514« Jones, J. Alonso, New York, N. Y. 
—Water cooler and refrigerator. N 43. 224 

516 Lowerre & Tucker, Newark, N.J. 
~Fludng machines. N 71. 225 

517 Lloyd, Supplee, ft Walton, Phil- 
addphia. Pa. — Flnting machines. P 

fi. 225 

517« Blackie ft Charles, St. Louis, Mo. 
—Anti-freezing hydrant. {Missouri Siat€ 
SniUin^.} 326 

517^ Wheeler, 'Wm, P., Boston, Mass. 
— Disiniecting devices. (/» use m Main 
Btu'Uing:) 226 

518 BouehtoB, Jno. W., Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Wood carpet, parquet floors, and 
waiiKCOis; adjustable window screens, 
and bars. T ^. 227. 

519 National ^Wood Manufocturing 
Co., 950 Broadway, New York, N. Y — 
Wood carpeting, parquet and inlaid floors, 
ornamental hard- wood ceilings, fancy 
wainscoting, and stair coverings. Send 
3 cent stamp for book of design. P 52. 227 

5t9« Canopy Frame Co., ^Villimantic, 
Coan.— Portable folding canopy frames. 
P56. 227 

5S0 Johns, H. W., New York, N. Y.— 
A&bestos roofing, sheathing, and lining 
Wts. P 47. «27 

521 Ehret, M.. Jr., Office, 404 Walnut 
•teet, Philadelphia, Pa.— Pavilion situ- 
ated smith of Main Building, to exhibit 
patent fire and waterproof granulated slag 
(composition) roofing. State and county 
righu for sale. ( Outside.') 227 

521a Miller, I. Wesl<^, PhiladelphU, 
Pa.— Plumbing of eight '^ *'"- 

022 Marion Blind Co., Brady, Pa.^ 

Improved window blinds. T 53. 237 

522^ Reisinger Manufacturing Co., 
Harrisburg, Pa.— Sash locks, line holders, 
clothes hooks, cellar hoists, broom ana 
wisp holders. P 68. 327 

528 Walker, M., ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Heavy wrought iron gates at north, 
south, east, and west entrances of Main 
Exhibition Building. 327 

528« Peck, Kennedy ft Co., New York, 

N. Y. {Outside.) 
a Flat floor, arch, and fire proof building 

material. 227 

d Brick and tile machine. 5x7 

c Radiator. 555 

524 Fisher ft Bird, New York. N. Y.— 
Marble mantels^ tablet, marble wains- 
coting. The white marble mantel is of 
pure American .statuaiy ; the black one is 
of the finest quality of velvet black, brth 
designed and executed in the highest style 
of art, at our works, by American artisans. 
T 50. 227 

525 Geddes, J. W., Baltimore, Md.- 
Skylight over south aisle. 227 

526 Evans, C. B., Mantel ft Grate Co., 
Cincinnati, O. — Iron mantels. T 63. 227 

627 Garry Iron Roofing Co., Cleveland, 
O.— Sections of corrugated iron roof. 
( Ohio SiaU Building.) 237 

528 American Sheet ft Boiler- Plate 
Cleveland, O. — Corrugated roofing iron 
and iron roofing tile. ( Ohio State Build- 
ing.) 227 

529 House ft Davidson, Cleveland, 
O.— Pair front doors. {Ohio SiaU 
BuildiHg.) 327 

530 Dobbins, R. J., Philadel()hia, Pa.— 
Construction of Main Exhibition Build- 
ing. 327 

531 Quigley, Philip, Wilmington, Del. 
— Construction of Machinery Hall. 327 

Yams 9xA WoYen Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

532 De Witt Wire Cloth Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Wire cord, rope, cloth, and 
work ; dandy roll, cotton and wire fabrics. 
B 76. 228 

583 Clinton Wire Cloth Co., Clinton, 
Mass. — Iron railing, wire cloth, netting, 
fencing, fire proof lath. 1' 68. 228 

585 Woven Wire Mattreaa Co., Hart- 
fc tl, Conn. — Woven wire cloth used for a 
spring bed. P 53. 328 

586 Wild, Jos., ft Co., New York, N.Y. 
— Mattme and mats of fibre of co<oanut 
husks. N 77. 329 

537 Wakefield Rattan Co., Boston, 
Mass. — Mats and matting. T 57. 229 

538 Irving Bros., Elwood, N. Y.— 

Japanese paper carpeting, waterproof 
iiilding paper. N 75. 239 

589. Garsed Bros., Prankford, Pa.— 
Awnings and tickings. N 73. 330 

540 Farnum, John, ft Co., PhiladeU 
phia. Pa.— fickines from Conestoga steam 
mills, Lanca.stcr, Pa. N 75. 230 

540'' Slater, Wm. S., Providence, R. I. 
— Bleached cotton goods. N 73. 230 

„ „— rooms In Main 

Building. 227 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Clas.siricatioa, w. 37-45, 

541 Bailey, Tohn T., ft Co., PhUadel- 
phia. Pa— Bags. B 68. 230 



Woven Gk>ods. 

541« Wettport Mftnufacturinif Co., Pall 
River, Mass.— Carpet warp and couon 
batts. D 78. 330 

642 Thornton, Samael, & Sons, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Coiion fabrics. N 76, 230 

042^ Alabama & Georgia Manufactiir- 
ing Co., West Point, Oa.— Sheeting. N 
78. 230 

543 Berkeley Co., Providence, R. I. 
— Nainsooks, Victoria lawns, and cambrics. 
These fabrics arc noted for their qii.ility 
and finish, and are manufactured from 
either Sea Island, £g>'ptian, or Peeler 
cotton. N 75. 330 

648^ Slater Cotton Co., Providence, 
R. I. — Brown and bleached cotton goods. 
D 78. 230 

544 Clark Thread Co., Newark, N. J.— 
Spool cotton. N 76. 230 

544o Sykes, Henry, Chicag^o. 111. — 
Awnmgs and awning frames. Y 63. 230 

546 Johnson, Emory, Neptune Twine 
mills, Moodus, Conn. — Cotton seine 
twines, welting cords, carpet warp, and 
knitting cotion, manufactured from super- 
tor stock and always of a uniform quality. 
Established in 1832. U 68. 230 

646 Whitfield, F. £., Sen., Corinth, 
Mi"»s. — Cotion yarns. N 75. 230 

647 Semple, Samuel, & Sons, Mt. 
Holly, N. j. — Spooi cotton. Manufac- 
turers of Stuart's " Best six cord" and 
"Soft Enameled" spool cotion. Stuart & 
Bro.,soIe agents, 13 Bank street, Phila- 
delphia. N 74. 230 

647't Lawrence, Waterbury, & Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Bagging. 1) 78. 230 

648 Walcott & Campbell, New York 
Mills. Oneida county, N. Y. — Shirtings, 
wide sheetings, cottonadcs, and knitting 
>.irns. N 75. 230 

648rt Lewiston Mills, Lewtston, Me.>- 
Tickings, cottonades, cheviot shirtings, 
duckings, seamless cotton bags. R 78. 


649 Westbrook Manufacturing Co., 
Portland, Me. — Ship's cotion duck. B 
70. 230 

649( Lawrence Manufacturing Co.. 
l/owell, Mass.— Bleached and unbleachea 
cotion gctods. N 73. 230 

560 Powhatan Mills, Providence, R. 
1.—" Pocahontas" and "Wealth of the 
Country" bleached and brown muslins, 
well adapted for family and shirt maker's N 74. 230 

66(V» Merrick Thread Co., Holyoke, 
Mavs. — Ready- wound bobbins for sewing 
machine shuttles. H 74. 330 

661 Saratoga Victory Manufacturing 
Co., Boston, Mass. — Silcsias, cambrics, 
and fancy cottons. F 7-? tind 74. 230 

551a Cutler Manufacturing Co., War- 
ren, R. I.— Hosiery, cops, yarns, carpet 
warp, knitting cotton. D 78. 230 

662 Chicopee Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Chicopec Falls, Mass.— Cotton flan- 
nels, bleached and brown. F 73 and 
74- 2 JO 

662^ Poustdale Manufacturing Co., 
Provid ;nce, R, I. — Bleached cotton 
goods. N 73. 230 

663 Great Falls Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Rockintjham, N. C. — Rockingham 
sheeting, N 75. 230 

Foi 'Acationofebiects.indicaictl by letrerumi figure, 

564 Peckham Manufacttning Com- 
pany, Providence, R. I. — ICe&iucky 
jeans. B 76. ajo 

565 Androscoggin Mills, Lewiston, 
Me. — ^Sheetiiig, shirting, jeans, bags, etc. 
R 78. 230 

566 Hill Manufactoring Company, 
Lewiston, Me. — Bleached and unUeachcJ 
.sheetings and shirtings. R 78. 231 

667 Continental Mills, Lewistoa, Me. 

— Sheetings and shirtings. R 7S. 23a 

658 Barker Mills. Aubarn, Me. - 

Bleached and unbleached sheetingi. R 

73. 230 
569 Smith, James Y., Manufacturing 

Co., Providence, R. L — Bleached and 
brown cotton goods. N 74. 330 

660 Bvansville Cotton Manufacturing 
Co., Evansville, Md. — Brown sheetings 
and drills, assorted yams. N 74 230 

661 King Philip Mills, Fall River, 
Mass. — Brown and bleached sheet ing-S 
cambric muslins, and rolled jaconets. 
Scllineagents,\Vhorton, Atkinson & Co., 
Philadelphia; Converse, Staunton & Co., 
Boston and New York ; Tumbull, Sweet 
& Co., Baltimore N 76. 230 

662 Hope 'Company, Providence, R. L 
— Shining. N 74. 230 

663 Lonsdale Company, Providence, 
R. I. — Sheetings, cambnc muslin, silesias. 
jaconets, Victoria lawns, sateens. N 
74- a30 

664 Blackstone Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Providence, R. I.— Print doths 
shirtings, umbrella cloths. N 74. 230 

665 Gambrill, Sons & Co«. Baltimore. 
Md. — Cotton duck for sails, tents, and 
awnings. D 78. 930 

666 Wamsutta Mills, New Bedford, 
Mass. — ^Shirting and sheeting. N 74. ajo 

667 Shaw, James Q., New Castle. 
Del. — Single-carded cotton warps. N 

74. 930 

668 Riddle, Jas., Son & Co., \Vilminf - 
ton, Del.— -Brandywine Mills lickings. N 
74. ajo 

669 Wauregan Mills. Wauregan, 
Conn. — Cotton goods. N 74. 230 

670 Ponemah Mills, TaftviMe, Cono. 
— Plain and fancy oottch goods. N 
74. 230 

671 Gabriel, Henry, ft Snns, Allen- 
town, Pa. — Counterpane!., ocd coverlets, 
quilts, and bed spreads. F 68. 330 

672 Stafford & Co., Providence, R. I.— 
Cotton yams, hosiery cops, twilled goods. 
N 76. 233 

673 Minot, Hooper, & Co., Boston* 
Mass. — Bleachedcotton goods. F 69. 230 

676 Parwell Mills, Lisbon, Me.— 
Bleached and brown cottons. R 78. 930 

676 Morse, Kaley, & Co., Milford, N. H. 
—Knitting cotton, E 78, 230 

677 PtitDam Manufacturing Co., 
Providence, R. I. — Colored cotton goods. 
N 73- 330 

677rt White, R. T.. & Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Rag carpet warps and cotton 
batts. D 78. 230 

678 Clinton Manufacturing Co., Prov- 
idence. R. 1.— Bleached cotton goods. N 
73 S30 

see Key to Notation, p. 25 : ground plan, p. atf. 



Woven Gtoodft. 

(79 Dridffe If ill Cotton Maa«fiice«r. 

ing Co., Pruvidence, K. i.— BleacbeU col- 
umn goods. N 73. 9 JO 

580 Manville Co., Provideace. R. I.— 
Cotton goods, bleached and colored. N 
73- 2JO 

631 Ross, John L., Providence, R. I.— 
lliesfcched, unbleached, and colored coiton 
goods. N 73. 9ye> 

k^i Social Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dencc, K. 1. — Hrown, bleached, and col- 
ottttl cotton gooiis. N 73. ay> 

i)3 Warren Manufacturing Co., War- 
rrr. K. I.— Uteached aod colored couon 
t^«xxLs. N 73. 930 

584 Peabody Mills, Providence, R. i. 
—Colored cotton g«)0«U N 74. 330 

585 DyerviUe Manufacturing Co.. 
RkxTvidence. R. t.— I^nmn aitd oleachea 
cotton t^oods. N 73. 330 

588 BaUou, Oeo. C, & Son, Provi- 
dc;ice, R. I. — Brown, bleached, and col- 
ored cotton cloth. N 73. 930 

587 Silver Spring Bleaching & Dyeing 
Co , Provrdence, R. 1.— llleachine, dye- 
ing, and riiii>hing the \ranous grales and 
si>les of cotton cloth. N 73. 330 

588 Hooper, Wm. E., ft Sons, Balti- 
more. Aid. — Awning stripes. ciMtnn duck. 
1} tS a.^ 

589 Boston Manufacturing Co., Bos- 
ton. .Mass. — Cotton gnodv IJ 76 230 

590 Cabot Manufacturing Co., Bos> 
ton., .\la<s. — Couon gDod« B 70 «y> 

591 Gale & Co., Boston, Mass.— Lawn 
.\ni[ tuhcr tcnt«, canopies, and clothes 
i!r>cr. iOutsiJr.) 230 

592 Greene ft Daniela, Pawtucket, R. 
1 — ivory finish ajid >ix-cord spool cotton; 
gr.iy. bleached, and dyed cotton yarm. N 
7« 230 

593 Pall River Bleachery, Pall River, 
MasK. — Bl«iched oottoos, shiriingii, and 
sheetings. N 76. 2^3 

594 Lowell Bleachery, Lowell, Masa. 
—Reached and colored cotton fabrioi. N 

73. 230 

595 Amoskeag Manufacturing Co., 
XUiichesier, N. H.— Tickings, denims. 
tAiiingstripeb. cotton flannels, gingh.inu., 
Ctnc^ Minings, jeans, shirtings, sheetings, 
drillings. N 74. _3j 

)96 Naumkea^ Steam Cotton Co., Sa- 
lem, Mass. — Satteea^, Peiiiiot wide sheet- 
iogn, bleached and unbleached, 5-4, 6-4, 
7-4, 8-4, 9-4, 10-4: Naumkeag twilled 
sheeting, 8-4, ^-4, 10-4 ; Pcquol, 36 Inch 
and 40 inch ; kl Doraao, 36 and 40 inch 
sheetings. The product of these mills 
h.'u a reputation for softness and durability, 
and for general excellence .- the cotton 
u»eJ is especially selected with a view to 
securing these qualities, and the greatest 
care is used iu their manufacture. N 

74. 230 

597 Massachusetts Cotton Mills, Low- 
ell. Mats. — Sheeting, shirtings, drillings, 
etc. N 73. 930 

598 Treraont & Suffolk Mills, LoweH, 
Mass. — Brown and bleached cotton flan- 
nels, twenty •six varieties, from the light- 
est to the heaviest grade, for summer, tail, 
and winter wear, from tweoty-scven to 
<birty-5ix inches in width, Miperior in 
qtbdity of material, grade, and finish ; 

For cLiMen of exlit' ii>, liuticaterl by numbers at 

Siiffolk drills. Miied, brown imd bleached. 
Sheetings, shirtings, and comet jeans. >f 
73. a 30 

699 Appleton Co., Lowell, Mass.—Un- 
blcacKed;«heeiiugs and drillings. N 73. 230 

600 Boott Cotton Mills, Lowell, Mass. 
— Brown Mud bleached cotton.>. N 73. 230 

601 Shroder, P., & Co., New York. N. 
Y.— Hrown cottons, drills, and nankeens. 
H 73. »3o 

602 Nashua Manufacturing Co., 
Na!>hua, "N. H.— lin>wn and bleachod cot- 
tons, cotton flanncU. prlnttngs N 77. 230 

603 Jackson Co., Nashua, N. H.— 
Heavy brown cotlona. N 77. J30 

604 Ocean Mills Nashua, N. H.— 
Brown -uul bleached c«»tionA. N 77. 230 

605 Shetucket Co., Norwich, Conn.— 
Fancy btni>es, deuims, duclc>, cheviuts. 
N 77. '30 

606 Palls Co., Norwich, Conn.— Cotton 
duck, fancy colored duck iii.kings. N 
77. 230 

607 The Utica Steam Cotton Mills, 
Uttca, N. Y. — ^Very heavy and fine brown 
and bleached sheetings and shirtings, from 
one to three yards wide. N 74. ajo 

608 Mount Vernon Co., Baltimore, 
Md — I>iick and sail twine. Manufac- 
turers of c«>tton sal! duck, emuncling duck, 
hose and >>eliing duck, U. S. hummock, 
bagt and cui duclc; machine .iprou. and a 
supeiior article of duck for paper- makers' 
felting ; from seven to fifteen ounce army 
tent iuid awning duck, plain and in strioes ; 
cotton canvas, from nine to one hunured 
and thirty inches wide; bail twine, all 
numbers. 1) 78. 230 

609 Hadley Co., Boston. Mass.— Cotton 

yarns and w.'\rps, .spool cottons, threads : 
n.irness and !.eine twines. N 75. ij/n 

610 Union Wadding Co., Providence, 
K. f. — Cotton wavlifinn, batting, and nia- 
chiner>' w.xsie. F 74. /30 

611 Smith, H. E., & Co.. Providence, 
K. I. — Cotton y.iriis for hosiery, shawl, 
and carpet manufacmre. N 74. 930 

612 Richardson. C. D., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, !*«.— Tents, {OtttsiJe.) 930 

613 Hale, B. S., ft Co., Lawrence, 
M.ISS.— Fish lines. N 75. 230 

614 Laconia Company, Biddeford. 
Me.— Sheetings, shirtings, drill*, and 
jeans. K 78. 230 

'616 Pepperill Manufacturing Co., 
Biddeford, Me. — Sheetiogs, shirtings, 
drills, and jeans. R 78. 230 

618 Otis Company, Palmer, Mass.~ 
Deuinis. N 75. 330 

617 Palmer Mills, Palmer, Mass.— 
Drens gvuxis. N 75. 930 

61 7» Trainer, D., ft Sons, Lin wood 
Station, Pa. — Cotton yams and tickings. 
C 78. 230 

618 BrinckerhofT, Turner, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Duck, canvas, ravens, aw- 
ning stnjies, bags, twines, bunting. D 
73. 230 

619 Washington Manufacturing Co., 
Gloucester, N. J. — Printing cloths, etc. 
N 73. »J0 

633 Monadnock Mills, Claremont, N. 
H. — (^uiltst, counterpanes, and %iride sheet* 
Inns H 78 anti N 74. 23* 

end of cittries, Me Clafuiificacion. pi> 37-4$. 



Woven Goods. 

68S American Linen Co., Pall River, 
Mass. — Printing dochs. B 77. 230 

624 Anna wan Manufactory, Fall 
River, Mass.— Princii^ cloths. B 77. 230 

626 Barnard Manufacturing Co., Fall 
River, Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77, 330 

626 B3rder City Mills, Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 930 

627 Cbace Mills, Fall River, Maaa.— 
Printing cloths. B 77. 330 

628 Flint Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Priming cloths. B 77. 330 

629 Granite Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Priming cloths. B 77. 230 

6aO Mechanics Mills. Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

631 Merchants Manufacturing Co^ 
Fall River, Mass.— Printing cloths. B 
77. 230 

632 Metacomet Mills, Fall River, 
Mass.— Printing cloths. B 77. 330 

683 Narragansett Mills. Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

684 Osborn Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Printing cloths, B 77. 230 

685 Richard Borden Manufacturing 
Co., Fall River, Mass.— Printing cloths. 
B 77. 230 

636 Sagamore Mills, Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

687 Shove Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Priming cloths. B 77. 230 

688 Slade Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

689 Staiford Mills. Fall River, Mass.— 

Printing cloths. 6 77. 230 

640 Tecumseh Mills, Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

641 Troy Cotton and Woolen Manu- 
factory, Fall River, Moss. — Printing 
cloths. B 77, 




642 Wampanoag Mills. Fall 
Mask.— l^rinttng cloths. B 77. 

648 Weetamoe Mills, Fall 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 

644 Dwifi^ht Manufacturing Co.. w...- 
copee, Mass. — Brown and bleachea sheet- 
ings and shirtings. F 69. 230 

640 Lyman Mills, Holyoke, Mass.— 
Brown and bleached sheetings and thirt- 
; .ss, drills, lawns, cambrics, cotton flan- 
nels, etc. F 69. 330 

646 Great Falls Manufacturing Co., 
Great Falls, N. H. — Bleached and brown 
sheetings and shirtings. F 69. 230 

647 Schum, Philip, Lancaster. Pa.— 
Coverlets and counterpanes. Well known 
manufacturer of genuine Lancaster quilts, 
coveriets, counterpanes, carpets, cradle, 
bureau and tidy covers, slocking yams, 
woolen carpet chaias, etc. All kinds of 
dyeing done. These goods beinc all of 
my own manufacture, made of the very 
best of material, I guarantee them m rep- 
resented and to give entire satisfaction in 
every respect. G 78. 230 

647a Wood, Wm., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Coiionades. B 77. 230 

648 Methuen Mill, New York, N. Y.— 
Jute kigging. F 76. 23a 

649 Webster Mills, New York, N. Y.— 

Jute bagging. F 76. 230 

660 Neviaa MUl. New York, M. Y^ 

Jute bagging. F 76. 330 

601 Mississippi Mills, Wesson, 
Miss. — Yams, couoa, cottcaades. f 
76. 23c 

662 Bullock, George ft James M., Con- 
shohocken, O.— Cotton warp. F 75. 330 

668 Wortendyke Manufacturing Co.. 
Wortendyke, N. J.— Lamp wicks ana 
cotton yams. N 75. 331 

664 Moss Manufacturing Co., W^est- 
eriy, R. L-~Shirting9. 1^74. 2^ 

666 Harris Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. L — Bleached shirtings. 'J*he 
" Gem of the Spiadte" exeaipTifies ifae 
limit of fineness oonsistent with durability. 
N 74. 830 

666 Knight, B. B., ft R., Providence, 
R. L — Bleached cotton goods. N 75. 230 

667 Glasgow Conipany, South Hadley 

Falls, Mass. — dnghams, yams. N 
74- *y> 

668 Allendale Company,. Providence, 
R. I. — Bleached shirtings and sheetiugs. 
N 74. 9y> 

669 Groton Manufacturing Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Bleached goods. N 
74. ajo 

660 Franklin Mannfactttring Co.. 
Providence, R. L— Bleached ooitoos. N 
74. ajo 

662 Tucker, Carter, ft Co., New York, 
N. v.— Baggiiig. B 69. sjo 

663 Renfrew Manufacturing Co., 
SojJth Adams, Ma.<s.— B 75. 

a Cotton warps, skirtings. ayo 

i Ginghams. a3i 

e Cotton dress goods. 33a 

664 Gloucester Gingham Mills, Glou- 
cester City, N. J.— N 76.. 

It Cuttonades, shirtings. 930 

6 Ginghams, dress goods. 231 

665 Langdon Manufacturing Co.. 

Manchester, N. H.— Brown and bleached 
shirtings ; fine browu and bleached G. B. 
shirtings. N 74. 93a 

666 Whittenton Manufacturing Co., 
Taunton, Mass. — N 76. 

tfCottonades, shirtings, tickings, deninu, 

and awnings. 330 

3 Dress goo<u and fancy checks. 231 

667 York Manufacturing Co., Saco, 
Me. — Get). C. Richardson & Co., sell- 
ing agents, Boston and New York. N 74. 

aCottonadcs li^hl and heavy, ticking 28 
inches by m inches wide, denims puiin» 
striped, and plaid ; shirtings and skirtings. 


5 Dress goods. In great variety ; nankiiu, and 
seersuckeis. 231 

668 Everett Mills, Lawretice, Mass. 

— B 73- 
a Fancy cottons, cottonades, ticking, den- 
ims, cheviot. 230 

6 Stripes, ginghams, dress goods. 831 

669 Davoll Mills, Fall River, Maaa.— 
Selling agents, Wharton, Atkinson & Co., 
Philadelphia ; £. C. Whitman, New York. 

N 76. 
a Sheetings, pillow muslins, shirtings, sile- 

sias. ■ 230 

i Fancy cotton fabrics. 23a 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure^see Key to Noution, p. 25 ; ground plan. p. 26 



Woven QoodB, Pelting, Yam. 

670 Hamilton Manufaetarfng Co., 
luwdl. Mass.— N 73. 

« Tidciflgs, drilliogs, and canton flan- 
ikLs. 930 

t Printed and dyed calicoes, shirting and 
awDing stripes. 233 

671 Holt, R., PateraoD, N. J.— N 74. 
« Cotum and Turlush towels, teny doch, 

duston, ate. ^30 

t Liaea towels. 233 

673 Stark If ilia, Manchester, N. H. 

a Seamless bass, slieedngs, and drills, over- 
all and douUe ducks. 330 
i Linen crash toweling. 333 

t7S Mill villa Manufacturing Co., 

R. D. Wood & Sons, Philadelphia and 

New Yorle. sole agents. — F 75. 

a filcached shirtings, caoibrics, silesias. 330 

I Printed linings, umbrella cloths, veU 

luins. 331 

c Window hoUands, tiUottiags, etc 333 

674 Batea Manufacturing Co., L«w- 
inoa. Me.— R 78. 

aSUnngs, skirtingi, quilts, jeaas, towels, 

kniiting cotton, etc 330 

i Ginghams, damask, silesias. 23a 

c Lisa checks. 233 

67£ Ripka & Elton Mills. Philadelphia, 

Pa.— ^Totton manufactures. N 74. 331 

676 Lancaatar Mills, Clinton, Mass. 
—Fancy ginghams. N 77. 331 

677 Belfast Mills, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Ginghams. N 76. 33) 

678 Albion Print Works, Consho- 
hockea. Pa. — Solid coIon& suiiinipi^ plain 
blacks, grays, mourning print:*, shirtnigs, 
and printed articles for men. N 73. 232 

678<s Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Maas.— 

a Caoicoes. 033 

k Lawns, percales. 233 

•79 Hartel, Andreas, ft Co.. Penny- 
sack Print Works, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Ifaddor and fancy prints and shirtings. N 
75- 23a 

660 Brown, David S., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Madder fancies, shirtings 
snd mournings from Gloucester Manufac- 
turing Co., Gloucester, N. J. ; aniline, 
skfsriae^w, snd madder colcmand shirt- 
ings from Ancona Printing Co., Glouces- 
ter, N. J. N 77. 233 

611 Simpson, Wm., & Sona, 1 86 Cheat- 
nut ttrect, Pniladelpbia, Pa. — Calico prints 
IB mourning, &ncy, and shirting styles. 
Manufacturers ano calico printers of the 
popular alpaca finish, solid blacks, Berlin 
loUds of all colors, aniline blacks, moiirn- 
iiig prints, silver gra^', RddvKtone choco- 
lates, hair cloth cheviots, and fancy prinu. 
These styles are all East colors, and are 
printed exclusively on the best extra 64 
n^itart doch. N 75. aja 

662 Pretty, Grime, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Calico prints. N 74. 232 

666 Qrees^ S. H., ft Sona, Clyde 
Bleadiery and Print Works. River Point, 
R. I. — Printed calicoes. >i 74. 233 

664 Richmond Manufiscturing Co., 
Providence, R. I.— Printed calicoes. N 
75. 23* 

665 Manchester Mills, Manchester, 
N. H— Prims. N 73. 332 

Foretssieiief exhibits, iadlcaced by mimben 

656 American Print Works, Pall 
River, Mass. — Printed calicoes, percales, 
cambrics, shinircgs, indigo blues, greens. 
robes, seersuckers, etc. Special styles and 
colorings printed for export. N 75. 333 

657 Hamilton Woolen Co., South- 
bridge. Mass. — Prints, shirtinf prints, 
printed cambrics. N 74. 333 

688 Merrimac Mills. Lowell, Mass.— 
Printed and dyed calicoes. N 73. 333 

689 Stevens Linen Works, New York, 
N. Y.— Plain and twilled linen crashes 
and diapers. B 75. 233 

690 Barbour Flax Spinning Co., Pat- 
erson, N. J. — Flax threads. N 76. 333 

690" American Linen Thread Co., Me- 
chanicville, Saratoga county, N. Y. — 
Flux, gilling, and machine threads, warp, 
filling, and twines. Manufacturers of pat- 
ent linen thread (on spools and in skeins) 
of all kinds, numbers, and colors : also, 
gilling thread, of all numbers; machine, 
shoe, carpet, fringe, whip, and McKay 
threads, in all varieties; linen floss, selv- 
age, and hosewarj>; hose filling, broom 
and brudi twines; pink and variegated 
twines ; loom cord ; line and tow yams. 
All manufactured from the best foreign 
stock. H 75. 333 

691 McCrossan ft Parr, New York. 
N. v.— Printed linen and cotton, ana 
white cotton handkerchiefs. N 76. 333 

692 American Linoleum Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y. — Linoleum 
floor cloth. N 77. 334 

694 Blabon, Geo. W., ft Co,, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Fluor, carriage, uoholsterv. 
and table oil cloths and window shades. N 
77- 234 

696 Virolet ft Durlach, BlUabath, N. 
J.— Floor oil cloths. F 73. 234 

698 Potter, Thos., Sons ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Oil cloths. N 77. 334 

700 Brasher, Wm. M., ft Co„ Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.— Floor oil cloths. F71. 334 

701 Reeve, R. H. ft B. C, Camden, 
N. J.— Oilcloths. F71. 334 

702 Powers, D., ft Sons, New York, 
N. Y.— Floor oil ctoths. F 77 934 

Woven and Felted Ooodt of Wool and 
Kiztnre of Wool. 

703 Shaffner ft Stringfellow, Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Knitting cotton and Ger- 
mantown wool. B 75. 735 

708<t Knox Woolen Co., Ckmden, Me.— 
Paper makers' feltings and machinery 
cloths. R 78. 335 

704 Bacon, Chas. NI, Winchester, 
Mass.— Felts for polishing, printing, eras- 
ing, etc.: cotton and wool wadding. N 
74. »35 

706 New England Co., Rockville, 
Conn. — Fine fancy cassimeres, finest wool, 
fine spinning, indigo colors. The first 
mill in America to make fancy cassimercs. 
B 76. 235 

705a Noske, Henry. Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Woolen fcks, F 73. •35 

706 Philadelphia M^orsted Spinners* 
Associatnn, Philadelphia, Pa.— Worsted 
yams. F 75. »3S 

at end of entries, see Cla^iification, pp. fl^^S* 



Woven and Pelted Goods. 

707 MidniffM Yarn Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Woolen knitting and Germantown 
yams, reprcseniing process of manufac- 
iiire. B 77. »35 

708 Thornton, Samuel, ft Sons. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Woolen fabrics. N 76. 335 

709 Philips, James, jr., Pitchburg, 
Mtss. — Fine worsted coatings and suiting 
Hunt, Catlin, & Valentine, sole agents, 
107-113 Franklin street. New York, N. Y. 
B 77. ass 

709^ Kirkman, James, Chester, Pa.~ 
Doeskins. B 78. 235 

710 Ledward, J., & Son, Chester. 
Delaware county. Pa. — Cassimeres and 
doeiikins. B 76. 335 

711 Horstmann, Wm. H., ft Sons, 

Philadelphia, Pa. — Woolen knitting yarns. 
These goods are known generally as Ger- 
mantown, balmoral, cashmere, saxonia. 

and stocking vamK. They are particu- 
larly noted for brilliancy of colors, vari< 
of shade:*, evenness of tnread, and the « 

prices at which they are sold. H 73. 235 

713 Globe Woolen Co., New York, 

N. Y.— Fancy cassimeres. F 74, 235 

713 Dryfoos, L., ft Co., New York. 

N. Y. — F*elt skirts, embroidered and 
braided ; Italian cloth skirts, trhnmcd and 
quilted. B 77. 235 

71 So Kent AVoolen Co., Centreville, R. 
1. — Cassimeres. B 74. 235 

713^ Stillwater Woolen Mills, Still- 
water, R. 1. — Cassimeres. B 74.. 235 

714 Worumbo Manufacturing Co.. 
Lisbon Falls, Me. — Moscow beaver and 
other overcoatings. K 7S. 235 

715 Bel Air Manufacturing Co., Pitts- 
field, Mass. — Fancy all-wool cassimeres. 
F 73- 235 

716 Burlington Woolen Co., Wi- 
nooski Fall, Vt.— Woolens, castorines, 
moscows, kerse>'s, broadcloths, doeskins, 
elastic doeskins, elysiaus. F 73^1*/^ 74. 235 

717 Broad Brook Co., Broad Brook, 
Conn.— Fancy cassimeres. F 75. 235 

718 Weybossct Mills, Providence. R. I. 
—Fancy ca«isi meres. Samples of regular 
production made for the general market. 
Wendell Hutchiason & Co., New York, 
selling agents. F 74. 335 

719 Howard, R., ft Son, Apponang, 
R. 1.— Woolen .stocking yams, (ancy and 
plain colors. B 75. 235 

719« State of Oregon fby A.J. Dufur). 
— Woalen (abrics. H 71. 235 

720 Wanskuck Co., Providence, R. I. 

— Worsted coatings, overcoatiiifEi, kerseys. 
B 75. 235 

721 Rodman, Robt., La Payette, R. I. 
— Doeskins. N 75. 235 

722 Sawyer Woolen Mills, Dover, 
N. H.— Silk and wool cassimeres, fancy 
cassimeres, double and twist cassimeres. 
F 73. 235 

722a Clinton Mills Co., Norwich, Conn. 
— B 74. 
a Tweeds and repellents. 235 

S Blankets. 237 

723 Hinsdale Bros., Hinsdale. Masf. 
—Kerseys, beavers, worsted suitings, etc. 
B 74. 235 

Far lamtian sf^bjeeis, indicated by letter and figui 

724 Rockville Manufacturlog Cb.« 

Rockville, Conn. — Fancy cassimeres and 
worsteds. B 74. 235 

725 Hockanum Co., Rockville, Conn. 
— Fancy cassimeres and worsteds. B 
74. S3S 

727 Eddy's, Jesse, Sons, Pall River, 
Mass. — Woolens for men's wear, r 

74- 33s 

728 U.S. Bunting Co. Lowell, Mass. 
— Bunting, flags, worsted damasks ai»d 
moreens, skirtings, and dress bumiacs. H 
76. 235 

729 Middlesex Co.. Lowell, Maas.— 
Woolen goods. B 77. 23$ 

729^ Shuler ft Benninghofbn, HaiBi]« 
ton, O. — Fdts for paper -makers. B 

76. 23s 
729^ Uxbridge Woolen Co., Uxbrldge, 

Mass. — Cassimeres. B 74. 235 

780 Cermania Mills, Holyoke, Mass. 

— Rskimos, doeskins, and fur beavers, 
overcoatings. C 78. 235 

781 Norway Plains Co., Rochestssr, 

N. H.— Blankets. B 73. 235 

732 Norwich Woolen Co., Norwich. 
Conn. — Blankets and repellents. B73. 23; 

733 Union Manufacturing Co., Wol- 
coitville, Conn.— Black doeskins. B73. 235 

784 Meriden Woolen Co., West Meri- 
den. Conn. — Fancy cotton warp cassi- 
meres and coatings. B 73. 235 

734'! Baltic Woolen Mills. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Woolen goods. F 72. 235 

786 Niantlc Woolen Mills, Norwich, 
Conn. — Suitings and repellents. B 73. 235 

736 Mason, C. F., ft Co., Providence, 
R. I. — Fancy cassimeres. B 76. 235 

787 Wood, Morrell. ft Co.. ^Voodvale 
Woolen Mills, Johnstown. Pa. — Cassi- 
meres made from half-blood wool. B 

77. 835 
738 Kirkman, Jamen, Chester, Pa.— 

Doeskins. B 78. 23s 

740 Peirce, C. W. ft J., Bristol, Pa. 
— G 78. 

a Polishing felts and crumb cloths. 
3 Skirts. 

741 Mississippi Mills, Wesson, Misa. 

—Wool fillings, jeans, cassimeres, tweeds, 
linseys. F 76. 235 

742 Bullock. Geo. ft Jas. M.. Consbo- 

hocken Woolen Mills, Conshohodcen. Pa. 
—Doeskins, moscows, beavers, cloth. P 

75- 235 

743 Pox, Henry, ft Co., Urbana, O.— 
D 78. 

a Cassimeres, tweeds, satinets, and 

yarns. 935 

3 Flannels. 236 

744 Belfast Mills, Philadelphia, Pa. 

a Cheviots. 935 

6 Dress goods. 238 

745 Roy, Tas.. ft Co., Wcat Troy, 

N. Y.— F 77. 



a Suitings and yams. 
d Woolen shawls. 


746 Pay, C. J., Camden. N, J.— 

a Felt roofing and sIdinjtOQ IC ;qj 

6 Ceiling and floor carpeting. 235 

e, see Key to Notation, p. 25 ; grsund plan. p. 26 



Woven Qoods. 


747 McKm, Jos. D^ Penn Knitting 
Mills Phiiadeiphia. Pa.~N 74. 

a Cloths^ fancy woolen goods. 335 

i Wonted shawls. 937 

748 Bates Manufacturing Co., Lewis- 
urn. Me.— R 78. 

a Beavers and repcDents. 
A DreA goods. 

749 Lippitt M^oolen Co., Providence, 
R. I— B 73. 

« Fiy<»ian beaver overcoatingK, iancy castt- 

nem, and suiting. 335 

/ Flana^ 336 

750 Peace Dale Manufacturing Co., 
Peace Dale, R. 1.— F 77. 

« Casaimem, coatings, lastings, etc. 935 
i WooleB shawls. S37 

7S1 Scbofield, Seville, 
Pa.-B 74. 
s Piece goods and coatings. 



752 Camden ^Voolen Milla, Philadel. 

phb. Pa.— B 76. 

m Woc^ goods, cassimcxes, suitings, doak- 

bigs. reixUents. 335 

i Vwd opera flannels. 236 

c Dtt» goods, etc- 338 

75S Phpia Woolen Mills, P. Gray, 

O'Kmall & Co., Pioua. O.— B 75. 

a Raper-makers' fourarinier and cylinder 

vet and press felts and jackets, for all 

\hdi of paper. All felts warranted. 333 

i Flannds. 336 

e Rbinkets. 337 

754 Washington Mills, Lawrence, 
Mass.— F 73 attdf 74. 

M Woissed coatings, doaktngs, and repel- 
lents. 335 
i Fhunds. 336 
e Wonted goods, shawls, and dress 
gQOdl. 338 

755 Laadenberg er*e, Martin, Bonst 

Philadelphia, Pa.— F 67. 

ff Wonted coatings and yams. 335 

* Shawls. 937 

c Dress goods. 238 

756 Oobson, Jno. & Jas., PhtladeU 
phia. Pa.— U 77. 



757 SteSsn, P., ft Co., Philadelphia, 

« Coalings. 335 

i Shawls. 337 

f Wonaied dress goods. 238 

758 Pontoosuc Woolen Manufactur- 
unf Co., Pitt<ifield, Ma-ss.— F 76. 

A .All-wool ck)ths and repdlents. 335 

^Sleeping car blankets Snd snttmer 

dusters. 337 

t Dreu goods. 338 

J Carnage rugs. 339 

759 Belvidere Woolen Manufacturing 
Co.— Fhnnels, F 74, 236 

TSl Ballard Vale Mills. New York, 
N. Y.— Fine white flannels. B 77. 236 

788 Waumbeek Co., New York, N. 

V.—Plain white flanneb. B 77. 336 

768 Norwav Plains Co.. New York. 
N. Y.— Plain white flannels. B 77. 236 

764 Lucas, B., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.«-Plain white domets and Shakers. B 
77 »36 

f» daascs of exhibits, imlicate-l *-• w«nibe»^ 

a Ooths. 
i Rlankets. 
e Carpets. 

765 Qroveland Mills, New York, N. 
Y. — Scarlet, yellow, and blue plain flan- 
nels,. scarlet and blue twilled flannels, scar- 
tet Shaker opera flannels, B 77. 336 

766 Columbia Spring Co., New York. 
N. Y.— Fancy flannels. B 77. 236 

767 Stott, C. H. ft P. H., New York. 
N. Y.— Mixed twilled flannel. B 77. 336 

768 Titus, B., ft Sons, New York, N. Y. 
— White and Shaker flannels. B 77. 336 

770 Gilbert, Geo. H., Manufacturing 
Co., Ware, Ma.«is. — F 73. 

a Flanneb — white, opera, silV warp, plaid, 
moleskin, swansdown, gauze, medicated, 
etc. 336 

S Blankets. 337 

771 Bachman, S., New York, N. Y.— 
Shawls. B 75. 237 

77lASandford Mills, Sandford, Me.- 
Carriage robes. R 78. 237 

772 Gibson ft Tvler, New York, N. Y. 
— Fine white blankets. B 77. 337 

772^ Bloodgood. Mrs. I. S., New York, 
N. Y.— Embroidered afghans. N 53. 837 

773 Waterloo Woolen Manufacturing 
Co., Waterloo, N. Y.— Woolen shawls. 
B 77. 937 

778« Bishop ft Northrup, Wyandotte, 
Mich.— Woolen robes, mats, and dusters. 
F 71. 237 

774 Mission Woolen Mills, San Pran- 
Cisco, C.1I. — B 75. 

a Blanfccls. «37 

A Woolen fabrics. 338 

775 Arlington Mills, Lawrence, Mass. 
— Black alpacas, in teaqualities: black mo- 
hair briMiantines, in five qualities; figured 
mohair brilliantrncs, in two qualities; and 
roubaix poplins, in assorted colors. The 
black alpacas and mohair brilHantines are 
**warp dyed," and are made from the 
choicest materials, in the most thorough 
manner. Especial attention is invited to 
the softness of finish, brilliancy of color 
and liLsire, uniformity and perfectioij of 
manufacture. The roubaix poplin is a 
"yarn dyed" fabric,— not dyed in the 
piece,— consequently, the strength of the 
fibre is preserved, and the color made 
more permanent than if "piece-dyed." 
The peculiarity of the finish is such that 
the goods will not cockle, f 77. 238 

775a Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass.— 
Poplins, alpacas, serges, cashmeres, reps, 
jacquards, cretonnes, jaconets, and cripe. 
B 73. '38 

776 Peckham Manufacturing Co., 
Providence, R. I. — Woolen and merino 
knitting yams, tweeds, doeskins. B 76. 238 

777 Manchester Mills, Manchester, 
N. H.— Woisted dress goods. N 73. 238 

778 Turner. John, Norwich, Conn.— 
Dyed ana printed worsted, woolen, and 
cotton yams, for weaving, knitting, etc. 
B 77. 238 

779 Tunxis Mills, Poquonnock, Conn. 
— ^\Vhite and colored worsted yams ; pro- 
cess of manufacture from raw wool. B 
76. B38 

780 Parr Alpaca Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Alpacas, serges, cashmeres, fancy 
linings. B 74. .. 238 

781 Hamilton Woolen Co., South- 
bridge, Mass.— Delaines, reps. N 74- «j8 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. «7-45* 



Woven Goods, CarpMs, Silk. 

78B Wood, Wm., ft Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Wool mixture suidngs. B77. 338 

782a Chapman & Bros., Belfast, Me.~ 

Dry goods. N 76. 238 

783 Walshaw. Wm., SaxonvUle. 
Mass. — Colored wool and yams. F 69. 338 

7 8 80 White, Payson & Co., Boaton, 
Mass. — Cotton and worsted textile &brics. 
N 73. a38 

784 Lowell ManuCacturing Co., Boa- 
ton, Mass. — F 77. 

a Seiges and tastings. 338 

b Wilton and Brussels, two and three ply 
ingrain carpeting. S39 

785 Blake. C. H. ft F. D., New York, 

N. Y. — Alpacas, mohairs, cashmeres, and 
worsted serges. B 75. 238 

788^Vy^ood ft Haslam, Camden, N. J. 

a Turkey red yam. 838 

h Quilts, table cloths. 241 

787 Smith, Alex., ft Sons Carpet Co., 
Yonkers, N. Y. — Power loom, Axminster, 
tapestry Bmssels, and tapestry ingrain car- 
pettngs. F and H 73 to 76. 239 

787<> McCalium, Crease, ft Sloan, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Ingrain carpets. H75. 239 

788 Wentworth, C. B., ft Co., Boaton, 
Mass. — Star-quilted carpet lining. F75. 239 

788a Hutchison, J. ft H., Brooklyn, N. 
Y. — Rugs and mats. O 78. 239 

789 Gibb ft Co.. Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Kag carpet. F 77. 239 

789« Sefikrlea ft Frits, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Carpet warps. F 77. 939 

790 Dornam, Bros, ft Co., Philadel- 

fhia, Pa.— Ingrain carpets and damask. 
' 77- 339 

790oMayall, Miles, Boston, Mass.— 
Carpet linings and stair pads. D 78. 239 

791 Bromley, Jno., ft Sons, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Ingrain and damask Venetian 
carpets. H 77. 239 

791a Bailey, Edw. H., New York, N. Y. 
— Carpet hning and stairj>ads. E 78. 339 

792 Leedom, Shaw, ft Stewart, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Carpetings. F 77. 939 

792^ Lewis, Willard, Walpole, Mass. 

— Carpet lining. D 78. 239 

f93 Chipman, Geo. W., ft Co., Boston. 

Mass. — Carpet lining and stair pads. F 

75. 239 
794 Taylor, lae.. ft Muller, S. N., 

Newark, £>el.— Rag and rug carpet. F 
74. 239 

796 Hartford Carpet Co., Hartford, 
Conn. — Brussels and three and two ply in- 
grain carpeting. F and H 73 to 76. 239 

796 Wagan, R. M., Mount Lebanon, 
N. Y.— The Shakers' plush floor rugs. P 
5». 239 

797 Ivins, Dietx, ft Magee, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Three and two ply ingrain car- 
pets. H 75. 239 

798 Bigelow Carpet Co., Clinton, 
Mass. — Jacquard Brussels and Wilton car- 
pets, rugs and mats. F and H 73 to 

76. 239 

799 Lowell Carpet Co., Boston, Mass. 
—Wilton and Bruasols, two and three ply 
ingrain carpeting. F and H 7^ to 76. 239 

For locatioo of ofajects, indicated by letter and iigtii 

%00 Roxbury Carpet Co., Boston, 

Mass.— Tapestry caxpetiag. r amd H 73 

. to 76. 239 

801 Read Carpet Co., Bridi^eport. 
Conn.— Two ply ingrain carpeu. H 
77. «39 

802 Farrinjrton ft Kinsey, Rabway, 
N.' J.— wool extracted binn rags. .8 

76. 240 

808 Pawtucket Hair Cloth Co., Paw- 
tucket, R. I.— Automatically woven hair 
cloths for upholstery. B 74. 240 

Bilk and Silk Fabrics, and Miztares 
in whloh Silk is the predominating 

804 Belding Broa. ft Co., Rockville, 

Conn.— H M. 
a Twisted silk in gum, raw silk, cocoons. 24a 
6 Machine twists; sewings, embroidery, and 

saddlers' silks ; buttonhole twist. 243 

805 Aub, Hackenburg.ft Co., Philadel- 

Shia, Pa.— H 76. 
aw silk and cocoons. S42 

6 Machine and buttonhole twist, sewing and 
spool silk. a43 

806 Pranke, Louis, New York, N. Y. 

— H 74. 
a Thrown silk. 242 

6 Silk fringes, passementerie, braids, cords, 

ta.^els. 949 

806« Boissiere, B. V. de, WUIiamsbarc, 

Kansas. — H 74. 

a Silk cocoons, raw silk, and silk-worm 
eKgs,produoed in Kansas. 342 

^Tei •• 

uvec ribbons. 


807 Hamil ft Booth, Pateraon, N. J. 

— H 76. 

a Raw and thrown silks. 243 

6 Dress goods, tie silks. 243 

c Ties. 247 

d Ribbons. 248 

808 Seavey,Poster,ft Bowman,Boston, 
Mass.— H 75. 

a Cocoons, raw silk. 242 

i Twisted silk. 243 

808'< Newmann, Joseph, San Francisco, 

Cal.— H 75. 
a Cocoons, raw silk, silk-worm eggs. 242 
^ Silk flags. 247 

809 Werner. Itschner, ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Silk ribbon fabrics. H 
74. 843 

810 Brainerd,Armstrong, ft Co., offices, 
469 Broadway, New York; 301 Market 
street, Philadelphia; 13 German street. 
Baltimore. — Spool and fkein siUcs, lor 
families, mcrcnant tailors clothing manu- 
facturers , and shoe manufacturers. Hand- 
some cabinets furnished to rctailci*. 
Having no western or southern office, we 
will make liberal arrangements widi aeal- 
ers, or resnoosible parties wishiz^ to act 
as agenu for those «ections. H 75. 243 

811 Hovey, F. S., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Sewing silks and maclune twists. H 
76. 843 

812 Morel, Chas.,ftSona, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Skein silks, dyed. H 76. S43 

e, see Key to Notation, p. 25 ; ground plan, p. a6 



Silk, Clothixks. 

UA Cheney Brothers, Hartford iiod 

SoMh Uandtmta, Cosm.^U 75. 

s Twist. 343 

t Spun silks and spun silk fabrics. 344 

r Dress gdods, serges, florendnes, and foil- 

lards. 345 

i/Orsanzine, txam, and handkerchiefi. 247 

e RiEboos. «4i 

114 Atwood ft Richmond, Brooklyn, 

Conn.— Ounce silk machine twist, black 

and colon. H 77. 343 

Sift Nonotack Silk Co., Florence, 

Mass.— Black and colored machine twist, 

bnttonhde twist, embroidery and sewing 

sUk. H 74. 343 

816 Hayden, J. H., A Son, Windsor 
Locks, Conn. — Black sewing silk. H 

817 Heminway, M., ft Sons SUk Co., 
Xcw York, JN. Y.— 5pool, embroidery, 
and saddlers' silk ; machine and buttun- 
hole twist, etc. H 73. 343 

U8 HolUadMauin£sctttriii^Co.,WiUi- 
ouBtic, Conn. — Silk madune twist and 
sewing silk. H 74. 343 

819 Beare, Fred., Peterson, N. J.— 
MSfineiy, tie, auid umbreHa silks. H 
77- 244 

880 Strange, "Wtn., ft Co., Peterson, 
X. J.-fl 73. 

a Millinery and dress silks. 345 

I Ribbons. 348 

811 Dexter, Lambert, ft Co., New York, 

a SUk piece goods. a4S 

i Ribbons. 24^ 

t Drass trimmings. S49 

828 Wri^bt, Wm. P., Philadelphia, Pa. 
~CMed silks and muslins. H 70. 343 

835 WeidmanndkGreppo, Peterson, N. 
J— Dyed silk, blacks and colors. H 
yi. 346 

826 American Silk Label Manfactur- 
tng Co., 389 Bro<»ne street. New York, N. 
Y.— Names of signers of Declaration of 
independence, labiels, and other designs, 
woven m slik; for clothiers, merchant 
taiknt and batten. H 77. 346 

827 Meyenberg, S. M., Peterson, N. |. 
Oftce, 40 Lispcnard street. New York. 
— N74. 

• UplwhtearT satins. 346 

^ Ladies' silk scarfr, sewing silk veils ; milli- 
nery silks and s^axxe fabrics. 347 

8B8 Stearns, Jqo. N.,& Co., New York, 

s Brocade silks. 346 

i Silk handkerchlei^. 347 

829 New York V^oven Label Manufac 
luring Co. New York, N. Y.— Woven 
bbel« and hangers. H 74. 347 

881 Horstmann, W. H., ft Sone, Phil. 
addphia. Pa. — Dress, carriage, uphols- 
tery, and undertakers' trimmings ; narrow 
textile iabrtcs : passementerie. U 73. 349 

822 Kohn, ToHas, Novelty Weeving 
and BraidtTK W'lrks. Hartford, Coun.— 
Star and emoroidery braids. H 76. 349 

828 Dale Manufacturing Co., Paterson, 
N. ^.— <S3k. nohair, and fancy trimming 
hnuds: cords, bindings, hat bands, braided 
sewings, and watch guards. U 75. 349 

128 Pleiaber, 8. B. ft U., Pbiladel- 
phia, pB.-~Alpaca braids. F 71. 349 

Foe dasso of exhibits, indicated by nnmbcra 

ase ftutro Bros.. New York, N. Y.^^ 

Embroidery braids, put up 01. patent cards, 
stating correctly the measurement of eadi 
skein. K 71. 349 

837 Nottingham Lace Worke, Brook- 
lyn. N. V. — Guipure, thread, cashmere, 
and other laces and trimmings ; hair nets. 
Manu&cturers from original designs of 
guipure laces, thread, cashmere, Spanish 
ana millinery laces, silk purlings, lace 
fringes, hair nets, etc.; also, a specialty 
of all desiraUe styles of silk lace ties ah« 
scar&. Orders sent to A. G. Jennings. 
438 Broome street. New York. H 75. 349 

838 Turner, John, Norwich, Conn.— 
Picture and furniture cords. B 77. 349 

839 Goflr, D., ft Son, Pawtucket, R. I. 
— Alpaca skirt braid. F 71. 349 

840 Silver Lake Co., Boston, Mass.— 
Solid braided cords. F 68. 349 

841 Kelty, O. L., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Furniture coverings, vmps, fringes, 
cords, tassels, and other upholstery goods. 
C7B. "49 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Onuunents, 
Traveling £qnipment«. 

842 HSpke, A. B., Harrisburg, Pa.— 
Knit goods and embroideries. F (S9. 250 

842^ Lowery ft WilUams, Utica, N. Y. 
— Merino and cotton underwear. F 73. 350 

843 Moore, Leopold, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B 69. 

a Wrappers, shirts. 350 

6 SUk hats. 351 

843<s Munson Manufacturing Co., Co- 
hocs, N. Y. — Merino and cotton under- 
wear. F 73. 350 

844 Sachse, F., ft Son, S. E. corner 
Eijihth and Vine .streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Fine.<it American dress shirts; also, 
cricket, club, fire, base-ball, yachting, and 
society shirts. F 69. 350 

844a Meyer, Jonasson, ft Co., New 
York, N. v.— Felt skirls. F 78. 350 

845 Butterick. E., ft Co.. New York, 
N, Y. — Paper patterns for ladies' and 
children's garments. H 70. 250 

846 Maize ft Schwarts, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Military uniforms. C 78. 250 

847 Chapman, Mrs. Dr. H. M., 219 
South Eighth, and 336 South Fifth street, 
Phiiadelpliia, Pa.— Patent skirt support* 
ing, shoulder brace, puff corset. Requires 
no padding ; allows the form its natural 
shape without pressure. F 69. 350 

8470 Wyoming Valley Knitting Co., 
Pittston, Pa.— Hosiery and unden^'ear, 
F 73. 250 

848 Cooper, Henry Prouse, New York, 
N. Y.— Clothing. F 73. 350 

849 Schuyler, Hartley, ft Graham, 
New York, N. Y.— Military and naval 
equipments, society and theatrical goods. 
F70. 250 

849a Moeller, C. H., St. Louis, Mo.^ 
Netted underwear. F 71. 350 

850 Glazier. J. J., Bro. ft Co., Phila- 
delphla. Pa.— Brown, bleached, and ccIf 
ored hose and half hose. F 73. 350 

850a Fall River Merino Co., Fall River, 
Mass.— Ladies' and men's underwear. F 
73. »50 

at end of entries, sec Classilicntion, pp. 37^45. 



Clothing, Ornaments. 

851 JodaoD Bros., New York, N. Y^ 
Shirts, underwear, drawers. F 70. 250 

S5ln Weldcn, Dana, A Co., Sao Pran- 
ciitco, Cal.— -Stocking supporters, ladies' 
belts, etc. F 71. as© 

853 Thalheimer ft Hirach, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.-— Genilemen's white and £>^ncy 
shiru, iiaderwear, collats, and cuffs. F 
6z. 250 

852« Dudley Hosiery Co., Newtoa 
Lower Falls, Mass.— K.nic underwear, 
hosiery. F 73. 250 

858 Michaelis & Kaakel, 653 Broad- 
way. New York, N. Y. — Shirts, under- 
wear, and pjamas ; ami-rheumatic flan- 
nels, and embroideries. Manufacturers 
of the finest dress shiru and underwear, 
to order only; embroiderers, and im- 
porters of gentlemen's funuKhing goods ; 
depot for Dent's London-made kid gloves, 
Cartwright and Wanier's merino under- 
wear, and Martin's umbrellas ; sole agents 
in the United States for Lairitr's cele- 
brated anti-rheumatic flannels and me- 
dicinal preparations. Office, durine the 
exhibition, at the Transcoatlnenial Hotel, 
opposite the Main Building. F 67. 250 

853o Leighton, Chaa., New Orleaas, 
La.— Shirt. F 71. 350 

854 Harvey ft Baird, , Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Shirts. F 72. 350 

854a Eager, P^ B., Tower, ft Co., Bos- 

ton, Nlass. — C 78. 
a Oiled clothing. 
^ Oiled hats. 


855 Qriswold, Catherine A., New 

York, N. Y.— Corsets. F 69. 250 

856 Devlin ft Co., Clothiers, Broad- 
way, corner Grand street ; Broadway, 
corner Warren street. New York, N. Y. 
— Military uniforms, for army, navy, and 
national guard ; gentlemen'^ dress and 
business suits; duck vests, robes-de- 
chambre, breakfast jackets, and^ shirts ; 
also, boys' and youths' clothing. P 
67. 250 

866« Hemple, J. C, Baltimore, Md. — 

Rubber cloth diaper. F 7a. 250 

857 Prindle. G. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Mufis and boas, caps, cloaks, afghans, 
capes, hoods, designs for bed spreads. 
F 70. 250 

857<' Thudium, C. A., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Woolen and worsted cardigan 
jackets. B 79. 250 

858 Moore, George, New York, N. Y. 
— Bias and bias neck cutter. H 71. 250 

858^ Bishop & Northrup, Wyandotte, 
Mich. — Wool dusters. F 71. 250 

850 Thomas. A. W., Philadelphia* 

l*a.— Biistle, skirt elevator, bosom form. 
F 70. 250 

859<> Jacobs. 3trouse,ft Co.. New Vork^ 
N. Y. — Corset clasps and busks. 1 
60, 350 

860 Rosenbach ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Shirts, pantaloons, overalls, drawers. 
F 68. 250 

860'» Schoenhof, J., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Skirts in embossed and trimmed 
effects. F 70. 250 

861 Conrad Bros., I^iladelphia, Pa.— 
Shirts, collars, cuRs, etc. F 07. 250 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure 

#08 Nationnl Snapender Co., 

York, N. Y.— Shoulder braces aad sus- 
penders. F 68. 330 

868« Oliver. Thomas, New York, N. Y. 

— Transfer for measuring and cuuing 
coats. P 68. 350 

863 Cohn, M., ft Co., Novelty Corset 
Works, New York, N.Y.— Woven corsets. 
P69. s^ 

864 Piqua Woolen Mills, Piqua, O.— 
Jackets and woolen socks. B 75. 250 

865 Taylor. S. T., New York, N. Y.— 
S}*stem of dressmaking, bias cutter, fashion 
journals F 71. ajo 

866 HoDkins, W. T., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Ladies* and children's undergar- 
ments, infants' dresses, hoop skirts, cor- 
sets, panniers, bustles. F 69. 330 

867 Horstmann, Wm. H., ft Sons, 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Military and theaixi- 
cal gooos. Military, society, r^;alia, 
church, and theatrical goods ; flags, ban- 
ners, bunting, army, navy, national 
guard, and rand equipments, in great 
variety; regalia, jewels, and propeniea 
for Masonic Blue lodges, chapters, com* 
manderies, Scottish Kite, ana other so- 
cieties; Knights Templar uniforms a 
specialty. A lull line of materials and 
trimmmgs suited to pJl the above lines. H 
73. 350 

868 Demorest, Mme., New York, 
N. Y. — Fashion patterns and bulletin, 
dress-cuKing system, coisets, shoulder 
brace, skirt and stocking suspenders. 
F68. 350 

869 Nashawannuch Manufacturing 
Co., Easthampton, Mass.; %ctories. 
Easthampton, Mass. : saiesrooas, 74 and 
76 Worth street. New York.— Kla<( tic 
rubber suspenders and webs. Manufac- 
turers of elastic suspenders, frills, and 
webs, in silk, worsted, and cotton ; new 
styles, plain and figured^ in great variety, 
coostantK' produced. 'This company suc- 
cess fully introduced in this country 
" Goodyear's" patent vulcanized rubber, 
in woven elastic goods, suid contivues its 
use very extensively. F 67. 350 

871 Thompson. B. O., merehnnt 
taik>cittg, 008 Walnut street. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Ooining. Exemplification of me- 
chanical and artistic tailoring is displayed 
in these garments, made to order for com- 
petition, desi^nea, also, to illustrate char- 
acteristic national workmanship, in their 
embelluhment, by trimmina made of the 
national colors and coins ; also parti cubir 
merit is claimed for the perfect fitting 
pantaloons, cut according to the process 
patented by the exhibitor. F 71. a^ 

872 Sternbergor, L. ft S., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — White shirts. Manufacturers 
of the "Eclipse" fine white shirts; shirt 
fronts, drawers, overalls, etc, F 68. 250 

873 Norfolk ft New Brunswick Ho. 
Mcry Co., New Brunswick, N. J. — 
Ladies', gentlemen's, and children's 
knitted underwear; shirts, vests, pants, 
and drawers ; ladies' and misses' union 
dresses, gentlemen's and boys' mpnno 
wool half hose ; ladies' and misses* 
merino and wool hose and three-quaner 
socks, in various colors. We manufac- 
ture only full fa^ioned or ro^lar made 
eoods of fine qualities. H. J. Ubby ft 
Co., agenu. No. 57 White street, New 
York. F 70. 350 

, see Key to Notation, p. 35; ground plan, p. a^ 





i2srooiai>oia^Tsi) 3 o^dio- as, xees. 

lSSETS, over - ~ ""- ^ - - $3,000,000 

■ » ■ 

Strictly Mutual. Distinguished Tor careAil selection 
if risks, prudent investment of funds, great economy, 
tnd liberality to its policy-holders. 


SBCctffott to VX B. W^SMX * CO., 


'T^7Ta.ol»aRl» JDoaJj9xm lax 


Southeast coroer Che^niit and Seventh Streets, first floor, 

fUfo F. Cowovnt. B. Frank Wixxiams. C. Edgar Rigrtbx. 



Manufacturers and Importers of 

Jiilitary, Society Jlegalia, Church, 




^14. 1876. 







Cragin Co., Philadelphia. 

No one will fail to notice the mammoth 
cake of this wotid-reaowned soap, exhib- 
ited by its manufacturers, and weiring 
zocx> pounds. Its purity and meritt are 

well known. One trial will show the moat 
ske{>ti<:al its sim>eriority. 

Don't leave town without getting some 
for trial. Make your 9t)cer keep it. Look 
over our exhibit of ^nulne letten In its 

Nathan E. Morgan. 

Chas. B. Hbaolt. 





t8-KAaAT runrunt, oo: humowm a gncuirr. 

^j£rtisan J:£all, 61 1 and 613 Bansora 8i. 

ir*,M' r !' I A T )EI,»g STT A , 



Aa oxUUML l&thd Biitlih Sfction, lblB^BTiIldta& by 

Messrs. Miy^oy, y:oLLiirB <& CO,, 

(The Founders of the Manufacture in 1840) and as laid by us in the CAPITOLr 

A Large Stock of all klxidB on hand, imported and 
for sale by 

MTTiTiTCB & GOATES, Agents/ 

THE "PimBUR&H commercial: 


TIBIC8 rofi TBS^"DAl2i7 OOlOttBOliL "-ToeUge Vnt t« SolMrfbtti. 
By Man, p» Annum . #10.00. By Mafl^lbr She Months, ^.00. By MaU,iBC ThsM Months. 

$3^50. By Mail, for One Month, 85 cents. Delivered by Carriers, is cents per week. 
'« WEEKLY COMMERCIAL " [Postage Prepaid.] One Copy, One Year, $1.75. 


J. J. 3. BsmrNCBK. 

Miners and Shippers of Coal 

207 WAUHJT STBTO, ^o^ie 


New York Olllct. 

Ill breadway. ' 
Boston OJIgSj^ ^ ^ 




874 Warner Bros., New York, N. Y. 

—Corset and skirt supporter, oonet waist. 
F70L 250 

875 Bowers, Jas., & Co., Newark, 
N. J.— Sewed corsets and rivetless corset 
cbsps. F69. . 250 

876 Alkinton, Henry, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— White shirts, buckskin shirts, and 
draweis. F 70. 250 

877 ZSuner. Henry, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Lace, silk, and meo caps, hand knit 
snd crochet aepnyr goods, for ininits. F 

879 Bona, L., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Dress »uii. F 69. 350 

880 Wilson, J. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Military goods. F 70. aso 

881 Poy ft Harmon, New Haven, 
Coon.— Sklrt-snppoTting coraet. F 69. 350 

888 America Hosiery Co., New Brit- 
ain, Conn. — Wool, merino, and cotton un- 
denrear, hosiery. F 68. 250 

883 Worcester Corset Co., Worces- 
ter, Mass.— Conets, corset and skirt sup- 
pnnen. F 69. 250 

884 Boston Comfort Corset Co., Bos- 
ton, Mais.^Conct without bones. F 
69. 250 

889 Palmer & Williams, Boston. 
Mass. — Jacqttdine corsets and misses 

F 6q. . 250 

886 Danham, T. M., ft Brother. New 
Ccdrord,— White laundriea shiru 
and shin bosoms. F 68. 350 

887 RockhiU ft Wilson, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Qotlung. F 69. 350 

888 Lowell Hosiar^ Co., LoweU. 
Mass.- Womeu's plain cotton hose. ¥ 
69. 350 

889 Wanamakrr ft Brown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Gentlemen's, yoiuhs', and 
children's icady-made clothing; gentle- 
men's furnishing goods. B 67. 350 

890 Waoamaker, John, & Co., Phila- 
deiphta, Pa. — Ancient and modem cloth- 
iag iipm by American gentlemen during 
the past century. F 67. 250 

893 Csmminifs, 1. 8., ft Co., Phila- 
ddpfaia. Pa.— bcarik, cravats, stocks, 
bows, and neck wear. F 68. 250 

898 Hoghes, Thos., ft Co., Bristol. 
Pa —Cotton, merino, and wool hosiery. F 
7-x 2^0 

894 Strahan, Hodgson, ft Co., New 
York. N. Y. — Linen collais and cuffs. F 
7». 250 

895 American Suspender Co., Water- 
bjiry. Conn. — Webbing frills and su.spend- 
en. F 68. 250 

896^ Brewster Bros ft Co., Birming- 
ham. Conn. — Cot^ets, combined corset 
and skirt supXK>rters, corset clasps. F 
fid 85© 

897 Gabriel, Henrv, ft Sons, Allen- 
tovrn. Pa.— Knitted woolen and cotton ho- 
siery. F 68. 250 

898 American Molded CoUar Co., 
B«con. Mam.— Combined cloth and lea- 
ser eolkrt. These collan are well known 
ibr their complete shape to the neck. The 
collars and cuib have a pure starch finish, 
and are suitable for any gentleman to 
wear, always being of the latest fashion. 
The " moldtog" process, by which eadi 

For cla s se s of exhibit* indicated by nnmbers 

collar is made to fit the neck perfe tlf tnd 
easily, is controlled exclusively oy tiis 
company. ' These goods liavc haea 
awarded the first prize at several expo- 
sitions. F 70. 350 

899 Frost, Geo., ft Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Corsets, waists, hose supporter, emanci- 
pation suit, and under-flannel. F 70. 350 

900 Sweet, Orr, ft Co., factory, Wap- 

pinger's Falls, N. Y. ; office, 345 Broad- 
way, New York City. — Orr's pantaloons, 
overalls, and engineer jackets. The pe- 
culiar cut of the^e overalls must be 
noticed, by which such seat-room is given 
that the wearer feels perfect easc,^ in all 
positions ; no binding or straining in any 
part; their strmgth is such that they 
are " warranted never to rip." F 76. 250 

901 Bickford, Dana, New York, N.Y. 

—Knitted articles made on Dana Bick- 
ford's knitting machines. F 68. 850 

902 Beatty Hosiery Mills, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Hosiery. F 73. 250 

908 Landenberger's, Martin, Sons, 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Hosiery and knit 
goods. F 67. 350 

004 United States Corset Co., New 

York, N. Y. — Corsets. B 71. 250 

909 Shsrpless ft Sons, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Ladies' cosumies. B 68. 250 

006 Rothschild Bros, ft Qutmsn, New 
York, N. Y.— Shirtt, drawers, and under- 
shirts. F 69. 250 

907 Cameron. Wm.. ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Embroidering, braiding, and 
stamping designs ; children's clothing, in- 
dcHble ink marking. F 70. 350 

908 Dress Reform Co., Bostoxi, Mass. 
— Drcvs reform clothing, F 71. 250 

909 Otis Co., Ware, Mass.- Hosiery 

and underwear. N 75. 350 

910 Hay den, James, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Shirts, drawers, and necktie shields. 
F 72. ' 250 

911 Peck ft Greene, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

— Wopiicd .ind silk goods for theatrical, 
boating, and general underwear. B 75. 2^0 

912 Star Knitting Co., Cohoes, N.Y. 

— Cotton, woolen, and merino shirts, 
drawers, pantalets, and union suits. F 
67. 250 

913 Parsons, J. R., ft Co., Cohoes, N. 
V. —Woolen, merino, and cotton shins; 
drawers, pantaleu, and union suits. F 
67. 250 

914 Brookside Hosiery Mills, Troy, 
N . Y. — Cotton, woolen, and merino shirts ; 
drawers, pantalets, and union imits. F 
67. aso 

915 McDonnell, Kline, ft Co., Amster- 
dam, N. Y. — Cotton, woolen, and merino 
shirts ; drawers, pantalets, and union suits. 
F 67. 250 

916 Bennett. B., Brooklyn, N. Y.^ 
Shirts. F 68. 250 

917 Coon ft Van Volkenburrh, Troy, 
N. Y.— Men*8 linen collais and cufls. F 
67. ajo 

918 BlUs Manufacturing Co., Walt- 
ham, Mass. ^Stocking supporters. M 
71. »5o 

at end of entries, see Cla8sii>c«»Wni, pp. •9*««. 



Clothing, Ornaments, Jewelry. 

SiO Homer« CoUaday &'Co., Philadel- 
phin. Pa.— F 71. 

kcarfft, and furnishing goods. 250 

i Embroidery, lingerie. 95a 

All articles conuined in thi& exhibit are 
of H., C. & Co.'s own mnnufacture, and 
at their ejiteiu>ive eatabli.shment, Nos. 
14 a and 1414 CheKtnut street, above 
Dxad street, Philadelphia, will be found 
goods of a similar character, in great 

920 Pettingell & Sawyer, East Cam- 
bridge, Niass. — P 76. 
a Waierproof oil clothes. 350 

b Waterproof hats. 351 

92 0« Brady, Edward, Philadelpma, 
Pa.-U 63. 
a Collars for meo's wear. 950 

S Buttons. 954 

021 Carney, Bernard L., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Silk, beaver, and felt hats. B 
70. asx 

922 Jacoby, Thee, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
hCtts, fa!onnets with domestic trimmiai^. 
F 70. 251 

928 Hegle, Fortun*, New York, N. Y. 
— Material for kid glove niaimfacturlng, 
and kid gloves, li 6S. 231 

984 StetsoQ, John B., ft Co.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Soft and stiflf felt hats in vari- 
ous stiigcs of manufacture. B 68. 351 

925 Walton, Maison, New York, N. Y. 
— Bonnets and round hats. F 71. 351 

926 Littleton Saranac Buck Glove Co., 
Boston, Mass. — Grain tanned gloves. 
B 69. 351 

927 New York Catholic Protectory, 
New York, N. Y.-Shoes. V 53. a«7 

928 Brown, Emma, New York, N. Y. 
— Straw rc>i2nd hats and feathers. B 
70. 951 

929 Nonnenberrer, Christian, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Hatters' blodu and tools. 
B 69. asi 

980 Fenton, T. H., ft Bro., PhiUdel- 
phia. Pa.— Gentlemen's dress, silk, soft 
and stiff felt, and other hats. U 70. 351 

931 Pierson ft Herman, Newark, N. J. 
— Hat blocks and flanges, hatters' tools. 
D 70. 351 

932 Yates, Wharton, ft Co., Newark, 
N. J.— Fur felt hats. B 70. 951 

933 Field, J. C. ft J. P., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Gloves. B 69. 351 

934 Hays, Daniel, Glover8vilIe,N.Y.— 
Buckskin .tnd peccary skin gloves, gaunt- 
lets, and mittens. B 71. 351 

934a Blaylock ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— B71. 
a Straw hats ; hats. 951 

b Furs, robes, fur caps, turbans, gloves, etc. 


935 Jeannisson, Lewis, ft Son, Johns- 
town, N. V. — Gloves. B 71. 251 

987 Haverhill Hat Co., Haverhill, 

Mass.— Wool hats. B 69. 251 

988 Soimans, Alden, South Norwalk, 

Conn. — Fell hats. B 71. 251 

989 Morris, E., ft Co^ Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Silk, soft, and stiff hats. B 67. 351 

940 Amidon'a Son, T. H., New York, 
N Y — Hats and caps. B 70. 251 

iWlocadnn oi objects, indicHte<1 b) letter and figure, Kay to Notation, p. ^5 ; ground plan, p «* 

941 Dunlap ft Co., Hatters, 174 Fifth 
avenue and 589 Broadway, New t'oHc, 
N. Y. : manufacu>r>- and wholesae de- 

rtment, 163 Mercer street. New York. 
Y. — Genileroen's siik* felt, Mraw and 
opera liau; ladies' riding hau». B ju. 


942 Kennedy. Thos., ft Bro.. PhiladeU 
phia, Pa.— Wax figure in bridal cosUiaae; 
trimmed bomiet» and hats. F 7-a. 351 

943 Schiller,Jos.,ft Co., St. L.oai8, Mo. 
—Hau for geniieinen's wear. U 69. 331 

946 Hutchinson, John C, Johnstown, 
N. Y.— Men's lined doeskin, cal&kta, 
and lambskin gloves and gauntlets. It 
7t. a5» 

946 Northrup, W. S. ft M. S.. ft Co.. 
JobnsiowiH N. Y. — Fine lamb, real cjdf, 
and buckskin castor unlioed gloves. Most 
glove dealers know the reliability of gloves 
made by this firm. B 71. 351 

947 Colwell, F. £., ft Co., Chicaeo, 
TIL— Hu.sking gloves. P 51. 3^ 

948 Miller, Geo. F., Jacksonville, Fla. 
— K 74. 

a P.ilmctto hats. 251 

h Florida curiosities. S54 

949 Bancroft, J. S., ft Co., New York, 
N. v.— Hats and caps, boys' and child- 
ren's hats. B 73. 351 

950 Kursheedt ft Co., 190 to 194 
South Fifth avenue, New York, N. Y.— 
Standard manufacturers — Embroideries, 
puffings, plaitings, and flutings, made on 
patented machines; ladies* collars and 
cuffs, ties, collarettes, lock-stitch all-over 
tuckings, and tucked frockings. F 69. 953 

950a Beatty ft Thome, New York, N. 
Y. — Hat, badge, and omamcntsd priailng 
in gold, silver, etc. F 78. 353 

951 Bentley, Jeff. O., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Embroidered, braided, and stamped 
coock ; indelible marking, designs, stamps. 
F 72. 353 

951^ Roberts ft Hevell, Newark, N.J. 

— T 65. 
It Dres«, hat, and shoe trimmings. a^ 

i Metal fancy ffood.s, notions. 354 

c Tnmk and bag trimmings. 955 

952 Barrett, los. W.. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Embroidery and braiding designs, 
hand worked and printed. F 73. 353 

953 Thomas, Joel, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Ruches, ladies' and infants caps, nif 
flings, and collarettes. F 7s. 35J 

954 Clickerman, L. M., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Embroider)' on linen cambtic. r 
68. as' 

955 Palmer ft Kendall, Middletown, 
Conn. — Mosquito net canopies withattach- 

. ments, machine-teatered wide fabrics, mos- 
quito nettings, cords, and win<k>w lines. P 
77. »i« 

956 Bedichimer, Isaac, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Masonic marks, «ociety jewels, pii», 
and emblems in gold and silver. N 43. 253 

956'' Barrows, H. P., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Plated jewelry. P 43. 3S3 

957 Muhr's, H., Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Gold finger rings. P43. 353 

957a Celluloid Novelty Co., New York. 
N. Y.— Celluloid jewelry. N 43. 353 

B58 Bailey ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Jewtby. K 43. 35* 



Jewelxy, Toys, Fancy Articles. 

969 SiHBOiUi, Opdykc. A Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — G<Nd duutt^ gold head canes, 
thimbles, gold and pearl jewelry. P43. 253 

960 Caldwell, J. B^ & Co., Philadel- 
phia; I^. — ^Jewelry and artistic inaaufac> 
lures io the precioiis metals, for use and 
decoratfoo. K 41. aS3 

961 Volcaatte Jewelry Co., New York, 
N. Y.^Vukanite and let, and ooEAbination 
valcaiiitci and jet jewelry. P 43. 953 

969 Goggla, Jas., New York, N. Y.— 
Soitcs of jeweirv, and jewel cases of shdl, 
jet, and bog oak. P so. ^53 

^S Neher, Chas., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hair jewelry. P 43. 353 

964 Starr ft Marcua, New York, N. Y. 
— Diamonds, pearb, precious stones, rich 
jeweb, and stone cameos. N 41. a53 

968 Morjrao & Headly, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gold spectacles and chains, fine 
jewelry. N 43. 953 

966 Cottier, C, ft Son, N. Y.— Imita- 
tkn of precioiis stones and fancy cut 
saaes. P44. •53 

967 Tillinghaat, Maaon ft Co., Provi- 
<feace, K. I. — Imitation diamond jewelry. 
N 43- 853 

968 Richarda, J. J. ft J. M.. New 
Yorii, N. Y.— Sleeve and collar buttons, 
ituds, crosses, pins, and eardrops. P 

969 Haaa, Jaa. A.,ft Co., Philadelphia, 
P^— Jewcliy; masonic and other emblems. 
N43. a53 

970 Hamilton P. Hont, Providence, 
R. I.— Plated chains and buckle bracelets. 
^ 43. «53 

971 Kiplinc'a, R., Bona, New York, 
N. Y. — ^Pxecious and imitation stones for 
Je«I»y. N 43. a53 

978 TiflEaoy ft Co., New York, N. Y. 


979 Robbina, Clark ft BIddle, PhUa- 

a Jewdiy, dcaaioiids. 953 

^ Broases, &ncy goods. ^54 

97Sa Sand, If., New York, N. Y.— Wax 

flowcn. F 71. 354 

974 Miller, Thos.. New York, N. Y.— 

S3k uabrdlas. B 70. 954 

976 Pope Manufoctnring Co., Boston, 

Msas.— Rifle air pistol for target shooting. 

Ht*. 854 

978e OakvUle Company, Waterbury, 

Coim.— Shawl, bankers', and mixed pins ; 

toflet pin rolls. H 68. 954 

978^ Galena Oil Worka (limited), 

Franklin, Pa. — Silver card baskets and 

cards. P47. 954 

976 Wallace ft Keller, PhUadelphia, 
Pa. — ^Wallung canes, bell earrings, ana 
&ncy articles. 879. 954 

976« Pratt, D. O., Cambridgeport, 
Mass.— Wood and ivory turned goocK. N 
57- 254 

177 Birgft ft Berg, PhUadelphia, Pa.~ 
Artificial flowen ; picture of Qon, made of 
Bowers. F 79. 954 

979 Otendcnning ft Tmltt, PhlUdel- 
phia, Pav— Whipe. B 7». »54 

For J im ef tthibits, ludicatad by numbers 

a Jcw£y, 

978a New York Button Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Silk, velvet, mecai, and other but- 
tons. B 7Z. 954 

978 Lacmann, 1., ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-DoU boifiei. F 7a. *si 

97 8« Weintroub. Paul, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Fancy arucles of olive wood from 
Jerusalem. T 54. 954 

980 Pilling George P., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— GoTdy silver, and plated masonic, 
odd fellows, and society iewels, marks, 
emblems, and other small silver wares. 
N 5«. «54 

981 Baeder, Adamson.ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Cowhide whips. N 68. 954 

O8I0 Bene.Crelghton,&Co.,NewYork, 
N. Y.— Feathers. H 76. 954 

982 Wilton. John, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Carved walking canes. B 69. 954 

988 Hirsh ft Brother, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Umbrellas, parasols, and materials. 
B79. 954 

988a Bacon, George W., Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Artistic transfers in spermaceti. N 
55. eM 

984 Qalbraith, Alex., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Wax flowers and materials. F 

984« Dudley, Dana, Philadelphia, Pt 
—Toy gyroscopes. P 71. 954 

985 Watson, Brock, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Fancy articles carved from nuu and 
fruit stones ; wood relics. H 69. 954 

986 Potter. W. K., Providence, R. I.— 
Tortoise shell goods, combs, jewelry, etc 
P 43* 954 

986« Shoenhof. J., ft Co., New York, 
N.Y.—Fek skirts. F7«. 954 

987 Nickle, Robt., Rochester. N. Y.— 
Magical apparaitis and wy%. H 78. 954 

987a Goodwin, W. C, New Haven, 
Conn. — Hot-air toys, guns, games, novel- 
ties, recording bank. N 71. 954 

988 Bloodgood, Miss A. De Etta, New 
Yoik, N. Y.— -Sheet wax, wax floweis. 
leaves, shells, fruit, etc. ; illuminated and 
rustic crosses. P 49. 954 

9880 Noyes, W. P., Newburyport, 
Mass.— Combs. F 71. 954 

989 Chambers ft Co.. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Umbrellas, parasob, and sun um- 
brellas. B 72. 954 

989a Leighton, Charles, New Orleans, 
La.— sleeve buttons mounted vrith Long 
Branch pebbles. F 71. 954 

090 Johnson, E. S., New York, N. 
Y. — ^Tooth picks and ear spoons. N 
43- a54 

99O0jftck8on, Samuel C, New York, 
N. Y. — Silverware and jewelry trays and 
cases, fancy wood boxes. N 43. 954 

908 Wahl, Emil, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Fancy bone work, doniinoes. chessmen, 
crochet needles, buttons, jewelry, etc. N 
43- 254 

908 India Rubber Comb Co., New 
York, N. v.— Hardware rubber combs, 
syringes, drinking flasks ; surgical, tele- 
graphic, and photographic goods, etc. 
Manufacturers of hara rubber combs, 
syringes, drinkli^ flasks, whip sockets, 
inkstands, oilers, thimbles, doll-heads, 
martingsle riiqis, tumblers, rulen, fun- 
nels, scoops, dice cups, soep trays, 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-4$- 



Omamentt, Toya, Fancy Articles. 

caslor lolh, napkin rin{p, whip tun- 
cUcs, Mlaa spoons and lbrks» gas 
faucets, mustard spoons; photoeraphic, 
telegraphic, electrical, and surgical gpods, 
and all kinds of special goods ; sheet, rod, 
and tubing. B 67. 254 

994 Leiner, Moriu, New York.N. Y.— 
Ear deancn, filtering racks, sponge bas- 
kets, bath and bottle brushes, probangs. 
P 65. a54 

996 Aiken, Lambert, ft Co., New York, 
N. v.— Toothpicks. N 43. 954 

996 Koch, Sons, & Co., New York, N. 
v.— Albums and backgammon boards. P 
76. 854 

997 Birch. John S., New York, N. Y.— 
Watch key that will wind any watch. P 
43. »54 

999 Ellie, Knapp, ft Co., New York. 
N. Y.— Umbrellas and parasols. B 
70. a54 

998a Feust ft Rice, New York, N.Y.— 
Toys, jardlnien, and parlor oruamenu. 
P 5«- «S4 

999 Drown, W. A., ft Co.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Umbrellas and parasols. B 
69. a54 

999a Buffalo Decorating Co., BulTalo, 
N. Y.— Artificial ivy and autumn leaves. 
P69. 854 

1000 Hopkins ft Robinson Manttfac- 
turing Co., Akron, O.— Smoking pipes. 
T44. »54 

1000a Snaithera. Mrs. Q. H.. New York, 
N. Y.— Wax flowers and figures ; sheet 
wax. F 70. aS4 

1001 Orange Judd Co., New York, 
N. Y.-OamUUsbwldingblocka. T 73. 


1008 Dickioaon, Mra. C. J.. Chicago, 

111.— Wax fiowen, leaves, Iniit, ferns, 

etc P4a. 854 

1004 Tobin, Joseph P., No. 82 Dnane 

street. New Yofk, N. Y.- Whalebone 

goods. Manufacturer of dress, corset, 

whip. cane, probe, busks, bni&h, ribbon, 

round and half-round bone. F 73. 254 

lOOA Mabie, Todd, ft Bard, New York, 

N. Y.— Tooth-picks. N 43- «54 

1 007 Riley ft Lynch, Newark, N. J.— 
Bag and umbrella trimmings, military 
metal goods, masonic omamenu, etc. 
U 67. a54 

1008 Celluloid Manufacturing Co., 
Newark. N. I.— Toilet imishes, etc., made 
from celluloid. N 43. 354 

1009 American Mechanical Toy Co., 
N. Y.— Mechanical toys. F 70. 954 

1010 Leotthard, Theo., Pateraon, N. 
J. — Pure while beeswax bleached by sun. 
wax tapers or gaslighters, sheet vrax and 
gilded brass moulds for wax flowers. N 
56. «54 

1011 Bradley ft Hubbard Manufactur- 
ing Co., West Meriden, Conn.— Bronzes, 
caUbelU. N 47- «54 

1013 Carlisle, Henry, ft Son. Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Tortoise shell and horn combs. 
Jewelry sets, and fancy articles. N 
5a. «54 

1014 AUhof. Ber^mano. ft Co., New 

Yoric, N. v.— Tin and mechanical toys. 


016 Bickel, Auguat, ft Son, Pbil«d^ 
phia, Pa.-^:anes. 871. 254 

017 Heister ft Oans. New York, N. 
v.— Automatic umbrellas and parnaak. 
B 69. 254 

018 Kaldenberg, Fred. Jttllaa, New 
.— Gero* . . 

-Genuine meersdiaua pipes 
holdeis, amber goods. P 

019 Holland, John, 
Toothpicks. N43. 

Yoric, N. Y.- 
and cigar 


Cincinnati, O.— 

030 Adams, 1. 8., ft Co.. Providence, 
R. I.— Tortoise shell Jewelry and combs. 
N4a. «54 

021 Demuth,Wm.,ftCo.,New York. 
N. Y.— Pipes and smdcezs' artides. r 
69. •54 

022 Wagan, R. M., Mount Lebanon, 
y. Y.— Fancy artides made by the Sha- 

P 5a- 254 


S9 Lewy, 

^ove safe. E 76. 

,030 Matthias, Mrs. C. 

023 Stehr, Carl, New York, N. Y.— 
Meerschaum and amber goods, B 73. 3S4 

024 Harvey ft Ford, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Canes, umbrella and whip tiandles; 
pipes, billiard balls; pcari, horn, and ivory 
B70. SM 

020 V^aterbury Button Co., AVater. 
bury, Conn.— Army, navy, railroad, pofio^ 
sute, livery, and cloih buttons; ladies 
belt buckles, medals, and badges. B 
76. «54 

097 Armstronfft ^-t Bridgeport. 
Coon.— Duplex ventilated gaitets and 
armlett. F 79. S54 

088 Field, A., ft Sona, Tannten, 
Mass. — Buttons and eydets. P 68. 954 

020 Lewv, P., New York, N. T.— Kid 
Tove safe. E 76. 254 

. PhiUdel- 
phia. Pa.— Umbrellas and parasols. F 
70. 254 

03 1 Mitchell, Vance, ft Co., New York. 
N. Y.— Bronses. N 49. 254 

08 1« Oriflln, A. B., Ravenna, O.— 

Box and pyramid made of the woods of 
the world, containing 9865 |Ncces. P 
49- «54 

082 lodependent Comb Co., 'Wappin* 
ger's Falls, N. Y. — Ladies' horn and rub- 
ber combs, dressing combs, pipe stems, and 
bits. B 73. S54 

038 Barnhurst ft Robinson, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Umbrella and parasol stretch* 
eis. B 70. a54 

034 Qrottenthaler, V., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Block for wood engravers, wooden 
smoking pipes. B 70. 354 

085 Ives. Blakeslee,ftCo„Bridgeport. 
Conn. — Mechanical toys and novdtios. 
F7a. 254 

086 Maine Manufacturing Co., New 
York. N.Y.— Dice box. N65. 354 

037 Nax, Kuhn, ft Silberman, Phit- 
addphiaj Pa.— Tobacoo pii>es ; unibrcll^ 


1038 National Button Co., Eaathamp- 
"' * hUe- 

leiy. >\TJii 
night & Co., seilinjg agents, Nos. 74 and 
7;6 Worth street. New York, who sell by 

••««««|^.ftlM| A m. AVWC^AMJ' pipes p I 

parasol handles, cigar tubes, 

ton, Mass. — Cloth-covered and vMetab 
ivory buttons, in great variety. >vntiston| 
Knight & Co., seHing agents, Nos. 74 and 

the case or package only. B 76. 

For location of oljects, indicaied hr letter and fiwam, see Key to Notation, p. as ;<iottad plan, p.n6w 



Fancy Articles, Traveling^ Equipments, Stationery. 

103^ SpmaldiDif, D. S., Mansfteld, 
Alass.^-Tcvtoisesbell jewelry, backcombs, 
and bmey goods. N 43. 954 

IMO Sevey, 1. A., Boston, Maas.-~Ar- 
tklcs of whaUebone, for wbips, can«s, cor- 

lOM Aatley, Fi 
Fia-— Jewdry 1 
natenal. H 61 

sets, dresats, etc F 71. 054 

1041 Eureka Manufkcturins Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass.— Air pistols. H 71. . 354 

MM2 Joslin, Palmer, ft William, New 
HclA^ N. Y.— Horn and rubber goods, 
fancy back combs, and jeweliy. n 
43. 354 

IMS RiIdretli,Mno,ftCo..Northboro* 
Mass.— Horn and tortoise snell combs ana 
jewelry. N 43. 254 

1044 Mahn, L. H., Jamaica Plains, 
Mas.— Base balls. P 71. 354 

1047 Porter Brothers ft Co., New York, 
If. Y.—Buttons and presses for attaching 
die same. U 71. 354 

1047« Holland. J. C, New York, N. Y. 
—Needles, r 71. as4 

1048 Harris, S., ft Sons Manufacturinc 
Ca, Oinloa, Mass. — Dressing and fanof 
taahi, ioUtation jet and shell cbains. ¥ 
7«. 954 

1049 Wild, O. I^., ft Brother, Washine- 
lOB, D. C— Musical daacing toy attaidi- 
>Mat for pianos. N 64. 354 

1060 M oatoux, Emil W., New York, 
N. Y. — Hair pictures and devices for 
breastpins. P 53. 354 

1061 Orote, P., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Carved ami turned iv«Hy ; pearl and 
slwfl goods. B 71. 354 

lOftUConmd. V^m. C, Middletowa, 

Pa.-<:tae. T 6x. 354 

Fred, W., St. Auffuatine, 

r made from native Florida 

6S. 354 

t058 Fowler Fly Fan Co., Philadel- 

Dhia, Pa.— Fly fim moved by clockwork. 

N54. 354 

1064 Piatt Bros, ft Co., Waterbury, 

Conn.— Buttons. H 71. 354 

1056 Cheshire Manufacturing Co., 

WcstChesbire, Conn.— Buttons. H 71. 354 

1066 Godfrey, C. J., ft Son, Naugatuck, 
Cana. — lliimbles. H 71. 354 

1067 Comstock Dickinson Ivory Co., 
Center Brook, Conn. — Ivory fine combs. 
H 71- 354 

1068 Blake ft Johnson. Waterbury, 
Conn.— Satin finish hair pins. H 71. 354 

1069 Tves, Blakeslee, ft Co., Bridge- 
port, Conn. — Silk covered ventilated me> 
talllc garters. H 71. 354 

1069« Ladd, S. J., Providence, R. I.— 
Gt4d thimUes. N 43. 354 

1060 Peacock, H. H., Philadelphia. 
1^.— Fancy cases in morocco, velvet, and 
Manpieterie, for jewelry, etc.; physicians' 
eases. P63. 355 

1060s Turner, Andrews ft Co., Phila- 
Mphia, Pa.~.Pocket and btU books, letter 
cases, and fancy leather articles. F 
7^ ass 

1061 Rumpp, Chaa., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Fancy linther goods, dressing case, work 
boics, pocketbooks, satchels, etc. H 
«». 355 

t06l« Langfeld, 1., ft Sons, Philadel- 
Wa, Pa.— Pocketbooks, satchels, and 
fancy teaihcr articles. F 70. 355 

cC sadilfaiia, iadieatsd by minbtts 

1068 Kelb, O. F., ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Cases for jewelry and silverware. B 
7«- ass 

106 2«. Arms Manufacturing Co., North* 
amp ton, Mass.— Pocketbooks, photo- 
graph cj^es, chess boards, etc. B 7^. 355 

1063 Rumpp C. P.. 116 ft 118 North 
Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa.— Fancy 
leather goods, pocketbooks, cigar and 
match cases, bankers' cases, dressing 
cases, writing desks, satchels, traveling 
bags, etc. Any article exhibited is kept 
in store, and any similar goods will be 
made to order at short notice. B 68. 355 

106 8« Spitser, George W., 88 Maiden 
Lane, New York, R. Y.— Fans, jewelry 
cases, and fancy leather goods, ftianufac- 
turer of leather fiancy goods. Our spe« 
ciakies are jewelry cases and fans. These 
are the only fans of the kind made in this 
country. B 71. • 355 

1064 Parkhurst ft Qridley, Newark, 

N. J.— Shawl and book strap. P 68. 255 

1066 Likly, McDonald, ft Rockett, 
Cleveland, Ohio. — Fancy leather work, 
gun case, etc. B 70. 355 

1066 Stambach, John A., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Ladies' and geniiemen's 
furs and robes. B 68. 356 

1067 Mawson, Ed. S., ft Sons, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Seal sacques^ miifls, caps, 
gloves ; seal, sable, and mmk skins, etc. 
B 68. 356 

1068 Fishblatt. Lewis, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — ^Ladies' furs and carriage robes. B 
70. 356 

1069 Mahler, M., New York, N. Y.— 
Furs. B 67. 356 

1070 Reisky, N. C, Philade!|>h{a, Pa. 
— Ladies' furs, eentlemen's driving goods, 
sleigh robes, Indian painted bufiislo robes. 
B 69 ism/ 71. 356 

1071 Booss, P., ft Bro., 449 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y.--Furs, sacques, coats, 
muffs, boas, caps, rtbes. gloves, fur trim* 
mings, and skins of all Icmds. B 69. 356 

1076 Kaehler. Otto, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Stuffed animals, raw and dressed skins, 
iiir robes, fancy furs, etc. B 68. 356 

1076 Duryee ft Hallett. Rahway, N.J 
— Dressed and dyed furs. H 68. 95/I 

1077 Burnett, W. H. ft R., Newark 
N. J. — Furs, fur cloaks, and fur-lined man' 
ties. B 68. 85(. 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

1078 Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, 
N.J. — Pencib of graphite. P 73. 256 

1078<x Amberg, William A., New York, 
N. Y.— Flic and binder. P 77. 358 

1079 McGill. Geo. W., New York, N. 
V. — McGill's patent fasteners, for hiudin^ 
papers of all descriptions ; sampling for 
woolen, dry, and fancy goods, and for aU 
descriptions of light binding; McGill's 
patent suspending rings, and braces for 
hanging cards, calendars, etc. ; one hun- 
dred different patterns of fasteners and 
rings; McGill's patent letter clips, 
puncnes, presses, copying press, water 
pups, etc. Factories at Waterbury, 
Conn. ; warehouses, at 40 Chambers 
street. New York, and 18 Federal itreet. 
Boston. P 73. 358 

at end of entries, see Osnificstton, pp. sr-4S* 




107 9<» Smith, Bldridgc J., Philadelphia, 

Fa.— BUI holder, envelope, and book 
clamp. H 69. 358 

lOftO HotkiM, W. H.. Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Paper, envelopes, aesi^ing, engrav- 
ing, printing, and litoographing. P76. 358 

IO8O0 Chamberlin, Whitmore, & Co.. 
New York, N. Y.— Sutionery. P 74. 258 

lOBl Woodruff, B. W.. Washlogton; 
D. C. — File hpidcrii, Tor filing business and 
official papers, compactly and conve> 
niently tor reference. Adopted by the 
- Itedr " ^ -» » 

United States Government. P 49. 


a088 TiAiny & Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Stationery. N 41. 258 

108 8« Pottin Register Manulacturiag 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Bank check. P 
S7. «5« 

1083 Qoldeboroogh, John, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Ribbon machine and hand 
stamps, perforating and canceling stamps. 
P 77- "SS 

1084 American Lead Pencil Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Lead pencils, materials, and 
process of manufacture. P 74. 858 

1085 Pairchild, Leroy W., A Co., New 
York, N. Y.— -G<dd pens, pencil and pen 
cases, toothpicks and desk holders of gold 
and stiver, etc. Awarded highest pre- 
mium at Paris, 1867: Vienna, 1873; and 
gold and silver medals ^m other fidrs 
wherever in competition. N 43. 358 

1086 Paben Eberhard, New York. N. 
Y. — Lead pencils, penholders, ruober 
goods, and stationers' artidea. P 73. 358 

1087 Cooke, O. K., ft Co., New York. 
N. Y. — Revolving hand stamps, seal 
presses, rubber stereotypes, check pro- 
tectois, combined pad and rack. P 77. 358 

1088 Johnson, E. S., New York N. Y. 
— 0<dd pens, pencils, and cases. N 43. 358 

1089 Mailer's, Nicholas, Sons, New 
York, N. Y. — Bronze stationery ware. 

inkstands. P 76. 

1090 Janentxky ft Co., PhiUdelphia, 

Pa.— Artists' materials, oil colors, water 
colors, paint boxes, artists' canvas, ad- 
justable drawing table, artists' bnuh and 
color stand, sketching easels, and other 
articles appertaining to the fine arts, all of 
our own manufacture. P 77. 358 

1091 Bergner,Theo., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Drawing boards, parallel rulers, and 
section liners for draughtsmen's use. P 
76. 358 

1099 Hawkes, Geo. P., New York, N. 
Y. — Gold pens, gold, silver, peari, and rub- 
ber pencils ; fountain pen. N 43. 358 

1093 Lipman, Hymen L., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Eyelet machines, combining 
punch and riveter. P 74. 258 

1094 Brower Bros., New York. N. Y. 
— Inkstands, paper weights, sponge cups, 
letter files, etc. P 74. 358 

1095 Aiken, Lambert, ft Co., 1 2 Maiden 
Lane, New York, N. Y.— Choice gold pens, 
penholders, cases. All goods sold guar^ 
anteed of same excellency as those on ex- 
hibition. N 43. 358 

1096 Buck. T. S., ft Co., Davenport, 
la. — Rubuer type forms, rubber dating 
stamp. P 77, 958 

1097 Stiles. Mrs. E. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Book paper-file, revolving inkstmd. 



1098 Yonnjgs, Wm. J., ft Sons, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.-xHand sump. N 57. a$l 

1099 Stoddard, Richard T^ Boston. 
Mass. — Book supporter. P 74. sjl 

1100 Young, W. A., Jacksoaviile, Pfai. 
---Pencil ^arpeners. H 68. 358 

1101 Bender ft Phillips, Hohokua M. 
J7— Sheet wax. K $6. >$! 

1102 MaWe. Todd, ft Bard, New York, 
K. Y.— Gold pens, cases, pucils, hoideis. 
N43. «5« 

1108 Hall, P. W., AuBtia, Tesae^ 
Postage stamp and ticket holders. M 68. 


1104 Dreka,LoaIa.PhiladelphU,Pa.- 
Portfolio and stationery. Specimens of 
steel and copper plate engravii^ die sink- 

ing, printi 



1105 Parkhurst ft Qridley, Newark, 
N. J.— Stationers' goods. P 68. ss8 

1106 Poley, John, New York, N. Y<- 

Gold pens, pencils, and peoholdecs. N 
43- 'S* 

1107 Chase, John 8.. Union Paste ft 
Sizing Co., 300 Mulberry street, Nev 
York, N. v.— Preserved flour paste, 6r 
bookbinders' and general use; Eureka per^ 
Aimed pasie, for office, library, and hovas- 
hold. T 77. 358 

1108 Mason ft Co., Philadalpfala, Pa^ 

Engraving, fine stationery, lUimtnadnc. 
stampiag, and copper plate priatiag- P 
73. 'S* 

1109 Somers, D. M., Qreeiiport, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.— Penholders. P 73. 358 

1110 Holland, John, Cineinaati, O. 
—Gold pens, pencil cases, pmhnldms. N 
43. •^ 

1111 United States Soapstone Manu- 
facturing Co., Cincinnati. O.— Soap- 
stone slate pencils, cravons for blackboard 
or meuls, tailors' markers, hair crimpers 
and curlers, boot powder, shoeoiakers' 
biocics, foundry facings ; manufacturers of 
soapstone goods of any description. P 77. 

' »5f 

1112 Hart, Bliven. ft Mead Manufisc- 
turing Co., New York, N. Y. — Stationery 
for the desk, piu;>er files, clips, etc P ?a. 


1118 James, Samuel. Philadelphia, Pa. 

— ^Artisbt' rotary color and brtish-siand. 
P 77. 358 

1114 Chamberlin, 

New York, N. Y.— Stationery. 

Whitmore, ft Co.. 
" • P74.«5B 

1117 Walker, Tucker, ft Co., PhUadel- 
piiia, Pa. — Rubber hand stamps. P 

' 7*. «58 

1118 Bsterbrook Steel Pea Co.. Cam- 
den, N. J.— Pens and penholders. P 
7a. 358 

1119 Eagle Pencil Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Lead and mechanical pendU, copy- 
ing crayons, penholders, stationery, wood 
and brass articles. P 76. 358 

1121 Rowland, Joseph S. C, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Cancdmg ink-pad. T47. 35S 
Per location of ol^ccts, indicated by Icuer and figure, see Key to Notation, p. as ; ground plan^p. 36. 




1122 Edsan, D. A., New York, N. Y.— 
Rubber hand stamps, stereotypes, folding 
rack pads. P 77. 258 

1128 Morton, James, New York. N. Y. 

•-Gold pens, gold, celluloid, and pearl 
pendls and penholdera. N 43. 358 

UM Donovan. J. W., Detroit, Mich.— 
Record file coven, classified directory. P 

1125 Koch, Sons, ft Co., New York,N. 
Y.-P 76. 

tf Bankeis' cases, portfolios, patent binders. 

cie. 9si 

h Blank books. 86z 

U26 Moss ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

a Stttionery. ejo 

b Blank books and printed books. 061 

1127 Root, R. C, Anthony, ft Co., New 

yoA. N. Y.— P 74. 

m OAce stationery. S58 

h Aooonat books* lithographic work. s6i 

1122 Cohen, Chss. J., 26 Sonth Fifth 

street, Philadelphia, Pa.— P 74. 

# Everpoint leads for pencil cases. 358 
i Earelopes, all sixes and qualides. 259 
e SsiSoette copyinc book. ooi 
^ftperboxes. 063 

1129 Byron, VTeaton, Dalton, Mass.— 
Ledger and recofd paper. Lfaien, strong, 
donUe^ised paper for books, where great 
SMB^ and k»g use are required. P 
75. «59 

1129a Stratford. Hoe, ft Co., Jeraey 
Gty, N. J.-P 74. 

# Tfasoe paper. a59 

# Press boards. 96a 
11 SO Owen Pspar Co., Honaatonic, 

Man.— First-class linen ledger papers, 
bond and thin hnen papeis ; tinted wed- 
ding royals and folfos, plain and patent iro- 
fehcd; bristol lioards and staple writing 
popen of all kinds. P 73. 359 

1120* Brown, I^. Lr., Paper Co., Sonth 
Adams, Mass.— Ledger and flat papers. 
P 74- "59 

1181 Sotfthworth Co., Mittineaqne, 
Mass.— Writing papers. P 75. 359 

, Mount Hoilv Paper Co., Mount 
[otty Springs, Pa.— Writing papers. P 
7> «» 

llSSWhltlnff Paper Co., Holyoke, 
Mass.— Fine papers. P 77. aS9 

11S4 Crescent Mills, Springfield, Maaa. 
—Writing papeis. P 74. 359 

1126 Holyoke Paper Co.. Holyoke, 
Mass.— Writing papeis. P 74. SS9 

1126 Caraon ft Brown Co., Dalton, 
Mass.— Writing paper. P 74. 359 

1127 Paraona Paper Co., Holyoke, 
Mais.— Writing paper. Manu&cturers of 
white and tinted writing and envelope, 
papers, of every descripuon. P 74- ^ «59 

1122 Crane ft Co., Dalton, Maas.— 
Bond, bank-note, parehnttt, letter, and 
note paper. P 74. *5^ 

1129 Parker, Joaeph, Son, ft Co., New 
Haven, Conn.— Treasury and eommerci&l 
blotting paper. Treasury blotting paper is 
well knc»wn for its durability and great ab- 
. sorbcnt quality, dcanliness in its use; 
grows so^ ana pliable by exposure, and 
never hardens on the desk. It will absorb 
more hik than the same thickness of papers 
of cxhfblis, indicated by numbers 


of this dass manufactured in the ordinary 
Btanner. J. G. Ditman & Co., Philadel- 
phia, agents for Centennial. P 74. 339 

1140 Campbell, Hall, ft Co., New York, 

N. Y.— safety paper, for protecdon from 
erasures. P 74. 359 

1142 lileaton ft HolUngaworth. Boa- 
ton, Mass.— Steel plate, chramo, and wood- 
cut paper. P 77. aS9 

1148 Crane Brothera, Weatfield, Maaa. 
—Bank ledger, record, and linen fiibric 
papers. P 74. 359 

1144 Hurlbut Paper Co.. South Lee, 
Mass.— Wridng and blank book papers. 
P 75- «S9 

1145 Seymour Paper Co., Wiadaor 
I>ocks, Conn.— P 75. 

a Writing, envelope, blotting, plate, chro- 

mo, book, and prindng papers. 399 

h Colored papers. 364 

1146 Megargee Broa., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— P 74. 

m Book, plate, envetope, and writing pa- 

S Colored papeis. 364 

1147 Francis ft Loutrel, New York, 

N. Y.— P 74. 
m Manifold writers, by which letters and 

copies are written at the same time, asji 
I Bank ledger's spring book, patented Apru 

ao, 1870, opens freely and extra strong. 

Diaries published annually ; safety checks. 

sure protection against raising, or fraud. 


1147a Crane, L., jr., Dayton, O. 

« ^ 77. . 

a Paper. "oo 

I Card board. >«> 

1148 Haldeman Papar Co., Lockland. 
Ohio.— P 77- 

« Wrapping and carpet paper, etc. aoo 

h Builoing and roofing paper. 303 

1149JM8UP ft Moore, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Copperplate, lithograph, and book 
papers, news paper. P 74. 3<o 

1150 Ivanhoe Mannfacturiac Co.. 
Patenon, N. J.— Book papers, flat wnt^ 
ing, Butler's "French folios," also in four 
colors; American silk copying paper, 
cheap colored laid writing. Specials— 
animal sized writhig paper in rolb. Roll 
one-half mile long— one continuous sheet. 
P 74. **» 

1163 Howlett,Onderdonk,ft Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.— Machine-made paper ba^s. 
P73- »^ 

1160 Tangeman, Geo. P., Hamilton. 

Ohfo.— P 77- ^ 

a Carpet paper. 360 

6 Roofing frit. 363 

1166 McNeil, Irying, ft Rich, BIwood, 
N. J.— P 74- 

a Carpet, manila, flour sack, and wrapping 

paper. a6o 

b Waterproof building paper. 363 

c Colored papen. 2^ 

1167 Mann.Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Blank books for banks, parchment copy 
ing books. P 75. 361 

1157« Meta ft VTIllse, Dubuque, la. 
—Specimens of bookbinding. P77. 261 

1168 Altemua ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa 
—Photograph albums, scrap books, etc. 
T76. 361 

at end of entries see aassificatioa, pp 37-4$. 




,Q«a niDaaiu, nvnry ra., urana 
ids, Mich.— Office scratch-books. T77. 

1159 Murphy*ft. W. P., Sons, Phils. 
ddphia. Pa. — Blank books, made to order 
for actual use. P 77. 261 

1109« Lipplncott, J. B., ft Co., Phila^ 
detphia, Pa.— Blank books of their own 
manufacture. T 72. 361 

1160 Thomas, Chas. P., WilroinetOQ, 
I>el. — Index for public records, ana mer- 
cantile accounu. P 76. 961 

1161 Kohler. Icnatius, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— ^ainoles of bookbinding; samples 
of hand>nnished ornamental, artistical, 
tool-worked bibles and large royal photo- 
graph albums, holding from 600 to 1000 
pictures. (H.iud-fiui»hed by Ig. Kohler 
himself.) T 74. a6z 

1161'> Holman, A. J., & Qc. PhlladeU 
phia. Pa. — Kookbinoing and photograph 
albums. T 74. 2161 

1162 Burlock, Saml. D., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Bookbindings. T 73. 261 

1166 Walker, Evans, ft Conwell, 
Charleston, S. C — Biank books, law 
blank case. P 74. a6z 

1168a Robinaon, Savage ft Co., Cleve- 
land, O.— Kwwia bound register books. 
( OAm SU$U Bmildittg.) «6z 

1164 Appleton. D., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Bookbinding. {GalUry,) T 
73- a6» 

1164« Hinsdill. Henry M., Grand Rap- 

"' ■■ ■ '^Uk 

1165 Sandford ft Co., Cleveland, O. 
—Full Russia bank books. P 77. 261 

1165« Beckett ft Cervl, Cambridge, 
Mass.— Specimens of bookbinding. T 
74. 261 

1 166 aiddall Bros., Philadelphia, Pa.-£ 
Vellum printing, conveyancers' envelopes, 
and job and book printing. P 74. 261 

1167 Lanffe, Little, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— wood cut, railroad, and job print- 
ing. T 78. 361 

1168 American Tract Society, New 
York, N. Y.— Bookbinding. T 76^ 361 

1169 Otdach ft Mer^enthaler, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Bookbmdcrs' work. T 75. 


1 1 70 Houghton, H. 0.,ft Co., Riverside 

Press, Cambridge, Mass., liurd & Hough- 
ton, New York.— Specimens of their pub- 
lications, in fine library and law bindings, 
amons them the " Alassachtisetts Re- 
ports/* in law calf; the " Butterflies of 
North America." in crushed levant and 
vellum ; " Smitn's Unabridged Bible Dic- 
tionary," and " Knieht's American Me- 
chanical Dictionary, in grained levant; 
the special feature bein^ a copy of "Web- 
ster's Unabridged Dictionary, ' manufac- 
tured at the Riverside Press, in illumi- 
nated vellum. T 76, om the ./aviiitm ^ 
tkt Americam Book Trad* Astociatio*. 


1171 Reed. A., ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Ornamental bookbinding. 'V 74. 861 

1171a New York Catholic Protectory, 
New York, N. Y.— Printing. V 53. 261 

1172 Lindsay ft Blakiston, PhUadel- 
phia. Pa. — Specimens of binding. T 73. 

1174 Bradley ft Gilbert, L^uUviUe, 

Ky.-P 73. 

a Blank books, specimens of printing. s6i 

h Bonnet boards, file paper boxes. a6a 

1176 Kerr, N. M., ft Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Paper boxes, jewelers* liudiugs. P 

75. s6a 

1176« Richardson, T. N.,Bo8toa, Mats. 

— Playing cards. P 76. 361 

1176 Dixon, Charles A., ft Co., Phil. 
adel|>hia, I'a.— Rngravcd wedding and 
visiiii.g cards, invitaiionit, heraldic designs, 
and lUuniinations in nonognuns. P 
75- a6a 

1177 American Paper Box Co., Phil- 
addpliia. Pa.— Fancy paper boxes. P 
74. afa 

1178 Porter ft Bainbridge, New York, 
N. Y.— Oirdboard, stationery, papetenes, 
etc. N 7a. 86s 

1179 Dennison ft Co., Boston, If ass.— 
Jewelers' paper boxes, cards, tag«, kdiek, 
seals, tissue papers, sealing wax ; jewderr 
and suigical cotton. P 75. a67 

1180 Oaborn, Bennet, Newark, N.J.- 
Paper boxes. P 73. 36a 

1181 Dennison ft Brown, Portland, 
Me. — Wood pulp and products, paper 
boxes, etc. P 77. 36s 

1182 Cornell ft Shelton, Birmingham, 
Conn.— F'olding paper boxes. P 74. s6s 

1 1 83 .CromptoB, John, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Jewelers', druggists', and per- 
tumen' boxes. P 74. s6t 

1184 Rhode Island Cardboard Co., 
Pawtiicket, R. 1 .—Cardboard, cards for 
printers and photographers, nuiniUa tag 
stock. P 74. 26a 

1186 McClement Brothera, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— ^Embosbed business cards, em- 
bossed labeb, cut and gummed, and im- 
pressions Iron oourial and society seals. 

118^ Nashua Card ft Giaaad Paper 

Co., Nashua, N. H. — Fancy paper boxes, 

colored paper and cardboard. P 74. sfe 

1186a Zenaig, R. H.,ftCo., New York, 

N. Y. — Fancy paper boxes. P 43. afa 

New York, N. 


1188 Beck, Charles, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— P 76. 

a Cards, cardboard. 361 

b Fancy, colored, glazed, enameled, and 

embossed papers. 264 

1188<f Scott, T. Seymour, ft Bro., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.— P 77. 
a Ronnet and carpet Goards. atfs 

b Paper carpet and building paper. 063 
1189Davey, W. O., ft Sons, Jeney 
City. N. J.-P 77. 
a ISiiiders' trunk and box boards. s6t 

b Oakiim. 666 

1190 Stelwagon, Jos., ft Sons, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.— Raw roofing {taper ; pre- 
pared roofing and sheathing uaper; car- 
pet and sheathing paper. P 70. 263 

1 193 Qrice, Jas.,ft Sons, Downingtown, 
J'a. — Wrappers for paper manufactur- 
er*. P 77. 363 

1194 Gordon, A. Dunlop, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Building aud mamla concrete felu. 
P 74- a03 

1195 Case Brothers, South Manches- 
ter, Conn. — Paper boards. P 74. a63 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 25 : ground plan, p. a6. 

1173 Boorum ft Pease, New York, 

N. Y.— Blank books. P 75. 261 

1187 Dougherty, A., N 
Y.— Playing cirds. P 77. 

uffiri Frictii 


S. E. Cromer Third and Vine Streets^ 




and Vine, Camden, X« J. 



ring Beds and Bedding, 

" and Table Linen, Spiral Springs, Feathers, Hair, etc., etc. 

Hotels, 8ts«mboats, and the Trade Supplied. 

203 and 205 Canal Street, New York. 

hgitized by Google 

8m Goods la Mala BuUdins, P 5s, No. 3»8. 



M ' 









Receive on consignment West India and South America Pro- 
duce. Buy and Ship all eorts of American Pro- 
duce and Manufactures. 




8 o 
• a 






Has a larger circulation than any Religious News- 
paper in the y^&st, and» as an advertising 
medium^ is unsurpassed. 


■diton and Pn^pilelon. 



Paper Manufactures, Firearms, Ammunition. 

210 Gardner, Wm., Hartford, Conn.— 

BrecchJoading cannon, machine guns, 
magazine shoulder arms. H 70. 365 

811 Forehand ft Wadaworth,Worcea* 
ter, Mass.— Revolving military and sport- 
ing firearm. H 71. 365 

812 Rawbone,Tho»^ Newark, M. J.~ 
Cartridge-creaser. IT 73. 365 

21 3 Whitney Arms Co.,Whitnevville, 
Conn. — Breechioading military and sport- 
ing rifles, carbines, snotcuns. revolvers, 
etc., with ammuniuon. H 66. 365 

814 Sharps Rifle Co. 
Conn. — Rifles. H 73. 


215 Merchants* Shot Tower Co., Bal- 
timore, Md.— Drop and mould shot. Ca- 
pacity, one million bass per annum. Pat- 
entimprovedstylesofl oarlead. H 71. 965 

21 6 Burgess, Andrew, Owego, N.Y.— 
Magazine rifles for military and sporting 
purposes. H 68. 365 

217 Goldmark, Joseph, New York, N. 
Y. — Percussion caps, primers, burglar 
alarm exploders, blasting detonaton, me- 
tallic ancl paper cartridges, metal and pa- 
per boxes. U 71. 365 

218 Lovell.John P., ft Sons, Boston, 
Mass.— Revolvers. H 7a. 365 

219 Dana, Edw. A., Boston, Mass.^ 
Expanding projectiles for rifled camion. 
H 7a. 365 

220 Schoverling ft Daly, New York, 

N. v.— Hunting and target rifles, revol- 
vers, brcechloading implements. H70. 365 

1196 Barrett, Arnohl, ft KinabaU, Chi- 
cago. Ill— P 76. 

sAJuminous and ornamental building pa- 

I Paper oil dotb. 364 

1197 Van Skelline,Theo., Brooklyn, N. 
Y. — Motto papen and motto flowers. P 
W. 964 

1 97«Goth, Herman J., Bethlehem, 
Pa.— Oil-painted-washable wall paper. A. 
Goth ft Co.'s patents improved. This 
paper is a m sst valuable invention, and 
as a> beauty smoothness, durability, ana 
dKSpaen, i. Is superior to -oil-painted 
walls. P39. 364 

1 198 Dejonge, Louis, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Fancy cokn«d, glazed, plated, 
cnamded, varnished, embossed, ana print- 
ed papen. P 74. 364 

1199 Beck, Pr., ft Co., 206 ft 208 West 
Twenty-ninth street, New Yoric, N. Y.— 
Wall papers. The goods exhibited bv this 
firm are of two classes : one made by nand- 
printing alone, the other by machinery 
aboe. In the former a great variety of 
colors can be used, matching furniture 
coverings and draperies, if desired, and, 
indeed, the appearance of watered silks, 
or latins, or ricn embroidered stufb. can be 
•o closely imitated that the printed paper 
can scarcely be distinguished from the 
genuine labnc. The goods made by ma- 
chinery ave commendra for skill In work- 
Banship, for gracefiil drawing in pattern. 
far a dose resemblance to hand-printed 
papers, and for cheapness iu pnce. P 
76. 364 

1200 Howell & Brothers, Philadelphia. 
Pk.— Paper hangings, borders, fireboara 
prints, and window papers. P 76. 364 

1800* Spurr, Chas. W., Boston, Mass. 
—Wood luuigings and marquetries. P 
73* *^ 

1201 Howell ft Bourke, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Paper hangings and frc»co decora- 
tions, r 59. 364 

1202 Westerberg.Jefferson.ftCo., New 
York, N . Y. — Decorations and embossed 
gold papers. P 76. 364 

1208 Nagle, Cook, ft Ewing. PhiUdel- 
phia. Pa. — Decorative paper hanging. T 
55- a«4 

lUitary and HaTa Armaments, Ord- 
nanoe, Fireanna, and Hunting Ap- 

1204 Union Metallic Cartridge Co., 
Bridgeport, Conn.— Metallic shells, bul- 
lets, waids, and percussion caps; cartridge 
machinery. H 70W aos 

1205 Sparks, Thos. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.>-Drop<sbot, mould, and conical balls. 
H 71. 365 

1206 Billings ft Spencer Co., Hartford, 
Conn. — Breechloading firearms. H 
7a. 365 

1807 Remington, B., ft Sons, nion, N. 
v. — ^Fircarms and ammunition. H67. 365 

1808 Smith ft Wesson, Springfield, 
Mass.— Revolving firearms. H 69. 365 

1809 Colt*s Patent Firearms Manufac- 
turing Co., Hartford, Conn.— Breech- 
loadiaa military and sporting small-arms, 
■ad ariiiury and pocket revolven for me- 
tallic ammunition. H 7a. 365 

For clas^ei of exhibiu. Indicated by mimben at end of entries, sec Classificatioa, pp. S7-45. 

221 Winchester Repeating Arms Co., 
New Haven, Conn. — Magazine or repeal- 
ing military and sporting firearms, metallic 
cartridges for small arms. H 7a 365 

222 Wesson.Frank, Worcester.Mass. 

— Breechloading sporting and pocket tar- 
get rifles. H 70. S65 

223 Rnpertus, . 
Pa. — Kevolverk and 


Jacob, Philadelphia, 

repeating ptstols. 


224 United States Cartridge Co., 
Lowell, Mass. — Metallic cartridges. 
Manufacturers of a perfect brass shell, 
central fire, solid head cartridge, capable 
of reloading many times; also, mauufiu> 
tureit of central and rim fire ammunition, 
of all kinds. H 73. 96K 

220 American Arms Co.,Boston,Mass. 

— Double-barreled, breechloading shot- 
guns, and locks. H 73. 36a 

226 Merwin, Hulbertj ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Kevolvuig firearms and 
ma^tine gun, military and sporting me- 
tallic cartridges. U 70. 365 

227 Evans' Rifle Manufacturing Co., 
Mechanic Falls, Me.— Magazine rifle, 
carbine, and musket. H 70. 363 

227« Clark ft Sneider, Baltimore, Md. 

—Guns and parts of breechloading shot 
guns. H 71. 365 

228 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Time and percussion shell fuse. H 
68. 365 

229 Miller, Wm. Deeds, New York 
N. Y.— Firearms. H 70. s6s 

230 Schneelock, Otto, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
— Self-indicating tai^get. H 70. a6s 




Weapons, Ammunition, Medicines. 

1231 Stevens, J., & Co., Chicopee FalU. 

\Iai». — lireechloading shoccuns, rifles, ana 
p»toU. They now supply tnorou^ily well- 
made fttrong and dose-sbootiag breecb* 
!oading douole shot^ns, xo or la gauge 
twist, ^.oo; laminated steel, ^5.00; ex- 
tra finuK, ^55.00. Their rifles and pocket 
rifles shoot with wonderful accuracy. Cii^ 
culars and full particulars on appHcatton 
to their agent, Charles Folsom, 53 Cham- 
bers street, New York, or H 71 Main 
Building. H 71. 265 

1282 Stoddard, ChmrUa J., Washing, 
ton, D. C — Cartridge-lok ling implement. 
H 73. 365 

1223 Qatling, Richard J., Hartford, 
Conn. — Battery cim. This celebrated ma- 
chine gun fires from 800 to 1000 shots per 
minute, has great accuracy, and the larger 
calibres have an effective ranee of over 
two miles. Manufactured by tne GatUnK 
Gun Company, at Hartford, Cona. H 
70. 966 

1234 Wittj. Calvin, New York, N. Y.— 
Brccchloaaing field cannon. H 69. 966 

1285 NekerviB, Wm., Philadelphia^ Pa. 
— Model of Panx>tt gun, with caisson 
complete. H 73. 366 

1 286 South Boston Manufacturing Co., 
Boston, Mass. — Bronce and sced^ rifle 
cannon, boat howitzer, H 71. 366 

1287 Boon, B., West Medford, Mass.— 
Miniature field artillery, limber, and field 
piece. H 7a. 366 

1289 Ridgway, John, Heirs of, Boston, 
Mass.— -Kevolvuig battery. H 69. 367 

1239^ Stevens Institute of Technol- 
ogy, Hoboken, N. J.— Model of the Ste- 
vens battery. T 67. 367 

1239^ Pauldins, Kemble, ft Co., Cold 

Spring, N. Y. — Model of gun carriage. 
M 73. 367 

1240 Ames Manufacturing Co., Chico- 
pee, Mass. — United States regulation, 
masonic, and society swords. H 7a. 368 

1241 Collins & Co., New York, N. Y.- 
Machetes, swords, bayonets, etc. N 
67. s68 

242 Qmylord Manufacturing Co., Chi- 
copee, Mass. — Presentation and society 
swords. N 70. 368 

1243 WurfHain, Wm.^ Philadelphia. Pa. 
— PaHor or gallery nfles and mechanical 
urgeu. H 72. 369 

1 214 Krider John, Philadelphia, Pa.— H 

IS Guns, pistols. 369 

6 Fishing tackle and sporting goods. 370 

124ft Providence Tool Co., Providence, 
K. I. — Breechloadiog rifles for military, 
target, and sporting purposes. Manufac- 
turers of ** Peabody-Martini" rifles, for 
military, target, and spo^in^ purposes. 
The standard arm of Great Britain, noted 
for strength, accuracy, simplicity, and 
beauty; 1,500,000 shots have been fired 
at the factory from 300,000 of these rifles, 
without accident ; ajso manufiftCturers 01 
heavy hardware, ship-chandlers' and sail- 
makers' hardware, nuts, bolts, hinges, etc. 
H 73. * ' 269 

1248 Tryon, E. K., jr., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Muzile loading riflts, "^ 


ins. revolvers, gunmakers* tools, etc. 

1247 Harder, J., ft Son, Lock Havlil, 
Pa. — Single, double, and three^nrrd 
guns . hlanufacturers of all kinds of muc- 
ue-loading guns. H 71. afif 

1248 Parker, Chaa., Meriden, Conn.— 
I)oul>le-barreled breechloading shot guns. 
H70. . ^ 

1249 Harrington ft Richardaoa, Wor- 
cester. Mass. — Revolving firearms with 
shell ejector. H 7s. 869 

1200 Burton, Bethel, Brooklyn, N.Y.- 

▼ Military and spoit»ng magiuine rifles, 

bayon^, portaUe Gartri4ga reloader. 

H 7a. S69 

Xedieint, Surgery, Prothetif. 

1262 Boericke ft Tafel, 68 5 Arch street. 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Official honieopathic 
medical preparations, books and periodi- 
cals. Manufacturing homeopathic phar- 
macists. Complete assortment of homeo- 
pathic medicines, in their different d^rces 
and forms, for physicians, families» and 
druggists ; sugar of milk, peilets, v ises, 
corks, vials. Publishers of homeopathic 
literature. N 50. sjs 

1252« Plsnten, H., ft Son, New York, 
N. Y. — Gebtine capsules. N sS. 373 

1268 Wallace Bros., Statesville, N. C. 

— Wholesale dealers in southern roots, 
herbs, barks, flowers, seeds, etc., of fine 
quality. Orders solicited. N 58. 373 

1268<t Dick, Dundas. 86 & 37 Woos- 

ter street. New York. — Tasteless m -di- 
cines. These soft capsules are acknc4rl- 
edged by the most eminent physlciati-* a 
true method to administer nauseous medi- 
cines, which often detract fimn, if they do 
not destroy, the beneficial effects of some 
of the most valuable remedies prescribed. 
No patent or proprietary medicines are 
put up in soft capsules. Explanatory 
circulars free at evtry drug store in the 
United States. These capsules were ad- 
mitted to the last Paris Exposition. T 
50. 373 

1264 Seabury ft Johnson, New York, 
N. Y.— Plasters. T 44. 373 

1265 Mitchell, Geo. B., Lowell, Mass. 
— Surgical, medicinal, and pharmaceutical 
plasters and plaster compounds, lung pro' 
lectors. N 53. 373 

1266 Pehr, Julius, Hoboken, N. T.- 
Compound ulcum — baby powder. iTie 

hygienic dermal powder ,'usefiil lor InfiiDls 
and adults , contain ing most valuable thera- 
peutic properties. N 53. 37s 

1267 Randle,Wm.H., Baltimore, Md.- 
Bounical medicines. N 5a. 373 

1268 Tims, Wm., Paterson, N. J.— 

Homeopathic pellets. N 5a. 37s 

1269 Wilson, B. O. ft Q. C. Boston, 
Mass. — Pressed medicinal herSs, leaves, 
flowers, seeds, roots, barks, etc N 
53. •7« 

1260 Smith's Homeopathic Pharmacy, 

New York, N. Y.-Home. 

ratioas in tinctures, triturations, and glob- 
ules, cases for professional and fismily use. 
N 54. 37a 

1261 Ayer, J. C, ft Co., Lowell, Mass. 
— Cherry pectoral, cathartic pills, Sana* 
parilla, ague cure, hair vigor. N 53. 37a 

For kicatiua of objects, Indlcatedhy letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 35 ; ground plan. p. •& 



Medicines, Surgical Appliances. 

ISeS BI«ir*B,H.C.,8on«,Phn«<lelpbla, 
Pa.— T 47- 
m Wlwat food. tjj 

^Fountain syringes. 974 

1268 Hance Bros, ft White, PhiUdeU 
phia. Pa.— Conical plate drug mill and fil- 
leriflf apparatus. P 43. 974 

1S6S« Rohrbeck ft Qoebeler, New York, 
N. v.— School air pump. N 55. 274 

1S64 Blabop, Joaquin. 8ti|fartowii, 
Qistcr Co., Pa.— Flatina crucibles, stills. 

Wles. blowpipe tubes, ignition tubes, 
c. Manofacturers of puitinum cruci- 
bles, ignickm tubes, stills, bottles, wire, 
and articles used by analytical chem- 
ists ; refining and melting of scrap or na- 
tive grain platinum. Old platinum bought 
and taken in exchange. P 49. 974 

ISeA Gilbert, Alfred A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Medicine chest and saddlebags. 
N 5«. 974 

1266 Hechelman. H. W., Allegheny 
City, Pa. — Anatomical preparations of 
human ear and eye. N 54. 375 

1266« Seaman, Lrouia Livingston, New 
York, N. Y. — Awcultatory percussor, for 
diagnosing. N 58. 275 

1266^ Longaker, H. D., Allentown, Pa. 
— Sttigical and anatomiad specimens of 
malignant tumors. T 47. 975 

1266c Bowen, Truman. Boston, Maaa. 
— Casting in the lungs of a calf. N 54. 975 

1267 McXlrov, T., New York. N. 
Y. — Invalid, elevating, and fracture bed- 
steads, surreal operating and dissecting 
t^es, ocimsts' and surgical operating 
chair. N 50. 976 

•267a Whittemore, Joshua, Wakefield. 
Mass. — Elastic crutches. H 73. 970 

1268 Condell, J., ft Son, New York, N. 
Y.— Artificial limbs. N 58. 976 

1268« Vaughan. W. R., Councfl Blufih, 
la. — Beit trusses and supporters. N 58. 


1269 Everett, B. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Trusses, supporters, shouloer braces, 
clastic stockings, belts, and artificial Umbs. 
N56. 376 

1268a Shepard ft Dudley, New York, 
N. Y. — Surgical instruments and ortho- 
pedic apparatus. N 58. 976 

127pTavldr, Charles P., New 
Vork, N. Y.— Orthopedic apparatus and 
machines for local exercise. N 53. 976 

1270« Day, Q. Hayden, Bennington. 
Vt.— Fncture splints. N 55. 976 

1271 TIemann, Qeo., ft Co., No. 67 
Chatham street. New York, N. Y.— 
Manufiurturers of surgical instntments and 
orthopedic applianoes. Established in 
1826; branch store, 107 East Twenty- 
Eighth street. New York; steam iactory, 
81, 83, and 8« Boerura street, Brooklyn, 
£. D. Exhibit a most complete and com- 
pact operating set, containing, in ten com- 
partments, over one' hundred and eighty 
lastniments, ample for every modem ope- 
ration ; specimens of operating cases used 
hi America ; Heine's osteotome for resec- 
thm; Tiemann ft Co.'s new rotating-blade 
osteotome; Tiemann ft Co.*s new appa- 
ratus for fracture of artn and leg; anatomi- 
cal syriMe; Dawson's caatcry battery, 
SBollest 09JXCXY known; Tiemann ft 
Co.'s patent and other aspirators ; patent 
•team atomizer; patent automatic and 
ether hypodermic syringes; laryngo- 
For dvscs f f eshibiu, faidicated by numbets 

scopes; ophthalmologists', aurists', gyne- 
cologists', and other instruments; a va- 
riety of entirely new instruments of Amer- 
ican origin, etc., etc. All articles ex- 
hibited are Tiemann ft Co.'s own maniv 
facuire. Their catalogue, bound in cloth, 
numbering four hundred and twenty-six 
pages, and containing over lifleen hundred 
engravhigi, can be obuined in New York 
for thecostof binding— seventy-five cents. 
N 51. S76 

271a Newbauer. Wm.Q., Long Island 
City, N. Y.— Medical-plaister spreading' 
machhie. P 47. 97^ 

272 Marks, A. A., New York, N. Y.— 
Artificial limbs, India rubber hands and 
feet. N $8. 976 

272<« Lee, Benjamin, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Apparatus Tor the treatment of spinal 
curvatures. N 56. 976 

278 Wooda, J. T.. Toledo, O.— Splint 
for leg and thigh. N 59. 976 

278a Ahl. David, New villa, Pa.— 
Adaptable porous splints. P 71. 976 

874 Pilling, Geo. P.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Gold, silver, and plated surgical instm- 
ments. N 59. 976 

875 Mervlne, 8. P., jr., Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Gynecological apparatus. N 59. 976 

276 Oemrig, J. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— ^Suigical instruments and appliances. 
N 57. a76 

277 Perry, Vincent. Oermantown, Pa. 
— Elastic bandages tor surgical purposes. 
N 57. 976 

278 National Surjrical Institute. In- 
dianapolis, Ind.— Surgical and mechani- 
cal appliances, splints, operating chairs, 
crutches, supporters, and trusses. N 
5«. ^7* 

279 Penfleld, E. C, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Trusses, etc. N 59. 976 

280 Elastic Truss Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Elastic trusses and abdominal sup- 
porters. N 56. 976 

281 Blanck, Wm., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Artificial Umbs ana appliances. 
N 58. ST* 

283 Leiner, M., New York, N Y.- 
Surgical instmments, ear cleaners, filter- 
ing racks. P 66. 977 

284 Rhodes, Isaac M.,Hancock,Mich 
—Easy chair, invalid bed, and fracture ap 
paratus combined. N 59. ajt 

285 Clement, Richard, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Artificial limbs. M 58. 970 

286 Horn, W. H., ft Bro., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Trusses, abdominal supporters, 
etc. N 59. 976 

887 Darrach. S. A., Newark, N. J.— 
wheel cnitcn and attachments; vulcan- 
ized rawhide spine support. N 58. 976 

288 Ooodier, John, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Lever and shield trusses for ruptures. 
N58. 976 

289 Crandall, Chas. J., New York, N. 
Y.-Cnitches. N 56. 976 

290 Wickett ft Bradley, New York, 
N. Y.— Artificial limbs. N ST- ^ 

290a Beckel, August, ft Son, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Crutches. 976 

291 Hinkle ft Mayon, San Prancisco, 
Cal. — Surgical anamechanical appliances, 
splints, operating chairs, crutcnes, sup- ' 
porters, and trusses. N 56. 976 

at eQ4 9f entries, see Classification, pp. vf-^s. 



Medical and Surgical Appliances, Tools. 

1292 Handy & Boland, Atlanta. Ga.— 

Surgical and mechanical appliaiices, 

splints, operatmf chairs, crutoies, sup- 

porten, aud tnisaes. N 56. 376 

1298 Kolbe, D. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Surgical and orthopedical insmunents; 

artificial limbs. N 53. 376 

1294 Triumph Truss Co., New York, 

N. Y. — Tniss and supporter. N 53. 276 
1296 Kern, Horatio G., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Surgical and dental iostnunents. N 

56. »:« 

1296 Poster, James A., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Artifidau limbs. These limbs are 
manufactured at Philadelphia, Pa. ; Cin- 
cinnati, O. ; St. Louts, Mo. ; Chicago, 
III. ; and Detroit, Mich. Illustrated de- 
scriptive pamphlets free. N 53. 276 

1297 Pingree, Luther P., Portland, Me. 
— ^Artificial limbs. N 53. 376 

1298 Otto, P. G., ft Sons, New York, N. 
V. — Surgical instruments and orthopedi- 
cal appliances. N 53. 376 

1299 Bartlett,Butman, ft Packer, Bos- 
ton, Mass. — Trusses. N 5x. 376 

1300 Frecs^ C. A., New York. N. Y.— 
Artificial limbs and extensions. N 56. 276 

1801 Palmer, B. Prank, LL.D., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— New patent leg and arm, 
safety socket united to the stump, secur- 
ing positive comfort. Original patent, 
1846 ; new patent, perfected, 1873. New 
automatic system, for universal motion, 
power, and sound applied to writing, 
printing, music, etc. Original writing 
machine (type-writer) made in 1851, per- 
fected in 1876. N 54. 376 

1802 Seeley, I. B., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hard rubber trusses, abdominal support- 
ers, pile in.stiuments, elastic surgical ho- 
siery, bandages, etc. N 53. 376 

1308 McBlroy, P. J., East Cambridge, 

Mass. — Glass and family syrinecs, feed- 

mg and drinking tubes, nipple shidds, 

medicine droppers, etc. N 51 . 376 

1804 Miller, Jaa. S., Philadelphia, Pa. 

—Trusses and braces. N 58. 376 

1306 Rowand, John R., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Gynaecological apparatus. Nsx. 376 
1807 Allen ft Johnson, Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Surgical and mechanical appliances, 

splints, operating chairs, crutches, sup- 
porters, and trusses. N 56. 376 

1308 Bethell, John P., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Surgical and gynaecological appara- 
tus; artificial steel leg. N 57. 376 

1 309 Philadelphia Truss Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Trusses, supporters, shoulder 
braces, elastic stockings, belts; combina- 
tion tr\iss and supporter. N 57. 276 

1810 Gunningi Thomas Brian, 84 Bast 

Twenty-first street. New York, N. V.— 

Fractured jaw appliances, including Sec- 
retary Seward's ; illustrating heads ; deft 

palate appliances; teeth plates; regulating 

plates. Nsx. 376 

1311 Splllman, Henry, New Orleans, 

La. — Trusses, supporters, and shoulder 

bracesi N 58. 976 

1812 Davis, James T., New York, N. 

Y.— Artificial human eyes. N 54. 376 
1318 Teufel, J. J., office and factory, 

No. X03 South Eighth street, Philadel- 

phia, Pa.-N. 54. 
a Surgical instruments. 376 

^ l^ntal instruments. 377 

for location of objects , Indicated by lelter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 35 ; ground plan, p 36. 

1314 Codman ft ShurtlelF, BostojL 
Mass.-N 57. 

a Surgical instruments, apparatus and appli- 
ances. 376 

S Dental instruments, furniture^ auid mai^ 
rials; laboratory tools, etc. *ff 

816 Justi, H. D., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Aruficial teeth, tools, and matenals for 
their manufacture. N 54. »ft 

816 Johnson ft Lund, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Artificial teeth, oonindum wneels. 
^Id foil, tooth powders, amaigaxns, dental 
instruments and nuiterials. NT 59. 377 

816« Neve, Edward, Omaha, Neb.— 
Artificial teeth. N 58. 277 

817 Wardle, Thoa., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— ^Artificial teeth and models. N 58. 377 

317« Chapman. John Win&Jow^, Hy- 
annis, Mass. — ^Artificial teeth. N 5s. 377 

818 Brown. B. Parmly, Pluahin^, N. 
Y. — Gold fiUings in human teeth, dentists' 
cases, denial improvements. N 57. 377 

819 White, Samuel 8., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Artificial teeth, instruments, cnairs, 
dental engines, stools, lathes, brackets^ 
spittoons, gold foils, corundum wheels, etc 
N 55- »77 

820 White. Chas. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Celluloid apparatus and dental nasks, 
process of forming sets of artificial tect.h, 
artificial dentures. N 56. 377 

821 Metcalf, David H., Battle Creek, 
Mich. — Tinman's pattern sheets end 
squares. N 68. 38c 

822 Allen, J., ft Son» New York, N .Y. 
— ^ArtificiaTdentures. N 57. 377 

828 Abbey, Chas., ft Sone. Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Dentists' fine gold foil, soft 
or non-adhesive and adhesive. Our 
specialty for fifty years. N 58. 377 

Bonwill, W. O. A., Phlladelohia, 

.— Electro-magnetic mallet for nlliu 

teeth, carving marble, chasing metals, and 

as an autographic printing press ; dental 

chair and engine. M 59. 377 

326 Taylor,J. Hare. Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Tooth paste, etc. N 57. 377 

826 Wardle. 8., Cincinnati, C- 
Specimens of dentistry. N 58. 377 

327 Neall, Daniel W., Camden, N. J.- 
Porcelain teeth. N 57. 277 

829 Crowther, D. W., Hageratown, 
Md.--^Mechanical and operative dentistry. 
N 58. 377 

330 ScoU.Quincy A., Pittsburg, Pa. 
— Atmospheric disk for holding anifidal 
teeth in the mouth, dental specimens, 
deutrifice. N 56. 377 

831 Ludwig, Schmidt, ft Mohl, Hons- ' 
ton, Texas.— Enamel ; specimens <^ teeth. 
N 53. 877 

882 Valleau. William, jr.. New York, 
N. Y.— Gold and silver leaf, cold and pia- 
tina filling for dentists' use. M 63. 377 

834 Cutter, Ephraim, Cambridge. 
Mass.— Adjustable chair far invalids. K 
58. 378 

Hardware, Edn TooU, Cutlery, lie- 

tallie Products. 

886 Collins ft Co.. New York.N.Y. 

—Cast steel tools; sledges. N67. s8o 

886 Elirin National Watch Co., Elgin, 

Ifl.— Watcfamaken' tools. P 67. 380 




Hardware, Tools, Cutlery. 

lSS6<s Sbepardson, H. 8., A Co., 

Sheiburn Talk, Mass.— Diamond, pod, 
sad screv driver bits, nail sets, gurnets, 
tool cases, etc. H 68. aSo 

1817 Donfflas Axe Manafacturinr Co., 
EkBtoa, llasB. — Axes, hatchets, adxes, 
pfeks» etc N 67. a8o 

IMS Posh, Job T., Philadolphia, Pa. 
— Scxev augers and auger bits. Knovn 
as an old cstaUisbed manidacturer of 
augen and bits; established 1774; a 
descendant of the inventor of the screw 
■Dger. These augen are known to all who 
«e them, as the old hand-made auger, 
thereby gaining great durability. N 
Ts. sSo 

1IS8« Ernst ft Blterich, Jersey City, 
N. J.— Took. V 68. 980 

1IS9 Conard. A. ft I., Whhemarsh, Pa. 
—Cast steel wood-boring implements. P 
71. aSo 

ltS$« Bagle Bonare Manufacturing 
Coi, Sooth Shaibbory. Vt.— Boring ma- 
chines, squares, and rules. P 78. 980 

1540 Elmira Moblea' Manufacturing 
Co., Efanira, N. Y.^Carpenteis' and ship- 
wrights' took. N 71. a8o 

1S40« Buck. Charles, Milbury, Mass. 
—Edge tools. N 71. a8o 

1541 Quint. S. H., ft Son, Philadslphia, 
Pa.--^tenci]s. stamps, checks, tap, etc. ; 
metallic pattern letters, for raised letterine 
oc castings, names, addresses, etc. U 
71 980 

1841a Genkineer, Adolph, Newark, 
N. J.-Toob, etc. N 68; sSo 

1842 Carter. Sdwd., Troy, N. Y.- 
Nickel-plated goods; planes, mechanics' 
took. P 69. a8o 

U42a Howell, S. J., Oraaae, Mass.— 
Pdhhii^ lathes and wheeb, tweezcn, 
law fiames. I<i 68. 380 

1848 Stanley Rule ft Level Co., New 
Britain, Conn. — Rules, levels, squares, and 
carpenteis' tools. N 68. a8o 

1848« Holland, James C, New York, 
N. Y.— Self-threading surgical and sewing 
machine needles, sail and packing needles. 
r7i. a8o 

1844 BUllnea ft Spencer Co., Hartford. 
Conn.— Drop fomngs, machuusts' small 
ioob,sewiQg machine ^utUes. Hts. aSo 

18440 Bossard, H.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Watchmaker's shde rest. K 43. a8o 

1846 Eddv, Geo. M., ft Co., Brooklyn, 
N. Y.— f use steel bguod saws and tempored 
stcd springs. N 57. a8o 

1846a Pnr'a Bookbinder's Stamp ft 
XmI Maaufiictory, Philadelphia. Pa. — 
Stamps and took ibr the embelnshment 
of books. T 75. «8o 

1846 Rosa, Wm., ft Bros., Phlladel- 
pbia. Pa. — Brkklayps', nlastcron', 
Bontda^andsaddlen^Mols. N^. aSo 

1846« Donfflnaa Manufacturing Co., 
New YoHc. N. Y.— Mechanics' took, cut- 
ting and boring implements. N 70. a8o 

1847 Cotton, Alfred J., Philadelphia, 
Fa.— Stair hand-rail planes and dooble- 
e^ loutcxs, carpenters' moulding planes. 
N6j -» •— ^g^ 

1848 Pratt, las. T., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Tool chests for amateun or me- 
danks. N 68. s8o 

For limes of exhibits, Indicatol Hy nambexs 

1849 Maltby.Curtiss^Co., New York, 

N. Y.— Nail puUer. B 77. 280 

1850 Kohler, Martin, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Knee-rest for uilors. N 70. t8o 

1861 Carter, Henry, New York, N. Y. 

— Moulders' and plasterers' tools. N 70. a8o 

1869 Sinss. Philip, Baltimore. Md.— 
Glarieis' diamonds, machinery for circular 
and oval cutting, engraveri' poinu. carbon 
took. N68. a8o 

1868 Klng,Josiah,ftSon,NewYork,N. 
Y.— Plsines aud took for wood workers. 
N 71. a8o 

1854 Booth, John, ft Son, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Carpenters' took and sundries. N 
69. 380 

1855 Barton, D. R., Tool Co.,Rochester, 
N. Y.— Mechanics' edge tools. N 70. 980 

1356 American Shovel Co., Birming- 
ham, Conn.— Shovek and scoops. P68. aSo 

1357 Johnson.Wm^HedenbergWorks, 
Newark, N. I. — Carpenters' and other 
medmnics' took and hardware. N 69. s8b 

1358 Hampton, Chas. P., Ardmore, Pa. 
—Augers and bits. N 71. a8o 

1350 TenEvckAxeManufocturingCo., 
Cohoes, N. Y. — ^Axes, carpenters edge 
took, etc. N 68. a8o 

1860 White. Wm., Newark. N. J.— 
Axes, hatchets, adies, bush hooks, stone 
hammers, picks, etc.; carriage shaft-coup- 
lings. P 7x. 280 

1861 Selsor, Geo., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Hammers, edge and railroad took, 
coffee milk, slaw cuiteis, tacks, and naik. 
N68. s8o 

1362 Star Tool Co., Middletown.Conn.— 
Machinists' and carpenters' took; squares, 
bevek, gauges, standard steel rules, etc. ; 
blind tmnmings. These goods are of the 
finest finish; the squares are perfectly 
accurate and of different varieties, adapted 
to the wantt of workers in wood or iron : 
the rules are graduated on spring-tempered 
steel, and are made only \ry thk company. 
P67. slo 

1862« Oardam, William, ft Son, New 
York, N. Y.— Index plates, dividing and 
drilling maddnes. N^68. a8o 

1368 Snell Manufacturing Co., Fisk- 
dale.Mass.— Angers, auger bitt, and boring 
machines. P 71. 980 

1364 Buck Bros., RWeriin Works, Mil- 
oury. Mass. — Shank and socket firmer 
chiads and gouges, plane irons» screw dri- 
ven, nail sets, etc. N 69. a8o 

1365 Maydole. D., ft Co., Norwich, N. 
v.— Cast steel hammeis. N 71. a8o 

1366 Foerster ft Kraenter, Newark, 
N. J.— Took. N68. s8o 

1367 Davis Level ft Tool Co., Spring, 
field. Mass.— Acljustable levek and plane* 
and iron planes. P 71. 280 

1363 DeWitt, Morrison, ft Kelley.Phil- 
adelphia. Pa. — Carpenters', millwrighu', 
gasntteis', pump, and car builders ma- 
dsine and auger bits. These are the cele- 
brated arrow orand for boring all kinds of 
wood. P 71. 280 

1360 Shepherd ft Lloyd, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Scales, glass cutters, lard presses, and 
hardware specialties. N 71. 280 

1870 Rowland, B.,ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Shovek. spades, and scoops ; orain- 
ing and ditchmg tools. N 7X. a8o 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 



Hardware^ TooIbi Cutleiy. 

1871 Yerkes ft Plumb, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — bUlge tools, hammers; railroad, min- 
ing, and bLicksiiuths' sledges. N 70. a8o 

1879 Bailey, Leonard, ft Co., Hartford, 
C^nn.— licoch planes, iry sutiares. bevdsi. 
N6B. a8o 

1878 Mayo, M. C, Boston, Maaa.-* 
Plane. P71. aSo 

1374 Miller, Edward, ft Co. Meriden, 
i'jona. — N 48. 

a Machine oilers. 980 

t Tinners' hardware. •84 

1375 Bemia ft Call Hardware ft Tool 

Co., Springfield, Mass.— Machinists'tools. 
P 72. aBo 

1876 Newton. C. C, Dunkirk, N. Y.— 

Twisted drill ups, dies, and reameis. T 
60. s8o 

1877 Ives, W. A., ft Co., New Haven, 
Conn.— Wood-boring implements, bit bra- 
ces. N 72. 280 

1378 Milla, B.,ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Braces, bits, bevels, screwdrivens.ispoko' 
shaves, squares, and saw pads. P 68. 280 

1379 Don aid son, J. W., Masslllon, 
Ohio.— Block stamps for stamping gar- 
ments for braiding and embroidery. P 
68. • ' a8o 

1880 Bailey Wringing Machine Co., 
New York, N. Y.-^ietaUic bench nlaoes, 
spokeshaves, boxscrapetSyetc. N 69. a8o 

1881 Klein, Logan, ft Co., Birmingham 
Tool Manufactory, Birmingham. Pa.— 
Picks, mattocks, fire shovels, etc. N 71. a8o 

1882 Croaaman, A. W., ft Son, West 
warren, Mass.— Carpenters' hand tooli. 
N70. aSo 

1888 Nixon, Q. W. C, New York, 
N. y.— Engravers' tools. N 68. sflo 

1884 Ohio Tool Co., Columbus, O.^ 
Planes, screws, edge tools, plane irons, 
handles, etc. N 71. sSo 

1885 Palmer. Wm. P., Berry street, 
bet. Fourth & Fifth streets, San Fran- 
Cisco, Cal.— Edge tools. AU tools war- 
ranted of excellent cutting qualities. N 
TO- 280 

1885« Rue, Theodore, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Stencils and tools, nickd-platea 
signs and aumben, steel stamps. T 
S4. 280 

1886 Taylor, Thomas, cor. Eddy ft 
Friendship streets, Providence, R.l P.O. 
^x 993--'Bioodstone bunttshers. Blood- 
stone bamisheis and reflectors made to 
OTder. N 71. 380 

1887 Smyth ft Penninfiton,PaterBOn,N. 
J.— Files .ind rasps. N 69. 280 

1888 Whitney Manufacturing Co., 
South Ashbumam, Mass. — Tools used in 
manufacturing chains. W 50. 980 

1889 Franklin, Mrs. Esther P., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Marking siciicik and brand- 
ing irons. T 58. 380 

1390 Sandusky Tool Company, San- 
dusky, O.— Planes, plane irons, bench 
and band screws, chisel and file handles. 
P 7». a8o 

1891 Hopkina, C. Waltham, Maas.- 
Watchmakers' tools. N 68. 280 

1892 Tower, John J., New York. H:T. 

-N 68, 
tfCarpentefS* planes, wrenchas, adjuMsUe 

clamps. aSo 

^ Handcufis and police implemeats, pad- 
locks. 384 

1893 Harriaoa ft Kellogg. Trey, N. Y. 
— N68, 

Screw wrenches. aSo 

5 Plain, tinned, japanned, and nickd-plated 
malleable iron ca>tiiigs to order, in all 
varieties ; extra refined air-<umace irons. 
(Low freights open all the year.) S83 

1894 Wills, Edwin 8., Philadelphia. 
Pa.-N 69. 

a Tools. sSo 

6 Wood screws, etc. 984 

1895 Miller's Palls Co., Miller'a FaUs 
MaM.— P 71. 

a Mechanics tools. s8o 

^ Hardware. 184 

1896 Lloyd. Supplee ft Walton, PhU* 
adelphia. Pa.— P m. 

a Hollow auger, spokcshave. s8o 

S Locks. S64 

1897 Vatterleio, John, Plalafteld, N. 


J.-N 69. 

Larpenters' gauges. 
i Gate hardware. 

1398 Lowentrant. P., Newark, N. J. 
—X 70. 

« Mechanics' toob. tSo 

6 Hardware. 284 

1899 Hart. Bliven.ft Mead Manufiu- 

turing Co., New York, N. Y.— P 70. 

a Carpenters' tooU. s8o 

6 Carpenten', saddlen', um! carriage kard> 

ware ; gong door bdls. sft4 

1400 Hotchkiss's Sons, Bridgeport, 
Conn. — N 72. 

« Hand drills, saw seta, cunycomfas. sSo 
^ Pruning shears. 281 

r Harness snaps, bull rings. S84 

1401 Beaver Palls Cutlery Co., Beaver 

Falls, Pa.— Table, pocket, and miscellan- 
eous cutlenr. Special exhibits, hitfe 
carving knife and fork, nine and a half 
feet long, cost S1500 ; revolving knife, widi 
three hundred and sixty-five blades. N 
70. 361 

1409 Barney, B. H., Springfield. Maftt. 
^-Skates, perforating stamp, show case 
and coumer combined. B^ime)' & Berry's 
celebrated "Club All-ciamp and Rink 
Skates," patented 1859, 18^* <^> i^/S- 
I show the advantage of a screw Cutenirtf 
for operating clamps on metal-topped 
skates; al»o, originalttv of the designs^ 
fine quality, workmansnip, and finish, r 
68. sBi 

1408 Will ft Pinck. San Francisco, 
Cal. — California carving sets and cutlery, 
bar tools. P 71. 281 

1404 Union Hardware Co., Wolcott- 
ville. Conn.— Skates, skate straps, tool 
handles, wood turning, dog ooUais, etc 

N 69. 281 

1405 Badsrer. BenJ. F., Charlestown, 
Mass. — Razor strops. Le.idi^g styles, 
" Genuine Emersons," established 1810 ; 
" Souvenir." for presentation ; ** German 
Belt," with non-extensible base; 
*• Iladger's super-quality ;** " Patent X ;" 
" Square." N 72. 281 

1406 Ooldschmidt, Herrmann, New 
York, N. Y.-Rator strops. N 71. a8i 

rorkicsUon of objects, indicated by letter and figure, §«• Key to Notation,; ground phui. p. s6. 



Hardwaie, Cndeiy, Metallic Onunnents. 


MOT FlorcBcs Srwiog Machine Co., 
Florence, Mass. — Skates. N 71. s8z 

1408 Herder, L.. & Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Shears and scissors. N 69. a8i 

li09 Russell, John, Cutlery Co., Oreen 
River Works, New York N. Y.— Table 
cuilcrjr,butch«v'. hunters , painters', and 
dn^ggtsu' knives, etc. N 67. a8i 

1410 Shipley, Howard W.. Philadel- 
{rfiia, Pa. — Pocket cutlery. P 71. a8i 

1 Seymour, Henry, ft Co., New 

/ork. N. Y.~Tailon\ banken' and 
sheep shears, trimmen, and sensors. 
K 71. s8i 

1418 Evans, "W, D., A Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Razor strops and oilstone 
none. K 73. d8x 

1418 Meriden Cutlery Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Table cuUery. N 69. a8t 

1414 HoUey Manufacturing Co., Lake- 
viDe, Conn.— Pocket cutlery. P 71. aSi 

1416 Lamson ft Ooodnow Manufactur- 
ii« Co.. Shelbume FaiU, Mass.^Table 
and butchers' cutlery. N 70. 981 

1416 United States Steel Shear Co.. 
West Meriden, Conn.-^SoUd cast sted 
idsson and shears. N 71. 981 

1417 Miller Bro. Cutlery Co., West 
Meadea, Conn. — Pocket cutlery. N 

70. 381 

1418 Heinisch*s, R., Sons, Newark, 
N. J. — Tailors' shears, scissors, ana 
trimadncs. N 69. 981 

1410 Wise, J., Newark, N.T.-CuUery, 
shean, andscissois, hand ana pole pruning 
shears. P 68. 981 

1480 PUmpton, J. L., New York, N. Y. 
— Paslor skates. P 71. aSx 

1481 Friedman ft Lauterjing, New 
York, N. Y.— Raxors. P 70. a8z 

1488 Punke, Leopold, St.LouU, Mo.— 
Knife with three htindred and sixty-six 
Uades. T60. aSz 

1488 Rohbins, Qark ft Biddle, Phila- 
ddpfaia. Pa. — Cutlery. N 43. 981 

1484 Gesswein ft Reichhelm, New 
York, N. Y. — PoSishing iiapleoients and 
matenak. N 70. a8i 

1488 Northleld Knife Co., NorthAeld, 
Co m. — Podtct cutlery. N 71. 981 

1486Breeden ft Nelke, New York, 
N. Y.— Spring scissors and shears. P 

71. a8x 

1487 Goodell Company, Antrim, N. H. 
—Cutlery and shoe knives. N 71. 981 

1488 Marx Bros., New York, N. Y.— 
Folding pocket scissors. N 69. 981 

1488 Wlnslow, Samuel, Worcester, 

Mass.— Skates. H 71. 981 

1430 Brady, Edward, PhUadelphla, Pa. 

— U 63. 

« If ctflboot fasteiUng. eSx 

i Model of iron fort. 983 

14S1 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, 
P^.— lee creeper. H 71. 981 

1438 Peck ft Snyder, New York, N. Y. 
-Skates. H7X. aSx 

^ New York Knife Co., Walden, 

M. Y.— Table, pen, and pocket cutlery. 

N67 281 

1483« X«oiiia, folios, ft Co., Jefferson* 

, vi'le, Ind,— Oilstones. N 68. 98a 

Foi fVifSw ft exhibits, indicated by mtmbeis 


1484 MitchelL J. E., Philadelphia, Pa* 

— Carpenters , engravers', opticians', and 
cullers' grindstones ; oilstones, razor hones, 
etc. P 67. a8s 

1484a Boyd ft Chase. New York, N. Y. 
— Arlcansas and Washiu oibtone. N 69. 

1484^ Zucker ft Levett, New York, 
N. Y. — Hard and soft rouge and compoci* 
tion for polishing metals. T 53. aSe 

1435 Baeder, Adamson, ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— N 68. 
« Sand and emery paper, emeiy cloth, 
emery, corundum, flmt. 98s 

i Glue. 659 

c Curled hair. 669 

1486a Nittinser, Edward, PhUadel- 

Ehia, Pa. — Quartz paste foi sharpening 
nives, etc. T 5a. 28a 

1436^ Tucker, Qeo., New York, N. Y.— 
Polbhing composiuons. N 68. 98* 

148 8^ White, T. R., PhHadelphia, Pa.— 
Sandilene, for cleaning marble, metal, 
glass, etc. T 54. aSa 

I486 Harrison, W. H., ft Bros., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Low and elevated firegrates, 
fenders, fireplaces, etc. T 53. 983 

148 6« Garland. Beni., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Iron briage aua fence railings. Y 

1437 Dixon. Thos. S., ft Sons, Phila? 
delphia, Pa. — Grates, fendexs, fireplace 
fittings, and gas logs. T 49. 383 

1437a Manly, M. M., ft Son. PhiladeU 
phia. Pa.— Wrought iron hand rails, 
mouidingB, and bridge railings. T 60. 383 

1438 Jsckson, Wm. H., ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— <5raies, fenders, fireplaces, 
fire irons, and fancy coal boxes. N 07. 383 

1439 Lalance ft Grosiean Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y.— Stamped iron 
culinary ware. T 68. 383 

1 440 Reyburn. Hunter, ft Co.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Weather vanes. N 69. 983 

1441 Tin Plate Decorating Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Decorated tin plates, boxes, 
cans, etc. N 70. 983 

1442 Miller&Krip8,716ft718Cherry 

street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Plain and or* 
namental bronze; white bronze, brass, 
German silver, and zinc castings. Also, 
sole manufacturers of bronze relieft in a 
new style of mounting; bronze reliefs 
made to order, Irom life or photograph. 
P 7a. 283 

1443 Demuth, Wm., ft Co., 501 Broad- 
way, New York. N. Y.— Show figures in 
metal and wood, meerschaum and brier 
pipes, with rubber and amber mouthpieces; 
smokers' articles in general. P 69. 983 

1444 Mott, J. L., Iron Works, New 
York, N. Y. — Fountains, vases, statuary, 
settees, aquaria, aquarium fountains, 
drinking fountains, candelabra, lamp pil- 
lars, crestings, castings, railings, gates, 
summer houses, band stands, stable fix- 
tures, etc. N 54. 983 

1448 Psxon, Comfort ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Zinc monuments. T 64 atui cut' 
side. 983 

1446 Woods, Sherwood, ft Co., Lowell, 
Mass. — White lustral wire ware, compris- 
ing an extensive line of honsehold, table, 
and fancy goods, such as fruit, cake and 
jewel baskets, tea and coffee strainers, 
castors, toilet articles, etc. N 7a. 983 
at end of eatxies, see Classification, pp. 97-45. 



Wrought and Cast M«tal Work, Hardware. 

1447 Ansonia Brass & Copper Co., 
Ansonia, Conn.— Brass and nickcl-plated 
kettles. N57. 283 

1448 Rohrroan, J. Hall, ft Son, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Tea, coffee, and spice cad- 
dies ; water coolers and decorated japanned 
tinware. P 70. 083 

1449 Huaacy, C. Q., ft Co., Pittoburg^ 
P*- — Copper sheet, circle, and bottoms; 
planished and inaot copper, copper light- 
ning rods, sheet brass, brass kettles. N 
?«• «83 

1460 Champion Fence Co., Kenton, 
O.— Wrought and malleable iron fence 
and »te. The advantages claimed for 
the champion iron fence are: 1st — The 
longitudinal rail is rolled in T shape, 
thos giving the greatest lateral strength, 
also horizonul strength, when put up in 
fence, without bolts, rivets, or forging 
whatever, leaving the iron as it comes 
from the rolls. 2d — As the arched or 
cylindrical form of the iron resists the 
greatest strain, the pickets are rolled con- 
cave, convex, with a flange on each side, 
forming the strongest picket that can be 
made from the tame amount of iron. 3d — 
The ornaments used, together with the 
different connecting parts, are made of 
refined malleable iron, or stamped from 
wrought h-on plates, and of any desired 
form, and at one-tenth the cost of making 
them at the forge. 4th— The pickets are 
driven into the ornaments and passed to 
nearly the top of the picket, at the rear of 
the ornaments. There are lugs and clips, 
which are clinched, combining ornament 
and picket together, forming a strong and 
durable top-head for the picket, 5th— The 
fence is put together with dips; these are 
•lipped on the T rail, and the sides of the 
ornaments form circles, or segments of 
circles, thus rendering them adjustable to 
any and all grades or aneles. 6ih— The 
panels are connected with a compound 
damp, which hdda them firmly together, 
at the same time allowing for the expan- 
sion and contraction of the iron. 7th— That 
we have in the combination of our rail and 
picket the strongest and most omanientai 
fence that can be made, from the same 
amount of material. 8th— That we can, 
by our adjustable posts, keep our fence in 
periect h'ne; also, that we can set the 
fence upon coping or stone walk of any 
grade, the same as upon our iron founda- 
tion. 9th — That we can pack the fence 
for shipment, in compact bundles, and put 
it upon the ground as conveniently as a 
wooden fence can be put up. xoth— That 
we manu&cture the fence without the use 
of any costly and cumberK>me machinery, 
bdng virtually made when the iron comes 
from the foundry and the rolls . x i th— The 
base upon which the fence is set is of cast 
Iron, eighteen inches wide at the bottom, 
and six inches at the top; twenty-cight 
inches In length, which is set in the ground; 
upon this foundation is placed a wrought 
iron post, adjustable front and rear, and 
also adjustable at the top, while at the 
bottom it would be stationary, or v/ee 
WTTM. upon this post we also adjust the 
height of the fence. One of the beauties 
of our invention is, that we make a fence 

that looks light, yet strong and durable. 

( OAt^ Siaie Buildif^.) 283 

1401 Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Co. 

East Hampton. Conn.— N 7a. 

« Bcllmet;U kettles. 98* 

i Bells. 'gj 

1462 Armbruster, Jacob H..Philadel. 

phia. Pa.— Organ and sash weights. \0r- 
gan, EaH GaUtry.\ S84 

1463 Yale Lock Manufacturing Co., 
Stamford, Conn. — Locks, ornameatai 
bronze hardware, post-office boxes. P 
7a. 884 

1468a Bray, Bdw. L., Boston, Massw^ 
Balance ^ring curuin fixture. lEui 
Gallery.) ^ 

1464 Stewart ft Mattson, Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Building hardware, locks, door 
knobs and trimmings. N 69. 384 

1464« Dexter Spring Co., Hulton, Pa. 
—Carriage springs. T 60. 884 

1466 Nock, Geo. W.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Locks and padlocks. N 70. 3S4 

1466« Cleveland Steel Horseshoe Co.» 
Cleveland, O. — Steel horseshoes and barsj 
hand shoe formers. T 59. 9A4 

1466 Trenton Lock ft Hardware Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Patent lever ad 
tfpring, with oomigated bolt door locks, 
latches, knobs, and other hardware. N 
68. S84 

1466^ Adams, Wm. R. M., New York. 
N. Y.— Door bolt and chain check. N 
7». flB4 

1467 Shannon, T. B.. Philadelphia, Ps. 

— Hand-made locks and builaing hard- 
ware. N 7a. S84 

1457a Smith ft Egge. Bridgeport,Conn. 
— Padlocks, hasps, chains, etc. N 70. 284 

1468 Wells ft Hope Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Metallic show cards and advertising 
signs ; decorative glass priming, etc. P 
7a ^ 

1468/» Stafford Manufacturing Co., 
New York, N. Y.— Stencil combTnatloRS, 
machine cut alphabets and figures ; ker* 
rings, checks, and badges. N 69. 184 

1469 Corbln, P. ft P., New Britain, 
Conn. — House trimmings and miscellane- 
ous hardware. N 7a. s% 

1469a Brooke, B.ft Q.. Birdaboro*, Pa. 
—Nails. T67. 984 

1460 American Stair-Rod Co., New 

York, N. Y.— Stair rods and stair carpet 
fasteners. N 71. 384 

1461 Stanley Works, New Britain, 
Conn. —Wrought iron butts, iapanned, 
bronzed, and plated ; hinges, door bolts, 
etc. P 71. S84 

1461a Orbeton, W. W. S., Boston, 
Mass. — Screw braces and screw-brsce 
blind hinges. N 68. 284 

1462 Globe Nail Co.. Boston, Mass.— 
Machine-made horseshoe nails. N71. ^ 

1463 Tuchfarber, F.. ft Co., Cincinnati, 
O. — Enameled iron show cards. P ?*• 


1464 Wiler, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Stair rods and plates. N 71. 384 

1466 Walton, B. S., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— L6ck hardware aiui fineoronze 
work. N 7a. 88« 

1467 Dunbar, Hobart, ft Whiddcn. 
South Abiqgion, Mass. — Tadcs, brads ana 
nails, steel shanks, heel plates, etc P 
7a. 384 

1 46 8 Hildebrand ft Wolf. Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Trunk locks, padlocks, dcad-latcha, 

door springs, etc. P 69. 184 

For k>catlan of objccu , indicated by letter nnd figure, see Key to Notation , p. a{ ; ground plan, p. 36 



Hardware, Locks, etc. 

I4M Carr, Crawley, ft Devlin, PhlU- 
ddpbia, P». — Building, cabinet, carnage, 
■■d saddlery hardware; malleable iron, 
bian». Mid sted casdngs. N 70. 984 

HTO HUl'B S»fe & Lock Co., Cinciii. 
BMi. O. — Bank and tinw k>cks. H 67. 

ItTl Wbitaker & SUrm, Traaton, N. 
J.--Ifoacliains, chute naik. T6s. 984 

ten Qoold's, M., Sons. 88 & 86 
Miaiie street, New York, K. Y., and 514 
CoBUBcrce street, Philadelphia. — Stair 
rods, step plates, dog collars, uphols- 
tery, aod trunk hardware. Manu- 
^cluren of stair rods, stair plates, dog 
<W*»Tn^ stepladders, trunk rivets, and aU 
kiads of trunk hardware; also, a general, 
line of nirfiolstery hardware. Factory, 
K«wni1c,N. J. N/x. 384 

1478 Morton. Tboo., New York. N. Y. 
— Saah chatn and attachments tor 

T49. a84 

1474 MalloryJiVheeler, Co., New Ha- 
voi. Conn. — IXwr locks and knobs, pad- 
locks, etc N 69. a84 

1474 Oaylor4 Manufacturinjg Co., 
CUoopee^MasB.— Cahinetlocks. N70. 384 

1478 Union Maanfacturinc Co., New 
Britain, Coon. — Plain and ornamental butt 
Uqe». N 69. 984 

1477 Merverean, W. T. A J., Newark, 
N. J.—Stairrods and plates, dog coHan 
and inu f riri , bridle fronts, and uphold 
steren' hardware. N 71. 284 

1478 Marria's Safa Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Locks. H69. 984 

1479 Bohannan, Wilson, Brooklyn, N. 
Y. — ^Brasa spring padlocks and car kicks. 
P68L 384 

1480 Union Steel Screw Co.. Cleve- 
land, O. — Bessemer steel wood screws, 
wkksaaqdes showing stages of manufac 
tare. T 59- «*4 

1481 Clark & Co.. Buffslo, N. Y.-* 
Nickel-plated buildeis' hardware. N 
7«. «84 

1488 Van Wagoner A Williams, 88 
"" * street. New York, N. Y.— 

Spring hinges and door sprina of the 
kiadB, for screen and other doon. 

s, etc. AU articles of superior manu- 
orc N 70. 984 

1488 Qonf^ Bell Mannfacturing Co., 
EaaHamptony Conn.— Bells. P 73. S84 

1484 Romer & Co., Newark, N. J.— 
Locks lor railroad switches, cars, prisons, 
stores, etc N 71. 984 

1485 Cowell, J. J., ftCo., Newark, N.J. 
— Buildeis' and trunk hardware. Manufao 
BBrers of trunk and builders' hardware, 
sash pnUeys, trunk rollers, catches, han- 
dle cans, stay hinges, clamps, etc. Also 
MaBeabU ana gray iron small castings. N 
71. a*4 

1486 Wddlatown Tool Co., Middle- 
Iwn, Conn.— Plane irons, harness snaps, 
washer cutters, hitching' chains, plane- 

' hardware, etc. T 71. S84 

1487 Whipple, H. J. P., West Meriden, 
Conn.— IMor-knob attachment. P68. 984 

1488 McEachem, Daniel, WU-nington, 
Dd.— Oat lion Centennial chain, each 
Ibik lepus e i i tln g a State and giving the 
Governor's name. Q 78. 984 

For dMMB of axidbitB, indtcaf4Hl by numbers 

1490 Tiebout, W. ft I., New York. N. 
Y. — Brass, nilvanized, and ship chandlery 
hardware. H 68. 9^ 

1491 Parker ft Whipple Co., West Meri- 
den, Conn.~Door-kiu>b attachment and 
adjustment. N 69. 384 

1498 Thon^ Stephen S., 89 Oliver 
street, Newark, N.J. — ^Brass, copper, and 
iron wire ferrules, from H to 3H inches, for 
paint brushes — these ferrules warranted 
not to burst or expand ; bonnet and insu- 
lating wire. N 69. 384 

1498 WorreU Bank Lock Manufactur- 
ing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Bank k>ck. 
H 70. 384 

1496 Herring ft Co., New York, N. Y. 
--Safe, bank, and time locks. H 69. 984 

1497 Nenman.R., ft Co., Newark, N.J. 
--Satchel and traveling bag frames, and 
hag trimmingi. P 68. 984 

1498 Van Alen ft Co., Northumberland, 
Pa.— Cut nails aind s]^kes. T 66. 984 

1499 Blake Bros. Hardware Co., New 
Haven, Conn. — Hardware for builders', 
cabinet makers' , and carriage makeis' use. 
P69. 984 

1600 Miller, D. K., Lock Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Locks. P 90. 284 

1 501 Eagle Lock Co., Terryville, Conn. 
^Tnuik and cabinet locks. H 67. 384 

1502 Judd, Hubert L., New York, N. 
Y. — Upholstery and fancy hardware. N 
69. 084 

1608 Coleman Eagle Bolt Works, Phil- 
adelphia. Pa.— <Sumage bolts, nuts, and 
aide dips. P 71. 384 

1504 Meeker, D.M., ft Son, Newark, N. 
J. — Iron, bronze, and German silver cast- 
ings. N 7X. S84 

1505 Hall,P.W..Aastin,Texas.-Com. 
bination door, drawer, and trunk locks. 
P68. a84 

1506 Norwalk Lock Co., Soath Nor- 
walk. Conn.— Door locks, knobs, pad- 
blocks, and builders' hardware. N 70. 384 

1507 TerwIlHger ft Co., New York, N. 

_ _ Arms, Bell, ft Co., Younnti 
O.— Nuts, bolu, and washers. V63. 384 

-Safe locks. H 79. '384 

1508 Arms, Bell, ft Co., Younntowo, 

1609 Wheeling Hinge Co., WheeUng, 
W. Va.— Hinges, butts, wrmight goods, 
and washers. N68. 384 

1611 Vandusen ft Tift, Ciaclnnati, 
O.— Bells. T53. «84 

1512 American Screw Co., Providence, 
R. I. — Gimlet pointed screws of iron, 
brass, and steel; coach, hand roil, and ma- 
chine screws; rivets; stove and tire bolts. 
P 69. 384 

1518 Branford Lock Works. New 
York. N. Y. — Rim and mortise door locks 
and latches, brass and steel keys, door 
knobs, lock furniture. P 69. 384 

1514 Eaaton Lock Works, Baston, Pa. 
— Rim and mortise locks and latches; 
safety locks and night latches. N 79. 384 

1615 Wilson, John, Chicago, lU.— Pire 
nozzle. B 69. 984 

1615a Keystone Hardware Manufac- 
turing Co., Reading, Pa.— Hardware. N 
69. 984 

1516 Quiffley, W. E., Waterbury, Pa^ 
—Hand-made horseshoes. T 71. 384 
»* end of entries, see Classification, pp. S7-4S. 



Hardware, Rubber Goods, Cordage, etc. 

U17 BvaiiB, P. H., Brooklyn. N. Y.— 

Expansion bolts and screw fiuienings; 
photographs of odier manufactures. P 

1519 Field, A., ft Sons, Taunton, Mass. 

— Tacks« brads, nails, «tc. P 68. 984 

1520 Valentine ft Butler Safe ft Lock 
Co., New York, N. Y.— Safe locks. H 

70. a84 

1521 Lewis, Oliver, ft Phillips, Pitts- 
Durg, Pa. — Wagon and heavy hardware, 
fence pickets, etc. T 64. 984 

1522 New Britain Lock Co., New Brit- 
ain. Conn. — Key register; dud, bank, safe, 
and lime locks. N 7a. 284 

1 52S American Wire ft Screw Nail Co., 
cor. Madison and State streets, Coving- 
ton. Ky.-^--Conimon, bright, smooth, and 
barbed wire nails with sharp points ; small, 
large, depressed heads and without heads. 
Moulding nails, wire cigar-box nails, iron 
and brass oval head escutcheon pins. Wire 
screw nails (patented). These nails have 
round, tapenng points, and screw thread 
till under the head. Are to be driven %rith 
a hammer as quick as common naib, but 
turn like screws while driving under the 
hanuner. Wirenailsof every description, 
also blued, tinned, and colcved naiu. F 

71. S84 

1524 Buckman, Ira, Brooklyn, N. Y.— 
Torsion spring hinge, automatic window 
lock, and door fixtures. N 68. 984 

1525 Riverside Iron Works, Wheeling, 
W. Va.~Nails and spikes. T 64. 284 

1526 Turner ft Seymour Manufactur- 
ing Co.. Waloottville, Conn. — Itrass and 
iron upnolstery goods and hardware, and 
notion goods. >i 68. S84 

1527 Sargent ft Qreenleaf, Rochester, 
N. Y. — Chronometer, bank, safe, and flat 
key locks. H 72. 984 

1528 Wilcox, Wm., Manufacturinc 
Co., I^Iiddletown, Conn.— Padlocks, plate 
locks, and keys. N 71. 284 

1529 Kinc, J. M., ft Co.. Waterford«N. 
Y. — Slocks and dies, plug and taper taps, 
pliers, etc. N 71. 284 

15SQ Keyless Padlock Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Keyless padlocks. N 70. 284 

1531 Lyon, Sylvanus, New York, N. 
Y.-Locks. N73. «84 

1582 Johns, H. W., New York, N. Y. 
—Tacks, etc. P 47. 284 

1583 Barton, W. E., East Hampton, 
Conn.— l^ells. N 71. 284 

1584 Clarke Combination Lock Co., 
Baltimore, Md. — Combination keyless 
locks. P 68. 284 

1585 Orbeton, Wm. W., Boston, Mass. 
—Screw braces and hinges. N 68. 984 

Fabrics of Teffetablo, Animal, or 
Hineral Materials. 

1536 Glen dale Elastic Fabrics Co., 
Easthampton, Mass. — Woven and braidea 
elastic rubber fabrics. F 68. 985 

1587 Easthampton Rubber Thread Co.. 
Eastlunipton, Mass. — India rubber thread 
and rubber in process of manufacture. F 
68. 28s 

1 538 Willis, Aue. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Rubber rails tor tracks. H 71. 285 

^or location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, 

1589 Sellers. Cbas. P., Phtladel|l4|« 
Pa.— Com brooms and whisks. T 46. 4b 

1540 Reynolds, C.T., ft Co., New Y«rt, 
N. Y.— Brashes. P 4>H. >» 

1540« Isaacs, M. C, ft Co., Chicago, 
111. — Wire brooms, casting, and flue 
brushes. N 71. 286 

1641 Leiner, M., New Yortt, M. T. 
— Brushes and ear cieanen. T 65. sflj 

1541« Kerr, Hugh S., PhUadaIpb% 

Pa.— Sponge brushes. B7X. sSl 

1542 Lovell, Q. H. ft M. P.» Philadd* 

phia. Pa.— Ear brush. T 50. M 

1542« Pollock ft Son, Newark, N,J.— 

fimshcs, bufis, etc. N 68. 986 

1548 Miles, Bros., ft Co.. New York, N. 

Y.— Brushes. N 69. 286 

1544 Grand Rapids Brush Co., Orand 
Rapids, Mich. — Brushes. N 7a. atf 

1545 Clinton, E.. ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.-Brushes. k 66. 986 

1546 Bowman, C. A., ft Bro., Madison, 
Ind. — Clothes brushes made of brooa 
corn. T 46. 986 

1547 Johns. H. W., New York, N. Y.- 
Brushes. P 47. 286 

1548 Florence Manufacturing Co.. 
Florence, Mass. — Hair brushes. B 70. 280 

1550 Bailey, John T., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Rope and twines. B 68. 287 

1551 Baumgardner, Woodward, ft Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Cordage and doihes 
lines, tarred yams, hemp packing. B 
70. 987 

1551a Lawrence, Waterbury, ft Co., 
New York, N. Y.— Cordage. T 78. 267 

1552 Vyse. Robt. H.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
— Rawbioe rope, sash cord, and round 
belting. B 68. 287 

1558 Hooper, Wm. E., ft Soaa, Balti- 
more, Md.— Twine. D 78, 287 

1554 Hart. A. H., ft Co.. 90 Whits 
street. New York, N. Y.-Elm FUx 
Mills; flax twines for upholsterers, sail, 
bs^, broom makers, etc. ; flax yams, shoe 
threads, etc. B 68. 987 

1555 Wairs,William,Sons,NewYork, 
N. Y.— Ships' rigging; rope and cordage. 
E 78. 987 

1556 Tucker, Carter, ft Co.. New York, 
N. Y.— Wire and manila ropes. B 69. 987 

1557 Hart, Clarence A., Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Painted silk banners. B 78. sH 

1557a Reynolds, J. P., ft Co., New 
York, N. v.— Escutcheons of military 
and naval service. T 44. sU 

1558 Lilley, M. C, ft Co., Columbus, 
O.— Masonic goods and society supplies. 
Manufacture society furniture, jewels, 
regalia, uniforms, banners, band and mili- 
tary goods. Price lists upon application. 
P 65. 288 

1569 Wilson, J. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Regalias, flags, and banners. P 70, 288 

1560 New England Bunting Co., Low- 
ell, Ma.<;s.— Bunting. B 75. 288 

1561 Salisbury ft Co., New York^ N. Y. 

— Muslin flags; engraving, desifpiing. 
lithographing, aiKl printing; onfioal 
manufacturers of American, decti<Ki, and 

other decontions--«Il nations->in sets or 
single. H 77. 288 

1, see Key to Notation, p. 95 : ground plan, p. 96.^xaisL:s:j^ le-^i. 





Security against the powerful tools and irigenious devices 
of the scientific Burglar. 

Jlerring's Infallible fiank Jiock 

AIRirds the SMarity of both a Combination and Time Locic, 



251 4 252 BROADWAY, NEW YORK,^^^)^!^ 

E a PRAH, BRO.l CO^ 






See Show Case In Main BnOdfaigy Class 854, Siding 4. 




Fish liiifBSf 

Fish Hooks, 


Digitized by VjOO^ LC 



Paper, Wooden, Metallic Fabrics, etc. 

1668 Piton, Camllle, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Trophies represeniinff America. Europe, 
Asia, and Abrka. {I/aog mmd Crmirt 
Transept.) aSS 

If S8 TranaiD, Chaa., Manllna, N. Y.— 
Paper baireb ; cbccse and fruit packages. 
T57. 889 

U64 TrMeI,BdwardO., New York, N. 
Y.— Fapter machd household ware, clmm- 
ber sets, pails, cuspadon, etc P 64. 389 

1669 Wakefield Rattan Co., Boston, 
Mass.— Rattan baskets. T 57. 989 

1666 Bcaodett, Homer J., Orecnpoint, 
H. Y.— Fancy scroll work. P 50. 989 

1667 Waters, £., ft Sona, Troy, N. Y. 
—Boat barrels, camp stools, seats, pack- 
Sfes for volatile liquids, etc., made of pa- 
per. B 73. 969 

1668JenninKa Brothera, 858 Pearl 
street. New York, N. Y.— Japaoese paper 
ware. Their manufacture of pails, basins, 
pitchers, spittoons, cuspadors, etc., are 
tboroughly waterproof, durable, and orna- 
mental : are not affected by the climate. 
T«8. 389 

1669 Preston ft Merrill, Boston, Mass. 
-Wooden boxes. P 48. 989 

1670 Dorman Manufacturing Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Baskets, urns, carriage 
bodies, etc. P 59. 389 

1671 Paxon, Comfort, ft Co., Philadel- 
i^. Pa. — Burial robes and dresses ; cas- . 
set trimmings. B 73 and outside. 990 

1678 Smith, Wm. M., West Meriden. 
Coaa.— Casket trimming^, handles, name 
plates, and ornaments. N 43* ^90 

1675 Rogera, C. ft Bros., West Meri- 
den. Conn. — Gold and silver plated coffin 
and casket trimmings. F 73. 990 

1674 Chaae, P. ft P. P.. Penn Galvanic 
Works, Philadelphia, Pa.— Galvanized 
bon foods, sheet iron, water pipe, boilers, 
hafdware. shipsmiihina, rsiilings; bar, 
hoop, ana chain iron. F 68. 991 

lf74« Dnnby. Geo., ft Co., Philadel- 
' ' ij Pa.— <^Tanized sheet iron, mantels, 
, railings, etc Y 59. 991 

1676 Straua, 1. S., ft Co., Philadel- 
pkia. Pa.— Galvanised, wroug^, and cast 
Hon worit. P 71. 991 

1677 Philadelphia Qalvaniaing Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Galvanized sheet iron 
pipe, railing, wirework, chain, bmlers, 
sinks, coal hods, etc. P 69. 991 

1678 Kittredge Cornice ft Ornament 
Co., Salem, O.— Sheet metal cornices, 
doms, idmttos, and pavilion ; archiiectu- 
nl ornaments, Ug^ wrought Iron work. 
iOmtsHf.) 991 

For dssses of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

1579 Palstrom ft Tomovlst, Paaaaie 
City, N. J.— Galvanized Iron cornice and 
ornamental sheet iron woric for buildings. 
P68. S91 

1680 Philadelphia Architectural Iron 
Co., PhiUdelphia, Pa.~Galvanised hon 
and sheet zinc gate entrance. P 70. 99s 

1581 McCuUough Iron Co., Philadel- 
phia,!^— Galvanized sheet iron. P70. 991 

1582 Brown ft Owen, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Cemetery inclosure, ornamental iron 
work, and wrought iron pipe. (Out- 
side.) 99X 

1588 Cornell, J. B. ft J. M., 141 Gentrs 
street. New York, 9 Studio Buildings, 
Boston, 497 Walnut street. Philadelphia. 
—All kinds of heavv and light wrought 
and cast iron work for buildings and 
bridges ; cast iron fronts, stairs, columns, 
girders, lamp posts, etc; wrought iron 
columns, girders, beams, railings, sheet 
lath, etc. ; steel and iron rolling shutters, 
fire-proof columns, burglar proof safes and 
vaulu. Works cover six acres of pound. 
P 70. »9X 

1684 Marahall Brothera ft Co..Phila. 
delphia. Pa. — Galvanised and leaded sheet 
iron work. P 71 and omttid*, 991 

1585 2inc Roofing ft Ornamenting 
Works. Chicago, 111.— Ornaments in 
pressed and cast zinc, brass, and copper; 
dnc statues, emblematic signs, etc. P 
69. 991 

1586 Buringer Brothers, Dayton, O. 
— Ohio coat-of-ann« of galvanized iron. 
{In gahl* of Oku SiuU Bmldimg.) 991 

1586« Smith, S. A., New York, N. Y.— 
Rolling chairs. (Jn us* in tkg bmld- 
ingt.) 398* 

Oarriaget, Yeklolot, and Aooettoriot. 

1587 Blake Broa. Hardware Co., New 
Haven, Conn. — Trucks for moving open 
barrels and kegs. P 69. 994 

1588 Newichawanick Co., South Ber- 
wick, Me.— Horse blankets and goods for 
horse clothing. R 78. 996 

1588a Hopkina ft Robinaon Manufac- 
turing Co., Akron, O. — Animal pokes. 396 

1589 Pettingell ft Sawyer, East Cam- 
bridge, Mass. — Horse and wagon covers. 
F76. 29* 

1590 Enger. P. B., Tower, ft Co^ 
Boston, Mass. — Oiled horse covers. C 
78. 996 

1598 Paxon, B., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Wool extract, P 43. 667 

at end of entries, sec Classificatioa, pp. 07-45. 


by Google 




{North of Nave, Columns s^tojS.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Gliemioal Katitifaotaret. 

X Hutchinson, John, & Co., Widnes, 

Lanca.<shire. — Sodi ash, soda crystals, 
caustic soda, bicarUinate of soda, salt cake, 
bleaching powder, and sulphur reoaverea 
from vat waste. aoo 

2 Corbett, John, Stoke Prior Salt 
Works, Woroestenhire.— Refined salt. 


8 Richards, Kenrne, ft Oatquoine, Mal- 
kins Bank Alkali Works, Saiidbach, 
Cheshire.— Brine, sulphate of ammonia, 
soda ash, bicarbonate of soda. aoo 

4 Gaskell. Deacon, ft Co.. Widnea. 
Lancashire. — Carbonated soda ash, and 
refined alkali, bleaching powder, soda 
cn-stals, bicarbonate of soda, and chloride 
of'^calcium. aoo 

5 B runner, Mond, ft Co.. North* 
wich, Cheshire. — Alkali or caitwnate of 
soda. 90O 

6 The Desoto Alkali Co. (limiud), 
Widnes, Lancashire. — Caustic soda, ana 
black ash or ball soda. aoo 

8 Runcorn Soap ft Alkali Co. (limi- 
ted), Liverpool. — Bleau:hing powder, soda 
ash, crystals of soda, caustic soda, and 
refined resin. aoo 


10 Muspratt, James, ft Sons, Liver* 
pool. — Soda ash, cream caustic soda. 

clung po^ 
t, and on 


18 Spence, Peter, Manchester. — Crys- 
tallized alum, in block and crystals, and 
a new alumino-ferric compound for pre- 
cipitating sewage and for paper making. 


18 Higgin, Thomas, ft Co., Liverpool.— 
Salt. {Agricultural HaU^ aoo 

14 The Newcastle Chemical Works 
Co. (limited), Newcasde-on-Tyne.— Soda 
ash, alkali, bleaching powder, crystals and 
bicarbonate of soda, caustic soda, chloride 
of calcium. aoo 

16 White, John ft lames, Shawfield 
Works, Glasgow.— Bichromate of pot- 

16 Liver Alkali Works Co. (limited), 
Liverpool. — Caustic soda. aoo 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of cntrica, see Qaasificaticn, pp. «7-45. 

17 Young, Tames, Kelly, Wena/as Bay. 

N. B.— Illustrations of mamifactajv of 

carbonate of soda, chlorate of potash, pro- 
ducts from petroleum, coal, and shale, pro- 
servaiion ol iron ships. aoo 

18 Greenbank Alkali Co., St. He]en*a, 

Lancashire. — Chemical products, pure 
caustic soda, chlorate of potash. aoo 

80 Jennings, T., Brookfield Chemical 
Works, Cork.— -Carbona.te of and calcined 
magnesia. aoo 

81 Calvert, F. C, ft Co., Bradford, 

« Carbolic and oresylic acids and deriva- 
tives, aoo 
b Carbolic add soaps. aoi 

88 ParkinsoB Bros., Burnley.— Baking- 
powder, ago 

88 Morson ft Son, London.— General 
chemicals and specialties, creasoce, pep- 
sine, gelatine, etc aoo 

84 Allen ft Hanburys, London. — Pati 
de jiyube and analogous anides. aoo 

85 Gerrard, Alfred William, Lon4on.— 
Pharmaceutical preparations. aoo 

86 Chance Bros., Alkali MTorka, 
near Birmingiiam.— Chemical products. 

87 Wyndham, P., ft Co., London. 
—"Esprit des (Eufs" (spirit of eggs), a 
medicinal compound. aoo 

88 Price's Patent Candle Co. fliraited), 
Belmont Works, London. — Candles, 

.ni^ht-lights, glycerine, fatty add^ ma- 
chinery oils: toilet, household, and mill 
KMtps, glycerine^ paralfine, stearine, axid 
Upexs. aot 

89 Field, J. C. ft J., Londoa.-CaBdlea, 

toilet soaps, beeswax, and refined ydlcw 
wax, white wax, dyers' soaps, sealing 
wax, and £uicy ornamental candles, aot 

80 Pears, A. ft P., Lanadron Soap 
Works, Isleworth, near Londcm.— Trans- 
parent soap. aoi 

81 Wright ft Holdswortb, London.— 
"Dog soap, worm powders^ Bauer^s baby 
soap. aoi 

88 Cohn6. Sigismund, London.— Chem- 
ical and medical soaps. aot 

83 Craig ft Rose, Caledonian Oil ft 
Color Works, Edinbuiigh. 

a Oils. aoi 

h Paints and colors. aos 



8XIiV~BB 'wriCT>AT^ 


uan>oi[, laaa. 

FABI8. 1867. 






S, rorUMLd StrMt, ICMLOlLMt#r, BasImlA. 

Amgrican Agent -Mr. P. A. lilKDaAT. Ho. 54. Howard Street. New York. 

W.& C.SCOTT & SON I ffiST.'wM^SSl'irp.S'S 

of Merit of Shooting aualltie^, SyBtem of Action. WorkmansMp. 4o.. 4bo. 

^^ Canada and 

India, "%% _^^H^ ^^® United 

Chma, ^ — ^^^^HH^^ ^^^ 

London Addreti, 

87. eASTLE ST., 



m Gun Trials, in all '" ' ^" 
■ at over 100 yards. 

IHB WINHTNO- GUnST at the great London Gun Trials, in all the daAes, for 
improved boring. Wmidlli 

fiia itmifBst and most 
teibto bnaoh action erer 

On Sale at 
K«Mrs. Chrubb ft Co.*a 


laftePWB^ "Chokb.Bob« Gtnre, Air» how to Loai> fo» ali Kiir^i of Oai«.»» By W. TV. 
Gieener, Author of " Modem Breechloaders." 
ST. a>g.^It"5e^Q T?yo:RgS, 3BI3E^lwfl:iI>q'GmA.M:. 

MVID SMITH & CO., LlHITfO, Wool Extractors, HALIFAX, and the 

^IWlter Vo«^ Ike. flee.. m»t4» nor Twmin win lire In c^oth.. ^^^J^tTPtheMiJSlSlT'!?!^^ 
■fld>r. aS5^Sgb?££aji?ff^ of them, temple. wppHeJ. _^ 

^j^^ ALEX. HENRY, 
^"WP «ttn nnir ^t "^mmhttnxtx, 

& sB <S BjSpeoial Appointment to thdr Itoyal HiKhnnssee 
ASSS> thePrinc eff Vales A the DntP. of Bdlnhnrgh- 

In^itfiarr.tti sum SAIIT UDBEi STREET, E0IIBUR6I« NJ. London Branch. 118. PALL MIL 



^.^flSll^ CELEBRATED .<T5>V^ 




To be obtained at the Restaurants in 

the Exhibition Bnildinffs, 

And sold by all lirst-olass IdQiior Dealers, BestanrateuxSy Hotels Ae„ 

in the whole of the United States. 


Piercj Blue Brick Worioi, 

WEST BEOMWIGH, Staffordshiie, 






%t^tXt W^t Hn& '%sx\ J'artor, 

16, 7 & 8, NEW WESTON STREET. 

S XV <» Z< .A. M X>. 

Oooig Boatht or goM ftg 2t "/e OanmlwlBn * dd «wJ«wl Bukan, LnAm Mat BtoA Bank. 

^ JOHISr Gh. M.9GhEE 6c CO.. 




Bee SHOW GASX. Claw fiSO. fl 87. 


P2*ize L£edal0— Ijondon, Faxds, Serlin, Souloene, ^ SezveiU 


by Google 



Chemicals, Ceramics, 

14 ^Villiama, Miles. Britannia Varnish 

Waria, Wigan, Lanoashire. 

m Gas carburetter and drawinss; improve- 

BDcnt fat manufacture of ga& and liquid 

fbel. aox 

k Vandsbes, vamiali paints, enameb, iac- 

, and speciracns of work. aos 

8( HIckisMB. Mrt. M . A., London.— 
ICarking ink, pens, linen stretcher, and 
fiaated specimena. aoa 

% Turner. Chas., ft Son, Loodoo. 
— Vamisncs, fin^ colors, guins. aoa 

M LyoM. VrUliam, Manchester.— 
Writing and copying fluids and inks, 
■larifing ink, ink powdess, paper dye tab- 
lets, aoa 

19 Bow9Utn, Charles, EA>iftdon.— SoUd 
lak, stencil places, stencil bmslies, etc. 203 

iO Rn^vlins ft Son, Brook Works, Pres- 
ent. — Ultramarine and smalts, with raw 

il Chambers, T. P., Hull.— BUck var- 
aish. aoa 

42 Johnson Bros., Hull.— Colors, var- 
nashcs, machinery- oils, and locomotive 
and anii-friction greases. aoa 

44 Rowney, George, ft Co., London.— 

Pi^ment^, cok>n, vantishes, artists' ma- 
terials, tea 

48 atever, David, ft Sons, Glasgow. 
— Cdcrs, pigments, and wood stains; 

Venetian, Indtan, and other reds; drop 
Uack, greens, and other pigment col- 
ors, aoa 

40 Cooper ft Co.. Loadon. — Writ- 
iaft, regMier, and japaa inks, copying and 
flwd ink; ved, scarlet, bkte, and violet 
inks. v>3 

4T Silicate Paint Co., Uverpool. 
—Silicate paints and coton: petrifying 
Ikjuid for damn walls; enameling and 
anti-fauling paints; cement for steam 
jcials, anu4nc<ustation fluid, nitre killer, 
etc. *« 

47« Vooag ft Strang, Glasgow.— Gums 
for calioo printing. aos 

4t Blackwood, John, ft Co., London. 
— Writing, oc^qriag, and indelible mark- 
In^ inks. aoa 

49 Mackar, John, Bdinburgh. 

a Spirit vamtehes and polishes for coating 
wood of all odIotb, white, mahogany, oak, 
or ebony. aoa 

I Fhdd flavonng fwnrnr from spices, fruits, 
and vegetables. ao3 

60 Stephens, Henry Charles, London. 

—Writing fluids and copyin[j inks, ink 
powdcis, machine ro" 
mks ; stains for wood. 

11 Crown Perfumery Co., London.— 
PcHumes and toilet requisites. 303 

it Brooks, Henry, ft Co., London.^ 
Perfomery. aoa 

M Atkinson. J. ft B., London.— Per. 

famery and toilet articles. ao3 

54Jeap, John, Glasgow. -^Flavoring 
essences and other preparations. aoj 

|{ Low, Son, ft Haydon, London.^ 

Perfome eictraets, toflet soaps. ao^ 

powders, machine raltng and Indorsing 



66 PerkS; Samuel, Hitchin Herts.— 
Esseniial oil oflavender, extract Uvendef 
flowers, etc. 203 

67 Thiellajr, Bngene Henry, Loi>don. 
— Hair tincture, dyes, and bleaching 
liquid, tonics, and cultivatots. 003 

68 Rimmel, Eugene, London.*— 
Perfumery and toilet articles; perfume 
vaporizess, etc. B03 

69 Evans, Sons, ft Co., Liverpool, and 
Evans, Le^her^ & Evans, London.** 
Perfumery. 1103 

69a Sturge's Montserrat Co. (limited). 
Broad street, Birmingham. — Essences. 903 

60 Bryant ft May, Fairfield Works', 
London. — Safety matches, wax vestas 
and vesuvians. decorated metal and other 
boxes. ao4 

62 Bickford, Smith, ft Co., Tuckingmill, 
Cornwall.— Safety foses for blasting opera- 
tions. 304 

63 Pigou, Wilks, ft Laurence (limited), 
London. — Military, sporting, African, ana 
mining powders of every description. 304 

64 Lacey, Richard George, Coast Guard 

Station, Leigh, Essex.— Kocket apparatus 
for throwing lines from one ship to another. 


Ceramios—Pottery, PoroeUin, CHutt 

66 Pcake, Thomas, The Tileries, Tun- 

suU, Staflbrdshire. 

a Paving and facing bricks. aoCi 

i Ridge, roofing, and flooring tiles; oma* 

mental tiles for garden borders, skirtings, 

and mural decorations. ao8 

66 Hamblet. Joseph, Pierey Blue Brick 

Works, West Bromwich, Staflfordshire. 
a Vitrified blue bricks, copings, plinths. 

stable floor bricks, and quarries. aoo 

i Ridges, roofing tiles, and terra metallic 

pavings. ao8 

67 Wood ft Ivery, Albion Brick Worke, 
West Bromwich, Staflbrdshlre.— Blue 
terra metallic building and fancy bricks ; 
mouldings, copings, footpath paving 
bricks, grboved stable floor bncks, termi- 
nals : terra metallic vases, trusses, etc. 806 

68 Johnson ft Co., Ditcbliag Potteries,- 

Sussex. — Terra -cotta as applied to build- 
ing purposes ; terminals, vascs, ridge tiles, 
and general terra-cotta work. {Agricul- 
imrtUHaU.) ao6 

69 Matthews, John, Royal Pottery, 

Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.—* 
Terra-cotta vases, fountaixis, and baskets : 
garden pottery, etc. 906 

TOWatcombe Terra-Cotta Co. 
(limited), Waicoml)e, South Devon. — ^Ter- 
ra-cotta, painted vases and placiues, stat- 
uettes, etc. : frescoes for mural adornment, 
and architectural terra-cotu speci- 
mens. ao6 

7 1 Brooke, Edward, & Sons, Fieldhouse 

Fire Clay Works, Uuddeisfield, Yorkshire. 

a Sanitary tubes. ao6 

b Fire bricks and clay for furnaces; sewer 

ventilaton; silica fire bricks for fur> 

naces. ao7 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries^ see Classification, pp. 07-45. 





72 Stiff, James, ft Soni, London. 
« Terra-coctt Jaxs, bottles, tiles, vases, me- 
daiUoos, water filters, refri^eraton. air 
bricks^ stoves, and stove linings, taiolcts 
with nsuras in bas-relief, figures for church 
and other decorations; sanitary ware, 
sewer traps, drain pipes, etc. ao6 

i Terra-cotu stoves and stove hinges, sot 
e Files. ao8 

d Chemical stoneware, water filters, refrig- 
erators, etc. aio 

T8 Jennings, George, London.— 
Appliances for ventilation, terra-ootta 
biicks, etc; stoneware drain pipes, guUey 
traps. 9O0 

74 HoUaad, WUUam Thomas, Yriay 

mudw. South Wales. 
m Architectural terra-cotta, bricks and tiles, 

sanitary pipes and ware. ao6 

b Fire bricks and fireproof cements. 907 
€ Ceramic goods, earthenware, or faience, in 

table, tea and toilet services, etc. 913 

75 Lindsay ft Anderson, Lilliehill Pire 
Qay & Terra^Cotta Works, Dunfierm- 
line, Scotland. 

« Fountain in terra-cotta, bust and pedestal 
of Sir Walter Scott, statuette of Sur James 
Y. Simpson, nympns at fountain, garden 
vases and pedestals, sewage pipes, and 
sanitary appliances, coUecUoo of terra- 
cotta. ao6 

b Gas stove in terra-cotu, fire-clay bricks, 
chimney cans. 907 

76 Doultonj Hy.. ft Co.. Lottdon.*- 
Terra-ootta goods for arcnttectural pur- 
poses; sanitary pottery in salt-glazed 
stoneware, queensware ; vitrified netaJlic 
bricks and pavings. 906 

paviors. 906 

h Red paving and roofiiq^ tiles; ridges and 
clinkers. ao8 

77 Brownhills Pottery Co.. Tunstall. 

a Terra-cotta and black glazed ware. 906 

k Fkx>r and roof tiles, ridge ornaments, 

etc 908 

t Jugs. 9XO 

if £artheaware dinner, dessert, and toilet 
ware. 9X3 

78 Dean, Henry, Rugby, Warwick- • 

shire.---Stoneware drain traps and yard 
gullies of difiierent patterns. so6 

78oMaw ft Co.. Benthall Works, 
Broseley, Shropshire. 
a Architectural majolica, and terra-cotta. 

h Geometrical mosaic, encaustic, and ma- 
jolica tiles. 908 

79 Tinworth, Oeorge, London.— 
Panels m terra-ootta, illustrattve of Scrip- 
ture, and articles in colored stoneware. 906 

79« Daniell, A. B., ft Son, London. 
« Porcelain and pottery, ornamental vases, 
candelabra, etc.; fountains, jardinieres, 

Srden seats, vss9S, etc. ao6 

inner, dessert, tes« snd coffee services; 
toilet services. 913 

(ufDaees, etc. 907 

^^ ^f^*''kS1' ^"''^^*^'^> ^^^ Liverpool, 
for ch^ces of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, sim Qassificatioi), pp, f jr-45- 

82 Patent Plumbago CruciUe Co., 
Battersea Works, London. — Portable 
furnaces; skittle oots for glass melting: 
crucibles for jewelers, assaycrs, dentists, 
etc.; fouaden' blacku^ aoj 

88 Price, J. ft C. ft Bros., Bristol.— 
Ale bottles, spint jaxs, bands, prasenre 
jars, water blten, fiaet waraaen, etc; 
stoneware. 907 

84 Bates, Walker, ft Co., XHOo HaU 

Works, Burslem. 
4f Ironmongers', artists', and gardcaware; 

earthenware goods; sigaboaid letters. 909 
b Spirit barreb. 910 

c Dinner, dessert, toilet, and tea ware; 

porcelain slates, menu tablets, etc 313 

85 Doulton ft Co., London. — Maa- 
tdpieoes, stoves, hearth, and fendan of 
day; cnidbles, ftimaoes, muffles, ia fiis 
day and plumbago. 907 

86 King Bros., Stourbridf •. — Fire 
brick, gas retorts, etc 907 

88 Davidson. T., jr., ft Co., Caledonian 
Pipe Works, Glasgow.— Clay lobacoo 
pipes ; white day pipes, fitted with fiuicy 
mouthpieces and cases. 907 

88a Doulton ft Watts, Lambeth Pot^ 

tery, London. 

« Stoneware for chemicsl works. 907 

b Tile decorations. ao8 

e Stoneware for nmnafacttuinc pioppsas; 

pulpit aad fimt ia fine art pottezyni- 

ence. 009 

d Stoneware fi»r domestic porposes. aso 

89 The Campbell Brick ft Tile Co.. 
Stoke-upon-Trsflt.— EncBuadCk seonecric 
ma^dica, and all kinds <^ gkuicd tiks ana 
mosaics, brides, and roofings. * 908 

90 Craven, Dunlll, ft Co.. Jackfteld 
Wdrks, near Iranbridge, Shropshire.— 
Tiles for pavements and hearths ; orna- 
mental splays for fireplaces; tiles for walls 
and ftmuture. 906 

91 Minton, Hollins. ft Co., lCBton*s 
China Works, Stoke on Trent.— Tiles, 
tile-mosaic, nle fender, chimney piece, 
fire grate, flower vases, etc. soft 

92 Stanley Bros.. Midland TUc Works, 

Nuneaton, Warwickshire. — Peifontea 
tUes for malt kiln floon. 908 

98 Brown- Westhead, T. C^ Moofls, ft 

Co., Cauldcm Place, Staffonuhire Potter^ 


a Tiles and sanitary ware. sot 

b China, earthenwvure, statuary, poroelsin, 

and majolica ware. 909 

c Druggists' and perfumers' goods. aio 

d Dinner, dessert, and toilet services. 9x3 

98o Matthews, Edward, ft Son, Lon- 

don. — Decorative tiles. aoS 

983 Minton China Works, Stoke upon 
Trent.— Enameled tiles, etc. 908 

93f Colthurst, Symons ft Co., Bridge- 
water.— Bricks and tiles, (m Arncmi- 
turaiNa//.) 908 

94 Brownfield, Wm., ft Son, Cobridp^e, 

Staffordshire Potteries.— China, majdica, 
Irofwtone china, pariaa, earthenware, 
stonewsm, sto. «o 

9* Www4s,l,, ft »oii. Burslem, Staf. 
(brdshir^.— uroastoos whiteware. (/» At- 
riculturai H49JI.) are 







WSCBBSAS— It having come to the knowledge of "W. B. and Son that 
certain manufacturert are trying to introduce a spurious imitation of the above 
TQAnc iLJADi^ goods, less in substance and strength, made frcm 

llfAUt MAHIW ,^ inferior materiats, W. B. and Son, wishing to 
maintaia the reputation they have so manv years 
enjoyed for makmg the stoutest, most duraole and 
C VO&TOV. approved Tweed for Riding Trousers, and at the 
same time wishing to protect their own interest as 
well as that of their friends, have determined to ' 
stamp each piece of their Tweed every two-and-a>half yards, "Bliss, Chu>pii{Q 

The above-mentioned goods supplied direct from W. B. and Son, only to 

Boxing started an additumal new mill, full of the best machinery ^ they can 
now supply any quantity of perfect Tweeds^ punctually delivered. 



Digitized by 





A single trial solicited from tbose vho have cot yet tiled tbeiA gplendid piepAratioBft. 



The cheapest because the besfe, and iudispensable to erery hoosehold, and an 
inestimsble boon to housewives. Makes deUebitta Piid4ui9i without egn, 
Pastry without butter, and beautiful lieht Bread without yeast. Sold by 
Grooera, Oilmen, Chemists, fto., fn Id. Packets: 6d , Is., and 2s. Una. 

Prepared by qOODALL, BACKHOUSE 4 CO., LBEPa 


This cheap and exoellent Sauce makes the plainest viands palatable, and the 
diuutiest dishes more delicious. To Chops and Steaks, Fish, ^c, it is inoou- 
parable. Sold by Grocers, Oilmen, Chemists, Ac, in BotUas, 6d., la., and U. 

"^ Prepared by aOODALL. BACKH0D8E A CO., LEEDS. 

The best, cheapest, and most agreeable tonid yet introduced. Tie. best 
remedy known for Inaigestion, Loss of Appetite, General Debility, ^ac Reatores 
delicate invalidi to health and vigour, sold by Gkennsts, GroOtra, 4c., at Is., 
Is. lid., 2s., and 28. Sd. each Bottle. 

Pteparsd by QOODALL, BACOOUSE ft 00., LSEDa. 


DR. ARTHUR HILL'H ASSALL. M.D . the ISTentor; reooi|unend8 this as the best and most no«iristainff 

of all Infantj' aiid JnTaUi)8' Foo<lf which havo liithert^j been brouaht hetoie UiepuhJ'' " * 

x«q6fefreforthel^andbaa1th,rtnpf»arC and deTelobraent of r^^^^*-^- ^ *^- " 
Be1f-4iicestivie. Bacom mended by the " Laaoet,"and If 

-. Xigestivie. BacomineBdednby l£e " Laaceft." an? Hedlcal Realty. A«v 634 bgr Pnu 
OOmen, *c. .te., tn Tins. CJ.. is.. %., 38. M., 6b., 1^. aud 288. eaclu A Treatise by Arthur 
JH^i., London, ott the " AlimeDtation of Infants. (Jhltdraa. apd lovallda. iridi hints oi 
mauagoruent of chndren," sent post free on application to the 

MaattfaotUfmr eOO]>AUE>. BAe&fiEOVfiS ^ CO.. UBBS. 
I ' ' ' I i .J " 1 ' ' I 

The Mowing PHIZE MEDALS hayd been awarded— 

Nismes, 1863 ; Cologne, 1865 ; Paris, 1872 ; 

Havre, 1868 ; Baaavaia, 16694 ICaxaeillea, 1874 ; 

Paris, 1875; 




D. ANDERSON & SON, Belfast, Ireland, 

SoU Makers qrjd Patentees for the U.S. o/ America <tf' 


a—dy CoaUd and Banded. «»p«cI>Ut ter HOT OUKATBg. 






„.-. ... . .^^, ^^ ...^... .^^gitized by V_7 

Agents in all principal cities in the United States. 



Ceramics, Furniture. 

9i« Gardner. Peter, Duntttore Potter^p, 
bf Stirling, Scofltuid. — Rockiogham tea- 
pots. 2IO 

97 Edwards, John, Peftton, StefTordl 
shire.— Ironstone chiim and porcelain de 
terre tea, dinner, toftct, and jug services. 
{In Agricuiii^ral Hail.) 213 

88 Bailey, W. & J. A., Alloa, ScotlaikL 
— Rcx:kmghani earthenware teapots. 2x3 

88« Powell & Bishop, Hanley, Suf- 
foni»hiTe;,—Dinner. dessert, tea, and toilet 
services, white graliite, etc. *i3 

89 Hctley. J., A Co., London.— Glaas 
shades; glass toed for photographic, buOd- 
iBg, and Rortioiliuittl purposes. 0x4 

XOO Chance Bros., ft Co,, Glass 'Works, 
near BtrmiDgham. — Glass for optical Itistru- 
snis. •!§ 

101 Kilaer Bros., X^oadon.-^Olass bot- 
tles and glass, for usefol and scientific 
appUcaxions. ax5 

107 Aire & Calder Glass Bottle Co., 
London.— Glass bottles, oombtnation stop- 
pen, paddoK CKsei, corks, straw envel- 
opes. ax5 

108 Qxeen, James, & Nephew, Thamea 
Cut Glass Works, London.— Table glass, 
ait and engraved table decorations and 
flover stands, glass chandeliexSp and lustre 
candlesticks. ai6 

109 Millar, John, ft Co., Edinburgh.- 
Engraved and cut glass. ax6 


109« Jeakixxsoo, Alexander, Edinburgh. 
—Venetian glass in antique shapes. 4^ 

rvnstiiro aaa Ol^eoti of eeiMral Use 
izLConstmcUon and in Dwellings. 

110 Cox ft Sona, London.— Chisaney 
piece, embroidered jna^tcl boards choa- 
ttcd comer cupboard, carved oak niml* 
ture, bronre ornament, stained glass 
church window, wrought iron pulpit body, 
kctems, church plate, wrought iron and 
brass work, art tiles and plaques ;> the 
challenge pcue of the National Masical 
Unkm, eu. ai7 

110s Turner, George, ft Co., London. 

a HamsBock bedsifad and sofii, mosquito 

curtains. '17 

i Camp oven. 9^ 

111 Wright ft Mansfield, London.— 
Cabmet furniture of the i8th centtiry. si 7 

in Hsma, Harry, Exeter.- Alabaster 
statn»: carved oak Chest made out of 
tndent beams (nearly 600 years old) from 
the choir of Salisbury cathedral. 3x7 

118 Peyton & Peyton, Bordesley 
Wefts, Binninghau.-^M e tal 1 1 c bed- 
steads. a»7 
114 Morton, "W. Scott, ft Co., Art Fur- 
Bimre Works, Edinburgh— I>«corativ« 
finniture. ebonind and decotated cabinet, 
sideboard. 317 
IXi Hart, Son, Peard, ft Co., London, 
a Artistic metal work (chiefly for ecclesias- 
tical purposes), stove grates, etc. 217 
i Stove traces, etc ' S92 
e Gas fixtures. 223 

lie Shoolbred, Jsmea, ft Co., Londoa. 

— Fimiiture in the Jacobean and Queen 
Aime styles; bedroom furniture in the 
Angio-Indiaa style; curtains axid car^ 
pets. ai7 

Forcbsses of cxhibili, iadicatsd by nambea 

110<s White, WllHam Qeor«e, London. 

—Steel safe. 2x7 

117 Barnard, Bradly, London.— Fui^ 

niture and hammock. 3x7 

118 Cooper ft Holt. London.— Furnl»- 

tore, sideboard, poruon of bedroom suite, 
decorative drawixig*room furmture. 317 

119 Phipson, Miss Emma, Monk Sher- 
borne, Basingstoke, Hants.— Sideboard, 
ladies* work table, dressing glass, and can- 
dlesticks. 3x7 

119a Chatwood, Samuel. London.— 
Firs and burglar proof sales. azy 

130 Ward ft Co., London.— Bear 
- arranged as .dnab waiiar to hold tray and 
lamp. 2x7 

122 Arthur, Frederick, London.— 
Cabinet work and fittings for Royal School 
of Art needlework exhibits. 8x7 

133 Wethered, Edwin Robert, Wool- 
wich, Kent. 
a Hammock. sx^ 

i Fricf Ion piilky block, exhibited ss a fire- 
escape. 227 

124 Matthews, Bdwatd, ft Son, Lon^. 

don. — Stained glass windows, mural 
brasses. 3t7 

125 Barnard, BlshofN ft Barhard8,Hotf* 
folk Iron Works, Norwich. 

Stoves. »3a 

h Mangles. 225 

c Ornamenul wrought and cast iron gates, 

paKsade, pavilions, etc. 7it> 

d Lawn mowers, hose reels, garden rollers, 

aad iron garden roquisitci. 720 

125« Howard ft Sons, London.— 
Household furniture. 2x7 

126 Singer, J. W.. ft Son, Frome, Som- 
erset.— Artistic metal wotic, altar crosses 
and candlesticks, alms dishes, and mural 
brass plates for chnzthes. s^ 

126<« Sage, Frederick, London.— Air- 
tight show cases, velvet show stand, etc. 


1 27 Knight, Miss Mary, London.— Bed- 
stead. ^^ 

128 Jeffreys, Charloa, London. 

a Snow cases, bronzed shop fittings, and 

show stands. ■ S17 

i Cut glass mirrors. 2x9 

e Reflecting lamps. 233 

139 Royal School of Art Needlework, 
I^ndon.— Artistic needlework and em- 
broidery in aiSpUquef creSreb, sad silk. 2^ 

ISO Macintosh, Janoea, London.— Dec- 
orative dpots'and panels; imitations of 
woods' and maples, decorative designs 
and paper-hanging. 2x7 

ISO* CoTlift4nn,L.W., London.'— Piano 
in carved satinwood case, etc. 217 

180^ Watson ft Son, Bombay, East 
India.— Indian fiimiture, etc. 3x7 

181 Collinson ft Lock. London.— Fur- 
niture, wall papers, aad textile fsbiits. ^ 
the old English style. 3x7 

1 81« Neal, John, London.-Tahle ware. 


183 Goggtn, Jeremiah, Duhrra. 

a Table ornaments, drmking cups, tankards, 
etc. : *^ 

h Mirrors. "9 

at end of entrtca, seeOassificaCion, pp. ay^ 



Table Furniture, Heating and Lighting Apparatus, Woven Goods. 

1S8 Bailey. W. & 1. A., Alloa, Scot 
land. — EngraTcd table 


183« Qill, James, LoD4oB«->-Qeaeral 

engraving on metals, etc 9x8 

184 Blkintton & Co., BirmlBgham. 

« Solid silver and electro-silver plate for 
domestic use; decorative tt^e plate re- 
lieved with electro -gold and ozidiied 
silver. ax8 

I Qoisonn^ and champler^ enamels oo sil- 
ver and copper. 4x3 

€ Works of art in gold, sUtct, and other 

metals; brooxed statuary. 443 

if Antique art treasures, in metal, from the 

South Kensington Museum. 454 

187 Kent, George Barton, & Co.^ Lon- 


« Ivoride mirrors. 
c Photograi^ stands. 

188 Bogert, A. C, ft Co., Loadoa.—Or- 

* mouldings for picturt frames 

and ardiitectund c 


189 Hieronimus, W., London.— Frame 
mouldingi, windoir oomiccs, decontting 
mouldingi, etc sao 

140 Heaps & Wbeatley, Brotberton, 
Yorkshire.— Oil oooUqg stove, gaa stove, 
water boUers, etc. saa 

148 Steel ft Oarlend, WhamcUlIb 
Works, Sheffield.— Steel gmtes. with porw 
odain tiles; fenders, encaustic tile heanhs, 
stoves with china tiles, fire irons, etc. aaa 

144 Smart. Walter, Buckhurat Hill, 

JEssex.— Sub-fire ( 


146 Peethem, Mark,& Co.i Loadon, 
Stoves and grates with appliances 
rated china for fireplaces. aas 

147 Perkins, A. M., ft Son, London.— 
Steam oven for marine use. (/« Macki- 
ntry Hail,) ass 

148 Thornton, Bbei 

Yoikshire.— Cooking 


, Bradford, 

stove for gas or solid 

148« Clay, Randolph, Zxrndon.— Plez- 
iUe gas tubing. saj 

149 Gardner, John, ft Sons, London.— 
Lamps, Arctic expedition lamps, traveling 
csateens. saa 

160 Pield, T. C. ft J., London.-Night 
lights and candle guard. 123 

151 Partridge ft Co., Birmingham.-^ 
Brass gaseliefs, brackeu, etc. 933 

188 Skelton ft Co., London.— Street 
lamp, with reflectors. 033 

Xb%» Kent, George, London.— Knife- 
deaning machine. »4 

168 Btsenberjrer, R. Z., London.— 
Patent cofiee filter, etc. 334 

168« Cheavin, George, Boston, Lin- 
colnshire.— Water mters. (/<• Agricul' 
tmralHaU.) 226 

164 Jennings, George, London.— 

Lavatories, baths, closets, urinals, and la- 
trines; water meters and water waste 
preventors. 926 

166 BullWant, Thomas, London.->4ash 
window. 227 

166 Edwards, G., London.— Sliding 
window sashes and frame. 927 

IW classes of cxUhilB, indicated by numhtis si 

Tarns and W<yv<M& CNwdf of YagetaUa 
or Ifiiioral Xaterialt. 

167 Brown, J. B., ft Co., London.— 
Galvanised wire netting for inclosing 
poultry, pheasants, dogs, etc. (in Arn- 
cuUmrmiHaO.) 228 

167« Bngert ft Rolfe. London.— Felu 
for roonng, fibrous aspnalt, etc. (/« Agri- 
emUmralHaU.) 235 

168 Greening, N., ft Sons, Warrlnaton. 
—Woven wire, {tm AgrtcuUurtU T/ali.) 

168« McTeer ft Co., Belfrtet, Ireland.— 
•" ' . • . . • ... ^^^^ 


Roofing, ship 
felt; model of roof. 

169 Cox Bros., Camperdown Linen 
Works, Dundee, Scodand.— Jute yans, 
twines, etc 229 

ISO Sandeman, Frank Stewart, Man- 
hattan Worics, Dundee, Scotland.— Liaea 
and Jute yams, carpet yams, buriaps, bag- 
gings, canvas paddings, scrim clocn, house 
covers, and lap robes. 239 

161 Laird. William, ft Co., Canmoie 

Linen works, Forfiir, Scotland.— Textile 
fabrics, washed damasks, fancy towel- 
ings, hoTMclodis, sheetines, osaabai^gi, 
stair covering, seanUf "^ 

striped bsdd^iPj 
ram, etc 

168 Johnson, Jabes, ft FUd( 
s Quilts and bedcovers, toilet 



towels, dress fiibrics, 
etc 93s 

168 Dewhurst. John, ft Sons, Belle 
Vne MUls, Skipton. Yorkshire.— Sewtac 
cotton, finished and in various stages of 
manufacture. 930 

Jonas, ft Bros., Mrtthan 

ud. — Spool cotton, white 
and colored; crochet and embroidery cot- 
too. 930 

164« Greenmonnt Sp Inning Co^ 

Greenmount Factorv, Uublia. 
a Cotton goods for domestic and clothing 

# Linen goods. 933 

166 Nellson, Storer, ft Soaa, Thora 

Mills, Johnstone, near Paisley. — Yams; 
knittins, mending, and other ootions; 
yams for lace, curtain, and fancy dresi 
manufacturers. 939 

166« McBrlde, Robert, ft Co., Balfisst. 

a Cotton goods. 230 

^ Mixed cotton and linen goods. 933 

166 Clark, John, Jr., ft Co., Qlnagow, 
Scotland.— Spool cotton. 930 

167 Swainaon, Biriey, ft Co., Fiahwick 
Mills, Presion.— Bleached cotton fiibrics. 


167« Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 
Tent. 930 

168 Barlow ft Jones (limited), Man- 
chester.— Toilet quilts, coven, and nwa; 
doakings, cotton towels, blankets, alhaa- 
bras. and counterpanes, plain and &ncy 
-luslins, etc. 939 

end of entries, see Qsssification, p^ sy-iS* 


BstabUahed 1801. 


Meltham ISM, 

near Huddersfleld, 


SEWING, Crochet, and Embroidering Cohon, 


49, Cannon Street London, E.G. I 10, GarthUnd Street, Glas^row. 
M, Fonntain Street, Manchester. | 93, Bonlerard de Sebastopol, Paris. 
WI. HI. SMITH i CO., 32, Greene Street, New York, Sole Agents for the n.& 


SPOOL oonoN,! 












The eBtraordtnaty strength, tmoothness, and durability obuined by this invention havw 
mcun d for it greAt popularity, and it is consequently much imitated in inferior qualities. 
TbisCotttm is always labelled Brook's Patent Glac^ Thread, and without their nane 
a«d cre«t(a GOAT'S HEAD), the words " Glac6," or " Patent Glac6," do not denote that it 
b of their manufacture. 

BSOOK'S PAT2NT NIKE AND SIX COBBS will be found of very superior 
^•ality, and are strongly recommended wherever a SOFT COTTON is preferred. 

OnlyVi^Al "" London, 1861. 

Fziie Kedal London. 1862. 

OnlyFirst Clam Kedal, Paris, 1866. 
Gold Medal Paris, 1867. 

oiirr;y BTPT^MA OP HONOXJB. VXENNA. 1878. 



Established 1830. 

York Street Flax Spinning Co., Ltd., 






Irish Linen Brocade, Viennese Dress Linen, 

Katural Dress JLinen, Grenadines, 

Printed Lawns. 

Brown Diagonal Drills, P/at's, 
Brown Diagonal Drills, Fancjt Stripy 
Brown Diagonal Tweeds, 
Bleached Drills and Ducks, 
Brown Ducks and Duck Coatings, 
Canvas <& French Hlaatic Ducks, 
Pale Hollands, 
Blay Linens. 


Light Shirting Linen, 
Light Fronting Linen, 
Super Fronting Linen, 
Medium Family Linens, 
Heavy Family Linens, 
Drawer Linens. 




LONDON ... . 

154, Chtiroh Street. 

Messrs. Anderson & Simpson. 

88, Rue des Jeuneurs. 

2, Russia Row, Milk Street. 

12, Picoadillr. 



Woven .Goods. 

168« Bfifca, J. P^ ft Co., Haddtrsfield, 

Yorkshire. — Drills and ducks. 930 

189 Aabwortb. Bdround, ft Sooa, Eger- 

ton Mills, Bolton, Lancashire. — Cotton in 
various stago of manufacture ; yams, sew- 
ii^cottons; crochet, embroidery, knitting, 
mending, and glove cottons, unen finisa 



170 Pearson, Tbomaa, ft Son, Victoria 
Mms, Little Boitdlt-^uilts, quiltlngs, 
toilet coven, and mail. 330 

171 Hawkins, John, ft Sons, Manches- 
ter.— Plain and twilled ralicoo and 
prints. 33a 

172 Ferguson Bros., Holme Head 
Works, near CaHisle. — Satteens. 331 

173 Schwabe, Salia, ft Co., Manchester. 
—Cotton prints for garments, chintaes, 
and furniture. 33a 

174 Simpson ft King, Manchester.— 
Printed cotton furniture fabrics. 333 

171 Marshall ft Co.,Leeds.— Linen sew- 
ing threads. 333 

ITSNormand, James, & Sona, Dyaart, 
Rfcshiie, Scotland. — Linens lor nouM- 


keeping, shoe linings, etc. 

177 Bwart, ^Vitliam, ft Sons, Belfiast, 
Ireland.— Linen fiabncs. 333 

178 The York Street Flax spinning 

Co. (limited), Belfast. — Linen piece 
goods, drills, ducks, sheetings, shirtings, 
and frontings. 333 

178 Matier, Henrir, ft Co., Belfast.— 
Bleached and printed linca.^; handker- 
chief, plain, hemstitched printed, and 
caibroidered. 333 

ISO Alnsworth, Thomas, Cleator Mills. 
QeaioT, Cumberland.— Linen thraads and 
tovels. 333 

181 Ullathome ft Co., London.— Shoe 
and saddleis' ihreada. 833 

188 Fenton, Connor, ft Co., Linen Hall, 
Belfast.— White linens, cambric, ubie 
llataa, Unen ducks, driUs, etc; printed 
shiniaiBi and lawn dress goods. 333 

188 Brown, John S., ft Sons, Belfast.— 
Table linen, diapers, sheeting, shirting 
linen, lawns, linen and cambric handker- 
chief. 333 

184 Richardson, J. N., Sons, ft Owden, 
Bel&st. — Linen goods. 333 

18ft Dickaons, Purgoson, ft Co., Belfast. 

—Linens bleachedand unbleached. 333 

180 Donbar, McMaster^ft Co«, Gilfortf , 
Ireland.-^Ltaen threads. 333 

181 Nairn, Michael, ft Co., Kirkaldy, 
Sooiand:— Floor oil cloths. 034 

182 Corticine Patent Floor Covering 
Co., Losdoa.— noor covcftiag. 334 

198 Hall, Thomas, Edinburgh.— Hand 
paimed ckxhs ia iaUtacioa of tapestry, for 
wall decoration. 334 

184 Wellock, J., ft Co., Bradford, York- 
shire.'-Waierptoof aaitevlals for cait ami 
wacon covets. 334 

ior fkn asa of aahibits indicated by numbers 

106 Boutinikon Floor Cloth Manufae- 
tunng Co. (limited), Manchester. — Floor 
cloth. «34 

Woven and Felted Ooodi of Wool, etc. 

186 Andrews, Henry, ft Co., Leeds.— 
Worsted coatings, wool and union cloths, 
and wool meltons. 335 

197 Brown, John ^., ft Sons, Belfast.— 

Yarns. 335 

198 Hooper, Charles, ft Co., Eastington 
Mills, Stonehoiise. . Gloucestershire. — 
Woolens, broadcloths, military cloths, 
doeskinx, beavers, elysians, kerseys, mel- 
tons, coatings, and trowserings. 335 

190 Salter. Samuel, ft Co^. Home MlUl, 

Trowbridge, Wiltsoire.-*Trowaerings and 
coatings. #35 

200 Dunbar. McMaster, ft Co., Oil- 
ford, Ireland. — Gray and bleached 
yams. 335 

201 Mahony, Martin, ft Bros., Blar* 
ncy, Ireland. — Tweeds, boating serge, 
worsted coatings, railway traveling 
wraps. 335 

202 Anderson, David, ft Son, Lagan 
Felt Works, Belfast, Ireland.— Roohng, 
flooring, and ship sheathing felt, lining felt, 
hair felts for covering boilers and steam 
pipes. (/« Mttchiiury Hall.) 335 

208 Bllaa, William, ft Son, Chipping 

Norton, Oxon. 
a Tweeds, woolen - aeigaa, and saddlers' 

woolens. 335 

h Shawls. 337 

c Mauds and mgs. 339 

204 Briffg. J- P» ft Co., Hudderafield, 
Yorkshire. — Beavers, coatings, cheviot, 
casslraeres, carriage and livery cloths, 
doeskins, elysians, meltons, kerseys, 
pilots, ni^, vcj^tings and ouillings, 
velvets, union cloths, witneys, ana reversi- 
ble coatings. 335 

206 Carr, Isaac, ft Co., Twerton Mills, 

Bath. — Woolen .cloths, meltons, twills, 
beavers. 935 

206 Bubb ft Co., Southfields Milla, near 
Stroud. — Woolen cloths; billiards, gov- 
ernment, and piano cloths. 335 

20T Marling ft Co., Ebley and Stanley 

Mills, Stroud, Gloucestershire. — Raw, 
scoured, and dyed wool; woolen doths, 
beavers, Venetians, doeskins, deerskins, 
tassimeres, etc. 335 

208 King, WUliam, Gilroyd aod Albert 

Mills, Morley, Leeds. — ^Union and melton 
cloths. 335 

200 Birchall, J. D., ft Co., Burley Mills, 

Leeds. — ^Woolen and worsted goods. 335 

211 Ha^greaves ft Nusseys, Farnley 
Low Mills, Leeds. — Coatings, overcoat- 
ings, kerseys, meltons, woolen cloths, 335 

218 Daviesj Robert S., ft Sons, Stone- 
house Mtlls, Gloucestershire. — Cloths, 
doeskins, Venetians, meltons, coatings, 
beavers, etc. .235 

214 Little, T. W.,ft Co., Leeds.— Man- 
de cloths, waterproof tweeds, twills, mel- 
ton.%, blue and black deerskins, and di- 
agonals. 335 
at end of entries, see Classiflcacton, pp. 87-45. 



Woven QockU, Silk, Clothing. 

816 Jones, Prjco, Newtown, North 

# Wdsh flaand, hoaMspuos, tweeds, yantt. 

etc 330 

i Shawk. S37 

816 Buckley, Joseph, & Co., Moorcroft 
Miib. Delph, near Manchester.— Shawls, 
raised fiuftdes, Rob Roys, and shep- 
herds. 837 

817 Parmer & Rogers, London.— 
Cashmere shawls. {/» Jndiam Sec- 
twm,) 937 

818 Buckley, J. B. ft Q. P., Linfitts 
Mill, Delph, near Manchester.— Queens- 
land and beaver shawls. 937 

81 8« Hepworth, B., & Sons, New Wsks- 
field HUls, Dewsbury, Yorlcshiie. 
« Railway knee wiappeiB. S37 

k Ruffk 839 

818^ McQee, John Q., ft Co., Belfiaet, 
« TraTcUng wraps, shawls, etc S37 

h Rugs. 839 

819 WllHsmB, B. Q., ft Co., Bradford, 
Yorkshire. — Textile fid)cics for dress 
Caods. 838 

880 Pim Bros, ft Co., Duhlin.— 
Irish poplins, silk tarries, and bioca- 
telles. 838 

881 Henderson ft Co., Durhsm.~Dur- 
nam axminster. 839 

888 Lewis, John, Hslifhx, Yorkshire.— 
Brussels and Wiltoo carpets. {British. 
QfficM,) 839 

888 Qreffory ft Co., X«ondon.— Indian 
and Penian carpels. 839 

884 Robinson, Vincent, ft Co., London. 

—Carpets amd rugs. 239 

886 Crossley, John, ft Sons (limited). 
Dean Clough Milb, Halifax, Yorkshire. 
—Carpets, rust, sofit carpets, table covers, 
etc 839 

886 Tomkinson ft Adam, Kiddermin- 
ster.— Axminster carpeu. 339 

837 Lapworth Bros., London.— Carpets 
and rugs. 339 

888 Templeton J. ft J. 8., Qlasgow.— 

Brussels and Wilton carpeting; dk and 
wool window curtains. 339 

888« Welch, ICargetson, ft Co., Lon- 
don.— Rugs. 339 

889 Templeton,James. ft Co., Glasgow. 
— Axminster carpets, breadth carpeting, 
hearth rugs. 339 

889<* Tapling, Thomas, ft Co., London. 
—Tapestry. 339 

880 Webb, Edward, ft Sons, Worces- 
ter. — Hair cloth for furniture covering, 
hair cloth paddings, curied hair, crinoline, 
hair cloth. S40 

880« McLintockfJames, ft Sons, Barns- 
ley, Yorkshire. — Down quilu and pil- 
lows. 340 

881 Wild, John, Greenfield MiUs,Shaw, 
near Oldham.— Cotton plush velvet- 
een. 33f 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

8111c aad 811k AibsiM. 

838 Sheldon ft Penton, London.- 

ing silks, taikm' twist, machine siUa, 
etc 843 

838 Richards, Charles Ayscongh, BeU 

Busk Mills, near Leeds.— Sewing and ma- 
chine silks, twisu; embroidery, knittiiig; 
and crochet silks. 843 

884 Milner, WnlA ft Sons, LMk, Staf- 
fordshire.— 8ewija|g silks. 243 

886 Ward. Anthony, ft Co., Albion Silk 
Mills, ieek, Staffordshire.- Sak 
threads. 843 

886 Adams ft Co., London.— Knitting 
silks, liloseUe. 843 

887 Hilditch, G. ft J. B., London. 

« Silk aad silk fabrics. S45 

i Velvets. e4S 

888 Norris ft Co.. London.— Silk lor 
furniture and upholstery pur pcae s . 346 

8880 Stewart, Moir, ft Muir, Glnn- 
ipow. — Curtains for window and decora- 
tive purposes and for use in the Briti^ 
section. 846 

889 Prench ft Co., St. Mary*s MUla, 

Norwich. — Black crape. 847 

889« Simon. May, ft Co., Nottinghnin. 

-Nets, Shetland scarfii, shawls, elastic 

webs, etc 


889^ Welch, Margetson. ft Co., L#i». 
don. — Scam, ties, and silk handkerchie&. 


840 StSTens, Thomas, SteTencmph 
Works, Coventry. — Jacquard loom at 
work: ribbons, neckties, sashes, badges, 
and •emblematical regalia; navy hat rib- 
bons, gold and silver lace, silk-^enbed 
sachets. S48 

841 Heymann ft Alexander, Nottisf- 
ham. — Nets, quillings, trimmings, etc 


848 Turner, Archibald, ft Co., Ldces- 
ler.— ^Elastic fabrics, cords, and braids. S49 




»thing, Jewelrj, and Q 
Tnvttling Squipme: 

846 Morley,J.ftR.,London. 
a Hosiery. e$o 

h Gloves. »5t 

846 McLintocfc, James, ft Sons, Barss- 

ley, Yorkshire. 
« Down quilts, skirU, jackets, and dresnng 

Sowns ; dress improvea. «ss 

Uppers. 351 

847 Welch, Margetson, ft Co., London. 

a Linen coUaim, shirtings, etc. asc 

b Umbrellas. 

848 Sykes, Josephine, ft Co., London. 

— Corseu and ladles' bdu. a^o 

849 Hitchcock, Williams, ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Costumes of mixed mbrics. 850 

860 McGee, JohnO., ft Co., Belfiast, Ire- 
land. — Ulster overcoats and Irish home- 
spun goods. 350 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-43. 

















■gitized by 



! K 9 fl • > 

— ^ h^ S I ^ ? fe; s W 
'■ - ^ ' tJ^i-I ) ^ 05 1 

'igitized by 



Clothing, Jewelry, Fancy Goods. 

851 Smyth ft Co.. Balbri^ffan, Ireland. 
'Balbrisgan hosiery, lace note, light 
stockings. 350 

JIAla Turner, George, ft Co., London. 
« Military and traveling equipmenu; apph- 
ancc for picketing horses. m a5» 

i Hammock-valise and canteen. 255 

•62 Roe, WUlUm AUen, Leiceat^r.— 
Boots and shoes. aSx 

863 Lobbjobn, London.— Oentlemen'a 
and ladies' boots. aS* 

854 Dash, Oamond, Brighton. 
« Hals and caps. 

860 Lincoln, Bennett, ft Co., London. 
^-Hats. »5i 

861 Htmibcrt, Hermann, London.— 
Hats and bonnets; hat and bonnet 
shapes. ».5s 

863 Debenham ft Freebody, London.— 
Gloves. «Sx 

864 Treaa A Co., London.— Hata; pith 
and felt solar hats and helmets. as^ 

864* Jacoby, li., ft Co., Nottingham.— 
Valenciennes and silk guipures ; imitauon 
Swiss curtains, lace curtains. a5> 

Poor. «5a 

860« Heymann ft Alexandef, Nbttfn^ 
ham.— Silk, wool, and cotton laces, ass 

866 DunraTcn, the CoubIms of, Adare, 

County Limerick, Ireland.— Embroui«y 
on lawn : robe*, pocket bandkerchlett, to- 
icrtion lor dresses, pincushion cover, 
etc as* 

8660 Simon, May, ft Co., KotUnghatil. 
_Lace curuins, valances. asa 

867^pi«i Jt»«»*A D»bM», . ^^ 

' Reading-stands, walking - canes, pipes, 

etc. •M 

869 Francati ft Sanumaria, London.— 
let ornaments, brooches, earrings, brace- 
leis, necklaces, etc.; jet OttMeoWMaict, 
csu-red by Roman cameo cutters. 853 

171 Neal,Jobii.L0iidon^Goldaiid'ail- 
▼er jewelry, predous stones. 353 

Scottish jewelry, «« P>W and tilvei; H .gh- 

bnd ornaments, and stones fotmd In Scot- 

- as3 

878 Oibaon,Willi«ni,BeWaat. ,._^^. 
a C5old, d!ai5iond, anSlrWi W <*i1c jew*fry. 


877 Millward, Henry, ft Sons, Red- 
ditch.— Needles, sewing machine needles, 
fishhooks. as4 

878 Turner, R.. ft Co., Old Factory, 
Raddltdi. -^Needles, piaa, fishhooks, 
etc., displayed in a gla.«« case, forming 
model of the exhibitk>n of 1851. sM 

879 Swaine ft Adeney, London.— 
Whips, whip lashes, thongs, and sockets; 
boial, cacncs, and walkiag-sdcks ; sport- 

ing apparatus. 


# Walking-sticks and table ornaments. 354 

874 Encliah, John, ft Co., Fcckenham, 
*^ WoSStciaWJe. -Needles': fishhooks ; 

tteelplav; faahphts; (odkliB. b54 

875 Johnaon, J., ft Co., Charterhouse 
Works, Sycamore street. Xjondon.— bhell 
boxes, t«y ftwuitiwa •»d *maawntt, iftd 
fency paper boxes. 254 

876 ]>«▼<• ft Wilaon, Birmingham.— 
Whip, walking-stick, and umbrella mount* 
ia^l African chiefs' canes; whips and 
general whip materials. 354 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

880 Smith, John Wright, Leicester.- 
Self-actSag needles used in hosienr 
fhUhcs. 354 

881 Kent, George Barton, ft Co., 
Londoa.-r.lvory paper ftaives and sboe 
lifts. «54 

888 Bvana, David, Studley, Redditcb. 
—Needles for hand and machine sew- 
ing. a54 

883 Penton, Jamea, Birmingham.— 
Pearl buttons. 354 

884 Kirby, Beard, ft Co., Birmingham. 
—Pins, needles, hairpins, fishhooks, 
etc, • 954 

88^ Blrick. Chariot Gray4 Aberdeen, 
Scotland.-^ Drtssing combs; real andiml- 
tatioa sheU, side braid, and high Spanish 
oombs, etc. 354 

886 Sangater ft Co., London.— Um- 
brellas, parasob, sunshades, whips, canes. 


886 Smith, Jamea, ft Son, Aetwood 
Bank, near Redditcb.— Needles, showing 
mtagdiofmaiiiifactaire: bodkins, hairpiaa, 
an J fancy cases for hokling needles. as4 

887 Hayea, Crostley, ft Co., London.— 
New shape sewing needles, machine nee- 
dier, pins, bodkim, and spedmeas in ta- 
rious stages of preparatioa. 354 

888 Cooke Bros., Birmingham.— 
Safety pins, curtain hooks, and fiamcy 
aaHsw <54 

889 Woodfleld, William, ft Sont, Eaae- 
more Works, Redditch.— Needles, sew- 
ing machine needles, fishhooks, etc; sail 
tools and fancy needle cases. 354 

890 Martin, WilUam Henry, LoiuSgn.^ 
Umbrellas, walking-sticks, whips. 354 

898 Tayler, D. F., « JPp.. New Hall 
Works, liinninf^bam.-^Sohd-headed toilet 
pins, hairpins, nooks and eyes, pearl but- 
tons. "54 

89fi. Hoc, Richard, ft Sons, London.— 
Leather portmanteaus, hat cases, antl 
bags. »55 

895tf Ward, Marcna, ft Co., London.— 
Fancy leather work. .355 

896, Harrinflfton; J.,, ft Cp„ London.- 
■ Imitation "feather hat Hnfngs, shoes and 
shoe linings, wall decorations, pocket- 
books, belts, dispatch boxes, dressing and 
. jewel ORSca, glove and handkerdtief b03ie«, 
Cc. «5S 

897 Buttey, Geo. G., ft Co., London.— 
Chili katbor portmanteaus, trunks, trav- 
eling bags, and leather and walcrproof 
goods used for shooting and traveling 
purposes. *^ 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. a7-4S. 



Stationery, Weapons. 

897« Jcflfreys, Charles, Loodon.— Leath- 
er tnirelinc and jewel casci; moroooo and 
▼elvet cases. ass 

Paper, Blank Boeki, ead Stationery. 

S99 Hinks, Wella, ft Co., Bnckioffham 
Steel Pen Works, Birmingham.— Steel 
pens, penhddeci. asS 

500 Stephens, Henry Cherlcs, London, 
inkstands, gum mucilageyqutUs« sealing 
wax, patifdlel nilen. 958 

501 Ortner ft Houle, London.— Seal 

engraving, steel and copper plaM heraldic 
engraving, and die sinking. 858 

S02 Ward, Marcna, ft Co., London. 

m Writing paper and envelopes, diaries, cal- 
endars, etc. 358 
Photograph albums and scrap books. •61 
e Cardsi 

i Photograph albums and scrap books. 
- '^--'t and valentines. 

SOS Blackwood, John, ft Co., London. 
-^Sealing and bottle wax. 358 

504 Lyons, WiUisni, Manchester.— 
Sealing wax, gum mucilage. S58 

505 Waterston, George, ft Son, Bdin- 

buigfa.— Sealing wax. • 358 

506 Ford Works Co., Pord, Durham.— 
Paper stock, manufactured finom esparto 
grass; producu from esparto, bamboo, 
m^gasse^hormium tenax, maize, and 
other fibres. aso 

SOT Dudgeon, Arthur, London.— Writ- 
ing-papen; paper pulp manufactured 
from peat. 939 

SOS Pirie, Alexander, ft Sons, London. 
a Writing-papeis. asa 

i CardboarT^ ,g 

e Enameled papers. 364 

SIO^ Fletcher, Robert, ft Son. Rersley 

Paper Works, Stonedougfa.-^White and 
colored papers, fine tissues, silver tissues, 
copying and cigarette papers. 359 

Sll Birdaall ft Son, Northampton.— 
Binding of the Hexaglot Bible. a6i 

SI 2 Qoodall, Charles, ft Son, Camden 
Woiks, London.— Playing and Christmas 
cards. j fa 

SIS Rimmel, Eugene, London. 
« Valentines. ^^ 

i Fancy crackers. Mi 

SlSf Stevens, Thomas, Stevengrapb 
Works, Coventry.— Cards and valenUnes: 


S14 Jcifrey ft Co., Londdn.— Artistic 
'wallpaper decoration. 364 

Military and ITaTal Armamenta, Ord- 
nanee, Fireumi, and Apparatni of 
Hnnting and Fishing. 

SIS Reilly, B. M., ft Co., London.- 
Breechloading guas and express rifla. 

S1S« Bttssey, Geo. O., ft Co., London.— 
Sreechloading guns and their accessories ; 
gyro pigeon. ,65 

For dasscs of exhibiu, indicated by numbers at 

51 6 Greener, William WeUington, Bir- 
mingham.— Sporting guas and riies; 
breechloading guns. 36$ 

517 Rigby, John, ft Co., Dublin.— Qttns 
and nfles aofd their accessories. 96s 

SI Sl Henry, Alexander, Bdinburgh.— 
Breechloading express rifles, fowlti^- 
pieces, harpoon and bomb-lance guns ; mu- 
ttary arms and target rifles. a^ 

SI 9 Clay. Randolph^ London«-^on- 
verter tor breechloading firearms. ^ 

S30 Dou^l, James Dalsiel, Glasgow. 
— Long-rax^se shotguns and nfles. a6s 

SS2 Lancaater, Charles,London.— Ouas, 
pttef. cannon; drawingi and models of the 
evslbored a6s 

S2S Scott, W. ft C, ft Bona, Premier 
Gun Works, Birmingham. — Sporting fire- 
arms, revolven, gun matrrials. a6s 

S24 Needham, J. ft G. H., London.— 
Breechloading double guns. a6s 

S8S Purdey, Jas., London. — Guna, ri- 
fles, etc. a6< 

SS6 Lancaster, 
Sporting guas and 

S27 Soper, 


Alfred, London.— 
rifles. a6s 

William, Reading. — 

SSS ^°f » J*t ^ Sons, London.— Guns 

and I 



SSS« Bley Bros, (limited), London. 
—Paper and metal cartridge cases (empty), 
sporting and military percussion caps, 
gun waddings. 

SS9^ Weblev, P.. ft Son, Birmimrl 
Sporting tuteddoading guns, rnl< 
revolvers. 36s 

SS9« Hewitt, William, Briatol.- 
Breechloadhtg gun, gun carriage. {In 
Mackiiury ffall). 366 

550 Needham, John, ShefBeld. — I 


551 Brookea ft Crookes, Atlantic 
Works, Sheffield.— Sportsmen's and bowie 
knives. «68 

SSS Buchanan, James, Glasgow.— Sea 
fishhooks. 369 

554 Ryder, William Henry, Birminf. 
ham.— Fishing tackle. 370 

555 Green, E. C, Cheltenham.— 

Sporting guns, with their'ai^Mutenaaces; 
cleaning rods, with attachments; 
cartridge-toading implements, nipple keys, 
gun cases and bags. 969 

556 Tollev, J. ft W., Pioneer Works, 

Birmingham.— Sporting breechloading 
shot guns, implements, cartridge cases, 
lubricators, bulleu, andprimets for reload- 
ing cartridges, s^ 

557 Williams ft PoweU, Uverpool.- 

Breechloading guns. 369 

Medieine, Snrfery, and Protkeaii. 

SSS Allen ft Hanburya, London.— Cod- 
liver oil ; gelatine impregnated with atr»> 
pine and calabar bean, for applicatfon to 
the eye. 97a 

end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-41. 



Six- cord Spool Cotton 





St., Boeton, 685 Market St., San Fraaoisoo, 
81 Bank St., Philadelphia. 



JIo. 19 Jdercer Street, Jlew York. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Vienna Universal 

Medal jar Merit, 

Trade Mg^rk, 

'^ ^^3-»: 




Kemarltable for Its slrerigfh 'pliability, evennessTand Treecfom Irona^ 

knots. It meets all the requirements of the different kinds of 

Sewing Machines, and is equally suitable for hand use. 


-• .- . -.; - , . .- »ELLB-VX7B MILLS;. ? r \ - '/, 



Messrs. WILSON & MERRflir, IBsTON. 

ORfeAT BkrtAlk. 


Medical and Sxirgical Appliances, Hardware, Cutlery, Vehicles. 

St9 Gcrrmrd, Alfred WdUam, London. 
—Mustard plasten. aya 

S4Q Bvaiw, Sons, ft Co., Liverpool.— 

vegetaNc, animal, and mineral dmgi; 
pfaarmaceotical products and accesso- 
ries. 373 

HI Uiher, Rufus. Bodicote, Ozoa<— 

Nedicinai rhubarv; extract of henl>ancs 
and dried henbane leaves; photographs 
of heninne plants. ' 37a 

S42 Mackay, John, Edinburgh. —Arti- 
dcs of diet fer invalid sosd cable ixst. ■ ^73 

148 Mellin, Gustav, London. — Non- 
fitrioaceota food for infants and ifiva* * 
lids. 373 

144 Ooodall, Btfckhottfee, ft Co., LeedC 

—Food for in&ntt and invalids. 973 

tm Lynch ft. Co., London.— Dmcffl^tB* 

sunori^ and suT:gical instruments ; spinal 
anparatus, chest protectors^ feeding bot- 
tles, spray pioddceis, poison bottles, 
etc aft 

t4i QUM^oW Apothedbrfetf Coi, l»te*- • 

cov. — Surgical appliances and antiseptic 
dressings. 376 

147 Mayer ft Meltxer, London.— Surgi- 
cal iastnunents. 976 

148 Lee, Robert James. London.— 
Steam draft inhaler and disinfector. 376 

HU Haywood, J. S., Nottingham.— 
Suigical bandages, belts, trusses, etc. 376 

148 Turner^ Archibald, ft Co., Leices- 
ter.— Surgical braids and bandages. 376 

SM Pnlvermacher, Isaac Louis, Lon- 
don.— Electrical instruments for medical 
purposes. 370 

868 Ltveraool Spun Oakum Co., Liver- 
pool.— Oakum, scypium; pure antiseptic 
dRising for hospital use. 376 

S59* Clay, Randolph, ft Co., London.— 

Portable invalid bed tray. 378 

884 Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 
Ambulances. 378 

Haidvars, Edjn Tools, Cutlery, and 
Xetallio Prodnets. 

888 Ward ft Payne, Sheffield. 

« Tools for carpenters, joiners, coachmakers, 
shipwrights, millwrights^ masons, brick- 
byen, tanners, curaen, engravers, die- 
sinkers, plasterers ; wood, stone, and metal 
carvers and turners, etc. 380 

i Sheep shears. 381 

886 Smith. John ft Samuel, Low 
Bridge Works. Keishley, Yorkshire.— 
Engineers' and machinists' tools, {/n 
Maekin^ry Hall,) 380 

887 Baker, WilUam, London.— Awls. 
bodkins, needles for saddlers, packers, and 
nphoblereis: screwdrivers. aSo 

888 Addis, J. B., ft Sons, Arctic Works. 
Sbrffield. — Tools for carving stone and 
wood ; turning tools for iron, brass, ivorv, 
bard wood, etc. ; carpenten toob. ado 

88|a Needham, John, Sheffield.— Cut- 
lery, table and dessert knives and forlcs, 
fish eaten. 381 

For rlassfs of czhibils, indicated by numbers 

859^ Wostenholm, George, ft Son 

(limited), Sheffield.— Cutlery. aSi 

309^ Brooks, Henry, ft Co.. London.— 
Metal stoppers and collapsible tubes for 
artisu' Qolori. 381 

$09<^ Burnand, James, ft Co., Sheffield. 
—Table cutlery, etc. a8i 

359' Needham, John, 6he!BeId.— Cut* 
lery. 281 

360 Neal, John, A^o., London.— Table, 

dessert, and fish cutlery. a8i 

30t^ ^ookes ft Crookea, Atlantic 

- Works, Sheffield.— Pen, pbcket, and table 
luiivcs, scbfors, raaors, and dressing case 
instruments, cutlery. 381 

360^ Ryder, Williaaa Henry, Birmios- 

ham. — Taps for drawing efiervescing 
wines or aerated waters. a8x 

360c Mayer ft' Ueltxer, London.— Cut- 
lery. 28X 

961 The Patent Nut ft Bolt Co. 

. Kiinwced^ London Wosbs, near Binnllig- 

ham. — Iron bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, and 

washers; fish and sole plates; fish bolts, 

spikes, and fang bolts. 384 

362 Francis. Thomas, ft Co., Birming- 
ham. — Nails. 384 

368 Baker, Christopher, ft Sons, Bir- 
mingham. — Coffin furniture ; cabinet and 
general brass fittings ; rails, stair rods, 
naib, and bolu. 384 

364 The Phosphor Bronie Co. 

( limited), London. — Phosphor bronze 
tools, locks, tubes, wire, sheet, steam fit- 
tings, parts of machinery, etc. 384 

366 Adams, Robert, London.— Hinges 
and shoes, secure fastening bolts, weather- 
tight sill bars for French casements, 
etc. 884 

366« Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 
Screw anchor peg. 384 

367« UUathorne ft Co., London.— Heel 

balb and shoe findings. 384 

367^ Turner, Archibald, ft Co., Leices- 
ter.— Elasuc fabrics. 885 

Fabrioi of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Kateriali. 

368 Low, Son, ft Haydon, Ix>ndon.— 
Brushes. 386 

369 Kent, George Barton, ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Brushes. 386 

370 Culmer, W., ft Sons, London.— 
Brushes used in decorative art. 386 

371 Bevis, Henry, London.— Silk ban- 
ner with emblematic designs. 388 

373 Spill, Daniel, London.— Ivoride. 389 

378<> Barnard, Bradly, London.— Bas- 
sinettes, baskets, etc. 989 

Carriagei, Yehiolei, and Acceiicrief. 

378 Windover, Charles Sandford, Lon- 
don.— Brougham, canoe, landau, Victoria, 
Parisian, and Stanhope phaeton. 399 

\ end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 




$74 Mulliaer, H., & Co., Northampton. 
—Carriages. 999 

87ff McNaught ft Smith, Worcester.— 
Barouche, landau, and broughami. 993 

576 Thorn, Charles, Norwich. 

a Carriages. a9s 

i Shooting and baggage cart. 994 

577 Roberts, John, Manchester.— Pa- 
risian phaeton. 391 

578 Hooper A Co., London.— Carriages 
and drawings. 993 

S80 Peters, Thomas, A Sons, London. 
—Carriages. 993 

S 8 1 Thompson, Charles, London.— Per- 
ambulator. 993 

88 1« Roberts, Digby, Coventry.— Bug- 

llsh bicyde. 993 

888 Hawkins Bros., Hatherton 

Worics, Walsall.— Bits, stirrups, sputs, 

chains, buckles, and general saadlery iron 

work. 9g/6 

for claw es of eshJbits indicafeed by aoaben 

888 Hudson, Samuel, Dublin.— Trace 
and shaA tug safetr buckles ; safety sth^ 
tup. (Im Smaint 6^ Adnuf* cmm,) S96 

884 Martin, Robert, Old Charlton. Kent. 
— Horse clipping machines ; circular cut- 
ters for cuttii^ the teeth of the above ma- 
chines. {InMaekinrry HaU.) 996 

885 Pollock, Sydney, London.— Appa- 
ratus for checking runaway and unman- 
ageable horses. 996 

887 Qoodall^ Chas., 
Card printing. 

ft Son, London.— 


• 888 Cohni, 8igismund,London.— Bear- 
ings requiring no lubricant. 573 

889 Parkinson Bros., Burnley .—Spiced 

pickling vinegar. 660 

{N. B.—Ctrtmim gxkiHh im ikit Dt^mrU 
nuni,/r0m Gremt Briimin, ar* itulaUtd im 
AgfiaUtwMl Hall, amd caUUagutd ms PmH 

It wd of wlrin, ■■■ Cbaslficatisn, ffc sy^g. 


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Ibr GheiDioal Prodnots, Dm^s, Gdours, Dyes, atid all Eaw Material 

Agent fitr Merchants, Growers and ,\fanufiicturers ai Industrial 
and Commercial Exhibitions, 

Shell box MAiaFACTSKits, 


|g.| - CliutmliMue Worti, 


■ ♦» 




lad sU Mnds of Omaaental Bozbi. 


by Google 

Incorporated 1853, 


Fire Insurance Company, 


Corner Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. 

ASSETS, JiLinrABrX' 1876. 

Cash Capital . /. W $200,010.00 
Surplus .• . . . * . . . 224,317.95 

Total Assets ...... $424,327.93 

R, CARMAN COMBES, President. 

ASHER TAYLOR, Vice-President. 

C. S. VAN NORDEN, Ass't Vice-Pres't. 

THOMAS B. PECK, Ass't Sec'y. 


Southwest corner Fourth and Library Sts., Philadelphia. 
MORDECAI D. EVANS, Manager, [g 

VKVf «*;«*ANp. 



{North ofNav€^ Columns lo to ijj) 

MtfBufactarei', Education and Science. 


1 Rorler^ John, WooUton, Canter- 
bury. — Soap aad mould candles. aox 

% Inacj^ W. M., Port Cbajmers, Ota^ 
■go.— Cbd-Uver <w. «ot 

t LoaiMon, T< 9„ M^Uon.— PaiAt 
Bade from hematite ore. aot 

4JotiAst9fie BroU)«ra» Nelson.— Um.- 
bcr ajid red pigmtots made "from heitia- 
dte ore. ao3 

I Grayline:'iV.S.;Taraaakl.-~Extradt 
of towai (Weinmaiinia racemosa); extract 
of hinau (Eldeocarpua dentatiu). aoa 

Cemrtw ^tmy, A»mlais« 0kM, 


• Keaaedy Broa., Nelaon.-^ire 
bfidcft. ao7 

ftoiitm and Obje«ta of Geaaxal Qm 
ia Conttmotioxi and in Bwelliiigt. 

7 Greeofl^d A Stewart, Wellington.-^ 

Panel door made of ilmu (Dacrydium cu- 

Tam and Woren Oeeda of Vegela- 
blo or Mineral HaterialB. 

I Qovemment of New Zealand.— 
S^«iiimB«<'ftbRi69«ade from Phormi- 


Wofw and Pelted Ooodi of Wool, eto. 

9 Weblcy Broa., Nelaon.-^Nelson 
MP«6d« nade fro A Nev Zealand -woii. ^35 

10 Cook, Jamea, Nelson.'^lVoolen mss, 
voved'iirfd dyed at Nelson. ' ij^ 

ClotUnff, Jewelry, and Onamonta,^ 
TraTofiniT I^td^ente. 

llTnrl9i> B. K^ Wanftanui.— H«t 
nude 01 kiekie (corayllne). 35^ 

19 Liardet, H. B., Welliairton. 
« Fancy articles made from feet and bones 
ofseabird^. .^ 354 

h Feathers. mo16, ccAarettes, wristlets, etc. 

19 Taylor, Mra. Rlehard, Wan^anuf.— 
Ornamental satchel and table mat. 354 

11 New Zealand Commiaaioners.— Qftr* 
BCBU and ornaments of the Maoris. 257 

Tabriot of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Material!. 

16 MoTle, Edward, Taranakl.— Cord 

Bade from phormlum tenaz. 367 

of exhibits, indicated by numbcRs 

17 Bavan,Tbomaa, jr., Otaki, Welling. 

» ton. — Rope made from Maori dressed 
phormium, fish line, hone halter, lead 
Iiae,iwlne. ' «. 387 

18 Bavan & Sooa, Otaki, Well)nffton.-r 
Cord and tWines made from Maori 
dres^ phormium. 387 

19 Kinross & Co., Hawke Bay.— Cord- 
age and twii^ps made froA Maori dressed 
phormium. * 387 

M> Oraat A Co., OUgo^--€erdaca made 

from phormium. 287 

81. Aeckland Patent Bt^iun Rope Co.^«r 

Phormium rope. 387 

29 Canter bury VlaxAaaociatiai^Cbrim 
church.— Tarred and uacarred cordage 
made from phojomium. 987 

SS Lanaon, T., Chriatcburoh.— Cord- 
age, topes, and twines, made from phormi- 
um. 387 

IM.Cook, James, Nelsoa.— Mats .. a^ 
matting made from phormium. i8^ 

20 Simons ft Malcolm, Nelson.— Door 
macs made from pbenmuai. sBy 

Inatitiiticint and Organiaationg. 

26 Colonial Museum, J. Hector, Dlrec- 
- ter.-^Oarmeatf and iprssmieaiit. ^f Use 

Maoris. 313 

27 National Muaeuib atWfchingtoa, 
T. Henry, Secretary.— Garments m the 
Maoris. ' 31a 

27o.New Zealand Conunissioners.— 
Weapons of the Maoris. ^m 

Engineering, Aroliiteotnre, Maps, ^. 

28 Oovefntnent of New Zealand.— Geo- 
logical maps of New Zealand, by James 
Hector, 335 

29 Geological Survey Department, 
James Hector, Director .—Geological plans 
and sections. 335 

36 Canterbury Museum, J. von fiaaai, 
. Director. -^ Geological plans asd sec- 
tions. 335 
.81« Hector, J.— llelief Model of New 
Zealand, geologically Colored. 335 
323 Government of l^ew Zealand.— 
Topographical map of the colony, en- 
graved by £. Rarenstein. 335 
■ t ... 

Phytioal, Booial, and Moral Condition 
of :" 

83 National Museum, Washington, J. 

Henry, Secretary. — Canoe paddles of 

Maoris; skulls of Maoris and Moriori 

from the Chatham Islands. 340 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. •T'iS' 



Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

S4 Wood. R. W.. Wangaaul.-Cano* 
paddles of the Maoris. 340 

85 Government of New Zealand.— Sta- 
tistics and census of New Zealaod for 
1874, preinred by W. R. E. Brown, Re- 
gistrar-General. 345 

S6« Hector, J.—Transactiona and Pro- 
ceedines of the New Zealand Institute. 
Vols. L to VII. 345 

S6^ Voeel, Sir Jnliua.— Hand-book of 
New Zealand. 345 


85^ Qeolof ical Survey Department, 
James Heaor, Director.— Water color 
sketches by W. If. Cooper. 411 

Engraving and litliography. 

S6^ New Zealand Commiaaloaera.— 

Pictures from W. L. BuUer's " Birds of 
New Zealand/' drawn by J. H. Keule- 
"" 41* 


47 Colonial Muaenm, Vrolliaitoa, 
James Hector. Director. — ^Taabarks, b»> 
tive to New Zealand. 60s 

49 Walker, Ranwicka tt Co^ Now York. 
—Kauri lua. 6oj 

80 Forbea, R. W., ReiT Yorkv— Kauri 
gum. 609 

Agrienltoral Prodveti. 

86 Burton Broa., Danedla.^Viowa of 

scenery of South Island. 430 

86« Bothamlcy, A. T.— Photographs of 

Maoris. 430 

87 Oovernmeat of New Zealand.— 
Views of scenery, etc., by H. Dereril. 430 

88 Taranaki Committee.— Views of New 
Plymouth and surrounding country. 4J0 

88« Hector. T.— Photographs cxhihiUng 
domestic life of the Maoris. 490 

89 Mundy, D. L.— Viewa of scenery, 

foliage, buildings, gold mining, etc. 430 

Bailwaj Plant, Boiling Stock, ate. 

40 Government of New Zealand.— Pho- 
tographs of faM^nes and engineering works 
used m New Zealand. 570 

Arborionltara and Fortit Prodnoti. 

41 (^€kabaak.J.D.. Upper Huu Saw 

Mills, Wellin^on.— Section of trunk of 
rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum), red pine 
of settlers. 600 

45 Weatland Committee.- Spedmena 
of woods with bark. 600 

48 Taranaki Committee. 
« Specimens of woods. 601 

i Barks of the Atawkero and the Pukatea ; 
earth used by the Maoris as a mordant 
for dyes. 60a 

c Dried feras; fungus exported as food to 
China; esculent fern root; birds' nest 
fungus and curious parasite. 604 

44 Black. W. B., American Coach Fac- 
tory, Wellington.— Specimens of 
woods. 601 

48 New Zealand Commlasionera.— 
Specimens of woods. 601 

46 Orayliag, W. S., Taranaki.— Bark 
of hinau ; blue earth, used by the Maoris, 
mixed with shark oil, as blue paint. 609 

For classes of exhibiu, indicated by numbers at 

61 Baake, B. H., ChHatchorch.— Oaii 

and other cereals. 6bo 

02 Wood, -W. D., Chriatchurch.- 
Wheat. <ao 

88 Ciwnlngham. P., A . Co., Chrtet- 
church.— Wheat grown in Canierw 
bury. 6» 

84 Ruddenklau,J. Q., Addlagtoa, Can- 
terbury.— Wheat. 6ao 

86 Hooper ft Dodaoa, Nelaoa^— 
Hops. 6s) 

86 Wilkin, Robert, Chriatchnrcb^ 
Perennial rye grass and cocksfoot seed. 604 



B^ Chriatchurch.— 


Animal and ▼agalaMa Pzadsati. 

88 Wilaon, Thomaa, Woolaton, Can- 
terbury.— Saddle, harness, and shoemak- 
ers' leather : lancv colored skinaloraho^ 
makers and bookoindcrs. 659 

89 Armitage, TaranakL—Dreaaed kip 
and calf leather. «5> 

60 Morris, Thomas, Oamam, Otago^— 
Gentleman's town saddle. 6^ 

61 National ICnaenm, Wanhiagton, J. 
Henry, Secretary. 

» Specimens of kiwi; skeleton and bones of 
moa. 653 

^ Egg of the kiwi, and model of egg of 
num. 653 

65 (Mlmonr,Jolui,anrlatch'arch.— Hams 
and bacon. 656 

68 New Zealand Provision ft Pro- 
duce Company, Christchurch.— Preserved 
meats. ^ 

64 Nairn, David« Addingtoa, Caater- 
bury.— Tomato sauoa 656 

68 Trent Brothers, Woolston, Canter- 
bury .—Chiccory in different sta^ of prep* 
aration. 6sf 

66 Smith, James, Nelson.— Fruit 
^ 660 

67 Henderson ft Farrah, WangnanL— 

Ale and porter. <6b 


68 Coatee, Laning,Chrlstchnrch.— Live 
ferns. 9*7 

end of entries, see Oassificstion, pp. *r^ 


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{AXfTtk tf Nav€, Columns lo i9 17.) 

Muinljftcnirea, Education* Aft. 

CkemiMl Hawnfairtortt, 

1 Read, R. B., Randwick.—Bztnct, 
leaves, and berries of Smilads glycjp- 
phylla, or Australian aanapaiilla. aoo 

S Barrett * Cd., aydiie]r.**A*rmttd 
land oordials. soo 

S QOrosr A Hurst, Sydaa^.^BakiOff, 

casiard, egg, and butter powden. aoo 

4 Hvat, A. li., ft Co^ Qoulbilro.— 

Baking powders. aoo 

ft SsnaBftCo., Piuramafttav— WMhidc 

ftuid and soa^i. aoi 

• New South Wales Shale ft CMl 

Co., Sydney. — Keroiene oil, etc aoi 

1 New South Wales Goauttisslsiiers, 

Sydney. — Scearine candles. aox 

$ Lsyton, Fred., Qrsfkoa, Clsrettce 
ri-ver. — Soap and candles. aoi 

9 Underwood, Thomas, Paddiagtoa. 
— ^Paints and paint ptgmoit. aoa 

10 Hoff, IC. Camille, Nakatakiaaa, New 
Caledonia. — Indigo. ooe 

OmaiM— Pqttary, Poiaalaiat. OlaM, 

11 New South Wales Commissioaers. 
, jais, etc. nxo 

Fnmitsra, ete. 

IS Lyons, Cottier, ft Co., Sydnev.^ 
Sained glais staircase window— subject, 
*«CaptainCook." S19 

13 Hudaoo Brothers, Steam Joinery 
MaiB.Sydney.^WiMiow sashes, oalride 
hall door, inside fbur^paael door, drapery 
sand door, F^ranch caeaa»ents,oedar tabte 
kp. 937 

Tans and Waraa Ooodi of Yagatabla 
ar Xinaral XateriaU. 

14 Read, John Caell, Darlinghurst, Syd- 
ney.— Mats and saatdng inade of cocoa 
fibre yam, by aborigines of New South 
Wales and Fiuer's Island. aa9 

11 Rodder, S. W«, Xampsey.— Lia- 
eas. 833 

WafVEaadVoUad Oooda of Wool, oto. 

17 New South Walca Commiasioaers. 
a Tweedi. S35 

* Shawls. 937 

ISJcaalngs, P. A., Sydaey.— Rug of 
lanaed platypus skin. 839 

15 Now South IVnlea Gommlssfoasrs. 
Wallaby skin rug. a39 

Far dasaes c£ eadilfaCis, iadicatad by mmben 

Clotliiiif, Jowolrr, aad Omamonta, 
Travaling Xqaipmanti. 

80 Jeanlngs, P. A., Sydaey.—Collaret 

and cufls of platypus skin. ajo 

SI Hidffley, Mrs., Coolt's River.— Wool 
flowers, copied from Australian native 
flowers. as4 

SB Lay ton, Fred., Qraftoo.— Furs and 
skins of opossum, kangaroo, wallaby, 
and platypus. as6 

Papoc, Blank Booka, and StatlonorF. 

2S Qovernment Printing Office, Syd- 
ney.— Blank books and printing. 36s 

Xadieiso, BnTgary, Frothoaii. 

84 Spencer, John, Sydney .—Mechanical 
dentistry. 377 

Jkbrios of ¥agotabIo, Animal, or iCin- 
oral Hateriala. 

86 New South Wales Commissioaers. 
Sydney.— Bnishwara. aSo 

86 New South Wales Commissiontrs, 

Sydney.— Manila rope. New Zealand flay 
rope, aad lines. a8f 

87 Oreen,R., Sydney.— Cradles, flower 
stand, chair, perambulator; cane and 
willow work. 389 

Oarriagaa, Yohklafl, and Aoaoiioxiia. 

88 John Robertson, SydnoF>*-Bugxy. 


89 New South Wslsa Commiasioners. 

— Lady's side saddle. 996 

SO New South Wales Commissioners, 

Sydney.— Saddlery. 996 

Idnoatioaal Sratama, Xothoda, and 

S0« Oovemment Printing Office, Syd- 
ney.— Books. 306 

SO^ Sutherland, Georgs.— Christian 
psychology. 306 

30c Australian Museum.— Collsction of 
birds, animals, etc. 313 

ZO*i Nsw South Wales Commissioners. 
—Collection of birds. 3x8 


tOf New South Wales Commissioners. 

—Photographs. 430 

SQ^Holtermana, B. O.— Photographs. 


SQr Bamet, James.— Photographs. 430 

SOA Richarda, Thomas./-»Photo*litho- 

graphs. 'igitized by V_^ 43»> 

at end of entiles, see Oaasificatioa, pp. 97^4$. 



Forest and Agricultural Products, Animal and Vegetable Prodacts. 

Arborioulture and Forest Produoti. 

81 Macarthur, Sir W., assisted by Hill 
& Hanrahan & J. HasiclL—Woods of 
southern district . ^ 600 

82 Moore.Cbarleto.-^'Wo^dtibdiirefroilB' 

88 Shoobert,James.8ydney.— Iron bark 
and turpentine timber. 6cx> 

34 Derepas, W., Yonng^ara Station.-' 
Boree, and straight and curly yarran tim- 

* ber. 600 

86 Hodrson*Oeori:e,Raai0ra.—TlMlMir 
frufii M^liiigsr rivvr. 600 

26 BeQser» J., Bundamar, nev Dubbo. 

—Timber. ' 6db 

87 Pu l^aur, E., Sydney.— Timber from 
Moont Victoria. %ii> 

87a New South Wales Cpmmlssionera. 
^Woods indigenous - to New ' Solilh 
Wales. 600 

88 Hudson Bros, Botany Road, ked- 

' fern. ^Timber. BOo 

89 Derepas, R., Yonngara, 

a Yarran gum. ' 603 

^ Quondong nuts. 605 

40 Harlins, Mrs.; ft H. H. Field, Syd- 
ney. — Pressed ferns. 604 

41 Moore, Charles, Botanic Gardens, 

fydney,-rSeed4, ^zmsr-ropc« an4 bitter 
ark. 60s 

'42 Hemming^, P. W., Loma Lbma, 
Fiji. — Dried cocoanut. 605 

48 'Rd'.der Bros, Idaago lalsgod, Fiji.?- 
Dried cocoanut. 605 

Agrionltural Frodnoti. 

44 Lovegrove'i W., Terrara, Shoti- 
haven river.— Maize. 6ao 

4§ Ryder Brps, |4«ag» Island, F^i. 

a Maize. 5k> 

i Beans. . 621 

e Turmeric and turmeric powder. 622 

46 PSMlM, M. J., Bega.*-Maitt. «fto 

47 Oemestre, B., 3h«alh«vea.— 

Maize. 690 

48 Bggins, James, Qraftoa, Clflrrence 
river. — Maize. 690 

49 Blain, C. R., Grafton, Claretice rlrifr. 
— Maize. 620 

; 66 Maoaxtbdr„8lff W.^Maise. &» 

51 Lewis Broi«, Tam worth.— 
' WMnt. : J. ^o 

62 Dalton Bros., Oran^.— Wheat. 620 

68 Nelson Bros., Orange.— Wheat.' 620 

64 Jaaschke« Giaatave, Claxaace rivar. 

— Cigars and tobacco leaf. 623 

66 achweiyart, W., A Co.-^l^ara. 623 

56 Muirhead, R., Graftnn, Clarence 
river. — Ci^^airs. 623 

67 Hoff. M. Qamille, Nakutakina, N«w 
Caledonia.— Coffee. 623 

69 Jaanicigs,. P« A.« Sydnsy^^-Staifed 

platypus. 637 

^ar claSMH of aidaMts, ladicslpd ^ numhors at end of fsax^n, set pMsificadon, pp. aj^s. 

Water Animals, Fiili Culture and 

60 Hemmincs, F. A W., Loma Loma, 
Fiji.— B^cEe de mer. 643 

Animal and Yegistable Prodnots. 

61 SeooiBbay R., Milton, 

Preserved milk. 

62 Wright, Davenport, ft Co.. Sydney. 

— L4»ih«r. 632 

68 Forsyth, J^ ft Sona* Sydney.— 

Leather. 652 

64 Alderson ft ^n«, Sydnejr.'^Leath- 

er, 659 

66 Bell, H., Sydney. --TaUow and 

neat's-foot oil. 65a 

66 Hawitt. T. Q., Qraftoo, Clareacc 

river. — Tallow and neat's*loot oil. 05a 



66 Laytoo, Peed., Ocaftaa, Clavepca 

river. — Beeswax. 654 

67 Barry, }. a. Botany, 

Neat s-foot oil and glue. 

66 Sydiiay. Meat Pseaendog Co., 8f d- 

ney. — Preserved meats. 656 

70 Squlrea, Etam^ Penrith.— Preaenned 

fruits, jams, and jcllite. 656 

Caledonia. — Preserved pineapples. 656 

72 Bidden Bros, Sydney.- 

lemons and oranges. 656 

78 Moore, Cbarlaa, Botanic Qatd«|>s, 
Sydney.-^Preserved lemons and or- 
angc^. . ,^ 

74 Watson Bros., Youag.-^Flour. 657 

75 Lewis Bros., Tamworth. — Flour. 657 
^6 Cohen ft Levy, TamWorth.-- 

Flour. 6s7 

77 Dalton Bros., Oranga.— Flour, ^7 

76 Nelson Bros, Orange.— Flour. ^S7 

79 Waters, James, Ravensdale, Bris- 
bane W^feer.— ArrowfOQC. 658 

80 Cole, W.,. ft Son, Tomato, Haqter 
river. — ^Arrowroot. 05S 

61 Laurie, W. ft L., Gloucester,. Port 

Stephens.— iAxrowroot. ^ 

82 Ryder Bros., Mango Island, Fiji;— 

Arrowroot, 6sS 

68 Payne, Oeoff e, Qiafton, Clarence 

river. — ^Arrowroot. 6s8 

64 Champion, George, Ulmarra, Clar- 
ence Yiv^t.—ArttJvrwJot. 65! 

85 Munn, A. L., Merlmbula.— 
Maicena. (58 

66 Colonial Sugar Refining Co.— Re- 
fined sugars. 659 

87 Martin, George, Grafton, Clarence 
riwT.»-^^kiear. . ^59 

88 Chowne, B. G., Ulmarra, Clarence 
river. — Sugars. 659 

89 Bidden Bros., Sydney. ~ Confec- 
tionery. 639 

90 New South Wales Co., Clarence 
river. — Raw sugars. 659 

91F,all^Bt James T., Albury,— 
wines. 660 


^m^^ ^' 






Vegetable Products, Textile Substances. 


93 CarmichMl, G. L. & J. B., 
phyry, Williams river. — Wines. 

94 Brecbt, Carl J. P., Rotemonnt, 
Denaian.— Wines. 660 

Edward, Richmond. -~ 

96 Powell, 

96 Parnell, Montacrue, Weat Mail- 
had. Hunter river. — Wines. 660 

97 Wyodbam, Wadham, 
IttvereU.— Wines. 


98 W y n d h a m. Qeorge, Branxton, 
Hunter river. —^Wtnes. 660 

98« Dayle, J. P., Kaloodah, Lochin- 
Tv.xWioes. 660 

99 Monk, D. J., Sydney. — Malt and 
wine vinegars. 660 

100 Marshall, J., Paddington Brewery. 
— Ak and porter. 660 

101 Hard ie, John, Sydney.~Bia- 
cuiu. 661 

109 Laytoo, Pred., Qrafton, Clarence 
river.— Castor oil. 669 

Itttik Subttanoes of •Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

105 Hemmtaga, P. ft W., Loma Loma, 
Fui.— Cotton. 665 

104 Ryder Bros., Mango laland, Piji.<^ 
Cotton. 665 

m Hon, Camille, Nakutakina, New 
Caledonia.— Cotton. 665 

106 Moore, Charlea, Botanic Qardena, 
S^ney. — Vegetable fibres of various 

107 Rudder, S. W., Kempaey.— Pibre 
of gigantic nettle tree. 666 

107« Cox, B. K.— Wool. 667 

lOli Cox, G. H.— Wool. 667 

107c Cox, P. ft A.— Wool. 667 

107^ Lamb ft Roberts.— Wool. 667. 

for dasses of exhibiu, indicated by ausiben 

107« Tindal, E. & A.- Wool. 667 

107/ Cllvc & Hamilton.— Wool. 667 
1 07r Bcttington, J . B.— Wool. 667 

107/< Loder, Andrew.— Wool. 667 

107 / King, P. Q.-Wool. 667 

108 Ramsay, D., Sydney.— Wool. 667 
108« Shanahan & Jennings.— Wool. 66; 
1083 Henty ft Balfour.— Wool. 667 
108« L^armonth, L.— Wool. 667 
108</ White, P. R.— Wool. 667 
108^ Caughey, S. M.— Woo). 667 
lOa/^ Campbell, D. H.— Wool. 667 
108r Wilaon, A.— Wool. 667 
108A Loder, A.— Wool. 66; 

108 / Lethbridge, G. L.— Wool. 667 

109 Lowe, A. H., Dynevor.— Wool. 667 
109a Hume, E. B.— Wool. 667 
1093 Bowman, E. ft A.— Wool. 667 
109c Brown, T., ft Co.— Wool. 667 
109rf Qcll, P. H.-Wooi. 667 
109' Gilbert, A. N.— Wool. 667 
109/^ Macdonald, J. L.— Wool. 667 
109c Allen, J.— Wool. 667 
109>k Brodribb, W. A.— Wool. 667 

110 May, J. M.,Randwi'ck, near Sydney. 
— Silk materials from the grain 10 the 
manufacture, produced by the» 
of the A<iyium for Destitute Children, 
Randwick. 668 

111 Thorne, George, Sydney.— Cocoons 
and cards of eggs desiccaicd and pierced, 
grown at Claremont, Ruse Jiay, Syd- 
ney. 668 

Agrionltural Engineering and Ad- 

112 Bell, H., Sydney.— Boneduat. 68t 
118 Berry, J. S., Botany.— Boned ust. 68s 

at tad of eatriet, see Clawificatlnn, pp. «7-^45. 


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{North of Nave t Columns ii to tj.) 

Chemical Manufactures, Ceramics, Fttrxutore^ 

Chemioal XanufaotiireB. 

1 BosiBto, Joseph, Richmond, Mel- 
bourne. — Chemical and pharmaceutical 
preparations obtained from the eucalyp- 
tus or giun trees of Austr«iia, and other 
indigenous vegetation. aoo 

8 Hood ft Co., Melbourne.'Cbemlcal 
and pharmaceutical preparations. soo 

4 Lewis ft Whitty. Pitxroy.-Wash. 
ing and baking powaent, bail blue. aoo 

ff Stringer ft Co., Melbourne.— Bak- 
ing powder. aoo 

6 Sullivan, Joseph. Melbourne. — Poor 
man's filter; disinfectants, fluke specific 
and lick, hydraicd silicate of alunii- 
num. 300 

7 Woodward, Geori^e, Kew.— Guano, 
deodorants* block ot deodorized night- 
soil, aoo 

8 Pitts, Charles, ft Son, Emerald 
Hill. — Neat's-foot and trotter oil. aox' 

%a Apollo Stearine Candle Co. ( limited), 
Footseray. — Stearine and pan&ifin candles, 
and products. aox 

9 Kitchen ft Sons, Melbourne.— Stea- 
rine and large carriage candles. aox 

10 Borthwick. Alex., Melbourne.— Var- 
nishes, anti-louliug composition for ships' 
bottom.s, enameled cast iron pedestal pil- 
lars, anti-corrosive paint. aos 

11 Bowman, John 8., Melboarne.— Co- 
lonial crayons. aos 

13 Commissioners for Victoria, for tha 
Phihicidpbia Exhibition, Melbouine.— 
Crayons. aoa 

13 Lewis ft Whitty, Melbourne.— 
Blacking. aoa 

1 4 Hogg, S. P., ft Co.,Melbourne.— Cur- 
ry ])owder. 303 

15 Lewis ft W^hitty, Fitxroy.— Hair oil, 
c>»ences, curry powder. ao3 

16 Perry, Hunter, ft Co.. Sandhurst. 
— Safety fu^e. ao4 

Ceramios— Pottery, Poroelain, Olais, 

1 7 Birmingham A Lacy, Brixaswick.— 


Red bunding and wbite pressed and 
moulded bricks. ao6 

18 Nolan, Luke, Brunswick. 

a Stoneware drain pipes ao6 

h Brcnxe vases, stone porous jugs, patent 

damp-proof for floor ventilation. axo 

19 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 

a Fire-clay crucibles. 907 

^ Encaustic tiles, trusses, vases, etc. 208 
e Earthenware and pottery. axo 

1/ Glassware. 8x6 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

20 Adams, R. 


T., Melbourne.— Pil- 

21 Bendigo Pottery Co., 8endliarst«— 

Earthenware worm for soil. axo 

23 Ferguson ft Urie, Melbourne.— 
Stained glass for windows. ai4 

24 Gledhill, Melboume.-XUmee bot- 
tles, sxs 

26 Melboarne Glass Bottle Wbrka Co., 
Emerald Hill.— Glass bottles. sxs 

26 Mount ft Co., Emerald HUL— Qlasa- 
warc. • SX5 

FnriiitaFe, else* 

27 Alcock ft Co.. Melbourne. 

wood billiard table with a] 
sole table. 



28 Carr ft Sons, Melbourne.- Window 
blinds, window sash, with Venetian shot- 

, ters, etc. «»/ 

29 Davis, J., Richmond.— Window 
sx^h. 8x7 

80 Hodgson Bros., Sandhurst.— Sclf> 
acting Venetian blind, spxin^ rotter 
blindT mxy 

81 McEwan, James, Melbourne.— Side* 
board. axy 

32 Muschlalll, Lewis, Melbourne.— 
Pier g^aas, console Uble. ax 7 

88 Baker, John, Emerald Hill.— Safely 
steps. aao 

84 Wiegmann, August, Melbourne.— 
Basketware cradles , perambulators, 
chairs and flower stands, baskets. aai 

86 Walker, A. R., Melbourne.— Qaa 
cooking stoves. aaa 

88 Shaw. Alfred, ft Co., Melbourne- 
Millet brooms and whisks. aa^ 

87 Guthrie, G. D., Epsom, Sandhurst.— 
Collection of pottery ware for household 
use, etc sa4 

88 Bogle, Andrew, ft Co., Melbourne.— 
Boot and shoe brushing and cutters' pol- 
ishing and shsTpming machine. S34 

89 Draper A Sona, Melbourne.— Berth- 
closets and fittings. as6 

Tarns and Woyen Geoda ofYegataUa 
or Kineral Kateriala. 

40 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbouroe.— 
Flax, ropes, lines, twines, etc. say 

41 Donaghy,Michael,QeeIonK.— Ropee 
and lines. asv 

at end of entries, see Qassification, pp. 9f-^ 



Woren Fabrics, Paper, Weapons, Vehicles, Art. 

4S micr, James, ft Co., Matboiini*^— 
Rcqpcs and lines. 339 

4S McPbersoa, Thomas, Melboame.— 
Com tacks, wod packs, and sugar bag- 
giag. a99 

WoreB and Felted Goods of Wool, eto. 

44 Barwron Woolen Mill Co., Qeelong. 
a I'weeda, 335 
^ Blankets. 837 

45 Gray.Alezsnder, A Co.,Alb{onWDol- 
.•n Milbj Godong.— Plain and &nc]r 
rveeds. 935 

46 Ballarst Woolea Co., Ballsrat.— 
Sbavb, tvecds, faiankcls. 937 

47 JMrcctor of Botanic Qardena, Mel* 
bmrae. — Dyed woolen cloih and silk. 938 

4t Robertson, John, Melbourne.— Dyed 
Aapora goat s fleece. 940 

49 Zoological and AccUmatiaation So* 
eiety.Alclbeanie.— Angora goat's hair. 940 

filk and ffilk Vahrici. 

10 Covmissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition. Melbourne.— 
SiOc cocoons from the AccUmatization 
Society, ^^ctoria, and Mn. Bladen Neill; 
GDltivated nlk, m cocoons and hanks, 
aiK» bleached, dyed, and worked upon 
IbHsa. " JA t 

n TlahMtt, Ana, Collingwood. 

m Cocooos produced by silkworms from 

iMas, France, Italy, and Greece. 94a 

I Siw (raw material in hank}. 943 

r Vfctertansilk, worked on Brmseb net. 946 

18 Victoria. X^diea' Sericulture Co. 
tSmited), Castlcmaiae.^^ilk, desiccated 
and pierced cocoons. 949 

Ctotidaff, Jewelry, and Omamenti, 
ZEVfeling EqQipmeatf . 

SI Ford Brothers, Melbourne, 
a Pith hats, in felt, silk, merino, etc. 951 
i Pith sunshades wt horses. . 954 

54 Inapector-Oeneral of Penal Depart- 
iBcat, Melbourne. — Boots and shoes. 951 

55 Rosier, John, Melbourne.— Boots 
and shoes. 951 

56 Commiaaloners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Kxhibition, Melbourne. 

a MjaO pipes; rouleau boxes of myall 

vood. 954 

i Aifclmn r»e of inlaid leather. 955 

ST De Richelieu . Madam F.,Wlnd8or.— 

OnBanents made from fish scales, etc. 954 

SS Psasacker, Sraas, & Co., Mel- 

boorac. — Registered edge, solid leather 


Fcper, Blaak Books, Statloiiery. 

S9 Bstaate tsardens, Director of, Mel. 
CL — Paper made from various barks, 

ftaas, and stems and leaves. 360 

10 RasMdea, Samual, Melboumo.^ 
Various grades of paper, including oar- 
uidge, pruning, and wrapping -'- 

C paper. 360 



It Cunalsoloners for Victoria, for the 
PMIaddHtia Exhibition, Melbourne. 
f Abori^aal weapons, nativ*s axe. 368 

Xedioine, Snrgery, Prothesis. 

62 Stanwa^,W., South Yarra.— Models 



of chairs for invalids. 

Hardware, Edfo Tools, Cutlery, and 
UetaUio Frodnoti. 

68 Danka, John, Melbourne.— Valvea, 
cocks, lubncaton, Injectors, t* ^ 984 

64 Mcllwraith, John, Melbourne.— Gas 
pipe and tin mbe. 384 

Fahzies of Yegetahle, Aninul ox 
Mineral XateriaU. 

64tf Commissioners for Victoria, fi>r 
the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne 
—Victorian aad English ensigns. 888 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Aooessoriet. 

{Fsr farm vekieln and raihoay carriag9», 
arr Department* ^ AgricmUmrt and Md- 

66 Stevenson & Elliott, Melbourne.— 
Landau. 99a 

66 Bothwell, Wade, Melbourne.— Har- 
ness, saddles, whips, etc 996 

67 Glenister, W. A., Geelong.— Axles, 
Ceiling's crank, etc. 996 

68 Stoneman, Alfred, Richmond.— Car. 
riage springs. 996 


69 Commiaaloners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Mclboitme.— 
Medals of the Victoriaa Intercolonkit Ex- 
hibition, 1875: seals of the Melbourne 
Public Llbiary, Univenity, and Exhibi- 
don of 1869. 40a 


TO Campbell f O. R., Windsor .<^Cioss- 
ing ilie Plains. 410 

71 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Heraldic painting on panels. 410 

73 Curtis,J.W., Melbourne.— Track oil 
the Point Nepeau road. 4x0 

73 Guerard, E. Von, Melbourne.— Pul- 
pit rock, Phillip Island, Ballarat, ic 
1873. 4tc 

74 Johnston, H. J., Melbourne.— Sum 
mer Sunset. 4tc 

75 Whitehead, laaac, Melbourne.- 
Dandenong State Forest. 41 

Xngraving and lithographing. 

76 Bowman,JohnS., Melbourne. 
a ** The Knob in the Alps," crayon. Miss 

6 " In the Alps," crayon, Miss Adams. 
c " Fall from the Omeo Plains," crayon. 
d*' Valley in North Gippsland," crayon. 
tf " A Pool in the Otway Ranges," crayon, 

F. Shaw. 
y ** Bushy Park," crayon. 490 

77 Commiaaionera for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne.— 
Lithographs of fossils, roots, and seeds. 423 

of edtlbits. In^toelad by numben at end of entries. 9«e Classitetion. pp. 37^5 



Art, Machinery, Agriculture. 


'8 Ararat, rShire Council of, Ararat.— 
Phoiogrupliic views suui stausiics of ihe 
shire. 4JO 

79 Batcheliler ft Co.. Melbourne.— 
J*hotograplis of persons bor» in ilie colony 
of Victoria. 43o 

80 Bock, Henry, Oippsland.— Photo- 
graphs of \ ictorian naitvc flowers. 4jo 

81 Chuck. T. P., Melboame.— Photo- 
craphs or persons bom in the colony of 
Victoria. 43o 

82 Colac, Shire Council of, Colac— 
Photographic views of the district. 430 

88 Commia lionera for Victoria, for the 

Philatielpliia Exhibition, Melbourne. 
m Photographic views of scenery, public and 

Erivate buildings, cattle, etc. 430 

tiographicd cliarts of the schools of Ven- 
ice and the Venetian sute schools. 4^9 

84 Creawick, Borough Council of, 
Creswick. — Photographic views and statis- 
tics of the l«rough. 430 

86 Darebin Shire, Council of. East 
Iknirke. — Photographic views and statis- 
tics of the « hi re. 430 

86 Echuca, Borough Council of, Echu- 
ca.— Photographic views and statistics. 430 

87 Emerald Mill, Borough Council of. 
Emerald Hill.— Photographic views. 430 

88 Hotham, Town Council of, Hot- 
ham. — Photographic views and statistics 
of the town. 41o 

89 Johnstone, O'Shannesay & Co., 

Arelboumc. —Photographs of persons bom 
in the colony of Victoria, photographs col- 
ored in oil. 430 

90 McDonald, D., St. Kilda.— Photo- 
graphic vicjirs. 430 

92 Phoenix Foundry Co. (limited), Bal- 

larat. — Photograph of locomotives, en- 
gine, and tender, manufactured for the 
Vi<^riaa govemipeot. 430 

93 Prahran, Town Council of, Prah- 
rsn.— Phouigraphic views and sutistics 
of the town. 430 

94 Robertson Brothers, Colac. — Col- 
ored photographs of cattle, bred by exhibit- 
ors. 430 

95 Sandhuist, C(ty of, Sandhurst.— 
Photographic views and statistics of the 
city. 430 

96 Stewart & Co., Melbourne.— Photo- 
craphs of persons bom in tlie colony of 
Victoria. .^ 430 

97 Surveyor General of Victoria, Mel- 
bourue. — Photographic views of botanical 
and other gardens. 430 

98 Wangaratta. Shire .Council of. 
Wangaratta. — Pnotographlc views and 
statistics of the shire. 430 

09 Wlllett, O., Ballarat.— Colored 
phuttjgraphs. 430 

100 Wilson, Sir Samuel, Ercildoun.— 

Phoiocrapns: team of Hereford bullocks, 
bred by htntself; prize sheep; his rci^i- 
dence, etc. 430 

101 Melbourne, City of.— Photographic 
views of city. 430 

Ttit chsMflt of exhibits, indicated by niimbcts at end of entrioi, sc« Clasnification, pp. 9f^ 

Industrial snd Aroliiteotnral Daffgu^ 


102, Dowling, William, Emerald HUl.-^ 
Centre flowers, trus.scs. 44a 

103 Heathcote,T. S.,Carlton.— Painted 
panels. ^43 

104 Murphy, Edward, Sandridge-road. 
— Centre flowers, and ventilators, orna- 
mental chimney cap. 4^* 

105 Patterson Brothers,Carlton.— Tab> 
lets of imitation wood and marble. 443 

106 Pepper, George, Windsor.— Plas- 
terers' models, ccilmg and wall vcntjla<* 
ton. 44s 

Kaohinei, Tools, ete., of Kiiiiiig, 
Chemistry, ete. 

107 Morrison, L. K., Melbourne.— 
Ab^iuian tube-wells and pumps, widi 
boring apparatus. 501 

108 White, David, Stawell.— Safety 
hook, to prevent accidents Crom over- 
winding in mining claims. yQ 

109 O'Malley, Edmund. Melbourae.— 
Veiiiilaiing safety cage, for mines. 504 

110 Harkneaa, A., & Co.. Victoria Foun- 
dry, Sandhurst. — Disk, fitted on 
screwed stamper shank, and showing 
principle ; cam or wiper. yn^ 

111 Perry, Davis, & Co., Sandhtirvt.^ 
Stamper gratings. 505 

Bailway Plant, Belling^ Stock, oto. 

112 Cornish ft Co., Melbourae*— Seata 
for railw.iy carriages. 571 

113 Stoneman, Edward, Richmond.— 

Railway truck spring. 573 

Aerial, Pnenmatle, and Water Trans- 

114 Cornish ft Co., Melbourne.— Life- 
preserving buoys, mattresses, belts, rafts^ 
etc.: seats, couches, and mattresses for 
ships. 590 

Arboricnltnre and Forest Products. 

115 Bass River steam Saw-Milla, Baas 
river. — Blue gum timber. 6c» 

116 Director of Botanic Qardetia, Mel- 

a CarpolMioal coUecUon ; barks, polished 
wo<kU, fibre and tow prepared from barks, 
leaves, and stems. 600 

6 Resins, gums,oleo fat; and caontchoac.Cos 

117 Lands and Agriculture, Depart- 
ment of, Melbourne. — Native woods. 600 

118 Coramissionera for Philadcl^ia 
Exhibition, Melbourne. 

« Boxes^ pnpe.r knives, and tubs, raado of 
Victoria woods. 601 

^ Mvall and grais-tree gum, ntbbcr and 
nihbcc^tamp. 603 

119 Clark, John, ft Sons, Melbourne.— 
Waitlc bark. 6a« 

Agrioultnral Prodnots. 

120 Taylor, John, Allansford.— Add- 
aide wiicat, grown at Mentnga, near 
Warrmiinbool. 6«o 



Agricnltunl, Animal, and Vegetable Products. 

li^ PatiCBC«, John, Ichttca.—Purpl« 

straw wheat. 6ao 

120^ Wright, Thomas Spencer, Ro- 

chcstev. — Purple straw wheat. 6ao 

lS(k- Kelly, Mortimer, Bridgewatcr.— 

Wheat. fao 

120«/ Patterson, J. Matthew, Loddon.— 

Wheat. 6ao 

121 St. Arnaud Pastoral ft Agricul- 
mral Society, St. Arnaud.— Short oats, 
wheat, barley. 620 

121« O'Reilly, Thomas, Toolmmba.-~r 

Wheat. 6ao 

121^ Adams, John, WahrinK.^-Wheat. 

121r Smith, Oeorge, Ballard.— White 
Tuscan wheat. • 6ao 

122 Scott, James, Indigo, Chiltem.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

123 Commissioners for Philadelphia 
Exhibttion, Melbourne. 

« Collection of varieties of wheat and giast- 

trec phmt. 6so 

^ Collection of beans. 6az 

124 O'Keefe, Andrew, Adelaide Vale, 
Clare Inn. — Purple-siraw wheat. 6ao 


Joseph, Campbell's Creek, 

1^ Mynn^,Josepli, C , 

Casuenuune. — Barley. oao 

126 Adama, James, Wahriog.— White 
Tuscan wheat. 6ao 

127 Laidlay, John, Bundoora, Plenty- 

128 McNair, Angus, Bellerine East.— 
New fbddcr-pea. 6ao 

129 Stewart & Ferguson, Indigo, ChiU 
tem.— >Vbcat. 6ftO 

180 Connor, James, Allan sford.— Fox- 
tail oats, grown at Merunga, near Warr- 
aanbool. 5ao 


131 Schn&ltt, Lewis, Mornington 

182 Buckley. Edward, Newbridge, 
LMldott.--Ked-straw wheat from counties 

of Gladstone and Bendigo, oats. 


188 Jack, John, Ozley Plains, Ovens 
District. — Frampton white wheat, grown 
on chooalate soil after English grass. 6ao 

184 Nertheaetem Pastoral ft Agri- 
cultural Society, Murchison.— Wheat 
grown by J. McNab, Tabilk. 6ao 

184«i Catlln, James, Runnymede.—Pur- 
ploMmw, whiu Tuscan and ether wfaeau. 


2 36 MoncrieS; John, Tabilk, Ooulburn 
river. — Purple-straw and white wheat. 690 

188 Gilmour, Andrew, Colomsky, 
Buapgor. — Oats (rom paurish of Ballyro- 
gan. 690 

186a Ararat Flour MUl Co. (limited).— 
PfUne miUer's wheat. 6ao 

187 Rossi,Thomas. Dry Diggings, near 
Daylesibni. — Purple-straw wTieat. 6ao 

188 Poison, Angus, Chapman, Moys- 
ton.— English barley, Tartarian oats, pur- 
ple-ctraw and white wheat. 6ao 

' 189 West Bourke Pastoral ft Agri- 
cultural Society. Romsey. — White Tuscan 
wheat, grown by Hon. T. F. Hamil- 
ton, 690 

140 Aboriginal Miasloo Sution, Cor- 
aaderrk.~Hops. 6^3 

levduscsof exhibits* indicated by numben 

141 McKenzie. James F., ft Co., Mel- 
bourne. — Coffee, chiccor^, cocoa, and 
chocolate made from TrinuLul nuts ; mus- 
tard, spices. 603 

Lft^fl Anim^Ji* 

142 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 

« Water fowl, stuffed by Chas. French. 63<( 
i Manna, witA the insect producing it. 638 

148 St. John, P., Melbourne.— ^DucVs, 
plover, grouse, quail, black swan, 
etc. 635 

144 OrJmwood, Thomas, Fern Tree 
Gully. — Quail, snipe, landrail. 6,^3 

145 GaskeIl,Josepb, Melbourne.— Aus- 
tralian snipe. 635 

146 Robertson, W. W., Richmond.- 
Australian native birds. 635 

147 Gaskelt,Josei»h,Melboume.-Wild 
animals. 637 

14a Godfrey, F. R., Melbourne.— Wild 
animals. 637 

149 McCov, Prof., Melbourne Univer- 
sity. — Wild animals, and black swan. 637 

160 French, C, Melbourne.— Austra- 
lian longicorns, buprestidnl, lepidoptera. 
etc. 638 

151 Timbrel 1, Ann. Collingwood.— 
Japan silkworms, modeled in wax. 638 

Water Animals, Fi«h Culture and 

153 St. John, F., Melbourne.— Fish. 641 

Animal and Vegetable Produota. 

154 Bird, Gecrge, Inkerman, Lynd- 
hurst.--Cheese. 651 

155 Pierce, G. Q., Melbourne.— 
Cheese. 651 

156 Riddle, J., Lancefield.^Cheess. 651 

167 Clark, John, ft Sons, Melbourne.— 
Leathers, skins, basils. 659 

158 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne- 
Rugs made from skins of Victorian ani- 
mau. 65a 

150 Fink, M., Qecloog.— Skins. 659 

160 Quinn, H. S., Richmond.— Dved 
and white wool mats, kangaroo glove 
leathers. 659 

161 Brearlcy Brothers, Geelong.— Sole 
leather. 659 

168 Dunckley ft McBride, Melbourne. 
—Sash lines, whip gut, gut lathe bands, 
sausage casings. 659 

168 Pearae Brothers, Fremantle, West- 
em Australia. — Hides, Leather, skins. 659 

164 Fitts, Charles, ft Sons, Emerald 
lIiU.-Glue. 65a 

165 Penal Department, Inspector-Gen- 
eral of, Melbourne. — X.eather. 659 

166 Wallia ft Co., Richmond.- 
I^eather, goat skin mat. ^5' 
Malt. 657 

173 Bennett, T. K., Melbourne.— Pre- 
served meats. 656 
17s Director of 'BoUnic Gardens, Mel- 
Doume.— Jam. 656 
at end of entries* see Classification, pp. 97^45. 



Animal and Vegetable Products, Textile Substmnees. 

174 Zorn, Edward, Clayton'B-ro*d, 
near Oakleigh. — ^Tomato and Oakleigh 
sauces. 656 

176 Wright, Payne, & Co., South Yar- 
ra. — Fruit jams. 656 

176 Watson ft Paterson, Melbourne.— 
Hams, bacon, mess pork. 656 

177 Western Meat Preserving Co.. 
Colac. — Preserved meats. 656 

178 Melbourne Meat Preserving Co.. 
Melbourne. — Preserved meats. 656 

179 Lyon, George, Beecbwortb.—To- 
mato sauce. 656 

180 Grant, Mrs., Richmond.— Tomato 
sauce. 656 

181 Comport, Henry, Cheltenham.— 
Tomaio sauce. 656 

182 Stringer ft Co., Melbourne.— Mixed 
pickles, sauces, curry powder. 656 

183<« Boddy, Edward, Nagambie.^ 

Flour. 657 

182^ Hood, P. ft J., Melbonme.— Malt. 

183 McKenxie, Jas. P., A Co., Mel- 
bourne.— Oatmeal, groats, brose meal. 657 

188c Martin, P. J., Melbourne.— Malt. 


184 Trouette ft Blampied, Great West- 
era, Ararat District. — Wines. 660 

1 84<^ Myring, Joseph, Campbell's Creek, 
Castlemainc. — Malt. 657 

185 Best, Joseph, Great Western, Ara- 
rat District.--Wme. 660 

185' Perrin, William, jr., Richmond.— 
Malt.. 657 

186 Docker, P. G.ft J.B.. Wangaratta, 
Beechworth District.— Wine. 660 

187 Evans, Henry, Beechworth Dis- 
trict.— Wine. 660 

188 Mellon, Prancis, DunoIIy, Castle- 
ma! ne District.— Wines. 660 

189 Botten, William. Eddington, Cas- 
tleinaine District. — ^Wine. 660 

1 90 Jung, Otto, Castlemaine, Castle- 
mainc District. — Wines. 660 

191 Schro eder, Castlemaine, Castle- 
maine District. — Wines. 660 

192 Crippa, Fabrizzio, Hepburn, Castle- 
maine District. — Wine. 660 

198 Greer ft Co., Echuca, Echuca Dis- 
trict. — Wines. 660 

194 Vettler.John, Echuca, Echuca Dis- 
trict. — Wines. 660 

195 Weber, Jacob, Geelong, Geelong 
District. — Wine. 660 

196 Deppeler, Jacob, Gheringhap, Gee- 
long District. — Wine. 660 

197 Ritchie, John, Murgheboluc, Gee- 
long District. — Wine. 660 

198 Bear ft Ford, Tabilk Vineyard, near 
Seymour, Goulbum District. — Wine. 660 

199 Egli, P., Tabilk, Goulburn District. 
—Wine. €60 

200 Schmitt, Franz, Berwick, Mel- 
bourne District. — Wine. 660 

201 Francis, Charles, Sunbury, Mel- 
bourne District. — Wines. 660 

202 St. Hubert's Vinevard Co., Yering, 
Melbourne District. — Wines. 660 

208 Johnston, J. S., Crai^Iie Vineyard, 
Sunbury ,MclDoiirnc District.— Wines. 660 
- classes of exhibits, indicated by num^ent 

204 Mapleatone, Charles, Ivaaboa 

Ix)dge, HeiddbeiB, Melbourne District. 
—Wines. 660 

205 Brasche, Charles, Sunbury, Mel- 
bourne District. — Wine, 660 

206 Snowden, E. G.. Boroondara, Mel- 
bourne District. — wine. 660 

207 Smith, G. S., Wahgunyah, Met* 
bourne District. — Wine. 660 

208 Pohl, Carl, Strathfieldsaye, Santi- 
hurst District.— Wines. 660 

209 Bruhn, Albert, Strathfleldaaye, 
Sandhurst District.— Wines. 660 

21 P u ch s, Adolph. Strathfieldsaye, 
Sandhurst District. — Wines. 660 

21 1 Fischer, August, Shamrock Vine- 
yard, Emu Creek, Strathfieldsaye, Sand- 
hurst District.— Wines. 660 

212 Shaw, P. K.,Goornong, Sandhurst 
District.— Wine. 660 

218 Grosse, Frederick, Strathfieldaaye, 
Sandhurst District. — Wines. 660 

214 Grosse, Fred., Toorongo Vineyard, 
Bendigo, Sandhurst District. — Wine. 660 

215 Greiffenhagen, Wm., Strathfield-* 
saye, Sandhurst District. — Wines. 660 

216 Brown, H. J., Australian Distil- 
lery, Melbourne.— Oeneva spirits of 
wine. 660 

217 Fuller,Alfred,Kew.— Ale, stout. 660 

218 Henelly, James, Melbourne.^ 
Ale. 660 

219 Latham, Edward, Carleton Brew- 
ery, Carleton.— Ale, porter. 660 

220 Martin, P. J., Melbourne.— Ale. 660 

221 Reed, Henry, ft Co., South Yarra. 
— Vinegar. 660 

222 Steward, James, Baglehawk. 
Sandhurst. — Ale. 669 

223 Treacy,John,ftCo.,Qeelong.-^Ale« 
stout. 660 

224 Warrenheip Distillery Co., Balla- 
rat. — W hisky , Geneva spints of wine. 660 

225 Guest, T. B.» ft Co., Melbourne. - 
— Fancy oiscuiis. 66z 

226 Smith ft Son, West Melbourne.— 
Biscuits. 661 

227 Swallow ft Ariell, Sandridge.— 

Biscuits. ^i 

Textile Substanoes of Vegetable or 
Animal OrigixL. 

228 Commissioners for Victoria, forthe 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Cotton. 66s 

229 Atkinson, Wm., Camperdown.— 
Teazles. "^ 666 

230 Longmire, Thomas, Kooroocbe- 
ang.Smeaton. — Flax stalks and seeds. 666 

231 Mcpherson, Thomas, ft Co., Mel- 
bourne. — ^Jule. 666 

232 Armstrong, Alex., Warramtine, 
Shelford.— Wools. 667 

233 Arnold, George, ft Co», Melbourne. 
— Assorted wools grown by James Gibson. 
Cleveland, Tosmaaia; Win._ Gibson ft 
Son. Scone, Tasmania ; P. Ru&sell, Laogl 
Willi and Camgham, Victoria; Wm. 
Cumming, Mt. Pyans, Victoria ; A. M. 

I Campbell, Melaluka, Victoria; John 

at end of entries, see Osssificstian, pp. *7^s 



Textile Substances, Agricultoral Machinery, Fruits. 

Macveu, Mooloomoon. Victoria; Thos. 
Russell & Co., The Plains. Victoria ; G. 
W. Thomson, Challioun, Victoria ; Thos. 
Millear, Green Vale. Victoria : Executors 
of late A. Rossdl, Mawallok, Viaoria : 
Wdl Levis. Stondeigh, Victoria; J. & 
S. Austin, Moont Pleasant, Victoria; 
«nd Wm. Marray, Brie Brie« Victoria. 667 
%Zi Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
PhUadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Wools; wool from S. Robertsoo, Gee- 
long. - 667 

2S4<s CummtoK* Thomas P., Stonev 
Point. 667 

855 Carrie, John L«ng, Lsrrs, Deri- 
mallum. — Wools. 667 

856 Dcgravea, C & J., Coliban Park, 
Elphiflstone.— Wool. 667 

237 Elder, VT. & N. Q., Elder, Rook- 
wood.-WooLs. 667 

S88 Gilbert, Alfred N., Warwilla Sta- 
ttan,Waiqpuiilla, Dcniliquin. — Wools. 667 

8S9 Goldsbrouffh, R., & Co., Mel- 
bourne. — ^Assorted vools, grown by Jantcs 
Alexander, Woodhouse station; K. & J. 
Ramsey, Narrow Plains station; Carter 
Bros., Glenisla station; J. & H. Orborne, 
Momalong Plains; A. & H. McCulloch, 
aad others. 667- 

840 Qreeves, Bdwmrd O., Berriallock, 
Skipton.— Wool. 667 

Ml Hsttinffs. Cunoinirham. & Co., The 
Australian Wool Stores, Melbourne. — 
JFleeces of wool from the tbllowing breed* 
en: H. Cattanacii, Teilegara; C. W. 
Simson, Munda^; Godfrey & Chambers, 
Pevensey; F. 1*. Parker, Quiamong; 
Evmctt 9l Watson, Tcheleiy and Nyang ; 
doB.Wm. Lang, M L. A., Wargam; 
don. Phillip RussdLM. L. A., Camg- 
ham and Langi Willi ; John L. Currie, 
Larra; Thomas DowUng & Sons. Jellala- 
bad; execntors of late A. Russell, Maw- 
allock; Wm. Lewis, Stoneleigli; Ewan 
McPhenon, Biodnck; Godfrey McKin- 
Boa,Goooambill; RosaeU & Shjw »Si 
thnh; Rutherford Brothers, «,iupiMi; 
Hon. Robert Simson, M. L. A., Langi 
KalKal: NIchol & Telford, Tarrawongai 
Knight & Lydiard, Koorongah; Mount 
battery Co., Mount Battery; Alfred 
Chcaery, Delatite; Alexander Wilson, 
Mount Emu; J. G. Reeves, Foots- 
cniy. 667 

243Henty, Bdward, Portland.— 
Wools. 667 

247 Reeves, Isaftc G., Pootscray, Mel- 
bourne.— Wool. 667 

848 Russell, Thomas, Barunah Plains, 
Mount Hesse,— Wool, 667 

849 Rutledge, William, Parnham Park, 
Warmambool. — Fleecer. 667 

850 Rutherford, Andrew, Como, Ken- 
sington, Getrion?;.— Wool. 667 

861 Synnot, Monckton, Melbourne.— 
Wool 667 

898 Synnot, George, & Co.. Geelong.— 
Wed. ' ^ * •667 

86S Thomas, C. T., North Sandridge.— 

Drtssedskiii of pure Romney ewe, bred by 

R.Mttidoon, Boos. 667 

SI4 Tlmms Brothers, Mount Hesse, 

Beeac.— Wools. 667 

856 Watson, Alexander, Warribee.— 

Fleeces. 667 

l^or Cbsaes of exhibits, indicated by inimbent 

856 Wilson, Sir Samuel, Oakleigh 
Hall, East St. Kilda.— Wools and 
fleeces. 667 

867 WUsoa, John,Li8more.— Wool. 667 

858 Howardfjoha, near Albur/.— Sam- 
ple .cocoons of mulberry silk-worms, 
with wotmd silk in its natural coloni ; 
floss silk: Japanese and Italian grain; 
hanks of simbcated and pierced co- 
coons. 668 

Kaohinefl, Implementii and Pro^^esEes 
of ICaiLiifMtiire. 

259 Lennon, Hugh. North Melbourne. 
— Double-furrow plow. 670 

260 Bodington, Robert, Carlton.— 
Sheep support on rollers. 674 

Omameatal Trees, Shrubi, and 

261 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 

Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne.— 
Tree ferns from Dandenong Sute Forest 
and Mount Macedon; todea ferns from 
Mount Macedon. 707 

268 Commissioners forVictoria,forthe 

Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Fac-Kimiles of specimens m* fruit, the origi- 
nals of which were selected during the 
past season, modeled and arranged by 
« Apples and pears from Josialt Treve- 
Stan, Ballsrat; Chas. Draper, Haael- 
ehen; H. U. Cole Twyford; Robert 
Whatmou^, Greensborough ; Horticul- 
tural Soae^ of Victoria; Tohn Har- 
bison, Essendon; Tohn Smitn & Son«, 
Riddell's Creek; T. C. Cole; King & 
Sons, Fyansfbrd; Geelong and Western 
District Asricultural and Horticultural 
Society; W. L. Hunt, Malvern; Chas. 
Allen, jr.. South Brighton; Thos. Chris- 
tian, Klount Macedonj^ W. Lawford, l>ou- 

caster; J. Carson ; J. Roberts; H. Boyce; 
Mr Fp?ike, Carisbrook; C. May, Sun- 
bury; I.e. Cole, Richmond; J. D. Rob- 
erts, Hawthorne ; Robt. Hepburn, Hnw- 
thome, A.. Stuart, Toorak; Geo. Kllroy, 
Caulfield . J. Weber, Geelong; Jas, Lann, 
Haroourt ; Sir Redmond Barry ; J. Bunk.s, 

Fleniington; Mr. James, Ballarat; J 
Bosisto. Richmond; and Joseph W( 
ster Wahgunyah 

an(l Joseph Wcb- 

i Quinces from Sir Redmond Bany aud 

f Webber, Geelong. 
c The medlar and the loquat. 
4 Peaches from C. Draper, R. Wnat- 

niough. W Lawford, J. McDonald, G. & 

W. D. Ai^ricuUural and Horticultural So- 
tf Nectarines from R. Whatmou^ and 

yApricou, plmas, cherries, and olea eu- 

/- Grapes, mulberries, flgs, pom^raiiates, 

and oranges. 
A Kau apples from Mr. Graham and the 

Melbourne Botanical Gardens. 
f Gooseberries from Thos. I^iig &. Co. 

and F. Moss, Buninyong. 
y Black, red, and white cumtots ,frnm 

Tho*. Un,? & Co. ^OQ [e 

k Raspbernes from Henry Ituyce c> 
91 end of entneji. see Clawiification, pp. a7-*s 



Pniits, Flowers. 

/ Almond, walnut, and hazel suu. 
m Strawbmies. 
n Tomatoes from Horticultural Society's 

Gardens; W. Chandler, Scoresby; aiid 

King & Son, Fyiin.sfonl. 
Egg apple from H. ). Dines. 

/ Cape gooseberries and capsicums. 
f Dock collection of plants, shrubs, trees, 
and herbs. 709 

86S OaskelL Mrs., Melbourne.— Fac- 
similes of Victorian bush flowexs. 700 


{North of Nave, Columns to to 77.) 


Minerals, Chemicale, Manufactures, Clothing'. 

Uineralf , Ores, Stone, Kining 

1 Clark, P., ft Sons, Adelaide.— Iron 
ores.' 100 

2 Balhannah Minlni^ Co., Adelaide.— 

Copper ores and bi^smuih. too 

3 North Yelta Mine, near Adelaide.— 
Copper ores. 100 

4 MooDta. Wallaroo, and other mines, 
near Adclaid©. — Copper ores. joo 

6 Crabb, R. S., Adelaide.— Aiurite and 
malachite from the Burra Burra mine, 
near Adelaide. 100 

5a South Australian CommiBsionera. 
—Specimens of gold quartx from the 
norUiern territory. 100 

^b Coozon^ Oil & Coal Co.— "Coozon- 
gik," a minerid caoutchouc. zoo 



6 AylifTe, I. H., W. Union Mine. 

7 Becker, I., Yam Creek. 

8 Brese ft Starke, Extended Union 

9 Caledonia New Amalgamated Co. 

10 Golden Stream Claim. 

11 Qriffiths, W. K., South Union Mine. 

12 QroveHillCo. 

18 Gunn, J. H., Britannia Reef. 

14 Lewis, John, Pine Creek. 

1 5 Bernardo, M., Pine Creek. 

16 New Telegraph Co. 

17 Sandy Creek Claim. 

18 Shepperd, E., John Bull Reef. 

19 Sandy Creek Puddling Co. 

For clas-^eb of exhibits, indicated )>y numben 

20 Tripp, J. P., Lady Alice ft Uniea 

21 Union Prospectors Co. 

22 Whitelaw, E. H., Pine Creek. 

23 Westcott, J. S., ft Wisefldnneer, 1., 

North Union Mine. 

24 South Australian Commlsslonera, 
Adelaide. — Marble, sandittone, and slate 
from quarries near Adelaide. zoe 

Chemioal Hanufactnrss. 

25 Barnard, 

Olive oil. 

George L., 



26 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 
Olive oil. 90Z 

Yaras and Woren Goods of Vegstalile 
or Mineral Materials. 

27 Knight, J. Q., Adelaide. 

a String made from human hair. S99 

h Native bag used by Lubras (women), eja 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and OmuMiits, 
TraTeling^ Equipments. 

28 Steiner, Henry, Adelaide. 

a Shell necklace, gold brooch and earrings ; 
shell brooch and earrings set in gold. 353 

b Silver>mounted emu vases and ornaments ; 
silver oxidized metal'figured piano r>niiiH^^ 
sticks. ^54 

29 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 
Emu eggs made up in imitation of jew- 
elry. S53 

80 Nitscke, W., AdeUide.— Copper 
vase, cross, and pipe ; silver cups made 
from a dollar and a five-fxanc piece ; teair* 
pot made from a shilling. 954 

81 Knight,J.G., Adelaide.— Aboriginal 
ornaments from the northern territoffy of 
South Australia. 954 

at end of cntrtt». ««« ClassHkatloaf pp. a7'-4S* 




Manufactures, Education, Art, Agriculture. 

32 Steiner, Henry, Adelaide.— Sllvcr- 
Diouotcd emu egg inksunds. 334 

as Wendt, J. M., Adelaide.— SUver- 
mourned emu egg inkstand. 254 

14 South Aoatralian CommisBioiiers, 
AdcUJde.— Skinft of indigenous birds and 
animals of Somh Australia made into 
mufis, collareues, etc 956 

Kilitary and Kaval Armaments, Ord- 
nance, Fire Arms, and Hunting^ Ap- 

85 Knight, T. G., Adelaide.— Aboriginal 
weapons from the nonhcm territory of 
South Australia. 369 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metailic Prodnots. 

86 South Australian Commiasioners, 
Adelaide. — Iron castings nude from Ade- 
laide ore. " 2S3 

XdneatioBal Systems, Methods, and 

87 South Australian Commission, Ade- 
laide. — Herbarium, conipri:»iiie specimens 
of all the known piantn indigenotis to 
South Australia, prepared by i>r. Schom- 
burgk, director of^tlie Botanic Gardens at 
Adelaide. ^x 

88 Adelaide Museum, Adelaide, P. O. 
Waierhouse, curator.— Collection of birds., reptiles, skins of animals, and 
egp of South Australia. 30Z 

ftigiieerisg, AreUteotwe, Charts, 
maps, and Oraphio Bepresentations. 

89 South Australian Commissioners, 
Adelaide. — Statistical records and maps 
relating to Sottth Australia, compiled by 
the Sunreyor-General. 335 


40 Scott. O. B., South Australia.— Pho- 
tograph of noffthen territory of South 
Australia. 430 

41 South Anatralian Commiaaion, Ade- 
laide, South Australia. — Photora^phs de- 
scriptive of town, pastoral, and farming 
life in South Australia, the Adelaide 
fiotanic Gardezu, suburban views, and 
mining. 430 

'42 Angaa, O. H., Collingwood, near 
Ad^aide. — Photographs otstud stock. 430 

Arborienltnre and Forest Products. 

48 Hardy, Arthur, Mt. Lofty, near Ade- 
laide. — Cork from tree raised from an 
acorn imported from Spain in 1864. 600 

44 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 
Woods, useful and ornamental. 600 

4ft South Auatralian Commiaslooera, 
m Woods, useful and ornamental, from the 
northera territory of South Australia, foi- 
warded by J. B. Scott, government rcsi- 
dent; woods from the neighborhood of 
Adelaide, collected by Mr. Mais, engi- 
neer in chief, and others. 600 
i Fungi, supplied by W. B. Hushes, north- 
ern territory of South Australia. 604 
e Red berries (seeds of the creeping licor- 
ice) and corkscrew pine seeds, from J. £. 
Kdsey and W. B. Hughes, northern terri- 
tory u South Australia. 60s 
For r l ^ta of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

46 Wilke. H., ft Co., Port Adelaide.- 

Barks tor tanning ; ground and chopped 
mimosa (black wattle), and ground aca- 
cia. 609 

47 Knight. J. C, Adelaide.— Bark from 
the noruiem territory of South Austra> 
lia. 601 


48 South Australian Commissioners, 

Adelaide.— Wax models of fniit taken 
from originab grown In South Austra- 
lia. 6 10 

Agricultural Preducts. 

49 Carting, Thomas, Adelaide.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

50 Rie^s, John, Adelaide.— Wheat. 690 
61 Young, C.B., Adelaide.— Wheat. 6ao 

52 South Australian Commissioners, 

a Wheat, barley, oats, and rye. 690 

6 Peas. 6ai 

c Linseed ; hemp, rape, sunflower, prairie 

and rib grass seed. 634 

53 Kelsey. J. B., Mt. Gambler, Ade- 
laide.— Hops, grown in volcanic soil. 693 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 

54 Cardwell, Robert. Port Bsslngton, 
northern territory of South AustnUi^y— 
Trepang, cured at the fishery. Port Es- 
slngton, northern territory of South Aus- 
tralia. 644 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

55 Kemp, W., Adelaide.— Sheepskin 
mats. 659 

56 Anras, J. H., Collingwood, near 
Adelaide.— Sheepskins ; skins of the spot- 
ted emu. 6ss 

57 South Australian Commissioners, 

a Dressed skins of the kangaroo, wallaby, 
and other indigenous animals; also, skins 
made up in designs. 65a 

3 Emu eggs. 653 

c Raisins, plums, figs, and currants. 656 
^ Wines. 660 

58 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide. 

a Skins of native animals and birds. 65s 
J^ Emu eggs. 653 

59 Bagot, E. M., Adelaide.— Extract of 
meat. 656 

60 Hardy, Thomas, Adelaide. 

a Raisins and curTanL<». 656 

i Wine. 660 

61 Murray, Alexander, near Adelaide. 
— Jams, jellies, and marmalades. 656 

61a McEwen, George, Adelaide.- As- 
sorted jams. 656 

62 Dunn, John, & Co., Adelaide.— 
Flour. 657 

63 Magarey, Thomas, ft Co., Adelaide. 
— Flour. 657 

64 Cowan, Thomas, ft Co., West Ade- 
laide.— Flour. 657 

I 65 Gilbert, Joseph, Pewsey Vale, Ade- 
laide.— Wine. 66a 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. S7^S> 



Wines, Textiles. 

86 Clark & Crompton, Adelaide— 
VVincii. 660 

67 Richman. J.W.^Watervale.— Wines. 

68 Quick. H. C.» Marden, Adelaide.— 
wines. 660 

69 R088, R. D., Highercombe, Ade- 
laide.— Wines. 660 

70 K a i n e a, John H., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

71 Auld, Patrick. Maeill, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

72 Barnard, Q. L.. Adelaide.— 
Wiu«a. 660 

73 Hornabrook. C. A.. Adelaide.— 
Winci. 660 

74 White, George. Rosefield. Adelaide. 
—Wines. 660 

75 Baker, Isabella. Morialta, Adelaide. 
—Wines. 660 

76 Gillard« Joseph. Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

77 Ind. G. P.. Paradiae. Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

78 Foote. Henry, Adelaide.— Wines. 660 

79 Holbrook, J. D.. Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

80 Kelly, Dr., Tintara. Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

81 Salter, W., & Son, Saltram, Ade- 
laide — Wines. 660 

82 Davenport, Samuel, Beaumont. Ade- 
- laidc.— Winc-s. V 660 

83 Martin. James, Gawler, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

83a Young, C. B., Adelaide.-Wine. 660 

84 Thornber, Unley. Adelaide.— 
Wines. 663 

For o asses of exhibits, indicated by numbers ^t end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-4 s 

86 Wriffht. E. W., Home Park, Ade- 
L^ide.— Wines. 660 

86 Bickford, A. M., & Sona. Adelaide. 

— iii Iters, quinine wine, and iime-juice cor- 
dial. 660 

87 Davis, F. C. Adelaide.— Bittera and 
cordials. 660 

88 Nitachke. W., Adelaide.-CordiaU 

and liquois. 660 

Textile Subitanoes of Vegetable or 
AAimal Origin. 

89 Angas. J. H.. Collingrove. Adelaide. 
—Wool. 667 

90 Keynea. Joseph, Keynton. Adelaide. 
—Wool. '••''•' ^ 

91 Murray, John, Murray vale, Ade- 
laide.— W06I. 667 

92 Graham. Thomas, Adelaide.— 
Wool. 667 

93 Browne, W. J., Moorak,. Adelaide. 
—Wool. 667 

94 Hayward. Armstrong ft Co., Wo- 
noka, Adelaide.— Wool. 667 

94« Crozier, W., Adelaide.— V^ool. 667 

95 McFarlane. Allan, Wellington 
Lodge. Adelaide.— Wool. 667 

95a Price ft Browne, Adelaide.— 
Wool. 667 

96 Wurm. Frederick. Adelaide.— Silk 
and bilk cocoons, 668 

Agriealtnral Engineering aad M- 

97 Dalwood. W. P., Adelaide.— Gua- 
no from Browse Island^ oil west coaf t of 
Australia. 681 


by Google 




{South of North AisU, Cotumms is to ry., 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education and Science. 

Xiasrabi, Ores, Stone, Xining 

1 Cape Copper Mining Co. (limited), 
Cape Town. — Copper ores from Ookiep, 
Spectakel, Narrap, Karolusbun;, and KQ- 
dennan mines, little Namaqualand. zoo 

8 Bright, H. C. R., Mowbray, near 
Cape Town. — Copper ores and collection 
frf" minerals. too 

%a, Muskett, B. B.— Oalena from Bang* 
hock mine, Hope Town division. zoo 

8 Dickson, W. W., Cape Town.— 
Black ojdde of manganese, man Hercules 

4 Stonestreet, Samnel, Kembcrly Dia- 
Bumd Flelds.—Diamonds and associated 
neks. loo 

h Vice, O., Stormber^en. 

m Saltpetre fh>in the Stormba 

h Coal fiKMB the Stormbergen, 


6 Wttaon, Am Qas Works, Cape Town. 
—SottdkAfiricanooala, cokes, and ashes, zoz 

XetalluTgioal Prodaots. 

7 Cspa Copper Miniac Co. (limited), 
Cape Towzi. — Opper. ii i 

Chamioal UfaiiHfaetareB. . 

I Smithera, J. & O., Cape Town.>- 
Soaps. 2ei 

Fuaitiue and Olgeetc of Oeneral Use 
ia Conitruotlon and in Dwellings. 

9 Uoalton, R., Swellendam.— Work- 
box constructed of South African 
woods. 217 

10 Lesar. W., Cape Town.— Table con- 
stmcted of various colouioj iimr>er«. 217 

Tsnii and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Hateriald. 

0* Cawood, Hon. 8., Qfahamstown.-- 
Cottoa table dotb. 230 

nothing. Jewelry, and Omament^s, 
Traveling Eqnipoients. 

II Perry, Mrs., Cape Town.— Melon 
aeed necklaces, bracelets, etc. 353 

% ^dwin, J. P., Kafirland.— Hair of 
raukMnise, surmounted by ring of Euphor- 
bia jap: hrwj earrings of Pondomise 
baboon skin : ortss of witch doctor. 953 

ForsIaaACh of exhibiu, indicated by numbers 

18 Local Committee, Cape of Good 
« Native articles of dress — necklaces, 
armlets, earhngn etc. 253 

t Native aprons, head-dress, etc. 254 

14 Ayliff. Mrs., Grahamstown.— Skele- 
tonised flowers. 254 

Weapons, ete. 

16 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— Knobe kierie of riunoceras 
bom. 268 

16 Vigore, P.. Cape Town.— Native 
s, Kanr assegais, Bushman axe. 268 

Xedieine, Snrgery, Prothesii. 

17 Aurct, W. H., Paarl.— Vegetable 
drugs and medicines. 97a 

18 Barkly, Sir H., Governor of Cape 
Colony.— Bitter barks used by Kafir doc- 
tors in fever cases. 97* 

PabricB of Vegetable, Animal, or Kin- 
oral Materials. 

19 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— Kafir beer and milk pots, Kafir 
and Basuto baskets. 989 

Bdnoational Systems, Methods, and 

20 Solomon, C, Cape Town. -Map oi 
South Africa. 300 

23 Solomon, Saul, ft Co., Cape Town.— 

Specimens of bookbinding. 306 

24 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope. — Catalogue of South Africtn Pub- 
lic and Sir (>. (Irey's libraries; Univer- 
sity calciiilar; nrports of South African 
Museum, Public Library, and BoUinic 
Gardens: l>r. Bleek's Biishman Ke* 
searches jo6 

26 Juta, J. C, & Co., Cape Town.— 
Uooks. 306 

28 Mabille, A., Moriia, Basutoland.— 
liooks prinLecl, bounJ, and published ai 
Murija Mission Staiioii, Uasutolund. 306 

27 Stewart, G.. Lovedale, Kafirland.— 
lk>oks printed, bound, «ind published at 
the Lovedale Kafir Mi^ision Institution. 306 

Engineering, ^ohiteotnre, Maps, etc. 

88 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— Models of harbor works and dry 
docks at Cape Town. 330 

at end of entries, see Qassification, pp. 97-4S- 




Art, Agricultural, Animal, and Vegeuble Products. 

29 Duna, K. I., Cape Town.— Qeologi* 

cat sketch map of Cape Colony. 335 

29a Coates, H.C.Commiasioner, Phila- 
delphia, i*u. — Photograph of city of Cape 
Town. 3J5 

29^ Ayliff, Reuben, Grahamatown.— 
rhoiugraplis of Cape 'Jown, harbor 
works, etc. 333 


80 Hermann, W., Cape Town.— Oil 

painiinga. 410 

a View in Knj'sna Forest, Cape Colony, 
If View of Three Anchor Bay, near Cape 

31 Coppen, P., Cape Town.— Water 

color sketches. 41 x 

a Sketch of Hangklip, a spur of the Storm- 

bergen, Oueenstown division. 
6 Sketch of the Mac Mac talis, I.ydenburg 

gold fields, South African Republic. 

82 Hays, Miss Anna, Cape Town.— Wa- 
ter color sketch of the native populatioo 
of Cape Town. 411 

88 Hermann, W., Cape Town. — Six 
water color sketches of colonial sce- 
nery. 4x1 

84 Thwaits, Miss F. C, Cape Town.— 
Six water color drawings of indigenous 
Cape flowers. 4x1 

£ngraying and Lithography. 

85« Bruton, C. X., Cape Town.— Photo- 

a vjcws in Cape Town. 

6 View of Kloof Lodge, near Ca^e Town. 

e Views of scenery around Cape Town. 

86^ Bamard.S. B.,Cape Town.— Photo- 

grauhs of Cape Town, natives, etc., in a 
book. 430 

86^ Penneysev, C. D., George.- Photo- 
graphs of colonial scenery. 4^ 

Arborionltore and Forest Prodnots. 

86 Carson, B. J., Ookiep, Namaquaiand. 
— Ebony. 601 

87 Holland, B. H., Alexandria, Cape 
Colony.— Specimens of timber from toe 
Alexandria crown forests, with articles 
made from various woods. 6ox 

88 Mossop ft Garland, Cape Town. — 
Harks in the rough and ground. 6oa 

89 Smithers, J. ft O., Cape Town.— Veg- 
etable wax. 603 

40 Dale, Dr., Cape Town.— VegeUble 
wax. 603 

Agrionltoral Prodnets. 

41 Barry, Arnold, ft Co., Cape Town.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

42 Myburgh, N., Meerlust, Ecrste 
river. — Wheat. 620 

48 Barry ft Herdon, Mossel Bay.— 
Aloes. 623 

44 Barry ft Nephews, Cape Town. — 
Aloes. 623 

46 Jongh, 8. J. de, Cape Town.— 
Snuff. 622 

46 Powrie, E., Mofsel Bay.— Leaf to- 
bacco and snuff. 633 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbexs 

Land Anistals* 

46« Coates H.C.,Coromiaaioner,Phila* 
dclphia. Pa.— King penguin. 63J 

47 Gibbon, J. M., Cape Town.— Cochi- 
neal, grown and dried ia the Itocanic Gar- 
dens, Cape '''own. 638 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltare and 

48 Merriman. John, Cape Town.— Pre- 
served crayfish from Table Bay. 643 

49 Moodie, D., Swellendam.— Pearl oys- 
ter shells from the south coast of the coU 
ony. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnats. 

60 Dler ft Diets, Port EUxabeth.- 
Skins. 653 

80a Benninfffleld ft Son, Natal.— Ele- 
phant tuakis. 653 

61 Mossop ft Garland, Cape Towa.~ 
Leather. 45a 

62 Local Committee, Cape of Good 
Hope. — Robe of skins of the blackbscked 
jackal and avard wolf. 651 

68 Dickson, W. W., Cape Town.— Skios 

of the lion and cheetah or hiuting leop< 
ard. 6ss 

63<» Coates, H. C, Commissioner, Phila- 
delphia, ra. 
a Pair of horns and head. 65a 

^ Ostrich eggs. 653 

64 Vigors, P., Cape Town.— Lion and 
* ' ' ' . * . . antelope 

leopard skins, head of a leopard, antelope 
and rhinoceros horns. 

64« Clipp, G. W«— Pair of horns. 65s 

66 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— Ostrich feathers and eggs. 653 

66 Douglass, A., Orahamatowa.— Os- 
trich incubator, with stuffed ostriches and 
eggs. 633 

67 Powrie, E., Moasrl Bay.— Bees- 
wax. 654 

68 Barry ft Nephews, Cape Town.— 
Beeswax. 654 

69 Toit, A. L. du, Rondebosch.— 
Grapes in brandy. 656 

69« Volateedt, P. J., Cape Town.— Pre- 
served lemons, citrons, nartjes, bitter 
oranges, melons, and Cape gooseber- 
ries. 656 

60 Merwe, J. H. van der, Robertson.— 
Grapes in brandy. 696 

60« Merriman, John, Cape Town.— Pre- 
served tomatoes and Cape gooseberries. 656 

61 Falck, J. A. H,p Montagu.— Peaches 
in brandy. 656 

62 Clear, E., Cape Town.— Wheat 
flo»u-. 6S7 

63 Letterstedt ft Co., Cape Town.— 
Wheal flour. 657 

64 Barry, Arnold ft Co., Cape Town. 
-Wheat flour. 65? 

66 Heydenrych, B. G. P., Cape Town 

— Starch Irom wheat flour. 658 

74 Ryn, 1. H. van. Cape Town.— Pon- 

toe, red, and white wines, brandy. 660 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. afH. 



Wines, Textiles, Flower Work. 

75 Reoen, S. van, A Co., High Con- 
stantiji. — Ked and while wines. 660 

75« Cloete Brothers, ConfitantU.— Red 
and white wines. 660 

76 Anderson ft Murison, Cape Town. 
— Poniac, pale, and golden sherry 
wines. 660 

76' Cloete, H., Bellevue, Constantia.— 
Red and white wines. 660 

77 Green, E. K., Cape Town.— Red, 
white, and sherry wines. 660 

7S CoUiaon, H. C, Cape Town.— Sher- 
ly, Madeira, Pontac, and Constantia 

78« Cloete, J. P., Oroot Constantia.— 
Red auod white wines. 660 

79 Joabert, V/. A., 8tellenlKMcb^.-Di7 

wUtewine. 660 

80 Paarl Wine and Brandy Co., Paarl. 
—Red and white wines. 660 

II Rosenberg, S., Cape Town.— Bran- 
dy. 660 

68 Barnr & Nephews, Caps Town.— 
Brandy. 660 

18 Collison, H. C, Cape Town.— Cog- 
nac 660 
84 Hauf, Dr., Robertson.— Brandy. 660 
16 Maraia, H. H., Robertaon.— Cape 
sherry wine and Congo brandy. 660 

86 ViUiera, A. J. J. de, Cape Town.— 
Sbcnj, port, and red wines. 660 

87 VlUIers. A. B. de, Paari.— Red and 

white wines. ' 660 

Textile Subttsnoes oL Vegetable er 
Axdmal Ongin. 

88 Cawood, Hon. S., Grahamstown.— 

' Cotton. 665 

89 Grewar, John W., Uitenhage.— 
Wool. ^667 

90 Priest.W., Graff Reinet.— Wool. 667 

9 1 Rubidge, C.,Oraff Rcinet.— Wool. 667 

92 Stewart, A. C, Port Elizabeth.— 
Wool. 667 

93 Court, P. W., Port Elizabeth.— 
Wool. 667 

94 Barry & Nephews, Cape Town.— 
Wool. f » f ^y 

96 Barry, Arnold, ft Co., Cape Town.— 
Wool. . 667 

96 Dier ft Diets, Port ElUabeth.— 
Wool. 667 

97 Stewart, A. C, ft Co., Port Elisa- 
beth. — ^Angora hair. 669 

Omameixtal Troei, Sbrnbe, a&d 

98 Villiers, Miss de, Pransche Hoek.— 
Articles made of everlasting Aowers. 709 

99 Smuta, Mias O., Cape Town.— Arti- 
cles made of everlasting flowers. 909 


{North of Nave^ Columns is to //.) 

Chemicals, Woven CKkmIs, Clothing. 

Chemiesl Kaanfsetaref . 
I Reynolds, John N.— Salt, soo 

5 Prith ft Murphy.— Salt. soo 

8 Grant, Charles. 

a Knilphate of lime. aoo 

^Chewstkk powder and edondne. S03 

4 Thomson. Robert, Superintendent 
oflWsn iral Gardens^ Kingston, for the 

6 Aorray, P. B.r-O4ontlne. 903 

tiiu snA VoTen Geeds of Tegeteble 
or Mineral Materials. 

6 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
ffavcraaKat.-*Pabn and plantain leaf 

-"*?• "^ 

f « dMMs «r ealilMti, ladkaiad bj numben 

Olothittff, Jewelry, and Onaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

7 Thomaon, Robert, Superintendent 
of Bounical Gardens, Kai^ffttoo, for tJie 

« Palm leaf hats. 251 

h Baskets and fans from leaves ; shell bas- 
kets; walking sticks: bamboo whip; tor- 
toise shell combs, necklaces ; napkin rings 
aad egg ctips; doilies and fans made of 
lace bark. 9%4 

7a Nash, Mrs. 

a Hats made of dagger plant, lace baxk,and 
strainer fibre. 951 

h Dagger plant and lace bark ornaments, 
comprising fans, flowers, baskets, etc.; 
earrings and brooch made of tobeter 
shell. 954 

8 Brooke, Mrs. Q.— Doilies and fans 
made from lace bark, etc. 354 

at end of entries, see Cbusificatlon, pp. 97-45. 



Manufactures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

8« Retd, William.— Cocoanut Shell Or- 
nsanents ; walking sticks, etc. 954 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

9 ThomsoOi Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, KLagston, for the 


« Rulers. «S8 

b Paper stock. 960 

Medicine, Snrgery, Profhesis. 

10 Thomson. Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens^ Kingston, for the 
government. — Cinchona baiks. Jalap, <en- 
na, aloes, etc. 97a 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
MetcOUc ProdncU 

11 Thomson. Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
government.— -Razor sttope made from 
stems of plants. aSx 

Fabrics of Vegetable or Mineral Ma* 

18 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

Kovemmen t. 

« Bnishes from the penitentiary. a86 

b Ropes from sisal hemp ; coir; wild cotton, 

cocoanut, etc. 987 

c Bamboo baskets. 989 

Carriages, Yebiolos, and Accessories. 

13 Brass, John, ft Son.— Carrlai^c har- 
ness and riding saddle. 996 

Arborienltnre and. Forest Products. 

14 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

a Cedar and juniper shingles ; lancewood, 

etc., for carriage building: cashaw, etc., 

pimento leaves, juni- 

rfumery. 600 

' iTiMuvKMiiy, wvTuau, wutic» M^e. braauetto, 

lignum vit«, ebony, satinwooa, rosewood, 

etc. 60Z 

€ Logwood, fustic, annatto, tumeric, eta ; 

divi-divl, mangrove, catechu, guanea, 

etc. ooa 

d Dried fenis. 604 

16 Pan trepaat Estate.— Lace bark. 600 

15« Fisher.— Concrete for tanning. 60s 

etc., lor carnage ouiiaing; caui 
for railway sleepers ; pimento le; 
per wood, etc. , for malcing perfui 
b Mahogany, cedar, bullet tree. 

Agrieoltnral Prodnots. 

16 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, fi>r the 


« reas and beans. 691 

b Ginger, pimento hemes, mitmegs, vanilla, 

cayenne pepper, etc. ; tobacco, tea, cocoa, 

and chocolate ; coffees from tne following 

parties. John McLean, Francis Chalmer, 

John Uavidson, Mrs. Madavertv, Mrs. 

Lascelles. Dr. Stephens, Tames Harrison, 

Ernest Elliott, and Geo. Henderson. 633 

For daascs of exhibiu. indicated by numbers at 

16^ Thompson ft Weitxmann.— Tobac- 
co. 6a3 
1 6^ Eapent. W. B.— Cigars. 693 

17 Soutar & Co.— Tobacco and d- 
gan. 623 

17« Major, Dr.— Nutmegs. 693 

18 Richards, W. S.-Coffee. 633 ' 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

18a Fisher.— Leather. 65a 

19 Qrant, Charles.— Beeswax. 654 
90 Brass, John, ft Son.— Hoacy and 

beeswax 6s4 

%0a Fegan.— Bleached wax. 654 

81' Auvray, P. B.— Bleached wax. <94 

82 Thomson, Robert, Supartntendeiit 
of Botanical Gardens, KiAgston, &>r the 

« Candied fruits and pretcnres: picklea^etc; 
fruits preserved in alcohol; raieal made 
from plantains, bananas, cassava, bvead. 
and- other fruits. 6fe 

b Com, rice, and flour. 657 

e Starch, arrowroot, etc. M 

^Sugars from the following parties: W. S. 
Richards, Albion estate and Comtamt 
Spring estate; Louis Veriey, Mona estate 
Ernest Elliott, Bog estate* James Har- 
vey, Hillside estate; Joseoh Reid, Cay- 
mannas estate, and J. Mcl%aii. 6tt 
t Rums from the following parties : David 
Galloway, Vale Royal estate; WilKani 
Vickeis, Frome, and other esutes; M. C. 
Morean, Appleton estate ; James Harrieon, 
Hordley and other estates ; Plato ElaliiclE, 
Bdvidere estate ; W. S. Richards, Hope- 
well estate ; Ernest Elliott. Bog and other 
estates ; Louis Veriey, Mona estate ; C. W. 
Steer, Blenheim estate ; F. Hall, Meacloo 
esute; lames Harvey, Hillside estate; 
Joseph Ketd, Canunas estate; J. Wray 
& Nephew, George J. Pejrnado, Alberga 
& MitcheU. 6go 
/ Cocoanut, castor, groundnut^ and other 
oils. 66s 
88« Bspent, W. B.— Rum. 660 

83 Gadpallle, Charles.— Ram. 660 
88« Wray, J., & Nephew.— Orange and 

ginger w&e. pimento dram, lime-juice, 
etc. 660 

84 Melvillejamea.— RumandPalemiac 
wine. \ 660 

85 Desnoes, P., ft Son.— Rum, gio^et 
cordial, orange wine, pimeato dram^ 
etc. 66c 

86« Alberga ft Mitchell.— Orangi and 
ginger wine, pimento dram, chutney, 
etc; 660 


-Rum and 


86 Nuoes, Robert.— Rom. 

87 King, Alexander, ft Co.- 

Textile Snbitaneet of Vegetable oi 
Animal Origin. 

88 Thomson, Robert, Siiperintenden 
of Botanical Gardens, Kugsmn, for the 
« Wild cotton. 66s 

b Sisal hemp, China grass, pineapple, ecnr, 
bamboo, mahoe trumpet tree, bastard, 
cedar, and other fibres, etc. 66r 

end of entries, see Classificatioo, pp. 97-45 




(StnUA of North Avenue, Columns 1$ to //,) 


Manufactures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

Chemieal Kaxmfaetiirea. 

1 Sarf ent, D., laacua.— Specimens of 
salt and table salt. »oo 

2 Meadows, John G., Inagua.— Salt 
aad table salt. 9oo 

Fimitim aad Objects of General ITaa 
ia GOastraetion and in Dwellinga. 

8 Robertson, Mrs. S. E.— Epergne. 3i8 

4Donett«, Tbomas.— Dripstone for 

fibednc water. . aa4 

CIsthiiig, Jewelry, and Omamants, 
TraYeling Sqnipments. 

tHIoBS, Albert C. J.— Necklaces, 
locket, pin and eanings, bracelets, soli- 
taim and stnds, vest button, spoon, and 
paper knife. a53 

6 Dopucb, loseph.— Card tray, bread 
platters, and walking canes. 154 

7 Qrant, Misses Julia and Mary.— Mi- 
mosa bean oriuuaents, card tray, watch 
cases, mats, and cross. 854 

BArmbrister, James A.— Walking 
canes. 254 

I Centennial Exhibition CommiUee, 
Nassau.— Mimosa benn card basket, bags, 
and braceleta, manufactured by Messrs. 
Jtrreti, Nassau; tortoise back, cleaned 
andpofished by J. K. Saunders, Nassau; 
wlBKtto Cans and bats, manufactured by 
Mn. John Taylor, Inagua. 954 

10 Evans, Ellen, G. B.— Shell croas, 
basket, and bridal wreath. 954 

II AtwcU, Misses.— Memorial wresth, 
cotnucopia, brooches, ai»d earrings, made 
ofslidls and fish scales. ttS4 

13 Syaoaett, Mrs. Mstthew.— Palm 
tree, and watch stand. 954 

18 WalUce, Alexander C.— Walking 
raoes. 954 

14 Bldon, Mrs. James.^O^e contain- 
btg orange tree. *54 

15 Oaraer, Mrs. Maria E.— Basket, 
Tnih basket, brida^reath, andsprays. 934 

Ftbiies ef Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Materials. 

1 Carrol, Richard E., Long Island.— 
Rope made of aloe fibre. 987 

1 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Naman.- Palmetto rope. 287 

1 Knowtes, Jessph A., Long Island.— 
Rooe and net made out of wild fig tree 

Pidmetto baskets and mat. 989 

I orienltnre and Forest Frodnots. 

Knewles, Joseph A., Long btaad.— 
Wild fig tree baric. 600 

ir classes of exhibits, indicated by auaiben 

30 Sawyer, R. H. & Co. 

a Stopper wood; ship's knees ot sabicn 
wood; bark. 600 

i Mahogany, sabicu, satin, tmll, cedar, and 
cocoanut woods. 6ox 

c Green ebony, braxiletto wood, and log- 
wood. 609 

d Myrtleberry wax. 603 

81 George, John S. 

a Specimens of bark and palmetto leaves, 

yellow pine and cedar woods. 600 

^ Mahogany, sabicu, satin, stopper, orange, 

and lignum vitae woods. oox 

e Logwood, brariletio, and green ebony. 609 

d Wax made (rom myrtleberry. 603 

88 Saunders, Samuel P.— Vegetable 

sponge. 604 

Agrienltnral Frodnots. 

88 Boyd, Adam.— Tobacco and coffee, 
cultivated in New Providence. 623 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltnre and 

84 Sawyer, R. H. ft Co.— Conch 
shells. 645 

86 Treco, P. A.— Bahama ahells, col- 
lected aad arranged by J. K. Saun- 
ders. 64s 

86 Saunders, Samnel P.r— Small 
shells. 645 

87 George, John S. — Queen conch 
shells. 64s 

Animal and Vegetable Prodncti. . 

88 Sawyer, R. H. ft Co.— Sponges* 659 

89 George, John S. 

a Beeswax. 

i Arrowroot and cassava starch. 

80 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Nassau. — Assorted preserved fniiis, as- 
sorted pickles ; pimento manuiaaured of 
native firuits by Daphne Fife. 656 

Textile Snbstanees of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

81 Sawyer, R. H., ft Co.— Specimens 
of cotton produced principally at Long 
Island. f i~/ ^^ 

88 Saunders, S. P.— Cotton. 665 

88 Bricc, D. A.— Cotton. 665 

84 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Nassau.— Fibres of the pita and pineapple 
plants, plantain, banana, and aloe trees, 
and esparto grass; wool made from 
leaves of the forest pine, pita plant, ba- 
nana tree, and i^aatain. 666 

Agrienltnral Engineering and Ad- 
86 Saunders, Samuel ^'f^^C^vtcmth 

(fertilixer). gitized by VjOO*^ L€8i 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 17-45. 





{.North of Main Aisle, H i6.) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

Fnrnitore and Ol^eots of Oeneral TTia 
in Constrnotion and in Dwellings. 

of. — Inlaid 

1 Bermuda, Government 


Clethinff, Jewelry, and OnuuneatSy 
Traveling Eqnipmenta. 

2 Trimingham, J. 

a Bermuda straw plait, bonnets, etc., pal- 
metto plait, and articles made from the 
palmetto leaf. asx 

i Wreath of shell work. 954 

3 Middletoa, T. D.>-Articleft in point 
lace, from Somerset Island. 25a 

4 Smith, Mrs. R. T.-^Pioe point lace. 


6 Ness, Miss.— Point lace sleeveleaa 

basque. 252 

6 Ness, Miss C— Point lace sofa pil- 
low. 253 

7 Lines, Mrs.— Point lace. 252 

9 Bermuda, Government of.— Walking 

canes. 254 

Medioine, Snrgery, Prothesis. 

10 Hugh, J. B.— Medicinal herbs and 

drugs. 37a 

Edncational Systems, Methods, and 

11 Education, Board of.— School-map 
of the Bermudas. 300 

12 Thorpe, Mrs. W. — "Afternoon in 
Bernuda." 306 

13 Wilkinson, Major H. J.-"The Sand 
Hills." 306 

14 Anon.— Bermuda flowers from na- 
ture. 306 

Engineering, Architeeture, Kaps, eto. 

15 Bermuda, Government of. — Large 
general map of the Bermudas, details by 
Koyal Engineers and Major Crawford, 
R.A. ; diagram showine the monthly 
mean temperature of Bermuda com^- 
pared with other places of winter resort, 
drawn by Lieut. Coionei Bland, R.E.; 
fac-simiie of the «uiiest published map 
of Bermuda, from Norwood's survey of 
x6i6. 335 

^yaical, Social, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

18 Bermuda, Government of.— Exam- 
ples of the ancient records of the colony 
of Bermuda, from x6i6; title deeds, or 
original grants of land of the Bermuda 
Company, 2628^. 


19 Somerset, Col. Fltxroy, R.E. — Ptao- 
tographs of Bermuda scenery, by the 
Royal Engineers. 430 

20 Hugh, J. B.— Photographs of Ber- 
muoa scenery. 430 

Aexfal, Pnenmatio, and Water Tnuu- 

21 Hinson, Dr.— Model of a Bermuda 
yacht, cutter-rigged. 594 . 

22 Admiralt3r, Lords of the. — Model 
of her Majesty's floating dock at Ber- 
muda ; sectional drawing of same. 596 

Arborionlture and Forest Products. 

24 Several Contributors.— Sections and 
specimens of woods. 600 

20 Astwood, Mrs.— Bird*s»eye cedar, 
and other ornamental woods. 60s 


26 Commiuee, The.— Baaa&aa and 
other fruits. 6ix 

Marine Animals, Fish Culture and 

27 Bermuda, Government of. — Conch 
shells used by cameo cutters ; an extinct 
land shell of relatively large size ; Sp. of 
hyalline; corals, nuUipores, ooralhnes, 
sea fiuB, and sea rods. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Prodvota. 

28 Bermuda,Governmentof. — Sponges. 


29 Hugh, J. B.— Dried and preserved 
fruiu. 656 

30 Tucher, Tho. Fowle.— Arrowroot. 


31 Bertram, J. T.— Arrowroot and Tons 
les Mots. 658 

Textile Snbstanees of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

32 Peniston, W.-~Pibre prepared from 
the leaves of fourcroye gigantea. 666 

Machines, Implements, and Processes 
of aannfaotore. 

33 Bermuda, Government of.— Tools 

u<(ed in freeing the grotmd of the roots of 
sage and wild mimosa. 679 

Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and 

3 4 Bermuda, Government of.— Flowers 

ferns, and ornamental plants. 700 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Oassiii cation, pp. 27-45. 




{North of Main Aisle, F i6.) 


Manufactures, Agricultural and Vegetable Products. 

CMdnff, JewelTTf and Omameato; 

1 Great DUmoDd PI ant a ti en.— Rice 
straw ornaments. «54 

Xsdieine, Baigery, Prothesii. 

A PraaeoB, VriIliam.~DrugB and other 
medicinal productiow of the colony, a/a 

ArborionitOFt and Forest Predneta. 

t Maciwy, T. H.— Oreenheart wood, 
nearly zoo years old. 600 

Agrlenltnral Prodnoti. 
4 Great Diamond Plantation.— Rice. 

Aaimal and Vegetable Frodneta. 
f Preason, ^Villiam.— Starches. 658 

6 Bel Air Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sosv. 659 

7 Columbia Plantation.— Common pro- 
cess uisar. 659 

8 Greenfield Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sngv. 659 

9 La Bonne Intention Plantation.— 
Vacuum pan sugar. S59 

For daues of exhibita, indicated by numbers 

10 Met-en-Meerxorg Plantation.— 

Vacuum pan sugar. 659 

11 Ogle Plantation.— Vacuum pan 

sugar. 659 

12 Leonora Plantation. 

a Vacuum pan and other sugars. 559 

6 Rum. 660 

13 Uitvlugt Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sugar. ^ 6j9 

14 Vreed-en-Hoop Plantation. — Com- 
mon process sugar. 659 

15 Versailles Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sugar. 659 

1 6 Great Diamond Plantation. 

4 Vacuum pan sugar. 659 

5 Rum. 660 

17 Hope Plantation. 

a Vacuum pan sugar. 659 

^ Rum. 660 

1 8 Tuschen de Vrienden Plantation. 

a Vacuum pan sugar : molasses. 639 

i Rum. 660 

19 Lusignan Plantation.— Rum. 660 

Textile Substances of Vegetable ot 
Animal Origin. 

20 Qodflrey, B. J.— Plantain, silk grass 
mahoe. sweet brier, and monkey apple 
fibres. Ssf 

at end of entries, see Qassification, pp. 37-43. 


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{North of North Avemu^ Columns 1$ to 77.) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education, Art, Agriculture. 

Hinerali, Ores, Stone, Xining Pro- 

1 Annltac^ Bros., Colombo.— Tin aad 
plumbago. xoo 

Clothing, Jewelry and Omamenti, 
Traveling Sqnipmenti. 

2 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a Straw bati. ssx 

b Canes. 154 

Fabrios of Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Katerials. 

3 Armltage Bros., Colombo. 

a India-ruober. 
h Ropes. 


Ednoational Srttemt, Kethods, and 

4 Armitare Bros., Colombo.— Alma- 
nacs anoother books. 306 


6 Armitage Bros., Colombo. — Me- 

phant, carved in plumbago. 405 


6 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Photo- 
graphs. 430 

Arborionltiure and Forest Praduets. 

7 Armitage Broa., Colombo. 

« Woods. Soo 

h Dye woods. 6ot 

e Gutta-percba and gmaa. Soj 

Agrionltnral Prodnets. 

8 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 
m Coflee, spioss, tobacco, sSd oig 
k Seeds. 


Water Animals, Fish Cnltnro and Jlf- 

9 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Ifotbesw 

of-peari and odier sImUs. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Prod«ets. 

10 Armitage Bros., Coloanbo. 

Coco de mer Sao 

h Vegeuble taUow. <&s 

c Tapioca. &SL 

i/Sogan. 69 

Tintile Snbstanees of VegetaUe or 

Animal Origin. 

11 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a Cotton. 66« 

h Fibres. M 


{North of North Avenue ^ Columns t^ to ly.'S 
Manufactures, Art, Agriculture. ^ 

Silk and SUk Fabries. 

1 Meyer, Behn, & Co., Singapore. 

a Silk floss from Rungpore. 943 

h Dyed silk from Rungpore. 344 

e Silk thread fit>m Bengal, Gyah, and Rung- 
pore. 944 
d Silk lace from Jubbulpore. 947 


2 Meyer, Beha, ft Co., Singapore.— 

Photographic views. 430 

Arborionltnre and Forest Prodnots. 

3 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 

a Woods from Singapore, Maoxas, Bombay, 
and Nagpore. 600 

h Dye-w«>ds, galls, bark, etc. 609 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

4 Meyer. Behn, ft Co., Siagapore.- 
Nuu. tin 

Agrienltnral Prodnots. 

Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 

« Grass. Css 


h Tea, coffee, spices, etc. 

e Seeds. 

Textile Sabstanees of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

6 Meyer. Behn, ft Co.. Singapore. 
a Cotton boH, seed, and flake. 

1/ Cocoon silk. ' ^~ S. 

at end of entries, sec Classificatioa, pp. st-^^S- 

b Hemp and fibres,^->» t 

cWoof. ., y^LnOO^le 




{NortA o/Main Aisle, B /d.) 

Minerals, Manufactures, Machinery, Agriculture. 

Hiitzals, Ores, Stone, Xining Pro- 

1 1 Colonial Government. 
I • Graaiie. loa 

I i Whhe cbnr, — used in medidne, and to 
•• chadk" dSvorc«d wives. 104 

Chemical KaniLfactares. 

t Cotonial Oovemment. — Palm and 
Otber oils. 901 

SMcltoa* 'W.—Pmlm, cocoanut, 
Cnmadnui, and other oils. aox 

Jtevmes^Pottery, Foroelaia, Glass, 

4 Cokmial Govanunent. 

• Goldsmith's rumace and crucibles. 007 
k EartbcBware. azo 

ftadture and Greets of Oeneral Use 
ia Censtmetlon and in BwelUngs. 

6 Colonial GoTern m en t.— Native 
aoolK: desk, and earciope case. 9x7 

Ttrns and Woven Goods of Yegetable 
or Kineral Katerials. 

6 Crowther, Bishop. 

« Niger mats. 999 

h Coooa goods. •90 

7 Colonial Government. 

• Rais aad baskets of grass. sap 

'Couoa fabrics; M^ydah and Agney 

dodL t3P 

V tea and FeUed Goods of Wool, ete. 

8 Colonial Qovenunent.— Woolen fab- 
rics. 938 

8ilk and Silk Fabrios. 

9 Colonial Government.— Silk lab- 
ricf. 945 

Qotkiiiff, Jewehy, and Ornaments; 
xcaveling ICgnipments. 

10 Colonial School, Cape Coaat.— Wool 

knitdng. 950 

11 Crowther, Bishop.— Slippers. ssz 

12 Colonial Government. 

« Saadab, hats, etc. 951 

* Jewviiy. 95^ 

r Fam, pipes, walkine-sticlcs, etc. 
i Leather satchel and leather work. 


P^r, Blank Books, Stationery. 

It Colonial Government.— Bodk for 
keqnag gold aecoants. a6i 

r«cla«ca of exhibit*, indicated by numbers 

Weapons, eto. 

14 Crowther, Biahop.— Dagger. a68 

16 Colonial Governments— Swords, dag- 

gexs, bows and arrows. 968 

Fabrios of Vegetable, Animal, or ICin- 
eral Materials. 

16 Colonial Govenunent. 

a Ropes. 987 

b Basket ware. 989 

Soientiflo and Philosophical Instru- 
ments and Methods. 

17 Colonial Government.— Dmma, 

guitars, flute, horn, etc.; strings lor mu- 
sical instruments. 997 


18 Colonial Government.— Carved 
wooden figures, ladles, etc. ; carved image 
exliibited at native (iinerals. 405 

Maohines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, Paper Making, eto. 

Looms for 

10 Colonial Government.- 
manufacturing cotton yams. 

Arborienltnre and Forest Prodnots. 

SO Colonial Government. 

a Odoom wood. 600 

h Ornamental woods. 6oz 

c Gums, resin, etc. 603 

21 Colonial Government.- Nats. 6zx 

Agrioultoral Prodnots. 

SS Colonial Government. 
a Beans. 691 

h Pepper. (Saj 

c Seeds, gourds, etc. 694 

23 Daviaon, Mrs.— Coffee (prodnced in 
eight months, irom the seea). 693 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

24 Colonial Government. 

a Skins. 659 

h Beeswax. 634 

e Starch. 658 

25 Nugent, Mr., Cape Coast.— Arrow- 
root. 658 

26 Melton, W.— Colored starch. 658 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

27 Colonial Government.— Fibreo of 
bamboo, pineapple, etc. 666 

at end of eatries, see Claasificatioa, pp. ays4S. 





{North of North Avenue^ Columns rs to ly,) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Agriculture. 

Chemioal Xannfaoturet. 
1 Lemiire, A.—Salt. soo 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
TraTellng Equipments. 

8 Poucaud, Mme. Vve.~ Slippers, 
cigar case, baskets, etc., made of ralmistc 
leaves. 254 

Xedieine, Surgery, Prothesis, 

3 Boulton, L.-^Medicinal plants. 279 

Edueational Systems , Methods, and 


4 Boulton, L.— Transactions of the 
Koyal Society of Arts and Sciences of 
Alaurititis, from 1870 to 1875. 305 
Book on medicinal planu of Mauritius. 


6 Kyshe, J.— Mauritius Almanac, 

1874. 306 

6 Moco, S.— Photographs. 430 

K tt cla«as of exhibka, iadicatBd by ntvrahfn ^t 

Arborionlture and Forest Froduots. 

7 Home,J.— Mauritius Botanical Oar- 
dens ; native woods. 600 

Agricultural Products. 

8 Flore Mauricienae.—VanUla. 603 

9 BoutoUf H. ft E.—Mauritiua coflce. 


Animal and Yegetable Products. 

10 Mauritiua, Flore Mauricicaae.^ 

Preserved fruit. ^sii 

11 Marie, Fran9oi8.— Arrowroot. 

12 Wiebe, J.-«ugara. 


Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

13 Brugada, L. de, ft 

E. de. — Ramie. 


14 Home. J., Mauritius Botanical Oar- 
den.~i>ibres, etc. 66f 

«*iwl of entries, see Cbtssification, pp. s^->45 


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{//ortA 0/ North Avenue, Columns to to ij,) 


Manu&ctures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

Chemioal Maanfactwiei* 

1 Berkley * Taylor, Briabaiie«--Du- 
gaa^oA. soz 

8 Chin^yjohn.— Dueonpoil. aox 

I Daintree, Richard.— Basencet from 
Qurriwlanrt vegetables. 903 

(hnmifii^Pottery, Porcelain, Glast, 

i MooBt Marley Co.— Fire brick. 907 

«]k and Silk FabrlM. 

9 Chubb, C P., Ipswich. 

• Reeled sAlc 94a 

iMawi&uaredstlk. 945 

yedieine, Snrftrj, Protheiis. 

6 Clarke, David.— Eucalyptus medicl- 
nA fMvpnaiioos. 973 

Hariwace, Edse-tools, Catlerj, and 
Ketallio Products. 

7 HIpwood ft Sutton.— Bells made of 
Qecrmbnd metal. 383 

texiaget, Vehiolefl, and Aooettories. 

I Queensland, Oovernment o£r-8ad- 
dezy made by prison labor. 996 

BdaeatioBal Systems, Kethods, and 

9 Bailey, F. M.— "Pema of Qneens- 

lawL*^ 306 

10 Clarke. Davidv-Catalegue of plants 

andseeos. 306 

II Groom, W. H.— "Account of Too- 
vocmba sod Vidnity." 306 

18 Hartmann.C. H.— "Fruits, Flowers, 
and Timbers cf Queensland." 30O 

18 Hockiags, A. T.— Catalogue of seeds 
and plants. 306 

14 Hockings,A J.,Brisbane.— " Queens- 
bod Garden Manual;" " Hortic^ture in 
-^ 306 

1ft Diggles, Silvester.— "Ornithology of 
AaMialia." 306 

IS Government Printing Establish- 
ment.— Bound books, pamphlets, and 
printed matter. 306 

17 LuUo ft Oresley, Brisbane.— Copies 
orthe"Qoeenslander." 306 

For ebmci of exhibits, indicated by mimbers 

18 Mackay, Angus. — Works entiUed 
** The Sugar-cane in Australia/' " Semi- 
tropical Agriculturist and Colonist's 
Guide." 306 

19 Proprietors of volumes of Queens- 
land journals.— Journals with summary, 
prepared for the Centennial Exhibition. 


80 Robertson.— Maryborough alma- 
nac. 306 

81 Sloter, Geo., ft Co.— Sloter's alma- 
nac. 306 

88 Thome ft Orecnwell, Brisbane- 
Queensland almanac and directory. 306 

83 Willmett, Townsville.— Almanacs 
of Northern Queensland. y6 

Si^ileering, Architeotnre, Itapt, etc 

84 Brisbsne Tin Company.— Model 

showing strata of tin country. 335 

85 Government Lithographic Estab- 
lishment.— Maps, plans, charts, etc. 335 


86 Commissioners for Queenslsnd. — 
Views of Ipswich, Rockhampton, Marl- 
borough, TownsvlUe, and Warwick. 430 

87 Daintree, Richard.— Colored photo- 
graphs. 430 

88 Mackay, Angus.— Colonial views. 


80 Wright, J. P.— Photographic views 

of Brisbane. 430 

Kaohinet, Tools, and Apparatus of 

Hininfff Ketallnrgy, Chemistry, 

and the Extractive Arts. 

80 Repetti, Joseph.— Model of quarts- 
crushing marhinr., y>S 

Arboriealtnre and Forest Prodncrti. 

88 Daintree, Richard. 
a Collection of polished timbers.' - 600 

^ Gums from Queensland vegeublea. 603 

83 HiU, Walter, Botanical Curator, 


a Collection of timbeis In the rou^. 660 

h Queensland nuts. 605 

e Bark for tanning. 609 

34 Mackay, Angus.— Common tim- 
bers. 600 

35 O^Shaosey, P. A., Rockhampton.— 
Timbers of northern Queensland. 600 

36 Pettigrew, William.— Pick and axe 
handles of Q;ieensland woods. 60c 

at end of entries, see Classificatioo. pp. 37-45 



Agricultural, Animal, and Vegetable Products. 

87 Carey. J. W.— Work-box of various 
finished woods. 6oi 

Agrioultural Produoti. 

40 Down8,George,Gowrie.— Barley. 6ao 

41 Enderitch, H., Toowoomba.— 
Wheat. 690 

42 Free, A.. Warwick.—Wheat. 690 

43 Free, Qeor^e, Warwick.— Wheat. 6m 

44 Mackay, Aneus.— Queeaaland 
maize. 690 

46 Walker, R. F., Toowoomba.— 
Wheat, barley, and oats. 6ao 

46 Grimes, 3. ft G., Brisbane.— Arrow- 
root. 629 

47 Marks.— Arrowroot. 699 

48 Tahey, F., Nerang.- Arrowroot. 699 

49 Alexander. W. R., Redbank. ' 

a Coffee and tea. 693 

3 Castor oil seeds. 694 

50 Boreham, J. H.— Chatney and 
spices. 693 

61 Chubb, F. B.» Ipswich.— Coffee 
beans. 693 

68 Hill, Walter, Botanical Gardens.^ 
Leaf tobacco. 693 

68 Ho eke r, J. H., Briabane.— Ciears, 
cigarettes, leaf and manufactured to- 

64 McFarlane.— Chili peppers. 



66 Mahoay, Albert River.— Leaf to- 
bacco. 693 

Land Animals. 

66 Richland. G., Cardwell.— Butterflies 
of northern Queensland. 638 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltnre and 

67 Chinff. John. Wide Bay.— Dufong 

calf, preserved in spirits. 640 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnets. 

68 Stephens, T. B., Ekibin Tannery.— 
Leather and skins. 659 

69 Chinff, John, Wide Bay.— Dugonr 
skull, tusks, etc. 63a 

60 Hayes, W. H.. Candied pineapple, 
rockmelon, ckron, ginger, lemon ana or- 
ange peel. 656 

61 Neden Bros., Toowoomba.- Floor. 


68 Keates, F., Allora Mills.— Wheat, 

flour, and meal. 657 

68 Black, Messrs., Moyea.^-Sug^ar. 659 

64 Brown. A. H., Antigua. Mary Die- 
tricf. — Sugar. 659 

66 Couldrey, W. H.. Ageston. 
a Stigar. 659 

^ Rum. 660 

66 Davey ft Gooding, Beenleigh.— 
Sugar. 656 

67 Davidson, J. £., Mackay. 

a Sugar. 659 

S Rum. 660 

for dasc-ts of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

68 Fryar and Strachan, Loganholsne. 

a Sugar. 659 

69 Gibson ft Sons, Clydesdale.— Sas»r« 

70 Superintendent of Penal Plasta- 
tk>ns.^^ugar. 69^ 

71 Grimes, S. ft Q., Oxley.—Sncar. 699 
78Johnston, Jamea, HelenafieJd^ 

Doughboy.— Sugar. i^ 

73 Mackenzie, Gairloch.— Sagas', 4^ 

74 Muir, Robert, Nerang.— Sni^ar. 659 
76 Tooth ft Cran, Zengarri.— Suffar. 


76 Neame ft Co., Herbert river. — 

Sugar. 69 

79 Irwin Bros., WarrUla, IpswicZft.— 
Wine. 660 

80 KIrchaer, Asmanhausen.— VTiaes. 


81 Mauch, David. Warwick.— >Vi&e. 

88 Raff, George, Morayfield.— Rnm. 


88 Ramsey Bros., lindah.— ^T^faita 

spirits of wine. 6^ 

84 Brocklemann, Brisbane.— Arrow- 

root biscuit. 66x 

86 Daintree, Richard.— Vegetable oils. 


Textile Snhstanees of Vagatabls or 
Animal Origin. 

86 Mackay, Aagus.^Qu ease land 
cotton. ^ 

87 Hill, Walter.— Collection of fibres. 

88 McPherson, Alexander, Fortitude 
Valley.— Collection of Queensland fibres. 


89 Clarke, George B., Talgai.^Fleece 
wool. (67 

90 Davenport, G. H.— Merino wool. 

91Fenwick ft Scott.— Australian 
wool. ^ 

98 Fisher, C. B., Headiagton HHI^ 
Merino wool. ^ 

93 Gore ft Co., YandUIa.— Ewe fleece 
' wool. «67 

94 Green, C. H., Qoetabormv— Fleece 
wool. 667 

96 Gunn, Donald, Pikedale.— M^ool. 


96 Marshsll ft Slade, Glengallen.— 
Fleece wool. 667 

97 North British Australian Co.— 
Fleece wool. 667 

98 Parr, B. le, Chlverton.— Auatralian 
merino fleece wo<d. 667 

99 Parr, B. C— Fleece wool. 667 

100 Shanahan ft Jennings, Westbrook. 

— Merino wool. 667 

101 Government Penal Establishment. 
— Silk MTorm cocoons. 66i 

108 Hine, Mrs., Ipswich.— Silk co- 
coons. 668 

Ornamental Trees, Shmbs, and 
108 Bailey. F. M.— Flora of Auatralift, 
and Doumy of Queensland. 709 

■t end of entries, see Cassification. pp. 97-45. 




{Nprik of North Avenue, Columns rs to rj.) 


Manufactures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

Funitue sad Objeeti of General Uee 
in CoBitmetion and in Dwellings. 

1 Bevqaet, Miss.—Teacnpt and sau- 
cen. ai8 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments ; 
TraTeUiig Equipments. 

5 Boaqnet, Miss. 

«Suawh9itsandslix>pcn. 3S> 

k Smnr basket watcb-pockels, and &ns. 


t Cavel, Mr». Tony.--Bottqnet« of 

khdl Soweis. 954 

4Bw7,J.Ainas«— WSlklsg-canes. 254 

ArboriealtnTe and Forest Prodoots. 

6 SeveheQes. Chief Commfssioncr of. 
— ^miAcs of woods and planks. 600 

7 Briard, Mr., Praalln laland. 

* Black bark dye and samples of dyed 
%vaSk. 6m 

i Nats. 60s 

Vor cbam of oshMci, mdicatnd by numben 

Agrionltaral Prodnots. 

8 Houareau, Sytvain,— Tobacco. 

9 Madine, Mr.— Cigars. 


10 Lemarchand, Mr.— Cacao, cloves, 
coffee, and vaailla. 6*3 

Water Animals, Tlsb Cnltnre and 

10« Beyron, P.— Turtle shell. « 645 
Aninul and Vegetable Produots. 

11 Bonqaet, Miss.- Coca de mer 
straw. 650 

1 3 Cauvin*s Distillery.— White rum. 660 

14 Nageon, Mr., La Digue Islaod.— 
Cocoanut oil. 66a 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal 4>rtgin. 

15 Brooks ft Dupuy.— Cotton from Den- 
nis Island. 665 

16 Briard, Mr.— Cotton. 66s 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 


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{South of North Avenue, Columns rj to ij») 


Manufactures, Education and Science^ Art, Agriculture. 

Chemioal Mannfactiiret. 

1 Kermode, W. A., Mona VaJc— 
Salt. aoo 

2 Strachan, R., Cambridge.— Salt, aoo 
8 Colvln, Charles, Hobart Town.—Oil 

from mutton birds, from i&lands in Bass's 
Straits. aoi 

4 Coverdale, Johfl, Port Arthur.^Red 
ochre, earth for paints. aoa 

5 Laughton, James, Hobart Town.— 
Earth for paints. 8oa 

Clothinjr, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
TraTeling. Equipments. 

6 Bidencope, J., Hobart Town.— Silk 
and felt hats and caps, with material of 
manufacture. 951 

7 Tasmanian Commissioners.— Opos- 
sum and cat skin rugs. 956 

8 Hull, H. M., Hobart Town.— For- 

traits of aborigines. 257 

Weapons, eto. 

9 Moir, J.. Queenborough, Hobart 

Town .--Shot. 365 

Ednoational &rstems, HethodB, and 

10 Hull, H.M., Hobart Town.— "Hull's 
Hints to Emigrants/' parliamentaiyjour- 
nals. 306 

11 Nowell, B.C.— Books. 306 
18 Tasmanian Commissioners.— News- 
papers and statistics. 306 

18 Walch ft Sons, Hobart Town.— Al- 
manac and guide. 306 

Scientiflo and FMlosopMoal Methods 

and Systems. 
14 Roval Society of Tasmania.— Mete- 


orologicai tables. 

Engineering, Arcbiteetore, Maps, eto. 

15 Randall, A., Hobart Town.— Chart of 
waterworks. 330 

16 Dibbs, T. P., Launceston.— Chart of 
Launccston. 335 

17 Cemetery Commissioners, Hobart 
Town. — Chart of cemetery. 335 

18 Moore, Hon. Wm., Hobart Town.— 
Geological map of Tasmania. 335 

'nr classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

19 Walch ft Sons, Hobart Town. — 
Charts of Hobart Town and Lawuses- 
ton. 335 

19« Hull, H. M., Hobart Town.— Map 
of Tasmania. 3J 5 

Physical, Sooial, and Koral Condition 
of 7- 

80 Walch ft Sons, Hobart Town.— Tas- 
manian postage stamps. 345 


81 Carlson, P. O., Port Arthur. — Carvod 
Ivory and wooden egg and cruet stand; 
carved ivory and myrtle Danish pipe. 405 


88 Bailey, H. H., Hobaf%^ Town.— Pbo- 
tographs. 430 

88 Hobart Town, Cori>oration of.— Pho- 
tographs of public buildings. 430 

84 Launceston* Corporation oC— Photo- 
graphs of public buildings. 450 

85 Tondeur ft Lempriere, Melbourne. — 
. Photoffraphs of the British and ^'asaiA- 

nian Charcoal Iron Company's (limited) 
Works in Tasmania. 430 

Xachiaes and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, and Paper HTslring. 

86 Coverdale, J^ Port Arthur.— Spin- 
ning jenny oTTssmaBiaaoyrtle. 5SX 

Arborioolture and Forest Froduets. 

87 Creswell, C. P., Hobart Town.^. 
Forest tree seeds (340 varieties). 600 

88 Gulliver Brothers, Hobart Town.— 
Tree seeds. 600 

89 Hull, Hugh M., Hobart Town.— Pol- 
ished Tasmanian woods. 600 

80 Edwards, O. W., Hobart Town.— 
Grass-tree gum and resin, for varnish, doj 

81 Mitchell, Mrs., Swansea.- Gum, 
firom Oyster Bay pine. 603 

88 Lipscombe, P., Sandy Bay.— Blue 
gum seeds. 60s 

Agricnltoral Prodoots. 

88 Dalgety, Moore, ft Co., Launceston. 
—Wheat and oats. 6» 

84 Dean, W., New Norfolk.— Wheat. 6ao 
at end of eritnes, see ClaMificatioo, pp. «f-4^ 



Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

S5 Gibson, W., Hobart Town.— 

Wheat. ♦ 620 

86 Hamip,A.,Launce8ton.— Wheat. 690 

37 Hogarth, D., Launceston.— 

Wlieat. 6ao 

88 Kemp, G., Upper Bagdad.^ 
Wheat. 620 

89 Archer, V/. H. D., Longford. 

• Wheat and Englash barley. 6ao 

^ Linseed. 624 

40 Creswell, C. F., Hobart Town. 
a Wheat, barley, oats, and rye. 630 

I Peas and beans. 632 

e Grass and other seeds. 624 

Hobart Town.— Na- 


I ■ 

4iaraves«l. W. 

live breaa. 
42Sharland. W. C, New Norfolk.— 

Hops. 623 

43 Shoobridge, E., New Norfolk.— 
Hops. 623 

Land Animals. 

44 Archer, ^V. H. D., Lonjgford. 
Cream-colored opossum, platypus. 637 

Wtter AnimaXs. Fish Culture and 

48 Salmon Commissioners of Tasma- 
nia. — Brown trout. 641 
H., Torquay. — Tasma- 

46 Davies, R. 
ju^ shells. 

Aiimal and Vegetable Frodtiots. 

47 Coverdale, lohn, Port Arthur. — Sea- 
weed, and jeUy made therefrom. 650 

46 An:ber,^V. H. D., Longford.— Native 
fins and skins. 65a 

48 Araot, S., Bothwell.- Leather of 
kangaroo skins. 652 

80 Gardner ft McKenzle, Lannceston.— 
Skins- of Icangaroo, tanned and dressed ; 
native furs and skins. 653 

81 Tasmanlan Commisaioners. 

« Native furs and skins. 653 

t Blue gum tree oil. 669 

86 Holroyd, Kennedy, ft Co., Hobart 
Town.— Jams and tart fraits^ 656 

88 DegraveSv John, Hobart Town.— 

Malt. 657 

54 Dossetor Brothers, Hobart Town.— 
Floftr. 657 

F«r dstsea of exhibits, indicated by nnmben 

66 Gracie, William, Hobart Town- 
Malt. 657 

Textile Substances of Animal or 
Vegetable Origin. 

56 Archer, W. H. D., Brlckendoa, 
Longford. — Merino wool. 667 

57 Brock, J.— Merino wool. 667 

58 Cameron, Hon. Donald, Burnside.— 
Merino wool. 667 

59 Gibson, James, Belle Vue, Cleveland. 
— Merino wool ; portrait of stud sheep. 667 

60 Gibson, W. H., Fairfield, Snake 
lianks. — Merino wool. 667 

61 Gibson, W., & Son, Scone, Perth.— 
Merino wool ; portraits of stud sheep. 667 

62 Heidlam, Charles, Egleston, Mac- 
quarie river. — Merino wool. 667 

63 Keach, Q.W., Chiswick, Ross.— Me- 
rino wool. 667 

64 Lindley, O. W., Runnymede, Rich- 
mond. — Leicester wool. 667 

65 McLanachan, Hon. James, Balloch- 
myle. — Merino wool. 667 

66 Page, Samuel, Belle Vue, New 
Town. — Merino wool. 667 

67 Parramore, Thomas, Beaufront, 
Ross. — Merino wool. 667 

68 Ralston, John, Logan, Evandale. — 
Merino wool. 667 

69 Searle, C— Leicester wool. 667 

70 Sharland. W. S., Woodbridge, New 
Norfolk. — Merino wool. 667 

71 Shaw, Fred., Redbanks, Swansea.— 
Leicester wool. 667 

72 Simnrons, W. C. — Leicester wool. 667 

73 Taylor. David. St. Johnstone's, Mac- 
quarie river. — Merino wool. 667 

74 Taylor, Q. Milford, Campbell Town. 
— ^Merino wool. 667 

75 Taylor, John, Winton, Campbell 
Town. — Merino wool. 667 

76 Wilson, George, Oatlands.— Merino 
wool. -~ 6&J 

Agrionltoral Engineering and Ad- 

77 Anglo-Australian Guano Companv, 
• Hobart Town.— Guano from Bird's Is* 

land. 681 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. S7-4S. 


by Google 




{South of North Avenue, Coitttmu 15 to jj,) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Minerals, Orea, Stone, Mining Pro- 
, dncts. 

1 Andrfe, L. A. P.— Surfkce coals from 
the eastern coast. xox 

2 Pinlayson, Thomas A. — Asphalt, 

boiled and crude. loz 

Fnmitnre and Objects of Oeneral Use 
in Confltmotion and in Dwellings. 

8 Devcnish. Syl., Surveyor Oeneral.— 
Gourd calabash. 904 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Omamenti; 
TraTeling Equipments. 

4 Trinidad, Government of.— Mats, 
fans, strainers, etc. 254 

5 McXdam, Miss Venus.— Baskets 
made of gourds. 354 

6 Devenish. Syl., Surveyor General. — 
Walking-sticks. 154 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metfulio Prodncts. 

7 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General.-* 
Razor strops. a8x 

f abrios of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

8 Trinidad, Government of.— Bas- 
kets. 389 

Arborionltnre and Forest Products. 

9 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 
— Collection of native woods. 600 

10 Devenish^ Syl-, Surveyor General. — 
Samples ofwoods. 600 

11 Trinidad, Government of.— Gutta- 
percha, liquid and solid. 603 


12 Cummins, A., ft Co., Port of Spala.-^ 
Cocoanuts. 611 

Agricultural Products. 

13 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 
—Nutmegs, cloves, mace, etc 603 

14 Needham, Sir Jos., San Antonio.— 
Cocoa. 693 

15 Pence, Jos., La Merced.— Cocoa. 603 

16 Cleaver, C, Verdant Vale.— Co- 
coa. - 623 

17 D'Abadie, St. L., St. Pedro.- 
Cocoa. 603 

18 Plamant, Mrs. C— Snuff of native 
tobacco. 693 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

19 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 
— Preserved fruits. 656 

20 Trinidad, Government of. — Cassa- 
rip. 656 

21 Flament, Mrs. Ch. 

a Farina and plantain flour. 653 

i Cassada starch. 65I 

22 Jenny, -Miss.- Farina. 657 

23 Colonial Company's Agency.— 
Sugar. 6S9 

24 Seigcrt, Dr., Port of Spain. — Angos- 
tura bitters. 660 

25 Somes ft Co.— Cocoanut oil. 661 

26 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor Oeneral. 
— Carap oil. 66a 

Textile Substances of Animal 01 
Mineral Origin. 

27 Somes ft Co., Narlva Cocal.— Cocoa- 
nut fibre. 666 

28 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General. 
— Fibre fibm Agave vivipara. 666 

29 Prestoe, riy.. Government Botanist. 
—Fibres. 666 

For riaisfi of exhibits, indicAted by numbers at end^of entries, tee Classification, pp. »f-n$- 


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(AMM of Nov, Cohmms 92 io Jj.) 


Chemicals, Ceramics, Woven Gkxxls, Clothing. 

Chtmioal lEannliotiirei* 


ssuM, arc. 

• KAck nit from Salt range : salt from 
Foonhcnurak, Ndlore, Toomlook, Bala- 
aore/ Cuttack, and Jeypore; black salt 
fiom Calcutta; saltpetre fiiom Catch, 
Sanin, Bengal^^ Ahmednugger, lAhore, 
Ctntral India, EUore, Nellore, Cawnpore, 
Salem, BCadras, and Calcutta; alum from 
Madras, Lahore, and Bengal; carbonate 
of soda from Lind and Calcutta; sulphate 
of inm from Salt range; borax from 
Thibet: aal ammoniac from Kumal and 
Calcutta; sulphate of copper from Cal- 
catta. 300 

A Gamboge from Bombay ; indigo from 
Soeth AzGOt, Moorshedabad, Madras, 
aad Shikarpore; cutch from Calcutu, 
liadns.andBurmah; gambler from Bom- 
bay and Malacca: lac dye from Jubbul- 
pore and Malwa. aos 

Omaiflt— Pottery, Foroelain, Olaas, 

c Omamrotal tiles from Hyderabad. ao8 
1/ Water vessda from Patna, Ghallawar, 
Madias, South Canara, and Allahabad; 
vast from SIndh; hookam bowl and bot- 
tom from Patna; cup, dish, and cover 
fnMnHTdenbad; miUc pan from Madras ; 
goUet oom Vbagapatam. axo 

IPundtore and Oljeoti of Ooneral Um 
in Gonttrnotion and in DwoUingg. 

/ Copper and brass lamps, boxes, plates, 
dshes, boMtts, cups, etc., from Calcutta, 
Benares, Bengal, Bombay, Patna, Indore, 
Madras, MIrzapore, Travancore, Nepal. 
Cachar, and Poonah- betel pkttes inlaid 
whh uhrcr, from Hyderaoad; copper 
aanilet case from Thibet; braas spoon for 
oil from Madras. 934 

Ttnit and Woron Ooodi of Vogotable 
or Mineral Matorialo. 


float from Travancore. no 

and ooctott from Dacca and BiacU 

i Striped and checked cotton from Mad- 
ras. a3X 
ftr dasacs of exhibits, mdicated by numben at .end of cnurics, see Classification, pp. 87^45. 

WoTon and Felted OoodB of Wool, ete. 

i Cashmere and woolen carpets from Mad- 
ras, Scind, and Perahan. 339 

/ Cashmere long and •square shawls, net 
shawls, chuddans, scarfs, burnouse, cra- 
vats, gold embroidered cloaks and table 
coven. 040 

Silk and SUk Fabrioi. 

A Raw sUk from Surdah. Berhampore, 
Bogra, Seetapore, and Bengal; Tusseh 
silk thread from Bengal, Gyah. and Bha- 
gulpore; cocoons from Bengal and Cut- 
tack ; Eria silk thread from Rungpore and 
Assam. 94a 

i Floss silk from Umritsur, Puiyab, Vellore, 

Tatu, and Ca.{hmere. 343 

m Striped and plain piece silk from Beer- 

choom, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bur- 

mah, and Benares. a4i6 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Omamente; 
Trayeling Equipmente. 

n Women's garments from Madras, Pegu, 
and Dharwar ; men's earments from Goo- 
daspore, Moultan, and Sindh ; pinna silk 
skirt from Madras. 250 

Embroidered shoes and turbans from Hy- 
derabad, Gwalior, Sindh, Kotah, and Ma- 
dura. 251 

/ Nets, muslin, cloth, and silk embroidered 
in gold and colors from Sindh, Madras, 
Benares, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhurtpore. 
and Bombay: gold, silver, white, and 
colored laces from Bombay, Nagpore, and 
Madxus; handkerchief from Poona con- 
vent; doylevs from Madras, asa 

f Collection onewelry from Bombav. 953 

r Dolls from Benares; fans from Nfadms, 
Delhi. Tipperah, South India, Poona, 
aud Mongnyr; chourie split ivory from 
Svlhet; coowrie, split sandal wood from 
Madras. a^ 

a Leather boK,embtoidetedwidi quill work, 
from Simla. ass 

Weapon*, ete. 

t Spears, bows and arrows from Lahore, 
Delhi, and South India; vdv«tquiven 
and arm coven from Lahore ; battle axes 
from Delhi and Nagpore; coat of mail 
from Punjab: di^en, swords, breast- 
plates, etc., from JLahore, Biuiaah, Dec- 
can, Cooig, aad Bengal. 



Manufactures, Education, Art, Ag^culture. 

Medioina, Surgery, ProthesiB. 

m Barks, Uquoilce, opium, mix vomioi, 
aconite, patchouli, tamarinds, anise, car- 
damom and croton seeds, cnbebs, buster- 
ing beetles, juniper berries, aloes, and 
other medicinal products from Madras, 
Travancore, Bombay, Penang, Bengal, 
Mysore, Nordi India, Malacca, and Cal- 
cutta. S79 

Hardware, Edge Tooli, Ontlery, aiid 
Xetafiie Froduota. 

r Copper bell from Burmah. 
wLock and key from Indore. 


Fabriet of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Xinerta Uateriale 

jr Baskets and cigar case from Madras; 
cane stands from Singapore ; grass window 
shades from Travancore; papier-machi 
articles from Cashmere, Kumool, and 
Sindh; lac()uered wood work from Bur- 
mah and Smdh ; japanned cabinet from 
BareiUy. * 289 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Aoeessories. 

y Model of state carriage from Poona. 299 

M Models of passenger and luggage carts, 

and palanauin from Bombay. 393 

aa Sikh saddle; velvet and gold trappings 

from Punjab. 996 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

ai Books, "The People of India" and "The - 
Textile Manufactures of India," by J. 
Forbes Watson. LL.D.; ^'Tree and Ser- 
pent Worship, by J. FerEusson, F.R.S.; 
"Ancient Buildings in Kashmir" and 
" Ancient Buildings near Muttia and Ag- 
ra," by Lieut. K. H. Cole; "Primitive 
Tribes of the Nilagiris," by J. W. Breeks ; 
Report on the Archaeology of West India, 
by J. W. Burgess. yu6 

,*c Strineed and wind instruments from Mad- 
ras ; kettle drum from Bengal ; horn from 
Moors hedabad. 337 

Engineering, Architectnre, ICaps, etc. 

ad Maps illustrative of Indian surveys ; relief 
map of India, 335 


€tr Sculptured stone bull from Nandi. 400 

a/ Sculptures from the Amravati Tope, viz. : of larse' slab; panel figure of temple 

with Buddha seated; portions of frieze; 

ligure standing; slab, Buddha's feet. 401 

!^ Carved model of Burman chuttree, and 

sandal wood model of Hindoo temple from 

Booj ; carved vase, sandal wood fan, and 

t ^ove box from Bombay; carved stone 

idol, "Vishnu ridins on Garuda" from 

Madras ; carved wooden idols from Nepal; 

carved ivory box from Burmah ; carved 

elephant with howdah from Berhampore* 

carved horn tazza from Gokah; carved 

Sth figures from Trichinopoly, and carved 
»m drinking cup irom Rutnagherry. 405 
for classes of exhibits, indicated by niimbet« 

ponographs of Indian architecture. 
I Photo-litnographs 
tile fabrics of India. 


oM Photographic views of India; phoi»> 
graphs otraoes and tribes of Hindoostta; 
"ian architecture. 430 
illusiraavtt of thetexr 

Ceramio Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 

aj Inlaid marble boxes from Agra and My* 
here. 450 

oA Inlaid wooden glove and wock box fron 
Bombay. ^ 45a 

ai Card basket and box of porcupine quill 
work from Vizagapatam ; casket and bas- 
ket of Koftgari ware; miniature paintings 
on tTorx. in carved sandal wood frames 
from Deirn ; writing pads of orosuuenial 
painted leather, from Kumool ; paintings 
on mica from T<richinopoly; samples of 
ornamental writing in colors. 454 

Aerial, Pneumatic, and Water Trans- 

mm Models 0/ passenger, ferry, coasttag, and 
freight boats from Calcutta. 594 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

»n Ornamental and other woods 601 

ac Dye woods, barks, roou, and galls from 
MTadras, Sindh, Cuttack, Nagpore, Bur. 
mah, and Singapore. 603 

a^ Gums. reNin. incense, gutta-percha, mvrrh, 
etc., from Kaepore, Gyab, tiunnah. Ma<»^ 
ras. Pegu, S.iiem, Travaacore, Malacca, 
Inaore, and Bombay. 603 

Agricultural Products. 

a^ Wheat from Sindh, Punjab, Far{dpar,and 
Bengal; bariey from ^elgaum, and other 
places; oatefrom Patna and Monghyr; 
maize from Northwestern India; millet: 
ra^see; buckwheat from the Himalayas. 
iUustratioai of food plants of India. 6ao 
ar Peas, beans, lentils, and vetch. fei 

a* Tea from Assam, Bishnath, Cachai, 
Dehra-Doon, Puukabaree, Kangra, Ku- 
moon, and other places; tea hods (rr^tr 
Silcoorie; coffee troin Aden, Komlwy, 
Tinneveliy, Paradise estate, atKl Cbh;;i. 

Sng; conee berries from South liiili^^ 
ysore, and Cooig ; spices, pepper, fin- 
ger, mustard, curry powder, and turjnenc 
from Bombay, '1 ravancore, Indore, L/ck- 
ra-Doon, Bengal, Nepal, Miiclras, and 
other places. 623 

ai Coriander, dill, and fennel seed from 
Berar. Oudh, Faridpnr, and Dharwar; 
water lily stems from Sindh ; oil seeds from 
Faridpur, Nagpore, Ahmednugger, Ben- 
sal, and Indore ; poppy seed from Central 
Provinces and Bengal ; grotuidnots firon 
Berar, Indore, and Khandeish. 604 

Land Animals. 

au Various kinds of silk worms of Iskdia from 
Cashmere, Bengal, and tho Himalay- 
as. 638 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 

a» Peari oysters from Kurrachee. 645 

aw Edible birds' nests from Cerloa; fiui 
maws and sharks' fins from Bombay 646 
at end of entries, see Oassificaiion, pp. S7-'4S- 



Animal and Vegetable Products, Textiles, Machines. 

Animal sad Yegstsbls Prodnets. 

«r Que from Cawiwove. 659 

0gf Beeswax from Tnivaoooro, Pegu« Ran- 
jpoo, Singapore, and Chou Nagpore. 654 

MM Soqiee flour from Madras; rice trom Pun- 
jab, Stadh, and Bengal. 657 

As ArrowzooCy tapioca, and sago. 658 

Ttztild Bnbttaapes of Veeetable or 
AidiSa Origin. 

M Cotton from various parts of India, in its 
different stages of growth and mamiiac- 
mre. 665 

h Flax fitkm Punjab ; rhcea stems and fibre 
from Assam ; brown hemp from Bombay ; 
Tabbnlpore hemp; pineapple fibre from 
Madras and MangaJore; auoe fibre from 
Madias ; Manila hemp ; mat -grass from 

Bengal; iUustratioDs of 
plants of India. 
bd beep's wool firom Bombay. Mysors, La-- 
dakh^ and Bokhara; goat • wool from 
Umntsur, Punjab, Turfan, and Yarkand; 
camel's wool from BokhJura and Pun- 
jab. 667 

Xsohinot, Implemonti, and Proesssot 

of waniifaetaro. 


h4 Plow and yoke from Berar. 
kf Native oottoa gin from BeagftL 

Agrionltiiral Engineering and Ad« 

if Models of water and oottoa cart from 
Bombay. 68e 


{Norih of NemtiColumns 16 to 2j,) 


Chsmieal Iffanqfaotorei. 

1 Cowmn, A., Brockville, Ont.— Salt, 

nitre cake ; nitric, muriatic, and^sulphuric 

acids ; sodium nitrate. * aoo 

IS Geological Survey of Canada, Q. 

m Salt, siQt cake, salt gypsom cake, rnldue 

for crystallizing pans, salt scales. aoo 

^ Ochres. « aoa 

14 Sharp, Joa. 8., Apohaqui, N. B.— 

Salt. aoo 

17 Cooper, Robert, Toronto, Ont. — 
Washu^ crystals. aoo 

18 Lone, T. O., ffamllton, Ont.— Waah- 
ittg and bleacning crystals. aoo 

19 Saunders, ^Vm., London, Ont. 

« Pharmaceutical preparations. aoo 

^ Iritumcry. aoa 

SO Lvman, Claro, & Co., Montreal, Q. 

« Pbarmaoeotical preffanuions. One ofthe 

longest established drug firms in the Do- 

Specialty'^-pivre drugs. Also, 

lioMcd oilGmshen and paint grmders. aoo 

^00. aoi 

c Paints. aoa 

%% Lyman Bros, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 

a Pharmaceutical and chemical prepara- 

tkmt. aoo 

^ Oil for paints. soi 

c Paints ui oil aoa 

23 Wilson, John, St. John, N. B.— 

Soaps. aoz 

S4 Savage, Alfred, & Son. Montreal, Q. 

— OiL SOT 

S6 Mono, Q«o. D., ft Co., Toronto. Ont. 
--Soap, tiandles, tallow, lard, and oils, aoi 
For daises of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

S6 Walker, J., Hamilton, Ont.— Soapa. 


S8 Hood, A. W., ft Son, Montreal, Q.- 
Soaps. SOI 

89 Albert Toilet Soap Co., Montreal, Q. 
— ^Soaps. • aoi 

30 Splnelli, R., MoLtioal, Q.— Paraf- 

fine soaps. aoi 

81 Lyman, S.-^., Montroal, Q. 

a Pnosphorus soap. aoi 

6 Perfumery. ao3 

88 Waterman Broa., London, Ont. — 
Hard and soft coke iirom petroleum, crude 
and refined petroleum, paraffine od, ben- 
cine, axle oil, tar from petroleum, paraf- 
fine scales. aoi 

86 Loeda Paint Manufacturing Co.. 
Mallorytown, Ont. — Ferruginous rock ana 
paints. aoa 

89 Buchanan Mineral Co., Walsing- 
ham, Ont. — Paints and colors. aoa 

40 McKay, William, Ottawa, Ont.— 

Liquid drier for paint, printers' ink. aoa 
48 Ramaay,T.,Montre«l,Q.— PainU. aoe 
44 Ramaay, A., ft Son, Montreal, Q.— 

Paints. aoa 

40 Montreal Plumbago Mining Co., 

Montreal, Q. — Stove poTish, cruciblcft torn 
46 Martin, Charles, Montreal, Q.— Store 

polish, crudbles. aos 

48 Hall, G. B., Quebec, Q.— Ochrea. aoa 
63 Copeland ft McLaran, Montroal, Q. 

— Iron oxide. aoa 

at end of en trie-, see Classification, pp. >7-45- 



Ceramics, Furnitare, Woven Goods. 

5 ft Thompson, Q. P., ft Sons, St. John, 

N. B.~White lead. 909 

■^57^Edffctt, W., Pttdsey'8 Point, 

N. S. — Iron ochjre. aca 

68 Miller, Hush, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 

— Pomade. 003 

68 ManuvUlinff, J. J., Hampton, N. B. 
—Satchel. ao4 

Ceraxniot— Pottery, Poroalain, Olais, 

81 Pratt, Charles, London, Ont.—Pot- 
tery. ao6 

82 Ahren, J. H., Paris, Ont.>-Pot- 
tcry. ao6 

88 Ball, David, Little River, Q.>- 

J>nLi]i tiles. 906 

84 Mochan, Albert, St. John, Q.— 

Bricks. aa6 

86 OcolOKical Survey, Montreal, Q.~ 
Bricks. 906 

87 Advisory Board, Quebec, Q.~ 
Bricks. 906 

91 Bell, W. ft D., Quebec, Q.— To- 
Daoco pipes. 906 

98 Lee Brothers, St. John, N. B.— 
Bricks, drain tiles. 906 

94 Smith ft Kaye, Halifax, N. S. 

a Bricks, drain tiles. 906 

b Earthenware. 910 

98 St. John Stone Chinaware Co., St. 
John,Q- — Stone chinaware. 9zb 

99 Cape Rouge Pottery Co., Quebec, 
Q.— Crockery ware. 910 

108 Booth, W., Toronto, Oat.— Sign 
painting on glass. 2x6 

104 McAusland, J., Toronto, Ont.— 
Stained glass, figured work. 9x6 

Faraitnre and Objeoti of General TTse 
in Conttrnotlon and in Dwellings. 

105 Hay, R., ft Co., Toronto, Ont.— 
Sideboard. 9x7 

107 Riley ft May, Toronto, Ont.— Bil- 
liard tables, etc. 917 

110 Kramer, C, Preston, Ont.— Pumi- 
ture. 9x7 

111 Mui phy, A. A., Montreal, Q.— Store 
stods. 917 

112 Roy ft Co., Montreal, Q.— Invalid 
mechanical chair. 317 

lis Reinhardt, C, Montreal, Q.— Com- 
bination spring-bottom bedstead. ,2 1 7 

114 Reid, R., Montreal, Q.— Marble 
mantelpiece. 217 

lift Stephen, A., ft Son, Halifax, N. S. 
— Secretary. 2x7 

117 Drum Cabinet Manufacturing Co., 
Quebec, Q. — Parior and bedroom »ets, 
sideboard. 2x7 

118 Whiteside, H., ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Beds and mattresses. 317 

181 Chapleau. Godfroi, Montreal, Q.— 
Fireproof sates, buiglar-proof door. 917 

122 Bennett, Jas., St. John, N. B.— 
Newspaper files. 9x7 

128 Hutching ft Co., St. John, N. B.— 
Mattresses. 2x7 

187 Huber, AUen, Berlin, Ont.— Mir- 

rors. 2x9 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 


1 89 Swing ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 

a Mirrors. 
6 Mouldings. 

1 80 Dixon, A. H., Toronto, Ont.— Show 
cards. 9x9 

181 Shantx, J. Y., Berlin, Ont.— Mir- 
ror. 919 

188 Spence, John C, Montreal, Q.— 
Stained ^^ass window. 9x9 

186 Wade, J. M., MoAreal, Q.-Oma. 

ment on glass and wood. 9x9 

186 Cockburn, D., Ottawa, Oat.-- 

Carved frame. 990 

140 Brown. 1. T., St. John, N. B.- 
Frames, book-raclt. sao 

141 Qopp Bros., Hamilton, Oat. 

« Stoves. 999 

i Sad irons. 995 

148 Moore, D., ft Co., Hamilton, Ont.— 

Stoves, tubular lanterns. 999 

148 Elliot, J. W., Toronto, Ont.- 
Stoves. 999 

144 White, H. A., HamUton, Ont.- 
Stovepipe damper. 999 

146 Wexelbuqr ft Co., Toronto, Ont.— 
Sheet metal doows. tas 

180 Harris. J., ft Co., St. John, N. B. 

a Ship camboose and regkter grates. 991 
S Iron mantels. 997 

181 Trudeau, P., Ottawa, Oat.— Oas 
tramer, globe, and gallery. aaj 

184 Williams, 1. M., ft Co., Hamilton, 
Ont.— Tin ana stamped ware. Manulko- 
turers of plain, stamped, re-tinned and 
japanned tinware, tubular lanterns, etc. 
etc. Price lists sent on application. 994 

188 Penton, Thoo., Samla, Ont.— Com- 
bined cooking and heating engine. ass 

161 Elliott. T.CQuelph, Ont.— Wash- 
ing machine. sas 

168 Lawlpr ft Co., Montreal, Q.— 
Washing machines. S95 

164 Hall, Q. B., Quebec, Q. 
a Washing machines. ats 

b Blinds, etc. at? 

166 Cable, Bayard, ft Co.,Montreal, Q.- 
Qothes rack. 995 

168 Poster, S. R., ft Son, St. John, N. 

B.— Fireproof shutters. tt; 

171 Wood, T. M ., ft Co., Toronto, Ont.- 

Venetian blind. mj 

174 Evans, Oscar C, HamUton, Ont.— 

Blinds. ts7 

176 Pontaine, J.,. Montreal, Q.— Hot- 
house windows. 227 

177 Wells ft Co., Toronto, Ont.— Win- 
dow fastener.^ «7 

178 Pairbank, Hawes, ft Co., St. John. 
N. B.— Doois, blinds, sash, turned 
work. «a7 

179 Wilson, Qilmour, ft Co.. St. John, 
N.B.— Marblelxedmamdsandgxatca S97 

TarxLB and Woven Goods of Yegetablt 
or Hineral Xaterialf . 

180 Dnndas Cotton Mills Co., Hamil- 
ton, Out.— Cotton ftibrics. sjo 

181 Canada Cotton Manufacturing Co., 
Cornwall, Ont.— Domestics, dckings,bags, 
yarn, etc. ^y 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 



Woven Goods, Clothing, Paper Work. 

ISt Smith ft >VUb7. TorontQ, Ont.— 
* » of eouaa batu. s3o 

189 Woodworth, J. L., St. John, N. B. 

Cotioa ywna. *3P 

tM Park*, TV., ft Son, St.Johtt, N. B.— 

White and colored cotton yarns. ajo 

119 Winder, H., Elmirm, Ont. 

4 Canadian and Oxford gray doih. 330 

i linen sheeting. ^33 

A«6 Stevens, A. J., ft Co., Paris, Ont.— 

FkMT oQ doth. 334 

Woven and Felted OoodB of Wool, ete. 

191 Toronto Tweed Co., Toronto, Ont. 
• Tveeds. «35 

^ Flannels. 330 

19s Rosamond Woolen Co., Almonte, 
0«_— Caasimexcs. 335 

195 MUU ft Hutchison, Montreal, Q.— 
Tweeds. 335 

196 Paton BCannliacturing Co., Sher- 
krooke, Q.— Cloths and tweeds. 335 

197 Woodworth J[. L., St. John, N. B.— 
Woolen yarns. These 4-ply woolen yarns. 
dbkfly ior knitting purposes, ace made of 
pare naxiTC wool, with special r^ard to 
teabjlity. 335 

198 Oicford TVoolea Mills, Oxford, N. 
S.— Woolen goods. 335 

199 Fisher. T. S., Toronto, Ont. 

rf Tweeds, buckskins, doeskins. 235 

» Tans. 33S 

SOO Advisory Board. Victoria, Br. Col. 
« V«ra nade from wool of Rocky mountain 
c-«ai. 33s 

i Itvi'an Uankecs from wool of Rocky moun- 
tain goat. 837 
201 Lomas, Adam, ft Son, Sherbrook. 
Q.— Flannels. 330 
903 waiett, 8. T., Chambly, Q.-Flnn- 
Bda. . 336 
903 St. John Woolen Mills, St. John, Q. 
—Flannels. 236 
20S« Smith ft V^ilby, Torontoy Ont.— 
Fsscy flannels. 336 
» 904 Cantlie, Ewan, ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
—Plain and fancy flannels. ajo 
105 Winger, H., Elmira, Ont. 
a BUnkets. »}7 
i White stocking yam. 338 
207 Wardlaw, J., Oalt, Ont.-Woolcn 
yun*. 338 

Qothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 

Traveling Eqnipments. 

210 Taylor, R. P., ft Son, Toronto, Ont. 

— FaU ditss-cait, dress overcoat. 350 

212 McCrae ft Co., Guelph, Ont.— Knit 

« , ipods and hosiery. 350 

212 Ancaster Knitting Co., Hamilton, 

Ont.— Knitted and &ncy goods. 350 

214 Blscklock, W., ft Co., Hastings, 
Ont.— Wool shirts and drawers. 350 

215 Smith, H. H.. Goderich, Ont.- 
Soiis of Canadian goods. 230 

216 Shorey ft Co., Montreal, Q.— Ready 
oude dothiiig. 350 

217 Fisher, T. S., Toronto, Ont.- 
SUru, pantj^ clouds, an-j !kcar&. 350 

219 Skelton, Tooke, & Co., Montreal, 
— Shirt>, co^Uts. and mflTs. 250 

FordoHesof exhibits, indicated by numbers 

219 Brown ft Clagget, Montreal, Q.— 

Dresses. «^ 

230 Willis. E.. ft Cojjt St. John, N. B.— 

Paper collars and cuffs. 350 

222 May, James S., St. John, N. B.— 

Keady->made clothing. *5P 

229 McKensie, Charlottetown, P. B. 

I.— Clothing. -- a*' 

228 Sussex Boot ft Shoe Co., Sussex 
N. B.— Boots and shoes. 351 

229 Sutheriand, A., Kingston, Ont.- 
Boots and shoes. 351 

281 King ft Brown, Toronto, Ont.- 
Boots and shoes. 351 

288 Moore, Th., CooksviUe, Ont.— 
Wood models of boots and shoes. 351 

235 Corestine, J., ft Co., Montreal, Q.— 
Hats and caps. 35 > 

237 Gentesse, C, Montreal, Q.— Im- 
proved head confonnateur. as« 

238 Slater ft Perry, Montreal, Q.— 
BooU and shoes. ss* 

239 Cloutier, George, Polnte Levis, Q. 
—Shooting boots. tst 

242 Ramsay, D., Cobourg, Ont.— Boou 
and shoes. 351 

244 Dominion Suspender Co., St. Ste- 
phens, N. B.— Gents' and youths' suspend, 
era. as* 

260 Saunders, S., Guelph, Ont.— Carved 
walking-canes. 354 

261 Shantx.I. Y., Beriin, Ont.— Vege- 
table ivory Duttons. 354 

263 Lavoie, M., Montreal, Q. — Hair 
work. 354 

264 Leblanc, J. H., Montreal, Q.- . 
Fancy feathera. 354 

265 Clarke, U. E.. ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
—Trunks, valises, and bags. ass 

266 Taylor. Robert, Hallftix, N. S.— 
Trunks. 355 

!e67 Borbridge, S. ft H., Ottawa, Ont.— 
Trunks. «5S 

268 Chisholm, W., New Glasgow, N. 
S.— ladies' trunks. 355 

269 Renfrew. G. R., & Co.. Quebec, Q. 
— Fure, Indian work. 356 

270 Reynolds ft Volkel, Montreal, Q.— 
Complece set of ftus . 3 ^6 

271 Hudson Bay Co.. Montreal, Q.— 
Fu». 3S« 

272 Keiser, C, ft Son, Halifax, N. S.- 
Furs. 9s6 

272 Thibault, Lanthiar ft Co., Mon- 
treal, Q.— Furs. 356 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

278 Kilgoren Bros., Toronto, Ont.— 
Paper bags. 360 

288 Wilson, J. C, ft Co.. Montreal, Q.— 
Paper bags. 360 

284 Canada Paper Co., Montreal. Q.— 
Wrapping and printing paper and enve- 
lopes. 360 

288 Warwick, Wm., Toronto, Ont.- 
School blank books, letter press. 361 

289 Hunter, Rose ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
—Books printed and bound. 361 

290 Brown Bros.. Toronto, Ont.— Ac- 
count and pocket book bindii\g. 261 

291 Perrault, L., ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Account books, printing. 3C 

at end of eiuries, *ec Classification, pp. 37-45. 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware, Brushes. 

39S Dawson Bros., Montreal, Q.— 
Blank books, binding. a6i 

895 MacKinlay, A. ft W., Halifax, N. 
S.— Blank books. 361 

297 Stanton, M., ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— Room paper hangings. 264 

Weaponi, etc. 

300 Meyer, P. W. Albert, Montreal. 
Q.-^mall gun, light artillery. a6o 

801 Rawbone, T. L., Toronto, Ont.— 
Implements for oreech and muzzle guns. 969 

302 Stephens, R. E., Owen Sound, 
Ont.— Breechloadin^ rifle. This rifle is 
remarkable for having only the minimum 
of motions, cock, load, and fire ; the maxi- 
mum of rapid fire is consequently attained. 
It has the side-hii^e block breech. 369 

803 Kilby, R. H., Montreal, Q.— Evans 
repeating rifle. 369 

306 Egan, John, Halifax, N. S.— Case 
of guns ahd rifles. 269 

Medioine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

807 Miller, Hugh, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 

— Tick destroyer for sheep. 372 

310 Stewart, George, jr., St. John, N. B. 

— Ship's medicine chest. 273 

811 Marter, F. B., Halifax, N. S.— 

Ship's meoicine chest. 372 

814 Canada Truss Factory, Montreal, 

Q. — Surgical apparatus, artificial limbs. 37<S 

315 Pourtier, M., Quebec, Q.— Philo- 
donte fountain. 977 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallic Prodnets. 

316 Moore, Th., Cooksville, Ont.— Axe 
and tool handles. 380 

818 Smith, R. H., ft Co., St. Catherine, 
Ont, — Saws. 380 

220 Dates Patent Steel Co., Toronto, 
Ont.— Edge tools. 380 

322 Ahern ft Walsh, Ottawa, Ont.— 
Lumbermen's tools. 980 

323 Robertson, Peter, Ottawa, Ont.— 
Lumbermen's and stonecutters' tools. 280 

324 Warnock.Jos., ft Co., Gait, Ont.— 
Edge tools for wood, iron, and stone. 280 

325 Booth, G., Toronto, Ont.— Engine 
and pipe wrench. .. 380 

327 Chapleau,- Godfroi, Montreal, Q.— 
Limestone cutters' tools. 280 

828 Gilmour, G., Cote St. Paul, Q.— Au- 
gers and bits. 280 

329 Boivin ft Co., New Liverpool, Q.— 
Axes and edge tools. 280 

332 Spiller Bros., St. John, N. B.— Edge 
tools and cutlery. 280 

335 Broad, E., St. John, N. B.— Axes, 
edge tools, hammers. 2S0 

389 Morley, Victoria, Br. Col .—Carpen- 
ters' mallet';, yew and arbutus. 280 

840 Cable, Bayard, & Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Adju-stable elastic razor strop. 281 

341 Whclplcy, J. Albert, Greenwich, 
N. B.— Skates. 281 

For classes of exhibiu, indicated by numbers 

342 Starr Manufacturing Co., HaJifiaz, 
N.S.— Skates. Acme. Club. Forbes' pat- 
ent, sold largely in Russia, Sweden, Nor- 
way, Denmark, France, £n<glaad, and 
United States. Being self-fastening, it 
posse.<uies great merit for convcnieoce. 
Quality superior. »8i 

843 Fenerty, E. L.. ft Co., Halifax, N. 
S.— Skates. aSi 

344 C<3pp Brothers, Hamilton, Ont.— 
Enameled ware. 283 

847 Laidlaw, A., ft Co., Hamilton, Ont. 
a Enameled hollow ware. 283 

6 Enameled plumbers' ware. 384 

849 Dixon, Smith, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— Sash fastener. - 284 

852 Campbell, Geo., Toronto, Ont.— 
Fireproof shutters. 284 

353 Oibbs, Geo., ft Co., Port Hope, Ont. 
—Nuts and bolts. S84 

854 Law, John^ London, Ont.^ — Brass 
work. Our mica slit lubricator will bear 
high pressure, is transparent, will not 
break. Our water-gauge glass guard and 
new mode of packing is very duraUe. 
Law's patent tar and petroleum burner 
demonstrates gas tar and petroleum tar as 
a good and handv fuel. A quarter-Inch 
stream of tar will give fifty horse-power 
sure. 284 

365 Griffith ft Co., Toronto, Ont. — Lpocka 
and latches. 284 

856 Brisley, W., Toronto, Ont.-r-Clip 
hook. 384 

858 Stringer, Jos., Kingston, Ont.— 
Locks. 284 

859 Cavern ft Button, Gananoque, Ont. 
— Hinges and nails. 284 

860 Ritchie, John, & Son, Toronto, Ont. 
— Brass work. 284 

863 Pillow, Hersey, ft Co., Montreal, 
Q. — Tacu, nails, spikes, horseshoes. 
American export agents and foreign 
visitors interested in this class of gocxls 
will do well to examine them. We en- 
deavor to please all in executing orders 
intrusted to us. They can be sold at 
prices that must induce buyers. 284 

865 Ives, H. R., Montreal, Q.— General 
hardware. 2S4 

870 Belanger, Vinet, ft Dupart, Mon- 
treal, Q.— Axles. 284 

378 Foster, S. R , ft Son, St. John, N.B. 
—Tacks, uails. 284 

374 McKenzie, M., Prince Edward's 
Island. — Burglar-proof locks. 284 

876 Starr Manufacturing Co., Halifax, 
N. S.;-Nails, spikes, bolts, cans, dies. 284 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Haterialfl. 

379 Gurd,,J. R., London, Ont.— Com 
broom and whisks. 2S6 

881 Simms, T. S., ft Co., St. John, 
N. H.— Brushes. «86 

882 Whitehead ft Turner, Quebec, Q. 
a Bni<ihes, brooms, dusterft. 980 
i Fancy woodenware. 289 

383 Nelson, H. A., ft Sons, Montreal, Q. 
—Brooms. •86 

at end of entries, sec Classification, pp. 27-45. 



Cordage, Leather, Wooden, Metal Ware. 

Ill Ce^and, MeLAreii,ft Co.,Montreal, 
Q.— wire brashes for deaning castings. a8o 

117 Copelaad, Geo., Hamilton, Ont.— 
CDrdagc and twine. 287 

190 Cooner, Tbos., ft Sons, St. John, 
N. B.— Cords, tics, lines. 087 

191 The Dartmouth Ropework Co., 
Halifax, Nora Scotia— Manila cord, 
an and bolt rope, and tarred ma- 
■Qa lanyards, four-strand tarred Russian 
be■^» cordage and ratline. No. 1 navy, 
■ary, and patent new stock oakum in 
SD-poond bundles, and the same qualities 
span, ready for calkers to driTC. The 
patent new stock oakum is made entirely 
from hemp and tow, tarred upon their own 
machinery, patented December 30, 1873. 
Ii can be carded or span direcdy from tar- 
ring machine, the finished oaknm being 
completed within the hour. 287 

191 Bridge, Andrew, West Brook, Ont. 
— Paib and mha. 089 

195 Gierke & Co., St. John, N. B.— Laats 
fcr boots and ahov*. 289 

194 Hall, O. B., Quebec, Q.— Tubs, 
paih. S89 

196 Peacock, W., Montreal, Q.— Crick- 
et bats. 289 

199 Wendbcrg & Co., Toronto, Ont.— 
GalTanaaed i r o n work. 291 

Gnriagei, YehiolM, and AoeeiBories. 

419 Gneria, C, Ottawa, Ottt.-ChUd*a 
carnage. 293 

48& Webb, John R., Quebec, Q.— Slid- 
i^g sleigh. 29s 

411 Lngaden ft Barnett, Toronto, Ont. 
— LacBcs' hunting saddles. 296 

For dsases of exhibits, indicated by nombera 

482 Skellington, S., 
Ont.— Whiplashes. 



488 Borbridge, S. ft H., Ottawa, Ont.— 
Harness. 296 

484 Vahey, W., Forrest, Ont.— Collars 
and machine. 296 

488 Percy, John, Bowmaaville, Ont.— 
Hoxseshoes. 396 

489 Weichel,M., Blmira, Ont.— Horae- 
shoes. my6 

440 B«U, C. R., Parkhill, Ontario.-- 
Horeeshoes. 296 

441 Malcolm, R., Toronto, Ont.— Sad- 
dlery, harness, Migs. 296 

442 Cable, Bayard, ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
—Halter dasps. 296 

446 Culbert, W. H., Sussex, N. B.- 
HatfBcss, collars. 296 

449 Campbell ft Po^tMer, St. John, N. B. 
^ — Springs and axles. 296 

460 Clarke, R., ft Co., St. John, N. B. 
—Lasts. 533 

461 Bradshaw, T. H., St. Martin's, 
N. B.— Ship modeb. 594 

462 Bradshaw, J. D., St. Martin's, 
N. B.— Shrp models. 594 

468 Date, John, Montreal, Q.— Diving 
apparatus. 594 

464 Skinner, G. M., Gananoque, Ont. 
— ^Fishing tackle. 647 

466 Scribner, D., St. John, N. B.— 
Salmon and trout rods. 647 

at end of ntries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 


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{North of Nave ^ Columns jg tosj-) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Chexuioal Manttfaetures. 
1 Qrillon, E., Paris.—Indian dates, aoo 
8 Coiffnet, Father ft Son, ft Co., Paris. 
~<^neniical and pasture products. 200 
8 Galsy, E., Lyons.— Insect pro- 
ducts. 960 

4 Pournier, Jean, Roanne, Loire. — 
Cream of tartar. too 

5 Hygienic Products Manufacturing 
Co., Paris. — Chemical preparations, aoo 

6 Limousin, Paris.— Pharmaceutical 
preparations; medicated capsules. 200 

7 Limousin ft Co., Paris.— Medicated 

capsules. aoo 

8 Michel, Pyrrhus, Vaison. Vauduse. 
— Digestive elixir and vermifuge. aoo 

9 RigoHot & Co., Paris.— Mustard 

poultice and instantaneous plaster. aoo 

10 Rouault, Ch., Paris.— Syrup oC iron 
and tar. aoo 

11 Audibran, Paris.— Anti-scorbutic 
elixir. aoo 

12 Baudon, Paris.'— Wine of anti- 
mony, aoo 

18 Boude ft Son, Marseilles.— Refined 
sulphur. 200 

14 Beslier, A., Paris.— Pharmaceutical 
preparations. 200 

1 6 Prasseur, Romorantin, Loir & Cher. 
— Pectoral tonic syrup. aoo 

16 Bravais, Rooul, ft Co., Paris.— Phar- 
maceutlcal preparadons. aoo 

17 Chevrler, Paris.— Pharmaceutical 
preparations. aoo 

18 Cliry, Hughes, Paris.— Pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. aoo 

19 Vicat, Joseph Henri, Paris. 

a Insect powder, and instruments for its 

use. aoo 

b Liquid blacking. aoa 

20 Tancr&de Bros., Paris.— Qlue and 
gelatin, animal chiu-coal, bone tallow. 200 

21 Daubin ft Co., Paris.— Fly-paper and 
masqiiito powder. aoo 

22 Drue lie, Reims, Mame.— Cham- 
pagne wines. aoo 

28 Dubois, Charles, Marseilles.— Spe- 
cial chemical preparations for the 
navy. aoo 

24 Garnier, P., Noyon, Oise.— Pharma- 
ceutical preparations. aoo 

25 Ducro ft Co., Paris.— Meat ex- 
tract, aoo 

■** Jacquand, Father ft Son, Lyons.— 
MiiCb, gelatins, bone phosphates, etc. 200 
"rUsvcs of crxhiMt*.. indicated by ntimbers 

27 Joseph, Victor, Petit Qu6villy, near 
Kouen.---Oil for tmrns. aoo 1 

28 Lefebvre, Fortune, Illiers, Sure ft 
Loire.— Green water. aoo 

29 Reynal, Ltonce, Paris. — Pharma- 
ceudcal preparations. ' aoo 

80 Rigand ft Dusard, Paris. — Chemical 
and pharmaceudc preparations. aoo^ 

81 Rubaton, Ges., ft Co., Marseilles. — • 
Carbonate of soda. aoo 

82 Solvay ft Co., VarangeviUe, Dom- 
basle, Mewithe and Moselle.— Chemiea] 
products. acx> 

88 Torchon, Ch., Paris.- Pharmaceuti- 
cal preparadous. aoo 

84 Hottot, A., ft Co., Paris.~PepBiA 
and other digestive preparadons. aoo 

85 Thomas Brothers, Avignoa. Vau- 

a Cheoucal products; artificial alizarine, 

sulphuric add, etc. aoo 

b Madders. aoe 

86 Couz Roseaux, Asnieres, near Paris. 
—Oils and greases; covering for steam 
pipes. aos 

87 Poiret ft Son, Paris.— Soap la the 
form of letteni and varioqs ornaments, aoi 

88 Bourgeois & Co., Paris. — Machine 
oils. aoi 

89 Jolivet, L., Paria.— Wax tapers, tei 

40 Deutach, A., Paris. — Machine oils; 
refined petroleum. aoi 

41 Chivot, Naudi, Amiens, Somme.— 
Machine oifii. soi 

42 Roux, Charlea, Jr., Marseilles^— 
Soaps and raw materials; olive oil for 
dyers. aoi 

48i Rigaud ft Co., Paris. 
a Toilet soaps. aot 

b Perfumery. 903 

44 Violet, Godefroy, ft COi„ Paris. 

a Soaps. aot 

b Fine perfumery and raw materials. aoj 

45 Richter, P., LiUe,^ Nord.— Ultrama- ' 
rine blue. aoa 

46 Berthoud 

ft Co., 

Paris.— Black- 


47 Antoine*s, L., Son, Paris.— Writing 
inks. aoa 

48 Chiraux, L.,Cambray.— Blacking, aos 

49 Clauseau, Father ft Son. Palun ft 
Co., Avignon, Vauduse. — Madder ex- 
tract, aoa 

60 Coez, E., ft Co^^->St. Denis.— Paints 
and varnishes, ^y VjtOOC 9m 

51 Julien, A., ftCo.,Mars'^eilles.— Chem- 
ical products, submarine paint. ^ aoa 
at end t»f entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 



Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture. 

$8BourjBfeoi8, senior; Paris.— Pine 
c6Uu% wr peunting and drawing. 20a 

$3 Caron, L*., Paris.— Cement and plas- 
ter dryer, aoa 

54 Galaon's Son & Co., Lyons,— Chem- 
ical products foe dyeing and printing, aoa 

ii Gillet & Son, Lyons.— Chemical 
producto for dyeing. aoa 

56Gnimet, Lyons.— Ultramarine 
blue. 3oa 

57«Hardy, Milori, Ch. Q., Paris.— 

Colors. aoa 

68 Jscqaot & Co., Paris.- Blacking, aoa 

59 Kaulek, Adoljphe, Puteaux, Seine.— 

Coloring natenals. aoa 

SO Larenaudiire, P., Paris.— Inks, aoa 

61 Lacroix. A., Paris.— Vitrifiable col- 

on for china., faience, church windows, 

opal, and enamel. aoa 

68 Lqrilleux, Ch., Paris.— Black and 
cotored tjrpographic and lithographic 
inks. aoa 

63 Plateaa,B.,Paris.— Writing inks, aoa 

64 Poirrier, A., Paris.— Chemical pro- 
dacts, ooloring materials. aoa 

65Searin,J[., Paris.- Varnish, mastic, 
and oil colon. aoa 

66 Toiray, Maurin, Paris.— Writing 
inks. aoa 

67 Foubert, A., Paris.— Hair dyes. 20a 
66 Brochocki, C. D., ft Co., Boulogne, 

Seine, — ^Javelle water. 203 

69 Chins, A., Grasse, Alpes Maritimes. 
— Perftuneiy and raw materials. 303 

70 Colas, E., ft Christoff, C, Paris.— 
Kfttencc of roses. 303 

71 Delettrex, Adolphe, Paris.— Perfu- 
mery, ao3 

7UCbouet ft Co., Parts.— Dentifrice 
vater. 203 

72*Hermaan, Louis, Paris.— Raw mate- 
nah for perfusiery. 303 

73 Lantier Sons, Grasse, Alpes Mart* 

times, — Pomades, essential oils, essences, 
etc. 203 

74 Mottett, J., & Co., Marseilles.— Raw 
materials tor perfumery. 203 

76 Ronre, Bertraftd, Son, Grasse, Alpes 
Maritimes. — Raw materials for pemimcry; 
extraicu and essences. 203 

"6 Seguin, Bordeaux.— Zenobia water 
•nd dyes. 203 

77 Sensfelder, Arcueil, Seine.— Eye 
water and pomades. 303 

78 Viard, P., Paris.— Perfumery. 203 

79 Vic^ier, Manager Prench Hygienic 
Sooety, Paris.— Figaro water. 303 

60 8^in, Paris.— Althooinum. ao3 

CanmiM— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

64 Goyard, P., Paris.— Crucibles, and 

furnaces fior laboratories. 207 

66 Simons ft Co.. Cateau (Nord).— Mo- 
saic tile^ of sand>tone in vestibule of Dc- 
partnent of Public Works Pavilion. ao8 
aSMuUer, E.. ft Co., Ivry (Seine).— 
, Enameled tiles in the vestibule and on 

the front of Department of Public Works 
PavtUon. ao8 

87 OUive, A., Paris.— Paience pave- 

ments. ao8 

SS Trichaud,A.,Marseille8.— Tiles. 208 

89 Boulen^er, senior, Paris.— In- 
cnistcd mosaic pavement. ao8 

90 Gien Pottery Mnfg. Co., Gien (Loi- 
ret). — Artisuc taience. axo , 

91 Caille, Miss Panny* Paris.— Artistic 
Csuence. azo 

92 Montagnon, A., Nevers.— Artistic 
faience. arc 

93 Howry, J., Paris.— Artistic china 
and iaieuce, (ancy furniture. aiu 

94 Hasslauer ft de Champeaux, Glvet 
(Ardennes). — Cliy pipcfc szo 

96 Aubry, J., Bellevue (near Toul).— 
Artistic faience. axo 

96 Fiolet, L., St. Omer (Pas de Calais). 
—Clay pipes. ato 

97 Brianchon, J., senior, Paris. 

a Artistic faience. azo 

^ Pearl porcelain. 3x3 

98 Sergent, Th., Paris.— Artistic 

faience. an 

99 Barbizet. Son, Paris.— Bernard Pa- 
Ussy faience. * an 

100 Sohn. L., ft Delabre, A., Paris.— 
Porcelain flowers, jewels, ornaments, 
crowns, and bouquets. ax 3 

101 Woodcock, P., Paris. — Porcelain 
flowers and bouquet, ai2 

102 Blot, Paul, Paris. — China and 
glass. 8Z3 

108 D^temmerman, P., Paris.— Por- 
celain flowers. 3x3 

104 Vacquerel, P. E., Paris.— Decalco- 
mania on porcelain. ax 3 

105 Thierry, Paris.— Decorated 
china. 3x3 

106 Pield-Haviland, Ch., Paris.— 
Porcelain. 3x3 

107 Hache, Ad., ft Lehalleur Bros., 
Paris.— White and decorated porce- 
lain. 313 

108 Haviland ft Co., Limoges.— 
China. 313 

109 Floreffe Company, Jeumont(Nord). 
— Mirrors and glassware. 314 

1 10 St. Gobain, Chaunv, ft Cirey, Paris. 
— Plain, plated, and silvered glass ; rough 
glass for skylights. 3x4 

111 Pelletier, M. A., ft Sons, St. Just on 
the Loire. — Stained window g^ass. az6 

112 Appert, Lengelc, ft Co., Paris.— 
Glass cylmders. 3x6 

118 Brocard, P. J., Paris.— Chandeliers 
and mirrors. ax6 

114 Souchet ft Co., Paris.— Plowers in 
enamel. ax6 

115 Hue ft Co., Paris.— Crystals for in- 
terior decorations. ax6 

Furniture and Objeots of General Use 
in Construotion and in Dwellings. 

116 Raffl ft Co., Paris.— Church statues 
and furniture. 217 

117 Poussiclgue, Rusan(L-P., Paru.— 
Church decorations. .y V^(30Q l^ 7 

118 Perrot, Henry, Paris.— Bionics for 

^'T chnscs of exhiha i, ;n'.:i. nted hy mimber* at end of entries, see CU<;.«ification, po. 2t-4< 



Furniture, Glassware, Heating and Lighting Apparatus. 

119 Parfonryft Lemalre, Paris.— Mar- 
ble chimney pieces. 3x7 

120 Touchard, Ernest, Paris.— Special 
ornaments for churches. aij 

ISl Duptan, Hamot, & Co., Paris.— 

Furniture. axy 

.122 Brunei, Paul, Paris.— Bronxe and 

goldsmiths' wares for churches. 217 

1 28 Morel, A., Paris.— Bronzes for fur- 
niture. 317 

124 Michel, Louis, Toulouse.— Church 
decorations. 317 

125 Maxaros, Ribalier, Paris.— Artistic 
fumitture. 317 

126 Marga, Eugeae, Paris.— Marble 

jchimney piece. 3x7 

127 Mayaud Bros., Paris.— Religious 
articles. 3x7 

128 Marchand, I., Paris. — Decorated 

furniture. 3x7 

129 Marchand, Louts-L^on, Paris.— 

Artistic bronzes for furniture. 3x7 

180 Lichtenfelder, Paris.— Elastic steel 
seats. 317 

181 Haffner, B., senior, Paris.— Safes 

with combination locks. ^ 317 

182 KafiTel Bros., Paris.— Bronxe furni- 
ture with china, faience, crystal, and 
marble decorations. 317 

ISSJoIivet, L., Paris. — Candles for 
, churches. 317 

184 Houry, T.. Paris. — Fancy furni- 
ture. 3x7 

185 Qallais, A., Paris.— Lacquered fur- 
niture. 3X7 

1 86 Froc, Robert, ft Son, Paris.— Altars 
and religious statues. 3x7 

1 86« Allard, Paris.— Furniture. 3x7 

187 Etiaers, A. E., Paris.— Folding 
seats. 3x7 

188 Cornu, E., ft Co., Paris.— 

Bronzes. 3x7 

189 Chovet, L., Paris.— Religious 
pictures. 3X7 

140 Beysens ft Beckers, Paris.- Reli- 
fdous articles. 317 

141 Susse Brothers, Paris.— 
Bronzes. 3x7 

142 Snssfeld, Lorsch, ft Co., Paris.— 
Marble clocks. 3x7 

148 Sauvsge ft Ruck, Paris.— Bronze 

mantel ornaments . 3x7 

1 44 Frenais, Armand, Paris.— Unplated 
and plated knives, forks, and spoons. 3x8 

145 Bitteriin, Paul, jr., Paris.— Glass- 

ware. 3x8 

147 Haviland ft Co., Limoges.-Table 
china. ' 3x8 

148 Field.Haviland, Ch., Paris.— Table 
china. ai8 

149 Hache, Ad., ft Pepfn, Lehalleur 
Bros., Paris.— Table chma. ax8 

160 Bitteriin, Son, Paris.— Glass- 
ware. »i8 

161 Blot, Paul, Paris.- Table glass and 
chinaware. 318 

162 Lorin, A., Chartres (Eure ft Loir). 
— Stained glass church windows. 210 

Yqt classes of eithibiu, indicated by number* 

168 Brocard, P. T., Paris. — Bmdeani 


165 Chabin, H., Paris.- 

glass windows. 


1 66 St. Gobain,Chauny, ft Circy, Paris] 

— Mirrors. _ 3x9; 

167 Mansuy-Dotln, Jules, Paris.— Ar- 
tistic enamels for mmiture. atf ■ 

168 Pelletier, M. A., ft Sons, St. Just 
sur Loire. — Stained window glass. 319 

159 Pottier, Paris.- Artistic enamelSt 
Limousin and Henry ll. style. ax| 

169<' Brot, Leopold, Paris. — Minors la 
gilt frames ; mirrors in furniture. 0x9 

160 Thiry, Jr., Paris. 

a Galvanized iron bird cage. 2x9 

^ Forged iron pavilion. 337 

161 Luttringer, Ch., Paris.— Paste- 
board frames. - - aao 

162 Neuvialle, J. B., Paris.— Heatinf 
apparatus. sn 

168 Laperche, Paris. — Marble chimney 

pieces. X3a 

168<s Bouhoo ft Co., Paris. — Brosse firs 
guards. 833 

164 Aubry, T., Bellevue, near Toul.— 
Faience stoves. ass 

166 Entz, H., Wazcon, near Sedan.— 
Portable cooking range used in the 
army. sss 

166 Roux, L., Lyons.- Heaters and 
chimney pieces. aaa 

167 R obi not, Ch., Paris.— Gas fix- 
tures. 333 

168 Corbon, Paris.— Lamps. 333 

1 69 Peltier, E., ft Paillard, A., Paris.- 
Metallic labeu and boxes for preserves ; 
direct printing upon metals. 334 

1 70 Barau ft Colas, Nantes (A la VlUe en 
Bois). — Metallic jars for preserving. 324 

171 Mestre, A. de, Bordeaux.— Appa- 
ratus for corking gaseous liquids. 324 

172 Letang, Th. I. B., Paris.— Choco- 
late moulds. 334 

178 Gervais, A., ft Co., Paris.— Ket- 
tles. 334 

174 Fisse, Thirion, ft Co., Reims.— 
Iron clasps; system of corking wines. 334 

176 Denet, B., Paris.— Copper moulds 
for alimentary pastes. 3»4 

176 Dagaod, Etienne, Paris. 

• Coffee pots used by the army, navy, 
steamships, and public establishments. 

3 Hot water baths. 330 

177 Dienheim-Brochocki, T. O. dc. 
Paris.— Automatic disinfcctor. no 

178 Chappie, A., Mans (Sarthe).— Iron 
water and gas pipes. 227 

179 Richard, B., Longecourt, near 
A i scry (Cote d'or). — Massive floor with 
bnrrlers. 227 

180 Regnier, P a r i s..— EcoDomicsl 

wooden ridge of a houxe. 23; 

a( end of entries, see Classification, p^. 37-^^. 



Woven Goods, Silk. 

181 Bonhomme, Uncle & Nephew, 
Paris. — Wooden doors of the Testibule, 
and waiBscotwg and frames of the draw- 
ings of the Department of Public Works 
Pavilion. ' aay 

182 Moisant,A.» Paris.— Metallic frame 
of Department of Public Works Exhibi- 
tion PaTilion. 337 

183 Secretan, B., Paris.— Copper sheets, 
for coDSuruction. 937 

Yarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Hineral Materials. 

184 Pall a. Sue., & Co.. Mah6 
(SeycheUe Island). — Cocoanut nbres. 329 

186 Dumortier ft Cuigniet, Roubain 
(Nord).— Tickings. 330 

186 Cartier-BresaoD, Paris. —Cotton 
threads. 330 

187 Perreaax, t,. Q., Paris.— Model of 
a military tent. 330 

188 Walcker, W., Paris.- Military and 
garden tents. 330 

189 Chiffray, A., Maronne, near Rouen. 
—Prints and ouicoes. 333 

190 Roussel, Emile, Roubaix (Nord).— 
Dyed and printed cotton fabrics. 33a 

191Vraux & Co., Paris. — Linen 
thread. 333 

192 Meunier ft Co., Paris*- Linen and 
linen table covers. 333 

192« Vrau ft Co., Paris.— Linen and 
thread. 333 

198 Haaaebroncq Brothers, Comines 
(Nord). — Linen threads. 333 

194 Vrau ft Co., Lille^Hemp thread 
for tewing. 333 

Woven and Felted Ctoods of Wool, etc. 

198 Demar, L., Slbeuf (Seine Infferi- 
eure). — Gentlemen's dress goods. 335 

196 Dumortier ft Cuignet, Roubaix 
(Nord).— Cloth. 335 

1 97 Prouvost, Amidie, & Co., Roubaix. 
—Carded wools. 335 

193 Chamber of Commerce, Reims.— 
Woolen fabrics. 335 

199 Delamott e-Mongrenier, Reims 
( Mame). — Dyed merinoes, cashmeres, 
reps, etc. 335 

200 Sevdoux, Sieger, ft Co., Paris.— 
Carded threads and woolen fabrics. 335 

801 Talamon, Son, ft Co., Paris.- 

Woolen fabrics. 335 

202 Bellest, £., ft Co., Elbeuf.— Woolen 

doih. 335 

203 Blin ft Bloch, Elhent (Seine In- 
firieure). — Woolen cloth. 335 

204 Decanx, Son, BIbeuf.— M^oolen 

doth. 335 

205 Dabert ft Co., Saint Denis (Seine). 
—Dyed woolen fabrics. 235 

206 Portin Bros., Paris.— Pelts. 335 

207 Fouchet. sr. & Jr., ft Hulmr, El- 
bcuf— Cloth. 335 

808 Prison, senior, ft Leclerc.-senior, 
.Amiens. — Cloth. 235 

209 PhUippe, C, Elbeuf (Seine In- 

ftWeure). — Cloth for pants and vesu. 235 
Pordasscs of exhibits, indicated by mimbers 

210 Mali, Henry W. T., ft Co., Paris.— 
Woolen fabrics and doUi. 835 


211 Pinon & Gu6rin, Paris. 
a Cloth for men's wear. 
6 Noveltfts for females' wear. 

212Reynaud, Pari s.— Medicated 
flannel. , 336 

213 Terrillon, L., Paris.— Shawls. 337 

214 Robert, Gu6rin, Widow, ft Son, 
Reims (Mame).— Merinoes and Scotch 
cashmeres. 338 

215 Houpin^ Ernest. Reims (Mame).— 
Dyed m'ermoes, cashmeres, reps, etc. 338 

216 Maes, Q., Clichy-la-Oaronne.— 
Dyed woolen fabriCk. 338 

817 Dufourmantel, Ph., ft Co., Corbie 
(Somme). — Woolen and silk warps. 338 

218 Chalamel. Alf., ft Co., Paris.— 
Dyed woolen fabrics. 338 

219 Laroche, A., Saulxures (Vosges).- 
Cottonr and wool, with process of manu* 
facture. 338 

220 Drogue ft Monnard, Lyons.- Pop* 
Hns. 238 

221 Dros, Juillet, ft Co., Lyons.— Pop- 
lins. 238 

222 Qrarier, Clement, Nimes (Qard).— 
Velret carpets. 339 

228 Duplan, Hamot; ft Co., Paris.— 
Carpets. 339 

224 Bertrand, BouUa, Nimes (Qard).— 
Imitations of old tapestries. 339 

226 Braquenie Brothers, Paris.— 

Tapestries and carpets. 239 

226 Orison, T., ft Co., Lisieux (Calva- 
dos). — Dyed and printed cloth. 341 

227 Guillaumet. A., Sons, Suresnes 
(Seine). — Dyed woolen Caibrics. 241 

228 Boquet, J., ft Co., Amiens.- Vel- 
vet. 24 1 

229 Chiffray, A., Maromme, near 
Rouen. — Printed woolen fabrics. 241 

' 230 Roussel, Emile, Roubaix (Nord).— 
Dyed and printed woolen fabrics. 241 

231 Piquie, P., ft Bros., Paris.— Reps 

and velvets. 341 

282 Poirrier-Mortier ft Muller, Paris. 

— Dyed fabrics. 341 

288 Vanoutrjrve, P., ft Co., Paris.— 

Furniture coverings. 341 

284 Wattine, Ch., ft Co., Roubaix 

(Nord). — Furniture covering^ and dra- 
peries. 341 

236 Montagnac, E. de, ft Son, Sedan 
(Ardennes). — Velvet. 241 

236 Dupont, L., P a r i s.— Purniture 
coverings. 341 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

287 Pellet, A. P., St. Jean du Card. 
— Raw silk. - 342 

238 Aries, Dufour, Lyons.- Raw 

silk. 242 

239 Boudon, Louis, St. Jean du Card. 

— Raw silk. 842 

240 Chabert, J,,^^^^5^.<3l^|^^, Ar- 

a Raw silk. 249 

^ Woven silks. 245 

St end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 



Silk, Clothing. 

241 Thomas Brothera, Avignon (Vau- 

a Raw silk. 342 

6 Silks. 945 

S42 Thomas, F., Pont-dea-Charrcttes 

a Coroons and raw silk. 942 

fi Silks. 945 

248 Bonnet ft Co.,^yons. 

a Raw silk. 343 

6 Failles, taffetas, and satins. 245 

244 Chardin^ Ernest, Paris. — Sewing 

and embroidery silks. 243 

244a Poydebard, St. Paul-on-Jarret, 

Loire. — Sewing silk. 243 

246 Hamelin, A., Son, Paris.— 

Silks. 944 

246 Faye ft Th^venin, Lyona.-~Colored 
silks. 945 

246a Droz,JuiIletft Co., Lyons.— Silks. 

247 Gascon, L. R., Montauhan (Tarn 
and Garonne). — Bolting silk. 345 

248 Gillett & Son, Lyons.— Black 

silks. 945 

249 Giraud, Alex., ft Co., Lyons.— 
Colored silks and foulards. 245 

250 Trapadoux, A. L., Bros., ft Co., 
Lyons. — Foulards. 245 

261 Poncet, senior ft jiuiior, Lyona. 
—Silks. -945 

262 S^v&ne, barral, ft Co., Lyons.— 

Failles. 345 

258 Tapissier Sons ft Debry, Lyons.— 

Black silks, failles, and taffetas. 245 

254 Doux, E., ft Co., Lyons.— Silks. 34s 

255 Man vernayftCo., Lyons.— Silks. 345 

256 Lachard Bros, ft Co., Lyons. — 
Lining silks. 345 

257 Taubert, Audras, ft Co., Lyons. — 
Black silks. 345 

258 Jaudin ft Duval, Lyons. — Pou- 
lards. 345 

259 Brosset-Heckel ft Co., Lyons.— 
Satins. 345 

260 Audlbert. Monin, ft Co., Lyons.— 
Silks and poplins. 345 

261 Bardon ft Ritton, Lyons.— Colored 
silks. 245 

262 Bui lot, C, Paris. — Millinery 
goods. 245 

268 Huber, E., ft Co., Paris. — Silk 
plush for hatters. 245 

264 Tabard, Benoit, ft Co., Lyons. 

a Silks and failles. 345 

6 Moire antiques. 346 

265 Bressen-Agn6s ft Co., Lyons. 

a Silks. 345 

3 Gauzes. 347 

266 Guinet, Ant., ft Co., Lyons. 

a Black silks. 345 

3 Velvets. 347 

267 Jurte, A., ft Co., Lyons. 

a Silks. 945 

i Velvets. «47 

268 Gondard, Cirlot, ft Martel, Lyons. 

a Foulards. 245 

/> Velvets. 4 947 

269 Martin. J. B., Tarare (Rhone). 

a S)lV«i. 345 

6 Plush and velvets. 947 

For clas>es of exhihits. indicated by mimherB 

270 Million ft Servier, Lyons. 

a Silks. 
6 Velvets. 



271 Champ om-y, J. B., Renaison 


' a Foulards. 345 

3 Ribbons. 348 

272 Gourd, Croisat, Son, ft Dubost, 

Lyons.— Silks. 946 

278 Henry, J. A., Lyons.-^ilk fabrics 
for church ornaments and furniture. 246 

274 Luthringer, L y o n s.— Figured 
silks, 346 

275 Tassinari ft Chatel, Lyona.— Silks 

for church ornaments and furniture. 246 

276 Chi f fray, A., Maromme, neat 
Rouen. — Printing upon silk. 246 

277 Servant, C. J., ft Co., Lyons.— 

Black velvets. 347 

278 Monteasuy ft Chomer, Lyons.— 
Crapes. ^ 347 

279 Terrillon, L., Paria.— Fancy goods 
and handkerchiefs. 347 

280 Villard ft Co., Lyons.- Black veU 
vets. 847 

281 Bouchinet, Paris.— Dress goods. 947 

282 Gautier, Bellon, & Co., Lyons.— 
Velvets. 347 

288 Dornnn, L., Lyons.— Silk jEauxes 
for bolting flour, and sifting chemical and 
ceramic products. 947 

284 Font, Chambeyron, & Benoit, 
Lyons. — Black velvets. 247 

285 David, J. B., Saint- Etienne ^Loire). 
— Ribbons. 348 

286tf Brionde, St. Etienne.— Velvet rib- 
bons. 948 

286 Girou Brothers, St. Etienne (Loire). 
— ^Velvet ribbons. 94! 

287 Lamary, Paris.— Silk watch 

guards. 349 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments : 
Traveling Equipments. 

288 Lutton, Am., Paris. — Chasil- 

bles. 2fr 

289 Fromage, Lucien, ft Co., Rouen.- 
Braces, belts, garters, and clastic tis 
sues. 250 

290 Tabourot ft Pacault, Paris.— 

Shirts. 7^0 

291 Vessiere-Paulin, J. A., Paris.— 

Children's clothing. 950 

292 Vauthier, Mrs., Paris.— Children's 

clothing. 250 

298 Tailors* Society, Paris.— Gentle- 
men's clothing. 950 

294 Bullot, C, Paris.— Silk stock- 
. ings. 950 

295 Levilion, Paris.— Ladies* costumes 
and trimmings. 950 

296 Lenoir, P., Paris.— Corsets. ' 390 

297 Fouet, Mrs., Paris.— Ladies* under- 
wear. 350 

298 Farcy ft Oppenheim, Paris. — Cor- 
sets. 950 

299 Society of United Cutters, Paria.— 

Gentlemen's furnishing goods. 350 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-45 



Clothing, Jewelry. 

WW Vaneor. Mrs. Virginie, Paris. 

« Tnvefiag and court dresses ; cloaks. 350 
I X^ces. 35a 

SOI Herth, HeniVi Paris.— Boots and 
akucs. 351 

SOSJonvin ft Co., Paris. — Kid 
pores. ssx 

308 Trtlbnssc ft Co., Chaumont (Haute- 
Marsej.— Kid gkrrcs. 351 

SOi Porott Bros., Troyes (Aube).— Mil- 
Enery. 351 

SOftJotxTin, Mrs. Xavier, Paris.— Kid 
jpoves. 331 

I Jeandron-Perry , Paris.— L a d i e s' 
I and shoes. 351 

S07 JafflAf D., Paris.— Kid gloves. 351 

SOI Mtii«s, L^uXs Stanislas, Paris.— 

Boots and shoes. 251 

M9 Nemoz, Pierre, Paris.— X^adies* 

sm! diildren's felt hats. 351 

S09« Legendre, Paris.— Boots and 

Aoes. 351 

SlOlinffin, f. B., Paris.— Hats for 

la&s and auldren. 351 

SllBerr, Engine, Paris^Kid 

^ores. 351 

S1I« Galbert, jr., Paris.— Gloves. 351 

S18 Ballot, C, Paris.— Millinery. 351 

SIS Bvscarlet, Widow, ft Malo, Paris. 

—Kid gloTcs and skins. 352 

314 Shoemakers* Society, Paris.— 

Boots and shoes. 351 

SIS Chapsal, Augusts, Aurillac (Can- 

tal).— Waterproof shoes. 352 

SIS Dubois, Gnstave, Mony (Oise).— 

Boots and shoes. 351 

SlTCorady, JulU de, Paris.— Mil- 

fiacry. 351 

SIS Pinet, P., Paris.— Boots and shoes 

for ladies and children. 351 

SIS H na r d, L., Pari s.— Boots and 
sh^. 35i 

SSOHigle-Glandines ft Corbean, 
Paris. — Gloves. 351 

551 Bacqnet ft . Co., Saint-Pierre-les- 
Calais. — Machine-made laces. 353 

552 Babey, Ch., Calais.- Tulles and 
cmbroiaeries. 353 

383 Bailey, Alfred, Paris.— Tulles^hnd 
simp for furniture. 352 

SS4 Boutenjenn, 3aint-Pierre-les-Ca- 
lais.— Machtae-made laces. 332 

S28 Maxton, Robert, ft Co., Saint- 
Pierre-left -Gala is. — Machine-mafie 
laces. 952 

587 Mennier ft Co., Paris. — Em 
broidercd curtains. 35a - 

588 Hillas, Toulouse.— Gimps for fur. 
nitnre. 253 

S8S« Oaloppe ft Tragia, Paris.— Laces. . 

StO Herbelot ft Dsvaux, Calais.— 

Bloade and laces. 352 

SSQ Die5rtei:ard, B. ft E., Paris.— 

Trimmings. 252 

SSI Dognln ft Co., Paris.— Lama, In- 
dia, and Chantilly laces. 252 

tS8 Oiraud ft Josserand, Tarare 
(Rhtee). — ^MusUn» and tarlatans. 252 
Far dasscft of exhibit.*, indicated by numbera 

883 Gaillard, J^ senior ft junior, Saint- 
Pierre-les-Calais. — Madune-maae laces. 


334 Prances Brothers, Saint- Pierre- 
les-Calais.— Tulle and blonde laces. 353 

336 Flauraud ft Son.— Laces. 353 

336 Pauw, P. de, Paris.— Trim- 
mings. 353 

837 Perrin Brothers^ Grenoble.- 
Kid gieves. 25^ 

338 Raffin, Mrs. C M., ft Son, Tarare. 
— ^Tarlatans and muslixis. 252 

339 Terrillon, L., Paris.- Ladies' 
trimmings. 353 

389a Crassier ft Co., Paris.— Laces. 95s 

840 Cossard, Paris.— Laces. 353 

341 Casin ft Noyon, Saint-Pierre-les- 

Calais. — Blonde and black, laces. 353 

842 Verdfc-Delisle ft Co. (India Com^ 
pany), Paris. — Hand-made lace. 353 

848 Davenleri. B., Jr., Saint- Pierre-Ies- 
Calais. — ^Machine-made laces. 353 

848a Brassier, Paris.— Laces. 353 

844 Collective Exhibit of the Calvados 
lace manufacturers.— Dale champ, J., 
Caen; Lecomu, Caen; Lecoq-Lamoite, 
Caen ; Leroy, Mrs., Caen ; M^rouze, Mrs., 
Caen; Robert Bros., Cour.seulIes-sur-Mer 
(Calvados): M^rouze, U.,Caen; Verd«- 
Delisle ft Co., Caen. Ibices. 352 

846 Clement ft Co., Paris.- Pearls and 

diamonds. 353 

846 Audy, Mrs., Paris.— Imitation 
pearls. 353 

847 Bolsani, Jean, Son, Paris.— 
Chains. 353 

847a Boucheron, Paris.— Jewelry. 353 

848 Bourcier, Ch., Paris.- Imitation 
jewelry. 253 

849 Carbonneaux, Pran9oi8, Paris.— 
Gilt and steel jewelry. 353 

849a Otterbourg, Paris.- Jewelry. 353 
8 60 Capra, J., Paris.— Gilt Jewelry. 353 

861 Foruch, A., Bourg (Ain).— 
Jewelry. 25 ^ 

862 Himery, Ed., Paris.— Gilt and 

gold-plated j eweiry . 7^\ 

862a Briens, Paris.— Jewelry. 2^; 

368 Hirn, A., & Co., Paris.— Gilt 

jewelry. 2 -, t 

864 Levy, Isidore, Paris.— Imitation 

jcwelr>-. 833 

866 Maseurand Bros., Paris.— Gilt 
jewelry and pearls. 2^3 

366 Murat ft Co., Paris.— Gold-plated 

jewelry. 353 

866a Bossst, Paris.— Jewelry. 353 

867 Philippe, Bmile, Paris.— Jew- 
elry. 353 

868 Piel, A., Paris.— Imitation Jew- 
elry- 95.1 

869 Rtegad, Anatole, Jr., Paris.— Imita- 
tion diamonds. 253 

860 Savaryft Rondeleux, Paris.- Jew- 
elry and imitation stones. 253 

861 Sordoillet, Joseph Francois, Paris. 
— S tecl jewelry . ? => ^ 

862 Soyer, Paul, Paris.— Jewelry, ^f 
at end of entries, see Classificauon, pp. 27-45 



Jewelry, Fancy Articles, Stationery. 

863 Topart Bros., Paris.— Imitation 

' pearls and corals. 253 

S64 To u chard, Ernest, Paris.— Gilt 

church and theatrical ornaments. 953 

865 Carmant, Adolphe, Paris. 
tf Jewelry. 253 
h rancy bronzes. S54 

866 Cliray, E., Paris. 
A Shell jewelry. 953 
i- Fancy articles. 254 

367 Woodcock, P., Vauffirard.— Porce- 
lain (lowers. 254 

868 Aub«, H., Paris.— Napkin ring apd 
fastener. 254 

369 BapteroBses, F., Paris.— Porcelain 
buttons and pearls. 254 

370 Bicqu6 ft Dupressoir, Paris- 
Feathers. 254 

371 Blot, Engine, Boulogne-sur<Mer. 
—Clay pipes. 354 

873 Bondier, Ulbrich, & Co., Paris.- 
Meerschaum and brier-wood pipes. 254 

873 Bontems, B., Paris.— Moving and 
singing birds. 254 

874 Bourgeois, senior, Paris. — Colors 
without poison, for toys. 254 

875 Brodin, jr., Paris.— Aerostatic ar- 
ticles. 254 

876 Cohumer & Collet, Paris.- Chil- 
dren's and dolls' furniture. 254 

877 Charageat, E.. Paris.— Paragon 

and automatic umbrella. 254 

878 Dehors, A., Paris.— Toys. 254 

879 Delivri, L., Paris.- Artificial 

flowers. 254 

880 Deschamps, Maurey, ft Co., Paris. 
— ^Toilet brushes. 254 

881 pitemmermann. P., Paris.— Porce- 
lain flowers. 254 

882 Didout, H., Son, Paris.— Clasps for 
pocket books, cigar cases, etc. 254 

888 D upon t. A., Beau vais. — Ivory 
brushes. 234 

884 Faivre, Paris.— Toys. 234 

885 Pavier, A., Paris.— Flowers and 
leaves. 354 

886 Fiolet. L., Saint Omer (Pas de Ca- 
lais;.— Clay pipes. 254 

887 Girondeau, Fran9oi8, Paris.— 
Fancy bronres. 954 

888 Gogly, Augusts, Paris.— Artificial 
flowers. 254 

889 Gosse-Perier, Paris.— Artificial 
flowers. 254 

890 Gu^ot ft Migneaux, Paris.— Birds 
and insects made of flowers and feath- 
ers. 254 

891 Hasslauer, Mrs., ft Champeaux de, 
Givet (Ardennes). — Clay pipes. 254 

892 Hi6Iard, L., ft Co., Paris.— Feath- 
ers and artificial flowers. 954 

898 Jumeau, F., Paris.— Dolls. 254 

894 Kees, Ernest, Paris.— Fans; 254 

895 Lamar re, Paris.— Fancy arti- 
cles. 254 

896 Loiseau, A., Son, Paris.— Toys. 254 

897 Loonen, F., Paris. — Ivory 
brushes. 254 

898 Maltftte, Paris.- Toys. 254 
For classes of exhih s, indicated by numbers at 

899 Mayaud Bros., Paris.— Medals and 

ornaments. 254 

400Mnset ft Co., Paris.— Hair 

work. 254 

401 Pinson, Paris.— Shell, ivory, and 
pearl fancy articles. 354 

402 Radiguet, Paris.— Toys. 954 
408 Ravenet, senior, Paris. — Combs. 154 

404 Sohn ft Delabra, Paris.— Porcelaio 
flowers. 254 

405 Souchet ft Co., Paria.- Enameled 
flowers. 254 

406 Truffy , Paris.- Mechsmlcal toys. 254 

407 Vacquerel, P. E., Paris.— Decalco- 
manie. 254 

408 Voisin, V. C, Paria.- Fancy arti 
cles. 25 

409 Bapterosses, F., Paria.— Buttons 
and pearls of porcelain. 234 

410 Alexandre, Paris.— Fans. S54 

411 Walker. W., Paris. — Traveling 
articles. 955 

412 Lenigre, A., Paria.— Photograpbic 
albums and fancy leather work. ass 

413 Revillon Bros., Paris.— Furs. 256 

414 Jacquemin, Paris.— Historical cos- 
tumes. 257 

Paper, Blank Books, StatioBaxy. 

415 Dubourguet, A., Paris.— Inkstands 
and office and artists' artides. 95S 

416 Gaffri ft Caen, Parla.-^teel 
pens. »sl 

417 Gonthier, Dreyfus, ft Co., Paris. 
—Stationery, lithography, and en- 
gravings. 258 

418 Panier, E r n e s t, Paris.— Mathe> 
matical instruments. 25S 

419,Plateau, E., Paris.— Office sta- 
tionery. 25* 

420 Poure, Oillot. O'Kelly, ft Co . Bon 
logne-sur-Mer. — Steel pens axi pei 
holders. 25b 

421 Rous, Ermond, Peris. — Ink- 
stand. 258 

422 SusseBrothers, Paris.— Fancy 

stationery. 958 

428 Toiray, Maurin G., Paria.— Office 

stationery. a$8 

424 Bondier, Ulbrich, ft Co., Paris.- 
Cigarctte paper. ajg 

425 Bardou, J. 'P., Perpigaan.— Cigar- 
ette paper. ^ 959 

426 Blanchet Bros., ft KUber, Paris.- 
Paper. 259 

427 Bernard, J., ft Co., Paris.— 
Papers. 959 J 

428 Haymann Bros., Paris.— Tissue 
papers. 239 

429 Hennecart ft Co., Pari a.— 
Papers. 259 

430 Lr a c r o i X Bros., Paris.— Wtitiag 
p.ipers and parchments. 259 

431 Magnet, Paris.— Fancy statlooccy 
and engraving. 259 

432 Marais ft St. Marie Paper MtUa, 
Paris.-Paper. ^^^Tp »59 

433 Lair, E., Paris. ^^^^^ 

a Bond paper. 259 

b Printing paper. 90S 

end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-15. 




Stationery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

4S4B^«o^^ & Co., Parte. 

Uleand fiincy papers. 959 

h Cdcred papers. 264 

415 Cusoa & Montfolfier, Paris.-- 

I Paper. 960 

||6« Lortie, Paris.— Bookbinding. 961 

136 Hutioet, D., Paris.— Bristol board 

aod cards. a6s 

ISr I«sroche, A., Saalxures (Vosges).-* 
Vefctable paste for pasteboard manutiac- 
tsrtn. 263 

ISS Desfieaa, Ph., Paris.— Leather roof- 
ing. ft62 

||9Bour^oia, Martin, jr., Paris.-- 
DecoratiTe paintingi for apartments and 
firebouds. 263 

m Roger ft MonUouis, Paris.— Wall 
papert. 964 

Weapons, eto. 

i41 Givelot, Paris.— Quns and ammuai- 

liM. 965 

^MSJonien ft Gauthey Bros., Paris.— 

Mculfic cartridges. 965 

I4S Lsffiteau & Rieger, Paris.— Fancy 

anas. 969 

Xedicins, Surgery, ProtheilB. 

H4 Badiole, Henry, Tarbes (Hautes- 
Pyrteeei).— Medicines. 373 

446 Vie, Gamier, & Co., Paris.- Phar- 
maccudcal preparations. 979 

447 Valbr, Dijon.— Medicinal capsules 
' ajui ptUs. 973 

448 Limoosin, Paris.— Machine for the 
uon&cture of capsnlcs, and apparatus 
for iiihaling oxygen gas. . 974 

449I^vnal, Ltonce, Paris. — Physi- 
dans^ case. 274 

450 Briferc^ Jules, Alen9on (Orne).— 
Hygienic mpples. 974 

451 Benas, Jean Pierre, Paris.— Rubber 
nrgical instruments. 976 

442 VCTgnc ft Chose Bros., Paris.— 
Kiibber surgical instruments. 976 

4URpndeau Bros., Paris.- Rubber 
nrgical instruments, truss. 976 

444 Biacrs, A. E., Paris.— Chairs for 
uvalids. 278 

I Hirdwwe, Edfife Tools, Cutlery, and 
Kstsllie Product!. 

455 Uchtenfeldcr, Paris. — Lock. 

^ uniths* tools. 280 

45a«Segant, Paris.— Shoemakers' 
««»». 280 

456 Pottecher, B., Bussanjg (VoBges>. 
—Iron onrers and currycomta. 280 

WDugottjon, J., senior, Paris.- 

Sawi. 28^, 

458 Limet. Laparcfllft, ft Co.. Paris.— 

*^o- 280 

459 Rhdms, Anatole, Paris.— Military 
equpmcats; screws. 280 

480 Gvffieiiiin. Renaut, Nogent(Haute- 
Marae).-<:udery. ' 281 

481 Gfrird, Charles, I^gent (Hante- 
Man»e).~Cudery. 281 

>«daiKi of exhaits, indicated by numbers 

462 Sommelet, Courcelles (Haixte- 
Mame).-^-Cuuery. 481 

468 Th6venot, Felix, Nogent (Haute- ^ 
Marne). — Cutlery. 281 

I 464 Thinet, Paris.-rCutlery. 281 

465 Vitry Bros., Paris.— Cutlery. 981 

466 Charbonne-Thuillier, J., Nogent 
(Haute-Marne).— Cutlery. 281 

467 Couvreux, Wichard, Nogent 
(Haute - Marne). — Pruning shears and 
cudery. • 281 

468 Thomachot - Thuillier, Nogent 
(Haute-Marne). — Scissors and pruning 
shcirs. ~ 281 

469 Dissoire, Nogent (Haute-Marne).— 
Surgical instruments. a8x 

470 Denizet, Langres (Haute-Marne).— 
Cudery. s8i 

47O0 Scheidecker, Ch., Paris.— Shear- 
ing machines. 281 

470^ Pfcrard, V., Paris.— Sheep shear- 
ing machines. 981 

471 Chateau, Louis Augusts, Paris.— 
Emery paper and cloth for polishing 
glass. 989 

472 Deplanque, senior, Malson-Alfort 
(Seine).— Whetstones. 282 

478 Dumas, Pre my, Mrs., Paris.— 
Emery paper and doth. aSs 

474 Durrschmidt, Lyons.— Whet- 
stones. 289 

475 Edeline, AmMie Jean, Paris.-^Bur- 

nishing stones. 289 

476 Fournier, Dondel ft Co., Paris.-* 

Metallic fire fenders and bronze arti- 
cles. 983 

478 Marchand, Louis Lion, Paris.— 
Bronzes. 983 

479 Martin, Louis, Paris.— Sheet iron 
ornaments. 983 

480 Morel, A., Paris.— Bronze orna- 
ments. 283 

481 Perrot, Henry, Paris.— Bronzes^ 983 
482Christofle ft Co., Paris.— Gold- 

smiths' ware. 983 

488 Proment-Meurice, Paris. — Gold- 
smiths' ware. 983 

484 Cornu, Eug., ft Co., Paris. — 
Bronzes. 283- 

485 Poussielgue - Rusand, Paris.— 
Bronzes andplated ware for churches. 283 

486 Sauvage ft Riick, Paris.— 
Bronzes. 983 

487 Tahon, Felix, Lille.— Forged cop- 
per plates. 203 

488 Susse Bros., Paris.— Bronzes. 283 

489 Deny, Louis, Paris.— Construction 
materials. 984 

489a Carmoy. Celestln, Paris.— Brass 
and steel nails. 984 

490 Anthoni, O., Levallois-Perret 
(Seine). — Axles and springs for car- 
riages. 984 

491 Teantaud ft Co., Paris.— Carriage 

wheels. 984 

492 David-Damoiseau ft Co., Paris.— 

Chains. 284 

493 Marquise Iron Co., Paris.— Chan- 
deliers and stove pipes. 284 

at end of entries, see Classificadon, pp. 87-45- 



Metal, Wooden, Rubber Ware, Vehicles. 

494 Mare, aenior, Lyons. --Woven 
wire tor mattresses. 384 

496 Sirot, C. & L., CharleviUe (Ar- 

denDes). — Nails. 284 

496 Vachette Bros., Paris.— Locks for 
furniture. 384 

497 Chappie. A., Le Mans (Sarthe).— 
Iron pipes tor water and gas. 284 

498 Chameroy & Co., Paris.— Water 
^ pipes and cocks. 284 

499 Cazaubon, D., Paris.— Pumps and 
water closets. 284 

600 Qallais, A., PaHs.— Gilt nails. 284 

601 Thiry, jr., Paris.— Artistic 1oc|b^ 
smiths goods. 284 

Fabriofl of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Kateriala. 

602 Promage, Lucien, & Co., Rouen.— 

Elastic fabric. 285 

603 B£nas,Jean-Pierre, Paris.— Rubber 

surgical instruments. 285 

604 Vergne ft -Chose Bros., Paris.— 
Rubber surgical instruments. 285 

606 Rondeau Bros., Paris.— Rubber 
surgical instruments. 285 

606 Vital, A., -Paris. — Lithographic 
press rollers. 285 

607 Deschamps, Mauroy, ft Co., Paris. 
—Toilet brushes. 286 

608 Dupont, A., Beauvais (Oise).— 
Toilet brushes and prepared bristles. 286 

609 Loonen, P., Paris.— Brushes. s86 
For dasses of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

610 Pitet, senior ft junior, Paris^ 
Brushes st 

611 Roullies ft Co., 

Paris. — Carpet 

612 Carue, Paris.— Ropes. 287 

613 Arnold, £.. Paris.— Metallic, glass, 
porcelain, and wooiicn Icuers ; coiits i4 
arms of all nations. 989 

614 Bornet, Paul, Paris. — Signs and 

leather letters. 2.S3 

616 Boud villain, J., Paris.— Trophy ot 
flags. 288 

616 Pic hot, £., Paris.— Ornamental 
labels. sSS 

617 Moitrier, Leon, Binamtoil (Meur- 
the).— Wicker baskets. 389 

618 Policard, Ren6, Paris.— Flower 
stands, etc. 989 

Carriage!, Vebiolet, and Aeoeeeoriea. 

619 MUhlbacher, Paris.— Carriages. 29* 

620 Gaudichet, Vierson Clfer.— Car. 

riages. ^ 

621 Desoucbes, Paris.— Carriages. 199 
622, Binder B.ros., Paris. — Car- 
riages, sol 

628 MUUon, Quiet, ft Co., Paris. 
a Carriages. *' 891 

^ Harness. 896 

624 Perreaux, Paris.— Steam veloci- 
pede. 993 

626 Huret, N., Paris.— Carriage. 293 

626 Fortin Bros., Paris. — Harness 

felu. 996 

i end of entries, see Cussification, pp. 27^45. 


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{South of Nave, Colvmm a8 t^jS,) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

CTwmiwil IffannftetttTBi. ' 

Gbuiam Umcm op Makupacturing 
Chsmists. — Mamvpacturbd Ckbmi- 
cals, btc. 8oo-903 

1 Kthlbanm, C. A. P., Berlin. 

% D'Aodrian ftWecelin,Mmhou8en. 

5 Vonter ft Qrfienebenr, Kalk, near 

4 Schuchardt, Theodor, Qdrlits. 

6 Kocpp, Rud., ft Co., Oestrich. 

6 Saame ft Co., Ludwigshafen. 

7 Th. Wurtx's ancceaaora, Leipaic 

I Voo Heyden, P., Dresden. 

9 Chemical Joint Stock Co., Berlin. 

10 Jobst, Priedrich, Stnttgart. 

11 Fischer & Schmitt, H8chat. 

18 Brohme ft Co., Bergen-on-Doase. 

15 Bartels ft Kroyemann, Prohse. 

14 Trommadorff, H., Erfurt. 
1ft Uttdenbauer, Otto, Hanao. 

16 Marqnart, I#. C, Bonn. 

17 Loeflund, Edward, Stuttgart. 
II Snhr, W., Altona. 

19 Rey],J. P., ft Co., Berlin. 

SO Saaberlich, Anton, Zwickau. 

31 Bloedaer'a, Joh. Chr., Son, Gotha. 

22 HOboer, B., Rehmsdorf. ^ 

15 Saxon Thurtngian Joint Stock Co., 

84 Raffer ft Co., Breslau. 
81 Hisgen, G. C, Naasmtthle, near 

16 Gana ft Leonhardt, Prankfort-on- 

17 acver. Job., Werden. 

28 Aniline MannCscturing Co., Rum- 

rndsburg and Berlin. 
19 2eltacr, Johann, Nuremberg. 

80 Gysae, Robert, Oberlossnits. 

81 Ultramarine V^orks, Marienberg. 
81 Kaiserslautem Ultramarine Works, 

88 Rosenstein, W^., Stettin. 
84 Vossen Broa., Aix-ta-Chapelle. 
88 Hirach ft Merzenich, Cologne. 
86 Bsyer, Pr., ft Co., Barmen. 

37Johaon Anton Farina, sur atadt 

Uaibiid. Cologne. 
88 Hack, Emat, Reichenhall. 

II Goedecke ft Co., Lcipsic. 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by iiiioibcrf 

41a Honigman, M. ft Co.,'Aix-la-Cha 


48 Kluge ft PSritxsch, Leipsic. 

48« Sieperman, C. P., ft Son, Elberfeld 

43 Bernhardi, J., Leipaic. 

4Sa Qebens, Ernst, Baden-Baden. 

44 BrUekner, Lampe ft Co., Leipaic. 
46 Sachse, B., ft Co., Leipaic. 

46 Haensel, Heinrlch, Pirna-on-Elbe. 

47 Wolfif, P., ft Son, Carlsrube. 

48 Langwisch, Bemh., Hamburg. 

49 Lohae, Guatav, Berlin. 

50 Wilhelmi, P., Reudnits. 

51 Lttder ft Leidloff, Dreaden. 

52 Kunheim ft Co., Berlin. 

53 Haarmann, W., Holxmlnden. 

58a Royal Prussian ft Ducal Brunswick 
Smemng Works of the Lower Hartz, 
Gaslar. — Sulphuric acid, intermediate 
products, etc. aou 

54 Ndrr, Eugene, Berlin.— Siphon 
valve, aoo 


54a Royal Salt Works, Stasafurt.— 
Rock salt, salts of potassium, magnesium, 
etc. 900 

54^ Qhemical Factory, Stassfurt.— Po- 
tassium salt«. chloride of potassium, 
manure salt*, etc aoo 

b^r Chemical Factory, LeopoldRhall. - 
Chloride of fiotassium, sulphate of pota^li . 
gbulter i^alLs. etc. j^n 

54^ Chemical Factory of Nett, Paul- 
wasftcr. & Co., Leopoldshali.-r-Chloritlu 
of potassium. sue 

54« Zimmer ftCo.,Stas8furt.~Artificial 
salts of chloride of potassium, manure 
salts, etc. 300 

54/" Lindemann, G., ft Co., Stassfurt.— 
Chloride of potassium. 200 

54f Douglas, B. W. B., Westeregeln. 
—Salt, meufeai and manure salts; plans, 
section of the mine. 200 

54A Lairitx. C. ft L., Remda.— Pine oil. 

RIAN mbtallsaf and bronzrcoi.ohs. 3oa 
55 Haenle, Leo, Munich. 

57 Puchs, Qg. Lr., ft Sons, Pilrth. 

58 Nuchterlein, Fried., Pdrth. t 

59 Metx, Friedrich, FUrth. lO^LC 

60 Stocber ft Segitx, Fiirth. 

<4t#nd of entries, see C1;i<vsificHtton, pp. 37-45 



Chemicals, Ceramics, Glass, Fnmiture. 


61 Schaetzler, G. B., Nuremberg. 

62 Weidner, J. L. ft P., Nuremberg. 

63 Reich, H. & Chr., Nuremberg. 

66 Eiermaon & Tabor, FUrth. 

67 Spiegelberger, Ludwig, Ptirth. 

68 Cramer, J. W., FUrth. 

69 Beckh, Gcorg Adam, Nuremberg. 

71 KUhn'sWire Factory, Nuremberg. 

72 Meier, J. C, Piirth,near Nuremberg. 

78 Beyer^ Edward, Chemnitx.~Copy- 
ing, writing, and fancy inks. aoa 

74 Jllenecke Bros. & P. Schneemann, 
Hanover. — Printing inks ; varnishes, soa 

76 Vogel, M. B., Leipsic—Colors. aoa 

76« Lesser, G., & Co., Leipsic— Prepa- 
rations for finishing textile manufiurtures. 


76 Farioa. Tohano Maria, Jiilichsplata 
No. 4, Cologne. — Eau dc Cologne. 303 

77 Farina, P. Maria, Qlockengasse 
7x1, Cologne. — Eau de Colonie extracts, 
•lorida water, soaps, and perfumery. 003 

78 Schimmel & Co., Leipsic— Essen- 
tial oils. ao3 

79 Gadamer ft Jaeger, Waldenbnrg.— * 
Swedish matches. ao4 

80 Hochat&tter^Heinrlch, Langen, 
near Darmsudt.— Matches. 004 

Ceramios— Pottery, Poroelain, Glass, 

81 Mendheim, Qeorg, BerliD.— Clay 
goods. ao6 

81« Lonits, Hugo, Neuhaldenslaben.— 
Jars, terra-cotta figures, etc. 306 

82 Gundlach Broa., Grossalmerodp.— 
Crucibles and fire-bricks. ao7 

83 Gundlach, W., & Son, Groasal- 
meroflc. — Fire-clay crucibles. 907 

84 Stettin Fire-brick Manufacturing 
Co.— Fire-brick retorts and fire-bricks. 


85 Gundlach, j0h.,jr.,Gro88almerode.— 

Crucibles and jars for ointments. toy 

8() Knodchen.J. A.. HShr.— Clay ware. 


87 Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach.— Mosaic 
tiles. ao8 

87rt Wagner ft Starker, Stuttgart.— 
Parquet tiles. ao8 

88 Telegraph Suppler Manufacturing - 
Co., Berlin. — Porcelain for chemical uses. 


89 Royal Porcelain Works, Berlin.— 
Porcelain, biiscuit work, etc. ao7 

90 Hanke, Reinhold, H6hr, near Cob- 
lenti. — Antique German pottery. 313 

91 Merkelbach & Wick, Grenshausen. 

— Pottery partly in the antique German 
style. 213 

92 Joint Stock Association of Looking- 
glass >fanufkcturers & Manufacturing 
Chemists of St. Gobain, Chauny and 
Circy, ? tolberg, near Aix-la-ChapcUe. — 
Looking-glass plates, mirrors, ana rough 
glass. 214 

For classes of exhiblu, mdicated hy numbers 



98 Schaller.Joh., Fttrth. 
94 Vogel, G., FUrth. 

96 Berlin,J.W., FUrth. 

97 HeUbronn, Leop., FUrth. 
97« Winkler, Ch., ft Son, FUrth. 
97^ Wiederer, N., FUrth. 

97^ Brans ft Reich, FUrth. 

98 Underberg-Albrecht, H., Rhchi. 
beig.— Bottles. ais 

99 Greiner,.£Ua8, Cousia's Bon, Lms- 
cha, near Sonneberg. — EnamcUflf 
colors. . tM 

Fturniture and Oljeots of General Vm 
in Construction and in DwoUingi, 

100 Friedrich, O. B., Dresden.— Fancy 

fijmiture. si; 

101 Qutte, Louis, Qorlitz.— Wood 
earring. 07 

101a Vogts, P., ft Co., Berlin.— Furni- 
ture, uj 

102 Kimbel, Martin,. Breslau.— Fincy 
furniture, etc. sx; 

108 SchSttle, Georg, Stuttgart.— Fur- 
niture. UJ 

106 VSlker, Otto, Berlin.-Canred for- 
niture. ^96 

107 Tenner, A. B., Eisfeld.— Wooden 
rolling blinds. nj 

108 German Sewing Machine Factonr, 
Frankfort-on-Main. — Ship foraicure Mr 
the prevention of sea-sickaess. nj 

109 Neuhusen, J., BerUo.— Billiard 
table. nj 

llOBahse ft Haendel, Cheamits.-' 
School desk and bench . 317 

111 Mayer'a Art Institution for the 
Manufacture of Church Furniture and 
Decorations, Munich. — Wooden »utaes 
and altars. *■ tt; 

118 Friedrich, Hch. Ottm., Bcicrfeld. 
liear Schwarienbeig. — Tin-plated iroo 
spoons and forks. 113 

114 Schreiner. Anton, Nabburg.— 
Ornamental drinVing utensils. ai8 

116 Woldemar. Wimmer, Annaberg. 
Saxony. — Goio and silver wire-waro. stB 

117 Voeltskow, W., Berlin.— Picture 
frames. tx 

118 Voeltakow, Q. W., jr., Bertin.- 
Pictiire frames. jjv 

119 Maaanann, P., Klel.~GoM eor- 

nices. aao 

119« Mendheim, Qeorg, Berlin.— Plans 
for stove. aas 

120 Joint Stock Co. for the Manufac 
ture of Bronie Goods & Zinc Casti(«s, 
Berlin.— Chandelier of bronze, and ~"^' 

121 Korner & Co., Berlin. —Lamps, nj 

122 Kleemann, C. A., Brfart.<->Lanpi| 

1 28 Schwars,J.von, Nuremberg.— G 

burners made of soapstoue. 
125 Nermann, Job. Georg. NnrenibergJ 

— Moulds for confectioners use. tt^ 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45' 



Woven «nd Felted Qoods^ Silk. 

lans ab4 Woven Goods of Vegoteblo 
or XinBral Xaterials. 

128 Herrmann, L., jr., Dresden.— 
WovcD wire goods. aaS 

189 SchoUer, Ph. Jacob, ft Sons, Nou- 
stadt-oD-Hardt. — Woven wire goods. aaS 

ISO Siemaen, Job., Hameln-on-Weser. 
— M«mla hemp goods. 239 




181 Gladbach Joint Stock Spinning ft 

Weaving Mills, Itf . Gladbach. 
188 Bvsch Bros., M. Gladbach. 

183 Droste & Siepermann.M . Gladbach. 

184 Ercklentz4yiajc,ftCo.,M. Gladbach. 

185 Qocrtx ft Kirch, M. Gladbach. 

188 Willemsen, P., Widow, M. Glad- 
bach. - 

187 Rosenberg ft Cohen, M. Gladbach. 

188 Scblafhorst ft Briiel, M. Gladbach. 

189 Bverling, Carl, ft Co., M. Gladbach. 

140 Ercklenx ft Reuter, M. Gladbach. 

141 Botterling ft Schultze, M. Glad- 

148 Bssers, Martin, M. Gladbach. 

148 Croon Bros., M. Gladbach. * 

144 Langen, Kruchen, ft Borrenkott, 

M. Gladbach. 
148 Wolir, Fr., M. Gladbach. 

146 Hellcndall ft Steinberg, M. Glad- 

bach. '^ 

• 147 Qrunwald ft Klei, Rheydt. 

148 Kropp, J. P., Rheydt. 

149 Nackon. G. H., Rheydt. 
110 Sanders, W., Rheydt. 
161 Ax, Heinrich, Rheydt. 
158 Oechelhinser, Rheydt. 

168 Ceei^ ft Wolter, Odenkirchen. . 

154 Brckens ft Co., Grevenbroich. 

155 Rolffs ft Co., Siegfeld. 

156 Steam Net Manufactory, lUehoe, 
Holsteio.— Nets. 330 

157 Rlschbieter, Cerl, Dessau.— Win- 
dov'Shades. 230 

158^8chlieper ft Banm, BIberfeld.— 
Calico. 333 

rmmnua MAmrrAcruaBits op linbk 

169 Lang, Ed., of BlanbMiren.— Unen 

bandkerchiefr. 333 

180 Eckstein ft Kahn, Stuttgart.— Ta- 
ble dochs, towels, shirts. 333 

188 Piehler, Hermann, Urach.— Table 
€MO», dainask covets. 233 

163 Beck, E., Ulm.— Linen and cotton 
uirt fronts ; linen. 933 

164 Steam Ticking Mills, GiSppingen.— 

Ticking. 933 

166,KoIb ft SchUle, Kircblieun.— Pus- 
tias for bed covers. 233 

196 lUyer ft Co., Bielefeld.— Linen 
goods. 833 

For dases of exhibiu, indicated by numbers 

166« Meyer, Jos., Dresden.— Damask 

goods. 333 

166^ Lairiti, C. ft L., Remda.— Linen 

fabrics. 933 

166« Loewanberg, H., Charlottenburg. 

— Inutation leather gocKly 234 

Woven and Felted Ocods of Wool, eto 

167 Bergmann & Co., Berlin.— Zephyt 
wool. 2j5 

16S HUffer, Heinrich, Crlmmitschau. ^ 
— Worsted for weaving. 235 

170 Schols, Paul, Friedberg-on-Oder. 
— Knitting yams. 235 

171 Tittel ft Kriiger, Leipftic— Dyed 
zephyr wools. 33; 



172 Erckens*. Job.. Sons, BurUcheid, 
near Aix-la-Cnapelfe. 

178 Ackens, Grand, Ry. ft Co., Supen. 
174 Delius, C, Aix-Ia-Chapelle. 

176 Jansen, Job. Wilh., Montjoie. 
1^76 Knops, Aloys., Alx-la-Chapelle. 

177 Sch611er,J. P., Diiren, near Aix-la- 

177a Scholler, L., & Sons, DUren, near 

178 WiessBros., Werden-on-Ruhr. 

179 Weiss Bros., Leipsic— Cloths. 935 
ISO Wurtemberg Pelt Factory, Gien- 

gen. — Felt shabracks. 235 

181 Marthaus^ Ambrose, OschaU.— 

Felt goods. 235 

18S KaufTmann, Carl, Reutlingen.— 

Coverlets. 337 



184 Boeddinghaus, Fr., ft Son, Elber* 
feld. , 

185 Boeddinghaus, Wilh., ft Co., El- 

186 Herminghaus ft Co., Elberfeld. 

187 Jung ft' Simons, Elberfeld. 

1 88 Lucas Bros., Elberfeld. 

189 Schaefer ft Co., Elberfeld. 

190 Weerth, de, ft Co., Elberfeld. 

191 Wolff, R. ft E., Elberfeld. 

192 Worsted Spinning Mills, Kaisers- 
lautem. — Worsted yams. 238 

194 Gevers ft Schmidt, Schmiedeberg. 

Silesia. — Carpets. 330 

196 Valckenberg ft Schoen, Worms.— 

Artificial wool. 340 

198 Linden Steam Mills Joint Stock 
Co., Linden, near Hanover.— Velvet. 341 

199 Weigert ft Co., Berlin.— Furniture 
plushes, etc. 241 

Snk and SUk Fabrios. 

200 Mes, Carl, ft Son, Freiburg, Baden. 
— Sewing-silks. 943 

201 Gebhard ft Co., BlbeHield.— Satins, 
silks, etc. 94e 

a^end of entries, xee Classification, pp. 37-4^- 



Silk, Clodiing; Jeweliy. 

809 Qressard ft Co., Hllden.— Bfllw, 

taffetas, foulards, etc. 345 

208 Massing, Bros., A Co., Pttttlingen, 

Lorraine.— Silk plushes. 247 

304 Bseales ft Hatry, SaarsemttDdc.-* 

Silk plushes. 347 

804a Hoemrolghauaft deOreiffyCrefeld. 

—Silk velvets. a47 

Clothing, Jewelry, etc. 

805 Hake, Mrs. von, Berlin.— Ladies' 
underwear. 350 

206 Qros ft Co., Brucbsal, Baden .-^ 
(Corsets. 350 

207 Ottenheimer, J. M., ft Sons, Stutt- 
gart.— Corsets. 350 

808 Gulden, Heinrich, Chemnitz.— 
Gloves. 351 

809 Woller, Fr. Bhreg., Stollberg, near 
Chemnitz.— Cotton hosiery. 350 

810 Kaufmann, A.ft C, Berlin.— Paper 
collars and cutis. 350 

811 Ereutsnach, Ed., successor, 
Chemnitz. — Cotton hosiery. 350 

818 Schols, Paul, Friedeberg*on-Oder. 

— Hosiery. aso 

818a Bortfeld, Carl, Bremen.— 

Hats. 351 

818 Miller, Thomas, Berlin.— Hats. 351 
814 Natanson & Hurwitz, Berlin.— 

Felt shoes and boots. 351 

816 Wolf, S., Mavence.- Shoes. {In 

Shoe and Ltatfur BuiUUng. ) 351 

816 Koraczewski, Q., Posen.- Shoes. 
(In Shot and Leather Building. ) 351 

817 Krebs, P. Eugen, Regensburg.— 
Kid gloves. 351 

818 Lehmann, Heinrich, Berlin.— Kid 
gloves. 351 

819 Zeitteles, D., Esslingen.—JLfeather 
gloves. ^ ' 351 

220 Ellstiitter ft Urbino, Carlsrohe.— 
I^eather gloves. 351 

221 Ranniger, J. L.,ft Sons, Altenburg. 
—Leather gloves. 351 

2 :2 1« Doerffel, C. G^ ft Sons, Eibenatock. 
—Laces, embroidered covers. 35a 

232 Kuehn, Heinrich, Berlin.— Em- 
broidery patterns. 25a 

222aTittel ft Kriiger, Leipsic— Em- 
broidery. 25a 

823 Schneider, Bruno, Buchholz, Sax- 
ony. — Embroideries. 252 

886 Axen ft Blumenheim, Berlin.— 
Embroideries. 25a 

886 Hirschberg, M.. ft Co., Bibenstock. 
— Embroideries and lac^. 25a 

887 Hesselbein, Sophie, Berlin.— Em- 
broideries, asa 


GOODS, BTC. 353 

888 Boehm, Philipp, Oberstein. 

889 Hahn, Carl, Idar. 

880 Leyser, Wilhelm, Idar. 

881 Wild.J. C, IX, Idar. 
832 Hahn, Philipp, Idar. 
238 Heydt, Friedrich, Idar. 

Fnr d^Men t>r exhihiu, indicated bv nuciibenv 

884 Caesar, Loula, Idar. 
886 Herringer, Johann, Idar. 

886 Puchs, Friedrich August, Ober* 




887 Spranger, N., Schwiib. Qmiind. 
288 RennerftBuchler,Schwiib.GmiiAd. 
889 WShler, Edward, SchwSb.Qmiind. 

840 Ott, B., ft Co., ScbwSb. QmUnd. 

841 2ieher, Ottmar, Schwiib. Gmiind. 
848 Erliard ft Sons, Schwab. Gmiind. 
848 Hauber, Gustay, Schwiib. Gmiind 
844 Soergel ft Stoltmeyer, Schwfib. 

846 Pleuer ft Co., Stuttgart. ' 

846 Strohmeier ft Co., Stuttgart. 

847 GAbler Brothers, Schomdort 

848 Ritter ft Co., Esslingen. 

849 Zimmermann, E. O., Hanau.< 

260 Geissel ft Hartung, Hanaa. 

261 Kurr-Schiittner, C, Hanau. 

262 Steinhauer ft Co., Hanau. 
268 Weber, O., ft Co., Hanau. 

864 Weisbanpt, C. M., Sons, Hanaa. 
866 Bissinger, C, Sons, Hanau. 

866 Kraul ft Bier, Hanau. 

867 Hertel, C, ft Son, Hanau. 

868 Krug,J.M., Hanau. 

869 Winkler, Carl, Haaau. 

860 Drescher ft Kiefer, Hanau. 

861 Roth, J., Hanau. 

868 Schehl, C. W., Hanau. 
868 Zeuner, Hugo, Hanau." 
864 Dingeldein Bros., Ha^au. 
866 Storck ft SInsheimer, Hanau. 

866 Baker ft Co., Hanau. 

867 Volz-Bier, A., Hanau. 

868 Schoenfeld, E., Jr., Hanau. 

869 Schantz ft Katz, Pforzheim. 

870 Spahn, C. C, Pforzheim. 

871 Keller, Heinrich.. Pforzheim. 
878 Lay, Edward, Pforzheim. 

873 Heidegger, W., ft Co., Pforzheim 

874 Deyhle Bros., Pforzheim, 
876 Kiehnle, Aug., Pforzheim. 

876 Gerwig, Aug., Pforzheim. 

877 Bizer Bros., Pforzheim. 

278 Wild ft Co., Pforzheim. 

279 Becker, Fritz, Pforzheim. 

880 Siebenpfeiffer, C, Pforzheim. 

881 Lodholz, Friedrich, Pforzheim. 

888 Koch ft Bergfeld, Bremen. 
888 Humbert ft Heylandt, Berlin. 
884 Binder, W., Schw&b. Omiiad. 

886 Becker, Chr., Pforzheim. 
> 886 Felge, Paul, Berlin. 

887 Burchardt, C. A., Berlin.— Artifi- 
cial flowers and plants. 354 

888 Boeck, W., Berlin.— Artificial 
leaves. 354 

It end i)r<:iurir>. Sec Cla«Mifia«uon. pp. 87-4^ 



Toys, Fancy Articlee, Weapons, Medical Appliances. 

19 Sachs, Joseph. & 
Umbrellas, sunsoaan, ( 

Co., Bcrlio.— 
etc. 254 

IStO Winccnder Bros., H5br, Nassau. 
' — Claj and bnixere pipa. 154 

91 Meyer, Heinrich.Hamborg.— Ivory 
SPods. 854 

D Peine, Edward, Hamburg.— Cuff 
fcnttoaa- a^ 


OF TrJT<> A9CI> 5MAU. WAKES. 354 

1894 Pabst, Q. J., Noremberg. 
1|23& HiAiichsen, V/.^ Nuremberg. 
ISM Btchner, Q. L., & Son, Nursm- 


|99T lasmayer, J. A., Nuremberg. 
IISM Norrmann, J., Nuremberg. 
|<S0O Helmbrecht, G., Nuremberg. 
1 101 Scli2eoerpflug,,E., Nuremberg. 

SOS SUaf, J., Nuremberg. 
I S08 Miller, Th., Nuremberg. 
I S04 Strobe!. J. P., Nuremberg. 
L|05 Baadenbacher, C, Nuremberg. 
ISOS Kithil, A., Nuremberg. 
SOT Ucbelackar, L., Nuremberg. 
SOS Hess, Math., Nuremberg. 
I 310 Fischer, J. O., Briangen. 
Sll Schlenk & Lutxenberger, Nurem- 

513 Probst, Ctottfr., Nuremberg. 
SIS Haha, Qottlieb, Ptirth. 

514 Ott, Gebhard, Nuremberg. 

515 Ziegele & Hauck, Furth. 

516 Keller, Conrad, FUrth. 
S19 Pruckner, D., Munich. 

550 Bcttman & Kupfer, Bayreuth. 

551 Stolje, J. F. E., Bayreuth. 

553 Schlegel, J., Nuremberg. 

554 Sickling, H., Nuremberg. 

555 Plank, E., Nuremburg. 

556 Barth ft 'Wagner, Rodach near 
Coboig. — ^Mechanicai toys. 954 

3S7 Dressel, Cuno ft Otto, Sonne- 
bexg, Thtuingia. — ^Toys, doUs, and slates. 

SSS Scbnnemann, L., Magdeburg.— 
DoU*. 254 

SSS Haw sky, Adalbert, Leipsic— 
Paper balloons. 354 

SSO Magnus, Q., ft Co., Berlin.—Bil- 





SSI Oehme, J. D., ft Sons, Grunhai- 

aidien.— Toys. 254 

SSS Knipp, T. P., Berlin.— Album. 355 

SSSVlt^. Francois, Berlin.— Leather 

taods. 355 

Ptper, Blaak Beoki, StatLonery. 

554 Paber, A. W., Stein, near Nurem- 
bexg.— Lead pencils, water-colors, etc. 358 

Ub Pensel, H., ft Co., Ludwigstadt, 
BsTtria.— Slates, etc. 358 

555 Schwanha user, Noremberg.— 
Lead pcndls, rubber, chalk, etc. 958 

SS7 Bftttaer, Ed., ft Co., Berlin.— Fancy 
pipca. »59 

fttdttam ot exhibits, indicated by numbers 

588 Heinits ft Seckelson, Berlin.— 
Fancy papers. 259 

589 Mayer, M., Coblenu.— Envelopes. 

S40 Meissncr.C. F.^Son,Rath8-Dam> 

.iiltz, pear Stoi p. — Papers. 239 

341 Munich-Dachau Joint Stock Paper 

Mill, Munich. 

a Writing papers. 259 

6 Paper lor artificial flowers. , / 264 

S42 Sch6tt, Hermann, Rheydt.— 

Fancy papers, etc. 259 

343 K5nig, J. C, ft Ebhardt, Hanover. 

—Account books. 361 

844 Rufus. Fr. VTilh.t Dortmund.— 
Account Dooks. 361 

845 Joint Stock Playing Card Menu- 
(actory, Stralsund.— Playing cards. a6a 

846 Adler, Qeo., Buchholx, Saxony.— 
Cazd-board work. 362 

847 Schlesinger, Martin, Berlin.— 
Paper letters, cards, etc. 369 

848 Wiskott, C. T., Breslau.-La- 
bels. 26a 

840 Haenle, Leo., Munich.— Gold and 

' silver papeis. 264 

800 Herting, C, Einbeck, Hanover.— 

Paper-hangiDgs. 364 

851 Dessauer, Alois, Aschallenburg.- 

Fancy colored papers. 364 

858 Werner ft Schumann, Berlin.— 

Paper letters. 264 

Weapons, eto.^ 

858^ Krupp, Fr., Essen.- Cannon and 
projectiles. 367 

864 Schilling, V. Chr., Suhl.— Military 
weapons. ^ aog 

Medloine, Surgery, Protheiii. 

855 Se heller, Ferdinand, Hildburg- 
hausen.— Malt preparations. 373 

856 Wolff, F. A., ft Sons, Heilbron.— 
Pharmaceutical apparatus. 274 

857 Lepowski, E., Heidelberg.— Roll- 
ing cnairs, and general apparatus for the 
sicic and wounded. 376 

857<s MUller, L., Lauscha.— Artificial 

human eyes. 376 

857^ Esmarch, F., Kiel.- Bandages and 

dressings. 376 

857c Horn, Q., Kiel.— Bandages, safe^ 

guards for broken legs, etc. 276 

857^ Hartinann. P., Heidenheim.— Pre< 

pared medical dressing materials, etc. 376 
357' Surgical Clinic of the University 

of Koenigsberg. — Plaster of Paris anu 

hemp bandages for fracture. 376 

8 5 V^ Port, Dr., Mtinich.— Dressing for 

fractures. 376 

867jr Moratski, A., New Buckan.— 

Plaster of Paris dressings. 376 

857A Paper ft Chemical Manufactory.— 

Plaster and dressing materials. 376 

857'* Beck, Dr., Carlsruhe. 

a Dressings for woimds. 976 

3 Articles for transporting the wounded ia 

I batde. 978 

857/ Q«h«'*B Brothers, Berlin.— Teeth- 

I ing necklaces. >77 

at ead of entries, see Classification, pp. 77-45 



Medical Appliances, Metal and Wooden Ware. 

357>k Saal, P. O., Coblenti.— Model of 

larynx. 277 

867/ Plambeck, N., Hamburg.— Model 
of a hospital car, and other sanitary appa- 
ratus. 278 

857m Lower SiLeeUm and Markish 

Railway. — Models of cars, etc., for trans- 

' ^ povtation of the wounded. 378 

Hardware, Sdfpa Toolf , Cutlery, and 
Xetallio Produoti. 

368 Voreter, R. ft H., Hacen, Weet- 
phalia.— Edge tools, etc 980 

S 69 E i 8 Ml f fi h r, W i I h., Berlin.— 
TooU. a8o 

860 B5ker, H., ft Co., SoUngen.— Cut- 
lery, etc. 881 

861 Hesaenbruch, T., ft Co., Ronadorf. 
— Stbel goods, cutlery, etc • a8i 

862 HSller, J. S., ft Co., SoUnffen.— 
Steel goods, cutlery, etc. a8s 

868 Wellmann, Fr., Altona.— Cut- 
lery. a8x 

364 Leykanf, Qeorge, Nuramberg.-^ 
Burnishing stones. a6s 

866 Pelaing, Conrad, BerUn.--Orna- 
mental castings. 283 

866 Caatner, A., Barlia.— 2inc 
castings. 383 

867 Stolberff, Count, Wemigerodea 
Factory, Dsenburg. — Oraamental cast- 
ings, l>asins, etc. S83 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by humbers 

868 Amsberg, Adolphe, Aiz-la-Cha- 
pelle.-7-Door knobs. . ' 384 

869 Brouaaon.J., & Son, Neuwied-on- 
Rhine.^^Nails, etc. 284 

870 Roehle, Lrouia, Dreaden. — Door and 
window knobs, etc. S84 

871 Wite ft Screw Factory. Talkan.- 
Screws. ' 984 

872 Koch ft Bein, Berlin.— Metal let. 
ten and castings. 984 

Fabrioi of Vegetable, 

Mineral Materiali. 

876 Reisabarth, Q. C, ft Son, Nnrsm- 
berg.— Brushes. a86 

876 Kocha, Guatav, Broich, nearMnhl- 
hdna-on-Kuhr. — Hempen and wire rope. 

877 Lorens, QuataT, Bockau,8azoay.— 
Basket ware. sif 

878 Cordea ft BIteaaa, Delmeahorst, 
near Bremen. — Cocks. 389 

879 Lindcmann, Carl, Dreaden.-* 
Corks. t89 

880 Llirsaen. Carl, Delmenhoret, near 
Bremen. — Corks. 289 

881 Praechter, Broa., ft Co., Hcidel- 
berg. — Cork ware. 189 

882 Gagel, Lorana, LichteniiBla.— Baa- 
ket goods. 089 

Carriages, Tehioles, and Aeeesaoriet. 

888 Dick ft Kirachten, Offeabach^a- 
Main.— Axles for fine carriages. 293 

at end of entries, see Classificatioo, pp. sy-^S- 


by Google 




[Sniik of Nave, Cobmns ij to a8,) 

Chemicals, Cenmicsy OIM0. 

1 Qobettky, Josef, Esseg^c.—Prepared 

8 Hook, John Peter, Vienna.^ £x- 
tnen or soep and pine spttrs, kali 

8 Weiaeck, Irnas, ^tockerav. 
• Candles, soap, toilet soap. aoi 

i Faiuaiery. 103 

4 Pritsch, Ferdinand, Vienna. 
eSoap. toi 

IMl.00lotS. 909 

t Pcffuinefies. 003 

1 8anr« F. A., SoUy ft Go., Lleaiac, near 

« Artificial wauE candles, soap, glycerine, 
oleo maigertne butter, etc. act 

I Tottet actidea. aoj 

6 Dobel, Paul, Boryalaw, Qalicia.— 
Crude and melted ozocerite. aoz 

I 8 Sett, Ckarles, Plmne, latrta.— 
Soap. aox 

8Deraartinl, I., Prague. 
a Toilet soap. . aox 

i Pieriiuaexy. 003 

lOCalderara ft Bankmann, Vienna, 
a Toilet and glycerine soap. aoi 

h Perfiimery. 303 

18 Prochaaka, Fraoa, Pragne. 
« Toila soe^. aox 

k PeHumeries, pomades, etc. 303 

18> Ujhcly ft Co., Stockerauv-Candlea^ 
tapen, ccc., of ceresine. - aox 

W Wagennuuin, Q., Vienna.— Petro- 
leum, mioeral wax, candles, upers, etc. 


14 Prsibrnm ft Co., VI«nna;~Alirarine, 

Adrianople red. aoa 

10 Palme, Bliaa, StefaMchonan, Bohe* 

Btia. — Glass amd bronze lustre. 303 

17 Herbert, Prans Panl, Klagenfyirt.-- 
White lead. 303 

18 Rika, Ernst, PUsen, Boliemia.-- 
Water CQlors for artists. ao3 

1 8 Aodte ft Son, Vienna^— I#ac, varnlah, 
oil color, mastic. 303 

80 Bcker, Al o« a ader » Stockerau, near 
Vienna.— Colors tor painters and carriage 
vamishers. soa 

81 Waste, P.fVienna.— Colors for stone 
and copper-plate printing. soa 

80 Pollak.Jscques, Vienna.— Essences, 
essential oils. 303 

Offlniaios— Pottery, Poroelain, Olasf, 

U Xtemoertli, Alois, Znalm, Moravia. 
"-Earthenware vessels. a 10 

i»*0Ms «f esttrbhs, indicaiad by mimbers 

35 2asche, Joseph, Vienna. 

a China. axo 

t Porcelain. 3x3 

86 Fi8cher,Samael,Vienna -C^ina. 3x0 

89 Thnn, Count v. Klosterle, Bohemia. 

— China articles of luxury. axo 

41 Bberhardt, Carl, Pragne.— China- 
ware ; flowers made of china, bouquets, 
wreaths, and jewelry. 8x3 

45 Chemical Technical Manufactory, 
Elbogen, Bohemia. — Porcelain (lintrous 
colors). 3x3 

48 Riedl von RIedenstein, David ft 
Fredrick, Dallwitr, Bohemia.— China ser 
vices. ai3 

46 Zlegler*s Son, Joh. Ant.,KreQshutte, 
Bohemia. — Blown plate-glass. 3x4 

47 2iecler*s Son, Andreas, Soflenhntte, 
Bohemia.— Cast looking-glass, glass 
tiles. ax4 

48 Austrian Glass Foundry Aisocia- 
tion, Aussig, Bohemia. — Glass bottles. 3x5 

46 Schraid, Jos. Ed., Annathal, Bohe- 
mia. — Concave glass articles. 3x5 

50 Batka, Prana, Prague.— Glassware 
for chemical puiposes. 3x5 

51 Pranke, Cart, Prague.— Chemists' 
fixtures. 3X5 

52 Umann,John,Tiefenbach, Bohemia. 
a Flagons. 3x5 
h Glass arddes. 3x6 

58 Reach, Clemens. Melstersdorf, Bo- 
hemia.— Concave glass articles. 316 

54 Lobmeyr, I. ft L., Vienna.— Glass 
articles. ai6 

55 Grohmann ft Kessler, Haida, Bohe- 
mia.— Glass articles. 3x6 

58' Mailer, Hermann, Ulrichsthal, Bo- 
hemia.— -Concave glass articles. 216 

56 Von Harrach, Count, Neuvelt, Bo- 
hemia. — Glass articles. a 16 

60 Tyrolese Glass Painting Manafac- 
tory^ Innsbruck. — Glass painting and an- 
neahng. 3x6 

61 Hartmann, Merits, Pribram, Bohe- 
mia. — Glass pearls and cylinders. ai6 

62 Wagner. Frana, Melstersdorf, Bo- 
hemia. — Glass and bronze articles. aid 

68 Zeckert, John, Melstersdorf, Bolie- 
mia. — Glassware and bronze. ai6 

64 Brunfant, Julea de, Vienna. — Glass- 
ware. ai6 

65 Schreiber, S. Neffen, Joa., Vienna.— 
Glassware. ax6 

66 Palme's Son, P. B., Zvecevo, Slavo- 
nia. — Glassware. ai6 

67 Stolsle*s Sons, C, Vienna.— Glasa- 
ware. ax6 

at end of entries, see dsislflcstien, pp. •7-45- 



Furniture, Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing. 

68 Meyr's Nephew, Adolf, near Win- 
terberg, Bohemia.--GIassware. ai6 

Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Bwellingg. 

69 Koho, Jacob ft Joseph, Vienna.— 
Furniture of bent wtood. *• 317 

70 Dillmann, I., & Fischer, L., Vienna. 
— Iron furniture. 9xj 

71 Rigl, Rudolf, Vienna.— Iron double 
beo. 217 

73 Stein, Carl, Vienna.^-Cabinet ftir^ 
niture. _ . «17 

74 Thonet Brothers, Vienna.— Furni- 
ture of bene wood. • 317 

75 Hoyer, Joseph, Svetla, Hungary.- 
Plates of crysuil. 218 

76 Moser, Ludwig, Carlsbad, Bohe- 
mia.— Glass ariicles, painted services. 21ft 

77 I^erl* Qustave, & Sons, Vieniia.~ 
Frames for photographs (in bronze). 220 

78 ScheidI, Aloi8,Vienna. — Gold frames 
and cornices. sao 

79 Kraulis, M., Vienna.— Frames for 
photographs. 220 

80 Bambula, John, Vienna.— Bronze 
picture frames. 220 

81 Sommerschuh, W, I., Prague.^ 
EUirthenware stoves and slabs. 222 

82 Ostersetzer BrotheHi, Vienna.— 
Paper lamp screens. 223 

88 Kerl's Heir, F. A.. Flatten, near 
Carlsbad, Boh^iju-^Ptated and tinned 
spoons, boxes, tin articles. 224 

84 Kirch hof's Sons, C. F., Vienna.-^ 
Refrigerators. 224 

86 Buchsbaum, Max, Vienna.— Ceiiliag 
ornaments. 227 

86 Cs&nk & Co., Vienna.— Wood work, 

blinds, table mats, wall screens. 227 

Tarns and Woven Gtooda of VegetaUe 
or Mineral Materials. 

37 Beutel, Franx, Vienna.— Wicker 
work 229 

88 Richter, Igllas, ft Sons, Nieder- 
grund, Bohemia.— Cotton velvets. 231 

89 Parma,- Joseph, Tichau, Moravia.-^ 
Bleached piques. 233 

90 Regenhart, Raymann, ft'Kuflerle, 

Vienna. — Table linen, hneo. 233 

99 Siegl, Carl, Vienna. — Bleached 

linen. 233 

93 Weiss ft Qrohmann,Vienna.— Lrineo 
and cotton thread 933 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

95 Huckel Sons, I., Neutitscheim, 
Moravia. — Hatters' articles, felts. 235 

96 Cloth Manufacturers* Association. 
Rcichenbex^. Bohemia. — Ooths, with and 
without finisn. 235 

98 Schmidt, I. Ph., ft Sons, Reichen- 

berg, Bohemia. — Woolens. 235 

99 lakob. Adolf, Relcheoberg, Bohe- 

aaia. — Woolens, military cloth, 235 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by oumbers at 

100 Von Bauer, Otto, Brunn.— Wool- 
ens. 23s 

108 Siegmund, Wilhelm, Reichenberg. 
— Woolens. 235 

104 Koch, Max, Vienna.— "Woven long 
and square shawls. 257 

106 HIawatach & Isbary, Vienna. 1- 
Woven .shawls. 237 

1 07 VSslau Yftrn Manufactory, VosIa a , 
near Vienna. — Dyed woolen yams. 238 

111 Schweinburg, Gustav. Vienna.— 
Carpets. «» 

SUk and Silk Fabrics. 

118 Hombostel. G. O.. & Co., VIettna.— 

Silk and half silk goods. 34s 

ll4 Reichert's Sons, F., Vienna.— 

Silks. 34$ 

116 Frebitocb, S., ft Soa, Vienna.— Silk 
articles. 345 

117 Hetser, Carl, ft Sona, Vieooa*— 
Silk ribbon and velvet. 348 

118 Kemperling, John, ft Sona, Vionna. 
— Silk ribbons. 34S 

119 Stefsky, Joseph, Stockerau.— Hab- 
erdasheries, woolen and silk coids sod 
laces for military purposes. 349 

120 Schmidl Sona, W., Viena«.--PM. 

sementerie. 349 

Olothinff, Jewelry, and Onuunesta; 
bavaling Sgnipm^nts. 

191 Bauer, Albert, HumpoleU, Bohe- 
mia.— Cloth, vetvete, clothing for military * 
purposes. J150 

122 Keller ft Ait, Vienna.-Clothinc.s50 
124 Mottl Sons, M., Pra|ru«._BIea*s 
clothing. «jp 

126 Straschits, Beermann, Prague.— 
Men's clothing. 350 

127 Scbwanmaoa, D.,ft Co.,Vienaa.p«-> 
Men's clothing ; European costumes, ftom 
coarse to fine. 390 

128 Tfclebcn, Emanuel, Vienna.— 
Woven shawls and dressing garments. 350 

130 Werner, John, Prague.— Men *• 
clothing. B50 

131 Budan, Joseph, Prague.— I«e«ther 
gloves. 351 

132 Eckstein Brothera, Prague.— Ki4 

glovOS. 3^ 

138 EagelmuUer, Ferdinand, Pracaib 
— Leather gloves. 3«x 

184 HaUg, Peter, ft Co., VienaaA 
Hats. , 3<T 

185 Bencker, M., ft Son, Prague.— IQA 
gloves. «5x 

186 L»6rlacs, Stephen, Budapeat,*-^ 
Boots. aji 

187 Micka, Karl, Prague.— I^eathcr 
gloves. sji 

188 Pifat, Anton, Prague.— Leather 
gloves. 353 

189 Pokorny, Karl, Prague.— I^eather 
gloves. 851 

140 Reichart, Adolf, Vienna.-* 
Shoes. »5x 

141 Repper, Joaeph, Vlena«^«-I^aUia^ 
gloves. 3st 

end M entrios, sea ChuMcifieatJeat, p|^ >?*€§» 



Clothing, Fancy Goods, Jewelrjr. 

142 Stiasny, Pranx ft Max, Vienna.*- 

Leather gloves. 251 

143 DewideU, Simoo, Praguc^Rld 
gloves. 351 

144 Stoger,Ladwiff,Vi«axia.— leather 
gloves. 35X 

145 Hauer, Carl, Bninn.— Leather 
gloves. 351 

146 Strattb,Aagust» Prague.— Leather 
giores. 351 

14,7 Frese, Anton, Prague.— Kid 

gloves. 351 

149 8teinhilb«r, Anton, Pragnc.^ 

Leather gloves. 351 

149 Beacker, L U., Prague.— Leather 

gloves. 351 

llOTomwald, Ch., Prague.— Leather 

gtoves. 25X 

M BrauBek,Sdward,Vienna.-~Leath- 

er gloves. 251 

158 Bout el, Franx, Vienna.— Bath 

shoes made of plaited rushes. 351 

158 Aoe, Fred. ▼. d., and KoIImann, 
Prague. — Kid gloves. 251 

155 Berg, 8., Krmkau.— Albumen for 

the manofiictare of gloves, condensed 
yolks of eggs. 351 

156 Roth, Frans, Prague. — Leather 
gbves. 351 

158 Suchy, Anton, Prague.— Leather 
gloves. 391 

159 Schwars ft Son, Joh., Vienna.— 
Hatbands. 351 

190Vceiicka, August, Prague.— Kid 

gloves. 351 

161 Haberkom, George, Prague. — 
i«tthcr gloves. 351 

169 Ibunefli, John, Punfldrcben, Hun- 
fuy.— Leadkcr g^ves. 351 

168 H o f f m a n n, Joseph, Prague.— 
Leadier troves. 951 

164 Iraieobach*s auccesaor, Gottlieb, 
PkagDc:— Kid ^ves. bs5 

167 Kabik, Joh. Nep.. Stuhlweissen- 
kwg, Hungary. — Leather gloves. sgx 

168 Lowenstein, Adolf R., Vienna.— 
Fancy shoes. > .s«|x 

170 Skriv&n, John, ft Son, Vienna.— 
Hats, felts. SSI 

171 Port, Alois, Vienna.^ Leather 
iJwes. 251 

17S Bloch, E., ft Sons, Brann, 
s fioots and shoes. 351 

^ Cartridge pooches. 959 

174 MartiuB, W., Vienna. - Leather 
gloves. 85Z 

175 Korb, Vincens, GrasUts, Bohemia. 
—Silk laces, lace articles. 353 

176 Cserminska, InocenU, Wisniow- 
ciyk, Gailda. — Embroidery. 35a 

179 Rlchte^ Edward A., Vlenna.- 
Vari^tcd embroidery, working materials 
itquisiie for the same. 353 

179 Schnabl, Joseph, Oossengrun, Bo- 

raia.— Laces, fichus, bandkcrchie£t, and 

Bn decorations of lace. ssa 

161 Ulhnann, J. P., Neudeck.— Laces. 

L98 Domer, Bmilie^ Boeing, Hungary. 
— ^I-sces and embroideries. 253 

^ diases of exhlStt, Indicated by numbers 

183 Brlbeck, Anton, Gossengrun.— 
Laces, fan decorations, haudkcrchieft, 
and lace fichus. 353 

184 Horner, Anton, Qrossengrun, Bo- 
hemia.— Laces, lace fichus, and &n deco- 
rations. 353 

185 SchnUdl ft Sons, W., Vienna.- 

Habcrdashery^ trimmittgj^ silk and woolen . 
braids. 353 


, fichus, and fitn 

decorations of lace. 35a 

187 Lapaina, Caroline, Idria.*<Bobbi. 
nets. 353 

189 MetSner, Bemhard, Graslits, Bo- 
hernia. — Laces, handkerchief, and faa 
decorations. 9i^ 

186 Fritach, Joseph. 

Laces, baDdkercbieft^ fichus, and 

190 Stramitser, 
gaze tape laces. 

L, Vienna. — Point 


191 Mensel, W. B., Tepltts, Bohemia. 
— Garnets, genuine ana imitation stones 
(pierres de strasse). 253 

198 Reift Joseph, Prague.— Jewelry of 
precious stones. 353 

193 Go1dschmidt*s Sons, Michael, 
Prague. — Gold and silver ornaments. 953 

194 Steiner ft KoUioer, Prague.— Gar- 
net, gold and silver jewelry. 253 

195 Goldschmidt. Louis A., Dubnik, 
Hungary. — Polished opals. 353 

196 Markowiisch ft Scheid, Vienna.- 
Silver trinkets. 353 

197 Neusta<^l, M. H., Prague.— Garnet 
jewelry. 353 

199 Bolsanl ft Pnssl, Vienna.-Gold 
chains. 353 

200 Bergmann, Frans, Gabions.— Imi- 
tation gems. 353 

202 Rode k 'Brothers, Vienna.— 
Bronse and leather jewelry. 953 

806 Kcracb, Merits, Prague.— Garnet 

articles. 353 

807 Vlbribh^ FraAs* Ober-Kukan, near 

Gabions. — Imitation of precious stones. 253 

809 Hofrichter^s Son, Joseph, Reich- 
enau, near Gablonz, Bohemia. 
» Imitation preciois atones. 953 

i Papier-mach£ boxes. S54 

813 Schadelbaner, VIneens, Vienna.— 
Mother-of-peari buttons. 254 

816 ISaudissin, Countess Pauline, Vi- 
enna.— ^Artificial flowers. 354 

817 Turnera ' Sample Office, Vienna.— 
C^k artlaek. tobfetoco pipe lube, and am- 
ber cigar holders. 254 

885 lamachiea, Joseph, Vienna.— Me- 
ther-of-peari buttons. 954 

886 fIioke> Auguatine, Tyssa, near 
Bodenbach, Bohemia.— Horn and metal 

887 Lux, CI., Vienna.— Bronse 

888 Bergman, Frans, Vienna.- 






831 Hellmich, F. A. Eidfm, Wolfers- 
dor^ Bohemia.— Glass, pearls, bone,ivory . 
horn,' aUd tortolse-sheli buttons, real and 
imitation. 354 

838 Heller's Sons, Balduin, Teplits, 
Bohemia. — ^Metal buttons and trinkets. 354 
at end of entries, see CIsaslfication, pp. 37-45. 



Fancy Goods^ Stationery, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

284 Hiess, Prans, Vienna.— Turners* 
articles, mcenchatnn and amber. 954 

887 Kemperline» Hermann, Vienna. — 
Turners' artiiues, pipes, cigar holders, 
canes. 254 

241 Krehan, Iffnas, Vienna.— Mother- 
of-pearl buttons. 954 

848 Kusel, Johft, ft Tankowcky, C, 
Vienna.— THirners' articles, inkstand,cigar 
holder, ash bswls, watch holder, candle 
screens, s;$4 

848 Umann, Jotkn^ Tiafenbach, Bohe- 
mia.— Paper weights. 354 

861 Wacner, Fnuu, Malateradotf.— 

Bronse articles. 954 

852 Ledanr, K*, QabloM, Bobamia.- 

Glass trinkets, 954 

854 Hartmann, L., ft Eidaai, Vienna. 

— Turners' artidos, smoking requisites 
made of meerschaum and amber. 954 

856 JLukasch, (., Vie«oa,-MoUier-of. 

pearl fancies. 954 

856<K Schneider, Wensel, Prague.— 
Necessaries for the toilet, threading ma- 
chines. 954 

867 Sittig,. Joseph, Vienna.— Horn 
buttons. 954 

871 Coffani, Maria, Vienna.— Paraaols, 
fans, hats, and trinkets, made of straw. 954 

878 Bauer ft Pokomy, Vienna.— Meer- 
schaum pipes. 954 

874 Osterritter, loseph, Vienna.— Pans 
of tomise-shefl, ivory, feathers, silk, 
wood, and leather. 954 

878 Puscbner, Praas Anton, Tyaaa, 
near Bodenbach, Bohemia.— Metau but- 
tons, brooches, sets of carttagi, eobtoms, 
medals, decorative buckles. 954 

879 Schwan, Vl»lkalm, W&Uaadocf.— 

Mother-of-pearl buttons. 954 

888 Wittek, Adalbert, Vlaana.— 

Mother-of-pearl buttons. 954 

885 Stcindl* Carl* Vienna^— Motber-of- 

pearl buttons. 954 

886,Bla*iacio » 90M, Joba, Vleoaa.- 

Haberdashery. 954 

890 Trebitacb, Arnold, Vienna*- Arti- 
cles of meerschaum ana amber. 354 

891 Unger, Prana, Vienna. 

a Smoking requisites. 954 

b Leatber articLeSi 955 

898 D an be r gar, Qaorga, Vlaana.- 

Bronze vare,|rames ior photo^praphs, toilet 

looking glsss« cigar holdesi, inkstands, 

match Doxes. 954 

807 Becbmana, A. P., Vieaaa.— Bronse 
ware. 354 

898 Be lb I, PraajTa Viaana,-^ronae 
ware. 354 

899 Fraaki, Joacpb^ Vieaa^-^Bronse 
ware. 954 

800 Dsiedslnakl ft Haauach, Vienna.— 
Bronao articles. 954 

801 Bohm, Anton, Vienna.— Bronse 
ware. 954 

808 Bobm, Ludwig, Vienna.— Bronse 
ware. ^ 4«5 

806 We rtheimer, Joseph, Vienna.— 
Fans. 954 

807 Wielander, Peter, Vienna.-Moth- 
er-of-pearl buttons. 954 

Kor classes of exhibits, indlcatod by numbers 

808 Bambula, John, Vienna. — ^Bron 
goods, albums, writing portiblios, belsa. 994 

810 Un^ar, Frans, Vienna.— PortB- 
monnate, fnunes for manuiacture of Icsdsea 
£uicy goods. aas 

815 Scewald, Mlehstel, Vl^uom^ — 
Leather ware and trinkeu. S55 

816RodekBT0 8., Vienna.— LrCJith** 
articles. asg 

Wt O star fitter, Jaeepb, Vleasui.-^ 
Leather articles. ass 

Paper, Blank Booki, Stationary; 

881.Fialkowaki Broa. ft Twax47..Ji|i^ 

litz, Austria-Silesia. 
IsWritiiHIpapec. -^V 

B Printing paper. aoa 

888 ^ichmann ft Ca., Araaa, P«ac 

Prague.— Samples of paper. agg 

828 OpiU ft Son, Cari, TepUtx, BolMi> 

a Paper. 
6 Pasteboard. 
385 Knepper, W., Vienna. 
a Cigarette paper. aCo 

b Fancy paper. 364 

886 Schloglmuhl Paper Factdrsr* ▼iaa- 
na. — Paper rolls for printing machinea. a5o 

887 Schoffel^ Anton, Reichenau^Bob^ 
mia.— Paprar-mache boxes. aia 

888 Wesely, Veit.,.Vlenna.— Boxea. 96a 
831 Ostersetxer Broa., Vianna.— Papar 

laces. 964 

Weaponi, etc. 

888 Percuaaioa Caps, Cartridaa* Jk 
Breech Ring Factory, Prague.— PereiA- 
sion caps, cartridges, and breech rinffl. a^ 


Medioina, Sorgerj, Pro ti i aa i a. 
884 Wilbelm. Prana^ ft Co., Viani _ 
Drugs, medidnal herbs, vobctile oOa, ece. 


385 WartpatrikofT Broa., Vleaasu— 
Insect powder. 979 

386 Pollak, Jacqnea, Vieaaa.— 
£ther. 979 

887 Zacberl. John, Vienna.— Inaect 
.paaideraad tinctares. 97» 

888 Hamerli, John, Punfkircbeik, Hun* 
puy.— lisauter trusses. S76 

888a Politzar, Adam, Vienna.— Anst- 
KmiGaL and pathologico.ana t o«ical pvep- 
aratioos. S76 

889 Bansbaisnec, Fr„ Vleaaa.—Sat 
of aitlficial teeth. 977 

'840 Perl, Joseph, Kiauaaabnrg, H«n- 
gsfy.— teeth, sets. cC teetb. art 

841 Zsigmondy, Adolf, Viennsi. — 
Tostb. a77 

Eardwaxe, Bdffe Tools, Cattery, and 
Metallle Frodaots. 

848 Warthaim, Baron Prans. Vianaa.^- 
Complete representation of the Austrian 
tool manufacture. 980 

844 Schneider^ Wensel, Prague.— Piaa 
penknives. 961 

346 Winkler, Alois, Vienna.— Caat sine 
articles, plates, emblems, letters, and coat 
ofarms. 983 

347 Winkler, Michael, Vienna.— Caat 
metal signs and letters. 963 

at end of entries, see QassificatioB, pp. 97^^49. 



Manufactures, Art, Machinery, Animal Products. 

(48 Mbravia Ironware Industry & 
Ttade Co., Vienna.— Nails, screws. 384 

Fftbries of Tegetable, Animal, or Xiii- 
oral Materials. 

950 Schnek ft Kdhfiberger, VfOfma.'^ 
Tndia-nibber goods. 985 

851 Hausmann, Wilhelm, Raichen- 
uerg. — Rope articles, twine, cords, 
girths. 387 

852 Kohl, August, Vienna. 

« Hemp hose, mill straps for riifOi. ' sB^ 
^ ¥im Mickats for milk. 989 

(teisgei, Vehiclssy aad AoeeisoxiM. 

3M Lahoar ft Ca.. Ja^oks Vieoaa.- 
Phaeton caniac'Ba. 29a 

156 Armbruater, Sebastiaa* Vtenaa.-- 
Landau coach. 393 

Sf7 Bloch A Sobs* B,, Bmnn.—Sola*- 

leaiher saddle clotltt. 996 


S57a Hofricbter's Sons, Reichenau, 

aear Oablockx.— OQ paindngs. 410 

557^ IseUa, Pletro, Vienna.— Painting. 


Engraving aad Lithography. 

Zfie Pateraot Fr., Vieiuui. 

• Drawings. 490 

i Chromo-Uthographs. 494 

Z^fti Kacaar, P., Vienna.— Bngraviags. 

S#T#Bader, P. W., Vienna.— View o^f 
Vienna. 499 

S58Wiakler, Alois, Vienna.— Oleo- 
graphs. 434 

158« I.«ehmann, Nikolaus, Prague.— 

858^ Lott, Ludwig, Vienna.^ Chromo- 

typographs. 434 

S58^ Rei£Fenstein ft Rdsch, Vienna.— 
Chromos. 494 

8 08i/ Sieger, Edward, Vienna.— Utho- 
gftsphs. 434 

858^ Cxeiger, S., Vienna.— Cbromos. 


Ceramic Decorations, Motaics, etc. 

9 Steiametx, Prans, 

illyria. — Inlaid work and \ 

eneer. 459 

860 E^ger, I. B., Villach, Karnthen.— 
Inlaid work and veneer. 459 

Kaohines for Printing, Xaldng Books, 
Fisper Working, eto. 

361 Wusu, P., 


Vienna^ - 

- Cylinder 

Atbotieoltiirs and Forest Prodacts. 

868 Pranki, J. Q. ft L., Vienna.— Wood 
specimens Tor the manu&cture of furni- 
ture. 60X 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltore and 

864 Neebtmann, Jacob, Tannwald, 
Bohemia.— Chambef leech aquariunu. 640 

Animal and Tegetabls Products. 

865 Zacherl, John, Vienna.— Cleaned 
sponges. 650 

870 UJhely ft Co., H., Stockerau.— 
Wax. 654 

For rl9Wfs of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. «7-45. 


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{North ofNavt, Columns s^ ^^SS') 
Chemicals, Ceramics, Woven Goods, Silk. 

Chemiosl Wansftminrss. 

1 Gayot.Lupold, A., Lode, Ct. Nev- 

ch&tel.— Chemical pro<ducts,artificU] black 
diamond, diamantme, powder of rubies, 
enamels for jewelry. aoo 

4 Amblet ft Poncet, Qencva.— Oil for 
watches and instruments of precision, aox 

5 Brunnschweiler, Trau^ott, St. Qal- 
len.—Caseum Ibr odico printings cascum 
C^ue for cold glueing. 3oi 

6 Vaucber, L., Peseax, near Neii- 
chatel.— Animal oil for chronometen and 
fine watches. aoi 

7 Bindschedler ft Busch, Batle.— 
Kaw materials for the manutacture of 
dyes, aniline dyes, artificial aiixarine. aoa 

8 Brunnschweiler ft Son, St. Qallen.— 
Printing inks, inks for Morse & Hughes' 
apparatus, extracu of ink in powder, aoa 

9 Durand ft Huguenfn, L., Basle.— 
Naphthaline, resorcine, fluorescene, eo- 
cene, phthaline and solutions, sefinmine, 
galleine, ccruleine, steam blue, etc. aoa 

10 BUhler, Emile, Neucbatel.— Hair 
regenerator, pomade, balsam, tooth-water, 
quinine- water. 203 

Ceramiot— Potterj, PoroelaSn, CFlasi, 

1 1 Collin, Ch., Derendingen, Ct. Solo- 
thiirn.— Watch glasses. 314 

Yirns and Woven 0oodi of Tegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

1 8 Billeter, C. O., Zurich.— Singed cot- 
ton threads, unbleached cotton sewing 
thread, cotton leash threads. ajo 

14 Brunner, A., Miinnedorf, Ct. Zurich. 
—White and colored bed-covers. 330 

15 Oujer-Brunner, Uster, Ct. Zurich. 
—White and colored tricot bed-covers and 
ubIeKJoths. 330 

16 Oetiker. M. R., MSnnedorf, Ct. Zur- 
ich. — White and colored cotton bed- 
covers and table-cloths. 230 

17 Schlaepfer. J. U., Waldstatt, Ct. 
Appenzell, Inner Rhodes. — Muslin. 330 

18 Piers, Henri, Zurich.— Cotton 
, goods. 331 

19 Wallenstadt Pancy Cotton Goods 
Mills, Wallenstadt, Ct. St. Gallen.— 
Fancy cotton goods. 231 

20 Piers, Henri, Zurich.— Turkey-red 
printed handkerchiefs, cashmere shawls, 
door-curtains, chintz. 23a 

21 Hanhart-Solivo, J., Dietikoa, Ct. 
Ztuich.— Cambrics,handkerchlefs, shawls, 
chintzes. 033 

For clasAes of exhibits, indicated by nnmben 

90 Asmoos Weaving BCUls, Anoos, 

Ct. St. Gallen.- Figured cotton goods. tji 

98 Schneider, C. F., DStUikoa.Ct.ZBr. 

ich.— Lint for hospitals, odorea waddiof 
ibrjewelnr. «P 

Woven and Felted 6oods of Wool, ito. 

84 Munsinger, Conrad, Oltca, Ct. 80I0- 
thum.— Felt of wool and cotton for pspcr 
mills, cylinder-doth. ajs 

ll5 Siegenthalcr, 81., Snggletein, ncir 
Worb, Ct. Berne.— Boots and shoes of 
felt, with and without wooden soles, fidt 
soles, felt tablets for watch-makers, filta* 
ing bags, felt uiamings. SSS 

86 Ernst, Ferdinand, IVinterthsr, Ct 
Zurich. — Goods of wool and niztuies of 
wool. 139 

87 Schnyder. J. 1.. Wildenswell, Ct 
Zurich.— Wonted horse-hair and fibre for 
Bsattresses and upliolsCery, hmse^sib, 

Silk and Silk Fabries 

88 Baumann, senior, ft Co., Znflck.— 
Silks. a4S 

2%a Zaeslein ft MUIler. Basle.-Argal, 

silk waste, and fabrics of silk waste. 145 

89 Baumann ft Streuli, Hoi^en, Ct 
Zurich.— Silks. 345 

80 Dufour ft Co., Thai, Ct. St. Gallen.- 

Silk bolting-doth, silk grit-gau^e. X4S 

81 Bgli ft Sennhanser, Zurich.— Silk 
bolting-cloth, middlings purifieis. S4S 

88 Prey-Peer. J., ft Co., Aargau.Ct. 
Aargau.— Silk ribbons, faille, coid-cdpad 
Uffetas, sarsenets, listons, satins. S45 

88 Heidegger, Wegmann, ft Co., See- 
feld, Zurich.— Silk bolting-cloth. «4S 

84 Hombereer Bros., Wetsikon, Ct 
Zurich.— Silk bolting-doth. 843 

86 Jansen, Bodek, ft Herts, Riesbach, 
near Zurich. — Silks and satins. S4$ 

86 Adlischweil Silk Goods Factory, 
Adlischweil, near Zurich.— Silks. t45 

87 Winterthur Silk Goods Facto^, 
W i n t e r th u r, Ct. Zuridi.— Umbrtfla 
silks. *4' 

88 Meyer, Bros., Zurich.— Swiss tilK 
bolting-doth. "45 

39 Reiff.Huber, Zurich.-SUk bolting- 
doth. HS 

40 RUtschi, S.w^,^^Zurieh.-8ak8 
andsaUns. yVjOO^ «45 

41 RyfTel ft Co., Staefa.-SUk«. aiS 
at end of entries, see Cbssificadoo, pp. s^if. 



Silk, Clothing, Jewelry, Weapons. 

48 Behxrer, Emil, ft Co., Zurich.— 
Silks. 845 

48 Schroeder, WUh«lm, ft Co., Zurich. 
-Snks. a^s 

44 Schwarscnbachf Landis J., Thai- 
veil, ikear Zuiridi.---S9]Q(. 945 

45 Stapfer, Job., Sons, Horg^en, Ct. 
Zurich. — Siiks. 34s 

46 Stonsi ft Sons, Horpen, Ct. Zurich. 
— SiJks and satiiu. 345 

Clothing, Jewelry, etc. 

47 Blum er ft Wild, St. Qallen.— Ho. 
siery, ladles' fancy articles. ajo 

48 BourauiB, C. P., Cormondrftche, 
oear Neudiatcl. — Wool hosiery, jackeu, 
and waistcoats. 250 

49 End-Ulmi, All., Lucerne.—Knitted 
under^gannenu. 350 

fO HesB, Gebr., Amrisweil, Ct. Thur- 
Cau. — Colored shirts and over-shirts. B50 

51 Hugigenbarger, U«, Praueafeld, Ot. 
Thuigau. — Hosiery. 350 

52 Meyer-Waespi ft Co., Altatettea, 
Bear Zurich. — Knitted under-gar- 
ments. 350 

58 Wiki, B., Lruceme.— C«ntlemea*s 
clothing. 950 

54 BelU August, Kricns, near Lucerne. 
•.-Crinoline braids. asi 

55 Chteaa Broa.,Locamo, Ct. de Tesaltt. 

—Braids and straw hais. Canton I'essin 
specialty. ajx 

56 Eich ft Co.. Lensburg, Ct. Aargau. 
— Horse-hair Draids, slraw-plaitings, cot- 
ton tress-work, bordering^, hair-cloth. 331 

57 Indermiihle, B. Th., Berne.— Straw 
hats. 351 

58 HIer, AlOTse, ft Co., WUdegg, Ct. 
Aarean. — Hair and cotton plaits, taticy 
tpodi of hair, straw, cotton, and silk for 
hats and bonnets. 951 

59 Isler, Jacob, ft Co., Wohlen, Ct. 
Aatgan. — Straw goods. ass 

60 Walser, Conrad. Wohlen, Ct. Aar- 
gau.— Straw hats, plaits, and fiancy artjcles 
of straw, crinolme, cotton, and manila 
hemp, tissocs of straw, sUk, and other ma- 
tdi-us for fancy boxes, sparterie, embroid* 
cry, and ornaments for bonnets. 351 

61 Alder Bros., Herisau, Ct. Appenzell. 
Inner Rhodes. — Hand and mechanical 
embroideries. 353 

62 Alder ft Meyer, Herisau, Ct. Appen- 
idl. Inner Rnodes. — Embroidered trim- 


68 Baerlocher-Custer. Rheineck, Ct. 
St. Gallen.— Kmbroidery, lace curtains, 
tidies, bed-covers, pillow-case covers. 959 

64 Basqoin, Hector, ft Schwelxer, St. 

Gallcn. — Machine embroideries. 353 

65 Bion ft Tschumper, St. Qallen.— 
Hecfaaiuca] embroideries. 35a 

66 Fisch Bros., Buhler, Ct. Appen- 
adl. Inner Rhodes.— Mechanical enibroid- 
cries. 353 

67 QSIdy, A., ft Co., St. Qallen.— Me- 
chaaical embroideries, Hamburg edgings 
and iascttionB. 95a 

68 Hirscbfeld Bros, ft Co., St. Qallen. 

fWrhsiisof cvMbits, indicated by numben at 

69 IkU Bros., St. Qallen.— Mechanical 
embroideries. 359 

70 Lo€her Bros., Speicher, Ct. Appen- 
zell, Inner Rhodes —Mechanical embroid- 
eries on silk. " ' 358 

71 Wiilflinger Machine Embroidery 
Establishment, near Wintcrthur^ Ct. Zur- 
ich..— Colored embroidery by machinery, 
Hamboig edgings. 353 

72 Sch9ltUn ft Wtdmer, St. Qallen.— 

Mechanical embroideries. V52 

78 Sta.heli.Wild, C, St. Gallen.- 

Hand and mechanical embr<«iderics. 2^;: 

74 Steiger ft Co., Herisau, Ct. Appen- 
zull. Inner Rhodes. — ^Mocbanicai em- 
broideries, lace curtains. 352 

75 Strauss, D., ft Co., St. Qallen.— 
Lace curtains, drop laces, embroider- 
ies. 252 

76 Stursenegger ft Ruts, Trogen, Ct. 
AppenzelljHmner Rhodes. — Cravats, edg- 
ings. 252 

77 Sutter-DSrig, R., Appensell.— 
Hand and machine embroideiy. 353 

78 Tobler, Ulr^ ft A.. Rheineck ft 
Thai, Ct. St. Ganen.^Machine embroid- 
ery. 35a 

79 ZShner ft Schiess. Herisau, Ct. Ap- 
penzell, inner Rhodes.— Hamburg edg- 
ings and insertions. 35a 

80 Zellweger, J. C, Trogen, Ct. Appen- 
zell, inner Rhodes. — Mechanical enibroid- 
eries. 35a 

81 Drawing School of the Bosrd of 
Trade. St. Gallen. — Embroideries exe- 
cuted from designs of the drawing 
school. 353 

82 Urecb, B., Herisau, Ct. Appenxell, 
Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical embroid- 
ery, asa 

82<» ZUrcher-Bansiger. T., Teu(en, Ct. 
Appenzell, Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical 
embroidery. 95a 

83 Pet it- Pierre ft Bryson, Qeneva.— 
Jewelry. 353 

84 Gay, Jean, Oetiava.— Watch chains. 


84a Meylan ft Mertens, Ed., Geneva.— 
Gold chains and chatelaines. 353 

85 Jaccard, Bugine, St. Croix, Ct. de 
vaud. — Plate engraved with flowers, orna- 
ments, and devices relating to the Cen- 
tennial 354 

86 Rohr. Walter von. A., Mttmliswyl, 
Ct. Solothum.— Combs. a'4 

Paper, Blank Booki, Stationery. 

88 MQIler, Jobs., Schaffhausen. — 
German, French^ English, and Spanish 
playing cards, railway tickets. 969 

Weapons, etc. 

89 Swiss Manufacturing Co., Neuhsu- 
sen, near Schaffhausen.— Vetterli-iys- 
tem, infantry and target rifles, blank 
cartridges. 965 

89« Schmidt, Mi^or, Berne.— Rifle and 
revolver. s6e 

Mediolne, Surgery, Protheeit. 

90 Durieu. Oettli, ft Co., Vevay, Ct. 
Vaud.— Milk-powder. a? J 

end of entries. iie« Classification, pp. 37-4$ 



Medical Appliances, Hardware, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Bl Gerber ft Co., Thun, Ct. Berne- 
Condensed milk, children's food, medi- 
cal condensed milk. 773 

98 Lapp, C. Freiburg.— Pood for chil- 
dren, condensed milk. 373 

93 Naumann-Burkhardt, H., Basle.— 
Extract honey, syrup, and flour of 
meat. 273 

94 Neatlfc, Henry, Vevay, Ct, Vaud.— 
Milk food or lacteous fanna. 373 

94« Wander, O.. Berne.— Bxtracts of 

malt and malt arops. 373 

95 International Bandage-shiff Pac 
tory, Schaffhausen.— Dressings, lint, f 
pliances for the dressing of woun< 

pharmacetttical apparatus. 


Edge Toolf, Cutlery, and 
Metallie ProduoU. 

96 Spillmaon, Heinrich, Unterstrasa, 
near Zurich.— Engineering tools. 380 

97 Schneider, C. P., Geneva.— Compli- 
cated pocket-knives. sSo 

98 BUrgin, Bros., Schaffhattsen.— Up- 
holsterers' nails, 380 

98« Le Coultre, Jacques, Sentier, Ct. 

Vaud, — Rasors. * aSi 

983 Bosai, GaeUno, Locarao, Ct. Tea- 
sin. — New system of safety locks. 384 

Fabrict of Vegetable, Animal* orXin- 
eral Xateriale. 

99 Bally ft Schmitter, Aargau, Ct. Aar- 
gau.— Elastic webs for boots. ' 385 


Agrieultiinl Frednatt. 

1 Anastaslo, Giuseppe, Lrugano, Ct. 
Tessin.— Cigars. 633 

8 Kottmann, J., Solothnrn.— Ci- 
gars. 633 

8 Santer. A., Dieaaenhofen, Ct. Tbur- 
gau.->ClgarB. 633 

ABimal and Tegetable Prodaett. 

4 Schleife Taaneriea, Wiaterthnr, Ct. 
Zurich.— Blackened calf leather. 653 

For classes of exhibits, iodicarnl by muabevf 

5 HUrlimann. J. J., RappcrswyL Ct, 

St. Gallen.— Swiss honey. 654 

6 9ociet/ for Bee Culture, Luk- 
manler, Sobrio. Ct. Tessin. — Honey and 
wax. 654 

7 Coffee Surrogate Pactory, Zurich. 

— Fig-meal (surrogate of coifcc^ con- 
servad coffee. 656 

8 Bobbl 


ft Co., 

Geneva. — Choco- 

f. f. 

9 Schweigert, Auguste, Geneva.— 
Theodora's sauce. 636 

10 Suchard, Ph., Neuchatel.— Choco- 
late, cacaos. 656 

11 Almen, von, ft Kopp, Pleurieri Ct. 

Neuchitel.— Absinthe. 660 

18 Berger, C. P., Couvet, 

td.— Absinihe. 



18 Bernhard, S., Samaden, Bngadia, 
Ct. GmubiindeiL— Jva bitter, Jva pcHume, 
and tincture. 660 

14 BoUe, L. A., Son, Verdures, Ct. Meu- 
chitel. — Green and white absinthe. ti6a 

15 Grandpierre, J., Geneva.- 




16 HeanyftMouUet,Flfuriar,Ct.Nonf- 
chiLtel.— Absinthe. 660 



17 Xirschwaaaer Compaay Z^g^ 

— KirRchwasser. 

18 Mievergelt, Job., Maachwaadea, Ct. 
Zurich.— Kirtchwasser. C60 

19 Pernod, Ed., Couvet. Ct. Neucha- 
tel. — Green and wliite suisinthe, gentian- 
liquor, Idrachwasser. 660 

80 Scherer, Broa., 
— K irsch wasser. 




81 Schmidt, Joseph, _. 

uors, ri^bitter, siomach-bitteia, I 

88 Stauffenegger, Chr., Travere, 






88 Oeaaler-Zelier. J., Basle.- 
of Basle. " 

84 Mattmann, Brothers, C. ftj., Horvv, 
near Lucerne. — ^Italian pastry. 66v 

at ead of entries, see CUssificatioa, pp. uf^s. 


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{Norik of Nave, Colttmnt $4 ^^ 59") 

Cb^micris, Cetamics, Glass. 

ChsBiiMl IftiiiifaittttMS, 

1 Hemptifine, A. de. Son, Molenbtfek, 
Sl Jean, near Brussels.— i;'ian of apparau 
tds tar manu&cturiiiff salphurie sdcF. aoo 

S Meeus, M. ft J., Antwerp.— defined 

4 Sotvay ft Co.. CouiUet, near Char- 
kroi.-4^einicals, sodib^aJt. aoo 

6 Dm Croaaoonfirea (widow) ft Son, 
M«lenbMk» St. J«aa, near BniMels.— 
ToUec toap. aox 

I Staea, Sproelanta, Termonde, East 
PlaadcTC^^-JLInveed. nwe<s«ad, hemp- 
teed, cotton, aaid odier tm. aox 

9 Botelbexi^e, Ouatave, ft Co., MeUc* 
■ ear Omoc, R*»t Tlandere.'-UiMi- 
marine. aoa 

lOGUkinet, C.J., Enslval, near V^r- 
y»et5.--C«g fc wf > g Mf/ /, or special hkk. to 
point out the defects on doth and dye- 
stuCi. .ate 

11 Lnmmersbefm. M. H., ft Co., Won- 
delgem, near Gnent, East Flanders. — 
BiiaaUaoui aad ra^aspbahic roof and ship 
sheathing paper, lampblack. aoa 

IS Ofljkiwtld Brotf.) P>c»reBt, near Bma- 
sdi.-^edy brown, and chestnut iron 

IS Planehe, Bdouard, Son, Laeken, 

sear Brussels.— Writing ink. aoa 

14 Planche, Melchior, Ixellea, near 
Brtissds.— Writing ink. aoa 

15 Singer, Max, Tournai (Hainaut).— 
Aniline products for dyes extracted firom 
coal-tar, etc soa 

16 White Lead ft Iron Paint Joint 
Stock Co., Anderghem, near Brussels.— 
WUtelead, iron paint, mastics. aoa 

17 Van der Velden, Leopold, Litoe^ 
Writing, glossing, and indelible ink, liquid 
sloe, etc. aoa 

18 Van Laer, Quillaume, Verviera.— 
Dyers' practical guide, mordant pro- 
ceases. A03 

19 Marbaix, Aognate de, Antwerp.— 
Aromatic liquor, Anvers water, essential 
oil, caraway essence, cedar essence, 
Fkrentine ins, and oil of doves. ao3 

10 Coonpal ft Co., Wetteren, Saat 
Flanden.— Charcoal, sulphur, powder and 

CiniBiflt— Potteiy, PorMlsln, Glass, 

iS Seilles lex Andeana ft Bouftoulx 
Joiat Stock Co. of Refractory PiodvctS 
sod Phsdc Clay, ScUles, near Andenne, 
Vor dasces of exhibits, indicated by mimbers 

Province of Liige.— Burnt refractory 
earthenware, brick for gas furnaces, etc., 
gas retorts, refractory plastic day. ao/ 
Sft Win gen der Bros., Chokier, near 
Liige. — White and colored clay pipes, axo 

20 Florafife Co.. PlorftflS, naar NaBftur*; 
— Plate glass for windows. 3x4 

86« Schmidt Brothers ft Siatera, Lo« 
deUnsSrt.«-Window.ghdS. 3x4 

27 Andris, Lambert, ft Co., Mar- 
«hicnn«-«u-PQnc, sear Charleroi (Uain« 
aut).— White window and heavy muslin 
glass. 3J4 

27^ National Glaas Works Joint Stock 
Co., Jumet.— Window glass. 3x4 

28 Baudboux ft Co., Charleroi.— White 
and colored window and unpolished and 
corrugated muslin glass, with variegated 
rosettes engraved and cut, ax4 

89 Baudoux, B., ft Jonel, Lodelinaart* 
— Colofcd and fancy window gfasis. 3x4 

do Bennert & Bivort, Jumet, near Char- 
leroi.— Window glass. 314 

21 Bottfl^ard, A., Le Brua. H.»ft Co., 
Roux, nearCharieroi.— Window ^ass. 3x4 

S2 Dorlodot, L. de, ft Co., Lodeltnsart. 

—Unpolished and oorrugalod wiZKioia 
glass, grqenbouse, cathedral, and stained 
. glass, old glass imitation. 3x4 

Sa Leoper. da. HaMin, ft Co^ Cour- 

cdles. — Window glass. 3x4 

24 Deaeant, J., ft Br9a.,Janset<— Win- 
dow glass. SX4 
85 Pourcauit-Priaon, A., ft Co., Dam* 
preniry» near Ckarleroi^— Window 
glass. 3X4 

26 Han a. Octave, ft Co., Jumet, near 
CharleroL — Window glass. 314 

27 Lambert, Caalmir, Son, Gharleroi.-* 
Window glass. 3x4 

28 Lambert, L., ft Qo.^ Hamandea 
Glass Works, Jumet.— Window glass. 3x4 

20 Leurant. Emile, Jumet (Heigne), 
near. Cbaskroi.-i^Glass cylinder. 9x4 

40 Mondron, Leon, Lodelinaart, near 
Charleroi.— 'Window glass. 9x4 

41 Monnover, J.| & Son, Dampromy, 
near Charieroi. — Window glass. ■ 314 

48 Morel, Alphonae, Lodelinaart, aeaf 
Charleroi. — Window glass. 3x4 

48 Schmidt, A.,ft Co., L* Alliance Glasa 
Works. Jumet (Brulotte), near Charleroi. 
—Window and fluted glass. 8x4 

44 Schmidt, Devilles, ft Co.. Dam- 
premy, near Charleroi. — Window 
ghoss. 3i-« 

46 Olasa Works Joint Stock Co.,Char- 
lerm. — Window glass. 314 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. S7~4$* 



Glass, Pumiturei Woven Goods. 

46 Plate Glass Manufticturing Joint 
Stock Co., Courcelles, near Charleroi. — 
Clean polished and plated glass. 224 

47 Hainaut Glass Manufscturing Joint 
Stock Co., Roux, near Charleroi.— -Plate 
glass for windows, silvered g^ss, sampks 
of plate glass at diflfcrent stages of manu- 
facture. 214 

48 Glassware ft Plate Glass Manu- 
facturing Joint Stock Co., Brussels. — 
Framed plated and unplated mirrors. 914 

49 Bougard, A., Manage (Haiaaut).— 
Crystals. 316 

50 Boussu, Familleureux ft Blanc 
Misseron Glass Works J[oint Stock Co., 
Boussu, near Mons (Hainaut). — Crystals 
and half crystals, dinner service, and arti- 
cles for lighting. nA 

Fitmitiire uid Ol^ectf of General Use 
in Conttruotion and in Dwellings. 

61 Demeuteti Leopold, Son, Bmssels. 
•—Furniture and hangings. 217 

58 Goyers, J. A. ft H., Bros., Louvain.— 
Pulpit ia the <^ive style. aij 

54 Snyers, Rang, ft Co., Brussels.— 
Carved Walnut furniture, renaissance style, 
ebony inlaid with ivory. 317 

55 Teugels, Emile, Malines, Province 

of An vers. — Carved furniture, a chafr of 
the sixteenth century, a Flemish chair of 
the sixteenth century. azy 

56 2ech. H., Malines.'-Bbony bureau, 
arm-chair, and book-case. 9x7 

57 Boucneau, Leon, Schaerbeek. near 
Brussels. — Marble mantelpiece, Belgian 
mosaic marble panels for dining-room 
decoration, brick pavement and Belgian 
mosaic marble table. a>f 

58 Ouyanx Bros., Bouffioulx, near 
Charleroi.— Black marble, St. Anne man- 
telpiece. 8x7 

59 Lintelo, A., Brttssels.^CIockt aad 

marble slabs. 2x7 

60 Parmetatter, Gosset, ft Co., Sivrv 

(Hainaut). — Marble mantelpieces with 
vases and clocks. 91 7 

61 Tainsy, F.i Brussels.— Marble man- 
telpieces. 227 

6S Brodure, Mathieu, Spa^-Painted, 
varnished, and gilt wooden work. 3x9 

63 Bronfort Bros.; Spa.— Painted and 
ornamented wooden boxes, eto. 319 

64 Debrus-Leclaire (widow). Spa^— ^ 
Painted and ornamented wooden boxes, 
etc. axg 

65 Debrus. Willem Alexandre, Spa. — 
Wooden Doxes, etc. 119 

66 Krins, E., Spa.— Wood carvings. 3x9 

67 Van Glnderdeuren, Brussels,-^ 
Wood carvings, furniture. 319 

68 Costemians, Jean, Brussels.— 
Hearth of the Flemish renaissance. 333 

69 Miedel, Dieudonn6. Sombreffe, near 
Gemblonx, Province of Namur. — A brick 
layer veniilntor for chimneys and coal- 
mine pits. ssa 

70 Serta, G. N., Director of the State 
Railroad.— A plan for utilizing the heat 
wasted by kitchen (itovei, and a heating 
and ventilating Ky«tcni for pafiseitgur rail- 
road cars. 333 

'TT classes of exhibitH, Jinli. nJe.l b • mimlwr. 

71 L^Eclair Joint Stock Co., Kessel- 

Loo, near Louvain (Brabant). — Match 
tapers. aaj 

78 Pas, Gerard, Brussels.— Silver, 
copper, and bronze household utensils. 224 

74^Treindurous, N. ft J., Bros., Saint 
Gilles, near Brussels. — Polished, varn- 
ished, bronzed, enameled, plated, and 
wrought iron household utensils. 224 

75 Valania. Jean, Ixelles, near Brus- 
sets. — Macnmes for confectioners. 224 

76 Vandarrest, Gnillaume, Brussela. 
•—Machine for the manufacture of swcct- 

76a Dogny, Jean Baptiste, Braaaels.— 
Balusters, omamenu for door panels, 9»f 

Tami and Woven Goodi of YegetaUa 
or IClneial Uateiiala. 

77 Baertsoen, A., ft Buysae, A., 

a Cotton textile fabrics. 9jt> 

i Linen textile fabrics. 233 

78 Smet,, ftCo..Ghent.— Threaid 
in packages; warped, unbleached and 
dyed skeins. ajc 

79 Desmet Bros., Ghent.— Dyed, 
bleached, and unbleached textile fab- 
rics. »3o 

80 Parmentier, Van Hoegarden ft Co.. 
Ghent. — Spun cotton, bleached and lUk- 
bleached printed cotton textile fabrics. 230 

SX Devos,Camille, & Brother, Court- 
rai. — Stun* for trowsers. 231 

82 Idlers, Smile, Auderghean^ near 
Brussels.— Spun cpttoaydyed Adrutnople 
red, etc. 231 

85 Brandt, Jacquee de, Alost. — Dia- 
pered and damasked table linen. 233 

86 Declercq, C&ement, Isegbem. East 
Flanders. — Twisted linen thread tor ma- 
chine and hand sewing. 233 

87 Govaert Broa., Alost, East Flan-r 
ders. — Canvas, sackcloth and bags for 
grain, guano, salt, etc. 233 

88 Leirens-Bnaert of Eliaert-Cools, 
Alost, East Flanders. — Thread and tow 
for weaving, scMring thread. 233 

90 Re y.senir". Brussels.— Linen fab- 
rics. 233 

91 Sak-Voldcrs, Joseph, Turnhout, 
Province of Antwerp. 'Tickings for be :!i 
and awnings. 3.. 3 

92 La Lys Co., Ghent.— Jute and linen 
thread. 233 

93 Van Damme Bros., RouJers, East 
Flanders.— doth. ' 353 

94Vande Wynckele Bros, ft AIs- 
berge, Ghent. — Tow and liiit;i ilircad 
bleached, at everj* stage. 233 

95 Wilford, William, Tamise, Bast 
Flanders. — Imperial CAtra flax, merchant 
and navy cinvas ; combed flax .ind thread 
■for its mamifacwsrc."' 733 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

96 Uaus^ur-Qerard, Son^ Verviers.-^ 
Carded woolen thread. 235 

99 Baras-Navaux, Verviers. — Cloth 

and woolen stuff. 23} 

100 Bettonville, Clement, Hodimont. 

near V crv•ier^. —Cloth and woolen 

»tuit. 92b 

ai end of entries. <tr ('InKsification. pp 77^45 

Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing, Stationery. 


101 Biolley,Pnui^ois,ft 8on,Verviers. 

— Ooch and woolen stuff. 335 

108 Biolley Bros, ft Co., Juslenville, 
near Vervien. — Cloth and woolen 
stuff. 235. 


Chatten, M., ft Co., Dison, near 

ervier* —Cloth and woolen stuff. 235 

104 Delhez Bros., Dison.— Cloth and 

•-<H>!en stuff. 235 

\)6 Dcvosse-Blaise, Dison .-^loth and 

wfvilcn stuff. 235 

1 01 Do!ne, Lekeux, ft Co., Dison.^ 

Cioch and wiwioi stuff. »35 

107 Domken Bros., Verviers.^-Cl o t h 
and woolen stuff. 235 

108 Orexe, H. ft J., Dison.— Cloth and- 
woolen stuff. 935 

109 Praiftck Bros., Dison.-^^oth and 
woolen stuff. 235 

110 Haosfoft, J. J., 0ts0t».*4:toth and 
woolen stuff. 935 

111 Hcnre. Fanchamos, Verviers.-> 
Cloth and-WTK^en stuff. 935 

118 Leclooz, Q. J., Dison.— Cloth and 
wooleti stuff. 235 

US LeJ*Qne.Vlaecnt, H. J., Dison.^ 
Cloth and wodea stuff. 935 

114 OliTier, J. T., ft Son, Vcrvlers.- 
Goch and woolen stuff, 935 

lis Peltzer ft: Son, Vervicrs.— Cloth 
and woolen stuff^carded woolen thread. 935 

116 Simonis, Iwan«-V\errlers.— Cloth 
and woolen staff. 235 

117 Tast*, J., Venrters.-'Cloth and 
woolen stuff, carded woolen thread. 235 

lit Wlhl, M..ft Co.. Ver^icrs.-Cloth 
and woolen stuff. 335 

119 Jsmme, Armand, Saint ' Hadelin. 
(Neswnvaux », near Verviere.— Carded 
woolen thread. 235 

180 Besasae, Charles. Lri^ee.— Pelt for 
pspdT nuuiufactitre, mg-end iabrfcs, 'atid 
woolen hcd blankets. 23,7 

ISlJacobs, PoeUert, ft Co., Brussels.— 
Woolen bed blankets. 237 

123 RoIin,H., Son, ft Co., Saint Nicho. . 
las. East Flanders.— Tartan shawls, thin, 
lig^t cloth, tweeds, waterproor«, lady 
doth, OuKy cloths* etc. 937 ' 

188 BraqueniA Bros., Malii es.— Ma- 
Uass tapestry. 2 39 

• Portrait of Rubens, panel from Galluit. 
i Portrait of Cousin, in Arabian coattiune. 
c Eight oanel.^ together, representing eight 
audi, fron. Olympus, w4in all then* attri' 
Dtjtes, from Aadran. 
if Full length paintihi;— style Loiti< XVI. 

8Uk and Bilk Fabric. 

ItiFonteyn Bros., Lede, i^t FUn- 
oers. — BUck silk goods. 245 . 

lis Van BeTIin^en, Jot., Son. Ant- 
werp.— Black silk caasimere, Antwerp 
silk and trimmings. 14I 

126 Van BelHngeo. J. H., ft Suremont, 
Max, Antwerp. — ^Antwerp black silk tis« 
sues. 24s 

Clothing, Jtmltf, 6to. 

Itt Dvjardin Bros., Leuse (Halnaut)* 
—Cotton and woolen hosiery. 250 

For classes of exhibiu. Indicated by na nbers at 

128 Lejrnen-Hougacrts, J. A. H., Peei, 

Province of Linibourg.- Church vest- 
ments, chasuble, and various embroid- 
eries. 250 

128/> Couvreur Sisters, Brussels.— 
Women's dresses. - 950 

129 Bouhon, Fran9ois, Verviers.— 
Wooden and other shoes. 351. 

131 Prenay Bros., Rodcnge-sur-Qeer 
(Liinbourg). — Braids and straw hats. 251 

182 Level, Leon, Brussels.— Kid 
gloves. 251 

183 Vandenboa-PMlman, Q., Ghent.— 
Shoes. 051 

134 Watrigant, Alphonse, Brussels.— 
Gentlemen's, ladies', and children's 
shoes. ^ 251 

135 Begerem, Ren6, Ypres.— Valenci- 
ennes lace. 252 

136 Crommelinck, Courtrai.— Lace. 959 

137 DsssonviUe, Courtrai.^- Lace, fjs; 

138 Declercq-Clement, Iseghem, Bast 
Flanders. — Common ■ Uce of twisted 
thread. 159 

189 X>«s Mares, P. T., Laekan, .near 
Brussels. — I..ace. 95s 

140 Vergnies, O. De, ft Sisters, Brus- 
sel$. — Lace. • 959 

141 t)u den Bros., Brussels.— Lace. 959 

142 Everaert, Julie, ft Sisters, Brus- 
sels. — White and black lace. 959 

143 Bruyneel, senior, Orammont.— 
Black lace. ags 

144 Qroote, Vierendeel de, Qrammont. 
^-Black lace. ^ 959 

145 Everaert - Leclcrcq, Jules, Qram- 
mont. — Black lace. 959 

146 Everaert Sisters, Orammont.— . 
Black lace. 959 ' 

147 Ghya-Bruneel. Orammont.— Black 
lace. 959 

148 Leclerq rwidow), Orammont.^ 

Bl.'ick l.icc. 359 

148 Saligo-Vandenberghe, Gramiaoat. 

— Black lace. 959 

1 50 GiUon-Steyaart, Courtiai.— Valen- 
ciennes lace. . ^ 959 

151 Rectem, Jean, Brussels.— Qold . 
embroidered picture. 959 

159 Sacr6, L., Brussels.— Lace. 939 
158 Vandezande-Ooemaere, Courtrai: * 
— Vnlcncientifes lace. 259 

154 Verdft, Delisle.Bros., ft Co. (ladia . 

Co.?, Bnwsek.-^T.ace. ^52 

156 Coryn, Jules, Qhent, Bast Pla;sders. 

— Chignons and wiijs. 854 

157 Gossieaux, P^.Ucian,. Wavra (^ttt ; 
bant\ — Hair picture. (54 

157a Graf, Emile, Son, mse.— Trantr. 


Paper, Blank Booka, Stationery.. . 

1 58 Vandamme, Pierre Jean. Brussels. 
— Proofs of steel engraving tor stamping 
with colors, illuminated with gold and 
Siiv<r,chMmosrlnM4indc6atjrofarm8. 9)8 . 

159 Braff, Pfcffer, ft Co., Ghent.— Raw 

material for the manufacture of paper, 
worked and cleaned rags, and old paper. 959 
Old of entries, see Classification, do. 9j-a% 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Animal and Veget^^le Products. 

160 De MetmacckeF, Pr., BlruMeU^-* 
Samples of trindeiy work. s6z 

161 De Tournay - Catala, BruiMls.— 
Printing, writing, and wrapping paper, 
and pasteboard. 259 

162 PoissoDoies, Jemn Baptiate, Brus- 
sels.— Cases for jewelers, confectioners, 
druggbts, etc. ; card of samples. 262 

168 Daye, P» ft Co.. Scharbeek, naar 
Brussels.— Pressed leather, pasteboard 
made from Cordoue and Malines old 



WaapoBi, ete. 

164 PttSDOt, Charles, ft Co., Cttreghem, 
near Bnissds.— Cartridges for weapons 
of every description. 365 

165 Heqsc, Brnsst. NessoBTaux, near 
LKge. — Gim-barreu. 365 

1 66 Mairlot ft House, Pralpont (LUge). 
— Gun-barrels for wamre and export. 305 

167 Bayet Bros., Lifegoi— Pine weap- 
oos. 309 

16S Neumann Bros., Liige.— Double- 
barreled hunting guns. 369 

169 Tambeur, Michel, Liige.— Hunt- 
ing weapons. ^ 369 

Kedioina,, Surgery, (rotheiii. 

170 Depuy, Barthtiinay, Brussels.— 
Pharmaceutical' preparations, pamphlets 
on toxicoIc>gy, pnarmacy, ana hy- 
giene. 373 

178 Ouilleiy, Hippolyt^, Brussels. 
—Sanitary i«port^thebattle-fieid at Se- 
dan in X870; apparatus for the rapid 
dressing of wounds on the battie»fidd, 
etc., and for the treatment of limb frac- 
tures. 376 

174 Hermant, Emile, Bruges.— Trea- 
tise on flying ambulances, model of anv* 
billance nags adopted oy the Belgian 
govemmentj memoir cf the military 
I^iyeteiBn. S7« 

1 74« Buys, Lr.. Brussels.— Car for the 
aaaspott of lue sick and wounded. 378 

HaHhrare, Xdse Tools, Caflerj, and 
Ketauio Produoti. 

17 A Lambert, A. de, L16g«.— Piles for 
watchmaken and jewelers. 380 

1764jean, Smile de, Brussels.— Col- 
lection of iron and tools for horse-shoeing. 

176 Constant, Bmile. Monceau-sur- 
Sambre, near Charieroi. — Cheese-vat 
bolts, damps for rails, riveu, tinkers' 
ware. 384 

177 Bemaaet, Albert, Qosselles (Hain- 
sut). — Forgeid nails. 384 

175 Pondu. Jean Baptlste, Brussels.-^ 
Locksmiths' work, locks for vehicles, car- 
riages, and railway cars; nickel ware 
used in construction. 384 

179 Hoorickz, Quillaume, Brussels.— 
Two laige chests— one representing as 
old-fashioned Flenush trunk, the other 
the present style. 384 

180 Nicaiss, Charles, Louviftra (Hain- 
aut). — Locomotive and other bolts, screws 
for locomotives, screw nuts, rivetv, 
clamps for rails, etc. 384 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

iaO« Pia» A. J., Braaaela.— KaiM. 

rivets, etc. 364 

larNicaise, PierMft Nicolaa. Marel* 
nelle, near Charieroi.— Bolts, screw-nuts 
and rivets, spokes, and round-nose chis- 
els, carriage tenders, clamps, etc. 384 

182 Velings ft Co., Chatelet, near 
Charieroi (Hainaut). — Iron wire, tacks, 


Pabries of Vegetable, Anlinal, or 
Kineral Xaterials. 

188 Ryckere, Edouard da* senior. Ise- 
ghem» East Flanders.— Brushes and pea- 
als. 386 

Oarriagei, VeMcles, and AeoesBoriei. 

184 Raytter, Charles de, (Hiant.— Car- 
riages. 99* 

186 V^a Akan* Icouls, AaTwa.— Car- 
riages, age 


Agrieidtaral Prodnota. 

1 Le Ballly*D*Iach«em, Visooaat 
Arthur John, ViUeaeuve, Switserland.— 
Cereals cultivated ki a sandy soiL tiao 

2 Ameye Berte, Rodolph, Ghent.— 
Qiiccoiv, zaw, w the pod, and masn* 
factureo. 693 

ft VaadendaeleO^ap^ Charlaa, Qui6- 
vrain (Hainault).— Ground mustard. 633 

6 Delanno3f, NichQlas^ToamaL.— Cho- 
colate. 633 

6a Mottie, lf«Ju9ru*«^Ie*-^'^obaccoaAd 
cigars. 623 

7 Joveaeau, Arthur, Toumai (Hatn- 

ault).— Powdered cocoa and chocolate; 
detail of chocolate manufacture. 613 

Animal and Vegetable ProdneU. 

9 Bodart. Ed.. Louvain (Brabant}.— 
Sheepsku»,wnite leather, morocco, salted 
roans. 653 

10 Bauffniet, T., ft Co., Brussels.— 
Crystallised blood. 659 

11 Lebermuth, J., ft Co.. Brussele.— 
Waxed leather and goat skins. 65* 

12 Ocreman, L., ft Witdoeck, B., Mech- 
lin, province of Antwerp. — Varnished 
skins. 65i 

18 Schmitx, P. A». ft Co., Kockelberg, 
near Brussels.— Skins for hats; manuno- 
tured morocco leather. ^ 

16 Versi-Spelmans, Brichot, Ant, ft 
Co., BniaeeU.— Curried leather. 65s 

17 Remy ft Co.. Louvain (Brabanl).-- 
Starch and similar products. 658 

20 Vanden4aele-Ricot, Ch., Quiivrsia 
(HainaultJ. • ' 

a Pear, apple, and bee^root syxupi. g^ 
^ Vinegar. w© 

21 Charlier, John BaptUt, Qhesb-- 
Beer. ^ 

22 De Beakelaer, P. X., Antwerp.-- 
Antwerp elinir, hnitenic cordhd. 660 

28 Melkior, P. J., Brussels.— Uqjiora. 


at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-45- 



Agricultuiml Prodacts and Machines. 


M BefaaMa, Pferry ft Co., Spa.— Cor« 

dial, minoal waterSp etc. 660 

%9 Schmidt, Bmfle, Bchatrlttck, aea* 

Brussels.— Bdg^ bktett, cordiai. 660 
87 Bergb, van den, ft Co., Antwerp.— 

Gin made from fine grains. 66a 

99 Wantcrs-de-Buascher, Mechlin, 

Proviaoe of ABiwerp.~'OordiaIs. 660 
tODammaa, Bdxn., Borgathout, naar 

Aotvcrp.— Ship biscuit. 6ti 

31 Convreur Siatera, Bruaaela.— Con- 


tatUa SalMtaaMi of ^Tbgttabls or 

tS LccUrcq, Henry, Courtraf.— > 
flaa. 665 

For danes of ejchibits, indicated by numbers 

88 Taulax-Bottelier, Charlea, Brugea. 

East Flanders.— Uakum, flax. 660 

$6 MUtfeoder, S., Verviers.— Ploeka of 

wool and shearings. 667 

86 Delmotte, Hippolitua, Ghent.— 
White bristles. 669 

Xmnlementt* and Frooesiea 

of manufaotare. 

87 Dassoaville de Saiat-Hubert, L.- 

Namur. — Stones for grinding grain, ce- 
nents, eta. 674 

88 Vandandaele. Rigpt, Charlea, Quie- 
▼taia (Hainault).— Steam machine foi 
maauiacturing cniccory. 674 

at eadof eottiafty saanantfiflartna, ppb af^ig. 


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{North of Main Ais/e, Columns 60 to 65-.) 

Chemicals, Cermmics, Pttmiture, Woven Goods, Silk. 

Chemioal Manofaeturat. 

1 Mauhes, W. E., Amsterdam .—Sul- 
phate of ammonia. aoo 

2 Oorter, D. 9l S., Sneek.— Soap, oox 
8 Witlems, P.J.,8chlodam.~Oils. aox 

4 Sauden ft Ov., I»ef d«ai«— 8«aps. 901 

5 Henny, C. O., Deventer.— Glue, aoa 

6 Van Calker, P. W., Utrecht.— 
Glue. 9oa 

7 Verrocy ft Van Heusde, Tiel.— Dyes, 
turpentine, inks, wax, colors, salves, aoa 

S Qrootes, M.,Westxaan. — ^Bluein^^.aoa 

Leur. W., Schooten. near Haarlem. 

— Red lead made from iron ore. aoa 

10 Mills, M. A.— Inks. aoa 

11 Vriesendorp, H. M., Dordrecht.— 

Oils and varnish. aoa 

12 Lousbergh, V., Qravenhaffe.— Col- 
ors, aoa 

18 Van den Bergh, N. L. J., Arnhem.— 
Cologne. 903 

Ceramioi— Pottery, Poroelaln, Glasi, 

14 Van Bergen, A. H., Heiligertee, Pro- 
vince of Groningen. — Stone and drain 
tiles. ao6 

15 Van Henkelom, H. C, Utrecht.— 
Building stone. ao6 

17 Koolemans-Beijnen, C. O. Lr., Wil- 
leskop. — Architectural pottery. ao6 

18 Qoedwaagen, P., Gonda.— Chemical 
stoneware and stoves. aoy 

19 Pontein, R., Franeker.— Roofing 
tiles. acS 

20 Ravesteljn, H. F., Westraven.— 
Painted wall stone. ao8 

21 Bouvy, J. J. B. J., Dordrecht.— 
Glassware. 914 

Fnmitnre and Objeots of Goneral Use 
in Cone traction and in Dwelling!. 

22 Nooijen. L. J., Rotterdam.— Furni- 
ture and fancy articles. a 17 

23 Van Vliet. W. F., Gravenhage.— 
Chairs. aij 

24 Lowman, J., Zwo Us.— Folding 
screen. aij 

25 Van der Lngt, Gravenhage. — Furni- 
ture and fancy articles. 3x7 

26 Lrommen, C. H., Roermond.— Paint- 
ed and cut glass. 819 

27 Grolman, C. W., Utrecht.- Picture 
frames. aao 

28 Batenburg ft Co., Rotterdam.— 
I«amps. ^ai 

29 Cool, G. Thx., Amsterdam.- Man- 
tels. aa7 

"^or classei of exhibits, indicated by numben 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Kiaeral Xaterial*. 

81 Director of PrUon, Utracht.— Mat- 

. ting and rugs. si^ 

82 Ter Horst, J. H.. Ry«sen. 

a hxlc matting. •39 

B Linen. ^ 

88 Amtxenius. Janoink, ft Co., Qoor.— 

Fish nets and yam. sy 

84 Hilversumsche Spinning ft Weav- 
ing Manufactory, Amsterdam. — Spua 
and woven cotton goods. ryt 

85 Planteijdt, L., Krommeaie.— Thread 
cloth and canvas. a^ 

86 Maas en Zonen, A. B., Scheveningee. 

— Fish nets. ago 

87 Bottenheim, D. & 8., Amsterdam.— 

Yams. ajo 

88 atork, C. F., Hengeloo.— Colored 

woven goods. S31 

89 3winkels,W., Heimond.— Yarns. 931 

40 Veltman, J. A., jr., Amsterdam^ 
Covers and scar&. 93s 

41 Veetman, J. A., Amsterdam.— 
Scarfc. ' •* » ^ 

42 Blias, J., Strijp.— Table cloths, nsp- 

kins, and dress goods. 933 

48 Nieuwenhuizen ft Van Stratum, 
Geldrop.— Towels, napkins, and table 
cloths. 833 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 

44 Tilburg Woolen Manufacturing 
Co. — Flannels, opera cloaks, and fiutcy 
goods. 83i6 

45 Zaalberg, J., Leyden.— Woolen cov- 
ers. , »37 

46 De Lange, A. G., Delft.— Imitation 
Smyrna rugs. 939 

47 Garjeanne, A. G., Delft.- Imitation 
Smyrna carpets. 23$^ 

48 Royal Carpet Manufactory, Deven- 
ter. — Deventer hangings. 939 

49 Prins, M.J Deventer.— Artificial wool 
and cowhair carpets. 239 

50 Van Leer, B., Amersfoort.— Hsng- 
ings. 939 

51 Vselo, P. J., Gravenhage.— Sofii 
cloths. 941 

811k and 811k Fabries. 

52 Travaglino, P. J. ft W.J. P., Hasr 

lem.— Silks. 94* 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Omamenti; 
Traveling Equipments. 

54 Wienbelt.W., Deventer.— Boots. 25* 

55 Costermans, C, jr., Gravenhage— 
Tmnks, satchels, and bags. 955 

at end of entries, see ClassificatloQ, pp. 97-4S- 

Stationery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

Paper, Blaak Booln, and StaUonery. 

iS Loeber, Q.» Alki«terljUB.->8t«tion- 

ery. 258 

67 AbraluunB Bros., Middleburs*— 
Blank books. 361 

6i SimoDS, Ph., OrmTenhaffe.— Bind- 
ing for maps, etc 261 

SI Cramer, R. O. D., Ootmarsum.— 
i^nzeboanL 363 

1^ Yan der Burvh* M., Schiedam.— Imi-^ 



61 Van der Bureh, A. R. ft P., Rotter- 
dam. — Imitatioiis of marble and wood. 364 

6S Ri|permaa, C« J. P., Velxen.— Wood 

=— 364 

6S Dobbe, J. P., Oravenhage.— Wood 
araie paintii^. 



M Kerichoven, R., Utrecht.>~Wood and 


liOavamment Arm Mnftwftiafry, 
Ddft.— Anny rifle. 365 

W Betoo, J. P. de. Delft.— Breechload- 
iagiiSe. 365 

Kedioine, Surgery, Frotheiif. 

67 Van d« Lpo, J. P. H., Venlo.— Plas- 
ter and bandages. 376 

68 Schokking, J. A. J., Amsterdam.— 
Conical tube for injections. 376 

70 Krol, W., Kampen.— Plasters and 
bandages. 376 

71 Math^sen, A., Bndel.— Plaster and 
bandages. 376 

73 Gori, M.W.C., Amsterdam.— Water 
and land conveyances for sick and 
wounded. 378 

74 Committee on Sick ft Wounded 
Soldiers.— Work of the " Red Cross." 278 

Hardware, Bdce TooIb, Cutlery, and 
MetaTlio Prodnots. 

75 Erdman-Schmldt, J. D., Helmoad.— 
Cast engraving plates. 380 

77 Enthoven, H. 8., Zalt-Bommel.— 
TioKied iron kitchen utensils. 384 

78 Van Heukelom, H. C, Utrecht.— 
Machine screws. 384 

Fabrici of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral KateriaU. 

79 Reus, N., Psa, Dordrscht.*^l«us«' 

and ship bnishe*. sB6 



Minerals, Manufactures. 

Unenk, Ores, Building Stwnet, and 

1 Netherlands Commission. 

4 Gold, quisksi ver, lead, and hemadte 
iron ores ; sulphur, feldspar, quartz, por- 
phyry, trachyte, obsidian, garnet rocks, 
talc. I&atf schist. 100 

* Coal. xoi 

c Marbie, gnuitoe, sandstons, tyesite, dio- 


t Clays, chalk hamboc. 

KetsUurgieal ?roduott. 

/ GoM, from Soepayang. 
r Bode tin. 

Chemical Ifamifactnres* 
k Nutm^ soaps. ^i 

I ladSgo. J03 

For dawae of exhibits, indicated by numbers 


Oeramiei— Pottery, Poroelain, ete. 

y Water Jug. sxo 

Furniture and Objects of General ITie 
in Construction and in Dwellingi. 

A Table, benches, rocking chairs, foot- 
stools. 3X7 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Haterials. 

/ Mats, fabric of beaten bark. 909 

/ « Native cotton thread. ajo 

/i Native calico. 93a 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling jBquipmente. 

m Nadve garments of silk , cotton, etc. 350 
M Native caps, headkerchiefs, plaited hau, 
and Chinese slippers. 351 

l end of entries, see Qaasification, pp. 37-45 



Manufactures, Agricultural Products. 

Lace, silk embroideries, embroidered 
hanalccrchiefs, etc. 353 

/ SUver filigree neclclace, brooches, ear- 
drops, and bracelets. 353 

f Artificial flowers, lacquered boxes, cases, 
fruits, etc.; ntitmeg-tree made of 
feathers; flower baskets, cigar cases, 
vases, box, native boat and sedan chair 
made of cloves, book mark, tortoise- 
sfaell covers, madels of Malay dwd« 
ling, chapel, rice barns, baskets, tea- 
set of silver filigree work, etc. 854 

Weaponi, eto. 

r Native weapons, small models of inland 
arms. 365 

« East Indian weapons, creeses, swords, 
knives, sabres, head-choppers, blow 
pipes for arrows, arrows, and shields, 
(libaned by Hi& Majesty the King of 
the Netheruuids.) 965 

Kedioinot flugsry, Prothssia. 

I Alkaloids from cinchona bark, quinium, 
quinine, quinidine. cinchonine, cincho- 
nkline, and cincnona p«vder; giui 
damar, catechu. 97* 

Hsidwft, JBdffft TooiUf Gutteiys K»- 
tamo ProdiMts. 

u Small models of inland tools. 
V Rice knife. 


Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Xineral Xaterials. 

•r Ropes made of fibres of native trees and 
p1ah&. »&f 

jrBasketSy I^oqoere^ wooden box and 
tiays. 989 

Arborionl^re and Fsrest Prndnots.. 

y Cotton reels; East Indian loom; trunks, 
roott, barks, etc., of various speciea ol • 
the cinchona tree; collection of native 
woods; leaves, fruit, and pwlp of Hiet 
vegetable tallow tree; samples of bam- 
boo. 600 

t Ebony, sapan, and fustic woods. 601 

%a GutL-i-pcrcha, gutta-gitang, gutta«i6eaoe, ' 

India-rubber, agar-agar. gum beniamin, 

camphor, dragon's bloocl, vegetable talc, 

etc. ti03 

Kor classes of exhibits* Indicated by numbers 

ib Wild nuts, binamoe, langa bi4iaiK leao 
doeri flue seeds, sapo ranto, fruit, 
pMserved wild autnegs, etc. 605 

AgrionltiiTsl Prodnots. 

e€ Rices, hulled, tmhnlled, and in die sttik * 

millet, dragong wheat. 6ao 

dd Bienkoero and tarok roots. 6ca 

04 Coffees, teas, cocoa, nutmc;gs, white and 

black peppers, mace, cloves, tobacco. 

Land Animals. 
Jf Birds of Paradise. 

Xarine Anin^s, Xisli Cultuxe snd 



gr THpmrfisb^ 

Mother-of-peari sheOs. 

Animal and TegSfftMe iProduots. 

jf MlUoMnVnMti^ 6^ 

kk Tiger skins. 65* 

U Wax, 

mm Preserved" victuals. 656 

nn Arrow.root, sente, ketdla, red obi, tales, 

aren, cassava, and potato flmm. 
00 Sago. 

^ Sugars. on 

»ff Amckr 660 

rr Kajoe-poeti, Macassar, and Tekawan 


TextBe Stbitanbei' 6F TiigetiMil or 
Aalmll Orlfim^ 

A Kafo)0(colConX cafCQp. M$ 

// RaOile flsuL. lea^ir^, ttc.^ oaki*n ; fibrous 

matetiafi ffoiA ti^otafld ^laMs ; rattan, 

samanlxie pipit, and semanboc besar 

reeds. 666 

uu Imitation clove-tree. 709 

' 9 B4roofo^ Moena, f. C— Herbarinm 
exhibiting the dncnona cultivation in 
Java. 7»t 

3 KtfOCdCttdorp, J., Amsterdam.— Pho- 
tographs of the gDvemment cinckoaa 
establishments, and the Bouda Temple at 
Boro Bodaf . 4)0 

at end of entries, #wC 


by Google 



' {South afl9avt^ Coluvms it to ij.) 

Manufiftcturea, Education and Science. 

Ch tn ioal Ifinnfaotnrei. 

1 Atnaar^ Cbenical Works, Aalbor^. 

^Bicarbonate and carbonate of soda, aoo 

SHolfDblad, I,. P., Copenhagen.— 

S Ooldberi^, C. Hoegh, Copenhagen.— 
Vanah, aad wood polished widi it. aoa 

4 Hansen, C, Copenhagen.— Cheeae 
reppet extract aatd coleriog fluid; butter 
cokwing. 2oa 

ftjleycr ft Henckel, Copenhagen.— 
BMter and cheese coloring, cheese rennet 
extract, ▼amishes. 20a 

fltiise, A. H., St. Thomas. Wait 
bdics.— Donfale-distiUed bay spirit and 
vQafbaylonpaa. 9^3 

t g4™« Match Factory, Odense.— 
NaKha. fo^ 

Onaioi— Pottery, Porcelain, Olasi, 

I Hesse, Oeorg W., Copenhagen.— 

TcnaKsotta Tsaes, jugs, etc ao6 

9 town's. P., widow, Copenhagen.— 

T«na-ooiia vases, tazns, figures, etc. ao6 

10 Wendrich ft Son. Copenhagen.— 

Tma^CMU b«»«di«&, bovb, vases, 

U Roval PMeelain Ifannfisctory, Co. 

f poAaget.— Biwniit bas-reliefs after Thor- 
•auHca, exhibited by the Commis- 
swaer. «9 

IS Argentine Manufactory, Copenha- 
RiL— pQTcdain covered with copper, 
saTcr, and gold. 213 

hnitoreana Oloeottiof eeneral Use 
a GraitnutloB and In DweUingi. 

M Hsaaeo, Q. B., Copcnbagan.— Far- 

14 Meidel, P., Copenhagen. —Fire-proof 
'*'** 217 

li Christeaen, V., Copenhagen.— Sil- 
verware: large table ornament of silver, 
'cprecenttrw Art. Science, and Industry ; 
»ea :KR\lcoflee sets, etc. 2x8 

IBStenstrup, Copenhagen. — Sign 

Ja» f^^ 

Tanu and Woven Goodf of Vegetable 


jMistag, Tb., Aarhuas.-I>ye4 

V^dMMi of exhibits, hidicated by numbers 

Woven and Pelted Ooode of Wool and 
XiztoreB of Wool. 

IS MUller, H., Faroe Islands.— Woolen 
goods. 235 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Eqnipmente. 

19 MoUer, C, Copenhagen.— Water- 
proof oil clothing. 950 

19a Sorensen. C. P., Copenhagen.— 
Hand-sewed black coat, waistcoat, and 
pantaloons. 950 

20 Lars en, N. F., Copaahagen.— 
Gloves. 251 

21 Chriatesen, V., Copenhagen.— Jew- 
elry and ornaments. 253 

22 Aasam, H. M., Odense.— Tobacco 
pipes, etc. 254 

28 Ovre. Mra., Copenhagen,— Artiadal 
^ 354 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

24 Holmblad, L. P., Copenhagen.- 

Playing caids. sfia 

26 Hanaan, Carl, ft Co., Bbaltoft.— 

Impregnated pasteboard. ads 

Hardware, Sdffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
Ketallio Products. 

25* Engelbrecht, C, Copenhagen.- 
Pair of water-skates. 281 

Bdveationil Systems, Methods, and 

1 Hveiaet, G., Randers.— School 

n»aps. 300 

2 Simonaen,^^ C. Copenhagen.- 

• Punch, an illustrated paper. 306 
8 Steenberg, A., Copenhagen.-" In- 

dustndenden," an paper. 306 

Institntiotts and Organizations. 

* S'/*^"*"?* Oeorg, Copenhagen,— 
kthnographicnl collection, products, min- 
erals, etc., from Iceland and Faroe Isl- 
ands. 3^3 

5 MUIIcr, H., Faroe Islands.- CoUec 
Uon of birds, feathers, eggs, etc. 3x2 

6 Harboe. C. Copenhagen. — Ethno- 
gFspIu^ai collection ; prcSueu, aunerals, 
etc.. from Grcenlaad. 31a 

at end of entries, sea Classlficatioa, pp. 9r-4$. 



Science, Art, Machinery, Agricultural Products. 

Beientlflo and Philosopliioal Initrn- 
ments and Kethods. 

7 Bie, Cm Aalborg.— Arithmome- 
ter. 33k- 

8 Perslew. C, ft Co., Copenhagen.— 
Rq^ster for cars, etc. 393 

Engineering, Architectvffe, Haps, etc. 

9 The Royal Staff, Copenhagen.— To- 
pographical maps. 335 

10 Steen, C, ft Son, Copenhagen.— 
Geographical, historical, meteorological, 
and other maps. 335 


10a PJeldskov, V., Copenhagen.— Carv- 
ing in wood, ctacuectes, medals, etc. 405 
a Sailor. 
h Viking. 
e Crucifix. 
d Peasant. 
# Children. 
■/ Friends. 


i Goethe. 
/ Angelo. 
A H. C. Andersen. 
/ Oented. 


10^ Fertlew, C, ft Co., Copenhagen.— 
Lithographs. 413 

Industrial and Arohiteotoral De- 
signs, etc. 

\0e Hetsch, Chr., Copenhagen.— Archi- 
tectural designs. 441 

Kachines, Tools, and Apparatns of 
Kining, ICetallurgy, Chemistry, 
and the Eztraotive Arts. 

1 Ambroaiussen.O. P., Copenhagen.— 
Model ofascaiTold. '503 

Uaohines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, Pelting, and Paper- 

2 Tullesen, P., Lyngby.— Hair-braid* 

ing machine. 524 

Kaohines, Apparatus, and Implements 
nsed in Sewing and Making Cloth- 
ing and Ornamental Objects. 

5 Henriksen, H., Copenhagen.- 

ing machine. 531 

Machines for Printing, Making 
Books, Paper- working, etc. 

4 Hansen, R. Mailing, Copenhagen.— 

The tachygraph, operated oy electricity, 
and the type-writjug ball, operated by 
hand. 542 

Motors, Power Generators, ote. 

6 Qodfvedsen, R., Copenhagen .—Belt- 
ing, etc., for transmission of power. 553 

Per daises of ekhibits, indfeated by Buml>en 

Arboricnltnre and Porest Products. 

1 Halkier. P. A., Copenhagen.— Tim- 
ber, planks, boards, rough and finished, 
for buildings^ etc. Soi 

Agrionltnral Products. 

8 Wendt, Praotr, Roeskilde.- Rye. 
9 winter and spring wheat, barley, and 

Animal and Vegetable Produets. 

8 Daniah Preserved Batter Co., Aar- 
huus. — Canned bi:tter for expoit. 651 

4 Heymann, P. W., Copenhagen.— 
Preserved butter &r export, also butter 
which was at the Vienna Exposition in 
X873. €51 

6 Copenhagen Leather MaDufiaetoiy, 
Copenhagen.-— Consolidated leather soles, 
heels, sheets, etc. 65s 

6 Perk Packing Co., Copenhagen.— 
Lard packed in bladder. 6$* 

7 Erikaen, C, Lyngby. 

a Honey and wax. ^ 

b Mead. 660 

5 MUller, P. A. E., Copenhaffen.- 
Honey and wax. 654 

9 Herreborg, Otto, Copenhageit-^Pre- 
served fruit, v^ecablcs, jeiKes, etc. 656 

10 BrOndum, A., Cop0abjig«ii.— Com 
brandy and table Hquor. 660 

11 Aalborg Syrup ft Spirit Factory, 
Aalborg. — Table liquor and spirit. 060 

18 Anthony, P., Co p cnhagea.— ^lan- 
dies and uquors. 660 

1 3 Been, C. A., Copenhagen.— Uquora, 
etc, 66c 

14 Gottachalk, I. C, Holbek.— Es- 
sences. 660 

16 Heering, Peter P., Copeahagcn.— 
Cherry cordial. 660 

1 7 Loreaaen, !#., Aarhnua.— Bitter cor- 
dial. 660 

18 Odin Diatnieiy, Randera. — Cora 

brandy flavored with carraway seeds, table 
liquor, and rectified spirit. 669 

19 Sabro, I. C, Renders. — Bitters, 
etc. C& 

19a Parch, J., ft Sona, Nibe.— Alcohol, 
raw spirits, and brandy. , 660 

80 Schucani ft Wegmann, Copenha-' 
geo. — Liquors, bitteis^ etc. 660 

81 Svanholm Brewery, Copaahagen.— 
Beer for export. d69 

98 Ramaing, T., Aarhaua. — Choco- 
late. 661 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 

Animal Origin. 
88 MUller.H., Faroe Islanda.— Wool. «6f 

Machines, Implements, and Processes 
of Manufacture. 

84 Schiiltz, Thnrebyholni.— Model of 
milk cooler. 67} 

Agricultural SngiSMrliig and Ad- 

85 Aalborg Chemicel Worka, Aatberg . 
— Artificial bone manore. m 

at end of entries, see aasaificatfoa. pp. *^4S- 





{North of Nave ^ Columns 6 to tt.) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture. 

Chamieal KannfaotnrM. 

1 Ascptin Amykos Stock Co . 
m U]p»ala Aseptin, for preservation of jmovI- 
aoK and azdmal matcriaU. 900 

k Upsala amykos, used as a cosmetic. 803 

I Beagtason, B., Astra Torp, Tr«lle- 
bois.— Chemicals. 900 

4Frie«tedt, A. W., Stockholm.— 

Ckcmicab. 900 

i Gallberg Stock Co. (limited), Gfite- 
hax%. — Sulphuric add. soo 

6 Uljebolmea Stearlne Maavfkctur- 
IngSiock Co., Stockliolm. — Steariae can- 
dles, deiae, glycerine^ and stearine. sol 

7 Sjoberg, A. P., Malmtt.— Soaps, soi 

S Werner, C. O., Stockholm.— Bone 

eft. act 

14 Stnmdberg, Pr. Aug., JSnkoping.— 

Vandshesy ink. aoa 

17 Oranholm, J. P., Stockholm.— Rec- 
tiied amykos. 003 

18 Pauli P., Stockholm.— Essences, 
pufiiimrj, cosmetics. 303 

SI New Match Manufacturing Co. 

<fiaised), SiocklMrim.— Safety matches. 

M Berg, Oottfrfed Warby, Stockholin. 

— Gunpowder. 204 

» Blambacka Stock Co., Molkom. 

— Saiety matches and their raw mate- 

rak. ao4 

94 Onesta Match Manufactory, Stock- 
holm — Paiaffined safety matches. 004 

U Holmberg, Eric, S9dertelje.— Safety 
siatches. ao4 

i6 fiSokSDing Match Manafacturing 
Co. (limited), jSak9ping.— Safety 

IT Kreager, P. B., ft Jennings, Kalmar. 

—Safety matches. 304 

S8 Ellbo OSteborg Match Pactory, 

Goceboig.— Matches. 804 

MLindahl, J. P., Ralmar.— Safety 

Batches. 904 

50 Lover MaouDactnrlng Co. (limited), 
Kalmar — Matches. 904 

51 NorrkSping Match Manufacturing 
Co. (limited), Nonkoping. — Safety 
matches and appurtenances. 204 

%% Stregnaa Match Manufacturing Co. 

(Inniied), Stregnas. — ^Safety matches. S04 
SS Pboeaia Match Manufacturiag €0. 

(limited), Malm5.— Matches. 904 

S4 Vulcan Match Maaafaeturing Co. 

(limited), Goteborg.— Matches. 304 

far dassasof cshiMla, indioated by aumbcrs 

85 Westerrik Match Pactory, Wes- 
tervik. — Matches. 904 

86 Wiaby Match Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), Wisby.— Matches. 904 

87 Ystad Match Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), Y&tad.— Safety matches. 904 

Ceninies— Fottsry* Poroelain, OImi* 


89 Helstngborgs Iron and Stone Ware 
Manufacturing Co. (limited), Helsingboig. 
— Salt glazed clay goods. 907 

40 Hdganiit Coal Mining Co., H<x- 

a Fire clay goods. ' 207 

b Tiles for pavements. 908 

43 Ottttafaberga Manufacturing Co., 

a. Architectural pottery. 906 

d Faience. 9x0 

c Biscuit ware and parian. aza 

d Porcelain and Argentine. 2x3 

48 Rorstmnda Stock Co. (limited), 
a Faience. 910 

b Majolica and palissy ware. an 

c Biscuit ware and parian. sxa 

d Porcelain. 9x3 

46 Malm{) Porcelain Manufacturing 
Co., MalmS. — Porcelain for table use. 9x3 

47 Brusewits, Pr., LImmared.— Glass- 
ware. 9XS 

48 Reymyre Glass Pactory (llmitsd), 
Reymyni.— Glassware. 9x5 

Furniture and Ohjooti of General XTie 
in Constmotion and in BwelUngt. 

49 Backman, J. 





50 QlSmata Manufacturing Co. (lim- 
ited), Huddlnge.— Cottage furniture. 9x7 

61 Lrastbom, Iven, Stockholm.— Cup- 
board of birchwood. 917 

62 Peterson, C. E., Stockholm. 

a Table. 9x7 

b Frame. 990 

63 Rambach,C. Stockholm.— Chair. 917 

64 Ruoch, P. O., Q6teborg.— Japanned 
furniture. 9x7 

64<i Holm, P. P. W., Stockholm.— Pur- 
nuure. 2x7 

66 Sandberg, A. Cook, Stockholm.— 
Writing chair. 9x7 

66 Wablstr6m, S. Pr., Stockholm.— 
Willow furniture. 9x7 

at end of entries, see Classlfieattoa. pp. 97^5. 



Pumiture, Woven Goods, Clothing^, Stationery. 

57 Oaterberg,C. O.tJXder.BskilBtonm.- 
School furniture. ax7 

58 BruzewiU, Fr., Limmared.— Table 
glass. 3x8 

59 Goldamiths' Stock Qo. (Ilmitetf). 
Stockholm.— Silver tankard. tx8 

60 Gustafsbere Manufacturing Co., 
Stockholm. — ^Table china. sz8 

6 1 Rey my re Glass Factory (limited)* 
Kcymyra. — Table glass. ax8 

63 RSratrand Stock Co. (limited). Stock- 
X Table china. «t8 

> b Stoves. 33« 

^ 64 Bounders, J. ft C. Q., Macblne Co< 

(limited), Stockholm. 
a Heating apparatii5. aaa 

b Stove for smoothfng-lrons. aas 

66 Hedengren, A. F., ft Son, Bakilstuiuu 
—Stove sets. m» 

66 Eriksson, G., Eskilstana.— Brass 
doors for stoves. aaa 

66 Moberg Machine Ce., Stockholm.-*** 

Range. saa 

78 Elfvin^» C. E., StockhoIm.~AppA- 
ratus for cutting lamp wides. 2B3 

74 Kuntxe ft Co., Stockholm.— Water 
filters, refrigerators. 334 

74<K Kallinge Iron Works, Ronneby. — 
Kitchen utensils of iron and steel sheets. 


76JL%fqui8t, J. A.. Eskilstuna.—. 
Smoothing-irons. 225 

76 ^tfrk. J. O., EakiUtttna.-~Hardwa«e 
ofmoUtned iron. 337 

77 Dickson, James, ft Co., Sandarne, 
— Woodworlc for buildings. 337 

78 Bsscn, Baron H. H. von, Tldaholm. 
— Woodwork for buildings. 227 

79 Hedlund, Toh.» Eskiltuna. — Metal 
work for buildings. 237 

82 Wengatrtfm, J. O., Stockholm.— 
Manufactured parts of buildings. 237 

Yanu and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Uateriali. 

83 Anderson, T., Kjardingagi&rde. 
Gnosjo.— Wire and sieve cloth. aaS 

84 Berg, J. Th., N&iis, Floda. 

m Cotton yams. t3o 

b Pyed cotton yara. %y. 

86 Malmo Manufacturing Co. 
iUmited). Makno. 

a Cotton yams, 330 

h Dyed cotton fabrics^ 332 

87 Rosenlunds Spinning Co. (limited), 
GSteboiy. — Cotton yams and fabrics, ajo 

88 Johansson ft Carlander, QSteborg.— 
Calicoes. 239 

00 Stenburg's.O., Widow, J8nk6ping.— 

Linen fabrics. 233 

WoTon and Felted €k>odi of Wool, eto. 

91 Bergsbro Stock Co., Norrkdping.— 

Card-wool fabrics. 235 

08 Drag Stock Co. flimited), Norrkd^ 
ping. — Card-wool fabrics. 335 

08 I^andskrona Manufacttiring Co., 
Landskrona. — Card-wool fabrics. 235 

04 MalmS Woolen Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), MalmS.— Card-wool fabrics. 233 

05 Stockholm Woolen Manufactur- 
\nsL Co. (limited), Stockholm.— Woven and 
fefied goods of wool. 233 

Bilk and Bilk Fabrics. 

06 Almgrea, K. A., Stockholm.— Plain 
woven silks. 245 

Clothinr, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
IraTeling Equipments. 

08 Ek, J. A., Stockholm.— Military 
equipneats. ajo 

00 Femluad,, E. P., Stockholm.— Mil- 
itary and civil clothing. 250 

00 Heurlin, G. U., ft Co., Stockholm. 
— MitUary clothing. ajo 

01 Royal War Office, Department of 

Investment, Stockholai. — Complete eqmjv 
ment of foot and mounted soldiers ; sped- 
mens of doth , linen, etc. 350 

03 Swedmark, G., MalmS. 

a Leatlicr jackets. 990 

b Gloves. 351 

04 Wallgren, A. R., Stocktaolfli.— Mil- 
itary doching. 35B 

05 Forsell, Davtd, ft Co., Stockholm, 
a Hats sod caps. ajx 
b Furs. 356 

06 Jacobson ft Anderson, MalmS.— 
Gloves. 351 

07 Svanberg, C. B., JSnkSping.— 
Shoes. 351 

00 Tornberg, Olof, GStebory.—Boots 
and shoes. 351 

10 Odberg, C. R., Stockholm. — ^Hunt- 
ing boots. 351 

11 Peterson, C. £., Stockholm.— 
Embroidered portrait of Washington. 35a 

18 Klintbers. J. W., ft Co., Wlsl^.-- 

Jewelry made of petrifactions. asj 

13 Anderson, J., KjibrdingasirdSt 
Gjnosjo.— Pins. 354 

14 Berg, P. J., Ooteborg.— Wigs, 
braids, and chignons. 354 

14o Clarborg, T. A., Stockholm.— 
Jewel case. 354 

16 Berg8tr6m, P. N., Stockholm.— 

Furs. 396 

18 Royal Swedish Commission, 

Stockholm.— Life-site figures, dmsaed la 

national costume. 357 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

10 Berggren,A. N., Stockholm. — ^Pen- 
holdcTS of cork. 258 

20 Brunell, J. E., Stockholm.— Pen- 
holders of common reed. 258 

21 Klintbcrg, J. W., ft Co., Wisby.- 
Letter-preraes of petnfi&ctlons. 258 

22 Kullgren'a, C. A., Widow, Uddc- 
valla.— -letter-presses of polished gran- 
ite. 258 

23 Nordstrom, M. S., Stockholm.— 
Stamps itit marking on linen or paper. 358 

25 Munktell,J. H., Qrycksbo, Falun. 

a Filtering paper. 
b Wood puip. 


For dames of exbikks. indicated by nnmbeis at end of •ntrics. see Claaiifaition, pp. -vy^S^ 



Paper, W^apons^ Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

187 NyiibP«BtabowdFactofy,NyiM8, 

BIavida.<-PtttelK>ani. a6o 

13ft I^ewaphaiapt, Count, StMi^ Vfmpi- 
bohl, KatriBcholB.— 'Wood puip, chemi- 
cally prepared. 960 
130 Makatt Wood Pulp Manufacturing 
Co. (limiifxl), DcUryd; Elmhuk.— Wood 
puTp, chemicadly prepsured. a6o 
ni MaakedalMaavfiaetttriacCo.aift. 
ited), 0ddevaUa. 
« Wtapping, bagsing* and sketchvig paper. 

, a6o 

# Huudiiig pspers. 963' 

c Wall paper. 964 

132 Munksjd Paper Factory, JtfnkSp- 

ing. — ^Wrapping paper. 900 

ISS Rooendahi Manufacturing Co., 

Goteboig. — Paper pulp of wood and straw, 

paper. 960 

134 WargSns Stock Co., Rannum.— 

Printing paper ior newspapers. 360 

136 Litograeaka Stock Co., Norr- 


« Blank books, sets of account books, 

billheads, etc. 361 

i Playing cards. 363 

136 TidatrSm, C. W., Stockholm.— Ac- 
count books, portfolios. 361 

137 Djupafors* Manufacturing Co. (lim- 
ited), Kooneby, Djupafors. — Pasteboard ; 
builmng paper. 36a 

138 KSlUer ft Co., Malmd.— Playiiur 
cards. 363 

140 MunkaJS Paper Mill, JSnkdping. 
—Building paper. 363 

141 Edgren, Julius, J5nkdping.— Wall 
paper. 964 

142 Kabers, C A., Stockholm. -Wall 
paper. 364 

143 Mineur, C. O., Stockholm.— Wall 
paper, imitation of leather, and ornaments 
of wood pulp. 864 

145 Roaell, P. A., ft Co., J5nk5ping.— 
Wallpaper. 964 

Weapons, ete. 

146 Huaqvama Arms Manufacturing 
Co. (limited), Jonkoping. 

« Military small arms, muskets, and revolv- 

en. 365 

I Fire arms lor sporting and hunting. 969 

147 Royal War Offlca, Artillery De- 

Ertment, Stockholm, 
ilitary small arms from the royal factory 
at Carl Gusta& Stad. 965 

t Field gun with carriage, ammunidon car- 
riage, field KMge. 900 
c Fortification ordnance with carriage and 
shoa. 967 

148 Motala Mechanical Works Co. 
(limited), Motala. — Hoops for guns. 966 

149 Pahncrants, Helge, Stockholm.— 
Mitradleuse. 966 

130 Ekman, Carl, Finspong, ft Do Mari, 
A., Ankarsnun.— Steefguns and shot. 367 

161 Eskllstuna Iron Manufacturing 

Co. (limited), Eskilstuna.— Blades of 

, foils, and hunters' hangers. 


Co. ( Ill 

Xedloine, Surgery, Protkeftif . 

64 Pits, Q., Stockholm. — Medicated 
gelatine. 273 

65 Lamm, AxeU M., Stockholm.— 
Gftlvano-Caustic' iipparatus, gyoecoiogi- 
cal apparatus. 375 

66 lloy«I War Office, Sanitary De- 
partment, Stockholm. — Suigical iiistru- 
meoit for nilitfiry use. 976 

57 Stille, Alb., Stockholm.- Surgical 
• imtniments. 87C 

68 Zander, O., Stockholm.— Appa- 
ratus for mechanical gymnastics. 37^ 

Hardware, Edffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
MetaBie Products. 

69 Eskilstuna Iron Manufacturing 
Co. (limited). — Screw plates and 
hinges. 980 

60 triberg, B. ft O., Roaenfors. 

« Edge tools. 980 

^ Cuuery. 981 

61 New File Manufactory, Eskils- 
tuna.— Files. 980 

62 Oberg, C. O., ft Co., Eskilstuna.— 
Files. 980 

68 Fagerata Iron ft Steel Works, 


a Saws. 980 

S Nails. 984 

64 Uddehotm Stock Co. (limited), 

a Hand tools. 380 

3 Springs and hardware. 984 

66 EngstrJSm, Joh., Eskilstuna.- Ra- 
zors. 381 

66 Gustafson, O., Eskilstuna.— 
Knives. 381 

67 Hailing, A., Eskilstuna.- Knives. 


68 Heljestrand, Christoffer, Eskils- 
tuna.— Razors, knives, and corkscrews. 


69 Sti&hlberg, L. P., St£lhlfors.— Cut- 
lery. sSi 

70 S vailing, E. M., Eskilstuna.— 

Knives. 981 

71 Stfderin, P. W., Eskilstuna.— 
Knives. 981 

72 Hedlund, Joh., Eskilstuna.— 
Locks. 384 


168 NorrstrSm, C. A. ft C. H., Eskils- 
tma.— Hunting knives. aiSiS 

fir dMMi of eariiibits, tndicated by numbeit 

8 Jernberg, 8., Eskilstuna.— 
Latches. 384 

4 Lafqvist, J. A., Eskilstuna.- 

76 LagerbKck, H., Eskilstuna.— 
Locks. 984 

78 Stenman, F. A., Eskilstuna.— 
Locks. 984 

79 Strandberg,J., Eskilstuna.— Brass. 


81 Wal*n, Job., Eskilstuna.— Locks. 


82 Johnson, A. ft Co., Stockholm.— 
I Cart springs. aSf 

at Mid of entries, see Claasificatlon, pp. s^45- 



Metal» Leatb^, Wooden Ware. 

188 Kallinse Iron Works, Romeby.— 

Nails. 384 

183a New OeUivan Co. (limited), 
Lulei.— Nails. 284 

184 Robaon, Albert, Aepa, Askorfeund. 
— Oak spikes. 284 

185 SundstrSm, J, O., Charlottenbexf . 

^Nails. 984 

187 WiklQQd, W., 8tockholm.->BrMa 
bardwarc. 984 

7«briM of VemteUe, Anlmil, or 
Mineral HatoriaU. 

189 Tuxen, Louis von, Stockholm^ 
Fabrics of pafeent leatiier. 985 

190 Olason, M., ArniU, Lliia.~Flower 
stand, wiflow chair and basket. S89 

191 Kallinse Iron Works, Ronneby.- 
Galranizcd iron vessels. 391 

199 Kmrlskronn Onlvuiisltti: Stock Co. 
limited), Karlskxona.— GalTanixed sheet 
unos. S91 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by ounbcis at end of entries, see CHumrsrimi, pp. S7-4S> 


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{North of Nov*, Columns 4 to 7.) 

Textiles, Ceramics, Woven Goods, Clothing^. 

CbeniMl JCsnufaotareB. 

I Bergen G«a Works, Bergen.— Sal- 
pfcAie of ammonia, raw and refined, aoo 

U Bergen's Commercial Association, 
Begea. — Cod-liver oil. aoi 

S Borthcn, J., Trondhjem.— Medical 
ood-iivcr oO. aoj 

> Hanetirn, P.» Aalesund.— Medical 
ood-Uver oil. 201 

4 Devoid, L. C, Aalesund. -Medical 
ctid-liTer oiL aoi 

i« Henriksen, J. H.,Troms6.— Medical 
cod-liver oil. 201 

I Jordan, C, Troadl^em.— Medical 
ood-Iiver oil. aox 

% Holler, Peter, Christiania. — Cod- 
ivcroil. 90X 

6« Bordewick ft Co., Lynsiror.— Medi- 
cal ood-liver oil. aoi 

7 Steea, Daniel, Christlanla. 

a Soaps. aox 

h EaMoceSy pcrfiimery, pomades, coamet- 

icft. ao3 

8 Hotmea's, O. R., Technical Works, 
Fucieiaiig, Christiania.— Writing ink, 
ascpcine, diamopU oil blacking, grease 
fcrkalber. aoa 

10 Rpde, C. N., Porsgrund.— Scandina- 
vian ink, writing and copying, dark vio- 
let oopyiag ink. aoa 

II Pettersen, Andr., Bergen.— Hair 
dreuii^ ana perfumery. 003 

IS DimaJleortk, Christiania.— Matches 
from Bryn manufiictory. 204 

10 Jo 1 sens, H.. Match Manufactory, 
Christiania. — Matches. 204 

n NItedals Match Mannfhctory. Chris- 
tiania.— Safety and common matches. 904 

OnuBios— FottSTj, Poroslsia, eiati, 

l7«Havnvea*a Works, Christiania.-^ 
Tiles and bricks. ao6 

18 Schwarsenhom, Fr. toa, Chrtsti- 
■naa. — Painted and decorated porco- 
Lin, 213 

19 Hardal, Biri, Hadeland ft H5vik's 
Gb» Works. 

« Win(knr glass. 2x4 

* Pottles. 2x5 

t ('Ussvare. a 16 

13 Bergen's Glass Works.— Floaters. 


''•rcLRSc* of PThihiiA. inHidird by n«iml>c»' 

Fnrniture and Objects of General tJse 
in Constmetion and in Dwellings. 

81 Oram, Wm., Christiania. 

a Antique bedstead and cupboards. 317 
b Anttaue brass and copper dishes. 3i3 ' 
e Candlesticks. 223 

22 Hoist, Chr., Head Steward to His 
M.'kjesty tbe Ring, Christiania.— Buffet 
chairs, antique arm chairs, peasant 
chairs. 217 

23 Klemetsen, Chr., Christiania.- The 
fittings of the Norwegian section. 2x7 

24 Moestue, Thv., ft Co., Christiania.— 
Iron safe. 217 

25 Opsahl, P. J., Christiania.— Iron 
sales. 217 

28 Drammen Foundry and Mechanical 
Works, Drammen.— Stoves. 22a 

29 Nord A Son, M. E., Christiania.- 
Refrigerator. 224 

80 O. Jacobsen's Mechanical Works, 
Chrutiaaia. — ^Mechsnical mangle. 225 

{.For ttovt*. set/offi 88,) 

\For doorJumdU*, stt pagt 88.) 

Turns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
sf Kinsral Hatoxisls. 

81 Christiania Sail Cloth Manufactory, 
Christiania.— Sail cloth, fishing yams, 
etc. 230 

32 Nydalens Company, Christiania.— 
Cottons, sail cloth, tissues, and yarns, fish- 
ing nets, etc. 230 

34 Bche, J. D., ft Son, Bergen.— Floor 
oil clotltt and painted window blinds. S34 

Woven and Mied Goods of Wool and 
Xiztnres of WooL 

86 Pettersen, Qunerius, Christiania.— 
Textile domestic industry ; valises. 238 

ClotUnff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Trsvsliag Bqnipments. 

40 Falkenberg, Johs., Christiania.- 
Ready-made linen. 250 

41 Nttss, H. 8., Christiania.— Boots 
and shoes. 251 

42 Nordahl, Fetter N., Christiansand.— 
Boots. 251 

48 Falck-Yster, Christiania.— Snow 251 

44 Gramm, Wm., Christiania. 

a Collection of antique and modem silver 

nrnaincnts worn upon the person. 253 

6 National co<itumes from Hardanger. 25; 

I viul .'f t-niries. •.«« Clx<>»ificatioii, pp. 27-45. 



Fancy Goods, Paper, Hardware, Carriages, Machinery. 

46 Lie, P. A., Chri8ti«nia.~SlWer fili- 
gree worWin Norwegian style. 253 

45a Olscn, Th., Bergen.— Pill^ree silver 
ornaments. 353 

46 Tostrup, T., Christlania.— Silver 
work ; silver filigree work is specific Nor- 
wegian style. 353 

49 Kitteisen, Jens, Christlania.— Va- 
lises. 955 

60 Brandt, C, Bercen.—Part, skins, 
etc. 350 

61 Rustad, A. 8., DraoBmea.->CoUec* 
tiou of Norwegian furs. 356 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

68 Hanebors, A. 0.« Christiania. 

a Paper. 260 

b Wood pulp for paper manufacturing. 963 

64 Moestue, Thv., ft Co., Christiania. 
a Account books. a6t 

b Pasteboard boxes. 36a 

66 Christophersen, Chr., Christiania.— 
Wood pulp for paper manu&cturing. 263 

66 Prolich, P. H., ft Son. Christiania.— 
Paper Ikaugings and borders. 264 

Xilitary and Haval Armaments, Ord- 
nanee, Firearms, and Hmtinff Ap» 

67 Gram, William, Christiania.— An- 
tique weapons. 268 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothesia. 

68 Ditten, H. S.,Chrtstiania.— Aperient 
tonic pills, tourist pharmacies. 273 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Caflery and 
Xetallic Prodnets. 

68« Bennett, T.— Cutlery and carved 
goods. aSx 

69 Michelsen, John B., Bergen* 

a Cutlery. 281 

b Brass goods. 283 

e Carvings in wood and walrus teeth. 405 

69<x Smith, William.— Knives with 

carved handles. 28t 

60 Blunck, C, Christiaaia. 

a Metal hollow ware, cast iron ware. 283 
b Pumps. — Sfo 

c Fire engines. 564 

61 Krogstad Society, Drammen.— 
Nails and spikex, macBine-nuNle by hot 
and cold process. 284 

6I0 Opsahl, P. J., Christiania.— lAMks. 


{Ftr anehcrtf chains^ a$ul ttcves, *m 
For dasses of exhibits, indioated l>y numbers 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Kinerid KateriaU. 

66 Fredriksvorn Rope Manufactory, 
F red riksvom.— Cordage. 287 

66 Kuhne, W., Chri8tiania.--Basket 
■ ware. aSj 

Carriages, Vehioles, and Aeoessoriei. 

67 Heflermehl, L., Dramm^i. 

a Carriages (kariolsj. sjs 

b Racing tiedge. 39$ 

68 Sorensen ft Klovatad, Chriatlania.— 
Carriages (kariols). a^t 

69 Christensen, Chr., Chriitiadia. 

s- Kariol. 293 

b Antique sleigb. 295 

70 Falck-Ystor, Christiania.— Fisher- 
man's ice sledge. sgs 

ICotors, Power Generators, etc. 

71 CMerdrum, Otto. Christiania.— Hodd 

of self-acting smoke-consuming appantai 
for boilers. 530 


78 Klem Hansen ft Co., 


78 Ro«d Works, near SandeQord.— Ro- 

tating steam-engine with boiler and I 
water heater. 


Hydnanlia and Pnenmatia Appanstoi. 

74 Blunck, C, Christiania. 
a Pumps. s^ 

b Fire-engines. 564 

Aerial, Pnenmatis, and Water Tram- 

76 Arenti, Hjalmar, Christiania.- 
Models and drawings of iron ships. 594 

T6 Board of Commerce, AalBSUfld.- 
Models of fishing boats. 594 

77 Brandi, J., Christiania.— Drawing! 
and models of sailing vessds. 594 

78 Brunchorst ft Dekke, Berges.- 
Models of sailing vesseb. 59^ 

79 Graa,Jens, Bergen.— Models of ssil- 
ing vessels. 591 

80 Hansen. Carl A^ Porsgrusd.- 
Models and drawings df sailing vessels. 


81 Museum of Hergen, Bergen.— >!lo<i- 
els of fishing boats. 594 

88 Naval Establishment of Cari Jobaas- 
vtem . Horten .—Models of boats. 394 
at end of entries, see CUsiilication, pp- s7-45- 


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{North rfNave, Cohmms / U s*) 


Chemieal MantifaGtareg. 

1 Mioeraloi^ical Society of Naplea.— 
Solphorottt products. aoo 

t Salinella, Baron Michele, Nicosia, 
Caunia.— Rock salt. aoo 

S Muaameei, OuUI Qaetano, Catania. 
—Liquorice. , aoo 

4 Giacomaxxi. Favare Salvatore, Tra- 
' isalt. soo 

5 Ofacomassi, Rocco, T r a p a ni.-- 
Liquorice. aoo 

6 Martorana, Paladino 3., Trapanl.— 
S«a salt. aoo 

7 MaxuUo, Cav. Asoatino, Mandanui, 
Silcssina.— Rock !uut. aoo 

8 Pirrone, Antoaiflo.ofGactano.lCes- 
lina. — Liquorice. aoo 

9 Labonia, B. Q., Naples.— Liquo- 
rice, ago 

10 Romano, Qaetano, P a 1 e r m o.— 
Sail. aoo 

11 Perrino, Cesare, Turin. 

A Nitrate. aoo 

h Colon in powder and paste. aoa 

It Baroncelli, Baldasaarre, Cinclano. 

Sioana. — Bicarbonate of potassium and 

sodium. aoo 

IS Boreltl, Lalfffl, late Tommaso, Asti, 

Alexandria. — Cream of tartar, acids, aoo 

14 Reimandl, GiU8e|>pe, Acqui, Alex- 
andria.— Oeam of tartar, tartaric 
ackL . aoo 

15 Oentili, Qraaain!, late CHoaeppe, Pa- 
cha.— Cream of tartar. aoo 

16 Sbertoli. Qiuaeppe, late Domenico, 
Genoa.— Oubooate of lead. aoo 

17 Candiani & Biffi, Milan.— Adda and 
chemicals. aoo 

It Bramanuele, Franceaco. Catania.— 

Cr«moftart<^. aoo 

19 Qrimaldi, Qiovanni, Patemo, Sicily. 

— Extraa of liquorice. aoo 

to Pastore. Qic, late Filippo, CaUnia. 

— Jnice of liquorioe. aoo 

tl Grasao, Qiuaeppe, Catania.—Juice 

of liquorice. aoo 

%% Cataamro, Giuseppe* Termini, Pa- 
lermo. — Liquorice pa.ste. 200 

8S Lancia di Brolo, Duke Federlgo, 
Pskrnio.— Sea salt. aoo 

84 Ponxo, Domenieo, Catania.— Cream 
of tartar. aoo 

tS Di. Mauro, Francisco, Catania.— 
Cicam of tartar.. 200 

26 Scuderi, Giuaeppa, Catania^— Cream 
of tartar, samba. aoo 

27 Rampaxxini. Frederico, Milan.— 
Sulphur and cnemicals. aoo 

28 Solinaa, Arraa Qiuaeppe, Saaaari.— 
Olive oil. aox 

29 Oneto, Affostino, ft Co., Bampier- 
darena, Genoa. — Soap. aoi 

80 Acoatini Delia Seta, Count Alfredo, 
Pisa.— Olive oil. aox 

81 Cenami, Count Bartolomeo, Lucea. 
—Olive oil. aoi 

82 Mingori, Vincenzo, Lucca.— Olive 
oil. aox 

88 Tellini, Vincenzo,Calc{, Pisa.— Olive 
oil. _ aot 

84 Tellini, Dario, ft Co., Caacina, Pisa. 
—Olive oil soap. aox 

85 Bonei, Casuctlni Ottavio, Sienna.— 
Olive oil. aox 

86 Contucci, Bustachio, Montepu- 
leiano. Sienna.— Olive oil. aox 

87 Lanxa Bros,, Turin.— S tear is e, 
candles, soap. aox 

88 Rinaldo, Raffaele, Salerno.— Olive 
oil. aox 

89 Guglielmini, Andrea, Salerno.— 
Olive oil. aox 

40 Virgin, Angelo, Vacone, Perugia. 
—Olive oil. aox 

41 Rosselli Del Turco, Pier Francesco, 
Florence.— Olive oil. aox 

42 Capponi, Conti Bros., Floience.— 
Olive oil. aox 

48 Alii Maccarani Claudio, Florence.— 
Olive oil and paste of Zanxa. aox 

44 Corsini, Prince Tommaso, Florence. 
—Olive oil. aox 

46 Merlini, Alfonso, ft Enrico Bros., 
Terriciuola, Pisa. — Olive oil. aox 

46 Farinola, 
Olive oil. 

M. Paolo, 


47 Albergotti, Geo., ft Agostlno Bros., 
Arexzo.— Olive oil. aox 

48 Rospigliosi, Prince Clemente, Lam- 
poveccnio, Florence. — Olive oil. aox 

49 Chamber of Commerce ft Arts, 
Sienna.— Olive oil. aox 

50 Saracini, Alessandro, Sienna.- 
Olive oil. aox 

61 Pucci, Sanscdoni Aless., Sienna.— 
Olive oil. aox 

62 Ricasoli, Baron Bettino, Florence.— 
Olive oil. 

For dasses of exhibits, indicated by number^ at end of entries, nee QIassification. pp. S7-45* 



Chemicals, Ceramics. 

58 Botti, Alesaandro, ChiAvari, Q«aoa. 
—Olive oil. aoi 

04 CftUmarl, Pietro, Milan.^ 

Soaps. aoz 

ft5 Qianoli Bros., MiUa.*Boaps. 


56 GHuffirlda, L«otta Qiovftnni, Catania. 
—Oil of sweet almonds. aoi 

57 Merlo, Baron Vincenjo^ Palenao.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

55 Sciacca della Scala, Baron, Palar- 

mo. — Olive oil. aoz 

59 Martinta, Fillppo» Palermo.~OHve 
oil. aoz 

60 Insuagi^atOy Baron Croca, Palermo. 
— Olive oil. aoz 

61 Pacchiani, Bliaeo, Pasalffnano, Urn- 
bria. — Olive oil. aoi 

62 Rosai, Leopard! Cav. Ccaare, Com- 
iso, Syracuse. — Soapa. aoz 

66 Faxio, Domenico, Palermo.-H01ive 
oil. aoz 

64 Oalli, Ceaara, Floreaca.— Olive 
oil. aoi 

65 Piacente, Francesco, Bari.~01ive 

oil. aoz 

66 Agrarian Committee for Thirty Ez- 
hioiion, Florence.— Olive oil. aoi 

67 Jctta, Antonio, Ruvo dl Puglia.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

68 Chamber of Commerce ft Arts, of 
Ban.— Olive oil. aoz 

69 Maxzullo, Cav. Luigi, Messina.— 
Olive oil. aoi 

70 Di Salvo, Salvatore, Mesaina. 

a Olive oil. aoi 

b Elssences. 830 

71 A|:rarian Committee of Chiavari. — 

Olive oil, soap. aoz 

78 Marsi Bros,, Pogs^bonsi, Sienna.— 
Olive oil. aoi 

78 RussOf Calogero, Termini, Palermo. 

Olive oil. aoz 

74 Favare, Marchess della, Palermo.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

75 Martillaro, Mar. Carlo, Palermo.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

76 Tucci-Savo Benedetto, Rome.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

77 Almost! Brothers, Bagnoria, Rome.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

78 Marini, Marq. Pictro, Rome.— Olive 
oil. aoz 

79 Rotall, Francesco, Rome.— OHve 
oil. aoz 

80 Isnardi, Pierre, Leghorn. — Olive 
oil. aoz 

81 Conti, E., A Sons, Leghorn.— 
Soaps. aoz 

82 Tarussi, Luigi, ft Bros., Leghorn.— 
Olive oil. aoi 

88 Qenerois, Felice, ft Sons, Naples.— 
Soaps. aoz 

84 Anselmi ft Marassi, Naples.— 
Oils. aoz 

85 Rocco, Francesco, Catania.— Olive 
oil. aoz 

86 Rolando, Giacomo, Modena.— 
Ink. aos 

For classes of exhibit/ indicated by numbers 

87 Mora,Domenico,Tariii< 

extract lor dyeing. 

88 Morandi, 

Pietro, Mil 

89 Bassolini* Vincenao. Milaa^Vari- 

ous colors. aos 

90 Bonacina, Ccaarot Milma. 

a Varnishes, ink. aoe' 

b Aromatic tooth paste. aqj 

91 Maranesi, Qaetano, ft Maaetti Bar- 
tolomeo, Bologna.— Ink. vm 

92 Gnocchi, Giovanni, Mllaiw— 
Inks. SOS 

98 Scarselli, Benedetto, Rome.— Om- 
ma, incrustation from casks. aos 

94 Ghibellinl Bros., S. Giovanni ia 
Persiceto, Bologna. — Varnish. aos 

95 Santi, Amantini, Adamo, Florence. 
^Perfinnery. 903 

96 Lardera, A., Milan.- ~Perfiiiii»- 
ery. aej 

97 Cosentlnl ft Caraso, 8. Mauo, 
Marchesaio, Calabria Citra.— Exttact xM 
liquorice. atg • 

98 Scocchiolini, Adone, Rome.— Po- 
matum. aQ3 J 

99 Pateguaxsa Bros., N. ft A*» Reasel ^ 
— Perfumery. sg^ . 

100 Bortolotti, Pietro, Bologiui.— Fel- 
sina water (for the toilet). so^ . 

101 Antonelli, Cav. Alesaandro* Bo* 
logna. — Essence of lemon. s^ < 

102 Alessi ft Bonaventura, Measina.— > 
Essences. aog 

108 Aleaai, Gaetaao, Meaaina. — Ea- 
sences. sag 

104 Ottaviani Broa., Meaaina.— Sa- 
sences. aq§ 

105 RissutoCarmelo,Reggio-Calabria. 
— Essences. aog 

106 De Sieto Broa., Reggio-CaUbria. 
— Essences. apg 

107 Siles, Ignasio, Raggio*Calabria*— 
Essences. ao^ 

108 Lacoria, Felice, Regigio-Calalwia, 
— Essences. aog 

109. Enological ft Agrarian Social of 
Acireale, Sicily.— Essence of leanoa.- aof 

110 De Nava, Giuaeppe di P., Ragc^o* 
Calabria.— &sences. ~ 003 

111 Mostardiai, Adolfo, PtoroBce^-* 
Perfumery. aoj 

112 Melissari, Giuseppe, Floreocetf-* 
Essences. aoj 

113 Pennise. Baron di Floriatallo» Qa» 
tania. — Boiled essence of lemoa (agio). S03 

114 Lavaggi, Franceaco, TroCsrelk^ 
Turin.— Matches. «o4 

115 Dellachi, Ambrogio, MoaoOlatW 

Turin.— Wax and wood 1 *^ 

CeramioB— Potterj, ForoeUln, GUts, 

116 Trojani. Q. Batta, Plorcnca.— 

Bas-relief in bsJced clay. ^ 

117 Pagliaccetti. RafltaeUo, Ptoranca.- 
Statues in baked clay. aci 

118 Stock Company for Manvfiactatiac 
Bricks, Reggio, Emilia. — Bricks. «aa 

at end of entries, see Classificailon, pp. st-^s.- 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods, Silk. 


Il9Tomti, Albianl Prmnco, Pietrm- 
nau, Lucca. — Sample of pavements. ao8 

ISO PcItaBi Qiu8«pptt, Plorenco.— Qal- 
▼ano-plastic ornaments. 309 

in BertiBi, Bmilio, Plaa.— Crockery. 

a 10 

IM If UImI, Cmwmf, Pabriuio, Ancooa. 

— i^rockery. aio 

1S$ Torelli, Jafct, Plorence.— Crock- 

ny. ' aio 

IMCastellani, Terqnato, Rome.^ 

(jMkety. aio 

«Sft Pamiani, Count Annibalo, Paeosa. 
- <€rodcery. aio 

IM Crockcgr Society of Parina, Paen- 
la.— Artistic ciockcry. axo 

117 Benucci ft Latti, Petaro.— MiOol^" 
€1 vases and dishea. an 

FmitBrt snd OljjsoU of General Use 
ii Conitmetioii and in Dwellings. 

IfS Ammirati, Domcoico, Palermo. — 
Chain. aij 

1S9 I^cs, Salvatore, Palermo. — Stone 
hbic$. ai7 

ISO Coco, Salvatore, Palermo.— Bbony 
faniture. ai7 

181 Cavallaro, L. ft O., Palermo.— Me- 
tallic beds. ai7 

lit Catalano, Antonio, Palermo.— Pur- 
niture. ai7 

1S8 Martinotti, Luiffi, Turin.— Carved 
fantaitt. ai7 

1S4 Bntsi. Qibcrto Pranceaco, Vareae, 
lonbanlo. — Marble furniture. 317 

ISJ I««acett],Pederigo, Perugia.— Pur- 
aitoie. ax7 

1S6 BIU, Lalfi, Milan.-Seata for thea- 

Oa. ai7 

117 Pava, Avo, Niccoto, Florence.— 

Carrad valout fiiniiture. * 3x7 

111 Ctstelvedere, Lulgi, Brcacia.— 

Mrtal candelabra and chased dish. 318 
111 Rolandi, O. Batto, Milan.-Crya- 

t^ aad gbiaaes. 319 

140 Orattarola, Ccaare, Bologna.— Pic- 
ture franes of ocber exhibi 
{Jm Art GiUlery.) 



iii Poatif. Oleograpbic Society, Bo- 

bgoa.— Frames. aao 

lis 8af«ttierc, Oiuaeppe, Palermo.-- 

Lamps. a«3 

141 lleaiQi,Aoflolo,Legbom.— Show- 
«r badi. 226 

M Delta, Caaa Nicola, Baveoo, Nova* 

»*---<iraaite cornice. aay 

14^ Blanc hi ft Molinari, Milan.- 

ooden floor. 227 

1« Valani, Pietro, Milan.-Wlndow 

iacb, aurtains, etc 337 

14' Risti, Auguato, Milan.— Peraian 

udov Wads. 337 

Yc • aad Woven Goods of Vegetable 

«r MuMcnl Kateriab. 
U Vccchietti, Ceaare, Floredce.— 
*■■ wind (gMicstro; products. aag 

It PoUdori, Count Auguato, Anghiari, 
"WO P wp and gK^a-weed (ginea- 
)• aag 

'iMicf esbibita, indicated by numbeia 

00 ScuratI, Manson! de O., Biella, 

Novara. — Skein of cotton. 330 

51 Aaaetto di Orasiani Broa., Chieri, 

Turin. — Cotton goods. ajo 

58 Madini, Auguato, ft Co., Bologna. 

— Seamless bags. a^o 

5S Qcntilttoml, I. V., ft Co.,Piaa.— Col- 

ored cotton goclds. ajs 

54 Meda, Bernardo, Monsa, Mllan.^ 
Colored calico. 339 

55 Aleaaio Broa., Milan.— Red calico. 


56 Special Commlttae of Salerno.-* 
Linen goods. 333 

57 Ramaggl Broe., Navacchio, Plan. 
— Linen gooda. 333 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, eto. 

58 Caldara, Salvatore, Palermo.-* 
Cloths. 335 

59 Mangeri, Antonino, Measina.— 
Qotbs. 335 

60 Barbarulo Broa., Naplea.— 
Cloths. 335 

61 Radieri Broa., Oandino, Bergamo. 
^Felted flamd and cloth. 335 

68 Barbarulo, Antonio, Peluxxano, 
Salerno.— Cloths. 335 

6S Correction Department of Sallce- 
to, Modena.— Cloths. 835 

64 Aaaetto dl Qraxianl Broa., Chieri, 
Turin.— Blankeu. 337 

65 Chapelle ft Co., Turin.— Woolen 
blankets. 337 

66 Base, Abrate, ft Co., Turin.— Blan- 
kets. 337 

67 Woolen Manufactory of Borgo Se- 
sia, Turin.— Worsted wool. 338 

6 8 Boatalla,Oio, ft Son,Biella,Novara. 
—Woolen goods. a^ 

69 Boaxalla, Antonio, ft Brother, Cog- 
ipola, Novara. — Woolen goods. 938 

Silk and Silk FaMcs. 

70 Keller, Alberto, Milan, 
a Raw silk. 343 
b Woven silk. 345 

71 Chiericoni, Ugolino, Mesaina.— 
Cocoons. 24a 

72 Oiannotti, Giuaeppe, Barga (Luc- 

a Raw silk. 343 

b Sptin silk. 344 

78 Diena, M. G., Modena.— Raw 

silk. S4a 

74 Sinigaglia, Salomon, Heir of,*Lat- 
tes, Turin. 

« Raw silk. 349 

b Woven silk. 345 

75 Franxi Broa., Alsano Maggiore, 


a Raw silk. 343 

b Woven silk. 345 

76 Dalla Poaxa, Pilippo, Vicenxa. 
a Raw silk. 34a 
h Woven silk. a^ 

77 PriMoni, Antonio P., Bergamo. FC 
a Raw atlk. •4* 
b Woven silk. a4< 

at tad of entries, tee CteaaUScation, pp. 37-41. 



Silk, Clothing, Jewelxy, Sutionery. 

178 li»9;«r ft Co., MUwi. 

a Raw silk. a4a 

b Spun silk. 244 

170 Sciaccm della Scala, Baroa, Pa- 
lermo. — Silk. 245 

180 De Silveatri, Salvatorc, Rome.— 
Silk goods. 345 

181 Caffliaol, l«opoldo, Milan.— Silk 
velvets. «47 

Clotliiiig, Jewelry ftnd Omamenti ; 
TraTeling jBqiiipments. 

188 Morandi, O. Montapulciaoo, 81«n- 

na. — Dress for lady. 250 

188 Inearti Anialmo, Modana^^Knit 

goods. 950 

184 ComelUoi ft Buratti, Bologna.— 

Corsets. ajo 

186 Marcheaini, Pletro, Bologna.— 

Straw hats. 352 

186 Ricci, Luigi, ft Soaa, Florence- 
Straw bats. * 351 

187 Duranti, Agostino, Florence.— 
Straw hats. 351 

188 Angelucci, Qerolamo, Ancona.— 
Shoes. 351 

189 LodI, Q. Batta, Palermo.- Gloves. 


190 Di Rosalia, Antonino, Palermo.— 
Shoes. 351 

191 Vinci, Melchiorre, Palermo.— 
Shoes. 351 

192 Petroli, Pietro, Pallanxa.— Shoes. 


1 93 Shoemakers* Co-operative Society, 
Hologiui. — Shoes. 351 

194 Baccilieri, Lorenx'o, Bologna.— 
Gloves. 351 

195 Bossi, Sduardo, Naples.— 
Gloves. 35X 

196 De Notaris, Sigismundo, Naples. 
— Shoes. 351 

197 Calise, Tommaso, Ischia Island, 
Naples. — Ladies' straw hats. 351 

198 Rumieri, Gabrtele, Naples.- Silk 
and felt hats. 251 

199 Case II a, Giuseppe, Salerno.- 

Shoes. 351 

200 Moiraghi, Antonio, Turin.— 
Shoes. 951 

201 Bruxxesf, Oiacinto, Milan.— 

Shoes. 251 

208 Scarselli. Benedetto, Rome.— 

Straw hats ana braided straw. 251 

408 Taddei,Qaetano, Florence.— Straw 

nats and braided straw. 351 

4104* Straw Hat Stock Co., Pianoro, Bo- 
logna. — Straw hats and braided straw. 251 

'806 Santini Bros., Florence.— Straw 

hats and braided straw. 351 

$06 Working Men's Benevolent Asso- 
ciation of Falerone. — Straw hats and 
braided straw. 951 

207 Angeli Candido, Reggio, Emilia.— 
Hats and braided straw. 351 

808 Kubli, Gio Giacomo, Florence.— 
Straw hats and braided straw. 351 

809 Romani, Eugenio, ft Wife, Milan. 
— Embroidered pictures. 953 

for daises of exhibits* indica te d bv numbcis 

810 Qerosa. Adcle Bducaada, Mllq 
— Embroiaered pictures and handb 
chief. I 

811 Stock Co. for Mannfactart 
Laces, Venice.— Laces, old and al 
styles. H 

812 Bon Regina, Como. — Lacea. 'li 
818 Oioiusxa, Giuseppe, Naples.— Jn 

elry and coral. a 

814 Melillo, Giacinto, Naples.- Jcwi 
ry and coral. ' •'l 

815 Praacati ft Santamaria, Roniih 
Jewelry. . I 

816 Geraldini, Ettore, Rome.— Oe 
and silver jewelry. | 

817 Bellefsa, Niccolo Aleaa, RoaiK 

Jewelry. .• 

818 Accarisi, Giuseppe, Ploren^iE 
Roman jewelry. | 

819 Jacobini, Raffe, ft Giobbe, n 

Rome. — Old precious stones. a 

820 Ponti, Rovera, ft Co., Piacenja< 
Buttons. 9 

821 Olivieri, Luigi, Venice.— FiM 
articles. a 

822 Forte, Emilio, Genoa.— Silver'fl 
gree work. « 

223 Salvo, C, ft Sons, Genoa.— Ol^ira 
in filigree and t^ld. m 

224 Righini Bros., Turin.— UmbrCS 
and parasol. ^ 

225 LabrioIa,Luigi,Naples.— Torti^lM 
shell work. 9^ 

226,CasteIlani, Alessandro, Rtfme.^ 

Gold and silver articles. M 

227 Brusa, Q. Batta, Venice.— A18afli 

828 Rossetti, Cav. jGiacomo, Bn 
— Alburn^ with photographs. S3 

229 Cavaleri, Avo. Michele. Mihtft/- 
Album and miniatures. H 

880 Leoni, Angeto, Catania.— Siciltai 
costumes. t% 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

231 Grassi, Francesco, Bologna.— Yci^ 
tical letter preMt. ^S^ 

232 Cartiera Italiana, Turin.— Papei 
and envelopes. *.M 

288 Agosti, Agnes, Rome.— Paper em- 
broideries. 'M 

284 Cattaneo, Alessandro ft Bro., Ber- 
gamo. — Common paper. '^ 

285 Vallini, Natale, Bologns.-P«- 
per. «* 

286 Miliani, Pittro, Faleiano, Marcht. 
— Various kinds of paper. »« 

287 Pornari, Antonio Q. B., Fabriaao, 

a Papers. ^ 

h Pasteboard. 2^ 

888 Migliaccio, Rafliaelo, Salerno^ 
Paper. aw 

889 Giordano, Scipione, Turin.- Blank 
form of contract mr nurses. mi 

840 Casainara, Eugenio, Pavla.-BiU' 
heads. vx. 

841 Fagioli, Gaetano, Piacensa.— Pa- 
per boxek. w* 

242 Mottura, Ing. Create, Ptaceoxa^ 
Bricks of pasteboard. ^ 

at end of entries, see OassiScation, pp. 97-4S* 

ITALY. 335 

Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware, Vehicles, Sculpture. 


Wsspom, sto. 

Comminaaai Bros., Brescia.-* 
Tcedfo-fim faftrrds. 90$ 

Botti, Pietro, Brescia.— Qua. 965 
Corica, Agostino, Meesinai— 
Shoe 96s 

Medicine, Surgerj, Profhetis. 

Ml Decolj Maria, Bologna.— Decotto 
(a mediaae). 979 

t47 Garau, Salvatore, Milan.— Tama- 
rind powder; extract to prevent sea sick- 
ness. 997 

148 Morreale, Bttore, Palermo.— Medi- 
doal liquors. 979 

!49 Marnni-Valenti, Qaetaao, Nisce* 
mi, Stcuy.— Medicines. 979 

AO Paftliaro. Domeaico, St. Stelano 
Camostn, Palermo. — ^Medicines, 279 

Al Psgliaro, Andrea, Mietretta, Mes- 
' tifl9.-^Mcdicizia] gelatlfics. 979 

ISS Valeatiai, Qottardo, Milan.— - 

IIS Arroeto, Qioacchimo, Measina.— 
Cnata and medicines. 979 

liSpadaro, Graaai 
ll«didDaI dtrate. 

P., Catania.— 

11 PoBxoni, Lui^l, Milan.— Hygienic 

' liquon and medicine. 979 

II Meslci, Angiolo, Leghorn.—- Appli- 
soce for raising the siclt. 976 

17 Bemabei, Aleaeandro, Rome.— 
Tubes and metallic syringes. 976 

II Pa^i, Leopoldo, Florence.- 
Hcnual truss. 976 

. Gramignani, Ireopoldo, Ancona.— 
Denial prothesis. 977 

10 Noel-Winderling Bros., Milan.— 
Dental anatomy. 977 

Bl Testi, Ulisac, Bologna.— Dental 

machines. 977 

~^SII Sirletti, Francesco, Rome.— Sets 
oftectlt. 977 

Hirdwars, Stes Tools, Cutlery, sad 

Metaliio Products. 

IBS Guelpa-Piasza Bros., Bielfa, 

Novaxa.— Gimlets. 280 

M4 Giulivo, B., & Co.. Turin.— Iron 

and tin knives, fortes, and spoons. sSi 

III Perrino, Cesare, Turin.— Sand 

linen and sand paper. aSa 

til Bonini, Emilio, Pignone, Florence. 

"^AnidoB in nuc 383 

tl7 De Poli Bros.. Vittorio, Trevisto.— 

huMze church bell. 383 

868 Zalaffi, Bensdstto» Sieaaa*— Iroa 
work. 983 

869 Parise, Achilla, Sons, Nsples.— 
Mechanical lodt. 984 

87(1 Csne, Oeremis, Bologaa.— Tools 

RnrYimbrellas. 984 

871 Namei, Qiovanni, Florence.— 
Turned meuUic articles. 984 

878 Olivieri, Luigi, Venice.— Hard- 


878 Escof&er, Qiuaeppe Gio., Florence. 
-—Mechanical articles. 984 

Vahffioa of Yofstahle, Animal, tr 
Mineral Matsrials. 

874 Oiscomioi, Luigi, ft Co., Trevise.— 
Brushes. 98S 

876 Bargioni, Ferdinando, Florence.— 

Ropes of rush; 987 

876 Chamber of Commerce of Syra- 
cuse.— Ropes. 987 



878 Vincensi, Paolo, Carpi, Modena.— 
Corks. 389 

870 Marchini, Cesare, Fiesole, Flor- 
ence.— Straw works. 989 

877 R0S80, Leopsrdo Cav. 
Comiso, Syracuse. — Ropes. 

Ciniagei, Yehielet, and Aeceiioriei. 

880 Sarettiere, Giuseppe, Palermo.— 
Lamps for carris^ts. 999 

881 Locati, Cav. Aleseaodro, Turin v— 

Carriages. (In Antux,) 999 

888 Msinetti, Frsncesco, Milan.— Csr- 
riage (landau). (/« Anntx.) 999 


883 Bassantie, Figlio, Florence.— Cupid 
and Psyche (group). 400 

884 Porcinai, Antonio, Florence. 

a Surprised (bust). 400 

^ Venus of Canova (statue). 400 

886 Torelli, Lot, Florence.— David, by 


Michael Angelo (copy). 

886 Garofoli, Oreste, Rome. 

a Trasteverina (Roman costume). 400 

6 After the Theatre. 400 

c Ciociara (Roman costume). 400 

d Genzanese. 400 

887 Ricci, Paolo, Florence.— Dante 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97H45, 


by Google 




{Sffmik t/SfmiA Avimu, CoUmms mm to 75.) 


Mincrmlft, Manufactures. 

Kiiurali, Ortii Building Stoneit 
Kning ProduoU. 

1 National Moaaam. 

m Rough gold-dust, petrified wood. xoo 

b Rough, newB, ana polished marbles, ala- 

baster, and limestones. xcs 

t Crude lime rock, cement, bamed lime, 

and plaster. X03 

d Clays and materials fcr mann&ctiufngpor- 

celain and fidence. xoa 

« Sand. 106 

/ Soil and water. X07 

Xatalliurgieal Produeti. 

8 National Muieum. 

« Solid rough gold pieces. ixo 

h Iron. XXI 

Chamioal MawifiMtnrw. 

8 Laboratory of the Oovemment. 
a Chemicals of all kinds and pharmaceutical 
preparations. soo 

h Prepared oils, solid and liquid. aox 

€ Flavoring extracts, solid and liquid, s^ 

Ceramioi— Pottery, Poroelain, ete. 

4 National Museum. 

« Bricks from Lower Egypt. ao6 

h Porceiali: tiles. ao8 

c Egyptian earthenware, from Upper 

Egypt. aio 

5 Brugach Bey, Cairo. 

a Majolica ware ii different designs. six 
^ Porcelain of all kinds. S13 

Turnitnre, and Objeoti of General Use 
in Constmotion and in Dwellings. 

6 Parvis, Mr., Cairo.— Oriental 
drawing-room furniture. 9x7 

7 National Museum. 

« Table furniture of porcelain, solid gold and 
silver ware, coffee sets, and vessels of 
brass. 4x8 

h Utensils for kitchen, and tinwaie. 934 

Tami and Woyen Ooodi of Vegetable 
or Xineral Katerialf . 

8 National Museum. 

« Coarse fiibrics of rattan, bark, palm-leaf, 
grass, and rushes. aso 

h Cotton fiibrics, unbleached, bleached, and 
dyed. «3x 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

€ Linen fitbrics, uncolored and dyed, ^ 
linen canvas and duck for awmagisB 
tents. 83 

Woven and Felted Oooda of Wool •» 
Kixtnreeof WooL 
• National Museum. 
« Fabrics of woolyfiuKjrcBKiflMvas. S3 
h Flannels. i] 

c Robes. S3 

10 National Museum.— Collection ^ 
Brussels carpet. Melton, and tapeatn 
from wool and camd's hair. s^ 

811k and Bilk Fabriet, and Kxtsn 
in wldok Silk ii the predominatlQ 

1 1 Tramontine, Mr., Cairo.— Co coca 

and raw silk. s^ 

18 National Museum. j 

a Twisted silk in spools and skeins. « 

^ Woven silk, lute-strings, aadas, and fH 

e Woven figured silk goods. 
d Fancy silk and velvet ribbons. S4S 

Clothing, Jewelry and Omanenti; 

Traveling Squipmente. 
18 National Museum. 

« Dress goods for men's and women's wcsr, 
with gold and silver trimmings. ajc 

h Hats, and boots ; women's sooes embral- 
dered in velvet, silk, gold, and silver, t^x 

€ Silk dress trimmings and embroideries, 
woven with ^old and silver. vn 

d Turquoises, jewelry, and omaments worn 
upon the person. 153 

4 rancv articles, dress adonxmeatt , to. 
walking-canesy sunshades, and pipes ofi 
all descriptions, with gold, silver, and silk 
woven omamentt, ostiidi and msTshnl 
feathers. 254 

/ Fancy leather woHc. sjs 

g Historical collection of die nationsl cos- 
tumes from Abyssiiua and the Soudan. 957 

Paper, Blank Booki, and 8tationM7. 

14 National Museum. 

« Stationers' articles of the Orient. sjl 

b Writing paper. ss9 

Military and VaTal Armamentt, Ori- 
nanoe, Firearmi, and Hunting Af> 

15 National Museum.— Swords, apenAi 
and dirks. sfll 

at end of entries, see dassafication, Vp..*^^ 



Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

16 Casseffrmin, P. P., of Cairo.— Hunt- 
ing fireaxott of a special patten. 969 

Mediaiaa, Boigery, and Prothesia. 

17 Natiooal Museum.— Medicinal 
plana. 279 

IB National Muaeum of Egypt, Mr. 
Zuochinetd, cC Cairo. — Veteriaary inacni- 

Eardvare* Sdm Tools, Cutlery, and 
XataUie Products. 

19 Mechanic Institute of Boolak.— Iron 
bavdwajpo Sot Afferent mechanical pur- 


C sifiag e a, yehieles, and Aoeessoriei. 

SO National Museum of Egypt, Mr. 
Zucchinctti, of Cairo. — Furtuture for 
hotses and mules, harness auid saddlery, 
ornamental mule blankets, aud silk woven 
nddle bianlcets. 096 

IMiwatienal Systems, Methods, and 

. Si Minlatry of Public Instruction.— 
Mansy cmurts, penmasship, drawings of 
poplli' work and coarse 01 study in water 
cobrs, from the puUic scboob uid acade- 
suei. 300 

. SS; National Museum. 

s Map of l^^ypt and the new annexed prov- 

faices made by Mr. Friederichsen. 300 

k Mechanical instruments executed by sch(4- 

ais at the Polytechnic school. 309 

t Text-books and apparatus. 306 

83 Onsy, Mr., of Cairo.— Tyoea and 

boolcs far the education of the blind. 303 

S4 Ministry of Public Instruction. 
«CoUesc auid school statistics and educa- 
tioo^ reports of Egypt. 304 

i Statistical reports. 305 

Si Mourns & Co., Cairo, Ministry of 
PVibiic Instruction. — Printed wprks, 
Kkoel and text books, and dictionary, 
from the public schools of Egypt: iiter- 
amre in the Arabic lai^uage, newspapers, 
sad periodical literature. 306 

lastitatioBa and Org^anisations. 

56 National Museum.— Ethnographical 
ooUection and publications. 313 

SdflBtifls and Fhilosophieal Instru- 
ments and Ketkods. 

57 National Museum. 

41 Egyptian weights and measures. 3sa 

i Musical instruments from Egypt and the 

provinces of Soudan. 337 

bffineerinff, Arohiteotnre, Charts, 
lups, and C^phie Bepresentations. 

SB National Museum.— Maps of rail- 
ways, roads, telegraphs, and postal ser- 
vice ; topographiol maps and charts. 335 

Ykyiisal, Soeial, and Moral Condition 
of Kan. 

S9 National Museum.— Collection of 
K^yptian gold, silTer, and copper 
^fOUBA, 3^14 

VW daaNs of exhibits, indicated by numbers 


80 National Museum.— Plaster casts 
from Egyptian monumena. ^oe 

81 National Museum. 

a Stones with ancient Arabic inscriptions. 401 

^ Hammered relief works in copper, and 

collection of plates, trays, and vases of 

the modsm time of Egypt. 403 

88 Vegis, Mr., Cairo.— Repousa^ and 
rehaussi work in copper and iron of the 
ancient Arabic time. 403 

88 National Museum.— Specimens of 
" Mousharabie" window pauems in wood 
and ivory, engraved wood. 405 


84 National Museum. 

a View of Cairo and other waierK»lor paint* 
ings, executed by Mr. Weidenbach, Ber- 
lin. 411 

i Painted water-bottles. 413 

Engraving and Lithography. 

36 Ravon, H., Staff-officer National 
Museum. — Drawing in ink of the citadel 
of Cairo, list of the names of the caliphs 
and sultans who have reigned in Egypt, 
from Omar to Ismail Pacha, Khedive or 
Egypt, list of the names of Pharaohs. 430 

86« Penasson, A., Alexandria.— 
Samples of lithographic printing. 433 


86 National Museum.— Collection of 

photographs, views of public works, cos- 
tumes, scenery, panorama, and a a)liec- 
tion of albums. 430 

Industrial and Architeotural Designs, 
Models, and Deoorations. 

87 National Museum.— Collection of 

Arabic ornaments (plaster and zinc casts, 
painted and gilt), from time of the caliphs, 
made by Schmo-rans. 443 

Beeorations with Ceramic and Vitre- 
ous Materials, Mosaic and Inlaid 

88 National Museum. 

a Ancient glass lamps from the mosques. 451 

^ Woodwork inlaid with ivory ; ancient dooi 

firom the sanctuary of a mosque, carved 

and inlaid in ivory and ebony. 453 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

80 National Museum, 
a Collection of woods from Eg3rpt and the 

annexed provinces, cotton tree. 600 

i Materials for dyeing and other industrial 

purposes. 603 

40 National Museum ft Mr. Heller.— 
Samples of gums. 603 

Agricultural Products. 

41 National Museum. 

a Cereals. 630 

i Legumes — beans, lentils, etc^ j 631 

r TuDercuIous aiimentari^ \^-j Q QQ [^3 

# Cotton seeds, 
i end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 




Animal and Vegetable Products, Textile Substances. 

Water Animalf , Hsh Cnltiut and 
48 National Muaenm. 
m Crocodiles. 640 

4Pearis. 645 

Animal and YogetaMs Prodasti. 

48 National Muaeum. 

a Samples of lutter. 651 

I Samples of crease, colored hides, skias, od- 

lection of aippopotamus aad rhinoceros 

horns, tusks or eiephanta aad hippopoca- 

mi. 65s 

e Ostrich eggs and feadioft. ^% 

1/ Edible pulps, leeds, fivlts, pastes, and 

coofectionSfdried fruUs and vegetables. 65A 

For dasses of exhibits, indicatad by aombcfs 

# FkMir and ilea. 
£ Sacchariculture. 

Textile Snbstaneet ef Vegetable or, 
AninuU Origin. * 

44 Batata of the Khedive.— Coltectio 
of over 9000 cotton samples, represcmii 
the crops of eight yean, widi das! "' 
tion and price of sue in £g|pt and 
land. x 

45 Natioaal Muaeum.— Textile llbrt 
raw and manu&ctured, cords and 

ai end of entries, see Clastificario«> p^ ey <» 



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{SnaA of South Av€MMi, Coiumns 10 to 14^) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art* 


Ores, StoxMt, ICining 

1 His Hif hness Sidi Mohammed Bs- 
iadok. Bey of Tuiiis.~MiiienUs and ores 
of Tunis. 100 

Oil— ieal KasiifMtazet. 

I His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 

dok. Bey of Tunis. — ^Essences and flavor- 

. Ii8 cxtxacts. 903 

Onimiei— Pottery, Foroelaiii, Olait, 


S Valensi, M., TunU and Paris.— Pot- 
tery. ao6 

%» His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bs- 

iadok» Bey of Tunis, 
s Pottery. 9o6 

i Earthenware. axo 

#Braitiire and Olijeett of Oeneral Use 
in Constmetion and in Dwellings. 

4 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris. 

s Inlaid furniture. sx? 

i Brackets. sao 
% His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 

dok, Bey of Tunis. 

m Inlaid and household ftnrniture. sxy 

k Gilt 1)radu:u. sao 

Woven and Felted Ooods of Wool and 
Xixtures of Wool. 

6 His Highness Sidi Mohammed ] 
dok, Bey of Tunis. 

« Woolen blankeu, shawls. 937 

i Carpets, rags. 939 

7 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paria. 

• Skawb. 937 

i Carpets and rugs. 939 

ftlk and Silk Fabries, and Kiztnres in 
whiah Bilk is the predominating 

I His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 

dok. Bey of Tunis. 
« Woven silks. 945 

h Hai^pngs. 246 

9 Valensi. M., 
a Woven silks. 
i Hangings. 

Tunis and Paris. 


dothing, Jewelry, and Omamenta; 
Trayeling Equipments. 

10 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. 

a Burnous. 950 

3 Embroideries. 959 

€ Tewdry. 953 

4^ NatioiMl costomes. 957 

11 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paria. 

a }ewt\Tj. 953 

h Oriental manufactures generally. 954 
c Tunisian costumes. 957 

Ifilitary and Vaval Armaments, Ord- 
nanee, Firearms, and Hunting Ap- 

18 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis.— Ancient and modem 
arms. 965 

18 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris.— 
Arms. 965 

Carriages, Tahioles, and Acoessories. 

14 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. — Saddlery ; furniture 
and accoutrements for horse!(, mules, and 
camels ; ormunental horse and mule sad- 
dles and bridles. 296 

Scientlflo and Philosophical Instra* 
ments and Methods. 

1 5 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris.— Musi- 
cal instruments. 327 

Ceramie Deoorations, Mosaics, etc. 

16 Ancient mosaics from Carthage. 450 

Physical, Sodal, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

17 Hia Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. — Two Arab tents, ex- 
hibiting the domestic life and customs of 
Arab sneiks and Bedouins ; fiirmiug imple- 
ments of Arabs. {In Park.) 349 

for rlisici of ezhiUls, indicated by numbeis at end of cntnes, sec Classification, pp. 27-45. 


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{Samik pfSoMik Av^mte^ C^hmms j to 5.) 


Minerals, Clothing, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

« Diamonda in the rough, from the dia- 
mond fields of the Orange Free State, xoo 

h Dianiondiferous aoil, with a dia- 
mond in it. 100 

€ Copper and iroa ore, chloraastrolite, 
and magneuta. zoo 

d Coal. loz 

4 Pebbles accompaaying the diamond. 


/ Kaolio. 104 

g SpriDgbttck mats. e39 

h Angora, blesbuck, and Jackal ka- 
rotftes. 939 

/ Boots of native manufoctttre. 951 
J Pipes of native manaiactttre. 954 
k Baskets of native mannfactnre. 089 
/ Harnesses and whips. 996 

m Figures in wood, cut with a pen- 
knife. 405 
• Blue gum, olive, aad th«m woods. 


Petrified wood. 600 

/ Sumach. 6aa 

f Cream of tartar fruit. ^\ 

r Wheat, mealies, and Kaffir cora. 6ss 
9 Stuffed birds. ^ 

i Butterflies and other insects. 638 
u Tusks of ivory. 65a 

V Gemsbuck, roorbuck, rietbuck, aad 

hartebecate noms. %a 

w Koodoo cow hides. 65a 

X Blesbuck skins. 6sa 

y Hartobecste aad Uesteck ' aUaa, 

tanned. 65a 

M Shambucks, long and short. ^ 

ma Rhinoceros hide fleaibto rods, 

reins, thongs, and girdles. • 65* 

» Whips of giraffe hide. 6ss 

ee Ostrich feathers and eggs. 6s3 

Jd Bird plumage, natural. 653 

ee Dried fruit. 6stf 

/JT Mealie meal. €9,7 

gg Wool, washed and unwashed. 667 

kk Mohair of Angora goat. ^69 

u Model of transport wagoa. tta 



Ceramics, Clothing, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Oeramioi— PotUry, Poreelain, Glass, 


1 Utschneider & Jaunex, Wasser- 
billig. — Cement producti of Wasserbil- 
Ug. 906 

Glotliing, Jewelry, sad Omamenti ; 
Travdling Equipments. 

2 Charles, Auguste, ft Co., Bonnevoie, 
near lAixemburg. — Kid gloves. 251 

8 Mayer, Gabriel, Luxemburg.— 
Kid gloves. 951 

For dasset ol cxhlbitt, iadicaud by numbtn 

4 Boot Manufactory of Lvzembarg.-* 
BootB and shoes. 351 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnsts. 

4a Charles, Augusts, & Co.. Bona^ 
voie, near Luxemburg.— Tanned and dyed 
kid skins. 65a 

6 Michaelis, Frederic, Lujceaibarg.^* 
Concentrated vinegar. fi6o 

6 Pauly, Bouthon, ft Co., XHstiUesy 
Vinegar Manufactory.-— CoaceBCcaied 
vinegar. 660 

7 Eichhorn, Qustai^Wormeldanc.^ 
Moselle wines. y VjOaCT ^^ 

at «nd of entries, see Classificaliea, ppL S7-««s* 





{Samik •fSomik Aventu, Cohmms $ ty it,) 


Minerals, Manufactures. 

Kamls, Ores, Stone, Mining 

LHtrmao, O., Swatow.— Petrifac- 


[ bnerisl Maritiine Customs. 

tOu. TOI 




Xstallnrgioal Prodnoti. 

t Inperisl Maritime Customs. 
«Sav«rkafso4imitmtioa of gold leaf, no 
A Sled. SIX 

Cksmioal TffaTiiifaotnreB. 

4 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
A Venous seed^ Tegetable, and wood oils, sox 
h Taniisb, iodigo, and svndty other dyes 
asu rninn. soe 

rSuoe. S03 

budci— Pottery, Poroelain, Olast, 



Maritime Customs. 


^Roefiack S08 

< GdkctioD of earthenware. sxo 

• Tsck Loong, Canton. 

• Eanhcnwaie ornaments^ figures, etc. 3x0 
i Fondain vases, flower-pots, tea set, dgar 

MdcR, etc 313 

T Besn & Jardiac, Kiukiang.—Porce- 

bia vases, flower-pots, cups, etc. 313 

I Few LooDg, Canton.r-Porcelain 
nscs, dinner service, etc. 3x3 

• Ho Kao Cheu, Shanghai.— Collec- 
tion of old china. 3x3 

10 Hs Kwane, Yung Hang^ Chow.— Col- 
loction of oM china poroelain. 3x3 

11 Iinpetial Maritime Customs, Canton. 
— fwdain rases, dinner, desaen, tea, 
ttdtaflet sets, flower^pots, caodle-hddeis, 
liowk, cuspadon, etc 3x3 

12 Imperial Maritime Customs, Kiuki- 
>S|u— Porcdain vases, cups, and bowls; 
pisitt, teapots, etc. 3x3 

II laperial Maritime Customs, Shang- 
ka.~CdleciioB of old chiiuu 3x3 

UKopKh, H., Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
^>«B, cuJM, bottles, cups and plates, des- 
pot dUMi, foblets, etc. 3x3 

II Lov«tt, W. N., Kinkiang.^Porce- 
mnscs, flower-pots, earden seats, tea- 
cspc, dessen dishes, goUets. etc. 3x3 

fo cbMa «r ssUbils* bkUcalad by mimbexs 

16 Moore, C. P., Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
teapots, bottles, flower-pots, omamentt. 
etc. 3x3 

17 Rose, S. C, Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
vases, flower^pots, jars, plates, dishes, 
cups, dinner sets, etc. 313 

18 Tong Chock-hing, Kiukiang.— Por- 
celain vases, ornaments, dessert service, 
etc. 313 

19 Toin Peh Mei. Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
vases, teacups, fruit stancu, dinner sets, 
and screen. 3x3 

80 Wadman, B., Ningpo.— Collection of 
old china vases. ax^ 

Fnmitnre and (ybjeoti of General Use 
in Conitmotion and in Dwellings. 

81 Pow Loong, Canton.— Blackwood 

furniture— tables, sofas, chairs, screens, 
cabinets, etc. 3x7 

88 Imperial Maritime Cnatome, Can- 
« Blackwood, bamboo, rattan, and lacquered 
furniture. 3x7 

i Rattan cradle, and children's chairs, sax 
c Difierentkinds of lanterns. 333 

88 Kopsch, H., Kiukiang.— Screens. 317 

84 Lien Shing, Canton.— Lacquered 
furniture, chairs, and blackwood 
screens. 3x7 

85 Sung Sing Kung, Ningpo. 

a Carved furniture— beds, chairs, tables, 
bookcases, cabinets, etc. 317 

h Carved picture and photograph frames. 330 
88 Imperial MaritimeCustoms, Ningpo. 
a Teakettles and dishes. via 

h Washbasins. 330 

Tarns and Woyen Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Katerials. 

87 Pergusson & Co., Chefoo. — Samples 
of straw braid 339 

88 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Samples of grass cloth, rattan and coir 

matting, etc. 339 

h Plain cotton fabrics. 330 

c Printed cotton fabrics. 333 

d Hemp cloth. 833 

Woyen and Felted Ooods of Wool, eto. 

80 Imperial Maritime Customs.— Pelt 
rugs. 339 

Silk and Silk Fabries. 
80 Pergusson ft Co., Chefoo^ , 

at end of entries, see Clsssification, pp. 87-45, 



Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Ag^cuUure. 

81 Imperial Maritime Cuttoms, Shang- 
hai. —Collection of reded aad re-reeled 
silks. xp 

88 Hd Kan-chcu, ShanKhal.— Plain 

1 silks. 345 


83 Htt Kwanff-Yuog, Hangchow.— 
Plain woven suks. 845 

84 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma. 
A Plain woven silks. 
b Figured silk piece goods. 
c Embroidered silk scarfs. 347 

8 5 Fergusson & Co., Chefoo. — Figured 
silk piece goods. 846 

88 Hd Kan-cheu, Shanghai.— Figured 
silk piece goods. 246 

87 Hu Kwang- Yung, Hangchow.— Fig- 
ured silk piece goods. 346 

88 Wu, ShABghai.— Soochow gau- 
ses. 847 

ClotMnff, Jewelry, and Ornamenti; 
Traveling Equipments. 

89 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma. 

Stockings. 350 

5 Shoes, hats, caps, etc. 351 
c Fans, small articles of dress, plpes^ smok- 
ing apparatus, etc. 354 

40 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma, Canton. 
— Collection of silk embroidered goods, 
shawls, slippers, and caps, bed and cush- 
ion covers, cloth, etc. 353 

41 Sistera of Charity, Ningpo.— Em- 
broideries. 353 

42 Sung Sing Kung, Ningpo.— Satin 
embroideries. 353 

48 Lien Shing, Canton. 
a Uwelry. eSS 

6 Fans and hand screens. 354 
44 Moore, C. P., Kiukiang.— Jewelry 

and ornaments. 353 

46 Ho A Ching, Canton.— Carved 

£ans. 354 

46 Imperial Maritime Customs, Nluch- 
wang.—- Collection of furs and skins. 355 

47 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma, Shang- 
hai. — Fancy leather work, trunks, and 
toilet boxes. 355 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

48 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma. 

a Paper, knives, ink, pens, etc. 358 

i Writing paper. 959 

c Oiled and pith paper. b6o 

</ Various colored paper. 264 

49 Tong Chou Hing,Kiukiaog.— Ink. 359 

Kedioine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

60 Imperial Maritime Customa.— Col- 
lection uf medicines, officinal and unofHci- 
nal. 373 

Hardware, Ed^e Tools, Cutlery, Me- 
tallic Products. 

81 Ho Kan Cheu, Shanghai. — Collec- 
tion of old bronzes, vases, urns, etc. 283 

58 Hu Kwang-Yung, Hangchow. — Col- 
lection of old bronzes, vases, urns, etc. 283 

58 Imperial Maritime Customs.— Pew- 
ter ware, tea canisters, cups, pots, mugs, 
boxes, candlesticks, etc. 383 

Tor classes of exhibiu, mdicated by numbess 

54 Insperial Maritime Customs, 8h*B«<^ 
hai.— Collection of old bn>naes« vaaeb, 
urns, etc. atj 

55 Wadman, B., Ningpo. — Collection 
of old bronzes, vases, urns, etc aSj 

Fabrles of Yegretable, Awimal, or ICb* 
ezal Materials. 

56 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma. 

« Cord, rope, twine, etc 3189 

6 Lacquer, rattan, and bamboo ware. a^ 

57 Ho A Chlng, Canton. — I^aicquer 
ware. aSg 

58 Lien Shing, Canton.— Lacqaer and 
sandalwood wars. 389 

Scientiflo and Philosophioal Instnu 
ments and Methods. 

50 Imperial Maritime Cnstomn. — CoV 
lection of musical instruments. 3*7 

Fkyileal* Boeial, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

60 The Proteatant Miaaionariea la Clii- 
na.->PubUcations. 34S 


61 Orimm, B., Shanghai.— Collection of 
coins and medals. 401 

62 Ho A Chiog, Canton.— Carved ivory 
ware. _ 405 

68 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma, Can- 
ton. — Carved ivory and tortoise sh^ 
ware. 405 

64 Lien Shing, Canton.— Carved ivory 
ware, etc. 405 

65 Moore, C. P., Kiukiang.— Carved 
figiue. 405 


66 Hipplslejr, A. E., Shanghai.— Wuter- 
color paintings on silk, for screens, paunt- 
ed by Wang Kteu-ting. 411 

67 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma. — Col- 
lection of ancient water-color paintings on 
silk and paper ; pictures on pitn p^>er. 4x1 

Oeramio Beeorationsi Hosaios, ote. 

68 Vo Chon, Canton. 

a Two cloisonni brass incense bumos. i^m 
i Bronze vases, incense burners, plates, etc 


69 Moore, C. P.. Kiukiang.— Vnamel 
vase and bowl, idols, jade plate. 454 

ArborionltTire and Forest Prodaots. 

71 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma. 

a Specimens of timber. 600 

b Gallnuts and dyestuff. 60ft 

e Camphor. 603 

d Moss and fimgus. 604 

# Collection of nuts and seeds. 605 

78 Pengrussott & Co., Chefoo.— Red dye- 
stuffT 60a 

Agrioultnral Prodnota. 

78 Pergusson & Co., Chelbo. 
a Peas and beans. ^OQ P 6>o 

* Tobacco. ^cS^"^ 6aj 

at end of entries, see CSassificatioa, pp. ay-^45« 



Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

T4 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

A Cereals. 690 

i LegumiiMMtt plant*. 69Z 

r Ginger. 6aa 

d Tobacco and opinm. 603 

r Seeds. 634 

Ti Impcrtal Maritime Customs, Bba&K* 

hai.— OiDectMMk of teas. 623 

Watar Aitinift]!, Fisli Ciltart and 


76 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
« Dried fisih. 64s 
i Gams, dried. 64ii 
c Fish ffue and sea blubber. 646 
d Instruments and apparatus of 6shing. 647 

77 Imperial Maritime Customs, Tam- 
suL— Collection of sea shells. 645 

Animal and Tegetable Prodnoti. 

71 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
« Seaweed. 

t Leather, fun, skins, taUow, ^ue, etc. 65a 
c Honey and wax. 654 

4/ Dried fhiit. 656 

# Flour. 
y VermiceW, maccaronl, starch, etc. 

^ Sugar, etc. 
A Winss. etc. 
s Vegeuble tallow and oU. 

79 Pergusson & Co., Chefoo. 

a Bean cakes. 
^ VenniceUi. 




Textile flhibstaneet of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

80 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
a Cotton. 
^ Hemp, coir, etc 
c Wool. 

81 Pergusson ft Co., Chefoo.—Ssmple 
650 of hemp. 666 

For classes of exhibits, indicitfri by numbers at end of entries, see Qassification, pp. «7-4S 



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(Soulh of Have, Colmwuus to ii,) 


Minerals, Chemicals, Ceramics. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 KaiUkushi, Department for the 
cotonizadon of the Island of Hokkaido. — 
Minerals and geological collection from 
Hokkaido. loo 

2 Kozanriyo, Mining Department, To- 

a Ores. loo 

6 Coals and anthracite. xoi 

8 Seki-yu Kuwaisha Petroleum Co., 
Tokio. — Mineral oils, crude and re- 
fined, xox 

4 Haahimoto, 8., T o k i o.--Buildlng 
stones. X03 

5 Ckyama, K., Chichibu. Province of 
Miisashi. — Limestone and quick lime. X03 

6 Hattori, C, Tokio.— Mortars. 103 

7 Kuwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce, 
Tokio. — Clay, chinastone, kaolin, etc. X04 

8 Chemical Laboratory of the City 
of Kiyoto. — Natural carbonated water. 


9 Yeisel-Kiyoku, Board of Public 
Health, Tofcio. — Mineral water statis- 
tics. 107 

Chemical Mannfaotures, 

lOChemical Laboratory of the City 
of Kiyoto. — Pharmaceutical preparations. 


1 1 Kuwangiyo- Riy o . Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Inciusiry, & Commerce, 
T o k I o.— Vegetable oils, wax candles, 
etc. aox 

12 Matsu-zaki, S., Vorita, Y., & Kon- 
do, M., Tokio. — Soap. aox 

18 Koshima, J., Tokio.— Shark liver 
oil. aox 

14 Kiriu-Koaho-Kuwaisha, First Jap- 
anese Manufacturiui^ & Trading Co., 
Tokio. — ^Japanese and Chinese ink. aoa 

16 Wada, Y., Tokio.— Indiji^o and speci- 
mens of dyed silk. aoa 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, etc. 

18 Kobu-sho, Departmc 
Works Tokio.— liricks. 

Department of Public 

17 Nakashima, R., Kagoshima, Prov- 
ince of Saisuma.— Vabes, jars, tea sets, 
and ornamental pieces. axo 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbeis 

18 Kashlu, Sampei, Iffano-Mar», Prov- 
ince of Awaji. — Vases, coffee and tea sets, 
candlesticks, etc. axo 

10 Minoda, Ch., Tokio.— Ancient pot- 
tery and omaxnents. zto 

80 Mivagawa, T., Ota, near YokohAma. 
— Vases, censers, etc. axo 

21 Susuki, Y., Yokohama. — Earthen- 
ware, axo 

22 Shitomi Sohei, Yokka-ichi, Prov- 
ince of Ise. — Banko ware, vases, tea pocs, 
etc. SX3 

28 Mori. Y., Yokka-ichi, Province of 
Ise. — Banko ware, vases, tea pots, bowb, 
etc. stj 

24 Nakayama, M., Kuwana, Province 
of Ise.— Vases, cake boxes, and dishes. 


26 Kato Ooauke, Tajimimura, Province 
of Mino.— Cups, covered bowls, flower 
pots, etc S13 

26 Pukihara, 8., Tokio.— Cloleoiine en- 
amel on porcelain. aij 

27 Koran -Sha Porcelain Manufisctory. 
Arita, Province of Hisen.->Cups and 
flower vases, pedestals, tea and coffee 
services, etc. sxj 

28 Chaki-Shosha, Tea Set ManuCic- 
tory, Kiyoto.— Tea pots, cups, jars, etc 

20Tansan Selkai, Kiyoto.— Vases, 
flower pots, dinner sets, jewel cases, pho- 
tographs on porcelain, etc. axj 

80 Kinkoxaa-Sobei, Kiyoto.— Vases, 
flower pots, plates, jewd cases, etc. sx3 

81 Takahashi, Dohachi, Kiyoto.— 
Vases, dishes, flower pots, etc. 913 

82 Shimidzu Rokubei, Kiyoto.— 
Tarzas, vases, jars, sets, etc. stj 

88 Kanzan Denshichi, Kiyoto.— Tea 
and coffee sets, incense cases, pitchers, 
and tablets. 8x3 

84 Wage Kitel, Kiyoto.-Clgar stands, 
vases, basins, etc. S13 

85 Mashimidzu Zoroku, Kiyoto.— 
Vases, flower pots, and dishes. 213 

86 Shimidsu Shichibei, Kiyoto.— Tea 
and coffee cups and saucers, milk jugs, 
and sugar bowls. at3 

87 Shimidzu Kameshichl, Kiyoto.— Tea 
and coffee sets. n^ 

88 Yeiraku, Z., Kiyoto.— Bowls, 
flower vases and pots, egg cups, jewol 
cases, etc. »i3 

at end of entries, see Classtficstioa^ pp. s^-45. 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

$9 TnJI* Ch., Kiyoto.— Toilet services. 


iOTsuan Yohei, Klyoto.— Tea sets, 
tazias, etc. 3x3 

il Seifia Yohel, Kiyoto.— Vases, flower 
poa, bowls, etc. axj 

4S Wsteja, O., Kaaasawa, Province 
<^ Kaga. — Coffee and tea sets, tea jars, 
cake bczes, and tauas. 213 

43 Toshlda, Y., Kanaxawa, Province 
of R^sa. — Large bowb 9x3 

44 Awo, P., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga.— Vases, tea and coffee cups, bowls, 
etc - 9x3 

45 Hekisan, T., Kanaxama, Province of 
Kaga. — Vases, cups, bowls, etc. 913 

46 Seikan, 8., Kanasawa, Province of 
JCaga. — Tea jan and coffee sets. 9x3 

47 Kacbokcn, A., Kanasawa, Province 
of Kaga. — Flower vases and cake 
boxes. 2x3 

48 Sbosa, T., Kanasawa, Province of 
Kaga.— Come cups, flower pots, etc 9x3 

49 Setzuzan, A., Kanasawa, Province 
of Kaga. — Coffee and tea cups, teapots, 
and vases. 9x3 

M Rsruna, S., Kanasawa, Province of 
Kaga.-Cake be 
and dinner sets. 


lamp vases, coffee 


M Muneaki, Kanasawa, Province of 
Kaga.— Coffee seu. 913 

5S Utaumi, K., Kanasawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Cups, vases, cake boxes, etc. 2x3 

53 Yamakishi, Kanasawa, Province of 
Kaga.— Bowls, coffee cups, etc. 9x3 

54 Chittji, Kanasawa, Proviace of Ka- 
ga. — Cofice axid tea pots. 9x3 

55 Sekitei, I., Kanasawa, Province of 
K«g^ — Teapott, lamp vases, etc 9X$ 

56 Kaga Association for the Encourage* 
iseai of Hamifactures.— Bowb, coffee 
cups, vases, etc. 9x3 

57 Shiooda, K., Province of Kaga^« 
Flower vase^ cigar stands, etc 9x3 

58 Hiyochiyen-sha, Manufactory of 
Panted Porcelain, Tokio.;— Flower pets 
and vases, coffee and tea sets, disbes, ta- 
olcs, and ornaments. 9x3 

59 Slitppo-Kuwaiaha,Clolsonn5Baamd 

Manufiurtory , Nagoya, Province of Owari. 
— Eiianifel on porcelain, 9x3 

80 Makodsu Kozan, Ota.~F]ower and 
lamp ravts, coffee sets, etc 0x3 

81 Miooda, Oh., Tokio.-Old and new 
porcelaia. 2x3 

88 Kawamoto Maaukichi, Nagoya, 
Province of Owari. — Tables, vases, and 
flower pots. 2x3 

8^ Klriu-Ko8ho-Kuwaisha,PirstJapan- 
ese Manufacturing & Tradiqg Co., Tokio. 
—Ancient pottery and porcelain. 2x3 

8{ ( I i d a, T., Nagoya, Province of 
Owari. — Porcelain flower vases and pots, 
plates, fruit dishes, pitchers, ladles, bowls, 
tea services, tables, brasiers, etc. 2x3 

f raitnre and Objeetg of General Use 
a Construction and in Dwellings. 

6 Kttwan|^iyo-Riyo-Sbl-ken-jo,Kxper- 

'mental i>eciiun of the Koard of Agricul- 
ure. Industry, & Commerce, T«>kio.-— 
!abiaets and toilet table. 2x7 

' daises of exliibits, indicated by auiubea 

65 Aral, H., Toklo.^-Lacquered furni- 
ture. 9X7 

66 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwalsha,FlrstJapaa- 
ese Manufiunuring & TnuUng Co., To- 

« Bureaus, tables, etc nv 

b Silver tea sets, etc 9i8 

e Blinds and screens. ssj 

67 Mlnoda, Ch., Tokio. 

a Bureau, toilet tables, etsgiros, etc 9t7 
h Silver tea kettle. 2X& 

e Bath tub and accessories. 996 

66 Yamamoto, Y., Shlsuoka, Province 
of Sttruga.->LacqQered fbmltore, screens 
etc. 2x7 

60 Shlkki - Shosha, Lacquered Ware 
Manufactory, Kiyoto.— Lacquered furni- 
ture, etc. 9x7 

70 Kikuchi-Kuhel, Tokio.— Hat racks, 
chairs, etc • sxf 

71 Ota, M., Tokio.— Pnrniture and cab- 
inet work. 217 

72 Chaki-Shosha, Kiyoto.— Tea serv- 
ices, etc. axB 

78 Iwahashl, K., Kuroimura, Province 
of KU.— Lacquered ware for household 
use. 2x8 

74 AwoumL O., Hlromal, Proviace of 
Mutzu.— Lacquered utensils. 9x8 

75 Fc^isawa, H., Osaka. — Lacquered 
lunch boxes and trays. 2x6 

76 Isliioka, 8., Noshiro, Province of 
Ugo.— Trays, boxes, dishes, tables, etc. 


77 Kimura, H., Kiyoto.— Table 
ware. 2x8 

78 Hiral Ikkaa, Kiyoto.— Coffee seta. ax6 
70 Asaao, T., Kiyoto. — Lacquered 

vases. 2x8 

80 Nakamura, H., Kiyoto.— B o w 1 s, 
trays, etc. ax8 

81 Uyeinura, 8., Tsuruga, Province of 
Yechizen. — Lacquered ware. 9x8 

82 Riukiu-han, the island of Loochoo. 
— Lacquered plates, bowls, etc. axB 

88 Kuwangiyo-Rlyo, Imperial Board of 
Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce, To- 
a Lanterns. 993 

h Iron utensils, kettles, etc 994 

Yarnf and Woven CK>odi of VegetabU 
or mneral Katerials. 

86 Kuwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board of 
Agriculture, Industi^* & Commerce, To- 
kio. — Mats. 229 

87 Bakaiken. Local Government of.— 
Cotton dotns, yams, etc. 230 

88 Ono, O.. Naniwamura, Province of 
Setbtu. — Cotton cloths. 230 

89 Riu-kiu-han, Loochoo Islands. 

a White cotton cloths. 230 

b Striped cotton cloths. 23X 

c Ramie and fibre cloths. 233 

90 KswAmura. Y., Province of Owari. 
— Cotton dotns dyed and spotted. 23X 

01 Osaka fu, Municipality of, Osaka.— 
Cotton rugs. 23X 

92 Miye-ken, Local Government of.— 
Cotton gauze. 931 

St end of eairies, sec Classification, pp. 97-4$. 



Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing, Fancy Articles. 

98 Aasoclation for Women's Work, 
Kiyoto. — Cotton rugs. 331 

94 Fuji-Kawa, O., Klyoto.^-Printed 
cotton doth. 331 • 

95 Watanabe, S., Shiro-iahi, Province 
of Iwaki. — Shifu doth, paper yam. 333 

96 Nl-i-gata-ken, Local Qoveramcnt 
of.— Ramie do^. 033 

97 Nara-ken, Lrocal Qovemment of.— 
Hemp doth. 333 

Silks and Silk FaMcs. 

98 Yoyan-jo, Silk-Worm Breeding Ea- 
tablishmeni, Kiyoto. — Raw silks. 34* 

99 Sci-shi-jo, Silk Reeling EatabUah- 
meat, Kiyoto.-<-Raw siilcs. 34a 

100 Association 'for Women*a Work, 

A Raw siTks. •4a 

i Dress silks. S45 

e Cravats. S45 

101 Rojima, T., Kiyoto.— Silk thread. 


102 Susuki, Yo, Yamura, Proviace of 

a Dress silks. 845 

i Handkerchie&. 847 

108 Tanruraken, Xx>cal Govenunent of. 

—White dress silk. 345 

104. Yehara, T., Kiriu, Province of Kot* 
suke.— Dross silk. 845 

105 Yamamoto Kinu, Ouaakamura, 
Provinoe of ShiBano.*>-Bombyx shoH:hin 
silk. 345 

106 Nakagawa, Y., Kiyoto.— White 
silk. ^ S4S 

107 Moritli, B., Kiyoto.— Colored ailks. 


108 Niahimura. S., Kiyoto. 

a Fancy dress silks. a4< 

h Plaid dress silks. 346 

e Crapes dyed and figured. 347 

109 Kuvrangiyo-Jo, Aaaociatioa for the 
Encouragement of Arts & Manufactures, 
Kiyoto.— White dress silk. 345 

110 Shibata, Y.^ Hakata, Province of 
Chikuzen. — Striped and figured silks. 346 

111 Shiromidau, Ch., Hakata, Proviace 
of Chikuzen. — Striped dress silk. 346 

12 Nawa, S., Akita, Province of Ugo. 

—Fancy silks. 346 

118 Ito, T., Sendai, Province of Kiku- 

sen --Checkered dre<is silk. 346 

114 The Niahijln Weavera, Kiyoto. 

fi Siik goods ; brocade and striped silk. 346 

b Vdvets and gauze. 347 

116 The Shokkojo Weavera, Kiyoto.— 

Striped and figured dress silks. 346 

116 Sumivama, X., Kiyoto.— Checkered 
dress silli. 346 

117 Klriu-Koaho-Kuwaiaha, Tokio.— 
a Silk carpctings and brocades. 346 
b Cravats. 347 

118 Tsubaki Yoahi, Sendai, Province 
of Rikiisen.— Striped shot dress. silk. 346 

110 Tomita, S., Kiyoto.— Gauze. 347 

120 The Kanokoshosha, Kiyoto.— 
Dyed and spotted crapes. 347 

121 Ichida, R., Kiyoto.— Dyed and 
spotted crapes. 347 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numl)ers 

188 Shii-no, S., Yokohama.— Handker- 
chieft, cravats, etc., of crape. 247 

128 Yoahida, 8., Bfineyami, Province 
of Tai^[0.— Crapes. »47 

124 Nabeshima, 8., Mineyami, Prov- 
ince of Tango. — Crapes. 94; 

125 Ikebe, N., Mineyamo, Province oi 
Tango.— Crapes. 347 

126 Niahiaori, K., Na^ahama, Prov- 
ince of Omi . — ^White crapes. 347 

127 Nakamura. M., Nagahama, Prov- 
ince of Omi.— white crapes. 247 

128 Tsuboi, C, Nagahama, Province 

ofOmi.— white crapes, 247 

129 Kimura,Q., Kiyoto.— Crapea. 347 

180 iBSCaki, T., Kiyoto.— WhtU ctape. 


181 Koaeki, I.» Kiyoto.— Braida. 9^ 
181« Nakatou-Ji, Kiyoto.— Braids. 24 
182Isu.kura, K., Kiyoto.— Watch 

guards. s4| 

Clothing, Jewelry« and Omamenti; 
Traveling Equipments. 

188 Wakamataa.R., Miaakacbl, Prov- 

ince of Omi. — Hats. 350 

184 Hoaoda, Z., Kiyoto.— Silk embroid- 
ery. »5« 

185 Sakagudii, 8., Nlyoto.^— Embroid- 
eries. 352 

186 Niohlmuia. S., Kiyoto.— BmbRnd- 
ered taMets, table cloths, screens, etc. 252 

167 Cha-kl-ahoaha, Kiyoto. — Embroid- 
ered picture of Buddha; embroideird 
carpeting and cushions. «ss 

188 Teramura, 8., Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered table cloths and soawla. ass 

189 Sumiyama, I., Kiyoto.— EmiMoid- 
ered silks. ssa 

140 Kiriu-Koaha-Kuwaiaha. Tokio. 

« Embroidered table cloths and sifics. »s> 
b Crystal necklaces and earriogii. 853 

c Cigar cases, buttons, toys, umlnellas, etc. 

d Leather boxes. 255 

141 8bii-no, 8., Yokohoma.~^Sabroid. 
ered silks, coverlets, etc. 25a 

142 Aaaociatioa for Wbmea'a Work, 

a Embroidered table cloths and screens. 25s 
b Pin cushions ; silk pictures in relief. 354 
c Wallets and tobacco pouches. 155 

148 Nuiaho-aha( Embroiderer's So- 
ciety), Kiyoto. — Embroidered doihs, cur- 
tains, and screens. 353 

144 Tanaka, R., Kiyoto.^Embro{dered 
screens, curtains, etc. 953 

145 Asakura. M., Tokio.— Toya and 
fancy articles, small objects of adora- 
ment. 254 

145a Aral, H., Tokio. — Lacquered jewel 
cases, needle boxes, card boxes, dear 
staiids, canes, etc. 254 

146 Kuwangiyo-Rivo, Tokio.^Oroa^ 
mental piece of rock crystal. S54 

147 The ShikkUahoaha, Kiyoto.— Toya. 


148 Iwai,Z.,N8^ Province of Yamato. 

— Fani.itizecl by Vj' 954 

at end of entries, sec ClaisitoiHon, pp. s7-4<. 



Fancy Goods, Stationery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Education. 

149 Myftf^wa, C, Tokio.-^PortfoUo*, 
QSV cases, lans, pipes, etc 354 

150 Pukada,K.,Kiyoto.—SUk pictures. 

151 Kmtayama, O., Kiyoto.— Orna- 

152 Wobanawm, M., Tokio.—Pans. 254 
m Mitopo Kawaiaha, Nagoya, Prov- 
ince oT Owaui. — Fans. 354 

154 Klmura, T., Kiyoto.— Fans. 254 

155 Sumii, Z., Kiyoto.— Pans. as4 
158 KnwaDsiyo-Jo (Association for the 

encouragcnient of ait and manufactures), 
Kijroto. — Fans, poaches, cages, etc. 354 

157 jiamijoyen, Kiyoto.— Pans. 854 

158 Tei-Aml Tegiyo, Kiyoto.— Pans. 354 

159 Jo-Ami Hcishiro, Kiyoto.— Pana. 

180 Ria-ami Hanso, Xlyoto.— Faaa. 354 

181 Murakami, T., Kiyoto.— Walking- 
cues. 854 

182 Terada, Q., Kiyoto.-'Pipea. •54 
188 Nsmikawa, 8., Kiyoto.— Birds and 

toys. 354 

184Fanaki, 8.« Kiyoto.— Birda and 
toys. 354 

185 Yamamoto, Y., Shidsn-oka, Prov- 
ince of Son^ia.. — Cages. 354 
188 Siunki, M., Kiyoto.— Bnttoas, etc. 


187 Mitsui, Kiyoto.— Pictures on amall 
pieces of silk. 354 

187« Awonmi, Q., Hiromai, Province 
of Mutzu. — Lacquered glove cases, jewel 
cases, letter holders, etc. 354 

188 Kimnra, H., Kiyoto.— Note tablets. 


Fifer, Blaak Booki, and Stationory. 

189 Kirio-Koaho-Kuwaisha (First Ja- 
puMse Manufiu:tnring & Trading Com- 
pany), Toluo.«— Writing-bnuhes. 358 

170 Kochi-ken, Local Qovemment of. 
—Paper. 359 

171 Hamadaken,Local Government of. 
-Paper. . 359 

172 Kiyoto-Pu.Municipality of Kiyoto. 
—Paper. 359 

178 Riu-Kiu-han, Loo Choo Island.— 
Paper, of plantain fibre and straw. 359 

174 Gifu-kea, Local Government of.— 
Writing-paper. 359 

175 Tsuniga-ken, Local Qovemment 

of.— Paper. 359 

r6 Knwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board 
pf Agriculture, Industry^ & Commerce, 
Tokic— Paper. 359 

77 Kiriu*KoshO'Kuwaisha« First Ja- 
panese Manufacturing & Trading Com- 
pany, Tokio. 

« Paper. 359 

I Blank books. s6x 

c Wail papers. 364 

78 Yoshida, K., Kiyoto.— Colored and 
ornamented paper for writing poetry. 360 

10 Minoda, Cb., Tokio.— Albums. 361 
'1 lUbe, 8., & Okuyama, K., Inski. 

man & Komatamura, Province of Ise. 

—Wall paper, etc. 364 

I of exhibits, indicated by aumbeis 

188 Haibara, N., Tokio.— Wall papera. 


183 Matsumoto, T., Tokio.-WaU pa- 
per. 364 

Weapoxu, etc. 

184 Kiriu-Koeho-Kowaisha, First Ja- 
panese Manu&cturing & Trading Com- 
pany, Tokio. 

a Coat of mail. 365 

b Swords, spean, etc b68 

e Bows ana arrows. 369 

188 Minoda, Ch., Tokio.— Swords. 368 

186 Kumagai, K., Kiyoto.— Halberds. 


187 Yamamoto, Y., Shidsu*oka, Prov- 
ince of Suruga.— Swords. 368 

Xadiouia, Surgery, Protheiis. 

188 Kuwangiyo-Riyo Imperial, Board 
of Agriculture, Industry & Commerce), 
Tokio. — Drugs and medicines. 373 

189 NanL Y., Kiyoto. 

a Surgical instruments. 376 

b Dental instruments. 377 

190 RikugunshOf Imperial War De- 
partment. — Vehicles and litters for the 
transportation of wounded soldiers. 378 

Fabrioa of Vegatabla, Animal, or 
mneria Materials. 

191 Hiogo-ken, Local Government of. 
— Bamboo work. 289 

198 Toyo-oka-ken, Local Government 
of.— Straw work. 389 

198 Shiga-ken, Local Qovemment of.— 
Basket ware, mats, cake boxes, etc. 389 

194 NagaU, Y., Tokio.— Rattan work, 
trays. 389 

195 Yamamoto, Y., Shidsu-oka, Prov- 
ince of Suruga. — Bamboo work. 289 

196 Ktrlu-Kosho-Kuwaisha First Ja- 
panese Manufigicturing & Trading Com- 
pany, Tokio. — Wooden ware, boxes, 
cases, etc. 389 

197 Shlmidsu, J., Kiyoto.— Bamboo 
ware. 389 

198 Murakami, T., Kiyoto. — Bamboo 
ware. 389 

199 Terada, G., Kiyoto. — Bamboo 
ware. 289 

200 Iwada, H., Kiyoto.— Bamboo ware. 

801 Hotta, Z., Kiyoto.— Bamboo ware. 


808 Chikumaken, Local Government 

of. — Bamboo ware. 989 

Sducational Srifteme, Xethodi, and 

SOS Mombuaho, Department of Public 

Education, Tokio. 
a Educational systems and methods. 
b Constitution of the Japanese Educational 

Department, and maps showing the divi- 

c Elementarv school books and apparatiu. 
^Chairs ana ubles, etc., for schoolrooms. 
# Infant training and toys. 
f Reading and writing implements, such as 
were used by children in former times. 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 3^43. 



Education and Science, Arts. 

g Maps, ckarts, gk^Ms, etc. 

A Educational eauipmenU, tabks, pens, 
ink boxes, blank books, paper, and other 

i Abacus, au:ithmetical board, slates, pencils, 

k Examination paper for students. 

/ Designs and fMiotosraphs fimr schools. 

m Sectional specimens of yroods. 

n Leaves of various piantt. 

Boolcs of botany. 

/ Tabular sutemenis of botanical dassifi- 

f Mokn-xai-sho-ran (album showing sam- 
ples of the various woods used for indus- 
trial purposes ). 

r Artincial fruits. 

# Ancient and modeni medtoal and atugl- 
cal books, and modem suigical bistru- 
ments made bv K. Iwashiya. 

i Medicines and druipi. 

n I-in xas-si, miscellaneous teports of the 
hospital pertaining to the medical acad- 

V Anatomical designs. « 

w Paintings and painting laaterials. 

s Lacquer work, showing process of nuom- 
facture and Implemenu used. 

y Wood engravings and engraving-tools, 
blocks and types; printiqg materials. 

a Photc^praphs. 

mh Outlbe of the history of education in Ja- 
pan ; hbtoiy of the literature and short 
nistorical sketch of the educational de- 
partment. (AH accompanied by the Eng- 
lish translation.) 
U Educational regulations, notifications, re- 
ports, misceltaneous Information, and Ri- 
ti-ko-tei (educational reports by F. Tana- 
cb Statistical table, showing the number of 
public and private sctiools. with their 
scholars, tabular statement ot the revenue 
and expenditure of the public schools and 
the public school property, and other sta- 
tistical tables relating to education. 
dt Photographs, history, regulation, and cat- 
alogue of Toxic Library. 
«£ Almanacs, history, dictionaries, and ilhis- 

trated works on natural history, etc. 
/h Newspapers, journals, and magazines, 
etc. 300 

204 Kuwaagiyo-riyo Imperial Board 

of Agriculture, Indascry, & Commerce. 
— Tabular statement showing number of 
national newspapers. 300 

805 Hirano, T., Tokio.—CoUection of 

type and paper matrices used in printing. 


206 Tamai, C, Province of Mino.— Il- 
lustrated work on the flora of Japan. 300 

207 Hababutakuwan Muaeum, Tokio. 
-rZoological collection. 3x0 

Seientifle and Fhiloiopliioal Initm- 
ments and Methodf . 

208 Mombu she. Department of Public 
Education. — (!»eomemcal instruments ; 
apparatus for experiments in natural 
philoiyophy. 300 

209 Kozan-riyo, Mining Department, 
Tokio. — Meteorological report. 330 

210 Kuwangiyo-riyo, Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce. 
— Counting machine. 331 

For cla»be» of exhibits, indicated by numben 

211 Okuraaho, Pinaace 
Graduated scales of hemlioo amA brass; 
measures of capacitor, scales, anfi 0nd^ 
ated beams for weighing. yn 

212 Kiriu-koaho-kuwaiaha, Pint Jap- 
anese Manufacturiiq^ ft Tiading C#., 
Tokio. — Musical instnunents. 337 

Engineering, Arehiteotnret Xape, ete. 

218 Kuwangiyo-riyo, Imperial Bootd 
of Agriculture, Industry, ft Commerce. 
— Diagrams, showing the means of airesi* 
ing and controlling the flow of water; 
plan of water supply at the city of Tokio. 


214 8hiu-ahi-kiyoku, National Archive 
Office, Tokio.— Map of the Empire Of 
Japan. 335 

216 Todai-rlyo, Lighthonae Depart- 
ment, Tokio. — Photoerapbs of iigh 


216 Yeki-tei-riyo, General Poat-olBMf 
Tokio. — Map showing the mail routea. 335 

217 Suiro-rivo, Hydrographic Depart- 
ment, Tokio.— Marine and coast line 
charts. 33s 

218 Denahin-riyo, Telegraph Depart- 
ment, Tokio. — Map, showing id^giaphic 
lines and stations. 33s 

Phyiioal. Sooial, and Moral Conditien 
of Man. 

219 Kuwangiyo-riyo, Tokio. — Games 
and manly sports. 340 

220 Komura, 8., Kanasawa, Province 
of Kaga. — ^Japanese model house on the 
exhibition grounds , built by I . Matsuo. 349 

221 Matsuo, I., Tokio.— Baxar on the 
exhibition grounds. 343 

222 Zohei-riyo, Imperial Mint, Tokio.— 
Collection of gold and silver coins. 344 

223 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha, First Jap- 
anese Manufacturing & Traoing Co., 1 o- 
kio. — Collection of old copper coins. 344 

224 Yeki-tei-riyo, General Post-offios, 
Tokio. — Postsu cards and stamps ; annual 
reports. 345 

225 Soseiriyo, National Revenue De- 
partment. — Revenue stamps, blank papen 
and licenses, etc. hs 


226 Honma Takuaai, Sado Island.— 

Bronze statuette, vases, etc. 403 

227 Kiriu-kosho-kuwaiaha, First Jap- 
anese Manufisicturing & Trading Co., lo- 

a Bronze fountains, vases, braxiers, plates, 

censers, teacup stands, etc. 403 

b Miniature palace of sandal wood. 405 

228 Minodo, Ch.. Tokio.— Bronae can- 
sers, va^es, candlesticks, etc. 403 

230 Minodo, Ch., Tokio.— Metal pipe, 

paper weight, and statue. 403 

281 Aral, H., Tokio.— SUver vase and 

decorative objects. 4<^ 

232 The Chaki-sho-sha Co., Kiyoto.— 

Bronze vessel. 403 

288 Yoshida, Ya, Kiyoto.— Bronxa 

vases and censeis. 4^3 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. a7'4S> 




tM NiaMgmw«Joy«kl,Kiyoto.-*Bronse 

kettle, vase, and sweetmeat boxes. 403 

$$$ Kanaka Ooroaaburo, Kiyoto.— 


17a O 


▼ases, and sweetmeat 
t86 Skomi, Y., Klyoto.— Brotixa vases 

and uays. 403 

2S7 Stainoyaina,A.U.,Kiyoto.— dronxe 
sweetmeat box. 403 

tS8 Kawara^ayashiHidekuni,Kiyoto. 

— Bronze jug. 403 

S89 Rawamura, Ya, Kiyotc— Metal 

teapot, cup, and stand. 403 

140 Saito, Z., Tokio.— Bronxe censer, 
rases, tablet, and images. 403 

241 Yamamoto, I., Wakamatan, Prov- 
ince of Iwa»hiro. — Bronze vases. 403 

848 Imai Rlhei, Kiyoto.— Carved ^vory 
inures. 405 

148 The Chakiahosha Co., Kiyoto.— 

Ivory incense box. 405 

844Hotta, Z^y Kiyoto.— Ivory paper 

vttght and tray. 40s 

845 8hichijoYasi»nori,Kiyoto.— Carved 
aad coloced wooden statuettes. 405 

846 Ide, Z., Kiyoto.— Carved wooden 
statuettes. 405 

847 Yamamoto, Y., ShUuoka, Province 
of Saniga. — Carved ivory images. 403 

848 Soxnki. BC., Tokio.— Ivory vase, 
boats» ana other decorative c>bjects. 405 

849 Negishi Maaao, Tokio.— Carved 

wooden bedstead and bedroom fiurnituie. 

8501Cakad8o Kozan, Yokohoma.— 
Porcelain mooldings. 405 

881TBuji Katsuao, Arita, Province of 
Hi a cn . — Porcdatn mouldings. 4P5 


U% Kiknchi Yoeal, Tokio.— Water 
color picture. 41X 

858 Tanaka Honi, Tokio.— Water color 
pictore. 411 

854 Pokuahima Riuho, Tokio.— Water 
odor picture. 411 

855 Kishl Seppo, Tokio.- Water color 
picture. 4x1 

856 Kawanabe Giosal, Tokio.— Water 
color picture. 411 

857 Haaegawa Settei, Tokio.— Water 

color picture. 41 1 

858 Me^ata Kaian, Tokio.— Water 

color picture. 411 

859Yaraazaki Toeen, Tokio.— Water 

color picture. 4xx 

lONagaaaka Sulho, Tokio.— Water 

color picture. 4x1 

tl Numado If asa-u-ki, Tokio.— 

Water color picture. 41 x 

13 Minoda, Ch., Tokio.— Pictures and 


S68 Susuki Hiyakunea, Kiyoto.— Pic- 
tures. 41 X 

t64 Tanaka, R., Kiyoto.— Picture al- 

Imm. 411 

865 8hi-o-kawa Bunrin, Kiyoto.— Pic- 
ture. • 41 X 

266 Nisbimnra, 8., Kiyoto.— Pictures. 


867 Bakaguchi, 8., Kiyoto.— Pictures. 


268 Pukami, Suminosuke, Arita, Prov- 
ince of Uixcn.— Painted porcelain. 413 

- XngraTing and Lithofrrtphy. 

269 Kuwappankiyoku, Government 
Printing Office.— Copper plates for govern- 


mem Donos. revenue stamps, 
specimens or worlc 


for dasMS of cadiibili, indicated by numben at 

870 Sakai, T., Kiyoto.- Photographs. 

8T1 Kuwangiyo-Jo. Association for the 
Encouragement or Art & Manufiictures, 
Kiyoto.— Photographs. 43c 

IndutrUl and Arehltoetoral SotigBb, 

872 Zoroku, H., Kiyoto.— Bronse statu- 
ettes, tripod kettles. 443 

878 Kumagai, K., Kiyoto.— Bronze 


Ceramic Deooratloni, Xosaioi , eto. 

874 Nishimura, 8. J., Mikuria, Prov- 
ince of Hoki. — Inlaid work in wood. 45a 

270 Yamamoto, Y.. Shisuoka, Prov- 
ince of Sumka.— Inlaid work in wood. 45a 

274 Marunaka, M, Kanasawa, Prov- 
ince of Kaga. 

a Vases, inlaid boxes, etc. 43a 

6 Enameled silver goolels. 454 

277 The Shippokuwaaha, Province of 

Owari. — ^Tea caddy. 45a 

276 Kanaya Qorosaburo, Kiyoto. 

a Bronze vases and pots. 459 

^ Water pot, goblets, and sweetmeat boxes. 


279 Yomo Yaaunosuke* Kiyoto.— 
Bronze plates. 45a 

280 Pukihara, 8., Tokio.— Enameled 
plates and jar. 494 

288 Ta-Ho-jo, Kiyoto.— Vase. 454 

284 Namiwaka Yasu-u-ki, Kiyoto.— 

Vases, lunch boxes, cigar stands, etc. 454 

280 Zoroku, H., Kiyoto.— Ornamental 
buckle in imitation of old bronae. 454 

286 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwalsha, First Ja- 
panese Manu&cturing & Trading Co.. 
fokio. — Enameled rasin, imitation of 
Chinese ware ; porcelain stotuettes, bronae 
bowl. 454 

end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 

Digitized by 





(Somik ^ South Avenue^ Columns lo to 14.) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education. 

Kinerali, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 011naa,J.H«— Lava •pecimeM from 

Kilauea. 100 

8 Hawaiian Mttsaain.— Qeolo^ical 
siMdmens, by W. L. Green. 100 

8 Hitchcock, H. R.— Geological speci- 
mens from crater of Kilauea. 100 
4 Boys* Boarding BchooL— Coal firom 
the forests of HaTeakala. lox 

Chemiosl Xannfaotures. 
8 Pinkhsm, Q. 8.— Blacking. ms 

Furniture and Objects of General ITse 
in Construetion and in Dwellings. 

6 Auld, William.— Cue. 8x7 

7 Brown, Q. W.— Table from a variety 
of woods. 3x7 

8 Kamnipelekane, E. P.— Pac-simlle of 
b^, etc., used by Kamehamha I. 3x7 

9 Fischer & Co. 

« Small and laige tables, revolving book- 
rack, ax 7 
i Picture frame. aao 

10 Williams, C. E.— Revolving shell 
case. as 7 

1 1 Hopper, J. A.~Kou calabashes. 984 
1 la Emma, Queen. — ^Water gourds and 

figured calsUbashes. 8*4 

Tame and Woven Ck)odB of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

12 Gilman, J. H.— Bamboo of silky fibre 
for decorations. aag 

12<« Emms, Queen.— Figured kapas 
and niihau mats. 999 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and OmamentB; 
Traveling Equipments. 

123 Peterson, James A.— Yellow and 
black feather cape. S50 

12^ Kswaiahao Female Seminary. 
a Crotchet work by pupils. ess 

6 Mimosa seed necklaces by pupils. S54 

13 Emma, Queen. 
a Cane flower and fern stem hats. est 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by uimbers 

S Yellow and green feather wrcatlxs, leather 
fly brushes, ever-lasting and moss 
wreatiis, strings of NHhau sfae&s, aad 
arrowroot plant fims. 9$^ 

14 Dickson, J. Bstes.->Micronealan ca- 
rfosides and corals. 354 

1 5 Becktey, P. W.— Set of kaptt. 954 

1 6 Boyd, Miss E.— Spatter work of mot- 
toes and Island ferns. 954 

16<s PrattfMrs.— Feather fly bruabea. 954 

1 7 Kealoha.— Set of kapa. 954 

1 8 Oabu College.— Land shells. S54 

19 Rose, Katie.— Set of kapas. ■54 

80 Williams, C. E.— Canes. a54 

81 WUder, Helen.— Manahiki womaa's 
hair. 954 

22 Young, Mrs.— Wreath of moaaas and 
shells. 954 

Vabries of Vegetable, Awiwal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

28 Department of War.— Haipraiian 
flag, royal standard. 988 

Carriages, Vehiolee, and Aocessories. 

24 Lyman, P. S.— Saddle and hrf die. 996 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

25 Department of Education. 

a Photographs of school-lkouses and gioops 
of Hawaiian teachers and pupils. joo 

b Hawaiian schooiOioaks and legislative re- 
ports. 306 
2(k Brigham, W. T.— "Hawaiian Vol- 
canoes" and various works on the Hawai- 
ian Islands. 906 

27 Damon, S. C— "The Friend*' and 
Bowditch's Navigator, in the Japanese 
language. 306 

28 Whitney. H. M.— "Qaxette" aa8 
" Kuokoa'^ for 1875. 306 

29 Sheldon, H. L.— "Pacific Commer- 
cial Advertiser." 306 

290 Thrum, T. Q.— Volume of the " Is- 
lander." 306 

luBtitutiouB and Organisations. 

80 Clarke, P. L^— Hawaiisn curiosities: 

Cocoanut shell water calabash, lei palava 

tobacco pipe, stone lamp, stone adxe, siing 

stone. 3x9 

t end of entries, see Claasificatioo, pp. Vf^ 



Education and Science, Art, Machinery, Agriculture. 

to* BmmA, Qocen. — ^Ancient imple- 
ments of various kinds. 31a 

BBginaering, Arohitaotare, Charti, 
Mape, and Oraphio Bepresentationi. 

tl Honolulu Iron Works. -^Dcait* of 
BMchinery. 390 

S8 Alexander. W. D.— ttap of the cra- 
ter of Haleakala. 335 

t%m Department of Govemonent Sur- 
vey. — Map of the Hawaiian Islands. 335 

%%i Thrum, T. O.— 8eU of Hawaiian 
postage stamps. 345 

Fhjdealy Ck>oial, and Moral Conditton 
of Man. 

II Native of Hawaii.— Wooden 
idoia. 34g 


14 Spencer, Q. B.--Oil painting **HUo 

Bay/' by J. H. Nawahi. 4x0 

II Bailey, E.—- Oil paintings. ixo 

« Bird's eye view of the crater of Halealcala. 

i View^UUo VUlage and Cocoanut Island. 

r Views in HQo. 

^Scenery In lao Valley. 


IBHoDolalu Iron Works.— -Photo- 
paphs of works. 430 

l6«Bflgham, "W. T.— PhotOfTraphs of 
ancient idols. 430 

IT ThrttOft, T. Q.—- Photograph of Hoao« 
Ittln. 430 

If Btdto on, M«-*PhotDgrapha of Island 

Otnmie Beoorattoat, Moi alee, eto. 

II Department of Interlor.'^Hawailan 
coat of arms painted on g^ass. 453 

MMhfTiae and Implementi of Spin- 
, VeavlAgf hlting, and Paper 


IV Kapa beaten and dies for print- 
inf. 9H 

Aiteiievltiire and Foroft Vroduote. 

10 Boys* Boarding School. 
« Woods from thr forests of Haleakala. 600 
I Silver swords, I ring ferns. 604 

41 Andrews, C. B.— Mounted ferns. 604 
F<ar dstses of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

42 Hitchcock, D. H. ft B. Q.-Sped- 
mens of the pulu ferns, silver swords. 604 

48 Hitchcock, H. R.— Ferns and 
mosses. 604 

44 Jones, Q.W.C.^Lrarge tree fern. 604 

^grionltnral Prodnoti. 
44<s Wong Co.— Rice. 6ao 

44^ Chulan ft Co.^Rice and paddy. 6ao 
44^ Woimanalo Plantation.— Rice. 620 
46 Hackfeld, H., ft Co.—Coifee from H. 
N. Greenweli. 623 

Land Animalf • * 
46 Mills, J. D.— Hawaiian birds. 


Animal and Yegetahle Prodnoto. 
47 Kmll, B.— TaUow. 659 

4S Lyman, P. 8. — Leather. 65a 

40 Bldarto, T. S.r-Arrowroot and Upi- 

oca. 658 

49a Dreier ft Heine.— Manioc root. 658 
50 Spencer, T., Hilo.— Caae augara. 659 
II Hitchcock Bros., Hilo.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 
OS Austin, 8. L., Hilo.— Cane sugars. 659 
68 Afong ft Achuck, Hilo.— Cane su- 
«a«. 659 
64 Campbell ft Turtoa, Lahaina.— Cane 
sugars. 659 
66 Bailey, W. H., WaUuku.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 
68 Makee, Capt. James, Ulupalakua.— 
Canesugais. 659 
17 Alexander, 8. T., Hokn.— Cane au- 
gars. 659 

68 Walhee Plantation, Mani.— Cane 
sugars. 659 

69 Lihue Plantation, Kauai.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 

60 Kapena, J. M.— Samples of sugar 
cane. 659 

61 McLean, Q. C— Castor, cocoanut, 
and kukui o** 



TeztiU Snbitaneei of Vegetable or 

Animal Origin. 
62 Holstein, H.— Sea Island cotton. 665 
68 Wilder, S. Q.— Olona fibre. 666 

64 Hymen Brosc— Ramie fibre. 666 

06 Oilman, J. N.— Painiu fibre. 666 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. a7'45. 


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{N^rth of Nttvt, Columns s^ to 6r.) 

Chemicals, Ccramica, Furniture. 


X Lopes, P. J. dm Almeida.-- Salt- 
petre, aoo 

2 Muricy, J. C. da Silva.— Sulphur 
frum quarti. soo 

8 Leao, D. Affoatlnho, S. E.— Sutpbvr- 
et of lead. aoo 

4 Lrendenberg, L. B.— Salt. too 

Penna, A. Q. d'ArauJe.~Hoinou>* 
pathic vegetable tinctures and opodeldoc. 


6 Chemical Laboratory.— Chemical 
and pharmaceutical preparation*. aoo 

7 Mala, Ferreira, ft Co.— Pharmaceuti- 
cal preparations. aoo 

8 Perdigao, D. P. 2.— Pharmaceutical 
products. aoo 

9 Province of Maranhao.— Pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. aoo 

10 Province of Sao Paulo.— Medical 
preparations. aoo 

11 Yiotti, B.— Pharmaceutical prepara- 
tions, aoo 

12 Province of Parli.— Medicinal 
oils. aoo 

13 Cardoso ft Gonial ves.— Soap. aoi 

14 Alves, Pereira, ft Co.— Soap and can- 
dles. 201 

16 Guimaraes, A. J. A.— Soap and can- 
dles, aoi 

16 OHveira ft Bro.— Soaps. aox 

1 7 Carvalho, Perrcira de, ft Bro.— Soap 
and candles. aoi 

1 8 Stearic Light Co.— Soaps and can- 
dles, aoi 

19 Dies* Duarte.*-Oils. soi 

20 Province of ParanA.— Soaps and can- 
dles, aoi 

21 Safarana, J.— Wax candles. aox 

22 Stechel.— Oils. aoi 

23 Silva, S. S. Q. da.— Copying and 
writing ink. aoa 

24 Monteiro ft Co.— Writing inks, aoa 
26 Guimaraes, J. A. da Sa.— Pigments 

and varnishes. aoa 

26 Province of San Paulo.— Writing 
inks. aoa 

27 Yillela.— Writing Inks. aoa 

28 Henninger, Dan., ft Co.— Toilet 
soaps. • ao3 

29 Lang ft Co.— Toilet soaps. ao3 
to Leao ft Alves.— Perfumery. ao3 
81 Freire, Otto.— Essences. ao3 

For classes of exhibiu, indicaied by oumben 


:e, P. J.— Bssencea* 

and po- 

88 Commiesion-Oeneral for the Hatioii* 
al Exhibitions. — Flavoring extracts, es- 
sences, and perfumery. ao] 
'84 Lang, J.— Toilet soaps. 103 

85 Province of Peraambuco.— Safety 
matches. 904 

Ceramiot— Pottery, PoroeUin, 01aM, 

88 Esberard^ P. A. M.— Tarra-cotta 

vases and pottery. ao6 

87 Colony of D. Frandsca.— Brichaaad 
tubes. ao6 

88 Commission-General for the Nation- 
al Exhibitions.— Bricks. 906 

89 Leao, D. A. B.— Brick of gTMfclay). 


40 Province of San Pedro do SnL^ 
Stone bricks. 206 

41 Province of Paran&.— Tiles and 
bricks. >o6 ' 

42 Grillo, Amaro D.— Clay pots, cupe, 
and vases. aii7 

48 Patury, J. J. S.— Clay pou. wf 

'44 Correa, J. S.— Slste tiles fbr pave- 
ments ano roofing. aoS 
46 Muricy, J. C. da SUva.— Enameled 
tiles. aoB 

Ytiniitiire and Objects of General Ute 
in Oonetrnetion and in Bwellinga. 

46 Commission-General for the Natieo* 
al Exhibitions. 

a Parlor furniture. nj 

k Tortoise-shell boxes and articles of straw. 


47 Province of Paran&.— PuinHnre. try 

48 Army Arsenal of Porto-Alegre.— 
Secretary of cedar wood. aij 

49 House of Correction of Bahia.— Fur- 
niture made by the inmates. 2x7 

60 Houss of Correction of Rio de Ja* 

« Secretary and cabinet suit of satinwood. 


h Baskets, barrels, an | stands for eiaBioc 

flour. 884 

61 Kern, Clara, ft Lang, Tela.— Re- 
clining chair. 317 

62 Itabapoana, Baron ot-Rscliaing 
chair. ai7 

68 Gerth, R.J.— WiUowfnrniture. siy 
64 Kappel ft Bro.— Wood works. aif 
at end of entries, see Qassification, pp. st^^s- 



Furniture, Woven Goods, Clothing. 

§6 AfUAir, J. C. dm Co«tft.~Book-staa<l. 


%$ SnppUcy, J. P.— Hansins ahelves 

and cane-ftcated chaire. 317 

17 Loesch, Zacbarias.— Work-box. axj 

58 Moreira, P. J., ft Co.— Chain. 917 

59 Alipio, D. J.— Writins-^eak of aole 
kauier. 8x7 

'60 Rodri^es, A. A.— Writins-desk. 3x7 

01 Prorinca of San Paule.-«8uit of far- 

nicure made of stjrvw. 317 

68 Keppler & Bro. 

m WtxMCD chairs. •17 

i Monlding*. 397 

6SBorddal, Jonaa.— Tables and 

sliehres. , 3x7 

64 Proviace of Sancta Catharina.— Pur- 
nlcore. 317 

6ft Rocha, Polyblo da.~Multifonn piece 
oTfurnhitre. 3x7 

66 MartineUi ft Bro.— Marble ftztures 
fcr vash-fttands. 319 

67 Pitta at i, Adriano, ft Co.— Marble 

V3sb-stajid. 3x9 

66 Poxxunaraia* Leoa^— Imitatioa mar- 
bles. 319 

69 Bavrngarten, J.— Box with looking- 
gbsa ibr examining eggs. 334 

TO Maleher, A. J., Qaaa.^-Straw aatch- 
' ch and sieves. 334 

Tens and WoTen Goods of Vegetable 

or Miaeral JIateriala. 
78 Person, A.— Wire dotha. 338 

78 Bardet, P.— Wire dotha and menu- 
[ fikctxires. 338 

74 Commission-Ocneral f o r the Na- 

tjooal Exhibitions. 

I a Hammocks nuule of different coarse ma- 

, Krials, and in different provinces. 339 

I I Gooon &brics» quihs, and towels. 330 

c Dfod cation &brxos. 331 

78 Arouca ft Co.— Cotton fabrics. ay> 

76 Rebdlo ft Co.— Cotton fabrics. 330 

77 Braxil Industrial Cotton Mill Co.— 
CotUA fabrics. 339 

78 Colony of B 1 u xn e a a n.— C o 1 1 o n 
Cftbiks and quilts. 330 

79 Mascarenhas ft Bros.— Cotton 
goods. 330 

80 Barrosy Dio|fO A. de.— Cotton goods. 


81 Anbaia ft Angelo.— Cottoa goods. 


88 Union Mercantile Co.— C o 1 1 o q 
goods. 230 

88 College of the Immaculate Concep- 
tk«.— Cotton hammocks. 230 

84Yicara, C P. Sa.— Cotton ham- 
mocks. 230 

S8 Ppoir lnce of Paraa&.— Twisted 
yaxas. 330 

S6 Petropolitan Co.— Cotton goods. 330 

87C1iank, Barthelemy. — Dyed cotton 

jBods. " 330 

S8 Reyner, P. ^- X>yed cotton goods. 


89 Lcmes, R. Z. Paes.— Cotton artides. 


'ordaases of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

00 Keller, Pelippe.— Linen goods. 333 

01 Colony of St. Maria da Soledade. 
— Linen goods. 333 

OB Colony of Nova PetropoUs.— Linen 

goods. 333 

98 Kaldcn, Baron of.— Linen goods. 333 

WoYea and Felted Ooodi of Wool and 
Miztarei of WooL 

94 Lopez, P. J., Almeida. — Ck «e. 

quilts, and cassimeres. 33s 

96 Moura, J. C. de. — CaaalmeTea. 335 

96 Rhelngantsft Vater.— Woolen 

goods. 335 

97 Maschado, M. A.— Artides made 
of horsehair. 340 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

98 Rayhaer, Pernaado.— Silk goods. 


Clothing, Jewelry, and Omamenti. 

99 I>ol, Ad., ft Co.— Linen underwear. 


100 Lopes, P. J. A.— Pantaloons and 
other cotton wear. , 350 

101 Roballo, J. J.— Coat of flne cloth. 250 

108 Orava, Prei L. da.— Knitted shirt. 


.108 Amaral ft Co.— Complete suit for 

gents. 350 

104 Payett ft Battcher.— Pantaloons. 

106 Commiseion-Qeneral for the Na- 
tional Exhibitions, 
a Wooden and leather shoes and cip6 hats. 

^ Walking-canes and artides of tortoise- 
shell and straw. 354 
e Leather snic worn by herdsmen. as7 

106 Chaatel ft Co.— Hats. 351 

107 Armada, J. Alvaro de.— Hate, caps, 
and bonnets. 35X 

109 Bierrenback ft , Bros.— Hats and 
caps. 351 

109 Braga, Pernandes, ft Co.— Hats, 
caps, and bonnets. 35x 

110 Bithsncourt, J.— Lasts for shoes. 

111 Vlgttier.— Boots and shoes. 931 

112 Silva, J. B. Carvalho da.-Hats. 25X 
lis Camera, J. B. P.— Hats. 351 

114 City Coundl of Cameta.— Hats. 25X 

115 Santos, P. C. dos.— Hats. 25X 

116 Bossel, H.— Pelt hats. 35X 

117 House of Correction, Rio de Janeiro. 
— Boots and shoes. 351 

118 Pischer, P.— Hats and caps. 35X 

119 Figueredo ft Co.— Boots and shoes 
worn by the army and navy. 25X 

180 Cathiard, C. P.— Boots and shoes. 


121 Berthon.— Ladies* shoes. 35X 

182 District of Paulo Alfonso.— Leather 

hats. 35X 

188 Silva, H.J. da.— Canvas shoes. 351 

1 24 Requiao, P. P.— Hats. 351 

I 185 Qomes, M. M. Rodrlgues.— Boots 

I and shoes. asx 

at end of entries, see Claft.<iification, pp. 27-45. 



Fancy Goods, Medical Appliances, Harness, Leather. 

136 Sertorio ft Pinho.r-Kid gloves, tsx 
127 Viguicr, H.-«hoe«. as^ 

188 Monies, J. C. de.— Silk hats. «5x 
129 Fluminense lattitute of Agrlcitl- 
a Haa made of the Bombonacea fibre, esx 
b Cigar cases made of the same. 354 

1 80 Valentin, M. J.— Jewelry. •$> 

131 Reese, jr., Victor, ft Bros.— Deco- 
rations, ssa 
182 Nstt^, Miss.—Pancy objects made 
of feathers, as (ans, coifiures, efc. SS4 
188 Province of Amasoaas.— Wreath 
of feathers. a54 

184 Lima, C. A. de, ft Calarans, J. 
M. de.— Artificial flowers. 954 

185 Braga, A. J. P.— Feather articles. 


186 Cavalcanti, J. 8. H.— Umbrella, 
with secret spring. 254 

187 Heake Bros.— Walkiag-caaes. 


188 Leme, D. R. Paes.— Leather wslk- 
ing-canes. 354 

189 Rocha, J. P. da.— Buttons, ear- 
rings, and watch di.iii) made of cocoa. 254 

140 Ferreira, L. (iomes.— Walking, 
canes. 254 

141 Barros, A. A.— Walking-canes. 954 

142 Bastos,Jos6 Xavier.— Carved walk- 
ing-cane. 254 

148 Costa, J. P. da.— Pictures made of 
moftses and insects. 954 

144 Reis, H. P. dos.— Walking-cane. 


145 Provinceof Rio Grande do Norte. 
—Jewelry boxes of wood and tortoise- 
shell. 954 

146 Province of Maranhao.— Drinklng- 
cups of wood. " 954 

147 Silva. P. J.X.da.— Chalices and cups 
of sassafras. 354 

148 Sabut, George.— Objects made firora 
pine-tree knots. 254 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

149 L«u8inger Sons. —Blank books 
and specimens of binding. 961 

150 Seckler, J.— Specimeoa of ruling 
and binding. s6i 

Hedioine, Snrgery, and Prothesit. 

151 Garrid, J. P. da Silva.— Druggist's 
scales. 374 

152 Merino ft Co.— Surgical instru- 
ments. 976 

158 Costa, Jr, M. P. da.— Artificial 
teeth. 977 

154 Paria, J. Bento da.— Artificial 
teeth. »77 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

155 Dinis, J. Borges.— Artificial teeth. 

HsTdvsxe, Edge Tools, Cutlery, ete. 

156 Commission-General for the Na- 
ttonal Exhibitions. — Knives, daggers, and 
other implements. sfti 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Minena Materials. 

157 Commtssloa-Qensral for the Na* 
tional Exiubitions. 

a Brooms, brushes, etc ^ 

b Cordage. ^ 

158 Almeida, A. R. de^-Cordage. sS; 

159 Andrade,J. Neves.— Baskeu. 389 

160 Mello, G. C. de.— Wooden urn. 989 

Carriages, Vebicles, Harness, and Ao- 

161 Commission-General for the Ns* 
tional Exhibitions. — Haraess and saddle. 


162 Gulmaraes, A. A. A. — Lady*s sad- 
dle, a?* 

168 Maytasky, 8.— Serigotis (a leatb«r 
girth). 89* 

164 Lima, F. Gomes dos Saotos.^ 
Girths. 3u6 

165 Cahy, Baron of.->Leather reins and 
bridles. »9^ 

166 Craos.Joao^ftPinto.-^Harnesasttd 
hone collar. «j6 

167 Schmitt, Nicolsu, ft Co.— Complete 
set of harness. 9^ 

168 Gulmaraes, T. T. A.--8addles. 996 

169 Coullant, Alm6.— Horse collars. *gtf 

170 House of Correction of Sao Paulo.— 
Bridles, reins, and iuuness. 996 

171 Almeida, A. L.— Leather reins. 996 

172 MoraeSfT.C— Saddle. 996 
178 Barros,J. de A.— Leather reins. 396 

174 Bierrengard, Waldcmar. — Hsr- 
ness. ^ 

175 Leao, A. E. de.— Whip. »9« 

176 Barros, A. A., ft Gaveao, B. A.— 
Whips. 996 

177 Preischlag, Frederic©.— Harness. 


Animal and Vegetable Frodnotf. 

178 Klippel ft Bro. — Hides sod 
furs. 65a 

179 Preischlag, P.— Patent leather. 659 

180 Costa, Eymasl, ft Co.— Tanned 
hides. «5» 

181 Lima, P. G. 8.— Tanned and sole 
leather. ^S* 

182 Richlia, Jacob.— Tanned and spls 
leather. *5> 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. sr45- 


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{SouiA ofNav€, Columns 2 to $.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Chemieal IfaTimfaefareg. 

1 Semvalle, Carlos, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Qiemical and pharmaceutical 
prepaxadons. 900 

\a Cabrera, Mauro, Province of Bue- 
aoc Ayres. — Horse medicine. 900 

\h Cardalda, Inocencio, Proviace of 

Buenos Ajrres. 

« lodofonn and pepsin. aoo 

i GlTcerine. aoi 

lOneirel, Joaquin, Province of Cor- 
iwntes.— Depuradve solution. 900 

I T&va, Carlo*, Province of Corrientes. 
—Bitten, digestive pepsin wine, pectoral 
sjTup. aoo 

4 Sab-Commission of Bella Viata, 
Prorince of Corrientes.— Salt extracted 
from day ; sample of day. aoo 

I Peres. A. Q., Province of Lra Rioja. 
— TODlC 900 

8 Gelos, Martin, Province of La Rioja. 
—Mineral salt. 900 

7 Provincial Commission, Province of 
La Rioga.— Salt and alunu 900 

7« Lafos. Joseph M., Proviace of 
Buenos Ajrres. — ^Sheep wash. 900 

7t Torres, Ana Barton de, Province 

of Buenos Ayres. — Fumigating lozenges. 


I Provincial Commission, Province of 
Santl^o del Estero.— Ashes for soap 
l a nnfa cturing. 900 

9 Provincial Conuaissioa, Province of 


\^ ^ 

'Soap. 90X 

10 Jos ties of the Peace of Bahia 

Blanca, Province of Buenos Ayres.— 

SalL '900 

n jnstice of the Peace of Patagones, 

Prorince of Buenos Ayres.— Salt. 900 
lU RosqueUas, Julian, Province of 

Santa Fi.— Medicines for animals. aoo 
18 Mavipi, N., Patagones, Province of 

Buenos Ayres. — Coarse salt. 200 

18« Ulrica, Bleutsrio, S., Province of 

Buenos Ayres. 
« Aitifidal guano from dried and boiled 

Uood. 200 

h Soluble blood albumen for producing fast 

colon. ao3 

IS'Fablet, Bcltran. — Preserved and 
cohiUe Mood. aoo 

18 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucoman. 
jS««dt. ^ 

• aoap. 201 

rorcbases of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

14 Commission of Andalgala, Province 
of Catamarca. -~ Rocic salt firom Laguna 
BUmca. 300 

16 Provincial Commission, Province of 
a Rock salt from Fiambali, and saltpetre. 

S Soap. 201 

16 Lafone-Queveda, Samuel A., Pro- 
vince of Catamarca. 

a Ashes of Cachi Yuyo for the production 
of carbonate of soda; carbonate of soda. 

3 Soap. aci 

17 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Jiyui.— Salt. aoo 

18 Escobar, Juan D., Province of San 

Luis.— Salt. 900 

19 Terramola, Delfin, Province of San 
Juan. — Salt from the mines of Leon- 
cito. 900 

20 Jones, Fabian, Province of San Juan. 
— Ashes for manufacturing soap. 200 

81 Vidal, M. A., Province of San Juan. 
—Ashes for manufacturing soap. 900 

92 Bruna, Estevan, Province of San 
Juan. — Ashes for manufacturing soap, aoo 

28 Puertas, Lorenso, Proviace of San 
Luis; — Cholera medicine. . 900 

24 Bacrich, Pedro, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Peanut oil. 901 

26 Pifieiro, Aurello, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Soap'. 201 

27 Lanieri, Miguel, Province of Entre- 
Rios. — Soap. aoi 

26 Ii[lealas, Jos6, Province of Bntre- 
Rios. — Soap. 30I 

82 Provincial Commission, Province o'' 
C6rdoba. — Balsamic oil. aci 

88 Carmen. T. D&vila, Province of La 

Rioja. — Olive oil. 201 

84 Alric, Antonio, Province of San Luis. 

— Soap. 20I 

84a Bergar6, Dr, Province of Santa Pi. 

— Peanut oil. aoo 

86 Billar, Salvador, Province of Jujul.— 

Petroleum. 201 

86 Julien ft Son, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Dyed stuff fabrics. 202 

37 Prat, Adrian, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Dyed wool. 902 

88 Doucet, Emilio, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — ^Writing fluids. 202 

39^ Muro, Antonio, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Inks. 202 

40 Herrera, Melchora, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Coch I neal . j<>j 
at end of entries, see Qassification, pp. 37-45- 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

42 Nolte, Brneato, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Tooth powder. 303 

48« Corneja, Melchora T. de, Province 
of Salki. — Zana water. 003 

GeramiM--^Potter7, Poroelain, Glais, 

48 Pedruocini, Juan, Province of Bue- 
BOt Ayres.— Burnt bricks. so6 

44 Valdea, Emiliano, & Cipriano, 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Burnt brick 
from Balcarce; brick made of black 
clay. 806 

45 Pauvetv & De VlUe Maaaot, Prov- 
ince of Buenos Ayres. — Bricks. 906 

46 Sub-Commission of the Department 
of Victoria, Province of Entre-Rios. — 
Architectural pottery. 906 

17 Tudicar,H., & Co., Province of Entre- 
Rios. — Bricks made in Gualcgi:aychu. 906 

48 Commission of tlie Department of 
Paran&, Province of Entre-Rios.— Tiles 
and bricks made in Victoria. 906 

49 Provincial Commission, Province of 

a Tiles of burnt day,' of San Vincente 

Factory. 906 

h Flower pots, jars, stew pans, and 

dishes. 307 

c Cup Jug, etc. 913 

ffOQrunes ft Co., Chaco-Argeatine 
Territory.— Bricks. 906 

01 Cervera & Co., Province of Santa F6. 
—Tiles and bricks. 906 

61« Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucuman.— Bricks and tiles. 906 

08 Echevarria, Cecilio, Province of 
Sanu F6, — Pitchers made by In- 
dians. 9ZO 

54 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Salta.— Pans and plates. 913 

00 Provincial Commission, Province of 
San Luis. — Crockery. « 9x3 

06 Aleg:re,Juan, Province of Corricntes. 
—Italian earthenware. 9x3 

07 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Corrientes. — Crockery. 9x3 

08 Piai ft Co., Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Glass cruet sund. 9x6 

Furniture; and Objeoti of General TTse 
in Construotion and in Dwelling. 

BO Provincial Commission, Province of 
a Tables of cocoanut sad carrob-tree 


b Wooden cups, silver pitchers. sz8 

Q2 Oimenes. Luis, Province of Buenos 
Ayres.— Combined wriiing-desk, wash- 
stand, etc. 9x7 

63 Galeano, Salvador, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Venetian blinds. 917 

64 Molinari, Joaquin, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— Carved arm chair. 917 

66 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Catamarca. — Cups made of Retamo wood, 
silver drinking-tubes. 2x8 

67 Ladies' Commission, Province of 
San Luis. — Plain and carved cups. 9x8 

68 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Tucuman. — Cebil wood cups. 9x8 

69 Gfidmes, Domingo, Province of 
Balta. — Cup of palo santo wood. 9x8 

I of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

70 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Salta. — Goblets and cup <£ palo sssso 
wood. 9x8 

71 Azsimonte, Luis, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Silver drixikixig-cup sad 
tube. 9x8 

7 1« Martinez, Antonio Sousa, ProvioM 
of Salta. — Stone cup. aiS 

78 Escobar, Juan D., Province of Ssoi 
a Wooden dish and soup ladle. 934 

h Wooden washing-tub. vt% 

Tarni and Woven GoodB of Ve^table 
or Mineral Xateriali. 

74 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Mendoza. — Mat made by prisoners in the 
penitentiary. np 

70 Benevolent Society, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Hemp mat. »9 

76 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Corrientes. — Cotton counterpanes; spun 
cotton. 330 

77 Sotomayor, Pretrona, Province of 
Corrientes. — Cotton counterpane. 330 

78 Mantilla, Concepcion, Province of 
Corrientes.— Cotton counterpane; spaa 
cotton fabrics. 939 

79 Sub-Commission of Bella Vists, 
Province of Corrientes. — Cotton thread. 


80 Llanos, Jorge R. de. Province of 
Salta. — Poncho, a national garment. 830 

81 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Salta. — Embroidered towel. 930 

82 Zorilla, Benjamin. Province of Salts. 
— Hammock ; poncno, a xutlonal gar- 
ment. 930 

88 Provincial Commission, Province of 
La Rioja.— Cotton shawl, table doth, and 
carpet. 330 

84 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Catamarca. — Cotton napkins and taUe 
cloth. 930 

85 Ponce, Delfina, Province of Cata- 
marca.— Table cloth. 930 

86 Government of the Province of Ca- 
tamarca. — Cotton table cloth, napkins, 
handkerchief, and counterpane. 930 

86a Burgos, Josefa, Province of Csts- 

gos, Jos 
I.— Table 



87 Echevarria. Cecilio, Province of 

Santa F6.— White cotton from the Prov- 
ince of Corrientes. 230 

88 Silva, Florentine, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Cotton from Gayasta. 2J0 

89 Commission of the Province of Ssn- 
tiago del Estero. — Cotton counter- 
pane. 930 

90 Provincial Commission, Province of 
T u c u m a n.— Poncho, a national ga^c 
ment. 930 

91 Commission of the Province of Cor- 
doba. — White counterpanes. 930 

92 Roibon, Federico, Province of Cor 
rientes. — Fabric made by Indians .from 9 
native plant. 933 

93 Benevolent Society of the Paraniu 
Province of Entre-Rios.— Spun cotton and 
napkins. 233 

94 Carreras, Rosaura C. de, Provioce 
of Mendoza.— Table mat. 233 

at end of entries, see Clansifi cation, pp. 27-45 



Woven and Felted Goods, Clothing. 

91 Provincial Commlasion, Province 

of Salta.—CuiraM made of chagiuir grass. 


WoTtB and Felted Ck>odi of Wool, eto. 

96 Provincial Commisaion, Province 

« Woden &brics, saddle bagi, doth, etc. 

^ Viaifia doak. 940 

97 Provincial Commiaaion« Province 

. of JlHQi. 

« Woolea fiibrics, ropes and slings, saddle 
bags. 935 

I Basket. 837 

91 Paiacios, Pradencio, Province of 
Salts.— Woolen &l>rics. 935 

99 Dies, Jalia, Province of Catamar- 
ca.— Dyeid woolen counterpane. 035 

100 Lafone Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. 

s D)red poncho. 235 

i Vicuna doak, without seam, handker- 
chief and garment. 340 

101 Carransa, Adollb B., Province of 
Catamarca. — Woolen counterpane. 935 

109 Qovemment of the Province of 

s Woolen artides. S35 

I Vicuna blankets. 939 

rVicafia scarf, doak, handkerchief, and 

Viflt. 940 

lOS Provincisd Commiaaion, Province 

a Maou&ctures of wool. 935 

h VioiSa doak. 940 

104 Provincial Commisaion, Province 
of Corrientes. — Yams and woolen 
foods. 935 

104«B Devotee, A., Province of Buenoa 
Ayrcs.— Ponchos, saddle doth, and gar- 
*o». 935 

104i Campoa, Julio, Province of Buenoa 
Ayres.— Pampa girdle. 935 

105 Snb-Commiaaion of Bella Viata, 
IVoTinoe ot Corrientes. — Dyed woolen 
yams. 335 

106 Commiaaion of the Province of 

a Woolen yams and fabrics. 935 

I Tulomba blankets. 937 

a VKnaa counterpane. 940 

107 ladustrial Society of Rio de In 
Flau, Province of Buenos Ayres.— Ooth. 


108 PmviAdnl Commiaaion, Province 
of Boeaos Ayres.— Fabrics made by the 
Pampas Indians 935 

109 Provfndnl Commiaaion. Province 
of San rt ago dd Estero.— Woolen counter- 
PMM. 937 

110 Provincial Commisaion, Province 
of San Luis.— Woolen mattress, saddle 
bagi, qvOt, bbuiket. 937 

111 Provlacinl Commiaaion, Province 

fOuatboa,etc 937 

b Yicofia doak and shawl. 940 

119 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of San Joan, 

a WeoleBdoaks, blankets. 937 

t VicaSa doak and shawl. 940 

l^dBHBB of eidttbiis. Indicated by noaiibegi 

X14 Bustamente, Abdoa, Province of 
C6rdoba.— Blanket. 937 

190 Carreras, Roaaura C. de, Province 
of Mendoza. — Ladies' head-dress, collars, 
bracelets, and gloves made of bris- 
tles. 340 

121 Franco. Luis A., Province of Cata- 
marca.— Vicuna doak. 340 

123 SchikendanU, Maria, Province of 
Catamarca.— Vicu&a quilt. 140 

120 Ocnmpo, Vicente, Province of Cnt- 
L. — Vicufia shawl and coverlet. 940 

Clothixiff, Jewelry, and Omamenta ; 
Traveling Equipment!. 

188 Muotaner ft Bermudte, Province 
of Buenos Ayres.— Shirts. 950 

139 Donate, Fortuoato, Province of 
Buenos Ajrres.— Child's suit. 950 

140 Videla, Juan, Province of Buenoa 
Ayres. — Laggings worn by the Argentine 
army. 959 

141 Maduefio, Jova, Province df Cata* 
nuirca. — Vicu&a handkerchief, neckties 
gloves, etc. 951 

142 Buaaao, Lorenso, Province of 
Buenos A^res. — Boots and shoes mads 
of domestic material. 351 

142« Carneiro, Serafln A., Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Vicufia hats. 35X 

148 Rodrigues ft Sangronia, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Boots. 35X 

144 Buffeti ft Maya, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— Hats. 951 

145 MeuUy. Marie, Province of Buenos 
Ayres.— Bonnets. 951 

146 Valdes, Emiliano ft Cipriano, Pro- 
vince of nuenoe Ayres.— Boots. 351 

146^ Tramon, T., Province of Santa 
Fi.— Boou. 951 

147 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of Tucuman. 

a Boots and shoes ; hats. 951 

i Towels, tuckers for chemises. 953 

148 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of Corrientes. 

a Palm-leaf hats. 951 

^ Embroideries, laces, trimmings, etc. 959 

149 Nicolaa, Franciaco, Province of 
Corrientes. — Boots made of snake 
skin. 35X 

180 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of C6rdoba. 
a Shoes and kid boots. 351 

t Embroidered saddle bags, tuckers, tow- 
els, pillow case, and inseruons. 35a 
e Ostrich feather dusters, silver tinder 
box. 354 

151 Machado, Ruben, Province of Cata- 
marca.— Ait>i& straw hat. 351 

152 Provincial Commisaion, Province 
of San Juan.— Wool hats. 351 

163 BouUet, LfOwia, ft laodoro Ibarre, 
Province of Santa F6. — Fur hats. 351 

1 54 Bnrelli, Francisco, ft Son, Province 
of Sanu F£.— Boots. 251 

155 Treolar, Quillermo A., Province of 
La Ricga.— Shoes worn by Argentine 

I miners. 951 

at end «f eatriss, see Classification, pp. 97-45< 




Clothing and Fancy Articles. 

106 Provincial Committion, Province 

a Boou, gaiters, doth for hau, andYicufia 
wool hau. 351 

I Embroidered North American flagi. 259 
e Ostrich feather dusters. 354 

d Leather bags. 255 

107 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of Jujui. 

M Woof hau. asi 

t Leather traveling bag. ass 

168 Provincial Commiaeion, Province 

of San Luis. 
a Straw hats. 951 

^ Laces, embroidered underwear, churdi 

carpet, and other needle work. asa 

100 Cabral, Juann T., Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Embroidered tidies, doylies, asa 

161 Silva, Mercedea, Province of Cor- 
rientes.— Embroidered cloth, napkins, 
handkerchiefs, and chemises. asa 

168 Pampin^ Carmen, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Embroidered doth. asa 

168 Colodrero, M. Cabral de, Province 
of Corrientes.^Crochet tray doth, toble 
cloth. asa 

164 La^afia, Sinforosa, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered shawls. asa 

165 Torrent, Eloixa Q. de, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered chemise and 
handkerchief. asa 

166 Anxoteffui, Eacolastica S. de, 
Province of Corrientes.— Embroidered 
towel. asa 

167 Pujol, Leonor, Province of Corri- 
entes.— Embroidered chemises and 
towels. asa 

168 Parraa, Anaela B. de, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered doth. asa 

169 Mantilla, Pilar, Province of Corri- 
entes.— Embroidered shirts. asa 

170 Mantilla, Franciaca, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered shirts. asa 

171 Enriguez, Anaataaia Gonxales de, 
Province of Corrientes. — Embroidered 
quilt. asa 

172 Perichon, Teleafora, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered fabric. asa 

178 Mantilla, Concepcion, Province of 
Corrientes.— Shawls, thread lace table 
covers. aS^ 

174 General Ferrfc'a Widow, Province 
of Corrientes.— Embroidered cotton 
shirts. asa 

175 Arg^uello, Baeqniel, Province of 
C6rdoba.— Feather mats. as^ 

181 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of Catamarca. 

a Crotchet quilt and towels. asa 

b Raw hide trunks. ass 

182 Avellaneda, Nicomeden, Province 
of Catamarca.— Embroidered towd. asa 

183 Caballi, Criatobal, Province of San 
Juan. — Chasuble embroidered in col- 
ors, asa 

184 Klappenbach, Soiia de, Province 
of San Juan. — Embroidered handker- 
chief, asa 

185 Tello, Juana. Province of San Juan. 
— Embroidered handkerchief. asa 

186 Provincial Commiaaion, Prov. 
ince of Santa Fi. — Embroidered 
towel. asa 

For classes of ezMMti, Indicaied bf whan 

188 Provincial Comminioa, Proviact 
of La Rioga. 

« Crochet and lace work, omaaeafed 
liratch cases, embroidered tuckeza, pillov 
cases, and napkins. agi 

b Hair watch chain, screen. 994 

1 %9a Lillo, Tomaaa, Province of Tnca* 
man.— Towels and tuckers, for chrmiaas. 

189^ Santillan, J. C, Province of Tucn- 
man. — Cuffii. ^ 

190 Commiaaion of the Chaoo Arffea- 
tino Territory. — Embroidered cloth, asa 

191 Provincial Commiaaion. Provinec 
of Santiago del Estero. — Embroidered 
counterpanes, netted towels, linen tow^ 
and tuckers. ass 

191<> Irygoyen, Carmen O. de, Province 
of Salta.— Worked mat. sst 

198 Buatoa, Mariano, Province of Saa 
Luis. — Religious pictures embroidered in 
silk. 9 

194 Videla, Roaa, Province of San 
Luis. — Embroidered paper case. ags 

196 Public School of " Las Conchaa^** 
Province of Buenos Ayrcs. — Embroidered 
pillow and child's shirt, made by tiM 
scholars. ass 

196 Oimenez,Joa6, Province of Bnenoe 

Ayres.— Silk sash, with the Ar^entiac 
and American colors. 95a 

197 BaluKera, Angela, Province of Bn* 
tre-Rios.— Cold and silk embroidered 
writing-case. vgt 

197« Simon Broa., Province of Bneaoft 
Ayres. — Embroidered picture. ass 

1 98 Balugera, Elena, Province of Entr^ 
Rios.— Embroidered velvet pillow, vj^ 

199 Benevolent Society of Paranft, 
Province of Entre-Rios.— Crochet coan> 
terpane; mcker; embroidered handkei^ 
diief. as* 

800 Etcheveherre, O.. Provlace of Bo- 
tre - Rios. — Embroidered handkerchief, 
dedicated to the President of the United 
States. ass 

802 Clarke. Roberto, Province of Saa 
Luis. — Silver rings made by the In- 
dians. 853 

803 Qrande, Roaario, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Gold necklace and me- 
dallion, representing the fourteen Aigot- 
tine Provinces. asj 

804 Lopea. Feliciano.— Cocoanut ringa 
made ot Mabocaya palm,' by the In- 
dians. 353 

805 Pujol, Leonor, Province of Cor- 
rientes .>— Flower made of hair. 954 

805« Ale^ree, John, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — ^Work box. 454 

806 Qonsales, Damiana, Province of 
Comentes.— Artifidal flower wreath. 954 

8O60 Webster, Stephen, Province of 
C6rdoba.— Tippet made of feathers. 854 

807 Etcheveh&re, Irene, Province of 
Entre-Rios.— Artificial flowers. 3S4 

807« Colodrero y Pedra, Maria del 
Transito, Province of Corricntea.— Jatay 
palm, made of hair. as4 

807^ Goyena, Juana Z. de. Province of 
Buenos Ayres.— Hair flowers. 8S4 

t end of aairke. aea dassificatioa, pp. fAS- 




Fancy Gk)od8, Stationery, Medicines, Harness. 

' |07r Mallan. Ciriaca de Im Blffuera, 

Ftoviaoeor fiuenos Ayrcs. — Hair flowers. 


^ Boor^eoto, N., Province of Buenos 

Ayres.— Hair picture. 354 

' tlO« Robton, lalian. Province of Bue- 

■M Afrcs.— -Hair flowers. 354 

' III Ferrer, Eleucadia, Province of C6r- 

deba.— Flowers made of seeds. 354 

212 Svb-Cominission of AndAlgala, 
Pioriace of Catamarca.— Artificial flow- 
as. a54 
\ tl8 GnntscheJ., A ScbrBeder, Province 
I of Bueaos Ayrcs.^Tnmks. SS5 
; 114 llattaldi, Bogenio, Province of 
! Bocnos Ayres. — ^Tnink which can be 
mnsfimned into a so&, with writing- 
I ded^ etc 355 
I HI Great, M., ft Co., Province of SanU 
ri— Tnmk. 255 

1 f^B, Blank Books, and Stationary. 

I Si6 Bcneliache, Federico, Province of 
BiMnos Ayres. — Blank books, diaries, 
and bindings. 261 

I 117 Pl(|aera8, Cuapinera, & Co.. 
Proriiice of Buenos Ayres. — ^Books bound 
bjliaad. 961 

ledioina, Surgery, Prothosis. 

I Its Provincial Commieeion, Province 

I of Cstamarca. — Bf edicinal herbs. 979 

I ISt Provindal Commission ft D. 

I Abnhaia Lemos, Province of Mendoza. 

—Herbarium of ue officinal flora of the 

previuce. 973 

I IS4 Reman, ICedardo, Province of Bf en- 

' (lott.-WUd fennel. 973 

' HI Provincial Comaiission, Province 

of Saa Luis.^Medidnal herbs. 373 

tSI MoUna, Anrela, Province of CaU- 

narca.— Sudorific and digestive sub- 

ttanoes; cedron de puna, for affections 

flfdwhmgs. ^^ 973 

tl7 Itarbe. Fidel, Province of Cata- 

aarca.— Pharmaceutical preparations. 


tSI Castelo, Quadalnpe, Province of 
Cstoaarca.— Medicinal herbs and 
pbots. 979 

St9 Hurley, Tomas, Province of Cata- 
aarca.--Medicinal herbs. 979 

140 Lefoae Qnevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
iacc of Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

S41 Wlirffbain. Ghi8Uvo,ft the Pro- 
viaaal Commission, Province of La Rioja. 
—Herbarium composed of herbs and 
■edidnal plants. 979 

141a Schickendants, Frederick, Prov- 
iooe of Catamarca.~Medicinal herbs. 979 

tiS Goossles. Joaquin, Province of La 
Rioja.— Medicinal plants and herbs. 979 

t4t Oelos, Martin, Province of La 
Rioia.— Spurge, firom which castor oil is 
estracted. 979 

t4f Justice of the Peace of Bnse- 
sada. ProTiaoe of Buenos Ayres. — Sarsa- 
parilla,etc 973 

147 Valdez, E. ft C, Province of Bue- 
aos A7Tcs.--Chamomile, borage, sponge, 
nnaparilla, sage, etc. 373 

Ar daiMi of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

848 Qonxales, Juan, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

849 Ifiigues, Dalmira, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

8 00 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

SOCK* Oliden, Tomas, Province of Bue 
nos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

jB50^ Oache, Manuel, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— T< pampa. 373 

851 Ferrer, Vicente, Province of Cor- 
rientes.— Medicinal herbs. 379 

808 Roibon, Enrique, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Hcrbanum. 373 

803 Sub-ConHnission of B e 11 a Vi s t s. 
Province of Corrienlcs.— Tartago seed, 
cfaamico, etc. 979 

800 Provincial Commission, ft Sola. 
Tuan, Province of Salta. — Medicinal 
nerbs. 379 

808 Provincial Commission, Province 
of C6rdoba. — Medicinal herbs and 
plants. 979 

867 Pontes, Vicente Martines. Pro- 
vince of Entre-Rios. — Medicinal herbs. 


809 Berdie, M., Province of Bntre-Rios. 
— Medicinal water. 379 

860 Commission of Paran&, Province 
of Entre-Rios.— Betros waters and medi- 
cinal herbs. 973 

861 Rodriguex, Victor, Province of San 
Juan. — Saffron, flax seed. 373 

868 Rodriguex, Severo, Province of San 
Juan. — Mustard. 372 

866 Poblete, Tiburcio, Province of San 
Juan.— Medicinal seeds, herbs, and 
plants. 373 

867 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santiago del Estero. — Medicinal 
herbs. 372 

868 Lacour, Quillermo, Province of 
Buenos Ajrres. — Orthopedic appara- 
tus. 276 

869 Newbery, Rodolfo, Province of 
Buenos Ayres.— Artificial teeth. 377 

Fabrics of Yeeetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

871 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Salta. — Brooms from Totora. 986 

Carriages, Vekiclet, and Aeoestoriei. 

878 Balvidares, Victorino, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Horse-hair whip. 396 

878 Peflalvs, Benito, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— Horse belt. 396 

874 Videls, Juan, Province of Buenos 
Ayres —Harness. 996 

876 Provincial Commission, Province 
rji Buenos Ayres. — SUver spurs. 396 

876 Ountsche,J.,ftSchr6eder, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Saddles. 396 

87 6« Valdes, Honorio, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— Plaited lasso. 996 

877 Mattaldi, Eugenio, Province of 
Buenos Ayres.— Saddles and harness. 996 

878 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Juan.— Saddlery and harness. 396 

t end of entries see Classification, pp. 37-45 



Harness, Ornaments. 

279 Tirapepui, Ramon, Province of San 
Juan. — Mexican saddle, stirrups, bridles, 
etc. 396 

280 RodrijTues, Victor, Province of San 
Juan. — Harness and stirrups. 996 

281 Rodriguez, Severo, Province of 
San Juan.— Spurs and horse cloth. 996 

282 Crest, M., & Co., Province of Santa 
F4. — Pack saddle used by the army, 
leather girth, etc. 996 

288 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santa F^.— Horse cloths, tapir leather 
reins and surcingle. 996 

284 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucuman. — Leather capsirisons, sad- 
dlery, lassoes, etc. 996 

286 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Cordoba. — Harness, saddlery, horse 
cloth, etc. 996 

286 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Luis.— Bristle horse cloth, ostrich 
feather and other caparisons. 996 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

287 Escobar, Juan de D., Proviace of 
San Luitf. --Stirrups, braided shaddes, 
girth, and reins. 996 

288 Sosa, Rafael, Province of San Luis. 
— Ostrich feather caparison. 996 

289 Provincial Commission, Province 
of SaJta. — Pack-saddle, girth, straps, 
head stall, tapir leather reins, caparisons, 
lassos, etc. 296 

290 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Catamarca.— Vizcacha leather capari- 
son, and braided lasso. 296 

291 AndalgalA Commissioa, Province 
of Catamarca. — Horse dotn, haroess, 
girths, reins, bridles, etc. 996 

292 Gigena, Justiniaao. Proviace of 
Catamarca. — Horse dotn. 996 

298 Gonzalez, Daniel. Proviace of 
Mendoza. — Horse cloths. 996 

295 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Jujui. — Tapir leather reins, bridle, 
etc. 996 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. f-^s- 


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{South of Nave, Columns j toj.) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art. 

Chemical MaTmfactarei. 

1 Salctdo. Lr., Bo|:ota, Colnmbla.— 
Oil of wooa, for medictnal purposes, aox 

8 Ccmporft Brothers, Department of 
Santiago, ProTince of Santiago. — OliTe 
oil. aox 

t Celedonia. Dlax de la Vega, Valpa- 
laiso.— Pernixnes, etc. 903 

GeraaiM— Pottery, Foreelain, OlafB, 

4 Eaendero, R., Santiago.— Samples 
of enameled tiles for floorii^. 908 

Fnnitnre and Objeoti of General TTee 
in Confttmetion and in Bwellingi. 

f Dell, Aquila A., Santiago. —Ala- 
baster table tops. 9x7 

Vo?en and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

6 School for Poor Girls, Molina, De- 
partment of Lontue. — ^Assorted worsteds. 

Clothing, Jewelry, Omamenta, and 
Tnveling Eqnipmenta. 

7 School for Poor Oirls, Molina, De- 
^rtment of Lontue. 

a Knitted spread and a%faan. 3«o 

i So£i pillows of satin and lace ; hand-made 
lace, aochet and lace tidies, bed coven, 
cmlnoidered tapestry ru^, and silk para- 
sol embroidered with tatting. 359 

8 Astudillo, J. M., Santiago.— Leather 
and silk boots and shoes. S51 

9 Monastery, of the Good Shepherd, 
Santiago. — Elmbroidered handkerchief. 

IP Cadis, J OB 6, Gabriel, Santiago.— 

Gypsum ornaments. 254 

11 Schrebler, Pederico, Santiago.— 

Card baskets. 2(4 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

ISShrebler, Pederico, Santiago.— 
Blank books; samples of printing, lith- 
ography, and binding. 96x 

18 "Mercurio" Printing ft Binding 
OSec. — ^Specimens of printing and bind- 
ing. 361 

Xedieine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

14 Caledonia, Dias de la Ve^a, Valpa- 
raiso. — " wine of life," medicinal. 372 
F^ classes of exhibits, indic^ued by numbers at end of entries, sec Classification, pp. 97-4^ 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

10 Waddington, Wm., Department of 
Limache, Province of Valparaiso. — Straw, 
brooms, and brushes. aSo 

16 Osthaus. Lhis, Department of Li- 
mache, Proyince of Valparaiso. — Rope 
and cordage. 387 

17 Reich, Pederico, Santiago.— Rope 

and wire cordage. 387 

Edncational Systems, Methods, and 

18 QoDsales, Ugalde, Carlas. — Bduca- 

tional reports. 304 

19 Chili, Government of, Statistics Bu- 
reau, Valparaiso. — Statistics of Chili. 305 

20 S&ve, Edouard, Santiago.— Period- 
ical publications of Chili, and " Chili as 
it is.'' 306 

21 Chaigneau, Julie,