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Full text of "The Jerusalem delivered of Torquato Tasso"


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i 7yZ7.3.^ 















Mr #(ne jSbtcel Hnarablnjpi 







Aag. 9S. 1917 


Yuw have flovm o'er nncn fint my louJ aspiniil 
In aoag the «acred Mixal to repeat, 

Which Hunted Tana writ vitli peu inspired, — 
Told is my roeary, and the task complete : 

And now, 'Iwiit hope and feur, nith loJ untired. 
I CBil the ombmsial reliqiie at (hy fml ; 

Not willioul hilh Diut in thy goodnen thou 

Will drign one voile to my accompiish'd vow 

Not in dim dungeona to the clank o( choias. 
Like eod Torquato'!, have tlie lioon been spent 

Givrn to the ""V' ^"^ '" tinght halb where leigni 
Uacumber'd Freedom, — with a mind uniwnt 

By vivlkJi in woods, green dolls, and paslor^ ptaina^ 
To Kiuiid, Tir-oC or village merriuieul ; 

AJbeit, pfrciiauce, some aprinjs whence Tono drew 

Hi> aweeteet lauea, have touch'd niy spiiil loo. 

No ! the rich ralnbuw raoclu the child's coreoa. 

Who can but aorrow, sa his fancy's croia'd. 
That e'er M> beautiful a Ibtnf; should rise, 
T elude hii gnsp, yet to eiubanl im ejat. 

TO OEOBttiAirA, oubUKM or ■CDFOm. 


On the majestic Sorrentine I gazed 

With a familiar joy — methought he amilod ; 

But now the vi^*t past, I itand amaxed 
At the conceit, and Borrow Uke the child. 

What second hand can paint the scenes that bltned 
In TadM>*B brain, with tints as sweet and wild? 

As much the shapes that on his canvass glow. 

Their birth to Phrensy as to Genius owe. 


Yet may I hope o'er generous minds to cast 
A faiut reflection of his matchless skill, 

For hero his own Sophronia, unaghast, 
Flings firm defiance to her tyrant sUU ; — 

Clorinda bleeds ; lovelorn Erminia fast 

Hies through the forest at her steed's wild will ; 

And in these pages still Armida*B charms 

Strike the rapt heart, and woke a world to armi. 


Thus then, O Lady, with thy name I grace 
The glorious fable ; fitly, since to thee 

And thine the thanks are due, that in the face 
Of time and toil, Uie Poet's devotee 

Has raised the euchanted structure on its baw. 
And to thy hand now yields th' unclosing key,— 

Blest, if in one bright intellect like Uiine, 

He wins regard, and builds himself a stirine ! 



But few observations appear to me requi- 
site, in introducing to the public this new edi- 
tion of the translation of Tasso. By the care- 
ful revision which I have given to the whole, 
1 have endeavored to render it more deserving 
of the approval it has met with, and of that 
which I would hope it may finally obtain, as 
a British Classic ; with less than which, no 
writer who has devoted many years to such a 
task, ought to rest satisfied, how much soever 
his intimation of such a hope may be open to 
invidious comment. I have availed myself, 
for its improvement, of all the strictures I 
have met with on the work, which I thought 
deserving of regard, however equivocal the 
spirit miglit appear in which they were writ- 
ten. My adoption of the Spenserian stanza I 
I have seen no valid reason for regretting ; nor 

, can I think that I have judged amiss of the 

] public taste, in preferring to affix a memoir of 

I the poet's iuteresting life, rather than a masa 

i! : =^ i 


ot Notes, highly serviceable and appropriata 
in illustration of the obscure allusion or com- 
plex fable of Dante and Ariosto, but wholly 
superfluous to the lucid text of Tasso. 

An indication of the various sources 

* whence he •tole 
Uii bftlmy iweels,* 

might not have been an unmteresting addition, 
but this has been already given to a consider- 
able extent; and were it otherwise, the un- 
dertaking would be inconsistent with my 
views in having embodied the work in its 
present form and size, with the same embel- 
lishments, and without any material omission 
of matter in the much more expensive origin- 
al edition. 

-T/ii I 







A. a 1544-1565. AeU 1-21. 

Or the feniily of Tasso, a name that has pnssed orer Enitqw 
with so extraordinary a celebrity, the roust ancient notices axv 
of the twelHh century. The Tassi were at tliat period settled in 
Almenno, a pleas-'tnt territory near Bergamo. Aboat the year 
19U0. ihcy retired tor security from the civil commotions which 
then distraeteli the Italiiin citie.*, to Cornelio, a moantain near 
the river Brcnib<i : where, in course of lime, they became weal- 
thy and imwcrfUl ianU. About the year 13U0, lived Omtideo 
Tasso, the fir>t inventor, nr the reviver of regular ptist^, wha<fe de- 
soendanu, obtaining the generalship of the post-oflices in Italy 
and other rnuntrics, arrived at high dignities. In Spnln and 
Flandcr», Muno of the Tossi beciiine founders of tilled families, 
and in Germany they Httained to the rank; of sovereign princes. 

The stem of all ttiesc illuHtrlous brancheM, however, remained at 
Bergamo : and it wan in this city that Bernardo, the father of Tor- 
quaU) To.'ii^o waH born, A. D. 1403. Bernardo Tasso, after a youth 
spent in the cnliivntion of letteri, and in the celebration of nn un- 
sncces-tful ait:ichment u> Ginevni Malatesbt, a lady of imcnmpa' 
ralile beiuty, in whoHc priise he pnltlishcd a volume of poetry, 
wail in Ì53\ invited by Ferrante Hanseverino, prince of S:ilemOk 
to art in the rapncity of SecrcL'try, at his court near Naples. la 
this sita»tion, de^'oting himself to poetical pursuits, or following 
his p;iiron in military expeditions, he spent seven or eight years 
very agreeably; at the expinilion of which time, finding himself 
ftkti riaing in fame and fortune, he paid his addresses to Portia 
R4MSÌ. a N(.'a{)oliLnn lady of great beauty and accomplishments, 
and thrir mnrriage was celebrated with much splendor, in the 
spring of IÓ39. 

The happiness which he enjoyed with this amiable woman, 
was incre:iM;d, the year following, by the birth of a daughter, 
whom he n:imed Cornelia, and by the m»rm{s>4Ìun of his princt 
to retire f^^r a time, from the fatigues of his office, to the quiet eu- 
Jt>vment of his favorite studies. He chose for bis retreat the city 
of Sorrento, which. <iep:initcd from Naples only by its beautiful 
bay, command'*, under a i>erene sky, a proitpect of the whole n^ 
itic region round. Hero, having hired a palace which over- 







looked the sen. he conducted his wife and Infant daofhter, aad 
applied himself' lo the coni|Mt&iiion nf the ** AmadijEi,** a poem 
which, be hoped, would nut imly f^re.tily inrrea^ his literary 
repat.ttion, l>iii adii considcnibiy to bis nicaui of independence 
In thi« delightful rr<idence, and in the luidst of these elegant 
pnrsuitTf, TiirquHto. the um who was df>«tined so peculiarly to 
become hi?» pride, and to experience a liftr of such »tnin|Ee vicia- 
•itode. wa4 welcomed into the world, the JIth of March. 1S44. 

The year J647 was, however, fatal tn the fortunes of his pa- 
tron. An in-^urrcction arising at Naples acainst the Viceroy, I). 
Pedro de Toledo, who had attempted to establish the (nquisititm 
there, the prince of Salerno was chosi-n by the oitbility of that 
city, as their auibis^ditr to the Ein{)erur Charles the Firih. But 
the Viremy, untic-iitttinp theaccu>ationsof his opponents, found 
menn-t tti justify his |»roceedings ; and when San<everino reach- 
ed Nurembunr. be w;is received as a favorer of lieresy and rebel- 
Uofi, and forbidden for a while to leave the city, upon pain of 
death. Wh^n nl lenctb permitted, he returned to Naples, hut an 
attempt b ivine \>ov:i m ide to a<j>sassin:ite him hy the crratures 
of the Viceroy, be n-^Wved to fors:tke a counirj' where he could 
no loncf r reiinin with s:ifety ; and Bernardo, who had tix» much 
mafniinimity lo :ibar.don b m in his adwrsiiy, alter settling his 
family :it N-«pl(^. depMrted with him to the court of France. 
When the news of S:in-overino's detVcti«n was Iciiown at Na- 
ples, he and all his adherents wen^ dechired reliels. deprived of 
their e>t»ies, and >entoncod to hive incurred the jicniity of 
death. By tbi^ eilict of ibe Stnte.-». Berlin nio In-^t a richly fur- 
nishett bitu<e, ami r^n revvnut^«'f ' a «irnke. fn^m 
the elfcrt^ of u birb hi* tonane* never n nivered ; and the foun- 
dation w l'i thus uiib'tppily laid t-^r the iiRtuirin life of dci«endence 
which Tnnjuato aùer\v..rd'. exin^riiMieed. 

Ile nieaiivvbile bail :itt:t'.ned bi-< !;e\entb year: and Portia, in 
her aitiMition to bi'^ edui-.iii->n and to ihat of her diu::bt*-r. found 
•ome «oi:ice for ibf Ion:: >«»»piriiiori fmni her hu-'ljund. Torqu'ito 
had aire idy n.ceived «oin - instruction ii» Lntm fntiii D* An^cluzzo, 
afhend of bi< fither'», and be w:i? now <ent to:i ti.Mn:n:iry ol' the 
JesaUs. wbirb bad I «.tely In-en e^t.-.tiUtbed in the city : and "iich, 
•ays M;iiiM>. was bis anlur f«>r h arninir. th:it to «pnet iv.< ini;viriu- 
Diiy, b.s nintber w.i« oftrn oS>ii::i-d to !oi him «!< put to hisMud:es 
before d i\ lirt*ak. "endin^a serv.tnt \\ ith bini to iiiiht bis w.ty. Du- 
ring the three ye tr« be rontinued utiiler the tuition of tbo!i« 
Flatber<. ilu^ youns Ta<»oni»l only jn'rtrcU'dliiiU'se'.f in Lati»i. hut 
made c.>ri*5deril»!e i)r-n.'ri;«.< in lire^'k. and rult:vat«-d *o d-l'.iient 
ly hi" tiili'iit for rill tone ami p-x^try, tbii in bi-s icuth year, be 
reciied iihcin il verges :ind oni'.ioriN. wbiib the adiinrn- 
tk>n of a'.l auditors. IIi> fiiht r b.d iii;id<. :t bi< (-h>f rare V» im- 
bue hi* mind enrly with smumeni* of di.'ep pety : and the vir- 
luout di«{io-Uions wbicb be b.-.d thus loi^uired. were a«-tidu->u>>ly 
cnltivated by the Jc-^uii". hi» instructors. He wns evr>nadiii.tted 
by them at nine years «^f .azfc to the romiiiunion-t:th!e. and. a* he 
observes in one of bis letter*, part.x'k of the ropi^ecnted Hiwt 
with feelias> of unwontett and imle'Tr.hihie «aiisfirtion. To 
these C'JÌy impressuui* may In* a<cribeil the deep sen«e of rcli- 
gtoa which iK-r^ades hi^ writins*, which led perbap:» to the 
ch«>ice of a «acred subject for bis nio t colebnted |K>em. and 
which certainly in aHcr-life. when all other consolations failed, 
enabled him to beir up under the pn>ssure of sutferines. too se- 
Tere to be coutem{>Iatcd, without the lilrongesl emotions of pity 
and of pain. 

or the progress which yoang Tasso was making in his stndiet, 

!i Lire or tasso. 11 

his flither reeelved fteqvent accnnnts. Devoted wholly to the 
Inteieati of his patron, who re!«ided principally at Venice, he 
apaicd BO ezertlou at the court of France lu Induce a co-oper»- 
tkMi with hU plana for the invasion of Naples ; but meeting 
with small success In the nefotiation, and sif hing to revisit his 
(hmily, he si>iiclted and received penniswion of the prince to 
return to Italy. Having succeeded therefore in procuring firom 
Pope Julius the Third a special licenze, he in the February of 
ISM, arrived at Rome, and was invited to occupy apartments in 
the palace occupied by the Cardinal Ippolito of Este. The 
Cardinal rpceived him with the utmost courtesy, and interested 
himself greatly in his aflklrs ; and countenanced by so |K)wer- 
ful a protector, Bernardo had little to fear from the malice of 
his enemies. 

With Portia, however, his disconsolate lady, it was (kr other- 
wise. She had been entitled on her marriage to a dowry of 
3000 ducats, and an Investiture on her life of 1500 more, the 
capital of which, on the confiscation of her husband's propel^ 
ty, she in vain attempted to procure from her brothers. To 
every representation addressed to them, tliey turned a dmf efti: 
and signified to her at length, with unfeeling cruelty, that If 
' I she attempted to obtain by law possession of her rights, the 

strong arm of the Viceroy should not be wanting, to awe her 
Into silence. Tbey even exerted themselves to pievont her 
Iravlng Naples ; and as she could not resolve to hazard the for- 
ature of her claims by flight, she retired with her daughter 
Into the nionaHt(>ry of San Festo. This change of resiiwnee 
administered frc^h ftrief to a heart already worn down by sick' 
ness and suflcrinf;, as it hereby became necessary to send Tor- 

rlo to his lather. The anguish which his departure occa- 
cd, both to himself and her. u> whom he now bode a first, 
and. as it proved, a final farewell, seems never to have been 
eflaccd from the poet's memory. He was then but ten yean 
old ; yet he thn« pntheticAlly laments the parting, in an (Me to 
*he River Metanro, written between twenty and thirty years 

Mo from my mother's breast, a child. 

Did ertici Fortune tear ; 
The tears she ^hed, the kisses wild 

She press'd in her dexpair 
On my pale cheek, and oh. the zeal 
Of hvr most piu«sinnato appeal 

To Heaven for me, in air 
Alone recorded, — with mgrct 
I yet remember, weep for yet ! 

Never, ah never mure was I 

To meet her face to face. 
And feel niy full heart beat more high 

In her beloved embrace ! 
I left her — oh the pang severe ! 
Like young Camilla, or, more drear, 

A!icaniu4-like, to trace 
O'er hill and dale, through bush and brier, 
The footsteps of my wandering sire. 

The young Tasvo was received by his father, after so long a 
aeparailon, with the greatest delight, and for two years applied 
hlnself cloeeiy to his studies. Rut in 1556 Bernardo rsceivsd 



un or* 

iatonifeBMof the detlh oTtMi UÈtmà 
•Dd Mir^eTotioii leem to havo aqMlletf^U tÌMt li ntaiii of 
the RoflMn matrooi In the beet «fts of the npiMk. 8te dM^ 
It to but loo probkble, of a faruken heart, tlw tIciIb of leail 
Mllty to their mutaal mtofbrtaoea ; but her death was lo wntr 
den, as to excite the terrtUe saspidmi of her hasfaaad, that nbm 
had been poisoned by her bruthisis. In hto versee, la his loi- 
ters, Bernardo Tasso ceases not to lament her loss, whom ho 
loved, he says, **nioi« than Uf^ aad yet whom he kivad 
less than she deserved.** Br her death, his daofhter Cor* 
■ella was left in the heads of hto uaprloeipled kiesinoa. who 
soote years after set the crowning stroke to their briqvUy, 
by instituting, for the porpose of letaliUBg their stoler's iHttlaaL 
a towsuit against the ycmng Torquato : alleging, that as he had 
followed hU father to Rome, ho too had iBcuned the peoaltles 
of rebellion. They shortly also mairled Ooraelta, by thto tbae 
frown a boautiftil and aecompUshed yonag lady, to Manto 
fiermle, a Sorrentine gentleman, in opposltloo to the wtohes of 
her father, who had hoped to form lor her a higher aad mom 
advantageous connection ; as, however, thto geBlwmaB, thoavh 
of small estate, was descended from an aacimt and aoUe 
flunlly, and as be aad ComellA lived together in the greatteC 
harmony, Bernardo was soon reconciled to the marrtoge. 

A war meanwhile broke out between Philip the Second and 
the Pope, and Bernardo, ftotn having incurréd so deeply the 
hatred of the Spanish pnrt)'. not thinking himself ^ecnre at 
Eoowi sent his son tu Bergamo, whore he was received with 
open anus by his relation, the Indy Toako, and took refuge at 
F^ro, la the court of Giudubaldo the Second, Duke d'Urbino. 
Torauato, during the time he stayed at Bergamo, applied himself 
assidooiisly to his studies : in 1557 he was M>nt for by his father, 
and presented to the Duke, who made him the couipanlon la 
stiidy of his son Francesco Maria. To the study of the lan- 
gwiges, he now added that of tlie mathematics and philosophy, 
perfecting liiiii«elf at the same time in the exercises of the 
sword, and in those other tKidily acroniplishments which were 
then thought necessary to the formation of a finished gen- 

Torquato rciiided nearly two years at the court of Urbino ; 
when, being sent for to Venice by his father, who was iirintlng 
there his *' Aiiiadifri,*' he was dismisned by the dulie with no 
less favor than regrrt. D.tnte and Petrarch formed, while he 
was at Venire, the principal subjects of his study, and with 
their compositions he nouristhed the poetical enthu^laym that 
was every day acquiring in his bosom a grea*.er ascendency. He 
had now cooipietetl his sixteenth year; and h;b father, anxloo»ly 
balancing the varitms chances onered for his advancement in 
life, resolved to send him to the University of Psdun, rpKarding 
jurispmdt>nce as the only science that would secure him ftom 
the necessity of subjecting his prospects and happiness, as he 
himself had tmt too fatally done, t<} the nnccrtaln profectioa of 
the grenL To Padua accordingly Torquato went and was en- 
tered of the University in November. 15C0. 

He prosecuted hi* fitudies there with great diligence, attending 
the lectures of Guido Panciroli, a civilian of eminence. 1*0 
one, luiwever. who^ fancy was wedtled to the romantic fictions 
of Boiardo and ArioKto, law must have proved a dry and a sick- 
ealng ptirsult, morr purticulnriy as no one had yet appeared, to 
glvot like ftlontesqnien. to the science, the dignity and iatereaC 
of phlloscyhical disquisition. The coasequeace wae, a recw ■ 

I "if 

IdWR or TA880. 13 

enee In Kcret to more c«Hiflenial ponititii, and the production 
la IMI, of his "Rinaldo." It miut be matter of avtonbhineat 
tliHt a youth, who had not yet reached his eighteenth year, 
•hould have been able to imafrine and conduct to the end, with 
such mwierly skill, a poem of sach beauty and rejiQlarity. In 
the «hort sp:ice of ten months, and amidst his unneglected U-gal 
occupations. Our young author, howerer, lest he should incur 
hÌ!t father's displeasure, had not dared to acquaint him with the 
secret : some literary persons of distinction undertook to com- 
municate it. and by comroendntions of the exc-ellence of the pnetr 
ry, managed to soAen In some degree his affliction at the inlelll- 
RDce. Falsing through Padua some time aAer from Urbino, 
Bcmiirdo had an opportunity him<»clf of seeing the manuscript, 
and being satisfied with the genius it displayed, no longer 
thought of confining the talents of his son to a study so nnpa- 
UtMble to him as the law. At the solicitation of Molino and 
Vlniero, two learned men to whose criticism Torquato had sab- 
jecb;d his poem, he even gave pcrmlswion for its being printed; 
and it was accordingly u<(herod into the world Oom the prsiis of 
the Franceschi at Venice, in April, ISfifi. It was received with 
Incrciliiiie Hp|)lau«c, and the young author was soon known 
thrnufhout liHly by the endearing nnnie of Tassino, the d^ 
little Fas^ii. It is imptissible for any one to peruse without ad- 
miration and xynipathv many passages of the work, and more 
particulariy tlMfte c<inrluding stiinzHS. wherein the student, lar 
mentine the circuniHtanres under which tlie ytocm was cooh 
posed, alludes to his enriy age, and payi a beautiful compliment 
to his parent, and to thv Cardinal Luigi d'Ette, into whose ser- 
vice Bernardo hud enkred, and to whom the " Rinaldo** waa 

Thus h^ ve I «nng— In battle-field snd bower. 

Rinnldo's cares, and pnittlcd through my imge, 
While other xindici^ ciaim'd the irksome hour. 

In the fourth histtre of my verdant age ; 
Studies, from which I hoped to have ttiu power 

The wrons^ of adverse fortune to assuage ; 
Ungrateful «ludies. whence I pine away 
Unknown to others, to niyitelf a prey. 

Yet O : if Heaven should e'er my wishes crown 
With ense, relea!u>d from Law's maao, 

To «{tend on the green turf, in foresL<« bn>wn, 
With bland Ap«)llo, whole harinoniouit days, 

Then might I spre:id. Luigi, thy renown, 
Where'er the sun dart* forth resplendent rays ; 

Thyself the genial spirit should Infuse, 

And to thy virtues wake a worthier muse. 

But thou, first fruit of fancy ami of toil. 
Child of few hours and those most fugitive ! 

Dear little book, bom on the «unny soil 
By Brenta's wave ! may all kind planets give 

To thee the spring no winter shall despoil, 
Life to go forth, when 1 have ceased to live ; 

Catherine rich fame beyond our country's bounds 

And mix'd with songs with wliich the world resoonék. 

Yet. ere I bid thy truant leaves adieu. 
Ere yet thou seek'st the Prince, whose name, imp w ii ' i 
I j Deep In my henrt, upon thy front we view. 

Too poor a portal for so great a guest ! 


14 uwm or tamo. 

Go. And oat him flmm whan inyUrth I draw, 
Life of my life ! ftiid wbote tue rich beqiwit 
Has been, ir aught of beantlAil or itronf 
Adorns my life, and animates myionf. 

He, with that keen and Marching glance whkh knowi 

To pierce beyond the veil of dim disgnlie. 
Shall see the faults that lie eonceard so cloae 

To the short vision of my feeble eyes. 
And with that pen which Joins the truth of prase 

To tuneful fable, shall the verse chastise, 
(Far as Its youth the trial can endure,) 
And grace thy page with beauties more matura. 

At Aill liberty now to follow his Inclinattons. Torquato nv» 
up the study of the law with transport, and in November of the 
same year entered the University of Bologna, where, under the 
distinguished professors, Pendasio and Piccolomini, he devoted 
himself wholly to philosophy and the Muses. Before he left 
Padna, he had conceived the design of writing a poem on the 
conquest of Jerusalem by the Crusaders, a subject the most in- 
teresUng, and, above all, the most fitted to receive everv poetiod 
adornment that the fancy could conceive. Ue had fixed upon the 
names of various personages to introduce in It, had imagined sev- 
eral of the episodes with which he afierwards embellished it, 
and he now sketched out the first three Cantos in Utt octave 
stanzas, which are yet preserved among the MSS. of the Vatican 
To fit himself for the task cuntempiaied. he composed his three 
admirable Discourses on Heroic Poety ; and being shortly inform- 
ed, that the Cardinal d'Este had ndinitted him amongst the gen- 
tlemen of his household, he set forward to join Bernardo at Fer- 
rara, the inincipal scene of his glory and misfortunes. 




A D. 15G5-1577. Aet. 21-33. 

Wheh Tasso reached Ferrara, on the last day of October. 1565, 
the city was splendid with preparationK ftir the Archduchess 
Barbara of Austria, daughter of the Emponir Ferdinand the First, 
whom AlphonM> of Este was alMiut to receive in marriage. The 
hride elect made her entrance into the city with a numerous and 
sumptuous attendance, wearing on her head a golden cn>wn. 
The l>alls, the tournaments, and representations that followed in 
the palace or iMlacr-rarden. amidst a stupendous scenery of pala- 
ces, and wiM»d<«, and mountains, lasted for six days, and seemed to 
the imaginative Tas-wi ratlier the work of enchantment than the 
ettect of machiner>'. lie hai recorded in the ** Aminta." his sensa- 
tionsiiftrans|M)rt and astonishment at the magnificent carni vai that 
was thus pn>!<enti-d to his view, — a scene, to which we doubtless 
owe many of the rich de^'riptionH of ningiral enchantment that 
meet with in the "(MTuxalemme Liberata." 


Lire or TA880. 1ft 

Tb« detth of Pnpe Piiu the Fifth tonnlnated these rajolcliivi ; 
•Dd the Cardinal Luigi departed for Rome to assist in the elee- 
tioa of a new poniilf; ieaving Tasso at perfect liberty to attend 
either to pleasorable or philosophical puntuits. Tasso employ- 
ed the Interval in insinuating himself into the favor of the Prin- 
eess Lueretia d'fotè ; and by her was introduced to her younger 
•Ister, Leonora, who was jnxt recovering from a long illness. 
These two ladies, says Serassi, were most beautiful in person, 
and of manners so eiegitnt and courteous, as to excite in ail the 
highest admiration. Lueretia was thirty-one years old, her sis- 
ter a year less, — an age which had only given maturity to her 
charms, without imimiring her vivacity and grace. Their mo- 
ther, the virtuous and unfortunate Renée of France, had bestow- 
ed great painiv uuon their education ; and, besides the usual ac- 
complishments, had inspired them with a taste for poetry, which 
they occasionally cultivated. To minds of this description, the 
author of the " Rinaldo" muxt have been an object of some in- 
terest ; and the pica.^ure which the youthful poet felt from their 
attentions. Is attested in some Canzoni of his written at this pe- 
riod, in language full of the respectful gallantry which their fli- 
▼orable notice would naturally inspire. The lavor of these 
Princesses, introduced him in a short time to the notice of their 
hiotber, the Duke Alphonso, who, luiowing him to l>e engaged in 
a poem on the conquest of JeruMilem, regarded him with a gra- 
ckms eye. and introduced him to many of the illa«$trioa<i n»en 
who frcMiuented his court. Grateful for these marks of consider- 
atioD, TasM) resolved to dedicate his poem to this prince, and to 
Introdoce Rinaldo for the hero of his fable, as a means to cele- 
brate him and his family. The " Geru«alcnmie" was accxirdingly 
rrsomed, and prosecuted with Ruch diliuence, that in a few 
months he had completed five whole cantos. Occasionally he 
nnbent himM>lf from thi» great work by the composition of com- 
plimentary verses to the princc:«»es, similar to the following, 
which he addrex^ted to Leonora when she was restricted from 
singing by her physicians, on account of her delicate state of 

^Ai / b<n è reo dtstin, eke invidia e toglie. 

Oh ! 'Us n merciless ducree. 

That to the envied wdrld denies 
The Konnd of tiiat swoet voice, which we 

So much admire, su dearly prize ! 

The nolilc thought and dulcet lay 

Brentliing of passions so redned 
By honor's breath, would drive awav 

Sharp sorrow from the gloomiest mind. 

Tet. 'tis enough for our deserts. 
That eyes and smiles ho calm and coy 

Diffuse through our enchanted hearts 
A holy and celestial joy : 

There would be no more blessed place 

Than thi<«, our spirits to rejoice. 
If, as we view thy heavenly face, 

We also beard thy heavenly voice ! 

Ob the return of their brother the Cardinal, the FrincesMi 
not to communicate to him the pleasure they had n- 


16 uwm or 

cshvd fkoB At MMlttif of Iht yonf posti ftv 
■Mny otbor oUiVitloagi, tlwy imeond Um dlattactloo of 
Mbnlttod to tiM table when wo hlf boot eovUon won i 
tolned, oftoB is eompony with the Onko ; a fiivor lo wlridi Tè^ 
oo attaehed no mwII eoaaaqooDce. Amoof the dtottanlohli 
oaen whooe ftfendthip or aeqoaiataace he now acqalioi. wtn 
AgosUno doKlt Arleatl, Maasooli, the CSardlaal** fiimrile Boi 
taiy, aad Glanhattlata PIfaa, flecietarf to the Dake, a gimwt 
poet of great coostdoratioB anooc the eomtten : with Gaaital, 
the rabieqooBt author of the **Paitor Fido»** he waa ahWfif 

There was at tUi thne letldeiit at Femra one Lvcretla Wmt- 
dMIo, a lady of great beaaty, TiTadty, and accoaapHihayl^ 
who hnd toached the ■OBsiMUtT of BXMt of the mag fi 
In the city. The harpt both of Pigna and Gnarini were 

ed In her prelse i and Tuoo, participating la the oaine ibf||lM flf 
adinlratkNi, was equally anikHu to obtAla her fkvorable ■odeii 
With that iBcUoatloo to scholastic debate which was ao ■nth 
affi>cted in those ages, he nndertook on her aceonot to support 
In the Academy anlnst every diapuuint fifty amorous Thostt tr 
Conclasions ; and no defiMded them for three davs, with luA- 
nlte repatatlon for Ingenuity, In pretence of an illostrfaus at- 
semblnge of the beaaty and learning of Fermnu But It was not 
by disipntaUiMi aiono that he Miugnt to find favor in the bright 
eyes of the lady ; she was a charming Kinder, and Tasao called la 
the aid of his molodions luto to celebrate her talent His com- 
plinients were not addrca^ed to unbeedinp ears; for though he 
met with a fonnidable rival In Pigna, he failed not to receive 
from the object of his admiration many merits of partiality. Bhe 
married Into the house of the Macchiiivelli. bnt never ceased to 
regard him with (avor ; and In particular studied to console hia 
in the days of his cninmlty. 

Serassi and Dr. Black profess to regard him as having heeu 
deeply enamored of this lady, bnt I confet» 1 can only diseem 
in the effusions addressed to her, one of tbo^e merely nroomua 
fancies which are so apt to piay anmnd the heads of »u'cepUble 
young persons, but which make no dc«-p impression, and vanish 
altogether with the object that caltrd thcni Into hirth. The real 
symptoms of the pas!«ion must Ins sought lor in his composittons 
of a later, but of no disLint date. 

These poetical amusements of Ta.«so were intcrrnpted by the 
afflicting intelligence, that hh father was lying dangerously 111, 
at Ostia on the To. He hnstened thither iuiinediately. and ar- 
rived In time to receive his insi benedictions, and on the 4th of 
Septemlicr, 156U, at the advanced age of 70, Bernardo Tasso 
closed a iilc marked by many vicl:<!<ltude8 and sorrows, but 
cbecrc<l throughout by literary enjoyment, and a truly Christian 
phil«»«ophy. Overcome by grief lor his severe loss, and by tlie 
vigils bo had undergone in his afTeciionato attendance on himi 
Torquato himself sickened two days aAer his father's death ; 
when he had a little recovered, he returned to Ferrara. 

In the spring of the following year, a marriage wa<i concluded 
between the Princess Lucretia and the Prince d'Urbino. Leo- 
nora, thus deprived of her nM»st Intimate companion, renounced 
in a great measure all public amusement and devoted herself 
to por!«oits more congenial to her taste — to private study, and 
the cooverwtion of literary men. 

Tasso, among others, had the honor of ftrquent adminsloa to 
ÌMr society. He acknowledges In an ode which he addressed to 
Imt ou hit first coming to Penare, that he was then struck wldi 

LI» or TA880. 


•dmlmikni of her pcnvin, and that, had he not been ehectod hf 
reverence, he shnald hrtvc become perfectly eniunored of bei* 
Bat the regard with wliich he had been treated by the two si»- 
lers, luiut by thi^ time have mach diminished the distance 
which rank and ceremony had thmwn round Leonora ; while, 
ùvm the laciiity ol' access gnnted tu him, he could not fail to 
eooteniplate her perterti<tii< with a more unmiogled feeling of 
plca»ure and ei^teem. 8iie on ht>r pnrt, appreciating highly his 
geoiai, and Iik m-inv r:>timnble quaiitieH, found no small enjoy- 
ment In hi:* Micleiy. Fo her he rend portions of his poem as they 
were comiMvtcd: to hi;r ta^te npiwaled; and, flaiiered by the 
warmth or lirr i)r:ii:«<^« and by her gr.icion» condescension, ha 
seems now ui hnve siven hiiiiseif up with less unnisterve to the 
delightfhl emotitinii inspired by her iMre^nce. Poetry. It most 
be eiinléi»ed. wat danitm-u^ grtiund for them to tread In con- 
cert, calcuhtrd as it peculiarly is to become the echo of those 
gentle wi^hen which And a voice m> univcnwl in the hearts of 
yunth ; n«^r could Ta^^n road, nor could I.<eononi listen to a tala 
so atlèctinff a:* thnt of «Mindn and Sophronia, without indulging 
a train of tiiou^ht and tcellog cloM-iy akin tu the influences of 
hyve. One tiling is certain, that at this period he redoubled his 
aasMnltles to her. aiidretsiing her in ntniins wherein feeling so 
ikr predominates over fancy, as to render it matter of little 
doabt that her iiiiMce was gaining over him a powerful ascend- 
ency. The flr«t advance!* of the |iassion are, however, marked 
by great timidity towards the individu;il beloved ; and if Tasso 
yet dared to acknowledge in song the growing tendemcHs of his 
■oal, it woald probably be In verses like the following, trea<$nred 
np In privacy a.^ the record of a feeling too sacred or presumptn- 
OQs to be submitted to the gaze of others. 

^mor Calma m'ailaecia, 4*e. 

Love bind:< my soul in chains of bliss, 

Firm, rigorous, strict and Htn>ng; 
1 am not Mirrowful for thiit. 
But why I qu:irrel with him is, 

lie quite ties up my tongue. 

When I my lady should salute, 

I can on no ivrtence ; 
But timid and ronfu^d «tind mute. 
Or. wandfring in my reason, suit 

My speech but ill with sense. 

Loo-ip, eentle Love, my tongue, and If 

ThouMt not give up one psirt 
Of thy great power, re-tpect my grief, 
Take otrthlìi chain in kind relief. 

And add it to my heart ! 

In 1570. Torquato attended his lord the Cardinal, to the court 
of France, having 1ir*t, a.« a measure of precaution. Irfl a testa- 
nwntary writing in the hands of one of his Intimate friends. 
On the 9<econd visit which the <'ardinal |mid to the king, he in- 
tnidarod onr |Kjet to hi« acquaintance, saying: "Behold the 
bard of G(»dlVpy and of the other French heroes, who signalized 
thpm«elves «o grently at the conquest of Jerumlmi !" Charles 
the Ninth (hi-< name miglit then lie pronounced, and himself 
appninched without horror) received him in the m<Mt dlstin- 

Sished manner, luiw him olien, and gave him uniformly the 
m reception, lie pardoned at his request an nnfortanata 




p«t, wiMH bavtaf kMB nlltf of 
•HOitloa, ud iM wimM iia?« mtkmimìm^é dw hnaor which 
TteMi luid rendered to Fnmeh iMfubn, by ùm ricbett pnmaM, 
W tiM hkhmtodedneM of oar poet had 00c oppoeed, by «tpedet 
of refbaiii. hlf benefieeat laleatloi». AjiMnpt ùm BcqMilat- 
•Bce which Torquato nuuie \b FlmDee, mme leeB» to have 
gratified hlro more thao that of the poet Rooaaid, ftar wheat 
Wfltio|s be profaned great adailiatloii, and who, BotwtthataBd- 
ing hU imsacceMfttl atienpt to engiafl upon French poetrr Ih* 
geoioa of the Greek, waa by no neaos unworthy of the ONehrl- 
if be enjtiyed.— 'faaao bad liere the nialbitane to lose the favor 
of bla patron. Whether calamntated by «one InTkUoua coar- 
tler, or too nngaarded in eitmaalng IiIb IndicnatloB at tht 
BMaked aeverity shown by toe mlnlatry of Charles to the 
Oatholies, prepiuniory to the MghtlW massacre of Su Bartholo> 
■Mw. he experienced a great change In the Cardlnal*a be- 
haTlor, and as be was of mo haughty a spirit to Inook the least 
eontnmely. he denmnded leave of abeence, and retired to Rome. 
Whilst at Rome, it wonid appear that his favorite Leoooitt paid 
a visit to her nncle, the Cardinal Ippirtlln the t9ecood of Este, a 
irelale distininiished by his niMgniAcence in bnllding, and bll 
nvor to litemry men. The villa and gardens which ne formed 
at Tivoli were connldered as the OMst delightful In Italy : and 
It must have been In their sbadeH that she received tlM*«e beaa- 
Hlbl verses, attcsiting the fidelity with which he cherished her 
hnage la bis absence. 


M nékU catfr, ev« » ««tsdbi aiana^ 

To the rnmantic hills, where fVee 

To thine enchanted eyes. 
Works nf Greek taste in statuary 

Of antique ninrbies rise. 
My thnuf hL fnir Leonom, roves. 
And with it to their gloom €^ groves 

Fasit benn me as it flies ; 
Fitr far fh^ni tliee. in crowds nnblest. 
My fluttering heart but ill can rest.* 

There tn the rock, cascade, and grove^ 

On mosses dropp'd with dew. 
Like one who thinks and sighs of love^ 

The livelong summer through, 
OA would I dictate vliirions tLlngs 
Of heroes to the Tuscan strings 

or my sweet lyre anew ; 
And to the briMiks and trees around, 
Ippollto*s high name resound. 

But now what longer keeps me here ! 

And who, dear Lady, sny, 
0*er Alpine rocks and mnrshes drear, 

A weary lencth of way, 
Guides roe to thee t so that, enwreatb^d 
With lenves by Poeny beqnentb'd 

FhND Daphne's ballow'd bay, 

" OUma/mo éa Mi btngt omtA mm 

« ^V «MM MM, CA« r mw- JMNM • 

I il 1. «'i- I \>.-!J. \[t 

I tritlr ihu» in «iinp *-iiiIi«-u ! 
1.4-1 Un- Mill /.i-|ih}r Mtii>|N'r who. 

Mi'tr t« ti.'.i'. Iiy IrlNT* In till* I'rinci-^i and )ii>r «l^tlcr. ho niad« 
a|i|i| r.i:i.<n !•■ !«• n-cfiif«l liiiu llii^ "iriirr ••! AI|ihiin«o. This, 
I}iri>ii4:li Ihiir iii**iii:iliiiii, wio crtHiiy I'llrrtisl ; n |K>niti«in wnn at- I 

«k^ntil hiin ••!' niHiui lilìfi-ii rnivt n« ••! c>il<l :t iihuiih. iind he wiu ,! 

•lii -;!in£>> iiifiiMirtil that hf w:i< ru-iiipini iruiii nny purlieu lar .' 

lid';! .i.iiii. ^n«i lincili >iti«'n<l III «|ii.< I III hi> Miiiiif*. <i| ihi- fur- I 

tui. li T'-UtS*' iniiii thr oinriii^ ti| tiirinni'. iiv innkr^ gnti'I'ul 'I 

nn-'iiiiiM 111 lii^ " (ti>rii«:tli-iiiiiii-." iiiir i-milii tlic >i'V*'riiy with M 

wi.t ÌÌ iif \\ ." ->ii< r\i iriN in.iiiil (■> ihi iMiki-. i \<-r rltinc Imm ■ 

Li* iiiiii'i Uii- iiM ill r> ill (lii« kiiiiiiii-««. Ill ilii- Ifi^iiT timi tran- J 

il'i 1 .:) •■! iiiiini v»li-iii III' niiw I iijiiyril. mir \nfi ,-i|i|ilifiJ liknmelf ; 

n i!i L'r«- t K-.iiu i\ III lii« "i;«-riivtU-iiiiiii'." iillnii! ii|»ih<> iniff- ,' 

\ fi* w h I II III I. .Ill |i-l(. iiiIiTiiiiii! il HiiS i-|ii«iiiir«. ;iii<J impriiv- 
11-2 I" ri" 111 >>>^ till- "Ui-i-liics* nml iiLij*-"!) lit the (iirliiMi. A% Ik 
tf i\.i'iiiii rri-i.i iht- lilH>r nf iIii- ri-\i*iiiii. Lik-nc miviinUiffe nt' % 
\\*<i u II i li \ |-li--ii*ii iii-iilf III Itiiiiir. Ill- if c m. nml it i* Mimi, la 
It-*» '.Ij-n I»-' III iii:h«. ti. I'liiii hi« " .Xiiuiiti." n |Kii>ltir.-ii f.ible 
ir I n«iki:ii:i<ii i«.iiit>. uhiili. it III- li:iii uriiiiTi niilhiiiK be- 
•..jt . w< iml It .\«- .iiiiiii'ri i./i il )iiH iciiiii'. Ill li.ity. intiti iha 
a.'M luti iM-rti-i Muri III ii« *l\i'- 'mil it" UTv:il iiirìnily ii| [liint^i 
I?-' \lii.iil 1 • r,jii\ • It t t-lt lirii> lllllr U<*H i-iiiiiH'lil ill. Ill Ihr " (ie- 
r .<•■<:• II. Ill*- l.i'>i-r it I ." hiji ill mir iiun rminir). pirtly Inmi the 
C «n ; nil- int'i \% Ini'ti |-i<-ii>ril |iii« ir\ It k trillili, :inil |i-irily Irmn 

• 'i* I •■! ti i^.ij;: li-ii^ |iii..i-.Hi-i| I iriii«l iimii ihtl i!-i\i- iiny iilca 

I ■ ;• I tr> ill i.i I- II i|i|« Ik !■■ Imi Iittir kiiiiHii i>r .-i|i|irfi-iiitf^, 
« I- • |l \.\ ',• \« r* •>!' I'.ili in. .Ni'lli iij In-Mi it-r n liiil i \<'i i-ii lU 
»:<■ •!••.« ii> II I'M ilii- f turn i-i \l|ilii-n«ii in I'l rr in iii llif «|irin|| 
f : I '•'.!{. .; ».t« ri-|iri «I nii-ii i-4-iiin' th<- < ' hi* lirnihi-r. nnd 
il i -j'l.' r I* itiij ■!• '. j.ili-il -ii.-l I i:i-f. 'Mm if :i|>|il.'iH>( U-i« un- 

* ■ . ■ >: ' --r !i 1.; M.I |ii.l< .1 ii.i(iir:i!.iv'i I I l« In- Uiii-4 H|ltft*rtHl 
!' • • - : - . ■ ii<-<i:i H I.I n t il.i \i ir« . iii r\\ inl". it i<<iitMl 
'f ti, III , ri -< r \.i.ii< |j|-:.>-ii !>•■■'■»» «I > i:ii >>i: in i|iii< k «iic- 

' -I •■! M,.iii :iU« \% • ri- lli> iiii.?.iliiii-H lit il. Ill il iiMlliiriK 

' f i -• • . ■■> : II. • v«:>> III Im III' :•! Ill ;ii iiih iiiil ]>■ 'turai 

-I I ,- • r. iiii«> l.ij'ril.' i.'i.l liiiI iiri II -||-'i- In w -ti f«4 

•' . ■■.-•-.■. --.I .,1 tl.i J-.- f I- ;'. t w ■■« i:i l..'-.i: «11 iiiiii II III .Mi 
'. ■ r- ')>• i'-ii-:i : t- >i I, III -:• il III r i r- tin r In |« mill 
}■■-'• ; • :i'- • ' I.I ir.xj ,! ri I -i' i! U: r!i> ii.hur. :!iiil |i>r llim 
; ■ '.• I ■• \ :• ■'. Il III 111 ti' r | 11 1 .•( I'l • ir-i V« tin -hiimik r 
."> ^ r- ■ '. I 'i- r« ; I (■• ii ■ .i! i'li In- :f«. ri i.-i-il til I ' i>li liiiir lille, 
N> ■■ -■ • ^ i'..%i n III lit r Hi- III n- «|ii-iil -iiiin- liniiiili^ in ft 

II T .- ■ I > II i:i-:< r I ii ,< • Ci i li'-* .-n- ■! \'"* in tiinl n l«- 
1 • ! .- - ' ■ :•! . ■ i|<i 1 I.» ■ '•*, -Ii« \-T till -« m ••■imi t» -mil r;in- 

* - . I r 1. •■ u- -III . • -i-n; « i|i ri III- t' turili il In l'i rriirn. 
{•• i : • I'l ;r III 111 r itU' r.-l hi r-i ii iiiiii> i.iliiililu 

' \ ■> • . .- •. , f . ..■..-. V» - ■ ■• ni 

■ - ■■••-■■» .."« .\»r»'l.'i ,i>-ii. 

' • -. 4 !.■ ■ • I - ■ .• • •!. I-MI, 

' • • i . 1 : ; •■ I ■. I. .••••'■•■ -tr, 

• 4 . ■ .iri.i.i-->'*4 •iiH.iififea. At 

9 * ..|l'* 4 li«-iii ^*» .B.»!, 

1 • »•• I • •• 

■ •• ■ . ■ ' •», 

■ ■ • '••■••■■11, 

'»-i-f --■• • tm 

H . »i. : ■ . ■ ■ • • tprli 

if! ; II ■ 11. • •<•• - |;*tii. 


pfweots, aod la puttcalar a rmj praekNn ralqri wUeh 
great wrviee to hln tn the ttme of his «tvMidty. 

Devotinf hloinelf on hit relare with the mott panevertag Ia- 
dottry to his pnem, he had at length, fai the aprtog of ISn, ikm 
eitreme latlalkctloB of aeelag it eonuletad : rat on the oltar 
hand he began to be dlaaatisfied with his sltaatloD, fhan fladtag 
hlmiteir an object of hatred to a number of the coartiefa, wIm^ 
envious of the dlailDCilon he had acquired by the ** Aaitaia,** 
and jealous of the glory that would aiiead the poUkatloa flf 
his " l>emsaleinme,^ combined to disturb hit tniaqullUty aad 
by a variety of ways to calumniate him to his patroa. Ba 
therefore resolved Ant to dbcharie his obllgationa to the fcally 
of £f té. by printing his poem nn«H» the auspices of the Date: 
and then eltlier to retire to Some, or to seek the aerviet or 
ioaie prince equally fiivocable to literary men. Ulte the Oudlaal 
de* Medici. Meanwhile, to reader his jnern as perfect aa 

of ai 

blc, he submitted it to the cfltlqaes of a number of his 
at Rome— a step which la the sequel Involved him hi tha 
greatest dlAcnltles, not less ftom the diversity of oplidoa% 
which he found it impotslble to reconcile, than from the aaoMla 
severity of one or two of his censor», who prufes-ted tnaee, tahta 
cbarming flctionii, something profane and seductive, and deraga- 
tOTy to the grandeur of the enterprise which he celebratea, aad 
to the sancUiy of the church, of which they were the Mfolai 
expectants. The most acrimonious of thcM) cynics were oae 
Blivio Antoniano and 8pero 8perone, an ancient friend of hie 
flither ; but who, disnppointcd in bis own expectations of poeli- 
eal renown, liad contmcted a surllnens of diitptwition which ill- 
fltted him for dlscharglns the piirt of u libenti critic. 

Tlie "Gerusalemme** however nnilenvent two revisiona, aad 
it was not till the second took place that Antoniano and Sperone 
assisted. The first was made principally by I)a Barga, author 
of the " Sx-rias** and ** Cynegeticon,** by Scipio (ìonzaga, and 
Flaminio de* Nobili, a divine, philosopher, and scholar of eoa- 
aiderable eminence. Besides perftlexlng our poet with several 
Bietaphyfflcal objections deduced from the supposed spirit of 
Aristotle's rules, these critics objected to the episode of 80- 
phronia and Olindo, and to the excess of embellliihment which 
they discovered in the poem. Tasso, however, could by ao 
Bieans bring himself to omit the epiitode, anxious as he waa to 
preserve throughout his fable the most perfect unity. la Iha 
ornamental paru, though obstinate in the opinioa that apte 

Or nthrr, (for no earthly thinf 

Wat Ilka ihcc (hen,) thou diiUt sppsST 

Dinne furono, wh«n ber wmg 
On ererjr bloMom «hakei ■ (e«r. 

Anil, ■panjrietl o'er with ilcwilropa cold. 

The nHMiniain-Mjmmils tinu «ub goUL 

Thrae i\*j» are p«*t ; jet from th j fkcs 
No rharra the •pecUinx' yean haet «isteh^ 

But left it, riprniii^r cirery frac*. 
In pcrfert lovclineaa, unmatrh d 

B? what thou wen, when, young aodehj* 

"Aj timid fracei abunn'd ike «yt. 

Ifor* loeelj looks the flower matorad. 
When full lu frajrrant Icawa 11 ipnads 

Mure neh the mm, when, unobanurad* 
At noon a hnjifhtar bfam it «tiada; 

Th«u, in Ihy bc«uty, MeiKleet both 

TW Mio'a aaCMit sad rots** frwwih. 

i LIFC OP TA880. 31 

poems are the better the more they abound in oranmentii, ht 
I cortailed inany of the iiio^t inar\'cliouH, In deference to thell 

I judgment, and the work of revision was bniuieht to an end in 

the auininn of 1Ó75. But though the ndvantiiges thereof «eeoi 
I to have bcm conHÙicmhle, they could not recomiienife our poet 

for Iho elTect produced on his sen-tibility, by the difficnltias 
arising frnm their contradictory critici:«ni'i, and the con-^equont 
delay ot' publication. To the af;ony which be experienced fhiia 
th^-*e causes (such is his ex|>res8lon) was added a fresh cnuke 
of Inquietude. He was tormei:tvd by the suspicion, and nppeari 
! to hnve had snlBcl'^nt reason for il, that some rival had inter- 

cepted hLs letter.4, for the purpose of discovering his aecruta, 
and Hvaillnf himself of the objections made to his poem. 

l*be Prince's Lucretia coming meanwhile to reside at Fer- 
rara* Tasso imported ut her his design of going to Rome. Stia 
attempted to dl.-«Muade him fn>m it. givins it as her judgment 
1 th:tt he ought not to depart fmm Ferrara before the pubiicntion 

of his book, unless perhaps with her to Pesaro, "fur tliat every 
other jiHimey would be YU.ipicioui and odious:*' she muntionau 
to him alno, In her solicitude for hU welfiire, some other cir- 
cumstance-i, which convinced him that ho was besides very 
diligently w.itched. It would «eem ihrii Alphonso was apprized 
of h\^ inie.'ition to Koltcit the pn>tection of some other pritron, 
and w.t» jealous he should be defrauded of the dedication. 
He hnd henrd more thtn once the vnriouH Cantos recited, he 
was ch:irmed with (hrir beiiuty. and was now i>olici(ous to 
rivet the izmtitude and oblipniions which the poet had expressed. 
For this pur(Mise he redoiiblrd hi» attentions, nml Ta.^so was 
o:ten invit d to B«'ir:siirtrdo, a sufierb p-il-ice surrouiideil with 
delightful gnrd^'ns. lo which the Duke frequently retired. Ue 
Wa4 >till. however, fixed in rcMilution to po to Rome; and Al- 
phonso, de^irouH to hapten the pubticntion of the poem, at 
lenxth gnnled hun {lerniii'^ion. 'J^-|s^tu wns received moat 
Atiectionately at Home by Si-tpio Ooitzng». His evenings he 
devoted wholly to his liU'mry friends ; but the individual whose 
acquaint inre at this |)eri(id with our |MH.>t h;>d the grc:ite«t in- 
fluence on his future fortunes, wiih the C'ardinnl Ferdinand de* 
Bledici, aiterwanis <;rind Duke of Tuscany, who now made 
overture^ to T.tnxo of his prot^ciion. They were not indeed 
&ca>pie4l : Thsmi returned to Ferrara without coniinst to any 
determination respecting his change of residence ; but the in- 
teri i4*vv to which he had imprudently ronnented, with one of 
Alphon>o's greatest enemies, beciinic, there is tu<i inurh reason 
to liplievi'. one of the chief causes of his iiul>sequent misfor- 
tunes. At pn>scnt, however, the Duke, if he felt any anger at 
the step which his |k>>i h'ld taken, had the tein|ier or the policy 
to di.'«fniisc it, and Tasso was received with his acciLstumed 

In the Frbrniry of this year arrived at Ferrara, Eleonora 
P invititi, the bride of (iiulio Tiene, Count of Scnnditno, a 
youns hdy who to great beiiuiy united a noble disposition, and 
tiiiHf tor the tine arts. She was nccouipnnicd by Ksirlinri S.-in- 
severina. Counte:^ of Hali. her mother-in-law, who with much 
m.ijesty of dep<»rtm^nt yielded not to EbHinora in beiuty, 
vivacity, or btlcnt. In the fe^ttivals at court during the, 
the Lady B:irbara appeared with her hair fashioner! in the form 
of a crciwn, which gave her, says 8erasai. the very air of Juno. 
The loveliness however of Deonon, renden^d {wculiarly striking 
by the exquisite lieauty of her ui-.der-lip, which jMiuted forth a 
little, divided with her the hihiiir-ti-in of the ctniriiers; and 

■o(Md« ira hmri iif In (hB pi 

■rB Ite toaniMt AlpbouOS M 

Sdì Mid nflni or hl> Uin«tau, thai iKei-aM'kriiaBHUilinik 

divadHi II ■> QwniUi gf ftll bit pn a pg c n^ bai ft Ukil «iipn«- 
Ata fhMh ttw DaliB. or « «mila Ah Lvjaoia. vna vBOrkwi lo 
dhslpuv Ukft Khritm wUeh be Itìmti In bl» bow* of 4toulU- 
ftiOun. Erny imin «n B>Bd IbH weiHd Ukol)! »i (qwiaM. 
U damchlBC talm ftuni u lotunl « bslrlHIutlHtof iheD* 
HetkO. Tbe Dochw (TDHiliia, in • loaf ttaer. postaad U 

Die btnlnllT of Iba •■Dir fMoi nm «bniB )■■ 
neb W^HMB. mn ban (nallT atnaflbi 

tnaib a dl*tlBf<iUb«4 ln|>a>lBiUH«. ud pn>fe<w al lvl)n>- 
iMPnaiFrmn. Ma4t intaniiRiiily uii«Ii|i Piai tkt Fiiunta 

Annnl. he dmNnl hboKir tn Ibtohiikal iiailwi, Had kHsiue 

•kAW nlbrr nibllair Ihu uanduu of JodfiiicBl. ukd h 
deH U tvm^. 

BBljr ■• a Illcniy aiOr. Iiat ■■• u 

■afa all tbe pun iM 

Inoi^taft. But Ih* letlai bad n 

urc or TAMO. 8S 

other effect than to make tbe ghastly ciltie deem hJm learned; 
**a eirruiii^tance/* aays TaMO, In his proad petulnoce, "aboaC 
which I «m perlectiy indiflbrenL" N<tr did Sperone give him 
tern vexaiiim than Antonlano. The literary Ditigenet adeeUMi 
to di^cuvrr that the aoity of the Fable was liroken by the im- 
porti nt pirt which Rinaldo perfnmis in the story ; an obieclloo 
which gave Ta>so greater anguish than all tbe rest, as be had 
pridt^ hini'^elt' upon the gniaietrical nicety with which he had 
con»tracted the Fable, and as the uti(iection against tlie onlty of 
henie-i bore against the whole plan and tlfsae of the poem. la 
order, howevt>r, to obtain permlMlon to print his book, our poe( 
was obliged to «ubniit to their severity, and with a heavy beait 
sat d«>wn to the mutilation of the poem. 

** I have removed," says he in ixis after letters, ** the minde 
of the buried peraon, the metamorphosis of the knights into 
fishes, and tlie wonderful ship ; I ftiave modemled greatly the 
voluptUitnsneM of tl>e Inst stanzas of the SOth canto, alihioagh 
they were seen by the Ferrame Inquisitor, and tolerated, nay, 
aInMist extolled. I shall remove the strange events of the 18ih 
canto; I shall take away the stanzas of ue parrot; those of 
the kisses ; and some of the rest in this and the other eantoa 
which gave mo^t f»ffence to Antoniaao, besides a vast number 
of veraes and woid*. I tthail accommodate to his taste tlie in- 
vention r»f the natural magician ; 1 sliall remove from tbe 4th 
and 16th cantos those stanzas which to him seem lloentUiiM, 
but which are in reality by far the most beautiful. In order, 
however, that they may not be lost entirely, I will cause a va- 
tv>u* ini|)retuion of the^e two cantos to be made, and will give 
them entire to ten or AHeen of my most intimate friends. To 
the w<Mld («neh Is tbe necessity of the timet) my poem most 
appear mutilated— but of this, say not a word. Flaminio baa 
miticed a thing as artfully managed in my poem, that there is no 
love in it of which the event is happ)'. and ibis is really the 
ease. Surely thit might produce toleration for these descri|>* 
tlons : and as tlie love of £ruiinla seems in a certain degree to 
have a happy c«)nsequcnce. I i^hall remedy this also, and make 
her not only a Christian, but a religiou<i nun.'* To thin iriti^ble 
exU'oi did the tint imm'I of hh age find it necessary to prostrate 
his sublime imd delighttui genius, with a heart bleeding with 
anrulsii and dirauptjintuient ! 

The l*rinceH< Leonon. Ut withdrew him from the vexations 
which Ml deeply iiglt-ited hiiu. toiik him with her for a few day4 to 
OkMindoli, n delighttui ci)Uiiiry-«ent im the Po. where in the amlar 
ble aiiciety which he iiKtol affected, he forgot for awhile his anxio- 
tles : and when he returned b» Ferrara, was sufficiently at enee 
lo resiume his {loetiCHl attentions to the Countes>es of 8nla and 
iic:indi:inn. On the ferver of tbo^e U) the latter lady. Seressi 
griiund-< his opinion, that It wah with her that Tai*<o wa» enaui- 
oreil. Miller thnn Ixiuntira i>( R>>tc ; but alter a clo-e ronsldem- 
tiiin of ilii> whole qucsiion, it M'eiiin jiulticicnlly evident, thnt he 
used till* n;inie ofihU i idy nierely an a convenient m*ii>k to veil 
the i-*ru'ii>ns wMch Ins l^ve fur the Princi;<<* c:iu ed him Ut p«inr 
fiirih. It \% iM)«»ii>lc, iiotwithstitnding. thitTiis omay have t*een 
betr lyed by liin admin tiun of the Coùiite'>s tiiasHUme in hi* com- 

Cisitionx to h< r the I'crviir nio^t concenial to hÌ!« feelings*, which, 
* t<.'ll!i U". were anion»u<< from hi« youth, no les<< tlinn to have 
occ:i!«ii)n:illy feitfned a tenderne--^ for the sake of patronage and 

Abtiut ihi-* peritid. our poet became fully convinced of the 
treacherous part that had been played by one of his fal:;ie flriends 


SM uvm or tasso. 

He hnd ascertalDed by noqnestloimblo cTldeiice, that die 
had opened with f il»n kvy* the chnst In which be kept hto p»- 
pen. Manso sntpccts Umt he hnd set in eircaUitlon the Mcret 
of hb love fur the Princess, with which by this means he had 
become acquaiutcd. but it la cortnin he had given proofs of pe> 
culiar tre:ichery and malignity ; whcreftiro, iiicetinf each other 
in the court -y;trd of the palace, Ta^io remonstrated with him ia 
a frieiiilly tiiHiiner on his dishonorable conduct — bat with so lit- 
tle cfTiTt, !li:it instead of offering annpology, or even vindicattng 
hi-N inniMX'iice. the villain iusulenlly gave Tasso the lie. This 
the |ioei n>quiti'd by a blow, given, tie oinervcs, firom no Impulsa 
of anttor, bui from bis sense of the demands of honor. His op> 

Cnnent nmle no attempt at the timo to resent the blow ; bat 
uvin'! collected his bnMbersi they attacked him all at once and 
iuiex|iectedly from behind, as he wak walking alone In the piaa- 
la of the pciface. Tasso however, who managed hi» sword with 
a dexterity equal to that with which he used hl4 pea, returned 
their assault with so nmch bravery, as to put them all to flight. 
The princi[ml clianifrinn, one Maddolb, a notary in the service of 
the court, repaired to the court of Florence. — the others to dlfler* 
ent asylums ; but the Duke, juttly irrititted against the reftigeet, 
gave order» to his Counsellor to pructted against them with the 
atniO'<t ricor. 

To this a new vexation ?ihnrtly ttucrcedcd: our poet received 
Intelligence that his "(ìerusalcinnie" was printing in difl<>rent 
cities of Itily. It Ih iuipoitsililc io |Mirtriy the melancholy and 
agitation into which he wa*< thnmn hy the unwelcome tidings. 
He had toiled for many years at the dcli^'hlful task, and he now 
saw himself alMiut ti» lie detnuded, not merely of the pniflt 
which ho had hoped to derive, but of the glory for which his 
bo!«oin was on fire, as the surre iitiiiou^ copies could sc.ircely be 
ex|iectcd to npiiear with(»ut many anil ercit errors. He tliere- 
foie made application to the Duke to we his uiinott endeavors 
for the prevention of mi gp'at an injury. Alphonsn wrote to dif- 
ferent {winces and governnu-nt-i in his iM'halt. ami prncnrt*(l from 
the Pope a written order to all the }:<>vernors of the Church, lailb 
to seise whatever copies might lie printed, and to insist ii|N)n the 
restoration of those which had iM'on Mild. The Count Ferninte 
Tassone, to relieve the tortured mind of Tasso, invited him du- 
ring these proceedings to Modena, furni>«bed for his amusement 
every possible species of diversion, and intr(Hloce<l him to a 
number of distinguished personages whom he collected to do him 
honor. Fnreimist among these was Tarquinia Mol7.a. a lady 
eelebrated for her lieanty, and her elegant Latin and iLtlian ver- 
ges. TassoN admimtitm of her jierMin and acquin.'ments is 
evinced in the following short, but charming conip<tsttion in bar 


Mostra la rtrJe. ttrra. 

The green earth of It- wealth di-pl lya 
White violets, and the lovely sun 

Its s|Mirkline crown of nv«y nys 
O'er niaiied v.ile and imiuntain dun. 

Thou, flndy, for thy sign of wealth. 
Of ecnius. iN'auiy. thought sublime. 

Fling'si forth in glurious show by stealth 
The riches of unlading rhyuie. 

urm or tasso. 96 

And whilst thy laarela. charm'd firom blight, 
Thus greenly mtirk the pajining hours, 

Thy venies all are ray» of light. 
Thy living thonghbi tunbrusUI flowers. 

T.-i.iv) had not been long returned Oi>m Ferrara, ere his mel- 
ancholy. Induced originally on his ardent temperament by the 
severity of hi.i critics and the persecutions of his enemies, re- 
turned u|>i)n htm more deeply than ever. He now toruiented 
him<eir with imaginary fears : fiincying that his persecutors had 
acr'i«cd him uf trc.ichery to the Duke, and of here>y to the In- 
quisition. 1« his relii^ioan fear:f was added the suspicion that 
some of hks enemies wished to stab or poison him.— symptoms, 
which bat too plainly indicate the approach uf that menuil db- 
ease which was about to disturb his reason. The Duke and tha 
Princesses endeavored by every means to calm his groundless 
anxieties, but their efforts pnivcd wholly unavailing. At lencth 
one evening in June. 1577, in the chamber of the Duchess d'Ur- 
bino, be ran with his drawn dagger at one of her servants who 
had given him some real or imaginary offence ; and the Duke In 
con>«t|uence i^Kued orders for his being oiufined to his chamber, 
which ho seems to have done In this Instance less for punish- 
m«rnt than for tlie purpose of curing hin di:<order. To this end 
he causetl him to be attended byHiis ablest physicians, and when 
omviilwcent. to be conducted to his delightful palace uf Belrl- 
guiirdo. On the subject of hereny. in order more fully to tran- 
quilli»* his mmd, he had him examined by the Inqui^ltorat Fer- 
rara, who assured p«ior Tiisso in the mo-<t affectionate m^inner 
thnt he wa.'^ bolli a gcMMl and faithful Catholic, and flmely ab- 
solved him from all accn.sation. But nothing could siiti>fy the 

[ phantasies he formed : the sentence of the Inquisitor he deem- 

' ed invalid, as the U!«ual form:iIitic4 had in hi* r.tse been unob- 

served ; and alihou|Eh AlphouAO repe.ttediv dechred that he was 

I well a«Mired of his fidelity, he stilt itfflictcd hiiii:<elf with the idea 

thai he had lont ilic fnvorof his patron, whom he harassted with 
a variety of unneces^iry a.Hsiirauc(>s. (letitions, and requesta. 
The Duke at la^t, either wearied out with hi> delusions, or wil- 
linc ui try the effect of rigor, forbiide him to write either to him- 
self or to the Duches!* of Urbino. Tbi.4 circumstance increased 
in a tenf(»ld degree hit termr and agitition. A crowd of «trange 
alami!* pos^esned his fancy, and a-n^urinK himself that he had no 
longer any certainty of safety in the IhikeVn pnitcction, he re- 
•olveil to provide for his security by flight. Taking advan- 
tage therefore of the fir*t solitary iiionient afforded him, he on 

, the 9nth of Jane fled from Ferrara, leaving l)ehiiid him all his 

lDanu<cnpts and bonks. Dreading pnr'^uit. ho >elocted in his 
flight the mnnt «eque>tered p:iih^; and hiving neglected to pro- 
Tide himself with money, suffered a variety of hnnl^>hips on hii 
way. From this period we are to ImMioUI the flne^t genius of It- 

j aly a prey u» frequent !«orrow and di-^MSC. wandering from court 

, In court and from city to city, his splendid fancy darkened by 

distre<«. his health de>troyed by imprisonment, and his noble 

I iMHirt devoured at once by the agonici of hopeless love, and the 

imtless ambition of literary glory— «n object now of the highMt 
■daintion, «ad now of the sincerect pity. 



ursor TAMO. 

non BIS njom non wemmama to trb death or 


A. D. 15n— 15B1. Aet3S-37. 

Tasso in a ftw davv entered Ùm l efi lto » li of Weplee, with 
the intention of seeUag aa eeylnm at Bonvalo, wlili hto ilelir 
Cornelia, who was now beeone a widow, the OKMher of several 
•ncaffinff children. They had never met since ehildbood ; tat 
bavInK nniformly pr eser ved a great aflbetkm Ibr each otlMr* 
Tasso had no reasoa to doobc of bis belnf cofdiallv recetveC 
The lEeneml mlstrost, however, which he had reeeatly hahlhed, 
inspired him with the idea of patUng her aflbeHoB to the lest, 
before he made himself icnown : chuifrtng garments, t h e r e fo ra, 
with a shepherd, he oresented himself liefore her as a messenger 
ftom her brother, wita ietten that stated him to be la imminent 
risk of his life. Alarmed nt this intellifrence, she eaipsriy in- 
quired of him the particulars; and so touching a picture did be 
dmw of his misfortunes, that his sister Ailnted with excess of 
■rief. Bring now certain of her love,. and rfproacbing himself 
deeply for the pain he had caused her tftnufTer, he beimn to com- 
fort ber ufdiction, and ha vini by degrees prepared her mind for 
the event, discovered himself to her, and found in her embraces 
and sisterly tenderness, one of the sweetest consolations be had 
for a long time known. 

Thus welcomed by Cornelia to her beautiful retreat, with the 
most lovely and sublime ncenery con^tanlly before hlni, the ob- 
Ject of the tendemt unlicltiides nnd raroi. Th^so nrjon experi- 
enced a sensible impnivcment both in lienlth and «(pints. But in 
proportion as the melancholy humor dis^ipited. which hnd led 
Dim to indulse so many apprehen.<iion9, nr<t<«e the i«n«ptci<Mi that 
he had left Ferrara on too liirlu gnmnd<i : nnd piscine quickly, 
as was but too much hi<i prartire, from one extreme of conduct 
to the other, he could not refrain fnmi writing to the Duke and 
the Prlncesites to be restored inut their wonted favor. His nppli- 
eatioas were noticed bv none but Liconora, and from her reply 
he sufRctently perceived th<it it wa^ not in her {lowrr to befriend 
him Reittlen now, and perf(>i-tly unh-ippy. ht> t<Mik the rela- 
tion to return, and resign hi* life inu> the hands of the I>uke; 
and no sooner whn he convalrsicent from a d:inffcrou<i Kickness 
with which he had been attnrked, than he dopeuted from Sor- 
lento to execute his de«>i>;n, thonjth contrary to the urgent advice 
and entreatien of hi* ««ixter. 

Anived at Rome, Ta««) alighted at the honoe of his agent, 
who, as well a« the Ferrare<e ambassador, reci'ived him kindly» 
and wrote to Alphons<i in hi^ favor. To t^cipiu Gooxaga and 
the Cardinal Albano, bi^ equally firm friend, it did not seem 
expedient that he should return to Ferrara, even aithongb he 
were invited ; they advliied him to rent content with an assurance 
of the Duke's forgivene-ts. ami the restitution of his papers and 
•ffKtH. Tasso, however, continued hH iwdicitations. and whether 
oaravy at the fraitles«ness of his application», or from a motive 
yei more strong, became eager to return k> Fenara, rtlmolaled, 


M Manso ImiucincM, by tiw lettrn »f liponora. Th« Dnkf». after 
a time, cnn^Mite<l tn nTeivu bini ngnin InU) his i^ervire; but it|f[- 
■Uleil. that it wna fir^i m-cc^wiry lor him to rcrogiiise, in the 
Bjeianrboly hiiimir with whirh ho wns affllrtrd, tlic^ionrce of all 
hi* Tran aitil ^u«I•irtonA. iind ih'it he nia^t firmly resolve to al- 
low it to bo cun*d by the physidanA ; be woubi not, he said, 
blame him fur htn (vist expretsionn and conceits, but if. when he 
came ti-irk, he did not submit to the prescription* of hid 
adviaera. he xhonid canRo the poet to be expelled from his States. 
with an injunction never tt» return. 

Noiw-ith'>tuidin|r the coolne^n of thi* permiMlon, Thmo sob- 
mlltpd to every thine, promised every tbinp. and returned to 
Femin In roiiipnny with the amhassndor. His flmt reception 
was courietiun nnd kind, and for some lime he hnd the same 
aceeas ut the Duke and hi:» sisters as before ; but whether hla 
hopes were tofi hifth. the frequency and the fervor of his atten- 
tions too troublesome, or the insinuations of hi^ foes revived to 
bis prejudice, he so<}n beptn to liiiaKine himself «lighted ; nor 
cnald he wholly re.^'lrnin hi^ impatience at the circumstance of 
his wrilinpt IH-Inf; Mill withheld, which he whs nUivo all thinp 
de«iniU4 of receivini;, to polish and correct. For the purpose of 
reroverins them, be frequently requested an audience of the 
Prlnre«ses : but the door, he infoniv» uit. wa.<« cli>^d tigainst him 
by the atti ndantt. sometimes evt-n with dixrefpoct. He had 
then recoiirte to ttir Duke him^lf, who. however, refused to see 
him. Thu!( reputed at all pomt*, it i* not to Ik» wondered at 
that hh )Ktiiencci ^oon became eximusted : nor that, precluded 
Croni that pun^uii of glory which wax the reiuniniz (Ni^sion of his 
soul, he «huiild n>solVf to seek .'i surer asylum tnmi iiKiriiflcnt'-on 
and Inquietude, in the ^r\\co of rome other lord. Arrordineiy, 
after thirteen ycart of devotion, which merited a tiettcr recom- 
penae. he » second lime qiiittetl Fernrn, nnd lient hii* c.onrite on 
hiot towards MnniiiH, hopiii|E thnt \ts Duke, who bad so hifhiy 
ft voted hi-> father, would extend to him the like protection. 
The dauelitcr of thut prince, however. w:ih on the point of lie- 
coming the >eriind wife of Alphonso; so that. fin<iin{! his proc- 
Kt;l<« at Mnntun by no mean-» promiHin;;. Tm^ko de]Kiru-d, first to 
dn.i, and nltfTwnrds to Venire, huviiic bern obliged to sell, 
fiw the supply of hi^ rxlRi-ncieH. thn collar of gold, .ind ruby ring, 
which, in bi^ b.-tppier hoiirn. bad been presented to bim by the 
Dache.o* d'Trbino. At Venire. Mutfeo vinli-m. a patrician nnd 
man of merit, wrote in bi« favor ti> tbetimnd Duke ofTtMCHny: 
bat before a reply could lit» received, Ta-t^o. with one of his sud- 
den itcrision'*. quitti'd Venice, unti procei-dcd to the coiiri of Vr- 
blno, wher*> iii!4 person and misfortunen wi-n* well known, and 
where he niPt with the res|)ect and symiKitby niiMt siKitbing to 
his woundeii mind. 

It wa« not lofij. howpvrr. b«'forc hi* melancholy returned on 
bini with nddfd forre, and with bi^ inelanrboty hi^ udirti tniin 
of i^nspif Ions ;ind imae.nary d inzer* : xo ihil. ni>t ili-cniini; him- 
self safe, ••vi'n :it ibi" court ol Urbino, he dt-ti-rmimd to have n*- 
conrst' Ut tlx' pr<itiM-tion of the iMike ofSitvoy ; lie wrod' to tiint 

Kincc a letliT lull (»f ronrtir*y and eb-aanre. nnd, witlioiit uttcr- 
gn woril of bi< intention. wi(hdn>w from Crliino, and tnmfd 
his stefM t'lw.ird* P:e:lmont. On the ro:id lo Vrrrelli. arriving 
tow.ini.'» evrnini! on il»e bank»» of tb»' fosia, be fimnd the river so 
swollen, tbui th«' b-rrymnn absolutily nMu-ud to venture over. 
A storm cune on. ami T-i^so w<»ubl bave remained in a very 
forlorn roiiditn-n. li ul not a younL' centlennn whom he encoun- 
tered, olPn li bin tl.c ho^ptt ility of a neighboring mansion, 

wbCT«, Introdnclnf Jitan to his IktiMr, ft mmb of ploiili maà 
▼enerable appeamnee. ha was onteftalnod with Um aimott IUmt- 
allty, in h stylw of perfect elefaooe. Tamo hull doclloed revwl- 
Ing his name; but when. After theclreuUtk» of wlnenandflralU, 
their conversation became Iom reserved, wben paatlat fhND oo« 
■abject to another, they at length dUcouraed o« the ecooooiy of 
agricolture ; oor poet displayed so much learelnf, and espo- 
oinlly spoke in xo sobllme a manner of the creation of theworidi 
and the sun*A motions, that his estimable host began tofsa* 
upon him with irre-tter attention, and after a pause to say, ** that 
now he knew he bad entertained a more llliutrloQ* goaat thaa 
he hut at fir.'<t supposed : and that he was perhaps the peno* 
of whom muiie rumor had spiead In those parts, who, ftlloo lato 
mUfortoncfl Itv some human error, was as much deserving of 
pardon, from the natura of his oflbnce, as he was In other re- 
spects wr>rthy of admiration and ranown.** Nothing ean eieead 
the beauty and repose of the jpicture which Tasso hiu dimwa la 
his ** Diaioene of the Father or a Family,** of the whole mmaatle 
Incident. Uut grateflil as the cordiality of his host must havo 
been, and 

" In a strange land. 
Such things, however trifling, reach the heart,** — 

the graceful intimation that he stood discovered by his talents, 
must have been dear indeed to our poet, and have given, as he 

*' Admiring, listening, quafling gramolata,** 

additional tent to the deliithtful entertainment. He remained 
a night with the good old father and his ftuiily, and next morn- 
ing continued his Journey. IJis uMtney was exhausted ; and he 
was, be tells u^, comiiclled to wade on foot, through mire and 
water, till he reached Turin. At the gates of Turin, fmm an 
Idea of his insviniiy, and from his having no passport to produce, 
he was repulsed by the gu.mU, and in great emluirnissiiient till 
relieved by itrcldentally uiecting with Ingegneri, a man of let- 
ters with whom he hnd b<'en fumiliar at Venice, who conducted 
him to the p-tlnce of the Marquis Philip of Est<>. This nolileniun 
had known Thkmo in his hippier days'at the court of Ferrara ; 
he couid not, without extn'me pity, behold the i>ttite to which 
he was reduced ; he received him with kindness, loiiged him 
eonifortably, and iMmntit'ully supplied all his want«. Thus hos- 
pilably vnt('rtiilned, and pr<>scnted to (Charles Emanuel, the 
Prince of Piedmont, who wished to receive him into his service, 
with the |>romiiM) of every advantage that he fornifrly en- 
Joyed. TtuMO otiC4: more began to respire from his afflictions. 
Could he have lieen itati^ficil with arrepting the pro|>osHls of 
the Prince, or have even b(>en willing to continue under the 
mtld protection of the Marquis of E<té, he might have passed 
his future day», fXThaps in h>ippint>s!f and peace, but cerLiinly 
exempt from many of tho-e calamiiie^ whirii alterwanls befell 
him. Uut that unliappy resllesstneHs of mind, whirli, whether 
it arose from n>elancholy, love, or sorrow, was always exerting 
aa evil influence on liis fortunes prevented this desimble event. 
The remembrance of Ferrari, and his strong attachment to the 
Duke Alphonso, to say noUiing of Leonora, joined to a vehe- 
■Mnt desire to sepossoM his manuscripts, began to distract him 
more powerfuily than ever. Thus restless and uneasy, ho 
appealed once more to the efli»rts of his faithful flriend, the 
Oudlnal Albano, who, making application to the Duke, oa the 

LIFE or TA880. 99 

pr<MnUinK ncraxlon of h\% mnninge, obtnined a (krorable answer, 
and Ta«.^o en^erly siillriied of tlio Marquis pennUtion t» do- 
part. Bui thi-^ the (irudent nobleman, whether he wn« not fully 
per^unileii of Alphon^o's friendly dlxptisitinn to the port, w 
whelht^r he believed that Thmmi's Ktnte of mind was not warh as 
to |N:riiiit hlo presence nl the foi^tivitie:} without 8(»me diiiturb- 
ance, heniutti'd for a while to give,— <;ounsollinK him. in the 
mo4t ntri'ction.-ito m:inn«*r, to wait at least till «prinx. when he 
himself »hnuld lie goinf; to Ferrara, to compliment Alphoniio on 
his nuptinlM. It would have been well had Ths-<o li«tened to 
thia discreet advice ; no argument, however, could conqncr the 
obstinacy of hli re)H>Iution, and takinfr leave of the .M-trquls, 
be "«el out directly for Ferrara. Never was there an action that 
more strongly re.'iembied an impul<^ of fatalitv. 

He arrived at Ferrara In March, irì79. the day before that on 
which the new consort was expected. Every one wa* occupied 
in imtparations for hrr reception ; no one had leisure to announce 
his arrival, while the ministers of AlphonM and the gentlemen 
uf the court, from whoiu he had expected an atTcctionate wel- 
come, treated him with carole» indldbrence, if not with rude 
neglect. Under this heavy dis-ippointment surrounded by sctmes 
In utter dissonance with bin feclinirt, without even a fixed 
apartment, seekinx in vain through that vnst palace for a place 
where he might at least indulge repose.— excluded, after the 
festival was over, fruiii the presence of the Duke and of his 
siviera, neglecteil, as he thought, bv hU tt'ienA*, deriiled by his 
enernie*. and the casual sport of lns<ilent domestics the un- 
happy TaHS4) found his patience sink under the triil ; in a fit of 
aniier he gave a Unno to his indign:ition. and publicly breaking 
out into the keenest invectives agtiinst the Huu>o of E'ié. curbed 
• the yc»r4 he had lo^t in their ungrateful service, and rctnicted 

I all the pnlses he had lavished on them in his verses. The Duke, 

.' early enough apprized of his lnjuri(ms expresHions, without 

|, con.^iderlng whether he had given any Just occiiyion for thi>ra 

gave orders for the |ioet to lie conducted lo the hospital of SL 

1 1 Ann<*, an asylum for lunatics and sick |)eople of |)oor condition 

whore he was at once placed under strict guard, and treated as 

I a piu(icr and a midman. 

.Nothing could exceed poor Tas*o's consternation at this new 

'., stroke of misfortune, lie n>m'iined for sovurai days in a Kt>ito 

of «tnpor, and when he recovered from the fevi;r c-iu^cd by the 

j lndii!iiity, it was to bewail his condition thus p-ithotic:illy In a 

letter U) Gonziga. " .\h wnnched me ! I had (tx|>ected to cto<e 
my life with glory and renown ; but now. ujipressed by the 

i burden of so nnny cilamities, I have io«t every pro«|iect of 

reputitiitn and honor. Indeed, I should consider myself as 
sufficiently happy, if. without }<uspicion, I could nuench the 
thirst with which I am continually tormenti'd; and if, as one of 
the vulear. I could lead a life of lilN>rty in some )Kior cottiige, if 
not healthy, (which I can no longer bo.) at lea^t free from this 
ancuish. II I were not homiroii. it would bo sufficient for me 
not to be abominaU*d; and If I could not live after the manner 
of men, I would at least quench the thirst that consumes me, 
like the brute-*, which freely drink from stream and fount-tin. 

I Nor do I fear ho much the vastness, as the duration of this 

I calamity, and the thtrnght of this btrnients mo horribly, es- 

beci.illy as In such a situation I can neither write nor study. The 

.1 fear t<io of [lerpetual Imprisonment increases my melancholv, 

I and the squalor of lay beard, my hair, and habit, exceedingly 

BBQoy nie. But, above all, 1 aiu afflicted by solitude, my croel 


so LOB or « 

•me iMtml mw m f; wUeh. mnm tai ny bHt ttilt, 
dine« M tnnii— rtig. Umu omo, at the bom wiimiwiiMi ! 
I have fnoe Ib Mareli of eonpuiy.'* TIm Prior of th« Bi 
wnH ntimod Agottioo Motti, a P tfi aiea e of Botilo Mrth 
mas of letien. Some «ympatby asd kiadsMM might hBM 
n:« turali >' expoctod ffoiu him, hot llrom a aatlvo OMirnatBOM of 
dlipcMltifMi, ftiim litefary oavy, or the onmaiaBd of hlf uipate 
bh treatment of the poet waa, ob the eoolrary, m i hlet t bm 
•evero. The aflisctloBate behavior, howew, of his 
Giulio was some enmpeBsatlon for the cruelty of Ih* 
Thin excellent jrouth, amUtlooi of Taaso^s euavenatloB, 
whole hours In his eell, Ibtenlag with delight to the 
of his verws, writing others to his dielatiuB, and < 
by a thousand ways m mitigate his aonowa. Hla hli 
mnde a deep ImproMlon on Torqa»to*s heart ; he speaks ' 
urarroly In many of his letters,— addresms him aflèctioBBfly ìm 
his verse* ; and n number of oar poet*s eomptMitiooa at tUi 
period, enpied oat nad thos preserved to pnstnlty. rsmafai aa aa 
boaomble and enduring record of this yoong BiaB*s 
lence nnd irnodneHs. 

Tn^so, not lonff after his imprisonment, appenled to the 
of Alphonno In a c>inx(»ne of itrent ix'KUty. coached In 
rsfipectful and pnthotic, nii must hnve moved. It might be 
the severest bosom to relent It coniiiiences thus : 

O mafmanimo figlio. 

glorionv prince, m'ienaninioun Increnra 
Of imtHt A (cilici* who've p:tU'rnnl wt»rtb 
Thon do^t transcend ! to thee who in Kweet 
From tnmbloa< ex Ic to thy royal bc:irth 
Rerelvedst mc er<l. — ariin, yet once nenin, 

1 turn, and faint fmm my derp cell, my knee, 
Heart, soul, and Wfoping eyoi incline : to thee 
My llp^. Inns nilent, I uncioM: in |niii, 
And unto thee, hut not (if thee complain. 

Tnrn thy mild eyes, nnd *vv, where a vile cmwd 
Thrrmf — where the panpiT pine*», the nick man 
Pee where, with de.ith on Iih slirunk cheeks, aloud 
Thy »»nce h»ved M^rvant entan» ; 
Where, hy a thousand «»rr«»w« wrunf . his eyes 
Crown dim and hoilim*, hU weak limbf devoid 
Of vital humor, wasting, and annoy'd 
By dirt and darkne»*, he Ignobly iiev. 
Envying the sordid lot of thcwe,— to whom 
The pity comeii which cheert their painftil 

Pity Is «pent, and courtesy to me 
Grown a dead sound, if in thy nohle breast 
They spring not: wliHt Illimitable «ea 
Of evil ruthe* on my soul diitre^Vd I 
Wh:«t joy for Ta^-fo now remains ? alas ! 
The stars In heaven, the mibles of the earth 
Are sworn again'«t my peace ; and nil that , 
War with the strains to which my harp glvoi hMlIt 
Whilst 1 to all the angry ha<t oiiike plea 

1b vain for merry, must of all to thee ! 

• • • • 

• HseenlM II. D«ks «r fluma. 

Lin or TAMO. 

Tbe htut ar Al pbno» wu bmrsnr ImpR) 

Dunliun nf Un Btm». (Ivs car ! to job 

Hcnmcy nf nw. viiut cimrmleL vuar >«ll* 
OrcnrJ'HKkllulneiii.anri (vgwM nil U yoU) 
Mv pun, dellthirol ynn;— 
What ihH I WM. what un: wtaii. ■» Uw wUI* I 

«uldHluw hlihrt: ikhn wlih Ml liid taf 
Conllini. hihI irhn. wtari 1 Dir ftHdna lfl«*4, 
Fnimiwil BK linpc. ycinill ihaibgpo tecdndl 
TIWM I Rill biirk tnyviL OdifHiivlu 

KiniN^ us liwll nBd rcw. Uw Min wMsk filtf 
Ibh nil. an rlnqarnl cuiivrtl ; I fliw 
F»t nf Imed InlH. Ifid, lui-vlK i tiv tin iklM 

Pii>Bii>, ulnm. tthrn liil* I unir. 

K«ir Ihi- loTcl •rn^nl. unir It» will IH«4— 

The f l»n»-ih> • 

«Hi» B Militala Ihn twhbiKu dT Ibrir ImibiTU urnlmi'nL 
Bni (iM u (k-W lilliirn» vn wtlli bin, Ihe nwniimol 
whlrb he rhril'hHl wn iiT ■ unliup nnt In Iw nnHaarcl. In 
min Ihp Enihcnir Rndnlnh aiul Ihf ranliiiiil Albnl rif Aaitrln, 
bl< I«i1Ik(, In nlo Uw IMocr nf Uiiliw. lirMhi'r nf Itac n>w 
IHrlw». I>I»R<'<M In Tfto-t, bfhnir. Il w» thg Dakn'ii n- 

>| mwl un tia ; and ihii wb'iHTar hr «tfiibi b«nnw «mnki- 
«ni. Ih >h<iulrl Ih ni ni llbmy. Tini <ll«p|>ilnleil •« ill 
hnB4i. and Willi ■ pnn|ii>ct taKm his nT pcqu'lMil ciir>>Tlty. 
Ibe nnhappy ntdpcf nf lhl« rHirlla«« ivp-JertiMliin Mah lahi a 

"limi lur heal la drla^*! with nlntnal ennatanl nilaery- Ihal 
■T haad U alwafi bai«y. aad oAbb palntal; tbat wif (1(111 

Lira or « 

and hMitaf «n maA taspalraé; waà thkt all WKf 
become si»ra and wHifv: tal pimAm ^^ tiMi» witk a ..«»• 
■igh, what I would bewail ts the Infiimtr of mj mbid. . . . • 
My mind tleeiM, Roc tMoka; my fkaey ts cbill, and lb 
pictures ; my aofHcBnt leiiaes will no kmter fluvlah Ita 
of thingii ; my hand Is sloggish In writing, and my pen at 
if il Hhrank frapi tta oflkce ; I feel at If I were chained In aU my 
operation*, nnd as If I were overcome by an on wonted BUiik* 
neM nnd opprcmlve stupor.*' 

Hit power of compoAiilon at length retnrned, thoogh slowly, 
and townrd« the cnnclitslon of tta year 1580, in a letter to Gon- 
znfA. he dencribes hlanelf as taviaf recovered In a great mnaa 
ore fnim his languor. 

A new Honrce of grief, however , oecoired to disturb his gratw^ 
Inft tmnquillity. Ten cantos of his ** Gerusalemme** made ttalr 
appenriiice at Venice, (hll of erron and mntllatiotts, after a 
ver>' iinjierfect copy In po ss essi on of tta Duke of Tuscany, pira led 
by Olio Malasplna, who, dedicating tta edition to a senator 
of Venire, obtuined the privilefs of the republic tat Its pvbllenp 
ti<m. If Taflw thought ttat lus poem in Its beet stale was sHII 
ini|ierfect, what niU4t tave been his regret and indignation at 
the sight of it thus mangled ! lie complained to tta Sonale of 
Venice, nnd to that nf the Grand Duke ; but tta ii^ory was 
done ; and when the flrtt ebullition of his wrath was past, ta 
eD(l<*av()red to lose all remembrance of the evil In more availa- 
ble pimniM. Besides his delijehtnil Dinlof;ae of ** the Phther of 
a F.-iniily." which he now wrote, he collected together sJI tta 
Aiffitlvu pieces which he composed during the last two years, 
chiefly in prison, nnd inscribed them in a short, but elegant ad- 
dress, to the two PrinceHseA. " I dedicate." says be, " to vow 
Illuiiirlons Exr4}llencles these verses, composed by ine in theee 
la<^t yearn of my unhapplne.<ts, thai It miiy be seen that neittar 
the malignity of men. nor the severity of fortune, has the pow- 
er U) deprive me either <if the sense of your deserts or of tta 

desire to honor nnd to wrve you May you live happy !* 

The Duchei^s d'Urbino xhowed herself very «ten!«il)le of this msrfc 
of liU esteem ; but Leonora was unfortunately f»r fnim being 
able to rend ellh<'r the Verges or Dedication. She had lieen 
long laboring under the attacks of a severe malady, and a few 
months more i>utfice<l to carry* her iiniimiurt*ly to tVe grave. Sta 
died with resignation and Christian hope, Feb. 10, 1581. in tta 
44th year of her age. 

A letter H extant of Ta«so*s to Panlgarolo, a celebrated preach- 
er at that time In Ferrara, written during her illness, in which 
ta entreats him to kiss. In his name, the hand of Ijeonora, and 
to say that he prayed for her recovery. He offers also afibction- 
ately. if such should be her denlre, to send for her amUi^menl 
tta productions of hU Mum. Her death aOected him deeply. 
It has been to(» hastily conclnded by 8era.%si, by Dr. Blacki and 
all other writert on the subject, that becau-ie he adiied nothing 
to the voluminous etfutions that were publhhed on her death 
by the servile band of rhymers nmnd tbe court, ta scattered 
no poetical flowers over the tomb of tlie Princess. Tliere are 
a thousand reasons why the proud and noble mind of Tssso 
would scorn to compete in public with those minions of a man 
who wronged him; bat let the ntader peruse tta following 
secret tributes, so applicable to the situation of both parttea, 
and Judge for himself wtathcr the long-loved Leonora passed 
away from earth witliout some ** melodions tears** tkom Ita late 
of her admirer. 

Lire or TA880. ss 


** JWh 9Uol mai vaga ^«mc.** 

Ne*er did ihe thirsty biurt m At, 

When flery snminer scorch'd iti flraoWi 
To the cold water-bniokfi, a« I 

Unhappy ! to the ardent flame. 
And art thoa gone, my fentle nar 1 

Oh sans ! oh skies ! oh ye. my sweet 
Familiar cnstnms ! the warm war 

I nsed to wa^e, e'en in the heat 
Of her coy cheek and coloring brow ! 

Bo rosy then, so icy now ! 

But tiM Ibllowing Is perhaps yet more nneqtilTocaL 

Jm Mia fiamma, eke m* ardeva ii eara^ 
Dave le euefavUie to eerba e celo. 

The flame that Inte my heart consnmed, 
Whose sparks I cherish and conceal, 

Is qaench*a on earth, but reillnroed 
In heaven. — in radiant pomp to wheel 

Amidst those other lights which there 

Perpetual bliss and glory share. 

There I behold it beam with love 
Where Niftht her sable curtain spreads, 

And scatters o'er the mead and grove 
Her hoary frost, — it shines and sheds, 

I feel it she^ around, a sweet 

Assurance of congenial heat. 

Sweet Flnnie. but now a lovely Star ! 

If e'er you ruled. whil<t here yon stay*d, 
My dubiouH footsteps near and inr. 

Oh, ndw thnt thon'rt immortii made. 
From wild nicks and billows dark, 
(tuide to cnim rest my weary bark ! 

The as!H>nion4 of Serassi indeed on the whole subject of the 
loven of Tasso and I^onorn. are to be received with the utmost 
caution. Dedicating his work to a Princess of the same house,* 

* Man» Beatrice d*E«lft, wife of th« Arch-Dtike Fenlinantl of Auatria. Wli«« 
I int read Seraaai, I could not help ■iiipeeiinf that the lore of Taaao for Leo- 
ta a theme aotn^what disiaicefui to the feeling of ihie anjpiBt peraon» 

•ft. Smee the uzt vat put to preaa, 1 have met with an aiiecdola which 
clearly ahowe ihii lohare Iteen the ra«e, and I am now tn my mind periectlj 
■aiiaAed ■■ to the cau«e of ihe fnoó Ablie'a rttinnce» in this particular. Tba 
anecdote iaaruriout one. mu] of loo much imponanna lo be left unrveordad 
here. •* In the year I8IA." mti tlie Cmint Siendhal in hia • Life of lUaaini,* 
••I wa« in one •>! the larr»it etnei of L>>ml<anlT. Some neb amaieura,wlM 
b&d eataMi»he<l a cmreni' -hfatre ihrre, aplenilidlr ilecoraieil, conceiepil Um 
«lea uf rclelkiaiHifr the arriviti within ilieir ««II» nf the Priiiceaa Beairire d*E«t«, 
\\w mother- in-4aw ol' the Rinprmr Krnni*!*. Thry cauieil an entirely new op> 
•ra, Ixiih word* and innno. :o tie prrpared in her honor, wiiir.h ia the yrraicat 
compliment that ran br pnhl loaiiir nnp ni Itnly. Tue poet luundcd ine opcrs 
oa a cooMdy by Gelduni, called Turquaio Taaao. Tba muak waa c oipoaa i 



It to hto evidant aim to gnrd tte Iknrily of Erte ùùm Ike !■» 
fined dtfndatkm of the warltf*t Mtef tint a lady of Lmmmm*! 
rank eoald stoop to beenme enamorad at bar brotom^s paaifcui 
er ; while his frequent representattoo of ber as a teaipla of cbaft- 
tity, would lead one to Imaglae tiiat the worid regarded bar m 
having engaged with Tasso la a erimlDal Intrigue, rather tbaaaa 
having Indulged with blm la the sinple luxury of lovlag. Tba 
Alibé*s apparent sease of some ne c ess i ty for disconnteaaariag 
the idea of their mutual pasaloa. bas even led btan to soppftsa 
part ofa letter ftom Tasso to one of his Meads, la wbiui dM 
pnet avows his love In the aioat nadlsgulsed maaaer— «a laaiaaea 
uf disingennoosaess that must ezcase tu fton plaelag aav nu- 
ance on his statMueats or views in tbU partieatar. A llvlag 
writer on the quastb» bas well observed, ** that SeraMtaeaae 
throughout to be labariag with aseerai. or at toast with a patiaur 
Sion which he to at a loss In what maaaer booestly to cooeeal.*** 
His representatlnas would tend to the conclusion, that tbn biveof 
Tauoftir the Prlaeees to Itttto mora than a popular fkUa; kaay 
not therefore be amiss to devote a few pages to the laa^lry, and 
to support the poslikms already advanced, dt tboee flulbsr pnok 
which may be gathered ftum the poet's wiltings, and tbn ImU 
arcumenu of Glagueoé. 

in this Inquiry, It will be wholly unnecessary to revert toaeon- 
slderation of the three Leonoras in the title of Manso, or of tbe 
fabled and eipUided kiss. Of the former, one Is pntved to bava 
been a mixnuwer ; nor is there any vnlid reason for supposing 
that Ttisso's attention to Sanvltnli. the second, was autte than a 
means to secure to hint, in the jealous court of Ferrara, the coun- 
tenance of IMI piwertul a natron, or tliun a mank to hto love for 
the 8l8t«>r of Alphon^o. To Leonora of Este, he submitted all 
his compoHitinns ; and while simnets and canzoni are addressed 
to Banvttall in the most undiMguised manner, those to theLeono- 
n of Ferrare are Involved nUiioHt unifonnly in a veil of studied 
secrecy, in the true spirit of the following addreM. 

" Ode, go thou forth in secret, born of love 
And holy zeal to her white hand, and prey, 
Prny her to hide thee 'twizt her breasts and veil, 
^^roui sight of heaven and men !** 

Sometimes, In the manner of Petrarch, he celebretes ber 
under the di«fruise of OaA, Avua, and AcaouA; sometlmee 
under nn artificial combination of wordn which would connect 
InU) her n.nnic, as In his verses *' On a charming Mouth,** wblcb 
thus conclude : 

Sf ferir brami, teendi al petto, reendit 
E di $i de£m9 cor tuo streLS omoua ! 

tal ft wt«k; Uw piece wiw put in reheiraal; ererj thinc procectled rapWlv; 
wlMn, oa lb« rrrr evening before the perruniiaiice,'ihe Priiiren't Chambcflm 
called on «omc oi the ilutinf nithe^l ciiiien* «liu intcniled to do ibeniMlVff* llM 
buooi of aii'X-in? befure ber, end told ihcin, that ù mvw nof rrry rftpre^ful to ff«> 


eaU in ikt ptrttnct t^ a prine.t4 q/ lh« Hotut of £»!«, ih* nutnt %i* 

man who Aiuf brAnrrci 00 Ui lo thit iUuatri-jtit /owj.'y." Tbe nitieiia, like 1, 

Mibjreu o( ihe mixlem (Hirofotb, retpr' led ibn illii»irioiw laiiy'a aeiiMbiliiy ta 
the •ubjeri, "aiid tbe aanieol I.ope de Ve<a wa» autivtiiiiti-d tur thai oCTkMor* 
Tbe vor;d U doubtUte fixed 111 ut opinion aa lu ib« imlividuai «bubad hmM 
eauac of complaint; but pauin^ eurh ron*id<irati«tms «liat I vuuid inCrr il, 
that a Princeu who coulclao ill endure tbe name of Taaeo ■• lo pmacnba rt ia 
a caaual enieriainiuent, would be emani tocirrt berinflneiice tokaTabaf acia- 

~ w cnòAcd MI a work of m much impunance at SeraMi'e, aitd oa • queni— 
which ber pridc of rank waa m letinuuly coneenicd, belare aht ga«S pSI^ 
aMoa for Uw work te b» ilcdicaied to her. 

* UoliJiMjat ; lUuatratioQs to tba 4Ui Caate af ** Chilik Baiold.** 



I' diano 

1 1 


LIFE OF TA880. 39 

Afld Tec more clearly at the finish of the canzone willten to 
hot on hU first arrival at Ferrara— 

K le mie rime .... 
Che eon vili e neglette, te non quant» 
Coatei LE ONORA co 7 bel nome santo. 

And my rhymes .... 
WorthleM and piior, auvc innsmuch as she, 
Of ber most holy and enchanting naiue 
Does them the uonok. 

This composition, it may be well to bear in m-nd, was written 
many years before his acquaintance with the Countess of Scan- 

There are some remarkable expressions In the Terses on the 
name of his Lady, in which the same disgalsed echo is pte- 

DcIl'onok fimulaero, è il nome vostro. 

Thy name U Honok's synilml, wholly fklr, 

Fit for an angel like thyself to bear; 

The Mwan. not siren's munic forms its sound, 

The ciphen purple on n golden gruund. 

Go, search on high from .star to sUir to find 

The thing** most precious, shining, and refined. 

Bring gi'uis from <>anh, bring iienrl.s from the blue tea. 

Their various glories thow combined in thee. 

■ Whence ho who niimcil tlieo wi^h'd to represent 

Thy rirh {lerftM'tiont and divine descent, 
Ah he who formM thee, with his mind pursued 

i The ideal image of celcNtial (>ood. 

ji And thou, mink idoi.,* fornr^t in soul and frame 

j The living echo to that {MTfi-ct name ; 

Nor U it licnuty's fault, if in the «tir 

I Of pas-xion, men niiiko luvu to it, and err. 

I Tbe:fe pro«if« of 5tnine ittfoction are perhaps yet more cer* 

.■ tainly ronfinned in II nmnrt and canzone dictated by jealousy, 

, when the hand of I..eonom was dcin-inded by a prince, of the 

1. duke, her brother. Lcon<iru, however, declined the ofl^red 

I. honor, and it wo» nft«-r lilk-cu years of con-tancy thatTaMO 

kddreiised, avowedly to her. the rcnmrkuble lines in which he 

assures hrr (hat length of time has not in the least diminished 

ills afiection. 


Perche in giovcnil vtUto Amor mi mostri. 

Though, princely I^itdy. I^)ve sometimes appears 
j To me, with r«»*es in hir« xmiling face, 

5ly fili«*en ypjirs of w<i. my fifteen yoars 
Of fruitleMS i>ong he cares not to c trice. 

And the fond hnrt which x\\ thy worth whilere 
GlowM. and has xince nio^l ^incm-ly thine, 

Yet in it* cfi.«.ket ironsures formi more fair 
Than gem» or coral», pe^rl.s, or purples fine. 

This would It whisfier in a ««Ich so low. 
Bo low, yet still so audible and sweet, 

* léol mio. 



Ab miifht indarc the Iciest heart tn flow. 
With the like amonras Unguuihiiient and iMaS 

But of thy praceTf, its dclif htftil wealth, 

till .-tvarirlou!! it it now bec4inie. 
Ah not ti> whliipcr of tliem ev*n by Rtoalth, 

iUit in iLtvif to wou theui and bie dumb. 

Dr. Hlitrk. liiflminccd by the rcprenentallons of SeniMi, finds 
a great olij<>ction to the reality or fervor of Tatuo*» love in tha 
ano (If* Ix-<iiiiini. which wta thirty when they became acquainted ; 
ait If thi' |ia«>ion, In a youth of twenty-one, were a nice dls- 
llngui.ihtT of' thiH dilTfrence of afe ;— as If lu very first opera- 
tion in th<> mind were not to break down every sach barrier, 
which ciMil ralciilation might be disponed to raise, that the hcwit 
may nlrintlon itsielf at will to the dellcioas emotions of Its new 
exii«triir(.>. " Hut,** smy« (iinpienf , as it were In reply to snch 
fùtile n-a^iining. " I^tonora was still handsonte, was inteillcent, 
attirhi-d It) (Mictr)' nnd llie fine nrtM, fond of retirement, delicata 
in hoaitli. anil aviTM to the fullien of the wtnld. The effect 
of all thfM> qiiihtici combined, uimn a younf poet fìlli of 
venMlifliiy. rould easily ctTirc that of the inequality of age, 
while till' ca«y ncco'^h which he obt lined, the lively interest 
wliirh lie iii^piri'd, the intimacy induced liy his recltntiun», and 
the te^liiiionit"* of her ndiniralion for liis verses might diiiiipHte 
with no le-^^ eaH«> tlm inequality uf rink. Tuh!«ii cuuld not con- 
ceal fn>ni himself tike lMiUliie<» nf hin preicnfinns ; but at hU 
AQe, |Nnetntte(l. n^ «!Vcry tiling tends tu make \t* believe, with 
an cutotiiMi at pure as ihr nltjeri that exrited il, and relying on 
thi" very purity for his hoiv «>1" ►ucre»-». ii' ho dreaded the fate 
of IcaruH ami I'haeion. lie ri-ns<^ur<d hiiii«eir by other examples 
which ikK't.c tilde pn-Ttrntrd t» hin imagination, and which 
wmpt )ii« heart in a plea<iiiis illu-^ion. ' Ah ! what am terrify,* 
he snyx, 'in a high entcrprive. Iiim who put< hii ronfidence in 
I^ive ! What cannot I/<ivi- etn-ri. whicli >ulMÌueH the (Vleiitials 
theuiM'lve'* ? It drew from the kpIh'P'h the chante hiana. riip- 
tlvated Willi n morLii'H rinriivs: it raided to the xphere<( the 
chnrminc Ixiy of Mount Ida.' Sudi is th<* liter.ti iranvjation of 
one of his Sonnets, wtiirh can liave neitlier another object, nor 
another «ens»'." 

A J» in, lie lure le-iving Ferriri for Krinri-, with the (^anlinal 
Luigi d'E<te. TaNMi, ax we havr M-rn. made a will, nnd left it 
In the liandit ot one ot'lii» friends. In thi". amongst other things 
deviled, he *ay*; — Willi r»-s!-ird lo m> romp«isiiions, it Ì!< my 
wi!«li that all my l>)ve-siinni'ts and M.idiiiials >-hould W rollected 
and puldi-^hed : liul wilh ncard to ihosr, whirh. wlii'tlier ama 
tor)' or not, 1 ha>e writii-n tor any friend, my request is that they 
be buried with ni)M>lt', exceptin!; ttiis one «mly. 

Or rhr I,' Al'RA mia dolir altrove spira. 

Now ih'ii mv dulrri Zephyr sei-ks to Mow 
ThroiiL'h olili r wimhII indx. who would lin;:er here? 
WhiTf II I i!ri i-ri vale crows i;|iHiiiiy. and the year 

Takes the III. irk lini ol'iiiKery and ot wo. 

Hen- not one ray «»• j'>y is *e«'ii to ulow, 

I<ove lierome-» rustie, and fijn^urt» with «wains. 

Feeds tlie rude hi-rds. nor in the n(>«>n disdains 

To turn the lurrow. or th*' iiieul to mow. 

O happy groveo ! Mest pi iin> ! where bird nnd hnilt^ 
TrecK and rude riH'k^ have scnitc to rale aright 


The channing soand of her npproachlnf; font ; 

Whnt inriuenco now hitn not her dulccl light 
If, as she froe:* or HUiy», it iitakCH ercwhiie 
The city t'rws-n, and the dnrk forest Mniiie! 

What is there In this sonnet to render Tasso so per.nllarly 
desir4>n.<« of iti being preserved from oblivion! We see that it 
preneia!! at the cominencenient one of those disguisciiients of 
nanie of which mention has been made! It must have been 
wiitten on Leonom's departare for the country on some occa 
iion, or of her too long continuance there. 8ome interesting 
a»s«iciation of this kind connected with it, can alone account for 
hla de«irs U) huve a comimsition preserved, so inferior. In a 
pnetlcnl point of view, to those he was in the habit of com 

But what Is most worthy of remark in this instrument, is the 
appeal to the Princess with which it clones. " Should an im- 
pediment t.ike place in any of these mntters, I entreat &ig. Her* 
cnles Ui have recounc Ui the favor of the numt exctTllent Madnra 
Leonoru, which, fitr the love I bear Aer.f she will libcmlly 
grant." Who but must clearly perceive in this appeal the fond 

{»ri»joci »»f fi lovi-r. to occupy, in ca>e it wen; hw fortune to perish 
n a distant country, the memory of her whose image was stamp- 
ed upon hii ill-art ? 

A fre«lt confirmation of the conclusions which we draw (ram 
these various pnNiK is to l>e found in the txNiutifuI portrait he 
ban dr:twn of the Prinrc*^. undrr the name <if Sophnmia, in the 
second cinto of his " Cv^ru^aioiimic.*' Every one recognised 
Leonora in that Virpin of mature a^e, full <}f iiitih thoughlH and 
principle*» sublime, whone beauty in her own eyes had no other 
value thin a» it added to the lu<«tre of her virtnoit, whose great- 
est merit was to hide her virtues in the slmde, and to shun in 
thi'i seclusion the pnii:>e and ndiniroiion of men. Every one in 
Femra ralhd up the image of Ix^onora, In this description of 
Snphroni:i\ wnlkini; throuch the streets of the city, veiled and 
with downrxst «-yes, in a ni.-tnner no Ie5s coy than graceful, with 
an air which excited a doubt whether she would conceal or 
h«>l?ht«'n her clnniis, wliether it were chance or art that so 
gracrCully diypoii-d her Kariiient;*. Rut all did not pay the like 
atti^ntion tu Olindo, her youni; lover, who Is represented as mod- 
e'^t as S4iptir(Mii;i wa« b<>autiful, who feared much, hoped little, 
and pre^umrd in nothlne. Can it l)e doubtiMl that Tasso, in the 
flr<t tran«|iorts of his passicm. hid wished in Olindo to represent 
him-<-ir: tint the idea had frequently crossed his f:incy of dying 
f«ir the woman he adored, and that he eagerly seiz<;d this occa- 
sion to express the desires which. In his own person, he did not 
d tre avow : The Epi!<fHle ha* lK>en generally looked upon as a 
fault ii )ii-4 r-ible : all the friends whom he consulted considered 
it as tnch : everyone insisted on its being cancelled : he perceiv- 
ed, he Hcknowlrd^ed it hiuiM-lf (o be a defect, yet steadily re- 
fused his consent to the sacrifice : even the |»erfection of this 
pueni. on which were >et all his ho|)es of glory, yielded in this 
Instance to an interest more dear. 

But the jifrerilon <»f Ta«so for I.ieonora, ardent as it was. was 
subject to occasional inequalities ami checks. Wo have seen 
him in comp my witli the Duchess d'Urbino, giving himself ap 

• No'e, timi till» fonnet wii» vritlen ■ome ytnn beforw ih* «rrl»»! of SMrmU 
at «lie i-«"Jri of Ferrar», mbirh ofcurrnl in U76, whil« TatK»'« jcwnwy M> Wit 
UMh p'mrr tii IS7I. It cuuJd therefuN Wsr no rclcreoM to hmt» 


urm or tamo. 

at Canteldvaaie tat Mreral noadn lo a rooad of 
pancnlts, which pmappoae Iwtweea Lenooia aiHl liliiilf 
ftonic roiiliteM. A l«tier which he wrnle to h«r at Iha IfaM, 
braring traces on his ^<le nf a latent Jeakm«r, Ikwan the np- 

po«ituin. *' 1 have not,** he coinnieneea, ^ writiea t«» fou BÉ- 
oellency for w many month*, rudurfrwm i^tt •/ n^ftU Mas 
w^nt of imeimati»»* and thto will appear (him the unMllaeia of 
the cMu«e apon which I take oceeekm to d«i uiyaelf that hnoer. 
I send yimr Excellency a aonaet, as my o^her to fmr 
for / tAf aft / rtealUet haTtof promlaed to lend yoa all my 
eumpfwiilom. Thli soonet has little feeemUaoce to tkmM 
ttfml one» wàiek 1 9mfp»9* yea cr« ra tkt ioAff kaèit 0f rm mw i mg ; 
and Indeed li U as poiir la wit and art. a* / mfMif «a im gmà 
fmrtune. in «f mrtttmt state, A««wvsr, tl ù imp^^ièU ,/hr m§ 
to do kttur; ana I send It, a», whether ftnod or bad, U wM 
«geet what I dttin. Do not think, however, that I hava at 
pregni aoch vncancy of thouftht, as to bnve In my heart aay 
romn f<ir love ; It expresses not my own feeling*, («a perhaps ft 
might not have been so bid,) but was couipiieed at the n. g u es t 
•/ a poor loveTt who hrnvrnf f*r «osic time, poft qmumilod ShÙ 
Am mistreso, caa hold out no Irnnfcr. hut ù forced to eapitmtmt§t 
amd demand eompoawion. Xothiog further mninln^ fur me to say, 
except that the HtJiy <if Mndnm. your Hl^trr, Is rather protracted, 
thnii othi'rwiK, ko that 1 believe »he will not depart fiir FMiam 
before the JHth of thH month. I ini»'«t humbly kUs your 
From CHUteidumntc, the 3il of Hept. ISTJ " 
The following Is a tranolation of the Sonnet 

Sdtfuo^ drbil guerrier, campione audace I 

Bold In definnce, but In wnr mo^t wenk. 

Wrath ! thou h.-iHt bmusht \i\r with blunt nmis to 

Love, who with radiant nhnftx nnd glowing grace 

Stands to rlnlui veneeanrf for injurious pique. 

Thy lance is ffnnpp'd. |Kile turns ihy c ri wmw cheek, 

At the first ftiniiinK of his solilfh winx ; 

What if thou w:iit*st till from tlir Miiindlng string 

The nrniw len|x ? m«h fiMtl, lorgivrnesM seek! 

1 cry ynu grace. I stretch the liinguid hnnd, 

My knf^H I bend, nnd naktil i.ty my brenst ; 

If rtght you will, let Pity for mo slnnd, 

8he will acquire me fante, or death at least ; 

For if ono tear Hows. de*ith will pnive renown, 

Aud sad submission a triumphal cr*>wn ! 

This letter and sonnet contain Iniportint dlAclo«ureii. Betaid, 
who has published the former, very Juntly concludes that the 
■onnet^ which Ix^mora wai in the habit of receiving, were those 
of Pif na and fSuarini. But It is ea^y to «ee further. GuarinU 
who alwayi pridfd himself on rivalllnsT'Sso, was doubtless the 
one whn<« assiduities and ver«rs had given him umbrage; he 
had wished to supplant him. h'ui met with re-ilxtance, was 
piqued, and in this dh|M»oiiion ha<l dofMrtt-d to (^telduraote 
with Lurreiia. The enjoyments which he there met with, had 
for a time lieguili»«l his ihftuchtH ; he had pns^'d several months 
without writing even to Ije«inora ; but the anger he had indulfed 
was wenkencd, love regained itt wtmted ascendency; he eager- 
ly desired to return, and sent as his |>recnrsor this Bonnet, 
which possesses great Intercut, If such were the state of aOdia 
between them, but none. If it were otherwise. He saiely did 
C4)mpose at that time verses much more worthy, in a poéUcal 

Lirs or TASSO. 

point of view, to be sent to the Pr'ncess;* this fkble, thcM- 
foiet of tat poor lover, whom he pretends to serve as an Inter- 
prater of his sentiments, must be refarded as an invention de- 
vised to operate upon her feelings in a ilice manner with the 
testamentary appeal, when he parted for France. **In a wofd," 
says Gingraené, " I regard as one of the clearest proofs of the 
passion of Tasim for Leonora, what the good Alibé 8erasii| hae 

Sven as a testimony, whtek ought to ond all doubts^ of his in- 
derence and coolness to her.'* 

The evidence thos cited mast be, I think, sufficiently ooa- 
elosive ; but there is one other composition addressed to Leonora 
of E9te, more beautiful perhaps than all the rest, and of a mora 
peculiar importance, from the admission it contains with refer- 
ence to the verses he addressed to other beauties. It is en 
titled in his ''Rime," 


^Uor, eJU ne* miei spirti intepiditn. 

When the blest heat grew cold which thoo, sweet flame * 

Shed'ivt in my eagle spirit, I became 

A hoarse dull bird of th* vale, and life has been 

A wearying burden or a worthless scene. 

Since — I of love hnve nothing writ nor sung, 

Or if some ditties have escnpeil my tongue 

In truant sport, I of\ hnve felt disdain 

For the attempt, and thou no noble strain 

Hast heard, no lyric e'er to be renown'd, 

But feeble chattering*» ora vacant sound. 

I am but a di.tcordant lute, but Ilice 

Th' unvHlued lyre which all chance-flngers strike, 

Learn'd or uniearn'd, and which in various tones 

Now mildly murniur«, and now harshly moans. 

And swkkt alone in tht bnchantino namb 

Sounds the dkar sono; and whkn I fkamb 

Mt thouohts to Lovb. illdminko by thb fibb 

Of thy briout kyks, dobs Lovb thb wobds iMfPims. 

How far Leonora corresponded to this ardent love, most ever 
remain an inscnitablc mptcry. We only know, that to what- 
ever degree she requited it, it was insufficient to satisfy his high 
ambition. " Sure I am," says the unhappy man soon after his 
impriMNiment, in a letter to Gonzaga, wherein he describes the 
horrors of his jail, "sure I am. that if she who has corresponded 
so little to my attachment were to see mo In such a state, and In 
each affliction, she would have some compassion on me !" Thbi 
was, however, written while he was smarting under the recent 
Infliction of intolerable wrong, — and has been suppressed by 8e- 
rassi. because tirme corre^iiondence of attachment It distlnctlY 
proves. Little as It might seem to poor Tasso at this crisis, K 

I think it bifbly prol>abU thM th* followinf esqoisits Ulti* 
'^^~ Kt thit umt, aotl oo thit occamod : — 

Lunge da «oi, htn mio I 

Dictant from thcc, mr Lovt, I havs, sis* I 
Nor life, nor heart,— I nm not «hat 1 wm ; 
But a dim thadow, a Umcntiaf ««ad, 
A weepinf acho struck from nioM tooM ! 
It U thy fift, but Mieh th« afoay. 
Thai mj Msl ■i e hs a s, sad fiooff to disi 

40 UR OP TÌ.MO. 

4oabCl6M pMtar !• imUtf Uiui he wm awara of. It Mag 
th« policy, and perhai» iho iMnMoaee of woomh, toeooeeal tkom 
tke anplranc to her heart the lUI itraogUi of the eoMMkMM wift 
whieh he may laspire her. Bat, as Luvo ban» neeewafUy oat, 
wltboat wine my of hope, however «lifht, to ealiven It, we may 
•alely conci ode that iben were maay ipradoo* tokeae oo her 
part shown fhMn time to time, to prasenre la the soal of her ad- 
mirer for seventeen yean a passkm ferrent as at first. Of this la 
his smaller poems there are maay scattered Indications, hut la no 
laetance Is it more visible thaa la the Mlowlaf short compiHl- 
ttoa, which has to the fracy all the tnith of aaecdoie. 


My lady at a baleoay alone 

One day was standing . when I chanced to stiatck 

Sly arm on hers ; paraon I bea*d. If so 

1 had offiinded her: she sweetly aaswer*dt 

** Not by the placing of thy arm hast thon 

Dlfuleued me soint, bot by withdrawing It 

Do I remalo nifended !'* O fond words ! 

Dear little love words, short, but sweet and conrteoos; 

Courteott* as sweet, alfecUonate ns cuarteoos ! 

If it were true end certain whnt I heard, 

I shnll be alwayn seeking not t* oflènd thee. 

Repeating the great blisM : bat, my sweet life, 

Br nil my eagerness therein, remember — 

Where there is no oflence, there must be no. 

No visiting of vengeance ! 

A circumstance of this nstare, how long wonid It not remain 
engraven on a Iover*s mind ; what hopes would it not reasona- 
bly escite, what fears not dissipate ; hoi^^rlearly would It not 
speak to hh heart of esteem and ripening mlnchment ! This is 
not, however, by any means the only proof cited of his Lady's 

Kicc. Those slight slgn« of emotion in the conntenanre, or the 
havlor, trifling b» all but a lover, but all-eloquent with him.— 
** the graceful indinatUm of the bend, the sweet look that says 
'I glow in the flame,* the bluth across the face, the melancholy 
■Igfat the ioyous smile,*** all were treasured up in his bosom, 
and reeurded In his verses. 

From the poet's enumeration, however, of his amorous troo- 
Mes, no less than ftom his frequent complaintii of his Lndy's se- 
Wrlty, 1 am mdy to believe that Leonora nil^ht be at all times 
on her guard to prevent the testimonict of her peculiar esteem 
Annd being remarked by the Jealous court in a-hich she lived, 
and that sne was ofien induced to call up a passing frown. Incur 
4er to baflle ob«ervatlon, or to mitigate pre«<nni|»?i<»h. Phe mast 
bava beea well aware of the precipice on which she stood In 
the indnlgence of any marked partiality towards a depeodentof 
ber brother's court, when she h»d refused the habd of iMinces, 
when she called to mind the Imprisonment to which her mother 
bad beea consigned on renouncing Catholicism, and Anally. Al- 
pboBsn's pride of rank, and bitter persecution of those who once 
la reality oOboded him. These remembrances, to say nothing 
of the pradaatlal c o a s lderatloBs suggested by womanly reserve, 
Imva Indaeed bar to act with extreoM caoHoa la bestowlag 

urs OP TASSO. 41 

her eneonrafeinents. As to the imputed indlflcrence which Um 
PrtnccM is suppotcd to have exhibited for the ini^rortanes of 
Tuito. and the little ctTort nhe mnde to obtain hi« liberty, with 
the cuncln«ion which some would thence deduce, thnt her heart 
was never interested in h\% behalf, ** this," observes Foscolo with 
great truth. ** is one of the negative arfuments founded on a hy- 
pothesis that may be easily destroyed by a thousand others 
•qually plausible. Whs not the Princess anxious to avoid her 
own ruin ? In taking too warm an interest for the poet, did she 
not risk destroying herself without saving him? A poet who 
dared to love a Princesx of Estó, and a princess who had encoiir- 
afed him, were, in the view f>f Italian statesmen, scandala which 
could not even be sptilien by any, without rendering them guilty 
of high treason."* — But on whiit ground do these suppositions 
rest ? what proofs are there that Leonora did not exert her utmost 
influence to lighten his calamities and terminate the horrors of 
his captivity 1 His continuance in prison ? Nothing is more lilte- 
ly than that he who-^e mind was ranltling with reaentnienti 
whose bosom was pnx)f niilce to the pithctic appeals of the poet 
I . nnd the entreaties of sovereign princcn, would turn a deaf ear 

I even to a slater*» intercessions. That she did intercede for him 

■ I to sufficiently clear fnuii a remnrltnble expre<(»>ion in his Canzone 

to the Pnnccsse.-f. " Chi nil guidò." tie exclaims, in allusion to 
I the star wha«e influenco had attracted him twice to Ferraia, in 

I dMpite of the urgent remonstrances of his friends, 

•* Ore. mi trovo, 

I di mi fuiilf\ ? 

, i Lasto ! ehi m" affidò, chi mi deiu$e 7** 

'I •• What «tar 

Gnideil me hithtrr ? 

And who, aliis, when I for freeilom grieved, 
Promi«H.'d nic ho|>(\ yet still that ho|H) deceived?*' 

I I The whole tenor of the compositions wo have cited, all the 
presumption*» of probaliility, ami all tltu arguments of reason, 

|. concur to answer, lieononi. 

,| Tasso, howi'ver. the ever !>nnguino. and ever disappointed 

i' Tasso, notwithHt'indlitg the iiietfitracyt of his appeals to her ten- 

l dernes» and piiy.seenin ui have lone clicri!«hed the remembrance 

of her kindnenneH and virtne:« ; and it wnt doubtless on a review 

'I of their mutual affection, after the p«)ignanry of his affliction for 

1 1 her loss had been soliencd by lime, itiat liie following lines were 

I written. 



' I Dolce animetta Hiia.| 

My life, my dulcet little soul ! oh when 
Shall I return to the dear B|iot. or near it. 
Where we were so r^mjoinM, and so divided ? 
But a fund glance of the eye. a pleasant smile, 

• Ob the Lttìi: Pwry ot Ta*«o ; N. M. Mit». for Oct. 1W2. p. 178. 

tlihoultl p^rhap* hare iiqiil 'Mitili> rffi'-a<:y,** iiure ii it liy no mran* ink- 
potwblt thai TaMo'» rrrnoval (o a inurtt r.umfurtaM* cell, «as th« rrault of 
Mr uitcreeanow*. 

I tt hu Invb «ni or my power to make room fur the orif inala of all iIm 
v«nM 1 have tranalaifd ; but harmr ffi^en the eoawMueiag linea, I mvil* tk» 
llsliaB rtadrr to «a aiUDiiTc pcruMU uf ibtio. 


86 UFB or TAtSO. 

Aa micht Indnee the Iciest hcttrt to glow. 

With the like amuroiu langulshmeat waà 

But of thy graces. Its delightftil wealth, 

So HvarlcTous U it now become, 
A» not to whisper of tlieni ev*n by ttealtb, 

But in itwlf to wou them and be dumb. 

Dr. Blnrk. influenced by the repiesentatioiM d Serassi, flndi 
a grent objection to the reality or fervor of Tesao*t love In the 
age of IjCiinorH, which was thirty when they became acqo>ialed ; 
as if the paMion.'in a yonth of twenty-one, were a nice dle- 
tingui»her of this diderence of age ;— as If Its very llrat opera- 
tion in the mind WMe not to break down every snch hairier, 
which cool raiculatitMi might be disposed to laiee. that the heart 
mny abandon itself at will to the dellcloas emotions of its new 
existence. " But,** says Glnguen^, as It w«re in reply to such 
Ihtile rentuininx, "Leonora was still handsome, was Intelligent, 
attached to jMietry and the fine arts, fond of retirement, delicale 
in health, and averse to the f<rilies of the world. TIm eflecC 
of all theiw qualities combined, npoo a youi^; poet Ihll of 
sen!iit)liity, could easily ctT^ce that of the inequality of age, 
while the cai^y accet» which ho obt-iinod, the lively Interest 
which he in^pireil, the intimacy induced by his recitations, and 
the te»tIiiionle*i of her admiration for his versef, might diiisipate 
with no \css cMise the inequality of rank. TasM) could not con- 
ceal fniin hini««lf the boldness uf his prett'nitlons ; but at his 
age, penetrated, an cvi>ry thinft trntU to make us believe, with 
an emotion a» pure as the objt^ct that cxrlted it, and relying on 
thi« very purity for hi.5 liope of itucco<s, if he dreaded the fate 
of Icarus and Phaeton, ho reaitsurcd hini«elf by other examples 
which poetic fibie pn^sented to his imagination, and which 
wrapt hit heart in a plca.«ing iliu^iion. * Ah ! what can terrify,' 
he says, 'in a high enteriirine, him who puu hi;! confldenco in 
IjOVO ! What cannot I^)ve effect, which subdues the Celestials 
thenisrlves 1 It drew frtun the sphenm the chnstu Diana, cap- 
tivatc<l with a mi>rtal*H charnw ; it rnlHcd to the spherex the 
charming boy of Mount Iila.* Such Ì* the litemi tmn>lHtlon of 
one of hin Him nets, which can have neither another object, nor 
another senw.** 

A^ln, before lonvine Ferrara for France, with the Cardinal 
Laigi d*Eite. Ta!«M), an we have ween, made a will, and left It 
In the liands of one of his friends. In thi". amonpnt other things 
deviMHl, he Hay«; — With rt'sard to my com|v><(iiion.«, it h my 
wish that all my Iy)ve-sonneU and MadrigaU should bo collected 
and publiHhed ; but nith regard to thoxe, which, whether ama 
tory or not. I have written for any friend, my request is that they 
be buried with myself, excepting this one only. 

Or eke L* ai;ra mìa dolce altrove tpira. 

Now that my dulcet Zephyr neek-* to blow 
Thr«)UKh other wo<Mlt;ind>i, wh<» would linger hcrel 
Where the preen vale frow» ifloomy, and the year 

Take« the black tint of mi'M'ry and of wo. 

Here not one ray of Joy i^ i^een to rIow, 

liove liecome^ rustic, and con^irt<i with swains, 

Feed< the rude herdA, nor m the noon disdains 

To turn the furrow, or the to mow. 

O happy groves ! ble!»t plain» ! where bird and brata^ 
Trees auid rude lodu have sense to rate aright 


Th« charming «nnnd of her appnMching font ; 

WhHl influence now has nut her duicot light 
If, H» »ììe icoes or RUtyM, it iiiaken ercwlille 
The city frinvn, and the dark forest smile ! 

What i^ there in this son net to render Tasso so pecnliarly 
desinili^ of itt being preserved from oblivion ! We see that it 
preseiiiA at the commencement one of those disguiacments of 
name of which mention has been made ! It must have been 
written on Ije<mora*s departure for the country on some occa 
siun, or of her too long continuance there. Some interesting 
a»s<iciation of this kind connected with it, can alone account fur 
his dcxire to have a coiii|K)sition preserved, so inferior. In a 
poetic»! point of view, to those he was in the habit of com 

But what is most worthy of remark in this Instrument, is the 
appeal to the Princess with which it clases. " Should an im- 
peiiiiDcnt t.tke piare in any of these matters, I entreat Sig. Her* 
cule« to have n* coune Ut the favor of the uxmt excellent Madnra 
I^eonon, which, for the love I btar herA she will ilbcmlly 
grant." Who but must clearly perceive in this appeal the fond 
pn»jpct iif .H lovrr. to occupy, in case it w»;re his fortune to porbh 
in a distant country, the memory of her whose image was stamp- 
ed u|>on hU heart Ì 

A frc«h confirmation of the conclusions which we draw from 
i these various prcNifs. ii to bo found in the bejtuilful portrait he 

han drawn of the Princet^, under the name of Sophnmia, in the 
second cjinto of hi;* " GoruKiilenmic." Every one recognised 
Leonora in th:it Virein of mature nge, full of high t hough tf and 
principle* «lulilinie, whoso beauty in her own eyes had no other 
value th.-tn an it added to the lustre of her virtue5, whose great- 
est merit was to hide her virtues in the shade, and to shun in 
thin wrlu<>ion the praise and adniimtion of men. Kvery one in 
Femra rallrd up tho image of Leonora, in this description of 
S*ophn>ni:rM wulkinK throush the streets of the city, veiled and 
with d«>wnp»sl oyps, in a manner no less coy than gnireftil, with 
an air which rxrited a doubt whether she would conceal or 
hci!!htrn her charm*, whether it were chance or art that so 
gmrrfully iii«pos«>d her garments. Rut nil did not p»y the like 
attention t«» Olindo, her young lover, who is represented as mod- 
e^^t i\% S4iphronl;i wu« beautiful, who feared much, hoped little, 
and presnnif'd in nothins. ('iin it be doubted that Tat^so, in the 
flr<t trnnxports of his passion, hid wi<<hed in Olindo to represent 
hini-rif! th:it tlie idea hud frequently crossed his f>incy of dying 
for tbe woman ho iidored. nnd that he eagerly seized this occa- 
sion to express tho desires which, in his own person, he did noi 
d-ire (ivow : The Epi<o<le h>is lieen generally looked upon as a 
fault i.-i hit fable ; all the friends whom he consulted considered 
it as >urh : e\'(>r>-one insisted on iu being cnncciled : he perceiv- 
ed, he Hrknowli'dsed it himself to l»e a defect, yet steadily re- 
fit«ed his consent to the sacrifice : even the (lerfection of this 
poem, on which were set nil his ho|)eM of glory, yielded In thU 
in?>t.inre to nn inl«.'re'«t more dear. 

Rnt the atrcction of Tasso fur l>eonor.i, ardent as it was, was 
subject to occasional inequalities and rhfck^. We have seen 
him in rouip'tny with tho Duchess d'Urbino, giving himself np 

Not», tliMt thia mnnet wm wntirn aomr jtnn beror* the •itìtsI of SMniaU 


at tb^ruiiri of Prrram, «biriiurcurrvU in Ii78,whil« Taaw's Joumty to ffraBCe 
look piar» ill Ift'I. It could ibcrcfure Dtv no rchnnco to her. 
t •* Per oMor mto.*' 


urm OP TAMO. 

ftt CMteldimiile tat Mreral monthc lo a nmnd o( 
pamoiu, which pmappoae between Lennnm mmI liimMlf 
conie roolness. A letter wMeh he wrote to her at the time, 
bearing traces on his tide nf a latent Jealousy. Ikvon the rap- 
position. " I have not,** he commence*, ** written ^» your Ez- 
eellency Tor so many months, ruUurfrwm 4^9et mf nUffeet tkmrn 
want of inciinatiawt and thU will appear flrom the «mallneiit of 
the ciiU'« upon which I take ocenstnn to d«i uiywlf that honor. 
I «end your Excellency a aonnet, ae my usher to ytiiir memory, 
for / tAf Nik / reeoUea haTtaf piomlaed to send yoo all my new 
cumpmilUons. This sonnet has little reeemblance ti> tkMt hem»- 
ttfmi ones which I $mff— ymi ars tn the daaf» hmkit ij" rtcmwimg ; 
and Indeed It U as pour In wit and art. as / mysaff «a in giti 
fwrtunt. In siy arcs tnt sCals, ikMsersr, tl i» iwtpMntU fèr m§ 
to do better; and I send It, v, whether food or bad, it wM 
tfgeet what J detire. Do not think, however, that I have at 
present such vncancy of thouftht, as to have In my heart any 
loom for love ; It ex|Henes not my own feeling*, (or perhaps It 
might ni>t have been so bad,) but was couipoeed at the rrqnest 
tf a poor lover, wào kmvimg for tome time part qmmrrelltd with 
his miotruM, caa h^d omt no longer, bitt it forced to ca^tlw/ats, 
mmd dentand compost ion. Nothing further reuiains fur me to nay, 
eicept that the sbiy of Mndnm. your sistter, is rather pmtracted, 
than otherwisie, 5u that I believe she will not depart for Ferrara 
before the 18ih of ihi» month. I most humbly kUs yoor hands. 
From CaKtelriurnnte, the 3«i of Sept. ISTJ " 
The following Is a tranklation of the Sonnet 

Sdegnot debil gnerrier, campione audace I 

Bold In definnce, but In war niO!st weak. 

Wrath ! thou hunt hrousht me with blunt arms to tsttb 

Love, who with radiant shatU and glowing grace 

Stands to claim vengeance for injurious pique. 

Thy lance is suHpird. |Kile turns thy crim^>n cheek. 

At the tirsi fanning of his soldcn wing ; 

What if thou w.tii'sl till fnim the sounding strinf 

The nrmw leaps ? ni«h f<Nil, l'nrgiv(>n<!H)i sock ! 

1 cry you grace, I stretch the languid hand, 

lly knoes I bend, and nakeil lay my breast ; 

If Agbt you will, let Pity (\it me stand, 

She will acquire me fame, or doath at least ; 

For if one tear flows, dcnth will pnive renown, 

And sad submission a triumphal crown ! 

This letter and sonnet contain im|Mirtant disclosures. Sernssi, 
who has published the former, very Justly concludes that the 
■onnets which Leomva was in the habit of receiving, were those 
of Pigna and Gnarinl. Rut it Is ra«y to see further. Cuarint, 
who always prided himself on rivalling T.isso. was doubtless the 
one whose assiduities and vrrtes had given him unihnige ; he 
had wished to supplant him. h'ui met with re«i'*Qince. was 
piqued, and In this dixpoHitlon had dt'|>arti'd to (!!HS(eldumnte 
with Lncretia. The enjoymenu which he there met with, had 
fur a time beguiled his ihimshts ; he had [mated sevcnil months 
Withoat writing even to Ijennora ; but the anger he had indulged 
was weakened, love regained its wonted ascendency ; he eaiter- 
ly desired to return, and sent as his precurs<ir this Sonnet, 
which possesses great Interest, if such were the stale of afftdm 
between them, but none, if it were otherwise. He surely dia 
conpose at that time verses moch more worthy. In a poetical 

Lirs or TASSO. 

point of view, to be sent to th« Pr'ncest;* this fkble, thera- 
roref of 6U far lover, whom be pretends to serve as an inler- 
praler of his sentiments, must be refarded as an invention de- 
vised to operate upon her feelings in a like manner with the 
testamentary appeal, when he parted for France. ** In a wofd," 
says Ginfmené. " I regard as one of the clearest proofs of the 
passion of Tasso for Leonora, what the good Alibé Serassl ha« 
given as a testimony, lektek oti^kt to etui all doubts, of his In- 
dtfietence and coolness to her." 

The evidence thus cited must be, I think, sufficiently oon- 
eliuive ; but there is one other composition addressed to Loonoim 
of E9te, more beautiful perhaps than all the rest, and of a more 
peculiar importance, from the admission it contains with refef- 
enee to the verses he addressed to other beauties. It Is en 
titled in hU** Rime," 


^Uor, eke ne* miei spirti intepiditi. 

When the blest heat grew cold which thou, sweet flame ' 

8hed*fft in my eagle spirit, I became 

A hoane dull bird of th* vale, and life has been 

A wearying burden or a worthless scene. 

Since — I of love have nothing writ nor sung, 

Or if some ditties have escnped my tongue 

In truant sport, I oft have felt disdain 

For the atlenipL<«, and thou no noble strain 

Hast heard, no lyric e'er tcj be renown 'd, 

But feeble chattcrings of a vacant soundL 

I am but a discordant lute, but like 

Th' unvalued IjTe which all chance-fingers strike. 

Learned or unlearn'd, and which in various tones 

Now mildly murmurs, and now harshly moans. 

And swkkt alone in tht kncbantino namb 

socnds thk dear sono ; and when i prajck 

My thovohts to Love, illumined by the nas 


How far Leonora corre<iponded to this ardent love, must ever 
remain an inscntu&ble mystery. We only know, that to what- 
ever degree she requited it, it was insufficient to satisfy his high 
ambition. " Sure I am," says the unhappy man soon after his 
Imprisonment, in a letter to Gonzaga, wherein he describes the 
horrors of his jail, " sure I am. that If she who has corresponded 
so little to my attachment were to see me in such a state, and hi 
«neb affliction, she would have some compassion on me !** This 
was, however, written while he was smarting under the recent 
Infliction of intolerable wrong,— and has been suppressed by 8e- 
laasi. because tome corre<«|>ondence of attachment it dlstlnctlY 
proves. Little as it might seem to poor Tasso at this eiisls. It 


it bifhij probable that tb« followinf esq«i«ts litUs 
tiaw, aatl on this occaaion : — 

Lungt da voi, (m mtof 

Distant fron thee, mr Love, I hars, slat! 
Nor life, nor heart,—! am not «feat 1 wm ; 
But a ilim ihadow, a Uroeniiaf eaaad, 
A weeping echo ttniek from mina raoM ! 

It b thy c*^ ^* ***^ ^ *t?^y* 

Tlial mj eoal ei c ki s s, sad fiooff to disi 



40 uro or 

inp éanbùtm graatar la rmXìtf tbaa Im wm wmm ut» It Wlag 
tlM polky, and periMiM tlie imìdeDe» of wommui, to eoaeeal flw 
tho wplruit to ber h«wt the ftall atrMigth oT the eoMilSoM irtth 
which he may luptie her. Bst, aa Love bunw oeeemilly oai, 
withont Mine ray of hope, however sllfht, to enliven ItweaMj 
■eJbly conclude that thian were many gradons tokene on her 
part shown from tine to time, to preaenre la the aoal of her aé* 
Blier for aeventeen yean a paaalon Amat aa at lint. Of this la 
his smaller poems thJan ate maay aeatteied Indlcatioas. hut la bo 
laelanee Is It mofe vislhle thaa la the Mlowinf ahart 
tloa, whkh has to the ihacy aU the trath ofaaoedoie. 


My lady at a batooay alone 

One day was ataading, when I ebaaeed to streteh 

Sly arm on hen; paraon I ÌMa*d, If ao 

I had oflbnded her: ahe aweetiy aaswer'd, 

** Not by the pladiui of thy arm hast thon 

Displeased me aofbt, bnt by withdrawing It 

Do I remain ollended !** O fond words ! 

Dear little lovewords, short, but iweet and courteous; 

Cnnrteons as sweet, aflbctionate as courteous ! 

If It were true and certain whnt I heard, 

I shnll be alway» seeking not t* oflfend thee. 

Repeating the great bllM : bat, my sweet life, 

Bv all my eagerness therein, renu-mber — 

where there is no offence, there must be no. 

No visiting of vengeance ! 

A circumstance of this nature, how long would it not remala 
engraven on a lover*s mind ; what hopes would it not reasona- 
bly esclte, what fears not dlssipnte ; hov^cloarly would It not 
speak IO his heart of esteem and ripening luitchment ! This is 
not, however, by any means the only proof cited of his Lady*s 

Cice. Those slight sign^ of emotion In the countennnre, or the 
havlor, trifling to all but a lover, but all-eloquent with him,~ 
** the graceful IncllnHtlon of the bend, the sweet look that says 
'I glow la the fkme,* the btuHb across the face, the melHocholy 
■igli, the Joyous smile,"* all were treasured up in his bosom, 
asd lecoroed In bis verses. 

Fitan the poet*s enumeration, however, of his amorous troQ- 
Mea, BO less than fhmi bis frequent complaints of bis Liidy's se- 
vnrity, I am ready to believe that Leonora niieht lie at all times 
oa her guard to prevent the testimonici of her peculiar esteem 
tnm beiBg remarked by the Jealous court in which she lived, 
asd that she was often Induced to call up a passing frown. In or 
étti to bafBe observation, or to mitigate (wesuni|*ti<»n. She must 
havB been well aware of the precipice on which she stood in 
the indulgence of any marked pnrtiHilty towards a dependent of 
her brother's court, when slie had refused the babd of |»rlnees, 
whtB she called to mind the imprisonment to which her mother 
had been coaaigned on renouncing Catholicism, and finally, Al- 
Bb0Bso*s pride of rank, and bitter persecution of those who once 
iB raality oObaded him. These rememlmnces, to say nothing 
•f the prudeallal coBilderatlons suggested by womanly reserve, 
kavB tadoeed her to act with extreoie caution la beetowiag 




ber eneoaniferoents. As to the Iropated Indlflerenee which the 
Piinceu Is topported to hnve exhibited for the misfortanea of 
Tbwo, And the little effort «he made to obtain hit liberty, with 
the conclasion which some woald thence dcdoce, that her heart 
was never interested In his behalf, -* this," observes Foscolo with 
(real truth. " Is one of the negative arf^uments founded on a hy- 
pothesis that may be easily destroyed by a thousand others 
equally plausible. Was not the Princess anxious to avoid her 
own ruin ? In taking too warm an interest for the poet, did she 
not risk destroying herself without saving himi A poet who 
dared to love a Princess of Elsté, and a princess who had encour- 
aged him, were, in the view of Italian statmmen, scandals which 
could not even be «poken by any, without rendering them guilty 
of high treason."* — But on whiit ground do these suppositions 
rest 1 what proots are there that Leonora did not exert her utmost 
Influence to lighten his calamities and terminate the horrors of 
his captivity ? His continuance in prison 1 Nothing is more like» 
ly than that he who«e mind was rankling with resentment, 
whoM bosom was proof alike to the pjithetic appeals of the poet 
and the entreaties of sovereign princes, would turn a deaf ear 
even to a sliiter'n intercessions. That she did intercede for him 
te sufllriently clear from a reinHrkabtecxpre!ii«ion in his Canzone 
lo the Princesses. " Chi mi guidb," ho exclaims, in allusion to 
the star who»e influence had attracted him twice to Ferrara, In 
despite of the urgent remonstrances of his friends, 

" Ore mi trovo, 

Chi mi fuidd ? 

JLasso ! ehi m' affidò, chi mi deluse 7** 

'• What star 
Guided me hither ? 

And who, alus, when I for freedom grieved, 
Promised ine hope, yet still that hope deceived?*' 

The whole tenor of the compositions we have cited, all the 
presumptions of prolmbility, and all the arguments of reason, 
concur to answer, I^eonom. 

Tasso, however, the ever sanguine, and ever disappointed 
Tasso, notwithstanding the inefllcacy t of his appeals to her ten- 
derness and pity, seems to have long cherished the remembrance 
of her kindnesses and virtues ; and it wns doubtless on a review 
of their mutual aflection, nfìer the poignancy of his affliction for 
her loss liad been softened by time, tliat the following lines were 


Dolce animetta mta4 

My life, my dulcet little soul ! oh when 
Shall 1 return to the dear spot, ur near it. 
Where we were so conjoined, and so divided 1 
But a fond glance of the eye, a pleasant smile, 

* Oa tlM L^ric Poetry oi'Ta«iui; N. M. Mnj^. f<tr Oct. I89S. p. 178. 
tlihouiU prrhnpa hare mhI "litilr rfficacy," Mikce it it by no meuw im- 
bit that Tuao't removal lu a raure comfurtal^lc cell, waa tb« reauit of 


t h haa lw*n «iit of my power in make room for tha oririnala of all tlw 
wtm» I h«Tt inaaUted ; but bannf jri^en th« eoounaoemg udm, I itivii* tks 
IbMbb immIct to «a MtaatiTt paruMtl of them. 



uni or TAMO. 

A c ot Ho m alntMkNk a Uad sod. 
Two UMMd loTO-woidi, Mid two sighti ilMll to 
Otmjao loof, loof raflbiinfi the mwaid,— 
Or nttor iht flotti tortniOB,— ttoi, bood^diaiM, 
Toretoii «ad duts, «ad uiowi, to iBuai, 
Bind, ud laflHM Ml tiiU ! 



A.D.19B1-UBS. AotS7-<(L 

TiLOBO tod BOW too* two yoon la eoaihianieot, with ao Ito- 
ttor miUgatioaof Ite ealamliy, ttoa tto loaioTal, a Aw laoate 
before Leooora*^ death, to a MNnewhat omre eomfortable apart- 
ment, wtoie, to nee bla owa eipraeetoa, to coald phUiiiinililM 
aod walk abimt HIa fonner dangeon had beea tenible ciiiiimh. 
■Ituaied aa It waa below the ground floor of the hoapltal. daMa 
aod dimiy lit ftom above by a grated window from a amali yard, 
aboat nine pncea long, between Ave and aix wide, and ahoat 
•even to the roof, which waa vaulted.* It waa (Vom thia dread- 

Ihl cell that he addreaaed to Alphonso and the two 
the pathetic Odea which have been quoted, and which, for tto 
honor of humanity, 1 am willing to hope had aoine effect la 
producing the deairable change. To the greater comnKidioaa- 
neaa which thia new apartment poanesaed In aize over tto for- 
mer, may be added that of admitting fVom Ita window on high 
the cheerful aunttlilne and fre»h air. The following veraes to 
Alphonao preaent a picture of hia fcellnga, ahortly after hia it- 
noval thither. 


Me novello leeiom ropida aggireu 

Me, like a new Ixlon. the awift wheel 
Of fortune whirls around, and. high or low, 
Ezaapomtea evermore my panga ; for oh. 
With looks uprnifled to the high bara that aeal 
My bounded aight, through which tto aunbeams « 
And glad from ru«tling leavea the breeiea blow, 
I have bum*d, langulah'd. pray*d In aonga of wo^ 
Yet atill no mild conceaaion haa th* appeal 
Won fnMii thy wrath ! now. In thia den profooad. 
My pangt and ancient malady are grown 
Sharper than asea on the wtotatone ground. 
Change then, O great Alphonao, not alone 
My cell, but doom ; and if the Fatea decree 
Thia revolution, let mo nuive round thee ! 

To thia application no answer waa returned, and It was doahC- 
lesa under the Indignation excited by auch neglect, ttot to 
IRMwd hia aobliuM appeal 

■eek ii tka dMeripUoa of tka «all iheva u tkia daj aa tha ifai aC 


LIFE OF TA880. 43 


Mma grande d^Mcide^ Io «o, clu miri. 

Spirit celefltlal ! well I know 

Thou luark'xt the rifEor of thy race, 
Who in unwonted modes of wo 

Turn from ue, with disdainful (aca. 

Their angry frown», my tuncftal tears. 
Thy warm regnrds, I know, have won ; 

From thy blest seat alxive the spheres. 
The wandering stars and glorious sun ; — 

Hlntstrant to thy loved behests, 

Conminnd some messenger to fly, 
And breathe in their re^tentful breasts 

The breath of warm humanity. 

Sound In th' Oppressor's heart, '* Why so 
Degenerile grown, my 8on, from mo. 

Shaming his worth, whose love below 
Beqncuth'd such dignity to thee 1 

** Tkou mild 1 thou Just 1 to truth ! to right ! 

T« Heaven's own voice, injurious man ! 
Wilt thou l>e ever deaf, and slight 

The music of thy munnuring tiwan V* 


The apathy of Alphonso rendered others cnllons to the poet*8 
claims for pity, and encounged several to repeat the piracy of 
MalMspina. Ingegneri was the firnt of thexe. Hu was, it is 
■aid. desirous of vindicating his friend's glory, endangered by 
Malaspina's mutilated edition, and for this pur|xne transcribed 
an authenticated copy, of which lie published at the same time 
two impres9ÌonH, the one at fasalningirione. the other at Parma,* 
and dedicating them both to Charles Buimanuel. Duke of Savoy, 
became both (NUronized by this prince, and enriched by the spec- 
Illation. There i^ nothing to induce us to Itelieve that Tasso 
was at all the g:iiner by thin " vindication of his glory :" wc only 
know that the two editions were sold in a few days; tliat Ma- 
laspina, Rurpii^^ted by lii^ognrri, surpassed him in his turn, in 
giving a new edition after a more complete copy.t and in shortly 
after renewing the edition, which he managed to make yet more 
correct and protlMble.l without even consulting the author con- 
cerning it. Finally, a young Ferrarese attached to the court, 
and one of Tasso's intimate acquaintances, undertook to publish 
a new edition of the "(•eru'<aleniiiie," superior to all that had 
hithert4> appeared. FeLo Donna, this ik>w editor, had the ad- 
vantage of consulting the original manuscript, as well as the 
author himself, and his edition made its ap|ieanince at Ferrara, 
dedicated to the Duke Alplion>o. and wits pre!4ented expressly to 
that prince in the name of the unhappy author. But the haste 
with which it had b(>en pn>p:ir«Ml for the press having been the 
■Mans of introducing several errori, tlie same pcr«m immediate- 
ly produced another impression, — the first, according to Fonta- 
nini, that could be regarded as correct. Even this was surpasseil 

* The fint in 4fo. tha hcooJ in Itmo. 
t Venctia, 1561, in 4(o. 
t VcMtim, 15SS, io 4to. 



44 vn or TAMO. 

thvM BOBtht «Aor, bf the Fuaia adWoo, la which Ihs **€tam* 

tul^fipwyi Llbemta** appeared at It now remaiat, aad wUdh 
eerved asa model toall safaeeqneBteftion.* That In the eonne 
of a alncto year, MTen edlthm had made their apfMaraaee ; ose 
of whIcTi we know. fh>m In|tMneri*s admiuion, was to the ex- 
tent of 1300 coplet, and snue of the othen weie probably equally 
nnroerons. In the following year sU more edltloos law the Ufh^ 
aad, in short, the diligence of the printers conld tcareely uep 
pace with the avidity of the pvblle. 

In the midst of thto great glory, while all Italy rang with 
praises of his poem, ano while the editors and bootaellen were 
enriching tbemselvee with the fruit of hit long yean of Ubar, 
pocMT Tasso was lannishing In cmel eapllvity, neglected br the 
rrtnce who should have nroieeted hit Interetts, persecuteo In a 
hundred petty ways by tut Inhuman jailer, destitute of the most 
necettary comfortt, reduced to beg. during the vintage which 
enlivened all Ferrera, fbr a tmall tupply of wine, not to much 
to till his heart with s ladaeai, at to deaden the weight of hie 
aflUction. The Sonnet w which he makes thto request it no leat 
beautiful as a eompoeltfoB, than Interesting at a btographkal 


Col fòro ornai delle otagioni etemo. 

Now In the Seasons* ceaseless round, the Earth 
Pours forth its fruits; the elm sustains witlr pride 
liie ripe productions of bis fruitful bride. 
To whum the BOilling suns of spring gave birth : 
la luxury now, as though disdaining dearth. 
Bursts the black grape; its juice auibnisiai flows; 
Wherefore so tardy to console my wties 1 
The rich Falernian simrfcles in its mirth ! 
This with its generous juice the generous fills 
With joy, and turns my U trd's dark cares to bliss ; 
Not so with mine ; but o'er my various ills 
It pours the dews of sweet furgctfalness. 
Inducing blest repose ; ah, let me find 
This slight relief, this Lethe of the mmd ! 

J however, fell less the privation of such genial comfortt 
llian the wrongs inflicted on hitn by the various editions of his 
works. *' I have been wronged," says he in his letters, " or 
father oppressed, as everybody knows, though no one will ac- 
kaowledge it This oppression, too, is of that sort which weighs 
the heaviest, I mean in my studies, and the fniiu of my ialK»rs. 
Of my 'Godflrey* alone, more than 3000 ducats have been 

alreadv made, as I am crediblv informed Febo is very 

avaricious; afier iiaving publijihed my book, he feasts in Paris 
«Bong dUmes and knighu, without giving me any share of the 
pmAt, although he engaged to do so by a written note. Had I 
allowed my poem to be printed three years ago, I should have 
oilned at least many hundred scudi, and indeed, for this purpose 
1000 tendi were oflered me bv one of the li>rds of £sté. ... 1 aaa 
With the booksellers the good Tasso, the dear Tasso, the darling 

* Tks sditiMi of Manto* in liH. printed afUr cottmimnis I^ 8ci|>ie 0«ii« 
M|a« May bs mmiìmI m ui ciMlUnt " 

Hnaa Mttioa, Wvtvtf, •xesls it ia 

iImI m ui ciMlhint om : 8*«mHi Uiiiiks k tks Imsi. Tlis 




Liri OF TASSO. 45 

and. In fact, the asmnsinated Tasso ; but I nm resolved 
that tblngn shall go forward in a different nmnoerJ' Shut out, 
howeTer, by the bolts of his prison fniin all available intttrfer- 
•nce, the booksellers smiled at his tlircHis, and continueil their 
golden speeulatifms. 

** But though TnMo.** says Dr. Black, " derived no Immediatii 
emolument from his ptieni, the publication of the work apiwan 
to hnve been of uw to him. Hit reputation till now had licea 
rather a concession than a right, and even thoM who had ei- 
amined his poem could not be certain of the extent, nor perhaps 
of the JuhUco of their appn)bntinn, without the concurrence of 
that very pablic whose opinions they directed. One of the 
canoes of Alphonso's suspicions was reinoveil by the publication 
of the ' Gerusalemme,' and. as its author was viewed by the 
public with greater respect, he was treated in the hospital with 
more attention.** Bome additional chambers were resigned fur 
his use on the urgent solicitation of his old and dear friend, 
Scipio Gftnaaga. lie received, too, several agreeable attentions, 
which relieved the monotonous sadness of his solitary cell. The 
DucheM d'Urbino sent one of her gentlemen to salute hUn In 
her name, and promiwd him that it should not be long before 
he obtained his freedom. Don Ferrante Gonzaga, Lord of 
Guastalla, a great admirer of his poetr>', sent him a present of 
fifty scudi : and the beautiful Marfisn of Eslé, cousin to the 
D'use, and Princess of Mussa and Carrara, di>manded pemiission 
to conduct him for an entire day to her country-seat, where, 
among other ladies ceU^iruted for their genius and beauty, he 
again met the poeto.«N. Tarquinia Moiz;i. But the entire year 
r»lled round without any change of tlie nature ho mo^t ardently 
desired ; and, sick with the pangs of disappointed hope, he thiu 
writes: — 


Scipio, pietaU i mortai ed é bandita. 

Pity is dead, or banish'd, O my friend, 

t'roro princely brea^Ls, and in the heavenly spheres 

With lost .^«traA dwelU, or ti> their ears 

My mournful crien and clnmors would ascend ! 

Shall then the promiM"* which kinen extend, 

My liberty's be^t pledge, be laui^h'd t<i scorn 1 

And the shan> panes with which my heart is torn 

*Twixt dead and <Iying. never have an end T 

See me, a breathing corse, alive entomb'd ! 

These dcuH unclose hut to let out their dead; 

O gods ! if skill, if genius, love illumed 

By holy honor, and if faith untied 

Deserve rewuni or pardon, grant, my prayer 

Be no dfln^ion, nor di«i|iersed in uir. 

The principal event whirh hapi)ened relative to him. In the 

year 1583, was the pul)lication of his " Rime," corrected by 

Qoarini. wh(». although by no means on go<Hl terms with oor 

poet, admired bi!« trtlent-*. and pitied hh misfortunes. 

While his health allowed of the exertion, the^itudles of Tasso 

I were Interrupted only hy the visits of learned men, attracted to 

i' his cell by the f imc of his wriiincs.— Hir by letuirs from Naples, 

I' ttfxn and other prinri|iai cities, charged with attestations 

' CMf the effect which his |Ktem continued to produce, or, flnnlly, 


46 urs or tamo. 


by pnmlws of anlarfBiiimt. nltenied fk<om time to tine, bat 
wbevaof tbeJ^ifllniMit wu «vwr dlsiant. 

TlM year 1363 piiM>d ov«r In like manner ; bat at lengtli the 
•olkltallmu of Gudlnel AlbeiiO: die Dncheee of lUntiia, mmà 
other perwmnges tn hich consideration with the Dnhe, beeaineM 
pvoMinf , that one day he eanaed Torquato to be tent fbr. and. In 
the preaenre of leverai Aench and Italian eherallen, spoke Co 
him with courtesy, and positively promlaed bin his liberty In n 
short time. Meanwhile he ordwed his eonllnement to be less 
limited, and permitted hhn oeeaslonally to §a afatoad, accon- 
paaled, however, by soon one gentleman In whose vigilance he 
eonid confide. Invlled, on these oocairtoast to the first booses 
In Ferrara. Tasso again enjoyed one of the pleasnies which he 
alwajrs mnch ajlbcted, that of philosophic^ co nv ersation on Ul- 
erary subjecu ; and we Ibid, In many of his Dlalofoes com p osed 
at this period, traces of these IntrreRtlng AwoorMs.* Daring 
the CamivAl, two of his friends conducted him to see the mae- 
qnerades, a ipecles of amusement which he always highly en- 
joyed ; but having one day manifested the strongest lelactanet 
to letam to his gloomy Jail, these aneaible recreations wera, 
before the close of the year 1584, all forbidden, and Tasso fell 
back Into the same solitude, the same privations, and the same 
despair as before. 

It was in this deplorable state of hi» affa Ira, that the war 
arose againi<t his Poem, which wa4 carried on for a time in Italy 
viith so much flerceneim. A DinlofEUu on Epic Poetr>', entitled, 
** II Carmfn," puiilifibrd by Cannilo riliccrini, in which the 
anthor apponreil to urefer the " GcraHalcuinie" of Tasmi to the 
** Orlando FurioKO,*^ opcraird an h pn'luitc ; and the Acade- 
micians della Cru<ca, as tliey 5tylc>4i ihein^elves littif picused 
with certain ezprewiionx ummI by T<ia<o in his l)ial<if(ue on 
** Honest Plea.surv.'* were the lirst to inkc tliu tiilil. with a de- 
fence of AntMUh — the supposed pnxlurtion of one Lionnrdo 
Saiviati, a literttry chnrocter who hn<i U'<>n forni(*rl> treated 
by Tasso In the kinde!«t manner, but who. nofily and involved 
in debt, «cruplcMl not now^ t4i alt-iric his iMMic-ractor. in the ho|ie 
of attaching himmilf to the Court of Ffrmrn, of whigh city 
Ariosto wns the (teculinr glory. Into iliis (lÌH|iuti>. hLzhly lionor- 
able ns the narrative would pntvc totlieiiKHloniiton nnd moilcsty 
of Tua«o. it is not my intention to rnttT. No iuiportnnre, in the 
prewnt dny, cnn be nttnrhed to a controversy originalin^ In 
such motive», fomented by n party "o «»i»Nrun»,t and c»rrii-(l on, 
now with intemiM'nite >rurrility, nnd now wiili in^Kionate nbu-te. 
TuHvo replied with dijEniiy to his n^'^nilnnto. I'l'lles'rini noldy 
su|»ported him, time [Ki>wd on. nnd ttuMr rriti('i>ms are for 

Diirini! the late conlroverty, the mmn^ of obtainins his 
lilierty occupimi, mnch niont ilian the defence ot his |Miem, the 
ndud of the melanclioly captive. Ho hid exinn-ted the inten*st 
of the most powerful |H'r»onatfi'^. l'oi»e <Jn*K«try the Thirteenth, 
Cardinal Albano, the Grnnd-Duche^s of Thmmu), the Dulie and 

• In* 11 Beltramo," or of Courtf« ; "11 Mtlfii^lits" or of the Court; 
••La Cavaktia," or of Tu«can Pu.>trT; "Il Ulurliuzun^," or of tbc Epi» 

VrtM Aeadenia delia Cnif a waa at ihia perinil c(<inpi>wtl of bat r^rj 
lav panoM, (mi waa the ntnnl/er in IW^.) not iHie of «hi m hati any naoM 
hi littraturr, escepiiiif Salriaii. Th« cmitroverKT with T.iaMt raiaad thcaa 
!•(• emuianee, aiiJ aiirrwaitlt \'*tng Joiii«<l tijr ni«n nf r*al merit, they pra 
AmmI aoma wttrtta truly boooralile to iJiair nation, amougat vhich auy bs 
pvUoalahMil tbair •* VocabeUno." 


I ! 




Lire or TASSO. 

DoehoH of UrUnn, the Duche«s of Mantaa, nevernl princet of 
the honaeof Gonzagn, and above till the faithful Sciiiio, h:id In 
▼aln Milkited Al|>huns4i on bU bebnlf. The citv of U«;rpinio, 
the birthplace of hi:« father, wna laiit Invoked, and nd(lre>st>d to 
the Duku n petition for his freedom. pre<^ente<l by one of lU uiuat 
dltiincui^hcd citizient, who added BtretiKth to the request by the 
gift of a uinrtile inscription Intcrfì-^tini; to the faiiiiiy of Ksté, 
which It bad liD|r be<*n dL^niroui to (xiesoM. AlphoiiMi nr<Hiii%ed 
every lhln|(. but the gatt* h of St. Anne unboiled not to Iiih com- 
mand. V\»H hill vengeance not Mitinted by Revnn yeiiri uf 
aevcrity Inflictiui T If it were, what citu Id bo the chuno of this 
cruel prolongation of his victim'» Hufferinft ? *' Truly," sa y^ 
Beruaal, with tlie tone of an humble apologist, "the Duke 
woold willingly have yielded to mi many intercet^lon», and 
have given Tamo hU liberty, but, refleciing thiit ptieiii htv by 
natars an irritable race, and drending lei't Ta4M>, when he 
fiiund hlninelf free, might avenge with nn iirni no Ichu formida- 
ble than lii« pen. his long cnptivity and unmidgHted hiirdnhipf, 
he ciiuld not bring liiniHelf ti> the resolution of dt^uihiiing him 
fruni his Htites, without being fintt asMired that he would at- 
Irnpt nothing against the honor and rvs|K:ct due to to jfrft « 
frinte mo he vao /*** 

Both the physical and mental powent, however, of the object 
of thew des|>lcable apprebensionn were futt declining. That ar- 
dent head which solitude kept in a Ntatf^of ronsuint fbmienta- 
tliMi. was exiiltetl In ibi fancies. a.<f hl.i Iniuy lieriime feeble. To 
the viKluttions of dark melancholy, or of the light delirium which 
he hail ol\en ex|ierienced in (he«e nttnrk« of |il|/i.>n»y, acknowl- 
edged as «urh in hi* letti-ri, but which never once mounted to 
thrft uindne-tif into which it wa!^ pretended he h:id fallen, Here 
■nw added alniosl habitual vi!>i(tns. and vexation<< intin a Follet- 
to, f>r haunl:ne Sprite, which, he fancied, found a pleasure in 
disamnKinK hi-* iKijieni. flying off with his money, and in a thou- 
sand oiher mÌ!>chi*'vou!i tricks. — he w:i.<t troubled. be»ide», with 
strange appn-hension*. and n<K-turn;il apiKirition^. and light» and 
glitterinc >|inrkleH th:it danceil Itefitre hin eyes; stimetlmes he 
he:inl tlie m«»«t fnuhttul noi^et, and at othen had in bin ear* the 
stiundn of hi5>inc. tincling. ringinp of taMh, nnd the ticking of a 
cUick. Often in his >leep he wan tormented with fantislic vls- 
lon« of di^irc^t. fnim whirti he nwoke f:itit!iied and luniruid. " I 
have dn'.id«-<l," he \\riti>!i. "the fairmi!-!>irkn<-«<(, nfMiplexy, and 
blindne««. 1 h:i\e hail lie:MÌaclie<(. and {-nint of ihi' inte^tineo, 
the 4ide. the thighi*. and leg-* ; 1 h.ive l)een weakened by vomit- 
ine. dy*enii-r>'. and fe\er. Amid«>t »n many ifrror-< and piins, 
there appean'd to me in the air the image of tlie (.liiriiinH Virgin 
with her -on in her arm*, sphered in a circle of co|on>d va|M)ni, 
s«) that I ouiibt by no means to dei^imir of her Knire." " And 
Ihouirh thlx." he adds "might easily lie a phantJisy, lM>rause I 
am fr.intic, di^turtaNl by various phanUismt, and full of infinite 
nielanihnly ; yet. liy the Krace of (hkI. I cansometimev wiibhold 
Biy a-^ent. wliirh lieinc. as ("irero remarks, the o)M>nition of a 
s<mnd mind, I am ini'lin<Mt to U'lie\e it wa^ in n>aiity a miriclu." 
It is im|k»*>sihle tiiCfMiirm|ilate witleiut emotion, so many xuffer- 
ings >asi;uned liy !*•> ^reat a penius. such rell::i(ius faith, and such 
perfert simplicity. 

Of the Virgin's miraculous Interference, he was yet more finn- 

• Thm p»tm»r* it «".hfrwue txyrmaul l.y fiiiifiien»; "J*«i rr^inl," ht 
0^7% **i!* irii-]r« It wtii due •la >cmrc Ixvp ndicuie."— UmI. LiH*i*ÌtaU^ 
T ». M7. 


un or viMo. 

H«M< Vli(lB, OSI Ijtr, iJj 1^ iir toh (neh taùUeace taà i- 

Anglbn mliMl* 


H IM wu bNKb*4 «mi iltr.kai ibal ha bid Ibud iba cur- 
ia irblcb b* WM IggMai for, la b»eow» Jan, ar rubar. M 
• ftiun baine cniil.'' Tha MaM of Haama, Tlacaa» Oob- 

aodloaacBra AlpboBaBftafarMwt. Oa (baia cnadlrioai, Iba 
Dota eoBMalHl B bla llbarn almi Iba and ofiaBa: boi bla 
fttaadCnniUniliiawMotallcaifianae iha BUMamnUofl la bnak- 
lai tba Hdlniii In bhn, Ini Ih* IranupuR ihuuld Ino (aulir alfcct 
Ub. Oalba JtbotMbarJulyUin, lUdanaiadminapUT- 
llr of aaT«a yafLni.twDBiaik(bt, amia (ewdaxBt— «parlod trhlcb, 

•ir. Iba |at» of Si. Anaa'a HBliililcd u ilieir oipllva, and ha Iiada 
aora fiirairor Ui hli bnlti and dua^nn». Ilo drpuud aderir 
Ann FamiB. wjlh Ihr Prince. h)> lilimliir. vIIIiobi bavlBr ob- 

toik miBcitod and ■rdrflil)' dorlird. Thono nho knoir aoy ihlaf 
of Ibabaman btut. will ba al nn lo» u accouBllbf Itala loAi- 

lat iholi vìcUbh ihoy torrtHoil ihrai. and Mdnccd nprciaun lo 

RTonl. and nmuiHy ub only divlaa Ih«B."> llvea Tuao taln- 

laaleipnMlnniiKlilchnebiuluvdariiJnFt AliihcHi4ik Oaalhliu, 
boaranr. aprnH «UMIibrd taf Dr. BlMk. i&u Ibna ti an raI 
nnadaliiHi fili Ibo hypMhnia wtaMh Holbn II In Tano'r Inn 

ftiiBlihcd iha wntlilfilr ih'a lu lnn« balM; we» HnnphanHl by 

Iba dunliim oT llia pocl'i eapUiiir. whlcb apprared ptopartloB- 

' MB oolflo an iBiplIntloB of Mala unwon. Thl> ointlulna. 

laloas. firt nonna pnuowlaa n (pHrli uftanoinnlir cciald dnmìl 
poailblc thai II palIrBua of Tuw'i devru nbnulri be (uMHWd 
Miaebcmi'llr, foe aay tblai >bnn nTuiBia •urh nmtul uOtacr. 

KiuqpiBinr puilDD. and di-pìnnl aloinai an won aa Bllnrd. 
* tamil m A* Lytit Phht <<Thh. 

Miuncat li> poor T«ho nppva 
tIT. iBulilimiFlihobleli 

id«^ wu hH »- 

iH|DMU)> TUIt- 

■d. I'uao wniie hini « nrr nbcUnnola ktwr, aa 
dm bcfun bla iiwn drilh. wniU ■ ■eeanil tliiw u nqnol ■ n 

ihnatnrAjai. uid. UkolbaihiBl'of AjHLillf' - - 

oltnptj. WIlbakiHwMiNarthnafiielii. ua ■II» 
" dl'pmre IIm (mJjM 

(llib UnfniplMf railsavarlH la vladieus AI|Auma rmm tbi 
ebwCTofandintmcrily.aBd bnluUni bj pnnnOM wbetbw 
■BfB u TiHOi « ■ r»1 nitiuil (ór Ui wnlDin. wu ib* nu- 
Mn Omi [nHuaKcd tbc uwrelful prlao, Inconnlpitaf Uulntb* 

■b* n-M nrcrmiiy thlnfii aT lift. In ■ innablu iwiccailoa ud 
MIy banllkllna. It li ftun lbs huib oT hli làllcr aad la tba 
midal or ipteii. Ikal Tawi li lo regala hl> baallk aad ieaaa* rt 
Tka Mm I* tno ainaniniu la be adnltiMi d» a inaami. Bna 
Hamlncl. whawriiu nl Hndnia undcriba [KimaiitB otlbe Hnoia 
of E-iM. RjecK tbe nnaaUnil aqauiptlaB. ~ Haw eaa II be." ha 
uelaivD*. "I will aiiliay pmtlble. b«ilfinibabla.ilialapriBcaiif 
Alpbanmt*' hivh-UkindpiJneiil. from * dr«lrv III mluiv Iba baallb 

tu ibe reuiokin ofT»» 

nnruBHmr."! Lai Al|ibnnw bam rv«rir i 
teed kr lll-il>rwne i althlil 

bare r'lciud >l the liine, > Jail laiptckn 

nervaleinme" b' 
IWm ear inlitd*.» 

;** ioDklai ual fbr & fieab palmn- ai 

EàuHib kH •cnBk lin rUruiBCTMIjliiiiikt.-iiMOkiik (m. 
HAhBa^r « v^^ iWUnta. ^^Ht nui^iD Tf PH «M I* ifeat cMf h«4 

.-■'■'.!■ *—> «■ ■!■ l-T'l' y»"!; »< Tmh. Dr. llHhafltrilawnd 


urs or TAMu. 

tloa of his maaiueripla ; let lilai mjaf wlOioQt dlspale tlw dto- 
tIaetioD of havloff fbctorad the rlslngnnliu uf Uie cnateit poet or 
to Bfe, and of having treated him for a dme. In tbeenthtulaatle 
lanfiwfe of that poet's arateftU heart, ** with the afflxtmo not 
merely of a patron* bat or a fkther or a brother ;**-— bat noTer le* 
an act of sach atrocity as this seven years' cmel incareeratlon iik 
a lanatlc asylum, be gloased ortf with the sacred titles of ha- 
manity and niercy. In characterlsinf this deed by its right ap- 

Kllatjon, there is no need to debase the dignity of truth, by adopt- 
S the Invectives in which some writers have indulged ; it wiU 
ba sufficient for one who desires to record his pity fur the agony 
of a noble mind ianguishinf la long captivity, and his disdain at 
the tyranny of the man who could prostitute the power with 
which he was gifted, for the gmtlflcatloo of private vengeance— 
to designate Alphooso, In the emphatic language of Lord Ers- 
Icinc, on a far less urgent occasion, as ▲ shamklbss orPEBssoE 


'*Th(Me," says a llvinc writer. ** who indulge in the dreams of 
eartlily retribution, will observe, that the cruelty of Alphonso 
was not left without its reward, even In his own person. He sur- 
vived the affections of his subject», and of his dependents, who 
deserted him at his death, and suffered his body to be interred 
without princely or decent honors. His lant wishes were neg- 
lected : his testament was cancelled. Hi» kinitman, Don Ca'sar, 
rtirunk fnmi the excommunicniion of the Vatican ; and after a 
short struggle, or rather siixpenite, Fermrn passed away forever 
ikom the dominion of the House of Ksté."* 

TaHo*s reception at the ciiort of Mantua wns such as to in- 
duce him In a short time to forget hi* fwiHt nfflictlons. The old 
Dulce William Eave him a lieautifal apartment in his palace, fur- 
nished him with all conveniences and comforts, and caused him 
to be attended with a devotion equal to his wishes. Theie 
soothing niarlis of kindness were not, indned, of efficacy to pre 
vent his continuing to experience from time to time the same 
vlMllations of melancholy and phantasy as before; but he not- 
withstanding resumed hli liteniry Inhont, nnd completed, or 
rather entirely recast, a tragedy which he had heiran S4) fnr back 
as 1&74, to which he gave the name <if " Torrisinondo. King of 
the Goth« ;" but It was not without much inentnl labor that 
be brought thlR production to an end. It wns thus tliat. having 
escaped with difficulty fnmi the rigor of a long and ut^jutt cap- 
tivity, this great man buried in oblivion all remerabmnces of 
his liimier persecutions, cheriHhing neither hatred nor resont- 
meot for the malice of men : but flndinK in the chsnini of his 
beloved philosophy a sufficient solace for the su^riogs they had 

ThiM passed the year 1586. The next two yean were almost, 
■o to say, one continual Journey to and from Bergnmo. Romei 
End Naples, undertaken ever untier sanguine hope* of advnntage 
to his health, fnnn change of air and novelty of iicene. bnt sel- 
dom aflbrding nnue tlian a tempomry relief. On his way to 
Rome, he visited Loretto, and paid the vow which he had made 
to the Virgin in hin sickness. He visited Naples in the hope of 
lecoverlng his mother's dowry, and of again embracing hi» sis- 
ter Comeiia. The former he cventuully, with much difficulty, 
Ecquired by adjustment; but his sister Cornelia he was never 
■wre to see, as kiefore his arrival at Sorrento, she was released 
ftom the cares and troubles of earth. At Naples our poet waa 

* Hobhou— : Illiuumtiocui of Child* Hanid. 



Invited by some of the most distlngaished individuals of the comt 
and city to talte up his residence with them ; but, determined by 
the beauty of the situntiun, and yet more by religious sentimentii 
which daily assumed over his mind n greater influence, he choae 
rather to abide with the monits of Mount Oliveto. Jt was here 
that he became acquainted with Juhn Battista Manso, his afìer 
biographer, and the friend of Milton, of whose generous and de- 
voted kindne!4S we find in Tussii*» letters a tliousnnJ priM)fs. Every 
thing that delicacy or invention C4iuld ^nsee^t, was tried by this 
excellent young nohieman, to beguile the melancholy of hit 
friend. He drove him out in his cnrriitge amidst the enchanting 
■cenery which surrounds the bay of Naples, assembled niund him 
men uf letters, who by their society and admiration of his genius, 
night MX>th and gratify his mind, and as the autumn advanced, 
vaned his amusements with the dis|Nirts of hunting and of danc- 
ing. "The Sig. Torquato." he writes in a letter to the Count of 
Paleno, " is becoming a very mighty hunter, and triumphs over 
all the asperity of the season and of the rountr>'. When the 
days are bad, we spend them and the long hours of evening in 
hearing music and songs ; fur one of his principal enjoyments is 
tu listen to the Improvisatori, whoso facility of verbifying he 
envies, nature hiiving. as he says, been in this point very avari* 
elons to him. Sometimes too we dance with the girh here, a 
thing which likewise afl^ords him much pleasure."* This was 
certainly the kind of treatment lient adapted to charm away the 
malady of Tasso; and had ««Imiiar means been employed at 
Ferrara, instead of har^h restraint and gloomy incarceration, 
his melancholy humor miglit then perhaps have been entirely 

The principal idea upon which his mind, as connected with 
his malady, had been now for some time fixed, was that of Iw 
tag attended by a fit miliar Spirit that would otten manifest itself 
to sight, and join with him in high and benevolent conmmnion. 
The Marquis endeavored to persuade the |H>et that it was noth- 
ing but ibe iliu5(ion of a disturbed im:itfination ; but being in- 
viteli by Tasto to lie prudent at one of their mysterious inter- 
views, his di^ourses were so lofty and marvellous, both by the 
sublimity of their topics, and a certain unwonted manner of 
talking, which exalted the hearer above himself into a kind of 
ecstasy, that Manno did not dare to interrupt them, nor to ask 
Tasso concerning the Spirit wliich he had announced as being 
apimrent; and when the friendly Genius had vanished fn>m the 
e)'es of Tasso, and the conver>ation ended, Manso remained 
more perplexed thtn ever, — acknowledging, however, in one of 
his ietU'rs, that it was mucii more likely that the vision of phrensy 
Would disorder his own mind, than that he should extirpate 
from the mind of his friend his true or fanciful opinion. '* It is 
not impossible.'* says Dr. Black, " that a fond admiration of the 
writings of Plato, in which 8ocrate!i is represented as affirming 
thill he had a familiar spirit, mi^ht have given this direction to 
the fancy of TasM>. He was for a long time employed in tba 
composition of Dialogues, in which he himself was sometimes 

* Tk«r« il rather ■ curious paMmfre m on* of Tnaio's letter* fttMn Manina ia 
ISS7, winch «howB with whHt n<lelity he r.heri•he^l his Aral luve, notwithelaiMliii|r 
kia ■inoruiis atiM-epiittilnj. " Here," •■jrt h«, **ia going on • most «lelirhlAa 
e*miTal, where are abuiKlancc of l>«autil°ul anc] mnat graceful Ib«Jic«. Never 
waa I more iliapleaRrU al not l-einif a rery happy p»ft than at preaenl. In- 
daed, were it not (<>r ihe fear of h^ini; coiiai«Jere«i ritiier aa too auaceptible, or aa 
MCMtaiaiti, ill makiiijr a new choice, I ahoukl already bava dalil>«rated wbert 
to rcpcM my tbouf hia." 


Ik* dlmaga ut Ut mSmVU gn* tTìL Ikeultf 3 Ittm, 
Olili wuk Ita» UhMMMAaay few* >iti»i ■ [« ■■iifcMI» 
Mn»l laippilÉM. wd ikM In i^*M ka** hMSm *t • 

•IIU» bla im «MWatf *H«*«d0)tl. b dMVMIVMllHiMtf 

Um bioflbd. Il WM k> ki «noM UM > bwr aUonfM M iML 

•miw ■«• .^ «mar. Ii«h » m»m7i> mmSS 
■HtMWltr laMnnlHwfeMUHW. Tli liiMII ii Mii — 

«wmIb— i it mimti wkb tuM» 1« fch <p mì i», mw*» «m» 
iMdkfkUiMMn** imiH<r*iDMia. jaa ik* ammb 
«klilladwMMMtikaMWBvkiTiiM M«in !•*• 

■ptni WM e— wWié la i > fc«IU i M^#! "WM»h Wikl ^ W 

'tTlMB.TuHHidikkiwiwrfcKnH.aiMllBokiiB klaiM- 
M»M wtlk Uw wiMi orSi>. Muta Nnim ftc KTEnl iiinnaH I 

Kf Aw WbMbo b* ea»M*n>l 

hinmirin Itali coaMdM 

IkU |wi, w Ik* ibiinw oT Uw WHltlij-c-dhai dir, wi tal Ui 
Ijrtni laflm La tlia hcwplIAl rif ibv Beniimva. al wblcb [a n 

MuCiiHa aad milaaehalt lllnamikiD or thii iiiiil rrnilaai 

■ Doa^n ■•r nin hihu-i bad Unii ma «r ib« priKinU fiuMi 
Bl> iMMsiwe, hnwoTH. In ibe binpltnl cnnOnBed bu a akal. 
Mm, aad kg a^lii itivmd la hb Kimn apuiaiaBi la ika hm- 
__É — «._ — ™. _. i.-^ (jpjp maiT B^p ar ' ■ '■""" 

pnabt II 

— ■— -' — 'vmaAbv Grand DdIi« ih mvnqj- « ^b^ 

tur BUI blaiapmanlnf 130 daUB. T«»- 

in. and w— wtluwHd bj hlw la Um MM 

Ev*iy pensa too of nMa la Fk(*M« *M»- 

•« n- -I— .!■«.. AtWr htilof pusBd Ibanuaaiw kmka 

al U* n Hiin. and wllh rtcb [ivhdU. fa INIl, b* vWiad kk 
bnMkeba Vlannaa D'amia, anr. by Iha doub uT blu Iklkan 
IlBhaiir Manna; la iwi, ikaOnaBI urtVlEBaalNaplsi. H^ 

laqad. ikal ha ailMil 'chu^ Umwir a Tmonis ut tha *anr 
kUaMqnalllr; lb* prtwa kikavnd m hlBi wllb Ik* bmnM a^ 
tkMllir; aad ibai eoairiiriBd ud tansond. ibe inM bad lalian 
W itnina tka eumpoalilnn oT hli " Ommlennia CktaqabMbt," 
wblck, loiallirr UM critici, ba bad brfoa darlaf Ma Hnl laal- 


I to the Ar^t ^ Genmiemmr," a prefcrenn wbLch inccsedlni um 

l| hivs nui btlrd b> ointlnii. Thih. humvu. cnatlMud la iIh 

I Umi hU ■■ Pandi» Renaìncd." althimiib in the >i>nnsl wbtch 

" Tired Knd Inllrni wltb ■(«. my Ini 1* to «its 

Ii Tlw " Grnivilemiiw Conquistato" was drdlcatod Ui the Cv- 

I dliwl ClBlhta Aldubnndlnl, one of lh> Brphewi u( C'lc-imnl IIh 

1 Elililk. IIM rslKBlDE Pope. irliiM ■ccmlan Tu» tauj eelo- 

<| bnud la an Ode, wtalcli M M ■ preuInK Invluiiun to Rmne 

] ft«inlhe^D|irniie Fuulld'hlBiwir. Tiuin. wben he eouUI du- 

'' aiii)il<hWhol«l|vdbÌMl>bliairB ainrtnicBti la ihe Vaiiuii, 

I arflectliiti DMIilDl Itiiil mi||bt prove elibei ■dnnufma' to tata 

deia, howcnt. in Manli. I.IM. laadu liini rsaolve lu pnia tba 
I iDrnmecat Naptam whrre hu hupcd Hi ncelvt; ■niie benelli. ao 

|l Iraa float (be biilbn Ihan fnmi cbanfu uC air Willi iha p«r- 

winlini of Ibe F"iie and of bin aeplww*. ha Kcc<jfdLa|ty da- 
Four nonlhi he enntlnunt al Napla*, in Ihe en>i]rDienI nf bla 
, bnriie uluillr-. rkllM "BI wheii _bl« Iwaiih ui-nidiird, and 

' n* ila rrlnrn lo Rhok. t;iird<nal UbiUiiu aii«d mil lo nnd Iba 

1 tB( him iblthor, nbulnnl fhini the Pnpa a dmne «namniine lu 

,, eonl^ni'd <in nonne, Tuwcnnld ml mine an Ihiihii dieuicd 

bf to ileliTHin a liind'Up. alibinicb. iK'naaniiy. in mnicd 

ThearrinlirfTawnal KiiBie lonk pia» abuot Ibe lOUinf 
N.». IJM. Ik «M nwt irllhinil Ibe elly by ■ «iHeiiiVd eatal- 
Hi la Ihia nvuincrnnined lo ilw v: 

y by ■ iiHeH» 

wiHEdny. lip woi aitoilibil la an audience »C tlw Puivi i^'bo 

■^4|r^i^^ KiM,"We ban ddincd ymi ibo imwaof biiinji, 

It bu tniiéma un nthrn." Tbry would have mado iinuediala 
prrpHnOo» (or Ihe ceRmnny. bnl Ibg ain-oa bsonaui vetf 
■uiFmy, and at dudlnal Vlalhtu drvmlaed Uwl II ihiniUI 
ecllpi4alllbnier|Bi||viht«nr tba kliril. and be eq>iy<^ \ty llie 


urs or TASSO. 

K*m tn blank vem, entitled, ** 11 Mmido Onto, or the Berea 
jTH of CrueUoo.** Meaawhile the Pope had given him a proof 
of admiration and esteem more snlMtAntinl than his eolucy, 
cauinfT n bull to be eipedlted for granting him a penvlou of ttO 
•cuòi. The joy with which Tasao received this munificent glA, 
was yet Ihrther Increased looo after by the ternilnatliMi of htai 
lawifuit ; the Prince of Avellino, agnlniit whom hb claim waa 
found to lie. consenttng, In coosldemtlon of his stopping the 
process, u* grant him an annuity of 900 ducats, and a consider- 
able Mum In linnd. To the ble^alngs which were thus llherally 
showered down upon him, one alone was wantlnc, the pruapecl 
of long enjoying them. This was wholly denleu. No sooner 
had the month of April arrived, the period fixed for his c«>ro- 
nation, than he felt to an insupportable degree an aggravation 
of his disorders. Perceiving thnt his end drew near, and only 
solicitous now to make suitable preparation for it, he demanded 
permi8>lon of the Cardinal to retire to the Monastery of 8L 
Onorrif>. His wish «i'as instantly obeyed ; Clnthlo himself con- 
ducted him thither In his cliarlot, and left orders with th« 
monks that he should be tended with all possible attention. 

A few diiys after, finding himself yet more feeble. Tasso saw 
tliat it was time to bid adieu to the friend whom he had found 
DKwt fluithfui to him. and wrote to ConsUintini the pathetic Iviier 
which no one can have read without emotion. " VVlint will 
my dear Constantini My when he «hall hear of the death of 
his dear Tasso! and in my opinion, the tiding!) wtU not be 
tardy. The close of life I feel to in* fist npproiiching ; no 
remedy ain be found to assuHge this new dÌHteni|ivr which luis 
Joined my others ; so that, as by a nipid uirrent, 1 aiii iMirne 
away, without any thing to cling to, or to oppose \u xpeed. It 
avails not now ui speak of my relentles» fortune, nor to complain 
of the Ingratitude of the world, which has gniiied the victory 
of conducting me indigent to the tiuiih. while I fondly hii|ifd 
that the gior)' which (u'hnt<>ver it niny think; this ace shall do- 
rive from my writings, would not entin-ly leave nie uliliuut 
reward. I have CHu>ed iiiyM'lf Ui lie coiiductt-d into this .Monas- 
tery of St. Onofrio, not only l>oc]iu<«e the air of It i* pmised 
l>y the phyticinns as better thnn nii> in Koine, but uImi that I 
may begin nt this exalted place, and with the intercourse of 
these devout fathers, my con>ersiition in llciven." 

On the 10th of A|iril. Toniuato was seiz«'d with a violent 
fever, which, although he was nstiiited by the In"«I advice In 
Rome, s<i far incnuised. that on the seventh day the physicians 
ceased their atti inpts to op|>o!>e it, and Th.^^^o was inforiiied thnt 
his last hour was nt hand. He not uni} r< crived the warning 
Without alarm, but, eiiibrarini: the physician, thanked him for 
tidings so ngre«>able. and raisinfi his e)e« to Heaven, returned 
tender and devout th-inkt to hit C'riMiior. that alter mi teiii^iestu- 
ous a life, he had now broiisbl liini to n ralni haven. Fn»m 
this time he !«[Mike not willintsly un icrrr-tirial ^ubJe(-t'<. not even 
of that fame alter de ilh, of w hich Ihriiiich lite he had Immmi most 
■ollcltous; but n'sifintd hiniM>lf wholly, and with the lueiient 
devotion, to the last solemn offices pre^crilted by hi^ celigion. 
After confeftsinK with gn'at contrition, and n>ceivlng twice the 
ncrament, with a reverence and humility that artt-rted all be- 
holders, the Cardinal Cinthio h>t.«ten«Ml forthePapil iiencdiction. 
"Clement,'* as we are told in a letter fnmi Maurici' Cataneo, 
** groaned and sighed over the fate of such a man, and grant(;d 
him a plenary indulgence in remlAtiion of his sins,** which 
honcr, coiiimed alone on per «ms of high cimslderatiun. Tasso 

LIFE or TASSO. 65 

uknowledffed with humility and gratltnde, Baying, ** that this 
was the chariot n|N>n wtiich he ho|ied to go crowned, not with 
Innrel a^ a poet into the capitol, hut with gli:ry as a saint to 
b«ivi>n.'* iLtving been requestvd to malce his will, and to dic- 
tate somethini; as an epllapli, he wuiiled and said, that as to the 
first, lie hnd vt-ry little tu leave, and for the sixond, a plain 
stone would he sufficient to cover him ; ho nevertheless desired 
his Confe'txor to mark down that he bequeathed to Manso hia 
portrait, which hnd been painted by direction of that nobleman, 
and to the Cardinal Cinthio hi» writings and his little propertv. 
Of the Cardinal he begged with earnestness that he would coi- 
lert together all the copie» of his worlcs, and especially of the 
** Geru.falemme,*' and commit them to the flames. Batisfted 
with the answer given liim by the Cardinal, who was nnwil- 
ling to embitter his last moments by a direct refusal, bat who 
well Icnew that it was wholly out of his power to fulfil such a 
request, he entreated, since he hnd now obtained all that he 
could wish for in thi» world, that he might be left alone with the 
crucifix, and with one or two of the fathen to assist blra in hia 
devotions : whereupon the Cardinal hade him a fond fiirewelli 
and retired from the chamber, weeping bltteily. No one was 
afterwards admitted to him but his confessor and a few of tiie 
lather», who by turn» sung psaim», in which they were occa- 
•ionatly joined tiy Torquato, and when his voice fkiiod, he 
ceased not steadily to contemplate the image of liis Redeemer. 
Thus the nigtit {visned away ; and at eleven o*cioclc of the day 
following. VIZ. April '25, l.i^, feeling the approach of the mortal 

Cing, be closely eiiibmced the crucifix, and with the words on 
s lip». " Into thy hand», O Lord," resigned his peacefal spiriL 

Such was the happy consummation of his most eventful life. 
All Rome deplored hi<» death, and his fHend the Cardinal Cinthio 
felt a melancholy pleasturo in rendering those honors to him 
dead, which he was prevented from pitying him while living. 
Robed in a Rimian toga, and crowned with laurel», the body 
was ezpo!>ed in public, and nfterwards with a splendid attend- 
ance iNirne in »tute by torchlight throu|!h the principal streets 
of the city. Every one ha.«tened to enjoy the last sight of the 
countennnre of a man who had done so much honor to his age, 
and a throng of psiinter» crowded round the corate, to fix lorevcr 
in their memory its pale and fading lineaments. The Iwdy was 
then cjirried bitck to the monaxtery, and on the evening of the 
day on which its spirit had departed, was interred with the 
Usual ob!«ei]uie«. agreeably to hi^ desire, in the church of 8t. 
Onofrio. The Cardinal Cinthio projected a magnificent monu- 
ment to his momory, which, however, from indÌR|ioaitlon and 
a ceasele»» round of' pubi ir and domestic otres, was never exe- 
cuted. The Marquis of Villa, vl!<iting, five years after, the 
grave of his friend, earno»tly entreated permission to gracf the 
spot with a splendid tomh; but all thnt lie could obtain frmu 
the Cardinal w it, thit u teniponry marlilc tiiblet, with a brief 
iuscnptii*n,«honld l>e pl:ired by the monk» over the poet*» ashe;*, 
to mark wlien* they wcrr litid. Eielil other yeHi^ elapx^ed with- 
out any «ipiieannce of the (Cardinal's fulfilling his intention; 
whereupon, the Cardinal Boniface Bwilarqua, a Femirese, 
assumed the honor to himself, and raided on the left of the 
entrance Into the church nn elegant and stately monument, 
which is still to lie »een, bearing, beneath the efligles of the poet, 
a suitable inncription. 

TaKHo wr\H «»f a «lature 50 lofty, thnt, according to Manso, he 
night be considered nnitingot men even of large sise, as one o' 


56 Line or tasso. 

the larffent His compleilon had been exceedingly &lr, bat 
flnt studies and vlfiis« and nnerwHrd» Diivfortanet and knflnnl- 
tles. bsd made him «omewhat pale. Hit head was hufe, and 
lalsad both in the firehead and occiput ; In the middle, how- 
ever, ab«>ve each temple. It was mther deprcsaed than round. 
His forohead wa« larfe and square, fiiYt ruing to the middle, 
and aHerwards IncllninR to the hnir, which time had In a great 
roeannre removed, rendering hini almost bald. The color of 
his h lir and beard, was a «mxm date between bniwn and lair. 
Inclining, however, towards dark; his eyebrows Mack, well 
arched, »cnnty. and dli^ned. His eyes were large, and of e 
Tlvid blue, their gnse and motions ftill ofcrivity. and ofien. aaya 
Man!«o, din>cted towards the skies, as fullowing the soarings of 
the mind within, which was generally raised to things celestiaL 
His cheeks were rather long than round, his nose long and 
Inclined toward* the mouth, which was al« large and leonine ; 
his lips were thin and pale, his teeth white, large, and thickly 
set. He lauehed but rarely, and when he did. gentlv and with- 
out any noi'<e. His voice was clear and sonorous, but though 
his tongue was nimble, his converMtlon was rather slow than 

a nick, and he was often accustomed to reiterate his last words. 
lis flfure, notwithstanding it* sixe. was well praporti<incd. and 
his linib< were so active, that in exerciiies of chU'alry. he was 
wmiderAilly expert; natuntiy brave, he sliowml in c?i!ies of 
personal d inger eouil dexterity and cftungp.* but more address 
than grace; and, Anally, he had in his whtile pcr^um, but espe- 
cially In his countenance, Muiicthine dlsnilied. nitble, and atinc- 
ttve, which, even previon» to a knowlcdge of his transcendent 
naertts. Inspired Intere-tt and rninimindt'd reaper t. 

But his persi»nat accompilshnientM were far <urpns«ed by the 
qualities of his heart. All hU hi^torianH cimcnr in their pnilse* of 
his candor, his Invlolable fidflitv Ut hi* word, hi* courtoty, his 
firankne*". his f>ee<loni from the lea^t tincture of revenge «ir of 
malignity, hi* attichment tn his friend'*. hi*KraUlude to lii-> lien- 
efkctors, his patience in miiifnrtane, his niildnc<^s and MtUriety, 
his purity of life and manners, tii* frrvent and sincere plerj*. 
What was mo«t irk<Mime in hi^ t«*m|>er W!i« a *trini;e he h<d 
of being *liehted, and a certain su*piriuii* and miolru!(irul di«(M>- 
sitlon. This, however, ((hough ptrtly perha ^Mowing to lil^ |miv- 
erty, and his re*idence In a cer<>moninu* court.) iiiu^t In< princi- 
pally attrihntetl to di«ense and |i>ng mi^roriiine. iVi* hich «^pirlt- 
ednesa, which c.tused him to look with hornir on all that re*>om- 

* Wc hav» «Irraily rcronJf d onr in.taiii*e of hi« prnun-*! intfrpi-'n v. Aiiothrr, 
UitU Irai Mrihin/, «ciirrnl in Ki. journrv m Romr in 15:4, 4 ii-mlr-l «Kit tiM 
MM(flall6riiiir rnmpliiiirnl wh c>i ii ii pnv^il-lr ui roii--riv». Ai M U I'.i •ticM, 
Oh eontpaiiy wnh Wimn h« tni«etlp<i wire »(i>ppril l>y the <lrrj«-l oi I'ut Man-a 
di 8'wm, a nii>ii ilariiif r<-librr, an-l ca{i(.«iii wi a ii<iinir>>u« iriHi|< ul (•aii<liiii. 
** Wa art hrre at Mola," wniraiHir poet m itnr »■ >ii« kurr*, **i> miupiI l>.v ilit 
drrail ol Marco ili Rriarra, wlio it m thr .triir!i'-<>rh->ii)i, wrh .i erf ji numl-vr nf 
niflana, YF*irril««, wr air io'.>i, ih^r ki'li*-! niini (i«r«<>i|. nr ilii<i •■iiimrr, 
•Uwra the^ liN>k pnann^ia, ami iiidn» I, uiilfM furr t>^ •«b'-ii, 'l>i> in i} muh nut 
anotiter va( ur8|Mr*\c>ia. .... Tlir oih^i m^'i , hf «i-u r ^«fiiiiiv n>w>nii|- 
td with rrics "i ■ wnh ( « •creama u renale*. I «bi<..rU 'o i'* Im ', an-l >iBÌn 
Wi b hlo«xl (tie awiifd win h yixi ravi« m, . Ixii I «a. «iliS'll." On (ina 
•eeaaian, in fa'"!, «hrrr wa« nu iire<l «'• ttr'^nn-^ In» |>'i»w**». S-'-arr-», h i*iiij 
WaniMl ihat Tji*a«i » ■■ at Mi>t.i, anit ■■> romi-li'itrnt him. He iii1°rr«il limi ihk 
«■I7 a fi** paMajTP, bill pmiri-iinn \'f thr wa>, au irtitif Sim ilia> lir ami li|* li>l- 
lowrr* vtMi.d t* pniiMl (■> rsr -iiir hi* iiiilri* T •«■<«■ ici>fl ir I hnn iii-in* ••unliR, 
but ilvcliiinl arrfpiii g hi* p •> rr un, nut fioin any .li>ii!-i n- 1 ix >i->iio-, .■ i- u- 
eaua* bt thiMli(li> I' «ri>u-l i-r iir!> !l<* I'r !•■ l-ivi> Ihc f r ■ rin.ii I y wlinm h- wnl 
accoinpanitil. Wiion H'lnrra hr tn] ihis h** 'riii imiii'r <lial lir Wi-m:iJ I>;it« 
Ofi hi* aeeuuni. f Itr w^y, oiitm u-r li ma-It iiuvl Itieiid*; ^i ihal, wrbuui an; la/ 
tbar «baiaelf, thrjr airirt<l —ftly at Roim. 

LIFE or TA880. 67 

Med bfueneMi, ansninrd at Urnen the appenrence of pride; 1m 
rnuld not endure the lea^t mark of unjast depreciation; tratlfhe.. 
himself ever ch.-inced to fail in any point of correct conduct to- 
ward* others, he never scrupled to otibr them every satlstacUon, 
and to humiliate him^eif till the offended pnrty lost all care for 
the oflTcnre. Born a gimtleman. in an age when the term had all 
iti h-gb distinction, a dnhhed chevulier in less than by 
the chnnce of birth, he rendered to the princes with whom he 
mingled, tlie honor duo to their rank ; but in all other rcspecu he 
con<«idercd himself as their equal, and the privileies which they 
enjoyed, served only to render hiui in their society more scrupu- 
Ioni in exacting the resfiect that was his due.* He had the 
greater rea^in to foster this apparent iiride, when ho was visited 
by misfortunes, in order to preserve, during his louc and unjust 
captivity, a dignity in sorrow. In the depth of his distress, Irom 
the lolitude of his prison, he wrote to one of the greatest lords in 
the court of Pcrmra, whom he fancied he hud injured by some 
expressions which had escaped him in a momentof desp-iir, that 
he was ready to offer him every satisfactitm that could be re- 
ceived from a man resolved to die mther than to do any thing 
that was unworthy of his ch;iracier as a gentleman. 

Himple. but neut in his dress, his common habit, even in hia 
youth, was black, without the fantastic and luxurious ornamenta 
usual in that nge. Ho was fond of white and fine linen, of which 
he lo\'ed to make large provi<«ion, and which he wore plain, 
without lace or embroidery. In diet he was extremely tem|ienite, 
end lovrd. a» to t-i!<ie. thiiiKS that were sweet to the palate, such 
as candied fruitM. cuke», and Mweetineais, and rich and piquant 
wines. His dislike to any thing bitter api>roached even u> hor- 
ror, so that, notwithstanding his frequent illnes<ies, he could 
scarcely ever be prevailed u^Min to take any medicine that was 
not rendered agreeable to his taste.f His countenance, silent, 
modest, and reserved, was full of a mild but tnigic gravity, re- 
•embling mther th'it of a philosopher than a poet. He preferred 
retirement and solitude tt> the busile of the world ; but in the 
circlet of bis choice, with friends, and, above all, with amiable 
wiimen, hi<< cunversation l)ecaiiie hichly nnimateil. and laying 
aside his philoMiphi&il gnivity, he indulged in HighLt of pleasant- 
ry, with no leiH guytfty than gmce. Mnnso has collected together 
a number of bou mot» wbirh he ascriben to him. but ol theM the 
greater number are nhown by Si>ni«(«ii to lie :i|M>rr}'phal ; Huch, 
however, as Iwlong indubitrtbly to our [Miet. dUcowr no le^s just- 
ness of applicititm than livcline«!t of wit. 

Of the merit-» and liet'ecls of the " (ierusalmime Fiilierita.'* 
and his other voluminous com[K>!«itions, my limits forbid me to 

* ** I cannot," Mja he, ** Mrt m n fity whf re all the noSihi v ilo noi vielil ms 
the Irat pince, or «IIdw, m |r«»(, thm < «Ixnilil Iw ihr ir ^|iial in cv^rjr es'rrnal 
demoiittriiiion vl re^iwci. Tina i* my ^viinor ur raj prim-iple."— JLclter to ^f* 
renio M'iri, 

T '• If," Mira h^, in one of III* Inner», •• vou ran pro''iire ih« receipt for tbs 
COnaerTe win.*!! Sijf, Mrn-uriale wiali»* me lu lakf, I •linll br inflniiC'jr ol'li^d 
to juu. The inure .tfTrttih'.e ii i« fn tbr ia«ir, I «hail vaine il 'tir m*>n ; lid'aiMS 
tke cX''ell*iice iil nieiliCAl men gTttki\y c>>ti«iii(«, aa ynu well know, iiiririiif uoC 
only wHiiieMiite, bui airreealile iiieili?iitca." At whai lie a:ijraoit anoOicr ocea- 
a*oft. Il H impQvml'U tu aupprena a «ini!e. ** I oiifht to be frecil, thai I may try 
wtiat can be Ji>iie fur ine uj M. Alrwaii<ln) «la Civitu, who formerly aiteinpica 
mr rernrery in the court nl Canlinal Albano. Neeer have I known m piiyaiciao 
•u kni'l and ai> <lMcrpei ; he did nothing bui wliai I wished, and alwaya jfaTS 
ij me (aa i« proper) Hilly the moti delifhiful inrdifiiiea. I anil remeinlier with 

•I ple^aure nia tweet ai-iduaKia Aii'Uf>a, whi< h iniriii have revived a corpaa, hin| 

ni" |>>IU With fold, wlACii he said wi»re aorncwliai Lurdtoaum* fur to* aieiii* 

"^ 3* 


58 Lirm or tamo. 

■peak. Rnch u are deMiotu ofcritleally eonefderiof Iheak mef 
be referred lo Glnfueoé and fittunonill, wbo bave both narraed 
the examination with candor, talent, and ammen. With re 
■peet to the intellectual endowmeats of Tasio, apart from hit 
poetry, they were in the hlgheet dwree exalted and vast. Hla 
erudition was extenttve, and indeed, flrooi aone of his DIalofoea 
would appear to have been immenee. With the Firench and 
Bpanijih, to say nothing of the dead langnagea, he waa well ae- 
qnaintrd ; he wae deefriy skilled in what that aie considered aa 
phllOMipby, and was almost equally well versed in mathemalt- 
cnl science ; nor does his English biographer scrapto to say. that 
from the wonderful pvaclsioa, and, as It wera, sharpness of ott^ 
line which he gives to all his notions on the roost abstruse and 
mystical unbjects, fVom the skill with which he aannnnces. and 
the order with which be dtoplays them, be thinks, that If TaNso 
had not been the Bomer, he might, a few years snbseqnentiyi 
have been the Locke or Galileo of his age. 

** Tasso,*' he continues to observe with his usual elegance. 
** was, as we have seen, possessed of all those virtues which 
mtftht natamlly have been expected ùom a laborious man, whose 
greatext pleasure was study, the art which he cultivated his 
ruling passion, and the glory of excelling in it his sole ambition. 
Nnmemns and bitter as were his foes, they seem to have been 
unable to charge him Justly with a sinxle moral stain ; and, 
amidst many sufTeriniKB, he was at lea.<«t exempted from the mint 
bitter of all evils, the anxer uf remome. His name may be 
added to that of the other worthies who have found, in the 
Christian doctrines, a subject of faith and ronnoiation ; and in 
its precepts a rule of practice. The darkneM of hif fate had a 
tendency to turn his views beyond this world, as night, which 
hides tlM> earth, revesis the »ky. Uniting, as he did^ tlie exer- 
cise of virtue to the ardor of devotion, the dutien due to his 
CrMtor and to his fellow-men ; we may hope, with bin iMllan 
biographer, that God, a bountlfhl remun«>rntnr, called him to 
hlm««if, before his earthly coronntlon, to ntlnrn him with a mors 
tme and incorruptible crown, in the Heavenly Jerusalem.** 



Rsfer do Hovcdcn. Vlniiuaf, Willtim a( T)-re, 

Alhelini, EAt". Kltb 1 

Bnyeui. oil», tn>lKip uf. Anlxn. 

I Bfwe. Uitini't de Row), irunh de, Idid at BohI, 

Ó,unwV-J"»"ll''''. msrtehim- ' Ut. Amiind.""Wn de 

Tlfi:.ioill"ffWej«. IHI. Medard,olBeiii.rck, Hwi 

Fiiii-(;™ini, BrK'n. _ I «ic de 

Gaidar ifllph. E. of Norfolk I Tjir^ll. w\\itt. 

LIST or maUM omiudru. 

ClinIDn. Knciir dg, Blihop of 1 
Ulchlleld. uciilur ut II» 
EuboTUBciilii.iiiut Hwni 

lbs iMttJa uf AnllKb. 1 

HaBrTuCIIiiaUDCdna. 10. 
Ijkt, Otlbcn M. Knlfhi Tmb- 

Er. sarjuX-Mti Nuafcddla In 1 
uni. Md euilnly dclbct- 

' teiiti iiay Liul( 
A-lllLun ih. ad E. of 

L«r> JollB dc, KHIIMIll* of 

M»niivlirF, WlllKm do. £. of 

. Wllliuui ik , BclUauB. Unldwin i 

AlbiHIan, PblUp da , J.ilin da 

AlU^WlillHi di, 3d E. of BewtHUip, John dil 


K. dnilni liU upilvLiy. : Bum. Ei. _. 

Ufliuk. John. Dtuanr, Jtihit d« 

«dhIdi. riupMn la Ihc K1n|. Biiiulnibun. WllllMn dc 
«piild«n«ld.l)E»iry>dii.w1>0H £l.>iH;lmuiiu.ft.>ben£.urLi 

Audliy, Vi 

Animi*, Wlllhunda 
Badrlumn. KmA 4b 
Baldwin. ArchUtlwp" 

CwBOrCll, 8U BlrhUd d*, 1 


Chumpiiym-, Bub 
Chiiminh, Thùni 


OikyntMW. H«nry ■>■ 
0>lvil>. OftftcyiHa 

OnrTt Rcilter (I* 
Cmm. <iuy dp, 1. 

trn:y»,*5f niw d« 

(■(tele, arjhpii. ud NIcholu i 

Uano. ChrMlIn da 

Dnnr. KiiniHn. 

UHubpny, Balph, PhUlp, ai 

lira^ur'RlFbanT'iihM >ii 


tifinvill. lUnnl|>h de. Uid 
vf Jg^II» nf EBfiand, 
\a Klchnrd 1-1. 



1 ind Wininni da 

I. Evi of Der- llt«ir<. 


, Kfnry. Hii»i. IlJiiry. 

PIii-AtwUkitfrild. Ilenry* la Icfaliuhnm. Wllllnin. 

Flii-<;Fahiy.ieBllcniaB «r Uw Itle. MiiUhrw da 
btdcbaBlifrn Bklunt I.— Kent. Thimixida 
bi hii n» Uh «ipiive Klat Kyiir. Philip da 
ofCyvnu iru cnnimltled. i Kyrkrum, Riluh da 

Pu-Uf-rilil. Wnrlne <la. 3. ' Lxlornp, WUlLiin da 

nii-Ccnld. Hauti. , LAcy, R.tpr dc 4. 

Flu-Hamphiay, WalMr. , lAluya, JubB da 


jl LiBflsy. titttirj ia 


Lipul.. W-IBi. d« 

be 1... baned Is WelllMB 

Limiche, Guy ih 


UMa. Nteholu da 

, nirtvnde 

-Ui.rpc, WlilluD. 

Kcvylln, Ijiwrenc». 

' L^l'-"uW.l^ 


Ndnlile. <to 

Uoei. B.*tn. 

l.ur>(;cflh,yc,„aodlta9 4B 


, llniwj da 

Od'hiJ^'l'.'l'^ltlS,'*, *"* 

Lrta. Gcnm. 

— , It.*rn. 

Oàil.'de, Bill Itili *■ 

I.VBiio.ry. R.flii da 
MiicHl™. WillluD Ita 

Oli).li«m. Th.wBU d* 

un, Nichni.. .w 

Molli, GyUci de 

, Mwbii.d da 


DllcMl, WiniKHlda 

Ul'tnlcoe, R.iiri, da 

eJiw, Itruiy de 

Mx line. Henry d* 

Mnl.,. Ru,er, Klai RlehMd-. 


reclinili, Jubu de 

Uu.larllle, It If bird da 

MmiWII. Wlllrninde 

JL!::_ j|,i,„| 

Mmvl'iv Julltl .1. 

PeylVer. da Uc«n •>« 

r^mmv. HeDiy. 

Peneceiiet, ryn(he"ier. or da 

rriubur.1, Ksteiibya, Lord 

Mol^V (ll.-h».d. 

IVurdi-a nf Ihe Cinque Pulì. 

M-riM>. Thoni» Ut 

millet Rd^i.rd 1. 

Un„„l». WIIUU.. 



, Gv»nird da 

M.ab.. Will»». 

Pen.i, Eull).. 

Hlnit». Admu de 

Hnini», SynioH. 

Pe.«ie. .VlVlrnl— da 

Mnn houli, Ad>i>i da 

NiHinlFc, Bcii'dlrk. 

PIpdMI^no'™"^!!.! U> bri 

\\-..„„n nnd Cu.F». 

Pl|-nl, IJIlLn. 1. 

(li«iBi)i>rB, B-irtea da 

finkenel. Aki d> 

Moanirnnb, Pmi «a 

MnnilK union da 

PrMIrm', Will lam de 


R.'lk, Hen'ty d> 

bV «K KlM. 

Kwiir.inl, ifllude 

HHD«>ià.'R«bm « il<«cr. 

kZÙÌ; R'cri'd.^ 

Muint, lUK da 

Ri.". ^,',l«iiV 

Uuioa.. W.1W da 

M. Aiiliwy, Ollhenda 

Kail, Biflii de 

SLJohii, ii>h>i4a 

LIST uF tN(;M^iI <K\ s \l)i:il^>. 


St. Leger, Williain and Ralph 

St. Quintln, Robert de 
St. Valerie. Bernard de, 2. 
Sackville Adam de 
Saodalr. Thomas de 
Salila ver, Hof h. 
Sautnne, Bartholomew. 
SavHge. R^ilph de 
Saye. William de 
Scoveney, John de 
Bcoltu, Robert de 
Scrope, Robert, of Barton. 

. Walter. 

Sillinghcld. John de 
Seinimore, Laurence de 
Sedan. Stephen de 
Soinerye, Robert and Simon 

Spencer, Hash de 
Staverton, John de 
Stopham. Ralph de 
Strange, John le 

Talbot, Roger de 
, Gerard, one of the King's 

Tame, Richard. 
Tamworth, Gyles de 

Tanqiier^-, BtTtraiii de 

Tiliiiii.^ton, Kogcr do 

Tniserue, Olho «le 

Tregoz. Henry and John. 
I Taithman, Alain de 
' Tupigen, Walter de 

Turkeville, Hugh. 
; Tychesey, Thomas de 

Valoyne», Walrols do 
. Vuntore, John du 

Vaux. John de 

Ve I. Robert de 

Verdun. Bertram de. one of the 
governors of Aeon, 2. 

, Tho»)bald dc 

Vescy, William dc 

Viene, Lucas de 

Viie, An>elm de 

Wake, B'lldwin de 

VValei», Richard. 

Wanton. William de 

WurburUm. Thomas. 

Warde. Robert de 

Wace, Roger le 

Welles, Simon de 

Wilion. Ralph de 

Witefìeid, Rol»ert de 

WiMlubith. Ralph de 

Wotingby, Bartholomew de 


Conrcy, John de 

Ferrers. William de, son of the 
former Euri, in. 


Albini Pincemn, William, 4th 
E:«rl of Arundel, 2. 

Philip de, 6. 

Argentine, Richard de, 14. 

. Reginald de, a Knight 

Templar, tN»re the standard 
in a great battle near An- 
tioche until his hands and 
legs bfiing broken, he was 
there slain, 21. 

Audley. James de, 52. 

Baliol. Eustace de, M. 

Bek, of Ere>l»y, Anthony. 

Beanchauip. of Alce^ter and 
Powyk. Waiter de, 53. 

Blunderille. Ralph de, 3d Earl 
of Chester, 2, 

Bohun Henry, Earl of Here- 
ford, 4. 

Bohun. Humphrey, his son. 
Earl of £s5iex. 34. 

Brace, of Annandale, Robert 
de, 54. 

BurMll, Robert, M. 

Chaworth, Pain, Hervev, and 
Patrick do, broihcr;<, 5-1. 

Clare. Richard de. K'lrl of Clou 
cester and Hereford, died at 
Aeon. 24, 

,»;ill»ertde. Eirl of Glou- 
cester, his son. 

-, Thomas. Ciltierl's bro- 

ther, t«K)k prisonrrs four Su- 
racens, and bruu;;ht theui to 
England, 51. 

Cornwall, Richard. Rirl of, 56. 

, Henry, E:trl of, his 

son, 56. 

Dreux, Jolin de, E;irl of Rich- 
mond, 53. 

E«lward. Prince, 5<m of Henry 

Eleanor, his wife. 

Edmund, Earl of Lancaster, 
youngest son of the King. 

Ferrars, William and Robert, 
sons of the Earl <if Derby. 

Fiennes, William de, 54. 


„„„.„».».„„„. Il 

(Kwtt, B>lpb4<r H. 


Greodilun. OihF.'do,*GoYMiKir 

Unilw, SO 

MunlHlL B"(et d«. 34. 

Qnr> on^àònr. Kictmnl, K. 

Hnnuhn. Byniai da, Kart oT 






, NnMrt dth hU «0, 4. 


Iba «r«i™«. 54. 




E.flur&.ll.harT, J. 

Viiiii. bilpti da. 0. 

Vardiir., Jnh» de M. 

Lon». Phillip. », 

Vw-y. Jnhn de, M. 

ttffinl. lUlpH da. M. 



™c»„,»„.c» Il 



Uelhick- or UaUiIck lUII, But 

Bkoh, WllLlma. 



l>^hMUt. lUFnBBHd BliuKh- 

wr of Ibr l-Til. Maraud aata. 

Pllii<M.anl Brian, « Brian da 


Bm ni ETMhy. Hu«li «od Amo- 

nml «in ol UcBrj I. 






F.» Kj.t|>b. 

nb'dlS'air B,nnu» 

Pnvlllt ' 



BriybnAr. Iteoiy da 


IJUS^'eu WlllUm d-, •1>ID « 


Nnumiy, (ilfuddt 

(>n'v'i^. Sichsrd de, •ItJii m 

ll«Hn'Jl ° 

f»«.vill>.. lVllllM,d.,dBWMd 

foa .^ ColctiHUt, >laU n( 

Orani. Baldwin tin 


Illlion. ' 



CllKbuip. AIilB da 


Ky». (Villo I da. dlad M AroB. 


Ltcr. Banrr da. E. oT Uac-Hm. 



LuDbnrne, John de 
Lesiranfe, Uanion. 
Lexby.Richnrd de, died at Aeon. 

. Bcrinii^r, hi» brother. 

Linditay, Richard de 

Lisle, Boddwin do 


Lucy. Walter de 


Mackerel, John de 

Maluiains, Gilbert. 

Mandeville, Geffrey dc, E. of 


Minnut, Peter, slain at Aeon. 
Montfort, Almaric de, E. of 

Monttòrt and I^eiccsier. 

, Hugh do 




Mowbray, John de 

Moy, Walter de 


Nigell. (if Kent. 

Oilli. Walti-r and Richard de 

Oreby, rhilip de 

Percy, Ralph, non to the Ist E. 

of NorthuujbcTiand. 
Pipard. Gilbert. 
Punieroy. 8ava|re de 
PiMile. William de 
Purcell, William de 
Rom of Ilnmlakc, William de 

. Walker de 


Sinclair, Henry. 

St. AllMin'«, K(»bt'rtde,a Knight 

Templar, deiicrtt'd to Saladin 
St Ledger. John de 
St. Loo, Robert de 

Sack vii le, Robert de 

Salbbury. Bishop of. 

Savllle, Sir Robert 

Savoy, Peter de. E. of Richmond 

Scales, Henry de 

Scott, David, E. of Huntingdon, 
brother to William, Ku>f Scot- 

Sii verter. Seneschal of the Arch- 
bishop uf Canterbury. 

StntTord, Hugh de, Eari of Staf- 


Stuteville, Osmond de 

Su hard. 

Tal boi. Gerard. 


Telson. Raoul and John. 

I'heiHlore, Prior of the Uospl- 
tal lem. 

Tibeutt Sir Robert de 

Tilney. Frederick 

Tilly. Riilph de 

Tour, de la 


Turn ham, Robert de 

rif'ord. Robert de 


Vhux. Ralph de 

Venn»>r, of Pomfrrt 

Verdun. Roland de 

Vere, Roger do. natural son of 
Aubrey do Vere, 2d Earl of 
Ox foni. 

, Aubrey de, 3d Eari of 

Ginney. Great Chnmberlain 
of Engliind, recovered by his 
sword the Christian Iwnnert 
CHptured at Antioch. 

Vi 11 ion». 

Vipount Robert de 


Waller. Hubert, Archbishop of 

WHU>rville, Sir William. 

Willoughby, William de 

, of Eresby. 

Zouch, Aleyn. 

, William. 






TI» DDiubci-d Unni», then CI 


Td Sulcm, tBl<Ki> Ibcin ; Iroul 

HU wnlli Jndta.'! fri ijnn 


Wlh «»1 Khonu, (too. »bk 



I iiNG the pioos amis and Chief, who freed 
The Sepulchre of Christ from thrall profane : 
Much did he toil in thought, and much in deed; 
Much in the glorious enterprise sustain ; 
And Hell in vain opposed him ; and in Tain 
Afric and Asia to tlie rescue pour*d 
Their mingled tribes ; — Heaven recompensed his painj 
And from all fruitless sallies of the sword, 
True to tlie Red-Cross flag his wandering friends restored. 


O thou, the Muse, that not with fading pahns 
Circlest thy brows on Pindiis, but among 
The Angels warbling their celestial psalms, 
Hast for thy coronal a golden throng 
Of everlasting stars ! make thou my song 
Lucid aud pure ; breathe thou the flame divine 
Into my bosom ; and forgive the wrong, 
If with grave truth light fiction I combine, 
And sometimes grace my page with other flowers than 


Tl»e world, thou know'st, on tiptoe ever flics 
Where warbling most Panuissiis' fount aiii winds, 
And that Truth, robed in soiijj's beniijn distruise. 
Has won the coyest, sooth'd the sternest minds : 
So the fond mother her sick infant blind», 
Sprinkling the edges of the cup sh»* jrlves 
With sweets ; delighted with the balm it finds 
Round tlie smooth brim, the medicine it roceives. 
Drinks the delusive draught, and, thus deluded, live*. 




And thoo, Alphonso, who fnm fortune*! ifaocki 
Axid from her agitated sea, didit flave, 
And pilot into port from circling rocks 
My wandering baik, nigfa awallow'd by the wa?e ! 
Accept with grackms imile— Hie all I cniTe— 
Theee my yow*d taUeta, in thy temple hung, 
For the fireah Ufe which then thy goodueae gave ; 
Some day, perchance, may my prophetic tongue 
Venture of thee to nng what now muit reat unanng. 


Well would it he, (if in haimonioaa peace 
The Christian Powen ahould e*er again unite, 
With steed and ship their ravish'd spoils to seize. 
And for his theft the savage Turk requite,) 
That they to thee should yield, in wisdom's right. 
The rule by land, or, if it have more charms. 
Of the high seas ; meanwhile, let it deliirht 
To hear our v^xse ring witli divine alarms ; 
Rhral of Godfrey, hear, and hearing, grasp thine anna !' 


Six summers now were pasB*d, since in the East 
Their high Crusade the Christians had begun ; 
And Nice by storm, and Antioch had they seized 
By secret guile, and gallantly, when won, 
rield in defiance of the myriadH dun, 
Pressed to its conquest by the Persian king ; 
Tortosa sacked, when now the sullen sim 
Entered Aquarius, to breme winter's wing 
The quartered hosts give place, and wait the coming 

And now at length those storms were overblown 
That had the trumpet hush'd, and «pring was nigh, 
When, from his unimaginable throne, 
Fix*d in the Empyrean — the pure sky, 
Above the highest of the stars more high 
Than they from Lucifer's abysmal hall, 
Th' Eternal Father downward cast his eye. 
And in an instant, at a glance, mark*d all 
Thai pMs'd, in light ta shade, on earth's terraqueous balL 



All thingB on earth he yiewB ; at length his eyw 
Upon the Christian Powen in Syria rest, 
And with that clear inq>ection which deecriet 
The most concealed afièctions of the breast, 
He notices how Godfrey bums to wrest 
From hand profane the consecrated town, 
And, heaven affecting, in what flight request 
He holds the meaner joys of earth — renown, 
^ feasare, and purple power, and glory's meteor Grown. 


Baldwin he sees ambitiously aspire 
The hei|^t of human grandeur to attain. 
And Taucred, yictim to a fruitless fire, 
Iife*s choicest blesnuss gloomily disdain, 
While Bohemond in Autioch builds his reign» 
And introducing arts and settling laws. 
The poise of his new kingdom to sustidn. 
By power of solemn rite and custom, draws 
Bis Turks t* adore aright the one Supnnal Canse i^- 


And so absorb'd herein, he seems to lose 
All recollection of their first designs ; 
An ardent soul, impatient of repose. 
The warrior's virtue, in Rinaldo shines, — 
Which nor to lust of gold nor power inclines, 
But to that quenchless thint of fame which leads 
To generous acts, and for distinction pines ; 
On Guelpho's lips he hangs intent, and feeds 
On themes of antique worth, and high romantic deed» 


Of these and other hearts the inmost folds 
And motions as th* Omniscient Mind surveys, 
Of the angelic splendors him who holds 
In the first glorious rank the second place, 
Gabriel he calls, the herald of his grace 
And faithful messenger, who c^t repairs 
On blessed errands to the human race, 
And, sweetly solacing the virtuous, bears 
Back to hii mercy-seat the incense of their prayeni 





To him the Abnighty Sire: " To Godf^y go. 
And a«k what languor has hie mind poaseaiM, — 
The war still unrenewed, tmrnoved tlie foe, 
And Salem'e grievoi» wnmga yet unredrea'd. 
A council let him call ; from liothful net 
Rouae the lethargic, and the odd excite ; 
Him with the aovereign rale I here inTeit, 
Ab shall the chieltaina upon earth, — each knigfat 
Hia comrade now no more, but agent in the fight !" 


He said, and Gabriel plumed himaelf to go 
Swift ou the errand of hia Lord ; he roll d 
The air around his viewlew essence, so 
That mortal eye the vision might behold ; 
The aspect human, human was the mould 
Assumed, but mix'd with majcKty divine ; 
He wreaths the suubeains in his hx^ks uf QÓÌdf 
And moves a seraph, whose fair lookfl detino 
The age when youth just si^cms with boyhood to combine. 


White wings sustain him, edi^d with golden dyes, 
Unwearied, swift, and pliant in their pluy ; 
With these he cuts the winds, an<i cIoucIm, and skies. 
And high o'er land and oceun sails away : 
Down to Earth'n loftier peaks, in thin array, 
His cotu«e the Metwnjrer of Heaven cousig^'d ; 
And fiist on sweet Mount Lebanon to tutay. 
He, hovering for an instant, tteem'd inclined. 
And shook his sparkling plumes, self-balanced on ihb 


Then downward, where Tortopa'n towers arise, 
Urged his precipitate and cirelinir Hiifht ; 
The Sim was rÌMÌng in the eastern skies. 
Part seen, part curtain'd by tin* waves fnnn sight ; 
And Godfrey, mindful of tiie wonted rite, 
His matin prayer was otlerinf; to the ear 
Of the Most High, in luwhneM cimtrite ; 
When, like the sJiining sun, but far mure clear. 
He from the Orient aaw the wing'd Arcaangel steer : — 



ti " ' 

Godfrey/' he said, " the suited time that calb 
Beleaguer'd hosts to anns, at length survey ; 
Why, while Oppression sits in Salem's halls, 
And Fortune beckons, this supine delay ? 
Call now the Princes of your arm'd array 
To solemn council, and if sloth dissuade, 
Spur thou thein on the city to assay ; 
Thee God elects to guìóe their blest crusade. 
And, chosen of all, by all thy voice shall be obey*d: 


^' His messenger I am, and thus reveal 
To thee his sacred will ; of victory rare 
What hopes should hence bo thine ; and O, what zeal 
For the brave hosts committed to thy care !" 
He spoke ; he ceased ; and, vanishing in air, 
To the sere nest and the loftiest part 
Of heaven flew back ; lonjj dazzled by the glare 
Of the bright vision, and amazed :it heart, 
Godfrey witli upraised eyes remaiu'd, and lips apart 


But when, recovering spirit, he disceni'd 
Who sent, who came, and wliat was the command, 
If late he glow'd, ho now with ardor bum'd 
To end the war committed to his hand : 
Not that ambition's breath his bosom fann'd 
Into vain-^lorioiis pride, from so entire 
A preference o'er the rest, but as a brand 
Or living coal in a refulgent fire. 
In his Lord 8 will more warm becomes his own desire. 


Then from their various posts his valiant friends, 
Not far dispersed, to council ho invites ; 
Message on message, scroll on scroll he sends, 
And strong entreaty to advice luiites ; 
Whatso might most from indolent delights 
Rouse the reluctant, whatso most might reach. 
And quicken generous natures, he indites ; 
Meets all men's moods, and with such charms of 
That while he all compels, he wins and pleasee eaclv 




An, except Bohemond, attend ; in tnm 
The busy people flock behind ; put wait 
Without, encamp*d upon tlie ample plain* 
The rest Tortosa holds firom gate to gate: 
Baron, and prince, and helmM potentate 
The Consistory crown, a solemn throng» 
When, with an air an^ost, in doeal state 
Godfrey arose ; muestieaUv strong 
His gracdful periods flow, and cbann the soni along 

•< Warriors of God, by God himself eleeied. 
Of his true Faith the breaches to restore ! 
Te, whom his aim has guided, and protected 
FVom storms by sea and ambuscades on shore ! 
So that in these few yeare that have flown o*er, 
It has been ours stronj^ monarchies to tame, 
Realm after realm, rebellious now no more, 
And through the shaken nations spread the fame 
Of his triomj^iant Cross and consecrated name !— 


«We left not (do I err?) our native land. 
Connubial pledgee and domeetic sweets, 
Trastiuff our fortunes to a faithless ntrand. 
Where battle rages and wild ocean beats. 
But to acquire, with its barbaric seats, 
A crowd's huzza ; if upon this we built. 
How poor th* ambition ! sense with scorn repeats 
The prize, and all the blood our swords have spilt. 
Has to our deathless souls been sown in deepest guilt ! 


** But far more glorious were our aims, — ^we Tow'd 
The noble walls of Sion to obtain. 
And work redemption for the Faithful, bow*d 
Beneath subjection's ignominious chain ; 
Founding in Palestine a purer reign 
Where Piety may rest, and Peace recline 
In fall security, and none restrain 
The freebom pilgrim, pasnng oVr the brine, 
Fnm oftring holy tows at mMk Messiah's ahrina 

" Thai then till now we hftTs ri^'d much, toil'd mora, 
Reap'd little good, but far our mun intent 
None whntaJever, if wo ham giro o'er. 
Or torn to othar mufca the bow we bent : 
What will it aerre ni ^m the Occident 
T" have drawn thia qilendid fórca, and to bava Kmn 
ThMa fire* abroad o'er Aaia, if Ih' event 
Of our to mighty nwrement be alone — 
tfot ^orione kingdMiM raised, but ruin'd and o'eithjown ! 

" He who wonld here raise emjrirea, muit not * 
On worldlf policies the bane to found. 
When of a fellow-faith ha fiiendi an weak 
And few, Binidet the countlen Pagans round. 
The land that peoirie, — here, where he do grom 
Can have on Grecian aaccor to presume, 
And all too diatajit from hia trumpel'a aatiad 
Lias the far W(«t ; he buildi, but the Simooni 
Bweepi round, and inatuit turns his palace to a to 

*■ Tuib, Feinans, Antioch, (an illustrious priie, 
In fame and fact magnificent,) attest 
Kot our past skill, but the assislinjc skies; 
Victory a wonder was ; now, if we wmt 
These purposed WwgingB to an end unMost, 
Wronging the Giver who so fur has crownM 
The bopn we chensh'd.—Chiefa ! I tremble, leat 
We Tonish to a faUe and a sound, — 
The brilliant byword pasa'd through the wide natiot 

« May there be none among ua, O my friends, 
So to mimsB soch gifts '. your inlereata see ; 
With thne Bubtims commence menta let the suds. 
The filament and woof throughout agree. 
Now that the pane* of the land are free. 
Now that the vemal season clears the {riain. 
Apt (cff the enterpiiaa, why rush not we 
The crown of all our conquests to attain Ì 
What diould preTenl the deed I what here out an 


** Princes ! I tow to yoa, (and what I TOWp 
Present and future times alike shall hear ; 
The very Angeb, while I qieak it, bow 
On thoir brigrht thrones, and lend a liit*ning 
The period is arrived that we shoiUd rear 
Our flafjr aloft ; less fortunate will flow 
The tide, the longer we delay ; things dear 
Will set in night, and if our coune be slow, 
Egyptr— assured I qpeak— will aid the Syrian foeT 

He ceased: a hollow hum ensued, — but then, 
The primal author of the higli crusade, 
Peter the Seer, who midst the noblest men 
Sat private in the council, rose and said : 
" What Godfrey stirs us to, I well have weigh*d. 
And second ; room for reasoning there is none ; 
He the true path self-evident has made, 
And through the whole clear argument has run ; 
Tis youis the plan t' approve, — one word, and I bava 


** When I the scorns and dÌRCords recollect. 
As if on purpose by you borne and f^iven. 
Your frowanl judj^nents, and proceeding's check'd 
Just at the moment when they mi{rht have thriven. 
To a high sonrce, O PrinceR, am 1 driven ; 
I trace the ills, in all their fonnH and kinds. 
To your void powera ! our government '» even 
As a vague pendulum, which each one fnids 
Struck by as many hands as there are various minds. 

xixi. ' 


" Where one alone commands not, upon whom || 

The cast of partii and office» do|iend, , , 

The dues of honor and decreen of doom, i 

There still the helm to w)nie wn>nir point will tend ; 
Your separate rights, then, amicably blend 
In some one prince, of influence to re«train 
The rest, — ^to one alone dominion lend, • 

And leave him free, as wl<idoin will ordiUn, 
A king's prescriptive power and semblance to sustain" 



Here ceased the SBG;e : what thoughts, celestial Fire ! 
What hearts, blest Spirit I to thy sweet appeal 
Are proof 7 the Hermifs words didst thou inspire, 
And on all hearts imprint them with thy seaL 
Ingrafted, e'en innate desires, thy zeal — 
The love of honor, liberty and sway, 
Check'd in subservience to the public weal ; 
So that the noblest were the fint to say, 
*( Oar Chief let Godfrey be ; him swear we to obey !*' 


The rest consent : they marshal on his side, 
The power to counsel and command ; to give 
The vanquish'd laws, and here or there to guide 
The war, with uncontTolPd prerogative ; 
While they, but late his peers, are to receive 
His issued mandates witli submissive minds, 
And aid in ministry executive : 
This done, the rumor flies abroad, and finds 
Speed in the tongues of men, and spreads on all the windL 


He to the soldiers shows himself, and they 
Are well content he should the truncheon bear ; 
The warlike greetings and huzzas they pay, 
Calmly he takes, and with a gracious air: 
Then, having auswer'd courteously and fair 
To the frank vows of discipline that stamp 
Their love and loyalty, ho bids repair 
Each to his banner, the collected Camp, 
And pass review, when Day next lights its shining lamp. 


Slow in calm glory from its orient bower 
And with unwonted sheen, the Star of day 
Rose on the morrow, when from tent and tower, 
Issuing in polisli'd arms and ranged array, 
The squadrons rear their standards and display 
Their force, wide wiieeling round the vast champaign ; 
Sole in the centre, whence he might survey 
Both hone and foot, the Chief observed the chain 
Of the whole movement pass, in long revolving train. 


Saiyl drrine, that in ibj guAidiui oeU 
TVoamnflt all fCoiy ! fee Id Night and Ton» ! 
Aid me with all thma iBteUeot, to taU 
What troopa and heroea come firam ereiy dime ; 
Their ancient deedi light op and aoond nhKme, 
Now dark and ailent grown with yean ; O bring 
fVom thy rich itoreB to gntoe mj naked rhyme, 
Somewhat with which each liet'nmg age may ring. 
And none have power t! e&oe— «mile on me while iàng ! 

Fint to the fiekl the gallant Franks adranoe, 
FVom where, wkle aweeping, four bold rireia ipraad 
Beauty and fruitage o*er the lale of France^— 
Flower of her force, and once by Hugo led, 
Their good kinafe brother ; but hie yital tlmmd 
Cut short, the flag in whose field-azure flanie 
The Golden Lilies, they beneath the dread 
Clotharius follow, whom a kin^rly name 
Marks, to perfect his worth and more enhance his fame 


A thousand these, completely fenced in mail. 
Pace the green turf ; a like choice troop succeeds, 
In courage, discipline, and massive scale 
Of armor like the first, — on generous steeds 
Borne to the battle from their Norman meads, 
Ten gallant hundreds ; and the total ten 
A native prince, the bold Duke Robert leads, 
F^om Rollo sprung : two pastor-chieflains then, 
William and Ademar, bring up their nuushall'd men. 

These held of late authority divine. 
The hallow'd priests of piety and pray*r. 
Who feariesi now in horrid conflict shine, 
And press beneath the helm their long black hair : 
That from the city and dominions fair 
Of ancient Orange to the fierce alarms 
Leads full five hundred ; this beneath his care, 
Tmm whence high Puy the trav'ler*s notice channa» 
Ab aqoal nnmbar brings, not lesi renown'd in am» 


Next in the muster Baldwin ihowB, conjoin'd 
With his own Loirainen, his brother's band» 
Which Godfrey to his conduct late resignM, 
When made a captain, captains to command ; 
Sagacious counsel and a powerful hand 
The Count of Chaitres grace, who with hun leads 
Four hundred knights, Uie bravest of the land ; 
Aud thrice that number, arm'd, on prancing steeds, 
Baldwin himself conducUi : — a noble name succeeds : 


One whose desert his fortune oyerweighs, 
Though equal with the proudest, Guelpho came ; 
Who from his sire by sure deduction lays 
To Esté*s princely house ancestral claim, 
But, German by inheritance and name, 
Is in the Guelphic stem ingraft ; his sway 
Is o*er Corinthia, where barbaric fame 
The Sueves and Rhetians reaped in ancient day, 
Where the rough Danube cleaves, the mild Rhine wiiM 
its way. 


To that maternal heritage his blade 
A great and glorious acquisition joins ; 
And thence a race he hnngs, who undismay'd 
Will march 'gainst Death t' achieve his bold designs , 
A race, that when the wintry sun declines. 
In warm abodes the sullen hours revive 
With gay carousals and the flow of wines ; 
Five thousand left their homee, — a third survive 
Sole from the Persian spear, in battle still to strive. 


Next comes the fair-hair'd race whose lands incline 
Betwixt the Frank and German to the main, 
Bathed by the swelling Meuse aud fruitful Rhine,—- 
A pastond peofrfe, rich in herds and grain ; 
Til' industrious Islanders augment their train. 
Whose rampirod banks, though fenced with all the 

Of Art, th' insulting Ocean scarce sustain, — 
The wild voracious Ocean, which devours 
Not fleets akne,biit realms with all their towns and tow^ 


Two tbovand then the hopee of honor bring 
Beneath a eecond Robeit ; oomewhat more, 
William, the youiff ion of the Cnglirii king, 
Conducts in anna Smn Britain'a chalky afaoie ; 
Long bows the EnsUrii at their abonlden bote. 
With those whom Ireland, nearer to the pole, 
Sends from wild wooda reaounding to the roar 
Of wintry winds, — the limit of the whole 
Well-peopled earth, round which ita laat drear oceana roU 


Then Tancrod followa to the war, than whom. 
Save young Rinaldo, is no nobler knight. 
More mild in manners, fair in manly bloom. 
Or more sublimely daring in the fight ! 
If any sliodo of error makes less bright 
His rich endowments and heroic charms, 
It is the foil of Love, which at find sight 
Bom of surprise, amid the shock of anas, 
Grows with increase of tears and t»orrow*8 fund alarms. 


In noon of that aun^piciouH day which wrought 
The Penrian's overtlirow, faint with the chaise 
Of fugitives, 'tis nunor'd that he sought 

For his o'crwearicd limbs and jfldwin^; face, I 

Repose and cool refre^hnient ; with slow pace 
Ho reached at length, with ^reen seats coinpass'd round, 
And summer woods, which shaded all the i>laco, 
A living spring, that with melodious sound 
FlowM from a hollow rock, in many a fall profound. 


To the same warbling of fresh waters drew, 
Arm'd, but unhehn'd and unforeseen, a maid ; 
She was a Pagan, and came tliither too. 
To qaench her thirst beneath the pleasant shade ; 
Her beautiful fair aspect, thus displayed, 
He aees ; admires ; and, touch'd to tninsport, glows 
With paanon rushing to its fountain head. 
The heart ; *tis ictrange how quick the feeling grows ; 
8earoeboni,itB power inhim no cool calm medium kuowi. 


She reummsd hsr helm, uid threal'aing rtood 
To ithke the chief, but Dthen drawing iiigh, 
Within the mai™ of the leufy wood, 
Compell'd by nuinben, not hy fear to fly, 
The haughty L^y nvh'd ; bui Kill her high 
Aiid wuliko image with n faith to true 
He fasten in his heart, it ne'ei can die ; 
The Bcl, the iceDB where first ahe charm'd hii TWWi 
Forever hauaC hii thought*, and Jan tbe lire anew. 

Ahd in hia aspect legibly ia tniccd 
Tbe hopeleaa fluna tliat fiets hia life away ; 
He cornea witli lighingi, and hia eyes, abaaed, 
A melancholy langniahmenl betray; 
Eight hundred horse have left beneath hia sway 
Campania'! patiuliae. a pomp of scene 
The nobleat «mn thai Nature iu her play 
Of power o'er iliapod— plain», wood», and bilia between, 
Woo'd by the Tyrrhene sea, inild, fertile, amoolh and green 

Two hondred follow, from Greek heroes iqirungi 
Who neurly void of all defence are found ; 
Sole at their aide «hort croaked KwordH are hung. 
And bowa oud quivera at their backs reeoiind : 
Loan caursera havo tliey. in the nice rpnown'd. 
Proof (0 fatigue, of did Hpum aud slight ; 

NimUe alike in oilael and in flight.— 
Wide and dispersed they act, aud e'en while flying, figlit 

Who join'd Ihe Latin arms ; oh Greece, let ihaii 
Forever sit upon thy paaaive cheek ! 

Iliou aitl'it a calm «pcclutor of the eame, 
Ttiy shield Hcarce lilied, and thy award in nnt ; 
ir now (complain not) dealilnic of fame. 
Thou art a vnaaal humbled lo Ilio dust. 
lliy doom no outrage is, but letiibution joit 



Ld now, the laM in Older of oommaiid, 
But fint for honor, ddU, and glorioue aoan, 
The Adventuren come, a brave, nnoonqnec^d bond» 
The dread of Aita, Ihandeibolta of Man ! 
Cease, Argo, thy renown'd Advfniuien, 
Thy errant Peeis, prince Arthur, oeaee to oite, 
FUiing our hooka with faUe ! lame instan 
All antique itory with a beam leai bright 
Than thein ; — now what fit chief may lead them to thi 


Dodon of Conaa ! for, aa hard it waa 
Their birth and braTery to decide between, 
All had agreed to rank beneath his laws, 
Ab one who most had both achieved and seen. 
In the last stage of mellowing manhood, keen 
Shines his gray eye, and with his silver haim 
He shows a strength still juvenile uud green ; 
While, as in noble proof of what he dares, 
He many a seam and scar in front iraprintod bears. 


There Eustace ranks, whom much his brother's worth. 
Much native merit for applause marks down ; 
There vaunts Gemando liis illustrious birtli. 
His titles, stars, and hoped Norwegian crown. 
Roger, of Bamevillo suniamed, Renown 
And ancient Story with the noblest class ;' 
Gentorio, Engerlan, Rambuldo, own 
As fair a fame ; distinguished from the mass, 
Brave above many brave the two young Greraixfa 


Nor Ubald, nor Rosmondo, the rich heir 
Of English Lancaster, nor must the pride 
Of Tuscan bravery, Obitzo, o'er 
Sink unredeemed to Lethe's greedy tide ; 
Nor to the Lombard brothers, side by side, 
Achillea, Sfona, I'alamed the mild, 
Nor to strong Otho be the verse denied, — 
Otho, who conquer'd from the Paynim vilde 
Tliat ihield whereon the snake devoun a naked child.' 


Nor yet ahaJl Gunaco dot Ridalpho pitTo, 
Nor the two Guldoa. whom the famed admire. 
Nor ETenud, nor Geraier will I leave 
In mute m^lorioub olence la ejipire ; 
My haod falli weary on the nunib'ruig wire ; 
Where force ye me, ai though your lov» I ■lightod 
Kdwsid and aweet Gildippe ? aJl my lyre 
]■ youn. — oh Iwina, in battle Grmty plighted, 
You, e'en when dead, uiKiiigihall not be daunited ! 

There «he become a he 

Dine of a bride ; 

Nor toll, nor deepMt da 

The bir fond lady (ron 

her huabmid'fl aide ; 

To the aame fortune ar 

iUeir Uvea allied ; 

Tlie blow falb llgt tliat 

iurta but one.— their p 

; for if the tide 

Of her dear blood bedew 

a llie hoiAilo plaina. 

VtM tho in pereon benn", 

Bnl theie, and all, the boy Itinnlda far. 
Oh fur eicela ! aupreinacy is thrown 
Upon hu forehead like a ahiniiig Mar, 
And every eye ia fin'd on him alone ; 
Hope, nnd hia yeare ho far oiilirtripii ; scarce Mown 
Appear hia bloBaoma, than the fruit'a ret'eal'd ; 
6io sweetly fierce, thnl when hia face ia «liown 
You deem him Love, bui Mani, when helm'd andnleel'd, 
He mouDta hia Rery barb, and fulminea through the Geld. 

Hioi fair Sophia to Bertoldo bore, 

Where the clear AdigeV awifl waters wind. 

The loiely to the potent ; and before 

He well wan wean' J, the infuni Hhv conwgu'd 

To queen Matilda, who, rincerely kind. 


Then, ere tii« yonth could thres iboft IdbUh booat, 
Alone lie flpil by uDkaoim truck*, — ho paie'd 
Th' Egn^on billoiTE, Ihe Ionian coul, 

A flight will St «ome young enCliunacI 
Id after day» ahould follow, who would win 
The like n^nowD ;* .- - heir friuU had rati. 

Since with tlie wan i ..• a» had been, 
Yel Mill the taoder dui Cwoe fcalbei'd o'er hia cIiId. 

The horeeniBn nqw hare piue'd, and Godlrey vietn 
The foul ud^anoB with Raymond at their head, 
Duke oi Nurbonne, who niled in fair Touloufle, 
And his well -disciplined four thounuid led, 
Between tlie Oceau and the Garonua bred. 
And misty Pyieoeee ; a people ^e. 
Fimi in fatigue, incapatile of dread. 
Al all points arm'd ; and led Ihey could noi be 
By one of greater skill at haidibaod than he. 

A nervele» mce unable to endure 
FalifFur. though wholly aheutli'd in nrtr 
The land luxurious, delicati-, aiul light, 
With a rich soil and a delicious air, 
Produce like inhabiUnta ; >u fighi, 
The Sn> naaaulta impctuaurly lìiey dan 
Bat i]uickly lire wxUi elrife, and Isn^iisli tli 

Threat'nine anil stem as Capnneus of old 
Befbro tlie Ttieban town ; benealb lie flae. 
From each llclvolian lower and Alpue hold, 
8a thousand fien^e plebeiana are ennill'd ; 
Sharp'ning Ihe ploui^sliore to llie sword Ihey iwe ; 
And he who tum'd the furrow, walcli'd Ihe Md, 
Now fearleesly the war's grim ridgea eye«, 
And with Ihe mighlieet laalch'd, the strength of kinp 


The loliy banner next is Been dapread, 
Which beus Sunt Pelrr's ke>-B nnd mitred down, 
Bevtn thouund foot, by ^Dod CamilluB led, 
la rnuavd Bnnor slieBlli'cI, beneath it frown: 
Glad thai Ilesv'n calte him to the sacred (own 
In BO divine a cause, he marehee on. 
There to renew his «Ire»' antique renown. 
Or prove al least, thai if in aughl aalahoDe 
By Latin worth, 'IwiU be In diacipline alone. 

Bui now the whole gay paftant had pus'd by 
In neulai review ; when liodfrcy seal, 
Aad to the noblest cliieft aKemUed nigh. 
In brief discourse imjiarted biH intent: 
" My pleusiiro is, when next Ihe (Innament 
Yield» its tirai light. Uial yuu the liosU amy. 
And ere llie foe uulicipatcs 111' event. 
Or vawurd >cotila our quick descent betray, 
Maroh to the haliow'd town, as swiftly as ws may 

" ThoB, then, prepare you for the march required. 
Add for the slrife, and for the victory near I" 
This daring speech from one no wise, iniipired 
In cucii, fresh coiirajro, confidence, and cheer. 
All ready stand for tlie sublime career, 
And. unindiil|reDl of the niEht'a repose, 
Walt with impatience till the mom appear ; 
Id Cnxttrey's breast, alb'it, from forenght rose 
FeuB which liii cautious mind to no one would diKloa 

For he by certoiD IÌdÌD|^ iindcrstood 
That Egypt's king woi now upon his way 
To Gala's lowers, a forlieas rtrung and good. 
Which seaward on Ilio Syrian frontiers lay ; 
Noi could ho think u prince M «vifì lo prey 
On wlialBoe'er his eulcrprininE mind 
Wa. fU'd to win. would trifle lime away ; 
la him expecting a sharp foe to find, 
Be to hii onvoy's isal tbis secret ebarge conagu'd. 


" In a licht bngnndine comfiBL'i niid fleet. 
Go thou to Greece ; wliri» llie Proponlic hi 
WuljBs the «vea-liill'd Ciiy. tlioii vili meel 
(Aj I liBie word from one wlio ne'er lo me 
Em in advice.) of regal di^nily, 
A dsunllMe yotilU vrboae lii'd inlentiono an 
Forthwilh to bear t» miutial comiiuuy ; 
Priow of Ihe Dnnca, he march» lo Ihe war 
A. auDierous heat from realma beul^alh tlia Arc 

" But Btnce perehsDca the failhlna BTiaiitine 
Will priGtiK on liim each acciwloin'd' ut 
To inm him bsvk, or on «ome new design 
Ahen from nara. persuade the youth to Mart. — 
Counsel hitn eamrxlly. my frrpiid. apart, 
To aliun Ih' advice of thai inridious kuie ; 
Both for hia good and oun dinpoee hi> heart 
With sU convenienl *pe*d hi» aid* Io bring ; 
Bay, that all ataj were uow an ignomioioiii fliing. 

" Come not thywlf with him ; but in Ihe Irain, 
And at IliB caitn of the Greek pHuce abidi;, 
Thoee nfltiuiea-tejk'd-of aaccon lo id)lBÌD, 
By treaty promiaed. due. bui nlill denied." 
To Kiienk, iiulrurl. and to hia euro coiilide 
Letter of r^redence and of greeling fain 
Short lime sufficed ; the herald then applied 
Hia buaieat Uioiiglila to eiprdile Ih' sfiiiir, 
And God£ny aoaghl hia tent, and gave a tnice U 

When DOW Ihe Orient open'd to Ihe Sun 

lid flhiuin^ galH, the mingled voieo profbmid 
or Irtunprl, tamhoor, horn, and f^^'nilnlon, 
Cheer'd lo tho match the Ktining iroopa around [ 
Not half eo eratrful it the Ihuuder'a sound 
In the hot iJui;-dny« lo the world farfom. 
Flwaging freahue» lo the thinly ground, 
Aa to Ihete warlike tribe» Ihe mimic drawn 
Fkam mutili lubea that treat of bnttlea to b» bam- 


Sni^tway, ■purr'd od by tUoag deaire, they drWd 

Thsir lùnté in wanted miior ; Mraiglit, in ihaaa 
Of perfect panoply, the aoldien pn«'d 

Ranged, the hoti join ; BUd to the winds Mraiw 
Straight the borne bannen all at once aie girea } 
And in th' imperial ganfaton ii Ken 
The Cnm, IrJumphantly outqiread, and ibiren 
Abroad in waving fokk Toliuninoai to heareo. 

Meanwhile the Sun in the celeetial Heidi 
Perpelaally adTancing, roae iu height. 
And Blmck from pointed helnu and bossy ihieldi, 
Clear, trembling luatra thai torment the aght ; 
The broad air buma with glory, Uke a bright 
And boundleia con&agmtioQ ; neighingi ihril]. 
From fierce rteeda ramping in their wild delist, 

The daalea'd country round, hill answering load to hiD 

The pradeDt Chief, to guard from ambuscade 
His marchiar army, sent a troop before, 
Of lighl-aiin d hone, with orden to iuTsde 
The hollow wDodi, and each itrange place eipltm ; 
And RrM the pioneen advancing, bore 
Their mi*rameu1«, whereby the mgged way 
Give* eiBV accew ; riven are bridged o'er. 
Delh fill'd, mount* levell'd ; ahagjty wood* diiplay 
Tbeir tracki, and each cloae pav admit! the lively ÓMf. 

There are no moated loweis, no many woodi^ 
No levies gather'd by their Pagan foes. 
Nor bunting ■ticama, nor Alpine aolitudea, 

His limitary ahores,— the torrent growa. 

Swells o'er ill ruin'd banks, and to the pli 

BiTi'l'g sweeps down, nor aa^t ils heodlon 


Tlw king of Tripoli aloiif miehl hope 
In ba muurlion^ri fortrofln, wLlh BuccNSt 
Powerful in fore™, nmu, and coin, to cop* 
With )lie Frank aimy, or Uieir roucli disUna; 
But rcurful 10 oj^HM them or repna, 
Theit jralota dauUii he Btudlri to nppense 
With eDtertBiuDHinU with ei[l«, nor irm 
To GodTie/B kwp «ibniila tha kiofrdoin's keys, 
And from Ilia hwid Bccep*B the urtielwi of prnce. 

There from Monitt S«r. which rina on the omit 
Of the nigh ciljr, crowih on crowd» drwpiid 
Orihe trup F«ilh. — prince. worahippiT, and priMi ; 
Virgin*, and youtlic, and inatron-aue alleiid : 
Beneath refreslimctila for the hoct Oioy briid, 
Inly rpjoicrd ; iiid unne. nde by liilr. 
Fomilist talk, thpir woiidrr knowi no mil. 
The pil^nu' anna admiring ; — they with pride 
FnmJdi, at Godfrey's wish, a »un> and fns ndly guido. 

Well knowing ihii along th' adjaceul pooot 
The friendly uavy in it« course procecdn ; 
Whence whalme'er »o larjfe un artiij- need» 
Hsy be lupplied. since each (irrek island reapa 
" ■ - - ■ - to f„à, 

Com but for hitn. «iuce but for liii 

The Ihoinaiid flockn that range h< 

And Scio'* rocky iale her nine celes 

CruiM from rich Venice and the Gene 
Othen frum fmilfiil Sicily npaii. 
And England, Belgium, Franca, alike x 




And them, which now in firmeet bonds combined 
With the sublime crusade confederate stand, 
From yarious shores are fraught with every kind 
Of stores that Godfrey may at need demand ; 
Who, finding free the passes of the land, 
And that the frontiere of the realm present 
No force, his onward progress to withstand 
Or question, thitlier makes his swift descent, 
Where Christ the pangs of death and darkness underwent 


Yet not so swift, but that light Fame, the post 
Of falsehood as of truth, flies far before, 
And paints the fortunate, triumphant host, 
United, moving, indolent no more ; 
What and how strong the squadrons, o'er and o*ex 
Recounts, with all wliose deeds of valor grace 
The herald's scrolls, from each romantic shore ; 
Narrates their vaunts, and with determined face. 
The high usurping powo» from Salem threats to chaM 


And look*d-for evil is a greater ill 
Than the wingM mischief when it comes ; each ear 
Hangs on each whisper in suspense, and sUU 
The face shows sadness, and tiie eye its tear. 
A melancholy hum, confused aud drear. 
On wing within, on wing without the gates. 
The fields and doleful city lills with fear ; 
But the old king, in these momentous straits. 
Close in his dubious heart ferocious schemes debate 


This prince, named Aladino, by recent crime 
Raised to the throne, perpetual cares pureued ; 
He had been cruel once, but mellowing time 
His native fiercenesH somewhat had subdued. 
He, having now but too well understood 
That the Franks seek in battle to enclose 
The town, much muses in his restlow mood ! 
On fonner terror new su^icion grows ; 
Much be his subjects fears, and much he fean his foea 


For in hi» city u inU'd people lived, 
Of Oliver» Fititha : the wvnker few ratain'd 
The laws oS Christ, — in Halioinci believed 
Tlie BlroQgpt roany. and hi» rule miuntain'd j 
Bui whpu (bs king the cronru of Sion gain'd, 
Aad sought to Btabliah tliere his Coun in Htute. 
He ou hu loving MiHBuliuniu otdain'd 
Tbjim «nd tevie* of n hgUta rais, 
Bui on the hapleaa Fnnkii impoHnJ n teuTald weighl 

Thii thought now fretttag into gall, awoke 
Within him all that cruelty which Time 
Hud lidl'd oslrep, and giantlike be hroho 
Fiom ahnnber, Ihimting but llie more for crime- 
Bo (he anake dumbeis out the winter nuie ; 
Bo liercfly wak» wliea aumnivr wartiu the plain ; 
Bo the laioed lion fnuii his burning climc 
Tom, if pravokHl, aaaumoi hm iiru again, 
Bolla the red oya in rage, and shaken the tiriatliag ma 

" I aee." «aid he, " in thia perfidious hnnxl 
Uadojibted ngiiH of n^w-couceived dehght J 
The public evd a their private good, 

Aad now. e'en now perchonce, iu (raudfnl «pile, 
Each busy bailor with liiiiiaelf debutes 
How lie may kQI mo, or al leaat by uight 
To my «era foe and hia eoiuurted matea, 
Hay with maul sure uddrcH uuW the guarded gate*. 

" Birt no ; the fanj!» ot the Bswulled anake 
Have one pnvcDlative — fli wreak my wdl ; 
Deslroy (hem all ; a ibaip example Diitke ; 
Safe in the molhen' anni the infanln kill. 
Their templee lire, sud to the lownit «ill 
Bum their abodes ; tliew aacrificia] carea 
1 owe to thoBe when blood th' invaderà ipiU ; 
And lini od you eeom'd Sepulehin of iheiia. 
Shall the cowl'd pncats bo slaia, midal all their vD 


Thai he ■otiloqniied ; bv acting hand 
With h> din acliema, 'ba true, but ill COllCUni 
Bui if he iwu« not the fierce command, 
BuenSM it i*, not pity, that drten ; 
For while one fear to bubarom fuiy qnm 
Hk eamert will, a atronger Mill in ahow 
Keep* it in check, and mova hii juit demon ; 
He dfeada tite meant of treaty to Ibrega, 
Or ra«e too higb the nga o( Uie ntnorioui foe. 

Yet, IhoujEh thai tempci'd wan hii woUWi wrath, 
Bbewhete he gÌTca hii violence the rciu ; 
The ruitios horae he levcta, and with icuth 
Of tin lays waate the cullivnlrd jilain ; 
Hi- ka\:-^ »•> valley green wilJi tiàng grain, 
Wheir ilio Frank ho»t may pleasuilly repOH, 
Or h'.ip siilBislrnCB Ihfn with busy brain 
In fv,T\' lojuluLii noiiuuB druj» lie throw», 
Aod the polluted Mream witli re^'rst poima flow* ; — 

, lastly, he collecta 
'1 nibnliied alliea, 
:n the coming atoim defiea. 





Arguil«9 fecil A. 
Which Godfrey 
Ho loniter. moital 

jmparablc pnir ; 


Whiu the vei'd Tyrant tbua prrpaml la ann. 
Alone to him one day iaoeua drpw ; 
Icneito, wbo from the clami lotnb cun chaim 
Xnii dead, and moke ihem fwl and breatho anew ; 
JniK-np, who oft, an lain drvoiillf true 
ARinn. by wlimpri'd rhymo and murmur'd ipell 
Unbind» the linmon» of tlio dpep lo do 
D»da wiDiOut namp. or chalnii Ihrm in hii ceil, 
Aod mttkn e'en nulo pole upon llie llirone of helL 

A Chrialian once, he now adem Mahound, 
Yet fonner lit» not wholly can fango. 
But oil to foulnt UH will he confouud 
The lawi of bulh, thau^h well Jie ncilht^r know ; 
And now from cavea where fern and nighuhodegn 
For from the TulguTi where in glooms immereed, 
He ha liliick iirtK k wont (o pmOior. Aow 
GhdM he lo/ruul ihe slonn uboul tn burnt, — 
To an accuned lung a counwilor moro accuned. 

" Oh kio^ '. the dreaded amiies come," he aitm, 
" Uuliogeriiig. «Hiquehng ; y«t be noi dsmay'd ; 
Let a* but worthy of oureelven arise. 
Both heaven and earth will |[i<e the voliuol aid ; 
Well ns the scepire camd tliou wield the blads, 
And aiiick to j'umiah, skilful to rorense, 
l'ha duties of a king hut Ihoa diHplay'd 
To admiration ; if all set likp thee, 
For thy advMMcing foca this land a tomb shall be. 

Standa in n eecrel groUO the rich sliriiie 
Of her who gave theii buried God to birth, 
TliP Virgin Mothpf n>»l 111- Sttuil clivinp ; 
Bcforp Ihp vril limi «-WPIW hr>r Imago aliino 
Undying [ampsi Unai lo Um mmiunery lend 
Bngbt pomp ; aod rauod. vrilh mtny > «rnHloH 
The iipiant devotwM their pft» iMpieni, 
l%are jn long TJg^ kneel in dumb dWotiuu band 

" Now thia their imaen I would have oonTair'd, 
With tliiuo own hand fnnn Ihpir Invaded faae, 
To the oilier MMque, and on il ahall b« laid 
Spoils el «lob pow'r, that loug w we nlup 
Ilio sew Palladinui in nur kn>p, a traia 
Of mighty «pinli «hull prnlfot liiy Matee t 
While alvei allni-kii and Dm Bvnulla in Tdlii i 
Uaront Ihe wall, impI*plabl^ the galea, ^ 

We aholl the war ndl JMok, and diw^Miit lheft| 

Hai^i tlw_kinc «nmvdl ; an 




But when in heaVn the morning light appeared» 
The startled guardian of the mosque profane 
Saw not ttie image where it had been rear'd 
Tiie previous night, and sought for it in vain 
Through every part of the extensive fane ; 
Straight to the king the tidiugs lie convey'd, 
Who fancying now in his mistrustful brain 
That the illustrious prize had been betray d 
Back to some Christian Priest, unbounded rage display'd. 


Whether it were that Christian hands by guile 
Did bear off secretly the ravish*d prize, 
Or that Heav*n, angry that a place so vile 
Should shroud her form who walks the glorions 
Put forth its power from these indignities 
Its Goddess-queen to save, ia vainly souglit 
In erring fame ; but piety supplies 
The heavenly lustre that irradiates thought. 
Nor doubts that Heav'n itself the glorious wonder wrougfaL 


In every temple, hermitage, and hall, 
A long and eager search the mouarch made, 
And tortures or rewards decreed to all 
Who screen'd the guilty, or the guilt betray*d ; 
Nor ceased the Sorcerer to employ in aid 
Of the inquiry' all his arts, but Htill 
Without success ; for whether Heav'n conveyed 
The prize away, or power of human will, 
Heav*n close tlie secret kept, and shamed his vaunted skiU. 



But when the king found all expedients vain 
To trace th* offender, then, beyond disguise, 
Flamed forth his hatred to the Christians ; then, 
Fed by wild jealousies and sharp surmiso, 
Immoderate fury sparkled in his eyes ; 
Follow what may, he will revenge the deed. 
And wreak his rage : " Our wrath shall not," he crieOf 
** Fall void, but root up all tli* accursed seed ; 
Thus in the general dsom the guilty yet shall bleed ! 




** So that he 'acapM not, Irt ttie |riiiltlf« die ! 

Esoh gitilly '•», nor 'diod^ them ill knaw I 
One, wi>U-BB'«;red to llie Tuilh Hud ■lute ; 
Amf wl>ul if Bomo be unparticipmlB 
Id ihiB new crimp, now puainhmpiil aliali piijr 
Fot olii inladeed» ; why longer do ye wait, 
My fiiitliliil Munulmsiw? up! up! awny ! 
Heoce with the (orah and awaiil — neilc. fins, lay n 

Tbaa lo the crowd he gpake : (he nundate flew 
And la the bo«m of the Faithfui difd 
AfilouishBipnt and Btri]jor ; elopor llirew 
Oo every face the palratim at the drad ; 
Noue dared, none sought to make defence, doui 
None used entreaty, noiio eiciaiB ; but then 
They a.ood. like nicirhle matinineiitii of dread, 
Inwolutp, — but Heav'n eoncoivrd ihpir prayer. 
And whence they leurt hud hope, brought hojie lo 

or generoua Ihonghla and principles niblime. 
Among them La the city lived b maid. 
The &ow9r of fir^nii in her ripest prime, 
Supremely beaultful '. but that a)>e mode 
N«»ec her c»4*, or beauty only weijjh'd 
III worlh with virtue; and hrr worth acqnired 
A deeper chann from blooming m the idiide ; 
l,oven she ahiiuu'd, nor loved lo be admired, 
Bui from tlieu pntuea tiini'd, and lived a life reUm 

Th' admiring gaie and warm' drdrea of one 
Tutor'd bv Love, nor yel would Love comieut 
To hide aiich lualioua beauty from Ihe aim ; 
Lovo I [liul through everv chnngii deligtil'm io run. 
The Protei» of lite hMut'l who now dmt blind. 
Now roll the Ai^ui eyea ihut otiiighl can ahun ! 
Tbou Ihroii^i a thourand guardi uaerin dosi wiud. 
And lo the chaelcat maida (Bmiliar accrcs find. 




Sophronia here, Olindo was hiB name ; 
Bom in one town, by one pure fuitii illumed ; 
Modeet — as she was bouutilul, his llariio 
Feur'd much, hoped little, aud in naught presumed ; 
He could not, or he duivt not speak, but doom'd 
To voicelcte thought his passion ; him siie slighted. 
Saw not, or would not see ; thus he consimi«^ 
Beneath the vivid fire her beauty lighted ; 
Either not seen, ill known, or, known, but ill requited. 




And thus it was, when like an omen drear 
That summon*d all her kindred to the grave. 
The cruel mandate rcach'd Sophnniia's ear. 
Who, brave as bashful, yet dlrKjrret as bravo, 
Mused huw her people she from death might save; 
Courage ins])ired, but virtriniil alarm 
Repress'd the thought, till muidou shyness gave 
Place to resolve, or join'd to shuro the harm ; 
Boldness awoko her shame, uliamo made her boldnt 


Adone amidst the crowd the maid proceeds. 
Nor seeks to hide her beauty, nor display ; 
Downcast her eyes, clos<* veil'd in simple weeds, 
With coy aud gracfful stejw hIjc wins her way: 
So negligently neat, one scarce can say 
If she her channs disdains, or wuuld improve,^ 
If chance or taste disposfs her array ; 
Neglects like herp, if artifices, pn»vo 
Arts of the firicudly Heavens, of Nature, and of Love. 


All, as she passM unheeding all, admire 
The noble maid ; before thr king she stood ; 
Not for his angr)' frown did fi-iie n't in'. 
But his indignant jisp^'ct c(»oIly view'd : 
" To give/'— «he »«aid, " but calm tl.y wrathful mood, 
And clieck the tide of slaughter in its spring, — 
To give account of that thou hast pursued 
So long in vain, seek I thy face, O! 
The urged offence I own, the doom'd offender faring !" 




"niB inodMt vonnth, tits iinexpcclpd llghL 
Of hi^ uod holy beuiity, for b biiscb 
O'prpowpf'd hinii — conqiwr'il of ha fell dmqàte, 
Ha stood, aud of all ficicorK» loHt the trace. 
Wrn) his a iipirit, at were hen u face ' 
Of Ieh srvrrity, the sweet nirpriw 
Had mcllcd him la fan ; bui Mubborn graca 
SubduH not alubbom prido ; Love'i potent tie* 
An SsU'iiug foud regard», kiud looka, and souling eye^ 

If "iwrre not Love tbat toach'd hig Qiatj saut, 
Draire it was, 'twu wouder. "twu delight: 
" aaCo be thy race !" he said. " reveal the wbot». 
And not a sward iball on Ihy people light." 
Tlieu she : " The guilty u before thy liglitr- 
The pHJiii robbery wiu mv deed ; tliHe haada 
Bare the blixa'd linn^ froDi its cell by aight; 
TÉie ciiiniiial Ilio» wolt'M before tbee dlandx,— 
Jiatice from none but me her penalty domikadi." 

Thus alio prepare* ■ public destb lo meet, 
A people'* ransDm at a tynint'a sfarìDO ; 
O glorioiM ral«eliood 1 beautiful deceit I 
Cbq Tculh'a owQ Ighl thy lovcline» nulahii 
To ber bold ipeecb ntiidaubtiua Aladine 
With unacciwlom'd temper calm r^piird : 
" If » it were, who plunn'd the ranh design 
Adviied thee to il, or became thy cnidc ? 
Say, with Ihyseir who eUe hk ill-timod lenl al 

•' Of thti my elory ■■< 
Would t," «id «he, ■ 
I needed no adTieer ; 
Alone (ufficed to cou 
•■ U m," he cried, ■■ 1 
The weight of my re 
For the roi»deed." ' 

Ti» jtiat none aliare the pain ; 

• * 



To this the tyrant, now incensed, returned, 
" Where rests the Image 7" and his face became 
Dark with resentment : she replied, '* I bum'd 
The holy hnago in the holy flame, 
And deemed it glory ; thus at least no shame 
Can e*er again profane it — it is free 
From further violation ; dost thou claim 
The spoil or spoiler ? this behold in me ; 
Bat that, while time rolls round, thou never more shah 


" Albeit no spoiler I ; it was no wrong 
To repossess what was by force obtain'd :" 
At this the tyrant loosed his threatening tongue, 
Long-stifled passion raging unrestrain'd : 
No longer hope that pardon may be gaiu'd. 
Beautiful face, high spirit, bashful heart ! 
Vainly would Love, since mercy is disdained, 
And Anger flings his most envenom'd dart. 
In aid of you his else protecting shield impart ! 


Doom'd in tormenting fire to die, they lay 
Hands on the maid ; her arms with rough cords twining, 
Rudely her mantle chaste they tear away. 
And the white veil that o'er her drooped declining : 
ThÌ5) she endured in silence unrepining. 
Yet her firm breast some virgin tremors shook ; 
And her warm cheek, Aurora's late outshining, 
Waned into whiteness, and a color took, 
like that of the pale rose, or lily of the brook. 


The crowd collect ; the sentence is divulged ; 
With them Olindo comes, by pity sway'd ; 
It might l)A that the youth the thought indulged» 
What if his own Sophronia were the maid : 
There stand tlie busy officers array'd 
For the last act, here swift the flames arise ; 
But when the p:nion*d beauty stands display'd 
To the full gaze of his inquiring eyes, — 
Tit she ! he bursts through all, the crowd before 



AlcHidUCTwa; " To her, O noi lo hrr 
TIm oNds balongc. Ihou^ phrrnsy maf miqilfkd ! 
8livfjuin*d not, dsrvd not, could nnl, king, incur 
j9Ae and onakiU'd the ^^t of sucli n d .fd I 
Hov lull the fuaids. or by whal proci-M spc«d 
Tin acred Imago rram its vaallcd cell ? 
The then me mine ! and 'Lie my right lo Used !" 
Ala> for him i how wildly and how well 
Be loved Ih' uolonng maid, let UiU avovsl lelL 


And noie the Ssial. while all wire liish*il in deep: 
Mine wu llie «imp. and ihall iiaiilKvr rr^ip 
The pain aud giory ' grnnl not tier dmire : 
The cbain* are mine; for me the guards may heap 
Aroond tlis nedy slake the penal lirF : 
For me Un flamea ascend; 'til mine, ihal fimenti pyreT 

Sophronia raiaed to him hrr Tice, — her eye 

Waa liird with pity and a starling tear ; 

She spcAe — the soul of sad humanity 

Waa in her Tnce, " What phrenry biinga th« ben. 

tloluqipy iunoccnt ! w desLh hj dear. 
Or am I » ill able lo «Maia 
A roortal'a wralh, thai thou must domìi appeart 
I have a heart, loo, thai can death JìhIuìd, 
Nor aak for life's IsM bour compaaioiuhip in pain." 

O glonoiB aenia. where in siiblimefll strife 
EUgh-miiuled Virtue and AHeclion meet! 
When desili 'a the prne of coaqiiest, and defeat 
Seals ila own nfety, yei tnnaiTis unU«l ! 
fini indignation al their fond deceit, 
Aod rage, Uie more inflame* the tyrant's bread. 
The more Ibia couOanl pair the palm of gudi oiuitail 


He dttma his puwpr dnpiwd, and that in ecom 
Of him they spiuni Uin piiagiliiiieut Bwii;u'd ■ 
" Lrt," he Piolaiin'd, "Iho filling palm" adoro 
Tlie browB of both both pJeos acceptance find !" 
BeckouuifT h« bids tlic praiiipl tornir Ulan InDd 
Their gidJing; chaiae around the youlti — 'tis done ; 
Balh (a one stuke arc, bock to bock, coiHigu'd, 
Ijke Buutlowen twined from llieir warshipp'd nm, 
Compell'd the laA faiul looki of sympalliy to Aun. 

Around them now the unctuom pyre waa piled. 

And ilio /anii'd Damo wus rieias In Uie wind, 
niipu, full ol' mournful thoii|>lit», in accents wiki. 
The lover to hm male iu deiilii rupintd ; 
*' b Uiia llie baud then vhich I hoped bIiooM bind 
Our liTH in blisaful miuriage I thii the fire 
Of bridal faith, commlngtiug mind with mind, 
Wjiicli belipved, Hhould in our heart» iitq>ira 
Like wumtli of aacred leal and delicate deaire Ì 

" Far other flame* Love promised to imput. 
Than tliose our envimiB pluui-U hero prepare ; 
Too, all too long tliey kept our hands apart, 
Bui harehly now Ihey join them in despair ! 
Ytt doi-a il aoolh, nncc hy a mode so rare 
* CoiideniD'd to die, thy t«micntB lo partake. 
Forbid by Tuie thy «weelueeseu to ahara ; 
Jf teoia 1 shed, 'tis but for thy dear aoke. 
Not mine, — «iUi thee beside, I bleas the burning it 

" And oh ! this doom would be indeed moat bleaa'd. 

My Bharpofrt mlii^Knf;» blaiidiBlmitntfl divine, 
Miehl I hut bo p«nnttted, breuit la tirejut, 
On thy sweet tips my «pint lo renigli ; 
If lliou too, panting toward one common ■hiine, 
Wouldst the netl happy irutaal partinr epead 
Thy liilHt siglis in eympatliy on mine V' 
Sonoviag \i-: '■p.A« : ali" ivlinn hia plaints had etid, 
Kd thai hia fond diacouiaa most wtnelij teptetiMML 


" Far Dllier atpimtioiu, oliior ploinU 
Thaa thm, drar fririid, tlia salfMnn born slionld 
Think what reward God oifen lo ha «itiU ; 
Lvl nirek irpentauce raiae s loflier um ; 
Thrw lorliuiag lira, if aufteT'd in hii niune, 
Will, blund at icphyn, wall un to the UcM ; 
Rreiinl ttic snD, how bcnuliful hn flune I 
Haw Rue s sky invitrs him to the wMi '. 
Thew aeetn to «ioth aur pongs, and nuiunan ub (a 

The Parana liftinf np Iheir voicea wepl ; 
Jn Btillcd narrow wepi the Fkithful too : 
E'en Iho «Ism king wiu touch'd.— a aolUic» civ] 
O'er hin firrce hearl, ennobjiae. pura, and new ; 
Ha felt, he Koru'd il, atnie^Ml Id nibdue. 
And lost his wflTennif Itmincn should relent. 
His eyes averted, und his itopa withdrew : 
Sophrouia'fl epini only waa unbtut ; 
She jtl lomeDlcd oot, for whom all else iainent 

A tinted co^rniiancf 

U»rd by Cloriudfl, whence i _j _._ 
Heneif the ntnuger it — nor false a Ih 

All feminine sttractions, ninn. and port». 
She from her childhood cured not to estume ; 
Her han(^ty hfuid diidain'd oil fervile aiU, 
Tiie needle, dwbiff. and Arachiie'a lanm ; 
Yet, though ahe left Ihe (piy and gildeii room 
For Ih* frre camp, kepi ^huIhs aa the hchl 
Her Jinpa fame, and proud of glocy'* plume, 
Wilh pride her aapecl amid i she took driight 
Stem to appeal, and alern, tht chum'd Iha pier'a eigU 




While yet a girl, she with her little hand 
Lash'd and rein'd in the rapid steed she raced, 
Toss'd the huge javelin, wrestled on the sand, 
And by gymnastic toils her sinews braced ; 
Then through the devious wood and mountain-waste 
Track'd the struck lion to his entered den, 
Or in fierce wars a nobler quarry chased ; 
And thus in fighting field and forest glen, 
A man to savage beasts, a savage scem'd to men. 



From Persia now she comes, with all her skill 
The Christians to resist, though ofl has she 
Strewed with their blood the field, till scarce a rill 
Remained, that ran not purple to the sea. 
Here now arrived, the dreadful pageantry 
Of death prestmts itself, — the crowd — ^the pyre— 
And the bound pair ; solicitous to see. 
And know what crime condemns them to the fire, 
Forward she spurs her steed, and hastens to inquire. 


The throng falls back, and she awliile remains, 
The fetter'd pair more closely to survey ; 
One she sees silent, one she sees complains, 
The stronger spirit nerves the weaker prey : 
She see« him mouni like one whom the sad sway 
Of powerful pity doth to tears chastise. 
Not grief, or grief not for himself ; but aye 
Mute kneels the maid, her blue beseeching eyes 
80 fix'd on heaven, she seems in heaven ere yet she diet^ 


Clorinda melts, and with them both condoles ; 

Some tears she sheds, but greater teuderness 

Feels for her grief who most her grief controls, — 

The silence moves her much, the weeping lees ; 

No longer now does she delay to press 

For information ; turning towards one 

Of reverend years, she said with eagenie», 

" Who are they ? speak ! and O, what crime has won 

This death ? in Mercy's name, declare the deed they've 





Th» bIhi eotrevla ; > brier rrpl/ he gins. 
Bai mch H well eiplsitu the wbolv event: 
Amazed Ae hr«n il, and as aton eoaeemm 
Thai they are both ■iamrelf innocent ; 
Her heart ■■ for them, rite m ittnetlj but 
T aren Ihnr (ale, if either anne can aid, 

« pnycra secure the king'» conwnt ; 

The I 

lliBt QOH approocil'd them faet, and ID 

*' Let Dane of yon prmime to proeMate 
Tour baibamna office, till the itine I «" i 
Mf word I pledge, that at Clorinda'a suit 
Yoor fault he will rargire, if faiill it be i" 
Moved by her qieech and queenlike digoity, 
The gruards obey, and «he depails iu quest 
or the alero monatch, oigciit of hei |jea : 
Midway tliey met ; the moaorch che addtHa'd 
And in tlui AilTol mode her gen'roua purpose pm 

" I am Clorinda ; thou wiH know perchance 

The name, from vague remenibrance or rrnowtv; 
And here I come to save with «word and lance 
Oar common Faith, and Iliioe endantrcr'd crown : 
Impose the labor, lay tli" advenliire down. 
Sublime I Tear it not, nor low d»p^ ; 
Io opeo'd field or in tbe Mraiten'd town. 
Prepared 1 stand for every eaterprise. 
Where'er tbe danger calls, where'er the labor Be* !" 

" What reeion bo remote." replied the king, 
*■ From the «id's track or Asia's eolden ions, 
To which, heroic maid, on wonder's wing 
Thy fame has not arrrved, thy glory flownl 
Now that with mine thou deign st to join thù 
Uocouqucr'd sword. I shake awuy aU senM 
or fear, and hope for my anulted thraM ; 
No — I could have no surer conRdence, 
IT e'en united hosts were ana'd la my defeooe ! 

• * 


" Now then the mijj^hty Godfrey comes too late 
To my dcsiro ; exploits are thy demand, 
But only worthy thy sublime estate 
I hold the daring, difficult, and grand ; 
The rule of all our warriors to thy hand 
Do I concede ; thy standard be their guide 
In battle, and a law thy least command !" — 
She nor assumed his praises, nor denie^l. 
Bat bow^d her grateful Uiauks, and courteously replied: 


** 'Twould be assuredly a thing most rare, 
If the reward the service should precede ; 
But of thy bounty coufideut, I dure 
For future toils solicit, as my meed, 
Yon lovers' pardon ; since the charge indeed 
Rests on no evidence, 'twas hard to press 
The point at all, but this I waive, nor plead 
On those sure signs which, urged, thou must confen 
Their hands quite free from crime, or own their guilt far 

** Yet will I say, though here the common mind 
Condemns the Christians of the thoH, for me, 
Sufficient roitHOus in mine own I find 
To doubt, dispute, disparaire the decree ; 
To sot their idols in our Hunctuary 
Was an irreverence to our laws, howe'er 
Urg«'d by the sorcerer ; should the Prophet see 
E'eu idols of our ow^n established there ? 
Much less then those of men whoso Ups his faith for* 



" The CK«ristian statue ravish'd from your sight, 
To Allah, therefore, rather I impute. 
In sign that he will let no foreign rite 
Of superKlition his pure place pollute : 
Spells and enchantments may Ismene suit. 
Leave him to use such weapons at his will ; 
But shall we warriors by a wand dispute 7 
Now no ! our talÙMman, our hope, our skill, 
lie in our swords alone, and they shall serve us itili !** 



.. The P'"°J, ihM no^'"^ ' ^l tì"«" '' V>" 

Th»' •"," ' ^;„t l«»"l'' w,^ "' Vallai»" . 

knd D3'"=^ ,, HllOlHI'-'-B ,h6 DI"" " 

.„ *« •»»• tì """^"u» * & 



Emmaus, a city at so short a space 
From regal Salem, that a youth in June, 
Walking for pleasure at a careless pace, 
From dewy mom, may reach the town by noon ; 
So near, what joys the soldiers* hearts attune ! 
O witli what deep desire they bum, to tread 
Fhe glorious City they shall see so soon ! 
But the sun hastens to his seagreen bed. 
And Grodfrey gives command the evening tents to spread. 


They were abready pitched, and twilight gloom 
Was gathering fast round eve's declining light, 
When Io ! two Barons in a strange costimio. 
And pomp of foreign bearing, cumo in sight ; 
Their state seem'd fashioned to a peaceful plight, 
And every desultory movement told 
A friendly purpose ; tcnduut on each knight 
Rode many a page and armor-bearer bold ; 
From Eg^'pt's king they come, higii argument to hM, 


The one, Alethes, of vile lineage epnmg, 
Who in obscurest shade his course began, 
Rose, by smooth flatt'ries and a fluent tongue. 
To the first honors of the grave Divan ; 
A supple, crafty, various-witted man, — 
Prompt at deceit, perfidious in his phrase, 
Ho with a smile of sweetness could trepan ; 
And wove his webs in such ingenious ways, 
That each calumnious charge had all the air of praise. 


Ai^ntes the Circassian, his compeer, 
Came to the Court a stranjror, but endow'd 
With valor equal to the loftiest sphere, 
Was soon a Satrap of the realm avow'd ; 
Impatient, fiojrce, implacable and proud. 
In arms unwearied and uninatch'd, he trod ; 
A scomer of all faiths, with vaunts aloud 
He braved the world ; his argument his nod, 
He made his will his law and his good sword his God. 


J^tntAXQH D£UVEBB1>. C*mk tt 

Culmi)* cnnvpnòue WÌlh lii> cbienùita rannd ; 
Bui genuine wanh> IIidueIi ne^igant, ia Riowa'd 
Willi a BufScienl ornHineoIi iinny'd 
Id ita n«-u Fi«!len<*p ; no mark prafoiiiul 
or liM mpect Ibe {tank Argsotn paidi 
But witli unstudiMl sue just luw'd lua houglily beaiL 

But on hai h«Bi1 AlvlliM laid hìi hand, 

And bon-'d big head to euth, utd Fv«y làga 
Of honor thow'd, [Imi ^ory could donioDi). 
Oc tlie ainootli flalleiy of Ihc Emt eombiiin. 
Hn apakc, and Eroin bis lip» than goldeu wins 
More aweFt. the flooda of oloqHeiiPO diatili'd ; 
Aiid lu Hip Fninka the spefoli of Pali»tini' 
Now comprelicudwl. mid at Ul^ed could tiiiild. 
Twu thua Ilia rich-loucd voice Ilio mute uaclnbly fill'd. 

O'er Ili«e ill 
TbnHi^ thy wiM ooiiiuFb. lilUirtlo. Ihe jiride 
Of «mqueil— loiirela won, and alatf» o'«nhPown ! 
Thy iittnie, wliich bnwkii liol In Hie narrow tone 
or brave Alpidrv' >auitda to be confìtied. 
E'en lo the Iniid of I^i^'pt baa been blown ', — 
Throngli all our rcnluw dom Fame her Glalian wind, 
Bounding lliy glonoua deeda from Nile lo ulnUM liuL 

" Nor midat M many Prince* ia tliere onn 
Whoae deeprat wonder tline do tiul eicils; 
But mine indeed nxvivea Uieiii. tiol alone 
Wi^ adiniralion. but mprruie delii;lit ; 
Be iayt to allow ttiem in eacli alùftio)! Iiebl< 
Ana lam in thee nbat with tbv mil bui oaum 
Envy end feat ; admiring thiia Ihy iniehl. 
And lo thjr valot yieldiiii; meet applauae, 
Willi Ihue he aeeki to joio, in love tf not in la<n> 




** Urged then by this benign desire, he sends, 
The branch of peace to ask and to bestow, 
And since not Faith can mediate to our ends, 
Let mutual Virtue wreath the sacred bough ; 
But since the rumor meets his ear, that thou 
Art armM to drive from Siilcm his ally. 
His princely mind he wills that we avow, 
Ere the full tempest overcints the sky. 
So may succeeding ills thy borders come not nigh ! 


** He begs thy generous spirit to forbear. 
And rest content with what thy sword has won ; 
Nor vox Judea, but all regions «pare 
That lie beneath the favor of his sun : 
He, on his part, no sacrifice will shim 
To fix thy infant power upon a rock ; 
Whence, should the Turks and Pernians seek to o*errun 
The land once more, united you shall mock 
Their overweening liopes, and smile away the shock. 


" Thy mighty deeds in tliis brief period wrought, 
Years of oblivion shall corrode in vain ! 
Armies and cities conqner'd, perils sought, 
Fatigues sunnouuted, unknown wilds made plain ! 
So that the nations far and near remain 
Dumb with amazement, «tiipid with dismay ; 
Yet other empires thou perhajw migiit'st gain, 
But Glory is thy bankrupt, nor would they, 
Void of renown, the toil of victory n'pay. 


*' Now is thy noon of honor, but the night 
Succeeds to noon ; and wise it surely were 
To shun the dubious accidents of fight, — 
If conqueror, conquest proves a fruitless care ; 
But— once l)eguiled in fate's malignant snare. 
Empire, past Hpoils, and victories, all are crossed ! 
He is the fool of fortune who should dare 
To stake a sure against a doubtful coet, 
Where slight the gain must prove, but great th* advantagis 


" TM Qie advice of miM one whom it giinvM 
Th&t oUivn long «hould keep whil thvy nix|iu», 
Th« having gather'd victory^» laurel leavn 
In cTfliy CDntcst, and til' iDUat» àrón 
Whicli glows, and always lif;lils iU lictcmt fire 
In grealw* htart», lo tee lliy hanuoa'd oaf 
Drawn by deppndeiit kinga.— Ihe« Will impilo 
Tliy mind, perchance, t» bnaisli pence uCw. 
WlUi a more engei zeal than oUien aiijjry war. 

TUl IMaliomcl'i toll rnnra iu mia lie, 
And .\bìd lias bccomis one wildernen 
B»oundmg ouly to the dra^^ii'a cry : 

But full of (LiDgeroiu illii, aiid pipgnuiit w 

" But if Olino pyr no keen waonlmrnl voiU, 
If it strikes not tho liglil of naaaa blind. 
With fear, not hopi., ntiul thou regard the scale* 
Of Wnr, and IrcmUe as tlie beam's iaclinoU ; 
For Fortune's favor is a varying wind, 
Wafting now Dl, now good, — now joy, now wo! 
Bhe leual rewards ua when shr tvt^nw most kind ; 
on serpente lurk where frmlion rosM blow. 
And (or tin- lofliwt ftiglil n gulf yawua di-ep below. 

Psnian and Turk, the struggle ahould renew ; 
ITlo Ihy cost all Egypt sliould anse. 
la gold, arms, wsdom, miglity to subdue ; 
Whence, a» more near llie galheiing lempest drew. 
Wouldat thou thine nrmamenls command, or where 
ESscnpe tlie peril 7 wauldsl Ihou seek, anew. 
FVom the Greek prince proreusious yel more fair, 
And, of h» aid assured, the fnglitfiil conleal darei 




** Who knows not to what end the Grecian swean I 
Vet from a single treason gather all, — 
From thousands, rather, for a thousand snaree 
Hai he disposed, thy warriore to enthrall ; 
Think of his avarice, his mistrust recall '. 
Will he who own*d your mission, yet withstood* 
Now risk his life at your beseeching call 7 
He who forbade the route by all pursued, 
Yield to a tottering cause his own luxurious UoodT 


** But, it may be, that all thy hopes repose 
On these brave hearts that gird thee as a zone ; 
Perhaps thou think'st to crush united foes 
Lightly as one by one they were overthrown ; 
Although thy squadrons, as thyself must own, 
Are much reduced by hardships and by fight ; 
Though fresh antagonists surround thy throne ; 
And, numerous as our locusts to the sight. 
With Turk and Persian both th* Egyptians may unita 


** But granting Heaven's almightiness decree 
That War's devouring minister, the sword. 
Which fatal proves to othere, harm not thee, 
Famine will bow thee still ! when, unreMored, 
Life's rosy currents from the heart are pourM, 
Where wilt thou turn ? what refuge will remain 7 
Quails in the desert will thy God aflbrd 7 
Wave thy bright sword, thy javelin shake ! — His vain ! 
Victory will nothing be but mockery of thy pain. 



The prudent people, politic in need, 
Have fired tiieir cultured fit'lds, despoil'd their bowers. 
And ere thy coming 8ton*d the golden seed 
In stul^m walls and high protecting towers ; 
Tliou, whose hot zeal spurr'd on the lazy hours 
To speed thee here, how wilt thou banquet these. 
Thy horse and foot ? Thou wilt reply, ♦ My Powers 
Are safe, my rich Armada «weeps ti»e seas:* 
Does then your life de[»end njxm the shiliing breeze t 



JEKUS&tEX DEJ.tVER£0 Cunoii. 

"PcThiipglliir Grniuan 

■niy or < 

1'liougli proof (0 prsyere oud wuiliiign, tlie deaf Ma, 
Uk« B liili'd cl>Ud, wlil hrar tliy vowp, and alili 
lis stormy waves ! but have wc Ihcn un (kill 
With t)is brave Turks ntid PrtnoDa la cuinbine, 
Man the joint DDvy, U the brwus aliriil 
Sprrud Dill ils saik, and nHliiiijj tliruii^r> Itio bnnn. 
Baldly confrout thiHe vart lEviatlmui of tliiue 1 


le Tictn; miut tliDU win, to g»ia 

■ vffurtt vail 
Mnkea glory aliaoie, and luxury nultcdiica 
For if our winged Beel» Ihy fleet oppres» 
At Ha. tite dulBut liost with Uunger diea, 
Aod if Ilio halt in bntlle we dntrcn. 
Thy naval ipoil» nte vaia indemnili», — 
Thy watery cm|Mre gaiii'd, an uiuflitdlanlial 

" Now, in lhl« atpepl of aliai™, if lliun 

The peace and friendaliip of our king decline, 

From the entlirallinj 

enjoy m ptrfec 

eep 4ni>lbl«, perih dark 

Not Inai tho Inttor windi and ci 



Alethes ceased : and the brave Lords returned 
A murmur like the twuud of fìre, that told 
How angrily his overtures they spurn'd ; 
Fierce wore their gestures, and tFieir actiou bold ; 
Godfrey his eyes thrice round the circle roU'd ; 
Thrice the knights* faces scaun'd with conscious pride ; 
Then, as in act his purpose to unfold, 
The fluent Copt significantly eyed. 
And with determined tone thus placidly replied : 


" Bravely, Ambassador, hast thou set forth. 
Now mild, now stem, the terms on which you treat: 
If thy king love me, and applaud our woith, 
The love is grateful, as the praise is sweet ; 
The after portion of thy speech, replete 
With threats of war from Heathendom combined, 
And like denunciations, I will meet. 
And in the native frankness of my mind 
Answer in simple words, sincere, if less refined. 


*' Know, then, that we have borne all this distress 
By land and sea, — war, want, reverses — all ! 
To the sole end that wo might gain access 
To sacred Salem's venerable wall ; 
That we might free the Faithful from tlieir thrall, 
And win from God his bleHsiu(r and reward : 
From this no threats our spirit can appal. 
For this no terms will be esteeni'd too hard — 
i life, honors, kingdoms lost, or dignity dcbarr'd. 



" For not the lusts of power or gold affect 
The hearts of those who rank benoatii the Cross ; 
Heaven's gracious Father chasten aud correct 
The deadly sins, if such oiu* rouls engruHs ! 
Nor let th' insidious plague, the pleasing gloss 
Of honey'd guilt infe<;t us, or delude ! 
But may his holy fires purge off our dross. 
Through stony hearts infuse a milder hkhkI, 
Bind the rcbcllioiLS will, and teacli us to bo good ! 


This lina imppll'd lui. Kiiidod. griii^ oa now 

Through every iteri), Dl»tiicle, uid «tue ; 

Thii mukw thr tul» tujiirv. Ihe numnlBiiM bi*r, 

Thii maka Ihe loiiil moi atUI, t!ie rivpn bnre, 
CbaioB Iho K-ilri Icriipivl in lU KCret cave, 
Sends tlie four arnma mild, (he blue ikin fnir. 

ScHllen our fo« iu Hjghl, ur dDoma lo [lie dark fn> 

Hence lea] and hopr, heocn itjmgthi hi 

•da'i ouUprpiKl winga ', 
tax fìvm (ircpop may «ail ! 

Not tram our own forpp, wutcd. worn >nd ftm! 
Noi from Ihe neh Armiidii' 

Bui nuce iiiirli Ileavfu our bonuu thuii bclliendiii 
We little Rck what otli« aid* may tail ; 
Who knoWB bolli liow it aUik». >ud liDW dcfeudo. 
Will aak none other ahield ivhi^n peni switl drKcndi. 

" Bai Bhould out an. or •c'^ret jadgreenl doom 
Un, of Ilia aid deprived, to pass away. 
Which of ui would nul yrarn lo liave hia Wmb, 
When once Die liiiiba of tlie Olwtlal lay! 
Yes. we aha» die, nor euvy Ihrin the play 
Of being who aurvive ! y», wo «hull fall, 
Bui fall ODl unrerenged, in meek array ; 
Ami «hall nuile uol al our funeral ; 
We aliali noi grieve to dje, bui fiinii«h grief for all. 

" Aj Dthen fear nnd ■liiin the badle-field. 
Think not the happy am of peaoe we fly ; 
Thai union with ihy kinj; no joy would yield. 
Or Ihal we «hoitld not rain b«i fnendalilp lii^i ; 
But Palnabne doe» not wibjeeted lio 
To him ; thou know'i4 il ; wlienee llien ail Ihia 
On ila Bcrount Ì would lie to i» deny 
Coiiqiieal ofotliera' Khim? let him forbear; 
Attd rule iu |■^u^<> big own. neh. douriatuug and fo 




Thus answer'd Godfrey, and his calm reply 
Stung to the quick Argantes' heart of pride ; 
He dnl not veil it, but approacliing nigh, 
With quivering lips in proud assumption cried : 
'* Who wills not peace the battle can abide ! 
Ne'er was there penury of risk or wo 
To those whose raslmess dared to be defied ; 
Too well a warlike spirit wilt thou show, 
If the fair gifts we bring thou carost to forego !'* 


He took his mantle by the skirt ; he curved 
As to an urn the implicated fold, 
And holding it on high, his language nerved 
With angrier eye and malice uncontrolfd : 
" Ho, thou contemner of strong Fate, behold ! 
I bring thee in this uru botii war and peace ; 
Make now thy choice, and quickly be it told — 
War, peace or war ; whichever most may pleas*— 
What more thou wouldst demand, thine o va right hand 
must seize !^' 


At his fierce gesture and disdainful voictr, 
Inflamed, from all their seats the Hurous sprung ; 
They waited not to hear their Leader's choice, 
" War ! war !" they cried, with simultaneous tongue ; 
He far abroad the fatal mantle flung, 
And shook it in their teeth : " Then evermore 
Take mortal war !" he cried : so wildly rung 
The words, it seem'd the adamantine door 
Which awful Jauus keeps, flew open to the roar: 


It 8eem*d that from the shaking of the fold 
Gigantic Discord aiul mad Fury flew ; 
That in his frightful eyes they might behold 
Megara and Alecto rise to view ; 
So stood, perchance, the Giant, when he drew 
To Shinaar s plain his nations, to defy 
The God of Heaven, and as the huge Tower grew 
Upward from earth, perchance with such an eye 
Ha watch*d it pass the clouds, and threat the stany ikf. 




ThcD Godfrcf «pake; " Our unwei y* havB hei 
Buck Id your monBrch, and oiir choice ralale: 
Hrre let liLm listile, or, on a Pnacc'i wwd, 
Nile ^hU belwrfd ug al Aicairo's gale." 
Then iu mild accenla cadili^ lù^ dchale, 
He bonora tliem wiUi gifia or oufale price ; 
A splf udid lielmel. leinper'd tu rebate 
Tlie kcencrt (alchiou, and of rare device. 
He to AleUiea gave, a spoil from coiiquer'd Nice. 

Argaolee hm a iwoid of princely coat. 
Whose hill and pominel, gay with jewel» flame. 
Set in bri^it giridso curiauEly enibow'd, 
Thai the rare warkmanahip might almoil afaanie 
The rich mBietial ; he ila teniper'il ftamo 
Shrewdly examined, the keen edge nnay'd, 
Found the fine aleel 111' idammeaU well hectune, 
And mid lo Godrrey, as he ahealh'd tlie Uode ; 
" Soon alipJt thou me Ihe u» that of thy gift is made ! 

Vo toon he deign'd, hot look hia leaver " And ddw. 
My brave Alethes, let lu both begone ; 
I to Jeniaaleni, to Bg;ypl liiou,— 
Thou when morn'e n»™ o'er Ihe tikiea are itrowi], 
With our attendant pag», I alone 
By ti>e Doctomal itRia. Vnu need noi ub, 
Nh out adTicea to instruct llie throne ; 
Bear Ihou the annrer,— I'll no lao|!er Ihue 
Stand trifling bere, nnce anna tiie •ubjecl must ■""■—" 

Tfaua parte the foe who came unbaotador: 
Whether hia well or lil-limed hasle olfend 
The law of rralnu sud usages of war 
He thinks noi, car» noi, so he galna his end ; 
Nor waits lo hear Ihe auswcr which hia (head 
Has on hb lips, bui through Ihe twilight-shade 
Hi* «epa to high Jerusalem lucend, 
Impalienl of delay ; and lh«e who Uay'd, 
Did wUi DO \em diaibuii Uie Uow-pacod honn iqilsa 


Ti) cm ; 'tk Ni^[ ; a holy qnit-t brood» 
O'er tlie route world— wind», walom «re at pcoM 
Tbe b«asU lie couch'd amid uiulÌRÌng woodi. 
The GabM slumtwr in the soiuida and neaa ; 
No twilt'ring bird aiuea [unwclt frani Ihe Ireoi, 
Hi»li'd iti the diugoa's ury. llie liaa'( roar ; 
BeneHth her glooms a gliiii oblivion Steea 



Canying divine repose ai 

i-eaty U 

Bnl uni tbe mìdoigihl huah, nor starligbt balm. 
Nor iwcst obtifion of all Ihinga in sleep, 
Ctia to the Chief or army brin^ Hie calm 
or blfxt rejiDse, such eager wulch they keep. 
In llieic deoire to aee the loomiag peep, 
And give tlist [aDg-aangtit City lo their sighl. 
When they Ihe bills o( battle hope to reap ; 
on looking out to mark J yet the light, 
Breaking tlie dappled East, clean up the ihidcs of nigbl 






«iLaatuDA braToJy mectA Ihe Fnuiki m 
Wben m Jeraaleni Ihc tHHt nmrej ; 
ermoum-* iDie >«ilieii> u the ngtii 
Of Tuicred m Uw &e1 J ; liu own retir 
Wben ■ «umB» kmgbi. "fitli » lioni in 

DUiloD mlerr^J, for 
Tlw ■own, M uQque 



The odorooB air, mom'e messenger, now spread 
Its wings to herald, in serenest skies, 
Aurora imuing forth, her radiant head 
Adom'd with roses pluck'd in Paradise ; 
When in full panoply the hosts arise. 
And loud and spreading murmurs upward fly, 
Ere yet the trumpet sings ; its melodies 
They miss not long, the trumpet's tuneful cry 
Gives the command to march, shrill sounding to tho sky 


Tlie skilful Captain, with a gentle rein 
Guides their desires, and animates their force ; 
And thoutrh 'twould seem more easy to restrain 
Char)'bdÌH in its mud volubil course. 
Or bridle Boreas in, when gruffly hoarse 
He tempests Apenninus and the gray 
Ship-shaking Ocean to its deepest source, — 
He ranks them, urges, rules them on the way ; 
Swiftly they march, yet still with swiftness under sway 


Wing*d is each heart, and winged every heel ; 
They fly, yet notice not how fast they fly ; 
But by the time the dewless meads reveal 
The fervent sun's ascension in the sky. 
Lo, tower'd Jerusalem salutes the eye ! 
A thousand pointing fingers tell the tale ; 
" Jerusalem !" a thousand voices cry, 
** All hail, Jerusalem !" hill, down, and dale. 
Catch the glad sounds, and shout, " Jerusalem, all haH f 



Tfam, when ■ crow of fcarltsB voyagta. 
Seeking aew lands, cpreul their nuduclcniB sails 
In tlte bDar Arctic under uaknowD Han, 
Sport of the railli1e« wsTes and tieach'raus gain ; 
ir, w their tittle hak the billow scale*. 
One views the long-wish'd heuUsud from the maMi 
With ineny sIuhjIs Iho far-off coBHi he hail». 
Each points il out to FSch, uolil at Inst 
They clue in preseirt joy the tiDubl» of llir pnM. 

To the pair plrosure which Ihnl finrt fit view 
la their reiiring spirits swerlly shrd, 
SuccFf ds a deep conlhliou, frrliags arw, — 
Gnef touch'd with BWe, sl&clion oiii'd with dre 
ScBim dan they now upnise the abject bead. 
Or torn to Zion their desriDg eyes, 
The chosen city ! when Messas Ued, 
Dolraude*] Death of hit long tyranaiea, 
New clothed hii limba with life, and n 

Low accenta, plalative whispen. gniaaa piDlbaad, 
Sigile ot a pecpte that in ^adriess ^eveo, 
And melancholy munnaTS Aoal around, 
Till the sad ur a thrilling sound recwves, 
lake llial which sobs amidsl the dying ka*f«, 
When wilit aulumnal winds the foreiil wares; 
Or dash of an iosureeat sea that heat-es 
On lonely ntcks, or lock'd in winding caves, 
Hoane throng U»ir hoUow aiilea in wild low cadenee 

Each, at his Chief's eiample, lays aside 
His scarf and feathered caflque, with every gay 
And glilt'iiug omanient of kui^tly firide. 
And harefooi treads the coafreiated way. 
Their thouglila. too, suited 1» their changrd sirajr. 
Warm tears devout their eyrs in showe» ddTuse, — 
Tean, that the heughlinM temper mfgiit allay ; 
And yet, as thinigh to weep they did refuse, 
ThiB to IheaMelves their hearts of hacdaesi (bey acciSN. 


** Here, Lord, where carrento from thy wounded side 
StaJn'd tlie besprinkled f^und with saupruine red, 
Should not these two quick springs at least, their tide 
In bitter memory of thy passion shed ! 
And melt'st thou not, my icy heart, where bled 
Thy dear Redeemer? still must pity sleep? 
My flinty bosom, why so cold and dead ? 
Break, and with tears tlio hallow'd rej^on steep ! 
If that thou weep*st not now, forever shouldst thou weep !'* 


Meanwhile the Guard that from a lofty tower 
In the far city cast abroad his view, 
Marked the dust rise, and like a thunder-shower 
Printed in air, turn dork th* ethereal blue ; 
The gloomy cloud secmM pre^iant as it flew 
With fire, — anon, bright metals flashed between 
Its shaken wreaths, and as it nearer drew. 
Dim tlirough the storm were apparitions seen — 
Spearmen, and issuing steeds, and chiefs of godlike mien. 


He saw, and raised his tcrnble alarm ; 
" O rise, all citizens below, arise ; 
Mount to the walls ; haste ! arm ! this instant arm ! 
Lo, what a dust upon the whirlwind flies. 
And Io, the lightning of their arms !'* he cries, — 
** The foeman is ut hand !" then, yet more loud, 
Ho calls, " Shall the swifl foe the town surprise ? 
Quick, seize your weapons ; mark the dusty cloud 
That hither rolls ! it wraps all lieavcn within its shroud !** 


Tlie simple infant and the n^d sire, 
Matrons and trembling maids, to whom lielong 
Nor strength, nor skill to make dcf«*nce, retire, 
A pale, disconsolate, and suppliant throng. 
In sad procession to the mosques : the strongf 
In spirit us in limbs, obey the cull ; 
Seizing their unns in haste, they speed along, 
Part flock to iniard tlio cratrs, part man the wall ; 
The kin;j to all parts llirs, troit, euros, provides for all. 



Hi* on)»™ gkea, fat every need prepared, 
He rcDdi Ilif lluck'ning lumull has wilhdnwn, 
And «sire n lowrr tlial 'iwixt two portals nur'd, 
OVrlooks II» plain, and holds Uia liilk to ccorn 
Hi» «(rp* E]niiiiiÌB, knrly «a tbe mom, 



Hm royal Court brr witiiuae cliarma udorn. 
Sino AnUoch by Ihe Chnstisna was achieved. 
And o'n her kin^y aire the orpban-phnce» gnevei 

Meaotime Clormda hastea asinai Ihe Franks. 
pint of liar band, tvilh many a galloni kn^t. 
While in a aecrel parch Argante* rank* 
His IrDopa, prvpfurd for rescue or for GgfaL 
Her word*, iolivpid a* her mieu, eidte 
Firs in all hearts, as thus the heroiae qnka: 
■■ Well It beesimee as, aim'd in Ana's right. 
To found the hnsening of her haled yoke 
On the auspiciom bau Di' some delenuiued siroka !" 

Ld, Fortune, as she npeaks. Ih* occasion yields 
A band of Fmnks sent onwani lo forrcul 
Tite arniy'a wauli. fmrn foraging tlie Gelds. 
Near tliem, with flock» and henta reliiniing. p 
She lowanls Ihem, and lo her rush'd as fast 
Their Cliief, when he beheld hrr «Irec crest ;- 
Guardo his name, a miin of pui»ance vast, 
Bui weak with her the laurel to canini -, — 
Onward abrupt Ihey drove, their lanca laid in r> 

Breithlfs lo eailb the haple» Frank was stmrii 
By the fierce shock, in either army's sight ; 
Frvm his mischance Ibe abouting Paeans took 
Th«r joyous augury of the future %[it : 
Onward she flew upoa the ie«, the m^ 
Of DUDibeia floshinjE in her single blade ; 
Fad ia their serried ranks she pDur'd the light j 
Her wanioiB follaw'd through Ihe gap slie mode, 
Where her aieault had U'en. wlirre yet her falchioa 



Soon from the spoiler they the spoil obtain ; 
The Franks ^ve way, yet to their standard keep. 
Till slow the sununit of a hill Uiey ^ain, 
And stand assisted by the rising steep : 
When as a tempest, which the whirlwinds sweep 
Abroad, breaks loose, and in aerial dance 
Warm from its skirts the vivid lightnings leap, 
Taucred at Godfrey*s beck made swiil advance 
With his Italian troop, and couch*d his quivering lance. 


The king beheld him from his tower, and deem*d 
Him of all men the choicest cavalier. 
So young, so resolute, so brave he seem*d, 
And bore with such a grace his beamy spear ; 
Whence he betake the fair Erminia near, 
Whose palpitating heart in secret thriird 
As at the sight of something deeply dear ; 
" Well shouTdst thou know, in many a fighting field 
Marked out, each Christian knight, howe'er in arms con- 


** Who then is this, that in fierce grace outstrips 
All other knights 7*' In room of a reply. 
The quick breath fluttered round her lovely lips. 
The big tear trembled in her full blue eye : 
These slie reclaimed, yet not so carelessly 
As to escape regard, — a conscious red 
Tinged her averted cheek, the sudden sigh, 
Choked to a groan, spoke plain of feeling fled. 
And o*er her tearful eyes a radiant circlet spread. 


In these delusive words her answer ran. 
Veiling her love beneath the mask of hate ; 
'* Too well I know th* inexorable man. 
And should, amidst a thousand ! but of late» 
His savage soul I saw him satiate 
With slaughter,— saw him flesh his angry steel 
Upon the best of our Assyrian state : 
Cruel are all his strokes ! the wounds they deal. 
No magic charm can stanch, no brruthinj; balsam heal! 



" He ia Prine* Tuiend ; oh ih«t he, una d«y. 
MIghl Im my éan '. I Would not wiah htm dnad ; 
Glut lliBl be Uvea, n migiil 1 thus repay 
III Bweet reTsnee my wranga upon bit bend 1 
That wnuld loOHd be wnne aniAll }oy," «he nid, 
Aad th» king ftit'd not. an sho wnli'd, to nreM 
Tlie menniag ol bei wordc. sscribHj, iiuttfad 

Stole fujth a maumfal «gh liiAt would noi be r^reW 

M«ginwhil<> Cloriada rortiM te amiil 

Tb? Priuce, and Irvd lays her tfKnr rvDowuM ; 

Both luiiBM strike, and on th^ bàrr'd *eiitiiylo 

Id shivera fly, uid alie remoina diBcniu>n'd ; 

For, butBt ila éWi>i rivou, to tlie enund 

Her beliDet leap'd, (incamparable blow !) 

Loom to the chumed winda her golden tresaea floo 

Then Waied her eyes, then fluh'd her angry glan 
Sweet e'en in wrath ; in Inughler tlicn whet grace 
Would not be tbein ; — but why lliat IhouglitTuI Imai 
And, Tancred, why that ecruliniz'.ns ««ml 
Know'Bl OCX thine idol I la, tlie siiiiie dear face, 
Whence sprung (lie flame tint on thy heart haa prey 
The •culplured image in Ita ahrìne retrace, 
And in (hy foe behold ilie noble maid. 
Who to the aj'lvan ipring far coni rerrnlimenl atray*! 

He, who her paiuled aliield and «ilver crest 
Mark'd not at <ir«, stood apell-bouiid m Die aight ; 
She, gnardtni! as alie could her heiid, alili pren'd 
Th' BBuult, and struck, but he Ibrbare the light. 
And to the reat tranxferriiig hi* deti(Nle, 
Plied faxl Iw whirling twraà ; yi-l uot the l«a 
CeUMl ali« to follow and upbraid lii* flight, 
With tannt and menaco heightening hii dulrra ; 
And, "Turn, fnl» knighl!" «lie cn«l, loud •hauti 
Um.og!i the prf«. 



Stnick, he not once returns the stroke, nor seeks 
So much to ward the meditated blow, 
As in those eyes and on those channing cheeks 
To gaze, whence Passion's fond emotions flow : 
" Void," to himself he says, " too crael foe, 
Void fall the strokes which that beloved arm 
Distributes in its wrath ! no fatal throe 
Is that thy cimeter creates ; the harm 
Is in thy angry looks, that wound me while they charm !*' 


Resolved at length not unconfess*d to fall. 
Though hopeless quite her pity to obtain. 
That slie might know she struck her willing thrall» 
Defenceless, suppliant, crouching to her chain ; 
" O thou," said he, " that followest o*er the plain 
Me as thine only foe, of all this wide 
Presented people ! yet thy wrath restrain ; 
The press let us forsake, so may aside 
Thy force with mine be proved, my skill with thine be 


" Then shalt thou measure in the face of day 
Thy strength with mine, nor own my valor less.** 
Pleased she assents, and boldly leads the way, 
UnhelmM, — he follows in his mute distress. 
Already stood th* impatient Warriore^s 
Prepared, already had she stmck, when he 
ExclaimM ; " Hold ! hold ! ere we ourselves address 
To the stem fight, 'tis fit we «hould agree 
Upon the terms of strife ; fix first what tliese shall be !** 


Her arm she stay'd ; strong love and wild despair 
A reckless courage to his mind impart ; 
" These bo the terms," said he, " since you forswear 
All peace with me, pluck out my panting heart, 
Mine own no moro ! I willingly sliall part 
With life, if farther life thy pride offend ; 
Long have 1 pined with love's tormenting smart ; 
'Tis fit the fond and fovcrish strife should end ; 
Take then the worthless life which I will ne'er defend. 



" Behold ! ray anon sre offBr'd, — I ptnwDt 

My brcoMl withoul defence, — spare noi lo amili 
Or hIibU 1 gpeeà tho tuk ? I ain cunieiit 
To strip my cuiran offi biuI tbiu iuvilo 
Thy cruel Kfeì '." — in hoislier eelf-d^RfHte. 
Tlio moarnrul jwiUi would have pfoclajm'd hù 
Birt ariddi'iily, in craft or pnolc fn^hl. 
Tlie PuL-una yi^ld lo Iheir pimiiing foo». 
And Ilia biuve Uoopa nuli by, and uuiiibeis iutcq 

like driven deer before th* tlalian band 

Tliey yield, Ihey fly in iwiftnen nnoonlÌDed ; 

One base puiBuet raw Clorindn stuid. 

Her rich locki apresd like niubciin« on the wind. 

And raised his itmi in poHiig. from beliind, 

To itab secare tho und^fend»] maid ; 

Bill Tuncrud, conwiom of the blow ii(«i^'d, 

Shrick'd out, ■' Beware I" to warn Ui' uiicoiukìoim 

11 good ewonl bore off* tlie hosliEe blade. 

Siili the Blrolto fill, mid near Ihc graceful he 
Her snowy neck received tlio jwiol, which d 
Some rosy drops, thai cniiiwiii'd, ns Ihey she. 
Her yellow ciiHs with Uieir lKi4pari^Jn^ dew 
E'en thirs gold besnu with the bluHh-rate's h 
When round il rubiee sparkle From the Imud 
Of some rare artist; trembliug at the view. 
His wruth the Prince no loni^r may cammei 
But on the caitiff fall*, and ah^es his llircateuii 

The Tiltaia Qiea, and full of ra^ tlie knight 
Pursues. — «s arrows «will, Ihey bcooi iIlp plnina: 
Perplffx'd she stands, and kffp4 them twlli in sight 
To a ^renl dint ance, nor (o follow deigns, 
But quickly her retrealing band n-sains ; — 
Sometimm she fronts in hoAilo atlilude 
Th" arreslrd Franks, now tlie«, and now diedaioa 
To tly.—ligliL', flies a;^Ìn, as snlts her mood, 
Nor can she well be letm'd pursuer or puiBued. 



So in UiB CirCDB the fii^rcf bull lunia hack 
To gora (lie bDyin^ masliàii timi piirsiiD ; 
Thpy pHUH — but Btill aa lie rvBiiuim iiis track, 
Their mffiuB ■clauMits «sTBgely renew. 
Sho, u she 9«1, HbuTe ber ebouldera Ibnw 
Her guardiaa buukt», like bq orbed atm ; 
So at Ihoir «porls gyoinaBtic may we view 
Til» fugitive Momwoe BbiolJrd run, 
Deit'rouB Iho darted balls ou niinble feel to shntL* 

\Vbila lb we give cbusf , niid those osniiilted fly, 
To the lawn-wnlLi they now nppraaching drew. 
When on the Biidden, with a frigtitful cry, 
Back on Uie Chrialiuui cunio llie Pugan crow; 
Flint H'hrf:bii^ far tdoof, and Uieii iitiew 
lU'liimiiiir iiiitb, with circuiiiTenting »kill 
They on Die wiiim uii'l rent (ciiipr-tuoiiii flew ; 
M'lule iiii<lL<i!iiieed Ar'^'aiitiv down the hill 
Movtii to oBsuil the front, mid shuulcd wild and bIuìII 

Before h'a Iroop llir fioriT Av[iiy.T ps*i'd, 
All eojrer fitBt lo ponitcn upon the (irey ; 
Over and over, lit one cliiiivo ho Ciist 
The hon>e and ridi-r Dint Unit crmx'd his way ; 
And OtA lo«hiven(]ow lii» luiice, there lay 
Whole heaps ofsncJi in bin eiicnniherd truck; 
Then from itei iiciLbbard leajM iiL4 Kwunl, and aye 
Whom it but fully rencliefi to ullack. 
Il either kiilB, or wouudH, or beuta uflriii^tcd back- 

In riialry of liiin Chirinda bIpw 
Ardello brave, otyfon now most niutnrr, 
Bnt thonicli by Ufte uulamed, and frnced by two 
Bohl Minii, 1)0 WHi not from her sword wcnre : 
For a ■hoip wound which ho conid ill endure, 
Fini fmm llie sire rrmoi-rd bin eldnrt pride, 
Unbleiil Aleiinder ; and lib tniBt, lh<- hutb 
Yount; Piily[>licnir, awdntanl ul hiti Kide, 
For hi* own menaced life but barely could prorida. 


Look d back uul nw how Iht inUtupenle h 
HiutihI tlie T»lot of hi* bold britpulE ; 
Hemm'd ìu he taw il, to the aword bèlnij'd, 
And Bpuiriug biu-lc, to the corrected rriii, 
Ilis irailont Bleed, came quickly to tlieir aid ; 
Nor ho aloiw, bui tbol Iraia, 
Who cTeiy ivk at war unshiinkiugly amtaln. 

Dudaa'i choice phalanx to the reocue Uirang, 
The flover of heiwo, dmgoiu of the G^l ; 
And noblivl, bravret. foremoit nwh'd idong. 
The gay and vrlmlilc RiDsIdo, li^t 
Af the wild wiud ; Erminia knew (he knight 
By hia bold part sud Diare-lintHt diield. 
Where the bird argent apreadi Its plunm fur Sight,' 
Aud lo Iho king, who walch'd him thrnagh the 5eU| 
Eliclaiin'd, " Iy> lliere tlie yoiilh lo wliom all kuicfati 
■nUBl yield: 

" B»l few or I» 
With hiin, thou 

Could Europe a 
Salem we» not, and Syria were o'cnhnwii ; 
The South hei Biroiig tnipreiiuicy would own 
Kingdoms thai lie beneath the morning atv 
Stoop lo her nilo, and in the bumiog ione. 
Vainly pertiapa would Nilos seek afar, 
Amid hie Beerei tpringi a refuge frora the wti Ì 

" Rinaldo a hi» name ; hia angry swoid 
More tlinals your walls than the most hu^ machine 
But turn to where I pmul ; yoa uoble Ioni, 
Glill'rini; in armature of gold and green. 
la gallant Dudou, to whoee call conreae 
The band to which I ace your eyes' adreri, 
Adrenfrer» chiralroufi, — a warrior keen, 
Who high-born, active, and in arma etprrt. 
Greatly traaacendi in year», nor yields iu Ime dewiL 




*< That towering fi^re, sheathM in brown, has birth 
From Norway's king, Coniando is his name : 
No prouder creature breathes, throughout the earth ; 
A single foible sullying all his fame. 
But lo, urged on forever by one aim, 
Where Edward and his dear Gildippo move ! 
Their mantles, arms, and ornaments the same, 
Argent ! in bridal harmony they rove, 
Fam^i both for deeds of arms, and loyalty of love." 


While thus Erminia communes with the king, 
Below, yet deeper carnage dyes the fields ; 
There Tancred and Rinaldo break the ring. 
Dense with conflicting men and serried shields ; 
Then pour th' Adventurers in, and bravely wields 
Each knight the weapon of his sharp disdain ; 
Argantes* self, the proud Argantes yields ; 
Beat by Rinaldo backward on the plain 
In sudden shock, he scarce his footing can regain : — 


Nor e*er had he renew'd the stem debate, 
But the same instant fell Riualdo's steed. 
And from the pressure of its cumbrous weight 
The noble youth not easily was freed. 
Meanwhile, diflTused in flight, with headlong speed, 
On to tlie barbican the Pagans hied ; 
Argantes and Clorinda solo impede — 
Mounds to its wrath — th' irruptions of the tide 
That on them bursts behind with such insulting piidei. 


Lest they retire, and the pureuing force 
Of battle hold in check, and so restrain. 
That those who flee before, screened in their comse» 
With leas of ruin gored the city gain. 
Still Dudon, flushed with conquest, gave the rein 
To his curvetting horse, that with a bound 
Bore down the fierce Tigranes ; not in vain 
The sharp sword struck ; he headless fell to ground, 
And, savage e*en in death, superb defiance firown'd. 



Naught h> fine hsubrck \lgazcl uvails, 
Naught Ills «trang hiUmel Cnrbnno dcCruds ; 
Thsm tbrough the nape and back lie no ocnaih. 
That lliroiirn the fvm and breaat l<ie Heel protsoc 
With fell Almuimr n«it two valianl rrionik, 
Malimoud and Amiinilh, bis trencliant brand 
From pipuiant life la Lethe quickly wada ; 
The valoi tlaihiDlfttHn his • ■ • 


n Circaiala'a Duke could 

Ho fieta «illim hhnarlf, with nge he bumn, 
Oft BlopB, wheels round, yel alii! Ihc field TurKikBa; 
At lout so iudd^n on hia few ha tuni», 
And with a opnaj liks tfaa uacoilin); suake'a, 
At Dudoa'g ùd» « fierce a thriut lie makes. 
That dpep within, it balliea Ilia ^dinir Made, 
And feom the Chief all power of uioliun taki-a ; 
Ho falla J and Ida shut eyes, willi pain o'enveigii'd. 
An adamatitiiu) sleep and quietude iiimde. 

irn's sweel light 

And leiiiibly an icy elilliirai grows; 
Upon tlie knight now dead, no idle stay 
The fierce Arganlea makes, but instant lues hìa way. 

Tet luming. as he speeds, his cruel eye 

" Thii ralcliiDu, strisainini; with so bri^lit a dye, 
Ii that which yMterday your Hriiiee benlaw'd ! 
Qnick ! be ila quittance lo hia ear avow'd ; 

Glad will he be to fiud H gift so proud. 
BnHiaht 10 its tfial, sland the sharp ainay ; 

hew 1 bava naed it, aaj I 



" Tell him, that aoon he may expect to leo 
In hw own bowels proof of it more sure ; 
That if he hastes not lo the battle, we 
Will drag him from his tented coverture !" 
The irritated Franks but ill endure 
The brutal message and insulting call ; 
All preas'd to charge him ; but he pofls*d secare 
Beneath the favor of the guarded wall, 
And reach'd the rest that fl^l, unhurt, unharm*d of alL 


Then from the battlements of either tower, 
A storm of stones obscured tlie sleety air. 
And arrows, an immitigable shower. 
Innumerable archers fulmine there 
From the tough bow ; the Oiristiaiis pause, — they dare 
No further press, but shrinking from the storm, 
Perforce the relics of the Pagans spare ; 
Twas then Rinaldo show'd his martial form. 
Freed from his fallen horse, as Jovo s red lightnings warm. 

He came, on the barbaric homicide 
Slain Dudon*s debt with usury to repay, 
And to his pausing troops sublimely cried, 
" What wait you for ! what means this base delay f 
Slain is the gallant lord, your Chieftain, — say, 
What is it stays you ? what is it appals 7 
Forward this iustant, and the town essay ! 
What ! when so great a cause for vengeance calls, 
Shall we be held in check by these weak mould'ring 


" No ! though with adamant each charmed tower 
Were flank'd, or triply fenced with stubborn steel, 
Safe in its pale th' assassin should not cower, 
But the full measure of your vengeance feel ; 
On ! on !** and seconding the high appeal 
By instant action, to the walls, before 
All else he nislies ; in his ardent zeal 
Scorning with guarded head the shower and roar 
Of stones, and shaAs, and darts, thai from the engiiMt 


Ua ihikea hi* nble planua, he lilU his fuco. 
80 fuO of liercK rwlv», Umt il rntliuini 
The Bunrgics of all wlio guani tliB pljce, — 
An icy tnai miu tlirilliue llirau^ii Uidrveiiu. 
Wbilo Lhu8 Iho sciied sdvantiigD he maintaiui, 
Anil llioHr la mononp seeks, nud tliHW 10 elicer, 

ft Men to nàk and m 

Godfrey recnlU you fnii 
Back '. back '." Hiaaiik 
Tu the neat dan|[*r, tlii 

Duharan'd oT Ibe for, by dii' 
The Fnuiki bore oS; aud fui 
Téio lud mi (ilH aiid Bolemi 

L(i fuLn<w slisped for fight 

On two bold hilla Jeruulcm i* imd, 
or aiu uuequal, fncc lo face oppdivd ; 
A wide uid pli^aiaul valley li» bclWHn, 
Dividili); lull fivin hill ; Llirec side*, Ilie cout 
Ltm crm^ory, diffidili, alid Itigli, dÌ0po«ed 
In «leep acclivitiw ; the fourth ia cast 
lu ^utleil undulaliona, and eiiclowd 
By walla a( height luiupetable and vaci, 
lliat mtm la braia tbe iliy, and face tl>e Arclic blaat 



Cifltenifl for rain, canals, and living foantainB 
Make glad the thirsting city ; but around. 
Barren, and bare, and naked are the mountains. 
And scarce one solitary flower is found 
To blossom near : no sylvans, sun-embrownM, 
Shut out the fervid noon ; no valley shines 
With lapse of lakes, nor falling waters sound ; 
One forest yet the blue horizon lines. 
Black with the baleful shades of cy'prosses and pinea. 


Here, tow*rd the regions of the orient day, 
The stately Jordan leads its happy wave ; 
There, where the solemn sunset fades away, 
A sandy shore Levantine billows lave ; 
North, with Samaria Bethel stands, wliich gave 
Fires to the Golden Calf, of hell beguiled ; 
And last, where Austcr from his southern cave 
Let loose tlie show^cry winds and tempests wild, 
Betlilehem, whose matron lap received the Heaven-born 


Now as the Chief the city's walls espied — 
Its strength, its site — and in his wisdom weigh'd 
Where best he could encamp, and on which side 
The hostile towers might safest be essay'd, 
To Aladine divine Erminia said. 
Her eager finger pointing to the place : 
" That Godfrey is, in purple robes array'd ! 
Observe, with wliat a military grace 
He moves ! august his port, and (lignified his pace ! 


" He of a truth was bom for empire : yes ! 
So well he knows to govern and command ; 
Great as a general, as a knight no less. 
Sceptre and sword were fuAhiouM to his hand.' 
I know not one of all that countless bund, 
More warlike, or more wise ; Raymond the sage, 
Porliaps in counsel by his side might stand, 
Rinaldo, Taucred (K]ual warfare wage, 
These from their sprightlier youth, and Raymond tnm 
hM age.' 




" Hìra," the king lUKWer'd, ■■ I remrnnW wall : 
1 mw him &t the aplendid Court or Fnocv, 
Wlien envoy there from Eej-pt, and couid tell 
How eiHantly iu jouat he bore liia lance ; 
And iTiougli hb ymn, whicb (hen did kuco advuiov 
Beyond ^y boyhood, liod bvguu to grave 
Nu nmnly linm on hia smooth clirpk, his gliuip», 
Bold deejn, reflective mind, nnd soinUnnce brav«. 
Of loftieat hopea a'en Uieu a cenoiii presage gave. 

He cu 

" But who ia he that M an equal viw 
With him, ia mantle of resplendent redi 
How like in fomi and vùnge '. e'en bn trsad 
Bolmya :i etrun^ Bimilitiide. Ihoii^ Ihb 
I derm li's atatiire :" ■' That," rcjoiii'd tlie mnlii, 
" Is Baldwin, like ia up^t and uddrms, 
Bui brotlier roost in »ul and priiici-ly uobleneat" 

" Now mark the man near (iodfrey, in the gniie 

That is Earl Raymond, pntdFnI. close, and wne, 
or nv'renil tieaem wliim with lenElh of days; 
Such politic maiicBuvrea none displaj-a — 
Latin or Piauk— in battle lo o'erwhelm, 
Or lo deceive : but he that blind» our gatt. 
The «unahine pltyini; on he pMrà lirlm. 
Il William, lh« )'ouug hope of firitoiu'a distant realm, 

" With him is Guelph, in rich estate^ high blood, 

And thind for honor equal with the best ; 

I know him well by his (irm attilnde. 

By hiB bmad shoulden and dilnted chM : 

But my chief foe, for whom in eairer qiiml 

1 have n lonir look'd round. 1 nowhere see, 

My siibjeet», slew my «if^, and left lo me 
No joy but that of lp>in>,'DO friends bui llejvea and the« ! 



Thm commnne they ; while, having well sunrey'd 
The City, Bouillon joinM his hosted train, 
And as he judged that battery and scalade 
On all sides else would be essayed in vain, — 
Against the Northern Gate, on the near plain 
Fixing his standard, he encaraps ; and thence 
His quarter*d troops extending, till they gain 
The Comer Tower, the whole vast field presents 
One long contmuous scene of equipage and tenta 


By this extensive circuit the third part 
Of the devoted City was embraced ; 
And though it bafiled all his power and art, 
(Such was its range) the whole to circumvest. 
Yet what he could to obviate and arrest 
All partial aids that to the town might flow, 
His active genius compass'd ; he posscHsM 
The heights around, the valley-paths below. 
And each strong pass that gave admittance to and fro : 


And fortified his Camp, and fenced it well 
With bristling palisade and yawning fosse, 
Strong to oppose the sallying Infidel, 
And all emptions of a foreign force. 
That task accomplisli'd, he would see the corse 
Of his slain friend ; he reach'd the fatal tent, 
Where, grieving at th' irreparable loss, 
The soldiers o'er their lifeless Chieftain bent. 
And one wild sob ran round of ansruish and lament 


His bosom friends the high bier had adom*d 
With ceremonial pomp, a solemn show ; 
And when the Chief appear'd amidst them, moum'd 
In louder accents, with a tenderer wo ; 
But pious (Jodfrey gave no tear to flow. 
Not all serene, nor clouded was his look ; 
Dumb for awhile, his fix'd eyes seem'd to grow 
To the loved fonn they contemplate : — he broke 
Sflence at length, and thus in calm dejection spoke. 



" Teaia aie aM now th; dup ! fnun the watìà't taU, 
Ooue to assuiDe in lieaven tJifl brìgfater bilth ; 
A wiiised Ange], fmni thy nioital eoil 
EsCBppd, thy ^ory tiugera yel round earth i 
ChrlBl'» huUow'J warrior living tliou weiil'ut forth, 
CliriBt'BCliEunpiondlda ltiaudle;an(ì iiow,hlea( 8ha^, 
Tho ciowu and palm of ligtileouanen and wnrth 
Tiiou wFsr'st, wilh joyi unhpeukable npaid. 
Feeding thin» eye» ou iJiinga lo fuacy unpoitnj'd 1 

" Yr» '. thon lir'it happy ; and if yst w* keep 

Vigils o! grief, and eclia gnwo for gToao, 
'Tis not for thee, but for ounelven we weep. 
Who» uoblnt pilar li« in Ihee oVnhiowu ; 
But though pnle Death (n lille we diaowu) 
Of earthly aid has Mripp'd and tcndrr'd vain 
Our ortna. hright legions slund brfiffo llie Ihrouo, 
Aiid raised thyself lo llial Btlcclcd Iraiu, 
Still may thy suit fbi us ccletlial aids vbtala. 

■■ And as we raw Ihee, wliile a mortal, «hiehl 
With mortal aim» our carne, lei us descry 
Thj couqu'riag hand foi our advantage wield 
HeBvenV fatal arma, a ipiril of ihe sky ! 
Hear DOW the vows we olTec up ; bo uigh. 
And in Ihe hoiv of nllimale dintcew 
Seud dawn immortal niccon from no liigli ; 
So will we mine to Ihee for wtoiigiil succch, 
Bymns of Uiiunphal praiec, and in our temple* bio 

He eeaaed : the last bright brame of ds^ were epe: 
Aiid eve ttBcending in the starinen air, 
Impofed a sweet i.blivion on lament, 
Re« to ench toil, a Unne lo every care ; 
Bat Godrn-y *till watch 'd, auilous to prepare 
The mighly engines, williout which ho kucw 
The toil of war would he a brave deifiair ; 
Then how to frame tlieii aliape, and whence to hi 
Materiale foe the work, perplei'd hii miud anew. 



But when the mom look'd forth on Jordan's flood, 
Tho fun'ral pagoaut he lamenting led ; 
An odoriferous ark of cypress wood, 
Near a green hill, became Lord Dudon's bed ; 
The hill adjoinM the Camp, and overhead 
A lofty palm its verdant foliage flung ; 
Last, white-robed Priests their anthem o'er the dead, 
Slow-moving, h^nmi'd, and many a tuneful tongue 
Sweet at the solemn close his requiescat sung : 


And here and there tho tree's proud brunches bore 
Ensigns and arms, tlie banner and the bow, — 
Spoils, which in fìght more fortunate he tore 
Or from the Syrian or tlie Persian foe ; 
In midst, his own pierced cuirass they bestow, 
His hollow helmet, his inverted Pi)ear — 
And grave this legend on the trunk below : 
''l^flgrfm, a cfiampfoti of ttje itxoss rcbete; 
iSlnH pass tMs tomb toCtt) aluc— brabe £)uTion slum^ 
bcTS jcre." 


The Duke, wlien thus his piety had paid 
The funeral rites, and shed iiis duteous tears, 
Sent all his skilfd mechanics to invade 
The forest, guarded by a thousand spears ; 
Veil'd by low hills it stood, tiie growtii of yearSf — 
A Syrian shepherd pointed out tho vale. 
And thither brruight the Camp-art ificers 
To fabricate the eugiuort doom'd to scale 
Tho City's sacred towers, and turn her people pale^ 


Each cheers on each, and to the general call 
Unwontetl nivage rends the wo(m1s around ; 
Hew'd by the iron's piercing edge, down fall. 
And with their leafy honors heap the ground. 
Pines, savage a*<hes, beeches, palms renowned, 
Funereal cypresses, the lir-tree high, 
Maple, and holm witii greens eternal crown'd, 
And wedded elm to whirli the vines apply 
Their virgin arms, and ciu-1, and shoot into the sky. 



Some fell the yews, Mine fril the warrior-oalu, 
Whose trunki have budded to ■ thoiinand springa. 
And braved imniOToabln the thousnad shocka 
Of Boreas rushing oa his «■iulry wings -, 
Aiid here the iddtr nods, tlie cediif Bwiugs 
Ou creaking wheels ; souiu bark the trees, some square ; 
With shoulM Bud clsog of arras the vijlcy ring», — 
Sick witli the KiiLnd,lJie Nymplis their hauiiU fonwesf, 
The BlDrk bei nest fimuikea. the UatmB her lair. 




Thb Prince of Darkness in the realms below 
His powers assembles, and in grief and ragv 
From Orcus lets them loose, a war of wo 
With all their art against the Franks to wage. 
By them incited, Idraole the Sage 
Bums with ambition, and in flatt'ring style 
Studies Armida's influence to engage ; 
Urged, she proceeds, to smooth by her sweet smile 
His way,— her only arms, wit, beauty, youth, and guila 




Whilk thus in fervent toil the artisan 
His warlike engines framed, of largest size, 
To storm the city, the grand foe of man 
Against the Christians tumM his livid eyes ; 
And seeing them in glad societies, 
On the new works successfully engaged. 
Bit both his lips for fury, and in sighs 
And bellowings, like a wounded bull enraged, 
fioar'd forth his inward grief, and envy unassuaged. 


Then, having run through every mode of thought 
To work them sharpest ills, he gave command 
That all his angels should make swifl resort 
To his imperial court, a horrid band ! 
As though it were a trivial thing to stand 
(O fool !) th' antagonist of God, aud spite 
His will divine ! unmindful of the hand 
That, thund'ring tlirough all space, from heaven*! 
blest height 
Hurl'd him of yore down— down to Tartarus and Night. 


Its hoane alarm the Stygian trumpet sounded 
Through the dark dwellings of the damn'd ; the 
Tartarean caverns tremblingly rebounded. 
Blind air rebellowing to the dreary blast : 
Hell quaked with all its millions : never cast 
Th' ethereal skies a discord so profound, 
When the red lightning's vivid flash was past ; 
Nor ever with such tremors r<»ck*d the ground, 
When in its pregnant womb conflicting firea were bound. 


i^ { 


The Godi of Iha Abjw in voriouH mi'aniu 
Fiom oil aidoi to tlia yawning porta]» tlirong, 
ObcdiPDt (0 the agnal — fri^ilful foiaia, 
Stringe lo Ihe «Kht, unipc&kBble in Hmg! 
DEalh clurrs id all tlirir eyes ; nome |irancB along 
On horny hoorB, — «jme, brnnldably fuiii 
Whose buinan faces huvp the vijter'a tou^ne. 
And hiiHÌng nunkeB for omBmculal hairi 
Ride forth on dragou fidda timt luah tl>e larid sii 

There might yon hear the Harpy's olan^'ioai broai. 
The Pylhon'i) hiw. the Uydra'i wailing yeO, 
Mod Scylln barlciag ill !i«r greedy mood. 
And njonng Folyphrine, the pride of hrll ; 
Pate Gorgona, Buraeo Hp)iiiix«, Cpntaun fell, 
Geiyons, Chimeriu brcDlhing flak» of Iìib, 
[Igiirea coiio'ptionlfse, Inu^imomhle, 
Multiform nhnpes conjoin'd iu moiwiera dire, 
To the voiil hollii of Din ui huleoua itoapa acpire. 

They look their station right and led an 
The grisly king; ho, cruel ofcommaud, 
Sale Tu Uus midut of Iheni, and wiuily fro 
The huge, rough Hcpplro ivaviug m Ju« b 
No Alpine cng, trrrilicnlly gruud, 
No rock at ko in size with him could rii 
Calpo, luid Atlas moKiig from Uif «lud, 
Secin'd lo hiB irtaluiv Iilt!e hills, i» higli 

A hunid majeoly in liis fierce face 
Slruclt deeper terror, aud incrcastd his pride ; 
His bloodshot eyvbille irero ituliuct Hith lays 
That like a baleful cornet, far and wide, 
Their fatui Kplriidor «fard on every side ; 
In rough barila rie [^runilcut his hnoi brani 
Pow'iT 10 li» bremt, and like tlie gaping tide 
Of a deep whirlpool hii grim monili appear'd. 
When be unclosed Uia jam, willi (bainiug gtn i 



HÌ8 breath was like those sulph'rous vapors bom 
In thunder, stench, and tlio Uve meteor^s light, 
When red Vesuvius showers, by earthquakes torn, 
0*er sleeping Naples in the dead of ni^lit 
Funereal ashes ! while he spoke, atfri^rht 
Hush'd howling Cerberus, the Hydra's shriek ; 
Cocytus paused in its lamenting Higitt ; 
Th' abysses trembled ; horror cliiU'd each cheek ; 
And these the words they heard the falfn Archangel 


" Princes of Hell ! but worthier far to fill 

In Heaven, whence each one sprang, his diamond 

throne ; 
Ye, who with me were hurl'd from the blest hill, 
Where brighter than the moniing-slar we shone, 
To range these frightful dungeons ! ye have known 
The ancient jealousies and fierce disdains 
That goaded us to battle ; overthrown. 
We are judged rebels, and besieged with pains, 
While o'er his radiant hosts the happy victor reigns. 


" And for th' ethereal air, serene and pure. 
The golden sun, the starry spheres, his hate 
Has lock'd us in this bottomless ol)scure, 
Forbidding bold ambition to trauslute 
Our spirits to their first divine fslatc : 
Then, ah the bitter thought I 'tis this which aye 
Stings me to madness, — then did he create 
The vile worm man, that thing of reptile clay, 
To fill our vacant seats in those bluo fields of day. 


" Nor this sufficed : to spite us more, he gave . 
His only Son, his darling to the dead ; 
He came, he burst hell's gates, and from the graye, 
Compass'd our kingdoms with audacious tread ; 
The souls in tonnent doom'd to us, he led 
Back to the skies — his richly -ransom'd throng ; 
And, in oiu* teeth, hell's conqner'd ensigns spread» 
Abroad on heaven's bright battlements uphung» 
The while ten thousand saints their halleluiahi rang. 



" But why renev bìQìcIìuim » eeverv, 

B; tiDmb'nng np our wron^ alreuily known S 

Wlien. or m ffliat occtwioD did yo liror 

Ho pauwd in wrntli, and Irft hin works undonB 

" What ! ahull We poca In iloth the daji and Imin^ 
Clicmh DO wrath-lwrn lighruing» in our TciiW, 
But lenv» bin phncipu lilies uud punen 
To reap freah luurali on tlic Aaiun plaia» ! 
To Una Judea in thrir «PrTile chnin*. 
And apHad Illa woqIiÌ|>p'iI umno rrom etimo to cIìiimI 
Souad il in oilier tongue*, In oilier utmios. 
And Du timh colnmiui Hciilpliire it niblime, 
To leach the Cuturo age, nnd mock ulmighly Tinwf 

" Must then our glunoua idol» be oVrthrownJ 
Our altara chan^ lo hia ? our lemplm nod) 
Gold, incniioe, niws, be paid (u him alone, 
And Bi>al bow bcrora Ibe nimrn of liod Ì 
In Ihe liij^ UroTva whpro ent «e made ahoda 
Musi pnMl, nor cliaim, nor omcle remain 7 
And almll tlie myrind apuiiB wlin boalow'd 
Tribute oil UH, (Imt Inbule nuw diwlaiu, 
And o'er diipeopled realina aUiiidou'd Pluto roignl 

A» when with ahurp «i™l nnd engirding fUme, 
In Eodldie baule we wiUwlood Die llower 
or beaveu'a ajcliau|relti : we ui evil bom 
Were foil'd, I grani ; hut partial cliance, not akil 
Gave them the victory. — alili we acurn'd lo cowg 
Victory was Iheira, but an uncouquer'd will 
Mohl J lamain'd to ua — it Crea out apiriu atill 1 



* Wliy lon^r then delay ! aiwe, take win|^, 
My hope, my strenjrth, my tnwty cohorUi, fly ; 
nifaea and swift ruin on those Chriritians bring, 
£re ninforced by any fn<^h ally ; 
Hule ! quench the Hpreadiuir fluino of cliivalry, 
£re in Hb Uaze Judea all imites ; 
Your arts exert, your stroni; tcmptations i>ly ; 
Enter at will anioug their anned kuighUi, 
Now pnctÌM open force, and now use secret sleights. 


** Lst what I will, bo fate ! give some to rove 
In exile, «mio in battle to bo slain ; 
Let aome, abandoird to a l^wlc^M love, 
Blake woman's smiles and frowns their joy and pain. 
And brilliant eyes their iduls : let some ntuiii 
Tlwir swords in civil strife : lot nome eii<;ut;e 
In crimes against their Ciiief ; let iniirder reigu 
With treason, ni<;e witli murder, hate with ra^ro ; 
So perish oil— priest, king, prince, nuble, serf, and sago !** 


Ere yet the Anarch cUtsoti his fu'rce harangue, 
His rebel angels on swift win^s were flown, 
Glad to revisit the pure iijrht ; — a clang 
Of jMnious passM, and he wns Iffl alone. 
As in their deep Kolian grottoes moan 
The Spirits of the storm — as forth iUvy sweep, 
Or ere the signal of the winds is blown, 
With howling sound, high carnival to k«'ep. 
And in wild uproar all embroil botii land and deep; — 


So the loosed Fiends o'er valley, wave, and hill. 
Spreading their niinhl'* win;rs, tiieiii«elve.<( dis{N'n<ed; 
Solicitous to frame, with d< inon-skill. 
New-fancied snares, and urge their arts accursed : 
But say, sweet Muse! of various ills, what first 
Their malice wrought, and by what aj;ents, say ; 
Thou kiiow'st it; Fame i!ie tidini;s lia-t p'lK'arrwKl, 
Bat in the g!(M>m remote oftimfs gniwn trruv, 
Long ere it reach our ear, her weak voice melts away 

jEBnaALEH DEI.rrERED Curro n 

A mighty wiiard in Damaseli* rrigiiM. 
PriQco IdraolM ; wlio fnrni ctiildliuHl porfd 
O'et diirk diviiiiaji ToluineA, tilt hf ipuu'd 
The pntpnt knowledge whlcli hiii Boul adored : 
But whnl BVuil'd iiia wlida collrcted houU 


»? his 

va-il til 

Nor would ano jwriByuig ghoal divulge the truth from 

And yH he Uiougfat [Mind tiumaii wit, how vsln 
And crooked hib Ihy thoughlBl) llmt Uesveo h 

Tba Paynim briib, and aurety would onlun 
Death to Ih" uiicauiqurr'd amiiM of llif Vi'tM ; 
He judged thai Egipl from ilieir ET"^ would wrn 
The pulm of war, and from the dunlmg gnni» 
Depart n wiouiiig victor, mid JnipiFw'd 
Witki tha deliuive hope, rwolvd 1u rlJiint 
PbtI in Ihe grand award of eouqiical, wtallii. nnd fan 

Aud kins rr 
Tiie Chrklia 
And \n dim 

olved liQiv lij 
. i.nii«>N 1... , 
IwliinH llH'lI a 

iglli, prcjiur» 
nvord ulinnd nlioidd b«ar ; 

He Ihimed tJie fniiid. Ihc eoiinBel he inii|iltcd, 
And niudo hiB purpusc e^U'y to punur ; 
Ho liad K niecu. wUom beauty was aduiired 
Of the whole Oneut, parallefd by few. 
And to Uie eolio raunlMl ; oua who kaow 
EboU doe diBcrelioa. each beiruiliue art 
Of virgin and eiicl«utiFn> ; her lii' dr-'w 
To liw Riloon. and Ibus to lier a|>nn. 
In neatvoDn word* mudr known tlit wiah» of liia he«it 



" Dear uiece ! that underneath tliese lockB of gfM, 
And that fair face, bo youn^ yet so divine, 
Dost hide a heart, w'mc, masculine, and bold, 
And magic skill transcendent over mine, — 
I nurae a mij^hty project : the desi^ 
But needs thy ^ntle guidance to commend 
My hopes to sure succet» ; the thread I twine, 
Weave thou the web, the lively colon blend ; 
What cautious Age begins let dauntless Beauty end. 


" Go to the hostile camp ; weep, tremble, sigh. 
Each female charm that lures to love employ ; 
Let the lips aid the witchcraft of the eye, 
Smiles flash through tears, and grief despond in joy : 
Now shrink from notice, now with prayers annoy ; 
In weeping beauty o'er the wise prevail ; 
Go I storm th' obdurate bomm, win the coy, 
In seeming truth clothe fiction's 8{k>cìouh tuie. 
And with deep maiden shame thy bold advances veil. 


" First, if thou canst, take Godfrey in the thrall 
Of tliy sweet looks and amiable address, 
Till his soul sickens at the trumpet's call, 
And the world's war difwilves in a curess ; 
But if this feat surpass thy skill, {)Ot«ess 
His bravest nobles, and in friendship's guise 
Transport them to some boundless wildeniew. 
Ne'er to return :" — he op<»ns his device. 
And adds — " All means our foitii — our country sanc- 
tifies !" 


Annida, in her youth and beauty's pride, 
AssunK'd th' adventure, and at clo^ of day. 
Eve's vesjier star her w»litary guid«*. 
Alone, untended, took her secret way. 
In clustering loc^ri and feminine array, 
Anu'd but with lovelini'(«t uud frolic youth. 
She IniMs to (;<m»iupr mijriity kiiiirs. and slay 
Embattled hosts : meanwiiilf fal-e rumors sooth 
The light censorious crowtl. Kajracious of the truth 

JERUB&IJ:» DCUVEREO. cuna ir. 

Few àay» elnjMed. ere la bei wiihCul new 

l'hc wliitB puvilioDfi aftlie Lalii» rise; 
Thp cump ahfl nmch'd — tier wniidroiu ticaulf drew 
TI» gBJe Slid admiriilioD of all «ye» ; 
Nut ffn Ihui tTsiiine Blran^ «tu in the Hki», 
Or HaiinK coinrt'a more nwpleiidpnt liro 
Apprac'd ; a inuimur fu htìniv lior Qice. 
Aud crondg pres round, lo tisLnn or inquire 
Who llie fail pilgrim in, and cinth Uinr eyes' daini. 

Never did Greece or Italy behold 

A form lo fancy and to tute » dear ! 

Al timM, Ihe white Tcil diinti her lockii of gold. 

Al liniei, in briglil rehrf tliey iruppcur : 

So, when the Hoimy skiea be^riD to eleor, 

Now tliroiii;!) Iransparenl elouda llie minalilne glen 

Nnw, imiiDii; from iU ahriiir. llic i^cuooiiB Splipm 

light» up the Ixavn, fluwcn. iiioiiutnina, inlex, 

et day^'Uie ipiril of bright bpan 

New rinKi 

nri» nmid 

curls of he 


Her eye i. 

fix'd in «-l! 

id hid 

Are all Iiove'e Ireiuim 

■H wilh n a 

The Rival Koxa upon 

cheek» im 




IlP«, from • 

bich the 

Of pnnuliw 

exhales. 11 

mple bloom 


beauty Uirowa. 

Cmde mi tl 

nellow'd v 

ei to wine 

swells la kì^IiI ; its viririn breaatai 

Smooth, B 

1, and swe 

1. bke niH 

Part ban-, 

part Iwl by 

»r iav.d.o 

Their jeal. 



To «pirl. 1 

kr dove., 11 

Ihow del 

cioiu ne««, 

Peopting with Hi^ul droain* tbe livdy fantaiy. 


Aa Ihnmgfa para w>Iiit or tranelaceiit glaa 
The nDbSBin daitii, yel lea*» Ihe cryiUl Kand, 
Bo through her ToIiIhI rabrs uniulHIng psM 
The thought!, to wander on forbiddea ground : 
There dtiriag Fancy takes her fairy round, 
Such woudroui beaulie* (dagjy to odinire ; 
Which, in > [deaaiig fit of truonpon boundt 
She aftei painU and whiq>en lo Deare, 
And with her charming tele fomeuU th' excited fire. 

PtaJoed and admired Annida paio^d amid 
The wiabful multitude!, noi wem'd lo tpf. 
Though well die law, tlie int'iest raised, hot hid 
In her deep heart tlie amile lliat to her eye 
Darted in preecieiice of the conqunta nigh : 
While ill (he mule nupeniw of Imublrd piide 
She HHif^it with louk Bulicitoiu, yet iliy. 
For Uer uncertoiii feet an uaheriuK guiilB 
To the famed Cuptaiu'ii teut, young Eualuce ptm'd hi 

A> the wing'd iiurct to the lamp, so he 
Flew la Uie apleudor of her aa^ei face. 
Too much indul^ut of hix winh In «ee 
'Rioca eyes which ahuinc luid modmly abase ; 
And, drawn williin Ihc fuacinuliutc blaie, 
Goth'ring, like hiudled Qax. poriucioiin litB 
From ila lesplviidencn, sttipid for a Fpace 
He atood— lill the bold blood of blillic de^is 
Did to hia fallering lougue tlietie few wild wonls mqar» 

Tot never Ihiu did partial Heaven riidow 
With its own liEhl a daiighler of llie Fall,— 
Say on what errund, from wliat liappy hall, 
Seek'at thou our cump T and if indeed we greet 
Id thee one of the Iribce unt^licol, 
Caase ub to knov — that we. as were nwal meet, 
Kmj bend to thee onblamed, and kv thy auntly b< 


" Xayi" ih» rei^jed, *^ ihj praises ahaiDD h worth 
Too poor Id wamal (uch a buld belief; 
Tbou iM'Mt before thee one of mortai birlh, 
Dead la all joy. and but alire la grief ; 
My hanh miafortauea urg« tue lo your Chief, — 
A fareigii virgin ia a tiuelras Bi^t ; 
To liiin I Bpecd fai wfely tmd rdipf, 
Truuiii^ that he will rroBcrt my right : 
So far iFHuuds hie lamo, (or niiroy and [or might 

" Bull if ioduljtmt Douiteey be thine. 
To pious Godfrey give oie ■trail aoFen !" 
" Yf«. lovely piigriiD," he replied, " be nùne 
The lash lo ([uido thee tn Ihy young trainai: 
Noi ia my iotereid with our ChieEIuiii laM 
Thau what a brulhpr mav preetitno lo vaunt; 
Thy suit «ball not be wai'ilitie iu eucciw ; 
Wbate'rr his si^eptie or my itword cuu grant, 
8h*U in thy power l* placwi, to puniib or aiipjjant." 

Bo ceaaed. and brought her where, f mm the nid 
Aparl> with caplmna and beroic pf-n*. 
Dnka Godfrey nle ; «he reverently bow'd, 

Sliding livripeech : hi* rcaeflun-d Lf-r fnan. 
Chid back llie bloah » benutifully hriglil, 
Till, Bweeter than tlw munic of lh>' sphemi, 

" Unconqner'd Fiince !" «he nid, " whow u 

Pliw tlirougb llip world on «ich o nicliunt pli 
Thai kinip and nalwim conquer'd by Ihee, dc 
Tlieii deed of vonuloge ■ gloiioua diwm. — 
Well known Ihy valor ^nea. thy virtoea bla< 
And «bile Ihy foca revere them and «dniire. 
They, on their putt, invite i» la «wmie 
The ewiGdence we need, and to deeiie 
Aid at tby baudi, and aid requeetcd to acquila. 


" "niiu I, though nnituiBd in tha futh you hale. 
And Btrivo to caocel fniiD the world'a wide pags> 
Hope to regnili bjr thoo my lo« estate, 
My Keptre, and ancesti^ bentage : 
Olhcn, oppnw'd by foreign force, engage 
The luccon of their kindred ; I, alai, 
Debsuded of (heir pity at on age 
Which claima it moK, «galust my Idndnd, pnM 
And hoMile armi invoke — tiin ^oM of what 1 wa* ! 

■' Td thee I ealt, on Ihpo depend, for than 
Alone CBiHl conquer back mine ancient crowa ; 
!Nor ahouldat thou be leia jnompt to reiM the loir. 
Thou on the proud lo call dcMnictian dawn ; 
Loreher ii Mcrcy'a ■mile than VoIoi-'b frawD, 
A BUppliant ciieriah'd than a foe undone : 

Whatever huini^ in tlic lusk were niD. 
To lay whide reatina iu duat, than thus relumine oust 

" Bnt if our Torying failba — my Gentile creed — 
Move thee to diareganl my humble prayer, 
Lei my iure fuith in thine indulgence plead 
My caiiK, nor prove on illusory auare : 
Lo 1 before univenol Jove I «wear, — 
God over all, froni wliom all empire flowa,^ — 
A jiuler quarrel never claim'd lliy core ; 
But listen '. fraudK, conspiraciea, and foee. 
Of the» my story treola,— a tale at maoy wosi. 

"The dnughler I, of Arbilan who reign'd 
In fair Damuacns — lew by birth made great, 
Tlian merit ; Queen Coiiclea lie obuin'd 
In marrinire, and with her poa u e m 'J the state : 
Her deatli, alas, did Blinoet anlRliiIe 
My worthlm life I I isHurd from the womb 
As she expired : Ilie Aelf-mme hour uf fule, 
(Uh birth Kw dearly iMU^Iit ! oh ill-starr'd dual 
He to the cradle gurr, my niotlior to the lonb. 


cety (prat thoii fin, 
l^iiiee DcbIIi'b pain Angp] coil'd Jier I» the duHi 
Tliaa, yii'Jdiug lo Ilio lot uf nil, my are 
Il'ijuia'd lier eaialfd sliwle in pHratUra 
Ho left '.im biolher, by ha liiM di-fiM, 
Sole tee^ul of Iho kiiiplom Hud of TOO ; 
Tlilnkiiit! (hat if the Dulural pwliM 

" ThuB then he play'd tho tutor lo my youlh. 
And n-itli itacli ahinr of kindnrw. Dint taoh wmd 
Voiced fur and upot his uncomiptrd truth, 
Pateraul lovf. and bnuDly uucoiiliii«l: 
Whellicr ths euilly morrmcnlB of liia mind 
B.-nOi.lh n Hi.llV,nt. {.v:e Iw ttioiighl lo bide, 

To iiiiiki^ HIP l.a[.|.y, lu'i'lli» dMUinci htido 
If hu uu(pTicious Bun^'lwctP idle lo dpcido, — 

" I grvw in yoan, ond wilh in? grfW hiB i 

Of «oioncpa or arti could he Iw ivon. 
He liBlrd kniehlly ilcribi ami priiici'lv lore 
Brarath n liidcoiw coiiiiiPniinp" !ii> bore 
A bunr Hill, white pridi.' ii»d nviihee 
Hn hpart prrvaded lo Itn itimoel coro ; 
SavBgp in niaiiupn). Blnv<> lo dnnk and dii 
None bui liiiiiaslf could bo liis purujrnu iu vii 

•■ And now it wm Ihiil my kind eiinrdian alion 
To WFd mo will) th» ill-nssuord Ihing, 
A (TDodly pliant for n Indy'a lavo. 
To charm oi bridrgToom. and lo rfien «■ king ! 
Rheloric ho used — 1ip ibmI uddrp* lo tiring 
The ardanl hoimi Kitli wliich Km fnncy swril'd 
To thoif vow'd end, but novec foiild lie wring' 
From mo the fala! prom»-.— I rrbrli'd. 
And all bin golden Innot diidaiafidly rppnll'd. 




" At last he loft me with a gloomy face, 
Hifl elvish heart transpicuous in his look ; 
Too well my future story could I trace 
In the dire leaves of that prophetic book ! 
Thenceforth eacli night alarming visions shook 
My slumbers, — in my ears strange outcries shriird, 
And phantoms frowned on me ; my spirit took 
The ghastly impress of their forms, and thriil'd 
With dread forebodings, since — how fatally fulfil Pd ! 


" And oft my mother's piteous ghost appeared ; 
Ah I how unlike her smiling face portray'd 
In picture, loving, lovely, and ondearM, 
Now all illusion, and a pallid shade ! 
« Fly ! O my child, fly ! fly I' the figure said, 
* Instant death threatens thee, and swift as Light 
Will the stroke fall ; — the traitor's toils are laid ;— - 
The poison in its gay glass sparkles bright :' 
This said, it glided by, and melted into night. 

" But what, alas, avail'd it that my heart 
Received this presage of the perils near. 
When, unresolved to act the counselled part, 
My sex and tender age gave way to fear ! 
To rove through deserts, woods, and mountains drear 
In willing exile, — undefenced to go 
From my paternal realm, seem'd more severe 
Than to yield up the struggle to uiy foe, 
And there to close mine eyes where first tliey woke in wa 


" I dreaded death ; yet, (will it be believed?) 
With death at hand, I durst not flee away ; 
I fear d e'en lest my U-m should be perceived, 
And thus accelenite the fatal day : 
Thus restless, thus disturb'd, without one ray 
Of comfort, I dnigc'd on my wretched life. 
In a perpetual fever of dismay ; 
Like the doom'd victim, who, in thoufifht's last strife^ 
Feels, ere th' aasassin stabs, th' anticipated kuiie. 




" But, whelhcc my gooil Gpntin ntted, or F>M 
Preserved me ;el for any» of derpur gtwHu. 
One of lbi> iiaUr«l mini*t«i« or *lnlr> 
Whoso yonlh m<r Hrp bxt fDttpr'J, Kii^t my ron 
III brif f discliMiig, Ihul Ihri lujiir of ilooni 
Fin'i] by Ilio fioi^, wu now upon Uir wiiigi 
Thai bf liinuoK hiul promÌBrd to iiviiiiin 
The murd'roiu ofBco. luut tho poison wnug, 
Thnl night, in the dioAol my page was wout ts bri 

" Ftigfat, he BBurad me, wai my (de mouTM 
In thb my chu of dttfKur, and prmy'd 
Thnt since bcirll <f every Hher force, 
I would accept hia owu rfipctive aid : 
Hill coiinwlc, full of onmfart, mian peranada 
My DiidclBmiintd spirit; ID Ihe wind 
I gave my fcaiv, and only now deiav'd 
Till we'i gray veil Ilio IcU-talD liglil abould bliu 
To leave all Ihut I loved and halul, lar behiud. 

" Night fell ; an ebon darkuwa, more obfciirc 
Than uodbI, ila kind ihadowii round iir Fipicad, 
When Willi Iwo far'rile mnida [ pna'd si-piire 
The giiardfd pnliice, }inii'd my Ki<>d<-, and fled : 
But Ihrnueb Ihe tremfaling leura T i!i>aei'lnB abed, 
Long look'd I back on lUe rcordiii^ laweia, 
luniinle willi the dght ; all olijrcta f<*d 

Tlie hilU. Ilio lomp-tìl moH^uui, uiul lialluw'd cypren- 

" To theni my kioke, my ihoiigliU, my «glw wpr« 

Aa on I Bpeedrd, malccontpiit Ihougli fre^ ; 
I fared like au onanchor'ii pinnucB driven 
From it» loved port by wliiriwiud» fur to nea ; 
All the lone ni^il and followiug day ne flee. 
By palhi 110 liimiau fool bad ever pren'd ; 
Till on the confliim of my iraliii we nee 
III lait baronial seat, — there, tired, we real, 
JM m the «uli'i daw orb fbrwok the falgem veH 


■* It wu the cutle of the ^d'tous koighti 
AronlM, vho hod made my life ha cue; 

But when the bsfiled Irailoi by our flight 
Pen»ÌT«] I had rscaped the mortal tBare, 
Hill la^ flaincd forth iKsinot u> both ; and en 
1 could Biniga him, intricate in ill, 
Galhemif^ a fieah preaumptJon from deapai^ 
He charged on ua hia ovru all-avil will, — 

" He nid I had the falag Arantei bribed 
To mil deelroyjng poiaona in hii bowl, 
Impatieiit of the maxima he pKocribcd 
To curb mjr luat, that free from all coutrol, 
1 mi^t punue the biaa of my aoul, 
And with Tolapluom blaadkhmenU comrnend 
My beiiDly to n tbouaand youths ; — Skica .' nil 
Youi thuiidera, lei avellutine firn deaccnd. 
Era 1 thy aacred lawn, bleat Chaatity, offend ! 

"That BTBiice and ambition, pride and [Àqne 
Urge him la ahnl my giùlIli'H blood, mint ctaii 
Grief aud ulurm ; but lliat tlie wretch ahonld ai 
To IÌI diaiioiior on my «potlem name. 
Gora IO my lieart: lie, rriiriui; now the flume 
Of pop'lai mge, with Bmooth-tDu^ird ploquencf 
Forgea a tlioufland futachooda to my ahanie ; 
So thai the city fluctuulee iu miepcuMi 
Belwiat the guilt of both, nor aima in my defenot 

"Yea, Ihoit^ ha aita on mine anthentio thnma, 
ThQU([h my tiara apajkW on hia brow, 
Dominion apun liim but more keenly on. 
To work me farther injury, ihame, and wo : 
WItli fire and tword he Direatew to o'enhrow 
AroDlea in liia fortreaa, jf in cliBitu 
He yield noi, and on me denounce* now 
Not merely war, but etripea and fearf'ul paini^ 
Wliila flowi one drap of Uood in my rabellioni t«ìik 


" Tbi» — under ctdor of ■ lively leal 
To piirgB sway tbe gtslna ot my di^pacs, 
Aud lo Its aticiput purily auneal 
Tlio golden «pptn whicli my crimn ddaas 1 
Bui Ilie trap mnllre ie ■ wkh to place 
Hu cIdIuui bryood disputp: wliilc I nunun 
Heir lo llie crown, lio («in no pleu can grsM 
il» kiiijily usu'P'it'ou, » ia 6iin 
To batld upon my death tho bnaM of bis rdgu. 

" And e'en nieh end Rwniti bii fell dcoio ; 

He must eujay wimt be ia fix'd to gaia. 
And In niy hesrt'ii blood qurncli Lho baiuidlea ir 
Wliicli all my tf ura were powcilen to restnio 
If thou, alas, my mippiiaiil pnyer diadiun 1 
To Ibee — ■ wreti^bnl giri, weak, Innucml, 
Orphaa'd— 1 fly ; must my Rid (pars iti voin 
Fall ou thy lioiy robw / rf leut ! reifiil J 
Oh, by tlie luiees 1 grstf, Ibrbid his fierce inteul ! 

•' By theae thy feet, that an the proud and «roog 
Tniiniplmntly Imve trod ; by tliy righi hnnd; 
By lliy pa»l vidorica. n elioral ihrong! 
And by liie lempl™ of ll.H sucn'd InuJ, 
Freed by tho sword, or In («.■ Iii'cd. — witlistand, 
Thou only cansl, bin mercihw decree ; 
My erowu, my life preneive, «cure, eonunand. 
Merciful Sire ! but vain In morcy'a pita, 
If fint Teligioui righi and juatico move aul Ibee. 

" Brloved of Heavea I llioir declined to dents 
That which ia just, nad tliy drsinv achieve, 
Save me ! my kingdom thou wilt tliiis acquire, 
Whicli 1 in Set aliati IhaulLfully receive ; 
Let ten of lliMH heroic champions leave 
The camp beneath my conduct ; Iheir reuowD, 

Bpread through the city. 

my faithful people to alriko don 



** Tea, more : a Noble to whose keeping falb 
A secret gate, has promised mo access, 
At dead of uiglit, to my paternal lialls ; 
But some small aid he coimseU'd me to press : 
The least, the least thou grantest to redress 
The grievances I suffer, will iuflame 
His hopes with surer prospects of success. 
Than if from other kings whole squadrons came. 
So high he ranks thy flag, so high thy simple name !" 


She ceased ; but still her mute imploring eye 
Spoke eloquence beyond the reach of prayer : 
Doubtful alike to grant as to deny, 
A thousand various thoughts, absorb*d in care, 
Godfrey revolved ; he feur*d some Gentile snare 
CouchM in her tears, some ambuscade of art ; 
He knew who kept not faith with God, would dare 
Break league with man ; still pity ])leads her part, 
Pity — which never sleeps within a noble heart 


His native ruth inspires the wish that she 
Deserved the grace ; and policy on ruth 
Succeeding, whiKpcrs it were wise to free. 
And fix in rich Damascus one whose truth. 
Enforced by the d**pcndenry of youth. 
May much avail hnn, with hor loudul arms. 
The cour8t> of his sublime deBiprus to smooth^— 
To minister supplies againift tli' alarms 
Of Egypt's muster'd tribes and tributary swarms. 


While thus from wav'ring thought to thoa^ht be flieSy 
Revolves, and re -revolves, the eager maid 
FixM on his downcast face her pleading eyes. 
And its least workings breathlessly survey'd ; 
And when his answer longer was delayed 
Than she had hoped, slie trembled, droop'd, and ngh*d ; 
Her qoiv'ring lips the heart's alarm betrayed ; 
Pale grew her face : at length the Prince replied, 
Aud in these courteous words mildly her suit denied. 


" If God'a DWD quniTcl had not claim'il Uwac nrc 
Now oalh-boaixJ La Ilia cnim, thy hopca might r 
Themiii ID pedcct IriW,— oat pllylug wank, 
But valid kclioDB had thy wrong* nanm'i ; 
But while hia hpiilage ill Ihi» ofpna^d 
B«niiath Ihe haiah lod of a Ijraiit kiag. 
How tau we, fcir Lady, tliy request T 
Divided taoels dcclming rortuueB biiiig. 
Aod check UiB ttowing tide of vict'ry ia iu ipringi 

" Bat thin I prami», — fiimly tnay'M than tnM 
The word I pledge, uid livr secure (rom fintr-* 
If e'er we Miiquer fnim H yoke uiijiut 
The« town, to f lenTeii aud piety K> deir. 
To pity'a voice 1 will hicliue miuo ear, 

No pitying aympathi™ muni iiilerfpra 
To cnncvl whet to (he Most High we owe. 
And for n monaVt sako duBolvo our aoleinn tow." 

A( thi» Ihe mournfuJ Princw dniap'd her head, 
Aod «tirlea» etood, ns Niobe of yore ; 
Then raised her eyai, impeuri'd, to heaven, sud aai 
While oil t]ie woman nl llieir feunls ran o'er. — 
" Lofit : lodt '. O «kiM : Ù slnra '. whet evUa mora 
Do ye pre«nbe 7 did ever one fullij 
A daoio » liun^i, « mercilnw berurr ! 
Wo'i me I all iiBloreH cliauge ; the world grows chill 
I ouly Tikry uol, 'tmniulablo in tlì '. 

" Now Tarewell hiqw ; now welcome misery ! 
All prayer iu human breoau hu loft il« force ; 
Am [ lo liiqKi tliu lean tliBl loiich'd not thee. 
Will move the Imib'roDi tyiuut with niiiono f— 
Yet, thoug!) donird tliie pitiful r«oiir». 
Witli uo reprraich thy rigm slmll be paid ; 
It il my Ueimt* 1 accuse— Ilie source 
Of kII my illn. — tny Ueuiua. who has made 
Godfrey'i n rutlilew heut, — 'ti« him iJiat 1 upbraid. 



" Not to theOf gracious Chieftain ! not to thee 
Lay I this crime, hut to imperious Fate ; 
Oh, tliat her active tyranny would free 
My weary spirit from a world I hate ! 
Was't not enouj^h, stem Power, to dedicate 
Mother and sire e*en in their mom of life 
To the dark grrave, that from my high estate 
Thou hast now toss'd me on tliis sea of strife, 
And giv'n thy victim bound and blinded to the knife ! 


" Now holy sanctitude and maiden shame 
Urge me to go, but whither siiull I fly ? 
There is no refuge for a blighted name ; 
Earth holds no spot beneath the boundless Ay 
So secret, but the tyrant's active eye 
Will find it, and transpierce me ; but — I go ; 
The Angel of Death approaching I descry ; 
Naught now is left but to forestall his blow ; 
None but Armida's arm shall lay Armida low !" 


She ceased : a generous and majestic scom 
Fired all her features to a rose-like red, 
And then she made as she would have w^ithdrawn, 
With grief and anger in her farewell tread : 
Her eye», 'twixt sorrow and resentment, shed 
Tears thick as summer's heat-drups — tears, that shine, 
With the sun's golden rays athwart them spread, 
Like faliiug pearls, like cr}'stuls argentine, 
Or sparkling opal-drops from some far Indian mine. 


Her fresh cheeks, sprinkled with those living sliowen. 
Which to her vestiu-e's hem, down gliding, cling, 
Appear like snowy and vennilion flowers 
Humid with May -dews, when romantic Spring, 
In shadow of tlie green leaves whis])ering, 
Spreads their closed bosoms to the amorous air ;— 
Flowers, to which sweet Aurora oft takes wing, 
Which with gay hand she culls witli such fond care 
In mom*B melodious prime, to bind her vagrant hair. 



But the clear drop* that, thick u stus of nighl, 
On thtea foil clie«k> and oa tliul honving brearf 
Bo shiae. )iBTa kU th' h&hX or fi», and Uglit 
A Hctct fldcne in finch beliolder^a braast : 
Oil Lore : the mBrr'laiu tnd by lliea po«c«'d, 
Forever poworful om Nsture, draws 
Ldgtitniug from leira, and givea la pie! a zrsi 
Beyund IIiu bliss of smil» ; but uuturfl'a laws 
Ila inagic for Ininacend», ui Urn tJiy darling's causf . 

Her fcign'd tamonta from roughest warrion call 
Sincere tvim ;— *^eir bnarts to her incline ; 
EacU m afilicled at her grid', and uU 
Ac Godfrey's speet^h thus vhit^'ringly repine ! 
" Surely Jie made the vex'd eca-rooriDg beine 

On the chill crags of oomc rudu Apruomo, 
Gave his youth suck : O, cruel an ide grave, 
Who could view chaima like lien, and nut cansont U 

Bat EoMace, In wlioe« young aud gcu'rous blooc 
Pity aud lone Qow'd rtrongcsl. wliile Ibe rest 
But niurmur'd eud were Mient, furwanl Etood, 
And daunllnfly bis brulliitr lliiu adiiresa'd : 
" My Lord '. far too uitìntitily thy brcast 
Keep* to Itje linnum of iLt> drat dt~iign. 
If to the cfHtimon voice which would obleil 


And the tint dutira ( 
But, warrion of advt 
Nor feudal flajc nor ( 
Who a. 
At thy Wi« choice. 
Ten guudjan knighta 



** Know, he aasists the cause of God, who toUfl 
The rights of outraged virgins to maintain ; 
And precious in his sight must be the spoils 
Which freemen hang on Freedom's holy fane, 
The glorious trophies of a tyrant slain : 
Though then no interest counsell'd to the deed. 
Duty would urge, and Knighthood would constrain 
Me to assist the damsel in her need. 
And without scruple go, where'er her voice may lead. 


" Oh, by yon bright sun, tell it not in France I 
FuUish it not where courtesy is dear ! 
That of our nobles none would break a lance 
In Beauty's quarrel, let not Europe hear ! 
Henceforth, my lords, eword, corslet, helm, and spear, 
I toss aside, and bid furcweil to fame ; 
No gen'rous steed shall bear mo in career 
With swordlea» chiefs, where Chivulry weds Shame,— 
I will no longer bear the knight's degraded name !" 


Thus spoke the youth, and all his Order there, 
Applausive murmur'd in loud unison ; 
Praised his good counsel, and with lU^ent prayer 
Closed round their Captain on his ducal throne. 
'* I yield," at length he said, *' but yield alone 
To the desire of numbers, since the plea 
Is one my private judgmeut would disown ; 
Grant we her boon, if such your pleasure be ; 
But know th* advice as yours, it not proceeds from me : 


** And, far as Godfrey's counsel can persuade, 
Temper your sympathies, be cloeely wise :'* 
He said no more, it was enough, — they paid 
The kind concession with delighted cries. 
What cannot Beauty, when her pleading eyes 
From their deep fountains shower down teara of pain» 
And to her amorous tongue sweet speeches rise? 
From her divine lips glides a golden chain, 
That wins to her dear will who most those tears disdam.* 



EuHtace reeill'd her, look lipr iiar>civc> liniul, 
And said, " Now oFusn, doai Ludy, to ivpiDii ; 
The ulmort Buccon ihst thy (pun dfmoiid. 
(Wwp not) nhall ■]], Bad ■fipodll]' be tliioa :" 
Then Ihp darit aepBcl of her then (fre w fin*,— 
With h»r white vol «ho wiped Ilio t»»r« owsji 
And ^ro a smile « brìlUuul aiiU bi'iii^. 
You «oiild bnve Uwuflit Ih' eiiuiiur'd tiod of Day 
Is nuulimo kiio'd Iho lipn whme lustm aliuned hit nf 

And in her 9Wi>el voirt- and pnthetio toiip, 
She gare them Hunks fnr their eiri-erfing gnc« ; 
Ssying Lt «liould to llie wiilo world be known, 
And ever and roreter have a place 
WKhin her grateful hcnH i her Working fhce, 
Attd eeslurea with impoaiioii'd meMninge fniiight. 
Told what the tongue war poworlcai to eiqifne ; 
Thiu maskmg in false amile^ [he end nhe nought, 
Her varied wah of guile she uiiEtuspcoletl wroiight. 

Wlm but Amiida now n»h<' lo «e 
How forlime and kind fati' ilie fruiid befrisnJT 
Who o'l't each dark fupitealion brooda, but «lie. 
To brina "* P'"' *" ' Bncce&fiil end ' 
With beauty and sweet tlaiCriv» to (ninsccnd 
Whate'er Medea'i wilchcmfl P'er dwign'd, 
Or Ciree'e ineantalioiu wrought, — lo blend 
Hiichief with minh, and llie mOHt watchful mini 
Ac in EUyiiui deep with eiren nonge to bind 1 

All uti th' enchantroB pracliwd lo beguile 
£oroo new admirer in tier well-apread snan ; 
Not Uied with all, nor aiwayilhe «uue wde, 
But shaped la every lute her i!iuci> and air : 
Here rlomter'd ia her eye's dark pupil, ihrte 
In full voluptuous languishinem is niird ; 
Now th<«e her kindne*. tiiUM- Imr ixagfr hear, 
Spiirt'd on or check'd by bearing frnak or oold, 
Aa she pnimied her slave wua acrupuloiM or bold 



If she maik'd some too bashful to advance) 
Sick if mmoticed, diffident if seen, 
Forth flew her radiant Bmile, her thrilling glaziee, 
8tumy as summer and as eve sereno : 
Thus reassured, their dyin^ hopes grow keen; 
The faint belief, the lau^ishing dosine 
Reviving brighten in their eager mien ; 
Thoee looks a thousand am'rous thoughts inspire, 
And Fear's pale frost-work melts in Fancy's lively fim. 


If some make bold to press her vir^ palm. 
Too rashly building on her former cheer, 
She grrows a miRcr of lier eye's nuld charm, 
Spares lier foud sraile, and frowns them into fear; 
But through the wrath that fines her front austeie. 
And ruffles her sweet cheek, they may discern 
Rays of forgiving pity reappear ; 
Thus do they droop, but not denpair, and yearn 
Tow'fds her in deepest love when she appears moiC 


Somethnes in lonely places she dissembled 
Deep grief — the voice, tlie action, and the tread ; 
And oft when in her eye the loose tear trembled^ 
Crushed, or reclaim'd it to the fountain-head. 
Soon as tliose tragic gestures were ared, 
A thousand striplings, vanquish 'd by her art, 
Wouki come and weep around lier : Envy fed 
Their phrcnsy, and Love, tcnip'ring his keen dart 
In Pity's scalding tears, shot torture through the heuL 


Anon she starts from her abstraction, wakes 
With hope's fresh whispers to her spirit ; seeks 
Her many lovers, talks to tliem, and shakes 
The bright locks on her brow for joy, that q>eaki 
Life to her lips, and to her glowing cheeks 
New smiles ; her eyes then ejiarkie as in scorn 
Of their late griefs, — as when Apollo streaks 
With fire the op'ning eyelids of the mom, 
And every dariL'ning cloud to distance has withdnnmk 


Boi whilB she BWCelly upeslu and sweetly cmilr 
And with this twofold «veelnna IuIIh the aeaae 
She from ila bliwCiil cage well-nigh eiilea 
The soul, iinuKd lo rapture an iiileii» ; 
Ah cruel Lore I whether Ihy liaud diipeuae, 
Wreutt/d with the cyprem or Ihe loUw-leof, 
Tliy so» or nfct«r-cup, il< quiule«ence 
MaJIdcUB with ecHtasy, or blighta with grief; 
Fatal thy Bickueea ia, and fatal thy relief! 

Through all the«e ahifting (etnpen, while each knight 
Flucluulea diflurii'd, UDOerlaÌQ of liBi choica. 
Through lire Bud froat, onilta, teu», fear, hope, de- . 

She nor perceives liis meauing. i 
The very fod of Love and fmuk u 

Or, FOiliug down to ground her bashfid eyee. 
The bluah of honor oW hpr fuce elie Uirowi, 
So that the alaboiiter vihiXp, which lies 
In aweot ooufuiion undeni-cath Ihe me 
That her crteMra] ciieek Lrrndiales. glows 
Like llie rich crimson on Aiirorn'i face. 
When from llie OriFut fiixt her forni «he shows ; 
Aud the red (ìiuùi of auger keeping pace 
With ahame, cotubiucs to shod round shame a aweeti 

Then Riea, relurOH, mniiaf, frowus. aud disappean 
Thus in a war of wishes, aiglis. and leiin>. 
In rain pursuit he wastes his life nway ; 
And Willi deluding hopes, offliciiu): (con, 
Fares tike the hunlet who at dying day 
Hh kat in pathleaa woods all truces of }ùe prey. — 


11mm> were the uti by wtuch Annida took 
A tbouniad qnriti cai^ve to her (leirht. 
Or nlbac, these the arme, with which an itiodc, 
And made them bonddavea in their own dMpile. 
What mtird elder Lore nibdaed the might 
OfTheaena fierce, and Hereulea the itniag;; 
When thoae who drew the nrord in Jeau't right, 
Booth'd bf a nien'a nmie, — a nren'i tong, 
Won hii enfeebling chaine, and ghiiiod in the wimg 1 






.com. RiMldo should. 


il, urged by jialousjr.! 



lulh, andismdudsli 



e Jimbi, bui inlo eule 


nldn wiLh a splendid 1 

le Godfrey from the r 







While thus th' insidious Beauty, day by day, 
Lured to her love the Nobles, and beside 
The promised number, thought to charm away, 
At stealth, fresh vassals to her power and pride, 
Godfrey revolved to whom he should confide 
Her dubious restoration, through the host 
Casting his thoughts ; nor could at first decide, — 
As all th' Adventurers wish'd the pleasing post. 
And each had bravery, rank, or exccUenco to boast. 


But he at last adopts the wise resolve. 
To urge them first a Leader to elect 
In Dudou's room, and after to devolve 
On him the charge to single or reject 
Those who aspire the Dainf'el to protect ; 
Thus, none, aggrieved, his partial choice could blame ; 
While he himself would show supreme respect — 
A tribute their achievemenbi justly claim — 
To tliat illustrious band, the glorified of fame. 


To him he call'd them then, and thus addrese'd : 
" Knights ! you have heard our sentiments, which were 
Not to refuse the Syrian maid's request, 
But our intended succors to defer 
To a maturer season ; I recur 
To the same charge, — your judgment yet is free 
To follow my proposal ; in the stir 
Of this unstable world, how oft we see. 
That 'tis true wisdom's part to change her own docreflL 



"But yet, if itil] you de«iu it ban wabiia 
The jik, if nil) yoat cfo'ioui brarts 4iidain 
My wary counsels as llie frura of oue 
Too ooldiy ACnipulooa, — your ova ntaia ; 
Go! ne'er ■liidl il be «aid thai I eonMnun 
ReJiiclsiil nuiidB, revoke ■ gift ones geita, ' 
Or bind your niahf* with a foccefuJ diain ; 
No ! (renile be my rute, and grtcioiu, einn 
As tb« mild Blatl^l dews and iuSusucea of heo 

" Proceed or «ay then at your own ft«è will { 
To your diacrelion I the choice confide ; 
Bat fini by niffinge fix on aae to fill 
Sloiu Dudoo's poM, yoiir ami'd atny to gnlde ; 
Hp ou yoiu high pMeiwimis aliali decide. 

Powrn paramount, lo raynlly allied ; 
Tli« my pirrogBlive I cuniiol wiiivf ; 
No : for a powerieaa Cluof is but a gloiiguB risve." 

Thui God&ey >pake ; and to his word of ETaoe 
By jtrint coiweul young Eimlace niude rpfSy : 
*' AÀ that deliberate judEnueiit iei tliy prtiise 
Whicli looke Hfflt luto fiiiunfy. 
So streugtii of bcut uuU hninl, a courage liigb, 
Prompt tlio lini rii>ka of I'lilcrjirifF lo face. 
An a»k'd of ua. IIjb Liglil» of Cliivalij' ; 
And Uml npe Lardine^, wUieh in the caie 
or aeine woukl pnideul be, in lu would prore moat I: 

■■ Then, Kate the baiard is ao far o 
By the adrantage, let them alnu|^I 
The cbnuen ten, in wrong'd Annida 
And baldly duio the mentorioiw iter 
With Ihia adom'd pretence ho ulrivt 
OpMtn U(nded to hk feneut Uame 
W tbow of knlRhtly leol ; llie olhe 
Hi* ncnt pantion and dimembled ni 
VWrar lh« fond deceit, and connlerfelt 



But am'roos Eustace, whensoever he eyed 
Rinaldo*s excellences, as mental grace 
More winningly attracts when beautified 
By a brave figure aud a handsome face, 
WishM him away ; and shrewdness, keeping pace 
With anxious jealousy's increasing smart, 
Urged him at length his rival to displace, 
By deep address ; whence, drawing him apart, 
ile thus his proem tuned with all the flatterer's art. 


** O, of great father greater son ! O thou. 
The young Achilles of this glorious land ! 
What Chevalier shall lead to conquest now 
The gallant warriore of our matchless band 7 
I, who to noble Dudon's mild command 
Could scarcely stoop, who only bent the knee 
In rev'rence of his silver locks, who stand 
So near our Chief in kindred and degree, 
To whom should I submit ? to none, if not to thee. 


" Thee I who art equal to the best in birth. 
Whose splendid merits cast a shade on mine ; 
Not e'en would Godfrey scorn to own his worth 
In the stern proof of battle, less than thine ! 
Thee for our Chief I claim then, if to shine 
The bold ass(;rtor of this lady's right 
Be not thy wish ; and nc*er canst thou design 
To challenge praise achieved by secret sleight. 
Or round thy brows to bind the laurels rcap'd by night 


" Here may'st thou feats accomplish, that will hand 
Thy name, embalm'd by some celestial Muse, 
To long posterity ; the chief command 
Will I procure (away with vain excuse !) 
From the assenting Knights, who cannot choose 
But sanction what my praise shall reconunend, 
If, when elected, thou wilt not refuse 
The favor to thine undecided friend. 
At will to war with thee, or with Armida wend." 


He qiika not this wilhoal a Uush thu ipcd 
lU deep confiiBion to the guilty py« ! 
Hit glowing necrpt well RianUo rend, 
And uichlf amiled M th« ill-dnw'il disguiMt 
But he was sludioiu of B loftloT priMi 
And if a chance-shnft from Armidii'a bow 
Gruzi^d liiit], M chnJIenge ho eoulc) liaU deijilBi 
He neillier la s nrsl feui'd a ti>e, 
Nor cared for love the chass or ^torj' la forego. 

But deeply oculptnred m bla Ihonjjhia roUnna 
Memory of Dudon's blllcr deatb he kept, 
Aud doem'd il a dispaiagemeiit uud crime 
That yet Argantes lived, aud vancenncc éept ( 
Then to hear Eurtnee urp- him to accept 
The proffer'd honor, mnde hi» heart rejoice J 
And n'lille into his ear the munic crept 
or pniiw, his qririt rclio'd the Kweel voice, 
Whiqt'fing, his eail y vDrth deserved the Sslt'ring chnos 

Whence frankly he replied : " The firet degree 

And if by worth sublimed, the dijriiity 
Of rule I need not envy, nor desire i 

Since worthy of the uohle IniKl I seem, 
I'll not decline tli' nccipfsnco you require ; 
And of this perfect proof of pure cnlcem, 
Dear to a wsmar's pride, nioict gratefully I deem. 

" Amidsl the elected chsmpiona, thou, bnniM, 
Shidl rank, if I obtsiu the vuciul post :" 
Enstace, this LeEud, departed to secure. 
Apt to his wish, the homage of the bout : 
But prince Gemando to liiaiself proposed 
The prile ; tor Iboiigh Annids had noi fail'd 
T'eugs^ his tboughtsi an innate pride opposed 
Her power, and lady-lors with him iircvail'd 
IiCB tliau the lust of rule, nhich most bin heart assail'd. 



He from the blood of royal Norway sprìngs, 
To whom unnumber'd thanes in homage crowd ; 
A long succcosion of ancestral kings. 
Of coronets and sceptres, made him proud : 
To grander Gods Riualdo's spirit bow*d, — 
Of hif own actions haughtier than the bright 
Blue scutcheon of his fatiiers, — self-endow'd ; 
Yet full five hundred years, as heralds write, 
Had these stood famed in peace, and unsubdued in figfat 


But the barbaric Peer, who all things weigh*d 
By gold, and rank, and amplitude of state, 
Whose fancy cast all excellence in shade 
That crowns and stars did not illuminate, 
Could not endure that any should debate — 
Much less Rinaldo — the command with him ; 
To such excess did anger, scorn, and hate 
Transport him, reason s guiding light grew dim. 
And Passion*s mustering storm distended ev'ry limb. 


So that of Heirs foul sprites the most malign, 
Who saw unwatchM tlie opening avenue. 
Crept to his heart with still coils serpentine. 
And at the helm of thought reclining, blew 
To flame the sparks of hatred, till they grew 
Hot for revenge ; yet still he piqued, still stung 
His angry soul to agony anew ; 
The while, as warbled by a siren's tongue, 
Clear through his haughty heart this flattering prelude 


" What ! were his antique chiefs lords paramount 
Of earth, that thus with theo Rinaldo vies? 
Since he will mate with thee, let him recount 
His governed millions and subdued allies ; 
Let him bring forth his crowns, and equalize 
His sceptn^d ghosts with Ihy live kings ; can 0116, . 
The owner of a few poor seignories, 
Bom beneath Italy's inglorious sun, 
Dure to aspire so high ? — what phrensy goads him on t 



" Bat, win or Ioh, he resp'd k viclar'i bmja 
When lint he Ihought Ihy litio to tinnBc«iid ; 
The world will uy, (to him the higliist praise,) 
■ I», with Urrnando this man durrd caiil«ud I' 
The naliou liird by thy denuted liieod 
Glory ind spleudor nuud liiy path muy ihower, 
Bui QOl liw houor thou to lliul will lend,— 
The phie lost half its value from the hour 
When AG deaired il too, wwl nought to nulo lliy povei. 

" And if the «■)> vhcu left thia bnvthing bame. 
To oor nffiiiis ila canaciou* thouffhti apply, 
Think with bow brave a wrath Ih' anilaliauB aim 
Firce good old Dudou iù the indiani eky, 
When on this fonrsrd Page he cuiti hia eye. 
And sena hia prido eo fat the duoe auhvert 

And, wliJo bui yet e child and uuelp,^rt, 
Stand lor a puUic poat of aucb auUuiie dcaert- 

" Yea, thia he hopes, thia h< 

Honor and prwae, not cliuali 

And some there are wlio aecoiid what he darei, 

(O common aliarne !) and what he daree, applaud 

But if Duke Godfrey, aeeing him defraud 

Endure il Dol ; but opi^nty, uuawed 
By power or thnrslHi confront llie mi^hly BHn, 
And show both who lliou ari, and what Uiy valut cai 

At the ahrill uinaie of these worda, Aadain 
Glaw'd Uke a torch when ehakrn in Ihe wiaJ ; 
It fired hia heart, ewell'd In each ptegnant vein, 
Flaali'd in hia aye. and Id hia lon^e repined ; 
Whatever fancied foiUe he could lind 
la younf Rinahlo, he exposed to ahame ; 
He paiola him vaiu and armganl of muid. 
And atjlea hi* valor nulmeaa ', eadi fund aim 
Of bi« ngeiiiMua numi industrinu» la defame. 



AH that in him was glorious, graceful, pure, 
Greii*rou8, or great, or beautiful, or wise, 
While his invidious arts the tnith obscure, 
lie boldly censures as the height of vice : 
This vital scorn, these wide-wing*d culumnies 
His rival gathers in the public breath ; 
Yet still with no less rancor he decries 
The noble Child, nor less he scorns to sheath 
In silence the keen tongue that tempts him to his death. 


For the vile fiend whose motions ruled his tongue 
In lieu of judgment, influenced him to frame, 
Hour after hour, fresh outrages and wrong. 
Still adding fuel to the bosom'd flame ; — 
Wide space was there in cump, where daily came 
A band of gallant youths with spear and shield ; 
Where in gay tournay and g)'innastic game 
They perfected their skilU tlicir courage steel'd. 
And nerved their strenuous limbs to bide a ruder field. 

i XXVI. 

There, at an hour when thickest was the crowd, 
I Urged by the whisp'rings of the inward snake, 

I His tongue its custoniar)'' scorn avow*d, 

Infused with venom of th* Avomian lake ; 
I The knight, in hearing of the words lie spake, 

To irrepressible resentiufiit stirr'd, 

Fix'd the long dues of vengeance now to take, 
j Shouted, " Thou liest !^* and sudden as the word, 

'• Crossed the traducer s path, and drew his poignant sword. 


His voice the thunder seem'd, his sword the flash 
W^hich of its coming warns the world ; too late 
Repenting fetirs the criminal, — 
He saw no refuge from impending fate ; 
Yet in this last, irreparable strait. 
As all the Camp were witnesses, he made 
Proud show of courage, with a look elate 
Awaited the stem foe, his distance weighed, 
And in the guarding act unslieath'd the Imttle-bbuiak 


?s s '1;° ,'!'>"•"' "' """"■«'" =•" "".y 

1 n otromfcd Iicro b agony of iro ■ 
Tho^DUt, ihr pr™. [Up cm«:™kcortl« w«y, 
no •conn, will dBTM lo v«ugo«iitB ulill lunln ■ 
1 hrougli m«i and aniu in many a eufdrnn 
111. rulminniing »wDrd durt». Bua dcm«nd> 
A nuuinl qiace i Ihe dauutfd crowd rrtirer— 
And ki the diaai» of all )>«. pionlian buid^ 
Reo to l«i £cn« «Oronle. Gptuimdo aiiiglj- «imk 

Hi» hand, unmiwter'd by his mge, at will 
A IhoBsand Muba ddii-e», oud divuJni 
With the licod, heart, and bomui, an Ijv dtia 
liMtnicto, Of the unguardwl pan provides 1 
Impeluoua. rapid »• 0.O foam thai ridw _ 

ihe whiHpool, h» nll-prwent «ti^er uimeua. J 
TheeyebewUder..andila^dr«lJr^ M 
Where leaat oxpecled, 111 ero .1 mot. 
The» most » stnUoe and woiioik, whe_ 




To the loud uproar Godfrey drawn meanwhile, 
Saw dismal cause of uuexpcctcd pain, — 
Greniaudo, his loose locks and niautle vile 
Reekiug with blood, with visage where, too plaini 
Death spread the pallid baniicrB of his reign ; 
And there were tears on many a soldier's lid, 
Outcries, and shrieks, and wailings for the slain : 
Amazed he asks, there where 'twas most forbid. 
Whose eo audacious hand the deed of horror did 


Arnaldo, dearest to the Prince bewail'd. 
In terms that sought the guilt to aggravate, 
Tells how Rinaldo had his friend assaird 
In the blind fury of intemperate hate. 
Built on a slight and frivolous debate ; 
Thus, the sword vow'd to Christ's blest service, he 
Had tumM against Christ's hallow'd delegate ; 
Scorning not less his rule, tlinu the decree 
Long since promulged, whereof he ignorant could not be^ 


And that the law had thus already sign'd 
The warrant of his death ; — 'twas clear, the case ; 
First, as the fact was of a heinous kind, 
Next, as committed in a sacred place : 
For such a crime were ho to meet with grace, 
Fresh criminals would rise, both bold and strong. 
In his escape to beard you to your face, 
And execute revenge for ev'ry wrong, 
Wliich to the Judge alone for judgment should belong. 

XXXV. m- 

Thus discord, thus dispute, thus civil ire 
Would raven all, as with a tiger's tooth ; 
All that disdain and pity could inspire. 
He pleads in merit of the murder'd youth : 
But Tancrcd with the jealousy of truth 
His tale impugns, and paints in colors clear 
The actual cause of strife ; to which in sooth 
The ju>d Judge listens, but his brow severe 
Seems less t* encourage hope than countenance bis feaB 


" My LoH.'' he odds, " in wisdrnn vi|fh both wba 
Aijd what RiaAlda is — his dcedii recaiiDl ; 
Jiidgp whnl n-gnrd to hif dwiprtii m dHV ; 
Troni ]iriiirr]y sin la mm illwrtriaiBi inouot. — 
Trace hi» long flow of glory to the fount, — 
Tliiiik oil hi» unclfl Guelpha'a high wtite ; 
All Hjiial criniH nre not ofliko nMotiiit, 

Va«al aud liigUbora lord, Uio lowly olid the great." 

Gfldrr«y replied, " "n* for tht great to give 
Proof or obeilieaee to the lowly ; ill 
Arc )hf«e lliy eouiucle, TftDcn<d. which would leava 
Tho Mi^ly to there owu uubtidled will. 
Think whut our empire were, did wo fulfil 
Its ruiieliaiis only to the vDe oud buve, — 
A powerluB sceptre, or, niore shameful still, 
Au exfcraled rod, deridtd msce '. 
If with such Inws 'twu givcu, 1 spiim youi gift of grsce. 

" Bat frank aud awful vran it ^vi-n. iinwnighl. 
Nor sliull il9 virtue be ubi.rlK<'d by <M- ; 
Aud well 1 know both H-titir ami ulieu I might 
To punish uiirt rpwanl, «ud iinn- to I* 
Tlie prompt rerereer of iiiv on» decree. 
Yet still between the lowlj (lie liich 
Hold even Law's just buluiiM." Thus epoke ha ; 
Nor uiiKlit could Toucred venture to reply. 
Awed by hie nghleous word» aud bu niaj«lic eye. 

Stem pupil of Ninlerri Aul 
Raymund commended Iiie 

111 frur; when rulers spread 

IjhiTty ran» wild, 

? coaxed, and like a ^pailan 


Tuicnd of hia idrice look lilent heed ; 
Lon^r he liu^r^d not, but leap'd astride 
Hk maaogeable hone, whoee hoofa for speei 
Saem'd Sedged with wiure. and ta RiaiJda h 
He, BOD a» tie had quell d the boiM'rous prii 
Of lieR» Gemando, to hia private teat 
Retired, Uie «un calmly to abide ; 
Here Tanered found him, and with diKonte 
Detailed ÌD every pcuot the late sharp argmnea 

'■ And Ihongh," he adda, " I deem the tìukiiiit 

But a rollacioui index of the heart, 
Since o(t the ttionghts of mortala secret lie. 
Id depth* that mocli Ih' obeenre l'i niceet art ; 
Yet, (roto what Godfwy'i face balniy'd in put 
To my peruaiug eye, with what hia mind 
Clearly avow'd, 1 fear not to assert, 
That u a common culprit he would hind 
With gyves thy warrior hmbs, lo Law's strict powa 

Rinaldo .m 


but breakine through hi» mule 

A flash of 


lefiuiiceminW vousee: 

" Let him 


M vnsaal deirna (o be ! 


boro ; free Iiutp I lived ; and frae 

Will I eip 

ro one bnae fetter weighs 

My hands 

in .[a cank'rmir lyrauny.— 

at to consul! the 

swoid, and reap rtcloriou» bay» 

" If Godfrr 



!.• reward our worth, if tlin 


he would iiKui^erate, 

And fii hi« 


pjpbriuu boncla on i». 

1 place my proud foot on the ground, and wait 

Shnrp arms ahall be our onl) jurom. File 
Sole arbilresB, mid formrn flock to see 
IV aponful Drama play'd, — n deep, deep tragedy !" 


He iliootHi lor hia innoi, lobfd hw rami 
In belm and brigumliiie oTal»!, applied 

And liiing Ihe dancing lalcli«ii at liia aide : 
Ma^ificent, auguat, nod fifry-fj-ed, 
He apari(lKl in hia am» like Boahing Irrin, 
Aiid look't) III» God of Battlp whru iu pmle 
Dmopoding fmm Ihg lifUi red Epl^en oT limteu, 
In nuliug ina girt, by Fnglil uid Fury diivrn. 


H« wouhM pndc luid hia inl(>mp 

rale rage; 

'■ I know, " aa>d he, '■ Uiat Ihou, i 

immjner'd youtb 

Tlial evM amid arm» alid on llic rdge 

Of doom, Ihy valor h «^ure from 


But Hea^n forbid timi .-«■ on ™ 

Timu al.oaldM Irl loose the gladii. 

To work our umy ho, and break tl 

e mugx ebano. 


" Say, wlul ■ thine inleot 7 will 

hoH inilwiiB 

Thy ba-H). ia kindred blood 1 wil 

frantic aim 

WDUodiug lliy frienda, Iraaspir rciug Chrwl aoew. 

Whoas mrmbrn lhi>y, aud purl o 

Shalt (ha vain liM of Iransiory h 

That like a iunimei aeu-wave «wella and diea 

Than that which faitlibora piely • 

or bli» all Uisa beyond, eternai in U 

"No ! be the victor of Ihyaetf, and Hill 
Thp raging guai, thi« whiriwind of Ihe mind ; 
Yirld ! ftmi uo feat, but froni a TÌnuons will; 
Witli woithicr palma conipliaucy will bind 
Thy bfows, Iban ever were to pride uaaign'd : 
And il mins nnripe yean, though }'<"i<m ""«d few, 
May yield Hi" eianipte, I by acU unkind 
Viaa al» oncf provoked, yrl never drew 
My amtd in citil Hiite, bui dd niy n-ntli aubdiM 



** I took Cilicia, and on Tanua* towen 
Planted the Cross before all people's eyes, 
But Baldwin came, and with his peaceful Powen 
Admitted, basely robb'd me of my prize ; 
Such friendship he professed, so fair a guise 
Mask'd his ambitious purpose from my sight, 
That ere I was aware, his avarice 
Had sprung the mine : yet would not I by fight 
The spoUs regain, althougli e'en yet perhaps I might 


*' But if indeed those ignominious bands 
As a base weight thy spirit would refuse. 
Following the nice opinions and demands. 
The subtile laws which men of honor use. 
Leave it to me thy anger to excuse ; 
To Antioch fly, — with Boheniond, thy friend. 
Seek an asylum secret and recluse ; 
To wrath's first gust I deem it best to bend ; 
A cause by Power prejudged Hwero fruitless to defend. 

" But rest assured, if vig'rously assaiKd, 
If round us Ejo^pt or the Arabs 8w>inn, 
Deeply indeed thy flight will be bcwuil'd ; 
While, at a distuuco from the vixsi ulann, 
Thy valor will acquire a tenfold chann ; 
Without tiiy sword, the ner\'elet» camp must prove 
A trunk deprived of its protecting arm :" 
Hero Guelph arrives, his lips the speech approve. 
Urging him straight from Cump discreetly to remove 


To their grave counsels the di.><duinful heart 
Of the bold youth at lenirti) inclining, bends. 
And he no longer scruples to depart 
In wilUng exile : of his faithful friends 
Meanwhile a numerous crowd his course attends ; 
To aliare his flight and fortunes each aspires, 
And earnestly solicits ; he commends 
Their zeal with thanks, but takes alone two squires ; 
Vaults on his sprightly steed, and from the Camp retirok 



Hb rid™— Ihs IhirM of puro anil enJIem glory 
luilnniMi hia apiril to the iniruwt core ; 
Eiploila he plani "hall ahiune (he vaunts of atoty, 
Teu Uiauaand ghuioua deeds uudieBm'iI berore, — 
To null, in fff"" "' "•• ^™* *"■ bors, 
Huki hsatile \ hia oonne 

Cyprtw or iu>>ii< ypl o'ei 

Aa on the S&nun , muge force 

E'eo to the awfuj de^.. J iyi«erioiw onurcn ! 

re delay'd, but forwud pi 

Same o! my lleeiraol liemtda lo | 

Tlie aearch IlinugliDut the cam; 

Well do» thy comiug iiow their di 

He bade all «1» willidraw, aud in u tone 
or giavrr ult'nince hk dispourac rcncw'd ; 
" Imply, my lord ! do 1 ngrrt to unrn 
TlW lengtha to wliich Uiy nrpliow liaa punued 
The mge adniillMl lu liù haaly moud ; 
Be III, niPtliioks. can justify the brawl, 
Much Imitile frightrul iwueof Ihe feud; 
Glad >hDll I be, if ao il should befnll, 
But Godfrey utili mual act iiupartially Id all. 

■■ The aaciiMl ctaima of lawful ui 
Defeud I «.-UI, on oil axid each i 
Pleacrving ever, in my aor'reigr 
A heart uuiway'd by prrjudrco 

Ccina, and hie prwfa n 



" And let him come unmortifìed by chains, 
The grace I can, I to hìn worth allow ; 
If this his high rebellious heart disdains, 
(And well his fiery temperament I know 
To be rebellious,) be it thine to show 
His pride the path of duty, ere he draws 
A man by nature merciful, and slow 
To cherish wrath, but stem should he give cause, 
T' avenge his power defied and violated laws." 


He ceased, and Guelph made answer : " Where's the 

Free from all infamy, that if it heard 
The voice of insult, haughty, false, and foul. 
Would not with scorn resent th' injurious word ! 
And if the slaud'rer fall beneath the sword, 
Who can place bounds to a just wrath ? who suit 
Exact acquittance to the guilt incurred. 
Or weigh revenge out in a scale minute, 
While in full fury glows th' unscrupulous dispute ? 


" But that the youth, as you require, should yield 
To your just judgment, which he ought, of right, 
Cannot, it grieves me, be ; since far from field 
He has witiidruwn in no imprudent flight ; 
But here I offer with my sword to write 
Liar on his false forehead who again 
Impugns his act, — on whatsoever knight 
Wounds his good name ; and fearlessly maintain, 
The Prince was justly served for his wijust disdain. 


" With reason, I aver, he shore the crest 
Of arrogant Gcmando ; if in aught 
He err'd, 'twas this, that thy supreme behest 
He for an instant in his wrath forgot ; 
This I lament, and this extenuate not :" 
•* 'Tis well," the other answcr'd, " let him wend. 
And brawl elsewhere ; nor foster in thy thought 
The seeds of fresh di8])iite, but here, my friend. 
Let all di»ienslons cimase, and (lis<:ord have an end !** 



Thlw Ihrjr ; meanwhile Ihe mniling TraitnH amtt 
Ccued unpartimine far the pimused aid ; 
TbiDoghoul the kTeloog day each sinmg eodcan»' 
or graioB, art, and beauty die isBBj'd ; 
Bui when pale Ere, la In-ili^t stole aiTa<r'd, 
Far in the wert the dying Day iniirn'd, 
Belwiil tvo kaighli sud matrou dmnn convcy'd 
Back to liei neh pai-ilion elie reliirn'd. 
Till o'er blue onenl hilh retiugenl rooming bam'd 

Bui Ihoii^ Femtasion «em'd her spell-baond idav». 
Spile of her bland word», her rrHned iiddcme. 
And beauty such ■■ nalon never give. 
Before or since, dear woman Id paane : 
Though in the iruiimela gf her golden tnsse 
A deep aVtmiul'tiiig tnuispon hud encliaiu'd 
The noblest hero», noi with all her Dreta 
or artifice, could God&cy'e heart be ^in*d ; 
Unroored, her ch arming Bmiles Bud Salt*h« be soBtain'd 

In tain slie studied to uifiame his eye 
With sweet leiii[ttationa to a life of loto. 
For aa Ihe gorged falcon Konis to fly 
When the pleased hawker poinU Oie paaflog dor 
So lie, bh wishes &x'd on joya above, 
8ick of the world, with mortal pleamres doj'd, 
DeHwed the lare ; her beauty hul'd to move. 
And alt th' enchanting dalliance she cmploy'd, 
l^tn'd by bithica love, hi> virtue render'd void- 

No obstacle can turn his pious Meps 
From Duly's circmntcnbing walk ; «I» tiiu 
A Uwimnd arts, in tbousand ehaogeful diapei 
Appnam before hiui. and inth FroleuB vies 
In ev'i; form of magical diagutw ; 
Sbe hu fond looks, Tithe motioiii, Uand alannai 
T* Blliact hia gaia, and meli away (he ice 
From hia cold heart, but heavenly puce disani» 
Of power her viaor'd Irains. and ^hmtiea her blandis 




She, who had thought one blink of her bright eyes 
Would kindle paesion in the purest mind, 
How was she mortified ! with what surprise, 
Yea, with what scorn and anger she repined ; 
Frowning, her purpose she at length resigned, 
And mu8ter*d for an enterprise more fair 
Her charming force ; so chieftains, when they find 
Impregnable the tower they gird, forbear 
To press th' unprosp'rous siege, and turn their arms else- 


Nor less was Tancred proof to the control 
Of her seducing beauty ; he could share 
With no new face th' affections of his soul ; 
Clorinda only held dominion there : 
For, as used poisons oft to poisons bear 
Strong countercharms, e*cn so 'twixt dame and dame, 
Love neutralizes love ; Armida*s snare 
These shunnM, — all others idolized her name, 
And sported more or less around th* enchanting flame. 


She, though she moumM that her designs should prove 
But half successful, somewhat was consoled, 
When she reviewed the multitudes, which Love 
Beneath her conquering colors had enroIPd ; 
And thus, ere chance to any should unfold 
Her schemes, or ere her false mask should slip by, 
Resolved to lead them to a stronger hold. 
And forge them fetters of a stricter tie. 
Than those same flow*ry bands in wliich e*en yet they lie. 


When therefore the declining day was flown, 
By Godfrey fix'd to grant the promised aid. 
Before him she appeared, and bending down 
In humble rev'rence at his footstool, said : 
" The period, gracious Sire, prefix'd is fled ; 
And if the barbarous tyrant from his spies 
Shall learn that I for succors hero have fled. 
He will prepare his powers against surprise. 
And much more dangerous then will be the bold emprisa 



" En thcD hM courien or iIìkukìtc tame 
Th' impotUnl tidiug* lo Ilia «u bcin;. 
Let thy ConipuBon miof ayatgen uamc. 
And nod u> forth. pivvcntÌDg ajl dcUy : 
Wh»B, if tlie eye of ItmcQ wilh pace mntj 
Th' nfiiiin of mortati, if the innocent's plea 
Be in Lti Hicied Krine iTcorded« tLcy 
Wil[ throne rue In my rralm, wliich lliua aluU b« 
" " ' ■ ' y lo Uiec." 

She «id ; the Chief, unable to recede 
Frooi hit enga^ment, bon-'d lo her reqtK 
And as ahe seeni'd bo ur;gvnt to proceedi 
Saw well th' election wilh himself niuM i 
Bui of her vow'd idotalrn all JHen'd 
To be ndmilled ol the ^ardiau bind ; 
While Jealousy. inGi'd in ercry breual, 

*■' "~" """ " 4 hia rival» lo ttiliislBiK 

li' impottuuale < 

Kept draeou watch hii 
And dccpeiTd wilh hk ci 

She, who Ihe qiarkHng aecrel clearly wnd, 

Unog llie spur of envy and of dr^ad. 
Their ling'rinE coarse lo quicltrii and tonneot ; 
For well ihe Enew withoul nme impube lent 
To Mil Ihe long dejraniou of the mind. 
The flow of Inre ill stognoDCy is Bpeul i 
Slow iuu« Ihe aleed Ih at can witslrip Ihe wiud> 
If one apeeda doI before, oi folloWB fad bebind. 

The glutice thai flattcr'd and the amik thai woo 
She aharrd wilh words » leemingly aiucere, 
Thai each grew FDTioua of tlie oliirr'i good. 
And liope Mood trcmUing ou Uie brink of fear ; 
Her loTer*. aaactioii'd by hel grucious cheer, 
Aud Uie falae charter of ber lovinc hwk, 
Ruah'd headlaaf; on in folly's wihTcnieer, 
By tainciple uncurb'd, of thame fomak, 
Becklai a( Godliey's ùovra, keen aconi. or «hup rei 



He, who made justice his supreme delii^t» 
Partial to none, to gladden all aspired ; 
And though the folUee of each am*n>us knight 
With anger and deep shame his bosom fired ; 
Yet, seeing Uiat which Uindly they deùred 
Determinedly persisted in, he tried 
Another mode to grant the boon denred : 
" Each separate warrior write his name/* he cried ; 
" A vase shall hold the lots, and chance the cause de- 


Their names the Chiefs with acclamations write. 
Collect, and sliake within an urn of gold ; 
At hazard drawn, the firat that leaps to light. 
Is Pembroke's Earl, Artemidore the bold : 
The next whose title the blind Fates unfold. 
On its white leaf the name of Gerard bears ; 
A third the fears of Viucilas consoled, 
Who, late so grave and wise in all affitirs. 
Now plays the lovesick youth, and shames his boaij 


Oh what delight these three first chosen show 
At their extreme good fortune ! their fond eyes 
With tears that from the full heart overflow. 
Grow big, and npiirkic o'er the happy prize ; 
The rest, whooe doom still uudc'tcnnined lies 
lu the dark um, sliow Rigiis of secret hate, 
Sore jealousy, and panting, pale siu'miso ; 
Mute on the herald'ti lips they hang, and wait, 
Breatlilcss, tlie brief decree that seals their future fatsu 


To Guasco fourth, succeeds Ridolpho*s name ; 
The sixth the fates to Olderic accord ; 
With Count Roussillon next, two peers of fame» 
Henry the Frank, Bavarian Bverard, 
And, last, Rumbuldo closed the blind award ; — 
Rambaldo, who for love of that false maid, 
(Has Love indeed such power ?) renounced his Lord, 
A traitor knigtit, a perjured renegade, — 
Tlie rest, shut out from hope, tlieir fortune loud upbraid. 



Influned with >nTy, jealous}-, anct nfre, 

They call her putial, wickoil, and ui^iiid ; 

Thejr e'en «ccubb Ihee. Jjwe. that tbou aliouldat gaga 

Thy judgroeut la ut artBlrtaB bd blind : 

More ardfutly d«urM what Hcarea dpiii™. 
Many, in spite o1 fortune, have dm^'d 
To follow yel Iheir Liwiy in diaeiii». 
Boon ai night's falling ahad» obscure tbe lucid ikiea. 

Follow they will, in suiuhiDe and in ahade. 
And Tenlure life in batlliug for ber right: 
She her laol thauki to all saluting paid, 
With broken biuta and sighingv, thai incite 
The Chic& yet more lo their intended Sight ; 

It the dea] 


inn, aud llinnig to take thtii 

Each after each the Chipf ndwied apart 
That Pagan faHh wai hot a hollow reed. 
As light and insecure ; and with what art 
They should from snarM and adrerse ills recede : 
His wonb are uttei'd to the wiitits — none heed 
His v»e advice, for when did Wisdom sway 
The ear of Lore T permitted to pioceed. 
At length they part ; Armida leads the wayi 
All too impatient die to wait the duwn of day. 

THumplidl, lead» along her rii-u1 foiv ; 
While sUIl behind a counllew throng remain, 
Lorelom. abandan'd to a thousand woes. 
But when the Night on nient wings anno. 
By Peace eonaoned in her gentle mood. 
And Dreams, the erriuE piipite of Repose. — 
With Lore'i divhie inletligeuce endued. 
Their Lady's prinlleaa path Ihey secretly purstwd. 


Tint EiHtBce fullow'd : KHrccly could he Vut 
The hng-riDg houn of ebbing eve,— he h>ed 

Through the blind darknew, led by hu bliud enide { 
All Die moiKt night n-reue lie wander'd vide ; 
But wlien the sky's proud Siillan hod paHBH*)! 
The ruby gBtes of Morning, he dcscnrd 
With all her giiardu the Laily of his qneit. 
Id b anidl viltage near, her last night'a bow«t of rat 

Him by hie ainu at once Rambaldo kn«w. 

And cried aloud : " What leek'ut thoal with what 

Com'M thou to UB, ÌD helm and mail airay'd?" 
" 1 come," laid Eiulace, ■' iii Armidu's aid } 
Noi ahall she have, if Bhe my leol upprove, 
A Umitier friend :" ■' And wlio." Bauibatdo «aid, 
" On tlii« high task cominiaKoii'd thee to movoT 
Who authorized thy fliglil ?" "Love," Euatace an- 
■wer-d. "Lovo! 

" Vetiua was my Eleclreaa, Fortune thine ; 
AdviM which lia« the rnodt iiutheutic grant !" 
To whom Rambaldo : ■■ OIT! the claim reagn J 
Folae is lliy lille, aud impiigu'd thy Tuunt ; 
With us, legitimutely cail'd to plant 
This virgin lily, ueer sliult Uioii ally 
Thy lawlew aid :" Indignant at tlie (aunt, 
Tlie youth rpjoin'd. " AiiJ wlio will dare deny 
My claim» at proof of sword i" Rambaldo auawrr'd, "II 

"That which I dare nvow, 1 doro moìnlain 

At my «word's point 1" he said, and having, drew : 

Not with Ims ardor, not with le» disdain 

Innilled Enslace to Ihe (]nnrTel flew : 

Bui here llii'ir Mirirtw nish'd belwiil the two ; 

Slaying their swonlx, she «ooth'd Iheìr angry vein: 

_ If you 

'• Whi 

Wliy abould you take ofRiii 

impioii gam. 

" Seek yoo mj Kifpty ^ why vootd joa dpprim 
M; Knuleo'd cbiw d( so nnown'd a kn^il ?" 
To EiuUce Ibru, " Most welcome 1 yoa airÌTe 
Id bappy hcmr, prolcclor o( my righi : 
What Aliad« of niuon can 1 have lo etight 
So gnklefiil an ally, the priace of Fruulu ! 
FoiluDV roridd I ahonld Lhe lesl [U|iule 
With nidB aeglecl !" while yel ehp paid her thanka, 
y quulei round, Ireih champMHia join'd hei 

I BT-rj qu 

Unknewn to each Ihey came, and fiinm'd aaki 
Wiib hatred at (heit Hvala ; iihe received 
All with the like BOioalh amiliof coiinienance. 
And whitfirr'd them whut comfort she conceive 
From their arrivai : now wlien Light relieved 
The dusky watch of morning, Godftey knew 
Of their defection and bin Id» ; he grieved, 
Detply he giieved o'er the prophetic view 
Seil'd OD hk light, of ilia that hence muH needi e 

„ rappean, 
1 of bnath, a ahape nf vo ; 

I^e one who news of hiUer import bean. 
With grief engraven on his gloomy hrow : 
" Signior," he snid. " Ih' Efg-pliBn fleet» e'ol 
Pat out la sen, and crowd all laiLt in air ; 

The Gtmotae navy ranki, tbia meamge bida n 

lur convoy from the navied at 


WeU TicIuaU'd fc 
One niglit, encamp'd among palmetto trree, 
The el«ds sttd burdrn'd camels grating round 
A horde of Araba lU the glen pnfound 
Ambush'd, ipnuig funli, the elumbcrera to am 
In twnl DI dank ; thry alew them, or Ihey boi 
Aa daru of war ; unr fmni the fatal vale 
IMd «ut eocape, but he who bore th' afflicting la 



" 1%' andacifj of these manm^nr band* 
1m now grown an liceatiouB, Ihsl &ny qimd 
Like BD o'erwhelmiiig locrcnl ttma Uie aaikdi. 
Without conilo!, and lo a drten trend 
The ihutTut fwltfa Ihey Irairrw ; to Mnke dread 
Iato then heaits, 'Lin Gt Ihal iIidu ordain 
A Iroop of hot» their covprli to iorade [ 
And from the aea of F^ilntiae. llie plaiu 
That to the aimy teada, iunolale munlain" 

These tldinga. ma^iiied from ton^e lo tongus, 
Knoira in a moment, palnird ev'ry ear ; 
On ev'ry ramor the light vulvar hung. 
In all th' unccnaintf of nniioiLi fi-at ; 
For fancinl Fumine van alrpady iipar. 
And the grim skclplon of Death : the Chief, 
Who IB1V Uipir coiirage droo]!, fssay'd to chetff 
Their dying hopw, and lo diapf ree their grief. 
With lively looka and wordi prnuunve of rolief. 

" Te, who through thonmid prrils, long Qomt o'er, 
Have paia'd aecuie with me, in war and p«ao« ! 

ChDni{riona of God, elpcted to rMlore 
His (niatrale foilh '. who over hilli and seas. 
The arma of Peiria, the àengat at Greece, 
'Hiinit's burning tonnent, huuerr'a keen diatnas, 
FrosI, whiriwind, atorm, Ihr billow and the hreeie. 
Have triumph 'd glorioualy, O any, for leas 
Alarms ahall daunting fear your qiiiiu now pcHeat ! 

" In the good care of God, whose Spirit nv* 
Your mind Ita iinpuW. cnn yp not confide? 
I> his arm ahorlrn'd, Ihnl it cannot aare T 
That arm so oA in dreper pcrila trini '. 
A timo will come, not distantly deacried, 
When to rerapmhcr rv'ry post diunay 
Wilt be no le« a plpasum than a piide ; 
Hold than caura|;«iiHi on, and kfep. I pray, 
Voor DoUe hearta in cheer for that Ticterioiia day." 





HTii dnm Ibe Frank! In nnf If flEtU i 

Renews ilit rroiil.n. and 

Till m-iligWs galbtruig | 

Tacuir brr imuuDilHl laid. Krmiam hi» 

Framibc wi11-su*rIihI Mi*ii,Uilei>-ti>U I 



But better hopes iiispirìt and make blithe 
The hearts of the besieged : beside the grain 
Stored from the reaping sickle aud the scythe, 
Beneath night's favoring darkness they obtain 
Fresli stores ; and flank, and fortify amain 
With engines and grim frieze the Northern wall ; 
Which, grown to giant height, seems to disdain 
The shock of brazen rams, as idle all, 
Nor dreads what man can do to work its purposed fall 


Yet still at mom, at eve, at radiant noon, 
The Monarch higher gives his towers to soar ; 
Nor quits his labor when the stars and moon 
Silver the dusk of night ; and evermore, 
Now arms for battle forging to the roar 
Of swelt'ring fires, armorer and artisan 
Toil with strong limbs, till vigor be no more 
As thus th* intolerable moments ran. 
To him Argantes came, and boastful thus began : 


** How long in these vile walls must we be boundf 
Rebellious pns'ners, tamed by slow blockade 7 
I hear the clang of anvils ; the shrill sound 
From hauberk, helm, and shield, my ears inyide ; 
But to what purpose is the proud parade? 
These robbers at their license don the crest ; 
Scour all our fields ; our palaces invade ; 
Yet none of us their progress dare moleit. 
Or one clear trumpet sound, to scare their golden 


" Thrm thn ^y lule fuxl banndiae dunce emiAoy, 

Vabcoken bouquet* nad secun dvlighu ; 

Tbcir daf is one long canural of jny. 

And NW aDd quiel cinwu Uieir bliasful nighbi: 

But thou al lei^h, whru Grrcvly fauiitic bitfa, 

Tlie victor'* inault* and the toft dnoiln ; 

Or die without a blow, as coward* die. 

If Cairo send not soon our Uog'niig, tate mBj. 

Not eVn tlie lOBtn of another nin 
Shall are me ahut within thraw cunpd ^ta < 
With this, my life'* poor [ragnient. let the Fate 
Do what ■ tii'd for it lo hearen or lie» ; 
14 ose e'er riisll my iu these iuglorioun atniJU, 
That with hi* swud in shealh Arcante* fell ; 
Ho will reven^ diogiacej and earn his tomb loo V 

■' But if one spailE of llif 6rtt chivalry 
Still in thy bwun shed its fen-eut ehann 
I sliould Dot hope in noble strife lo die, 
But lire, enrich d with hauor'» proudest | 
With one Accord let ua resolve to arm. 
Confroul Ilio ChriitiiuDi, and the Geld coi 


" But if thou drrad'st lo plav ao bojd ■ nine ; 

If to Blake aU thy fore» to deckle 

The war at once, be judged a fiaiilic aim,— 

At letM in duel let the Hrife be Ineil : 
Aud that with livelier willin)i^e«a and prido 

Our challenge, and th' arhilrement abide. 
Let him chooae arms, take vantage of the plam. 
And Gi the term* of fifhl ai be tuimelf may deigu. 




" Then, if no hundred-handed Briareus 
Ann on his aide, how fierce soe'cr he be, 
Dread not that evil chance thy cause will lose, 
Upheld by justice, and secured by me ; 
In ]dace of fate and fortune's blind decree. 
My strong right hand shall from the stare pluck down 
Consummate conquest for thy realms and thee : 
Grasp it in pledge ; now, by my old renown, 
Trust me, they &all not shake one jewel from thy 
crown !" 


He cea^, and Aladine replied : ** In truth, 
Though Age my pristine vigor has defaced, 
Think not this scrupulous hand, too fer\'ont youth} 
A traitor to the sword it once embraced ; 
Think not my spirit slothful or debased ; 
Sooner with honor by the sword or spear 
Would I expire, than die a death disgraced ; 
If I could entertain misdoubt or fear 
That the distressful ills, announced, were really near. 


** Allah such shame avert ! What deep my art 
From othere hides, to thee shall now be shown : 
The mighty Solyman, who bums in part 
T* avenge the loss of his Nicean throne. 
Has roused Arabia from her utmost zone 
Of sand to Alcalro, and relies 
On all her tribes, when once his trumpet*s blown, 
In the black night the fo^rnan to Rurprise, 
And pour into the town fresh succor and su|^lie«. 


" Soon will he join us ; if meanwhile they reign 

In our spoil'd castles, blinded by conceit 

And careless ease, fret not, while I retain 

My purple mantle and imperial seat ; 

But that rash courage and inteni{)'rate heat 

Which hurries thee to such excem, abate ; 

And for a dignified occasion, meet 

For thy renown and my dee]> veniefeance, wait ^ 

Soon the black storm will burst, and lightnings seal tbeii 




The hanghly pBgsn fnirn'il ■( this : lùgh pods 
And blleT spile boil'd ìu hìa breMi lo liMir 
How DD thi» NicpnB princ* the king relied, 
Hi* BDcieat mal aud nMM flrrce compeer : 
" Sir," be replied, in icy tooe aiMore, 
"IT» Uiy undoubled nriit to wiige or end 
Wu ■( t)iy pleature ; 1 liave done ; wnil hare 
The rijiTer'd swonJ of Solyman thy friend ; 
Let him who lost hii own tliy kingdoma nfe defflod. 

" Prood aa a palron God let him ulvanca 
To fne lh]r people fnmi Ihcii yoke ahhorr'd ; 
Myaelf am my palladium 'gaiust mischance. 
Nor freedom aak but from tUk ao^e iwanl 
But while the re«t repose, the grace accord. 
That I Bt leaM may my ovn wrong* reiquile ; 
Thai fmn the town dnccnding lo the atratil. 
Not at thy champtoD but ■ prirnte knieht. 
I may at leait engagii the Frùka ia auffa t^iL" 

The iÌDg replied, " Although thoo ahouUrt na 
Thy «word and unger for a noWer use. 
Thai thou defy aoine kuielit. if thai will aerTB 
Thy puipo», Aladine will not refuae." 

Argantea «pake, and with the daring boast 

Dilatmf, said: " Give all thy awLCtneB loose ; 

And lei tbii not meao chailengo be proposed 

To tbe Frank Duke below, in heaiing of his boat 

" Sajr, that a kni^t who longer «contB lo cm 
Within Uw maible tampaiU of the town. 
Bums ID the eye of angels to avouch. 
By faci of anna, his prowesa and renown ; 
That he to duel hasleoa Io come down 
Upon the plain midway 'Iwixl leni and iDWor 
To prove his Talor on Ihe pHden crown 
or whalsoever Frank, of Flanks the flower, 
Dana to accept the gage, and try his martial po 



« And that not only is he ^rt to wage 
Victorious battle with a sin^o foe, 
But with the third, fourth, fìflh he will engage. 
Villain or lord, with high-boni or with low ; 
The vanquished shall the victor nerve, for so 
The rules of war ordain :*' \m moffiage done, 
The silver-sceptred herald turu'd to go. 
And lightly threw his purple surcout on, 
Emblazed with golden arms that glitter*d in the nm. 


When reached the tent of Godfrey the divine. 
In presence of his Burons, ** Prince," he said, 
" May perfect liberty of speech be mine 
To tell a daring niema^ without drt>ad ?*' 
He in OMBcnt inclined a haughty head. 
And answered, " Ay ! without the thought of fear, 
Before us be the inifrlity venture B|)read :" 
Then thus the herald, " Now will it appear 
If the great news soimd sweet or frightful to your ear." 


The knight^s defiance he at large expofied. 
In glor>'ing terms, magnificent and high ; — 
Loud mumiur'd the fierce LorclM, and round him cloeed, 
Scorn on each lip, and pride in ev'ry eye : 
Quickly their Lion-loudfr gav«« reply ; 
" A modest tank uK'thinkri the knii;ht has mused ; 
What think ye, l*eerB ? dare wo the battle try 7 
Much I mimloubt when he Iiìh sword has used 
On the fourth knight, the fifth will wish to stand ex- 


" But let him put it to the proof ; I grant 
Safe field and liberal ; we have «ome Hhall dare 
Advance, to IcKsen his preHuinptuotis vaunt, — 
They shall no vantage use, nor fact unfair, 
I lift my sceptre to the stars, and swear !** 
This heard, the sov'reign of the nilver mace 
Tuni'd back by the same path he trod whilere : 
Nor till he saw Argant»**! face to face, 
81aek*d, for a moment slack'd, the swiftneti of hie pace. 



" Aim !" ha axcUim'd, " why hoNlsle to ann 1 
Ths choDeoge tliey accept with (^od miprin ; 
like sor'nign heioea thece the meaneat nrann 
To Iroat ymi, — viaon clow, and laocaa riaej 
I «w rage lighlea in a tboonnd «ya ; 
I mw a ihooBand handa cams the nrofd 
la paaskin (or the lighl ; harfc, bow the (kiea 
Sound Id Iheli shoul, ut thongh a met roar'd ! — 
Safe guard and ample field their Captain will affiud !" 

He heard, be call'd his Squire, and haniedly 
Braced ou hn Diail. impatient for Uis plun ; 
While to the lair Clohnda Ouidnie by, 
The iung excloim'd : " Bruve Lsdy ! lo ahMaln 
From unoB, and la the city to remain. 
While £ree Argauten isuee oat to fight, 
Suit not Ihy rank ; lake then an anned Orna 
For mm rafety, and attend Uie knigbt ; 
AldiManceraugeliieirqieain,butk»piiie listi in BghL* 

He ceaaed, and wooa noder the open eky 
Tlie troop rode forth in beBnliful anuv, 
And mark'd, far on brfore how eatluiilty 
The knight, in weutpd arma and tnif^iinga gay, 
Cheer'd to the fieqiieut spur hia ardeul bay : — 
A plain thete was, aeem'd foim'd by art, betweu 
The camp and town ; at wide eileut it lay, 
Aa though the Campus Marti us it hud been 
" ' -■ - ^_ ii^j p^ 

By his brave lirarl. great bulk, and brawny migfit 

By his bra 


As liuge Goliatb by Hie Tale s clear brook. 
Or grim Enceiadi», before who« stride 
Th' atrial pines, and fields of Phlegra Aatik ; 
Bat many without fear the giant eyed. 
For none hia utmust strength io battle yet bad tried. 



Though Grodfrey yet no champion had selected, 
Whose brav*ry best the Camp might represent, 
It was no secret whom they moet affected — 
All eyes, hopes, wishes were on Tancrod bent ; 
To him the favor of all faces lent, 
Spoke him th* ascendant genius of the crowd ; 
And first a whisper round the circle went, 
Which, faint awhile, grew momently more loud ; 
Nor leas the Generars looks his own desire avow'd. 


To him the rest g^ve place, nor silent then 
Remained the Duke ; " The tilt be thine," he cried ; 
" Tancred, meet thou the ruffian Saracen, 
Repress his fury, and abase his pride :" 
In Tancred's face I would you had descried 
What exultation shone, what boldness glow'd ; 
Proud to be named th' antagonist defied. 
He caird for*heIm aud steed ; his steed bestrode ; 
And straight with uum'rous friends from forth the in- 
treuchmeuts rode. 


Within a bowshot of the ample field 
Wherein Argantea for his champion stay*d, 
On the near hill, upgazing, he beheld 
The warlike figure of his PerRian maid : 
White were the vests that o'er her armor stray'd, 
As snows on Alpine glaciers, and her face, 
(For she her visor had thrown up) display'd 
Grandeur sublime so sweet'ning into grace, — 
The regrion seemM to him some heavenly-haunted place. 


He noted not where the Circassian reared 
His frightful face to the affronted skies. 
But to the hill-top where his Love appoaPd, 
Tum'd, slackening his quick pace, his am'rous eyflf» 
Till he stood steadfast as a rock, all ice 
Witliout, all glowing heat within ; — the sight 
To fiim was as the gates of Paradise ; 
And from his mind the mcm'r}' of the fight 
Faas'd like a summer cloud, nr dream at mornmg light 


H» WM of lhc« who« aj^on 
S ""■ ""ft «"'» Atbmu. 
*"•! wirh 0» ,>, „,„ p^SJ^ 

lo Uh atout Miwuttuuu, wTio 

•«emine I war» ii. ""'"'"• I 
«Mntuns in mid carw, ij, ' I,.^ 


Fiidi'd rrom bis «eat by nidenuB of Ihe blow, 
The Chrintinn felJ, haJf Kowlen TiDm Ihe ihock ; 
But ìm inora rig'niiu uul alhlelic fos 
Bare il uubow'd, itnpiiaiie u a rock ; 

Aud ihoa befoa Ilie proUale )uil|{lil to mock, 

Fierce wn» ha psliire, iiuoleni liìi Ione, — 
•'Yield Hire my bIhvp : \vt,tre proiidwt uoblei Bock, 
Twill be eiiougli fur Iliy reuowti, lo owa 
Thai Ihau haM fougkl vidi ma, sud tliua beta Dver- 

" No I" aaid Ihe youlli. " not quile n ■non ws UN 
To jiold our amu and ardor on eominund j 
Lei oDicn an tìicy lui niy fall eiciue, 
1 will leienve il, m die iword in liund !" 
Fierce u Aiecto, pitileasty Knmd, 
Wilh ali ihe Gornia m^n^ in liin face, 
And breath like Jiat ol Ato's lluniing brand, 
Argantta «id, '■ Aad icani'iit thou my ^nod Elicei 
Leuni ihea my poweiT* he «poke, and ipeaking ipuiii'd 
the placo. 

Hii rompaiit Reed h>> drove at him. nor herded 
What <o Ilia chivalry wiu due ; the Frank 
From the rude on«ei, (jiiick as thouphl, trceded. 
And dealt, in ]i>iHÌng, at liia dexter flank 
A rtroko eu atron^. lliut through hin «miOr sank 

Some n»y dnip of Ihr libation dmnk ; 


couqurori rage, and led bin vigor ki 

He cnrb'd Illa couRer, whirl'd hlni round, bore back, 
And almost iu the iwiukllne of un pjc, 
Ere Ilia i:har|rTd foe could uuard uirainst th' attack. 
Trampled liini doivn in grim fTiK'ity : 
Short drew hiahreatli ; qiiiver'd in ii^ony 
Ilia lep, and wilh a fjiut, lamentiiiir ahnek 
He bwooilM sway ; now low brliold him lie, — 
On (he hard etutli thrown pantinj;. bruiivd. and weak ; 
Hair cloaed lh> languid rye, oud pule the aulT'ring cheeL 


ArgsaUa, dninli with nge, enforced bk way 
With higb cnrretting» o'er his victira'a chat ; 
And Clin), " Let all proud kniEhta obcdicDCe pay, 
Like blm whom Ihiu mj- hone» hoob have fnafA^ 
UodnDntrd Tancred in Ixic niiinly bieut 
At Iha bstbaric aclioa could renraiD 
Hi» wrath no longer ; sfaaking hi* UbcIe creM, 
He Camaril q>urr'd, smbilHii» to regain 
H> wonted rame eclipsed, and clear iu recent Main. 

" And O," he etied. adranciag. " t^uit base ! 
E'en b Ihy eenqucett, infumoiis ! what meed, 
What title to eartm, whut claim lo pniipe 
Hop'at IliDu. accursed, fmni aiicli n nlJun'a deed.' 
With Arab robbers or Ibe hke tii^rce breed 
Of ruflìana, surely thou wert bred ; — away ! 
Back to Ihy lootlied den of dariiuen speed ; 
MidM bilia and woods go raveu for thy prey 
With othra- widvea by night, more savage far than tbey f* 

The Pa^an Lard, to such affionts nn 
Bit both his lips, Wfuth's stranded or 
He would have spoke, but only gouin 
Broke forth, nidi aauiids as when a I 

The Ihundr 
Escaped in looes as {['"S, troni 

I g as the lempMl poun 

When by ferocioUB threats they each had fired 
His rival's pride, and farlified his own, 
Some paces back they rapidly retired. 
And met, like two black clouds logellirr blown. 
Queen of the Lyre I down from Ihr Delphic thra 
Descend with all thy tulismans and chamH ; 
Bieathe in my ringing shell thy lioDn>nil tone, 
That to their rage atlemper'd, its alunna 
Hay with the shock, repeat the clanger of tli«r am 


Both placed in real, and fereH'd at the bee 
Tbeii knotty Ibdccs ; — ne'er did tiger*! qning. 
Nor ardent chargor in Ihe rushing race, 
Malcb their iwin coirne, nor Urd of stfiftret wiugt 
Hero Tuicred. lliere Argaiilt-a came ! — to mij 
The forco witli wliich lliey met, would a»fc theciy 
Of angele, — euddcn the sliock'd heltnels ring ; 
Their apeara are liruke ', and up to the blue dty 
A thonaand lucid Bparki, a thocuuud ahiren fly. 

Thai diriU blow riiook Eartli'a t^m volubil ball ; 
The maDntBinai aDUDding aa the mrtala claah'd. 
Paia'd the dire muaic to the towera, (ill all 
Tlie City trembled ; but the ahock, which da^'d 
Both Meeda Id earth, ai each for anguish gnaih'd 
Ila teelli, and ahriek'd ita noble life away, 
Searco bow'd their heuglily benda ; Ihey, unaboeh'd, 
Sprang liglilly up, war's perfect mastem they, 
Diew their gold-hilled iwords, and stood at dEep'rste bay. 


Q, ite li 


They foiD, they 

lally. u 

™. aloof, DO» nigh, 

Reeode, advene- 


J pa» by. 

Threat who» Ih 


not, whore 

Uiey threat 


The diap'rale pa» ; or, wilh perception «ly. 
Free lo Uie foe leave wme unguarded port. 
Then hia fml'd atroke revenge, with art deiidiiig art 

Piinco Tancred's Ihigb the Faijan knight 
Bui ill defended, or by shield or award ; 
He beateti to strike, and ioconaid'rate leaTes 
Hia nde uiuhirldrd Da he etridra abroad ; 
Tanered fail'd not inatindively to ward 
The (Iroke, beat back Ibc weapon, and, uupin 
Wilh eager hope, the guardleB body gwed ; 
Which ikine, of either gaiiiig hoal admired. 
He nimbly back recail'd, luid to his ward retired. 


Wilb shune diocounl'nuiCKl, aiul with pain 

Aud. both by nge and suS^nue; agonirnl, 
Bai^td with hd Taicc liid ffword aloil^ lo quii 
The xbaq) rebuke ; bui Tuicred, well adriecd 
Of hb iateDl. bIimIi lb' niBailuil imjl, 
Wbore to the aenow um Uie ihouldei-bl>de wu 

Ail m iU Alpine fonst the grim bear, 

Stung by tlie hunter's urow, Emn iu haaott 

F1Ì» in (he face of all his shafts, to dare 

Death Sot the wild leTenge, no peril duUDti ; 

Jnot ta the mad CircaoHan forea, m panu 

Far blood, a* thiw the f» hia nal beaeto. 

When shame on ehame, and wound on wound 

Aitd hk reven^re ine wrath so keenly whets. 
Thai he all danger Kofns, and all defence forget». 

Joining with courage keen a ralor nuJi, 

And untired Mren^h with unciampled nughl. 

He showen ha Mrokee m fast, that the sklat flaafa. 

And earth e'en trembles in Iter wild affright: 

No time has the nlanu'd Italian knighl 

To deal a angle blow ; from suL-h a shower 

I Iiimself,tKnrce breathe; no sleight 


s taaa't headstmng b 

life D 

Collected in himself, he wails 
Till Ibe fiist fury of the stomi 

round the plain 

Throng all delay, his own pnnw! Unod takes &re; 
And, staking all his foHuiirs on tlie cusi. 
He whiris his sword iti many a giddy gyre, 
Keqiuling Mreogth with strength, and answ'ring in 



Jadgment and akUl are lost in rage ; rage givea 
Resentment life ; fresh force resentment lends ; 
Where falls the steel, it either bores or doayes 
Chainplate or mail ; plumes shirer, metal bends, 
Helms crack, and not a stroke in vain descends ; 
The ground is 8trew*d witli armor hewn asunder. 
Armor with blood, with ruby blood sweat Uends ; 
Each smiting sword appears a whirling wonder, 
Its flash the li^tning*s fire, its sullen clang far thimdflft 


Both gaxmg nations anxious hung suspended 
Upon a qiectacle so wild and new ; 
IVith fear, with hope, the issue they attended, 
Some good or ill perpetually in view ; 
Not the least beck or slightest whisper flew 
Mid the two hosts so lately in commotion ; 
All neire alone, all eye, all ear, they grew 
Fiz'd, mute, and soundlem as an eve-lull*d ocean. 
Save what the beating heart struck in its awful motkxk 

Now tired were both ; and both, their spirits qmit. 
Had surely perished on the field of fight. 
Had not dim eve her lengthening shadows sent. 
And e'en of nearest things obscured the sight ; 
And now on either side in apposite 
Array, a rev'rend herald rose, and sought 
From the keen strife to separate each his knight ; 
This Aridos, Pindoro that, who brought 
Of late th* insulterà boast, and terms on whkfa tbfy 


Safe in the sacred laws of nations kept 
Religiously from hallowing age to age. 
The swords of both they dare to intercept 
With their pacific sceptres, and the sage 
Pindoro spoke ; ** Suspend, my sons, yoor nft: 
Elqual your glory, equal is your might ; 
No longer then th* inveterate warfare wage» 
Nor with rude sounds unamiable aflTright 
Rashly the holy ear of quiet-keeping Niglit ! 



" Lull'd in nfl rrat b; night ruh creature Ilea; 
Man ■liDuld bui toil vhile ■hina Iho dailT nm, 
Aod ddUb boaun» will but lightly prize 
E'en noble deeds in slrnt dnrkiiHs done." 
ArgsDttw lliea ; " Ta qiiil Ihp «inle be^n 
Pfbw* me ill. Ibouj-h dnilinaM ride Ihe ait ; 
Yet wonliier far will be my caiii|imt won 

To wluim the high ItoUon : " Thou loo plight 
Thy pronii» to lelum, and bring with Ihee 
Thy cnplivB to the lids, or ne'er, pnnid knighl, 
Lnuk IhoD for other time Uiui the froin nw. 
Thui ewekr the; buUi by whal may hidiesi be ; 
And the chince heralda mediule whal time 
May bHt Kitaerve the combat ; Lliey decree, 
(Coiisid'rale of their wounda,) the hour of pritue. 
When the sith moraiiig'a breeze alieds coolue» ihrougb 

Thit dreadful botile left in every heart 
Deep honor, mi^ly wonder, and chill fear, 
Which cRoiuM be forgot, nor nou depart. 
And open gloom and raiunterfeiled cheer. 
The fon» and valor aliown by eilhcr pew 
Alone the talk of all employ'd— how well, 
And itubbanily they foughl ; but winch with clear 
Pre-eminence of power did most eicol, 
Perplex'd the vulgu thoughl ; in wolh no tougne codd 

All vail in sharp ai 

Bangi the aweet lils ■ 

Ihe Hrifa ; if nge iball qoait 
■ pure chivnlry, 
hardihood prevail: 


Sha, dinghtor to Caanmo, who the crown 

Wera of impenni Antioch, in the hour 

When the niMh'd ChriMiana won [he Mnbboni town. 

With other booty fell in Taacred'i pomr : 

But he receited hei as Bome ncnd Sower, 

?foT hann'd her ■hriukiiig Icnree ; miibt ontnge ken 

Pure sud inviolate wu her Tir^n-bower ; 

And faer bs caiued to be attended, e'en 

The gvn'iDO* kni^t in eT'ry act and wonl 
Hanor'd her, lerwd her, Bolh'd her deep diitwi^ 
Gave her her Treedom, lo her charge reMored 
Her gema, her gold, and bade bei «till ponea 
Her onwments of price : the «weel PrincoB, 
Seeing what kinglioeH of npiiit ■hined 
In hie en^taffing form and fr^iik addma, 
Waa touch'd with love ; aiid oever did Love bind 
With hH meet channing chain a iDoie deroted mind. 

Thna, tbou^ in prnon free, her apilit ei 
Remain'd lua williii|r thrall ; and many i 
Many a iact look, many a vain ondeavoi 
It cost h« to depart from one eo dear, 
And quit her blieefid cage ; but ahame austere, 
Aud princely chastity, whoee leuit comn 
llie high-eoui'd lady ever muat reiere. 
Forced her to take lier a|^d mother's ha: 
Aud an asylum seek in some far fneudly U 

To luwer'd Jerusalem she came, and there 
Was richly eutertain'd ; but 'twas her doom, 
Too eoon the sable vnte of wo to wear, 
Aud plant the cypres round her mother's tnnb : 
" " " "' tief, the sickness, and the gloam, 



From her delicious cherk mij^t bru 

The rosy bloom of amorous desire, 

Ol quench in her soft heart pure Paaa 


She \oTta, dw gknr'd, poor ^ '. uid ytl wu far 
From happy, for liei lore hoped no miuu ; 
IiidHd, die lurn'd far oftcupr lo Ihe Mar 
or Mrm'ry, (haa of Hope ; u in no lira 
Hiding; within linr brpsst iJiif tlioairhls Uiftl bom 
Pierce in eecTct : Lo fomrnl the dime, 
Vain afl it wfu. was hm^ bar »lo coacem ; 

And Sape again Qa*b*d birth like li^lning Uuougb h 

Olhpis bohrhl wilh ^ooni snd pn\r dlnDajr 

Bui her dar^ hwka at ODce grrw bri^^l, and gav 
She mark'd the bannen float, the nhile pltioiM dan 
And roird thtouglKHit tl» host an eager glance. 
The gen'roiu hero of her heart to •» ; 
Oft the vain narch ber ndntn would enhmce ; 
Tet oft ahe recoi^iaed hiin, in fond flee 
ShoiA linr lidi locks, and wiid: " Tlial, lliat ine 


Near lo the walk, within the palace, «ai'd 
A loft)- tower onlijoe, from whose deep height 
The eye at iu own pleainni will eaploml 
The camp, the mouDlaim, and Ihe Rcld of fi^i ; 
There wonid ahe ait from l)ir tint bour that Ught 
Bathed the gny ballleniFnlR, till gran and «kiiB 
Girw dark witli the impnrpling him of ni^t ; — 
Them would ehe sit, food dieamer ! with her ejn 
Tnm'd to the Chistian camp, and niend herioal iunet 

Twaa tbmce die view'd thai battle, whom In>t Uow 
Hade her beait tretnhle in iu ditiuly cdl, 
And «end >M ttroag pubslioiu to aad fro, 
Aa if in eolemn tone il toll'd Ihe knell 
Of hope, and «nindnl to bee soul — " Fanwell 
To Tancred :'' trouMed thui, Willi fear protbund 
She watch'd each fortune that her kaigiil befeU ; 
And erer as the Pagan'f «woid flew round, 
Felt in her own fond heart and brain th' inflidcd woond. 




But wlien the fatai tidings reach*d her ear 
That the fierce conflict must afresh be tried, 
Her sick blood curdled in itfl flow ; blank fear 
Appaird her, and her heart within her died ; 
Now she poured forth wild tears ; now sorely ngh'd ; 
And now to unseen glooms stole, seeking there 
The strong convulsions of her soul to hide ; 
Grief in her gaze, distraction in her air, 
^le seem'd Uie passive dave and picture of Deqwir. 


And frightful shapes and images poesessM 
The organs of her fancy ; types and themes 
More drear than death, if e*er she sank to rest, 
ThrongM to her sleep, and shook her midnight dreams 
Now to her sight her loved Crusader seems 
Mangled and bleeding, or assaulted rears 
To her his fond bc^teechiug arms, and screams 
For her vain help ; till, leaping with her fears. 
She wakes, and ùuàa her eyes and bosom bathed with 


But dread of future ills was not the worst 
Of her solicitudes ; rude visitings 
Of fancy thoughtful of his wounds unnursed, 
Ruflled her soul, and looised its silver springs ; 
Nor less each fresh report that Rumor brings 
In her fallacious circuit, niuguifles 
Her pict* rings of unknown and distant things, 
Till she at length admits the wild sumnise. 
That at tlie point of dcatii her languid warrior lieSi 


And as her mother taught her in her youth 
The virtues of all herbs by saint or sage 
For medicine cull'd, with all the channs that sooth 
T)ie thrilling wound, and calm the fevers rage,— 
An art which from the Patriarchal Age 
The East s prescriptive usages accord 
To virgins e'en of princely parentage, — 
With her own hand would she, of risk unawed, 
Tend, and to health restore the bruises of her lord. 



To li«iU Iwr love wu her ifaie, U, can 
Hia foe bar bHter luk : (he Uhhi^iI Io ink 
S«ii«limea for piw'noia heifaa tluil might etwus 
Hia d^aU] ; bui such malignanl uti lirr mrrk 
And pHH* haudd rpcoil'd fnm^^ie could eprak» 
Nm riecule tbc schema : bui she niighl aiinc 
Al lca»l llie n'wli, her pirty lo jHque, 
Th^il euni« kiud power the bltssin^ would TPYepe 
Of all her balms and spella, and cliaage them 10 • cune 

She had no fear to ga mldtf udrene natiooi. 
Who was w much a pilerim ; >lie had seen 
The anarchy of battle, dofdatiaiii. 
Advereities. and •laughlen; and hod been 
So tow'd b)- Fata thtough each tumuiluouc Keno, 
That now her grutle mind a ftren^ diifilBy'd 
That was not iu its nalure,— Gi'd, «rene; 
No more to ihake wilb tt'ry wind that play'd 
Amouftl Ibc miduiglit wooik, oor diriek at i^'ry ■hade 

Bui more than all. Love, hradstroufr Iatf, remored 
From her all aeiHe of fear ; she would bare facedi 
Devoid of lecTor, for the man »he loved, 
The «nakea and liona of ttie Lvbian waste. 
And deera'd her pawage iure ; but lhou([h ii> hwle 
To plea« her wdl riislenre she d«]alu'd, 
BhelremUfdtmheiiiametiliould bed^nsTicnl; 
Two potent irvab. Love and HoiKir. reieiid 
Within her maiden breast, and dubiou* fUlfe uiaiiilain'd 

" Belovnl youne Virpn." Hnnm wliispcr'd, ■' wrD 
Hual thou piesFiTpd my atalulM lo tliia linai Ì 
Think how I kept, by miiK immortal apell, 
CliBste thy (air limU when in the spoiler'i power; 
Ano win llMii, now thai thou att fne, the Oowor 
Of holy Chastity uuwoo'd irsifFn, 
So closHy liTwiiired thru? beahrew thy bower? 
How canal thou ouco inditi^ the dread drsigD ] 
What Ihouelila, alas, whal bopeo, dear maid, ara lb 
of thine: 



•' Hold'at thou thy glory ml a price m iligfat. 

The priceleaa glory of > nuudeo'i fame. 

' No,' tlie proud victoi cocdJy wiU eictum. 

■ Thou with Iliy thioue thy dignity of mind 

Halt lot,— > pH» w worthlw I disdaim ;'— 

Bay, cuwt thou brook to be by Due » kind 

Next Love, the flXt'iing ■ophiid, with a toogne 
Or nureed by » ild voIvm la the Ihiitlaa wild. 

Thmt then ahouIdM ■roru wR Cythenw's child. 

His VDlanws, young and channing an tliou art,— 


" Go then whet« mild Desire thy steps innlea ! 

Ciust tliou conceint thy victor liamh or vaia. 

WlK. know'n l»>w miKh thy (rief hi. grief incite.. 

Hoir Ihj- complainn e'en n.ovp him to complain 1 

Ti. not ili. hamhiie» then, but ll.y diwlain 

That thou .tioiildet deprrcate, who with so slow 

An inclination nioy'sl to rane ha piiii: 

Thy Tirtuou. Tane red di«, rteni giri, and lo— 

Thoa mint be «tting here (o aid hi. worthlea loa ! 

" Tee, enre Argante», that liis «word may nnite 

Thy bonpfaclut to tlio drad ! what then. 

Wouldit [lion thu. cDuccl. wou!d^ tiiou tJiDS requite 

Th' uumca.-n.rrd kinduen of tlie bnt of men? 

Ctiiat thou once doubt, thul tlie vite Sancen 

Will fail ou Taucird and on thee lo bring 

Yet iharper pani^, restorrd to arma Biain T the mere dread and horror of the thing 

Suffice lo qieed thee hence a.i on the tnrUe't iriaf. 




■■ Il would he some humiuiily lo sUnd 
H» dutiful physieiiui '. wliBl dtligtit 
Would it not bt la lay Uiy hf sling band 
Upon tlie brave mno'i bniul '. how PiquÌHto 

Of health (iBoceod wKli fmhiina to du^aec 
The pallid huce wliich now his bpauly Uigbl , 
And on the coloring roten of bia face, 
Aj on thine own licb gifts, admiriiigiy to g»»o ! 

" So «houldst thou share in all the aftec-fsnte 

And uoirproved camtes irron-n tli^ lliuue ; 
And prosp'roiw nuptials make thy jay compiale: 
Then inU beauleous lUly. the seat 
or hjgh-boiu wuttti> (lion go's!, ■ gionous bride ; 
While Latin girls and mothen ut lliy feel 
Scatter yoong flowen. and point at thee with pnd«, 
Sbucai in Toucred'B car, tike Lo>-e by Valor's side" 

With then S^t hopes, nreet Émpie girl, apbooy'd. 
She fondly deem'd all Pomdise her own ; 
Yet stai a thoDsand doubts her mind annoy'd,— 
How could (be pan out through the gale*, unknown ; 
For trumpets at the least alariD weie blown. 
And statisii'd guards paraded, witlioiit paiMe, 
The court, the streels, and ruinpiirts of Ibe town ; 
Nor migtit tbe |!Btee, by Atadlnct's wise lows. 
Be m^t or day tmbarr'd, but on some urgvnt canma. 

Il was Erminia'! wont, long houn, to hold 
Converee with biare Clorinda: tlietn the sun 
Togelher riew'd, as down the abita he mll'd,— 
Tliem, when his orient progrea was bc^irn ; 
And whan his circuit tfamu^ the hmve ns was mn, 
On the «ante couch toother they reposed ; 
And all her IhoughU and feelingi. rave the one 
Her glowing: «pint loved and mtised on mart, 
Were lo the Fenian maid fanutiBcly djacloned. 


This only secret to heraeif alone 
She kept ; and if she did bat ouce oomplam. 
Or unawares let fall a sigh or groan, 
Straiglit slie disguised it on pretence of pain 
For her remembered home : so strict the chain 
Of their connection now was grown, that ne'er 
Did mute or maiden offer to restrain 
Erminia*8 access to her, whatsoe'er 
M^t be th' inunediate theme that olaim'd their Lady^ 


She came one eve-— Clorinda was away, — 
Yet pensive she sat down, and inly weigh'd 
Each mode of art by which nhe might essay 
The so-much-wished departure, uubetray'd ; 
There while a thousand thoughts her mind, nnrtay'd 
In its designs, revolved, nor could decide 
"Which to adopt, by the mild light that play'd 
On the white walls, suspended she descried 
Cloxiuda's arms aud vest : she saw them, and she aigh'd 


And sighing, thus exdaim'd : " Heroic dame, 
How envy 1 thy fortune ! not that thou 
Art lovely in thy might, — not for the fame 
Aud vaunt of thy wild beauty, Dearest, no ! 
But thee no envious cell restrains ; no flow 
Of cumbrous garments curbs thy steps, — thy weeds 
Are of the beaten silver : thou canst go 
By night or day where'er thy humor leads; 
No fear thy course controls, no baslifulness thy deeds. 


*< Ah, wherefore did not Heaven to me accofd 
A strength like hers ! then might I change the veil 
For the plumed helm, the quiver for the swocd» 
Add pall of purple for the shirt of mail : 
Tlien neither thunder, heat, nor hoary hail 
Should mew my love within these towers of sloiie ; 
But or in opeu day, or by the pale 
Pure planet of the night, would I begone, 
Arm'd, to the Chrititiuii camp, attended or alone 



" Tìan Ihou, acciined Arysnlw, hiulsl dot fought 
Fust witb my loRJ: 1 «,-auld liuvo sou^lil tl» plsìo. 

And (track, fierhups a nobie caiiquMl wmuglil. 

Forged bj nTrugeful Lave. ■ red-roM chtiìn 
Guy u the light, uid playful a« the air ; 
Clisnn'd wilJi Iliat food bcguilf nipul of my pun, 
I ihaalit have felt the bondi he makes mr wear. 
Sweat loT my Krvont'i «oke, «nd paHng light to boar. 

" Or else h» hand tho punge had eiplorrd 
To mv poor heail» and piercing throu^ my hrvaaC, 
[1m kiudly-cruel and unhindered award 
Had curnj th« wound hia image tbtre impreea'd: 
Tlien would my weary ipinl hie at ml ; 
Perchance the tictor, pleoua of my dooio, 
With one kJad ttar my obseqme» lind gmcrd ; 
Raifl«] the Jone urn, add oVi my eiuiy Uiiiib 
Bado tlie gtceii cypra» ware, lii' uuwilli'nng butd 

" Alas, I dream wjld things! what have I B«idl 
My ihoughli are in a muc of rollim loit ; 
Shall I tbrn itay, luni'aling, yel afraid 
To act, like a weak afaTft or slilv'ring ghoM T 

I will not ! DO : mauat. BpirilST to yonr post ! 
My bold lieiut, foitily my tirn'roua cheek ! 
Can I not uw Uie» arm» fot once 7 at most, 

II ia but a brief hanUliip (hat 1 «ek ; 

Can I not bear their weight, tl»ugh lender, tainl, a 

" I con ; 1 will ; tnie Love will loake me clni 
Lme givea tlie weaknl «tieui^li : e'en Uic Ian 
Frick'd by his kindly heal, (o battle tlimug 
In antler'd vigor, without care at fear : 
I have no wish indeed with helm or spear 
To wai, like them ; bm only, by theii rap»> 
Uke my beloved Clarìudn to appear; 
If I of lier but lake the anued ahape, 
Benealli the pleiwant baud I inako uiy sure eioi 




** The warden will not dare but ope for her 
The portal'gates, and a free pan allow ; 
I think again .... no other means occur ; 
This method only can avail my vow. 
O, gentle Love ! in this sharp need, do thou 
Favor my flight, as thou inspir'st my wit ; 
And Fortune, stand benignant ! even now 
Prove I year power, — this is the time most fit, 
While yet Cloriuda^s cares the maak*d attempt pennit** 


Thus, fix'd was her resolve ; delay was none ; 
By the rash fervor of her passion 8way*d, 
Firom her friend's near apartment to her own» 
Clorinda's arms she secretly convey 'd, — 
For at her entrance each attendant maid 
Retired, and she remained alone ; while Night» 
Blind patroness of thefts and frolics ptay'd 
By gentle lovers, fav*rer of her flight. 
Rose o er the silent world, and hid the spoils from iight 


She, when she saw the bloom of sunset fade, 
And Love*s pale star put forth its sparkling fire, 
No moment of her precious time delay*d, 
But sent a secret summons for her squire. 
And for her fav*rite maid, in whose entire 
Devotion to her penion she reposed 
Implicit trust : to them her strong desire 
To quit th* invested city she disclosed ; 
But feign'd that other cause the timeless step imposed. 


Quick was the Squire, and active to provide 
What for the journey he conceived was meet ; 
While young Erminia laid her vests aside. 
That hung for pomp below her graceful feet ; 
And to her flower'd cymur disrc^cd complete. 
Never did virgin bride a shape dii^ay 
So elegantly dender ; clianns so sweet 
Surpass the power of fancy to portray : 
Fhnnpt stands the faVrite maid her Lady to am j* 


The hiri ooid «eel oppias» sod utTcudi 
Her delicato nDoMh neck ana f^ldru linii; 
Her URii nniqual lo thr bunti-n, benda 
BeneUh the Imp ^ield shv aspirre in bear : 
Ann'd, the brighi Viij^n casi a daiiling (tiare, 
Aud fiubiouM her nice step aud a±^icct nuJd 
To a proud stride jiid military nir ; 
Love nenr her cinpp'd hi* little win^ and «niileii 
As wheD in fctnole weedi Alcide* he beeuiled. 

Oh, how latiituiug erery momeut grew 
Th' uiiequaj weight '. how iiluw her EUl'ting pace ! 
Faial to hrr handniBid for s«|^n ilic drew, 
And by her help idutmI ouwaid a, short tpaet ; 
But Love reuewa her qiiril*, brighi hopM brace 
Her siiicwB Btnni^lli'uing aa her fear abalrs ; 
So that al lenelh they nach the ctioaen pIsco, 
Wliere the mute Squire for liieir urifol waiU, 
Vftult aa their itoeda, and seek at puce the guarded 

Diegiiified they went, the least-IJequenlMl ways 
Selecliag well ; yet paw'd Iher rnanv a baud 
Of nldien nader arms, aud saw Iheblue 
Of Inclt'iiug armor flash on er'ry haud ; 
But none of thooe they met with, dnnl willutaad 
Their uncommionau'd proereas, nor pmuiiie 
E'en to require the lipial of command ; 
Awed Ihcy pen'd on, for throneh Ihe creuing ghmi 
All knew the aUver arma and dreaded ligren plume. 

Erminia, though this homage hnd diiqieised 
The nrangest of lior doubts, was ill al eaw ; 
Still for her bold den^n abe fear'd Ihe irorel ; 
Add beard djscor'ry taiiud iu ev'iy breeze. 
But now the porlals of 111» lown slie leee; 
Checks her alarm, ind in commanding stala 
Boldly confronts the keeper of the keyt : 
" For Aloibue :" she cries. " unbnr (be gale ! 
Heave the poitcuUie up ! the liour ia waxmg lata." 



Her female tone and form give added power 
To the masked fraud ; (for who would think tc see 
Arm*d and in saddle, at no dusk an hour, 
A gentle lady of her high degree ?) 
So that the guard obeys at once, and she. 
With the two press'd attendants that partake 
Her flight, proceeds ; for full security 
Resolved to thread the vales, by busli and brake 
Gliding in noiseless stealth, long winding tracks they 


Bat when Erminia saw herself at last 
Deep in the lonely vales, she curb'd her steed ; 
For her first peril she accounted past, — 
And well aware that she had now no need 
For apprehension, gave attentive heed 
To the still voice of prudence, which, she grieTed, 
Had been in her desire's impetuous speed 
Pass'd by unheard : her access she perceived 
Would prove more hard to win, tliau she at fizst be- 


She now perceived the folly of a flight 
In borrow'd arms amid lier an^ry ft>e8 ; 
Nor, ou the other huiid, till to the knight 
She came, would slie her rank or name disclose ; 
But, secret and reserved as the moss-roKO 
In its enfoldintr leases, would first acquire 
Pledge of d''Kerved reception ; whence she goee 
More gently o'er the grass, and her desire, 
Lowered to cool cautiou*s key, thus trusts to her sure 


"JVf y faithful servant ! thee have I design'd 
For my precursor ; but be swift and wise : 
Haste to the camp, and some auxiliar find 
To introduce thee where Prince Tancred lie» | 
Him of my coming tranquilly apprize : 
Say, * That a pitying lady comes to pour 
Oil in his wounds, and on his grace relies 
For peace, whom warring I^ovo has wounded 
So may our mutual gifts our mutual ease restore ! 


" ' One, who on him don mcb full tnvl Tcpoae, 
Thai in his huidi riie fun nor wrong tun ocom :' 
Th» only — to hia prmle ear diachm, 
And if lie wi«h« aught b«dc to Iparn. 
Tell notlOBg. noUiing know, bui sUuiifhl nluni ; 
I (lor llie spot a teme of «off ty bringt) 
Will meSDwiiik in the vnllpy make H>JDuni ;" 
Thiisaid, tier fitltliCul herald forwnrd «piin^; 
And ■coun the rale as Uiougfa endued «-ith actual wii 

With such a deit'roiu skill hia aim he WRWght, 
He vou the jealous eeutriect pon^d them deliri 

aolDnUi'd caval>er 

Lay full of thonijlit. aod m hia fane; 
A Ihousand duiibtfiil lliiu^ by liupi 
At ouw poBBfm'd ; the nnawer whu 

Was, that riie sai« might c 

hI aecrel «a Ihe dtad» 


inwhile impalient, in whme eyea 

■■ Now he or 

Next she upbnuda hia iodaleiit de 
Chidea hia unusual wnnl of diligi 
AEtd, weary grown of liig eleniul 
Spun till ^e [laiiu the neareal ei 
Wheooe her dilating eye discerns tti 

I distant leuICi 

On hi^ were tlie clear stain ; the gentle Hama 
Walk'd cl<Hidlf«B through the gnlniy of space. 
And Ihe calm moon rose, lighting up the Sowen 
With frost of liring pearl : like her in grace, 
Th' enamor'd maid r™ai her illumined face 
Reflected light where'er she chauoed lo rove ; 
And made the silent Spiril of Ihe place, 
Th« hilks the melancholy moon above. 
And Ote dninb valleya round, familiua at ber hn*. 


Seeing the Camp, she wUinper'd 1 " O ye fair 
Italiuu teuts ; liow ummble ye show ! 
The breathiai; wiuds tlikl niich Tcrnahment bee 
Baviali my soul, for 'lia from you Ihey Wow ! 
So may lelcniing llfuvpn ou me bestow, — 
Oh mt-, by ftoward Talo bo loug dielreea'd, — 
A oliMli! rr|iò«6 from weuniiMs and wo, 
As in your cnmpUU only ]ida my ijurst ; 
Al 'tk your arms uloiie cuu give my iipiiit ntL 

" Receive me then, nnd in you let me find 
Lore's Kfiillo voice, which «poke of jrily, Inie J 
And that deiightful miulc of llie mind. 
Which ill my blo»'d caplijily I drew 
From my lord's mercy ; patronised ty yon, 
I have ua wìhIi <» reublniu and wear 
My rejial crown,— adieu, vain pompe, adicn I 
Enough for me if Tuuered ffniiilM my prayer i 
Hateblwi'd iayoutoeerve,tbau[FÌgD aqneeiieteew 

Ah, little dova idifl think, whiti' thus slie dream*, 
What ia prrpsred for lier by Fortune's qnle ! 
She is ao placed, that tlin moon's placid beama 

ote into the sh 


splendor is con 

vey'd, andsh 


d is. with bnlh 

«ey « bright 

Would of a truth conclude it m 

And. as Fale will'd. cIok conch'd in the high fern. 
In sluliniiH due ofit^ance interposed, 
Two brjve Ilalian brotl.ei», Polyphenie, 
And, pjruniouut, Alcander, had (li«poiied 
Full fiay yoiillu. Die flower of Tuncred'a bcMt, 
To iniprpijil the Santceua' supply 
(II 'rinrki UnA lienLn from the Arabiaii cow( ; 
Eninnia'" «Tvant bill pWB(ieil tlieir eye 
By b)s long winding (rack, and speed in gliding bf 

Walobful yoDiig Po1y)i)i«nie, wiisae aged «ira 
Bttan tiia tyr» Clorii>d3 latply dew. 
Saw the white smu, Uie (nninine atllre. 
And the ehnipd hf Iniet for Cloriiida'a knew ; 
Rash and uiiguuded iu h» wralli, lie drew 
Hii urged nllendaut» from Ihf poT«t ue«r ; 
And, m ou fun for vragesncr funh he llcw, 
Sbouuti aioiid. ■' "I'w kcII ; denlli iiiu 

So ihe, who thought in Taucml'e pure rtmbnce 
To quench tho Iotp which tìie hrgau 10 lind 
tndune her heart, and, anchijr'd on his grace. 
To woo ]>rpoHe tu her fio weary mindi 
Healing the clniin; of weapous an Ihe wiud, 
And the loud ineuuce of tlio hunters um'd 
To thwart her pleonires, tromhhagly rwigii'd 
Thought of tlio joy IJial woo'd, ilip w'uh tlial tvarra'd 
Ami H>un'd liei coiuser back, dintractcd and slutui'd. 

Away Ihe Pri[ic«a fiieti. her snorting sleod 
TrampLng with swift intelligentiul feet 
The «clioing aoil ; with iinitulive speed 
Fliea loc her liaudmaid. wljile Willi i,1eps lorn fle«t 
The troop piireiie ; mid now Hip nijiiire dwcieet, 
With his uiitinifly tidings culm's in sight 
Of the pale maid, perceives her in retreat, 
And, preai'd, participatei iier diihioiui i1i|{hl ; 
Wida o'ai the plains they speed, diversely dnv'n by Iii^ 


But tiie more wise Alcander, though he too 
Had the same counterfeit Clorinda seen, 
Would not th' already challetu^ maid pome» 
But kept still close within his leafy screen ; 
And sent to say, that through the valleys green 
Nor fleecy sheep had pass*d, nor lowing steer ; 
And that no foe had intercepted been, 
But strong Clorinda, who in panic fear 
Fled from im brother's call and close-puisuing qmur. 


And that he could not reas*nably conceive 
That she, the Lady Chieftain of the land, 
Not a mere warriorees, would choose to leave 
The town at such an hour, but on some grand 
And hardy enterprise, for mischief planned 
Against the camp ; yet, ere he shifted thence» 
He look*d for Godfrey's counsel or conmiand : 
The scout that brought the uews of these eventi^ 
, divulged it fizst amid th' Italian tonta. 


Tancred, who yet had scarce tlie doubts tAUyd 
Raised by the message which tiie Syrian bore, 
Thiuks, what if for my sake the courteous maid 
RiKks her dear life ! ali ! what if all be o*er ! 
He leaps from off his couch, aamimes uo mene 
Than half his arms, in still and secret hasto 
Climbs to his steed, the strange event t' explore, 
And, following the clear footmarks freshly tmced, 
Glides like a shooting star across the moonbrigfat wtal» 

WKD or CAirro vi. 





Beehiag ihe Tngtiied Damtel. in the Iralu 
01 laiie Arnud», ù enliapp-d by iJrigliL 
Kay Riunii H uh proud Arguiles darca LheGg! 
And gain» mn An^el fur hU gUhrd i bctny'd 
By raffe lo dvcp«4t nsk, ul IieLplQ» pLgbi 
Th* l*»g»n »Uiul*, liU BeLiPbub, in «id, 
Umd* ilie iwa guing boau in Ufreu-i atarm, ■ 




Through the brown shade of forests ivied o'er 
With age, meanwhile, divine Erminia fled ; 
Her trembling hand the bridle ruled no mora ; 
And she appear^ betwixt alive and dead. 
The steed that bore her with th* instinctive dread 
Of danger, at its own wild mercy, through 
Such w^inding paths and bosky mazes sped, 
That it at length quite rapt her from the view ; 
Baffling the eager hopes of those that would ponue 


As when, aAer some long and toilsome chase, 
The hounds return, a sad and panting train, 
Leaving the prey it mocks their skill to trace, 
Lodged in some thicket from the open plain ; 
So, full of shame, resentment, and disdain, 
Their fiir puntuit the weary knights resigned ; 
Yet still the timid Virgin ilfd amain 
Through the drear woods, disconsolate of mind. 
Nor once looked back to mark if yet they press'd behind. 


All nigfht she fled ; and all the day succeeding, 
Still without giiidaucc or rpncction, flies 
OVr dale and hill, naught listening to, or heeding. 
But her own tearH, but her own mournful cries ; 
Till now, what time the sun. descending, dyes 
The clouds with crimson, leaving earth in diade. 
Fair Jordan's lucid current she dcHcries ; 
There finrt her steed's l)cwilder'd step she stayed ; 
Her bed the chill green bank, her bower the wild woodi 

JBRUS1.LE31 DELlVBaCD- Càinon 

RrpoBt ilie yFt had none ; her cmlr diet 

Ttio Cnad Itial sorrow from rcincnibrance bringa ; 
Bui Sleeji at leugth, pitiu's balin, Dad oue's iWeM 

O'er del elo*-d eye» dàplays li» brood'ng wings ; 
Seals willi his opiald ml Ibe mn.ay i|iriiigi 
or [hougtit, and lu nnue oUiviiui nttrps 
Hereoiuteoreiier; bnl ram» nf TLOuin'd thing* 
DiBturh her fliitt'riiig spirit «hil« she ulorp», — 
Still Foucy's [HClurcd pareli unailDiiced Fiuùjd krrja. 

Sba drpl, tin in her dnonuni; mr the Iwnrcn 
Wliisper'd. the py Unii wivUed of Ihe dnwn ; 
The ^vsr roar'd ; the winds to Uk yoiiiig Ilowen 
Muds love i UiB blilbe bte wnmid ila diilcol bora : 
Rouaed by ihe mirth and OMilodica of idori. 
Her laiii^id eyea «lie opeus. and poicein» 
The hum of HhegVicnja uu the luiioly lawn ; 
While sef niini; voice», 'Iwixt Ihe waves uud lease 

niB wen nilenced by rail mone, lent 
a ninil pip?. aiiEli mundi a» checi 
-ian shepherd III liiii aiimmc r leni, 
id with piut'ral «nr'enU'. rude but dear. 
; and i^ently. euklrd by h'r oar, 

Thry at the «hinine nf her 
Were neiiod al onen with i 
But sweet Etminiu enolh'd 
Dacar'rinir lief dove's rvrt 
" FolW,-'^el,r «id. - d^-nr 
Of IKv'rine Hravrn. voiir ( 
FoTthesn fonnidalil,> anm 
No cruel wnrfar" bruii;. "" 
To JOUT en^giD^ L'lalu, lu y 



" But, Father, say, while the destructive fire 
Of war la)r8 waste the country wide aud far, 
How live you free from military ire, 
Beneath the chunn of what benignant etar 7*' 
" My 8on/* said he, " from tlie rude wrongs of war 
My family and flocks in tliis lone nook 
Were ever safe ; no fears my quiet mar ; 
These groves to tlie hoarse trumpet never shook ; 
Calm rolls yon stately stream, calm flows yon woodland 

" Whether it be that Heaven protects in love 
The choijtc humility of shephenl swains, 
Or, as itt» lightnings strike the crag's tall grove. 
But leave untoucli'd the roses of the plains, — 
That so the wrath of foreign swords disdains 
To heuin the meek heads of tiie lowly poor, 
Aiming alone ut lofty kings, — our gains 
Tempt not the greedy soldier to our (•x>r ; 
Safe stands our simple shed, despised our little store 

" Dcspiscd by others, but so dear to me, 
That grm:s and crowns I hold in less esteem; 
From prde, from avarice is my spirit free, 
And mad unibition's visionary dream. 
My thirst 1 qiionch in the pellucid ntreum. 
Nor fear lest ]K>i:<oa the pure wave pollutes ; 
With flocks my tield«<, my fields with herbage teem ; 
My garden-plot 8U|)pIies nutritious n>ots ; 
And my brown orchard bendd with Autumn's wealthiest 


" Few are our wishes, few our wants ; Man needs 
But little to preserve the vital spark : 
These are my sous ; they keep the tlock that feeds, 
And rise in tlie gray morning with the lark. 
Thus hi my hennitage I live ; now mark 
The goats disport amid the budding brooms ; 
Now the slim stags bound through the forest dark ; 
Tiie fish glide by ; the bees hum round the blooms ; 
And the birds spread to lieaven the splendor of their 




" Ttm» wu (thne f>Tay hain then were pUm lodn^ 
When «hw wishw WBnloii"d in ray vein» ; 
1 iDOTD'd lh# nnifdc thar]^ of tending Andoi, 
And fltd dia^wlpd frani my nalirc plaina. 
Awbilc ID Mriufrius I abode, where nipm 
The mi^ly Cnli^A ; he admired my port, 
And made nie keeper of bix Bower-domaJD* ; 
And thou^ lo town I nrely made rnort, 
Hocb have 1 srcD and kaowD of Ifae inlTJguea of comi 


And many, mauy h diaappauliueBt borr ; 

But wbcu wiib youth taiie tiape do longer taniLed. 

Aod ths Kra» pall'd that charm'd eo much bcfbrv, — 

I ^h'd tet ay lot peacr. and brooded o'or 

Then, farewell Siuie's [iroiid p.ilnci» : ouce more 
To these deliahilut s.l>[uiii= I ili'd ; 

« ««-Pelly d. 


e»rt. like 


The fei'nsli paasiu 

u of hei E<o;i! 


That, when t!ie u 

eosurt^ >lit li 

d „,ty w 


Her pnwm [leaci' 

8hc «ood rwolved 

«■.ihin Hie SI 

>M bh»d 

Of lhe« Bweft wl«. III le«*l (1. 5lBv 

THl for her safe relui 

11 kind lieui 

en miel, 



Aud thus r,'pl,rd : 

■• fWimal 

and «is 

Who hasl ti,>-*lf 


dr f..rgo 


lime ; ,f Ihf 

Be nMhing jealoin 


Id tli<a [ilojs 

f . BIUIlB Wit 

Id the «Te ahellei 

of ihy weld 

Aod the» nill >\, 

li*. ! muv pcrliJi» in 

tdB the opprvii^ve h 


ip. arm 



*< And if what crowds full down to and adore 
Ajb idols, gold and jewels, thou shouldst prize, 
Rich e*en in ruin, I have here a store 
That well thine utmost wishes may suffice." 
Then, show'ring from her bright benignant ey#w 
Tears like thorn dropped from heaven's resplendent bow. 
Part of her history she told : with sighs 
And tears, in concord with her own that flow, 
The pitying shepherd heard the narrative of wo ; 


And straight, with all a father's love and zeal, 
! He took her to his heart, soothed her distress. 

And to his wife, whose heart alike could feel 
For others' sorrows, led the fair Princess. 
Her arms she changes for a piistornl dress, 
And with rude riband binds her dainty hair ; 
Yet still, her graceful manner of address, 
Movement of eyes and steps the truth declare,— 
Was never woodland girl so delicately fair ! 


Those rustic weeds hid not the princely fire 
And ^andeur so instinctively her own ; 
lu every action through her quaint attire, 
The latent spirit of tlio Lady shone ; 
Whether she drove her flocks to ningo alone 
The thymy down, or penu'd them in the fold ; 
Or, to wild ditties sun:; in moiurnful tone, 
The dulcet cream in cl Minus revoivinfj rolPd, 
Till firm the fluid fix'd, and took the tinge of gold. 



Oft when her flocks, from summer's noontide rays. 
Lay in cool Nhad«>s oVrarch'd by K^iddiug vines, 
She car\'ed on l>oechos and immortal bays 
Her Tancrcd's name, and loft the mOHsy pines 
With sad inscriptions flourished, silent signs 
Of the unhappy flame her fancy fed ; 
And when a<rain she saw her own fond lines, 
As she tiie mehmciioly fraq^mcnts read, 
Fresh tears of irri«*f unrhcck'd her lovely eycB would 
shed : 



Aod WB^nf «be vould ny ; " Forerai be, 
O ye dear trvs, historiaiu of my wd ! 
TliU when two fuiUiful Iotu« reM, like me. 
In Ihe cacil shade your venlajil boagha beetaw, 
Their hearts with gen'rom ayniiiathy any glow 
And, B» lliU vdurae nf niy gneb tlify Ti»w, 
Say to IhcDiivlTo, ' Ah. uever miy we know 
Hrr pang», poor maid : 'li» hani a love so IriM 
Should be BO ill irpvd by Lore sud Fortune loo ." 

He wlio cBtH notliiDg for ÈnaioiB non-, 
Hay wandpr 10 tlie« woods, when buried icrt 
Her Tir^ relics, early dispoBe^'d 
Of life's pure fire, — muy, glancing on my gnve 
Wliile with apriug's riolFla. beat bit iniudy bieaiC, 
And to my gheGi— the first be evri gave — 
Yield a few gnciouit teanh too late, ala*, lo nre ! 

" Thus, tbough In life tooBt raiseniblfl, in death 

BIIb to my spirit ehall si least ariws ; 

And my cdd uhte. quickeii'd by his bresQi, 

Eujoy what now my evil slu dcuies." 

Whils thus, the team fiut HreaminE from her tiym, 

ws she tulk'd lU fojidnl phraae. 

» object of her plaintire mica, 
A) ehuice or frairanl forlune guidta him. itnys 
In search of her, far-off, through dark aad dreary way& 

le deaf in 

Fallowing the impre» of her horse's hoof. 
He reach'd the neighb'riug wood -, there brier aad feta 
So clioked the way. aad from its leafy laof 
The cbeckeKd shade giQW momeutJy so M«m, 
That he no more could 'mid the Inea discern 
The recent pnnts, but through "■' gloom profoood 
Wander'd prrplei'd ; at abauA every turn 
LHt'aiitg If, chance, fnun Ibe deep glens aroiuidi 
Of aruii or trunpliog Eteeds his ear nugfat calcfa llw 




And if but the night breeze in beach or oak 
Shook the still leav^, if but a timid bird 
Sped through the ruBtiiug bougiis, from slumber wokOf 
Or fiercer creature in the thicket stirred, 
To the vague murmur instantly he Bpurr*d ; 
At length he issued from the wood's blind maze, 
And to a noise mysterious, wliich he heard 
Remote, — beneath the yellow moon's bright rays, 
Rode, till he held the cause subjected to liis gaze. 


A steep he reached, where from the living stone 
Fell in full streams a beautiful cascade ; 
Which, curbM into a Hood, went roaring on, 
And the whole valley like a garden made. 
Here he his fruitless steps dejected stay'd ; 
He caird — but Echo of his eager cries 
Made mock'ry, vocal from the greenwood shade, — 
None else ; meanwhile he saw — with tmuquil eyes, 
Blooming with white and red the new Aurora rise. 


He sigh'd, he storm'd, he nnspily repined, 
And of his disappointment Heaven accused ; 
But deepest vengeance vow'd, if he should find 
That the dear maid had been at all abused. 
Back to the Camp at length, when he had mused 
What step to take, Iiìh course he fix'd to steer, 
Altliough the way was dubious and confused ; 
For well he knew the stated time drew near, 
When he again should fight th' Egyptian cavalier. 


Through many a winding path as he advanced. 
He heard the sound of hoofs : nor was it long. 
Ere up the narrow vale in pros7)ect, pranced 
One, courier-like, who shook a waving thong ; 
Gay at his side by chains of silver hung 
An ivory horn, in our Italian mode 
Across his shoulders ne^rligrntly slung ; 
Tancred of him inquired the nearest road 
To Godfrey's camp, which straight the ready stranget 
show'd : 



Addinf in Tumn ; " Thither sin I bcut, 
Bj Boheinanl's cmninaDd ;" Ihc lEiiiglil. thii hcafd, 
Deem'd him liis uncle'i post, and wiib bin) wcDt. 
In full teliuice on lie guilerul word. 
The; came M len^ lo whrie, alike iioMÌit'iI 
By hneie or Monii. a atsguaut lake embay 'd 
A coBtle ; liu^ the f>ilp iu wnlen ^id ; 
Ou \hf dmk lowera llie nm one moraeut plsy'd, 
TboQ fludden «Lnk lo soa» oud Left Ihe wuHd ia aliadcb 

AttivmI, the courier blew hìa rtgnut hnm, 
Inatuil a drawbridgr fell albwurt ihe fome ; 
" Sir Kui(^t." hp «id. ■■ thoii lirrr canst nm till mon 
If Frank thou ail, or follnu-er of Ilio Cro» ; 
Thne towBii Cooeuia'B Eari, wilh titUt loi^ 
ThteiB (Joy* iiinoe wrested from Ihc Turk :" Ihe kni^ 
Gaud mi thu nnlqiK stnicliirr'. — gray with nto^ 
GkMmyi yel jriBud il diow'd, of giant Iwi^il, 
Nobly defenced by art, impiegnaUe in atte 

A pile » 1111111;, eoneeal'd, he was aftvid, 
Some Beerei trenAin or maliguaut charm « 
Bat, to all liik* nccustom'd, he bclmy'd 
Neither by Bound nor sìkii llie least alaim ; 
For irell he Iniated in his owu rieht aim, 
Whero-er by choice or Fortune led. to make 
Tern» of coniptele security from haini ; 
Bui, pledged already, mid hu fume at itake. 
No Ire«b adrealure doh- he cared lo uadenake. 

Before Ihe CoRtle, «here iu Uie ((reca lea 
The drawbridge ceaaod to ^paii the sullen lids. 
He Iberefore paused ; nor would penuided be 
To IblloH o'er the Bood lua wily guide. 
But now an armed warrior he descried 
On the pontoDu, of Gerce and acnniful mion; 
Sublime his statue, haughty was ha stride ; 
In hi» ri^t haud a naked «word woi aera. 
And tium « ^«ke tu leroni deckive, Mem, «id kei 



" O thou whom choice condacts, or fortune chaimii 
To tread, beguiled. Annidala fatal lands ! 
Think not of flight ; strip off tiioeo idle am», 
And to her chains submit thine abject hands. 
Free to thy feet her guarded palace stands, 
The bliss to taste, the fealty to swear. 
Which she to others offers, and commands ; 
Look not to see heaven's sunshine more, whatever 
May be thy youth of years, or lioariness of hair ; — 


" Unless thou swear her edicts to enforce, 
Aud with her other leaves to death pursue 
All Christ's detested sons :" at this discourse 
The knight regarded him, on closer view. 
The arms and accents recognÌJ>ed, and knew 
Rambaldo for his foe, — tlie Gascon base, 
Who with Armida from the camp withdrew, 
Pagan became, and here, to his disgrace. 
Maintained Uie evil rules and customs of the {dace. 


The pious warrior blirnhM with holy scorn, 
And answered ; " Cursed apostate ! know that I 
That Tancred am, who aye for Christ have borne 
The warrior's weapon on my martial thigh. 
Strong in His strength, his relx*ls I defy, 
And tame ; as thou, if thou but enteri^riHe 
Thy sword with mine, shalt surfly tentify ; 
For the just anger of th' insulted skies 
Has chosen tliis strong right hand thy treason to chastise.'' 


Aghast at mention of his glorious name 
Stood the false knight, but cloak'd his fear, and said ; 
'* Ill-starr'd the hour when to the(«c shores you carnei 
In Eblis' halls to join the silent dead ! 
Here shall thy crest be shorn, thy «pints shed ; 
To the last drop thy heart's blood will I spill. 
And to your Captain send that haughty head. 
In gift of grace, if but my prowess still 
Be, what it ever was, consistent with my wilL" 



Wlùfe tlim (he Pai^n i^ok», Uw aliidM of night 
Shot dp thrir riew ; «brn swift, uvund, on hi^ 
Cm^M, and lampe, and urns of golden Ii|;ht 
PiH"il Ae dnA (Icmcnl wiHi bhllnocy: 
Gay riraoe the Culle lo III' «ichuil«l c|V, 
Aj in B tbeaire Xhe «hifl«( fcpue, 
When goT^tnin Traprdy ™rwp ewptrrd by ; 
Aad is hrr loAy lattice bower, llir QoFrn' 
Unmaik'd apeclatir^ sale, and aailrd behiod htit acm 

HMDwhPo the Chnatiai 
Hk anna and carnage b 
Nor ou h» feeble coiiiw 
Hk be aa boi. b,ii i:^,-,' 

Tbe tbe com"'' < : .1 > 

The lielRK-i <:' : ' 
SlUnealiis r:r ... 

Thai, in wide cirel-s wli-'fJ! arcrap, ill sirici 
DeTcDCe of an, fci^iH. motions, (ulsitìr^: 
Tliia ihoiigli law woiiiiéi uiid taiilUiesi s>re ifflici, 
Wiih bold iinpititnciT llie roillliCl |)li<« ; 
And wliru IiJb foe draws luok, ill qiwk ^iirjirise 
Springs Willi the udiioFt tfral lie rtiii i>giiuuiuid, 
To inlerciri. or nulle l.itll a>. lie fliv» ; 
WIdle ever and aiiuii In. HCUm- litiiid 
To the unguarded face directs lU Ilaahiu? braul 

With yet more eageraraa the Prince asraila 
The vital parti, and every «iroke lie deal» 
QuiU with high threul»-: thr I i out'xi'!! i-uiirage fail^ 
Hia can ring ninanl, niid hi^ lilooil rnn^cub : 
Now hetr. now there in panic fiMir he wlieela. 
Lithe and alcn u» an nmiiilled snake ; 
With live eve cireuni^iecl Ilia blows he aleais; 
And now «illi snord, now alueld, eaayi In maka 
The koighl'i uupetuous rtcel a utiuil (Ureolioii Uka 


But he to ward off harm is not so swift 
As that fierce foe is active to assail ; 
Batter*d his helm, his shield s already cleft, 
And bored and bloody is his plated mail. 
Of Taucred 8 meditated blows, none fail 
Of their efllect, not one descends in vain ; — 
Each keenly wounds ; the renegade turns pale, 
And his heart writhes at once beneath the pain 
Of anger, pride, remorse, love, conscience, and disdaiii. 


On one last eftbrt of despairing pride 
Resolved at length his dying hopes to set. 
He casts the fragment of his shield aside, 
Grasps with both hands his sword, uncrimson'd yet, 
And, closing nimbly with his foe, to get 
The full command and vantage of the ground. 
Quits with so sharp a stroke his heavy debt, 
That through both plate and mail the flesh it found. 
And in the warrior's side impressed a grisly wound. 


Next on his spacious brows he struck, — ^the steel 
Like an alarm-bell rang ; a stroke so dire 
And unexpected made the warrior reel 
Some paces back, yet left the helm entire. 
Red grew the prince's cheeks for very ire ; 
In agony of shame his teeth he gnash'd ; 
His eye8 were like two couls of living fire. 
And ev'ry glance that through his visor flash*d. 
Blasted the Gascon's pride, both blasted and abash'd. 


He heard the hissing of th' Avenger's steel, 
Brandish 'd aloft ; its shining he descried ; 
Already in his breast he seem'd to feel 
Th' accelerated sword his heart divide. 
And tremblingly recoil'd ; the blow fell wide 
On an antique pilaster that emboss'd 
The marble bridge, — sparks flash *d on ev'ry skie ; 
Fragments sprang forth and in the skies were kisl | 
While to the traitor's heart fear shot its arrowy ftoit 




The crawls dùnppcar ; thr taprn die : 
GoDe was FBcli Mar lliDt in blue plber hung ; 
'Dm yvJLow mooo drew m Iter honiB on higb ; 
And all grew hideous Btiade bcnealli the (acuii Aj 

Through the thick ^CBtn» of witcbcraft and at nq 
Naoghl could Uie Prince dMiu^^oiafa to piuma ; 
Still he pnaH'd on. Ihotieh it;iioranI If urii^it, 
Hii stej» ronfucrd niid duhiou» iw liie view : 
Bewilder'd thus, he to the pollala drew. 
By evil cbuice llie thrabold he pim'd o'er. 
And of hiH filial enlniilci' Dolliing kuew, 

The mlleu hiugt flew huek. aud lock'd the closing d 

Aa tiom our »aii lo t) 


Urged by Ihe furv of 

he dhviug l»l 

The vex'd Sah jojT t. 

iQU way 

Where calm and «nonth llie hIciK i 

And lock* itself unco 

The inarahy jiiil ; nor 

finds, till it n- 


Bock to Ihe oceun. a 

For the strange esliui 


To aU free acc«« yieldi 

but ku not 

e depart: 

So Tancred there (siich anfTil Kpriiigs iuvolrcd 
The wnord wotk of thai mj'McrioiM den.) 
Eater'd wttli e a», bui fniiud. on flight rceolred, 
No human liwl iniglil puts it» vvafla n>:iiin. 
Be ahook the moisi- ^tc witli inii;hl nnd main ; 
The lock esoiv'd ; the bnizpu hui^cB Irii-d -. 
But found Ihe'elTurt i-oid, the proji-cl rntn : 
" In Tain." a loud voice ia llie diatance cned, 
•• SMk"* thou to Bee linm hence, lorn thrall of qi 


" Here thou, thus livingly entomb'd, slialt waste 
(Fear not for death) thy days and years aloue ;" 
The hardy kuiglit replied uot, but comprew'd 
Within his heart affliction*» risiuj^ groan. 
Love inly he accused, — love, fate, his own 
Small wit, and his false guide's deceptions fell ; 
" 'Tis not," he murmur'd in desponding tone, 
" Tis not to bid the cheerful sun farewell 
Can moke my heart with grief or proud resentment swell 


** That were small sufTring ; but I lose, alas. 
Of a diviner sun the lovelier grace ! 
Ignorant if e'er these gates I shall repass, 
Or e*er again the blissful sight embrace 
Of my love*8 stately form and radiant face :" 
Therewith the image of Argantes came. 
And deepen*d his distress ; ** O dire disgrace !'* 
He cried ; " with too just cause will he defame 
My truth ; alas th' af&ont ! the fix'd eternal shame !^ 

While love, while honor thus his spirit stings, 
Nor peace, nor rest the fierce Ar^raiites knows 
On his soft pillow ; from the couch he springs. 
And such his scorn of indolent repose. 
Such lust for glory in his boHom glows, 
That though liis fonncr wounds are yet unsealed, 
And twinge him still with intermittent throes. 
He bums to see the sixlh duy-duwn revealed. 
And hear the trumpet sing his summons to the field. 


Scarce could the Paynim rest the previous night. 
Scarce close an eyelid ; rcHtless with desire. 
He rose while heaven was atany, long ere light 
Had touched the mountain-peaks with ruddy fire ; 
And *' Bring my arms !" he shouted to his squire, — 
His ready arms the active servant brought ; 
Not those he wont to wear, but bright attire 
Of plate, which Aladinc had lute besought 
The man t' accept, with skill and wondrous labor 



Hb IbIws them, little curioiB of lh«r piide, 
Not ili his limtn tbe weighty burden bear ; 
And lait. hit woqIhI nlue to Lis side 
lie Sinb, of purest ani, BDliqup and nt«. 
As H-illi iUl bloody locki lit loose in air. 
Horribly brighi, Iho Comet shows whone bIiìdi 
PlsguH Ihe paicb'd worid, wlmeo looks tbe 

So hi ha arma he quuklNl. aud a^anoe 

His ryee, Willi blood ai 

1 rage luebnuie, rali'd ; 

A innrtal menace slion 

Nor of his vasah was 

As trembled pot sincere 

y. to behold 

His face of harm, and 

be Kor» dispby'd 

He stmiD^l, he raised. 

e shook hia nnked blade 

I'ouadmg the empty a,r 

and uniwcntial shade. 

" Right ■Don," he cried, "shall the vain-glariDiii wretd 
Thai in close fight with me pmumed lo stand, 
Fahit at my (eel his bleeding carcass stretch. 
And soil hi) flowing tresses iu the «ud. 
Yet shall be live to see my cooqu'riug hand, 
Despite bis baffled God, Ihumpimul tear 
His aims away, shall with enireatiea blaiid 
Be^ me, but vainly be|r, his Imibs to spare, 
Vnw'd l« Ibe growling dogi, and j;iilBa« of Ihe air f 

E'en as a bull, that, stang willi hot deatre. 
Horribly men, and witli his ronriiig shake* 
Tie Dudding groves, thus ctieriabiiig hÌB ira. 
Till anger bums, and all t)ie brute awaJuB ; 
He srhets his horns sgainst the oaks, aiwl makes 
As he la battle would tbr winds invite, 
With empty «trokcB ; then from the tbickel bteaki. 
And Bpumt the yellow etiuds with boob Ibal cite 
Tbe oval of his love, fai-oS', to mortal fighL 




With fuch blind fiiiy moved, Argantes sent 
To call the herald, and abruptly cried ; 
*' Go to the Camp, and bid, in (vodfrey's tent. 
The Christian champion fiercely be defied !'* 
For none he waits, but with impatient pride 
Vaults to hki saddle, and commands to lead 
The conquer'd Otho fetter'd at his side ; 
Then, issuing from the town, his snorting steed 
9pui8 down the vales in rash and unrelaxing speed. 


He blew his hollow horn, — ^the startling sound 
Roird o*er the hills in echoes far away, 
And like the thunder the dark storm flings round, 
Fill'd both the ear and spirit with dismay. 
Soon within Godfrey's teut in fair array 
The Christian knights were met ; his haughty claim 
The herald made, — with all his challenge lay, 
But Tancred he distiuguishM first by name. 
Then on imiulting heel tum'd back to whence he came 


In deep suspense, with slow and serious glance, 
Godfrey contemplated each chief and knight ; 
Long grew his gaze, yet would not one advance 
To undertake the formidable fight 
His bravest Chiefs were wanting to his sight,— 
Tidings were none of Tancred, since the hour 
Of his alarm and surreptitious flight, 
Bohemond far, and self-exiled the flower 
Of all his force, the knight who quell'd Cremando'! 


While yet, beside the chance-elected ten, 
His most experienced, most renowned in wan 
Following had join*d Armida's subject train, 
Beneath the favor of the midnight stars ; 
The rest, coy fav'rites of a feebler Mars, 
Thoug.i blushing for the fault, stood mute and tame ; 
None cared at such a risk to purchase scan. 
Though with sure promise of a glorious fame. 
So much their sense of fear o'erpower'd their sense of 


In llieii long liloace, in tlieir looks, too plain 
In cv'ry meo li" traced tlio tliougliU tliat «ciini 
Their timtunalB ; ojid with snUiniP disdain 
UpstEuling BuddoD frma ha ducnl chairi 
Saul : " M«( unwurlby ahould I be to benr 
Life, O my Feei», if, raised to Ihk high port, 
Tli«[ life lo hazard 1 ahoutil now farheu, 
Leaving il id a Pagau'» power Io lioiwt, 
He uadpr-fool bad trod the huuor of our Iiort. 

" Sit rtill, m; knighli, and mie frotn all nlaniM 
Ticw bI your peiinct cue Ilio tink I run ; 
Bring m? my arms, l^lgi^io. bniig my una* 1" 
Declaively h« «poke, and it Van doae. 
But Raymond, who lYoni ripe old iige had vron 
Like ripe discrelioa and cousi^ti'nl ilioiighl, 
WJiose strength, still verdiiiil, bìiì «uri.iiss'd by no 
In Ihal amembly, IkUit couilSl■l^ liruughl. 
Stood forth, lurn'd lo liiA Chii-1, and tunibiij, (hiu 

" Ah no. my Prince ! stake not the live* of all 
llpon llii> lioiard of lliine own ! look roimd : 
No Binipk' soldier art Ibou ; BhoilllU tliDU foil, 
'l'Ile (jrii f «-ere poHic, public wire the wound i 
(.til lli-f our Faith und empite re«t, reiiuwii'd 
By lliy wise rule ; on Iliee il ìh wo biiiU 
Our hope» lo raie Iha Bubfl lo the gnmiid : 
To otliera leave the ime of (word ntiJ «hield ; 
Fight thou by mind alone, alone Ihe wtplte wield. 

" I, thai]g;h bow'd down by tf^r. will not refuiie 
The Gght,— lei othen iihHuk when Ualllc rrata 
Hw fnghtful voicf,— gray liai» iliall not excuse 
Hy apirit, joyful in the strife of ■peani: 
O Ihat I were but in my ynulh of yeais. 
Like you. my gallanla, who with downcasl eye» 
Sluul qiellbaund Ihua, enslaved by empty fean, 
Whom wralb nor shame ean inRiience in cliaatlse 
The man who to youi leelh oU Chrisleoilam deliea ! 



" Such as I was, when, grazed by all the peen 
Of Germany, at Conrad*» court I drew 
My maiden Bword on Leopold the fierce, 
Reached his mailed bosom, and at odds overthrew I 
To spoil a warrior brave as him I slew. 
Was sure a deed that claims superior praise 
Than here, unarmed, unaided, to subdue. 
Put to foul flight, and singly hold in chase, 
Whole herds of foes like these, superlatively base. 


** If still that vigor braced my limbs austere, 
I had by this time quelPd that haughty foe ; 
Old as I am, I am too young to fear. 
Nor is my blood all frozen in its flow ; 
And, if it be my fate to be laid low. 
While my soul bums in brightness to the last. 
Home with content my Victor shall not go ! 
Arm then I will ; this briHiout day shall cast 
Light over all my track, and shame the lustre past' 


Thus ipoke the sage : his words like spun awake 
Their ejumb'riug worth, that they who late were danib 
And timid, now brave show of courage make, 
And loudly clamor for the fight to come : 
Not only terror docs not now benumb 
Their hearts to shun the quarrel, but the prize 
Is sought by all, contended for by some ; 
Baldwin demands it, Guelph, the two bold Guys, 
And with Rogero Stephen, with Stephen Gemier tìm : 


And Pyrrhus, whose prawed stratagem betray'd 
To Bohemond proud Antioch, forward press'a ; 
The battle too, for battle well array'd, 
Rosmond, Fitz-raphe, and Everard request, — 
All from the sister-kingdoms of the West, 
Albion, leme, and blue Scotia — lands 
Barr*d from our world by seas that never iMt ; 
With Edward last, divine Gildippe stands, 
And each with equal warmth the challenged fi^ d^ 


His lucid Ii«lin Id make I 
TowhorutheOùef; -t 
Mitnr of ancieiil leal, iu 

Shming with kiugiilly ^race, t 

'• If bat Itn man, thim tqiuta in dnot. 
Of Tipnioa yea», war» in my aid eombiDrd, 

Tlii« ii«nehlv Babel jonii wmiM 1 >iibvc-tl. 
And apn-ad ihe Co»? fr.-.ii. I'l ■,'■' ■ --n i- luti : 

Fnniine sod Clmuce, Ilia mil 
Bill Rjvmnuii in ilia claim p 
And wlÌIi llie Mlicr kiiiehla I 

UodfiTy recriTpd. nnd cairki 

Min(!lr(j Ihr shaken p.-iprni ; 

The Em ch lincee anmti n-)iicl] 

The name nf CdudI Touloiue i 

Ilia lioac Iniitk 
Reue*-d i,d le, 
Thus Die bliihi 
High tht cay I 
Blnmns iiA i^li 
Bui Godfity 111 
fnxiiiKd him »ui 

Cantovii. JKRISALKM Dl.IJV i:iii:i). 








Then finom his flide h» poignant sword he lock. 
And pving it to Raymond, said: *< Th» blade 
Is that whieh oooe the mighty rebel Duke, 
Rodolph of Sazony, in battle swayM ; 
Fkoro himby iMoe I took it, and repaid 
At the same moment, by a death condign, 
A life by thoosand erimes notorious made : 
In my caress, 'tis Victory's sorest sign. 
Take it, uid may it prore as fortanato in thine r* 


Meanwhile, impatient of their long delay, 
In fierce derision the Circasaan ones ; 
" Ho, men unmotchM ! ho, Europe's braTe amy 
Of chiefs ! *tis but one man your host defies: 
Since on his prowess he so much relies. 
Send now your late stem Tancred to the fight ; 
Or on soft down does he prefer with wìm 
Consistency to wait, until the night. 
Which saved him once before, again shall blind n 


'* Send others, if he fears me ; band on band, 
Horsemen, foot, all, come all, it recks not me. 
Since none dares singly meet me hand to hand. 
Of all your Barons, Uiousands though there be. 
On to the tott*ring Town ! look np, and see 
The Sepulchre where lies the Son adored 
Of sweet saint Mary ! lo, the path is firee ! 
Why pay ye not your vows, thereto restored T 
For what more sapient use reserre you now the swoid 


With such like taunts the savage Pagan lash'd 
The minds of all ; hot most his words inflame 
The Count TouIoum, — his eyes defianee flash'd, 
And ill could he endure th' hnputed shame : 
His courage, stigmatised, more ùuc» became, 
Ground on the whetstone of his wnlb ; that, ftwed 
From aU prorentioo, a delay m tame 
He breaks, and leaps to Aquiline his stssd . 
Named ftom the Northern Wind, and like tlMt wM 




Upon Ibe bulk* of Tngiu wiu he bndi 
Wh^ra dA Ihe mothe» of Uune martjal «iMdi^ 
WJiFD with her wbrmlh iutpinug J^pntie hu led 
The eai^r faeat which grmal inMiiicl bfMtb, 
Mad o'er the iDountama, o'ei llie ■psctoii» nmdi. 
Ran open-TDouIb'd ogauul the wiuda of May. 
And gieedUy receive their fruitful aenb ; 
When» ^wiog quicki Ihey («Dgiilu to my) 
Give, when ripe linie roU» round, Uiblt ianie lo the àaj. 

And. to KB Aquilino, jDn wodM ny 
Nooe but the qvightjy Wind conld be ha an. 
So ioBlantly hm foel cDl short the way ; 
SwLfl to nuh Ibriiranl. nimble la retire. 
And wheel to righi and left in nntrowwl gyro. 
Yet leave no phni upon llie Eaiidi he tnide. — 
Playful, y« proud ; though gentle, fill] ot fire ; 
Snch Ihe Count'a «eed : he. aa Io war he rode, 
Thia with Dphfled eye* preferr'd hk pmyen to Gni. 

" O Thoo, that lo Goliath'* bow didel ^ide, 
By Terebinth'* ud Tale and minguiae epriug, 
Uatntat'd wtih. aa thai the Scoruer died 
By Ihe lini pebble from a etxtplliig'A «liug ! 
Like mid, O Lord ! to-day vouclmfe to bring ; 
That, Knick by me, lliia ruffiui with like shanM 
May ranquiah'd fall to earth ; wirh vigor string 
My feeble Age his arro^ajice lo lame, 
Am feeble Youth of yore til' uiicircumcianl o'ereama 

Thn pny'd ihe noUe veleian ; and his pisyei 
Wine'd by Gnu faith and piety niieere, 
Soard, naturally aa fire aacrndi in air. 
Swifter than thought to the cele*tial «phere ; 
Th' Eternal Fallier beut a gneiow ear 
To the request, and (rhd Hi' angelic baud 
That louud in ^onoua uobedmn appear, 
Aponinteft one in hi* delenee la nuud. 

safe &am fod'd ArganH^ bmnd. 

Canto VII. JKins.M.r^I DKI.I Villi i:i). 



Tlie destined Aug^el to whoee charge was given 
The guardianship of Raymond, from his prime, 
When new and naked to the light of heaTen 
He fini began to nm the imee of time» — 
Soon as the knig of the cel e stial cKmo 
This welcome chity had aftesh im pcse d . 
Flew to a crystal rock that soars sublime 
Aboye all h^ght, where of HeaTen's total host 
Tlie fine refulgent arms from battle are disposed. 


Here does the lance that pierced th' old Serpent lie, 
With the pernicious shafts that smite the euth^— 
Those shafts, invisible to mortal eye, 
That give the horrid plague and fever birth ; 
And here, suqiended with the darts of dearth, 
Are hong the writhen bolts, midst pennons fmf d. 
Which turn to deepest dread all homan mirth, 
When, throagh the steadfast empyrean huri'di. 
Cities are ground to dust, and Earthquake rocks the w«idd 


Here too with chariots, hamessries, and helms, 
A daxzling shield of brightest diamond biased. 
Whose s{]%ere might cover half the lands and reafam 
That lie 'twixt Atlas and the Scythian waste : 
Herewith are holy kings and cities chaste 
In ev*ry age defenced and fortified ; 
This on his arm the plumed Seraph braced. 
Shot down to earth in secret, nndescricd, 
And took his stationed watch by good Count Raymond^ 


And now the turban'd Moslem, yoong and old. 
Swarm to the walls ; and, such the tyrant*s will, 
CHoriuda with her band moved on to hold, 
Firmly conjoinM, the midway of the hilL 
In order ranged of military skill, 
Arm*d, on the other hand, a Christian fefoe 
Like qiaee at ceremonial distance fill ; 
And to the champions leave a spaeioos oooraBf 
Betwiit both gazing hosts, for ev*ry chance 


Aigsntn look'd — no Toncnd couM he «M, 
Bui the tlmigii figure of bu unknuwu knight, 
Wbo now came up, mid " Tliouk thy EtUB," wd ba, 
" Atmnl't the cliifr for whom thou ittniu'il thf a^l ; 
Ypt Tapor not, while 1 the low mjuite ; 
For iien I bIbihI, prepored ID prnye Kgaia 
The ulnicHt rage imd innJice of thy miglit ; 
At Taucml't suhitilule 1 aeek Oif pdnD. 
Or OD mine own account ih' cugagrineiil good nminliiin.' 

At thv the Po^nn proudly «miled, s 



B can lie 

mufidc : 

Bui lo emh' 

In the deep ti 

1 bar r™n 

The flying wrelcl 

*."the knight replied 





hat he 

liei Irom Ihf a 



worth outvBluea ten 


Wrathrul, the |iiqued Circtuniui cui him riiort ; 
" Take Iheo hi» pUce. the favor I accord ; 
We shall «ee ehoitly how tliou will wpport 
The nail brsTade of Ihal injuiiom word.'' 
ThiB lo the tilt they niored ; liieir charmi» qMirr'd, 
And liieir lon^ laucea to the helm addrw'd ; 
Raymond, wh«e proclwtd arm but rairly cir'd, 
Struck where he aiiii'd, the visor he impma'd, 
But ahook hia liral not, scarce bow'd hii haughljr craA 

Dm'n for mluul by Ihe Crleninl ^aard. 
WhOM ahield the |!ond old Earl euconipas'd 
Grimlf the disappiiinled Paean rroH-n'd, 
And bit hie lipa, and fort^i wild curte« threw 
Hia fuillileH ^lear he niupp'd afaiusl the gn 
And with drawn sword upau bis riTal flew, 
Bucning with tenfold rage lo try the coune ane 



His coal-black steed he urged with all his might, 
As butting rams their homed foreheads bow ; 
But Raymond shuuu'd th' encounter, to the right 
WheePd, and in passing, struck his scowling brow : 
Back rush'd the Eg^-ptian Cavalier, and now 
Back wheel'd the Earl with swiftness uncontrollM, 
And on his helmet dealt a nobler blow ; 
But still in vain ; the helmet's massy mould 
Had all the temper'd strength of adamant or gold. 


The Pagan, weary of such futile play, 
To gripe his foe next tries each strong resource ; 
But he, lest the colossal bulk should weigh 
To earth both steed and rider, shuns his force ; 
Now strikes ; now yields ; and in his circling coune» 
As though endued with viewless wings, maintains 
The rotatory war ; his matchlc»!i horse 
Obeys each mandate of tlie flutt'ring reins ; 
Nor one false footstep e'er its nimblenete restrains. 


And as the Chief who some strong tower essays 
Amid cloud-kissing hills or marshy vales, 
Seeks access by a thousand wiles and ways, 
So the Earl scans the giant he assails ; 
And, as no power of his can cleave the scales 
That shield his breast, nor all his thousand arts 
Shiver the glist'ning burganet that veils 
His brows, he long explores the quilted parts, 
And thero *twixt joint and joint his active falchion daiti 


Those arms, in many points already bored, 
Are red with streamintj blood, while his remain 
Untouch'd, nor from his helmet has the sword 
Struck one gay plume, or cut one sparkling chain ; 
In vain Argantes rages, strikes in vain. 
Yet stubbornly toils on, with careless skill ; 
He fails not, faints not, flags not in his pain, 
But doubles ev'ry pass, — from erring skill 
Deriving fiercer strength, a more impetuous wiD. 


After a Iboasaail blows, llie Sniaciae 
At laiil atiiick one whrn RuyoMUiil wai n oighi 
Thai 'tWBt belioTpd hia nimble Aquiline 
Cmld •corcely frcm ita twerpiog fury fly ; 
Bui Dot the walchrul Seraph of the iky. 




It need ; hii arm he Mntcli'd 
And an hii heavenly ndamanUne ahield 
Tank Ibe pemicuiB awatd, and all iu rage repeol'd. 

The aabre broke ; Tor, not with a!! the channi 
Of art, can metals fo^red by earthly hand, 
The unalloy'd hnperishable amu 

Id miUion sparkii, minnler than the sand, 
III fragment! rell,— the Emir hut tbem ahine 
Naught bnt the ^den lull was in hia haud ; 
Tel doubled he Uie (act, uur could diviue 
What anna hia rival bore, to owgically Gn». 

Amaisd he Bto«Ì, and thought liie brillio blsde 
Shiverd on Raymood'a (tuElcl, — » deem'd the ki^bti 
Who DOIhiug knew of the celestial aid. 
Sent to piateci him frani the Pagan's migliti 
' ■ ■ ■ -. ■ - ■ -le plichi 



In doubt if langer he ahould pre» the G^hl ; 
A vile uiglOfwiB laurel he dj&daiti'd, 
Nor could the Ttcl'ry prize by pure odvnolage gi 

" Go, seek," he would have «aid, ■■ 
But a new thought witliiu hia beai 
The public cauM waa Inxled la hb 
And ahonld be (all, he would diidioi 
For whom he Tooglit ; Ihua neither 
Tn ^amefa] fight to will inzJorioue 
Nor Godfrey-* lionar to vmo r»ka < 
While thus he «ood debaliiig on Iti 
Argaolei boil'd the hilt and pammel 

oiifllher hn 
could he ci 




And forward spoir'd, by grappling to o'erwhebn 
Hù gaunt antagonist ; the darted blow 
Struck fiercely on his bright Toloean helm, 
And bent the battered visor to his brow. 
But he» undiscomposed, whecl'd round, and so 
Shunning th' encounter, gash'd the hand he saw 
Stretch'd out in muscular disdain, as though 
To grasp its prey, unsparing as the paw 
Of the voracious wolf, or vulture's homy claw. 


Now there, now here, the circled sands he spum'd ; 
Then back again wheeled round, now here, now there ; 
Nor when he spurred abroad, nor when retum*d, 
Did his eye pity, or his falchion spare. 
WhateVr he can of strength ; of art whatever ; 
Whate'er of old disdain or present ire 
The knight can muster, he now brings to bear 
Against the foo : and with his strong deNire 
To end the conflict. Heaven and Fortune both coniqpireii 


Fenced in fine arms and in himself, the foe 
Yet braves his mighty strokes, from all fears free ; 
Like a vast ship with shattered sails, whose prow 
At random drives upon a stormy sea ; 
Which, though she bears all Neptune on her lee, 
Ribb'd round with heart of ouk, firm, stubborn, stout, 
Starts not a plank, but in proud majesty 
Endures the rushing waves, with not a doubt 
That her well-timber d frame will ride the tempest out. 


Such was thy risk, Argantcs I when to aid 
Thy cause, the Prince of Air liimwlf addreas'd ; 
Straight of a painted cloud the empty shade 
He to the figure of a man compress'd ; 
And on the visionary shape imprens'd 
Clorinda's likeness, — the same lively grace. 
Rich shining armor, and embroider'd vest ; 
Gave it organic breath, and in the place 
Of mind, her well-known voice, demeanor, port* ■nd 


To Ondine, a miin of mBlehle» ikdl 
In nrehery, iIip bsnuleous Iiiittp- tame. 
And whuper'd : " Prince of nhooto™ ! who i 
Canal alnko nil mnrks ul whiah lliou lakml 
Judge whsl would bo our lo», and Vlial oiu 
Should SytÌD^i brave pnitHtor I hi» expire, 

By law of anna yon ChrkUan sliould aecpiin 

Wk Dmameatal qioUs, and «afìs to Camp reliie 

•' How prove Ifay ci 

And quick and lun 

Beside th' eternal glory oTtliR tiling-, 

Espeot CBwiird» proporlpon'd to tbe deed." 

Cbami'd Willi lliepn>Rii»i> of tho future meed, 

Tb' nnlieaitatiog Tnùlor smiled asoenl ; 

Ttien from Ilia weighty quivi-r analcli'd a repd, 

lis 01 

LO tougb yev 

prophcHibd Ih 

The remhor'd bttow flim its murk to 
Aim'd where the decomled belt nIuK[ 
The liero's waial. it Blrihrt, nnd rntel 
Cleave. Ihe rich bi.ckies ; clravs Ih, 
And dye4 iu pnliit wilh blooil ; thrrc 
It alaya, juiit piprciiiE tlirougli the trii 
For the protiipl Angel did it» force ul 
Noi lot Ihe eager Meel loo deeply piurci 

The blood «pun largely frcnn the wnnnded vein, 
Soon aa Ihe Count e«ay'd Ihe »huA to dmw ; 
And, iiird wilh gen'roi» angrr and diE«liiiii, 
He chid the Pagan for Ihe breach of law : 
Godfrey, who could not hia chann'd eye» willidmw 

Moved with the live[ie*t indignntion, saw 
The flyini; ctiaA. and knowinu' not how ilizlil 
Th' inflicted puuclure was. ifrew pate with sure aSright 



With hand and tongue at once alarum sounding;, 
He urged hit knights to see Uie wrong redrees'd ; 
Then were seen visors closing, war-barbs bounding» 
Tight bridles slacked, and lances laid in rest 
80 instantly both hosts to battle pre«sM, 
Their coune was finish'd as it seem'd begun ; 
Sands, stamped to dust, the vantah'd space confesi^d) 
Which, whiri*d in breezy billows, dense and dun, 
Soez^d to the steep of heaven, and veiled tlie shining sun 


Of helms, and clashmg shields, and lances brast 
In the first shock, loud nimor roars around ; 
Here rolls a steed, and there, his rider cast, 
One gallops, maddening at the trumpet's sound. 
Hero lies a warrior lifelefcs on the ground ; 
And hero another, cotnpaì»*d by his foes, 
Groans in the anguish of Iiìh mortal wound ; 
Dire is the fight, and still, the more they close, 
And mix, more bloody, sharp, and obntinate it grows. 


light leap'd Argantes in the midmost throng. 
And from a soldier wrung his iron mace ; 
Burning the dense crowd as he rode along, 
He whirKd it round, and swm made ample space : 
Raymond alone lie IooUh for ; holds in chiwe ; 
With Raymond only istrujjglos to engagé ; 
Pressing against him with a giant's pace, 
He like a wolf sceni'd burning to assuage 
With his quaffed blood, the thh^ and hunger of his rage 


But many a harsh impediment he met ; 
Still fierce encounters his rash coiuvo controird ; 
Him the two Gcrards, with Ormane beset, 
Guido, and Bameville, the brave and bold : 
Yet not e*en these his progress can withhold ; 
Foaming he toils, he struggles to the last ; 
As cavern*d streams, or fires in prison rolPd, 
Wage fiercer war wh«^n loose outbursts the blast, 
80 nged his power opposed, so forth in splendor peei'd. 



He Blow OmiBiiD, wonnded Guido, fell'd 
BflTueiillp, sliinu'd, and slrplcli'd nmidiit the riwn ; 
But faal the gnlli'nug crowd againul liiin swell'd. 
And cjrcline lock'd hun in a Isnfold chain 

Hia giant imwem ; — wlulo by bit ninfee hutd 
Tlie Kales a( wu no rquikl poi» inxintain, 
To Bnldwin Godfny ìcbu« )ùa command ; 
** Now Io the confliol move Uiy galleal Frison bond ; 

•• And on the loft, vhcre most the batlU ravca, 
Chiugi> thom in flauk I" he hratd, and lie obeyed I 
Swill OB the roll of ooT-au'a mountiin wbvhi 
Before the wind, wu the eaconnlcr msde ; 
An eikergy « mounlainans o'erweighed 
The Ahim troopa, too languid to Bustiin 
"ITie Franka' freeh aluxk, — in ruin retrograde 
They bend— tUeir linea ore Ltoke—und on the jJain 
RoUhonemen, lionviB.llaei'.niidpi'iinDuaaiiapp'diii twain. 

From Ilio same charge the right wing tum'd and 
None, «ove Argantcs, mudc defence or star ; 
With gory rowel* nnd loose reins they sped 
la haBte, urged headlong by aupreme diamay ; 
AloQOlhe bold ArgaulFa alood at bay; 
He faced the driven alaim ; tlie niahing banda ; 
Nor made leas havoc on that aigual day, 

lie braves, lu all luflicienl, thoiigli alone, 

Hia Iimba all hniised, hia niarr'd orrna riefl, he bleeda. 
And iweat rolla down with blood, yet, fpured with 

He heeda it no! ; but crowd to crowd miFCeedn ; 
Pns'd, overborne, he Tula the tide lo sl'm ; 
Ouwud abrupt they drive, and he perforce with then. 



To the wild fury of the tide he bends, 
That like a cataract hurries him along ; 
Not like a man that flies, his heart commends 
Fresh acts of slaughter to a hand still strong : 
His eyes yet keep the terrors that belong 
To their grim balls ; ho still in high disdain 
Hurls forUi defiance, and his flying throng 
Seeks by all modes in battle to retain, — 
Bat no ! lus earnest toils their stupor renders vain. 


His noble spirit neither can restrain, 
Nor regulate their flight ; for hasty fear 
Casts ofi* all conduct, foams against the rein, 
And like the adder closes its deaf ear 
To prayers though mild, and threats howe'er serere ; 
But the wise Chief, to whose reflective eye 
Fortune and beck'ning Victory appear 
To crown his hopes, sends forth fresh troops to ply 
The glad pursuit, and cu«t the day's decisive die. 


And, but the special day prefixed by God, 
Was not yet given to run ita golden rouud. 
The Christians then in Salem's courts had trod. 
And a blest period to their labors found : 
But Hell's black Angels, from tlio Deep unbound, 
Who saw how fast their tyranny declined 
In the tremendous conflict, swarm around, 
(Of heaven permitted) in an instant bind 
The air in billowy clouds, and raise Ih' uugovemM wind. 


From mortal eyes dark vapors snatch the sun ; 

Fires flash ; the kindred elements rebel ; 

All heaven burns black, and, smould'ring, sliofTv more 

E'en than the horrible obscure of hell : 
Mid showers of hail the long, loud thunders yell ; 
Fields float ; the leas are drown'd ; not boughs akme 
Crash in tlie rushing blast's sonorous swell. 
But oaks, rocks, hills to their foundation-stone, 
Quake to the roaring storm, or in the whirlwind groan 


Al oncp llie hnil, tins lightning, uiil Uio wiod 
Pati in Uu) CluKtluw' ey« wilh fury plny'd ; 
Fonsd, they recede '. blank (Bdoen fills «ach iniiid. 
And nuldeu larnm Uieir atout liearti invade. 
Few, few (w little throitgli tlie hidnxB etuide 
Could bo dbcera'd) arouad tbeir Sags abida ; 
Whicli when Clorioda dist&ntly urvey'd, 
She (piipd Uie xign, utd willi insgiin]); |irtde 
Shwhing skill hei Bwoid, thiu to het soldien cried 

■• Lo, friendi, HeaTeo fi^la lor m 1 the boon «to qdih. 

And Fate and Justice to out «d nrise ; 
Out Ibcm are antoucli'd, our hands uiiciiinlwT'd> 
The Harm beat* only in the ChriMiaM" eyea; 
On them aJoue the irritaled skiffi 
Font doubt and death, pour ruin and diamay ; 
And IleaveD stnkiw down Ihcir lance*, and denisi 
To their bowilderd ™w the li^hl of day ; 
On! whore God'aBnger points, "lis Vicl'rjloàdi the w«y!" 

Thus ch«<r*d the Amaion her dfoopisf; renka^ 
And, bearinit on her back the honid lain 
Of holl, in furious chai:;^ Isaaii'd the Franks, 
And veora'd the idle Ihnists they f^ve agaiit 
Then too Ar^ntM lum'd his bridlr-rein. 
And dreadful dauK^ter of tlie riciors made ; 
Who the licrce bninl ill able to sustain, 
Yielded the point, and bui their backs display'd 
To bde the inforiata sloim, and sharp vindictive Ul 

The rage Iromortal and the mono] sword 
Upon their sliouMen smote tliem as they fled, 
Whose btood, io union with the ram that pour'd 
Fell iu fast riiDwen. and dyed 111' arena nd. 
Here midst the heaps of dyin; and of dead. 
FyrrtiDs and good Kidolplio eliunber'd calm ; 
EJeath on their eye* his purple linger laid ; 



Tin» fled the Franlu ; nor meanwhile ceased all hell. 
Nor ceaaed the Syrians still to give them chase ; 
Sole against arms, threats, hailstones, the dire swell 
Of whirlwind, thunder, and the arrowy blaze 
Of noLomentary lightnings, his bold face 
Godfrey advanced ; and with supreme disdain 
Chiding his Barons for a flight so base, 
Spiirr*d forth, the Camp-Gate sternly to maintain, 
And in the trenches saved his scared and scattered train. 


And twice, despite the hurricane that roar*d, 
Against Argantes furiously lie flow ; 
Twice lM*at him back ; as oft, his naked sword 
I^erced the thick phalanx, bathed in lightnings blue : 
At last within the ramparls ho withdrew 
In the lorn rear of liis disord<>r'd ranks. 
And conquest yielded to th' infeniul crew ; 
Tlie foe returns, and the dishcarten'd Franks 
Reft, like a flood retired within its rced-crowu*d banki 


Nor can they wholly yet the furies shun 
Of the black storm, which lightens, rains, and hails; 
QnenchM are their lights and torches one by one. 
And the flood deepens, and tlie wind prevails ; 
Breaks the strong cordage ; splits the beams and rails , 
Plucks up whole tents, which far, far-ofl* are whiri'd ; 
The rains beat time to the loud-roaring gales ; 
And in the tune from Heaven's dread organ hurl'd. 
Hell's bellowing Uiunders join, and stun tti' afi&ighted 








CANTO vra. 


Ths roar of the loud tempest now was ceased ; 
Whist were the winds ; the bellowing thunden mute ; 
And the calm mom, in the cerulean cast. 
With cheek of rose and goldeu-sandaird foot, 
Left her divine pavilion to salute 
With smiles the world : but they whose wrath awoke 
The storm, yet ceased not their malign dispute 
And damned charms ; first Ashtaroth silence broke, 
And to Alecto thus, her snaky sister, spoke : 


*' Alecto ! mark, where, posting o*er the sands 
Fleet as an angry ghost, careers you knight. 
Who living has escaped the Soldan*s hands. 
Nor is it in our power to stay his flight ! 
Grave deeds he very soon will bring to lifirht ; 
Deeds sore upon the Frank, — ^his comrades' fall, 
Thousands left stark upon the field of fight 
With their hot Chief, — from which, I doubt not, aU 
Tiie Christian host will urge Kinaldo*s quick recall. 


" How fatal this were, judge ; we must oppose 
Our force and craft to the consulting Peers ; 
Arouse thee, then ; descend amidst our foes. 
And what this herald to insatiate ears 
Tells with good purpose, turn to blood and tean ; 
Up ! up ! breathe fire, breathe poison in Uie veim 
Of the mix*d nations ; stir up tumults fierce ; 
Move wrath, revenge ; move discoid, and disdaim ; 
Till through the total Camp unbounded uproar xeigM! 



" This work become* tb«e ami the iKdite Taunt 
Mule to our Piince ;" — the monMpt DBUghl Kpli«d, — 
It was flDuugh — the words her »u] enchant, 
llie project chaniu,— she >preiulB her home wingi 

And duwQward hnrrim with the TDoraing tide. 
The K4ii|;ht, me&awhile, who thos their notice look,' 
The Camp »ppro»oh'd, and to the wnrdeis cried, 
With httitu Bud deep etuotion in ha look, 
" Wiirrio™, I claim jroor grace ; condocl me to your 
Duke !" 

Number» wore rendy of the curioui ciowd 
Eager to bear the news lis hud to name, 
To pijde hitn to Iheir Cliiof ; he towly bow'd. 
And kim'd the houor'd hand thdt made the frmme 
or enipÌTe§ tremble - " Sire," he said, *' whose fajue 
Is bounded only by Ih' Atlantic beach 
And Marry roof of heareu ! would that I came 
Kuawlcd^ of happier lucidpuli to teach I" — 
Awhile his bice he veil'd, then tliua reeumed hia Kpeech : 

'■ Sweno, the Thane of Donmurk's only san, 
The stay aad glory of hia foiling years, 
Bura'd la be lank'd with tlio» tliy^ufulon 
Conduci», the valiant troop o( cbevalier» 
Who wield the sword for Jeaiu ; not Ibo fean 
orioli and peni, not the hope t' ac<]uire 
Soon llie void llirone, not e'en tli' appe»ling team 
Showor'd from the fond eye» of his aged aire. 
C^uld in his g«n'rouB Iteort control tlie liigli desire. 

■' He glow'd to learn the m.lil 


Perils to dare and 

or tl>ee, tlieic noble 

Chief; he 


Shame and r»enli 

ent for hiE 

and what 

In hia greet) youth 

Rinaldo hi 


Bat that which inr 

lid a 


Wa> le« the wi>h 


TlMI «al for God'a 

■enown, by 





" The flhrewd delays his father's fean contrived, 
He baffled, fonn*d an army bold and brave, 
And, marchine straif|rht for Thrace, at length arrived 
Where throned Byzantium towers above the wave. 
Here the Greek Cssar in his palace gave 
The Prince warm welcome ; here an envoy came 
From tliee, who, prompt the onward path to pave 
Of our adventure, told at large the fame 
Of Antioch won, and held to Persia's lasting diame ^ 


« Held in despite of Penda, who at once 
Moved to invest it, with the boast rebnoy'd 
Of powers so vast, it seemM that all her sonfr 
Swarm'd to the war and left her kingdoms void ; 
First upon thee, on others next he joyM 
To touch— «n Raymond's prudence, Tancred*s might ; 
Till to Rinaldo passing, he employ'd 
A world of words to paint his first bold flight, 
And each fair wreath which since his sword has reap'd 
in fight 

** He told, in fine, how that your hosts around 
These towers already in strict siege were cast ; 
And woo'd him, yet ualaurell'd, to be found 
In this proud field, the noblest and the last: 
His words roused Sweuo's spirit like a blast 
Of trumpets, and in his young bosom bred 
A wish so strong, that eVry hour he pass'd 
Appeared an age, till he himself should tread 
The hallow'd soil, and tuni his unfiesh'd falchion red. 


" Your glory prey'd on him ; the world's applai 
Seem'd to upbraid his spiritless career ; 
Those who or begg'd, or counsell'd him to pause, 
Alike he heard not, or disdain'd to hear ; 
No fear of peril knew he but the fear 
Lest he too late should be in thine to share,— 
This only hazard soem'd to him severe ; 
Thoee with which others peopled their deqwir, 
He either not perceived, or stood resolved to dara^ 



" Wt own hnve isal pKcipilalM hia foto, 
Fate — Ilk won'd gnidcs nnd dut eatonwd >U]r, 

TiU UiafiiU rays of mornm^ nnuk'd tha akyi 

T)m bmt, — rnough ! it n-as our Chiaf Ihat chose ; 
No pia «o deat, no luoualaiii iJiowb hi high, 
Too deep do (btcat wav», do lonrat Aovn, 
For n> to ocalo or stem, though held by furioaa tarn. 


; but en 

Ws tnuiDph'd, — aBiLUpr'd «vre our loas, or rial 
Succen a^urcd n, vict'ry madt^ ^vi vain. 
And, day by day, mom conlideul n« giw; 
Till one fair ere we camp'd upon llie plain, 
Wilh PalfBtioa'a green hilta «Iumwi iu view, 

" Sudden oar sconti retum'd ; Iher had beheld 
The TtiAMi Cmcent in our Tan af^war. 
Had cuigffat the mlien clang of awonl and dueld. 
And deem'd, by Tsnouo «gnab lo ilio ear 
And eje, Kane TMt embaltled army aenr : 
On inany a ■oIiUh'* face Iheae tidings ipread 
The pallid irtiileiuas of deepaiiing fear ; 
SwoDO alone, of ail (he luwl he ìhI, 
Changed not in thought or loek, in gntore, TOioa. 

'■ ■ Brotheni,' he ctthI, ' O now. how near Wo i 
The viclor'e laurel, or Ihe martyr'* crown ! 
The fint I hi^, nor leas desire la giasp 
The greater merit willi Uie like miowa : 
Thia lery field, let fole oi «iiile or frown, 
Shall Mentory vest with nn immnttal Uo«n, 
And as a hnllow'd «pni deliver down 
To fntufv times, which, glorvtng in oar doom, 
BhaU either poinl onr qioib, or dower-entwine our 



« Thjfl said,— our posts markM out, the watch dk^xwed, 
He bade us all upon our shields to rest ; 
Nor, while in needful slumber he reposed, 
Would he of helm or mail himself divest 
'Twas midnight : Sleep on every eye had preos'd 
Th' oblivious sweetness of her tranquil spell, 
And the tired soldier was in visions blest, 
When instantaneously a barb'rous yell 
Rom to the silent stars, and shook th* abyss of heD. 


** * To ariLS !' we shout, * to arms !' and, cased in armSf 
See Sweno first before all else aspire ; 
While, gath'ring grandeur from the loud alarms. 
His eyes and cheeks are flush'd with generous fire. 
Lo, we are charged ! a circle deep and dire 
Fronts and assails us, wheresoever wo move : 
And thick'uing, drep'ning, drawing nigh and nigher. 
Round us of swords and Hpenrs a twilight grove 
Frowns, and an arrowy cloud fulls hissing from above. 


*' Uneven the fight ! against a single Dane 
Full twenty Arabs laid their weapons bare ; 
Many of these were wounded, many slain 
By darts toss'd blindly through the gloom of air ; 
But of the numbers struck or slaughtered there, 
And by what hands, the dusky siiades amid, 
No mortal eye could mark, nor tongue declare ; 
The Night our loss beneath her mantle hid. 
And, with the loss wo bore, the valiant deeds we did. 


" But through the thick press of the fighting crowd. 
And through the dark concealment of the hour, 
Prince Sweno shone ; his valor was avow'd 
By a sublime ubiquity of power, 
Surpassing all belief; of blood a shower, 
And heaps of slaughtered form'd around the slayer 
A crimson moat — a rampart and a tower ; 
And, wheresoe'er he riuh'd, he seemed to bear 
Death in his red right-hand, and in his eyes 


■• That fou^bl we. [ill thn Vì:;d:ìii of U>s Mom 
Arising toufli'd Ih<^ h(^av(Ml9 wilh raty rpd j 
But wtipn the uii^lira diidE borron vm withdiawa 
Thnl lud from vi™ tho hoimr of tlie dwid, 
The w> long-wiiti'd-iac ligljt bcforo iw aprcad 
A K«no, oh God Ì Ilio stouloul lo uppnl. 
Of grief, of pily, agonv. and dread ; 
The Ciunp was piled with tuafme», as tliougfa nil 
Wen of oar onny Birathed in Death's puipunial pall 

" Of full two thoiwind, ninety iCBroo fenjon ; 
When Sweno mv the muUiludes Ihsl slept 
PnJe in their gore, if auglit af gnofoi pain. 
It imghl of udnen o'er Ilia brurc iiPUrt crept. 
Ha Bhowod it not, — Ilia pye ita liialre kept, 
Bii voico its tone : ' Come, follovr,' WB* hta cry, 
■ These brave companious who have far o'pnlppp'd 
The Blroanw of Turtanii, and willi fooioipps high 
Pnated in gloiious blood out jHJthwuy lo Ihc sky : 

"He said: aud gliul. 1 think, of haKling fate 
No len in spiril than iu aspecl, buns 
With breast iatirjild and with brow elate 
A^ainM Ihd rulnomi ukiiiU anil niar 
Of Ibe bntboriuiui ; not Vi* friale llicy wore, 
Allhou^ 'Iwere thrice refined, nor rap of ateel, 
Though ìdIo diainuud cliann'd by wiiard lor», 
Might Btand tlie BlrokeB )iÌB (in and fury dcali 
Into one total wound till ^h'd frcini bi'nd to heel 

" It waa not life, but valor's fnihtile lire 
Bnatun'd the living corse do itrentilh i?oiild lame ; 
Struck, ha re-etrikea, nor yet his inemben tire, 

When lo ; !o«e-raging from the bloody game, 
A Turk arrived, who all the real aiirp.ifia'd 
Id Mvage aspect and peanlic frame ; — 
Long time (hey olwtinalely fouglil ; ai lui. 
By nntubeia prea'd. to ground llie dauntleas youth w 



« He feD— «h, bitter fate !— nor left behind 
One that could yield revenge : oh, Mood wett-poor'd ! 
Oh bones, abandon'd to the Ueachingr wind, 
Poor mangled relics of my Prince adored ! 
I smnmon you ; speak ! if I sought to hoard 
My hated Ufe, if then I did deny 
My breast to spear, mace, sabre, shaft, or sword ! 
No ! had it pleased our Arbiter on high, 
Death had I dared enough, to be allowed to die. 


** Senselefli amid my slaughtered friends I fell, 
And there was left for dead ; nor what our foes 
Since or sustained or acted can I tell, — 
An icy torpor all my senses froze ; 
But when at length my faint eyes did unclose 
From blank unconsciousness, the wings of Ni^^t 
Seem*d o'er the shadowy landticape to repose ; 
Feebly I oped them, and a glimm'ring light 
Far-off, appeared by fits to swim before my sight 


** Albeit, no strength had I to recognise 
E'en nearest objects through the void opaque. 
But saw as one whose overwearied eyes. 
Nor all asleep, nor opeuly awoke, 
Close and unclose without the power to take 
Regard or cognizance of things most nigh ; 
And now my cruel wounds began to ache. 
Bit by the keen night air, doom'd thus to lie. 
Faint, on the naked earth, beneath a freezing sky 


** Meanwhile the light drew momently more near, 
Till it arrived and rested at my side ; 
Then gentle wliisp'rings murmured in my ear, — 
I raised with pain my eyelids, and deecried 
Two tall commanding figures near me glide. 
Clothed in long robes, and shaking in the air 
Two torches : * Son,' I heard them say, ' confide 
In liim who oft consents the good to spare. 
And with his grace forestalls the sacrifice of prayer . 



" Alld Eqwakio); thoiii tlie awful two th«ir palms 
O'er me in holy boowlJcton Eprsnd, 
And in low «ccenU tminn'nnj; mysLie psulma, 
Tiieu lirllB lioaid and le» conceivod. lliey mid: 
' Arise !' all lightly from my graas-gn^o beil 
I roto ; new lighl flow'd la my eye-bulls i^ ; 
My wounds »ere ■ " ' 'Uingpaiiia worefle 

O nisrv'loUB graci bltu la stviui, 

And felt new life and . fling ev'ry lilub, 

" Awo-rtmck I yiew'd them, and could ecaree bolie»» 
The tiullui that Bliuok Bxy dmiJed ijprts, liU one 
Of IhB cowl'd auge» »iiid ! ' Wlisl doubu afiriglil ? 
On wliat illtiaionii do Ihy fsiioica run, 
O Uiou of little faith 7 iu n». my son, 
Men of like flesh and blood Ihy wonder mens ; 
Servanls of Ji?eu, we liuve wwli'd In chuu 
The Salt'ring world, iU fMiii u<iJ false Hwe«U, 
And here a* beimits Ilvo in rocks nud lone retreats. 

" ' Me to (hia service did that God ordain. 
Whose thraae ia buitded in ubiquity ; 
Who by ignoblnt nienUB duw ucrt disdabi 
To work his vili, llie wonderful and iugii: 
He would not IhU the rnrm, which to his eye 
Encloifd oriate so beoiilifiil a sprite, 
Sttould on these loiHily wild» u<.'|r|cctrd ìit, — 
The which, when made imiiiortal, robed in lighti 
Yet with ils mdiant twin shall one day reunite ) — 

•■ • Ifo I SwoQo's sanctified remains must have 
A tomb befilling valor so sublime. 
To whicli alike the beauuful and braro. 
Virgins and cherolien from ever^' clime, 
Sh^l point the liuger tlmiU|^ all future lime ; 
Bui lift llihie eyes now lo tl>e stHn, nud mark 

IS golden car '. Ihat 



" I look'd ; and as the brilliant meteor roU'd» 
(Or rather midnight sun) a ray deecended. 
Which, like a glorious line of liquid gold 
Ruled by some pencil, to the earth extended ; 
And o*eT the body» when its flight was ended, 
Shook from its skirts so beautiful a flood 
Of color'd light, that all its wounds shone q>lendid9 
Each like a ruby ring or golden stud. 
And straight the face I knew, in its grim mask of blood 


*' He lay not prone, but as his high desire 
Was ever tumM toward the stars, his face, 
E*en OS the martyr*s from his couch of fire, 
Look'd upward still to heaven's blue fields of space : 
Closed was his red right-hand in strict embrace 
Grasping that sword, in act to strike, whose blade 
Such ravage wrought ; his left, with careless grace» 
In meek devotion on his breast was laid, 
As though for peace to God the parting spirit pray'd. 


** While I his wounds bedewed with tears, that eased 
None of my anguish for his fall deplored. 
The ancient sage drew forward, and released 
From his reluctant hand th' inviolate sword ; 
And said to me : * This crimson glaive which pour'd 
Such streams of blood from bosoms of the foe. 
Observe ! perhaps the world cannot afford — 
(Its strength none better than thyself can know) — 
One or of finer mould, or more superb in show. 


** < Hence, Heaven wills not, although a timelsH doom 
Has from its lord divorced the glorious brand. 
That here with sordid rust it should consume. 
But pass admired from martial hand to hand ^ 
To one who, with a spirit no less grand. 
Shall with like force and skill its lightnings sway 
For longer time, a happier fate command. 
And with it wreak, — his ghost awaits the day— 
Fnll vengeance wreak on him, who did Loro Sweno 




" ' TwM Solymui dew Sw«nn ; Solyman 
Mun thereforp by l)i« kwokI of I^wcdd full • 
Take il, and bear it Itieu wtirn brerzes fon 
Tlie Christian baons» rouiiij liii;h Salvia wttU; 
Nor let a «iigle fpar thy miad ap|»l, 
Tliul in IhpH regioiK. or by niglil or dayi 
Fieeh obMaclfa ahal) iìbf, or ills brfiill g 
Fof He who tendi liiw fonh, shall. mhrn ulny. 
Guide ihee, and «mooUi with Savon the mughacM «I 

" ' TTie™ 'lie his will thai tbon dedaie at longtii. 
For Id thii end art thoo to bsaiih restored. 
The Hal, the piely, and vutiaul euenelli 
Which llioD hast wilneea'd ui thy dnriitig lord { 
Thai Dlhcra do their miiuUei brigbi aud brmd 
May Blanip Hip purple Cm», ailh holy aim 
Cauglit Troni Ihia tuie, — a tale for Time to land 
Tlirough loiig futurity, the while hia DHme 
In like iUiutiioua mind* lights up young Glocy'i flame. 

•■ ' What Christiau hero may deacrra tb« méad 
Of this bequest, rrmaius lo be made known ; 
It IB Rinaldo, to whom al! concede 
The palm of prowm, yet, a branch scuce blowik 
Bear it to him, and nay. to him alons 
The eyes alike of men and Bilgek look 
T" aienge hia death, aiid for his lo» atone ;' 
WhUe on hk lips 1 hane, in wonder's book 
A new porleulom paj(e my chatm'd attention took. 

" For nidden, wheie the wanior'a cone repent 
A rich MTCophegus woa seen to rise. 
Which m ila heart his relics had encloeed, 
I know oot how, nor by what rare device ; 
And, brieSy blaion'd wit)i heraldic dyes, 
Shone forth Ihe name and virtu« of the dead ; 
From the strange n^^l my futcinated eyes 
I could not lift ; each giance fresh niarrel bred ; 
Now 1 the porpbyiy aconn'd, and now th' mecnpt 


" < Here,' nud the ancient, * near his friende diali lie 
Thy princess cone, safe shrined from Tulgar aght. 
While their pure qxrits, pase'd into the akv* 
From the full fountain of divine delimit 
Quaff endle§B joy ; but thou tlie last sad rite 
Of tears — the all that piety can pay, 
Hast paid, and nature claims repose ; this night 
I claim thee for my guest, until the ray 
Of the new morning rise, to light thee on thy way.** 

" 0*er hill and dale we walked, a devious track ; 
Scarce could my weary steps with theirs keep pace ; 
Till high, midst to(^ing crags and cedars black, 
A hollow cave received us, round whose face 
Green ivier cIuBter*d, — liis lone dwelling-|rface 
Romantic ; here amongst the wolves and bears, 
With his disciple safe he spends his days ; 
Clear Innocence his shield, his breastplate prayers, 
Aimor of trustier proof than aught the warrior wears! 

} XUL 

I <* My food was roots, — moss, leaves, and dulcet thyme 

The couch whereon I slept fatigue away ; 
But soon as zephyr rang his earliest chime 
Among the pines, and mom*8 arising ray 
Tinted the eastern clii& with ^Id and gray, 
The watchful Hermits ro^e to matin prayer, 
And I with them ; I next inquired my way 
Through the strange region ; of the holy pair 
Grateful my farewell took ; and here my tale declare." 


He ceased, and Godfrey answered : " Tears, Sir Knight, 
Tears for thy tale, 'tis all we can, receive ; 
Things strange and doleful hast thou brought to ligfatf 
Whence we with reason veil our face, and grieve; 
Alas th* injustice of that cruel eve ! 
That friends so full of zeal, so brave in fight, 
Fate should from pleasant life so soon bereave ! 
Thy valiant Lord was, like a flash of light. 
One glitt'ring instant shown, then sudden snatch'd 


" Boi irbuefore gri«Te ? [he priie of realms and gold 
Shows nwBD, «iropiii»! wilh Uii> Ihirir Uisful doDm ; 
N^Tei w«e bay» m gloriouj, e'en of old, 
GiT*!! in Ihe enr-clLmed Cupitol of Rome I 
Thnia«l in Hear^n'a Oar-liI If mpie, Uie; nnnnia 
ScrMiM of paini, and crown* of Donrn that grow 
In ÈitrD, odoioiu wUh immortd Uoqid ; 
There, to the nidianl woaud» nccived briow, 
Elach joyoua martf r poinls, nnd gtoriea ia the ihow 

■* But thou, who (or frrah toils snd daneent nsw 
With the chttrch militsnl ut left brhind, 
ShouldM in their blissful tnumpha triumph too, 
And. lo tlie wiae decroH of Heaven n«gii'd, 
Gire now Io joy tliy melaaclioly mliid ; 
And, for Bertoldo*! sou, — know, that lie strays 
Far (ram t)ie cnmp,— tlie waiidVr wlio (nay fiudl 
But tempt not thou Ilio dMert'i douUrul ways 
[n soaich, till ceitaiu news instruct m where h« Btmyi" 

Their latent love Ibr fair Sopliia'a »n ; 
And some eicliiim'd, " Through what wild desef 
Does not Ihe youlli now rove ? what riaki uo» r 
From tho nuuanding honl» ^" nor was there oi 
llkal had not «ome bruve story in his praiso 
To Irli ibe Dour, of luureb uoUy won ; 
The loo; briglit tiiiue of his drrib (hey bloie ; 
Which ho with Iranqntt heon, and undiiguised ai 

When now remembrance of the aheenl youlh 
Had touch'd all hcarU, and melted many an eyo 
To tears of tenderne» and BniiouB mth, 
Behold. Ihe troopo, commiwion'd to supply 
The camp, frum niglilly fonige far and nigh 
Betnm : vast tloclu and lienls wilh them they lead, 
That fill the region witli their welcome cry ; 
Coni, tliough not much, and fiagrani hay to feed, 
Wilh the fnl beeves Ihey bring, each knight hii hoogrr 



And last, not least, a too deciaive «^ 
Of tragic chance, severely to be rued, — 
The good Rinaldo's vests and armors fine, 
Those rent and bloody, these all hack'd and hew'd ! 
Quick through the host, in sad incertitude 
And keen alarm, the sudden rumor flew ; 
For who such things could hide ? the multitude, 
Sore grieving at the tidings, throng'd to view 
The hmve young hero's arms, — they saw them, and 
they knew. 


Too well they knew his hauberk's pond'rous plates 
And moony shield, far-flashing, on whose face 
Is seen emblazed the bird which educates 
Her unquiird infants on the sun to gaze. 
With eyes undazzled by its ardent rays ; 
Or first, or all alone, it used to strain 
Its proud wings fearless, giving glory chase ; 
Now, not without deep pity, wrath, and pain, 
They see it cleft, and strcakM with many a sanguine 

While the crowd whisper, and the dark event 
In various wise account for eacli to each, 
The virtuous Duke for Aliprando sent, 
Chief of the troop, a man sincere of speech, 
And whoso ingenuous words might none impeach, 
Stamp'd as they were with truth's inviolate seal ; 
Then thus : " The meaning of this mystery teach ; 
Both how and whence these arms were had, reveal, 
Nor, whether good or bad, the slightest fact conceal." 


" Far as an active trav*ler may attain 
In two days' journey hence,** the knight replied, 
" In hollow of high hills, a little plain 
Lies from the road to Gaza somewhat wide ; 
To which a brook's slow waters gurgling glide 
'Twixt brier and bough, from tangled steep to steep; 
Low down, o'erarchiuff oaks on every side 
Fling their brown shadows oVr a dingle deep ; 
Fit screen for anibiwh'd men tl>fir watcli unseen to keep 


" And u we sDDEht. in thà ■rquesler'd mok. 
Fur li4rds or Aocu thai Id its fsrast-iETTVD bed 
Mie'il come In gme. we mw bnide Ihe hrook, 
Smlch'il OD (he piirpled herl». a tDiglit U« dead j 
Cfimson h» vfTfls. lib ^rmfi were dropp'd wilh nd 
Thrnu^i erery beait rngtioctiie faumH- shol. 
For well we knew Ihem, (hoQj(h wilh blood o'irtmpn 
To new his facr, I. hut'niDg lo Ihe g^iol. 


s trunk — ifie serer'd lund w 

" The light hand too was eoDe. uid tmuiy a wond 
Ba noble body bon, from back to broul ; 
Uird by, Ih» arcenl Englo on the gfoiind 

Bill, chased and lakrn. 

the day beforr. i 

1 fr^m 



One bore a head firsli bpit' 
Grnsp'd by ils pjjd'-n pon" k 
Wm keen— Ihe vlffli^^ rléorl 

Tv,-^ of a bcBidlt-M yiulli niu 



He kncH- thrm ChnKliiin» h\ l)»'» roF<-icn toii^ 

WwpriiE 1 «inpp'il Ihr Imlv. iinr wiis slow 
To fjK'.ik niv uiiprclienniun'- : [puid fhi- bravo 
The lui B-dd' nu». Ilic l*M I eoiiii) ta»slow :— 
His dirge H ^ cIibhlmI by tin- wlnhji'iiiiH wnvr 
And the ^y nuilmc; nood^ »ing le^u^cm c 



''But if the ooTM be hk whom I bewail, 
A noUer tomb his relics shoald receive :** 
Naivgrht left UDtoId of his mysterious tale. 
Good Aliprando took his mournful leave. 
Godfrey stood pensive, and the livelong eve 
Sigb*d as the subject inly he discuss'd ; 
No clear assurance could his doubts relieve ; 
And much he wish'd, by signs of surer trust, 
To know the mangled tnmk and homicide nujiist. 


The night has risen, and silently unfnrl*d 
0*er heaven's blue infinite her brooding wings ; 
And sorceress Slumber, walking through the world. 
On every eye her dulcet sirup niugs ; 
Thou, Argiilan, alone, by grief's sharp stmgs 
Pierced to the quick, her blandishments dost sligfat. 
Busying thy brain on mighty thoughts and things ; 
Nor giv*st to thy wild eyes and troubled sprite, 
Mate quiet's peaceful calm, or slumber's soothing rite. 


He, of a fervid and impetuous mood, 

Active of hand, and turbulent of tongue. 

Was on the Tronto born ; in civil feud 

Nursed by fix*d hatred, and exiled while young ; 

Thus, by strong passions to reseutment stung. 

In woodrt and wilds a robber he became, 

And stain*d with blood the rocks from which he 

sprung ; 
Till, into Asia summon'd, he his fame 
Bravely redeemed in war, and gain'd a nobler name. 


At length, tow*rd mom he closed his eyes and slept,—» 
No calm, sweet sleep, but the dull synonym 
Of death ; — through his thick blood deep stupor crept, 
PosHess'd each seuM, and lock'd up every limb 
In dreadful nightmare ; then, delusions dim 
SwamiM to his brain, by cumed Alecto sent ; 
He slept, not rested ; for the Fury grim. 
In stranj;ling dreams of terrible portent, 
Her own alarming shape did darkly represent 



Fist by iU homnl hair aloft «urtaio'd. 

DiegiiiBAd 'Iwiil livid paJc sud sangninD tgd. 

Tlie Jitia dill bnathed, una brulhing spoke, Ifaongli 

DriF^'d the iaA btood ; and idbiij ■ dolefiii àgfa 
ShtiiJ'd ùmn (he tkull, as bullowly it nid, 
" ùi, A[inll<ui ' 'ti> daylight in the aky ! 
Rj, By tlieee dnadfnl tent» ! their impioua Chieftùa fly ! 

" Rem ba ouned (iraadi which kaTd ine boi of lala. 
Who, comradH dsai, abaJJ keep you or drjutd T 

Th' iiiBiliiiui Traitor, in hie raiicaraus Itale, 
Thiolu to alay yoa, aa late liu slew yiiur fricDd ; 
Bui if that hand n iMi(^r In IRinscrnd 

Th' iiudviiii: fume which Dn 
Cu» ou lis ovrn audacity d<?p 

13 d^ifd ic 

■n where Rinnldo'! 

Curb out proiid iii'i'fc». a 



" What we have borne in suflTringB, shame, and lean» 
Six aiiiiiiiiexB now, beneath their fatal Rpell, 
1b wach that Rome will, for a thousand yeora, 
M^th anger bum, and with disdain rebel ; 
I wfll not, no, brave souls ! I will not tell 
How genius, prowens, arms were rendered void, 
MThen Tancred triumphed and Ciliciu fell ; 
What wonted arts the traitor Frank eniployM, 
When that which Valor won, iisurp'uig Guile onjoy*d ! 


*' I will not tell, when need and time require 
Him tliought, bdd heart, and executing hand, 
How through a thousand deaths we all aspire 
With axe, mace, dagger, truncheon, blade, or brand ; 
Fint where the prize is fix'd, the peril planned, — 
But when the palms, but when the prey they share, 
The pride, tlie praise, the glory, gold or land. 
These are not ours — 'tis but for us to stare. 
Am Ubitj the trophies claim, the plunder homeward bear ! 


" Peace to the thought ! there was perhaps a time 
When serious and severe such wrongs would show ; 
Now let them pass — this last tn.*meudous crime 
Has made their seeming scarlet white as snow ; 
RinaJdo have they slain, instilting so 
All laws divine aud human ; iu his bloom 
Cut off, the beautiful, the brave ; and lo ! 
Flaah not the skies ? cleaves not, O partii, thy womb. 
In Ks perpetual night the monsters to entomb ! 

LXV 1 1. 

** TheyVe slain Rinaldo, of our faith the shield 
And sword ! and lies he unrevcngtHl Ì — he lies 
Yet unrevenged ; and on the nuked field, 
Unhymn'd, untomb'd, beneath the freezing skies. 
Laced o'er with wounds in terrible disguise : 
Aài you what barb*rous rufTian smote him down 7 
Of him who can be ignorant ? you have eyes ! 
Who marks not, jealous of our high renown, 
Both Godfrey's damning praise, and Baldwin's enviont 


•• But wbr dibaW ! I nroar bj Bunn, that HcHW 

Which not uopuniah'd LrU (he peijund paad 

Twai lieht and dark, before niy «ighl wu dnrca 

Hm waad'nDg ^ch(, a pale and moused ma* ; 

A aghi hoK wildly honible; ilaa. 

What Irauds Erom Godfrey drti it not divip«! 

It WB? DO dream ; my t>raÌD is as a glaia, — ■ 


ray eyea 

Tbeis the red ligure stalks, lbs eyeball* dimly Mat. 

" Wliat bIuH «re do T to Uial impfsiaaa band 
Wbich » unjoat ■ death J-K foully atuna. 
Submit for aye 7 or seek the far-oO'land. 
Where rich Eaphialeti Ian» tb' Awt'rian plaol 
And many a city, many a 

TlinTJcli. i 
Oil. borld 


Til.' fli,ni 

rarlike i 

Lille I 

ill lirsl HtHuil ha cml ; 



Midst them Alecto whirFd her torch, and fire 
Commiz*d with poison in their boeoms blew $ 
Th' infernal thiret for blood, the phrcnsied ire, 
Each dreadful instant more controlless grew : 
Forward the snaky witch dilating flew, 
And to the Swiss from the Italians passed, 
Storms in their fiery hearts alike to brew ; 
Thence mid the British troops her plagues she cast ; 
All lend a gaping mouth, and take th* infection fast 


Nor did the public loss and grief alone 
Rouse in these foreign bands disdain so deep ; 
They had old piques and grudges of their own ; 
Whence, this new wrong but added to the heap 
Fresh nutriment ; each scorn, long lull'd asleep, 
Revived, — the Franks as tyrants were accursed ; 
Their wrath and hate all limits overleap ; 
Swell m proud ttireats, and, fix*d to dare the worst, 
Loud as a roaring stream, restraint's strong floodgatM 


So water, boiling in a brazen vase 
With fire too fervent, gurgles, fumes, and glows ; 
Till, hot at heart, it lifts its raging face 
Above the brim, frets, froths, and overflows. 
No remedy remains ; too few were those 
Whose truth-iliumined minds went not astray, 
The headstrong crowd's d.8traction to compose ; 
Tancred, Camillo, William, were away. 
And all whoso sov'reign power their heat might else sUayi 


Tis uproar all ; like tip^y bacchanals 
The crowd to arms precipitately spring ; 
And now are heard tierce cries, seditious calls. 
Shields clash, hoarse trumpets stem defiance fling. 
And beardless boys heroic ditties sing : 
Meanwhile swift raeasenjrers, on ev'ry hand, 
To Godfrey waniing of rebellion bring ; 
And armed Baldwin with his unsheath'd brand 
Fast by his brother's sidt.* in nileuco takes his stand. 

JERCSALEU delivered. Cumi Tin 

Hearing Itie chsr^ his eyw to bnvrai be \iutm. 
And U hia God Tw woiiUd ■uccor Oer* : 
" Lori ! Ibou irha ««a bow mncb my qiirii tfwnw 
Th' imputed crime — Ihy ioghi allipinU ■«•, — 
Kend the dark nuuiUe of the miod fnun Uifee : 
Their heuts iDumise with thy tight divine ; 
Rebuke the fuhea of the ciowd W peace, 

Pure kt the woitd's dim BghU aa pun> il benms in tbine !" 

Wann thro' In 

light o'ei hii face, and r«tÌGed hi* heart 
With faith ; ntmunded by hia fnemU, he «ped 
'GaiuM tbcóe who Ihoughl l' avenge tli' ide>J dead : 
Thoo^ bristling anna illumineid all Uie place : 
Thou^ hate sud nge in ST'ry glance he read ; 
Though then were aome rapniitch'il tiltD lo hia loca, 
Slately lie atill heid on, with finn, uuToll'riDg pace. 

He bad hia hauberk on,— a *est et while. 
Richly embnudct'd, Emm hia ehoulden Bow'd ; 
Bare were bia banda and bead ; and, to the height 
Of dignity aublimedi bia features glow'd, 
Bright aa an Aogel'a from bis Ueel abode 
Sen! nptred forth : aucb waa hia port ; he Irod 
Aa DO the wiuda ; no arma at nenl he aliow'd. 
Dared liiem witliout, — bat ahook big guldca rod ; 
And wheu he Epake, all aeem'd la hear the roice of God 

•' Wbal aenaeleaa IhreaU are tUnea that brs*e the akin t 
'n'bat idit daiLg of arma la lliia I brarT 
WIm atirr'd Ibne lumulu 1 ■ it iu ihia wiae 
That joor an-long-proved ruler y iciereT 
Godfrey of guile what whiap'rtt ui the ear 
ArraignaT wlw brings Ihe iccuaalioaT who 
Abela the charge T atind forlb ! let him appear ! 
Ye look perchauce thai I with ptKyera dùiild sua. 
Number ray prooCa in plea, and merry prave from )-oii! 



« No ! never shall the world that with my name 
Resounds, to suoh debasement see mo bond ! 
Me, Truth, the memory of my deeds, my fame, 
And this starred sceptre only shall defend : 
Justice for once to grace shall condescend ; 
For once remit the dues she should. receive, 
Nor o*er the guilty her just scales suspend ; 
For former worth this error I forgive ; 
Live, to regret your fault, for young Rinaldo live ! 


" Th' Aich-culprit only with his blood must wash 
Away the treason — Aigillan shall die ; 
Who, moved by mere suspicion, base as rash, 
Led the revolt, and bribed you with a lie !** 
While thus he spake, his more than kiuglike eye 
In pomp of horror on the ruffian shook 
Lightnings and frowns, as from a living sky ; 
That Aigillan, amazed, of force forsook, 
Tum'd (who would think it ?) pale, o'ormaster'd by a 


The crowd too, late so insolent, that roar'd 
Such bold defiance forth of spite and pride, 
Whose hands had been so switit to seize on sword. 
Axe, torch, or javelin, as the fiend supplied, 
(Husird at his golden words) could nut abide 
His glance ; but cast their guilty eyes to ground. 
While shame their cheeks to deepest crimson dyed • 
And sufier'd Argillau, though bristled round 
With all their ported spears, in fetters to be bound. 


So when a lion, roaring in his rage, 
Shakes high against the sun his frightful mane, 
If he who tamed his wildness to the cage, 
But knits his brows in visible disdain, — 
His harsh rule feariug, fearing to sustain 
His threats, he pays obedience to the spell, 
Foregoes his fire, and crouches to the chain ; 
Nor can his teeth, arni*d paws, or malice fell, 
Spirit him up with pride, or tempt him to rebeL 


HrD, of crurl look 
. It «IhUiJ inoiiU, 
r, wbo with am bru ihook 
Bsfo» tlie plain pho» > urge of gold ; 
And witb lut rigbl huid, dRBiIf ut to bclidd, 
Bramliah'd Uie lighU'Og* "f * nukMl «word, 
From which roaie nn-M àtapé u( cninuu TtiTAl 
Ttn blood prrliups of Kaliiu on wliicli wen pon^ 
Id hk kng-tlimib'hiig wtsUi. Uw vuda or tl» UMd. 

The tmnall llius compusal. Ihcy cut uids 

And Gaiittj, dawly, and in decrul pndi 

Reluru'd. hilmirwi, la Lia impc-rial IeiiC 
On vHiious EsiM and new pngagim™i» beat, 
He now delermmes lo altacit Die town, 
Ert ur lilt? Kpiroiii] ur Unni duv br- spi-ut ì 
Al]d on iUT\:\f Ihc Uniwvx ÙU- .:ul •l.iV.-li, 
Tliat uuw iu lipge iiM"l.j.i.s ii,u,L-uii.:a* belilo fro 





Tu» Xurj rpura m Solpimi lo titdc 

VmI III il.fl i-liot^T-, m I'wiiiiwui.l Hnu-fpOB, 

Tlitit ..V.I h.«.. , w?ji<kj-(wj f(.iHvtii«/amr„ 
The trouji iiiiniB.i.iy u>' fiur Amiita'» «JeiBltt. 
Uelummt, oi'l ilir atUiiivimiff Uay 
IIu k.« [I.L> >.y,lm. .,.iit. „,„1 uLii.n.uriitì il(« i»a. 



But Heirs great Pla^e, who saw her rule dnolTedt 
The heats allay'd, the paasions luIPd to peace, 
Immutable of mood, aud still resolved 
To war on fate aud the diviue decrees, 
Peparts, — and where she passes, the green trees 
Fade, the sick sun turns pale, the living springs 
Stagnate, and cankers blight the flowery leas ; 
Charged with fresh furies, pond'ring fiercer things, 
Headlong she shoots abroad, and clups iicrsouudiug wings. 


She, knowing well how by the busy arts 
Of her foul consorts, to the Camp were lost 
Rinaldo, Tancred, and the rest whose parts 
In war, were fear'd and celebrated most. 
Exclaimed ; " What wait we for, since clear the coast * 
Now let our Solyman, when iniduiglit lowers, 
Uulook'd-for come, and slay the sleeping host ; 
From a discordant camp, exhausted powers, 
Surely (or much I hope) the vict'ry will be oure !' 



This said, to the Arabian bands she flew, 
Where, made tlieir captain, Solyman remained ; 
Than whom no fiercer man the sabre drew 
In Christ's defiance, or his laws di.sdain'd ; 
Not if the Titans were fnmi hell unchaiu*d,— 
Not if the earth were now to renovate 
Her big-boned Giants ; o'er tl.o Turks he reign'd» 
And held his court iu princely Nice of late, 
In all the pomp aud pride of oriental stato. 



«*■ ■>■■• 

Bobbe» ■ 

A.od bwoiinl 

1 „uviri bay ; 




To him Alecto hurried, in the guise 
Of a grave man right venerably old, 
With bearded lip, smooth chin, and piercing eyea. 
And wrinkled aspect, bloodies to behold : 
Her head a Turkish shawl in many a fold 
Wreath'd round ; the vest across her shoulders flong 
Fkiw'd to her heel ; a cimeter in gold 
Shone at her side ; aback a quiver hung ; 
And in her martial hand she bore a bow unstrung. 


" While we/' she said, " but traverse empty plains, 
A howling wilderness of sands forlorn, 
Whore now no rapiuc to be reap*d remains. 
Nor conquMt gain'd but such as we should scorn, 
Godfìey to^very heaven exults his horn, 
Smiting the City with his niustor'd powers ; 
And now his engines to the walls are drawn ; 
And we must sec, if unimproved tlie hours. 
Fire ride the flaring wind, uud scale her topless towen. 


" Shall plundered herds, raped flocks, and hamlets 

Be the eclLe spoils of Solyman ? what then. 
Are thus thy realms retrieved, thy wrongs returned, 
Rule reacquired, or grandeur thine again? 
Rouse thee, arouse ! lead forth thine armed men ; 
Let Dedanim awake ; let Kedar rise. 
And btonn the Dragon in his midui^ht den ! 
Trust to tiiine own Araspen, whose advice 
Ha», both in good and ill, approved itKelf of price. 

I XI. 

" He looks not for us, dreads \\h not, disdains 
The naked Arab us a tini'rous slave ; 
Nor dreams that tribes whom custom only trains 
To spoils and fligiit, would dare a deed so grave. 
But thy brave worth shall make the rovere brave 
Against an armed camp, which slumbers bind 
Apt for the sword !" Her counsel thus slie gave ; 
And breathing all her furies in his mind. 
Mounted the passing cloud, and mingled with the wind. 

-, brbolii : I £0 : 
When pluiu citended. moanlaini now sh&U gaiW, 
Mounlainc ot lifelv^ |wo[dt ^asU^d ood tttJak ì 
Whfre biini'd the diwrt, «roam, of blood «hall flow; 
Bo now my Gcniui ; lead me to Itie muk ; 
And role mj lilled Ian» to coaqoer UinHigh the daik T 

No dtilljritig; no de1a}^l he aounda bis s ura nn». 
Collccta, liarangut» tiiem, wia« thrm lo combme ; 
And with hii own elicine anlor wanna 
The Camp (o seeond his maluml dragn : 
All stand prepared ; Alocio gavr the spi ; — 
With her own lip* the eDunding hmai alw Ubw, 
And loused the banner oD its Inrezy pine ; 
fiwill macdi the heeU, but dill as fulling dew, — 
So (till, «0 swin, they e'en the counn of fame mtfle» 

Alacto led, then left them ; she asumed 
A eounei's likcnes and sucxincl array. 
And a[ the time when check'iin^ twilight gloomM, 
And «uthi 'Iwiil wrions ni^t and eheerfal day, 
Seem'd pond'hng which deminion to obey, 
entering the City* 10 the kind's divan 
Through the mii'd multitude» die made her Way; 
And to hii ear disdOKd wIjbI Solyman 
PrnpoBed bj uiffat — the hour, the cignal, and tbe plui 

Bnt now black ihadowf , fliish'd wilh Tapoo red. 
Coitain'd the moon ; the weeping <*n withdrew [ 
And the chill skiea, in lien of hoar-fnM, *hed 
On earth (he aemblaace of a Uondy dew ; 
Pale meleon fdl ; melignanl goblins Hew 
Throueli heaven ; and gimoa thai Time the aoiil wi 

Were hentd, whilp frani his ptAa of bHmrione blue, 

Tlis King of tihosls let loom each damned tfrile. 

And ùan the void abya spumed forth bii denaeal ni^ 



Tliroogh these drear glooms the fiery Sol3rman 
Sought the devoted touts ; but wheu Night's wain 
Had measured half its journey, aud began 
Sheer down heaven's western steep to drive amain, 
Within a mile of the pavilion'd plain, 
Where the lulKd Christian in his martial cloak 
Slept unsuspecting, he his barb'rous train 
With food refresh'd ; then, farther to provoke 
Their souls to deeds of blood, thus eloquently spoke : 


" Look on yon Camp, with thousand thefts and spoils 
Dress'd out, more widely famed thau strongly mann'd, 
That, like a sea, into its grcody coils 
Has gathcr'd all the wealth of Asian land ! 
This now boon Fortune offers to your hand. 
The amplest booty with the slightest cost. 
And the least peril ; all is at command, — 
Steeds, clothed in scarlet, arms, with gold emboss'd, 
Woo you, not profit them ; all, all shall be engross'd ! 


*' This is no more the host whose arms subdued 
Imperial Nice, and clove the Persian's crest ; 
For in a war so long as hath ensued. 
The greater part, of life lie dispossess'd : 
Yet, grant it were entire, — in deepest rest 
Is it not drown'd ! the sabre in the sheath ? 
Unlaced the hauberk ? he is soon oppress'd 
Who sleeps, — his life hangs by a slender breath ; 
WarrioiB ! the cell of sleep is but the porch to death. 


" On then, come on ! I first will cleave a path 
Through the grim guards within the enter'd wall ; 
Let all swords strike like mine ! pattern your wraAh 
By mine ; by mine your cruelty and gall ! 
Now let the Galileau's empire fall ; 
Now write you glorious in immortal gore ; 
And free your Asia from the t}Tant*s thrall !" 
Thus he iufiamed their spirits to the core ; 
Then to the deed of death moved stilly as befora. 



By U 

Nor cnn he langcr liow in Tuli siirpnie 
To lakp the cBiilioiB Duke aiitl slumb'ttng Cainp, 
The Kulrin »>oa bohcld hii lian-ranip. 
And, tlicir alarum aounding loud, beu back, 
Wara'ci of hw numbai» by UiMr mllen tramp ; 
So (hst Iha roremoat gunrdfi were toubhI. nor ilock 
To Mtie llieir reùdj atam, wad fiion tli« uanr attack. 

Sure of dÌBCOv'ry now, lliu Arnt* woiim) 
Tlieir Wb'rooa hon». uad nii«»l their yelling try, 
" Lilluh il A-iloh :" la Die well-kuown saund 
Neigh'd nil IheiT aleedi — nrtb rang «i ther nMh'd bj : 
Bcillow'd llie mauntaiOB, loar'd the tilted idcy, 
Ronr'd Ilio deep Tales ; th" ahj-wes caught tlio lone, 
And niiswer'd In drear IhiiiiHer. wliilr oa high, 
Aleclu the hluo tonli of Ptik|;elliuii 
Shook toward Zion liill, aad Higii'd liEr legioni on. 

fini nnli'd the Suldsn on the Fuard. e'en Ihea 

Id lai cDnfuxion, unamin^d ; Te« Nwilt 

Leaps the ^m lion fniin tiJa boeky ilrn, 

Shooii the tierce eagle from her inoantsin citft : 

jPloodii, Ihat pluck lip nnd in their rapid drift 

Roll down hula, rocka, and treed ; liglituingi, thai 

Stnnig totrers with bolls Ihat leave a hiiniiiig rill ; 
Earthquakea. whose molious turn Ilie world aghait. 
Are lymbol* weak lo paini the forcn wilh whinh he pam'd. 

Hia mbre never Ihrmi^i the griidy shads 
Falls, but it smites ; uor smites without a wound ; 
Nor wounds, bill Mraight it killa; alioiiM more be sai 
The truth would Lke romance or futH-bood sound. 
PaiD he diiwnihW, or lie ban not found, 
Ot Komi the WowB which feebler annii imprint ; 
Yel oR hii horgauet of lAeoJ ringa round 
Like loud alacm-belh wilh llw lively dint 
Of poie-a«s, ^lear, et awud, and qiaikles like a dint. 



Just as bis single sword to flight delivers 
This foremost phalanx, a gigantic deed, 
Like a sea swelPd with thousand mountain-rÌTers, 
His rushing Arabs to the charge succeed. 
Then the scared Franks flew tent-ward at full speed, 
Th' audacious Victor following as they fled ; 
And with them, rapt sublime on his black steed, 
Ent*ring the camp-gate, ho on all sides thread 
Havoc, and grief, and pain ; loud wailings, rage, and dread. 


High on the Soldau's helm, in scales of peari. 
With writhen neck, raised paws, outflying wings. 
And tail rolKd downward, ending in a curl, 
A rampant dragon grinn*d malignant things : 
Its lips froth *d poison ; brandishing three stings. 
You almost heard its hiss ; at ev'ry ntroke 
Heap'd on its crest, through all its livid rings 
It seem'd the monster into motion woke. 
Spit forth its spiteful fire, and belch'd Tartareous amoka. 


Such and so Gorgon-like the SoIdan*8 form 
Show'd by those fires to the beholders' sight. 
As Ocean tossing in a midnight storm 
To sailors, with her million waves alight 
Some give their timid trembling feet to flight ; 
Some, their bruvc hands to the revenging blade ; 
And still th' infuriate Anarch of the Night 
Increased the risks by darkening them in shade, 
And to the midnight winds tunmltuous discord bray'd. 


Of those who showM in this tremendous hour 
The stoutest heart, was old Latin us, bred 
On Tiber's banks ; toils had not quelPd his power^— 
He stood an oak with all its leaves unshed, 
Green, though in ago ; five sons to war he led. 
Who, nobly envying his exploits sublime, 
His steps attended with unequal tread ; 
In iron armoni they their unripe prime. 
And their yet growing limbs, clothed long before their tioM. 



The tin's example whctB Iheir Mnk to ri>k« 
In blood Uieir eager wrath ; " Aud conw," be CIM^ 
■■ CoDte whcTB ye bh yon tyraunDue pnud Snake 
Devour Die cunrd tliat ììtidi hv lieicpoa* flin. 
Let not the (Biigaiiie crim-v uid bulcberiea 
Which he cm o(lim prcpeLral», unbrace 
Your unu] coura^ ; fame thnxi^U peiil hee J 
And bfluor. O ray boys. il«eir la bine. 
Which no surmouuted Idle oljeopanly aggrace!" 

So tbe fierce Lionel her lawny wht^1pe> 
Era mane iiiTesta Iheir ueck, or noila Lbeii paw^ 
Era time with power llieir native muJice hdp^ 
Of teeth Olid whiskeis jag their honid jaws, 
Leada ilemly with her Io the Fylrau wan. 
And by her own iaflames tJieir nTa^ iDoedi 
Agaiufi the hiinlpi who to flight o'ernw»» 
The weaker beoBla, aud iiisalf nt intrudes 
UpoD the holy gloom and quiet of her woodc. 

In niddea impoloe on the Soldan flew ; 
Five long ihaip lancn they or tbnM, or threw; 
Bnl hi* the eldeal eon in daring rein 
Rnhly abaodon'd, and with ardor drew 
The keen-edjted sword, pmuming, but in ttoi. 
The warriors prancing steed at vautugo lo haTB aUia. 

But aia 
Firm in 

cliff, eipoHd to norme, wliich lowen, 
a oea thai ever howls aiid raves, 
Uk][. sustatm the wnlb or *l>oweis, 
■ had. lira, thunder, wiuda, aud monolaii 

So the stimg Soldan lifts his Troni, io braves, 
Duhakeu In bb seal, Il>' eucouiXer weak 
Of «word aud qiear: iiinuelr Tnim barm he uvee; 
And of the son Ihal ou hn steed would wreak 

e, the bead dipana, betwitt the eynaud^weh. 



Fond Amarante, to aid the fallin|!r youth, 
Stretch'd forth his pious arm ; O zeal misfrfaoed. 
Vain tenderness, and inconsiderate ruth ! 
That to his brother's ruin he must haste 
To join his own ! twined fondly round the waist. 
That arm the Turiush sabre from his side 
Lopp*d off,— down sunk embracer and" embraced ; 
And lip to lip, with melancholy pride. 
Mixing their last faint sighs, like drooping roses died. 


Then, haying cut Sabino's lance in twain. 
That vex'd him from afar, he spurr'd his horse, 
Which, bounding on him with a loosened rein, 
0*ertum'd and trampled so without remorse 
On his fair breast, that from the yotithful corse 
In dreadful throes the spirit pass'd forlorn ; 
Sorely repining at its foul divorce 
From thoHO delightful visions which adorn. 
With such sweet hu^, the birth of Boyhood's fredi May* 


But Ficus and Laurentes yet had life ; 
Twins, born so similar in face and size. 
Their persons ofl set strangers at sweet strife. 
And caused fond error in their parents* eyes: 
Th' illusion now which with an art so nice 
Nature had raised, Rage disenchuuts to dust ; 
The sabre harshly cancels all disguise ; 
One through the heart the savage Soldan thrust, 
And one he sunder'd quite, and left a breathless biut 


The father (ah, no father now ! ) bereft 
Of his brave infants in so short a space. 
Felt his own death in those five deatlis, which loft 
To him no scion of his name or race : 
In such sharp agonies how strength could brace 
His aged heart, or reason aid his brain 
Still to live on and combat face to face, 
I know not ; but perhaps he saw not plain 
The looks, the dying pangs, and paleueHs of the ilain. 




Ferchuce Ihe Nl^rhl with friendly pinioiu dim 
Hid balT their ruiguiih trota the pareut's *iewj 
Still lie felt eonqiKBt would be luu^t ta biiB. 
Uulen with full nttngB he pemh'd too : 
Tl»n of his own blend pradieal he grew. 
And of the SoldBa'i than n bird of pny 
More i^Redily vonctona ; nor well knew 
Which bent hi* pswioiiiile doùie would pay, — 
Or to be kill'd outn^t, or buOci od, and ilKjr. 

That all its rSbrt» do tiot yet avail, 
To call dowu wrath on my defenceless beadl" 
He Bid, aiid huri'd witli fi^ as be said. 
His apeai at the majeiruc homicide ; 
Straight to the mari, the wliimng weapon fled. 
Shiver'd both plate and mail, aad pierc«l hia side ; 
WbancB the bright blood oulgiuh'd, aud all his ann 

Soused by Ihe wouod. the Turk agaitiiit him drore, 
Steruty »vere ; hb sword quick passage feuad 
Through the koieht's tniil, — Ihe la^l first it cknre. 
Which scren bull-hides in voiu etiniinpoM'd mundi 
And iu hi* bowrb «hcalii'd iu paini prafouiid; 
The forcible uasult from saddle puah'd 
The hapk» knight ; he Figh'd. and from hi» wtnud. 
And from hit mouth a purple vomit eush'd. 
That all with blood Ihe RUtdB, with bknd Ih) 

d the heriwga 

But » au Alpine oak wiiicb BCam'd the sUtngth 
Of Aquile aud Eunis. Gnu and muud, 
By some unumiaj wind torn up at lenelh, 
Down tumblM, widely rsvogiiig araiind 
The puMO and crashing rrdiini, as to ground 
Latiuu* fell, and to drainiction drew 
More foe* than cue, rooud whom hia arm she wooimI ; 
Fit end for one n brare '. that overthrew, 
E^eo when o'orthrown bionelf, and e'en when alangb- 




While, wreaking thuH hb inward hate, the Taxk 
Broke his long fast of battle, in their tarn 
His active Arabs in their barbarous work 
Make quick dispatch, and all resistance spum : 
Henry, the English knight, and Olopheme, 
The proud Bavarian, stretclfd on earth supine, 
Expire beneath thy hand, Dragutes stem ! 
Gilbert and Philip, Ariadene ! b>' thine, 
Bom in fair castles both, beside th' enchanting Rhine. 


Albatzar's mace Emento Hiew ; the blade 
Of Algazel, Eugérlan ; but to tell 
What various modcH of death the field dii^lay*d, 
And the ignoble multitudes that fell, 
Mocks all attempt ; at the first " Liliali" yell 
And blatft of tnimpets, in his martial bed 
Ciodfrey was woke, was up, wu8 ann'd, in selle ; 
Gathered a massy squadron ; at their head 
Placed himself ; rouged their ranks ; and on to battle led. 


He, when he heard the uproar that was raised 
Grow momently more wild, was well advised 
That the marauding waudVeis of the waste 
In sudden hisult had the camp surprised ; 
Having by frequf'Ut message been apprized, 
That they the re^nous round for spoil laid bare ; 
This well he knew ; but never had surmised. 
That such wild vagabonds would ever dare 
To beard, in very deed, the lion in his lair. 


But riding on, he heard alarum given 
Elsewhere, — " To anus ! to amis !" the tmmpet jan ; 
And barbarous howls all horribly to heaven. 
Loud as the clang and whirl of coinitless cars. 
Ascend, and in luud thunder climb the stars ; 
This was Clorinda, who to battle hied 
With the king's troops, and, terrible as Man» 
Argantes, breathing fury, at her side ; 
To Guelph, his viceroy, then the Captain tum'd, and 



■■ Ilwr what new war-cry tweO» fmn yondn put. 

That lia toward Ihe fallii and city ! th«re, 

We nwd thy utiDost couras!^, «trFneth, sod ut, 

Tb« sBllier'a Gnl iiunlling ihocks to b«ar: 

Go thfn I t4) ^anl that quarter be thy CDiv ; 

And with Ih» half of these my troops Brf»y 

In ck«»t cube ; n-hile I mrsoir prepare, 

home deGance hnv. 

The plan muk'd out, la ri^l nnd Irfl they wbeel'd, 

Bv diffrerl polhm an final risk to facp, — 
Giiclph u the hdb. and liodTrrv to the iWld 
Where uow Ihe Arabs bold Iw'mcii in chan; 
Proceeding, he puia stTTD^h ; at cv'ry pace, 

Which, by the time be reach'd llir eprcial place 

Where the jpiin Soldia «laugbl'ring |>an'd aloDgi 

Had grown i mighty hoe^fìrm, mass)', sUnit, and Mrong 

ThlM, homhly gliding from h» nati 
The Po at fini fills ocK his niuTow Dea ; 
Bui aye the more, Ihe farllicr Irom Ihe fonnlaia. 
With added force* his proud walen qwead ; 
O'erihe bunt banks his curi'd hrowe lower ; with mad 
Conqu'ring and awid, he takes hW {riant leap 
Down Ihe whelm'd Tales, and with hia homed bead 
RebiiK the Adrian waves: nor. in his sweep. 
Seems to jiaylai, but wage fierce warfare with the deqi 

When Godfrey saw his troopii aBrighled fly, 

Me spurr'd, Bod shouted: "Shume: what new di 

What diutDid fear is this Ì tell me hul why 
You run, behold at least who giree you chue ; — 
A heartlra crowd, irresolute and baie. 
Reeds sliaken by n breeze ; tliev neither know 
To strike a gallniil nildifr to hia fuce, 
Nor take a stroke in Troni : )-onr facia «how ! 
That will alone suffice la scure the craven foe !" 



Tbm said, he spurr'd his hone, and onward flew 
Where he hoheld the Soldau^s shining snake ; 
Through blood and dust, through sabres not a few, 
And groves of spears his progress did he make ; 
With stroke and onset he dissolTed and brake 
Ranks the most strong, and masses most compact ; 
And everywhere to earth was seen to shake. 
With a bold arm, attacking or attack'd, 
Warrior and war-horse, shield and shield^ cataphract 


0*er tlie mix*d heap of men and arms made black 
With bloodshed, bounds his barb, of nothing shy ; 
Th' intrepid Soldan saw the coming wrack, 
And neither fled, nor had the wish to fly ; 
But spurrM abroad to meet him, and on liigh 
Raised his Damascus cimcter to smite 
The moment they should meet ; — thus drew they nigh ; 
O what two Peers did Fortime there unite. 
From the world s wide extremes, to prove their match- 
less might I 

Fury in narrow lists with virtue strove 
For Asia's boundless empire : who can tell 
The fierceness of the figlit ! how sabre drove 
At sword ! how swift and strong the strokes that fell ! 
Their dreadful deeds I pass unsung ; they dwell 
With unessential Night, whose awful screen 
Hid them from notice I they were deeds that well 
Deserved a noonday sun, and to have been 
By the whole world at onco in cloudless glory seen. 


The Cluistians, cheer'd by such a glorious guide, 
Wax bold, and push the buttle to the gate ; 
And round the drajron-crestod homicide. 
Dense grows the crowd, arm'd host in proof of plate : 
Foot press'd to foot, no ground repining hate 
Concedes ; nor this nor that side wins or quails ; 
Faithful and infidel alike elate. 
The victor fills, the vanquishM now prevails ; 
And life and grisly death arc hung in equal scalea. 


As with lika rage and Btrengtb lo battle &y 
Hera the itiinig South-wiad, tjien tlie niSaa North, — 
Ther odS thejr nvc, they ciudi ; and »a and Aj 
To neitbei yield thenuelvea, though Iwdi'd Id froth. 
But cloud for cloud, end wave Tor wave eead fcath : 
So fought hath hnsU beueatli Ihe hideoua shade — 
Uuyieldiiig, Gnn. ahiup, obstinate, «id wroth ; 
Front shocking front, in horrible parade. 
Shield with shield, hehn with helm, Bud Made loud 

Nor low'rd Oie Cily ahock the cliargiog 
HesnTbile with le» loud uproar ; noe li 
Glooms (heir amy ; a Ihaiuaud lliouaui 
And Stygiau fiends the cope o( heuveu i 
Fill, and in Tagan boeonu Ueatlie iulpii 
Rnolve and fortitude : that uuae dcsitr, 
n think to stir a foolilep then» ; 

He loo Ihe piaids repulsed, ai 
Clear o'r 

And with the Fraalu he ajew, Ihe trenches heap'd ; 
So that h» kiughU witli ease puisning, iteep'd 
The griMmd with gore, and to a purple red 
Dyed Ihe while teuU ; like praiio Clorinda reap'd 
Fast by bis Kde, at IbilowÌDg where he qml - 
With much diidaui that she th' asailitaU did not heoi 

And now the Chmtiaon were iu Bight, when Guaditi 
The Geld of alaugblei uppoKiiuely giìn'd ; 
He nude them tura Uieir faces; he hiinselT 
Bore the foe's oosel. aud his rage rmtrain'd. 
Tbuc fought tliey ; and on both sdes Ihe bload nin'd 
In equal showe». and «junlly tliey eoni'd 
The dreary laureli of revenge distaiu'd ; 
Hiiieyr* nwanwhile nhertTiot the battle bum'd, 
Wrom bir empyreal aeat Ihe Kuig of Glory lum'd. 

"" I 



There He abidee ; there, full of truth and lore, 
Creates, adorns, and governs all Uiut be, 
Hig^h o*er this nairow>bounded world, above 
The reach of reason and of sense ; there He ^ 

Presides from all to all etcniity, 
Sublime on solemn throne, unbuilt with hands, 
Three Lig^hts in One ! while in meek ministry. 
Beneath his feet, with Fate and Nature stands 
Motion, and He whose glass weighs out her golden 


With Place and Fortune, who, like magic dust. 
The glory, gold, and power of things below, 
Tosses and whixis in her capricious gust. 
Reckless of human joy and human wo : 
There Ho in splendor slirouds himself from show, 
Which not e'en holiest eyes unshaded see ; 
And round about him, in a glorious bow, 
Millions of happy souls keep jubilee, — 
Equals alike in bliss, though didhriug in degree. 


As the loud harmony of angel hymns 
Joyous Uirough heaven's resounding palace roU*d, 
Michael he sumnion'd, whose seraphic limbs 
Sparkle and bum in adamant and gold ; 

And thus serenely spake : '' Dost thou behold i 

How from tir abyss yon fiends are risen, to spoil 
The faithful flock beloved of my fold Ì , 

Seest thou tliem, arm'd with malice, how they toil 
In wrack und uproar wide those kingdoms to embroil 7 


" Go ! bid them all avaunt, and leave the care 

Of war to warriors, us is just and right ; 

Nor tempest and infect the earth and air 
I' Longer, with their foul charms and evil flight ; 

!' But bid them back to the abyss of night. 

Their merited abode of wail and pain ; 

There to torment themselves, and wreak their WfitB 

On the lost spirits subject to their chain ; 
Lo, this my bidding is, and thus do I ordain !** 


Th» saM. the nrine'd Archaugel low inclined 
In revVut swe before U>' Almiiflity'a Ihroiw; 
Then Bpnad bis golden pinloiu on Ihe wind, 
' And, nrifler Uisu all thouglit, sway la flown : 
He pos'd Uifl regioDB which lh« Bleoed own 
For their pHrulior bomv, « glflnotw ^ibera 
Of Rn and qileiidor ; neit, the milder zoae 
or whilecl ciyalal ; and the circle clcai, 
Wbieh, ppniin'd with slam, whirls rouud, aud i 
hat luuerul ear- 

To leR, dietioct in iaflaence and in pba». 
He 8FF9 brighi Jove and Ih^ Satum rail ; 
And tho» file other erraul fins, wh«e raOM 

Of mOtiOD HHDS BDg?liC «puk Ot tOUi 

DirecU with Inilh unerring la the goal ; 
Tlimugh Gdib oT endle» «uidiiDB h« amvm 
Where lliunden, winda, and stwweti from pole to pole 
Waste and rrnew, u Each for miM'i; itmea, 
Gloen Earth, that fadee to btooin, and to dccajr renna. 

The borron of Uie «tomi, the f^adowy gtonoa. 
With bis immortal fani he riiakra away ; 
The qilendcB' falling fiom hin face illumea 
Night with a nuuliine lominow ai day ; 
60 after rain in April or in May, 
The aun with colors tine of ev'rj- hne 
FainU the nicwt clonds. greeu. crimaon. gold, and gray ; 
Cleaving the liquid aky'ii calm bonm iJiie, 
Bo diioea a shooling star in momentary riew. 

But when he came when Ihc dmIÌc^uiI F^rnib 
loflamed the Tiub, he check 'd hi> drift cann; 
Balanced ha vig'rona piuioiia on the winib : 
Then ipoke, aud. ^waking, diook hii dreadfOl apeaT: 
" Not yet. Aocuranl ', haro ye Irnni'd lo feur 
That Uod wbote blaiing thondetholu of yore 
S«nrch*d your guy wiuga, and to Uie ueihcr ^hera 
Smote yon 1 have agea, speul in lomnuu Hne, 
Left you ntnlUoua Aill, and liauRbly aa before 1 



" Lo ! Heaven hath sworn, that to the Croei ihall ofld 
Yon towen, and Sion ope her portal gates ; 
Who shall witlMtand the oracles of Grod ; 
Provoke his wrath, and fight against the Fates ! 
Depart, ye Cureed ! to your native states, 
The regions of perpetual death and pain, 
To you devote ; the fiery surge awaits 
Your coming, and roars bright its blazing mane ; 
lÌMve urge your imp ious wars, your triumphs there oidaiB ! 


*' There o'er the guilty tyrannize ; there wreak 
Your rase, and muster all the pangs ye know, 
Mid racks of iron, s!iakeu chains, the shriek 
And gnashing of interminable wo !" 
This heard, they ficd ; whom he perceived more slow» 
The Angel, with his fatal lance divine, 
Goaded and drove ; with sullen groans they go ; 
The realms of smiling light, and golden shine 
Of the gay morning-stars reluctant to resign. 


And spread tow'rd Hell their dragon wings, to tease, 
And tear with sharper pangs the tortured ghosts ; 
Not swallows in such fioclw pass o'er the seas, 
Gath*ring to milder suns and wanner coasts ; 
Not leaves in woods, when Autumn's fint night-firasts 
Nip tlicir sear*d beauty, in such numbers e*er 
Heap the low valleys : freed from their foul hosts. 
The joyous earth shook off her black deboair, 
And cheer d witli flowers the ground, with liarmony the 


Yet not for this the valor or the ire 
In fierce Argantcs* breast docuy*d or sank ; 
Though there Alecto breathed not now her fire. 
Nor with her whip of scorpioiiM lasii'd his flunk ; 
But evermore, where frown'd the closest rank. 
He keenly plied his Hharp, vindictive blade ; 
He mow'd down Briton, (vrrok. Italian, Frank 
The proud, tiio mean, ihr jMitciit equal mudo ; 
^Jld the plumed li^'^ro be>i(l(^ his pliiiiicl<'-«s vussal laid. 


Not hi IwliiDd, the Camp Clorinda mtom'à 
With snerd limbii. and wilh » krva a ^uM ; 
ThrDu^ Serliu^r'i proud heart, l)ie Kami aboda 
or life and HD», bRt cimeliv ihe tbnwl^ 
True lo ber wiah. and lo her um b jwt. 
lU rrd point Bu«d from the back ; uh* left 
The baplfea «aniar gnn'iinf in the dual. 
Then thnn^i the navel Albino bereft 
Of life, and Gatla'a akuU, tliough heLn'd. in «under deft 

Gerniec'* right hand, that ga^'d her as the paaTd, 
She cm aheer off; which fel did not alxaiii 
FracQ gntfia^ wiUi rli quiVring liu^H fvt, 
Half aDimate, the awonl, and an the plwu 
GKd lUtB a eoake'a inhe tail, that, ent in twain 
By eome Btong paiaenger, twiRa to and fro, 
AJid fiercaly atiima to reaidl*. in vain : 
Thna hpp'd, he mithed : the Hrininr lirfl him w, 
Tben at AchOk* Oew, and dealt ■ uoUei blow. 

Betwiit the nape and arek the mibrf mnit, 
And cut the ne rmi and anewi that MMain'd 
The head, which, rallui;;. on the eaith alit. 
And in foul dual the benulpou* face (nlaat*!, 
Bte the trunk Ml ; end tlie tnmk remoin'd, 
(A Behl of homr I) nor ìli aeat (onook ; 
Tin tbe aagacioua ateed. no longer reiu'd 
Bf the alrong hand (hat wont ita pride to brook. 
Rampant frani off lU back tlie uavleai buidcD abo^ 

The WeMeni LottU. and 1^ 

LO jror»] and iCOaf]{ed 

At her coiiraieoiu liral ei 

Bat face to face in bailie I 

Fate granta it not, — their 

ime, llie iame wild beauty 
re of gtory gtmn ; 

a an owed to nigbtNT 




Here one, and there the other shocked and chained, 
Nor tliiH nor that could clear the ti^htiti^ crowd; 
But f^n'rous Guelph pressed forward, and discharged 
At his fair foe, with broad-sword raicied, a proud 
Aspiring stroke ; it lingered not, but plough'd 
Her side, and purple tum'd its purest white ; 
Heroic scorn her flashing smile avow'd, — 
She with a tlirust sharp answer made the knight, 
And *twijct the ribs his wound did passing well requite. 


A second, stronger blow Lord Guolpho strook, 
Which err'd as tall Osmida, passing by, 
By chance upon his turban*d forehead took 
The wound unmeant, gjish'd deep from eye to eye : 
But here, for glory fierce, tlie company 
Which Guelph commanded, interposing, drew 
In numbers round ; while. fix*d to do or die. 
Of the press*d Pagans crowds on crowds throng'd too, 
So that the madd'uing fight mure wild each moment grew. 


Meanwhile Aurora sweet her roseate face 
Shows from the balcony of heaven ; and lo ! 
Burst from liis bonds, and fervent from disgrace, 
Where the press thickens and the tumults grow, 
Comes Argillan, abrupt ; from top to toe 
Sheathed in such arms as chance for the assault 
First ofFors, — good or bad, he cares not, so 
They do but serve him to amend his fault, 
And by new deeds to praise his tamish'd name exalt 


As when a wild steed in the stalls of kings 
Fed for the battle, from his manger breaks ; 
O'er vales, o'er mountains to his loves he «prings, 
Seeks the known meads, or to the river takes ; 
His curl'd mane dances on his back ; he shakes 
His haughty neck aloft ; hn broad hoofs sound 
Like the black thunder ; with the bright fire-flakes 
Stnick forth from his swi fit trampling, burns the ground 
And with his neijrhinjrs shrill he fills »he world aroiwd. 


So anKa Argillan ; hi* frtce »y« blaie, 
Intrepid tbow» bia brow. niUimely Btrang 
Hb liflrd arm ; hia awift feri Wtn dd tnoe. 
Soiree «tic the lleht drnd u they bound idoii| 
And iiDW. Uip lurt»n'd inulliliidea mnoue. 
tit lifts lib voice Jiktt oup that Ibq^ to torn 
Ali jmpAtdy aiid feu ; ■■ O ye lile thtoag ! 
Dregs of the iroiid '. what impodeoce has dr 
foa lo a fidd of war, amidnt wUd an« bn 1 

>"Tw not for 70a the ihidd and battle Uaihl 
To «hake aloft, or wear Ihe wuiior^ weed ; 
But to «xnmil, hair naked and afraid. 

By valiolEi deatiiB then Ainica 
Then at Aitiiazerciilhiiii: jletf 



" Not thou, whoe'er thoa art, Bhalt glory long 
In this my death, short-sighted homicide ! 
like chance awaits thee ; soon a hand more stionff 
Shall stretch thee pale and breathless by my side ! 
Grimly he smiled ; and " Of my fate," ho cried, 
<* Let Heaven take care ; meanwhile die thou, and fill 
The maw of birds and hounds*!*' then with a stride 
Of haughtier vaunt, he prc^s'd him with his heel. 
And drew at once away ttie spirit and the steel. 


Mix*d with the lancers rode the Soldan*s page- 
His fav'rite page, angelically fair ; 
On whose smooth chin the flowers that vernal age 
Strews in its deepening ripeness yet were rare ; 
A poet*s fancy would the pearls compare 
That in moist silver his warm cheeks enchase, 
To dews on April roses ; to his hair, 
Untrimm'd, the golden gather'd dust gave grace. 
And even severe disdain siiow'd sweet in such a face. 


His steed for whiteness mutcird the snows that drift 
On the high Apennines ; the lights that glance 
In Arctic skits, are not more lithe and swift 
Than he to run, to twine, to wheel, to prauce : 
Grasp'd in the midst he shook a Moorish lance, 
And a short sabre graced his side ; with bold 
Barbaric pomp, as in antique romance. 
He shone in purple, glorious to behold, 
Fretted with blazing gems, and damask'd o'er with 


While the fair boy whose mind the new delight 
Of glor>' charmed, with uncheck'd conquest warm» 
Hither and thither in his childish sleight 
Drove the bewilder'd crowd with little harm, 
Like a grim lion couching cool and calm. 
Fierce Argillano to his motions lent 
Regard ; watched well his time ; then raised his anor^ 
Loud whizz'd the lance, and, tnie to his intent, 
At stealth the white steed slew, and down the rider went 




Al hù (wcet lice, wLm» suppliant pity mild 
For mrn:;! mercy, vainly mule appcn], 
The viMor-churi struck, liD(iin|r to have «pDil'd 
That maMFi^npce of beauty ; but the H«el, 
Humanrr Ihui Ihc nuu, aj^viit'd to foel 
Pain lor the wTon^;, and lij^ited dst ; alaa, 
What «mid it mtne him ! «Doa hu cruel dull 
Tbe &ult ntiierfd, — he made a «URt paia ; 
Derp fTuh'd the inroid liia cheek, and lUetth'd ji 

The Soldoji, who ai no (rreat diftaaee fonffat. 
By Godfrey iu Ihe battle kr-pt at bay, 
Tum'd hB qwrr'd iteed the moment he had cangbt 
%|^I of the riik, and thniugh Ihe wedded array 
Of charged and charpng HgiiadroaB ctove hii way, 

O giief : O an^iih '. he beheld bit gay 
And late «o nniling Leebiu lowly laid, 
like ■ fine Bowei cut down, aud àtoopkag undecay'iL 

Hia graceful head fell wil)i au air «a maak ; 
Life'* flilIÌD|> mudiiue langmah'd into night 
O'er hk blue eye, and ou the *u&"iii» dieek, 
Stiew'd by Death's Ao^l io hk love, the white 
Ro» breathed to iweetiy, that, in pride'» depute. 
Hi* tDoible heail was louch'd ; and from hk bnia. 
In nùàKl of loge, the tean giuh'd bif; and bright : 
Wbal ', can he weep, who raw hi» aucieut reign 
F» by without oue teat to mark hk pailiug pain 1 

He weeps ! but when Ihe «mokiiig sword be view* 
In LMbiD's blood imbrued, all boAdhs dies ; 
Hk qiiiit ■ ablu? ; his rsge renews ; 
Tbe Ecorch'd lonr» stagnate in hk slorrny eyra. 
That flash wiUi fire ; an Arsrillan he fiiei, 
lifts hk drawn swoiil, and splits from llwng Io thoog. 
First the luised buckler with its pcniid d'Tie*. 
And next bk helmed head — a struke most atroag. 
Woittay a Sohsn's «euni who vritlied beneath snch 



Nor thu content, he firom his steed aligrhts, 
And makes fierce battle with the corse he slew ; 
Like a struck mastiff, that in vengeance bites 
The stone some passenger in anger threw : 
O vain relief of anguish ! to pursue 
With rage the dust insensible to pain : 
But meanwhile Godfrey and his circling crew 
Of chevaliers, against the Soldan*s train 
Spent not in vain their powers, struck not their blows 
in vain. 


A thousand Turks were tliere from head to heel 
Sheathed in fine mail, with plated shields ; their framei, 
Untiled by toil, was stubborn as the steel 
That arm'd their limbs ; their daring souls the same^^ 
Versed in all movements of the martial game : 
The Soldan*s ancient body-guard, they passed 
With him to the Arabian wUds, when came 
His evil hour, and to his fortunes fast 
Adhered through bright aud dark, couTed^rates to the last 


These, pressed together close in firmest rank. 
Little or nothing to the Franks gave place ; 
Among them Godfrey charged, and in the flank 
W^ounded Roetene, Corcutes in the face ; 
From Selin, lifting high his Moorish mace. 
He shore the head ; then to Kosseuo drew, 
LoppM off* both arms, aud in that piteous case 
Lcfl him to die, while on the rest he flew ; 
And many a Paynim mohn'd, and many a Faynim 


While thus he strikes, and on his moony shieU 
Takes all their strokes, invincible as bold. 
Nor in one point Uie g^uff" barbarians yield, 
Their hopes yet ardent, nor their courage cold. 
Fresh clouds of drifted dust ride nigh, Uiat hold 
Lightnings of war within their womb ; and lo ! 
Nearer aud nearer aa their skirts are roird, 
A sudden shine of arms moves to aud fro, 
That fills with deep alarm the bosoms of the foeu 



Here fifty koiirhlB Id baltic camr. who b 
In BrtTMil fwld the Rfd-cn» of Uifir Loi 
Had 1 a hundred moulh« and taa^ra, \i 

Their deeds, I rould not fillinely re 
What uumbera lifelon rank upon D 
Tn their fij^t char^ ; Ihe TBliaat T 
And Arab that warred not, but aoui 
The gBM for flight, aUke wa* met, was 

Grief. Scorn, Fua, Horror, Ciueltf.and Fear, 
Ran ehriekini; on all ndu, and joa miffht aee 
Death Ihe Dolnyer itrido finn ran to rear. 
In IhoDsaDd giiiHe. botch'Hli|[ Ihoee that flee ; 
Conqu'ring the brave ; and with a hloodv »«a 
Billowing the ground : — the kinc^ wilh many a kiugfat 
Had iBDed frvm Ibe walls, in ceitointv 
OC Cdll eurcnv, and with the momÌDE'li^t 
Beheld Ihe nilqecl plain and oncomplelMl fighi. 

Bui when, no longer dubioog of th' «real. 
He the main army saw in dinimy, 
He bade the tnimpel mind irlreal, and K 
Repealed heialde lo comnmnd and pray 
Argaulee aud Clorinda back ; boi they, 
InloiicBle with blood, and blind with ire. 
Long lime refuse his roeaiage lo obey ; 
Al leaglh Ihey yield. Iitil jointly still Bifin 
To oib their «cBlter'd Inwpa and in firm rank 





is laken, atid 


■ia shield, «id 




ncumbctM Iha 





■oin Ihe South 


vaUev winds, a 

mi pi 


m,— thillirr do 



Dark cloud* of dust u 



While down the hill precipitate they ran, 
The Christian host vattt slaughter of them made ; 
But when Uiey croM*d the vallt*y, and began 
To climb the rocks in bowshot of toe aid 
Sent by the king, his forces Guelpho stay'd ; 
For, at such disiftdvantuges of height, 
He would not risk th' uncertain escalade ; 
Thus safe within the walls, the king from fiight 
Received the small remains of that unprosp'rous fight 


All that to human efforts Nature grants, 
The Soldan now had done ; with sweat and gore 
His members are bedew'd ; ho gasps and pants ; 
Sharp anguish shakes his frame, he can no more : 
Weak grew his arm beneath the shield it bore ; 
His red right hand, with slaughter overepeut, 
Scarce waved the sword ; that sword, so sharp before, 
Now only bruised, so bluntrd, huck'd, and bent, 
It long had lost the use for which the sha|>e was lent 


Feeling thus faijit, ho hesitating stands 
In dubious mood, 'twixt warring counsels tossM,— 
Or should he perish hy his own prona h:«idM, 
Sine" hope afresh w;is wreck'd and honor lost, 
So none tlie glory of iiis death could boiist, 
Or, should ho care to Have his lifo, and ilee 
Far from the field whore lay his vunquish'd host? 
" Fortune." at last he criod, ** I yield to thoe ; 
And let my flight the seal of thy po(jru*d roni|uest be: — 


" Let Godfrey view once moro, and smile to view 
My second exile ; — soon sliall he aijuiii 
See me in arms retJim'd, to vex anew 
His haunted peace and novor stable reign : 
Yield I do not ; eternal my disdain 
Shall be as are my wn>ngs ; though fires consume 
Mv dust, immortal shall mv hato remain ; 
And aye my naked ghost fresh wrath awume. 
Through life a foe most fierce, hut fiercer from the 

tomb !" 






8mmK the Stridmn, u be sleeps, [rmh 
Ttie PnoEo to Skib. wbtn Ui couota Imi 




WmiM yet he spoke, a steed, from battle Btny*d, 
Came bounding; up to hini, on whoee free rein 
A hot and hasty hand the Soldan laid. 
And leap*d across him, faint with toil and pain : 
The dn^on crest, that with siicii Icn^h of train 
Of late in air rose dreadful « shorn away, 
Leaves the proud helm uudi{(nifìed and plain ; 
Bent are his griorious robeR, his trapping;» gray ; 
Nor hae he left one sign of pomp or kin^y sway. 


Aa from the wattled pens the villain wolf 
Chased out, scuds darklinir to tlio forentH hoar. 
Which, though ho well hiui fìlPd the rav'nous gulf 
Of his vast stomach with the flesh and gore 
Of many a victim, thirHting yet for more, 
L^ on tne bloody froth his jawH distil. 
With greedy tongue ; e'en so the Soldan bore 
From that night's slaughter an uuMited will. 
For boondlesB fields of blood nthint and hungering stilL 


Aa was his fortune, from the drizzly cloud 
Of sounding arrowH that around him (lew. 
From groves of lances, raiikn of swonL*. a crowd 
Of hostile knights, secun'ly he withdrew ; 
And ever as he rode, unknown to view. 
The most untrod and wildt-Kt ways he sought ; 
While, unreHoIvod what mcui«ure to pursue. 
With each fn>.sli billow of rontlirting thought, 
fiuctnates his «tunny iiiiiid. kIIII fixiu;;, flx'd on naught. 





Where no* 

* Em- be ™«d»«d to hie. 
lbs QJ^h hk vxt horti «ny-d ; 


wuh hiiB. tl.f anu. and fato to l« 

or > fi»h cmiflict ; lliia dfcawn in*il^ || 

Id h» mid 

rour» no loujrfr he deUy'd, 

Bui n-ith I 

Rode for I 

c Scnith ; he u»d«l none >o .id, 

To show tl 

Bigfat HUongly towei'd, tho town of uilique Gau itaA. 

Aud ba weak Iniae rroira weaiy, will b* 1^ 

Ha xm» A»de Io toMe the bl» of «u». 

Bui m Hire 

iruvel ^nd- ih" lotal d;,v. 

Till from h 

«« t.,,.1 .'.,...."■.„,. :,wnT. y 

And >hadn 

wtlmz- --■ ■...■..-Ur.,wo; 1 

H.' Ih<n a 

U'hu; li.:' ■ ■■ iiiu, ' 

IliB Ihnllm 

Of ovcniodd. 

ypdilli, -lin' 1 - . ■ ! . . -il-wu. 1 

And bus 

rrfm. d on - bare eiin «.ug 1, 

H» »d 




h ra 

■l\ " b 

fad ^dra 

H« wd h art 

i 11 » J. n- d fi rerij torn. 

A .^ 

h d p~lEoon, 




Ì 1 



\ d U- 

P- d ' 


U — 


ToDMi A 



** Sotyman ! Solyman ! this lazy reti 
To a more suited time reserve ; 8tiH ^rroan» 
The land thou*Ht ruled — a weeping slave, oppreas'd 
Beneath the yoke of foreign myrmidons : 
And aleep'st thou here, upon a soil that owns 
So deep a vestige of thy late disgrace 7 
Hast thou the sad remembrance lost, whose bones 
Untomb*d it holds ? is it in such a place 
That thou must idly wait to give the mommg chase 7* 


mie Soldan, waking, raised his eyes, and view'd 
A man beneath a hundred winters bent ; 
Who, with a writhen staff from the wild wood, 
Giuded his feeble steps where'er he went : 
" And who art thou ?*' he utter'd, malccontent, 
** Officious goblin ! whose ill ministry 
Is— thus to haunt lone passengers o'erepent, 
And scare off their brief sleeps? take wing, and flee ! 
What is my proud revenge, what my disgrace to thee !" 

** I," said the bearded Sire, " am one to whom 
Is known in part the scope of your now scheme ; 
And as a friend more watchful of your doom 
And cherisird iut'rests than you yet may deem, 
I come ; nor let my bitter sarcasm seem 
Severe in vain ; scorn is the (]uick*niiig spur 
Of virtue and ennobling self-esteem ; 
Let not my accents then, which ser\'o to stir 
Hie latent fire to flame, your anger thus incur. 


" Though now (if I yojir ]iurpose read aright) 
Tour steps to the Egyptian Court incline, 
A dangerous jounioy aud a fruit lew flight, 
If yet you pause not in your rash design. 
My mystic art, from many a hostile sign, 
Pk«dicls ; since, whether you remain or go, 
No less tlie forces of the Saracine 
Will march ; and there, what valor can you shoWy 
Or bow your genius use against our conunon foe? 

•' But, if you IniBt in me, mlhin lho»e «tik 
Which fan the Latm nnu> in leader gird. 
In open day, and bi the mimat halls 
Of Salem, witbout ^n iini, I pirdee my word 
To bnug yoq nfe, LLiiiiiilicrd aiid anhiu^; 
There take your fi] I in I'li.rj- and dtbghl ; 
WMi anna and ieii.1 in ill riploiU traaiferr'd. 
Defend hei toiren, i.ll. lo rtatw the fight, 
Th» boMs of Egypt come, and coruguM cRnrn 
tight !" 

While Ihta he ipok , 

Hi> voice was like . - 

"li ; ami from li« face. 



And rage he baniat u 

" t'Mbvr r he replied. 

" This mMant 1 am r 

.^> , I am Rwift 

To fbUow where» '> 

ihywUI may guide; 

Thai couuhI'i bett n 

Hy «tópe wiih meet i.-. : 


The Ancieiil pii.^ril 

If fruì, all'i "ì r.iial<tv^-i 


Aeov'reisujuic,. thai 

Stanch'd ihe rfd ichu 

And, sceiLK .,"«■ Ih.- 

un b..Lr.U !.. L'.ld 

The oricDI clouds vel 

.urlile fruui tiicir plav 

Round you UE Auróm 

■■Rise from otTliiy «hie 

Thev n» 

lini ■ tue 




ii>t; all 

< Shook I 

e rich re 

and «Mil a 

: Laalld 1 

le black 

is. II 

i (=0 swili 


' Of hoof 

M wheel 

1 Proudly 


id SII 



ut tlivi 

1 Champ tlic 



all «-'„: 



Away ! away ! and etili as fust and far 
They fly» the air to clouds condniKinir roH'd 
In iMape around, und dra{>ed tli' enchanted car, 
Yet not a wreath could human eye behold ; 
Nor etone nor rock, (surprisinir to bo told,) 
Hail*d fix>ni the most magnificent machine, 
Might of its crapelike volume pierce the fold ! 
Yet by the two within were all things seen — 
^le doods, air, earth, and sky, all rosily serene. 


With wrinkling forehead and arched brow, the knight 
On elond and car gazed Ktupidly intent, — 
Iti wheels seem'd wings, and its career a flight, 
So swift and soundleeu on its way it went 
0*er the smooth soil ; the Suirp plenipoteut. 
Who eaw his ruptured spirit btund aghast 
At the sublime and mystical portent. 
From his abstraction routsed him ; voice at last 
Came to his lips, from wliich tiiese eager questions passed 


" Whoe'er thou art that, paNsing mortal man, 
Mak*et pliant Xature tiius thy fr(>aks fulfil, 
Who, reading titouglit and pur{>osc at a Rcan, 
The heart's doso chamlxTs ranirest at thy will, 
O! if it bo witiiiii thy gitled skill, 
Far pcepin«r into Timo, to we tlit* sJiows 
Of things yet dark, and sikII th<>ir troud or ill. 
Say, prophet ! say. what ruin or repose 
Do the mysterious starw foredtMiin from Asia's throes. 


" But first thy name declare, and by what art 
Thou work'st things thus beyond weak Fancy s reach ; 
For, in this stupor of the mind and heart. 
How else can 1 attend thy wondrous spt^ech?" 
The Wizard smiled ; *• Of that which you beseech. 
Part I, at least,'' said he, " will grant ; one puge 
We may turn over, and lU H'crcU* teach ; 
Ismene I, the Syriun ArclnnKi[re. 
Named from the magic arts in whicli I love t' engage^ 


" But, Princp, to glance Ihrougb duk futoritjr, 

And of far Tati 111' ctunial leaves La nadi 
Wcro an atli-nipl [oo nrn3{;aiil uud hi||h> 
Nor do tlie Iloaveiui to man sucb power conceda ; 
To fu» llie ills aud Bufl''na£< lure dccreod, 
All ipinl, wiadom. glrcagtli. let «>cb iv«iiiii« ; 
For oil Ihe vuloroua and tlie vrl e «iiiXcihI 
lu strilung briglilufuB from llie deepen gloom, 
And Truni llie agjlicrea stiBpe oul tlioLi own Uiiitnphunt 

" For Ui« 'iwill be a little -, tho powers 

And pillan of Frauk nde t ke ; prepare 

Not lo floiik ouly, nur to t\ Ihe towcn, 
Which lliose fierce hoat* wilh «uch uuceaHngcan 
Strouglj' encloM, — 'gninel ateol> — 'piiiut firo lay bu* 
ThiiiD all unooQiiu'r^o uui* ; bn b<dd ; 
Hope all IliingH, euilbr all tiling, all tliin)(i due ; 
Myxelf liope nmch ; lu lliee >linll now be laid, 
Whu'l tlirough Uiu miai of j run oWhipIj- I U'liold. 

Yon dancing planet Titan, a Chief uriBo, 

Who BiiiJI grace .\sia will) liia decda renowu'd. 

And Willi Ihe «ceplr^ aC lh« Plalemim 

Kule fruilfiil P-KiV* \ on Ihe policii'*, 

ludiulriolu ana, and bli'Kain^ of hi» reiRii. 

I'm mute, — their nu(iib"r paiiis nij- ultniuine eye» : 

With equal acorn and «tti^iigih h» hand ehnll ihake in 

" Vea '. from ila very base their rxile unjrial 
Shall in hia last ptoud IWUl uprooted be ; 
And the lone remnant for their safety Iruirt 
A pelly rock beside Ihe liowling sea, 
Protected only by iu wavex ; from thee 
Thi» Chief iliul] .pnngr' hen^ huBh'd the | 
'* And O '," the Turk replied» " llirice happy 
DeMined to such a nablb task !" t)ic choice 
Hkyutture llioughts half grudge, yet, wlule Ihey 



" Let Fortune,'* he subjoin'd, " for good or ill 
Come or come not, as is presicribed on hig^h, 
She sways not me, but ihall betiold my will 
UaconquerM uye, and steadfast as the sky : 
Fint shall the moon from her blue circuit fly ; 
First shall the stars* immortal footsteps reel 
From the path fix*d for them to tread, ero I 
Swenre but a step to shun her whirling wheel !" 
He said, and crimson tum'd, with scora and fenrent zeaL 


Thns commune they ; and now the plain they pass, 
Near which their domes the white pavilions rear ; 
There what a cruel sight was seen ! alas, 
In what uimuinbt^r'd slin[)es did death appear ! 
To Soly man's stern eyes a troubled tear 
Of grief and pawiou rose at the survey, 
And fiird his face witli gloom ; afar and near, 
In what wild havoc, how uisulted, lay 
His arms and ensigns, fear'd, so fcar'd of yesterday ! 


He saw the Franks in carnival oVrspread 
The field, ofl trampling on the faces pale 
Of his slain friends as from th* nnburied dead 
They toro the lyorgeoim vests and hWìtU of mail, 
With rude insulting taunts : dowu the far vale, 
in long, long onl«T, many a fun'ral quire 
Was seen attending with the voice of wail 
Bodies bclove<l, while some brought careless fire. 
And Turks and Arabs heap'd in one cumminghng pyie. 


He deeply sigh'd, ho drew his sword in rage. 
And from his seat leap'd, eager in their blood 
T* avenge the insult : but the Archimaire 
His mad n»solve inrt»*xil)ly withstood ; 
And, curbing by rebuke hin furious mood. 
Made him perforce resume the seat resign*d ; 
Then to the loftiest hills his course puraued. 
Baffling the rival pinions of the wind, 
Until the hostile tents in distanco sank behind 



Alighting then, the cliahnl cUaapprai'd, 
And aide liy shIb an foot tlie Irar'Isn went ; 
Siili cuituiu'd ID (he cliiud, their coirne Ihey *l««a'd 
Dowu deep vale of dilHrtilt dcsooiit, 
Till tlicy nrriTciI whore lo the Occidrnt 
Sublima Mount Sion lum'd its shoulden wide. 
In rocka oud cliS^ ranlnalically rent ; 
The» poiuod the Soraenr, and ita fÌBund «de 
Oowtlug frani ateep to atsep, in do» peruaal gyod. 

Scoop'd In the boaom of the liring stone, 
Tims inimemorial, ynwna > hollow grot, 
WliOHo luuulli, (nuu luug diauw, vaa Dveigmwii 
Wilb lin«n and litrbs Dial miiDlU'd all the spot, 
By all but tlrt Marciali long foi^t ^ 
tie clear'd the way, the entruioe be exploredi 
And, bcndiug low tua body, acnipled nut 
Darkling (o creep mia llie cave, unawcd, 
Hiriding luu right huud out lo guide ttis Tutkui)) lord. 

Oat then spake Sol yman;" 

Wh«t nnooulh 

la thia, through wliieli my > 

«ling rtf pa nil 

Far nobler |Hii«age with my 

irmly gimve 

WnuldlhavoeWfl. ifthmi 

" Roludojil Mul 1" the Arci 

" Lot not thy proud ftcl apuj 

m the gloomy » 

Whioh puleiil lli-rod ban «> 
Wiiich Mvrod ofllim« Itod 

Aon IriFd.— 

" Th» cBjo the roonarch acoop'd, whan with a pm 
More strici hia frowanl Jews he ™h"d to bend i 
By this he eouid wilh eawo from yonder lower, 
(Tiira nuiui'd AulonU from hia noble fiieiidj 
Either, inriwbla lo all descend 
To the grand Tom pie, nnd secure liis flight, 
If aught of tumult Ihrealeii'd to unpeiid 
In tha rebeltioug cily, or, by night 
Fnah forcoi iolroduce, nor sliock the public sight 



" This dark and solitary cave, of all 
Existent bcingrs but to me is known ; 
It now shall be our usher to the hall, 
Where in divan the mightiest of his throne, 
Emir, and sage, and Persic Amazon 
Are gathered by the King, who seems to fear. 
Somewhat too much, misfortune^s angry frown ; 
Much needed shalt tliou come ; stand still, give ear, 
Then move, at suited time, bold words of Uvely cheer." 


He said : the Prince no longer now disdains 
To enter the strange cavern ; but by ways 
Where ever-during night, and silence reigns. 
Follows the Wizard through the winding maze ; 
At first low stooping, but the grot in space 
Loftier dilates, the further they explore 
Its labyrinthine depths, until they pace 
At utmost cose of height the chisclfd floor, 
And midway, soon approach a little grated door. 


Ismene shot the lock ; and to the right 
They cUmb*d a staircase, long untrod, to which 
A feeble, glimm'ring, and malignant light 
Streani'd from the cjniling through a windowM niche ; 
At length by corridors of loftier pitch 
They sullied into day, and access had 
To an illumined hall, large, round, and rich ; 
Where, sceptred, crown'd, and in dark purple clad} 
Sad sat the pensive King, amid his Nobles sad. 


The Turk, unseen within the hollow cloud, 
His eager eyes around th* assembly roll'd ; 
And heard meanwhile the monarch, from his proud 
Enameird seat of elephant and gold. 
His changed imaginations thus unfold ; 
** Oh, ruinous iiideed the day gone by 
Proved to our rule ! my eagle heart is cold ; 
Cold, O my friends ! and, cast from hopes so high, 
E^rypt is now the all on which we can rely. 


" Bui well ye wie hon dlslEuil are ber ana» 
From out so prrauiig cxigvocD, ulna, 
Our risks ; for yuiir udvice in Ihcso alarms 
We all arc met,— each upeah Ihe Ihaivhts In hoa." 
He ceaipti ; sad eouuds srauiid lepinine pa». 
Like boJIow wiuils In woods when dark the year 
V/ecfm into wUiler ) but, with frani of bra», 
Livoljr of look and confìdcrul of cliecr, 
Aignnles alnughl uproo, and liiuli'd tadi whisp'rinE 

" What, most mognifieeal of Kingi! whot nawT 
Wero Ihs first words nf the uiidaiiuted Kai^hl ; 
" What trial's this T who does uot know, that thm 

Neod'st DDt our jiidgmsnta to decide uigllt t 
Yet wUI I uy, ba all out Iiopea ia figlit 
nscFd ill ounelTea ; and if, u sclioolmoii tell, 
No illH can lianii true Virtue, nor ulTrielit, 
Be Ihnt our spi'ar, our sliicld, our citadel,— 
Let lu her diclatea ii», nor love oui lives tw Well 

'• I my not Ihii lu lioprlen nf (lie 

To scora tliH chance tliai guid™ ua lo Iho KTBve, 
And look ou vict'iy Mill a» our prpdeMined slave." 

Iliai ipaka Arijanlei ; iiothlne more he chose 

When will) an air of state Orcano re^. 
A peer dosrciidcd from a princely race ; 
With warrion anco he held reitpfrcled place ; 
But, married to a young and bpiiiiimus bride. 


" My FHnce," he thus began, '* I ne'er can Uame 
The warmth of words magnificent, that start 
Bright with the impress of young Glory's flame, 
W^ch will not be confined in the close heart ; 
And if the good Circassian, in the smart 
Of ardent feeling, ofl in speech exceeds 
Cool caution's bounds and overplays his part, 
This let him claim ; for, hotly as he pleads, 
His glorying words are match'd by no loss glorions deedti 


** Bat it behooves thee, whom the wider ken 
Of times and actions so discreet has made, 
Such spirits by thy wisdom to restrain. 
When by enthusiast heat too far betrayed ; 
To balance with thy hopes of distant aid 
Our present perils — wliat may yet befall, — 
And to contrast, in this their fierce crusade. 
The arms, the zeal, the genius of the Gaul, 
With each new builded work and immemorial waU. 


** Our town (if freely I may speak my thought) 
Is strong by nature, stronger yet by art ; 
But what sublime and strong machines are brought 
Ag^ainst its bulwarks, on the advene part ! 
What is to happen, I know not, — my heart 
Both hopes and feurs the issue, as the scale 
Vibrates of war ; but hope must soon depart, 
Hope must depart, for sustenance will fail. 
If they in stricter mege invest us, and assaiL 


« But« as respects the store of herds and grain 
That yesteniight within the walls was brought. 
While the pressed Franks, in yon pavilioned plain 
Crimsoning their swords, on conquest only thoogfaty 
(And at the greatest hazard it was wrought,) 
What will it be in this large town? at most, 
Scant for our need, if the siege lasts ; nor short 
The siege must prove, e'en though tlie Egyptian hoi 
Come punctual to the day and hour at firat proposed. 



" But irhnt. if loneer they clcl»y ! or rtmiI 
Tliat tbej our hop™ outstrip, ami well lulfil 
llicir plighlcd promisi', a Uitir uaught U> du 
U lAe wnr-Monn roll ■) bock from Zton bill t 
In viet'ty oura ! — No, Kiiig : wo mun figlit ■ 
With this redoubml (riidlrey, as at fini ; 


on tum'd for aafely to thy wiod-cwift feet : 
Couplod with thee in duDgpr aod defvut, 
TluH knows ClonLtda, tiiis know I ; not ODS 

AboTB the nst \ my lofd, 1 ceusuro douc ; 
All lluit LI» ought of uiaa ciuk do, oimclvea huvc douo* 

" Tet win I By, lliougli lie abould fnwa lo bei 
The truth, unci fìrrcply lulto (he àaa uf bole, 
I nee, alu, by token* bui too deal. 
The dreuted Frankj led oDWud by ■ fule 
Not to be shiuui'd '. do force, however gnat, 
Nor hameomn of ateel, uor towere of Mouo 
Will bar tlieir linai couqiiesl ; tliin I Btsls, 
(Bear witaea, righleous Ileaveu !) from leal ok 
Zeal liir my counuy's good, aod duly lo tbe Ltuou 

" How wise the King of THpoli i he knew 
How with calm peace bis kingdom 
Wbile by bin slubbanini 
Tlieir vengmnce down. 
Or vilely groao* beneath Ibe victor's cbiUD j 
Or into exile, of each face afraid, 
Flies, ekejog qqI a life of csre sud pain ; 
He too, bad he but yirlded part, aiiil paid 
Tribale or gifl«ofpdce,might still his reoloia have BWaj'd.' 



In these ambiguous words the Syrian gave 
A dubious glimpse of his oblique device ; 
For, to buy peace and live a feudal slave 
He durst not openly the king advise : 
But the impetuous Solyman of Nice, 
With deepest scorn and indignation stung, 
No longer could endure such calumnies ; 
And first the Wizard whisper'd him, '* How long 
Art thou disposed to bear the taunts of such a tongue T" 


** Against my will," he answer*d, " well yoo wist, 
Keep I thus mute ; I bum with rage and scorn !" 
Scarce had he said, than the gross web of mist 
That like a garment mantled them, was torn. 
And into open heaven dissolving borne ; 
At once refulgent from the rending cloud 
The Prince stood forth in the clear light of mom ; 
With fiery eye, magnificent and proud, — 
Into the hall he strode, and sudden spake aloud : 

" Lo, I of whom ye prate, before you stand. 

No tim*rous wretch that into exile flies. 

But ready e'en with this war-wearied hand, 

To prove how foully yon pale craven lies ! 

And is it I, who shed — in all men's eyes, 

Such streams of blood ; who fought, the livelong 

Till the smooth plain did into mountains rise, — 
I, who with thousands still sustain'd the fight, 
Of every friend deprived — am I accused of flight 7 


" But mark me well ! if he, or any such, 
False to his faith, his countr>', and his kind. 
Dares on so base a theme again to touch, 
This sword shall stab the mischief in his mind : 
First lambs and wolves shall in one fold be join'd ; 
First doves and snakes shall in one nest embrac e ; 
Ere on one soil afiianced peace shall bind 
Our hands in friendship with this hated race ; 
No! first the stable globe shall perish from its {i4ace«" 



While gpoaking. he hia lenihlo right hand 
IiBirj on hia award in IhrrulTuI Btliludtt ; 
As statura inule> tlis Magnai» of the land 
Sale, by hia woida and Unrgon face Bulxlupd : 
Tlirn with a geuUer lone, in milder mood, 
He greeted eourleoual)' Ihe King, nnd Mid ; 


He, ruine lo lalnte liini, made reply ; 
" Oh wilb what joy do 1 b»hold Ilice here ! 
Now, neither of my niaughlpr'd chivalry 
FeeJ I the lose, nor for the hiluns fear ; 
Thou of a trulli ari come, campaaiaii dear ! 
My power lo fii, and in good limo roneir — 
Unless Uie Hali'riug ilam prove imincerr — 
Thine own :" thus «ayipg, lo the Prince he drew, 
And round his neck bis unut in aliict embniceaun 

And on hia left hand placed Ihe suge lami 
While of their wondroua ROming unromoi 
Curioua Uie King for eiplannlion preos'd 
The Arcliimnge apart, (.'Inriiidu sht'iin 
Came (ram her Brut, and lo llie royal gne 
Reapsclful homage paid ; liiiu honaring, ram 

And with them brave OrniUBBrs, ivha, endued 

or late by Solyman with powers to euids 

A tnwp of Arabs to the town, pursued 

Ways long diaused, and while the tight was plied 

With Mernest rasoi ulion, undescrird 

Throng Ibe dark niiduighl, had the «kill to gant 

~ ■ •■■ ■ .afWy;a ■■ ■ 



irouRht si 

tl hud lo 

d gram 



Sole with an aspect fall of surly scorn, 
Silent the piqued Circassian kept his place ; 
Like a grim lion, that at sound of horn 
Rolliugr his eyes, disdains to stir one pace : 
Abash'd Orcano durst not e'en upraise 
Htu eyes ; but, prick'd by shame's compunctuous sting, 
Shrunk from his wrong'd opponent's angry gaze : 
The Soldan thus and nobles in a ring 
Leave we in deep divan, around the Syrian King 


But Godfrey, following fast as victory led, 
Had clear'd the arabush'd straits, the guarded heights ; 
And paid meanwhile to his lamented dead 
The last funereal pomps and pious rites : 
And now he gives command that all his knights 
Be ready, when the matin trumpet calls. 
To move th' assault ; their ardor he incites ; 
And wheeling round, in prospect of the walls. 
Yet mightier rams and towers, the townsmen more 


And when he knew the noble troop that came 
In the last fìght bo timely to his aid 
For his own kniglits, who, through their amorous flame, 
Had followed late the fair insidions maid, — 
And with them Tancred, whom we saw betray'd 
To powerless bondage in Armida's cage. 
After his fancied Lady as he stray'd, — 
Alone before the Solitary Sage 
And his chief friends, he sent, their presence to engaga 


Soon as they came, " Ijet one of you," he said, 
" Of your brief wand'rings the events relate ; 
And by what turn of fortune you were led 
To bring such succor in so sharp a strait :" 
They blusli'd ; since, e'en for venial errors, great 
Is the remorse of virtue ; each would shun 
The task, and downcast stood with looks sedate 
Raising his eyes at length, th' illuHtrious son 
Of British William rose, and bashful thus begun. 



" Wo, wlio«e Tffld lou rwnoin'd iindr»wn, whils ni^t 

Following, I noi deny, Lnvs's oipli-ot lighl. 
And B fair Tace intidious to uniio ; 
Wb Wfnl by oroolicd bywny», trod hy few. 
In lUscord, jcslouay, and fiproo drbute ; 
Anil oA Uie wlich impaHiou'd glnncw Uinw, [lata I) 
Sweet «orda, and «wnter onUca. {Kfa Ihrongb tM 
Whicli, whilo Ihey fed oui lave, bctewcd Our mulual 

" At leneth we 


Ih- »»aned QM, 



RoiaM down ita 


a anoisnt time. 

Revenging outn^d Nalu 

n on the IcMon 

or four Gomorra, 

1 and he 

Once [mitCnl waa Iho land 

, aud pi>i« tho dkna 

Where odioua w 

Ida now 

ret, Bud billowa yell. 

Roll'd on a wild 

agoon Klimo 

BmokiDg as llwy bwpII, 


reatha in gr™ 

^r tlie l> 

u Qud Biiljih'roiiB aco 


■■ This IB Iho pool in which Mhsto'er la Ihniwa 

Will nPTPf «Ink. 

Men, iran, marb 

e. bra». 

and Kolid atom-, 

All that ha* w«ieHI. !• bii 

A coat le crowila 

he flood 

A narrow toidKO 


Thillicr «0 WCH 

; within 

Our Husra,— Na 

ber liri|rlili<>t amilo ; 


tj ahone the aura 

liner BOS, 

and laugh'd tli' eneh 


Heard was [he buo lo hum, 11» di 

Nor mule waa hoovenly Vhllujuel 

The gloiiuua xtruclnrea n'ruuj;bl iu 



** On the smooth turf, near the melodious wave, 
lu browneAt shade were ivory tables set ; 
With sculptured vases deck'd and viands brave 
Of every clime and season, — all that yet 
Art dress'd, or taste purveyed, or rifling net 
Snared from the leafy wood or billowy sound, 
With every flavorous wine and rich sherbet ; 
A hundred charming nymphs, with ros^ crown'd, 
Skilful as Hebe, served, and sped the banquet round. 


** With radiant smiles and fond engaging speech 
She brew'd enchantments fatal to our fame ; 
While at the feast, from Love's full goblet, each 
Quaff 'd off a long forgetfulness to shame, 
She, ri8»ing, said, * I soon return •/ she came, — 
But with a fuco less tranquil than before ; 
Her cheek's rose-hues were deepen'd into llame ; 
A small enchanting wand her right hand bore, 
Her left a book, whence she strange mysteries murmur'd 


" Fast as she read, I felt a secret chancro 
Invest at once volition, sense, and thought ; 
I long'd the watery elem'^nt to range, 
Lejip'd from my seat, and flounced in amorous sport 
Through the smooth wave, — so wonderfully wrought 
Her spell I my legs combined ; my arms began 
T' incorporate ; my tall form grew spare and short ; 
O'er all my skin bright scales of silver ran ; 
And the nmto fiah possess'd the late majestic man. 


" Changed like myself in fonn and instincts, all 
Swam the clear silver of the living stream ; 
What then my feelings were, I now recall 
As through the medium of a brainsick dream: 
At length it pleased th' Enchantress to redeem 
Our spirits from the spell ; our shapes we took, 
But wonder kept us dumb, and awe supreme; 
When, still some anger lowering in her look, 
She, threat'ning thus, our hearts with fresh commotion 



'■ • Le, now at Icngtli ye know in<r height of power, 
My «mpin o>r ^ii '. iu my will it lien. 
To sliut yoii up forevor iu yon fowof, 
D<isd Ifl Ibe «lui^iiie of the oheeM'ul duM ; 
Or rib yoa into rocks of alone or k»> 
To bettr tlm fary of all windi llial Uow ; 
To wiug you into binla ; or, in a trios. 
Boot you in «irth lo geiminate and gmw ; 
It) ebaggy tiidca to bowl, or in oold fouutaiua flow. 

" < You ytt may ahun my BnirM, if jn dwow 
T* adapt )-our conduct to my novVMgn trill | 
Chan^ bui your faith, and in our asTriee me 
Yonr awonls t!in impioua Lomiucr to kill :* " 
All Kom'd the cursrd conditions to fulfil. 
Saw base Rambaldo ; Mm, atid him elinie 
Sho won, — while we (for 'gninst her majpiC akill 
What could avail ?) iu darksomo cells wffd thrown, 
Boueath a weight of cliaiu», iai long, lung uiooni to groan. 

Not lone '1'' ''■ ■' ' " " 

CarnenMl. I'l I ■ . 

Fronirieli IP., ■!,,-. II-,-. 

Thai he our lr.«.|i. di«in] 

Aa an i^igiug gilt before ll 

" Walcb'd by a hundred guards we wei 
When, a« Iho proviilenre of llraTrn d« 
The good Rinaldo, who from day to da; 
Goes adding by same new licruic deed 
Freah grace to glory, on hia apriglitly et 
Mel iw. uoi paospd u inoniful la assail 
The knighle our guani ;— numi iiohly di 
Viototwus from Itiu Son unr hIiìtIr of inni 
Sliipp'd, and la ua ri'slorcd, allost Ilir erri 


** I saw, all MW hhn! to hk robea we tàvng. 
Heard his kind voice, and graap'd his hand ; thna then, 
False is the lumor that from tongue to tongue 
Sounds through the Camp, which misreports him iiam : 
The youth is safe ; but thrice the sun*s bright wain 
Has circled heaven, since, with a pilgrim guide 
Parting from us, he took the sandy {^ain 
That leads to Antioch ; having first aside 
shattered armor cast, to deepest crimson dyed." 


He ceased ; meanwhile his eyes the hermit raÌMd 
To heaven, — his color changed, diviner grew 
His sainted form ; quick feelings feelings chased, 
And ail his features into sunshine threw : 
Full of the Deity, his spirit flew 
On rapturo*s glowing wings, in glorified 
Trance to the sanhedrim of Angels, — drew 
The curtains of the sanctuary aside. 
And the eternal march of unborn years descried. 


Unlocking then in more than mortal sound 
His lips, of things to come the Prophet tells ; 
The rest in wonder at the change stand round, 
Attentive to his thundered oracles : 
** He lives," he cried, '* Rinaldo ! and all else 
Are but the wiles of feminine deceit ; 
He lives ; and God, the living Grod that dwells 
In splendors beaming round the Mercy-seat, 
Reserves his unripe youth for glories more complete. 


** Trivia] as yet and infantile appears 
Each feet of his wherewith aw^ Asia rings ; 
I see, I see him with the rushing ycani 
Tame the strong crimes of Cesars and of kings ; 
And with the mild shade of its silver wings, 
I see his brooding Eagle overspread 
Tir Etcniul City and the Church, that springs 
From the wolt'^s puw redeemed as from the dead, 
And many a worthy son shall bless his happy bed ^ 



" Childrra, and chiidna's «as, wiw shall bf> M]rM 
lUiuUiDdii poUgnuB of llicir «ina* nrnoirn; 
And guard bum wicked cuiin» and initen vilde 
The pupil mitre and tlia ducal crewa, 
Willi Uie roJigwiu lemples ; to Btiike down 
Tlie hauglily, raise the wc-A, llw guiliy goad. 
And Btiirld young merit fnuo miafortune'a frown — 
Thme be their oiu ; aud IB thin gtonoui moda 
Shall E^'a Eagle soar beyond the Solar idbiL 

■■ And jolt it in, (bat, aa by powei unairot 
She rtnkes Tor tnith, rejoicing in the li^t. 
From Pnter^a handa her poanoe ahoald bear i 



With holFhj-mun.piirp «icrlflci 
The Cbnniui bosu ini,)kc cole 
TUen «omi ihc lown, nnd to ij» 

Cimili br u AjigBi, hi 




While thus the Captain of the Christian nations, 
Whose constant thoughts ou the assault were bent, 
Pivpared, to shake to their most deep foundations 
The city walls, each warlike iuNtrument — 
Forth came the Hermit from his morning tent ; 
And, taking him aside with solemn air, 
In these grave words arrested his intent : 
" Anns of this world, O Ciiief, dost thou prepare? 
Know, His celestial aid that first should claim thy care 


" Begin from Heaven ; invoke with holy hpnn, 
With public prayer and reverential deed, 
The armed host of Saints and Seraphim, 
By whose blcsu*d aid success may be decreed ; 
In sacred garments let the Priests precede. 
And tuneful psuinis with suppliuut voices raise ; 
While thou and thy illustrious Nobles lead 
The multitude along, that, as they gaze. 
Shall catch from you the flame of piety and praise.'' 


Severely spake the army's ghostly guide. 
And virtuous Godfrey own*d the words were 
" Servant approved of Jesus I" he replied, 
" Well pleased I follow thy inspired advice ; 
Thus then, while I to these solemnities 
My captains, lords, and chevaliers invite. 
Seek thou the ministers of sacrifice, 
William and Ademar ; with them unite, — 
TliO sacred pomp prepare, and ceremonial rite." 



Tlw 8etr, the bùh(^, soil tho roontu next mom, 
With oil Ihc canoii» of ioCenoi clan, 
Meet in a valloy for (roiii nnmp witlidrawn, 
Wbsre, round un ■Itar on Uie iiikilow'i] graH> 
The Prieele were wool to aolf^nnlie higli man ; 
Wliite robm tlify weai ; Ilio PaHan of liie tlocka 
Ilftvs Du their HucfinJotiil Bltn, wiuch pass 
lu IniDl dirided o'er their guldcu Tnicki, 
Clup'd with aigraSéfl of pcitrl ; etorr'd milrH prow 
tbeii locks. 

Poter alane, berore, tptttd to the wind 
The racivd alga which 8«isph>ni Kcere ; 
Tho choir with elow aud eoleniii etpps behind 
In two long ranks, sport, thi<ir tdÌc« reur 
In heaveuly hymiu and anthema, that inqitiBn 
Th« ^icil oraweot pnliw lad humble pajet. 
Sang in ollemnle chonia ; l&st appcni 

Bring up theii ameio banda in order piiaing fair. 

Gtvbi BouiUon next, without companion, pnn'd, 
Aa kiugs Biid priuqeg use ; by Iwo aud [wo 
The C;ip[aiu9 rollow'd iu ha b1c|k; aud lool. 
The total tioat iu dwInbiLliou due, 
AriD'd Tor defence; tliua luutxliaird, tbef mo» 

The porlal^gatn ; all tumult far was flown ; 
Nor braieu horn fcnx-ioui tlamon birw. 
Nor woT'Cry ahriird; to benreii aro») alone 
Piety's suppLaut voice in miiaic's melting loue. 

Tbee, Folher 1 thro they BÌu[r, coapial Son ! 
And thee, btees'd Spiriti in whom both cumbioi 
All-pitying, taviixg, nll-oiiisahiig One ! 
Tbee, Virgin -Mother of the luun divine! 
And ye. wlio o'er the bright- wiiig'd lioeU tlial «1 
Around, lu triple orb» viceeetruce have, 
PfiucedoiM ; your suoeor llicy invoJtf ; and Ihii 
Bnptin lieloved ! tliut iu tlir IreH pure wave, 
Pme Mary's racrei! I^n immaculate didat lav». 



Thee too they hail, the strong, the RtaUe rock 
Whereon the Church is built ; whose gentle pleas 
Win now thy new successor to unlock 
The gracious gates of pardon and of peace f 
And the twelve heralds who o'er lands and seas 
Adventuring, published with their latest breath 
Their Lord's triumphant apotheosis ; 
And those who, seized, tonncnted for the Faith, 
Proved with their blood its power, and seal'd ita truth 
with death. 


To saints whose writings point the path to truth 
And bliss, no less soil supplications swell ; 
To Christ's dear handmaid, who in bloom of youth 
The nobler part of life selected well ; 
To the chaste virgins that iu cave or cell 
With solemn nuptials were espoused to God ; 
And those, who, braving kings and nations fell, 
The lictor's axe, the pnelor's torturing rod. 
Strait Virtue's thorny putii niuguuniniously trod. 


Thus worshipping, thus chanting in thebr zeal. 
Circling the long, long plain, the people came 
With o.isy pace to Olivet, a hill 
Fruitful iu olives, whence it takes its name ; 
A hill long sig^nalized by sacred fame 
Through the wide world ; hke a majestic queen 
East of the town it soars, as if to claim 
Th' ascendant, parted only by the green 
Vale of Jehoshaphut, which fills the space between. 


Thither the tuneful army tends, and fills 
Tlie heaven with melody ; the vales ring round. 
And answ'ring fk;ho fmm her haunted hills. 
From secret caves, and hollow glens profound, 
A thousand times repeats the charming sound ; 
You would have thought a choir of Dryads near, 
Sang from the groves and grottoes underground; 
So variously, and aye so sweet and clear, 
Jesu, Maria 8 name rcwarbltd back they hear. 


On tha town wslli the curìoiu Pagana iland, 

SileDl OS BiimmM niel't ; i" much umoie 
Ai ht« BO ntauge, uuwoulcil pompa no gruuili 
Tbcii aokiuD march, Hud humble liyuim of prai 
houg au the Bscnd apeclacle tlity urne ; 
But wlien Uie nact'lty of allow ia a|;<r, 
A ccororul yell tlu wicked inacienitila raiw. 
Thnt with loud hlaaphemi» tii« inoiiutsii» liou 
Wooda, torreuU, lowen, Itae iDcka, and wuulmg % 

Bai not for tlw their pure, melndioua araig 
The CliTialiaRB ccasoj the clamoni ofUipii fata 
Dnnioved they iili{;lit, as Ihoy would slight s Ibrotlg 
or chaU'riug hwiUIdwb oi lojuaciouii cruwa ; 
Nor can the airoiva whwih Iheii «1tuuj{ cron-bowi 
Looae. al auch dittauce, fruoi the dancing ■tring. 
Their orderly array to dincuiiipoae, 
Strike thfiii Willi feur, or uiar Ihe .loi™ ihcy sing; 
Full to llieir purpuaod clone tlie hyiiiiu' cuuuiirucMl they 

■■■■-■'I- !■' '-■■■'I ilitir guide 
kI i^.-ll^. 111 hT\-^nt piuyen. 
id grBca ugnili^ inippudiiig n 

While humbly round, the near Bpeclnlon! be 

Hia speuking hyu ; «hen nvw there wiu 'an 
or the pure rites and myalic eucrificr. 
The Bbihop lum-d, and I.Hiue lon-'rd Iho ak 
HiB mcerdotBl band<, the onnm birie'd ; 
Th»n ori«l to lliem '■ Depart !" tlie cnmpnii 
With ajoiil pomp kIo«- wl,».|iiig lo ll,e weM 
fly the aajno pólli telura'd wliieli Ihey before hi 



TV mtnnchinentfl enter'd, people, dnke, and prinoe^ 
Fill'd with sweet peace to their paviliona went ; 
While thousands, proud their homage to evince, 
Escorted Godfrey as with one consent 
E'en to the threshold of his curtain'd tent. 
Failing with fond farewells : but he recall'd 
The captains, and, as midnoon now was q>ent. 
To a plain feast the party seneHchalPd, 
And in the second seat the Count Toulouse install'd. 


When they with drinks and viands had appeased 
Natare's keen app«^tites, the General rose. 
And thus his knights addre8B*d : ** When next the east 
Shows morning, all things for th* assault dispose ; 
'Twill be a day of bloodjihed and of blows. 
Havoc, and sweat, and toil, as this is one 
Of preparation, quiet, and repose ; 
Go then, prepare yourselves and troops ; that done, 
Beat all, — the dial*s shade has yet some hours to run ** 


This said, they take their leave ; the heralds then 
By blast of trumpet give commands, that all 
Stand ready under arms when firnt they ken 
The breaking day, to storm the Northern wall : 
Brisk was the tending of the steeds in stall, 
Hamm'ring of armor, trimming of the crest, 
And deep the hum of wassail, till the call 
To vespers, and still Night, the friend of rest. 
Giving new truce to toil, all eyes in slumber bleM'9. 


Dubious and diutk, the Lady of the dawn 
Not yet had ris*u to walk her rosy round ; 
The shepherd sought not yet his customed lawn , 
Nor shining share turned up the fallow ground ; 
Still in their nertts the blithe birds shunber'd sound ; 
Not yet the lark upsoar'd on flickering wing, 
Nor forest echo'd to the horn or houiul ; 
When first the matin trump was heard to sing, 
** To arms !'* — " to arms !*' the skies, and misty valleyi 


Tra thmnan^ tan)n™ tske up Ihe welaomn word*, 
" To Btnw I" Bnd mill " lo arms !" is nil lljeit cry ; 
bkidrrry Kwskwi. but uol tliie ntnming ijird» 

His giTuvei and iron iniu) are liou^ on high, 
And on liw back in bunie h suppler auii, 
Of lighter miike snd If» Tulidiiy, — 
Armi, ooly mm by micIi nb fiir)it on Toot : 
Whoa tagood Raymond ocniie«, to pay the mom'aialiit» 

The Conni, perceiràig him arm'd thus, n»n guew'd 
His purpoHT» ind exclaim 'il ; " How's this, my lord I 
When! ia vour solid bmantpJBle ? where the ra« 
Of your rieri ormon, lisnl and Btmujc lo ward 
Strokes, thai niny eJBp prave falul ? what ! uhroad 
BdI hair Brrsy*d, in a jiippAn so Weak ! 

It would uppear, our Cljicf was brut 1/, sepfc 

•■ What '. look you Tor lh« pnTitlo palm of ttKa« 
Thai mount llie breach T lo olhi'ra iaavo the task. 

Voni-brooe. an 
For oo™. .f ..o 
Your fiine ; To 


Ihe slrengl 



ow your proper port ( 
tuiu. in:i<k 
E" nnl thus txposrd I 
e lift'-blood of the host." 

" When." Hid 
On mi- in Clf 

the Chief. • 
nioul. uiid L 


- Uthi 

• Ilinihublads 

I made o «rrr 
I would noi i.c 


But Ih.» 

>1 dr-y. 


f hicb «niplo so 

hl-tB UH'. Ul 


..,> as Ihoy 



** When, therefore, theee my anniee manhaU'd stand 
In war-bravade against the town, — when I 
Have fully seen to all points that demand 
The Chief's consid'rate head and judging eye, 
Reason it is, nor thou the need deny, 
That, faithful to my vow, I strive to reap 
A soldier's laurels, to the walls draw nigh. 
And, sword in hand, upon the ramparts leap ; 
Heaven will my ventured life in safe protection keep." 


He ceased ; and the Frank knights with loud acclaim 
Th' example took ; his brothers, and the rest 
Of the confederate barons did the same. 
And in light mail their limbs as footmen dresa'd : 
Meantime the Pagans to the quarter press'd 
That fronts Arctòphylax, the icy Bear, 
And thence wheels round towanls the golden west : 
For more accessible the site, and there 
Les stubborn show the walls, impregnable elsewhere. 


Elsewhere, the crag-built town would scorn the war 
Of hosting millions ; thither not alone 
DoM the fierce tyrant the strong burghers draw, 
The hireling aids, and satraps of his throne. 
But them o'er wiiom advancing Age has strown 
Its chill snows — bearded sires and boys he calls 
To dangers and fatigues till now unknown ; 
These hie and servo the warriors on the walls 
With stones, bitumen, lime, oil, darts and brimstone baltai 


With bristling arms and many a fix'd machine, 
I/ined are the walls that overlook the plain ; 
Breast-high above them is the Soldan seen. 
Like a gnm Giant ; while, with fell disdain 
Forever working in his fretful brain. 
Elsewhere, far-off discem'd, Argantes rears 
His bulk enormous ; and, betwixt the twain, 
High on the topmost tower, Clorinda fierce. 
Known by her silver arms, conspicuously appean. 




liar cwtly quiTsr, wilh ihaip arrowi ctomli 

Hati^ It tier buck, — tli(< bow u in her Imnda, 
Ofiil,— 'lie Blrnfl dancns Dli lli« chnnl, llie cliucd 

The iiulaiil corning of the Ciiriatiau buudi : 
Burning lo twoag the «Iriug ogiiinst Ibp crowd, 
Wilh ItpB nparl (lie l«dy archer atanda 
As Diaii stood, whon from the mdiant cloud 
BbB looerd her vengeful dails at Niolra tJie proud 

Below, on foot, tha afed Monaroh hiea 
From E"W to gBle. upon l!is wulU aurvey» 
Hill iinl UTBUgumcaU with aharrruiC ejf. 
And dm» hia troops with «pe«ch» full ofpralM; 
Hen he rectuits tlieir rankt. and there diqilay* 
Stan of frail arma aod entpncn, uid wilh can 
PiDTidea for oU : bui, in tlie public wb}'b. 
Throngs of md malrojis lo the moniuna rrjuir. 
And lo their Prophet false bend law La «cuatlvaa prayer 

" O Mahmoud ! wilh thy «troua and riehtMi» hand 
In l?™in Ihe «peiir of tliis I'rauk »iwiler break ! 
Check, and confound, and Etntcli him on the mud 
Benealh our walla, for thine own glory's lake, 
Which he ao much has ontraffed !" thm they apoka ; 
Bill th«irwordi reach'd not him, wlio, pierced with puna 
Elemal, laams on Ihr lierr lake :— 
While for defence each nerve the City alraina, 
H nMen tha ChriMian Chief hia army on tho plains. 

infunlry ha eiiidni, 
i-e and on dispiwpd, 
And 'eainst the wnlls to min iloom'd, divides 
Transvemely into two tlie roawy host : 
lu centre the whrel'd enginos take iJieir post, — 
Bltoctuna of nnimam'uHbli- power*, — 
SeaipioiM and Mmnc ballin» ; n-lirnc* ar<i Imn'd, 
like lijEhloinc and like thunder nn tlw tuwem, 
LanooSiSnd quarried ruck», luid sieri of arrowy ahonra 



His heavier-arm'd he placee in the rear 
For surer guard, his light-horee in the wings ; 
Then gives the word, and instant in the ear 
Of either host the signal-trumpet rings: 
Tremendous is the cattt of stones from slings. 
Javelins from engines, quarrels from cro8s-bo¥^ 
And mortal arrows from resounding strings ; 
Some fall, some flee ; and thiuu*d and broken shows, 
On the defended wall, the phalanx late so close. 


Then with all speed the eager Franks impel 
Their progress ; part into a tortoise form, 
Shield lock'd with shield, beneath its iron shell 
Secure ; while part slink from the sounding storm 
Of stones and raining darts, in cubiform 
Battalia underneath the vines ; they gain. 
Thus screened, the counterscarp, and ceaseless swarm, 
Fervent as summer-emmets, nor in vain. 
The hollow depth to fill, and equal with the plain. 


The circling moat was not of marshy sward, 
(This the dry soil forbade,) nor soil with mud ; 
So that they filfd it soon, though large and broad, 
With tiuf , stones, timber, and fuscines of wood : 
Daring Adrostus was the first that stood 
From forth tlie shell of Khield^ ; he raised sublime 
A scaling-ladder, and, despite the flood 
Pour'd from above, of boiling piteli and lime, 
Dauntless his crest advanced, and stood resolved to climb. 


The fiery Switzer in his rash neglect 
Of life, on high with wonder they survey, 
Mark to a thousand arrows, and uncheck'd 
By all that would his course audacious stay ; 
Half had he finished his aerial way, 
When sudden, by the strong Circassian thrown» 
A huge round rock with quick tempestuous sway* 
As from a mortar shot, upon his crown 
Alit, and rudely beat tli' heroic soldier down. 


Noi mortal in (lie rtmke ; bill still Ihe fnll 
SluuB him. and niiile iind iuoIìdiiIm Iw IÌh ; 
Loud Blioutwl Ihdi tJie victor nil lliB wnll,— 
■•PalJ'nislhrfiist; who nc^it the reiilun Uks? 
Why Dot anoil as in the opta i>ki»7 
Comi Irom your ravrs ; skidk not iihn foiM Ihar 
I iikulh tiot; nothing ahail yonr uttan^ deiFÌce 
8»ve yon. but like tlio badger and Ihn bear 
Die in yoiir dei» ye shall ; by Mahoiiiol I svear !" 

Han link'd wiLh man. and ahierd «iinpiicl wllli ■ 
Whilt- to tlie baw of Ihe wolli u» w>K»l'd 
Balt'rieB, of beanu iiiiiiHiuiuMblei wlUi platia 
or bammpt'd iron thrico with fit* auiienl'd. 

Meuiwhile a liutidrrd botid» upon (he wbII* 
Hbtp h^nvrd, and \\\iag in terrible libralion 
O'er the blind lorloiw a hue? cr^i; ; aa fails 
The louMd latangc from it» SBrial «talioii, 
Down, down it mll'd. — in thnud'ring dwlocatkiii 
Cruali'd the donse glieli uf Hliit'lds, crush 'd hein 

And Ic-ll lliB battsr'd ground, in agitation 
From Uie o'lrwlielmmg monnlain, ovempread 
Wilh Uood. with lirainB, nitti bone», and anna Dl 

No longer now bpiiealh Ihe shHl'ring roof 
or their marliine» the Franks tlirni^lvifl conRne, 
But from Uic latent ™k- to ojicii proof 
Of danp^T rnih, and give I heir light <o ehino ; 
Some rai»e ecaladiM, nor to monul decline. 
Though in Ihe face of peril and ini^liiip ; 
Others the deep fduiiduiionf undermine ; 
Then rock Ihe walls, and nioiiy u i;lorioi« gap 
Staiti in the ahiiuking base and biitlrenei' Ihry rapt 


And fall'n they had, bo fast its boist'roos blow» 
Thereon the huge bombarding mm repeats, 
But from the battlements the Turks oppose 
The wonted artifice that most defeats 
Its homed might ; where'er the vast beam beats, 
Packs of soft wool elastic they suspend ; 
With which, whenas the butting engine meets. 
The substance yields, the pHant swathes distend. 
Break the rudo shock, and safe th* endanger'd wall de- 


While m this valiant mode the daring bands 
Ronnd the climb'd walls in clusters fight and bleed, 
Seven times Clorinda bends, seven times her hands 
Twang the tough bow, and loose the eager reed ; 
As many shafts as from the ivory speed. 
So many stain their points and gray-goose wings, 
Not in plebeian blood — so mean a deed 
Her spirit had disdain'd, — but that which springs 
In the more noble veins of heroes, chie&, and kings. 


The first brave knight that by her arrow bled. 
Was the young heir of Britain's happy land ; 
Scarce from the tortoise had he raised his head, — 
The shall came down, and pierced his better hand ; 
His glove of steel avaifd not to withstand 
The deadly weapon, — ^froni the wounded vein 
Gusird the bright blood, and purpled all the sand : 
Disabled thus for fight, he left the plain, 
And, groaning, gnash'd his teeth, but more from ngp 
than pain. 


The good Count Amboise on the fosse*s bank. 
And in the high scalade Clotharius died ; 
The former pierced from breast to back, the Frank 
More dreadfully transfixed from side to side ; 
Again she shot ; and as the Flemings* guide 
Swung the huge ram, her arrow cut the wind. 
And pierced his arm : to draw the dart he tried ; 
But ill the shaft obey'd his ardent mind. 
The shaft indeed he drew, but left the head behind. 


Ah tao nah Ademar, the ^nve uid gtnd, 
Watcli'd the nwiuit Cat-olt. llie fiUul cane, 
CliBigcd with hot wrulb, cune wliizllng when ha 

And e^aìtiì his bmw ; ìmpalient of Ihr pun. 
Ile ciajiji'd his bund npoa the woiindsd vein, 

And quir^riog fix'd tu hbi hewidnr'd bf^n I 
Ha rollB— liis holy blood hy woman utiMl. 
flotUii o'ei hie prieallj nbcs, mid dyes llie sable nd. 

A> PalsniFd, the young, the bold, and brisk, 
CiimbM the Ull «tepa, nnd on the Bleep lowet't height 
Jiwt placed bin foot, dadniniug every n*k. 
To h« nglit eye the wTeolh aliali loidt iu Aixhl ; 
Pa«'d >(■ orb'd cell, and ttirou^li Ilio iierv» ofidgtil 
iBUod, vpnniliou, al tlip nape ; lii^ iVll, 

Il ported ariEUt, uud fniiii^Lt with lale, 

ipiadron iii ita epuciaiis huld — 

wheela il moved, and Lew the toireli 

Onward it came ; Tar shootinE, as it drore, 
I^ghtniiipi o! BCTOWn at ila facing foes : 
And, aa ahips itse with Hhipa in sra-fìghla, sttove 
By iluUinl erappNog wilh Ilio walla to cloae : 
But Ibia tlie Pa^na at oil pollila cqipose ; 
Now pualiinK buck the lubirc, batt'ciug now 
Ita [roal aad limber'd aidea with Dlulm, with craw 
And M«>risli mucea; with the nnks they thraw, 
Ovoak tlis hiigo bcama above, Ibe bearing whe^ bf 



Such was fit>m this part, such from that the flight 
Of ttones and darts, that Titan seem'd to shroira 
Hia face, blue heaven ahow'd brown as gammer-nighty 
And cloud, rebounding, claah'd in air with cloud, 
Like two thwart tides : as leaves from forests bow'd 
Bv showen congealed in winter's icy hall 
To hail, — as apples shook by whirlwinds loud 
In unripe greenness from the stalk, — so fall 
In heaps the Moslem foe from the dismantled wall. 


For 'twas on them the shot most havoc made, 
As less defenced and shelter'd from its power ; 
Of the forlorn survivors, numbers fled, 
In utter terror of the fulmined shower. 
And thunder of the strong stupendous tower ; 
But still the Soldan stay'd, aud round him drew 
A few bold spirits unalarm'd, the flower 
Of Syrian bravery ; Argantes too, 
Arm'd with a ponderous beam, against the fabric flew 

Back with vast force, the length of all the pine, 
He pusli'd, and kept it dÌ8tant ; to his side 
Came from her tower the Lady palatine. 
With them in glory and in risk allied ; 
Meanwhile the Christians with long scythes divide 
From the walPs headlong perpendicular. 
The ropes to which the p(>udent bales were tied ; 
Which, down descending, leave the ramparts baro 
To all the rudo aflronts and thunderstrokes of war * 


And thns the tower above and ram below 
Play with such fury now, that they begin. 
Crush *d, cleft and undermined, to yuwu, and show 
The houses, mosques, aud peopled streets witliin : 
Thither the army swarms with lively din. 
By Godfrey led beneath the battled marge ; 
Who, fully bent the tott'ring wall to win, 
Moves under compass of Uiat ampler targe. 
Which never loads his arm, but on some deq>*nit9 



Thenes he perceivea Prince Solymsa descend 
Down to the esping beuch, aiid, Kword ia huod, 
Th' BltempteJ|ian al nil ràiu to dtleaà. 
With fii'd rewlvr, imprrilively grand, 
AmidBt the mil» take Jiis liaughly ffukd ; 
l^aviug ou girard, wiUi providence discreet, 
Clonuda und Ai^uitu, Id cummsud 

With jjsu'rou» hcom of life, aud glory's feiveni lu<at: 

And to the eood Kgifr, who bo» behind 
Hi» bow and buckler, be directs hii (fieecb ; 
" GiTB ine. my liieiid, that ligliler diield i«&i*d, 
Wboee temper, axe nor sahie cuu iiiipeacb ; 
Quick ! tu yon ruin'd rocka 1 uwau to reach ; 
And of thCHO mullitud» tlie fini lo be 
Thai pcuB victDriDOfl thmiigh Ihi' gimnled bruQCh ; 
HiBhnraili, ll,«l.Cmj„l,».l„ 
Some Hicii Lruiuccndent pruuf Ihu Lost ul li'uglh aitù\ 

Scire», changing sliields, had he eaid t)iÌH, Ijian awift 
A bu-hnl arrow on «inoroiia wiug, 

Tranefii'd liis leg, wlicre kerurst wiu llie stinf. 
Tho nervoiM region wlieiice its «mews spring; 
Two» Uiou, dormila, if report say Irue, 
Sent Ibe fell shafl, and 'Im Ihy pniise we nng ; 
From tlirall, from deutli, if iheo (hy Fugan crew 
Esciped, lo thee alone thn laurcl-leiivcB uie due 

Bat the brave Chief, a* Uiough he did not fool 

The deadly uiguuh of the fanrt be bore, 

Ceased dM his coline, but chinb'd wiUi during lesl 

liie breach, ami down firoli nwky fru^eula Ion, 

Cheenng liie party on ; but eliff imd sore 

The wound booh woi'd ; and Ihu rncii[nb'riu|[ tool 



Beck'ning Guelph tberofon to his nde, he eaid ; 
** Withdraw I must ; sustain, my friend, I pray, 
The Captain's place .and person in my stead. 
Supply mine absence in this sliarp asMiy ; 
Short, at the won>t, will be the time I stay, 
I do but go and come, — my hurt bites keen, 
Though but a bruise ;" this said, witliout delay. 
On a light steed he leap'd, and o'er the green 
Rode to the Camp, but not, as he supposed, unseen 


With him good fortune from his host departs 
In favor of the foe, whose hopes rise high ; 
Strength and fresh spirits lift their dancing hearts, 
Knit the slack arm, and fire the languid eye ; 
Bat with the Franks all strength and urdor die ; 
Weak grow their onsets ; they maintain their ground^ 
But sliort of blood their darted weapons fly ; 
The sword still strikes, but strikes without a wound ; 
And e'en th' appealing trumjM more languishiugly sound. 


And now again the crowded ramparts show 
Those who in panic late were scattered thence ; 
The very women, with the genuine glow 
Of patriot rage and martial contidence 
Caugtit from Clorinda, nish to llieir defence ; 
With robes succinct, and Iooko lockH they appear, 
Ranged all along the spacious ramparts, whence 
They toss the dart, nor show the slightest fear 
T* expose their beauteous breasts for fortresses so dear. 


But that which most dismayed the Franks, and most 
Revived the guardians of the sacred town. 
Was, that a rock, in sight of either host, 
Came from afar, and struck Lord Guelpho down ; 
Amidst a thousand as he climb'd, the stone 
Fell where the sinews of the knee were knit. 
And ground its shivering armor to the bone ; 
At the same moment, a like mass alit 
On Raymond's mohon'd brouvs, and him too backwizd 


RiutoM is nvxt bnrt mm, aa from the bonk 
or th« broad loaae he piir^HuH (a ^ng ; 
Nor Id this hour n Bdvrrao toglie Frank, 
Was tliere one weapaQ leal upon the winz, 
FroiD liorn or liand, froin calapnll or «lio^, 
Tlial did not. to their c«t, or tear apart 
Spirit (tom flesh, or bmrée, or keenly isiug ; 
Id this sQcccM, wild n-oi'd ArEUOtw hooit, 
Aad thai bo nai'd, in eouiub that made holfa annin atailt 

" This i« not Antioch, nor p lhi« the right 
Friendly to Chriatinn guile ; look np ! lanrj 
The ihiniltt; buu, troops wakeful, and the ^hl 
Of a far diS^rent nature sod array : 
I* then your ancient love of praiM >iid prajr 
Quite ^nne? ultnct each iipurk nf fcinner firoT 
Thai yt with such ailniin^ nddrc'tf givf" way, 
And, Rpenl flo boou, from the itHtau^t relire. 

By mch-lle laanta the haughty Chevalier 
To «uch eic«« of rugo big limper wrought, 
Thm the large city Bccni'il loo onull a ^lera 
For his hot apiril and capacioin iliought: 
Up, with a ahoul, his strong bi'ech-opear he csn^rhl , 
Dovra leupiug from the ruiiipaibi, ninde more wida 
The ruin of the breach ; aud, an he hnjught 
Hi* bulk beneath It, aceing al hia side 
The dBonllec* Soldan, thus luagnanimouiily cried : 

■' Lo, Solyman, 

the place ! 

and lo, the time, 

Thai may at If 

t^h di'Cide 

Wbal wail voii 

frar ( now finB let him 

Leap forth, w)i 

niMI the 

Of Bor'roignty ( 

•■tin, !" w 

:h this K>!ilte, 

I d lliey Ih 

Their danni: de. 

d> IO their 

That, hendilron 

ukod, Olid ralive Ball. 

Th». rival honor D.uch, oud 

much Ilio rival* culL 


Suddeu nnd unfaiwevn upon llie Frauka, 
In dexp'rate Hvalahip. willi shouts lli--y Sew ; 
And from unldst Ihrir dvaipmcd riuilu 
So msny Doldie» pirrcod, *a tnnnj' alrw, 
And buckJpn rpl>l. and iiplmola cleft in two. 
And laddcn broke, and swlngini; nuns cut dtiwn 
Tliat itjnighl «M'm a secoud rampart ([tew, 
On fiulure of tbe firrt, hill-high, to rrown 
The niin'd heap, and Tend afitah th' codanger'd lu 

The crowds that late were ardeot lo iwcend 
The walla, to dan^fsr urged tiy llie denn 
Of mural crowiu, now sbarc» themwlvee defeod, 
Mach IcH to climb the rtfted breach Bfipve, 

Their mmi, their viu«. liicir catapulti lliey quit ; 
Which, left a prey to tlie ri-v^ngiiiB im 
Of the two Pigaiu, butlcr'd, criuh'd. and spUl, 
An fbi all future u» soon reuilcr'd quite unfit- 

like tapi Drtnoiiiao loose, the dreadful pan 
Wide and inon nido the tield of batUe aconr ; 
Call ^0 the cillleiw for in, and bear 
Two blazinjt pines againat the cedam lower : 
forth firnn the galea of their Tartarean bower, 
So rumei! .Me|pua with Alrdo briakji. 
To wt Ilio world in uproar, nilli the power 
Of Dia powcn'd ; xo rucli fell Killer Hhakea 
Abroad ber lipsrkliug brand and biicnhaualiun auaki 

But Tancrrd. who eUrwhore, yet unrrpfll'd, 
Cheer'd on his troopa forlh iwiiini; fnmi the vinea. 
Soon oa that bohl achievement he beheld, 
The double hrandisli'd llami'H, thr biirniiiir pinn,— 
Broke aliort liia speech, and to the Sarncinea 
Ruah'd. to chuatiw thrir nip.' ana May ttirir viaak ; 
Aad of hi< proweiB gave moli preiniant òtta. 
That they who late as con'|u'roni preai'd th' attMk, 
Foibon the cbaie, and Sed tlierawlTca affrighted inck. 


Fled the grim Soldsn, Sal the Mamoluko ; 
With humliler crenU Iho way tlioy pwno they wenl ; 
Thus clisnEBd the war! oicBiiwIiilctlic wounded Duke 
Had reach'd with pain llic thmhold of Jila tent ; 
And now 'twill Baldwin and Siglér Hlaod brnt 
On nislnnl guccor ; cnndB on crawdn Bncceed, 
Who SII DiB air with sighing Bud lament ; 
Hb, wiiile endMToring fnan the flsab with qwed 
To dimw at onca the ateel, hroke ilHirt the nwtsd mad. 

TIiiw bain«d, oarelta of the coming amui. 
Ho kode (hem take at ouoo the ihorteat way 
For eure. to largely lance the wounded part. 
And bure la sight the bartird weapon lay : 
" Seud me but bock to war, en cloailiig day 
Inralidito our arau. or eoot our ml l 
He itaid ; sud Nlmight, rorbiddinp: ut) delay, 

Btrclch'd out the afflicted limb, lirm rcetlng on hia had. 

And «ocret Tirtuee of oil npringa that flow — 
Of all green hprbs tlie hiil^ and woods produca J 
Ho loo W.-I9 mnled on by the panini Miiae, 

Lam IliBD the mule fall of I'oeoLiiun dpwn ; 
Hia acjence wouuded men fnini d?alh could n.n, 
And CBDCDlI'd uam« hi vene immortally engnre. 

Sapported ataads the Chief, iienne ; he giievM 
But to bohold his friends iiimenling round ; 
The ready loech (iick'd up hia long lasco aleevea. 
And with a belt hii flowuig lume boiiud ; 
With soi'roign herba annullivi', ho the wound 
SoMh'd, with kind hand Hilicitiog the dnrf, 
Which yet iliiT'd not ; when Ihm the Ancient found, 
With nipping pincers ho prrfonu'd hie part ; 
SliU Dm Tex'd aleel adhcnid, and mock'd hia nicot ait 



No way Been» Fortune willing to aasigt 
Hii polpose or bis skill ; and Godfrey shows 
Signs of sharp agony, — a deathlike mist 
Swims o'er his sight, and from his members flows 
A dead cold sweat : bat piteous of his throes. 
His guardian Angel from Mount Ida flies 
With gathered dittany ; an herb that blows 
With purple flowers, delightful to the eyes, 
In whose young downy leaves divinest virtue lies. 


Thi6 secret powere of this celestial plant, 
Maternal Nature to the mountain goat 
Suggests, when, wounded in its heathy haunt, 
The shaft adheres within its shaggy coat ; 
This now, though from a region so remote. 
The winged Angel in a moment bears ; 
And, so that none the heavenly succor note. 
In the warm bath wliich next the suge prepares, 
Dirtils the sprightly juice, nor other medicines spares 


Dews from the Lydian well, ambrosfal oils. 
And odorous panacee therein he flings : 
The Sage with this the tlirilling wound embroils. 
And, thus fomented, the barbM steel outttpnngs 
With voluntary' impulse, — pain's sharp stiags 
Cease, tiio blood stanches, the clefl parts combine, 
And a fresh vigor each lax tendon strings : 
" Lo !" cried the leech, ** this is no cure of mine ; 
This is not art's eflfect, but done by hands divine. 


Some Angel, shooting from the stars unspied, 
Has been thy surgeon ; of his heavenly hand 
I see the tokens ; arm then, arm !" he cried, 
" Why linger ? back, the battle to command !** 
His leg the Chieflain with a purple band 
Wnpp*d round, and, ardent for the war, in haste 
Seized his ash-spear immeasurably grand. 
Again upon his arm his buckler braced. 
And on his cheerful brows the glistening hehnet laoed. ^ 

jQtrSALK» DEUVt:REU. Curra a 

And boia haa leut toward (h« «liokeii town, - 
Tum'd wilb > UuniuDd kaifihto, and lelt ttie D*mp ; 
Clonds or rniecd dual the sapplitre •iàf (unbrown, 
In heDTcn'n bright temple tudca th' immondi lamp ; 
Trnnblee tbu £[□ earth underneath their stamp ; 
Anil. Cai-oS Bs Ihn Saet liU coming tpy. 
Chill flowa thHi blood ; their leol fuiot honom dftnip, 
AuiltlirouBhlbcirboQoatcar'Bahiv'ringliglitiiliigifljr; — 
Loud ihauled Uod&ey llmce, loud thnndet'd tlince ilio 

Well knew bin men (he taneo, which in them bntlh* 
Ze&l for the strife, nnd mrrow fur their foutt ; 
Thoir funtoea, lean, tboy to the winds hequealh, 
Aud ruab, niDew'd, like Irona to lb' unouU : 
Pnw'd home, the two feRnÌDua Pogiine raull 

Tlicir poignant Bpi'ara, thoir moony eJiislda «lalti 
And glubborul; the rilled pan deftnd 
From Taucrrd'i kuigliu, Ihikt thick as buiiiag bee* 

Hither G&nie Godfrey, ^orioiialy emlmss'd 
In omta. wnilli Sushing from h» look» severe ; 
And Iho neil moment at ArgaiilM lom'd 
The JoTB-like liglilainip of liw awful «iwar ; 
Never from town or towrr did pn^neer 
From tlie alrong acorpioii ruck at jnveliu cart 
Willi more conaumiimle forcp or swift ctuwrr- 
The knotty brani e'en tliiiuder'd an il puw'd ; 
Up raised the knight his dii«Jd, to meet it naught i 

The poignant aah hia abìetd jn nndei clove. 
Nor could hia coni of mail lis Highl nnlraia ; 
Throiii^i shield, belt, coraelet, mining it drove, 
And in pure vermr>il did its point ingrain ; 
But the Secce kniglil, impregnable lo pain, 
From Ilia pierced veioi and shatlerd bn|;aDtina 
Ftuvk'd Ibe fìl'd aleel ; aud, hurhng it amaia 
Al Godfn^y, erìed ; " To lliee 1 iti-cuuaign 
The gift ; look tboii thereto ; it is do lay of mina :" 



Back on its nuasion of revenge, the apear 
Through the known path careering flew, but now. 
Struck not the mark at which 'twas aim*d ; the Poor, 
Its flight foreseeing, bent his plumed head low» 
And. fairly shunn*d the meditated blow : 
Yet void it fell not ! deep the weapon lies 
In Sigier*s throat ; he dies, but not in wo ; 
Since in the stead of his loved lord he dies. 
Glad from its cherish*d shrine the faithful spirit flies. 


At the same instant, with a pointed rock, 
The powerful Soldan smote the Norman lord ; 
Who stagg'ring, reeling, dizzied with the shock, 
E'en like a whirling top from the child's cord. 
Spun round, aud senseless sank upon the sward : 
Godfrey no longer could liis wratii command ; 
But, brandishing his unshoath'd blade abroad, 
Clamber*d high up the ruin*d heap, where stand 
The two colossal knights, aud braved them, hand to hand 


Then glorious deeds he did, and would have done. 
For sharp and deadly were the strokes he gave ; 
But, curtained in red clouds the slumb'rous sun 
Went down, aud from her dark Cimmerian cave 
Night came, pacific, o'er the world to wave 
Her arbitrary sceptre, and allay 
The rage of wretched mortals ; Bouillon brave 
Thos ceased from fight, aud through the shadows gray 
Led back his hosts to camp : so pass'd that bloody &j, 


But, ere the pious Chief forsook the field, 
He saw the wounded borne in spacious car 
Safe to the tents, nor to the foe would yield 
In prey an atom of his works of war ; 
The tower that did with most of havoc mar 
The marble walls, aud scared with most afiright. 
Remained entire, though seam'd with many a scar ; 
The dreadful storm and thundera of the fight. 
Though they had bruised its frame, had left the timben 



Scaped tha *re jut 
For a «are apol Ihe scciie • 
But, u a v¥»r1 crowdiug 

of Ihr KnCe, it Invai 

Juat as iu wÌB>i'd-for poet [lie Captali 
ClFst through bu oplic IuIh, in Budilea sqiiall, 
Strikes uu )iid rocks, — or as a alnd, Ihul pll» 
Willi BUre-fool speed his joume)' aafe thnnigh aB 
Tfao nigged laaea, dmpa dawn, ia sight dT tiia si 

So Ilio tower Btmck, ao stumbled ! on Ibe «do 
Wliich bail sQstain'd th' artillery oftlie Ibe, 
Two wlieels broke down wbriron the piece aboDld lU 
Already crazed by some tempesluoiis blow ; 
Tbat liie hoj^ engioo atay'd its motiim dow. 

And 0' 

Bui thoy with brama su 

Till llie pruriipt arclilt.'t 

Vpreai Ih' euormouB bulk, 

ippon It 

n brlow, 

Thus Godfrey bade, tbal the stupenlaiB mai 
Might be refitted, ere the itianiiiig smile ; 
Thpu with his aotdirn occupied each pa». 

CamniiagUng lumon of the Chief's driugna 
Are by the lowosnien clearly heard ; Ihe whLlo 
A thoiisand lights around the strudnre shine, 
Whorcby Iho work Ihey watch, Ifae iDlenl taheim dhi 







It rram ber ttiOifal ilare CImlit 

In tnortoi baule. And 3ho tulls -, yeL tre 
9bd diea» the nto of baptism he beatone ; 
Barely ihe Pniuv bowiUi lus slHugbiec'd (h 
Arfuiiei irowl revDDgF, ud *nutb> Un ordwil*! 



TwAs night ; nor yet had either wearied host 
Found soft refreshment in the arms of sleep ; 
Bat here the Christians, wakeful at their post. 
Guard o'er the workmen round the engine keep ; 
And there the Pagans their defences steep, 
Trembling and nodding to their fall, repair ; 
And, to build up the breaches wide and deep 
Of the dismantled walls, no labor spare ; 
And each their wounded tend, with like consid'rate can. 


At length the wounds are bandaged, and complete 
li every one of their nocturnal tasks ; 
The rest they leave ; and, woo'd to slumber sweet 
By gentler quiet, and the gloom that musks 
The world at noon of night, their cumbrous casques 
They cast aside : not so the Warrior maid ; 
Hungering for fame, she still for action asks,— 
Action, from which fatigues all else dissuade ; 
With her Argautes walk'd, and inly thus she said : 


« Deeds rare and wonderful indeed this day 
Have the bold Soldan and divine Argaunt 
Accomplish'd, by themselves to take their way, 
Huge towers beat down, and hostile millions daunt ; 
While I, (the utmost merit I can vaunt,) 
CoopM in on high, with distant shafts but check*d 
Their eager escalade ; my shafts, I grant. 
Flew fair enough, some fatal, I suspect ; 
But is this then the whole we women can efibolt 




Of knighli whom acttmiB no snpcrior «bine ; 
Why not Ihe Cairo» and tho »wonl nmgal 
Resiuuo m}' womim'a weed», and Ilvo divolvnd 
In carelew ewer' Uliw miued *lie 1 bnt ID fino 
A dariug project in hot bromi ntlolvcd, — 
Tura'il lo lilt knigbt, Knd Urne brakf fortli with ■ 

" I know Dot what blest urdor sets sUue 
My mlltflB miod, — «r do Uie Godp incpire 
The during thoujrhl Hint on my ■pint prey». 
Or moke w« Gods of escb soliiimv dHire T 
Far lie Ihe Tnaki mcsmp'd : look farUt ; tiraim 
The [winkling lighU thai burn tow:tnb Ihe wiwt; 
Th«re will I ga with torch and awurd. aud firs 
Thffir rolling fort ; this irassion of toy breMt 
Let roe bui mo fuUill'd, aud Himitco smiti^ the nut ! 

Tho ir „ . 

And my dovoied danisoli> 1 commend : 
E^Bch kind proLection (o Iht^'rr ^ii-f^ cilrnd, 
Aud back to Egypt, with the defir old Auge, 
Th' incoDsolaUe girla in sarpty Nrud ; 
Fromiae me thin ! their »x and bis great Bje 
May well ihy core demand, iJiy uyniprtthim enffsga." 

Ancsntea «tood omHind ; Inuch'd in his breast 

Wrre all Ihe sprinpi •<( (flory, nud ho cri-d : 

•■ Will Ihon da this ? and Ipbvo lliy rrirnd, dngTBced 

Here with th' inglDnDiia vulgar to atndr f 

Safe from Ihe risk shall I with joy or jiride 

See the lire kindle ? no, Clorinda, no I 

If 1 ha« ever been in aniw «ll*ti 


" I have & hnit loo can aconi death, and feel 
Th« bauble life wrll f!img far fume away :" 
" To Ihie," aliB answrt'd, •' au eleroal smI 
DhIsI tlioii iu thy brave «allyiel lo-day 
But I am a mere WHmaO ill tbo WBy ; 
Feeble inderd ace my poor puwen, Hod email 
The aid I Iriid ; my dcuth would noac diiinsy; 
But (Heaven BV^rt the amen '.) ihouldil Uiau fall. 
Who wdl remaiu beliind to guard tlie racied wall V 

" Why theM eicine* vua T the kui^t replied ) 
" Fix'd ia my «ill, and ictlled mine iDteut ; 
Ailovir'd, I rollaw ; bill, if ouce druied, 
1 t^ before thee, aud Ihy leal prevent ^' 
Thiu ovorpower'd, Clorinda ([uve conaenl. — 
They ivrk the Kìdi>, with Einir. prince, and pear 
Engaged in lii^ and kHoil^ nrQiirneut ; 
Then thus the Virjpn «poke ; " O Sire, give ear. 
And what we wuh to aay with kind ucccptouce lieu! 

D(vp sleep falbi heavy : thoee who wake ihall die !" 
The hoary King hold up hia hands on hi|(h ; 
A liir of joy stronni'd down IiIh n'ltlier'd cheek; 
" Aud pruitpil," he said, " bn Thou, vrho yet doM eye 
With grucioiu cure Ihy wamhlpprrH. and leek 
Still to preaerre my crown, and guard Ihew kingdoma 


To your dmerla wlial eigiiul recoiiipeniw 
Can I decree ? O, tvt-ctltott Tpuowu'd I 
IjfI Fajiio her goldcD trumpet tuks, and Muod 
Yonr glory, tuned to miinc'a lolUeil piloh. 
And till th' euchimled Universe around! 
The deed ilself be your n'wnrd ; to which 
No-Jiflmg part I aild o' re;din» ratccm'd oaiiofcr 


He (aid. oad fenSly to hn boaofn ilnia'd 
Now him, DOV h«r ; to eqaai tmuport chaim'd, 
The Soldun stood, nor iu \àa heul contun'd 
The jiPD'nHu envy that his spirit wuni'ii : 
Bui ciled ; " And not for doÙiìde xm I im'A 
With Iliia good sword, nor shall I be loai rfow 
To too Die tires !" tlie AmsiOu, ilarm'd 
Far her eiidangor'd forno, rvplM, " Not «o ; 
Are all id make m' altempti who atoya, if UiM) shi 

Arfrantea too, with ftratom foil of prjd«. 
Stood ready to reject bis soomM p^uHt ; 
But thts tho King foreslali'd, and firat repHad 
Willi placid aqiBCt to his regal piaA ; 
" Forward Ihoq oynr art to maoifnt 
Thywlf einpiiHlictilly ^tl, a knight 
Pnmipt to diapule llie laun>l with the licsl, 
Consistfiit n-ith thyself, iintirrd in ft^iit, 
Whom no new ahape of doulh or daiigor can afirii 

" I know (hat, saJlyinB forth, thou deods woaldet do 

Worthy Ilio 

Soldan ; but for all to quit 

d Blnlion- in Ihp town, of yon, 

My hravMt 

irrnm, were a thing unfit. 

Fraught wi 

1 alntni ; I would uol e'en pennil 

Those to dc- 

art, WLlh such ft jealous care 

Guard 1 tlia 

t livee, if I could well commil 

To other ha 

nda Iho cnterjjriae Ihoy dare, — 

Or if the derd 

iHilf of leu imiionuiiee went. 

" But -nee 

The guard. 

BO thick «IT «aliou'd, that a few 

Would not 

Could not con Tenie nlly be BpnmJ on new 

Falipung Be 

rvicKB, e'en let Ihe two 

That, lo lioe 

The lloUo task, with proep'rinjt Mara pursue 

Their «oliem 

ea alone, and rouliia a IwukI 

Mule li> no id 



** Do thon, as beet becomes a kinj^, remain 
As regent of the gates ; and when the pair} 
Of whose BUCcesB sure hopes I entertain, 
Have fired the pile and back their footsteps bear, 
PressM by the Christians, with thy Turks repair, 
Beat off the fierce pursuers, and prevent 
The harms which else revenging rage may dare *** 
Thus spoke the King ; the iSoldan, ill content, 
Said not another word, but smiled a sour assent 


'* Yet go not," said Ismene, ** till I mix. 
Of various grain impregna with fiery spume, 
Tartareous balls, that where they strike shall fix, 
fixing ignite, and blazing, soon consume 
The tower to dust : the witching hour of gloom 
Draws nigh ; by then the soldiers may remit 
Their watch, o*erpower*d by languor, and the fumo 
Of deep ;" all praise the sorcerers pregnant wit. 
And parting wait the hour by him determined fit 


Her sculptured hekn, her greaves of niver plate. 
And bumish*d mail aside Clorinda laid ; 
And in a suit prophetic of her fate, 
Sable, and rough with rust, her limbs arrayed. 
Where no bright jewel fiash'd, nor plumage play*d: 
For thus she thought unseen to leave beguiled 
The watch, swift stealing through the friendly shade ; 
'Twus then her eunuch came, Arsetes mild, 
Who had her cradle rocked, and nunsed her from a child 


All careless of fatigue, the good old man 
Tended her still ; and, chancing now to see 
The surreptitious arms, he soon began 
To comprehend her risk ; and on his knee. 
Sore weepuig, by the pious memory 
Of his past offices, by locks grown gray 
In her dear service, and by every plea i 

Of love and pity, did he long timo pray 
Her to resign th* attempt, luid still she answered nay. 


Al ìtsagùi he md ; " Since in it» wrong thy miad 
I* otstinate, «nco to my feeble years, 
Sinos Id my ailver Ineies Ihoii iirt jjiiod, 
BJiud to my love, uid proof (o all my teen, 
My pilcoufl prayen, and too prophetic foara,^ 
Lo, from thy liilberlo niikiiown dtweal 
I rend the veil ; lital kiiowu. do wliat appoan 
Good in Ihy «glil ;" — amaznl, Clorinda bent 
On him her laige dsrii eyes, and thus the alary wMiL 

" Id fannoT daya o'er ElhiDina isign'd 
Happy prrchance reigm atill. ?en^» bnva ; 
Who with hia duiky people «till maiulaiii'd 
The Uwa which Jewu to the dbIìdiu gave : 
Twu id bia court, a Pugaa aud a davo, 
I lived, o'er thowMDd maids advaiiced lo guard. 

« The Kin§ adortMl her, but hia jealoiutea 
Equiil'd tlio fervan o( liis love ; the amart 
At lenitili of iliarp suspicioii hy degrpra 
Galu'd enoh ascendpnee in iiia troubled heart, 
That from all aita in closeel bower apsut [brighi 

Ha maw'd hei. where e'en Heaven's r haste eyes, Iha 
Stan, w<?re but hsif alloir'd thvir looi» to dart ) 
While she, nieek, WHC and pure a» virgin light, 
Made her uiikiad lonl'a wilt Jier rule and chief delight. 

" Hung was her room ivith storied imofferiea 
Of martyre and of saiata ; a Virgin here, 

Glow'd, ivua dppicled in dinlrBM; and near, 
A monstrou» dragon, wliich with paignant spear 
An errant kmeli' tran^fìiiiig, praalmle laid: 
The grnlle F.aiiy oft with uioiiy a tear 
Before lliw pjiiitiiiH merli cauletsian made 
Of secret (a^iUf, ami mouni'i), mid Hcuvcn'a 


^ Preg^nant meanwhile, she bore (and thoa wezt ahe) 
A daughter white as snow ; th' unusual hue, 
With wonder, fear, and strange perplexity 
Disturbed her, as though sometliing monstrous too : 
But» as by sad experience well she knew 
His jealous temper and suspicious haste, 
She cast to hide thee from thy father's view ; 
For in liis mind, (pcr\'ersiou most misplaced !) 
Thy snowy chasteness else had argued her unchaste ; 


** And in thy cratlle to his sight exposed 
A negro's new-born infant for her own ; 
And, as the tower wherein she lived enclosed 
Was kept by me and by her maids alone, — 
To me whotfe hmi fidelity was known, 
Who loved and served her witli a soul sincere 
She gave thee, beauteous as a rose unblown. 
Yet unbaptized ; for there, it would appear. 
Baptized tliou couldst not be in that thy natal year. 


" Weeping she placed thee in my arms, to bear 
To some far spot ; what tongue can tell the rest ! 
The plaints she used ; and with what wild deqwdr 
She clasp'd thee to her fond maternal breast: 
How muny times Hwixt sighs, 'twixt tears careas'd ; 
How oft, how very oft her vain adieu 
SeaPd on thy cheek ; with what sweet passion press'd 
Thy little lips ! at length a glance she threw 
To Heaven, and cried ; * Great God, that look*st all spiriti 
through ! — 


** * If both my heart and members are unstain'd. 
And naught did e'er my nuptial bed defile, — 
(I pray not for myself; I stand arraigned 
Of thousand sins, and in thy sight am vile ;) 
Preserve this guiltless infant, to whose smile 
The tend'rest mother must refuse her breast, 
And from her eyes their sweetest bliss exile ! 
May she with chastity like mine be bless'd ; 
But stars of happier rule have influence o'er tho ntftl 



■■■ And thou, bleaa'd Knlsht.tliftt (Vom the cruel iMth 
Of (he griiD dmgoix CnfS «I Hint lialy ntald. 
till by my buidB if crcr odoroiu wreath 
Rose ÙOIB thy altara ; if I e'er have laid 
TherHin gold, cinnamDa, oi nif rrh, and pray'd 
For help, through ev'/j chuice of life display. 
In giiiuiliimBhip of hvr, Ihy po¥.eifiil uid i' 
ConvulaiotiH choked her words, — she swoon'd iwly — 
And (he pale huce of deuih on her chill tcuiplee lay. 

•' With (eon I bx* thee, in a little ark 
So hid by flairen aud Issfh (hat none coiild gnm 
The »ecrel, brousht theu forth "Iwixt lic^it and dork. 
And. unsuapecled, >d a Mooròh drew, 
Paaa'd (be town wall* : a* throagh a wiTdenuM 
Of foresta horrid wilh brown ^doiih. I took 
My proBLVo wuy, 1 bow. In my diAln.'fe, 
A llgrpsa issuing from u iKwky iioiik, 
Hago lu her «cowling hruwa, and hgiituiug m her look. 

" wad wi[h Bflnpht, I on the llowery Bnliina 
Cnsl thro, nod inKUiil I'limb'd n (rrc cIoh by ; 
The sataeo bru[e came up, uiul glaucins round 
In hau)!li(y meance. anw wlirn' (iioii dioiA lie ', 
And, Hift'ning to h mild immunity 
Her Mem regard, with placid gealures meek, 
As by thy bwinly «mil. came coihIpoub nigh ; 
la nm'rouB posiime fawning lic:k'd thy clirek ; 
And thou on her didsL smile, auditlnike her muutle ali 

" With her fierce mnnle and her cnie! front 

Thy little hand» did innoeeiilly play ; 

She oSer'd Ihee hrr leaU, n» in th» went 

With nurses, and adapted lliein, ai they, 

To thy yoimi; lipe ; mir riidul Ihou turn sway, — 

She ■nckled (bee '. a prodii^ bo new 

Flll'd me with frexh confiiBÌon and duinay: 

Into the ahady wood, and Tanish'd from my view. 



" Again I took t)iee, and pureucd my way 
Through woods, and vules, and wilderaesset dun ; 
Till in a little village making stay, 
I gave thee secretly in charge to one, 
W ho fondly nursed thee till the circling sun, 
With sixteen months of equatorial heat, 
Had tinged thy face ; till thou too hadst begun 
To prattle of thy joys in murmurs sweet, 
And print her cottage floor with indecisive feet 


" But having pass'd the autumn of my yean, 
As sprightly vigor fail'd and life declined. 
Rich in the gold that with her farewell tears 
Thy bounteous mother to my hands consign'd, 
I for my native country inly pined ; 
After my many toils and wanderings wide, 
I longed amidst old faces left behind. 
In my dear birthplace tranquil to reside. 
And spend life's wintry eve at my own warm fireside. 


" To Egypt then, where first my eyes unclosedi 
I took, conducting thee, a secret road, 
And reach'd a flood, to equal risks exposed, — 
Here robbers chased me, there the torrent flow'd : 
What should I do ! resign my ciierish'd load? 
No ! yet how shun the meditated theft ? 
A momeut's thought hereon when I bestowed, 
I braved the stream ; with one bold ann I cleft 
Venturous the roaring waves, and bore thee in my left. 


'* Swift as an arrow flow'd the flood ; midway, 
The jangling tides forever boil and spin ; 
There, as a curliug suake devours its prey. 
The volumed whirlpool gaped, and suckM me in ; 
Giddy, tosB*d round, distracted with the din, 
Thee then I miss'd ; but the wild waves upbore,— 
Propitious breezes caught tliy garments thin. 
And laid theo safe on the smooth sandy shore ; 
Which I at length too reach'd, when hope almoit WM 




■■ WHb joy I look Uiee up ; eve'» duaky light 
Thu landscBpe veil'd, when, Bliinili'ciiie au Itie aan 
MnlliDu^ht (ho figure of a (niwuiiii; k]iifrht 
Cttine UBHT, and pointing at tay bniiiit hia braud, 
Imperiuusly exciaim'd ; ' No more wilhstmid 
Thr solcinii clwrgo with wliicli thou long liusl ilrin 
A molher'B precr)il I ahristcu. 1 comniiiuil, 
Thu bulle, the dioica iuherilaiil of heavnn ; — 
To my pecuUor can the otphau diild ia girai. 

" ■ 'Twaa 1 gavo mercy lo Ih' iiifiuiiitn braUi. 
life lo liie wind, Aiid mildnrw to tin ulniHu ; 
And wo to thee, if Ihou my word» dÌG|jul«, 
Or an H vBCout pliantom di«ci»l«ein 
The besveuiy fotm I am '.' wiUi mura'a fini boaoi 
I woke, uid, ahskiug offlhe dowi of uiglit> 
Went foiwutd-, but, an fulw I judi'-'d the drum. 
And IniP my fuilli, I ecnipled nut to Mght 
The augel'a threnl, sud itili willilicld the tiocicd tile ;• 

" But 85 a Pnpui bred lliep. nor revrnl'd 

The Rscrel of tliy birth ; while lliou biul grown 

ValJBiit in urna. l))o fhinus of llif field, 

And o'er thy sex mid Nuliire's «If host bIiowd 

Won ricben. reB>ina. Biid palms forever (frren ; — 
Wbst since has hn^wii'd, Dion lliyself liust known ; 
Aud É10W in peuce. In buttle, I liuve been 
Thy Hre at ouce and sluve, Ihroiigli eacli Bucceeding 

" Lwt mom a deep, the slmile of death, 
Ere yet the ctura lind f«ded fiom the eky. 
Sank on my «nil, and hy our holy fnitli 
Again thy Geuiiis in my nl^i-p paw'd hy ; 
But haughtier wna hin look, more fierce hla cry, — 
' Traitor :' lie mid, ■ the hour to dlounile 
Clorinda from the bondu of earth draw» nigh j 
Mine shall she yel beeorno in Iliy dnpite ; 
Ba thine the wo I' — he Irowu'd, and beaveuwatd look 



« Thus, then, be wam'd ! for sadly I rospect 
0*er thee, my love, strange accidents impend ; 
Perhaps the heavens are wroth when we reject 
The faith our wise forefathers did commend ; 
Perhaps that faith is true ; oh» condescend, 
Deign, I entreat thee, to put off this vest 
Of sable, deign thy purpose to suspend !" 
He ceased, and wept ; fear thrill'd her pensive breast, 
For on her heart a like remembered vision pressed. 


But soon her aspect she serened, and said ; 
<* This faith, which surely strikes my mind as true, 
Which thou wouldst have me doubt in tiiy vain dread, 
The faith that with my nurse's milk I drew. 
Still will I keep ; nor yet resijrn, (beshrew 
The soul that would !) my old licroic spear. 
And plighted purpose ; no, not if I knew 
That Death, with that fierce vinage which strikes feai 
Into the hearts of men, would dog me as a deor!" 


She sooths him, smiles on him, atid straight retires, 
For now the hurr}'ing hours lo action call ; 
And with the dauntless hero who desires 
To share her hazard, seeks the palace hall : 
Ismene joins them, and with words of g.ill 
Spurs ou the daring hearts that little need 
Renew'd excitements ; gives to each a ball 
Of pitch aud sulphur ; in a hollow reed 
Shuts up the fatal flame, and bids them do the deed. 


Charged, they jlepart ; and over dale and hill 
'I Circling the valleys, through (ho darkness scud, 

i[ With speed incessant, side by side, until 

They near the spot where the vaxt engine stood ; 
There high their spirit rises, hot the blood 
Boils in their veins ; desire and scorn combine 
To cheer them on, and in their madding mood, 
Drawn are their swords ; the watch behold the shint 
Of coming arms, and loud demand the passing sign. 




■ :" exclaim Iba gunrd | 

Mule Ibsj move on ; " To ai 

Their niddell ahODti the vuIjuul [:aii|iia nuii. 

But nuught (heir grii'rona culcrpn» ttlnn], — 

Tliry bouiid Bbnmil, and all mucfiilmeiil abun: 

An Iroiii lb' plentric cloud at Igvell'd gnu, 

Al lli»Bstnp iustuut coiRM the fluh, \li« thunder, 

Airire, Blrike, pcuetrale, auil cleare aaiiiider 
The pholaui, is but oua, on« niointuira work of woods 

Through Ihousaud anna, amidst a Ihonmiud biou 
Tiii>y pun, B.iid vKeoute Uielr ^ocioua nini ; 
Their glinirn'riiig licita secn-lrd thr'y dimilnv, 
Aud lip lliF blnck combintiblf with Hume ; 
Tum'd, to Iho lower it fiiH ; word* are turns 
To picture how 11 creqK, rnjianib, vpirri ; 
Ilow iwiii it rirus oVr all the IiinlK'i'M IV.hiif- ; 
Haw thick the Emohi-, aiutili whiil'm) iryr. 

VuH i^ubet of (ire ainid t> 
Oramoke volumliioii». uo< 

As (h.. rto||,l lluc(, li 

Two bandi mFaiitlmo to whi'rr the jillc Ì9 hiiniiii)[ 
Hakle from Hit- Cui.ip 1 wliirh w1ifi> Ar^tiulr» w-ps, 
He ahoiiK *■ Your liU«l ^llull .lUfi.rh Ih-: fi.f :" ai.d 


>i ihcu 

Ke^ tlicni ul bay ; 

Willi fuir CEoriuda, lo tua itniwu mil t ih<ju 
Relirea, while ruiil hvhiiid (he Drowda iiK^aae, 
like headlong llooda wliioli Aujfuat raiiw aiigmeul ; 
dolly they pn» Hie elione, aud ollmb with Uiem tti 



The Golden Gate tunis ou ìUt hinge ; and there» 
With his arm*d people staiids the Turkish King, 
Ready to welcome hack the dauntless pair, 
If favoring fortune should them homeward bruig ; 
High o*er the ruins of the fosse they spring 
Before a grove of spears, — the Soldau stout 
Gives the known word, the portals wide they fling, 
Drive hack the Franks, and, wheeling swift about, 
Close the strong gates, — alas ! these shut Clorinda out 


For at the moment when the Turks let fall 
The pendulous portcullis, forth she flew 
To wreak her ire on Arimon the tall. 
Whose daring sword had cut her hauberk through ; 
This she revenged, nor yet Argantes knew 
That she was separate from his side ; the glare 
Of steel, the anarchy of tight, the crew 
That pressed behind, and denneness of the air, 
Wholly his sight confused, distracting every care. 

But when her sultry anger she had quenched 
In the proud blood of dying Arimon, 
Saw the gates closed, and iiow she stood intrench*d| 
She deem'd Clorinda utterly undone. 
And look'd ulone for death ; but soon, as none 
Pierced her disguise, fresh ho))es of safety rose. 
With other turns of wit, slie feigns her one 
Of the same troop, a bold demeanor shows, 
Ajid with cool unconcern slijxs in amidst her foes. 


Then, as the still wolf glides to the green wood» 
Conscious of crime, and in closo umbush lies; 
So, by the tumult fuvor'd, and un viewed. 
Through the dun shade of the nocturnal skies, 
Diosever'd from the press, Clorinda flics: 
Tancred alone, it seems, the secret knew 
Botli of her fatal chance and sly device ; 
Arriving there as Arimon she slew. 
He saw her, mark'd her out, and ki-pt in constant view. 



Her would he G^t with, dmnrng htt a msB 
Gloriolu in armii n.» i\i«\y in uddrewt; 
Around llie winding nimpurls iwiH ■!!« rau. 
In at «ime crther gnte lo gain oeCTw ; 
As *wift behiml her Sd lit' ivongir prsn ; 
Nor was it long, ero ou the umty brenlh 
OrUie night-wiud she heard, witli Borao distreas 

The tt 

" Hall !" 

" Wu- «Halt Ihon have," nid atie. •• snd dealh, if then 
Are (hv reqireet ;" and hera her Blep niw BUty'd ; 

Hi* foe on root, by lonely hills eaibsy'd : 
Then Bha her nahre, he hia paifrnsnt Muda 

DrswK from llie aheuth ; (liey alnad aa mortal for»; 
Wrath nerve» tho hem, hauchLiiie». llie maid ; 
Like two young bulla meli aniurtin^ willi (lie thnM 

Worthy of royal i'vlx, and (he clenr shine 
Of luna wonid ixs Ilie hallh'. if di'scnfd ; 
Dark AblH»l Ihmi llmt in Div Goll.ic «riue 
The nwiilJ'rini rehes of llioir iid,- d-et h.dc 
Graut me to hil Ihy cowl, lo \vj.(t :ui.Ie 
The oiirtain, and in nidianl ninnherK braid 
Their deeds, fur endleaa Kgn to ul.ide ; 
So with Iheir i;lory. elonouii hIiuII If made, 
In page of high Itomaue?, the iii'>in'ry of thy shade. 

They shrink not, liifla no), strive noi lo «nils 
By snificial nih*. Willi u-i<ry will : 

And llirir blind ruee forblil (he tricks of skill ; 
Bai Bwortk cUah hiirriWy wilJi «wards, and sliriD 
The i)iT>iin[a n eolio ahrielu aloni t>>e [ilalD ; 
Noi a foot BliT*,— where ttwd, there stand they «till 


Shama (tings dodaiu to vengeaac», TmeFaoco breoil* 
Mew «liBTiK-, — thiu piuBÌOD tuiis u crturlBas muadi 
To npiLc dHfillo. to nge fr^ih rani; siiccfEils, 
TtiB AgouT to Btritie. llie lull to wound : 
And UDW the battle Ueuds in uumwer gTound ; 
No twim have llipy to folu, no room to lanh ; 
Tlieic blodea Bang back, like bultiui; ramB they bound, 
Fight with the hilta, wild. BaVBRe, raKiiig, ruh> 
Attd itaield at nundiug riiield, aud helm at heliael daih. 

Thtice in hii boiM'roui 
And thrice was forced 
She hud do fancy to t 
Impaaaiou'd Lava ia ni 

II, tired, they gsMp 
I all puntiogly lespi». 

Faint ou their Bwordh. with like exhuusled Trait 
Alike Ihey rest, and cchu (aie for gaie i 
Fades tlio 1ii«t alar ; Auiori, robed iu flanie. 
Unbar» Elyainm, and tho morning ploys ; 
Tancred p*tc*iVM, Iwneatli ita grateful ray», 
Fnim hrc the Irickliug blood profuaely rain. 
And glorici in the languor slie d:^q>tayB ; 
Oh man. vuin man I poor ftwl uf pride njid paii 
Puff'd up with every breath from Furtnnc'a in 

Why IhBt proud «mile ? ead, O how «id, ahall ba 
Thy acted triumplia when th' dluHon clean! 
Tiiine eym ahall weep, if «till Ilio lielit they «ee. 
For «Tory drop of blood a sea of terua i 
Thus rexling, Itaiing, fall of hopes and fous, 
The bleeding wanion, aileut aa the dead. 
Stood Cot a ipacd ; at length wnie feeling* lierea 
Tancred depowd.— kind llioiiglil* row hi Iheii ilead. 
He WHh'd her name to know, and. breaking nieucc, laid; 


" Hard it our chnncie, our prawen thus to «prnd 
Oa àree» which miractt and IIims «liadH conceal ; 
Td wliHiIi tliwart Furtutie yiclda do praisp, ao friend 
On our vlew'd acU lo Kt hu> iqioukiiig »mi1 ! 
Yet. if amid the culleii ahock oT Uer-i 
Pray en may tiave sooen. caurtfMce Hud pUae. 
Thy name, Ihy country, and liiy rank rvreal ; 

May know st leut who givea my death or victory encs." 

Slomly ihe nid ; " Thy prayer no ueaem «in* g 
Cualoin Torbida ; bui, whaUoe'«r my naniF, 
TIioii •enn before thee oue of IhMO hruro Iwiiia, 
Who gave your loweriug atmclure lo Uic flauie." 
Find at her aunv«r, TaucTHl made exdalai ; 
" In evil ham haM thou Ihy gtiHH avow'd ; 
Thy ipeech and eilrnce are to mo lh« samr, 

Both chide my alatli, and both for vengeance pieud alou 


' ebanii 

And in it 
Oil, aliarp hi 
What bloody gups Iliey make tlimii^Ji piale oud cl 
In Iheir aoH f1<vh I revenge, revenge requilea ; 
if life parts not, 'tin Duly liiat disdain 
Knii» it iu pure despite lo the rebelliaua brain. 

SUIIs > 

Thin, though Iheir qnickly-ebbinc lilood deba'n 
Force Trotn Ihelr bladea lu vieor froiu llieir amu. 
Still laKa the phreiiay of ihr flame vhich Man 
Blew m their hreacU ; guirtain'd by whose rireag 

Ta( heap they slniku oii glndtcs, yel hnnnB inflict on 



Bnt now, alas, the fatal hour arrives 
That must shut up Cloiiuda's life in shade ; 
Io her fair bosom deep his sword he drives ; 
Tm done-^ife*s purple fouutain bathes the blade ! 
The goldeD-flower*d cymar of light brocade, 
That swathed so tenderly her breasts of snow. 
Is steeped in the warm stream : the hapless maid 
Feek her end nigh ; her knees their strength forego ; 
And her enfeebled frame droops languishing and low. 


He, following up the thrust with taunting cries. 
Lays tlie pierced Virgin at his careless feet ; 
She, as she falls, in mournful tones outsighs, 
Her last faint words, pathetically sweet ; 
Which a new ^irit prompts, a spirit replete 
With charity, and faith, and hope serene, 
Sent dove-like down from God^s pure mercy -seat , 
Who, tliough through life his rebel she had been. 
Would have her die a fond, repentant Magdalene. 


*' Friend ! thou hast won ; I pardon thee, and O 
Forgive thou me ! I fear not for this clay, 
But my dark soul — pray for it, and l)eetow 
The Kicred rite thut laves all stains away :" 
Like dying hynuis heard for ut close of day. 
Sounding I know not what in the raotird ear 
Of sweetent sadness, the faint words make way 
To his fierce heart, and, touch'd with grief 8incere, 
Streams from his pitying eye th' involuulury tear. 


Not distant, gushing from the rocks, a nil 
Clash'd on hiii car; to this with eaj^er puce 
He speeds — his hollow cati({up the wutcns till — 
And back he hurries to the deed of grace ; 
His handn an UKpons trcmbhs while they ruwe 
The lock'd aventuyle of the unknown knight ; — 
God, for thy mercy ! 'tM her ungel fuce ! 
Aghast and thunderstruck, he loathes the light ; 
Ah, knowledge behl unknown ! ah, too dirtracting sight! 

Yet «tin he lived; and. miiM'riiii! all hi>pow«r 
To the ind iMk, rMlniin'd esch wild lamfiil, 
Faiii lo f«l»oin by tho» bapti^iiiiil «howpra 
The liff h« «word bereft ; wliile Itnif n.l-nt 
The liullowini! word* ho spokc, willi ruvuliinpul 
Her fnoe Iransfigured alioiie, and liull .ipirl 
Her bland llpa shed a lively wiilr l\iut .rnt 
Thk silent qieech in aiituhiiie Lo hn heurl : 
" HeaveD glean» ; in blisful poocs behold thf Maod 

A palenes beauMiB u tbo IDy'« mix'd 
With the KWei-t violet '■, like a giiM of wind 
FhU o'er her face ; her eye* oil Ilcuven ara ùx'i. 
And Heaven on bei reluna ila look* u kind: 
Speak alio cut Dot ; liil her Mid hand. decUnod, 
In pkd^e of pence on Taiinrod nlie Litiluwa ; 
And lo her fole thus leodi'riy reweiid. 

BliL oa a flmihng a^LDt indiilgiug soil rcpoav. 

(in^iiahiug re^t 

Thai o'er hia b«»m bu 

i*t bejon 

control : 

»ed bin h 

iirl ; life aide 

iatb'a icy 


Bathed hi» pnlo brow. 

lia blood 

Till like tl.obrealhh« 

dead Ihe 

a chiUutf», >dlcucD, aÌT, 

•ud aititii 

e, Biid bus. . 

And «ira hia life, imps 

i.'nl of th 


SIniEgliiiK hud bunt i: 

Its reb-'ll 

>ii» «com 

t ram its weak chain. 

■.d follow 

d in ilfl flight 

lot. bui i 

Had not a party of the Frank», i 

lh« eleai 

By provideniml eindnn 

cr thilher 


Ben where bo lay >iipin 

. Ilie dyin 

Z bv the dead 



Their Chief, though distant, by his annor knew 
The Latin Prince, and hastened to the place ; 
The lifeless beauty he remember'd too 
For Tancred*s love, and moum*d her fatal case ; 
He would not leave a form so full of grace, 
Albeit a Pagan, as he deem'd, a prey 
To wolves, but lifting, in a little space, 
To others' arms both bodies whence they lay. 
Took straight to Tancied s tent his melancholy way. 


Not yet the knight, so equably and slow 
They march 'd, from his dark trance awaken'd was ; 
But feeble groans at intervals might show 
Some sands still glided in his vital glass ; 
The Lady lay a mute and stirless mass. 
Nor breath, nor pulse gave hope tliat life was there 
Incorporate with its beauty : thus tlicy pass ; 
Thus, side by side, the two, lamenting, bear ; 
And in adjoining rooms dispose witii silent care. 


His pitying squires drew nigh ; with busy pain 
Chafed his chill temples, and his mail unbound ; 
His languid eyes at length he oped again. 
Felt the physician's hand, the smarting wound, 
And heard, yet dubious of his sense, the sound 
Of whisp'riug lips, — where was he, and with whom t 
Long with bewildered gaze he look'd around ; 
At length his squires, at length he knew the nwm. 
And in low feeble words lamented thus his doom : 


" Yet do I breathe ? yet live to view the beams 
Of this cursed day, more odious than the sliade 7 
Clear witness of my blind misdeed, it streams 
T* accuse my rashness, and my guilt upbraid : 
Ah, coward hand ! why now art thou afraid, 
Thou, 80 well verged in all the turns of strife, 
The impious minister of death repaid 
In infamy, to grasp the vengeful kuife, 
Azkd cat the pall-black tlu^ad of this opproMoui life I 


" TUe ths fell It»], and hide it bi (he tùli 
Within lat, — luy Bud heart in aaadsr clean! 
But thou, peihups, intued to deeper gidll, 
May'rt d(-«tQ it mercy such ijuick eue Lo git* 
Then 08 a dire example let me lire. 
Hoiuler o{ lucl(lea> Love ! « morii for men 
T» point ut, and abhor; lliis biuw rep>iei-o 
To aliainehi] life will be til' uloue fit pitia 
Tor nich enonnoua ^l(, nnd of so dark ■ gnia> 

'■ Vei'd br jiwt Furiea, an^ish, grief, ond o*re, 
A wwid'nog nianiBC niiial t livf — lo nin. 
Shrieking, bam phanlonu witli whtah alerpaiiQll «c 
My wul. when Might bar nr^ea hw hugm \ 
To bold iu IxKTar tad In hus lb* San, 
That did my fntal error show ; to cya 
Mywlf n-ilh I'uat, uiid Hlnvp luysfif lo hIiiiu ; — 

While hell'e puniuug Geud« are I'Vur liowling nigh !* 

Of my tluiii uHp'l 7 wlinl tiiy crurl Bconi 
Left whole, pofcliuacn i«iniP isvuge of the wsatn- 
Tlie l«m muogle». or the wnif hna Inni ; 
All upoilk fur llicm Iud rich ! dciu besiily, bom 
To diOéreuI end ! too EtvccI, too precioui tViiil ! 
Poor Injured maiden! wham llie shades forlorn 
And lone liilis have betcay'd, Urst in deputo 
To me, and nejit in prey to ume ferocuiu» brute. 

" Yet wiD I fio, and llie loved upoila colli^t ; 
Detir limtB! where late the hum of tieaaly hi 
Bai. if the wolf, in hungry dinw 
Thons viriria relics lias indeed m 
In the (Une cavern let me be tnlonitiil. 
Let Hie rame jawe ingiilph me 1 hsil'd by me 
Will the Blruke come ; bill, prey'd on or inbiUMd, 
A ghirioui «epidcluxi, my loie. 'Iwill he. 
Wbatn'er thy bone* ore cual, lo be innm'd with thee I" 




But being told that her lamented fonn 
Lay in his tent, a beam of joy appeared 
Like lightning flashing through a sable storm, 
To light his aspect, and the darkness clearM ; 
Straight from the couch of his repose he rear'd 
The heavy burden of his limbs, and slow — 
Weak as an infant, full of pain, but cheered 
By her dear image, thither strove to go, 
On frail unsteady steps, loose staggering to and frow 


But when he came, and in her beauteous breast 
Saw the red gash his murd'rous hand had made, 
And her late radiant aspect calm'd to rest, 
Like a nocturnal sky, in livid shade, — 
His heightening color was perceived to fade ; 
A trembling ague rock'd his frame ; and there 
Would he have sunk, but for immediate aid ; 
** Sweet face !" ho sighM, " tliou canst make dieath look 
Bat hast not power to sooth, or sweeten my despair ! 


** Fair hand ! dear pledge of pard'niug amity ! 
Late forceful pleader, utt'ring love's farewell ! 
What do I fìud thee now ? ah, what am I ! 
And you, light limb«, that did in flight excel 
The graceful uiotious of the fleet gazelle. 
What but upbraiding ve8ti|res are yo 
Of my irn'pdrable rage ? too well 
My stony eyes and cruel hand agree, 
When, what the oue destroy 'd, the other brooks to see ;— 


" And see without a tear ! then weep, my blood, 
Since my remorseless eyes to weep forbear I" 
Frantic he spoke ; and in his luaddiug mood, 
Strong with desire of death, began to tear 
His bauds away, and to his nails laid bare 
Each irritated wound, — the blood like rain 
Gusird forth, and in this flt of wild despair 
He must have died, had not excess of pain 
Caused him to swoon away, and life perforce retaia. 


Borne to his bfd >gaÌDi Iiia flnLt'iing iiprile 
Back Io il9 biLled lumuioa I]i«y redalni ) 
Tlie dk» iuiiic)iau<:e aod. uuguiah oT Ihc knight 
Tlii« wliilo vaa n-idely spreud by babbling bma; 
And tliilfarr came Lbe Cbier, and UiiLfai^r cams. 
la, Uh SoUtaij- Sage ; 

Witti bis Id 

But ucilhci 

>r pity » 

Of bia dimmcled griaf th 

Af in a lender limb the i^^.i atiDg, 

With oib fomented, dntb the mer maait ; 

60 ttioii kind loJiicea at love bu. bring 

Acilter pangn lo bin affiicted bout ! 

But rercreud Peter, who tne foilbful patt 

or a good diepherd «Ter undertook 

WiUi Ilia Kick fluck, Uvm-d cduuboIi M impart 


And frnia its phrenai 

ucH hifi wilfiil spirit abotdc: 

" O Tancred I Tancred ', liow unlike that mind, 
Whoae firat unroldiiiKs did to bnghl appour I 
What cloud, iFhDl dnrkiKW doee thy roiui Mind. 

Wherein lliou fint diddl wulk, wliviic 

Tliyhull, tb).«lri.iL.ii 

Of Ifaine owu good ; and 

Tfaut Ihou the gift receiv' 



** 8ooni*at thoa then, ingrate, the nlabriooi gift 
Of God, with God incensed ? unhappy ! think 
Whither this angry whirlwind bears thee— «will 
0*er dork Eternity's tremendous brink ; 
Down tlie deep precipice about to sink, 
Thou hang'st at mercy of the slenderest breath ; 
Call, I entreat, call back thy senses, shrink 
From the momentous danger, look beneath, 
And curb this impious wo, that leads to endlev death f 


That second death the suflferer*s soul alarm*d| 
And, all relinquishing his wisli to die, 
Their soothing words he entertain'd, and ealm'd 
The hurricane within ; yet still a sigh — 
A groan at times escaped ; by fits his eye 
Would weep, and his sad touirue lament akrad, 
Now holding with himself wild colloquy. 
Now with his love, who from some rosy dood 
To his fond plaints perchance an ear of pity bow'd. 


On her at smile of mom, for her at frown 
Of ere he calls, he murmurs, and complains ; 
Like a lorn nightingale when some rude clown 
Has stoPu her plumeless brood ; in piercing strains 
She fills the dying winds, and woods, and plains 
With her sweot quarrel ; all nigiit long slie weeps, 
And to the listini ug sturs repeats her pains. 
Till mom with roMy tears the forest steeps ; — 
Then on his streaming eyes awhile calm slumber creeps 


And, dad in starry robes, the maid for whom 
He moum'd, appears amid his morning dreams ; 
Fairer than ent, but by the deathless Uoom 
And heavenly radiance that around her beams. 
Graced, not disguised ; in sweetest act she seems 
To stoop, and wipe away the tears that flow 
From hilt dim eyes : " Behold what glory streams 
Round me,'* siie cries ; ** how beauteous now I show. 
And for my sake, dear friend, this waste of grief forego : 



■■ Thee for my blue I tlmok ; E&itb'i nidid clod 
Thoo by a lioppy oiror forcud to qmt. 
And foT the glonoiu P&mdi» o( liod 
By mcriMl bapliatn HJiul'n my gpiril fit : 
Thi'ro DO» midHt nn^els ami Uvw'd vuatM I ■!, 
In npIunjuB love auo rollawsliip dlTino ; 
There may our ■aula logetber yet be knit, 
And ttiers in field» wbrre auiu elHnal ahlne, 
Shalt Iboa al once enjoy Uieii lovelinen and mine ; — 

iwduced, if Ih 

For aught or earthly mould a Child of Light !" 
Al thus aha i^oke, her glowing eye* >fauue biigtil 
With an ìmmortal'» fervor, — roey rei, 
SliB ill the [n]ld irradiance shut from nflil 
Her face, like n swcbl DowPr. Ucr dxan uil«]iread, 
And in tua drmpiiig soul celeetuil cumfon ahcd. 

Booth'd he awoke, and to Iha bandi diarreet 

Of akUI'd proctilioDeiB hia wouuds resi^n'd ; 
The while hi> {riruds iulrrr'd, villi ipicn nreet, 
The bmba lat» vital with mi erenl a mind : 
And if the loiub (o which tlity wcro coruiign'd 
Waa not of pure Peiitolieaii. nor gracpJ 
With Bcnlplurw plauu'd hy arcliilPCI» rrfiiird, 
The alone waa clioice, and «.-nughl Willi all the lute 
The orgeat time uUow'd, m form itnliquely chaile. 

There bj bright Ismpa thai in long order ibine. 
With many a dirge, her bone» in earth they lay ; 
And on the smooth trunk of ii Itafteaa pine 
Het amM, hung round wiih cyprw» and with boy, 
Io Iropby to her fume aloR display ; 
Aud thilher did the Fnuce liia foolxepa lum 
All languid as he waa, al break of day. 
With awe and melancholy fulm eoncrra. 
Unaeea her grave Io view, and elaap her reverenced nn 


Wbea iCBCh'd the lomb, his Rpiril's dotoiODi jail, 
Pmcnbed by Heann'i inKniUbls decree, 

ilia hollon eyra id abnnl revery 
He fii'd : at lenzth to ha ntitl a sek 
Of tf Bra gusli'd forth ; and, galb'ring voice, b« «aid. 
His acccnU prefnced wilh a n^ ; '■ O ya 
So tovad, » boDor'd tab\rHa of the dend, 
In which my «ool abidea, o'er wbich my tea» an ahad ! — 

" Not of unliving diut are ye the ahrinei 
Bui Imc'a qaicE oahn, canonized by wo ; 
From you I catch hia wonted fiira divine, 
L«H sweet, lea grateful, but aa warm Ihey glow i 
Take the nd sigh* and k'mfa 1 bcatow. 
Bathed in Die fondoet team Ihut ever Urat'd 
The grave of luclileaa beauly ; take, and O 
Convey each tigh breuilied forth, each kin implWd, 
Td the beloved remaiiui that in your bowoi red ! 

" For if to hei fair Bp>»t« that fairest Saint 
E'er ifive* a ^ance, thy pity and Riy love 
Will not «Send ; «iiico, neither oan the taint 
Of acom or hatred reach the bleat above; 
She who forgave my etimo, can ne'er nptm 
My leal, — this hope alone my lean can dry ; 
ll woa, ahe knows, my hand alone that-drore 
The munl'riiig award ; nor can it irk lliat I, 
Who Uved adonug her, adoringly should dio. 

" And die adoring her I (hall ; ble«t day. 
Whenever it snivp* '. but far more bleat. 
If B« now round Ihy pollab'd side* I atray, 
I Ihen be token to Uiy «acred breast ! 
Ah I lei Olir bleodmi; raub tO)[ether rect 
In heaven, Mir«aheaia llio aelf name tombl 
If I by death be of the bW poiwvs'd 
Whicli life denied me, — might I but prestune 
This, thia lo hope indeed, delightful wen my dooi 


MeauwhOe in Sileni, of Clormdl'i fall 
At Gnl confuB«i uni dontlng wliieps» riio > 
Till, BKwniiiu'il luid won divulg«I, tliraugh iJl 
Til' B^niali'd CilylliP loiid niuior ll>«, 
Minted with lean, and alirieki, aud womn'e Of 
As Itiongh the town ilnelf. the ncred luwii. 
Were now by It 

Ba( every eye iru on Anete Dm'd, 

Who Blood. B pitHUH spectacl rf Bate ; 
He nut iia olhere Iiis dear mis— >« maum'd % 
Kin eyeb«Uii itoay willi supreme da^Hur. 
Shed not a tear ; but fiercely did ht leu 
Hi* bee, hi* boaiuii, aiid wiUi o^e* utrwir'd 
The hoary honon ot ha ailvec hair^ 
Aa thus he drew III' alleution of the cniwd. 
Midst (hem Arganlca came, mid thus hunuigved aloo 

" Mneh did I wiab. wben coohìoiu that the pis 
Was cloeed ngainsl th' inomporable maid. 
To follDW straishl,— I ran la aliare her fate, 
Fnitect her life, or be boside her laid ; 
What did I not I what aaid I noi ? I pcay'd. 
Adjured the King, by ali Ihiit nai mint dear, 
T unbar tlie )^leii : lie. of the Franks afraid. 
Denied my anit, (hongh Irndur'd with a tear; 
\nd, men at Syria •. I>e baa aole dominion here. 

*• Ah ! had I then ^ne forth, or lafa fram itrib 
I the brave heroine had brouElil off, or cla»d 
Where ahe lia* made earth pdrple. my and life 
la memanible dect^aie, a gigtinue ghost ! 
Bai wliat could I do more T tbe «tarry boat. 
And counaela both of Uod> and men von set 
In adverse influence, to my wish nppoaed ; 
Cold in her grave the Virgin lie* ; but j-el. 
There are some mourufu! dnea whidi I will ne'er fotgat 




" Hear, all Jerusalem, my vow ! Heaven, hear ! 
And, if I fail my promise to fulfil. 
Blast me with fire ! deep, deep reven^ I swear, 
On the base Frank that did Clorinda kill ! 
Never from battle shall my sword lie still. 
However fully fieshM upon the foe ; 
Ne'er be dissever'd from my side, until 
I stab cursed Tancred to the heart, and throw 
Hb ruffian carcass out, to feed the hound and crow !" 


The warrior ceased ; and to his fierce harangue 
From the sooth'd crowds applauding shouts succeed ; 
Hushed their sore weeping, lost is every pang. 
In the mere fancy of th* expected deed. 
O blind, presumptuous vow ! far difièrent seed 
Than flowVing hope imagines, to his scythe 
Tine will devote ; thyself, thyself shalt bleed, 
In equal battle bleed, and dying writhe 
Beneath his sword o'er whom thou now exultest blithe I 






To giiuil ihe loresu ; ibe meie aigtii ariheaa. 
Senni (rnni lh< ngtoni Ibsjr are k1 ui lu^ 
Ttia men wIid crome to cut Ibe tìadf trM« : 
There Tiincred tnlillf reniurei. uid wlA ma 
Enteri iLe groit. bui lOoUilt ion i/erfowat 


CANTO xin. 

ScAECB wo the vast, tower-tempesting machbid 
To ashee sunk, thau, further to secure 
The City respited from storm, Ismene 
New artifices plann'd, by rites impure, 
And added spelb tremendous, to ensure 
The army's ruin, and prevent the fall 
Of fresh materials from the ^ves obscure : 
That so, no second store of engines tall 
Blight Sion's gates bombard, or rend her sacred walL 


Near the encampment of the Christians, grows. 
Mid solitary valleys, old and vast, 
A forest, thick with mossy trees, whose boughs 
A solemn horror far in compass cast : 
There, when the golden sun at noon rides past 
In clearest glory, a discolor*d liglit, 
Malignant, such as falls from skies o'crcast. 
When night with day, or day cSsputes with night, 
Streams through its hoary glades, and daunts tb uncer- 
tain sight. 


Bat when the sun departs, immediate donds, 
And horror, black as hell, the place invade ; 
Darkness — which blinds the vision, and which crowds 
The heart with fears ; for pasture or for shade, 
There never goatherd drives his goats, dismayed. 
Herdsman his herds ; there never shepherds somid 
Their lively reeds ; nor in its nodding glade 
Enter faint pilgrims, but, with awe profound. 
Point as they pass, and sliun far-ofi*tli' unlucky gramnd. 



Hem at deep midnlghli borne on clouda and not 
Foul witcliH ^tiier to tlieir bliuted [TevD- 
Encb wilb her mate, und take the ftiglitful fom 
Of dntgon, paid, or beonled goal obMcne ; 
A cDuucil loathBODie, lufunoui, tmcJeui ; 
That oft wilb falM prMeatineiila aad delights. 
Allure frum goodiie» ' '' 

Theii iui[HauB maiiisge Tcuta ai 

So goes belifiT; and rrom its haunted boweit 

Nor bough aar twig Uic uativea ever t«ut ; 

But thew Iho Frankii, alnce for their nnu and tsirea 

Here now tbe tiorcerer caiue, malevoleut. 
At neil dead noon of night, — the hour that beat 
Suits bia black «cience: not a whitper went 
Through tbe wild Hood», when, wru{i[i'il in coal-black 

Hia magic rounda be traced, hia mystic signa impres'd. 

One naked foot ha in tho charmed ring 
Set, murm'ring mighty rhymea ; uor tuil'd to Inni 
Thrice to the clime wheuce firM IIh- auMbeanu apring, 
Thrice to the region gupcd where last they bum : 
Thrice ahook the wand that from the dreary am 
Calla buried phantoma, lo walk forth BEoin 
Incorporale ; three limen, (rloomtly nud atem, 
Stamp'd with his fool Ullnliod : then apako he ; then, 
Ban these Ireme^idous worda through each rebellowing 

" Hear ! hear, O ye, whom from the «tort of yore 
GcxI'b flaahing thuuden emoln to derpml lieti '. 
Hear, ye that walk the cinudal hear, ye that pour 
The atomu abroad, oud in the whirlwinda yell '. 
And you, dark elrea of fog, of fire, and fell, 
Demoiu, and ghoM«, and demogorgoua dire ', 
Hear, all yo derita that in Aveniua dwell, 
Grim torturerà uf the daniu'd 1 and Thou, their aire, 
Kui2 "I^ '"*( '■'■'K*' tbat rul'at the aliadowy world of Gre! 



** Guild wen these groves : elm, cedar, ivy, oftk» 
I give you told and chronicled aright ; 
As aoois of men in bodies, I invoke 
Yon 80 to haunt their branches, every sprite ; 
Chase back with fury, or at least affright 
Th' insulting Christians, soon as they assay 
To reach and fell them !" many an impious rite. 
Fell charm, and dreary spell the Wizard gray 
Join'd, which 'twere sin to hear, and blasphemy to say. 


At these fell words each bright star that adorns 
The blue of midnight, quench'd its fires divine ; 
The moon, disturb d, drew in her golden horns, 
Cloak'd in black clouds, nor after dared to shine : 
Incensed he turns, with aspect moro malign. 
And stamping shouts ; "Not yet do ye appear, 
Charged spirits ? each to his appointed shrine ! 
Why this delay 7 perchance yo wait to hear 
Voices more potent yet, and curses more severe ! 

** 1 have not yet forgot, from long disuse, 
My cruel arts of more effectual fame ; 
This tongue, I know, can, blooded o*er, break loose 
With periect ease from its control, and frame 
That so tremendous sound, that mighty Name, 
Which heard, e*en Pluto must start up dismay'd. 
And hither hurry from his throne of name ; 
Which ! oh, which if — " more yet he would have said, 
But that he inly knew the summons was obeyed. 


Infinite spirits numberiess come down ; 
All that through air on Hell's drear errands flee, — 
Ghosts of th' abyss, and elves from forests brown, 
From cave, mine, fountain, fire, and roaring sea : 
Slow, and still trembling at the late decree 
Prohibiting from battle, comes and grieves 
The universal swarm ; but, bound to be 
Seals of th' enchantment, each his charge receives, 
Shrined in the mossy trunks, gray boughs, or flntt'ring 



Thy heart refrwh. and of t-njoymenl Lical I 
Henceforlh iii safety smnds thy ro|r»l eeal ; 
Fot uover shaU the Franka have pow« or heart 
Thoir rngidcs to renew, — ao br^«i a feal 
Havo [ porform'il ;" tho» gloryiu^ , part by part 
He the aaccnt nairalet of hu niystetieiwart: — 

Then llii» conUnuM : >■ Wi ~ j- qwD the tttn 
Thenuslrrs are chami'd, to no lOB Mi^ ; 

KuoH-, lh»l In henvenly Li^ ine Man 
Mus) with the spleu^lld sun e hue UdUb 
Id biMt conjuiiclion, and wllii i..'ver smite 
The hoalile anrncB ; naught ahnH cool Ihe gtow, — 
Wiiid.1, aire, nor miue by day. nor dvvr» by night ; 

A time of burning lieat, — pain, «ailing, nani, and wo. 

" Drought more intolerable thau e'er dialiea'd 


WiCfacoddehglilH— {>csl 

Who, >lrolcli'd DU anada inauff-rulilc o» Ihuy 
Denied ntreahntpnl, hoptlme of irtrpul. 
Will to Ih' Egy]>tiaas full an easy prey, 
Firatamilby Heuven,thODEwcpt UkslocTutsrI' 

" Tboa> «Itline nill. (hall conquer ; 'twerp not wi« 
To lenpt of Fonane then the doubtful aioils i 
But if Hie mah Circoaiuii, who dtctics 
All. even lion'rable rr-jHwe, revile. 

Since Heaven's kind Sov'reipi al 

Send peace, and to (hy foes, codi 

The BwonJ which, Éoniluig onoc, ncei 



Soodi'd by this speech, the King recoren heart. 
And the whole force of Godfrey inly mocki ; 
He had already well repair'd in part 
The walli late shattered by the ram*8 rode shocka ; 
The rest with iron cramps and mortised blocks 
He now secures ; nor yet his cares relax ; 
Round iiim the total population flocks, — 
Freeman, liegfe» 8laye,^-ou all he lays the tax 
Of hardy unceasing toil ; and warm their labors wax. 


Meantime the pious Prince resolved no more 
To storm by force of arms the stren^i^heuM town, 
Till rams and towcra yet niij^htier than before, 
Should with more sure success his proc:pectB crown ; 
He therefore sent his soldiers to cut down 
FVesh timber for the work : at momiug light 
They go ; in mist the sileut forests frown, — 
But scarce their sable skirtd appear iu sight. 
Than awe arrests tlieir step«, and tills their souls with 


As boys on ivied towers and h.-tuuled rooms 
At fall of twilight dure not cast an eye, 
Fancy a ghost in every thing that glooms, 
And, hair on end, from the griin fancy fly : 
So when beyond the hills these men dencry 
'The hoar wood noddhis: to the wind's light wings, 
Alanu'd, they turn unci floe ; uncoui>cioii8 why, 
Unless that fear before their senses briiifrs 
Goblins, chimeruH, uuphes, and all uiilioly things. 


Back th'^y return, sad, timid, trembling, pale, 

Their words confused and various as their fean ; 

That not a soldier entertains their tale. 

But turns to mirth tiio monstrous things ho beam. 

Indul;^*nt Godfrey of his cavaliere 

Sends a choice troop, in shining arm^) array'd. 

Who, faced with boldness, strength'niug with their 

The Rien from harm, might their faint souls persuade 
To do his late commands, and pierce the tanked shada 


roKdhijig vhe», in btncknl tMt* embewer'd 

iltigB Ehaclp, the wickrd lirildB fullU 

wizard's diurne, tlie gloainy rorcxl loviet'à 

gtiU—lhey liemblc, sud llieit blood tuui chill ■ 

DQward \hej ptoceed. conceuUng 111 

r villi dismay beneulh a [iiriy fac« ; 

DiiouB n-iudiiigs Ibcy deacend Iho hill ; 

bave w fai adiBDCed, that little ipace 

M tbeir TaolBlepa now TnUD off tfa' cochuiled placa- 

South wiiidB rr[iinB in Autiimn'i yrllow glon, 
And iiiimn'ring billoWB oii the shiDglw In^ak : 
The Ikio'a roai, the hiHugi of the msk*, 
The night-wolf > howls an heard, the hrar'a law m 


irrew m 

SB death ; Ihcir feai 


Nor diMlpline cou 

tor Kiuoa «heer,— 

Ther ueHlier dou 


, not dunrt remain : 

Waak wem their 

fforiB. U 


llmt ooiifiued 

Their pride, their 


At length Ihey fle 

d : their 

«IdeM, uilrodiiced 

To Godfrey's presen 

e. spok* 

a»d ihi» Dieir flight 

&iirile I in 
There gri. 

re grinly Pluto has tn 
I ne heart thai feuHow v> 
Moet be uf diuniood. diai 

lere they dweU, 

■ tllB «pi-U 

le depth* expiate, 


Tiam went ha tale. Among the enrioui crowd 
That gathei^d round, by chance Alcasto stood, 
Who both at death and danger laugh*d aload, 
Ruh, stupid, stern, and obstinate of mood ; 
Not the wild lion roaring o'er his brood, 
Nor aught that seems tremendous to mankind, 
Ghost, dragon, murd*rer, wizard of the wood, 
Lightning, nor earthquake could appal his mind. 
Nor aught that haunts the tlood, or walks the roaring 

Ho tosi^d bii haughty head, and smiling cried ; 
** Thither whence this man shrinks let me repair ; 
I will invade the peopled wood with pride. 
Despite its hollow sounds and shapes of air : 
No grinning goblin shall my spirit scare. 
Not roar of boughs arouud, nor scream oVrhead 
Of savage birds ; most freely will I dare 
Its frightful glooms and tangled paths to tread. 
Though throu^ the tliroat of hell descending to the 


He waved his armed hand, and with a proud 
Contempt stalk*d off; the wood was soon in view ; 
Soon the strange roar was heard, rebellowing loud, 
The timbrels rang, the dreary trumpets blew : 
Yet not a step th' audacious man withdrew ; 
Secure and sconiful as at firat, he sought 
An open glade of pine and spreading yew ; 
The charmed soil he trod, — when, swift as thought, 
Upsprang a guardian fire, and with th' intruder fought 


Wide and aloft the smoking fires extend, 
And, in the fonn of high embattled walls. 
Gird the green wood and from his blade defend. 
That not the slend'rest branch or sapling falls ; 
The loftier flames roll into gorgeous halls 
Fantastically tower*d, and fortified 
With warlike engines darting sulph*rous balls. 
To guard this new Gehenna ; while, more wide, 
Roeks climb*d the clouds, with gokl and burning eiimton 


in'd, in 

I eyi», unii freque 

O, what BUBDge in 
Ou the lall baltlemcQts •. . 
Gla» wiUi tlieir I 
Their claahing ar 
At leugtli hd Bed ; uid Ibough hu digbt was aJsw 
Ab the grim lion's when in diàunt clinn 
H(ld by the hunter, siili he fl I t)ie foe ; 
Sad fear — till then a thing uti_i>awn,*fDUiid placa 
WUliitl bia boJat'iouB hnait, aud paJed hii daring /aea. 

■ A wild aiDBZoiDonC, ali^uishi^^ rf^grot» 

And d«ep [vprntance atiinjf liii fr<^lful bruiU 
Ciinuouinf; 'twin aliarne nadgiitf, bapav'o thepUtni 
Tura'd Troni the crawd hia denoua «Icpa «ùda | 
And, Bteolin^ to hi» tent. iaBB)''d in vnln 
From human eyca lii« doimcrist fuce lo liide — 
That lace, so lale the seat uf all-d<^piaiug pnde. 

To GodTnf cali'd, he lingon, makea delaya. 
And tii« to shun the tiunimona, all lie caa ; 
Forced, he at length DntVE«. hut nothiag Bay*, 
Or wildlr babbles like a tief^ag man ; 
Well in IÙ9 fall'nog qwech, andface now wiui. 
Now flusli'd witli ahame iiuitsual, Godrr<-y saw 
Flight and defeat ; and ■• Haw," he thiia hegan, 
" U tliis ! or il it wilclieraO Kltikra this awe. 
Or HatU>»'( high porleuld. Iruascending Nature's lai 

" Bnt if there yet be one wbow uoble braaat 
To piene the grore wilh brave aiobitioa beala, 
Free let him try Ih' udrenliire, aud nl leant 
Bring news more certain from ila dark relreala." 
Thua ^uke the Duke : sud thnce tlio» Hvage nab 
Were Iripd, Buccesalvo days, at hia desire. 
By chiefs moat famed fur high rainanlic feat* { 
Yet forced, yet fain wa> each oiiD to retire, 
Seared by the aaiuida, (lie light*. Uie tuooalen, and ih» 


Thii chanced while Tanered paid the last fad rite 
To hk loired lad v : weak he was, and pale ; 
Hii eyes etiil sicken'd at the cheerful light, 
Hk iteps were feeblu, and his members iVail ; 
Hi could he bear the weight of helm or mail ; 
Yet now, since all his wish'd assistance claim. 
Hot toil deters liim, nor can danger quail ; 
Warm to his heart fresh life with courage came, 
New ftrung his sinewy joints, and fortified his frame 


He, alent, calm, collecting all his soid, 
FearlcM, yet heedful, sought the forest vast; 
And the drear aspect of tlie wood, the roll 
Of thunder, clouds, the earthquake and the blaaty 
Firmly sustained, amazed, but not aghast ; — 
His heart a little moment beat more high. 
But sank as soon ; and forward still he passM; 
When, sudden, in tlie sylvan region nigh, 
The fiery city rose, whose turrets touch'd the sky. 

Back stepped the Prince, and made a moment's paun. 
Inly debating : ** What will arms serve here ? 
In the devouring flames and monsters' jaws 
Shall I leap }ie<uUoug then 7 yet wherefore fear ! 
Ne'er will the brave man couut his life too dear. 
When public good tlie sacrifice demands ; 
Bat neither will he draw too rashly near 
The scene where Ruin with a huudred hands 
Dealfe death ; and surely such, is tliis which hen ax* 

Tut, if I fly, what will our armies say T 
What other forest can they hope to fell 7 
Will Godfrey cease tli' adventure to essay f 
And shall another break th' unholy spell? 
This fire, although the simile of hell, 
Blay be in fact less fierce, by fiends prq>ared 
To daunt, not harm ; — whichever way, 'tis well ; 
l^et the worst come !" this said, with t>lBde anbarad* 
He through th' eruption leap'd, — O, risk dhnnely darad ! 


He felt DO raging heat, no fuvrnt [rlow, 

Hi* smu undinun'd, uuECoroli'd bi> aakMÌ bc« ; 

If re«l flams, or glill'ring fiiiiy show. 

He kiien not liglitly, iu lu short a spntrs ; 


. appatitions dicar. 

Melled in 

Broughl giooma aud cloud* , le wind aud t 
Hail'd, ihuudci'd, liowl'di— diiper ed, uid beavsli 

Amaud, bui still intrPi^d, Tancred stood ; 
And, when the echmng Monn at distiuice died, 
Tiod with Blow steps scnuie Ih' oubatlow'd «rDod, 
And all ils lionry eceoeg nnd aecrels eyed ; 
No farther mgtw or prodigies he qwd ; 
Nor elf beforr. nor gtiblia ^nrcd brhind ; 
Naught gave preveulioii, m.-crn' imiifht denied, 
Save the gray Ireec. that, llilckly inli?nwined, 
His steps eutuugled olt, and oft his «ight confined. 

He readi'd at length a fair and ipaeious plot, 
Shaped like n circus ; in wbos? ceiKre waved 
One au^e Ircela cyprera, that upshot 
Liko a green pymmid to beuvcn, aud hraved 
The winds with beauty ; sweetml Sow'rets paved 
The mossy Qoor : the pteepecl he peruwd ; 
Advanced, aud saw on tlie smooth rind engravedt 
Symbols like those niyslrrious Egypt uned. 
Long ere her graphic art yoiiug Greece had introdoced. 

dne Syriac words appear'd, 

Mid the» dait lyp«, « 

» O Uiou, who iu thoie aialn of death hast' dared 
To place tliy glorying foot, audacious man i 
Ah ! if Ihou be not under pity's ban, 
Cruel a* bold, disquiet not. nor tread 
This secret arat ; but, if thy spirit can, 
Pankm the huplcsg souls to liurkneee wod ; (d«d I" 
Wliy "hoiildiit thou come to lighl, — tlie living with Um 



Thai wptike th' inflcrìption : while in peiuire mood 
Ho sought their mystic aense, he heard behind, 
Amidst the leaves of the enchanted wood 
And weeping boughs abore, the serious wind 
Frame a low melancholy dirge, that piued 
Sadly harmonious, sounding in his ear 
Like human sighs ; a sound, that in his mind 
Instiird I know not what confusedly dear 
Of pity, pain divine, sweet grief, and sweeter fear. 


He drew his sword at length, and with full force 
Struck the tall tree ; O wonderful ! the woimd, 
As bunts a fountain from its sylvan source, 
Gush'd forth with blood, and crimsoned all the ground 
Chill horror seized the knight : yet, fix*d to sound 
The mystery to its depth, and desp'rate grown. 
Again he struck ; when, hollow and profound. 
As from a vaulted grave, in piteous tone, 
Murmuring he heard within a spirit deeply moan. 


" Too much already, Tancred, Iwis thy blade 
Wrong*d me !*' the sad voice feebly made exclaim ; 
'* My late so happy home didst thou invade, 
And rudely drive my spirit from the frame. 
In and through which it lived : why wilt thou maim 
Still the poor trunk to which my doom uubless'd 
Binds me 7 can wrath so far the heart inflame. 
Cruel ! that in their shrouds thou must molest 
Thy foes, when Death has seal*d, and reverences theif 


** I was Clorinda : nor does her sad sjmte 
Alone in heart of oak or cypress dwell : 
But ev*ry other Frank or ragan knight» 
That before Salem m proud Battle fell, 
Is here by magic's most mysterious spell 
Immanacled, I know not if to say 
In vital body, or funereal cell ; 
With sense the trunks, with l^e the branche! play ; 
And thou a murd*rer art, if thou one sapling slay " 


Al a Hck msn, Ihst in hip Atrp pHceina 
Some Geiy iiagon or cliiioprn grim ; 
Thougti he Buepecta, at tinuly e'en belioTM 
That (lie whole ebow is but n ferenab drtuD, 
Tel BUivea Id fl;, with manj s sluiek und aenun. 
Snob fright the dire luid lioirid lemblance brecdi ! 

At ODce pain, pity, lore, (tar, lef, fuipriw, 
Bueh o'er bii heart ; hair plir ied, and unmuiti'il. 
Cold OD hiB brow [he dnw or L^mt [ira. 
And the Bword fatia from 1u* relaxing bond ; 
He aeee id thought bia murdered lady aUmd, 
WeepuB, iniptoriug htm with groan» to spani 
Her euirring trcf, and thcalh hia dreadful bnuid j 
Not CUD Ilia harrow'd fancy Iùn;;cr bear 
To Tiew her gushing blood, mid h*ar ber inlcou» prayu 

Tbiu he on whom brave heart no blind alum 
or danger or of dealli could o'er inlrudp, 
Foweriem and «oft alone at Love** deep charm, 
A (pint fabe did with vain pluitita dolade : 
Meanwhile a whirlwind, roaring from the wood. 
Caught up hii sword, and bore it out Dl' ken 
Through (he dark grove ; tlic warrior, thua iiubduMl, 
Al length rvlited ; lud from tlie bosky glen 
Khudi^, hia fycbiou found, and gladly gm^^d agaiii. 

Tet danit he not retora, lo pierce anew 
Oriheae myaterioua bowera the ehndowy «creau. 
But aa to Godfrey's prmeiice near he drew, 
Call'd bock bia apirila, and comjHned hia mien ; 
Then tlius addrrn'd him : " I.iatrn ! I have Men 
Things paning all belief; Ihinga which to you 
Will sound like fablca I of the fonvt gn-ru 
Tlie Ulea you linrr been laid — the dreary tiew. 
And loud oppalliDg Bouuda, in ev'ry point are tnw 



** Fiiit rose a wondiDiu fire, self-kindled, briglit» 
Rose in an instant» building high and wide 
Toweri, whereon, arm*d and shielded for the fight. 
Whole hosts of monsters all access denied : 
Tet these I passed, unharm'd, unterrified 
Or by the brandished blades, or volunied train 
Of the fierce flames, — they yanish'd, when defied : 
Night fell, winds roar'd, rain dash'd ; but straight again 
Dmy smiled, the winds were hush'd, and sunshine chased 
the rain. 


** Tet more ! with feeling, life, and speech endued, 
A homan ^rit in each tree is shrined ; 
I heard one feebly wailing in the wood. 
That wild, sad voice, still, still it haunts my mind : 
While, as though actual flesh the membora lined 
Of ev'ry hoary trunk and sapliug npruy, 
Blood at each stroke ran trickling from the rind ; 
I Ofwn myself subdued, nor dare essay 
Again the bark to strip, or rend one branch away." 

While thus he speaks, a tide of tossing thought 
Absorbs the soul of Godfrey ; what if ho 
In his own person the euchuntment sought. 
And with his sceptre made those demons flee. 
Which, as he judjjed, by power of sorcery 
PtMsess'd the forest ! or should he provide 
Etsewhere his timbers, which perchance might be. 
If Inun a distance, with more cane supplied T 
Him from this trance of thought tlie Hermit roused 
and cried : 


" Forego thy daring fancy : other hands 
Must from yon forest cut the charmed trees ; 
Lo, on the far, the solitary sands 
Grates the doomed bark, and gathers from the breexe 
Her eolden sails ! from loose inglorious ease. 
Love s nren chains and zoneless Beauty *s bribes, 
Th* expected Knight his captive spirit frees ; 
And soon will come the limo whicli Heaven prescribes 
For Sion's destined full, de^ipitc Ikt guardiun tribes !" 


II« tpeka with vok» leriiphic ; wluls Mb foee 
Shonr with & liglil approscbiiig to divine : 
Godfrpy lo liie prc^ihelie word» gavp p1ac«i 
Aiid liirn'd his lliouglilj. wliich ixytt bo lupiiif, 
To alhi>r projrots ; but (he ndiBnl hì^ 

Hi» sch»m«, and traversi» Fanh wi» dcaign ; 
Heat, uiuvmitt«l heat Ihe clime nnbioUi. 
AikI wearjing, quite unfiU Ilia boat far rautial toU& 

Th' ElynoQ Plelada quench tbeir (riradi; lump* ; 

In heaveu'i blue sphere xwut pianeta Ifmnniia ; 
Whence gtrettmnau iitSueucr.llial infuniiSi ajid Mainpa 
On air th' itnpreaiian or Iheir tnlcful di« ; 
Hon and more ■ultij' grow the noiioiia Àiw ; 
Yet wide and wider airkiieu siieds ila serda ; 
More mortal heats doaceiid. and vupoi» n« ; 
To tonuring ii»y more tortunnc mjihi Bucceeda; 
And still Ihe ueil, Bud next, Riipf ruir mii>ctiier breed*. 

Tlio ^imni'ring Sun iie'rr isauea train the deep, 
Bui nwcute mlaU his angry face cnclnse ; 
Me'cr seta, but lem of blood bla e yc-baUa weep, — 
Tears, of a tiacturp that loo well foresliowa 
A mclunchoty morrow doom'd to clote 
With tlie like drops, sweat froni hia aonjiiine vein 
Threol'uiBg lo riae more fieree than Imi he roae. 
And ahnrp'iiing Ihue the aiitferiiicn etich siintnins, 
With long fotetaaled gnelà, and drtnd of futiu-e poiiu 

Then when at unon he dnite his riidi<iiicp down. 

The fair flowera lani^isli, lire green liirf tiinia bioWD 
TTw leave» fall yellow from Ilieir anpleas apray» ; 
Eaith gupM in cliinka ; III' exhaiuted fuiiiitaiu play* 
No more ila music ; ahmuk tlie tltemns uod lakn, 
He aubjecia all thiii):^ to Iiis ardent rays ; 
Ths barmi cloud, in air eipauded, lakes 
BemUaace of alieeled tin, and parte in acariet flalu» 



Heaven eeeaii a sable furnace : not a thing 
Speaks freshness to the sight ; the frolicsome 
Sweet Zephyr, silent, waving not a wing. 
His grotto keeps ; melUflaous air is dumb. 
Not a bird's flutt'ring, not an inset's hum 
Bleaks the still void ; or on its sultry gloom 
If winds intrude, 'tis only such as come 
fVom the hot sands, Sirocco or Simoom, 
Which, blown m stifling gusts, the springs of life consuma 


Nor brings the Night more comfort : on her shade 
The glowing Sun his radiant impress leaves ; 
With comets, lightnings, and the golden braid 
Of other kindling fires her veil she weaves ; 
Thee too, sad Earth, the niggard Moon bereaves 
Of her delightful dew-drops ! not as erst 
In amorous song her Dniid minstrel grieves ; 
And all the wild-wood bells and blossoms thirst 
For the moist juice which late their fragrant spirits nuned. 


Through these unquiet nights, sweet Sleep, eziled. 
Fled from the languid lids of weeping men ; 
Nor would by amorous courtship be beguiled. 
Or flatfring words, to «pread his wings again : 
But yet their worst of evils was the pain. 
The rage of thintt ; Judea's impious king 
With secret herbs, and drugs of deadlier grain 
Than Styx or sable Acheron could wring 
FVun their malignant waves, had poisoned every spring 


And Siloa*s brook, that, gliding clear and swift, 
Gave affluent beverage to tlie Franks before. 
Has now no freHirniug virtue in it» gift, 
Scarce with warm waves o'crepreaclit its nandy floor. 
Not the broad Po in May, when ainplcist pour 
His floods, nor Ganges, whick the Indian deems 
A God, nor seveu-niouth*d Nile, when floating o'er 
Green Ef^pt*8 boundlcKs plaiui with even streams, 
To their inflamed desires at all superfluous seems. 


If any e'er 'Iwiil shady woodi bmd nea 

CooJ gloafy iak» in liquid nlver deep, 

Quick fijRutiiii». biiUiliiig up fruiii inunea gmB. 

Slide dowu tatoolh lùi\a, broofca qucr-iloiialy craep 

O'er luslnius slonm, or Alpiue tutrcau kip 

Roancg boia lieurcn, be pumu llitai o'ei and o'ew 

To hid Gnanwr'd wish, dui y, diep. 

A heart already ditHi» d 

if HtuidiHl nnuid 

iVonion robusl. w> 

Nor iroii iiiiub Itml <-, nl» e»fuld. 

Nor wi'apaus 111 nliii^' for llic ri.-a[li, subdued 
Tonini by Ibe sultry liral, w.... Bweut uiibrun 
Lie botti n burdca lo tlieiOKlve*. and prey ; 
Fami, weak, dinolved in id!.?Bl Iwilude, 
A wcrcl i\n- lives m Uieir vpiin, wliom- ray 

But liil« ai^tbly in the Iwlllc b 
Droops lo Itie ground ; Ibe pnde 
No ,i»re dolale» bj. uu«lnb, »<ve. 

Hi» cicb cuparvoua. erabraidiT'd 
And MinqitDOui tnpliies, ad — «e bi 

tickeriB the failbful doe. and Tnt bis bi 

So hot and «iHrn^ blov' l 



Thai languiiiiflB the earth ; in thn estate 
The wretched troops lie sick'aing in their tents ; 
Andi desperate grown of vict'ry, meditate 
What deadlier Uls must crown theee dire events : 
On every side tlie spacious camp presents 
Some dreadful scene ; on every side the noise 
Is heard of murmurs, weepings, and laments ; 
** What more hopes Godfrey 7*' cry tliey with one voice ; 
" Waits he till hasting death Uie total camp destroys ? 


" Ah ! with what forces does he hope to be 
Lord of these towers? wheuce now his rams and vines 
Can he expect 7 does he aloue not see 
Heaven's wrath reveal'd against our rash desigos? 
By thousand prodigies and thousand si^ns 
To us its advenie spirit stands display *d; 
While ou our heads the sun so hotly shines, 
That not the Indian, or the Ethiop laid 
On burning sands, more needs refreshment, showerti and 
shade ! 


** Thinks he it then a thing of no concerni 
That we, a worthless and neglected train, 
Vile, useless mpmidous, to death should bum, 
That he his kingly sceptre may maintain ? 
And seems it then so great a bliss to reign, 
That man should guani it at a price so high? 
That he should seek his empire to retain 
With soul so greedy, when, before his eye, 
Of his own subjects thus such numbere faint or die? 


<* Maik the said pious Prince, his insight deep, 
Humane to aid. prophetic to purvey ! 
Our good he quite forgets, so he can keep 
His hurtful honor and vain-glorious sway : 
He sees both streams and fountains waste away 
From us, yet for himself cool waters sweet 
Brings from far Jordan ; and at banquets gay, 
With a few Magnates, sliaded from the heat. 
Mingles the fresh clear wave with costly wines trao 



Tim the FnakR munnui'd ; but tin Ote«jBn guida, 
Long wonry of Ihe wat, atood repu«) : 
'■ And why ahould I or my brave Uiwps," he cried, 
" Stuy Id bo ititled by thin econbing wind I 
If (ìudrrEy will be bd ioBiiuoly blind, 
Let him and his obaoquiaiu pcoirie look 
To the remit ! »re we to be ponbined 
In their dtatniction Ì" — no fure» ell he look ; 
Bat in the «lent night, lilent the ( uop fonook. 

This base deaortiDD with the i -nlng etsr 
Wu! citnrly scon, and wide t nrection spread ; 
Those who the paslarul voice < Ademar 
Lately obey'd, Uie Iroop9 Cloth nus led, 
And other chieb now nuiuber'c flrilh the dsad. 
Freed from thcii oaths or duty by the Power 
That ol' all hnman ties tlissalces the [lirrad, 
Already treat of fligtil ; and some, Ihe flower 
Thereof, at once depart, ut midnight's shadowy hout 

Thk God&ty saw, and had been swift U> 
Jadfment's Just dues, but such his soul ab 
And, full of Urin^ faith, faith uliioli can i 
HilLs move, and HodiIb stand Keadfdst. he 
In deep derotiau earth'» almighty Lord, 
That ha his ancieul mercies would reveal 
And shed the fomitaitu of liis gmce abroa 
His hands lie claap'd, and, full of sacred > 
Thus with eyes raisrd to Heaven, to Heave 

" Father and Lord • if in 


le (ile à 

II, cleiì ìl 

They pish'd with living strcnras, C 

On theac the like sure mercies I and if w 

6e«m lea* deserving in thy holy view. 

Thy grace llist want supply ! thai all a 

They are thy warnors still, and call d, O Loi 



ThflM preyera siiicere, derived from a deàre 
Upiight and humble, were not dow, but ligrfat 
And fwifl as winged turtlen, to the Sire 
Of men and seraphs took their instant flight : 
Th' Eternal heard, and from his holy height, 
On hia faint hosts, as o'er his sufTring child 
A sympathizing parent, cast his sight, 
In looks where pity beam'd, where mercy smiled» 
And thus in gracious words, benevolent and mild : 


** Ttll now these dear and faithful hosts of mine 
Have safl[èr'd peril, pain, fatigue, and wo ; 
'Gainst them, with arms and secret arts malign, 
The worid around and powers of hell below 
Have both conspired to work tiieir overthrow ; 
Now a new series of events shall nm ; 
Smooth to the end shall their adventure flow : 
Let rains descend, return Bertoldo^s son. 
And ^^pt's hosts arrive, to grace his laurels won !" 


He bow*d his head : the heavens with all their hosts. 
The fix*d, the waud'ring stars in their bright stations, 
Shook at the sign ; shook fiiiis, and seas, and coasts, 
And Orcus trembled to its deep foundations. 
Listant from uortli to east swift coniscatious 
Flash'd through the skies, and with a golden sound 
Roird the clour thunder ; with (r|ad Hhouts the nations 
Hail the bright shining, haii'd the roll profound, 
And wonder, Itope, and joy in every heart abound 


Lo ! sudden clouds, not those exhalrd from earth 
By the sun's rays, but from the heiivenii — that rend, 
And all their secret springs unltKrk, take birth. 
Collect, combine, and foMt to earth descend : 
Tho glooms of night, ere noon is at an end, 
Surprise the day ; and, spreading quickly o*er 
Th* encompass'd world, all things in shadow blend ; 
Then swell the winds, the ruiuM impetuous pour, 
And, o'er their banks escaped, the brooks and fountaÙM 


Aa iu ths bunilag bfMa afiiimmer, wlivn 

At length Ihci loiig-wiiird mina of Iieavcti dmend, 

A fliglit of babblm^ wild -due I» In Uik lea, 

Witil tioiree glad cries Ihe Cuming showrr iitlniitl ; 

Their gnty neoki b«ck to wet Iha thinly, bill. 
And proyne llicir pluin«, and aa the wntrn Mend 
IniD a ixwl, hoBrw-chsH'riiii!. ciuDuring utili. 
Bush, duck, sud flouuce, aod dive, uid quaff ijw wavM 

8a they with glad liun» 

Whicii Heaven, iu auawer to their Chiara n<iQMt, 

PouisdowD in bounty ; n 

Thb sue bla treno, thai 

frem their helnw trith m 

Quench their deep Ibi ret 

in the freeh WBve profuw 

me their brow.: the rert. 

More prudei.1, va««, urn 

, and ewera produce, 

Jid the melimuDUB ilreaint 

alore up for future uw. 

Nor u the drooping «pirit of mankind 

Alone rejoiced nnd i->iHd of all ila pair» : 

But Earth, of late atflicled. ncofch'd, and pined. 

Aa ■ «ck maid, «hen ipriclilly balms appeal 
The ferer, late that scorch'il her life away, 
Kow diaencuinber'd of iho lonfi disease 
Thai made lier beauty it» repeal and prey. 

As when her cheek willi brigliK 

Bo Earth, forgeirul of her late à 

The griefs and ilia that hnd her 

Joyful her flow'ry crowiu and gar 



The nini ue o'er, the mn retnming gkywii 
Bat with a iweet, benign, and temp'rete rey, 
Tet Itali of Tirtual power, as at the cloee 
Qfriiow'iy April or the birth of May 
O frith divine ! the Good and Just who pray 
In thy devoted strength, can dissipate 
Tnfiwtions airs, malignant heats allay. 
The aeries of the seasons change, abate 
TW nge of angry stan, and vanqoiah Time and Fate ! 





U wwuM at God 


THa giud RiMl^D 

, Vnu^m, h.v= im.po.ed. 

W,L1, favori r^Lr 

»l„„7i [he HoJj- ObcBt 



Now from the fresh eoil lap and twilight bower 
Of her still mother flew the geutle Queen 
Of Shade, with light ain compaas'd, and a shower 
Of starliglit dews, pure, precious, and serene ; 
And, shaking o'er tlie universal scene 
The humid border of her veil, impearfd 
With honey -balm tlie flowers and forests green : 
While the sweet zephyrs their still wings unfurFd, 
And fanned to dulcet sleep and peace Ui' overwearied 


Each busy thought of rude disturbing day 
In sweet oblivious quietude was drownM : 
But He, whose wisdom heaven and earth doth sway, 
Yet kept his niling watch, insphered and crown'd 
With ceaselei« light ; and from heaven*s starry round 
Casting on Godfrey the ecstatic beam 
Of his mild eye, to him in sleep profound. 
By silent precept of a mis8Ìon*d dream. 
Of lus Almighty Mind reveuPd the will supreme. 


In the rich Orient, near the valves of gold 
Whence the Sun sallies, turns a crystidline 
Clear gate, whose doors in harmony unfold. 
Ere pale tlie planets and the day-beams shine : 
Tm thence the glorious dreams which the Divine 
In grace to pure and holy H})irits sends, 
Ismung fly forth ; from that pictorial shrine 
This dream to pious Godfrey now descends, 
All4 o*er his plaoid face ita radiant wings extendi 



Nra dream nor giHed vinon e'er portraj'd 

Saeh besulifiil ar lively fprniB, se here 

To Godfrey's funcy tlii", wliioh now dbplay'd 

or heaven and of iu atara the seorels clear ; 

Aa in llie mirror or a gìiuuty tpben. 

All ffoa at once [>rewuted 10 lià aight 

Thalintlipinis; f .. ■ .~ 

aught np lo nu expunuB of perfect 
m'd with Iho 

Aduni'd ntlh Ihouaiind flsin« that gave a gDldan tight. 

Here, aa tlia nitmag uptierea, the Voat bine Af, 
The li^ts. and the rich muae ho admires, 
ha, Id hifl aide a winged knieht drawn nlih, 
With Biiohenma crown'd, and oirctiinfujipd mth Inaa! 
And m n voke lo which the oicuait chain 
And perfect roarriaire of awent tiraiida hakiWi 
Breathed out from boauleoin3ip* -or golden mrea. 
Would be hot discord, «aid ; ■■Cmrt thou beato» 
No amile, or doal thou not thy once-loved fluguknowT" 

To which the Duke replied ; 
Which like Die e^owiati Bun s 
Haa dulled « mino intollecti 

■, lo greet him helnctinea ; 

fond ufiecliDnatp «mbnu» 

ik hia lonnir nruiFi ìi*' Iwinea ì 

encircled form nnd radiant face 

'r cloud, or sjinde Ihe aiinbeama cboBL 

Prince Hugo nnlled ; "And ibink noi, aaofold," 

He «id, " that eBrlhly robes my limha inv«t ; 
My uaked ^iril bore du*l llioo heboid, 
A aimpln ahape ; 1 dwell, a glorious gnefit. 
In thia tb' illumined City of the Bleas'd: 
Th» ia Ibo leoiple of our God, th' nboda 
Of ha true kuiglil« ; aiid liero lliou loo nhalt mal :" 
" Ah, when 7" he cried ; " if aoglii in me Ihti niode 
Of bliag obstruct, lojae now, O louee Ih' encniub'iing 


" Soon !" replitd Hu(!0 ; " toon id gki;y thou 
Sbah gnthprd bo to our Iriumphanl band ; 
Bui mnn>' ■ Inurrl iinrt musi grace Ihy bron', 
Mudi blow] b(v ahpd by Iliy lickniau* Jiaod ; 
The Fngan nrmiin yet Ihoa mori wilhrtnnd, 
And from the» gnup by many a toilsome deed 
Wroming Ihr «ocptre of Ihe Holy Land, 
Fii the Frank empi» i Ihon, it is dfereed. 
That lo thy geotlo rule tliy brother shall aueoeed. 

" But now look ronnd more fixedly ; behold — 
To ([iiichen for Ihe ikiee thy jnire desirea, 
Th«e lucid hall» and starry ori» of Eold, 
Which, whirling round, th' ELomal Mind ÙHpóee ! 
Obwfve Ihe beauty of Ihow oirm choira 
Of Mmpha ; bear Ih' aue^lical Hweet strains, 
In caacord ming to their crlulial lyrm ; 
Neil view," he laid, und pointed lo the plain* 
Oreuth, below, "what yon terreariiil globe contaioa. 

•* Think of yonr earthly lille» and designs ; 
Wilh what a vile rvward is virtue crown'd .' 
Mark whul a lillle Ting your pride confina! 
What naked deserta your vain ^ortm bound ! 
Earth like an island the blue een Bow» round- 
Now, call'd Ihe Mighly Peep from coast to «nit. 
Now, liiR VBsl Ocean ; to llial pompous sound 
Naught corresponds, Io auth'rize tiuoh a boast — 
Tis but a shelinw pool, a namw niocsli at mosL" 

The Spini >ald: and he his idelit let fall 
On ranh, and amiird with a serene disdain ; 
Slmiuk to a polul, seaii, streams, and mouolaiua tall 
He aero, reiitole, 'but here distinEiiisli'd plain ; 
And much he wonder'd that weak man iiltould itnln 
At shades and mists, thalswim before his ey«a. 
And cliase ihose radiant bubbles of ihe bnia — 
Capnrioiis Fume, and Power, thai, foUow'd, Alea, 
Nor heed th' inviting voice tlial culls him lo the sfcicek 


Wberefon he uiBwot'd : " Sinn not yrt thy God 
Is plen»Hl to csll mt {com tliia Cage of clfty. 
Winch patii oS tiro ia rareHt to be trod 
Mid Eakh'i etroaeaus H-lniUiin, àtìga lo ny." 
Hu£D replied ; " The leaal faUaciou* vay 
To hap^aeaa, indeed Ih' alooe sure lnck> 
Ib thut Ihoa wilknt ; lum not Iheo utray \ 
Alone 1 would ndiise thee, be not ilack 
Fntn bis far exile now lo coll Rinaldo bade 

" Far. u bjr Piovidence divine to lliec 
The golden iceplre, the «uprenie conunanJ 
Of llial adrenlure la consiijD'd, « he 
An wv'rcigD agent of thy ■elieiuen, muit itanil 
Amslant to the tiuik: the Gnt end grand 
Office la Ihino ; the second the Moat Hirii 
Concede* to him ; he is the miny'a hand, 
And lliau the liead, — none other can supply 
Oil place, not e'en lliyaeir, thy atate do«< Una deny 

" He, he nlone haa license lo cui down 
The forest ([uarded by such magic ait ) 
From him thy tnwpe, deepaiiiDg of the lomi 

Or fliglit Ibemaelvea di^baiing, oliali Inke liearl, 
And. nerved wilh livelier alrenglh by tlie mere n^l 
Of one » valiant, freah Tor canijucat vlul ; 
Tiie bolvnrks he ahall alinikr, scale their beiEhl, 
And the vuil Mcmpbian hoala o'erpover in mortal fight." 

He coaaed, and Godbry anan'cr'd ; " Hia ntuni 
Would bo moat gralefiil to my feelings ; thou, 
M'ho every aecrei purpoae doal discern, 
Knoiv'al If I love him, an I hent avow ; 
Bui ny, what olTen must I make himl how 
Sooth hia vex'd sjHrll 1 where mv her^da aendl 
Will thou that I fur hia recall aÙi.w 
Courtahlp, or ime cuiiimnnd? declure, bint friend, 
How 1 to make this suit may litly condescend." 



** God," in reply th' angelic spirit said, 
" Who with such hich regards thy rank has graced, 
l^Is, tliat to thee ul reverence yet be paid 
By those who under thy command are placed ; 
Show thou not then facility nor haste ; 
Make no request ; for, haply, this would lead 
To sconi, and thus thy dignity, debased. 
Blight fall into contempt ; but ask*d, concede 
And yiekl, when first thy knights shall for forgirenefl 


" Onelph shall petition thee (by God inspired) 
T* absolve the licadstrong youth of that offence, 
To which intemp*rate wrath his spirit fired, 
That he to honor may return ; dispense 
Thy grace ; and though in loosest indolence 
And love inti^xicato, he now reclines 
On a far foreign shore, doubt not but thence 
He will return, ere many a morning shines. 
Apt for thy pressing needs and difficult designs. 


" Your Hermit Peter, to whose piercing sight 
Heaven of its secrets gives perception clear. 
Shall tliy sent messengers direct aright, 
Where certain tidings they of him shall hear ; 
The sage to whoso abode their ship must steer, 
Will sliow the arts and methods they must use 
To free, and home conduct the wandering peer ; 
Thus Heaven at length shall, partial to thy views. 
Beneath the sacred Cross each errant chief reduce. 


•* Farewell ! yet ere I end, hear one brief thing, 
Which will, 1 know, delight thy noble mind ; 
Your Uood shall mix, and from that union spring 
A glorious issue, dear to all mankind !"** 
He said ; and like a cloud before the wind, 
Or azure mist upon the mountain*s crest 
By the hot shining of the sun refined. 
Vanished away ; cdeep fled, and led his breait 
With wonder and deep joy confusedly 


Hi9 eyes lie opf^i, and spoa llir Qtunt blue 
With the liigli-riwQ Aunnfi; from repOM 
He Blnrta, in iton rabcs bji Itanls amya, 
Anil o'er his back the jHiiple mantle tliniiiu ; 
Then laicee liia sent ; for. uaii u moraing glom. 
To hii> psvilion thioa^ the kuightg ol Etnte, 
la cuBloiBiiry councU [a pxpom 
Their BBntimeola, and of the war dpbatp ; 
ThJUter Ihcy all were met, and round iu eilriice nto 

Tlien Guelph an«e. full of the mw drmgn 
Wliicli hnd hig mind in.ipired, aod limwiiig u«u> 
To Godfrey thus made suil ) " 0. Friuco bmign, 
What I propose receive with favoring ear ! 
I eome to ajdi, ivilh all tliy nobloa liBrC) 
Grace for a crime, and, if it muit b« aud, 
A orime yet recent ; whooce it mny apprar, 
Ferehaaoo, that my requent in iissty iniiila, 
In nu luiliraeiy hour, ere yet maturely vroigh'iL 

" Bill wheu I Ihtok that lo a Prince no mild 

TUsl, Imi, Ilio iolcrRBsmr is not vilcie 
Nor meiD of rank. I canuul choose bui take 
The pnysi far gninled. nliic)i nUl surely mal 
All hnppy, and obtain dewwetj sjiplauiia ; 

" What datine hand I 
So fnar'd, 1^1111 e>r ru 

rr ffliccniHfiiliy ai 
Who, of a fìrmer liourt, mute vig'toiiv powen. 
May hope the nalu of doulh to countervail ? 
Thou atuJt behold lum D'or you lowen pfrvul, 
Shatter Iho wall, beat down the hra»u door, 
And ein)r|y, Iwfare all, ttie nimpnri Kale : 
Bellore hiin lo the camp, kind t^^re, mrtore ! 
Iti hope, ila heart, iU hand ! by Jmu 1 implot»! 


" To me a nephew, to thyself restore 
An agent, prompt for each sublime attack ; 
Leave him not sunk in slumber, I implore»— 
To glory, to himself, invite him back ; 
Let him but follow the triumphal track 
Of thy bless'd flag, the world shall witness be 
Of his improvement ; he shall not be slack 
To do illustrious deeds, beholding thee, 
Rank'd beneath thy command, fulfilling thy decree !" 


Thus sued the high-bom Guelpho, and the rest 
With partial murmurs the request improved ; 
Godfrey, as though revolving in his breast 
A thing before unthought of^ as behooved, 
Paused, and made answer : " Can I but be mored 
To grace and mercy, when you all are bent 
To press me 7 your petition stands approved ; 
Let rigor yield, — what you with one consent 
Desire, shall be my law : I yield, and am content 


** Let the brave youth return, but let him rein 
Henceforth his rage more wisely ; and take heedi 
That the high hopes our armies entertain 
Of his maturing years, be match'd indeed 
^ equal actions ; — now, my lord, proceed,— 
*Tis fit th*» wand'rer be recallM by thee ; 
Return he will, I trust, with willing speed ; 
Choose then the messengers, and o*er the sea 
Or sands direct them where you judge the knight to be.** 


He ceased, and thus the warrior Dane : " I pray 
To be the man commissionM ; I shall slight 
All danger, doubt, or distance of the way. 
So I may give this sword to whom of right 
It henceforth must belong :" the Danish knight 
Was resolute of heart, and brave of hand ; 
The offer thus gave Guelpho much delight : 
" Thy wish," said he, " is mine ; and with thee 
Ubaldo, sage and sure, the mission will demand." 


UbBld in rally Ufelimfl had ■nrvejr'd 
Muoh or the wurid, iu tuìdus realma had bMB ) 
Fraiii fraicn laam la wlieni piilincllon oliode 
Tho sultry Elliiop, bad nrnat nationB wen ; 
Tlieir rilH oiMerred, uud witb pctception kem 
Leam'd si whatover port liu tmrk might touch. 

To tmitiite ILe language, mi lad mien 

or the rude nulivfl ; Uiua. his p-rla we 

Where BohenHiud in kiogly apleadar reiea'd ; 
For IhBt Uie warrior tbera was enlertwa d, 

By piibhc fame had throii|^i Uia hosl been spiead, 
Aud us a cerUiia fact was siili iiiiuiUuiu'd : 
The UennX, kiiuvui^ ihi^y wtiu much nikled, 
Auùdal Lhein euler'd liuw, and uitprpoeing eaid :^^ 

■• la rollDwing, Signior, the fallaciaus breath 
Of public tumor, you pursue a guide 
Heudatraug uud treacheruuH, which, if not lo dealk 
From the ri^it path wUI lead yom steps sòde; 
No I gi»o your pinnace o'or the sea lo ghde ; 
To Aacalua'a ni!Ur shares yoiii auils cemniead ; 
Where a awili stream rtbuts the «alt sea^tide, 
A hennit yon will mcel, my tniMy friend, 
Of your intent forewarn'd, — to all hia word» attend 

" Much Ihim the foresight of his ovn clear mind. 
Much of your voyage has he leani'd from me ; 
Wise OS he ii, the Senior you will find 
Afl much ditftinj^ish'd for Ids courtesy, 
His afiiihle diBcoune. and motmera free." 
Instrucled iIjur, no mure did Charles inquire. 
Nor UbaJd moro ; but, us a (ii'd decree, 
Obey'd Ilio» acceuU. whieli celestial fire 
Wu, aa Ibey aurely knew, accusloni'd to iuqarfc 



They bid adieti ; impatience span them on^— 
Without delay they launch, and drive before 
The willing wind direct for Ascalon» 
Where the blue ocean breaks against the shore : 
Scarce had they caught the hoarse and hollow roar 
Of breakers on the coast, than they beheld 
Th' anticipated stream its watere pour 
Into the sea, by recent torrents swelled. 
And o'er its rocky banks with headlong force impelled. 


High o*er its banks the unrestricted flood, 
Swift as a flying shaft, its waters rolPd ; 
While in confusion and suspense they stood, 
A Sire appeared, right venerably old, 
Crown'd with beech-leaves ; long robes his limbs en- 
Of whitest grain, — ^he shook a charming-rod — 
The surge grew calm ; and, curious to behold, 
With unwct feet, iu only sandals shod. 
He on the waters walked, and tow'rd the vcnol trod. 


As o'er the Rhine when winter its broad tide 
Has in smooth chains of solid silver bound. 
The village girls in crowds securely glide. 
With long swift strokes, in many a playful round ; 
So on these orient waves, though neither sound. 
Nor cr>'stallized to ice, this ancient man 
Walk'd to the deck on which in awe profound 
The knights stood fix'd, stood stupified to scan 
This singular, strange sight ; he came, and tlius began : 

" O friends, a perilous and painful quest 
You urge, and much in need of guidance stand ! 
The knight you seek, far in the golden West 
Lies on a wild, unknown, and Gentile strand : 
Much, O how much for you remains on hand 
To dare and do ! what coasts must you not clear. 
What spacious seas, and what long tracts of land! 
Beyond the limits of our eastern («phere. 
You must your search extend, your winged pinnace 



" Yot «com not fint Io vìen the hiddol 
Which Imy «eoret lieroiitiigB have nil 
Moiiieiiloiia Ihinga you Ihero thall hnu me tou. 
Mod requÌBle for you to knav ;" — be uid, 
And rnnde the w»vm yield pavige ; Ihoy oboj'df— 
Mnnnuring «weet innaic, they toceded «wlil ; 
And. here and tlw^re dividing, higil o'ethead 
Hime curling, like somo praud and bHlliDg clUt. 

ThAt nCiT i\if TnmmHT Hm^f. in «iVI. iln KnwD In l<A 

That oVir the roinÌDg deep è 

m browB to liR. 

ile took them by the hand, sad led them dora 
Tile rivet"» depth beneath tlie iDuìni; main. 
By such palo light, an thrmieh unie foreat bimm 
BtieaiiB from the yellow rnooa. when in hor «ran* : 
Tboy «ee the (pafuoua carerò* IbM conlaln 
The weight of walere which above-|;n>und bnak 
So freely forth ; timi in one liifid vein 
Bunit in clear epriii^, or. more espunnvr. moke 
The bmid nniwlh-elidiiig elrr am. «iiciit pod, or sheeted 

The ciMenw there whence GantT» tiikei 
Po, and retlDWli'd IlydoHpes, Btnke their 
Dan, Edphnileii, Hnd Tanais ; nor ita boi 
MyMeriouB dots the Nile to them deny ; 
Mote deep, a river flowing briglilty by 
O'er brdn of living sidplim- they behold, 
Brimm'd with qiiicksilTCr ; tlinw the tun 
Ripeui, relÌQcKi aiid in (heir secret mould 
Kndf in reapleudent voiua of silver, une, oi 

And tb« rich flood did all iU bat 
With precioun bIdiim, euciisiiliut 
Which, tike brighi lampe, illmuii 
The dea'e hluck gloom with luxi 
There, in blue hiiin.. Rhone the i 

named III 

la vlipn al 
Aad, gay will 



Li dumb amazement the two wairiore paas'd» 
And all their thoughts to these strange scenes applied ! 
Said not a word ! Ubaldo spake at last, 
And thus in falt'ring speech addressed his guide ; 
** O Father, say where now we are ! this tide-» 
Where does it flow 7 thine own estate explain ; 
Do I behold aright? or is this pride 
And prodigality of wealth a vain 
niosion? scarce 1 know, such wonder wraps my brain." 


" You," he replied, " are in the spacious womb 
Of earth, the general mother ! not e*en ye 
Could ever thus have pierced into the gloom 
Of her rich bowels, unless brought by me : 
I lead you to my home, which you will see 
Illumed with curious light, a splendid plac»— 
I was by birth a Pagan ; but, set free 
From Pagan sin, regenerate otowu by grace, 
I was baptized, and now Christ s holy rule embrace. 


" Think not my magic wonders wrought by aid 
Of Stygian angels summon 'd up from hell ; 
Scorn'd and accursed by those who have eesay'd 
Her gloomy Dives and Afrits to compel," 
By fumes or voices, talisman or spell ! — 
But by perception of the secret powers 
Of mineral springR, in nature's inmost cell, 
Of herbs, in curtain of her greenwood bowers, 
And of the moving stars, on mountain-tops and toweim 


« For in these caves mid glooms and shadows brown» 
Far from the sun, not always I abide ; 
But oil on sacred Cormel's flow*ry crown. 
And oft on odorous Lebanon reside ; 
There without veil I see the planets glide ; 
Notice each aspect ; chronicle each phase 
Of Mars and Venus ; every star beside. 
That, swift or slow, of kind or froward rays» 
Revolves and shines in heaven, is naked to my 


" Bmealh my fMl I virw, or rue or denas, 
The doada, uow datk, nuw bcmitiful in show ; 
Of raiiu and dnwa the grnortitiaii ; wficnce, 
Thntirt or direct, Uib nitida end Icmpesls Uow ; 
How liehlnhiga kiadle, why Ihey dan below 
lu orii'd or writheo rays ; so ntnr I scan 
The firobnll, conwl. «nd lh« ahow'rj' buw 
Wove hi Ueuveu'ii hwm, thai I al l«ii^ begu, 
PuS'd up with pride, myself to fancy mart Ihan mai 

" So oTerwMDiQK i 

I thought my powi 
Knawicdgeof " 


Ì, hrloB 

^ 10 birth fmin Goda orcalin fauid! 
But when your Uenoit, vuitiug ihinUaai, 
From sia my wul, fiom ctTor purged my rniod. 
Hi> lBUG;lit my tliouijlils to soar, my vii'irs 1' cq» 
And I perceived how little and coufincd 
They of Iheinselvca had been, how vain, how wrak. 


ho*, like iiiEhl-o 

.!. «1 ri«^ 

Oiu minds with Trut).« 1 



al llie fiilile wel* 

ny fdly fp. 

my ynin-glorj', a 


,Vfth*d. opi 

To the 

It, pimll''d 


noblet » 


the Seer on whom 

implicitly I 

*' My griide and lord I what his bbeìicìdiu wit 

Now lo my poor directiim to coinniil 
WorkB llial miclil gnrr himaeir. — from ser^o ehalm 
To free tb' iincoiiijtier'd kuight whom «loth dotiiiiii 
By ulrong enchiinlment in a wilch'» hnld. 


I lonk'd. 

Cantoxiv. JEUrsALKM DFJ.IM Kl-D. i29 


While with this tale tho kjiights he entertain*d, 
They reached his dwelling ; large it was and fair ; 
Shaped like a grot, and in itaelf contained 
Galleries, and rooms, and ncioiis halls ; whate'er 
Of wild or praeioas, beantiiol or rare, 
Earth breeds in her rich yeins, shono forth to view ; 
Nor one romantic ornament was there. 
That fipom aixanging art its gioiy drew. 
Bat, fonn'd in Nature^ freaks, in native wildness grew. 


Nor fail'd there pages, numberless, untold. 
To serve the guests with ready active haste ; 
Nor fail'd there urns of crystal, pearl, and gold. 
On stands magnificent of silver placed, 
Heap*d high with whatsoe'er wight please the taste : 
And when with meats and wines their appetite 
Was satiified, rich fruits the table graced ; 
And the sage spoke ; ** Tis time that I invite 
To what will be, methiuks, of more refined delight 

" Armida's deeds, her purposes, her guile. 
And secret snares in part to you are known ; 
How to your camp she came, and by what wile 
She charm'd and led your warriora to her lone 
Enchanted fortress ; how they then were thrown 
By their false hostess into chains, and lay 
Long time, their um'rous follies to atone ; 
Till, sent with thousand guards to Gaza, they 
Were by Rinaldo freed ; — ^mark well what now I mf» 

" Things yet unknown to you do I declare. 
Strange, but most true ; when the fair witch perceived 
That the rich prey it took such toil to snare. 
Was rescued from her grasp, she storm'd, she grieved ; 
8tamp*d, and in auger scarce to be conceivecC 
That her designs sliould be so deariy croas*da 
Bnist forth ; * Let not tlie wretch be so deesired. 
As to enpiMise the pris'nen I have lost, 
Aie to be leposssB'd without revenge or cost ! 



■• ■ IT b« hoi «el Itiwn fne, he in Iheir |ilaoe 

Shall audèr ling'ring rnktry, hopele» thnU : 
Nor diali thii nervo ; Ihs duM of iny iliigracB 
Shall on the whole cunwd Cunji in ti ufreancs fall f 
And, raviug iJiiis, she in hfr hosH nf gall 
Frumed wlial I now di»clo« to j-oj, a rieighl 
The m«t molignurt and refined of all ; 
She came where young Uiiialdo had in light 
Her wanioni late «ibdued, or massacred oulii^t. 

" Rinaldo the» had thrown hii un» aùde. 


in a Turkiri 


Iting pereba 

CO that he Bhonld aafer 



, array 1». 



in them oased, and Ihn 


a bruok-8 gi 

<-e,», Wlir»-. Blip 



ould b" mr,: 

g mofi dm Cli risii ut»" 


the Hhiidcd 

streuni for wulen flesh 



r WOB thpir c 

oming hard to bo foresee 


he a thousn 


every duy bronght tidings ID tlieir <] 



B fur Camp 

who cumo, retAinrd, or 


oo her rlPilY 

lis HJBrila would present 


loug l«lk « 

(h them in ball or grot, 

■* Near, tl.e „ 

i>»t ihre 

ird of he 

(l«ei<fHl train 

She riyly pia. 

ad, ii< k; 


weeitii array'd ; 

Tanghi in ilI 


n all obey'd ; 

llie f..rert xhado, 

Spoke with J 

<nr midi 

^, and n 


irinK. RwBy'd 

The Camp to 


lill rebel 

on Bliow'd 

FhiIm bw face ablood 

mid lÙM inteMiae glow'd. 



*' For, M she plann'd, all thought Rinaldo dead. 
By Grodfrey fdaiDi his error to atone ; 
Albeit indeisd their vague Buspicions fled, 
When the first beams of truth prevailing riione : 
Thus with a craft peculiarly her own, 
Armida wove her wiles ; the second well 
Chimed with the firtrt, as will be seen anon ; 
The sequel of her scheme I now shall tell, 
How she Rinaldo chased, and what from thence befell. 


" O'er hill and dale Armida watch'd the youth, 
Till now his steps the swift Orontes stayed. 
Where the clear stream its waters parting smooth. 
Soon to rejoin, a flowery island made : 
Here on the banks, under the greenwood sliado, 
A sculptured column might the Prince behold. 
Near which a little shallop floating pluy'd ; 
The marble white, its workmanship, and mould. 
As he admired, he read in words engraved of gold : — 



" * O thou, whoe'er thou art, whom sweet self-will, 
Or chance, or idlesso to this region guides ! 
No greater wonder in design or skill 

j Can the world show, than that this islet hides ; 

Pass oVr and see !' P2nticed, he soon di\nde8 

The boat's gilt chain, and, so divinely smile 

Those sunnner waters, o'er them tiltiug rides ; 

But as the skUFwaA sligiit, he leaveH tlie while 

His knights ashore, and set'ks alone th* inviting isle. 


" Landing, he looks around ; yet nothing sees 
To claim his curious sight but waters sheen, 
Rocks, mossy grotx, dells, fountains, flowers, and trees, 
So that he deeins his fancy to have been 
Mock*d by the murble ; yet the place, the scene. 
Were sucli as mic;ht enchant the rudtwt minds ; 
So down he sits on banks of pleasant green. 
Disarms his face, and sweet refreshment finds 
In the cool fanning breath of oduriferous winds. 



" Meanwhile the river giirgles with B aound 
New lo liÌB far, and thilhpi calla hb n^I ; 
On? placid iHllaw iu the midal whiri'd iwiild, 
Aud suddea Bank, thna rose to grealar liB<|{lil ; 
From which p«ep'd loilh, witli goldrn tmuM brigfati 
A vlrgia's benulcnjuii facs — hei Dr>ck — her b[«aM — 
Thru her Iwa lily pap* ofpurcM wliilp, 
Tboir budded nipples roeily cipms'd ; — 
WIuls wbi^i'riag Ullawa duug liieii alvei roimd Um tnL 

" So oa the midnight itage aanie water-moid, 
Or ftiiiy -queen riow rise* from the floor ; 
Aud Ihougli no Siren, bui a paiutcd Hhnde, 
Yel all the rasciaatinp gruce alio bure 

" ' O happy youths, whom Spring willi mes »wo 
RobcH Dtid adorns ! let noi false ^ory's ray, 
Nor virtue's smooth iiu-idinus beauty cheat 
Your lender minds, and lead your steps astraf ; 
Who crops the lily ere it furies awiiv. 
Who follows, he alone in sàce ! 
Prcw Ihen the piiqilc Knipe of lifc^be gay — 

le frowns of age! 

lis ! Io fling from yon, without lasle or cue, 
rief cnjoymenls of your paKUnj! prime ; 
I without object, idols all of uir. 

B bright rainbow born, lliey mvift a 



^ * But let your tranquil soubi with all sweet thiii|pi 
Your happy seiwes cheer, while fresh and &ir ; 
Past woes forget ; nor with tiie anxious winga 
Of expectation speed the steps of care : 
Heed not if tliuudere roll, or lightnings glare ; 
Let the storm threaten as it will, rejoice ! 
With languor rest, with rest enjoyment share ; 
This is Elysium, this true Wisdom's choice, 
This Nature's self requires, — slight not her chazmiiig 
voice !' 


" So sings the Phantom, and her soft sweet tone 
To settling sleep allures his heavy eyes ; 
Sense after sense dissolves in gentle swoon ; 
From limb to limb lethargic sweetness flies ; 
Till he of death the passive picture lies. 
Nor e'en the bellowing thunder now could break 
The magic trance ; when this Armida spies, 
She, ksuing swift and silent as the snake. 
From her close ambush runs, her sworn revenge to tak*. 


** But on his face when she had gazed awhile. 
And saw how placidly he breathed, how sweet 
A light seem'd e'en in his closed eyes to smile, 
(Ah, were they open, what were her conceit !) 
She paused in doubt, and near him took her seat ; 
The more she gazed, the more fond pity sprung 
To her stern heart ; till, of all angry heat 
Charmed, o'er the boy, those greens and flowers amongt 
With loving, lovely eye»t Narcissus-like slie hung. 


** The living heat-dews that impearl'd hia face, 
She witli her veil wiped tenderly away ; 
And, to cool more the fervors of the place, 
Her turban took, and fann'd him as he lay ; 
And call'd the mild windn of the west, to play 
Roimd the rich cheeks that so divinely glow ; 
Mark but the change ! Love's intellectual ray 
Has from her savage bof«m thaw'd the snow. 
And to the kindest friend trausform'd the stemeat Cml 



TighUy yft landeriy ; and o'er hia pyiw 

While sleep licr Bliadowy sovernnieat il 

Bean upon liptoo tlis imprmnM priic 

To her enohanied car, and, tnountiug, culi 

" Noi DOW to rich Dunasciu dola ihn Sy, 

Nat where kei canile crests tb' Asi^oltiae lid» ; 

Bai, jenlinu of a pledge » deal, and ihy 

Of her new pB«0D, belwixt Auns mad pridoi 

In (ho Atlautic «a nwolvw to hide. 

Where rarely morta] nar wo» kooivn to comb, 

" One of a oluislor lo which Fortune lendi 
Hn Duue, lit' Elysjou Gclda of old renown ; 
Ttaere she a mountain's lofty peak Bsceods, 
tlopooided, Bhndy, vlmgg'd with foresls hrown ; 
Whose rides, by ponet of mo^c, half way down 
She heupi with «lippery Ice, nnd frost, and snow, 
But sunshiny nnd Terduni IcavpB (he crown 

■ n, — spp.-ilifi — nnd lo! 

" Here in perpetoal M»y 1 

cr nrgin 


From thai for 

Iho» wo 

I bo to disenthral U.e 

The gnards he 

lousy hai 

<ì shaded 

ee,l or uiikl 


Nw added aims divine, lb' ndventum 




'* A damsel, old in yean though young in show» 
When from the stream we issue, you will find. 
With long rich tresses curling round her Ihow, 
And garments beauteous as the bird of Ind ; 
She, througli the ocean, swifter than the wind 
Or wing of ea^cs, shall direct your track. 
And leave tiie lightning in her flight behind ; 
Nor will you find her as a guide less slack, 
Or less secure of trust, to q>eed you safely back. 


" At the hill*s foot whereon the Sorceress reigns, 
Bulls bellow, hydras roar, and serpents hiss, 
Revengeful lions rear their frightful manes. 
And bears and panthers ope the grim abyss 
Of their devouring jaws ; shake then but tliis 
My fascinating wand, and at the sound 
They will recede, or crouch your feet to kiss : 
But on the summit of that guarded groimd 
More fearful perils lurk, — and subtler charms abound. 


<* For there a fountain plays, whose dancing, pure, 
And smiling rills the gazer's thintt excite, 
Yet the cool crj'stals but to harm allure, — 
Strange poison lurks within its wuves of light ; 
One little draught the soul inebriates quite, 
Mounts to the brain, and to the wit supplies 
A host of gay ideas ; till delight 
Starts into voice, shrill peals of laughter rise, 
Mirth overpowers tlie man, he laughs, and laughing 




** Turn then, O turn your lips away with dread ; 
Scorn the false wave that to such ills persuades ; 
Be not allured by wines or viands spread 
By fountain sides, or under green arcades ; 
Let no fond gestures of lascivious maids— 
The smile that flatters, or tlie tune that calb 
To amorous blandishments in myrtle shades. 
Move the fine pulse ; each glance, each word that fidk^ 
Leave for the ivory gates, and tread th' interior haUk 


" Whliin, s mue of eiroling comdon 
Verge sad dirprge » IhmiBaiid winding w>7>; 
Bui of iu vorlons gslleii», wulka, and doon, 
A lucid plan Uiii lilde aliart dvptsfH, 
To guids your «tops : in cealro of the maze. 
A qHK:ioua garden flingi ttti frugruicc rouadi 
Wlieio not a light IbuT ehiik», or icphyi Mni;a. 
Bui breatliei out love; hei^.on lliDfmdigmngMiV-t, 
In his fair lady*» Up the wairior will be found. 

" Bui when th' Enchautnw qniU hrr ilaitini^a éài 
And elHwtafre tunut lior fcoaippi Ikiiii the {Hsee, 
TheUi witb llie disinaiid shield which I ptovide. 
Step faith, and tD preepnt il for ■ ^Kicr, 
That be may suit at his reflected face, 
Hii WBDlon wet<ds and aniamoiitc mrrey; 
The sigili whereof, and ten» of hi» diii|^cei 

Fona his unworthy lave iudigiiuul break anay. 

Yaur vayage hinder air your plans impede ; 

Nor, (so luperior will your giiiduiice be.) 

Sball tbe fair Wilcb liaye skill yoiir coming lo fc 

" Nor Icfl eecurely from hot fairy hall» 
Bball you depart and wend your homeward way; 
BbI now the midnight haiir lo ahiniber calla, 
And we niusl be abroad by brrnk of day." 
Thia sttMl, he ruse ; and, uslieriuB them thti way, 
His woad'ring giiesU Lo Ihfir apurlrrienlA brought ( 
And leaving them to slunibcr'fl praccful Kway, 
Id reTonee of glad ond soleuiii Ibnii^lil, 





SoARCE had Aurora risen with grateful ray. 
Or Syrian shepherd led his flocks from fold. 
Than the Sage coming where the warriors lay, 
Produced the chart, the shield, and wand of gtAd ; 
And " Rise !" he said, " ere yet tlie sun haa told 
His rosary on the hills, — soft breezes swell 
To waft you on your voyage ; here behold 
The promised gifts that wiU have power to quell 
Annida's witchcrafts all, and thaw each murmur'd speU." 


But they th' expected summons had forerun, 
Wore up, and robed in arms from head to feet, 
And straight, by patlis ne'er gazed on by the sui. 
Following their host, returning they repeat 
The steps they took to his romantic seat 
The previous d»y ; but to the river side 
When they were come, the Senior stay'd to ereet 
His parting guests ; '* Farewell, my friends !" he cried, 
*' Here must I leave you ; go, good-fortune be your guide !" 


Embarked, the river with harmonious flow 
The stranded vessel buoyantly upbore, 
As, toss'd into the stream, a leafy bough 
Is wont to rise, and, without sail or oar, 
Floated them gently to the verdant shore ; 
There, as the spacious ocean they survey'd— 
A little vessel with vermilion prore 
Steer'd nigh, wherein was seen the destined maid» 
And well the bounding bark her guiding hand obey'd 




riirht, uud Piin 

ik ahe threw ; 
Her robe rnmi wliile lo ivd, from red In Mob, 
Lilac I], green, purpl". Bc«lla£!ly sad fut. 
Long Ba you look'd, diveraified itx hue ; 
You g»e a^aia, t)ie pncloiu pu;ple'a put, 
Aiid a Sntii lint appean, dlviscr Ihan Ihe [ut 

The featheiB Ibaa which on neck gantoe) 
Of Iho impBwian'd dove Ihri e1«a «^«ul, 
Not Cor one moment the uiinii >int rpreal. 
But ID the «un icn Ihou^and colon shed ; 
Now the)' s necklace Eoein of rulriM ml. 
Of ernVuids DOW they imitale the tijiil. 
Then— lei (he gentle bird but Inm its liead— 
They shift from green to tilnck, from bh.ek lo bni^l, 
Tben lake Ihe linia of all, etili more la cheim the «i^it. 

Ml buk. 

" Enler," »!io «aid, " O happy youlLs ! t! 
Wherein from «a to eea I siifrlj- plj- ; 
In which Ili* heaviest wrinhUt i^ow IlijIji 
Rougfi billows Biiioolli, Biid tjlm tin' Blor 
Me iu hi» love and fuvur, tlLr M.»! IliL'h 
Seuda as your Kiiidi':" IL'' Luily r|}ak<', niiil now 
Guiding her painlfd ^ndola riMrrv lii^ii. 
O'er the glad waves that round in hooiago bow. 
The green saluted ahoro strikee lightly with her prow 

Swell the (, 


, na clnrjins to be fonn 

..,e swoln BUram, so di-ep with rr 

-It mi^t bave borne a fleet Ivell punn'd a 

But ber light frigate it \iioa\d n-rll i^ustuin. 

Tbongh lo ita usual atale the water» were (d 


Shrin ain miiBaal ting within the lails, 
And swiftly speed them from the verdant diora ; 
The waters whiten to the active gales, 
And round the vessel murmur, foam, and roar. 
But now they reach to where its loud waves hoar 
The river quiets in a broader bed ; 
There, by the greedy sea embraced, its store 
Melts into naught, or naught apparent, wed 
With the vast worid of waves before them greenly spread 


The sounding margin of the rough rude main 
Is scarcely touched by the euchanted pine, 
Thau the black clouds tliat lowered, presaging rain, 
Clear off at once, aud leave the morning fine ; 
The mountain-waves, smooth'd by a charm divine 
Fail flat, or if a zephyr intervene. 
It does but curl the clear blue hyaline ; 
And ne^er in heaven's benignant face was seen 
A smile so sweet as now, a purple so serene. 


She sails past Ascalon, and cheerly drives 
Her beauteous bark betwixt the south and west ; 
And near to stately Gaza soon arrives, 
Once but a haven held in slight request, 
But year by your increasing as the rest 
Went to decay, a city now it stands, 
Of power, aud sti[ength, and merchnndise possess'd ; 
And at this instant, couutlces as its Hands, 
Myriads of armed men overspread the bordering lands. 


To land the warriors look, aud see the plains 
With countlet» ricii pavilions whiton'd o>r, 
And knights, and squires, and steeds withglist'ningrehia 
Pass to and fro betwixt the town aud shore ; 
Camels aud burden 'd elephants, whose roar 
Comes mellow'd o'er the main, pace side by sidei 
And stamp the sands to dust ; with many an oar 
Flash the vex*d waves, and in the harbor wide. 
Galleys, and light caiques, and ships at anchor ride. 



Soma with atnuie raven brmh'd tha boxom wava ; 

Some iprcad then wings out la the winds, aud flaw; 
Their sUarp nwiSi beaks the liqitid seiu PograTe, 
FoAiu the raised billows as tho kecb glide liiioogb. 
" Tbauffh," Blid th« Lady then, " Ihu ocean blue 
And yellow plains are Sll'd, as <--»□ heboid, 
WitbbHUaDdnatiwoftbel lUea cnw, 
Fn«h bajida on baoda, beoeall lis inion of gM, 
By tlia Htioug tyrant yet remain ~ ba eaioU'd 

For to 

Df the noon 

Eilends his infturORO with ba iric irtalca ; 
So Ibal I bope we shall, witfa prasp'raus (atea, 
Have mode nlntn, oro fiom this subject-coast 
He to JtrusoleiD his caiiip ImoBlatcB ; 
Ue, or whatever Caplaia iq his po4<l 
Hay o'er hia other chiofa be ruised to rule the hnet." 

Then a> an eag^e pusses on? by one 
All leaser lards, and soan! la such a liei^l. 
That she appeara confoundod with tho «m, 
Her form unlii'd by Ihe sciilest «iffht 5 — 
So, betwixt ship nnd gliip, her rapili Higfat 
The gay and graceful liondoln hulda on, 
Without a fear or care, however sl^fhl. 
Who may aireat or chase her, and anon 
!■ ftiun the aailon flit, and out of ptwpecl gone. 

« Raffia 1 

Jt flow, 

Tho fint in Syiia seen by llioso who «leer 
Front friiilful E^-pt. and hail «oon iu view 
The barren isle of louely Rliinocsre ; 
Vùt distant, trees o'er wa\-ing trres appear 
To clothe a bill embrowning all Ilio deep 
Tbat bslhea iU base ;" noi uun'meniber'd here, 
Dm'd in its heart, the bones of Pompey ileep ; 
Roimd li^ the winds and woodg ; beneath, the wal 



TI107 next behold, by Damietta driven. 
How to the sea proud Nilo the tribute pays 
Of hit celestial treasures, by his seven 
Famed mouths, and by a hundred minor ways : 
Tlien past the City built in ancient days 
By the brave youth of Macedon who bore 
Films from all lands, she saib, and soon surveys 
The Pharian isle, an isle at least of yore. 
Bat by an isthmus now connected with the shore. 


She leaves to starboard Rhodes and Crete unseen. 
And to th' adjacent shore of Libya stands ; 
Along the sea productive, tilPd, and green, 
Bot mly thronged witli snakes und barren sands : 
Barca she passes, passes by the lands 
Where stood Cyreue, who no more premdes, 
Qoeen of the silent waste ! and soon commands 
With Ptolomet the cypress wood, whence guides 
Lethe the fabled flow of his oblivious tides. 


Syrtes, the seamau*» curee, before the wind 
She flies aloof, and far to seawanl steers ; 
And, doubling Cape Judeca, loaves behind 
Swift Magra*s stream, till Tripoli appears. 
Crowning the coast ; due north, low Malta rears 
Her cliffii, but Malta they not now behold ; 
To shun the lesser Syrtes, which she fears. 
She tacks ; but, past Alzerbo, coasts more bold 
The laud where dwelt the mild Lotophagi of old. 


Next on the crooked shore thev Tunis see, 
Whose bay a hill on either side nnbrowns, — 
Tunis, rich, stately, hou'rabic, and free, 
Beyond all other Mauritauian towns ; 
Right opposite to which Sicilia crowns 
The sea, and, roughly rising o'er the flood, 
In sombre shade Cape Lilyb^um frowns ; 
Here now the Daiiiitel points where Carthage stood, 
Rival 80 long of Rome, and drunk with Roman blood. 


Low lie her tamn ; Mie rrlica at hetnny, 
Hei d«en iliom a [ew tul InigmouU keep ; 
Slmnea, tnnplea, cltia), kingdaim. asXr* instj ; 
O'er unu anil occs triuuiplial dnerU >wcep 
Tlisir sauik, or lioiu roar, or ivie« cr«-p ; 
Yot man, proiiri woctn, reseoU Dial CAioing Ni^t 
Should aluoud his eyea, in ua pi cpelual sleep ! 
Bioerta iiov lliey reach id nilea' flight, 
Suduua's diataut ids reetdiag on ^e lighU 

Bugia aiid Alters, Ibo ace in «u detu 
or oorsaitt, rise, sppniacti, and retrorede ; 
By Oran'a towera thry pea with equal ^«d 
AJid. cosiliDE lh« aterp cUffi of lìngiton, 
Now iinmed Morocoo, famaua for its breed 
Of elpphnnu and lione, ilii^y begun 
Granada'i odirrse allures through aiure mists to K 

And DOW Al Tank's Strails Itiey iotenect, 
Aludes' work, as gray (radilions teiga ; 
llnply nn isthmus did the aliorea connecl, 
TdJ aonie concunioa reut its reck* in twain ; 
And, by irruption of the homnl main, 
Abyla here and Colpe there was placed ; 
Aad Libya, niuder'd from romantic ^poin, 
No more as Iriends, but foes each other facet 
Such power Time lialh lo change, nnd lay sir 

Four times the moni has tinted Ocean's cheeki 
Since the ^y bark \is voyagtt Givi begun ^ 
Nor has il enlei'd once or port or crKli. 

It now the entrance of the atrail hiu won, 
Shoot* the sUghl pus, and, far a» sight can □««, 
Into Ihe plthl«s iuBnite is nin : 
If, land'lock'd, here so spacious opems the sea, 
IWe, where il roll* round eartli, whal muirt Ih' appeir- 



No longer now each city that succeeds 
Rich Cadiz, o'er the billows they descry ; 
Fast wealthy Cadiz, fast all land recedes, 
Sky girds the Ocean, Ocean bounds the sky : 
Said Ubald then ; " Fair pilot ! make reply, 
If on the boundless sea through which we glide 
So swift, bark e'er before was known to ply, — 
And if beyond this world of waves reside 
Men of like modes with onni?" The Grondolier replied 

*< When Hercules the monsten had subdued 
That haunted Libya and the realms of Spain, 
Through all your coasts his conquests he pureued. 
Yet durst not tempt th' unfathomable main ; 
Here then he raised his Pillars, to restrain 
In too close bounds the daring of mankind ; 
But these his marks Ulysses did disdain, 
And, fond of knowledge still, his curious mind 
E'en by Alcides' laws refused to be confined. 


** The straits he pass'd, and on th' Atlantic sail'd. 
Bold as the Sea-God in his fish-drawn shell ; 
But naught, alas, his naval skill avail'd. 
The roaring billows rang his funeral knell ! 
The secrcbi of his fate no records tell. 
Where bleach'd his bones', or whither drove his sail : 
If any since were driv'n out by the swell 
Of wave or wind, they perish'd in the gale, 
Or came not back, at least, to tell th' adventurous tale. 


" Thus still this sea rests unexplored ; it boasts 
A thousand isles, a thousand states unknown ; 
Not void of men, nor barren are the coasts, 
But fertile, rich, and peopled as your own ; 
Nor can the sun which cheent your milder zone» 
Be in its quick'ning virtue lifeless there. 
But earth is heap'd with fniits and blossoms blown f 
Said Ubald then ; " Of this new world so fair, 
Be pleased the worehip, laws, and customs to declare." 



" Àa Tariom aa Ihs tilbs." ilie touU leply. 
" TlieLr rilea, and langiing««. nad (■uMnnu tn \ 
Some Earth, (he gcueral mather, gloriiy. 
Some wornhip bouu, the sua, and moniing itar j 
While •ome io wooda aod wIIiImtifw» tot 
Spue uot to deify liio Prince -> Hell. 
And heap their boBfdi wilh cu, lifr* dnui in w*I | 
Id ^orti nxHt impiom nn IhetL ntiw, and tell 
The futh of aU Ul« thbea thai west of Calpe dwalL" 

■• Wai then," the kni^l rejoi: " thnl God wbo omw 
Pnra heaven t'iUumiuate th umari hewt. 
Sliiit ev'ry ray of 'rrulh'a oeL lai flame 
From thai, which toma of eanJi » large n parti" 
" No," aba replied, " each liunanMue ut 
Bhall yel be tbeira ; «'eu kuic< ahall couroMs 
The tioly Falih «i.d Gosprls to un[.iirt ; 
Nor think ludHxl that ihis fxIimiI ul' iide 
Shall Croia your world llieM tnbca forever tliiu divide. 

B, whrn Bhip-bnyn e'cu ahaJI acom 
.:i ■ luiir jiiiile edipee ; 

Thwart planets, iluhiuiu colma, or billowa' roa 
Nor irhalaoo'er of risk or Imi may mofe 
TeiriJtc ahow, or furioualy lunail, 
Bboll make that nii|;'lily mind of hia gite o'ei 
The wonderful ailueulure, or «mil 
la doe AhyU'a bounds hia swrit la impale. 


*' Th thoQ, Columbus, in new zones and iktes» 
That to the wind thy happy saifai must raise. 
Till Fame shall scarce puisue thee with her eyes, 
Thoagh she a thousand eyes and wings displays. 
Let her of Bacchus and Alcides praise 
The savage feats, and do thy glory wrong, 
With a few whispers toss'd to after days ; 
These shall suffice to make thy mem'ry long 
In history's page endure, or some divinest song."" » 


She said, and sliced through foam towards the west 
Her course awhile, then to the south inclined, 
And saw — now Titan rolling down to rest, 
And now the youthful Morning rise behind ; 
And when with rosy light and dews refined 
Aurora cheers the world, more sail slie crowds ; 
Till, in blue distance breaking, as the wind 
Curls offtlie mist that all th' horizon shrouds, 
They see a mountain rise, whose Bununits reach the 


As they advance tho vapors melt, nor more 
Their wished inspection of the isle prevent ; 
I^k^ the vast pyramids 'twas seen to soar. 
Sharp in its peak, and widening iu extent 
Down to its buse ; it seemed to represent 
The burning hill *neatli wliich the Giant lies 
That warr'd on Jove, for with like sulph'rous scent 
It smokes by day, and still, as daylight dies. 
With ruddy fires lights up the circuinambit'nt skies. 


Then other islands, other momitains mild, 
Less steep and lolly, their regards engage ; 
The Happy Isles, the Fortunate ! so styled 
By the fond lyrists of the antique age ; 
Which warrior, sopliist, priest, and gifted sage 
Believed so favor'd by the heavens benign. 
As to produce, untill'd, in every stage 
Of growth, its fruits ; unpruned ttie fancied vine 
At once flower'd, fruited, fiird, and gush'd with gen'roai 



n «llde from n 
Io ailvei itrTanu, villi murina: 
And hen cool wiudH nnd dewi 
Tho hcaW, »ocl the culm lialcj 
Witli «very beautHUB bini of 1 
And liert un plscsd tli' Elysia 
bt fair nofading youlh, the gpiril) 

Tietdi. whan nM, 

To thene the Lady made : ' d now." «id «hi 
" The dentined haren of yot. .. pea ii noar; 
The proiuised iales of FortuQO i.DW yon see, 
Wlion fame hiia rcacli'd, if not fatigued your N 
With ila oncertaia echnea ; Fidtion hen 
Haa not bsfo idle ; rich Ihry arc, and gay. 

e vthnt 


Then Charle» : '■ If, Lady, 

Hare vieVd — the people nee, lh« place eipto: 
The rilea Uiey use. Ilio {ìcuìiie they adore. 
And whaUoe'er may prompl Ih' inquiry keen 
Of Buryiiig iBgH ; that, repamitin[r o'er 
The peril* bmv«l. the atrangp iitw objecli «et 
Imay witliliaueilpiìdeexdaim, ' Yea! there I've 

" Worthy ." the Gondolier replied, " of the*, 
Th' entrealy lorely ia ; but wlial can I, 
If Maaven-a severe, iuviolable decree 
The leut cMHnplianee willi Ihy wi»1i deny. 
The perfect period tu'il by fitHl on high 
To give tliifl creat dncov'ry lo the day. 
Il Dot yet coiDo ; and thus for you lo eyo 
_ The SncrelB of Iho Deep, and back convey 

newN, would be hm will la diMXMjr, 


" To yon 'tw granted, by peculiar giaca 
And «iperhnmiui ^111, Ibe fame 1' acquire 
Of rescuing to joat world from tlirolilDiD bsMi 
A youtti whom outian* ordenlly dcaiie ; 
lyit I)ii« suffice, fur fartlier lo oapirc, 
Would lie lo War will) fnle :" while aho nplita, 
TtiD Gnl greea isle socnia Iw'oiDg to retire 
Frani nolice, and the next Hublima to riie. 
So blilLely o'ci llie wave the chaimod jHiuiAce flic* 

They now behold, how in the Bame degree 

All in long order shun the reolnu of mom, 

And by whet equal dislaucm of MB 

The bappy iales are each from each wilbdrawn: 

HulB, curluig smoke, white flocks, aud ripeuiug coni 

Spoke sevea of them inhabited ; the reei 

Were wiute, o'emiu with heath aud shi^'d with 

Where, Gu'd in loug hereditary rest, 
Saonre the lion prowl», the vulture biiilda her netL 

Id one they find ■ lone BR|iietler'i] place, 
Where, lo o crescent curved, the Jiore extendi 
Two moony honw, that in Oieir sweep crabmca 
A ^mciou» hay, — a rock the port deleùda ; 
Inward it front», mid brond to ocenii bend» 
ita back, whereon ■eneli -dmidinB tillow diea, 
When the wind tM» and l)ic atomi deBcenJ» ; 
Wliile hero nnd there (wo lofty Prilla uri». 

Bafe sleep the aileat iena beneath ; above, 
Black arching woods o'enlisdo the ended •oeiii 
Willun, a groUo ap«lii in llie grove, 
Flesmul with flowers, with mona, willi iviea gn 
And waters wnrblinj; in the depth unaeen ; 
Needed nor twiated rope nor uuchor tliere 
For weary aliipa : into Uiat so aoreue 
And aheUei'd lierrnitage, tlie maiden fair 
Bnter'd, her aleuder auila unfuriing fiDm the air. 


" BohM," itiv nid, *■ Ihe ciipolns and lowm 
Thai on yrtn rnoimlain'B lofty nutuDil shine ! 
Thsra Chrisl'ii Iclhajgic chunpiDn wastva hia houn 
In aulliuice, idlean, foil?, feait, and wbe : 
Thai «lipp'fy, «eep asoenl of palm and pins 
Mounl «rilh the naing sun ; nor lot delay 
Seem to j^ou grinvoua ; inll m mi^igD 
Th' impottam Bchems (o mm 111 bstraj, 
If BUT hour bnt that be fiz'd for ■ « «Mf. 

*■ Yon jret i reach dia (bat 

Of the seeu ay'e rxplivd ;" 

Their lorcl) ^-uL-^ i.. , sy salute, 

And lightly pace at leu iburo dmiied 

They Sinnd the way k, lu > b« idmited. 
Bo full of goodly proeprda, -.-v with ahad«, 
And arnoolli withal lo trnid, that nothing tued ; 
Aud when Ihey iaiurd from Ulii la^ green glade. 
High o^ert lie landscape yet the evcaingEUabaaaifl play*d 

They we thai to the inaualaiu'a «tattjy bead 
O'er nodding crags aud ruius Lhcy mint clinih ; 
Below, with auuwi and frosts each palli waa upread. 
For bloomy heath eichan^ and udoniiia tbyme; 

Bound ila white ahouldel» tuat'd tbeir verdini lock* 
Sweet tilioa peep'd from forth tlio hoary rime, 
While (force of magic '.1 pink^ genialuu», atocka, 
Aiuliiiaea,(iiUy flower'd, hung cluat'nug round Ibe looki. 

Within ■ lavage care beneath Ihe mount. 
Cloaed iu with shades, the wanion pan'd the night ; 
But wb^n the Sun fnnn heaven^ elemal fount 
Thrangh Ihe brown fnnvl shed his gidden light, 
" Up, up :" at once Ihey cried : and either kniglit 
With rival Eeal Blang Ihe tniek of frost 
Began Ul' ascent ; whou, on their startled lighl. 
Whence they ku e w not. in various color* glon'd, 
T^ir onward path a Gerce and frightful aerpeot era^l 



Her head and scaly crest of pallid gold 
She raised erect, and s weird her neck with ira ; 
Li^ten'd her eyes ; and, hiding as she rolPd 
A length of way, she poison breatlied and fire ; 
Now she recoil'd into herself, now niglier 
Her tangled rings distending many a yard, 
She slid along with mischievous desire, 
Presenting ail her stings the pass to guard, — 
Mach she the knights amazed, but did not much reCaid. 


Already Charles, the monster to assail, 
Had drawn his sword, when out Ubaldo spake : 
** Soil ! what is it you do 7 by arms so frail 
How can you hope to quell th* euchanted snake T* 
His golden wand of an immortal make 
He shook, so that the demon, smit with fear» 
No longer hissing, sought the tangled brake ; 
Needed no second Mund to warn its ear ; 
Instant it slippM away, and left the passage clear. 

A little further on, with sour disdain 
A roaring lion the strict pass denied ; 
Tossing aloil the terrors of his mane, 
And his voracious juws expanding wide. 
He with redoubling fury lush'd his side. 
And to the kuights advanced with hasty tread ; 
But when the wand immortal he espied, 
A secret instinct chiird his heart with dread. 
And queird his native fire ; he howKd, and howling fled. 


Their track the venturous couple follow fast. 
But numerous legions yet before them rise 
Of savage beasts, terrific as the past, 
Differing in voice, in movement, and in guise ; 
All monstrous forms, all wild enormities. 
All the {Trim creatures in their «temcst moods 
That betwixt Nile and Atlas, Titan eyes. 
Seemed guther'd there, with all the raging broods 
That haunt tir Ercyuian caves or old Hyroanianwoodi 


But e'en tlus plialanx, maiay, fieree, and bgld 
As it ^>'d, could not lliis pair oSriglit, 
Much l(a rrpel 1 fur M* tUe wund of gold 
A àofJLB motion put Ihem bII ta fligliL 
And now Ihoy climb vicloriou» to tìw boigfat 
Of lh« nide pifBÌpiix, willioul deliiy t 
Save that tbe Al|Hns glaciffn, whit* 

With dnfted suow> lli_. luutorcly l»y. 

Of Uieir anblinie luoetit tnoi . iub iDxke Uie way 

Is Killed, s and breeia keeo. 

Beneath th» «, mi sky 

Tbey End ui ?.^... .....oal ! tpaciuui gnoD. 

Here ia a dime deilightrul., e> cne 

H» wia^ the evinlsjAing SrpI )T rtiskea. 

And bmotlics a ceoselea hwfcuims o>r th» ueae ; 

Or doiida with eninu divide Ihp hnppy houn; 
Bot heaven, than wiiitwl crj-slai o'ou more de 
A flood oCsuiuihine in all wkuoiii ahowen ; 
Nuninf; to fiolda their herbs, to herbs their flow 
To flowors (heir smell, lo Irivn tli' iminortal [ 
Here by iln lake, the uplendid palace lowen 
On marble caliiiniiti rich wilh golden fnne. 
For leoguee aud leagues aruiujd o'erguiing liilb or 

The wanion weary found [lienuelvc* and faint, 
rrom Iheir long travel up the steep rough hill ; 
And lulsring IhroUKli [he pleasant gnrdcni went. 
Walking or n»lju(( at their owu iin-eei will ; 
When lo, a foiinlaiii ivhoso ligiil miunc siuill 
AOnrH liie (hiraJy plurim, gleam'd iu view I 
In one tail column il dewnidrd dull, 

I aneat pearl the pianti that nimd 



Bat throagh th« gran these delicate cascadet 
The same deep channel in conclusion found, 
And under curtain of perpetual shades 
Ran warUinflr by, cool, tranquil, and embrown'd ; 
Yet still so clear, that in its depth profound 
Each glistening wave amid the sands was seen, 
With all its curls of beauty ; while around, 
The mossy banks form'd couches soft and green, 
Inlaid with odorous herbs, and violets strown oetween. 


* See here the fount of laughter ! see the stream 
To which such fatal qualities belong ! 
Now," they exclaimed, ** let us avoid the dream 
Of warm desire, and in resolve be strong ; 
Now shut our ears to the fair Siren*s song, 
And to each smile of feminine deceit 
Close the fond eye !" thus wam'd, they pass along, 
Until they reach to where the waters sweet 
Break out a broader bed, and form a spacious sheet 


Here, served on ivory, stood all sumptuous food 
That Taste could wish, or Luxury purvey, 
And, chattering, laughing, in the crystal flood 
Two naked virgins, full of wanton play ; 
Now kissing, wrestling, breaking now away, 
Now striving which the other should outswim ; 
Now diving, floating, as the waters sway. 
Sometimes above, sometimes below the l^m. 
Marking their course concealed by some voluptuous limb 


These swimming damsels, beautiful and bare. 
The warriors' bosoms somewhat did subdue ; 
So that they stayM to watch them, while the pair 
Seem*d all intent their pastimes to puraue : 
One meanwhile, starting upward, full to view 
Of the clear heavens her swelling breasts dinplay'd, 
And all that might with mptnre more endue 
The eye, to the white waist ; the waves that pUy'd 
Round her, each limb beneath pellucidly arrey'd. 



As from Ilia waves the glill'hug Star of mota 
CamM, dropping neclu ; m a» rialug ilow 
From Ocean's fruilfiil foBin when oewly bora. 
Tlie Quwa of Loro aad Beauty kkio'iI id «how. 
So »be sppenr'd, 80 cbarm'd ; bar tnwes to 
From all [heir golden rlni^ brighi humut run'd. 
Rich wilh l)ie colon of (ha abaw'ry bow ; 
While loukiui! round, lh<^ hnighia bai Ibrn idle felgD'd 
To *M, and bock recoil'd, oSèoiled, ahock'd, sud pain'd 

Which, lliiclily flcwinp lo ber (rei, array'd 
Jlcr poligh'd limbx an with a golden gowD : 
But O '. If hen frll the curtain fhim ber cfowor 
Wbat an enchontlng apeuutide wni flpd I 
Yet 'twas fDchiuitment, so te find it Sown: 
Thus glonouelj- wilh locks and waves o'vnipread. 
She from Ibem tnm'd aakani^F, rpjoiclDg. rosy red. 

She smiled, she crimsoii'd dri^p. and all the while 
Her smile tlie sweolpr sliDw'd (lif luore she bluah'd. 
And tlie sweet cnmWD sweeter for the «nlle 
That o'er her tender fuce in sUBiihiue nidi'd ; 
Then with a voice so mild it might have hnrii'd 
Tlie nightingale, and taken aa ungvl preji. 
Rich tiHD her warbling li[w these accents giBbU: 
" O happy pilpira» ! favord lo survey 
BegioQB an full of peaoe, a Pojodise so gay ! 

" This ia the havin of the world ; here UaK 
Dwells with Conipoture, and thai perfect bh^ 
Which m Die Goldiiu A^ land mea poaaeas'd. 
lu liberty and love nuknowu la this ; 
You now may lay aside th' incumbnncn 
Of aims, and safely hang tham on Ihs treea, 
Sacied lo Peace ; all else but folly is ; 
Seek tlieu suli quiel. seek iudiilKenI ease, 
Love's the sols capUin here, young Love's Ilio lord l( 



'* The fields of battle here are mosMe green 
And beds of roses, where — you dream the rest ; 
We will conduct you to our fairy queeui 
The queen whose bounty makes her servants blest 
You of that happy band shall be impressed, 
Whom she has destined for her joys ; but first, 
Your weary limbs of those rude arms divest, 
In these cool waters be your dust dispersed, 
And at yon board indulge your hunger, taste, and thint" 


Thus sang the one ; her sister play'd the mime, 
In act and glance outpleading her appeal. 
As swift or slow to the melodious chime 
Of lutes and viols the blithe dauccre wheel. 
But to these wiles the knights in triple steel 
Of stem resolve had shut their souls ; and hence, 
The tunes they sing, the beauties they reveal. 
Their angel looks and heavenly eloquence, 
But circle round and round, nor reach the seat of w&pm 


Or if of such sweet aire and glowing charms 
Aught stire the soil where buds unchaste Desire, 
The heart soon Reason fills with her alarms, 
And with strong hand roots up each rising brier : 
Vanquished the nymphs remain ; the knights retire, 
And, without bidding tliem adieu, pass on ; 
These reach the palace, those with fruitless ire 
Crimsoning afresh at the repulse, anon 
Dive in the waves, and deep beyond all sight are gone 




Taa ipacioui pilics of th' eBcCunling Dbim 
Arulflpcc^l 90 wc'LE, Lliat, full (tf vmili hjuT bhame, 

He puu ^ 1' avenge het wmngs, on Du >tui eiM*, 
DeatnjyB tur pmUc<, uul, in high disdun. 
f llu Lbrou^h the Btormj slues in her AHful mm. 




Round is the spaciom pile ; and in its heart, 
Set like a e^m, a garden in inspbered. 
More deck d by nature and enrich'd by art» 
Than the most beautiful that e*er appear'd 
To flower in old romance ; and round it, rear'd 
The Stygian sprites unnumbered galleries, 
Harmonious, seen at distance, but, when neaped, 
A trackless maze discordant to the eyes, — 
Hirough all these tortuous coils their secret passage fiei. 


Through the chief gate they tread the marble flooo^ 
For full a hundred grace the spacious hold ; 
Of fine and figured silver, here the doors 
On their smooth hinges sing, of shining gold : 
Awhile they pause the figures to behold 
Cast on the squares ; for, with extreme surprise» 
They see the metal rivaird by the mould ; 
Speech fails alone, but, to the trusting eyes, 
Hie sprightly shapes e*en speak, and limb'd with life < 


Here midst Mieonian girls the Grecian Man 
Sits, telling fond romantic tales ; and he 
Who storm'd black Orcus, and upheld the staiSy 
Now twirls the spindle with a maiden*s glee ; 
Young Love looks on and laughs ; while I(4e 
In her unwarlike hands is seen to bear 
His murd*n>us arms with proud mock-majesty. 
And on her back the lion's hide to wear, 
Too rough a vest for limbs so finely tum'd and fair ! 


Nmt heared a wa nhoK oxure «uiface chuged. 
As cl«e you Inok'd, and into àWrr npiajii'i ; 
Two adrcrs? navica in I)i" midst were runged 
Far nar-'blue lightningB from llje aruioc duli'd ; 
lu eold Ihe bii^t and biuuing billow* darti'd. 
Aiid ill Leucale did on fire appsar, 
Ere the boiika grappled, and ihr falFbiona claah'd ; 
Augualiu the» all Rome, Aatonius hew, 
Braughl up liii Eauteni kingi, uid couch'd h» Memj^uaa 

You would declan the Hf 


Coucurt'd. Bu 

th moDUlaL 

When with t 

eir lower-UL 

bI> thwe nn 

RuBh'd o'er t 

d in morta 


Hen, like the 
Darti fly, and 



While neiUie 

wins, lo where, v 

O'er the vei'dw 

uves, alanu'd, th' 

.gyplian be 


And Sica her QiicfT van he rolinquinh bera 
The gloriom world to which hii hopes ajpiniT 
He fliM not, DO, nor ivam : he does noi fear. 
But follow» her, drawn on by fond dteire : 
Vou aee him, [like a man wiiom now the fin 
Of lore tcraiMils, and now, aa Bhamo priTiuli, 
DiwtaJD,) allemately regard, as iie 

in «lual scales, 

Then in the secret creeks of froitful Nile 
He in hrr lap appear* for death to wail, 
And with the pleasure of her lovely smile 
Swoeteu* the bllter stroke of hasting fute. — 
With «uch like ariruinenli of vunous date 
And inae in Lore's story, were embosa'd 
The glill'riug metal» of Ihnl princely gate ; 
The figured IbIm long lime the kniglits cDgro«>'d ; 
At lengtli the charm [hey bn>ke, and oVr the thrcÀo 


As 'twizt Ha crooked banks Meander plays, 
Cuils and uncurls in its uncertain coune, 
Now to its luring, now to the Ocean strays, 
Now meets itself returning to its source : 
Such, only intertangled with a force 
Yet more mysterious, of this mazy spot 
The patiis appear ; but now they have recoone 
To the clecur chart, which, pointing out both what 
To shun, and what pursue, resolves th' enchanted knot 


These windings passed, the garden -gates unfold. 
And the fair Eden meets their glad survey, — 
Still waters, moving crystals, sands of gold 
Herbs, thousand flowers, rare shrubs, and mosMS gray ; 
Sunshiny hillocks, shady vales ; woods gay, 
And grottoes gloomy, in one view combined. 
Presented were ; and what increased their jrfay 
Of pleasure at the prospect, was, to find 
Nowhere the happy Art that had the whole design*d. 


So natural seem'd each ornament and site. 
So well was neatness mingled with neglect, 
As though boon Nature for her own delight 
Her mocker mock'd, till fancy's self was checked ; 
The air, if nothing else there, is th' effect 
Of magic, to the sound of whoee soft flute 
The blooms aro born with which the trees are deck'd ; 
By flowers eternal lives th' eternal fruit. 
This running richly ripe, wliilo those but greenly diool 


Midst the same leaves and on the self-same twig 
The rosy apple with th' unripe is seen ; 
Hung ou one bough the old and youthful fig, 
The golden orange glows beside the green ; 
And aye, where sunniest stations intervene, 
Creeps the curVd vine luxuriant high o'erhead ; 
Here the sour grape just springs the flowers between. 
Here yellowing, purpling, blusliing ruby red, 
Here bla<>.k the cluste» bunt, and lieavenly nectar died. 


Tho jayftil Urds «ing sweol in liio freen bowem j 
Mumiiir the wiwla ; and in Ibeir fdl and rur, 
Strike fhun tlie fruiljt, Icmw, fouulainit, bitnln, <uiil 







sing the twtia. il 


aidcl th 



. ;dII deh 
1 bird Ole 




Tho breeio obeys 


nnd „_=h witli 

One bird there flew, renown'd bove the irai. 
With pHrty-cdoc'd iitumoi bdi. parpie bill, 
Tfaol in a language Uke oui owa eipreae'd 
Her jaye, bnt with luch nvestneu, aaiue, and AM, 
Aa did the b*u«r with amatenienl fill ; 
So fai her fellows she ntilsant;, thai tliey 
Woivliipp'd the wandi'r ; er'ry oni- grew still 
At ber rich tdìcd. and listen'd to the lay : 
Dumb wore tho vooda, — the winda und whiflpen died 

" Ah aoB," thua she sang," the roae apreadlo Ihemoming 

Her red virgin learn, Ihe coy (inde or all pluiw ! 
Yet Uairoiwn, half shut midal tlie inoHatie iva> boni in. 

La. mooa oRer, lier bwcpI naked bokitn itiore cheoply 
She shews '. lo, soon sfler «he nickeiM and fadn, 

Nor «eem* the Bnioe floKcr late dmred bo deeply 
fly tt - ' '■ 

<* So fleets nlth the day's paniag faoUteps of fleeluea* 

Tho flowrr and Uie verdare of life's smiling srene : 
Nor, though April rctunis with its suiuihine and sweet- 

Again will il ever look Uooming or [^rpen ; 
Then gather the niae in its frteh niiirniirg beatllj, 

The me of a day loo soon diinin'd from above ; 
While, behived. we luiuy loro, let — to lose, beourdiilTi 




She ceased ; and, as approviiuf all they heard» 
That tender tune the ciioira of birds renew ;* 
The turtles billed, and ev'ry brute and bird 
In happy pairs to unseen dooms withdrew. 
It seemed that the hard oeik, the ^eviug yew, 
The chaste sod laurel, and the whole green grotef-^ 
It seom'd each fruit that blush'd, each bud that Uew, 
The earth, air, sea, and rosy heavens abore, 
All felt divine desire, and sigh'd out sweetest lore. 


Midst melody so tender, midst delights 
So passing sweet, and midst such tempting snam, 
Cautious, serene, and serious go the kni^ts. 
And steel their souls to the loose Lydian ain. 
Lo, betwixt leaves and leaves, at unawares 
Advancing slow, they see, or seem to see,^ 
They see most surely, crown of all their cares ! 
The lover and his darling lady ; he 
In the fair lady's lap, on herbs and violets she. 


Her veil, flung open, sliows her breast ; in curia 
Her wild hair woos the summer wind ; she dies 
Of the sweet passion, and the heat that pearls, 
Yet more her ardent aspect beautifies: 
A fiery smile within her humid eyes, 
TrembliuG^ and tender, sparkles like a streak 
Of sunshine in blue fountains ; as she sighs, 
She o*er liim hangs ; he on her white breast sleek 
Pillowing his head reclines, cheek blushing tuni*d to 


His hungry eyeballs, fix*d upon her face, 
For her dear beauty pine themselves away ; 
She bows her head, and in a fond embrace, 
Sweet kisses snatches, betwixt war and play, 
Now of his juKt touched eyes, in wilder prey 
Now of his coral lips ; therewith he heaves 
Sighs deep as though his «pirit wing'd its way 
To transmigrate in her : amidst the leaves. 
This vn'rous dalliance all each watchful knight pe 





IB lined iniin» low» waalom 

o'er the Iswa. 

If et 

ce he hoBTB once more upon 
rit-rtimng trumpet eouDd, or 
ahofunaor. Ihithot, farnrn 


uds, he neigh», he pranco» o 

r the leu, 

lo wliul lo war the chanolr 

hUie rattlÌDgcar, und knnp tl 



Rjnslda, wliei 


bright annot o 

thou lighlnini 


Upon the lucid glo» his eyes he roU'd, 
Aad all hia delicacy saw ; his ilmm, 
Brsalhinir rich odun, how it glcnm'd with gold! 
Hew lircoly curl'd wu each iiuciviauo trew ! 
And with what lady-like luiorioumaa 
Hia orosnienled Bword ad(lrr«'d his ndo ! 
So wrapp'd wiU> llawen it ewuog, tlial ooue cbutd gi 
If 'twu & wouudinj; weapou, or applied 
A> a fonUstÌD toy, voluptuoiu oyea to piide. 

As one by heiivy yleep in bondage held, 
Com» In himHlf wlipn Dio long dream IhUm flight. 
So woko the youth when he himnclf beheld, 
Nor Goald endure the aatire of the sight : 
Ddwq Tell his Uk^ ; and instantly, in tjite 
or recolleclfld pride, the color came 
AcroH his face ;— lu tliig rnibamiH'd plight, 
A tbonund times he wuli'd himarlf m flame, 
Ooeui, in earth, 111' abyn, to ahuu tlie glowing sliuna. 

Cairoxvi. JERUSALEM ni:U\ IIKDU 


WVf f 

• tikil. 



Then spake Ubaldo ; ** Hearken and give ear ! 
Asia and Europe to the battle crowd ; 
Whoever counts or faith or glory dear, 
Stands to the strife for Christ against Mahmoud. 
Thee, son of Berthold, thee alone, the vow'd 
To honor and renown, loose idlesse charms 
To a small angle of the world, more proud 
To play the lover in a lady's arms. 
Than champion deathless deeds, — thee only nangfat 


" What sleep, what lethargy, what base delights 
Have melted down thy manhood, quench'd thy xeal 7 
Up ! up ! thee Godfrey, thee the camp invites ; 
For thee bright Vict'ry stays her chariot wheeL 
Come, fated warrior, set the final seal 
To our emprise ! thy coming all expect ; 
Let the false Saracens confounded feel 
That sword from which no armor can protect ; 
Haste, and in total death destroy the impious sect !" 


He ceased ; the noble Infant for a space 
Stood stupiiied, attempting no defence ; 
But soon as bashfuluess to scorn gave place, 
Scorn, the fine champion of indignant sense, 
Then, with a yet diviner eloquence, 
Another redness than of shame rush'd o'er 
His cheeks, almost atoning his offence ; 
The rich embroidcr'd ornaments he wore, 
Away with hasty hand indignantly he tore. 


Begone he would, and through the intricata 
Labyrinth of galleries from the garden fled ; 
Meanwhile Ajrmida, by the regal gate 
Starts to behold her savage keeper dead.^ 
At first a vague suspicion, a blind dread, 
Then a quick feeling of the fatal truth 
Instinctive flashM across her mind ; her head 
She turn'd, and saw (too cruel sight !) the youth 
Haste from her bleos'd abode, without concern or roth. 


"Ob crnal ! leav'ia Ihou then Annida fputu'dV 
She would have mid, bui clioking kctow drawn'd 
The insù i II g C17, Bnd lb» fuiul wurJa Ktuni'd, 
With bilU'r echo in her heart ta wniid : 
Poor wnitcli '. her bnppineH ila lonn hu round ; 
A power and wisdom abore lie» constniia 
The yoitlh to hurrj from th' BDchiLoted ^rmutid 
With to much ipeed ; riie aeea il, aud iu niia 
l^iea bU her wonted arts, the nereant lo reUiu 

All drendrul iitraiaa thai e'er Thendiin lipa 
Spoke la lost spiriU. every pole iit opell 
Thai could aiml the plajisu. ur vclipMi, 
Aud cuti up denioiiB dLseuchaiu'd &om hsll, 
She kDew, ahe Irivd, yet could net iiaw ooB^pt) 
One fibb'ring gfanat to anawer to her G17; ~ ' 
Thu* ahe gavo o'er her iiicanlaHoiis fell, 
And would cBBuy if slroiiKcr sorcery 
Dwelt io pale Beauty "b Icar and Bupplicoting eja. 

Carelna of honor, off' «lie ran. she flew ; 
Wliere are her va un Is. ah, where her liituDphi in 
She who llie loUl swuy of Love o'erthtew, 
And judgment gave but by her brudine brow ; 
And like her pride was lirr dudoin ! O how, 
iMv'me Iheir love, did she lier slavei dwpiB '. 
Uejwlf nlone could «be at all uDow 
To pleasure her, nor nu[^it in man could pnie, 
Bejond th' eflécl produced by her two radioDl eym 

now, alie follows Bwift 
ler ill his carrle» noom ; 
lit lea» up, the poor gift 
or her rejecled heiiuty to adorn : 
Headlong she raae. uiicbeck'd by brier or Ihor 
O'or nirèed Alpine rocltn and glacien hoar 


Madly the enei ; " O cruel fiigitrve ! 
That bear'st with thee my dearer half an ay, 
Either take this, or that restore, or give 
Death to them both together ; stay, O atay I 
Let my last words to thee at least fiiid way, 
I say not kisses ; tiiese sweet gifts from thee 
Some worthier favorite may receive,— delay * 
Thy flight, unkind ! what dost thou fear ùt)m me t 
Thou canst as well refuse, when thou hast ceased to 


" Signior," said then Ubaldo, " to refuse 
Her wish, would be unkindness too severe : 
Most sweetly bathed in sorrow*s Ininy dews, 
ArmM with fond prayers and beauty she draws near ; 
Thy tempted virtue will sliino forth more clear, 
If, listening to the siren, thou remain 
Proof to her winning voice and starting tear ; 
So Reason shall resume her peaceful reign 
O'er sense, and thus refined, her native light regain." 


At this he 8tay*d until she reached the shore ; 
Pale she came up, faint, breathless, all in teue. 
And mournful past expresnon ; but the more 
She mourns, her beauty more divine appears : 
Eager she eyes him ; but mistrustful fioara, 
Disdain, amazement, or excess of wo 
Keeps her quite mute ; Rinaldo volunteers 
No look, no glance at her, at least in show. 
But stands with basliful eyes at stealth unclosing alow 


As skilful singers, ere they strain on high 
Their voice in tiie loud song's symphonioai flow» 
Prepare the mind for the full harmony. 
By sweetest preludes, warbled soil and low : 
Thus she, who had not, e*en in deepest wo. 
Wholly lost memory of her fraudful art, 
Pust breathed a sympliony of sighs forth, so 
By just degrees to predispose Uie heart. 
To whirh her words the print of pity would impui 


Then thia ; " Expect ddI I shall rnndljr how, 

Crurl ! ID tbra, u lovn la lovcn ehonld ; 

Sach oiico we were, — if auch no luiiger niWf, 

If p'en th? Uioiighl oT thine impuBon'd mood 

MoTe tliy diapleuure, aa I jud^> be woo'd. 

At Irut, my mounil'iil plea t~ -'ilertsin, 

As foeiTiDii the prouil prayer faee aubduHl ; 

My niU ia nieh, u thoa wit \l» pain [dwn 

Just it 

1. Io 

le not to dial. 

Tby sect, tiiyself I labor'd to di itray I 
Whet fierce eqwdjeiils did I iul BiDple<ri 
A Pagan boni, to np your power! nny, tn 




To let my yirgin (ruil be pluck'd and poI : 
My blooms be «poil'd ; my lumelcnuiiw Bubdned, 
And cam my beaiilifs ul the lymnl'K fpct 1 
Tlioee youthful cliamii far which u Ihoiisond med, 
To a mere strauger given, unhoped, UDwieb'd, unwoo'd i 

" Ym ! number them amonmt my »i™> and lei 
Theee many crimes BRttrnsl lliee linateii more 
Thy prompt dcpodnte ; herd not biil forget 
TbB thy fur mandon, *a beloved before '. 
Go, paB the «ew; lìghl, glut Ihytelf with pm ; 
Quick to the task I 1 bid Uire o'er the brine ; 
Deatrof our faith — 'twill be boi what you awon ; 
What »ay 1 T oun T ah no ! not miue ! not mine 
I, emel idol '. seek alone thy teverenced ahrioe ! 



** Let me but follow thee ! 'tb all I cntTO ; 
This mightat thou grant, though I had prored nnldiid ; 
Seldom the conq'ror parts without hia slave, 
The robber rarely leaves his prey behind : 
Me with thy other hapless prisoners bind 
For exhibition ; to each other aim 
At praiseful acts, let this, I pray, be join'd^-* 
That all may point the finger, and exclaim, 
There the proud scomer goes, now seom'd with «qml 
shame !' 


** A bondslave spnm'd, why longer do I keep 
My locks unshorn, by thee now rendered vile ? 
Cut them clean off! the ground they shall not sweep, 
To mock the misery of my servile style. 
Thee will I follow from this hated isle ; 
Thee, when most fervent glows the fight, pursue 
Through hostile crowds ; I shall not want the while 
Spirit or strength a thousand things to do, — [yew. 
Bear darts, guide steeds, and strain myself the bending 

'* Either thy shield or shield-bearer, which best 
May please thee, I in thy defence will be ; 
Nor spare my person, — through this throat and breast 
The sword shall pass, before it injures thee : 
The foe will scarce have so much cruelty 
As to strike then, but will perhaps direct 
Their darts elsewhere, not to endanger me ; 
And smother their fierce vengeance, in respect 
Of these poor charms, to which thou dost such strmngs 


" Wretch ! do I still presume, still place my worth 
In these scomM charms, which nothing can obtain !" 
More would she say, but bitter tears gush forth. 
Like springs from Alpine rocks, or falling rain : 
She sought to grasp his hand ; she sought to strain. 
In suppliant attitude, his robes ; but no— 
Himself he curbed, his tenderness restrain'd, 
And started back ; love found no entrance, thoogh 
The swelling tean rose high, and stood prepared to flow. 



eater'd not, lo fan witliin hi* brevt 

\ a chute campauioii, ever prone to yjrid ; 

toiidi'd hint «0, llial unrcpty he conoeal'd, 
ce, with much pain, the jreominj l«Bi« nproa'd ; 

though nhe low in nppcBl'di 

heu he oould, tL. rauquilif •ddnai'd. 

ir not nf, rnaeb imm 


Ir thou Ut pardo» 
Midst the dmr in 
Thine ahall be de 
Thy chsniplon .1 
For a» with honor a 


** Farewell ! I go ; thy wishes must be Tain, 
Fate grants them not ; Armida, thou art 
Or go some happier way, or here remain, 
Ana calm the tlioughts that to such wiltfaic 
She, while the pensiye warrior thus replies. 
Restless, disturbed, could scarce her passion stay ; 
Long time she rolled on him her angry eyes, 
Nor Kuew in what fierce terms her scorn to say ; 
At length the storm broke loose, and these mad wofdi 
found way. 


** Thee do Sophia bore, do Azxo gave 
Blood for thy being ! thy fierce parents were 
The icy Caucamis, the mad sea-waye. 
Some Indian tiger or Hyrcanian bear ! 
Why should I longer fawn 7 did the man e*er 
Show but one sign of warm humanity ? 
Changed he his color at my sharp despair 7 
Did he but dash one tear-drop from his eye 7 
Or breathe for all my pangs a single sufibhng sigh T 


'* What things shall I pass over, what repeat 7 
He swears he's mine, yet with the whirlwmd flies ; 
Good, merciful, kind victor ! to forget, 
And pardon your fond foe*s indignities. 
Hear how ho counsels ! hark but to his wise 
And modest words ! this coy Xenocrates, 
Hear how he talks of love ! O Gods ! O skies ! 
And can you suffer holy men like these. 
To bum your towers and towns, and act what sins thay 


" Begone, false wretch, with all that peace of miod 
Thy treason leaves to mo ! begone, I say ! 
Soon shall my ghost, a haunting sliade behind, 
From which thou canst not tear thyself away. 
Dog all thy thoughts by night, thy steps by day ; 
With snakes and torches, a new Fury, I, 
Much as I loved thee, so much will dkmay ; 
And if it be thy fate the strife to try, 
Scaped ttna the roaring waves and tempests of tbe ikj#-» 



" T m, miibl the dead and dying, thoo abili taSg 
Anf pay for Bfl my wroiiip, falw ch»*alwr ! 
O III Annida'a name distracird call, 
L 17 last ^tODii*. wbicb Boon 1 bopr lo hear !" 
But Ihf re Ibe mountFr's spirit faii'd, nor clear 
Were llie lH»t acoenM ( her sweet color flie», 
She faints, »he falls, her Sjn ig li[H adlieroi 
An icy sweat on hei cold fc ad lies, 
Dn»pa her dejected head, and , e her rattant eyea. 

k up, poor girl, and see n t biller ahovren 
StrEom from the eyM of thine ima^ncd foe ! 
Couhkl ihou but liear lii* sighs, souldsl UuMl but kdOM 
The pain he feels, it must Ihy lore renew. 
And in thy bitter cup frrsli siverlnew throw ; 
All that be can, he ^ves la thee, etili true. 
And takes (than thiiik'st it not> a last — a fond adieu. 

Wbat dioold he do 7 leave on the naked sandi 
The Lady thus, bel will olire sod dead ? 
Pity forbids, and oourteay witlutsiidii. 
But hard nectssily com[»ls. — 'in ppiil ; 
One farowcil kiae.— he parts ; the j;rol Ihoy tread, 
And launch from land : roild blow the western galua 
Mnjst the ncli Ireaaea oS Die pilot's head ; 
Fast o'er green ocean glide llie gulden sails ; 
To land he boka. till land his grievmg visiDn faib. 

Waked from her trance, Annida, with a start. 
Look'd round her. — all was silence ; at) waa ahido 
" And it he gone T" she said, " and had he heart 

In doubt of life or death, n little ojd 
To lend 1 nor for one moment linger'd u'er, 
Tp watch the pule, mule ruin ha had made I 
And do I love him siUl, and on thia shore 
With folded arms sirll sit. «till nnrevenged deplore? 



" Why weep I loneer ? other armi and aits 
Command I not 7 I will the wretch pamie ; 
Nor shall the deep o'er which his bark departs, 
Nor heaven's high vault secure him from his due I 
I will o'ertake him ; cleave his heart in two ; 
And hang his sever'd head upon a ^>ot, 
Where all like traitors may the monster view ; 
Versed as he is in guile, I will outplot 
His brain, — alas, I rave ! I talk I know not what ! 


'* Then, wretched girl ! thou shouldst have wreak'd 

thy hate. 
When he lay safely curling in thy chain ; 
That had been something worth I now all too late 
Come thy hot wrath, and thy incensed disdain ! 
But, if my beauty and ingenious brain 
Can nothing here, not fruitless shall this strong 
And passionate desire of mine remain ; 
O my scom'd charms ! yours, yours was all the wrong; 
To you shall the dear task of vengeance now belong. 


<* These charms of mine shall be the fix'd reward 
Of him who days the man ! your swords prepare, 

my famed lovers ! Uiough the task seem hard, 
Yet great and glorious is the deed you dare : 

I, who in independent state shall wear 
The crown of rich Damascus, will be nigfa, 
In guerdon of the victim ; if this rare 
Reward appear too poor, revenge to buy, 
Nature ! I thank thee not for charms ill praised so hi|^ 


** False, fatal gifts ! I spurn you back ; I soom 
The hated kiugdom wiiich I have to give ; 

1 hate my life, the iiour when I was bom, 
Alone in hope of sweet revenge I live !" 

In broken words, enraged, thus does she grieve, 
Thiw rave ; then turns with a distracted pace 
From the lone shore, the moments to retrieve ; 
Showing what fury in her heart found place, 
By her disheveird hair, fierce eyes, and crims'iiing 



oh'd her abode. With r 

nminB lipa 


Three huadred glioma fron 

he dun; 


k doudi Ibe tnuquil 

1»»/ hen 

:u apKUI'i, 


in ■ iBOraent gicw ti 



wiariwinda bluslet'd 

Ut «pan, 

Thmu^h the encliauled hall» I duiiaed run, 
UnehBin'd and rogiui, uow Ui F, now near, — 
Shxieka, hianncs, yelTa, dreu |rnia_ end wliiip'niigi jti 

A ravsn ahsde, more derk l 

«AfsI Qigbt, 

Cloat'd all the hUl, eullrc-.- 

SB>e now and tlien dull 1 

Thut miide tbe fullowing 

.1 mor- d'-m.. 

«owly Bt leneiUi tiie b1>c..»o 

■B^d BW-yj 

Gloomy llie e»nli, llie air wjk uuglu but guy, 

Nor of the pluce did Dw? Iru 

e upppar. 

In .ir liuef towe™ «id 

Till wind or BUJishjJie c 

omes. and slnight the) 

Like H dnam figured 

1 the lick man's braiu 

So meil til' cochanled 

oven, with all Uieir U 

Of Hell deliKbbi, and 1 

The honry face of ual 

Brawn hills, and frow. 

>iew«xlx. Ht'cchan 

he u >» luuid luuimta, u 

id lui nu'sy dalh fly 

Tlie oloodi she dentea, and round htr doth etind 
Thundcre uud tcmpeati, ]iglitDÌU(Fi, wave, and wind 
The regions subject lo thti sonthera pole, 
And nil their unknown uatives loh bebiad, 
Caipe she cnm'd ; nor, in her Trolfid mind, 
Stoop'd 10 the Spaiiiiird, or tho Moor, bui o'er, 
The Midland Sea ber wiugod cu indiaed; 
Nor to the lighl, nor lo the loR band ban, 
Till in mid air ahe leach'd Ihe known Aaoyiiau dmn^ 



Not now to fair Damascus does sho post, 
But shuns the aspect of her once dear land, 
And guides her chariot to the Dead-Sea coast, 
Where the strong-holds of the Enchantress stand. 
AlighUug here, she from her duteous band 
Of damsels and of pages hides her face. 
And, wand'ring lonely on the sea-beat strand. 
Fluctuates from scheme to scheme in doubtful case, 
But soon all shame to rage and wish'd revenge gives place. 


** Yes, hence I will," she cried, " before h» swanm 
Th' Eg^'ptian king shall move in Sion's aid ; 
Each art react, remuster all my charms. 
To ev*ry uncouth thing my sex degrade, 
That may assist my purpose ; — undismay'd, 
Handle the brand and bow, become the flame 
Of the most potent, and direct his blade ; 
Let me but have the jurt revenge I claim. 
Farewell, vain self-respect ! farewell fond maiden ihame I 


" And for the faults I shall hereby commit, 
Let my sage guardian blame himself, not me ; 
He first to thoughts and offices unfit 
Set my frail sex and daring spirit free ; 
He made me first a gadding damsel, he 
Spurred on my ardor, loosed me from the rein 
Of timorous awe and shame-faced modesty ; 
His be the guilt of all then that may stain, — 
All I have done through love, or may do through djadain.** 


7*hu8 fix*d, she gathered in, on Arab steeds. 
Damsels, and knights, and servitors in haste ; 
And in their sumptuous arms and woman*s weeds. 
Displayed at once her fortune and fine taste. 
Forward she set ; and, journeying the wild waste» 
Took nor repose by night, nor rest by day. 
Till her keen eye along th* horizon traced 
Th* Egyptian hosts, that in their maiKd array 
Wkie o*ei the sunbright sands of antique Gaxa lay. 





« ncunu Ih' EgypUu Piinca n 

In gucrJon a( rev 

; Ihe Hero, fned, 

itnis, -» bere sbiHB 



Upon Judea's confines, on the way 
That leads to old Pdusium, Gaza gtands ; 
Built on the shore, it overlooks the bay,* 
And on the east the bordering tract cmnkni 
A fruitless waste, a solitude of sands, ; 
Which, like the waters of the tossing* niain, 
The breathing whirlwind spreads o*er all the la&di ; 
And scarce the pilgrim can his coiiree maintaip, 
Against the frequent storm that sweeps th* unstaMe pUda. 


7*he Caliph's frontier city, it had been 
Won from the Turk, the fruit of old debates; 
And being situate nearoKt to the scene 
Of the vast enterprise he meditates, 
The seat of empire hither he translates 
From Cairo, bordering on the Red-Sea coasts, 
His sumptuous Capital : from all liis States 
The flower of warriors which each province boastiy 
He has assembled here, and musters now his hosts. 


Mose ! to my mind recall those bygone times ; 
Say what was then the standing state of things ; 
What powers the Caliph moved, from what far climes, 
What troops of vassals, and what trains of kings ; 
The hosts, the leaders and the arms he brings 
From the wide Orient to the South, reheanie ! 
Thou, only thou hast power t' unlock Uie quinfn 
Of antique story, and assist mv verse 
In arms to venture half the banded universs ! 



When from Iha Grecian Cwaa Egypt lini 
Reball'i), a warrior fmni Ih' Arabian Sear 
Spning, iu tlio BsiDD lifreo stipemlilion niuaad, 
Tyniat becuae, nnd lij'd liia kitigdam hen; 
Cilifie the chief win coll'd, a name of tear, 
And Ihoae wiio aftsc him Ihs MKpUV held. 
Took the same ten», bb Nile, Cluni year to year. 
Ha Phsnohe Snt, then Ptolemies beheld, 
Reodw'd from (ira to eaa, till both Ihn third Bxpà\'i 

Cytene lowen. and Monuuii» bolidi ; 
Tnenoe, pusiiig ■oiUhwud up Jio Nils. •: 
To when in hmoly stale Syoue Mouth ; 
And, compassing uiipeupled cuiiiilrini, end 

To rig;hl and left iu ila embrace it Iweela 
The rioh Red Sea and all iu iuceueed ahora. 
On (0 the regiaaH or lliow EatUirn ooaMa, 
WhoM auiu the Persian did wliilere ado»; 
Much ia the ktiigdoni m itwlf ; but man. 
Ruled by a king rHalving to iu»rt 
The aueienl Hdudm uiid renown it bore. — 

PTinee by bluod, but more » by dceert. 
y warhke art and policy e«per1. 

A pfiao 

Hia SafT, a 
Couqu'ring 01 
Grealcr. o'ert 
Now, eniy w 



Still thitra^h his minittera he wan, and yet 
So full of vtgrorous intellect appears, 
That the vast frame of empire seems a weight 
Too slight to cumber much his wintry yeara. 
Libya through all her petty kingdoms fears 
Hb nod, and trembles at his naked blade ; 
Remotest India his decree reveres ; 
And one and ail send tributary aid, 
Either in troops, or gold, with prompt submisBioii paid. 


Such was the king who from each Orient realm 
Had summon'd forth, and now impels the flower 
Of his vast forces northward, to overwhelm 
The conqu'ring Franks, and crush their rising power. 
Last comes Armida, in the very hour 
Fix*d by the king his armies to survey, 
Apt for review : apart from tent and tower, 
On the vast plain the liosta, at break of day, 
Ph>udly before him pass in orderly array. 


High on a sumptuous throne he takes his seat, 
Climb*d by a hundred ivory steps ; his tread 
Is upon gold and purple ; from tiie heat, 
A spacious sky of silver shades his head ; 
In glitt'ring interchange of white and red. 
Diamond and rubies grace his robes, not spare 
Of more barbaric ornaments ; instead 
Of the gemm'd diadem, white linen fair. 
Wrapped round in thousand folds, crowns high his rer- 
ereud hair. 


His right hand holds the sceptre, — white as mow 
Descends his venerable beard ; serene 
With some severity, his eyes yet glow 
With their first fires, intelligent and keen : 
In all his acts the majesty was seen 
Of age and empire, majesty, that knew 
No chans[e of state ; perchance with such a mien 
Great Phidias sculptured, and Apelles drew 
Jove the divine, but Jove as he liis thunden threw ! 


Neat him to ii)itil %ni left two Satrapi alaiidi 

Siulaini the sword ol jiatice ia Ilia handi 
UDBhcBtli'd ; Ihe otbrr bean bcneiilfa hii gown 

But )ie who wcaiB a more buL.ual ùawa, 

Han pawea more Isrrible — higb magiatrate, 

MnoB of tfae hosts, uid awom «lecutor of (alo. 


ling guard ant I Ihe tk 

l.ko pi.. 

But luDj; curviul siibrea prtiiicnl al tbcir aide. 
Tliua sate lb« Tynal i and al leixure oy«d< 
From hia higb atalioti, Ihe cirilecled claud 
Of nslioiu pasa ; miiiiiilraiit Id bis pride, 
Low ttl Ilia Cent, in poKaing, the miilv crowd 
Their ensigiia, anas, uud plumea iu ro»ck dai 

Ì her Upper ploi. 

Amid»! hrr Lower retail», a dumala 
Won by hi* wntp» Trom tlie Halt-Ho rnnin, — 
Tbeir licli alluvial elinin DuUirclch'd lbs Khan 
And, arllliug, fonn'd a fruilful aokl for griiD ; 
Tlius E:g)'pt grew, Bud wbal was sea before, 
Il DOW far iiilaiid ground, obuoxioua to ibe oar. 

Ia the finrt troop appear 1 
Whom III? rich plaiu of , 
Wllh lh«e who dwell all 
The Rlowiog Weal, a n-E 
Tbs Libyan Isthmus : ll: 
A proud and pole ill Chi" 
For hard; valor llian for 
In every art of Moorish i 
BkiU'd in falae flights I' atla 




Next come the tribes that front the morning 
And Asian coasts ; they rank beneath the crett 
Of soft Arontes, whom no deeds of war. 
But rank and titles raise to some request 
Ne*er has the helm till now his temples ^nafd ; 
Nor e'er till now have the shrill serenades 
Of morning trumpets broke his pleasant rest ; 
But fond ambition him at last persuades, 
To try the soldier's life and leave his native shadea 


The third that follows seems no single band. 
But a vast host ; it fills the fields and shore ; 
You'd think that all the harvests of the land 
Were, for such swarms, an insufficient store : 
Yet them a single City, rank*d before 
Whole provinces in strength, wherein reside 
Myriads of men — Grand Cairo sends ; thence pour 
The mighty swarms that pass, troops yet untried 
In the debates of war, and Campson is their guide. 


Next under Gazel march the men who reap 
The grain that in Uie bord'ring garden grows 
Far up the River, to the lofty steep 
OVr which its second cataract foaming flows. 
All these £g>*ptians have but swords and bows ; 
No helm their heads, no cuiruss fortifies 
Their breasts, but passing rich their vesture shows, 
W^hich leads the foe in battle to despise 
Chance of impending death, in passion for the prize. 


Next come, half naked and unarmed, the hofdes 
Of Barca, rank'd beneath Alarcon's sway, 
Who for long ages with voracious swords 
Have ranged the deserts, and sustain'd by prey 
Their famish'd lives ; more civilized than they, 
But inexpert in marshall'd war, succeed 
Thotfe who Zumara's turban'd king obey, 
And them from Tripoli ; they both exceed 
In Hying fights, and wound with all a Parthian's speed. 


Then follow Ihom who in Arabia dwell. 
The SloDy, and lUe lliijipy luid. which koo 
Neither (if true Uia Ul« (liul pd^im lell) 
Th' eicna of nimiDGi heaU, or Wml#T nuam 
Where floariiihei Iho balm, the tptkeounl bio 
Where di» Ih' iminortui Ph' i Io umime 
Frwii Lfe, wilh lear» of ui. i slid at nae. 

Wilh bow and cimeler rewi ng| thaw 
Th' Egyplma» bear, inn du hi llicit 
The» durk anay Ihe Dcd»!..» Irnba cic 
Who aa fix'd region or ubodn uogsMtj 
Bui o'et Ihe wild uuatable wililèmegi 

ocks, their 

Long Indian canes, with iron tipp'd, they bear, 
And upon Meeds u iiiinbk BWeeji Htong, 
You'd toy A whirlwind blew them pom. If e'er 
The wiugi of whirlwiiida had a apced so straog. 
Sypliax the fiist uudÌH-ip<ined rude IhinDg 
Commnndii ; the next Aldino traini for ^hl ; 
The rest to iierce Albiuor h'loug;, 
Whom rupiae, wuuiidii, and blood alone delight, 
A nrt of kingly thief — a munlerer, not a knight. 

Then pan the lalandera with flofcy curl», 
Who«e homes ore coinpa«'d by lb' AraJjian ware*; 
By whom Ihow alleila which breed the Penian puito 
A» dJvrd und finli'd for, iu their (^reen.Sea eana. 
With them lire joiu'd a host of mWo .lava», 
Negroes, aloag the cuiula of .Vubia born; 
Foremosl of thone king Agncali outbrave» 
The heat, while Ibnie obry Oamidu'e horn, 
A wretch that mocka at faith, and laogb* all law* ta 




The Ide of Mer5e next its Ethiops sends. 
Which NiluB there, and Astrabora here 
Gird with their waves ; three realms it comprehendi^ 
And two religions in its spacious q>here : 
Them young Canario leads, and Asimire, 
Both monarchs, both Mahometans, and both 
The Caliph's tributary friends ; but here 
The third comes not, — the Caliph would be kwth 
Or to employ his arms, or trust his Christian oath. 

Two other sabject kings, in brave array, 
Bring up their archere next, a goodly band ; 
The first from Onnus, which the Persian bay 
Encompasses, a rich luxurious laud, — 
The last from Boecau, whose banks of sand 
Th' embracing ocean at high tide sweeps o*er, 
And forms an isle ; but shortly, from its strand. 
When the tide ebbs, men scorn the billows' roar. 
And with unmoisten'd feet pass safe from shore to 


Nor could a much-loved wife, great Altamore, 
Thee in her happy bridal bed detain ; 
Her breast she beat, her golden tresses tore» 
To stay thy fatal voyage, but in vain. 
" Cruel !" she said, ** has then the frightful main 
A face than mino more lovely or more mild 7 
And can it seem more pleasant to sustain 
The sword and shield with bloody dust defiled. 
Than kiss thy consort's cheek, and dance thine mfinl 


He is the king of Samarcand ; his crown 
Is free, but not in this his glories dwell ; 
Well versed in arms, his courage and renown 
All others* courage and renown excel ; 
Th* unconscious Franks shall know it but too waOt 
Already have they cause to fear his face : 
His soldiers, each rude weapon to repel, 
Wear coats of mail, fine helms their temples gnfle* 
Their thighs the swofd djq>lay, their saddle-ww* til* 



Aurora's In 



aot helm 

hi belùnd. 




h mWe we 

all diN 



he dura; 



am 1.' 

Hm eonslai 


le G«n( 




hai lire wbe 


10 K 


mighly tid» 

Next oime the lung's own ti ops, diOHW wanion, 


The tlowcr of Mrmpliiaii chivalry ; all those 

Who witli man honor and nuown lind pav'd 

ThiDugli prac» and «rsr, this body-{^iara compos ; 

Atin'd Tor SNiurity and fear, each «hows 

A barb obediPiit to his nimed h«l ; 

And hmveD Itoeir smilps. S|rark1e». sliines, and ^ow* 

Helm, cuiraas, nunlie. plume ; gems, triinsou, gold, and 

Tigran™, Ormoud, whom Ihf iniEhl 

And Mariabuflt Arahtcua. ffumutUfd 

Fnun the lebaUiaua hordes ha aword su 

Orindo, Plrgn. Arimon, Briinone. 
Scaler of lowim, arc lioro with swift ^ 
Tamer of sirnk ; nnd. of the wmlkr' 
Thou the grral nuuler. slrniig Andam 
And, forenv^ upon tower aud cii; to 
HIb Haadard, Diiindprboli of war, arv,-; 
Yoiini; Tiaapheni»! ! with whom [ioii> 

On Cool the aworil to wave, in Bellu la toe 


A bnve Armenian craidee them, who m youth» 
Unfix*d in Christ, Mahometan became ; 
Then Clement he was call*d, but from the truth 
Departing, Emirene is now his name ; 
In all besides a man of noble fame. 
Dear to the Caliph above all hù band 
Of Satrape,^-equal honor may he claim, 
Soldier or chief, in actTon or command. 
For wisdom, dauntless heart, and vahant strength of hand 

All were now pass'd ; when lo ! in splendid stata 
Appears Armida, and her troop displays ; 
With robes succinct, high on her car ^e sate, 
Arm'd like the quiver'd Goddess of the chase. 
The new displeasure in her angel face 
Mix'd with the native sweetness which it wore. 
To its fine features gave but sharper grace ; 
Wounded herself, deep wounds and torments sore 
She seems, incensed, to threat, and threat'ning charaw 
the more. 


Her car, that glorious as Aurora*8 rolPd, 
With rubies, pearls, and hyacinths glL^er'd clear ; 
Four pairs of unicorns, with yokes of gold, 
Pass to the rich reins of the charioteer. 
A hundred pages and fair girls appear 
Near her, whose quivers ut their backs resound ; 
Smart archers all, they o'er the plain career 
On milk-white steeds, well practised to wheel round. 
And swift with homy hoofii ^um back the dinted ground 


Her army follows, from Damascus sent 
By Idraotc, and led by Aradine ; — 
As when the new -bom Phoenix makes ascent 
To virit her warm realms beneath the Line, 
With golden crown, starr*d wings, and necklace fin» 
Of all rich feathers — purple, crimson, green, 
A sparkling carcanet, — her state divine 
The world beholds amazed, and round their queen 
A crowd of awestrack birds fly, glorying in her sheen. 




To lovo. but gloVd Diose besu 

1 UinUa wab her food 

Hud pam'à nmiliiuilMl, g 
TIio kint 
To give the «ole dir» 
DiTiuing hu mlcnt In? • 
And nilh an uir lliat ah 
Well worthy, com», — I 
LBBTiDg & mldnray path, b 

He botn hia bead, he brads his knee, hi> hand 
Liya on liw heart, and llii» Ihc king : " To Ibea 
Thb Bccpt», Eniimne, to (hy commaad, 
I yield Iheen huts, — nili; tlioii in hen of mo ; 
Belling the tubjecl kiug^of Judah Tree, 
B<«r not Ilio Kword of my revtnge iu vain ; 
Go, Kt, aud mnqupr I Irl nn C'lmxljaa be 
Saved from the slaugblcr, or. irsonie rtiuaui, 
Let them la me be biougbt, and fill no grolle chaù 

Thni «poke the Tyrant ; and the turtian'd Peer 

Tlie Hn'rri)!a role nccrpting;, tlius rrplird: 

" From thy uucuin)uer'd baud, blvet Biie, 1 bere 

The Bcepln lake, villi funuue for my guide ! 

Slniug in thy nieagth, thy cuplain, I coufide 

Hrrein t' avengr ujioii the Luliii race 

All Ana'* nrioatia ; bill tli t Irt Flmkr* drcklu ; 



** Heaven grant, if all (thoagh none indeed I dread) 
Should be ordain'd to trouble our succeai, 
The whole black storm may bunt upon my head ! 
S-ife be the host, and ita dead leader leas 
In funeral sorrow than the happineas 
Of pomp triumphal home bo borne along !** 
Thus spake the Chief ; and closing his address. 
Loud shouts arose from all that mighty throng. 
With harsh barbaric sounds from ataSu and gong 


Midst this wild music and these shouts, the kii^. 
Girt by his brave Circassians, left the throne 
For the gay tent, and to rich banqueting 
The Chiefe inviting, took Ww seat alone ; 
Whence, now rich dainties, now in pleasant tone 
He graceful compliments to each address*d, 
Not one neglecting ; here when all were flown 
With mirth, the wine-cup circling with the jeat. 
Pit spaile Armida found, her project to digest 


But, the feast finished, and all eyes intent 
On her fair aspect, she, who clearly read 
By well-known signs that to her heart*s content 
Her pleasing poison ili all minds was shed, 
Rose, tuni*d towards the king her graceful head, 
And, in an attitude 'twixt grief and cheer, 
Rev'renco and inborn haughtiness, thus said ; 
Studying in voice and gesture to appear, 
Much as she could, serene, fierce, gen'rous, and severa 


'< I toe am come, great king ! to dare the woot» 
Pirm for our faith, our country, and our right ; 
A Lady, true, but in a palace nursed, — 
A Princess sure may well become the fight 
Who hopes to rule an empire, sliould not slight 
One brave accomplishment, — the self-same hand 
Should poise the spear as sceptre ; mine shall mita, 
(Nor slow, nor torpid to the bow or brand,) 
And learn with foeman's blood to fertilixe tba land. 




" Think not Ibat now Car Ihr fiisl lime the atu 
or giory lights me to l)iw noMe mm ; 
Thai mly now ! have bwn pninpt by war 
T" uphold our Ibw», and fortify the frame 
Of thy vaal empire ! whelliei what I name 
Be true, or uUer'd onl of vain parade. 
Than ehouldM thyself rememtier, — thoa roy brae 
Hast beard — what troapa of those who beer db^aj'd 
The Redcnaa, Noblee all, my captive alava 1 maini— 

■v taken, wm «ecve^ 

So had* then now ^ne forth more coti&drtil 
or ending, by a glorious victory, 
The deqi'rato conSicl upon wbich we're bent. 
Had not Koiildo. doocn'd oar cone la be. 
Stain Btj appoiDled guarda, and iM the primien ftn. 

" Wbo thi> Rinaldo ìb, ■* nrt nnkoown ; 
The world's but loo much pestrr'd with his Dam 
Ths la the eavage who hne overthrown 
Our hopes, nor hare 1 yrl avenged the sbame. 
Hence do« fierce nuger, with josl came, iuSamt 
My rising spini ; heute dora It inipire 
This tny rcwtve to arms ; I am all flame : 
For other wrongs I have bnl they would lire. 
Lot what is said suffice ; revenge is my desnL 

" And 1 revenge wOl have ! ail «hads the akÌM 
Cut not in vain, some work the shoolera will ; 
Aikd Allah on hn red righi hand applies 
To dait his bdu againsl Ihnoiphant ilL 
But lo ! if any will the ruffian kill, 
Cut off the head I *d muuh hate lo «ne, 
And call it reehrng at my feel, his skill 
Shall have my thnnka ; Urn vengeanoe nreet wBI Wl 
Bat O, Itm famta tocne swmt, if wroiigbi óadeed bj ■•• 





** Yes, 'twill be iweet ; eo iweet, I will reagn 
What moet I prize, what numbexB vainly BCied, 
My crown, my marriagre portion, and, in fine. 
Myself, if that be the reward he would. 
All these I vow, and make my promise good 
By the firm oath ; all solemnly I swear 
Inviolable faith and gratitude 
Through life ; if any think the profler fair. 
Let him m terms as frank the rising thought deòlare !" 


When thus the Lady had proclaimed her mind, 
Adrastus, greedy of her charms, replied ; 
" Now Heaven forbid thy sliafls should be so kind 
As to destroy the barbarous homicide ! 
So base a heart— does it deserve," he cried, 
" That thou, fair Amazon, its blood should rtied 7 
Forego the thought ! and in my arm confide 
To gratify thy wrath, revenge the dead. 
And at thy saintly feet to roll his odious head ! 

*' 1*11 pluck his heart out ; to the vultures I 
Will, joint by joiut, his carcass cast !" thus ipoke 
The swarthy Indian ; but his vaunting hi{^ 
The gallant Tisaphemes ill could brqpk : 
** And who," he cried, with anger in his look, 
" Art thou, who giv'st thysi'lf such gorgeous ain 
Before the king, nor feor'st our fierce rebuke? 
Look round ! here's one perchance at least that dares 
Outact thy mighty vaunts, though more his words ha 


Quick the fierce Indian answer'd ; *' I am one 
Whose deeds were never by his words surpan'd ; 
But if elsewhere thy insolence had run 
To such excess, the insult were thy last.*' 
And here from threats to blows they soon had pofli^^ 
But all reprefls*d the quarrel, and between 
Both chiefs the monarch his dread sceptre cast ; 
Then to Armida said : " Illustrious queen ! 
Thy soul indeed is great, thy manly courage keen. 

JEIttlSALBIl DELIVEBED. Ciiiiri xm. 

" Wnthy thou stt thai Ihme «base Ihrir pride 
To thee, Eind iu the «wpet obiseineal joy j 
Thai thou liereader laayal theit tabnu guide 
Wllh surer aim, thtit felcn 1» dulray ; 
Then tei bolh chieb their chivaliy employ, 
And in a IiB|fpi<>r Reid II]eir ■""'th oonlust :" 
Ttiis Bald, the monirch cei Uiey, UDlhing ooy, 

Ofièr again on «oora'd Rin< creu 

To prove fflum iwonjed UTa on v 

Nor these alone ; but all the oea there, 

KenoWD'd in war, aaibitioUB let bed, 

Oflèr with vaiintii tlieir Krvi....— all (wear 

To take revenge on hi* aecatwd head. 

So aihay una ahe moved ! neh hUndi bnd 

AganiA the knight whom late hpr tender love 

■nF ..J _... ... .... ■ he, Hnre linn he fled 



inled ix 

II good <n 


With equal k^ndne» ^(N>dft itA ^y r^Ium : 

The Flnads ■[□>)». Ihe'uilxty IlyuOii weep : 
Now roiuid tlie f'olo the Jlran rIow wheeling turn ) 
And lluw. at twilight tints caieade ^ind ateep, 
The rocks wlioee uinber woods o'erliuu|! the «hulHl deep 

Now of ll 

. Camp, of forei|fn nalJona ni 

reigji» 1 

IB the bnny Koa tlicy cea^elrAi plongh. 
Three nury nighti. and thrre sunshiuy day*. 
But when the fourth calm sim with farewell raya 
Far o'er the waten of ilio west di^scrjida. 
The gniiuidini; vneul ite awilt motion atiys ; 
Then apake the danuel ; '• Palextine, my (rieiuk. 
Il woo I jnur royage here, and hen my doty end*.' 


She Mt Dm kiu)i;hU uhore, uid dinppeai'd, 
'En (liiijr could lake furawnll, 6r«ay,iihs'a gaa»! 
Mcanwiiile tli« Nigfal Iwr sabls (tandinl lear'd, 
AD huwBDd objecti mlngliD^ lata on«. 
LoDg o'er Iho» wutB snnds, tbrau^i llie Iwitighl doB, 
The kaight* gpird sniioii* lo dÌMem mme ny 
T'rDm tower M iMillage-shfd, bill llglit W*s DOiie ; 
Nor slpp of malt, hM Intel or beant aatny. 
Nor BQi^t bend» wu «e«ii Ihst might direct tbeir way. 

FarwBRÌ at length they more, and «hen tfae dnii 
or breaking billom, oil the ahioglM roll'd, 
Mrlte trom their ear. faroffii Hidden flash 
OfMnieihing radiant Idsy their ryea behold ; 
V\%ich, witli mild ailver tayt and gleanu of ][Dtd 
Making the Iciie niglil Iwaulifal, withdraws 
Tlie Bhndowy *creen that hod licfore cotilroli'il 
Their confidence and cheer ; they make na paurc. 
Bnt lo the light advance, and loan perceive Ihc eauae 

Am» nawly forged they H 

nhencp aparkling gema, npon the gilded helm 
And mail, ilied lira aa from a atariight iky : 
Near aa lliey draw, much rich-wroughl itnagaiy, 
F'ootmeo, aud knighia that on war-hcnfw ruje. 
Oil Ihn va»l ahield emhlajon'tt they dr«ry j 
An aged iralc^huian nl Die arma braide. 
Who Io receive tliem rose, when their approach he ipiad 

Well ihe two wairiora knew the aneicol fico 
For that of tlieir wise hoat and courteoua Ihend ; 
He Btraiglil raceived Ibrni with a warm embnee. 
And when llieir mulual couttesiea had end, 
Tura'd lo Ibo Youth, who aileul wem'd tasntd 
To Itie tall form àe nvereueed sod admired. 
An nking eye, And greelini aaid ; " Attend. 
My aon ! thea Bolely in this place retired 
I wail, and much to tm lliy iuq>pcl have dcnred. 


" Fot knav, I Hm th; friend, and for tliy good 
How liuly I Imve cured, inquini of tho« ; 
Who, Isugbt by me, Ih' enchiiutinfuU liBVO (ubdni 
Thai bduiid Uiy life up in voluptuoUB ocae. 
WaA now my heavenly precept, which ugnca 
With pcrfect blim, though advene to the amoolb 
Seducing nren'fl ; let it UL ileiiii^. 
Bui keep it well m miiid, t i the truth 
A wiier> holiBT tongae initmc ins udag yonlli 

" Not nndemealh green ahndes, hf fountaiiw riirill, 

Amidsl the nymphe and sirene, fhjils and llcwert, 
la placed out bli«, but on the irlrep mugh hill 
Orvir1u<.',dinib'ii through siiaahine,sDo«f, and obowa» 
He Uiot, embasom'd in Idalian bawcn, ■ 

Tnadi but gaj Fleanire'u pHmroee path, wH ne'ef 
Rpap)i the high crown ; the royal eagle towen 
Ruiind the sf^ep clilF, and Ihnii. will (liou forbeu 
To apum (ha lowly vale, nnd liiL lliiue eyiio tlieie 1 

•■ Nalnra has given thee elnrated thought, 
Nature has roiaod lliy fiice toward the akiM, 
T)mt than sliDuldat lock erect, and by well-wt 
Heroic deeds to lonie«l glory rise: 
Nulure hoa given thee ardent aj'mpalhiee, 
And a brink wralh. not on each alight pretend 
To woite iu civil broiK nor yet, uiiwiae. 



cmoi» in 


In the p 

end for 


,— now 








Thui ipake the Senior ; the hush'd yoath, iiiteiit« 
Stored in his grateful memory all he said, 
And, oonecioue of hie errors, meekly bent 
His eyes to earth, with cheeks all rosy red. 
Well mark'd the Sage the sweet confusion spieadt 
Well guesB*d the secret sentiments that roird 
Across his mind, and added ; ^ Raise thy head ; 
And in this sculptured shield, my son, behold 
What thy illustrious sires achieved in days of okL 


" Of thy dead ancestom the long bright track 
Shall be reveal'd thee in this desert ^ace, 
While thou, degenerate loiterer, hangest back, 
Nor stirT*8t a step in glory's ardent race ! 
Arouse thyself; up ! up ! thy spirit brace ; 
Let what I here point out to thee, incite 
Thy riumb'ring valor their renown to grace." 
Thus spoke the Sage ; and, as he spoke, the knight 
Flx'd on the pictured shield his keen perusing sight 


The learned sculptor, with a master's hand. 
In narrow field unnumbered forms had done ; 
Here all the race of glorious Azzo stand, 
In long unbroken order, sire and son. 
The pure unspotted streams were seen to run 
From the old Roman source in ancient days ; 
The Lords stand crowu'd with laurel ; one by one. 
The hoary Sage selects them, and diif>lays 
Their wars aud glorious deeds, and points his speeeh 
with praise. 


He showM him Caius, when to foreign foes 
The noddiufr Empire firrt became a prey. 
As the first Prince of Esté, fairly choee 
By a glad people, proud his will t* obey ; 
Aud how the weaker neighboring states each day 
Flock'd to his wing for safety : how he boie 
O'er them free rule ; and, when by his weak sway 
Honorius calPd the Gotlis, to make once more 
The bold aud bloody march which they had made be- 
fore ;— 


And when lUI Itkly nppour'd in fluirne 

From thr'a Imrbnnc loroli. noil wi-piiis Uinnn, 

Aud fcnr'd llie dKadful tiiiiripd uf ber doam. 
How wtìl Aiirrfme, in Ihiit litnir o< ffionni, 
PrraeTvrd hiH TBnulB whidly imEudiivpd ; 
Then how, dlnlinsninli'il by tin lolly pilline. 
The bold Konwlo rwobitfly Imned 
Tlie Hun vhoM barbunn» flit^ lidiin hrwiM w 

By hi« Brim tpttt Attil» win ioawo, 

Hia ey» like àntgoaa' fliwhin: thruiii^h Ibe duri 

Willi hii do^* V(»^ who be. eld liim Down. 

Then. foU'd in dud. you tlia man mifthl nuirk 
Sleal offniiudsl liw tniin, In eliaine and cBfii, — 
And how from Aquileiu'i (iiwern, Ibe urk 
Of lloman liberty, Foteao miae 
RoirU back Ihe Hlurm of war, Ihe Ileclor of hi« ag 

lie fell, and half the fabric with him fell 
Of Ilia lovrd eountry ! Aenrini-, hia «m, 
Buill up (lie breaclies, uad drfrnded u-rll 
Til' Ilaliaii bTdwarka. km l.i> nn- li-d done; 
To llie atron^ Falee, not to llie itarttge Huu, 
He yielded up, won Tuvw'd 
Upoii a «frr ailr. — he juiu'd in utie 
A tlioiimnd scallrt'd aeBla uod liuntlett rude, 
Wfaer» llironirli a fruiiriil Tale bin coiuse Ihe t 

Thiia rose the city doort 
or Hslé'i pnncri in ■ la 
DniwQ ii he drinnir froi 
The BBVBKC Alniie ; nei 
Venlanne with Orf-iacei 
ila dial fgr Italy ; whol 
Than thai Id ebute al onc^ 



With him fell Atphorisio ; Azzo sad 
With his dear brother into exile goes, 
Soon to return with arms and counsel, glad 
The tyrant's power hath found a timely olosSb 
Near him, an arrow in his eyeball, shows 
Esté's Epaminondas, he who seal'd 
With blood his patriot vows ! he in the throes 
Of doom dies happy, since from the r«d field 
Fierce Totila is fled, and saved his darling shield 


Of Boniface I sing : his boyish son, 
Valerian, follows in his steps ; his brand, 
And his already manly arm, not one 
Of all the Gothic squaidrons dare withstand. 
Near, of ferocious aspect, sword in hand. 
Sculptured is bold Erucsto, cap-a-pee. 
Smiting the wild ScIavonianM from the land ; 
Then comes th' intrepid Aldoardo, he 
Who shut the Lombard king from fair Montselice. 


Henry was there, with B«)ronger, whose mighty 
When Charlemagne his flag august dirtplay'd, 
Was seen still foremost in the ranks of light, 
Whether ho ruled the squadron, or obcy'd. 
Him Lewis followed, — he from friendly made 
Adverse, against that nephew who the throne 
Of Italy possessed, bold battle weigliM, — 
Conquered, and took him captive ; next was shows 
Otho, by his live sons indisputably known. 


Here shines Almerico, first Marquis styled 
Of that fair City, PriucoHs of the Po ; 
His musing attitude, and glances mild 
To heaven upraised, his pious spirit show, 
Founder of churches and of shrines ; but lo, 
In other mood the second Azzo wars 
With Berengarius, his immortal foe ! 
Who, after various tunin of fate, withdraws, 
Overcome, aud A/zo <pvi-s th' Italian cities lawn 


Albfirt, hb sod, in G#mian 


; hiial 

.«Iry i. 

From «amogi cimqu'riQg, lilliag wiUi the Dbhc^ 
Thai Oiha WDoa tiiii daugliter fur a biid?, 
With a large dowry \ next him, hi doicnetl 
Tlio gallaiil Ugo with hM wur'^ cnM, 
Whutin ToJar lamnl Ihe boiiui Ramua pnde ; 
Hf, Maifia DOW <i[ lluty add., s'd, 
BeaeuLh hia giionliaD caro all I'ua aoy pnmjuw'J, 

The pya Tebaldo. Dext, aad BooifkiM 
Ciaaf by his fieuLiice's mde, pagagli \ 

Live* la BDJoy ihe eileDWre haritog*. 
Matilda folioini, wt» Id bbi aad Ige 

Well lliHi defrct aopplied by her reaowD 
And hiinfy deeds ; luir, brave, diwrpct. nnd sage. 
Beyond Ihe co'den «epl», throae, uiid ttown. 
She had the power t' aiitunqe tlie wimple, uuif, and 

A manlike apint «parklrd in ber eve, 

Thfl Nnrmaiu beat, ahr iorc<^ their chief la Hy. 
GuiiH-ard, who De'rr bcrore the field Ibiwnk ; 
Hero Ihe Tounb Henry broke, bie Btandard look. 
And willi llie Bpoil lb<^ «olemn lemple efflced ; 
And there the PoDlifTwho llie Ihuiide» ghook 
Or Ihe dread Valican. hi» pride uhnsed. 
In high Suini Feler't cbaii wilh dignily replaced. 


«ndinir her 

With looks or rev.^ 

nd or lore 

Ano llic FiHh : b 

From Ibe F"""'i 


Thus in Hit >' ' ' 

11 1.1.1111" 



Then with this Eitéan branch the Goelphie tree 
Engraft, revive», as it was waxing old ; 
Now in its aciona you the Guelpha might aee 
Renew their aceptrea, atars, and crowns of gold, 
Brighter than ever ; while each orb that roll'd 
In heaven, its fairest rays and aspects shed ; 
So that it flourish'd still, and, uucoutroll'd, 
Tower'd till the heavens themselves confined its head, 
Which half the iqpacious land with fruit and ahade o'er- 


Nor leas luxuriantly the royal stem 
Flower'd in th' Italian boughs ; Bertoldo here 
Shot forth, confronting Guelpho, and with them 
Azzo the Sixth renewed the glories clear 
Of his great sires : — thus animate appear 
Upon the breathing shield, in long array, 
These forms, to Fumo and to Rinaldo dear ; 
A thousand sparks of pride that fond survey 
Struck forth, that in the wreck of honor latent lay. 


And, for the like divine renown ablaze, 
Their gallant actions so transport his brain, 
That he already in his mind portrays 
The city conquered, and the people slain ; 
All seems presented, palpably and plain, 
Before him, — the stormed towers, the rending walk; 
He snatches up the amis in ardent vein, 
And, almost fancying that the trumpet calls. 
With wing'd aspiring hopes the victory far foreataUiL 


Then Charles, who had related long before 
The Danish Prince's death, witli frank addiwi 
The sword presented which Prince Sweno wore^— 
*< Take it," he said, " and with it good sucoeai ! 
With just and pious sentiments, no leas 
Than a brave hand employ it, sound and strong» 
In Christ's good cause ; may he thine efibrta bl«i ! 
And thou avenge its former master's wrong, 
Who waits it at thy hands, who loved thy viitaM kaif f 



" God grant," Ihe knight repliwl, ■■ for hin dPM 
Sia» uf hin awoid thu* happilj powca'd. 
Tlial I LDdeMl may fiiU tvquital Utkr. 
And duly thiu fulfil hu laat nquc-n '." 
CbarleB, oTPrjoy'd, in brief hu Ihaulu s)[p»«'d, 

. sddpd tc 

, ofiflbcl 

lO Sage, witli the duire imprws'd 

I their coune. depp'i I in. nnd prny'd 

DTu mighl now no it oger bo delay'd 

" High time it in," hs eaid, " thai you pnpve 
To read] (he nimy ; yoir trill not nrtive 
UnlcBk'd-rar,— cams thru, thr irh tin dudiy ù 
TtuM lo my ^idsDoo, rably i B I drire.** 
He said : his worde llicir f S|renina Nvive ; 
They Flimb the cur. and tukr llieir hcuU ; this d 

Thraugh the brown darkness 
Thus they rode on, with deep i 
When Iho Sag» Bpoke : " "" 
The vBriou* boiichH, am 
Yet fancy not. bi'CnUH 
Hw thriven so fully in i 
The fruilful mother of h 
That Ihrongh old ogB it 
And want or trail or Sow) 

to giaco a verdant qmy. 

" O Ihnl. u I thy elder wt™ have drawn 
Forth from the UoIJiIr g}aoai of antique pight. 
I conid tde figures of lliy son» unborn 
Paint on the riiield, with huce at clear and bright! 
Thai, ore they ope thnu- eyelids to the liglit, 
I could their Irintnpbn lo Ihe world rcnoutid ! 
Then Bliouldit Ihon kw, with o31 a siro'i delight, 
A hoat of future herofv cmird onnnd. 
Tbtit HSTOi no ten long, their deed» m l<w lerHnrn'it 


** But my skill eeirei not of itnlf to muk 
A ray of truth from out the future ihine. 
Other than dim and dubious, as the ^Nuk 
Of a far taper in a misty mine : 
Yet, if some tidings of thy future line 
In certainty I give, without disguìse. 
Call it not bold ; for what I thus divine. 
Is leara'd from One before wheee Tision lies, 
Clear and unveil'd, the scenes and seciets of the 

** What God*8 paro ìigììi to him, and he to mo 
Has shown, an freely I to thee relate ; 
Nor Gentile, Greek, or Liatin progeny. 
Or in theae times, or those of elder date, 
E*er teem'd with heroes of such noble state 
As Heaven, in its high favor, does foredoom 
To thee and thine ; nor may the good and greai 
In Sparta, Carthage, Macedon, or Rome, 
To match their ^enous fame or majesty pnsnoML 

<* But far oVr others shall Alphonso shine. 
In title second, but the first in worth ; 
When for illustrious men tlie world shall pine. 
Old and corrupted, shall this prince have birth: 
None, in those days of darkness and of dearth, 
8liaII better sway the sword or sceptre bright; 
None with his wisdom so enlighten eerth, 
Charm in the Court, or fulaiue m the fight ; 
Fhy seed*s ascendant pride, his age*s guiding Mgfat ! 


" While yet a youth, he shall give pregnant ngM 
Of manhood, — prince in each gymnastic play ; 
Scourge of wild beasta mid mountain peaki and pises ; 
Graced, at all solemn tilts and touma^-s gay, 
With Uie first shouts and favors of tlie day ; 
And when to actual warfare lie shall pass. 
Rich spoils and palms victorious bear away ; 
And for brave deeds, writ down in breathing 
Wear many a votive crown of laurel, oak, and 


" Th« eqaal Rlory of h'n nper aj;B 
Shull be 10 Hsbliih peace and calm nipoat ; 
To keep Ilia eltiei< Iranquil. bum tJie nga 
And powerful intluoDcr of •urroiiiidiU)[ lot» 
To foster geniu». ipioranoe to drpoee, 
The artH encoitm|;u, l>iii fond Cuiirt pracat 
With jniiHiB pai^eants. [>la>ii. and iipJendid f 

EvUa UDCome forease, uid aHD, ifilh cue pre 

Th' inffsUid naa ond ravngfd alioree pu 
Tynntt thai forco in Ihow imhappy lid 
DliuninMl UBtNMK hnmbly to moke auil 
To Ihem for poBCp,— he march to eiwi 
Jiislici< for fajirs down-lumblcd, lr«iLdg[i 

" III vain the Turk BfaiuM hìa niaishali'd nuika, 
III laiu the Moor uiljclit luiulcr bind on band ; 
For far beyond Euplinilfg' w.llow'd Ua'Ou. 
The mow of Tauru», and the hoppj land 
Where dwplb iiTrpeluat suiMhine. would liii band 
Adrance the Golilnu UiinK. lociw tlie wiiiE 
Oniie While Eagle. U^e furl'd Cro* expand. 
And, by due bapliiuD ofencii Negni king. 
Compel unpenaj title lo allow hia scent ipruig!" 

Thiu apoke the Sei 
Ofallheulier-d. lu 
On the fair promiae 

Wbicli o'er hia niinu n BiFiii<t acrcneiiraa ihed. 
Meanwhile before tlie hrenk of mom frnl Hed 
Tho twilight bouia ; Aurora, droppinif dew, 
Advanced, and touch 'd the livaveus with may rad; 
And now tiie Irmiblia^ of the Hiicb that Hew 
On ttiB hifh tent* far-flST durtinctly met Iheir new. 




Then thtia again the Sage : ** These shadows brown 
See how the sun disperses ! and displays, 
The tents, the plain, the mountains and the town, 
With the kind comment of his grateful rays ! 

^ O'er unknown tracks, by unobstructed wa^'s, 
Safe, Mrithout danger or delay, nor slow, 
Here have I brought you ; you yourselves may trace 
Your onward way, nor fear a single foe ; 

Thus then we part ; farewell ! no farther must I go." 


Embracing, they depart ; and straight pursue 
On foot their journey with the crimen cloud 
That, floating eastward, a rich radiance threw 
On tent, and silent crag, and rampart proud 
Fame flew before them, and divulged aloud 
The Burons' wished arrival ; wide and fleet 
Ttie news was borne amidut the cheering crowd ; 
Godfrey, thus advertised, his ducal seat 
Left, and with stately step went forth the youth to meet 




CANTO svm 

AixiTiD when Godfrey to nlute him atood, 
Rinaldo ipoke : " ReTengefui disconlent 
Aod jeilaiB tionor ipurT'd me to my feud 
With dead Gemando, which I much repent; 
And 'ti» wilh «orrow itili for that eTenl 
And thy diapleuure thst I Hek Ihy face; 
Now at the ionuice of Uiine envoys mdI 
For my recall, 1 come, the itaiD t' efface 
By whataoe'er good deeda may win me back thy gra 

Low ai he kneel'd befbro him Godfrey cart 
HI* anns aiouDd hia neck, and kindly mid ; 
" No inoro revive the melancholy past ; 
In peace reposo the memory of the dead ! 
And no amends I seek for phreua}- f]«l. 
Than that thy wonled valor bo rencw'd,— 
That, for the ruin of the foe, Ihou tread 
Enchanted ground, and. for (he general good, 
Fiom qielli and manaliin free th' inviolable wood. 

Deep, «trong, and dreadful to the buldral brow ; 
Nor ifl there one that dares disturb a bough. 
Much lese a nngle sapliug of the grove 
Touch with the aie; yel wilhout enginea. bow 
Can we the city lake ? yea I ruks winch move 
T* (ear our Muuteiit heaHs, will now thy «unge pn 


The youth accepts the rick and [oil, mtbml 
Mur'h protMlfltion, but wilh un aààrem 
So full of dignity, lliBt nona cim doubt 

Tlien to hi* other nobis rrìenda tliat pia> 
Aftictionatdy neat him, hr beatows 
Mia BQurttoiia biiDd : »"■' —-x wilh chrerfuln»» 
Embrici» GucJph now, and ttuom 

Kind nodi to nil Ibe round hk pcnua cloaa 


n many ■ wel 

mmr n 



Bcn'reiirn pnneea 

had b«stow'd, 




ove am) 


DDk the irreeliDin of Ui 

With iBiut»l~.haut>~thci« 


Their joy 

and Ihro 


thickly lo hia .id., 






high inu 

uiph, h 

had laini'd the urido 

Of Bti 


■calm. It,] 

rough which Uie fJJo uud GangPt 

Th»i bui 

d. 10 his 


1.0 rolire», 



fricud» aiound ; 



and much inqnires 



d of tl,« 

charmed ground. 





the Hcmlit found 

" Great things bit? Ibosp, young Voyagor rrnDwu'd, 
Which lo Ihy pilgrim ryra liurc bwu diiplay'd. 
Aud long the woudrou» iruct o'er which tbyatppahavs 

» How creai tliy debt lo the Gelmini KinE, 
Who tlius redeem» then from Ihc chunner'ii den ! 
Not iparei. with nil n shepheni'» lovp, to bring 
Back Ihn liwl lamh inia ha holy pen ; 
Thai now, by tiodfrey'» vmce, he makes again 
Thee «econd agent in hi» biRh dewpi ; 
Yet art thou changed ; not pure of heurt, im irbaa 
Thou la<t waged war, and, Uiu m long nipiD», 
Thou maj-at not yet engage in «emee ao diviufr 






" DukneM, the world, the flerii, ■piritaal an 
With such infectious Btains thy eoul defile, 
No earthly spring can wash thy conscience dean» 
The streams of Ganges, or the floods of Nile. 
The secret source of what in thee is vile 
Heaven^s grace alone can fitly purge away ; 
Turn to thy Saviour then, in lowly style 
Ask for forgiveness, all thy sins di^ay, 
Cling to the Cross in faith, weep, tremble, praise» and 


He said ; and first the youth bewaird his fall, 
His amorous follies, and fierce wrath ; then kneelM 
Contritely at the Hermit's feet, and all 
His youthful crimes and levities reveal'd. 
This done, the minister of Heaven repealed 
His mns, and absolution gave ; then said, — 
" Seek now, by prayer to have tliy pardon sealed, 
When next the morning o*er the world is spread. 
The hill that on the East rears high its reverend head. 

" Then to the haunted Forest march, where dwell 
Such frightful phantoms and gigantic things ; 
Thou wilt, I know, those fiends and furies quell, 
If no fresh error thy tuned soul unstrings. 
Lot no strange voice that mourns, or sweetly singii 
No smile of ruby lips or radiant eyes 
Steal to thy heart and touch fond pity^s springs 
With their bewitching beauty, but dospise 
All their fond aspects fcign'd, false teura, and fancied 



Thus the Sage counsels, and the ardent knight 
Prepares with hope for the sublime emprise ; 
Thoughtful he spends the day, and sad the night* 
And ere the breaking mom begins to rise, 
Girds on his beautiful bright arms ; applies 
The falchion to his side, and o*er his mail 
Throws a new mantle prauk'd with rarest dyes ; 
Leaves the warm friends that, as he pusses, veil 
Their plumes, and all alone treads slow the silent dak^ 


Il vai the hour wlien, Krieting ts b* gmw, 
KlgM oil the coufiiHS of the day still alrpl ; 
The Ewt girw rosy wilh the fluue of nHUD, 
Yet still soaif slan ber radiaut ponal k<^ 
Whea, u lo OUiet the sward be siKpt, 
And aa his senoui eyes, lo heaven uicltiKd> t*^''- 
Hait'di with Uw qwDgling lean wlucb Nigfat had 
The iaoonnptiUe pore lighu that ahined 
On higfai — ta sDlemn Ibongfata be gaie ha ouaiiig mmd. 

" O," lo hime^ir he thooghl, " bow many bnfhi 
And gloriaiifl firee heaven^s Taullnl IrDipJe fml ! 
Day bus hifl car, her ^Ideo Man the Ni^lit, 

A bnlliuil anuie. or glou-iiig cmuoDFt. 
Strike fram the IKil^il of our traosienl skyi 
Oor iDcouBukrate heaJtfl, — gue, gnerCf a^tpu 

And muaiiig tfaoa, awed, meltMt, ni 
He nach'd the (animil dothed willi 
Above the heaven at heaveua bi* Itiouglils M 
And Urna, liis face luni'd lo (lie One nl clini 
Kneelme, ho pny'd ; " The eiron of my pi 
O boty Fsthei! m thy nieicy, view 
With the mild eye of dcmeucy ; snblime 
My low dram ; Uie evil sred subdue : 
And in my khi] be pteawd Ihiur ima^ to ttn< 


f pny'd, with bimhinfr row» CRnrn'd 

i.1 Men. apix-orB: whieh wi.h lUrimi 

hs am», and all tl» nwuutam ihumI 


uiued, aud ^den lum-d the gnea. 

ha boKun and bent bmw emue. 

He foil Ihe sfiint of Ibal peaorfol bout, 
FaUD'd with lis wiu^ ; while o>r bis hrm m 
Shook from Aurora'a lap, dMilt'd a showrt 
OC dvK toon pure Uiau e'rr hnpan^nl blade a 



TIm dew eelMtial on his gannente fell, 
Whioh ■how'd as aahea to a tint to bright ; 
lUomined to, they look no longer pale, 
But change their color to a shining white. 
80 the scorched summer flowers, at morning light 
Steep'd in fresh dews, their wither*d bells unfold, 
With added beauty ; so, to the delight 
Of a new youth returned, after long cold. 
The joyful snake shines out, new flouiish'd o'er with 


The lively whiteness of his alter*d vest, 
Seen by himself, he ceased not to admire ; 
Then to the old gray forest swift he pressed, 
With a firm boldness and sublime desire. 
He reached that bosky wilderness of brier 
And bough, the sight aloue whereof dismay'd. 
And forced less valiaut ohanipious to retire ; 
Yet saw he nothing in the wood, that made 
So much a frightful ^oom, as a delightful shade. 


He passes onward — the charm works ; a sound 
Sweet as the air of Paradise upspriugs ; 
Hoam roars the shallow brook ; the leaves around. 
Sigh to the fluttering of the light wind's wings ; 
Her ravisliing sweet dir^e the cygnet sings, 
Loud mourn the answering nightinguleti ; sad shelb. 
Flutes, human voices tuned to golden strings. 
And the loud surging organ's glorious swells, — 
Sneh and so various sounds one single sound expels. 

He was expecting, like the rest, to meet 
The strange wild groans and thunders of dismay, 
And lo, a symphony of sirens sweet, 
Birds, winds, and waters, for his pleasure play ! 
Wond*ring he checks his steps, — tliey melt away, 
And on he walks, but circumspect and slow ; 
And naught occurs to interrupt his way, 
But a transparent flood, wliOMe watera go 
Thioagh the green wood, serene, and silent m their flow. 



, fcle, timi illieLd 

The whale Tiut forNl in ris channiog nnuid ; 
Nor wily with peeu bowe« aiid gariaoik crawn'd 
Tlio compsas in ila kefp, — ■ ««reamlul «Irty'd 
Thniiigli Ihia ivirrl iaie. ntiliveiiiiii! bJI the gmliBd ; 
A mOBt dolightCul Inlercbaugp Uiry nude : 
The mild wave batbea the wcwds, tbs womti Uw wm 

While he roved round to find n brd. bi-hold, 
A wondnnig paKBg» Io liii iriah «pprar'd ! 
An «qiiisite rith Sndge of «liniing gnld 
Spsan'd the pure wbtm, on «table arrhea fMi^}; 
The golden bridge he p«'d, the water <dWjM> 
Bui had no «oDer tooch'd the fanhrr «hare, 

He tanu hia Tare, and b«v it iwolu and qiread, 
Ukt a etrong flood iucrenwdby inrlting anowi; 
And. wbirliag round u lo ita lounlaio head, 
A tluHieaud rapid curia and gulfa il thowi; 
But, curiom of new object», on hp pie» 
Through the brown bicIim tliirk of Bfjed tree», 
That now on every «de hit tie p» encluse ; 
And in tbeae «va^ glaoii». to strike or plenee | 
At ereij alninge new lum, aome «traugo new iri 

Where'er he ptanli hn foot aome chann aprin^ 
The wild brook wnrbles. or the aweel turf Uva 
There libn opf^u, here youiiij rase» (^ront. 

And rauud. oVrlitad, lb' auatere and aged boi 
Renrw their youlb. — the hoary bark ia Been 
Te >aneu. the nii» falla, the gray tnink lowf 
Each bough il» buds, each leaf remm iu i>n- 
Hod diinai the aunuDer eon, and decks 


Lnppari'd wilh mitina wai each fmh Imf nigh; 
Honey and golden guma liio rudo Iruok" wsup ■ 
Agaiu in heaid lUat «ningo wild liarmouy 

Willi the awaiiB, winds, aod wnvea, uo enr can Usee 
To Ihcir coDccsl'd abode in shads or stepp ; 
Nor borp, nor liotn, nor form of human faoe, 
Look wliere lie would, was Kta in alt llie sliuiy place 

AVIiLla hit eye wnndfln, uod hht mind dpnieft 
Trm« to the tnilhs lib clianu'd »ar rccomiaeDda, 
He atpa for oSa wondrous mynle riso, 
Whore in a ipocioua plaiu lite pathway ends J 
To this he walks ; its bouvhfl the planL i^itea^ 
Wide at Ihc chuco tree of Dodonian Jove^- 
O'er piuc, and pulni, and cypress it usceads ; 
And, lowering ihiis all other trecu uUove, 
Lpoka like th' elected queen and cccnius of Iho grara. 

Scareo had the hero rcach'd Ihe ipacious GrJd 
TJion atranger aoTeltJH liia eye uirest ; 
He sees uu oak, iwlf-ajded, cleave, aad yield 
Spontoueoun ol&pring from ila fiuiirul breant ; 
A fkill-grown nympli, in gown and turban dre^d. 
On whom ripe clirek celMtial beauty bloaiWi 
U wonder ! inuH from tliol boary cheat ; 
A hundred ullier 0tlii frolli sylvan wniob* 
A hundred otliera r^lnld. aniidHt llie cirrling gloooa. 

Al tho Blaise shows, or an we psinled aee 
"The sylvan Goddem. with her while nrmt bara, 
Wilh hunting weeds liick'd Up above (lie knea, 
Buakios of blue, and looai: Jniiirianl hair, — 
JoBt inicti. to nil appearance, are Ihe fair 
FicliUoini daughlen of Ihewi wild-woods old ; 
Save, Ihal for horn», to wake »bm« «priKlitlier ab, 
Quiven, and bended bows, Ihey in their hold 
Have viols, lutes, and haipg, of ivory, pearl, and gaU 


Rnnging tbemselvee into s Hag, llioir handi 
Tliey tuiil togellinf. niid Willi joyoiui dieei 
Diinte nMud nbvul Riuslilii u lin Maiiil* 
Tho willing cenilo o( this niDvini; apltera: 
Ttie (Me the; couiv»" loOi uid Ckpul deal, 
A* ia light nuinicfl Id Ihe cliuni Uiej' move ; 
" WeJeome, Ulrico welcome, npiUunt c1iov«1ìm!" 
They nag, ■' our Liuly's bopv. our Liuly'* lom ; 
Ib bleMd bom nil liaH to Ihi» dollgtilful gntvo 1 

" Timely than cotd'h la cure licr, woaDded mm 

With Bin'roua IhongliU and [siieuwliing dearaa ; 
Thwe grorn, bo dark and dewlale befani, 
H«r grief 'k St dwoUÌD|[, choked wilb Iharm tad bilei% 
La, at thy coming irhal qtaak joy iiuplna 
Each tree nnil Icnfy boii^h : how redolcut 
Tbey breslhr, dn'Hs'd frenhly in Iheir green Btlira» 1" 
Such mis tlio Miiig, and fruiii the niyrlle went 
Fini a melodious Bound, imd tlil^a the sy Ivnn renL 

A. rude Silvaus on the diiyB of old 
Hare hmi uncloM, nud yi?ld name Goddeai fur," 
Bnt never yet did aylvim image hold 
Chun» >uch b» iisued fmiti Ihe myrtle rare : 
For forth a Lady stepp'd wilh golden hair. 
With angsl biiDuly. unge! mien and gran } 
[n whom, ulhi'it of visionary air, 
Rinaldo slut* Armidu's fanu lo trace, 
The same tipntimf eye, fond nniln, and mdiast raCi 

Sorrow and joy iiito ber Inoki al 
A tbomand paanoux, which oae 

To thy foreakpo love," slic pen» 
" Why com-stlhoo hither, my 1 
My drooping »ul, and wilh rem 



>■ Com'rt thou ■ foe or friend 7 I did not rwr 

That ghnioui bridge to enlertftin my foe ; 

Ud lack 'd not broolu, Sowen, fouatuna, mede not cl«ar 

For lilin that wildemen of bntmbles— no .' 

Take now, take offlhia borrid belmet, ihow 

Tby face for friendly, glad ma with tbe «hlne 

Of tfaose celestial ey» ; say, why h ilow 7 


I pi 

re my cdd, cold band in thin*." 

Tbua ■■ ihe wooa, her beautiful bright eyes 
Rueful ihe roUi, aad pale as death appean ; 
Fwening, with e»'ry tear, the BweeleBl sigha. 
And melancholy moaiu, and baahful foaia. 
It might have moTed a heart of stone to tean. 
To hear liow fondly she betself deplored ; 
But he, nnmoved by all he sec» and heora, 
CaulkitM, not cruel, to the plalobi she gioui'd 
No longer pays regard, but draws hia fetal aword 

The myrtle he approach'd ; but she with IHgfal 
The dear trunk daaping. inteipoaed, and died ; 
" Mercy, ab mercy ! do me not such spite. 
As to cut down my myrtle-tree, tbe piide 
And last poor solace of foriora Armido ; 
Put up thy sword, O conaon moat unkind ! 
Or «heath it, cruel, in tby lady's side ; 
For thniiigh this outy it shall pasaan find. 
To strike mjr lovely tree and hurt its hallow'd liod !* 

Deaf to her prayers, be rears his sword, and sIm 
Trausforms berwlt as swift ; as whan al night 
Out dreams, ne'er constant lo the thing we see. 
Shift the fond object we had firat in mgat ; 
Groa (rrew hei mpmbrn, dark her face, uptight 
Her honpnt hair ; gone by are all her chaima. 
White breast, and rosy cheek, — enlargKl in height, 
A ipantCM, she glows with feini'd alunna, 
Uke fell BnafBOSilimbd with full one hundred aniK 


With fifty Bworda »be rougiit ; on ftfl 
She olBslj'd dc&uDCE, bluatfrr'd. roat'd. mid brajr'd 
Each other nymph tlio liko woiid wciipauB wir'-^ 
A buvniag Cyclnp, a gigsiitic Shads 1 
He feai-'d ihem Qot, but with h» wnvinx bUdl 
On the chann'd myrtle multiplied liii bbwB, 
Which at csrIi stroke dutneeful moiuiiagi mu 
Air Hrin'd a hell in buhbub. awrul sbawa 
ThiODg'd tho black aky, and ghoeU iunronmi on • 

Thuoder'd the flashiug lieBveQi abair. tlie pound 
GroBu'd DiiderneDth,— thai bcUnw'd, and Ihw ahaiik ; 
Wbilo tho looied winda and t«iip«ti Uoat'iinc iiiiiiiB^ 
Blew tba ataoip ileM and hailMaiisa i> ha taok; 
Yet not for (he thf kuiglil hie poni forsook, 

But the more licrcely for llioir lurj' slruok ; — 

Fbt with tho eudod HpeU j tho phoutojju disappear. 

Air slDI, the honvei» a^mno, Ilio woods reauo» 
Theirwoutod quiol a»d tequrater'd alato; 
Not toinble, nor ciieorful. full of gloom 
From palm and oypre», but a gioom iDDate. 
Tho Victor Iriea again if m of lute 
Aught yet forbade tlie Idling of the lrp«. 
And finding nuibing clieck liis iword, sedate 
Smiles and auys inly ; " O vain aemblaarFes ! 
O tootfc to be deterr'd by shadowa folBO aa Uuee !" 

See where he cotnes I" nod now djstingniab'd dear 
In his pure mnntle from afar, the knight 
Strack the Bprcluton with a holy fear; 
For the spread pinkim of his oa^e white 
In tho (dear aniwhrno shoue wiih unaeoualam'd light 



WHh glad hmxas for rictory achieTed 
Rang the wide hills aronnd, and akiea abore : 
The oooqn'ring knight by Godfrey is reoehred 
With praiee nnmiz'd by envy, and with lore. 
« Sirer said Rinaldo, •• to the dreadful gitnre. 
Am you desired, I went ; the aprites impure 
I saw — I aaw and conquered them ; improve 
Th' occasion then, the ways are quite secure, 
Send then the workmen forth, the timbers to praenra.** 


Straight to the aged woods they went, and heVd 
What Art thought proper for the task in hand ; 
The first artificers in skill were rude, 
And little did machinery understand : 
But now a noble mechanician plann'd 
The important works, selected well the trees. 
And every movement of the workmen scannV 
William — who lately with his Genoese 
Roved the Levantine waves, sole Siguier of the m 


But, forced before th' Egyptian fleet at length 
His axure kingdom of the sea to quit. 
He to the Camp transferred his naval strength ;- 
To frame such works was never man moro fit ; 
For an ingenious brain, a fruitful wit. 
Industrious nand and scientific mind, 
To him almost might Dasdalus submit ; 
A hundred meaner architects combined 
To execute the schemes his genius now deàgn'd. 

He undertook to build, not vines alone, 
Baiistas, rams, and «^Uapults, of power 
To batter down defended walls of stone. 
And on high bulwarks rain an arrowy sbowert 
But, plank d with pine and fur, a wondrous tow«r» 
The masterpiece of art ; and, to provide 
Against th* adhesive flames that might devour 
The timbers else, he lined it well outside 
With ftfe-proof skins of siieep and quilts of tough fwili hMi 


The «epuale bruna ano limbins, imrliNd tigU, 

Are join'd, complfled ia llie pile ; bfiow, 
SvringB tlic vaM rum, vthir.h nlih ils homed might 
TlireaU al each stroke Ihr ciiy la g'eilhrow ; 
It! wbbI leti down n bridge, whicli lalhiig dtnr, 
Work'd by a wiadla™, joiiv» ih' nppotiDg «»ll. 
And fora» an iDdtant paw Uio toe ; 

While from [he lop m seco sr !« tali. 

In]/ concei^'d> »t uced ahooUi u|^ . ergvxiJi^ tlL 

Wit]> littla coal a[ UU tb' «r 


Upon iti liuddnd wheel» vc 

ThouEh bearing, nnn'd in h.^ 


Eouod itDDd the sDldien, nun 


Their Bevernl liukfi ; miicli thpy 

tieir «kill exi 

Much the yasl engine ; two laoit 

towfts berii 

Flanu'd like ttie tiin, wore hnilt, c 

re )-el Uie . 


But neither w*re tl.eir works nor 

their d«ip» 

FtDni Ihc mew'd Pagini mFoawliilo wildly hid; 
Fur on the wall thnl to the Cnnip incline^ 
Keen spid* were placed, la notice nil Ihey did ; 
Then, llioagh the diriance insight cleat foibid, 
Saw what vatt loads of cypren, pine, and yew, 
Were from the sable forcBt drawn amid 
The leul» ; they mark'd the rising enpue» loo, 
But of their shape and plao no cleat concrptioD dre 

They (OD frame enginn, aod with «gnil 
The loweni and bulwarks furlify again, 


R Uie port 

That now. as raudly Uiey xiippow. uu Itoìd 
Of c'lrcunwlance. or force ot atins will e'et 

Wliile dark Ismeno aiudies to pirpotv 
Bayond all elan, Ineh fìrea, unusual, itiBnge, ■ 


With aulphnr did Uis tmati Magiciui mix 
BUumeDi Aon) tba Inks of Sodom bnmglit, 
Bnnutoiw, nesiviid, it Mrika me, from Uia Stfi, 
And Suy apume. in iioU by demon* wKMiglit ; 
Aod thus compowd > cruel fire, ■> (Tai^iit 
Wilh Hnoke and fUnch, that, dsitod in the face, 
Wlum oQce it (Irikes it atiflea ; wall, be thaagM, 
By tlie*e rerengini; finbotla to efikce, 
For the eoohuilad wood cat down, hk lata diagnea 

Willie Him lo win or to defend tba wall 
Both hoaU thair engines Jtama, a tnitle dora 

In the blue firmainent ia seen o( all 
To pam, the Christian multitude above : 
With oulnpreed wini^ the liquid air aha doTSi 
And went «waj lu Tightly ag the wind; 
Thia wand'ring. mute communicAnt of lore, 
So aoou a» ahe had lell the cunp beliiDd, 
Down from Die loHy cknuk t' accart the town iw 

When io ', they knew not wbonce, a falcon ai 
With hooked beak and talnnn, snil'd in ai^l ; 
Which, 'twiit Ibe city and the comp, alaim'd 
Tb' oppoaed mild bird in her dreceiiiling flight 
She waited not hi* tnw ; bat, full of fnght. 
On instant wing to the pavilioiu fled, 

it the moment when the cruel kite, 

Godfrey the bird protected, and eapied. 
A> he tier ]riumaii;e amooth'd. a cniioos tbiag; 
For from the neck, by flai o( Egypt tied, 
A letter hung, conceul'd beneath her winj;. 
Marvellinit to see it, he untwinea the atiing. 
And brealu the seal ; then well he compiehenda 
The purpose of the scroll: '• To Judah'a king," 
Thus ipoke th' iucripllan, " to hin ftrM of riiemb 
Health, Iwaar, joy, and peace th' Egyptian Calipb M 


" Fanr not, my noble Ioni ! 
TUl Ih* fourth day, or liU 11 
For by llinl poriod ibou sba 
My ilaughl'riag irwonl do id 


In Sjtìdc cipbrm wiil, aud 

Giccu in comuiisBiuu In Iliia 

Foe lu the Kant (liCH coun 

Traia'd to the misty chotrge, t 

The bird he fraed ; ahr, » 

Dunt Dol, thoagh innocen 
A lebeJ book, but fled (mr 
GodTrey Uic mteicepted bc 
Berore the lordB and princ 
Hie nulituy Council ; " S 
" How well the poodnew i 
To ns the close àrmgaa and i 

Steep, ehurp, nnd high, nnr api. I am aware. 
For the upproach of unn» oiid eniin» ; alili 
It may bo doiip : [ hnvv eiirvvy'd with care 
The coast, and liiid limi. etr^ngDien'd by the hil 
ThoM towon have been derenced wilh lillle cai of 

" Tliou, Raymond, willi Ihy men Ihr pnsp aaoeDd, 

And pomp preparali ve or hnttle. brlid 

My horoisl ninn n^iun the norlhem gale ; 

Bo that the (or, bo^nled i' unlicipote 

In arm» our ptiueipst bombardiDEni there, 

Rnini a4id droHd, *ad deolh, and vietory elsswheiib 


** At the same time, Camillo, thoa close by, 
Or not far off, the third tower must dispose ^ 
He said, and eood Count Raymond who sate nigfa» 
And as he spMce wei^'d well each accent, rose 
And said ; << This counsel no one can oppose, 
Tie given in perfect wisdom, the event 
Will surely prove it such ; I would propose 
Alone that some one midst our foes be sent. 
Into their plans to pry, and creep from tent to tent ;— 


** Number their troops, and with instinctive wit 
Fathom their thoughts, as for as in him lies :" 
Said Tancred then, " I have a Squire most fit 
For the exploit, the very prince of spies ; 
Quick, subtle, dexterous, he has Argus eyes 
For such concerns ; shrewd, supple, light of toe ; 
Bold too, but in his boldness close and wise ; 
And many tongues ho talks, and varies so 
His gesture, voice, and gait, that none the man eaa 



Sent for, he came ; and soon as he had heard 
Duke Godfrey's pleasure and his lord's, was wcm 
To their denre ; he, smiling, with a word 
The task embraced, and said, ** My Lords, Fm gone ; 
Into their unsuspicious camp anon 
Eutcr I will, aud pay implicit heed 
To all their motions, recognised by none ; 
E'en at midnoon through all the host proceed. 
And number every man, and number every steed. 

" Their hosts, their squadrons, and the arms they bring 
I pledge myself to notice ; nay, I vow 
The closest thoughts and counsels of the king 
To win adroitly from him, — ask not how." 
Thus with bold air Vafrino spoke ; and now 
Stay'd but to bare his graceful neck, to wind 
Long rolls of linen round his manly brow. 
Change for a mantle his juppón, aud Und 
Round his broad waist a belt, u quiver hang behind. 



And thus nccoulrrd. in bis iìfiIpt Imnil 

A Synon bow, wilÉi (jiisiurwi iiotimiB mwk. 

In abnlulp (unoie to bear liim aprnk 
Such vanous (uue>tiw. hi ilml in (irefce a Gnek, 
lu TjT« B true Piincniriau, la waMe 

Of iHnrbled Tndnior an > ' i riieik 
All would have ihoiigtil I B' be ridtw in bute, 

On H Kwin need llitit teane I'd llin guada A paom 

But CIO the third diiy ihont t Fruiks had Mmn'd 

Each uerre to «noath Die i i unevru wb^i, 
FiaiaJi'd tJieLr an^aefl, and „ cl ajaialain^d 
One ceasfllaH viga of JjUigua ^ Lie daya 
Alone nifficed (hriD DM ; but by the bliM 
or piny lorclirs did Ihcy luak the ni|;hl 
WlUl toil, diadainiug sleep: to Godfiry'i gaze, 
All won now ready with the mormnjf li^lit 
To pmvB the laat eilremeB and foilkuiei of the fighL 

The Chief [[real part of the prccwling day 
Had qieni in prayer, and had empio v'd the prieM 
To dinvc the umiy of their »iii». lliu'l tlicv 
Might share with him Die aacrunienlal feust. 

To iitiind the biiiix o( bittUr, he applied 
HiB raiiis and mialily engine», which iiicreawd 
The liliudod Pagans' Iruiwpurt, hope, anii pride, 
Seehig Dieta face the gale motrt strongly fortified. 

Bui when the night bad «prend her mien pall, 
The huge li^it tower be «pihled away. 
To where leat aining and crooked alioir'd the iraD, 
And juttinii angl-a lew lorbiide the play 
Of (lie Ktroiig ram ; bin armed lower ere day 
Raymond too plaiitiiig on the hill's tell creM, 
Took the whole rilv in his broad anrvey ; 
While hi9 Camillo to that point addma'd, 
Wbeni from the north the wall wheda nnind lo fiqol 


When now the nmate mnBcncsr of mr 
Had lipp'd the eutsrn hills atid towera 

Hul lipp'd the eutsrn hills atid towera with light. 
The Pa^ns narcd to lee the lower n-itlulrawQ 
For from the Npot whrre it Ktood ovrrai^t, 
And seeing trembled ; lo the left and ligfli. 
New stnictum also, mauu'd and mstiai^d welt, 
Till now unnolicrd, bunt npon tlicir tigM, 
Willi countlMS fraih oiBchiiies, — balMie fell, 
C«t> acorptOD, cronbow, nm, ww-wolf| and muigmel. 

The Syrian people, (hough deptrw'd at heut 
By Ihii doceptiou, were by no mcuna (duck 
Thilher to movo (heir engrini-s from the p.irt 
Where fiist Duke Godfrey menaced llie attack ; 
But he meanwhile, aware thai al bin buck 
Th' Efryptian army morcli'd, thiB gnve comnuDi 
To Guolph nnd the two Itoberlx; ■' O» Ihe track 
Thut leuils to Unin, ilulioii each u baud 
Of hone, and toward tlie anutli watch well, wilh si 

" And liure refrani, that while I storm the part 
Where the gray baltlemenl* most weak appear. 
No auddcii Hquadron, with Itindious art. 
Bring round Uio rage of battle to my rear." 
He «aid ; tlireo tiiiim tlin trumpi^ lubrx blew draar ; 
To 1 1 11^ thn-e souuilx. Ill ree valiant natioin mad» 
On thrcn sidrH liorriblo ownull «evere, — 
'Gainst each of which, the king in brave parade 
Of arms loug laid aside, his hnatile powen anay'd. 

Cosed in old armn, and with the wcif^t of a|e, 
Not ff ur of diingiT lrvmhliii[r. forth he goei, 
Louj; loEit 10 war. Conni Raymond te engage, 
The mwl sHcticion» of bin nnmeroua foe* : 
The Suldmi clrideH Duke (iodfrey to oppon, 
Argante* good (:ninillu. lit wlxiw aide 
Stands Boheiiiotid's brave nephew ; fortune obov 
Or rallirr I'mrideuce. the rhiice to guide 
Thai to Iha destined foo vhofc blood Im falebks 4) 


SlTWglit lb« itroag amliR! ftotn IIihIc twwa let flf 
Ten UiouBsnd marini ball» H'itli jJoiMUuiUB mìup ; 
Tbut uaderneiitli n vioiul of uliulU, Uif Av 
Gnnvi dull, u Ihougli brnciitli 11» aigUl'» black ^nafp. 
Bill blows of mere tnmcudoiu force ftoni riings 
And bugs balisUE come, wiUi nidei Hliaclw ; 
For tlieacs Hy, eviMy Uiuk lUo liuge ruu «winp. 
Stoats, rugged mawcfl of uproalHTrDcka, 
TtBia flbod vfUb [Kiiiitad uted, load, niuble, lega, nn4 

Such alone a Ibiuidrrbolt appCRra, >nd n 
Where it ttlights. ibe am» aiid iivnibc» bmka, 
Not life nioue and t^irit fmia tho blow. 
But tarm and (eatuie e'on Ibe mui toaakt» l 
The loiig lance stays noi iu tUe wound 11 niak». 
Bui auwurd still, still on lon^r after bin ; 

Yel caanot all Ibie fnrcn and fury drlvo 
The deepemte Pi^uii* to fumike Ibe wall ; 
Still to (lieir arou ivBolved tliey iliiiid. Ulti alhTB 
Or Io roveueo each cburife, or lo foimlidl J 
Ai^inR Ibo KlrokfS of Ilio ■IroiiK ram. Ihey cull 
For bai™ of pliuui wool, wbioli from ou high 
They bang, uiid deaden Ibiii ilie bluwi thai fall ; 
Aiid where Ibe I'luuk» allow iiioal expoacd aud uigh. 
With tbnuiBud thouHUu] alutflu give bauk a proud xoptj 

Tel NUI the Frauks. ai 

To hear Uio Bouudiug •( _ ..„ 

To tb» bigb walk, dnfiilr Ibe men in mail 
Thai lb>e tbelr baillemeiiti. tbe lowen on led. 
And nrirs to luuncb, albeit at finit Uiey fail, 
Their light poiilons ; wliile, woik'd beneath iU A 
Bull the bombardili^ rsm 


Imacdate mesDirhìIe Rinsldo itaada, 
Thi> risk and thaL wm fai too poor a pnin ; 
And 'twould be baas in him with annnl bandi 
To bear hia flag by plaia and beaten waya ; 
Debating Ihiu, he coirti anund hia Raie,— 
That path alone at which all ebs would hall. 
It pleaaea him to movo in ; he Burreys 
The lofliMt walla Iheir baUlements ei^t, 
Wui'd OD by noDO,^ — 'tie there he will begin th' >■ 

And Inming to the troop — famed heroe* all — 
Whom Dudou lately led, he made eiclaiiD ; 
" What, my compeen I ahall then Ihia old gray wall 
In the grand wrack repose in peace? O ahajne 
To eeneniua kaiglitliood, cliiTalry, and fame ! 
Raài hazard to the BniTS oHuraiica yields, 
And all steep patba ace plain la thoae who aim 
Atpraisc, — come on Iheti ; quick ! join shield lo ihidd, 
And to Iheii cruel abaft* a atubbom loitoixe bnild. 

8wiR It Ilio word all join with him, all cast 
Their ta^la o'er their heads in hniTe disdain ; 
And, man thus wedged with man, compacted Tail, 
Form a tight peulhouss that defies Ihs rain 
Of atones and arrown, under which amain 
Tliey speed the rapid iiiiircli uo rage can stay ; 
Far well Ihe irou lortoiw dopri Hustuin 
All Ihe huge weights Uiat witli tempesl nous away 
Froin the ihrotig'd walls descend, (o bar their onward 

Yet upwurd still ascend» Uie dauiitlen knigbt. 

By each rebiiff iiiuMared, auinoTed. althn^ 

They ^uM Ulyiapiia down, or piny Oaa thnnr 


Oa hu Htrong btick ; odp unii the biilwurk sail 

And cue the guardian lotRe! o'er the cone 

Oi hn bright belm «UBpenilii ; Ills courage Bbmi 

Td d^fMJfl of daring ; Lo mni uit aloni:*; 

NuuibFK besides with luddr wiml pnan. 

And dunb» wilb Tanoua tunu Jer uni HUccm 

One di« — another fsJls — lie n dU nibUme, 

TheiHi hia praÌKi eh»», uid I «his thnoU aluiM ; 

And tu a heigbl m loAy duo , cliiub. 

That DOW he ETuq» with his < — mded ana 

The topmost laUJonienla ; vast nmnbcn nnnn 

Round tlie yoiui); kiilglit wilh du^cr. aie, aod hruiil. 

Not only iic wilhsluniia, bill livelier pvvn. 
And liku Iho palui-tree vrhcu by weights oppiea'd, 
Mora itroDg and vnliunt fmii renslaiti^e ■hows, 
Hia pulas besU brisker, loftier shoots bis cresL 
Son» or his roes he slew. dMprraed the rest, 

bat ou his buckler «-eigh'd 

The w 

oti; I. 

H-iih h. 

.g blade 

And to the youaewt brother or the hnive 
And virtuous Goikrey, just about to fail, 
ills k>nd vicloiioiu band Rinaldo gave, 
And lirlp'd him sonuid to lo soute the wall, 
Godfrey mouawliite, whoia uoiliuig eouid ap|>al, 
In other quarlem vnnous forluucs proved. 
Nor were the pcnin he eiituuuler'd mnall ; 
Voi there not kiiight olone willi kuiKliI approvsd 
His Btreugtli. but luwei 'gaiuil lower, 'gainst engi 
engine moved 


And there the Syrisiu had Dptear'il a pin* 
That once bad terved «ome àdmin] for ■ mut, 
And hnni; thereto, by many a turnted line 
To a hage tmnoveno beam on high made fiat, 
A long Bttel-hfadFd ram, stoul, rude, and Tut, 
Whicii backward drawD by corde, tempeetuooi fell. 
And shatter'd all al whicli its front wu caM ; 
By turas tiie beam they poll, by tiinw propd, 
A< the mail now ihiinlu ia, DOir cnepa Irom fbitb ita 

Beats the hnge bean), and on the tower ea aof» 
Doublee its loud pen:aHÌoaa, ne to nnile 
Some pacee back the pilr. with ell it bora. 
And many a mortiaed raflrr dininite ; 
The tower, for ev'ry exigence of fight 
Prepared, brooli'd not the eounding inault long. 
But rimihWithin, till now conceal'd fnnn light, 
Launch'd out two icythee, large, ctooked, ahaip, and 

And cut thB cords on which th' enomwiB cngina awon^ 

A< a huge rock, which ajre or stormy windi 
Uproot or IwHen froin gonio mountain itecp. 
Rolls hearllung down, und into tliin dust grind* 
WoodH, lioMMw, humletn, herds, nod »Dcki> oT (beep ; 
So Ml the frighlfiil beam with (riant leap, 
Hideous, enurinoiu. bearing to the ground 
Arum, men. and turrets in its stormy sweep : 
Shake tlie linn ramparts ; rocks the tower ; and nnindi 
The hills and hollow gleni rebellow back the sound. 

All sanguino now to win the wall advanced 
Tho conqu'riuii Chief ; but suddenly he net» 
Thick noisome clondn of Hume sulj>hurponii laiKed 
Against him. fuvor'd by the driving breeie ; 
Ne'er did Mount Etna wnd forth flumes like Umw, 
Dispeiisint! death from lier cavrminis womb ; 
Nor e'er did Indinn «kies. when most ilieeaso 
And fervent summer fìird the air with gloom. 
Rain luch thick vuinri down, mntr Xnlurc to «oomBa 

tliB III aie miM U«iid| 

1 la 

ven no auccoi -od. 



Nor clidDgH color, ooiinK 

or pl«:> ; 

Biitcheenoulhose, who... 

be ■liriY'ling liidca 

With WBlw iWijo 111' odrauc 


Thui went the yfai ; thiw a., 


Their well-osrd walet diBniip.™ 

u^faat. * 

ThP Bmh'rioK flnuiPB lliev could uo loiiL'cr face ; 1 

When ou ll>e sudd*,. ra«' a fne..dly bl^I, 

And Die fierce wild-lire buck upon lU HuLhon cast. 


Tlie wind» fouglil H-Hh llin tli.iTir-. and hnckwani bl(><w 

The firea ; fur wh.'w ll,t (:,■} 1l„'lr Phrdi had rear'd. 

Upon the son ni^t.-iijlH ,>v..,il ir ■1,'w. 

WIJcli kindled, e!:,.:kW.. liU.icd. and dis^iii-arU 

By tlxy «od pinrdH] ! Il..'av«i il.wlf wns founj 

Itangrd on lliy side ; Ilio vcrv «■iud^ ifvccrd 

Tliy will, :iud, eummon-d l.y'thy Inimpefe eound, 

Obedient ninh'd lo war from all their rrgioui Tonnd 

B.I1 f.'ll tniicn». who nw hi» siilph'nxu fina 

Forcpd buck agaiiut Inm ou liie ulvtw jrgile, 

By lua black an, dnpilc Ihe w,nd<. lujiim 

The lawa of Nuliire y« lo coiinleiTuil ; 

Betwiit two hosii, 11» vDw'd BllcDdsutB. pnto 
Id hie d>uk maullc. on Ihe wall» he rej.r'4 

Hia liidcoua shape ; and with hia lenglli of nllU 

Ha nuslid aspvcl, and dùlievell'd bciuil, 

Huto UimHir hetWM» Iwo Fnrie» dire appear'd. 



And now were heard those awful Mrandi which fiU 

With deepest horror holPs profouudest streams ; 
. The winds already roar'd on ev*ry hill, 

The sun in clouds withdrew his golden beams ; 

When sudden, frustrate of his impious schemes. 

A stone, or rather rock, the tower robust. 

As still th' accursed wretch high Heaven blaqihemes^ 

Hurl*d from its bowels with a stroke so just. 
As bray'd at once their bones and bodies into dust 


To bloody dust minute their heads and brains 
Were widely scatter d with a roaring sound ; 
To bloody dust, minuter than the ^rruins 
Of com to meal betwixt rough milt-stones ground ; 
With groans the three foul Hpirito leave the round 
Of the blue heavens and fnio ethereal sense 
Of joy aud sunsliiue, fur the shades profound 
Of hell ; — ^leam, mortals, piety from hence. 
Nor dare God's slunib'ring wrath omnipotent inceiiM ! 


Meanwhile the engine rescued from the flame 
By the kind whirlwind, to the city ran, 
And, all resistance now defeated, cume 
So near the rainparts that itit bridge began» 
Launched, to attach ; but thither Solymuu 
Rusird on the instant ; shari>ly did he ply 
His strokes, and certaiuly th' audacious man 
Had hew'd it down, but suddeuly his eye 
Another tower beheld, uprising in tlio sky. 


Th* enormous pile shot up into the air 
For above spirt», mosique, minaret, and tower ; 
So that the Pagans in their stupor stare 
To see the city subject to its power. 
But the fierce Turk still keeps his stand, though lower 
The clouds of ruin round him ; he derives 
Strength from the strife : and, careless of the shower 
Of stones, to cut tlie bridge still trusts, and strives ; 
And hiri despairing fnendi with glorying sliouts revivee* 


itthnn^l Michael, clnd m uioa dbriai 
iodfrey tbra. bui ruibla lo none 
J«, appeor'd ; l^ifl ficfl did far DuUhiin 
SB elfsr et ev'ry cioud. tlie noouday » 
■dfrey," he cried, " the fated saiida are 
' ■■ • ^ cnact^l vith thy biade 

thy de, 
at, droa|i not Ihioe 

Cndaiiled eight sustaiti, — loiig: tii 

" ObseiTD (ho aoula of ev'ry lord and knijrht, 
Chrisl'a hlcaied «iìdIs, wlia Iste but clinmpians wen ! 
With wiiat a holy zpbI tliey «nk the Hglit, 
The linai ^loiy with thyself to ehar* I 
La ! what mii'd clouds of Einoko and doM in air 
Fluclnale aloft from the dianianlJpd town ; 
Atid Id. thai lady heap of nuns i thrir. 
Hugo, coufpiciioux by his Baijiiihire «nivrn, 
HeaTea hiu;h his goldcD mace, and heals tiie liugD lOHea 

" DudoD is he Vhù al the Nortlieni fort, 
Which he tvith fire and sword astuiulls, prepoiva 
Am» fur lt,c Franks, nor ccaaea to ei^hon 
FrMh knights to mouut Ihe Ull ecalBdee he bean ; 
TliBt eurpliGod Salili who in liis Ircwea WDon 
Tlie sac«rdatBl Cfowii. on rander lull. 
la the bleai'd soul of Adi'niar. — Ina cans 
The same as rnt ; obwrre wuh what ^od-wlll 
Hs deals hb pastoral sien» and benedicltons slilL 




** Look higher yet, and, witnesBÌng the war 
The whole hierarchy of heaven survey I" 
He raised his eyes ; and at one prospect saw, 
In myriad numbere numbcrleas, tli' array, 
Three squadrons wiuj^M ; each radiating away 
In triple phalanx from th' observer's eye, 
Bing beyond ring, — a beautiful display 
Of winged orbs, that, widening as they fly 
Sublime, poosess the whole circumference of the sky. 


Here he his dazzled eyes declined, nor more 
The glorious vision in its pomp descried ; 
When next he looked, the wondrous show was o'er» 
And gazing round, he saw on every side 
His troops victorious ; many a hero vied 
After divine Rinaldo to command 
The walls, leap'd up, and deep his falchion dyed ; 
Godfrey, this seen, uloof disduiu'd to stand, 
But match'd the Rod-Cross staff from his flag-bearer'e 


And passes first the bridge ; but midway here 
Finds the stem Soldun ready to debute 
His farther passage ; few their strokes, but clear 
Their prowess, — a small plank the field of fate ! 
" Lo, here," tiie Soldau sliouts, " I consecrate, 
Here yield my gallant spirit up this day, 
For Siou's good I So ho ! my frieudii, I prate, — 
Cut the ponton down at my back, and they 
j^iall have small cause to boast the pleasure of their prey !" 


But when he saw far-off Rinaldo tend 
Toward him, and all lus friends in flight, he said 
** What now remains ? if thus my life I spend, 
To what advantage will my blood be shed 7" 
Revolving thus, with slow disdainful tread 
He tum'd aside, and left the pass assayed 
Free to the Chief: who, following as he fled 
The Soldan's footsteps, with his brandish'd blade» 
High on the rampart walls the purple Cross diepUy^d. 





.^8 riorioDs eiMipi in a thoimmd wrratlu 

It NemR the wind on it tnon. mwliy bnstlua ■ 
It «em» the miu on 11 morr briehHy «hiHa i 
ThBt c-ach lM«'d iovelin, rnoh nim-d shutt dPdiMa 

To alrili ; l!.e , Bt. Hosoiiua. «mod i 

FloodBilapt ,Buda,( loimlBiiudaiiMtlipplnMi 
Suem. il Iha a. lUV grwii l>.il> rrown'd. 
Stoop from th„ ..^udn ( ewota. and bwui ndorinc 

Tlwn raixd the Chriiiib.» dH Ibejr Im» toad dlNi 

OfTKlory. joyrul, namaiit, aud higli ; 

Their word* the tovere and leniploi ImetbMi wrt l 

ci-iu|nrr'd trail, xnd raited Ilia MBodaid lo» 

But on the 

hiiie lowan! lii 

e Sonlh 

where fonght 

Raymond t 

ho lioary witii 

an king. ^ 

The Gsscou knigliU Uieir 


liad not bran^t 

Yet lo tlie 

«aiis, not possibly con 

d bring ; 

For there t 

6 Tyrant liad 



the flower of 

Wlio rtubl» 

ndy with 1.1UC 

Bwotd, and eliiv. 

Stood loth 

UriTe ; tlie w 


on Ihat coan ^ 

Wete, u lea firm and higli 


nginea Kreogtbea'd 



Beddee, oil 

that Bleep eide 

Ih' en 

mioni. lower 

fooling lor iU 


found ; 

Nor couid t 

lieir ulm«l m^ 

uwrj' a 

.d power 

Correct tho 

mgged nalim 

of U.e 

But wlien t 

lio ahoiit from 

all tiir 

Reach'd th 

IF walb COQlHt, 

Both Al Edi 

s and Roynio 

nd bv 1 



«ured that on 


nil and Wert. 

The lone defended town airi 






Which heard, the Count shoots to the knights he led ; 
^ Taken already is th' assaulted town ; 
And does it conquer us 7 shall it be said 
We only share not in the day's renown ?** 
But here the troubled kìnf^t quite desp'rate grown 
Of the dispute, drew off his chivalry 
To the strong-hold of his endangered Crown, 
His last Ioni hope, a fortress strong and high. 
Where yet long time he trusts th* assailants to defy 


Then the whole host pours in, not o'er the walls 
Alone, but through the gates, which soon unclose, 
Batter'd or burnt ; and in wide ruin falls 
Each strong defence that might tlieir march oppose^ 
Rages the sword ; and Deatli, the Slaughterer, goes 
Twixt Wo and Horror with gigantic tread, 
FVom street to street ; the blood in torrents flows, 
And settles in lagoons, on all sides fed, 
And Bwell'd with heaps on heaps of dying and of dead. 






Now pmdeDM, death, oi feu, each Fiigtui kniglit 

1 in I tiud, drcnding the dm;rao«, 
dealh, or boing forced lo fly, 
1 to yield stmiu all n ' ' ' 

11 reifljTcd to die. 

But bryoDd all imporliiaate to qiicU 

TLie FiLgun, Tuacrrd prcwra through (ho eni«d ; 

The kiiiglit Argaiit» rccogniwd righi well 

By hie know a umiB, kepu Birokes, aad bparinj; prond 

10 fought with him before, and vow'd 

Return < 

Biith t 

thus you keep your fuilh? and now 
jouthuatowai, ndeem'doBnBearcoknowibow i 

" Lale you return, and not alone, vet 1 
Shun not the battle, iwr the ùmieaVear ; 

Although, to all appeeraace, you draw nigh 
Not as a knight, but aa an engineer ; 
Bui make a shield of your luiiiiw here. 
New fomu of war, Mmnge atnu invent in aid. 
They ahall noi serve yon now, fntae chevalieT, 
Foul •langhl'rer o( (iiir ladies, to evade 
The dealh alnady due to my defrauded Uadef 


The good Lord Taocred aiwwrr'd wHh » ami1s 
or name diadoin, in terms of like pruud elMi 
<■ AH late as b my ilow return, — nlvwhiÌF> 
'Twill BMm, I fnnoy, much too nooa for the» i 
For thou shult wish, on liow devout a klW»i 
Somi^ Alp or onenri >pread its n d' btmtt 

By fnlal proof, if cowsnjicp i W 
Has made mdeed m; Bwotd BO [ B amtgel henw 

" But Mrp uiiir, O tliaa whote liaughty aniM 
Bie (rixnu oil]]' and toiij^ kuights cliaall» ; 
Tiiee lo a fi^ld apart from Ihue alMins 
Tha laifihty iluigM'rer of [tàr duna* dada* I" 

" Back frltm the wanior ! imi.p !iim not a blow ! 
Nny, yiUHulB, iievpr eriidps"" yoiir Ciiicf liie prrie ; 

Mine, both by chi^loogie noie, nnd ptomise loug ago I" 

By morliJ %M their .juarrd 1. d^f.,!.: ; 
Hate mode Ihem oiie, ond,e'(iia« fonud would frirnd. 
Each did the Mber's UTs, rrom pura dr^le, defend. 

Grant is tlio thirat of prainB, ([real the dmiro 
Which Tuiinrcd lias to alay a foe w ^nuid ; 

If but n drop were ilied by otlier'a hand : 
He guards the Pa^n Willi lim shield ; uud, " Stu 
Sinke noi !" lie cries lo all be njeetH ; sud «o, 
Safe from the ra^eofeach eacuuuteiui^ bandi 
From rslchioD, dagger, epear. and bended bow, 
Through Ibounnd angry thendu ho brin^ hworelen 


The basT roar or war, th' inradrd town, 
And void paviliona far Ihey leave behind, 
Following a Tootpalh, Ihat o'er dale and down 
In many a wcrel coil and langle Iwiued ; 
Al length a emBll Hcludpd Tale Ihey find, 
Deep ID the heart of woody hilia embay'd. 
As it for sylvan sport had been defiign'd. 
Or Romaa cinnu by procoiiiul made 
For Gladiatorial ihaw,--flhiil in by alent ihmd» 

Here then Ihey paused ; and, full of aniioui tbmgl 
An^nlM turn'd, th' ojllicled town to view ; 
Tiincred, pen»iving that the kiiiglil had biougfat 
With him no Kliield, his own to distance Uiraw ; 
And said, " What Rlooin does tl.its thy soul subdoB 
Think'st thou the destined hour to tenninato 
Thy life at length is comcl if this thou rue, 
Wit)i pensive mind prophetic of thy fate, 
Tby fear is tuelsas all, thy forMighl com» Loo late r 

" I think," said he, (and sigh'd,) " on that loin town. 
The pomp of realms, about to paaa away. 
That queen aC ijyria, hoary in renown, 
Whoae futal ruin 1 have foil'd to stuy ; 
I think how inoignilicaiil a prey 
To my disduin and vrngeauee is the doe 
Which ou thy head Heaven destinni ms tarlar '" 
He ceased ; and each to each witli cantiou drew. 
For well each armed knight hb rival's pnwea knew. 

Tancrcd is light of limb in hand and foot, 
Swid OS the ivind lliat o'er the valley scours ; 
Moiutrous in girth, like sonie lertilÌG brute. 
And tnllrr by the head Argmitrs lowrn ; 
Tancred now wheels, now travemn, noir cowMi^ 
Like the coil'd anuke in act iit will to glide 

Shoot out ; i^ill |iaiT)-ins rinike with niroke, h* Iliad 


Bill spaclaiiB and erect, Arg^ml»! 
Like tJiill, in diff'icnl paOuro ; a» 
Slruiglit lo hia muk willi Btrelcli'i 
Aud BPeki I' eiioauatec ddI thn Btf 

E'en Ihus Iwo gallaiil sliipa, «■hon not a (pile 
se™ Ihe smooth mirfude of the »jlf>nt moiii. 
One famed for SUP, and on f f,ir s[>-(^ of «all, 
With force uiieqiiul, equal flglK maintnin ; 
Thii brare down liglitly, go« and conies agailii 
Wheol» round from prow to poop, and «till tl» ey» 
Mocka, wliile the oilier doth unmoved nmkln, 
And ever na the nimbler one dniw» Uigh, 
Thlontf with iu vnit inaciiiuea wild ruiu fnnn on Ugh. 

Wbile to ruih in the wily Latin atrrvn, 
Sbuaoing tlie porDl thai ^litler'd al his bieaM, 
The binde Altaica bniiidl(i>im, uid drive* 

Bat tlie fell I'ii|i;bu, (u he rotwud pnWd, 
Strongly, and iwdl as Siee o Partliiaa ihaft, 
Coil'd h» atrong wiist salaiit, — the kworI dinmii'd, 
And plough'd hia bkIo ; wliireal lie ^yly laueh'd 
And Clied ; " By bleat Holiouiid, Iho craltanun'a foj'd 

Pntioe Tancred bit hia lìpa 'twiil cdvn and ahante. 
Laid bv all poliiU of >kill, and on hia foe 
Bunw W revr'UEe willi i^ an ea^r aim,— 
Vicrry appeal» defeal, acliieved ao alow ; 
The boaU he auaweii by hia awoid, oad lo! 
When (he bur'd xixoi opena lo Ihe aJabl, 
" le Mow 

Dai« a fieroe Ihcnat ; tlie tonnhtabla 
Arganlea breaka, and, la tlie lui deaplli 
Of liak, Bl liulfHiwoid'a knglh atrpp'd in 


Vilb hk Jeft hand (he Pa^pm'i atioag right um 
He aeued, and with hi» hgbt ha fiilchion plied; 
With DiBuy a deadly gash of deep»! hann 
Pietciujc at vlU the uDdefeaded aidn. 
" To hia triiunphant tular," loud hs ciinl, 
" Tlib h^>py annrei the foil'd ncioliit 
Yielda in reply !" with panion, pain, aqd prida, 
Aigantea givaD'd, and writhing, aUore to twiit 
Ftom tbe Italian'a p—p, in Tain, the phno'd wriM. 

by its chaiti at len|^ 
ia rival round the waki ; 

ncicd, and with all their ittenglb 
' ' ' the other, breait to bretat: 
ine Alcide! pren'd 
e Libyan aanda ; — 

Preaiag, comprea'd, «hiri'd round, they wreaUed, lill 
Both overpowered, tof^etl 

Argnntpi, whetlier by g< 

cr'd, tD)(etlier preia'd the giwuid; 

ID foiiDd ; 

Bui Die niore deiteraua huid lo elrike aud wound 
Tnncred liiul uiKtemioat, aud tliua mlraiu'd, 
Hitimlf from ths fierce ami that elaip'd liim ronnd. 
Strane i^'") tbe •euie of rink, he diaenchaiu'd. 
And ligbtly leaping up, finn fooling ilniglit regaìn'd. 

Par glowlier meo Ih* unwieldy Saiacine, 
Aud era he roae received a cleaving blow ; 
But ai in Uiut'riiig winde llip mountaio pine 
Reara, tJie next moment thai ita liead Ooopa loi 
Ita leafy forehead to the clouds, eVn ao 
When moal oppma'd, hi* valor riae* Iiigtwi ; 
And now again ferocioiu Ihruata Ibty tlimw. 
Fierce Mrokea eichauge ; aud, iu tliair aghllaa 
TJifl Sghl, with lea of ifcill, grow* momently men 


From Tknored'a wounda large drops of pnride mioe. 
But fioni llie PaguiV How'd a perfecl Sood ; 
And now hi» fury, like a wamuig fliiuo 
Unfod with fuel, fainU from lo« ol blood ; 
Tanored, who gaw liis foe, in Blreugtl] subdued. 
Slowly ftDd Biowliot wave hi» "nary blade 
To QOblMl pity calui'd bia ohu fell mood, 
Tlie angiy pasaioiui uf Ilia soni -llay'd, 
Slepp'd a fsw pacca back, and tli s roild Bpcakmg, nid. 

" Yield thee, bravo man ! i mo^hìh in m«. 
Or in sltnng Fate, thy viclt. m, Sir Knight ! 
No «poll, DO inumpli do I sft. I'cr th», 
Nor to Qiy aima recerve a vici '■ tigbL I" 
To thii the Pagan, with a tro\ t like HigM, 
More fìf ree than ever, kindbng into flame 
The alnrob'ring ruries of his soul, in spile 
Replied ; " Dual iliou, dost Ihou th' advuntage cium, 
And dotti Uiau dare lo tempi Aq^la lo Ins ahame '. 

" Use thy «corn'd fortune ; I will yrl ciiuli», 
Premnnpluuus fool '. llie plirensy oi' Dial phra» 
Aa > aprat taper musters ere it dira 
Ita Ssiues, lo perish in tlie epieudiil hlaie. 
So, cherishLag wiUi rn^ Ihc blfxxj (hut playi 
ThuB feebly ùi liis veins, ho would supply 
Slreuglli lo the «piril which so fuirt decuya ; 

To his ten band its fellow he applied. 
And wilh them bolli iiiipull'd his liesvy blade ; 
Down ii descend wl, — ineeluig, alruck naido 
The prince's «word, nor there lU fury stuy'd ; 
Bui, glancing from Ihe slioulder, did luviiile 
Alt hie left side in its obbque carrer, 

If Taacivd quoil'd not at llie slrolie savera, 
"TwÉM that bia hean waa form'd iocapaMe of fear 


Hta blow Ihe Faynim donhlrd, but ha ipent 
On the void air hi» deaperate euergj-, 
Al Tancredi coiuciotu of hn fierce iuteni, 
The ftroke prevented, ilipping nimbly by. 
By thine own weight o'rrbulunced dcul thou lia 
On euth, Arganti», Dor couldst shun the fall ; 
Thnelrhart thou o'erthrown^-O fatal die, 
WaU cait ! thrice htppjr, that none «Ih can call 
HiiDMiU thy conqa'ror now, or triumph in thy thiaU. 

Raasd by liia hand upon one knee, he tried 

Od new defence the battle to provoke. 

" Yield," cried the courteouB prince, " and live !" 

He itnick or menaced, aa ho mode th' appeal ; 
The Hillen Pagan not an nccrnt upokc. 
But al iwift Mealth ihol out hia Itraclicroua steel, 
Anil with ■ ttaoul of joy eiolting pierced hia heel. 

Then rote the rage of Tancred, and he leàd ; 
■■ ^UaJD i doDt tliou my mercy thus deride !" 
Then i^ungtd, and plunged again hia fatal Made, 
Where a free pasa the avcnlaylc Bupplinl, 
Thi» died Argantra : aa he lived, ho died, 
Dying, he m.'naced death ; no lamrnlation 
Broke from hie lipa, but fii'd, uubondiuj pride, 

Spoke in hia latest worda iLnd laat geiftjctilatjon.— .- 

Bui from the atrifs enfeebled, worn und fuinl, 
Hia bloody ineed has coat tlie victor dear ; 
So that ho aerioiiBly be|ruii to fear 
Hii lirotB would «carcely servo him to retrace 
Hi» homeward pulii ; yrl to llie pine-tree neai, 
Wliieh kept the eiilraiice of thai sliady plan 
Be Mop by step niovod on, wilh alow uiuMadf < 


Not Tsr can Ihe weak !(olght liia itup* conuoBBd, 
The more lie hmsi™, moro tired, Uie If» hia speed } 
Whence he at lenglli siu down, sad dq hie bundi 
Hii band, that Iremblei iike a «LiBkmg »pd, 
Pitipp'd on hie citww, Icuiw lua bead ; Tut bleed 
HIb won oda. the ucaue s|iiiis loiiiid, hia i^ddy bniiu 
Gnn-9 duil, and iiiglil secmii iu hf r sable weed 
To wrap Ihe day : al loiigUi he awoou» with paJD, 
And undioluieuigh'd Ilea tlie «layer fruui Ibo «lain. 

While the two lorda ptawae their looply fijjW, 

Bo fioroe and Uoody mode by privai» liaW, 

The anfry Ticlon ia the Fily smite 

The i;uiny pei^le wide tfim gote to gaM : 

Fntfi, on all «idei the; ruah. to ahiiu their tkl 

Oh who can fully picture in hie piit^ 

The horrols of Hie imck ! what IgiigiK' rrlale 

nage, fiilM witJi death ; 

Each place ia clioki 

In intertiuigicd heaps Ihe elaughlei'u iic ; 
The folluiB r«U iipon tiie ralk'U ; beneath 
Th' uiibuiicd dead the buried living die ; 
Here with diahevell'd locks mad lootheia fly, 
Btruinin^ their iiifanU to tlieic breoiU ; and them 
Tlie «uvuee tpoiler, druuk witJi victory 
Aud nUej ireatiurc, by hr'r golden hair 
PragB olf the sliriekiug maid to h» voluptoooa Iwi. 

Where be behold» the eolemn Tcii.ple staud 
All moist and horrid with tlin blood he spilk. 
Binaldo, nuhiiiE, drives Ilio Paynim baud { 
Tile cruel falchion iu his red riglit-tiaud 
O'er their plumed heads ia bickrnoji circln 
Ita «trckea nor «hield nor hehnel can wjtiiila 


Od iteci ilDne hii noble Mtec] dcncnda, 
TV unsnn'd he «corns lo hurt ; the arm'd, Uie atnng 
Who dura him Dot, Bud whom do niai[ defead*. 
By (rowna and dreadful •' ' ' ' 

■rith unrqunl risk, but «jud 
ud uuUTu'd aliki) hi> Taco i 

Alcsady with the crowd (heir bravest meo, 
A numerous party, had the Teiii[ile gaiu'd ; 
Which, bunit and oli. rebuilt aa it had beta. 
The Dime of ila great founder dill rclaiu'd. 
Of ceduT, gold, ond marbles riclily slaia'd. 
The glorioua Uibuto of u lliouwtid idiorca. 
Knf Solomon liud rniined it : it rciiiaiu'd. 
It with lew ajdeudid rouls and plutucr fioor*. 
Sttnog with cmbultlcd Iowi-r-, linn wiills, and 

Reaching Ihis rorticw, in n'lia>e tpaciuus heart 
The multitude were ilcd, Rinaldo found 
The portala closed, and eveiy •iug'* P"* 
or the high bullleiiiciila with lances croim'd. 
And Ihrcul'ning mangoncla: he roll'd Hruuod 
Ha fla^hing eyex, and twice I he stron); relreat 
Bcaiui'd Trom its toptiuwt turret la llie grauud. 
Some Durrow pnaa lo spy, and twice in lieat 
Gilded tlie apackitu pile on awitl, inipatieut Teet. 

As the destro)-ing wolf at niidnighl prowls. 
With eager hungry jawx and rym of lim, 
Sound the penn'd fold, aud disuppoiiilcd gnwb 
With fierce inslinclivo liuto HLd iialKc iiB ; 
So goes Rinuldo, wild with the desire 
To penelrute Ihe fubric he nun-ryii ; 
In vain — it alanda iinpasiivd aud eiilire ; 
Iq the grand Court iil leiijith hi>> Ktrps he stays. 
And they th' iBauU expect with tix'd, di-i^taiiing gOB 


By ohancs, Tol nrac rare use reutvcd, Ihele Ikjr 
A long aud tapering brain Ihc Iiffd D<gli ; 
The tighWrt argosy in Genoa's bay 
Hoe not a most more stalely, stout, and bigfa ; 
On Ihia Hie uoblo Iiifuit cast his eye, 
And wltli tlint hand l<i wliich all wsiglits were lighl 
Polling the fotmldublo lance on liiffh. 
To liu liiendg' wander and im [ou oHrig-hl, 
Hutl'd it agBioBt iho gates, with uaexocipied might. 


These . „ 

Broke tlie Mroug licki. and laid the purtala low ) 

Not batfiing rnifrine, not baliita-bair, 

Not futminini; petard, death's thunderbnll, 

Through the void pota vast number», ai the cull 
Of the Iriumpbaiit youtli, l)t' iuapirmg soul of all. 

Their dreadful «1 

miglitf r bine 

Ii and nionniful 

Tliat lolly pile, o 

PIO God; 


D ; sharp, if 

long delay-d. 

, falla thy c 

hart-nhiE rod r 
Iby Qod, 

Under Ihy .Fciflt 
Rage woke in h 

Olla by usin 

T «.n and nifld 

Till the grim Fni 

,k alone on 

co™* trod. 

And Iho revilem 

in the it tnm 


l-aah-d with Ibair blood Uie fan 

[hpir am- bad 



c atrong tower 

Which yet Die n 

.me of Diivi 

boiT, wa« «pfd 

And with the ga 

her'd rp.nne 

,1 of hie power. 

Block'd ITP each 

Ireet timi n 

the furtreBB led 

And thither loo the fecblf T, 

rant (led. 

Wliom when Lie 

Soldaii «a»- 

he thu>i birapok 

" Come, famous 

Prince : and 

«hield Ihv noble 

On the tower'd n 

nmmit ofll. 

tody ™k, 


" Here from the nge of hoatile sward», thy crown. 
Tliy life, auJ kiiigdom mayit Ihou yet defriid ;" 
" Wo'i me I" he aiuwer'd, ■' vro ù me ! my Tuwn 
Bsirbaiic hsudB from the fouadutioni reud ; 
My race ia ruD, — my rule is a( an end, — 
I lived, I reiga'd ; I lire uid reiga no more ; 
For all that now h left me, O my friend, 
Is la exclaim, * We mn ',' — all, all ia o>r ! 
Out Guai hour'a at band ; pale Death ia at the door !" 

"Whrro (lieu," the an^' Soldan made exclaim, 
" Where ia lliine old henne counigo fiowu) 
Itl-forlime lake our kingdoina ! are Dot (iime, 
Worth, j>ride, and kingly gmiidrur yet our own J 
These with iiH slay, lhou)tli lliose be overthrown: 
But rest wilhiu lliy weary Iliiihii, aiiil court 
Refrml imeni ; llierc ore (lime will giiurd thy Ihioiu 
Thui Buying, he at once unclosed the port, 
Juad led (lie hoary Ling witliiu th' embattled foiL 

Ilia iron miice he ETOspa with both lib lianda. 
Girds fiiat the tiuMy Kibro to Ilia (lue;h. 
And in th' alleiiiptvd [laiiB intrepid Blanda, 
The wholly Frank people singly to defy ; 
Quick, mortal blows fall honid from on high. 
The null Ihey daunt. 111' heroic (hey abaMi ; 
Wlioni (hey kill not, they alua nt leant,— all fly 
At length, and vacant leuve (h' InreMed place. 
Where'er he cares lo move with hia giiguitic maca^ 

But lo ! well aliealh'd in lirigandine of bniaa, 
Anived, and follow'd by a luindrrd knighta, 
Earl Raymond rualiee to the dang'roua pa», 
Aud (he (rrmendoiui weapon Memly atighU ; 
Ho at Iho Solduii fittil. but vaiuly «niilea, 
Vainly ha sword d.-Hcends ; but not in vain 
Tlie furious Saraceu hia anke requites ; 
Struck on the lempira, widi bewilder'd btaia 
And quiT'iioE arma he lira, extended on the {riain 


Which four hod baniah'd from their hearta of labs 
And Ihe Fnuik ciEMra, bcMfn Iwck, retiro, 
Oi alaiightet'd fsU «tilhiu Ihs partul-rnle : 
Bui ihp Arch-Geniua of Uie Rercf dÈbste, 
Seeing the call, Iwlwixt alive and di'iid, 
Li« with the Blaug^tcr'd si lik feet, elUe, 
Cftll'd to hie SaTHreiu bvliind, sud «aid ; 
" Dng iu thb captive kuiglit ; irhat now tuna w t 

Far to the Rscae, witli like (uu tpted. 

All RayiDond'e pcoptc flock, wilh sword and ■> 

There piou» duly figlils, bnil<- fiirv (irrp, 

In no Tuean CBUEe. nud wilh no me:.u inU'iit ; 

Yet had the slubbora Turk nt length prevul'd, 
Sucli ta^'r Ihirrt for ven^nuce iie diriplay^d. 
For 'gainal iiie tlumd'riu^ weapon uaughl ai'aird 
Thu "evcnroid shield, line hetiu, or lompei'd btode,— 
Bat frani cnch side a iii*w and powerful aid 
Wa» «uddenly perceived uppmttthiujt near, 
Thn nell-couleeled fortrefn io uivuile ; 
And both at once, from advene poiulv, appear — . 
The soT'reigD Caplaiu there, Ibe young Riaoldo hen. 

Then Bi a shepherd, when Ihe whirlwind's blant 
Comn sweeping on, with li^htnin^, hail, and nibi 
Seeini; the ekiea wilh IhOTiwutd clouds o'ercaal, 
Hi* fleecy cliorge drives from the o]ieu plaiu ; 
And [ooka around, mlieit'ius to gaiu 

Whore Henvea'» hM wnth lliey may unhnn nuu 

Willi cmok and cry he forward ■penb' the dnek. 

And laat avoids himaeU' the etorni'i inTuriala nhock >- 


Just M Ibe Pugnn Frinc», wlirn Up dncried 
Th' inevituble Itiinprst, hcunl IIib Uut 
ThBt siBrtied hcntrn, unci mw, ou eilhcr aids. 
The ■i'-ld Willi trTavr* of biicn ornresM, 
Seul back hia mi^n. wril giiordrd by hi» TUt 
Encircling aiiield and udumautine mace. 
Iuta the lower, himnrlf ntirìng lost ; 
Lad he rrlim, bui nilb limi huu^^litf pace, 
Which ihowa he neither f iridi in feu noi jn diagraee. 

'Twiia tank enouj^ii for him liic lower lo ^in ; 
Sparce wpro ibe portili» l>Brr"d, Ih' «■■cope made g< 
Than bolh llie doora aad ban «-err real in Iwiin, 
And on the lhr«iihold youhg Rinaldo nlood ; 
Koi linger'd Ihere ; dears to n-e aiibdunl 
Tlie knighl iu deed» or Am» nnmatcli'd, diwUin, 
And his own oath lni|icll'd liini lo thi- fpitd ; 

And then, e>u Ihen had hi» uDCoiiqner'd htnd 
Eaay'd the Mubboni ciludrl, nor there 
Had Ihe Turk /ound prrchnnce hin dsniitlcn itu 
Of much avail — Ihe Ticlor's binde wan bare, — 
llijl falliDe lwili|^l HOW chuonred the air, 
And loud iind lung Ihc waminK Irulnprt blew, 
Souadin^ retreat ; within Ihe «puciuua aquare 
tràdfrcy abude, aud Rniod hù furcva drew, 
Prompt wilh tin moimug auii Ihe ilnif^Ie lo reiiaw 

"Lo:" he I 

" The 

it* bin'd i 

The tiigofwnri. oVr; h 

Rcnialna, my rrienilm Jflur ifloi)' t" aiRat, 
Nuu^il lo diinnny ; thi* lower which -we inveit, 
The InM <ad n-Uice of the PDyniiii, ere 
Ta-morrow rinK we rrom tlieir liapdn ihall wieat | 
Meanwhile lei ]iily ur^r yon wilh all care 
To lend your ronimdi-a' woundH, undaoolh Ihe paini III 


" Go, care for thow who ■! a price «i ilro/ 

HuvG at lh«e kiiigdoniB purelianed tliiui Uie «(ra; I 

Till* moro brfiu tlic Christian clievidicr, 

Tbui bus dniie □( Teagemice, or of prey. 

~" ' ' " much emoitjr thie day 

Hmli 1 

p — do «omo di*pliiy J 

Bui 111 your iwnl plunder mate, ot HUi ; 
Henldal youiUuuipeU«uud,ikDdpuUwUfonh i|iy will.*' 


■ boldno 


en, O my fnends, will yet * bri^l n 
Bring to Dur gloom '. be firm ; in forluns'e vpile. 
Your Bower of liope yet shows n vfniiiul leaf; 
For undpc nil (his eluro of faine iilTnchl. 
Our hum bu bosn bui ma/i3\, our low eiceedtng light 

" The City H noi aeiiNÌ ; the ChrvHnn lyrit 
Have gaiu'U the rain|iana, beat the vill^r dawn. 
But III the peraor of yntir kingf your Bwonb. 
Aod ghields. yon yrt Ceiiiiprisr the ^riooa Town. 
Safe BlundB your Moanrcli, anfr you «ep hi» crown, 
Safe Kit bcHl kiiigliU. while roniid ibii' noble lioit 
Strong wbIIb ante ; ruin f io]))iy of iTncxrn, 
I^el the gay Frank» Ih' nbandoii'd mibmhn boiwt, 
To them Ifa' ambilioua game may yol at loit be hiaL 

" Mny bp T il must ! for, llnllrr'd into pride 
By their » pronirrooB fortune, all their mind 
Will but to c^Bnalrss riot, homicide. 
And mod intenip'rnln dalllnnce be Inclined. 
In thia wild tumuli, drunk with blood, mid blind 
Td all but beaiily, Ihcy ninni ucedH nppea; 
But aa a rolling wave brfon the wind. 
If the Egyptian hoil, which now m near, 
Came wilhtbecloodiof nli^t, and laks Iham hi the re 


" We with our enginea may meaawliils anooj 
Eicb Bireel Ihat Icadg to yon acciirerd tomb ; 
The loItiMl ■iructurc* o'er our (oa destroy, 
And thut our loidihip in the town resume." 
With Iheae boM tiorda he dnipalei their gloom : 
Eiilea Iheir feu, exile* Ititii wild ama», 
And plants both hope uid courag;e id their rooia : 
While these eTeuu wen puslug, midiil a blaie 
Of urna and gorgeoia lenlii, unawed Vatriuo sUajM 

The lark was warbling iwect her eTeuing tooff, 
Whea through the ahadowa of declining day 
Valfrino lelt th' encainpineul ; all night toDg 
He Iravell'd on hia dark end lonely way ; 
High Aicalou be pasa'd, ere inoming gray 
O'er the dim Isiul^ape slicd its gruleful light. 
And when the sun with culminutiiig rny 

Millions of lenlB, ò'crwaviHl with flags nnrutl'd, 

Grevu, purple, gold, and crimson, lio enpira; 

And hean sudi slrango wild lougiies, and such a 

or savage «oundi from barbarous melali rise, 
Trumpel. anil honi, and goug, with camebi' ciie^ 
Roariags of eie plianls, anil ncighings clear 
or shrill-voiced couraen, climbing to the akies. 
That lo himself he says, with soul sincere, 
" All Ana, Libya, all are sure ttauipoitcd bara 1" 

He fint ih' encampment and its sitenglh surreys 
The circling rnmpnrl, iu eitent, and height. 
Then iweka no mure obscure nud winding wayi, 
Bnl boldly iasHPs to the public «gill 1 
And with an air most uncuncrrii'd and light 
Enten the rffgal gulea din-ot, ami now 
Asks, andnawanaweniqni'siiau». withaaldght 
But Id be equall'd by the frank bold brow [bMT. 

Wbicb makes bis answeis good, and greets it cara m| 



w the». «licilona he Inn» : 
Tlie hon«. snnon, chirfa, tbe name each bruv. 
Their urta nod cuatonu he obaarrc* aud Icon» i 
Noi nllslicd with Ihii, hia spiril buriu, 
And punly manag» lo know ths bent 
Of their most leent pnijerU and ctin»nM ; 
So well he apceda beaeslh hii fair otfeDti 
Aa e'en to win accesa lo the imperial tent- 

Hen, iBokinp rDiud, he maifc'd a renu throuj^ wfaloh 
Tbe ToiiK within foUDd epvM, and •rfaM*b]> 
The Vitxtoj't prirale cabuet, a twh 

Hie tar wilhput, might Ku'hiT wlinlKic'nr 
Tranipirod within ; al lina Ihe mmchtua apy 
Ploalcd hinuclf. se with osiiluDua cara 
"ITw tenl'a defective aoBOi udmitly to repair. 

Tbe Chief barfheaded itood. in itma. and won 
A vent of Tyriaii purple ; in the rear 
Two page* tiii brighi shield niid heiinel bore ^- 
Thoaghlful he stood, sad. loaning on Ilia apear 
Crave heed lo one who Willi a look wvere, 
Tall in hia «iBlurr. ainewy in iiis frame, 
High poinla diacum'd: Vafnno «■»« ail ear; 
Aiu. rarely fancying that he heard the name 
Of Bonillaa'a lord, yet more inqnialtin beoame. 

Ha heard th» Chipllain (|ue«Iion ; •' Art thou thai 
So aure of Oodfrpy'B dralli ?" '■ Bo aure," «aid h« 
" I take luy oalh by Alluh. ne'er again 
But u a malodar thy face to are ; 
I will ODUIrTp all thiw who nrr wjlh nie 
Bwnni to the dp^d ; uor aek [ other bliia. 
Than lo hang np in Iropliy, by drcree 
or our great prince, in hia iiielmpolia, [aa thia 
Tba man'i rich arma, aubaciibed with aome auch ti 


'j ^. 

, " ' Therc uma In war from the Frank Cbief, tha ran 

II And icourge of Asia, brave Omioado tore, 

I' When him he Blew ; the fame whereof, Ihti Ttm 

I And Irophied martile land for evennore '.' " 

" Ur thb," llie KTined Uudi^r «id, « no more ; 

Tliiiik not thf: kins will Irave unglorilinl 

A deed wliicLi bolli tlie EgjpU muil udore ; 

Thy wiih, beouro, lis will fuUil with piide, 
And grace thy conqu'ring browi with pricelea gsm 

" Now then the coanterfeiletl unni prepara, 
For tha ffreal day of fìght approaches foBt :" 
" Tliey are oil ready," h« replied, aud ther» 
Bolh ended purls, and from Ihe chamber paa/d 
SuBpen» and doubt Vufrino's mind o'creaM ; 
Long UB ho nrel^i'd the iieeniiuj{ aim and end. 
Of their diHCOune, llic jiroject tu ths lurt 
Remuin'd obwure, — lie could not comprehend. 
What by Uin fnnt of amn ihe traiton could inland 

Thence he departed, nor tho livelone night 
Hia eyeii to ulunibrr or rrpoae rrsigu^l ; 
Bui when that mifihly ciunp ut iiiumiug li^it 
Unfuri'd ils thoiHUtid bitiiiiciB lo the wind, 
Hs iu llipir tiiiircli tlie liOHtilc- wiuudrons joiu'd. 

Eager to gather more of lhi> diagtuaed inlent. 

On a rich Ihrone mid kiiighla and damael* g«j. 
Searching around, Armida lie dncrin ; 
Forlorn alio nln, and inly srema lo wrifih 
Some deep wid thouglit. for au «lie aiu ihe m^lA 
On her while hand in nii'lunclioly giiiK 
«ie Ipbd» her my chrek, and w would fnia 
Hide llie lare-dartiuc rudiuiicp of her eye* ; 
Woepg ahe or no he kuowa nut. but Iu plain 
Tbe Rara in beaven ore dim, aud lower, pnaa^nf K 


Io front of her Adriisttu nu, nor bwd» 
Anglit but ber cliiuniB, — lie morcB twU (carce rMp 
So nciuiriuidr ha haagi on lirr, aiid fr«b 
HiB pining hcipcH and unappcunnl d»mL 
But Tiiaphenies now llit ilame admitea, 
Now ejra the EiiiagF, wlioiD in bouI he ^MIM 
Frain hoi dear ligbl ; ttip nliilF witli cbaugefnl fii 
Hia viaagv dark anil radinnt eIktrh by tunu, 
Al LoTB « mild wBlcLlighl ebinw. or VV rsth'a hot bea 

Then Allamore he view», where mora apart 
He Btiinda, encloeisl umìdit liec rirgioB bright ; 
He lets Dol loiwe hia glances, hut with art 
Rules hja Ibnd fancy and hia wishful Hghl : 
Hi* left eye mark* her haod. her face, |i« ti^ 
GItdea down voluptuoua od a aweeler queoli 
And wcrrtly elips in, to iU delig)il, 
Where thr loo catelesa and indulgrnt vnt 
Kcnraala, at ov'ry awpll, the beauty of liei brawL 

At length Armida raised hor eyfs, and rtnijghl 
Her brov clcor'd up ; end throu|;li the olouda of gn* 
With which hor poiwivo fealurts gloom-d of lute, 
Ftaah'd a <w«et Biiiil» in beaulifitj rrhcf. 
" Prince," she raid, turning (o the Indian ChieT. 
" Thy vanule bare puw^r my Kimiws to UBUOge ; 
For Uiey coufirm me iu the fond belief 
Thai I ahull liave qiiicli vcneeiuicc : awed is ng«. 
When willing Hope Lakes up Kerengc'a dating gnge." 

" Fat Allah'a aake, Bcrrne," (lie Indian nii, 
" Thy mouraful ai-pecl, and (by griefs control ; 
■"-- aoon indeed Riuuldo'a hated head 
glad vengeance at thy fuel will ndl; 
il more thy aorrow alMuld conwte, 
in cnaina conduct him to wliateirer jail 
May jileasB Ihee louel ; I swenr it ou toy aouL" 
Hia rival, hearing that the ruffian rail, 
D«^'d not a word hiiaaelf. bui guaw'd hw bilter nail 

I in gladi 
Or, if it m 


She, turning then on Tiaaphrmc a nnile. 
Said ; " What wiy'W Ihou, aiid liow doat thou dttiidor 
" I, who am backward iii tliia vauuling ityte," 
Tlie Qobte Priiico in irony rpplli^d, 
*^ Will follow thin grim cliampion wJth a ilrìde 
Lms Balely, and at dialance ;" bis ilinrp uuwr 
Stung the fierce Huvoge Io the quick» who ciiedj 
'* And fit it ia that ho whow aim must fear 
To match the king of Inde'», lAouid tiugei Tar uear P* 

The PerBian, nettled 


ord, to>'d hieh 

Tlie haughty p1um« 

upon hs head, und said ; 


h my blade, 

Wiiich was the ling'i 

be soon diipla, 

Nor thee, nor Ihy big 
But Heaven anJu.ic 

g Love 1 dread:" 

He ceaacd ; Adronui 



iUt IhcD Armida niu, and twi> 

" Why will you thiH 


ie Duths," raid ft 

" Which yoii »o oft have giveu 7 nwpe ct my wod ; 
Both lire my chainpions ; lei that lille bo 
The bond your Talal discords lo compose : 
He that is wroth, is wcolli with nie ; who throwi 
Scorn oil his coiiirado, qtarei uol lo provoke 
My juBl diflplcawire ; to your cosi ìx foes I" 
Thus she eiclaim'd ; aud thus, boiicuth a yoke 
Stronger than steel, Iheir hot, rebellious spirits broke. 

Vafrìne wan there ; and, treasuring in hia mind 
All he heard meatioii'd, from the tent retired; 
Some dcrp dark [ilot he clearly saw design'd, 
!^ne plot, that was not thiis to have tnnq>irad } 
But lliis was all ; he busily ini|uired 
The naked Tact, but fruilleiriy; defeat 
And dilGcully bill the more inspired 
The anxious wish his mission lo completa ; 
Pii'd or to leu» the truth, or them his death to mas 

JeatlsALEH litUJVKBElJ. Cjuttosi 

A ihooBBud Uii^ and lubtlcUfa of bruiiii 
A thOLUiiUd uutiuBgLAnI munikv lie lncd> 
To IKUm tbe secnti uul. bui atlll in vum,— 
The plan wis alili uuknown, tlis smifl DiupinL 
Fartime U length, when wil alone could guide 
His «trjH no fartlier, Icul her gracHU» aid, 
• ' ■■ dark knot ol o" ■ - ■- •- ^ - 

So Uiut all rwnlH af Uu- dire nni}e«l laii 
.gaiort ^ood Boiiiiliui'* lilp. bcfoiv liim w 

TUlhei ho twrii'd againi where bIìU w» 
Hot aimed torn» Ml Ihe Syrian qoeea, 
Judging Die tnuh would - " • 

WhRV (uah tk onwd of 
Bon now lie gneli 
OfcHiflin all pulllu 

Ai tliough Ihe ludy nu Dciore iiuo «rpii 
And bui rouew'd wiirie frii-Hdahip Ihol 1 
fwiil liiem «ubiinied loug ; mid fnmkly 

'■ Fain wogid I loo," ho iportivrly U-nan. 

" Beoome tiio champion ofHiiiiG chnnuiug maid. 

And, lu fuUilnif at ol Iho pii;v<iK<l |ili>n. 

The blood of Baiiillon or Knaldo idird ; 

Aak Ihcn wme boou, uij- Beauty, Ihal may wrd 

Or itout earì'i hreri or biirh'roun baioa't head :" 

To alip from gay lii gravi;, und lenni the cliirf '» deer- 

Bui ■■ lie tfHike, he Emil«il ; uuil iii a nay 
So oalunl and nufeign'd, IhU lo hn wde 
Anollier damni, who hud inork'd Ihe play 
Of Ilia expremive (ace, drew iiear, oud cried ; 
" Nay : for tliy falchion chowe no oilier bmle 
Than my commandi, for on ita nid my heart 


il tny kniglit indeed thou ai 


Withdrami, dio ipoks : ■' 1 ktraw tiiee well, Vi 
Mc (oo tJiou nrvdH miii4 know ;" tlie huUId Sp; 
F<?lt hia heurl foil liltn, bill widi livc-ly micii 
Hrr Etai'ce retiiro'd. Dud Buiiliuj; muda rrply ; 
" Noy, gnicioiu lady ! iipVt l>ffon> Jiivo J, 
That I roincinbci, in'cn yuur face, ullh«i);h 
Ita beauty udu tbe gute at rvety eyo 
Fitly to praiHe it ; tliù alone I kuow, 

" My molliiT bore me on Biecrta'ti plaitUi 
Hrr iioiiie LnJiiiia, iiiiiio in Alinuiiiurc :" 
Quick kJic rcjilicd ; " All tlial to (live pertuiiii 
I lung luivD known, diiwiulile il nu iiiorc ; 
Hold not lli3-».-ir Bu H'crpl, 1 iniptoro ; 
I nin (by frioiid, niid (or lliy jrnid would dare 
No litlle rtiik, — Erminia I, of yoro 
A QuMu'i blow'd ttatiglitrr and a Kind's rich timr. 
Then good Prince Tunrn-d'a lliRill, und «ubiect to thj 

" Two blesHcd monlha lliy cnplke I TriDBia'd. 
A rprrrencnl iiuii in a <k-li)>liiriil evil. 
And iu all cnurtroua niixliii wiw cnlrttniu'd. — 
TliF Kinu-, the i>aiiii- 1 uui ; Iwlmld me «ell !" 
Tlie wgiiire Tiiil'd not, when on lier beauty fell 
Hi» elwvr |!azi>, to iccDcuiiie ihe Itur : 
" All rvuciit" kIui «dded. " Ihtoi Ihy mind expel ; 
Feiit not fiir ine, Ihy life kIiuH be my cure ; 
By the brislit hmii in heaven, by hran-n it«elf J nrea 

" Xnv. wlii'ii llioH p:irli'i<I, tnke me bank, my Ihend, 
To niy di'iir priHiii— ipunlun me the plinue ;) 
For in're in billi-r liberty I MpcmJ 
W'ìviìr rexllem nijrliln and inrlaiiolialy day» j 
Auil if percliuiii:'' llniii'rt liii<:'rinu liecu lu gaio 

Pry iliraiqrji i 
Tliy happy «t 



Thus Aa : bat, thonghlfiil ot Armida's mam, 

Hp Blont alnod, ronsidrring in hi» miod, 
■ Womiiii'a s fabc aod chau'nug thing. — tht mnm 
And will and irill not, jq«t lu ailii the wind -, 
Simplr'a Ihs man, and cn^diilnua, oud Uiad, 
Whù Inula a woid ahe nay> ;' al Isnglli he r.iied. 
Aliar long Ihoiighl, " If tholl'n ind<«d iDclincd 
To go, so be <1 ; 1 will be Iliy guide ; 
LesTB we tli« real Id wait di ...... 

And Qov the gonga and (rumpata sound to bonv. 
And through the boat an apt eonfaaiou roigna; 
VafrioD leav» her laul. whUe ^e paiforce 
Bajoin* hai frienda, awbUa with Ibeol tfinahn, 
And in gay talk their ìiUcbh! entertaiiu 
With jocund pniiiire of her uew-mnde knight ; 
Theu Bleala olf alylj' ; ini>iiula lier [lalfrey ; gaini 
The place prraonbed, and wiDi Vafrjun l^.l 
(Vai the wide diompdign takca her unragaided flight 

When they hod 

reacli'd tlie 

«■■ri, and in «ir 

Beheld the disU 

Imo fade, 

Vafrino bf gg-d the TÌifin to 


What aecrel pio 

was ngaini 

She then the wl 

•' Eight warriom 

uf Ihcrp of 

the CO OR," ahe n 

t whom the moet 


Umiond, bast aa 

« These, wheihe 

moved bv 
red. and 'tis 

atrrd or diadain. 

Havo Ihna consp 

tiirir nhrevd dea 

When in pitch 'd b.itlle, or to lose or gain 
These Aaui roahna, tlio two great amuea join. 
To bear upnii tlieir coata tlia Red-cnw aign. 
And arm'd like Franki commingle in ilie fight; 
And aa 'tia ktiowu the {ruards of Godfrey ttSne 
In or and argtnl, they themaelvH Witt dighl 
In the like foreign resti, eniblauniiof gold and whHa 



Whereby their friends may know (hem for lUliai } 
And vhen both anuiea lay Iheh: ipean in mt. 
And the war thickciu auil the tamotli ne, 
They will your Cliicf iTBck dui, and in the piiM 
Of guarda ivilh aznicnbte irul cruwd round, 
To pierce hii boeom ; if iJipy Mrike, he dice ; 
For know, their aworda wjtii pokon have bceo grani 
nu deatli may be dealt out In ev'iy Bepncato wound 

** And u their Cliicftain Icaru'd from public fame 
Tbat'oaue witli eurer skill coutd signify 
Yonr arms and dre», he lii'd ou me to franto 
Tbeir feigu'd array, and forcHl mo to comply. 
Thk ■ the cause I leave the camp ; 1 fly 
Th' imperioua bidding! wiiich lliat Asp of Nile 
Higfat further give ; liis truios of treachery 
Hy heart ablian. nor ever aliai] sucli jpiilo 
Oi muk'd deceit agaia my virgin heart defile. 

" This i« the c 


alone "- 

-end here 

She ceased, an 



Cut down her 

uld VoTri 


Well the last « 


much St. 

wish'd u 

Solicitons lo ki 

>al 111 

ughls ™ 

Id shed 

Such depp con 


r cheeii, 

le pr™.'. 

11» Tirgin hon 

'.— ' 

Of Ml 

le faith : 

n hid 

fmn> OQ 


b, as thou know 

>t, of trust? blush uo 

,hul tp 


Her bosom bea 



And from her lips the Irembling accents came 
Abrupt nud prefaced by a sigh ; '■ Farewell 
lU-timed reserve and unavailing aliarne '. 

In Tain conceal'd and eluse you strive to hide 
Lme'e etowing fires beneath your Hpocious Sanie ! 
Due were aucii scruplea ere I elrpp'd iioide ; 
Bui BOW a waud'ruig maid, fan-well Ih' imperfect prids 1 


" My Ion." shp addrd, " on Ibat ul|;lit of giief. 
When my poor country yielded lo Iw fvM^ 
Satpaw'd th' appcnrancB ; noi that tliMi my «faUf 
Mi^oitune h>ppFD*d , but frani theooe H urne- 
My «crptre l«t, my reulms cubducd, mrv iroMl 
Ea«y to benr. rwigii'd with little coirt ; 
But with my high celiile, my lieart'ii frpnw 
W» aWi gouB ; nil me 1 wlut MIy rtniBi'd 
My bnun 1 ^en kuk wu «reck'd, uid jwmm» fowv«r 

" Thou know'st, Va/riEp. with what a IwmNittB bws. 
Seeing aucb alau^ler and fouL vpoii, I w«l 
To Iby kind lord and mino, whan fiivt 1 mw 
Aim'd in my halli Ihs woitin Si hi) litnd ; 
Tbou knowst wilh whnl an u^nny of dread 
Hia knew 1 i^msj/df und of hin oonqu'iing l^a^v« 
Pray-d airone prolPclion : • Mrrcy, Pnncr,' I niil, 
' I pray not for my life, bui nnvp, ol. mve 
My virgin flower unalain'd ! 'tis all I come to crave.* 

" Ilo wailed not id hear my finiiti' 
Bat look my haud iu iiia, and auid, 
Fear not, fair maiden I I injiwlf w 
Tby anre dafoDce \ cloud not tfaow 

I know not wimt elrsni^ aweelnm 

Which by depcea, in pTtilnJo'» dj 

Securely creeping Ihroiigli my soul 

En well 1 wilt, a wound, a nckncn, 

" Ho Tinted me ofl, he saw lae griere, 
And with mild aocoDls would my WDM allaj ; 
' Thy perfect liberty,' he «id, ■ receiw ; 
Take back thy Ireaimrco, and be cheer'd, I pny.* 
Ah, Ihù wan cruelly, not kindnnni g»j 
I oould not be, when while he drew Ih* dut. 
Re rudely «lalcli'd me Troni myaelf away ; 
Theae he restored lo mo. the cheaper pun. 
But in tegtoriug play'd the tytaul o'er my liMil 


m'lt In love !' 
Thii I ileaied — cmi maidi do ten? and itrare 
To dinipale th' idpa ; but my «ighi 
Too well sufficed the uKrtion to disprove ; 
And while my longue wu mute, perchance my eyw 

Bbooe with th' impoHoii'd warmth I 

" Vnihhppj sileDce ! bad I then but aaugiit 
The littlDg medicine lòi my woaade, I ne'er 
Had loosed my wiahe* an n Taney fisughl 
With no relief, nor fled I know no( where. 
I lef\ him, hiding in my breut with core 
The flame 1 mined ; — what tongue my pang* oui paintl 
For death alone I look'd ; till wiUi dnpdr 
Love in my auccor nroTp, and in th' attaint, 
Loosed me from ev'iy tie of feminine reatraiot. 

<> So that to eeek my lord I weal, that he 

Might cure the llng'riii; aicknp» he had made ; 
But on my moanbrifcht way, I chanced to be. 
By villuina, ambuih'd in Die jrrrenwood ehade, 
Chaaril and amulled ; scarce could I evade 
Their navage i;iaap, ao holly they punued ; 
To a lone cfll at length my pairiry tttsy'd. 
And there I dwelt in frrnial eolitude, 
A aimple ahepherd-girl, a tenant of the wood 

" Bai when that fond deaire which fore diaiiBj 
Had foe awhile euf^ime'd, reviTed again. 
Daring the nme advenlun, on my way 
The same miafortune met with me •■ Uien ; 
Nor could I now recape ; for in the glen 
The lurkins freebootera were ch»e at hand ; 
Thin wag I chaaed and quickly eeiied.—tba nan 
Were, I aoon gather'd, an E^ptian band. 
Who itmight Tor Uaia made, awih jonmeying o** Ù» 


boil Chief, wlins ear 
HI completely goUi'd, 
did n-j-ixwl, Uld tliwo 

[t liacd I «Kapcd ; oh sec, ValVuiB, 

ceni» IbuTeiiivki'dlhruu^i.vliallllaaaiitabi'd' 

e, yd cnptoied oil Qit £ hftva breii, 

nt cbaiiu 1 wear, pracirsil Uutiagh ■T'fy «oank. 

" Ah, Ipt not him who i 
The chaiOB fnnn which 
Lei hiin mM «ay. ' Go, i 

iind my «out iinlwtiiMl 
IS pDwnr cBa nel iiw free. 

But kiud and dear may my reoeptian be! 

' Take bock,' Vufriuu I lu iljy nimilei aay, 
■ Tliis trpiTiiiliiiB ami; uud Ih'hI iipr Icnd^tly !" '■ 
Thus Bptdie the Priucn» ; luid thus. uij;lil aud day, 
Tbe;f lide by ade rodo imi, and Uik'd tlie lime awuf. 

The beatBD road VufriiiD Idi snwiilli'. 
Seeking a. ahoner or suciirrr way ; 
The; reach'd at Icn^, what lime Willi raiewell m 
The sua hiiog hoT'itu^j o'er the landacape gray. 
Near la tliD lovn, a vale ur pine uid buy ; 
fipriukled with crinuoo wu Uie gKi'a : and ni^, 
Orovellin^ in blood, a lifele^ warrior lay 
Acn» the pnlli ; lliougli ili'sd, bin Uur^u eye 
Yet leem'd to monaco dcMb, upetanog ou the sky. 

The foihion of his anni and foroign mien 
Spoke him D Pairan : on VaCrino tpe4. 
And «Huewhiil tuther on the eucirolcd gTMBa 
A* 10 Ihe ri^l lie chanctd to liini hìa h««il. 
Perceived a aecoud : " This." he itdy «id. 
" Must enrely be a Chrtatian. by Ihe uniii 
Of hu dark vat ;" hi? «mo the On» of R«i, 
Leaps from bis «twd, the face discorera jriaio. 
And, " O my God :" be cried, " here hog Prince Tasend 



The pitying PrincBH iiud pmisvil to gaze 
On ihe KTiiu forni of Ilio CircuBiuii pi^<^r. 
When Ihut sad voie» of unguiuli unJ ainiiTe 
Came like an airow on licr hrart and ear ; 
At Tancrcd's name, rhu sptirr'd like one whom fou 
Or wilic had reiiderM mad, her palfrey Heel ; 
Alid when eUe saw indord the fonii Kt do&r, 
Pule, and wrapp'd round ai with tlie windiiig-dieet 
or death, ihe itciip'd not, no, ahe darted from her Bat !" 

And. with a buratine groan, o Manny nliower 
or trant, tow briidiiiR o'er th' unconwioiu knight, 
" Fortune," «lie erii-d, " in what iEl^iiieo'd bòiir 
Brìng'rt thoii me )ierc7 () dire, O fata] dght ! 
Loiii; vish'd, ian;[ sou-;ht for, it il ill Ihii plight 


irid view tlire, o 

With wound», and all u 

aiic lo r«iiiÌlo 

With one kind look the 

-Iter plaint. I powT 

No looner fcund bebÌh. ih 

"Ah ! n 

^r dill 1 drr: 

I that tr 

oiild^ be unifhl, love, li 
n aula they were dark, no more tliid hlank diagniM 
or thy dear taf.f to mark, which ill they dare^ 

Where in its niiee eiprcwirc amile ? ali where 
The niJldiier» beaiiiinj; fmm the rye T the cheek'i 

•'But, Ihfliisli thin pale nnddim.thniiclinnn'atnMI 
Fair Htil '. if yi'l than liglit'M Ihi» ceeinln^ clay. 
Yet henr'Kt my plaijils, fortpre my dariii); will 
And Inn rash ardor Ihe fond theft which they 
Tempi me to take.— forgive nie if I lay 
To thins my virgin lips, and one cold lUaa 
Steal from Ihe dull cam«» of decay ! 
Warmer I look'd for. but 'twill be ncmie bin* 
Tl Miw 1b imibì» debite, and ili.' r"meinb'rìng thk 


" Bweiro m; •nuJ, which ftutlMB la b» trrt. 
And thither guida il where Ihiiie own a fled !" 
GroBDing Bhn apoke, and w(^^[nne Rcm'd lo be 
Apace dtwolviug with the Imre «he «h«t 
Ballinl by tliii quick'niitj; balm, is (rein the deat 
Tlie knighl revived, uad upeu'd for n «pace 
Hb lan^jid lipAf — ^djk eluinber vtJEI oVniprebd 
Hu heavy eyes. InjI na «he kiM'd Ijib face. 
One blending «gli frtrni him repaid her tdca'd 

A gfeam or hope, at hi> renving brrnth, 
Clieu'dllieiiMlinnid: "Look up. dear low," «be ei 
■■ On tlK lui Dielanctioly ii1e« of deuth 
Whtab I with piom Unn oud MgtM urovida 1 
Look on m#, Tonetrd, a fiiDerem bnd«, 
Fain in eompaniousiiip with tiier to tnJie 
The bag dark puLh and penah at thy side 1 
Fly not, fly not «o soon, for pilys «die, 
Tis ihe last boon I uk, Che last irqueEt 1 make." 

Toncrxd hk oj 
HrAiy and dii 
■■Thi.,"H '■ 


e the' 

ded, the 

It the hi 

I beffali th' attun 

He Mnpa him 
Aiid trembling, n 
Her skilful baud, 
To Kdrcb hia wounds, and wilb riperirnced eyea, 
Syraptomi of hopeful iliow, rcjoiciagly deeciiea. 

By Itw of blood oud faiolnc» «he prrceii 

But in 



hi* lonely wddcm-** 
■0 liw 

Bui Lore romantic baiidogvH cf 
And dictate on* of plly alnttiw and «weel, 
Fn with her tudiant Iresws, dlnenlwiaed, 
Bb< ÉtSDch'd the flowing hlood, [divine oon 
And nralbed the griily wounda Ibat w acnte 


ScTenni the tnsM with hia iword ; lor ill 
Her thin ihort nil th' occawOD could euffics ; 
Not Hge nor ciocui, dillaiiy nor dill 
Found ihe M hand j hut cliUD» of equtl piioe 
She know, «lie used, and from hia weary eyca 
Thul deadly aleep already nhakea away ; 
Lighliy he lin* them, tiid with f;l*<l auipriM 
Beholds lib «irvaDl, aod, id itiuige array, 
The maid wbo o'er him hongi with nich benigs (Uanmf . 

" How com'al tbou here, Varriuo V' nfl be uid, 

" Aud thou, my kind phydcian ! who art thour* 

She wept, (he bluah'd, rejoicing, roay-ied, 

She aigh'd, she nniled, she Celt she wat not bow. 

" Thou ehall kDOw all, prince," ahe replied, "but now 

S'huB thy pbyncian bid>) be uill aod rert ; 
eallh ahall reluru to Ihy bewitder'd brow, 
PRpsre the guerdon that «liidl make me bjoi'd ^' 
Aod then hi* bead ahe /laced upon her bewitcaua blNA 

Varrino muwd how ho might beat, en night, 
RemoTO tlie wairioi finn the boaky glen, 
When lo ! ■ band of loklien came iu aighl. 
Whom mou ho noted for Lord Tancredi men ;' 
They on the lower were Gghliiig ronud him, when 
He mei Ihe Eerce Cncaa^an, blade to bUde, 
Aud iu appeal of baule dared him ; then 
Bade noi lo follow, they the prince obey'd. 
But Muioua agught him now, ao long the baro •Uy'd. 

Nnmbera bende punned the arardi, bat thewi 
Alone hod tlie pKxl chance their wiah la gain ; 
Their amui they join, whereon with perfect eaai 
To all, the WDiioded hero Ihry BUatain: 
■• Shall then Aixnnlee," said the knight, " rema 
Brave as he was, Ihe prey of wild birds 1 do '. 
Lea*e DM the hero ; beni him from the plain ; 
His gallant relics eludi no! feed Ihe crow. 
Nor want mch piaiic or tomb an Tuncred can bei 


I he pal* diiinh 

TliB Inai ponr lioiior» lliot cri 
Ub Buid ; Ilia IToopa coDatni'' 
And (haa in BOlumn multili I 
HIa BluiighWi'd for; Vnfniin 
tin alulkiii lak» bnidt- 111' i 

That if cat ■bnt by huiasn ncddenl, 
I ibera may Is; my fennita beuiK down t 
Haply a apnl ofauoli rpvpird reiiotm 
Whnw liied Ih* Lamb nf (™i, m»y mike i 

Low Bt hia wonhipp'd ■! 

Wilii kiiidlina Ih)|w'b wrpue jifn^cliVt, Wpi 

Wbcre Uodrrey Kijoum'd, iiuforbid by Ilio» 

Wbo llicre krpt k'I'>'^< llmugli llieu m croV' 

Oo the uoxt Mroke of wai hia dubwua tboughls • 

Beéàr the bed. wli< 
His yp[ rnrcGblrd fj 
By bfa»p enrtond 
Aod of lii« wiam ci 
Tlie Squire h» Uli> 
R«e>''(l ■< mark'd o 
None luterrupls bin 
Through the widi' i 
Amidiit ih' E^'piiiu] i 

IT." Il* «ay», '■ reoown'd 
at iliy dnare I've hwu 
nil hII lh«( foref< aren. 


■• But bocy not that o( the mrghty boat 
The cauiKieH nraniu can be by ma and ; 
I saw Ihe hillii, and plui», and valleyi loil, 
E>n as I look'd, beaeath their ditli'niiig treail ; 
I nw, wliere'f r thf y coin», whrre'er lliey ■pread, 
Rich earth dtvpoil'd of all her graia and giaia, 
And tlie flood ihriiik ia ita «ibauitcd brd ; 
Noi Jordan'i ilreami nor Syria'a wide champaign 
Can e'er, methinka, aufficc, anch myrinch lo «lutaÌB. 

" But of their home aad of their fool by lar 
The greater part aro merely uacleM shows ; 
Troppa Ihut no aigriolB use nor arts of war, 
But at a dlstuDCB fight with aliDgi and bowa ; 

Thp Prnian Iiost, well tiiuil'd, with sword in hand. 
And hrlmela on tlieir heads ; but cliieSy iJioae 
Illiisttious ni:,'miidDiw my pniM drmaud, 
Who guard Ih' Imperial flag, the kiug'ii Immnrta] Band 

" Immortal call'di for when a mldier'B loat. 
Its number not diminialies; Ihe knight 
Next iu reiiown fills up the vacant poat. 
A< Ihoiifch micceedlDK to hia comrade'* ri^t ; 
The Captain. Emireno nanird. Cor might 
In deeds of arms atui wlodom in divan, 
Has but few peers ; his ordert are, de^te 
Thy utnissl phlegm, by all the art* he can. 
Into a generai figbt to force thee or trepan. 

" Nor can Ihe aimy its npproocli rrtard 
Beyond the second dny, for 'lis on fire 
To act,— look well, Rinaldo, then to guard 
Thy head, 'guiniit which so many knights coi 

And pledged their honor on Ihe dreadful deed 
While, yet the more to raise incensed desire, 
Henelf Armida promiirs in meed 
0( bim who ot by guile 


"Chief of Ih 


niore who hnva sworn 

li All limale 




n» are by Ihe 

Of young A 


A «word in 


like h« kind, 

Hi. reins b 

And Tisaph 


m. ofmllilplini 

lie Bon'ruign palm 

of won 

ll lUld pixwc» 

This Ueanl. Rumldo'i 

Huul on h« awonl, d 


• nuKiw 


>e «1, 

But the 

r chief plot, 

>e croB-n 

;v of aU. 


H to bn disci™ 

«d ; [bei 



their guUfl, 

heir hair 

d, u»d 

lli--ir gsil. 

k thine 

WQ dtl 


He then proce«dNl, part b' 


qniok g. 

By the a 


Jid to eou 

I Raymaud saxl 

To pre» our fo^^ 

The tower to alriclly (o bcMeee , I 
M., ..hi. ,!.».„ „p„..,.: 
Meanwhde rofrwh our forcia, wh 
To need the reipile ; slrunellien'i 
The last gnat bailie we may tiaf 
But jildgv IbyKir at leisure if 'tw 
Boldly, or hen- at bay Ihe hallln la 


T>k« ever; ci 

Our armies conquer ; who c: 
The field, and Europr o'er ll 
Aad Ihat the (rniton may be 
Chanjfo the device» of Ihy gi 

Caught : 

iBiru for 

" Aj is thy wonl," the pioui Chief replied, 

** Thy kind regard aad vindom do?(I thou ahow ; 

We wiJI march Torth tgnioot the haughty too. 
Shall armiM, recent from the overthrow 
or the jiiDud Bail, (ram taver or rnnipatt light, 
When too by «uch foul ^uiie iruulled 7 No I 
Our we II -proved «words the traiiur» «hall requite 
Doth in the opeu field and all-behoIdiiiB light ! 

" Neither the nimor of our conqurr'd ipoila 
Shall they auitaiii ; uor, whrn in rrowna reve 
The victor'a anpect, or hia anna ; our Idia 



um Uie king in blood liu nbic ■luliw , 
All by Doblfl lunds : Ibi? teodllliB boj 
I lui foilDrn Annidi ; dartlgfat wum, 
e BuibM OraUa all IbBir tott ilPstroT. 
'IB long-gougbl atanue proceed mtb duMo 



The foil wu riMU, the dial's ciicliag abxle 
Hwl Ihs taalh hour of moiD Biraadf paafi, 
WhAQi Bfl the Fagaofl oo their lower 0urv«y'd 
Tbe pliuna, a Hoom th' horiioa orercut, 
Duk u the cloud which at gny creuiDg ttàl 
luTolrei (he sleal woijd : and now they knew 
It waa iudced the Eg^'ptian camp, it laM 
Come to Ihair aid ; auch clouda of dust upflew, 
Aod ahut the heavena, and hilli, and Talleff ttmn tbilr 

Then rnnn the citadel to heaven they rake 
A ^n'rai ahout, a hoam diacordaat cry» 
Like that of cranes, when now from wintry Thtmco 
The muafring awanita their buy piniona ply, 
Aud through the cloudii to a ecrener iky 
In clangor aeud before tlie freeiin; ralo ; 
The lotig-wwh'd auccor lifts (lieir ardoi high, 
So thai tilready from Uieir tnaiUe pate 
Prompt ii each hand to ahoot, each gloryiag tongue to nil. 

Th* Fraahl, conjeetunng whence thia anlden gftm 
Of JDy and fury had ita impulaei hied 
To a commanding atation, whence the foe 
In all hii pomp of nuniben waa descried ; 
A gen'roua ardor firn their hearU ', (hey chide 
The ling'ring honra, (he war-cry Ihey resound ; 
While the flnah'd youth below, on ev'ry aide, 
With martial murmura hem the (Juptain round ; 
Aad," Bid, O hid," they cry , "the luneful tnunpetMaad.* 


But tin Ihe morrow he denira Ihoìi prayer. 
And wisely lempen their audneiiMU hpal ; 
No %ing HkirmiHli will lis wsge, nor onrs 
For an en^a^mtnl ahurl o( full d^CBl. 
" AjHUi, bnva youllw !" hr uuwsr'd, " but 'tis Dapot 
That with ouf day of respilo yon rwjuilo 
Tout recenL inbora ; reni you, I cutnal j 
FerhtLpa this truce tuuy in out foa Moitn 
A rtksh couleiupt of un, preuuiiptuaua ia their mifht," 

All Mood pnpBred, and tlirough the Idiije;, long nighl. 
EipMlanl piued for mora'a «tttrniiiE ray i 
Ke'er did Lfae blue aky aliDW m clear mai briftU, 
AMiaibe dawniuf of tbM noted ^J i 
Aurata nn9ed, and seeni'd iu lirr amy 
or puqile radinurc with llu- BUti to tie ; 
Hw Buielliyali»e crown nhr ahakrt away, 
All becomes gold ; mid. wilhoiil Him. the aky 
Ob gnat aud godUke diiMU opn «low ita gkirioua Gys. 

Soon aa he aaw the ijoMeu moniiog «print, 
Godfrey kd Cortb bia iiiiinlinird honli: brhind. 
Cure of the lower in whieli the Hyrian king 
Wm coop'd, to Rnynioiid's prewi'™ wii» uwien'd ; 
Who with bia own Proven^ul kniEhtu eomhiiieij 
The Duni'mOB bond of ChritiliauB lain enroll'd 
In tlicir delivVre' raiilm, at Enimuiw join'd ; 
Nor the» aloue were left id gunid Ihe bold, 
Btil a lenowu'd brigade of Giucoos btave and bold. 


FtmD tlie Ghiera spirils, of hia mea admired, 

The total hoKt on «ictwy presumea: 

HpBVeti Meiida him ^ace i wherewith, like one iiuq 

Hie face the may tight of youth relumeii. 
Where imaged honor uliiiiea like dewa in apnii^ ; 
Glows hie rich hauberk, dance hia aoldirr pliuuM 
And. aa hi» eye >mik«, aa liia bmha take wiag, 
" ■ - me koka Uko autue celntiaj UiinK 


But far he had jdI march'cl, ere ia advaucB 
Tha wttoit Eeyptiun army he dracrinl ; 
He Mraiglit atcuied a hiJl vhlcli 'Iwas hia chaaca 
Td lÌDd ouliipcoBil ou bla ainialrr aide, 
AikI rear ; Ihii iriud, upon the champaign, wide 
In flout, but nuiTov in the wiii;^, Jiiu raiika 
He iiHvadt ubroad ; the rool, wcJJ rorlilied, 
He romu hia centre, and the coiilre flunki 
With lisht-hone wiagi, ciHDpaaHl oi Flemingi ud «f 

Id the left wing, (o which Iho «hriviag hUl, 
Held 1^ hia guurdian chivulry. drcllned, 
He the two KobertH placrd, to Baldn-iii'B «kill 
Aod w'me coinmuud the CPiitre iir uHi|rii'd ; 
DimKlf the riKlil wing hflil, w}ii'ro micaufioed 
The plwDa aliPtch'J out njioii Itip bi-aniH of uoon : 
For Ibere th' Eirypliaii. if iic fill incliiud. 
Might, by Ih' advancing of Jiia armed muan, 
HOfio with moat anio auecoas t' oncloae the whole ^t 

Here hi* own ncUo Lorruinen he fii'd, 
With DiaDy a clioice anil many a wcll-nmi 
And until hi* nrclii'r-liarwmrn iutrrinii'd 
Footmen wrll iinrd uiiiid Ilieir niulu to (i|!h 
Laat, of Ih' Ailviitiiiem. ro''n of iiufalr migt 
Aiid the cull'd lluwiT of I'v'ry C':.r»itiuu Jui 
Ha fonuH a wgundruu, mulinii'd to tlic rijflit 
SomewliBl B|jun. uud to Itimldo'H liutid 
Commila tho aucrcd cliugo o( tliia illuattiouB b 

To whom the Diike ; " Oa tliy couiageoua mind 
The filial iiniee of Itie Geld deprud ; 
Keep tliou tliy w|iiadniu clow coDcral'd, hehind 
TtMoe aprpwliue winjta that lo «ucli trii){th extend ; 
And when thi' Ei^'P*'"" uouio draw uigh to blend 
In ilublioiii liahl. btihiiI thnn ; eivr nut Krouiid, 
But rendrr vujii iJie inject tiu'y inleud ; 
Which i>, if I iiiHl»k>' not. to wlK-fl niiind, 
And turn Uie wiuipi ; bo buld. ;iiid tvcnnofe renowo'd " 




Theu on his etcwl >i« Ilk? the lielitnlng Bow 

From lione to fool, from niuging; baud to bund. 

Rung up hm ««r, enve lii« fuce to vìbw^ 

Ljghleu ha eyes, and wo»™ hb urninl humd ; 

Me eheen the doubtful : with nblime dcmuul 

Confimi. tl.e atdcnl ; to the bold rechm 

With praiH of valor paiL Ilio biare dfligfau ; 

And Uiwi with view» of gold, with booor Uh» imatM 

Ax Itogtb he pimed. where in > gallut Um 

And from ■ nm which r>T«e the ÓK^fu. 

B*0m » q>Mcb which fi». «Mh Md Uit btw. 

A* when Uie frigid winlet oielU to teui. 

From Alpiue poaks, led iTJIh di-t«>lviuB «now*. 

The swift, smootli lotniil pparkliiiKij- cattare. 

So full. Ml fluent, a» hii fancy glo»-», 

" O my brave knights, of ohivditj' (he flower ! 

Mj Bcourge, my tanierB of the Orif u( ! lo, 

The find day ; brhold >1 length the hoar 

For which so warmlv you were wonl lo glow r 

Not without cmiB. do« H-^BVpn ita rebels tihow 

Drawn to one centre : noi without liiel. no» 

Guide! Ihcm t« ns ; » noi yunr ev'cy toe 


Nor ihall the nek uor ihe fuLLgiie be more ; 

T«ke not. O lake not then s «ugle tl.oug*'' 

Oo the TMl Bwarai. IhX cloud the land«»pe oW ; 

For, with themselves at discoid, they deplore 

Their ill conjuuctiou ; m Uieu- muk» e'en ul 

Coufoandg itwlf ; uiid tho« who fi^ht will go» 

Thmuelve*. or fonn by for tlir smaller part. 

TbouHuds will want the room, nud thauunib more Iha 




" Half thB TMt Bwarrai yon new, an naliFd dam i 
Mrn Toid of rtrrnelli w ■kill, in bplplna plight ; 
Cafl'il fioin tlia couch or ficJd, (nra disiai or csTw, 
And dnigg'd la bailie in their own deainle ; 
E'en now, \a teiror of Ihc coiniDg Tigtil, 
Tlieir drawn iwcrdi quiver, Rhnke their shirldi ; I ■» 
The eiuiin" Iremhle id thrir hnndi ! Hi»» light 
UuGBrtiua manda htt no acal'd ligna to me. — 
Fear giiidn tlieir wait'ring maroh ; Death aoiuub their 

•' That Chiff, who, robwl in grrcn and pnrplo wen 
Raogea their band», and aecniw no fierce to view. 
The Moor aud Arab la Ilia chain» may lead, 
Bui never Mil r«ist such kaighls u yiNi ; 
Whal, Btlhough wise, though iimdeol, will ho do. 
When hÌH disopder'd troom in balUo ctoe» 1 
III known l<e is, or only known to Tew ; 
Nor well hi* warrioni, none by ii:iiti(> be knowi ; 
Whnt can he do, binre »uIh. n'm ibirk the tnm 

" But 1 am Caprain tit a chiweu hoM, 
W« Gehl at -OQtie nod conqut-'r. aide by tide ; 
You serve fram clioice, and I llie knowlrd^ bo«l 
0( each one'a country, tiiieusc, lands, and brida. 
Whsl noble avocò «lin atriko, wliut javflin glide. 
Thai a lo me unknawaT yn, ul a ^nuce, 
An the aliurt |i;iihcs, can I not d'-cide 
Wlirllier the éuùé at Ireland vers or France, 
And whora Iho ainrwy arm thai made the bowatriof 

" 'Ta no err»! Iliin^' I oak ; IpI me but Rnd 
T^nch one coiiKÌderate of Km old renown [ 
Une but your noulcd ipbI, niid kcop in mind 
Your lienor, mine, and llii wlio bora the cmwa 
or tlionu on his pale forehead ; jro, Mrike down 
III! icomrul fon. and on IhrireauctU'd enwd 
BtaUiiibyour conqiict oflhamcred town; 
EnqUEh. wliy arjuo' in ynur cyi^ I read 
iauuy alicaày won, — Ilia litpulclirB ia fteed V 




idb^gMi — 

FercliancB, rr toaffut- of 
il sight llenrea 
A ^ftrdiau Augel fruia Ili« bliivfu] 

To morlnl si| 

<is lodiipcMdi 

While Godrny thiu hia troeps eibarting M, 

Aud ÌB Ihosfl temis provok.-d iIibìt martini |irHja, 
Til- EgypHao Cliief was iiot Ins active, fed 
Willi pqtial hoppB of victory, lo rido 
Amid Ilia mBnliall'il mcu, oud dieec tlieii eoabi nati 

He led abroad hia aum!»» squadroos, bood 
As hia kcpii rye discern'd Ih' udvsnccng Fi 
And lined, in fami of an r>U-iisivr mooo, 
Witli loot his CDDtrr, and with horwi hia fls 
Himaetrthn riglil commamK llii' k'fl will) 

Theariilral foot pro nd M[.l...i^«,4 rwika; 

Atid in Ih« tuidat, with aiicrr in her mi'ii, 

Shiaes, like u glohoun star, tlic bca'it 

With Twiphrmm and III' ImmnilDl band, 
Frowna on tho rii^n the aavai.a' King of li>d ! 
Bat oa llic kft nine whrri- t.n' pluiiu eipaDi) 
Id »ci^, for ewift inana'uiTps wrll dnj^u'd, 
The Pe[»an kiiie» hi" Allaiiii>n> romUiiifil. 
With 11.090 of Libya uid lln^ Inu vthoae «nay 
Is o'er the buniini; aiaih fi]Kre smrco a wind 


Thoa Emiieno rnnlu Ilia troopa ; wilh apeed 
Uallopa from wiii;; lo wing, from van lo rear; 
Spenka by lutfrprElpra or noi, aa uocd 
Ri?quinii ; Willi prniacii mix« thrputo Mrere, 

h loiid chidine, cheer ; 

" Why now, my dariinnl why 
! wlial ia (here lo fenri 

, . thouaand*? fie ! 
Oar ihouu, ear very ohada will make Uio crsTem fly 

To «omi? ; " O y» ; with Hint rcvongeftil face 
CoiiiP, and liktf vuiliirfs j-our lost apoilH re^a !" 
To Benno, ead funcirs cli'ur OH trotti portray*, 
Aott limits t\\ imazinnl pictiim on Uie bruin: 
PuitiiA tlifir hnfuling cmiiitry ; pniiitu llie pain 
Of tliPir Butt fuiiiilira ; tlin moving pIcaH [ilraia ; 

Tlioy IB»; tlio hiiudi Ihcy nniiz; fho robn they 
" Tliiiik." Ii« mcluinus " tliat on lier bcnJod kneea 
Your country Bpeaka Ihtougli me 1 all, think Iwr aconiti 

"Guani wril my lava; let uot iiiy blood di-acend 
To balhi^ my maiii)urB, or alaiii thrir gulden ipima ; 
Tho tmiiba and imlifii of my dead, defend, 
l^vr- my rliaiite iiiaUla frojii tlieir accnraed deaira- 
Soil for tlieir byjoiie youth, to yon my air« 
Show eueli his lioiiry and unaliiL'Idnl livud ; 
To ynu my u-omen, mindlnl of yrnir firee, 
lliiro their unploring breasts, witli tcan o'erqinad. 
Each mother poinu lier babe, eacii wife her bridal bed !" 

And to Ilio reiit ; " La. Avin mahef you here 
The L'hnmpkins of her liounil cisiins Cram yon 
Upon these few baw robben a wvfre 
And bitter ven^euncr, but most jowly due !" 

To the neur «or; but farewell wonle! adieu 
Urluy : llis Btirriue Inimprl soniida alnnna ; (arWfc 
Small growl the porting apace ; Ihvy graap their angry 


O, 'two» a bruvp, o jnind, and wondroHB slghl. 
En fuMil Id froul Hip msruliuU'd boeUi combmul. 
Tu mnik haw nobly in llicir ranlu cucii kniflX 
Burn'd to movt on, niid for Ilio Hgunl plnrd ! 
How [lio lo»B flnit» flpw billowing on the wind; 
How oa tro thousand broda . feallic» rivieni ; 
How robrs, iinprra«ii, ^rn^A- J nrrru refined, 
Of all rich colorB, ^Id aiu< . advauord 

Before (ho flouted Sim, m qiufcled, fluh'd, a 

glanced '. 


VibnM liu> dsiU, UiB ^owin^ — lug* whlil loiad : 
Each waning hoiw h on the win;; la bound 
ThniiiiTli Iho snulT'd batllp ; In llii- enrling pil« 
Sprcajla li« broad nostnlB, pawn 111" rrliuing ground 


«norW, uid neigh 

,ODdf»e and m 




DlBl faiTMrtlf lo. 


Aud joy BpriiiE» iip oVn i" llif i 

id^. c.ri>»r; 


1»» t\w ir 

imprt'H ori^u-toi 


1 bJiffl and 


llir Frank 

liosU. ihoiieh le» 

!))■ Inr. appear 


t; brisk Bl 

i™rt and eiii^r u 

Die «ight ; 


miJH-t H-llh B llolE 

■nurr clear 


anlcni, « 



HI CDBt-ai 

iDor giowi with > 

diviner Ught 

The Cbriatiaa tninip«U fintt de fiau» «iinid, 
The Pa^n ^n^ toko np the tuutful ^n^ ; 
Kneel (Jie rapt Frwiks. and kiea the sacred ground 
With adoration and n holy rage i 
Then forward ipring lo war : Lbe Epacioua «lage 
Twinl the two hofiU drcreaaee-'-diKappeara 
Benenlli their mihinic charge ; they meet — ea^ag 
Shock the four wingi ; encb gallant fuolaiaa hear 
The d an K,— they bound abroad, and van with van 


What Chriitiaii dealt tlie lint auipickiui woimd ! 
Who could that guerdon of rrnomi ailain 1 
'Twu thou, Glldippe '. Iliou, vho lo tlie ground 
Smot*ft Iho stout king of OrmuSf great Uircana ; 
So va>t a giory did hi?)) Heaven urdain 
To vaman'i bandai bravo aa he was In ihow, 
Sha pierced hia breast and broke Iho spear ia tmua ; 
TraiHfix'il he fell, and, falling, heard the foe 
Rain a Iriumphuil ahoul, utd praise tho glonous blow. 

Her lance thm anapp'd, she wilh her niuiily liaud 
Drew hei good swoH and on llie Penuana flew ; 
With Trequent strides, of their ma«t acnied band 
Reiced the thick gloom, and In Ibr aunlight throogfa ; 
She cut forioni Zopiro shPer In two. 
E'en where th' adorning buldriek claHps the wakt ; 
Then tho fell savage p-iin Alureo bIpw. 
CleaTiug the porch of language and of taste ; 
Wbofrom hk charger fell.Midspuni'd the sands he giaoed. 

Arjeo, — the one laj' stunn'd, the other sJain ; 
Tlwn, smiting Ismael's wrist, site to the dust 
Cost his left hand, which dropp'd the bridle nln ; 
The sword glanced hiwing on llie ean and maue 
or his proud-spirited and ardent bjy,— - 
Which, atartlod by the sound, or slung with pain, 
Cbeck'd by no curb, rear'd. tum'd, and plungiid away 
Thnogfa the whole Persian hne, in dreadful disalTajr. 

All these oud numben more, now lost to aoog, 
She slew, or wouudeil ; their disurder'd squarta 
The Persians clow, aud charge her in a llinu^ 
Eager to win tlie precious aims she wean ; 
But now her faithful lord, wlio half drspain 
For her endanger'd «fcly, light us wlud 
FUa* to her tuccor, and his lalchlou bares ; 
And the blew'd pair, tugetlwr thus combwed. 
In tbair united swoids uoiled vigor lind 


U off llm wenpoua Ihal !.. 
I, it need require, t' o|^ 

Snch dcnki Oity ilid. but Ereul») wax Uie wnck 
Wniiii^l by Pnucc Allunore; wlirrrVi he plied 
Hia faurful (word, or ^iirr'd In tJic allack 
11» hauglily Me«l, lis slew or brat (wida 
Boll) bone aiidrool ; thnte bIr-Vd wu he who di^ 
At llif (list stnike, nor groaii'd btnrUli Ibe tread 
Uf hm Jlrrer Hired ; for ivEiom tLe Inmicide 
Beat down, the criirl creatiirc ui bi« «lend 
Ton with iU gSBihilig leetb, oi proudly tmmpled dowL 

So lh«T (a itnuitfr And liorrd 
Jocund with morl^ piua.'oud it 

idly langliiuf dici. 


Nor Ihrae alone fiom eoch delit^itful lie 
or life and love hu mnnjeriiig wcajioii lore, 
But good Roonondo and G«utonio, Uiiy 
And Guaeco, all lie weltering in tlieir gom. 
Wlio can Rlule what numben Altamore 
Beat dawn, what nnmben bads the worid rsrewell, 
Cnnh'd by hia char^r on the mudy floor; 
The nanica of all Ihs riaughter'd who can teli, 
Ho» the brave waiiior amots, or how tb' aaaaulted Ml 

There livea not one h-Iio with the warrior now 
Will brrak a aprar, or nieel him fucr lo foce ; 
Alone Gildippp braves him la his brow. 
Nor in Ihe bullle to bla ann eivpf place. 
Never did Amazon, in Htunny Tiimce, 
Whi^n red with blood the xn-ill Therniodoa ran, 
Bnindùih Un polir-axc or ber sbirld unibmcs 
Usuntlitii SI ahi-, whru, iwinitil from (he van, 
She rush'd to check the pride of tliia Irpmcndous mi 

e amote him where with |;!cild and neh aumaila 
ly on tlie helm flamed hie barbaric crown; 
id, ahiv'riug it to atoinn, made him veil 
I hBU|[hly bead, and bow brni^ily down ; 
ell jii(l|[ed llie maimrch Ibat uo mean renowa 
accd the bold arm Ihul nitli aticli reckltai mi^t 

1 twurtliy biowg, rusli'd fonvaid lu reqnilo 

le witli iucenned diadiiia. and with reveii^ deqata 

And in an inatant on her bamiet serred 
The i^nlle Lady with a ilroke » aorr. 
As to defwivo lier of all eejoe ; unnerrcd, 
Eutiaiiced alie «ink, — boi her fond lord upbon. 
And, were it their pwd (^niua thai walch'd o'w 
Tbeir forfeit liv«. or maL'nunirnily 
In him, the check BiiHici-<l — he «truck no EMM ; 
Like tlie mild lk>ii. thai Willi tcen'roos r^' 
DpoD bia pnMmtu fuo jmi iilam, and pv 


Mwnvhile OnuoDdo, Is who» impnn* handi 
Tbe purpowd Itpshiu <vu couBgn'd, elipp'd in 
With hii fiilM mBlca unid tlic Chriitiau baud*, 
Eagnr to pcrpetnlc th' uufiniali'd nil ; 
Like midui^l Wolv«, thai Hnoolhiag their fiereo grin 
To a meek innoooncs, ubuiop thr gatte 
or Bhephcnla' do^, llie wnltlnl ghwpfnldii win 
Thniui;hUiedu«km!»t, mid there, wilii^iiirkliiig«j««, 
Prowl rouud, tbeic duliiaiu I>il* upouri'd bcltrutt Umìt 

Muta thoy ndraiiw, and now with cluaed rentajl» 

The bloodir Pagan draws to Gadtny'» vdn i 

But when, conatderate of Vifrinn'» («IN 

Their torgei devices, white and gold, hv IJPM i 

" Id, the nuik'd villaiiu '. le. my frirndii, 1m Diiadi 

"The wretch Ihul creeps aHlh such n siPslthy lre«l 

In Frank dutgiiiaemeiila npar uni rouiii! il»'ir pjido 

Hd on tlie [lajtur rusli'd, and cloved hia liekued lisad. 

For the confronted fe 
Not «I 


Biit e'en iu though tiie Gor^n on htm ^luei]. 
Sate hke an ancient warrior frone to Mone : 
Od them all nvoide were drawn, oil dan* were tbi 
And to its Iwl iuevitsble cune 
Each quiver emptied wu on tliem alone : 
Thus fell, thus died Oniinndo and lii« Lmin, 
To Mich small piece* cleft, lliru' corpiee aciirce ren 

Godftey, when onoo he buw himself Imbrued 
Id Papii) blood, no lon^r iload Bt bay. 
But qnickly flew to wiioro Ilio Peniui hew'd 
Thnugfa the thick squadrons hi* Ihumphanl w«j j 
So that his koighls uow iled in diwuray, 
Swift KM the Hindi in Libya * drilling wane, 
Before the Rormy South ; their sore dimaay 
He check'd with ahoiiU. rebuked Ibeir Qymg haate. 
And, Mayiae thoae tlint fled, nniurd tbe Pnnoa irta 



The two Mom Chiefs a buttle hem btgaa. 
Such aa was never in p«tic p^e 
Emblued. ihe while ou foot eood Baldwin ran 
With Mulootww olMwhere to engage ; 
Nor Willi len feivot. nor with Irss wild «ge 
Mil thp liold iiunwinen ou Ihc left, where gieea 
'l'ivo aloptu^ billii «coop out a «imcioua Ahgt ; 
In prnou there, hnlwo brave kiileliln between, 
TielitH (lis barbone Chief, high-nuDded EiDireoe. 

With him the Normaa Robrrt join», — they fight 
With e<|iiBl valor; but Hie Firming-» mail 
Tiie gnin Adrsitua boras and ■hallem quile. 
And with sharp labn cleaves liis barr'd venUjla. 
Nd certain foe has ToHplieme I' aaail, 
Tluit ID close battle cno be term'd liis peer ; 
But on he scoun, as with the driring gale, 
Wiiero most inipasave the wedRcd nutlui n|ipeBr, 
Aùd all Is liideoua death before liii wihe'iI l'nn-er. 

Thus tooghl they 1on[T, and «till their li 
In equal balance hung with doubt and 

And cloven heltn, was jill the lii'ld o'en 
In bosoms pwb'd or bowels gored, lh<- i 
Revengini; «word li™ buried deep, or bi 
lu thousaud frngmenls gltt(«n muud tli 
Some Mf supine, some grovellini;, and i' 
Seem still (he baled earth ferociously to I 

Beside ha lord Ihe charser ties oi 
The contrade lifelas by hi* oomiwic m j 
Foe brwde foo ; the lifiug on the dood ; 
And on 11» vauquish'd oft llie victor die* : 
No nlrut lull is lhen>, nor formal crieii. 
But u lioumc, indutiiict, unceusing iDiind,— 
Bounngs of fuiy, threats of anj^'r, birIib 
Of laoKUid Sorrow, wailing oVr his wound. 
And givuiw and rising slirieks in faint low t 

Of earlliqunki? uud or' thunder, nl Iho ca» 

or youug Rinaldo, Ina huM kuighu Iwgiti 

WiUiBliouUllieLrrUBliiugiDurcL, mid lie ' ' 

The lint ho mei wa» Aainiire, wlio 1«J 
The Moon of MerA?. aii dlicttnoii* iwroe ; 
Rinaldo «noie him where ihe nuithy head 
Towfn on llie neck, sud ihotH it (tam Uie frunsi 
Aad whca this laile or Tici'iy and af fume 
Hiul wliBt his angry appelilf, Ihe youlh 
So Dobly boro hiin in Ilic hlooily game, 
TliHt la rollio hia doods would be lu moUi 
To give mule wonder wing, luid wed romuice la IntUk 

«, J-fl 

Soonu in it* nniclr lou^ii«« lo Tibmto Ihreo, 
Wilh aiich Ik fourTid ph-iAu'-i» do» it ih.k^i. 
So in dismay ihrw ehnr^d barbnriiina lake 
The nogle iwotd which furiDiinly thr> kniglii 
WliirU ronnd. for iJiroe ; its rapjd metiooa tiu 
The firet llluDon to the trwtinj «ghl, 
And Bwo the poiteat iei ' ' - ■ . - 



Down, down to Toplirt, fust the Negro king! 
And Ethiopic tymiiU blcrdiiic go ; 
Each pdlunt cmniade in liw roolalpp qningi. 
Upon the nri, — wiUi rivai z«bI thpy ^ow : 
The Pa^n mulllludes to purlh llipy mow 
With tembic coiilrmpt ; biiiI thee« prrpara 
■ ' " bill die wilhoul u Llow ; 

A mwncre il w, no cotmict, where 
The; yield up here their nronh, praecul their baaoou 

Yet long they stand not to receive llieir wonnd» 
In noWe part», but ncoiir away — away ; 
Fear spnm them on, despair (licir ruiika confonnds, 
IiCit i> all art. rclax'd thcii fair anay ; 
But the fliiflh'd Iirru «till piinars hi» prry, [bow*. 
Strikes down Iheir Ktuiidurd». bnukH (hcirutroDgcraas- 
"mi ipent ill iilti-r rem lln'ir {«went dccuy ; 
He then reluciiii. for on drfi'iici'li-Mi (oe» 
IGi fieiy nul rrlentu. Ilia ledl leas Hciccly glows. 

Aa the (tniii|[ wind tcaruld ita rnge aiijrmenta 
When hilh or ilurdy woikIh ÌIh btaals oppoae, 
But o'er the ample plain al oncp rrltuU, 
And in aott niunuitm inore wreiii'iy Uowa, — 
Aa on the reek llio duKliinr; ocean tlirowa 
Ila lou^i, ill roariiir; bilitiHv. and boilit lii|;h, 
But in tlic ojH'U inaili mure i!<-iil1y lion's, 
Binaldo eo, thii» uno|i)NiM'd, Inyn by 
Much of bia noble mgr, uod cUnia hìa angry eye. 

Then, on tlir haoku of lliia drfciiceleea Ibree 

He to Uie iiilautry directs bin Roiine, 

Late llaiik'il b)- Aiiniirp and Artabuue, 

Arab uul dnaky Afnean : now plaiu 

It afawd and nuk<^, for tbe tnbea that well 

Might have defencrd Ì1. were de<prmnl or dain , 

With aU hu mrn-ul-àntu ia nu-onlpd I'ury fell. 


He BDBpp'd their brisUing ipFan. the nmka titaj feno 
Hn clove iu tw&ui. aod in tlxeii pirceed amjr 
Plunged, bealiajf down tlieit Irauja ; tht wiiuhr tìiwia 
Whiria tlie rcBp'd harvesla wltli lew cote bwb]'. 
On «Vry «ide aniiuid him dcw« he lay 
A Woody pavement, pebbled Ihicli wilh laast, 
Sliield» and [opp'd limb ; Biourr whose broad hìghwnfi 

Uneorti'diwHh tntt'riug in gorgBuiu jriirenaj prajies. 

The Hero came where 

.. foriom Annida 

In warlike ponip alood 

n her eolden ou, 

Gin by a noUe b»nrl, w 


Ofherewwi-m -.'■ 


He by hixLin,,.. .. , 


. '..'Ill li.-slle 

And passion lr,-i„l,l< d : 

Ijiig Blar; 

He changed lii.i pIicIhIj 

-.M love and iiB, 

From red to deadly pjti', 

om frost 

10 ttuBlnug fin. 

The Knight declined lb 


of the dame. 

And like a mnn that «■ 

uld tlscii 

bere bestow [ibiaa 
I sworn kniAla ht 

Hi» Ihonehts, pass'd oi 

; but he 

Let not their rimi scapi 


B blow ; 

One difw hi» crooked w 

bro, om- 

coiicb-d low 

Hi. lance, l.i:. arlalirt u 


Herwir an arrow plaiile 

in her 

Scorn Ktruiie ber niiud, 

unii nm 

.( her flerce inteot. 

But love tlio mood appeast 

d, nor ye 

the Nhafi WBi HHt 


uiid the 

r dispute {view ; 

Provi'd Ihal lier Hume 

>lill el«^ 

'd. IhoiiEh hid from 

TJireo lini» her arms s 

d abroad lo ahoot. 

Three fines look uim, a 

111 thrice 

her aim withdrew ; 

Disdain at length prcva 

d : aea 

1 the yew 

She with an eatier nnd 

Brut, and the bowalriiie 


tbe sliaft outflew,— 

Out flew Uie shutl, but 

«■ith llie 

lini) Ihm ebano 

She the DMt momeni breathed ; 

God grant it do do 

mzz. JEBUSALKM 1)1:1.1 VKKKR. 

O, well In 


rr loTrd Ili 

But mriieUt ^ 

Slruijlit lu her «tnrmy lipait fniili fiin.n riw ; 

Thiw HliP 111» fhtA now yn. i <,w iuiti.ulii. 

8I111 will, abr irill imi il kIuiuIiI «iiiiIp. and ryni 
With a lumultuoui licait the orrvw u il tttn. 

Not qiiiir in vain wo* il clJMhuv"! 1 lln' rird 
SninI» the younc kniithra hard cinl of moil, too hi 
In r>Pl, l<ir TpniaJp wrapnini to fucrrrd, — 
TIk- utrpl. iurtrad of jirrrint; II, wo» jarr d 

haltii. and wliiln iOik riwt li 

" U'linl : M II' tlirn iropamurF. thai lir nudu 
All liiHiili- fatnr \" riio iiinniiu» 1 ■• miial ha nuil 
IIm linihi ill aiiimanl like dial wliirb lix-ka 
IIm )iiiui:tily i^HRl in lU ilulihiiin Kslr- ' 
A-.'Jiin'4 liH lirart nur cUnemi; r\n pri'vail. 
N<-r H-r i[Biii'il kiiight, amiM iMiKit Iruiii Uiu (0 I» ; 
Wl, ].- 1. ^,I..H : M all p>.nl. r<«rd, l-'w...l. 
Anii'il ur iiuann'd, alik» it itii-ml or {"<■. 
My lliuiMUtd arta dt«|i«rdi «ud dnii>|t luy pruiioaa low 

unpwuii piPRnl, Irai ikiwil. dfllMdi m 


Alon*, Bhe foil dftenceltw. rtflod in fflur 
To be «Qlhtall'd ur elaiu ; nor oiui the aid 
or DlQa ot Mmerrii'" onn»— Iba »p=ar 
Or faiQiiduUp bow, li»r heurt penuiule ; 
Bui Bs llie dclicair wtiile iwan, dùuniy'd, 
O'er wliich llie eagle witli fieres puunoo iinpaiula, 
CraachM la outli, nud liet btosd tviugii dmplaj'd 
Fold» iu mule terror,— to Iho stono hIip U'udi ; 
Just Duch bci malioiu «ecm, jiM •ucli wJd looks afa 

tluippc, b 
The Perviaii lUe wben II bcgH ... 
And by his •ingla aim th« rnnks npelCS, 

So alio but rBBcued be, I 

Round btr ill-gunrded car bo planted npf u». 
And liew'd an urea witli bis filcbion brighi ; 
But ruenniFliilfl Godfroy and Rinsldo Serca 
With dreadrul BÌaaghtcr put Ilia troopi lo fli^t ; 
The bnple» chief beheld Ibeir dnp'iate plight. 
And bore himn-lf fur better nl I)i< ken 

He placed in «aroly the Tsir Queen, and then 
Reluni'd nntimoly back to aid bis Toiiqaiih'd mm. 

It van too Inlc 1 Illusa Imopa, like huoled Ami, 

But on the leD. the Chnstians with Lks feu- 
Fled from (be InfidelH, whosu «wordf Ihey utaia'd) 
Cue priueely Koheil Hcarce the lunk» re^'oiD'il, 
Wounded uverely in the breasl nud lace ; 
And one by ^m Adruntu» wus i-nrialrain'd 
To yield hit «word ; nn ulmoal ni^iJ puce 
Bolli WKniog hoels lliu) kept in glun* a ' '- ~ 


A moinent Godfrry lakra to re 
ilii atniggliiig RI», nnd llieu v 
Reufwa llie diurne ; nnd (liiia 
Wings RliDck witli wings ID tpr 

■taod belwoen. 

While Ihus in furious rivulry or power 

Tlie Fruuks and Pagaat Hlubbornly I'neage, 

Tlio Scry Solduii iiiouuts the loAy lower, 

Aud HFea, Ihou^Ii far remote, the wu tliey wmgt ; 

He BOCB, — their liol aimaiiltii of (rricf and ngCi 
The Kivaeo iIuIb of gludiulorial Imte, 
And all (lie Ihoinand tunia aud aecidenU of biU. 

Awhile asloninh'd nod amaied lie stood. 
At tlie firrl view ; but aoan. u sliurp deòre 
To ply liiit Bubre in that tirld or blood 
And hi^li achii-venienl. net hin aaiil on lire ; 
N.. diiH del;iy can his revfngefiil ire 
Indulge : ulready ann'd in [lanoply 
Ui' proof. Ill- buutuli'd the lielniet from Jib «]1 
And, " Up, pine here no lonirer I" waa hia ci 
" Tbi* hour it lilt ut all to conquer or lo die !" 

Whether it were Hint providence divin« 
This fuKuuD Kpiril bTKBthed in him, to cloM 
Thai day in one bold rtrake for Fuleiaiue, 
Hb lant lorn glorio and lirr own long woea ; 
Or that, an Death drew near, the impilile m 
In pure dopilo of liia drcliniiii! star. 
Boldly to brave him nnd^l u hon of foM, 
Rapid aa null, he bid liw™ unbar. 
And in bia awful band bore uul unlonk'd-for w 


hi knigfaU 

Hb vatU not, he, to notiG 
Obey the call, but rualiea 
Siu^y & thoUBand foes he darea, ai 
Their thomand tworàa, inipowive hi iih own i 
Bnl by his siiihl aud niidacioaii tooe 
liu^irnl, tbe reat like bacchiumt» puniie. 
And Aladiuo hiiiiiielf, who oti lue li.niim 
Wb« tini'iDUB, iiieun, nod bune, uow tmikii^i xivw, 
Audi lea biaa hope Lbaik rage, oulnuli'd, liHid Mrautis 

Upon the liriit he met th' Urociou* Tuck 
Hii dreadful •trokr* dischiuged with Hitch diadnin. 
And iped ■> HWiflly iu Iiìh munJ'iiHM work, 
Thai dead Utay fall, en yau jMOcan* tUem -^-jn ( 
Quick froin ttio fnremoM lo tlic InM in tniin — 
Voice ofter voicp— Die panic of iillVichl 
Spfodti with th' aluniiin^ iii^wb, diFpaich'd in vain ; 
So thai thr native Chrislians ou the ni:)il. 
By the laud luniult acaied, at oace disperse id flight. 

But witli for Im diecomlit and Jitminy 
The C-Eificou chivEilry inaintoiii Lheir ground. 
Although al unuwareii tlirir inail'd aiToy 
Wai chDr|!:od, oa ueanat Tar the fatehioa foiiDd ; 
Never dfd luviiKO vulture, heaveu'a wing'd hoaiid. 
Nor Alpine wolf. Ihe wood» ferocioua lord. 
With toolh or talon so aciilely wound 
Wild-fowl or Hock, ua the nixd Soldon'a sword, 
StiBin'd m Ilia angry gru'p, Uis lied-cnaa chuopioii 

Hungry and ravenaua, like a living thing. 
Il gepm'd la cioeh their liinlis and diiak lheir btood : 
With hjm Ihe ragans and their lioary king 
Struck down und nlangliler'd, in Iheii deni rale moo 
Tbe Uill-uuiifiiMiJ k^ncgpn ; hut the ^ooJ 
Count Rayiiifii.1 riisli'd lo where Ihe Sohlan dew 
He faithful kliiglil'i ; he fled nut, but williiilood. 
Though well ni:uii] Ike red riglit-haud he knew, 
Whose power hui uuguiili'd frame had Mill auch cau 



ApUu he front* him, amile 

him. fa 


brfore above hi» 

lUyle i 

Tlie boi> 

could 11 


H> oia s 

ame. t. 


ich Blioclu ; HUB 

Mute fon 

n u hundred ii]>ra 


elM ui eiuy prey. 

Upon the 

mt hs fall», di9ii 





», by lurt allure. 


!Da tw liH baun< 

iit«i by mine ge 

B banquet, from 

■ thrifty board 


mi nobler fool to 



Down throiii^ the shatter'd roinpartii he 
And with all Hpcrd to (ho grand buttlo (roes. 
Leaving diodain and fury with his friends. 
And doubt and fear ainid his «cattrr'd foe* ; 
Thciw a dire Htruggle itili mainluin, and Ihoae 
Wax bold. Ih' uuhutiih'd vicl'ry to completo ; 
TheH yet 


Gascons sk 


ace to face pv 



Ihp faint S' 

leodlouf: bBHle 


iiwhile (he 



ini», and clamor 

f the w,ld uff. 

h'd Ibo nei 

where «■ound...d Toncrwl Uj 

li BB ho wo. 

o« from bed. went out 


n the roof, u 


» with «redi! 





u rout. 


inly ftirtifirn 
opfe «hielU V[] 

van* ; gnajm hia hlubv — 

But ivmiiii'i Jdudly la the troop* ne coJU, 
■' Whu • do you fly, aiid ieavr ynuf lutil a pra^ 
"fa thtme butnnana ! ■Imll IhrLr muMuw M ldiwlh 
Bk atma u Iraphin at ynir gailt ttpiVf f ^H^^^ 

And with lia poiid'roiis bIiÌpI.Ì wliich wven buH-hyf 
Compowd, a rougli iimtpriul, iiiidi-rllLi«l 
With fltroD^ inipuAfivP plains oftLiM^l bcAÌdrv, 
By the puro alclwmy offiis ffiiii'd, 
FWd Bwordii, and (liulls, mid Bina of *v*ry kind. 
That Idio a driMly sho«-or oroiiud liini ploy'd, 
He marded Ilio good Riiynioud. and cousign'd 
Ta dentil aoch Dunibe» witli hi* biaudiali'd biada. 
That nfé tlie wunn lay w in a «itent «bade. 

The brave old Eart, proloctod thiu, ridirai, 
Awakes, and run in a lutto apaco ; 
While a derp rooting of Ilio insult &rrt 
Hia heait With angrr, and with ilianif hin (aet ; 
He daiU his quick bii|r|it oyu in ovcry place. 
Ou oyeiy aide, to «py tho man wlio» niigbl 
Had an but cr«l iiiitictoii aiioh diagrier ; 
But not porcplTine hiin, bo lun» w(lh ipll» 
Upon hia {Dllmriui; troops, Urn autngt tt " 


Back lo rercnee alike tUpIr Chief 'a ndainl 
The Hyiiig (iiwconB tlir neil iiutaul pour ; 
And now tha lu)c w daring crew [unu fuiiil. 
And buldiiHB reigns wliare all wan (var berore ; 
Ha yirM» wlio umale, ho alaya wlio lute forbora 
To .mils ; iw flitt., who lolely led II.b chue ; 
Wrll now did Raymond act lÉio niulutur, 
And with D righi good oanrnlnen eJlli», 
By full twice fidj deuitu, hk own moat brief dingiace. 

While Mrivini; thiia to clear hi» alnuned irnown 
Upon llir moit dinliniiiiiidrd creirtH, lia nji^ 
AJnidid hiri fghtinff chivalryi Ihe crown 
or all llirir ilreDcth, and at Ihs T]muil Hies ; 
On bi* helia'd head hi« batUo-axe lie plies 
Will) a HtrTiiig 4lnn ; nor from hii Hlrokr* re&aia'd, 
Till will) n liorrid Hjinphony ofKi^lis 
And uni^- )[nuiu llip niwiurrti f-'ll, ennrtrain'd. 
And, dying, bit the ground o'er which he lately nign'd 

Their Chicb ihi» alMFnl one, and one deMraj'd, 
Divided faleit ihe aad nirvivom iiwuy ; 
Some In didiadiim by dnpair anuoyM, 
Irike nuuld'ninz l»nm or wild bnlloat buy, 
A moiiienl fiffiit. tlieii Ihmw their liven nirajr 
On (lie (Wonl'ii point : whiln Mme bewitdsr'd ma 
Back Id the towir ; bnl with their flying prey 
The victow enter tuo. oppo»MÌ by none, 
And niM their loud liuuos, — the lait rireng lower 

Won in tlie lower, niiil on 1li<- Infiv >4ain, 
Or in the rcr>- •.'at"» the Ma-Iini 'lull ; 
Bill Rnytnnnd in his gru^p a^i-iulms bean 
The Rrd-crom dog uud pianti it nti Ihs wall 
In alglil of either h«t, a «gn la nil 
Of vici'rv, billowini! to ihe churned wind ; 
But Ihi» clad liiken o( the country'* thrall 
Tlie Soldiin niark'd nui,— hin i.'.MiHvtiUKia min 
Had len til' awiulleil lowor ^ni'l Knimlt t:,t bi-hlu 


Hr Ir 

oil Geld, which Et^W* 
oiavatij aum tod ; 
whriT DmUi bMtow* 
Iks wftb liaaghly Ovod, 

So thai il «eeniB the Courl 
HlB bauuiir'd vpoiie, Bnd «1 

He net» a irarhoise which wilhoul ilo kD«hl 
From the Ihick pr«B with dnngling bcidJn dnt 
Od Ihie be Isyi lile ardoiil band, Irapii liglil 
loto the Tacimi Hat, attd aptm it Eo the flftiL 

Twice fifty wurrore iic of liff b. rcav-^s. 
But IWD in Mriiior>''B piclimi.g kIu». alone 
Hia Time's Bdmiriiig hsud In weeping Pity abown 


O Gildippe 

vour lunh fats 

And Doble 

rowe» (if ID 

y Tuscan rhyiong 


To Ihe foiK 

lands and climea; 

That M the 

worid, witli 

Your ruit)i, 

node Is for 1 

And Ibat H> 

ue ey,-9, lo 


wlemD vem 

B. your «Ofy with a la 

The een'roni Lady, nobly barh'd una Tniil'd, 
RuiliM when sudi Ihiunini biiii'alli bis sabre dM ; 
And with iwu miglily blown Ihe Turk aauil'd. 
One clove Iib biicìilrr, and pii« pjougli'd his Hd* ; 
The ruffian hiu^iv linr by her v«tB, »»d cried ; 
- 1». the Hliilr iLSrloI ; now by blrw'd Mahound, 
Il had for Uk'» Wn b,l(pr lo have plied 
The needle siili lu Euglailil. nnreuown'd, 
Huu thus wilb Eword and slave to flaiiul uo lb»t{ 
([ttiiuid ;" 


Can:<< \\. .'::;' ■ ■: '". 599 


lie said ; and, fìilM witli all a demon'» ire, 
At the braye dame a sweeping blow addren*d, 
Which struck — how could it dare ? — her brig;ht attirei 
Shattered her mail, and pierced the beauteous breast 
Which Love meant only for a tenderer gatai ; 
She drops the reins, and, fainting with the weight 
Of pain, seems sinkinsf to her last long rest ; 
Poor Edward sees, and if he comos too late 
For her defence, alas, His not his fault, but fate ! 


What shonld he do Ì within his breast at strife 
Were rage and pity, with distracting mnart 
Urging him, this to aid his drooping wife, 
And tiiat to stab the murderer to the heart ; 
While Love, lamenting Love, with both took part» 
Nor would that this or that should plead in vain ; 
Love taught him modes beyond the reach of art,— 
With his left hand would he his dear sustain. 
And with the right diKciiarge his vengeance and «^'■^■"» 


But power was wanting to his will ; too weak, 
i AlaM, wore they, against so Htrong a foe ! 

I He neitiier his fair love could aid, nor wreak 

On the fell homicide the wrath which wo 
Brought to his heart ; ere he could strike a blow, 
His guardian arm the savage Infidel 
Smote off, and, forced thus hanlily to forego 
Hìh fond einbrace, with her he droop'd, he fell, 
And failing pn.>ss'd the form he loved through life so weQ. 


As the tnll elm tn whnsr* Biistaining stem 
With all iior tfiidriln cUihth the bridal vine, 
If storms uprofit or axe to desith condemn. 
Drags with itself to irround his darling bine«~- 
Shatt*ring himself the garlands tliat enslirine 
His TOfomy boughs, and crushing as he liea 
Her pleasant grapes to over-early wine. 
He seems to mourn his own sud siirrifice 
than the faithful plant's that round his miu 



JEHII8A.LEU OELIVilK&a Cjmto tx. 

Sa rulla die kuight ; noiì gricTM lac her uloiM 
Whom Hsovwi onUiM to bo forerffi U» ; 
Fain would they «peak, If only le bemoua 
ESach Mlicr'a puiigs. but ilritli ieaiet Xhem lUl ; 
Tbry cainmune but wilh liighs, yd sUll 'ta bUs 
To view eBch otlier oi iu liaiRa gone by 1 
Long 11» Uiey eau lliej pur. vmhtuat aiid Ub] 

And Jioutl in baud to God Itaeir |uaiM tf'MM fly. 

Fume, qirflodini; quick ber piniaua for tbe flight» 
Trilli wilh her tbouaaud tonguea the lale 10 all ; 
Not from ngua mrrur naly. but a kuwht 
or apBCial InM Rioaldo leant* (bcir Stil ( 
At oace lore, pity, grief, mid doty call 

d foe ; hill h.'i 

h« HI. 

While Willi his bnuuliah'd binde Van hem lie defia : — 




an thou 

the mail mo* ba 






I I tall 

d cm th..e. 





.eld< m tain for Ibme 


jw at tliP .lirine 



r whow 






for PiJe«iqo, 


It Amudd' 


ber an 

■om avengot 1 1" 

I Iwo tnmcndaiin blows l>e ii|ni'd 
temjii™ (.'i-nimM with ifold muauOai 
■ pitivr noli (t^ii Wi-ll rrfined.) 

For thy ffiBantic mii i k liihrie blow 
Still* Iu* inaiilliai; langae, and tayi his praud hopm ti 



With horror, awe« amazement, aud affright. 
Cold wax*d the hearts of the surroundiug crew ; 
E'en Solyman, who saw the wondrous Bi|(ht, 
Chan^d in his cheer, and inly trembled too : 
And pule his ruby cheek, and nerveless ^ew 
His arm, while, prescient of his coming doom. 
He knows not what to think or what to do, 
A thing in him unusual ; but for whom 
Do the stem Fates reverse the issues of their loom 7 


As when in his brief sleep distressful dreams 
Afflict the sick mun or the madman^s brain, 
He strives all eagerly to move, and seems 
With more than giunt force his limbs to strain. 
While not a muscle aids his will ; in vain 
Are all the mighty efforts he cuu use ; 
Still as the dead his hands and feet remain ; 
He would shout out or scream at what he viewi ; 
But not a shout, or scream, or syllable ensues. 


So would the Soldan rush the knight to meet. 
And musteni all his forces for the fight. 
But feels not in himself his wonted heat. 
Scarce knows himself in his diminisird might ; 
What sparks of unlor his denires excite, 
A secret terror chills : vet still desire, 
Pride, love of glory, anguish, and despite. 
And busy mcniVy in his h<*art conspire. 
So that he neither thinks to fly nor to retire. 


While nnresolvi'd he standi, tin* kui<rht arrives» 
It seems to him with an Immorlal's |)ace, 
And with a wrath, a grandiMir, that d<>prive8 
All mortal wrath and grandeur of their grace ; 
Small while ho fights : yet. dying, no disgrace 
Stains his long glory ; to the last his eye 
Glows with the memory of his state and race ; 
He shunn'd no strokes, he heavvd bo atorna or rigfap 
Nor did a single thing but what *" fL 



When now the Turk, who ia (hot long cmsade 
ori like Anlaiu fell, to riH agiuD 
E&cli tiincaiarB fierce audstroug, BtlPlj^i ltad|iU;*d 
His liiiiil piul, aud ilumbi'i'd witJi tlic ilnu; 
Forluuc, who fluclantai like Ui' unatublo nitia, 
Henriiig tliB rumar, doni no lDUU<r liold 
The vicl'ry in Biispeow, but o'er iIie piolo 
Slaf'd her swift whcrl, lirr crTniil cuiitk «nlroll'd. 
And under Godfrey's Sag her iuflueuca uiiroli'd. 

8om wili the re . 

■ II the Earn, « 
Was oucs th' Immortal '. niortnl now, il ba 
Gored with a ilauglitcr falaJ lo id fame ; 
Bui Emireno, niaed with gen'roua *hann>, 
CiHa ■hart Ih» «taiidard>b«at«r'> BigM, •nd load 
With iudignatioQ abarply inak«a riolaim 1 
" Art thou not he whom (roai a couiillea cmwd 
I cbow to bear Ihe flag thai ne'er in battl« bow'd ? 

" Stop ! 'Iwu noi ([ivi'n tliec thus In bear away 
Fmm Suacen aad Frsuk, Iron) xWDid and apear ; 
CuHt Ihou tlifii, craven, we thy cliief a prey 
To the Blem for, and l<Mve liini louely tien ' 
Wbai BHk'ai thou I Bafelv I cliaii^e thy mad «ancr 
The toad thou lakol leuOB to dealli ! b^ line 
To tbe borne Cr«rent, tind renounce thy few [ 
Hb fights who wishee here to live ; came, woo 
HotMT wilh nte, thy prince ; her patii ■ safely'* too f* 

Bln»liing the knigbt obey'd ; With far more stem 
And ilmrp rebuke (lie ollii-ra be addre»'d ; 

The chief's ibnip sabie glillccinE ■! hia broMt; 
And raHying thus hia braveal and liii beat, 
Frrah wingi tie fbnm. and, u Ihe tnwpeti aauaà, 
(Siili willj fair hopes ; ]ii« heorl ohove the nwt 
Bold Tiiapheniee cheen, who. Ihough hcmm'd iwii^, 
Figfati like H lion yel. nor yields an indi or ground. 


Wondcm (hut d>y Rood TimpliprnM w-roaghl — 
The NomiuQB in liio wrati, Jil- overtlirew ; 
Seourgrd tlie aloul Flcniin|!s, and. a" i>till he rought, 
Youag Gemier. Gerard, aiid Ue Rcw] alow ; 
And when by deeda of so divine u huo 
He to the ineosure or elvrnul fume 
Hii brief eiiitlriico hod protoiijr'd, he flew 
At the inblimert risk o( ntl Ihe iramr, 
tjke one to whoeo cones ni life laid no further claim. 

He ipied Rinaldo, nad Ihaugli now ili* vhleld 
Had cbDn|;ed iti ti nel lire (n r tncalor, 
ThDUEh tlie ppari pu^Jo in its eappliirs field 
With ruby beak and wìhek wi» «ecn la Roar, 
Rnoirn wag tlie proud einblaaoiirj- il bore ; 
" And lo !" he cried, " the dmiron of Ihe lìjrht ! 
Heaven nerve my arm lo do ilie drrd I swore ; 
Let but my blade Armida'a wtoiiitb requite ; 
TUne, good Malimoud, Khali be Ihe Irophite of the 

Thna prsy'd llie, but bin praycn were v 
Hahmoud heard not upon hi» CDuch of fm ; 
But aa a Iron, briallinK up hii> muiir, 
WlUi ladling lail piuvakr-H hw unlive ire, 
Bo on the whetstone of lib wild di^ni 

le barb beneath hia angry hecL 

Rinaldo mw him with hia laiire mipcd, 
And nuh'd [d nirrt him in un awilt I'Un-er ; 
Fu fell Ihe near aHaihillla b-^ck. and gated 
On the Btem acene, wilh ininj;l<'d uwc and fear. 
Such waa the might and fume of ritlier peer. 
Such Mnkea naounded when their wrapona cras'd. 
Uni Mch hk own itmng came for grief or cbe«r> 
A>d tiM wholB hoil of Mima that en^rnM-d 
~ ' - -- m wojiilrr lost. 

That struck alone ; Ihi* «ruck, and woiwdod, bl 
With greater Mmugth aud iLnna inan> mm ttud wt 
With cloven abldil. picrcrd liplin, aud «haltrr'd oi 
The Penian'a noUo Uood dntailW Ihr fmaiut 1 
ThP fair EuchsnlTPw •«• lier eliamplaii'* wtwnd, 
Set- hi» peroni amiot, liie<*i hfad, 
, Ilia fiilluig proWMi : pi»iiig m 

iMi-d, «lali 
D (ottiine'i 


Luis inK by Ihouniul wamon iu the Arife, 
She uow Manils luiirl; III her rubied wilu ; 
Dei^'iale at nctnrv a» rereuge. her lit* 
She holds in hale, riio drcaiU (ha «wtai^ ofaaiia 
And iiniftht, Hwiit toiror, rur;. and dbdaii). 
Her cliuriol qitilliiig, on a paUrry neat 
8pnu|!ii, and lakrs iiisliiiil Itiglil, — her ouly tnla 
Scoru and UDCOiiquei'd twve,t)iHl in her rear 
U»ag like two eager hoanda boblad a hunted deer. 

So in aharp batlle fled alone uf fon 
Scared Cleopatra, leiving to (he Uade 
or fortanate Au^nuliiB. midnt the roar 
or travea and weapaus, her fond kni^hl betrajr'd ; 
And e'en as he, by lendcmew o'etsway'd. 
Faine IO linnneir and to the world he voo'd, 
Follow'd her «lilary «.il» dwpluy'd, 
So Die loud FornikQ would havr faiti piinnn] 
Hia pear) of beauly loo, but Ui» the foe nrilhitMd. 

To llie ead Pagnn, whru liix We w.u lort, 
Day eeoni'd la dnrkrii and the «uualiiue Bed, 
Aud lo the kuighl who lliiu hia winhfa am'd, 
He lurn'd euniged, anri «note hie hefaned ' 
Mure lightly falla in fxhricate the rad 
Aud wnlben Ihundetbolu, at Jotb^i * 
Bronle'i rut hamiuer ; well lh> 
Ila pand'nMu Hioke alifihlitiK on I 
Uada the knij(hl'a head bow doi 


Bui soon recovrring, ia hia «at rrcct 
Rinaldo roM, and witli lib wblrliug aword 
ClovB the line haubrrk. 'twlxt lliv riU rUrPcl 
FIuDgrd the simt]) ulcel, wliicli Jii ilH wralli explored 
So deep a ftuxagr to tlie heart il gorei], 
Tlial fur bL-yoiid life 'a cimaci il weiil ; 
Entering the breBcl, the PajTJii'n buck it bored, — 
Tlie «ppI drawQ fortli. eitpplied n doiil.I.' vi-iit, 
Through which the noblo kiuI look slmighi Iih wiiig'd 

The conqueror pnmed lo poiilemplule hIipw ueit 
He ihould liix fulchioii ply, where render ald,^ 
Hia fora in nil llieir movement» were perpleu'd, 
Their colon Uruok. aiid scurce n upeur di»|ilay'd : 
Her* then Ilia terrible cun-er ho alay'il, 
Curb'd in hia coumer. to the «lienth reaign'd 
Hii aword. hia niartml ecylii!^- alluv'd. 
And, calming every piHstii 

I hetple» pligl 

■g uiikiud 

Hei flight 

he well obwn'ed : 

mild pitv now 

Caird for hia cniirte^ and ei 

^eiou. cheer. 

And the re 

er linn and faiDiful chcvnlier. 

lia mind, wilh Tre 

iuRH «wffl an< 

So thai he 

fullow-d whm II 

Betray'd 1 

1.WÌIÌ ciirer: 

jrlen hnd f«m, 

Fit place for 



Well pleaaed ahe wa> at heart 

(lint chance el 

nag a(e|« lo k> rei 

n.d a plure ; 

lur'd, *^ iu your dei'p dùiffnii 

p joa'ra ahown auch aniall 


" Ah 1 midit È0 many vpajwDa caaM noi odo 

Al Ifluol ntiini witli liDUiIa criniHm UotT 
If Dihoi heuits to you seem luoiUe, hIiuu, 
SpVB not /our poinU Id pipice b wotnau'* Ue«>t ; 
In this tniue owu. itiijqi'd naked fat iho luti 
Achir-ve your Diumplia, nnd your {«.mt natore ; 
Trodci il ia. H«iT<D kiiova. to «ouuilx ùupnWd 
By Love'» «liarp uitowb, Love — who rtrrman- 
Rtnko! wlicresoc'er he siiue, uud JiurU Ui" HiHéivf aon 

how yoiiiHltH aiiacp o 

and atroDg; (ynur 



, WUal 

Bai unoe ai 

SIibII cure ihe wouuds of iuve,— n frw liritf llirtm, 
And detith tlitSl htiag ilia balm tliul soollu all eurUilj 

Wilh 8UC 


.apea, Iha 

all ha dn 




agouocd albight 

She CBSMd ; and 

Rx-d m h 




frani her 

Rinoldo I 

nd CBi-ghl 

Of her nwd e«i 

re nad di» 

rd^i-d pac 

B>w her 

lUl BCl 

ond with 


Iroke her s 

Dill BddrtH 

Already dealli'a palo huo D'en 

When, jiMl Id lime bFr piirpoa 

Hm knigiit alepp'd in behiud, ai 


Armida tum'd ; and sav, la her siiqiriso, 
The knighl, Cot anpcrceÌTed waa his advoiice ; 
Shrieking, «he malch'd away her angry «yea 
From hii loved face, and auuk la Piasion'H trance : 
Shf Hwooii'd, «be Bank, like a aweel floirpr by chance 
Siiapp'd half in two, Ihat, with ila bells abivied, 
Droaps DQ ita stem ; ha with diMnuled (rlance 
Upheld her, rnlllDK, round hor cbarmjuj waist 
Threw bla auataiaing arm, her cUuping zone uubmced ; 

And o'er her mowy bmart and face deptiv«l 
Of tife'a wann huM, fond (nara of pity ihed i— 
As by the lunimpr momìiig'a ilxw rerived. 
The fading rose reaum'W its nnlive red, 
So alip, reooverinE, raiaod her drooping head 
And eheek, nrirrd by thb celntial rain ; 
Thrice her unclaaing vyni «ought bla, tliiice fled 
The bitler-awMl eachnutiuent, uor ognrn 
Would abe look up, but blush'd 'iwixl Wrath aud wan 

And with her luuEiild hand woidd' have repnll'd 
The nervotB iim by which she tvaa auitaiu'd ; 
Oft ehe eaaay'd, but ho the fiuter lield. 
Tile mors abs alnni?, the more «he wb* enchain'd ; 
Yielding heraelfat leuglli. like one caadluin'd. 
" '' ' dear bond, for still pertthiner 'iwiudea: 

Deepilo the acora alic ahow d, 
She aighiug Ihua broke forth, while i«ar on tear 
Guah'd from the downcuat cy» iho did uol. would 

" O ! eyer, parting and rcliiniing. evoi 
Cruel alike ! what dark devic« guida 
. Thy moTementa now) 'lia atrangn tliui 


■■ Tby heinoni trnl]' muat bv inco<n[H()te, 
If unmilHted ; thoTB miai hu diuplay'd, 
Chuiu'd W thy c»r, or auppliaiit al Uiy fiwt. 
A dame, now stius] by forcn. ai Gnt hrtny'd I 
This be thy nohlcigl bosat : time waa, I pray'd 
Ts thee for peace and life, now aweel wnnid Imta 
ProTe to my pief, — Uil ne'er, islw r?u*giul»i 
Kiiee] I lo Ihee for it ! there'* not a atstn 
Which, it U were thy gUt, I «liouM not bold in h«l« I 

" Of myself, tnuloT ! hope I to ualooae, 
Some way or other, thi> moat wretched frame 
From thy fierce tyranny ; and if the nooac, 
Dagger, and drug, and precipice, and flan» 
RhI thy ehoia'd ilave, by mmm •■ aim my a 
Thank Heaven, I yel can eompiuB. nnd defea' 

No leaa thy m 

Cea.^ lliy ba» .. 

How yet he «rives w 

Thin riie laments; and with the floodi of team 
Which love and reom disili from licr fiir eye». 
A aympnthiiine piUt his Borrow liears. 
Where aome cjinsle eparka of love and pity riae : 
And with a voice ?HTel ai the weal wiwds B|[he. 
He to her IrouWed henn spenki pf «ce ; ■■ I cmvB 
Thy paee, Armida! caini Ihywif," he ciiea; 
« Hot to be rwom'd, bnt crown'd, thy life I sarò ; 
No Sn, but still, yea still, thy champion, yea, thy di 

" Hark in my everi, if you my words alone 
Diatnut, (he ferrar of my mo! : I Hweor 
Again to «eat Ibee on thy falher'a throne, 
Add mske thy comfort my peculiar care ; 
And O, would Heaven, nnnpjcinui lo my pn; 
Cfauae from thy mind with >ls eelfrlial flame 
ThOHO mùLe of Pagan darkne» which impair 
Ita inward prace and beauty, not 

In the whole Eut abould m 

h thyg 


Thai dops he soolh, (hiu sue to htr; nnd an 
Tempera bia suit with lean, bia (?an with ngfas. 
That, like s vii^D wreath or mounlaia mow 
When ztphyr bnathea or ninshine wanna tbe akiaa, 
Hsr baughty scam, thai ware n >tem a gain, 
And all hei chenih'i) anger melt away, 
And mildei wiah« in their rmm arise ; 
" Behold," ahe aaya, " thy hiindniaid ; I obey : 
lliy Upa my futnre life, thy will my fortune nray !" 

Thk while, th' Epyplian Captuia in the «rife 
Seeo hia imppiial alandiird full to ^roQUd, 
Seoa too itout Rimcdoa dcprired of Life, 
Diapaleli'd hy Godfrey in a single wound ; 
And oil hia men, discoiiifitnl uioiind, 
Dead, or in fLght acnw tl>o bouiidlesa plain ; 
He in tliia liut bhuip act will not be found 
Rocreant like tliein, but seeks <^»or seeks in vain) 
Ban» noUe bond by which he may bo nobly alun. 

SpnnJDg hia steed, he affniust Godfrey rode, 
Ko woitluer foe ho knew couM bo deecncd ; 
And wlirmoe'er lie pai*'d or came to, ahow'd 
Ths last bmve tokrii* of de«])airiiij; pride : 
But ere lie reach'd hia foe, aloud he cried ; 
•' Le, Chief I 1 come to spend uiy final liour 
And bop» with tliee ; but }*et it shall bo tried 
If, orerjmwer'd, 1 loo camini o'er|iuwer. 
And on roy comin'ror fall, u» AilLi n tliiuider'd tower !" 

Tbia aaid, they eoeh at each indiguaiil dush'd ; 
With lifted sword» at once they meet, Ihey amila; 
Broken the abield, the vantbrace cleft, and gaah'd 
la the tefl ahoulder of Iho Christian knight : 
Ha, on Ilia port, diacharged with matchleas migbl 
On the left clieek a Uow Ihnl prostrate laid 
The Pagan chief; and in bewildor'd plight 
Aa to regain the saddle be esaay'd, 
nrangh the abdomen thrual, his life-blood hotbed 111 



Frinci- Eminaa Ihoa drut, bat fee nm&ia 
Of all IhBl cauDlIca host ; as hr punuFd 
The vuiquiib'ili Godtrcy n«, sud clic>ck'd hk n 
How Attuuora on font. ■□ Mood ruibnw^l. 
Wiih Iwlf K cwont, and half ■ heliu au. Mood, 
Bmutiog a baodréd bnetling Kpun, thu puiir'd 
Rnaul the doDm'd Priiice, vhoie pnnrfaislÀl the; n 
'■ Cease, ceaae," he cried, " Sir Knigtau ! and I' 

YWd, Cfa DukeGodftsy tpeaku,) jrield np [tiy a 

He. who hud oBTer till that boor abaaed 
To any act like this bis lofty aool, 
Wliiiiiiion lirilifniil till iininfiirliirhhiiiiTiri liiiilgm^J 
WKh weh raaoini tVotn Nubia to Ibe pole, 
YicUing hk ■nn*. nplied : " To Ihf commi 
(For thoa dtMrv'A tbe hontagFj t my kue« 
Sohoiil ; then midnt lliy other ipoik purot | 

Tlie Dame of Allsmoni, who irill be J 

Neither in fame dot wealth a piiip UDWonby thcv. I 

■' The ^Id and fema of kiagdom aba!) my iDad 

And failhfnl lady grant fot my lelpam :" 

" Heaven has eadov'd me with a aeUcr mind.*' 

GwUiey replied, " than to dcaire incrFue 

Of earihly treasure ; Etili ivlaia in t>eic« 

Ail that fmn Ind or Penìa iwell! 

Bochariim maallr, and Tartarian llwce ; 

I wv in Eutope'g tiglil, not tnde in Aaian Of 

Thk Slid, he givca hnn to hie fnafda la lend. 
Aud after tliaH that Bed punun amaw : 
Tboe lo the nunpired camp their li 
Yet tbenee small nwpile to tlieii ttl 
Sodo ■ it «on ; the trench ia choked W 
From gay paTilion to paTilioa glide 
SlRam* of wano Hood, with i ' 
Each aamptuooi tTi^y of hoi 
Plnmea, corbel*, torbaiu, helma, and al 


^ ^ . . ^ . ifl yet there gla<>*d 

sfglofy in Iha fulgaiit WmI. 

To (hB freed Cily, Ihe flnce lowd abode 

Of Chriit. Ihe pioua Chief and Bnain pnm'd : 

Arm'd u he wna. nnd ic hit unguiue vnit, 

Wiih all hia knivhu in mlcniD cnviilcade, 

tie reach'd the Temple ; there, «upreinely Una'd, 

FlU thM well, nul of sirecl RomBDce ', taitwtil. 
Harp of Ihe South I thi* stimng of whoM Btringi 

Hiu ^Tcn. by powtr «f tbpfr melodioiu «prLI, 

8ncb plcnnnl ipcf d to Time'a else ttear^ wiDp;*, 

That, mpt ill spirit lo Iho Delphic ceil, 

MiiUi lU gTveu laurel* and propbelic apriagi, 

The liineful labor» of pMl yean now attui 

A brief ipdulgence — an «Dchuiled drcuu. 

My pride nt nooD, my visioa of Ilia uighl. 
My bopo nt nwrn, my joy al lonely eve ! 

Now thul Ihy loDH of mugical delishi 

Are o'er, do 1 not «ell lo droop, and ffrievo T 

To «hai new re(!ian ahall (he muse Isko Bi|fht. 
Wliut pir.lurta fuhiop, vhat freah iiumbcn weave. 

When nil Ihatelae had chann'd, munfnow appeu 

Tame to Ihe eye, and luiielcn to the earT 

Much «IibII I mi» ihee, when iu calm repc 
The Suiiimpi moon upon my caieineut i 

Much, when IliB melancholy Autumn «Ira 
Willi tearea, niy walk beneath th' o'erai 

Nor \em when Kpriog, 'Iwixt (liowor ai 

Abroad Ihe BWeet breath of her eglantiai 
And Winter deepeni, Willi hli itDnuy dia. 
The quiet chatm of Ihe briellt hearth with! 













El» A, 

To do, 


Tbm went Ihv vene ; and thou art now to n 
All that the cherish'd Muim were of yon, 

And, glaog'd in other ry« than Ihine, 1 ne 
Fair visioni tu», bui diinly traced brfom. 

Thb praccriil home, tliia irurdt-n, wlicie the t 

Of Btining ihubLc than those old day-dwanu 
Of airy IWne and praised Piehau alreaiDK- 

To hjm who tifa u Wisdom would require, 
Am 1>uly woes, ODd at Iho Virtuea claim. 

Time, if it robs Ifae Poet of his lyre, 

Brinovra a bli« beyond the wealth of fame,- 

Fmitii, that refmh the ajniil, aod inspire 


lai y. 



Canto i. Stanza v. 

(1) Riwél 1/ Oùéfrtff keur, Mud hearing^ grtp tJùm» 

The memory of the Cmsades, a raUect nlways Importaat to 
the wevtern niitlons of Eumpr, was itUI very lively at the period 
when Thrso wrote hU 'Minnisalrmmo," and a new expedltkNi 
of that kind wa» planned by Crrgory XIII., who ascended the 
pimtiflcal rhair in 1573. From thiit stanm, it Is evident that the 
poet thought a new cniMido not improbable ; and he, pnhape, 
did not dt'Ttimh' of him«rlf snining laurei.i in the Holy Lrfind. Ttia 
mntuHl M'nIouHy of tbc Christian prince», huwrvvr, rendered na- 
gator)' the PontiffM atteniptn, itnd Tummi'm ap|ioal to the martial 
spirit of AlphonuMi ser^'ed only lo exhibit his own zeal. 

Canto i. fc^TAxzA uv. 

I (2) l{«sifer, of BamniiU twrnrnmrd, renomm 

I ; Jlnd ancient atory icitk ike noUut dot*. 

I The " Rn|!eler di Ralnavilla** of Ta-tso has been identified by 

my friend, .M. de (lervllle, of Vnlocncii, and on unqaestionable 
' fmiindt, with the ance!<tor of thti Rim.*co11 family In England. 

' Kocpf. one of the ^onn of Hngh do Rosici, who came over with 

! the Coni|iierf>r. wan lord of the two tiefs of Hamevllle and Rozeli 

' on the western r<Kist of I^iwer Normandy, and he is celebraled 

by nil those writers on thu Kirst Crutade. whoae histories are 
published in the "ile-^ta I>ei per Franro»,** and whom Tasso U 
well linown to liave dilipenlly ron«>ulted. Fmni a charter pre- 
I M>rved in the ** Nfu^trìH Tia," it np|>eart thnt (pmbably to lit hlm- 

I self out for the exiiedition U) the Holy T<and) he sold t» the Ah- 

I lN>t of St. Stephen^ in Caen, hit fief at Rosei, near that ciU'.* fiir 

I Ì5Ì., by consent of his son Robert, and of his capital lord, Robert, 

i Dake of Normandy ; in whose company he went, flnt to C<m- 

stantinonle, by way of Balfarla. In the night Irruption of Soly- 
man. or kilidfte Anlan, while the Cn)lsos were besle|din|i Nice, he 
waK foremost In repel ling the attack. *' rughine.** says Albert of 
Aix. (p. ar:,} " in the midnt of the ronllict. with Ughtnlng-llka 
str«»k(>5, and the swinne!*^ of a war-hontc, amidst the clash of 
spenr« and rinuins of >wordH and helinebi.** He dlstincntohed 
hlmM-ir<'qunlly in the ainbimh liefon* reaching Antioch. (p. 835;) 
again, a» one of the stnndard-lNtan'rt, flshting bravely at the 

'There vita third lUf of the «nine umnt, WU^neing (» the fainilj, la tJM Ms 
ti Jtnej, oppitiKa lt> the ba/ I'f Jt".-il, iii La Mmitche, uiil the Uu«a ,' 
■lUl CZlMlllff. 

«•Ibluplalu npoarscenl. Oilhsdi 
lieti (owil or (ba vul Pini» umj 
miiKklBi Io manaiicr Ihe city, kli eafn •■!« Int Ui 
wtlhSn»! otlicr knlf bn. ftviB Ui«t>l*i. ^nd he m 
Uh By\nM Iba Imo un ombiuEAilB Ir ■ iwi^barlDR t*1 
■btvLdk Ab jpvttl niunbflr of bU aaaUiula. be «unfb 
Ebe Gfly> bui was mafuUy wooiidad by id Brinw. u h» trnm 
(be rotii or Ibe PhuphM, (p. S*B.) Tun nukn Un (ill 

tba hud or Ihe Penlnn Tlnplurnei. Hli heed ■- 

by Ibe bubulc fne. ftied ap« a tpaer. — ' i^-^- 

t itH nllHBl 

Moé: ud 

■un nallnkm. Tbe bndy oT D> Buntvllle *■> bii 

mei^Bi (Bd luieatio Aeikuh.wid ' "- ■' 

Ihe Cbnicb rf SLPetof. "Ihe Croia. . 

Me oTIba bnveil oT 11» pmple : ud tba Blebo» oT Vvj fé IbB 
Wbc4e deny oTlbt camp. cuiuBieadl '"- "- ^ - -" 



B aod KrnpLed noi lo 


(3) nel tUili uhrr. 

Hi JlJIvil wMfi «, 

< la Ihli puuiee bsi bna wbntir RiJinken by Iba 
abii bave liiucbnt upiHi iL Funi SmleuuM 

imnaet of appllcaUaD. Tb> miih )■ » >.- 

ùLvol. U-p.SW,)«tH(i ■ youil. 1. 
<h|eii tba nnlwKeor boBllai. iiL' . ' ' 

Urtai, and lhe>» Rad lato Fnni'i' 

BWB. RiideiUfa. beasld, wu l'I — ' t^' 

g*(ed la MViraL cDoflicu »Uh ibf H]«nlu 
placa lo Hay, ISSa, and ha Rloniid lu Fir 

Tbl* iJlDlle alLbdn Ut tba nme i)l 
IuIt by the Moki : Hai I ban la va 
Mllbon, )br a puUesU» dawiiplloa ol 

I KiBihl. la ■ nmtt (ri 

NOTES. 019 

Cauto m. Stamka xxxth. 
(6) fflUrt tke Vird argent Mpreai* iti plìtmu forjUght. 

Aa eule argent In a field azitrr, the annorìal bearings of the 
House of Esto. 

Canto iv. Stanza lxxziii. 

(7) JìVmi ker divine tipa glidf» a giUden chain, 

71UI winda to her dear will who moet those tears disdain. 

The ancients fr.iitncd that many chains of fritid proccM'dud fVoin 
the tongae of Ilerculets wherewith the cars ut biirlMiric nations 
were bound ; the fable, says one of the commentatimi on Tasso, 
was designed to show the humanising spirit of eliiqoence. As 
Illustrative of the subject. It is worthy of remark, that In the 
Duke of Bedford's collection of engravings is a curious French 
print after Rnphael, entitled. " I/Elo<|uenre.** representing the 
Gallic Hcrcuie;* surrounded by vnrlouH fisures, to whono ears 
chains In many directions are represented as passing (him his 

Casto xi Stanza viii. 

(8) whose pen tie pleos 

H^m now thy nrv »urrr^sar to unUtek 
The gracious gates of pardon and of peace. 

The poet in these venes pnys a paMinc compliment to the 
Cath(»lic liberality of Tope (irogory XIII.. wh«>, during the 
Jubilee in the summer of 1575. granted a general indulgence to 
the RooMn people. The earnest desire which Tasso had to be 
a sharer in what ho considered as so great a spiritual advantage, 
Is oiled by his biographen as one of the princiiial motives for his 
visit to Rome nt th:it |K«rticular |)erl<Ml ; and indeed white there, 
he uniformly spent hi<« morning in visiting the chiirrhesand in 
performing thf^e nets of piety whirh are prescribed for the pur- 
pose of receiving a plennry indulgence. 

Canto xii. Stanza lxxvii. 
(9) While helVs pursuinp fiends are ever houliag nigh ! 

This stanrt. It mny be amiininK to mention, wns riteil by " the 
self- torturing Hophi^t.'* in one of lii^ nimnst phrensied niiMMÌs.iàs 
an absolute prophecy of his own mlsfortune<«. " ' l)o you know,* 
lald RoMMeau to M Coranrey, suddenly starting fVtim one of those 
fits of abstrnrtion which this gentleman U!«ed to regard a^ the 
Inevitable prelude to some extravngniit pntposltion. ' do you 
know why I irive Tn»*<i si> deciiled a preference ?♦ — • \o. but it 
Is not difflrult to conjecture. I'asto, uniting to the nuvit hrililant 
Imagination the giMNi fortune to have lived afìer Homer and 
Virgil, has profited of the lM>iiUtie.<( of lN)th those crent fMM>ts, and 
avoided their defect*.*— 'There is MHiielhinc in that.* said 
Rousseau ; ' but do yuii know thnt he has pri'dirird my misfor- 
tunes V * I made n nioveinent.' (>tiy« Coranrey. » he stopped 
me*—' I under5tJinil you,' continued he. ' Tii^so han come before 
my time — how could he foretell uiy uii<fortunes ? 1 know not 
how. probably he knrw not hlni<t>|f : but. In line, he ha* pre" 
Acted them^ Have you remarked that Ta^»o has this pccuilarlt)( 



malm allulon to ** iho Voyage of Colambiu** of my fHcod Bfr. 
Rdften, the chastest aod inmt ta!itcful of all modern poetA, whow 
wriilngt, often as I rend them, revm nlwuyH Trang ht with new 
paces, sad a yet more rl.-ixHlcal chann. From the beautiful 
fraginenti which he han given us on this Intun-stinK subject, the 
happy «election of hi» iiii:igery. which is alwuy» hifthly poetical, 
and his perfect Otmiliunty with all that the i*p:inL>h chroniclers 
relate of the iidvou'.uro, it is ciMy to iicrceivo with how finished 
a poem he niisht have enrichiMl the world, had he put forth all 
the pitwvrs of hin mind, and Hllud up the nuiline which he has 
so well designed. Iiniierfrct an this in, it re'<euiblcs in value 
some of thoHe fn>c and ttplriied sk«;tchc9 from the ))encil!i of the 

{[reat masters of painting, which are to be mot with in the port* 
olios of their most passionato admirers. 

Cauto xvi. Stàkza xt. 

(15) JWv, now, whUi *ti» fouth, pluck tki rote» of UttI 

As tt is posiiible the chanfce of measure here introduced may 
meet with some object<irs, I affix a tmuhlation of the song in the 
■taaxa of Spenser, although it is somewhat perilous to attempt 
It after him. Vide hit Dt'^cription of the Bower of Bliss, in tha 
**Ftery Queen," canto xii., «lunzos ixxiv. Ixxv. 

'* Ah see,** sho sane, " tho bashful blushing rose 
Spread through gnen leaven iin b(Mom to the light; 
Half bud, hall biii^^niu )i>t, thrnuijh duwt it glows, 
AndchfinitH the iriorf, the Miorc it shuns the sight! 
Ah see how boldly M>on it courts the bright 
And burning sun ; how sorm it droops nnd (hdes; 
Nor seems the same rich bio!*som of delight 
Desired so much in sctni^s and serenades, 
By thousand amorous youths and thousand blooming nuiidi I 

** So passes. In the transit of a day, 
Of mortal life the verdure and tho bloom, 
Nor will thu itunKhino of a jtocond May 
The leaf rr-o[ten, or the flower relume; 
Gather tho m$c then in it.'< nithe |irrfume 
And mominp t>enuty, ere tho skie^ nÌK)Vo 
O'eicast th«' land?>r:i|ir with funereal gloom; 
While, loved anil lnvinu. nnno the bli'<.H nrprove. 
Now, while it >eti.<> youth, ii!uck. pluck the rose of lore !** 

C&XTO XVI. Ptanxa xxxt. 

(Ift) Mennwkile JirmidA^ by tke regal goU 
Start* to behold her sat ago keeper dead- 

Aa Tasso makes no previous allusion to thU guard of tho pal 
I, the passage may »eem to net'd some explanation. The truth 
la, there was IntnNluced into the ùtui edition of the poem, at tho 
close of the IStli (;anto, a combat between this warder and the 
knlffhta, which tho anthor'it good tnntc prolMbly led him after- 
wards to omit. This allusion he seems either to have overlook- 
ed, or to have purposely left the incident of the conflict to tlie i»- 
■linnti^m of tlie reader. 

Bmit >»■ ■••Iw. iu>l fidi •'« O-diMMjmir. 

III.' jrlxl rnioM pia bBlK ■ nuto. 
I oinffH mrvli' InilfhUnJ In Dr. BlurK fill i)w «rtsM ml | 

DUI uiiliiiiH'U)' rullculiu Un vgnlo» lilUwiiu (i-uu uf il 
'I'll» iriil ciplKutUn ta W to (band )■> ■ poxiini of PUtn, of 

IhAdBd afifaB"BnBpin1iiiti," A'<9btaflv«My*.lhHr jaalwrnofh 
eu«iiiltMRain*orS>ITti Md SUsnl u* rnti^n u> piulKI me- 
nlrWilr KUlptKml «- umd ButiiMa nT IIItLiiIiim, -n Um Lu' 
ntw had loetaphnn ns^d b^ RncrtlH *rp 41rv.p1 «p* pi^nr u u 
kH wdlirtrr hnnmlo Ihlnk he I» uk Ipnirini unA uutmLkAbcA 
Mh; ifln*H,irTHlootli»HMtIbtBOiw>nlllinii«f Mm 

and [HRIf pBrhHpii 10 »i off by oaukA ihn WDhdwfiil n^a? 


Cum HI 




Slu atpU ••>, •». If 4>rtW A*» 1» iw .• 

the t.|. 


b Ibe >idnilnt>[* Um, 

Bid Id 


mil e»ilop. Wl i> 
InimrilUlclT baru 

(1» .«■datUiwrn^TtosllHiw'JimtinuradA 


tbo HiKnL irlih dT hU Bamu bg rMtfi ynaM- 
ouitii; Imi tw li Oiu In Uf h «DnanKWi l> >»■ 
IbcUgn ud ibi pridii uf bollii wnTnHw, IBi 

ai«i«l qT h paMoile gedtfml. He al«AVH ■ppwi 10 n n ||» 
BKHt umliiblr llfhl. no Ir» by hli piliiiU d^i Ihu br U*FB^ 
lIcEciluin. lid l> iiiiif(nilTdl|nlflnl.Tli — "■ 

-■ Hmi Bnna" oT Vlifll >-bc U Kin > Ikm In 


leiidT himielf to meet him an a privAto soldier ; m a private sol- 
dier he flf hlA In the first asMult on Jrrusalem, beats tiack 8olf- 
man in his midnight slauciitcr of tiic c:imp. defies him on the 
battlement*, which he in tlio third t» Rcalr. kilh Emireno, the 
Efyptian Iciider, and in the uni vrr^.tl ^Inaghter that cnsucsi, sets 
the crowning ch:irrii u|)oii his licroic ciiaracler, by Having from 
the fury of h'w knights the deiith-dcvoUMl I'rincc of S;ininrcand. 
Id a word, hv. Hlwnyn speakt and nctt «exactly an he ought, '* nor,** 
like the dying Solyrnan, "diNM a tiinglo thing but whiit is great 
and high." It i<« a frvxh ^tuirce of plea^urv in thf contemplation 
of bin cimmcttT. timt Tus.«o'fl rcpresrnlation <if-his virtues has 
ail the truth of hintor)'. Mr. Mllh ob'UT\-e«, that in him "the 
gentlest manners were united to tbe firniCAt Mpirit; ttie amlnble- 
noAR itf virtue to its rnmmanding gravity. He waii alike di>tÌD- 
gubihed for piditlcal courage and for pcntonal bravery. His lofty 
mind was capable of the grandest enterprises. HU deportment 
was moral ; his |riety was fervent. Ho regretted the stem ne- 
cesslty which drew him from the immediate service of God ; but 
when in anii^, he was a hero ; and his nmrlÌHl zeal in the cause 
of Heaven wa^ alwayn directrd by prudence, and tem|)ercd by 
philanthn>py.*'* In pnK>f of lii.<< unfeigned piety, It should nev- 
er tie forgotten, that while, under the niask of n.'ligion, his broth- 
er Baldwin gmtitied hi^ worldly ambition, Bohemond his pride, 
and Rnymond bin avitricc. ibe i)uke i>f L<irraine, faithful to his 
flnt himple wish of iM'ctiUiing the defender iind advocate of the 
holy sepulcbn*. and pre^xd an be was by the voice of nil the 
CniWi, n*fu<«(.-«i to wear a diadem in the city where his Saviour 
had worn a crow^n of thornn.t lli^ tomb was w.itered not only 
by the tear<< of hi" friends, but wax honored by iho lamentations 
of many of the ^!o^lenH. wIkmc affection his virtues had concil- 
iated. The church of the holy ^pulchre received bis anhes, and 
to the prevent day his tomb may be t^een, bearing the following 
brief ln»crlption : 

llic JA( KT isi-i.\Trs Drx (ìoncrRiDUs ns Bri.inN, qui 


There too are seen the ^pn^« of tbe hero, and that long and 
formidable sword, wbicb in hi^ hands, on the bridge of Aniloch, 
clove in twain a ciganiic Saracen from the helmet to the wai»t. 

Turning for a moment fmm the <'h:in)pion to the Poet of the 
Cross, I cannot refntin frnm obNervinp. that in no pi>int Is Tas<H>*s 
superiority to VircM more ol»>ervable than in the »kdl with which 
be portrays his rh iracters, and tbe individuality and interest 
With which he supports them to the cl<»se. My preference of 
Tasso to Virgil will iierhaps be deemed quixotic by some ; but 
In the teeth of Botleau and of Addison, I will not scmple to 
maintain, that tbe " Gerusalemme" of Tatso is tmth In action 
and In pinn a fir moro «urces^ful produrtlnn a^ an epic poem, 
than Ihi* Kn» id of Virsil, ndiiiirable as this unijurstlonably In in 
the polished rle^aticf ot its pbra.«e. and the music and mechanism 
of Its nuin)N>r4. This, howrvrr, in a question not to be discussed 
in the short com|tiiss of a note ; and 1 will end the present past- 
ing commenton his merits by the following graceful sonnet, with 
which I have been honon-d from the elegant (len of the Arch- 
deacon Wmngham. than which I could scarcely desire a mors 
appropriate conclusion : — 

* >'i-i<-.r> (<( ÌÌÌ* Cniffi-ltt, Tol. I. pp. AX, 84 
; . .1 f-r M't- Ciii'A.l*'», vt-1. I. ji. iM. 


, .. ., ilhatciP 

unyui of Gnut. DC wbfn UiB Unlac 




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