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Duluth Evening HERALD 


Dates: July 1 


Sept. 30 

^08-4 -1978 

ori ginals hel d b y: MHS X Other. 

Prepared by: 

C. Loring 



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q. ^6' f^'^ « 

lA X 


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Reduction Ratio; 



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O.K. _ 











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DmiJ Get 



IVe ici/iV^ '^ By Yoit \ 

If Your Bail her IVotit. 


ever you want, your credit is good if money is 

$ 8 00- Casli, Buys $23,139 Worin of Goods, 

12,50 Casli, Boys 50,00 Wcrtli of Goods. 

20 CO 23-ii. Bays 75.C0 Worih of Goods. 

25.00 Casli, Bnys lOtl.flO Worlli of Gocds. 



Give Yo7i a Pointcj^' 


Competitors cannot touch us in the matter of ^ 
Variety of Assortment, or Excellence in Quality. ^ 

Give Us a Call ... ^ 

And Wc Vv ill Prove it. \ 

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W8 Sell on Easy Pay- 
mests Wlien Desired. 

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lionT Ilavo you Kiien this 
meibi'^d of our basi&ees yoar 
It is bouorable. 
it isjnst and (Hiuitahlu. 
^ _ Our hooks ci'titaiu the 
^ i aas'it>s of tke bo£t citleens of 
HiJoih, who have avalicl 
y Ij them-ftlvefi uf its ad7anta;3:os. 
C 1 We Ask i, j.aymcct of 
j H $ .i.JKJ '>ii t20.fiO Bousbt. 

5^ I S-iX)..!! iO.OO Bontrht. 
\ r'.00r.n EC.W Br.a^bt. 
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pertalniEg to Hoase-FariisliiDg in tlio ^ 

■ & 

city of DtlQili. 

Sniith, Farweli 

& Steele Co,, \ 

222-224 WEST SUPERIOR ST. h 


ON Praj^er and Hymnals, 



Carriages! BuMiesI 




\\/ hen in Nee d of Any 




Proprietor City Carpet Cleaning Works. 

MENDENHALL & HOOPES, /Employers Liability, 

District Manaoers, \ ElcVatOr Accidcnt, 

LonJoD Giaraatce & Accident Co. workmen's collective, 

/Surety Bonds, 

\ Individual Accident 



OR,C3--A.InIZ cGlD 1 3 ESS. 


Eyaryone Will Want a Dnnlap Mackinaw 






Congressmen Regard the Convening of Con- 
gress to Meet in August as an 
Excellent Move. 

Tlie President Has Thus Taken the Surest 

and Promptest V/ay Out of the 


The Whole Louisiana Deleffation Will Now 

Vote for the Repeal of the 

Sherman Law. 

Nine Senators Have Put Themselves on 

Record in Favor of the Law's 

Unconditional Repeals 

Washington, July i.— When asked 
for an expression of opinion concerning 
the propriety of calling an extra session 
of congress to consider the financial situ- 
ation, Representative McMillan, of Ten- 
nessee, said that the president had taken 
the surest and promptest way out of the 
dil'liculty and he expected ^good results 
to accrue from the session. Early action 
would restore conlidence throughout the 
country and settle the present turbid 
elements. Congress would, he thought, 
reach the problem in an unbiased spirit 
and doubtless frame some law that would 
meet the approval of the president and 
the people. 

Representative R'. G. Davey, a mem- 
ber from Louisiana, commended the ac- 
tion of the president and thought he 
spoke for his own state and the Lousi- 
ana delegation which will vote for the 
repeal ot the Shertnan law. "It is a law 
that has brought the country into a peri- 
lous position," said Mr. Davey," and its 
repeal will be a riddance to bad rub-" 

Senator Gray, of Deleware, thought 
that the lesson of bad finance had not 
been thoroughly learned by xha country 
and that the special meeting of congress 
would tend more to breed confidence in 
the Sliver men than anything else. The 
time between March 4 and the first Mon- 
day in December was none too long to 
enable the people to have the knowledge 
born in them that the country since the 
passage of the Sherman law had suiTered 
irom criminally faulty legislation of a 
financial character. He thought that if 
congress had met in regular scs-jion, the 
members would have a clearer under- 
stan ling of what was needed and mi?ht 
do better work so tar as statutory regula- 
tion of the country's currency is con- 

Representative O'Ferrcl, of Virginia, 
said that any public .action of President 
Cleveland should be indorsed. He com- 
mends the stand he has taken and thinks 
the Sherman law will be repealed. 

Representative McGann, ot Illinois, 
was for the repeal of the Sherman act 
and with that out ot the way the passage 
of a sensible and broad-guaged statute. 
He would oppose free coinage because 
it would inevitably react upon the pro- 
ducing classes of ihat country. 

Representative Tucker, of Virginia, 
was in favor of repealing the Sherman 
law, but believed that an act something 
similar to the Bland-Allison bill should 
be the initial step toward refornj. 

Representative Alexander, of North 
Carolina, thought the proclamation pre- 
mature and the pressure which brought 
it about all onc'-sided. The Sherman 
law, he iaid, could have been repealed 
last session if S(>me compromise mea- 
sure could have been agreed upon. He 
wanted to relieve the agricultural dis- 
tricts from depreciation in land values 
and thought that a repeal of the tax on 
state banks would go far toward helping 
the South. 

Representative Grady, of North Caro- 
lina, Kgreed with his colleague and .also 
«:ontcnded that ifgcongress should de- 
monetize silver the states bad the right 
under the constitution to remonetizc it 
and he predicted that this would happen. 


Nine Put Themselves on Record in Favor of 

Chicago, July 1.— The Inter Ocean 

this morning publishecr the 

messages from United States senators in 

answer to a request for their opinions on 
the Sherman law: 

Beaver, Pa., June 30.— I will vote for 
the unconditional repeal of the Sherman 
law. (Signed) M. S. (^uay. 

Springfield, 111., June 30.— I sh.all 
vote for the repeal ot the ace known as 
the Sherman silver act. (Signed) M. S. 

Jamestown, N. D., June 30. — You ma\ 
quote me as saying 1 think the repeal of 
Sherman law of imperative importance. 
(Signed) Lyman R. Casey. 

Dubuque, la., June 30.— I expect to 
vote for the repeal of so much of the 
Sherman law, so called, as authorizes the 
monthly i>urchases of silver bullion. 
(Signed) VV. B. Allison. 

Oohkosh, Wis., June 30.— I am decid- 
edly cf the opinion that the so-called 
Sherman law should be repealed at once 
and 1 voted that way in the senate last 
winter. (Signed) P. Sawyer. 

Detroit, Mich., June 30.— 1 am in favor 
of the repeal of the bhenuan law ;ind 
will favor an amendment to allow the 
national banks to issue currencv on 
bonds at par. (Signed) James McMil- 

Helena, Mont.. June 30.— I do not favor 
the repeal without a satisfactory substi- 
tute. Chicago has derived much bene- 
fit from the silver producing West and 
should assist in securing silver \ 
legislation. (Signed) T. C. Power. 

Kal ima/:oo, Mich., June 30.— The so- 
called Slierman law should be repealed 
at the earliest possible day. Remove all 
fear of our purpose to pay our creditors 
in cheap silver and all will be well. 
(Signed) Francis I'. Stockl^ridge. 

Minneapolis, June 30. While individ- 
ually I think the importance of this law 
has been greatly exaggerated in connec- 
tion with the existing condition of things 

yet I feel that it should be repealed with- 
out delay. (Signed) W. D, VVahhburn. 

Devils Lake, N. !>., June 30.— It should 
i>e re|)ealed at once. The real cause of 
the trouble would then be revealed. 
(Signed) H. C. Hansbrt)ugh. 


Sccrclary Grcsiiam Says Posilivcly the Sher- 
man Law Is Doomed. 

Lndianai'olis, July i. -Walter Q- 
Gresham, secretary of state, was at the 
Bates house today. He has been visit- 
ing his mother in Harrison county and 
slopped over here to ;ee a few of his 
friends. It was the first time he has been 
in lndianapoll.<; since he became a mem- 
ber of President Cicvelarid's cabinet 
and his old associates gave him a cor- 
dial welcome. 

"I have not seen llic newspapers for a 
couple of d.ays-until t lis morning," said 
he to the reiircsentitive of the United 
Pre js, "and I do not kaow just what has 
been going on." 

"Have you seen tbn President Cleve- 
land has called congress to meet in ex- 
tra session on Angust 7?" 

"Yes, I have just noiiced that. I am 
very glad, indeed, th-it he has done so. 
I believe there was a general demand 
for a meeting of con< ress earlier than 
September and the ca.l, I think, will do 
much toward allaying the doubts that 
exist as to the outcome of the financial 

"Do you believe th:it congress will re- 
peal the Sherman act?" 

"1 certainly believe it will. I will say, 
too, that two weeks a^^o congress would 
not have repealed the act. I know 
v.hereof I speak when 1 say that." 

Secretary Gresharn refused to discuss 
ether questions that were suggested to 



President Cleveland Sjiimons Congrcs 
Meet on August 7. 
Washing TON, July i,— .\t 6 o'clock last 
evening the following proclamation was 

ExixuTiVE :\1ansion. / 
Washington, jane 30, 1893. i 

Whereas, The distrust and apprehen- 
sion concerning the financial situation 
whic'n pervades all business circles have 
already caused great less and damage to 
our people, and threaten to dripple our 
mercaants, stop the v,hccls of manufac- 
ture, bring distres.s an 1 privation to cur 
farmers and withhold from our wor'sing- 
men the wages of labc r; and, 

Whereas, Th.^ presjpt perilous condi- 
tion is largely the result of a financial 
policy which the executive branch of the 
government finds enibodies in uiuvise 
laws, which must be Executed until re- 
pealed bv congress; now, therefore, I, 
Grover Cleveland, Tjresident of the 
United States, in performance of 
a constitutional du^, do by Jthis 
proclamation, declare hat an cxtraordi- 
u.iry cccas'on requii s the convening if 
both houses of the congress of the United 
States at the capito'. ia the city ofJVVash- 
ingtr-n, on the 7th C< y'vi August next, at 
12 o'clr)ck noon, to the end that the peo- 
ple may be relieved through legislation, 
from present impending dangergand dis- 

All those entitled to act as irjeinbers of 
the Fifty-third congress are required to 
take notice of this procI.Tmaiion, and 
attend at the time and place above 

Given under my hand and seal of the 
United States at the city of Washington 
on the 30th day of June in the year of our 
Lord one thousand eight hundred and 
seventeenth. Gxdver Cleveland. 

lety -three, and ot the independence of 
; Lnited States the one hundred and 


An Important Victory by the Insurgents in 

New York, July i.— The Herald's 
Valparaiso, Chile, special says: The 
Herald's correspondent in Rivera reports 
that Gen. Saraiva has gained an im- 
portant victory for the cause of the revo- 
lutionists in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

A large body 01 Castilhistas under 
command of Gen. Nepa was entrenched 
in Uruguayana. Gen. Saraiva marched 
against the Castilhistas and the battle 
was fought near Uruguayana. The 
lighting lasted several hours during 
which many were killed, the Castilhistas 
being forced to retire. 

There has been a deal of lighting dur- 
ing the last fev/ days at various places in 
the southern part of Rio Grande do Sul. 
The engagements have generally resulted 
favorably for the insurgents. 


Ths Mining Industry in Colorado Is Para- 

Leadville.CoI., July I. — Every silver 
producing mine intliis district has closed 
down and it is not that any re- 
sumption will take place until a final 
settlement of the (juestion is reached and 
the market for silver becomes safee. 

Tliousandsof miners .are now idle with 
slight hope cf immediate relief. Oie 
teams have been turned to pasture and 
all industry m p;imlyzed. The six big 
smelteis are hastening the consumption 
of ore in their bins when all will close. 

Merchants are canceling orders for 
fall goods and preparations are every- 
where being made lor a season of idle- 


First Car of Ore Loaded at the Mountain Iron 

' Mountain Ikon, Minn., July i.— 
[Special to The Herald. J — The first car 
of ore was loaded yesterd.ay with the 
steam shovel of the Mountain Iron 
company. Time, 5 minutes. 

Closed its Doors. 
Four Worth, Tex., July i.— The Ex- 
change bank at low.a Park closed its 
tloors yesterday. The liabilities and as- 
sets are unknown here, but it is believed 
ihe depositors will l)e naid m full. A 
.^udden withdrawal of deposits caused 
the suspension. 

A False Report. 
San Antonia, July i. — The reported 
capture at Breckenridge yesterday of the 
three train robbers is untrue. The posse 
has not yet located the fugitives. 

Tf fFiCli 

Gossip As to the Reorgarii.!ation of the 
Senate and House Has Nuw Be- 
come General. 

It Is Universally Conceded That Charles F. 

Crisp, of Georgia. Will Again Wield 

the Gavel. 

James Kerr Will Be Continued as Cierk of 
the House— A Fight Over Door- 

Washington, July i.— The calling of 
congress in extra session is already evok- 
ing gossip as to the reorganization of 
both bodies. Such changes as are to be 
made in the official force of the senate. 
Including a new secretary and sergeant- 
at-anns, have .already been determined 
upon and the new officers will enter upon 
their duties and salaries when the senate 
meets. The only new face on the floor 
of the senate will be Mr. Stanford's suc- 
cessor, appointed by the governor of 
CaIiforni.a. The other senators were 
sworn in on March 5 last. 

A coriiplete re-organization of the 
house is involved, with many new mem- 
bers to t.ake their seats'. A new speaker, 
clerk, sergcant-at-arms, door-keeper and 
postmaster are to hi elected and brand 
new committees are to be appointed. 
This does not necessarily mean a change 
in the personnel of all these oftlcials, but 
it is quite in the bounds of probability 
that some of them maybe supplanted by 
new men. As to the sneakeisbip it is 
ii^nivcrsally conceded that Charles F. 
Crisp, of Ueorgia, will wield the gavel in 
the Fifty-third congress. There is no 
talk of oppoiitioa to him nor has there 
been any. 

As to the clerkship, it would seem that 
the present incumbent, James Kerr, of 
Pennsylvania, occupies almost if not 
quite as satisfactory a position as Judge 
Crisp. The patronage of his office .is 
ciuite extensive and some of the best paid 
positions in the house are within liis gift, 
such as the chief cler -c, the journal 'and 
assistant journal clerk, the reading 
clerks and a dozen others, who get all the 
w?.v from $\^yo to S3000 per year. 

Ex-Representntive Yoder, cf Ohio, 
who filled the office of sergeant-at-arms 
last time, will not get it again without a 
b.ittle. Another Buckeye man, .Sam E. 
Johnson, of the Cincinnati Enquirer, has 
announced bis candidacy for th.-it office. 
It is said that the Ohio delegation may 
f r.'ld ,' cor-ference and decide which of 
the two shall run, as it will be rather 
awkward for one state to present two 
cindidales for tlii same olace. But a:; 
Illinois man also has his eye on the 
place. He is Herman Vi'. Snotv, who 
was a member of the Fifty-second con- 
gress and it is said that the' Illinois dele- 
gation will work valiantly for his suc- 
cess. Mr. Snow is a man of means and 
was elected from a Republican district. 

There are entered for the office of 
door kecpci^Charles H. Turner, of New 
York, who held the position during the 
Fifiy-seco:-:d congress; Edwin B. Smith, 
of 7'exas, at present superintendent cf 
the clerks document room, and possibly 
Thomas Jefferson Coaklcy, of New York, 
a special employe of the last house. As 
Turner and Coakley are both Tammany 
Hall men, it will be the province of Chief 
Richard Croker to say which make the 

The indications are that Smith, who is 
a well known newspaper man, v.-ill get a 
large .southern and western support. The 
office of doorkeeper is important in that 
it controls the largest amount of patron- 
age in the house. There are over 130 
positions that this official can distribute 
among the congressmen vho supported 
hirii ranging from $900 to §.1000. 

The last of the places is the postcffice, 
which is filled <at present by Lycurgus 
Dalton of Indiana. No candidate for his 
job has yet appeared nor is any likely 
to appear. Mr. Dalton was also pose- 
master of the Fift'eth congress. 

Mr. McMillan, of Tennessee, it is said, 
has been selected as the floor leader of 
the Democracy, and Mr. Wilson, of 
West Virginia, will be chairman of the 
committee on ways and means, Fucceed- 
ing Mr. Springer. It is not generally 
thought that Mr. Holman v/ill be reap- 
pointed chairman of the committee on 

Mr. Savers, of Texas, is fre(iuentlyand 
earnestly mentioned as the next chair- 
man of this important committee, as is 
also Mr. Dockery, of Missouri. Mr. 
Tarsney, of that state, has been making 
itrong running for the pension chairman- 
ship, and at latest .idvices had no pub- 
licly announced opponent. 

A Horrible Accident. 

Hamilton, O., July i.- -Yesterday af- 
ternoon just previous to .a balloon .ascen- 
sion a bucket of gasoline exploded, 
throwing the burning oil on a score or 
m.ore of the spectators. Willie Keys, 8 
years old, was so badly burned that be 
will die, ar.d the 6-year-old son of George 
Compton was fatally burned. In sev- 
eral instances the clothes of the unfor- 
tunate victims were literally burned 
from their bodies. 

Talk of Bloodshed. 

Dknvkr, July I.— Tlie First National 
bank of Rico closed its doors yesterday 
because of a run. Matters are decidedly 
critical for the miners are excited and 
talk wildly of bloodshed. Those dis- 
missed from work were paid with checks 
on the bank and they are chamoring for 
coin. All business firms have shut 

De Lesscps Is Worse. 

Paris, July I. — The st.atement is pub- 
lished that Count Ferdinand DejLesseps, 
whose health has l)een failing for a long 
lime, has snd(|en'.y become worse. Much 

anxiety is felt regarding his condition. 

(I . 

A Crisis in Peru. 
New York, I Julv i.— The Herald's 
Lima, Peru, sjiecial says: The fall in 
the price of silver has produced a finan- 
cial and commercial crisis in Peru. 
Business is paralyzed. The rate of ex- 
change is 21 pence. 


.... ■■-ii«i 





A Buffalo Man's View of the Situation in 

Chkyenn'i;, Wyo., July i.— Mayor C. 
H. Burritt, of Buffalo, Wyo., spent sev- 
eral days in Denver endeavoring to 
ascertain just v/hatthe feeling of the 
Colora<lo nine owners is in regard to the 
outlook fo • silver. In an interviev/ Mr. 
Burritt sail: 

"Although the owners of the mines 
and tnining men liave given notice that 
the mines m Colorado will be closed 
down and thus several thous;ind men 
thrown ott of employment, 1 'lo not 
believe it \.-ill be done. ' 'i"l;e silverpro- 
ducers art: «.imi)Iy endeavoring to liluff 
tl'.e J':ast. While in Color.ado I made a 
special effort to get the opinion of .is 
many mining men as posi'oie and with 
o.".e ticcorc they told me that they would 
continue to operate their mines even it 
the price cf silver went as lew as 50 cent; 
an ounce. 

"Should the mines be closed down it 
would onl) be temporary and be done 
for the pui pose o! threatening the bi- 
ir.etalists i i the East ir^ the iaterest? of 
free coina:;!. The silver producers 
propose to improve the opportuuity 
to advanc e the cause of the white 


Had Learne 

n.orning a 
f.'om Siou> 
ago, was a 

who said h 
she was of 
make an c 

When ta 
said her n 
said she w 
Minor son: 
from there 
her busbar 
wards lear 
b.and had t 
w.TS not 
thought s 

"I do no 
"I want to 
she wantec 
was ar>es 
When told 
straight, g; 
her hand .^ 


I Thai the Man She Marrieii 
Two Other Wives. 

i, Iowa, JuV 1.— Yesterday 

young woman who came here 

City, Iowa, about two months 

rrested. A young man here 

e thought he knew her, said 
a good family end wanted to 
Sort to have her returned 

ken lo the station house she 
ame was Bessie Minor, she 
IS married to a man named 
e time ago in Minnesota, and 
thev moved to Iowa, where 
d deserted her. She after- 
ned tliat her supposed hus- 
wo other wives. She said she 
.he woman the young man 
le was, but she was kin to 

: want to go home," she said, 
stay here." She was asked if 
I to go back to the house she 
xd in, she said, "yes, I do." 
then to go, she set her hat 
ithered her trailing skirt in 
nd walked out of the station 

susfENSior; of operations. 

Nearly Ail tl c Silver Mines in New atexico 
Are Closed. 

Silver Zity, N. M., July i.— The sud- 
den drop in the price of silver hascaused 
the suspension of operations in practic- 
.ally all the silver mines in New I^lexico. 
The mines at Georgetown, Lone Moun- 
tain and Hanover were closed down yes- 

Less tha a a half dozen mines which 
produce si ver alone can be operated in 
the territory with silver at its present 
price, and these mines employ but few 
men. Def nite inform.ition has not been 
received from the Mogollan district as 
to whether the mines there will be 
closed doi^n or not. The product cf the 
mines is about 35 per cent gold and 65 
per cent siiver. 

Mining operators here are of the 
,opiaion th;it the mines wilt have to clos-e 
down. Net m.ore than half of the silver 
mines in the territory have been in oper- 
ation this ■s ear, but the closing down of 
the remaining ones will be a serious 
blov.' to the mining interests of the terri- 
tory and will reduce the total output of 
the mines it least 40 per cent. Most cf 
the gold pioducing districts will not be 
affected seriously, as the proportion of 
silver in the ore is small. 


A Twin City 

Wed ne 3d a 
able to ovc 
will open a 
shape than 
tioned it tc 
by it. _ 

The 1 irs 
and the H; 
York, its ci 
tend its en 
of the dcp 

Loan and Trtfst Company Out of 


POLis, July I.— The St Paul & 

IS Trust company, which on 

*f closed its doors, has been 

rcome its embarrassment and 

'.lin Monday morning in belter 
before. Its depositors peti- 
resume and agreed to stand 

t National bank, of Chicago, 
mover National bank, of New 
)rrespondents, agreed to ex- 
dit and honor its drafts. Many 
ositcrs have increased their 


A Woman's Dress Caught in a Revolving 
.July I. — As Mrs. Jane Hugcs, 
ron, Mich., stepped from the 
; to the deck of the steamer 
lis morning her dress caught 

ir.g shaft on deck and was 
ght that her body was caught 
t and sent spinning through 

hinery was stopped as quickly 
but not before she had re- 
re internal injuries from the 
hirh she died shortly aftcr- 
. Elizabeth's hospital. 

of Port Hu 
gang ])lanl 
Edwards tl 
in a revoh 
drawn so ti 
by the shal 
the air. 

The mac 
as possible 
ceivcd sev( 
effects ot w 
wards at Si 

, ;;und.r/ Closing Case. 

Chicagc, Jula !.— Ju'lge Jenkins left 
today for his home in Milwaukee, taking 
with him tl e briefs in the .'Sunday clos- 
ing case brought by Wanamaker vc 
Brown. It is probable that he will re- 
serve his d<.*cision until next Fr id. ay when 
he is exi)ecle:l to return to this city, but 
it is barely possible that be may send his 
decision back in time to be read here 
next Monday. 

f 7ade a Special Aqent. 

Washin(;t(<n, 1). C, July 1. Charles 
H. Maginii 5, the young man who was 
appointed special agent of the land office 
ye.-tcrdav, is a son of C. P. Maginnis, late 
register of ' he Duluth land office. He 
was selected by Ccmini'sioner Lochren 
for chief of division in the pension <\rice, 
but for some reason the appointment 
was never made. 

His Acccunts Short. 
Nev," Yor.K. luly 1.— John Weiss, grand 
treasurer oi the Ordeii Gcrmania, one of 
• he largest German benevolent organi- 
zations in this state, is missing and his 
accounts are said to be $5200 shoK. 


Bill King, of Minneapolis, and Two New 

Yor.k State Men Have Started an 

Important Suit. 

They Have Begun an Action A^airt^t Sena- 
tor Squire, of Washingtwi, !o Re- 
cover Two Miliionc. 

They Claim That He Sold Property That 

Was Held In Trust For a 


to the 

of the 

New York, July i.— A special 
Sun fioai Rochister, N. Y., says: 
plaint has just been served in an 
in the supreme coyrt of Monroe 
against .Senator Watson Squire, 
state of Washington, to recover the sum 
of ?.2,o: 0,000. The plaintiff; are Wiiliatn 
S. King, of Mime-ipolis, and Floyd C. 
Shep:ird and Phil 0.=gocd, of lli<>n, N. Y, 

The c'ontention is that the plaintiffs, 
with the late Philo Remington and John 
N. Goodwir,*of llinn, formed a 5vndica.c 
and purchased a large amount of 
es'a'.c on 'he proposed line of the North- 
ern Pacific railroad in and about the 
present city of Seattle, Wash., in 1S71. 

For purposes of seilir'g, the complain- 
ant alleges, the property was placed in 
Remington's hancis by quit claim deed on 
trust for ths syndicate and that in 1876 
Remington gave -a warr.anty deed for the 
entire property to his «Jon-in-law, the 
present Senator Squire, of Washington. 

It is alleged that Squire sold a part of 
the property, knowing of the trust char- 
acter of the transfer to Remiiigtoa by the 
syndicate. Now they ask for an account- 
ing for lands seld arid transferred and of 
that remaining unsold. The prope.-ty 
comprises many valuable parcels in the 
b.".st portion of Seattle and vicinity. 


A Siartiir.g Summons Received From the Czar 
of Russia. 

Chicago, July i.— Alexander, czir cf 
Russia, sent a message to his subjects at 
die World's fair yesterday that was as 
startling as it v^-as unexpectea. It was a 
peremptory order to Russia's army and 
navy contingent at Jackson park, doing 
du'.y there ia connection with the Rus- 
sian exhibits, to return to their crwn coun- 
try at once. 

W hat the true significance cf such 
ord?:r may be no one could siy, or if he 
could he would not. That it was tot.aliy 
uncxpect-:d was plainly .-.pparent. This 
inihtary Uctachaaent had made arrai.KC- 
ments to stay at the fair untd its clo?e, 
.ind when the orders for its immediate 
return came yesterday there was net a 
Russian oliticcr or dignitary on the ground 
who was not amazed. 

Capt. Martevago would net venture an 
opinion as to what it all meant. The 
other officers also had absolutely nothing 
to say on the subject even if they knew 
what the c:iar's mandate portended. 


The Blame For the Calamity Reported On by 

Admiral Karkham. 

London, July j. — Important dis- 
patches have been received at the ad- 
miralty otrice from Rear Admiral Albert 
H. Markham, in which it is said he 
places the blame for the disaster which 
befell the battleship \'icloria where, in 
his opinion, it belongs. 

The admiralty officials refuse to di- 
vulge the contents of these telegrams to 
the press until after the court martial 
shall have been held at Portsmouth to 
ascertain every fact connected with the 
loss of the battleship. 

Every t ffort is being directed at Malta 
to keep in seclusion the survivors of the 
disaster who arrived there yeiterdayand 
to prevent them from t-ilking abcut the 
coUiiion. The governme:~.t wdl be ques- 
tioned in the house of commons on Mon- 
day as to the rerisons for this attempt to 
maintain secrecv. 


on a 

Four Ken Arrosisd in Pennsylvania 
Serious Charge. 

MoRRisviLLE, Pa., July r.— Charles 
Klockner, George Bishop, Charles Wol- 
pert and Frank L'mstead of Fallsington, 
near here, were held in S500 bail each 
yestertlay, on a charge of ass:iulting 
Hannah Chailts, aged 30 years, and cov- 
ering her with lampblack. 

Five masked men broke into her room 
where the plaintilT was entertaining 
J.ames M. Ne.1l. The latter was severely 
beate.i. The accused declare they arc 
innocent, and have retained ex-Con- 
gressman Y«rd!e and State Senator 
George Ross to defend them. 


Fourteen Men Injtired in an Accident on ihe 

Canadian Paciric. 

WiNNiPEO, Man., July i.— A special to 

the Tribune from Port Arthur savs: 

While a Canadian Pacific ballast train 

was backing up near Kassport last night 

they struck a hand car and five flat cars 
were piled up. Fourteen men were 
badly hurt. Conductor Potch not being 
expected to recover. Six of the injured 
were brought here. 

Heir to Half a Million. 

Shamokin. P.a.. July i.— William Ra- 
shorc, of this city, received word yester- 
day that he fallen heir to ^500.000 by 
the recent death of John Lick, of observ- 
atory fame. The latter is an uncle of 

Killed by a Runaway. 

.St. Lot IS, July i.— Last night while 
Mrs. Christian Haas and her daughter 
were driving on Twelfth street near Bid- 
die the hnr=c became frightened and ran 
away. Mrs. Haas was thrown violently 
to the ground and instantly killed. The 
d.aughter had her left arm broken and 
shoulder dislocated. 






Outlook For the Gun Club Tournament at 

Spirit Lake Next Week is 


Everything Promises Well For the July 

Meeting at the Driving Park -Other 

Sporting Notes. 

And all 

ought to 

uiacle it 

the men 

George Curtis lost a match to Harry 
Comstock ;it the I'arlor theuter last 
night by losing his grip on a handker- 
chief at a critical moment, 
through it seemed as though it 
be Curtis' match too. which 
rather disappointing. When 
stepped into the ring a general smile 
passed around the theater. Comstock 
looked biki enough to eat Curtis, without 
sauce or dressing. He admitted that he 
weighed about 200 pounds and Curtis 
gave his weight as about 140, so it is fair 
lo presume the difference between 
was about 60 pounds 


was in 

excellent condition; he always is. Com- 
■tock was too and lacked in wind 
what he gained in weight. He did not ap- 
pear very clever at first, but as the match 
progressed showed that he made of 
the "light stutt and never missed a chance 
to land his man. Christie Murphy was 
chosen referee. 

The first round wascatchas-catch-can. 
Curtis seemed disposed to do most of the 
work and Comstock was willing that he 
should. Pretty soon tne big fellow was 
breathmg pretty hard, but there was 
plenty of him left yet, and just as every- 
body began to think Curtis had the bout, 
Comstock put the favorite on his shoul- 
ders with a tuU Neison in I5,vi minutes. 
In the second bout, collar and elbow in 
jackets, three points down.Curtis showed 
his very clever foot work and landed the 
Michigan boy in 5,'; minute?. The third 
bout was side hold, Comstock conceding 
to Curtis tht; under hold, but with the 
left hand. This gave Curiis an advant- 
age, but not enough it seems, for in i '4 
niiimtes Curtis to save himself loosed his 
hold on the ring and was defeated ac- 
cording to the rules. T*^ ; men may get 
together again next -.vcck. 

iBun Club rournament. 
On Tuesdav, July 4. the tirst annual 
tournament of the Central Gun club will 
open and continue for two uays, July 4 
and 5. The complete program and list 
of all prizes and events was published in 
The Herald of last Saturday and there 
is but little to be added except to say 
that every day has brought increased as- 
surance of a brilliant sr.ccess. A num- 
ber of crack shooters will come from out- 
side. Among those who have signified 
their intention of coming are: Messrs. 
Geneva and Hamlin, of Minneapolis; W. 
R. Burkhard and H. C. Lawrence, of St. 
Paul: \V. J, Bain, of Bjainerd, and Louis 
Lang, of Two Harbors. AH are good 
shots and have been prominent in tour- 
naments heretofore. 

The shooting in regular events will 
commence at 9:30 o'clock every morning 
and 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Ameri- 
can Shooting association rules will gov- 
ern. Trains will leave the Union depot 
for the grounds at 5:20 and 8:50 a. m.and 
1:30 and 5 p. m. each day. From West 
Superior at g a. m. and i :40 p. m. 
The Club's Medal Shoot. 
The Central Gun club had its first 
shoot for medals on Thursd.ay afternoon. 
The club medal which will belong to the 
man who wins it three successive times 
was captured by Joseph Dodge. Twen- 
ty-five birds rapid firing system, were 
shot at. Dodge's score was 19. J. W. 
Nelson won the Hulberg Bros, medal 
with a score of 9 out of a possible 15 at 
unknown angles. In the sweepstakes, 
20 birds, rapid firing system, Neison was 
highest with 14 birds. The medals will 
be contested for on the last Thursday of 
each month. 

The July Race Meeting. 
Secretary Jones has not got the list of 
entries for the Duluth Driving Park as- 
sociation's July meeting in such shape as 
vet so that it can be printed, but it will 
be very scon. The list of horses entered 
is an excellent one and gives promise of 

plenty of sharp contests and exciting 
finishes. The secretary came up Thurs- 
day evening and a meeting of the di- 
rectors was held. He urged upon them 
the necessity of building more stalls, the 
number of horses coming being so large 
that present accommodations are inade- 
quate. The directors authorized the 
construction of more stalls ;md work will 
be commenced on them al once. 

The track i^ in fine shape and has 
been workeil over until it couUl not be 
better. There has been just enough of 
rain to lay it well and constant care and 
attention has been given. There is not 
now a better half mile course in the 
Northwest. The greatest interest of the 
meeting will probably center in the 
derby, the 3-niilc dash. The entry is 
only $50 and the purse is S1500. Many 
local horses will start in this. All the 
classes will be well tilled and there will 
be no scarcity of horses, but rather a sur- 
plus if anything. 

Interest in the Boat Race. 

There was great interest in Duluth 
among college men over the Yale-Har- 
vard boat race yesterday, and each of 
the famous universities had its favorites. 
Quite a number of bets were made and 
there were some very tired Harvard 
men in Duluth when it was learned that 
the crimson was beaten. The ball'game 
between the Yale and Harvard teams in 
New York todny is also attracting great 
attention, and the Harvard men will 
have their spirits raised a trifle should 
the blue go down before the crimson. 
Some Minor Notes. 

West Superior people are arranging a 
list of Fourth of July sports to be given 
at the Driving Park there and among the 
events proposed is a cricket match with 
Duluth. The Sons of St. George here 
are trying to get a club together to play 
the West Superior people and will prob- 
ably succeed. Duluth has a number of 
men »vho have been first class cricketers 
in their day and arc as enthusiastic as 

An effort is being ma<lc to arrange a 

f»icnic and scries of Caledonian games 
or the Fourth of July at the Driving 
Park grounds at Woodland. All kinds 
of games will be contested and cash 
prizes given. 

The oaseball clubs are practicing con- 
slaiitlv and are getting in good shape. 
Several games will be played on the 


A Laughable Incident That Happened to 
Fishing Party at a Knife River 

Cashier Mclntyre's Lake Tront Too Large 

For the Tank One Fish's Sad 



of the Superior Medicine, 
the standard 



Its long record 
assures you that what 
has cured others 

will cure you 

He Quit the Fight With Johnson in the Sixth 


Mi.NNEAJ'OLis, July I.— The contest 

between Charley Johnson, the St. Paul 

welter weight, and Billy Hawkins, the 

light weight of West Superior, before the 

Twin City Athletic club at Minneapolis 
last evening, ended very unsatisfactorily 
in the sixth round. 

Hawkins was the .aggressor in all the 
rounds and did some clever work. He 
got in clean hits on Johnson's face a 
number of times with his full strength 
and twice floored him. Johnson, how- 
ever, took his blows easily and only 
laughed. This evidently discouraged 
Hawkins and in the sixth round he pulled 
cff his gloves and got outside the ropes. 

His only excuse was that Johnson 
fouled him by hugging him. The referee 
decided that there was no foul and award- 
ed the match to Johnson. The crowd 
was much disgusted at Hawkins' conduct 
and hissed him roundly. 

Carroll and McAulifte. 
Chicago, July i. — Jimmy Carroll, who 
won the lightweight championship of the 
world by defeating Samuel Blaytoclc, 
and who has claimed the lightweight 
championship ever since, has been 
matched to fight Jack McAuliffe by the 
Columbian Athletic club in October. 

Baseball Yesterday. 


Pittsburg 1(5 

IJrooklja :i2 

Ck'vc'.aiid 5 

I'hiiadelpliia.. tt 

flucinnati 5 

Washington ...11 

n. K. B. 

10 4 (^hjonffo 9 

IS 9 Now York 5 

10 St. Louis a 

y 1 HoBton IS 

9 6 Louisvilio . 

1;{ 2 Haltimore . 




How They Stand. 






ISaittfcore ... 

■M 18 N'pwYork... 

^i Louis ... 









. 25 

. 25 

. 24 

. 22 

. 20 

. 10 


A Prominent Ohio Merchant Suicided 



Dfi. L. L. CAEKEB. 

Stricken Down with Heart Disease. 

J>r. Mile^ Medical Co., Elkhart, Jnd. 

Oevti.emf.n : I fcel it my duty, as well a? o 
plcaauro. to publish, unsolicited, to tho world the 
beaeflt received from pw. MrLcc- HccTosr.Tive 
,1(3 I was Btncken down with Ucart 
te aiid iUconiplicuUon?, a rapid puLse vary- 
rn 80 to HO bciit3 per minute, a cholclnK or 
burning sensation In tbe wLad pipe, opprc-jJon 


Klon of the hcsart and below lower rib, paJn In the 
•rma, shortness of breath, slccplossnets, weakneM 
•nd eeneral deruUty. The arteries in my necK 
would throb violently, the throbbing of my bears 
could b« heard aeroea a largo room and woiua 
Bbake my whole body. *! was bo uer/oua that I 
could not hold niy hand bteody. I havejnen 
mnditr tha treatment of eminent phuMicionK, 
and have tak<n fjaiUms of Patent Medieina 
wUftout the l<-ai,t benefit. A friend recom- 
mondcd yonr remedies. 8ho was cured by Dr. 
Miles' reniedita I have taken ^^j H ^ E!" ^ 
threo bottlea of your NewL^LJKtW 
Heart Cure and f.-o botllea 7^^ ' \T^~Z, 
Nervine. Mv pulse Is normal, I have no more 
Tlo'.tmt throbbing of the heart, 1 »«i * well mah. 
Ibioeerely nx-ouiuiond every one with fcyraptoma 
of Heart Disease to ««*« J*r. Miles' liatora,- 
pl^» H>nnr,tiea and ba cured. ^.-„_„ 

Gypetua City, Kans. ^ - L>. ca h m m *. 

Sold on a Fositlve Ouarautee. 

FOR 6ale by all DKUaaiSTS 


Cincinnati, July i. — George Craw- 
ford, president of the Crawford Mill & 
Lumber company, before daybreak yes- 
terday morning committed suicide by 
taking poison. This he did to avoid the 
disgrace of an on the charge of 
forgery. To avoid the threatened finan- 
cial crash Mr. Crawford forged at least 
two notes. 

A warrant for Crawford's arrest on that 
charge was issued Thursday night at the 
instigation of Rcnesch & Co., but action 
on it was deferred until yesterday on 
Crawford's earnest pica that he would 
settle the matter then. The supposition 
is he endeavored to raise money to ex- 
tricate hinuelf and, failing, resorted to 

A deputy sheriff at once levied on the 
property of the Crawford company, tak- 
ing possession of the two concerns. 
Crawford was one of the leading lumb,;r 
merchants in Ohio. 


Go to the picnic at Lester Park, July 
4. Good refreshment stand on the 

Art Studio Keuiovod. 
The art studio of Feodor v 
has been removed from the 
block to more commodious <|uartcr> in 
rooms I and 2 IVirier buildirg at No. 8 
East Superior street. Mr. Lucrzer is an 
artist cf renown and will, beginning in a 
short time, in connection with his .studio, 
open an art school ior the puii)oseo{ 
instructing patrons in piinting and draw- 
ing. To any one desirous of taking instruc- 
tions this will prove a rare opportunitv, 
and by calling at the studio can obtain 
further information. 

"My little boy was very bad o6f for 
two months with diarrhaa. We used 
various medicines, also called in two 
doctors, but noihing done him any good 
ur.til we used Chamberlain's Colic, 
Cholera and Diarrhaa remedy, which 
gave immediate relief and soon cured 
him. I consider it the best medicine 
Huide and can conscicnluniily recom- 
mend it to ail who need a diarrhd-a or 
colic medicine, J. F. ll.Trc, Trenton, 
Tex. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by 

Sunday Excursion. 
Excursion to Two Harbors Sunday 
afternoon on the Ossifrage, tickets, $i. 00. 

Where to spend the glorious Fourth 
and crowd the greatest amount of fun 
and recreation ail into one short sum- 
mer's day will be the question with many 
who wait for this day of days to enjoy 
again the fun of being in the woods and 
on the water. Td those who have only 
their own enjoyment to look alter a trip 
to the near-by tnmt streams will afford 
them the pleasure they seek. To those 
who wish to take their families out for a 
d.iy's enjoyment in the open air the 
places are many that are of- 
fered. Nearest and best known is Spirit 
Lake, easily reache«l by the Short Line 
trains. The gun club's tournament will 
bring the crowds here but there is room 
for all and picnic parties can enjoy tlic 
day uaaisturbed by the booming guns. 

The morning train will carry many to 
Prcnch river. Knife river, and Two 
Harbors, up the Iron Range, affording 
a full day's enjoyment and an early re- 
turn in the ev'eniiig. 

The regular Norihein Pacific trains 
v.ill enable those who wish to spend the 
day at Dcerwood to go Monday after- 
noon and return Tuesday evening if 
they it is tjuite likely that a 
special train will be run to Dcerwood. 

The regular trains will afford easy 
means of reaching Brule and the trout 
streams down the Umaha, where large 
suings are being caught. The enter- 
prising liverymen who run a comfortable 
'bus to Pike lake afford, fishermen and 
picnic parlies another intercstmg resort. 
Theic are good lish in Pike lake and 
many of them have not yet learned to 
shun the deceptive trolling spoon and 
good sport can be had. As a camping 
place this little lake is destined to bt- 
c>)me popular. 

« 4. « 

The great interest taken in the Gun 
club's shoots has kept the arglers in 
town this week. 

* * * 
TThe Nautilus returned Monday from 

a very pleasant trip down the north 
shore and Ule the Royale circuit. Among 
the p.arty were l>. F. Howard, J. K. Hay- 
nie, F. H. Patrick, K. F. Fitzgerald, J. A. 
Ferguson, Thomas Smith, H. M. Myers 
and D. H. Bacon. They reported good 

* * » 

J. C. Howard returned from college 
this week, bringing his chum, J. A. Mcll- 
vaine, of Pennsylvania, with him, and 
they will put in the next few weeks on 
tlie trout streams whose pleasures Jay 
has well advertised during his sojourn in 
tire East. 

* * * 

Cashier Mclntyre received a lot of 
young Rainbow trout from the fish 
hatchery the other day to put in his 
aquarium at the Ideal. 'The lake trout 
he has raised were getting too big for the 
tink and were given their freedom and 
dumped into Lake Superior, but one of 
them at least was bound to return. The 
next day a lish peddler came around 
with a basket cf hcrrin^g caught near the 
canal and among his fish was one of 
Mac's lake trout, easily recognized by 
bis sore eye. Mac's feelings can be 
imagined over this sad end to his old 

* •!• * 

Anglers who have been up Knife 
river as far as the old logging camp 
known as No. 2 may have noticed a 
shanty, or rather the remains of one, 
t::anding on the bank near the ruins of 
what was once a log house. They may 
have jiassed the night under its shelter 
r.U unconscious of a story it could tell if 
t'le weather-beaten boards and poles 
could speak. What might have been a 
tragedy but turned out only a Laughable 
incident happened here to a fishing party 
two years ago. Three of us bad waded 
up the river and built our camp here. 
We were fortunate enough to find plenty 
of boards around the abandoned legging 
ramp and had made such a cosy shelter 
from the cold night winds that we christ- 
ened the place "Camp Comfort," and 
buch its name has been ever since. The 
second evening spent here will be one long 
remembered by one of the paJty at least. 
Two of the trio had gone up the river in- 
tending to return after dark by following 
tae woodsmen's old trails along the bank 
from one camp to another. 

The lone watcher left at the camp 
grew lonesome as the shadows deepened 
:.nd the others came I'.ot. As the hours 
went by Lis feelings csn be imagined. 
The fite was fed with great logs and 
brush to light the way for the wanderers 
if they should chance lo see its gleaming 
through the trees. Supper was made 
ready, for wcU he knew tliey would be 
half starved, but the long hours went by 
rnd rooming came, but no signs of the 
lost ones. vVith a fear at his heart ihnt 
both were drowne<l, lost in the trackltss 
woods on the north side of the stream 
treed by a bear or bad met some acci- 
(fent, the Idiic watcher started on the 
bark trail for Caj)!. Andersen's to get 
help to find his conip.^nions. 

His '_leeDless night of anxiety and fears 
h.Td made him weak dizi.y and scon 
he slipped on the stones in tlie river bed 
.- nd received a bad sprain. Limping 
(Sown stream as best he could about five 
miles, and when just about wishing his 
bones were lying alongside of those of a 
dter's that were bleaching on a sand b?r 
half way down the river, he was over- 
joyed to see ahead of him an angler cast- 
ing with a knowing air into the pools 
1 nown only to that particular three lone 
fishermen, two of whom were supposed 

ered and simply struck out for some- 
where. They had the good luck to come 
out at the along towards morn- 
ing .and ie.ich(d Capt. Anderson's in 
time for breakfast and, after a good 
sleep, started back to Camp Comfoit (I) 
to ])nng l)ack their packs and pay ttie 
last sad rites to their companion, whom 
they supposed had been eaten up by 
mosquitos after having died of fright. 

On the return trip they got lost .again and 
when they did :,'et back to Knife island 
where the rest of the party were en- 
camped they had 
covering the soiree of 
tiiok all summer," and 
Louis county will not 
their account jtist yet. 
ending to what might have been farfrom 
fun had they not been lost on the right 
side of the river. 

The tug Mystic, which has taken out 
several parties of anglers this season, is 
being put in shape for the Isle Royale 
circuit by Alderman Helm, the owner. 

— ■ — — ■ I a ■ I — 


enough of "dis- 
Knife river if it 
the map of St. 
be changed on 
It was a happy 

Tho Latest Doings in the Suburb Up the 

New Duluth, Minn., July i.— [Spe- 
cial to The Flerald.]— Miss Boone of 
Ohio, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wal- 

Miss Nash has. returned from Minne- 

An excursion party from Duluth came 
to town Thursday evening and remained 
a short time. 

An inf.ant of Mr. and Mrs. Middlcton 
was buried at Fond du Lac Sunday. 

Joe P>rick and friend ol Smiths ville, 
called on friends Monday. 

Will Stevenson returned from Wiscon- 
sin where he hrd been working. 

Mrs. Mclhoru's pupils of Duluth, West 
Duluth and New Duluth, had a picnic 
at Woodland Thursday. 

George Tupper has purchased the 
flour and feed store of W. Day. 

Max YoUins'.ein returned from Vir- 
ginia City on Sunday. 

Messrs. Day and O'Lcary have re- 
turned from a business trip on the Mes- 
aba range. 

Master Lesten Dodd of Wisconsin, is 
visiting Harry Biscovnett. 

J. Crowley of West Duluth, spent Sun- 
day at his home. 

Mr. F^hroner is on a business trip in 
Wisconsin for the Atlas brass works. 

The wonderful cures of thousands of 
people— they tell the story of the merit 
of Hood's Saisaparilla. Hood's 

CURES. 12 

Smoke the World Beater 

A 10 cent cigar for 5. Sold only by A. 
Hauslaib, First Bank building. 


Suitable Prcinises For Wholesalers and Kianu- 
Property known as Central dt^k prop- 
perty on Lake avenue, extending back to 
No. I slip, is for rent at reasonable terms. 
Apply to W. G. Park, No. 347 Lake 
avenue south. 

» -■---■■- — 

Dr. Speer & Co. do as they promise in 
their ad for pile treatment on page 11. 

Telephone Lutes' 
your washing. 

laundry to call for 

Wo Keep Timo 

With the music. Look at the hall racks 
and siileboards, and the right prices, not 
the discount, sell them. 

Bloeuel & Ebeling, 
18 and 20 Lake .avenue north. 

Son of Harry K 


With r 


Ruby, of Columbia, P.i., 

From Birth 

ro Forni of 



On the Road to Success. 

I-I UHAN existence is, after all, 
* * tortuoui] country road, with 







" ' f«t'.i 



very like a 
slopes to 
clitiib and v.illcys to leisurely travel, with here 
green I'.e'.ds (A plenty to enjoy and there marsh 
lands of temptation and danger to avoid, and 
with crossroads and "four corners'' every now 
and tluMt to confuse and possibly to mislead the 
traveler. Some of us fail to climb the hills, 
some fall asleep in the valleys, and still others 
wander off and are lost in the marsh's morass- 
es; but to t!ic f^reat majority of mankind the 
crossroads arc tlie only dilhcult points to be 

"What studies will I take.'" asks the 
school child. 

"What trade or professio;i will I follow?'^ 
says the youth. 

"How can 1 best win success.'" says the 

Tiicse are the crossroads we all encounter, 
and these arc the places where most of us go 
=^ astra}'. 

I Blessed is the man who chooses the prop- 

U cr path at these various junctions. "Luck" 
; /j may have been his guide, and his less fortunate 
./ neighbors are prone to say so, but investigation 
1/^ and experience teach that the only reliable 
helps at these dilBcult points are — knowledge 
and work. 

Knowledge is a burden to no one. Like 
the air you breathe, your knowledge proves its 
existence, not by apparent weight and color, 
but by its effect. How often have 3011 found 
the information you acquired by casual obser- 
vation or study to be of great specific advan- 
tage in a crisis v.hose possibility you had not 
dreamed of when you acquired that knowledge. 
Then, if knowledge is to be your guide in 
the pathway of life, is it not worth your while 


to secure the greatest, the best source of human knowledge extant, when that source 
American enterprise, placed within your 

is, by 


The child will find matter to inUresl his : ilUe mind and give him food for thoughtalong 
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cal information to enable him wisely to C'.ooso his life work, and the adult will have his 

DOM OF THE V/ORLD concentrated. It should be in every home, 
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to be lost. Soon another party came 
irdii.nd the Ixnd, his form more fainilinr, 
Imt neither looking as il ihcv had been 
iDSt in the woods all night. A nearer ap- 
pro.icb proved thtni to ho the lost couple. 
i\fter a hearty lau^'.li all round explana- 
tions followed. 
It turned out that they had started back lo 
camp after dark, followed one blind path 
after anolhtr until they became bewild- 

" Until my boy was .s'.x (»f atjo lio was 
from birlli a tt-iTiblj^ !-ui:>r<T from scrofu- 
lous lininor. .Soros v>nul<l a!>i)."nr on liim and 
spread until a » ii^av«»^ sta n »«»llnr ;iii(l then 
dlscliarRC. follov.ed by oLIrts, so tliattlie lnrj,'pr 

Fijirt of his bO(iv w:i3 onp niii»ii of rtorrn all 
lie time. ivMn'i'iiillv iiovoiv oa hi? Ic^'i ami li.trk 
of his oars and unhU head. Tliu humor had a 
very offensivo otior, and caused 

Intense Itching 

VTe cannot tcU liow that i>oor boy suffered la 
all those years. I'liysiei lus did not rlTect & 
cure. At last I do -idotl to plrc him Hood's 
Sarsaparilla, as my tlruKRlsl recommended 
It In about two weeks tlio Hjirsaparilla began 
to have ellect. Tlic .soroi commenced to heal 
up; the flesh becaii to look more and 
healthy. Tiien tlip seiiles came off and all over 
his bodv new and beallliy tU-ili and skin formed. 
When lie bad tn'.icii two bottles he was entirely 
free from sores, bavins only tJio Hears to show 
where they ba«l b-en. Tl'ese Irive all dlsap- 
pean-d. V.'e an; uiuibk* tj o:.pre.s3 our thanks 
for Uie good 

Hood's Sai&apafilla 

has done our little J>oy." Hakiiv K. Ruby, 
Box 350, Columliia, renusylvan.a. 


nearly exhausted. All persons 

HOOD'S PILliS cure Constlfatloii Uf restor- 
ing tbe peristaltic action ol tbo alimcutury cuuat. 

The 400 Sets reserved for our Dulu'Ji friends are 
wishing to avail themselves of this special olTer must 


As our Encyclopi^dia Ofllce in Duluth will 

Close Thursday, July 6. 

Call at the Encyclnpedia Reatliiig Rooi, 220 West Siipgrior Strset, 

And examine this Set, or drop a card to same address, and one volume will be 
sent for inspection. Rooms open nntil 9 p. m. 




1 I 



\1\. ll^lf.VK 


Fourth of July Celebration Beinj;; 
ranged by the Church Societies of 



the Village, 

in the Morring and a Picnic 
the Grove East of the City 


Successful Test of a New Mining Pump at 
the Car Works This Morn- 

Another celebration has been an- 
nounced for the Fmirth in West Uuluth. 
This time it is the various Sunday 
schools that have joined together to 
observe the day in a tittinj; manner and 
enjoy ifiemselvcs in all kinds ot outdoor 
sports. The picnic will take place in 
the beaulilul yrovc, two blocks northeast 
ol the city hall, facing on Grand ave- 
nue. Swings are being placed in posi- 
tion at the grounds and the large prohi- 
bition tent on Fourth avenue 
will be transferred to the 

place for the convenience of 
the picnicers. The affair will be a bas- 
ket picnic but lunches can hi obtained 
on the grounds. All the church societies 
will be out in lull force. A parade will 
take place in the forei:oon and a jolly 
good time is promised for old and young. 
The coiJim;ttee on arrangements consists 
of J. W. Phillips. John T. Dixon and O. 
S. Olson, and ttie members are busy get- 
ting'up a tine ])rogram which will be an- 
nounced in full on Monday. 


A Successful Tesi oi One irom Which Much is 
A successful test of anew mining pump 
was made at the car works this morning. 
The puu.p is one of the Dames patents 
and is now under control cf the Duluth 
Pump company, of which Alf Merritt 
and John Gulhrandson are principal 
stockholders. The test developed the 
fact that a 'en-horse power engine would 
elevate 20\ (gallons of watcrper minute 
to a height it least of 503 feet. The 
cylinder, valves, cage?, etc., are all ot 
brass. Fo\ hand work the machine has 
been used on the range with good success 
tor test pittir.g, etc., but the test this 
morning demonstrates its value as a 
heavy mining pump. Its claims to su- 
periority lie in Its cheapness, durability 
and simplicity of aclicn. 

The Pennsylvania Docks. 
Work is progressing rapidly at the 
Pennsylvania and Ohio coal (.locks and 
the company expects to he handling coal 
by July 15. The hoists have been put in 
place ana the engine which moves tlie 
ponderous machines are being set in po- 
sition. The carpenters are at work on 
the hard coal >hed. 450 by 100 feet with a 
c?.pacity of 50,000 tons which will soon 
be encloscid. The Transfer company is 
patting in the necessary sidettack to 
connect with the dock. 

West Duluth Briefs. 

The new patrol wagtm is nearly com- 
pleted and will be ready for the Fourth 
of July parade. 

Rev. C. H. Pennington returned last 
evening from Faribault. He reports 
that Bishop Gilbert has so fully recover- 
ed from his late attack of pneumonia 
that he presided at all of the sessions of 
the diocesan council. The bishop will 
sail next week for England to enjoy a 
four months' rest. 

f. A. Kirkwood and 



room I, 


have r£turned from a scve 
visit among Irieads in Michiga 

Charles Burch and C. D, 
have changed their offices to 
Silvey block. 

Mrs. T. Foley aiid Mrs. Guthrie of 
I'aul, arc guests of Mrs. Dr. Charest. 

Charles Salter is down from Virginia 
and his accepted a position at the Cen- 
tral .Drug store. 

Christopher Murphy is in the city 
making preparations to move his familv 
to Grand Marais. 

The 1. E. Potts and Keweenaw cleared 
yesterday from the Saginaw dock with feet of lumber consigned to To- 
ledo, (). 

The Great Western is furnishing a 15- 
horse power motur and a complete light- 
ing plant including a dynamo and arc 
and electric lamps for the Pennsylvania 
»!t Ohio coil dock. 

The A. O. U. W. lodge of this place 
has just received a dr.tft of 82003, the 
beneficiary due Mrs. A. X. Perkins 
whf>se husband died a short time ago. 

W. H. Lynesj has moved his music 
str3ck to his new store on Central ave- 

Church Services. 
Holy Apostles: .Morning prayer, holy 
communion and serr^on at 10:30, .Sundav 
scho<^i "t !2 - ., iv.iiing services at 8 


Congregational: Morni.>g service at 
10:30, subject "Rivers of Water;" even- 
ing service at 7:45, subject, "Fleshpots." 

Presbyterian: Preaching services at 
10:30 a. m., subject, "The Word, the Cre- 
ator." Evening service at 8 p. m., sub- 
ject, "The Problem of Sin." 

Baptist: Morning subject, "Woman's 
Work in the Church." Evening. "Re- 
ligiou.' Eiberty and the Baptists. ' Sun- 
day scVool, 12 m. Lord's supper at 
cloae of morning sermon. 

Methodist: Dr. Forbes will preach 
both morning and evening. Evening 
service at 8 o'clock. 




We hive one more house on Bay View 
Heights to rent or sell on easy pay- 

Bay V'ik'.v La.mj C<j.\irA.N:v, 

C. W. HovT, Agent, 
West Duluth. 

The President s Proclamation Send Wheat 
Prices Upward. 

AJ) the Kmiii marl. i<ts \vc-<> blr-iijc and nil- 
VHiiciiii; tottiiy, nutt Uululh whsa i>no of ttio<'iw«\it. Tlio prvisiduat's prcc'nniatioo con 
vt>uitii,' cooKrctw to roiwal tli»i silvfr 
Isw c;iu>i«<l n hrDjnnt and iinprovcil fooliii.: 
up-Ill ttio l>uliitli and tSiK ottttM' inrrk!-t.<< ati'l 
liiMV rtiUvi strixit; and .'\ctivo witti vikpidly Hil 
▼iii'.ciii:' ii'i>i)<>iu'ii't>. Tlie ri«cpti't« lu>ie diiiiiu' 
tin- wooii l»;iv»> Ihh'Ii larK»' for lliis fi'i-f-tiu of tin' 
ynar, airirre-natiuK HlM>iit 4;!i),ikK) hii. It i» o.\ 
p.'chd that tlii'vo wdl lii» li>;iilf»d out tiMl!!;.' 
»»(«)Mt ."ft^»,(ifiO bus, M) that tli»» Kl4i|iiii<Mit!> for iIik 
w.'ok will aiu'iinit lo2,r>(iii,(mj !,ii», iliii.-* indie .ii- 
iiijf « (IrcrtMs.- in tlu^ btticl; of wlieat in slmo 
hiTo t>f itbont ".i.t^'sr'.'O hux diiiit>>: 
tli'>w»i'«;. .Inly ntHuxcd V,c tiittbor thin lunrii- 
iu;:. whilo Soi<if>mlH«r btartwl liiro at. 1 'ac up. 
and .^*s!i to arrivo \'tc In^hnr with linlit fra«i>- 
aoiions. Till' niarU(>t c. utiuui-d ;ictivo hhvI 
lii,;lier to tli« cUitf, wliioli wai< I'lC hi^tx^r llinu 
la^t nifjtit ►; lii.*nr<»s for ca;if>,l',r lo -c hiplu r fur 
Julj ciiid liijc liiiMit'i" f«>r S,'iitiiab<r. Folli>v.- 
III J W!»ri> till' c!o^in(^ prioiV'. : 

No. 1 hard, cash, tia'.ic : Jnly, Ki!.* : Sep'eni- 
hr, 71>.;. jNi>. 1 uortlicru, cash, Olii. ■ July, 
f'i, Soplxnibor. IW. No. 2 nortlioru, casli, .'>>'.). 
No. :{, 5:J'i. KfiPcU^d, l^. On track— No. 1 
jit>ttlu»rn to arrivo tJU'e. Uyo, \'l. 

I'ar inHpcctitiu ttnlay— Nti. 1 hard, Ti care; No. 
1 uorthorn, Urt; No. t nortiiern. II; 
-No. ;i sprinj?, J ; ri>jectc(!. i; total, Ifi*. Rocpit>t» 
- Wheat, .AL'IO hiis. Shipinont..;- Wlioat, 107,417 
Ini;'. Cars o.i track— St. I'aul Jc Duliitli, 10; 
Northern Pacilic, 3; Urwit Northorii, lib; 
OtnaLa, 1 ; total. l:ia; lavi yoar, s|. 

Tht» buan! ailjuiirnwl until ndxt Wednesday 

The Foreign Markets. 

LosiK>N. Jnlv 1.— Tlui >;r i!n nmrkcts op^vnofl 
irr(>ffnlar. At l.,ivi>rpool \vlii>at was Tmchn:i;,'od, 
but mors disi'Onition to buy; corn 'id lil>rliwr 
and tiriu at tlu> advance. At London, carKi>o.H 
ol I'aJifornian vtUeat, >>f»arly duo S»l lower; float- 
icK carfjot's of wli'^ut, in-ictivB; \vh".>at on pas*- 
aKO, nptfloclcil , Corn, .-ittiady. Tlic Fronch mar- 
kets werrt iinclianjjod. Th'^ weather iu llio 
Uuifod Kingdom was hot. 


The Race For the Realization Stakes Was 

the Main Event at Sheepshead 

Bay Today. 

Boundless, the Winner of the American 

Derby, Was One of the Entries 

and a Favorite. 

Snapper Garrison Rode St. Leonards and 

His Friends Expected He Would Land 

Him the Winner. 

Silver Was Firmer. 

New Yt>HK, .Inly 1.— The .silvorniarkot was de- 
eidoilly firmer tt).-lay, K>»,W«I ounco« chan^riuK 
hands at the board at 71Hf'i7"Jo. Tho rlrvmni; 
quotation was 7;i' lO bid and 7i>c asked. Coin- 
inarcial bar sold at lOi* 72c and Mexicaii dol- 
lars at ."i.^e. 

Tlie Minneapolis Market. 

Ml VNEAPOLI.S. .July 1.— Wheat: Jaly opdnod 
at;")7,'»o aad closed al fAc: S«>ptA!mber 
opened at i<3:Uc aud closed at t;4'sC. (>n tr(;ck 
—No. 1 hard. iJ.Jc; No. 1 uortheru, Olo; No. 
2 uortheru, 5"^ '.«u,',t»c. 

Cattle and Hogs. 

r. S. V.\r.l>s. ChicACo. Jnly I.— fattlo: \\(^ 
c;»ipts. l."»(Mt; steady. noj>« : Keceij>ts, 1-*,(1X>; 
weak, iri(i» 20c lower; heavy, $.">.»)." 'i^.iiU;™!^^! and 
riiedmai, i."i.."5*'r>.,S."i: liglit, f.5.f.'i»j 5.vO. Shejp: 
Kecoipts, 2oOO;fltoady. 

New York Breadstuffs. 

NEwYoitK, July 1.- Klour quiot and weik. 
Whuut: Uec.-ii«tj., 2lt0 2X) bms; sala*. :l,9i,"i.0<U 
bu.s; No. 'i red ^.p np. fuirlv actiT>'; 
.luly, C'.»!.i: October, 77./ ■ ;<• : D^»ceniher, Riii^' \ 
liyo (juiet ; Wet-iOru, .'k*"! "i?<c. Coru: Iteceipts, 
7ii,4tO hu.s; sales. 220,i;<.ii bus; No. 2 tirmer; 
July, li'/iCc'ic; .\.ugi!«t. 4S'afi^-lPc; Sev>- 
teinlwr, 49S<i''ic; No. 2, 47!.i?< IS'ic. 
Oats: Keceipts. (>l.(Xif> hns; sales, t2li,0;;0 
has ; No. 2. duji and steai.v :July, 'Mi'i ?ic ; .Antiusr, 
X\^i('i ' ic ; Sopf ember, 'M^di »4c ; state. ;«! iy4'c ; 
Wesiera, M ' rj, 42c. 

Londo.1 Stock Exchange. 

London, July 1.— Siu«rtly after the opcainir 
of tho atock market this rioriiin:^ prices he- 
carne easier aud at the close all si-ocks, with a 
few exceptions, allowed a f.-actional decline. 
The o;:enin(r quotatious were the hi'^he<<t of the 
day. I'he market closed dull, Itolian aud 
Spauitih securities heinir especially atlected. 
Tliero has been an advauco t>f ;!d in tho price of 
silver here to<lay. The quotation for bar silver 
i.s 331 i pence i>€r ounc.-. 

SatEisHEAD Bay Race Track, July 
I. — The weather here today is cluudy 
an<l threatening. but up to this hournoth- 
injj has happened tu mar the bright pros- 
pects of the closinpf day ol the sprinjj meet- 
ing. .\ cool breeze blows trom the soutb, 
the tiack is fast ami the ponies show up 
well in the exercise c;iiiters. Thejieali- 
i z.ition stakes, the fifth on the progn-.m, is 
i the event of the day, its value being 
$30,oco. It will, be contested for by the 
American dcrl>y winner, iioundless, St. 
Leonards, Ram:ipo, Sir Walter, the Sun- 
beiin crlt, and Accident. 

"Although Honndlcss will be called 
ujion to concede weight to :xll of hi.s op- 
ponents, there are no^ a few judges lo 
fancy him to win over St. Leonards. The 
Western colt worked so nicely on Thurs- 
diy evening that he gained many friends. 
.Sir W.ilter has many admirers, and the 
Sunbeam colt with his great pull in 
weights will not go to the post friendless. 
The held is smsll and there will be no 
excuse for crowding or foul riding of 
which Owner Gushing seems to stand in 
great dread. 

Garrison was in his best form in the 
Amerir an derby and rode Boundless with 
all ihe resources of his art, his force and 
his energy. Totlay he will be on St. 
Leonards. G.irrisou knows ex.\ctly how 
Boundless overcame .St. Leonard •«, and 
also over all other jockeys be will know 
how to vaiKiuish Bouiullcss with St. 
Leonards, if that can be done. Do^•g^it, 
the Oneck st;ib!j jjckcy, will ride Sir 
Walter. Mr. Kecnc has consci>ted to 
allow Fitzpalrick to ride Boundless 
against his own colt. 

Kaniapo may possibly run third, if any 
one of the jockeys on Boundless, St. 
Leonards and Sir Walter blunders badly 
in his judgment cf pace, or his mastery 
of his mount, but from any other point of 
view his prospects look poor. Sims v/ill 
ride the .Sunbeam colt, which won his 
lirst victory at ihe Morris Park meeting 
this year. Probably Accident will be 
withdrawn this afternoon. 

The Chicago Market. 

Ciiirvoo. July 1.— ( 'losinjr prices: Wheat, 
J'uly, 64 ■♦ic ; September, 70' jc. Corn, Jnly, :X»:'iC ; 
September. 42'.ic. Oata. .lulv, 28c; Septendwr, 
2t5',ie. Tork. July, $lH.7.'i; .September, $20.10. 
Lard, July, $t>.2.>; September, $10.10. 

The New York Banks. 

New Yokk. July 1.— Tho weekly sfafement 
or tho 8!>(;0€iated b.uiks shows tho following 

Reserves, docreaso _ $l,2:?(J,2*)0 

Loans, increase 7.rj^l,;;oa 

i^pecie. decrease 2,fl:{4.i<(K) 

I^eKSl tenders, decroatte . 1,31G,Ik,J 

Deposits, decre.aise „.'K) 

'Jircalatiou, iucroasn Gj.GX) 

The banks now hold $1,251,728 in excess cf 
tho reqniremout of the 2."> per coat rule. 

W. p. BKOAVISr, 

Private Wireu to Chicaffo and Now York. 
107 f.nd 103 ('hamber of Commerce. 



Th^^ President's Proclamation Had a Magical 

Effect on Values. 

New Yoek, July 1.— Pn^bidcnt Cluveland'a 

pmciamation had a majri'pl effect on values at 

the stock exchange this moruiu^. Everythiuff 

on the list scored adve,ncei) and the improve- 

meut ranged from ' . to 2 per cent. The bears 
were heavy buyers anil in their oa^crnF88 to 
cover hid price.s ui>ou f hemselves. 

St. Paul fipened excited, with sales of lOOO 
s'.mre« at CVI and li9',i simultaneoesly. .North- 
weht tlkst sold at 104Si aijairst 10.i'.i uiKht. 
and then juinned to 10.")' J without intermediate 
xalos. Kock I;,land stot up to 71 and St. Paul U 
< liiiaha to 39. There was Kood bnyinc for in- 
vestment .account aud, taken altoRt^ther, a 
more coi;lidL'nt foaliiiB prevailed in linaucial 

Subsefinently .\tchison receded to 22^4, Hnr- 
linjrton A: <juini'y to 80'. i, Ncrthwestern to 104 *d, 
St Pan j to tW. Rock Island to 71. LoniBvillei 
N'abhviije to tj5*^, Mistoiiri Pacihc to XI, North- 
ern I'acilic to .SI and Union Pacific to "JfJli. In 
the specialties Flvaasvilla <t Torre ilaute ro!<e to 
l:UH. HockiuK Valley to LU,'i, Cheei»eake Si Ohio 
to \>U, Ontario &, Western to 14?i and Pacilic 
Mail to IS i. 

The industrials exhibited increased stronffth 
.ind decided Kama were registered in a number 
of instances, (foueral Electric rose 2'/i. ('iiica}?o 
.'las l\i. American Sugar UetlnlnK l?i. Load and 
National t.'ordage also recorded Rains. 

rhe Weather. 

DcLCTH. July 1, 1833. 
The following variatioas in temperatnro were 
r«»corded at Pioneer Fuel (;ompany'e office, 220 
West Superior street, today and correspond- 
ui«; date last year. 

Programs to Be Rendered Tomorrow Morning 
and Evening. 
The procathedral choir wiil sincf Far- 
mer's mass in B Hat tomorrow morning 
the pro}:^rani being as follows: 

"Kyne". Farmer 

Miss McDonald, Miss Shanloy aud Clioir. 

"Ctloria'" Farmer 


"Pa lioniiaibne"... 

Mtsi* Fairell, Miss Fitzpatrick, Mr. Patter- 
son, Mr. Scbnltz. 

•Qui ToUis" 

MisB McDonald. 

"Voni ('reator" Warno 


•'Credo" Farmer 


Offertory— "Ave Maria' Lamb'latto 

Miss Donavon, Mr. Webor. 

"Sauctus"... Parmvr 


'Benedictns" Parmer 

Miss Farrfll. 

"Agneis T)oi" Fanner 

Miss McUoc<ald, MifS Donavon. 

"Dona Nobis" 

Mies Kennedy, Miss Hark«iuel." 

Hymn— "Praise tho Lord" 

.Millard's grand vespers will be siuig at 7 ::«) 
o'clock as follows : 

"Gloria'' ..: 

Miss McDonald, Miss Donavon. 

'•Dixit Domiuns" „ 

Miss Farroll, MiBB FitzpatricL 

Mr. Patterson, Mr. Schultz. 


Mr. Soiiultz. 
'•Jndicabit ' » 

"Detorrente" ) --- - '--- 

Misa McDonald. 

•'(Jloria Patri" 

Miss McDonald, Miss Fitzpatrick. 
Mr. White, and Mr. Schulta. 

"Voui Croat >r" _ La Uache 

Miss M(;I)oiiald, Mr. White. 
Mr, Schultz. 

"O Salntaris" Verdi 

Miss Farrell, Mr. W^her, Mr. Sciiultz. 

"Tantum Ergo" La Ilache 


Hymn Esther 



1892 1 1893 


12 m 'A 

70 1 7 a. m fA 


8p.m 59 

89 1 9 a. m 64 


6p.m 60 

89 , 12 m 72 

(52 Si 

70 1 









Daily ranee 

-. 24 


Special World's Fair Rates. 

On account of the World's Columbian 
exposition the St. Paul & Duluth rail- 
road will sell one way and round trip 
tickets to Chicago at greatly reduced 
rates. Tickets on sale April 25 to OcL 
31, inclusive, and good for return passage 
up to Nov. 15. For further information 
apply to F. B. Ros.s, 

Northern passenger agent, 428 West 

Superior street (Spalding hotel.) 

4th of luly. 

The St. Paul & Duluth railroad on 

July 3 and 4 will make a rate of fare 

and one-third to all stations for round 

trip. ^ F. B. Ross, N. P. A.. 

428 Spa lding Hotel. 

Anderson, florist. Merchants' hotel. 

Port of Ouluth. 


Prop Gogobic, Lake Erie: coal. 

Prnj) Yakima, Lake Krio; coal. 

Prop Cordon Cai:ipb*^ll. liutfalo; merchandise. 

Prop Pioneer, light for wheat. 

Prop John Craig. Lake Erie; coal. 

Prop Mahonin;,', Ruiraln: morchaudiso. 

Prop >anderbih. BuiValo; merchandise. 


Prop Thos. Maytliam. Buffalo; wheat. 

(■clir Northwest, light for ore. 

Pr.)p P. P. Pratt, light for ore. 

Sclir Ash, lirrlit for ore. 

Prop Iron King, light for ore. 

Schr irim <iueen, light for ore. 

I*rf)p Neosho, litrht for ore. 

Prop J. J. Hill, H'dralo; wheat. 

Proi> -Vlcona, BnlTato: wheat. 

Schr Alta, Huiralo: wheat. 

I'rop Northern Light, HnfTalo; flour. 

Str Cambria, Port Arthur; passengers and 

Prop Otogo, Portage Entry ; merchandise. 

Prop Peerless, Cliicago ; paeseugors aud mer- 

PnipFImpiro State, iiuflalo; passcngord and 

Prop Morley, BnlTalo; wheat.- 
Prop Cuuuomangh, Hairalo; Ilonr. 
SL'hr Illif)dos, liirht for ore. 
Prop Toledo, TouMwanda ; lnnitx>r. 
Schr Keweaeaw. Tinnwaiula: lumber. 
Schr Potts. Tonav.anda; lumber. 
Prop .A.morica. Uuffalo; wheat. 

Fourth of July Excursion. 
Take your familv and lunch basket to 
Two Harbors by the Ossifrage on the 
Fourth. Leaves Fifth avenue dock at 
i) a. m.; returnin:; leaves Two Harbors 
about 5 p. m. lioand trip gi, children 
between 6 and 13 half price. Band 
music all dav. 

Good Reason Why 
Russet shoes are very jiopulnr. They're 
so cool and comfortable. M. S. Lurrows 
& Co. carry a complete line. 

A. W. Lahey wishes us to correct the 
1 statement that he slipped and sprained 

ids voice for he is in good shape yet and 
i will be with the Columbian minstrels at 

the Lyceum Friday, July 7. Tickets now 
j on sale at Duluth Drug company and 
I the Lyceum box office. 

4th of July. 
St. Paul & Duluth railroad will make 
a rate of fare and one-third July 3 and 4 
to all stations for round trio. 

F. B. Ross, W.JB. A.,U 
428 Spalding Hotel. 

The Sauli Passages. 
Sault Stk. Makik, Mich., July i.— 
[Special to The He'ald.]— Uj): Har- 
per, Osceola, 7 p. m ; Kctcham. 8; Avon, 
Wave, 10:30; Louisania, Ira H. Owen, 
7:30 a. m.; London, Japan, 8:30; Gould, 
Maloa, 9:30; VVilliam";, 10:33. Down: 
Joliet, 6:30 p. m.; Hackett, Brown, 7:30; 
Gilbert, United Lmpire, 9; Tillcy, Mer- 
ritt, Augusta, Culter.-i, Montana, 11:30; 
Favorite, 12; Cleveland, Tyson, Monitor, 
1:30 a.m.; Mariska, 2; Nipifjon, Mel- 
bourne, Delaware, 3:30; Mills, Roberts, 
Donaldson, King, 4:30; New Orleans, 
Palmer, 5:30; Traverse, Badger State, 6; 
A. A. Parker, B. W. Parker, 7; C. P. 
Minch, Q. 

Sunday Excursion. 
The Ossifragc runs to Two Harbors' 
and back tomorrow afternoon having ' 
dock at 2 sharp. Kound trip >si. Music 
on the boat. 


'i^ CTHAkir. PCI 


%5 Fli 


A Case Where Efficient Work Secured a Re- 

R. W. Comly (jf the Heral<l stafT re- 
ceived a telegram this morning from 
Madison, announciig that his father, 
David S. Comly, has been elected secre- 
tary of the Wisconsin state board of con- 
trol of charitable, reformatory and penal 

Mr. Comly, who is a Republican, was 
elected secretary of the board when it 
was created eleven years ago, when he 
was crowded out by the Democrats. His 
election now will be a surprise to him, .as 
he was not a candid ite. The clTicient 
manner in which he discharged the 
duties of the olTice was no doubt the 
cause of his reinstatement. 

Mr. Comly was recently :ippoif.tod by 
Governor Peck a commissioner to divide 
the county ol Iron, Wis., and is now en- 
gaged on that work. 

Was Not ^ Female. 
A gentleman who was walking near 
tiie line of the proposed Minnesota canal 
a couple ol milci f.-om West Duluth re- 
cently, at a distanre sr-w what he took lo 
be a lady in distres?. She was apparent- 
ly being ch.irged upon by an infuriated 
bovine or soni • oth^;r dangerous beast. 
The gallant fellov/ made haste to ihe 
rescue but was muci; chagrined to find 
that his supposed Isdy only a mem- 
ber of the surveying party making his 
signals to ihc tUgman. The feminine 
:i}>pearanre was due to an enormous veil 
which en.-hrcudcd llio of the engi- 
neer and fio.itcd gaiiy out behind on the 
breeze for a of feet. Some cf 
tliese engineers are rather 

tender and ir.>w daily wear huge veils as 
a protection from tiie flies and hunirry 

Are Doing Good Work. 

Capt. liu;jan this morning filed with 
the board of fire coi.imissioners a report 
cf the service doi.e by his fire tugs for 
Ihe months of May and June. During 
that time eight a'r.rms were received 
and pr.imptly icsiiondcd to. One ot 
those was in May and seven in June. 
Only on four occasic-ns was it necessary 
to raise a stream, but each of those 
times a most succesful service was the 
lesull. It is most evident that the fire 
tug.s fill an important place in the fire 
protection of the c:ty. 

His Mose Broken. 
Otto Westman, one of the Ixass trim- 
mers, met with a painful accident Wed- 
pesday eveniny while at v/ork in the hold 
cf a vessel, s.ays the Two Harbors News. 
A large piece of ore came tlying in his 
clireciiou and as he dodtjcd it, a small 
piece he bad not ccticed struck him in 
the face, bre iking his nose :ind driving 
it lilt to his Dr. Budd dressed the 
v.'ouml an<l hai got the nasal organ 
back in such shape that it will not be 
badly disfigured. 

Injunction Proceedings in the Northern Pa- 
cific Case Withdrawn. 

A telegram was received last night 
from St. Paul, ttating th;it the injunction 
proceedings begun by Rcccixrer Forbes 
of the Northern Pacific Sllevator com- 
pany in rf^:ird lo Fome wheat held by 
the Lake Superior and Union Improve- 
ment elevator companies had been with- 
drawn, an amicable aRreemeiU having 
been rea< bed outside the court. 

ll was expected the Duhilh board of 
tra<le would this morning rescind it; 
resolution declaring the warehouse re- 
ceipts not regular tor delivery on con- 
tract, Inil no action was taken. The di- 
rectors of the board held a meeting and 
discussed the (juestion but as no official 
notification of the action taken by the 
receiver had been given it was deemed 
best not to rescind the resolution. As 
scon as Receiver Forbes notifies the 
board of ihc settlement, the warehouse 
receipts wiil be declareil regular once 



American Stoke. 

Eleven Applicants for Positions in the Postoffico 
Taken in. 

Eleven applicants for positions as 
cleiks or carriers in the Duluth postoffice 
arc taking civil service examination to- 
day. The result of the examinalioni will 
not be known until sent out from the of- 
fice of the commissioner at Washington. 
This is the first ex:imination of the kind 
ever held at Duluth as the ofiice has just 
been classified. According to the sched- 
ule another examination will be held the 
first Tuesday in August. 

Those who are succt:;srui in passing 
the examination today :ire placed on the 
roll of "eligibles" and from such roll is 
taken a man when a vacancy occurs. 

Those who are taking the examination 

Clerks- Frank S. Huse and Miss Ina 

Carriers— Luther P.. .AlrNitt, Chas. W. 
Hoyt, Christian Sundby, Frank Gillespie, 
Clarence L. Shuns, Robt.G. Malcolmaud 
Kirk S. Adams. 

Messengers Oscar Halverson and 
Harry J. Blanchard. 

The board of ex.aminers is composed 
of Alton B. Heimbaugh, l".. M. Barker 
and Fred Danser, die latter being secre- 
tary of the board. 

Of Unusual 


Tcuristo Rales Are Given. 
S. A. Thompson and B. Ma?offin re- 
turned ihii morning from St. Paul where 
ihey consulted v/ith officials of the West- 
ern Traffic association regarding the sc- 
( uring of tourists' rates to Duluth from 
Southwestern points. They fountl that 
tlie statement ihat no rates arc given is 
incorrect. There .are no half rates to 
any place, but there is a summer tourist 
rate of 80 per cent of twice the single 
fire. The.-.e rates are given to St. P.aul, 
Minneapolis, Duiulh, Ashland and other 

A RflarKct Place Suggested. 
M. Bunnell is desirous of selling the 
Bunnell site on Lake avenue and it is 
suggested by a number of business men 
that the city might secure it for a mar- 
ket place. It has a frontage of 103 feet 
oti Lake avenue and 103 feet on Michi- 
gan street. He wants §30,000 for it. 



The new attraction at the Morris Il- 
lusion exhibition is the best thing in the 
mystery line now shown here. Large 
crowds visited the entertainment yeslcr- 
cay afternoon and evening. 

The Journeymon Bakers' AssaciatiOT In Ses- 
sion in the Clark Block. 

The second annual meeting of the 
Journeymen Baker's association of Min- 
nesota is in session in G. A. R. hall this 
afternoon in the Clark block. The dele- 
gates present are as follows: St. Paul 
union No. 21 — Chas. Holtz and Peter 
Andreas. Minneapolis union No. 32 — 
John Flatt and Fritz Sang. Duiulh un- 
ion 109- - Chas. Leytzc, Benjamin Jacob- 
son .lud David Woods. Chas. Leytze is 
president of the association and Peter 
Andreas secretary. 

This afternoon reports were heard from 
the various unions and ways and means 
for the advancement of the association 
and the cause it represents discussed. 
An effort will be made to embrace the 
state of Iowa in this association. To- 
morrow unfinished business wiil be 
cleared up and the remainder cf the day 
spent in viewing the sights in and around 

A Depot Robbtd. 

Pak.sons, Kas., July i.— The Starr 
gang robbed the Frisco depot at Chel- 
ica in the Indian Territory last night, se- 
curing about $350. A number of citi- 
zens discovered the gang just as they 
had completed and gave, but at 
this time^the robbers are free. One of 
the robbers his horse shot from un- 
der him, but his companions succeeded 
in picking him up before the posse 
reached him. 

The Spirits Will Work. 
,Mi.\ni:ai'oli.s, July 1.— The annual 
encampment of the Northwestern Si>iril- 
ualists' association begins tomorrow at 
Merrimac island below Inver Grove sta- 
tion on the Chicago >;<: Great Western 
motor line. Indications all go to show 
that the encampment will be one of the 
largest ever held in the state. 

The Ossifiage's mandolin orchestra 
will jday on the Two Harbors excursion 
tomorrow afternoon. Boat leaves at 2 

Notice to Kickers. 
The Ossifrage leaves on advertised 
time. People should remember this and 
not kick if they get left. Two Harbors 
excursion tomorrow afternoon at 2. 

Howard Murray, the polished artist of 
the Columbian minstrels, wishes us to 
deny the rumor that he has gone away 
to be married but will he with them at 
the Lyceum Friday, July 7. Tickets now 
on sale at Duluth Drug company, and 
Lyceum box office. 

The Swedish Salvation .Army and the 
srrny from .Superior will hive a picnic 
and two meetings .at Lester park on the 
4th cf July. Meetings at 1 f :30, 4:30 and 
8. They will unite with the corps of 
Duiulh. 28 East Superior street, for ice 
cream festival. 'I'ickets, 15 cents. 

Excursions on the Fourth. 

The Oasifrago will run three Fourth 
of July excursions, two to Two Harbors 
leaving Filth avtin^c do.:k at g a. m. and 
2 p. m., ticke'.s jti, and an evening ex- 
cursion at 7:30 for 50 cents. The Marine 
band accompanies every excursion. 

You Can Save Dollars 
By buying your shoes at M. S. Burrows 
& Co. You cave from 50 cents to Si on 
every pair. 

Wiil Hammond has fully recovered 
and will be with minstrels 
at the Lyceum Friday, July 7. Tickets 
now on sale at Duluth Drug company, 
and Lyceum box office. 

Cut Rates Via tho N. P. 

Commencing Sund.av, June i8th, the 
N. P, will place in effect the following 
passenger rates from Duiulh and the Su- 

To Helena, Butte and all Montana 
common poi;us, first class $25 00; second 
class f i8qo. 

To Spokane, W.ash.. nnd common 
points, hrst class, ;^25.oo; serx)nd class 

To Porllanii, T.iconia, Seattle and all 
other Northern Pacific coist terinii:.als 
and Puget sound common I'oinis, first 
class $25.00; second class jtiS.oo. 

Intermediate main line ratci s.ime as 
now except no higher than rates named 

Pullman is a Good Sleeper. 
And in order to secure berths in these 
cars experienced travelers going from 
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth or Su- 
perior to Fargo, Moorhead, Fergus Falls, 
Wahpeton, Crookston, Grand Forks, 
Grafton, Winnipeg, Helena, Butte, Spok- 
ane, .Seattle and Tacoma always buy 
their railroad tickets of the old reliable 
pioneer Portland line— the Northern Pa- 
cific railroad. Offices, 162 East Third 
street, St. Paul. 

416 West Superior street, Duluth. 

Fourth of July Excursions. 
On Julv 3 and 4 "The Northwestern 
Line" (C.; St. P., M. & O. Ry.) will sell 
excursion tickets to all points on its line 
within a distance of 200 miles at a fare 
and one-third for the round trip. Tick- 
ets good returning until July 5. This 
makes the round trip to St. Paul, Minne- 
apolis and Stillwater $5.75, Ea« Claire 
jt6.35, Chippewa F"alls S5.95, other points 
at the same "proportion. Call at 405 
West Superior street for tickets. 


City ticket agent. 

Special Rates to Chicago. 

The St. Paul & Duluth is making 
special low rates to Chicago on account 
of the World's fair. 

Sleeping car arrangements attended 
to. F. B. Ross, 

Nor. Pass. Agt., 
428 Spalding hotel. 

The Yellowstone Route. 
The expteks trams of the Northern 
Pacific Railroad make (juicker time be- 
tween Duluth, .Superior and Glyndon, 
Moorhca<l, Fargo, Grand Forks, Cassel- 
ton, Helena, Butte, Spokane, Tacoma 
and Seattle than is made by any other 


"There is a tide in the af- 
,^ fair<; of men, which taken at 
the Hood leads on to for- 
tune." We say here is a 
tim<; in the affairs of woman 
which easil}' leads to a 
Gown. We mit^ht mention 
incidentally that we never 
do things by halves, as you 
will notice by the following 

Maide u p Free 
Of Char§:e. 

Eve ry Season there are a few 
Imported Dresses that ar- 
rive late in .spite of every- 
tiling. In some instances re- 
orders for goods sold early 
arrive too late to be .speed- 
ily tiisposed of. Such wares 
are always the choicest and 
most desirable sUles. 
"Wouldn't mind buying 
dresses if it wasn't for the 

expense of having them 
made," says Qne. In conse- 
quence we judge the follow- 
.ng proposition will be wide- 
ly appreciated, as the ma- 
jority will recognize a re- 
markable opportunity to se- 
cure a stylish gown. 

On Monday 
Morning: Vou 
flay Choose 

A Gown out of some 50 im- 
ported Dresses ranging in 
price from $20.(X) to $50.00, 
any one of which we will 
make up free of charge 
entirely for the making. 
The style, lit and finish 
guaranteed to be just as 
perfect as though Mme. 
Stcincr was receiving $15-00 
and S20.(X) for tlie making. 
To add spice to the pudding 
we will sell a lot of odd 
pieces with our customary 
force of price power. Mon- 
day will be an exceptional 
Dress Goods event here. 


If yoi 

you shoi 
and coi 
ticket o\ 
the onlj 
from .St. 
162 East 

St. Paul 
9:35 a, ni 
ten hour 
other roi 

Vestibuled Trains. 

I are going West to any point in 
ta. North Dakota, Montana, 
1 Idaho, Washington or Oregon, 
dd consifit your safety, comfort 
ivenicnce by purchasing your 
er the Northern Pacific railroad, 

• line running vestibuled trains 
Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth and 

• through these states. Offices, 
Third street. St. Paul. 

West Su perio r street, Duluth. 

iici<er Time to Puget Sound. 
:rn Pacific train No. i leaving 
daily at <j a. m., Minneapolis 
., makes the run to Puget .Sound 
s (juicker than it is made by any 

Helena and Butte. 
The Northern Pacific is the only trans- 
continental line running its through P.a- 
cific coast trains via Helena and Butte. 

Fine Summer Hotel. 

The Motel Bro.Tdwaier at Helena, 
thirty-se /en hours by Northern Pacific 
from .St. Paul, Minneapolis, .Superior and 
Duiulh, is the half-wrsy resting place for 
Yellowstone Park, Pacific coast and 
Alaska t>urisls. 

Offices: 162 East Third street, St. 

416 West Superior street, Duluth. 


To Build Sidewalks. 




In accordancfl with a rMolution of tli« com- 
»non oiiuncil <if tho city of Duintli, pai>e»d Jaun 
r.i. XHai. uutice ih lu<roby jrivcn to all own«rH 
nuri i>ccui>.'tuts of uny anil ali lo'i- or pr.rcfls of 
lau;l ndjoiiiinK tJie iiortlj ^id(>4*f ScreiDih etreet 
betwoMU ."^ocond avcnuo cn«<t and Tliird 
RTonr.e oast v> cotiBtrnct a i-i'lewalk in tald 
etrof't adjoininff tlieir Revwa! lot* at their own 
proper oxjtpnsn and chargn b<>forc' Jub Mh, 
imti. i^a\<\ walk to b«i couptmctcd in accord- 
nnro witii plaiiF and 6pPCiUcationR on file iu tbe 
ofiice of 1I10 Uj.t-<I of jjjihlie workB, and to ho 
bail t to t!ic ctftablii^liotl liitr aud srado. or to a 
tonijiorary lino and fftade to be eivon by the city 

I£ tiio».Tid owner* or occnpants fail to con- 
ptJ-nnt K.^id walk boforo July a)tli. IWS, or if any 
puch work, or part tucreof, ie not doii* in the 
niniini.T jiroscribcd by paid plans and EDPciflca- 
tious, or if s<aid walk isi not built to tJit* line and 
ffrado iirfticribed, thon tho board of public 
work.-; of tho cily of Dnlnth will tb- saina 
to be done, and tho fall cost and »>xpenf.»» tht-ro- 
of. tojrethor with t*n (IU' prr cent adduional for 
ro«t of Hurvej-B. plans nnd xiiperintendecco. will 
bo ae8us8«d aRaiuet said Isle. 

DulntL, llinn., Juno noth, !?<)». 

Rrkkt TnrEi.RKW. 
President Board Public Works. 
Official : 

T. W. Abkll, 

Clerk Board of Pnblio Works. 
(3tiino», Jnly l-!»-l^.) 

Tiie NorOiwesterQ Lioe! 

C. ST. r. u. 4 O. RY 


And the I*iil!nian Car Lino to 8t. Paul 
and Miiin*iap<^ilis. 


' ^' - ■ -y *i5^.-j 

t'ur fti. Funl 
and MinnMit>oll<>. 

Lt Dnluth „ 

Lt West Hatarlor 

Ar B|>ooner _._. 

Ar BUiiwat«r _.. 

ArSf. PanI 

.^r li!it!n<««|Ht>ia 

Uay Axp.{Ni«rhi 
Jtx. 8nn'} Dai 

..jt Em 


10 20 am 



&0u pni 

11 20 pm 
7 1)0 am 


aadtheS.aat, jEx.rtun^j, /)a:ly. 

When J 
had a sea) 
ing until 
head to fc 
forty on h 
her hotly, 
weigh scv 
than at hii 
up antl go 
to sleep, 1)1 
this time, 
started us 
in one /. 
The docto 
tfrce/ dolia 
than /fy^ u 
old, strong 
her age (j 

Sold throi 


" All about I 

Itabjr !>.] 

bandi preve 

nv little girl one month old, slie 
> form on her face. It kept spread- 
slic was coHipletely covered from 
Jt. Then she had l>oils. She had 
er head at one time, and more on 

When six months old she did not 
en pounds, a pound and a lialf less 
th. Tlien her skin started to dry 
: s<i h.idshe could not shut her eyes 
it laid with th.L ui h.ilf open. About 
it the earnest request of friends, I 
ng the CLnici:K.v Kemeuies, and 
tonlh she '^uis <ompUUly cured, 
r and «lrug hills were over onehun- 
n, the Cuticura l)iil was not more 
'ot/ars. My child is now two years 
, healthy and large as any child cf 
ee photo.) and it is all owing to 

Yours willi a Mother's Blesbing, 
!KS. GEO. H. TUCKER, Jk., 
nfiekl .-Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis. 
■shout the wiirld. Potter Drug akd 
., snic proprietors, Boston. Mailed free, 
he niooil, >°.kin. Scalp, and Hair." 

eflifuhfii, r.illin;* hair, and red, rough 
luJ uiiU Luicd by Cuticura Soap. 

LTDtilnth „ 

Lir Wrtut h?no< rior .. 

Ar Krd I'lHire 

Ar Milwaukeo 

Ar ('hica(to . 

ro (10 am 4 SO pni 

10 ») ojt I S 10 pni 

4 15 pm 1 lU U'l i>in 
I ; 2S am 

8 00 aw ! 7 i.S am 

IVvrlor <'ern on day traints. 
"( 'll icar<i SjK ci hI ■ ' rn na t h r< High wit hont cbanire 
of (>ltr^« for any clas^ of past^^u^oiv betwecu Dn- 
lnth ami CliioHt;-*. 

GEO. M. SMUil, 11. W. FUAlMEir.S, 

tiuooral Acent. t itv Ticket Ai^nt, 

4<h, Wtst Sapanor Ht 


(Nortltem Pacific K. U. Ck>.. Leeaee.) 

I_,a.t©at Tii xie Oetrdl. 

Two ThrcnjEh Trains Dally. 

9 05atn 4:ISpai 
K::«teml :<:40t>ra 
U JOara< 7 rripm 

I ILt. Ar. 

12:4Rpin' «:!Spm .Minneapolis . 
I fllipni' Vri.-Vpnii ...St Panl. .. 

10;:J'iamj 4.-0.'.pni;....l»ijlHtii ,.„ 

1 :ri('i.i;i Tii'iiia . ..Vhliiand i ""caiani S:W|»iu 

7 :iraai li».y'.aui;Ar_rhic«wo Lt:_5 :4 7pmlU :t5 nfn 

Tirke'e eold iiud Ivitrerwtre chcyk^vl tJironKl: to 
all poiuta iu tlie I'uitMl St%Uw and t'anaila. 

Cloee couDt^tiouii made in Chicago with all 
trninx «:<>inf{ East ami South. 

For full inforuittUoo api<l/ to ronr cearaat 
ticket tgo,* ..r jTa.S. C. POND. 

Uaa. Pa«c. and Tkt. Aijt., C?iica«o, 111 


■ .xai* 



I — aTiuMfcyi I 

Kaatorn 0!Hoo-UO VVoild Buildiu^, Now Turk. 
A. E. Story, Miiuai;itr, 


OsiJy, p;ir year 

Daiij, per three mr-utha 

Dai!}-, z^r riontn . 

W«wk.'3r,iH5r yoAT 

... 1J« 

... .eo 

... IJiO 



£utored »t tbo pvwNttlce at liulath, Miuu., oii 

The Westb«r. 

U. S. WtATHEa fU!R!?\r, DrtuTU, M!nn. 
Jiily 1.- riio woatiitT still i'<K\tui«»>8 iinsi>t:!fil 
ovir tlio West aii:t Nurtltwvst. wiioro two areas 
i>f l(>w hnrt>motor avo <-"ntr;il tliis iimriiiii»T. oiio 
ovor thf ooHiitry to Tho uortli »>f MirraoH-rn, nml 
tlioofhor in tht> form of a wt^djro oxtiJudJn*; 
nortli fn>tn »'i>lora(l'> into 8ont!i J)akotiU An 
area of liijcli bar»>iaot.;^r ijj over t'ao (julf 6t^t»s. 
aiiU nnotlier is just catering thiscoiiutry from 
tli.< far nortliwost. 

Tti«» tcMipi'raturo i'3 sliiffuly biphrr in all soc- 
ti4>i'.s thaa it wad .vwtiTtiay, ranKin^r iu>aivr 
Ptfvonty tiian sjxty. la tlic far Norttiw(^-.t it n.<- 
maiii!" ii>w. it btvnn: reiH)rioil trotn Calaary, 
wliicli i.-i tlio only station r<>VH»rtiui; Ix-low ">0. 

Kaia'jwas woU ilis'lribuicil yw-tonlay, tl!!> 
JiPaviost falls K'in.yr over Nortliern Minucsoia, 
but jjood showers al*'" fe'.l over tlu> iipi^-r Ko'l 
riser valley, the Uiiio vaUtvv, v.-ut-ro thoy still 
ooutiti'.Jf. aad in thi^t'mitral Mi.-i»:s?ippi valloy. 
1: is 8t!)l raminsr ovcT Sontli Dakota and \c- 
kaus'tty, au<S it is probaWo that sIiowlts will 
cocfinuo in thtvi- .-cctiocs tiMlay. 

TiiJ raiufail ih'.rini; the sliowors Iuto ycsfcr- 
ilay amoaiittHl to .'M inch. Tlio hii;hr>st tera- 
poraturt* was 66, tlirt low.>st last nisjht ■}<>». 

Cajtioiiaiy soiUl-.i'ast signals an» ilisplayoil at 
all 6tati'-r,8 ou Lake Superior, Michitran r.Dil 
li reou Lay. 

DiT.rTti. 1.— Local : Fair, 
e-c?i.l p.'s^ibJy tiiuuilor storms thU afiernoiiu ; 
i^liRhtly wuru\er lod.iy ; northwest winds. Fair 
Sunday: sUvht chau>.'»< iu temperature: wind 
bhiftiUt;' :o cast ur uirtheast. 

K. H. HaoNHON, 
• LoMii t^orts:a»t OClcial. 

favorable liic Uni[)orary outlook may be. 
There are many kiindretis of lines under 
way or projected for which tlicre is a 
legitimate lioM, .tikI every year will ron- 
tinuc to sec new inilcitfc bjiiit i:i some 
or all of our many states ami territor- 

U i:j the i,'e!icral impression that thus 
far this year construciion h«s Ijcen ai a 
standstill, and yet the footing of returns 
to the Ai;c shows that in the six months 
ending June 30 track hai been laid down 
en ninetv-tive ihiXcrcnt lines, lyinj,' in 
thirty of the states and territories, to an 
aijLcrci^ate length of 1015 miles of main 
line, besides hundreds of miles of sid- 
intf?, additional tracks and renewals. 
C There are IcjTiiimate enterprises . now 
under way sutlkient to give a consider- 
ably larger milc;is:e before the end of the 
year, but unless financial conditions 
.greatly imi)i()ve the completion of a' 
number of them will be postponed. On 
the other hand, a number cf short lines 
which have not commenced tracklayinf* 
will be piii-hcd through because they are 
needed and will give return.'; on the in- 

The year 1S93 will, in the opinion of 
the Age, doubtless show a smaller in- 
crease of railway mileage in the Ihiitcd 
States than any year since :8;S, with the 
possible exception of iSS5,when the total 
fell under 3000; b'ut fur all that new en- 
terprises are constantly beinjf reported, 
and better times will sec a narked in- 
crease of activity in this important direc- 

lovo is usually ([uiie willing thai her 
daugliter should marry tor money. Pos- 
sibly she has coticludcd that there is little 
dilTerence in the residt. 

Ex-Governor Swineford now wants to 
be marshal for the western district of 
Wisconsin. This is yuite a droj) frohi a 
governorship, but the yearninjy fcr otiict- 
that afllicls him will probably be satisfied 
with anything. 

Superior is talking of another hotel 
aad opera house. Would it not be better 
to wail until those now in existence an- 
able to n::ikc exijeuscs at least. .\ 
superlluity of hotels is one of Superior's 
worst features. 

There is one subject upon which the 
editors will be able to express unpreju- 
diced opiniiins. That is the income tax, in 
which none of them will h;'.ve any per- 
sonal interest. 

Mrs. Lease says she will not wear the 
short dresses that the dress reformers 
advocate, and Mr. Lease winks the other 
eje and hints that he could give an ex- 
cellent reason. 

Washixoton. July 1.— Forcatt till S v. m. 
tomorrow: For Wi^cou.-iiu : Fair Sunday, prc- 
CtHi"d bi- local ^honors in stiuvhoast jiortiiiu: 
cool.T in cortliwest portion: wcstorlj wicil*. 
For Aiiuaosota: (ieuerally fair Sundsy with 
tiortii'n.-sterly winds; slightly ctioler Uunday 

THS HERALD in Chicago. 

The 3 o'clock Edition is on sale early the fol- 
lowinff inor'nici,* in Chicago at tho 

Palmsr House News Stand. 

Auditorium Ho'cl N'cws Stand. . 

V/. 2. Sizers Sookstore. 1G9 Staia St.. 

Chas. McDonald's News Stand. 55 Washing- 

tOR St.. 

ANl> <;X THE 

World's Fair Grounds at the Columbian Nevts 
& Fiovclty Co. News Stands. 

Duluth in the Lead. 
Dr.luth's bmk clearings for the 


The Extra Session. 

President Cleveland has summoned 
congress to meet in extra session at noon 
on Aug. 7. The announjisient v.a3 net 
made until late last evening-, in order to 
prevent any influence on the stock mar- 
kets yesterday. The action cf the presi- 
dent will be generally approved. It had 
been his intention to call an exlr.i ses- 
sion in September, but the hnmcial situ- 
ation has become co acute, and the de- 
cline in price of silver following the sus- 
pension of free coinage in India has been 
so great that sentiment everywhere 
favored an early date. To ihi^poptdar 
feeling the president has yielded. 

The repeal of the Sherman silv^er pur- 
chase law by the extra session seems to 
be assured. The sudden and remark- 
able change of sentiment in the South 
and Southwest leads to the belief that 
the house will show a large majority m 
favor of repeal, while there are indica- 
tions that the senate will vote on the 
same side. Thj cbj:ct lesson has had 
the desired effect. The foolishness of 
this law has been demonstrated, and its 
disastrous results have been shown so 
clearly that there can be no doubt in the 
the mind cf anyone that its repeal is the 
paramount duty of the hour. 

President Cleveland has undoubtedly 
been watching the situation closely. 
According to a Washington dispatch, 
from thi day when the announcement 
of the action of India was made, the 
president took steps to keep himself 
forewarned through the press dispatches 
of the slightest approach to a panic in 
the money market, and was prepared at 
any moment to take the course he has 
now adopted, if it seemed to him that 
his so doing would in any way tend to 
allay alarm and restore business confi- 

The good effects of the certainly that 
congress will meet next month to repeal 
the obnoxious law were seen on the New 
York stock exchange this morning, where 
the president's proclamation had a ma- 
gical effect in increasing values. What 
the bu-;incss and financial world has 
needed during the past few weeks has 
been confidence. Anything that will 
inspire the slightest degree cf confidence 
is to be welcomed, and on this account 
alone the proclamation convening con- 
gress isrcceived with pleasure. 
» ■ » ^— 

Tracklaylng This Year. 
It was evident before the close of last 
year that 1893 would be a [leriod of com- 
{)arativ,;ly small railway building, and 
the financial events of the last few 
months have diminished the number of 
enterprises which were under way and 
made the outlook still less promising. 
Nevertheless, according to the Railway 
Age, railway building has by no means 
ceased, and it will not cease, however un- 

week show an increase cf 11.5 per cent. 
This is a little smaller increase than has 
been the rule during the,t few 
months, but when contrasted with the 
fissures from other cities in the couniry 
it grows into mammoth proportions. 

Duluth fs theonly city in the United 
States this week^that shows an increase 
in its bank clearings. 

This is a splendid record. It is re- 
newed evidence of the contiaued growth 
and development of Duluth's trade and 
commerce, despite the ad.vefse circum- 
stances furnished by extraneous causes. 
The people of Dulu'.h acd the believers 
everywhere in Duluth have a right to 
felicitate themselves upon the i-howing 
that the city is making in these times of 
general business depressioa and finan- 
cial difficulties. Duluth has so far es- 
caped any of the disasters that have 
visited other communities and the pros- 
pect is that the city will eccape them en- 
lirely. all the banks bci.ig in a sound 
condition and the business houses gener- 
.'iliy in a prosperous state. For t'?ese 
reasons, Duluth can indulge in a little 

The sudden departure of the president 
for Buzzard's bay v;as a .shock to the 
office seeker;, who must now wait pa- 
tiently for at least three weeks. 

If Governor Altgeld of Illinois offers 
for re-election he will find n reply to his 
"reasons" for the pariionof the anarchists 
tLat he will not like. 









,.,'>''; "•lywrHct-mfLtrt tttknn for liiOHo colaj.ina 
tUl rorriid, 1. o. v;uiil ordorod .>ut. 

t-vory advertisi^monf, is carefully e!asflift«d It* proper he.iditiK -eat iJy fi.ot.o. t.t.f,ny 
nMa-wi)l ii-aeli i.iorM reailera tiibii can b» 
re«cli(»d lu any othur way. Try it. 





A. M, 

., . .U.;:ij|ar niOL-Lu.^- tiilrd 

-MonrJ.-iy Mi-uiiiiri. „f ,.vftr}- u.outh at H 

orlock. iNRXt rcoc-tiruf J„iy 3 .-...^^ 

M t^< .^V'.rk. third dwrci. W. H. I'actOD, W. 

Tf°!'^'^,^^P ^^"^ ^'^P^ HALK IN HKHI- 

•• * land I'ark, nx lartv rooms; oiu) of thn 

I b(M houHChoatht hill, half block frtancarliuo; 

win ,,'ivo ijio U,y. frw, houho on easy tonap. 

K S.i, llcraliJ oihcc. 

a Ml Mirt or wli<,I«, of pitrlit-roorn Jial ; i.arlit .- 
novn-Bhasi Will bc!J at sacrifice, krii^s 
' V.VJi- "" '■""^' "• ^ »' *-!■' I"''- moath. Lnciuiro 
- _1_^ uveaut oust. 

\?0\< HALK~fM\'E FAMILY ]>klVJN(; ______ 

robes, etc. (.lia«..:{.Atwater. iV, Ea.i. Second } K MarrdcoramuailaW «'co^l ..nd f^/n.-th 

CENT A WOlfl). 

'wJiX^Ti Uf-rrular /tiwtiL.j;.- 1 ,^1 and fuoi Xh 
^raj^ilojsday evomuffK of fv,jr> i„„j,fj, ^^ 
#^^\o clock. Sijxt m"otiij;c .)nu.» -•', i^'»3 

W . M. H. \v. < Lcadlo, fpcrotary. 


^ANTKI>-Pf^^lN ^Wi;(.01tCAUK0F I If' ^^-^ ^^'^i-^S^:;:^.^?'!^^ 
Tt cnddri-ii. )> T)!!. ilorald. C^J'- J"!'-" Fra;fr room I'W, Torrey bJ;c. 

W. 'lcn.d:.y ovojda^b «.f cacjrrjrnnt'h at 8 o'c W,:. 
f.eo. A. flack , II. P. T. J. IluaUv, s<yr< tr.ry. 

AddroEs A, 

FJHiancial storms may rage elsewhere, 
but they have no elTect on Dulufa, which 
stands as solid as the rock on which it is 

When will tlic railroad managements 
get a little sense and increase their busi- 
ness to Chicago by reducing the rates.? 

The Sherman law appears to be de- 
cidedly "groggy," in the language of the 
prize ring. 




\" - 

. ., ^1 

V/ealth From Adverlising. 

A W^ashington man, who was a pen- 
sion clerk under Corporal Tanner and 
afterwards manager of the latter's pri- 
vate business, says that Tanner has 
gro'c^n immensely v.-^.\Ithy as a pension 

"The secret of his success over other 
attorneys," says this gentleman, "is ex- 
travagant advertising. He thought noth- 
ing, when he started out, of ordering 
$500 advertisements in leading papers, 
and knowing ones shook their heacs and 
predi -ted catastrophe and fadure in a few- 
months. But the disaster never came." 

There is nothing new or strange in this 
stcry. Corporal Tanner has only du[jli- 
cated the fuccess of others who have 
done likewise. It has been correctly 
said that boldness in advertising always 
wins. Where has it ever failed.' 


I > 

.:.-y>^i,l It 


Inaugarator of l.hc Law Under Which South 
Carolina is to Conlrol the Liquor Traffic. 
South Carolina's Alliance governor is 
the exponent of a new and original law 
lor state con- rol of the liquor traffic, the 
operation of which will be ^-atchcd with 
great interest by the peoplfe generally. 

This law is called ibe dispensary law 
and will go into operation on July i. 
Although it is calculated that the btate 
will probably make a profit of Sr,ooo,ooo 
on the i,5oo,coo gallons of liquor annu- 
ally consumed by its inhabiianl.s, the 
pfimary object of the law was the regu- 
lion of the ii(iuor traffic and not the r^.is- 
ing cf revenue. 

Under the nev,- law no person can pur- 
cliase less than h.ilf a pint or more than 
five gallons of any intoxicating liquor, 
and It is only procurable in sealed pack- 
ages, which must not be opened on the 
premises where they are purchased. 
Every purchaser has to fill out a blank 
application stalling his age and residence 
and for l^waom a:id for" what the liquor 
isrequiied. Charicsion and Columbia 
are the only places in the s'.ate per- 
ndite.i to have more thanone dispensary. 
The former city hjs ten and the latter 
three. Six ol the counties will have 
none at all, as the new law is not intended 
to supersede the existing local option 
The Chicago Inter-Ocean says: "Even l=i^^'- 
the Democratic party cannot ruin the ../,'^^^ ''^/''^^f ^Ispensary" i.o the leg^l 
r-r'^-rl Ktntrc" M^WK^., ^.v, .v^ x> ^'"C of the legal headquarters of the States. Nether can the Re- liquor traffic, and it i.s located in the old 

The Herald's complete account cf the 
Vale-Harvard boat race ytsteiday was 
the subject of many favorable comments. 
No other evening paper in Minnesota 
gave such a complete description of the 
contest, and in none of the morning 
papers were more details found. 


Few Mo.'e Qutstions For the Electric 
To the Editor of the Herald: 

CiMi the Hartffan Electric company, 
w'nile seeking to lope the city into gal- 
vav.izing an additional life of six years 
into an almost expired and flimsy and 
illegal contract, ut an cxhorbitant rate, 
afford t») mount a mo.-^t "high horse" and 
treat with lofty iiuliffercnce the most 
petiinent inquirie, lately directed to that 
CGI poration over he signatures of "Tax- 
payci" and "Citiicn"? 

Are not "taxpayers" and "citizens" the 
oner, who are e.vpectcd to pay the fid- 

When grasping corporations seek to 
forge galling ch: ins upon an already 
corporation-ridlea people, are such ei:- 
qu.iies to be m.i;'.. led.'' 

Aro ccrporatio'.s so sure of our coun- 
cil, that they can afford to dictate iheir 
own terms, regar.lie;,s of the interiists of 
"taxpayers" and "citizens?" I think not. 

Alderman Thoinas is not alone in bis 
efforts to expt Si injurious legislation. 
I believe a maiiiity of cur council is 
re:-idy to put th; seal of disapproval 
upon any measure designed to wcrk 
mischief and impose burdens upon our 
long suffering people. Let the Hartinan 
company face the music and ansv/er in 
.1 straightforward manner the pertinent 
inquirit.'s of "Taxpayer" in his communi- 
cation of Wednesday )ait." 

Another cqualiv pertinent question is: 
Will any disinterested attcrney in Du- 
luth, after examination of the original 
contract with the Hartman company, 
pronounce it a and legal contract? 
Dont dodge the^c q::;:st:on-3. They are 
from the public t)a corporation demand- 
ing additional privilegeii, and 10 sabt^ii- 
fuj^'Ci will answer. 

ANOTtina Citizen. 
Duluth, July I. 

"La;-t fall I vvas fxiLcn with a kind of 
summer comphtia.. accompanied with a 
wonder! ul diarrhua. Soon .-^.fter my 
wife's sister, who lives with us, was taken 
m the same way. We used almost evcry- 
t'ling without benefit. Then I siid, let 
us try Chaa:berlain's Colic, Cholera and 
Diarthu:a remedy, which we did, and 
that cured us right away. I think much 
of it, as it did for me what it was recom- 
mended to do. Joan Hert:;ler, Bethel, 
Berks Co , I'a. 35 aad 50 cent bottles 
for sale by druggists. 


Suitable Premises For Wholesalers and Many- 
Properly known ai Central dock prop- 
perty on Lake avenue, extending back to 
No. I slip, is for rent at reasonable terms. 
Apply to W. G. Park, No. 347 Lake 
avenue south. 


1> Scandinavian drncKi^t wiiUsivtrou yi-ar, 
oxpononro; hrst .f nferPucM ■ 

Qaally, \'1\ }• irst avi nao cast. 

work. K 'j1, Herald. 

WANriD-ilOlTfiK (!LR,VNIN,> AnT>"jA\- 
YY nor work. Apply r>. West First stieot. 

TT bo,jkLer,p.'r:t.horouk'hiy ezponcucod in 
ofjico work. E CO, KoraJd. 

'n^O tSALK, lUIlNifuiiE OF HOAltfUNfi ' 
« 'ou^o, with least-, cheap; good locatiuo. ! 





,u\ T^'\nV^' ■l'"'*": '^"■''^ "^ rofotoncca. Ad- 
di ',•£■. iUir. MH, city. 

— 1 

J lilt... SCO. llasaR.Hi.] kiK.wiiHlKO of book- 
■" " Address ;: T. S, care Ilorald. 

'Vv;;J>T)l ^L-TH <OAIMA,\J>E£y .\o. \K 

/r^^j,,, '^- T. Stat'il ro..'-!-'rrt at 7;:w 

.5o cloc; firnr Had third Tii<»«dRy cvct- 

J Jn,.s of oTcry ni'-rtd. W. 1^. Too 

1 r > ..£, ,.. c. Alfred Ltifiichanz.soc- 

r .ti!ry, ' 


mo todif-poso of it, 
luth, Minn 

fj-^OR S.Mdi 

T I.ST YOUI. i c 

rwimr, hats and hoowe with 

Addrc«bC.Yo!Icr,NewLu- S'H,' P^^«T.' - "C;-' "r 

S cJy h F»r^ IiiHarnnfe, };r,ntn r.nd Colk-ctioC 

__ ! Bureau. !(.:! and P •! Palla.iio baildlag. lIj^^L a 

'ar^jehslof a|>j>lic;..nte. "-ti- a 

t^OK SALE-FOii KENT. Ffill SALE, FUK- '^'''^'e '"^t of a p; 

X niiheU rooms, iiiifiimihlj-ii r'^oniB, otc..e!c. *^>ii-.m v.o >^<..r... . 

«^f,^'« ^fi'^'^i'-id Ht Gicbo Printmrr C4im parr.' S I'V^ '^ INSLKA.Vf.';, Ukn'TAL AND COL- 
oflav, tdO V/osl Superior s.'ro.t. HareHitls i,. ' !r„J"*^^'"" «"«*,««• ArtjUMniont of i.-,t,-icat^ 
envelop- K .-,nd su.tomciita for tl..i next two i '^' ^•P'-'" -" ^ specialty. ii« and 101 PalLirti,,. 
weeks. (,;d. and fi-esami les. Hello WO. V^iy^wj XM.«r.u,.,. . „ ■ 

^^^}^rT^}H''H^ bnu. U.S. U J-, u want a h .^ 

.... ^^Li^^^ZL^'l^ *'•'*• 

I X l!oaPOi;eepintr with city water, 411 Wc-et 
Ihird street. 

or ftoro call and e^-o a hi^ n>t il^r^na her'-i 


-A in private family. Two (iprniau KirU want 
lion.'- work, (jood coe.k wants Fjtuatitai lu 

hotel. Euiploj-nieiit OHicp, i;; Fir»^t 

iiveniio east. 

ty tqaoraihocd at ticuey, Mich. AppU at at aeney, .liich. 


M I? }J DrLrxn -l;;i W. Mis-Litran Street, 
m V, \i ,. (»L".r Union Depots 
iiliJil MrsNj;AioLTS— Ul Nicollet Ave. 

'r»- ...«rT, ''^-^aP*^''"'''^''"'^ aud StS. 

\ fAN W.\NTKDySALAli7r&NT)lxF£Ny'iE 
*».» 1 .'niianent place. whulH or i-art time. 
AplJy at oDCO, Lrowa Broa. Co., Nurserymen, 

-L room. 17 Sewnd aver:uoea?t. \ "^ 

west K'""'""^" only. 10 Second aveuuo 

X eirable in the e.ity. Eia-uiro at caiadycoun- 
ter, Liycjum druc store. 

T^'^OR _ ^ 

1 front room, alj conveniences, 



10<J, Torroy 

T» aiicln^a!! avnae, v.ithin <:ne miln fair 
cntr.iiice. Special i a te.s to parties ui irxr. 

r)ii ^io.iij'^rHowirTp.^jiirATxiir 

V t.iuuR;r6ntoth6iir.*.aiiai,i5on u^A t^^^. 

on aiLoT: 

oil tnijjiBral lai-ds. 

lion tiad r«inorf. 
fi An i -ALds. Jroa lau.ib b..asx^,t st 

p-otiws. b.lChambarof (Virnni? ^^ 



sons. iiend fore ire iil.-tr. Mrs. Hunt inffton, SSiO 
Michipan avenue, «. hicago, HI. 

J- lor light l;ou;iekoapiug, Vi First avenue 

M '-,„ "'.'t' ""''^''' "in.the, g^s and £t-?axn litter*^ 
\U^ul^:^"^' we.t; jobbing a ^uJ^l"': 

"y^^ W. ilcillLLAN COMPANY. 


ins Wnet Hnr^T^rr 

T( -> jti .'> 2 _ no rsics. 

KorterasAcmoStoam laundry, 117 Woit 
I'lrtit stro ;t. 

'♦ (all at €2:3 Wfst First btreot. Miss 




'•^"-'^^"tiy oe.<r,,ypd by electricity witLoat 



c ny at No . 7 Fifth cvouae w**t. 

V.' estate loan, at i.jv^m rates, or pnrcW 

\i^-r.^.^'.^"^-^-'-^^' ?^' ANY AMorNr~o? 

»' othvr need apply. IX)3 East Superior 

T t at I^eitof Park. A.-^ldross A. 9.*. 

TV was-^s, $16to fl!) pw month. Einploy- 
cioat Oliice, 16 First avenue east, 

\ yANTl.D, LADIES 10 Vv'Hn E AT riOME. 
T » EncKis^o stamped envelope to iJwtha B-ia, 
bee... ."-.fn'.th neiitil. Ind. 

public-in party, nor the Populists nor the 
Prohibitionists. The nation's resources 
are great enough to withstand any foolish 
political policy. 

No man or woman who can possibly 
spare the time rnd money should fail to 
see the World's fair. It is the oppor- 
tunity of the century. Every young 
man .nnd woman especially should im- 
bibe the liberal education that it affords. 

Ex-Governor Campbell says he will 
not be nominated as the Dem.ocratic 
candidate for governor of Ohio, but will 
take the stump for the nominee. The 
latter announcement will be gratifying 
to the prospective candidates. 

Agricultural hall at Columbia. It is un- 
der the direct supervision of Commis- 
sioner D. H. Traxler, who was, up to the 
lime of his appointment by Governor 
Tillman, a successful merchant. 

A New Chapel. 

A new chapel to be under the auspices 
of the First Presbyterian church has 
been built at 1628 London road. .Sun- 
day school will be held in it hereafter at 
3 p. ni. and preaching service at 7:45 p. 
ni. Tlie opening sermon v.i I! be preached 
tomorrow evening by Rev. O. S. Thomp- 
son, of Illinois. 


If silver keeps on the down grade as 
rapidly as it has started, iron ore will 
scon be worth as much per ounce. 

The Boston Transcript thinks it rather 
strange that the woman who married for 


Will Occflpy Their Hew Office la Torrey Boildiag, Jaly 1. 

WE HAVE MONEY TO LOAN, and without delay, on good improved- or 
uuimDroved property at prevaiUng rates. 

SEVERAL DESIRABLE HOUSES in best parts ol the city for rent- Also 
Stores on Michigan and First streets. 

FIRE INSURANCE in best home and foreign companies correctly and 
prompt]/ -written. 


5, 6 and 7 First National Bank Building UNTIL JULY 1. 

Elder S. S. Beaver, of Mc.'Mlisterville, 
Juniatta Co., Pa., says bis v^ife is subject 
to cramp in the stomach. Last S'lmmer 
ihe tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera 
and DiarrhtJL-a leniedy for it, and was 
much pleased wiih the .-peedy relief it 
afforded. She h.»s since used it when- 
ever necessary ;:nd found that it never 
fails. For sale by druggists. 

Lawn Chairs and Settees 

At F>:ocdel cS: Ebeling's, one-price furni- 
ture store, Odd Fellows' block. 

i'TTT TO A Written Gt;arantee to 

Our care is permanent and not a patching up. 
Cases treated eijiiit years apohavo never seen a 
•symptom since. By detcribinff c.ise fully wo can 
treat you by mElI, and we give the same strong 
eauraatee to cure or refund al! moi;ey. Tlio.-o 
who prefer to come hoe for treatment can do so 
and wo will pay railroad Tare both ways and 
hotel bills wliile here if wo fail to euro. We 
cliailcDj?e tho world for a case that our M.\G1C 
.REMED'i' wll not cure. Write for full particu- 
lars and get the evidence. 

We guarantee to cure or roruad every dollar, 
and as v.-e have a rennta^ion to j.irotecf, alto 
Uiuvucia! backin.? of So'JOM'O, it b. perfectly safo 
lo all who will try the treattnenr. Hrrotorore 
you have been p'jtliuK ui> and payiiifr ont your 
money for dillorent Ircatment,"' a-id altlKiii^-li 
yo'.i are not yet cnred, no ouc lias p.'iid bairk 
your ir.oney. l)n not wafito any more nionoy an- 
til you try us. Old chronic, dse,> seated cafer> 
cnrnd in 15 to •10 d.'iyr". lavestiKa?'! ouriiuauci-il;lin(,', our reputation rn l.iuninc^ri 
Write ns for iiames and addresses of ilios-iwe 
have cured who have Kivcn permiscion torefor 
to Uieni. 

If your symptoms are eom throat, mucous 
patch'-s in mouth, rhouiuati.--in ia bones arid 
joints, hair falling ont, oriiptinns on anypiirt 
of tlio body, feeling of ,:.-ei:oral depreahicn, paius 
;u head or bones-you have no timo u> waitft, 
Tiios-jwh<i are constantly taking mercury au^l 
potasii (lionid lij.'coatiune it^ 

Don't, fni) to write. AH correspondence sent 
seale'l in plain envelopes. We invito the most 
ritjid invewliftatioii ami will do all iu our power 
o aid yoa in it. Ad^lr^t.^, 


Rooms 1325 to 1331 Mascnic Temple. 

WA \TE ?>^« ^^^' 

A GENTS 'wanted BY ' TilE NOKTJi- 
J.\. we.^tei-ii Benevolent .Suciety of Dtdnlh. 
Piiys sick, aecidont a!:d d.-^aUi bei:ofits at a cost 
of i'l cents Dor week. Ha.^ written over 17,0fi9 
nioiiibera and has paid out- over $:X),0OO in C!i?!; 
to thos'j members in tho sixteen moutlis. 
Or.ra?jc-i'.r« arc iQakins from WOO to fl(.)0 per 
niiinth. V/rif e lor terms or call at 707, i03 aud 
70:), Palladio build n*{. 


O MALU ANt> LA!:OE lIOUbES FOR ItENT i ^trnvvv >-.. r.. . — 

^n» VM''^"^"*"i?^'^%T"^^'^^''"^^*^«''uconveuienceK. | M i™ t ^^ n'^^^l'-, *^'^' I^lAMONrs A2,D 
hee Cluilc.i F. Hnve. (531 Chamber of I'om- U!f J^^-^Jry- «• -i. U«m, onl^- licei^^l p„wn- 

Ij^Oit KENT-ONi'l 6EVEN-K00M >^OUSF 

, ••/^ I'/ r nionth, on Eighteenth aveuao oast 

and L-.uuih st:eot. .Vpply to Wilsou &. NaulTu-. 

I i^XC U^iii^<< j»jlliinU', 

^ em convenjL-.tic-w; eleam h.?at. i^aimire 

...Jf!ji-!iJ_^(_^j [rj/iCKLLAXEo vs. 


VT nnuirtushed lootns or s.niail iiat. No 
childreu. L 0?, Ilcrsld. 

. , ^A T7X'i:NE y.S. 

]-> ^'. ^Y^'J"^' ^'^'f^^^«ir^<m-.NSELLOR 
ty . and advocite. I'd yf.„rj. e.>:porir.acc. in very 
eMbU'.ve practice in .^ew York and Penn.sjYrn- 
n.a. Corporate, coma.-^rcial and real f^'t-t* 
lu.'eaiioa a e;>cc:ali y. 103 PaUail io. Doiutii. " 

^■■^•F: T^.TUS. L. I., n. r. A. McPEEERIN. 

£.x-. iBtrict .\rtoruey for HntlorCountv Pa 

ATTOK-Mn ., AT Law, 

OK:ce*: 24 Pl.o.:-.--.ix Block. 

proof, C'aliimet avenue and 

Ck^lCAOO, FlUE- 
> and Twenty-ninth 
street, jii4 line rooin.s, steam lieat, baths on every 
floor ; tJibt cias-s f.'imily hotel, best location in 
Chicag.i. near World's .fair; Euroj)ean ami 
Anionc in jilan, ."H to$:t perday. Write for cir- 
c;:lars if you wi>!. t<> rcs.rvfi rooms. 



Don't miss the grand excursion to 
Port Arthur and Fort William, .Steamer 
Cambria will leave the Northern Pacific 
dock Friday, June 30 and Sunday, July 
2, at 7:30 p. rn. Round trip, $y. Do- 
minion day celebration in both towns, 
horse race-, boat races, bss.?ball and la- 
crosse matches f;S25oo m prizes). P'or 
further infcrnialion apply to 

J. W. McllRiNi:, Agent, 
j,;H VVe^t Superior .street. 

Notice to Dog Owners. 

Notice is hereby given that all persons 


County of St. Lolis. 

In probate court, special term, Juno 29th, 


In tho matter of tho CBtato of Henry ('. 
Hitchcock dixjeafced. 

On rfceiving aud tiliiiK' the jKlition of .V. R. 
iiitchcock, ol the county of Wabhteimw, Michi- 
k;i!i, r'liresentiiiif. .inionff other tliiii««, that 
ilenry C. Hitchcock, kite of the county of 
Waohtenaw. in tilit> state of Michigan, on t!io 
1 Ith day of Kebruiiry. A. I). l.>',li. at said county 
<if Washtenaw, died iutejitate, and beiuR an in- 
hal;itant ttf said county of Wnfhtenaw at tho 
lin.o of hi.s death, leavinc? pcKidis, chattcla and 
tfiato witliin this county, and that the fcaid 
jietitioiu r is a ton of 8ai«i dcvo.ased, nnd pray- 
iuK that iidjniiiistration of said estate bo to hiin 
f ranted. 

It is ordered, that Raid petition bo hoard be- 
fore said eon ri ou .Monday, the twenty-fourlh 
day of July, .\. D. I'iis. at Ion o'do-k a. m. at 
th'. pri'hati- onico ill iMdtifh, in 1 aid county. 

<ird"fed furMier. that iioCce Ue, r'>of 1m» «<ven 
to tho heir.i of baiti dece.ased :uia lo all piudous 
iiit.orested, by publi.sliii.g this order on Friday 
ia eacli week for thrj'n Fucc('?.>»ive v.-eoks orlor to 
said d.<y •f heaiiufr in tho Dnliith EvotiiuK Her- 

owning or keeping uniiceased dogs will j nhl, a daily rj^jwspnji.r, printed and publishe.i 

be liable to arrest and tine or impribon- "Si.'?l:;''!.Viw'l,'i*''iV'''.?dM i rr a T^ 

./ J/. .i-j» l>aicd at Oulutli, the i^9th day of June, .\. I) 

ment from and after this date. 1393. 

Daniel Horgan, 

Chief of Police. 
Duluth, June 6, 1893. 

Jaoe 39, July 7-U 

riy the Court. 
I'lllNKAS Ayeu, 
.Tudi;o of Pi-ubato. 

JL ectt.s. Rooms rdu, , "in. ,512 and 513 First Na- 
tional baiik buildiuR, Duluth, Minn, 

liVLvrn cnvjicuEfi. 

[Notices of relicious services will hereafter bo 
Nmnil ia ihip column. Pastor will kiadly fol- 
low same form m writinij future notices, ("opy 
niusi. be received at tho buainess office not later 
thaa Friday afternoon. 

nvenuo east and bocond street. Rev, F, C. 
Soutliworth, minister. Flower funday serv- 
ice at. Iu. -45 a. m. .Subject of Fern-.ou, '-Tlio 
Power of tha Imagination,'' Theio will be a 
cbri^tMiin^ service at tho cLise of the .'erinon. 
A!ii.'.-.c by Ariou qujirtet. Children are espa- 
ciiilly invited. 


FC.'i. oj, 1! p. m. ; »:o?pel moetiiift 10 ::» a. la. ; 
illustrated lecture. 7;l,"ip.m. "Law t.f Gi\ wtl: 
li. (iardei and it«;ii t." 

t-u|!e!ior street Hev. T. M. Fiiidluy, pastor. 
J.v'ivi.^ed at 10:1.*» a. in. aud '..1*1 p. m. S.inday 
Hcaool at !);J5 a. n.. ilikiiioas at 3 p. nx. 
\on;:c:peojile'sn!ee!Knr at 7 p. m. Mcirnii-jf 
Neriaoii bu Uev. O. .■>. Ihompt-ou- of Na'-Iivil'.-i, 
111. EveuiaKPcrmno by the ua.^tor. Subject, 
"llrady .rUso." ilid-vvcoic uiectiDK "Thursday 
at7:!;ip. j:i. Se.ita Itoa and Btianeers woi- 
ciir.e Ht ail ^crv■c•1S. 

theSaciod Heart. Fii>t iiias^s at (>::!i a. ri. 
Mitli short sermon; siicfaid map.* r.t ."^ a. in ; 
tiiird ma.'^s at 9 a. m. exclusivelv for c!rldren ; 
hifTh mai-« at DM a.m. at which Father 
Mackey will preach on ••! ho Vi!-ibh> ilof.d of 
thothurch." Baiti.^m^ and ble-siuK^ at 2 
p. m. ; devotions at 7::Wp. m., at 
at. Rev. Hishop McWoJrick will liR'.'.* the \v,i( 
niaRiiilJceat stntaoaof Mary and .Jo^ late- 
ly imported from Fr,.uco aud preach after- 

street, near Touth avonuo— Services at Wi'Mt a. 
rn. and « p. m. Rov. V. A. Safje, of St. Paul, 
will preach both mpruln^T and evetuiejr. Suu- 
diiy tciiool, l:; m. A cordial welcome lo all. 

Sc^ind Htreot aud Third avenue east- Rev. 
H.C. Miiitou, D. D will preach Ixith niorii- 
JDsr and eveuiiiflr. Sabbath schoul meela at 
jioon; (;hiiieso Sabbath i-cliool at '.i p. m.; 
•lunior Endeavor society at 4 :.S') p. m.; 
Senior Endeavor society e.l 7 ti. Ui. Alidwoek 
Prayer .service Thiirsday eveiiiiiff. All wel- 
come. Dr. Miiitoa's morning .siihjut. "The 
(iood Man's Envy at tho Had Mairi= Prosper- 
ity;" eveuiiitf subj^r, "Fear Rebikod." 


cliurch— Worships at depot. Rev. W. K. 

(ircensliieldi, piistor. iSer/ice .at 11 a. m. 

Sabbath at 2 p. in. Prayor meotiuif 

Thursday eveniiij.: at .S. 

Kev. W.H. OreLnyhiohhi jiastor. Service on 

Siiiid.-iy eveniiii,' at '!. 

,.'! , place ofcpsh ?.>arment forlot 0:1 Duluia 
Heights. Apply 107 Wove Fourth streel. 

-T»' isvriALAyr.o r ,s. ' 

Ui^^.vRD FcTh ;?t A Vv'EEk'atToI EAST 
Second streoi . 

nishe'l rooms for litjht hoiisekoopinff. 
Ovinveuient to part of city, by Mondav, 
July a Adaress Cai t. W. J. Cayo, Inman tiis 

;eth M^'\ <■ bamber (,; rce MIC^., Du- 


''rHi: UNDER.«T« NEb H \: 
a. bu.sjue«- at 12 iifth avenue 

\J while you w li :, ivea.-oaable prices. A, 
(ji!nr<-id. 11^ Eh«-i Sec md -^tr^et. 

^^_jr."Oo.7/,s^ ,-f .V /* Kotnn o rrrcR Kn. 

i- \V est Second st 1 1 'Ct. 

\J fiiS WtHt Bccoid otreot, 


build in;,', and i? prepired" t-" do "alj "kinds'"'.^ 
s ioemal.>ji„- work in a Crst-rlass in..: ncr. Kine 
shoes a SI eei.ilty. O.'d'^Hr.. invted to 
"^all at my new sbop. F. D.4i phovd. 


V I" *""AH1"-^^T/'^?"^' AUCTIONEER, 
-Ti . »oom J('t. Herald buildinii, has to rent i..r 
'''■'''.*V S'l'"'^'^' beaiitiftilprouiuv, 1(11 acres, in 
I'onddu Lac viila!,'->, suitable for hotel. Pic- 
nic-, fashiiff. baihi p. gar.iciaiiK. atd boatinT 
t.> Dulutli ; wi.'l be rented cheap to ri^ht parties, 
iliere is a fortune iti it. 


J yi! 
to 1 :ij. 

Luuch, from 12 

CiriL EXiilSKKltS. 


jr\. l::;owa younpraiid Kiflcd clairvoyan*^ aud 
t.-ance medium, has h'cated at .\o. X'. East 
heco-nd street, te the Central Hiph school. 
Iruihful inber pred ciions, reliaMe in her .arf- 
vico. No matter what trouble you have with 
yourself or others, come and slio will guide j<iu. 
She advises you with a certainty by a liidter 
than human rower. Don't fail to oee her if j oa 
ate interested in the e.ffair.s of life. If man iaw^, 
sickne-ss, decths, fcUanRes. travels, divorces, 
separations, law sniis, business trausa tiom-. 

\r '■^- A}''- '^.- COOK. SURVEYORS AND 
--TX» civil cn^i aeers. 3:5 West Fourth street. 

*■ gmcer aud surveyor. Room 715 Pall&dlo. 

T^ K„ Mt;>ST R flsPECTABLE^t^ENSK n 
A o!Hc» Ml Duluth, free of chc.r»re to «tl «ii |. 
also bHve a fall Ijue of hair switcbes. chain*, etc. 
>li^. JI. C. Seitwld. 22s Ea:.t baperior ttr. ©T! 


X Midwife. Full cradnatoof t^'rnmn cclleye 

lost or absent friends mterest"you. Office h.Vnrs'. TMrd sUeet'''*- '^''^^'''^' "^^^ ^^'^«- ^® ^' 
9a, in. to, s p. m. daily aud Snnda.v. Satisfac- ' 

tion ftuatantoed. 
Second street. 

ilrs. Dr. Parker, 20 East 


0» Hook.-, ojiiiied, i.ritteii up and bnl'iiced. 

liil M. 

Ollice of lo.ard of Public Work?-. ) 
City of Duluth, Minn.. June :^l, iMKi. ) 

Senli^I bidfc will be received by ihe board cf 
public. wori.s iu nxal f< r tlie corporal ii"*! of tho 
city ol Dnlulh, Miime.'ota, at tU-.-lr ollice in said 
ciry. uttil 10 a. m. on the 3d day of.luly, A. D. 
l^!';), for the constriietioa of a sanitary fewer 
thioairh block >2. Eudiou divisiou of Dulmh, in 
said city, from Thir(ee;ith aveuuo east to F«e.a- 
tcenth avenue e-iS't. accordin«- to plans and 
spocilicatioii.^ on file in tho oilice of taid board. 

A con ified chock or a boiid with at le.ast two 
('21 snriitie.<! iu the sum of one huudriMl forty 
(JKO.WJ) dollars must accomj.any each bid. 

Tito S3 id board reset ves tho right to reject any 
or all bids, 



T. W. Aiiiii.i., 

Clerk Rii.ud of Public Works. 
Juue-21-lOt «, 

s'^ori: jirPAiKiXi^. 

vj stoves and rau^'es repaired on sliort Dotic.e, 
c;isf,ing.s furiij.>-h-''«i f^-r a-.y ktnd of Jtovtse rriade; 
American Stovii Kejiair Works, 118 East Sti;ior- 
ior street. 

6*305^17:1^:. ""-■'■• *i.w,' 

o^ In Best Part of the City. 


510-511 Lvceutn. 


of '1 iiifd btreel. and Ltike aveuuo -jTuv. H. L, 
McMttrra.v, pastor. Noi.e,-vico m iheniorn- 
iuir. S.inday seho(;I, M;j;, a, m. Li ilii>ovi'- 
idn-,' at 8 o'clock, Kev. K. A. .Sihiuidt will 
preach, ter t, Ltskov, Ml, "Labor ia Obedi- 
«>!icelo (iinW word". Seats fn)e. Stransers aro 
especially welcome. 

Coriio- Thiril .Mreet - and Third avenue west. 
Rev. E. D. Uuuihy, nastor. Preaching at 
10:30 a, m and 8 p. in., by Mio pastor ; Sauday 
Mcluxd at 12 m. ; junior league at 3 i). m. ; lip- 
worth league dcvfdiontil meeting 8 p. m. ; reg- 
ular church prayer mootiug Thursday evouing 
S p. m. 


IIV arc ittforiiird by 

Ol l.)| Pailad ., :>. .1 'V ,; Hiluth, and of Wnsh- 
inntton D. i;.. ilm, i»;e lol'owing Dululh inveu- 
lors liHve re<< 1 •' , >■•■ craiited iHitoul« by the 

Unit jd State.- ; .'lice: 

Eilwarci E. KlizjreraM, Sivert R. Nilson, Peter 
.T. Caa«.nr, .1 din E. iumi", .AlexnadorMcDouKall, 
EdwsmI r. Ende and J >hn Opdt.l.-. 


Patterns aud small moilel* made perfect. 
Assistancegiven inveulors ia perfecting plaiiC. 
Thirty years expcricnco. 

Munger Hlock, Fourth street and First Avenue 

East, Woot DuIuiL, li.iuu. 


Virginia Iinproveme»''t company to J 
Costin. Jr., lots IS an.l 11. block 44,Vir- 
giuia s 

Crosley Purji Land ciimi.any to J A Han 

son, le' ■■ ■ ' ■ -- ■ 

S!>ii. lot llt9, block rv. Cro.>-ley Park ad 

V to 

J S Cjimerou to W J Putter, lots .14 aid 
:r<. block ^6, Duluth Proper, Fifth di- 
■, isi"n 

N ,V FhuMjlier. to F Oustaffon, part of 
lot l."i, hliK-k 1%, Duluth Pro;)or, Sec- 
ond division 

I> Cainbenson to H Pjsctte. part of lot i 
block I'.Riwakib .„ .. 

H S Lord to M Lennon. 4 of lolsVo' 
block 9i>, Duluth Proper. K.'coad di- 

:.l H Hall to C K Ooraght^'VioHS and i(?I 

block 20, Hibbin^j 

5! U Hall to M C Giibort, lot'o, "block Vf. 

R M Hiaitvrton RitoraVlot O.'block 1, 

Hunter's Park, Fii*; division. 
L C<ix to it Johusoa, lot 17, "olook 5, R'a- 

rilie (!ivisi>. u .,_ 

I". .1 Olson to C A John«.oH, irdi i3"r"'Vd :V. 

l.Uick 21. Ciint<>n Place addition 
W ilwiagton Laud companv U> Ele- 

biger, lot 3, block 9, Wilmi'ugton iiddi- 

tit'n . 

H S L<ird toC l-SwordlmpJoVitJ i.Meck 

! 0. Diihilh Proper, Second divi-'oii 
O M Phillips to J Vv Fee. lots IV and t.,S 

EiM Si:;ili street, Duluth Pioper, 

UrsT division 

J C Fresslei t.i .1 (i Rrown. lot 4, block 2, 

Rauriug & Ra^'o sub-division 

W McKiiiley to PetorEmiou, laDde in 

section 7-li6-l«J 














Total traupfors $19,3jI 










\ . 

- » 

/ < 

iHi.fcini .■! «i^i|^|aM^ppaanMi^ 





Durng the Month of June the Social'Calen- 
dar Has Been Filled With Matri- 
monial Events. 


The Munger-Si!v2y Wedding Last Wednes- 
day Was of Particular Interest to 
Society People. 

Tug Parties, Di-.ners and Balls in Honor of 

the Bridesmaids— Other Social 


Matrimonial events seem to be the 
only ones in the social record just at 
present, and the month of June, just 
closeti, has been a prolific one as far a« 
marriages are concerned. The clerk of 
court has worn a ptrpetual smile a« the 
month pri>gresscd and the license fees 
rolled in. The pastors' hearts have been 
lighter as well and they have Ionised for 
more Junes. The Munger-Silvey wed- 
ding of this week was the most notable 
of the month and attracted the attention 
of society in other cities as well as Du- 

Picnics are all the go now and every 
bright evening little parties start oat 
from the boat house for the Point, lunch 
there and return by moonlight, that is if 
there is any. .A. number go up to ^irit 
Lake also. but to go there necessitates an 
earlier start and greater preparations. 
The Fourth of July will be a great day 
for these picnics and large numbers will 
go out during the afternoon and even- 


A Marriage of Unusual Social Prominence— 
The Church Crowded. 
The social event of the week and of 
the month was the marriage of Miss 
Alice Gray Munger and William Baird 
Silvey at the Pilgrim Con-jregational 
church on Wednesday eveoing. Iloth 
of the young people occupy positions 
among the most prominent, socially, in 
the city and the church was tilled with 
the llowcr of Dtilu'.h siciety. The scene 
was a beautiful one. The church was 
richly decorated wi:h rare plants, ilowcrs 
and smilax ri!lir;g the auditorium with 
the r admirable perfume as well as beau- 
tifying it. 

When the wedding march, plaved by 
Mrs. John Lomaii. pealed forth the bridal 
party entered. Four little girls, Bar- 
bara Rupley. Angela Magoiitin, Olive 
Woodbridge and Alic Gray stretched 
ribbons along the pews on the aisles 
down which the party came. The maids 
ot honor, Miss .Maren .Miller, of Duluth, 
and Miss Mamie Young, of BrunswicJf, 
Me., passed down opprs'te aisles, each 
foiiowed by two bridesmaids. .At the 
altar rail were the groom and best man, 
E. C. lone-. The bride entered at the 
westerly ('oor with her father and the 
bridal pa»tv arranged themselves on 
each side cf Dr. Salter, who performed 
the ceremony assisted by Rev, E. M. 

The bridesmaids were Misses Maren 
Miller, Fanny I'pham and Gertrude 
Markeii. of Duluth; Mamie Youn?, cf 
Brunswick, Me.; Isabel Silvey, of Wash- 
ington, and Katie Gilman. of Chicago. 
The ushers were six '41 number, Messrs. 
y F. Merriam, C. J. Kershaw. Walter 
Tarle. W. C. farrington, A. L. Thurman 
and W. G. Crosby. 

Following tbe weddirg a reception 
was given at the home of the bride's 

Sarents, 405 Piedmont avenue. Mr. and 
Irs. Silvey left on the night train ijr 
Chicago, via St. Paul. 

number of friends on Wednesday 
et joyed a very pleasant tiro*. 

!n the program which was given by 
the CeciliaiiS at the World's fair the ap- 
plause which followed the double «|uar- 
tets from Mrs. Stockcr's opera "Gany- 
mede" should have been shared by .Mrs. 
J. S. Dinwoodie. She gave invaluable 
aid in directing all tbe preparatory re- 

Benjamin E. Wells took a party out 
on the Nautilus last Wednesday. 

Mr. and Mrs. J(t%cph liendcr, of Sonth 
Fitth avenue west, celebrated the eigh- 
teenth anniversary of their wedding last 

An assembly dance was given at the 
Spalding last evening in honor of the 
bridesmnids at the Munger-Silvev wed- 

The ladies of the Eastern .*^tar went 
out on the Nautilus Thursday evening at 
the invitation of Mesdames B. F. and J. 
G. Howard. 

The Epworth League of the First M. 
E. church gave an excursion on the 
Ossiiragc last Wednesday evening. The 
occasion was not a strictly pleasant one, 
however. Tiie boat rolled heavily and 
more than half of those on board were 

. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eden gave a card 
party to a number of their friends on 
Wednesday evening. 

A merry picnic in which quite a crowd 
of young people participated, was given 
last Monday. Amoag th> who went 
were; Mr«. N. J. Upha», .Miss Wood- 
bridge, Miss Phillips, Miss Dorothy 
Jones, Mr. Woodbridge. Frank Clark 
and others. 

Miss Christina Leslie, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Thomas Leslie, and James 
Eider, were married on Thursday 'even- 
ing in the parlors of the Ctilumbia hotel, 
Kev. E. M. Noves otticiating. A wed- 
ding supper and dance followed. 

Miss May Moses, daughter of Mr. and 
^Trs. S. Moses, and Moses Ccok were 
married last Tuesday evenin^j at Svea 
hall in the presence of a large gather- 
ing of friends, Rabbi Sepcrsiion perform- 
ing the ceremony. Misses Perlstein, of 
Chicigo. and Cock, of Duluth. were 
maids of honor and the groomsmen were 
Joe Parian, of Minneapolis, and J. M. 1 
Pavian, of Duluth. A wedding supper 
followed and the brida! couple left for 

George Maxwell, formerly of Dulnth, 
is to marry a voung Mexican heiress in 
the near future. ^Ir. Maxwell was in 
the newspaijer business in Duluth about 
four years ago and went to .Mexico to 
engage in mining. His prospective 


are iall caused by 




B« warned ? Nature most be as- 
^ listed to thiow off the poisons. For 
this purpose nothing can equal 
Nature's own assistant 

Why should anyone hesitate in taking this stesp or establishing a home 
3r2^-X®T:l,®^^ ^ complete outfit of Furniture. Carpets, Curtains, etc., for 
FOXJPl PIOOIMES -as enumerated belovr, and as shown in our 
lower Third Avenue Showwindows . . 



mumn i 




:aMe Compound 

Herbs. Barks, and Roots. Contains 

no acid^ or mineral poisons. 

^ n l» ■» r. llnble .ij th* Hank of Ersland. 
v' A'A th»t IS clalin«-il t<.r ii. it wiU 4o. Si.00 • 
bouie. All drusslsta. 

Healy ft BiGtr.ow, C 

^ 511 Grand Ave, New llavca. Conn. 


father-in-law is one of the Mexican Cen- 
tral railway magnates. 
Miss Kate EIi/:abeth Snyder and 
C^eorge Springer were married on Tues- 
day morning at the German Catholic 
church. Father Kosmerl officiating. They 
left for a wedding trip. 

'S'A. G. William Footeof England enter- 
tained S. L. Rice, J, C. Hollemback and 
twci or three other pentlemen at a private 
dinner at the Spalding last evening. 

A moonlight excursion on the Ossifragc 
w,a? given by the Voung People's Society 
of St. Pauls Episcopal church on Tues- 
day evening. Dancing the particu- 
lar pleasure of the evening. 

to Oakland, 


Miss Miller's Di.nncr Party. 
Oa Tuesday evening Miss .Maren Mil- 
ler entertained the bridal party of the 
Munger-Silvey wedding at her home on 
West .Second street. The table was ele- 
gantly decorated with bridal ro^es and 
hair ferns, covers being laid for fourteen. 
The dinner cards were heart shaped and 
appropriately bore a Cupid design. The 
guests were: Misses Fannie Upham, 
Gertrude Markell and Alice Munger. of 
Duluth: .Mamie Young, of Eru:iswick, 
Mc.: Fester, ot Toledo; Kate Gilman, of 
Chicago, and Messrs. W. B. Silvev, 
Walter Turie. E. C. Jones. C. J. Ker- 
shaw, W. C. Farrington. J. F. >Ierriam. 
Charles Culver and W. G. Crosbv. 

A Tug Party, 
A number of prominent young society 
people enjoyed a tug ride "around the 
born" last Monday evening. They left 
the Northern Pacific (lack about 7 
o'clock and returned by moonlight. In 
the party were: Misses Miller. Ma- 
goffin, Markell and Upham, of Duluth; 
Mi<s Gilman, of Chicago; .Miss Young, 
of Brunswick, Mc.; Miss Breikenridgs, 
of Kentucky, and Miss Foster, of To- 
ledo, and Messrs. A. L. Thurn:an, W, 
C. Farrinjjton, A, W. Harrman. Cinries 
Culver. John Gordon. W. Peyton, D. C. 
Euatin and G. E. Robson, 

Social Mention. 
A party of gentlemen went out on tbe 
Nautilus a week ago Friday and re- 
lumed -Monday after a cruise of about 
200 miles along the north shore. Oaite 
a number of brook trout were caught. 
Those in the party were: Messrs: Ben 
Hijward, F. -\. Patrick. John B. .Adam.-;, 
Ben Myers. S. S. Smith. R. .Marble. Rolj- 
crt F. Fitigerai'^?. Tom Smith. Mautice 
Fischbein, J. S. Ferguson and Bacon and 
Dellinger of .St. Paul. 

A ball for the benefit ol the Duluth 
baseball c'lub will be given at Turner 
hail on .Monday evening. 

Miss Florence Sexton, of 616 Eist 
I ourta street, gave a lawn party to a 

Society Personals. 

YiT. ai, I Mrs. Mer;ten of Chicago were 
visiting Duluth friends early this week. 

Mr. and William Smith of M;n-capo- 
lis have been visiting friends and rela- 
tives this week. 

James Billings went tu New Vcrk this 
week to meet .Mrs. Killings and her sister 
who arrived from Paris. 

Miss Hartlev and the Misses Hunton 
of .Amherstberry, Ont., were in tie city 
this week. They are making a tour of 
the lakes on the steamer F. A. Parker. 

Mrs. T. M. Findier and children are 
viiutng in Berwyn, 111. 

Mr, and Mrs. C. F, Leland. who have 
beea visiting the World's fair, have re- 

Mr.-. F. B. Ross and daughter and 
Miss Whitla of Dallas, Te>: , returned 
Monday from a World's fair trip. 

Signer Sala has left Duluth. He goes 
to Italy for a visit. . nd will then locate 
permanently in London. 
"TFrank Ii. Smith has returned to Du- 
luth and win remain here, engaging in 

Miss Mary Salter, who has been at- 
tending the Weliesley college, is home 
for her summer vacation. Dr. Wiliinm 
H, -Salter of N'evv York, is also visiting 
his parents. Dr. and .Mrs. C. C. Salter. 

G, W. Schunderten and w.fe and son, 
all of Pittsburg, visited in Duluth this 

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Hopkins have re- 
turned from a very pleasant trip to the 
World's fair. 

Miss Etta Barnes, of Lester Park, is i 
again at home after visiting Chicago and 1 
the fair, 1 

Mrs. L S. Schefrler, of Manilla, la., is 1 
the guest of relatives in the city. She is 
a sister of Mrs. Dr. Maxwell and Mrs, C, • 
H. Young. 

Mrs. Fred Parker returned from Chi- • 
cago on Wednesday. | 

Mr. a:id Mrs. X, J. Ipbam have gone i 
to Chicago on the one great mission, i 

-Mr. and Mrs. Jchn H. Steele, of Min- J 
neapolis. were iu the city this week. i 

?dri, Edmond Ingalls returned Wed- j 
ne5day, accompanied by her daughters, 
Misses Ruth and Lillian.' who have been I 
rt'cnding Waterman hall in Illinois.' 
?.' ss Ruth graduated on the I3lh. Thev j 
\ i sited the fair before returning home. 1 

Misses Florence and Luella B.-cadwcll j 
kft on Wednesday, via the lakes, for I 
the r i:ome ui Ohio. j 

Mr;. D. H. Moon and family and Mrs. \ 
Sloan and Mi=s Sloan, of St, Pau 
turani Wednesday from a trip down ihe 
lakes on the Samuel Mather, 

Mr. and Mrs. F, L. Andrew and two 
children, of New Be'.hlehem, are the 
guests of Mr. and .Mrs. Charles P, Craig, 
1526 London road, Mrs. Andrews is Mr, 
Craig's sister, 

G. A. Elder and party, who visited the 

World's fair, have returned after an un- 
usually pleasant trip. 

Dr. George F. Senkler and Mi.^p Senk- 
ler, of St. Pa j1, were in the city this 

-Mr. and Mr?, E. D. Sev.-eH. of St. Paul, 
are visiting friends in Duluth. 

Mr and Mrs. H. G. Dean and 
daui^htcr. of Los Angeles, Cal.. are in the 

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Johnson. Mrs. D. 
Buchanan, Miss Ella Blanchard and L. 
H. Whipple returned on Wednesday 
from the World's fair. 

Mjs. a. Larscn has gone 


Mr. and Mrs. George I. Atkins 
turnt'tl on ThUisdiiy from Chicago. 

Miss Grace Morehojse. of St. Paul, is 
visiting her sister. Mrs. Penneti. 

Frank Clark, formerly of Duluth. now 
of .Minneapolis, spent Snndav and -Mon- 
day in Duluth, 

Miss Maggie Spcncc and Miss Maud 
McMaiigh, of .St. Ciiherine. Ont., were 
visiting in Duluth this week. 

Miss Butler, of Atlanta, Ga., is visiting 
in Duluth, 

Mrs. B. Proctor, of St. Paul, who has 
be-i; v-sitmg her danghter, Mrs. H, C. 
Hanford and Miss Proctor returned 
home today. 

Miss Mattie Wyman, of Minneapolis, 
was in Duluth this week, 

.Mrs. McNiel is visiting Mrs.C, J. West 
an 1 Mrs. Ptttiboae, 

Mrs. F. H. White has returned from 
Massachusetts, wiiere she visited for sev- 
eral weeks. 

Mrs. F. W, Paine, who has been away 
for some time, has returned. 

Frank E. Wymm. wife and children 
weiit to Minneapoli.s Thursday to attend 
the wedding of ?.Irs. Wyman's sister. 
Miss Esteile Xc'son. to Rev. James 

Mrs. J. B. Inman, mother of B. B. and 
H. G, Inman, l.ft yesterday for Port 
Huron, .Mich. 

-Mrs. Hopper and daughter and Mis 

Part Down and the Balance on We(?!dy or Monthly Payments. 

Gooc/s Delivered Promptly to All Paris of DiiUu/i, West Duluth, Lester Park, II ^ooJland, 

Diihith Heights, Superior, and All Sitburbs, 

From these prices our scale runs up and down: we can fit yon out for much less moner. and you can 
spend as muc h more as you wish, but these are ALL GOOD GOODS and VEPvY LOW IN FRIGE. 



1 Table $1.50 

1 Solid Chau' 50, 

1 Window Shade 251 

2 yds Oil Cloth 50^1 

Bed Room. 


1 Extension Table $4,50 

4 High BacK Cane Chairs 4.00 
12 yds Ingrain Carpet... 6,00; 

2 Windov/ Shades 50^ 

Handsome Carved 


g'ood Spring- . 

$2,75; 1 Soft Mait-ress 

1 Pair Pillows 

12 yd3 Ingrain Carpe 
1 Rocker 

Parlor or SiiiiEooiii All For 

1 Sofa or 1 Lounge $12,00 

1 Upholstered Rocker .. 6,00 
$19.00; I RQ^i^gj, 3^^ 

2-0<^ 2 Reception Chairs 3.00 

15 'yds Fine Wool Car- 
pet 11.25 

,1 Parlor Table 2,00 



2 Cane Chairs 2.00 


1 Table 

Window Shades 





2 Shades 

2 Pair Lace Curtains 

2 Pole* and Ends 

1 Pair Portieres 


3.50 1 



AND — 

$45;9oi BASSETT'S 

Contract Work. 

Oflfico of tho Board of Pnlilia Wo^k^ \ 
City of DulutL, Minn.. June ii, 1W«. J 

vPi^in"°'1s°f 'T ^^^^'^'^"' Cal- were I ?SSs;;i!;f,:r,j[;:l'.;it 

vismnj; :n Duiuth % esterdav. ! eity. until ift u. m. on the 

!ml Mi. =13 

.>!sss Gilrnan.'of Chicago. 
Young, of Brunswick. 
been viiitin;: Mr. and 
gcr. will itturn home tomorrow 

.'\moti;,' the K"est.s who attended the 
Munjrer- .Silvey weddirt; were: Mrs. 
Robert A. Sruilh. Mrs. j: C. iiullitt, Mrs. 
WcKern. Miss Wtstcrn and R. C, Mun- 
jfer. of St. Paul, .';nd Mrs. G bson. of New 

Mr. and Mrs. VV. L. Banning, of .St. 
Paul, who have manv friends in Duluih, 
were visitinrj here tlii.": week. 

Mr, and Mrs. W. W. C(>'iley.of Aspen, 
Col., were vlsitinij in the city this week. 

.Mr. and Mrs. Will-.-^m Cnnvlcv, who 
h.avc bef n visitiiic; their dau;;hter, .Mrs. 
L. O. IlubberJ, have returned to lh,;ir 
hoi:ie in Eddyviiie, la. 

Miss Res-^ie Proctor will leave next 
week for St. Paul to spciid the sunamcr. 

S^.iU-cl l»Nlfi will Iv rr«pive<l l>y tho board of 

lie corjuiration of Uif 

Ota, ,it thoir oilic" in ftnid 

,«« » .. ^olOth dayol.fiilyA.D.. 

!»*:«. lortliect'tifctrnclior. of an iliro(»-f«ot plank 

. , - , , , 8idf>walk. on the o;i.«t sido of Twnty w>venl)i 

Ale., 'vno h.ive * nvcnuo w't-r is; «.iifl''ity. from Union ^-r^Pot t4) 

Mrs. R. S. Mun- • liail;'oa<J strc«»t, i./>cf.r(iit.- to i>lj'^« h-uI 

specificatioDp oa tiie in tLo i filco of said boarJ. 

A c<>rtigod ch««;k or n bond with at \^-n.*\. tw<i 

(2) surcticfc in the .wiim of tpu t,$10.(»} doll.ira 

nuist .icooTnpanjr cnrh bid. 

Thp said boaM 
any or all bids. 

Notice of Application 




r«scrv(»a the rigiit to reject 

T. W 

IIexuv Tci:ei-«e!i. 

Clerk Board of Bnblic Wooks, 
Jnn» 2S lOt 

West Duiulh Social Notes, 

A quiet wcddi;ip: luok place at West 

Contract Work. 

Omce fvf ihc Hoard of Pnbljc Works. \ 
City of Duluth. Miuu.. Jauc i^, 1H9J. J 

S^nled bids will !>o rr-c*ived by the brmrd of 
PHoiif works in and ff.r tho oorpi^rRtion of tlie 

Duluth ..stToe^day at tiie residence ^^f I t^SA'^:::^^^^^::^'!^ 
iVir. ana .virs. K L. Locaran. the con- I l'*32. fo'tLpoonstructi/m of f.irtbom ni.i.roacii 
tractir.;;- parlies Lei T'i; Mi-5 I-'len Ba'd- i J** *''*^^'***''*''""' ^'"'^ ""«'°*^ ''""i"'' '"catod on 
win and S W ^\i-\<\ r( r'^;/-^....;!!- in '?^^ ♦ "^ ' '»• f'lock 1'".. (ileu Avo:., 
W n ana ^. *!, ^tca 1, r,t Grr^gbvillc, 111. second diviMoi,. U, f-ud rirv. arcordlr.ff u\ 
lliw Driue :s a Sisier of C. U, l>.\ldwin, j Pians and spociScatioiiS ou lUe in the ufllce of 
the Duluth attornt-v. Tif t-m nr t^-.—t^- i said boartl 

guests were 

mcny the bridal couple left on tbe City 
of Traverse for Chicago and fiom there 
wiil go to Mr, Steads home, 

J. E. iiritz and wife of La Crosse, Wis., 
were ia the citv this week, 

Mr. znl Mrs. Ot:s Fliiiiips of N'iatrira. 
N. \ ., are tbe guests ct Mr. and Mrs. 
J. W. Phillips. 

Fif cen or twcnlv 
After the cerJ- ' ...A*''^''''*^?'-^''*"'*^'''.'"' » hond \t-ith at leant two 

ts visiting 

Highest of aU in Leavoiiing Tower.— Latest U. S. Gov't Renort 

ABsou/rEi:^ pimE 

James Lamb cf Faribault, 
hi.*, son, Charles F, Lamb, 

.\ jolly picnic pirty went up to .Spirit 
lake in Wiliiam Shipley's launch ■ 
Sai.ta Maria lajt Wciresday. They \ 
sp'.iit the afternoon on the island and re- ! 
turned by moonlight. Those in the pnrtv i 
^e- I wore Misjes May and Anna I5urch, Ues^ j 
" ' s;c and Fann:e .Mars. Lottie P.urgo.lrcnc ' 
Sickels and Mcs^rs.Wiiliam and Charles 
Kurch, .Sumner Prescott, William Ship- 
ley and Hugo Burgo, 

A fine concert was p'ven Thursday 
evening at the Con^re-ation.^I church by 
ProL F, H, .Seaton's pupils, assisted by a 
number of ir.nsicians. The concert was 
a success in every way. and more thin 
met the anticipations of the audience, 

E, J. Luther and familv arc gone to 

Mrs. G. E. Hall left Friday lor 
incttc. Wis., and will take in the World's 
fair before returning. 

Mrs. L. I. Pre?cott leaves tonight to 
visit for some time with relative* m Chi- 
ca ;o. 

Nervous headaches promptly cured bv 
lironio Stitzer -trial bottle locts. 2 

Go to tbe picnic at Letter Park, July 
4, Good refreshment stand on the 

■ .* 

Dr. Spi'cr & Co.'s cure for piles it per- 
manent. .See ad page 11. No detention 
from business. 

(2 1 tarDties lu tlie <>'jni of pi vcnty (^tO.oy) 
dollars rnnst accn.'-n^auyoacL bid, 

Tl)o ssi i board rwcrvM the ri«htto reject any 
or ail bid». 


Official : 

T. W. Abetx. 

CScrk 15oard of Public Work*. 
JoBC :S-lL>t. 

EVERY MAN «Bvor.!j 


From Whatever Cause, should write l/> 

Eraarpia Ivraar, fonier pMrth 8trc«l. 

BLs mm: win cost yoi lOTHnG. 

The nl-Utt .!i.l ObIt rvlUMp tr^t'iu J olWr,- of lU Vini in thi 
cHy. KrcmUHjr trra^nalrii >nil IxcaUj guallllr4. If :.;ron»<-n- 
veil t^vmt fh- c:ijr /■ rtr^AliiKnt. n.ivjicn.c k t t hy uk^A or t» 
prut. fre«froTi, cl'wrt ilj n < nrKblr rm««i ^ iianiiil««4. 

1:11: ^r-ni lTli-iTirticn« Ijii.--*^ Induirox^*"' l>i.i»Mrr. (iruduc- 
int ii«nr".u>.n»-», lirhuitir, Dinmoas ot St^M, S-if li;-UiNt, IV- 
fe^^tivr Memory. Kin'i|>lcs on th^ f*ce, A>fi-" n tuS'-.'jcly, U»^ 
t,t .\mbitio!i. Vnll(1f-^^ toM4rr>. MeUnch. i\ . J>\.i>^i»si». Sf'it (.-.I 
IVTcla[.ni»Ti;. W<*» of Po«.r, P.iin% in Itie imiV ru . am tri- .t.U 

Mrij. rrhntri,. n^tHtUf. Unnatufal Oischarsos 
Cured Permanently. 

B.'cg:) Skin and Ventreai Diseases, *i:t«.Z'- 

• • ■ • .>u-«t. S»in aikl li.><in. Hi'* .•»%. l.rui»i<i«i«. Acne, 

'- -.r»«. I lper», rtnital SwrilliiMrv, ft.«n »h»f»«« 

< '■ ' ■n' '*"■ >> r "Iriven trun Ui- system hy lue^n* 

fif s».V, 'ilj,«'^r*lF<t IC*Bir«le«. )n,f j,nd Swoltva Joinii «n1 
Kh»ii.M'-. 1^ lh<- rp-<iU lit III. aid ri'iwti < urM KIDNEY 
and MRIMARY (ompUmM. r.mfi.l. ni<«nil(, Wm Krv- 
141K i.t or kl'jwlir L'riiw. « i»«uifc w« aad B(r4*«ar« ynmt>Uf 

%••, tmmt m«-»««fj! ■i»i"fnl »fi4 


t'oiWTY ov St. I/.uis, 


X«>ticp i.s hereby pivcn, Ttiat a^'plieation hai> 
bfou made in writit^g to th(» coiiKittin council of 
#aid city of UuJutii. ajid fii«Hl in my uflico. rray- 
itiK for licnnso to soil intoTicaline liquorK for 
the torin coi:ii:i(»ncin<» «iu JuJy i:'. l^ir.j, 
and t.?nninatici{ July l;?, IVJI. by " the foUow- 
iujT |>crsun and at tljo following placo as 
Biat«d in said application reei .*■«»{ vely. to-wit: 

('. .M. Gundy i ("o.. at iM Lake avpnuc rontfa. 
in the city of Duloth. 

Said application will be Jiear'^nndcjPt/'miiDPd 
by aaid common c< nncil of thocityof Dulnth, 
at the conucil ciiambcr in said city of boiutli, 
in St. Lou i^i county, Minueeota, on Monday, the 
lf>th day of July. IgftS, at 7:30 o'clock p. m, of 
that day, 

WitDPCs my hand and seal of said city of Do- 
lath thia _*r;th day of Juu«. A. D. loW. 


City Clark. 
i Corporate / 

Jnno 2fc-14t 

AiBricaii M U M\ 


STATi: OF mi.nnesota, I 

Coi. XT Y c F St. iLK>l IS, \ ^''• 

Court, SiKxial Term. Jooe auib. 


In Probat 

In til" in;itterof the estato of Da&icl 
Uoyt, dccoifod. 

Whereas, an tnstrum?nt in writinc purporV 
in? t<i bethilufct V..11 and testanieut of Daniel 
Merry llojt. decoa<oiI. late of said county, 
lias t)een delivered to t Iuf rovr' : 

.\nd whtrea-s Lzzio M. Hojt ha« Clod 
therewith her petition, r<>pre.-j'iHinR amoni; 
othrr iliiiiK.'" tliat eai.l D<iiael Wi-rry 
lioyt .■•d in yjj connty, 

on the ;.7!h day of June. lKt<, 
lf.>.t.-itc, and that said i>etitioner 

IS the ^,]( osecutiix ii;in:o<I iu said la.t will 
Jiud tefctaini'Ut. e.iid rr:;:. it:p *':at tii« j-.-iifl in.":rn- 
jneutmay •)e admitted v.> probate, and tliat 
lett4?rh terfcimi'niary bt> iirsued tlierroi. Ut her. 

It jsordoied. that the pr»off< of said iuMrn- and t le Kaid jHStifion. be heard before 
this court, it the pr<>li«tool!ire in Hiiid c«.untv. 
on Mond.iy, the tweuty-f<iurth d»y of .Tu|»-, A. 
]>. ]"ii>;t. at ti'u o'clock in the fon'a< on, when .nil 
i>ereot;}i inir rested mny aprnar for or conUHtthe 
proSatoof sttid iiistnimi->:>t • 

.Vndit isf irther ortlerid. that uotice of tbe 
time and |rt(io<? ig »aid hearii.*? l»e irivcn to all 
pTt^ons ir;Jtre«tod, by publishinp^ this order f.n 
o;;tnrday in mch week for thrt^o mccessiTe we! k« 
|;rit..r to .'.Tid ihiy .)f hiirii:ij, in tJio Duhith 
Jj.vj'nii:i{ lie Mill, a d.iilj :!i.\«*pa|i.» prinie<l und 
pnhlititiid a* i3,jh-,Mi in taid ^S!:r.%. 

Da:<»d .It Dulutli tlie tliirtietlj tkiy of Jane. 
A. I>. Itfi,;. 

B)' the Court, 
[SealJ FnixKAS Avriu 

... , JujKe of Prubato. 

Jaly I-H-IS. 



Paving Eighteenth Avenu* "West. 


Capital Stock $6C0,0C0 

Guarantee Fimd witli State Aaditor, $100,000 

^UKlilFF.-i EXKcLTlO.N bALE.- 


RECEIVES DEPOSITS sabjoct to call 
and ifsaes certitieatea of deposit bearing ntar- 


on certificates msnicg six months. Loans ma<it 
at lowcet TAtef. on e.pproyad tecarity, Connty 
eity and school bopds(pnrchHsod. 


Clinton Ma: kell. h. Merrit*. Wm. McKinlMy, 
.Tames Chamloy, A, W. llra^lley. P.. IL Uarru, 
^^m. K. Kicuurueoti, A. H. Chapin. D, G. C»*i„ 
Kdward L, Hradiey, (ioortre A, Elder, il. i). 
Hieer. Arlhor II. Hrnwn. F. M, Oabome, Cha*. 
K, Lovott 

1893, Season 1893. 



(ali02 Co. 

riprriaM<ati«. Chantei l'•^t. !wa|4^«i Utt ■■<! 

|«c>«p'4lcl (rue H/ mtil tli» Ujctor h.i<i iiK«e<.s(uilr l'e«t»l «na 
-urtJ '.Lu ut ii Mh AU<x.u«ull«(i«i<M« >trirtl) c«iiiil«alisl. 


Operatinc .Six Latgo First-class Steamers, 







Witli Railroad Ccnnec;ions. 

L cder am by TJrtuo <»f an exorr.fiiHi i>fij«'d 
ont of and cndcr the eoal of tli-j district court 
of the Mate of Minimsotn, in srjd fur the 
lileventh jiiiltcial district, and c-otinty of St. 
Louis oil the l.'-th day of .Tune. 1>V3. ujwn a 
j judiriiK-nt rendered nr.d dockctt-d in raid court 
and county u an action thrreiii. wlieroiu Anna 
A. Krered v. is plaintiff and Heury A. l>omrla»«, 
defendant, i i favor «.f "aid plainti.T an«l a^.-iin.-t 
► nid tJofeiidi.nt. for the fum of livo hundrr d 
ninety and ."jS-ltK) dnll.irt, wuicb j^aid oxeoutiou 
tiat^ to nic. as blmrifT of paid t>t, Lotiif, co'inlv. 
be«n duly diroetel anrf dehrered, 1 liar*- levieii 
iilKtn and will sell at public nuct4on. to th • 
hiKlp^t caslj bidder, at the front dtMtraf lii- 
• oiirt houte in t!:.>city of Duhith. m said cotu.ty 
of St. L,<.i:i.s oil ilonday, thi-.U^t day of July, 
IK.1.S. at ten t'cl< ck 1:1 tl »• foreinxm tif tlia: d«y. 
ail the ripiit, title at. d interear that the abo*e 
named ju.ltinent delator had in and t«. the real 
estate hereinafter de^crilwd ou the l.Mh day <'f 
June. In.;:!, t!iat Ivinp the*' of tiie rendition 
of sairi judKineiii. the •l*-«icriptiO!i of tiie pr.>i>- 
erty beiue I'j follow^, to-wit : 

Ltit forty ( !(i . Easr S^-cond (2di ptroet. Du- 
liitii projier. Fii>t i Nt 1 Iirision, tud lot twY>Dtv- [Seal.] 
live CJS). Third '-il s-treot. Dolnth pro|H-r, Ottieial: 
First I let divifion.Sf. l,<>ui!if <innty, Mian'.*ot.n, 
ueconliut; t«i the record d phit thereof oa file 
MBil of rec'inl in th" oilin' oftho rejnster *>^ Jvrn' "' 
d'Cd.sin and forS!. LoBis cn;:nly, ldin-ie*«t; 
ihe .-.aid pr'ttx^rfy cjovr-ri-'i by lieu of :iMarhn."i 
ic'-iied in sai I action and iovjed \uk. 12i!i, UV 

Dated Dalith. Minu., Jure H'.ili. K-3. 

Pah. hiiAKvv, 
SheriiTSt. liO'Ms county. Mir.n. 
Wj l»v A.\ Han^kx. 

, „ , lK>imty bbcriir. 

J. B. Kirn kEDS, 
.AHomey|for .lud^iont Oedittr. 
J iT-2i J ^-^-l.V2i:y 

OSire of City <"onii 'roller, { 
Duluth, Uinn., Jtuo lo. UPK, \ 
Notice i.- hereby civen to tf I prxrtie* ir.t«natMl 
that an af«eflnn"ut ha^ beon niaoo (ly tne boaivl 
of public workf of the «ity of DtiJuth, MiuM^ 
Sota. and continniHl iiy the Hon. J. D. KnoiCT*. 
jndc" of the disitriet cmnn of th.« Hlerenth 
judicial di^irict to d<-tray in fell t^e expe-n«o» 
V' ?'■*'*"»*•*• I*«*h« and otherwi$«> i!i,;*rririur 
Kiehuwiih avenue wc*t from Kailn>ad 
alley to PiedtiMint avenne ^est in said 
CUT. and that a duplicate unHownt 
roll ha^ h.>ec dclivn d to tb.^ eity tremsBwr. 
and that the .imount asse^Ked ?. '-ich lot 

or^l of l;in«i;can be ascerth. ' oSiee 

of the ci»y trfa«nn^r. and tliat • <• ;i<*c<«in»nt 
is rtnea:;.! iia.T.!b|e. ar.d if p.iid nitUin tJiirty 
(:t^i>la.\^ therfwill l>i>:tliowed a d -fiarUon of ten 
(Id' per cent chart;o<! U) the anu.n:it of tbe »^- 
so»*«ineiit for survey, iilans. specifirKth»n* and 
su'icrtutendence. .All pcrboiis jo .) ••!=irit<c can 
havc»hi-ir_n«.MV«sment« diTidf«d )>i'-. !< it more 
*' ^'- ' • ■ -' .:: . tf- :s of l;.' .a ten 

' .kln« a; to the 

C... ....;..;,.,-.... i ..,;.,i:. 15 d;i_ JaVof 

tbi»i iiortce. S.iii] lIl^tA:ia}ont• • ,• due 

scd I'Jivablo rnnnallj. crumc:.. .. .)rrfb"r 

li^t, i«i««. with t'.itore«-t a* 7 jh r ccul, payable 

ISlNiik-s for tisif pnri>o«« may be obtaim^d by 

ai plicttion at my oIKc*. 

W. ii. Tex Rktiok, 
City < omptrolMr. 
Jonc IC-1M:<, JoJy 1. 

Contract Work. 

OfKre of the IV.ard of Pub;if UV rJcn, ( 
City of Duiuui. Minn.. June 2^, i«s. ) 
Swilivl bidsw-m bn rr«»>iTe<i bj the board.. f 
pT:blic work* lu .T..d for the o«ir|KirHtiou of the 
cttv of Dniuth. Minnesota, at their otjiee in said 
city, nntU 10 n. n.. on ihe Ifith da' of Jul> , A, D, 
lA'X for the c<>ii(-truction of at! ' ' piank 
walk (<ti the e;;£; Kikio iif West r, :. aaid 

cit>, frrim L'>C(ioa mad toOxforii < . ,. «vVior<1- 
ine u» tiiaus ati4 spucitica^ous on tie in the 
otlice of aaid board. 

A oe.-tifird checic or a hr-nd «-{' : f '. »: two 
(2> Mireues in thv Klin of thirty ., ..■_ jo.iars 
mnst accorti>aixy e«ch bi<l. 

The sail board roactves thariicLt torcj.^l any 
or all bills. 



T. W. 


ia»rk Board of Pnblie Wi«-k«. 

If Yuu If 'en' lH-fpatch and Curr, 
i'fur Uitodx by Thi Lin*. 


For partiniU's, atfir at 

lU)(t'i 1* BuAUl) Oi TUAHF- 

A. RODhNSO.V. .\gcnt. 


A Positive and Permanent Cure 
for all Stomach Trcublos, 

Wright's II. S. Dyspepsia Specific, 


P, C. LutJi, D-ug(>Mt. ^Ci V.'abasha St. 

Su Paul. 


At .iy: West MuKignn jffreef, 


D. A. DU.N[.AI>. Maua««>r, 


liliii;it iir;«l discharges of tb'' ;'• 'y or.:ari^ 

An ini.illil.lo, saf« and b:. t->Tiie<ly. 

Liree:*. .-iSjHNdy cure i'f the • < .>tii),-«ie 
c\u.'>cs. rrevi'nl-c<>!npllcaliou!». (^uuranl^td 
not to eai'so Stricture. The only remedy 
vUb which you can safely and »iierH^>»fully 
Irt at vours.'-lf. Drupcist-. f l.i"^ Hv K\pn>s8 
(pr»>p.iid| 1 Rottlotl.m. I V. ithSyriiic.f l.5»i:) 
* aottl, s. with }*ypinf«t2.(«i. Afidny^i, 


F. O. Box ££». 8T, PAUL. MINN. 



PilBles DeatliL 







. \ ■ 

• I 

Room 702. 



-— ff— ^ ..■•*.. -^j; 









■::i) West Su- 

j>fru>r Street. 

Fair, e.ccrpt jiosnit'lt/ tiiumUT storuiit fhLs 
aftt'rmi^n; sliijhtly warnic'r (odai/; north- 
t(•<•^,' xcinds: fair Sundi'.if. 



EENT ! i 

1409 East Third Street— 9-Room 
Konse, $40. Eveiy modern cou- 


so; Woctlbriilce Bleck. JJ 


Th(\y Hear With Satisfaction That 
dent Cleveland Has Called an Exi 
Session of Congress. 




All Are of the Opinion That it 
Will Have an Immediate 

Maj. Baldwin Is Pleased and Believes Th: 
the Sherman Act Will Surely be 

fro.n 1 p. 3 
1 .. ... h^ 

HOCKS Fom.AoiEs: norttrt s-oa 
[Evory d.\y irom 9 a. ETcry ii;iy 

111. to 1 p nj. i:l. to iO (I, in 

jr. W' Michigan Street, 
I fliAS. 0. >'ALLKU, ^'rop. DliU 1 H. 3[I.\ 




joined 1 

Williani Uutlcr. of St. Paul, has 
er husband I'.cre they have 
rented the Sar^ienc house at 4515 Oxford 

A. M. MiHer has returned from the 

Georq-e .\rbtiry will address voung 
men at the Y. Xf. C. .-V. roorrs tomorrov/ 
afternoon at ! o'clock. 

Miss Kniiiy Gunn, oi London, Ont., 

The call for an extra session, which is 
well known to bo for the purpose of re- 
pealing the Shenuan law, has been rc- 
cciveil with fcelint;s of satisfaction by 
the bankers and financial men of Du- 
luth. Some of them are a little afraid of 
filibusterinj;, but the majority believe 
that the sentiment, especially since In- 
dia's action, is so strong that the silver 
men will not attempt anything of the 

Maj. Baldwni feels very good over the 




is the guest I'f Miss Mae Walker 
East Fourth street. 

01 317 

Kd. Maas came down from Virginia 
last evening. 

\V. B. Mitchell, the \irginia druggist, 
is in the city today. 

A. C. Clausen, state .^rain inspector, 
came up from St. Paul this mornjpg. 

George C. Farnham, of Minneapolis, 
is in the city. 

A. B. Willis arrived this morniiig from 
St. Paul. 

S. A. Harris, of Minneapolis, is here 

Miss Susie Malonty left yesterday for 
a visit of three or four week* in St. Paul 
and Minneapolis. 

A tishing party consisting of Dwight 
Woodbridge, S. D. Campbell, K. J. Mac- 
leod. C. J. West, Alex. MacLean and 
James ^tacLennan leave today for White 
"River on the South Shor ■• road. They 
will return on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Mrs. R. H. Harris and daughter have 
returned from Chicago. 

Miss Hardy has returned from Chi- 

J. W^. Jackson, who went to Chicago as 
a delegate to the International Typo- 
graphical union, has relm ned. 

A parly consisting of Miss Geraldine 
Moak, Miss Helen Mackey and Mesiis. 
Sydney Brown, E. C. Jones and F. L. 
Seixas. chaperoned bv MrF. John Ri)bin- 
son will go to Tower Monday afternoon 
and spend the Fourth, returning on 

iVlinnescta Resorts. 

This is the title ot a handsome folder 
issued by the St. Paul 6c Duluth railroad 
descriptive of the various summer re- 
sorts on and reached by that line. It 
contains detailed information relative to 
the lakes and streams of Northeastern 
Minnesota with a list of the different 
varieties of tish and game found in each 
locality; rates for hotel accommoda- 
tions, boats, guides, etc., the game and 
fish laws of the state, including the 
amendments of 1893, ^.nd much other 
mteresting matter. 

Many of the mo^t beautiful of Minne- 
sota's charming lakes are located on this 
railroad and every tourist, angler or 
hui^ter should have one of these folders. 

Copies furnished en application to 
ticket agents or to Geo. W. Bull, G. P. 
A., or W. A. Russell, assistant G. P. A., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Survey Noarly Corr.pleied. 

The survey ^f the Mesaba range ex- 
tension of the Duluth & Iron Range rail- 
road, leaving the main line three miles 
and one-half west of Two Harbors is 
about completed. One week more will 
suffice for ' the work. Two lines have 
been run, the most direct requiring a 
very heavy cut, rendering it expensive. 
The construction will probably be de- 
ferred until finances are easier. 

Brown building for rent, 10 East Supe- 
rior street, entire building or floors sepa- 
rately. P'ixtures for sale. Enquire of A. 
E. Brown at Panton Sc Watson's. 

nd thinks there has been a 

in sentiment the pa^t few days. 
"The St. Louis Republic," he said, "has 
been the great silver paper of the coun- 
try and has been for weeks imperative in 
its demands that the bill stand as it is. 
Interviews in this line, coining from 
strong silverites, have been printed. 
Within the last three or four days the 
tone of these interviews has changed. 
Mar.y of the ra^iical sib.eritcs ail- 
mit that it nuist he repealed 
and some claim that a substitute provid- 
ing for free coinage nius* be passed. 
Others want a compromise, some asking 
for the repeal of the 10 per cent tax on 
Slate bank issue. Others are hoping for 
an international coinage agreement 
under which America will coin at least 
j as much as under the ^(herman law. The 
' L^ame paper, in an editorial within the 
last three days, admits the repeal of the 
Sherman law as a necessity. 

"I do not fear that there v.iil be any 
nlibustiring tactics emplovcd to delay 
the repeal of the bill, I thiiik President 
Cleveland knows that the bill would be 
promptly repealed or he would not have 
called the tessicn. I believe that the 
president's action will give immediate 
relief and will create a belter feeling. I 
shall leave for Washington about Jiily 20 
to look after ir.y interests on committees 
and also to attend to some department 

G. G. Hartley says: "Our government 
is good for tive times its debt, and 1 be- 
lieve Ibcre are enough practical men 
among all the politicians to save the bus- 
i!,e>s interests vi the country from much 
further dis;isJer. Piesident Cleveland is 
moving in that direction by calling con- 
gress together next mouth! I believe he 
would have done it heior-j if he had felt 
sure of their altitude on this silver ques- 
tion. There i?, in my mind, no doubt 
tliat t!ie Sherman act will be repealed 
promptly. Duluth's reputation in finan- 
cial circles is good, and nothing will do 
more to maintain the reputation than 
prompt pavnientof interest, when it falls 
due, to Eastern banks and money 

"The president's message will have a 
quieting effect," said Luther Menden- 
hall, president of the First National 
bank. "People v*ill begin to feel that 
the government is in earnest and is tak- 
ing the only step that could be taken to 
bring reliel— th-;; calling of a special ses- 
sion. It also means that Mr. Cleveland 
has felt his party and knows that he 
can control it or he wouk not call the 
session. In that way the move is going 
to do good. 1 hope for the repeal of the 
Sherman law of course; that is what v/e 
are all looking for. I do not know for a 
certainty whether it would work good or 
bad; but everybody expects the repeal 
wcuid work to the betterment of financial 
conditions, and that expectation of itself 
would have a good effect." 

Said Thomas Cullyford, president of 
the Marine National bank: "The extra 
session will have a very good effect on 
the business of the country and cer- 
tainly it will be reassuring to the people 
to know that we are going to get relief. 
All we want is confidence to restore busi- 
ness. Until congress meets I do not 
think we are going to see any very great 
change. In my opinion the remedy is 
the repeal of the Sherman law, most as- 
suredly. I think there is a majority in 
the house in favor of the repeal of the 
silver biil, but I doubt whether there is 
in the senate." 

"The president has finally come to a 
realization of the financial status of the 
country," said M. O. Hall, president of 
the State Bank of Duluth. "While the 

is always held responsible for the dis- 
astfrs during iK inruinbercy. Cleveland 
should have c.dled an extra session of 
congress before. \\'[\:\t congnss will be 
able to atcDiiiplish is very i|uestion;ible, 
but I hope lh:it the public will be ap- 
peiseil. I am decidedly in favor of the 
repeal of the Sherman law." 

C. 11. Stuckey, cashier of the State 
bank of Duluth. said he considered the 
repeal ol the Sherman law the crying 
necessity and believed that wliatever 
congress did it would do (juickly without 
delay or lilibustering. 

.Said J. C. Hunter, cashier of the 
American Exchange b:i!>k: '^An extra 
session is what we have been clamoring 
for. The message of President Cleve- 
land will have the eCfect of making peo- 
ple feel better anyway. It will make 
everyone feel that we are getting nearer 
to what we want^the repeal of the Sher- 
man silver bill." 

F. W. Paine, of the Security bank, 
feels frlad that the call has been issued 
anil anticipates an immediate effect. The 
canvass made by the New York papers 
recently proved unmistakably that the 
majority of congressmen will voti^for the 
repeal of the Sherman act and Mr. 
Payne believes that President Cleveland 
issued the call as soon as he was reason- 
ably certain that the act could be re- 

Cashier T. H. Phillips, of the Iron Ex- 
change bank, is afraid that the silver 
men will use filibustering tactics to delav 
the repeal of the act and thinks no 
very great effect will be observed until 
the law is actually repealed. If this is 
done, he said, there will be immediate 
relief and marked improvement in the 
Condition of affairs. 


V/illiam H. Graff Gets no Damages in 
Action Against the Imperial Mill 


Judge Lewis Dismissed it en the Ground 

That no Negligence Was Proven 

Against the Defendant. 



Term iWas H;;!d Today, 
Beln;^ Continued io ii'onday 
— Other Cci:rt News. 



dominant party may not be to blame, it 

Cullum, dentist, 702 Palladio. 

Scjoke Endion cigar. W. A. Foote ^ Co. 

Rice & McGilvray ,616 Chamber of Com- 
merce, civil engineers and surveyors. 

"Use the best" Duluth Imperial fiour. 

W. S. Storer, D. D. S., has removed 
his dental rooms to 717 Torrey block. 

McMillen & Tenbusch, architects; 
King block. 

Moved to Torrey building, fir:t fioor, 
James Billings. 

Dr. Schiffman extracts teeth without 

Money— 5 ;i to 8 per cent. T. O. Hall. 

T. O. Hall has removed his office to 
room 105, Palladio. 

Those who have been interviewed 
about buying a piano by traveling .agents 
from out the city, and v/ho sell from cat- 
alogue, will learn something to their ad- 
vantage if they will call on Duluth 
Music company before ordering or ac- 
cepting any goods. 

First annual picnic ot Cigar Makers 
union will be given July 4 at Brautigam's 
summer garden. New dancing platform 
ju.-.t built. 

The Zenith City Lodge, K. of P. 
(colored) met last evening and elected 
the following officers: Rev. R. Taylor, 
C. C; Henry Keyes. P. C; M.Brown. M. 
of F.; J. W. Scott, M. of E.; George Din- 
sley, K. of R. and S.;; W. Robinson, P.; 
William Mays, M. A. C. W. Dorsey,tbe 
retiring chancelh-r commander, was 
prtsenicd with a fine gold ring and then 
entertained tli£ members at his home. 

Bishop McGolrick has extended ar 
invitation to Apostolic Delegate Satolii 
to visit Duluth on hi^ return ficni the 
Paciiic coost about a month hence. 

II. R. Spencer and Scott Rex. attor- 
neys, have removed to 102 Torrey block. 

R. Krojanker, Duluth's -leading furrier, 
is now in New York selecting his v/inter 
atock of furs. 

Bisl'.op McGolrick will preach and 
bless the two beautiful statues just ar- 
rived from Paris at the pio-cathedral 
Sunday evening. The grand vespers will 
be chanted. 

The pro-cathedral parish will com- 
mernoraic Independence day by a lawn 
festival to be given on the evening of 
July 3 on the beautiful grounds surround- 
ing the parochial residence. Music has 
been engaged for the occasion and icc 
cream will be served. 

Fifteen drunks, vags and disorderlies 
ran the gauntlet before Judge Powell in 
municipal court this morning and most 
of them got a chance to spend the glor- 

Salurdays arc usually reserve 1 ia dis- 
trict ccurt for special Last 
night, however, iiolh Judges Ensign .and 
Lewis were still engaged on rases, the 
end of which there was no immediate 
prospect of reaching, so the regular 
June term was continued today and the 
special term set for Monday inornnig at 
9 o'clock. 

The case bcu.;e Judge Lewis -Wd- 
liam H. Groff a,; the Duluth impe- 
rial Mill company— came to a sudden 
end this mornir.^. When the plaintiff 
rested defendam's attorneys moved 
tor judgment on the ground that 
no negligence had been shown. The 
motion was granted. GrolT was an oiler 
ill the Imperial mill. He got caught in 
the machinery and !us j:rm was dislo- 
cated, resultmg i:i permanent iniurv. 

Before Judge Ensign the case "of West 
Duluth Iiidustral, Construction and Im- 
provement con!p;iny against the city of 
Duluth is stiil OP. trial. "^It will probably 
be finished be!ore night. Judge Lewis 
ailjpurned court in his room at 11:30 not 
caring to begin on a case Saturday after- 
noon. The case of John Malensbeck 
against Charles iMcXamara has been 

Following is the new setting of c?.-ci: 

Wednesday, July 5—121, 137, 146. 



A. J. Taylor's Comttijsslon Is No» Hero Yo'. 
C. B. King is Out. 

Monroe Nichols, icgi.ster of the United 
States land officer, hoped i.> ti.rn his of- 
fice over to his succcss^or, A. J. Tsylor, 
l(,day, but that gentleman has noc re- 
ceived his C(;ni:n;.s, ion, io matters will 
coiuinue a-.; at pre .cm until it does i.onie. 
Mr. Nichols this morning baid: "lain 
very rinxious to turn over the office: 
that I can go down to the Worid'sfiiir an 
spend a Willie. AJiermy return, I shall 
put in 5ur!i iiioo as may be iicce?;;;,ry, 
assisting .Maj. li.ddwin in tklinittly Icca'i- 
ing the pine ii.uitU m this district and 
on the sidtj may practice a little land 

The clerical force of the Duluth land 
ofllce has been redu .ed one nun by the 
dtpaitment at Washington :iiul today, ar, 
the_ result, (.". li. King Meps down and out 

to hustle for hi.s 
other way. The 
office is terribly crowded with work and 
will, one man short, it is hard to tell mlo 
what po.siti'.n thinj^s v.iil resjlve theni- 
.■ielves. Betv.een ncv/ and Jan. i, i&;j, 
•Soo proofs will have to be taken. That 
decs not t xclude about 250 in a .state of 
suspension due to the re-ient order re- 
cently received from the dep.ircment at 
\yashi.i;(tun and affecting all of the 
eight towns recently opened. 

Register Nichuls today i)rcpared the 

lands in this 

1 /?82i^ -C^^-- ^-i"- 'T^7;'?v^ 


and wdl be compidled 
bread and pie in iromc 





I'arlton ... 

( -00k 



tit. Luuiti.. 


summary ol the 



... 2«,.sao 

... 'i.'flVi 









2,r,4,J,7aO 4,0i>3,S70 


Legal Papers Docketed With ihe Clerk of 
Court Today. 

The follovvirg papers have been filed 
in Clerk Sinclair's office: 

In the matter of the assignment of the 
Minnesota Bhut Furnace company, re- 
lease of claim cf the St, Paul & Duluth 
railroad company, 83897.34. 

In the mattei'of the assignment cf 
David Silk, bond of Louis Pclcnskv, as- 
signee, Si 000; schedule propertv,S457.03; 
schedule of dolus, $112.26. 

Charles W. Culver et al. against Scott 
& Holston Lumber comp.any, s:.tisfac- 
tioa of judgment, $1084.16.' 

John McKinley and George A. i:ider 
against J. M. ' V.illiams, compiaint. 
Plaintiffs sue fir §934 94. being one-fifth 
of net royalties on ore taken out under 
the terms of a -ease set up in the com- 

Schupp &: Daesler against Northwest- 
ern Bentrvcltnt association, transcript of 
judgment 5 i 99. 

Myers cS: Whipple agrdnst Marion E. 
O'Brien, executrix of O'Brien, af- 
fidavit for garni^h;nent. 



V in the county jail, n 





The last spoonful is as good as the first." Tlv^se cheer- 
ing words come from all parts of tliC world. 

The reason Dr. Price's Creain Buking Fov.'iitr does better awd Ihier 
work and retains iis uniform shength until -the List ivioin is lissd, v/iiile 
other brands deteriorate, often becoming caked and ii.^c!css, is by reason of 
our refining our own Qcam of Tartar and cli-.rii.i;iiii.!; uii impii'. ities and so 
accurately combining all the in.'^reuitnts nj-ed in exact scicnti.'."c proportions. 

Dr. Price's is peculiarly adapted fo; >,:':port, as nciilicr long sea voyages 
cor climatic changes atlect it. Will fresh and sv/cet for years. 

ious Fourth ot Ju 
few paying their fine 

Dr. Dunn will preach at the 
Park church tomorrow morning. 

The fines and fees paid in to the clerk 
of the municipal court for the month of 
June amounted to ;^i648.i2. 

The remains of Gertrude Waugh, wlio 
died Mav 4 of iTienin^itis, were shipped 
today to Greenville, Pa., for interment. 

Stanford & Arbury have removed to 
516 and 517 Torrey bldg. 

The following marriage licenses have 
been issued: To Anson McGillivrayand 
Anna Johnson, Alfred Spence and Anna 

The Highland Improvement company 
v/ill e.-^tablish an office on the heights and 
Fred Hartley will be in charge. 

Sivert McSorvick from Norway took 
out first papers in the United States 
court today. 

The father of John E. Fuller, who 
committed suicide was expected from 
Clinton, Mass., today,- but did not arrive 
this morning. The remains are at the 
residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wood- 

The board of fire commissioners held 
a meeting .at 3 o'clock this afternoon. 
Monthly reports were received and 
monthly bills considered and steps taken 
to hasten the erection of the new First 
street fire hall. 

The Ladies Relief society will hold a 
special meeting Monday at i :3o p. m. at 
the residence of Mrs. A. M. Miller. 

Emil liabolz in municipal court this 
i.fternoon stood an examination to see 
whether or no he should be bound over 
to keep the peace. Judge Powell, after 
hearing the testimony discharged the de- 

With U.S For Improved 

MORTG-AG-E 1.0AN3 1 


Wia Our "08 Oft BEFORE" Clause 

V.hicli l.x)k np beforu you tako auy ottior. 

Do m Contaifl tli3 Gold Clause w 

I Investment Bj'nker.^;, 5 Phcenix Blk U 

A Minstrel Show. 
Columbian Minstrel Club of Duluth 
will give a performance at the Lyceum, 
July 7, under the auspices of the Retail 
Clerks union. The arrangements and 
rehearsals have been in progress for 
some time past under the direction of 
Professor A. F. M. Cuslance and busines.? 
man.agement under J. I. Walker. Some 
fine novelties will be introduced, such as 
the landing of Columbus, his return to 
Spain, and his reception by King Ferdin- 
and and Queen Is.abella, together v/ith an 
oleo of a high class, concluding with a 
laughable farce entitled "Our City Coun- 
cil on Monday Night." The very best 
local talent obtsinablc in the city and vi- 
cinity takes part, with special costumes 
and music. No expense has been spared 
to make the performance an excellent 

Boom in Births. 

Births as follows have been reported 
to the board of health: Thomas and 
Charlotte Hannibal, 525 West Fourth 
street, a daughter; Isa and Erenics John- 
son, 326 Eighth street and Fourth ave- 
nue e.ast, a daughter; Charles and Chris- 
tina Blockbeig, 1924 Michigan street, a 
son;01e and Margaret Peterson, 212 
West Fourth street, a daughter; Joseph 
and Jennie Young, 724 Garfield avenue, 
a daughter; George and Maggie Atchely, 
i22o West .Superior street, a daughter; 
James and Endy Maghan, 2810 Helm 
street, a dauRhter; Charles Johnsen and 
wife, 415 Second avenue west, a son; N. 
O. and Hedda Johnsen, 2113 Piedmont 
avmuewcst, a daughter; 'f. and Annie 
Leght, 2226 West First street, a son; 
Andrew and Lizzie Harra, 324 St. Croix 
avenue, a son. 

Toniglil's Council Meeting. 
There will a special meeting of the 
council this evening, primarily lor the 
purpose of passing the June pay rolls so 
that none of the (Icbtors of the city may 
be compelled 10 pass over the birthday 
of this great and glorious nation without 
the wherewithal to buy a bunch of fire- 
crackers, aglas.« of red pop or perchance 
a schooner of plain, plebeian beer. Other 
matters will in the natural course of 
events come up for consideration, but so 
far as known none of unusual import- 
ance. The prospects are for a brief and 
quiet session. 

Two Laboring Men Claim a Grievance Against 
an Empioyinenl Agency. 
Workingmcn say that peopie who 
never have done any physical labor to 
speak of and who sit on their soft easy 
chairs and expre&s opinions that no man 
who wants to work need be out of em- 
ployment do Jiot know what they are 
talking about these dayu. Labor is get- 
ting scarce and plenty of good men can 
be had at the hirer's own price. Where 
laborers we.'-e ji cuing $,2 a day a year 
ago, Si will Hvnv secure all the men de- 
sired. If it were not for the little rail- 
road building in St. Louis county, there 
would be double the large number o[ 
men appearirg in municipal court every 

The employment agencies are blamed 
somewhat as the causj lor many of these 
idle men being around. In St. Paul, 
Minneapolis, Cnicago .lud other cities! 
large s'.yns are huiig out bearing the 
words, "300 men wanted at Duiuih," fol- 
lowed by glowing accounts cf high wages 
.and cheaj) ixjaui. In Du'uth the la'uor- 
ing man is greeted with some more big 
placard.s, teiln.;: ..f camps up on the 
ranges where tav- best of jobs are yelling 
to be taken, 'i hey pay their registration 
fee, go up, find no w.rk at all, only a 
few ilays, or l.ibor that no orainary man 
can long eiidr;-, then oDce more arc 
adrift. Foilov.uig thf natural law they 
drift back to Duiuih and other centers 
and go from bad to wcr^e, taking box 
cars out of town, gniing into the county 
jai:— ail for the crime ot being pennilesi^. 
. Thi:s morning a couple oi patrons ol 
an employment agency v.-cre at the city 
had locking for the city attornev, with a 
desire to learn if there be any legal 
redress or punii hment for a v/rong v.hich 
they allege v.-ai, plnycu upon theiu. \\ cd- 
ncbday evening Jhey .-.t-.^pped into the 
office of Ttiomas G. White, v.ho runs an 
employmtnt shebang in the basement of 
t'ne buildirig at the northwest corner of 
Fifth avenue west and .Michigan. Thev 
claim to have paid $.2 and got a card to 
the camp ot Wolf Cv? iCmg at Ore Junc- 
t:o.-, purpOTli;ig to give ihem a job a: 
S1.75 per day and bcatd at ;?4 per vv'cek. 

3 niore men v.-cre 
needed. Last evening ihsy rcmrncd 
and made a dein.vnd for the return of 
their money, maintaining that Wl-.itJ 
had not :;ecurcd wh:it he h:;d .igreed ti 
and th::t tliey had been sent oif a wild 
gcose chase. They now claim that he 
refused to return the mouev. The city 
attorney was at the district court and the 
men departed saying that they would 
call agiin. 

Mr. White, when called upon by a re- 
poiterand (picstioned, said: "June 28. 
Wolf & King sent us an order lor fifty 
men at Si. 75 per day and board at $4 p^r 
week. These fellows, who were French- 
men, were given to undeistand that the 
work was shoveling. When thcv got uji 
there they dcm.anded tie making and 
were told that there was no work of that 
kind. They refused to shovel. If they 
hid come bRck with their tickets signed 
by W'olf >:\: King tbeirnioney would have 
been refunded, but instead, some man 
who had no authority signed their tickets 
.and, on the strenj;th of th..t, thev tried to 
bulldoze u--. Thes- fellows did 'not want 
to work. 'Jhe other men who went staid. 
There : j plenty to do there a):d Monday 
we will bhip 200 men. One agency here, 
however, sent iwctity-five men without 
any order from the'coivrnctor. These 
men should have their money refunded." 

Store Open This Evening UaliJ 10:30. 


|{Straa^o as it iilay S^ia to Soraij. 

yeeflsScial ,is it Pialulj Appears lo Ali, 

Nevertheless it is a fact we have made a trciiiL-n 
('oils sacrilk-c of profits for this 


f^Take Your Pic?< 

ill ioiay, 


(•f any Light ctvlored 


^■^200 SUITS- iN SACKS and FROCKS. 

1 300 SUITS— IN SACKS and FROCKs/ 

. S3,99 
. SU9j 

THESE SiUiTo >"c.i;ae our recent r.:rimmoth purchases of Clothing at 

,. 5-/:"nirie Do.iar. Every one is worth much more than we are 

i^i asking lor them, and only for our very good fortune in getting 

i^,a „ , " :ably low figure"-, "jGU would be 

^1 ^ compelled to pay neariyDOUDLE for the same .Suits. 

|;^Any Young ^'an's Suit in our 
m worth Si 5.00, S14.00 

^.;jAny Young Man's 

?i).(X) and S8.00 



ind $12 

Suit in our store, worth 

U Any 

of these goods at th'e-e reasonably low fig 
pelled to pay neariy D0U13LE for the saa 

B037S' and Children's Dep't. 

'!.'^'^^^"/C!ioice, S9.99 

'"•°^:.'"^'Clioice, S6.99 

...CMce, $2.99p 

... Cboice, S4.99i 

Clioice, 98c^ 



l^jj Any Child's Suit in our store, worthS4.5o, $4 and $3.50 
Child's Suit in our store, worth $9, $8, $7 and $6, 
Boys' or Child's Straw Hat in our s!ore, worth from 

' •( 

or Child's Straw 
Si.95 to $2.50... 


l^ Any 


^■JjHATSf'i'Oi.aie for an outing. You all want an OUTING CAP for 
>«i ^''<^ f' ouriJi. We give you what vou want when you vant it 
a- the n„ht price. We will offer for SATURDAY and 
A ONDA^ , a lull line cf Yachting Caps, all colors, worth Si 
a) the small price of 

N And to induce you to buy a Straw Kat for the warm dpvs, we will 

j« show you a line ot &iin bimi and soft brim Straws at 

y That other houses ask 7;c and $1 for, 

Kfji5 dozen(i8o Tat^i of those Light Color Camel's Hair $150 FE- 
y I^OH,AS left in cur s'ock, just the thing for aii outing. 

,J 1 close them out you inav come in and take one whr'e 

ri . . tl'cy last, at the ridiculoudy Ida- price of 


» 1 

^^ 12 dozen fine 1' UR FELT CRUSH HATS, nobbv stvle«:'.' advertised bv 
;■• other bouses as a bargain at 98c. OUR PRICE FOR 






On the 4th*. 

The World's Fair Steamer 



When they reached Ore Junction 
contractors told ther;i that thtre was 
work ai;d that 


Leaves for Tvro Harbors at 9 a. m and 3 p. m. Eouni trip $ 1 GO. 
Eveaing trip leaves at 7 :30. Tickets 50 cents. 






Columbian Minstrel Club 


CoDiedians and Dancers 



Big Deal Unrfsr V/ay. 
A deal is s.iid to be urdci way for the 
s.-ile to F.astun parties of a half interest 
m the .Adams mine for a trifie ovcn'-joo.- 
ooo, by Kirnberley, Jones and Ad.mis. It 
IS not closed ye: aiid the parlies con- 
cerned will sav nothing. 


Tlie Swtel Singers: 

Karry Kaymond, John J. Reid, 
Robert H.i:np. S. H. Bartean,| 
J. Ryder. 

Q The Merry Comedians: 

^::j n. S. Murray. C. A W^oods. 

\A A. W. Lahey. 11 M. Woods, 

1^ J. J. Walker, W. D. Hammond. 

I Mitchell, Germalue aad McGuIre ia Ilielr Famous Silence and Fun Act. 



"Tlio pppformiiioo ti) coucludo with the laHtrhnW^ farce entitled ' 



Tii'kofs now on snlo at Duluth Drn< 8h;irf>, 2'''1 W. Siri. .'^t. i-.n-J .it :.yc<MKn !;.)x 0,ric.\ 

"'■ a^affiSa?SES^ifi ~/iS«?EK 

The steamer Lucille will make .t grand 
excursion to Spirit Lake Sundav, Julv .?. 
and Tuesday, July 4, leaviiig Sutjdiin's 
dock .Olid Noithern Kicfic do.k at 10 a. 
m. and 2 p. m. Fare 50 cents uund trip. 

Has Paid the Royalties. 
An amended bill of complaint was 
filed in the United Sta'es court today in 
the case of John M. Williams vs. John 
McKinlcy and Gecrge A. Elder. The 
amendment presents the fact that the 
plaintiff has p.-iid the defendants royal- 
ties amounting to $9<5.65 in order that 
no prejudice may ari-.e because of the 
non p.iyment cf royalties and wants an 
accounting of this money in the determi- 
nation of the case. 

Just Arrived. 
Another fresh lot ol Garland's candies at 
the Lyceum drug store. 

Telephone Lutes' laundry to call 
voiir w.ishing. 


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yato f.miJy l.ottiu ; lias had experience, lloral.) 




Real Estate | 


$375 ~ 

yBnw?^«i;7?SjBa3T8K :»Typ> 




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City Band 

i Thej ConliDce to Draw I a ge Crowds 

A number of Pavilion par- 
ties are given every da}'. 


f * 






SATirUDAY, JITLVl. 189a. 

Panton & Watson 



We have purchased from the Underwriters the entire stock of goods damaged bv fire smokel 

and water, lately belonging to the I 




The Sale Will Continue Until the Entire Stock is Closed Out. 








a. y:^^^fJ?^.:S^or ^^^'- ^""^ ^°°*^ ^^ ^-^ ^"«''""' ^^^^^-^ ^ ^^"'- =---«"*- ^' *^ SOOCS are alnaost perfect 

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^jQ > 






^■ir I 

% ' * ■ ""** 










Ttl[ im OF LABOR 

The Cause of Organized Labor in Duluth is 

as Full of Life as is 


Plan for the Amalgamation of the Trades 

Assemblies is Progressing Amicably 

and Rapidly. 

' M\w\ \m iloiu) is inc4un:ii;l('SH, la only 
; stiJtCNl rhetoric ]>nsc<l upon tho Btoroiv 
I I V pixl ln>;;s' (>i tho i;niui'ii3o surrrionty 
■of American inHlltutioaa and Iho iui- 
mortsnrable oppovttiultifH open to Indus"- 
triuus nntl rnttTprisiii;? cltizoTis of thb 
scroat c'jnTUi-y. Wo can forj^ivo Mr. 
iuguUs for thlanml muBt bear \Ylth hlra u 
littlo loiigL'r. for pyrutochnlos in t>si)iv>9- 
sion v,x^ro for bo many jvav.-i hia chiv>f 
st<K:k in trade that it is hanl for him to 
ccnio down to a piano of common eonse 
all at onoo. 

S. L. Kent, of Lincoln, Neb., Will Speak 
Here Soon on the Benefits of Or- 
ganized Labor. 

While the b.mkers and tinaacicrs in 
general arc worrying to death about the 
tinancial situation, while business is dull 
and people in general are inclined to 
clamor about hard times xvA have an in- 
clination to stand olY their munihly bills, 
and while nviny poor fellows are unable 
to lind steady work, the cause of organ- 
ized labor in Dulutii apparently is as 
full of life as is possible. Several en- 
thusiastic union meetings have been held 
the past week and several more are in 
prospect for the week to come. Today, 
state convention of the Bakers' union 
coavened \\\ the Clark block and will 
continue at least until tomorrow. Speak- 
ers of national note will visit the city 
fri>ni time to time this summer and de- 
spite the lon^ duys of labor and the in- 
clination to shirk evening meetings dur- 
ing the summer months, the api^roach 
ol winter will be sure to lind organized 
labor many ft?ps in advance of what ii 
was at the close ot the past winter. 

The plan for the am dk^asnation of the 
Central Trades assembly and the Guild- 
ers and Trades assembly is progressing 
amicably and rapidly, and there is but 
iiltle doubt that orgmized labor will 
soon be one grand, solid, aggressive unit 
m Dnluth. At the meeting held Thurs- 
day night, the committee, appointee! 
some time ago to prejiare a constitu- 
tion forlhe amalgamated bodies, sub- 
mitted its report wh:ch was accepted. 
This will now be discussed by the Cen- 
tral Trades and Labor assembly and if 
acceptable, the union of forces will prob- 
ably become a reality at the special 
meeting three weeks from the one hekl 
Thursday evening. 

♦ * •» 

The Cigar Mak?"; union has always 
been in the moat advanced ranks of 
organized labor movements. The an- 
nual financial report of the i- ternational 
union speaks volumes. It shows that" 
the mternational tiri' •.. has 26,678 mem- 
bers in good standing, not including 
traveling members. During the past 
year the organization has received $5oq,- 
533 30. and expended S427.654.46. It has 
a balance of $1503,829, which makes it 
the wealthiest organization in the country. 
Among the expenditures the following 
items are noted: Sick bene. 6 is, $89,906; 
death benefits, $47,701.97. The total 
bum expended for benefits during iSq2 
was $237,279, while §1,769,866, is the total 
sum expended for benefits since the last 
date of organization. 

4< 4> 4 

Next Wednesday evening, the Elec- 
trical Workers union will hold an open 
meeting at the ball on First street. Some 
interesting speakers will be present and 
an extra effort will be made to arouse an 
enthusiasm that will be lastmg m its 
benetits to the cause in general and this 
union in particular. 

Tuesday evening of this week the 
Cigarmakers* union held a large and 
successful meeting. The attendance 
was most flattermg and in !addition to 
other features, an unusually large 
amount of routine business was trans- 
acted. The Herald is sorry not to give 
a more complete account of this mtcting 
but no detailed rc[)ort has been handed 
in. This departmtnt is designed for the 
unions and org.anized labor in general, 
hence reports of meetings held or a.i- 
nouncements of those to be held will 
always be more than welcome. 

The Labor Problem, a monthly journal 
devoted to the intertsts of the laboring 
masses has been received by The Her- 
ald. It is most neat typographically, 
contains thirty-two pages and a hand- 
some cover and is most crejitible in ap- 
pearance in every way. The columns 
are well filled with gener^il articles of in- 
terest to laboring men. One feature is 
several biograpbi' .al sketches of some of 
the leading champions of organized labor 
in Duluth wi-h portraits of tho same 
The advertising patronage is fluttering 
and if the new publication caa meet the 
demand for attention to local matters in 
labor circles at tlie head of the lakes, 
and it surely can, a bright and prcspei- 
ous future is certaii'. 

4 « 4 

The secretary of the I 'nited Brother- 1 
hood of the Carpenters cf AmcriC/i has I 
sent a notice! that on July 12, S. L. Kent, ' 
of Lincoln, Nch., wil; deliver an address , 
in D'llnth on "1 he liencfits From Or- j 
gani/ed Labor." Th;s meeting will b; ! 
held in the hall of the! 
Trades and Labor assembly aiid \ 
everjone is cord.iaMy invited and j 
urtjed to i)e present. Mr. Kint has had ! 
considerable experience in the or,:anized | 
Labor movcmtnt, has been a carpenter i 
himself and now in a(iditi:n to his work | 
ol lecturing and organizing the carpon- \ 
ters over the country, holds a memb:;r- ' 
ship on the board of education at Lin-' 
coin, N'cb, ■ 


A Gifted Ex-Scnator's Views on an Important 

If John J. higalLs had boon tamed 
Sown abrat 13 yoarH tyjforo tho Popiilist 
aprisinir in Kana;v:-. rs'tir.-'d him to private 
life, ho might iivobnbly by thla timn have 
rcachfHl n point ia Iho nndorst:in'liJig of 
economic* wh«rr ho v.-onld havo bcon of 
considerablo r rvlcd to the progrcsElvo 
movomoiit. A-s it- la, Mr. Ingnll i oocti- 
'sionally contribritt:i n thonght t'nroagh 
hi3 Hyndiciito lotter which indicctea thut 
when nntrammf le<l by party chaiua ho 
hii9 tho conrago of his convlctionb, and 
thoy nro ronvictiona wliich mn^t como 
to any intellig<nit man who obs?rvc3nnd 
thinks with r. viev^r to finding tho truth 
instoad of holdin;^ only tho purpose of 
shxipin^ everything to the continiianco of 
his party, right or wron^j. Much thut 
tb9 ©x-senator writeaaa to.whftt may and 

That the reader may know why I find 
ex-Sor.:;tcrTngalld an iut.orestinuf subject 
jnst ut this tiuio I jircsont several o::- 
cori)ts from ono of liis lato letters. IIo 
is not i\ socialist, nor even u Popnli.^t, 
yet tho toUov.-ing paragraph r.liows that 
ho ha:i ndopted tho iiio?t radical plan!: 
in tho platform of tho most extreme so- 
ciiil ri'vcl'.ttionlst: 

Tho maii \vhrs<» t!;<Jly broftd for hl!jis<.>lf and 
ht"« fiiuillydci>»'mlti \!ptin wairon tliat r.n cm- 
riloyok- o>Hy kIvc ov wUhliol.l ut iileivniiru la iw)t 
fr.'f. Till' n-tcvnivtlve iK^tv.eon siarvution luul 
subiult'^!i>u tf» rt -schi'dule Li slavery. Li)>crty Is 
so.nietlstna inoro than t> n-^mo. llo whinlojjcnds 
uiMjii llie will ct r.:iollu-r /or tjlivltcv, clotl»lnjj 
ACil 'timl car.i'.ot be u txy^ iri.'Ui la tho l>;\)!id 
fiiU U'canln;: ol tliiit word. Fncdom dors not 
consist l:i dffliiitluiid. Tlit' dcclttrutlon that life, 
liberty and tlio pur:',ilt of hupiilr.i-s.s nro tlio tn- 
alifniiMo rljlitij of every hurimu bidiiir iimlics 
uo man liidejH.'ndtr.t. Tiio r'sht to liberty isan 
cm;)ty nnx-kery und didr. -liin im'iotJs the power 
to bo ftvet'il.-:3 uIbO. I'rvctlom 1h not mcn'ly 
the remDViil of loiiol rciitialiitw, tho iierudbilou 
to como or no. Addc<l to thoco inu: t bo the 
caviU'lty and tho ouportunity, which only cx- 
ttmiitJon from f tie i)tH\«^!tyof Ir.of.ssunt daily 
liibor enn brintj. To ii:iiui:hnu« BTiakfspoaro, 
ptivorty Kiid lU>oily uro un ill matched pair, 
l'^ Lixloni und uep.:idiT.oc nrc luouuipntiblo. 

Other mon havo bocn Called doma- 
gognos for tamer utt'eranoos than theso, 
but tboy have tried to remedy the ills i-e- 
citod. Mr. Ingallfl will bo safo from 
abn?e so long a.'-, ho confines himself to 
criticism and doesn't attempt or suggest 
a practical remedy. 

Let lis road inoro from r\rr. Ingalls' 
lauco i>ointed \m\, which jmnctures the 
painted balloon of Fourth of Jnly bun- 

Tho inequality of fortunes nnd the obvious 
Injustice of the unequal distribution of wealth 
iimoiig men have been the perplexity of philos- 
ophers. It b the unsolved oulginsv of political 
economy. C'ivillration h.ia no paradox to mys- 
terloua B3 the exinteneo of hunser when thcro 
i.'s an excess of fowl— of want in tho midst of 
superfluity. That one man should hnvo pos- 
sessions Ik- ymid the eapiieity of cxtru\aganeo 
to squander, and another, r.hlo ."ind willing to 
work, should perish for want of cnbcr^ rags 
and u crust, i-endei-s eoclety imintelUgiblo. It 
makes tho charter of human rli^jlits.iloffosjriph. 
i?o long as sueli conditions routintic tho key to 
tho cipher in which det^tinyiswritteu i.i not re- 
vealed— the brothcrhoo<l of man is u phrase, 
justice Is a formula, and the divine codo isillcg- 

This is not tlw ranting of a "Dutch 
socialist," unfamiliar with America and 
it8 institutiono, but tho sober utterance 
of a man who hold.-; ji high placo in tho 
roll of American Btatesiaon, and ono who 
has beett fanatical in his davotion to tho 
flag and all it represents. 

Mr. Ingalls disagrees •with tho clcrgj'- 
men and editors who think poverty and 
its attendant e^nls arc a part of tlie di- 
vine plan; who imply by their actions 
that they understand tho Scripture to 
mean that the moro jioor "ye liavo with 
ye"' the ntsarer God's will is done. Tha 
ex-senator says: 

To admit that tho ignorance, wretchedness, 
di:->easc, w.\nt, poverty and detjradation of eo- 
clt ty are ineviiabic and irremediable is to ira- 
jicich Ood. 

It is only when he comes to consider 
tha causes for co!iditions which he de- 
plores that Mr. Ingalls shows his v.'eak- 
ness. Then ono uuderstandd tliat he 
must travel a little longer this road, 
w-iich is nery to liim, before ho is able to 
decipher all it3 sign posts. Without at- 
tribiTting other canso for existing con- 
dition.-? than tliat the freemen of this 
country have not ussd the ballot Avisely, 
he declares as fallacious the cLiim that 
extreme wealth is the cause of extreino 
IK)verty. By this ho means that tho rich 
do not become rich at the fexpenso of tho 

Tlicrc is no necoh-.iity for repeating the 
truths upon this jioint co familiar to 
economic students. Until ?.Ir. Ingalls 
recognizes the lojpcal fnet that no one 
can drain abriormrd riclies from the 
wealth jointly created witTiotit dei»riving 
others of a p.>vtion of their share, nnd 
couples that fact with his knowledge 
that tho poBscssora of gi'eat wealth use 
their possessions to nqueeze all they can 
out of th'j less fortunate, ho vdll con- 
tinue to Btumblo along tho stony path- 
way, not undcirstanding from whence 
camo tlio impedimcnls to his progiX3Sij 
nor how to get rid of them. Ho can see 
hovy the peculations of one man in a 
business concern may make him tich 
"A'hilo it impoverishes his partners, but 
ho is unablo to apply this parallel to so- 
ciety, which is only a huge business coa- 

I want to agree with Mr. Ingalls in ono 
I)articular. He says: 

If tho unequal distrlbntionof tho bnrdcn and 
bcr'^flts of fi-.cli'ty depends upon Ictjislation, In- 
Mlltu'Jonsftnd t.*ovcrnmoiit, then ur.der a system 
likooui-s tho equliihrium should bo ri .stored. If 
v.calth results fiom laws and poverty 
from legislative oppression, the is in 
tlio hands of tho victim.^. If they Buffer, it i:i 
from self Inflicted wounds. 

The worldngmen of this country, the 
poor and oppressed, have tho ballot, and 
if they would uee it in their own Inter- 
ests thoy could obtain their rights and 
poverty bo abolished. A peaceful revo- 
lution is not only possible, but with 
united action upon tho part of tliose v.'ho 
are tho victims of vicious legislation 
nothing under tho heaven.-; coidd iirevcnt 
tho change for tlio Ixjtter. LooJc at the 
situation In Germany, a country in 
which tho common peoplo have nothing 
like the opjK^jrtnnities over open hero. 
Yet tho Social Democrats (workingmen) 
of Germany, by tho exoreiso of tho "bal- 
lot, guided by 8.n unswerving i-egard for 
their own interests, have royalty, capi- 
talism and i)lutccracy on tho run. In 
recent yeai*s they havo compelled Im- 
portant ooncessions from tlio govern- 
ment, and tho day is not far distant 
when tho men wl:o toil v.ill rule in Ger- 
many. Oh, for a little Teutonic courage 
and tenacity in onr sorrowing landl 

Nonsensical controversy in tho daily 
pi-ess of the country over the tariff que.-;- 
tion never ceases. Ilammer and jKiund, 
hammer and pound, rarely striking a nail 
on tho head, seldtmi uttering a rational 
idea, generally roha^'?lung a lying array 
ef figur es — t h at's the way it gqesj^. But 

ttioi.\ew lori: Uecorncr a\i\ s;xy some- 
thitig tho other day th.nt wa.s uniquo 
enoug!i to uttr.'ict attoMliou and .il.;.urd 
enough to v\du for tiio editor tho uir.tinc- 
tion t)f being tlio most comploto dough- 
hetitl on eaiTli. Hero's an wonomic 
bomb with a i»op like a IC-packs-ior-u- 
quurter lii-ccrackcr: 

I'nder eslBtliiij ciHinonilo Hystt^njs foreij^n Lv- 
lif>r payn tho tarllf toH. The alioUtlon of the 
ti::l?r wl!loiui»neli>ftl« foreign laljor, but what 
will be theelTeit on Amerlertn hiboi-y ^;|nlllly 
n luitflu of luttchlnery ai.d of men runniiijf ma- 
chinos under tho (.^uidiiit; h.r.nd of capital. 

Is thero an AmericaTi workingman so 
ignorant as not to know that tho cost of 
conveying an article to tho condtimer is 
paitl to the retailer by tl-.o conaumer; 
This iiududes carriage, tolls and inolit-j 
of tho middlemen. 

I am not going to discu.^is the effect of the 
tariil tiptm t ho v>'ageri paid to tho American 
workingnian, sodonot Iv- frightened. But 
I ca:inot ttIio\y such ti piece of doA'citcon- 
struciod to delude those worklugiuen to 
go unchallengotT. To sav thut foreign 
vrorkingmen pay the tnrili exacted upon 
their products by this coimtry is to wiy 
that forL-lgu employers would i>ay theii 
employees higher Avagt^s if thero was no 
American tariff. In others words, foreign 
employers ditft r from Ajuerican employ- 
ers in that the former give in wages to 
their employees everything over the cost 
of raw material, wear nnd tear on raa- 
chinerj' anil a fixed pTt)lit. In Europe 
wo arc to uinlei\staud that tho price of 
labor is not regulated by tho lav.-s of 
supply and demand, as it is here, and 
that employers are pliiiaufhropists. Tlien 
thoro's a ch:ince that European labor 
may be emancipated. Let's move to Eu- 
roi)e. Jos, K. Buchanan. 

Ruilw.iy SKrge<i2i8. 

Among the proceedings of the national 
convention of railway snrg(';ons, which 
has just closed its sessiou in Omaha, 
7iiany topics intere3ling to tho i)rofession 
were ably discus-sed, and tuggt^stlons for 
mtitnal impioveinent of the peculiar 
servico were debated und recommended 
for adoption. Xbero was, however, a 
suggestive omission of all reference to 
railway employees and their relations to 
tho railway i-urgeons. It Is an open se- 
cret that tlie railway surgeons employed 
on the principal system;! of railway draw 
their paj- from tho hospital fund, and. 
that f imd i-opresoats a forced coatiibu- 
tiou from every employee of tlie road. 
Willing or unwilling, tlieso omployoes 
are made to contribute toward tlio sup- 
port of tho railway surgeons out cf each 
month's vyages beforo t!io paymaster 
hands over tho amount due them on the 

Anil yet tho railway surgeons never 
acknowledge any obligation to tho mon 
and women whose hard e;irned wage 
fmul is drawn upon fur tho hospital 
fund, which in reality is the surgeon's 
salary fund, Tho only party that the 
railway surgeon feels obligated to is tho 
general manager of tho road. .Wo know 
of no other sen'ico, public or private, 
where an officer or omployc\) considers 
himself under no obligation to tho men 
from whom ho di'iiws his paj'. More 
singuhir still is the fact that tho railway 
employees who pay for tho stirgeons have 
no voice or iufluencb in their selection or 
their retention in the service which is 
said to bo organized exclusively for their 
benefit. — Omaha Bee. 


An Appropriate Datp. 
The Boston Pilot gives a sarcastic re- 
view of Mr. Andrew Carnegie's article 
in Tho North American lioview-, in vv-liich 
tho baron ctf Homestead suggests that Uie 
logic of pro.gress Uads to the political 
■and commercial union of Great Britain 
and the United States, Tlje closing sen- 
tences of The Pilot's article speak for 
themselves. Hero they are: 

Nothlni^ worth mentioninf: remains la tlie 
way of the eoncumniiition of ?.Jr. t'arneg!e'.s 
lovely schome. IIo seeu it, he sr.ys, "v.'ith the 
eye of faiih, tiio faith of t'le davoiec, which 
parries with It the realizing scusoof certain 
fnlflllmciit." If Ids vltAoa bo con-ect, the ful- 
llllment 13 only ;v iHutter of dotuil. Among the 
detiiils is tho l:r.portantono of dato. Wo would 
re.sivftfully Ku.s:?CBt for the hitter July (i. It is 
an unniver.jary— tlioBnnlrei-sary (.1 tJic Jlorac- 
istcad ma-ssitcro, when Mr. Carncsile'.s fcttliful 
r*inkerto:;;; shot down A?aerlNin worklnymcn 
and provwi coachisivcly that republican Insti- 
tutions are a falluvo on thla oontincnt. 

I : 

GlassworUcrs' Suiniiior hlliut Down. 

The qtiestion of summer t^hut downs 
will probably engtigo a large part of tho 
attention of the delegates at the coaven- 
lion of liint glasiv.-orkors to bo held at 
ilarion, Ind., on July 10. Some of tho 
houses which inal:e a largo amount of 
gla:« for tho fruit trade claim that by 
tho summer shut dov.-n they lo.'^e much 
business, which the nonunion houses thus 
get. Tho summer shut down has always 
Ijoen one of the most rigidly enforced 
rules of the union, ho tho chanc<« are the 
request v.'ill be bitterly opijoeod. 

Tho work day in tlio sliop.^ of the Union 
Pacific i-ailwayhas been reduced to eight 
hours. It is claimed tho rcducticn was 
made necessary bj- the dullness in traffic. 


Tcrriblo Condition of Clrls AVIio Work at 
Tobacco Stemiuiii^ In New Yorh. 

"D.: you want to Ece real white slaves 
— girk v^ho work 70 hours a week for star- 
vation wages?" 

Tho speaker was a cigar maker who, 
ground down by the wretched condition 
of tho trade, felt i)ity for tho girls who 
are worse olf even than tho wretchedly 
paid cigar makers. Tho six-aker, not wait- 
ing for an answer, said, "Como with 
mo," and tho reporter followed him to 
Avenue B, v.'hero tho cigar makers work 
and oat lind sleep and eke out a miser- 
able existence. 

At tho entrance to a dark and dirty 
tenome7it tho man turned and bade The 
Journal man vyait until lie returned. 

"They nro »i bit \'.ild in here,'' ho ex- 
plained niwlogotically, "and if they don't 
know who you are thev might get sus- 
picious and make trotible," 

YcB, thoy v,'(:re suspicions. As the vxaifx 
entered tho dreary doorway several of 
tho inmates oye<l iho visitor und whisper- 
ed the ir Buppicion that ho was from tho 
factory insi)octor. They wero cut sliort 
by tha reappearance of tho man, who had 
made it all right with tho sweating tene- 
ment keeper. 

'•These arc the girls I mean," said he, 
pointing to two girl;; with bright eye;^ 
and janched f ;ices wlio laborc<l in an at- 
naosjihor© iKbicU PQgJUYely reeked with 



i The Oldest 


Advertisement I 

From the Daily Advertiser, of New York, June 30, t 

IS a 



round red 




tin tag 


like this 

rriTc (loop 
Y& v/harf 
Ki. Csiolx 


\, from 


Spring ^oods, 
p will be fold 

j\\y inform 
oat will fet 
[hich place 
fet off on 
jnihgs at 3 
feach place 
day to Phi • 
jtle Jonger Jn 
jn fpecie, 

AL.irge an 
'■^'et fftnded,] 

1 hogiheai 

A tag 

like this 


■■ jt-j 



TobaccoXs^ Snuff of the heft quality l^Jla'vor 

At'the Mantjfactory,No.4, Chatham ftreei.sieai- the Gaol 

By Peter and George Loriliard, 

Where may be \\z<i asfoflows': 

CtU tobacco, » Prigf or carrot do. 

Common kitefoot do | Maccuba.fnuff, 

Common fmoaking do. I Rappcedo. . | Strafburgh c o. 

Ladies, twift do. | Common raapee do. 

Pigtail do. in Cman rolls, | Scented rap see do. ofdrf- 

Pluffdo. I fei^nt kiids. 

Hogtaildo. j Scotch do. 

The.above,:robacco and Snuff will be fold reafonable 
and warranted as good as any on the continent. It not 
found to prove good, any part of It may b> returned, if 
not damaged. 

N. B. Proper allowance will be made to thofe that 
purchafc a quantity, iVI.iy •»7— .rm " \ 1 T^liH !i;\ 
■ ■' - ■ ■ " ■ — — .i — i — LIL: — i l-men.-> 



Wharf, bj/j 


From ontfj 
i Wharf ,vv/^ . 

■Jung 15 \ 

Uke this 


like this 

^ W hen this advertisement appeared, the LoRiLLARDfirm was 29 years old. In ^ 
# the 103 years intervening, the little store on the Boston Turnpike (now Park ^ 
m Row) has grown into the largest Tobacco manufactory in the world. The en- ^ 
^ terprise, energy and skill which has kept the head of the procession so long, ^| 
^ finds its best expression to-day in Climax Plug, the choicest chewing tobacco |5 

^ in the world. Climax is sold everywhere. It's much the best. §^ 

($ — — -1 ^ 

^^ Made only by the P. LoElix.VRD Companv, the oldest lobncco manuf^icturcrs iii Amerir.T, .-ir.d the Largest i -. the world. ^ 

tooacco. Tiio nil* v-^as Heavy, warm ana 
damp, Tiio miii.d v.'as that of steam- 
ing tob.ic o. The girls eat, scantily and 
Vv,-ry iioor'y attired, cacli v.'ith i\ wooden 
block b:r\roeii her Jatees. 

E.icli li:d u bundle of tobacco leaves, 
called a K.nid. l-'r.-m this tho girl takes 
u leaf, di v/hips out the end of 
tho stalk "uuuing down the center, and 
with a tv.-ist of the wrist deftly strips 
out tho "-lalk, leaving tv;o perfect halves 
of a 1( at'. The tv/o h.-.lves arc laid across 
tho tup of the block, Tlio girls aro knov.-n 
as "sttipp.-'r.i." 

"Wa-j. ri v<ero nvetty good wWcn we 
first started in the business," said one of 
tho girl-!, "but tli:y are very bad novv', 
A fcnv y .u's ago tho girlfj earned (<;"» a 
week. Now $l,iX) a v.eek for 70 hours' 
work I.'> ;-.ll wo can earn," 

Strip, : ;Hp, strip, bent forward, witli 
eyes an;l nmscles strained, all day long 
these i;u!.r girls toil for a ])eggarly pit- 
tance. If tliey enjoy rrood liealtii, thctj 
do not 1 ajuy cleaiiliucss with it. Tho 
girls arc not allowed to wasts) timd by 
washing iheir hands, no tJiey v.'ipy thorn 
upon the pic«:j of rag ucroao their knees 
and upri which tlietobncco isstretchod. 

So tliitk does this duat accumtilatc 
upon theii' tobacco moistened hnndhtJiat 
thoy have to devote a few minutos at in- 
tervals in removi!ig it, so as to be able 
to go on with tlie v.-ork. T1k> "atiipper" 
girl also iiihakvj more tobacco lames than 
any other cigar worker and at first ia 
ovorpov.'rrod by tho vapjr.^. 

At present little girls from 13 to 1' 
years <;f Mgo are net to v,-ork iu nnny 
shops anl moro tcaiemeuts titrippitig to- 
bacco in direct viuhiticn of tlio factory 
act. It i.i significant that afu r matuiily 
women u:o rarely to bo found iu the 
cigar facioriL's, profening iibuost any 
kimi of T.-ork to tiio surroundings of the 
cigar slvjp. 

"I teil you," CM'-laimeil another cigai 
maker, a Cuban, ^.•ho aij the ex- 
pert in tho busini.KS j;nd coiuuiand good 
v.'ages, "tlioso f,'irl.) :si*o tho most misera- 
bly paid and treatinl of any woineu in 
New York or any whero eliic. Week in 
atid wo'.-k out they work morniiig, noon 
and nigfit— for what? V.'iiat indeed: 
Tweuty-iivo cents a day, to l;er>p body 
and sold to;j.ither, and iu many iiu;,tances 
to help siipport othcr:5 In tho family who 
cannot Averk. 

"After tho heavy labyr of stripping, 
and wh'.;n other girls troop homo to rest 
and enJDy tlunnscUvci'., tho i>oor stripper 
is ghul if i;he can ba allowed to tivke 
homo H few hand;; of tobacco to go on 
Btrippiiif, far into tho night, Dy tliis 
means i-;ii«y mr.y miJic up llio woelcly 
oarnlngs to ijcj, nnd somctimos; even u lew 
oeiitti more, 

"Tlie root of the evil is tho tenement 
house cigjtr maker and tho work which 
tho men are conip'.lled to take homo t(i 
the wifo nnd children to euablo them to 
keep th.c i(X)f oyer tlnar beads." — New 
York Journal. 

A Nov/ Central i:o<ly In i'ltlsihurc. 

The Trades A^•st'nlb1}' of Pittsburg (or 
more correctly Alleghany count}-) went 
outof existence some weeks ago. Among 
tho oausLo assigned for the di:)solution 
wcrv the lack of uttendaucu and declin- 

ing interest, A movement is now on foot 
to organize a uev/ central body for Alle- 
ghany coimty which, wliilo being com- 
posed Bome^vhet upon tho lim s of the 
old organization, shall be conductt-J in a 
different and more i:atisfactor>' manner. 
It appears that one of tho wcakuc.".ses of 
tlio defunct assembly waii caused by that 
disease which has infested so many simi- 
lar organizations — partisan politics, and 
it is jiropos-xl thr.t tiie new assembly 
cliall bo thoroughly protected in that 

Men who are pi\)ininent in the new 
movement sr.y that it shall not bo used 
to grind anybody's ux, but that political 
questiuns will be fully discussed, though 
from an economic rather than a partisan 
standpoint. It is claimod that n central 
organization reprcsontiugthegreat army 
of trades unionists and Knights of Labor 
in Alleghany county will bo able to in- 
fluence legislation In Pennsylvania in tho 
interest of tho workiu^f clas-j. 


Slim of tliO C'lilnoso yucstioH. 

The argume:it ngainnt Cliineso immi- 
gration goes to deci'S not stirred by race 
hatred, labt^r jcaioutic^s or the elo»picnco 
of political demr.gogues. It reaches 
down to the foundation of tho republic. 
This nation, if it is to endui-e. mu!?t rest 
upon tho fre-.^ labor of tree white men, — 
ban Francifcco Argonaut. 

Tlio Ppenoer Optical company of Nev/- 
ark has been in tho habit of lining em- 
ployees fi>r tlui most trifling oiTenses. 
Ono man w:^a lined 10 cents recently for 
ba\ing a flmvcr sticking behind his car. 
That settled it, A strike was ordered. 
At last repcrts the ntato board of arbi- 
tration was iuvcsiigathig. 


Her lips quivered. 

It was plain toseoth.nt something moro 
than the one man bai.d jh rf onuiug not 
far av.'ay troubled her spirit. 

IMelancholy had obviousiy marked her 
for its own. 

"No," she mused v,:AWy to herself, "I 
can never bo contentcf^ with my lot." 

Clasping her hands ianguidlj- above 
her head, she sat and pondered deject- 

The ono man band switched suddenly 
from "Sweet Violets" to tho "Dead 
March In Saul," bijt she gave no heed. 
Her thoughts wen* elsewhere." 

•*IIo i?oid it to mo" 

Tejira sprang to her eyes, 

"for a comer lot with a gootl ele- 
vation, I find it to 1)0 in tho nuddlo uf 
tho block und under two fo<'t of water." 

And for tho spivcc of sever.*!! hours she 
rui'd the day that she declined to buy 
September wheat.— Detroit Tribune, 


111 1 



T. 13. llAWi.'I -^ :<. C' ., 


Grain, itay autl Flonr. 

i K.innfactnrore 

Lup'.bor, Lath and yi-.iDjrleei. 

Wiiuiebilc (h-ain uud li..>. 



Wbol^salt- ('.>,niii3!ssion, 

Bultpr, T.;\i-» aad Country frodnce. 


MRnuf.\:tnron; and Jcbbors, 

RiKits and Slxios. 

li,Ui.Urit 1»RY f400D.=5 CO., 

Who- OP.".!c Hry Goods, 
MaTiafHCtarcri Mi-n's Fiirnir-liing Goodp. 


Manufo rtwrcrs aud Jobb'^ra. 
M ft t, trots '36, rillows iir.ii IIoMinr Miiterlel. 


Wiiolopalo ll-avy and Shelf Hardware. 

Ijumli'rii:f'r.'s Sapjilics. 

J, J, & R. A. COSTELLO, 

Wliolnpa^p If >av>- Rvd Sliolf U;\rdwaro, 

Lmnbi-mn'i 'i> and MincrB Supplies, 


Mjtriufa.-turorg and Jobhors, 

Pt^xm. Gan ntid Water Goods. 


Macnf;<ctrrrr«« aud .lohly;? of 

Elcitiicnl Sui>nlio6. 


Inii ort crs and Wiiolosule 



"That wflB a clever joko Bagloy played 
on the mind reader." 

"What was it?" 

"Submitted himself as a subject."— 
^ " ~Not lii 'it. 

j Arthur— Has Miss Screocher given up 
tlfe idea of manyincr? 

f'red— I suppose sb. She has left the 
clitirch choir.—Truth. 

JihTHXIi ,11 I .. .. 



Imponojs nnd WliolR-sale 




Butlxr. !%«:::?, Punltry and rrodiir". 


Lnrabor, Lath and Shiiurlee. 


Wl'iilc«.il(> and Kctiil 

Lnnibor. La'h aud SliiriKlfts, 


MRr.ur, r.-ri» 
Lnniber. Lath aiid bhiaelM. 


Lnnib^T. Lr.tli .aud SrJiirclo*. 

»U1\ HELL. tt. McCLUKE 
Lnn !.vr. 

SCOiT & r:OLfeT0K i-UUBKU CO., 


Lnmber, gaFli. l»!>or6. Mor.ldimre. 


LnmJu^r, Latli and Shinjf?**. 

fJl •i:,\RrS LUJIflBEK CO. 



Dnluth Rollor MUls. 
"Giil'e Uett" Flonr. 


Dnildcr and Cnt Stone Contractor, 

niul Shippof of Stone. 


tSMlTH & C^ UV.TER epif^a: CO.. 

K«>.''.s»ftr!< of ('( I"; p and Maniifucturo;'* of 
Hakinf; I'owi. r, I'^v tracts aud Spices. 


Manufaiittirorn and -Tcbbors. 


A. FtTGER & CO., 


Tho Trado ami I'an.ilioa .^applitxl. 


Import orfl and Wholesale 

^umaiui Li'iiiov MCTcIiantP, 



Win 3s, LiQiioH", Etc. 

!?CtUl-ZE HKOS., 

Leather ard Shoo Findinj^s. 

Manntticturen of Itoot aud Shoo (Jppora. 

K WlKl^AND, 


Hamos.i LtnUior a Specialty. 


yhipu'^rs and JobbPTS. 

.inthracitp aud Biluminons Coalp and Ooke. 

NOBTi V.' fr^TERM "^U^ L CO , 

Siiiiipi^rt! riid Jv LiuL-ro. 
Atdlirncno aud Hitnmiuous C«w.l!«. 


M.tchinir'.s as-d l'onndor«>, 

F^ixiiioj, rumps attd Afiuiii.c Mncliinory. 



Euildcrs' a:id Cridfro liuterials. 


Manr.factnrrrs" of Freiffht C'arv, 
Caf-tiuK?, Mprcliaut Har Iron, Ft>rg;n<r«. 


Machinists and Fonnders, 

Stc;:ni Kn,Tiuc8. 


Macliinistij nnd Foundnrs, 
Marine IjiippliM, 


Stoani;ific«, PoTni*. 


^* 'WW. f nptnr'-T p 

St'itlonary and Marine Boilors. In^n Tanke. 

.^■..-iw^ mimm 




-»— 1 


I I 






»• . 


^— ^ 





k : 





• 1 ' 


II HAS [VERyTlGJoIinson & Moe, ^^ londe & Leonard; 

' 1904 WEST SUPERIOR. RTiMi'n^ 

The West Eiui Maintains an Importunt Po- 
sition Relative to tiie Rest ot 
the City. 





ill Municipal. Social and Biisiness Circler 
Her Citizens Are MAnys at the 

Pros^t'ss is Tl.jre Exemplified in 
Respect and the Steady fciarcl; ! 
Being Kest Up. 

Screen Doors— 

2-6xG-8; 2-8x6-8; 2-20x6-10 
Hi:>ge«i. Hook aucl Knob, iit 


The Price is Very Low. 

SI. 25 


^^^^HH^^ I ^'^^'" ^^ ^^^*^ '^''' ^'^^^^- J^"«-" Shaves. Ire Ioiiks, 1 
'^PWb'^;...l •'■'easDnafile (loods. at the Lowe-t Price; for CASf 

-B?fmL 4 ■' Prompt Delivery. Store Oreo 

10-(^>iiai't Ice Cream Freezer 
J{-Viiiirt Ico trcaju Krv'ozei' 
<)-yaiiri icp ('rc.uii Freezer 
•I-(/n;u't Ice Croiiiij Freezer 
.*J-(i»nart lee Cpea.n Freezer 

ce Chests, ii fact, a 


. 2.75 

. 2.25 


line cf 

OLSON & CO.'S'Dress Dp For Julj m. 

Froni 6 a. m. to 8 p. m. 

Duluth with th; "West End' Icfi out 
Wf'ukl he worse than heme'jcuta 
mother r; the play of Hamlciwith Ham- 
let iett (Hit. No section of the city main- 
tains si:ch an iiup<>rtunt position rrlative 
to the res; of the city as the "West Knd." 

Take it in municipal matters— no p.^rt 
oi Dulti'.h has sucIj a representation in 
the city council. There is Alderman 
Cox.lhc hero of the Svea hall ftre escape 
and the posiCifsor of a ivatchlcss mother- 
in-law. .\lderman Oie, a succCisful 
business man and a citizen of priceless 
value to his, community. Then comes 
Alderman Helm, vice president of tht: 
eiry c«.iincil and the proud father of 
Helm's .nddition of which these columns 
will h;'.vc somcthin:; to sav in adescrintive 
way later on. Whois any better knownilian 

Strom, one of 

ICennecty? A. 
the favorite 

F. Swan- 


sons ri ihe 
West Kiul. has been nominated f-v xhc 
mayor for tire commissioner— and so on 
ad lib:ti:m, as the 'lon^-shorcmcn say 


only are the citizens of tl.c "West 

Knd" in demand for public }i!aces. :>ut i 
nowhere will a more civil, law-abiding, i 
patriotic lot be found. ' 

Take the business houses there 
—they are well arrarged. neatly kept, 
well ?tocke<l and fully patronized. No ; 
merchants in the city arc quoted higher ! 
in the comraerc:;'.! reports than the rep- ; 
resentativc tirn;s ni the "West End." 

Xew bui!din^i;3 are goinsj up. New 
llrms are beini: csLiblished. ' Real estate 
ts reasonable, yet firm and steady in 
price. Where v.ill such improvements 
be found as tlie Duluih. Missabe & 
Xiirthern ore docks? The street car 
iirn onuments one par: of the "kVcst 
End. " Ri<ht through this favored sec- 
tion run street car lines to West .Su- 
perior and West Duluth. Siw 
mills, elevators, tlouriiitj ■ milis. docks 
.-ind manuf.jcturing institutions without 
limit are thirtjs of tlie i;nmediatc future. 
The present administrac on coald not do 
a more popular thing for the people at ! 
the "West End" norone more caiculat'd i 
to benctit them, than to stop this discus- ! 
sionof hard times anti establish a branrli 
[ji>6lot'ticc down there. It would conven- 
ience carriers, business men, laniaiies i 
.mil would look well beside the branch I 


Has been j^cing on the pi^t week at The 
Chicago Store. Crowds oi nitelliLent buy- 
ers hive filled our store !rom d.iy todav. 
We propose to let the i:ood work go oh, 
and place on sale 

londay, Jaly 3rd, 

looo yards Zephyr Cloth, a soft finish 
tine Wash Goods, worth .^'c, 

Monday, 0:^1 - 5 • jrer yd. 

TDrsday, jQiy 4tli, 

We close at lo o'clock a. m. and cele- 
br.-'.tc.' with you. 

Wcdneslay, July 5ili, 

One lot Dark Challics, (heap at 7 
to Sc. 

Wednesday, Only 4c par yd 

Only 10 yds to oac'i cuetomcr. 



Is. or at le.ast should be, tn have 
a home of his own, To be sure, 
John Howard Paine, the immor- 
tal b:ird who wrote "Home 
Sweet Home," according to his- 
tory, never knew wh-\t it 
was to have a home, but were he 
liviiij; ill Duluth at tlie present 
time he would have a home in 








Brocery Departioflt! 

Prices fct Spot Cash on Eeiivery. 

Fancy Patent Flour, per 100 lbs. $1.98 

Good Potatoes, per bu 76 

3 lb can California Fruit, per can. .19 

I Good Jap Tea, per lb 28 

j Choice Dairy Butter, per lb 20 

I .Standard Corn and Tomatoes, per 

can ■ in 

; Good Rice. i8 lbs $1.00 

1 The .-ibove is but a partial list of our 


This is the most di. sir.iblo prop- 
erty in the "West IRjld an<l is 
sure to advance at a surprising 
rate in the near future. A small 
payment down and the balance 
on easy terms will cccare you a 
lot in this additian by calling on 

Svvanstrom & Co., 

Corner Superior Street and Gar.'icid Avenue. 





IV) i^et 





In the Amc 

West Are 

End, Sold 

The in 

Purest, Our 

Best Store 

Fhi\ ored At tlie 







Blended Nicest 


Chas. F, Leland, President. 







ical ? 

Prices } 

ica l-'urest 




The past week was a grand success, and 
for the beneht of ihosc who did not at- 
tend our sale the past week, we will con- 
tinue tins sdc 

One Wsek More 


No Time to Lose, Gome at Ones! 

60c Dross Patterns, 25c, 

]!> yuKi" III oai-L, oniy o!;:) to r'lcii cu.'-l '>iii?r. 

Fine PaciHc Challies, 

WorUi 6 toSc. H lin I'rici'. .*,c I'l-r Ynrl. 

Standard Dross Prints. 
Fancy Dross Ginghams. 

'ilH'.v.-tH coal :t)c l'>r ill 

Wo will help you by quoting very low prices on tho bal- 

SEE OUR $12.50 AND $15.00 SUITS 

Fine Fitting and Elegantly Trimmed. 

Siimnierfield Bros., 


Worth IS' I :in(! l.'ic. 

Jackets and Capes, 

^E-T/IIUI* OFF «u iiny .rackot awl C 


tlio liouso. 


apo 111 

t ill ap at 60c, Our .^ji'c I'nce, I'M'. 
(heap at ;:«, Our .Sale I'rici; (i.Jc 


1831 West Supsrlor Street. 

DoNAMj MACLEOD, Cashijr 

The Gomiercial Bank of Ds'utli. 



Anthorized Capital, $100,000. 

Paid-up Capital, $25,000 

the public library. 

Tfddc at O^f Hoss3 and We Will 
SaY8 Yon Money. 

"'INSON & MOE,: 

""' " ' """l I-'Jst Superior Street, i Chas. F. Leland 


The National Hank of the Republic, The American Exch. njje National Bank 

.si:\v\()KK. Cinr:\(;o. 

The Merchants National Bank, 

St, Paul. 

' -uy and sell Foreign Exchange. Pay interest on Time Deposits and do a General 



A. R. Macfarlane. 

Parasols and Umbrellas, 

Lntr)Jni!.»7S.- PHranols. .-rt!r [•tic.' i-.".;, vnvh. 
Lot «.i JUKI jOc I ;i!i.rollBH at H. ?»u;y ijc K;icli. 

Lace Curtains, 

Lot No. 1. Otfifirs' b.irffaiu iiricc, .W.'. Our 
Prir.' .{»»• per jmir. 

Lot No. '.', 
l)fv pair. 

Lot .No. a. 
por i:nii-. 

Men's Overshirts, 

One lot :r.c, 40c atul to? si; »• > nf. T, «.acl . 
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Lot Straw and Fur Hats, 

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Donald Macleod. 

It is the Safety Valve for the Heart and the 

Scavenger for the 


This bciuK a .«pocinl ^nlo and <roo<!s sol.l .-jt, 
n fftpat l<)>n to us THKV «'a\\"ot pi/ i.'v 
CHANiiED 01: JMiTLriLNED.'' lvSii;,!vH'; 
goods sold oa credit, i'mnu <iaick. C\>iii<t 


Dry Goods. Shoes and Furnishings. 
lOQ! Wpst -Snporior yi . i:>:;5 n'c.-;t J- up?rior ii 

lest End People! 

WILL si-:r\'j-; their owx 
inti:rest.s by buvixc; their 


P. L. Johnson, 

clean skin. 


Fever is Not the Disease, But the Effort 
Nature to Cure the Dis- 


We Need the Turkish Bath to Cleanse 
Bather, the Home and the 


I became thirstv m conse- 1 lack of cleanliness that I see everywhere. 

has ]!o: I even in my own radius. As I see travcl- 

it IS so m.-inajred that it ■ crs dnnkinij from the public cup- eatin-^ 

instantaneously into th.c i wuh publi.: spoons, dishes. I wonder hou- 

tbey have been cleansed, and what 
t lenient we are send'nsj (to breed pci- 
h?ps a new disease) into our circuiatmcf 
As 1^ reinember the Turkisn 
I took once, and never 
expect to a«ain in that public 
y,ay, 1 remember what I went to search 
into to understand, so I could ex- 
plain it from c.vperience, as weil as from 
readinjj and thinkin-. 1 remember the 
unsunned, unaircd hy outside freshness, 
many h.^.ndsom'e rooms. Perhaps in that 
hot room, the mixtd poisons" cast cli 
irom the several, min;jled in a harmony 
ot delerminat!i)n to, at their will, disport 
f -no V-! ^ i» ».„^ T- ' , „_ I tnemsclves in some un.suspectinK but 

tne whole body. Lvcry_particlc of blood, | fated one's human economy. Perhaps 

that soap, cf the shampoomj^ room, was 

quence of perspiration. Water has no: | even in my own radius. As i see travel 

to i^e (litjested; It IS so j .. . . . , 

parses almost 

\AovA. The cfraving comes not, as wc 
p'jppoje. from the siomacli. but from the 
Mood. Give a mm salt water and be 
v/;;! be more thirstv tli.m h« was before, life, 
because of that powtr of salt in reyal.T:- ( bath 
Jnij the destribution of (luid between the 
itomach and the circulation. I now 
know thnt the source of perspiration is 
the hhx)d itself. Perspiration is not like 
the pnxlucc ot the kidncy.s; it is not a 
secretion; it is simple condensation. The 
perspiratoty orpaiis are only recipients; 
they catch the water dropped from the 
blood into the spongy vessels, and^hcnc 

it issues forth by the .^piracies to the sur- 
face. The skin is not only cleansed, but 

IS, so to say, washed. That puniication 
h.Ts not been effected mitil you have re- 
moved the whole of the w.aterv portion " 
bir William Gili, in "Pompeian Ther- 

Revcrtin^ t« the Turkish b.itb, and t<. 
Mr. rr(|uhart, its great expounder, I tiad 
him declaring on the "perspiration," 
which I began to consider some three 
weeks ago: "The human body is formed 
for labor and requires it." (That recVils 
the when man and 

roai": "It 15 objctvable that those wh© 1 into 

rubbed ihrou;,di the hands of the atten- 
dant, and thuujrh cleansing her from the 
minute scales cf my predecessor, rubbed 

a dream almost forgottc:i when men spit 
at the feet of .1 daintv woman, or delicate 
dress when they j'uffed into her face the 
lumcs of a vile weed; when women trail 
new j over the dust and the nau^tatimj depos- 
its of the public walks the length of gar- 
ment, or show l)y their skins, 'their Jooks 
oven, the vulgarity of nature that comes 
with unckauncss. Inclean blood, 
unclean mind, uiclean i.cart, unclean 
HonJ. From small beginnings, greatest 
evil;; .irisc. 

Thi; world needs every help that has 
ihe slightest kernel of good in it that 
shall dcvc.up into greater gf)(;d, if liirht- 
ly enconra.^ed. We need the chuV-h, 
the concert, the pure pleasure, thought 
.inywhere that ?.iys "ccme up, higher." 
\Ve iif ed Ihc Turj.ish bath Ko cleanse, 
irst the bather, then the home, then the 
near st:rr.vir.din:;.s, eventually the world; 
!)ct ause if every one bathed.'how could 
'he world cscap. thercsultinif inllucnccs? 

E. R. Mr.NDllMIALL. 

bathed or rather perspired in the Turk- 
ish h.imnm rarely, if ever, take cold on 
returni-ig to open air." 

One "rarely" takes ccld aft^rtbe Turk- 
ish perspiration bath. One "never' 
would take cold if the whole bodv were 

me their blighting powder. Per- 

expc'-ed. after the hot air hath. 

who hive long used all those 

, . . , ^onx^xx were j daily or weekly, do not ta',:e cold when 

driven weep-ng from the Garden of i coming rut into winser a.r naked, liut 
Flden: "In the sweat oi thy face shalt 1 "*'^'ce there i> a difference between per.s- 

thou eat bread.-; "Thii labor is acom- Y^^'l^ T^*^ 'f^J" *=''^'*t»" partof 

-^' I the body and then going irto-outer .air to 
cool, where .igain ore part ts chilled 

panied by perspirati-^n- It is the safety 
valve f<ir the heart— the sewer cf the 


secretion;— the s.avevg«'r f ir the sk:n. 
Those who are thrown repcntedly into 
perspir.itior:, posstss, however seldom 
washed, many a-i vantages over those 
who have rot fo undc-go severe bodily 
toil, !.,iA^v»i «j...un they 
iaid water, to ttie surfacl. ' 

Tnus. the l.-ibirer ico tir.d.t^ i; stiort of 
time to ba'he, a-, the njic a: ejs.; can, his 
in hfs r'?rc:'>-T •••:.. aath. which carries 
out. .iic bjuy and its covenng (the 
skin> the poisons .-f life,, though not 
so c eaniy to tuuch or sight or ^mcll. 
more cleanliness uider the skif , than the 
one in lu.xury if th.- latiers is only the 
bathing of the, no': of the bk od. 

*lii fever, the maiady is working 
toward Its ow.t cure, and i:s own euro is 
heat, IJljod, ivith \xs watery 
washing the whole internal 
instant ot time; or, it ;s ronstantl/ re' 
pealing back' upon him bis own pollu- 
tion. When a man mak.-s jin clTori, tbc 
.'mmedute c<>T)scqu.-nce is pcrspirat'on. 
1- ermeatiUion cann< t be obt.ijned 
under c/) degrees a^d if will stop at 
1 10 deg. Scien-v, whi:h has not ocr- 
ccived this fir^t of the tluments of ilurt^ 
fhe.v.. has already given ihe^name of 
ltfrni:niat:on to certain cl^s es ot itdlam- 
luatory disorner.^. I surtd upon th- 
fever tica: of ri2 de.-. .-irjd .said 'If I can 
get l.he Mood >u>jccted :-- a h^^\ of 140 
deg. I V. iii t^ki the ir.tlamm uion, fhit is, 
thj fever otu cf it.' The surfounding 
teraperrttur.- .t • be 173 d.g. or coo deg. 
or35odcg. \ .,, t 140 deg, 

the b'jdv. \<jx . 

:• or erysipelas, consump- 
nnd entrance inviting. 

part, IS 

only, the r.ther part cooled, tccauss the 
clothes proven: p:rfcct coolinc, and im- 
perfwctioa in ar.ythi.^g leads to wron >■ re- 
suits, bat cooling the naked body after 
great heat witlj pci-^piration would give 
no cvii effects. Cooling %vith the clothes 
»^>'=' ' ' at,nece:>sitateseAerci;e 

to CO 

lion, etc 

The multiplicity of what are called 
new dise.'isos is perplexing the world. It 
occurred to me l^telv it is not 
Heredity, mixed blood, increased popula- 
n:in. the intluence of sun spot^i, etc , but 
)'- niay I>e the mixed poisons of the pub- 
lic Turkish rooms. Consider it. The 
USUI? Turkish bath is beautifully and ex- 
pensively httcd up. 

i»o window, even il only a f 
size, tn let in 

i'he hot room h 's 

haps the brush that scraped me down, 
held, ready fur ciescent on me, the pai- 
ticles my predecessor rejoiced to shed, 
and were rubbtd into mc, iittrallv. Per- 
haps the vapor bath of the room,' lit only 
by. skylight, hcia for me the inng poisons 
Natters i "^ "Others. Pcrhaos the green sea into 
which I stepped was already polluted bv 
those who went before. Perhaps the 
dim pen i.nto which I was sent to cool, 
and oniy succeeding in perspiring more 
freely and anew— perhaps that couch 
and blanker, unwashed, unatrcd, un- 
sunned, were reeking with the emana- 
tions from ttie di-tabcd, who, as v/ell as 
the healthy, repair coniinuilly lo the 
public Turkijh oath. 

None of these rooms, their fittings 
their clothing, iheir degree of h-at or 
supply of water were under my control 
I could not be sure of their cleanliness, 
I cou'd not use Ibem at any desired 
hour of the right or dav. I could no: 
raise the heat to suit my urgent needs 
I could not stay in for davs aud nights it 
that were necessary. When tne physi- 
cian tells us to take to our beds for rest'lor 
a week, a month or a year, we Cr.n do it. 
When he says our bath must be when- 
ever some paioxysm returns v.e can take 
It; but he is n.t used to the thought and 
we are not assured by txp?r;ence"that it 


Charles Page Extracts Froin His Lonp; Car- 
eer of Pioneering Some Frets of 
General Interest. 

For Many Years His Hand Heid tiie Thretlle 

of the Famot.'G Locomotive, ''John 



For inform aon <>n th^osophv please 
addrcNS the undersigned, who will gladly 
iurnish vou with pamphl-.t; ccintiiiiiug 
an outline of the philosophy. 
St. Pail Tiikovim-hical Sociktv, 
(];ob;i liuiitiiiig, ,St. PaqI, Minn. 

Vi/hcn He Be^^an Railroading in Oiiia, Roads 

Were Still Using the Old Wooden 


Scvcnty-seve.i years ,agf). in the good 
old st.ate of New Jersjy, was born Charles 
Page, a man whose entire lif^-, were its 
story told, w(,uld only be "the simple an- 
nals of the poor." 

Little chance do the annals of that 
class st.^nd of being writtei>, and c^ en if 
they did, they'd possess less interest for 
the readers of tiie present generation 
than those of some Nai»olcon of finance 
whose career is indelibly tattooed with 
big dollar marks, 

A pioneer's career is usually maikcd 
by more lasting fciturcs, and Charles 
Page all his day? led the lifeof a pioneer 
— hrst in subduing the wilderness and 

imr wages as an engineer. My engine 
was 'John Bull' and while 1 cannot boast 
of bein^ the first locomotive engineer in 
th^ United States, I am probably the 
oniy man living who drove the lirst prac- 
tical cnj.'ine run in the I nite^i.St.ites. 

"In 1^54 I moved to Chicago and after 
railroading there awhile, moved to Fort 
Wayne. 1 helped lay the first track on 
the Wabash \alley road, now a part of 
the Gre:.t W cstern system. I also ran 
the hrst engine out of the Fort Wavne 
rouiidhojse. I made city my home 
until a long spell <»f sickness compelled 
irtetocpitlhe railrond, I then moved 
to Nebr; ska and Omaha and have made 
my honm in the state ever since. 

"In i8i)4, I hired out to Edward Creigh- 
ton to drive a six mule freight team" to 
Denver. I was expecting mv fauiiJv on 
from the cast, but thought l' could 'gtl 
i)ack in lime to meet them. When wc 
ftOt to Jule.sburg, Co!f.ra<l,i, all were im- 
pressed into the service to right indians. 
VVc were taken up into the P.ig Horn 
mountains and did not see Omaha again 
for six months. In the mean whde, my 
family airivcd, and was cired for bv Mr. 

"It may be that I cannot tcll anything 
newaboit the eariy days of railroadn.g. 

and in fart, lor the history o^ all btlore 
1H40, I am myself c -mpeiled 111 a great 
degree ti depend upon information 
received from others. Y'ou will remjni- 
ber jcadi'ig that the 'list railroad in the 
L'nitcd Ki ates was constructed in 1S26, 
being designed to carry granite to lide- 
w.atcr fro n the quanicsat(2uincy, Mass., 
a distanc; of four miles, including all the 
branches. The first cost was $500,000. 
Wooden ails, six inches lliick, and a 
foot wid{, wcrj used. On the upi)er 
edge, stri is of wrou-' t iron, three inches 
wide and a quarter id an inch thick, were 
nailed. '.The rails aPo were laid to a five 
foot g.iugi on st<ine sleepers, seven feet 

journey by steam in America. Loco- 
motives then soon came into general 
use, 'John IJah' was built bv the f.-imous 
Sicphcnsons at Newcistle-on-Tvne. Eng- 
land, especially for tne use of the Cam- 
ilen & Amboy Railroad and Tr.->fisporta. 
tion comp.any. This engine was brought 
to America in a s'oop and passing Phi- 
ladelphia was 1,-iiided at Lordcn- 
town. The Cimdtn & Amboy tten only about three-quarters of 
a mile of permanent tracks. To 
that, about a mile from the town, the lo- 
cOmolive was ciriicd m w.igons and the 
parts put together. It had no tender, .so 
one was constructed from a whisky hogs- 
head placcd'on a four wheeled car which 
had been used by the contractor who 
constructed the road. A Jiordentowa 
shoemaker exercised his ingenuity and 
:n3de a leather to connect the water 
tank and the ioromotive pump. Steam 
'vas first raised .Sept, 15. but the first 
public trial came olif Nov. 12. iS^i. Ike 
i)ripps, w;th whom I aftcrwardsbccainc 
tntimatcly acijuaintcd, was engineer. 
\nioiig the guests of the occ.ision were 

the menbeis cf the .New I 

I lew incbe-. in j '^ ^^sy, inexpe.isiveand possible, to curt- 
man f>very [ u,./. . ,• ,,r -,.? welcome invigorating \ ^}^ htal as well as by sun, air. rest and 
>«t-,nti . rl \ r^^"^^ t-'.'-'Od s life-giver— the sunned air. i ^r^KS, in the homes we coatrol 


, - , , .-.- t>:n]pera- 

turc oi the i>j«}y ;o tiiaz of the mcdi'im 
'.iir or v.-.»?cr; \\\ wNwrh you p'ace it. The 
lever is not the ris ■ t,c. hot the effort T>r 
nature to euro the c i.c»i,c. Help nature 
over the n.T deg. T', • f.oit is ^cek:^g 
trj asctnd, :.j atiai' i/urifying and 

perspiring powvr. 

•Inmyhro*. grnpi ,^s in the dark, I 
imagined t* at v \ • rspircd, I had a 

Into this hot room go many in twentv- 
four hours. They leave the poisons of 
ihft blood bt.lund them unseen. Our 
wo'st enemies arc the insidious onc^ we 
ail acknowledge. What absorbs those 
poisons? Not the liJed w.all.-:, but the 
bathers. How arc tho^c rooms cl- ancd '■• 
How are they :;:!r;ncd and ai.-ed to de- 
Lstroy germs. No sun or air reaches 
i some of . the rcoms of the public 
lurki-b b.ith. They arc cleaned 
by the ignomnt. and hurriedly. We 
go m. unwittinglv, ar.d mix, not "our 
dritiks. ' because pors:b!v the v/nter wc 
drit.k there is clean. pos.sibly also, nof 
poss.hly the tumblers .n?,d pitchers foi^ 
the water are cleansed ac.-.ordiug to 
^ ' tsamiar\' directior.s; but again, 
y r.ot. rio7/ nuny ot us. stirring. 
I. conscientious housekeepers 
ws be — how many of us can af- 
nrm that our own private belongings arc 
cxciutsiiely, safely clean. 
^ I am not "minimizing" the public Tur- 
k;., lb th, .1-, a thoroughly well written 
i.iticte, .-oiue weeks ago urged mti not 
lodo. I am calling attention to the 

If the hot air room wtrc .15 much an 
expected division of the as the 
baihrcom.kitchcn or bc<lr(K)m, we could 
j w.-ish our under our supervising, 
j critical eye, we could sweep out bv the 
! earth's besom, the sunned wind, its 
pnison.5 after each o<xupancv. We could 
r;iis2 atitl raise a.->d raise the' heat till we 
iound the degree that conquered our 
distress. \V>: couid go into it at anv 
minute and st.iy «s long as the cure de- 
manded. U wt;u!d i-oat no mor.; in tiie 
end— wo'Jd it rost as much ,>—.ts uu re- 
Jit ved pains, doctor ■»' and nur«es" fee*; 
lost lime, drugs, or Turkish bath 

As I read aid ren.ct, I am convinced 
that were the trut- Turkish bath, not i's 
modem intuaiian, which h:is droppe<! 
someolita i:np')rf.-int factors— wtie the 
ancient bath with us sun and air, to be- 
come the most imr)ortanl room of our 
homes, we xvoui !. almost in'.ensibly, in 
order to fultm ir.s de.nands f-r thou'-ht 
care and Jtr.ct puiity of outside hfe' 
h'-cocre more clf-anlv. .ind the 
davs would pas-: r.s a mic iiat ,.s lolJ. or 


Uclii ilio mctliod and results when 
Syrup of Fi^ i.^ taken; it b pTcasant 
and rcfresLiag to tho taste, and acts 
centlj yet promptly on lIio Kidneys, 
Liver .tad BowcJs, clcr.cscs the eys- 
\.^rQ. effectually, dtppola cold'?, Leud- 
aches and fevers and cures habitual 
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the 
only remedy of* its kind ever pro- 
duced, pleasing to tho tnsto and ac- 
ceptahlo to tho stomntli, prompt in 
its action and ir\\\^ briicficial in its 
efTccls, prepared onlv irorn tho most 
healthy and cgrceablo Gubpfance.s, its 
many cscellryit qualities commend it 
to all and have tn.ndo it the most 
popular remedy knoAvn. 

Syrup of Fk'g is for eale in 50c 
and $1 bottles hy all lending drug- 
gists. Any rollablo who 
may not have it on Laud' will pro- 
cure it promptly for any one who 
wishes to try it- I Jo Dot accent any 

then as a !oc«)motive engineer, when rail- I and a half long and eight feet apart, 
roading was in it. swaucUiiig clothts, or "The n.txt smarted was the Ualti- 
barclvajic to creep at the best. If, for more & Ohio. The first 'stone' was I.iid 
all this time, his name has not bte>i I July 4, iS;;;, by Charles Carroll, ot Carr- 
standing in letters ot gold, the fact that : oilion, then over rp years of .ige. Thi«= 
lor m.iny years his lianrl held the throttle i was the fi -5t or.-.inized for general 
of John Lull wj 1 entitle him to such a ; IransportMion purpjs-is. The 
part of the public s interest as is n<it \ stock was $^co,o^o and twelve 
hCid by the story of his 

s pioneer liie, 
"John IJull," you must remember, was 
tdc first eni.rely practical locomotive run 
in the Inited States. Hear the story 
as It came from the aged pit)reer's own 

"When I was 1 year old mv father left 
New Jersey and moved to Ohio, which 
then was a mighty young state. There I 
went through all the ups and downs of a 
new settlement until I was 19 vcars old, 
when wc moved to Ilhnfjis and again 
coiniuenced frontier life. In those days 
people were few and far from market. I 
iiseil to go sixty-five miles to mill 


. miles of 

, track weic constructed the first year. 

I The Albany & Schenectady, on the 

, Mohawk »c Hurison was commenced in 

! ./\ugust, |};3o. Hy October i83i,that line 

was carrying nearly 400 jiasscngers a 

j cay. Fr)m 1831, the increase inroads 

I W.1S r.apid. In that year the Camden X- 

; .\mboy w; s conimtiired. At first horse 

I cars were employed, but theuseof sttatn 

i besan in 1833. Woodun rails marked 

j the beginritig, but wlicn I comm;jnccd 

j firing ill 1^40, the ro.idenjoyed the proud 

j distinction u{ pos-cssir-i; ' iron Trails 

made in England. Earh was twenty 

and feet in length weighed vSoo pounds, 

I Dj.iny limes h.ive I haulc<l a load of com I being wha is known 

Icrsiv state 
legislature and other promirient people. 
'J«»hn Bull' laid idle, houevc, until \%\-„ 
\/hen the road commenced using stearn 
as a motive power. The old engine did 
'aithful duty in rcgularscrvice until iSfy*. 
"As near as I can remember, the 'John 
iiuir weighed about ttn tons, had cylin- 
ders 9 inches in diameter and a zo incli 
^ troke. Thcr-- was but one pair cf driv- 
ing wheels, four feet *ix inches in dia- 
meter and not coupic J. The tires of the 
wheel were wrought iron, the hubs ca>t 
iron, and the spoites and rims i»f wtxKi. 
I have been told that the old iron horss on exhiliitioa at the Centennial ex- 
position in 1876. I s.iw some time ago 
i I a i)apcr the slory of Ike Diipps" early 
experiences on the Camden i: Ambov 
i.nd w th 'Join Bull.' That put an idea 
into my head that perhaps my siorv 
.night be of interest to some one." 

Thus did ihe writer oi these hues benr 
Chaiies Page tell bis s.ory one day a 
few months ago. while in the city of 
' >maba from bis home at Florence, Ne- 
braska. Last week a letter came an- 
nouncing that the old mans earthly r-in 
has erdtd. The locomotive which he 
<Irove so nj.any year.s still exi.sfsand may 
be srcn in the cxbibir of the Pcnn'.yl- 
varia r.nlioad at ihe World's fair, 

— •— - — 

If you are not satisfied with vonr laun- 
dry telephone 447 ^nd have Lute*' laun- 
dry- call. 


sa;i f::axcisco, cal. 

WUISVILLE. Klf. K£yj ^gHK. N.t. 

tup took sixty days 

"In 1.S40. when 25 years of age, after 
one cf there trips to Philadelphia. I 
went up into New Jersey to visit rela- 
tives. There, for the first time, I saw a 
railrond the old Camden i'< Amboy. I 
was !^o pleased with the whole thing thrit I 
w-.-;s irresi.stibly t.aken with a desire to be ; 
an engineer. V.hcn I learned that such | 
.'•- position pai'l the princely salarv of S63 ' 
a m', the mattcrwasquickly decided. ' 
j Through my persistent clforts, I got on 
as a fireman and in due tune was draw- 

rly days people were 
afraid to trust engines weigtiing a dozen 
tons on tracks wuh woo!en tics, so those 
of stone w< re usvd, some being oi gran- 
ite and ot icrs of white limestone or 
marble. They were blocks a foct thick 
and .about two feet square. Holes were 
drilled in tiiem into which wooden pegs 
were driven. The rnil was laid »»n the 
stone tics and fastened into place by 
driving iron .«ptkf s into the i>cgs, jusl as 
tlicy now are drivtn into the wooden 
"In iSjol'ctcr Cooper m.adc the first 

finllks tli8 Dutcb Process 

No Alkalies 

— Oil — 

Otlicr ClieniicaJs 

are u«o«l in the 
jir«»paraUon of 

W. KAKER & tX).*S 


irhirh is nbsoltttelM 
parft and »otuWe. 

Willi BUrclf, Arrowr(M>t or 

, , i>UKar, auil Is tat muio vcu-!. costituj Ic-s than orm oent a cup. 
It J. <ioliclou8, DuorisbinK. uid k-julv 

D1(.CSTEI>. '' «.-«.« 

.Sold by fcrorem oye rywh^ro. 

W. SAKKE A; C0.« Dorchester 




= «! 







How the Great City of the West Has Grown 

Bis; and Rich in Short 


Gath Treats of the Present Financial Situa- 
tion and Tells Why Men of Millions 

The World's Fair and Foster's Failure Curi- 
ously Connected in a Series of Fin- 
ancial Bubbles. 

Uncle Sam Has to Pass Around the 
Among the Nations to Get 


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Chicago, July i.— [Special to The 
Herald.]— Amidst strinsrency and fail- 
ures, which marked all the month of 
June, I sat down at the Virginia hotel 
with a group of business men and put 
the question: "Why are we having these 



"Liquidation," was the an- 


the world. It was a much greater credit 
than any K.uropenn nation possessed at 
the close of a long war. The downfall 
ol Napoleon was followed in England 
by a universal crash; the bank of Eng- 
land suspended, and specie payments 
went out of date. Nothing of the kind 
happened in the I'nited States. The 
volatile failh of Europe was immensely 
impressed by the duration of our Civil 
war and by the universality of our vic- 
tory. We not only suppressed an im- 

them higher an<l higher, with the idea 
thai at last they would ilessicate at some 
great height md form a solid earth, 
which would be nothing at last but hol- 
low bones, feather^ and caw." 
Greeks Bearing Gifts. 
"It is most extraordinary," said a quiet 
man, who had listened without speaking, 
"that the I'nited States could survive 
every attempt to debauch its credit and 
good faith until we came down to silver, 
and then wc were ilcbauched by a hand- 

swer. I reflected that liquidation was the 
precipitation or condensation of vapor, 
and that vapor was air or gas. 

"Liquidation," said another business 
man, "and also contraction. Money is 
tight. The banks will not lend money 
upon speculative securities, though they 
pay 9 per cent, like our Chicago cable 


"Why will they not lend money if sure 
of per cent." 

"Because the banks have to take care 
of their own customers. The men who 
deal with them make their deposits 
there, borrowing their money and making 
their cHcn'age, require to be taken care 
of, and they need tnis protection at pres- 

"Are not your Chicago street railroads 
essentially speculative stocks?" 

"If you' mean that they were run up 
high in the quotations after a sudden 
manipulation and improvement of the 
property, they m.ight be considered spec- 
ulative. The men who took charge of 
them were rather more speculative than 
the property. But. these railways when 
improved were able to run so much 
further into the suburbs, that the ex- 
tended homes out there increased the 
railroad receipts, and they have been 
able to pay their dividends finally, and 
yet there has been a slump in their stocks 
extraordinary to behold. ' 

"How much of a slump?" 

"The depreciation in our local Chi- 
cago stocks has been $25,000,000 in the 
single month of Mav. The West Side 
cable railroad has declined $56 a scare, 
the North Side cabie railroad §63 a 
share; and in those two stocks the de- 
cline has been nine millions and a half." 

"Nevertheless, the deposits in the 
banks of New York," said I, "decreased 
in a very few weeks i* 100,000,000." 

"Yes," said one of my factors, "there 
have been failures in the East, too. Big 
iron companies have gone up, acknowl- 
edging that they had too much plant for 
the steel rails they were to make in the 
immediate future. But the drainage of 
gold to Europe, and the adulteration of 
our currency by depreciated silver, were 
the mam causes of the shrinkage of de- 
posits in New York. People were sim- 
ply withdrawing their money and rind- 
ing some way to take care of it them- 

Another person spoke, saying, "There 
is no limit to the amount of money that 
a panic may absorb. The very neces- 
saries of life are shrinking. Here we 
find wheat getting downward 60 cents a 
bushel. The Illinois Central stock has 
dropped several per cent since the Ex- 
hibition opened, and was quoted in New 
York yesterday at only go. Rock Island 
is down to 71, B. & O. to 74, Burlington 
to 85. Our cable railroads were selling 
in early May at 200 and 277, and now 
they are selling at 143 and 200, a featful 

A Strildng Parallel. 

Said I: "Gentlemen, if >ou extend 
ycur observation, perhaps you will note 
that Europe at this moment occupies 
the place America held thirty years ago. 
We reached the very lowest point of our 
affairs in the spring of 1S61, when the 
Southern States put in effect their theo- j 
ries of secession. We blockaded them 
as far as we could, and they attacked us, 
and the world drew a band around us. 
Our banks went into liquidation. The 
government issued scrip, called on the 
poor to their hard money to the 
prosecution of the war, and called upon 
the rich to alter their banks, so as to be- 
come parts of the great bank of rational 
issue. We applied to all nat-ons besides 
to lend us their money and to sell us 
munitions of war on credit. Does not 
that correspond to the present state of 
Europe, which is armed to the teeth, and 
is drawing gold from all the remote col- 
onies and from America in order to set 
the finances.of each nation there upon 
the mf)3t advantageous ground, so that 
v/ar will not immediately bring about 

Said one: "Such a state of things in 
Europe ought to send gold to America, 
where we are in no danger of war, pro- 
vided that gold could earn a valid living 
in this country." 

"Oh, no," said another merchant, who 
appeared to want more philosophy, "that 
does not follow. Gold is an earning 
quantity, and goes where it, as gold, is 
most needed. In times of peace and 
prosperity you do not need gold, but 
when war approaches, gold, like powder, 
knows it has a market. Though 
we issued scrip in the war, we really 
paid gold for all we bought. Hence 
gold appreciated above our szrip, ar.d 
rose to nearly 2co premium over thai 
scrip. But when peace came, the gold 
seemed to feel that its great mission was 
done, and in the course of about fourteen 
years we resumed specie payments. 
The gold that was with us in time (*f 
war had gone to the depositaries of gold 
among the German, Hebrew and other 
bankers, who have made a hereditary 
study of gold and its temperament and 

Said I: "Let me continue for a minute 
the parallel between Europe and Am- 
erica at different times. When our civil 
war closed we had the greatest credit in 

mense revolt, which had a certain foreign (ul of men who owned silver mines. De- 
pend upon it," said this quiet man, "that 
silver answered to the the old saying of 
the Greeks, who brought giftsand ruined 
people with their gilts. Vou know that 
after the war there was a lout! yell that 
the bonds ought to be paid off in cur- 
rency and not in gold. It became neces- 
says to state in the bonds that the inter- 
est was payable in gold. Consequently 
the private bonds we issued for develop- 
ment contained the same spccitication, 
that the interest was to be paid yn gold. 
And we owe the Intlationists, our oI«l 
enemies, the fact that every nasty secur- 
ity we have gotten off on the rest of the 
world now contains the gold speci- 
rication, and yet we have adul- 
terated our gold with silver anil 
made the two metals convertible. After 
the Repudiationists were beaten they 
yelled loudly for a vast inflation of the 
paper currency. John Logan and Ogles- 
by and the whole congressional party 
wanted it as a means of slaying up their 
real estate speculations. Grant vetoed 
the inflation bill. But after that, when 
we supposed we had beaten the devil on 
every field of bittle, he came to us with 
his suver dollar anil had us buy it and 
coin it. In order to get rid of him we to buy his silver and bullion at 

and pi>litical backing, but we put an end 
to slavery. The war was accompinied 
by x'o revi'lt of the slaves. In a few 
parts of Europe, such as Germany, our 
loans have been taken at heavy dis- 
counts, and the holders of them were 
envied by all the money lenders of Eu- 
mpe. Bonds bought at 30 went abm-e 
par. The world said: 'There is a na- 
tion which has the greatest belt of tine 
land on the globe and a good deal of it 
virgin land. The people know what 
they arc about and have courage, finan- 
cial skill, patriotism, and they will not 
again be at war in a hundred years.' As 
soon as our war ended Austria and Prui- 
sia fell out, and all Germany was in- 
volved in the collision. The displace- 
ment of silver was one of the unexpected 
results of that war. The victorious na- 
tion plundered France of her gold and 
then demonetized silver. We being a 
debtor nation, and desirous to stand well 
with Europe, took the same step without 
any pressure being exerted." 
A Hole in Our Armor. 

A general exclamation ensued: "Yes, 
that was where our credit had a hole to 
be found in our armor." 

"It was after that," said I, "that we 
resumed specie payments and went on 





■ ."•.'/./'"vi- ^■ 


- V 



-- <^^^^i:rv 


Sol's Clock in 

in the period of our greatest prosperity. 
And now I want to ask a question, which 
may not be relevant, though it seems so 
to me. Did we not make a mistake in 
pushing development in America 
through the second period of our pros- 
perity? Did we not over-do, following 
iS/Q, what we had done pretty well down 
to tne panic of 1874? Have we been as 
conservative in our operations since we 
came to specie payments as we should 
have been, considering our magnificent 
credit, when wc marketed all our crops 
at European war prices, or when Europe 
was short of the necessities of life? Is 
it not the fact that those cities which had 
gained their maturity have survived sub- 
sequent troubles, when all the places 
that have boomed since 1879 have been 
heavy upon our hands?" 

Exclamations went around concerning 
Kansas Citv, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, 
Fostoria, Findlay, Basic City, Cumber- 
land Gap, etc. 

"The fact is," said one of my com- 
municants, "that it is high time some 
check was called to the business of trans- 
forming all our brainy people into spec- 
ulators. A siood deal of the so-called 
prosper ity of the past fourteen years has 
been selling new lamps for old ones, as 
in Aladdin's tale. Whatever was pay- 
ing a reasonable dividend was acquired 
by speculators and sold out again, and 
future profits forestalled. Electricity 
itself has been an agency of speculation. 
We have put down too many trans- 
portation imes, and tried to rout the 
horse out of all his occupations. Banks 
are not going to take care ol the specu- 
lators when they can take care of their 
customers. We have pushed our credit 
in Europe too far on the second bound, 
and have injured our standing 
over thete by selling to them quantities 
of things which were husbanded subse- 
quentlv, without much principle or 
method. We sold them ranches of 
cattle, consolidated breweries and trusts 
of every kind, borrowing their rotten 
financial ideas, in sheer wantonness of 
desire to manufacture something upon 
which we could borrow foreign capital. 
Consequently, after we had discharged 
immense portions of our debt, nego- 
tiated on real things, we went in debt 
again to Europe for things of much less 
value, and now we are paying the dif- 
ference. Gold is being drained to Eu- 
rope, to lie up in its conservative vaults 
and st.and to the credit of its govern- 
ments, as each of them undertakes to 
imitate us in coming back to a gold 

"Perhaps," said I, "it was necessary 
for some check to come to cur easy 
credit, or we might havfe turned out to 
be a nation of gamblers and confidence 
men. Look at the lawyers in the United 
States who have turned bankers. I 
knov/ an old region of the East where 
the people voluntarily stopped litigation 
from a discovery of jlhe fact that it was 
the most expensive job they could take 
up. They fled from the lawyers, and 
left them with nothing to do. A bar 
I composed of forty to fifty members did 
not have f 50,000 of litigation a year, per- 
haps not half that much. So, the law- 
yers, some of whom had formed connec- 
tions with railroads and town-booming 
companies, began to cultivate the East- 
ei;n money niiirkets, and set up private 
banks, with the hope of capturing de- 
posits from the thrifty countryside peo- 
ple. They would getDunkers and other 
sectarians out of their hidc-boutid 
churches as stool pigeons to draw de- 
posits from the superstitious and faithful. 
The process went on everywhere of buy- 
ing outlying farms and cutting them 
up into building lots, and charging for 
the lots more than the farm had been 
worth a few months before per acre. 
Factories were started without sufficient 
ca[)ital or skill. Men successfid in some 
quiet development of manufactures 
would be drawn to the boomed town, .and 
would give up their village habits an>] 
conditions of repose and content with 
quiet profits. The idea was that by giv- 
ing an unrest to everybody the general 
stability would be moved up, as if you 
had started a lot ol crows and shooed 

gress and the senate," said another, 
closing up the conversation, "wc wi»uld 
be able to repeal tlie ruinous silver leg- 
islation called the Sherman act. In the 
Western States, even Iowa and Nebras- 
ka, the people are tired of their silver 
experiment. Ihit in the .South they 
mean to tiick Cleveland out of all the 
offices and patronage they c:in get, and 





l^~"-' .•^' ^ 

iacl(son Park. 

the market rate and gave him credit for 
it. But our silver certificates being con- 
vertible into gold certiticates have 
robbed us of our gold, and made our cur- 
rency suspicuous in the estimation of the 
world. In short, by pushing things too 
far, we have lost the credit we had in tlie 
seventies, and which came back to us in 
multifold credit in the early eighties. 
We have built too much railroad, and 
the men who brought it about were 
Foster, Brice & Co , who are just comir.g 
"What is that about Foster?" said one. 
"We may admit," was the reply, "that 
most of the railroads built prior to the 
panic of 1S73 l^^'i some reason to be 
built. But the railroad building we 
started in the second period of our credit, 
following 1879, was more purely specula- 
tive. Its big magnates were Henry Vil- 
lard, Pullman & Co., and the Seney 
crowd in which were Brice, Foster and 
Thomas, The entering wedge was 
building the Nickel Plate railroad. Fos- 
ter and Brice were two sharp traders in 
.-idjoining towns, Fostoria and Lima. 
They wanted to raise the wind. The 
commenced by gettmg the old canal beds 
from the States and p-Jtting railroads 
down en them. The first railroad was 
the Lake Erie & Western, which com- 
mences at Sandusky and runs to Peoria, 
III., passing throucjh Fostori.a and Find- 
iay and Lima, towns in the Black Swamp 
country of Ohio. This road has a 
cross line from Aiichigan City, 
on Lake Michigan to Indian- 
apolis; about 6co miles arc in this sys- 
tem. The combination got Cummings 
and Seney to back them, and broke 
Seney. The whole combination wanted 
to go to the United States senate, and 
Bnce got there, after a big scandal, 
while Foster, in the effort to make a 
legislature to get there, made his politics 
in Ohio very expensive, down to the time 
he faile.l. He reached the cabinet, and 
helped break his parly down. The com- 
mon backing of these fellows was the 
Standard Oil company, which piped 
their oil and natural gas into Toledo for 
them. At the present time Findlay is a 
ruin, Fostoria is like Tyre and^Sidon, 
and Lima is what it may be. The com- 
'omation reached high water mark in 
building the Nickel Plate railroad, 
which also passes through Fcstoria, 
where Mr. Foster has met his fate. This 
line, 5:^3 miles long, ran from Buffalo to 
Chicago, and the old ccnserv.ative New 
York Central and Lake Shore, under the 
sdvice of William Vanderbilt's boys, 
bought the property and then had to 
take the West Shore railroad, a 
most expensive job, the two 
concerns together sinking about a hun- 
dred millions of dollars. Honest men 
got the prooerty and had to carry it on 
the shoulders of the New York Central 
and the Lake Shore railroads. The for- 
tunate speculators, who arc said to have 
netted about $13,000,000, then began to 
play their money in Southern railroads. 
Fhey paralleled the Central Railroad of 
Georgia, which left to itself could 
have earned a respectable living. 
From the time of that extension to 
Brunswick, Meridian and Memphis, the 
Southern railroad systems in general 
have been moribund. Th-i same fellows 
got in with the Danville system, and 
that ia wrecked. Having more money 
than was good for them, they built the 
Soo railroad out of Duhith. A great 
booming if Southern towns followed, 
which, with one or two exceptions have 
been dismnl failures. Ikiinsvvi.k has 
gone to the dogs, and the principal 
b.mlier there not long ago cut his throat. 
With the misfortunes of the Norfolk iSf 
Western system, the whole Southern 
combination seems to be unsustaining. 
Finally, Hill, who is the Wettcrti loop of 
the I'.ricc .and Foster eoiiibination, has 
).;iraUeled the Northern Pacific out to 
I'uget Sound; and V:llard, the author of 
the "Blinil Pool," drops into his original 
inui'-'nificance. Adventurers have re- 
placed the railroad builders. The 
v/reckerc of old systems, the deadly par- 
allelcrs, have become the railroad mag- 
"But for the Southern states in con- 

The World in Miniature, 
then to knock him in the head with hos- 
tile silver legislation. Thus, after a con- 
tention of twenty-seven years, the infla- 
tionists and currency adulterers are still 
in a position to annoy the business of 
the United State:;." 

Tiio World's Fair City. 

In the latter part of May I went East 
and h.ave returned to the city in which 
Potter Palmer's wonderful mansion and 
some astonishing perpetrations in the 
gardener's .irt arc located, not to men- 
tion a World's fair. The journey set in 
contrast this fair to the continental rela- 
tions East and West. Two general facts 
stood out— namely, the rising utility of 
coal or fuel to the whole country, and. the 
extension of the manufactures into the 
henrt of the West. 

Studying the country, as I came along, 
I made ore or two novel discoveries. 
For instance, there is only one county of 
Illinois between Chicago and Wiscon- 
sin. The county of Cook, in which Chi- 
cago stands, reaches to the Indiana line. 
On the other side of the Indiana line are 
only three coumits of Indiana inter- 
posed between Illinois and Michigan, 
and these s'upport three strong lake 
ports. Chicago tb.erefore is the empo- 
ri'iin of Wisconsin, Indiana, W^estern 
Michigan and IlHr.oi?, 

If I were to ask almost any grown man 
whether Michigan was east of Chicago 
or Wv'st of it, he would reply, "Certainly 
east." Yet Micl.igan reaches 140 miles of Chicago, along Lake Superior. 
In forming the boundaries of the far 
No: thwestern states the political geog- 
raphers j)lanne(l v/iser than they know. 
They give Michigan, Wisconsin and 
Minnesota long boundaries on Lake Su- 
perior, and wiihin each of those lake dis- 
tricts were concealed separate riches of 
almost inexhausiiblc iron. Consequently 
the iron of these three states makes an 
international commerce with the coal at 
the eastern end of ihe lakes in Ohio and 
Pennsylvania. You can either send the 
iron down to meet the coal or send the 
coal uj) to meet the iron, and in either 
case constitute a hardy navy of mar- 
iners, and plant ia the agricultural 
states a large and experienced mining 

if you glance at the great lakes as 
they stand pictorially on the map they 
look like a megatherium or pregeologi- 

cal animal, its head in Western Lake 
Superior, its feet Michigan and Huron 
and its tail the Georgian bay. 

In these days most people forget that 
Chicago, like New York, was made by a 
canal, and in each cise it was a canal to 
the lakes. The year the Erie canal was 
opened by DeWitl Clinton, 1825, a canal 
was surveyed and devised to run from 
Chicago across to tlie Illinois river and 
down that river to the Mississippi. The 
principal agent to secure this canal and 
land to endow it was Daniel P. Cook, 
whose name ends obscurely immortal 
in the metropolitan county of Illinois, 
for Chicago is in Cook county. They 
supposed the canal would cost 
$640,oco,but it cost $.12,000,000, and it was 
endowed with 225,000 acres of land. 
When It was comnienccd there were only 
three families in Chicago living outside 
of the blockhouse cf the fort, in 1830. 
The commencement of this caused 
Chicago to be laid out and at a sale of 
lots in that place, in 1846, it was thought 
to be stupendous that the v.-hole parcel 
realized $1503. Ground was not broken 
for this canal until 1836, when pork was 
from !?2o to j>30 a barrel on the spot, 
fiour from Sq to $12, salt Si 2 to Si 5. ^^"tl 
labor S-o to 550 a month and board. The 
next year, 1837, the great panic broke 
the slate, but the canal kept enough 
people at Chicago to keep it from re- 
lapsing to stagnation and marsh. In- 
terest ce.ased on the state debt, which 
was $i4,oco.ooc, in 1842, when all the 
banksbruke.and a repudiation like that of 
Mississippi wvs feebly jigitated. The 
next year, 1843, there were but 7850 p:o- 







obligations of S6,ooo,ooo. The swelling 
ingots of California gold stemmed 
panic, and I have thought that our pres- 
ent strain of gold might be stemmed by 
more gold findings. 

As we now look from some lofty place, 
in Chicago, over the level union of lakes 
and lands, we can almost see Father 
.Marquette breathing his last on Lake 
Michigan, .about the time Philadelphia 
was settled. His associate, La Salle, 
died twi) hundred years ago, and two 
hundred years after Columbus arrived 
in Spain, to prosecute the scheme of his 
discovery. La Salle and Mart|uette 
stand half way between the [)resent and 
Columbus, and they precede the Ameri- 
can revolution and constitution by only 
100 years. When the canal from Chicago 
to the Mississippi was surveyt<l,one of 
the surveyors was brought up from St. 
Louis, a countryman of La Sille and 
Marquette, to do the surveying, namely, 
Rene P.iul. The Illinois Central rail- 
road, which made Chicago and the state, 
was a||pcrtion, so to speak, of the com- 
promise measures which were to remand 
fugitive slaves to the South. The sum- 
mer will be long, and people coining to 
Illinois will need the assistance of figures 
and suggestions like these. 

The Progress of Illinois. 

From such sm.all beginnings Illinois 
has rapidly become a homogenous state. 
By the census in 1880 2,500,000 of its 
people were native Americans, and of 
these 720,000 were born in Illinois, 120,- 
000 were born in New York state, 137,000 
in Ohio, 90,000 in Pennsylvania and <)i,- 
000 in Indiana. P'orty thousand had 
been born in Missouri, 38,000 in Ten- 
nessee, and 61,000 in Kentucky. People 
are still living who remember when Ga- 
lena was a more important town than 
Chicago. From 1813, when Shawnee- 
town was laid out, close by old Vincen- 
nes, that place was the most powerful 
town in the state for a quarter of a cen- 
tury. Kaskaskia, whicn has hardly 500 
people now, once had 7000. The year 
William of Orange took possession of 
England and drove out King James, 
there was a French fort at Chicago. The 
ste.amboat came down the Ohio river for . 
the first time in 1S17, only nine years 
before John Logan was born. In 18S2 
Illinois cast 2000 majority in favorof the 
introduction of slavery. In 1831, at the 
Black Hawk war, two American presi- 
dents were with the Illinois troops, 
General Taylor and Lincoln, and Scott, 
a presidential candidate, was also in that 

This record of material, social and mu- 
nicipal triumphs must needs Lave a cer- 
tain alloy of provincialism. A society 
which has grown faster than its institu- 
tions necessarily produces cranks. The 
arrival of the World's fair in the center 
of the continent has had some such effect 
as the heat of the half-cooled earth in 
geological times upon the animals which 
walked in the high grass and ate the as- 
paragus tops of the succulent bushes and 
trees. The Megatherium of the exhibi- 
tion appears to have been our John Boyd 
Thacher. It dimly occurs to the mind 
that this is the man who buys all the 
relics, a pinch of Columbus's ashes, a 
piece of the manuscript which Columbus 
used for shaving paper, etc. The world 
had held many exhibitions and juries 
had given out the awards of merit to the 
eminent exhibitor.^:, but Mr. Thacher 
saw an individual and shining oppor- 
tunity. Instead of having juries, he 
was going to be the whole faculty. 
He attacked the piano men as they 
came in, with his "Thacherian system, 
after the manner of the occupants in 
that place where Orpheus pursued his 
wife. Everybody was charmed except 
Mr. Thacher. Orpheus should not come 
in there with his pipe, unless the pipe or 
flute went in with the Chicago pianos 
and consented to have a fourth-class 
medal. The Eastern piano men wanted 
more equity and less dictatorship. Finally 
the foreign exhibitors constituted them- 
selves a committee of award, with juries 
of their own. After surviving until 
about June i, Mr. Thacher was sat down 
upon. He illustrates the provincial pe- 
riod in the formation of World's fairs. 

Notice of Application 

— FOR— 





C-ouNTV OP St. L0JI8, 
Vii.i^AOB or Nkw Dei.OTir 

Notice in lioroby ttivt'ti, That application has 
bei'ii mario in writiui; t^> the common council of 
Bai<l viilH«{o of Now l>uhitli, ami filed in my 
otiice, prnyiuK for llconso to bolI iTitosicaliinr 
litjnors for tlio t(!rci S')HiriiODciiiK<iu July 1, 18H3, 
uu<l f>rnnu(tfiri({on July 1, W4, by tli<» follow- 
in/;.' persons and at tlo foUriwiriff jflaces as stated 
in snid nppliciitiun r.«sp(sctivo)y, to-wit: 

Mux F. Volomstni 1, Jot No. C, block No. :<, 
First division, village of New Duluth. 

T. U. lol No. 15, block No. ». First 
diviKiou. villuK'*' of \cw Dulutli. 

Said application will bo hoard and detorminnd 
by paid common cuu'jcil of Ibe vi!la»;o of Nfw 
Diilutb at tbn cooniil chamber of said villain 
of New Dulutb. in St. Louis county, Minur- 
Bota, on Monday, tlio 3d day of July, li!t<3, at 
7 :30 o'clock p. m. o " that day. 

Witness my liand and eoal of said villatfo of 
Now Dulutb tliia :ih;t day of July, A. D. 1»»3. 

J. A. Mc('tKN, 
VilJuKO Kecorder. 

i Corporate I 
Seal. ) 

Jnno 21, July 1. 


Sprinkling District No. 9. 

OfTico of City Comptroller. \ 
Duluth, Minn.. Juno pi, lil'3. ) 
Notice is berfby civen to all parti<t^ int*resl< d 
tb.'it an assoRFtaont Iiuh br-en made by iii<- board 
of public work« of tlie city of Dtili'tb, Minoc- 
eoUi, and confirmr-d by f e lion. J. 1). I.nsifrn. 
ju4»reof rhn diRtrifi court of tiio Elovritb i«idi- 
cial dJHtrict. to defray in fn.l the f7.j.«nM-t. of 
bjiririklinK (inrfi'-M aventin from 
srroct to tbeost.'iblishfd d(«?k lino duririft tJn,- 
(tcason of l>fyZ, in said city, aixl a <lu|>licata 
ashossmont roll has botn i|>-livi'ic.| i<> thi-city 
tri'isnrer, and that the araounl iicM-v<cd a<.-ainit( 
each lot or parcel of laud can br- nM-<>rtain<'<l at 
tbo olticf of tho city tn»a>-urfT, iind tliat tlic a»- 
Fp^ciiiont iie duf ana payHb!e, niul if |)nid u-itliiu 
thirty Ctt) dayH tberf will be allowcrl h ibsiuc- 
tion of ton (10) imr cent charged to tin- amouut 
of the asBPi-smcjit for burvf-y, plans, KiMciiica- 
tioub and 8Ui>ferintend'-tice, « 

W. «. Ten Be<ok, 

City Comptroller. 
June ]0-lT-2*-July-l 

Sprinklinj; District No. 6. 

O Tice of City Comptroller, ) 
Dal nb, Minu., Juno 10. lsy:<. J 

Notice is hereby p ven to all parties interestfd 
that an apsesvmeul lac beon maflo by the board 
of public workp of t le city of D-ilutfi, Mincc«-r)- 
ta. and confirmed b ; tiio!Hou..J.l>.EnHign, judjj" 
of th« district court of the Eleventh judicial 
liistrict, to defray in full tho espenpes of spriuk- 
ling Miclii.';au btree;. from Nintli av{nno west to 
Second avenue eatt Fourth avenue west, Third 
r.ventto west. Sccoiiil avenue west. First avenue 
west and Firnt avenue eagt from Superior .street 
to .MicLifran Ftroe . l'"ifth avenue west from 
Kuperior street to tiio eetabli.-hed dock line, and 
I'ic'dniont avenue from Ninth avenue west 
to KiKhth avenue west duriUK the season of 
18i'2. in said city, aid tlmt a duplicate assess- 
ment roll h.'xs been delivered to the city treas- 
urer, and that the amount assetsed ai^aiust each 
lot or jiarcel of land can ho ascrtamed at the 
oHiceof tho city tretsurer, and that the assesi- 
metit is due and payable, and if paid within 
thirty (:iO) days there will be allowed a dedoo- 
tion of ten (10) per ;eia charged to the amonnt 
of the aFBes.<meat lor riirvey. plans, specifica- 
tions and superintendence. 

W. G. Tex BEr)OK. 
City ComptroUe'. 
(June 10-17-24-JaJy-l.* 

Assessment Notice." 



Term, Jane 
of Hans Haa- 

GradingTweiity-iirst Avenue East, 


CofXTV OF h-T. LtjUlH, ( 

In Probate Court, Special 
16tb, ISKI. 

In tho matter of tho estate 
muBEon, deceased : 

On reading and filiiifr the petition of Fci&e 
Kasmusson, exectjtor of tho will of Hans 
l^asnuihs^on, decea^••d. r«r rff-entin»f am'iiMr 
other things, that she has fully administTM 
said estate, and praying tliat a lime and j laoo 
be fixe<i for cxamii'ing, hettling and allowing 
the Htial account of lier a'lmirii.-iration, and for 
tlie ai-signment of the residue f>f gaid estate to 
the parties r-ntitled tljereto by 1-iw. 

It IS "fdered, that s^aid accoimt be eTRmined, 
and petirion heard by thii^ court, on Tnei-iay, 
the 11th d.iy of July. A. \). 1«:', at xen 
o'clock a. m., at the probate offic* in Diiluth, iu 
said couity. 

And it is farther ordered, that notice thereof 
be given to all i>er8ons interested, by piibiit-ii '\ug 
ac<;py of this orderon (Saturday in each we* k fi.r 
three mrr -fisiive weekf prior to said day of liejtr- The Dulutb Evening IJferald. adaiiy news- 
paper. printe<i and published at Jniutlt, in 
said county. 

Datt^ at Dnluth the 16th day of Jnne 
A. D. 1893. 

By the (k>urt, 
[SealJ Phi>-eas Ayek, 

Judge of Probate. 
Jtine 17-2t-Julv 1. 

Assessment Notice. 

Sewer in Fifth Street. 

Potior Palmer's Mansion, 
pic in Chicago, largely canal laborers. 
The entire property of Chicago was as- 
scESc^d, in i8^6, .at ^g4.oco. Keducin;^^ the 
canal to a shallow cut, it was finally 
opened in 1848, and by i86g the canal 
tolls had brou;;hl near $5,500,000, but 
tlicre was a canal debt of «6,coo,ooo. 
The year the canal was opened, iStS, the 
population of Chicago was less than 21,- 
000. Hy 1871 the honest commissioners 
turned the canal over to the stale with a 
surplus of S<:)2,ooo, and when the great 
lire opened that yeiir, l!lint)is nobly let 
up its lien of ^3,000,000 on the canal 
v/hich they had "started to deepen, at 
nufh more than that cost. 

.Some people have been saying during 
thi.s \\'orid'.s fair that it might break Chi- 
cafco. I)ut ChicaKo is like the Christian 
rtlii^ion, of whicli it is said, that they 
broke the legs of ihci;i .already dead on 
Mount Calvary. In tlie panic of 18-7 
there were sixty-one banks in Illinois, 
and the wealth of the state for taxation 
was $407,000,000, wlule .v6 f.iilures took 
place m Illinois, involving S(;,ooj.oco of 
whirh 117 failures were in Chicago, with 

Nothing survives him of a provincial 
sort but the various synods and dervish 
meetings, which are determined to have 
a last ruinous victory for their .Sabbath 
over the gateposts of the World's fair. 

But the exposition itself has had a thou- 
sand fussy masters, while in reality the 
genius of this exposition has boon from 
the lirst in the hands of the director- 
general, Mr. D.avis, and his assistant, Mr. 
IJurnham. By the 1st of June it is seen 
that these are the men who can agree 
without intruding their isms into the or- 

The city of Chicago has shown, 011 the 
whole, a strong contributing power to 
sustain an exhibition of this kind, and 
up to the present lime the great subur- 
ban multitude has not put in an appear- 
ance here. The farmers, who are the 
dominant class in the Northwest, are 
puttintr in their crops, and when these 
are gathered, in midsummer there, tnere 
wdl be a great pilgrmiage to the fair. 
Meantime, Chicago has sc nt htr lifty 
thousand visitors a day with regularity 
to the show. 

Among the big sideshows which h.ave 
come to an uiitimely end here is that of 
Steele Marka^ e, who was going to give a 
'i'ablt-au Vivantof Columbus. Mr. .Mac- 
kayc is the inveiitor of the double stage, 
ihe disappearing seat in theaters ^.nd 
vaiioui other curious and unstable things. 
The sideshows of this exhibitit)n have 
n(^thing to do with it, any move than the 
double-headed, cow, and the living skele- 
ton, and the gingerbread hucksters who 
frequent the outside of agricultural fairs. 
Such things must needs cc, and even an 
arrnv. when it takes tho licid, is sur- 
rounded by thousands of such parasitical 
sutlers and catch penny capitalists. The 
exhibition has its living, moving and 
being without any regard to these mere- 
tricious matters. Those who come to see 
it to improve their minds .and karn how 
the world is advancing will find in the 
enclosures proper more to study than 
they can well digest. It matters little 
whether the victims .and matters little 
whether the vicious and the frivolous 
visitors are tickled. Such exhibitions 
have a residuum which long outlasts 
their little span. 


OfTico of City Comptroller, ) 
Duluth, Minn.. Jtine 10. 1S9.J. J 

Notice is hereby i iven to all parties interested 
tiiat an assessment has been made by tho txiard 
of public wor!<B of 1 he city of Dulnth, Miiino- 
sota, and confiru:e( by the Hon. J. D. Ensign, 
judge of the district court, of the Eleventh ju- 
dicial district, to d ?fray in full the ex|)ense_ of 
gradin:' and othervi^e improving Twenty-firt>t 
avenue east, from Lake Superior to Fonrth 
street, in saiil city, and that u Uuplicate aR£*s^- 
ineiit roll iias been delivered to the city treas- 
urer, and That the ninonur assessed against each 
lot or parcel 1 if land can be aKiertained at the 
olHco of the city tri asnrer. and that the i-sse.'fi- 
rient is due end p:'yabl-. nn<l if paid within 
thirty (SOi d^ys the-e will bo allowed 'a deduc- 
tion of ten (10) per cent charged to tho amonnt 
of th3 assesriaenc for survey plans, tpecilica- 
tions and snijeriut' ndeuce. AH personsso de- 
siring can have tlioir aTOcssinents divided into 
not more til aii live (.5) iusalliuents of not less 
than ten (10) dollars each, by niaking applica- 
tion to the city con i/trollcr. within l") I'.ayf- after 
date of this notice. Said installmeiits to b.M-onie 
dne and payable annually, commeucing Oc- 
tober 1st,. I'W. witL iutercbi at 7 per cent pay- 
able annually. 

BHnks fortius pirposc may be obtained by 
application at my oliice. 

W. G. Ten Brook. 
City Comptrolior. 
Juno 10-17-24. July I 


OKTo.\(iE SA.L.E- 

Whoreas, default has been made in tho condi- 
tions of a certain mortgage duly executed and 
delivered by Enunu D. Clarke and Jno. T.Clarko 
her busbaiid, i:iort,ra-:or3, of St. l.ouis county, 
Mmnet^ota. to the tjuiun Building nnd Loan 
association, cf SI.Locis cotinty. llinnesotn, 
mortg.igee. bearing date the lirst day of Sep- 
tember. A. D. lSi>2. .-md duly rccorced in tae 
ofiiceof the roj.dsterof deeds in and for the 
CMuntv of St. L mi: and state of liinnesota. on 
the 12th day of Sopt-jnber. A. D. \>»i, at eight 
o'clock .1. m., iu bo.;k 00 of mortgages, 
175. . 

And whereas, default has been made in the 
payment of the dn *s on srock and interest. aa<l 
premium on the iiidciitedness secured by said 
m-r-rtgage. for mon than tho space of fuur (.4) 
months afKr tho sume has become due: 

And wlioreas. tho mortgage contains a pro- 
vision that m case of default m tho payment i-f 
tho monthly interest or premium, or duos on 
stock, or any part hereof, for tho of four 
(t) months nft«r tie same sh.ill b:Jomedue. 
then the whole pri icipal debt <ha]\ becoiro due. 
and the ir.oitgage> shall ha .0 authority and 
power to sell the ;.- aid premises at public auc- 
tion agreer.bly to t 10 stattites inench made 
and provided. 

Office of City Comptroller, \ 
Duluth. Minn.. June 10. 1M<3. S 

Notice is hereby given to all parti*e interested 
that an assessment has been made by the board 
of public works of the city of Duluth. Miijnet<»- 
ta. find confirmed by the Ron. J. D. l',r.^.g«. 
judge of the di'-trict conrt of the EleveuTl^ judi- 
cial district, to defray in foil the exp^t-st-s of 
c-oiiStructing a sanitary sower in Fifth s:reeT 
from First avenue west to Second avenue west 
ard an outlet U! First avenue w?pt from. Fifth 
street to Fifth alley in said city, and that a du- 
plicate assessment roll has been delivered to tlie 
city treasurer, and that the amonnt r.sse^>«»d 
against ea<'h lot or parcel of land can be ascer- 
tained at the oli'ice of the city treasurer, and 
tliat tiie assessment is due an I pajable. and if 
paid -within thirty iSfji <lays tbere will b" al- 
lov-ed a d.'dnction of ten (pit per cent charg.'d 
to tho amount of the assessment for surrey, 
plans, si« ritications and superintendence. Ail 
psrs'ii-.s so desiring can Luve iheir asse^smentji 
divided into not more than tire (ui ins; aliment* 
of not less that ten 1 10 ' dollars each, by making 
application to the city comptroUer. within 4T, 
days after date of tliis notice. Saif! install- 
ments to become dne and payable annnalty, 
cimmencing • 'ctober 1st. l-'y2, with intereiit at 7 
per cent payable anncally. 

Blnnks for this rr.rpose may be obtained by 
applicntion at my office. 

W. G. TevBbook 
City Comptroller 
Jane 10-17-21 Jaly 1 

Assessment Mu. 

Spriakline Dist. No. 8. 

Duluth. Minn. 
N'otice is liTeby pivf n to aii 

Ofl'ce of City Comptroner. ) 
June in. IrS-i $ 

11 parti'S int^*r- 
rsted that an asscs.«mont has beer made by the 
b'lard of public works tif the city '^i Duluth. 
MincLSota, and conGrrr.o<! by the }!<>n. J. D. 
Ensign, judge of tlio district court of t'.ie Elev- 
cnll: jt-.dicial district, to defray in fn !! the _ ex- 
pense <>f sprinklire Michigan strec-t from Ninth 
avenue west to T-.venty-fourth aveniie west, 
Tv.eutietli avenne west from Sitpe- 
rior street to Kailmad alley and Gar- 
tield avenue from Michigan street to Superior 
on page • street, I'urJag the siason of lSi^2. in said ci:y. 
I and that a dnplu.tte asscsimeai roll has been 
delivered U) the city treasurer, and the 
I aiiiount assessed n-'ainst ea.-h lot or parcel of 
I Isnd can be ascertained at tneolliceof the ciiy 
I treasurer, and that th" .I'^ses.-ment is <!;ie and 
payable, a!!<l if paid \vi:}.in thirty <8') dars, 
I there will be allowed a uedncti<^n of ten (iv) 
I ;>er cent, charged to tho nnu nnt of the assewj- 
I ment for survey, plans, sppclications aud super- 

VV. G. Ten Brook, 

City Comptroller. 
Jnne 10-17-24 Jaly 1. 

And whereas, sail niortgagoo has elected to STATE OF MINNESOTA. 



" Mothers* 


Colvin. Iia., Dec. 3, 1886.- My wifo usod 
BIOTHiLIi'3 PBIEND before her tliird 
ccnfinoment, and Bays v/oiUd nob bo 
without it for hiindrodB of doilara. 


Sent by expre"^ "" recsipt cf price. $l.CO per bot- 
tle, liook " To Motiiei.> " mailed f 1 u J. 

roH a*i.K o» *uuBRUoai«T«. _ , fiTLANTA, OA. 

declare the whole debt due. because ot 
default in the iiayment of said interest 
premium, and duci on stock ; 

And whereas, there is claimed to be duo and 
is duo at the d.ite of tho first publication of this 
I'otice, on the debt secored by said mortgage, 
thr> sum of ton hu::'.ro.i and sixty nine nnd 2r>100 
<$10)3.'i'>( dollars. Ri.d no action or proceeding at 
law or othTsvise having been instituted tore- 
cover tho dobt .sect red by said mortgage or any 
pait thereof. 

Now therefore, notice is hereby given that by 
virtno ot the T'owe • of sale cont<iined in said 
mortgage and pnn.nant to the statutes in such 
r:\'>e nui'lo nnd piovi>iet1. tho said mortg-jge 
will ho lorrclo<=ed, and tho premises describod 
in. :»:id cr-.vered by said mortgage, viz : I^ot No. 
eight of block two hurdred and eighty-four of 
Fourlh division of West Dulnth. according 10 
the recordiMl pint thoreof. sai.'l lands being lo- 
cnt'd in St. Loiii.** rounty, Minnesot.t. will, with 
tluhereditiimcnis and niipnrtenacces. be sold 
at public auction to the highest bidder forc.ish. 
to pay said di b'^ a id interest, and fifty didlars 
attornny's fees, .ns stipulated iu and by said 
Tr.ort^T'igo in case of foreclosure, ami tho dis- 
bur-en.irts ailov.-( ^^ by Inw : which sale will bo 
maile by tho siier IF of said 8t. Louis county at 
the front door of tho court house in the city of 
Huluih, county ard state aforesaid, on theiOth 
'lay of July. A." l>. INO.<, at ten oV.lock a. ni., of 
that day. put ject o redemption at any time 
within «me year fi lira the date of sale, na pro- 
vided by law. . ^ 

Dated Dulnth, llinn.. May 27th. A. D. 1893. 
Tni: Umox BuiLLnsG a.nd Lias's Associ.v- 

S. T. IIarptpon, 

Attorney f<ir K ortgagee, 

Kooms l(iit-lli Chamber of Commerce 

Building. Ibilnth. Minnesota. 
May •27-J ino iHO-17-24-Jnly 1. 

' ( Si 

.^ Fl LED. 




(\iixTY OF St. Lor is. 
District Court, Fl wenth Jndii.'ial District. 

William E., ^ 

Irene Isabell I'ai.gbnrn. 

Dofer.<ia-.:t. f 
T)ie Sj.ite of Miaiiesota. to tho ab«ivc n»inod 
defendant : 

You are hf.n'by snmn-or."d and required to 
Riiswor the cmrbiint in the above entitled 
noiion. whi"!^ :■' ('• • d ''i the odice of the cleric of 
the Distrui o-m r •■• ihe Lleventh Judicial 
Di'^ 'r'l f. .- sti.i c<iunJy of St. Loujx atid 
SlaieofM^ • ' -id to ^e^>o a copv of >oiir 
answer to •. ..^ ^.u., oonu>hv:nt on the subscril?er. 
;;! their .. nice in the City of Duluth. ni saui 
county, within thirty .lay^ efti>rtho service of 
tliis summons nptn yo". esciutire <if tlie day of 
such SI rvic"; and if you fail to answer the said 
cmplni-^t within ll!'< tii-e afure^nid. theplain- 
litT in Ihii action iviil apply to th" court for tho 
relief demanded i:i the the c<iniplaint. 
Datod Duluth, llinn., .Inn.' 3ril. la^W. 

Edson. EnsoN &C.\MrrF.i.i . 

PlaiutilT's Aturueys. 
JmnlO-17-LM 4ulyl-vS-15. 

County of St. Louis. 

District Court. Eleventh .Tndlcial District, 
First National Hank et Wabasha. Miunes«ita, a 

corijoratiou. pl.iiutiiT vs. 1'. Scmple. defendant 
Tie slate of Minnesota, to the above named 

defendant : 

Yfti are hereby summoned and reijuire to an- 
swer 'he comp.aint of th"- p!-ii:'iitl in the .ihovo 
entitled action, which is tiled in it.e ott.c« r^f th<« 
clerk of theDis-trictcour: of tiieKleventh judicial 
district, in and for th.e county of St. Lont« Mui 
State of iMinnesota, and to serve a cryj of your 
atswcr to the said com;Iai'it -n the subscribers, 
at their office at 4H>liiirrow» Block in the city 
o' Duluth in said oounty. within twenty days 
■iftcr the service tif this sur.iinons vyon you 
"exclusive <if the ih'.y of -ach s.'rvice : .-^imI if .von 
fail to answer the said complaint withm the 
time aforesaid the p'.iiintifim this aetion wiU 
take judgement ac-imst you for tho sum of 
tiireo thon-^and four hundred and fifty-tive 
dollars and no cenis. with interest at the ratfl 
of 7 per cent, per annum from the t>th day of 
January 1'''.^:!. and the further sum of one and 
8V10!i (;"1.'^»' d.>l'.a's togr-ther with the costs and 
dl-bnrsements of this action. 

Dated June K., l>^t»:5. 

AniioTT A- Ceosby. 
riaintiff's Att«.irney. l^nluth Minn. 

410 Borrows Bloclt. 
Jnne 17-21 July l-vivr-it. 


Gradin": Jefferson Street. 

Odice of City Comptroller. > 
Duluth. Minn., June 10. l>.-3. n 
Notice is hereby given to allpartie.'- interested 
that an nssostnient has lieen nnile by the Ixiard 
public works of the city of Duluth. Minnesota, 
and coniirmed by the Hon. J. D. Ensign, judge 
of the district court of Eleventh judicial di^- 
trict, to defray in full the expetises of giadii-if 
.lelierson street, from Thirteenth avenue oa^: 
to Montana nvonuo, in said city, and that a 
duplicate" assessment n»ll has been d6liver< d t..i 
the city treas\'-er, avd that the amount jii-ws*- 
ed against each lo' «ir parci-l <<f land can be as- 
certained at the iilliceof the city trea>urer and 
tliat the asse'-sni'-nt is due and paj'abie. !\t.d if 
jiaiil within iliirty t:>LO days there will b'- al- 
iow.'da dedoction'iif tea U"'* j>er cent, charged 
loth" amount of the n'«ses«meut for.-iur\ey.pUiif., 
speciliciitione and stii>eriuteudcuee. All persoLS 
^o desiring can have their «»scs'inents diviiled 
into not more tiiaii live u'l) installments of n«t 
lofS than ten (.Id) (K.l!ar<; Oiicli by 11; ikiiig apfili- 
catioii to tlie city comptroller within for:y-tlve 
day^- alter divte of this luuice. Said ins'aUmetits 
to beconio duo .iiid p.nyj;l»lo aiinii.illy. conoiienc- 
i;ig October 1. 1*^92. witb iutiro>; at 7 p<'r ceiit. 
I>ayablo unnually. 

Bl.'inks for this pttrposo may be obtained by 
application at my oUico. 

W. ti.TKX Btti»K. 

City ComptroUer, 
June 10-17-2 t-.Iulyl. 

B g r*a— 


■ i j ri i - - ftm i fm 


l^WJ > ., I ! 










Rise and Fall of a Fellow Named Florence 

Nightincale Who Was Full of 


Had a Lic;ht Ring to His Foropaugh Bleat 

and a Heavier One 


Something About the Guinea Hen and the 

Uses it Has— Nye's Homemade 


ICoprritrht. ISKl, by Eilsar W. Nye.] 
AirricM;lruri:^t, Prt-nli.-.r. Mo., writes to 
iiww: 1. IJow lonj: sliouUl n calf Ih> p^r- 
:nitttHl to ns? with its motlier be- 
fore vt^iriLj? 8. What do yoii know 
ibont fariuinifhiiulsiuDakot;:? H. How 
Ho tlu'v coiuparo wttli th^«^■.> of North 
-V.irolinn. rsj^t-eirilly in IIfn:lcrson ami 
Du:k-oii:1>o oouiuioo? 4. Wh;tt do yon do 
*vith your :vsi>:tr:'.p:us beds in snmiuor? 

First — For markot f.-ilv; •: nri! generally 
vMled before they nro fr.Uy .Hwcm* that 
by sin death c»Jiie iuto tho world. Hero, 
aowevcr, en my j)laco, we allow the calf 
to nurse from six to .seven weeks. Tiw 
last two wook-s we a<ld another cow «> 
that ho will not bo restlef.s of niffhts. 
Dncc I kept a calf :;ix ye.".r;i fie. nn exi)eri- 
:nent to seo how maeh milk ho wonld 
reciuire aa ho j^nv older. My n.'port to 
:he furnuT.s' eonvetition of Ehln Prairie, 
from whi<>h 1 finote, shows tliiit nt tho 
?nd of tho sixth ye.iv lu) had closed up 
the clieesQ factory at Hn<l.-K)n and had 
-liverted tho output of the Stillwater 
lairy entirely in hia direction. 

But ho iva-. a hi-j;, hearty fellow. Vv-ith a 
joyous, cnrlv face and a voice Ihat-Bhook 
:>ur applts oif the trees promaturely. 

1 never knew n calf tlmt could u.^igh 
^o freely as he conld. When ho had 
sipped a couple of v,-:'.shboiler.-. of fresh 
milk and cleared hi ; voice, you sliould 
fiavo hoard him .-ound "A." 

Wo had him for tea at the dose of tho 
sixth j-ear, ju?=t as ho l)ogan to get cun- 
aing. Wr? had a veal symposium with 
^een peas raised on the place. They 
?rev/ in rows alon^j by tho mort^aga I 
tried to raise theia to;:.'thtr. tho petw and 
■ho mortgage, allowing tho jjoaa to clam- 
ber up the side of tho inortgago, but 
?ould not r«iso them y»ih togf^ther. 

Wo gave tho symiK>?Jnm just oa I was 
leaving tho f.irni to go back and work on 
^ salary again. The name of tho veal 
was FU>rcuc<. — Floren6<« Nigotingalf". Ho 
wa.s named by n poetic lady from Pd,ria, 
:M?ed 08 years, and I hadn't the heart to 
'-•hangu his name, for .sho waa of a senui- 
tivo nature and a trifle over 3 feet in 
liametor. Livin;c in P.irii'., she know 
voiy littlo of tho world. 

Wo mi.s.'^ed Floronco a goml d^sl after death, I'.^r ho 1ov<h1 na all, and to sre 
liim toss off a fov,- di^jhpaniuls of new 
milk and then v.-alk around in the pans 
vrould a:iybo<ly v.-ho did not ovn> 
tho pans. Ho was over full of lift- — that 
i?, up to tho tini'j wo kiiled him. Ho h.-uV 
I ligiit nn?j to his Forepaugli bleat and a 
heavier one in hia licso. 

Kogot into tho pound 11 times ono 
rammer and vLdlatLd tv.-o ordinances 
riud a statute before anybody dared put 
n hand on hi'.:i. 

Every timo he s^ot in the pound it cost 
in" C-l*>— ^10 I'T r<^'"^^i^"'U oa it were. 

I w.-.ntcd to ciill l:im Patti ir.yself— 
thea 1 could malre » veal putt I of him — 
bat the cliilureu said no; Mine. Palti 
v.-a3 liablt) at any time to make another 
farewell vioit to America, and tho might 
hear of it. 

Millt Fed veal doete not pay the farmer, 
after the si=th ye^ir. Kill trio calf at tlw 
end of the seventh wclc v.-hile tho moth'^-r 
is h)oldng tho other \;-ay and hang tho 
little speckled jjclt over tho balcony or 
u:iil it to tho gable of thf< iA)rto cochero. 
Calvfs of Ixigli tlcgreo mako just as 
good veal as tho low bcrn calf. Foil 
blood .Jerse5-8 and Holiitcinft also show 
thtj ?ai:;e ai:ioutit ;>f seir.-o hi their eurly 
daya that tlio unknov.-u calf doea. It f:j 
just as hard to get four milk on thorc<.;n- 
lar bill of faro v.ith a v/ild roan calf 
wnoso ancofitors njay Ix? traced with tho 
greatest diiliculty not farther back than 
two vee.ra iiga. 

farmers useu to come .luue u instance 
to talk with me regarding my uiothmls. 
At lirst thvy Mfton nv.'ijiio'^d to diimcr, 
hut tho roast and remove (which 1 had 
happily combined) seemed too much for 

Si>mo of our fi-l(>ndd suggested that wo 
k(vp our fre.-h meats nl the bottoni of tho 
well, but wo might have guests cotuo to 
*tM> us, and th( ir titsie might be liniit.Hl, 
Bo wo do not kei'p these tilings in tlvo 
well now. 

Lii'o in t]'«>ei>untry hero in North Caro- 
lina ui full i.f oxcit -ment. 

"What nro those gi-aceful birds sailing 

in the eternal bln;^ over your farii!;' 

asked a friv ud of mine the other day who 

is spendins;; the summer with us at a 

• uon>in''.l rate. 

"Thoio." s.".id I. -'you metroix)litan 
a-si!. aro >>n2;;ards. They were at tho 
d<^pot fttyl Paw me get my new refriger- 

I hate a man like that. He knew jnst 
as well t]M I did tJiat tiiey v.-ere bu7?:ard*!. 

^V'cond— Tho farming laiids of North 
Dakota ar.^ the richest wheat lands on tho 
f;u-e of th.> earth. Tho lied river v.illey, 
so of ten I'f erred to as tiie Nile of the 
western continent. i« ovorflowtHl each 
year, millions of %erc.i being oovrred 
with water and debris, which enrich tho 
de"p t)l!M>c soil to :\ remarlcable dVgree. 
Ti;o author visited the state of North 
Dakota in April of this present year and 
can truly say that ihii rich valley of tho 
Rcl river overflov.-.;^ each .spring r.irleta 
thi;i scaiiou woo unusual tliis year. 




It u'jm made from a rfcipc> -in 
o«ilum>i of our bo:j:e papej headed ' 
Fireside ami Sjcire l\i»on»." 

Wliat I };et t>nt of this ieo Ik)x is what 
I put on theasiniragns IhA. Yours truly, 

Our :iIlsialon. 

Chrlet tov tlio worlil, v.-o sfng; 
The v.orlil to Clu-ist wc bring 

With 1)110 aci'iird. 
With lis l!n.' \M>rk to shiwe, 
V\'ith us t»i)ro,i(h tixlare. 
With U3 the ci'osa to bear. 

For Christ miv Lord. 

^;hrlst for tho world, vro finif, 
Tho world to Clirlst \v«» bring 

Willi joyi'lll s:>lin;. 

Tho ncwI>orii hijul.--., wlioso days 
Ricl.vijii'-'i from error's w.ayS 
lD.-<i>ire(l Willi lio'.f luid iirnbc. 
To C'Uriat lu'ldntc. 

-C' hrfsliaii nt Work. 



Wo are just Icaridng hov/ to keep 
meats fresh in North Carolina. Wo killed 
a large bossy calf thrr-o days agf>, .nnd 
this moniicg wo put a iK>und of idm at 
tho root (jf each grnixjvino in our littlo 

Yon ought to Iiavo ectcu thoso grape- 
vines l(;ok »it each f)thor. Tl>o snrpriso! 
Tho air! Tho manner to eoch oiher. as 
who should say: 

'•Why rc-.all the past? Why revive 
dead i:*ucK':" 

Then tho way they iKi'g.'m to go up 
their trellhs m far as tliey couid! 

It was an idea of my own. "All tho 
ni'::it that does not ke? p perfectly frc-'-h 
in our new refri;,'crator," I exclaimed, 
"Ehall Ix; put on tee crops." 

FiVery one remjirk;-. ••How well ever}'- 
thing is looking on voar i>lace!" 

n:f;nT:fr, \ ovisea rirx 

Tliir. makes tho wheat land very rich, 
but lias an opposite eHect on raiiro.-iris. 
The hotels, too. gnftoi^cd a gr(«t deal. 
A'.'d ao did tho quests. There v.-ere two 
or three cii !.>s where tlv) }kk± hotels hiwl 
been lloodod with water. I'lrst tho Ixir- 
ber camo up i^tair? and opon^-d in a pjim- 
pleroom. Then tii-e c leetvieity, and tlio 
heat, nn 1 tho cl;>va^or gavoup tho ghost, 
and the billiard b.alls could l>e Ir-.-inl 
knix:]cir..g against t!iellcK;rof tho ofiico a« 
tho water ro5.\ TI;o weathor-wa* in- 
tensely cold, a-ad even tho clerk had to 
liv3 by an oil 8tovt< an«l mako change 
with a pair of yarn mittei!!? on. Guestn menhs in their nlstera .nud th"n 
wciit ont aror.nd tov.-n to loaf at the 
storc^j where then? were ooe.l r/.:t;vcfi. 

B-vit thia does not interfere witli Rgri- 
cultnro. If tho river goes down earh* 
eno'.igh to ^r.r nnd i)l:'.:it-, the soil vrill do 
its pArt. llr.ilf tor-.ria sometimes destroy 
croJi:i in cortalu l(<calitivfi, hut tho l.'^gia- 
hitare votos mor-j R'.x'hI to thc-ai ot)uutieB. 
anil they try it ngiitn. 

(.'yclones sontoiiriicH crass Dakota, 
Epr.inlingde.-olation overyv.-here and set- 
ting at na::,',-ht the works of man, h-at 
tho soil n :r.ia:2!} rich and of vigor. 

•S-'-hoolboyK even are mvnre that the 
Ciiu.;c! bi all thiit ij the fact that tho Eed 
River of tho North runs into tho arctic 
regions, and tho month of tho str-am 
does net open till Decoration day. Thus 
the gTcat valley h-j f!oixh\l, and tho alln- 
vin:u for ce:ilnri>7fl h;»6 mud.' an uliaorst 
bott(>ndw.-i bvittom. if I may l>'j aliov, ed 
to nt: thi:; f;ceming.-m;>.(.hronlsm. 

It is .1 .strange land, full of .atmospheric 
:rrid {xililical r.uri>rlKen. TIkj liorUculturul 
exhibit r-.t tho legislature this year was 

Pomology di>es not do wcU, ns n gen- 
er;:l thing, ov.-ing to the o<»ld of winter. 
1 ha .'jiberiuji crab apple, of v.hlch jelly 
i-; ?njv<le. grow.s hero, and tho I'amcltat- 
lan wu^.ermehvn. (Jmin. h(.v.-cver, i.H the 
liatnral prodr.ct of the country, and in 
good fieatons it might fec<l the world. 

Vvich cr-'ickod wheat from Dakf.ta and 
or.-.uges froi.i southern Qilifovnia and 
I'lorida. Rteaira and choj« from Texjia 
ai:;l the west, French fritNl X'otaU^es from 
Ohio and tho middle ctatos. corn brtad 
and l.Hicon from Illinois, Itnva and the 
Carolina-^, r.iid tviflfcfj from the Kpiit 
lAiiA of Nov,- Jorivy. what a biTakffisI we 
could f^ivo t}R> world! 

(iuinea eg^^ fried on ono Fide could bo 
cht'.iiied from !>iv faniu 
egg in dof-.tinod at no di.'-* 
come tlie uv.ivenail remove for l)reakfa::t. 
If better hnov.'u. thcro would b? a great 
Bcnimlilo for thi:; egg (..ic). 

Tla' guinea l.-on hita never pushed her 

" rs n» she might have done, and other 
.'(■wis have thus crov/dwl otit her handi- 
V, er!:. hut I can truly f;a}- that it U ono 
of the nifirt dnmblo hard boiled eggs for 
tlioiK" intending to visit tho ojxnt poltir }\va\ ctirry their victuals with tliem of 
wliich 1 know. 

With tl-.j guinea hen herself I have 
nothing in common. Our path« aro 
widely diverwnt. Sho can go her way, 
an<l F ctm go mine, hue her egg if prop- 
erly anil prompfly collected can be mii<!o 
Into a light. sj)<>::gy wetldingcako for tho 
tab!o of wealth, or boilwl htird by a well 
trained co<ih may Hurpriao and delight 
iho i;kiw of tlu) iK'asant. 

The }-olk of a hard l>oilod gulnro tigg 
powdered in ti de(>p »oup plate nnikea a 
gorxl rrli'dj when cfvere-l at tvnoo with 
thrfT or four inches of hot green turth; 
sotip. 1 am Irving thi-i on niy fann- 
hands this j'ear to make r.v .•ignrt:ltural 
llfo as nttnictive for them iivs posidblo. 

You mik mo what 1 jmt on my aspftra- 
gus bed during the BJ^nimer. })Tit iJmt is 
hardly necessary if yon v.-ill ptnise to think 
of my jttstly c«'lebrated refrigerator. 

I Itavo an ioo \x)\, too, that I made my- 
self when I was at homi? during tho holi- 
days. 1 did not do as well aa I can do 
now. Still !t keeps tho largest and 

coarsest nieces of ice from ooraincr out. 
It Jilso keeps cowa and giownup cattle 

Tho guinea 
int diiy to bo- 

Topic Tor tho Vt'ec:* Be?:lr.nln3 July t, 
t'ouinj.-'iit. by Itcv. K. U. IJo^lc. 

Teric-Ood'a c.\V. lo us. II Tira. 1, ^12; Acta 
XV i. H). 

G'.;d'i? call to itc, ns illustrated by cur 
topic '.1 rcfe-o'.'ec.^, is twofold. It is,fir,-.l, 
a perjonal c-M to us to accept t!io l)eno- 
ilt of talvatio:! th.ruugh Christ, and, sec- 
o:!'lly, .". call to ppread the gospel among 
iiU n^cn. The lirst of the?o c.-'.lls is set 
forth by Par.l to Timothy in 11 Tim. 1, 
L'-i:). Tho .'.-econd is illustrated by tho 
viBieuiii which Paul hiijiself was divine- 
ly ciilled to c.v.Ty tho got^pel of Christ 
from A:*,\ to Enroiw*. 

1. The c::Il to partake in tho kingdom 
of God (11 Tim. i, 0-13). In the ninth 
'/er^i^of thin passage Paul sijc.-il:;? of God 
as having saved us and "called us vv-itha 
iioly calling." Tho Greek word h^ro 
ti-un?l:;tf'd "c.illeil" in tho Now Teet-a- 
ment constiaitly re'ff r.s to the call to sal- 
vation, tv) p.ivtako in tho Idngdom Of 
Go<l, which call is mad'itous otttwardly 
through tho v,'ord and inwardly by tho 
influence of tho Spirit worlting through 
tho word. This call cornea to all who 
hear the gO::*!. Paul does not mean to 
iJHMt it to Ti:nothy and himself. It em- 
hraccij. all (.'Christians. It includes "all 
mc!r v.-l:crev!-r tho round of tho go-^jx"! 
13 hoard. 'IHils i-, a direct personal call. 
it to OT'.ch ono individually. To 
answer it may mean sufrering and porse- 
cutie.n, ms in Panl's <i;irio. but liko him 
these tliing3 .se.ould not deteV us from 
heedir!^ tho cull, ishtco wx^ also can r«y, 
"I know whom I havo believed and am 
pertiucded that Ho is ablo to keep that 
which I have committed unto Him 

3. Tho call to spread tho gospel of 
Christ (Actn rvi. tO). Paul has just had 
t* vision in v.hieh. n man frota ]^I:ice(tonia 
In Enropo.h.a3«ilhyl him to leave Tro.!."} 
and c<'::>o r.n 1 preach to th"m. In f.nuio 
way ho r(x:og:dxe.i tlw n;itiona1iiy of tho 
man. Tito pfrect of tho vision was, ns 
L^iko f}ay.'^. that *immoiliateIy we en- 
deavore.l to g.* into Macedor.i.'i. assuredly' thtit tho Lcard had culled us to 
preexh t!:e go-^nol ujito them." Paul 
«nd his thrr* iriev.da, S!h;s, Luko .itid 
Timothy, obey.-yl this vision. Four men 
Bet out to projich tho gof jx;! to Enropel 
And why? Simply hdcauso they raw the 
hand of Gtxl In the vi;;ion. It was no 
dreani of mr.n, but God waa calling 
thOm, and iRmiediatch- they obeyed. 
GodGlil! cr.Ib His people to ciirry and 
rend tho goc.pcl to the hcatlien worlds. 
They do not reali.-;o their c-ondition a):il 
cr}* to t:s,'but Goil dooa appeal to us and 
nrg.} n-. to vrvA the light where there ia 
row but darkness. " Sinco it is 
God v.-ho calls uh to mis.slou work, nil 
fihourd obov th:> ctill. 

Diblo l:'jl"crencc.i— Ps. xl, 40; ISa Ix, 2; 
IV.. 7: Jer. sxiv, 1.^: Math. :;i, SS; xx, 10; 
Lu::o iv. ;?S: Acts xiii, 1-:?; Rom. x, 13- 
!(!: r:ph. iii, G-D: Gal. ii, C; I Tim. ii, 
.VT: I The;.f!. iv. 7; Hob. iii. 1-3; 
l:u\, it. 

To Treat Cl'.ror.ic Catarrh Troubles Because 

Nature is Warm, Loving and Generous 

and Helps Build Up Her 


The many experience of Dr. 
Copclaiul ami his asstciatcs in the tre.'it- 
n-ciil of chronic L-shts tau>;htthcm 
Ihat the best tiujc to neat thcs'j diseases 
is tinting ilic warm season, when nature 
helps build up if<> work. A m.ijoiitv of 
paiiiiit.-i NviU only put themselves under 
ttcatmcnt at the si.-a.-.oa cl the yearwlicn 
tl'.cy ate ^ulTeneg ai uial j)aiii and dis- 
Ircis, namely, the « inter season, at which 
time it is almost imp issible lo do any- 
ibir.g for Ihvin on ;iee( jnt of the severe, 
chatigtable ^^c.llh'.^; then as soon a^. 
warm wcatlier cciuls ; nd the immediate 
di trcssing bymploms ire Ivsjcncd, they 
llatlcr thcm-^eivcs thcv do no: need tur- 
iher treatment and ( ease, to wait tmtil 
winter comes aga>r., io go throuj;h the 
s.inic round ol .ichi s and patns and 
ehionic coiij.hs; growing worse and more 
debilitated aiid more -nicurablo each 

Do not trifle with Iiealth. Nature is 
w.iini and loving and generous in sum- 
mer. The sick feel .thnt)/,! well, so gen- 
tle is the season to tlic ailing. Tiic vic- 
'.im of a chroi:ic diteaic feels an abate- 
ment of the sharpncs'^ of I'.is suffering. 
Nature docs much Ur us. but she dots 
not do it all. It is nir wise to assume 
that when the bcautifi;! season works an 
im[»rovcmcnt in the system complete 
henhh will remit. This is nature's offer 
to help, and you should at cncc take jul- 
vaiitage ol it. 

Now istlictime. Those who suffer 
frcin catarrh fchou!<l lake advantage of 
all the inilucnces that operate now in fa- 
vor of a cure. They iii'.ould not put elf 
treatment until next winter's stormy 
days, but should pri;.!.:ntly "mend their 
roof when the stin shiiios." Now is the 
time and the opjiortunity is just what is 
desired for the worst cases. Do not let 
it go by, but take trcn'.tncnt at once and 
have done for you in the next few months 
which miglit ^not be possible the r.cxt 


The c.TSC presented todny shows the 
remarkable cfiicacy k[ the Copclaiid 
system of treating c iiarrha' diseases. 
It being only one of the hundreds of peo- 
ple who have received successful treat- 
ment by the seienthlc methods used by 
the Copeb.nd physicians. Mr. F. A. 
Carl, who resides at 3:12 Vv'est 
Second street, is an old resi- 
dent of Duluth and is among 
the best known m • 1 of the city. 
His story will be read with intcrctt l>y 
his many friends an<l it cannot fail to 
convince them that ihc Coneland 
Cians are ad ihcy clana to ne. 

Thi,<? wor derful preparation is Purely Vegetable: compoiindetl 
from^he prescription of tho Official Phypician to the Court of Spnij:. 
^''Eppano^Ve creates Menttil and Nerve Power in Man and Woman. 

An infallible remedy for Nervous and General Bcbilil^'. 
Nervous Prostration, Creeping: Paralysis, Weakness rair.: '. 
by Debllitaringl^osses, Excesses or Over-Indttlgfenccs, I: - 
ciplent Softening: of the Brain or Paresis, Dizziness, lyOic . : 
Memory, Conftised Thoughts and all Brain, NeiTC cr Sci^iucl 
^Weaknesses.' It has no equal in restoring the Stomach and Bi;.::. 
to its normal condition following the abuse of Alcoholic ]iover:.r'' - 
or indulgence in the Opium. Morphine cr Chloral habit. 



Have you abused the laws of nature and injured your nervous system ? 
Aro yovs d6:opondent and melancholy with eo ifused ideas and gloomy though tp ? 
ESPANO ' ' ^''"-^^ ixxiitivcly cure you. at contains no mineral poisons and 
!-j rcoiL-i liubl'j for av/akening organic actioi throughout tho syEtem and an 
improvement in every tiGsue. It produces letter muscles, bones, nerves, liair, 
r;;:ils., ai>;in, blocd and gives vigorous life to t ic unfortunate who has exhausted 
his po-wojv.. Prepared in Uiblet form and picked in boxes convenient to carrj' 
;j^ the x^oeket. Each 1k)x contains !iO dos<>e or enough to last ono month and is 
Vv'ortli many times its weight in gold. Tho irice $1.00 per box or 6 boxes for 
v3.CC ii ordered atone time and a guarantee will 1)e given tiiat anj' case inen- 
tlonod altovo that it does not cure, tho moiioy will bo refunded. As to our 
Hijancial standing wo refer to any bank in this city. .Sent charges prepaid to 
.iny address in ITnitcd States or Canada. Put up in idain wrapper with no 
rhark todi.stiuX"i:sh v.'l^at it is. .Send for circulars and testimonials. Address, 


. J. Stocktosx Street 


Art able B^ain and Nervo .Spoeiallst can at any time bo conf dentially 

„on£,i;it<cd entirety fr-ee of charj^'C, pcrscnally or by mail, at tho above 


'C.v'^VTy^''^v^^y^/^|y^.^;b.^/?)i'^/!S^/^K^^^ rr/^.-n 




v^ NOW 

Prepared to take grdcfs for iVwninij^s, or repair old 
ones. We liavc secured the agency of the Roller 
Awning, and can do good work. Would be pleased to 
make you price on them. VtMy truly yours. 


. •••I 



d^.^». ^^A*i- 

"Kervooocd:, ' 

Tht8w.ii).1cnu!r< . ■ 
RUuriititoct! .'■' 
r)l rirnc": ioV^hp,--. r iitii as V. I'lii: A»»>m<iry, f .r.i.r. or Jttr::.!:^ '• 

()tuic-kncs», 7:ivU kVrotjmH, E.ucfe oi'4,V.iil?«lci»oe, Mcrvn; -■ . 
cnt1raln?aTi<! U)a;i'.l' prtwortr; CJ;'noratlvQ Oivms <if oltlier sex cii!:s; -i 
I>y ovoroxiTtlon, >'ontt««"r.lcrr<;rii, oxt-osislvt! use of tohucco, opiur,: 
A.'rFtininU-iiits v,Mi h li-iii.i O". )iitl,-<( iitr. ('i':i--ii;iii) .id1 his.-inlty. On 
■■Ijjvenk'nlf') fnn-y ill vi-f. pi.cli'.t. uy rr-'ll iircp-ld it. pliitn l.oi' t^t ar;v 
a(1t!roKni(^riil cacii, <.rci liirlSii.'i (''A'UIiov'Ty tt.'j circtc>r wctiivc 
iri'jf f»»a ;riB-tr::iiii'c- {0 cnr<-oi»E"el'ut;d th« mont-v.) For t.ilc !•} 
«».»<. "" dnifTlrtri. Alls for it anil j fcpt no otiior. (MUCUI.AIl KKKh- 
U:.^' .i; -i.aUSINO. AaiTVi^ i:y.zz\'il t;KEi} co., itt-KonSc 'rcwr*!'---. chicaso, li\ 

Toe Bale in Dnlura by ?!. P. POYCi: and MAXV/IRTH, Dru^gisfa. 

T;:o Klj'S IiJ viMiiJiJns Mouls. 

Tho Eiicce.'^sful i;oul vv-in::er must have 
a rpeclal »iuality iu his speech, a ivjv/er 
of spiritual l:nprc::3ioa t!iat noclbcutiou- 
Ist o." ri!( torlc'an can teach. Jesua had 
it. V.'fuie there v.:i3 probably nothir,;^ 
spteful-y Injprc.'^.s'.vo in His personal ap- 
poarnncL* it r,oe!::;s that v.'hen He spohe 
tl'ero \vi:.i!!;rt v.-hich people noticed nt 
Cfv. f>rvl Rt'.vhi;:h tluy marvchid (Lal:-^ 
iv. e-uh vii. •;■;;). a verso cf an old 
nonx v.b'ch Viaa not cn^'.crstffxl tn:til 
.Iesa.T cane v.-cll de-,c".*:h::r« it. •'Gmcj is 
p-jurjsl Into fhy lips" (?l'. xIv, 2). The 
uoul v.itinir t;;"t !i::'; graco in hi.^ \\\ifi {s 
nine!: !!>■"'> hi.-; Mar-f t'. 

lie vill v,iA\\ tho f?3r3(» of a /reTitle 
spcK-.-'h. It io a(!cr;ca'.o matter to unveil 
futiltij r.!'.d Kir.6. (Jariiiiii aro our ov.-n. 
They be;:r or.r perrioaality stamp-cd uiK)n 
thrfin. if \.X' touch a T>o;r.nn in his fjiult 
or -in. v.e tL; hi:u lu hb ccnfio of v.i- 
dividvn-l fi-»,v.doiii. Wo Locna to ar.e^t 
him. W** do it. hovrcver, in order to 
free and he.- 1 hiiu. It vinrX tlierororo Ikj 
dc'!OiT<'"«'y. sis»v fihepiR^rd tenderly and 
tL-mly putflTiia hands on a lamb In a 
thoTii, pnrii-ry tho branchc.f, care- 
fully h-ot ho Biiouid wound mid tear 
afresh. Ci race in our lips v-ill clcan:;o 
from Rn;^er., imp;-.tience, la- 
tent contemjit and from a tone of bil!n:; 
critici:jm.~Iicv. S. P. Cook in Golden 
i'lnle. ■ 

Kxcr<l.'!o« For .Jiinlirr Kt»i!r»TO.»-cr«. 

"V/ord ht:nt3" are delightful e:!:orc!se5 
for the juniora. As]t them to ro" hov.- 
mr.ny passr.jjes they can find with tho 
■word "faith" in.frcm, for instance. Have 
them copy out tho p.T6'rar»es nently In 
::n:all notebooks j;nd brin-g them to the 
raeotint7. Let each ono report how many 
bo ha", funn I and calluj-on the or.o hav- 
iTVC the hir:.;<'-t immber to read his list. 
Tho lists may then bo compared and 
(>^mpl?teil. A similar exerciso, but one 
that la of r]>eclal v.alno. Is a search for 
thy nani'-n and titles which nro applied 
to Jeenu. Thia t:;ercir-o, as u;-~l reCwUtly 
in a 'oand of young kitIs. was tho means 
()f ; -.v.-ilreiihi:-; in them a new iutcircf t in 
.-h'b'o study amou'? th^ni and esixKinlly 
t'cach'n.i^ them to anprcclato somewhat 
the beavitic;} f)f tho porjtieal and mota- 
phnri»-;'.l <kT.eriptiou ui (.'hrisft:cijar.actcr 
nud ix'i^a.— Yminx IVonlc'd iStandard. 





»« f-.r-.^MPiir ^l•■;Icv!^•<^il!I.»uI^•fi•» the wof.('.prfuircpi"dvi>Ff.:d 

V. :ih a\v: \v.::\\ f:r.a'.iiit,c to i .;rc j !1 nervt*- • <•: c.irvs Mich .-ts Week Mcr..- 
ory. Lo;.r 'ii I'mia fo.xer.L'st M: iilipwl, N : ^Inly liinir-s-oiis, Ev;! J)ri\»ii-^ 
L:i;:1: of Ccnf.dcr.cR, I\rr\"usncrj, l.ast;:ii'.li-. art <■ 

cirai.-.janj lojc? of j.ov.c 

"> ^-L,Ji\ 

i;j£ioi:tt AM> An-KR usLMJ. 05357. Cjrciilar 1- it;. Adtiru.: C?AltISa ITiiUVB CEAIii CO. Jtcw Tori. 

For Sale in Dnlntli by r^ax WIRIH, Drn.^gist, 13 West Superior Street 


Good V.'ork In Ontario. 

fiocletv in connectinn with 

military barracks of Ln-doa. O^it. 


been n means of blciiSin.^ to the .soldiers. 
An atheist and a Roman Cathtdic liavo 
been converted, and many others hava 
been quickcjied. — E.'ichange. 

The st.ttement he }:jives comes volun- 
tarily as are all the slalcinents used for 
pnb'.ic.Ttit^n. To lae writer Mr. C.^rl 
said: F cannot commend too bifjhly the 
treatment 1 received a: the Copelind 
iustitiitc, for 1 am relieved of a tr.oiiblc 
that existed since childhood. I lived 
in a country where catarrh was too iii- 
sijjnificant a disease to be treated and 1 
suffered in after years n*? a result of the 
neglect. .My nose tilled with masses 
of hard matter that would completely 
obstruct n'.y bijathiefr, and caused a dull. 
heavy headache in the front part of my 
head. In the nn rninj; I had to hawk 
and spit to UiV throat of 
W'oids cannot e?<pr«'s.s whnt I sutTercd. 
I often t;i(ti';T]^.t I would die from the rav- 
ajjes of catarrh. I'lcers formed in both 
my nose nnd threat that caused intense 
sulTerini:. I re.Td the Cof>cland advcr- 
tisenienis and coachnkd such sy.s- 
teniati'', encrire'.ic treatment wn-r what 1 
ncedc<l and I <lid not make a biir mis- 
take, for t^^e relief the trcat'rent has af- 
fotdcd me \^ beyond my most >aii;n«i^e 
e\[)ectatif>i.s. 1 feci it mr duty to make 
tins s!aten!ent»to let people knoiv'where 
they can have their catarrhal troubles 
successfully treated. 1 tccl better now 
than I have felt for years.i' 





lOTT'S PElin'ROfiL PILL8, 

Theoni.y Haf;», p»ir3 ncd roliahlo Tcmale .Pili ever r.trireti t: 
I^ai'des K-rpv'i iully reioininciMk'.l lo nnirrinl Ladio.«>: Bew«.rt 
Of rills I 'ji ;i;» in t;:i bo;:63 aa thty are dangerous. Af«k fot 


Di'fatJU Jinvii!* br^n made in 

r>ay:nciit t.f tli» . hum t.f four 

dnd un<i fic'ity-two M^i.6t>' and 

«li)llurF. iirincipai and interoii'.. w' -' > 

tit bo duo al tlip (IhU* «if tJiis not >• 

tain morlgatfo. duly «'x<»cii?pd <iu.: ., 

i Jarob W. McMiiiu taniMirri<><l', or 

connty, Mir-.tjppota, ni< rtgngi<T, t«» Tl;' 

of Rriilford coiiut>, iVnii^ylviitii.-i. nmru «♦,•'"•, 

bi-:iiii ;; dnte tli.« ifrst (\M •■ day <rf Jtily. 1*> , -.mA 

Willi Ji powiTof hslf then i:i r..utainf"«i. d; !> ro- 

conl.'d ill t lie oSl'ico of ilxi ri^i.-tor «>f d»^••l^ in 

and for tli<» ct)niity *if .Sr. Loiiih nnd 6tat<> of 

Miiiu(M.>tit. i»:i tiip W.ii d.'^y t.f July, j-'^^.t. at ] i\i 

■ o'clock [>. ill., iu biN>kC2of iiiorttfAir'^. <>n (imirn 

Ml. Bud iioactiiiD i>r i)rf.0M.diti« ImviiMr f>*«-n in- 

I .-litutrd. Hi law or otticrwiM'. 1<. rcoovvr tli«» 

j d^'bv ^»curc<d by.taid murtirage . ur fuiy f&rt 

I tlicrcH.f. 

! No'a-, tlieri'fore. notlco i:' 1, ' v-ivon. that 
j by virtuoof a r«.\\er of Falo -.1 in *ai«l 

{ irKirtfiiii:i>. iiiid pursnatit to ti.i :........ in *ncli 

case iii.Tdc find iin'vided. the t aid •iMTftrn.fc wdl 
\y^ forocloBo:! by n fa\<^ «»f tiie 
I.ri>misfi< doscril)od iu r.nd ooareypd by 
Aa.i<! mitrtcaffP, viz: Tlio 0!Wt»-rlv 

i twenty IJv 'L^^ I f.ot of Wfi^ffny tiff y ('lO) f •»>t; of 
I lott^fourtoon, tifteori and MXf4'«n (14.15 piid 16) 
I of block twH'i'.ty-f brop (il'. of ■' * •, I'laco nd- 
j diliou fji iJulnfl:. ia 8t, !/•••.. md Rtatn 

I of Miu;if»»i>«a. witJi tlie ber«'-., . .■.^. and »i»- 
IiiiriPtmiiC:-;*; wbicii ealw will bo rvni»» by tb« 
*.bfriit Of .said St. L<<ui^ C'>unt>, nt tlif front 
ditor of Uii' oonrt liotts»», ill tho city of Dniutli 
in said connty .•■nd ctato, on t.bA lOtli day of 
.July. i^'M, a! 12 o'rJivi: ni., «»f that «I;iy. at pub- 
lic vonduo. to ilii> InKbct-t bliM.*r \iT rrisb, to 
I>«y S.1I.I «lcbt <'.f Jl.''-'.<VJ. ai.'l lui'f "St. .ind tb<' 
tAXC.«. if any. on wii'l pr'>jni«j>.-*. an.' tlfty li>ilir> 
.nilorncy'ri f.-r*. H^ t.Miiula>d iu .m'j'1 by Faid 
mort^aKrn iu caei' «>f (orpolomr''. sii.! tbt> difc- 
bnri-<«>nt'iitsi allowed by law: subject to tc-drmp- 
tion nt any lyiy tjttjn witliiti ouv yoar frum llio 
dnvnf P.'ile, n8 provi.|vd by law. 
l).■^t'^d l.>uiutti. May !C, A. fl.lSPX 

Thomas MriR. 

West & Br*DV. 

May 27-Jimo ;H(M7-3I-J«ly 1-8 

l>r. -AiotL'ii'royal i'illp and "take lo other. 

circiilnr. Frico i'l.OJ ht.x, 6 boxe:^ for ih.OQ. 

Ur. HiVa Cucr-dcal Co.. C!evo!fint>. OWs. 

For Salo by S. F, Boyco and Max V. irth. 

P-ud fCtf 

Trunks and 

Traveling; Baers! 

Ones Tliat V>mf lisappof.t 



Kc«4n> J*-* ■r^«.c«-«. 

-*•*» i-"»'"* 

All m-ide r.t Itome and sold zi 
LOWER PRiCL.S ih.Tii f.ictnry 
m.vlc goods c*lTercd by o'.her 

Ditli f mil M\m.. 

.„ ■ ■< '^ . "'."-3 ^Fr.-^.-j^ 


IF 3'on wisli to drink a 
Ghiss of Lager call f 

Fitger's Beer. 

Wholesome, Pulatacle and Nonris hin 

Am'^sta dbrbarpa' from tlto uratay orgsM 
tu cither fxx -in 43 hcurs. 

It U fiur*i ;jr to Coj'alho, Cabeh. or fn)«o- 
fions. iin.!"/ ret) (rota ail bud iiaca or ctber 


2C9 W. SUPiTItlOll .STF. 


1 BESSES!^: 



I .4-i>*aa • uUVaki '^mf >*t^^n 

Copiifl IsiiMi Isriiiiiis, 


Rooms 3 12, 313, 314 Lycoym Eldg. 
Opposite tho SpaMint; Hotel. 




Cuai^nltlnut I'liyaiciaf 8 


ilcBideiit riiyi^leina. 

Spocialtics: ('ntarrh und disoftsoe of tbi Knr, 
No.'^n. 'riirortt. n^id Lunirfi. Nf^tvi.iin iMsn-iH*?*, 
Sbin jli.scaf ''X. (■'■■.-otiir }/i-m»»>«. f);T>o hnnr?, 
t*> J J a, '.n., :^ to t t'. ru.. 7 to ''< i>. in. ; SnmJay. i 
a. >ii. to i^ TO- 




Ifyonliroat n diKti>.!ir.» pph.I fo'ir cnnts in 
«taiiir>9 f'T ^|l•"^■'i"" «''''<*'Jl«r. Ad<ir«>sK ?ii! mail 
f«i tbn CoiH-drind Medical luAiittito, I^yconrti 
baildlng, liulutb, Uiiui. 


NERVOUS AND ciiRaiiic DISEASES I «:^;:,'f :rv^v j^:::;?:ter^;:rr^y:^ 

Bfinch ofllota, Kav.itift;*- nnd .''i'-fintiw. Midi. l>r. Sp'>or, J i rJiu,(/(» <i', \''.i> iir.Ti olfir.i., it. a 
K'tidodt" of tli!« 'npilicr'.l iIoj.Artn)oijt of Harv.ird Unircrslly c\nf-r of '71. fiiid is ^t.■»ri^tt''txHl a» 
8uc!i in Ixiili horjiisphrroR. 

VfiUllft MK?i Vvli). h.ivnbo,->n etifT.^'-infrfrom tlioi'lTocfco yonit fn) fo'j5io» or indssci^tions 
iVUJ.ti iiiJU vill I'.i \vr«'! to iivfi'l thomt»«"lvo8 of tliiH chanro. 

M^.PFRR k ffl ^^i" »""«''"""^' * ix^rf'^t oro in all ciiw^Hof wftRlcnrtBS or private dia- 
. Uiuun U. uV. eaRO<.of a!!y kii}dorcbnract<>r tiioy nndnrtake or f. .if cit ?."'-). Thore 
are i.var.y i>f iho a)?r> of A'l to r^') wbo nro tronbjcl with too fi'oguf ut fvnrnaHoiiB os the bliwi- 
dor, ofti'i: .•im.pioanio.t by a ^l!»;^t prncrtinj; S'-cpatii n auii \"^ninf of t|.,> pyi;!<;m in a 
mauuPr \vhi>:;h l!;o ii;iti»'Ut o-i'inot acc-iuut lor. Tnoro nr« »i au;. v!io dio of tliie tiifllcuUy, 
i«rnorant of die cun-'i. wbich w lhf> 9(»conii i\Ui^« of wo.'tkncwi. 

pi[ pC A nrv.' inoi);od; n<i bloody oiic»r«Moti. no (r<iin»r to h?d; not tbo hli«-li(i'st i<ain ; no 
liuCik) i;ic«nv<'a'<'iiCk> III iiiid'<rKoi*>»: a coursi^ of (rivitiTjort with «h for tiif> rolicf cf tho 
worst ra»f of Hlociiiujf or It.'bini: JM'jp. no m:iit(vr bow lona ^tan.liiiir. Wn saar&ctoc a 
crninir'nt euro. Too very ono wburoT'pnii.i ix we pled^o abf>oliite x-ci'-cy. 
r.ii' fiiro deducted ri"/n ' i^. ,■.•■,•■ i ■• .-.•n. i.; 


' i.< <-nntaise<i,' 

O MU.lil 

'0>r«. yi'hpi-.t ^j*.-»i r»ra «r«» ■r<>niiin" 

n M 


E5L3EK3E25i3S*:-; ^^ .-.. 

. lu :- -.r_ •, -i 

■^r' .V - 

Hartean General 




Furnish EiGvOtric C'-arrent 

For Arc and Incandescent Light 

And Motor SerTiee. 


SlillOD I f o:t of Finii !5?3. !:;sl 

Stallon B, 12G West "iiclilgin Slrec! 

Whicli all experience al this 
time of the 3car, the most 
deh'ghtful rcmccl}' is to drink 


It's much the best sold in 
Duluth. Every drink makes 
the system feel better. 

oy ces 


Is also the place to secure 
Bclhesda Water. 



. «^ 











Superintendent Wires and Assistants at the 

Lester Park Fish Hatchery Closed 

Their Season's Work. 

Now They Start Into the Much Harder 
Labor of Preparing for the Next 
Harvest. ^ 

How it is Possible to Tell the Number of 

Fry of Each Class 


Yesterday afternoon the last can of 
California trout fry was shipped from the. 
Diiluth station of the United States fish 
commission and Superintendent Wires 
and his assistants are now through with 
their season's work only to start at once 
into the harder labors of preparing for 
the next harvest. 

The Duluth station was first opened 
four years ago last fall with Dr. Sweeney 
as superintendent. It was designed 
principally lor the brcedini; of whitelish, 
lake trout and pike perch or wall-eyed The trout and whitetish eggs arc 
secured during the months of September, 
October and November from the fish as 
they are seined by the fishermen for the 
market. The superintendent and his 
assistants go to the tishing 
grounds with their pans "^nd bunk in with 
the hardy and rough tisherman. As fast 
as the tisti are brought to the surface 
they are seized by the fish culturist and 
stripped of the spawn in a twinkling. 
These eggs are put mto cases and 
shipped "dry" — that is, moist, but not 
covered with water — to the hatchery, 
where they are cleaned up and put into 
the jars and hatching boxes. The past 
season most of the spawn was secured 
on Lake Huron, at Isle Royale or Grand 

Trout begin to hatch out as early as 
Christmas some seasons, though January 
and February are the months when the 
young fry usually see the tirst light of 
day. Whitefish are hatched later — in 
April and May. The age at 
which the fry are "planted" 
varies with the species. Whitefish 
are shipped at the age of three weeks 
and trout not until they are two months 
old. The pike perch are voracious little 
fellows and develop an uncontrollable 
appetite for one another at the youthful 
age ot three to ten days. The cannibal- 
istic tendency diminishes as they have 
more room and a greater variety of food 
at hand, so they are generally planted in 
the lakes when about a week old. 

The hatchery has not been operated 
nearly to its full capacity this season, 
nevertheless has been productive of ex- 
cellent results. Nearly 11,000,000 white- 
fish, 1,090,000 lake trout, pike 
perch and 82,000 California trout have 
been hatched and planted where it is 
caljuiated they will do the rr.cst good. 
The whitefish were distributed as fol- 
lows: In Lake Superior, vicinity of the 
station, 2,682.000; on the south shore, 
Wisconsin waters, 6,000,000; fishing 
grounds.near Isle Royale, 1,500,000. Two 
hundred thousand lake trout were put 
into Detroit.Minnewaske and other lakes 
along the line of the Northern Pacific; 
150,000 in lakes along the Duluth & Iron 
Range; 350,000 at Isle Royal and 200,000 
between Two Harbors and Grand Por- 
tage. Planting trout in the little lakes 
of Minnesota is in the nature of an ex- 
periment. Superintendent Wires doubts 
if the water in all cases will prove cold 
enough to insure the best results. "I be- 
lieve in returning fish to their native 
waters always," said Mr. Wires. "Hrook 
trout are the fish for these 
lakes and streams. They can probably 
stand warmer water than the lake trout." 
In only one of the lakes selected for 
planting lake trout is that species of fish 
known to exist already — Trout lake, on 
the Duluth & Iron Range, which no 
doubt gels its name from that peculi- 

The pike perch were distributed in 
Michigan and Wisconsin waters. Four 
million were put in at the Superior entry, 
500,000 on the Poplar river, south shore, 
500.000 each near Iron Mountain, Mich., 
and Amburg. Wis. 

Whitefish and pike perch need no 
feeding in the "hatchery as they are 
planted before the food sack is entirely 
absorbed. Trout, however, require lib- 
eral fi^eding of finely chopped liver be- 
fore they are turned loose tr forage for 

Mr. Wires talked with such ease and 
positiveness of the number of fry of each 
class hatched and distributed "that The 
Herald man's curiosity as to how he ar- 
rived at the figures was roused to the 
highest pitch. "No, we don't count 
t'aem," laughed the superintendent, "al- 
though we can tell the exact number by 
measurcmeiif with surprising accuracv. 
After the eggs arc cAeaued up v/e 
measure them. White fish for instance, 
run 36,000 to the quart. Trout eggs have 
to be hand picked and are hatched on 
wire trays. They run sixteen to the 
square inch on the tray or about 5500 
to the quart. We know just about how 
many fry are in a trough so we can 
easily get a required number when 
we b.'gin to distribute. In shipping we 
put only 5000 lake trout in a can which 
would take 25,000 to 30,000 whitefish or 
nearly loo.coo pike perch. There is a 
difference in the size of the fish, of 
course and the same species need more 
room and more water than others. Our 
men go right with the fry- to the streams 
and plant them carefully themselves. 
We do not trust inexperienced hands 
to do this work." 

The few C;t!ifornia trout eggs hatched 
at the Dulutn station this year were 
brought from the United States hatchery 
at Necsha, Mo. The fish were put in 
Northern Wisconsin and Mitinesota 
waters. California trout have been 
reasonab'ly tuccessful in these waters. 
One of the employes of the hatchery last 
week sa'.v a tlsh weighing three or four 
pounds wfiicii came out of the St. Croix 
river. It hiid been j)lanted probably 
three years ago by the Wisconsin com- 

The Duluth station consists of a reser- 
vation of several acres of U»nd at Lake- 
side, on the Irikc i-hrre and just at the 
end of th'j street railway line. Besides 
a mess house, not now ti^eil, ,;iik1 a car- 
penter and black;-.milh l.ouie, tt'f re is 
the hatchery proper, a neat, twos ory 
frame budding, 40 by 85 feet. The ijuil'i- 
ing is designed to provide sletpu.g 
apartments for the superintendent auO 

his crew, but is not now so used. When 
Mr. Wires finds time the place wilbc 
cleaned up and improvements niad^ 
until it IS entirely habitable. The 
hatchery is rigged to d«) the following 
work in a season: 70,000.000 whitefish, 
2.000,000 trout, 150.000,000 pike perch. 
The water supply comes from the 
Lester tiver by a flume. It is en- 
tirely iiKidetpKitc, however, and 
much of the time, especially in winter, 
water is pumj)ed from the lake. With 
the present water supply the capacity v)f 
the hatchery is about as follows: White- 
fish, 25,000,000; trout, 2,ooo,cx)o; pike 
perch, 75,000,000, and il is expected to 
operate lullv to that rapacity the coming 
season if the men have good luck get- 
ting spawn. 

S. P. Wires, the new superintendent, 
is a thorough .niul practical fish culturist 
of unusual experience. He says he does 
not kiuuv anything else but fi-h and yet 
he is happy. In the fall of 1880 Mr. 
Wires began his work in the I'nited 
States connnission bv gathering eggs for 
the NorthviUe, Mich., station. fn a 
short time he went to the 
Alpena, Mich., station where he 
the practical htal for over eleven years. 
For a few months he was on the Dela- 
ware river working with shad, but nearly 
all his experience has been with fish of 
the great lakes. Mr. Wires modestly at- 
tributes the excellent results which i-tand 
to his credit to good luck. Perh.ips it 
was because he wa^^ voted the "hickiest" 
man in the service that the commissioner 
drove him against his will to take charge 
of a station which vcrv much needed a 
mascott or something of that sort. -At 
any rate Mr. Wires i.- here, with his 
oil, bucking away with all his tremend- 
ous enthusiasm and bound to make a 
record for the Duluth hatchery and inci- 
dentally add to his own laurels in the 
world of fish culture. 


The Great Features That Make the Trocadcro 
a Success. 

The management of the Trocadero in 
Chicago have again evidenced their 
ability as caterers to the amusement 
seeking public, in adding totbeir already 
long list of high class attractions, the ser- 
vices of Mlic. Paciuerctt:, and being the 
first to introduce to Chicago audiences 
the re.'dly wonderful work of that clever 
artist, and the success of this lady in 
Chicago is fully as great as that which 
she enjoyed in Paris, London and New 

Her act is entirely new and original 
and is delightfully characteristic of the 
French methods, and is the most ludi- 
crous as well as the most artistic per- 
formance of a Va udeville character 
ever witnessed by our American audi- 
ence. Amann, a mimic and character 
delineator of more than average ability, 
also made his first bow at the Trocadero 
last night and succeeded in captivating 
his hearers at once, amazing them with 
his wonderful powers of facial expres- 
sion and arousing their risibles to the ut- 
most by his exceedingly laughable char- 

The Von Bulow band, the Hungarian 
orchestra, Iwanoff ttojpe of Ru^sian 
singers and dancer.'?, Cyrene, Astarte 
and all other features of this great en- 
terprise are enthusiastically received, 
and when we consider the very reason- 
able prices at which this great entertain- 
ment is given, it is little wonder that the 
Trocadero is one of the greatest suc- 
cesses of the World's fair season. 


Checker Problem X<i. IS.'i— Knd game. 

i;-!f! tl^ ^'-^t 











. '^./-/A* 





Black to move and win. 
Chess Problem No. 22.>— By D. P. Xorton. 
Ulack— Seven pieces. 

^^^ Iff: ^ ■ . -t} 





. i 

White— Nine pieces. 
White to play and mate iu three wove.", 


Checker problem 2no. '£ii: 

1. 31 toai 

il.. ^to 

3. . « to 24 

4. .21 to n, ,ind wins 
Choh-3 problem No. 234; 

l..Kt li I\t3 

J!..llx Pch 




Notice ol Annual Mecilng. 
Notice is hereby given that the an- 
nual meeting of the st«)ckholdcrs of Syn- 
dicate Investment company wiil be held 
at the office ot the company. ro.:»m 204 
Palladio buildmg, i.i the city of Duluth, 
stale of Minnesoti, on Tuesday, the 
fourth (4th) day of Ju'y i8q3, at four (4) 
o'clock p. m. 

Dated Duluth, Minn.. June loth, 1893. 
r. O. Bkov;k, 

■ — - m — - . — ■ .1 

Dr. Spccr lv Co.'s method for curing 
piles has effected wondi rfnl results. 


Wo wcio ti:i) 1\\:<;. i:i.iii!:ia<;t,T;ir..; on this 
Contincut, Our latest inijiroveu:* nt .«urpa8so3 
any! hing ever boforo proi luocd. V,c., !.*5c., 35c. 
nor tin. Uo suro to have SKABUlilf 'i5. Aak 
for tbcia eprt.tul on cotton cloth. 


rrevpr.tion is bettor than dro, by biiminff 
these candles had Bmdis In basements, closets, 
&c. are destroyed, au'l th'wontajrioiisdiseasoa 
are kept away; iiscf'd for oxpollinjj nuvs- 
qultos axid irritatiiiff iuseota. Price, 25c. each. 

To prirify siek-'-ooms, api'rtmentM, etc., use 


Wiieii i.i buniiii?, (ii'<lnteet and a 
f ra).;ninco ref rw-hiiifr and invl-foratlng. 25o. per 
hoT. <>( 12. Sole Mauufacturer.s 

ChcuUsts. fNtV/ YORK. 

JflSi ALLEN'S liFE. 

Samantha Took a Trip to the World's Fair 

and Her Observations Will be 


A Western Society Girl Tells the Story of 
Five Marriage Proposals in Interest- 
ing Style. 

Charles Egbert Craddock Begins a New 

Serial, "His Vanished Star," in 

the Atlantic Monthly. 

"Josiah Allen's Wife" has vis'ted Ch- 
cago, and will give the results of her ob- 
servations in a book entitled, "Samantha 
at the World's Fair," the early publica- 
tion of which is announced by Funk & 
Wagnalls company. There can be no 
doubt that the impressions of the unso- 
phisticated bi't irrepressible Samantha 
in regard to Christopher Columbus and 
his nineteenth century admirers will be 
exceedingly rich reading. Samantha 
went to Chicago with authority to tender 
tlie freedom ot Jonesville to the duke of 
X'eragua, but why he has not seen tit to 
accept dcth not yet appear. Possibly 
losiah can t.\[)Iain on the ground that his 
too lastidious spouse wouldn't allow him 
to arrange a buU-hght iu the back mea- 
dov/ for the duke's entertainment. Chi- 
cago presents a large field for Samantba's 
genius to caper in. Her encounters with 
ihe Infanta, Mayor Harrison, Pader- 
ewski, and other "features" of the fair 
are most laughable. Her trip through 
the Midway Plaisance, and her com- 
ments on the sedan chairs, the gondolas, 
the cave of the cliffdwellcrs. thg Eskimo 
village, etc., are sidesplitting. The vol- 
ume, which will, of course, be illustrated, 
is to bo issued in September, and will be 
a much prized souvenir of the fair both 
by those who have been there and seen 
the sights described by the inimitable 
Samantha, and also tor these who were 
not so fortunate. 

* 9 * 

"Larry" is a new book by Miss 
Amanda M. Douglas, which appeared 
(for the most part) in the Youth's Com- 
panion, being the story to which was 
awarded the munificent prize of $2ox). 
In the limit (ixtd by the publishers of 
the Companion a few chapters had to be 
omitted, but in the complete volume just 
published by Lee & Shepard, these are 
restored, giving the story a rounded full- 
ness. It is not' especially a juvenile 
novel, but is equally interesting to ma- 
ture readers. Larry, or Lawrence, is a 
fine character and appeals to the hearts 
of all. 

Lee & Shepard have nearly rcaiy 
"The Builders of American Literature," 
by F. H. L'ndcrwood, cf which the first 
volume is about to appear. It will be a 
work of permanent vr.Iue, not only for 
schools and libraries but for general 
readers. This volume contains short 
and carefully-studied notices ol leading 
authors, from Jonathan Edwards down 
to Richard H. Stoddard. It ends with 
authors born in 1825. The next volume 
will take up the long list from that year 
to the present time. Mr. Underwood, in 
his "Handbooks of Literature," has 
shown his knowledge of the subject, his 
critical ability and his power and felicity 
of statement. 

« « * 

"The Architect ot his Fortunes: Being 
the History of St. George Tucker's Suc- 
cess" is the title of a striking story in the 
Argonaut of June 26. It is trom the pen 
of Frank Robbins, whose "An Old Man's 
Wife," a story of a gambler's flirtation 
with the wife of a mining superintendent, 
will be pleasantly remembered, and, 
li'Ke that story, it is purely Californian. 
Its hero i-; a young Virginian who, finan- 
cially ruined by the war, came to San 
Francisco and in time became one of 
the most influential citizens of the West- 
ern metropolis. And it was not until 
his long and honorable career vn\s draw- 
ing to a close that he had pointed out to 
his comprehension the fact that he owed 
his success to another, and that other 
one of the soiled sisterhood who?e grati- 
tude he had won by treating her with 
the same courtesy he extended to all 
women. It is a graphic picture of social 
conditions iu the early days of San Fran- 

* * * 

Outing for July is an ideal summer 
number. Naturally sailing and fishmg 
are prominent topics, but there is plenty 
of variety for readers cf all tastes. The 
fiction is good, and the illustrations fully 
up to the tiigh standard of this deserv- 
edly popular magazine. The contents 
are: "Pastelle," a complete story, by 
Clara Sprague Ross; "Sails .and .Sailor- 
craft," by Chas. L. Norton; "A Day in 
the Grand Canon," by Mary Wager 
Fisher; "The Champion Pacers," part 
III of the turf and track series; "By 
Canal Through the Empire State," by L. 
J. Sanderson; "Practical Lessons in 
Swimming,"by W. A. V'ariin; "Down 
Miller's River," by Joseph Lee; "Cana- 
dian Militia in Action," by Capt. Hy. T. 
Woodsidc; ".Salmon-fishing on the New- 
foundland Coast," bv E. J. Myers; "The 
P'rog for Pan and P.astime," by Jennie 
Taylor Wandle; "Lcnz's World Tour A- 
Wheel;" "Through Erin A-Whcel." by 
Grace E. Denison; "Black Bass Fishing 
in Maine" by Arthur Pierre, and the 
usual poems, editorials, records, etc. 

* * * 

How a marriage proposal is made and 
how it is worded always arouses the in- 
terest of .girls, and to them the charming 
revelation made in "The Story of Five 
Proposals," which is told with delightful 
frankncs-; by a Western society pirl, in 
the July Ladies' Home Journal, will have 
an unu.sual attractiveness. A. B. Wen- 
dell, the artist, adds to the article with 
live of hia exquisite illustrations. Just 
how to arrange a tennis tournament is 
also an excellent article, as timely as it 
is .authoritative, since it is written by 
Mabel Esmonde Cahill, the champion 
lady tennis-player ol the United .States. 

A full page, very well done, is 
giving descriptions ot various ways of 
"Entertaining in the Country." Mrs. 
I'.l'a Wheeler Wilcox asks and answers 
"C!on a Woman Preform a Man?" A 
most beautiful oagc of periodical illus- 
tration is Nancy Mann Waddle's article 
oa the cultivation of the orchid — "A 
Flower of the Air," as it is quaintly des- 
ignated. A page of biography presents 
sketches, with portraits, of "Rcsa Nou- 

chette Carcv" and of "The Daughter of 
Charles Dicker. >." Anna Robertson 
lirown Rives the first paper, in a scries 
of articles on "TheGiil Who (ices to 

Mr. Bok, the editor, discojrsci with 
forcible directness, upon the perplexing 
question of corporal puiiishntent for 
children, writing irom the boy's point of 
view. "Mr. Bteihir's Unprinted Words," 
as reporltd by his pi i vale stenographer, 
are full of noble thought and inspiration. 
Good fiction is a tonic, and the cliarming 
story of Dennis O'Ronrke, by Lucy 
Derby, with iti clever illustration, will 
prove one of the best. Mr. Howells' 
story, "The Coast of Bohemia," grows in 
interest and charm as it proceeds. A 
page of illu3tiations from original de- 
signs, entitled "Drcising Without the 
Corset," by May Root Kern, will be read 
with profit, as will Mrs. Mailon's "The 
Meal Summer lilousr" and "Ddds and 
Ends of a Wardrobe." 

Palmer Cox has his inimit.'xble 
"Brownies" this month climbing the 
pyramids of I'gypt, while John Kendrick 
Bangs contiibiit.'s one of his delightful 
poems. Tlic idi'.i^rs ail have .something 
bright to i-ay in ihis Juiv number, which, 
v.'ith its atti active 5-ummcr cover, spe- 
cially desigiud liy Frank O. Small, and 
its .admir.ii',le tab!;; of contents, is worth 
many times its price of 10 cer\t?. Pub- 
lished by the Curtis Publishing com- 
pany, of Philadelphia, for 10 cents per 
numlier and ? per year. 

Wojthipgton's IlIu^t^Ated M.agnzine 
for July begins the second voluaje of a 
jieriodical that has been exceptionally 
fortunate and successful. Each number 
has steadily gained in attractiveness and 
value, and this latest issue, while very 
bright and entertaining for summer read- 
ing, has still sufticient solidity to recom- 
mend It to readers in search of the prac- 
tical and useful, .and to those who most 
enjoy significant thought and enlarged 
views expressed in graceful and polished 

The leading illustrated article in 
Wovthington's Magazine for Juiv is "The 
Lighthouse System of the United States," 
bv Hon. S. G. W. Benjamin. It is one 
of the series of American papers which 
this magazine is publishing, and which 
are of interest and importance to every 
citizen of the L'nited States. 

A second descriptive illustrated p.iper 
is that by Mrs. Jean Porter Rudd, en- 
titled, "Some Phases of Life in Tyrol." 
Mrs. Rudd, who is now resident in Ilaly, 
spent considerable time in the Tyrol, and 
her studies of life there were very close 
and sympathetic. "Bear's Hand's De- 
cision" is a third illustrated article. It 
is a story of Indian life at a reservation 
school written by Miss Frances C. Spar- 
hawk. "In 'Ole Virginny'— Fifto Years 
Ago," the seventh paper of Mrs. Livcr- 
more's youthful experiences, we find 
much of incident and interest. "The 
Poetry of Henry Timrod," by Eliza Cal- 
vert Hall, is a paper of much literary 
value, since it will introduce to hundreds 
of readers a poet almost unknown, though 
of our own country. 

The short stories and poems of Worth- 
ington's Illustrnted Magazine for July 
are fully up to the standard, and the de- 
partments contain c>. number of well- 
chos'jn articles that deserve careful read- 
ing. "Our Young People," has a most 
excellent story and the tastes of the little 
ones, the housewives, the puzzle lovers, 
and those who delight in out-of-the-way 
bits of information, h.avc been admirably 
provided for. Taken all in all this mag- 
azine is especially adapted to the varied 
requirements of the American family, 
and as such may be safely recommended 
to all who desire bright, wholesome, pure 
and helpful reading. A. D. Worthi: g- 
ton & Co., Hartford, Conn. ;?2.50 per 
year, 25 cents a single number. For sale 
by all news dealers. 

In the July number of the Idler maga- 
zine, Sophie Wassilieff continues licr 
thrilling "Memoirs cf a Female Nihilist," 
commenced in the June issue. Chapter 
II deals with her experiences in a Rus- 
sian prison, and is illustrated by eight 
excellent pictures by J. St. M. Fitz-Ger- 
ald. Rudyard Kipling c( :,ri'.utes a 
(pieer story, under the title "The Lc^s of 
.Sister L^rsuia," the seven illustrationsbe- 
ing furnished by Hal Hurst. 

Eleven pictures of Emile Zola and his 
P,irisian re.idence illustrate the sixth 
article of the series, "Lions in Their 
Dens." In an interview Zola tells V. R. 
Mooney of his parentage, early trials 
and final triumph. "Often," says Zola, 
"have I spent in my attic the l>est part 
of the day, lying in bed to keep warm." 
Now he says the loyalty from his books 
brings him about 300,000 francs a year, 
and yet he declares that he always 
thinks with pleasure of his garret, when 
he was absolutely independent. 

The subscription price of the Idler is 
$3 a. year, but the publisher's offer to 
send the Mler two years, from February, 
i8q2, the date of the first nuiriber, to Feb- 
ruary, i8q4, inclusive, for S3, the price of 
one year's subscription, will remain good 
until July 15, and those desiring choice 
reading should send their subscriptions 
at once to the publishers, S. S. McClure, 
Limited, 743 and 745, Broadway, New 
YorkCi'v. * 

Among the contributors to the July 
Arena are Dr. Alfred Russell Walbace, 
the Marquis of Lome, O. P.. Frothing- 
ham. Rev. C. A. B irtol, Applcton Mor- 
gan. Rabbi Schindler, W. D. McCrackan, 
A. M., Helen Campbell, lOmil Blum, Ph. 
D., B. O. Flower and Rev. T. Ernest 
Allen. Among the subjects presented 
are opinions on the .Shakespeare-Bacon 
controvercy by eminent critics of Europe 
and America. "Our Foreign Policy," 
"Bimetallic Parity," "Reason at the 
World's Fair Congress of Religion," 
"Women Wage-earners in the West," 
"The.Realistic Trend of Modern German 
Literature," "Christ and the Liquor 
Dealer," (giving a liquor dealer's view), 
and "Pure Democracy versus Govern- 
mental Favoritism." The fiction is pe- 
culiarly strong, there being three notable 
contributions of English and American 
writers of not?. The Book Reviews are 
also able and interesting. If you wi:^h 
to be in touch with living is-^ncs and 
present day problems, read the July 

* * *> 

It is surprising that Charles Egbert 
Craddock whose new .serial "His Van- 
ished Star," begins in the July nu:nbcr 
of the AtlaTitic Slonthiy, can continue lo 
write about Tt nnessce Mountain life, 
and also ccniinuc to be intensely inter- 
esting; and yet that is prerisely what 
she does in this new novel. She has 
never written wi:h gre.atcr mastery than 
now. Her plot to quickly develops that 
the reader, as he reaches tl^ final pages 
of this in-^tallmcnt, finds his heart beating 
a little f.ister, and experiences that inde- 
finable sense of excitement, which we 
i like to feel now and then, a-id which 

very few books have the power "to make 
us teel. 

There arc ;i great many good tbings in 
the number, anu)ng th'jmsome ti* Ue spe- 
cially looked at- for initancc, '»ahel 
Hapgood's paper on "i*a .sports. Police 
and Post r)nice in Russia;" "Prcolcnis of 
Presumptive; Piouf," a orotcst against 
the sentimental sympa .iy s*town t'» 
criminals cciivic'cd on wl/.t is loo.'clv 
lcrir:cd "merely 'rircums lanijal evi- 
dence," showing that rircun ist;uilial evi- 
denre is sonietiiiies the oily e^ideiic.- 
available, and iJiat there are ,<rai e peri s 
in direct evid«:ace. It is wr.ttcn by 
James W. Clark:. 

Edwar<l S. Morse discusses ihc (]ucs- 
tion "'If Public Lib.'arics, why not Pub- 
lic Museums?" .Sir Edward Stnichey 
has a delightful papt r ou "An English 
General Election," ai d Mrs. Ca+hcrwood. 
a story called "The Chase of Saint- 
Castin." Miss Edith Thoma s's paper, 
interspersed with poetry, callt;d "In the 
Heart of the Summer," is r.s graceful 
and charming as whatever is written by 
this writer is sunr to Ik.-. The papers ou 
Petrarch and on Governor Morton and 
the Sons of Liberty, ii.ust. not be for- 
gotten. Houghtoii, Mililin & Co., Boston. 

The complete novel in the July num- 
ber of Lippincott's is "The Troublesome 
Lady," by Patience Staplrton, who is 
already well known to our readers. It is 
a lively and interesbng tal<- of ranch life 
in the West, and is f.illy illustrated. The 
fifth in the series of Lippmcott's notable- 
stories, also illuslrat'Xl, is "The Reprieve 
of Capitalist Clyve," by Owen Wister. 
Other illustrated aiticlc-s are "On the 
W.Ty," by Julian ILawthorne, which deals 
with Washington as it startinti-point 
whence to visit the cxpo.sition, and "Chi- 
cago Architecture," by Ikirr Ferree. 

"Fanny Kcmhle at Lenox," by C. B. 
Todd, gives an entertaining;: account of 
that famous lady's life in Berkshire in 
former years. Morgan S. Edmunds de- 
scribes "A Wild Night (>n the Amazon," 
and (iiovanni P. Morosini tells "What 
the United States Owe^ to Italy." Gil- 
bert Parker, the author (>f (he novel in 
the June issue supplie-; an account of 
"'The New Poetry' and Mr. W. E. Hen- 
ley." Edgar Fawcelt discusses "Cer- 
tain Points of Style m Writing." and 
Maurice Francis Egun gives "An Old- 
I'ashioncd View of Fiction." Robert 
Timsol and Frederic M. Bird set forth 
the relative adv.uiia<;e3 of "Point vs. 
Truth and "Truth vs. " Point." M. Crof- 
ton in "Men of ihe D.T.y," handles Alex- 
ander Dumas and .Secretary Hoke 
Smith. The poetr.' of the nunnber is by 
Mary Is<abella Forsyth, Clifford Lanier, 
Flavel Scott Mines and Lloyd Miftlin. 

rt S 0! 

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1S9:!, fiT the con^!truction of a sanitary wwer in 
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Ni:w VoKK, July 3.--The Recorder 
says: An important secret conclave of 
"bolting Presbyterians" was held in this 
city June 2g to protest against the acti(;n 
of the general assembly of the Presby- 
terian church on the suspension of Dr. 
ilriggs. The meeting was large and was 
composed entirely of supjiortcrs and 
sympathizers with Ur. Briggs and advo- 
cates of his policy and tenet-. All in- 
formation of the meeting and its pur- 
poses carefully kept from the out- 
side public, both belore and since the 
meeting until yesterday, when a re- 
porter learned that such a conference 
had been held. 

Many clergymen from other cities in 
t4iis state an- 1 s.uiic from New Jersey, 
Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Isl- 
and were present. Dr. Francis Hrown and 
Dr.Thomas S. Hastings, both of the Union 
theological seminary in this city, were 
present at the meeting and took an ac- 
tive interest in the proceedings. The at- 
tcndarrts at the conclave were enjoined 
to strict secrecy regarding the meeting 
and its objects, but the reporter learned 
♦hat some very vigorous protests wer-j 
entered against the action of the general 
assernbly which may result in a comi)'ete 
split in that body and a secession of no 
mean proporrion from its ranks. 

It was resolved to take immediate 
steps to circulate a protest against the 
general assembly's action on the Briggs 
matter, the protest to be signed by Pres- 
byterians of the more advanced school 
all over the country. The reporter called 
upon a number of clergymen who arc 
known to have been present at the meet- 
ing, but all either feigned ignorance of it 
or refused absolutely to talk on the sub- 



A Brilliant Gathering of Musicians Kow at 

Chicago, July 3. The scries of 
World's fair congresses at the art palace 
were resumed today, the present week 
being devoted to music. The event has 
brought to Chicago a brilliant gathering 
of musicians representing woman's musi- 
cal congress, the College of American 
Musicians, tiie Music Te.arhers' National 
association, and tie Illinois Music 
Teacheis' association. 

The program preimrcd presents many 
novel features and those who will jjaiti- 
cipate in it include several c^ the leading 
composers, executive musicians and in- 
structors of the world. The woman's 
program is designed 10 demonstrate the 
works and development of women in 
music and musical thought, and the com- 
posers represented arc, with three excep- 
tions, of American biiih. Tlie congress 
was opened this morning with a formal 
welcome by President C. C. Bonney, of 
the the world's congress auxiliary, and 
the session then became a part of the 
proceedings of the American College of 

Addresses explaining the objects .and 
the work accomplished by this organiza- 
tion were delivered by President F. M. 
Bowman, of New York; Secretary Robt. 
Bonner, of Providence; Professor A. A. 
Stanley, ot Ann Arbor, Mich., and Al- 
bert Ross Parsons, of New York. The 
congress then proceeded to the examina- 
tion ol pianofortecandidatcs for member- 
ship in the American college of musi- 

It was conducted by Albert Ross Par- 
sons, of New York, C barles H. Jarvis, of 
Philadelphia; William H. Sherwood, 
Emil Liebling and Mme. Zeisler, of 
Chicago. A screen was placed between 
the examiners and the candidates, in 
order that the latter's incognito might be 
preserved and personal embarrassment 
spared. There were a number of candi- 
dates for the test. 

At this afternoon's session President 
Peter Neff, of the Cincinnati college of 
music, will speak upon practical methods 
of founding conservalones. 

The Celebration of Independence Day at the 

World's Fair Tomorrov*f Will be a 

Great Event. 

Every Man, Woman and Child is to be Pre- 
sented With a Small American 

These Will be Waved While a Chorus of Two 

Thousand Sings "The Star 

Spangled Banner." 

The Modest Building Erected by the Central 

American Republic of Guatemala 

Was Dedicated Today. 






National Schools Given in Return for Support 
of the Army Bill. 

Berlin, July 3.— Emperor William to- 
day granted .an audience to Herr Von 
Koscielki, a leader of the Polish party. 
His majesty learned from the Polish 
leader that his party demanded, in re- 
turn for their support of the army bill, 
certain concessions in the national 

The emperor readily agreed with the 
views expressed by Herr \'oi: Koscielki 
and summoned Dr. Bosse, minister of in- 
struction, who was directed by the em- 
peror to prepare a statement that would 
satisfy the Poles' demand for national 


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Public Building at Chicago to be Thor- 
oughly Inspected. 

Washington. July 3.— Secretary Carl- 
isle has instructed J. J. Clark, an in- 
spector of public buildings of the treas- 
ury department, to make a thorough in- 
spection of the public building at Chi- 
cago. The building has been examined 
by the local building commission and 
pronounced unsafe. The building was 
designed by Architect Mullet. 

It has been reported to the treasury 
department at various times as having 
slightly sunk at one end but has never 
been considered unsafe. On the con- 
trary ,|it is believed to be strong and sub- 
stantial. Out of extra precaution it will 
now be examined by a government in- 

A Murderer's Brain. 

Rf.A!)IN(;, Pa., July 3.— The report of 
the ph\siciars who examined the brain 
of Pietro Buccieri who was hanged here 
last Thursday for the murder of Sister 
Hildabcrta shows that the brain weighed 
55 'i ounces. The skull was unusually 
thin arid many parts of the brain were 
found in a disordered condition. 

Representative Tracey. a Gold Standard 
May Be Chairman. 

Washingt(5N, July 3.— Owing to the 
fact that a betterment of the national 
finances will be the first and gravest 
problem to be confronted, particular in- 
terest attaches to the house committee 
on coinage of the next Con|;ress. An ad- 
verse Committee would be in a position 
to very considerably objtruct business 
and worry the advoca'.cs of the repeal of 
the Sherman law. 

Whether or not Mr. Bland will be re- 
appointed chairman no one appears to 
know to a certainty. His record as an 
earnest and unswerving friend of silver 
is well known and bis democracy is un- 
(luestioned. Whet. ^ speaker is re-elect- 
ed it has generally been his custom to 
reappoint the old chairmen. 

The doubt in the case of Mr. Bland 
arises from the iict that Mr. Crisp is 
well known to be in thorough sympathy 
with the president's ideas of legislative 
needs and may hesitate to appoint to so 
important a committee a man so thor- 
oughly committed to an opposite view. 

in case Speaker Crisp should decide 
not to give Mr. Bland the chairmanship, 
the next in line of direct succession 
would be Representative Tracey, who is 
a gold standard man. Those who know 
boih men freely assert that the elevation 
of Mr. Tracey to the cojnage chairman- 
ship would be especially gratifying to 
the executive. 


Secretary Carlisle Occlincd to Take Any White 
Metal Today. 

Washington. July 3.— Secretary Car- 
lisle has decided not to resume the pur- 
chase of silver today and has so notified 
the principal firms that offer silver to 
the treasury on purchasing days. This 
action is unusual, but as the matter of 
purchasing silver cm given days is dis- 
cretionary with the secretary of the trea- 
sury he IS simply exercising his right. 

The reason assigned in the notice sent 
to intending offerers is that the treasury 
department had not yet completed its 
annual settlements, made at the end of 
each fiscal year at the United States 
mints. Whether silver purchases will 
be resumed on Wednesday next is Icit 
open and will not be determined until 
Wednesday comes, and circumstances 
will then decide the matter. 

The price paid for silver when the 
treasury department completed its June 
purchases was S0..S220 per ounce. Since 
then it has declined to S0.62 per ounce 
and is quoted today at $0.7380 per 

WoKLD's Fair Grounds, Chicago, 
July 3. — One of the most uni<|ue features 
in connection with the celebration of in- 
dependence day at the exposition to- 
morrow will be the participation of Brit- 
ish soldiers who belong to the reserve 
and are here on a six months' furlough. 
They have already shown their loyally 
to her majesty (.)ueen \ictoria since they 
arrived, notably when Mayor Harrison 
tried to talk annexation to the Canadi- 
ans and Englishmen in festival hall on 
Saturday, but they do not consider it in- 
consistent with their allegiance and obli- 
gations as soldiers to take an active part 
v,'ith the American hosts in the White 
City, who will rejoice at the anniversary 
of the overthrow of English tyranny and 
(ionrnnion in the United- States. 

This is a peaceful meeting of the 
nations and the guns from the British 
battery of artillery v. ill hendd that mes- 
sage to the cosmoj)o]itaii multitude 
which will assemble by tens of thousands 
in administration plaza tomorrow. At 
the end of each line of the doxology to 
be sung by this army of peacc'her 
majesty's gunners will fire part of the 
national salute, the responsive salvo of 
riitillery coming from the United States 
ship Michigan, anchored opposite the 

Every man, woman and child coming 
into the fair grounds tomorrow will be 
presented with a small American flag by 
tlie city of Chicago and the words of the 
national song which the people will be 
expected to join in singing. A chorus of 
nooo voices, under the leadership of 
Silas G. Pratt, will lead the singing. 1 he 
nivriad of miniature stars and stripes 
will be waved at an opportune time dur- 
ing the singing of the "Star Spangled 

Mrs. Harriet Rebecca Perry Stafford, 
ol Martha's \iiieyard, Mass., and her 
original American fiag have ariived in 
the city. They will play a proiniiient 
part in the demonstration, Mrs. Staf- 
ford hoisting the precious piece of faded 
bunting which will speak for itself on ad- 
ministration plaza to be admired and re- 
vered by a patriotic people. 

The chaiiman of the committee on 
ceremonies this morning issued an order 
to American exhibitors requesting them 
to assemble at 10 o'clock tomorrow morn- 
ing at the east front of administratioi) 
building, from whence they will march 
to the Fifty-seventh street entrance to 
the grounds. Here they will meet and 
salute the paradcrs from down town as 
they march to tlic administration plaza, 
where the exercises of the day will take 

There were unexpected visitors to the 
fair in the morning, but they attracted a 
crowd as soon as they appeared inside 
the gates. Ail were British soldiers, a 
company of Lancers, a company ot Hus- 
sars and a half battery of artillery, bugler 
and drummer boy of diminutive size. 
The field pieces, uniforms and accoutre- 
ments refiectcd in the bluesky and made 
a pretty sight as the soldiers rode across 
the west plaza of administration build- 
ing. Their destiiiatioii was ll-.e arena of 
the live stock pavilion, where the order 
to dismount was given. After attending { 
to their horses, the soldiers were given 
permission to see the fair. This after- 
noon an exhibition will be given by them 
in the arena. 

It is probable that after further con- 
ference between the council of adminis- 
tration and the director genera', the lat- 
ter will issue an order closing all except 
two of the departmental buildings each 

night of the week. The scheme is to 
keep (lectricity building open every 
niglit and oneof the other buildings in 
turn, (it signaling each night according 
to the building that is to be r)pen. 

The main purpose of this change is to 
provide for the adequate i)rotection u{ 
exhibits with the reduced number of 
guards low available for watch duty in 
the buiblipgs at night. The exhibitors 
also say that it does not pay to keep 
their displays open at night and pay at- 
tendants. The department chiefs, ex- 
cepting Chief Barrett of electricity, 
agree with the exhibitors, 
^Theriodest building erected by the 
Central American republic cf Guatem- 
ala in the northeastern part cf the 
grounds, was dedicated this afternoon. 
The building is of Spanish design and 
corresponds with the architecture of the 
country which it represents. All the 
n.ative j roducts are in the building, the 
most ! merest" ng of which is coffee, 
showing how it is cultivated and mar- 
keted. The entire space around the 
building is converted into a large garden 
representing a coffee plantation, banan.i 
trees and plants. The cost of the build- 
ing was $40,000. Senor Don Lemus, 
prcsideiit of the commission, and staff 
were present, the former acting as mas- 
ter of ceremonies. 


In Oar Hardware Deparlmeat For 


The Shcr ff Took Possession of the Tattcrsall 

Chicago, July 3.— On an attachment 
writ obtained in the iuperior court :he 
sheriff is iji possession this morning of 
the Tattcrsall Tournament company. 
The Mo lahan Bottling company is plain- 
tiff. It alleges a claim of $2,200 for sujj- 
plies anl declares that the defenilant is 
about to violate a season contract for 
supplyirg food. The attachment is ob- 
tained tc prevent the company from re- 
moving o the fair until the dispute is 

The serving of the attachment writs 
alnjost ciustd a riot in the building. 
When Sieriff Jenkins attempted to se- 
cure a horse ridden by oneof the hussars 
tl,e iatte- drew his sibrc and struck Jen- 
kins on the bead with it, almost knock- 
ing him ienselcss. The police were then 
called in, but the sherriff did not secure 
much pioperty. 

The hoises were the principal objects 
cf the w rit, and the Englishmen were 
detcrmir td thai their animals should not 
leave their possession. The whole troop 
(juickly itiounted and rode towards their 
new quai ters on the fair grounds. At 1 1 
o'clock a number of deputies left for the 
fair grounds to secure the horses aiui 
complete the levy. 


A Senselc::s Run on a Savings Bank at Wil- 

Brooklyn, July 3. There was a 
slight run on the Williamsburg Savings 
bank thi- morning. Nearly 1000 per- 
sons crovdcd to get into the bank as it 
opened, and until noon hun<h.^s cf 
anxious inquirers were made. In mcst 
cases the inquirers wentjjaway satisfied. 
The proportion of those withdrawing 
their deposits was as five to one of those 

Gen. A. V. Mcserole, president of the 
bank, sai 1: "We paid out $230,000 on 
Sr.turday and took in $140,000, mostly 
from nev depositors. We are doing 
business fast and are prepared for a run 
should it come. 

"As a natter of fact, wc have got more 
money than we know what to do with 
and our entire $5,000,000 surplus is 
available at once to meet any demands 
made on us. We are prepared for any 
demands which can be made and await- 
ing anxiously to meet them." 

To -Day llic scliedtilc season 
of tlie Nationai C}clini( Associ- 
ation of America opens in New 
Yoric City. 

Prizes atrg^rej^ntinc: $19,000 
arc offcrctl for tlic competition 
of members anej tliirty-nine races 
in all Avill be run in the course 
of tlic season. Tlie several con- 
tests will take place at \c\v 
Vorlc, Hrooklyn, rhiladcij)hia. 
Troy, Boston, St. I.oiiis and Mil- 
waukee. Cycling is the d.n-s 
sensation in Xew York. 

Hardware Dep't. 

Boys' Velocipedes. 

Ho. 1 size, wortii $2.50, cnt to $1.39 
No. 2 size, wortli $3.00, cnt to $1.69 
Ho. 3 size, wortli $3.50, cut to $1.98 
Ho. 4 size, worth $4.00, cot to $2.48 

Had a Perilous Trip. 

BrFi-Aio, July 3.— The Viking ship 
arrived h?re this ni<irning. At noon a 
reception was tendered Capt. Anderson 
and the crew at the city hall. The boat 
will leave for Cleveland tonight. The 
captain r;ports a most perilous passage 
through the Erie canal and says he 
woukl rather brave the waters of the At- 
lantic a si:(>rc of times than make the 
canal trij: again. 



Pants Made 

To Order 


Worth, $10, $11, $12, $13, 



$8.00, $9.00, MO.CO, 




Silver Coinage. 

W.v,sinNGT<)N, July 3.— The issue of 
standard silver dollars from the mints 
and treasury offices during the week 
ended Juiv i. iS.yj, was >.io6,i64, for the 
corresponding period of i^.^j §492,320. 
The shipment of fractional silver coin 
for the month of June, 1893, was §176,184; 
for the month of June, i8(;2, §1,025,597. 

Will Resume Business. 

Wa.siiinoton, July 3.— Comptroller 
r.ckels is advised that the First Na- 
tic)nal bank, of San I3ipgo, Cal., which 
failed a'oout a month ago, will resume 
business next Wednesday, it having 
complied with the conciitions imposed by 
the comptroller. It is probable also that 
the failed Washington National bank, of 
Spokane, will resume business in about 
ten days. 

Will Visit the Fair. 
Washington, July 3. Secretarv Car- 
lisle and Mrs. Carlisle and their son 
Logan will leave here tomorrow for 
Chicago. Secretary Carlisle will be 
absent two weeks and during that time 
Assistant Secretary Hamlin will act as 
secretary of the treasury. 


He Came North at the Suggestion of Secretary 

Washington, July 3.- Ex-Speaker 
Crisp arrived in this city this morning 
from Atlanta, Ga., and repaired at once 
to the treasury department where he had 
an interview with Secretary Carlisle at 
whose suggestion he came north. The 
interview lasted for twenty minutes and 
when Judge Crisp emerged from the sec- 
retary's room he complained of feeling 
indisposed but said the interview tele- 
graphed from Atlanta was substantially 

Representative I'.ynum had a sh(frt 
talk with Judge Crisp in Secretary Car- 
lisle's room and afterwards said he was 
satisfied that the next house would repeal 
unconditionally the Sherman law. 

A Verdict Set Aside. 

N'kw Vjkk, July 3.— Thcgeneral term 
of the superior court has handed down a 
deci-iion en an in the case of Miss 
ICstiier Jacobs vs. Henry B. Sire setting 
aside the decision of the verdict of the 
lower courts and orders a new trial. Miss 
Jacobs received a verdict for §25,000 in 
her breaci of promise suit against Mr. 
Sire. Sh<: sued for ?40,ooo. 

Steamship Owner Dead. 
LoNi )():;, July 3.— Donald Kcnncdv, 
chairman of the 
coaipany, is dead. 

National Steamship 

Baby Carriages. 


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12-foot Mexican Il.imniocks, 
extra strong, worth i)Se. Cut 

69c Each. 

lO-foot Woven Hammocks 
with spreads, best $!..")() Ham- 
mocks in the market. Cut 

98c Each. 

Clearing House Certificates. 
New Vokk, July 3. The clearing 
houscs'at noon to<lay authorized|the issue 
of ^2,5oo,ooo loan certificates, making a 
I grand total to date of §21,300.000. 

Mr. Gladstone's Accident. 

London, July 3.— The accident that 
befell Mr. Gladstone yesterday at the 
Ham house. Petersham, the residence in 
Surrey of the earl of, is not at all 
serious. The spraining of his ankle was 
very slight. He returned to London 
from Ham house tr)day and showed no 
sign of the accident. He looked well 
and walked ere.ct and firmly. 

The Flurry Over. 
Nr:w York. July 3. -The Herald's 
Lima, Peru, special says: Excitement 
in financial circles has almost disap- 
peared owing to the fact that reassuring 
news has been received from London 
and New York. Exchange is 25 to Lon- 
don and 100 to New York. 


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until 9 p. m. tonight: will close 
at 12 o'clock noon tomorrow. 

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Dr. Piitnam Claims That he Has Positive 

Proof of Dr. Potter's Guilt of St- 

rious Offences. 


He Distributed a Circular at the Door of the 

Baptist Tabernacle Detailing the 


Dr. Potter is Accused of Habitual Lying, De- 
liberate Dishonesty, Fraud, Drunken- 
ness and Repeated Adultery. 

New York, July 3.— There was trouble 
in Ur. Putter's Baptist tabern.icle yes- 
terday. Charges were brought atjainst 
the pastor some time ago by his as- 
sistant, Rev. Dr. Putnam, and a com- 
mittee had been investigatinj; them ever 
since. Dr. Putnam thought the com- 
mittee were slightly favoring Dr. Potter 
so he issued a circular to be distributed 
at the church di^ar yesterday- commun- 
ion dav. This letter reviews the case 
from the btginning and upbrauis the 
congreg:iticn for upholding the pastor in 
the face ci what "the aiuhur considers 
positive proof of his guilt, loliowing 
are some excerpts: 

"The victims of his dishonesty and the 
sufferers of his wiles are so many in this 
community and elsewhere that the otti- 
ccrs of the law have to cmfloy ail skill 
and means at their command, and to 
enter the very sanctuary of the Lord and 
at a time of worship in order to secure 
justice for Potter's creditors. 

"It seems str.jnge that a church whose 
members have poured strearosof scandal 
into one another's ears for years con- 
cerning their pastor's dishonesty and im- 
morality should now be engaged in the 
vain attempt to exonerate him through 
the effort vt a jury of his own selection. 

"It is only fair and just tor me to state 
that a short time before I brought the 
charges .against Potter to your notice, he 
threatened me with arrest and failing in 
that he offered me a bribe to leave the 
city and to pledge myself never to state 
anything derogatory to his character. 

"For your guidance and in order to re- 
move anv doubt from your minds as to 
whether I am in the po3scs?icn of undeni- 
able facts of Potter's guilt, I hereby in 
print charge D. C. Potfr, upon my own 
personal knowledge iitd upon the evi- 
dence of unimpcictiable witnesses, with 
habitual lying, deliberate dishonesty, 
fraud, drunkenness and adultery with 
women whose names 1 ."'.i ready to di- 
vulge before the proncr uibuna!. In the 
name of justice ai.u ur the sake of mor- 
ality and in behalf of many of his vic- 
tims, I have participated in the unhappy 
controversy and shall continue to 
do so until the guilt of D. C. Potter is 
clearly exposed before the world, and 
the ministry rid of an unworthy member. 
Upon the proving of these charges I 
stake my own reputation, my private 
and ministerial character, my future ca- 
reer in which \s involved my own happi- 
ness and that of my family." 

Some of Dr. Potter's partisans called 
on the police to prevent the distribution 
of the circulars, but before the officers 
arrived they had all been handed out 
and no arrests were made. 

Tho Victoria Disaster Discussed by the London 

London', Jidy 3. All the ncwspapcts 
totlay publish li>ng cdit(»rials on the sub- 
ject i>f the \'ictoria disaster. All of them 
warn the public to suspend judgment.on 
the matter until the result of the court 
martial to be held in the case shall have 
been made known. I'hc newspapers 
admit that \icc Admiral Trjon blun- 
dered in giving ihe order lie did for the 
maneuver that led lo the accid^-nt, anrl 
stAte that he further bhmdered when he 
signalled to the vessels ol the squadron 
not to lower ihesr boats, wh'ch they were 
upon the point of doing, for the purpose 
of going lt» the rescue of those 011 the 
\'ictori.i. Some of the writers attribute 
the vice admiral's error to the fact that 
he was just recovering from an attack et 

The relatives (^f the survivors are get- 
ting letters in which the story of the dis- 
aster as told in these dispatches is re- 
peated With little variation. Some of the 
survivors hint that \ice Admiral Trynn 
realized his blunder when tot) late and 
did not afterward care to live. Amid the 
general blame of the vice admiral uuinv 
comments are made upon the conduct of 
other officers in obeying an order that 
was certain to lesolt in collision 'uetween 
the ships. 

.\ rjle in force in the navy provides 
that a subordinate is not bound to obey 
an order from a superior oiTicer if the 
execution o£ the order is certain to in- 
volve an accident. With this rule in 
view some of the papers very severely 
comment upon the uction of Kear .Ad- 
miral Maikham, who in his own dis- 
patches s.hows that he was fully aware of 
the danger attendant upon the maneuver 
order from the llagship. Asa matter of 
f.ict, however, the responsibility for the 
dktasier cannot be placed ifntil a court- 
martial hears the evidence in the case 
and renders its decision. 

Tlie fund beirg raised by Lord Mayor 
Stuart Knill for the benefit of the fami- 
lies of those who lost their lives through 
the foundering of the Victoria now 
amounts to £t,o,ooo. 

THE HOySE iL RIGIIT' To Restore 

Congressman Pendleton, of West Virginia, Is 

Confident the House Will Repeal 

the Sherman Law. 

A Considerable Fight by the Silver Men Ex- 
pected to bo Made in the 

Weight of Public Sentiment Will Force it to 

Come Into Line With the 



Fivo Thousand Men Thrown Cut of Work at 
lNi)iAN.\roLis, July 3.— As a result of 
the continued stringency in the money 
market, nearly 5000 men employed in 
tht: various manufacturing industries ot 

this citv will be out of work today. A 
majority of the manufacturers have a 
large amount of manufactured product 
on band, but the demand has falien off 
in every class (.)t business within the last 
month and collections are so slow that 
many factories will close down, while 
t)thers will continue but with reduced 

Prominent among the firms which will 
reduce forces of employes is the Indi- 
anapolis Cabinet works, which will close 
and thus throw I too out of work. The 
Parry Cart works will close and throw 
cut S50 men and the Udell Woodenware 
works shut down and thus throw out 350 
men. The Central Bicycle works and 
the Indiana Bicycle works will each dis- 
charge a large part of its working force, 
the former deposing 75 and the latter 300 

Nearly every factory in the city is dis- 
charging some of its men and many of 
them .cay that they are collecting barely 
enough money to keep up their pay rolls. 


Wasiungtdn, July 3. — "So far as the 
house is concerned," said Hon. John O. 
Pendleton, of West JXirginia, "there is 
harilly any doubt about the i>rompt re- 
peal of the Sherman act. l-lven con- 
gressmen who favor a substitute will 
vote for the unconditional repeal of that 
law and take their chances on getting 
something else afterward. In the sen- 
ate, however, we may expect a consid- 
erable fight by t!ic silver men who will 
doubtless filibuster to prevent the repeal. 
The senate will hardly change its rules 
to put a stop to dilatory tactics as the 
Democrats will remember how they re- 
lied on this sheet anchor of the minority 
to defeat the passage of the force bill so 
that any elTort on their T)art lo change 
the rules would put them in an inconsis- 
tent attitude. 

"As for myself, while a friend of sil- 
ver, and far from desiriug its dcmorali- 
zition. I shall vote for the unconditional 
repeal of the statute which has worked 
£o much mischief. I v/ill vote, too, 
ngainst taking oft tiie tax on slate banks. 
While the rcnate may holil out for quite 
a while. I feel satisfied that the weight 
of public sentiment w;ll eventually force 
it to come inline with the house and re- 
peal the law." 

li.iir AvirK^h 
lias become thin, 
finii kei'p the s'ealp 
clean and healthy, use 

! JSKSBERE^^ra^^iCTrHKSaESfffllCS!!?!!^^ K5?«Sa?Sii^ES!5S»s 


.S. J. t?Plf AM. Pnw. T. r. VPUAU. Bee'f 
K. J. PULFOKn, VicH T'rs-iilciit. 

EER Si CO.lDDM'liL!]i!i,DBpl&Trist 




It prevents the hair 
from falling out 
or turninii; <»;rav. 
The best 

Mniu ofHcft tJt Yoik Mc>rW, nfirner F.mrtivti'h 
Ftroot au(l Tt>v it nvoui. f>, Woet Botjfi v»r, V« iw. 
Urnnch oHico<!, lUHr«i(u>tl<) aud Safriimw, Midi. Dr. Si..=Mjf, m ri-.arKo of the heiid oHi«>f, 1* li 
^_ gMidiiat.o <'f lli» iiirtdical rlopartmoiit o( Harvard Uulvertiily clane of 74, und is rr^ihfrert wa 
? Hiidi ill txif ii t.+iUiij'plii'rcB. 

St All. "jr. \iV}i Wlioh.wo lw5on Bufforiim from tho cffpctso yotitlifu! foDics ur indUerctitiu* 
V\ lUUi'U miiH will do wolltoavail tliemsi'lvosof thibcliHfliv^. 

f^ WW ^PPRR A rO ^'" K^'^rttritoo B i>orfoct rum Jn all cr.T .,f wflKkm^HR or firi\iHf«» dJB- 
ji/ili OlliUU U viv. {in^i^s of auy kiud or cliaract^r tlii-y v!i,; Tliiko or for ft- it fli'it*. Tin rx 
f ] are uiauy of tho ajjw o( 'Jf) to M wiio «iro tronbl«d with !•«» fp<.Tii>-rit nraciiHtious of V-e hUd- 
r ' d-r, ofiou Hcroviimnii^d by a bliftlil. .'imartinK BCUhalion iiikI w—lfoi^iiif of. tdn eyn*'-iv, iu s 
t,*; rnaiinor wliich lliM caauivt atcoant, lor. I'jiero are friany who die «*f this diillculiy, 
1^ iiriiorafil of tho cau.ii*. which is iho second Htairo of woakiiff u. 

1;^ pil rO A uow iiioliiod ; w) hliMidy oiiordtion, uo jfoiuif tu l.x»d ; not ';ho Eli<rlit/>et r-i-Ut '"> 
p. rilJuO jticoiivc-ni''ii.':(i III niidnrKoiui/ H coiirbo <if troiitment with u« fer liir rcliiif <J thi 
[J,; worst ca.Ho of Hloodiii,'? or iK-liiiiir l*il<'8, no miittor Iio-.v luiip ttatid ii^'. Uo (ruaraidpo 
fA i)crniiiii<-ul euro. '1 o nvory tmn who oiUKiilts u« wo plotl^e obMiluto sucrccy. 
p"; Itailrond fan* dodnctod from llio prico <if troatmfrjl. 


CcM for a Convention of the Silverites at Chi- 


Washington, July 3.— The call of the 
Bimetallic league for the Chicago con- 
vention for July 25 will be issued today. 
It will denounce the conspiracy against 
Gilver, sot forth llie alleged evils to re- 
sult from its demonetization, inveigh 
against the gold stand anl and depict the 
benefitT to accrue from a uniting parity 
of the two metals. 

The ccnventioii will be purely one of 
ways and means to encampas-, if pos- 
siblo, the dtffcat of the repeal of the Sher- 
man law. ' 

Later — Gen. Warner is preparing the 
call which will not be issued until 
Wednesday. It h likely that Chicago 
will be :"elected, but it has not yet been 
dcfmileiy decided upon and will not be 
until the members of the executive com- 
mittee have been heard from. 

Hartoan General Electric Coirp 

Firbt No-'uaiial lU^k Itnildiuic, 

No. 10 Third 


Good Reason Why 
Russet shoes are very popular, 
so cool and comfortable. M. S 
, & Co. carry a complete line. 


S&rEiii^-^isauj^. nuOCTBnansci^BcsrKt^ 



Furnish Electrio Giirroiit 

For Arc and Incandescent Ligh.t 

And Motor Service. 


Commcrcia! Paper, .Municipal Bonds, Etc 

Interest Allowel oa Time Bcpo^its. 


J. II. T. E. BrKK. NKL.S FT^^f,. 

W. 8. WOOnURILniK, K. J. I'l • 

F. W. SMITH. F. L. J.. i 

N. J. DPHiM. T. F. L'PJIAM. 

n. A.WINf*. 

Americaii Loan ui W 



station A, Fool of Film Ave. East Station B, rj S?cst Strus; 

Capita Stftck 

Cairanlcc Fiiiid with Stale Auiiitor, 








\lli,'Olia aKO apt 


■s unss. 



' great r£3i«. 

uy ^omrrvor.n t f-s'rsMon and ; 1! nprr-ins dii'tfiieB of tlie gnnera^ 
tjVcorRarsoi t.;lirri«-v, bmi li as >cjvimis Irosiinti. n. )• iiiln:{ 'yt 
1xi»t y-r.nli"^ I, Jritjrornrr, K.phtir • rt .->ini.s. \ou'hful Erroti, 
Mental V.'p'ry, «>!C' <sv.'v<i use ol '-o'l*-., lor tji'mn. wliich l»ad w 
Cr.n«iiiiii''.t<in f^-l J; s.i:!i^y. W- h «vorf J>j onlcT *«> jfi»» e 
•x-nf.rn ni'''»"a"''''> ♦" *■ '•" °' T'f wiu h<> motmjr. 8i/.d .nr 9* W 
per ijos. 6 1 oxe* /or &>.00. J).-. Mj'.Is C litajioal to,. Cl* v jiisii i^ 

If or SsLl© B"' S,:P'. lBo-vcf& ea^nci JStxirz "Wlrtln. 

RECrlTVFf? DEPCh'TTr. fubjfyit to «•*!! 


on c<»r:ul.--'it.^ nuuiias »ix mon»i'«i. i»ftaE tnaiia 
at lowB#t rnfrt" oa opproTWl Bocurity. (xiactjr 
city sad .sciitx.'! boad^pnivb^satL 


Half {lis Cost ti 


r. fTt 


Their Father Badly Burned While Trying to 
Save Them. 

Bi'FF.\L(), ^uly 3. — Danny and Myrtic 
McCarthy, aged respectively 13 and 10 
years, children of Dennis McCarthy, a 
saloon keeper at 21 East Market street, 
were burned to death late last night in a 
tire which resulted from tbe explosion of 
a lamp in the living apartments over the 

Mrs. McCarthy saved her two y^ungtfst 
children, hut all efforts to rescue the 
elder two, who were asleep in another 
room, proved futile, though the fathtr 
raaae desperate efforts in which he was 
severely burned and cut and may lose an 
arm. The damifje by the fire wassn:all. 

Fourth of July Celebration. 

The residents of Duluih Heights will 
celebrate the Fourth of July by holding 
a picnic and dance in the grounds ad- 
jnming Mr. Dutfey's new house in the 
Sixth division. 

The Mexican Govcrninenl Puts a Heavy Tax on 

St. Lori^, July j.—A special from the 
City of Mexico to the Globe Democrat 
says that the new export tax on coffee 
and heciquen goes into effect today. On 
coffee it is #3 per 100 kilograms (about 
220 English pound.s), and on hcnsqucn, 
2};^ cents pei 100 kilos. 

It IS believed the new tax will yield 
about $ioo,oco annually, and is one 
which the goverftment has imposed with 
great reluctance. It is understood to be 
an emergency tax temporarily and will 
consequently be taken off at the earliest 
possible moment. * 

Two Days' Ball Games. 





iiluth' Job 

B KAWKE^^ & CO., 

Qraiu, Hay and Floor. 


Maut factnrers 
L.TimiKT, Loth and Shiafflea. 


Wbolcsalo Grain and Hay. 



Vvliolcsale Commispion, 

Hnttcr, K?,'^ and (Jouutry ProdcR?*. 



Maun*.ac(nrr>r8 and Jobbers, 

]>Kjts aud L.licx!3. 


Wholcpalo Drj' Goods, 

Mannf.^ctarers Men's Fumis'.vinK Goods. 

We Olose at Noon Tomorrow. 


' ir--'-:;^^t5iaj-jMiafeT a tJfe:a=i<j 

;i2aa5S»SSd I t 


Matiufsclxirerg andJobbors. 
Mattrct63s, Pillows and >ioddii!g Matmal. 


Wholcenlo ITnavy and S]\f\t HiirdM-aro. 

Lumboriiirvr.'o Snpplies. 

J. J. & R. A. COSTELLO. 

Wholnralo Heavy and Slir h' Uard-irare, 
Lurabortiion'e and Miners Supiiliee. 


Maauf.RCturnrs and Jobbers, 
Btoaiu, Gas and Water G^cU. 



Lnmber, Lj<1i and Shuifflea. 


riliitor Mfrkell. L. M-writt, VTm. McFiolnjr, 
J&nies Ci p.f- ;i:y, A. W. Hradloy, h. Ji. iiiutit, 
\Vm. £. ll:cbardK>Tj, A. 1!. (tapJn, D. (i. (aeb, 
Kdwar.I L. Pt*-; ;•, (jeorfrr A. Ehier. U. I)., i»Ttiiur 3i. r:.'oWTj. F. M. CHib-.Tufi, Ch^*. 

E. l*>VGt.t 


■Wholepfi o ar;d R»>tail 

Lnmbf^r, Lo i b and Shinglfs. 


Lrunber, Li ik aud Hliinglee. 



Lumber. Ls tli and Sl-Jngles. 


1893. Season 1893. 


Crescsst TFimsiisriatiGii Go. 

Ol)Cratia« Six Lar^e First-clag* St^amTe, 








With Railroad Ccnaec ions. 

If y<!U IVant Dispatch ntid Care, 
Yoiir Goods hy Tin Line. 


W auuf ariturers 


Mau jfRclnrcrs 

Lumber, Sab.; , D; Mrs, Mouldings. 

For particnlsrs, apply at 


A. ROBIN SON, Agent. 



Man ifnctursrs 
Lambor, Liith and fiiiiatrles^' 

; SUITS 13 m, ^- 

mn 10 m $5! 

Perfect Fitting and Well 



L amber. 



Pittsburg la 

iJrt>cklyn 2 

(;iD»<»!jind 13 

I'hiladelpbia.. ti 

V. £. 

lialtiiaore . 

.... S 







(Huciunati ."> 

Wasiiingtoa.. 4 


Now York 1 

St. Loais... 

. 5 


i1. E. 










St. Louis' 

. .1 





fiow They Stand. 

CMB ^ 


















New YurU.... 





Baitirnore .-. 2."> 

Washinsrton . ;;"> 

('inoinimti... 2(5 

.'t Liouis 2« 

riiicajro ■ 21 

Louihvillo ... 10 




Governor Markham Y/ill Appoint a Republican 
of His Own Choice. 
Cluc.\GO, July 3.— Governor Markliam, 
of California," will leave today for heme. 
"I will not appoint Senator Stanford's 
successor," he said, "until my return 
home the latter part ol the week. I have 
received numerous telegrams from my 
state urging the appointment of a num- 
ber of .tiood Republicans and I shall ap- 
point the man whom I deem best iititd 
to represent the state, foUowinpf my own 
iiiclmaticns entirely." 

Suitable Premises For Wholrsafers and Manu- 

Arrived in Chile. 
New Yokk, July 3. The Honjld'sVal- 
paraiSJ special ^ays: James D. I'orter, 
the new United States mmistcr, arrived i 
here Saturday and proceeded to Sanli- 
avjo. He received a very cordial wel- 
come ffom bu'.h the natives and his own 
countrymen. He will probably be for- 
mally recoj;nized by i'reiident Montt to- 

Panic in Colombia. ' 

New York. July 3 —The HcraldVs P.".- 
naraa, Colombia, special says: United 
States Minister L. V. McKinney has 
reached Bogot.i. There has been a heavy 
fall in the price 01 silver and a commer- 
cial panic and many failures are ex- 

To Visit K!rs. Davis. 
Cka.nstons, N. v., July3.— Mrs. Jeffer- 
son Davis and her dauj^hter wilt leave 
Crapstnns tomorrow for Narragan«ett 
pier. Mis. (iraiit will spend a few weeks 
at Narraj^ansLtt as ilie guest ot Mis. 


Tuesday, July 4, heme a legal holiday 

the Asfcociatcd Banks of this city will 

not be open fur business. l>y order of 

the Duluih CleiirinK House association. 

E. \V, .Mattek, Secr.;iarv. 


Suitable Premise: For V»hc!8sa!c.-s and Mtnti- 


Property known as Central dock prOp- 

nerJy on Lake avenue, extending back lo 

No. I slip, is for re'it at vc-asor^able terms. 


MRu-.iff'ctiiroi'ji on't Jobbers of 

Kii'ct.iical 8o;>plic3. 

Wli.LL--ri'rO.>;iJ: ililRCANTlLc; CO. 

ii.i} , I'rturs and VVbolosalo 


Importors and Wliolcsalo 


T)nln*l-. Roller Wills. 
"UiJi'ti I '.ret" h'.our. 




fran::is oTttiuiS, 

buitditr j'.ixt <'i!t. S',i>!i» 'V>r;i.i>iCU>r, 
Kud I'^liii'vet- of Sttiiifl. 



Itnlfor. E?p8, IVniltry an<J Prodace. 

Apply to W. G. Park, No. 347 Lake 
avenue snufh. 

Property known as Central dock prop- I I, ected. New York exchange basin 

perty on Lake avenue, extending back to 
Xo. I slip, is for rental reasonable terras. 
App'y to W. G. Park, No. 347 Lake 
avenue south. 

"J^*- ■ ' - V'-* ■'^ ^a:- 


UM of tho best known tncine-'s men iu Chicago, 
rep/csfjitativ6 of tho preat Bridstxeot Oo. 


creased from 85 to I30. 

l>r. WAUa XTetUcal Co., mJthnrf., InO. 

Gentlemen: I tako).Icairirc!ii inrormlnarywn 
of the very r«nelicial nixuHs whUIi huve followed 
tho U'o of Db. Miles- HcsTonATive Ncrvink 
in tbp Ciise ci myfitlf una v. ile. ror a yoar 1 waa 
Bubject to a distrf:*ing pain at tba bsise of the 
bnuo and upper portion Oi the Ppinii.1 coni. I 
^^ „ _ __ -K -^ lost 9c-h and was greatly 
■ ^ I I R W IJ tionbied wltli Blecplea.-'iiesH. 
S^^/ It BiwB:*' Your Nervine was hichly 
r'';CormncR<'ctl to me. Myca-sfthad hcjii ck> olntl- 
iiate tlia^ I bad no eonrtdcnce in tho efficacy of 
any me<Uclne. Yet as a la<t r««>ort I conscntcdto 
give il atrial. Much to niy, I oiticricncedl 
niiirkc'J t.'eiictit; my sleeplfs-snes* <1i.s3pp"are«J: 
my heaflache was rtmoveti ; my spirits aud Reneral 


MAO F*lLCO ^fy V/if(fc>JStatiU,.'tl.-.K(TMt».: wiut 

tiii;i«-iofresiiita. Louid J.>. Vji>ii>i.«ViiJu:. 

Sola on a Fuaitiva Guarantee. 

Dn. WILES* PI I.LS,50Dose825Ct«, 


Dr. Speer & Co. do as they promise in 
th-:ir ad for pile treatment on pa^c i !. 

Go to tlie picnic at Lester Park, July 
4. Good refreshment stand on tbc 

How to Save Money. 
Not by buvin'.r soap thou^^h "soap" 
is a goofl thing to rarry elections. Not 
by invcstin^j in infallible cnre.^ for con- 
sumption, or champion catarrh remedies 
— ihey are like the Yankee peddler's 
razors, "made to sftll." The way to save 
money is by tbc ability to know a g'ccd 
thinjif when you see it, and take 
advantaije of it. You can save 
money at all times by takin;;the Burling- 
ton route for Chicat,'o, St. Louis, 
City, Omaha, Denver, and all prominent 
points in the West and Northwest. The 
speed of its trains and the certainty of 
its connections will save time, and time 
13 money. The .comfort aiui luxury of its 
equipment will save worry, and the cour- 
teous manners of its employes will sive 
your temper. For maf)S, time tables and 
information respecting this line, call on 
any ot the local afjents, or write to W. J. 
C. Kenyon, Gencia! Pdj-scnger Agent, St. 
I'aui, i\li::n. , 

The stearyor Lucille will make a };<l 
cxciiriion to .Spirit Lake, Tuesday, July 
4. leavinjj .Siiip!iin's:loi.k an«l Northern 
P.-icific deck at 10 a. m. and 2 p.m. Fare, 
50 cents round trip. 

Declined a Bishopric. 
H ARTFOKi), Conn., July 3.- Dr. Samuel 
Hart, profe35:or of Tiiiiity college, who 
was last week elected bishop of the 
F.piscopal diocese of Verl^.^nt, has de- 
clined the honor in a letter sent to Dr. 1. 
i J. Bliss, of iUr ington, who presided over 
the conventi<.'U at which he was elected. 
Dr. Hart expresses hi; deep sense of the 
boner conferred tipcn him. but says that 
he feels it his duty to remain at the col- 
lege. ^ 

Not to bo Married. 

Nl.v.- YoKK. July 3.— A Louisville s-pc- 
cial to the Sun sivs: Congressman 
Urtckenridgo, who is here on a vtsi'., de- 
nies implicitly the story that he is to 
marry Miss Madeline Pollard. 


Eoa.>4t«r8 of t^olTco aud il ami fact nrers of 

ijakijig Powder, Kstracte R!id hjucea. 

J. S. BHINNi; K:3 & CO , 

Maruf.*".cti'.rors= mul Jobbers, 



A. I'TrGEll & 
Tlu> Tr«d<» and Fairilifs gnvr'H^d. 


Importers and Who!<~r-aIa 

Wino aiul iiicivir Morciia:;t9. 


Winr-p, LiquDrs, Etc. 


riOntJiPr and Klioo Findini^s. 

IlaaHfactiircrs of l)iH>t and iih'-'i'i Cppcra. 



Jlatne«>s Leather a Spocis'.ty. 


M'l'VP'T- and .Jofjt'or!*.' 
■.oiloaud IJit iniii>o;;i ('"Bis an.i t'lit"*. 

KOi.TaV.-KtTS-HK "U L. CO 

SJijppcrft and .Trh'wir^, 
.\'!t'irnri'o aii't IMt.u.i. ii-'Uf C<»a!s. 

Miiciiir.i.Ms" and Vni?nd»r.n, . 
Eiiriin^s. I'lnujis ind Mlaiutt .^•-eli"i»«ry. 


Mar nfactnrers 
Builders' an t bridge Materials. 


Maunfactnnrp of Froit<ht '^arp, 
Costiugs, Morch \ut Bur Iron, Forftinjf?. 


MachiidBtj f-.nd Ftiuaricrs, 

!;*to<im Liiginrs. 


&lac)iiuisi« aud Foiiudare, 

liariiio tJapplies. 



Btoain Hiu;imw. I'umps. 




Faiier's ioiiien Feiais Pilis 

Rei^o-TO Snpprcssed 
Mcusirustiou. Used 
RMCOfSsfully by thom»- 
eiids of proniiacnt la- 
dies r,ioitt!iii;. Thor- 
cn?:bly roliaolo and 
fate. Worth twenty 
times their weJ^lit In 
gold /or i'-»'T';7- 
vlaritin. Sever k.x>owa 
to fail. 

Eoiit by mail sealM 
for fe2. .Vddress 

Tbe Apiiro Medicine 

Western It ranch, 
.Kox ri7. I'ortlaml. Orofiron. 

Sold -n Daluth by Max Wirili aud doUeck * 


Stationary and iliiriiT J{oilcre. Iron Tanke. 


An Old Rlcrchant Dnad. 
Nkw YoiiK, July 3.- William Lcciiard, 
a venerable uiorcnant ami a public 
spirited citizen of !5rcoklvii, died at his 
country residence in Owego yesterday. 


Great ffcrlhcrn Railway Line— Eastern Minne- 
sota Railw.iy. 
On July 3 ?nd 4 tickets will be sold at 
a rate of fare and one-third for the round 
trip to alt poir.ts on the EastCTii Minne- 
sota railway and to all points on the 
Great NorilKMii railway, widiin a r.idius 
of 300 miles, inducting Grand lorks, N. 
D. Ticke s good for velum until and 
oa 5. 


Albany, H. Y. 

" I Owe EV9v L^co to !-3oocl's 

••Words arc pfmerlt-is to express the grati- 
tude I feel tou.Mvl I!i)()(i's yars.ii>aril!r> for 
under God, 1 fer'.'j.u'.\ /.no;w tliat to this aiedt- 
clue I owe Ettj Ui,. X'V'I'/c y^ars r^*,:* 1 
bofnn to »>!o;'.t, follcjvcd hy n?»;:si'a at the 
st4)in»ch, and later with f.-.;xI!K'aa« of the 
UmlM, necoinpanifd by revi-rc pain. This 
gradually gnnv wtr'ij nwtil llnva years ago. 
riiysiciuns told luo Uii> trniblo was 

Cau8cr<! by a Tumor 

Poreovcra) monliis I h::d I'ccti i'.nn'>le to retain 
any food o: a -S.'A ".•lU-.^r.. l was pre.itly 
emaciated, had JfsT'jjtsirni' icmorrhn','*'*, and 



FOr? G 

(?. G, S. 19 A SPECiFlO 

i^l-iEA, GLEZT, :o..Ui«»i.T 


i'.O. Box iSJO. ST. FAOL, MINN. 

EVERY MAM r«vo*s": 


From ^^ i^atover Catuc, should v.rito to 

•was Katisfled t!ie d'ict'n-i wco T\yM In saying 
my lUb wn-* nrcis lijr <. .-e'.«. One d'ly a friend 
BuggostPd th.T.t I try iio;i.(> Sarwparnla ; I did 
go, bikI for or 4 (i.iy:j I was BieKv".- tli.Tu ever, 

bul I kept on and '^^JianriMy l^.Tail to feel better. 

Could, after a time, rrt"'"! solid foo'', Increased 
in wdght tlie saiiron ^.l•.o lo?t r.iy skin, tlie 
btoatlnp, aufcsldci^ and i iolx. bclt'T u!l over. 
For tl»^- ipast two years my hu<^l{lj h;is beea 

3n»lecoo(!. ' ■ :••'.•■'- - -'V Jii.'llif^tinje^to- 
otfibSK-. A{';'r'"h.itlt 
hiwdeiit'. . ■ to rtx'onimernJ 

{Iood'i>B-irs;i}.,iri;;.;." .Alt-.'. i^UUKU asyDKii, 
Jo. 10 Judson SJji-et, Aii);!iiy. K Y. 

HfOWs I*ItL.y ara ttic liust aftor-alnner 
WtM, &a9i3t digcutlsr, euro Uuadscbo. Try a box< 



Chicago's Greatest Family Dally Paper, has opened a "World's Fair Bureau" 
^ lor tho ai.commoJalion of tho readers of 


Who may be in Chicago clnrinc tho World's Colnmhlan Exposition. A thoroucU 
ciunvat; of tho ro.-,pp.otiible ho-.cls, boardinc and IcIglnR hotises in Chicago h:-3 
beenmade. andtoanv persi^n whobrintrsor sends thi- Coupon to Tho Inter 
Ocean's World's Fair Bnroan we will ulve our card ot m roduet:iou to a first-clat-s 
boardin^r cr lodKintj house. Y/ITIIOUT ONR CICN r OV EXPENSE. 
rom your own homo paper witn you to RCt the benefia ot this oiler without 


« Room 212, Inter Ocean ISuilding, Chicago, III. 

BriiarplD Avrnae, Ccmrr TMirtA Strwt. 

HIS mm, will COST Yoi mfm^ 

Tho c<il<-;t «n<< OtifT r»ltaW» nMoluvU oWtv of it» kiiwl in *• 
rKy. Ilrrntcrl) irr-xInalF.) and lr«i>a) ^ualMi-A. It imoB>Tn- 
v\\\ \o\ iMt fho r.Ty f.y nw nt. ni"UK' nu w.-rii ^> ni til «r em- 

Sri>9s, fr.v* frori (•(-.••r^.uion. 4'armbt« mum.* ^»»r!*»<i*r4. 
iBrvciis u6uiiiiy< ivk ur »w«"ri^}«"r«iiM<ir. «»■ 

iitK frJiti Iiiili-»frct.">Tis. Kxc(»^i, Indul^rti. <» t^r r\i' '^ur.'. iiroduc* 
I'm iicr»oinn<-.^, lVl>ilily, Diiiinnt of i*ij:ht, pflt k<i«1riRl, 1%. 
frctivo ll«'ii»or>-, I'tmplr* on Uio face, A\>^o.t««i ti-Sw .^ty, I^^^a 
uf AnJ<tlioiv, Cnfltni"-.K>M«Tv. llrt.uM-tii>l>. l>)T.p»i»>i«. b: umed 
IV\.~l.->|jm<'iil. U•^» vt r..\vcT, r^nt 111 till- I'-ui. i-.c. »r» Irr itrd 

swf.ij, i'riT.n«ri». si>.«4U)r. Unnatural Diseharse* 

All forma, 

H.>.1.. N.V-. iLro-U. Skm and IV^noi. IU 1 ' ■•. Kiuf !•,«>». Aruis 
Kc.FiuA, OIU S-'H»«, L'l-t»\. P.diifi:! •> w Urn,;*, fitini utulp*«t 
cause. f^!tiv#ly :in<l f«rf»vrT tlnvx-n ft<ii» the fcyst.^m I'y lueanc 
i.f Safe, 'llai.-lo*trd tteB«»4lr«, Sliff .aJ S»,.ilcn Jo«it« ■ii4 
I;hiilllntlMi> H-ti-vuUot l!|..ol r,.lM.n. Cut I KIDNEY 
and URINARY CompUinl-.. riiiifxt. Mlirult. »i.o Vrn. 
qiiiiit ur IlltKvly I'rinc, OMwrrhara ii(rMiir«^ri>n>ptty 

Sured Permanently. 
iood. Skin and venereal Diseases, 


Art|uire<i WeAkite^>ev< t r^Kh S«\«« trc*?r.|. \% 
\x%vf% low. Cill or u rittv S^aiuC*«i LM 
ItAMlAIri fro<^ ^y i.iail. Tho IVm^t h** ^u^-^<r^^.f uily f rr jtfsl «ntt 
•uied tbau»4IMl]k. AllCOfUultatious aro strictly c<Mili.lrutt«l. 
















West Duluth Sports Greatly Interested in the 
Dog Fight Which Cano Off Yester- 
day Mor.ii.'^g. 

Hcpry Haskins Was Near, But His Tip Was 
Not Straight and He Missed the 


Great V/estern Electrical Works is 
Down Until Aflor the Fourth 


Other Village N«ws. 

West Djiuth has become real sporty 
of laie and in the lanj^uagc oi co nmoii 
pnrlance is siettin^ quite gay with itself. 
The crowing fad araon;:^ the sporting 
fraternity now is the do^ fti^hi, the latest 
one occurring yesterday morning on the 
Wisconsin shore opposite the city. The 
battle was to take place at S o'clock be- 
tween Archie McMillans Diamond and 
a bull dog belouijing to Dr. McNu'.ty, of 
Dululh. One of Ihc humorous incidents 
of the occasion was the part Humane 
Officer Hasivins tor>\z ir» the affair, tor 
some reason or other Henry wanted to 
see the tieht and the story of how he 
nnsscd it is worthy of portrayal by IMI 
Nye's facetious pen. 

The officer had been inlormed by 
some friend that the contest was to t;\ke 
place at 6 o'clock on Kecne's island. In 
order to be on hand at this carlv hour 
Menry came down on Saturday ev'enm}? 
determined to lie in wait all iii^'ht and 
b xj; his i^amc in the early morn. As 
soon as he made his appearance in ihe 
town the sporti "got onto" his mission 
and one of the faithful was detailed to 
shadow him and report his every n:ove- 
nient. At the tirst streak of dawn Henry 
hied himself away towards the boat- 
houses where he concealed himself. In 
the meantime the dog was put aboard at 
or near the eld brickyard and taken 
across to the scene of action. Henry 
finally got tired and disappointed. 

Owing to the delay cjf the Duluth con- 
tingent the i'i,:iit did not come ofT until 
lo o'clock. According to the description 
of a West Duluth sport the "affair was 
rotten way through." The Duluth party 
won the throw for referee. The Duluth 
dog was given the hglit, but some of the 
West Duluth sports claim unfairly. It 
may he fought over again and if so Hu- 
mane Henry Haskins will get an invita- 

Extra clsT 

■^ A RE "*. 





An Exciting Summer Fight for the Pennant 

Predicted and Hard to Pick a 


Season Against Professional Balsm?n 
Usually Ruins a Repiitaflon V/on on 
the Campus. 


West Duluth Briefs. 
The Great VVestern works closed down 
Saturday night until after the Fourth. A 
^inn jorlty of the mechanics are from Chi- 
'' cago .ind desire to spend the holiday in 
taat city and as there was some needed 
repairs to he made the superintendent 
concluded to shut i!owii for a few days. 
VV. W. Brown, of I'.iwabik, spent Sun- 
day in West Duluth with his family. 

Hen Kelly is home from college at 
S iginaw, Mich., for the summer vaca- 

Geo. Davis, superintennent of the con- 
struction shop at ihecar works has moved 
his family to the new residence on First 
avenue west, south of the St. Paul & Du- 
luth railway tracks. I 

Excelsior R. D. lodge, of West Du- 
luth installed the following oi"ficers on 
Saturdav evening: Miss Addie Sawyer, 
N. G.; Mrs. E. HuiT. V. G.; Mrs. Ru- 
emma .Sawyer, chaplain; W. B. Hartley, 
secretary, and John E. Fossett, treasurer. 

Henry Krciger, Peter Gary and K. P. 
Gilmore all rejoice in the birth of girls 
at tbeir homes. 

lohn Home has returned from a few 
weeks' trip to Milwaukee and Chicag\ 

\\ . A. E.-\rrett, of the Great Wessern, 
has gone to Chicago to return, it is re- 
ported, with a bride. 

Guy P.ake has accepted a position with 
the electric comoanyderiiighis vacation. 

John T. Di.xoq, the contractor, has 
opened an office on the second lloor of 
the .Silvey annex. 

The West Duluth Catholics have de- 
cided to hold their picnic at a grove in 
Oaeota instead of P.ay View Heights as 

The ladies of the Baptist church will 
serve ice cream on the picnic grounds 
on Grand avenue on the Fourth. 

Ke Waived Exa-Tiination. 

This morning Henry Marcin appeared 
in police court in answer to a charge pre- 
ferred by John Gettinqs, who j7llegcs 
that the acfcndart is guilty of attempt- 
ing to carnally know ;ind abuse Dora 
Getting?, a female child { years cf a^u^ 
Martin waived examination and was he'd 
to the grand jury. In default of 1).-5nds 
in th": sum of ;?;oo he was committed 
to the county jsil. 

Fcu.'th of Jl'Iv Exciirsion. 
Take your family a-ad lunch basket to 
Tvo V!...;,^j:, ;.y the Ossifragc On the 
Fourth. Le ives Fifth avf-nue dock - t 

9 a. ro.; recurnm;: leaves Two llarborb 

Kn"nd trip Si, chili re a 

• hali price. iian-l 

about 5 p. m. 
between fi r 
n > ._ ail tiav. 

The VaivcE Are H?re. 
Street Sprinkiing lnspe:ior D^'vcr is 
happy this alternoon. One hundred valves arrived today and a gang 
cf workmen immcdiate'y proc.:eded to 
attich them to the hydrails. The driv- 
ers of the water wagons are thercbv en- 
abled to till their tankr, by turning a'ljttle 
wheel instead of using a hydrant'wrcnch. 

—» »-. ^ 

Excursions o". th? ^ourlh. 
The Oisifragj v/i:i run three Four.h 
of'July c:;cur3;ons, f.vo to Two Harbors 
kaving Fifth avenue do.k at o a. m. ard 
3 p. n:., tickets si, and an evenin;' ex- 
cursion at 7:30 for ;o te.its. 'iho .Marine 
bandacrompanies every o;ci r>ion. 

If the Sherman Law Had No: Passed a Free 
j Coinage Bill Would. 

j Chic.V(;(), July 3.-"Thcre never Ya< 
j been a time since the law of 1890, known 
as the 'Sherman act," was passed that I 
I would not have voted for its icpea'," 
I saiil Senator John Sherman at the L.;x- 
I ington bote, today. "The Sherman act 
v.-as a compromise measure, and it was 
passed to save the country from a fret- 
coinage bill that had been passed bv the 
senate by an ovei*helm'.ng majority. 
The Democrats helped to pass the Sher- bill, and now they abuse it and 
blame it for all the hnancial woes of the 
nation. If the Sherman law not 
been passed, a free coinage bill wo-dd. 
and the result would have been mhnitely 
more damaging to the country? " 

•'Will you outline what you think 
should be doi»e in the present crisis?" 

"No, I will not. I prefer to have Pres- 
ident Cleveland and his advisers unem- 
barrassed by my .aflvice. I have told .Mr. 
Cleveland and Mr. Carlisle that I will 
bland with them for a sound, safe, stable 
currency, and that I will do. But the 
present dispute over the silver (|uestion 
IS a Democratic parly issue. Mr. Cleve- 
land in opposing silver is ti^jhting threc- 
iourths of his party. ' 
"Will the bill be repealed?" 
"Probably, but before it is repealed 
there are apt to be some warm expres- 
sions of opinion. I would not be sur- 
prised if some of the Democratic con- 
gressmen and senators should consent 
to the reped of the Shcrmm act only 0:1 
conditions that the administration might 
nn favor. In the silver states and in 
many other states are congressmen 
whose constituents believe in free 
coinage. What will the administration 
do if a free coinage 'rider' be put on the 
repealing act? Down South they want 
more money, plenty of it, and ihev are 
not so very particular as to what kiiVi of 
mcmey it is. How will the hard monev 
Democrats like it if the repealing act be 
loaded with a free state bank currency 
am^ndnent? These are <:onjectures as 
to what might happen, but they indicate 
how the Democrattc party stands on the 
monetary question. The Republicans in 
congr^s Will be in the attitude to a cer- 
tain extent of speculators, but we will be 
in favor— with a few exceptions— of good 

"I think the Sherman law will be re- 
pealed, but the danger is that congress 
may go too far. Should the clause pro- 
viding for the purchase of 4,5oo,oot) 
ounces of silver monthlv be stricken 
out, it would be well. But if 
congress should go on and rej-eal the 
clause providing the United Spates .sbail 
maintam parity between gold anil silver 
coins, it would cause widespread dis- 
trust. There is in the treasury ^5000?,- 
,000 of coined silver dollars and S145,- 
oco.c DO in uncoined bullion. The Ic^^ai 
tender of these coins mast be preserved 
and their parity to gold maintained. It 
IS well enough to stop the further mint- 
age of tilver, but that in circulation must 
be sustained. Many newspapers seem 
to forget that for the bullion from which 
the current silver dollars were coined 
the government paid on!v the market 
price of gold at the date of 'purchase, so 
that Ibose silver dollars coined undor 
the Sherman act stand really on a goltl 
basis, and the government can redeem 
them all in g (,ld now witli a loss of only 
about eight miilicns." 

"What, m your opinion, is the remetly 
for the present financial trouble?" 

"The restoration of coniideticc in the 
comniercial world. The present s'ring- 
eccy is caused by the apprehension cf 
the mercantde and hrancial world tint 
we will not meet our obligations in go!<!, 
but will pay in a cheaji money. I believe 
we should fiavc a sound, safe currency 
on a gold basis. No, I do not tbials. the 
cessation of silver coinage will bring 
gold more into circulation. I do no^ 
think gold will ever be again so much in 
circulation. It will be utilized as the re- 
serve and basis on v/h:ch the circulating 
medium will rest for security. 1 think 
such a currency feas.ble, and I am of the 
opinion it will be brought about. The 
action of India with regatfi to silver is 
not conclusive. It is in the nature of an 
experiment. The "lav/ that the rupee 
shail be worth 16 pence i--, in the nature 
< f fiat money Icgislaticn and has no 
effect here." 

Twirler Carter, of the Yale Team, is Badly 

Wanted by the Boston League 


urcna i;oj>siinu.:iun. tM« 
WHS flu. lust'num j^i tlio proftsv.iuu win. 
Wunlil havi- Uin picked oirt as a proI;;ible 
vktnn lor eonsuuiptiou. 

(>. P. CAYLOIt. 


The Market Was Dull Bui Prices Tended 

Nr:w YonK.Julj a.-Mom.j- .,;, rail i« otrin- 
ffout at 14^-25 vev rtut; prinio .i...rcttntil(.i'"p.'r. 
•A.SlHT oont. SlcrlinjToxfb.iMK,. i^arnuTwifl. 
acttiiil buKiiu'ss i,i l.jinkcrj. Uills at l?4.iMI4f.W.8,» 
f..rsiMy ilryM an.! ^4.Ni4«i.:f».,s« for .1m,i,iiii(|' 
j<«lfl.h4;, • c<«iiiim;;cial l>illn! 
•iniifiit Ik.uiJn huvc lu^eii 
uave bcott Jull; ruilrond 

IKiStfd ralctf, yi.h' 
-ti<aily ; statp bosi 

liOtlll.s lirtVC lM>i-|l I, nil. 

T|H<9U.rkin.!!k..f. has boon ox^rPtnoly .lull. 
>\ I..1- prices lu.u Unn irr.wiltir tlio lan.l.Kcy 
.ullionuuK b:i8 :,ooi. nj .vnnl. Thr roc..v<Ty 
fr.m th.. l..«u,t 1,..,^ b*-.!. . f,„.-.l )i. i,,ni ppr rent, 
tlio Intor 1 I Clnp^oiiHS. wl,ii-I, i-olu unto CM/. 
At \Hn,n tdo mark, t is btcady ia t«iip 

Tho I..ensue sonson is quite yOung yet, m 
the common ha.scbnll goes, bat tlurc 
is promise of ono of the most Intorestin.a 
all snnuMfT fights for the pennant evii 
known in tho liistory of tluit bod}-. Thort 
me hLt teams workintj .so evenly that it 1? 
puz:£ling to pick n winner or even a prol> 
jdjle winner. Tho Jlrooklyns, Bostons, 
I'liilafU'lnhi.-LS, Pittsbutj;s, New Yorks and 
Clevi Jan«I.-< arc bunched and moving ovei 
the track hr-ailw apart, v.-Iiile tho Chlca^os 
and Cineinnatis, n few Icugths behind, will 
prubabiy move up r;»fii,lly. 

I have y.n'i\ Ansou and his men play< iind 
I am eouvinetd that his boa.«;inc: is not en- 
tinly empty, ifo may not reach tho front 
by tho end of thn Rt-ason, but he is boun(i tc many nn.xJnu.'i look.-4 over the Khoul- 
dfron the part of tho Icadtr.s In the race 
bcfoi«o the doj< ilr-ys eo'ue. 

In the hfluds of any other captain tht 
present Chicaco team would reninln neat 
the tail end. As a team general Anson has 
no wpial un the ball lield, and there is nc 
other capfaift who, p^ofc^sionally, U lit tc 
tie his shoestrings. I v.oudd wiy "hiteb 
his shoes," but to Jx- hlstocically corwct I 
cannot do it. because our Unclo Adrian .strings and not buckles to fusion h:.^ 

Anson's handicap has been afailurool 
pito'hers. Hutchison, his m.Tinstay of ^.t;; 
years. wa> just about ruii'.cd by !ivc 
added feet, and new "twirlers" h.-ul to Ix 
selected. It took time and cost ^-ames tc 
round up a cwiple of pitchers who could 
do satlsrtictcry w<)rfc. Hut Anson has one 
now in Xai-.eJ;, uu-l .McGill Is doin;: fairly 
v.ell imrler the veteran's conchriig. ft 
IIutc!ii>(>n c.-m regain a little of hi; lost 
{.-rip, the Chicagos will .still be very much 
iu the ftj^ht. 

Anson is ;» tighter from Fightstown, and 
every on histeain inur.C root and dig 
from "I'lay kail" to "Game." In ids mind 
a game is nuver lost till the Ir..' t ruan /zoes 
out and is iiuvm- wo:i even if 3()runs have 
becnpcoretl to the oiher fidt'.-i 1. CJn that 
prinoipal the Old .Alan krops in a ;;amo and 
pe: ^ that hh: Vii'.U', iv.mlaic isLm Maniple. 

'J!:ey cull n kicker idl t^at, but 
I cunni;t sui.pre.-s t he' tVc:i;;.'< of labairalion 
for lim proics-donally that arl.v.; ia me 
every time I sei»hiri dir^'clin.'? Id;; tram In 
a t^'anie and wateldii-,' every point o.' play oS 
it arises. 

A.s he entered tho Polo ;<ni;:iK!;; before 
his llrst f-iviy: in Nev,- York 1 met Anscn 
and t iikl: 'I havo only ot:e queiUiii toi'sk 









('., B.A O 

tUticttffo "an... 


C. Jk N. W..... 


liolrtw.-iro.l.-ipkawjainft A\Vesf'"nmi/l 

(..MHsville ^i Nit4ivLllo (•.(»! 

^tiHB'iurl Pacific... 

S'»w KiJKl.'iMd 

Northcra Paciric. '.'" 

U.)n<l!ni; ""I 

Kook Iti^lau'i .'."" 

}J!ciiniou(l Terminai 

t'O/tar Tru;<f 1111111" 

L uinti Pacific .111"""^ 

\'. cEtnra l'iiion._ 

V\ liiok* Trtnt "*"" 







14 '4 



w. p. BKOWISr, 

GUALV, ?iC0VlNii)X.S AND «T<)< KB 
PrivHte Wirofl uj rhlea«i) and NVw York. 
107 au.l 108 t ImiKb. r uf ('oinir.,>/c<>. 

Calilo and Hogs. 

^'•."•.VJII**'*'"''^*;"- •'"'y 3.-f'(ittlo: Ho- 
r.-iitp. I.i.irJO; BtoiKiy. «H,)Ke.. jfi-c.^iprs, 27(»00- 
:;im, ..r-'ioc lii>;hi., ; hoavy, $r,.;i(*,(j.(n: inixrd 
and la.dium. *:...,i;nr,.<>5 ; lii;i,t, . »r..Gr;t' V.tft. 
^•t.i'Op: ivocBipt**. i:.'.coi);Mrady. 

Awful Mortality. 
London, July ;,.— Seventy-six persons 
are reported to n.ivc died of cholera in 
Jeddah Saluida\ .md 440 in Mecca. The 
ro'al mortality :tnong Mecca pilgrims 
since June i exceeds 5000. 

Wool V;r,:-5house Burncti. 
LuNijoN, July ;,.- Shaw's wool ware- 
has been destroyed by 

house III IJradfoK 

tire. Th 

e iO;S !> / 50,000. 


Oflicers Elocicd at Meetings of ihe Directors 

A medting of the liircclorj of tlie Lake 
Superior Klcval»>r company was held at 
the office of the company today and the 
following persons were elected as ofdcers- 
<.corge Spencer, Duluth, dircctf^r and 
president; Geo. r.,Cooksey,of New York, 
director and vice-president; I,. .Mendcn- 
liail, treasurer; j. II. Diidit, as.sistant 
treasurer; A. K. Maefarlane, fecretarv; 
Jas. C. Hunter, assistant secretary. 

A meeting of the directors of the 
L^nion hnprovcmcnt & l-devalor com- 
pany wai^held and the following named 
perions were elected as oflicers: George 
Spencer, director and pre-idcnl; (icorge 
H. Ccoksey, director and vice president; 
L. Mcndenhnll, treasurer; J. 11. Diglit, 
'assistant IrLasiirer; A. R. M.icfarlane, 
secretary; Jas. C. Muntcr, assistant secre- 


Were Attacked by a Fanatical Mob of Natives 
in China. 

London, July 3. A dispatch from 
Hong Kong re[)Orts another fanatical 
outbreak missionaries in China. 
The dispatch says that a mob of natives 
attacked iwa .Swedish missionaries 
named VVickxolm and Johatiiuen at 
Macheng, sixty rniles from Hankow, and 
killed them. 

No further details arc given, but the 
murders are supposed to have been due 
to the anti-fortigii placards th.if have 
hitherto caused much trjuble lor the for- 
eign missionaries lesiding in China. 

The Tonawanda Trouble. 

r.i rKAi.«\ fuly 3. Ihe in:!iii:i will be 
withdrawn Irom i'oaawanda this after- 
noon. A d-cision was rcachetl this 
morning tliat the situation has become 
such that deputy sheriffs can take the 
place of the scldicrs in guarding; the 
property of the lumbermen. 

The World's Fair. 
During 1893 -i-l roads lead to Chicago, j 
The Chicago, Milwaukee «!Sc St, I'au! 
leads the van. Enclose a 2 rent stam--' 
and get "The Milwaukee" World's fa-'r 
bolder. J.T. CONLEY, 

Assistant General Passenger Agent, 

St. Paul, .Minn. 

Many Men 


To Do B usines s 




How much easier, quicker and better 
would have been their success if they had 
used the gfreat business makers — THE 
NEWSPAPERS -to help them along. A 
man can walk a thousand miles if he 
takes long enough, but it don't pay when 
he can use horses, steam or electricity. 


and worry ^ 



you, Mr. An.sf),^, ysal yju v.ilj LLuIiy na- 
.sv. er It wiUi vM tiie fjjir.illy ycja !.'tve Tour 
ni;sw(^r « in Hie f atechisni. Are yo<i rioing 

.lisyeT;:-?" The 

to v.iu tlu- ehai:j;)io;Ts!,ij. t^iis veTir?" 
answer lanro like a thutidt .•ivi'vcctiio fi.-yn 
a elou«l of f!rc: "Am I Koin</:'to win 6hc 
ehr.mploysbip IhU yc-v!' Vv iiy, h'^v.- in 
h.-Mlfs can I help jtv Vcs. lyr, raid v.ia it 
hiUMls'lown. ' It L'ju:!- ArirlaTi t<iWln\ make 
tLtjit deelanitim with faith filUn.; Vnth 
ve-itriclc.H of l,j« heart, then the s/^rit wf 
faith never »Jio:K« out of a men':; iac-c. 

HuUhison, by the way, is oi-e of the 
fawctjlkgu pitelrerswho {.iter ;,'raduatIou 
became prv>mi!ient prnfesoonaUy. 'rUr 
rSostun.s at o:k' linu' u.^lcr Jlarrs- V/rigut';; 
nmnagcnn-nt brou<dit out u college *^i:ho^ 
nomrnon of the field name of ".Josephs"— 
his rwl nnmn being JiorJcf!. and, for all I 
know, ft !f:iatlve of the funous woti.-n iv- 
ccntly Iriei: for murder at Kcw I];dA,rd. 
'i'heJ.ew i:ug!an<i IJordcnsare 5;."Jd to b" 
vfry tmiufrous, but all of one fimlly ttv^ 
ThiK I^ordi n, or "J<.:eph.s-," no ho w.i,^ 
Qidled, last,e»l only a few months anrl was 
nflt n qualilltd succps.s m a J,eaguo playw. 

V.\Lvy it-dnci niont, in the way of mom-v 

Glass Block Sto7^e 


Make your money and have it to spend 
before you aro too old to enjoy it. You 
have a certain amount of custom now- 
why don't you double it ? 



e "M^^Eveiitng Herald 

Tomarrow We Will be Open Until 12 O'clock Neon. 

A Courl ffiariial at Malta. 
L<»Ni)0.\, Jidy s.— In the house of co.ti- 
mons today Right Hon. V. K.ay-Shuttle- 
worth, secretary to the admiralty, st itcd 
in response to inriuincs on the sujjet 
that the admiralty had decided to con- 
vene immediately a court marlirtl in the 
matter of the loss of the batde ship Vic- 
toria. He added that the court martial 
would be held at Malta. 



be aflcifjtcd f •> 
throTTofJlmpVi'. ! 

MALARIAL «• ♦l^^o^hlag doea i. 

♦ ♦ ♦ rUlcy:;;j^^^?j;r<>"n>tivo 

_;b-jViit*s bpecirL. 

For three year-; t ^ . •..■.■, 

I which ciu^eu niv ' 
Icuri.ilandp'itjsti r ■• 
Inortllef. Itiicntrr IKp^ .r ' ,- 
IwonUcrfiil»j^"'^. Vw-^ .- ■ 
iTn-* 1 «—~> «■■■.■- iW»|-ii nfltTfy " I rl I iiu.. 1 ; 

I better health Hum ever. j.a. KlCU, Ottawa, Ki... 
Out took on Bloofl inl Svin Dhcar.-j ir.r.ilcJ frci- 

Columbian Liberty Bell. 

Titov, N. ^■., July 3.-The Columbian 
liberty bell will be rung for the ritst time 
tomorrow afternoon in this citv, the r:ii •- 
iDg being conducted bv electrical rom- 
mumcation with Chicago. The hour i , 
thus chosen to correspond with noon at 
Chicago ami thereby carry out as nearly 
as possible the original program, mod:- 
tied on account of the delav in cas'in" 
the bell. 

The Home Rule Bill. 
LoNix.N, July 3. Replying to a ques- 
tion asked in the house ol commons to- 
day by John Redmond (Parnellite) Mr, 
Gladstone intim.atei that it was the in- 
tention of the government to appoint a 
jomt commission to impiirc into the 
llnancia! relations between Cireat Britain 
and Ireland. Mr. Gladstone added that 
tlie sittings of the committee would not 
begin until the excitement in connection 
with the passage of the home rule bill 
had subsided. 

Anderson, florist. Merchants' hotel. 

was hfid out. from tirnc to time to .such 
noted college pitchers os Avery, Ernst 
Biel.hi'.m and Stajjg to fetch tht-m into 
I..tasHc teams, but none of them surrender- 
ed to tho temptation of "bi'< money" to 
play profesdioT!;dIy. and it iu not, at all eer- 
t:;ui that tluy ncte<l unwisely in stayiiiit' 
out of the professional ranks. It is out 
thing to be a ijreat college tiitcher .-ind ai:- 
otlier to be successful in ,. sfason Ji^auvn 
prf)fc.«sioiial batsmen. 

At this time. Carter of Yale i.s th«! pitch- 
ing' hero of the college teamn. If hp would 
co.i.seiit to play p.-ofcsn" jnallr, he could 
coTumand hi.s own fi.ved .^akiry for thcGT-m. 
mil- season, 'ihe Bostons would {.dve bin! 
a r;undleof money to join their pileiiinK 
de.)nrtu>eat. Tlio Xcv/ Yorks l;ave 
ri; ned a college piteher-a yoiui,'< v.vv. 
named Setli Slg.sby— who has dene remark- 
ably Kood v.ork, it if* said, for tho Uiiioji 
college t<'am. He Is only l{) yeat-.^ oM. but 
1:1 a young giant in Ktaturc. It will 1k> j'l- 
tercstlng to watch t'lu! work or i-Aa-hs 
ng;unst thol.rf'ifgiu; liat.smen, forthoreby can 
helormcd some iddiof the ability of col- 
lege pitchers as measured by the profes- 
sioiwd staiwfard. 

The Southern league Is turning outcome 
go«l players for th.'^Tatiunnl league. An- 
.-•on got his st.-indby. .MaucI:, from that ::ee- 
tiaa .and has recently RecuRHl jmofchcr 
plt(}:cr, Shaw, from the same place. 
His trip HinoDK the cities of the Southern 
tlniutlast; sprit;;? kuvc him a chance to 
not CO the good iwiats of the v.arious [.Lay- 
ers of the sojaiiini teams. 

FjKakingof Iheh'outheiTj league snggestj,- 
the thought t1:at tlie rather violent way in 
which umpire.-i were treated down therein 
the early spring has i,t.ttled dov,-:i into a 
more peaceable stole, and tiiev.avo of mad 
nc.s.s seems 10 liav<i swept n<:rtuvvard. The 
NattJiial le.':;^ue "audiences"' are becoming 
boisoerous and in .someciuits d< inonstt;itive. 
This spirit almost ax.sumed the form of 
mob law in .\ew York during tJie second 
New Ywk-( "hlca-eoganio recerrtlj'. ITmiiii-e 
Hur.e nmde sevend unfortunate decii^i'un-i 
which ai7ect«-«l inah sides, and the 5.00(1 
spectnt<jrs Ix'gan to abuse him front tbeir 
places iii the<;Unid. After the game they 
broko over the inclosui-cs Into the field 
lurr. nn«lwl him r.s he w.:s ;;oing tn (he 
clubhi.!i>« and bf-an fopeli him with V4iri- 
ous iu:s:iiles. Finally the more fesj: -ttable 
part .)! Ihu crowd iiiteifered, atid lUirRtcs- 
eapft with a bnii.sed moutii. This i.^ the 
first time in my rtcol lection ihatcnurii- 
pirt* has bc< n trentcd with viojence in Kpw 
York city bImo IKSij;. 

The (statement that. thelxJuisviUo club is 
willii:;-,' to e?a-ii,in;:4' PuiVer for other play- 
ers or to sell his rileaM' is r >. n;i:Uion in 


Several Commissioners Claim it lias Not Btcn 

Favorat'y Considerctl. 

Cnir.\(;o. July,3.-At the meeting of 
the national tonmiissiop ttiday, Sunday 
opening protests again came to the sur- 
face by tiic receipt of bundles f)f • tele- 
grams and letters from all .-^ccttors of 
country. Frciidcnt Palmer facetiously 
referred to th; protests as being "good 
literature" if the commissioners had 
time to read d. 

Commi.ssioncr Hundlcv, one of the 
strongest ojipoTents of Sunday opening, 
handed in a h^tch of protests which he 
s.^id came from Maine to California, 
ilwing, of Illuiois.-wdio is seldom heard 
from, introdi3ce<i'a resolution that it was 
the sense of the commission that an .id- 
•mission fee for adults on Siindav should 
be 25 cents and that ch.ildrcu should be 
;id:tnttcd free. He made a .^ iron 5 plea 
lor the passage of the resolution, because 
the poor man and his family were barred 
from seeing the fair by the present ad- 
mission fee. 

Mercer, Touslcy. Ramsey and others 
brought up the quosticn that Sunday 
opening had not bien lo.t;ally and finally 
disposed of favorably by thcconmiission, 
and until then it was not proper for such 
a resolut'on to pass. It was laid on the 

The co.oimis.sioners Again bccam? ex- 
orcised over the matter of passes for 
their wives. When it was propcnfd that 
a committee of four be ap;»oin:ed by the 
president to meet with the coun- 
cil of administration and draft a 
i;crmancnt p:!S^ Commis.doner Round- 
ley scored the council as a creature of the 
commi'fioa for ignoring orders for free 
admisjion signed by I'rciideut I'almer, 
:(-. all(nv(.d by the standing rele of the 
txpoition. He opposed the appoint- 
T.-.cnt of a rorTMuittce for any such pur- 
[jose as undigniiied and improper. 

The resnlation. however, passed with 
the understanding that, the committee 
was not to wait upon the council lo btek 
any favors. 


Two Men Were Killed and Three Injured ty 
an Explosion. 
N I . w I'O K T, R . I ., J u 1 y 3 .- Th c Un i te d 
St.ites torpedo station caught fire this 
afternoon, and an explosion followed, 
two men being hilled and tbrc;: injured. 
The fire was in the gun cotton factor\-, 
situated on the site of old i"«u-t (iCorg.\ 
en the west side of the island and di- 
rectly in the rear of the location, as 
judged from the city. It started, about 
1:40, not as an explosion but asii fi:j 
pure and simple. Wr)ik was at one; 
btgun in removing the large qeantity of 
gun cotton contained in the buililing to a 
place of safety, and it is believed thrt 
nearly the entire amount was gottco oi.t 
by the regular force attached to the 

llefore the work was entirely complti- 
ed. howbvc% fire reached a j)art of the 
gun cotton and an explosion followed 
killing two menand injuring three others. 
The killed are: Fiank Laughlin an-! 
Jeremiah Harringtr>n, .aged 27 and ~i 
years respectively. i{o:h belong in this 
city and have been employed in the gun 
cotton factories at the ^tation for si>me 
time past. The injured arc Michael 
Reagan .and John T. Harrington, also of 
this city, and Ensign E. K. Capehart, at- 
tached to the s^atitjn. 

The extent cfl the injuries sustained bv 
these three is not known, though it is 
believed that F.nsign Capehart is not s< - 
ricHisly hurt, his injuries being about the 
breast. A number of other men sus- 
tained injuries of -a minor nature. 



A Lujuor Firm Failed. 

Cincinnati, jiily 3. -Fried berg Urcs., 
one of the largest wtsolefiale liquor firms 
in the city, failcl at noon today lor?::!oo,- 
000. It was c.TUscd by stringency of the 
motley maiket. 



I Minstrel Club 

To any business man who, knowing- 
properly the other departments of his 
business, advertises in the columns of 
THE EVENING HERALD judiciously and 
with sufficient liberality. It is a safe 
thing to g-uarantee. It is not always 
necessary to do large advertising. Good 
work will tell, even in small type. The 
Evening Herald could publish a list of 
names and the expressions of many 
prominent advertisers, both local and 
foreign, who have found advertising in 
The Evening Herald to pay. But why 
weary you with instances; ask any ex- 
pert advertiser and he will tell you the 
same story. 



I aste ol "Royal Ruby I'ort Wine" 
ana you will know why wc call it 
"Royal." AKlasshe!<l up to the light 
Avill show why wc call it Rebv. ^500" re- 
ward for .tny bottle of tins wine found 
under I'.ve years old. It is in sick- 
ness, or where a sticngthcning cordial is 
requiu.d; rerotnirtetidt <I by pliy: iciaiis. 

sebal I circles. I'ieQcr isdiasialsbed, and . . , , „. 

tho club could do no worse without him. ^^e fure vou get Royal liuby. Sold only 
■Thedenuseoi iJarlj;, O'Briei: adds to tho I '" n'J''"t bottles; price, fi. ' For sale by 
de»t]b rojl ia buteluli another victim of j S. t". l>oycc, druijgiht. 4 

Cui|r»r (do aii'^|iioo» of tlio Kciidl 

.\n.i DANXliRS. 

Til" most Keri{"ii;m /Irat part evor nt 
|f^irif't<'d by ntiy mi'is'rol rota|>r:ny, m|irC' 

iiliii/f I'm l:iuilii:i,'or <.'(iliiiiil)ii.-<. 
( Ili,TY r.\ I'A.NCV DKILI,. 




TickfltH now on Bale at 
iHtore, 101 W. bu|j. .Si. uud at 

3 <>(li< ,■. 

Arc you in a rut? Let us help you out. 
We want to talk to live people. 


Duluth, Minn. 

.^- ^ -s." 

I*. ■! 




1 — 






Bus'aofs Kiiil eilit«>rial iVmius In The HomlJ 
bniW ius. £X) West Supoiior street. Teleiylione 
— Br jiuoss ortico, S::!, two ritufs ; oditorial rooDia 
82* . thriH< riuKS. 

Eastern Office— 109 World BtiildlnK. New York, 
A. E. Stiiry. Uauaeer. 


Dail]r> P*r yoar .— .17.00 

D*ily. per three months . — 1>*^ 

Dally, permonta . — ^ 

We*<kl>,v>>r year ^-^ 


Kntar:>d at the po«u>tilce at Dnlath, lliim., as 
eooa^.^olase mail matter. 

The Weather. 

C. 8. Weatheb HiKEAC, Dtn^cTH. Minn. 
5nly :?.— With t!u> p^ci'ptiiHi o{ a slight dtn'ros- 
»ion iu tl\o baromotor over t!io extreme North- 
wost, tho woatlier cimiHtions nrt- .ilxnit Mormal, 
an area of hitfli pressure occupying thecoutral 
portion of the country, but not prououucod 
rjK>ush to ufTect th(> prevailint; comiitions. , u » ., ^^ 

The-e has botu a slm-ht but soueral rjse m workings at snort ranpc 
teaiporaturo iu all sociioos, exi.v>pt over the 
eastern t-ml of Lake Soi.orior, where tluTv has 
been cousidiTablo of a fall, tttamlmff at 50 3 this 
morains, which is abi-ut IU = lower than at the 
adjacent station*. It i« hard to find a reastn 
for thi.* condition of affairs, and the only one 
saspested is that it is caused by a fresh north- 
west wind from otT the lake, but this tanio con- 
dn\o:i prevails :U other .-stations without the 
marked tlnTerenoe in t5 niperature. 
BTho rai::f;iH durii'.^ the past twenty-four hours 
has been liKht ezcept nlops the lakes where 
heavy ,^h^wers have fallen, over the rest of the 
country th»y have been light and not confined 
to any particular locality. 

Tho highest temperature hero yesterday w?.s 
74, the lowest las^t ui«;ht M. 

DiTLrTH. Jnly 3.— Local Forecast : Continued 
fair, sliyht chance iu temperature if any, 
cinder today, northeast and east winds. ^"*^>''^i" 
tiims are uncertain for Tuesday, but probably 
fair followed by showers and slightly higher 
temperature. „ 

B. n. BaoNsos, 
Local ForeoHst Ollicial. 

Washington, July l.-Forcast till S d. m. 
tomorrow: For Wi-cousin: Fair; warmer; 
winds shifting to sjnthwesterly. For Minne- 
sota: Fair; southerly winds; waim-r m 
northwest Tuesday morninij; cooler in north- 
western p».>rnou Tues«lay night. 

THE HERALD in Chicago. 

The 5 o'clock Edition is on sale early the fol- 
lowing ir.orniutr in I'hicafro at ths 

Palmer House News Sland. 
Auditorium Hotel News Stand. 
W. B. Sizer's Bookstore. 189 State St.. 
Chas. McDonalds News Stand. 55 Washing- 
ton St.. 


World's Fair Grounds at the Columbian News 
& Novelty Co. News Stands. 

woiiM be bciicfuial to .ill property 
owners. Of course it received the strong 
opposition of the title insurance com- 
panies anil many lawyers who would 
miss many rich fees they now receive if 
the Torrens system were in operation. 

Tv.o years ago, in compli.\nce with 
a very general feelir.g it^ f-ivor of 
this system, the legislature appointed a 
commission to investigate and report. 
The commission made a somewhat sur- 
prising report. It admitted the excel- 
lent character of the law and the benefits 
that would be derived from its operation, 
but expressed the belief that it could not 
be applied to this state without radically 
changing the existing laws and even the 
constitution, although no one else could 
see any constitutional objecting to the 

Now that Illinois has decided to put 
the system in operation, Minnesota will 
be afforded an opportunity to watch its 

There can be 
no doubt, however, of the result in Illi- 
nois. The Torrens system is not an 
untried experiment. It has been given a 
practical test by other governments and 
it has been found to be an excellent 
arrangement for the safe and economi- 
cal transfer of property. The poorer 
and middle classes of properly owners 
are the ones who will be mostly btnetited 
by the operation of the law, from the 
fact that they are less able to pay the 
ordinary fees than those of greater 
wealth. The most conservative and in- 
telligent of the public critics have de- 
clared in most unmistakable terms that 
it is a decided movement toward reform. 
The agitation infavorofthit law should 
be renewed at once, so that j)ublic senti- 
ment may be educated to its importance 
before the next legislature is chcsen. 
The Tatrens system would be an espe- 
cial benefit in this country, where there 
is constant activity in realty. Had it 
been in force here in the past, our citi- 
zens would never have been troubled 
wi'.h the Prentice and similar title suits. 

New York by the payment of g40,ooo to 
the physician who attended him during 
the last eight years of his life. The claim 

was for $150,000. 

. — » ■ * ■ • 

In South Carolina all the liquor flasks 
are stamped with the representation of a 
palmetto, and the current invitation is, 
"Will you palmct?" This is more or- 
nate than the latest Pacific coast query, 
••Will you change your breath?" 

"The scholar in politics" will have 
some influence at the polls in Belgium 
here.afer. Under the new scheme of 
suffrage every graduate of a university 
is to have two votes. 

Price I " Worth a Guinea a Box.^' [20c. 



An exchange says that Attorney Gen- 
eral Olney is a devotee of baseball. This 
is the best thing that has been said of 
him since he entered the cabinet. 

B. Fay Mills, the advertising evange- 
list, has been made a doctor of divinity 
by an Iowa college. Honorary degrees 
certainly must be getting cheap. 

The public debt statement shows that 

there was a net decrease of $1,216,258 5S 

during the month of June. This is not an 

unhealthy indication. 

■ » « *i 

Frederick Douglass rises to remark 
that the trouble with ex-Senator Ingalls 
is that he is "suffering from the jaundice 
of defeat." 

I Dislodge BUe, 
: Stir up the Ll^rer, 
[Cure Sick-Headache, 
I Female Ailments, 
jEemove Disease and 
: Promote Good Health. 

I • Covered with a Tcstelosa L Solnblo Ooating. 
i' Famous the world over. 

1 ! Ask for Beecham's and take n;> others. 
I • Of ^'1 druijfjisis. Price SS cents a box. , 
' I New Yorl'. Ilepot, -/■:, ("anal Kt. > 





A<l»orti««mciit« m ihl3 colarou OVK t'KNT A 

No RftvortiHOinentfi tuUon for those colaniiis 
t.U forhi<l, i. ". until <iriU-rc-<l ont. 

Kvory a<ivc*rtiBniiirnt in can-fully (ili\«niH.>n 
unite.- Its proper hi'»><lioK--easil>' foiui'l, o.ibily 
,.j,,^,}— ^iil roach nioro roa<h>rB thun cua be 
fo.icluKl in any other way. Try it. 

luurt I'Rrfc. nix larc" looints; oii« of the 
b«>st hoiisis oil tlie hill, lialf l.lock fn.m car line ; 
will (.rivo the lot fn-o, hoiinc on easy termn. 
IvCitvin',' town rraeon fjr hitr isacriCco. AdiireBs 
K bi, licrnld ofHce. 

' in or whole, of litflii-rooin Hat; tiartuH 
moviuK liiii't. Will «< 11 !it HBcritico. Piirtioti 

buyinir <v;ii r;-ut flat at fiS i)it nioiUli. LnqHiro 
at VIA First uvt-nm- o;iKt, Duliitli. 

Yale won the boat race, and Harvard 
won the ball game, so the friends of 
each university have something to shout 

Re.storation of Confidence. 
Interviews with numerous congress- 
men, many of them heretofore working 
in behalf of bimetallism and the free 
coinage of silver, lead to the belief that 
the bouse will promptly repeal the Sher- 
man law without anv substitute, the sil- 
ver men trusting to secure the passage 
of another measure in the future. There 
is fear, however, that the repeal of the 
obnoxious law may not be accomplished 
so easily in the senate. The silver sena- 
tors appear to be obstinate in refusing 
to do the most necessary thing to relieve 
the present financial stringency, unless 
the repeal of the Sherman law be accom- 
panied by a measure that will help the 
silver cause, but there is hope that the 
majority will be able to prevent any 
prolonged filibustering and to secure 
the silver purchase law's repeal without 
any measure that would destroy the ef- 
fect of its repeal. 

The existing depression is due solely 
to a lack of confidence due to distrust on 
the silver question. As Henry Clews, 
the New York banker, says in bis current 
weekly financial review, it would be an 
error to suppose that any unsouhd or 
otherwise dangerous elements exist out- 
side of this single question of the dan- 
gers connected with silver. The anomaly 
to be dealt with is a generally sound con- 
dition of trade and industry concurrently 
with a d.angerous paralysis of credit ar- 
rising from distrust as to the future of 
the money of payments. The one thing 
the country needs to begassured of is that | senatorial toga. 
we are to be saved from a silver currency. 
The present distress is mostly due to 
apprehensions of that danger, and but 
little short of the declaration of congress 
that not another dollar of silver shall 
pollute our currency can repair this 
wrecked confidence 

The Kesaba Towns. 

The Mesaba Range says th-\t there is 
little actual suffering in Merritt and it is 
believed by the citizens generally that 
there is no demand for further relief. 
Building is now proceeding rapidly and 
soon tte town of will look better 
than before the firs. The people cf Vir- 
ginia are also making rapid progress in 
the erection of new residences and store 
buildings, and there is an air of confi- 
dence in the future of the town that 
means much for its future growth and 

The towns en the Mesaba range are 
filled with people who are not discour- 
aged by the fires that have wrought such 
destruction. They know the- great min- 
eral wealth of the range will furnish sub- 

A Toast to Duluth. 
Superior Telegram: In the list of 
bank clearings telegraphed last night, 
Duhith is the only city in t^se country 
which shows an increase of business 
over the snme we.k last ycTr. Duluth 
banks are not filled to overflowing with 
reserve, but they are in good condition 
and have been doing business right alorig. 
Here's to Duluth, and let every loyal Su- 
perioriie drink the toast s'andir.g. 

The Ladies. 
The pleasant effect .ind perfect safety 
with which ladies may usv^ the California 
liquid laxative Syrup of Fias, under all 
conditions, makes it their favorite rem- 
edy. To get the true and genuine arti- 
cle, look for the name of the California 
Fig Syrup company, printed near ihe 
bottoin of the package. 

Notice to Dog Owners. 

Notice is hereby given that all perr.ons 
owning or keeping unlicensed dogs will 
be liable to arrest and line or iujprison- 
ment from and after tiiis date. 


Chief of Police. 
Duluth, June 6. 1893. 

Helena and Butte. 
The Northern Pacif c is the only trans- 

VV children. I) r.H, Ueral.l. 

tV woniHii at h'lnio. ami alpo sroing out by 
111 » day. Call or addrw9<12 East Fourth strict, 

i'^ local i-tl. Tlu> chuapoM i.rop'Tfy in th 
city. Joliu Fraser, r'lom "^(Xi, Torrty hlk. 

, i •position aa (lolivery ni.iu or care of pri- 
vato family horso ; has had oxporiouco. UoraM 
F 6*. 

.Scandi.niiviiiu dmjfsiift with bizlcen years 
ovporirmro; best of rtferencoB. Address A. 
liiiaily, ill First aveuuo east. 

l.k(« t<i iiavt' position iu store axid oraploy- 
iiiont oIKcc ; lias rof-rouces ; caa do ml kinds of 
y,or\i. K 0'). Herald. 


itor work. Am ly !'•'>, West First stioct. 

house, with loafcO, cheap; good location. 
G 65. 

V iu Now liiiliith. A huElnr^Bs of from S-55 to 
?T)0 a (^3y^"la^.1nt(>ed and \'ith jjofid matia^e- 
ment cou!<l bo increaK-'d. Other n:atur» comi>pl 
me to difpote of it. Addresj C. Vollcr, New Du- 
luth, Minn. 



WaLESTI^E^LODGE No. 79. A. F. & 
1 A. M. ll"irnlar meeiiujr third 
MorrKiy eveninjfH of every mouth at H 
o'clock. Next meetlntr Jwly 3, Ihw. 
Work, third dejrreo. W. H. ratUn, \S . 
M. Edwin Mo<jer9, secreta ry. 

ONIG LODGE No. 1W5. A- F. A: A. M. 

KiV'ular meet iDC8 second and fonrtli 
lloiiiJaj eveniiips of (5very moiitli at 
o'(lr>ctf. \extnif*1inff June L'^^ 1-«J 
'iVoik. Fellowciaft degroe. B. L. Fraze,-, 
W. M. H. W. Choadle. t,ecrctary. 

^''E Y.STONE CHAPTER No. 20, K. A. M. 
i Stated coniniunicatious second and f''«'^J' 
Wednesday eveniiurs of each niontli at 8 o clock. 
(i»H). A. F.'nck, H. P. T. J. Huutcr. pecretary. 


> / U K. T. Stated concla.'P at 7 ::W 

a;. ^ iV^/E o'clock firt>l Rud third Tue'-day ewti- 

t ...Z.\^» iti-B <if I'very month. W. G. Ten 

Zr--^^ Brook, E.G. Alfred LeEiche ox. -oc- 

r.tary. ^^ 


iced in 

VV bookkeeper: thoroughly experieiiCC 
oince work. E GO, Ilorald. _ 

JL in private family. Two Germau Birln want 
Imuf-ework. Good c^>ok wawts r-ii nation in 
hotel. Eiuployineut OHJce, Iti First aveuuo east. 

iii-hed rooms, urfuruii h"d rooms, otc.etc, 
cards can 1)0 had at Gloho Printing company 
ofiicf, (ilO West Superior '!ro»-t. l>argaiiiH 111 
envelopes and htatemonte for the next two 
weeks, ('all and fee eamplss. Hollo f/JO. 

tiquo railrond at ijc loy, Mich. Apply at 
olfico at boncy. .Mich. 



continental hue runniig Its through t a- VV „thcr ' 

cific coast trains via Helena and Butte, j street. 

-A <- 

need apply 


lOj East Soperior 



DrLCTiT— 4;U W. Miphigan Street. 

(near Unioi Depot). 
MiNNEAPoiai— 111 Nicollet Ave. 
St. Pall,— T lird and Jaclcsou Sts. 


Permanent place, v hole or part, time. 

Apply at once, iir^wu. Bros. Co., ^a^s^^rymen, 


VV srtllonrKr-eciKltieF ot tbniiij!t?illJt"mtplan, 
Good wages a" li flieady work to the ritrht men, 
W. A. Etiwarde, '.2) Hai>erior -tre-t. 

uished ro'jmp. flats and honsee with 
Spcly's Fire Insurance, Rectal and Collection 
Bureau. 1U3 and 104 Palladio building. Have a 
large libt of applicants. 


r5 lection Bureau. Adjumiieat of intrical<» 
accouii'.s a Fpecialty. 103 and l(d Pallaaio. 

J Woo.ibrid*:e building. If y-'tJ want « boiib« 
or ptore call and see « bi< lift nlwayo ou h*nd. 

HJAJTjH Ii.:i(iiiijr£RH. 

tion »r.'ren ^J liie examiiiitioc and jn;»<>»«^ 
ir4« on mineral lantia. Irou l^ads botyrht ' ^v 
ti'jiA. Aaa'ysee of e.'J L'io(^?' iraJ/- v>.i tii .- 
notio"". f'''i Chamber o^" Cor. mere". 

Tit HKXT- KftOitS. 

Jr housekcepiuy, with ;ity water, HI West 
Third Ftreot. 


T V and copiHjr Bmitbs, g.16 and btoani tiu^re ; 

11 Seventh avenue west; jobbinif a specialty; 

telef'hone '2Vi. 


¥/. AlcMiliLA^ <.<.iMPANV. 

JC room. 17 Second avcnuo,oabt. 

Jr sirabl'' in t'le ciry. 1 nqnire at candy coun- 
ter. Lyceum druij i^tore. 




k? inaaently d•:•^troyod by electricity without 
injury. Scientific face mc*sa<re and complexion 
treiltiueut. n\nn manicuring-. Choic" toilet pn- 
i p.-irations. Mr<. .lulia L. HuBh- s, 3J7 Mf-sonic 
Tenp'.i-. Duluth. 


The Handicappero? the National Cycling Asso- 
Amateur bicyclists have thus far mon- 
opolized the racing business on American 
tracks, but beginning July 3 and 4, ^^ 
New York, swift wheelmen will contest 




r front room, ell conv -picncc£=. 100, Torrcy ■ i 

ir for lijjht hoiisekeering, 11 First avenue ; 

FIX Ay CT A T^_^^^ ^ ^ 


erty at No. 7 Fifth avenue we^t. 



itantinl backing for the tov/ns now st.irted j^j. ^^^^i at the meets of the National 

and others that will spring up in future, 
and with good natured rivalry each is 
striving to become the chief town on the 

All these communities must prove val- 
uable feeders for Dukith. They will 
draw their supplies from this point, and 
our wholesale and retail merchants will 
experience great benefits therefrom. The 
dauntless spirit that refuses to be cast 
down by a reverse that would have 
crushed towns elsewhere must be re- 
warded with rich success. 

Cycling association. The opening races 
will be"held at Manhattan field, and §25,- 
coo will be awarded to riders during the 

s:ason. . . 

The National Cycling a.^sociation is 
practicallv identical with the National 
Baseball 'league so far as its member- 
ship is concerned. Many league cities 
are repr«:sented in the Cycling associa- 
tion circuit, and the cost of preparation 
has been comparatively lightin eachcitv, 
as well-equipped inclosurcs exist in each 

nlare. „ . j u .u 

■ The organization effected by the 
election of the following oMicers: I'/esi- 
dent, Pat Powers, of New York; \\. H. 
Robertson, starter, and .S. W. Merrihew, 
official handicappcr. 

The plan is taat the eight members ot 

the association shall control absolutely 

a'l matters concerning profo sional 

bicycling racini^ within their cities or 

districts, subject to the rules and regula- 

Ser.ator Stanford. This is believed to ^j^^s of the association. Each irenriber 

indicate that Justice Fitzgerald of the } of the association is bound to equip a 

s„pre.,e coun of ,ha. sta.e wi.i wear the \ ^^^SJ^'^^^S^^^J^J^, 

•o keep the same in good order, to ac- 


This morning and until we 
went to press, j'ou would for- 
get all about Hard Times. 


r 1 

T. H 

O rior. Apply to Wen cenliall & Hoopes. 

V ter's Park, $2r., or n-ill seli n)r^!nall cat-Ji 
payment and $25 mont dy 
Rurrows hl'>ck. 

estate loati. a.t luwo«-t rate». or j.nrcbaert 
j r nonr-y rr-of^rftg^. t-t-vker. i^.tnley & hir\i. 


, .., •tf:,f\x i<"..-!>ir. -) i>iji^ iii,.,n-ivv^w-.i. I ..-^ ......^^., ..... — ', household farnitare, pi- 

i"* house. coiivfuieMt. to husicess. «'. a mouth. ] aiios. diamondE. jewelry and all kinds of p.'>T- 
I llawl,-es .J'-.. Ll'O West Superior street. .=onal properTj , on short notice and a lover rats 

, , —' ;.i, an you cau possibly get it eJsewticre. Inqune 

ci Wni. Hu! kan. manat-er. Dnlutb Mortea.r» 
Loan rompariy, rooiE4:«),<.hemberrif C<jmmeroe 
baildinc. Duluth. 

xVl jewelry. G. A. Klein, only licensed pa»-a- 
hroker in I'Tilc^h. 17 Weo^ SiT.erir.r ►•^r-vt. 

H. M. Backus, 5-30 

' Ea-it, End. Allniotern convcmencep;hot 
w.itor heat. i<l'^ per mouth. KV) Torrcy hhU. 

TMs Store Will Close at 12 Noon Mmm. 

IT' ji"nr h-ieinrss r.-nloi, mode.Ti eo:ivenienco.s 
See CharU* F. Ilow->, Oil Ci.nmber of Com- 


• and advocate. 2u jeapf espi rienee in very 
e\tcu:ivi' practice in Now York and Ptnn^ylvii- 
n«:i. Corixirate,' ur.d r»»al ("tats 
iiiiffation a specialty. Iu3 Palladio. Daluth. 



'.'i-iixA'-iYm r,.-. ....»—« — . • 

JT .tl5 por mor.'th, en iii-rhteeuth aveuuo east 
and Eolith .^itreet. .Vpply to Wilson & NaxiUt.s 
"/ E\cL.Ti i« eDuih i Wr. ^ 

eru couvcniciiC'.ie ; steara heat. Ez-viture 
2<WLyeeT:n). _____^--.^— —— ^— 

L. U. C. TITUS, L. L. B. C. A. llrPIIERRIN. 
Ex- . istrict Attorney for Butler CA)unty. Pa., 
Attoek':t8 at Law. • 
Oili!.-e;-: ;.{ I'hceais Eiock. 

law. 120 t hanibcr of t Oinn-.or.-e bili?., Du- 

liith, Minn. 

Governor Markhara, cf California, 
says lie will follow bis own inclinations 
in appointing a good Republican to the 
United States senate to succeed the late 

Fully ^5o,oco,oco will be put in circula- 
tion during the present week, including 
interest on the public debt, on railroad 
and other bonds, dividends on stocks and 
.payment of pension. This must greatly 
relieve the financial stringency at the 

commercial center and infuse new life 
into business circles. 

President Cleveland's proclamation 
convening congress to meet a month 
hence has inspired a much better feeling 
tbrouc^hout the country. The belief that , 

he X? not call congress in extra session in the Sunday morning papers that had 
until he became satisfied that he could 

There was nothing of any importance 

cept and carrv out the scnedule adopted 
by the association and to offer and pay 
such cash prizes as may be oecided oy 
the asr-cciatioii fcr all its n^einbcrs. 

The race prot;rains are to be made up 
of three events per dav, viz.: Novice 
race, handicap race and free-for-all race. 
Only cash prizes are to be contested tor, 
and the total amount of these cash pr.zes 
must not be less than ?i5oo ptr meeting. 
The prizes are to be paid by the jocal 
members of the association, the latter, 
however, guaranteeing the prizes. Fail- 
ure of individual members to pay prizes 



Address Siotix Falls btcara Laundry, 

SioQxl'alls South Da kota. " 

Y V at Lester P ark. Address A . 02^ 



VV wrtvep, $l«; to $2(» p-r mouth. 
ni'-nt Oflicp. 16 First avenue ea^it. 


. V V Fnclope stampr-d cnvoloiK) to Bertha hcv.z, 
\ Boc., South Reud, Ind. 


^,.• u I • '.V. c 7 inracemeetsheld under their jui iscic- 
not been already published m the batur- j ^^^^ jg ^^^ ^,^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ expulsidfi from 

Xi^tT'wanted nY TiiS north- 

Jt\. weBtern Boncvohut Society of Dulutti. 
Pays eiek, eccideiu and death benefits at a cost 
of iTi couts per week. Has written t)Ter l.,*HK} 
mtmbers and has paid out over $:!0.000 in cash 
TO those meniborH in the pa^t sixtweu nioutlid. 
Our agents are uiakinr? from Si 00 to S^Oi per 
month. Write for terms or cnU at 707, TCS af-d 
7(19, Palladio build ncr. 


ri-VRAPli AGEN & FlTZl'.A TR - CK. ARCH 1- 
1 t-cts. Rcoras'.Hl u'-diin. Torry bui iiuc. 
Dii'uilc. Miiiu. 

Keep ][t 



If you can get you r name 

so th oroughly and so 

prominently ussociatcd with 

the business i ii v.-h ich you 

are encaged iha t people will 

i nstinctively ;hi nk of the name 

whene ver the business 

is suggested, you will have 

.achieved the acme of advertising. 


A husinepg at. 12 Fifth avenue wa?.t. Lyceum 
buiWinp, and is prep^irrd t-^ do aU kinds cf 
fiiioemakitiff work in n first-claes mariner, l-mo 
••lio^ s a (il»ecialtv. Old cu.-tomers are invited jto 
call at my new shop. F. Dalphoxd. 

e.'ch.IsibebsTHty^ ajoctioneefC 

^.» . room 2a; Herald buildinjr, has to rent lor 
term of years, 1>eautifiil grounds. liO acrot=. m dn Lac villatje, suitable for h..t*l. Pic- 
irc«. H*hin~. bithi K. pardenmc, a-id bontins 
to DulTiTh; will be rented cheap to riiht parties. 
There is a fortune in it. 

Cl\ 11. ilS'ilSt.ERS. 

• civil enKineers. SCS West i-iiurth stn-et. 

X. iiinet r an.'', surveyor. R<k 

>om 7r> Palladio. 

depend upon congress repealing the 
Sherman lawhas undoubtedly had a very 
beneficial effect, but it has not been suf- 
iicient to fully restore confidence because 

there is still a lingering doubt that con- 

jTre-=s may fail to fulfill the expectations \ ' ' ' ' ~~~ 

fn this respect. Not until congress ac- 1 Attorney General Rosendale, of New 
ualW repeals the vicious measure will York, rules that tinder an old law Sunday 
the confidence that is imperatiyely need- I fishing is illegal m the Empire state 

day Herald. Again it was demonstrated I j|,"g" association. Local and schedule 
that the Saturday edition of The Herald race meets may be held on Sunv.avs 

is the best newspaper published at the 
head of the lakes and few excel it in the 

ed be restored. 

The Torrens System. 
Illinois has taken a step forward that 
Minnesota would do well to imitate. The 

le^nslature passed a bill embodying the ,,.,,, .u . *i. 

r^;!n features of the Torrens system of The New York World says that the 
land transfer and it *ras promptly signed country is carrying a silver jag. and 
by the governor. Several years ago an money has got a tight on it. And now it 
agitation in favor of the Torrens system is getting ready to try the gold cure- 
was begun in this state and nearly all 

As there can be no fishing unless wi:h 
the co-operation of the fishes, the Boston 
Transcript ^thinks it is no more than fair 
that the anglers should drop them a line 
on the first day of each week. 

who carefully examined its principles 
became satisfied that its adoption here 

Another lawsuit arising from the death 
of S. J.Tilden has just been settled in 

wherever local laws and customs permit, 
Races may also be held at night by elec- 
tric light on association tracks, thusopen- 
ing up a profitable field for local twelve- 
hour, twenty-four hpur and other long- 
distance events. 

Wavo Tossed. 
Sea sick voyagers suffer unspeakable 
tortures. Then if Holtettcrs Stomach 
Bitters is resorted to the tortures cease. 
Yachting parlieF, ocean fishermen, nerv- 
ous, sickly pe.-p'c. whom the jarring of a 
railway train a!fe;:ts much in tho same 
way as the tossing of the surges do one 
who crosses the Atlantic for the first 
time, should be mindful of this, and be 
provided with an adequate s'upply of the 
Hitters. This incomparable stomachic 
will promptly settle a stomach out- 
rageously disturbed, is a capital antidote 
to malaria and nervous complaints, rem- 
edies constipation and bihousness and 
counler.acts a tendency to rhcurn-atism 


The New Secretary o? the United Stales 
General Cox was born .^t Scotland 
Neck, N.C.. in 1831. In 185-. ho was 
graduated with distinction from I'ranklin 
college and later studied lav/ and was 
admi'ited to the bar in 1853. He went to 
Raleigh in 1S50 and was nominated for a in the lower house of the legislature 
but was beaten by a small majority by 
his Whig opponent. 

The war coming on a little K^tcr he 
was apnointed major in a confederate 
reglmeat and rose to the rank ot briga- 
dier-general. . J.J 

In 1877 Gen. Cox was appointed judge 
in the superior court; in 1SS2 he w;is 
elected to congress and re-elected m 
188 1. [ _________ 


i« n-'antifnl. nicely furnished rooms in pri |f 
fj vate family in ono of liuest localities in r 
I"; Chicago, $1.00 per day; near clovatcd bta- r 


If you u-ilTpt it your name 
and your business 
together in 
The Evenujg Herald 


1 office in J>n1utli. frei of rlririje t« r.i! pirls 
.'.1«o have r> fnll line <>f hair switch-'. chRiis. e«c. 
Mrs. V. C. Seibi>M. 2i5 East Superior Mreet. 


For Improving La;;e Avenuo Ficm 
Superior Stree*, to the Ship Canal. 



Will Occupy Their Nen? Office in Torrey BnildiQg, July 1. 

WE HAVE MONEY TO LOAN, and without delay, on good improved or 
unimproved property at prevailinK rates. 

SEVERAL DESIRABLE HOUSES in best parts of the city for rent. ALso 
Stores on Michigan and First streets. 

FIRE INSURANCE iu best home and foreign companies correctly and 

promptly written. . _ 


5, 6 aud 7 Firat Natioual Bauk Buildiug: UNTIL JULY 1. 

l-'t tio-i ; fifteen iniuuteo to iair 

counteracts a tendency xu ru............. i^^,^,.^^:'^^,:^^^^ 

B >--ides thi-. it compen.sates for a los:; of | k tgggmnH^Tgg. ■ .. ..- v. ... --^^■j^v^if^-u'ti- « 

energy conscciucnt upon undue exertion '------z^ 

entity i,iMio^«i">-"«- -I---- - - . 

or n-jrvous anxiety, aud averts the elects 
of exposure in inclement weather and 
the wearing of damp clothing: Both ap- 
petite -and sleep arc promoted by it, anrt 
general health rapidly improves through 
its use. 




All merchants and citizens are cau- 
tioned against allowing any combustible 
material to remain on thoir premises at 
any t'me and especially on July 4. owing 
to the danger Irom fireworks on that day. 


Fire Warden. 

t — — — — 

Ossifrage excursion to Ashland tomor- 
row night. 

A Positive and Permp.i^ent Cure 
for all Stomach Troubles, 

Wrigl»t's U. S. Dyspepsia SQecifio, 



P. C. Lutx. DruKKist. :M V/abasha St., St. Paul. 


Piittorns and Mna'i n- mU'Jh rivii'.e poifeet. 
A'^oit taiico Riven iuT.'iiror.'^ in iM>ifectinK i>u.iiB. 
Thirty years exi>rrionce.^ noKTT<HER. 
Mtin/ror r.loeW. Fou-tii street utid Firbl Avoduo 

Easti West Dulut'o, M.iuu. 

OHlco of the Board of rnhlic Works ) 
t'ity of Dulntli, Minn.. Jnno 2:!. V^r.. S 
Notice is> hereby given that a contract has 
been completed l'<tr iiavins and oilier- 
vite iniprovins Lake .ivemio in the 
city of Dulutb. Minn., from Siiporior street 
to the ship cuue.l : c<in.-trueuii« a ci'mbim.l sew- 
er in f.tic) avenue from Hmilroad street t.» llie 
Riiip canal. ;uiil erectinu the substructim^ of «n 
iron vinlnet therein from u point niidwiV :^Y 
tween Siiperior and Michipan streets to a point 
nlxiiit 210 feet south of Railroad street ; that tiie 
bourd of i><,iblic vvoiku of s-Jd city will tioet at 
their odice in ihe city hnll, in said city, -in Fri- 
day, tlio 7th day of .July, A. D. lM»;i. at 10 
o'clock a. m., to i.mko an iissess-jieut "' J'>« 
snni ot" s.>ventei u thousiii.d live linmlrel utiy- 
nine (I7,rjr,'.u dollars .-md uinety-livo (SIM cents 
' upon the real eetat^i bemeQud by hurh pavinp 
and other inipro'.-ejnents, for the i uri'oso ot 
raisiiip money to in full dctray the 
exponte theretif. 

The following lands situated iu said ci y. viz. : 
Lots A. 2. 4, •> imd 8. in block 3; lota 1, b ana 
rt, Mu block 1; !ot.-j 1. -'i^^J- \ ^' 
'.( 10 au.l 11. in block VI: , lof*- 
I 2. 3 I. r., 6, 7. S, n, 10. 11. 12 and i:?, ui b ock l.j. 
iVutral division of Dnlnth. Lots 1, '.'.3. !,. 5, o. .. 
M '.). 10. 11, 12. n. 14, 1^>. f'. 17 and IS, Irau.-fer 
division of Dnlnth. Lots 2. « 0. S, 10. 1:', U. l'>. 
IS niul 20, in blocV 2: lo'i> 1, 2. 3, 4. 5, o. 7 M', b', 
11, 12, l". and U. It.arranireniei.t of b'ocKj* '.,**"? 
.S.'iuilublriiil division. Lota 1, S..^. 7. 9. l'- -• ^• 
r. H. 1(1. 12. 14 and 16. I^akc avenue. Lot* 1- •». 7, 
7 9 1), 13, ISand 17, Minuerota avenue, I owe 1 s 
luMition. Luts 2HI, 2.-.:l. ?i!:>. 2.17, 2ti'.>, 271 :^3. 2m, 
:-77, 27St, i^l. 2...t. 2Sr,, 2,S7. 2W. 2..1, 29;1, 2!^. .;. /. -W. 
•'.)■> ;'04 -JCti, 2('S. 270. 272, 274, 27(>. 27\ 2mi, .N2, 2M, 
.>S(5' -isH -'"O ?H2. 2'.1J. 2Vi;;. 21>S ond Wljukf avenue. 
Lotr2(;!>2'):i.26:..2t57, 2(59. 271. 273, -.75, 277. 27|>. 
•.'SI. 2.'<1. 2sr,, 2>7, 2>3, 2'.n. 2tt:!. 2a-.. 2i»7 uj'l 2t<.t. 
Minrerota avenue Upper Duluth, aro deoin><l 
benetitcd by* paid pavin« and ..her iri- 
T.rovenients and \vil'b"so assfs^ed unless canso 
be k!\ov. n why any of tlictu should not bo so as- 



Otlici.-xl : 

dork Board of Public Works. 
June 2S July 3-6. 

every oay 


Soon Reach. 

Tiiat Point ! 


• Midwife. Full fn-aduate of '.Terius-n coii.w? 

of Ac'-'uchmeul. CuppiuK, et«. dote 
Third elreot 



609 East 


VJ stoves and rr.eces rt-pa ired on ^'.lort notice. 
ca.stiuKS furnished f..r any ki-d o^ sj^'ivos made, 
American Stove r.cpair Workr., 11J» Last M);.or- 
iorKtri-t^t. ______^_^^— 



HmiiuVoK^rA WEEK AT 102 EAST 

Second t-treet. 

AND BrrAir.Eii 

^^ „„,. , J Reawinahle price'. A. 

Giiigold.'lls'KHst Sec» >nd street. 

wioH yn «;iil. 


1 Went Heeond st n c!\ 

r^'HoicK koixm" and TAHLK HO.VRD. 

L.' 318 West b-.-coiTl street. Lunch, from 1- 
to 1 ::«. 

M H Hull to A Bettcs, lot 20. block JO. 
nibbing. - -\'V'i"t 

J \ J hnson to S F Harrison, west bt lot 

i>, bl.H-k 4't. Endion. -..-....-.. 

J Sodalil to S F Usrneon. ea«t H lot U, 

i)lock 45, i-iidioa...- -. - — - 

Mi^snb,'.^ NortheruTowusite crmpany 

to VV K Sliarp. h'. -■>. bhx-k 16. .. 
V Lajdi tta to Wm Murpliy, lots 36f> and 

:V7, block IcO.nnlatU Proper. Second 

division -- T — -,---.- 

\ F Gross ro W K Burt, lands in sec- 

" tio:.s nr.o-2J !....--.,.--. 

J Mathcfon to K (i Free, lot 2i, bloCK -2, 

Duhr.h Il-inhtf. Fiftb division. - 

W C Sl.ervvoo.1 to :^ W KcUmun. lot », 

b'.ock 4. North D;;luth. Firht divi- 

T> W .Scott to j .\ M Passmoro, lots 4 
r.n-1 5, bl.u'k "4, lUwabik 

Wm M Murphy to N Lan'.etta. lot 10?, 
bhx-k KH), Duluth Proijer.Tieconil divi- 
liioa - " 

Total transfers 










^Tn'sTnuTrAKKKn. THE well 


Known youHR and Kili<-d chnrvoyaiit aud 
trance medium, hiis» located at No. -0- Last 
Second stret>t, opposte the Tent rid UuThschooi. 
Tiuthlu! in her )>r...!iet,i.M,-.. reh.blo lu bei- .-id- , ^., 
vice. Noi.iail.-r %\ t . •.••|||»le you hiivo with Ex. 
yourseir or othira c me and she willKUide you. 
She advises yce >••> h •< certainty by a hik'Uer 
than human 1 . v.. r. i....i't her if yon 
n:o interested in tliP nffair* of ufe. If niiirriac:(>s. 
Hi'rkne^.'-. f^eatJif. fJchnnfres. travel-, .livorces. 


In Best Part of the City. 

510-';1 1 Lvcru:n 

f i r > ' » ^ «' J—- ' 'PI * ' ' . j 'J l^ ' ^JL Bg 

OK no; t'KnOLD 

Hiskne^.'., .^eatJ)f, Pchniwes. travels 'nvorces, u ^ — ^ .-- ^ ^ij-i OK UOi td 

S.s'cond stieet 


„ m^».i-...j7BK'rBUKi:6'w^ .- 

Books oxHucd, written up and balanced. 



At 2>»; )'.V.«f if,cJii>Ti Stict-t. 


1). A. lU'NLAP. M-"-,rer. 








i'i . 





That Sums up Nearly All the Business Iran 
sactotf by the City Council 

The Bunnell Block Site Was Offered to the 
City for $30,000 for a Market 

Chief Smith Classes Nearly All the Buildings 

on Minnesota Point as Fire 


By a scratch the city pay rolls were 
I>assed at the special meeting of ttie 
council. Uy the time a quorum was 
secured it was S o'clock. Kvan then, 
both President Spencer and \ice I'rebi- 
dent Helm were cons[)icuous by their 
al)iciice. Alderman Hugo was chosen 
chairman pro tern and under his master 
hand the business moved oiT with celerity 
and in a manner worth going many miles 
to behold. A single Iiaif hour tolil the 
story and then all the aldermen were at 
liberty to go home and prepare their 
lessons tor Sunday school the next day. 
^ The pay rolls were passed as follows: 
City otTicers, j;-2i3; assessor's depar;- 
mcnt, ?795; board oi public wosk-;, :>!).; i ; 
health department, $4544; Tire depart- 
ment, $51^7; engineer's departmer.t. 

:S rhe offer of the old Bunnell block sit.-, 
the scene of the late fire, to the city for a 
market pl.ace. in consideration of the 
payment of >jo,ooo, was referred. The 
city clerk was directed to p.ay for the 
meter inspection instruments recently 
ordered and which will soon arrive. A 
small amount of routine business was 
further transacted, alter v.hich came 


Chief Smilh Announces a Large Number of 
Buildings as Dangerous. 
At the fire commissioners' meeting 
Saturday evening bills for June amount- 
ing to were allowed. Ch ef 

Smith's report contained the following 

Number oi alarms 15 

Value of proDerty attacked $7r.0.1(0 

Iiitfurauce on attacliCU 5iti,"J.O 

l^ws - -• 4',')ir7 

Had it not been tor the Bunnell block 
fire the record for June would have 
shown insignificant losses. Thirty-nine 
thousand dollars of the whole loss was 
due to that disastrous bla;',e. The exist- 
ence of that and simib.r blocks was se- 
verely condemned by the chie.f in his re- 
port. The lire tugs lor the month saved 
over $25,000 worth of property. The re- 
port closed with the follow!t;g: 
' 'I have visited and inspected buildings 
along Lake avenue. I consider every 
building east of l.ake avenue and south 
of the ice houses, a fire trap. There are 
other places in the city just as bad so 
far as the risk to human life is concerned. 
These are the old Heckman building, the 
Norris house, the O'Brien & 
Knowlton and the Pastoret-StetSf)n. 
The last mentioned building is 
now being altered and changed "into a 
hotel. For the people living in the 
O'Brien & Knowlton building there are 
not proper escapes. In this building as 
in the Pastoret-Stenson too many gasoline 
staves are used for safety. 

"On July 3 the whole department will 
go on duty and remain until July 5. At 
this particular time citizens and mer- 
chants should take psrticular care to 
guard against possible tires. Merchants 
should have all combustible waste ma- 
terial removed from pri>ximity to build- 
ings and from basements and coal holes, 
where lire crackers might come in." 


Murphy & Dorr Have Docidsd to Put in a 
Plan! of Large Capacity. 

Murphy ^\: Dorr it is now semi-olficial- 
ly stated, have decided to build a saw 
mill here and engage in manufacturing. 
They will put iu a plant with a big capa- 
city. Murphy & Dorr own one of the 
finest tracts of timber in the state, and 
will tutn out a high gr:ide of lumber, 
mos-t of which, if not all, wdi lie sold in 
the Kastern market. 

The matter of placing the Duluth dis- 
tri.t in thnrmony with the other districts 
ol this section, as Jo grades, has b^en 
abancionrd. Kvery prep;irauon had 
been madv.-, the inspectors emp\)\ ed and 
a large proportion of the funds necessary 
to defray the expense of the undertaking 
had been paid m when it was Icarnetl 
that two or three of tlie large manufac- 
tureift dcciinetl to meet the assessments, 
whereupon the committee returned the 
checks which had been sent il, and 
y.ashed its hands of the whole affair, .So 
it is, comm -nts the Northwestern Lum- 
berman, that Duluth is not only out t>f sorts 
with the other districts, but each manu- 
factuieris grading his lunfncr to suit 
himself and his customers. The cargo 
shipments would not have come under 
the rules governing for Western trade, 
and as but little lum'oer is going west 
this season, the lack of uniformiiy will 
not be S3 seriously felt. 

AH the mills continue to run by day 
and some of them by night, but several 
of the large concerns h.ave shut down at 
nighf. claimin^g th it the present market 
and the outlook do not wa rant the crowd- 
ing of their mills. Trade from the North- 
west continues to ho'd b;u k and it be- 
gins to look as though the farmers would 
do but very little building this *eason. 
In this direction the market is pci Imps 
the dullest it has been lor several years. 
Dealers arc not disposeil to crowil stoiks 
on t!io middlemen in the west nor to part 
with their luml^er except for cash or ap- 
proved shoit time paper. .Shipments 
east continue brisk and rates have 
dropped to S2.20 to Tonawanda. 



The Psviiion Was Unquestionably the Popular 
Resort "If'csterday. 

The Pavilion was ciowded yesterday 
afternoon and evening. As the summer 
progresses Professor Meier's concerts be- 
come more and more popular and Jessie 
Millar, the cornet soloist, as a drawing 
card is a whole host in herself. Last 
evening the little lady played two com- 
positions by Levy, the great cornetist — a 
tarrtasia and another .selection. Both 
won applause so hearty that Mi;s Jessie 
was required to respond widi other selec- 

The City band made its hit of the even- 
ing with the descriptive piece, "A Trip to 
Coney Ldaiul." Professor Meier con- 
ducted his musicians and the audience to 
that jolly resort and returned the v.'hole 
parly after the fire works without slip or 
jar. As an encore .Sousa's popular marcli, 
"High School Cadets," was rendered. 
ToHK-rrow there will be two band con- 
certs at the Pavilion. For the evening a 
special Independence day program has 
been prepared. Jessie will play 
at both concerts. 

Duluth Knights oi the Grip Will Go to the 
World's Fair. 

Wednesday, July 26, is "Commercial 
Travelers' Day" at the World's fair and 
a great day it will be. The ex]H)5iti(m 
will be open from 8 a. m. to midnight. 
There will be a grand reception Cf>nccrt, 
1000 mu-icians and speeches in Festival 
hall from ii a. m. to 2 p.m. .\X 3 
o'clock, parade of nil nations, all the 
freaks of Midway Plaisance will be re- 
viewed by the traveling men. At night, 
besides the beautiful illumination of the 
grounds, Jas. Paine tS: Sons will give a 
?5ooo fireworks display. Emblems of 
the Commercial Travelers' association, 
125 feet long by 6a feet high, Niagara 
falls and many unique and original 
pieces approfiriate to ihe occasion will 
be presenteil. Thur?dav, Friday and 
Saturday nights will be devoted to visit- 
ing different placci in Chicago and a 
grand banquet will be given. 

Zenith Council of United Commercial 
Travelers, of this city, is anxious to get 
together a 1 irge body of the Duluth boys 
and go down and will, if special railroad 
rates can b; secured. The officers are 
now canvassing to see how many will go. 


City Engineer is Roatiy to Report on the Sixth 
Street improvement. 

The city engineer has prepared the cs- 
timntes for the grading of Sixth street 
from Cascade street to Fifth avenue 
west. With a "double grade" the esti- 
mated cost is $33,179 while with a "single 
grade" the estimated cost is ?33,76«;. 
ihe double grade is not only the cheap- 
est, but Mr. Keed says that ic js the best 
for the further reason that it brings the 
greatest benefits to the abutting properly 
and also does less damngc. That point 
has U) be kejjt constantly in view under 
the position that the courts have taken 
in these assessment c.tscs. 

The engineering department has con- 
structed a most ingenious and compre- 
hensive wooden model ol the? proposed 
improvement, both with "double" and 
"single" grades. 

To the Final Resting Place. 
Edward Fuller, of Clinton, Mass., ar- 
rived in the city vcsterdav to get the re- 
mains of his son John E. Fuller, who sui- 
cidcc. Funeral services were held this 
afternoon at the residence of W. S. 
Woodbridgc, F. C. Southwoith officia- 
ting, and Mr. Fuller left on the Omaha 
v.Mth the remains for the East. 

Fell Down a Shalt. 

John. Mihelicb, an Austrian, was killed 
a few days ago j.i the Chandler mine at 
Ely. He ami his son were pushing a 
car of ore and it fell into the rihatt, .a dis- 
tance of 150 feet. The man followed 
and was instantly killed. Miheiirh was 
about 50 years old and leaves a v;ife and 
familv, who arc in Austria, 

The Car Scrvica R«port. 

The report of Chairman Kelly, of the 1 
Car .Service association, frtr June, shows I 
14.787 cars handled with 18,131 days of 
delay. Of these 7742 were at Uuluth 
and 7045 at Superior. The total is 88 
less than that of June, 1892. Of the cars 
luir.dled, 5737 were of grain, rye, flax 
and barley; 3601 of coal and coke, and 
2105 of himber and forest products, ihe 
Sr. Paul & Duluth road handled -?c8t, 
the Omaha road 1536, the Northern Paci- 
hc 5-257. Eastern Minnesota 4405, Duluth 
&. Iron Range 2^7, South Shore road 235. 

Dr. Speer & Co.'s method for curing 
piles has effected wonderful results. 

The Specifications Received. 

City Engineer Kcci is in receijU of 
the specifications for the construction of 
the ship canal tunnel from Samuel G. 
Artingstali, consulting engineer, Chica'^o. 
With the drawings previously submitted 
and the^e specifications, that gentleman 
says that any contractor can make an in- 
■.elligent bid for the work. 

Mental exhaustion and brain fatigue 
i'romptly cured by Brr)mo-Seltzer. 3 

Free Excursion. 
Purchasers of Ashland ticket? on the 
Ossifrage are entitled to the evening ex- 
cursion without charge. 

Go to the picnic at Lester Park, July 
4. Good refreshment stand on the 


• I. ■ 

Dr. Speer & Co.'s cure for piles is per- 
manent. See ad page 2. NoMctention 
from business. 

Highest of all in Leavening Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Renort 


DullQcss Still Prevails and Sales Are Not Very 
The weekly rep«)rt of the Duluth stock 
excha.ige says: The dullness that has 
ch.aracterized stock operations here for 
the past few wotks ha.s been continued 

and somewhat intensified the past week, 
on a plane of prices much the same as a 
week ago. only that in the case of jorne 
of the unlistetl ttocks there has lieen a 
stiarp decline. Dcalin^js have been lew, 
eithfr on the board or on the curb, and 
the maiket is in .a waiting condition. 
There is app.irenlly no pressure to sell 
and no great inclination to buv. Many 
of the quolalioiis mule in this circular 
arc Hureiy nominal and are likely to re- 
main so for the present. There is, how- 
ever, a very inviiing field on rhis ex- 
change lor prrlit in the ])urchase of the stocks that are known to have 
acln 'A and very good value behind them 
ii\ the sh.ipe of abundant deposits ol 
hig'n ifrade Bessemer ore, which can be 
mined at seme profit even at the lowest 
prico'yet rcacheii for ore. 

In verv bharp contrast are the rej'orts 
from all the other Lake .Superior iion 
ranges and the .Meiaba. On the Mar- 
<iuctte, Mi.nonuriee, Go;;ehic and \'er- 
uiilion operations are rap.dly bt^ng re- 
stricted to f hi])ments from stock pile 
only, and many ihciisand men have .al- 
reailv been laid off, while .some of the 
laigest mines iiavc taken out their pumps 
and virtuallv abandoned the field. The 
low price of or^^" and inability to make 
sales have led to this course. It is only 
reasotiable to suppose that the action of 
those companies ihu have abandoned 
operations ptrmanently have been in- 
thienccd more by the Mesabv^ than by 
the s'ate of the market, the latter only 
hastening h suspensioti that was sure to 
come, 'i he price of ore, too, is influ- 
enced in some degree, at least by the re- 
ports o[ the Mesaba, which have been al- 
together t(50 rosy and have over-reached 


Legal Papers Filed With the CIcrIt oi Court 

Papers were filed in Clerk Sinclair's 
office today as follows: 

David M. Nutt against W. C. Doherty. 
transcript cf judgr.icnt, $356.75. 

West Publishing company against 
Wallace Warner, suit begun tor !^'>03 50 
on promissory notes given for law hooks. 

Robert B. Whitesides against Andrew 
M. Rutan, mandate of supreme couit 
affirming order of lower court. 

In the assignment of l.udwig Kahn, 
releases of several creditors and as- 
signee's vouchers filed. 

Euclid C. Lapaine against John De 
Grass et a!, notice of dismissal. 

T. O. Itobe against R. B. Swift, reply. 

Jacob R. Myers against Duluth Trans- 
fer Railway company, urder of Judge 
Baxter for judgment for defendants. 

A marriage license v/as issued to An- 
drew Lebbi and Lena Somera. Sec(ind 
papers have been granted to Ludwik 
Sabrask and John E. Burgo. 


Judge Powell Decides That He Is Maintaining 
a Nuisance. 

In the police court this morning 
nearly if not (juitc two dozen culprits 
showed up. The great majority pleaded 
guilty to the charge of drunkenness and 
were sent to the county jail to help Paul 
Sharvy celebrate our 'nation's birthday 
tomorrow. Tomorrow thera will be ho 
police court. 

Judge Powell this morning handed 
down his decision in the case of the City 
vs. W, C. Sherwood, charged with main- 
taininga nuisance in the form of a privy 
near 't'. W. Hugo's pantry window. His 
honor took the position th'at <!espite tliC 
fact that the outhouse has been cleaned 
four limes this year, it cut no figiue 
in the ra.atter, as the iiijtitut'.cn is a 
nuisance per se. A fine ol $1 and costs 
was imposed upon Mr. Sherwood. That 
gentleman was also informed by the 
judge that every hour that priy'y n- I 
mamed there pro.-ccutiou was iinniiiiciit 




Alii.Dlua> l'vl;;- )Li:, Profpect, oWo. 

Chronic Headach<3. 

Found no Tvulicf except in Kicka^ 

poo Inc'iuu Sa«;wr., the Greatest 

Bieaiing- to Humanity. 

l'nosj'::cT, O., March 19. 
For two years 1 tmd been iiKire or less 
anilcted wilb heurth'-hea r.nd bnd fa-iliit 
to ilnd onv relh'f. 1 was iceoniineiided 
to u3o Kii,icsT>oo Indliin Hhm^^iw riurln-f 
my last ftttiu'k nnd did po. My hcad- 
»<• lie stopped , nn<l J Imvo had iio'vo'.arna 
of it sinct', Mv luiidrches 1 iuntt from a 
liver and trouble, and the 
Hajrwa nu'do lis cnrativc offcotH f>lt at 
onto. I cheerfally rconmniciui Klck- 
nooo IndiKii H'urva to all who may b^ 
nltlic-trd, hfllfviiisr it to l)C tho wrc'atoa* 
bletsing of the human race. 



f fl fcrI!«.l<U',ororpr.. 


The School Board. 
The school board held a session Satur- 
day evening which was mostly executive. 
Tlie new West Park school will be 
named the Brvant srhool. N. C. Har- 
vey was awarded thv- contract for the 
plumbing in the new Jackson school and 
the Imperial Electti. ;ii company will do 
tiie wiring. Bills tt tlie amount of about 
S8000 were aUowcd. 

In view of what Hood's Sarsaparilla 
has done for others, is it not reaaonable 
to believe that it wii' alsobe of benefit to 



Dofmilt liciviiiK l)Oci) iniiili* ill llio |iavini-nt of 
till* Mini of <>i«lil liiiiulrtMl null hcvpiity imrl TO-lfX* 
I l$'^>(l,7til (InllarH. wliirli ih claiiiiiMl 10 bit (lui> aikI 
1-4 dm* iit thii ditti' of IJOM iiotiivt ii|>'iii 11 CKrtniii 
mortU'iK.'O, (Inly xxiHrutiMi ani! (Iil'wroii b.v Joliii 
K. Ihiir uiiil Mary A. Dull lu« wid' iii'irUtuitors. 
to riiivili'. 11. llHhtiiiw's iiiorlK''"(^'<'. li'f.'frin;: datii 
till- 2lht liny of April, IMI", unit with /I iKiwor of 
Hiilo llif rein i'oii|;iit:cii. iliily r i-'.nli J in 'Im of- 
licc of f hr icffi.sicr v( ilii'ili* iti .iiiil loi i Ii:>c<»un1y 
uf St. Louis aii4 Htnio of Miiiiii'sotii, on tiin l."-'.! 
ilJiy of A|iril, IKI. , at N o'cLicI; a. 1:1., in bonk t(l 
of iiiortKHKCH on |iai;<> 47. lOKJ no artiiui or jini- 
ofcdiuK liuvi'itf hccn iijuti'urpl, af !a\/ or of i;cr- 
wiN<>, to roco\iT tli»' deb: M-ciiroil by «H'»i mjrl- 
(fu;j'(>, or (iiiy par*. tl]cr('<>f. 

Now tli<>n'fi!r notif o IS Inrihy Rivi>n that f.v 
virtuo of tlio iioNvfi- of hHlti C'jufaiiiiMl in Bnnl 
iiiortijuvo, and laivsuaiil to llio Btatiita iu HOrh 
o«M) iiKido afifl iirovido'l, tiie k;iu1 iiiorlRnrrn will 
1m' for<vlf»M"l liv ft t^alfr of tlin prciniM- ' il<' 
scrihod ill and convej rd by ^;ud i:lorti;au<', vi.:. : 
All tliRt trart or parfi-i 4)f land iyinjf ati'l l»''^i:i;< 
in llio «M)uiity of St. Ijniiir- aad stat(M>f Minr.o- 
soIh. d'-scril('>d an loJIov.'o. to- v. it: 'I'lio in<'sl. 
Hoiitlicily t\voiity-><ov(ii by olirhty fi-oi CJixKiij 
of lor niinibrMod four (I) in block TninilMrcd m>v- 
Oiity Cidi IU M»i>r>»' icuriiiiicoi.n ii», «if huid |il(»cl: 
iirroi(l;utf to flio |> t!;ireof oa llli 
ttnd iff record in the olli'.'u of t!ir> n-pihtJir of 
diM'd'' in uud for St. Li)iii.s i-onnty, Miniio-ota, 
with rlic licri'dilnniciil.'. and appnrlontiiiws; 
wliicli will bo n-.iido 1)/ Ihn rlmriif of raid 
.St. Loiiiii county at tlio front door of tlif ci-iiil 
lioiiHr-, il' Iho city I'f i'lihitn in '.M;d county and 
»\i\U\ on tlic l:!tli day of .lul.v. iv.i;i, »t ID o'clwrlt 
a. in., of tlini day. Ht|>iil)lio »i'ndnn u> tlic liif'i- 
I'.'-t bidder for cash to jiov t-aid debt of oiijlit 
liuiuiriid seventy ami Til-Kilj dollnrs and inui-'s* 
and til" laKCH. if any, on haid piPmiFCB, an^l 
lifty dollar.'- attorne.v's fees us Mtiimialed in ai; 1 
hy H;vid nuirlK-'U'e in case of forfclosnro and tl.e 
di:liursciiic>iit.N allowed h.v 'aw; niliicct lo ?■ - 
dcni|ilion at any time wi'liin one year from th"- 
day of Kulo jik provided !>■• law. 
l)atcdM«y:J9ili, A. IJ. !.»:{. 

('ll.\ttl^Ea II. H ASTfNOH. 

("ASH, Williams & ("iikstkr, 

Allonirys for Mort^'nRPn. 

May-i)-Junoi) li-l»-20-July-'J 

Contract Work. 

OlUco <>f tho Itoard of Public Worko, ) 
City of Dnhith, Winn.. June 28, ISWl. ) 

S«nlei? bioBwill b.-* rocidved by tlio bo.'iid of 
public works iu and for thn coriioratioii of tl.o 
cit',' ol' Diiliifb. MiunesoTn. nt tlieir onlc<» in Kai'i 
city, until 10 a. ni. on the Itlll) (l«y of July. A. I>. 
Ifilt:!, lor tlio coiihtnicfion f>f n three-foot plant; 
wull; on the cast i-'ic^o «.'f avenue, in said 
city, from London road to Oxford ^^t^eot,accord- 
inj; to I'laiiH and f-i>eci!lcatioiis on fllo iu tlio 
ollico of Huid board. 

A certified chock or a bond with nt lonst two 
(2) Buiotios iu tho film of thirty ($:{().00) dollars 
luupt aecompsny oach bid. 

Thn Haid bimrd ruservos thoriKht to reject any 
or ail buis, 

IIesey Tk'jklhen, 

[Snal.l PrOKideut. 

Oflicial : 

T. W. Abei.i., 

(."Urk Ho.ird of l^ibllc WorkH. 

Jtino 2K-10t 

ffSBK>S2E:ii;:'.J.Si.i::.-.. .Ui££2Z!CL';5!£l*^iS::!Sil£:2^SSSiS^lSSSa^ 



Ol July Fonrfl We Close at Iob. 



July 15 is the Onto Fixed For It -Three Di- 
rectors to be Elected. 

Superintendcr.t Denfeld and Slcno- 
;jrapher Brocklchurst are e.\tremely busy 
at the Hifth school these days. The an 
nual rcpcjrt of the superintendent is in 
pr..paratioii and the course of study is 
beiiiK given a thorough and carelul 're- 
vision. The ia;j)or:ant alterations are 
not yet fully euou_r;h arranged to un- 

The call for the annurtl s-.hool board 
election was issued today. July 15 is the 
date an(i the poiiinfj pieces, clerks and 
inspector^ are pubiisn<;d elsewhere. 
Lakeside, for the hrst time, will elect a 
member of tiie board. .Successors to 
Presidort \V. E. Kicbatdson and F. S. 
Dajixett will a,i<;0 be chosen. 

me Wcalher. 

„„ ,„ . In bcrn, July U, IS93. 

1 ho r'llf»^in« variKtioai in tejnperrttnre wi>ro 
rec<,rle.l ni Pioi.oc! I'uel Coinpaav's ollicu, :iL'0 
West ;Srjr,orior ftrett, tod«»y and corn auoud- 
UJK date last year. 

l.Sft) is»2 1 1H93 1SJI2 

12 m "li "t'^i fiH G'J W S4 I 9r. rn &! 70 

»5p.m 77 t'O I 12 ni 7.'i 74 

lOp.rn «» 7S i 

Maximnm ... n) t^ II™'.".". .V> ti4 

Daily rnuao Si zii 

The excursion on thcOssifragc to Ash- 
land leave-, tomorrow night at 12. Fare 
and berth S3. 


Excursion to Ashland. 
The Ossifra^'o v/iJl leave for Aihiand 
tomorrowat midnit,'ht, returnini,' Wednes- 
day.arrivin;^^ in I >ulutli about 4 p.m. Beau- 
tiful daylii^ht trio throu^^h the Apostle 
islands. Round trip with berth, S3. 
Secure ac> cnimod,itiuns at .\2'6 VVe.«.t Su- 
perior street during the day or on the 
boat after 6 p. ni. 

Just Received 
.\nother fresh lot of r.ariand's candies at 
the Lyceum Drufj Store. Who cats it 
all.' Everybody that wants the best, the 
purest and most delicious in th*^ world. 

No Lot Up. 

The store v.i!tiout anv special silc? 
seems to sell goods fast enougli anyway. 
This is evulently a case <jf do much an<l 
say little, instead of sav much and dj 

Ossifragc Excurslo.n lo Ashland. 
Th.c Ussiiragc leaves lor Aihiand to- 
morrow nijiht at 12, returning Wednes- 
day. Daylight ride through the Apostle 
isles. Round trip with berth, ^3. Reserve 
same at 428 West Superior street. 

loFitract Work. 

OfTico of Hoard of riiblic Works } 
City nf iJuluth, Minn., Jnno 'JS, l.^'M. J 
Keal<>d l>id!< will bo received liy tbo boaid of 
rublic works in and fi)r tho corporation of Ih") I 
f'ity of iliilntli. Minaobotn, at their ollico in 
.■■aid city, until 10 a. m., on tho lOth day «.f I 
July, A. 1)., 18&". lor Ih'i conttroction of a pain- I 
t.iry Miw(?r iu slreot in Fnid city fioiii I 
l'!i;:hlh aveiiun wsrt to 'I'cuih avenue woot nc- i 
cordiug to p'li'i.^ and rpccilicaiions ou (ilo in llio 
ollico of Haid board, 

A c( rtilled check o.- a hotid wit'i at least two 
Fnroiieu ill 1 ho Kiin! of four liundrc'l thirty-tivo 
itfll'.^t) dollarii a':roiiipany each bid. 

Tho said b-iard rosorvos tbo right to reject 
cny or all bid?. 

Henry Theclsen, 



T. W. Anri.r. 

Cierk boanl of public works. 
Juno 2S— 10 tinie.i. 

Cootract fori, 

Officoof Ihe Ilonrd of Public Works, ) 
City of Uuluth, Minn., Jun • Z'<, Ibit.i. ) 
Soalivi bidrt ^^•iIl l)« received by 1 ho board of 
public. wor!<s in mid for the lOffiorp.tion of tho 
city of linh!'.!!, MinnesotH. al their olfisn in said 
city nntil 10 a. ni. on tho 10:h day of July. A. 1). 
1<'.);i, fi r the construction of a f;initary Bewer in 
Ito-ijn ave:\u«» iu sair! city from Oxford 
►•treol t^> Knlvin • court, accordinp to 
plans ni!d pj'eciticatinnson file Iu tho ollico of 
said board. 

A certifi'-d chfcl: or a bi>nd with at loa.«t two 
('!) surfilicH iu 1I10 bum of forty-Jlva (.'-IS.OOi 
drJlATB roust nccompany oach bid. 

Tbo eaiil board nse.tvm tho rlRht to reject 
any or ail iiii's. 


Otlicial : 

T. VV. Acr.i.L, 

(Uork liiiard of Public WorJcs. 
June £K lUt 

Contract Work. 

omre of tho IJonrd <.f Public Works } 
("ity of JJuluth. Minn.. Jiino2M. 1.S9;I. J 

Kpalo(5 bidH will lv» rocoivod by tho board of 
pnldic wortcf. in and for Mie corporation «*f tht< 
city of Diilulh, Aliniir-.ot.i, at tiioir f"lilce in 8;iid 
city, until H) a. »n. on the inih day of .Inly A. 1)., 
IWKI, for tlio coiiRtnictif.ii of an ihree-fiKtt pl.-ink 
nidowalk, oil the otut 6i«i<» of 'Iwetity hfvcnth 
avonun wi'^t ill Mriid city, from Huron street to 
Itail (i.nd htrei't. a'^cordiiitt lo r)llln^ and 
t-l>ecitJCNtiiiii>. on lilo in thoullicn «>f caid boanl, 

A cerfliled chock or a b(»T>d with at least two 
(1) snietien in tho (-.iin of t.-ii iSiU.iKi; dollar!) 
must ncconipauy <:ncb bid. 

The ,»iid b.iar.l roHSrvon tbo rixl.t to rojoct 
any or all bidH. 


I .S..«l I 

Omcial : 


Railway Um, 



Clork I;oaid of Public Works. 
Juno 28 lot 



Duluth, West Suporior, St. Paul arid 

Sioux Cily, Chic?.go, Omaha, Kansfti 
City, Denver, Winnipog-, Butte Hel- 
ena Spokane ai^d Pacii}c Coast Point. 
All Points East, South and West. 

Ro Um so HanSsoniely Eqnlppfil 

Luiurioui? BuJfet Parlor Cars on D») 

City Ticket Office, 

432 W. Supsrior St., Tlie Spsldiil^ 


City Passenper and Ticket A^crtA 
And Depot, cor. Sixth Av. W fi Micb. 


Time Table EfTwctivc May SJ, WBn. 

Marqn'tel IV>f>ton 
Kxi>rii>n Lxproys 
Kx, Buu. Daily 

4 IS pin 
4 :«) pii 
U '.» pni 

fl 0(1 am 
C l."> am 
Id ri2 am 
IK M am 
7 H5 pm 
5 OS) pill 

y m pni 

lo &'> (>ni 

fvoave Dalutli 

Le.-ivo We^,t. iJuhitU. 

Arrive }Iiirloy,, 

Arriv' Ironwoofi ......... 

Arrivo Ilonirhtou. 

Ariivn Maniiiolti 1 

Arrive Munnelto., 

\rrivo lifen Jlay 

Arrivo fAauit Hto. Mteria 

.\rriv" iJrH"d ItapiiiB 

ArriweSai?ii'i.w.-. ^..... 

Arrivi» l)oi -oit.... ..„,.,.„. 

Arriv'- Tor-'tilo _.....*... 

Arri< •» .Mon'roal ......^,. 

Arriui Un.'-iop 

Arrivo New Yurie 

.\rriT:» )'oi , (mii.I 

Wcs>t-bo\md fr&ins< arriro at J>u]i!t!i— 

.ManiUPtti- pasetuf ._^ ^ 4'> pm 
IJoM^on oic;>rew.-). . .. 10 TiO aia 

Ti'Jcoto!;ic(»r:4a'5apald»UK iloui* block and 
Uuioii iJep it. 

T. !i. 
Commaroi&l Afoat, Dolutb. 

2ni( ilny 
Snd day 
2ni1 d.v/ 
t'od day 
£ad day 
■Jnd d.iy 

J 50 am 

il 4'> nui 
1(1 «J pni 
7 Vi am 
7 U) uin 
M) am 
•< 10 atn 
7 IN pm 
.'^ -A pm 
■H 10 



American Store. 

DcLUTii. Monday. Jnne 27. 1*03, 
Thf \vnlher tuiiun-row ia likely to hf 
fair rooter. 


"'J^'.vo brother.s, Willie and 
J(jhnnic, set up a lemonade 
stand the other day. A gen- 
tlema 1 was their first patron; 
Willi(,''s sign read: 'Lemon- 
ade, -1 cents a glass/ Johnnie's announcement was: 
'Lemonjide, 3 cents a glass.' 
Being a man to the fact that a 
'penny saved is a penny earned,' 
the ci stonier boii</ht a jjlass of 
Johnnie's lemonade, paid the 2 
cents due, and casually in- 
quired: "Why is yours cheap- 
er thnn your brother's.*" 'Cos 
mine s the lemonade the pup- 
py fell into.'" 

If business men general!}' 
would emulate the rofreshing 
candor of the juvenile lemon- 
ade seller there would proba- 
bly bt: fewer purchases of so- 
called "bargains," 

We Might 


Wc: would sell a farm for S4 
which would mean nothing 
until you saw the farm. It 
mif;:ht be one of Bill Nye's 
perpendicular farms. 
We might say we would sell 
]Muslin for 5c, which would 
mean nothing 'tiil 3'ou s?.w 
the Muslin. 

1 hereby offer for •ale to the bicbett biddor 
for rnnii. that certain Ptock of morel, audiMj and 
Hxtuiei. of the liito iirni of JkHltce \. < o.. now be- 
iuK in the titor" building lattlly occnjdcd by Kuiil 
'^mi in be vil!a«;o ot liiwabik. 

I'ho property jh worth alK>iit fCtXI. 

All bidti munt bo in writiuk' M-mroly soared 
an«l u'tdro.-iKod to nif m caro of .'^cbmidt A P'y- 
nolilH. 'J'iirr<-y bnildini;, Duluth, .Minn., and racb 
bid inuj-i b<* accouip:iuied by u c< rtilicd clieck 
uf :i»ii. 

.Ml bidf: innt-tbo in my liandu by noon of 
Weflne^day. July 12tb, 1*8. at \rbick time tliey 
will Ik' (>pi noil. 

1 ri'.serve tho ei^bt to roj*»ct any or all biiie. J 

1". H. J«'ORI!' 1 , 

Aki'Ikucc of Dtxli;'- A Co. 

Notice of Application 

— FOR — 


SOTA, ) 
111, ) 




N'oiic^j IK Jieroby (riven. That spplication has 
boon marie in vntibg to tl." «■..?■.• •<.>i r-.m rd of 
a.-'.id city of Diii'ilh, Rill! 

iii»r for IrcoiiKft to fiojl i; ■ . • .r 

t'lo term c<imi.'i<:iiCiii(t «'!» J'jj> i -. 1 .<<<, 
a:.d lerinii'uliiiK Juljr 13, l***!. by t.b« f«iiIo»- 
inir person anil at tb« Kiljowiiiflr pi*'"'' hb 
Hi.ttrHi in Kflid appUci'.tiou rofa{Hc!ivel.v, to-wit: 

< '. M . Gundy ii. Vai., at VH LaU- avonno aoath. 
in 1 he city of Duluth. 

t-'Hid applicntion will b<« heard *n<\ dotormined 
by !-a d cojnoion conncilof ti,i«fi'.yof I>alnth, 
nt tin! ctiunctl crianiber in fok! rity of Uulutb, 
in ''t. I<oi.i- connty. MiunO'**)"!!. .ti' Monday, tbo 
I'nh day of July, I.W.J, at 7.;>j o'clock p. m. of 
that day, 

Wittjofp my band and poal of eaid city of Dn^. 
luUi Uiis tOth day of Juu". A. I>. l-itJ. 

C. E. HKtiAiimKW. 

City ClerJt. 
:orporat« ) 
BoaL \ 



''Tlie improbable is always 
promised, when bad weaves 
arc to be disposed." 

This is a 

Store of Herit. 

Noihini: is sold here for 
what it is not. The fact is 
becoming r e m a r k a b 1 y 
notceable that the store is 
always, but never over- 
ruslicd, therefore there is no 
regretful buying here, no 
spasmodic rushes which are 
usually caused by advertis- 
ers' tricks. 

If Every 

Drj^ Goods House 

In Duluth 

Was Before 

A Jury Charged, 

'TvH)ul(l plainly show us 25 
per cent below them all. 
The ijtore will bo kept open 
'till \) o'clock tonight, and 
close at 12 </cIock noon, to 


Good Snaps 

Arc! being piled up in eveiy 
department in the store. 
We cordially wish evcr3one to 
enji»y the Cjl«)rious Fourth to 
the fullest extent of their 

-• — ■ 


City of DuIuiJi, Miuii.. Jane :>, l"'j:<. J 
So/.lnd liidH will l»e received Ity the board uf 
public worltii iu at'<! for the c- ■«>•■;■ ' ior. ,.r«'.' 
city of Dniu'li, Miniiofiota, at ' 

city, nntil 10 a. m. on the KhIi 
l*<y;t. for the cons<rncti<in of ci.-iiiern &t'i,io<icii 
to the Woodiaiidlire (iniriue }i<»n-<', bicatf-i on 
lots 4 and ."). block 16, fjl<«n ,\v<in, 
Si'cond diTi.>*ion. in said citr. according l«> 
plans and Bpocificatioiut oa lilt- in the o'.iice of 
(•aid b<>ard. 

Acortiflwl chock or a ho.'d with at Icart two 
(2> surcriea In ili-* Knm of t,. vonty (fJO.Oi) 
dollars mast accompany oach bid, 

Tho naiii board rrseerves tiio ngbtto reject any 
or all bidfc. 

IIsxcv TntnrMEx, 

I Seal 1 

T. W. Anni,!.. 

Ck'.rk Itoard of Public Works. 
June i;s-l(!t. 



In Di.'-frict (Vturt, Klevealb Judicial District. 

John Kui:t(;ard, 


Edna A. .\rt'.;nr and.Charlos II. 


Si* to of Minno.°ota lo the ab.»vi iiaTnod de- 


You and ench of yon are hereby summoned to 
atiKWortbe c<>i:ii>laint of the piaintitr vi the 
above riititl"d nction. which -aid ctm- 
I'litint \::i> lioen ii\r^i\ »n the otJice of tbo r!< rlc «if 
tho al)o\ '• named court .-^t tie ro,;-'. Ik,-,^. iu 
Duluth, St. Ivooi") county, > 
Mirre a copv of j-<<nrat;>*weruj. 
hereto at ilipi.- ofliccH in Ibe 1'...; 
iu eaid City of Diilotli within t\v. 
the s^prvice of lliih sumrr.ona nt><<n >< !• 
of the day of fiich wrvice; .'lud if >< 
aufcwer th" taid coB:plain* v,:^'- 
ftforo.-iud tbo |>laintiiT lu *bi'' a< 
judtfiiient ;i;rain^l yon for the F'ln ■ 
intel'hs! thcreoii a! 7 per cCuit pT. uiiuu: i i' , 
tlie '.itli day of Novcmbor, A. D. >''l. toi-e- : i 
with the cu!<ts an<l difbnrHOinruia of this acuou. 

Date<l March L-i-tli, l»-i«a. 

TiMf:- ■ • "•• - ■•■- 
I'! ^ 

•!: : :h. 

May 2--j;»- June r.-l.'-l;<-j'. .July :; 

IF you wish to drink a choice 
Glass of Lager call for 

Fitger's Beer. 

Wholesome, Pa!.itab!e and Nourlshin 




Rnnm 702. 

r»Aa-.l-iAr3IO OTJTI-.r5INC» 

Dslatli, Sontli Sliore 2 
Atlantic R'y. 

DiRSCT LiH-ts to 
Boston, N;W York, 
Montreal, Buflailo, 
Philadelphia, Pittsburgf, 
Cleveland, Detroit, 

All points in Michigan, 
The East and Sou'.h. 

Over 1 00 miles., horter than ary other 
line to Bosto and all Nt:w linglacd 

Over 70 miles the shortest lino -to »U 
Points F, o: Mrtclrlaaw or n<trcit 

ON ALL Tni:oij(i:i TtiArN-. 

Kor tickets. KleopluA car acc.<cn7uo<.'tt<<«u\ taA 
fall iDlcrRiatJou, appiy Vo 

T. H. LA.RKF,, Commercial A^i.m. 

i2« Wmi Sapertor .stri-.-u Jni.mi.»lN!l 
Ht.a.!dlur Iloljt Uiovk 


i.NortJicru recilic U. K. Co.. l.«M<«n.i 

Lr-test TiiTio Oa,rcl. 

____Two Thrcuirh Tra'r.s l5al'y. 

I ~^^\."~ Ar~ " --, 

l.::<r,;ini! t;:J'pin .aiitiTieaimliB .; Sflr.rtini t.jrpni 

ti-Otiin!' Ht PmiI.... '^:3llr»iii :< M'.jm 

lO::»».am| 4:<% l'nlc,th....;il .l<t.ini T-r.-pm 

I:.'i<1{.>m' T:.*' ' hlntirl. ■:*■'•' mi S:U>i'na 

7:ir.ainiM i n •«' 

Ticke'i* i.ohi :i"'t ..c.i'i-. ■•!• r. 'Ti,. 1 : Mro'i»,-)i (o 
c.U fO'iits iu tl:e t u^Tr-.i Slil.'t Hi.i l.iT(,;'t. 

i*li>i»*c irinoc tioi.H ni;'i!e m CL;c.ii«o vjtii all 
traitii. ttoiuit Ka^l(li«t .<^ti.t'i. 

For full inforniulioti applv to vc>iir noaro't 
t c»ct a<rent or J.\h. t'. 1 OND, 

(i«a. Put. and Tkt. Afft., Chicago, IU 





^ mt jm 


■! ". ■« 


I " I iif^^aWBmw— ^iMBPWTsi,'' 



: 1— ■^••'^r 


Will be Open Tonight Until 10 O'Clock. 

If You 

■Ruving a suit this summer, 
couldn't strike a better time 
to iTCt it. 

We're SeUing 

Light Colored 

$14 99 

The Missabe it Northern Road Enjoined 

From Constructing a Temporary Fill 

in West Ouluth. 

Council Granted Authority to Build This Fill, 
But Thomas Sharpe and Others 


In our stock for. 


Suits in sacks and 
iroc-jwS ■•...-••••• 




worth $1.(X) 

liijht colors, worth 

Men's Calf Shoes 
sewed worth S-i-lH) 

many worth $8 «ind 
$9 .' 






; $2.98 


These Prices for 

Today and 
Evening Only. 

Oar Store Closes at 12:30 p. m. To- 
morrow, tli8 Fourtli, 

Judges Ensign and Lewis Rushed Through a 

Special Term of Some Length 


A move has been made on the pait of 
Thomas Sh.irpe and other West Duluth 
property owners to restrain the Duhith. 
Missab; i^ Northern railroad from con- 
structing a teir.]H)rary fill at the intersec- 
tion of Central and Columbia avenues, in 
Sharpe's and Belmont Park addition U) 
West Duluth, Friday afternoon Jud,?e 
Ensign signed an order requiring the i 
railroad company to at 2 o'clock j 
this afternoon and ihovv cau?e why a j 
permanent injunction should net be 
grnnced. The papers were not filed until 
todav however and tho mittcr was kept 
secret until Saturday night. 

The petitioners allege that because of 
the till in (laestion access to property 
north of the right of way of the road is 
cut od to the great and irreparable dam- 
age of petitioners' property. 

The railroad company had secured the 
passage by the West Duluth council of 
an ordirance giving the right-of-way 
over the avenues named a. id others. 
When the wrrk was begun the Sharpe 
party made objection to tiaving the tracks 
six feet above grade. Thereupon the 
company went before the council again 
and secured a permit to construct a tem- 
porary till at the intersection mentioned 
tor the purpose of its engines 
and cars to the ore docks, so that the 
work of completing the docks m.ight not 
be delayed. It was agreed, in consider- 
ation for this permit, that as soon 
as the engineer of West Duluth should 
submit plans therefor, the road would 
put up a permanent structure at the in- 
tersection of said avenues which would 
interfere as little as possible with traffic. 
The work of tilling had been commenced 
when the order was secured. 

It is claimed that the move is designed 
merely to coerce the railroad company 
into paying the awards tor property 
taken on condemnation proceedings in- 
stead of appealing as was the announced 
intention. Tht railroad people cannot 
well afford delay at this time. A stop- 
page of the work means a considerable 
monetary loss, some say as high as ^5000 


oc "Of c>r 

rx- <^V. 


Duluth Banks Present Their Stockholders With 
the Usual Semi-Annual Percentage. 

While every part of the country seem.s 
to be complaining of hard times and 
with good reason, Duluthians are crying 
out that the Zenith city is all right and 
has money. All this talk would amount 
to nothing, however, if it could not be 
substantiated. Fortunately the evi- 
dences of prosperity are to be found and 
believed. But one of- the many indica- 
tions of this commercial solidity is the 
fact that the Duluth banks on Saturday, 
July I, paid off the usual semi-annual 
dividends or carried large sums to their 
surplus and undivided profits acconnts. 

The American Exchange bank j)re- 
sented its stockholders with the usual 5 
per cent semi-annual dividend and 
swelled its surplus account to >375,<)00, 
an increase of $25,000. The First Na- 
tional bank also declared its usual divi- 
dend "f 3'< per cent semi-annually. 

The State bank stockholders iikewi.-e 
rejoice, they having been enabled to 

Judges Ensign and Lewis Dispose oi a Fairly 
Large Calendar. 

Judges Ensign and Lewis cleared up 
the special term calendar in short order 
this morning. In the suit for divorce of 
Damie A. Moore against John D. Moore 
the testimony of plaintiff and a Mrs. 
Townsend was taken. The C3S3 %vas 
then continued one week for further tes- 
timony. According to Mrs. Moore her 
spouse was not only faithless to his 
marital vows but showed an entire lack 
of judgmen: and discretion in the choos- 
ing of companions fcr his illicit joys. 

In Jonas .Miller against H. C. E. Long 
the application of plaintiff for leave to 
amend complaint by substituting 
signee of judgment was denied. 

In the matter of the assignment 


Cullum, dentist, yoi Palladio. 
•>on>kc Eudiou cigar. W. A. Footc & Co. 

Kicc&McGilvray,6i6 Chamber of Com- 
merce, civil engineers and surveyors. 

"Use the best" Duluth Imperial flour. 

W. S. Storer, D. D. S., has removed 
his dental rooms to 717 Torrey block. 

McMillen & Tenbusch, architects; 
King block. 

Moved to Torrey building, fir-t floor, 
James lUUings. 

Dr. Schiffman tills teeth without pain 

Smoke Robert Burns cigar. Sold by 
.Mbjrt Hauslaib. First Nat'l bank bldg 

T. O. Hall has removed his office to 
room 105, I'alladio. 

Those who have been interviewed 
about buying a piano by traveling agents 
from out the city, and who sell from cat- 
alogue, will learn something to their ad- 
vantage if they will call on Duluth 
Music company before ordering or ac- 
cepting any good?. 

First annual picnic ot Cigar Makers 
union will be given July 4 at Hrautigam's 
summer garden. New dancing platform 
just built. 

A small stable in the rear of the Chel- 
tenham hotel burned about 10:30 o'clock 
yesterday morning and a small residence 
occupied by George Findlcr was badly 
damaged. The loss will not amount to 
very much, neither of the buildings being 
I very valuable. 

William Hannah clied yesterday at. St. 

Mary's hospital, of pneumonia, age 27 

years. He will be buried by the county. 

Store open this evening till 1 1 o'clock. 

The Big Duluth. 

H. R. Spencer and Scott Rex, lawyers, 
have removed to 102 Torrey bldg. 

Take your girl to the Driving Park to- 
morrow and dance in the sbade. Gates 
ojjcn at 2 p. m. 

All those who had their claims allowed 
at the council meeting S.aturday_ night 
were besieging the treasurer's office at 
the city hall this morning and cashing 
their orders. A full purse makes a 
merry Fourth of July. 

See the city dispLiy of fire works from 
the dock of the Ossifrage tomorrow even- 

Two excursions on the Ossifrage to 
Two Harbors tomorrow at g a. m. and 
2 p.m. Round trip §1. 

Evening excursion on the Ossifrage to- 
morrow at 8 o'clock. Tickets Tso cents. 
The Ossifrage runs an excursion to 
Ashland, leaving Duluth at midnight to- 
morrow returning by daylight Wednsday, 
Round trip and berth S3. 

Bids for the construction of a sanitary 
sewer in block 82, Endion division, were 
opened by the board of public works 
this morning. Thev were as follows: L. 
P. Meining, Si438;'J. F. Myhnburg cS: 
C0.S862; E. Engle S1125; Campbell & 
McDonald, ?I426; Johnson & Larson, 
$1215.50; John Hogan, $1165.01. The 
contract was awarded to J. F. Myhnburg 
& Co. 

The journeymen bakers on Saturday 
elected Peter Andreas, president and 
Charles Levtze. secretary. The next 
convention will be held in Minneapolis 
on the last Saturday in January. It is 
proposed to unite the unions of Iowa 
and this state if possible. 

The postoffice will be open for the de- 
livery of mail tomorrow, July 4, from 9 



Monday, .July 'A: (lontinuod fair; 
i«li;;lir cliHU\;it in tomiierat.iiro tt>ij;iy, 
i( Huy couior; iu>rtti>\i«;. uml »ast 
wiii<t>>. riitiilitioiifi .iiu rtj-in t(ir 
Tuobilny, <mi, iir-ihuhly f:'.\r fuliowcd 
by BJioWiTa, uinl blifilnly warimr. 

U. S. Weatler Sipals, 

Pioneer Fuel Co. 

lutorprot iiui ai of Flaj,'?* : 

1. Whit.i iiidicatmi Fiiir Wonltior. 

i. Itliio indicHtud itiiiu or hiiow. 

X White, Hluck contor indlcjitoa n 
{\)ld Wivvi'. 

4. Uod. lilaclc ccutro, indicates a 

5. \V tiito and Hluo iudicatos Lf)cal 

6. Hiiick iriHiiffuIar, iTi iniwrBture 
sitrnnl.) ludicn'ch w.inn wlir>ii above 
coldor vrliou below other (logf. 



She Struck the Same Obstruction as the 
Oven Did. 

Sault Srii ?iL\!-.ii-., Mich., July 3.— 
[Special to The Herald.]— The Thomas 
Maytham, down bound l.a<lcn with wheat, 
iitruck the sam; obstruction as the 0>vcn 
did of Cedar Point at 2 o'clock 
this morning. SJie has a hole in each 
compartment on liic starboard side and 
one on the poit The captain ran 
her down to the he.ul of the cmal where 
she lays in seventeen f^ct aft a"'.d fifteen 
and a half feet torw nd. Tl.e Monitor is 
lighterii g her. Tins ob-trecii>a is sup- 
posed to be boulders vo'lrd into the 
channel from dnd /.es wtdc'i have been 
working there. A diver is examining 
the Owen's bottom. 



Flags, Hammocks, 

Shirt Waists, 

Gloves, Hosiery, 


Veilings, ' Ties , Belts. 


Struck a Rock. 

Sault Ste. Marie, July 3. — The 
steamer Ira H. t^A-cn, down bound, 
struck a rock ab'cast of Cedar point. 
All her water coniparlmen.ts on the sta-- 
'ooard side have holes in them and one 
in the port side and cue of collision 
bulkheads. She ran down to the light- 
house above the canal where she rests 
on the bottom, drawing seventeen feet 
forward and tifteea feet and ;i half afc. 
The wrecker Monitor will lighter 500 
tons so she can lock through. 

The Sault Passages. 
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., July 3. — 
(Special to The Herald. |— Up: Pontiac, 
Monitor, 6:30 p. m.; Yuma, 8; Elphicke, 
Rossdale, q; Bartleit, 127,101,11; Foilees, 
McLachlan, Havana, Anderson, 4 p. m.; 
^Ianola, 5; Ma.ryro3e. 6; White and 
Fryant Sherwood, Neil, 7.30; Mesaba, 
Sitka, Wawanesh, 8:30; Tom Adams, 
India,7:30. Down: King, Bissell. Young, 
Rawson, 7 p. m.; Continental, Holland, 
8:30; John Mitclicil, Athabaska, 10; Saw- 
yer, fuxbury, Rrdlern, 12; Pasadena, 
107; 2 a. m.; loi;, Conemaugb, Green, 3; 
Pioneer, Tampa, 4:30; Alcona, Alta, 5:30; 
America, Empire State, 7; Huron City, 
Winona, HanaforJ, 8; Shrigley, Wilson, 
lirunk, 9:^0. 

Ocean Steamships. 

New York— Arrived: ijcrlin, South- 

Oueenstown — Arrived: India, Phila- 
delphia for Liverpool. 

London— Passed Scilly: Switzerland, 
Philadelphia for Liverpool. 

























Leaves for Two Harbors at 9 a. m and 
Evenins trip leaves at 7:30. 

3 p. m. Hound trip $ 1 OO. 
Tickets tiO cents. 



Dodge & Co. the motion ot assignee to 
sell certain propeity was granted. The 
cases of Standaid Ore company against 
the Cincinnjfti Iron company and Joseph 
M. Griffith against Ambrose M. Cox were 

The matter of the application of the 
Minnesota Canal company to acquire 
certain lands— the oldcase-vvas stricken 
from the calendar in accordance with 
the stipulation tded several days ago. 
Dwighl G. Cutler against W. C. Doherty 
met the same disposition. 

In Keystone National bank against 
David Buchanan the demurrer was sus- 
tained and plaintiff has leave to make 
I new parties defendant in twenty days. 

Saturday evening the jury in Judge 
I Ensign's room returned a verdict for 

$747 ia West 

received a semi-annual dividend of 4 per 1 s(ructioa and 

against the city of Duluth. 
twenty days was granted. 

cent. .-\ handsome sum was also carried 
to the surplus account. The Security 
bank also paid a semi-annual dividend ot 
4 per cent and added $5000 to its surplus 
account. The National Bank of Com- 
merce paid 3 per cent, a semiannual 
dividend and increased the surplus to 


The Marine National, Iron Exchange, 
Commercial and St. Louis banks de- 
clared no dividends but carried large 

sums to their undivided profits accounts. | a^encv of Thomas G 
The American Loan e^: Trust company | prt;ss any opinion a-, t 
has not held its n;c.tingas yet and no 
dividend has been declared. 

Duluth Industrial, Con 
Improvement company 

A stay of 

June Weather. 
There was but one month of June since 
1871 in which the mean temperature was 
higher than this year and that was 1872. 
This year it was 60, in 1872 it was 61. 
The highest temperature last month was 
g2 degrees on the 19th, and the lov/esc 42 
degrees en the 2d. The prevailing direc- 
tion of the wind was and the totnl 
moven;cnt 4127 miles. There were 19 
cloudless day.s, 7 partly cloudy and 4 

— _, — .--#1 ■ 

You Can Save Dollars 
By buying your shoes at M. S. Burrows 
& Co. You save from 50 cents to $1 on 
every p-iir. 

An Explanation. 
The article in Saturday's Herald re- 
citing the story told at the city attor- 
ney's ofhce by two laborers who claimed 
to have been sent out on theMesa'oa 
road U) work for Wolf iS: King and 
found no work, wa^ intended to convey 
no reflection upon the employment 

White nor to ex- 

to the truth of their 

storv. .So far as The Herald knows Mr. 

White has always had the reputaiion of 

conducting a strictly square and honor- 
able establi:hinent. 

Only S3 to Ashland and back on the 
Ossifrage. Leaves Duluth midnight to- 

Preparations ar." 
grand picnic to be 

being made for a 
held tomorrow at 
Harliey Grove under the auspice-i of St. 
Joseph's Benevolent society of liie Ger- 
man Catholic church. All are wel- 

, • 

Brown building for rent, ro East Supe- 
rior Street, tnire building or floors sepa- 
r.ateiy. Fixtures for s;i!e. Enquire ot A. 
E. Brown at I'anton & Watson's. 

The only Pure Cream of Tartar Pov/dcr.— No Ammonia; No Alum. 

Used in Millions of Homes — 40 Years the Standard^ 

to 10' o'clock a. m. Carriers, in business 
district only, will make the early morn- 
ing delivery. The money order and 
registry divisions will -not be open. 

Robert Crombe, of this city, is now 
acting as treasurer of the Mexican vil- 
lage at the World's fair. 

The much continued case of the city 
vs. the Duluth Gas and Water company 
was set for trial at 3 p. m. today. This 
is the case wherem the gas and water 
company is accused of indulging in its 
hole digging habit without the formality 
of a permit from the board of public 

The United States land ofifice and all 
the city offices will close tomerrow ex- 
cept the health department. That will 
remain open until noon anyway. Of 
course the police headquarters will be 
open for the reception of any who essay 
to celebrate the Nation's^birthday too 


Alderman James Dingwall has re- 
turned from Port Huron. Mich. 

The Misses Smallwood left Sunday for 

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bondy have re- 
turned from New York and v/ill be here 
three or four weeks when they will again 
go East. 

D. M. Philbin went to Marquette Sat- 
urday acccmipanied by Mr. and Mrs. T. 
H Larke who will spend the Fourth 
there. He went in the Missabe road 
private car. 

H. C. Hope, superintendent of tele- 
graph of the Omaha, and M. C. Trumer, 
commmercial agent at Minneapolis of 
that road, are in Duluth today. 

A. E. Humphreys and family will 
leave tliis afternoem for Chicago and 
I thence go to \'irginia for a few week's 

Will McKinley will go to Chicago this 

Miss Gegeie will leave this afternoon 
for the World's Fair City. 

Miss Huot went to Chicago yester- 

Miss Young will go to Chicago this 

Miss Flora Louden leaves this after- 
noon for Chicago. 

Miss Ruth Tousley, of Jamestown, N. 
Y.. is visiting with Mrs. J. A. Dewey, of 
Lester Park. 

E. R. Johnstone, of St. P.aul, county 
assessor of Ramsey county, is in the city 
accompanied by his wife. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hursey and Miss 
Etta Hursey, of Stillwater, are in the city 

Fielder IL Chew returned this morning 
from the East. His time has been prin- 
cipally spent in Washington. 

Simcoe Chapman has returned from 

A. M. Smith came down from Two 
Harbors this morning. 

A. Goldschmidt, of Doutmund, Ger- 
many is registered at the Spalding. 

R. M. Newport came up from St. Paul 
last evening. 

W. C. Agnew, of Youngstown, O., is 
here. He is connected .with the Ohio 
people who purchased the Mesaba lands 
from C. M. Hill a short time ago. 

Deputy Sheriff Harry Armstrong and 
family returned yesterday from a visit 
to Chicago and St. Louis. 

Miss Hannah Bendit, a tc.icher in the 
West Duluth schools, sent in her resig- 
nation last Saturday, hence will not con- 
tinue in her position this next school 

50 Cents to $1 
On every pair of man' 
ren's shoes bought at 

M. S. Burrows & Co 


, boys' or child- 


MENDENHALL & HOOPES, /Employers Liability, 

District Mmmgers, \ E .CVator Acciclent, 

Wen (j«?:?3!ltfie & ACCMeit Co. workmen's collective, 

(l'l^'iTED), /Surety Bonde, 

OF LONDON. ENG. f Individual Accident 

or?.o-'\.:NT.ziriD 1 ess. ^ 


Woman's Exchange Lunch. 
From 12 noon to 2 p. m. All home 
cooking and everything first class. Sup- 
per 6 to 7 p. m. 1 16 West Superior street, 
up stairs. 

Members of fie Dnlfltli Clsarlng Honse AssoGlalion. 



First Natloial Bank 

Airericaii Exchanjje Bank. 

Marine National Bank — 

Nationul Bank of Commerco-- 

Ktate Bank of Dub.xth 

Security Bank of Duluth 

rori Exohang-! Bank 












Glass Block Store 

MM Fourth of 

At ^ I 

The 4' 




City Bandf 

They ContlnGe to Drav^ large Crowds 

A numbc r of Pavilion par- 
tics arc ,2:i\ en every day. 

Sn'v-. ' Ji^'*ww?'^gyw^ yyi;iwggwwrr^r?i 


Port of Duluth. 


Prop Kirby, Lake Erie : coal. 
Prop Thomsis V/ilson, Lake Erie ; coal. 
Uaru<3 117, li«7lit for Rrain. 
Prop Australas'ia, Lnko Krio; coal. 
Scbr Tasmania, Lake Erie; coal. 
Prop ()to«o, PortaKO Enf ry ; merchandise. 
Prop Williams, Lake Erio ; coal. 
Pro)) OraUvick No. L', HiVf.-ilo; merchandi<s(>. 
Prop Northern Kiiijf, KntTalo: inerchandiBo. 
Hchr J. H. Ketchnm. ButValo; mercliamiiso. 
Prop PliiLidclphia, Lake Erio; coal. 
Prop Japan, IJutTalo ; i)absongpr8 and mercliau- 
dipe. . 

Prop H. S. PickandK, Lake Erie ; coal. 
Schr Mariugo, Lake Erie ; coal. 


Prop D. M. Wilson. Buff alo ; wheat. 

Schr Manitowoc. HutTalo; wheat. 

Prop North Star, BulTalo ; wheat and flonr. 

Prop (lordon Campbell, BniTaio; merchan- 

Prop MaboninK, Buffalo ; flonr. 

Str Cambria, Port Arthur; paescngcra and 

Prop J. V. Moran, hnffalo; flour. 

Prop Vauderbilt, Buffalo; (iour. 

Prop Iron Arc, Buffalo ; wheat. 

Bchr Iron City, Buffalo ; wheat. 

• ' ■ ™ 

Annual Meeting 0! the Mesaba Iron Mining 
The annual meeting of the Mesaba 
Iron Mining company will beheld at the 
Tower hotel, West Superior, Wis., — 
Friday July 7, at 4 o'clock p. m. 

A. G. Ueknaro, 



TOO T.ATK^ojnrAssrrjr^ 

Address K 40, lleranf. 



1.J typewriter (h'iires Dosition. Salary moaor 

b.irKeiii. Nine r<:^>ni 
Paino, 4t Board of 'Irade 

b.irKein. Nine r<:^>nitt of raoro, rrauklin 


leg would lil/e a pdsitioDas a8si.'ta at book- 
keeper, clerk or timekfe.xT. Address. >> • S. 
(]p<m, lOPi Uarfield aienue. Good rif.rcnccr. 
tin demand, 


W for general lionsi-wt^rk. fanuly 

i D. W. SCOTT 

Rcil Estate 


Good wiitreh. 
hu'Mi Btreet. 

Mrs. I). 11. Stevenson, 

f three. 
M Kast 



must be pleasant and )<rico 
oucee. E ;C ilorald Ollico. 

:\ GENTLEMAN I)i:slUr 


reasonable. Hofer- 

i\ cosy .«U"i'i)iUK riKMH, wilii use i f b.ith 


furiii'hcd room. Addrcs.*. Ptatii Btermn 
and location, M. .•Vndeirion, UJit East Second 
street . 


roiim and Ixiard mj privat* family, t'a" 
at Kl Tliird avenue west. 


Miss Kading has removed to 107 Pas- 
toret terrace, second floi>r. 

Just Arrived. 

Another fresh lot ot Garland's cnndics at 
the Lyceum drug store. 

Go to Fogleson's for ice cream. 



Notice is l-.ereby civen Uint ft 8t>eei.-U meettnp 
of thestocklioUleiBof Ihe Union Ii.ipioronionl 
and Kleviitor c>>nii>:iiiy vill b.i held at tlte r.»m- 
pany's oflice in Jinlmii, Minnesota, On i uesdny. 
the iKi day of Aucust, i^'.:',, at 11 o'ol<«ck a. m., 
for the purpose of ronsidfrinK hi.<1 nc! i'i;i r.pon 
th'' jireseiit Kcn'ral ron''ilion of the co'ni'J'ny 
and of ndoptinir hucli moiisures) for lh( fui 
ance of tlio !ntrre«<r and prosperity ot the com- 
pany as n'..'.v I'liMi b'l KUhinittrd. 
Di'iutl . Ju:y;i, isy.i. 

A. R.Mackaulne, 


OOOU street, 


per fviot for 50 feet on 
Miehiijan street, in busi- 
ness center. This will pay 
well 1 3 improve. 

■foot lot on Fiflh 
near the Incline; 
worth $900. 

for 50x150 on West 
Sixth street. 

Exclusive Solfi <tf Lots in the Tliriving 
Tomic>f mWABIK. \ 

It will pay yo a to buy and build forj 
Prices are Low and Rents High. 


Rtiom I, Mesaba Block. 



Notice is hereby riven that a special mectiriK 
..I' tbeatockholder? of the l<ak<> Superior Eleva- 
tor company will he held at the eoinpnny's 
office iu Duluth. M unrsota, on Tuesday, tlie Ift 
day of Anpnst. 18!):i, at 10 o'clock a. m. f-.r the 
purpose of consiiieriiiC and acting uinm the 
present ciMieralcor.dition of the conipatiy, and 
of adopt iuit .«nchm[>Hs:res for the farl!i''raec« 
<>i the inti rest ami prosperity of tbacompauy 
as may then be submitted. 

DuluUi, Julya, 1593. . ,. 


July 3 10^17-2*. 






■in ^ 

O 05 

id ^ 





O g" 

?i. 8 


i-H Q^ 

^ (^ 

^ CD 


o ^ 









— ) 


A. \a ■ 


TUESDAY, JUI.Y 4, 18»;5. 



^ JJL Jflm ,A .^ ^fU ^ ^ Ji. J^ Ai ,tit ^^ ,tk. Jl^ -.^ AljOi 

\ Dont G et 
Dtscoiira ed 


•r . 

ijji, ^"^^ 

\ GM [1 


IVe ivill Stand By Yoic \ 
If Your Banker iVoii t. \ 

Our entire stock is at voi\r disposal. But wliat- p 

' . . . b 

ever you want, your credit is good if money is Sf 

scarce {j» 

$ 8 00 Casli, Bajs $25.00 Woriii of Goods. 

12.50 Cssh, Bnys 50.00 Wortfi of Goods. 

20 CO Gash, Enys 75.60 Wortli of Goods. 

25.00 Cas!], Bays 100.00 Wortb of Goods. 



i — ^ — — — 1^ 

* ^^'^^ yp^^ ^ Pointer: ' \ 

Competitors cannot touch us in che matter of \ 
Variety of Assortment, or Excellence in Quality. P 

Give Us a CaSI . . . 
And We WiJl Prove It. 

We Sell on E.isy Pay- 
ments Fii3Q Desiroi 

Do )oa nood accommoda- 
tion? Havo yon ^ivou this 
luotlidd o( oar bunUid** yoar 

It is boi;<);-«.b]o. 

It is jnst, and oqaitHblM. 

Cor b<x>ka contain ti.o 
nani9« of the bfist citizoni> of 
buiuth, wiio have avniieJ 
themselves of Its advacta>;e'S. 
We Rsk a payxneat of 

J r..(y ou J jO.Oi) Bought. 

?.00on 4-O.0O Bought. 

10.00 on V}.00 Bou«r!it. 

2.0.CO or. 100.00 Bought. 

inteu?:.aT chakck 

We Xrii lli8 Largest Sitok cf FiiriiiUrsI 

We Kav3 tlio Largest SiCCk cf Crocliery. 

We tavc tlie Largest Stock of Carpels! 

We havo tiie Largest Stock cf Eycryllilrg 
perulniDg to Hocse-Fiiri-lsMag in t!i3 
city of DBlcti!. 

Smith, Fai wel! 

& SteeJe Co., 


£F"^^ «^^5jr*53» «3rigr-.5irTyc-v^ »5|rifl5pTq^ V^9'^>l^'V>Ve"V'^^^8'^Sr'>^\m[(i 

MENDENHALL & HOOPES, / Employers Liability, 

DisU-ici Mana,.rs, ( Elcvator Accidcnt, 

LOIlSeB telltee & ACCifle-lt Co. workmen's collective, 
<f^i»'^TED), /Surety Bonds, 

OF LONDON. ENG. I . "^ t v • i i a • i . 

^^ ^ .V ...,-rr,Tr.-r^ -.^^.^ \ Individual AcciQcnt 



ON Prayer and Hymnals, 



TiiLBR's wmm. 

Carriages! Busies! 







hen in Need of Any 






Proprietor City Carpet Cleaning Works. 

Everyone Will Wart a Dunlap fackinaw 




W-lL JL Jj 



The White City V/as Ablaze V/ilh Patriotism 
Too'ay and the Fourth Was Splen- 
didly Celebrated. 

Thousands of People Poured Into Jackson 

Park This Mornlni:; to Join In tiie 


A Magnificent Scene and a 
That Stirred the Soul 

of Every 

Patriotic Citizen. 

"Old 6lor>" Was Everyvthere and 
Groundi Were Fairly Covered With 


Floating Banners. 

Wuki.d'.s Faii 

July 4. — The World's fair was 


with patriotism today. It was tlie center 
from which the patriotic pulse of a liher- 
tv-loviii;; people enjoying' the manifold 
blcssinj^s cf a land of the free and a 
home of the brave b^at throu;^h the na- 
tion. There were many in the \\ hite 
City today whose minds v.cnt back to 
that glorious fourth of July of the centen- 
nial year in the Quaker city, when com- 
mcncinjj wiili the lolling of the midnight 
hour, the patriotic impnkcs of a poj-u- 
lace n-tn not; when for nmre than b.ilt a 
day men and women, old and youH<]f, 
native and alien marclied almost with- 
out a break up Chestnut strce;.ind saint- 
ed wnh bjred heads and ringin;^ bhouta 
the old land n.ark of liberty iti Inde- 
pendence square; when Sherman and 
Sheridiiii and Dom I'cdro, rJl who num- 
bered with those that have K<'"". stood 
arm in arm before the old Liberty bell 
and bowed their heads in reverence and 

Seventeea years have elapsed since 
these r.tirrin}; scenes were enacted, and 
today in the metropolis of the West the 
second world's exposition of the rei)ublic 
gave occasion for a still greater demon- 
orstration of love of llajj and country. 
Its magnificenceanuimpressivenessiiept 
pace with the };rowlh of the country in 
the intervening years; and with the mag- 
nitude of the Columbian exposition as 
compared with those that have >;one be- 
fore It. 

Chicajjo's two million of permanent 
population kept holiday today, and h.ilf 
a million of stranjjers from outside 
points, far and near, helped it to cele- 
brate. All over the city, in the. subur- 
ban residence districts as well as in the 
commercial cetitets, the usual stillness 
of the night was broken by the crackintj 
and booming of tireworks and tlic shouts 
of merrymakers who were making a 
night of it so that the World's fair 
Fourth might be appiopri.aely ushered 
in with the true American spirit. 

Day broke to the accomp.fnimenfof a 
salute of a hundrcc! shots from tlie gun- 
boat in tlie lake, and the city canno:is 
gave the sleepers notice that it was time 
to be up and moving. The procession 
southward to Jackson park began as 
early as 6 o'clock when the Illinois Cen- 
tral started the fir^t of its two-minute 
trains, each car hlled to the doors, and 
from that hour »)n the steam, cable and 
elevated roads, as v/ell as the big steam- 
boats plying the Like, found their facili- 
ties taxed as never before. 

"Old Glory" was to be seen every- 
vvh'jre, hundreds of thousands of them, 
some of the avenues leading to Jackson 
park being literally lined withtri-C(j!ored 
liunting and the stars and stripes, as 
though in honor of the coming of some 
I conquering hero. Nearly everybody out 
I of doors, too, wore either a button of the 
stars and stripes or a ininiattire flag, or a 
tiny bit of tri-colored ribbon. When the 
numerous gates of the big enclosure were 
opened at 7 o'clock the ticket men at 
each found a crowd awaiting them, and 
thenceforward there was a ceaseless 
click-ciick as the turnuiles revolved and 
the mass of humanity pressed inward. 

The grounds themselves had taken on 
some of the glory of .Solomon. Thou- 
sands of people, who originally intended 
to enter the tair grounds by Stony Island 
avenue gates, were .so entranced by tbe 
unparalleled sight which met their eyes 
on reaching tlie I'laisante entrance by 
the cable trains that they at once joined 
in the patriotic pleasure seeking proces- 
sion which for hours filled tiie broad 
plazance from side to side. 

Across the plaisancc frorrr Cottage 
Grove avenue to the Stony Island aven- 
ue vi.aduct, which fornij the cast entrance 
into the grounds, were strung at inter- 
vals oi a tew yards the prettiest arrangc- 
me."\t of bannerets and Chinese lanterns 
ihat the eye of man ever bclithl. On 
eacli side of the plaisi'ncc, throughout 
Its whole length, were a!;jo dancing flut- 
tering lines of the same heterogeneous 
colored mass cennecting with the cross 

Midway Plaisancc is at all times gor- 
geous in decoration and constant varia- 
tion of scene, but the display made by 
the people of all nations in honor of 
Uncle Sam's birthday anniversary 
changed the whole aspect of the cosmo- 
politan thoroughfare. The moving ma'S 
of humanity seemed to be endless. In 
the White City itself the extra «lec';ra- 
tions in honor of the day were to be seen 
at every turn on every fiagstafif and pa 

hall at o«>'«:l*'ck with a ccmpaiiy of the 
.Second regiment headed by its band to 
blaze its way over the boulevard,s. Lead- 
ing the line was a carriage occupieil 
by Mrs. Teiry Stafford, of Martha's Vine- 
yard, and two lady Inen<l3, anil who held 
and at intervals waved a priceless relic 
in the form of the ouginal flag under 
which I'aul Jones sailed with the autho- 
rity of congrets. 

r.ehind came carriages containing 
Mayor H.irrisnn and. the city ofTicials, 
the members of the hoard of aldermen 
and the mcmbeis ot the Liberty bell 
«:< nimiltee, headed ' by W. O. 
McDowell, of New Jersey, 

The procession moved slowly, 
for the boulcvaid from curb to curb 
packed with vehicles of ail descriptions 
c.irr\ieg their owners and guests towards 
the park, and It was nearly n o'clock 
when it rea hed the l':iiy-ieven:h s-lrc-et 
cntorance. Here a rt-aarkable re. cption 
aw.iited it. Inside ihe gale, lining the 
roadway six deep in military order, 20,- 
000 exposition exliihitors of all nations 
were drawn up. rT.very nitin carried ;m 
Amrricm fl.ig and e- -h division accord- 
ing to nis building or department was 
headed by the d-.-p.ittmcnt chief and a 

As the procession p issed throu-h the 
ranks, tlie exhibitors uncovered and 
waved the flags while the bands broke 
forth in uni-on with "The Star Suailgled 
Banner." When the mayor's carriage 
had readied the head of the column, the 
word of command w:is given, tlie exhib- 
itors faced ranks soutl:ward and thecom- 
biricfl procesidoiis nioved through the 
ground.-, bringing iMi in the immense 
phtizcr between administration b niiding 
and the terminal station, A portion of 
tins had been hlled in with clnirs and 
benches and seatj, while 
iti the rear enough :;.inding room had 
been left f:u- 100,000 people, who jriiitd 
in singing the palri«itic music even if they 
could not get within a quarter of a mile 
of the SDcakers. 

In front of the terminal buiidiu,'^^ fac- 
ing a fipacioui ^;rand stand 
been erected, and long before the ar- 
rival of the procession an ocean of faci.'s 
were turned toward ir, each weiring a 
look of good-f.-itur-.! cxpcctan. y. In 
the rear of t)j ; stan:l ;he grc;-.t floor cf 
the terminal station, .Iiu broad stairways 
r.nd liie balconies w.:re packed with 
si^cctal guests. During the wait the 
concourse v/as cn;er:i,iicd with nation il 
airs that stirred its Mood and kept il in 

Three bcuids were grouped on the 
floor—the Second regiment. rullman.aiid 
the Chicago bands, Silae (i. i^ratt was 
conductor for all. lie ttocd on the stair- 
way a few feet abovo the heads of the 
musicians, with a program of the music 
in one hand and a 1 aton in the other-. 
Tl^e bandi played tho doxology, "Kcd, 
White and liiue," "Siar Spangled Dan- 
ner," and "America, ' while the multi- 
tude applauded after each selection. 

Vice President Slivenson sjjoke as 
follows: "I am confijent that at no time 
nor place have humjjn eyes beheld a 
grander; assemblage. .This is America's 
day. Lender the ai'spices of the great 
exposition t^her d.^ys have been set 
apart to commenacratc marked events in 
hibthry. The individual states of oi'r 
u.iion and the natio.ns of the earth, ear 1 
and all and wisely \oo, have had a spec- 
ial day assigned them. In the great 
congresses which have here assembled, 
representatives of all lands and of all 
pathways oi luiinan endeavor have been 
gathered. Science, agriculture and the 
arts have not been forgotten. 

"All who toil with liand or brain, no 
matter whence they come or what they 
bring have been welcomed to the great 
exposition. VVhoevcr could ;uld to the 
; urn of human learning, or lessen the 
sum of human woes have been and are 
thrice welcome guests. But this -dav— 
our day— Comes unheralded by edict or 

For more than a hundred 
been the day of days of 

vilioi), lorcign and slate buildings and 
every place where a flag or banner could 
be flxcd to harmonize with the artii^tic 

The IsnrJscapc was aglow with the 
glorious flag of freedom and every hu- 
man being, no matter if his birthplace 
was in the Orient, the Ar tic region or 
the torrid zone, seemed to enter into the 
spirit of the American day with a hearty 
desire to make it memorable in the his- 
tory of the republic. 'ihe exercises of 
the day had a prelude in a procession (>f 

years it has 

"Today we do honor to the memory of 
the declaration of independence. These 
ceremonies, this coming together of the 
people, notes the anniversary ot the 
birth of our republic. Prophet as well 
as patriotic Johu Adams claims: '\Vc 
shall Biakc this a glorious and immortal 
day. Our children will celebrate it with 
roar of cannon, with martial music, with 
.songs of tii;inksgiving and with shouts of 
joy," All of this, multiplied a thousand 
limes, our eyes now behold. 

"1 am honored by being called to pre- 
side this day over this assemblage. It is 
not mine but the part of others to speak 
!o you. Lips more elo(|uent than mine 
will tell sonisthmg of the men who gave 
to the American colonies this chart of 
their liberties; something of the lieroii: 
struggle which commenced at Lexing- 
ton culminated at ^drktown in the inde- 
pendence of the colonies; sf)mething of 
the men who in 17.S7 in-pircd by wisdom 
more than human crystalized into our 
federal constitution the deathless ptinci- 
phs enunciated in the great declaration. 

"1 congratulate you, my countrymen, 
npcTi.this ausDicioes celebration of the 
l-"ourth day of July, upon the glories of 
>iie past and upon what yet remain in the 
future for us and children. Self gov- 
ernment is no longer an experiment. It 
has safely endured the crucial test (>f 
mere than too years of trial. No period 
ofourhistoiy has known a more ntead- 
fast dclermination to maintain and per- 
petuate the priceless heritage bequeathed 
us by our fathers^. Our republic is whole 
as thi. m»rb!e, us broad and general as 
the casing air. , 

"We have entered upon the second 
century of our rational life -CJod grant 
that we and tliosc who succeed us may 
not prove unwordiy of those who have 
gone bei'ore; that we may not prove un- 
mindful of the sublime lessens of the 
past. Then may we rest assured that 
the bright sun which ushers in eich suc- 
ceeding anniversary of the delaration of 
in (!e[icndence will look down upon a 
pcojile who celebrate this day with hearts 
grateful to God." 

The singing of the n.-.tional anthem 
followed. Dy the time the chorus was 
reached, the audience was wild with 
enthu.siasm anl it joined in the refrain 
with vim and vigor, tens of thousands of 
army waving the Stars and stripes over- 
head. It was a stirring spectacle liut it 
was to be iiitensifiedjlater on. When the 
singing had ceased, it the turn of 
M.ayor Caner ll.irrison to speak in be- 

f ihc World's fair cilv. 

half o! 

At the stroke of norm Paul Jnncs' flag 
was hoisteii and the electric button dedi- 
cating the. new Liberty bell now in the 
fouinlry at Troy, N. Y., was pressed by 
Mrs, Nlorris Wagner and Miss Mirnle 

the leading participants. It left the city J Y. Mickley, of San Diego, Cal. The 

following poem was l)y Howard 
Hawthorne McGee: 

It will rliiif In thv layBlicttl futuro, Utls boll wo 

mIiiiII foiiKM-rat", 
.^llll it.s toiifM will luilil nil <f tho nohin, tlio 

iiiyHl ntid toiiiJiT iiuil Kri'iil 
Thitt (Ivvilin iu tho |)iit>t. mid ilio i)rc80ut, iiud all 

of ita iriiiHKi (•IihU t>o 
The ('i.^h(> of tlio Kr"U>ii»'».< and Klory, ll>o puouu 

auit kiiiiii t>r thi« froe. 

It clinll rinir, tii iUi niiihic oT (tiivxr, tho paseionn 

Hint. KrtVO 10 (llM HW'irilH 

Of orjr fmluffM the iii(ini;i) |K>wnr to etriko dowu 
thf'ir lyrunlK HU'I Iiir<!i<: 

it i>!i:ill tril of tlin ct-kDo of fi-eodi<ni, ni.d thon 
it 8liall lUTnlil imil hirnt 

The !.|.l«u lor.- of loM. ilijit tho mauLood of lib- 
erty Hiiroly btiuU briuff. 

FortliiuUnot tliaf. tyrunS n.\A innstflrB are' 

rlnHd, or tdiii fittor niul rlmifi 
.^o loii)?i>r h<)lil fri (uioii ;ii l>,-iidBtfo, or i^riHon 

tlio Iii'liilcM in pain. 
Thir.k not t tint the r.ick and tho dunfroou nro 

KOiio v.'itli tho powers of kinci*. 
Or that frJMMloiiiV «r«>Rt liihiri' Iiuh fallen oVr 

nil th« old blackness of things— 

Na.v, still t.h» drfad imn;;(> of pnwor with 

eliinh) darkonH tho world— 
And tyrtiMi.v'H victiais m (hinii;r>(>nB muro foul 

than old llnstilo^ ino hurii'il. 
Tiio pronn and Iho l>r;ivf' ntid tho fiiftod. tho 

noblo of h:';irt .tiid of will 
Aroonslavod and enc.'i.iiiird iu tho bond ai{0 of 

biciuouit Qianaclcb tilill. 

Tho throiio aid Mio scoptn* .•ir.'> p.-'rislipd, and 

ihopiMwvhioois wrought of tin- nwoid; 
Tho noblo hii.s yielded hl« titlo. wo know not tho 

Kiuif luid tlio lord ; 
]5;it lo, o'er tho world tho old norrow— lo, still 

ii;>\v tliiilTiiiltitudoH blei <1 
'.Noatli th'-crnsii and ilio sliMmc of tko warfare 

and Uorror of Imtretl and tfned. 

For frer;I< m is lore, and lovo can only broak off 

t»nr fe!litr» hikI rh.iiiis, 
Th" lovo that will talio up all Mirrowaand share 

in all learb and nil ijainw 
That, will hrini: ns tho otienc-s of feoling to 

iiiaki tlio p«Ktr liiKh aw the rich, 
And hrtuf; down iho rich in coIIlJlab^ion tt> lift. 

Ui* tho jioor in tho ditch. 

i'es, tho l»oll thai wo hiiild nund hrlnpr tidincs 

of liio IhiuKH that the future will }.how. 
As wel] a< lo lirealli" Ub Ihu mcmoricb of Klor.ea 

that di>'<i long a^o. 
Itninst KivH u.s new heat for new warfare, as 

v.-ol! a.s now love U-.r -.ho old, 
If it.H ;;lory will fx)i.y tho t'lorios tho first boll of 

liJtorty toid. 

Ah: yps, V. ni:ist ileal with tho liviiiR bb tho brave 

whf) aro ; 
It niiift ticsr tho old walfhword and waruic;,' it 

b(iri> when won battl (1 au.l ble.d. 
Tho new bell must r\tis liLc tho old ono, in pas- 

bionate riiuMt' above 
A wast" of wiid w.irfaro and hatred, tho peace 

aad iho frccdoia of love, 

Tho Ihat malces of ir.oii brothere, tho 

freod«)m that liirte.vo in tho dust 
All ih.i ha«o .•inil tJm ^^. ;iib!i aiiibiiions tliat 

ihuirigli from Krcod iind from lust, 
lie this, thta, iu v.wumhv and tidiiitfa: A lovn 

f'>!- the b;.-;v of th" i>afct, 
.Ind tho hopOJ* for a futnro when froodom will 

roach to tlei lowest ak laht. 

Then stepping forward. Miss 
.Vlorri.-^s of San Diego, Cal., commenced 
to recite the Song 01 the Liberty lieli, 
composed by her mother. It read as 

Vv'litn spurred by tho Ianh of nppreesioa, 
^ 'Iho iKiiioii afoso in its nitr-hf., 
To id;iini au its duo and )>o?HOi>e>ina, 

Its nian.'ir.o I, its freedoni, ity riulit: 
Men's souls fouml Iho 01 di-al nn)8t trying, 

The air with oxcitemeiil v.hh lilted, 
WMh ♦Treat aspiralioij.H iidyini,- 

Tho %val>iuK yuunff nation was thrlllod: 
.\b htron^^or ami KlronRor t h.-^ fooling 

Arose over niniintaiu and dfiU 
The ?.'-uitii was reached in tho ucalitur 

Aloft of tha Liberty Uell. 

It witncs.sod the of tho nation, 

Its tonirnc; fir.a, did pnb!i,><h it., bjrth. 
it ranK out tho Kitiiid iiroclamatiou 

Of Libfirly now X.n tho oarth— 
Its peal to ibo battlo wont roUina' 

It ran;? in the ears <if the brave. 
In KhuiaH for victory tollnier, 

Jn ro<iniein«< over ouch Ki'ar:'. 
And lliouifh it be Ftill and riven, 
_ lt« fclioe^ ^hall nwell «n for ayi*, 
'Till the T.-liulo world ha» been Ki»on 

The freedom it pnbliahedthai day. 

Yo children brine rafhinds to crown it; 
_ Ye soldiers witli i>aro blades h.'ilute; 
Yo citizeoK, coino, nroudly own it, 
_ M(>Kt (•Uxinent wJi,on 'tis moist mate.' 
Ye vJHil.orH, boe the airec.ion 

T'.ie eniblem of liberty claims; 
And r;!rry nway to e.ich neclion, 

Itfc lesHontd faith ami hii/ii airiU); 
Wliih- we and our children forever, 

.inbt like our f«>refathors niiall stand, 
And nothini; our lovo can o'er eovor, 

From liberty and our fair land. 


Then einK w-o n Bonpr of rej-iicinK, 

That <iver t!ie widkinbiiall Mwoil, 
Till) i)oan of pr<)« full voicing, 

Tho bonjf of tho Liberty lioll. 

w mm m m 

Etiward Ott, a Wire Drawer at Trenton, N. 

J., Suicided After Making Ten 

Different Attempts. 

Once He Leaped From a Prison Corridor to 

a Stone Floor, Breaking Both 

His Legs. 

^ ■ 

Yesterday He Twisted a Wire Noose 
Around His Neck and Jumped * 
From a Grindstone. 

Trknton, N. J., July 4,— Kdw.xrd Ott, 
50 years old, a wire drawer, suicided yes- 
terday morning after having made seven 
different attempts. Six weeks ago, while 
in the st.ite prison for wife beatinij, he 
attempti.'d suicide by leaping ,.fiom one 
ot the upper corridors to the stoin; floor 
below. He broke both his legs and lacer- 
ated his face in a horrible manner, neces- 
sitating :he amputation of one toot. 

A few days ago he was removed from 
the hospital to Ins home, not being en- 
tirely cured. Karly yesterday morning 
he went to the cellar, threw a piece of 
v.'ire over a beam .and twisted a nooie 
about hi> neck. He then jumped from 
the grindstone on which he had been 
standing and aearly severed his head 
from the body. 


The llinois Fuel Company Is In Financial 

Chicago, July 4.— Albert G, Postleth- 
waite filea a bill in the circuit court yes- 
terday, asking that a receiver be ap- 
pointed to lake charge of the affairs of 
the Illinois Feel comjiany, which con- 
fessed judgments a few days ago aggre- 
gating *,6o,ooo. 

The petitioner claims to hold 374 
shares ot stock in the company worth 
f.37,400, and also says that complaint is 
made ou the part ot other creditors as 
well as himself. Benjamin Ives, who 
was made general manager of the com- 
pany, is cliarged with mismanaging its 
affairs and the complainant claims that 
Irom 1XS7 to i.Sip he loaned and ad- 
vanced the company 1^4200, which has 
long since been due and no part ( f 
v/hich has been paid. 

A Constable in Charge. 
Cmica(;o, July 4. The office of the 
Hclford Publishing company on the fifth 
floor of the .Monoii building is in charge 
of Constable D, F, Cronin. It has lieen 
in his control ever since Saturday. A 
judgment for something like j;2oo for 
services was secured and put in execu- 
tion Satin day. It ic 13 claimed that the 
matter will be settled and the olifice again 
opened for business. 

Fire in Chicago. 
Chicago, July 4. -Fire this morning 
in the four-story building, 86 to 92 Ran- 
dolph street, caused a loss of $50,000. 
The principal losers are Murray «i Co., 
why occupy the fourth floor where the 
tire started; Herry Horner <.V Co., whole- 
sale and retail grocers, and Louis 
.Schwartz, saloon keeper. The cause of 
the fire is unknown. 

A Railroad BrMgo Burned. 
Sim iKANM, Wash., July 4. The Moses 
Coulee bridge on the Great Northern 
railroad burned last night. It was 924 
feet long and 135 feet wmc. It will take 
three weeks to leftlacethc iuidge, during 
which time passengers will have to be 

Dr. Miquel Honored. 
Bi:rlin, July 4.— Kmperor William 
has conterreci upon Dr. Johnannes 
Miiiucl, Prussian minister of finance, the 
decoration of the grand cross of the 
order of the Red Katrle. 

A Reduction Wanted. 
1)i:nvi:r, July 4. -The daily papers in 
this city have asked compositors to 
accept a reduction from 50 to 40 cents a 
thousand ems. The printers say they 
will not accept. 


Tsrrible Disaster on BoaVda Russian Steamer 

. on the Volga, Owing to a Boiler 


St. PhTF.K;,nui<G, July 4.— A terrible 
tlisastcr resulting fn a large loss of life 
occurrec today on the steamer Alfor.s. a 
boat employed in the river trade on the 
'The steamer with cjuite a number of 
passcng«:rs on board was approaching 
Romanov, v/hen her boiicrs exploded, 
killing tu-enty-six iiasscngcrs. Among 
the dead is Gen, Petrushenski. 

The. e:.idosion tore the upper part of 
the steatier to pieces and the burning 
coal that was blown from the furnace set 
fire to the wreck. The boat burned to 
the water's edge and then sank. 


Ho is Charged Wilh Nearly Every Crime On 
the Calendar. 

COLOIAD.J Sl'ivI.Nt.S, Col., July 4. — 
Henry S arr, who was arrested Sunday 
wilh Johii Wilson, confesses that he is 
the man wanted for killing the L'nited 
States marshal at Kort Smith, Ark., but 
he claims it was in self deiense. His al- 
leged wife admits his identity. 

United States Marshal Crura wires 
that reqt isition papers are now o t the 
way and that Starr and Wilson niu.'>t be 
held until his arrival. Special Agent 
Tahlcr. of the Santa Fc. who is in this 
city, thinks the two men robbed the train 
at Cimarron on June 10 last. 

Stan vdll stand charged with every 
crime upon the— murder, train 
and bank rob'oeries, whisky selling, etc. 
Starr is only 22 years of age and began 
his career of crime only about a year 
ago. There are rewards amounting to 
i^30oo for his arrest. 


A Fight In an Oil Town Rcsitlted in a 
Washkgton, Pa., July 4.— A fatal 
cutting affray occurred at McDonald 
Sunday evening, F.d Wasson, an oil 
man, whipped a coal digger named Tom 

Pradley. J.imcs IJradley, seeing his 
brother getting the worst of it, diewa 
knife ant! stal)bcd Wasson five times in 
the back, 

IJradlCf' left the knife stricking in his 
victim aid getting possession of a heavy 
club saifl he would kill anyone who at- 
tempted ;o arrest him. Wasson is still 
living bu. cannot recover. Bradley has 
not yet b;en apprehended. 


They May 3c Adjusted By the Fairchild Com- 
WA.SHI.NGTOX, July 4. — Secretary Car- 
lisle has in contemplation a [ilan to refer 
to the Fairchild commission now inves- 
tigating the New ^'ork custom house 

which an: known as the "hat trimmings" 
cases for adjustment. 

Under » decision of the United States 
supreme court, those cases were decided 
against the United States and it was di- 
rected that the excess of duties paid 
by mipor ers on the enormous classifica- 
tion be rtlunded to them. Estimates of 
ihe amount to be refunded vary from 
?3,ooo,coc to $,ooo. 

1 he process of determining the excess 
due on each invoice is a tedious and ex- 
acting one and will require the most 
searching inquiry. It will be fully three 
years before all the cases can be .ad- 

'Ihe m liter has not been fully deter- 
mined, hi, t .Secretary Carlisle is favor- 
ably disposed towards the plan, which 
has alsot'ie sanction of Assistant .Secre- 
tary Hanilin. 

A Bank Looted. 
Dr.NVi ;;, July 4. The failure of the 
County bank at S.nlida Saturday proves 
to have b ;cn a bad one and it looks as 
though the institution had been looted. 
Liabilitie ; are $So,ooo and genuine assets 
only fSooo, 

Started For Chicago. 

Washington, July 4 Secretary Car- 
lisle, Mr;. Carlisle and Logan Carlisle 
left here s.t 11 o'clock this morning over 
the Baltimore iV Ohio railroad for Chi- 
cago on a visit to the World's fair. 

I Hand 
I Tomorrow 





Glass Block Store, 

^ Secure 
I Some 
I Of the 
I Tremendous 
\ Bargains. 

The Goods damaged by tire, 
smoke and water at the 




Was bought b}' us from the 


Lots of Uobleactied SbeeHags Left, 
Lots oi Flannels and Blankets, 
Lots 01 Wash Goods, 
Lots of Dress Goods, 
Lots of Linen Towels, 

We Say, 



-^ - 



•. I 







IWwcsota, HasGvit Inlo Trouble 
in New York. 


KeU Charged ^Uh Embi'zziemcnt By His- 
Enipioyers and Other Serious Accusa- 
tions Are Made. 

••n»if3 Seot fo the Tr»>«3»»Pef of ufi Sxottth 

Regiment Rifle Club Appropriated 

By Him. 

Niiv Yi»KK, JuIt t-— The Suu thia 
mormut; says: In councclion wiih tl:e 
embci- ileal eat chr.ri^es aguiKsl Lieut. 
Lewis Watson Cochran, of the Scvenih 
regiment, by his employers. C Godtrey 
GiintJ'.Jt's Sons:, suspicion now points 
towards Cochran, it is said, as beiiijjr re- 
sponsible for a considerable amount of 


CoRttici WiUi tMe Paris Police aatf &;any Ord 
iy (loured. 

P^BJS, July -i.—Twrt tliouii^url slud«»t» j ^ 

started a ricg yesterday afternoon, on ac- [• 

c«>;ip.t of the of M. Niijjcr. a clerk, f Tfce Practical Closing of ilia Silver Mines in 

who wii3 injured niurialty by jh? piilicc I Colorado Throws hUiiy Cwl of 

in tlii'ir enci»unter wilh the studcjits on 

The students surrtnindeA liie prefocN 
urc uf police, jeered the ofiiciais ,ind 
th»^ow stones through the windows. 
Whi'p the pi>!u:e wv-^re preparing la 
chaij^o the mob upset ;:>H wie b;;othb :a 
tbc nei£:hbovb.'9od ttnd smusJitxi the slrecl 
^\inps. The cl«!irj<e f>i ih- ptilice w.cs re- ♦ . _ 

sistiil 8tuhb«'iRh'. 'the t^ladenl^ (o*%ht,|k " 

b-K-k 1^•iti. Sticks «rKl sroac . j ^^ ftrvofiCfeo A<?tx:tf d a« Lfa« ff H*teeU 


Hen Wlw Nt"/;:r Before Kwr; jn MIo fikwHrt 

Wa!ki4ig the Slrcrts &* Misl.ig 


In the tiis; oii^et R.-'vorn! (ptMilcnt^ tvcjc- 

vs'otmdcd and two policemen 


sli(Hchvci uncouscioiis on the imveajer.t. 
'Ihe second charj^e resulted ia mere in- 
juries on both sides, but the ttudenti 
were driven but fifty or sixty yards. Af- 
ter the tUint eliaroehad beeu repulsed 
the studeuts tuarched, sinRinjj and diout- 
in>;, to riace St. Mitchell. 'Hie police 
retired and a call for cavalry was sent 
cut liom the pref^rmrc. 

The cavalry called out to drive the 
students from the iJci;'hbi>rhcod of tlic 
Palai.s dc Jesc :a;d the prefecture de 
police returned to it3 barracks after 
the mcb had retreated to the boulevard. 
The mob then tmrricd Iiack alonjr the 

aid farcts tu Dsnver 8tot^ 
Bciog Reduced. 

moneys for Ride club dues which were | Coulovard St. Mitchell, across trie bridfrc 


to the Houlev;»rd du I'alais betwce: 
arms of the river. 

The stuileiits smashed with ihcir rluf>a 

and a hcavv piece of liatbcv the massive 

doprs of the Palais de Jc.^e and knocked 

the sbAi? I'Ut of nl! the windows witiiin 

whtii seen last tnght. refused to speak ( reach. The police ha-stened to the sp'Jt ^,^^55 ^vill 

abotti the m.-itter save 10 say that the • ami char«jed with dra\.-n swords. Th - ' '^ 

sent by members of the recimcnt to the 
armory and which are gairi never to have 
reached the treasurer of the c1ul>. 

Members of the Seventh regiment and 
of the Seventh Reiriment Ritilc clt!b» 

DBNVF.a, Col.. July <t. -The iTt'.ncs of 
the st;;te nre jimctlcaliy closed nndi Ifie 
men who have busied themselves driv* 
ing tunnels aj>d sinking shafts niid drifl- 
mg through 4:reat ore bodiea ut),der 
j^round fuul their occupations gone. Men 
who never bef»>re kucw an idle moment 
axe nov, v.a'kinf^ the streets id the mill- 
ing camps of the slate.. Of the 318 mirves 
employiu;,' a^cn, all arc closed. 
They have oper.-'vtcd for nearly a year 
I at a loss, cxpectin<j dally that the v.hitc 
\ metal would be recc};nizcd as a rrwncy 
; metal and the price so up. Some of tlic 
i minea are stdl puiwping water ai cnor- 
\ VDGUS expijnse until it is seen what cou- t 
o, fi>r it vouid be expensive} 
i to lot ihein idl up with water, 

To Eestore 

hair which 
ha.s become tliin, 
and kL'< () ih" .M<'jilp 
clean and hctilthy, in^ 


Srit*-^ ■ : 1 ■•..-. \.^ i%. 

It pievi iit,b Uii)> Uuuf 
£rom faiilug uhI 
ar tunniiM- gray. 
The bcj^t 



FoKj' Firemen Seriously injured While Cele- 
brating at Ann Arbor. 

Ann Akkok, .Mich.,Jqly 4.— At fire de- 
partment headquarters about midnight 
last n!;,'bt, a carrion burtt and se-.ionsly 
injured four firctnen who had been cele- 
i-ratinj^ and v.crc loadfng the cannon 
prcparatoiy to. i.ring the last change. 

Charles Carroll was ramming the 
charge home,' The cannon was hot and 
exploded preniatnrely. Carroll had botli 
hands blov- 11 Ci. Hetiry McLaren and 
William Kettich, who were standing 
near, were struc'.. by pieces of the cai'.- 
iion and scvetciy bm not fatally injured. 

Another man n..;ncd Kapp bad his leg 

.. 1 1 

which was sent for the use of the lackers never received.. All that they would 
say about l.ifut. Co.:hran's alleged con- 
nection with the atfair was that he was 
the nn;y man beside Treasurer jansscn 
who ha'i access to the letters 
the money. 

Treasurer T"u--scn ruui CjI. Appietcn 
were not to iie found. It was ieirnod, 


from their hands and drove 
to the Hotel Dieu. 

Several policemen were cut severely 
•with the sv/ords, which Ihe rio 
wrenched from them. Thre 
pohcetiien have been taken ftho hospi- 
tals. A dc^en other poHccmen were 
badly b«insc'd wi:h stones and clubs. 
One policeman was caught by the stu- 

the btate. 
iave been 

reduced Uud 

them back! ,fj,^^^„-;: i,j ^ 

^1 forces of storts h 

'•' f^'^'^k'^'ii ' '" rrianv instaace* wa;:es have l)cen cut 

toners naa j j^^^p^ \^^~ x\w^ will iminediatcly be 

■^^JvLJ.T." rejUued when the pile: rf silver gnes up. 

Of course the big gold mines of the 

i s»ale in Gilpin cOunty, the "Little Kiiig- 

i dorij," .-^rc i.till working and many will 

corklinut , but there is no di«;;ui^ing thp 

In Denver 1 blown oft nearly to the thigh* 

i;f Lieu". Cochran drop out of ^i^^ht 
out of the rciriraent. 

and ! Intense excitemcii 
Latin ouarler untd 

prevailed in 
•^5 th» morning 


t __ 


lie Had Encror.clicJ on the Bank's Reserve 
Clsco, Tex., July 4.— The First Na- 
tional bank closed its dcord ycsterdry 
morning ami !• . C, Leveaui,- cashier, is 
now lyin^ in A p.ecaricus condition from 
the c fleets of Elrychnine -taken with sui- 
cidal intent, • Tie ca'asc of the act seems 
to be the fact that he had encroached 
heavily upon the reserve fund. 


Lieut. Cochran 


The Summer Iflcetl y Had a Vary Succeasf:;! 
Opening Yesterday. 

MiNNE.Vr-vjL^s, Juiv 4. — Thc 
meeting of the Minnei-...„a Driving park 
opened yesterday anu will continue until 
Friday. There are some two hundred 
hoises en the grounds and some remark- 
ably fas* steppers are included among 
the number. Following are today's re- 

2;5oclas:i trotting, purse $500: Chip- 
petva Chief, 1,1, i; Fairhaven, 2. 2, 3; 
Harold K., 4, 3. 2; Dan Xeviile, 3, 4, 4; 
Stella W., 5, 5, 5; time, 2;23^2, 2:28, 

a 127'. 

2:30 class pacing, purse S500: Doctor 
J, i, 3- 7. '. i: '^elpha Burns, 2. I. i, 2. 3; 
willy-Gault, 5, 2, 2, 4, 5; Drelincoitrt, q, 
i\, <'«, 3, 2; llrown Frank, 7. 4, 3, ?, 4; Ivit-' 
tie R., 6, 0, 4, 7. 7: Mac H., 8, 7, 5, 6, 6;« 
Beiie Durland, 4, 6, 9, 8; Thistle Dew, 3, 
5, 3: Green Stimt, uis. Time, 2:!5?4, 
2:r7,»^', 2:18, 2:l6'j. 2;lg;V. 

2:14 cia*s trotting, purse ?.r,ooo: Mark 
Sirius. I, I, I, Grace Napoleon, 2, 4, 2; 
Thornlcss, J, 2. 4; Clara P., 3, 3. 3. Time, 



Pun Lii»gBURO, Mont., 

Bistl!!?!;^ Circles flfiay Produce a ScritslioR ?n 

jho Near Future. 

Peoki.\, III,, JiHy 4.- -The present 

quietude in distilling circles is believed 

to betoken a storm in the near future. 





i'r.'ir.K'li (vllicf s, I-Ian,u(;.i( i-iiit Ir' nduaw, Mu-h. i>r. Si/iip.r, i:) .•;..„ ■ ,,. 

(;< itiliiftU) of the i-i»(licat dtuxirlniout of ilnnrbrd ()blTitrbity •law uf '7t, Mod 16 regrititi'nMl (u 

l-tlCll itl IjOtll luMllUlilKTtlH. , 

iVMUHPr WPM Wki linvo b?o» BoftHrJuR fn>m thwoflocno .vouthful foUioo or UiJUcfotiftOB 
t^ IWOllU fliEin will do wpllU>HTH)ltluimHflV0HOf Uiiiicl aiir- . 

SiTlfi ^PPPP J& rfl VVIJl,-T- u iH'rfoc). in i-il . - i . ■;,. 

^<t»a. OrCiUU a tjU. ft,i„-,v ,„ n,,y ]..i,„i„f ci,^r„(,tpr tli.'y m 

jj. «i-o jiiauy of tlio K(;oof Uj t'l lii! vfho urc* lioubloa with Ifxi ,•■,;..■,,<., i.,-.,, ,,• .■;•!- 
eJ (!i<r, <>fti>n ucconipiiuioii »;y ii t:Mjrlit »< BeDsntit;n ami vMkouiuK "f tiio t-ynt ja i>i w 
3^ miniiHT ■wlncJi tlio t>!Oi<';it cnunot fiir. Tiiorn era iiiaiij *'!io dio of tiiib (l!llii:ijiiy, 
WJ i)ur'i'>r.»!il of t.ho oui'!!i', T.'liicli is llii* hiio.oko etiwo of wfiakiX'r-s, 

Blpn (iC A now ;;.ptJio'l: no b'.<«)ily io«, no Koir-x t<» bed; not th" (i1iR!itc8t-pt.!n( 00 
K^ I IDUU ijiQouvi.i.;-iirn la ui:<li>!,.<oiuK u coarfOiit wi .h \>^ foe llu) mliof of th9 
in '.viiwlciiuoor liU'aiUtj>.r or Itcl.iinf l'il(»B, DO nmU'-r how looi^ liaa'iiiiR. ^Vo ({uarauCiMi ti 
Ij'i t)'.Tiii«ii<t)»tcait*, 'i'oovery 01 u wlmoorteijlls u- v.o iilnd^;*] ubBnIiito eocruoy. 
g9 liaiJr«a<l faro ^L-ductoti 11(1111 tlitj iiitcn of II I ri.tiiiintt, 

I Imnwi imiHMMiiiiiii "iinuaim Hiwiiwiiwiiiiiii WMWiwmii'w •'•"■i!^fw,,y.,y;r-yrtSit;ri 

r?f>fb! Sicck 


(iuw'cJilec Fund vrltb Slate Auclter, JICj.w'^O 

RF.GE:vf::< r 


f-.j!.jTl tn -JVll 


&t3;.wi>it ratosou &£>i>r^>7.'.<l sMcority. Couiity 
dt> t<;<l i^bool t>oQ<ULri>rcLMMd. 

See thst roy.Li<« red tin taj^'sr 





n . • • 




Tern ^. 

Siw.r, A'Uiur 11. 1'.iaxnx 
K. Ltbveti 

L. Merrjtt, Wm. McKliJaf, 
. A. V,'. Urariloy. it. U. iiai-rfc, 
'diioii, A. H. ChRpin, D. (>. < *?ti, 
Jir*dkT. Oot.'-«.. A. E}<irr, ){. i», 
F. fcl. Oslxjriifl, (Jf.»i«, 





fee hdtl 

u If TW^j'T'MtT-ALXijtr- R-cr-n - 

SiinmTer coni'l-i.-it, acconipanicyi with a 
voiiderhil di.ii riuea. Soon after my 
wifc'isislcr, w.'jo lives witli us, waslakcn 
in th.: same wn.;- We U'ed .-duiost every- 
thing wiihout bcnetjt. TliCn I said, kt 
us try Chambci Iain's Ccbc, Cbolcm and 
Diarrfcrv;a reinec y, which %ve did, and 

another of equal fury at 2 o'clock yesLer 

day morning. Much damage was done. 
Thc wind and lightning were the most 
severe in fifty years. 

Rain Jell in torrents during thcs'.orra 
and was accompanied by hail. Great 
daruage was done to crops near War- 
There was a meeting at trust headquar- j rcuoburg by wud and hail. Trees were j^^^ cured us ri^bt away. I think muca 
ters ycsterdav of tlie directory. Presi- [ blovn down and fences and small build- ,,f j,^ .^., j^ ^y^^^ i^^-nie what it rcco 
dent Greenhut savs that the ireeting was i ings demolished and stock killed. memjed to do. John Hcrtzler, Bethel, 

merely a consultation between the airec- t:. .'n *'ostor!a chimneys and treee ^vere I r.erks Co., Pa. 2; and 50 cent bottles 
tors and Charles Fleishman and \V. L. 
Hunt, of the firm of Fleishman & Co., of 

The mecling uas held to discuss terri- I 
t<Tty and the situatloa in gener.1l and } of Fostoria the stt^m assumed, the pro- 
outline the work for the year. Incident- 1 portions of a t*rn.ado, blowing down se\-- 
ally the distilling business was discussed. I eral stables, ouibmldings and fences. 
The regular monthly meeting of the Lightnii:g struck several houses. 
board of directorswiirbefceld next Moi>-f The rainfall was the 'jrealcst ever 
<lay, know.T in years. The datria-^e tf> crops 

■ — ■ j was enornioni Mumerous baras i» tuc<j avenue south. 

] paUi of the storm weic struck by light- ; ' 

1 aing and burned, 4 

In Fostoria chimneys and treee ^vere 1 r.erks Co., Pa. i; and 50 
blown at)wn. A tree at the electric pow- j j-q^. ^^^c by drug'ists. 
er house fell cii all the main wires lead- j, "^ ' ''\ ,' 

ing out and ieft the city in total darkness 
throughout the night. A few miles soiith 



Suitable Premkcs For Wholesalers and Rlanu- 
Properly ]:no','n as Central dock prop- 
perly on Lake avenue, extending back to 
No, 1 slip, is for rent'at reasonable terais. 
Apply to W. G. I'ark, Iso. 347 Lake 



a-::\ft '..-lUhyi ::!i?».-.i-fce !tc;-..-.:; all ec-.-..-jc <f .-.ises trnc;-. a« V/«'3t Mefj 
r»y. Lttt-'-M'^^n l''</»ft^ij.';t M.itiito :■;'., N?..;):t;y F.mkslo.-ir, Kvt! };r<-afr.« 
l.-'t'tf ef CoSAnsf, {^rrv-v-s^cflr, J-iis^f.-i.:-, .'.ll >irviii:% r.iuiJyn cf f«j>i-rr 

,1. r,»Cf;^, tn i.":im»it-/,Ccjreii:r.i;:'.»f)'.t .-tad Ir.jatiiiy, up roRTtinij.l t^ c-jrry In 


For Saio in biilotii by MAX ^IRIH, DFOg^ls!." 13 West Supe?!.? Street. 

1893. Season 1893. 


Grescil TraE:::!^'!^! Co. 

Operstinji Six I>Rrg<-< Fir^t-ctRss Stcamon, 



WZST supr 

Ajta BUr-FALO, N. Y 
ToeciriKO AT 


DETROIT, J^ioh- 
Wi;h llailroad Counections. 

If You Want Di-^patek and Cart, Order 
Yuur ChjocU by Thi Line. 

For particnlari. tptlf at 

C )0>I 14 BOA CD OF inAIJS. 

A. ROBIiNSON, Ascent, 


\ ^^ 


Ct! '. ', 

1^ "?.'er"/r 6®."rdio," 

■"*: • - ■■rru;ror.:«I> 
1 >;<> c 'jr. 

li> «)\cr';'Ai;rU<ii;, jroa;Jtttil4<"rr;rji, 'ivo-. .-.i vo oeu ot tobisc.o, cjitvii.. 

."•Trt'-rrxiiiTi'H^h'.nk i"?!"/! to Jpfinrit- . Oi-^'n-^ntlopaR.l Tns.'initv. Co<.- 

' •" in v<i.'it poekot. iiy wivll ru'valti H plpui hoxto rit»: 

.•<!i,nrO loriJS. v tVJCfi c'.--:».5- GS orcl^"!- v.«ct:»vj 

:nro.; Juci:vc oc-i-» i^i:;l tho juo:-!Pv.) ror sale h-r 

£Ui ixxv^:^-'.'^^. MX f-T Ifc eT«> atry lA jio &t:ior, OiiiCtn.itl PE3t 

AtKlross Iv.'i:2:VX: /S.i;iiii ca^, Ulaauarc TeiMwlc, C4i;ciis<:^ s\\ 

Foe Salo in TWutli nv a F. BOSCOS and MAX Wmi"H. DrwggrUs, 


Lrfitlb* K-pis;:a]ly raeominandc:! to m»4rrli<l Livdiea- V^va^ri 
of Jbllls \ tii up Ji'- tbi boxG-s aa they itre daageross, As^ lot 
Ht. Sloti':- Pi'TiD.vraval l>i);..> and *mko uo other. Paad fca- 
ciroul&r. Prico $LO'J j«?r !>.-:*, lK;!ia3 for %fi.i^, 
6.-- f.?oLs Ctt'.oilcaj iCa.. CicVc-^faQiL SiHUas 
Tor Sale by 3. F. Bojce and Me;x Wirth. 

Which all experience at this 
time of the year, the mo^t 
delightful remedy is to drink 





Tfio Paracfiirto FairoJ I* HVorfi aad flc FcH^, 

Inlo tha River. 1 0^ THE FIELD OF CETTYSaURa. 

Omaha, July 4.— An aeronaut named : Dedication of the iV!tx,i;neiit in Mojvop of new 

York Heroes. 
GKTjYSifl.'KG, Pa., July 4.- New Vork 
day ceremonies wero concluded ycster- 


Reddy Estes was drowned ia the Mis- 
Bouri river at this place yesterday aftcr- 
nooa. Gibbles and Gculd have recently 

bceft conducting bal!o<!n ascensions at , , , , ,. ^ . 

Couriland beach on Cut-off lake in Kast j day by the dedication of thc 
Omaha. j wblch has been erected oii Little RounA 

Last night Kstes went up in «he b^l- « 'fuv* by the Forty-fourth and Twelfth i 
A HMtaaa Ratrk ?» TrouWc \Ki. Crn Rcsuaxji^??" '^^^*^i'"^ to desceiid by Paf';^chute. j Nevr York infantry ia honor of the^r 

tWluin the balloon tip al>cut J/ddo 1 annradcs u-l»o fought in t>ie field near 
'\ feet the cdg'nai to cut loObC was given, ; that point. '^ 

July 4.— Theibut fcr some «nkiK>wD reason Estes 1 Gen. Daniel Buttstheld prefsided aad 


First National bank closed its doors yes-i.eouiil not cut ihe rope and came dov.-ii | spoke bricdy ol thc 

terday and a notice on the door g.ive the 
reason that the stringency in the money 

markets and continued demand of de- 
positors, together with inability to real- 
ize on its paper, compelled the bank to 
temporarily suspend. 

There is no doubt of the srilvency of 
tbc institution, and as soon as matters 
are straightened out busine'^s will be re- 
sumed. The extensive mercantile tirni 
of Frcyschlag. Hoffman & Co. was com- 
pelled to luake an assit^nment Saturday. 

with tlie balloon, falling into the rlvor u 
mile east of the beach. Ho bank jm 

importaiit v,-ork 

about by unusual demaiids of depositors 
since the suspension of dio California 
bauka about ten days ago and the 

^_ j absolute impossibility during thc present 

— I business depreSbiou to call in <Tur loans. 

A_ i It is confidentlv hoped that we can soon 

r/JPS'injI ^illf^?**' DSISfifii* i resume businc^'s and that every creditor 

exceed the liabilities." 


the two New Vork vegiiaents. Governor 

1 Flower, who was present with his staff, 

w spoke, as also did (len. Sickles and Coi. 

u ni 1 « . „i Frcnjan Connor, of the Forty-fourth Nevsr 

Has Plcmly 0! A£3e*s. York 

Albu<>uekoue, N. M.. July 4.-The j After tfcc speaking all the gcner.als 

fo notice was posted on the ,^^ ^^^^^ photographed on tic monu- 

Albuqucrque National bank today "Uus '^^^^ .^^^^j Company t, of the Fourth 

bark • IS compelled to temporarily regiment artdicrv, lired a salute to Gov- 

suspend business. 1 his has been brougot ^^^ p}^,„^.r .^,^,^ ^^e to (;en. Sickles 

^JilJntLO REGULnfOitTu.. ATLAfiT.-;, C-Al 
>',vt»— a tcLO ct ALU uHV&vjar ,'.»'*""— ^•"•.T-'iJ 


Ti-unks and 
|TraveHr«g Bags! 

Ong] Tliat Kf.Kf Dls^.pp-oint. 

All xat-'c r,l borne Htd boI«1 at 
UnVfeU l^-RICKS than factory 
rufvio gvKttia «iferod by oth«- 

lOi-^l f M Fafc 



It's much tlic best sold in 
Ehiluth. E\€rT ctrink »Mik«6 
the system £eci better. 



Is also the place to seciwe 

Bethefda Water. . 

near thc spot where he lost his leg. 


P»kl-rjr>emln^^t Eng^iub srkintfc4 rcrsXAlj-. 
**• The <F.«»ger that eonfrontri thesrcut Anieri- [ 
can pao|;le to-day i.s not tho p^fs-sihl*^ tidon- : 
tion of a wrong jio'iry ttt the 
iiatiori, or the bprMid of soGiRli^ul, or tho 
IrwroDiie of c^rnipfiou antong pwhilo men. 1 
All these aro hiid eiiough, to b.> siiie, L:it I 
Uj€V ase oh U[Otlungconii>arefi to Ih-o torrlhhj 
nulK«i4 di3L;ise — I iiiid«dinoi**6akl national 

A Scotch Cutter Wen. 
LoNurj^;, July 4. — Tho regatta 

of the 

A Seciion Foreman Fatally Ghoi and Anolbcr 
Cilan Killed. 
SvoKANE, Wash., July 4.- -At 8 o'clock 
yesterday morning r. terrible tragedy oc- 
curred at Hauscr ju.iction, a small vil- 
lage eighteen miles from here. Dennis 


iliislFel ^ 

TTudrji- tho aui:pieo.-> ol tho Kct:ill Clerk's 


Orfcne — of over-.vork. The mad 

Royal Northern Yacht club took place j Collins, a discharged section hand on 
vcsterday. Tbe course was off Rotlirs.iy, i the J^orthero Paciiic railroad, shot M. J. 
Scclliiul. Thc wind was li^ht and the j Coleman, section foreman, probably fa- 
regatta proved little better than a drift- ! tally. Jac'*c Dugan, who interfered, was 
iag match. At the end of thc lirsl round ' shot and killed. Collins was drunk. 

the commodore of the club .stopped the | • 

race and awarded the first prize to the | A Oisootiraging Outlcck. 

Calluaa, the Scotch cutter. Thc Vaiky- j Tbllckide, Col.. July 4.- The great 
rie, thc challciigcr of the American cup. Mcndota mine has closed down and scv- 

SINGERS, 8711 TT ' 

'^^"^ fill Harifflan 



Prepared to take orders for Av.'iiings. or repair old 
ones. We have secured the agenc}' of thc Roller 
AwninL^, and can do ^ood work. Would be pleased to 
make you price on thc^n. Vcrv trnlv }-ours. 

Atii DANCliRS 

Thft i.ioft- (tor^tooufi f rst iinrt ovor ot- 
ltpini)t<«ii by aiiv iiiiop'nl coniii.\ay, roiire- j 
pcutuiR tiio iHii(iu;u of (^oUitnb lo. 

!,,{. vvas given thc sccord prize aiul the Sta- | cral hundred men are thrown out of work, 
wealth iM net afc a killing T>aa), and thousarcb ^'^"'''^ t*»« ^"^^^^^ P"^^- The Britanuia i»a3 SThe services at the Baptist church Sun- 
fall fey tbe way every yeTir. 1 ''-"'^th. ^ j day night were converted into a mass 

Yoa are tlkrty to be sue of «« viclims I ^^s Cooked A!i»c ' '^"^*"^' '^*'^'''' *^'^ financial quest.onwas 

Haw^owcknow? ]^9iausoitfeth6K<C£p- r PoKTLAM>, Ore., July 4.— Victof, 
tici> tn find a '"iiaj op VDJnjn n» ndidt a<Tp in ' 7-year-old son of S. Davlboom, turniture 
perfcT& health. Ncn«)?is JHsOi'dera aR?| dealer of Laconner, whi'le at p!:!y fell in- 
i^)readirg vith fearful rapidity. Anion^i tha 1 to a vat of boiling quassia chip5. He 

6i Tickots nmv ou" at Du.ntN 1) ua| 
f3 t-Mni tUl W. bv.i;. at. ami bt L:cjum Dox j 

I discussed by a nu.Tibcr of speakers. Th» I ^ 
'^*"^ . outlook is d4scouraging. fe 

lyunptoraa, arc — liiiekacbe, BilionsiKs.', Col«l 
I'fujida iMid Feet, Dizanpa*, JIoJ Fki-shea, 
i'loMering Sensation, Faintln^^ Hoadaci^e, 
llystcrikt, Irrilnhllity of tlig ttcart, ilthm- 
choly, Failing Memory, Taiprtation, Ilheu- 
niutisro, f»hort Krcath. yieeplcsBnt^s, Sfer- 
vo::;^ iJyspcnsia, Sexual Debility, i its, etc. 

Rftv.'c a. ('AR4MjT.i.,pRrt(n- First Baptist 
r}»r!reli, YeJIow Spring^;, 0.,',v«ites a* follows: 
•' I hawsused Dr. MIIwh' ItijS^wratipe ^^ervine 
fur the \MtA^ix raontlis. I ^ittd it iicts like 
r. charm en the whole ncrvoiw fly&tein. I 
^nave uot found its equal in giving inim£<IIato. 
relii'f. Dr. Miles' liUi« Kerve ninl Liver 
Pi!ij*-yBly need a trial und thpy v.ill rowau- 
mc^A tlieistiolves to bo the besi in\h in the 

" Fot five years I have sufltred fVoni Kffl*- 
vo»w P/oatrullon, I whs HrM»t)}c to wuHr op 

f.l*>t>ij. 'Mlc first dosa of Dr. Mrte^' J^sJortv- 

live NCfVlRBgavo mc ndict, a»id oDu thou- 
WMid duLUo'S would not cover tlio g^ood it lios 
douc ^^e."— JOHN MINOMTilt, Ywings- 
town, ()Liia. 

Dr. Mies* Restoralive Nervine !s uA 

In « uuiNO iN'orvoM^ Di>i€a?erf. *it 


Will be Wound Up. 

WiNNii KO, July 4 -The Commercial 

was quickly pulled out, but hii llLsb vas ' iiank of Vv'inripeg has been declared in 
literally cooked, and sfter lingering in ' scilvint and licjuidati rs appointed to 
terrible agony for a few? hours be died. 

Kansas ailverites. 
Toi'EKA, Kas., July 4- ~h. C. Shinn, of 
Ott.awa, vice picsident for Kansas of the 
American Bimetallic league, has issued 
a call for a slate convention to bo held 
in Topeka July 26, in the interest of sil- 
ver agitation. 

Closod Its Sesstotr. 
Berlin, July 4.--Thc Prussian iand- 
trath closed yeMerday. In the ioiver 
house Count lk;tho Zuealenbcrg, presi- 
dent of the Prussian couucil cf ministers, 
read Kllng Williams message closiug the 

wind up Its business. The bills of the 
b:tnk are as good as go.d unt'er thc Do- 
minion law. 

Bau Ball Ycsterudy. 






H. B. B. 

7, i (^incluniiti !! 

2 1 I'liilailelphia . 

CloToJaml 13 

Hrooklj-ii W 

IjonJsvli;*,^ 9 

WiitfliL'-etoD... 3 




St. lyOUis 4 

Now York S 

PittBhnrcr .- 

HfJtiinore .. 

n. 1: 

7 r> ] 
11 ij 

8 1 


-- — I 



Geiisral m 

Slectric Cooipanj 


ITV arc t»!/.j!-,-i«i hy 



Of IDI PallaJio bnodi:iK. Dalntb, and of Wnsh- 
iiijctou 1). ('.. thur tho toilovi-irij LHilnth iuvea- 
tors lixvB rtHrfntlv bc>nn mrau^ctl p«l*«iat« bj tlie 
Umt<>d Statps Pat?nt cSie*: 

K<'.vr,nrit R. Klizrrfr&i.i. Sivprt B. NHson. Peter 
J. < 'r.eacr. John E. EiiTii'. .l'«»xHijuerMcDougall, 
Edward C Ende and Jo.'.ji Optlaif. 

I^jkntntorsTnd "patentees ! 

Patterns «ud eciaH o-! made pCTiWt, 
AssUtsncoffivcD invo.iitors in i>erfocting plaiii,. 
Thirty years exjiecieHCe, 

JTuc^Tf^r Block. Fourth ^troct aaC Firtt Ato»o«, Vt'est Dulath, iiliu'i. 


Fiirnisii Electric Current 

For Arc and Incandescent Liglit 

And Motor Service. 


station A. Foot of Fiitli Ans. EasL 

:, EXCii/.HG£ BUiLDIKG. 

An lufHlii' 

I'.lfeots a*-, 

CisCS. Pi- • 
IJOt, to CilU^ 

r , 

Q. 6. tii' .'iSPSC'PSO 

- ("•^Uieur'.t'.»-.ri o»f:a««^ 
•tk:'HS rtiut-i'.ji. 
■ ,• t>r ih« ijevi oi)sn:it.i« 
.^'•iTllUv:-*. '.3u:s.■Al'.»e^^l 
ii«. The oniv^ roaiody 

w'lh wM -h von cin eafcly .".ikI fiu«-ossfuUy 

8 '" ■ 

KoltJo-; witliSi'rlnfelM.CR*. A;:i;ivss. 

!^vi\ PHARSJiAfMlfCAL & GiiHi^SALGB. 

v.o. IJosiSiii. 

ST. PAUU CMttm. 

\-, TTs!? 

WHO IS VyR:.A{?*« 

Members of the DiilQili (kLiM Hoiis] ii-sociailoa. 

Kow They Stand. 


Ci.irn AVON lost! < won /yosr 

Ho,it.on H.I U) iB<utim<jra ... ti Si 

l'<ilU<it-li)!do :t^ »■> ^^VH(<lllu«^<^^ . '^ :*» 

itrookijii 3> M [CiBcinu.iti 

<.'lMV»»hu:d 1/ i2 ?•*» IrjUis .. 

m Milliirl 

i Finst National Bank 

i American Exchanj^o Bank 

I Marine Na'aonal Ba.-.k - 

National Bank of Co:nraerc« - 

State Bank of Duluth 

Security Bvank of Duluth.-. 

ron Exohanica Bank - -- 


- 600,000 

. 1:00.000 

.- 100,000 

- 100.000 






I PittsburK.... l^ '^i UniUfB^o 

J. Newk'ork.... M i"9 |L*.ui8Villo ... 



r:-«l :.ill''d 

Suitatolo Prcmlrcs For Wholecalers and MafJu 

Property known as Central dock prop- I ., The YcUowstone Reate. • 

pertv on Lake avenue. extei.dipg to ' „ ^\9 ^^xprci^ trains of t.j= >"**cfn 
No. '. slip, is for at reasonable terms. | Pacific Railroad make quicker time be- , 
Apply to VV. G. Park. No. 347 Lake twoer. Du nth. Supcrioi and Glyudon. 

^t' J . J^/ ; Mom head. I-argo. Grand I* orks, Ca.siCi- 1 

, ton. Heitii.i,- liutio, Spok.>ne, Tacoma 

Dr. Speer & Co. do as they promise in , an<l Scalile th.m s made by any other 

toiiiaiin no oiiintesor dangeroii.'Kli'tigH. Pold I ,,!,.,,,,,. 0^1, tW* 

«.u :i iNisitivc eiiar.antce l>v till di uffgiEts, or j ^- 

Vr. Miles Uedieai Co-, Elkhart, lad. 

FOR SALE BY AL;- DUatiaiSTa ! dK-irad"fori>ile treatment on page II. [line. 

City Band 

H Tbey Continns ic Draw Uf^e Crowds fj 

A number of Pavilion par- 1^ 
ties are given eveiy da3\ 










Lf i^ahiili ^.. 

' yiHtaiu 

I w. t/u>;; 

n i&p.. 


a W pm 


7 ir< nw 

Ar MinQ9ai>oIis... 

3 10 piA 

(1 VI pm 

7 J» a:;. 


3 15 i>:n 

7 l(yv<" 

I iOp^u 

Ar 1'1'!<JB.!?0. .„ 


7 00 Bin 

» S3, iwr. 

AtMiii.Ynnke«a ^ 


i 2C>.it;i 

7 10 :>i>i 



low J. ID 

Ar 4:. Louis* 

f> V, i,r.\ 



4 51)^111 

<{ ;!>:> &hi 

Lr f'»T t'loquet, 


730 am 


1 K» i>m 

K. H. U08.S, 
Northt-ru rns«^ng.T ARtmt, 
ii& Woet Suyorior btrtMt 


(Nortbsi a IVrMo U. ){. Co., I>(>8e»e.) 
Two l.'hr.'^nch Trains DaU7. 

FniiU WlK'^tv'Tcr Orn»'». slioiild vritc ti> 

t?j^ )^ it-; 3^ a BL a 3 * »n ¥£X 
Krantplfl Ivrau, C«ro«r Fcarih SlrrH, 

iiiK luu i: WMJ. mi vdi >.9TBn;c. 

Tho »*»•»» i-s.l Ot.U rrlial'lo '.i<vitr«I ,^,mc of ft* kinj -afh* 

lent -nvikt, liii^ <*H) fc-nn-eifiKMit, tin- '.ii n»<- ». 

Ti :4&T>»u B:r^^u 

1 ::tlitx(i 

10 :Wa\x\. 

1 .-ftOpni 


1 :lC.i> :i 



10 :(»>? -n 

Lv. Ar.| 

tiinurjipotiti .i P^i'mni 4tli^'ni 

..tit r«vul »:*!l!5unj a :*Oiiin 

... IVijutb 111 ;i;iHm 7 iBiptri 

.Ahliteiol I S:2i>Hiu 2*0i»rri 

i-ii'i- I.vj r»:i7oni:H:=^'J'»' 

Tic' -Uwd tJirou»dji.- 

all O'ikO' 11) 1 •«> (. ! . .■ • .> ■■ i ti ;Uit (Vitinda. 

01 i.-H* w»ui«*<;Ju>i!-' Ill id») in I'hicajfo with all 
t.rolii^ iroirR Kmi hivI Mont'.i. 

For full iufiivu.viium uri'b" to jonr rf>;'.r«»>*! 
•)o^.-. ■KT'"'* ..- JAc?. C. PONli, 

(io&. \\\ti. uud TkuA«t„ Chicago, 2>' 

]\mm nebiilty. r:^'-j;^'::^rait:iri«*.~;.* 

inp f(»'ni liMli«r'i-tf<h»*»^, Kxcv-*. 1tv?u^jki>* << tip-sun, pnwiuc* 
tiiir uorvouMunw, IW'Uflj, Pinw»*r« «C Htftit. ScJlI'Mriia, Ui*- 
{•'■ iiv«- M4'itki>ry. l'^m;>kion fho f.^r^ Avi>««K>n 1 >K •H'ty, L<*« 
•»t ,\mMli*'H. I iihtnrsi. t'«fi|jirr>. '?lt>«AiM-Tv%ly. Pv-vt.,^^**^, I^; ti:'.c* 
iV\i'»ijiiit*Mtf , U*^« cf I'l'vcr, r^:rTs in XL* !«* k. *mv , afo !.-• .ttt^il 

^rri#» rriv!»t»ii, Hptt^niy^ Unnatural D*sci>arge» 

SreoT. SilfraTifi/enerwl Diseasis, *ili^ 

Kri>-ni*, 0I« S.^^'., Utraa^ VHii^nl Swi-Jlii>r«. ff"" «Wlwr« 
( -intn. iio«ii»H» nii'1 f»r<-»wr d«ivpn frimi tt-.F »«»te«s i>J neun 
iWtUfp, liMr-li-a.-iI U«iBr4l«>v tftiQ kikI Swxitrn ioiiitt and 
Klx'r-in.ti-ii ttiK II Milt <<( Hl'Kvl |\.iv>n. ( iirM KIOMEV 

r.nd URINARY Cfl»rt--jiiv I'lr.i'ni. iii*«ih. ^H> r™- 

qiuiit or Hlx-iy Unne, U«B«rriio«« mat StrlcU^WB ptotnptly 


ritTARQU '''*■''<»*. K«w, l.iinclHM-!i«";( «n5titutinn.iliin4 

UA I Annni \ .imrwl We*kn»>vvr, ,.f l!.lh S.-t^< trp«»«.| \m 

tkperimmt*. CUirce* l«w. C ill t unto X; at pi mm LM mad 

|H>iB4>^lcl tnf •■> uMit. Th« IVxHur ti «■> ^uccrs-f ulljr ir«Mc<l «im1 

;urt'Cl tb'.uViUiilv AUteoi>sulUti.<n< arc MrK^ly cimfldMitial. 



uf ;j£^;,^|g,^tdai^*M«tfiilHiM 

a S 





\ » 




lliL' West Dututt) Council Deciued to Accept 

I Paynu'nl 
of Taxes. 

the Vill.igo Orders in Payment 

A Site for n Maritet Place Solrcted 
Will Not 8e Purchased at 


lliL' Unfavorable V/er.thor Caused the Aba-i- 

donment of the P.irade Planned For 

Tliis Morning. 

• ... , : i*^ 




Iho \\ cs; DuliKii cou.;e:il ^.l^cidcil last 
cvcJii.ijj to .icccpt vili.ij^e orders in p.iy- 
ment tu taxes and asscssn:;ents. The 
orders will be taken for ihcir face v.-xiuc 
v.i'.h S per cent lioin ikite ot issue. The of the market place was deciileil 
lipon hut the ground will not be pur- 
ch:isc»i until the bonds :itc sold. Theio- 
citii'n ui on the .St. I'aui Cv Dnhitli ris;ht 
of way and rourth street noriii, one 
block Ironi the I'hiaips hotel. It is to 

The request of cili/ens in l^ncota for 
water ni.iuis refused on the Hfound 
th'i? the orderinij in of theuiiins niijijht 
lend to validate the wat'r company's 
.rhartcr in case it is contest*! as pro- 
posed. Enijineer Cooper reported the 
liiial estiaiatts for the improvement of 
Ccntr:il aveavio. Third avenue west apd 
iho Kitjhih .iveniie ext>="usion. I'iaus for 
x'\\2 imprjv.'ment ol M;i;n street from 
lirand u> FoarieeJi'h avenue were ap- 
■■rovetl andljids wul he advertised for. 

'liie sanitary c; i*;:ion was afjain «iis- 


Cr.jlo: Say; lie '^'«st Face •Dirty" Bail or 

There hrw j'Jw.nys been a quostlontrf ha:si- 

l(>;s polity tJu- pl.iytj^:^ of oliumpian- 
Bliip panics on Hmul.iy. I L-.v.- nr.Uhi ii 
CJ'.ri'ful study tvf'tli<« i'rohk'iMa;i(l lonj;: .since 
f:!ine to a lirui couvicii<tn it •Ick-s not 
piij". Tboro aro already iiulionuona tiiut 
thp Chica^^o club injMi« n fmiuMial error 
when il <kp;irt('d from its loi.;; staml 
JVjraiust Suuday b.dl ^ltiyiuj.% lth;wthii,s 
far dr.iwii f;iir Siniday crowds, hut i^.a 
wet'kday jit-ttnd.'inco h»»^ talitn otT in dis- 
astrous prupurtiuin. This Ki;nw result has 
bet'U iioticeil lU CLucimuiti. St. l.ouis inid 
I.oui.svillo. It is easily »'.\i)laiiuMl. In i-v- 
ory oiry tl-.i-ri" art- bniulrcds A" pi-fj^flo v.ho 
niako it n rido to soo oiii* .uaim- a W{\*k. 
They will Uiko n half ihiy o!f from t)Mi>i!ii.!ss 
when Snntlay Kanicn nrc not pktycd, l.nt 
when the ch.nnco eome.s on Sundiiy iliey 
wait for t}iat iliiy, .ind the w«>«kd;iy h.ihit 


A Letter From Prosido.nt Ulovclar.d Containing 
Patiictic ScntimcnU. 

Nkw ^'uKK. July .}.-At the Tammany 
celcbialioa in the I'ourtctuih strctt 
wigwam today, the iollowiiij,' fiom 
President Cleveland was read: 

"Executive Mansion, Washiiij^triii, j). 
C, July ::6, i8<;3.— Hon. Kichard Croher, 
chairman - Dear Sir: I jcjjrct that I am 
nnahie to accrpt ihe nn nation of the 
Tamiuany society to .-^tiend thccclebr.i 
lion cf the .inniveriary of Auicricin in- 
depcptkncc (Ml the Fourth of ]u1v next. 
This is a day which ai! true .Ameriraus 
ouj- ht to celebrate as oiten as it occurs 
\V:;en, however, the ctiiuncinoration ol 
the discovery of tiie land we occupy and 
the celebration of the day when it 
consc'-rated to libeity and poiml ir 
Roveriirotnt arc coincident, ilie o.xasion 
sbouid revive and sjlinuiiat'.- all the en 

'"OlINrtl, ♦IHAMIH'IJS, » 

Duiutti. Minu., Jul> 1 , i.sna. { 
AiljDurjie.l Mw.'liuK. 

[{.ill chII : A!a«nuiMi iin'ffiit Diruwnll. 
(ic<ity, Hu^'o, My<i«. Ni«l.^.iii, Oio, t^uinUj', 

AKsniit — ("ok, llt'bii, 
Mr. I'rcrtiJout— .'>. 

Ihiwiiril. 'I'lioinati, anil 

Oil ni.iPioii cif Aldcimuii C.U* tin 
uti»!i of iHKt itii«4tiii« were ai.provod. 


In t.'jo ubr4>nccof the Mi«*iIilout nml vleo i)ro^ 
•>i't Al.!crni!iii HuflTi) w:ih tiU>c<«U prKHid^ul. pr 

tOlll, )>j UCCiMUllltiotl. 


Prosenlalion of Petitions and Othf r Communl- 

Kr.mi Minvn nu!in»'ll,iiir>ior part lot 8 .iiul 
Joti;!». Id and II. bliK-k IJ, ( Vntriil .Ii\ihloii. fur 
rn..rk..i !« ,rc f..r ♦idiaw ( uy i»ro|Hrty, liiiO.l- 
tpRs and iiiurkotH. ■— t" 

Miscrll lilt (.lis city l>i::.^, pay mm 
<i(iic..ri (."il d(.|'.irt.ii.>ii(u, ,,,d !)iil «il' J, 
iiifeou— ClaiiiiH aud acooiints. 

of rity 
II. fh.b- 

Vrorn HjabiiM Jrf rkir ,a a!, pofliioi: to crndo 
alley in roar of bloc!. M toiil 1:2. PottJunil- 
.Siroots, uUfyH aud »idn'.vullc^. 

is dropped. Thcrof^iro th<^ exces. which a \ ,.oblins a.ut ra^r:utlc"seh^ni:;i;ts* whu;!. I .1.^ h:dra^^:',;;»lV;:lm u':^"l(.r:^rouL&i!Z 

iJrofl. mid .». W. McMini! biredcimi-iuiont. 

I :u..:sed a", souie 


rih.. rnd it was tinallv 

'cd to let the work f^o i>:i a.^ here- 
:v'UPi'I all th': ground bad been 
;?onc over once. Two men and teams 
will be eniDliycd. and paid out cf the 
irencral fund, to remove refuse liirre's. 
fh',: bonds for ,i market house wore 
awarded to W. J. Holme? at par v;i!uc. 

THE P.ASASi; A8.'.ND0.\£D. 

Th:^ Unfavorable Weather 3,ioil3d Part ot ttis 
Day's .".'ograni. 

it was with many rejjrets that the p:ir- 
ade vas pjivcn up ih's mornirit; owing to 
The unfortun.atc '.weather as prepar.rtioas 
had he;n made to outshine anything of 
th;' kind ever uttenipt.:1 in West Uu- 
lutli. Th.* City h-i^d ol Diilulh, one of 
t'.'.e best musicil or^'ani.:ations in the 
stuJe, was eni:;i;^«id for the occasion, and 
the hre department had taken more 
than ordinary pains to mike an impos 
rn.^ appearance. The plppara'.us 
w?s cleaned and burnished to 
perfection and the city teams were 
;;rocined wi;h care. The mines 
md tails of the horses were crimocd atid 
curled lii:c the tresses oI a maiden pre- 
pared for the b.\Il. 

Taken all in all, the parade would 
have been v.,.-,nhy of the town and a 
i'ie.Tsnre arid d^lircht tj look ur"".i. Al- 
ihnri^h ihirre were several celebrations 
pL'nncd ,!,! var:.',us par:sof the town 
under different auspices, the parade was 
to be a general one for all, and at its 
close each cit:zen could repair to the most conj^eniai tor perfect enjoy- 

West Oiiluth Briefs. 

Mr. aiui Mrs. Win. Chess-r have re- 
turned from a trip to th? World's fair. 

Miss Mabel Wa-lace has ijone to D:- 
oii), Minn , (or a month'a visi: wkh 

lir:-. Gr:;' ;Lid Ur. lioycr are in I'tiC 
Twin cities. 

Miss Sadie Donaldson of Chippewa 
Falls is a gue-.t u; her aunt, Mr;, i'. M. 

C. IC. (TGodell.'of l);nvcr, Co'., who 
has been visi'.intr his frie.d, P. McDon- 
nell for a few days. left yesterday for hi'i 

Dune m Urower iv Co. paid off their 
men last ni..:ht instead of the regular pay 
day, the loth, and shut down the mill hir 
the Fourth. 

i\rthur St. Lawrenci ye^^icrday 
boiiiid over to the .t^r.ind jury C.h.nrgcd 
witii stealing a watch Iroiii Thomas 

f^.L. Marble is fro-ii theJMesaba 

The Zagia 


oday in Itasca 



Gramj Rai'IDS, Minn., July 4. -Grand 
Kapids is celebrati:iT the Fourth on a 
lar;^c scale. At sunr-.-c a national salute 
v.'as fired. At li o'clock lire Calithump- 
ians, accompanied by the citizens of the 
:n«.n, inarched to iiale lake, where the 
ceicbr.ition was held. Ivcadiii^f of the 
Dtciari'.iv^n if Independence by C. H. 
Dugvrin; spe xb-s by E. ,H. flawkin-;, C. 
L. I*r»lt^ A C. iieraard, C. C. McCarthy 
aud C H Kt^rne-'. 

y\ff<T Hirn -r ;..(e wcrc contcstjof 
v;i . .5 liea^-iiption^; the whole to cjh- 
ciude with firew irks, and dancing in'the 
:>avilion in the eve.Ting. Music was 
.'arnished by an Italian orchestra from 

. Tho V/orld's Fair. 
Duriri^' iS.>3 all ro^ids lead to Chicago. 
The Chii-ago, Milwaukee &. St. Pan; 
leads the van. Enclose a 2 cent stamp 
;ind {;et "The Milwaukee" World's fair 
folder. J. '^'. CONLKV, 

Assistant General Piissen^er Ag^cnt, 

St. Paul, Minn, 

^ Vcslib:i!cd Trains. 
i. ;..ju .a.'c e-oHig 'vVot id any pont in 
Miioresola. .N'or.h D.ikotj, Montana, 
Northern Id iho, Washin;:ton or OrcLTOn. 
vou sh'>uld tonsult your s<f<ity, comtort 
and convenience l"»y [)irch;i,iu:j your 
ticket over the Novdi'crn Pacific r.uiroad, 
the only l.i.-.c ri»Aii;!ig veUibuled tr.uns 
from -St. Priu', .Miu'-ic^poiis, I)!i!uth and 
Superior tbrotrgli these Jtatcs. O.^fjce?, 
162 En A Third street, St. Paul. 

416 We^t Superior street, Dulutn. 

Fi.;a Suju.Vijf Holel. 
rho liote! li.ouUater at Heleni, 
thirty-iv.n hoyr;; by .\*orthtrn Pacific 
from S*. I'-iid. Miniv apf,lij.Snp.:rior and 
Dululh, H the hiK-w,-»y resting place for 
\ el}....vs'orf I'u.'k, P.i ific and 
Alaska tourists. 

Offices: 162 East Third street, St. 

41G West SupcT.or trcet, Duiu'.h. 

club draws t;> its f*»unday j^aint's cuuie.} 
largely f . oin the old wee!;day cro'.-. d. 

Thfn there v( ry nuiiiy sport lovinv, 
peoi>Iii who refuse to iiatroiii/c Muy club «)r 
«.-*>;oeiat ion which oitni.s its icutt.-i for the 
Hike of ni.ilviii^ HumLV on 8und:iy, ued 
they are n.-)t all ehurch members either. It 
is a well known laet tiiat Siur,i:?y playini; 
it\ iioHton, New York or Phrliuk'lphin would 
drive awayto per eent of the iv<;iiliir at- 
tiiiilaMce on tho wci-ioiay j-aHu-s. Thi.i 
yr,-ite of tiiii.;:s may b.- 'oiiinkcl 011 the <.ld 
Xe.v Jaifihuici regaid f. r the {5uhiIat.^l or 
the Quaker spirit \sliidi IVnn left «■•« a 
h'Kacj' to Phii.-ulelphhi, TmiI wh;:te'. er i; i.s 
it 13 liehl iu ;^ ti'.'-pi'CC by the e.-Lstti'M 

A weetkly ivvi».w of the Iliw}).*;!! field 
would be irnpcrrcet without lifew rcnsra-iis 
about Anson. He Li itu' "flying Dnlrh- 
ninn" of basebal!, the "Old I?fnn of the 
Sea" of tibe di:inuj:id. IIU lato.'^t irou;'puu- 
o.s)Lyconit3 from an r.(—ii.vitso:i thai- he Is 
tTowiuj; '-serappy'^ in hi', oid ;i'/,v ;uid i:> 
phiyini; "flirty" hall. Well, whii i-Au ]i\;vn<' 
Uncle Adrian fur iryiuii to win "by fjiir 
moans if possible, hv foul means if I must," 
as the vilKiiu KaVH in novel.*.* He h;is .sotr.e- 
thiuK Ic.-s than u (h'lvn snip* of elo*h'"; via- 
Sercd with this, that and th*; other peih-riu 
that lie will br-at rc>rij)iii cluhs in tl;e 
League race or v.-iii the p: j«i.".nt. It fwtjnis 
to be a clear ea.-ie with him of "dirty" ball 
playins or baiiknrptcy. Very few in<n 
j^row mellow in thtir disp'j.'^ition sva tiiey 
f.;ruw old, and the niainjjrenient of n base- 
ball team sis n steady hu.'-hus.-^ renaiiilj 
does not havi; atendei:cy ioa:-;v'Iir.e ;u!;an. interest iu the i:.:t;o!:al frame 
continues to pervade the coujjtry. If the 
umpire gauge he u.xcd, tjje una:.i;re:::eut 
shows* a steady tnertr.'c"^ cf eutlr.:-iasm. 
The more umpirri* r:h:, .ire nx/t.bed the 
more is the b; ;^. e:»i;!:;';;ji.'.ni. 
lltirsl'.H rough treat!Me:.l ki 2.'e.v V. ;;; w.w 
followe<l by a police e.»:w;5t i;> .••. tii.::ihfcrn 
league unip:!-!*, I'v v.>\ slx'.c^l m^-.iult 
ui.ou aaother umpi;-.' i,i .\kre:i, (l.\. ;;:i(( ly 
a regular foot race l:; tv.een :i.i irr^.k-e ru; I 
an iiifmi.itoil ciowd of tnmks in the* we.>iL. 
All thi.'j .^hoAft-fi that the pe<>[ilc' .tre ."dive to 
their lisfhts and priviie;. j*. if lij ««.■.»•;> were 
no iHitcrest i^ iho ^:».i9, Ui« nv.-xiii.'i v, ■■-i k!j>'» 
care a c-oppur how thu Uiiiphe dfcci.ud 
poiu'.s in tUs gatutt. 

A baseball t'.mpire oeciK. '.;•«? about tha 
samo relation.ship to the Tt:!j!ic IhaVihe 
heailsmeu nud ha:ig/uea of o4') !;. kl aicof.g 
their contemporaries. And it t:ikeH a foiil 
li<> on the «m;rti•o'^ \ trsuu ttj ikmorwitiui f 
lii'? ge!!'jr.;l unpf>pu!iirity. Tbs nwivtr.-:;d 
jeil of deli.ii.Nt that goiw np from nn "au<Ji- 
eaert" whttiiever the umpire ^:a^<■ht.'< :». fwnl 
t.pon hkmcjtk I., TK<l4:ii;',g k-Wi tJiai4 ;«. kcilJ^ • 
liiiah fchoruii. Mi Iw.d t. j he wtli^a: ub ibu 
i-;iv or a ta.vgat.h<:;iui-, Id uii t;^ j. t!te luUtj- 
V JcatkKi, wlierein 1 coUld fe»ce my eneuMea 
(»iti.'.ly and in priv«,te. 

On« Ot tho »nyst<!rk-.; of th.e b;»seh.;l4 busi- 
ness is the change of form nhov.-u byagn.y:t 
many players when they ehango clubs. A 
v.'jry recent iu.«;tanco is ti;ao of IM'tcli^r 
Hawl:e.«. released by the Hi. [jouis IJrowiis 
aud taken up by tho 15aitimore«>, for v.liorn 
hois pitchin« winniiij: liall. Tiie V.'asliii:'^- 
tous have three winning pitchers in Maril, 
.Meekin aiui Esper, all of vdiom wer-e di.s- 
cardo.d htst j-enr. Killeu, with the Pitts- 
burgs, i.-anothf r cxanijde, and in Stein and 
Terry Anson and the lirooklyns iiave e:ir !i 
a reiuindtr that tfierr i.s human. Several 
years .^go Ansc;n threw young Stehi out 
upon tho cold world .-.nd brande«l him '"X. 
G." Today .Stein leads the winuiaj^^pitch 
crs of the Le.igue. 

Three National league t'-'ams have been 
priving their frieuns regular .lune^ 
of the agreeable kind. I refer to the Phihi- 
delphias. the Balthnores and the Washing- 
tons. Tho "Quaker's" glory ha.M tJie best 
rhancB to remain per.iuuutut. aiai i[?iriy 
Wrii;ht'K mi-n m.-vy yet «ive the Iwideirs iii 
the r:we a ri^jht merry clip arouud tlio far 
turn and dowu thu boniest reteh. It woh 
s<inie honor for them to .start on i-heir flr.sL 
wt.Htern trip as IwiderH iu the ll^iht. and 
bhoiild they return iu the .same position 
they wUl be a very hard bap.d to di-sJodge. 
It j.s a rather remurk^djle fact that in 
spite of the pifcariou.s busine.ns conditioin 
of the country ba-sebail c'luFw 0:0 experi- 
encing the heaviest patroi!a>;o knov.-h to 
magnates sfcicu ISSO. It may be that tu« 
more mcu have to worry them in .a bMsine.'i.s 
way tho stronper becomes their desire to 
>.uni away to soiue kind of recreation. 

It has been some years since the se.nsrjn 
i-'lvaneed irit^* the latter part of .June with 
only one club failure among tiie promintnt 
leagues and a.s-^iociatioii.s in the United 
States. The club of the.Soutli- 
ern h.igue was the first to f|uit bTisine.s.s. 
But the example set by that club was not 
followe/l, as is usually the case, by Kiveral 
more within a few day.s. I't Keein.s to have 
been a case of poor managi-ment on the 
Birmingham cfub'.s part rather than a 
financial failut«o. 

One of the most scpIouh accidents of the 
year wa.9 that which huppcned to Catcher 
McMahon of ; lie New York.s recently. (■;ne 
of Kusie's cannon Iiall shot.s sfrutk the 
young catcher's ri-lit hand aud lit. rally 
crushed the third finger. This accident 
may prevent McMahon troai catching ;ighki. 
One week before Mc.Mahou was di.-iabletl 
Captain Ward advistd .again.;t the engaye- 
nieut of Milligan because the club Lad 
three of the best catchers iu the League, 
—viz, Doyle, Kelly and Me.XIahon. Bu: 
Treui^urerTalcott, a V>'all street bull, ruled 
that it was better to he in the market 
"long" on catchers than "short." .Just 10 
days later* Doyle had his arm in a sling. 
McMahon'.s linger wa:s iu a p-lxuter c:i^ aiul 
K.lly was l.iiil up with hcU. The team 
left New York cu its trip wuli .Milligjm a:; 
tt« only available catcher. 

t). P. Cavlok. 

arc eisentia! tolhe salety and the pcr- 
petnitv of Auk rii an insiitutioii.s. 

"At smdi a time it is luting that we re- 
joice in the dauntless purpos-- and con- 
stant cievolioti that have thus Lar marked 
out the way of our n uion. We ^h julil 
lose the most imjiorlant lesson of the 
day we celebrate, if we forget that the 
labor and ihiigence of those intrusted 
with self government must be unremit- 
ting^ ,nnd always patriotic. There Mas 
never been a time v. hen our countrvmtii 
shouhi be more soberly remiuJrfr 
they cannot salelv delegate their duties 
.anc eI)hg;itions of i.ili.'er.ih:p nornegiecl 
to cultivate thc'r imiividua! and personal 
inierc^t in public alfair.s • 

"If thiise Avho celebnite the anniveri.a:y 
cf Anj' :i!depor.deiiccgt;:<rd against 
the sordid struggle for miuaiucd wealth 
that stnles patriiuism; if thcv ex.aet from 
public scrv.ants the stricte^t .^ccount4- 
bility ill the perfcrmancc of public du- 
ties; if they hold fast to the Atin rican 
ideals work is honoiable and econo- 
my is a virtue; it thty ius,itt there 
should he hoatrly and cleanliness in 
politics and if they refuse to encourage 
expedients that endaniier the foreign or 
national fmanccs, those who follow us 
will joyously celebrate the day in c.n-. 
turies yet to come. (Signed), Grover 
Cleveland. ' ^ 

Letters cf regret were received frotn 
V'ire Pre-jidei.t Stevenson, .Senator Ilill 
and many ether fenators, congressmer 
and other public iii'.n to the number of 
about 200. 

Wave Tosjnd. 
Sea sick voy.agers suiTLr unspe.ikable 
tortures. Then if Hostjttcrs Stomach 
Hitters is rciwrtcd to the tortures cease. 
Yachtmg p:irtic..>«, otaan hshcrnion. nerv- 
ous, sickly people, whom the jarring of a 
railw.ay train .affects much in the i.ame 
way as the tossing of the surges do one 
who crosses the AllnntiC for the lii..; 
time, should lie ndndful of this, and be 
provided v, if h an adctpiate supply of the 
lhtt:-rs. This incompanable stomacV.ic 
will pronuitly settk a stomach out- 
r.igeously disturbed, is a capital antidote 
to nialani .'iiid nervous complaint.^, rem- 
edies couslipation :ind biliousness, and 
counteracts a tendency to rhcumntisin. 
Besides thi-, ii compensates for a loss of 
energy constcjuent upon undue exertion 
or nervous anxiety, and avtits the effctls 
oftxpOiUre iainclviiicnt weather and 
the wealing of d.injp clothing, iioth ap- 
petite .-ifKl sleep arc proTn(^:ed bv it, iii^d 
(■ciieral health rapidly improves through 
its use. 

From lho.^)a8^o^tou, r.r t:nn»fer of liquor, fr.iin Kriiuk b-uk lor i<oul Jlcfuso - 
rolico and license. 

l-r.iiii lioftrduf pnlilie ..(,ik!<: Ih'co i.tncnditiK 
ian>.-ovi<:rn>ut of i'Utli .t.!..y from,e avouu.t 
10 .Knco.'id Nveijup euBt; Piiimiittin-.: profdi^of 
ffriJc8P!'tah!it>li..d; trii- ..nitilBK bill ..f Kmil 
Hj«>ri'd.'i!i). j.iid <»stijna»- m c.ty cotitruclors 
and vpriiikiiiij,- contr.ic:. i!< ; reco^inoudiii)* im- 
pniveiTicat of Tifth nvi'imi' soudiweH from end 
of |)!0s< jii,. jiiipiovM.-it'iir hlruots, nlieys and 
«idcw.ilk>. Jieportrdit ivn to Ub.«l'^.'-l«( idM on 
loti? in bU'flk "ii" l^«.n ;.::i .idditioa— received 
•iiid pifir;!d on file: rr •<i.i;a:(iiitinrr rebate vt 
.>l.'.'l to {;. T. JfliiiK- on iiiinjf and luuuioo ; roc- 
oijiinendiiR SHnilJiry w.>\v,r hi Ci-nlre ^l.'■oet from 
Iwi'U'.ieili e.vouu" •ubii.. ijvinii jv.^t east of 
i>l uvrciio ee t dinin.s, tewcra mid 

lui'f rrf<i)«>rlfi;lly r«- 

luive ciiiit.i<iijr<>d tliM fuim«, 

tlibi i«^i i uiiT'Iicnlioij bo 

Btro.l, wonM 

J.ori Uiat. Ihuy 
and recoiMiu'lid 

CluiinjiBn of ( ,'oiiuaitUie 
A. ti. Yi ii.«t>s. 
Tliempoit was rricclvod. 

To llin I'ref'idiijil, and t'oinmoit (\mQcilof tho 
toy of Jiulntli: 

Y'lur co;riii,i(li>o to whom wan lefriTed <!io 
ii|>|>h<-;i|i<iu o! '! lioinaK l!rnt<.n for 1riiu»f'>r of 
li<|i>or Je'eiiHK Troni I'd L.-ik.- arniinft towib to 
Ne. "Jti W«>ht SiipiTiur Hirf>tM.\vi>n!.| iiio.-i r« siteel.- 
fiilly lepdi-i iliHt. tliry liave ctini<i<Ji>i>Ad tho 
Hnmu, and rccoiiiinoud that, Haiil apidicatioa 
ln» »{r.-inted. 

.1 UlES I>iK<:u.M.i,, 
<.'h»4i'iiiitii of CoiiiMiltieo. 
A. ti, Wilson. 
Thoi:oi>urt woe rooolviul. 

II arks. 


of ponndnia..^icre- auditins and 

Reports oi Stae.iiii:] Commi'.Lfcs. 

Claims an J A:cour>ts. 

To (lie I'rn'idont- and I'oi.imon <'oun«il of tho 
(ity of LiKhUh: 

Yonv o«nmnitf«.o tr> -^ i.i.m wis r.^ferred tho 
pay roll for tlm vu-ion, drparrmcnts ot citv 
tr.itiimtis U)r.*nrn., l.-.!M. .,,,iijd nv.-; re«p«HJtf«itJy 
repjirk tliai tiny Iuivk ■<>'i«l<i,.rpd tfio Hatun, 
•ii-'l r. (N.nunoiid iLuC 8ai I j.ay rolls* be arproviHi 
and paid. 

. F. If.tjus-in. 

Acliiig ; liaainuui C'viumiMre. 
Tl:e icport was receive d. 

To (lie Prn<i.?fnt and ( iminon CVnincil of tl** 
t ity of Duuith. 

. .X'^"'T"';'""*-l''" ♦^ v:r,iH w.'.p ii-r- ired ilio 
f)i!i o. J. W. ItobitKitto f. .- :iir(w#»««r4»a««i X))""" 
P'lfcJiaM.*,! u«Mil«t m<,»t riii-iwctfidly JUfwrl 
that ti:ey h.TTo rouf4d»»;.vl do aame. a!M\ mc 
otiiUi«t]d tliat said bitl Lo pHid. 

. F. M. Qmimx. 
.Vtinir Cjiouinuu ( '-oruuiit^'«a 
Tho rdpoo't was racoirci 

Hro Dc;iarlaBflttL 

Streets. Alleys and Sidewalks. 

To tho Prphidont niwl (?oniinou Conncllof the 

< ity ot Duhitii: 

Vonr eoniniittoo «o wlioni wus referred ttie 
coinnno'icatio!! Ironi tlie hoard ui piittlic worlcf 
dated .Inly 1. is,i;t, |.llbnliMlrl^' an entiniato in 
full 10 Kinll J'j..rn.!ah!. for I'dlinK 
four Rt*ee», ev.'ioiitr i>rooin«. woutit 
most, ri':ip( clfidiy re|>:'rt that lliey linvo con 
HJderi'd tint Miuiie aiiU reeoninioud tliut Iho 
hill be niiprovod and pniiL 

A. .'^. Wii.»oN. 
Cliaiiinun Cornmltteo, 
T. \V. fkoo. 
The rrpoit wns tecolvod. 

To tho l»ro8i(1ent and Conunon Oeucilof Iho 
Cityol' lyuluiii: 

Your coia'niiieo to whou; wax re'orrrd Iho 
conunni'icHtioiiK from the boJird of public 
wi.rlfs dated .Inly I, Is'.*,'.. snbitiifliiiT ''hti- 
niatOH diiM til'' varjoui^ bl.reet coninic'oi--. would 
most re-Hpeetfully reiMut diat Miey l.avooon- 
hi.ered t.'io tamo, and ri-'ciinu;.eiid tljttt tliey 
bo approved ami oritered paid. 

A. H. Wll.SON. 

riiuirman ( '<rti.rAitt?e. 
T. \V. llutui. 

Tho report was recaivod. 

To tho }*r'«sjdent aud Common noUncUof tlio 
ttityof Dakidi; 

Yonr coiiiini.'ten to wboni v/as roforrod the 
cinnjauidcatjoa fiom the t;oaid of pid>Iic work*', 
dnrod Jiin^ J'.l. 1S(».<, roooimnotuliiii; Oiat perma- 
ii(;ut»idf\v:dk:» lie ronstrncr.ed in frf-nt of rei taia 
lots on lie iiortii Midn of tiup'-rior itr:>nt front 
b'iret nvorini o'i.'j* to .sixib avc.-uji; -west 
wonld niof. nvjioctftilly report tnat lliey Imve 
conbiderod thu ran.o. and rorommend that 
tho biduwalks i)o ordered built. 

A. .S. WlL'^ON. 
(^uiiiinHii of Coiuiniltee. 
T. \V,Jli.oo. 

The reviort was received. 

Eu'Llfoef lid^ivrdk on f^nntli ,<ido 
t>f Itjiid utoet ti'oei Tw'-iit y-eisbth 
avnuna west to westcity lirnitn 322 C'J 

Eli:ht-fo<it Hidt'walk on ^vl^^t Hldo i>f 
Fiffi'Cj II nvcnuK oa ; from I..i>,i<lon 
road to South t.rrict ',1 75 

Aldi till ill Oiu niovi»d tbo ad< 

lUon of tlu! 
Ioijl«d ljy llio 

-- _ ..floli 

riVobuioH, unriit wun declared ade 
foUowhijj vol«: 

VoHS .I* Idermon Diii'Jtwall (/'«ttj , Xljern. Nel- 
Bon, Oie, (>unii>y. hun>nii»m, Wil»ou aud Acti!i« 
Mr. l*^e^ dnrit. S). 
Approved July 1, ISCU. 

T. W. Ill M). 

XcUua Mayor. 

l>y Aliirniian \Vili»ou: 

Heiolulion to Build Sidewalk. 

Kt> olvid (Ijat till! r<rnunoii co'Micil of tho ci'y 
ol iJiUi.f I dijiTii it nerei%«nry tliat. iicrniuiKMit 
birlowalk i bi. built on Lin- Tiorth nidf. of jSnoerinr 
Btrc'tfria First HV«niio ouKt to Sixth av«nn«. 

\vi);-t : 

Twenty live fe*-! in front n( Mock lirc». & 
Jolmson, ;>(..' Went Superior btnet. 

Tw-aty live fi^i.t ia fhoutof Nol.-'ou it Kwau.v)n, 
i.O;t \\ est Sui<uriiir ntroet. 

Tivonty flvo foot, in (roat of .'^. J. IjOvii»e, .V)l, 
Went >>up prior i-f nH-t. 

Fifty fn;t in front of iVA-iVt, \V«wt Uopcrior 

Fifty ffctin .froiitof 8^7-:«W Wo t Superior 


Twenty Hirr* feot in front of Co)»im'i> Lnnch 
rofimt. :;!; Ww,t truix-'rior atrent. 
Tneut.v. tfirftt, fi^t ia fnmt, of S. Cari.rator, 3f)5 

VVeHt S'inM-io»!-tr(»Pt. 

I'iftyfe.f in f.-ontof Clark !>loc'«, We?t Su- 
perior Bti»ftt. 

T-:\enir tiru rest in front of MyJes' bhick. Wx;ht 

SiJi-riur litre ■!,. 


4^. Kloin, 17 
4 B. Jorn- 

DyHlderniRp Wiioon: 

KoBolvrd, Tliitt the <!«tiin«t«H made by tho 
board of iiuliJio workb July I, iKn, 
for city oufri"-i<<r>- bn and tim 
tamo are beruby approved by the ocin-.»ii(,i, 
r,onnr<il of II, o city <;{ Uulutii. aud th4! city rii , k 
l.s iiif-lrijcied 1<> draw orders nin.u tho i r > 
treamrer to pay vaid eviirriHtAt., fl)< foii.m-fi, \,j; 

I>iitclinrt lirop., for Iho ronvtrticlion of 
.Sar^TT.i Hvi.une frotn iljw nortlmrly 
ItiMUi'lary of {<ondoo (iddition to I.,ako 
Snoeiior . ._ $ J»ir. 77 

Jt .1 .Vni'iry. for irn; r<»viiii.' Kiiclith avoniie 
onHt from Suporijir strwot to Uio liuulc- 

, ^"'•f, - --- V 3t»ita 

John ( lyD»». for th«» oonxtniction of mdo- 

wulk i.u I'ioilmont avMue; oR(«t frutn 

Snp.riorHtnrtt lo Uie nortli Hurt of 

Third diTiKloii 107;: 6J 

iohn Kiy. r, for tliec/>ni<tructiuaof cmi»- 

wwiJ*" IW64 r>incwttll uiomi tbo adoption of 

iho r<'M--nif ion, and it was dirlarwj adoptod by 

the f(diowin«' VI do: 

Yeirt- Aid. rniftii I)iii«\v,Ul, frf-U). .Mynn-. 
KoiKon, Oi'. t;'iiubv, tiorcaseu, Wilx^ and 
Acting Mr. I'r. videut-g. 

Nay; —None. 

Api>rovcd Jaly 1. 1893. 

T. W. ytoo. 

ActiDR Ua}or. loot in fnmt 
W' fct t'.uii^rlo'-hfieot. 

Fillyf'-t in fn.Dl of \, ||. 
borx, 11 V.'i"- SaiMtrior atreet ; aud 

Ik*nlv-n,l. That thol;>iird of put)! ,> works nr»* 
hereby di octed and rctnired to pii»>:f.-.h in tbo 
ifiicial m nppapi T of tiio city a notiwtoall 
o\vn?rn aid ocoupanfB uf any ami all lot* or ?5ar- 
celd oflniid abaulucr o:j tin- .above doBcribe-l 
Htio^'t,- tt> l.aiid Honiuch of FaidAJde'w.-ilk (IB nd- 
jointj their li/t'ir lot(-, at hi8, her <jr tbeir own | 
jiropi'ii>5()en«e and eh.irt.1.. and in ar;orda:cc 

wivh plans ;inH ;M'Ocili'> on tlie in thootTieo I . 

of tlio b...-.r«l, v.-ithin tweniy dayn nftor tbp lir. >t i i^jrov, •! 

pnbiicarioo «if Miid no'ie.;, and if micli own«r 

or occupant fniN t-i bull,! «a;d bidowalk v,it!iiii 

tie' time iIchfATiiatod, -Ahicli ctiall boftat^nlin 

«anl notire, u;,d in Hccurrtanco with paid i>1.h;k 

and rpcei h-.a);r.:ic, <|,„ i<(,ni.( fliall I..; buih. «ir 

rebui!tl).> the li,„;rd of pnWio work.* ofiJio irj, 

an;) tlio fidl cost aud ejpflnse t}ior(S)f, toirether 

Willi percent ialditi.>ral for e<isr <it Bvrvfj, 

l)!,!!!"? nm! ^ap<^riI!tl•lldcne'^ wiil b^ Qai)t£8>-'d 

iii^iiMmtt.lcir Kail lots, . 

Hy AJ'Irnnai: Wil«)n : 

Ke-.lviHl iba^^ th" ontmiafo made by tho board 
..f ],ul)he workf. J. isjn. t,, Kiuil Hjoru'iahl 
for rofPPn*' four stn'ot bwcv'por bioon.s, ih here- 
by approved by the conkRu.n cuncil of the eity 
of llidinh, and thecity olcrk is instnirted to 
dr.iw an ordor uiMin t!i»rii<, troafcurer to pfty 
Raid of-timato wiiich if $.yi.i*i. 

Alderman Nfil»..u u.ore t llie ndoj.iinn of ibe 
r^fi.:lut:oo. i.ud it «TUi dccinred adopted by 
tho followia/: vofr; 

Ve«> -Aldermon DincwalJ, Ootfy. Kym, N««I- 
»<>n. r)ie. C^niaby. St.roaaob. Wilson. Actuig Mr. 
PrcHiarnt -a. 

ApiTJvod Joly 1. !X03. 

T. W. 

Acting rimyor. 

To tiio 1'roi.ide't aud Common Coiuicii of tbo 

< ity of Duluth: 

Your committro to whom wap roferrod the 
coinniiinication from t.'ie boar.! of pnldic works 
.",^ nnmth'y pvtio'HteB for thn variomi 
HpriikliaT roni r.ictopfi would nioyt rrsp"ot- 
fnlly r.'port shMt they Imvi^ conHMen'il tlii>.«an;o, 
nnti ri coinniuud that tiioy Oo approved aud or- 
dofftd pasd. 

A. S. W«i.«o\'. 
C.hairman of ( otiuiMttOM. 
Tho KcycMt was rorofvedt 

To tlio ru'-ident and Coinmou Cotuwrfl of tho 

< ilOr «>< JDuUith: 

Ton- o<iini;jittpe to wlnvu waf refarriVl th"* 
<'»»<i»i»Wentjt t!iob<».'ir»l of iHiblio works to ,Ta<s>b 
Ltiv.', HiinMn ft Shrycr, Diihitlr Phv in« roiii- 
pnny. Iliilcli-irt IIi'ok., Nowion.t '.torriM«i>, .1. H, 
rr«Ht«m. .Iv)ka l;oj«T. wi>iiW moht vesp(vtfu))y 
report 1>in* 4But ia\-o ottnsil'k'rod (b« t>ftnii< cwiil 
rrcoiuii'.c'nd 1 hat said e«4:lmnke8 \Mt OM.roved 
aud <inli<red p.'dtT. 

4.M. 1Air<«ov, 

ttiiatrman tkHuo 

1'. W.«<lu<«o, 

XSIki ivpai'C wzis torrfvctf. 

Jas. Boss 

Watch Cases 

are ail gold as far as you can see. They k)ok 
like solid cas«rs, wear like solid cases, on I 
are solid ca.vesfor all practical purposes— V( I 
only cost about half as much aa an out- 
nnd-out solid gold Warranted to 
wear for 20 years ; many in constant ii?.e 
for thirty yctrr,. Better than ever since thev 
are now htted, at no cxtrp, with the grcrn 
bow (ring ) which caKnoi beguiled or twisted 
ojf tlie case — the 

To tfM» Pi^fltdimt mid <1onH]U>n (Xituvetl «C CTw 
( ir> ol JJniJiit^i: 

Your <<..;uuittoo to wh-:i*n wan lof.uTri* tba 
eoinmnnioatlo'i from tiic Ixiard of ll.-o commit*, 
.tiouotb, rel.itivo },(, dr." .:,Hai„.K, \v.,uli 
m»>^t rr.»p..rtfully n;.ort that tliey hwvo cno- 
siderwl the same, and rrcunnneMd tba* t«nU 
•oinijui- Jenti-.m l>. ref. rrod to th<i ronmiUtm. ou 
orduianco jmiici.iri- to dr.T.v an afdiniwuv 
10 cover tiic ivju.rd lea! un b. 

IJ. M. MVR'M. 

(.'iKktr-" ■ •>< f'.tfn.r>ltt«e. 

J. W. Xmi«i>c], 

'*h*> »iiroil w-a&<<ocolT(Hi. 



To V\t> Pr^-AJwi,- and Comn»on (V,ut«oK rf 
t'ity of iJntnth: 

Vdur ciininitte" t'> wlioiu »ti« r<>rerred 
comi unicaliou from tim bom! t.f public vork.s 
r» r<>n-.;.e!:dieK tito constrnciion of oJ.'<U>rti.>< ou 
uiilfitb Uoijs'hts. wonld jno«t roHpecUutly 
rei>orr tliat tli-y h.iy.i ci.; the snmo. 
tho .-auiii. nod reroniinead tbatf^Hid ^l.-t.erDH l»a 

Oor;.»rilcC<v! nnd' V till) (liri^rlKin <,f the hnrtrd of 

prihlie woiuK, and iu suoti numlMir as tlioy tii.'iy 
dccia necostary. 

_ U. If. MVKU-S. 
CJinlrTuiTi ('A>nitnrM«o. 
.J. W. Nr.fy».<>v, 

M. '.iOHENtEX.' 

The rep(,r* was rccolTcd. 

To tlio Prebidi'i^t aad ('onun<^to Couanil.t;! tbo 
Vityof Dn'.ntb: 

Your conimit*>o to ^,hom wa? «.»ferrwi tJir 
o..:nnui;jicafi(m frojii th-j mayor relatiyt! lo flan- 
K'T from electric \vire.-, i-oor firo c.<r.apes tud 
liHziu-.lom bnihlinj;;* w.uld niopt r<vpnetfrdiy 
report tU'it they have citUKtd>n>d tiiesaniw nr.d 
reeonini.uid that naid conmiMiiic'iiion bo ,ff 
fejTi d to tiie lire warden to Invortigale and kb- 

Jitoftoao and f)MC!te9oQt«. 

Ry Aldtjvtuan Dfivrwalit 

H -solved that t.tio eiiirf .of po'^"*^ b^ '♦''■'^ •« 
hereby aiith"rizi'd to nt>!ioIrit«»« p d'eo oiiie.T, 
.lohn ifuiinnm;,'. Ih" •hiKmau ot i.''lfth avouaa 
wefit, at a laenlhly salory id fli». 

AldeniiiMt liIeKWuIl amv^d itieejt >ptloti ot tk« 
recoluti.iu. and it wu* <k*ckir( d adoptiil l^y 
tho follo\/!ni.r vot«r 

Vff.i:«— .Vld.TiTucn DInifwali, Oo' ty, AlyacA, N«l- 
or^n.Ohv i^ntnlty, tioroaiku^ WRjAtv uoUatJ tUt. 

Ayt.ixrpA^ \ Ihbi. 

v. W. Hv<T», 

XoKiua ftfayta*; 

AU'ernuoi {.V.f inovod lIio adoption of tho 
roo'niion. and it, was clecbvrod adjyt^d by 'tho 
tolhiwuifr vote: 

Tiiiys .Itdurim^n Diurrw.aU. (•'ettv, Myeris, 
Noisfi;.. 'iio. <J iiid>y. .;>,)r.iQHoa, \Yil:(.^u, and 
Aciiuiraii. ri-osidout--*. 

N:iyii ->cnn. ' 

Approved July 1, 1?W. . 

T. W rir«:o. • 

Actbi~ ulajor. 

by Aldcnii.uj Nolson : 

Ja tho matter ot a report of ttio boar.l of puli- 
hc worhs iatod Jnly l, 'sya. 

Ii i.s tier''ty onJrred by tho Common council < I 
the cilj of luilulh: 

By .Md<Tmao X\'i!Fon: 

Kofolvod, tlinl tKo 08tbn»t«t ma.ia by the 
board of j.ubbc work* July 1, i«..»;<. for ntr 
contr.arf/irs Imj an 1 t!ic t-ainfl nr<« horeby ap- 
_ by the 04.uimon ronncil of th.- city of 

Uuluth. ami tho ri'y chrk is iii»truct<'d t/> <iraw 
an < rdor up. in th« city tr«-.ivurer to pay s4id 
esiunaiee. whicfi are e.-, fullowb. viz. : 
John Lir.dcbl, cprle:. ! • - o "Vt No I { 
J.'fel 'ii'»rkmsn. ppH> rict .No2" 

Frank- i)ahl*jreu.«i.ri: 1. trJct .No i 

, at.d4 _ 

( Mrlbjnt KroH A( o, Fprinklint; ilifttneta 

Nor., rt. 7 and 10.... 

Chas I'oforhf'n. ^i>riBUiu« »ii*trict» No H 
and 11.. ^ 

'it'*' v.*'"'"- ""l>'"«'ik!iiic diisfriet " Nn rt ' ' 

\Y.ti Mi'FaddoD. j» db«trj«ts Ko 

12an<l i:J :. - i:p fo 

A'<Jwnirin PirU'wall m<n-o.l tljnadoptfon of the 

rosoJa-ion. nil 1 it waa declared adopU^l by iho 

fo'lowniif vbte: 

YpaK-AJderrnon J!lntrwalJ,r;el:y. JUvrr-. NV.!- 
f«»ii, tlie, gijoiby. .Sorousrn, NVjIsou, Ac'kf Ur. 
r/c.'.:d'nt t'. . 

Na<F— Xonr. 
Approved, Jtdj; 1. IKS. 

T. \V. HrtH.. 

ActiuK Mayor. 

7i' 00 
163 11 


\f» r.i 
;i 75 

TImU th ' lioard ni r.nWic works of the eity r f r'\'"' »-"M-''eo. 
IViinlh cjjUso tjio fo)iuwiu« tmprovem.'ms lo Wo i ';'" < ''> ''krk 
made tu-v it; • ibncitytroan 

Hy Ali"iem,-ir. (>uitiby ■ 
H'^^dve'. th-.t ^^,^ hip , 
#!M forrtmt'^i- 

*!ie pern of 

n. n.i. 


That ft 

' fn 

. ... — nf!« 

ei>. t>o nod lb h. tt ov a: and 

*». in«.'rne«M •.. draw «u order <« 
nrer t.> pay th-* «nin«. 

taiiSiary niver, t/i8;et!ier vitTi !l.» ! •■^'•'err.iin :v.r<nKon nioxe I ihpadopttor rJtha 
be boiit iu Cwmr i '■p^i'W"". «r,d ii wa» d •dared ailoiilod b» 
theioijowm.'; v<,|i : 

.-tTPet frt.m Twenti.'t'i a vanno enct U» a polti 

«:xt^-I1ve : eot eBht of Tw.»nty-<lpfct avoutuj oast. 

Thfit silit board cou-e said *ork t« bo let I'.r I ?""• *i "• ^.'uinby, eofoofica WiuJal aniTActtnir 
contn.c! 1 s t>rn<-id,-d b.t low. aud .ifi.irsajd wor:i 1 ro^iaont-P. 

yea<— Aldflnnau Diaarwab'. 0«>tty, "btyw, Nel- 

Ml;a!l Ke [; n.-oii tind>r* said I>oard .-!i.. t 
pn.c.e"<l vithonidelrty to tts.-es« 7!^ j>i» rout <,f 
th.t ao nearly as ♦'•.in lu-certaiu t';fi 
t-aiae wli nil will be re\j"ireij to the erv-'.« 
(le.d nCTjcf.arj- eip«»f<» uf auch ii*.i»ixT«neu» 
luoiudin^ ton (JO) per cent vpou 
ilie amount, whieh HhaU bo r\A(if^(i to tho 
nss(T^nieia to dcfrny^n <rfn<iik" 
ill*,- •'urrry, plans, spKoltlcitioiis aud s'Joorin- 
♦.'iideaci . :;;»jn the real ost.nti. »«i (>.• linoeliied by* 
tiiiid iiuiJ,Mven;"ut, iv? n«ir n« ittay t)0 to (ii« 
(m t rU'ulMRtr tberr^o, »rr! r.r,,vr<!, 1 lij- Jav.-, 
It beias liio o|>iiiron of tiio oouraHi •♦olrrtrt es. 
t^ito a. be a>M>sH«<l for ^n^^l inipnmiui.-iit can \j» 
foiu:d bc4i?Htod t« Iheexti'B.. i4 pObti toA tr- 
pnisrs ntwopsnry to l>o l-.*-nrr<d t! ort*y. IfCii* 
amount 6' !is;as°ed sli.Jl ho ini>utTieient t<< roai- 
:i!i«to thfi ^roT-k. thon tho coinplorlf.r of 
wild worlt tl'O iHiar.l of public werkH ie )«<<rol)y 
oidorod Ui makti a JIumI nfi-a-.-midnt In llio .tamo 
itiauner afi hotelnbeiorn de!>cril.Kxl lo la^y for Uie 

Aldf.nnuin N»l»;.'f« niavtui tho admHIon ot 
fhrf r.-j^,iiUio:i. aud il was <Vi(Jarod ajo^itod by 
tho tollwwinK vota: 

Yeo!- -Aldonaon Pi^iTwail. (."elly, f.fjTrs J^ i- 
Riav. Okj^t,nlBb..tit.roi«Ba»W4ib.4M u<>.l A<»«fcii' 
Mr. i'm-M-iaV -(1. 


T. \V. IftxjA 

K<»i s- NoH«->. 
Api*im;d Jul.? 7. W5&. 

T. U. 



Ufa.*., by ( 1 «» 

• !. f. r.Sry o<<r- 

'•rpby oDrr«>vad 

I'y «rf J>eiu:t. 

Can only be bad on the cI . I 
stamped with this trade mark. 

All others have the old-sfylc puil-cur 

which is only held to the case hy frictiJ^ 
end can be twisted ofif with the fkiger.s. 

Sold only tlirough watch doalcrs. Aik to 
see pamjihlet, or s*nd ior one to the makers. 

KeystoneM'^atch Case Co., 



Anderson, florist. Merchants* hotel. 

W/rilton Guarantee to 

Our euro is pormanrnt and not a pa».chink U3. 
i.'asori treated oisht years ago havo never bocjj a 
byrr.ptonj pidco. IJy de^crioin;; case fully we c-.n 
treat you by mail, and we kivo tho saino ttronjf 
cuaranico to euro or rofnnd all inorioy. 'fl)o<» 
who pivfer to mnio Lo u fi-f treatmout c-tndo m 
aud wo will pay railrwifl fare ».>oth ways aud 
hotel bilp whilo hero if wo fail t*. cure. Ue 
chnllonRO tho world for a cVpo that our i(A(;U' 
ntCMKIiY writ not rnre. Write for fuU particu- 
lar« and I'f.t tho evidence. 

V,e^rnara^reo tocnre or i-ofnnd flvery diUar, 
arid as wi> havo a roir t.itio-.i to |ir>t<«rt. al'o 
ii:;anri,i! ttaekiec of fTio.on.... p i« jer^.-ctly f.afo 
to all w:io will try rlio troatinont. }!eret,,f„.o 
you have hn ni;uttiriff lip and p.-i>iui; owj yoi:r 
Bi inny fo.- .Iii..-ieni tn-Htoiont<« aid althomrh 
you nro ji.i*. jetfcfnr.»d. ro ono I.cp p.tid btick 
your mon-y. 1V> tK>t wa-'to auy nmie iiioi,(,y u,,. 
Id you tiy OB. <)i<l chjonlc. deop noaieil ciif»<>« 
cured in l.'> lo 10 daysi. Invcotirf.ite our linaneial 
i>!ai'Iin<:-. <,ar reputation .ib biiBinr.H neii. 
Write n» fer nun.ef* and txiltXrfpr.vr. t\f lhrjf<owo 
have c;ir(^<l wli.i !ihv»« kIvoji (lurniiMtou t., refi r 
to tliem. 

If your ^ymptoui'i aio K>ro tiiroat. muooua 
patchob i\\ nioutli, rhoumati'iu in Umea acd 
joiMti, Uair lililiiK' out, orup'.lons on any part 
of thf) h<H!y. fe«.linji of KOnoral dej.reohion. pum* 
i.i I" .111 or l>ou«»i yon have no tunn to wosUs, 
Th.*o wlio a^o <^ii!«fanfl.T t.altinjr uuitrn7% and 
!><>' ' ' ■ ' '; ■ntiuue it. 

'•. .Ml C"rrofr"jnitoiice sont 
s ioi*^^' We invite Iho most 

ri.' I u'vohtia lO.wi ,.„d wi.l do all m our power 
o y.iu in it. Ad(ir< •m, 


Roams 132S to 1331 .M<i&oriic Temple. 

1(. M. .M,i:fiH. 
Ckeiri'i^ii (\iuiniiltf 
J. VV. iiT.lj»OS. 

M. !*oi»kssv:n. 
TI»o roifUk W{»*- roceiv«d. 

To the I'fotihWnt; mid < mnnion Concoii. of ti» 
llityof Dnlnth: 

Vo'ir renins! K^o to whom w«;' rofenr*! Um 
petiti..*! of tho Chcplii-Woils iiarfi\» cota- 
Ttitir' ot i) for a Uro hjdrant <ui Fifth aveinio 
eotiMia-ost v.xailii most rofpeoWiilly ntyort thJ^^ 
♦ le-v iiur.. cor'-i<^>r'<d thn cnoie, ao'l rocoiauM<u<l 
that mAA petiiioti b? srrantod. 

II. M. MvTr.Il.<*. 

CJiairinau (XnnmMtfie. 

.(. \V. .N.M.l'.OS. 
hi, Ht>UKTf!»K.>, 

The roiwrt woe roc'lved. 

By .VIdorina>n Mycti : 

Ueuilvod thttt tho Dnisth tins .» V.'airvr Vo. he 
and in hereby or.lored to lor.-ito and maintain a 
Are hydrant on Flflh nvenno .qnutu vM.'if. in 
frirtit, »>f the (Miai)ia-Wolis Har^twarn Co.'b 
wholet-alfi h.onso. 

.Vhlaniian r.ljeT« laovod the ad.'ptlon <V 
♦he r..«filiition. mid ii was doclnrwl adopted bjr 
t.'io following voto: 

Yenn— Ah1ornn*u Pin^rwall, 'Jeiiy. Jlyerp. 15»1- 
HOii. Oie, (iainliy, boroown, Wbtou, .\otiii« Mr. 
Preaidont- t>. 

Vays— Nono. 
Anujoecd 9a\i 1, laCX 

T. W. Mf(.<s 
• Actiiu; Mnyw. 

Hy .Vlderrwan Uingwall : 

»lo.'<olvod tiia^ ttie a'plicntlon »i,' Tbotnrta 
Houfoa for a tr.ui>foi- of Idti li'in'>r il.vii.-e. fr< in 
Xo. ]i;i r.,ake avonue ^oHih to Ni>. 1.V Wo«» Hit- 
p«ri»r f freot, i»o aud k hoiyby Krajit«yl. 

i .^tdortnan Phirfwall move4 llio adupMr-o <if>tt>« 

; >o!iolnti>>D. aud it waa doelarod <'Ml«pt«4 by 

tktt follow iufr vole; 

Y'lwia— .'.Idoinioa Din/rvvHll, 'ielfy. JliP/'m, ilrt- 
•on, Die, l^uinljy, Koreubon, wileoji and AotiuM 
Mr. i're.slduut- !♦. 


A.irt«'«vm1, July 1^ itX'U 

Hy .Mdorinan Wi!f««u: 

In thfi ni itterof a ret«»-t<if Uiu board of iwils- 
IIo work^<latod Jaly 1'', Wf.A. 

It is horub • r.rderod by tba Cdfriiram oouiioil of 
j thecity (Jlhjlntli: 

j T^i•f the board tif'r,;.i»lic worfw of tbi^rify of 
fbiluih cjiii* iJie Collov.'itii; turpfiivcini-nib to bo 
•undo to-wii: 

Thtit Fifth avenuo wP5t fnim tlio civl of tho 
present paroinout to t;,M '.filabiicliod duck lino 
bo iinprov.n), tiiat tho pii>.-ii«it tlmbiT structaro 
bo ulilieed •..-. far as prariic.ihle. 

'i'hat t;a? I board cans.' naid w«rk fco !>•' 1<< by 
•ouiract a; pr.tvule<! hy latv. oti.! after fcaid 
Work shall V.e placed uuder c<ir»raer paid iKiarxl 
Kli.'ill 'd witJiout «ielay lo a'^ 711 pc.-oont 
of tho anifint an ne.'vrly on it can asDcrtuin the 
Ba;j»t) which will hor<M.;uirod tojiay tho orrtti icid 
necessary oxponsos rrf' hiieh iiiii>rove:a<iut. i<j- \ 
{TOliter vifl till' coHtcif an «;ist nn^tu in<b> far ) 
rJo^oc or ri: raining walU for ciitb or lille, in c«m- 
nontioM wilh said i;npr^iveii:Mii : nlpo f'irclmnjf- 
iuir vc divertuiK i-tre;u'i8 and water e.iiirrtOf; abo 
for CMuiitTirtlii^, inyii^JT a«.d repuiriuM c.rr».» 
w.'\li')> and chlewaJk . retaiaia« walls, -ir'-a 
wailtj. Riit rrs, s.<werp, (ih^I u>»*,» for private 
piitlera aid B'.'Wer?, l^nd uli oOiei le^'iii- 
»'.> pnrpog«.i» nuthiirize.t ^> the city 
oharter a, id th(> ann oilni.'iirn tUoreto, inrlu.i- 

S'.y .WCcTTi.fim Wiksr-n: 

il<-*oKe.I. <.,'iqt the »«.fi»nnt»»* 
boar.t of iiidilw work* Juno ?J, I 
trar'fas lie and the annio arc h 
b y ti» » oon. laoa o< »» noi 1 nf tbo r 
I atilllio fit- riork lb inp:nict<>4 U« ilrr.w :m 
' r*r.1rr upon th.. rity trr.-]..uror to pay «aici esU- 
j innteH. which aro a*, follow?, viz ! 
(Jue^.h low. Ridpwaik on woet aJdf 
rirwoni v-iiixtb avanno woft. iS Tl 3ft 

Bunttn ii Shryai. tile oidovfalk," -cuth- 
wef-t romor Third aveouf wctt and 

F'rbl. stropt 

Piiluth Pavinir oompanj. tiie and (rnico- 

lilhtc ornere 

njtchart Rro«„ 8arc*iit btosuo oiriiH 

• frnrtion 

J. AV. lVe..;on.«idow»ilc iwinili side tbiVA 

olrfvT'f. Tiventr cirhtb avenu* Wrt«t lo 

■..•ORtfrly^itv llmiis . ... 

..». \V, rreyi..n. pij'.nvjtiti wr*.t " ihjo " Fjr- 

»<><'nib Avonue ear t, Londou road to 

•S.n'h fit!c<»t 

•lobn H,.^ er.ero-Kwiike ".'..'.. .'^. . .\ 

AJdomia-.i N'etcon moTi^l tho ttAaptt'.a ol t?io 
rv»t.obitioii. and It wab declared aikipted by tb* 
lollowin.i; vote ; 

Yoaa— Ahjomien Itincwa]}. fJoity. Myen-. N«rf- 
jon. Oie. Qnicby, Soien»i-u. Wtlsua aii^ .AcUrir 
rrenideni. !>. 


Appro'atJ July 1, ISW. 

T. W. llrr.o 

AotiitA iaay(<r. 

ISi f« 

.-u furtmT ou.-ntfv. .'>n; oartnr. «>■ motion of 
Aldoraimi Ne!st»> tlio cTaircil udjourii<^. 

C E. Ifu'H \RJ»H.<»N. 

Clerli W \lut (kxntnu* C«uiian, 

l<ijrt> »rr.fc» ) 
? Boai. I 

TatAtU KV I'KPACIiiKN'T. Ofllcn }-~upor< Wnj; 

Ar.dntoct, Wai-biBKlt»n, I). <".. Juno :in.lsfS. 
Hoalo,! proMi.s:,li» will b.: r.'Otivvii at thfc* otlica 
Hi.ti: 3o"chK»ii ;i. m. <iH liio i6tb da* cf Jah, 
JJ*".i.i. an.! o|nvi,N| lmuiei!ia:.^y ttioro.iftr*. , f.»r all 
Hi-i lab<.» end iiatirri.ib iiiniirojfor iln» Int'-r- 
lor Oab>)i of th" L". .S. oo:;r! le-a-o. .•ur«.«m hnwe 
ai.d I o.*tofi'.e-! bnil.l'n* el Dulatli, Hinnos.>tn, 

Police and License. 

To tho I'rp'deii* anl <'» nnwn Coucril of (ho 
(^ity of Dulnt*! : 

Your c<immiiteo to waom was iv ferret! tbo 
p-titionof .\inioiir P.iekiinr Co.. et at, for tho of John nelii:uio(; as policeinnn 
wonld iiifibt r'-->.pectf!i1iy report th.-tf 
t:ioy Itaro oonslderod tho namo, mid rocommeud 
tliat i>aid petition l>o ;{raot<>d. 


Actim; (.'hniriaaii of ('<HiuuM^«.>e<, 
Tho report was recolrcd. 

IJy Ald<>rniaD IJbvpwi 

b-;iaTlv{d that Uoonfi 
Kranlod A. .f. !la-lior 
witii |inbbe «'Woai>, 
ceii'io to iwt ns iMtwnbr 

AldiTinan Ilinirwiill nioved tlio ndopU 
♦he roBolntion. and S¥ wiu» ileolarod adf^fni tiy 
th'i followiiiK vnti'i 

Voaf*-- Aid >nneii Dir.pwall, Uetty. Myere, 
Jtebon, OI0-, '<^bil%-, Soreii.<ea, \Vll«jn anii act- 
insr I'ri'flident— ©. 

Nayfr- Mono. 

Appawaxl July 1, Vm. 

T. \Y. llrcfh 
A<Xinir Mayor. 

1 the foliuwiiiff vot< 

Voas AldLxmi.n 1)!nKW4alh fSotl.r. Mj-or?. 
No! ivi. Oio. yomby, Horenson, Wilaun, aud 
Mr.. Preside rit.- P. 

Approved JMfy 1, l-o:k 

•f. W. If eon, 

Aodnt; Wayor. 

"■ii tl)« i'r>-»i.b«it »>iid Cjmmon Coaaoil of Mtts 
cl^' of l>uiaib: 

Ytnir eomn*ltt>-'0 to wliom w««i roforred tlie 
apiiiidttioiis of A. J. llarkor fotf pIuinb.<rH 
lUv.use, jinit oi V». F'toUuan tor pawnbroliers' 
licn^'e %ioMld movt re«prr;fidly report tUa| tJiej- 
have uuii'.iucred tlw> r hiiio. aud roooiuiaobd tbat 
Mild Uceneea \^.^ eTAnte<l. 

Jam. 1>in'«i\valx, ' 

Cb.'tiiuian of Commltrve. 

.\. .S. WlLHoX, 

Tbe nfttnl wa*; locelwd. 

By .VMermaji IIiuitm'uII : 

It'AoIvi'd that (bo appliooCton ot Prank Senk 
forlicaao toopci-at" n po ii t>il>I'> ai K'n. MM 
Woet First street be and is hereby frnuhiA. 

Aldorinan l)!ns;wn1l moveil Mio ndopiPui of 
tbi< robobiiion and 11 was dooiarcd KdofkUxl 
liy tKa follwwin:r tuto: 

July 4-««-ll U IV 

By Aldorntnti t.hiiuby : 

IJewdvod, thnt tho p.-iy rolls for the v«iri(»«a 
departmonl, . of eity bu<iiiu>ss for tlie nvnilh of 
.lune, I^M. l>o and (iio tiame an. li;>ritU> tip- 

iirovrd by IIki coiuTuon counril of liiwiirjof 
Jululli, iin<: tho rity <-|erk it ii:«irneled to Jlr.'tw 


an <.<rJor u|><tn tiie ciiy tieasai-er to yay said 
(.•ay rullH wl Ich are a.*, follow*, via '. 

.. ,,, ,,. ,, ,, ^ ,, i City oflhv'n 

\ou/» AulerMi.ii I3ini,wall. ,n.''rty, llfns ]^ puy roil 

Nelnou, i)\(:, (jahiby. •oreniMiu, Wil^ru oiMl a»'- 
Uitf Frvisldcut a. 

Nays— None. 

At/oroTvd Juiy I, INRV 

\a'i.\iMi Ma>i>r. 

.•«..^>« ••«*«* 

Poaril of hoilfb 

I lli>»ti1 of pn ilie workB.... 

(.'ity entrineot's f)(«y roll.. 

MaintMiano • of sirei.|s and t^ewem.. 

JNdite d'.'pa/fuifnt pay rtiH...^ 

1 Fire di'partirfBt pay mil 

' i'ounilma'^tc r'r |iay rod 

iventuoky aienr.opaj r..ll 

••y — 

To Iho I'naidont and Cunraon Couucil of the 

City of Daluth: 

Your comniittro to whom was ref.'rrcd tbo 
Apl'lieition of Fr.Tnk Sri.kfor liceuiw* toojxtraio 
for hire a ikjoI tablo at 110 Wobt First 

He.««il\'«l that llio KSBrsi^ment rolb> for cHy 
, improvenie.nls f >r whieli tiiiHl eetiiitu n«< hHk'<> 
; been eouf)riucd, bo ami are boroby Rppr.>vud, aB 
; folltiWB :, 

i Triniwrnry < fiwit plank sidnwnik on 
J wibt side of Twentv-fixih avoauo west 
i from Third street to treUJo north of 
! Fourth stre.jt $ fiU SO 

ft^U T.>. 



e4t C'U 

7.."»9 02 

1,7119 U 


,'Vidormnu Seiiton niovrd tiio adaption «( the 

ro-.oluiioB, Old It. wi'.:« dr>daiT>ii adxpti^l t>y 
the foUowinir v.ito : 
Yeos -Alrternion Diievvall. Owtly. Wyi'rr. !**'- 

/r.'jc*'.'^; Posnrrvt! 

' * JSTtr^CUA.riAHTEE 

tirrvv IW if in< i^w «T 

liii) Jcwirti; r< J »'»> 
Kyp«w!«*r« uri<itfM 
or vliber nat 

wbo»t./vT »Nfi»i(f 
^ fwij lliersrf J 

• - - W. .jof SstlMoj 

Cf oorWplnui, ortiRu:,. . 


>ait»^ Af J 
,^1 \.*kUtlA 


r.on, Oij>, (^liinby. v^oren.t.rt:, 
Mr. Preside ftfc-B. 

Na>s— .Noijii. 

Approve«l July 1, lSi3. 


.vicLle.- !-•,•.. -v:, «. r.'iu;! fv.. r... ..^- \ 


id A"! it.. 

( ..4^ of 

« fr'.m lit ' 

A witprii nrannti. 

.V. Hioo. 

Acunir mayor. 

Ho» V7, 1'oarri.AMj, Ob. 

Rob! in Dulafli by Max Wirtli and tj«:ic>ck & 


■^ ■! • iir>i 11 . 

-4— iH^^^ 






RafiiiOf.H & editorial rvu^iuB iu The IUthIiI 
br.iKlinj;. i'2'J Woat SuporitT stieot. Tcloi'houa 
— Hn.-.inWs> i>lKco, 3il, tworjnjts; ociitorlai r<v>i:i8 
S2t. throo riti*:s. 

Eftdteru OtUc*--t09 Worlii BnikUuif, New York, 
A. K. Htory. Maua^irer. 


Dxilf, p'^r year — . 17.00 

Daily, per three iin>utlu« . l«*'0 

DiUy, per niouta — •^'■) 

W«»eklj-.p€>r ye>ar l-M 


KQtared at the pf«tottioe at Dulntli, Miun., a« 
eco;)vl-<!ue* mail maiU'c. 

The Weather. 

n. 9. W'B.\TnKB HlRKW. 1>VLUTH. Minn. 
July i.— Only a few rei>i>rts liavo Ih'Pu rc»cciv<Hl 
tbi.< niornius. f^oyo livin (-xtrrnio north ami 
southwest h.'iiifr missing. Fr^-m^ tliO-vt^ rocoivo<l 
it aiHv^ars that a KfAirm <if i?ti(^ht onor>?T is cen- 
tral over north'Tn Miiine*(»tn, niovinjr «lowly 
northt'ast it is probablt> that ii wiU pa^s h\ tins 
section thit> forfinx^n, .mil that the \s«itluT wi'l 
clt>ar up in tlu- aftoruvHH;. 

rho t.Muporature rtvnaii'.s Itiith it all s.<ction5 
liearil fnun except aroun;! thoi west on.l of Lak? 
Suporior. whoro thoro hi.- been consUlorablo of 
a fall, at St. i'aiil it registers 70 this moruinff 
■wh'.lo here it i> ".2. 

Kain I? falUii^ over n.)r'hpra Minnfx^ta, and 
lijlht showers havo fallen over t!ie country lo 
the west of here. A heavy tir.iniier sto-in is rt- 
I>orteil from central S«nith Dakota. Huron re- 
porting a r::iuf;» I of 2 '.'.J whilt< I'ijrro west ot 
then- ifoos n<'t report at all. m) the storiu prob- 
ably atfeoteii that !*,'ctioii. 

The hiiihest teinp<>ratur.? hi ro yestsrday was 
SO, tho ]owi>st last iii^ht was 4^. the raiufall np 
to 8 o'clock this morning aiuouuteil to .«.»S luch. 

I>ri.CTn. Jnly 4.— Ii<^cal Forecast : Fair, pn - 
ceile.l by liijht raia, cofler toiUy. wnruier 
Weilr.estlay. ea.-t t«i northeast wiatLs bliiftius to 
weat and uorthwost. 

B. H. BiivvsoJf, 
Local Forrsoftst OiHcial. 

THE HERALD in Chicago. 

The 5 <>'c!orl£ Eilitioa is on sale early the fol- 
lowing luoruiufj lu l'hica»;o at the 

Palmer House NewsSJand. 
Auditorium Hatcl News Stund. 
W. B. Sizer's Bookslore. 133 Slate St.. 
Chas. McDonald's News Stand. 5S Washing- 
ton St.. 


World's Fair Grounds al the Columbian News 
& Novelty Co. News Stands. 

Not a Duli Fourth. 
The Lor.clon Chronicle thinks that, in 
view of the financial slrin.cjency. the 
Fourth this year "will lack a little of its 
old tim^ spread eajjlciiin." If the 
Chronicle writer coi;ld have stepped 
acrois the Atlantic this morning and 
listened to the fusilading and cannonad- 
ing with which the Fourth was ushered 
in and could then have listened to the 
speeches of the orators from Maine to 
California and tarried for a few hours at 
Chica.^o, where the greatest demonstra- 
tion in that city's history is in proj^res? 

burilencd the occiip int of the Grecian 

The country's financial condition is 
very much demoralized, and the result 
has been a frequent change of ministries 
and a constant strain of the relations be- 
tween the king and his subjects. The 
legislative power was shared by the kinjj 
with a single chamber called the boule, a 
house of representatives elected for four 
years by the people. The election was 
by universal manhoiHl suffrat^e, pro- 
tected by I he ballot, and a very full vote 
was polled. The executive was vested 
in the kin-^, who, however, was person- 
ally irresponsible and ruled by.ministers 
cbosoii by himself and responsible to the 
legislature, in whose deliberations they j 
also took part. There were nearly iq.cod 
public olTices in the patronage of the 
ministry, and, as in this country, a lar>re 
number of them changed hands with 
every change of administration. 

The ttfect of this, s.iys a recent writer 
on the Grecian kingioni, in a coimtry 
where poIn,ics is an open profession, and 
where there is a plethora of well edu- 
cated men who can find nothing lo do, 
has been to poison political life to an 
unusual degree with the vice of place- 
hunting, to create several active political 
parties in the state, which, instead of 
bting the representatives of any policy 
or cause, have tended too much to de- 
generate into mere rings of postmongers, 
and conduced, by their constant strife, 
to an excessive frequency of ministerial 
crises which greatly checked the national 
progress of the country. 

It was in 1 S32, after a long, that 
Greece was recognized as an independent 
kingdo.'n and Otho cf IVivaria was made 
king. He was a despot, and the result 
was a revolution iu 1062, which com- 
pelled him to leave Greece. After some 
trouble, the Greek people accepted 
Prince William of Schleswig-Holstein as 
son of the king of Dcsnari<, 
their ruler, and in 1863 he became king 
with the name of George I. the Ionian 
islands were added by England to his 
kingdom. The Greeks have long desired 
to regain Thessaly and Epirus, bat the 
great powers have always prevented 
this being acconijilished. The Greeks 
believe that with the extension of ihcir 
boundaries there would be less occasion 
for intrigue and ministries wculd be 
more permanent. In view cf the con- 
dition of politics, ths experiment of 
running Greece as a republic will be 
watched with interest. 

The Wa&hington Star suggests: For 
president in 1896, (governor Altgeld, of 
Illinois; for vice president. Governor 
Pennover, of Oregon; platform, "We are 
agin* the government." Such a ticket 
would be certain to get the full vote of 
the Anarchists and I'opulists. 

The St. Louis Star Sayings points 

, , , - ,' , , ,r . triumphantly to the fact that Reporter 

he would have been forced to modify „ , ^„ ., , ,, . ., . r 1 

Hoke Smith, of the Atlanta Journal, 

his statement and to admit that this is 
not a dull Fourth. 

It is true that the country has experi- 
enced a financial depression, but it is 
also true that it has weathered the storm 
and is again riding into the port of pros- 
perity and progress. The American 
nation is too great and its resources are 
too varied and immense to admit of any 
general panic. It has gone through a 
purifying process that will be beneficial. 
Some weak institutions have been wiped 
out, but taking the country as a whole 
there have been comparatively few fail- 
ures, and general commercial business 
has been but little affected. The specu- 
lators have suffered and many have been 
forced to the wall, but legitimate busi- 
ness has remained in a very solid condi- 

The future is also much brighter. Con- 
fidence is being restored by the almost 
absolute certainty that the Sherman law 
will be repealed and a death blow given 
to the silver heresy. On every hand a 
better feeling prevail^, but today, when 
the anniversary of the birth of the nation 
is being celebrated, all thoughts cf finan- 
cial troubles or commercial depression 
are thrown to one side and the people 
unite in giving vent to their feelings of 
exultation that they live in the greatest 
country upon the face of the earth. 

The eagle screams today as it never 
screamed before, and from the Atlantic 
to the Pacific and from the great lakes to 
the Gulf of Mexico the story of the na- 
tion's greatness thrills the au- 
ditors of the Fourth of July 
orators, while the air reverberates 
with the noisy demonstrations of an en- 
thusiastic people. The London Chroni- 
cle will search in vain for a city, town or 
hamlet where dullness prevails on this 
glorious anniversary. 

The won;an who said in a talk at the 
World's fair on Amcric.-\n cookery, that 
she had traveled all the way from New 
York to Alaska without eating a good 
meal, must have confined her patronage 
to cookery schools en route. 


Harvard College Confers the Degree of LL. D. 

Upon a Crtholic Churchman. 

The Right Rev. Dr. Keanc, rector of 

the Catholic Univcrsily at Washington, 

passed through New York recently on 

his way to Harvard's commencement, he received the degree of LL. D. 
and was admitted to tl^e Ahuiiri associa- 
tion as a honoi^ry member. 

Dr. Kc.Tne is C!ieof the busiest bishops 
in the country and one of the most lio- 
eral. He cidtivates all classes cf people 
and is very popular. Besides 1 aving in 
charge the work 01 'ouilding up a new 
university, he is interested iu the parlia- 
meiit oi n-lis^fions, whic'if, under the presi- 
dency of \')t. Barrows. McCiaren, 
ancl PiV'f. David Swing, will hold a two 
weeks" session in Scplenj'oer at the 
World's fair. It will be one of the most 
remarkable gatherings thi.s earth has ever 

American Stose. 

UuLtTn, Tuofday, July 1, 1S93. 
The W'^alhcr tomorrow i» lL'ci:ly to U 
fair, uanncr. 


• r- ; 








A.'.v rllMJMoutHi in this coluniu (»K t'KNT A 

No ndvertiiiosucnt:!? taken for t'uoe»> colomnn 
till forbid, i. h. nntil <.rderMl out. 

Kvory ndvo-rtiM'niont in carefully cl!iwiifl'.)<l 
niuiof il* pri'iinr headiii)?— ^^'iiblly f.iiuid, t^'irl'y 
ri-ad -vilf roncli nior'> n-M'.erft thau cau bft 
roachod iu uay othur way. Try it. 

STl'UA TKtSS ly.t A 1 1^*^ 

v.oman al homo, « lid al;o Kuintf out l^y 
th ■ day. Call or address »12 Kasl iourtbetrcct, 

scored a clean "scoop" over all rivals in 
the announcement that the extra session 
of congrcis would be called early in 
.\ugust. ' Reporter Smith is now filling 
the office of secretary of the interior at 
Washington, but he does not let a little 
flyer like that interfere with the first 
duty of a newspaper man, viz., to get his 
copy in as early as possible. 

On Thursday England will be the 
scene of a royal inarriage that is tinged 
with romance. Princess May of Teck 
wiil then wed the duke of York, who 
have long been lovers, even bcf.:re she 
was engaged to the di:ks of Clarence, 
whose sudden death left her free lo fol- 
low her heart's desire. 

The Chicago Inter Ocean includes 
Bishop W. Perkins among the senators 
whose position on the Sherman law is in 
doubt. Mr. Perkins, however, has 
ceased to be a senator, and therefore it 
matters little what is his position on this 
momentous question. 


"Two brothers, Willie ancl 
Johnnie, set up a lemonade 
stand the other day. A sjen- 
tlenian was their first patron; 
Willie's sijin read: 'Lemon- 
ade, 4 cents a glass,' John- 
nie's modest announcement 
was: 'Lemonade, 2 cents a 
glass.' Being a man to the 
fact that a 'penny saved is a 
penny earned,' the customer 
bought a glass of Johnnie's 
lemonade, paid the 2 cents 
due, and easuall}' inquired: 
''Why is yours cheaper than 
your brother's.^' 'Cos mine 
is the lemonade the puppy 
fell into.'" 

If busincs^. men generally 
would emulate the refreshing 
eandor of the juvenile lemon- 
ade seller there would proba 
bly be fewer purchases of so- 
called "bargains," 

We Might 

We would sell a farm for $4 
whieh would mean nothing 
until you saw the farm. It 
might be one of Bill Nye's 
perpendicular farms. 
We might sa}- we would sell 
!vluslin for 5c, whieh would 
mean nothing 'till you saw 
the Muslin. 

i>iiz would lilcn a position a^ nesistaut^iook- 
l.-oepor. clo:i: or timeki o-irr. Addrces, W. S. 
("ooti, l(;ir> liarHeld atbuue. Good rofcronct's 
on dbaituid. 

JLj typewriter droires p.osiiiou. Balary moder- 
ate. A.Jdrnsj* K 40, Herald. 


TV poiiitinu a» tlelivf ry man or oaro of pri' 
vato family horbe ; has hod experience. Herald 



11 land I'ark, six lartfo rooms; oito of the , 
bii.t honwbo.'i the fa ill, half block from car liutf; ; 
will i;vf(i the Ifit ; roc, housii on easy tertui*. | 
Lcivinf? town rwif*jD for big tacriilce. Address 
K K\, Herald oiiico. 

h-i:/." rnxn ; 



A ^ - - 

%/mV' Monday ftv 
Afir. o'clock. > 

M. Eiwia Moocrs, 

K. A 

.1 in or whole, of t:i*,'Lt-room 'itt; parli'iii 
niDvititf Kant-,. V>'ill noil at >iBcrilii-e. H/triies 
biiviiK'' cau rent Hat st S2D per luoutU. Eaqniro , 
ut I'j;; Fir^t nvciiuoc int. l)uluth. I 


W. M. ii 

ONK" 1/ 

Vi t ll: 

r^OftSsALK, J'OUHKANl>i^OT,t'L;N'litALLY I :^ ■ ^.. ., :- „ ,.,, . -.,...., ;^ - 
J^ located, 'iho ;,'ie,ii,est property iu the j 1/^h > - ■ ■ '^ c ■ T. , i T. .^ N^ 
city. John Franor, r >um 200, Torrey blk. ;t,*-, 

' — ; vVec: ■ 

y. & A.M. 



.^OliSALK, KUKsTTUSK OF nOAltniNO i «eo. A. luicii. U. i>. 1. J. 


iioiibO, with ii.aso, cheap; good loc;iiiou. 


FOK *ALK Olt i: -:NT-A BUTfH'rlU KHOP I «; 
iu New Dululh. A fcuiiJn«*es of from $3i tr, ^ 
.ISO a day (ruHranteed {::ul v.itli Rooii niaaacf- , 
re.eiU. coMliihn ) iicrCii fti-d . Other irntt<ir- coiiioel ! 
rno to dispose of it. Addrces C. Yoiler, N' v/ Du- 
lath, Minn. 





T-^OH ^•'AL^:-FOit KiiNT, FOil SALE, FUR- 
JT uith^d roonit. t ufwri.'iLli"<ifooi/i.-;, etc.rtc., 
cards can l>o haa at Globe Pruiting coii:,>.i::v 
oCic*, Chi Wc.-t buperior t-troot. l^arKi> ;, iu 
ouvelopcii and FlatiariCEt-i for the Lftit ivu 
wockB. ('sill and B-i) rarrjplop. IIoUo fC'O. 

O leslioa UiileaJ). 
accoL'ntb a fp^-cialty. ! 

C>o);i>Y ' ■■ ■ 

or store Ct^ii 'i...-- -• n -. ... 

WA \rh ty-ro it r:xT. 


Scandinavian drusi^jtC with sixteen year;;' 
oxperi-.TiCe; hvAt of refcrnicos. AddrcEs* A, 
j^ually, •l'J4 F'rst avenue ca.'*t. 

Ik3 like to havt; {KJsition in hlore and euiploy- 
nient ofiuv ; nap rvferonces ; can do ad kinds of 
■work. K (V), iierald. 


W bookkcepi'r; thoroughly experienced in 
oiiiccwork. E Oii, llorold. 

Jl iu i);-ivaLe fanuJy. Two <Terman ffirls wa;;t 
hoiirework. (:ood cook wants situation iu 
liotol. Einpkij meat Otlice, Itj First avouuo oast 


tV furuiihed room. Addrot-s. stating ternih j /~iiiAli'<"- 
and hjcation, M. .' ndorson, 920 KUst Second i |_^ 

V. TT.~T--?". 



Su KN fsilEfj li ibliS"' FOlt" 'ltENr-221 
Lolaf avenue njfth. 

j inf! oti rr.; . . 

1 60''1. A.^»i,r^-= o» a; 

j uotlca. tiJl (Jhaaiber « ' 

. Ao, 

1! East Secoiid t tieet. 

Jl Kirablo in the City. ELtiuiro at candy coiui- 

t'-T, Lypijuju drus store. 





Din.VTn— 4:U W. MiRliigau Street, 

(i\-ar Union DfiviO. 
MiXNKAPOiia— 111 i-iicoUH Ave. 
t-r. Paci.— Thini aud .laokson Sts. 
TFA.KFnOXK i3t. KSrAliUSMED irs^. 

IVriaanerit place, whole or part tirue. 
Apply !tt ouce. lirowu Bros. Co., Nurscryinou, 

V • so!! or.r hpecialtieu ou theint-tailnieiit plaa, 
(joo'J ^VH3•e9 dnd eiend.." work to the t\r:'i\t men, 
W. A. Edwarue^, 'I'HA West baperior t-treot. 

ff out room, all coaveuicuces. 100, Torrey 

is tor lis'Lt, hoai< koe:>;;ig, Iti Fiivt avcouc 

TO itrxT—JiorsKs. 

' Thoj. Si'ston's, iJlCEast Fourth street. 


V hiiv.fce, coiivfinit'Lt to J';5 a month. 
T. il. Uawkes, Jr., ;:18 West .Stiparior 6tro;.'t. 


» T arid '!<>i)p<;r c^uiitli:-, gas ami tteara I ■ i .^ 
11 Sevciiti; •i\,.cud weit ; jolbiajs a ^peclaIly 

tcle f.hor.' ' 'J.':~. 

Ty W. ilcilll^-.SUXSilPANy. 

Kl'Ali^G AND FLUMiii>cG, 


— liianeu'.. 
injui-y. Scu- 
treatment, ai 
paration.'--. Mrs. J »^wa 
Tempie, Doluth. 


L. lL<.i,ii.&,0U4 ii..tU:>j^^AC 


TV f.irKOUcru.1 housework. Family of throe. 

Good vrHK"s. 
First street. 

Lire. D. 11. Steveasou, l!lel East 


VY other 

need apply. t;05 Eabt Superior 


terVi Pavk 
vaym*«nt and 
ylurvows bliick. 

, K;, or will Bell for tniall cnsli 
-j motitlil/. II. M. Backus, Mj 




Grover Cleveland has reached Buz- 
zard's Bay. He can hardly afford to 
leave Washington at this critical time in 
the nation's history, but a stronger tie 
than public duty binds him to Gray 

Gables, it may be Grover, Jr. 

___ — ___ — » » » 

A new Atchison, Kas., reporter at- 
tempted to have a wedding postponed 
the other day because it was too late to 
get the account in that day's paper. 
That young man will make bis mark in 
the journalistic world. 

Tv.o Immcnso Christian Conventions To Be 
Held at Noiihficid, Mass. 

Evangelist Moody has become doubly 
famous in recent years both by reason of 
his mammoth revival meetings and his 
work at Northfiela, Mass. There for the 
last tew years he has been devoting his 
summer meetings to religious leatherings 
, of youiij:^ people. During June his young 
women's conventions were the most suc- 
cessful ever held. 

On July I he begins work with his 
World's Student convention, which con- 
tinues until July I2, and from August i 
to n, the gi-neral conference of Chris- 
tian workers will be held under his direc- 

The singing at these conventions will 
be conducted by Prof. D. B. Towner and 
iMessrs. Ira D. Sankey and George C. 

at Lester Pa rk . Addres:« A, '.12. 


VV wa,'res. Sl*> to St2') per month. Employ- 

m'-nt Oiiit.e, 36 Fir^t avenue ea.3t. 

¥ T EncloBe stamped eavelope to Bertha Benz, 
8?c., Soijtli iJemI, J ad. 

»r. J .V Ti:it— i:j:. t l i tj:.^^^^ 

-1 b.irjfaln. Nine rooms or more, Frankliu 
Paine, -11 Beard of Trade. 


.1 J ni^hed rocms. lintfi and boi:pe<i with 
Sfcly's Firo InHiirance, iiental and CoRcctioa 
Bureau, (01 P.illadio building, llavo a largo 
list of applio-ntB. 

Tr*cit iNiNT— Ei( iir-ROOM mxirti iiou.-je, 

.V (^EattEnd. .Mlnuidein converji£-uces;iiot 
w ater h' >at. ?4."i i)e ' moJitJi^ 100 Tovi-.ty iAdn. 

K* near busiaofes c. nter, mocterii cocveaiences. 
See Charles F. Ilowo, 631 Chatiiber of Com- 

l uerc '. 

J/ f 15 per rooutli,«a Ei'jhteenth avenve east 
and Souih ttreet. Appij- to Wilson & NatiffU , 
7 Ert iianc" HuJli-.iM^^_ 

jO nrn couvenieicfcs; steam hoar. En<iuire 
'dOS Lycuuia. 

io rior trrect. A; ;)ly lo MeudenliaR & Ii<'opes. 

erty at No. 7 Fifth a. 

e~Ar»n IN HA.\}i toj-:^ 
J rittate ioiu. at ! ' 
mooey i-i-.rr-^'.-^--. 8*-: 

-?i. Vuirsts. wai;ous. hor 
jTios. r;;.!n: .cii.-, jf^vlry i ' 
fjnal pro;;i rr-. . '.-.• *lioi t •• 
rhnn >o;.i r .:■ 


w. ; V rr.r>~-A<'^ icyja. 

^r-r'Etern Beu^vcdont Society of Doju'h. 
Pays eick, accidon . a.:d aoatlj fci uolits at a coat 
of iT) ce.nt.s i>er wee i. Has v.rirlon over 17.'>.iJ 
memberi) and h.aa paid out over S'Xl.UOO in c.'.bh 
(o tb(-so memberj in the pa'it ?ixt*en moutiis. 
Our agent >'- Tnj.kini: f rom •'T.C'O to $Kif> per 
mouth. Write for verms or call at 707, 7C8 and 
7J9, Pallaaio l>iiiid:nK:. 

of Wm. il 

Loan crrap-''. . i-j, 

boiidirig, fhilntli. 

.c'J, V 


jf welrv. '». A. Klnic, o: 

lUer \: 


Wos-t H^:i'"r..r <='• 


''pEAPnA.sEN^* i .... . tbhTx. aucej' 

Jl t-jc;e. Hcoms yil aaa liil, Torry boildlBS, 
Doluth. Vinn. 

• and a'.l\-<'C!ite. 
cxtca'ivepractic.' JL 

nia. Oorpoiate. c.<>.-j..ii .,.i> 

litigatio'j a 8i>ecialty. U' 

L. U. C. TITUS. L. L. B. i . .1^., 

Ex-List.nct Attori'ty for Pn* . - "-, 


OaicM^: iA \-\.- ck. 


Is the only line mcnlug 


Through Pr.llman Cars between DuluUi, St. 

>'anl and Norli; Pacific points. 
The Dining C'ar Lii.0— Dining cars ou all 


1'in Ycdliiwstono Park Lino— This marrolous 

Keep It 



The People 

.^ • B..k.j:s o;.t; c,<. wn'ti-u 

5(« BURR' 


i. bariji—-- nt VI l'..-.ii r... . 
beildi'}*?'. ana is ).iri-p-red t.-i-t, 
Ehocm.aiiiiig work iii a iirst-clafif r 

shots a sj>eci:ilty. Old customers ^.' .i :o 

call a'l n:y new shop. F. D.4i.rHvi>;n. 


Greece as a Republic. 
A dispatch from Athens aniiounces 
that the king has abdicated the throne 
of Greece and the country has been de- 
clared a republic, and that while the ac- 
tion has created ihe most intense excite- 
ment, it is not believed any trouble will 
ensue. While the king's action comes 
rather unexpectedly at this time, it cannot 
be considered a great surprise by those 
who have watched the trend of events in 
Greece in recent years. The king of the 
Hellenes, as the title of the sovereign 
was established by the London confer- 
ence of August, 1863, has for some time 
shown a disposition to lay aside Wie re- 
sponsibilities and troubles which have 

A Grand For'ics man has announced 

that he intends to ride a bicycle to the 

World's fair in teta days. The attention 

of the humane societies is respectfully 

directed to this specimen *of prospective 


» « • 

The coal barons have raised the price 

of coal 25 cents a ton, but poor people do 

not care very much at this season, when 

the thought of coal is sufficient to make 

them prespire. 

The Kansas City Star has come to the 
conclusion that the Columbian guard 
seems to be a sort of a cross between a 
raw polictman and an overdone hotel 


» « • 

The New York correspondent of a Chi- 
cago paper reports that ?«liss Helen 
Gould has secured the "uranimous con- 

Qiiicker Time to f'ufjd Sound. 
Northern Pacific train No. 1 leaving 
St. Paul daily at 9 a. m., Minneapolis 
9:35 a. m., makes the run to Pugct .Sound 
ten hours quicker than it is made by any 
other route. 

Notice to Dog Ownors. 

Notice is hereby given that all persons 
owning or keeping unlicensed dogs will 
be liable to arrest and fine or imprison- 
ment from and after this date. 

Daniel Horgan, 

Chief of Police. 
Duluth, June 6, 1893. 

licicna and Butte. 
The Nortiiern Pacilic is the only tran.s- 
continental line running its through Pa- 
cific coast trains via Helena and Butte. 



Wiil Occupy Tiielr lUw Office m Torrey Bniiding, Joly 1. 

WE KAVE MONEY TO LOAN, and without do'.ay, en good improved or 
nuimproved property at x:»revailin£r rate.?. 

SEVERAL DESIRABLE HOUSES in bost parts of the city for rent- Also 
Stores on Michigan and First streets. , . . - •, iu t. • • ui 

FIRE INSURANCE iu best home and foreifia companies correotly and . «;^^«. Prcsmbc^d^^'ph^^^^ 

promptly written, 

Gesshr's Magic Headache IVafera 

will positively cure nil hcadnche in 20 

"The improbable is always 
promised, when bad weaves 
are to be disposed." 

This is a 

Store of rierit. 

Nothi.^g is sold here for 
what it is not. The fact is 
becoming remarkably 
noticeable that the store is 
always busy, but never over- 
rushed, therefore there is no 
regretful buying here, no 
spasmodic rushes which are 
usually caused by advertis- 
ers' tricks. 

If Every 

D'f'y Goods Mouse 

In Duluth 

Was Before 

A Jury Charged, 

'Twould plainly show us 25 
per cent below them all. 

Good Snap5 

Are being piled up in every 
department in the store. 

V*"('!!dcrla;:d readied oidy by this lino, 
Tiie 'I'ourists' Line — 'Djc popular lino to reach 
Laker. Pend dOrielle. Co.'ur d'AIeiie, Footeu- 
a\, Chclau, the Dot .Sprir.Kii and Slountain re- 
sorts of the i'iorthwest and to Aloi-ku. 
Daily Kxpres;* tr..iuR have Puilmau Palace 
Cars, Pnllman Tourist Sleepiug Care, Free 
Colonist Sleepin,? Care. 

Dini"ff ('ara on Pacific 
ExprosB and Flyer. 





PiT-ilic "Flyer," for Helena, 

Butte, Spokane, Tacma^ 

Seattle, Portlind aud all 

I'rincipal iiiiiin iui'i points 7:45 am 12:40pm 
Jlienewdn, L;-a;;oiu £:, I'a' 

cif.c Espre?p, for all Miii' 

n"Po(a,>irid 3>akota points, 

Wiiinip"K, Moulana and 

'•\tcific Coa;-.:; , j C :4S pm 7 :1 .'; am 

Chi.' Limited for all Wi;-- 

con?iii Centwl & Milwau- 
kee, Lake Shore & V.'ttit 

eru points. Milwaukee. 

(^hicBi-ro aud l>e>ouu 4;0.")pm 11:10 am 

Wiisccufiu Ci-ntrnl Local 

Kxpresti f'.r all Geerbic 

liaTifje «n.l Wii.c<iihiu Ou-, 

n-al po iat^ and Ch;e ag<>...'^l(.': :<"■ am' j:r>:..O pm 

tiixcept Sunday. All odier trains d.'uly. 
atea. maps, or idher paitiplile.t.^ and mform.a- 
tioM will be cboorfolly furniehed on npnlicatMu 
to F. A. GREkNE, 

City Ticket Agent, 416 W. Superior St., 

Gen. Pass and Tk't. A^t., St. Pa •!. 

If vou car. got your name 

so thoroi igbly and so 

prominently associated with 

the busir ess iu which you 

are engaE;ed that p eople will 

instincti^'ely thi nk of the name 

whenever t he business 

is suggeste d, vou will have 

acbievet the acme of advertising. 

If ynii w 11 ptit y our name 

and you r business 

together in 

The Ev e ning Herald 

every da y 

• room -.0 Herald t- 
t'rm of yeais, beautiful 
Fend du Lac village, t<ii: 
nics, li.~liins, batld: c. k 
to Duluth ; wi 1 Lo j;(iutci; . 
There if a fortu:iie i:-. it. 



S. & W. IL COOK. -^ 
civil e:ij;inc«r8. i.") 

JL (jiiiecr and surveyor. R »om 7ia P:ill«i.'>. 

MOST ^' - 



1 office iu l">i 
Mrs. M.C. Seib... 


1:>U1VATE Hf.rS?;-' 
I .MidwUj. Fr.ll 

of Ac;.t:chicpat. 
Thi'd «ne"+. 


.yTori: Ttr.rAJ.i^yc. 

Oi Rtovesi and -;: 

eir« f 

cafet4i'S8 tutuif^r.i' 

he 1 ftTHTi' 

• '.I : , 


Yon wiil 

f!i8 irtlwestiin M 

C. BT. P. M. i O. E'Y 



Soon .£\;c&ti 
That Point ! 

American Siove Repai;- Works, IIS iiASt 
ior f treet. ___^__^______«__-_ 


And the Pullman Car Lino to St. 
aud MiuDoapolifi. 


For 6t. Paul 
and Miunnaipolia. 

Day fiip. 
Ex. Scn'y 

N»Kld Ex 

Lv Daiuth 

jjv Wopt Hu'oBrior . 

30 00 am 

JO SO am 

12 <r. pm 

4 hi pm 

A 00 pm 

R 40 pn> 

11 00 pm 
11 ;:0 pra 

Ar SpoiHiar.. „.„.„,, ...... 

Ar HtiliwRter ....—,— 

2 (lO em 
7 W) am 

Ariit. Paul ............. 

CM) am 

.\r Minneapolis 

7 :» am 

For Ean Claire, Chloago 


5, 6 aud 7 First National bank liuiiUiBgr UNTIL JULY 1. 

« Guaranteed to cure or money re- 
funded by ~ " 

Bold by H. F. Boyc\ Dninth Dr.;« Co., Eva 
Bros., Kirkwood & Thi. po, C. J. Tufte. Lofgren 
ACCo.,30. J. Sadler. 

liv Dnlrtb 

livWcet tfaperior ,_....... 

Al' Kau Claire ...... 

A.r M'b.viiukoo ,... 

Ar Chioaffo 

: Chicago 


JUJ.H'KiA.AyKnrs. ^ _ 

WMtPF^RiFtA WEEK AT 1"- ^^^""^ 
Second filrcot. 

LJ while you wait. F.easoaable prices. 

Oincold. IIH K.iu! S.'cond pI re -t. 

jtooMs ANiijft(K4nn^*hirBRj:n. 


H B W M. to O n W( ofiois 302 
" and ■■'■■•>■ block 17, Duluth i>oper, S.-C- 
rn- .iivi^ii'ii.. .-^- 

i iiiuth Protwr. ?'r:- • 
^ii>l ImtTi'Vement . 

\. , : :.; ! 7 iv; . .. _ . :. 


I) ;■.:]' '■ • ■ tmeut .company 
To .1 *.i"rii..i^lol ».i, block 1\ Spald- 
iuff'.-^i'.diiiiion.- --.^. ... 

Lekei.ide Land coiftl>ouy to A Mel 'aw. 
Jot Kt. bl.K-k 1>. L««ler Park, Seconal 
division --- 

il Curry to Clo.;uet Lnm»>er comi>au]r, 
l.iud in eectiou S-57-a>, etc 

E C Barke to S Glea^ou, lot UO, block IflC 
Vir;,'iiiia .- -- 

M^olbr?roW H t'ar.ii iitrne, parr 
lot.'' II, 1^ and 16. blook ■.iJ, Tower ■, 

S K M.nvtie to E M Patterson, lands ia 
S'Ctfou 14-l.'>-lt) J ... 

To'."»l traasfers 






1 West bccon. i street 

V.-^ :U8 West t^K-ond street. Lunch, from l:: 
U) 1 ::»). . 



Id Best Fart of iLc City. 

.'SI 0-5 11 Lvocam. 



I .-, , A UUIVED :v'!;:MK.'.'\liKER,TBEWELL 
nayKn<. Sppcml \ J\ known yo>ni(i ai.d ♦iU ted clairvoyant and 
Bix.Huuyl Datly. | trance medii i.>. h:v< -ocated nt No. LI). East 
' ' ■ - • theCentrnl Ilichschoo.. 

.„.v^, I J r.% », Soconn Ktretn. ■ : (>. . , ,, - , 

lOOilRm "J •»'l>m 1 Truthful in her predictiot'H, reliable in her ad 

lOat'a.n •" "'• — I • • - 

i ii' pm 

Parlor Care on day tialtis'. , , 

"Chica<r<i Special" runs through wi thont change 
of cars " 

Agent. 405 WcVt Sopwior St J Second btroot. 

5i0pm|^j^j, Nomatti!- what trouble you liave with 
10 L> pm j Y^ur.'.elf or ot!ie-s. ciine and she will guide you. 
It- *™ She advifes yon with a certainty by a hi«her 
^ '•' "^"^ tUnn human poorer. l>on't fail to see her if you 
I are interested ii the nllairs of life. If mamasres 
sickue?.", deal is, chances, travels, divorcee, 
hHi»iness Iransartions, 

ia M. Sm#n, B. W. bummers, Oa. m. to .s p m 'l«*>>; ="'.'] S"";<«V. Satijfac- 

tienoriSlAyoit. tUty Ticket Agent. «,'"" T.^S^^ '* " " ' 


Ai 208 We^t Michi'jan ytfreet. 


D. A. DUNL\r'. .Mai^affer. 

««•*«« M«ri^ 



■: "TBI •' 





' I 

JLL m m lis, 

Th? Mountain Iror an*) Minnewns Mines To 

Be Worked at Puil Capacitj 

This Year. 

Lon Merritt Sends Word froin New Ycrk 

That He Has Wade Arra;!£,emcnts 

For TUis- 


Tho Celebration Was Upon An Unusually Ex- 
tonsivo Scale. 

\VAsms<n\)N, July 4.- The ctlcbra- 
lioM of the Koutlh of July at the nalioiial 
c:ipital was nppuan unusually extensive 
scale. It oi.ieiicU with religious services 
tontluctod by Rev. Dr. McKiai in the 
piesence of.tne Sous of the Kevoliitiou, 
Suns i>f the Ati»erie,in Revuiujion and 
dav-hlers v( thu Revolution. 

I'Mt; three sacicius auerwwda prv 
r:»«Jed to the s^rviund.s of the Washijij;- 




It Mas Been Evpectad That One Wowfd 

Shut Down and the O'her 

Run Light. 

Lo« MtnUt, who is ia thol'ast oa Ivus- 
incss connected with iIib Diilulh, Mis- 
sabe L*i Northern road anil the 
ini'ics, has arrangcil for the sale of the 
entire output of th.^ Mou-itaui Iron a«d 
Minnewas mines. No dctlnite informa- 
tion has been received as to \vho is to re- 
ceive the ore or the price or amount, hut 
two or three days a^o a dispiitch re- 
ceived -by President Alf. Merritt from 
Lon Merriit announcini;;- tljat he liad 
made arranjjetnents uiider which thstwo 
mines named will be woike<i to their full 
capacity this year. 

fbis comes ns ir.ost welromenews and 
will astiMiish some. It was cxpt,cted that 
the Minnewas mme woald be closed 
down and the Mouaiain iron run wuh a 
lii^ht crew. To those who have belkttkd 
ih.e Mesaba ritijje it will prove a snr* 
priss. liuta lev, itays :.K"tl>c Micncsjta 
Iron com().mY cut down us workinjf furCe 
at the mines nearly a thousaiid men ow- 
ini: 10 the depressed condition ot the ore 
market, aud ye: immedi;itely after\v.:n! 
comes word tliac these two MesiibarAni'c 
mines are to be worked tu their fuii ^i- 
pactty. . . 

How the Great Northern Magnate V7j!; Row 
lutio.tizs Lake TrafJic. 
Sr. P.;ul Glob„: It se.-ins. that J. j. 
Hill will have in operation next year a 
daily line of steamers plyiag bettveen 
Duluth and Bufialo. Kach bont is to 
make the distance in tifty hears. It is 
reported that he is about to contrnct with 
a tir:u for ft>ar more siecl sbijis of 410 
tee: length. All the boats to be htted 
most elegantly f^r pa^s^inger traftlc, and 

'oa uvtiemoiit where, aJUtr the readtnj; 
lA the »Vck*f.iti(Si of i^lependurte. i»v«» 
speet li»'s wore iim;1«-, iiUersporacd with 
mu?ic. W'ImIb thcik^ cxercisrs were !)> 
in>f heUl the oiliest mh.nbii:»jnto were aik- 
tcit-iintji>j t)ii; vtiernn lirciucn at VVil- 
l.-rd's hull ;»ltct which thev sstt down to 
dinner at Willnrd's hotel, followed by 
patriotic speeches in response Ut toasis. 
The most elaborate celebrntiori was 
that conducted by the Citi/en,-. associa- 
tion of Mount I'leasant \n the norlbern 
part of the citv which lasted .-Jl day 
closin>j with a ilisplay of I'lrewoxks in tJiu 
laiif^e cvenini;. Itwasheidat ln«!e:,ide. the 
manor jj rounds of Col. Coikhili. Nuk 
Vounj;, pteaident of the nation i' b.ise 
ball ie:ij;ue, umpired a frame between 
the baclio'.ors and beatdict.s.' ij'ln the 
afternoon ; peechcs and the reading: o{ 
the declaration of independence were in 

~tUher societies observed the dav in a 
tonnal manner amon<j them W'imo- 
dauirhsis. with aproj;ram containinif oiilv 
ladies .md the Coinred Order of" Odd 
Fellows. AthletiCt at tiie various [larks 
attracted !ar>i; crowds and races be- 
tween local horses at Iieanin<,'3 provided 
sport: for lovers of the turf, liusincss 
was suspended ia all the departni>;nts nf 
;joveinment service and in the commer- 
cial world {,'enerally. 

The weather was alt that could be tic- 
s rtd and everybody who ci uld do so 
found his way into the open air. The 
day w.^.s ushered in as usual witli fire- 
works and a lively fusibde was kept up 
froiii midni;,dit until noon, b'jt wi^out 
scrioiLs .accident of any kind beuiij re- 


iiw.i.iuj> : .V, rtotrtti, ohio. 

Chrcwfo Headache, 

Foiuia up Ro'icf except iu Kicka. 

poo Lwu'ia Safewa, the (7ren.te3t 
BLasaiiig' to Hruaaiiity,^fT, 0„ Miinii Ml. 

F(^r two year.i 1 had \K:vn niocf or less 
IfJliiacil Viith h<'ii«)as!;u'.n luici Imd fjulod 
to iHui liny riJief. 1 was rioujnuieiiJtjd 
to n w K.ioksn >i> kutiaa Huyw a dnr!n>f 
my la:*t attail: mid did to. *ly n.nd- 
ttthe .sUflipcd, and I have had m. rt'turiM 
of it Bvnrf. My hcidaohcrt mine from h 
hvftr and s^oJ.i.u-ii trr-uhlc, hpd the 
Sagtva n!»d»-iis tti'-atlve vtti'ciH fiU at 
once. J ehinrfully rocoinnivud Kick- 
npoo Indian Ha^wa to all who may l)^ 
Rmicfed^l)elifvin{j it to be the Kreatost 
blciaiu<j of tha human race. 

Mildred Cveksoue. 


i?l per Hotllc, t; l"ur ?5. 


-^>...w^ c... v.,^ jv^.ii luuiiu, oni ITS sea- 
son would be about three-quarters of 
the year, and include the months when 

Ihcy are also to ca-ry frei;''ht. T^-e 
dent intention of .Mr. Hi'll is t» make 
this tlie popular summer roua- Ivjrween 
the Northwest and ttie llast, and every- 
body believes thai he will acctmiplish his 

It is within the power of such a line 
to put an end, during eight months erf 
the year, to hi^h tr.iffic rat-s between 
Northwestern points and New York, 
and that the power will be cverciscd' 
everybody up this way i-i prepared to 
believe. Of course, the line could Bt>t 
operate all the year round, bnt its sea 


, - ..n 

the ;^rtat majority of people do their 
traveling-. The cheap rate which the 
bne ccuid maintain wou'd li-j a prea^ 
sliuiulug to travel between the East an'* 
Northwest. St. Paul and every North* 
western pomt will r :ap an advantage 
trotn It It is dirTiculi i« csfmme 
fne trip from here to New York c'v 
would be about two d;iys and a half, and 
the fare would be lirile more than hali 
tint of a railroad ride all the way. 
^ Kut the r^catest K->»a would he 
irc-.icht trafiio. The rate cuul 1 ]>■■£ [ , 
than onc-l'^ntu that by ireii?ht trains an," 
t;:e jjaia in ti.T.e ol tran^p^iria-ion wixild 
be anywhere from live to ten diV4n. 

:U understood, the prjj.K)jwU)n' i« h^ 
rua these boats on as s;rict schedule tim« 
.-^s tneiiis, aod thi i is one of the winniui,' 
{eaturc-5 of tho project. Thev are to be 
run ::i connection witti the trains of the 
frreatOorthcni, and will be as regular 
in their operation.s. Other boats may b" 
as eleis'antlv li-.ted as these, but the iIre^- 
nlarity of their goinj,' and coming tends 
to ke,.p down thi-ir 5>opn!<tritv. 

After all. the great lake ; are to bcconae 
the mLtiium whereby th. capacity of rail- 
ro.adsraay beheld ia check; and Mr. 
Hill 13 the fir:-t to grisp tii- situation and 
evolve a plan of caking effective use of 
toe mw-ans. 

The Usual Fourth of July Exercises at WooJ- 
slock. Qnt, 

Woodstock, Conn., July ;}.--Tl-.e us- 
ual Fourth of July exercises were ob- 
served at H. C. Bowen's resi Jcnc* todav. 
The Hon. Charles A. Russell delivered 
an address of welcome and prayer was 
olTered by the i-lev, VV. A. Haves Ward, 
of New York. The speakers and their 
tlietiies were: 

Hon. Scth Low, of CoUimhIa collcgr, 
ad'irtss as president of the dav; Justice 
iirewer. of the liKttd Statt.s 'saptcmc 
court. "Individual Liberty;" A. 1'.. Spof- 
ford. librarian of the congressional li 
brary, Washington. "Hooks" and Lilnar- 
ies;" K. S. McArihur, D. I)., S,.w York 
city, "American Patriolism;" Hon. IJ. .S. 
Klkint, ex-3ccrc:nry of war, "Modern 
Civiliz ition," and T. E. Murphy, of New 
York, "Temperance." 

Poems were re id by Maurice Tliomo- 
U)n. .Mrs. Julii Ward Hove and .Miss 
Edith li. Thomas. The exercises were 
interspersed by vocal and inslmmental 


A Stabbiita Aflray at t'shkosi;j|rhat is Horribie 
In Details. 

OsHKOSti. Wis., July 4.— A fcorrib*, 


ing at a Polish dance house in the Sev- 
eath ward. During a drunken spree 
Jos. Drexler and Fred W^cismussen qimr- 
rcJed over a j:;ir! and the latter-cut the 
face ofthe former iiom his to 
his chin and ihtn ran fr.jrn the house fol- 
lowod by who ca-Jght up with 
him as he was Unglcd in a barb viic 

D«exi«f had a loiw,' WuLed knife and 
iMl Woismnssen in rite sTdu no that hii; 
emrails protnuled. Weisfiiussen Cinnwt 
li\^ and has rnKfe an anti mortem state- 
ment. Drexler is under arrc?t," Duiin" 


Emperor Wiiliam AdtJresscs the House on-llie 
Army Bill. 
RCKLi.v, July 4.— Emperor Williftin 
opened the rcichstag in person this 
morning. The scenes occasioned by the 
opening of the session were most mi- 
p4e:'sive. His majesty in clear and hrm 
voice read hi.^ sp«»ev-h as follows: 

"Honored ;^entlumeiK Since you have 
l>een called in common to work for the 
federal governnaent. I desire to welcome 
you upon cnteruig f^n your <leIihciations. 
A bill concerning the pence footing of 
the army, v.-lnch was submitted to 'the 
l.ast rcichstat;, lo my regret -did not find 
approval. It was the un.mimcus con- 
viction shared by ail high confederates 
that th'j empire could no hmgcr aford 
that the dovelopm-jnt of the armysyutcm 
necessary to },uarantee future satctv 
sliould be iK'ijlectcd, 

"If alreatiy (jernuinv's gcogr ipl.ical 
position ami historical (ievcloi)me:it lay 
upon us the duty to maintain a.'relativciy 
strong army. -Jicn further increase in the 
military strength of the euipue becomes 
a lorcible necessity to satisfy the duties 
laid upon iur by the constUutioii. I 
consider that all the means .at our dis- 
pos:d mu^t be titiliied in order to 
establLsh an^ effective defense of the 
fatherland. You wH; receive immediate'y 
a new bill regardin.?: the peace footing of 
the nrmy. in ^»hicn there will be takiMi 
into .account .-.s as possible cert.ijn 
desires expicsscd during the discussion 
of the late bill. 

' Conse(}uei.;ly, diminished demsuJs 
are made upon the personal capacities 
and tax paying power of the people, as 
far as possible without crsdan^ermg the 
etiiciency of c^ army. The empirss in- 
totest re(|u;rc-R, especially in view of thi 

Cf:^<h.=iID UP. 

Tho Yoantr.'im '.Vi^ito.J No Tim© Iu Cap- 
vurlJi;; TJint (JliK 

Bho w:;.i It j;iil u])ont IH yean; old out 
of IV i.(;.i.sibli- :.>U. ,Sho had on u ucsirhal- 
iro dn^8, it will 10 apiou «nd ii cato bift 
c'lu^iu r^truw kit. Jn.i ud tho young AJaii 
WH.4 t)aS.dug she dlM;;g<al a bundle lon- 
tainiii:rCfi ya^da cf brus.selri ctirpet out 
ot tho t>i<lo door and flung it over tho 
ViMiimin r;iil juid .puiiin'd after it. Ho 
tftoppcd drtpd .^tiU. niidiiKniilfrtf >rorw 
lif;ht<:d up rUs nvistochilij; fenftlVoM. 
Wliii«.lru i^uifV-d' slic uin^iffTl up tho Iflfii- 
dle uifd t;eiAd on^fcliait' of iLj.- cai^iv-f.^uid 
hCi.-.'ri'd ,it «n er I'ljf 1. ,1 ijOiJi.a;?. W/ul j bo 
Btuircd i^iT^rt airtl i,;/,Vo iimi f^c^fuoU' tb 
whimper t-o \u'fi,oif .siu'.sjjiitou iuv lunnTn, 
grubUd'llM uilRTJi.dl', timrwith u ions; 
drawn "Ua!" bhe bow,iUxl ik ov^t a sPe- 
oud liu<.«, 

"Eurekar* givsjicd tJio youiig man as 
ho drew umrcr.. but tiic^',drl was looking 
for dnn oliho.^o swamp elm .stJcks whieh 
tliuy balwl hay at 1,W{) ijercout 
I»roIit and heard him not. 

She pri .Siutly fotiud. one. It wei^;lu d 
about 15 iH.imda. Hhs tucked up licr 
tlofvos, inoistvned hor palms, Hoized it 
with both hixtnU, ;nnl with a "h-n-u-ii!" 
which could bo hoind dowiKon I'.u.. next 
block she fotchod that carpet a rAvat 
which mado butfun.s aud iuiirpius Cy 10 
fee! luKh. 

'•Eureka soiu.t m.nv!" chuckled tho 
young man with I'h . QnOcn Anuo oouu- 
tonauco. "but this i.s what Pvo Uf-n 
k>yl:ing lor!" 

Swaf! swat! Sw:;t: Fin.>cumi),s, iooth- 
bruslica, dr(,'.ss .stay;', iwwd"? vai-i, r\w0 
buttone, pum, dandilg uocd1*i i'mJ nc- 
il>es for chapped lips fell' in a golden 
fihowor iu tfio rich .tcroen irrrass. 

"E.xcnso m(i. wi-^ but are yoH eyg.igcd 

"No, Sit," sho .'^wcetly rx'plied as bIiq 
turnt'd to find tho youiig man at h»r el- 

••Havo youv*-liitowa.shca tho collar, pa- 
pered twoMu- thiv • 'vt.-nr,, riiumed tlJc 
bodt;lcads and beat ail th<Mv.stof tho cor- 

"I li.T,vo, tina c]<i;u.l tlra pantry, and 
taken dov.n two aU.w^ in midlliou." 

'"Titi well. I ;i'a Claudo Mclnotto, 
Eou of tho old SC'-jiidlionairH JlchioJ-f, 
and i:i:? only ht-ir. \V HI you maiTv uutY 

'•1 Tdll." 

"Good! ril bo 1 • ! • at 1 o'clock Kljarj* 
with tho licen?.'.) and iJio proacUcr. Till 
then ta taJ^—Dptroi!; Free Press. 

pr. Specr cc Co."-, mcthocl for curing 
piles has cflccted \vnr,dcrful rcsuU.s. 

focUKsm«l.readW-i;itxiMi:ifJ'^*^''*- "^ ! " '"' 


nt.viwt.inii Is hotter tiLin onnt. »,y l.iriuia^ 

>*«>•»:« <;.«ldiOH l;ail KHtcllH ill |.iw>ii>,ii,f.», <.),,., rSt 

»V,i;.ur()(lrstroyo<l,HU-l tl»uscniiia-ioiis<U.scii«.i.'J 
xiflki-i.ftiiwuy; s.fso mctiil for fvp.ltinK inw;*. 
qulto* luid bTlta^ng_ine«^ot8._Prico. ;j6c. caoii. 

TopnrifyBi,k-n)<)Tij!i,uii,utm«ii(^,ctn.. nso 


Whlcll III fau-riMlR-. «ii:.|riK-<l imkI JjIXKIi Co 


, . , , . JJlXKIl CO a 

liiu;;!ili(i lnvi;jor;Uinir, Htui im- 



Tlio \v«'ll ktuiMii aiul Mijiilnr f-loaiiicrs «.r ihi« 
iitioaienow timki>K itini-wuokly t.-iilipeH Lo- 





Stcri'ivrat Mnrkiiu.c l-la»ul, .<-:aiiIi .Sfo. Wai;« 
'kii't iilOiifijno(Ji-.t-i iHMutf^. aa tlno ciir.Is 


Avoid til" orowdpd lailron.l trafcm and oilier 
(ii.s«iiiif<)v-ih ,,f laii iin.l uso this iKjimlnr 
iiii'' Uu- ploaKiiri! oitd comfort. 

Kates Very Low. 

Saiiin.f^rt from Di.lnth. cast Iwmad. Tuei.uove 
nn<l hri<la.vh at H r>. in. 

Onr now Hlr,.] .- f,.„„'.l,i;, M ANITOl' i.^ nov.- in 
Kt'ryico »)c1wi.AtiC|iicni?.» :,imJ Saulf »V\ KmrUt 
JiiKloiiK s,oiju-wP,-.kly iri»s. F,„- f-iU infonnri- 
tion as lo rotfe, (fc, a|ii>ly to 

JUliN KLYNN, .AK-nt. 

I>iiluiti. .Miitn. 
O." to .i. liliiit; A. t'O., tXK-in.M, 

'i'owrr. Aliuu. 

I \>y 1 

J .loun 

I AllKl 


I I'Oirix 


(Uiy < 

j AlllO! 
j Ull'ill 

aii'l I 

>lf I'll. 








^ Tin; UI'KaT LAKH ROt'TK, 

Or AdilrcKf* 

JOS. tiKitoij'.w i;tm, (i. P. A.. 
Knsli uiid N. Wativ tti«i., (;tj«ca«o. 


stabbing affriiy occured yesterday moin-ifCnd of the soptennate next spring, that 


e melee ttie ti.< became general 

I^« ycai read thetestmr.oriirds published 
m bfha f of Hocd's Sa.saparil'a? They 
are thoroughly reliable and worthy your 
C(mfid:nce, - 

a?.ii several other persons were cut 



the bill be piissed with the utmost dis 
patch so that the new recruit calls m.-^y 
be made m the au:umn en the new basis. 
Oelay would influence most uiifavor.ibly 
our strength for more than twenty \ears. 
U ilh .a View to enabling you to dedicate 
unduldcd attention to the <i.scussion of 
the bill, the governmenc wii! not in the 
menntnr.c intioducc any other measures. 

"1 and mv hijih coiifederdtes rewiain 
ciK^vinccd that the means for the new 
orginiz.-ition can be procuil-d without 
overburdening il-.c country on the basis 
of 8he Itnancial bill introduced in the 
r«;id<sU;: last autumn. At tiie openmK 
of tl-e winter sesJon, a bill will be lue- 
sented directed to obtaining mean^ ac- 
cording to the capability of the tax pay- 
ers. IntdtScniLe iiic-eased co.sts will 
l>e covered l^y tlic federated states 
thrrnigh matriculatioa pavincnts 

"Germany h.i;^ been united 

Oftjk-H of tl;( Punril of K tnctlioii, / 
DuliiMi, Miii;i„ J Illy .ill. l^aa. s 

N'<TUr;i' ii- |ion-!.y ^iyiiiof tlii- iiniuiaj bcLiw.l 
ol!-c;fon, to l>o hold o,i .Suiunlny. .July tr.Ui. ].-'.i«. 
fi' twcon tlif' bi.iir:) of ton o'clock in tin- fore- 
noon and four ill tlio ofdnioon. for llio pnrfirsn 
«>f'lfrtifi- wndw^r-of tliu IJoarJ of o lucatiwi 
oi till! cay of DnliiMi. 

Ii li'liri o tii/ctr'.iir for th" ioiui of tliroo yonre uro 
t.. l)o clrcli'd. iwo ot tlni.i hi the nlaca il' »f . K. 
li.ich!>rdi=on ami i''. H. »r.>r);i'n. vIuls- iKriiiK an* 
unout toeximo. ;uid tlioUi.rd as an a(lfiitio;:ftI 
r'^iriiclor. a.-i iirovidod fV.r in Scctum 11 of t lie 
Spocjalani jiiihn d by iln: I.,<jriKlatiirc of tlir- 
..latoof Miiiufiifofa. Ajinl IMIi. IfiHl, ontiiled 
".An aci. for the foi uuition nrn! to tix rfie Ixiunrt- 
avi.^f.l tiieln<!.i.,-iid.>nt Scliool .lifli-icr of tfie 
< ityof J)ulntli. .Sr. Louis countv, Mir.iiosoin 
and to i>rovi<!<' f .r ttn" cloclioi, of mrjiiherr: of 
tlio I.o.inl ofeil4:(-iticn«f sftidiflfltiict a:-d cc- 
nnofl.oiHiwcwsof the b. art."' 

.'^aidclcctiou toljH lii>liTatli;ofolIowiuri)!uci*'. 

Ciiy of Dtfku'Ji First Ward, 

. Fiij.t oifcinct- The -;ore in rJio HuI/Ik 1 liUiM- 
lUKUu J..alie bvetiuo wmiiIj, 

•■■i.-'oi.W iircciiict-t'Aiiviiand tcliool 
l>iicli.tiiaa alruot. 


UI-, ii. 

of K'\ 
of wij 

<•{ Kii 

in tlij 
n( t<aii 

and c! 
of tl 

lilO f II 
I'.lt.l f 
of kh' 

I'fOOl < 

C.-ll-e :t 

tin f., 



llin oa 

fiii.-t .'-• 
of reiv 
iu ;,«id 


fain Ml 
niadt. I 
tl;(( fiv 
t4ml (1. 

<i«T fi I 
llio t:o 

iK''s. -n 
law ; M 
oao yrj 

Aa tniii 

>:<T«A(iK l'Ol:E^LOSUllK«ALH:- 
''ullIt. iiaviiiif Ik'Oij iiinde in tlin ji.iji:. .,;, ,,f 
imi of Miree liuMilrod doJiai> interi ^t wiiicli 
ne duo on tiio fi.M day of Aind, IWr.i. u|„,n 
Inin iiiovte(Mr<« duly wfoeme.l aj.,| d^liverod 
ai;!. \V. Wernn iiii>rtKiiH»«. ft, Anex ]{ 
» i:ioiiKa,f.M., befiiifjcdaie il),. iifti, ,j,.y ,,/ 

f. liU/. .ind ■••• Ml a t»,\vi-| t.f lal. ii^.Tcia 
.Uld, uiily len.ioed in Um, oIlU- j ,->f i|.„ 

r 1,1 iIi-ikIh ni and for ;1i'- coniiiv of .Si. 
» ami Htato of Miuuftotu. o:i tlio nijd.UMit'- 
r AutruHi. tS»i. at2:iri oVIot-k i-. m., ui 
III «.f limit jHcin on iiaj;'* •'.'. 
i'Jii aid iiiori«ftK.. i,..«.-thiT witli tl.e ..'. I,t 
id ilu.fcljy. \x-aK duly>u«ii/'d liy Hind 

II. 'oue.4 ll.iillKiiKHe, to Um ;>lu.Ii>'p..t« 

• !id i ri!Kt('oirn,,uvv liy writti n a»*niM- 

• ■■il. «1 tl,(< c.Kiit,.. ;,iii ,;.iy ,,( \,:uu^U !>'.0 
^■oidrdin tlio iglV'. of ,nni r»>HMi'r «if 

.»l fie r«t«Jlll)(Wifl| (!.iv << .\ll ifct' :>ini j,i 
i> liiKk l>. Ml., ill Ijook /K .if Kii.J n!<irl«f,i;,'.. 
i!*. on Tniff" IW,: v.)i«rli f^»id iiio«1«."h:ij wan 
.»h«JKii.-d Iiy fuid tii'j Aliijint-.ia i,>j.iij .-tuil 
V ' Jii| (itiy, 'hi' H'nanai! »rtwl luil.iur tt..rt;- 

• ; 4A'arii J). I'.ar-, .)r.. and ..'oln/W. 

'y a. t^iMU'ii.s of tu- <^tafc of hM'vani )». 

•«, •<.■ V. il^ a-v*<"iiiit>(0 di««*d til., tlii'd" 

i»l .■• l^jii, and riMwiiUed ow 111,. 

I'W tit %<ivcud»-«. l.«IO. :K, .S;:»oV!oi.'i» li. 
•KieJi iz t,I Bttid iuoft«ut,-o rrcotx^j lAt ^uko 

wltorc-n, tlie li-.U I3.;T..-,r»l D. IVcrcv .Tr 
>1ju W &lit<'!Kll as (itutoos ij ilu i •'.tiilo 
waiij 1». I'l ane ili i u-^iriifs a:,.i l.<d,l6,i„ 
d ni<,iU'H(,-e t^io (iii)y elocled amJ do 
t'rle.7f. Tj, ilcclnr/! ffie wliole (•: "ici-ml »^.ii„ 
I nlor;^'>^^,»• dtir^ iuut i.ayhhi;. at t4ifc .l,>l^.■ 
• nolico. nndor tlio tt'jiiiH iind coiuJliiotin 
I moitKairr and tlio jK.wer i»f miL) tii«f>in 
::ed : ;md \vl:( r<>,in llcr" is an n.-dly ,;i;o 
ain.eil t.> 1m- liiiM ;.|jd iiHvaMu at tie- dali* 

'^ ','">'■" ''"• " f ten lliouMuid four 

■d llltl-.-^ev.-au-Kf S-:-,.)doll 1.-,. inrliiJiiit' 
rn of oi«(it,y aad :M.!(in dollars m co>ariij- 
nr jiisor.Mieo. a!!d w!iorf»ns tdoiaid t>oiw.- 

• liHK tM»oom{. ot.irativr. and n«i ncfioii or 
ii!li« liUVi/!;,' Ij.iii insln«il».d ;it la* or 
1 i-o. to rri-over If.o tJebt !-.cnr<Hl by caid 
Htr" or ai-y jKirt i licn-rtT. 

iir-r-fore i.oti! ,' )•= iif r.)l)y jfivcn 'litK t.v 
ot tfio |>ower I'f sa!»>c<»'itaiued >•: -,:td 
i« and r>tir3'.at.f t<> tho , j.iiuio v.t (.;;o;i 
adf« .I'idiri.v'ded. tiie ••?«:. I niortKaj; ■ will 
e.;„s,.,l |,y n irtle of lliHjue.n.Met di^- 
1 In and cojivevi'd hv .-..h! niortKaire vr- • 
iweiity-iiine (i'l.i mid <liirly-««ri.M:;i; i»ird 
»!urly L;dr t'e',) of lot I WAi.t'.->.evii ( -, t 
•coi.d hfroo!, Jn'u'l; irojirp. tfi,^ ,i..l 
ticcorjiinK' to tiinplarttieii^rfoii fW- ,.r 
ird TU Hie odI.?ii ot tie- n-it>!H<r of ,{f, ,:,, 
lor laid com.tvof .S . Loiii'> i i .•-;». 1,t,ius 
HO. I r tr.^e of iwtijiM'SoM. v.iru the li.»-»-(f|. 
■t> !uul rifj|,iirt.xi:iij«''f;: \vl-ifv|, .„!•. „.,jj |,,. 
*y tlie (.fici Jilr of mii«i St. Louis corfcitv. at, 
1. d<M.r of th(« coiiit iioiisc. ju tJiP oiii> vf 
. IU hiiid con;!'y aril »Kt,-> oil ilifc Uiir- 
d.iy of .luly. I •;.;<. at tc^.doclf !.. jn„ of 
ly at i>iiidic )i(Jijdiip, io tl.o )ii,di*»'l kio- 
Ohi-li. to jiay K..i<l rf,.;,t ill,. I lutfT'^t luid 
cb aufiiii9iuai:ic . if any, ,„, f.,i.| ..r, ,„. 
id onn liunilrrd .jo'i.-u-s atioraey't fco<, a« 
t.Ml ir. ami l>y I anl nior:«ai-e iii cas-e uf 
s'ir.)anol!m <1j. hiifsfiiiteiilH allowed hy 
ilV'^ct ■<> i(-,J,.n,|,a.,ii u: a iy tinio viihiu 
ir riio«a tho day «if tal» li.-f i mviid.^l by 

Notice of Application 



STVTK (jK *tI.NNii«>^A. ) 


Notici* .»■ l>orr,ljv ifivei;. Tha«. np!.'ic;.*Io-i baq 
been lo.idn to »i itJii* t«i Uie <»tiir» | ,,f 

i"Ud m^ of DiiiiiJli. and Hied lu >i, , ,.r«y- 

ia« f.-r licci;h<? Ut f.ell iauiTir.itin^ .inuojM (..r 
ton trrni c« j[mrieiiciii»r on JiCv f.i. lSti:i, 
loid Vi*.;iiurtlii.»f Juiy n, 1>(H. liv" :»ie !,,:]„«•- 
UMf lerMin ai-1 at the fvllo-.Mj.jj i.Iaoo as 
»inte.<iu!Ko;,l un»Ueal1<>(i r«si .«t*vi'j/, i*,-v,it: 

('. .V. L'li'jdy A «*,., at l£4 I.,at«SKv«.'aa.« K.uth. 
hi Tliomly ef Duliitii. 

Haiiil ir\\,ritHf,^;ft. v.SJt •>* I»ci»ri1 <in.!<k^t/'«Ti!:i4«d 
bi Hn d c..rff.«i:i viMm^Mff Kr-cir, of Ikilatb 
>"■ ^JiiOtjur.r'U c'.HiMiv-- ill s.»<l ritj o* In«l«tt, 

fMlidtv of Jsly, j«a?. at 7.-«l i,-ek>ck p. m. of 

1 ^) I.V* '•',* "^^ '' "'"' ***^ •»f «**'' ritj of Oa- 
lulL tUs Urtti da;- of Juuo. A. 1). 1.XM, 

(*. K. &ier AKT'tny, 

tc. ~.. . tJtyCleik. 

< t"»KL f 

Juu'j rs-iu 

Contract Work. 

OtTino of {}}!> Itoanl „( i'ij»,;i(p Workii. ) 
City of DaiutJi, M1;,ti.. .ija,. ;; .. i-vi. J 
Hoiaipd hute nil; be roc«Mve.i I.-. I'l" Sfinrd of 

imblir workh in for t!;.- ».. „' t}„. 

cityof In ;„fi,. yjuu-rntn. «« i', ^n'lui 

VJ',' V""',^" **• "•■ "•'' rtwKvii d.iv ... i^i-; \. I, 

.V:.i ''•'"."'••'•^"•'■""Cl'ouof er.iiI.M-,, .ij:pr..-,rb 
ft ilie^N.Kwllaod tir-«'UKi:jeh .'.M.. lo- it/Ht no 
^18 4 aud .V U,«.k 16. <,).,„ Avon, 
tv><;tT.d («ivii,i<« m ejud citv. acc^dinc to 
r>lans ond epecittcatuais oii silo in tlie ofliee of 
Bai.l boan!, 

A ccrtiP«yl ohjy-k or a hoad wit h rd fo^t two 
, <-' iiiireiu;e la tlifi tnm of lu vi-uty (&H)jK) 
1 <l«»t.«rh nuist a;»riMnp«i,yn«cb tiid, 

j Ttie wid b-..v.-d restTK .' tlie 9iitLt to rejoo< auy 
; ar nil Irt.Jrt. ' 

Ueney Tsrravwcx. 
OflJcttal : 

T. \V^Ab^:i.i.. 

CVirk ii..jird of rnblic Woriu. 
Jane liS-i(it. 

1 Mny r.tli. A. I).I-;ti.T. 

O IXl'K.U-.' K. Jl:. '.MiJoH.v \V. ill 1-. HkLL 

Uh:4 of tlieotitnti of EiW.ird I). iV.uce, 
,.. ' . ,, Assijfiine.'^ of 4Kirt(,'age' 

WlIil.lJ.M J. lI.'.nN AXO Ja»ikh M. M.nktin. 

Atlon>»'ir,l,.r A^hiKin-'oi, 
,, „ , , , , Winn-aHdi;. Mian, 

May ;i I .June C l:i-20-2/ July <-ll 


„., ^! m one em- 

pire, the nation honors those whj -died 
their l>.c.;dia this work which led thr 
fato.-rland to iUocp;ri;y. To s.afcgur.rd 
ineelor:r,us acinevrmeuts with which 

Jus! Recoi.'cd 
Another fresh lot of (iarlartd's candies -t 
the Lyceum Drug Store. Who cat:j it 
all? Everybody that w.ints the best, the 
purest and most delicious in the world, 

i:ider S. S. Reaver, of McAliistcrvide, 
Jumatta Co.. i'a., says his wife i* subject 
to cramp in tiie stomach. Last uurumcr 
she tried Chamheriain's Coltc, Choleja 
and Diarrlnea remedy for it. and was 
much pleased with the spectly relief it 
afforded. .She has .'inr;e used it when- 
ever necessary and found that it nerer 
fails. For sale by druggists. 

•I Was a Quiet Affair. to Ititonsoly liot 

Sr. Lotis, July t. -The 1 17th anniver- 
sary of the birthday of American free- 
dom was celcbr.v.ed in rather a quit-ti,' it, t.. ■ ■ ■ 

intensely hot and the streets of tlie city ! duly we can onlv fulfill it we nnke our 
were nearly deserted, all who could get I selves .^trong cnnuHU to rtnnin stiretv 
away having gone into the suirounding for Em jpr's ' 
cojutry on picnics and excursions. In Whtn the emperor had conchidcd his 
the morn:ng there v-as a small par-vlt, written speech lourl and prolonired -in 
m.ide up prinnpally of the jinior order plauso greeie<! t.iai. iJij ,„ i.s.v -toiLl 
of mechanics and kindred organization-;. ""' '' -j ■ > -lowi 

Special World s Fair Rales. 

waiting lor 

Sinoko tu« World Btiater 
A 10 cent cigar for ;. Sakl only hy A. 
Hauaiaib, First Nauooal JJank b«i;diog. 

Pulltnan is a Gocd Sleeper. 
And in order to secure b-rt};s io the^c 
cars experienced travelrrs going from 
Si, Paul, Minneapolis, Dnludi or Su- 
pertc^r to Fargo, .Moor he. id, Fergus Falh, 
VV.-dipeton. Crcokston, Oranti I'orks, 
Grafton, Winnipeg, Helena, IJutte, Spok- 
ane, Seattle and Tacoma alway- buy 
their railroad tickets of the o.d reliable 
pioneer Portland line the N'crthcrn p^- 
cilio rniir.rul. Offices, 162 l' Third 
street, St. Pan'. 

t!6 We'ji Superl>r «t:eet. Du'utb. 

quiet to be re.-,lored, and 
when he could jje heard he added a few 

^ - r , . "■ , »;i'P»<''>'ised rcmtrks. ?avintr- '-N'ruv ili.-n 

On account of the World's Coi.mtbi«n ' ifentlemen, the ' " ' ' 
eApos:t:on the St. Pacd & Duiuth rail- 
road will .sell one way and round triii 
tickets to Chicago at greatly rcdtx-cd 
rates. Tickets on snle April 25 to Oct. 
31, inclusive, and good for return passage 
aptoN'ov. 15. For furtfat infomiatvon 
^Ppl"-' to F. Ii. Ross, 

Northern passenger agent. 428 Wcit 
Superior street (Spalding hotel.) 

Cat RaSes Via the N. P. 

Commencing Sundav, June 18th, the 
-•<. P. will place in ellect the folli.wiiig 
passenger rates from Dnluth and tbc Su- 

To Helena, IJdUe and nil Montana 
com non points, first class $25 00; secontl 
cl.T.'-s :Jj8ox I 

I'o Spr>kan?. Wash . and common ! 
p:»ml-, iutt class, S25.<k); seco:id cla-s 
S 18.0a 

To Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and all 
otner Northern Pacili;: coast termin.ili 
and Piiget sound common points, tirst 

Eotli tl;o mctkod rmd rcsnlta vlici>. 
».yrup of Figs is taken j ii, ia plcasaiii, 
and lefrecbiug to the ixztc, and acift 
^cnily yet prom])l!y on tho Kidueys, 
l^ivcr and BotH.h, • cleanses tLc <*>■.-> 
tern ciTcctopDj', dispck oolds, head- 
achc3 ami fcvtn and guics habitual 
cental iparfon. J^yrnp of Figs is tho 
only ieiaetly of its Icind ever pro- 
duced, plcasbg to fhc t.nsVs and aj> 
ceptahlo to tho stomnch, pivomt^fc in 
its aotion nnd truly hcnr.aeinl fu its 
effects, prc]>orcd only from tho most 
hctdthy and a^n-txab'le Euli-itaaces, ita 
muuy cscollcnt; q;ialiilcc conitnetjd it 
to all and have mado«it tho most 
popular rcrnetly known. ■. 

-«yrup of Figi i,j for salo in £0c 
and 81 bottles by ail leiidinjr drng- 
gists. Any rciiable dnitrr^ist who 
may Bot have h on hantrwiS pro- 
ciire it promptly for any ono v/Lo 
•wishos t« try it. Do not accent any 


LOUISVILLi. n. new YORK. N.Y. 

'fliird prcciiict- 


TI.o olJ.l'ail; Point eohool 

cl iss ;525.og; seronl cl.'S^ 
Interniedi-i.te main line rate? 
now except no 

s.ime as 

bigber than rates nan>cd 

Highest of all in Lcavcmng Power. — Latest U. S. G 

ov't Rcrjort 

J -., , . h''ud Cod looks upon von 
and will lend yon His blessing to com- 
plete this honebt work for the benefit cf 
the fatherland, Ameo." 

The liavaii.^u mini-.t-r cal'ed for tliroe 
cheersi for the cmi.eior and thev were 
;;iveu with a hearty good will. The uni- 
lonu worn by the cu peror was that of 
ths guird ducorps. 

Theguar.-ir.te'd cure for k!1 hiadachcsls 
1/rorao-helizer- trial bottle icc's. 4 

I>r. Spcer & Co.'s cure for piles is pa- 
m.anent. i»ea ad page 3. No dcltniion 
ifom business. 

"My little boy was very off ' for 
two monihs with diarrhoja. We used 
vanous medicine.", nb.o cnlled in two 
coctors, but nothing done him nny TumX 
uritd wc u-td Chamberlain's Colic, 
eho.era and l;iairhaa remedy, which 
g.ive imme..iate relief and soon cured 
him I consider it the best medicine 
made .Hiid can consciuitiou-ly recom- 
mend It to all who need a rliarrho a or 
ccbc medicine. J, i:. Ware, Trenton, 
1 ex. :;5 and 50 cent bottles for sale by 
druggists, ' 

Special Rates lo Chicigo. 
Tlie St. I'aul & Duluth is 



'. ■■"■"f( 

t .w: 

.!y ;; 

special low rates to Ch;c.;go an 
of the World's f.dr. 

Sleeping car ar;aiigemei;ts .-.ttended 
'"• F. I;. Hos.s. 

N;'r. P.:-;?. Agl., 
428 SjKilding hotel. 

HM-d to Believe! 
But it's a faci! th it wo ran i:d<c \our 
measure and make you a good buvnoss 
anit»o order for oily Uux.o and up- 
wards. v-a!I and inspect our heavy .a«* 
Jortment of samples .and be ronvinced 
Perfect lit guaranted or no sale. 
C.VV. F.!;!< c<)_>,-^ 
219 West Superior street. 

You have noticed 

that some houses always sccni to need 
repaincing ; they look din^, rusted, 
faded. Others Qlway.-? look bright, 
clean, fr.^sh. The ov/ner of the first 
"economizes" with "cheap" mixed 
pami:s, etc.; the second paints witk 

Strictly Pure 
White Lead 

The first speivla three times as much 
for paint in five years, and hie buiW- 
ings never look as well. 

Almost everybody koows that good 
paint can only be had by using strictly 
pure V/hite Lead- tIic difficulty is 
lack of care in selecting it. Tht; fol- 
lowing brand-, are strictly pure White 
Lead, " Old Dntch " process ; they are 
standard and well known— established 
by the test of years: 

" Southern" " Red Seal " 
" Collier *• " Shipman" 

For any color (other than white) tint 
the Strictly Pure White Lead with 
National Lead Company's Pure White 
F.-ead Tinting Colors, and you will have 
the best paint that it is possible to put 
on a building. 

For sale by the moat reliable dealers in 
pstfnts every\vherc. 

If you are gotoig to piint. it will pay you 
to send to us for a book containing informa- 
tion that may save yo«i many a dollar; it 
will only cost you a postal card to do ao. 


St. Louia Branch, 

Clark Avenue and Tenth Streat, 

St. Louis. Mo. 

Second VV:.rd, 

First li.-ciucr-Jiitrj I'asr FJr^l street. 
Stoouii i.r'ciDot— TiiO Glru Avou ecfiecl build- 
irn;, <.,v!ii .\voii divli-iou of i'ulu'di. 

iljiril o:-ucincl Tlif l^iidion !clin«d tiniljin-. 
il <» tJMWKUIIi avouvre AsA ;#.«! 

Third Ward, 

. Fk)<t jirociiicl The Wnshhv^tou fcIiooI iii'iifd 
ihii. corner of Firet uveuuo ca-vt and J'liird 

Mixorid ^rcciKit-TI.o Iobl>i- of tlio I'cmpio 
tJtiora iioiiHi', S.3.:oii 1 .u-aiun niist. 

I'iiird precinct— {)-< lias) Second s{ro"t. 

KoiniU iinvftict- rill! KiMuMi.i !-.cla>..J balW- 
J"«, ct;nwr<frsovi-uihi»irwt aiid FjClb avoutio 


liftli jircsjinct— ;!l East Flf^cli itrect. 

Fou/th R'ard, 

Firht; iTC-oiJKt Tli(> b.i: f-mnr.t of fV. Paid's 
r-i'ifcopnl ciiurcf!, coiKi.r of uvoi.iiu m-d 
."icocwil «trn'><. 

H«c<^tid ppcdihcf ni(» k<hljy*{ the nnrrcnvs 
lxji!i.'iii.,'. '1 iWrd ijvciuio wcsi. 

T!,ird i>r»y!riot— Tlu> .Jiv.d.Kan .'•clidol I)uiIdli.R, 
corner of I'iftli nvfnoe w^st and liiiid i-tieot. 

i'.iiirtli ;).-cciiiOt -Tin- l*in<?n.wi fc-!;<^M,l Iniiid- 
Ul^,^ toriier of t':*ev«-ii11i fivi-uiio wcsc and Tliiid 


l'"iftli T<rrciDc(>- A!<'&r3. RoHfcn k lloerlis 
fctore. Wi Wi-Pt FourtJ! bfn ot. 
w .Si7.tii iiociiiot-.'^^fli! WosL Fifth .strcf t. 

Fifth Watd. 

Fir't iirroinct- 'I'lio ti.T.Ptrifu' i.f (he .S. roiid 
I rolntHnHMcliUreb. l.'d.i Wost .Sui.(>rior vtr,ot. 

^Second nroriuet ^'I i.o Mrt<li,i<-ii scIi' ol baild- 
"i'lit, CD.nior of (iarOt'id film aveuucs. 

TIdrd prcriuct-'Hio .-VdaniH nchiMd Imiliinc. 
\\>ft^'t. Mijjf>.ir Hlrcit. bo'woiu ^vv^ijlcoaili jind 
li.ijrldocutli avouuo? wc'tt. 


Iu Pri 

1m tlir> I 

(>:i 101 
Mc< "rf'^i 
M.iit'' «if 
and bni 

liil> tillM 

and nvt 
pet iti<ic 
said < &t. 
foro nail 
.tidy, A 

t4> I III* [i. 
day in (j 
irrior to 


1 •!•;?. 


'l'l)lNTMi;.NT OF Al>Ml.\I.srKATOK- 
OK .MrNNR^•,UTA,> 
TV oi- .St. Lot is. \^^ 

bate Court. >i,(-cfal Trrii!, Juuo JtUIi. 

latter of tlio o.slatc of Mary li. McC^ream-. 
»c«l : 

ti'iviiiff ai..'f illiiu;fl:o potifcioji of l>,i.:|: 
ry <if iho r.jnna.r of .St. lifni.V, MirnicNaoi 
ituiK, amoni; oilier thinifs, liiat .Mj!ry L. 
■>•, iatn of tli(i ooiinty ot St. l..uni.>>, iu tli« 
-MinnfFota. on tlio i;Jt!i dav ol May \. 
i-.t tlio county of St. J oIliHdiwlinu•^Klt•>. 
3K an Milml)i!aiit of Ksid connlv, ut 
oflifT df>«th, lj-.«vin»);oodN clnitt'jlK. 
0« witliln litis cm-.iify. a:id Mih! tlm said 
iTii^tb<i .'■nrvivii rrlirsliiwid cf i-aid do- 
nnd nraynn: that ad-MiniMratiixi J'f 
ito ho to Inni Kriitdrfl; 

•Jorod. tliaf. .=,iid i..-ti?i,,u Ijo Ii,>ard 1k'- 
ic(Uir*.<ai J>:day I'loiwcuticlli .kn' of 
i'. laVit. nt nu o".il<K-ic a. 1:1., ut ftio jiru 
:i'. 111 Dolnlfi in snid county, 
d fnrllifr. that, notico iliorcof bo i,-i.v«ii 
•n-yd sp.iii .;.»ri>a-f^d»nd to all jorw«i» 
.!. I>y i:o!JisIiin»; lids older on Ttios- 
icli we.-i; for Ihf.mi bnrcos'-ivc> woaJvs 
^Hid dayof I .-{iriiiK. in Ih" iMjfinii 
H- r.ud a dady nowsjiapir unnfod and 
11 at Ualutli in said county, 
at Duluth (lie :;0tli day of Jano. A. \). 

Contract Woit 

(M}\c^ r.f tt.o JV-ard of V^\Jr\c \<„TVt, i 
t ity <»f IJuiuj.h. Mii-.i., Juno Z\ lf-<r.i. ] 
i-Wcd hid* win b? roe'' by 1 tw boani t.f 

-2 *^T''' , ."'.1'"^ '*"■ "*<» corp-.raiiou of Uie 
etty of Ijnuiitii. Mint»i>«»(.ia. at t'mr odiw lu said 

?i.^*'i? "'■*' •■*• " • "" ^"' '*•"' '•«> "^f J-'b. A. i>, 
im\ Tt>rT!,t. coijstrni.tiouor a Uirof-i.,,!! piflok 
waikou the«^;u.i suic of Wi^i a^.-nnA. iu .aid 
city. tro;a Lou.!, n road toOr^Md .•■•lr'f»t,accord- 
, Jn«fJ tw.iire (■i.ncificfttiujui Ob file iu tbe 
<>aico of haul bward. 

.AwrtiP<»d ciM'ck ora bond wi'l- »• Ip.-.'t tvro 
(2) BOrorifH m tiic i>tjm ..f Uiiitj i.»:i( .U.i a.>llars 

, runi^t arc.nni.any earli t^^. 

! Tijc t-.T i 1 tKiiird n-ivr vo* ilie r ;»)rt to iwjfKt any 
or all uidb. 

,., , , UbKBV lECIiLStX. 

Oliiciii! : * resiuett. 

T. V.'. Auni L. 

I o. « *^'"'^ '^»«"'l *'f Public •R-.jrto.. 



iii Un 

-.July Ml 

PinNKiji AvKK, 
JudBo «r Probate. 

Ii'iiiy, A 
t.ontii ol 
tiiiii par 
out in fr 
first di»J^ 
coTiWi:j7 » 
in 'I diNM 
paid VMJt. 

.\V.vr til 
IifUflon I 
of ttii4oi 
lo jrivti 111 
and coiip 
nlfey.s uni 
of .Inly. ] 
at lOoVli 
norici' to 
and '>vii!i 

\ (.'oriH 
> Se; 

Dninth, Minsk. May X»th. iv..a 
i.v, Tlio fliifnili Smvt Eailway com- 
i»cns It. M;\rfarl«n<« j«id ."^animd J. 
id, havo piMitionod l!i:» conned for t Ju- 
id all tliai pari, ot Wallucn avrnuf 
.'Jiopoutb Jiniiof Jjnici' Biri'ot. and nil 
. of PnncPton avinnc \vi ^t irftlm main 
bowtdary of )*rinc<-ton bvcnuc. ai. 
int of block, :P) .-.nd :;i, bi (ilcu Av«ai, 
iKMi. Si. Louis Count*-. MfiiiuPMitiv J*^- 

tlii. MWjrN'd piattlioTKof. if ixi<«idcd 
t iltio to P*;:() Ktroit. and wheroas 
..;. liindUo form anti .tccomlin^ to 

rwoforp. It iH hnrfbv <aderpd Kv tlw 
-rtiii»,-il of the cit^ of l)i:lu£ji tfi.Vt said 
»e HfoJ for rocord \vitli tfu» rUri' rfcrlv 
<y. ami haid city cl.-^t*: is lu-roby onli rml 
.tlcn fhiit naid piM.ilion wiJi bo b<!ard 
d(»r.d by th<- coniniU'i-c on stritct*. 

1 Mtd.walks. on iMonday. 1)10 rUst d.iy 
ii'-t, al Uieodico of tfio said citycloeJ;. 
ick in t!ii! ft^oHoon of i-aid dat«. baid 
boptvi'ji as nMiuircd by taw. Said 
u will ni^ot at said tinii- arid plnco U) 
<• u.iiri niattor and wiil tmar tet »imony 
lice fojiii any jiarties juteiuatodiu said 

(". K HicH\rri^ox, 

t'lty I'lirk. 
ratii I 

1. > 

:3 2i):;T.July4. 

.rK.illc v.or 

• iu of I; 

sa^ tjty. 

. , . Oo'.^" ' ''■ ''*•-•'' rd o.' Pij;»| K Wot k« I 

< II J Qf liufnih. klinn., Juae L'S, Lsys. f 

Sf-alfii bj<<'^ \^, be rctv'ivcd bv t?«> Ixiafd of 

'.a.lic v.orkB in and %.r lt»s cor.-wiration of tlio 

l;a:nija, Win::(ifrtfa. at \}„:, ofJip^ m 

IH»t». I« a. IH., MB tiio )' Si d»K of 

^t'.y. :\. I).. \Sf.\. for t>i«- r^n^'ructlo:, of a i^i- 
,tnry Pew.-riii Fir!** f.trf«it iu fa*1 «»t¥ fw»m 
i--itd.*f! arv,-.tif» w«..t tn IVnlJi arjiaio w.ft «- 
'"'*'""*'" f'ln^"- >^-'* ^P*•cfaeal*.'^lb m fik* n (ffe 
otiice of i-atd board, 

A ccrtiJi.Kl chi'rtt or a b'lo.l tritJi at iriwt two 
f"":'"*,* '," t'l" su.-Tf.f foiu- hundrwl tliirty-fivo 
(i>i.~»j Uul^ars mu.-t nctoinpany cacii bid. 

TUe S9wl t><iard w«,erve« tlio ri^iit to reject 

any t all tiidsi. 

,, ,. . , rrtsidcnt 

OiiiPu>l : 

i»'>al I 

1. W, Annir. 

I o. .« . • * ^ '^ board of p rLlic wotke. 
Judo 2s— 10 tiint*. 

Siz'h Wc.-d. 

First pj..c,iic<- Tho ) :f!!<fnirid of (iracf .M'tl.- 
odist chinch, comer of ' avonuo 
wt«t and riiird street.. 

S/>cond precinct -'J fin Monron sciiool buodiiiff. 
corniT of 1 ii*f Ktn-ot aud 'J'wouty-elxth aTouuo 

Seventh Ward. 

Tltc- LouiDi n tchool buildiiii;. 

IVcst Oululit, 

i'i.-ii!. \.ard 'ii:' Onootii scliiwd build^is, 
Fourlli utrcit and ijnr'k avcnut*. Ou»ot!t. 

.^econd ward -Tli« Irvbip ecliool linlidlriff, 
Bf'cotid avenue aud i-irct ilreet nortti. Wi»jt lixi 

Third ward -Tlio r.oncMiow school l)ailuii*r. 
Ni)rt<«i avo >UA and Klmor .-ttci't. 

I-Vjnrtli »iird--'llio (rnirinotint sirhool bttikiinj;, 
tairmotUit arcnuo njitl 'fbird stroft M>atb. 


TIio Knii:). villi! iciiool'.r:. 

l!y order of the Hoard of liiducaiion of tho city 
of Duluth. 

\l. VV. Pe.i nsoN. 
J 1 tut 


Eetliualcnfnrniwhod for hotiso Dalntirjr. tis » ff 
Natiouui Li-adH and KiiHrantiKnii;,' ail »vorlc. 
\VALL P.M'Kli, AliTlSIx' idAlKUIALe. 

La Vatjue Paint & Wall Paper Co.. 
l:i West Suporior dtreot, Duluth, Mluu. 


rJc'Miltitiil. i icidy fund liod rootnp in jui 
vato fan.iJy in oiii^ of burst Ii.calilii h in 
3 (•fiicaiKi, *1.<!0 jiiTiay; near clnvated sfj;- 
tifm : (ifti'fn ndaateH to lair. 

'ill Forty-fir-: Si . ! jaf v:,. ( \vc 

A PoEltlvo and Permanent Cure 
for .ill StotTsach Trc;ublefi, 

Wright's U. S. Dyspepsia Spacific, 

S5 CSfuVb I-^EW BOX, 

s Bo.^Eo, e: .00 r -kce av mail. 


P. C, LuU, Drucxist, 3S4 Wabailia St., St. Paul, 

haviui? Ix'on uiado in t,fi-t pnyn-.e:'; of 
f two huiidrtrf and ten do|lsir.< infon'cT 
anie dan on ti;o tlrst, rUiy of April. l.'-H.t, 
rtuiii ni'-rti^auo. duly i-xrciDi- 1 wid 
by I.,izzii> M. Hro; livcnd ii. < '. ;!,opliy. 
lid, jnortK"Kor.s. lo Tli*< MinuASKihi 
Trust, Co:;. panj. iiiort«!!(T<»<'. bcahni; 
i',dit«eiith diy of t^ctt.bcr I^M. ami. 
V'Tof »-nlii thcn^in contained. dn!y r*-- 
tlui oilicf of till- ic;<it-li'r of di-»'(ls hi 
f couniy i^'.St, lyoui'.'.i'd utateof .Vin- 
tlio twcntyfoiirlli day of October, 
''clock p. ni., in tHH>k UV of mortcucns, 

liil mor!Ka«e to^'o;hor witli- tho .fi^bt 
or<d)i, VH^ (III ^' a.s.^i«ned by waid Thf» 

l-oan ami '1 rii».|i Comp.-itiy. nior'.- 
Kdwanl H. Knislit and Mary K. 
• written asi-iuniin-nt. dnled tiia pjxth 
vi'Hih:r. l>:iit. and rcct.i^l.d in tlio 
id reaistir of deeds, on tfiu linith i'.ny 
le; . l.v,.;,\ at N o'clock .1. ni.. in Ujiik .ii. 
r\em;<f ro<yir<J". on pace S:i7 ; 
reas. ifie s-aid Kdward 15. Kni^ild and 
uialit. the ai->icne.-'» nii(i ixildrr of 
fc'ai,'**. have duly < locli'il anrl do I«to- 
decl.Hn- llie wpole iirliieipal of 
a«i< d!ii> uiiif payable at tli« dut^of 
. und'-r tile '.fruw and conditiotirt of 
a«i>. i-.iid the jHiwer of iiiili* therei-i 
And wberiitti* rtiiTC i^ iictu.ifly dii.. 
«1 lo Ixj dao iiad p»*a!>h atthedato 
ici' ii!e.--'nii of six t^ioii.i-nnil five liun- 
wo mid ^."i-K^i dollars, kicluilinii l!n- 
>i< liiinitli d (Hvldee.T .aiMl flu-KK! i:,i!- 
■r iut-urancj'. and wln-rea.-* tfio ^.-lid 
lo lia" heconio op rativt*. and ao .-.c- 
c<>edin»r finviiiB been instilnted. at 
>rwii-e. CO rec<iver the dobt M>ci!r<»d 
rt«.;;re. or «ny part tlio»e<)f. 
ri>foie. iiot.ioe i't lioreby iriveii, that b.v 
lie i)o\v( r of ^'al<> c<jiiiai!ii-d in f aid 
»nd p:ii.'-i;a^>t f<i the titatiiin m sncli 
;ind privi.|p>d, said nuirtKaire will be 
by a h.ile of the ^>lenu^e,^ riescritied 
eyed by i-aid mor! .Ta<r»». viz : 
tri'ii (W'. bftnen tiro, t.ixtwii fb.^ and 
(17), ifl.ick on.i liiiudn'd Ilfly-fonr 
DuMiili. Fifth ("itii) divivi<,n. arc .rd 
I* theroof on tile <ir of record 
I of till- io;jfstcr of deed- iu and fcr 
y of St. Loui?, Mianoiofji, In .Sr. 
inty and Btat<> of MiiiiM«.-ota, 
ben-dit.onenin und appcruniance- ; 
e -A'ill be niarW< by tbo 

K.-tid St. Louii* county, 
door f>f the conrr bouse, ji, tlie 
tlnfii, in Kaid and («iil»i, on 
itfi day of .luiy, isa;, „t 
k a. III. of tU.Tt d.ty, 

vdtidue. to lh« !iii4i,i^t bidJ- r 

p:iy d-b-, and inferej-f." aitd 

.■md iusuranc^. if aio . 0:1 laid 

and one linndrcd dtdiars nttor- 

s Ftioulnti'd ia and by miiiI iii<>m«;.'il-<> 

oreclosnre a:'<\ tJi.- di<-illi■■M>nlent^ 

law;Bubject to r-d.-inptmn ai. any 

1 ono year frota tlio d.iy of xale, a'h 


il tut, A. D. J'.rc. 

Kd\v.\i!|> II. Knioht, 
Mauy K. Kxi<»ht. 

-^fsit-iieof. «if .Mortff.-ff-c, 
Will I AM .1, Jl.inK AMI J \iii:h M. .Vamin. 
Attiiriioyi, fcir A!-«;ClH'Ot, 
MinneaiMifiF. Aliua 

Ai ay-23-JJ-J C-lJ-'i) :7-July-i 

tl>e «;uiti »i 
wliicli bee 

upon a '.-i 

Iter llllhlin 

l.oau .and 
da;<) I'.in # 
wJtfi a po 
• oidcil in 
and for tl 
nei^ota. or 
I'ti). aMt< 
on im«o A\ 
\VfiicIi fi 
Hi-cured tl 
tfu«rec. t<» 
Ktiiijlit. ti; 
day of N( 

otIifX! «lf f, 

of Nov( ml 
of Mi^d nif 
Vnd win 
.'\lary fv Iv 
t-.iiii inort 
'»y elect 1( 
Mild niortd 
IliLS notice 
K.'ijit inorif 
and ciakni 
of I hi. fair 
dri'il Iif yt 
Sinn of tlir 
lMr>< pitid f 
power of ¥1 
tioa or pr< 
faw or otfi' 
by 8aid ino 

Now. 1 ho 

virlne of 
c iM) iiiado 
forerh sod 
in ai-.d coin rout 
'Udl. Weit 
inj." t<i t!m I 
in llio otilc< 
^aid coiMil 
1,011!% Col 
with the 

winch bill 

-lieritf of 
nt tlie fron 
cpy of 1)1 
the vovei 
10 o'pI.h; 
at piildic 
for caxii. K 
the taxen. 
ii'-ys* ftjCB. II 
in raKo of I 
allowed t>v 
time witfiii 
provided I)j 
DatCHl Ap 

Contract Wort 

Ofiiee of Hip Bo«i»I of PuMtc W«rk-s. ) 
(Nt> of Duluth, ilimi.. Juo' ;\ l.^KS. j 
S>»le(i bids wii' Sn receive<i Iv the K^anl wf 
imlilic works in and for ibe ct-rT><»rj,tion of ttm 
city of Dnliivk, Miune^oia. at «tieir .,;hr.e ja said 
eity utdi! Hi a. ni. -m liie I Jtli .Ut ..f .luly. A, D. 
i. t '* ^ '*"■ «»»''* rHf tioa of a -aoitnry i^^wc r iu 
Ko-hn itventte in haid city from Oxford 
ptrrM . to Kelvin conrf, aoooidirur In 
ti!aT>H aid tpo^ficatioiia oa file lu tLe ollicu of 
einl board. 

A certtlieri chcrV or a Ixxid with at leapt twt» 
(■-) K»ir»>tiefi in tjm pma of fr.r;-.'-!;ve <S4.i.0u» 
doliaoi iT'.ust acconipaujr eaeb bid. 

The eaid bonri] rcFonrc- the ritrfst to rek-ct 
aay or all biris. 

Hexkt Tuixt,siw. 

OUici.'.! : 

T. W. Ani:M,. 

< lerk iJoard of Pullic Worke. 
Jbuc C8 lot 

Contract V/ork. 

(>rijre<>f tlio Riard of I't;! ' 

I <!»ty of l.inhitlt, MJnu.. Jh .-.a.) 

I '*.v»I.«l bids will lw> reoeired by t«ii> i...anl of 

tinluic wi.rlrs in and for rfie corr>;«-a;io.i of ♦lu- 

crty «>f linlntb, fcinii»vot«yat tfie-'r ■'♦ii.e iu wid 

Cl<r. "iitil IM a. m. r.ii iIk- 1T.«1i ,hn- of J;:'y A D 

1«<I. f.Tl!: .c«»B«triictioii of an tim-.'-* ..• |Jauk 

I H»lo\Trt!k.on tJie east miU. „f Twent v s cytntJi 

RvtniU" \\.ti HI ,^,<! cly . fw»:a Duron ■^t^•£t t«. HtTwt, nrc,.r<natf to jd.v.« and 

t^iactt-.cacioB.s ou lile in the ol!ic« of Miid Ix^ard. 

.*«er'ir.ed ch«M»kor a bo.-.d with «• :«a« two 

(i) Kurdieti i;i the unn of ton tfl-' J/ j dollar* 

tniiit accoiKjianj each bid. 

The P.iid iNjard roBcrveu the rijlit to reject 
auy or ali btd«. 

Hbxuy Tbi xi.staf. 

. rrealdent, 

CXlicial : 

T. \V. AnF.i.r-, 

t-Herk Ikiard of I'ublie Works. 
June 2.S lOt 

I V you wish to drink ;i olioice 
* ( J lass of Laj;:t.T call for 

Fitger's Beer. 

"Wholesome. PalaUble and N onr :s h 5 n 

$8.00— BEST SET OF TKfcl H 

Palskja fieBt'si. 

- - R.-'Orti 70?:. 

F'.AT,«T.iAOlO BXJOJlSliq'Gr. 










Our Specialties: 

Crescent Creauiery. 
Chase & Sanb^ira's Coffees, 
Fine Teas (onr own importation). 
Imperial Flour (best in the world). 
Plllsbary's Fluur. 

At this season of the year wc make a 
specialty oi having ou hand 


Summer Drinks: 

Lime Juice, Ch.u-ipaijae and Orange 
Ciders. Sari.apanllu, Ginger Ale, 
Lemon Soda, Fruit Syrups. 

Our Leading Brands of 
Canned Goods: 




"Curtice Bros." 

Our Leading Soaps: 

"Minnesota Soap Co.'s," 

"Proctor & Gamble's,"^ 
"Colgate's Toilets." 

Wq82 You Want Fias Goods at Lowest PrI es 
You \i'il! Always Get Them at the 

Biiiii M Srecerf, 

CiTY BRi£fS. 

CuHjm. dentist, 702 Palladio. 
S'-'oaeEndion r.vr^tx. W.A. Foo:? & Co. 

Rice i McGilvr:iy,6ifiCbambcr of Com- 
merce, civil enijineers and surveyors. 

"Use the best" Duluth Imperial tlovir. 

W. S. Scorer. 1). D. S., has removed 
his dental rooms to 717 Toirey block. 

McMiilcn & Tenbuscb, Jirchitects; 
Kinjf block. 

Moved to Torrey building, first fioor, 
James Billings. 

Dr. Schiffman extracts teeth v.ithout 

Money— 5/ J to S per cent, T. O. Hall. 

T. O. Hall has removed his office to 
room 105, Palladio. 

Thofle who have bexjn interviewed 
about buying a piano by traveling agents 
from out the city, and vrho sell from cat- 
alogue, will learn somethmg to their ad- 
. vantage if they will call en Bu'.uth 
IMusic company before ordering or ac- 
cepting any goods. 

The cigarmakers are picnicking tliis 
afterncon at Brai^igam's summer garden. 

All the ships in the harbor are gaily 
decked with tlags and bunting today in 
honor of the Gloricus Fourth. 

A pheasant "schem"was given tod i»y by 
Miss Eunice Simonds, Among the pic- 
nickers were Misses Fannie F.dwards 
and Jennie Magoffin, and Tames Geggie, 
James Eaton and Donald ^.IcLennan. 

A concert by the Lakeside pupilgonly, 
of Mr. Lachmutid's piano school, will be 
given at Lester Park, July 14. 

An Assembly {*rty will be given on 
Thursday evening at the Spalding. 

A large party of Gcrod Templars from 
Two Harbors reached iJuluth at noon 
today and after dinner at the St. Louis 
hotel went ont 10 Le.-tCF Park to partici- 
pate in the picnic given by the Duluth 

Is Causing Apprehension. 
The condition of the cast wall of the 
Chamber of Commerce is causing some 
apprehension as to its safety. The pary 
wail is bulging a trifle and vjheu ex- 
cavation is begun next it there may be* 
danger of its f:iUiiRr or causing some 
trouble. The foundation for tiie new 
building on the i- argussoa site is to be 
laid considerably lower than that of the 
Chamber of Commeice buildin^r. 

Six ^nnihs in iail. 

In the United States Court at St. Paul 
vesterday Charles C.ibnttc and John 
Cameron, who introduced liquoe into the 
Fond du Lac reservation, were each 
sentenced to six months' imprisonment 
in the jail of St. Louis county, and to pay 
a tine of $10 each. 

Bones of a Ooq, 

It was rumored last ni^ht that work- 
men clearintj up the debris of the St. 
Louis hotel nad discovered the remains 
of another victim of the fire. There 
were some bones found, it is true, but 
they were those probably of an unfortu- 
nate dog, certainly v/ere not human. 

It has been rumored about town that 
Bennie Fitzer had accc^iled an offer with 
Laird's Medicine company, but the young 
man flatly denies this and says that he 
will positively appear with the Colum- 
bian minstrels on June 7. Tickets now 
on saJe at Duluth Drug Store and Ly- 
ceum box office. 

You Can Savo Oolears 

By buying your shoes at M. S, Burrows 
& Co. You save from 50 cents to :>i on 
every pair. 

This Is the Fourth of July, Our Uncle 

SaniUil's Olio HunJred and Seven- 

toealh Birthday, 

Today tlie Eagle Screams, Cannon Roar, 

Bands Play, Klagc FIjat and Orat:rical 

Pyrotcchnico Exjiide. 

Pride in the Past, Co^ndence in the Great 

Present and Bright Hjpe for 

the Futtire. 

Boom! Boom! r.ootn! Bang! Bang! 
Bang! Pop! Pop! }»op! Hip, hip. 
hurr.ih! Toot! TooU Toot! Whoopee, 
Whoop! Wow, Wow! Clatter, Sput- 
ter. Fiiz! Hutrah! Whoop! Hiirrah! 

This musi be the Fourth t)f July! 

Yankee Doodle — Ked, White and 
Biue — Star Banner — My 
Country 'Tis of Thee— When, In the 
Course of Human Events It Becomes 
Necessary — Ladies, Gcnilciuen and Fel- 
low Citizens — The Broad Country — Our 
National Anniversary - Let I's Gazj 
Di.wn the Dim, Distant Vistas of tbc 
Past— Pili::rim Father — Mayllower- Land 
of the Free and Home cf ths Ikave— 
The Cradle of Liberty — E Plunbus 
I'— Give Me Liberty or (iive Mo 
Death — Vex Populi, Vox Dei — Taxation 
Without Representation — Patient'Fore- 
faihers— The Shot That Was Heard 
Around t!;e World — Raggc«.i Continen- 
tals— \'aUey Forge— Benedict Arnold — 
La Fayette — Battle of York town — These 
I'nited Stites -IV.thsjr of His Country — 
Fair Loiuinbia — Our Glorious Union — 
One and Inseparable 65,oao,ooo people — 
See to !t My Cou airy men lUhI Fellow 
Citizens— Praise God From V\ horn Ail 
Blessings Flow — Anieul Fried Chickin 
— Raspberry Pic — Watermelon Cake — 
Ltmonjile — Big Biske: — Few Frag- 
ments — Stomachache — Htadachc — 
Home — Bid— Sic. p— Snore. 

Yes, this ii the Fourth of July. It is 
Uncle Sam's birthday. Today he is 117 
years old. 

It is trai-.y years since our beloved 
u:icle Sr-t up hou^ckeepirg v.ith the fair 
Columbia. With their jjv ad prosper- 
iry, trials and troubles have come also. 
iVieddleioniC and mfoient neighbors have 
been taught to k«cp or their ^ide oi the 
pi>:ket leuce. At various periods the 
national coal bills have b:;evi high acd 
hard to meet. Althou^'h the large f.i.m- 
ily of children is noted lor its superiority 
in all thifisj^s, bomeof the youngsters have 
been rjetiess and wayward, maiciiig it 
necessary to spank them intosubmission. 
Today, tl.ey are among the most loyal 
and have no hard feelings because rhev 
were coerced into remaining with the old 
folks al home, as it weie. 

The heads of families mistakes 
as well as the children. Uiicle Sam has 
been no excepliop. Yet in pointing out 
a fev/ of his mistakes the very best of 
authorities will widely disagree. The 
old man allowed bis hrit, three rriillion of 
children to start out in life with the 
power to hold the black man in bondage. 
To correct that mistake cost several 
billions of Gollars and the life blood of a 
million of the fairest sons ia the nation. 
Then came the real estate craze. Mexico, 
Colum'oia's sister, possessed her ranch 
Texas. Without due process of law 
Uncle Sam, with a lot of his hired mtn, 
jumped that claim, ai.d although Mexico 
scratched and foBgbt pretty hard, she 
soon got v.eary and let go. While that 
act undoubtedly was wrong, few in this 
day will admit it was a niis:ake. 

The public domiiin, the virgin prairie, 
the white pinelands and even tbosit 
containing rnjnerals have on several 
occasions been too extravagantly be- 
stowed upon greedy and faithless cor- 
porations. Many voices assert that a 
grave mistake was made in passing acts 
that virtually reduce the circulating 
medium of the country a heavy per cent 
and others say that it v. ill be as grave a 
one if the number 0/ dollars per capita 
is not heavily increased, ethers say that 
the merchant marine his been allowed 
to rot and almost disappear from the 
hi^h seas and in the efforts to correct 
that mistake, an cxhibitio;. of a nation 
lilting itself by tugging at its boot straps 
is almost given. A large number of 
nuher larger sons have be _n allowed to 
delude themselves with the idea that a 
public ofl'.ce is a private snap. Then the 
sons, in time, have made ths mistake 
and committed the sin of taking 
advantage of Uncle Sam's weakness 
just because they could. 

But this is not a day for criticisms or 
fault finding. The mention of all mis- 
takes is rather to show that such things 
are possible and have been made rather to be kept in nnnd this day and 
pondered over. ' lis human to err and 
and with that thought let it all pass on 
this day. Like wme, all will improve 
with age, until, in ^liine, the perfect 
brand v.'i 11 be the only oiic known. No, 
this is not a day for tlaw picking and 
fault finding, it is an annivers^iry occa- 
sion— a day for rejoicing, boasting, and 
making merry. Today ;dl are privileged 
to soar high er.out^h even to pluck every 
tail feather from that proud bird of the 
cliff — the American eagle. 

This is the dtiy for nailing to the mast- 
head of the ship of state t.'iesc ringing 
words, "We are the people." Then let 
trouble seek its gloomy hole. Let hard 
times for today vanish in the air. Let 
the unsleeping mortgage be forgotten. 
Today the market place is dcscttod and 
the money chnnjijer cotintcth not liis be- 
loved gold. This is a day for casting (/ff 
dnl' care and withering worry. It is the 
time of all times to take a j.^lance of pride 
over the past, to feel a confidence in the 

present and look with hope and entluis- 
lasm to the (utiire. This is the Fourlli 
ol July. It comes but once a year .iml is 
known only in ttiis land of ours. Then 
lay on, >e patriotic sons, "and damned be 
he who firii cries enouj;h." 

These United States today head the 
procession among ttie nations ot the 
earth. In our ;)ride Jiivd joy.our .-.trongia 
and power, our sliouts and boasting, 
however, a sober moment should be 
taken for retrospection. Let us call to 
mind the trials, the privations, the r.acii- 
hots and deeds of heroism that made 
this day pv)ssible. Eloijueni Patrick 
Henry, as he tidd George 111 to keep off 
the grass uiul to p.iste that warning in 
Irs hit, inuat not be forgot,tca. The old 
ladie.i who chose ratlier to imbibe a tlt:- 
cociion of raspberry Icavv^s than 
te.a tasting of a liritish tax muu not bj 
for^^oticn along with the harily sons of 
Now lin^land who gave that moonlight 
tei party in Basl\in harbor. Ari we 
complacontly lick the exp.■^^.sive Colum- 
bian stamps tadav, fresh from our late 
Uncle John Waunasiaker's bjirgniii 
counter, let us not foiget our forefather? 
who swore thcp'd licit no itaaips at al! il 
sold bvJ^British carpet baggers. These 
explosives today rei^.dtmj the air are but 
a feeble echo of the shots nri^d at Lex- 
ington and Concord, and which lutiay 
again aie heard .-iroiind the 
world, at Bunker Hill and then 117 
years ago today when — 

"Tl\f>ro waM lunmlt ia ttio city. 

Tlu' ii'iaiut dill Qii'iiior towii. 
And tlio r-troots woro riii> witti pcopln, 

I ncin^- rostU»3s, in> ;n)ii linwu. 
People ffutlu'riatf at tlii> corui-rd, 

Whon 1 lit'y wliit-pcrixl o:ich tt> n;icli, 
Until till! swfat sioinl 0:1 liii'ir tomp'as 

Willi luaoarnosfueee of sruecli. ' 

'•"»TiH thpy <lo it? I>arc thoy <lo it? 

Wiiii iii spuakisiK? Wliat's flic uows? 
Wliat i.f SlionnanV \Vh:it of AJams? 
U, (lodi viraiit t'.i'y wout rofusoV 

Let us Step into that old Philadelphia 
state house and go over that long.* anx- 
ious, weary day with handful of 
patriot heroes. Thtn when that immor- 
tal declaration has been drawn up and 
.signed by Charles Carrol!, of Carrollton, 
and the big, bold hand cf j jhn Hancock, 
hear the small boy as t:e dashes down 
these old steps cry: 

•'Ftiiiflr praudijal KinsI 

On r'n.s for Liibortv '. ' 
•inil 6trni;,'Jii-way ut the Hi:*i.Tl 

Tile oJil tx^lhtitia hf trt liiij hiiuJ 
And ftmdb flK> iron tidinirs 

Makiut; iiiusic throu^<u the land. 

Then seven long years of hardship, 
hunger, dis-ouragements, bloody battles, 
treason, victory, succesi! Next the build- 
ing of the nat'on, the nr.t president and 
the first turn of tiiC v.heels of ^overn- 
ntent. Tne accomplishments and the 
failures up to the present time, is not 
all that but an appetizer for the day's 
feast of jileasure? And amidst it all, 

"Wo'll no <>r t,-r>tft iKo Iw^llmnn, 

Who 'iwiii earrli arwl s<ky, 
Ehi.iT out. our Iinlppetnlonce 

WliiciJ, pJeaio God, shall novor dio I" 


Pionijcr Fuel Co.'s 



The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.— N« Ammonia; No Alum. 

Oscd in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard' 

But LiUlc- Standing Timber Destroyed by tko 
Recent Fires. 

Vv'bile tbc tires were in progress in 
Not them Wisconsin and in the Duluth 
district curing the Latter part of June, ru- 
mors were rite of the great destruction they 
were ca;isir g to the standing pine on 
both sides cf the lake. As is usual in 
such cases the rumors and reports were 
gieatly exaggerated and have created 
an erroneous impression. Speaking of 
this matter, J. F. Hobbes of the firm of 
Svv-allov/, Hopkins & Hobbes, said to a 
reporter for I'lie Herald this morning: 

"The reports which were given cur- 
rency of the receat forest fires m the Du- 
luth and Ashland districts greatly ex- 
aggerated the fact and were, consequent- 
ly, misleading and harmful. The im- 
pression which has been conveyed is that 
there has been widespread loss on both 
the north and south shores, one printed 
report being that 300,000,000 feet were 
burned on the south side of the lake, 
n iithwcHt of A'^hland. The statement 
has also been printed that thousands of 
acres of valuable pine timber have been 
burned over in Itasca, St. Louis and 
Lake counties. Such reports coming to 
the notice of capitalists of Mic'aigan and 
elsewhere cause them to withdraw from 
this fiild or to delay and curtail their in- 
vestments. If these reports were true, 
oi even approximately correct it would 
be unwise to make timber purchases in 
a country that burns like tinder in the 
s'r ring whv'ii vegetation is the heaviest, 
and it '\s by such reckless carelessness in 
publication that capital is scared away 
from the head of the lakes. 

"Findlay Mori:ison, of this city, pur- 
ch:!ser for and interested with the T iler 
Bros, of Manistee, large holders of pin^ 
on the south shore, has returned from a 
tour of the burned district of Northern 
Wisconsin and tells me that 10,000,000 
feet is a liberal csliTiateof all the timber 
destroyed by th; June fires in that region. 
This loss is dLstributed over a dozen or 
more owners and is merely nominal. 
The fires in Bayfield and Douglas coun- 
ties were confined almost entirely to the 
areas of old cuttings .and along the line 
of the Northern Pacific railway. Incur- 
sions were occasionally made by the 
flames into the forests from these points 
and the surrounding timber was more or 
less damaged, but in almost c\ ery in- 
stance the timber is accessible and can 
be l().'ged this season. 

"The actual lofs in the Duluth district 
is probably not so great as that in Wis- 
consin, Here the fire was likewise heav- 
iest in the old choppings, about the vil- 
lages and along the lines of the roads, 
lu one or two locations where the pine 
grows upon the rocks which are covered 
with a moss turf, an 1 alonjf which there 
is a sprinkling of balsams the fire made 
inroads, but carefully tabulating esti- 
mates ot loss, as made ))v reliable wotids- 
men who have returned from the several 
burnt districts, I cannot find that the 
total will exceed 7,ooo,oo'D feet and this is 
distributed over three counties an<l per- 
haps two scores of owners. The e«ti- 
mate of loss as given for both sides of 
the Like ij unquestionably in excess 
rather than below the actual figures, 

"The dispatch writers and the local 
papers ought to be as industrious in cor- 
recting the erroneous statements as they 
were, unintc'itionaily, in giving them 
currency in tl^ first Instance. Capital in 
thsse limes is distrustful enough under 
the most favorable circumstances, and 
conditions as they exist are sufficiently 
discouraging without misrepresenting 
and distorting a hundred fold." 

Annifti Meeting of tha Klesaba Iron Mining 
The annual meeting ct the Mesaba 
Iron Minir.g co upany will b:: held at the 
Tower hotel, Wist .Superior, Wis., on 
Friday Juiy 7, at 4 o'clock p. m. 

A. G. Bei'.naro, 

Miss Kading has removed to 107 Pas- 
toiet terrace, second floor. 

- ■ • ■-■■ 

Go to Fogleson's for ice cream. 

It'o v'.iri'fullv S.r.wi I 

3bldt>tn i'lirtiatloil I 

Never ExcolUwl ! 

.\n;l you'll huvo no ri<raiuii for coinpl.iint! 
Iti Soldoin Kqnnllo't ! Nnvor Kxc«-i'od I 

CityhiftlcsOtVo: Ilrnild liidff, 2Jti Wt<Ht 
I5u;>erii)r tSiroot. J'cJiiilinuti No. Wl. 


Ho Will Probaljly Attempt to Naino Duiuth's 

The Washir.;,'ioa corre.sp<-.nd'.'Dt of the 
Mi»ncapoli£ journal writes: One inter- 
esting feature of the Perkins affair is 
that James J, Hi'l, president of the Great 
Northern Tiiilroiiii, Michael Doraii, Dini- 
0':r;itic uitiona! couiinitteeman and stock 
aad otiico biokiT, ami P, H.llellV, whole- 
i-ale grocer and e\-ofn'je-bro.{er, are not 
pullius: together in th'- same harness in 
Xlinnesoia politic il rffairs at this time, 
iSlike Dorati is not following the wishes 
ot Jim lliil in the Perkins case. Neither 
did he lollo-.v the desires of Pat Kelly, 
but lilts gentleman for some rcascti or 
other shows hd disposition to cross 
s'.vords with his old partner in the ofii-jc 
brokerage;.css through this or 
any other matter relating to Minnesota 

All this would indicate that Dcran, 
strange as it may seem, is plodding along 
now, practically without the helj) of either 
Hill or Kelly, Ting means that the Le 
Sueur polit'ciiii has finally decided to 
set himself up a.^ the suprwfne dictator of 
the Minnesoti Democrats. He has all 
alons shown an indisposition«togr&nt the 
wishes of any of the losses lights of the 
Democractic pr^rty in Minnesota in mnk- 
iii}; appoiriinei.t,. He has laughed with 
giee whenever he has been able to crush 
out tlie budding hopes of Representatives 
Baldwin, Hall .md cx-Reprcscntative 
Harries. That he has determined to fol- 
low his own desires in appoiiuiii'^- a 
United States ai-airict attorney, marshal, 
surveyor gen and collector (.t inter-' 
nal revenue. go<:^ without sa', ing. 

Further thaj. this there h v.o doubt 
whatever that i-? will attempt, and will 
p.'obably suC(eei,in mdicatrngwhos-hall 
preside over the postoffices, not only in 
Minneapolis a:;d St, Paul, but probaoly 
in Duluth and otiier imporlant presidcu- 
tirt! offices lhrGii;:^hout th.e^t.'ite. .Mr. 
Duran may fio even funlr^r than this. 
There have been indications that he was 
disposed to interfere in the aj^pcintmer.t 
of fourth class postmaster? in the districts 
represented by Hail and lialdwin, and is 
pretty certain to show both of these 
gentlemen that if he wants to name a 
tourth class postnaster anywhere that he 
'.vi;i be able to dn it, and they wiil prob- 
ably find out to their own disgust that 
Doran has the power. 

All this might liive been different if 
either Hallor B.iidwin had had the nerve 
to attempt to bringj to the attention of 
Prciidcat Clevciand ih.e fact, as they 
claim pri'/ately.-.hat Dotan is running 
the Dea)o.:ratic party in Minnesota by 
securing the appointment of inccmpe- 
te:;t officials and by his dictatorial 
methods in every ether dire:i!on. Both 
Hall and Baldwin will alate these things 
privately but neither of them has sand 
enough in his make up to make a public 
statement of this kind and then stand up 
to it. In a warfaic a;:ain5t Dcran these 
two men are pigmits iti nerve as well as 
in stature. 


Charles R, Grcetve ^f Spencer, In., is 
visiting his brother, F. A. Greene. 

Mrs. K. M, Mitch. 11 of Fort Hope, 
Ont., is the guest cf Mis. T. Forrest. 

Miss Magiie McKay is visitii-je frieiids 
hi St. Paul. 

General Manager Philbin of the Mls- 
sabe road went to Miiwuuket "a^t evcn- 

Dr. and Mrs. Ensign cf Geneva, O., 
parents of Judge Ensign, are visiting 
wim their son and family, 

.S. W. Richardson and Miss Mayme 
Skells left todav to join Mrs. Richardson 
who is visiting friends at their old home 
in Cloquet. They will return after the 

John Gordon left yesterday afternoon 
for Chicago. 

William McKinley goes East today to 
be away about three weeks. 

Miss Clara Shephard, of PJatfGvillc, 
Wis., is visiting her brother Amos Shep- 

Miss Julia Ensiga is home from Chi- 

George Cramer went to Chicago last 
evening to spend the Fourth. 

Mrs. B. C. Church returned this niorn- 
ing from Chicago. 

B. W, Summers, city ticket agent of 
the Omaha, has taken a house on Cascade 
stjuare and will rcraove his family from 
West Superior this week, 

G. A. Klein left for Chicago last even- 
ing to spend today with his lamily at the 
World's fair, 

Mrs. Terry and sister and Mrs. Dr. 
Boyce and son, ol Detroit, are at the St. 

Leon E. Ltim, of Braincrd, is in the 

F. H. Elvidge and wife, of St. Paul, 
are at the Spalding. 

Art School. 

Artist Fcodor v. Lucr:rer has removed 
his studio fro.m the Stenson block to 
rooms I and 3 Poirier building and has 
opened in connection with his fitudio an 
art school for the pivpose of "giving in- 
structions to any who m.-y desire to take 
lessons in painting and drawin^f, and 
should be ^lad to have parties call for 
farther information. 

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■'V'! ■■^.•Z' '3>,'?i/->,<?i,'^/^y%^^^^;&,-^^^'^^^^^'%^,,^^^^'^/^^^^,/^%^^,^^^ 


Judge Lewis ilefusos V.ia Viczi Dululh People 
a Pftr.-nancnt li.jiir.clion. 

The fact that be had an engagement 
to hear arguments in the Dulutii, Missabc 
& Northern injunction mncter entirely 
slipped from Judge Levvio' judicial and 
p.-itrioti.-. mind yesterd.iy afternoon. 
Sheriff Sharvy arose to the exigencies 
of the case, locked t;p thegiant llrecrack- 
ers, put a fres'i reapply of blank cavt- 
ridges in his belt .i.-.d led the entire force 
of deputies out la look for his honor. 
Their search wai fruitless. Attorney J. 
B, Cotton, however, in the anxiety to free 
his raHroad client from a.11 restraint be- 
fore Indcpeatlrncc day, run the judge to 
earth in his own private office in the 
Torry boilding and the matter was 
speedily argued, C, C. Tear .appeared 
for the dissatisfied property owners. 

Judge Lewis refused to grant the 
permanent injunction prayed ior, and of 
course dissolved the temporary one. on 
the grounds that the complaint was in- 
sufficient in form and did not set forth 
facts sufficient to constitute a course of 

The railroad company has promised 
all along to put in a permanent and un- 
^y^jectionable construction at the point 
in qiMistion within 90 days, but the 
Merritls did not wish, ui tbe multiplicity 
of affairs claiming their attention at this 
time, to enter into a bond so to do. It is 
promisttl, however, that tbe till com- 
plained oi will last but three months at 

Port of Duluth. 


Prop Maje.«tic, r^alco Erie: coal. 

Prop icliucke, Luke Erio; coal. 

Prop Olympia, Lako Erip ; coal. 

Proptr. W. Morley. f jako Erie ; cool, 

Sciir Ewoii, LakoEriij; coal. 

Proi> J aj Gould, Cliicago ; passoagers and mcr- 

I'rop Sibley, Lako ErJo; coal. 

Scl\r Twir. twisters, Lako Krie; coal. 

Prop Antflopo, Lake Krio ; coal. 

Prop Kipiiickf?, Ijako Erie; coal. 

Prop Idaho, Bullalo ; passengers and jBsrcban- 


Prop J. C. Lockwiwd. Kuffr.lo; wboat- 
Prop Jas. I'ickands. Two Harbors ; light for 
Prop Ualtraria. 15iifraIo: wlioat. 
Prop Sibf'ria, .'Vti.'iland ; lUrhf. for oro. 
Prop .f. B. Ketchniii, .\o, 2, light. 
Prop YHkiina, Buiiuio; wheat. 
Birso i:-3, Buffalo; wl'.eat. 
i'xop Uraiwick No. "J, RuUalo ; (lour. 

Ocean Steamships. 
New York — Arrived: Elyesia, Genoa; 
Nomadic, Liverpool, 

The Saull Passages. 

Sault Stk. Makii;, Mich,. July 4.— 
[Special to The Herald, |— Up: Philip 
Minch. Montana, 7 p. m,; Marshall, 8:40; 
Cherokee, Chippewa, 10:30; Gratwick 
No, I, Geofger, 7 a. in.: John Oades, Reel 
Wing, y; Colgate and Consort, 10, Down: 
Reitz, Maik, Potter, 8 p, m.; Curry, 10; 
Pratt, Ash, ii; Prentice, Mkidlescx, Con- 
stitution, 12; Irnn King, IronOueeii, 1:30 
a. m.; North Star. St. Magnus", Osceola, 
2:30; Toledo, Keewenaw, Pntts, 3:30; 
Marina M.ato.a, 4; Naples, Peerless, 5; 
Wilson, Manitowoc, 'Mahoning, 6:;,c; 
Mavtham, 8. 





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ft LL * J a ^ .» •.» kv .^ A,. .» , 




Real Estate 




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London, July 5.— Prince Henry, of 
Prussia, brother of Emperor Wi!lia:ii, 
who will represent his maje-ty .it the 
wedding tomorrow of the duke of York 
and Princess May of Teck, arrived in 
London today. He was met at the Vic- 
toria station by members of the royal 
family and det.ichments of troops and 
was at once escorted to Buclcingham 
palace, the queen's residence, where he 
will be the guest of her majesty during 
his sojourn in London. Prince Henry 
is accompanied by his wife. Princess 

From Buckingham palace tomorrow 
live royal processions will move on to 
St. James' pal.-xce, where, in the royal 
chapel, the wedding will take place, and 
where, amid bovvers of (lowers, ihc con- 
gratulations of every nalion of Europe 
will be tendered the royal couple. 

'Ihe ceremony is to be carried out in 
"semi-slate." That means that levee 
(hcss will be wt)rn by the court, and that 
ordinary personages attending will ap- 
pear in morning dress, except thoie in- 
vited by the queen, who will also wear 
Lvee dress, the ladies appearing in ordi- 
nary visitmg dress, with bonnets. The 
arclibishop of Canterbury is to officiate, 
assisted by Mr. Sheppard, sub of 
the chapel royal. 

The arrangements .it St. James' chapel 
arc practically identical with those ob- 
served in the same chapel en the occa- 
sion of the wedding of the princess royal 
of England to the crown prince of Prus- 
sia, the late Emjieror Frederick. All 
the old pews of the choir in the chapel, 
.as well as the .altar rails, have been 
taken away, and there is erected in front 
of the alter a raised platform on a 
level with the steps of the altar, on 
either side of which are rows of chairs 
for the seating of the lady members of 
the royal family. Thoro is sufiHcient 
sptace on the platform to accommodate 
the queen, the bride ard bridegroom, the 
be.'t man, the bridesmaids, the giver 
away of the bride, and a number of royal 
person.igcs. The queen's pew and gal- 
leries are also to be utilized. 

The duke of York and his bride will 
drive from Buckingb.mi palace to St, 
James' palace by Constitution Hill, Picc- 
a<li!!y, and St. James street to Colour 
court. The queen's procession will pass 
along the Mall. St. James park. After 
the procession and the subsecjucnt wed- 
ding breakfast at Buckingham palace, 
the newly wedded jtair will proceed by 
special train to Sandringham, and will 
take up their residence at the house 
which the prince ot Wales has had erect- 
ed. The name of the house will in the 
future be York Cottage, instead of Bach- 
elor Cottage. 

Prince:s May was formerly betrothed 
to Prince Albert \'ictor, duke of Clar- 
ence and Avond.-ile, eldest son of the 
Prince of Wales, and brother of Prince 
George, whom she is now about to 
marry. The engagement with Prince 
Albert \'ictor had been finally entered 
into with the consent ot the royal grand- 
mother cf tie bridegroom-elect, afier a 
protracted opposition on her part to the 

But almost on the very eve of the day 
set for the wedding the brides,'room was 
stricken with an illness which quickly 
proved fatal, and his affianced wife was 
thrown into mourning at a time when it 
was expected she would be enjoying her 

It had become generally known that 
the young people were deeply in love 
with each other, and Prince Albert 
Victor had f;ivcn evidence of a deter- 
mined character of which he had been 
up to that time supposed not to be 
po.sesi.ed, in opposing the wishes of his 
grandmother r,athcr than relinquish the 
girl of his choice. Naturally there '.vas 
a feeling of general regret that after he 
had succeeded in removing this obstacle 
to his expectations, death should have 
so rudely and unexpectedly cut him off. 
I- or the bereaved young princess the 
sympathy of the nation was expressed 
111 the most manner. For 
days sac remained without food roaming 
aimlessly around her apartment at 
White Lodge, and refusing to be con- 
soled for her loss. The monev v,'hich 
had been publicly subscribed through- 
out the kingdom for the purpose of a 
wedding present for her was returned to 
the donors, and there was a season of 
general mourning in court circles and 
among the English nobilitv. 

The grave soon closed over all that 
was mortal of the duke of Clar- 
ence, however, and gradually Prin- 
cess May recovered from the ter- 
rible blow which had befallen 
her. Within a week of the funeral 
it began to be whispered the place 
of the dead lover had been taken in her 
heart, as in the line of succeseion to the 
throne by his brother. Prince (ieorge, 
and her own second cousin once re- 
nioved. At first the rumor was not cred- 
ited, but it was repeated again and again 
with increased persistence, and frequent 
calls from the young prince at the house 
of Princess May seemed to lend further 
color to the statement. Now, at last the 
announcement of the engagement has 
ofhcially been made, and the news has 
come that Princess May will be led to 
the .altar on July 6 by the brother of her 
former lover. 

Not the least remarkable incident iu 
connection with the somewhat checkereti 
career of the young princess is the fact 
that the strongest advocate of her be- 
trothal to Prince George is said to be 
Queen Victoria, only for whose opposi- 
tion to their wishes the princess and the 


late duke of Clarence would probably 
have been matrird years before the 
prince's tleath. But ilie whirligig of time 
has i)roiight many ch;iii^es, and among 
the rest this one. It is all the more re- 
markable Itecause it alst) is stated that 
the priucess of Wales, who was most 
anxious that her eldest son should wed 
the Princess May, is now believed to be 
strongly opposed to this transfer of 
her afTcctions to Prince George. 
It is even said that the princess of 
Wales made a prolonged trip to It.ily 
recently in order she miglit not be 
in England when the eng.agement came 
to be announced. A further evidence of 
the fact that the aj)proaching ceremony 
IS not likely to increase the kindly feel- 
ing in the royal household is afforded by 
the departure of her majesty for Scotland 
on the very day that the princess of 
Wales returned from the continent, ap- 
parently to avoid the necessity of meet- 
ing the princess. Such at least is the 
construction which Ims bsen placed on 
her dtparlurc by the press of Great 
Britain generally. Indeed, various state- 
ments made since it was first announced 
that Princess May to be the daughter- 
in-law of the prince of Wales tend very 
strongly to prove that in royal places, as 
in more lowly habitations, the cour?e of 
true love never does run smooth. 

It b3s been asserted very recently that 
the reason for the precipitate announce- 
ment of the en-ragemeiit of Prince 
George and his betrothed lies iu the fact 
thxit he cither had leeu or was about to 
be married to the daughter of an English 
oincer stationed at .Malta. The publica- 
tion of this statement in the London 
news[iapcrs was what hastened the an- 
nouncement of the royal betrothal. 

Nor has the Princess May herself es- 
caped criticism in this respect. It is de- 
clared that ihe been jilted by a mem- 
ber of the house of commons, some two 
or three years before her engagement to 
the late duke of Clarence. Her betrothal 
to Lord Weymouth, son of the marquis 
of Bath, had been publicly announced, 
but the engagement was afterwards 
broken off, and, as was generally under- 
stood, by the young viscount himself. In 
the;light of this incident it caused a good 
deal of comment last year, when one of 
the sisters of Lord Weymouth received 
the royal command to be one of the seven 
daughters of peers who were to act as 
train bearers at the marriage of Princess 
May and the duke of Clarence. 

Viscount Weymouth is about 30 years 
of age, and in the last parliament sat as 
Conservative member tor the Frome di- 
vision, Somersetshire, but was defeated 
at the labt general election. The reason 
for the breaking ol the engagement be- 
tween himself and Princess May was 
understood at the time to be due to 
the intervention of his father, the 
marquis of ] The arrogant 
old marquis did not look with entire favor 
on the determinaiion of his son to wed 
the young princess, because of the mor- 
ganatic parentage of her father, the 
Duke of Teck. 

But in all probability the breaking of 
the eny.agement by the viscount has 
been the nscans of placing the Princess 
May in line as c; • of the future queens 
of England. It is also said that only 
religious considerations prevented the 
prince of Naples from pressing his suit 
for her hand during the jubilee celebra- 
tion a fev/ years ago. 
' 1—1. 


Prompt Action of the Military Today Cowed 
the Mob. 

Paris, July 5.— The body of Neuger, 
the young man who was killed during 
the fighting between the police and the 
students in the Latin quarter, was sent 
to the home of his parents in Lyons to- 
day. The authorities feared that the 
rioters would take adv.antage of the ship- 
ment of the body to cause further trouble 
and considerable secresy was observed 
in transferring the body from the r.^orgue 
to the Lyon s railway station. 

At an early hour this morning the 
coffin containing the remains was placed 
in a hearse and taken to the station, the 
route followed being through unfre- 
quented streets. The students and their 
abettors in the rioting did not know of 
the transfer and therefore no riotous 
demonstration occurred. As the day 
wore on the lioters, hundreds of whom 
have no coimection with the students, 
gathered in the vicinity of the markets 
and restarted the disturbances. 

Seveial contlicts occurred between the 
rioters on one side nud' the police and 
soldiers on the ether. The crowd was 
composed of the riffmff of the citv, a 
majority bemg out of work and men'who 
never woik. Ti,c fij^btliig wr..s quiie 
severe and numbers on bothi sides were 

The aCfair has assumed such a serious 
.n^pcct that the authorities who at fijst 
imngined that it was due entirely to the 
cffcrvesencc of the more mischievous 
students have determined to re- 
store order at any cost. The 
disorderly element in all parts 
ot the city took adv.antagcof the demon- 
stration of the students to j(Mn in the gcn- 
ernl disorder .and now, as a matter of 
fact, they and not the students as a body 
are responsible for the rioting. 

Today almost the whole ol Paris is oc- 
cupied with troops who are under orders 
to repress disorder with a strong hand. 
1 he government has not yet carried out 
its threat to clcse the labor exchange. 
It was decided this morning to allow the 
building to remain open for a little while 

At this hour, 5 p. m., quietness pre- 
vails in the district where the trouble 
has been most pronounced. The prompt 
action today of the military and the 
knowledge that ihcy have orders to use 
any amount of force to disperse rioters 
has bad the effect of cowing the mob. 
When night falls, however, further 
trouble may occur, but the authorities 
declare that they will down disorder 
even if it becomes necessary to order the 
soldiers to fire volleys into the crowd. 



Razors Glistened and Brickbats Flew Pro- 
miscuously in a Fight at a Delaware 
Railroad Station. 

Thousands of People Were Returning From 

Hotfc Races and a Riot Was 

the Result. 

William Benson Was Probably Fatally Shot, 
and Thomas Lowry's Head Frac- 
tured With a Brick. 

Officers Attempted to Quell the Trouble and 

Were Assaulted With Revolvers, 

Razors and Bricks. 

New York, July 5.— A special to the 
Herald from Wilminj^ton. Del., says: A 
riot occurred at the railroad 
; station, near Kirkwood, last night 
which culminated in the probably 
fatal shooting of William Benson and 
the injury of several others. Thousands 
of other persons were returning from the 
Maple Valley races. A fight arose be- 
tween George Anderson, colored, and others, during which razors glist- 
ened and brickbats promiscuously ffew. 

One negro drew a revolver. State De- 
tective McVey attempted to quell the 
disturbance. He was assisted'by several 
policemen. The officers were assaulted 
by the negroes, who drew revolvers and 
razors and hurled the bricks at them. 
Detective McVey is in a precarious con- 
dition. Two policemen were injured. 

William Benson, of Kent county, Md., 
a by-stander, hit by a flying bullet 
and will die. He was carried to a 
special train waiting to convey passen- 
gers from the races and brought to this 
city. Thomas Lowry had his skull frac- 
tured with a brick. Several others were 
fearfully slashed with razors. 


To-Day the Society of Co- 
lonial W:irs moots in Chicago. 

only in 

Though only in De- 
cember last, the society now has 
over 500 A .society 
mclal lias been devised of the 
si/.e of a half dollar. It beats 
the jpscription " Fortitcr pro 
r.tliia," and .sjirnvs a crown with 
the head of an Indian on the 
face, and nine r^tars on shields 
on the reverse. 


The ^reat sale of water damaged goods 
from the Underwriters formerly belonging to the 




Duluth Dry Goods Co. 

is attracting the attention of retailers as 
from far and near. 


as consumers 


A World's Fair Train Collided With a Freight 

Chicago, July 5.— It is reported that a 
World's fair Illinois Central train ran 
through an open switch at Forty-fifth 
street this afternoon and collided with a 
freight train. 

The fireman and engineer are reported 
killed and several people are said to be 

— — " ■ ».^ — I M 


A Father's Devotion to His Child Caused His 
Own Death. 

RoYALTON, O., July 5.— A sad acci- 
dent occurred Monday by which a 
father, through his devotion to his child, 
lost his life. James Kirtland, a meat 
dealer, 45 years old, recently completed 
a residence and moved into it with his 
wife and daughter, Barbara, 
only a few days ago. 

His old house, a story and .a half brick 
structure on the same premises, he de- 
cided to remove. The foundation had 
been undermined and Kirtland saw his 
little girl standing where she would be 
caught by the falling ruins. 

He sprang toward her, throwing her 
upon the ground, leaned over her and 
received the full force of the falting 
bricks upon his head and back. The 
little girl escaped without serious injury 
but the father was instantly killed. 


Five Persons Killed or Burned to Death by 

Gaoetown, Mich., July 5.— During the 
progress of a severe thunder storm at 3 
o'clock this morning 'the hous2 on the 
J'je Cror.s farm, located four and one- 
quarter miles northeast of this town, 
was struck by lightning and totally de- 

There were ten persons in the building 
when the lightning struck it and five ot 
them were ei:hcr killed or horned to 
death and one of those who escaped is 
probably fatally injured. 

The dead arc Mr. Jiabcock, wife and 
child, of Silverwood; Mr. Frost, of Fos- 
toria, and the 5-year-old son of Mr. 
Roberts, the tenant. Miss Roberts was 
severely injured and may die. 



Each Day Ihe Crowds Grow Greater and the Tremenfions 
Bargains Better Known. 

e Leaders ! 



75 Dieces Black and White Chal 
lies, nona the worse, worth 7c 
WattjrSale Frice 3c 


Op 30 D ecBsSheetiUKs Percales, you 
yjyj know them to be worth Ifc. 
Wat( ir Pr:ce 80 


20 pieces each Lisle Cheviots, 
13'-5Cgoods. Goat 8c 

Corset Jeans. 

We have 100 pieces Corset Jeans, 
all colors, black and whltf , worth 
For 5c 

Dress G-oods. 

i R(3 9 pieces half wool. 23 Inch 

1 KJyj Dress Goods in pretty plaids, 

wor;li30c. For HALF PRICE 

Robe Prints. 

Cp 15 pieces Robe Prints, 8c q:oods. 
y)\J go at 5c. actually none the wor.«.e, 
costs 6}ic at wholesale. Our Price.. 5c 


I $1.89 




1 30 pairs Red Blankets, ex- 
tra heavy 94.00 quality. 



200 pairs extra heavy wool 
Blanliets, worth $4-60. snl! 
wet. Only $1.98 


The greatest bargains in towels you 
over ea\7: 

Lot l.only 44c, worth 20c 

Lot 2. only 18c. worth 30c 

Hidalgo Cloths. 

Somo retail houses \rho are nn" 
fortunate enough to be controlled 
by one or two jobbing houses paid 7Hc 
for them. We retail them for 5o 




10.000 yards Outing Flannel, 
worth 10c and 124c. All go at 5c 


Cut on His Head. 

Talequah, I. T., July 5. -Monday 
night while riding along the road near 
his home, twelve miles west of this place, 
James Christie was attacked by unknown 
assassins who, after killing him with Win- 
chesters, severed his head from his body. 
The murdered man was a son of the 
notorious outlaw, Ned Christie. 

The Story That the King of Greece Has Re- 
signed is Denied. 

London, July 5.— A report has reached 
here from the United States to the effect 
that King George of Cirecce had abdi- 
cated and that a republic bad been pro- 
claimed. . 

The (Ireek consul general here ; 
seen to«lay in relation to the report. He 
said: "This is ihe first news I have re- 
ceived of the abdication of King (ieorge." 

He laughed incredulously when the 
details were repeated to him and de- 
clared that the story was preposterous. 


Is said to bo g\>tting cross-eyed from watching the people crowd into onr mam- 
moth a.stabiisbmont. Besides they claim that he is loring nerve. In fict we 
think scj too from the prices 


Note Onr Prices Today They May be Lower Tomorrow. 

OUR PRICE on 1 -pint is 69c per dozen His price. 75c 

OUR- PRICE on 1-qnartis 69c per dczen His price is 85c 

OUR PRICE on 2-quart is 69c per dozen His price is $ 1 . 1 5 

Wc have two carloadE and are well prepared for a run and our patrons can 
have ttiem as long as we have any lelt. We nevar pack anything away and say 
we have have just sold the last one. 

A Privatf Bank Gone. 
Howard, S. D.July 5,— Vilas, Chris- 
tiansen & Co.'s ba, k cl«sed its doors yes- 
terday. No statement Las been 


Ho Was a Member of the Pierce and Buchanan 

WA.sniN0TON, July 5.— Hon. Moses 
Kelly, cx-secrctary of the interior, died 
in this city Monday, .aged 74 years. Mr. 
Kelly was from New Hampshire and 
came to Washington during President 
Pierce's adiniiiistrati«)n and entered the 
public service, and during the last year 
of President Buchanan's term of office 
was appointed secretary of the treasury 
to fill out the term of Secretary Jacob 
Thompson. For the past few years his 
health failed and he lived in retirement. 

Boys' Velocipedes. 

Note His Prices in Comparison With Onrs. 

Our Price for No. 1, 99c His Price NOT QUOTED 

OurPrIcoforNo.2. $1.25 His Price. $1.58 

OurPricofc-No. 3. $1.49 His Price. $1.78 

Our Price for No. 4. $1.98 His Price! $2.25 

Our Price for No. 5, $2.4 9 His price, $3.25 


Watch Our Advertisements 

Right Along 
You Can Make Honey By It! 



— r ■ii—M^i 

nr^jjifir IV iriii 







The Gettysburg Battle Fitjld Memorial Asso- 
ciation Held Its Annnal Meeting at 
Gettysburg Yesterday. 

RBon'ujg of ai> Electric Road to Be Opposed 

and Desecration of the Field 


Stars ard Stripes Will Hereafter Float Daily 
Over tbe Little House 

Seiffler's Grove. 

New Youk. July 5.— The Suns Gctlys- 
IjuriT, I'a.. special says: The annual 
mectinjj ot the Hif.le Field Memorial 
associalion was held yesterday. The 
non-resident members present were. 
Gen. Dimicl E. Sickles. Gen. Henry W . 
Slocum, Gen. Joseph K. Carr, Gen. Louis 
Wa^er and Col. Charles W. Hazard. 
The tirst vjuestion that came up for con- 
sideration was the attitude of the associ- 
ation towaui the vandalistic trolley-^ rail- 
way. The directors in a moment decid- 
ed that il was their duty to oppose the 
road and prevent the desecration of the 
field. What measures were decided up- 
on have not been disclosed. 

The important questitui was concern- 
ing die trar-sfcr to the Lnitcd St.ites gov- 
ernment cf the lands and properties of 
the association. Gen. Sickles, as a niem- 
ber of congrcis, resigned from the chair- 
manship of the committee appointed 
lasl vear to devise means for this trans- 
fer, and the Hon. Edward McFheison, 
of Gettysburg, was named as his succes- 
sor. An etTort will be made to have the 
next congros act in the matter, and the 
Memorial .-.ssociation is expecting the 
GriTud Arrav posts throughouc the coun- 
try to ur^e their consrressmen to vote m 
favor of the bill when introduced. 

The directors made their annual in- 
spection of the monuments on the tield. 
it. was decided to open three avenues 
south of the Emmitsbi^rg road for^ the 
purpose of deveiopm':: that portion ot the 
oattieticld and facilitating the work ot 
the Tnited States com;nissioners whoare 
in sesson heje. A fla^f pole will be 
erected at Gen. Meade's headquarters, 
and the stars and stripes wdl ler 
tlc;at eviry day ever the little house near 
Seigler's gro\e. 

THE DERBY ..i MINNEHAHA. H. Was the Winner. With Major Eddy 
in the Place. 

Minneapolis. Ju'; 3.— Vesterday was 
Derby day at fjc Minnehaha driving 
park, the great event being a three mile 
dash for a purse of $3000, open to horses 
eligible to tUa 2■.^^ class. The grand 
stand was tt:kd with spectators and car- 
riages lined the stretch from turn to 
turn. The track was in exceUent shape 
and some good time was made. 

Four-vear-old stake, 5iC3o: Abba- 
donne. I, 2. I. i; Hildbuxn. 7, i, 2, 2; Jos 
Gaines. 2. ^, ^, 4; Ro^t Ben. 3. 4. 3. 3^ 
Os&ie, 4, 6, 4. 5; Dolphin D. 5, 5. ^ f''. 
Dandy Time, 6. 7. 7. 7: Bird Allerton, 
dis. Time: 2:26; 2;27: 2:2'^H. 2:26%. 

2:21 class trotting. Siooo: Jenny L, 2, 
3, I. I, i; Maggie Sherman, i, i, 4.6.4: 
Axminster. 6, 6, 2, 2, 3; King Pnncips, 
3.4. 3. 3.-: Silverwood, 4. 3, 5, 4. 5'. Vera, 
5. 5. t., 5.6. Time; 3:2o.'<; 2:1654 ; 2:22; 

2*2-1' 2:21, 

Ttie Derbv, three mile dash. $3000: 
Herman H.'i; Major Eddy, 2; Fashion 
Maid, 3; Lady Peck, 4; J?rry W, 5; J. 
W. O.. 6; Ben Gaines, 7; Hampton Maid, 
8- Red Wing Maid, q; Gip, 10; Portion- 
Jess, 11; Idle Girl, 12: Bessie Woods, 13; 
Erie Kin-, 14; Ole Olescn, 15. Time: 
7:33- ■ 

Judne Blatchford 
New York. |uty =;.— The Sun's New- 
port special says: Justice B:atchfor.i 13 
praclically given up, though he may live 
a week or ten days. His physician says 
that he is abic to take only liquid nour- 
ishment and is fast growing weaker. 

Four People Drowned. 
MiNNKAPOLis, July 5.— f red Denny. 
wife and two cidldren, of this city, were 
drowned while attempting to cross the 
river at I3cile Paririe, five miles west of 
Little Falls. A whirlwind capsized the 


RMidfflts Afraid Thai Their Hou&jbs WiH Be 
Blown U|>. 
StiviLi.v, July -> 'i"b'a c'ty va'iina 
state of constant alarm all last night, and 
many uf the prominent lUlficial residents 
dared not seek their beds fearing the ir 

reiidcncea would be blown up. 

The excitement was due to the fact 
tha^ anarchists or other lawless persons 
were at work in various I^arts of the city 
cau-;ing the explosion of petards. Not- 
witlistanilmg the cxir.-.ordinary vigilance 
of the police no :u-rests were made, and 
the people are in fear and trembling lest 
tonight shall bring a repetition of the 


In one part of the city n. bottle con- 
taining dynamite exploded on a honse 
step, smashing the tloor and doing <>thcr 
dam:igc. Senor Logano. president ol 
the provisional council, was passing just 
as the explosion occurred. The broken 
glass tlciv paht him with great violence 
but fortunately he escaped unhuit. 

Six bombs were found in the door\?ny 
of the house iccupied by a merchant 
named Lascb. These bombs were sufli- 
riontly powerful to Iwve blown the 
building to pieces. Explosions occurred 
in several oiher parts ot the city but no 
damage of moment was done. E-xtra 
guards are patroliing the streets and a 
strict watch is being kept on the public 


Credilors in Colorado Refuse to Pay Even 

At Least One Hundred People Were Tram- 
pled Upon at the World's fair 
Last Night. 

Fifteen People Sent t'l the HospltrJ in 

Ambulances, Nine of Them Beinir 

Seriously Injured. 

To Eestore 

Lair i^'hi^h 
has beromo thin, 
and keep iha sci^lp 
clean uiul liealthy, iv?n 





Th« Downtown District Was Blockatied With 

Humanity and Many Were Unable 

to Gj?t HoiTjp. 


H ^l 4 w * 'it a v-,^ i*>' Cl 
It prc'voiits the hair 
from falling out 
or turning gray. 
The best 


. :ryous and CHROiiic DisEASKSi sSt'^llK; J'^SSter^^^S^S 

Ur.iiich oflirtw, Mur<iu(^tt« acid Ha«lnnw, Mloh. Dr. Si»fnr, n, ciiftrgt* ot tin head oiJice. 10 a 
« a(lu;ar> of tlii> la'Miical acijurUnftut of Harvard Uiavbr-'»y vlauei! '74, iv-m ir ret,'iblflrv.l tt* 
■1 oil 1.1 both i.(iiuiHi>hori»«. . ™. . ,...,.. . ... 

"l^TIWr MPM Wlio havt* •)oenBafTftnnfffmm thftofleetHo yfjuthf il ioilin« or mnisrrHtlotifi 
'. uUfiU mCn v/Hi .lo whU tonvail tliuinsi Ivufi of tliiMCli!'.ijC«. 

'Ml QDDPU A ff\ Svill Knaraii'i^'o n p«rf<v,i euro in uU r^ibOH of 'fOftkin^KP or pn»Ht/,«Hi>- 
Jil. t^rLIilk a tU. pasKbof Kuy kt!idorclmrar.;or t»ii>y . .ijoruan or forfoit >i!VJ, flK-rn 
am many of th«> a«o of X) to f><) wlio a;t) IniuWod Vith toa f ; ciinent ovacuHtione of the bl-wl- 
dcir, oftfnaccompRnkvl >!y nhliKJit fmarfii-rf scm^ation and wtMl.eidtiK of tLe nyetoni iri u 
mauui^r winch tliP patlfiit cannot account for. lueroaro many wiio diu ef this diiacuKy, 
i^'nornnt of tho caueo, wliich is tho Bocoiui stUKO of woaknw^. 

DU l?Q A lu'w in»-ihod ; do bloody opor&t ion, to Roinff to hi .1 ; no; tho ehr.utcut pain; no 
l^IuLO iuconvjuit-nco iu Miulerjjtiioi,' a coufrtiiof troufwiftit with db tot tho r'-'iof of tho 
•worst ciisM'of lilondiriKor licliiiii; I'jU'h, no matt' r liov^ Ivia: staiiditiK. Vit) K;..i."autc<' a 
pt'inianont euro. To ovory oim wlio c<»n8ultn us wn ple<l<ro ahr'jlate tocrecy. 
Uuilroad faro dfductoi! from tho prico of ti:"al lucnt. 


mmi M M .TFESl 


C^ptlal Stoct 5600,009 

Suaraniee Fand bUIi Stale Andltor, JlOO.OO) 

aiul iLbDUje or;rtidcatc* uf dej-rsit b«ariiic at^r* 




Colorado Refuse 
Small Amonnts. 

Pueblo, Co!., July 5. —The clTect of 
the silver trouble is already beginiiinfj to 
manifest itself in a startiing manner in 
commercial circles. Collectors tind it 
ahiu>st impossiMc to secure payment of 
even the smallest amounts. 

The appearances indicate that even 
creditors w 1:0 have money sufficient to 
meet the demands upon them are refus- 
ir.i? payment in order to hoard up what 
little ready money they now possess. 
There is a general feelinff which is no 
doubt more the result of l^ck of conh- 
dence tharx anvthing else, that Colorado 
is on the verge of an extremely crixical 
period, and the effect is to withdraw 
money from circulation in anticipation 
of a time when it will be needed farnwrc 
than now. 

— » ■ - — ■ ■ ■— 


They nominate a Ticket and Demand Cleve- 
land's Impeachment. 
Columbus. Ohio, July 5.— The People's 
party state convention yesterday named 
the following ticket: Governor, E. J. 
Bracken; lieutenant governor, Milton D. 
Coclcy, Athens; treasurer, \Villiam H. 
Taylor; attorney general, Col. J. H. 
Rhode?; iudjre of the supreme court. 
Capt. C. 'T. Clarke; dairy and food 
commissioner. Thomas N. Hickman; 
member board of pub'ic works, Matthew 

'a eensation was created by a resohi- 
tion cdUine upon congress to impeach 
President ^Cleveland on the ground of 
hisrh treason, in that he, as a representa- 
tiv>; of the British monev power, is a 
traitor to this country. Tlie resolution 
was adopted by a rinnnimous^vote. 

Chicago, July 5,— At the World's fnir 
ihcre was nearly a panic last night. 
When the crush after the fireworks was 
jjreatcst. the elevated employes became 
alarmed at the size of the crowd gath- 
ered on the platform and stopped any 
more of them from comiiii; up the steps, 
telling them that it was uot safe. This 
precipitated a panic on the pl.atform 
and in the scramble at least too people 
were trampled upon. There were 
iifteen people sent to the hospital in am- 
bulances when it was over. Nearly all of 
them bad fainted and nine of them v/ere 
seriously injured. 

The district was never so 
blocked vilh humanilv at such a laic 
hour as it was laslnight. From 11 o'clock 
until after the day began to break, the 
crowds thronged r' ut the down-town 
termini t f the West and North side cable 
lines. The cables ran ail night. The 
big loads they carried seemed m no way 
to lessen the throngs. 

At 2 o'clock there were apparently as 
many people on the streets as at u 
o'clock. Many gave up the strujigle to 
go home and spent the night in town, 
resting on stone steps and ofuce build- 


Before He Die;) He Falally Shot His Assail- 

jArKf.ONVU.Li.,F]a.,Jtily 5.— A special 
from Tarpon Springs to tbeTimes Union 
s^ys: City Marshal Whitehurst was shot 
and killed yesterday afternoon by Bird 
Stevenson, of Sapling Woods village, 
while the officer was trying to arrest a 
cisorderivr sponge fisherman. 

Whiiehiirst nturned Stevenson's fire 
after he was v.ounded and with such 
effect that Stevenson will probably die. 
Vv'hilehur-t died almost instantly alter 
firing .It his murderer. 

I'mlrr BTilVI'J' ^iituo of .fi oztiriitlon iKsiifid 
out of and ii'idcr tho nnaloftho DiMricl Court 
<.f tlio Btatc of liJiuDHBota, ill -and for the 
likvotitii ju.licirtl dii^trjct, and a.v.nXy of bt. 

Ivoiiis., on thowcoiid day ot .Juno. li.'J.5. upi'un. 

jii.ijTMrnl ri.'!.dii:-d aud dock<ii'd 5n jroidccnrti 
aii'i c-mntY iii an ."cUoa tli'<r in, wl^'fin tho N.J 
ri'-'-t Niitjoiiai Lnik of'o. tl.uni^rot.i, 
•«■«;■ phiintili and <!«<)rK(' . J. tlcMftu:? dufj'nd 


on oertiftcatefe mniiUtp. tix. months. Lja.t«m%iH 
atk>w»Ht ratwio^ approTftO eecotitj'. Couwtjr 
city and school bondelparcbased. 


CUvUyn MarkeU, L. M^rritt Wm. MrKfhl-f , 
Jamfs « t..irr.lny, A. W. Bra-M^r. K. li. ^•rr,'^ 
W'm. E. HicharOsoD. A. K. <^l'ftP»D' .ft ^' ij"^'f 
Edwurd L. Hr»dlf>. ««>'•«'• A'-Jt*^"' T'k ' 
Blzer.Arti.tir H. Drown, h. M. O6»ion»*, t Q-^fc 

E. Vovott 

OIKco of tho Board of Education. 
Duluth. ^linn., July iU, I'^'i. 


Notlcp te hereby Kivon «»f tho annnal fchooi 
olcction, to bo hold ou Saturday, July ir)th, 1S'.'3, 
hotwi (HI tho lioure of ten o'clock fa tho forf. 
noon ami fonr in the aft^'niooB. for tho purpoi^o 
of I'loctini,' n>(>nibfre of the Board of oducatiou 
of tilt? city of Duluth. 

I Ifrhroo iliroctora for the term of throe years are 
to l>o I'Jictcd, two of thorn in the placo <*f W. k. 

«;rii\J4. Vc?A. T. K. UPlIAM. Hoc/ 
F. J. FL'LFOSD, Vioo TrMldent. 

•«■«;■ idiiintili and <!«<)rK(' . J. tlciiau:? _ uu.j'nd- -^ , ,■. — •»- »• ft fTl— .«4 

autin farorof MKl rhdntiff and ajram-* Kod Il'l pth f 00"^ llOnnriT II 'I'Pmv'T, for tto Buui of t,.x thon.and live f I j | | , :i I ! H- ^ N 1 M 
Lundre.l, liftj-tv.-o and OHK) r?^5.r,W,<iV .i..;inr,.. UUiUlil JLlUUiL, UUi UUll U. IIUUI 
which said fixocutim has to ino.nHeherlii of ^,iid , .,-,,-v* *--a a ■ki'v 



rif^voland 10 

ikooklyn S 

Chicago— 1 

Uostou ^.- ii 

Pittsbnrf? 14 

F.altiTnoro. 7 

I/ouisvil'o 1 

WnehiEgtoa .. i 

St. Lonis..^-. 4 
Now York S 









The Full Extent of the Vessel's Injuries Not 
Announced. | 

V'ALETTA, Malta, July 5.— Thi battle- j 
ship Camperdown, which ran into and 
saiik ths battleship Victoria during the 
recent maneuvers ot the British Mediter- 
ranean squadron off Tripoli, Syria, ar- fiupjnnati .... 
rivtd here today. She was escorted by Philadelphia 
the battleship Inflexible. 

The Camperdown is the temporary 
flagship of Rear Admiral Markham, his 
own flagship, the Trafalgar, being laid 
up here for repairs. The full extent of 
the damage sustained by the Camper- j 
down in the coilition has not been made ' 

Bicycle Rou(] Race. 
Mii.wAfKEi:, July 5. - The Milwaukec- 
Waukeiha rop.d race yesterday was a 
fine exhibition of American pluck. The 
winners were Dick Mever. 18 year's old, 
of Milwaukee Wheelmen's club, 12:30 
handicap first. Hugo Preussing, 19 years 
old, Milwaukee Wheelmen'?, 12:30 han- 
dicap second. Emil Ulbricht, of the Chi- 
cago Racing wheelmen, made the fastest 
time in 4''):54. The time of the winners 
was: Mever, 53:04: Preussing, 53:05, 
W. C. Schroder, 52:37. George Krel- 
wilz. of Milwaukee, won the donkey 
prize. ^_ 

Woit By fngomar. 
Chicago j'nlv 5.— The Sheridan stakes 
or swceor^takes for 3-ycar-clds at qi:art-r 
mile was th-; event at Washinfitua I'ark 
vesterday and it proved an easy thing 
for ths old Jor^lan stables, Ingoraar, who 
was handsomely liflden by Charlie 
Thorpe. Tho stake v.-as worth to the 
winner $10,780, second horse receiving 
$750 rnd third $::so. 

Sixty Criminals Being Brought from Indian 

St. Louis, July 5.— Last night sixty 
United States prisoners en rotite from 
the Indian Territory to the penitentiary 
at Stilhvatc-r, Minn , passed through here. 
Over halt were negroes and several 
Mexicans and Indians were among the 
number. T'he offences for which they 
are to serve time include everything on 
the criminal statute books. 

Sixteen deputy marshals guarded the 
partv. Monday night alter leaving f'ort 
Smith Bill Harmon, a desperado con- 
victed of tram robbery, leaped from the 
train v.hilc it was going at the rate of 
forty miles an hour and was instantly 

Shot in a Drunken Row. 
Inez, Ky., July q.— Sunday at Nolan, 
W. Va., Andrew Far.ner shot and kiiled 
Wallace Deskins in a drunken row. A 
posse pursued Farmer on to WoU creek, 
this county, where he was overtaken 
Monday night and surrounded. la the 
attempt to arrest Farmer. George Des- 
kins and a man named Thompson were 
shot by him and fatally wounded. He is 
sxill at large. 

Tho Yellowstone Route. 

The express trams of the Northern 

Pacific Railroad make cjuicker lime *bc- 

t'veen Duluth, Superior and Glyndon. 

Moorhead, Fars'o. Grand Forks, Cnsicl- 

ton. Helena, Uittc, Spokane, Tacoma 

and Seattle thai is made by any other 


■ — » ■ ^ — — — 


Suitable Premise? For Wiicicsalersand Manu- 
Property as Central dock prop- 
perty on Lake avenue, extet\ding back to 
No. I slip, is for rent at rca'-onable terms. 
Apply to W. G. Park, No. 347 Lake 
avenue south. 

ahout lo oxidro, H»id tho liiird ap an additional 
iliroctor, a»^ provided for ill Sf^cti'^n II t>»' llio 
Special t\c*^ p-iB«'f;d by tho Lofris=laruri> of tho 
Siatoof .MinnoBota. April 14Th, IRS'l, enritliHl 
'.An act for Iho formation iiud to ttx tho tKiuud- 
.irioaof tl.o Tndoj^endent Srhool district of tho 
City of Duluth. ."it. lx>ui« coonty, iliuuosot.i, 
and to provide for thoelordouof iuonih< ra of 
tlu' hoard of odiicatton of naid district and dc- 
llno the powo.'Bof tiic b>8r I." 

Sa-d eduction to be hcM at tho foUowingidaccB. 
to-\vLt : 

CUy of Duluth- First Ward. 

First rrocinf «— Tho st-orts in tho Bethel baild- 
ins on Lake avenue t outli. 

Hocond firocinct— Cleveland school building, 
Buchanan i-troot 

Bt. liO'iii county h>»i:n duly directed and <l(iiy 
ored, i have loviod u|m;U and will ti^l at public 
auction, to tho Lit h«w-i cuf-h biddor. t-t tho fn.nt 
door of th<} court » ouso iu the city of Dulatti. in 
t.iid county of St. liOtiid, on Saturday. Tlii> 
twonty-t'conddnj of July, ll<9:i. .-.t 10 or.locV i!. 
the foromiou of that day, all thn r-ght. titlo aid , 
interest thnt tin* itx)VO 'lamod jad>.-iaoatd<-t)t"r, j 
Gcorgf^.l.filcManrs.had in and to thu real ei-tatf 1 


16 Th*d 

First National 

Kank Knddiun. Na 
Afeaue West. 

Kich&rdeon artd b\ H. Da/;-rc'tt, \vhi>8e terms are In roiu.iitor dnbcri H«d on tho twent}'-»i.f th da; ..t 

Third prociijct— The 

old Park Point, ecbool 

.lanuary, Ifcl'i, thit bein« the dat.j of the 
tton of !raid j:id«n'r-iit. or at any time since. X\\'\ 
description 01' tho pror>o-ty bi^inj? as follov . 
to-wil : Till- Houtl west qu;in<!r of th'.- bouthwvf-i 
iioarterof t-cciion thirt;-fo\ir t:Ui. iu townab)i) 
forty nine ^4'i, north of r.inKO lifr.'.-<'ni'l.5), wo: r 1 
of Ihefourtli priniipal ;nendiii'i.!U»it Fitnated m 
tho county of Sr. ..oni.-< and pt'il.« of MiunosoJa, | 
r-aid t\voaty--ij:th day of January, 1^-, bein*rtho j 
date ot the docli'.^ ,inj? of said judgment m saia 
DHt«d Dulutb, lilian., June 6lh. l.-u.?. 

Pail SiiAKVT, 
fhorifr St. Louit^ County, Minn. 

By 1!.R. .^KMSTKONO, 



Attorney lor Jud^rment Creditor. 
June :. 1». :il. i^ ; Ju'y 5. U, 13. 

wmmm loans, 

; CcmLicrcial P:pir, Municipal Bonds, Etc 
1 iRterest illcifed on Time Deposits. 


J. H. T. E. BIHP.. KEL^ HALIa 


F. W. SSimi. F. I.. JANKWAX 

S. 1. LPilAM, T. F. LI il-VA 





iMtastrel Olub 

Fndcr the aun ices oI tho detail Clerk's] 
I Union. 


The most porfifons first part orer at- 
,J tomptod by aay ndnsfrel company, ropre- 
fl :-t'miu:: the landinK of t'olrtmbiis. 

69SC Ball Y6storday. 

J Tickols now on sah? at Dulnth T>_U£ri 
I gtofci. 201 W. linp. St. and at Lyceum Vox j 
1 otticp. 

Tv. E. K. 

B. n. E. 



:i Ciucicnati 1* H 

1 Philadelphia. .Ij li 

2 Cleveland 12 15 

1 Brooklyn U 18 








Pittsburff 11 IV 

Baitmuro 3 U 

St. LouL<( 2 e 

New York 1 1 

9 1 



Brooklyn — 



Now York — 

Kovi They Stand. 

WON' lost; club 


ON L(^3T| ULLU ^■>o^ i.".-, 

S7 I'J Washington. 2»i 30 
;{7 r» lUiiitimoio ... iS i9 

lAt ■ 
The • 






•t Ivouis 












LouisviUo ... 



Boys Waists! 
A pretty line of boy's waists at 25 and 
50 cents. C. VV. Lkicson, 

21 g West Superior street. 

Anderson, llorist. Merchants' hotel. 

Second Ward. 

First precinct— 1002 East First street. 

Second precicct— Tho Olon Avon Echool build- 
iajr, Glen Avon division of Duluth. 

Third pr.-'cinct— The Endion school bulldinR, 
comer of Eichtceuth avenue east and First 
f-tr: ot. 


First precinct— Tho Washiaston school build- 
Inir. corucr of Fiist avocno east and Third 

Second precinct— Tho lobby cf the Temple 
Of'.ora house, Sojoud aveuun east. 

Third t.roc.'nct— 92'> t'ai.t Second street. 

Kofirth prec'nct— Tho Fraaklin school bnild- 
jnR, cormr of Seventh Btreoii and Fifth avenue 

Fifth precinct— 31 East Fifth street. 

Fourth Ward. 

First rroelnct— Tho basemrnt of lit. Fanl's 
Fpi«c.opal church, corner of L<ako avenue and 
Seooiiit Flroet. 

fc'econd precinct— Tho lobby of tho Burrows 
buiiJinjj, 'i bird avcEiie west. 

Third rr^ciact—Ttjo Jaclsson school bnilding. 
ci>rner or Fifth avenue w st and Third btreat. 

Fourtii precinct— The Eraerron school |> 
iD*. coruor of Eleventh avenue west and Ihird 

F^fth precinct— M»6?rs. Benson & Hcjgh's 
store. 109 Wcbt Fourtii street. 
: Sixtli rrocinct-S03 West Fifth street. 

Fifth \V?.rd. 

First precinct— Tho b.-isemcat of th-s Second 
Protibytcrian church, ird.) West Siipffrior street. 

yocond procinot— Th.o Madison scliool build- 
jnp, corner of Gariield and Lim avenues. 

Third precinct- Tho Adan«i e.diool builuins-. 
West tuporir street, beiweeu bcvsatccaih and 
EiKhtcentli ttveauei west. 


Dcfault having b-n-n made in the pnymeht of 
tJia snjr. of twenty-five tiiousaml three hundrrd 
and Fistv-four and r,0 100 dollars (*2f,,364.50) 
•which irt ciainK»d to be duo and is duo .it the ' 
d^^to of tins iiotioo upi>a a certain rrior 
dulv executed ni;u delivt.ToJ by Julia N. 
i man and Alonzo J. Whit<?man, h.or hu 
mortfraTors. < f > t. Louis (^o.. Minn., to the 
JIcrchHuts and 1> i.r:nerj Natiotial baukof Dans- 1 
villo, Nov,' York, mortjtageo, b'^arlug riato the | 
lstdayotJuli.\.D. 1^1*2 urd with a power of 
^rde 'herein ciir-tainefi. duly recorded in the j 
oiiico ot tht> reffi! t/'r of doods in and for the 
c.uny of St. Louis and state of Minncfota, on 1 
th'.- 2^th day of J ioj'.'inVwr A. D. IWi:. at 4 o cli>ck 
j>. ui., in b'X)k t)4 of niortffaso--, on page 252, and 
no action or ,>rc"oodiiiR haviuti been uistitutt-d. 
at law or otherwibO, to rneovor the Uebt socuroa 
bv said niortpaKe or any part thpre<!f : 
Now thcroi'iTO. notice is nerehy jTivcn, that by 

1893. Season 1893. 


at mu ; i a* n 

virtnoof the puu-erot .-^ale contained in 

SJKth Ward. 


City Band! 

CoDtisuo to Dra^ Large Crowds | 


COJL. C. \V. DTLMi. 

suresTRUCi^ \n battle! 

I)R .M!I,rs MF'iirAT, CO.. KrKnART, 
r.jn— I iiiust sav tlio Kf-toratlvo Nervine 
and Nfrv« an<l Llvor I'Uis liiive Uoao me 


•rbo starting p<jiut of my disc;iRf ■wtis • 
KtmHlroko r-cclved in huVA.-^ tcforo t^nrt 
lliulson.Ixj'.iJsiaim, Juuo Ulh. 1.<.1. ».■!? to 
ttio time of befrlnnlng to l»di'» I>r. hIjJok 
t ff /4 ff» lleiiiodlra I bad bail a con- 
I^MO tinual dlstTacUii),' i.aln In my 
iieau; Jilso, weak spoils, atid tho past four 
rears I liavo had to give «p cvcrytJ.lna 
of nn sfflvo cS»n ■•!'.<• '.r, and etay li« two 
l.mi'iP for f^\ iOnr\ n»oni-rd at 
ft t i m e : W^ U r\ C; feC J; w'i« .^« 

KK11i:i»IV:3 HAVK <;lIKKa1^iK,nn«l Ihot 
tn» C'lro w'.U t>r- p^rmiiui-ot. Koveral 

hern are usiits? your rTrnrai'tt. an.i all H{>e<iti 
VfcU oi U»em. Yours i ml v. 

<OL C. W. DE\N. 
Nattorral MilWnry floiuc. Dnjton.O. 

DK. JarT.jE3'KKRV^^■K fs tho moPt. cer- 
talrv^ure lor Il»-Adarhc, Nruruis;!.'*, TC.irv- 
oim Proiitrutioo. Dli./.ln»T<.i. :»|jas»ui». y.^i-K)^- 
Ic»sii(sK* riuUnesB. Blu«.s. unA Oplnai 
Uabit. Coatain.'j oo optates or chmjjfri-us <»ru^TL 

Sold on a PosHivs Guarantee. 

Db. MILES' PiLLS.50 OoSEs26CTa 

Boom In Gold Properties. 

New Yokk, July 5.— A dispalcb to the 

Worlfl from I'resrott, Ariz., says: 1 lie 

low price of silver seems to have str.rled 

a boom in pold pn.pertif-s. i^cvora\ i^o d 

mines have hem sold iu tlie l;-.«t munih 

zwA a gronp ot cl.iims were sold yestcr- 

': day to'cnsteni men for $ioo.coo. Ne^o- 

i;^ lations for the purchase cf other claJins 

"■- ^i I are in prootess. 

t'P^ I • 

'^ : i Thfec fclen Killed. 

CoRL'iN, Ky., Jiiiy 5 --'vV hi:.kv and 
Diilol.:; got in tacir deadly work yesterdAy 
at a picnic and dance jn Knox C!;uuty 
rear VVcodbme. John Marscc, Jt-nicg 
Francis ar^d UeniDii-v Smith were killed. 
It is thouirht that ' Jccl Mttchcli did the 
kiihnsr. He has been arrested. 

First prs citjct- Tho basemrnt of Grace Meth- 
odist churcn. co.'uer of rwcuty-socond avenue 
vvc<it a-..d 'I'li.rd .-treat. 

yecond precinct— Tho Monroe school bnilding, 
cornor of I'lrdt etrcct and Twonty-sisth aveuuo ■ 

Seventh Ward. 

The London school building. 

West Duluth. 

First word— Tho OncotA school building, 
Fourth street and Bropk e.venuo, Oneot.i. 

S(x;ond ward— Tho Irving school building, 
Second avenue and Fir^t strcci north, Wmz Du- 

, Third ward— Tho Lonpfellow school baildiut'. 
Norton avcntio and Elinor street. 

Fourth w.ird— Tho Fairmount school building, 
Fairmouiit avenue and Third street south. 


The Smithvillo school buihlins. 
l?y .order of the Coard of Education of tho city 
of Duluth. ,, ^. _, 

II. \V. Peauson. 

J 1 lot 

niort^?.-.«i^. an-.i t nrsnaot to the ^tatute lu such 
c.vo made and i rovidod, the said iuort^;age wiU 
bo forech>f-ed b;: a sale of tho preniis^es rto- 
scribed in .'mi e>cv»»yed by said inortfra^e, viZ. : 
Li-.f^numbrr live (Si si^ <S' fovc-n(7) and cghi j 
(.M) of block fort:'-foarv4-i) and lot? five (r,) sjx ; 
(ti) seve.i<7>HnL nipbt (-) of biock cixty-nine | 
(•SO). Eas-t Ouhi h. and a'.so lots number ono li> • 
andt»o(2) of hlockforty-nino <43', in Harri- 1 
son's divieioa ol Daliith. acsordicK to otlicial 
plats thereof ro.iorde.i in r<»KisttT of d-^eds oUico | 
fo'- St. I.rt)ui6 fc. Minn., all of said lands »>oinff 1 
h(catvd in St. L >nis county and state of filmne- 
st.ta. wH!i the heronitamenis and Bppnrt'>n- 
aiiCJ'p; whicli sale will be n;ade by the sheriJof 
said St. Loaisorinnty, at cho front door <>f tii-' 
court houre. Ir tho city of Dcioth »a said 
'•ouuty and state, ou tho d>iy of .Ju.y \.\j. 
|S9.<, at ten o'clock a. in. of that day, at public 
vendue, to the hichest bidil.r tor cash, to p.iy 
«aid del>t and siitprast, .-in-l one hundn-ii lujuars 
attorney's fee-" lis stipulated in and by s.iirt t 
merttra '0 in ca iC of foreslosuro. and the dis- 
bu.-aein, n's .-.lowed by law, tnbj>'ct to re- 
demption at any time Mithiu one year from tfC 
day of .<a'e, as provided by law. 

Dato,l .1 one 1 1 . A. D. 1 ^P3. , 

The MF.iM?it.\Nr"8 .\nd FAtinss's N.VTIOnal 

Bans. of DarsviUe, New York. 


S.T.&'^'M. n,,RnTS0N, 

Attorneys f«T Klortirng'K*. . ... 

Rooms r'9-11 Chamber of CornnjojcM bm.d- 
iofr, Dulilh.^TM.nn. ^^ ^ ^ . ,,,,-, 

Operatifiar Sii Largre Flrft-cJaas Steamcr»k 








With Railroad Ccanec ions. 

If Ycr.t Want Dispnhh and Care, 
I'lmr Goo-Ja by Thi Laxie, 


For p.«-rt.ict3la!e. apply at 

BOOM 14 BOARD «15" TE.^Dl. 

A. ROBINSON, Agent. 

Ammibcr of P:ivilion par 
ties are <rivcn every day 


V - ■:-■*. 

Jttr. an^ TJvs. iT. C. RloiM,r<i£02i, 
</! SUtJam, N. Y. 

Huaband and Wife 

Yisi orstt World's Colambiaa Exposition 



Of tho American Fxpr-.i.; comrani :.-..winilv 
convpnioi-t. nv.oidMiir theri>-kof c»<rTyiiiKi.'i'.'^>'-y. 
rHyiQ;?olMciv'5on fair prourid d al iO-i o'..1j>> 
places in Ohlrarro 





OFtl^RIFFS ;EXE('OTIp:< is\U:- 

Uud^r and h- virtue of .in ex»coti>n ibsbo-.I j 
out ot -..-.d t:!iUrr the spi1 r.t tho d.^tr.ct coiirt 
of tho filale of ilini).- 'Ota. in 'ind f.-r t.u il»-v- 
oruh judicL-il t' iptrict, and c ".laiy «n X. I.oui.s 
on tho'indrinyof JonelSUo. upon a jubrn.ent 
r.^udcre<l aud dockctwl in sjiid court iy:d e^J»«ri»y 
m an a«ti vj therein.^^iu rem t .o.r,-- Hoi o- 

Jicl»ond..'feulH!itsinf.''.vor ot f^Hi-i i..«inti.. 
ar.dnK*'d defcud.!: ■< f t t(H« s-nr.i of 

lan^, wh'cb ?a d esecuiio!. i.:u. yMW". a-, s i >riit 
of '-.aid S:. LooJiTonnty, bwrvdulv dirr>c;;vl ao'l 
d :liviT< d, : hi vt! levi' d u'lon and w " w'U 
public auctioi., to the hu;!iest ca^^h •- .v.ler. 
the front dooi of the court Lou <• 1 j lee ci-y •■: 
Duluth, iu Kaid couut.v of St. Louis, on batur- 
day the ^Jud l.ny of .fidy. 1^*^ a;, ton o clock in 
theforepooarf thtit dnv, nil the richt. titie 
anil interest tuat the above named ju-lKmeut 
debtor, Siinoi Clark, had in and U. tho real es- 
tate l-.ercinafter described on tbj day of 
\T)rll, 1«W, th :t being tlio dato of the rcuditn.-i 
i.isaid iudiTiiient, thedopcriptionof tuo prop- 
oi'fy bpine art bUows, t»j-wit : 

li);,LM7". Mock ir.:?; lots 1;M4 and 131;. blocu 
y:, in t^rosley Fark ; lots X l. W and U, blocK •!.». 
L;;\kf.view division of Dnhith. The undivided 
oa/^-half of lots 1 to to in 11 In Huator ^ 
Urfi«t'V i'oii't addition U^ Duintt* ; lots 1 i\n<t i 
iu block 1 iu :.lot<ir Line Tark ad-.Ution to Du- 
Inth : th(! nor h 52 feet of lots 33 and 3.. 

"» ■ -^i. > si-Ci. G. S.JS aSPECJFIO 

An iniallitile, ^:afeHnd 'j- 

tffeots a speedy cuix? oi ^ 

t"is.r=. Prove I'tscomv lie-'- , .■' 

wrih which ypuoao 5^'^. ^ iV.A r ^ 

67. PAWk,rv:(NN. 


f. O. Dux Z^: 



A Receiver Appaiidsd. 
Nkw Yokk. July ^—A spc-i.-.l to the 
World from Nia^nira F.'<lls, N. Y.. s.ays: 
Peter A. Porter has been appointed re- 
ceiver for thcCntaract bank. The bank's 
ludJilitiescro fi,J.-56,^^5- '^"'>c 

Uniform Pants! 
lUiie uniform pants in ?M sizes of the 
very best quality ot blue cloth jttst rc- 


C. W. Ericson, 
2 It) West Superior street. 

F OR H£N T. 

Suitable Premises Fir VVhol?s2fers attd Manu- 
Fropcrtv known ri5 Central dockprop- 
perty ou Lake avenue, extending back lo 
No. I slip, i^3 for rent .tt reasonable terms. 
Apply to W. G. Park, No. 347 L^^l^e 
avenue south. 

. — _4 m . ■ -- — — 

Dr. Speer & Co. do as they promise in 
their aa for pile treatment ou pagez . 

Both Cured by Hood's 

Catarrli, Ki-.lncy Co:np!aintv Heart 
Fitllurr, Llvci- Troubles. 
♦'Ithliik It my li-dy to vcltmtarliy tell wliat 
Hood's Karsnp.irlUa has dov.c for myself .-uid 
wife. Last spring ir.y viro In a \ cry bad 
way wiLlikidiiry (\>:ui-Jaiat ; IMt 

MlseraiVtC AH tS^ic Tim© 

jmtl could liardly .i,'o!; r.rci;;ii<l tho house. B6e 

j bcgnn to take iiood'n .S .r-iiiiiarili:'-, nnd iia one 

; -fre*"!! she \v;ia Itnvrovint,'. When hhe had 

I takr.nbnt thv'^i boUlc'i of H'Wd's Rarsanarllla 

«ho V/a^ cwrctf ot tiiat flre-iulul /"^»;i^»|v A* 

for me, I was troublcit with Citarrh. no.^rt 

Failure ami Liver UompLiiid. buficrcd 80 iur 

tousely that 

B Couid r^ot «Soop 

Bt right, nor ge.t ivr; "'- ^* tliror.j^h the day. At 
soon ns I Iny down, my iieart r*oald beat so 
hard that I \70iild ti Rot tip. 1 hiul very 
scvero paiOH Jn iZis umnVl K' Bjy frncU and 
noises \n ^vy 'ead Silli« n iloels of blncU 
birrf.* (dl ti!o;!;.i; ..t on?e. So y«m ^tio I was 
hard up. 1 ai-.o cxpener.c-?d beiicht from 
Hood's :;p.r.:nMilil»v xvt:h>rj t.'. w-. .t tiLer I 
bt".ia t;d:iii<' 'c. J liavc iiuitrnved rv.iidly nnd 
can now sicop bClLcr n.';ra 1 iiava !'■':» y^ar, 
CAii cat and uot b!o;tt .is I uiud to. W prtuso 

Hood's SarsaparilSa 

tor wo think there Is na inedh-lne like it." IIeV- 
BY C. and Maby E. RfciiAUDSOS. Siloam, 

Madison County. N. "1^ 

IlOtn '>rr^II.X.S euro liver ills, constipation, 
bU»OUsJ:i.ii, J4uu4ice, Blck hcadacc, Indigestion. 

Dofwlt hnvWitfb.-^n m.ide jn tlio ra>-ni.-nt. ..1 
the^uri-.f IV, o !'i;ii:lre<l >o.d f. rly uii>i ..o-'J« 
oViOJCido'.Iai. Al.lch ic od iptio (.ue at 
the dal • <f tliis notice upon \ cf rU:n jnr,r.«as:e, 
<luly e.veulotl iu;d deliver"^ by J.'aPKtiiibertpi u 
aed P.-.u'iiio (itlbert-'cu hi-i w.i'o rnorr(Ta«:o!K, 
toJ- i5-.pli Mwitabi, -nortirHKio, iK'ar.DX th<> 
•.i7i li dav of Dec.i.dKT. l^.) >. a':d -vrlth «. power oi 
•-alo lh.'r<-in c otHii.'-d. duly p ct>r'i'-<l in tfio ot- 
l-.ce of She rc-is-tr < f d-j«K- in aod forth-; county 
of St. ro!)lmvnfi:r!(«of Mione_ors,.iii t,;.- 1,31 (1 
day of fJeeembcr, It-tS, at S o'clock B.ta.. m book .1 
of ir.ort(r;i^'<'sou pa-.re235. and no .lelion or pro- 
r.o.t" « h.avi- ir booii ii's'llntivi, ai law or of h^r- 
uir" to recover the deb' spciirol by »ad niort- 
.-■y-i-. or aiiV par'-t'i-reof. . ., ^ , 

Nowt'.on.forn'lxiis hereby Kiven th.->t. by 

[ liorcby off >r for sale to tho liicrbost 
for cash.'th.".!. certain ntock 01 niorclinad'.^'" fo'd 
iis^^^re^• of the latn linn of Do,!(T'> A <'o- "."*' "''T 
i:iK in tiio Ptorn bidldiii;; larely oceup'.'-d by haiu 
tirm in the a! I'Av/i.hxk. 

ih.o t,roi>orty IS Wi'rth RuoutflSiOO. 

Alib'ida must bo iawritiiiT secureiy RcaJ.»i 
n-d addr*'si-ed to 1110 m «.'ire of Schudiit & Ko- 
iiidds, 'J'orroy huildiiiK. Ditlmit, Minn., and rac i 
bid muel be accompanied by a certified chf'ck 
ot" "5(1. .... 

\il bids m'-Jftbe ia my lifnd.-i by noon of 
VvV-d.-iesday, July 12lh, l»v!3. at which tiiuo ttiey 
wi'.J iV) OlHJue I. 1, I • • . 

J reserve tho iigbt to reject any or all »«os. , 

F. H Sir.iiisT, 
As«:ic:n"0 of Dodge &, t.'oi- 
J 3 5-8 


From "Whatever .'^lionlti writx; to 

Dwcfpin .Uenaf, C«B<r lenrtli Street, 

Ills iiAifE WILL coiT vor Stmn\a 

The -^t'tfs* :tw! OaU rrilait'.^ rvrd-'.TJ ottf .- . ' :: r ! ^n f1i« 
dty KortI«rtyirrs<in.ii*4i«»<tl«|a«lj f|;" *• ' *^ 

v-tit loviMt !'«• r:ty f.>rlpr»liu«nt. i,.'-uKi-if - •■' - 

»lon.<',-.> ".itjliiiii OrvnaWi »««.-»•.. "■ 

ftOrVC'Uc US3ll!\y, l-k .f r-H-rir,. If - 

• '. 

imii ; Till! FHir u ■>. n^<-i «■» *^"",."- -v . . .1- 

rif'.h stxeet. Jtdulh proper, tire t 'liviHon . .l.e 
giioftiiauwli of section Cj "\ J^!^^.-^^''? .V. 
north of range 15, we=t: hdst and s inbUickU. 
lots 22, 2-.t, iS, -Ji) an<l ;W in l>!o.-k . : th.i nr.d»- 
vidod one-half tif lot >.■> in block y^^aU m Unt-.- 
tor &, Market, "e Grarey Foint addi.aon to L'u- 
hith • tlie un< ivided one-qu.-irter ot lots 1. 

: « - ■ _ ,'1 . ^.«... ..1.... M riin-r^l 


;:IIEU1F1) S liXKt.'UXiU.S S.VLK- 

vir'uof.r tli" r>ov.erof vn'." crnieined in ^^^^l 
niort4,"iirc. .itid r.irnuant to th««htafiito m e.jrli 
.-tec mad > ae.l i.rovid'<d, th'- 4aidin'>rtsa<e wid 
'10 rwrixlorcd «y ft £;nl« <i ^iie pr.>niinn < o- 
.;orih"d ill mid rotiveyed hv -aid niort(?,j;'<'. vi-/.: 
Lot .laod). r i vve-:iy-iiiiio (f ) '» t'llV'-f 'I"'',',"''' 
— ven (7) ill Si.;ihlin!?'.-i addition to IV.duth, ftlui- 
nrsota. nee, r.hps t-. tho r.Tordod, t.hnr/-.>f 
Oil «lH in the o;Iico of tho r-^'is-tor of 
.:p.d-= in e-ed for Si. county }jltiit,esolji, 
111 :it. f..Muit. »:<>ijiii.v and .-tat*- t-t .Moiiu-ota, 
with ;h> hr.-.ditanii.p!? and .nT.irtetvu.ces ; 
v,iiirh .-alewtltboniHd.^by the fh-ri;! of fiud 
St L'v.iisronnty atth'ifp.ntdoof of th-* court 
j.ouf. ill the city <-f Hii'iiih i;i s;»!<l r-nnty Riut 
Va'.', Oil t!:e V.'.U day of .^tm-nst. VM. at l(>o elwk 
„. ,n.. of that day, -d public vendoe to ttio hifrh- 
, -,t l>idd<T for eish to p.iy said debt ol Vv.» 
^lludr••d fortv nnd iittr,'<!-.)lliiin nnd luuT.stan.l 
f.;,.. 1 ;■•■■. if Imo.oii sii.l )..e.-ni«,es aud f.v.!i:.>-- 
;,v :.s;:.> ihiiliir.-. a'^oraoy".? fc-' «• 'I'- Brtmiat^d oj 
;,u. I 's Piit' moriipti/e in of forr«rl,<suro ana 
t M.'li burEotneiiiM allowed by law; suhjectto i-<!- 
d,»niptio:i at .tiiy tiili' wi'hin ouj j-oar fn'ni tiia 
,lav of tale tu? [".rovfl. d b- law. 
iiuiod July Srd, A| I). iMa, 

Atlminislrat^i;: of the estate of Joseph Stvitaa, 

docoased. MortRdtreo. 
J^(}l r.s i': IIidson, ■ 

1 (Jaly-5-13-19-2ti-Ans-2-9) 

Under and hwhi-no of an execution iP-^iieo 
out of .lud nn«lertl.esealof toe Oiatrict cou-t 
of tho s-tiito of Minnesola, in and for the 
Klevwuh jndicial (tistriot, and ct-tmty of Mt. 
LouiP,oii tho IfUi dey of May. Ihftl. npo-i a 
juV'iiiiii-nl roiiclor<il in the Tnnuieipal e.oiirt o! 
j.le citv of Duiuih, j.tate ..f Mianesoi.-., lU'i 
docketed iu .stiid Court ami oiuity in an ■uiiou 
th^r.-in. wherehi J. l'arker«Towiu»: wan p'Tintiii 
nnd Inn St. Lalnns defeadant, in ..nor "f .-a'-'' 
plaintiiV aud »aid defoodant, tnr tlie 
niii-t of 80V(nty-ui:i-> and ;ir»-im> (W.;>i-iUi>)«i'- law, 
which Mid "xecution hat to ine, hs sherill ot 
nai't St. Tiouis county, beoo duly dir. .nvti and 
(Itdivrtroii. I have levi.',d npun .ibd will t^pH ;u 
puldic anction t^rthe hitthc.-it cavh bid«: llie 
front do'.T of the court lioii^'' in tho ciiy ol l>ii- 
lutlt. insaid co'iuty of St. Loirs, ou famrday, 
xhr 2:!d (lav of .Inly. 1^9"., at t?n o'clock m '."'' 
forenoon of that day, nil the ri^rlit, title aiii m- 
frre>^t. that the above nimed .otdeinent d -Wor 
liia iM. Lar"ii:is had iu and to the real e.^tate 
lirr.'innfUir <h-?rribod o:» tho ".' 'th d.ty of Mai'c.i. 
is;t:!, (hat b, i!i« tin. <h..Ji> of tlio Ooeketiiu; of 
said jtidcmi lit, tUo de.scription if tho ixroiv^rty 
beiiix' as follows, to wit: , . ,» ,^m 

;.oif uunii.vr Kevcaty-.jRht (7S) and ' iffhty (Hii 
East Fourth '..frett, Duluth l.-oper, Aiat divi.j-- 
ioii. aocordiiiflft^i tho rep^irded plat ther^ol, ,111 
eiiid [>rop^vi.y hituutml in tir. Lonia county, sfi;.e 
of Minii.'ft'ita. 
Dutod Uulath, ilir.n., June *, V.9X, 


Sheriff St. Louis t'ounty. Si iun. 
By U. lt.'^M!«TEo^•<;, 

Wi r.sov & We AY . ^ ^ , . _^ 

Attorneys for .ludcmont i redit<ftr. 
June 7-U-2l-2t<, July 6-li-W. 

frand fi in Bocion IX lowu-plup r.l. ranj^e 10: the 
uiidividedthoe-a'Kbth-.ofthe-A'^-of the n\vH 
of t-eeti.m 'IX in towiiM.ip ^|'.".'''r",'-,"S'"','''*-'M ';!' 
^ve6t ; lots X 'X IX 1 1, L' .■''-•<l ^ '" l'i«^^* 'l^ ^;f " 
firia'ao's (Jrassy I'omiT addition to Diiluth; th:. 
. nnborlv il Ind ItVUK) f<H t of lot r, and the s^ 

of tho nw>4 of tho uxf\ and tho n'.ii of the e^\ 
of the tiwVi oi .-lectJoii ■2:. towusliip :>V rdp?-?_ W: 
oil of PHid s.-.-eral lot- in said .-.'.Joral divi?i»ns 
briiK aci^ording to ihe r.>Hi"-ctiv.; p;atR thereoi. in thoot^iroof he riKi. ter of deede 
iu :i::d fo.- V.U Louii» coutity, MoiueMj-j.. 
iJ:tt"d UuUth, Minn., Jen., IHUa. 

I'At t. ^i:.\KVV. 

SliCriir St. I.ooib <V»u:;;y, H'.i.w. 
Jly }1. 11. .\UMHTHOSO. 

i. L. W.\sm;fL-N, 

Attorney for Jutlsrtent < reilitor. 

Juuo 7-14-ul-2S-Ju ty o-!.! U>. 

Olf Ai/lll.>fJS- 

f»ctive M .,., 

,.f .tr.ltiO-., I ■■■ ■ I M . . , . . ,. , 

i^"- 1 t.-.r,i., iv:.«t«tt, iip^4Mr- Onnaturut ai»cn,*rfc 

■ hi A SHiR 2r'i! Ve.-erca( Slseasa, ,^_ ^ 

r.-icnj» OM Snif.;, ' ,. 

c*",.". |." i''o'''!y "'• .1 

V.'.'^"''* ? **"',"' "■■ »C I O Ni E V 

KhtUUiAClNt.l. lilt* I-^ ,...-, J r^. 

^iivut wr UK' IV inn . 

OS. BRiMLEY, MlWi^- v^is. :. 'K 

Alt <«--* 

SUITS 18 Orier, $20! 
nm 18 Oiler, $5! 

rt^Il UKAltiNti 

Term, Jtmc 25th, 
f Nets Perssen, 

Perfect Fittine: r.nd 


iP F»>i: 


hnvTE OK iliNNKROTA, > 

l"ot•-^•ry Ol ST. ions. \- 
In Frobttt/J <?Ourt, Sii©;iaJ 

Infho matt'p of the estate o - .- 

Otherwise .lailed Nels Pet'trr^'n. dwoase.l. 

On reeeiviotfanvl tiling the piiition of CO. 
Noison, of tl<- county of St. Umis roproaer,^- 
ini?. anioiiRt ther ttnnRti, that Nel«l ."imon alias 
Nej^ I'ettors.nt. late o. the i.'inifr "f,,°^- V"'"% 
5U tho ptati' of MinnesotH. on the i>th • lay of 
Way, A. U. ^VW.nt tho c-inty o? ->t if^}]]^- 
di.d intestate, andbeint: an inhjibitant of this 
county, at t le time of bin d ;.-,t,b. leaving goods 
c>iatt«!p, niu ! estato wi", li-i this county, and that 
theeaid peltioaer isa.?'M.t for tii.> tioirs of sai.t 
d..eeased. at;dpray;n>r that administration of 
(-aido.jtat'^l.'^tohiui gr.ii.led; „_,i k-... 

It i« ord-n- Ml. that litud iw.ition be heard be- 
fore haid court, on Thnrs.1ay, th» twenvi' th day 
of .Inly, A. D. JW;), at teno ihiek a. ni, ax iiie 
probate oflioo. in nnlodi in "^ahl county. 

Older.*.! Farther, that notice tt'.reof bo given 
to the hiTir.i of «Hid di eo.-.swl aud to aU per^A^ns 
intorehted. by pnhlMiuiB this ord.-r cii Wediu-s- 
d.»v in e,".eh week for thr-e enecessive we.'k8 
prior to .aid day of heaiiUar. lu Iho Duiuih 
kvonin,'; llorald. a laily nowmvaper printed and 
piibli-h'Ai a UuhithiijVaid county. 
Dated at Jhluth the 2(>th day of June, A. u. 

By tho (;onrt. 

Phixeas Ayer, 
rSoall Judge of Probate. 



Ciitliff Eros., 

^1 1: RCII A N T T Al LOKS. 

o^•ER iPK.vL\i:r.\vt. 

gelisn Fsinalo Pills 


RfUova Hnrrre*«P<*d 
]tfen!>rrutif loiL. I' fed 
^uocts^fuily hy thout- 
.sods of pror:-.ri»ent 1»- 

dks rwrir •;•■ Thor- 
otisiily n'.iatjio end 
6«te. Vt'm'i twoaty 
limes Iticr weight t\ 
Roll fcr /,i»..;> <r-rp- 
vl'uiti: , . i< jvcr kuowa 

6<H.t b-- mail •eaMI. 
tor»2. AdcL-va* 





Tbe AcLiO Bcdicli 


\rc!«t«rn BraBch, 
Kox 27. PorU.\ii«l, Orefffm. 

Si.ld in Dnlutii hf Max Wirth aud SoUe«k * 

I Walbauk 







( m 









r \ 




-iw.T" »sf^t' '-ir-:»-'jt^J- y37^W 

M i i BibniWJ 

I.IIK»«JMi i W i|i M«l l 1 l '^^^■gl 



The Fourth Passed Off With an Entire 
Absence of Fires or S?\cr.' 


of tho r:.i,,c.s .\'ni Ci-ivbrations Were 
rostpor.ed and Will Bo !!t!d 
Later On. 

M ♦•'■•'! oe McClur.-> Have; Laid Off the Night 

Crcnv B.'Cfi'jsa the Docks Arc 


The silver lining to the dark clouds ol 
Y>" tc-nlay at West Duluth was found in 
*.:o absence ol fires ami severe casual- 
luh,. 'Ihe only inmry reported as yet 
was the Dreiuature explosion of r. u>y 
cannon iti the bands cf a youni: man by 
the naix^e of McDonald. Hie fac<,- and 
eves wore prcUy bad'y burned with pow- 
der but not seriously and he is tol>e con- 
j;ratulatcd on escnpinjj with so slight in- 

jjries. All the picnics which hid been 
arranjjsdf'i r'l.' ,; v w.-;. •..■;*> r [ip^^t- 
poneti or . 

'^'■; cek-i i i I."'. .1, ;;ic uuit ci Foiuth 
was {instponed until next Sun- 
'V. \. h:n the lull program will be 
a" .Trranijed for the Fourth. The 
L take p!;.ce at 9 o'clock in the 
, .LCCORjpanied by the city band 
. ih, and the remainder of the day 
ise:nent and sporis 
.' 1,'rounds. 
Dr. I'oTbes announces that the ad- 
dress which he was to ileliver on the 
I'trand avenue grounds will be delivered 
at Ihe Methodist church next Sunday 
evcr.intr. The Or.eota picnic was posf- 
poiied Sine ilie. The siilinf: party which 
was to picnic at Spirit island icaiheredat 
the ple.isant home of R. \V. Mais where 
thcv enjoyed tbt- eveniv.t; !'>. a Cviueral 

Purest. Strongest 
Goes Furthest. 



The MsrACl Was Easier antl Tradng Very 
Li-nilcd Today. 

Tlip wliPat niarkt't lioro ttiiljiy wasdii'laud 

lo\% or. 1 1 opcnwl easy and ruled weak Ui pour!:- 

ont ilio w h(»li- FC»8liin, whilo tbc tradiui; was cf 

verysnniU proportltins. t'as'.i wheal er.- 

tremi'ly ■•nil. foMinrr f^rly lit 'ic bo'.'>w Silvir- 
day'.-' ri- -i^ and afti>r\vards «i«»oiiijiri;T ';r mi>ri>. 
.Tu!y opi'-'.-d ':C luwtT'IiHU Sntnrdny at Ctyjc, 
but t!i.^ f!r»t tradin'; w.iit at. Oic. It si\ih«'cijit^ui- 
ly fold iliiwn U» 111 ',;;: aud U>!<t 'ar niiiro btfoiu 

I fi,; ■:.,.■. H-'-onihAp wa3 thi> favorite dcai, 

iwoMhftu tha last fiiiornt !'>ris 

. . 1 !i-iag '<t*a li'.y t-> OTAJc \vi tl: fair 

i iivuiuiK. i'iiit* was folUiwi'il by h 
dcrliiK- to tUc - cpt?ainK iS-jilres avM 
jt inii'd ilull durinir <Iim last hr>iii-. 
faJ'itiir »>;T aii<>t:ii'>r -jO. I'hocioso was di'M and 
woak. tradiiiii duritKr tlio ianr hour bi.Mr.»; jinic- 
lioally nottniicr- Ca^li auil July wheat ci.noi! 
•'jr It'wor tl'iiii Satar.'fty, Soi'tiemocr Ic lower 
aud track wh'-'nt to arriro ' jC lojkfr. Fo"owiui; 
won' ttie cli>:io'r tirioi>e: 

No 1 Uard. cash, *'<V,ic: July, 6l?;c; Scp'ci\i- 
b-r. Tfl'Sc. Ko. 1 tiortli.-ru, cash. 01c. July, 
fiPr.r. y»>i>t('inber. G7c. No. '2 uorthern, c.asli.f'i ' ;C. 
No. o, 52'1-c. Ii>-j»«"fj^d, 47o. ()M track— N\>. I 
l!orthi>ru to arrivulWc. Ityc, 4Jc. 

Car iiii*{>''Ctioa t^iday — No. i liard, Ocars; No. 
I I'orKH'ru. Ml*; No. '' nortboiu, II; 
No. .T i>prinv, 1; ropctcd. 7 ; total, 4:t"J. Kecciii's 
- Wboat. l.")S,u-. bu«. iSliipinontti— Wliont, 7i;i,>»T'.< 
ha-'. Car.^ o)i trac!c-St. I'aul & Dnlutli, U : 
Norliiorn PHcflic It?; firiv.t Novthoru, iiril : 
Omatia, i; f.'tal, W! ; la.>t year, ^0 ".. 

Weekly Slatemenl. 

BhowinR the Btoclc of RTaiii in stor'^at Duhitli 
(by^rados) for the woekyndiDK Salvrday, July 
1. 1^1'3: 

WilchcM & McCiurc Have Taken Off the Nirht 
Crsw a! the Mill. 
The s.awmilis started up again this 
mornirjEj after a temporary shot down 
for the Fourth. The Mitchell cS: Mc- 
Ciure company took off the right crew 
on Saturday whi. h throws about 2comen 
"lit cf employment. This action was 
occasioned by the lack of sufncient dock 
room for the storaf:e of lumber. .Al- 
though the bnits li.ive . t.a'<{(jn 
inisieuse >.-s o :t as rapid- 

ly as ,' itie, the null 

is of such capacity that upon running 
continuously it is an iccpossibdily to 
carry away the lumber iks fast as it is 
iiiannfn.cturcd. The increase in dock- built at ihe Merrill ^- Rinrj mill this 
pving ciK'.bV-s that company to still cm- 
p. .V anight crew and as far as it is :«t present the mill wili continue 
* ' - -'-'"-.t and QAv. 

West Duiuth Briefs. 

.\ complaint for assault was brought 
against John Capliss in justice court this 
morr.ii:;.^ and lie wms lined $5 and costs. 
The rielcndent was arrested for sbi^ging 
a man who was creating a disturbance 
ia Mr. Capliss' s.aIooii. 

'xenic McDon.-ild and Miss Sadie 

, .;, both cf lirr^inerd, are visiting 

for two weeks with Mrs. John Hughes, 
of the Tremont house. 

A. Campbell, formerly of Bay City, 
Mich., hau located with his family on 
Third avenue west. 

Wilbur .Merritt and family, of Oneota, 
are visiting friends in Icwa. 

Dan Kcjfe has returned home after a 
wedding trip to Chicago. He left his 
bride iri St. rani for the present. 

Tlie Salvation army of Duluth will 
hold an open air meeting on Thursday 
•■vcning near the postofhce after which 
tliey wii'l conduct scrv^ice at the Presby- 
terian church. 

A love feast wili be held at the Methc- 
disi chnrch on Thursday evening. 


The lllusirn exhibition at iq West 
.Superior street is getting to be more 
popular as their st.av is pnilonired. On 
all sides one i ir merit aiscussei. 

The rtewoiie. ; -rite, is, if possi- 

ble, better than the statue turning to life. 
A beautiful womi" ■'-..•=; up jn .space, 
tiirrs and njoves . iiy aboiit and 

finrlly dives from i-;;;:;t; tbe ether illu- 
sions .arc also shown. • 

Fatal RaUroaiJ V/rcck. 

Whkfling. W. Va , Inly 5. A serious 

■ :currt,-d :it 7 o'< h)ck yestealav 

-; on the i'iitsbujg. Wlucling & 

Kentucky railroad a ir-.w miles above 

•'1; -M-. '■■.r.,.a:.'ing rails v/as ll'.e cause. 

:e over an om- 

' t hi-.h. Fireman 

. . If, Ohio. washiilcJ 

;.mU acvcrui pusic^ ' eia were hart. 

No. 1 hard wheat ■ 

No. 1 nortborti 

No. 2 u<>rthf!iii wheat 

No. :l ."priu,:; v.boat 

.No ^rradi! t-iir'nn \vlir>at 

itpjietpd and coiido!uii»>d wlioat 

S;,'Orial biu wlicat . 

Total wheat in stors 

Decrease durinir ti>c» week 

n ston> tliix dtita last yoar 

Docron>'f" for t)ia w«ck last year 

.'>t<!pk of ryo iiow lu f-'oro 

St4>ck of barley now in »torc 

Stock of Has seed now in storo 








2.077.; :; 


The Minneapolis Rffarket. 

Mtnnkapoi,is. Jn!y .%.— >Vb«Ht. : July opened 
at.V.i^ic and cloFod at .")Sc: Scptcmb.-r 
opiuud at i'A'S'C. Ami cl()s»>il at til' -c. On tr'ick 
—No. 1 uard, til'.r: No. 1 ntirthTu, ."{''ic; Nt<. 
3 nor«iera,;',C.' .♦/ .'.7' ^e. 

The Chicago Market. 

CiiicAfiO. Jnly ."j.— t loHinff iiTicPs: Wheat. 
Jnly, b'Wihic: Antrn.&t, tkj't; S; 'pirinbcr. To^ic. 
forn. .July, '.ih^ic : Aucnit, 40''r'-' ?ic ; Septrndjcr, 
Mit.'i'-^c. Oars, .!:ilj, l'7'; .\UKiiHt. i'i„: 
.S«'ptciubi»r. :;t>!,-,c. Pork, Jnl.v. Sl»-:.7.*>; .Si"i)tP!u- 
b.:-. JA'.IJ. Lnrd. July, i".*.tO; t.e;.fomb -r, 

Ncv./ York Breadstufls. 
New York, July .'>. -i'lour: iJcHeipt". 12:5.171 
pncliasrcs: sales, 14«."> packai^eH; etato and 
Western, (jnirt Htid steady: low tvtrao, Sl.^r.'tr 
i'll; rity ni'd j);iton«?, 54.4(1''' l.tiO; fair to, 
$J.4riT(,3.4.'i; Msuucrf'ta cl<»nr. $2..'iCff :t.iiij; patPiitH, 
.■fl.(Oi'" 1 •1(>: 'iiprrl'n->. $1.7:,.W"J,-r> : cjty mills. *:;.;"> 
"■'ii.ti); v.'iiittfr vLfnls, l(>»v prad.^f.. ^/l.t^.'iCc^.J'i ; 
patoiitv, $:i.I0»«4.(,); Str-uThth:, $:l :!'«» I.IJO. riy« 
mixtr:rey. l^ZW'rMO; li-ie, $t.">o»'"_'.4((, U'lmat: 
K'C-iTjt«. 1,11;') -JX) bns ; sak'.<j, 27(),(;)"i bus ; No. L', 

^' -^'.c h;eii»T. fell 

■'.•'*, advanieil ';,C' He, 

.'•le^i'ly an<l liiO' ; local tradu oidyj .fnly. 7S'/. 
A'ii?iist, 7-' • ■• ; civuleinbpr. <fi'i'*<Sc; I'-'- 
cemlx-r, l>yp. ijiii'>t ami ?5t,>»»Iy; 

Wu.'itern, .' :'.»rn: Iteceipls, Ut'.lCO t>n^; 

b"alos. 2:fl.«.'ii<t bus; No. 2 linn and <|tiint; Jnlv, 
47?.i:o ; Au«^'i5t. i^Jiii i'Je : Scpteniber. 4»"s(i' ?ic ; 
No. 2. •1M,'"4;'C. Oata: Jteceipts, :i.V1.45ij btin ; 
ealcH, .VKIO bus; No. 2, dull aud fteady; July, 
:!l\c;state. ;i,»i42; >Vct<tirn, 31'./' i2c. 

The Foreign Markets. 

London. July ">.— Tho pr.'-in markets opened 
irreirular. At LiTorpool wLent was <|nier, but 
tt' idy; o;d winter '^d hi^^her and ( alifiirnia 
'•d lower: corn '.i<l hitdjor aft'T 'jil jidvance 
liiid fieliriK appears v.v .iker. .'it L-niion, car.i^oes 
ol I'aUfoiui'i wbiat*;diipmenf!d lower: lloatiiiv 
rarj^ocs of wb?at qtiiet bnt steady: wheat and 
roru <ju, fof.litif;; apiifarn weaker. Trie 
Fr'>iic!i marker 5 were unchancwl 'I'lio weather 
ill tLt> L^uitod Kin.'jdoni was fair after suowerr. 

Cattle and Hogs. 

I.'. S. YAuns, CiufAoii, .iiiiy r,.-rattlc: Po- 
ceiuts. '^i.OMl; weal;. Hoiis : ftncRiprs. 2I.I)|,1J: 
f\>m. Kft.Z'ic itiKh(>r;~n)iscd and nieduiiL', S."^.!;'! 
(y- <).i:. ; liwht, Si.'iJC' J.lS.Sheep : Ilocoipts, V.'X > ; 

Prirato Wires to rhice^fo and New Yor.V. 
X07 and irw ('hamber cf Commerco. 


A.iothof Spocia! Ag?nl. 
• .ilN'OTO.v, jui, 5 — Acting .'^ccre- 
t:iry H-iinlm ha.s at>r>ointed C. S. Cra'n, 

ol illiiiois, to !■ • ■ ■ agtnt. 

Exci;rsicr. to isie Hoyale. 

Tlic aieani'.r Oisdrat'c w;ll L.... ; 
loK- R«>yal'j .S.aturday evcnirg at 7 o'clock ! 
•rnm the Fifth avenue doek, spending 

' '.lay ^Ti the If.l.:nJ anrj returning ar- 
;ivc;it Dubuheariv Mu.Tclay morning. 
Kfn;!;d trip and berth ^^4. Rtserva'inns 
ran bu made with F. B. Ro-.s, 428 West 
Si! pel ior street - '". " '"'1 :dge at the 
dock ofdce. 

• . the 0?sifrai'r. 

■;■ — • '•• .it 7 p. r:i. for th.: 

' ■" r. 15. Koss, ngenr, 

uT at the duck 

'J -J I c\: ^Ci . 

berths in thisc 
<■ '•' iM.-ig f.'Om 

.St. h nr Su- 

. . F..ll«. 

..,1. Foikp, 

' • , riinte, Spok- 

' • ■ oUV 

: :. : ,.:>!c 

;;.c Nordiern I'a- 

The Market Orensd Dull and Lower. But 
Firmed Up. 

New York, Jnly .i.—Tlu! nt.jck market opened 
very doll with aKOn^rnl ?i adin-^ in jtricss. T.he 
tlociino. howfv^r, was in fract.i<iD<i. Atchii'on 
dor.Iined to 21'vi, Bnriiuuiou <k Qnincy to>'>'j, 
N«.rthw'-stern to 10:!^fl, .St. I'anl lot'J^, Kock 
Itiand to 7(», Loiiisvidot*. Na.'-h>-il'.f to tflh', .Mi^ 
soiiri Pacific t,o ;!?. Northern I'acific to ;rj ami 
flnion Piici'ic toi4:;. Sub*- 'Hi -iTly KaUiiiioro 
i Ohio ro?<« to i>'.\, .St. Paul to 67'i. .\tch»Boa to 
L'l'i a.;d Unioa Fac !h to 21';. 

In the ..p>_'/-i(.j'ia-» Denver A lt!o(}randn pro- 
feir-d fell ctf to »'. and Now York. Suxtiiie- 
i.a iia it VVe.stf ru 'teolined elitrhtly. Kxtrenio 
diiTre^s prev.'Ml>.d in the in<liiiitrrk'n. (iuiicral 
Kleetr.c foil o'T \ to I7',j. Load commuH -'.i tr> 
T-'U and .Snuar l^oHuin;; -.J f(, t!,.,v. ('h:ca;fO 
fittrt ruse li to 60. 


a £l';i 

,.;. • V, ^•"'' 

I'.-icairo tine tx> 


. imii 


•!v.'auna & We8t'ul44 

uvUle »K7j 




(".. &. N. W" 

.St. i'Hul.. 

Dr>- • 

^ew i:,u«ja»;d 

Northc.'U I'gcidcll 


I'f'aoiDif ^ 14 

'i.d Tarutiufij." '.'.'.'..'.. "io" 

. m!<t __ s->V. 

t'leitic ,..."„ri. 2li,, 

' ITnlon spj 

-. Trust i;4ij 










Ossifrage Trip to Isle Royale. 

Saturday evening at 7 sharp the Ossi- 
frage loaves for Isle Royale speudit^g 
.Sunday there and ;irriving in Duitith 
carJv Monday Ronnd tripard 
berili ;<4. Row boats carried fic-. T. •- 
serve accommodalrjns carl v. 

Spend !f,',ijiig .a Isie Roy.'ilc. 
The ( »;,::'r 'r«- .'ea-.cs for that p'aix* Sat- 
tit- ir 7. Rojal trip $4. 

iMn't miss the Columbian Mir.strels at 
t^c L>ccuni Friday, the 7th. .^-^ei's jiow 
ou jaie at f.yceunt box ofliec and Duiuth 
DrvR store, 201 West Superior street. 

Oidck.r Time to Pi-gct Sound. 

Nofthein Pacu'ic train No. i leaving 
St. r.iul daily at 9 a. m., Mirmeapolis 
9:353. m., makes the rui: to Puget .Sound 
ten hours (pii. kcr th m ;t ia made by any 
otbdr route. 


Port ol Duluth. 


I'mp Moiiarcli. i''arnift ; pa^^»k>tlKl>rtl und nier- 

I'roi* tC. 11. 41(tle, (.alike iCrie: eoal. 

Sr*ir John ftlartin. l.ako tCrlo; coal. 

Sehr Adriatic. Lake l'>ie ; rual. 

I'rot* Shiddou. Lako Kno; coal. 

Sohr Kty, Lake Krie; coal. . 

Prop No»raiuec, Ki^lly Itlauil ; limestone. 

Prop Toni Adaius, ).,akn Rrie ; coal. 

I'n>t> ItoDntdio, lin!c(> iirie; coal. 

Prop NecofWi. I...1U0 Krie; coal. 

I'fop OeorKi' \\ . l!.i»by,»|j(ike Krio ; roal. 

Prop .\iontntia. UntTalo; nierchaii<iiti <. 

Prop Meiiia, linllaio'; i>a»t>enKer«» and inercliati- 

Pn, p ManHiOtt-', lishl for ore. 

l'ro;> Kittie Korbep. Lakn; coal. 


Proi< (iratwick No. 'X Uul-Talo; (lour. 

I'rop lll.iiir-hard, < >f:densi:nif ; Hour. 

l'roi» Jaytiould, t'liica^;o; ]>n.s^«ttn|fer«<and mor- 

Prop .lapan, niiiTalo; passcnjiors anil iiier- 

The Sauit Passages. 
Sauct Stk. Makii:, Mich., July 5.— 
(Speci.U to The Herald. l-Up: Coloniac, 
leeway go, Chcstah, 4:30 p. m,; Fayette 
I'.rowti, »<; j. F. Owen, Mtohigaii, Nichol- 
son, 10; ,Spencer. l'ennini;ton, 11; Kelly, 
Warner, Kimb:d],Southw.;st, 11:30; Mar- 
itana, 7 a_ m.; Christy, S()l Smith. Pope, 
8; Livingstone. Juniata, 9:30; Reck, 
jNIariska, 10:30. Down: Mcnitor, Fitz 
Hugh, In: Owen, 7:30 p. m,; Oliva, Mout 
Blanc, 0; Maruba, Lyon, 1 1 ; \'anderbilt, 
ic»;3o; H.arper, '^r-,o a.m.; J. C. Lock- 
woe d, L;uigell, fioys, 6:30; Moore, 7:30; 
Grxtwick, No. 2, q; Nyanzi, 10. 

Ocsan Stoamr.hjus. 

New York — Arrived; Majestic, Liv- 

MoJvilic— Arrived: Anchoria, New 
York for Cilasgow. 

The Greatest Advertiser. 

Lx-Po:tmastcr dencrai Johu Wana- 
rr:akcr,of Philadelphia, i)neof the richest 
ami most succeSsftLl m-jrchanli in .Atncri- 
ca, in ;i lldlimort^ sreatise said: 

"I do ciy heaviest advertising in dull 
times. TJ.ien is when people look most 
keenly for bargains, are anxious lo know 
just how much a thing costs, where they 
can save m 'jney. 

"1 advertise particular things, give 
prices and. ((ualities .and take as nmch 
pains with m> anuouncenients as I do 
with my st»?k. 

"1 always use the most space in the 
paper the pc^O[>le the most carefully the popidar publication, in 
other words. 

"Advertising is like hotel keeping. One 
big dinner wili not make nor keep up 
the reputatii'U of the house; stcadv, good 
cooking does it. In advertising it is the 
same. 1 never permit interest in my 
announcements to lag, and I never miss 
an issue of my chosen publications. Ad- 
vertising has rruide my store the largest 
in the country. Anybody else can do 
the same." 

-Royai Ruby' Port Wine. 
If you are reduced in vitality or 
strength by illness or any other cause, 
we recommend the use of this grand old 
port wine, the 'very blood of the grape. 
A grand tonic for mothers nursing and 
those reduced by wasting disease. It 
creates strengtih; improves the appetite. 
Nature's own rv:medy, much preferable 
to drugs, gura'anteed absolutely pure 
and of age. Young wine ordinarily sold 
is not fit to use. Insist on having this 
standard brand, it costs no more. $r in 
quart bottles only. Royai Wine com- 
pany, Chicago. J" or sale by S. F. IJoycc, 
druggist. I 


Street Arc Lighting:. 

As the matter of ths extension of the city contract to the Hartmoo (iwcwil 
Fleclric Company for a periud of five year.s is now bctoro tbc c«nimr ti coiutcd of 
this city thtt following table of prices and local a)iuntions will bu intcr.:3ting. This 
table was prepared by the Denver Consolidated Klcctric company :\ud a|)pears to 
have been prepared with great carr. It wili be seen from ibe fuliowi ig tuble that 
the average price paid in '(^i for all night lamps per year i« $1^0.7^ The 
average price paid ti»r al! circuits per lamp hour i;o393. The irropc^sition of the company is to do the lighting for this city ut abcat one^Iiirdit'ss thAjo the 
;iverage ptice piid in all cities having contracts. 































Scbedulooti Whiok 

; a 







Lamps Iturn. 




• 2. 

i 8 

: 3 


• n 

. V 

• .-_. 

irrninrhaifj. . 







ft fin 



f UlS Oil 




All jii;;bt 


1: s;o 

i')') («• 


K 1 W 



II atlon. 

new Hampshire. 

MaiiclioHor 50,000 

Coiic.ird I7,W1 

Nrtfliiia 1K.:11I 

PortMuouih . . . '.',h;;( 


St. L<ui» 500,000 

Kprincllelil 21.850 

KaiiiHS ("lly...lNl.tOt» 




















Schedt'.le cm Which 
LuRii>a Burn. 

All night 


All nlirht 

All nik'lit, till la. m 


All niclit 

Dark t'jdayliglit.... 






? • 

«,»!.Vl WmJ^T 



4 Ui 

2 U 


■; "z 

t'M HI 

Hi i*j 

hi> I J 

91 r. 

Ill Oii 

in (i-i 



.04 U 





?1 1,200 AUuiabt....^. 

Cm all I . 




Little Itock.... 25,R74 


San rr:iuclBC0.2W,9:i7 



8,800 3 15 0.1 >:; .0:^18 117 t*H 

10*2 2.f,D0 All nigh', excptfnll 
tnooa _ 


.San i)ies:o 

tian .Jose 

Stock ion... . 



CoVoSprirgB.^ 11,140 a 










2.11; J 








5 i-O 

. 8 W 

. 6 '%) 

174 ( ) 

144 I. » 
102 I 1 

era 7.-. 
2t>s i;\ 

ana t h 
vti •:.■:, 

210 L-'l 

Drnver 125,01;) 

I'neblo 24,.V>5 

1 4iT2 



All ni»;ht, 

All nitiht 

AM nixht 

-.. - .<« . 


water PO tjo M Ou 







New iiritaln .. . 

Hew Iliiveo 

."Jew London 




I'lituani .. 




^Ar illiinHiitJc 



























Hard to Botieve! 
But it's a fact', it at we can take your 
measure and make you a good business 
suit to order for only $16.00 and up- 
wards. Call and inspect our heavv as- 
sortment of nampl'js nnd be convinced. 
Perfect lit guaramcd or no sale. 
C. W. FluicsoN, 
zrg West Superior street. 

Special World's Fair Rates. 

On acctnnit of the World's Columbian 
exposition the St. Paul tS: Duluth rail- 
road will stll one way and round trip 
tickets to Cbic.-.go at greatly reduced 
nates. Tickets on sale .\pril 25 to Oct. 
31, inclusive, and good (or return p:i.ssage 
up tv) Nov. 15, J-'or further information 
apply ti> F, B. Rnss, 

Northern passenger ag^mt, 428 West 

Superior street (Spalding hotel.) 


Wilmiutfton.... 61,1:!! 3 X\ 
Dist. cf Columbia. 
Wavhin^ton.... 330,3;" 1 a")0 


Dark io iuidni«ht 

I>loo!j sch'd'lo to 12:35 

All niffht. 

Darlv to 4 a. m 

Dark to 1 a. m 


All liiRht, HOO nigUta. 

Darii lol a. ni 

Dark to 12 m 

Dark to 12 m 

Dark' to 12 in ..... 


Dusk to It p. m 

I>ti8k to 12 m 

Dnt.klor2 ni 

Allniwht, i'tCawbts. 
Du(*k to a. m 

.Ml night.... 









1,6.''. > 

•1 50 
2 .50 
t 2'> 

3 50 

n 4.5 

3 .',0 

4 20 

4 :» 

4 <.K) 

a 7.7 

5 00 

4 4.7 

4 05 

120 0) 
IJO ( I 
1S2 CJ 

127 7.5 
{¥) 0) 


00 00 

11 :> 0) 

1)1 r I) 

121 1) 

105 m 

75 IX 1 
f!(i »)) 
i'li (<i 
75 (1) 

PS <(.) 

«;i 7:. 

75 0-) 
W M 

121 (A 
'M i<0 





.0:117 . 
.04 >t) 






i:ts tr, 
j"'(i <''» 
i:;2 t ) 

127 75 
vr, 23 
111 ra 

'.)!) CiO 
125 72 
113 02 
124 10 
2-0 i:, 
117 ^7 
i>H 41 
17ii 41 
I:*) IV.) 

1» 01 ) 
144 i ^1 :«) 

lii7 2fi 
M!) ftf 
Ml 4.7 

New Jersey. 

Jerfveji City 183,003 

KiiiuJiiHb .:... 4l,hOO 

No walk P»l,S<Ji) 

'J'reiit.tin e.'i.O'JO 

4'anid.n C0,(«.( 

J'aU^-imm 7«,847 

Atlantie i;j,o.'.r. 

I'nthaic V.^MJ.'^ 

new York. 

Ktnah \mpton . 3ri.0u5 

Hroitklyn 970,04il 

Hlniiri 37,(i(!) 

PoiU'l kocpsin . 24,t(;) 

Anbiiru 25,H5S 

HuJlalt. 3lK).<Ki() 

Katav.a 7.221 

Troj .. 0.>,i;(»i) 

l^>cki iirt 16,03S 

JtoclK "tor U\<KH) 

Hyraciiee lOJ.t^n 

Konif* U.OiJl 

Caunridaiffna.. 5,i*s 

Newai k 

Johui- owu ..1 1,%'i 

Hot>hiok Falls 

I'fica 4M,0(1) 

Kciien.ictad y . . 25.01:;) 
Ithacf! 11,07'.» 

North Dakota. 




Hprins Held 



Muuijisld i;<,47;* 












2.0()T Allniffht... 
2,tiS) AUniijUt... 


All iiiirht 


All niffht 

All nijtht ... 

All ui*fht 

All uiffht 


2 57 l«Mi M 

1.5 Ui 


4 000 

;<,p> > 









5 1,?32 

5 5:i<) 









AlliihTht 4.00D 

AllulKht 3.K« 

All ni»rbt .•}.fic) 

Allnlifbt 3,;u 

All niKbt 8,«S» 

All niitht 4.(rii> 

All niijnt 4.00'J 

AHiiWit 4,000 

AUniiTht ;v«ioo 

.Ail niRhl S,tUi0 

All ui«lit a,ti.'(0 

Alluiphi... ;i,:'M) 

Uoon ccbp<lulo to l^m 1,3,0 

Moon reb( dale to lam l,;*io 

Mood Fchedule ly 12 fn 1.2>t(| 

Moon hcIkxIuIu to 12 m I.«;*2 

Alliiixht.. J1.6THJ 

Al! ni«Ut 4,000 

7 bour.-*,pcr nijfht 23Hc 2.555 

a 40 »22 25 

2 40 l:'5 C<i 

8 15 r-H lu 

3 05 142 :C. 

t »> j:» u 

i 05 15:< :«) 

t h5 114 III 

1 70 131 4) 

3 «5 1-3 r-o 

1 Ml 102 2') 
3 00 U.t M« 

2 C5 II. I IX) 
2 :m 111 75 
2 Oi »I5 CJ 
2 -M 14o UI 
2(.l ':; III 

WMT»>r v« 2.1 

2 ',i 101* 5<J 
:t no l.M 4i 
2 45 |i5 U) 

2 '« ori ou 
Wntw* 75 UI 
\v'ato> fill l«J 

3 15 127 75 

:i ()'> no !«) 
2 6J w ;i 















. 10,S01 

. .•il,W5 



:i5 a.C03 AUai^ht... 

('antoi . 
Sfuiduaky . 
Mabuilcu . 

20,189 2 














2,'. : 


, . 


1,2 t) 



'Ai< > 





4,000 3 50 li54 I) .Wlil 104 r^ 

Lancaster . 

Norwi Ik' 


N'tb I:altimoro 
<'ohinihu8 t\150 


Pittsburg 27.5.000 3 4 1,2«0 

Lancapior S2,(!ll fi 73 

Wiltiaiisport.., 27,l:<2 .5 200 

All.>iit.)wn 25,2v< %' 114 

I'hiliu elphia l.H2.«i:l 1 l,4tK) 
Wilkeibarro... 10,(C:i 3 Ml 

iScranfou IK",! 7.) .. 400 


^1' ni^ht 4,0(J 3 15 1S2 f-O .t)l5fi 1^2 60 



.Macon. . 



.K0( •!) 

.. .ri,: )3 
.. 32, 7 W 
.. «),c..8 

Joljet 2;l,-'''4 

Ciiic.'JKo l,4;'j).(:;)') 

(iale.'-bnr*. ,..,,. J5,:-'til 

Helena and Butte. 
The Norliiern I'acilic ia, the only trans- 
continental line running tis through Pa- 
cific C">is: triins via Helana and Butte. 


Ei.8:ht letters and four syllables. 

Mix them up and you Jiave nothing:. 

But properly arrantjed they make a 
word familiar to tiie civilized world 
— a word that stands for all that is 
pure, energetic, and effective in 

Think of it. 

From_ a small be.q;lnnin2:, " atrainst 
prejudice and opposition, against 
monied hosts and trade iiidiiference 
CUTICURA has become the greatest 
curative of its time. 

No power on earth could bar its prcj:- 
ress because it did its appointed 

In every clime and v/ith every people 
it has worked wonders. 

Its cures have approached the mir. 


Have been expended in advertising it. 



Could not purchase the daily com- 
mendations of its grateful friends. 

Such praise cannot be purchased. 

This is the secret of its success— of its 
world-wide popularity — of its won- 
derful sale —of its constant growth. 

It is stamped iij^on the hearts of the 
once tortured, disfigured, and hu- 
miliated everyvvhere, never to be 
effaced while'life shall last. 

Such in brief is CuTicL'R.\, the cura- 
five marvel of the age. 

POTTER Drug and CtiiiMiCAL Cor- 
poration, Bozton, U. S. A. 

Danville ... 



Mount Vt^ruon. 
Jacksonville.. . 


Sonth IJeud.. 
Torre I: ante. 
I'^vni.s-vi'.Je ... 


Des Moines... 
I'nrlircion ... 


























. 2I,>«1'.» 
. :;o.2l7 
. .50.751 









DavcniK)rt ;!5,0(;0 



lioriffe City. . 


D.TO7 3 

23.fi5« 5 








2,000 Dark todnylii;h».... 

2.000 Jlark toduvliwht 

&l<Kiu rcbedulo 

.... All night. 312 uJghtB. 


Al! idffht .^ 

Moon rchi'dule....,,. 

Moon bchcdnle ,. 

Moon scLednIo 

Moon schedule 

All iiiRlit. «'xcc-pt 
rDrx>nli»;ht nicbtH . 

Moon pchedulo 

Moon t-cheduli^ toi2fn 

Dark to 12 m 

Mfton ^:chedulo to 1 
a. Hi 

Moon scliediilo to 12m 

Dark to 12 ni 

Moon Schirdnlrt 

Moon Aciiedulo 

Mo'jn Aciiodule 

3.3' ) 

8 03 


3.650 water 
;i,«r.;i oil 

2,2.'0- 2C3 
2,2(<) Wafof 

2,2< » 

2.2' O 
1.5( ) 


1 25 


1 40 

loti ro 

72 ( > 
12(1 .,■) 

100 ;. I 

100 (..) 
175 CO 
117 I ) 

7s r,i) 
h5 0(1 


145 10 

75 ( ) 

W i ■) 
lOS 1 .) 






.!)•;> 10 

ICO m 

72 (J ) 
110 ' ) 

Jlii !'.S 

1)0 00 

175 (H) 

in 74 

l:f2 (;:t 

1 10 t;i 

lus :,:, 

541 » C. 

12(1 71 
223 lii 
Hil 53 

Zm 1 7a OO ID .0150 1(37 ZC 


llarri.-'bnr^fb . 
filcKi'f iirx>rt . . 
Jiothloheiu ... 



Rhode Island. 

Ptovit'ence IS-'.CKIO 

W^K)n^rokot... 20jf-:3'J 
KaMtlroenwich 10,i:!l 
Weeteily O.HU 


Nash vile rO,Cn3 

Miuniiliis 75,CJ 

Z.-H ) 

2 00 
2 40 



70 C) 
7:i (.0 

«7U 120 "• 
I 65 K5 no 



Moon Bchedule.. 
Moon schedule.. 
Aloon schedule.. 

All niifht. 

Moonlight . 


1 25 

1 ;Ci 
a,6.';0 water 

Foft^^eolt . ll,94(i 2 70 8,000 


New Orleans... 25,000 .. 9H 8,030 All niRht. 


Dark to 12 in 2,f.:') 

1>a!ktol2ni 2,000 


Kvery ni«ht to lOp m 
oscept 6 QiKhtafull 

moon 8,1'. 9 

Uoon schodtde ^.. 

3 40 

141 0) 

1(N) (1,1 
65 ( 
Ml et 
190 Kt 

tf6 (> 
100 in) 
103 t ) 


i:v) 1 








2:?«> m 
12:'. :« 
202 74 
143 ()1 

2;w 22 
I'iS H5 
111) «2 
SO 00 
2«3 W 

17S 4J 


r.i .S7 

i:w 9S 



Ural til 'tjoro 














Ean Claire 17.415 

Milwaukee 24<),Oo() 

M,idis< n.. 


WestMipeilor Lo.coOr, •_>22 2,(i(lo 























Moon Bchedolo.. 
Mooa bctiedulo.. 

Mr>on echedale 


MtH>ii frIioJule 

Mc'ou »chedtU<> tu 1 

a. ni 

All niisir 

I iitd I )<i*eiuck p. in. 

All l^ilt 

.\!l ni.t-iit , 

Aiu.>:i .■ciiedalo 






•MlPU' d _ 

Ail :iJ« 

rtll Uit;iil 

All nijf'it 

McMiii ic!:ednle 

Idoon kjbudule tot2iB 

Z40 0l> 

3.«0(> Katnml g^ oo 

' 3,650 1 G I 1C3 00 

3.6.50 Oil.. ItOOri 

2,2>M 1 40 77 I ) 

2,;«7 I 2J lOJ W 


*• ■ » 


<»■■ C 


75 1.1 

ir-4 M 

114 ou 


110 Ui 

i;;> ui 

in » 

4 2.5 HJ 

!:<-< Hi 

142 K.'k 

1%) < « 
V.I ») 
114 OJ 

i.'n 40 

1<2 Ml 
IIS ( I 

1«) Ia» 
127 7S 

115 ( ) 
I4S Ut 

7.4 (» 

m tx 

120 4S 


171 H 

ru ai 
&»4 u 
127 75 
ll«l Hi 
124 TH 

810 00 

jaux mm 



1 35 


1 DO 


1 5<J 

2 25 


All nigat.. 
All nii;:it .. 
Dark to W 
Dark to 12 


3.(1 III 

.v.- '.» 
i -i 
:<,»:. 1 
2 «*i 
1,4 :u 

4.C .•) 

2.t N 
2.1, .0 


All riK'at 

iUi ulgit 

.Ml ni<:!it, ano nights .•. 
Dark to 12 nt.SOOid'tf'ia 

Dark to lie. en 

Dark to iuuiniffUt...,. 

f,20a All niRbt, except Sof 

full moon 

2,000 AUni-bt 




1 21 

1 I I 
I tm 

2 Jo 

;: 7ji 



J 17 

1 .id 

2 5«> 

3 50 

4 .'Kl 
■A 7<i 
U l.J 

1 75 

3 3a 

3 \Li 

4 (i\ 

I -20 

70 00 
»0 oj 

.S5 1(1 

V. Ill 
'.5 Ut 

75 in 

75 00 

'.'•. 00 

t« OU 

NO 00 

I"-! HI 

y.t 50 

120 (K) 
Id •25 
.»« I'll 
^' r/) 

!< i IK) 

127 75 

ICO fti 
l'*2 5» 

W tM 

M ro 


102 d 
llj (> 

V.i -0 












.05 7« 





Kll UI 
1:10 <« 

lis 87 
K» t«0 
152 U5 

S» 14 

K5 M 



IM 23 

M oe 


S) 00 

llti) w 

\*>\ M 

12U (II 

VI 25 

•'4 00 

•«•» VI 

16^ 1*5 

1>2 50 

I 9 ytt 

1<7 HO 

f>« no 

811 m 

20; 71 


1:3 A 
t» 5S 


All iii*:ht 

Dark to 12 m 

Dark lo 1 a. m 

All ni;:hl .» — 

Dark to I a. m 

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llftm) .ic;» 110 (U 

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\U> OH .UU,:, I I*; «ii» 

7A tO .(i.iU 116 15 

70 UI MiVJ 2U (4 

ISM {.0 

Wash ngton. 

Seattle 60,000 

Cboycnao 11,600 

Uuiath 60,000 H 2,V) 

100 2,000 \U Ughl.. 

•20 2,039 Allniffbt 


2,1)0(1 All HisLt i,lKK) 

2,000 All Dight... ♦,00« 

132 0) 

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a r.o 121 7:, .0.119 127 

8 5) IO* 7.> .027* IfiH Ti 


Antjiista .... 



Haiti more... 








. 40,0(0 1 2:") 1,2() 

501. IJl 5 1000 

Dark to 12 m 

Dark to 12 in 

J'ark to 12 m 

Dark to 12 ni 2,(i 

AU ui«f»t , 

AllniRht 4,0^3 3 00 127 75 .0319 12)75 

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176 55 

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N'crOi Adams .. 




New liedford . . 

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Newbinyport .. 
Nori haniptun. . 

(U. Parriufffon. 





w,'*; I 

16 074 
31. 'f ) 
77.6,(5 3 


13.!' 1 7 

27.01 3 


IF you wish to drink a choice 
* Glass of Lager call for 

Fitger's Beer. 

Wholesome, Palatable and Nonrls hin 





f^on;)i lJridf,-o.. 






Taunton , 



Kuet Sngiaaw. 


Three Uivera.. 
I'ort Kuren. 

Ann ,\rb >r 

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Battle ("rnek... 



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All iiiKht 4.()U) 8 75 

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M<M>i-t fcbudulo 3,0(3 3 75 

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MeonsehM'h'tol (i.m l.WJ 3 50 

Dark to 12 m. 25 per 

month l.jCO 4 50 

.Moot; schodnle 2.-Jli» 4 40 

Moon ."ciiedule 2 2" 3 4 75 

... All ijiirlit for ::t nij;hts «.o< I :i 50 

.... Allni«htfor25ulKljt9 :i,-.;' 3 W 

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120 71 
177 10 
123 00 

101 r>4 

Bnlnlh fiO.ooO 5 250 

AverafirnprloepaM ia |!^| oltien and towr:» for all 11 i<rbt lamps rer \oar 

.\voraK > price jxiid ;n I'.'I cities nud Urwi.s for all aight lam;* per month . '" 

Averni^.^ prjeo paid In !..■> cili( ■> nud (owun for nli circuits per lamp kour *" "" 

AveraKHjjrico paid in Dicitin.s and towns per ton eoal 
Av©rai;o iiuinbei 

I nund>ei of hours burned cD all uiKbt ciicuitA Infii* rYtie^'aud'towaa^^r year ^6^ 
» number oi hyurs burned ou moouligbl tebedulo in 21 cities nnd towuK ikh- 

• -, 2.111 

fl.5(i 72 

12 r-« 

% 1K)7 



M oon ."cliedule to 12 m 
2(1 niarhts per mo to 

I2ni.. 1.7(1 3 50 

Mooi)sehodulotol2m 1,210 4 15 

Dark to 12 m 2 1 :» 4 (iO 

Darktol2m 2.0;'.3 4 05 

MoonRchedulot<Jl2in i:S) 4 82 

Darlftol.i.m ?,4' I 4 23 

Dark to 1 a. m 2,4(3 4 27 

Dark to 1 a. m 2.4;,;) 4 H2 

Dark lol a. m 2,« 3 4 52 

Mooa schedule to 1 a. 

m l.n(:3 4 25 

DarVtola. Ki 2,4(.» 4 OU 

.Ml nijLt 

1,2I» 4 TO 80 (0 ,«tj«57 217 H; 

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70 10 
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124 III 
146 00 







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2;«2 31 
lti7 2H 

inu :,n 
2:<5 51 
127 C) 
1.5.S 2S 
154 .5H 
131 m 

•K, S5 
1'.'2 (.S 
14"! (•;) 


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Dark to midnuht ... 
Mo.>npeh«di)le lu l^in 
MouTi schoflule to 12 m 
All ni>;' t, :inOniKht 




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2,21 ) 

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105 10 

Id if, 

fl52 05 

ItJ'H Hi 

1 17.S .sn 

157 tw 

INS 17 

1«5 tS 

847 J-O 

1:12 31 

Moquettes at 
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ies lh;it 3'ou may want for immediate or future needs. 


150 00 
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3.^8 83 








iir-w -Mfiiri 


I ^ 

y 'I 

solvency is indicated by the fact that this 
total, instead of being only about three 
times heavier than iu the lirst halt of 
i8g2, as were total liabilities, is nearly 
four times as lar^^e as the assets reported 

rvnMsnKD bx tub 
lii 'luo HorsM j 1'^ ti'C first half cr iSi^3. and instead of 

. .••'!) West savHTior £.tf«>ut. T<>loplio!i» bcmc: !ess than twice as larce as in the 
rrhx-r hrst half of iSv^i (as were liahi hues) »t is 

Hxisin^s ami tHiitorlR! rtHuus 
— Bu(>iuof8 
a}*, tlirw rinx' 

Eastern OtHc»-109 World BnUrtin*. Nsw York, 
A. K. eton-. M aaag^r. 


DiUs, ix»r ypar — — ■ 

D^Uy. i)er throe raontha. — ... 

Oiki^jr, vft moiita.._.......— — — — — -■ 

VV«ekly,ri?r yoar...'. -. 

.- 1J« 


Sntorck! at the ix«tomc8 at Dulnth, Miun., •• 
econd-cljiss m«il matter. ^ 


as ni)t couttnpil 
but was heaviest 

The Weather. 
U. S. Wbatbkb Bubbav. Duit:TH. 
July 5 — The raiu of yattenlay 
to any i)articulHr section, L . _ 

alouR Lako SiH't'rior, while hsht «howoM UU 
at soattored placoa ovi r th« «nt're country. 
Oululh was the only station m Mmups^.ta wlu>ro 
rain is riMH^rted this morumK. wfiilo at Mar- 
Muctto the fall an onutod to one inch ami oni- 

"* The^temperaturo is high over the coontry to 
the south of the sreat lakes, and in the lower 
Mississippi ralley. and slightly higher than 
usual in the country to the west ot the Kea 
rlTer In the far northwest. it i emains at about 
the average. The higliest is H) at Memphis, the 
loweat '0 at t'alKary. N. W. T. 

The bjirometcr is everywhere below normal, 
except over the South Atlantic states. 1 vvo 
area* of low pressure ;iro shown onthecham, 
oneoTer the Dakotas and Montana. c«>veru!ff 
ooasiiierable country, bnt of cliglit eiicr«y. ami 
unaccompanied by pr. cipitiitiou. and tlie other 
*>Ter Lake Huron, and vi no paiuculur conso- 

i'ho aiean teinp^ratnre hcrA yrstenlay wa« 
50. or U decree;; below the normal ; tw< UiRbei.t 
■was .V2: the '.owe»it last uii:ht was-k-*. Tuo ralu- 
lail amounted to .16 of aa inch. 

DcLVTH. Jnly 5.— Local Forecast: Uneettlrd 
weather, bnt probably fair and warmer today, 
northwest winds becoming east to northeast; 
fair Thursday, exceot i«>ssibly Imht showers 
during the day ; slight chauBe in temperature. 

B. h. Bbon»un, 
LocaI Fore-cast OCiclAl. 

Washtnoton, July J.-Forcaet till 8 p. ni. 
tomorrow: F.>r Wiscoubiu: (ienerally foar. 
except local showers in northwest portions: 
winds shifting to east au<l south ; warmer in 
eastern portion. For Minnesota: Light local 
showers, followed by clearing weather; south- 
erly winds, shiftinij to westerly ; probably cooler 
by Thursday evening. 

♦ « < 

THE HERALD in Chicago. 

The 5 o'clock Edition is on sale early the fol- 
lowing morning in Chicago at the 

Palmer House News Stand. 
Auditorium Hotel News Stand. 
W. B. Sizer's Bookstore. 189 State St.. 
€has. McDonald's News Stand, 55 Washing- 
ton St.. 


World's Fair Grounds at the Columbian News 
k Novelty Co. News Stands. 

Six Months' Failures. 
The last issue of Bradstreet's contains 
a review of the business embarrassments 
during the past six months. The fre- 
quency of failures and embarrassments 
recently has prepared the public mind 
to receive a report showing a large num- 
ber of failures since Jan. i; and the fail- 
ures of an unusually large number of 
financial institutions, in some insfxnces 
with nominal assets in excess of liabili- 
ties, have prepared one to expect a vol- 
ume of indebtedness in excess of the 
total in a liice portion of preceding 
years. The report made by Bradstreet's 
will therefore create surprise, because it 
shows an aggregate number of embar- 
rassments for six months somewhat 
smaller than most people expected. 

The total number of failures in the 
United States reported to Bradstreet's 
during the six months ending Dec. 2g. 
i8g2, to June 28. 1893, inclusive (except 
South Dakota, where state laws prohibit 
the collection of such information), is 
6239, which, while it marks an increase 
of more than 16 per cent over the like 
total last year, is only 3.3 per cent more 
than the total number reported in the 
first half of iSqi, and only 2.1 percent 
more than in the corresponding aggre- 
gate in the first half of 1885, the year fol- 
lowing the last in which anything ap- 
proaching a financial panic here took 
place. As compared with the average 
number of failures in six months of the 
five years x886 to 1S90, inclusive, the to- 
tal number of failures during the past 
six months shows an increase of 15.5 per 
cent. As compared with the first half of 
the last panic year itself, 1884, the in- 
crease in number of failures during ihe 
past six months is only about i6 per 
cent, a similar gain to tbut over the first 
half of last year. 

The total volume of liabilities of those 
reported embarrassed during the first 
haJf of the current year is $170,860,000, in 
which is seen the consequence of the 
carrying down of so many large concerns 
of a relatively high degree of solvency. 
This aggregate of debt, instead of corre- 
sponding to the increase in the number 
of failures— instead of being only about 
one-sixth larger than in six months of 
last year — is about three times the total 
liabilities reported in the first half of 
i8g2, and instead of being only 3.3 per 
cent larger than in the first half of 1891, 
as was the total number of failures thus 
far this year, the aggregate of liabilities 
is almost twice as large as the total in 
the first half of 1 891, and fully two ^and 
one-half times larger than in the first 
half of 1885, in which year the total num- 
ber of failures was only 2.1 per cent 
smaller than in the last six months. 

The total assets of those embarrassed 
during the first half of the year are$io5,- 
371,000 and the relative high average of 

fully two and one-third times larger than 
assets in that portion of >ear. 

Whereas the gross liabilities have been 
shown to be two and one-half times 
larger than the like aggregate in the first 
half of 1885. the total assets reported for 
the first half of the current year exceed 
those in the like portion of 1SS5 full)' 
three and one-fifth times. Taken alto- 
gether and considered in connection wjth 
the general depression of trade that has 
prevailed, the showing is not a bad one. 
It is gratifying also to know that Duluth 
figures in it to a very small extent, there 
having been fewer business embarrass- 
ments here than in any other city of the 
same size in the country. 

Winter Navigation. 

T. M. Kirkwood has written to the 
Marine Review on a subject that de- 
serves more coiisiileration than it has 
received in past years. It is a matter 
to which Duluth.could afford to pay much 
attention. Mr. Kirkwood advocates 
winter navigation on the great lakes, and 
why should not such a thing be possible? 
Why, he asks, can we not keep our lake 
channels open for navigation throughout 
the winter, as well as the railways keep 
open their thousands of miles of track? 
This is a question that does not seem to 
receive the attention that it demands. 

Expenses attending the laying up and 
fitting out of vessels, would, in Mr. Kirk- 
wcod's opinion, goagreatw.ay towards the 
cost of keeping channels open. Wooden 
boats could net engage in this winter 
service, but the big iron boats would 
probably be at little disadvantage on ac- 
count of ice forming about them, as this 
could be prevented by heating their 
water ballast with steam. Channels 
through 300 miles of connecting waters 
could be kept open by ice breaking 
boats fitted to care for and carry a large 
force of men, and located at such points 
as the St. Clair river. Straits of Mackinac 
and St. Mary's river. This cost would be 
light as compared with the cost of keep- 
ing open icoo miles of railway, for which 
fully 1000 men are required. Even five 
boats daily of 100,000 bushels capacity 
each, would be equal to seventy-five 
trains of ten cars each. Then, too, there 
would be the advantage of increased 
rates of freight daring the winter months. 

Here, at Duluth, there does not appear 
to be any reason, except that of expense, 
why an open channel should not be main- 
tained between the harbor and the open 
water put in the lake. What the ex- 
pense would be the Herald does not pre- 
tend to know, but it does not S-em prob- 
able that it would be any greater than 
would be warranted by the great bene- 
fits of navigation lhroi:ghout the winter 
months as well as in the summer. 

A queer fact is brought out by the 
Boston Herald apropos of the Christian 
names of Harvard college graduates. 
There is one name in the Harvard cata- 
logue that would puzzle the average in- 
vestigator of the subject were he not 
fully posted as to the facts in the case. 
It is a middle name and it is simply 
"X," which is known in the law as the 
symbol for "his mark." In this instance, 
however, it stands for a $10 bill which 
was presented to tlie owner of the name 
on the day of his birth, and the acknowl- 
edgment of the gift appears in the reci- 
pient's name unto this day. 

Hugh Suthertand, of Winnipeg, has 
returned from another unsuccessful at- 
tempt in London to float the Hudson 
Bay railroad scheme. Mr. Sutherland 
has been laboring in behalf of this enter- 
prise, which many consider a chimerical 
scheme, for the past decade, and if per- 
sistence and determination will achieve 
success he certainly should win bcme 

Secretary Hoke Smith is coming on a 
visit to the Northwest and will reach St. 
Paul next Monday. Why not invite him 
to visit Duluth for a day or two? 

man, of the St. Cloud Land office will 
soon fall into the baslict to keep com- 
pany with that of Register Nichols. 
They took the most active part in the 
camijaign for Judge Scaile an 1 there- 
fore come unuer the head of "offensive 

A Friendly Tip. 
Minneapolis Times: If Capt. Haw- 
kins will loud his ear to friendly advice, 
bl him take counsel with hiniJcU and 
see how much greater wiil be his pe.icc 
and prosperity as an independent citizen 
than as such ofiicc holder, at the beck 
and call of superiors, with a liability to 
be led by "bosses." Let him think over 
it carefuily ami it is believed it will be- 
come clear to him that he can do much 
better for himself tlian to indulge an 
itch for otlice. Let him be warned be- 
fore it is too late lest he become as un- 
happy an ifliction, ascx-(»overnor Swme- 
ford, for instance. 

Chances for Fortune-Seokers. 

Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin: Ac- 
cording to figures prepared by the regis- 
ter of the Duluth land office, there are 
over 4,000,000 of pine land subject to 
entry in bis district. Many a man has 
made himself immensely rich by holding 
onto pine land, and there is a chance for 
more than one fortune-seeker in Minne- 
sota. "The early bird," etc. 


The following poem by Ifon. Jolin \V. Wood- 
side, national coiuraiasiouorfroml'cnnBylvauia, 
wti6 read at the W orld'u fair yoBterday : 

HaU, noble Sons of patriot band' 

Who dwelt of ji'f.> iu this fair Innfl, 

And lieard thuir c<iuu try's call. 
Who pledged their lives in froodom'B cause. 
Who fran-.od our constitutional laws, 

Iq ludependorce hall. 

Ilnil, Dausliters of those patriot bIics, 
Whose bravo example still inspires. 

Your jiresont (jhirious plan 
To cast a bsll whose tor.^iio shall rlcff, 
And to the br.v^zeono anthem llinff, 

'The brotherliood of man." 

And on this plorious uatnl day, 
The lightning Bhall itP tou«.e< convey. 

From Maine to (loMen Ttnte. 
The echoes of its voice shall f^onnd. 
Wherever patriot hearts are found. 

In every sovereign state. 

May this new Oolnmbian bell 

With notes of freedom x.roiidly swell, 

Where'er that flag's unfurj-'d. 
May millions hoar its invisic chime 
In every land, in every clitno 

Around and lound the world. 

May it rin« loudest on that day. 

When women's wrongs are cleared away 

With ballot in her hand, 
Tho women of this land can vote, 
Jler choice of rulers, thus denote, 

Her equal rights demand. 

Old lihr^rty bell will ring no more 
Its clarion notes of freedom o'er 

To lauds boyond the s'»a. 
May this new boll rinar freedom's chli 
Until m Ood's appointed time, 

Mankind shall all be free. 


mo Weather. 

Dui.uTH, Jtdy 5, 1893. 
The followinf: varlationn in temperature wore 
roct>rded at Pioueor Fnol Ooniiiauy'e otiioe, '.i20 
West Superior street, today aud correspond- 
ing data last year. 


1892 • 1893 


12 m 

. 52 

6S 7 a. m M 


3 p.m 

. SI 

7a 1 9 a. m 57 


6 o.m 

. 4S 

80 1 12 m 63 


10 p.m 

. 50 






, 88 

Minimtim. . 



Datly rmige 

.. n 


The Ladies. 

The pleasant effect and perfect safety 
with which l:idies may use the California 
liquid laxative .Syrup of Figs, under all 
conditions, makes it their ifavoiite rem- 
edy. To get the true and genuine arti- 
cle, look for the n:ane of the California 
Fig Syrup company, pri:itcd near the 
bottom of the package. 

Just Received 
Another fresh lot of Garland's candies at 
the Lyceum Drug Store. Who eais it 
all? Everybody "th=*t wants the b^st, the 
purest aud most delicious in the world. 




with you. 

Illness frcf|uontlv results 
from chani;e9 ol food, water, 
climate, habits, etc., and the 
remedy is Hcecham's Pills. 

■ MULB'H' 


American Store. 

DrtCTO, Wednetday, July «, 1888. 
The weather iomottxno is likely to bt 
fair, warmer. 

In Handkerchiefs, 
Gloves and 







AdTertir.c>niem,s in tUs cnlamu UNK CKN"J.* A 


No advortiseinentB taken for theeo coltunnB 
tllHorhid, i. 11. natU ordered out. 

Every advertimjuient ie car»;fally ola<iblfled 
niidor ita proper iiuudinK— eaiiily lounrt, easfily 
ri'Hd--wi!l reach more readora than cuu be 
ruiiched in any othor way. Try it. 


^^^^'" K^ SAL, K^IUISCKT. 1. AN KO rtf. ^ 

■L L land I'ark, nix Jarjtf! rooriia; ouo of tijf 
by^t houe. s ,>ti tin hill, Lulf block fmnicai liue; 
will (five (lie lot frco, hoiTw on oiify terms. 
Liiavins town rnaiiou for big BscriUco, Addrow* 
K M, Hfiruld dIHcI'. 

l^-^OK SALE. 
J lioufco, \vi 


Lb oab><, ch..>up; kchxI kcuti(u. 


woman at home, and also Koing out by 
tho day. Call or rtddn!tB4l2 East Fourth fctreot, 

last would like a position a» nsBistantbook- 

koopor. clerk or timekeeper 
('oon. lOlti Garfield a-'enao. 
on demand. 

Addreee. W. 8. 
Good refcrouoos 

Jw tyi'SArit^-r dfBiroH pf)sitiou. Halary moder- 
ate. AddreHB K 10. Herald. 

1 in private family. Two German girla want 
t:o"JBo-,v; rL. (iotid co.ok wants HJtnatioii iis 
hotel. Employment Ofllce, IG First avenue eabt. 

two Enf;li8h-«peakin? saletmon : oatary 
Kud coiumibsion. The 8in«or Manufucturins 
Co., 6:;5 Wi'Bt "Superior street. 

T 7 street, in restaurant up stairs. IH5 per 
month and board. 



before 10 mornings, TiOO West First street. 


DuLCTn— 431 W. Mishigan Street, 

(near Union Depot). 
MiNNEAPOLiR— 111 Nicollet Ave. 
St. Paul,— Tliird and.lackHon Ste. 
TELEVnoyt: 43H. ESTABLIoUKU 1^2. 


Pi'-rmanont i>!acp. whole or part time. 

Apply jit once, Brown 

Bros. Co., Nurberymou, 

T T sell onr epecialtiee on the installment plan, 
Good wnrres and etcp.dy -work to the rij?ht men, 
W. A. Edwards. 7X1 W est Superior street. 

Came today b}' 
Moderateness in 
plainly visible. 

price is 



Nnfice to Dog Ov/ners. 

Notice is hereby given that all persons 
owninf: or keeping unlicensed dogs will 
be liable to arrest and fine or imprison- 
ment from and after tliis date. 

Daniel Horgan, 

Chief of Police. 
Duluth, June 6, iSq3. 


Continiics to be an 
tional oasis for those in 
search of Stylish Millinery. 
Inij>orted Hats of late ar- 
rival are being had easy 

♦ T girl at 422 West First street. 

Tf for geuornl liousevrork. Family of three. 
Good waffojj. Use, D. U. Stevenson, 2lul East 
First street. 


at Lester Park. Address A. 92. 

X in New l)ututh. A buhiness of from $:t5 U» 
}'>0 a dayKUftDiiitoed and with gnod inanage- 
nicnt could Ixi increaffHl. Otlior ii.atttir* coini.el 
ino to difcposo of it , Addrct-s C. Voder, Ni-w Du- 
lutli, Minn. 

X nifhed roomii. UDfurtdshed roomi*, etcetc, 
cards can b.t had at Globe Priutiu;; company 
oHicf , 610 Wei«t Superior street. li.-irR«'ij>« in 
envelopes and hatemente for the next two 
weeks. Cull and pe<i samples. Hello rj). 


Lake avenue north. 




14 East Secon i strcat. 

front room, ill conveniences. 100, Ttrn-y 


X for li«ht Lc UB-ikoepiiiK. 19 First 



FOR RENT-DESIRABLE KIGHT-ROOM, convorietjt to business, SS.i a montli. 
T. II. Hawkos, Jr., ZVA West^ Superior street. 

tor's Park, Jrjr), or viill sell for pmall cash 




„, . „ rrtt?. V\. 1;, I'a-to.-), w, 

Kowiu Mooerti, secroiari'. 


TONIC LODGE No. 1?-?. A. V. 
X Rp,^uiar rni'ctrr 

-V A. M. 

Monday oveuiii? 
o'clock. Sort in 
iVork, Fellowcrii; 
W. M. U. W, Ciicadln, h<- 

B. L. tz*xrr. 


JV .Stated cornmunic^tiunf ^ r 
Wednesday evenint's of oarU ?! 
Geo. A. Flack, H. P. T. J.Htii 

2*^.. R. .*. K. 

^^^ K..61'. Stated conclave at < U* 
o'clock firtt mu<l third luewJav 
irikB of every month. V' 
liro<,k, E. C. Alfred LcEir 



»--' lection Bureau. Adju^-tni^ct of 
account a specialty. lo;{ and lUJ Pali... 

P.^llP^..PJ'^"r''''*' «k:s'ial '-qk.vy. a^ 

V^ V^oodbndfffi buJj<Ji:'jr. If y.,T v-nt a hit09m 
or atoro call and be-, tt i,\^ Ufrt lAwtiyb <vi hand. 

m-M-ii-i. S Kt ll^'v ^^i s t. iCif .•». 

ii'^mjiven to the exa 
lurf 'iij mu-orui lauds. Ir^ 
a-j'l. A,-j<d/gas <^i uD ».;.>. . i:,. 
notloe. fttll «.;hati,Serof ( oii.rner:.-. 

I)ayme!it Rml %lt montldy. 
Burrows block. 

H. M. Backus, 500 

East End. All modern conveniences ; hot 
water heat. $4-') i-er month. 100 Torrey bhJe. 

VY waifPB, 516 to 


$30 per mouth. Employ- 

me nt Oftice . 1 6 Firpt nvenuo cast. 

♦ » Enclose Ktii:r,p<_'d envelope to Bertha Bcnz, 
Sec, Soutii Bend, Ind. 


•w. f AT?"/*— It i:.i n 7C<»r, » r/r. 

Paino, 44 Board oi Trade. 


nishod iO'nns. Huts and hotisea with 
Seoly'e i iro insntani*?, Henta! and C'dlectioii 
Biifu'i, ItH Palladio builduig. Hnv.' a Inrpo 
lisit of app'i''iiatr. 

^- ' near bnsinesii center, modem cmvouiences. 
See Charles F. Howe, 6;il Chaniber of Coin- 

5)5 per month, on 1 iirhteeuth avenue east 
and South stree ;. Apply to Wil.-on <fc Natiiiti!, 
« ElschftuKe Build lag. 

«m conveni onces ; Eteam heat, Eaciiiiro 
203 Lyceum. 


C? rior etrect. ^Vpply to Mendenhall & H<K»p<-'s. 

WA . <TEn—A a E\TS. 

westom Benevolent Society of DnJ'.ith. 
Pays sick, accident and deatli beuefits at a c<x:'t 
of 2,") cents per wt ek. Has written over 17.006 
member^ and hai' paid out over KfO.OOO in cash 
to those raon;b'rs in the past sir.teen n>onths. 
Our OKOnts an» maUinK from ?1WJ t-o $4'*i i>er 
montli. Write frr terms or coll at 707, 708 and 
709, Palladio boiJdinp. 

]}iTrrET.j..ty'EO i y^ 

while you wait. Reasonable prices. A. 
Gingold. 1 IS ERst Second street. 



» * and copper smiths, K^.f- antt 6te;.m t,;n-rK ; 

11 .Soyeiiiu avenue west; jot.tjiii«{ a special:;- 

l-'leptiorr- :^<7. 

^Y^W. KcMlI-Lui:i cos: FAN Y. 


2;~ Waft »> iT.i.^:.. 



O maneatiy lirstroyeij hv . 
injury. HcieLtitic face )•■ 
treatment, al.-:;i mauicn'- 
p.irations. Mr'. .Julia L. .^..,, : 
Tenipie, Dulutli. 


..tX crty at Nu. 7 Fifih avc, 

V-/ est are loan, at lo-»eet .v-.r-i ,.- 

money r.<tvtcpj;o 


n<ui-Ms .fA7Wio.i/.'/> nrm:r.n. 

1 West Third utroct. 

^ for ttontlemon only. 124 Sixth avenue 

1\ lie-ht Gud biith. In^jijiro at '.'>-; Fird ave- 

nue WOBt. 




'*«^ A troublesome skin disease cnused 

me to scratch for ten month s, and w a.s 

cured by a few days' use of KjSra^c|f?i 

M. H. WOLFF, S^^^kJ 

^^ Uppei Marlboro, Md. 


I wa9 cured Bom e years ago o f "Vriiito BivelllriC^ 
Inmy le(;h5rnsinp(KR|teB and have had no 

eymptomB of ro KSSBSSai *'""'* "' ^^^ '^^^' 
ciiBc. Many pronnnciit | hvEiri.inB attended 
Tue and failed, but S. S. S. did tho work. 

f AUL W. KIRKPATUICK, Johnson City, T^My^ 

TreatlM on Blood ana Skin Diseases jr.sllcd fr*e. 

ewirt SPEcrno Compaxt, 

AtUnta. Ga. 



In view of the abominable weather 
furnished yesterday, all remarks in praise 
of Professor Mark Harrington's bureau 
are hereby withdrawn. 

Chicago did herself proud yesterday. 
It was a glorious day, a glorious occasion 
and a glorious demonstration, and it 
ended in a blaze of glory. 

A Positive and Permanent Cure 
for all Stomach Troubles, 

Wright's Ij. S. Dyspepsia Speijific, 


P. C. Lutr. DruKsist. aSj Wabasha St., St. Paul. 

Are now showing an increas- 
ins: activity. There are 
some grand tilings available 
here, and it's becoming gen- 
erally known. 

Five hundred thousand ounces of sil- 
ver went abroad yesterday. There are 
no regrets at its depaTture, 

A correspondent inquires as to the 

value of a rupee. It is equal to about 

2Q cents. 

■ •» « ♦ 

There are indications that the official 
heads of the Messrs. Barto and Wester- 




for tho most obstinate cases of Gonorr- 
bma and Gloct, Ko other treatment 

1 required- Non-polsonoua Ko Stricture^ 
Ko InconvenlencQ. Pold by ALL 

1 drajn^lsta. J. Perre, (aiKXxaaor to Broa), 
Pliannacien< Porlsu 


Will Occupy Their Hei Office in Torrey Bflildiag, July 1. 

WE HAVE MONEY TO LOAN, and without delay, on good Improved or 
unimproved property at prevailinc rates. 

SEVERAL DESIRABLE HOUSES in best parts of the city for rent- Also 
Stores on Michigan and First streets. 

FIRE INSURANCE in best home aud foreign companies correctly aud 
promptly written. 


6, 6 and 7 First National Uank Buiidinjf UNTIL JULY 1. 

Contract Work. 

Oflflon of tho Board of rnblic Works ) 
City of DuliitL.Mian. July 5. IS93. S 

Benltjd bids will bo n>ceiv»»d by tlio board of 
public work« in aud for the corporntion of tbo 
city of Daliith, Mir.uosota. nt thoirnni''!) m said 
city, nnlil 10 a. m. on tho 17tb day of July. A. D. 
1S98, for thi- cf)'.i-»tnirtioii of «n Higlit foot plunk 
walk on wfst, aid-^ of 'j'-.voiity-third rxTcuno west, 
in paid city, frutiiBvij.orlor street to Ninth ptrKot. 
accordiii>{ to plans and Bpociflcution* 
onUlo iu tho oilico ofeaid Umrd. 

A corldled chork or a lK>nd with at loaat two 
{1< Bur»)t;o8 in till* »mn of poTontj -Cvo (Vo.W); 
doUara niuf-t accompany ewcb bid. 

Tlif «(iid hoard refcorvofi tbo rijjht t« rcjoct anj 
or all bids. „ _ 





' Clork Board of Pabllc Worlw. 
July 6. lot 

Assessment Notice 

Grading Second Street. 


C'o'CXT" OF St. Lovis. ) 
District t^ourt, Elcrcnth Judicial DiEtrict. 

Ed;:ar N. McGigert, "1 

Mary L. Jone?, 


Notice is hTobj' ffivcn that nndor and by vir- 
tue of a jr.d;?m<?ut ami docroo reininrr<l and 
docketed in said court uud county ui ilio alwve 
pntiili'd .TCtion on Juuo 10th. ISWl, in favur of 
the said r;ii>.int;ft aiid against tlu^ s-aid (U»fond- 
nnt for tho sum of nine hundred and twonty- 
pevon and 77-100 (i9'J?7.77-lC<l) dollars, nnd decree- 
inR tlio ealo of the real osiato hprcinnfmr do 
Bcribod to satisfy tho 8anio;Ia duly cenitiod copy 
atid t^.^nBCr!pt whurocif has to mo, ns shorill of 
paid ooanly, b:>pn upon this day duly dirfctod 
nn»l dttlivoroJ, I have lovjed npon and will f^ell 
at public Huclion. to llirt hi<:heft bidder for 
caf-h, at the front door of tho court houw in tho 
city of Dnlmh. in f:iid county of St. Louif, on 
Thursday, tho 27th liay of July, 1. 93, n; ten (iOi 
o'clock iu tlio forenoon of that day, ail tho ronl 
eijinto iu haid judKoicnt and this notice do- 
Ecnbod, boitwr ae follows, to-wit: Lot nnnt- 
horcd nine {*■)) in block numbered two (2) in 
Lostcr Park, First diTision, an addition to 
I'nlnth, Minn«^?ota, according to tho recorded 
plut thnroof ia tho oUico of tho resistor of deeds 
in and ffir paid St. Louis conntTi-. Minnesota. 

Dated I>ulnt,h. Minn., Junr» l:tth, l^l'a. 
Paul Siiarvt, 
Sheriff St. i»uis county, Minn. 
J. R. MfGrrrrFT, 

Allornoy for Plaintiil. 

jLaio-14-2i-?8- J .dj-5-rM9 


VV 3li \\s\hX, 8}coud tirfpt. Lnach, frou, 12 
to 1 ::*). 



11RIV!^D-51 tiS. DR. PAltKSr,. TnE 'iS HLL 
Liiowa yoaxe and Rifled claiivojuot an.! 
tiancp medium, has locn'-'-ri at X(<, U'. En^' 
.t-t<cv>!id t.tre<?t.«.i;p;ib:ta the Coiitrnl ili^rh.'.chor,;. 
T) utLful in her >rr-dic!.IcDK, reiiabl > in her ait- 
Tiro. .NoniartfT vbHi trouble y.-n Ljvv villi 
vonr-'flf or o;h>ig. c<iaio ar:d the will Roido you. 
She advis"? you witii a certainty i'y a hiehnr 
than iiiiiU'iu \<j\\c-T. r>on't fail to Pf.:> her if jou 
ate iiitoreHtod in thoalTairs of lif". if marria;T':*s. 
fiieknesF, doatls, ciuinnes. travels, divorces 
s-^paranor?, irtw peits, tviainnps tir,nsa.'tion?, 
lof.t. or (itifPit fr:end«i intorrgt yon. Oilicc horro. 
9 a. m. to S p.m. dailv and SDndi-.v. Satiff ac- 
tion euamntoed. Mri=. Dr. Parirer, 20 Kast 
Socon<l ttreot. 

aTA liorf.8P. wa«<.ius, honift.o!- 
anos. diamonds, jevelry .-. 
ponal p.-oi erty. oa !-i:oit 
tlian you c^tj ^-Of^Ibly gei !• • . 
«t y-.ta. Horuan. ma".aij''r. 

Loan company, roc'ni 430, Cuh; 
biiildine. LiJulh. 



jewelry. Q. A. K!j»uj. mdy 

ker in r/n'r-fh. V. We't St:;,t;: 

TfiAPHAiiliX & FITZPvTj/tCK, .At; 
t-a'P. ircoras 911 .'.ndOr. T.:.rr}- bci 
Dclnth. Mijin. 


Be. uioE, AT?OaN£Yr< 
• and adv.,c!»tf' :'-^ -. -.- 
c^ttn iv.'-practice ; 
nia. Corporate, e< : ... 
liii^^iioii a fpcclalty. Hj.-i t'oiiaiUo, 


L. U, C. TITUS. L. L. B. C. A. ' 

Ei-l istrict- .Vrtfirney for Hu'ler 
ATTur;Nk:-..-. AT L.v. . 
Ofricev: .; Phf^^-'r. 5:: 


C *iF,Ml"LLEN-, :. 
0« n.Kik> '.'PS oFi; 


ilflTinTl i C\Tl <^F MOLiSKUOLD 




A I 20S West .Vichiynn Strett. 


V. A. !>rNr,Ar. ii:v..^'7.^r. ^; 

.. .v^'iTji-i:: J>2£35b.1u JSmuSE 

i busiuffii Ht 12 1- !:"ta e.v -ui-.c 
b'jildi.i;.-, nnd ie pn^p.T- •' ■■ 
s'ii finaKiiuf wr-rk i:> .i ; 
tl o<".-. a RpecLiity. Old : . , 
cai' at my l"."w v!i:.;>. 

t . iJA x-iiO^D. 






room C(.';j Herald hnll "i- 
icrm of years, b?antifiil <;ri" 
Fond rin Lac vil'.aci-, s-uii:! : 
nics, ris^iiin?. harhi' c. caru 
to Duluth ; wiil bj renti'd c'.. 
Tiieri^ )!i a in it. 

OnicG of City Comptroller ) 
Duluth, ilinn., JnnoZS, 1893. J 

Notloo is be-reby Riven to all parties Intereste*! 
that an assessmnnt has been made by tho board 
of public works of tho cit> of Dnluth, Minno- 
eota, nnd confirmed by tbo Hon. J. D. EnsiRn, 
jnd«o of tbo district court of tho Eleventh judi- 
cial district, to defray in full tho expenses of 
grndirn Second street from fioventoenth av»<nno 
west to Grand Forks avenue and constrnctinsr 8 
combined gewer in pai<l Second 8trt>et from Sev- 
enteenth avenue wet»t to TwfUty-second avenue 
west, and a eanitary sewer from Twenty-eiirhth 
avenue wept, to Twenty-second avenue west 
and an outlet down Twonty-second nve- 
nuo west from Second wtrect to Michifinn svreet 
in said city, and that a duplicata assess- 
ment roll ha.s been dolivered to the city treas- 
nrer. and tlint tho amount assohHod asninst 
each lot or parcel of land can bo ascertained at 
the ofllco of tho city treasurer, and that tiie as- 
■ 'fsment is <luo and payable, and if paid within 
thirty i'M) days there will bo uUowed a doUuc- 
tion of ten (10) percent, chiirtri d to the amount 
t>f tho assessment for surveys, plans, Bp(>«nllca- 
tions aad si;pr^rintoiideuco. .Ml perB.>n« so doslr- 
inff can hnve thoir n'^MCs.-iinents divided into not 
more than tlvin.'')) iusfallnients of not loss than 
tf-n (JOj dollars each, by ni.'ikind nppiioatiou to 
tlie city comptroCir within l.'> days after date 
of this nrtice. .Said iii--f:iUm''nts to bfronie tin? 
nnd payabl.* annually, ooniinencmt: October Ist. 
IWi:, with interest at 7 por cent, pnyablo annu- 

ninuke for this pi:-pof o m;'.y be obtained by 
application at my olllce. _ 

' W. (J. Ten Brook, 

City Comptroller, 


Default ImviUfT b'on made in the payment of 
tli>i pum of two thou«und nnd eijrhty dollars. 
($iO.H)) whiih is claiincd to bo due at tho 
tiato of ilii-: notice nr.on a certain inor'c.iee, 
duly (T-ciMilod nnd ildiv'-reil by J. \V. Sln>!l(-!i- 
herynr, inminrried, of i):du!h. Minn., to Ki!;::ene 
rilurshfll, li<^-.rii,v dote the third day < f .)i:n.>. 
1*11, anil, with a p(>\vorofsale therein co;itaiir.>d. 
d'.ily recor''< il in the oinco of tl'.:> rej^ister of 
deeds in and for the c<unity of tit Louis end 
State of Miitnesota. on tho twelfth day of 
June, A. IX 1^91, at 4 o'clock p. m., iu book 
72 of mortgages, ou paue 37(5. 

And when>RP, the paid Knirene Marshall, mort- 
KaRCo and holder of said morttrBKi'. h»s (locM'd 
and does hereby elect to declare the whcdo prin- 
cipal sum of paid mortKaco due and payahl;- at 
the date of this notice under the terms nnd con- 
ditions of said mortfjaBe, nnd the power of sale 
therein contained ; and wheroas there is acttial- 
ly dne and payable at the dnti hereof tl:e sum 
of two thonsnnd and eighty doUsrs. with inter- 
est thereon at the rat© of ^ per cent per aininin, 
fron\ tlie third day of June, 1893. nnd whereas 
the said i>ower of sale has h<»come oj.erative;uid 
no action or procecdinR havini? been in>»titut<"<l, 
at law or otherwise, to recover the debt secured 
by said mortuaKe, or any part thereof: 

Now therefore, notico is hereby given, that by 
virtneofthe power of sale contained in .'aid 
mortRajte, anfl pnrstiant to the statute in such 
case made atul provided, the said mortgaj^e will 
be fo.n closed by a saloof the premises dr*orii>i>d 
in and conveyed by said mortpafire, viz : Tlie 
westerly one half of lot nnmbered one hnn<!red 
and eiBhty-eif?lit (18S), nnd the easterly oue-Iialf 
of lot nnml>ered one hundred and ninety ia block 
numbered twenty-four ('-••) Duluth Proper. Sec- 
ond division, accordinigr to the nx-oriled t>lat 
thereof, oa Ule in the olice of the renister 
of deeds in Saint Louis cotinty and state of 
Minnesota, with tho lj(>r(»<litaments and 
appurtenances; which sale will bo ir.adi> by the 
flii-riff <if sai<l St. Ivouis county, nt the front 
d<H»r of tho court honso, in the city of Dulnth in 
said county and stnto, on the twrntteth day of 
.July l*^!":!, at 10 o'clwk n. m., of that day. at 
l)nblic vf ndne, tt) tho hiRliest bidder for cash, to 
jiay said ilobt and interest, and the taxes, 
if 'any, ou saitl premises, and llfty dollars 
attorni-y's foos as stipulated in ntnl by paid 
niortgatro in case of foreclosure, and th" <tis- 
biir:?enioiite allowed by law; subject to r(den\i>- 
tion at any time wiiliin one year from theday of 
sa''-, a.i ;)io''tr!od by law. 
Dated, 7tb day of June. ,\. D. I'W. 


MortacK-oe. D\vjt:a A IIdrkitj, 

Attorneys for Wortitawee. 
400, 101 First Natiouul Hank bnildioB, 

Dniutli, Minn. 
(Jano-7-14 21-2S-July 5-12.) 

otate of MINNES;.T.*i,) 

k5 <.:0UNTT OF !>T. Loos. ) "'■ 

Dietric* court, Eloveuth Judicial District. 

Stovon V. White ^ 

P aintiff, 1 

agrai nst y 

WnUer H. Smitl; and Nathaniel 

Lefeudar ta, 
Tho State of Mirne.^ola, to tho above named do" 
fer.dantfi : 

Yon are lierely stnnnionod nnd required to 
answer the complaint ot tlio plaintitf in the 
above entitled anion which is flle<l in tho oflice 
of ttio clc'k of the d-.strict court of the eleventh 
judicial district in nnd for the county of St. 
Louis nnd stole of Minnesota, and to serve a 
copy of your aus vei- to th" said coinplaint on the 
siibscriben. at their oilico in First Nutioual bnilding, :)nlnth, in said county, within 
•,20 days afier th'i service of this summons upon 
yon. eiclasivo of theday of siicli service; snd 
if you fail to answer the said complaint within 
tho lime sforesaiii, the plaint ifl' in tlii* action 
will .oyii'.y to tLf court for ihu nlitf demanded 
in the complaint. 
Dat,ed June:io, 1S03. 

Dkai'Ek, Davis & HoLi.isTt^a, 
Plaintitffi .\ttorneys. 
l)nluth, Minn. 
Jnlr 5-12-19-29, Aug. 2-9. 

Assessment Notice. 

Grading Superior Street 

Ofllce of City ComptroU. r, { 
Dulutli, Minn.. Juno :iS, 1>'.'S. S 

Noticeishereiy Riven to all i)artiep intorcst- 
pd that Ml aspof ruicnt has J^een mmle by tJie 
board t<f i>nblic works of the city of Dulnth, 
Minnesota, ar<l -.'mtirmed by the Hon. J. D. hn- 
slgn, judgx of tl • <listrict court of Elevonth jn- 
diciiil district, tr> dr.lray in full the expenses of 
grading Superi<'r street iformerly called Hench 
and Birch streets) froai avenue 
casttothemirtli lino of tast Dulnth in said 
city, and that a duplicato assessment roll has 
been delivert-d to the city treasurer, niul that 
the amount ass. ssed against each lot or pare- 1 
of laud can be ascertained at the olhce of the 
city treusureraad that the afsepsment is duo 
and payable, ^id if paid within thirty (:»• days 
there will be u lowed a ilednclion of ten tlui 
per cent chnrt-TeiJ to t!ii> ;onount of the as? e-^;*- 
mont forsur\i.< lioi,.^. s, .ciUcatiousand euper- 
oitoudence. A) m desirmg can have 
thei,- a.'jaessn. .••.'- ■!■■ ■ -eil into not more than 
Ave ('.I iustal'.:.. ;.t;. ■..- noi h'ss than ttn (10) 
dolliirs each by making anpliration to the cay 
ron-.!>trollor within forly-!v.o days after ilate of 
thisuolico. Sni!i ins!all;n: i.t.s to bt-eome duo 
jind )>ay ibl" at; nnaiiy, commencing Oeirber 1, 
lv».>. with interest at 7 per cout payable an- 

Blank? for may bo oblainsd by 
application aiuiyoBlcc. 

W. a. Ty.s livtooK, 


CIVIL irA'<il>Aii'i.v;. 

5. & W. II. ClKlii. MT. ■ 
civil engineers, li 5 We? 

Hj^RA' Y K. F.<lftClIll.D. ( tVIL 
1. gineer ai»d surveyor. Kocni «i-"t Pr 


::ri.: o. 

FMPLOVMKSr off!vf:. 

«iffic<» in Dnluth, free of r"- - - - 
alffo lip.vf* a full line of hnir s 
Mrs. M. ( '. .Seiboid. SJ'» i:*»?t ■ 



'" 1. Fi 

Cu)>piu<;, «". 

JL Mi.iwire. Full era Inare o' i 
of Aconchment. 
Third street. 

t.. l< 

*TorJ7 j:rrAi2ii:ic 

J 6ti>ves and ranc»s repaire<1on^!:ort t.:t<co. 
CiFtinsti furajshed for any kind of s!«n-»<»« »■ !-■•• 
An.ericau Sto^o Ecpui:' Works, 118 K«t > 
ior street. 


la Best Part of the City. 

.510-511 Lvccnm 




CofNTV OF St. Ix^rts. s "• 

Diytrict Court. Eleventh Judici.i! D- '-;-!. 
Ill the mattor of the .".fMi-nnv 
Clark .and Wiiliaai Wardell, i::-. 

It appearing to tho court by t tie : 
Thomas B. llawl:> s. assiimce lur 
titirr tliirg--. that a large nnn Iht < ' 
ors<f the said insolvents, h-.i'ik S 
V. iiliani Unrdel!, have (:iil." ! :.> '.: 
their claims and re!e3se^ hrroin ■..;■ 
vidi-d. and that the sai'l assignee is r*-.;:;. r 
to make disfrib'.ition of tlio asse?« of s«' 

It is ord,->reil. that the fonnli ilav ^,\ '. 
be and the same is hereby fixed a ■ tho il ;> 
Kefjiro which ad cre»iitors of the :-Ht<i 
shall fl'e pnxifs of their rrsjxH-tive c 
till' said assigiiie. Tlionias i>. H.-iwke.- . 
said day is als«» hereby lised as the d»i- • 
before which 111! creditors wlio li.--- • ■ 
ji;it(" in the distril>iition «>f tlie <■.-■ 
inM>lv< nts s.iall 111,' Tt'ioan's of :':.•.:.: 
claims against the same, with tlje clerk >>t thii 
court as by law provided. 

And it is further onlered that a i 
order bo publi>.hed in the Dnluth I 
ahl once in each we»'k for two '■ 
l-rior to th'isaid fvmrth day ».f A 
the said ns"if-n<=e, within t'.v^' 
(late hereof, mail a o«)t.y of : . 
creditors of the said in.-.'; 
deuces or address are known ' » hoi«. 

Didnth, Minn.. July Srd. 1 .'^. 
By the Court : 




' 're 
. :io 


Henty S. Mauo\. 
Attorney for Aosignee. 

July m: 

.T.D. Enwox. 
District JnUge. 




1 > 

^ , 1 I 

^i^..j«»..'. t-.»^wv: .-,.*..• -.■^tv *, J V 




store O^erx Frorii -Z st. xii. to 9:30 ^. xrt. E-v^ery IDa^y XDciring TlUs Sale. 







0]E^ TKCE^ 








We have purchased the Klrkwood Dry Goods Co.s stock of Dry Goods AT LESS TPIAN 25c ON THE DOLLAR 


amm TO 

^?\'il Is 


3SSHSHSS-~-^="^--ss^ s^cSie- s5^ j-l 

»'X l . l lilinL8t. B' JuU r5! 

arrrs^vrn v '»J 8 . j 


Bleached nncl rnbleaclied; re<^iilar lotail 

gi . p^i^^e : 3c. 

^^ Bankrupt Price, 3 i-2c a Yard. 



t aa:sa~.'xi i ii mi i i ia > .^B» ^.uEH ' jg rj": 


All.Woo. Fhnnel. and Henriettas; .-o^,,. i I la.iottas, Series, Whip Conls, Storm ' ^^UC LI1>C1> 

'•' ^ ^'■""' r"<^« ^< ) to fi'^c. i Serges, 40 to 5^"incl-,es Nvk le ; retail price 

$1-25 to $2.50 .. ' 

Regiilar retail price 

BaDkrnpt Price, 



. Yard . 


(55 to 85c. 

f^ Dress and Comforter; regular retail price 

7 and 8c. 

Bankfnpt Price, 3 i-2c a Yard, 


Fancy French Novelties and Henriettas; 
regular retail price, $1.00 to $r50 a yard. 

Ba^krapt Price, Sic a Yard. | 

~'^— — — — ^— — - " 


Bankrapt Price, S9c. 

ntapt Price, 27c a M. 


Regular retail price 

-SlO-OOto $15.00 

Bankrupt Price, S3. 

a**^ '^.t. ;i J ja U ' , MI<1 l j.J .« i ' U 'J'T-r7.I.-3»»:TJ--J»:r^TOj rm.-.— yy ril -^ -T^s^-pr.— TT ^r 



Regular retail price 

$7.()l) to $S.(i(li. 

Bankropt Price, SS.©S a Pair.! 

I Glass Block Store, 

0i8, 920, 1)22 Tower Aventse, 


• Glass Block Store, 



m iisy 

The Glorious Fourth in Daluth Was Very 

Wet But the Populac?! Celebrated 

Just the Same. 

- «&>^:.\' iKi taXn ^..^-w 

Picnics Were Abandonad But Fire Crackers 

and Ammunition Were Used in 

Libera! Quantities. 

The Pavilion Attracted Thousands in the 

AUernoon and Evening— Great Fun 

on Superior Street. 

The glorious Fourth tiv.s not as glori- 
ous as it miffbt have been. N.iturc. for 
some reason unexplained, wept copiously 
at times yesterday an«i contiMiousIvworc 
such a face of gloom ttiat plans for the 
day Tvere dispelted like a morning mist 
iri a Kansas sun, and hcarcs that \ve:c 
liilhi and yay, ^^riw as iieavy as lead. 
Monday evening, when old Sol went to 
his night's rest, the Fourth hi Doluth 
promised to Remarked by a univef^al 
obsorrance— not by heauy parade.^, deaf- 
ening canncn, ponderous'orr.torv and all 
ihat, but by a multitude of little picnics, 
(excursions, quiet walks, family g/tthcr- 
ings. all bein^ especially pi mned and 
adoptcrl for the closing of shop and 
counting: room and getting out inn tne 
mmv haiints of classic nature, so numer- 
ous around Dulutli and the head of the 
lakes. The ok! dame wa^ )ii the dumps-, 
however, and as a result, many of Du 
julh's most clicer,- r.nd li^jht hearted res- 
tients were in the same, niiserabitj, un- 
patriotic conflirion, 

Ves it lained. Picnic panics were 
disbanded, excursions were failures, 
lunches grew st?.Ie in their biskctr, and 
the dainty holiday attireofihe dear ladies 
vvas not seen outside the wardroHes. 
Thousands never kft their rooms all ''ay 
and if ail who went to bed wah the birds 
la?t evening: kept up those e::riv hours (/f 
retiring e'ectric light comoanitE and oil 
dealers would y,u into bankruptcy. 
On Superior Strcci. 
The muggy, d.iuip while it 
had the effect of preventing ps«.ple from 
gtttir.g out of the city made the streets 

very lively and the expenditure for tire- 
crackers was large. Superior street last 
!i'ght was Ikcrally covered with the re- 
mains of firecrackers, rockets. Roman 
caarl'cs and other paraphernalia. The 
Merchants hole! corner was the jiopular 
one and trie noise something tremen- 
dous. The most effective composition 
for disturbing the air in China was a 
mixture of potash, pulphur and other in- 
gredients w.'iich. when placed on the 
street car tracks produced a realistic 
cr.nnonade wlieii the car passed over, lo 
ih- infinite terror of the women inside 
the car and the unbounded delight arid 
s.itisfaction of the bowline mob outside. 
All day long the din continued. When 
the rain poured down there was a tem- 
porary lull which only broke out in in- 
creased force as it ceased. 

About n o'clock at night the fun was 
at Its height. The crowds gathered on 
each side of the street were pitted each 
against the other. Roman candles wexe 
the missiles used in attack an*! the bom- 
bardment at limes was intensely excit- 
ing. Colored lights from the candles 
flew in and out among the crowd like 
hail, umbrellas caught fire and every few 
moments some one would burn a hu^t; 
pile of red fire, lighting the street lor a 
block, w!th beautiful etloct. About mid- 
night the battle grew too warm for com- 
fort, the combatants throwing their Ro- 
man candle sticks at each ether. Two 
plate glass windows in the Merchants 
hotel were broken about 12:15 o'clock 
and then the crowd cooled down, reali,:- 
iug that the fun was going a little too far. 
The ctay passed off without any lires 
.and the department rested easily. This 
is (jnite remarkable considering the 

^ At t.hc Pavilion. 

Had the day been pleasant the Incliric 
raii.vay and the Pavilion would ccrtiiniy 
have ln:eii taxed to their ui.Tiost. Evc.t 
with tho rain, 10,000 people we:e carried 
to the popular resort en the hi'i. In the 
evening .he crowd particuhtriy 
firge. Under the direction of Ch. 
I rautvetier, Hoare's orchestra rendered 
"-program of firctty selection in the 
..rccrnoon. In the evening Professor 
Ai^eurand his great b.ind bcld forth. 
Luc program v,-as composed of popular 
and patriotic airs appropriate to the tby 
and uearly every number evoked an en- 
core. Miss Jesiic Miliar, the popular 
little cornetist, played at both concerts, 
and as usual won tremendous ar^plause. 
She recogni/ed the day we celebrate bv 
dressing as Coiumiji.i, 

Many a family picnic planned for out- 
side reports was held at the Pavilion vcs- 
terdav. Duluth ii favored oeycuid nJJS^ 
cities in that re, pcct. No matter if tain 
does fall; for a nickel a head the party 
can be transported to a maj;nificent pic- 

nic ground nnder cover, as dry and 
comfortable as the home. 


The Norllwn Pacific ShorMlne Killed a Wan at 
Superior Last Evening. 

The 8:5T^ Norlhern Pacihc shortUne 
from Duluth last night killed an un- 
known man between elevator station and 
the West .Superior platform. Tlie n-:ir. 
was walking rn the track facing the cn- 
gne. I lie er.glneer saw hm, but it was 
too late to stop in time to prevent th" ac- 

The victim was struck in the back of 
the head and pretty badly cut. He 
lived about twenty minutes after re.ich- 
ing the depot, but did not speak or re- 
cover consciousness. He was cleaniv 
claci as a common laborer, was evidcutiv 
intoxicated and ^^22.2^ in ca^h was four.d 
in his pocket. There wa^ also a rtceint 
for some tools signed L. .M.Mcdillis and 
addressed to John Oleson, which is pre- 
sumed to be ihe v.T.w's rams. Coroner 
Ho'Ascn is invejti;».'ting (he case. 

Carrio Bcilc Ames. 
The recen doiithoi Carrie Belle Ames, 
eIde^t daughter <»: M,. m-.d Mrs. Caswell 
Ames, removes one of the ino-t promis- 
ing young l.adics of the cilv. The fam- 
ily hate but recently come here, and ."Uiss 
Ames' liiness tiar.js .-.iniost from the day 
ol their arrival, !.ut m her Icrmer home. 
Uswego. N. Y.. ihe was a universal fa- 
vorte, rtnd the tidi.ngs of her death v. ill 
come wuh a great shock to man v. Miss 
Ames was but ig y^nrs of age.' Thoie 
who met her here v/crc impressed with 
theb.'aveaud pattcut spirit with which 
she met disease and death, and extend 
their sympathy to U.e stricken house- 


The! at Spirit Lako Opened Yes- 
terday lUorniffg. 
The Central Ciuii club tournament 
opened yesterday at .Spirit Lake, but 
there were only a few people present 
outside of the contestanlj, who num- 
bered twentv. Genevey, of ."vlipncapo'is; 
Duke, of .St. Paul; Hcneage, of I>iluth; 
Cameron, (.f Owen .'^ound, and McClurc, 
of Duluth, were amongihc outside people 

Tne first event, merchandise shoot, ten 
singles, was won by Dr. Day, whodropped 
the entire ten. Genevey won the shoot 
off for second place. Coons took the third 
and Proctor tourtli. The scores were: 
iJay. 10; Cenevey, Cameron, Dodge, 8; 
Proctor. Dieke. 7; Coons, .\'eI:-on, Mc- 
Clure, 6; Remington, lionehill, 5; Poitiir, 
Pierbon, 4; .Alexander, 2: Mcl>;na;d, 
Katcn, 3; Hener.gc, i. The scores made 
in other e»rrits were .''s follows: 

.Second event, sweeps, Dodge, fiL^^t 
money, Geaevey second, McDonald 
third, Duke fourth. Score: Docfgc (5,: 
Gencvey i.j. McDonald i2.Du't«e 11, D..v, 
NcJson lo, Alexander o, McClure, Cu)ns, 
S; Helicase, Pietson, lionehill 7, Pcricr 
6, Remingt'-:i, Proctor, Kalon 5, Cam- 
eron 4. 

Fhird event, inerchandis?. g singles, 3 
pairs -Nelson, first prii^i; Pierscu', sec- 
ond; Larson, thud; (.irnevev. four;h;- 
Dodge, fifth; Ikoiehill. sixth. Score: Kel- 
son 12, Pierson 11, Lajson 10, (ienevev, 
Duke, .McClure 0. Dodge, Hencage. Dav 
.S, Canieron, P..Tr;ehiii, McDon.dd, 
Porter 7, Coons 6, Remington, Alexan- 
der 5, Proctor, Faton 4. 

Highest of all In Leavening Pov/cr.~ Latest U. S. Gov't Report 

A atrd's Eye View of the World's Pair. 

Cm if; AGO, July s..^ :Spcr:al.J-\isilors 
desiritvg to enjoy tfio iliujiiination of the 
grounds at night can do so from the 
Park Gate hotel, situated immeduitely 
accross the street from the main en- 
trance, corner Sixiy^Third and Stony 
Lsland avenues, Jackson Park. Beipg 
run on the American and Eiuooean 
l)lan at 51 50 per dayand upwards makes 
u trie choicest cf locations. All outside 
room 5. 

Before 13romo-Se!tzer 
Acts as a bracer trial Ix)tU9 locts. 5 

Pc sure and sec IJcnnie Fitzer and 
Elmer Hilling in their political speech 
en "1 he Sdvtr Our.s'.io.-i," Lyceum, Fri- 
day, -th. Columbian Minstrels. 

The Sale cf tlis Adams. 
The rumored deal fo* the s.ale of half 
the Adams mine, or railier ^i per cent, 
which w.ns roportcfl in The Herald a few- 
days ago, has bernme more of a cer- 
tainty and within a few days it will prob- 
ably l)e definitely announced that the 
Merritt-Wctmore syndicate is in control 
of it, the price {)aid being $410,000, 

Hundreds of people write "It is impos- 
sible to describe the good Hood's Sarta- 
pardla has done me." It will be of equal 
h-^l;) to you. ^ 

Special Rates to Chicago. 

The St. Paul <S: Duluih is making 
special low rates to Chicago on account 
of the World's fair. 

Sleeping car arrangcm.ents attended 
to. F. 15. Ross. 

Nor. Pfiss. Agt., 
428 Spalding hotel. 

Fine Summer Hotel, 

The Hotel I5roadwater at Hclcm, 
thirty-seven hours by .Norlhern Pacific 
from St. Paul, Minneap:!lii, Suprrior and 
Duluth, is the haif-way resting place for 
Vellowbtone Paik, Pacific eoaii and 
Alaska tourists. 

Offices: 163 Fast Third street. S* 

4>6 West Superior street, Duluth. 

tract \yoitiM<^»wwEgg 

ORljo «.t t1j« R<jar(l of PuMic Works, > 
Cityof Dutntli. Wii::i., JuJi f.. lSi*3. i 

Scaled l>i 111 v.ill li>o rrc.->tA«.l },.» th^ board of 
pntilir, worU" Id au<\ for fJio . orporntion nf t'lA 
ci:y of 1)„| ,th. Ali^ni ."..(a. at ihi.i ,,|);c.« ia -luii 
oity, nr til (» ;i. »ii.. 011 tli-i 17;j. <l.-i.. of Jutv. .\, !»., for lli.t imi»rovii)rrof :-our:li i^rcrtiu t^nul 
cify from rj..(linour hvpuuo w.v.l ti)Tw-eiitj-liftli 
avmio \n-< =t Hti.1 from Twfuty-t,ix;h nrrnuo 
w«'«t to i ,.^,.ty o)«hth nvnnu" \vr-8t, incUidir';: 
ui" constr iction of a !.(niitiiry s«wtT iu mi>l 
I'oDrtti btrf ct from I'irdniout a\ ooii" to !•■ 1 fe-n 
west of 'I v.dntyfoiirili avonuc wret witfi oiu;.-tb 
<(owu iwc jly-lir^r .u..! Tvvf.nry-ihird a.ftur.s 
wi.v» nceou ir.g to. l„i;!. and t-j.iHrificatk.nM oiifilo 
m tboofSicc of s! 1 i bo vrd. 

A ourt iiUd cl'ock i.r a r)«nd wiili at Ji^ajit two 
1^1 Kiirotie:; n iliohumof four IhoiiFruidltluilars 
ijKH)!*) iiin.s' arciiTnj<;iriy cacli hiit. 

J lie said hoard n/scrvos tho riKlittofejoct any 
or al! bids. 

IIexst Trvklbev, 
,„ ,., t>esid»>nt. 

Oiicial : 

T. W. ABrt.L. 

t"<5) { iJon;<! TiiWic Wcrte. 
(Jnlyr.. iOt.) 

■^~ ■- 

I* the only li»e mnnliur 
ThroUKh PnllTnan ( nrs l>otwnf>M Dnlntli Rt 
.^. *^''' "Ji'^ ^f^rth riiri8>-(Xi»-t i»-mt*. 
ioo i)i„mg (';:r Lme-Duilnif c&rs on «n 

t.Tri.iiirli trmiis. 
Tli« ynll.jwstoiio Park LrtLif-- Th:,: jnarrelou-. 

Wi'n.lirlaiid rf-acli^i oulv hy th - ')(■« 
Tlif'Tourit-ts' L;i:..--T1,p».,. ..„i. 

Lak'-s F<nd dOrioUp. ( • 4- 

«1. (■|;'d;.ri. t!.i» H..r Sf riui- . -^u r>- 

HOrtsoi tliOiNorfhwi-; i.wi '- 
utiily ]:x!>r<\s6 tra»n« I;. 

Cars, PuDir.nn Tftarir.i 

'"■r)ioiiist Slw»J>injr Cory. 

*>inMi(f Canjor Pacific 
LxpiMs jind Flyr. 





Couiv^ and see the farce, "Our City 
Council as it Appears to an Kye Wit- 
iies..," by the Columbian Minstrels, 
Lyceum. Iriday. July 7. Scata now on 
sole at box office and Duluth Drug 

Fca»hcrweighh Ait Wool 
Underwear. Call and inspect our line. 
C. W. Fkicson, 
2 It) West Superior strcn. 

Dr. Spctr «ic Co.'s cure for piles is p2r- 
manei't. See ad page 2. No detention 
from business. 

The merry comedians. A. \\'. Lahev, 
Howard M array, Ujnnic Fii/,er, I. 1.' 
Walker, C. A. and H, A. Wood, Col um'- 
bian Minstrels, Lyceum, Fridav, Julv 7. 
Seals now on sale at box office' and'Du- 
luth Drug store. 

In the afternoon the shoot was con- 
tinued with the following results: 

i*'ourth event, sweeps, ten singhs— 
Nelson and Geuevey divided lirst money; 
Dodge, Pierson arrd .Moork,s-:cond; Day, 
third on shoot off; fourth divided among 
six tics. Score: Nelson, Gencvey. 8; 
Picrfon, Dixige, Moork, 7; .McDonald, 
Ponchill, Day, Procter, Cameron, 6; 
Remington, PiWtcr, Coons. Hctieage, 
Ak^xantier, Duke, 5; Faion, 4. 

Fifth evenr, mcrrhand!f.e, twocty sin- 
gle* Duke, fir.i;tpriz'?; Getievey, second; 
McDonaM third. S^ore: Duke, 18; 
(rcnevey, iC; iMcDonald, 15; Gfcen, Mc- 
Clure, Dodge, 14; JJonehill, Faion, Nel- 
son, Day, 1;,; Pierson, .^tkiIl^, Co<uis, 
Moork, !i; Larson, Proctor, to; Porter. 
Ilenenge, Remington, q; Cameron, 6 
Alie:<andef, 7. 

Sixth event, ti iinglts. 2 pairs -Duke, 
first ptize; second and third prizes di- 
videci ; Coons, fourth on .shr^jt off. Score: 
Duke, 12; Pierson, Green, 11; Dodge, 
Genevey, Cameron. Nel'on, 10; McDon- 
ald, Day, Coons, Proctor, 9; Alexander, 
7; Ponehill, Atkia.«, Remington, 6, 
Moork, 4. 

.•Seventh event, mcr.-hniidise, 15 singles 

Green, first prize; Nelson, second; Dav, 
third; Alexander, fourth; fifih divided. 
Score: (irceii. Dodge, Gcnevey, 13; 
Pierson. 13; Falon, Nelson, 11; McClure, 
Day, 10; .\ikinr, Alexander, q; Duke, 
McDonald, Coon^, ,S; Kemini^ton. Moork, 
7; Prt>C!or. r.oncbiil, Cameron, 6. 

Toiiay the shoot is being continued. 

Valises and Shawl Straps. 
We c.iu .save yoy irjuiiey on trunks. 
bagjf iir.d ^shawlatraps. Be sure to sec 
our iinc before piirohasin-r. 

C. W. Ekicsok, 
2rg West Sup erior street 

Or. Speer & Co.'s method for curing 
piles has effected wonderful results. ' 

Tho World's ralr. 

During 1893 ^^--l roads to Chicago. 
The Chicago, Milv/aukee iV St, Haul 
leads the van. Enclose a 2 cent stamp 
and get "The Milwaukee" World's fair 
Solder. J.T.Co.NLEY. 

Assistant General Passenger Agent, 

St. Paul, Minn. 


In rondnmn Jljon pr<c^'»diTi<T«! r.jr 'ibf aft i'l^ .in 
Mist ini'-it lor ►lot>'.'« on Ttiir.! aUi-y trom Lake 
iiv<-::ii(! to l'it:dni,>r.t livi-uiie i.;i>t. 
X.>:!<i- if. ( "rcby m\ii\ tl>Bt tlM'lxiHrdor j.iib'.'c 
xv.iiU oril;. cilyof J)njnib. ntithorl •. .! »>y law 
to \ i(.,v fliPDroiiisni; and a^cf^s^ dainacnx in ron- 
d' n-.i:ation i rucofdi'ic. for laUiriR an fabfmnut 
;t- nruai.i );roj>criy for ih': tife of kIojiv. 
oiic!iiri«, B-riidititf and iiii;iroviucr stroll-, did o.n 
tlio "ill if.iy of JiUy, l-'.ii, ;ilt. in Uic oiW.'.o of M f 
city clfrk- of said city a of t1,fi t>n»mt>^p>d 
inil>rovPiiictiLof TJiird ahoy from l^r-ki' avft^uc 
to »'i<>dinoril ftv<iiut' ivisl wJiicLsnid improTi" 
mr'ni lia» boi'ii oidfrodtiy til" frtnuiion couacil 
of (-Hidci-y: (bat, said plat oxiuhits tlio landmr 
I>arcn!,sof j.ropf»rty aloiii.' bHid Third r.llnT rc- 
■iUin-d to b.i lak'ii for iti.! iis«i of ."-loprn.". and 
tliat Fai4 rnn.iiiii-Fi<M;ors. composi'fl of shM 
JiiLMrd <if i)i:nic ttoiks, will m.i(.t. al 1I10 rify 
liO ' liiiiJdinu i>i fnUi city on 'I ucsd.aj, tj^. isfi, 
day of July. iHW, at:" o'.-lork a in tfi l.oar all 
iiarfiofi inter 'sn-d, i;ud Irom iVr-' invjoed t.j 
vipw th" jimi nifod an.l &st-f.«-« or award ilio «*iin- 
ajff^K f«r llie propi-rrv eo to hn taken. 
l>a((dJu!y 3,18KJ. 

Hknuv TnrFa,«Ev, 

„ 1'rei.idoiiU 


Oiljcial : 

T. W. Adiei.i-. 

(TlorL Uoatd of Pnblio Works 

.1 :• lot, 

l'.".'»«c -T-lyM." f.,r H, ' M» :,, 
liuuo, ."^iHikAiie. r;io..nm,i 
■'^' -ittlo. Hi.rtinn 1 and h1i' 
V'rtiicit>.-il niaifi liue f>^.-jii!j 

Miniii*.t.M. DaUotn .V V-,. 

eiKp Ej:r'r«*fB. for all ^it.. 

Ji<'M>ta r.'id Pakot.i i«„u . 

Wk.mji..^. Montajia m.A 

_ I'n'-ifiL* < •lat't . 

("hie(.L,'<i Limited for all \V^-' 
ortn.'vi Ci litral .V MiJw.Tii- 
k.'.-; L-[^ii t>^i«i»> A-. W: (.» 
or'i poir.f>. Milwawkf*^ 
'Hiioapo aixi K>e oud 

WiKuinfin Contrni f.. .■ .' 
fc.xriri»»(. f.-r all fJi.' i,,- 
Katit'o nud \ViRcon«i'j < '<■»•- 
tr.- il tNtiiit a and I'lncvro-. 

'lii am; lI:iO|<TQ 

C.SSpin 7:!1«- 

• rm' U:!0«m 


} Kxropt .'^ Ajj ^t>^l«•r tiuia.- (>ail>. 
Kohiv'. in.ipM. or <d!i.'r |.«ti.i.!:l.u .md iTifi>rTr..i- 
tiftn wfll bo chc(»rr!illy furniflj.vj i.>i a* p!irnti.. 

^« ,.. ^. , . f- A- «-i;fek.\ii. 

Or omi^^^yKfi ^^"^'' *" ^^ ^"'*'^'' '^^' 

(ion. I'nsK a:i'd Ti.'t. Act.. .<?;. T-ttI. 

Tiie iFlfiweslfiri Liis! 

O. ST. I'. M. A. O. KY 


Anrt tht» Line to9f. Patil 
and Miiinr-ap>.<i,i. 


l-or Ht, f.tiU 
ADiI XLuiao»|iu}i«. 



Lv DxJlntii 

Lv \\'o.Ht 8ui*rfor._ 

Ar SiH>onj>r.„. .. 

Ar Stillwater "*" 
ATi*K Pn-il ...;.„. 
Ar MiunoiMu>*,U) 


midilLED EVirUSOlX, Frotpcct, OUip. 

Chronic Headache. 

Found no Eelicf except in Kicka- 

poo Indian Sagwa, tho Greatest 

Blessing to Humanity. 

Pro5;pkct, O.,. March 19, 
For two ynarfl I hnd been more or less 
■fflietfxl with hcatlaelje.s and had failed 
to find any irlief. i was rreommendod 
to uso Kie!:nnno Indian fSqgwn riming 
my last Kttafk and did ho. My hcnd- 
Hcho stopped, and I have had no returns 
of it since. Mv hr-fldachos ranie from a 
liver and ..stoniKvh treuhio, nnd the 
jdttsrwa mcdo itn curative eOcets felt at 
omo. I elicerfuUy rreommend Kiek- 
»p;">i> Inrli.m P.a'^'wa to all v.'bo may b« 
Ai.'.icted, believing It to he the greatest 
•blessing of the ban;;:* race. 



,> $1 Uotdo, C I'orSfi. 



li' rondtniDnlion rroc ivdiiiBK for obtjuuin;,' an»'iii"iit f« r K'opcii o!i ViWn a'ioy f.-om yir.^L 
avoiiif t.-ibl til Siv-'^ihI avoniia wc>;t. 

Notico IB her^bycivPiifh.ittlie ȴ.ard of poblic 
WurKS of till" city of Didinli. aittlioriz.-d hy law 
to view ilit« iiiciTiipiF, and UK?Vs.M ila.iincc- in roil- 
di'niiiHtioii |in>ci'..dir!firfi fi..- t akiiii,' an casomon; 
III iirivalo iiMj)(»rTy for llio imo of .«|npf>!: for 
oi«(>iiin»r. txr:i< i^ijj aud imtirovinjr f^trc-fs, did 011 
til.) .Mh day ol .hiiy. !«':!. lllc in thiMitlloo of tlin 
oily rlcik <if jaid <-iiy a tdnt of tliH prooosr-d im- 
provpm»iit of Viltli rtJlf y inmi Kirftr .iv.'iino r.,st 
to S.'cond i\i-n,\i<- wo i.nldrli Haiti imiirovfTttt-tt' 
lia« bi-pn ordn-oil by dm o.minion rniinoi; ,.f Miid 
city; that rail plat crhibit^ ilio laiidK or pir<-i>'s 
of propirtv n on;' taid Fiftli allf.y H.|iiir"-.I to 
b(. tako'i lor iliO iimt.1 hlo;ifs. and tbatsaid 
comniiv-ion«»r'. coiiipoM«d of Hiii.l Inmrd of pul)- 
lir \vork8. xvil mwt .it tif oCi.^n of mid b<iijd 
in tho city halt bnil.liixr in ^ai<l my on Txw.itnv 
tho j.vtl. day r.f .Inly. I'-o:!. a; ilorl.Kika in U, 
hoar all pariii* mr* ivotud. lui.l ^ro.^l ih, it> jiro- 
c.x-d to Mt'W t .f prciii;!** and !iBspe« o. award 
tho dnmaireti f >f \hn proDcrty Ko to bt- l«kf«. 

D-;tr)<i July :., 1S«M. 

. „nFARVTEftL«l»N. 

Pipeidout Board of Pub:ic Wit** 
Ofllcial : 
T. W. Amxi, 
Clerk i>.>a>d of Pnhlic Workn. 
July 5-1'Jt 

Kor £aa <.'l»iT«. ('hKs««o ' ij., n». 
«r:d r<,.>K«t. ]^&^', 

liv Ihilat^ ...... ' 'I"!-. 

LvW{v,tTrui.«»nor .1^^2111111 1 ! 

A- - . , , .... «... .••....1 I ,-- 
r ."i:waiikco„..._ . ' 

Ar <^iiip"iri> 



1:A« .1 

7 *'< Mil 


l\nrlor('nn.«r. Hay ti»i;<i», 
''<;iiieatro Spiviaf' rt>!» thnmad witbinu eii«n>*4 
of ra.r,' any chisu <t{ witi»cncNn Ih»w« ru On- 
liiih an<< (.hiri)«r\>. 
(iitO. M. S.MIVM. R. \V. SI • '•■. 

ii.^ur.rhl AKiiuf. I JtV J •!♦ 

} ST. r un, J Dru.Tn u.ultimaii 

I." Uulntli 

Ar M. Paul 

Ar Siifi.'iOH|K-Jwi:. 


Ar t'liirapo.. ..... 

Ar W.viR niiK.-o 


-Arhl^L ., . 

Ar K. i>;i'.' i;y . 

Lv f<,r t'lo-iuet, 
♦'arJti-n . . 17 nP«m 

Li-nP.*.? N%r4if 

I "At' 

i^ \Vt*r Scpft.'idr .-UM«t 





1 1 ' III II \ m 9 i> «. n iw iui ■ ■ ■ 1 1 ■in; >4t -iiim | r ii > i m!, ii» n ii w rnvif- •; 


" .V. 

Tlie Largest C'lotliii-.,; iloivo in tlio V.\i«it. Tii)- 
ueers o' L^iw i'ricet.. 

WE TiEGIN to feel our very lartre 
purchase of 



— includinsj all grades and styles, and the 
very best make-i iti the market, such as 
Goodyear'si and lU>di;oru:in's— too large 
for tHe cruinary mn cf business, and 
have made up mr mirils to force ihem 
Our plan is to oftcr them at 

Greatly Reduced Prices 

For the 


COA r, made r.i Black Serge, extra gooil 
quality. lorti: detachable Cape. 

These conts are remarkably pood val- 
ue, an.i our So, S7 and $8 and $10 coats 
are equally good bargains. We have 
them in blv.cs, blacks, yrays and brawns. 
W'c wt'uld rather stll vou one of our 
higher grade ones, becaus.i we think you 
•would b< better pleased, althoa^h the 
cheaper ones will shed the rain just as 

Driving? Coats for 
Gentlemen I 

Double breasted, made of a high qual- 
ity of smooth ^.tMlace Melton or Kersay 
cloth, in plain colors— blur, black, 
browns and drabs— handsome plaid lin- 
ings, lap seams, silk sleeve linings, vel- 
vet collar and pearl buttons, having the 
advantage of similar coats, being ihor- 
cughly water proof. 

$15, $20 and $25. 

A full line of Bors' Rubocr Coats and 
Mackintoshes. Ladies' Mackintoshes 
made to order. 



Important Legal Papers Docketed in Clerk 
Sinclair's Office. 

The following papers were filed in 
Clerk Sinclair's office today: 

In the matter of the assignment of the 
Northwestern Benefit association, release 
by creditor N. J, Pinault, S76. 

Matthew Kennedy against Edna A. 
Arthur et al., attachment on certain real 
estate to satisfy judgment cf $570.66. 

rrenchi^i; tassett against James F. 
Daley et al., return of execution for 
?5S.S5 unsatisfied. 

Louisa A. Guiibault against Robert 
Forbes, amended complaint. Plaintiff 
claims she was shown certain real estate 
by defendant which she purchased as 
she supposed, bit after the transfer 
found the deed covered other and less 
valu2ble property. Wherefore she de- 
mands ;j;3oo damages with cost and in- 

M. C. Ryan against W. A. Stoweil, 
transcript of judgment jSj.go. 

First papers were issued to Joseoh V. 
McGregor of Canada. 

Mo Drunks in Court. 
There were no petty offenders in court 
this morning at all. Half a dozen were 
locked up over the Fourth, but remem- 
bering that to celebrate is hur-.ian and 
tnat a $12 line makes a large hole in a 
common man's' pocketbook, Chief Hor- 
gan allowed all to walk out this morning 
and go their various paths. 

S*sn*C3f} Will Appeal. 

W. C. Sherwood has signified his in- 
tention to appeal his nuisance case to 
the district court, not agreeing with 
Judge Pt-wcli that such an institution al- 
most under Alderman Hugo's pantry 
window ii a nuisanc-j in itself. 

You Can Save Dollars 

By buying youc, at M. .S. Barrows 
& Co. You save from 50 cents to ^i on 
every pair. 

Excursion to Isle Rcysic 
On the Ossifrage,lcav:ng Saturday even- 
ing at 7 o'clock, returning arrive early 
Monday morning. Round trip and berth, 
$4. Ro'.y boats for fishing carried free. 

50 Cents to $? Szvsd. 
Onevc-^v pair of meri's, boys' or child- 
ren's sl.oac bar.ght at 

M. S, MuRRows & Co. 

Brown build;ng for rent, 10 East Supe- 
rior street, entire: building or tloors' sepa- 
rately. Fixtures lor sale. Enquue of A. 
E. BroAn at Panton & Walsxi's. 


The Cslebrated Will Controversy Came Up 

in the Piobate Court Again This 


Neliemiali Hulett Gave Testimony Calculated 

to Prove That Brooks' Story Was 

Not True, 

Judge Carey Testified Positively That the 
Handwriting in the Marriage Agree- 
ment Is Not Hulett's. 

The adjourned hearing in the Lulu 
I'omeroy- Hulett estate contest came on 
befi>re Probate Judge Ayer this morning 
ami bids f;tir to last scven-^l days. The 
actual relations of Xehemiah Hulett and 
Mrs. Lulu Poff.eroy during the former's 
lifetime are not questioned. After Mr. 
Huletl's d.=;ntii, Mrs. Fcmeroy, or Mrs. 
llu'ett, as she calls hcjseif, came for- 
ward and clainpcd to have been the 

lawful wife of dece.ispd. She asked that 
certain property ai Stony Brook be set 
aside for her as a homestead. 

Ill support of her claim .Mrs. Pomc- 
roy put into evidence a marriage con- 
tract alleged to have been signed by the 
parties. It is written on a scrap of 
bright vcllow manilla paper and sets 
forch that, wbcreuh, the parties believe 
such course to be lawful they h.ive en- 
tered into marit;*! relations and declare 
themselves lawful man and Y>'ife. The 
first part of the doi:unient is a'k'ged to 
be in the hcindwnting ol Mrs, P'jmeroy; 
the latter portion in the hand of Mr. 
Hulett. What purport to be the signa- 
tures cf bfth are subs-rlbc-d, Mr. 
Huiett's first. 

It is claimed by the estate that the 
document ni (juestion is a forgi-ry and 
was never see.i by Mr. Hulett; that Mrs. 
Pomeroy stood to Mr. Hulett simply in 
the relation cf a housekeeper or em- 

On the former examlr.aiion one 
Brooks was produced as a wiiriess for 
contestant. Brooks at o:ie tiaie worked 
for Mr. Hulett. He swore that Mr. 
Hulett told him he was married to Mrs. 

This morning Nemiah Hulett, a cousin 
of the deceased and one cf the principal 
legatees, testified tliai Brooks told him 
(witness) in Jay Anderson's saloon, in 
February, tnat the deceared had never 
told him (Broaksl that h: and contestant 
were husband and wife, thus fiatlv con- 
tradicting, according to Nemiah Hulett, 
his testimony on the former hearing. 

Judge Carey testified that he and the 
deceased held public offices at the same 
time, he was very familiar v'ith the 
handwriting of deceased. Th- witness 
was then exa^nined as to t'ac alleged co.i- 
trr.ct and stated in positive terms that no 
part of it was in the handwriting of the 
deceased and that what purports to be 
his Signatuie is a forgery. 

The case is attracting considerable 
attention not only because of the pecu- 
liar and in some ways sensational cir- 
cumstances surrounding it but further 
from the fact that the estate involved is 
worth in the ncighborhoc^d of S6oo,ooo. 
Both sides, it is said, will fight every step 
bitterly to the end. 


Pember Is 

Tho Damage Case cf Thorpe vs 
On Trial Today. 
The last two jury cases of the June 
term of the district court are on trial 
today and will probably be finished be- 
fore night. Judge Lev.-is is hearing the 

case of Edv,-ard M. Thorpe against 
Jacob L. Pember etai, the circumstances 
of which were made fnmiliTr to the pub- 
lic at the time of the occurrence. 

Thorpe lived with bis family in a 
house leased of Pcniber. The latter, it 
is alleged, desired to get rid of his ten- 
ant who could not leave at the time be- 
cause of the sickne.-s of his wife. It is 
claimed that Pemhcr took out the doors 
and windows anri carried them away in 
the hope of freezing out the unwelcome 
tenants. It was in April and Mr. Pem- 
ber's scheme was well nigh successful. 
The i:idignation of the neighbors and 
the pat)Iic in general was raised to the 
boiIi.^g point and the Thv)rpe family was 
speedily made comfortable, not, how- 
ever, until Mrs. Thorpe and the children 
had been made quite sick by the expos- 
ure, Thorpe sues for $5,291.75 and costs. 
Tear, Davio (S: Bureau .nppear for the 
plaintiff and William E. Wright for the 

Before Judge Ensign the case of 
Iron River Brownstone company against 
Albert V. Kelly et al. is being heard. 
The suit grov/s of stone furnished to 
defendants by plaintiff. About #2800 is 

In the case of John A. Leckey 
Aivin White et al. a further 
twenty days has been granted. 

The fallowing setting ot cases, all for 
the couit, iias been nnde: 

Thursday — Room Xo. 2, city 
meut cases. Room No. 1,95, c,q, 
10, 15,23. 24. :?5- 

I-rid^y-29, 36, 45, 47.'40. 50. 56. 

Annual Meeting 0* the Mcsaba Iren Miring 
The annual meeting of the Mesaba 
Iron Tvlining company will be held at the 
Tower hotel. West Superior, Wis., on 
Friday July 7, at 4 o'clock p. w. 

A. G. Bf.rnaktj, 


Miss Kading has removed to 107 Pas- 
torct terrace, second fioor. 

Go to Foglosun's for ice cream. 

stay of 

. 41. <), 

fm^. mi 

^ M ^' fe ^ t^ '^H ^-^ 



The only Pur. Cream of Tartar Poxrder.-No Ammonia; No Alum. 

Used m Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard 

Fat Butler Killed at the Ore Docks By a Fall- 
ing Timber. 

Pat Butler, employed at the Missabe 
ore docks, was killed about 2 o'clock to- 
day by the falling of a heavy limber. 
He was loading it on a wago wlieii it fell 
on his head, ctushing it. He lived only 
.'diout ten mir.iites. He resided on 
Fourth fitreC: near Thirty-first avenue 
west and leaves a wife and several child- 
ren. The bc'dy was t iken to his hi<me 
and the cort>ner was noiilied. 

J. Preuu>. also employeil at the ore 
docks, brtike his leg yesterday while 
working on the bridge. A falling timber 
caused the accident. 


Cullura, dentist, 702 Palladio. 
iraoke Endioa cigar. W. A. Foote & Co. 

Rice &McGilvray,6i6Chamber of Com- 
merce, civil engineers and surveyor;?. 

"Use the best" Duluth Imperial flour. 
W'. S. Storer, D. D. S., has removed 
his dental rooms to 717 Torrey block. 

McMillen & Tenbuich, architects; 
King block. 

Moved to Torrey building, first floor, 
James Billtngs. " 

T.O. Hall has removed his ofi'ice to 
room 105, Palladio. 

Tlie following births have been re- 
ported to the board of health: Marion 
and Belle Shaw, 118 Third .avenue west, 
a son; VV. J. and Annie Martz, 212 
Eleventh avenue west, a daughter; C. I.. 
and Annie Canning, 109 East Eighth 
L^ueet, a son; .Ynhur and Uelena ilos- 
jolei, 2218 West Superior street, a 

A. Werner Ligncle has taken out a 
permit fpr the erection of a frame dwell- 
ing house on Duluth Heights, to cost 


Capt. T. H. Pre-nell has been ap- 
pointed by Judge Wahv r H. Sanborn to 
be court coaimissioner of the United 
States circuit court for the district of 

Jean Baptistc St. Jacques, hailing from 
Canada, Johan A. Bergstrom. Alfred 
Serquist and Sevenn jacobson, from 
Sweden, received first ciiizenship papers 
in the I'nitcd States couit today. 

The evangelist, T. A. Boyer, is a com- 
paratively young man yet. he hns been 
wonderfully successful in his meetings. 
Go and hear him, meetings begin Thurs- 
day evening at the First Christian 

The Northwestern Fuel company have 
removed their offices to room C Torrey 

Ice cream social tonight and music in 

The Evangelists, Boyer and Millard, 
begin their meetings at the First Chris- 
tian church, corner Fourth street and 
Fifth avenue west, Thursday evening, 
July 6, The Fourth street west car line 
goes to the church. 

Byron J. McCormick, formerly of Du- 
luth, but now of Port Huron, Mich., and 
Miss Anna Beemer, of La Peer, Mich., 
will be married tomorrow at the latter 
place. Mr. McCormack is a grandson of 
J. B, Inman and was with the luman tug 
line two years. 

The remains of Mrs. M. Allen, mother 
of Mrs. A. H. Schlilt and Mrs. Prel, who 
died here last January, will be ^taiicn By 
the latter to Houston, Tex., this after- 
noon for final interment 

W. H. Winship, general agent of the 
Dr. Milns Medical company, of Elkhart, 
Ind., has been in the city for several days 
making and renewing advertising con- 
tracts with the newspapers for his com- 
pany, which from a newspaper stand- 
point is one of the best and' most desir- 
able in the United States. Mr. W^inship 
is an artist in his profession and a special 
favorite of the newspaper fraternity. 

Ice cream social tonight at St, An- 
thony's German Catholic church. 

James Hennessvof West Superior lost 
ttiree fingers and a thumb as the result 
of the premature explosion of a giant 
firecracker yesterday. 

The Ossifrage will run an excursion to 
Isle Royale, leaving Saturday evening at 
7 o'clock, returning early Monday morn- 
ing. Round trip with berths ?4. 

Mrs. Mollie Rutherford, aged 24 years, 
a county patient, died in St. Luke's hos- 
pital this morning. The body lies at 
Durkan's morirue waiting until an effort 
is made to confer with relatives or friends 
before burial is made at county expense. 

Quite a number of excursionists came 
in trom Port Arthur on the steamer 
Cambria to spend the Fourth in Duluth, 
The Port Arthur band accompanied 

W. F. Hatley. proprietor of the Al- 
hamhra billiard and bowling ball, has 
disappeared, says the Superior Leader, 
and it is claimed that a number of his 
creditors, including the proprietor of the 
house where he boarded, are anxious to 
find him. 

An ice cream social will be given at 
t'oe German Catholic church parlors 
this evening. This is given as a post- 
ponement of the Fourth of July picnic. 

The races that were to take place on 
the F'ourth at the West .Superior driving 
park were postponed until Friday after- 

-■ -■ — ,^. „ 


S. L. Frazer will go to Chicago this 

F. L. .A.ndrews and family, who have 
been visiting in Duluth. will return to 
their home in Pittsburg this afternoon. 

Frank S.Gould and bride have arrived 
from Grand Rapids, Mich., where tbey 
were married on June 27. 

H, V. Winchell, of Minneapolis, is in 
the city today. 

T. J. Sheehan, of Minneapolis, deputy 
United States marshal, was in the city 

Dr. Edward ]. Semple, of Montreal, is 
at the St, Louis, 

A. Harrington came up from Minne- 
apolis this morning, 

Mr. H. Humphrey Neill, of Amherst, 
Mass,, and Miss Julia W. Redfield, of 
Pittsfield, Mass., are in the city visit- 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pennington and 
child, of Seattle, were at the Spalding 

Arthur E.Miller has returned from the 

L. S. Miller, of the St. Paul & Dultith 
road, was in the city yesterda)', 

R. J. MacLeod, L. J. Campbell and 
others who constituted their fishing party 
returned this morning from the south 
shore with about fifty pounds of black 
bass, Mr, MacLeod calight a muska- 
longe v.'eighing about twenty pounds. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Depuy, of Phila- 
delphia, were at the Spalding yester- 



W'fylr.ofldny. July r>: lln'TtMed 
ViutliiM'; |ir«i). il>ly fnir nr^d wnrti - 

or toil;ij ;„lu chai;«:' in I'lti- 
I'fraturo lUurioiBy. 

I'i!>)lit!i 111 ttiix rpnc" DAILY 
Wi'Hthrr>»Pti> iJ4 liouru in aii- 
viiiico, Es|i!uiiKlioii of (lir>))l!iyM 
apiiour liiTo nacli Moinluy, or can 
bo obtHiiiixt ut riny of its oUice-, 

And you'll li'uvi un reaaoti for ronu'laint! 

Its Seldom KiiuaUoii ! Ni-ver Excel ««1 1 

City fJalueOnico: II. rrtld 1)1(1«, 220 West 

Stii't^rior Srrout. Toloiihono No. 161. 


norKB roK i.adi 1:8 : 
I Evory d«y fn.m J u. 
rn. to 1 p.m. 

Rnsslan and 

noi-ns roit uknts 

Every >\>\y from 1 i 

in. t^ 10 \t. m 


il^ U'fttt Michigan Strett, 
^ (HAS. O. FAI.LK.K, Prop. DULUTH. ML\N 



He Denies Most ol Williams' Allegations In 
tho Big Law Suit. 

The answer of the defendants in the 
case of John .McWiiliams vs. John Mc- 
Kinley and C. A. Elder h.iS been filed in 
the United S;ates court. The answer 
of G. A. Elder ;;; simply somo,^dmis^ions 
of facis coji'crning an a:.siganient of 
a lease. John McKinley's is the real 
answer in the case. The facts alleged 
will be remembered. Williams alleged 
that McKiiiley w.ts acting presumably 
as his agent but deceived liim and se- 
cured an interest in certain lands leased 
to the Merrills, the Chicago Iron com- 
pany, and the Cincinnati Iron company. 

In his ar.swer McKinley denies he 
acted as a general agent for Williamc. 
Ho asserts that the complninant held 
him liable foi the conditions in the lease. 
He .admits that f(;r the lands leai-ed to 
Leonidas ami Alfred Merritt, andtheiwo 
ironcomp'iniisubove named he received 
H bonus of Jjj.coo in stock, but declares 
it was done v\i'h the full knowledge autl 
consentof the coiuplainanl, who was fully 
informed as to the conditions of the 
leases aiid ratified them. The defendant 
claims also '0 have done much cf an 
agent's work, such as paying taxes, etc., 
tor the compliinant purely out of tiicnd- 
ship. When the lands were believed lo 
contain iror>, he piiid ^5000 to secure 
complete information .and then tully .ad- 
vised the complainant of everything. 
He also asserts that Williams had agreed 
to give him a one-fifth interest in the fee 
to the lands but afterward declined. 

The defend;int asks that the leases re- 
main as they are and that his contract 
with Williams for one-fifth of the royal- 
ties be not set aside as prayed for. 


The'8 Business Record at tho Land office 
Makes a Groat Showing. 

The total receipts of the Duluth United 
States land clilcc for the year closing 
June 30, were J5i47,c20,Q2. For the ye; r 
preceding that they were only $91,6.37,65. 
According to the last ann«.algoverr.mcr.t 
report the office that showed the most 
business last year was at Helena, Mor- 
tana, the receipts being $145,249.56. 
Thus the Duluth office this ve.-.r beat t' e 
business of the Helena office for la;t 
year by nearly §1800, The business at 
the Duluth office for the last quarter h. s 
also been gre.atly in excess of the con.- 
bined receipts for the first two quarters 
of the year. Each day is full for tuak- 
ing final proofs up into January iirxt, 
and nearly so into Febuary. 

The report for the <iu:a!cr just closed 
is as follows: 

IfiO cish entries. 193.S.82 ecros 

^71 homestead nntries.. 

2 soldiers and sailors declaratory 


ISftnnl homesteiid proofs, iri2G.6'< acroB 

4V4 tiiiibftr and stouo npi0ic:',tioD9 

I?5l declaratory statements.. 

Proofs and s)!ats 






4.9rin !>'; 

.* 49.027.72 


§ House and Lot 
I Worth $4,000 

I For $3,000 !j 

S Seven-room house, full lot, on upper 
w side Fifth street; central location. 
§ Easy Terms, A Great Bargain. 



Good Reason Why 
Russet shoes are very popular. They're 
so cool and comfortable. M. S. Burrows 
& Co. carry a complete line. 

Woman's Exchange Lunch. 

From 12 noon to 2 p. m. All home 
coi.lcing and everything first c'aGS. Sup- 
pcr6 to 7 p. m. 116 West Superior street, 
up stairs. 

— - ■ - ■> ■ - ■ ■ 

Isle Roy.alo i. vcur-ion on the Ossifragc 
SaturJnj cvening^. 


per month. 17, Hecond avtsnue east. 

i D. W. SCOTT 

Real Estate - 



per foot for 50 feet on 
Michigan streot, in busi- 
ness center. This -will pay 
vroil to improve. 

for 25-foot lot on Fifth 
treBt, liear the Incline; 
worth S900, 


for 60x150 on West 
Sixth street. 

Exclusivn Sole of Ijota in ihe Thrivinrf 

TownofBlWABIK. ' l^' 

^ It 1^11 pay you to hv.y and build forff 
PrIcos are Low and Rents High. ^^^ 

I D. W. Scott, 

Room I, Mtfiba Block. 

f IS m TIE 

To Trnat Chronic Catarrh T rouble's Bi'catise 

Nature is Warm, Loving and Generous 

aid Kelps BuilcJ Up Her 


The m.any years experience of Dr, 
Copeland and his associates in the treat- 
ment of chronic diseases has taught them 
that the best lime to treat these diseases 
is during the warm season, when nature 
helps build up its work. A majority of 
patients will only put ihcnuelves under 
treatment at the season of the year\\ht::i 
they are suffering actual piin and dis- 
tress, namely, the winter teason, atwhicli 
time it is almost impossible to do any- 
thing for th'.-m on account of the severe, 
changeable weather; then as soon as 
warm weather comes and the immediate 
distressing symptcms arc lesicned, they 
Hatter ihembclves they do not need fur- 
ther trcaiment and cease, to watt until 
winter comes again, to go through the 
Sime round of aches and pains and 
chronic coughs; growing worse and more 
debilitated ard more incurable e:ich 
i winter. 

Do not trifle with health. Nature is 
warm and loving ard generous in sum- 
mer. The sick feel almost well, so gen- 
tle is the season lo the ailing. The vic- 
tim of a chroific di.<-e,a£e feels sn abate- 
ment of the sharpness of his suffering. 
Nature does much for us. but she doc:s 
not do it all. It is not wise to arsume 
that when the beauliful season works an 
irnfirovetr.ent in the system complete 
he.illh will rcbuit. This is natures offer 
to help, and you should at cnce take ad- 
vantage ol it. 

Now is the time. Those who tuffer 
from catarrh ihould take advantage cf 
all the influences th-it operate nuw in fa- 
vor of a cute. They should i;ot put off 
treatment until next winter's stormy 
days, but should prudently "mend their 
roof when the sun shines." Now is the 
time and the opportunity is just what is 
desired for the worst cases. Do not let 
it go by, but take tnatmtiit at once and 
have done for you in the next few months 
which might .ml be possible the next 

ck^^p.m since childhood. 

The case presented today shows the 
remark.ablc efficacy of the Copeland 
sy.'-tem cf tieating catarrhal diseases. 
It being otily one of the hundreds of peo- 
ple wlio have received successful treat- 
ment by the scientific methods used by 
iLe Copebnd physicians. Mr. F. A. 
Carl, who resides at 322 West 
Second street, is an old resi- 
dent of Duluth and is among 
the best known men of the city. 
His story will be r'. ad with interest by 
his many friend" and it cannot fail to 
convince thein that the Copeland physi- 
cians are al they iA?.irA to be. 

Notic€! of Application 

— FOR — 


The statement he gives comes volun- 
tarily as are all the scatements used for 
publication. To the writer Mr, Carl 
said: I cannot commend to:^ highly the 
treatment I received at the Ccpeland 
iiisiilute, for I am relieved of a trouble 
that had existed since childhood. 1 lived 
in a country where catarrh was too in- 
significant a disease to be treated and I 
suffered in after years as a result of the 
neglect. My nose was filled with masses 
of hard matter that would completely 
obstruct my breathing. t>.nd caused a dull, 
heavy headache in the front part of my 
head. In the morning I had to hawk 
ard spit to clear my throat of mucus. 
Woids cannot express what I suffered. 
I often thought I would die from the rav- 
ages of catarrh. Ulcers formed in both 
my nose and throat caused intense 
suffering. I read the Copeland adver- 
tisements and concluded that such sys- 
tematic, energetic treatment wa^ what I 
needed and 1 did not make a big mis- 
take, for the relief the treatment has af- 
forded me isbcyond my most sanguine 
expectations. 1 feel it my duty to make 
this statement to let people know where 
they can have their catarrhal troubles 
successfully treated. 1 teel better now 
than I have fult for years." 



OMN. V «j)» i 

<nTV OK /: 
N'(-'. Cf ..-. iiur 
bijcii rriiidii iu ' 
HHid city ,,{ 1) 
Ihk for licHua 
tlio ii;ri:i r'l 
int? IH-TK'f, ; 
Bt.'itodiu cHld I 
('. M.fii;:j.:j 

It. LoniB, \i«. 
tU^tJTH. \ 

jby ifivca, 'i'l.Mt iij'iJiicatioii bac 
vrif.iiiK U^ li'" cciiiTiK';) coaurU of 
Jiiiih. oud fiyfwJ w. my <>llir«, {.rny- 
i t.'> soil in^uxtcatiti;; ligaori* for 
;ni'i.i'ciii»r «;u JiiJy 13. l.S9;i, 
iiiK Jaly la, le94, by tlio fulluw- 




Rooms 3 12. 813, 314 Lycottm Bldg, 
. Opposite the Spalding Hotel. 

I»U. H. M. HUNT, 

Consnlting Diysiciaos. 


Ko6idont Physieinu. 

PpncialtioR: ('atarrh nnd disoBPe? of th«i Kar, 
Ko/?o, Throat ami Luntra, Noi-vons DiM>ast>8. 
Hkin Pi^ooijes. ('Jirouic JJiBoasos. OUlco lioure, 
9 to H 8. m., 2 to 1 1». m.. 7 to 8 p. m. ; Sunday, 
a. m. tu !2 m. 




If yon liyn nt n ilJstanco send fonr cpntf< in 
Btamv'8 for (inoalion ciroular. Addross all mail 
to tlin t'npolHnd Mrdical iustitaie, Lyc^uiu 
buildiuff, DuluUi, Minn. 

ilie CO <if J 

Said npp!:r,!) 
uaid cornini 
lli« CUWWr.W 
ill St . L.v'iul'' r« 
lUlh day of Ji (lay, 

WitnoM my 
lutli tiiiiT I'itli 


5 (/orp<irato ) 
Jniir^ 28-141 

..t|, u ,«.^ .1., At..'-., wj 

U!l at the followi 
.'•('licatiuu rospfctivol/, to-wit 

k. Co., .nt 121 Lak'^ riTonuo yoalli. 

< i'li) v,-i11 1>^ b»»nrd aiid dftprmSnnd 
>:» ci'Uiicilof the city of DuluiL, 
chiimli'T in ftaid rity of IJnluTh, 
iiuf.y, 3(iij>jf'Kjl;i. <.ii Mornlay, liie 
ily, 18b.l, at 7 m o'clock p. m. of 

tiatid and eeal of aaid city of Do- 
layof .rm.iv A. I). lS;i;i. 

C. £. lilCilAttUHUN, 

Cily Clork. 

Contract V/ork, 


City r! 

t-'oal'fi hide 

tniblic \v<irifB i 

city of Dti!n?l 

oily, iniljl iO a 

!«'», for tJ|.«C. 

to tlio W'oodia 
\<A& ♦ am 
Sccofid divi.'-i 
plan,'. ;tnil s;j< 
said bti.'irfi. 

A certified c 
(2) 6un'lio8 
dollars inutit i 

Tlif said boj 
or al 1 bid.s. 

f!f tbf Roiir.l of VxAAx Work'. \ 
f b'll'itli, Miuu., .)uim: :>s, i»'jn. ( 

.vill h'i r'jcciv<-d by fl:o bo:ird of 
Li piifl fur rtii.' cori«)ratiou of tLe 

Miuno"of.i, 8» ihi'ir oj''rf< in haj'l 
. m. on tliC i'Jih day of July, A. I). 
>r;ftriiclio!i of carr'it^rn ar>l' 
Dfl firn onsioe h">a^e. located on 

5, bi'jck !•'., Glon Avoa, 
on. i;i_ fifiij rit-. cccrdintj to 
iciiicatiwUB ou tile, iii tiio iitUoOof 

i«;lr or a bopd with at;)<*niit t^o 
In tlia bUm • f fipvuiity (Vi(jjf) 
iCcoiripany eaob bid, 
rd roscrvee tho riKbtto nsjoct any 


Omriai : 

T. W. A5Kr,L. 

<"lcik ;}.?ard of Pr.blic WorWs. 
Jano :;S-tCit. 

Contract Work. 

City o 
Sealed bids 
P'll'lic worlrs 
citv of DulutI 
city.natillO a 
1*H. for tbc c 
walk ou tho e 
city, from Lm 
inc to pl-uns 1 
o9icp of said 

A ci rtiflpd 1 
(2) wrretics i 
must accompj 

Tho fiaid Ixj 
or all bids. 

Official : 


June 2S-10t 

:if tho Board of Pv.hLic Works, ) 
f Dulath. Mtnii.. Jnno 28. 1893. 5 
will b<» rocoive<l l.-y the Ix^ard of 
u Hnd for the corporatiou oi iliu 
, Mir.u»8ota, at tfioir oSlce ia tuid 
. m. on the 10th day of July, .\, D. 
onstrnctioa of a three-foot plaak 
»st side of West .ivrnue. in fcaid 
idon road toOrfcrd ttreot, acc<jrd- 
lud 6iK?cificatioti8 ou fUu in tlie 

iheck or a bond with at least two 
J th.^ bum of thirty (jyO.CW) dollars 
ny each bid. 
ird xeEcrvL'sUiericbt to reject any 

Henby Tbuelscx, 


Clork Board of Public Worka. 


City o 
Scaled bid.s 
public works 
city of Dii!ii 
paid city, unl 
.Inly. A.D., 1S< 
tary sewer in 
Eiehth avenu 
cording to pla 
ofTico cf said I 
A certified c 
pnreties in th< 
($4:%> dollars 

The Baid bo 
any or a U bid. 

!ijce of Board of Public Works ) 
: Duluth, Minn.. June 2^, 1>93. ) 
will be re.-oived by the boaid of 
aandfortue corporation of the 
h, Minnesota, at their office in 
il 10 a. m., on the lOtii day of 
Vo. for the con.strcction of a eani- 
First street in said city from 
» west to Tenth arenuo west ac- 
ns and specifications on liie in the 

bock or a bond with at least two 
< sura of four hundred thirty-flTe 
nust accompany each bid, 

ird reserves the right to reject 

Hexst Teetlssn, 


Official : 


T, W. Abell, 

Clerk board of public works. 
Juno 28—10 imos. 

ContFact lorL 

Office of tho Board of Public Worlcs, ? 
City of Duluth, Minn,. Juuo liS, 1J>M. 5 

Sealed bids will ho rccdvod by the board of 
pnbli«^ works u and fori bo corporation of the 
city of Dubnl , Minnesota, at their office in said 
city until 10 a, m, on thpi 10th day of .Tiily. A. T). 
iS9:\, t%.T the construction of a sanitary srwer in 
Jloaiyn »venue in said city from Oxford 
street to Kclviu court. accordin,' to 
plans and ep jcilications ou file in tho oilice of 
said Ixiard. 

A cortilled c'aockor a bond with at lea<?t two 

(2) snrotif s iii the sum of forty-flva fSiS.W) 
dollars must accompany each bid. 

The baid boutd reserves tho right to reject 
auy or all bidi . 

IlEXEy Tkcklsen. 
Official : 

T. W. 4be jl. 

Clcrl; I>o.ard of Public Works. 
Jnno £S lOt 


Uud'T and by virtue nf an erectUion i-mod 
out of ,-vnd r.ndor tl.,' seal of the dittrict c ';rt r.f 
tb'i «!«!•> r.f Mini!' "i.ta. Hi and forth'* h<.i;rtb 
ji;d'ci.*»l di'ttrirt nn'l c-oucty of HenntTiir-, ori th« 
S'th i!j,'. >.f iiny, Ir'.r.i, upnti a judfji; ■ • ''frl 

auii I'Kk.'i'din Mild court oiid ■ an 

•vrtiori ihiri'in, wlifT"in John McL'oU. a- .'•ur- 
viving piirti.Kr 'of the Jinn of A. 
.). Nnwjcr .fc Co., wne plaint Iff, and 
Nelson h. fir.Vwold, def»?udHni, in fav^r 
( f ^;'.id piuintill u-ul acaitutt f^uui (ti-fi-udant, for 
the «uoi of iw.'lvn tUon«»nd eieht hutidrr^i 
,twonty-6ev(in Budr/.-l(JUr*li: M27..'i6} dollarf. which 
h.'iiil execution hah to me, ac eheritf of a.iid St. 
J.,f>u!b county, been duly directr-d nnd dellvf red, 
1 have levied unoii end will neil «t public aac- 
tioii. to the liiKlif.'»t cash bidder, at the front 
door cf the court h'lusf' in the city of Duluth, 
in said county of Si. • I.t-uis, on 1 Viirfday. tlie 
6ll! day <jf July, i^M. at len o'ch>ck in the fore- 
i.<i«jii of that day, all th" ri^ht, titli- end ii.ter- 
i-st that tho above named judfin'^nt delKor had 
in and (o the r'*al estate hwreinnfu-r described, 
ou tho 10th day of April, 1 *>!<{, i! ut be:nff the 
date nf the d'Hjketin/r of said jmip-niont. th«- d«»- 
e-.Tiptionof tho property be; u« as follows, to 

L jt.s numbered 1 and 2, block nuiriher'd on« 
(l.t Lota uumiv.Tfjd 3, 4 and .1, i.l.>rl{ turn- 
\>r'-^l tiff} <\.) Lrfjts numbert"*! 1,2, jt. 4 and 5, 
block numbere*! foor (4.) Lots tiutnl>crml l.i, 
3, 4, ',, fi, 7. 8. 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. block nnrnVre"! 
livo id,> Lot« iiunibored I, ^ 3,4. T,, »;, ;,^. 9, 
10. 11. 12 and 13. bhxrk uumb<T eight I'^.j Lot» 
lion h<;red 1. 2, 'i, 4 and JS. block Duiriber Ihir- 
U-en (l.'l.) Lots nnmbered 6, 7, S, 9 and 10. b!«K-ic 
number sixteen (M.) Lots numbered 1. '-, 3 and 
•\ block number seventeen (17.) Lots numberea 
C. 7, H, 9 and 10. b'ock uunibtr twenty (3>.l I r/ts 
Jiuxnl».r3<l iO. 11. 12. 13, 14. n, IC. 17 and 15, bJcck 
numbered twenty-one (21.; L<->t> nniub»-red 1, 
2, 3.4, i>. 6, 7. ^aud9.b!ocknombo^ed twenty-three 
(2.3.) I/otfi cuinbcrod 1.2, 3,4,5, 6. 7. 6aad9, 
block numbered twenty -five r2-">,> L<»*s numberart 
I", 11. 12. 13. 14. 1.^, 16, 17 and 1^, block nu.iibored 
twenty-eight (2>4.) 

.All of the above described lots and blocks 
bcinff iu Konwoud Park additloa to Duluth. ac- 
cordin,': to th^^ r'-corded p!a* thereof, fitunted 
.•ind being hi St. Louin county, fctate of Miuao- 

Dt.lcd Duluth, Mina., May 22nd. 1»3. 

Pahl Shaevt. 
Sheriff St. Lonis Couuty, Minn, 
Dy H. K. Akmstkumo, 
Wir.sov & Van DrsLir. 

Attorneys for Judpment Creditor. 
May 21:11 June 7•14-2^2^ July 5 


Default having boon made in the payntent of 

t'.i'- mm of one tJiousaiid and seven dollars and 
eevc;i I y-se veil cents (1.007.77) which is claimed 
to be due at tho date of this coticj» 
upon e. certain mortgage duly exijcnved 
and delivered by Nannie 1. .Vudrew ai.d 
\\ ilJiiitu B. Andrew, her husband, to Minneiv.ta 
Packing and Provitiou comp.iny l^e&ring date 
the lath day of February, A.D.1>93, and only re- 
corded m the office of tho ro»fi*ter cf deed* iu 
and for the county of f't. Louis and t-taie <.f 
MinneiOta. ou tho 27th day <.f robrnary, A. D. 
IfW, «t i o'c ock p. m., in boolr 6^ of mortgages, 
on page 5:j6, and iji« act.on or procoding at law 
or otherwise havin;; b^en instituted to recover 
the debt tccored by sai-d moitgagc, or aay part 
tln-reof : 

Now therefore notice is hereby given, that bjr 
virtue of a powc." of sale contained la baid mort- 
gage, and to the btaiute in bLch eaa« 
made and provided, the taid mortgage will be 
ff)reclosed, and the premite* det<:ribed la y"* 
covered by said mortgage, viz. : 

L(<t numbered sixteen (1G> iu block nxunber 
tt.o:ity (2(1,1 of the town site of 'I'ower. accordin* 
to tiie plat thereof as recorded in the ofliceof 
thfrfgistcr of deeds in and for said coonty 
(f'surving all iron ore and other minerals with 
111'? right to mine and rarr>- away the same, do- 
ing no daniJigo to the scrfacv of the soil i. Also 
tho north half ('j)of the s<-ul beast Quarter i'*' 
the southeast quarter ('4 1 of the eontheas: quar- 
ter (U) of section twenty three (iS' and the 
nortiiv.-est quarter (Hf) of the southweel quarter 
of section tweuty-ff)ur in towcfJup sixty-three 
north of ranee twelve (12' west of 4th priccii>al 
meridian, in St. Louis county, and stat<» of Min- 
ne:K;ta. with the hereditamfnlt and appurten- 
ances, will l-e soy at public auction, to tlie 
higliOEt bidder for casij. to i>ay said debt and 
mt'TO't. and the taxes (if any • on said ptemiaes. 
aud ijfty (Sr>0) dollars, itttoniey's fees, as stipu- 
lated iu and by said luort^a^e in case of fore- 
closure, and the diehursen-.ents allow^-d by law ; 
v.-hich sale will be made by the sheritT of said 
bt. Louis ctmnty, et the front dcKT of ; ■ '•■■': 
liov.s,, ia tho city of Duluth iu said c-o i 

state, on tho 12th day of August. A. D. 1 .; . » 

o clock a. m., of that day, subject to rc^ceiupt ivm 
at any tiinfl within one year from the day of 
sa.'i:-, as provided by law. 

Dated June ::8th, A. D. ISP.1. 


Draper, DA^^s k Eollistek, 
Attorr.cyi for Mortgagee. 

June 2> July r.-12-19-20 Ang 2. 


SPATE OF .Minnesota, > , 

CorxTY OK St. Louis. * 
In probate court, special term. June 20th, l^'J'i 
Jn tho mr.ttrr of the guardianship of John Pat- 

lerson Nichols, minor. 

Upon filing tho Soal account of guardianship, 
with a Dctition for final settlement and allow- 
auce, i.f A H. Cra.".«weller. guardian of the es- 
tate of the above n.imed minor 

It is ordered, that said petition be besrd. and 
tho settlement and allowance of said acccrnt 
be made at a sj>ecial term <>f the probate court, 
to be hold in and for said county of St. l.<on*« ou 
Saturds.v. the flfteentii day of July A. D. iw:*. at 
trn o"c!osk in the forenoon, at ihe probate oilice 
in Dnluth in said county. 

It is further ordered, that notice thereof be 
given to said ward, and to all oe»-sons interested, 
by j>nblisldng this order on V»'eiines>day in each 
week for three s'lrcorfive w<»eks pner to said 
day of hearing in The Duluth Evening Herald, 
a daily nowspapar printed and published at 
Duluth in saul county. 

Dated at Duluth the 20th day of June A. D. 

By the court, 

Phincab Ayes, 

ISoal.l Judge of Probate. 



Contract Work. 

OSTtrv of tho IVinrd of Pnldic Worka, ) 
City of Duluth, Minn.. Juuo 2;<. liiy;i. J 

Sealed bid.s 'viU bo recoivad by tho board of 
public works iu and for tlie corporation of the 
city of Duluth, Minuesota, at thoir office in said 
city, until IU a m, ou tho 10th d.iy of July A. D., 
1803, for the ccustruction of an three-foot plank 
sidewalk, on tho east side of Twc'Uty-sevonth 
avenue west i a said city, from Huron street to 
Railroad str)et, 8cc«>rdiniT to plans and 
specifications on file iu the cQ'.r^s of said hoard. 

A certified cliock or a bond with at least two 
(2) sureticain tho sum of tou (f 10.00) dollars 
must accompany cacii bid. 

The said hoard reserves tho right to reject 
any or ;iU bids. 


Official : 

T. W. Abeit., 

Clo k Board of Public Works, 
June 28 lOt 


Contract Work. 

Office < 
City of 

Sealed bids v 
public works il 
city of Duluth, 
city, until 10 a. 
D, 1S93, for gra 
jiroving Fourt 
from South sti 
to ;>lans and s-j 
said board. 

A certified cl 
(2) Bureties iu t 
(2r>0(.>) dollars 11 

The said hot 
any or all bids. 

f tho Boanl of Public Works, > 
Duluth, Mii:n., Jiily Jth, IM'3. J 
•ill l>e received by tlio board of 
land for tho corporation of the 
Minnesota, at their office in .■^aid 
III. on the 17th day of July, A. 
ling, paving aud otherwise im- 
'enth avenuo east, in said city 
«et fj) Fourth streot, .nccording 
ecifications ou file in tho office of 

eck or a bond with at least two 
ho sum of twenty-five huudrod 
lust accompany each bid. 

rd reserves the right' to reject 



OfRoial : 

T, W. Abei l, 

Clerk Board of Pablio Works. 
July 5, lot. 

Office of the Boar.i of PuMic Worfcu. t 
City of Dnluth, Mmn., Ju'y Jth ISBi. I 

Sealed bids will be received by the Ix^ard of 
public Works" in ;iud for the corporatioi; of the 
city of Duluth, Minreeota. at their oflice iu said 
city, nniil 10 a. m, on the iTth .lay of July, .\. I). 
l^i'3, for the construction of a six-foot plonk 
sidewalk on sontli s!d.> of Oneida streot in said 
city, from East av; uue to McCiellan avenue 
accx>rdiug to plans and specifications on file in 
tho office of said bcanl. 

A c^Ttifiel chfc'tz or a bond with at least two 
(2> sureties in the sum of ten ^Jlo.Ot'i dollara 
must accompany each bid. 

The said board reserves tho right to reject 
any or all bids. 


Official : 

T. VV. Abell. 
Clerk Board of Public Works. 
July .VlOt 

CiMcl WorL 

Office of Itoard of Public Works. ) 
City of Duluth. Minn., July ^th. l!«*J. S 

Sealed bids will be received by the board of 
public works in and for the corporation «>f the 
city of Dnluth. Minnesota, at their office in said 
city, until Vt a. m. on the 17tbday of July. A. 1>. 
lss<:'., for the constmetion of a sanitary tewer in 
1h'^ alley between Fifih str«*t and Sixth str<^t, 
in said city, from t<>nrTli avenue ea^-t to 
Fifth avi'uui* east, according to plans and 
specification.-; on file in the otlico of said tH»ard. 

A certified check or a bond with at least two 
(24 euretie.s' in tho sum of fifty ^50) doMars 
must acooiupany each bid. 

Tho said board reeervcs the right to reject any 
or all bids. 



Hknst TnvKi-sKs. 


T. W. Abeli., 

Clork Ikiird of Public Works. 








Roo m 702, 


■'^'-'^ l.-au^ Jk.^.^-. 




! t 


' t 





i:i EVI ^TIl YEAT?. 








\ Discouraged 


We will Stand Bv Yoic 

If Your Bajiker Woiit. \ 

Our entire stock is at your disposal 
ever you want, your credit 


is good 


wl? i- 
money is 




\ • 

\ LET us 

\ Give Yo7t a Pointer: 

4 Competitors cannot touch us in the matter of 

2 Variety of Assortment, or Excellence in Quality. 


% 8 00 Casli, Bbj3 $25 00 Worlii of Goods. 

12.50 Casli, Boys 50.00 Worth of Goods. 

20 09 Gaili, Bqjs 75.00 Worlli of Goods. 

25,00 Casli, Bdjs 100.00 Wortii of Goods. 


Give Us a Call . . . 
And We Will Prove It. 




We Sell on Easy Pay- 
ments Wien Desired. 

Do yon aeod accommoda- 
tioaT Have yoa giren thi« 
method of oar bosiiieaB foar 

It 13 honoraWo. 

It is jost aad f^'jnitable. 

Our books coDtftin tlie 
Dame* of thn host cJtirctu' of 
Dulnih. who have H^aileil 
rhemselv.'»3 of its a<iv.antr.^06. 
We af k a pajrmeEt of 

5 ^Sn on c-''>.00 Rorifht. 

8.00 oa 40.00 Boiwbt. 

10.00 OQ .'?.00 Hocsht. 

iCt** on li».00 Bonflrfat. 


We hays the Largest Stock of Fiirnitare! 
We Have the Largest Stock of Crockery. 
We liavc the Largest Stock of Carpets! 
We i;a78 the Largest Stock of Everything 

peitiinlDg to Eonse-Fi!rrisl:li!g in the 

citv of 


»ys iimi 

Ex-Senator Whiteman Arrested in New 

JcrseyTon a Charge of Passing a 

Worthless Check, 

District Attorney Nicoll Has Applied for 

Requisition Papers to Take Him to 

New York. 

He Was Traced First to Chicago Where He 
Opened a Book en the 


Then He Came to Duluth and Subsequently 

Went Back to the Monmouth Park 


\ so 


I Smith, Farwell 

-if. »s*» •«- s« 1^ ^' 


Steele Co., M 

30% OFF 

ON Prayer and Hymnals, 

New York, July 6.— The Times says: 
Application was maUe to District At- 
torney NicoII yesterday for requisition 
papers on which to bring to this city 
troni New J-.rsey, Alonzo J. Whilcman, 
who was arrested at the Monmtiutii Tark 
race track en Tuesday, charged with 
having passed a v.orthless check. White- 
man was traced to Chicxigo, where it is 
said he bad opened a bciok on the races 
and then back to Monmouth I'ark. 

The news thr^t Whiteman has be>:n ar- 
rested on this charge will be a sensation 
in parts of the country where he has 
made his home for the last tight or ten 
years. He lives in Duluth, Minn., and 
si.K or ei.rlit years ago was one of the 
leading young men of Minnesota. He 
had wealth and tine family connections 
which gave him the passport to the best 
society. He is a graduate of an Eastern 
college, a man of godd presence and 
something of a student. 

.Seven years ago he was elected to the 
MinnesiOta stale scna;e fnmi the Duluth 
district and served for four) ears. He 
was the originator ot what was known 
on the books as ihc " vVl.iteman election 
law," a law which he succeeded in pass- 
ing through the legislature at his iirst 
entrance .is a senator and which stood 
on the books until the Australian ballot 
sy?tem w.-vs adopted three years later, 

Whiteman 's career in the senate gave 
hioj such prominence t' hj wa* ra.-ide 
the Deinocrntic candidate for con-^ress 
from the Itfth Minnesota district three 
years ago. Since that time Whiteman 
has been much in New York. He main- 
tamed his rcsiden-re in Duluth, but his 
business interests v/erc allowed to drop. 


The Silver Men Anxious to Make Another Com- 

W.\.sHiNGTON. July 6. Discussing the 
tlsc probable repeat of the Sherman act, 
Judge A. Wilson, of Durango. Col., said: 
"I hardly think the monometallists will 
succeed in their efforts to de- 
monetize silver. At the same time this 
is the aim of the most violent advocates 
of the repeal of the Sbennan law. That 
is the essence t>t this orj^anizcd hue and 
cry against silver. Now' I prQr\ict that 
before congress meets some ot e mem- 
bers who have talked glibly ofy \t wil- 
lingness to vote for the uncondiK .al rc- will revise their opinions. 

"I am not radical on this silver ques- 
tion, and there aTelhou^aads of Western 
ri'.en like myself who, w!;ile thorough be- 
lievers in free C(nnagc. ricognir.e our in- 
ability to get that and are willing to ac- 
cept any fair compromise. Perhaps an 
incrcise in the ratio between silver and 
gold would meet the icvjiremeats of the 
case or an atjretment oa the coinage of a 
liberal inouthh auiouiit." 





Carriages! Buggies! 







in Need of Any 

Arrival oJ tho Columbus Caravels al Miiwai-kcc 
This Morning. 

MlLWAVKEE, July 6.-The caravels 
arrived at Milwaukee at 3:10 o'clock this 
morning in a blinding rain storm acccm- 
p^nieJ by dazzling tlashes of lightning I 
and tremendous bursts of thunder. The 
night was one of the most severe ever 
experienced by Milwaukee boat men. 

The tug .S.auke, Capt. John Driscoll, 
and a reporter met the caravc's ten 
miles out in the lake. They were brav- 
ing the storrn nobly and Capt. Hor.igan, 
ot the Hecia, the low boat, was inter- 
viewed on the bridg?. The rugged cap- 
tain was clothed to the chin in tarpaulins 
and the rain beat upon him in an inces- 
sant fnrrcrl. 

Above iho roar of the elements h 

The Steamer Bethel at St. Paul Destroyed 

by Fire and Three Persons Burned 

to Death. 

St. Paui-, July 6. The big steamer 
IJethel, anchored .it the foot of Sibley 
street, and used for the three years 
as a lodging and boarding house lor 
about :oo poor people, was burned to 
th.: water'a edge a: 11 o'clock last 

At the time the fire broke out there 
were fifty persons asleep on the Beihei. 
So rapid wa^ me progress of the llames 
that these aboard the boat ha 1 to jump 
for their lives in their night clothes. The 
ste-'mcr Sydney was lied to the Ikthel, 
but by quick work in cutting her hawser 
she was floated down s'.ream unuij-.ired. 
The loss on the Dethel is Sio.oco. 

At I o'clock this nii rnipg three bodies 
bad been recovered— iho^e of Mrs. I'eak, 
matron of the Bethel, aiul an Ui:known 
man and girl. Miss Lulu Morgan, a girl 
ot 12, daughter of Rev. D.xvid Morgan, 
pasror of the Bethel, taken to the 
citv hospitil in a dying conditioti. 

The bodies of two women are still in 
the hull of the boat. When the second 
.s'ory of iLt bjai fell i:i ihcv weie seen to 
fall, cla-ptd in cacli other's arms into 
the liuii's seething ciuldron of dimes, 
f he tire was caused by the explosion of 
a lamp ia the wash room. 

Later Ail ot tae people who were on 
the iicthel boat whici burned last nij;li: ' 
are now accounted f<^ r. sr> .-'s'be 
Ic.arntd. Of the seven peoi^lo injured, 
only one is in a seriovs condition. ' This 
IS Lulu Morgan, the i:-yc;:r-olddLiughtcr 
ot Kev. Morgan, who h.aJl charge of the 
boat. She is nov.- at St. Joseph's hospital 
and ic i.s feaicd th.1i htr injuries are such 
that she cmnot 

The bodies of Mrs. Jennie Peak, mat- 
ron of the Bethel boat, and two unknown 
"}e.n arc at the morgue this morning. 
Nc-iiher of the men have yet been iden- 
tiikd, the remains being blackened :and 
l)urned beyond recognition. Search is 
being made ror other bodies, but it is 
thought that the three .->bDve named are 
all that suffered death from the lire. 

The remains of one of the men burned 
in the hre last night have been identified 
as thoce of John Singleton, engineer of 
the boat. He came here from Michigan 
last spring. 



The Marriage of the Duke of York "and 

Princes* May, of Teck, Occurred 


Beautiful Weather Favored the Event and it 

Was a Most Imposing and Grand 


Queen Victoria and Suite and Representa- 
tives of all European Monarchs 
Attended the Ceremony, 

The Royal Couple's Triumphal March 

Through London Streets -The Princess 

of Wales' Costly Present. 




heard to say: "Aii safe, thank God. Tell 
them I have brought the Santa Maria, 
Pinta and Nina safe into port." 

"VVh?t c-iu-ed the delay?" was shouted 
from the deck of the tug. 

"Nasty weather; had to be careful." 

"How are all aboard.'" 

"Hearty as fish, b::t devilish anxious tu 
get ashore." 



Proprietor City Carpet Cleaning Works. 

Memljers of tlie Dnlaili Clearing House Association. 


First National Bank $1,000,000 

American Exchange Bank 'scoioo 

Marine National Bank 25oioOO 

National Bank of Commerce 200.000 

State Bank of Duluth 100,000 

Security Bank of Duluth 100.000 

ron Exshan^'3 Bank 100.000 




Secretary Carlisle Not Disposed to Discuss 
Financial Questions. 

Chicago, July 6.— Secretary Carlisle 
arrived here yesterday. The secretary 
said that he had nothing he desire<l to 
s.ay on financial matters. He is here for 
about ten days chiefly to see the fair. 

There has been altogether too much 
talking concerning financial affairs, al- 
ready," said Mr, Cariisle. "No small 
part of our present diificulties might be 
traced to that. A while ago ihe r Jio! 

Lakefield, Minn., Visited by a Cyclone that 

Destroyed Buildings and Caused 

Loss of Life. 

MiNNFAi-OMS, July 6.— A Lakefield. 
Minn , special to the fournal says: A 
cyclone strucl: here about 9:30 last flight, 
doing considerable damage to buildings. 
Thj .'■teeple of .the Methodist church is 
go.'.c. A iar,';e nuin>)Cr of barns were 
de trovcd. The S. V. Hyde warehouse 
is itlso down. Several lives are reporterl 
to have been lost in the rounlrv near 
here*, but nothing definite has yet beea 

The dwelling of Mr. Thompson, five 
niil'.s west ot here was carried into the 
lake ?.nd tutall, wrecked, several mem- 
bers of tiiC f unilv b.:M(»g jeriouslv injured. 
The dwelling jif Anflrew Aha ra, three 
mills south, wj'.s totally wrecked; Mrs. 
Ahara and oni; child being fatally in- 

A Grafton, N. D., special says: A strip 
of two miles wide ar.d many niiJes long 
was completely destr«<yed by hail yester- 
day. Some of the farmers are insured at 
?io p.?r acre. 

A Cedar Rapids, la., special says: A 
terrific storm of wind and rain passed 
over hfre last right. Hundreds of shade 
trees were broken and twisted to pieces 
ard several buildin.'fs were unroofed. 
Small grain was beaten into the ground 
and it is cloiibtful whether it will come 
up again. 

MENDENHALL & HOOPES. /Employers Liability, 



Workmen's Collective, 
Surety Bonds, 

Individual Accident 


King V.'ilHam's Addresi to the Mcnbcrs of Ihc 

P.-U3s:sn L'hiidtag. 

country was watching the ?ioo.'-/)o,cx» 
gold reserve. Now that h .s been 
broken into, everyone sctms to have for- 
gotten it and we are running along with- 
out paying any atterition to its fluctua- 
tions. I am not in a position to prophesy 
about the future and 1 do not care to talk 
about the past. 

"We have been husy in Washington i compli.shed in the rive years of their sit- 
for the last four months; and are likely to ting, all of which had resulted in bcne- 
be '!ven busier for a while after congress I nc to the people of Prussia. The pcri..d 
convenes. The time between now and j had also been marked by the absorption 
the convening of congress will be used , of the Island of KeHgoland. 

Beklin, July 6.— King William, in his 
speech closing the Prussian landtag, 
congratulated the members upon the 
ninnerous intern.-il reforms they had ac- 

EYerjosc Will Wa'it a Duelsp lackiaaw 


by all members of the cabinet to rest," 






A G^r?.^ Revolutionist Dangerously III fn a 
Mexican Prison. 
Nev.' ^ork, July 6.- Tbe Times 
special from the City of Mexico says: 
Col. Nicves Hernandez, the widely known 
officer of *hc Mexican army, who 

Referring to the diought and the 
scarcity of grain and fooder, 
the king said that mei!>urcs 
would bi; taken to rcmedv the srartity. 
while at the same tiiiio help would be ex- 
tended tn agriculturijts. 


O.MAn.\, Neb., July 6- The N.ilio.nal 
bank of Ashland su-pcnded this nirrn- 
ing with deposits of <). M.Car- 

LoNDO.v, July 6.— The marriage of the 
viukc of York and Princess Victoria 
Mary ot Teck, an event to which ail 
Kngland has been looking forward with 
deep interest, took place at 12:30 today 
in ihe Chapel Rojai, Si. Jam-.-.s palace. 
The wedding was a brilliant function 
and was attended by a laree gathering 
of the members of the liritish royal fam- 
ily, confincn'al sovereigns or their rep- 
resentatives, and many members of the 
highest nobility. The weather was beau- 
tiful, and if there is any truth in the old 
proverb, "Happy is the' bride whom the 
sun shines op," the duchess of York will 
be exceedingly happy. 

The decor.itions along Ihc line of the 
royal procession were profuse and beau- 
tiful. The roadway was kept open by 
the house troops in their glittering uni- 
forms, by detaclunents drawn from the 
military depots, by the metropolitan vol- 
unteers and militia, by Middlesex yeo- 
manry and by the police. 

The scene was full of life and move- 
ment and the ceremony eclipsed in pomp 
ar.d splci^dor any recent state ceremon- 
ial in connection with the British court, 
ihe partv left Buckingham palace 
in four pr(..,es»io;is, ihe first conveying 
the menibjris of the household and His- 
iinguished guest-:. The next procession 
includeil the duke of York and his sup- 
I portcr.s, ilie jjiincc of \\ ales .-.nd the 
duke of Edinburgh. The bride came in 
the third prc!CC.-.sion accompanied by her 
father, the du!:c of Teck, and' her 
brother, Prince Adolphu.s of Teck. 

The last procession was that of the 
qu' en, who accompanied by the duohes? 
of Teck. her younger sons a:i'! the grand 
duke of Hc£se. drove in state to tlu; 
ceremonial. Each procession was ac- 
compnnied by a life guard escort and 
in addition to this the queen had an es- 
cort of r.ative and Australasian horse. 
Her majesty rode in the hand-ome glass 
coach used only on special occasions. 
The body of the carriage, which is of 
Irish manulacliire, having been built in 
Dublin, is painted a dark red color and 
its richly gilt panels arc adorned with 
the royal arms. It is surmounted by a 
cnnvn and bordered with a wreath of 
gilt ro.<;es, thistles and shamrocks. 

The cheering as the royal carriage 
drove forward was immense. The mem- 
bers of the royal family and guests on 
alighting at St. James palace walked to 
the stale apartments and subsequently 
dr>wn the Lrrand staircase and under the 
color court colonnade to the scats rc- 
5ervrd for them in the chapel. 

Her majesty alighted in the ambassa- 
dors court under a specially erected 
canopy over the glass doors of the pas- 
sa^je kading tt) the chapel. Thence she 
w;ilked to the Hint Fas at the north end 
of the edihce. The s{iot was hcautifullv 
adorned with palms and flo-.vcrii frorn 
ihc loyal conservatory and carpeted 
With crim.fon. 'ip. n the suijc pla'f(>rin 
sciila were proviflcd for the prince and 
princess cf Wales, the bride and bridc- 
! groom and the < thcr members of the 
royal family ;;nd royal tiuests from 

The members of the diplomatic bodv, 
including the members of the United 
States cnija'isy and the othf r invited 
guc-.ts occupied special stixu in the body 
of The chaprl and in the royal an<l east 
generics. Dr;;w:ng rcora dresses were 
worn by the ladies, the gciitlenir:v ap- 
pearing in full levee dress. 

The marriage ceremony opened with 
the procession of the cletijy into the 
chapel. This cnnsi=,tcd of 
of Canterbury, the bishop of London, the 
(lean of the chapel ro\aI, the sub dean, 
the bishop of Kochistcr, the Hon. and 
Kev. K. Carr-Glyn vicar of Kensington, 
Canon Horvey, domestic chaplain to the 
prince of. Wales, and Caxion 
Dalton. Handel's march from the 
"Occasional Overture" w-?s played by 
the organist as the procession came for- 
ward. While the archbishop and clergy 
were taking their places the music of the 
march in "Scipio" came from the organ 
and immediately the front of the seconcl 
procession, including the roval family 
and royal guests, ciiie in sight, and tbe 
members of it were conducted to their 
scats ar they entered. As the queen's 
procession, which included the duchess 
of Tei k and the grand duke of Hesse, 
walked up theai;;le, Sir Arthur Sullivan's 
"Imperial March" was played. 

At ij:i5 o'clock the duke of York and 
his escort arrived at the chapel. F^ive 
minute.^ Later deafening cheers an- 
nounced the arrival of Princess May. A 
fanfare ot trumpets sounded as the 

ist playcc Wagner's niarch from "Lohen- 

The biide wore the veil which was 
worn by tier mother on the occasion of 
her own 1 i.irr:age. Her wedding gown 
was of silver l)n)C.ade, in perfect har- 
mony with the bridesmaids' toilets of 
white and silver lace. The bridesmaids* 
gowns were made with low bodices and 
neither hats, wreaths nor veils were 
worn, the e being only a simple rose in 
the hair. The bridesmaids were the 
Princesses Victoria and Maud of Wales, 
Princesses Victoria Alexandra and Beat- 
rice, of Edinburgh, Princesses Margaret 
and \'ictoria I'atricia, of Connaught, 
Princess Victoria, of .SchleSkvig-HoUt^n, 
and Princess Eugenie. 

The archbishop of Canterbury, as- 
sisti'd bv the other clergy, performed the 
ceremony, the bride 'ijeing j iven away 
by her father. The magnificent giit 
sacrarr.enial plate, the centr.-.l alms dish 
of which s .said to have b-Tcn manufac- 
tured in t ie rtign of Charles 1 and is 
valued at ^50,000, was displayed upon 
the altar which was decked with the 
choicest f nwcrs. 

The SCI vuc began with the marriage 
choral "Father of I. ife," specially com- 
posed by Dr. Grcescr for the occasion, 
and sung by the "gentiemen and child- 
ren of the chapel royal" as the member* 
of the choir .n re styled. In the midille 
«if the service Sir Joseph I'-ariiaby's •'() 
Perfect Love." a chorai sung ai the mar- 
riage of the duke and duchess of Fife 
in i;urkin^'.ham chappl, wa^ sung. Tbe 
service cc ncluded with the hvmn "Now 
Thank We All Our God." 

Mendelsohn's wedding march was 
played as the roy.*l parly left the chapel, 
the unite*! processions of ihc bride and 
bridegroom leadiog to the throne room 
where the registry of the marriage was 
.ittcsted ly her majesly and other mem- 
birs «)f the royal familyand royal guests. 
The dejei ner was served at liuckingham 
palace, tl e queen proposing the toast of 
"The Ilride and Bridegr<u)m" and the 
lord steward the toast of "The (juecn. ' 

.After lecciving congratulations, the 
duke and duchess of York left Bucking- 
ham palace, driving through ihc Mall to 
the citv ;.nd thence proceeded by the 
Great Eastern railway from Liverpool 
street to .Sandringham. Their progress 
fhrcufh 'he lavishly decorated and 
crowded streets was a moit tiiumphal 

To enumerate the bridal gifts and the 
names o: their donors would rei]uire 
several cdumiis cf newspaper space. 
Presents >vere received from all parts of 
ih'! Ikiti h dominions. The Qukc of 
York's prisrnt to his bride consisted of 
an cpen-petailed rose in pearls ar.d di--'- 
mond.s an i a five-tow pearl necklace. 
The pearls are not exceptionally large. 
but thev are perfectly pure in color and 
splendidly matched! The duke and 
duchess o; Teck gave to iheir daughter 
a suite of ewels comprising tiara, neck- 
let and brioch of turquoises and dia- 

Much Ins been said re;jarding the op- 
po.sition c[ the princess oi Walts to tbe 
ujani>4ge. it being stated thit she did 
not appro .e of her son marrying the girl 
who had been eiigaged to his brother, 
even thou >h that brother was dead. The 
present given by the princess of Wales 
should pu: to rest these rumors, for it is 
doubtful I a more valuable gift was ever 
given bv smy one on a similar occasion. 
The princiss* gift consisted mostly of 
jev.'elry ai d precious stones, the whole 
being valied at ^250,000 ($1,250,000.) 

Pioii k Vatsofl 




To -Day, Gcorcje. Duke of 
York, j^randson of Queen Vic- 
toria, great-. £;ranelson of Gcorjje 
III, weds Princess Victoria Mary 
of Teck, grand-daughter of the 
Duke of Cainbridgc, brother of 
Edward, Duke of Kent, father 
of Queen Victoria, and son of 
George III. 

The line of George III, is thus 
again brought together by the 
marriage of his great-grandson 
and great-granddaughter. 

UR Every -d.iy Imit.itor 
adopts a new method. 
It might be a good one 

the lime. 

v.e were :isl 




To the upbuilding of th 
est Bargains at the head 

e great- 


the lakes, and for the j)n)tet- 
tion of our patrons. 



We stated in last night's Her- 
ald and in tliis morning's 

Fruit Jars 


Might be cheaper. Our 
phesy came true. We 
them on sale this morning at 
8:30 o'clock for 


Per Dozen, 

For Pints, Quarts and Two- 

Onr Imitator's Price 

About the Personalities of ihe 
Royal Couple. 

LoNOO , July 6.— The newly married 
couple are both very pojnilir, and their 
marriage \kill un-iouh'edly give general 
satisfat tion to the loyal and devoted sub- 
jects of her majesty. They are favor- 
ites in society, and the tinge of romance 
associated with the career of the bride 
will be an additional reason for feeling 
gratitude , it her good fortune after the 
many revc rses which have feme to her. 

Her disposition is exceedingly sweet , 
and wirnng and although not hand- • Quarts, all the samc pricC. 
some, she is considered a very j)retty 
\l\r\. In stature she is s^nltwbat above 
the m.<ldK height, with a fair complex- 
ion. Ii;;ht 1 -dr and gray eyes. 
Wr.i:c her features ;• re somenhat irreg- 
iilir, ihcy ire continually brightened by 
a winning smile, briinining with good 
humor and c^rdinlitv towards everyhodv 
With whom slic comes in cont.ict. Shcij 
a healthy, wholesome, graceful young 
woman, who looks every d.^y of the -•6 
years which have passed over her ucad. 

SI... '.va? burn May .:?>, 1867. In lype 
she is distiictlv H movcrian, fair, ovai- 
faccd, fuli-eved, with a long wcl'-iiiapcd 
ncsc. a heavy chin, high cheeii 
bones, and a mouth which is a tntle 
laree. Bu; her irreatest fear i? that she 
ui!! dcvcl'ip the family trait of htr ma- 
ternal rela; ivcs, and lend towards em- 
bonpoint, i, probability not at all un- 

DAY WAS. ... 


seiiteiccd lo fifteen years' imprisonment 
for complicity in the (l^rza revolution, is 
dangerously ill and hi;, death is expected 
to occur at any moment. 

His friends are making an eiTort to 
induce the authorities to perrilit the 
prisoner's removal from his cell to a 
place where he may receive better treat- 
ment and comfort. 

*'2s ' tt-r^ of llio American Loan (!i: Trust rom- 

pauy, now in the receiver s hands, is 
president of this bank at Ashland also. 

Tried to Suicide. 
St. Feteksbukc;, July 6. -The Trade 
Commission bank of thii city has sus- 
pended. M., the man.ager 
of the bank, made an ineffectual attempt 
lo commit suicide today. 

qaeen arrived .-ind the greatest enthus- : „f Wurten.burg. and 
lasm was manif.-sted by the m|:lt,tu.le of counters of Hohen^tcm 
people who were gathered in the vicinity 
of .St. James' palace. Foliowi.-.g the 
cjuecn came the proccsiion. She walked 
alone, leaning on au ebony stick. As 
her majesty passed up the nave of the 
chapel the whole .assemb'age bowed. 
The i)rince of Wales and the duke of 
Edinburgh foUovvctl the queen and he- 
number of diplomats 

hind them cune a 
in full uniform. 

The di:ke of York 

locked flushed when he entered, but this perhaps due to the weather, which 
was intensely warm. 

A "March in G," composed by Smart, 
W.1S played during the progress of the 
bridegroom's proi,ession to the commun- 
ion, and as the bride and her supporters 
passed up tbcaislc to the altar tbe organ- 

iTc piinccss has not ncglectca her 
opportnniics, nor failed to profit by 
what she hs been taught. She hpcaks 
three langiages, plays and sings well, 
is an expert on the banjo, and is one of 
tlie best dancers and expvrt hotsicwomcn 
in all Surrey. She travels a good deal 
and goes tf Paris for her clothe; .about 
once a year. She is generally to be found 
atherhomj when not engaged en .a 
round of visiting at country ht)usc» and 
is always the inseparable companion of 
lier mother 

The duko of Teck is a member of the 
royal house of Wurtemburg, although of 
a branch ^k'hich no longer can claim 
royal rights in that country. When a 
person of nyal birth marries one who is 
not of the simc station in Germany, the 
children Icsc their rights nf succession, 
and take the rank of the mother. That 
is the rea.son why the duke of Teck has 
been barred from the throne of Wurtem- 
burg. His father w,?s L>uke Alexander 

hi^ mother the 
He was a count 
by birth bu; th»* king of Wuricn.burg 
made him .1 duke. He entered tlie Aus- 
trian army, and distinguished himself 
therein, especially in the campaign of 
i85(>. When he carne lo England, and 
married Princess Mary of ('ambridge, 
he had an iicomc of only about /3CX3 a 
year, but or marrying royalty he had 
several military distinct i<»ns conferred 
on him, an«l shared in th-; ?.2(i,o«X3 annual 
allovvance granted to his wife on her 
marriage. But this allowance will cease 
on her deafi. 

"Jolly Priiicc George," the groom, is in 
hisiSth vea-, and is very popular in Eng- 
land. He i ; more companionable than 

Continued on page 3. 

PlDtS .... 

QoaFts . . . 
2-()Barls.. SI. 15 


Our Prif^e ih? Same 
Day Wis 



We invite him to come again, 
we have TWO CAR LOADS 
of them and are well prepared 
for a run. 




Continues each day. The 
crowds grow greater, which 
is a guarantee the people who 
got bargains the first, second 
and third days, are advertising 
us b}- showing their friends 
and neighbors the Grand, Good 
Bargains they got at the Glass 
Block Store. 

We say buy Fruit Jars now 
they are cheap, but may 
be cheaper than the price 
quoted by us before the is- 
sue of this paper. 

Onr Price Willbe the Lowest 




Panton & Watson. 


-r~ — 

' t ' r- • • 







Uniteil States Ki.nister Porter Formally 

Welcomed by the President of Chile 

in Ccrdi;il Manner. 

Exprfsgfd the Sincere Desire of Chile and 

Her Citizens to Regard Americart 

as Friends. 





A Uf** Crowd in the Street Gaw Cheers 

for Minister Porter and President 


New York, Jtily 6.— The Hcr;\ld's 
Valparaiso ccrrcsp,mdetl! cables: United there was b!coci on one arm. 
Stues Miuis'cr Porter was formally pre- I t^riv iniles from ihc scene of 

Two- Young Girjs Ouli^sflil and 

LoiriiviLLF., Ky*. July 6. -A spftri;vl to 
the Post troui radiitah, Ky., says; Early 
vcstcrjay iacrnm)j near liardwell. Ky., ] A Horrible and Singular Murder In Georgia 
two your.j^ ladies namwl R:n-, ar:c«l i6 1 Which Was Witnesaed by a Colorad 
und 13 years, were bratally murdtrcd j V{:[n. 

presumably by n tranip. I 

The .i^irlsb.^d left their home In I'.arel- [ — — -.. 

well to picic Ijl.Tckbcrrifs and wore lol- | 

Imvcd bv an olticr t:'ri>tlRM- in alioui two i Thrfte White Farmers Began to Qi'arrel in a 
hm.r3 Ilcfauhdchrui huh .lend uith i .yi^iroo and Cllrobed Owt to 

thfir tjjroats cut Irom ear to ear. hruiscd 
R^ if rou;4bly haiulled and bearing evi- 
dence of IiriviMg bjcn outraged. 

The bodies wtrtf tifty ftct apart and 
hid Hi tbo brash. I'hetc is m» deUniie 
clue to die identity oi the brute who killed 
the girls, but evidence puiuts to a certain 
negro. There is irreai excitement and 
la»p;o possco are i.i the woods, and if the 
cniprii is r..tu.;ht there wiil be a lynching. 

Later— Th^ee luijroes were arrested 
at ^ulion fastnit^ht for the murder of the 
Ray jiirlji «iear Hardwell. One of them 
was found to have a bloody knife and 

To Restore 

Iiajr wliioh 
Inis hooonio thin, 
and kcH'p (!io sculp 
clean and liealtliv, ti.'^o 


One Hi!J Another m His Grasp Wfalle the 

Third Cut the Captive Man'» 


ser:ted vcs'.erday to President M'-iitt. 
He was met at the entrnnce to the Mor.- 
eda by 30Q oflicials of the governnaent 
«nd warmly cheered. In receiving' Min- 
ister Ferter. President Montt said he re- 
garded the national holiday cf the United 
States as an auspiciT>j:s time for the re- 
newal cf the friendship betw?cn Chile '\ 
and the £jrt»at repuiic of the Noith. ; 

He asked the minister to inform Presi- | 
dent C!evo!and and the pcr-plc of the 
United S':::cs of the sincere desire of 
Chile aad be r ci|J7eM5 to regard them as 
friends. The tir?: r.atio.. on the Arucri- 
<un continent to secure freedom from 
the oppressions cf European rule was 
believed by Ch le to be her truest friend. 
fie congratulated Chile uaon beiojj able 
tu receive and President Cleveland upinj 
aenuing so .-ibla a man as Mr. Poiter .ts 

Fulton is 
the nivr- 

ders, and the nccrroes couhl have «'nly 
j^otieit there by boarding an Uiinois Cen- 
tral train. A bluish coat was found lyinij 
near one of the dead Jjirls, which ia 
tbour^ht to have be^-n wota by a dirty 
lookirj^ tramp who had spent ibe ni;;ht 
btfore at Bardwcl!. 


It Dashed bdo a Horse Car and Killed Sev«rat 
XeW York, Ju!) 6.— At 2:45 P- m- 
yesterday a cal.>ie car became unmanage- 
.able on liroailway in front of city hall 
park and started on a rampage toward 
the battery. The niotorman was unable 
to release the grip. In front of the post- 
office the runaway car crashed 

runaway car crashed into th; 
rear platform of a horse car. 

repifsenmtive to hiscounlrv. He hoped I „ J'^.'f'v i,'/ °l'-J ^'T"- ",'' "'"' m'" 

Patrick E^an then presented the let- 
ter reralling him to the United Stales. 
Mr. Montt reolied bricily, but without 
showing any friendship for the retirinij 
minister. When the new minister left 
the Moneda. the crowd in the street ?ave 
cheers for Minister Porter and President 


Fc-nala Missionaries in China Wfo Viekita 
ihc Country's Customs. 

S.^.N FuANCisco. July 6.— A letter from 
Peking in the Hong Kong, China, mail 
received yesterday by '*..;; says that 
trouble may soon "e expected along the 
Vanj: Tee, a3 the Scandinavian iris5icn, • 
which has its headquarters iu the United 
States, persists in scndin- raw recruits 
to remote stations. 

These men atid ,vomen are frequently 
uneducated and speak no largua^je but 
their own. They hnd ?reat dil'ficuUy in 
learning Chinese and, beinj^ iirnorant of 
the customs or the country, they often 
Indul^je in practices thai cause great 

Some of the female missionaries emu- 
late the Salvation Army and po upon the 
streets to sine sacrtd S3ng3. In llie eyes 
of Chinese such women are re^-arded as 
outcasts. Recently in an interior town 
a party of such • women were set upon 
and mobbed. 


them frora beinj^ run down. Both hordes 
were thrown to the street and the traces 
were torn away. The driver escaped 
with slijqht injuries. 

Still the cars rushed on plowing through 
tracks, knockinsf down horses, etc. In 
frout cf St. Paul's churchyard, there was 
a block on Broadway, ard the drivers of 
trucks were unable to save their horses 
and wagons. 

When the cars had cut a passajje 
t!:roup,h the block, seven horses were 
hors du combat and about five wagons 
were badly damaged. The cars with 
their trightened load of passengers were 
finally flopped near the batter v. 

Cji,mian()0(.a, Tcnn., July 6.--A« 
fttrocionn and singular murder was com- 
mitted late yesterday on the pike lead- 
ing to the suburb of Rossville, Ga., on 
tlie state line, the victim being 
dccapit.^.tcd. T. Cavcnder, J. Etwin. 
and R. Meed, white farmers, were re- 
turning home in a w.agoo driven by the 
latter. They h.nd been qmrreling while 
here. The trouble broke out afresh and 
the trio climbed out of the wpgon tofi^ht 
out ihe matter. 

According to the testimony of the only 
eye witness, a colored man, held. 
Reed powerless in his grasp, while Cav- 
ocdi^r with a knife cut Reed's throat to 
the backbone, almost severing the head 
.•'rorn the body. 

The mardcrers then mounted 
the w.-.gon, drove off in hot 
haste and have not jet been appre- 
hended. Cavcnder, the mtirderer, is a 
wealthy man with prominent family con- 



RERVOUS AND CHROfilC DISEASES! ."t?;.^';^S^ii^; J"';^„^t'^\v^rr''''"'*'':.^^^ 

iBfe'ro-l R8 

^m\} MEN ^^v:^:^^':!?^,:^^*.!:;?- 'i^rt^^-^i:^ foiu.«or,n.n..r.ui... 

It prevouts the hair 
from fallin<5" out 
or tunaino- gray. 
The bci^t 




Two fndianapalis Ga? Companies and the 
Street Railway Crippfc:?. 

Indianapolis, JUI7 6. — About 300 
laborers in the employ of the Indianapo- 
li:j Natuml Gas company, the Citizen's 
Street Railroad company, and the Indi- 
anapolis Cias company went out on a 
strike at uoon yestwrday. 

The street railway men started the 
strika by dcmrinding $1.63 a dny- tine 
hours to constitute a day's work. This 
was refnscd. They had been receiv. 
ing $j.;o for ten hours. The 
ga.s line bc^se^ claim their men were op- 
posed to striking, but weie persuaded by 
the ethers to leave their work. 

Fatally Stabbed., VV. Va., July 6.— In .t 
drunken quarrel George htertnran.'a well 
known citizen of this city, was fatally 
stabbed by his brother-i'n-l.i'*-, George 
Pond. A warrant is out for Pond. 

Sad Fate of a Prolly Girl, and Arrest of a Phy- 

Nbw H.avc.m, July 6 -Nelly Ncsbitt, a 
prctiy Ansonia girl of 21 ^ear3, died 
yesterday from the result of a criminal 
operation. Dr. W. Pulford, of Ansonia, 
has been arrested for the crime. 

The girl left her home in Ansonia, 
whtre she lived with her widowed 
mother, a week ago Taesdavin comp.anv 
with a yeunjj man ostensibly to attend 
ths Ya'c-Karvard ball g.-^me. She did 
not return until Tuesday night, when she 
was t^ken to hjr modicr's house in a 
carriage. She had been staying at the 
house of a well known nurse in this city. 
She died after miking an ante mortem 

Ubessel V^n Ihs 2:40 Pacing Race in Thrca 
Siraioht Heats. 

MiNxtTAi'Oi IS, July 6.— The races at 
the Minnehahi D/ivIng park yesterday 
were well attended and the contcs'.s 
pretty ones, particularly the 2:40 pace. 
T;:e summaries are as follows: 

Three-year-old stike, Sico^. Onita, i, 

1, i; VVino: a, 2, 2, 2; Silena F., 3, 3. 3; 
Princess Maid, 4, 7, 4; Falfn, 6, 4, 7; 
Cervus, 5, 5, 5; Balder, 7, 6, 6. Time, 
2:27m, 2:26, 2:27. 

2:27 class trotting, $500. Milton, i, 2, 

2, I, 6, i; .MaudS., 3, i, r, 3, 2, 2; Ebony 
Spink, 5, 3. 3. ^, ^, 3; LurJine, 2. <\, 0, C, 4, 
dr.; Diamrnd Dick, 4, 6, 5, 5. 5. dr.; Billy 
Bi?rc.on^ 6. 5, 4, 2, 1, dr.; liai>y Bunting, 7, 

dr. Time, .2:23^'!. 2:24, 2:22; 

J..i-.I . J, 2.iO ,2- 

3:40 pace, f5no, LcT^espai, i, i, i: 
Rocky P., 2, 2, 2; Lady Long, 4, 3,3; Tar- 
tar Chief. 3, 4. 5; Daa Donaldo, 5, 5, 4; 
Robert Red, 6, 6, 6. Time, 2:18, 2:18, 


S^ain and the Silver Crisis* 

Maduti>, July 6.— In the cortcs yes- 
terday, in response to a question asktd 
by Senor Toca, w'nd was one of the 
Spanish delegates to the recent inter- 
national monetary conference held in 
Bru.sEels, Senor Gamacz, minister of fin- 
ance. 3.iid that Spain did not need to 
adopt special uiea.3«ircs to ni^et the . sil- 
ver crisis. He nddcd that he believed 
th« present depression ia silver voyld 
soon be rtmcdied. 

To Eflcoi-rage Immigration. 
Ottaiva, July 6.— With a view to cii- 

';.a«n Chairs and Settees 

At Bi'oedei vt Ebelmg's. one-pvice fu 
ture store. Odd f'>liov,s' blocK. 

cc u rage in; migr"t«on into the Canadian 
NoTt'i.vest from the Western ftates, the 
government has decided to abolish tbs 
customs re.rrukition which now provide? 

that ii. coming settlers must own their , _, 

stock .ind certain other effects a year be- i wholesale merchanti of the city 
fore Icavi.ig the United States. Addi- run^ occurrta on the other banks 
tionni -inspection ports have also been 
placed along the boundary wiih a view 
to facilitating the entry of immigrants 
into the country. 


The Funds cf Stockholders tn a Wortd's Fair 
Schono Waste d. 

Chicago, July 6.— Matthew J. Swatek, 
one of the stockholders in the World's 
Fair Captive Balloon company, filed a 
bill in the circuit court yesterday asking 
that a receiver for the company be np- 
pointed. Judge Collins appointed C, R. 
Ma^on to take chrwge of the company's 

The cipital ftork of the company is 
S50,coo, divided into icco shares, which 
It is claimed is beine dissipated by mis- 
management. The: bill provides that the 
receiver be empowcied to convert the 
assets of the company into cash as soon 
aS practicable, pay its debts and pro rite 
the sarphrs, il aiiy, among the stock- 

"■ — ■■ i . M ..» ill. 

Could Not Realize. 
Pl'EDLO, Cr.l., July 6.— The American 
National bank ot Pueblo closed its doors 
yesterday. Asset-, §1,250,000; liabilities, 
$625,000, The bank was unable to real- 
i/:-.- on its securities. O. M. P. Baxter, 
president of tiie banR, is ont of the most 
pron^inent men in Colorado aiid its di- 
rectors include some of the leading 



Japancso Are Enforcing Rigidly the Laws 
Against Foreigners. 
Vancouvick, B. C, July 6.— Oriental 
advices by the Kmpress of China are as 
folhyws: Col. Fukushima, who has rid- 
den aciosi Siberia ou honeback, reached 

Nigasaki June 21 and was accorded a 
great reception. 

The Japanese .Tre changing their atti- 
tude to.vards the foreigners "and are en- 
forr.irg the laws rigidly. Recently Frank 
Nevills. deputy marshal Of the United 
Strxtcs at N.igaski was .nrrcstcd charged 
with .asi.isting in the deportation of Ja- 
panese women for immoral pUrpcses. 
The ca'.e was dis ci:,3ed, the Japanese 
public prosecutor being unaolc to brinj: 
evidence to ptove the case. 

Ahothe,r case was brought against an 
American saloonkeeper named William 
Copelaad in Yokohama for keeping a 
disorderly hou?c. It was proven that 
Japanese prostitutes were on the prem- 
ises and the consul general fined him $25 
and costs. The Japanese papers con- 
demn this decision as not being severe 

A second eruption of Mount Azuma 
has occurred, causing the death of two 
government en';incers who had gone to 
the mountain to inspect. 

The gcvcrnor of Macao, v.'ho is also 
Portuguese minister to ), now at 
Tokio, is endeavoring to reopen negoti- 
ations with a view to re -over Portugal's 
judicial control over the subjects, which 
was assumed by the Japanc-e govern- 
ment en the withdrawal of the" Portu- 
gese consul general. 

To gain strength— Hood's Sarsaparilla. 
For steady nCrvLS-Hood's Sarsaparilla. 
For pure blood— Hood's Sarsaparilla. 4 

The Ycilowdone Route. 

The express trnms of the Northern 
Pacific Railioad nake quicker time be- 
IWwCn Dululh, Superior and Glyndor., 
Moorhcad, Fargo, Grand Forks, Casicl-