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Full text of "Duluth Evening Herald"


Ten Paj2:es-=PART ONE"Pages i to (! 

1-^l\ I aAJ 

ELEv'E-Vril Y.EAT^. 

8 VTrUHAV, jri.Y iiU, 1803. 



^- ^^iO Reduce an O erstock of > 

m m IT m. 



\Vc Offer Our Entire Stock For 


77ie Knsiiino; Week 

At Greatly Reduced Prices. 

The World's Fair Will Be Closed to the Pub- 
lic Tomorrow Without the Slightest 

Letter But Not the Spirit of the 
Declared By Judge Stein to Be 



the Gates of Jackson Park 
Opened All the Buildings Will 
Be Cloced. 


include :ibi>i:t \\-\\i a car 

_2^vr^>-n \^ 


L'ke ctit shown 
uut mirrors) 


(only with- 

Regular Price, $22.50. 

*; i W:^ Sell CB Eiisy Pay- 





Do yon D^»d accommodft- 
tion? H«vo 7W'. RJTea this 

" -J -a 

5 !t ii> jns*. p:.iJ eqiitnblo. 
ji Oar hoo!{S Cuatain thn 


'».rp»-^ of tli9 heft citLvjis «»f 

Sr ;>,-.'>0 on $"».jO B'ing'ht. 

S.CO on ♦Xi.-i) R. (rr-fct. 

10.00 on ?0V0 Bought. 

?.\f"0 on 100 00 R>tii:ht. 


We haYB {li Largsst Stock cf Frirallare! 

Wc Have the Largest Stock cf Crockery. 

We b5Y5 tlic Lari^est Stocli of Carpets! 

\73 haYS tlie Largest Stock cf EYcrvtMug 
pcitJlaing to EGIlS8-?^^:is^;:I!g in t!i3 
city 0' PQlnta. 

J Smith, Farwell 

& Steele Co., I 











-i.9 EAST SUPERIOP. srr.EEi'. 

World's Fair GRouNns, Chicago, 
J-.iIy 22. — President, the ili- 
rccttir jjeucral, Corair.issiouer St. Clair 
and Superinter\dent Tucker of the de- 
pirtmcntof .idmissioiis unite today in 
sayia^i that there will be no open fair t(i- 
ruorrow and they affect indifference to- 
wards the iniunciion i^isued by Judge 
Stein rcsirainir^ the directors of the fair 
from closiui; ibe fr.ites on Sunday. 

The attorucjs for the exposition have 
not L,'inie into court to obtain a mortifica- 
tion of the court's njandate and Mr, 
Clmgurin. in v.!io5e riatv.e the procccd- 
in£;s have been conducted, refuses to rp- 
code from his oricjinal position. Uut the 
responsible cfficcri cf tiie fair do not 
c;iro to take any ri?k of b;;int; punished 
tor contempt cf court or l-.avc 
trouble with the sheriif cf Cook county. 
The le^al itatus of the case will be 
f^oroughlv considered at a meeting of 
t!;'-' council cl administration tcday and 
the exact course oi action for tomorrow 
de'ormiDed upon. 

It is the sentiment of the otTicials to 
follow the letter of the law as laid down 
by Judge Stein but evade the spirit of it. 
To do this the gates vill probably be 
open a.'td anyone who wanta to pay 50 
cents to see a shut-up shaw will bo 
s'.'owed to do so. Uut otficiaUy and 
jracticaliy the exposition will be closed 
tomorrow and every other Sunday until 
the end of October. The restraining 
order ot the court ij not known to apply 
\ ! to tlie department buildings wliich will 
' ■ be closed by crdcr of the director 
general who has full char>;e over them. 

The people back of Mr. Clingman, 
howc-vcr, talk of obtaining an c\tensi'?n 
of the mjunction so as to prevent the 
closing of the big buildings, liut the ex- 
hibitors have prepared to cover their 
displays tomorrow and the attendance 
cf \:sitors will bo small indeed wher. 
they can't see anything inside the build- 

As far ac the Midway Plaisance Ucod 
cerntil it is part cf Jackson Park an<i 
C'.ast(i'J?ntly embraced in the openordtr 
01 the court. The concessionaries would 
reap a harvest by getting a Sunday 
crowd of patrors and they are not nut- 
ting any stumbling blocks in the way o[ 
the injunction. *" 

Early next Tuesday fifty-two public 
school teachers, selected by popular vote 
of the readers of the Pittsburg Timjs, 
v.ill arrive at the fair to remain ten days. 
In the afterioon th^rc will b; a recep- 
tion at the Pennsylvania building, Maj 
M. P. H^ndv making an aidress of wel- 
come and Dr. N. C. Sbacffer, superin- 
tendent of public instruction in Pennsyl- 
vania, responding. 



A Duel in Mexico That Resulted Fatally to 
Both Principals. 

New York, July 22.— A special to the 
Times from Victoria, Mex.. .says: \ duel 
that re.-u'ted fatally to both principals 
took place in the outskirts oi this city on 

Kranci?CD \"illareal, a pro.ninent young 
law student, and Juan Ra'.i'*»I, a young 
business man, became involved in a 
<|uarrtl over a young won ui and they 
engaged in a duel to satisfy their 
wounded honor. 

Rangel used a knife nntX X'illareal a 
pistol." The btter was nabherl three 
times, but .as he fell he fired a bullet into 
the body of Rangel. 15olh men lived but 
a short time. 


Bank Robbers Corralled in the Cherokee 

iNDF.PF.NDItNCE, Kas., luly 22— The 

Mound Valley bank rollers arc sur- 
rounded near Lcnapah, I. I". The gang 
has increased to s'jvcq in number since 

the robbery and they are v ell armed and 
have plenty of ammunitio! . 

Thiy are hidden in ine timber off 
Cedar creek and iiave hci i up several 
travelers .and driven off c:t1c from the 
neighboring r.inchcs. A-' ii'ional arms 
and ammuniMon have bee:: sent to the 
pursuing patty from Coffey vdlc. 

Ltncnah is a little vill.ijc about bix- 
teeu miles southeast of C'ttevville in the 
Cherokee country. The j: :';uit is vigor- 
o:is and will lu) dou'ot resu't in the cap- 
ture ot the robbers. 


Four Michigan Uurderers Listened to Their 
F:itc Today. 
AltF-NA, Mich., July 22.— Jacobs, 
Fuhrman, Vogler and Rcpkc, who were 
convicted of the murder cf Albert 
Moiiter, received their sentence this 

When asked by Judge Kolley if they 
had invthipg to say the prisoners ex- 
ure. -<.d t!jei:;S8:ves as bei ig not guilty. 
Rcp'te was thu only one of the four who 
broke down. 

The Judge then scntcncoii them to im- 
pri.scnnicnt for life at hani L.horat Jack- 
son. They will arrive at J.iv.k?on Mon- 




AYHA & CO., 


03"er the m»$t \voncl*5rful bargains ic fcrnitere and bidding that you over heard 
Of. "^e have on« 01 the best select»jd stocks of the Iate=?t anci most reliable goor's 
made and we can save you lots of rcoaey if you will on.17 take tue time and lock 
th:s up. 

And bring thli \rith yoa ?.r.d gat a cash disoount cf 10 per 
cent on year purchase.'. Remember the ph'.cc. 


No. 108 asul 1 10 Fir^it Avenue Vfest, Above First Street. 


Mn Milk II AiiiOBi Co.' 


Employers Liiibiiit}', 

Eltivator Accident, 
Wuiknicn"'s Collective, 
Surety Bonds, 

Individual Accident 

Pocket Becks, Card Cases, 

Bill Books, 

Pass Cases 



Negligee Shirts, 

:$m'^^;JS^ Neckwear, 

•^PipS^f llS Yachting Caps, Etc. 


Sudden Disappearance o( a Man and Girl 

From a Uoat. 

Seattlf, Wash., July 22.— Yesterday 

afternoon the steamer AquilUi, while on 

Lake Washington, washuilcaby ayouag 

woman in a row boat. When the boat 
apprc.ichcd ;t was seen that the girl, 
aged about icj, was being eitherassaulted 
or beaten by a young man of 27, who was 
also m the heat. 

When the boat approached the young 
man released her. She s:ood up ann 
iiaid: "It's all right. I guess he will take 
me ashore now." The steamer there- 
upon i)roceedcd. 

The beat house keeper put out later 
and finally found the b.">at. The man 
was alone in the stern. When aw.' re of 
th.e other boat he deliberately dived into 
the lake. He did not again ajjpear. The 
woman, too, had <^iisappeared. Their 
names have not yet beea learned. 

The Ar?gon Iro.i Cotr.cany oi Michigan in 

Norway, Mich,, July* 2?. —The prop- 
erty of the Aragon Iron c )mpanv, oper- 
ated by the Schlesinger syndicate, was 
attached by the miners yesterday uho 
stoppeil the company frori. shipping from 
the : tock p"Ie uniii they -eie paid. The 
company owes its en pluycs for May, 
fun. and July, a total ot f ;o,ooo. 

There i> in the stock j>de $97,000 worth 
cf ircn ore. The raine was closed yes- 
terd ly afternoon, throwing 400 men out 
ot employment. Pumps are kept going 
lo k.cp the water out. 



Circleville, 0., Was the Scene of a Tragedy, 

In Which a Man Was Brutally 


The Brother of the Murdered Man 
tected the Assassin From a Mob 
of Lynchers, 



Entire Business Portion of a Town 
in Ohio Swept By Flames Last 

CiKCLKviLLK, O., July 22.— Marshal 
P.alni guarded the JTil last night ag.'lin'^l 
a mob who were seeking ihe life ot His 
brother's murderer. A f.dsc alarm pf 
fire was sent in and the engines dashed 
throu;;h the crowd, but they refused to 
be deceived and gathered around the 

William Strong had been drinking all 

day and about 6 o'clock went in Daldwin 

vv Palm's saloon and demanded a drink. 
He rw'Urished n pisiol, and when P.Tim 
tried to persuade him to drink no more, 
aimed the weapon at P.alm's i)reast and 
pulled the trigger. Palm fell with a. 
bullet in his heart, dying almost in- 
stantly. r>uring the afteniLton Strong 
had chased people wit'.i his revolver and 
a dirk. 



Business Porlion of an Ohio Icwn 
Toledo, O., July 22.— The en- 
tire business porlion of Edg- 
erton, a small town of 1200 
people in Williams county, was burned 

late last night. The dames started in a 
vacant building in the middle of the lown 
and had assumed large proportions be- 
fore the citi:efts rcali/ed its extent. 

I'l van, the county seat, reiit an engine 
.anil hose cart in response to a telegram 
for assiitance, but these were not able to 
ccpe with the fjlaze. The loss is about 
$100,000 with about tv/otairds insurance. 




They Struck Obstructions in the Mississippi 

C.AiKO, 111., July 22.— The tow boat 
Aegus was sunk by striking an obstru;:- 
tion on the river about fifteen miles 
above here yesterday. The loss will be 
total. The Aegus was valued at about 
Si 7, OX). 

The cpjarter boat Julia struc'K a reef 
aboiit four nnles below here List night. 
The crew hud a narrow escape !rom 
drowning. It is thought the Julia can be 
raised. The loss is estimated at ^7000. 

CELL.iiKA': 1l.,j rlAT?. 

Silk L'ats BIccKci cr Ironed ^lilla Yoa Wait. 



Two If en Drowned. 
Ciiif .\(;o, July 22, — Yesterday two men 
were drowned while baihiiig in the river 
at l.akc Dluff, where the Meth<Kli5t camp 
meeting is bemg held, iloth bodies weri 
recovered r.nd one ideruihcd as a baker 
ot Dcs Plaines. The other maa has not 
yet been identified. 

The Chilean Arbitration. 
F.rKNF., July 22. -The bundcbrath has 
appointed Dr. Clapardc, Swirs minifctir 
to the I'nited States, to be Swiss member 
of the court of arbitration which wid 
meet in Washington July 26 to settle the 
disputed clnims between the United 
States and Chile. 

A Political Conlcrencc. 
Sauatoga, N. \.. July 22.— Governor 
Flower and Senators Gorman and 
Murphy met last night in the governor's 
cottage'. They were in session until a 
late hour. What they talked aboul has 
not leaked out. 

Over Three Thousand Vi/alking the Streets of 
St. Fiul. 
Ni.v. YoiiK, July 22. A special to the 
Press from St. Paul fays: It is estimated 
that 3000 to 4000 idle men arc here ami 
hundreds more arrivi;ig daily. Many 

arc from railroads and mining regions. 
Many ar2 well educai-.d persons. 

The few Michi^-an mines still running 
intend h)A'ering wages greatly. The 
men say ihcy v.ill then quit. This wili 
aod from 5f300 tif^ooo lore nnemployju 
to the 14,000 in Michigan who have al- 
reaily <ia'.t. 


Six liflen Caught in the Flames and Two 

FosTORiA, O., July 22.— The most 
frightful accident that has occurred in 
Ohio oil field occurred Thursday night 
at the village of Prairif? Depot, six miles 
from this ci.y. An i 1 well hnd jjs; 
began to How and as usual ia such cases 
the ground was saturated with oil. 

A frightful cxplosio.i occurred and .siy. 
men were caught m th': tiames. The 
d'_.\tlare: Lc:.r-iel I.cckhart, blown 2on 
feet; Joreph Turk. The others v.ere 
badly injured. 

Anti-Trust Delegates. 

Nhw Youk, July 2:.— A special to the 
Times from Colunit>ii^, ' »., says: Gover- 
nor McKinley has appointed the follow- 
ing Ohio member- cf the anti-trust asso- 
ci^ition for the U.'iited States: Theodore 
Horitman. corporation counsel of Cin- 
cin.nati; William II. Lawrence, editor of 
the Oliio Farmer, Cleveland; C. M. 
I'raam, of Cleveland. The organizatio:i 
ii the outcome rf the action taken at the 
June convention in Chicago held at the 
instance of the goternor lA Minnesota. 

Lively Meeting ol a German Military Society 

in St. Louis. 

St. Loiis, Mo., July 22.— Guns and 

loud, talking carried the day at last 

night's meeting of the German Military 

Siclety at their hall on Twelfth and 

North Matkct street--. The trouble grew 
out of a beer boycott. 

July 1 1, while, it is alleged, most of tfcc 
inen.bets were absent a resolution was 
passeti by the socialistic element oi the 
society declaring a boycott on a certain 
beer. This Called out a protest from 
several of the leading mcmbjrs of the 
society, and a paper was circulated ask- 
ing the president to call another meeting 
f' r the purpt^sc of declaring the uoycou 

L-,?t night the ?ocialists, seeing that 
thty were outnumbered, raised' a row- 
ami drew revolvers and threatened a 
rixt. To avoid bloodshed the presiden' 
hurriedly declared the meeting ad- 


The Milwaukee National 
ings Closed Tl 

MlIAVALKF.i:. July 
kec National and the ! 
bank closed their c 
The Milwaukee Natio 
clearing house and th 
tiona! was promptly 
place In this capa^ty. 
trouble at thtse two in 
with tilt faitire of the 
and H. M. Henjami 
the city into a small p; 
at once started on 

Crowds soon g.athen 
(ierman- American, M« 
and Second Ward b 
noon the excitement 
suli^idcd and a more 
comidence in the secut 
of deposit prevailed, 
was tull <'.t wild rum 
verify and probably 
without found.ition. 
with the exception of ; 
ufr^cturer, no ladures \ 

At II o'clock the fo 
pustfd on the doo^s 
Exchange, on whicli 
heavy run: "The und 
of the Merchants E^ 
personally responsible 
pijsited in this bank. 
Niinnemacher, Fred 
Goll, Charles K. Pfisti. 
This had a quieting ef 
of a few policemen th 
siderably lessened. 

The statement on th 
waukec National was : 
ol the i>card cf direc 
cio^ed." The statemc 
of this bank on July i! 
bilities as ?i,«/35,^13 56 
tal Rmountea to >2ck 
fund, $250,000; undiv 
t V;.j2; national bank 
Stx;,25o; deposits. :i,u 
bills aiscounted, $230,; 
Noycs is president ot 
McClure cnshi:r. 

The officers of the S 
bank are: President, 
cashier, J. U. iCoc'.ting 
bold $50,000 of stock 
arc tue only slockho 
aijiiuil stateniL".:t mad 
liribilUies at J^l, 158.965 
012.46 was due to dep 
anil ^^735, 452.71 ontim 
siderabie ot n run on 
the fiuiry in June, at v 
nundijr of saving dep 
of the proposed w 
money at the end of 1 
tliought that this, toge 
up of a large an.ouut 
^^peculations, good in\ 
now available, was 

President Noyes, 
cordiiion of the M 

b:u.k. sara 

. .'ilS 


Co'jrtmartial Adjourned. 
\''ai.i:tta, July 22. The courtmartiil 
that is inquiring into the loss of the 
battleship Victoria met today, but no 

evidence was taken, 
uatil Monday. 

The court adjourned 

A Louisville Bank Gone. 
I.<i! isvn.i.i:, Ky.. fu'v 22.- -The Ken- 
tucky National bank of this city closed 
its doors this inorr.i.Jg. The cipital 
stock i^ Si, oco,oa3 paid up. This bani: 
is also a government depository and iti 
I.ast statement showed $\(.)0,oik> to the 
credit of the govcrnincrit. The 
a:nd discounts outstanding amounted t j 
ii,7i<>966.50 and the iurpiu* was 

A Forty Foot Fall. 
Mak(M r.TTK, Mi :h.. July 22.— An en- 
gintr and ore train yesterday crashed 
through a bumper at the outer end of an 
ore dock and phinycd forty feet into the 
lake. Engineer John kowc wen: down 
w j'.h the engine, but rairaculoubly escaped 
with slight injuries. Fireman Cleanly 
saved himself by jam[)ing. 

Continued Until Monday. 
WASUi.NfiTj.N", July 21.— to 
The Htrald.] The argument in the Du- 
luth land case, which was 'oeiore Com- 
missioner Lainorcux yesterday, was not 
comoleted and further arguments will 
be heard, beginning at g o'clock Monday 

Declared a Dividend. 
Nf \v York, July 22 —The St. Paul iV 
Dnluth has declared -^ dividend of 3'j 
per cent on the preferred stock, payable 
September I. 

The Trouble In Nicaragua Will Result In 


Nkw Yokk, July 22.— A cable to the 
Herald from Man.-igua, Nicaragua, says: 
Hope for the settlement of the trouble in 
Nicaragua without bloodshed has been 
abandoned. President Zavala's over- 
tures for peace were answered yester- 
day by the revolutionists in a way that 
could not be misunderstood. 

The steamers seized by the insurgents 
of Leon today bombarded .Maiierno, 
where the government troops arc en- 
camped. Their hre was returned anil 
two steamers were struck by shells from 
the government battery. Reinforce- 
ments arc now marching to -Mattern<( 
and Gen. Avilez will today conduct the 
held operations. 

It is r>.-ported that President Lzeta, of 
Salvador, has discovered a conspiracy 
against him. Twenty-three of the con- 
spirators were shot, among them Gen. 
Aviiez. Gen. lionilla, of Honduras, li 
here awaiting an opportunity to go to 
Hciiiduras and orgaai/.e another revolu 
tion against Gen. V'asqucz. 


fecUy sound. It h:i 
above the ii.ihiii;ies. 
it would pay all dep 
ihree months, leaving 
cents on the dollar foi 
its stockholders. 

"The reason for t 
th.e o:;e that h:is been 
in the last si.xtv 
public know it wi 
the shrinkage nnc 
deposits, and the ina 
to meet their obiigat 
have led the dire.:tor: 
ihat it is tor the inter' 
to c'ojC the dooiL; at 
iiitelylhe depobitor; 
such that no one will 
by thj deiay in obtai 
A meeting of the 
doubiless be called 
qaestion of resumptii. 
going into volunt:iry 
comptroller of the c 
notihed of the situati< 

and South Side Sav- 
cir Doors. 

22.--The Milwau- 
5outh Side Savings 
oors this morning, 
ual acted as the 
e Wisconsin Na- 
named to take its 
The news of the 
ititiitions, together 
Commercial bank 
n yesterday, threw 
mlc and runs wtr^ 
I number of other 

id in front of the 
rchanls Exchange 
ank.«, but aroun<i 
had in a measure 
general feeling of 
ity of those places 
The city, however, 
ars, impossible to 
tor the most pait 
I p to I o'clock, 
I small soap man- 
lad been reported. 
Howmg notice was 
cf th-; Merchants 
:here had been a 
ersigne*! directors 
.change bank are 
for moneys de- 
.Signcd) Rudolph 
."ou'cl, jr., Julius 
r, Frank J. Kipp." 
ect and by means 
s ciowd w.-'s con- 

e doors of the Mil- 
iimply: 'By order 
tois, this b.oik ij 
nt of the condititui 

last gave the !ia- 
. Of this the tapi- 
t,ooo; the surplus 
dcd profits, ?.</?,- 
notes outsianuing, 
5,48^.33; notes and 
'89.11. George H. 

ihe bank and J, 

outh Side savings 
G. A. Trumpff; 
, each of whom 
m the bank and 
Iderj. The seini- 
c July I placed the 
.17. Of this S2i!6, 
ositors en demand 
?. There v.-a5 con - 
this bank during 
'•hich time a large 
ositors jiave notice or their 
hirty days. It is 
tbtr with the tying 
ot money in land 
estments' but not 
tbe cause of the 

in referring to the 
ilwaukce National 
nk I consider per- 
3 ^300,000 assets 
In ordinary turns 
;itors in full within 
a surplus of 20c 
distribution amor.g 

le closing today is 
so much repealed 
days, that the 
thout heinu told, 
withdrawals of 
'iility of cu:to-nerl^ 
loni, to the liank, 

to the conclusion 
:st of all concerned 

this time. Fottu- 

in this frank arc 

besenouslr injured 

aing their money." 

stcckholdcrs will 
soon to vote on the 
a of business or f>l 

iiquidaiion. The 
urrtncy has bee:. 





World this 
position to 
that Prcii- 

Thc President Will Not Aopoint Until Congress 

New Yokk, July 22.— The 
morning claims tliat it i» in a 
state on excellent authority 
dent Clevelard will not appoint a suc- 
cessor to Justice Blatchford before the 
convening of the special session of con- 
gress, and that the runu)r3 that the jdace 
will be tendered to either Secretary 
Gtesham or .Secretary Carlisle are with- 
out foundation. 

Neither has the high office been ten- 
dered to Don M. Dickinson. There are 
good reasons for b^^lieving that the placi 
will be given to a New \ orker that 
under no circumstances wili it be given a 
Western man. 

Awaiting a Tariff Bill. 
Nr.w \ OiiK, July 22.— A special to th< 
Press from Amsterdam says the 2000 
people or more in Sanford & Sons 
carpet mills arc worried over the an- 
nouncement ttiat the mills will soon be 
shut down owing to dullness of It 
is said operations will be resumed wlien 
the tariff (|uettion is definitely selt'ed. 

Crushed by an Engine. 
Cm:velami, July 22. .vt 5:30 o'clock 
this morning an engine drawing three 
cars iu;npe»l tbe track in the Alabama 
stre'ct yards. Engineer John H. Hines 
and his firemen both leaped from the 
engine. The latter escaped without in- 
jury but Hines took the wrong side and 
the engine topple«l over onto him. He 
was crushed and burned in a horrible 
manner. He was unmarried. 


Fine Weather Favored the Turners at Mil- 

vtaukce Today. 

.MiLWAticKE, Julv 22.— There are 
Turners everywhere in the city today, so 
many of them that the little crowds 
arcund the banks do\^n town are scarcely 
no"iccable. New splend<ir has been 
added to the deccritions, and with thr 
weather, which is a'>solutely the finest 
that co'.ild be desiri d, with a clear blue 
yky and a stdf, cooling breeze, the 
Turners S'j2.n tu be in clover. 

This morning at S I'clock there v/as a 
s'.'.imming contest at Rhoen's school, in 
which a r '.nnber of Turners took pari. 
At the shot :iag pak toe competiiionr. 
be^;an tins morning with fercing and 
club swinging. The feature of 
the day, however, was the great 
street parade at 2 o'clock 

this afternoon. It was c«>mpo£ed of five 
divisions. Tlie line o; march was thiuugh 
the principal streets down town to the 
shooting pnrk, where they entered 
thiougli the oi-ciicoliimnsof the scholars 
of the public schools. 

Fro.n 4 until 5:30 this afternoon, the 
pupils of the public schools wdl be put 
through cahsthenic exercises, arconi- 
panicd by an orchestra, and tbe physical 
exercises of the djy v.ill close witli 
wrestling, club sv.inpirg and fencing on 
the part of the act ve Turners. Thi.s 
evening there will dc reciiations and 
speeches at the shoolir g park. 

I'.y noon all the Turners who had .an- 
nounced their coming have arrived, with 
the exception of about fifteen. At the 
head<iuarters of the registration com- 
mittee the records show the number of 
vi-itors to bo 5,coo. tiiough there are 
more than double that number in the 
city who are stopping .•'.t the hotch, 
private houses and with friends. Of these 
there is no official romit. 

In arranging for q'jartcrs the com- 
mittee were guidiii whol'v by tho 
*-lvanceadvicesrec«ved from the various 
societies and so bnd provided <p:artcrs 
only for those applying. This led to 
r;ither an exciting s:ene at the head- 
qnarters todav, wheie quite a number 
who had neglfcctcd tJ make application 
gathered and cIar:iored for lodging 
places at the camp as. The dilticullv 
was finally settled b) securing quarters at 
private houfcs in the vicinity. 

New PesI masters. 
WASHiN<,TtiN, July 22. The total 
number of fourth-class postmasters ap- 
pointed today was n ncty-cighf, of which 
thirty-seven were to fill vacancies caused 
by resignations and deaths. 



T<)-i).'.v , .. C McClcilaiid and 
l'.:L T P. ititlv .'ifL- m.ilchcd for a 
five iniic foot rncc for a stak, of 
$2'0 .1 .'iklc nncl the chariipion- 
.-Iii;> of l!io U:ute.l State?, at the 
A. A. A. P.irk, Aile-licny, Pa. 

Undor tiic agreetiicnt, the 
uliinor i^ lo take eighty atul the 
los.r l'.vc!ity per cent, of the re- 
ceipt • '1 SMcli a run tiie win- 
ner It:!!*: strike a rat t tin v^ pace. 

rill urn 









CoacMngs ia Plain and Cliangeable Silks, 
CIiiiiOD Parasols, 

Brocaded Chioa Parasols, 
Dot Gro Grain Para:oIs, 
All Lace Parasols, 
Ottofficn and Black Laco Parasols, 
Crepe Lisse Parasols, 

Colamblan Parasols, 

All Go Hseriss of Cost 


Parasols — 

LOT I- Formerly 1^2.50, S2.75. 
$2.95, $3.25. All go at 

Parasols — 

LOT 2--Formcrly $5.7^. f'''-5<^- 
and f.S.5o,up to $15. All go at 


LOT 3- Formerly S6.50 to?'). 50. 
All go at 

Parasols — 

LOT 4 -Formerly $7.50, S^j-jo. 
^^12.50. All go at 

Ladies* Umbrellas — 

20D 2'Vinch Sua or Rain Umhrcl-, pietty handles, worth 
$3.25. «r 5c. ?3.75- Ail go at . . 

Gent's Umbrellas — 

100 2S-incb Rain (T.Sun Tmbrcl- 
hi'j; comprrc them with any in 
the citv at !? Our price.. 





ANCE SALE goes on with 
renewed vigor. 


Art* lloins: Added Daily. 

Have You Seen the 

Gent's Unlacadorcd Salrts at 25c 

Tlie Feather Fans at 96c 

The China Silks at 19c 

TheOoting Cloths at 6c 

TheMn^lIn Dalerwear at $1.39 
The Soc'le Cl07e3 at 89c 

Carpet Deparlinenf. 

5,000 yards Ingrain Carpets, worth OOlii 
40 and 45c. I hey go at Oflau 

5,oco yarJti Ingrain Carpets. Come ^1 Qa 
and sec ihcm. Sale Price 1 WW 



IT m A 

The Inman Tug Record Won the Tug Race 

Yesterday Afternoon With But 

Little Effort. 


Mystic Crowded Her Closely 

Broke a Feed Pipe Before Reaching 

the Turn, 


Duluth Boat Club Teann to Leave 
Lake Minnetonka on Monday For 
the Races. 


Everything that would float was out to 
see the tug race yesterday aftertioon. 
All the excursion steamers, tugs, private 
launches, yachts, sailboat?, large and 
small, rowboats and even one scow, 
chapt roiied by an unfoitunate liltle tug 
dotted the waters of Lake Superior off 
the east side of Minnesota point to an 
extent not seen for days. The sun was 
bright, the breeze fresh and cool anil the 

sea just rolling enough to be pleasant. 
For an event of the kind, a more agree- 
able and auspicious day could not have 
been secured. 

The contestants were the Helm tug 
Mystic, the Innian tug Record and the 
Smith-Fee tug A.C.Adams. The judges, 
timekeepers and members of the press 
were allotted to the tug Ed. Fiske. 

About 3:30 the Fiske left the dock 
and steamed out into the lake beyond 
the lighthouse pier. A buoy was planted, 
after which the contesting tugs came up, 
received the rules for the race and drew 
lots for positions. The Adams secured 
the position nearest the shore, the Rec- 
ord came next and the Mystic took the 
third place, the one farthest out in the 
lake. The judges were Capt. Allen of 
the steam vacht Comanche, C C. Brown 
and B. H. Bronson. I. L. Eddy and C. 
F. Macdouald acted as timekeepers. 
Jubt a tritle after 4 o'clock L, f. Hopkins 
mounted the water cask in front of the 
Fiske's pilot house and waved his hat for 
the racers to get in position. The Mys- 
tic was a little too anxious and had to be 
waved back. The Fiske gave three 
short whistles as a warning. A few sec- 
onds later, exactly at 4:05 one loud blast 
was biOkvn and the race was under way. 

The Mystic waS leading. The Record 
came next, and a very few feet behind 
was the Adams. Within the first few 
hundred feet '"c Adams dropped fully a 
length behind and soon was passed even 
by "the Fiske, the judges' boat. The 
Alystic kept a slight le :d for about two- 
thirds of the way dowa the ct)urse, when 
a leaking fec^ compelled her with- 
drawal from the contest. There are dif- 
ferences of opinion, however, as to the 
relative positions of the Mystic and 
Record at that tune. Alderman J. \V. 
Nelson, who was on the former, claims 
that she was about six feet in the lead. 
Others say that they v.-ere at least even. 
Anyway the backers of the Mystic claim 
that nothing but another race can con- 
vince them that their boat is not the 
fastest goer. 

After the Mystic drew out, the Record 
had it all her own way. The turn was 
made around the little fishing tug, J. W. 
Eviston at the lower end of the course 
and the return made in fine thape. The 
Record passed the buoy at the tinish at 
a speed delightful to behold, amidst 
cheers, waving of hats and handkerchiefs 
and the screaming of whistles. The 
twelve-and-a-half miles were made in 
54 'j minutes. The Adams came along 
lour-and-one-quarter minutes later, mak- 
irg the rounds in 58'+ minutes. 

It is said that the backers of the Mys- 
tic dropped several hundred dollars and 
arc anxious to try the thing over again. 
The Boat Ct«b Races. 

Dan McOonald who will rov/ in the 
junior single, and Dan Mahoney, Murray 
Peyton, Hamilton Peyton and George 
Gibson, the four-oared crew, are getting 
in excellent trim .for the Minnesota c^ 
Winnipeg Rowing association regatta at 
Lake Minnetoiika next week and the 
boys are hopeful of bringing some of the 
medals back to Duluth witb them. 

The Duluth party — thirty 01 forty in 
all probability will leave here Monrlay 
noon in a special car over the Great 
Northern road. .Arriving at Lake Min- 
netonka Tuesday morning, the boys will 
have two field days for training, as the 


A Great Mistake. 


races do not begin until Thursday after- 

The four oared crew will probably also 
enter for the senior ra«.e: and it a good 
showing is made they mav stay over and 
participate in the Mississippi X'alley 
Rowing association regatta which 
occurs at Lake Minnetonka the week 
following the Minneapoli:;an(i Winnipeg. 
In this event the boys will not get back 
to Duluth until .-Vugust »> or 7. 

Dan McDonald is doing some tall 
rowing atid carries his shell over the 
water at a rattling r.ate. He stands a 
nrettv good show to win fjime and laurels 
for himself and the cliib. 

The Fistic World. 

Several weeks ago a meeting was ar- 
ranged at Hurley between Piir- 
tell. the "Saginaw Kid," and "Dutch ' 
Xeil. The police interfered as there 
were indications that the match was too 
much for bli>od. It was partly arranged 
that the match should come off lastnitjht, 
but Neil was sick. Charlie LeClair, 
Ned's backer, telegraphed last night to 
D. J. Mahoney, TurteH's backer, that he 
would have Neil in the ring next Friday 
night or forfeit $150. The match will 
probably come off next week. 

There was no sparring match at the 
Gem theater. West Supjnor, last night. 
There was some hiich in Joe Shtehy's 
arrangement with Patsy Miller, Pro- 
prietor Campbell refunded the money 
rather than put on a fake. 

Joe Shethy says he will go to Chicago 
at once to arrange a match with Pete 
Maher. This statement will be taken 
with a grain t>f allowance by those who 
know Sheehy. 

The foot race yesterday at the West 
Superior Driving park between Al Dunn 
and Herbert Simpson was won by the 


Mine Owners in Ran»as Have no Faith In the 
State Authorities. 

ToPEKA, Ivas., July 22.— The openly 
expressed sympathy of the state admin- 
istration for the striking coal miners and 
the fear that it will incite the strikers to 
lawless acts, which will result in great 
datnage to the mines, has induced the 
mine operators to appeal to the federal 
authorities tor protection. 

Ail of the mine companies doing busi- 
ness in Southeastern Kansas are incor- 
porated under the laws of Missouri and 
are consequently foreign companies. It 
is proposed to apply to the United States 
courts tor an injunction restraining every 
striker from trespassing upon the prop- 
erty of the mine owners, or from inter- 
fering in any way with men who are at 
work in the mines. 

All of the federal judges having juris- 
diction in Kansas are out ot the state, 
some in Colorado and some in Chicago. 
The necessary papers have been pre- 
pared and dispatched in charge of an 
attorney to Denver, where Judge Riner 
is holding court. The proceedings are 
similar to those taken by the ^l^ssouri 
Pacit'ic Railroad company in 1886 and 
by the Toledo & Ann Arbor 
company recently. The object ot these 
proceedings is to place the strike dis- 
trict in charge of United Stit( s marshals, 
instead of running the risk of intrusting 
it to state authorities m case of any 

The situation in the mining district is 
becoming serious and a bloody conflict 
between strikers and operators is im- 
minent. The major general of the Kan- 
sas National guard has been sent to 
Pittsburg to be in readiness to lake com- 
mand ot the militia company, in case 
their services should be required. 

THE DOLyiH mm. 

The White Tents Dot Minnesota Point 
the Hotels Are Filling With South- 
ern Tourists. 


Many of Them Arc Enthusiastic Anglers 
and the Fishing Resorts Are Being 
Well Patronized. ' 

Stories of Great Catches of Trout 
Coming In From the South Shore 


It is summertime at last and the white 
tents dot Minnesota Point again and the 
camp lircs nightly gleam and light up 
the dark forests along the lakes and 
streams. The hotels are filling up with 
tourists from the sultry South, who come 
here to enjoy their summer outing where 
the cool breezes make amends for the 
oppressive heat. Lake \'ermilion is the 
objective point of many campers, and 
others akC i)itching their tents on the 
shores of the little lakes near Ely and 
Grand Rapids. The black bass fishing 
in these lakes is reported to be unusually 
good this summer. The club houses on 
the Brule are reported full, the hotels 
well patronized and many tents are seen 
along the stream. But there is room for 
ail. Each party easily finds a place 
that suits them best and as much com- 
pany or privacy as they desire. Idght 
the camp fires and keep them burning 
until autumn's winds blow strong and 


* •* * 

The swarms of grasshoppers which 
have bothered Duluth people the past 
week may be nuisance but they are good 
bait for trout and black bass, and the 
anglers are saved much hard work in 
digging worms. 

* * ►:•• 

The Southern people who came to 
Duluth this week and made their head- 
-quarters at the Spalding oame here to 
fish as well as to see the sigl«ts and enjoy 
the cool like breezes. They read The 
Hera'd down in Maryland and Kentucky 
and its little stories of the summer pleas- 
ures to be had here brought them to the 
head of the lakes. They are now plan- 
ning fishing trips and Messrs. Dodge & 
Pearson are kept busy fitting them out 
with tackle. The Dixon will take s(>me 
of them to Pert Arthur on its next trip, 
their destination being the famous Nipi- 
gon trout pools. 

* 4. + 

The Mystic returned from Isle Royale 
Wednesday. Alderman Helm had as his 
guests Alderman J. W. Nelson, George 
Tones, S. Morterud an<l A. Dupliise. 
Their stav was short but they a 
pleasant trip and cauqht some good fish. 
Alderman Nelson brought back a rum-, 
ber of live trout from Siskiwit bay which 
he will keep in his aquarium. 

* * * 

Dr. Boyer and a party of St. Paul 
friends went down on the Dixon to make 
the Isle Royale circuit and put in a week 


Justice Long, of the Michigan Supreme Court 
and His Woi^nds. 

Detroit, Mich., July 22,— The most 
sensational thing that has yet come to 
light relative to the so-called purging 
of the pension list is the suspension of a 
no less distinguished pensioner than Jus- 
tice Charles Dean Long, of the Michigan 
supreme cowrt. 

Few soldiers in this state suffer from 
wounds as severe as th^se of Justice 
Long. At the battle of Wilmington 
islnud, Georgia, he lost his left arm and 
he was also shot through the hips and 
abdomen. This latter wound has still 
to 'oe dressed twice daily. Although the 
order of suspension bears date of June 
37, Mr. Long hasnot yet received official 
notice of its issuance. 

The notice of suspension is a brief, 
formal document and gives no clue as to 
the reasons that have influenced the 
course of the department. The order 
gives the pension certificate number, 
which shows that there could have been 
no mistake or confusion of names. 

T. C, Phillips and a 

A rf«*rnt fllscovory U fhnt horididio, 
dizzinesfi, clullnass. confii ion at t!i -^ rnii!'l, 
et"., aro duo to dcranKomcitt of tlifi nerve 
ceritcrg wlii<li supply tlic brain with ncrvi 
force; Ih.if iiifli^jrstion, flysjxp ,ia, i:our:il'^iai 
wind ill stom;i'-Ji, rw., ari-o from thridc i-.nift- 
niont i,t tho r.t'rve cen'' i-ssti|/p1y!!i'^ tliwc or- 
pari- Willi Ti«>r\-<- flui*! nr forcR. TliW i ; Iilcc-.7i-.-) 
triK- rif many disfji^f'scif tliM hcnr; :iti<! Iimtrs 
Tlie iKTVf sy>,l>Ti»l»Iiko a tf'ltvi»;il»'i ^^.v-'l<'in. 
as will l)o wen by tha iieconipariyiiif} 

cut. ThH llt.llf! 

wiiifft linos am 
the nerves ■which 
ronvf.y tlio n<TV(» 
f<>r,o friirn t li o 
nervo miters to 
every part of tho 
b«)fly, just ns tho 
electric current is 
conveyed alon;; 
tho telesrjiph 
wire-; to every 
statif>n, ]iir'^G or 
small Onlirifiry 
physicians fail to 
rc'.rarcl this f:ict; 
itisitcafl of treal- 
injj the nerve can- 
ters for th»3<-! 
(1 f the disorders 
arisini-' therefrnm 
tliev treat tliO 
part affected. 

Franklin Miles, 
M. D.. LL.B., tlio 
hicrhly celebr.lted 
spec ia.1 ist and 

stud'.nt of tnr\oiis . 

of many noted treatises cm tii« latier-iilvlect, 
loll'? wnco reall»3d tho truth of tho first 
statement, Hnd his Kesforailvo Nervino 
Is prepared on principle. Its sjiccps* 
hi euriii;; all diseases urisinfT from d'-ran'-'e- 
nieiit of tho nervous system ii \.ond«rr- 
fui. fs the thousands of un^iliclted I'stlnio- 
iiiils in ixjssession of tho eonripauy mauu/ac- 
turiuA trie remedy amply prove. 

l)r. Mih>s' Ij.-storativ*' Nervine ir, a rcliahlo 
remedy for all nervous dist-ases, smdi m 
hi .'dache, riervoiw debility, prostration, 
F'eipiessiie'^s. dizziness hysteria, bcNual (i<- 
Ijiliiv, t^t. Vitus dance, epilepsy, etc. It is 
Fold hvall diUL'i;isls on a positive puarniitee. 
or sent direct l^y tiie l>r. Miles Medical t o., 
Kilthart. Ind., on receipt of price. ^1 jx-r lx>t- 
tlr. six bottles for 85, express prepaid. 

Kp=tomtivo Nervine positively coatains no 
opiates 01- dangeroua drugs. 



One Veteran Whtse Pension Should Be Made 

Minneapolis, July 22. —Iliram Weeks, 
of Minneapolis, a veteran who served 
four years in the war of the reliellion, 
has received notice that his pension of J6 
per month would be discontinued. 

While in the service Weeks passed 
through forty-thrc" battles, one of which 
was Gettsburg. He is ni>\v very near 
death from gangrene of the foot anrl 
various other complain's, some of which 
have been tra'^cddircrtly to his exriosure 
in d.e army. Tli^fonly reason whiciic:'.ii 
be found for the cutting ol'f of his pciiMon 
If; the incompltte .and one-sided u'port 
which was sent to Washingtcii bv the St. 
I'aul hoard of examiners who rcfuhcd to 
look at his foot at the last cxamiiiitiMi. 

Weeks' ca«e has createil considerable 
feeling among G. A. K. circles in this 
city, and prominent jiartics have inter- 
tstid themselves in securing the renewal 
and increase of his pension. 


Canada Will Purchase the Sites and England 
V«ill Do \he Rest. 

()TT.vw.\, July 22. -The arrangement 
which Maj. H. ibert has closed with the 
imji-'rial govLrnment on behalf of the 
Canadian government in regard to the 
fortificati<iii .u i.sfiuimault, IJ. C, is un- 
ilersfod to l.j ;.s toUows: 

The Canadiin government will pur- 
chase the site , and furnish a fixed tuin 
of nioaey to the iinp:;rial government, 
and the fortiti. nions and marine works 
arc to be constructed by the imperial 

The sum of >75,ooo has already been 
voted by the duininion parliament, but 
a further amount will be asked next sea- 

Baseball Yesterday. 

I'litsburs . 



Now York. 

R. B. B. K. H. E. 

.12 l.i a Lonisvillo .... 6 11 .t 

- t» 10 C Clevolaud 11 12 2 

- 9 14 7 Plii!n<lpliihia..20 20 1 

- H s 4 Washiiijrton .. 4 7 1 

- r> 7 .1 Bt.Loni.s .10 17 fi 

-4 II ?, ("iucinnMi....lO 12 a 

Hov They Stand. 

rr.V'B AXON lost; 

I'hiiaitolphia 4'; H i«t Lou id 

Huston.- 45 'M 

I'iltshurR 40 ;»i 

Ciovulnud ai 'il 

Briokiyn S»i 31 

Cincinnati... .1'.' 30 

New York... 


'Baitimoifi ... 

WaehiDRton . lis 
iLouievillo ... 21 

. *) Wi 




Strike Near Ironwood. 
rlRONV.'ooiJ, .Mich., July 22.— One 
hundred and ti:ty miners employed in 
the Sunday mine at Wakefield 
controlkd by the Schlesinger syndicate, 
went on strike yesterday because they 
have not receivt:d pay lor last month's 
work. Genetiil Manager Cole says he 
dots not know when he will have money 
enough to pay them. 

Mr. Gladstone Dissented. 
London, July 22.— In the house of 
commons yesterday Mr. Gladstone, re- 
plying to a quLstion by Robert Everett, 
.said that he ilid not agree with Mr. 
Everett's assumption that the new mone- 
tary policy aduiited by the Indian gov- 
ernment would creite a large deman.^ 
for >jold, which would possibly result in 
a further rise in the price of that metal. 

— m • » - ■ M 

Probably a Lynching. * 

Memphis, Tenn., July 22. —Information 
has reached this city that Neil Brown, 
the negro aisni'.-.nt of the Misses Mc- 
Cadden, who :ll^o outraged a woman oi 
his own colcr. is in a swamp at Cold- 
water, Miss. -V large posse of whites 
and negroes ai\ in pursuit and it is likely 
that he will be captured. 

A Nine Years' Sentence. 
New Vokk, July 22.— Mrs. Margaret 
McCabe, convi! ted of manslaughter in 
the second dc ree for killing the infant 
of Mrs. Rose i inch on Jan. 2 last, was 
yesterday senit iced to nine yeais and 
five months in :iate prison. 

couple of friends 
have been down the Omaha spending the 
week on the trout streams. 

♦ * * 

W. A. Foote startcfl out the first of 
the week to enjoy his first trouting trip 
of the season. Mr. P'oote is one of the 
most enthusiastic anglers in Uuluth and 
a hard one to follow and a bad one to 
beat and de.=;ervcs better luck than r.ime 
his wav on this trip. He went to White 
r>irch, hired a team to take him down to 
the St. Eouis club house and was direct- 
ed there how to find his way down the 
river to Frank Tibbett's hotel. But 
there are more trails than one in those 
woods and Mr. Foote was obliged to re- 
turn to the club house and get a m;<n to 
take him down. He finally reached the 
Tibbelt place at 10 o'clock at i;ight 
rather tired, but he brought back iome 
nice fish. 

• * * 

Stories pf great catchciof trout are 
coming in from the south shore streams. 
A 4 '-< pound trout was taken last week 
at the mouth of the Brule river. 

* * * 

Dodge & Pearson, the sporting goods 
dealers, have issued their new business 
cards giving dates of trie open season on 
game and t-sh in Minnesota and Wiscon- 
sin which tell it all in a few words. The 
Last legislature made some important 
changes in this state. The trout season 
ends Oct. i. Grouse are in season .Sept. 
I to Dec. I. Deer may be shot only from 
Xov. I. to Nov. 20. 

DeYoung for Senator. 

Wasmincton, July 22.— Private ad- 
vices from .Sacramento indicate 
liovcrnor Markhani has absolutely de- 
cided to appoint Editor M. II. DeYoung, 
of the San I'rancisco Chronirle, senator, 
to fill the vacancy caused by Leland 
Stanford's death. 

Refugees From Ewen. 
St. Pah,, Ju v 22. — A special from 
Ashland s.iys: A large * number of 
refugees from tbu fire at Ewen, MicV... 
have arrived at Ashland for shelter. 
The city council met today and ap- 
proprinted n:one\ ur a carload uf pro- 
visions which will be sent this evening. 

Audiences Suspended. 

Ro.ME, July 22.- Owing to the extreme 
heat, the pope has suspended for a time 
the granting of audiences. 

The World's Fair. 
During 1893 all roads to Chicago. 
The Chicago, Miiv.aukee & St. Paul 
leads the van. Enclose a 2 cent stamp 
and get "The Milwaukee" World's fair 
lolder. J. T. CONLEV, 

Assistant General Passenger Agent, 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Telephone Lutes' 
your washing. 

laundrv to call for 

"Last fall I was taken with a kind of 
summer complaint, accompanied with a 
wonderlul diarrhea. Soon after my 
wife's sister, who lives with us, was taken 
in the same way. We used almost every- 
thing wiihout benefit. Then I said, let 
us try Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and 
Diarrbica remedy, which we did, and 
that cured us right away. I think much 
of it, as it did lor nie what it was recom- 
mended to do. lohii Hertzlcr. Bethel, 
Berks Co., Pa. 25 and 50 cent bottles 
for s;ile by druggists. 

Elder S. S. BeaxeToT McAllisterville. 
Juniatta Co., Pa., snys his wife is .subject 
"to cramp in the stmnach. Last summer 
she tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera 
and DiarrhcKa remedy for it, and was 
much {ileased with the speedy 
afforded. She has since used 
ever necessary i'lul found that 
fails. For sale by drugpists. 

relief it 

it when- 

it never 


With Atiolher 

diseas<'«, iiiid authoi; 

A Grand Rapids Wife Skipped 
Gi'.AM) R.MMDS, Mich., 
P;!ge, keeper of the cloak 





house of rtpresert'itives at Washington, 
whose home is in this city, recenily 
packed his goods and v.'ent to the 
national capital and Frtd J. Provin, of 
thib city, believes that his w ife Cora has 
gone with him. 

Wednesday night Mr. Provin found 
his rooms dc'trted and the furniture 
gone. He found n:o3t of the goods at 
Page's housC. Mr. Provin recovered the 
goods by means ot a writ ot attachment. 
Mrs. Proviii is a daughter of Herman 
Blodgett, the man who figures as the 
co-respondent in the celebrated hiph 
society divorce cise of Addis vs Addis. 

If you are not satisf.ed with your laun- 
dry telephone 447 and have Lutes' laun- 
dry call* 

Gold Coming Back. 

New YoKK, July 22. The steamship 
luerst Ihsmarck which arrived yester- 
day brou'^ht /n./oo of gold consigned 
to New N'ork bankers. The, steamship 
Campania, sailing fro.-n Liverpool today, 
brings j^2oo,ooo in go'd bars consigned to 
August P> Imont ^: Co. 

For Stomach 


Liver Complaints, and 

Headache, use 



Wo wcro tlio first maimfafiturcrj on this 
Conlinoufc. Our latest inHU-ovcaitnt snrimsses 
anytliinfj «-VPr beforo prochiotd. V)C.. *5c., 35o. 
jH-r tin. Bo siiro to ivwo SKA H VUV£>. Aak 
lor them .spread on cotton cl otii. 


I'revention is bettor than cnro, hy burninc 
tlusocaiidloshafl sniollsin h:iso.mciits, closits, 
&u. iirodostroyod.iUKl tliusc-Mitiurioiisdiaciscs 
aro kept ftway ; usoi'ul for expelling moa- 
tiuitoa and initatl n^Miiscctr-. Price , 25c. each. 

To purify sick-nxiTna, apartinfiits, etc., uso 


which in humins, disinfect and a 
fraKranco relresliin;,' and invit.'orating. aOc. pw 
lin.K of 1~. tjoio .>i:jiuf;utnrt'rs, 

fa»jraA.iiTTiiY «fc jroiiiVf^o:v, 

I'liarinsxroiilical I Kipui vr\DLr 
Clicniist.'}. )>^t.W TU«I\. 

O^fi^ VOURSE;I-F= ! 


They are purely 
vegetable, sugar-coated, 
speedily dissolved, 
and easy to take. 
Every dose 


It's Different. 



i A .; * 


• •Wi^^i.''^^ 



1/ \-c^' 





jt '-. ' "I, . " . f Ml -11 





Duluth Jobbers 

T. B. HAWKES & CO., 


Grain, Hay and Flour. 


Wholesale Grain and Hay. 



VVliolesalo IV.tuniispiou, 

BnttiT, KgRB aud Couutry Produce. 


MannfactTirers and Jobbers, 

Boots and Shoes. 


Wholesale Dry Soodfi, 

ManufactDi-ors Meu's Fumishing Goode. 


ManufartnrerB and Jobber?. 

Mattrepsps, Pillows aud Hedding Material. 

csapin-wells hardware CO., 

Wholesali* Iler.vy atnl Slielf Hardware. 
Lumbeniion's i^npiiliea. 

J. J. & R. A. COSTELLO. 

Wholesale Heavy and Shelf Hardware. 

Lambormen's and Miners Supplies. 


Mannfactnrers and Jobbers, 

t!t,<-am. Gas aud Water Goods. 



LomDer, L.nth and Shingles. 



Lntn Dor. Latb and Shingles. 


Wludpp-.'.'e and Ketaii 

Lnm'jor, Lath and Shincle*. 


Lnmbor. Lath and Shingles. 



Lnmbcr, LatJi and Shingles. 




Lumber, Saph, Dofjrs, Monldinga. 


ijumbor, Lath and Shingles. 





Mauufactnrerp and Jobbers of 

Electiical Supplies. 

Iinportors and Wholesale 
' GrtKPre. 


Importers aud Wholesale 




Butter, Egg?, Poultry and Produce. 


Eoisterp of CoiTee and Manufacturers of 

baking Powder. IJx tracts and Spices. 

J. S. SHINNtRS & CO , 

Maiiufactnrcrs and Jobbers, 




Tho Trade aud Families Supplied. 


Importers and Wholesale 

Wine and Li<iuor Merchants. 



Wines, Li(|uors, Etc. 


Lea' Iter and Slioe Findings. 

Manafacici-»tt of Boot and Shoe Upp«ts. 


Harness IjO.ithor a Si>eeialty. 

>n!uth Holler Mills. 
"UiU's Best" i'lour. 


Huildor and Cut Sroi-e < «'iinact<ir, 

and Sliipper of St<>i:»^. 


Stiipt>eri^ aud Johbi'Tf. 
Anthracite Hiid Bitn'vinnr.p Coai.s aud Coke. 


Shippers «.vn\ .Tobbers, 
A'jthraciUi and lii'vniiu«>u>i «\>m1s. 


liachinista and Founders, 

Engines, rumps and Mining Machinery. 



Builders' and Bridge Materials, 


Manu 'acturer.B of Freight Cars, 
Castings, Merchant Bar Iroa, Forsjngs. 


Ma<hinis>»s and Founders, 

St<?am Fngincs. 


Marl.inistJi and i''"nnder6, 

Marino Suiipliea. 



Stetiui Kocincs, Pumps. 


Stationary «nd .Vanii" I'oilers, Iron Tank-'. 

An Ordinance 

What's different ? V/hy, whether you use th2 grca. labor-saving 

Or try str-.i-^qling alcnjj v/'.th the cheapened, adulterated fivc-Ge«t soaps. With 
Kirk's the work is early out of the way, done in half the time. Then, too, there's a great dif- 
ference in the appearance of the clothes. Kirks soap is PUEE, and leaves your clothes 
pure, fresk, sweet and healthy -Kirk's saves Time, Labor, Money. 


The best hot-wcather balhlng soap is KIRK'S DUSKY 

f\045^Sf(r^ rT'it'fr James 'Whitcomb. Riley's la ^st poems, illustrated, msHed 

•J » J i?(S ■"• 'V J. fc* J- im 3 for one v/rapner ju.'enilc Soap and 10 cts. for posla.^s end packing. 
Jly*<Jk\W i iliLILfl Sund for list KiiK-s Free Library, ;5o North Wafer Street, Ciii=a-3. 

IJ'ifjuirinc any pfr^rtn. company or cor- 
poration oi»eratiiig a iine of htr^^t cars in 
tho city of Uuluth. to indjcate the route of the 
eune by si; ns or lightb. 

The Common Council of the City of Duluth do 

Hection 1. 1 hat from ami after 'he pri6£ageof 
this ordiusDCo any persfjn. company or C)ri)or8- 
tion in tiie city of i>nluth opernting a line of 
street railway in said city ehail ii.dicate the 
route thereof ju tlje rjiaooer hereinafter pro- 

Section 2. Dur'ng the day light there shall te 
provided and kep- in fron*. of the liash-bciard of 
e%v;ry car ia uss Ix longing to said porson, co;ii- 
1 paiiy or corporatioT a sign not less than tlir. <i 
' fei-t in length and oae foot in width, upon whicl: 
shall be painted in lar^e characters, legible ab 
far HE iMjssible, wor'is indicating the route to be 
followed by such car. Baid words shall indicate 
thu terminus of such rout«. 

Section .S. At night 1 very such car shall carrr 
in front oue «r more lanterns or "bulls eyes" 
not km than f jur incho- in diametor, of a cojor 
or c<>nibii!Htioii of colof t -elect-^ by said person, 
conjpany or corporat!o:i wliich color or com- 
binatum of cuiors .=l:all iv ' l>e the i^ame as tha' 
use (i on any other routo ■ I'Crated by said per- 
son, compaijy or r<irporati..n, or by any other 
company, corporation or individual operating a 
line of caji' in t-aid cily, and .il! cars runuinc on 
iho ifame r-jute shall carry such ligLt of tho 
same color. 

Bf-etion i. From aud after the pawage atid 
public.ition of this crdi'iance it shall be unlaw- 
ful for any person, company or corporation 
ojier.iting snchalinc of street railway to run 
any car \vith(-ut baring iLcTeoi! signs or colored 
hght-^ aa provided by this ordinance. 

Seciion 5. Any person, company or corpora- 
tion vio!atit3g the provisions of this ordinance 
shall be puniihi^d by a hoe not exceeding twenty- 
Ijvo doil'irs or by impriti-nment no; exceeding 
tweniy-liTc! 1 ays. 

Section <> This ordinance shall take "effect 
and be in force from aud after its pass'ago and 

Passed July 17, 1993 

n. E. SrEKCEE, 
Pres^ dent of the Council. 
Attest : 



Approved July 21, 1S93. 

< Corporate ) 
i Seai. i 

H. R. Spencee 
Acting Mayor. 

or iro'ej 


liis C3i6l!ia!ea Frsiiol! Cyrs, 

''■;<rS' " APSiiGDlTIKE " 

> — T;^n Is «ot.d on a >rT 

[Mi^^ POSSTIVE f-^ 
i>r;;^y GUARANTEE t.-^ 

uj) toc'jre6Eyf;'mof 
"^ nervo'.is d !sf-a«^e or ' 
ail y d ! ; or !k r (. ' f t he 
gefier.Htive orgriLs 
of either sc-x,^ 
whether ariting 
„,_„__ froralhecxeessive'' -_ _ 
CLrcRE ufe of fcthauiants, AF I ER 
^,Ti>->.CC0 or Opium, crthr.Tjph youthful ii^diprre- 
.("1 ove' indul&Lncc «S.e.,»uiS as Less of ?.r:^ia 
:'.).ver, W:ilicfi;":iiL-ss, Boerins down Fains i-i t!:o 
mf'.;, .Srr'.inal WeakreFs. Hvitcr'a, Nervous Pros- 
rasiiin, Nortnrnal yim- s<U<n', Ix-'iccrrh'ri. Iiix- 
:.ui s, Wo.-k HciTiory, Loss of Power ard Jinpo- 
:• n y, which if ;.e;Tlecte'l often ^eadtoprcaiature 
■M I'.^o and insanity. Price JlOO a box. 6 l>oxc3 
or. f'> '"■0. Cent bv vifV. o?j Teeel;.t of prio«. 
A V/RITTEN G'JARAMEE is pivea lor cvcrr 
' .Ti nrd T received. 10 refund tho money if a 
.••,'.'}.77)»-«f ci:r« is not cff-x'tel. >\e have ttou- 
.nds of tesTinionials from ol' and Tounp. ©f 
■■•■■Ui Kcxcs. who kavo been jXTinarenfiy cured 
vlhe i:t:eof Aphrodltine. r7r<-v;«»fr>-e. Adoieae 

.."oMera Krp.nch. iitr. 27, Po!m.A>i>, 0«, 

Sold in Oulstb by Max Wirtb and S->Ueck * 




I < a r:^p<rir.c for Gonorrlu i, Ci'ci t :i:ul otln r unrat- 
unil Ji.-scliars;. . i;i iillitr sc%. An jnfnlliMc, !>.Tfc 
nvJ t^pt-jdy riirc id ti;c !"0?^t oK-tinate c:isi'3. >i">-< 
i;i Oto 5 d.ivs, wluru otiicr rt'im<ii<.:- entirely lul. 

"Won-pclsonua.-i and oiauantwo not to c.uuc 
Pt'ict-ri-. No ipcotiM'MU'ivc or losscf time-. JSO 
Mclu'iiinjrdosc-st,. flcnniic «liuest:nn. As It lJru{,-" 
•-.iisforCi. G- S .:""' "cct-pt no odicr remedy. 





Chicago's Greatest Fainily Daily Par>cr, has opened a ''World's Fair Bureau" 
lor tht! accomraodatioii of the readers 01 


Who may be in Chlcai^o durinc the World's Colum .^ian Exposition. A tliorousrh 
canvas ofthe respectable hotels, boardiue and lodging houses in Chio.ig'> has 
been made, and to any persrn who brings or sends this Coupon to The Inter 
Ocean's World's Fair Bureau we will five our card ot introduction to a tirst-cla^s 
boardine or lodtring house. WITHOUT ONE CKN T OF LX Fii-NbE. _.^„^^, 
rom your own home paper With you to Ret the benefits of this ofl«r without 


Whereat: defa'dt has l>eon made in \\\f. condi- 
tion? of a certain mortgage er.-^jti^ and deliv- 
ered bv ("harirs V . Blandon aud Louisa f... Blan- 
don his wiff. «.f the ^village of New Daluth. in 
the C' of 8t. Louis, state of Minnesota, 
Kiortgajfor', t^ Riehiird k. Taueig of Duinth in 
the coun'v of !?t. Louis aud saie <>f Mi'inesota, 
n-orrpac-e, <;;ite:! lite l.'.th Hay <,f J:ln^-.l^y.l^V2. 
and recor<ied in the oilioe of tie r?g;^ler of 
derd.< i:i atut for the coitityof Kr. I>«^ui!= and 
.'if.ite of Mionesota on the I'-tii day <<f January, 
IM'J, at f<>ui o'clock p. in., ju book niurtv-oight 
i;i-i of niortcagcs on jwge two hundrod (AiO't. 
vhich Faid mortg.^g>' au'l tLe indeb:cdno«s 
thereby secured v.-.-is duly told and tratit^ftrred 
by paid liichard A. Tnnssic. n >rtg«g^". tj» Ella 
F. Thatcher by k\\ afsipnniontthrnot in writing 
datt'd the l">th day of April, l-fO. aud duly re- 
cortl.^d in the ofllce ofilie regi^ti r of dea^is jii 
and for the couuty (d St. Tx>U!s and state of 
Si-Tinesofa tn the ISth day of .\trtl. \y.*l. at four 
U) o clock p. ni. in IkmIc eiplny-throe (.SP of 
i:i< rtgai^es on page HI, which, paid in' -rtc age 
\v;is duly given lU'on the re;d e.'tato hereinafter 
deecribod to secure the payment <if the princi- 
lal ^u!n < f one thou^and (fli»x)> dollar? and lu- 
tt-rest ther^^-'a rro:n the dale of ssaid mortgage 
at the r.-ite of ^ per c;>nt P'T anuuni according 
to tliecoiuiitions of a cert.-»in promissory note 
v.ith ("is interest coupon notes attachrd thereto, 
all of even date with taid mortgage: and 

\Vhereas it pr.nid.'d aud stipulat*«l in 
s."\id mortg.ige that if d-.-fauit s^lionld be m..d? 
in the pa.vment of theiuteres-t or any psrt there- 
of tr in the perfornianc" of nuy coveuanr^ or 
agreemeuts in said niortga*:e oont.iiced, to be 
p-rformed on the part of said 
sliould bi> lawful for s .id nio'tga^ree to de- 
c!:iri> ihe whole sum secured by said mortgage 
to be due and payable without noiiCc; and 

Whereao default in ca-d mortgage consists in 
t'.ie failure and refusal to pay a part of the^in- 
tere^tou .said note whicli inten-st li- came «.ue 
and payable on the 1st day of Jul.v. l>y.i : and 

Whereas said ass gnee uf mortgagee 
I ss e'rct'^tl to decinrL' :ind hereby 
d.-c:ans the whole .amount of 

said prinpical debt tocetlier with all accrued 
interes*^ injnudiately due aud payable, and there 
is clftiniNi to b • dne at the dat.- of this n itics 
th" siun of te;i hundred forty- i.e and 5 P o d..- 
1 ir-s and iii> .-.'tioa or jT«>cee.litig at law or in 
.ipiity has Kvn instiSitted to recover the debt 
ilieieity teemed by raid inortgaffc or any part 

N..W. tlicr-fore, notice is hereby given, that by 
virtue of u i>ower of sale contained in said 
niortgace. and of the statui*- in such case made 
.'lid irovidcd. the said nnrlgage will lie fon- 
clo'^i'd by s-Jiie of the premises li.eroin d<>^ribe<i, 
vir. : li<'ts imrnhtT s.y.teeti '. p!), in block tium- 
Iwrfeii (I'l^ in the Kir.'t l^:vi^iln of {!<e toVn- 
sil.'of New Ibi.'ulli, acoi.rhn:! to ll:e recorded 
pl'st thereof «>n tiie in lhe<ithc<' ol tt:o rojnstcr 
of de'vJs iu an 1 f.T St, 1 ..nis <'ou::tv. .Miiiue- 
s<itn, siriiate III ihe rot.ofy oC }>t. Louis and 
st.iie of Miiiui Mil.-., with the iiereiiitanients and 
nppurl<»naJico.-. will Ih« sol,*, at T'uhlic auction, 
t.o tin higUe.~' bidder for ca.-h. to p-ay ^aid liebt 
and iiilen>-1 ;oid the taxes 1 -f any > on said prem- 
ises and $">.^ .Ttiorney's fees. a« stiptdatinl 
in aud by saiil niortga;.:e in rase <»f fon»closure, 
ami the dis: urfemonts allowed by 1. aw, which 
sale will be r.i.nle by Ihe ^hlrl^' of said St 
I Aiu is county, at th-' fn>nt <U«>r of tho c«>urt 
hoUM- in the city of l")nluth. in said cou'ity and 
stale, on W«vl<<esday the 2:<rd day »f .Vugnst. 
A. 1). IM'"<. at 10 o'cloc'ii a. m. of that d.iy. sub- 
ject to radeiiipntiu at any time within one year 
fr«>ni I hi" <l:<y of sale as provitleti liy law. 

D.»te<l Duluth, iliuuoeota. July TUi. lsJ*3. 
I'!, I \ r Tu \tci!i:k. 
.Vssjgm e of Mortgage. 
Tow\'K.& Divis. 

.\ttonioys fi'T Assignee, 
:«K> Itnrrows biiild>iig. Pnlntli, Xfiunt'^eta. 
J ^-l.". J:: .ti \ Ti-lJ I't 



Notice is hrreby jrir.'n tha» the .inrnal meet- 
imieftl'.e stoel»fii>..i- r- of t'lc L:'.tc»» Sup. nor 
Kh'vato-- ('onit>an.v \>:!; Ih.- '<■' Id 3I1 vJie oftico of 
the company iu Duluth. >!ii;;;^«o!:i, at ltuVcli>rk 
a. 111. uf Toei*d.Hy, .UvT'ist r»'h, 1-»»S. to" the 
election of diroetors ;<''ii ibetr(»ns«ctic,n<;f stjch 
other bi.:-)M(.f..- ;.» ji'.'iy r nw- b»-ii ri> ibemaet'itig. 

I : » ouo E ^ IT V cvT . 
\'i> sideat. 

•luij ri:2-:'.^VK;:r,. 



tbp.t thp annnnl moot- 

>r iho I'lijtm luiprovo- 

!ip-'ny w'l! be held at the 

Luhill.. ilirtesota. at 

Ai:rust ptth. 

Not ice '. « h- rel^y i-ivi-- 
ini? of tbf- M.-enh'ihl. r- 
nn'iit !ind lilivat ri^n! 
t:iii»-e of tiio conipai.y "1 
10 o'rl. rk .".. oi. t<f V.( 
1S»:;. f.>r 1 :i« elecuon of <iiri5 t«iis a^id the trans- 
Ji'.^ti.jn ,,f such busii) Ss rib n»ay«' l<cfore the 

Jolf VfU'^ Aug 

( t 



1 I 





People of the Village Are Kicking at the 
the Abolishment of the Street Rail- 
way Transfer System. 

Some Provisions of the Agreement Between 

the Street Railway Company and 

the Village. 

Frank Lewis, the Wrestler, Arrested On 

Account of An Unpaid Board Bill 

-O^her News. 

The announcement that ni>moreirans- 
fer tickets vill be issued on the Duhuh 
street railway system, h.ns occasioned 
considerable comment in West IHilutb. 
This action in abolishing the system is 
in direct violation of the .ni^rcemcnts 
made between the company and the vil- 
lage of West UiiUith. The matter, it is 
understood, will be brou^jhi up at the 
next council meeting. The franchise on 
this particular point reads as follows: 

"1 he rate <^f fare on any of said routes 
or parts thereof shall not exceed 5 cents 
and said company is authorized to col- 
lect the sum of 5 cents for one fare." 

This provision then follows amonjj 
others: "Ihe payment of such fate 
shall entitle a passenger to one continu- 
ous tide from any point on said com- 
pany's system in the said village to any 
point on the same company's system in 
the city of Duluth or vice versa. Pas- 
sengers from any point in said village to 
any point in said city of Dulutb ami 
vice versa shall bo entitled to the bene- 
fits of any system of transfer that shall 
be adopted for the transfer of p.assen- 1 
gers within the city of Dnluth." 

If the Woodland branch is a distinct 
system by its.lf then it is claimed it does 
not cume under the provisions of the 
franchise and the company will not vio- 
late its agreement in adding the extra 

West Duluth Briefs. 

The water company is putting in the 
free drinking fountain purchased by the 
city some tune a;^o, on the corner of 
Grand and Centra* avenues. 

Sheriff William McKinnon, of Carl- 
ton, came to the city yesterday and cap- 
tured Frank Lewi*, the wrestler. The 
prisoner was wanted at Carlton where a 
board bill awaited his immediate atten- 

The secretary of the Tiusincss Men's 
club has received a communication from 
President Merritt, of the Duluth, Missabe 
& Northern road thanking the club for 
the resolution congratulating the ot'ficials 
on the completion of the line. 

Rev. Mr. Remington goes to Carlton 
tomorrow afternoon to hold the fust 
llpiico^al service in that place. Ll_; 

Chris Tobnion and family, of Fergus 
falls, are visiting Mr. and .Mrs. D. H. 

N. M. Little left today for a visit at 
the World's l'a:r. 

Judge Himebaugh, President Martin, 
Attorney Phelps, W. II. Cruikshank and 
P. R. Haley left today on a fishing trip 
to Split Rock on the North shore. 

Rev. T. (i. lirownson, president of 
McMinnville college, Oregon, is visiting 
his brother Rev. E. J. Hrownson. 
[" A house for $1; per month on Fourth 
avenue west, suitable for four families. 
Inquire at 32 Fast Superior street. 

Cliurch Services. 

Episcopal: Kcv. C 11. Kemington, 
rector. Morning service and sermon at 
10:30. Sunday school at i-\ Evening 
service at S and sermon on 'The l.pisco- 
pal Church -.^Its Doctrine." 

Baptist: Morning service at 10:30. 
Mr. Melvin Melne will preach for the 
pastor. The evening service will he 
conducted by the ladies of the church. 
Mrs. Mrownson will read a paper on a 
"Trip Through Missionary Fields" and 
others will contribute papers on "Mor- 
monism, The Italians of Chicago," etc. 

Presbyterian: Preaching service at 
10:3c a. m. Subiect. "Walking With 
CwOi\." Sunday .'^cnool at 11:15. Even- 
ing service at 7:45 p. m. A popular gos- 
pel service will be held. 

Democrats and Silver. 
Dr. Spcer ^: Co.'s Pile cure effects 


The First One Built Under the McOougall 
The first whaleback steamer built in 
England under the McDougall paients 
has been launched from the yard of Wil- 
liam Doxford & .Sons at Sunderland and 

hears the name Sagaoiorc. .She was 
built on foreign account through W. 
Johnston »!: Co.. 1 w.. v, I, of Liverpool. 

She has an extreme lengtfi of 320 feet, 
3S f«'et 2 inches beam, 26 lect depth. 
Her cirrymg < apaci.y is estimated at 
3500 tons on \<)Ur' ft';i ,;bt. She has a 
triple e\, .. oiou titginc 23, 37 ;uid fro by 
\?. inches. The hull gencr;illv is of the 
whalebick design, and above this 
arc creeled b;:ven towers form- 
ing sufipcrts on which are 
carried the win' has, derricks, «.abirs, 
etc., the two towers over the machinery 
space being much larger than the others, 
and upon them and around the engine 
and boilers openings are built the whole 
of the cabins, which are seven lee: 
above the hud proper, andarc supported 
at the sides by lar><e vtniiiating tube-, 
whicli are carn-.d dov/u ihrjugh the 
decks and int<i ttic engine and boil.r 

The vessel has nine cargo hatchways, 
and, as usual in tne wnaltb.tck steamers, 
these arc built w:th<.ut c<iamings, and ;r.e 
tilted V.1U1 waler light civer^ vvliicli are 
bolted .l).'.ii, leaving ill.: whole oMhi? 
upper [luitionof ttic vis.ti c.ear "(f i>b- 
struciiijii o.'her ti:a:» I'.'- 1 .wjj, ;ilr! mIv 
referred to. 

Wh©2t Rit.". 
Wheat ratt •■ i<«!«v arc 1 «>rriin illv .it ; 
ctnl- f' r liiiff )'o, but t'.t'e spr.<U;.dly 
notbirg rfoi.n.. 

Sa;lT SlK. llM'lL, ^illr;.. July 23.— 
[SpcC.a: to 1 IjC lie aid I -'Jp: iJaiper. 
ChrHt-r, Son Ml •.lIi, 6 p. ra.; Ne->s^o, (>:^o; 
Pojve, 10:30; A<isir.*l. sia, T.ism.uia, 12; 
Grit^in, 2 r. Ml.; .\!a i.ia, .Nlatioia, 7; 
Ncrtbern Oavcn. Tr^vc'sc. 9:30: Mnioj, 


Viiite'l EniD:: 


tx..; Knsx. O.jc J a, 


journeyman, g; Cassabia, 10; Maritana. 
11:30; Gilbert, 1:3.1 a. m.; Prentice, 
.Middlesex. Constitution, 3:30; Wawa- 
tam. Spokane. 4:30; Chish(.>lin. Uradley, 
!;:3o; I'asudena, Roanoke, Idaho, 0:30; 
Masab.i, Gou'.d, 7:VJ; Neshoto, 8:40; 
Naplc.--. 10. 

Poit q; Ditlulh. 

Prop Jli^pnhlic, l,aUi> Kric; cotil. 
Vrop .Atnpnci, Iiakrt Kriti: c<>al. 
Prop .MiH"«>!-irt, li>rlit (ur or*". 
I'r«>p ^iii.aii !'.. Pofk, Lftk" Kiie:ooal. 
Prop Sihijri.i, Lako r rif : I't'ai. 
Prop rrcr.uiiac. Luke Liie; conl. ::n. 
Trop A!si>ni)Uin, KinRf ti'U ; Tvheat. 
Irop Woi»krn. Maripif'tttv for oro. 
Schr l*a,','i', MHrquotit.' ; t'oror**. 
l'ro|i Vuy «>f Du.iith, Cliica'::'>. passoniror* ai"l 

I'rop IIi«|ioi-, Il-lTdlo; wheat. 
l'ri>|' Ni>rth\v€i.-<t. lislit; tor ore. 
I'rop Vn'-x'iiiia. li>.'t>t : for ore. 
Prop rale«l<Miia, HiitTalo: wlieat. 

Ocean Steamships. 

London— Pa-:sed Scilly: New York 
for Southampton. 

New York- .\r rived: Lepanto, .Ant- 
werp; Eiruria, from Liverpool. 


The Market Opened Weak nnd Dull Out Soon 
Became firnior. 

Tlio wheat mriikpt wi«nk this nioruing 
al 'ic b^liJW yi'>"H clo? ini; iisuros for Ssp- 
temlKT aai rulcil thill auil iuactiv^^ v.ith n-l- 
raiiciuK tfn<lonci«>s. with Mtiall hiisinosf. in cash 
\vh'>ftt» anil liKtif tr.iilinK for futurt" ilclivory. 
Thi" latti r was ooiilliiofl I'liiirely to i-H-ptcmlior 
No. 1 norlhorii. Tlii> roccipts of wheat lioro 
ilr.riuK the pusr wivk havi- been RotJil, awpre- 
K'atinji about 7. ."i.i' " bus. K timati!j« that l.'.i\- 
IHM bus. will bi' lo:!,;oii out today, thoshipineuts 
for the week wi;; fi'Ot up about S;0,lK)J bus, tbU8 
iijilicatinx; a siiiall deTeawe in the stock in store 
of about H'l.U'li bntv Tlio ch'aruiic.sat liie foiir 
Atlantic ports ti>da.v cqualetl 5 .'.1,000 biis of 
wiwat. Tlio n-ceipts of who.'^t av. the ei^ht 
priticii)ul primary inark'-ts this week 
have boiu l.HH.i ; ' b«.<. Uiss than lU-.rinK the- 
c^>rre!ipondiIlff wi">k last year. Ihn iv.arkit here 
clo.-ed dull bur tirm iit ViC above yester, lay's 
close for CiiBh wheat and wheat to arrive, ',c 
advanced for July and '.iC hiKlier for Sept'-r.i- 
bor. Followit;*; were the ciot^iuir price.-* : 

Xo.l hard. cash. tJri'.n; ; July.ti'i'jc ; September. 
ti^^iC. No. I uort!ieru,cnt.h. 01i\ic; July. fi'2n: 
September, Or.'.vC. So. 2 uoriheru, cafh, .'.^.'4C. 
.No. 3, j:ic. Kejecied. 4iie. On track— No. 1 
northern to arrive, t^L'Aic Ilye, 12e. 

Car in«p>>(«tion today- -No. 1 northern 161 cars, 
.No. :i Nor.lixrn l». .No. '.) spriiii: 5, rjjacted :', 
total IK', ll.ceipts- Whimt Wl.lU bus. Hhip- 
rient."— Wheat l94,;t7M bug. I'nrs < ii track— .St. 
Paul & Uulutli. 4; .Northern TacillcO; Groat 
Northern I'.h;; I loialia I; total :il(>J!iast year til. 

A.-> compared v.ith last triturday, the clo-r-e 
todav is 2'ic lower I'jr cash, 2e lower for July 
nnil i:?ic lower for iseptonib'-r. 

The Minneapolis Market. 

MiNXK.xpoLis, Siinii., July -'-•- Wheat : .laly 
openi'il at .'Wis and closoil et ir>c: ^i'i>- 
tt'inlxT opened attil'LC and closed at til'ic; 
I)ecember opeu'>d at lii'/C and closed at i)7?»c. 
<.>n track : No. I liurd. «:!c ; Sn. 1 uorthtiii, 
G)!;c; No. 2 northern. Si*: riKs. 

Tho New York Banks. 

New York, July :;i.— Tito weekly ft atonieut 
of tho associated baiika shows the following 

Kescrves. increase 5:N0rj,.V>0 

Loans, docroa.sp 4.."{ni^,:tO() 

Specie, increase .-. I.OM.'IOO 

Legal tenders increafw r.()3,ri(IO 

Deposits, decrease 3,')'it7,,S(X) 

(.'irciilatiou, increase .*.- r_t»,OiXl 

The banks now Iiold $l,L'.'>'l,r>jO in e.\ce8s of 
the re.juirement of the '2'> per cent rule. 

Cattle and Hog<:. 

U. .S. Yarix. t iiifACo, July :i2.- Cat tie: Re- 
ceipt.". 1C!.'<>. .•«tea<ly. Ho^s: Keceipcs. ^iJiK). lini:, 
Mj liiKhcr , heavy, i;'i f)<!ijt,ri.;>j ; nii::ocl and m»- 
fiiuni, :f.''(.).".iO; litfht, .'?r..."..l*i :> '»'». Sbevp : 

l;eee:[iU, !•' i, .•.t!)doi'. 

New York BreadMiiffs. 

New Y'OKK,.luly '.^^ -Flour: Itec.iipts, 24,7s.") 
packsi^cs; pales, "^7^10 |»aek.'ii{e.«' ; state and Wesf- 
erc, qni''t and weak, \\hout: Kec-'ipts, l'J7,T7r» 
bus; .-ales, •-'7,()<X) bu.-; '^'.o. - red, dull and 
f-toady ; .\i!t,'U5it, 7 ) l-l'">e; Septonilx-r, 7i l'fl6ii, 
7.JUc ; L)ecenil>.-r, 7;< U-ltf"< "aC. Corn: lie- 
reipts, .".o.liK) has; sales, 30.f.0U bu.«; No. 2, 
lirmer; September, 17'8*' '<c; No. 2. 47'i'''' IH'^c. 

France Refuses to Grant Any Longer Time 

For a Reply From the Siamese 


A Roply Must Be Given Within Ihe Time 

Specified or There Will Be 


If Siam Does Not Accede to the Demands, 
France Will Take Steps to En- 
force Them. 


; Sept^ ., .. „ .._ 

KeceiptP. ti6,ir»:i bus; No. 

dull, nom- 

ual ; July. X<c ; Anirust. ac^e : S.>pteniber, SOfic ; 
>:ate, :''.-". *':!4'ic; \v'est»Tii, :ri!iK'4:i'iC. 

The Chicago IKarkot. 

("'Hic.*r,'\ .July 22.- Ciosi:i7 prices: Wheat, 
.July, K'tc: AiiK".'^'', HlJ'jc; H'^!>tenilHT, 0>'4c. 
Corn, July, ai'l-jc; Aufjiifr, ;;i<?;iC: iSepteml>er. 
:M?»c. tiaiB. July, *_*7'ic: Au«ust. 24' jc, Sep- 
tember. 2l.'»C't 'ic. K>rK. Julj, $l'.t.7.'>; .'Septem- 
ber, S'JO.iii. A-ard, Jaly, «'.()(»: aeptcmlior, fSJ.'.'S. 

The Foreign Markets. 

Loxri'.N, .Jiilj 2::. The ;ir;tie iii'irket;? opened 
this inorniuij <iuiet. A^- Liverpool wheat 
v/a»tlow. Corn <iaiet and ' ;d lower. At Lon- 
don, carn^os of Califorui.'i whi'at unrh/in-^ed; 
Ii; earBi>c.= of wlii^at. ijuiet; who it on past- 
iige was rather easier and corn verv 
i|uiot. The Frecch markets worf uni-hanged. 

Private Wires to Chicaffrt Hwl New York, 
197&:id i:is Chamber of Commerce. 


The .Market Opened iWcak With a General De- 
cline in Prices. 

Niiw Yoi'.K, .Tuly 22. The railway stoeW niar- 
l.otopeiii.d weak and thrro wav; a jc.'neral de- 
cline in prices. Lake Shore, Louisville & Nash- 
ville. Missouri Pacific, BurlinKton ^ (>uiiiry 

and Northwc.«t"rii droppeil 1 to 2 point.s and 
other siinrrs suffered to a .smaller e.\tent. At- 
chison dtcltued 10 IT'^, MurlinirtoTi * (/nincyto 
7fi. Northwestern t'l '.1.1' I. Sr,. Paid to '>'-i •,, Hock 
iij.u.d to j> 1, Lacka'.varina tf, l:{1'i. LouihviHe 
I'i Njishville lofrj; ,^!issoilri Pacific to2l''H, Lako 
Miore to U.'i ami .New Eiii<land to 21'.i. 

In ►iio specialiie.s Fnllinan PaJaec. car fell ofT 
to l.-iA, l),-nvfT .t Hio Grande prefr-rred to 27-'j,;; Valley to 17' i and .New York, Su«ijue- 
liann.iA We^t«•rn to 21. Western Union re- 
eded to 7r. '„. The indu.striah werf idso wi'ak 
and pricis were <| lower all rontnl. Chi- 
cairo <«a.s fclJ olT 1'^ to."i2. .\ineriran Sn>;ar rclir.- 
im: I to 72I4, (icnefal Eire trie l!» to 4h»i 4'.t ;ind 
( "ot ii>u t >il 'i to iTi'i. •( 'orduKO sold al 10. JJar 

^iIvel■. ».;». 

.Money ou call 1 per cent. 

Excursion to Tv;o Harbors. 
The Ossifr.i;;*.' will run ;iii e:\Curiion to 
Two Harbors loiiiorrow aftcriiuoii, leav- 
i- ;^ Fifth ;ivciiuc dork at2o'cli>< k sh up. 
Ti'. I.els 50 cents, tliildrtm li;dl pi ice. 

C;isli and improvc'l property, in West 
Dtiiitli, l<» exrlniijrcfm Duluth property. 
AlcAander <S' Spcycrs, 216 VVc^.t .Suficrior 

Gess/er's Magic Headache Wafers 

will positively cure all headaehe in 20 
minutes, prescribed by physicians, sold by 
druggists everj'\vhere, 

* Guaranteed to cure or money rc<> 
funded by 

Bold byH. F. Boyco, Diilnth Drng Co., Era 
Btm., Kirkwcwd Jc Thorpo. C J. iurtif, Lofgrca 
«SC«;.,>1. J. «MkiUr. 

Paris, July 22. -Prince V.idhan.i, the 
Sj.iniese minister to France, today had 
an intervicv.- with M. Dcville, the loreij^n 
niiiiistcr, and asked that an extension of 
time he granted to Siaiii in which to 
make a f0rm.1l reply to the demands 
made upon her liy the French ultimatum. 

M. Deville said ihit the time granted 
to tlie .Siamese rjovernment for ihe pur- 
pose of replying to the ultimatum was 

the utmost limit th;U France would ton- 
cede. A reply must be given in the 
lime specified, and if Siam did not ac- 
cede ti> the demands France would take 
steps to enforce ihem, as stated in the 


An Indian Matinraj-nh on His Way to the 

World's Fair. 

Nr.w York, July 22.— His highness 

Vagatgi, maharajah of Kapur- 

tbala, India, reached here yesterday on 

the Paris. He is accompanied 

by one of his wives, the fourth in num- 
ber, and quite a distinguished suite. 

'1 he party consists of Lieut. Col. Mas- 
sey, ot the F'.nglish ;iri-ny; Danlet Kam, 
private secretary; Capt. Sundar Singh, 
aide-de-camp; Major Nchal Singh aiul 
Dr. Sahib Aly. Tne maharajah is a big, 
strapping young man, 21 years of .igc. 
lie vveais long h.iir concealed by a 

.Mrs. Singh- that is, the Mrs. Singh 
who is with his highness — is but 17 years 
old aad dretses like an English girl. 
Alter remaining a few days in this city, 
his highness will go on to Chicago and 
then return via Washington, New York 
and London to Kapurlhaia. 


Tomorrow Will Be a Day of Wore Than Or- 
dinary Interest. 

If the weather authorities are pro- 
pitious tomorrow promises to be a day 
cf more ihr.n ordinary IntcreLt at the big 
pavilion, and plans have been made for 
the thorough entertainment of the crowd 
which as .1 rule wends its w.ay to the top 
of the hill in search of cool lake breezes, 
.iiid geTieral diversion. This ideal re- 
sort is seen at its best in warm weather. 
It is then jolly basket jjarties may 
be seen merrily making their way 
to the dilfcrent picturesque 

ip;!ts to spread and discuss 
dainty viands i)repared by teminine 
h.-inds after which during the cool of the 
evening, the band music serves as a 
most excellent dessert. During the 
week theic luave been a score of such 
delightful little outings to the grassy 
ropsc adjoiniiigtlie Pavilion, and the view 
of the broad lake with the s<dt moonlight 
shimmering over its placid surface adds 
in3pir;'.tion to the more substantial if 
less romantic concomi'.ants. 

Each afternoon in .and near the p.avil- 
ion there may be found happy mothers 
with their children enjoying the matinees 
given by the string orchestra, while every 
now and then in a convenient nook is 
ensconced an affectionate coui)le billing 
.ind coo.iig in the mo^t approved fashion. 
The attr.utioiis at this famous roMort in- 
crease weekly aiifl one m.ay find of an 
evening entertainment as varied as it is 
interesting. The merry-go-round will 
never cease to be a magnet for the 
youngsters, while the side shows, includ- 
ing tne dancing prodigy, the phono- 
graphs, the puppet show, to sav nothing 
ot the animals, serve to make up a menu 
of mor.* than ordinary merit for j'leaiure 

Today there will be the usual concerts 
afternoon and evening with little Jessie 
Millar, the girl cornetist, and notwith- 
standing a slight change will be made, 
the spacious building will no doubt he 
crowded. I or the purpose of protecting 
their p.itrons the City Railway company 
has decided to place a nominal ta.x ujioii 
those who care to hear the music, who 
either walk or drive to tiie pavilion. 
With this object in view those who go up 
on the im line cars will be given ( onccrt 
tickets which will be taken up at the 
entrance to the pavilicn. Ail others will 
be charged 5 cents. 

Kxcur«iioii to Two IIari>orsoii lhe<):ji- 
frage tomotrow afternoon al 2. Ticket:-, 
t;() cents. 


Charles (lipid Took nn Ounce and a Hall and 
Charles J. Hipki tool; the laud .ui'.im 
route into eternity about 7 o'clock la:;l 
evening. He is ;i J'olander about 25 
years of age, unmarried, but h is two 
brothers and a mother living here. He 
lived at Thirtieth avenue west and 
Fourth street. lie took an oitnce and a 
hiif of the poism. Dr. VViivdii was 
called hut could do nothing and about <; 
o'clock the m 11: di d. 

Fxcursion to Two Hnrbors. 
The Os-ifr.'ig.' will tun an cxcur-ion to 
Tvo H-Trnois tomorrow alljrnoon, leav- 
ing I'ifth avi iiutr dock al 2 o'clock sharp. 
Ti kets f;o cent"*. c'oild'Cii half price. 

Projrfi5r,ing Find/. 
The ex.TTt d iv fur the on of 
opcnin;: of the Misswiic r lad is not yet 
known. ri:e pieiX-^ ms an- going 
aheid, howcvi r, in .1 manner whi:!!' 
niil.c.-i it «iraiii iba' tlili • Mill he an 
imposing demonstrt'ioii. 'I'heie v.iMhe 
a greit number of t^Mt-. in ihe parade. 
I'l.e crinmi'te ' ha*^ rtot ab'c ^s y« t 
to set? fill bM«in«ss ho.iics ar.d 'disltes 
tint all cf):i;e t.") t; e fr^n: .".ht;ilier seen 
or r>ni nnd <^end in tin* r names 10 R. T. 
Sloane, 410 Pjlladio, f Icphone ;/jj. 

E.rcur.sion to Two Harbors on the 
Ois»fr;<;4 : ti.i.'-rv "Tir.uOT at 2. 
Tickeis, 50 cents. 


He Goes to Washlnriton Tomorrow to Attend 
the Extra Session. 
Maj. I?.a]dwin will leave for Washing- 
ton tomorrow afternoon unless his dtv 
partiire should be delaycil. If a month 
inlervenes between the clu:,oof the e.xtr.i 

and the opening of the rcj^ sessions 
of congress he will retun. home luil if 
not ho will probnbly not lie in Duluth 
ay;ain before next suramei. He said to 
a lleiald reporter today: 

"I regret to leave this d(.'.ii.;hlfiil sum- 
mer climate for the cl Washington. 
I was particularly desii. us to remain 
until after the celclir.ation ol tlm open- 
ingot thu Duluth, .Miss.ilK it Northern 
railroatl. 1 t.ike delight in honoring the 
Merrills and their associates, who, in 
this enterprise, have done niu..h for Du- 
lulh, but with a view to arranging for a 
place on an important comiiiutee and to 
look after pressing deprtituieni work 1 
fee! cnmpw-lled to basten my departure. 

"In the matter of nation. il leoislation I 
ludge there will be no serious opposition 
and that the repeal of ih.j purchasing 
ckiuse of the Sheri:::tu law will 
be srieedily enacted. I judge 
that senlirnenl has been t b.mging as re- 
gards the silver issue and di.u many of 
me former advocates of luc coinage are 
.satistied to repeal the pi- >ent coinage 
act without substitute, taking their 
clKinces m international cninage. From 
a conversation had last \unter with one 
of the commissioiierc, who uas in atten- 
dance at the Brussels conference, I was 
led to believe that intern. itional coinage 
of silver would speedily lollowlhe repeal 
of the purchasing c ause il the Sherman 
law, for it seimis to me a system of 
international silver coinage is (juite as 
important to the Kuropean na'iousas to 
our own country. 

"I have no indiration but I take it for 
granted that congress will not stop with 
the repeal ot the Sherniin law. I as- 
sume that the president's message to 
congress and the report of Secretary 
Carlisle will outline a natiiiril financial 
policy which will be carried out by this 
extra session of congrt;s. As to the 
nature of this policy 1 have no definite 
opinion Init prtsutne that there will be 
de::ided improvements maMe in our pres- 
ent sy.-tem of national ban, mg. In short 
I believe that the action o! congress will 
speedily restore conlidenc: and lift the 
country cut of its present depression." 


Mint Director Preston's Coiirsc Approved by 

WAsmN(iTO.N,July 22. Secretary Car- 
lisle, after an interview with Acting Mint 
Director Preston this moining, authorizes 
the I'nited Press to say tiat he fully ap- 
proves the policy pursuct. in his absence 
liy Acting Mint Director I'reston in pur- 
ciiasing silver, rmd that tbo same [lolicy 
will govern silver purchases in the im- 
mediate future. Vhis statement will set 
at rest rumors that have '^een made that 
Secrctarv Carlisle wouh', on his return, 
reverse the pulicy of the leasury in pur- 
chasing silver. Mr. I'lcstoti was en- 
trtisttd by .Secretary C.trliale with entire 
discretion in purchasing silver when he 
left on his vacation. 

This morning, with the approval of 
Secretary Carlisle, .Mr. Preston refused 
to purchase 100,000 cjunces of silver at 
70 cent-, the London price being .about 
fx/_- cents per ounce. This offer was 
part of a lot offered yesterday al 72 to 73 
cents per ounce and declin ed, and a 
counter offer was made by Mr. Preston 
of 71 '< cents per ounce tvhich the holder 
refused to accc|d. This morning hs 
oft'ercil .IS stated loi.noo ounces al 70 
cents, I '< cents below the price tendered, 
but .Vlr. Preston informed the off.rer 
that he oiilv imrcha'ies silver on silver 
days -Mondays, Wediiesilays and Fri- 

'I'he total silver purchased so far this 
monlli is .-d)out i,Kco,oc;o ounces, brsidcs 
some "local'' purchases, which may bring 
the total up to 2,000,000 ounces. It is not 
expected that the total of 4,^00,000 ounces 
of silver will be purchased this month, 
but tl is does not worry tteasuty oflicials, 
:is Secretary Carlisle holds with .Mr. 
Preston that the l.iw does not rci]uire the 
treasury to purchase that amount incajc 
il is tilt offered within the market price. 


Tho cdapin Reorganized. 
Mn.WA! Ki:i.. July 22. — The Chapin 
Mining company, of which the Schlcs- 
inger.; have been at the head, has been 
ri:<irgani/ed. Angus Smith, John Ii. 
Tweedy, Jr., and his brother I\obe.-t 
Tweed V have been elected directors. 
John 11. Twecily, jr., has been made 


Editor Iowa Plain Dealer Cured of Iii- 

BUlTcrabln Itrlilnfi aii<l Pain by 

the Cuticuru Keiiicdics. 

Ko TjPss Tli.'in Five Pliysleians Con- 
sulted. Theli- ('o!iil>lncd \Vls<liim 
Followed WUIi'Mit Boiiclit. 

1 ,iin sixty six vfurs oM. In Auijust, IW"*, was 
tri)ul>l<'it with tlic jici iili.u- ikiii (liwa«(( to which 
I«M»|ilt' (if my .-ifji- nn; Kiil'ji'Ct, known .nriiori;.- 
iiii-iliiiil iiH'ii' ;iH ••i-.-.i'iii:i. Uh firht u|i|>«a.ruiii'ii 
w,is mar tilt! uiiklis. U r.ti>iilly «-\ti;n(lt'<l ovir 
the lower cxIrciniiM':; until my 1''t;s wvrn nearly 
one r.iw nun-, fimn le-.'s lie iroiiM«> cYtfiKicil 
ilcriKs tlic llips,.sl|iMiIili-ls a'ul lli<; ciilirc leilKlll 
€)• tlic arms. III)! ii-(,!H ami arum ;: really swoncii 
with an iti'liinj;, liiiriiiti^|i:iii>, wllliiitit cnsRilioii. 
Aillioiiirli iIk- t>e>t meilir.ilailv icealtaiuulile wa.i 
rniployed, lui Irr^s than >i\tt phy.iiitianH of I ho 

{ilace liein;; eoii.snlt'il ii'i'l the i>rescii|(t i"ns 
leinj; the ri'Mill of their < onilijned wiHd^im, llie 
<lif>ease, I hon^li apparently ehecked, would r<'<-nr 
ill a lewd.'iyx a.s had a««!ver; durinirits pioi;resa 
inv weicht'fell awav ahoiit, tweiiry-Uv« poiinil.s. 
A.san experinienr Hiigan tticiiseol <'iTTHa :i:.\, 
f<ilIowiii^ the .Hjinpli! and jilaiii instructions 
fliven viih ih(! Iti MKiiii>. and in four we<!kf» 
fiiiMid iiivielf well, with Nkin sufi and natural 
in color, the itihmir and pain eniinly relieved. 

,\V. It. VKAl). 
Kditor Iowa riain Dealer, (resco, la. 


(,'frirr i:.\ l!i.Mi;i>ii.s»pee:lilyeiir('ever.\ humor 
and di«ea.^(! of tho skin, .-'••"1|>. ami hlood, with 
loss of liair, whelher iiehiii(r. liiimin^, nealy, 
i)i'-iiily,and l.lotehy.nlietl.<'r!»iiui>le,serofiiloii.M, 
Lcrtiliiaiv, or eoiif.itiioii', when pli* .>iiviaiis fail. 

I W.1.S oprr.itedoii twoy. ais a^o for anal mce.RS, 
wliieli left, a rniiiuni; sore. v. Iiii'h live doeton* 
^aid eonid only he h>-I|i«Ml l>y iiiiolher opeiMtion. 
I nliriosi i.Mve'np in de!Hi>:<ir. >r.'i..'jO worth of tlio 
<'i TifTKA i;r"MKi>ii-»i eiiii'l ine..iiiil I .im now 
wellaiidsiniiifr. .Mi:^. .\NMK KM-KN, 

'Jini r.;»wreiiee Ht., Ih-iiver, <'ol. 

Hold Ihro'i-rhout the woiM- I'riPe, ruTtriTBA, 
00c. ; Soap, J.'.c.; Kki-ohiM. *!. I'oTxisii l»RUO 
ANJ> Cjilm. Colli'., bole I'lopriei'jrM, Doetun. 

JOe* " IIow to Cury B-ir. 1 'ixeu^cd," mailed free. 

I'LKS, h!a<!klieiidf«, eli ipped ami oily akin 
cured by Ciii'K I'KA Mkiuc atkh Hoap. 


In one iiiinnt<> th« Cutlcura 
Antt-I'w'n I'Janter rt'llj!v«M rhcu- 



Items That 




A Heated Rush for 
Cool Weaves Here. 


American Stork. 


Cool, clean, cheerful, charm- 
in*^ I^nwn; there is nothing 
so perfectl}' in keepin^.^ "with 
warm weather as Lawn. 
Lawn Wrappers at $2-25, 
Tvawn Niujht Dresses at 
$2.2r) and J^awn Waists, are 
here in most deliciously 
daint}' effects. 

New Waists! 

This morning's exj">ress land- 
ed a choice assortment of 
new, nobby styles in White 
Lawn Waists. Don't fail 
to see them, thev are ex- 
ceedingly natt}'. 

Laces ! 

Another thicket of choice 
Laces came tod.iy; they 
commence selling tonight. 
T'hey are etpially as low in 
price as the last lot. 

Dainty Stockings 


Ciuaint, dainty, ''Dear Little 
Effects" in a '\\de variety of 
styles just in, new from the 
market. 2r)C buys a \ery 
refined looking article. 

Wash Goods! 

Organdies, Dimities, Mulls, 
Swiss, l^atiste. Sateens, 
Ginghams, of French, Ger- 
man and American manu- 
facture. They start at ';W a 

Derby Waists, 
Collars and Cuffs 

Of the kind 30U should wear. 

moderate: prices. 

Veilings and 

And Fans 

Are to be had easy by the 
Lowness in Price here. 

(kjCKTT OF St. Louid. { " 

Di.-^trict court, Elevpmh .Tivlicial Dtatrict. 

Ill nrntpr of tl'o ariplienfton of tho city of 
Diiliitli, H itiiiiiicii>al rorporatioa, to r«viu.*w<ii 

to tlie e>.r'.||l i.f tlie h .. iUltil.N IkCCniH^ 

.'iKuiiit-t the pn. pert. V .1 ilierpby, tho 

coht of thefollowinKii:!!';..' /iienl, towit : Tho 
(.■rndiMK for their full width of I'jeilmorit ar(»- 
iiuoeitHt from SiiixTtor btreet near l.i^hth 
ayenuo went to the uortli linn of the Third di- 
vision except ttrousli ("adcndn t-giiare. West 
<'.i(-riide hlreet from fiedimmi avenue east t« 
Norlli <"iiwiide t.tri<et and North Cawado 
• In-*'! fri.m Wet-t ("a'.fade ftreet to Piedmout 
avenue oabt,, to;ietlier with the u'-rf sKarj" ror- 
dnitK aud appurfenauretf, kikI au iron bridtro 
acroet <'l;irk bonw cre<«k, tlje roadway. 
improved thirty ffvit, wide, rongh intone RUttors 
built on fither Hido and the spacp between 
miicadiitnized. Tho ppaeo oui«>ide th<- r< 'Ad- 
way designed fonrra** plau and Kidewalkr. 
riud the imrtion deioK'KHl for jrriift* pluti-cov- 
I'l'-d with loam uud craiU) teud bowri thereon. 

Are now the absolute neces- UnderveStS 

sity of the day. We've got 
'em in all the colors, ?nd a 
variety of weaves, also white 
and black. 

Silk nitts 
And Gloves! 

''Kayser's."" Enough said. 

b'or Ladies, in Balbriixtrnn 
and wSwiss Hibbed. Start 
at 25c each. 


Is making a marked reputa- 
tion for natty Summer \Vear 
at Low Prices. 


ull iicrvoe.HclIseai'er^, mrU a"" Wenlt >i»>iiiery. 1>« 
Ucaduclic, WsitieliiUic.'.", f.o'it Mniihood 
<tulrku<j«it. Kvil i;"cnif:«. I.:JiU >-;a' f-'onfl 

iill«]rn1tiK iii.d \n\ii i<\ t I'.er Jr. Ceneratlvi- urjrji 

T/over exertion, yuuchftri crr-irr., crrv^h n 

'<sor ml.ri'jlant.-i «ii!<.h I'-ad t i inflniilt:', ('oii;.nr.i| 

'''/vei.lciil toeririy In v;v(t p" -Uet. f.y :nr.ll preii 

'^^aiMresHlirtj;! each, or C n.r »J». (Wlthevt- 

- ull <lni)T!.'li.t.<. Afk f'>r Ir and nrrept no oth 

2;£i Olty AM> Al''Tt;il LSIXO. Addrcos A\!:K'ViJ K>:KII CO., Maaoulc J 

"*Morvo Jncodr," 


Kuuri».r>t«-cil t<» cc»-«> 
■r. of Itruin Voucr; 
, A'Jirhtly K:clii>l<»i. . 
il':ncc, PJorvotif. <■'■••». 
OS of eltluT8e\ eii:.. .1 

use of tolHueo. o; ii.M 
tlun iiml liitnnlty. ("e;. 
iild III plain Ixiv to uny 
ry .**5 t»riler we arlve 

monrv.) For pale \^J 
;r. t'lUCin.AK KllF.K 
'cmi'Ic, Chicago, III 

For S.alo in Dnluth hy S. F. TJOYCT-: nnd T.IAX WIIlTi:, Druggibts. 

Seven Persons Killed. 
Dr.NVi.K, Col., July 22.- A disislrous 
wreck is reporled on the Huriinj^ton road 
ihis iiirjrniiig .it Oxford, Col., in vhich 
sovcn persons lost their lives and a num- 
ber were injured. Ihe train is .said to 
be ,1 frei^lit and the viciiiiis arc s.iid lo 
be persons who were "beating ihcir way 

Closed For Liquidaton. 

Knonvim.k, Tenn., July ?-2. Tlic 
State National bank closed this niorning 
after being open four minutes. The 
noliec on tiic door snys: "This bank h^'S 
clos'?d for li(iiii<latioii. Depositors will 
be I'.iid in full." Liabilities and assets 
not known outside. 

Amalgamation Failtd. 

UinixjKioN, N. J. Inly 2Z. The 
Green Glass I'rcsscrs' le.ijjuc of the 
United States and Canada :idjoiiriied 
l.isl evening after (.Iccting I.inroln Hart, 
of i'hiladelpliia, [iresidont for the « ii- 
suing year. The proposed ama1gani;;tiwii 
with the (ircen Iloitle I'lowcrs associa- 
tion failed. 

Fire at Milwau!(ee. 

.MiiWATKi r, July ::.:. The r.ibst 
brewery w.ns datii;u;cd by (ire this after- 
noon to the extent ol 

••The Milv/aukcc" 

The only tic* Iric lij^htcd trains 
The latest private coiiipartincnt ears 
The most luxuiious sleepers 
'I'he laltsl libr.iry smoking e.irs 
The < clebrated electric brrlh lamp 
The hncst diniti^ ' ar service 
The government fast mail line 
The most comfortable parlor cars 
The best and most fre<|iiciit service 
Safety, r.peed, comfort, elegance 
.Secure sleeping berths early 
Apply to any ticket .^gent or address, 
J. T. Co.Ni.KV, Asst. Gen. I'ass. Aj^t., 

St. I'ftuI, Minn. 

Change of Train Service. 
.Vs double train service on the North- 
em I'a.ilic from Duluth west 
has been run at a heavy loss to the com- 
p.iiiv and i)ro pects not at all encourag- 
ing for the future, the manajjement ha^ 
iieen forced to disrontinuc the trains 
leaving Duluth 7:4^, a. m. and .arriving 
Duluth 7:15 a. m, commencing Sunday, 
July ?.}. 

The evening train will continue to 
kave at 0:15 p. III. *''*'^ "«me convcni- 
tni r.eivice for all Nort'iern racilie 
jMiiiits in Minnesota and the Dakot.'.';, as 
WI. II as Montana and thL- Pacific r-ast. 
Trim ftom the West will arrive at 12:40 
p. m. as heretofore. 

F. A. Gri.eni:, 
City Ticket Agent, 
]'■(> West Superior street, Duluth. 

Rates Ag 

Il has been claime 
railroads have n(>t n 
rates to en^:ollr;l^c tr 
fair, and the Mir.iic 
railway, "Albert Lea 
that the travclinir pu 
;is l(»w rates as can b 
with the amount of 1 
the direction of this 
lion, has previously 
which maintained a 1 
and reduced the ratt 
Realizing that a f 
necessarv, we shall, 
31st and August 7 
tickets from St. I'aul 
Chicago al rate of $1 
will be good rclurnir 
on the fourth or cicv 
of sale. 

Tho .-idvanfagcs nfl 
passengers at our 
within ten blocks t 
have been pretty lh< 
and the imiiicii.«e mi 
who have tested tht 
route tell us it is all t 
.ind more. 

If the saving of liii 
of delay to baggage ; 
ienccs are matters \ 
tioii there ran be n 
being thcmostrlesira 
lair travel. 

Two through iraji* 
and I'ullm.ui sleept 
leave .St. r.iiil .iiid 
I'cr further inform. ili 
general ticket and pa 
nc.ipolis, Minn. 

Special Kates 
The St. I'aul & low rates to C 
of the World's fair. 

Sleeping car arra 

tin Cut. 

] by some that the 
:adt' sufliciently low 
ivel to the World's 
aiK)lis & .St. Louis 

Route," believing 
jlic .should lie j^'iven 
e made, consistent 
lusine^s moving in 

wonder'^ul cxposi- 

broken the i)onds 
ligher rate of f.are 

about one-fourth, 
irtlier reduction is 

on July 17th, 2|tb, 
h, sell round trip 
and Minneajiolis to 
5.75. These tickets 
g leaving Chicago 
enth day after date 

cred by our landing 
l'".ii)Tlewood station, 
f iho fair gioiinds, 
rouRhiy advertised, 
liber of passengers 
superiority of this 
hat IS claimetl for it 

eand the avoidance 
nd other inconvcn- 
.orthy of coiisidera- 
) ipie^tion as to this 
)Ie route for \\ Orld's 

Willi free chair cars 
rs, dining cars, etc., 
Miiinenpolis daily. 
Ill write C. M.Pratt, 
ssenger agent, Min- 

to Chicago. 

Duhuh is making 
hic.igo on account 

ngcmcnt'-" attcnde*! 

!• . II. Ross. 
N'or. Pass. Agt., 
rS Spaldine hotel. 

To All Whom it May Concern: 

Notire is. heri-.j tiveii that the rityof Dnlnth, 
a iniiniriti.-U r'irt>oriition of nn<l Utcutt^ in the 
county 01 St. I.ouih anil MHloiif M i 11 iick) ••.■!. ha;. 
c.tiiiu<i<l t.o he filed in th« office of lii«clprk of tlio 
||i^trlct wnirt in iiiid for ttii> cinnty of St. l^mit, 
Klnveiilh (liHiricl, .-i Niatenierit M'ftiuc 
forth the <le!'rrititioii and natiiro of a cerlaiii 
lociil improvement iiiBrli- nnd uiid'Ttjiken prior 
to the laith day of M;irrh. !><!<;<. in thp 
said rify and by the faid mnnicipjil 
cori>or;ilion towit: The ».'radinv f>)r tli<«ir 
fnll width I.f riwIiiiDl.t avenue oast frrm .'^u- 
IM-rior .tlreet iteur Ki;rhth av«uiie west lo tlio 
north line of the Tl'ird divi.sioji. except throudl 
('i-ieiiife M)unr>', We^i ('abrmle nU-'-ef fmrn 
I'ledmonf avenue east to N'<rth CiiHcade htrei-t 
and North ( 'aK-.ide ptreof from Woat ('at-cailo 
Rtreet to l'ietlnii>nt avenue i h^l, topeiher with 
tli"' iiPco».;-ary conduits arjd .■ivpurtenanees, and 
an iron hridjje acroKH ( lark House c.r^ek, tie* 
roHilway inipr<>v.>(l thirtr feet u'tde and routrh 
Htoiie ifiittern hiiilt on nitlier «ide and tiie space 
between inacailainizod, thp^'paco <iut*ide tli" 
rofidway dnHicrned fur trras!. platH andeifhwiilk^, 
.tnd the jKirtmn <le>.)»jijed for CT"'iHh platw covenMl 
with louin and fTrii!.h H'.'d t-owu th'Tioii. and 
netting foil II that said aFju'iu-tiirnt whicli has 
been made to <;<fray tlie «'XpeiiM» of the >•■ id im- 
provement has Ix-en nince March 'Jyth, l";«a, wt, 
nsido in wh-ile amt if invalid in whole and has 
f»eeu proiionnceil invalid in wl.olo. the Ktaf«>- 
ineut fur! her contaiiiiac tlie deftf rlpf ion of aiid 
the nature of the Ht.-einuoiit to defray the ex- 
pensvof the huiii iiiiprovenient, itid .'iImi the coft 
of Ihe said irnprovciiiont, to-wit, thesum of fli:t.- 
411l.4".i. tiiKillnT with the further s'ltn of $11.- 
:<4l.(i.'i, biMiit; the ftin.innt added an hereiuaf;«r 
Bet f> Till, and the amount propo^od to be ro- 
as-sessed, t/<-wit, the ».uin of $!i:l.tlll.4H. together 
with the said furUier auni i.f ?ll,:{4I.(l.'), beinir 
nmouut i;dd"d to t!iu said oriKirml UAi^sfltnout 
to defray iho nec-Hsary cspense of makins snr- 
voM», plan>', hpeciiirati<i:is and superintendenci-. 

Notice in alfo mven that on Saturday, the 
'2;illi day of .July, iHiiii. at '.»:;«! a. ni., at the court in the rity of Diliith. nt a^|Mtcial lerm of 
tlio KRid diKtriet r .urt of the Kleventh -ludicial 
di^tricliuthe aforvt^aiil county of St. LouIk 
and state of Miiiuenota. .-it tho t^aid place and 
1 inie, or as sooH •hereafter as coiiniii.l cm Ik- 
heard, tiie said mnuli'ip.'il coriMiration will ask 
Niid cotir* toappoiiit thre'^ditinteri'^fed part ion, 
re.'-idents of the Kaid municipal corporiitioii, an 
nppr.'iif-er.s, to detorniine ,'inil /ifsef-!* t'.ie f>onefiti) 
aocruiuK to local property by re:Uou of tho taid 
above lueiitioDod niipri>veinent. 

TiiK( iTvor DruTTn. 
I?;,- Bknkv F.Gkeehe, 
City .\ttomejr. 
.1 uly '_1J St 

CiilJNTV.oK St. l.oi is. f 

District Court, Elevenlh I);!<lrirt. 
In the in. liter of the proceedinifs on the p.nit «<f 
the city <if Irulutii to r'-at-secf to tlio r-xtttit of 
the l)cuctit^ .'ictuiilly •-ccruintz :ii.-unft the 
nroperly hem lit. -d 'hereby, the cost of the fol- 
JowjiiK im:>roveni«»iit. ti-r.-it : Ihe cmdiiiir to 
the sub-urade of I'iediiioul ;iveniio. from 'i'hir- 
tei>Tit!i aveiiuo v/est o l'"onr.'ponth avenue weft 
and Hiipuriur htrc't, fro-n Fouriec;ith avomip 
west to the timlvr brliltfO. just \v«»«t of 
Tl.^rt.v-ferono avenm' wcft. p.ivinc of «ajd 
I'ierlmoiit avenue ai.d Sup' li'ir ftreet, l»e- 
tween the |HiintN af^ove uaineii. with codr.r 
bl.icks laid on t lank .'ind Mind foundation, the 
UK? of pranitc curb in tfie iinproveinent of the 
paid I'leduiont. avcnae and SujMirior 8tr«et, 
and the c nst ruction of the necessary retain- 
iui,' v.all. 

,^ To All Whom it May Concern: 

Notice is hereby Riven that the city of Dn- 
lnth, ri mnnicipal oorjMiration of imd located in 
the coriuty of St. I.onis and ptatw of Min;iefot«, 
liab canhod lo bo liled in the ollice of the cierk 
of the district court, lipid inand ftirhaiti cminty, 
a Pt^teinent Reltin*; forth .1 denciiptioii of anil 
the niiMirn o' the folIowiUK local improvement, 
nindo .•ind utxlerrnkpii prior to March I'Hlli. IWI, 
in tli« snid city ami hy the (-aid municipal cor- 
poration. to-\vit : Tiii^ rrradinu to the nibuniile 
of I'ler^iniiif menuo, from Thirleenth avenue 
west to I'oiirt enth avenue wciif, and SujK'rior 
Btreet, from FourU-onth avenue we^t to the ttm- 
bor. liriilRo, ju.-t. west of Thirty-second a»o- 
ntip' wctt. the )>avinft «>f the said Pied- 
mont .•iveiiiie and Superior strocit. lie- 
tweeti the i«oints alxive nan.ed. with 
blocks laid on plank and Band foundation, the 
use of cranite curb in the iniprovemr-nt of tho 
haid riednioiii uveiine and Superior st. 'rot. .ind 
flip cxnit»tri)ctii>n of tho nei>psary r<>taiiiiii(; 
walls, also i-. ilescrlption of and the nature of the 
ashessment made to defr.-jy the expense of t||.i 
itaid imiirovnment. which Kaid a»M'8ru^ont has 
bei-n since Murcli •.';»th, l^iKi. set aside in wlmle 
and which is invalid in whole and has iK'en pro- 
nounced invalid in whole, t«'iretLnr with a Male- 
nieiilof the cost of the Raid improvement, t<»- 
Wit: The sum of $.'*;i,:dt».:>'', together with tho 
nihlilioual and further m;m of iiH'f.l.lHi. Ix.iuK 
the amount added for certain puriM>s<'i> herein- 
after pet forth, and tho amount r'ropes<sl to be 
reassesMd. to-\vit: Tli« said Mini of $r'.1.r.iji ,'.s, 
to.'.Mtlipr With t!;e further cum of ."S^'.l'd 5*>, 
which R.iid fortlier and add'tiie al Fum is the 
auioDiit ad ipil to defray the nows'ar.v_exi>cnse 
for ni.'iUint; survpyH, iilnns, hpociflcation.s and 

Notice is also ciren that al a ppoclal term of 
tho Niid dist ict court of tin' Eleventh Judicial 
diiitriet in and for tho county of St. l.ouix, to 
he h 'Id on .Saturday, the :«ith day of .July. I".';i, 
at'.'ritii o'clock a. in., .at tin- court house lu ihe 
cily of Duluth .■iiid at said time, or as soon 
theri'afler as counsel can bo heard, t-aid mum- corporation will n-k the s.-iid court to 
appiiinl three di?.iiitPro*l 'd i>artiou, n»pideuts 
<>f the s;iid municipal coriMirafioa. ai apprais- 
ers to determine and as-M'ss the boiiefltti nccni- 
inu to local property by rca»on of paid al>ovo 
inealioned imj>rovinients. 

Tni: C^T\ ov Dri.rTn, 

IJy llKN.1V F. (illJEKNE. 

Ctiy Attortiey. 
.Inly 20, 8t 



.<!. i'ALL A-. niihi in UAJhKDAii. 



Sxiui ay 






V iKi itm 

Ij» Dnlalh 

1 M nm! 

11 lA p» 

ArHt.Paul 2W|)rn \ ti20pw, 

Ar frMiiLi«)ar>o:ta...l X10)>in ; 6.40 pin 


7 Kani 

Ar.Hfillv.Afw :tl!ipm 

7 10 MB 

7 Mpir. 


•; W i»m 

700 am 

9 V, pre 

At Milwaukee 


4 m am 

7 10 ptTi 


9 2S ptn 

10 to pin 

Ar St.. Looi* 


d M nu 




L» for (;iuqn«t. 


7 30iini 

» 00 am 1 «> pn 

K. n, ROfW, 

Noitheiti ranh' A««n(, 

4A IV,.-* KniM>r<'.r «»••«.•• 

Notire is hereby triven that t'.i" c.opartner. 
ship iieretofjiie exietii *,' lyi v^(H>n .1. H. .^utpiiin 
aiidfi. F. Swift uiide- the iiauie of J. I>. SutphiD 
.V Co. IS thi.« day difsMilrrd by mutual wtcouf- 
The busineM. Will be'cjin'inui d bj(i. 1 . Swift lo 
whom aK'account.s due the old firm xhould l>o 
paid and who ahu.o i» autliorizod to i*i.cii the 
nrni Diiiiio iu liituidaMmi. 

Ibihith, .Jnl> 1;. I'W. 

J. B. StTrmx &. l.'o. 

Excursion to Two Haibors nn the tomorrow sficrnoyn at 2. 
Tickets, 50 cents. 





\y«uA ^JqJmowl§. 

Dnliitli, South Shore & 
Atlantic R'y. 


Boston, Now York, 

Montreal BulTalo, 

Philadelphia, Fittsburg, 

Cleveland, Detroit, 

All points in Michigan, 

The East and South. 

Over 1 DO mllef.. hortcr than any other 
lino to Bosto and all New Knglaad 

Ovor 70 miles tho Rhortest lino to all 
Points East ol Mackinaw or Detroit 



For tieketo, •laepiu ear •oeommniatinrt and 

fnll informatl'W, apvly to 

T. H. LARKE, Oommercfal Asont, 

426 Wnt Superior Street, Dn.rTIZ,KUTK 
fl9aldlaff9ot* ttfit^ 

1 ^j'v 








Bnsiues* nn i editorial r»H>n»s iu Tlie Tlc-ralil 
buil.'inr. "J \\'^'it; Superior stroct. rcl(>iiJi«»iin 
— HnHiuos<>otlicp. 3i».l\>o riuiTs; editorial rooms, 
3^1, tlirco tiat:-i. 

EHst.Tu Ortlco -UWWorlil BuildinK. Now York, 
A. E. ytt>ry, Mauai;or. 


T>aily, per yoar 

Paily, i>fcr three reoutlis 

l>aily, per mouth 

Weekly, per year 






Eutero'l !«< tb»» ixijitotrico at Dnlatli, Miim.. as 
P(»cond cl;i:=H n-.ail mattor. 

The Wealher. 

U. S. WKVTnKK i'.tKKvi-'. DiLfTn. Miun.. 
July 2"J. -Yistorday wiisj a warm day ovor tlii> 
t>ut!rv N»rthwi'8t. Tim maximum trniporaturi' 
r»'>:lftorM horo was WU. .which is tho hi«ho8t 
since Vur. -.">. IVs?. Tho higlicst tiiuporature 
nconfod lert' duriu„' tlio i).i!-t Uoutythreo 
year* was S>;JouJ Illy 1, 1^S3. West of itii!' e-eo- 
t;on it was siirflitiv warn.'>r than lioro. di.» warm- 
est I'lao.^ boioK Mih's Tity. Mmil., wh«;'.;< it KMi aiui w.u. itardius at IKJ at 7 o clock 
Li«t uisht atKl at 71 this moruiu^'. 

Tho area of hijrh Inir-nuo^ r that has boin 
doriiualiuu tht* Nortiiwcst for tho past week 
has iv.ov«m1 po itli a-id far onou^h away to ri>- 
litvo us fioai us in:i;uaco, and tho backbone of 
the warm wav.^ i« hiokeu. but ir. may >><> only 
t«)iniM>rarily. as an area of low barometer, which 
has bituDV.r Mui>.?a«.J.T for the i)a>i nvo i.-iyr. 
t:i»em.s to bt» iticrc-:-.sii;« lu euofKy. and if it move.- 
tothu ul)rthe;l^t. a» it i.rohf.bly will, it wiU 
briii;: hii'iior twnj'^^ratnn' ;•;:;..:■.. 

Little i>reci!>u Atiou fell over tl;» country yrs- 
li'rilay. and -skhat did was wtcielv sinneri>d. llie 
nearest to this pUco wai; Marquottts where .nl 

of jiu inch tell. ^ „ „ 

B. n. Rtrcsso!!, 

l>ieAl ¥ore«'.a*t Oflicial. 

Drt rxn. July li.— I.<H;al Forcx-ast : rontinuod 
f:i!r;.-*l!siitly cooler today: shrht chaiiRoiu tem- 
perature Snmlay ; c ast U> no rthoiiat wiuds. 

W\snT-N-GTOV. Jnlyi'J.-Forc.^st till "^ i>. tn. 
tonuTrow: For \V>coi»!;ifi: (i.-nermiy fi'r; 
Tarif»ble wintis; j.robably cooJer in eastern pir- 
tion SnniHy eveutDK. For Minnesota: tiei;i^- 
riilly fair ; oa? t r. > south wind? ; cooler lu eouili- 
cra portions Sunday inoniiug. 

THE HERALD in Chicago. 

Tlie 5 o'clot k Edition is on m'"^ eariy the fol- 
lowing motui-Jg in Chicago at tho 

Palmer House Nev.s Stand. 
Auditorium Hotel News Sland. 
W. 3. Sizers Bookstore. 1£9 St.. 
Chas. McSonald's News Stand. 55 Washing- 
ion St.. 


World's Fair Grounds at the Columhian News 

& Novelty Co. News Stands. 

♦ « * 

' The Pension Question. 

An effort is bein» made in different 
sections of the country, to arouse preja- 
ihce p.gainft the pension policy being 
pursued hy the present .ndmir.istr.ition, 
especially that portion of it dealing with 
the investigation o.*^ ca=es where there 
may be reason to suspect that the pen- 
sioner is not entitled to the anv.-unt that 
he is receiving from the federal treasury. 
It is Slated in a dispatch today that 
G. A. K. circles at Miane.ipolis are 
stirred up over the case of a veteran 
whose pension Las been sus- 
pended pending an investiga- 
tion, he having been wounded 
in battle several times and being now a 
sufferer from gangrene in the foot. There 
is no reason why any person should he 
unduly excited about this case. lithe 
facts are as stated, the veteran will get 
his pension. If not, the pension will be 
discontinued, as die law provides, and 
correctly too. Xo veteran who desires 
to see the pension roll purged of the 
deadbeats and impostcrs should feel 
hurt because the dcpartnnent is investi- 
gating his case in common with many 
others. If no investigations were made, 
how could the frauds be discovered? 

There is no warmer or truer friend 
of the old soldier than Judge I.ochren, 
the present commissioner o' pensions, 
and it is an absolute certainty that he 
will not deprive any deserving veteran 
of the small pension that he now re- 
ceives. Since March 4 the total n;:mher 
of pensions dropped has been only 245. 
Under the law of i8q2 about 5000 pen- 
sioners have been suspended to await an 
investigation of their cases. There is 
nothing inhuman or unpatriotic about 

It is siinj-ile justice to the honest pen- 
sioner that the fraudulent cases should 
be discovered, and it is a v/cll 
known fact that there are many 
fraudulent cases on ihe rolls. Inster.d, 
therefore, of finding fault because thev 
are put to a little inconvenience by the 
necessary investigation, tho deserving 
veterans should aid the departnient in 
»very possible way. 

A Detroit, Mich., dispatch says that 
the pension of Justice Long of the Mich- 
igan supreme court has been suspended 
for inves'.igation and yet 'few soldiers in 
the state suffer from wounds as severe 
as those of Justice Long." This is an 
indication that the pension bureau is 
pursuing its investigation without 
any discrimination; and it is 
the proper policy to pursue. Justice 
Long may have severe wounds, and 
therefore may be justly entitled to a pen- 
sion. If so, the lav/ will cover his case 
and his pension will be continued. 

And yet it docs seetn an&maloas that a 
man who is able to act ao a justice of a 
state supreme court and is drawing the 
handsome salary attached to such an of- 
fice should even desire to bc*a pensioner 
on the bounty of the federal government. 

merchants are kicking vigorously agai:ist 
this covert attack upon their financial 
standing and upon the solidity of the 
Minnesota b;mks outside of St. I'aul. In 
St. Cloud the indignation has taken the 
form of a remonstrance, which agrees to 
discontinuw all business relations with 
St. Paul wholesale houses until they re- 
turn to former business methods and to 
buy only at Minneapolis. Duhith cus- 
tomers of St. Paul houses have received 
notice ct the new rule, and 11 is safe to 
say that many of them will tiansfer 
business to other cities in consequence. 

The country banks of Minnesota .to 
in an excellent condition as as known. 
Their last statements were such as many 
city banks might envy. The banks of 
Duluth are in better shape than are 
those of St. P.iul or Minneapolis. Tbjy 
have not adopted such a narrow policy 
as that now pursued by the St. Paul 
banks and are still ready tn honor checks 
from outside banks. The St. Cloud Jour- 
nal-Press makes the following sensible 
comment: "P.-ink officials h.ive a great 
deal to say about the senseless demoral- 
ization of depositors when a run is made 
on a bank, and now these St. Paul bark- 
ers are .acting on the same timid 
tlieory. Tlicy tell us that the 
trouble with the country is lack 
of confidence, and yet the bank 
ofiicials meet and announce that they 
are afraid of every bank in the countiy, 
and every business man having an ac- 
count in any of these banks; and of tht:ir 
own St. Paul business men as well. Isn't 
tbis a beautiful way to restore co; fi- 
dence? Not only this, but it puts an 
extra burdci on the outside banks and 
business men." 

If the St. Paul banks and business 
men do not desire to continue business 
relations with the rest of the Norlhwost 
according to the old and accepted 
meihods, probably the best thing to do 
is to let them severely alone. The cov n- 
try banks and merchants can do without 
St. Paul. ' Nov.- we will see if the St. P. ml 
banks and business houses can get along 
without the re»t of the state. 

waukoe Kvening Wisconsin," is aspiring 
to beat the rerord made by Adlai and 
Maxwell." How dees he compare with 
Clarkson? Ho was the king of heads- 

Again Uuluth comes to Ihe front this 
week in the clearings statement. 
The clearings here show an increase of 
iQ.o per cent over the corresponding 
week last year. Minneapolis' clcirinj;s 
were unchanged, while St. P.iul de- 
creased 27.6 per cent. 

Mr. Gladstone appears to have a 
charmed life. Not long r.go a vicious 
heifer tried to butt him out of tho woild, 
and a few day.s .igo his c;ib came into a 
collision with another in a cn>wucd Lon- 
don ?,treet but he escaped with only a 
b.itl shaking up. 

The Itasca Journal hear.i that J. SImt 
Fassctt has decided to be ramliilatc for 
his old ;cat in the New York slate son- 
ato. Mr. Fassett was a vahiahlc mem- 
ber of that body, and if he will quit I5o=;s 
Piatt be will have a good poliliral future. 

Jerry Simpson has thoughlfully refu: ed 
to run as the Populist candidate for gov- 
ernor of Jerry prefers to t'.ay 
in congress rather than run the risk of a 
defeat for the governorship and conse- 
quent political destruction. 

Dyren forth says the reason his rain- 
making experiments failed in Texas was 
becauic that particular region is too 
arid. He might try the state of Wash- 
ington during the rainy season. 

Three Bottles Cured 

" I lispd to h(» a great r-ulTrrcr from rlif iima- 
tism. 1 tri.^l ;.Iiaost cvrrytliini; wiUiout n liif. 
I took tlirce bottles of Hood's Sarsa|>:ullla ;md 
found 111; self cured. I know It w :is , 

Hood's SarsapsriEIa 

that cured me." Mks. AVii.i.iam Ki:nxa::i>, 
Moore's Vineyard, liid. Hood 'sCu rtiS. 

Hood's Pi!!s cure''. "-11 liver ills. 20c. 





OiNK (mm A VVOMl)! 

AilvitiH'iiKnitb III thiH columu U.NK CJtNT A 
\\OHU DfXii JNSr.KTlON. 


No .ailvertisomout,, tykon for theee coliiinne 
til! forbid, i. t; Uiiiii orderi-d 'lUl. 

Kvory «dverti.'.erl(^|,t ib cerr folly claspiflwl 
iindnr us j.njjior I '>;idiner eati'y f.'>nnd, eaH'ly 
read- will rcacii iikph n;'<Jtu6 th»n cau bo 
ritiiclioti in nuy otlni wn.v. Try it. 

jtirsr\F:ss <;ji.i\rKs. 

<jhtal)li!jhed buniucr^s, l.'i perct^iit BU«rant</d 
«m iiivijttiiieut. AddroBN, .1 Hi, }Iiruld ollice. 

T T j'.H collector or m-KJstaiit IJookknoper, bt«i, 
of nforeuce. Addrei-s C^. T. S. tlii« oifico. 


Checker Problem No. 2.'S-Ey Charles F. Bar- 


Street Railway Transfers. 

The Herald believes that the street 
railway management is ro.aking a n is- 
take in deciding to abolish the trans'"er 
system entirely. There can be no 
doubt that at present the Duluth slrct 
railway is giving the people more serv- 
ice for 5 cents than any other line in 'he 
country, from West Duluth to Lakeside, 
a distance of thirteen miles, and fr^rn 
Weit Duluih to WcHidland, which is 
about the same distance. It is probably 
right that the company s^iould collect 
more than 5 cents a head for carry:ng 
passengers such a long distance. 

These facts do rot, however, justify 
the total abolition of the transfer system. 
Such a course will work much barusaip 
to many people, and The Herald trusts 
that the street railway management \ -jll 
sive the matter mere consideration be- 
fore putting this policy into effect. Th ore 
are numerous school children who travel 
on the cars from their homes to the Cen- 
tral High school and return. They 
come from West Duluth, from the West 
End and from ulong the Garfield averue 
line. It will be a hardship of 110 small 
proportion? if thev nre deprived of .he 
present transfer conveniences. There 
are numerous workingmen living in the 
vicinity of Fourth street who daily travel 
in the tn the manufacturing esta- 
blishments at the West End. Those 
men can illy afford to pay two fares each 
way. There are other cases of a siaii- 
lar character where hardship would be 
created by the total susupcnsion of trans- 

If it is the design to obtain two fares 
for the long ride from West Duluth to 
Lakeside and Wcodland, why not ar- 
range the transfer system so as to secure 
tliat result? This can be accomplished 
by abolishing transfers from the Supciior 
street line to the Lakeside and Wood- 
land lines, and vice versa But the trans- 
fers to and from ail other lines should be 
continued. The people expect it, .ir.d 
the company will make a mistake hy 
running counter to the public feeling on 
this question. 

Superior is to have a state norinil 
school. This must be the direct remit 
of break-ng thj thirteen "hoadoo" at llie 

Gold is arriving at New Yotk frim 
Europe in fairly large quantities, I'iie 
more that coHies the better. 

Little Papoose, 
f Now York Sau.] 
Littl'* papoose 111 a wickir ol r. ed, 
■ il'po:i th- willow boosh wiu r-. 
Cutchins the nmsio where, ovor t!;o mead 

Kippliiiir tlie r." vulet Mmr« ; 
;Sin,:?s win re the fairo.'^i i>f llo\r i:* are/ouud, 
birici! wl:ore tho summer is all tho ycir round, 
II 're. Till TO the beauties of naturo abuuiiJ, 

Itil'pliii.i,' >ho rivulet sinss. 

.■\i:ato andonyx and malachite bead?, 

Plata thaiV. ribboned .nnd rolled; 
Moccn-ii:.6 mad'> from th" bark of the reeds; 

(•ihtterirtr jTarter.s of tr.ild. 
(^at.tiiiop iho round with liis delicate ear, 
C.Ttcliin.'C 'ho croon \vlir>u hif. mother is nuar, 
IJ'Hrin..' the hoofs of the palloym.i; dcT 
BoQudiBi; away or'e the wold. 

Codfish Aristocracy. 
Anoka Unicn: "Fuls<mie fmieiy" are 
the words applicable to the editorial in 
the St. Paul Dispatch last week, Tuesc'ay 
evening, praising Mrs. Frank Clark, of 
St. Paul, for her position in the quarrel 
among the Minnesota ladies at the 
Worid's fpir. Codfish aristocracy goes 
in the capital city, and some newspapers 
knurkle to it. 

©'. ' : 1 



fi' . I 




' } t 

' Tt". ■ 

f-'"' ' \ 

f^} ■ 

'. '; i'. 


, -.^r. — 


' ■ ■ 

•__:.:,; j::,:i^ ,..,;, j 

Black to play and draw. 
Chess Probleia 2:0. x'-.K— By L. T. Brown, 


.-tore. IWas F. llaflner, VVoet Duluth, 

O eijii o/llco work, by a compoteut man. 714 
West .Second streot. 

O to work at Euy houi-fct business. .\ddre!-s, 
1; I'l, Herald. 

Tt All work first claca. 211 j^ast Superior 


^^ ^'0^^f{/'^^^yll<iSJ^l^: ., 

l."'OHRK\T. f:01T.VG:2, NO. 214 FOCRTH 
* avcnu'' west. 

K^oii iM!.yr Horsf six kocms, city 

1 wat>r a"d closet: Thn-e bhjcks fr-iu 
Ly»eum. H. C. 8herw<.od, 412 Lyceum, 

*. hejit. .'i(»l WofitSec<«d Street. 

l^"^OK Ill-yjlT-TEN r7)< )M}lOi:sES.HUNTKl{ 
-i I'urk-li.y*. lii-.ckiiB, :m hurrowi. 

i.^->o;i i;ks't-9-iioom nousE, all moj>- 

i e,-n e ill veiiiencoB ; Eteam boat. Enquire 
2!)6 Lyr.huij.. 



J.^ "oe W eat .Swond street. 

. _______«__ ) 

uou hkaTI'leasant fubnishei) room 

J^ lin'h. Kl''ctric-li«ht ic. ti'.i.tieiuHU only 
3I.» ^V^•st F jurlli streit. 


i- J likeH<wiu«by ruo day in privtito famuv. 
il.O. 11.. West Dniuth. 

X I ii-rinrn pirlb desire pifuations to do fc;ii- iious<-wo.-k. licpt of refeK^r.c-^s. Apjily lij 
I'^iivt ;iv<iijue ea^t. Kmp!f>jiiieiit oflic*. 

ryXsO Fl J;Ni,SHEJ) KOOM.S F('i! RENT. 222 
X Socoiiil avenue east. 

x\) reasoiubjc. IK- West Superifr btreet. o.ei 
tiie "Ca.sci ."' 


1 A. M. Ro^-i-.lar meetsnir third 
uondHy eveninpb of i-»i»ry mootb at g 
' 'clf»ck. i>oxt mectiuK Jnlyl7. ISSJ. 

w r,^ y^V!^- '^"'' W. B. I'fettrfMJ, W. 
U. l£dwiu Mooors, s'<cre«ary. 

Yon I ( ; Loi>r;i~No. iss. a f. * a. m. 

A KogulHr mfetiii«i-oo'jafi ai,d UniTtU 
Slofiday ev<»ui:,'t- <.r every mooth at 
"'rliKik. .Next n.eetjiijj Jujy pj jsj^i 

.. ,.r , !Work, M. M. degroi'.S. L. Frazer,W. M.. 

U. W. (hcadie, aecrctary. 

Stated r« mmnnicMtions (>«cond and fou.'ih 
Weduehday eveAiu^s of oacli mouth at h o"ci',rk 
Geo. A. FTack, if. P. T. J. Hunter, pi crntar,. 

^ J-' K. T. .'tated conrlat'e at 7 at' 
t) cloc,: Hr«t and third Tu^silay erea- 
iu«B <}' evf»ry month. A'. (}. Ton 
Rrook. r:. c. .Ajfnid LeEichenx.EGc- 



MIHCl.r.i^ASE^n s. 

\J whi^H you wait. Reasonable pricet. A. 
Oiagold. ll" Ka^tSecoH'i rtr.v-t. 

Tft lii.ST-SHtHKs. 

O rior street. Apply to Moudenha'.i h Hooi<.!b. 

A all cutiveuieucef, a barKuia. Api);y to, .V. 51 

Rid!-, 2i'i Efist l-ourth streot. 

;; \yit:th-MM K ui:ii- 

1 per lor 


1 k,- ■ 

■:. ....... iii ..„v^? 


J ^E^ ^i S 



'/: pi| |;| 


1 t:.. ■ 


• 'v^'-. 

r,'*' ■; 



- i 


:' • . 

m mmn 

..... J 

m fn ^ ^rQ; 1 1 

ii ■ 

, JKb; 

-v/ ■■: .' cQi ■■■<' Ijl 


White to pla:. 

and raatc in tv.o moves. 


Checker prol: 

'cm Xo. -^i 




1. . » to S 


^..nto 7 

S. . •»• to 11 

8.. 5 to 1 

4.. 1.5 to «i 

4.. ItolO 





Chess jiroblein Xo. 227: 




:h 1..K.KU 

'.;..U— KOch 2..QX11 



T» army, ablrtbodied Ricti of good charact >r 
be( v.eeu tho nices 01' z\ and :>,<.) years. Gotid pty, 
rtttioQs, cliithiii^ and medical at Tendance trc "e. 
Tlift recniitin*: oHlcerof the Third United .St;vt.>s 
infantry, stalicupd at Fort Suelling, MiiL;., 
fOTOii miles from St. Paul, is i,i Duluth, and w.ll 
receive aiip'iicanis for enlistment. Oliico in 
Haniiiiig lilock, comer Sujicrior streot and Sec- 
ondavenuo vest. 


itftoMs .}.V7* itfKtitn orrKfiKn. 

r,Mi:?<T-! !>.\ss"kooms and I!oari), 

-T West Third strett. 



J^ withheelyg Firo Ic^iirance. Rental and 
(•Ijection hnrt-au. lol F.iUadio buUdiuu. 


A _ i'hin's N. P. B:id (;.urf.eld iivenua docis 
W eonetklays and Saiu.-ilays at lo a. m., Snada>> 
.* a. in. aiiU t p. m. for Spirit Lake. Nnw DuIutJi 
and t Olid du.l«ic. Fare T'ti cent.-. Wedne.'.da*; 
nnd Snidajt- tli8 ^^■•^\ g\\> r-.tfoaWekit i^x- 
ecrs'vii.s urotinil the hnri!. fan "J."' ceiitt Boat 
can be cliartered f-.r d.iy and i.ijfl.t escurKJons. 
special rates to ^ocleti<-g.; Hani^.c. omer 
lower a\r.r,ueand i .ventj-tliird htreet, W(»t 
^^p«rIor, V. js. 

i in pr vute frtmily, I'.i l^a.-t Thtrd btreet. 

J furni'iiod front roujn overloookinc lake 
and bay, '.itli breakfast and »j o'clock dinner: 
locatiou, J'^ast End. Two erwitlcnient will tind a 
pleasant 1 naie ; no other Ixiarders. S" t St"Iy, 
tlu- rental aceut. 


71*) >i>st .Superior streot and cau b«.- con- 
sulted daily from 9 a. lu. f) >< p m. 

t.J itj. lMtIs i<i:s<ft. 

DcLi;T!r--f:U W. Miphif,an Strait, 

(m-nr Union Depoi). 
MiXKEWOi-iii— 111 Nicr Uet Ave. 
SSt. PAt'L— Ttiird and.Ji.ck8on Sts. 

TELEPirosE ,'.y,. J':^takli.shi:d ihs2. 


V * soil our ftj>ecialtie« on tlif installment pla-., 
Good w.tjres and steady Work to Iho right citj. 
W. A. £dwa.-da, 723 West tjnperior s'reet. 

and surveyors. 610 ('haml)er of Cum- 



..'i* ci\il eii^'inecrs. a'^j West Foi rth etrcei. 

^'.iJv'iKf/ -li.M.'.t.f Ut f.l- 


work at 21 ^ Second avenue west. 


t"^ w ' 

' y First avenue eatit, Einployiiion' o.'lico. 


The St. Paul Globe wastes valuable 
space in replying to an article in the 
American Economist by C. W. John&.Tn, 
of Minneapolis, ex secretary of llie 
United States, in which he charges t.iat 
the Democratic policy on the tariff 
question is the cause of the present lin- 
ancial depression. The men who 
.such absurd statements are too hilly to 
rlcservc any attention. 


That litigation will beat anybody wlio 
keeps at it long enough is shown by the 
case of the Mobile Register, one of the 
oldest newspapers in the South, which 
has just suspended as the result of a 
law suit in which it has been involved 
for many years. The expense of the 
litigation swamped the paper. 

An Astonishing Policy- 

The St. Paul banks and buslne:8 men 
have adopted a peculiar course that i.s 
not likely 'o benefit the commercial in- 
terests of the Saintly city. The banks 
have united in an agreement that they 
will not re^zeivc checks from the country 
banks in the Xorthwtst, except for col- 
lection at the regular rates, and the busi- 
ness men have followed up this narrow 
policy by notifying their customers 
throughout the state that they will not 
receive their personal checks in [lay- 
ment of goeds, but instead of thin usual 
method of payment want bank drafts or 

It is not astonishing that the country 

The weekly review of trade by the 
commercial agencies »«ys it is astonish- 
ing th.'U business has been so well .'^i'»- 
tained with so l.ttle evidence of un- 
soundnf^s, in view of thu failure of many 
banks and large companies. This is be- 
cause the generalbusinessof the coui.try 
is iu a solid condition. 


The new senator from California will 
be Editor Mike DeYoung, it is said. It 
will be an cxce'lent appointment by 
Governor Markham. Mr. De Yv>un %' is 
a man of ability and learning and a good 

"Collector Murphy,'-' says the Mil- 

In ComniDrid c5 the l-rcnch Naval Forces Ticw 
in Siamese Waters. Humann, who is in 
comniar.d of tho French war ve-scis row 
at Sinni, was born in 1838 and entered 
the navy in J<S57. He took an active part 
in the Corean .^xpeiition and is now in 
command of tiie naval civision of the far 

Tb.e recent .action of the admiral in 
firing upon th'^ Siamese forts at Dang- 
koic niay involve his guvernment in seii- 
ou"; complications, not only with .Si;ini, 
but with England, whose Siamese inter- 
esti are very great. 

Who Can A.iswcr This? 
To the Ed. tor ol The llenild: 

I understasid that tho oiiginal sptlhng 
of Duluth was Dii Lhr.t and that the 
same was the nrrnc of a French voy.a- 
geur, supposedly the first white man to 
visit the /cnith, now ttic Zenith City. 
Now, what 1 want to know is, if you can 
give inc the iiieral meaning of Dii Lliut, 
as a proper name; if you cannot do so, 
ple.a?e refer the question to your read-irs, 
among wIklti will prob.ably be found 
some one well ciiou.i;h acijuainted with 
French proper naiaes to give me the 
desired infc<rmat;on. Yours truly, 

Du Lhutian. 

Duluth, Julv 21. 

The ncciprocity Convention. 
To the Editor of The Herald: 

The executive coaimit'cc ol the intcr- 
n itioiial rtcuirociiy r.nd deep waterway 
Convention are desnoui; ct making the 
coming sersion whicli is to hj held in 
Dalutti on < )c'oher 10 the most inltr 'st- 
iiig ga'.heiiii.g which ihc Noithwcht has 
.seeii. This can bo acconiplished only by 
ilij cooper.iton not only flf ihe 
commcrciai otgiiii/4tions but of all our 
citizens. it being i;npos.sii»ie to exti nd 
a personal invitiition to all, the iA>m- 
nnttce hereby ^^ives notice tii;>i a mcctirg 
of all interested in the rnntttrwill beheld 
in the chamber of commerce rooms on 
next Monday r.Iternojn, July 2\, at 3 
o'clock, and ad intoicstcd are cordially 
invited to be present. l)y order of the 
committee. S. A., 


Duluth, July 22. 

Don't be one to f.av after the lecture is 
over: I am iorry tb..l 1 laded to hear 
Dr. Minton. 

To World's Fair in Fi'.-s Minulcs. 

In five mioiues after leaving the trains 
of thR i\Iinneapolis & St. Louis railway, 
"Albert Lea l\oute," at Englevvood, a 
suburb of Chica.go, one can be landed ;it 
the World's fair grounds. How much 
better this is than to go into the city and 
have to transfer to one of the several 
transportation lines to the grounds, 
among thcusar^U of others who are mak- 
ing their way to the same destination. 
Comftirt goc.'s a good ways to the enjoy- 
ment of any as^ umed pleasure. I'er i.ins 
in St. Paul, Minneapolis, in Northern 
Minnesota or Dakota, in Southern Min- 
nesota or South Dakota, will do well to 
bear this fact i:i mind, and go to Chicago 
via tlu; "Mmiicsota iv St. Louis." In- 
quire of anv agent ot the company, or C. 
M. Pratt, G. f. & P. A., Minneapolis, 

P. S. — Sleeping car accommodations 
reserved on application. Free chair 

Special World's Fair Raies. 

On account oi the World's Columbian 
exposition the St. Paul e^ Duiuth rail- 
road will seii one way and round trip 
tickets to Ch:i:ago at greatly reduced 
rates. Tickets on s.ile April 25 to Oct. 
31, inclusive, and good for return pass.ige 
up to Nov. 15. For further informalioii 
ajjply to F. P.. Ross, 

Northern passenger agent, 428 West 

Superior stre -t fSpaldinir h.otel.) 

513.75 to ChicatjO and Return 
Via the St. Paul & Duluih railroad. The 
best line to Chicago. July 17, 24, 31, 
August 7th. Choice of six routes. Sec 
F. 15. Ross, Northern P.issenger Agent, 
428 Spalding house block, before you 

Tiircc to Eight Hours 
Shorter than a-y othi^r line between Du- 
uth and Chicago. Round trip Si 3.75 ou 
July 17, 24, 31 and Aug. 7. Through 
train. "Omaha" line. Call at 405 West 
Superior street. 

IT. I .V T i: n—A O JCXTS. 


T prticlothat s'>nstoal) pnrlie^. pa'S bitf 
money ladi s or Gi.>u;lenmc. Ladies ujiia I>' iwf 
very .<^ucw s!"»iil. Dr. A. G. Wardo. No. 201 V\ Cot 
Second itreet city. 


Every rVHontSi i 

many vcmen suffer from Excossiva <::■ U 
Scant Mcnatruation; thzy Jor.'i kno-.v '' 
who to confide in vo pet proper ndvlcc« 
Coa't confvic in anybody but iry 


a Spccino for F.V.XF':.'!.' PaOrb'Cr., ' fl 



Book to " V/OM AN " mailed fr-c. , j 


Bold l>y oil Jti.-»Pi:i"ip. » 1 

TT every locality. Oid Ofiablis' houMj. 
Pusiness pleasant and prfiiitable. Kiugory Mf.'. 
t'o., C^inciiinaii, O. 

weeleru Hiuenolont Society of Dniuth. 
Payi" tick, accident and deat!-. heneP.ts at a I'-ost 
of 25 rent!- p*»r week. Has written over It.Osfl 
iiienilK?rb iiud hf.*" pejd out over i^:;0,0OJ in <'«--h 
to those members iu tho patt eir.t-co mont'iB. 
Our aireiits are niakiiitf f roin !*1(HI to $400 por 
nioni.h. Yv'rito for verms or call at 707, "iifi as.d 
'(iKt. rallailio build Uff. 

A will tell cr.eap if tak^n imnodiately, by (.'. 
M. .Aikiiie, 2(''S Wett Superior street, 

i ton, che.-?p. U.S. Doolitrle, 32 West ku- 
perior strt<et. 

-I iujf. Xo fancy price. .VdUre^e. Pony, care 

I^RM'i R. FaRClIlLD, ( JVIL 
Kiuivir and E.irveyor. Ro<.>in 71.5 Palladio. 



X oiljc ? in Dijluih, fre» of cbargo lo all k'itV . 
i!j-.o have a full line of hair switc'iee, chaius, < tc. 
Mrs. M. ( . Seib.ild, 225 East Soj)erlor street. 


T>!:IVA"'K HO^riTAJ ~MR.°. L. iULDW IN 
A Mif5\,-iie. KuH ip-adoatoof GerniHii coll<ge 

of Aconc^ nieni. CupX'iiiKt etc. done 
Third etroet 

tfUb E.-iM 



T T Si!' • tMi •! er pniithf, kv:b and «t€nm fitt-i rs- ; 

11 Sevpiiti avenue west; job'jinu a tpeclnity; 

teli-i'b'ini 2|7 

Ty W. btoKILoAN <:OMPANY. 


'iiC. \f «(«f e<T!p«rif»r i*! 


C^n''*/^-^-'^''*"'*^" HKNTAL AGENCY. »" 
KJ W oodbndp" building. 1/ yon waut a hoTL-» 
or «lon» call and hee h hiy list always on ba-ro. 

CiBASLEd F. HOWeT 6PaciAJL.~lT';Tr 
' tioD g}T»u to th3 ezanunati'-ia aad ro;,..rt. 
Inaroo mlnfirallftuds. Ihcn landa bc-t2«ht lad 
Bold. Atalr»a« of ajj kinds«» eai cLoit 
notice. 621 (Lamber of C^mrserce. 


hand r.nd diet^tion by a practical. 
exTienenced tejicher. Rnf's ic\ foit present 
lianl times. Addre** GSV. Herald. 


borsee, waccns. Loupefaoid famitnr*. pi- 
anos, rtiamonds, jewelry and ell kinds of per- 
ponal proi^erty, on phf-t i.oMce erd a lower rat*" 
than yon can po.t<!!i)ly get it elaewhere. Ingnir« 
of Wm. Horkan,^a^er. Duluth Mort^atre 
Loan conipany, re- 'm 43C', Cliambor of Comsieica 
buildinp^. Dnlnth. 

watche*^, jowelry, etc.. at tl-i- 
^ Srausr 1 Jewelry and Loan Office. g2* 
'^ Wi'^t Superior street. i:u«ioe«« strictly 

jewelry. G. A. KI?in. only licensM pawn- 
broker in I'lilnth. 17 V. f-st 8Bi."rior vtrt>f>:. 



tilUih. l^Jil^AUiJJiiO. 


iiamci of ••Corbett." Finder plca«e r.'- 
. urn ti Detroit restaurant and receive ifi r>- 


L bni'iiie.o.-i at 12 Fiftli aveinie we^•t, 1.3cei'.;n 
builditii?, aiid is i>rep:ired t.>do all kind): of work m a lir.'if-clafcs niauner. F'uiO 
.-,)),..'!! a Fpeeialty. Old cu.--to!!ier'an> invited 10 
ca'l .It my new shfip. V.'HOXO. 

, AVCTloyEEi:. 

il. k UHAMBERsT ^ 

City AcixioNEr.n, 

Address For.d dn Lac. 51 inn.. 

ti9« for wile, or rent, for term of ye^rF, 
ICO's in Fo;id du 1 P.c villo^,e,!-ui table 
lor li)tol. f,-ar.icnin;,', '.i^cp'.cs. li'liin^j, 
bathiii,'» and boatill,,' lo Didmii, will be 
r'Mdecl, or.'tili', ehe;iv> to risht parties. 
Tliiro l.'i a ii.rtiino in it. 

UKAfj K:%TATJ'J ri:A\tiri-UtS. 

Lakcbldo Laud company to Jolm John- 
Fou, Jot 11, block 1 .'N, London addi- 
tion j:?:.') 

,T M Mcl.ennei! toC '.V Doyt.lot ir., block 
d:', IJa/ Viiw fld.litioa titO 

11 llurtuiini til H.iard i.>f Education, lot 
n.bUick i.5, Wcf t Duluth. Firat divi- 
sion : ,. 1,310 

Wi'ft Duluili L'.mf oonipauy to L A 
llarnrt;, lot 7. liloc!.- 2i.ll, SVet.t Dniuth, 
Third divls-ioa .. SCO 

.1 W McMiru lo C W Uoyt. part of lota 1, 
2 and :<, block 2l>, ('.irltou Place ItHO 

.1 Wei.tworth ct all to L A Weutworth, 
JanitH in sections 4 and 18-.'»l-12 :i,17."> 

C F t^roker to ti Gloason, lot 9, block '21. 

Vir;;inta._ •■''0 

J I i;i>\ver> 10 S E ^»thi>rall. lotfrU mil 7, 
block K\ (ileu Avon, Second division.. l.tlO 

LG HHrrison to A llalil, lot 21, bhicU 0, 

Marine division .. - .. •''•'' 

>l Anderson to S MatiUo, lot 4, bloclv 4, 
(irant.. 1-0 

MiBsabe ic WortUorn Townsite coin|>any 
to M Audorson, lot !, bh rk 4. Grant. . 200 

J I) Ray to .lames McGoliick, !oi 11, 

block 11(1, Fori land division J.'W 

F 11 Clark et al 10 1. H Moslier. lots 1 
;iii! 2, block .'iS. l-'nrtio!! division .. 40i) 

M riiomas lo .1 1) !.,ev,-is, lot li, block '.■?, 

Fiiiliuii division _.. ..- 2. "00 

W Nilaoii lo L rSwanstroni. part of hit 
7. bloc A- l.rewr block <>, Duluth I'rojier, 
ThinI division Lt^l 

C [i Dickenuaii to kV Nilsoii. part of lot 
7, block 1. rear block 7S. Dulutii Troiior, 
'J'hird division... 


*.T stoK b and ramies rep;; ireiD.nsliort notice, 
ca.s'.iujjs li:rQisbed ft-r any kind of stoves mad«; 
Amcricar Btovo Repair Works. 11» East Sui-er- 

5or street, 

prof. Ct'.lumet aeeiiu" and Tw^nty-niutli 
sT.iet, 24-- line rooms, steam levit.batli.Koi! every 
Hooi ; Lrtt cla=;6 Iriinily best hvation in 
Cliicairo. near World's fair; Enropea". ui.'d 
Amerrcnt plan, .'^1 to $3 per dar- Write for cir- 
cuh-rs- if ••CHI wi-h to reserve rco::is. 

•Total transfers. . 



A Positive and Permnnont Cure j |*.:i^^r/.;irif.#.'J.*** f.^.^.Jiy>^.^:r.f.?.r.TJl 
for ali Stomach Troubles, | j^^: I'M^'i'S ■^* 

Wright's U. S. Dyspepsia Specific, | i*i c,, ^,,,,,, eompctcat scmais 

25 c:;nt8 per box, 
c boxes, 8 1. 00 free%v mail. 


P. C. Luti. Drui;gi3t, 3O4 Wabasha St.. St. Paul. 



I'ly .'. dverli>in(r i.i die 



\ Notice? of rclicfons services will herenfte'- bo 
found in tfiis column. Pastor wi'.l kindly lol- 
lop- srxme form in writinij futuro notices. Co;iy 
r!nist bn iecei-/e^l at the business oIHce not later Friday aftcrn^v.u. 

the Sacred Ueart. Firi^t mass at 6:;ti a. m. 

with short s«>rmon ; second mass at t» a. m; 

third n assnt9 a. m. exclusively for childr'ii; 

liijrh nasF at 10:;W a.m. at which Fattier 

C;i.-bett, wid preach on "(s tho Soul" Rajitsms .ind blefi-iuss 

at 2 p m. ; evi iudp devotions (con.Tre- 

Kation ^jnpiu.i.'" with solemn bi-nediction .it 

7 ::i1 I). :u. Ser'uoD bv Fariur Mackey. 

street, lear Tenth aviuine— Services at 10 .-30 a. 

m. and fi p. m. ; .Sundiiy school, 12 m. Kev. 

•Jfibn S leuce. late of Scotland, will preacli 

b'li h m irnins an I evsninK. 

Fch' ol. 3i>. in. : R<>siipl iiifetiiur H)::<i a.iii.; 

Kveniii r sv>rvico, 8 p. m.. •■L<^s'« and (iain." 

church -Worships at depot. Rev. W. H. 

Greens liolds. jmstor. {jorcico at 11 a. in. 

Subj.JC . "Spiritnal Revival t,lie Or at 

Want of tho Church. Sabbath .school at 

Rev.W.15. Gruenshields pastor. Service on 
Suiidaj eveuiiii: at >!. Sabbalh school 11 a. m. 
Youiii: I'er.jiles' society, 7 i>. m. 

of Thiid street .-nid Lake avenue— Rev. II. L. 
McMurray, pp.^tor. Rev. G. Ti. (terberdinp. 
<if Fai>o, N. D.. pr'>sidentof the EmrHsU mis- 
sions «. ' the Northwest, will oIliciatA. Sab- 
ject ;!» 10 ;•!() a.m.. ••Wl!.-»t Think Ye. >fChr;.--t?'' 
Sund.'o school at II :4"> B. in. Service ntS 
oVlnck in the evenin."?. Snbiect. •"God's 
Time md Ot Time." All are re.jnestod 
lo atleud. Stranirers are welcuno. SeatB 

S'.ipeiior street Rev. T. M. Findli:., lUf'or. 
ServirCB al \Q:i'> a. m. aud 7;4"> n. m. Sunday 
school at 51:'"i a. lu. Missions at :i p. ni. 
Youii« peoideV moetii'.ff a* 7 p. ir. Moruiuc, ••'Ihe Pale (Star of Faiih.' Evenin:. 
"8ixth Nintn and Eleveiitli Hour l alls 
toLab.5r." Mid wepk meetins, Tliursihiy at 
7 :4") p. III. Seat8 froo and stranijers welcome 
at all 'erv ices. .,.,,, ..^,t 

Morniiir service. InilX); Sumlay school. 11 ;l>; 
Y. P. S.C. E. a! U:4.) p. m.: eveaimr service, 
7 ;.;>). Hi<rnui<f uikI ev^ninr service^- to Ix-cou- 
ductiMlby V.ri.lohu WiIm.ii. 

Corner Tl.,rd si reef ;iud Third avenue west. 
Rov. 1:, !». Huntlc^. pn.-tor. PreaciimK at 
lii::K> «,. in. .nnd S p. m.: liunday school 
at r2 111.; junior lenifue at :i p. m. ; ti • 
worth oairu.i devo'iciiHl meelii.i; 7 i. 11. : rej;- 
rlar cl arch prayer meetiup Thursday cvcniiiji 
h p. ni. 

eliiirc'1.1 al 10:15 a.m. Subject, ••Philosopny 

Second street aid Third avenue east - Kev. 
J.T. H. C. Mir.tsin iirc.iche'- Uoih incrninp at'.d 
rveuiu,;. Subject for iiuirniuf: di.-.-oui.-e: 
••Class CIiTisiiaiii'iLv-" F.veninjr. •lullueire. 
Sabbath schoel mi-is .11 nnon : 

Chineai Sablmtii ^<•llo^d at i p. m.t.Miiaor 
Ki.d.aior society at 4:80 p. m.: .Siiior fcn- 
li' .ivir soriity at 7 p. m. .Mid-veeU la-ayer 
SI I vie.' I Inir-dnv veniii),'. .Ml we'd me. 

xV. h.iuses and l-.eavy builair.ffs a ei>e<;ial; y. 

tects. Rooms '.Ul and '.'17. Torry building. 
Duluth. Minr:. 

T H. willTNEY. li<ls West Super 
tf • Kesidance 21 2-^. W^st hirst stref 

lor street. 

> • and advocate, 26 >far.- experience in ver.'- 
extensive practice in New Yoik aud Pennsylra- 
nia, CoriHirste. commerciid anil re.-.l ttfta*!* 
litigation a specialty. lO.'? Palladi<i. Dnlntii. 

I^ U. C. TITUS. L. L. B. C. A. McPjlEliP.lN. 

Ei-1 isirjct .-Vitorney for Butler County. Pa., 

ATTemsEvs at Law. 

Offices: zt r'.ho'-nix Block. 


w^F^rv '-yJWmSFT; 


mim TO mi 

In Best Ffii't of iLe Ci!y. 

510- M 1 Lyccnm. 

Is hereby jriren that at a ir.eeting of the com- 
mon council of the city of Dul.itu, to he held 
<'n Monday, tiie 2lth day of Jnly. 1>9S, at the 
city Liijl in ttic city of Dulnth. the #ommon 
council will consider the question «if chaufriu,r 
ihe names « f certain streets and avenius m pa .1 
city as hcuoinafter s.--t fortii. at whicli time sai.i 
ch.inijcs will !)•,> so made, unless objection is 
inaU'- Ul writing by .-iny I'arties i' teri'st-ed. 

Name Localion Changed to 


Coatral .ive., Oakland Park; Midway nve. 
Central Hv<-., Triggs Jc Keant>dy"ad. : Ma»r-a- 
chus»'tts ave. 
Centre ST. Clifton: Persons si. 
Oiiiro Bt. City ; lUntfwall st. 
(Vniar ave.. Maple «-»rove: Lverffr<«»n ave. 
Cedar ave.. Rie«»s Point : Nelson a»». 
I'liestijiit St. Wiilard .t Pipor*div. H'Miinaocst. 
Chestnut st.. tireys aiid. ; Hickory st. 
Clifton St.. W<x»diand: Stomoway st. 
Clifton St.. Letter Park: Kiap.-=T..n st. 
Civeent are., Br.w.kdale: Helm are. 
Elm St., Wdln.-dA P.jvrsdiv. G-tty st. 

Elm »t., (irev's Add ; Willow st. 
i^lin ht.. Park Point ; Sorenseu St. 

Francis st.. Woodland ; Wilson st, 
Francis st.. I?eckmaus Add ; LoRiC st. 

(iarfieUI ave., Suanyside; Harri.«<in are. 
(iarueld ave.. L«^stir Para ; Grover are. 
(ir.Rnd ave., Oakland Park : Oakland ave. 
liraiiii ave.. Laki>side : Montana ava. 
Grand aveuuc, Marin- div. ; Mackinaw a-.c 

Howard ave.. LoTidon : lliu-o ave. 
Howard ave . Myers -V Whipple's add.; Myers 

.lames St.. Oakland Paik. Maryland st. 
James St.. Pjjrk Point; Moutaua st. 
.lelTerson et.. Park Point ; New York 6t. 

Linc<dn St.. Lester Park : Illinois st. 
Lincoln st.. Duluth Meiichis; tjuinbrst. 
Lincoln a\ e., Tric,:TS .k KeDue<t} "b add. ; TripCT 
Lincoln ave.. London ; Cash ave. 
Liuc<>lu ave:. Rice's I'oint ; Cox ave. 

Maple St.. Dnlnth Heights: Nin«?ara »t. 
Maple St.. (irey's add.; Ohii> ft. 
Maide St., Maple Grove ; Orr^ion «t. 


Oak St.. Duluth Hoishts : Tir.e et. 
i >ak t-t., P;irk I'oinl ; Marvin st. 
O.ik ave.. Rice's Point ; Oie ave. 
Oak ave-, Rroi kdale : .\rch ave. 
Oxford St.. Lond»;ii; CamhridKO st. 

Park ave.. O.iklard Park ; ( Vmuer'icut are. 
Park HV«»., Wooilland; Reodle a\e. 
Park ave.. lAindou; Quelnv ;i\e. 
Park ;ive., TriHikdnle; MH^k^ ave. 
Park ave., .Myers Re.^rr'nir ; Dakota •!«. 
Park SI.. Lester Parle : l>olaware st. 
I'.irk St., Fndi«>n ; Water t-i. 
Park St., Park Point ; il- ie .'t. 
Piedmont ave. e.,-Cit.\ : .^1-s•aba ave. 
Piirtlaiid ave.. .'^uperM-r \ iev. ; Missouri ave. 
Portlat'd ave.. Duluth HeiKhts; Huron ave. 


Robinson ave., Clifton : Idaho ave. 
Robinson ave , Kensincton ; Indiana ave. 


St. Paul ave , Woodland Sixtli; Lnther av^ 
."^t. Pani av«.. Pars, roiiit ; St. George a^«. 
Summit st., Pnnciti r. Place: Ontario st. 
Siiiiiinit St., Loe.'lou ; (\>l<>rado ."it. 
Summit bi., t lover Hill div: Mauitoba st. 

Witness niy baud rtud tlie corporate sea! of 
tho City of Duluth. iLis 2Ut'.\ d.-»y of.Tnly. I^9;■•. 

C'. E. I\!<-n wPsiiN. 
Clerk of llic t cmmon CtmHCil. 
<\ Corporate I 
i Seal. ) 











A Little More Movement Was Perceptible in 

the Social Circle This Week Mrs. 

Stone's Party. 

The National Pae;eant Is Occupying the 

Attention of Many of the Prominent 

Society People. 

The Musicalc at Lakflcide on Tuesday and 

Bethel Concert Last Evening -Other 

Social Matters. 

Society has bestirred nseU just a little 
this week, due in consiJerable measure 
to the pleasant weatlior and b.auliful 
moo:;li:;hf eveiiings. Picnics are all the 
ra^e and dozens of tfiem are held on 
Park puint every evening. The moon is 
just about at the quarter and the bay is 
beautiful m the evening;. Kvery boat m 
the club house has been out before 8 
o'clock this week. Picnics have not 
alone been the social diversions of the 
week, however, for a number of charm- 
ing parties have been jjiven. Probably 
the most prominent among these was Mrs. 
William K. Stone's on Monday evening. 
The National Pagennt soon to be pre- 
sented is I'ccupyin.i,' a considerable por- 
tion of the time of a good many 
people just at present.^ Among 
the cast of characters and 
the dances is re found many of 
the^most prominent society people of the 
city. Kehc.-.rsals are being held several! 
times a week and manv of these are 
made social features as well, for instance 
those lit the minuet dancers who meet at 
Mrs. A. M. Miller's. 

The musicalc of the Lakesids pupils 
of the Duluth School ot Piano and the 
concert at the Bethel attracted many of 
the m.usicaily inclined and were very 
pleasant affairs. Other events were 
quite num»;rous. 


Pretty Pictures of the Miiiuet to Bo Danced 

gin the Pageant. 

At the rehearsals of the minuet held 

at Mrs. A. M. Miller's every Wednesday 

and Saturday, a bevy of lovely maidens 

and gallant beaux gather to rehearse the 

courtlv dance. This is the Jtlfth scene 
in the National Pageant to bj given for 
the Duluth Hethel Augu.>t 4 and 5 at the 
Temple Opera house. There's some- 
thing passing pretty in the very name of 
minuet, something romantic, some- 
thing sentimental, something that 
recalls the dreamiest bve.qones 
of long a.tro, nieinorics of courtier and 
cavalier, memories of the belles of long 
forgotten aires. One reads of it in modern 
fiction as one reads of the old coaching 
days, old world, old-time novels bristle 
with its bows and curtseys. 

The scene progresses froai the re- 
ception to Washington aXid LaFayelte 
ami ladies to the minuet. The par- 
ticipants are: 


fieorjro TV.iatiinctoa Charles Kdward Passolt 

Ma-i(..T WashiiiRtoa ..Mi=s Ho th.-i Utill 

Johu A'!ani8.. \Villar:l !i. l.'ross 

Mrs. Adams MLss Faii:iirt Mattocks 

J..aFnjetTe Ale-: W. Hnrtman 

Soluist ..Mrs. ('. 1*. t.'xai« 

A (irauU Wash'nRtr>n ('hot us. 


Mi.-srs Kay C'ulvor. Ales.-rs. F. Wiliiampoii 

(iercrado ilarkcli Martin W.-itrous 

Fauai'^ l'aulineUj»iianj ^V^•ll8 S. (iiUwrt 

M&ron Miller 

Aiarian rh>lli!>8 

Ki <aliaS!augutor 

litii Kojpf 

();iUolia "^fUwood 
Pa'r<iu.s...Mr3. A.M. Mill' 

There will be eleven scenes of Ameri- 
can history. Kach is acted with .-!;>prcri- 
ate litie.s, in iong or prose, v i'.'i costume 
ot t!ie period. I'he musical attractions 
are (iie best the city affords. Sydney 
Brown will play the violin. Miss Helen 
Mackay the harp and Miss Moak, Mrs. 
Craig and Miss Pjsset wlil '02 soloists. 


H. K. Deacou 
H. S. Flradloy 
.Ii>bn P. (iordon 
L. E. .Jiidsuu 
Mr. Ilal.iy 
Mrs. J. 11. l^pham. 

The iVtusica! Program Was Brilliant and the 
Social Features as Well. 

The Lakesidj pupils of the Duluth 
School of Piano gave an exceptionally 
hne musicaie on Tuesday evening at the 
home of Mr. and Mis. Kmil Schrnied, 
Four rooms opening into each other 
thrf)Ugh double doors were profusely 
decorated with fraerant potted plants 
and cut flowers and fully 100 guests 
were present. Refreshments were served 
and the social feature was all that could 
be dvsire 1. 

The music.ll program v.'.is of a very 
high order and proved a veritable 
treat. Duets were given by Ada 
George and Emma Mullcr , Mae Kraeii- 
buhl and Alma Patterson, and Mattie 
and Josie Carev, a.Td solo-i by lierui 
Schmied, Mrs. Carter, Lena Urown and 
Winfred Holmes. Miss Brown's solo 
'•(.a Fdle du Regiment," by Doru.was an 
especially gcod r.uinber. M:ss W.rgie 
Willcuts gave- a pleas- i'lg selection on 
the 'cello. Chopin's "Polor.aise" and 
Raff's "Nalsc" were given on two pianos 
by Mrs, .Scbrnied and Mr. Lachmutifl 
an vl Miises (iertrudc ''arcy and F^.lleii 
Siihibsted. W'olleiihaupt's "Valsc Siyri- 
enne" wcis given in a captivating maiiier 
by Miss Carey. 


A Program of Musical Excellence Presented 
Last Eveni.g. 
The concert at the 15. the! last evening 
was one of unusual excellence. The Du- 
luth Phiih.Trmonic club is an organiza- 
tion that should he er.rouragcd. It was slatted some time ago bv a 
ber of local musicians, more for their 

own practice and pleasure than anything 
else but is now rapidly connng to the 
front as a first-clasi orchestra. Classical 
music is playt,'d as last evening's num- 
bers will indicate. There wtre: llaydn's 
nnnuet and military svmphony ana the 
and.inte from his "."^"urpri^e Symphonv; " 
Gmmod's "Li Berci-usi" and Ruben- 
steiu's ".Melody in F." 

Miss Florence B.i>.sett made her tirst 
appearance in Duluth and her line so- 
ptano voice captivated the audience. 
She sang "O That \Vc Two Were May- 
ing" and "Tell Her I Love Her So." 
Scott Re\ and Donald Macl.ei-d sang 
"F.vening Song" and "My Bark is 
Hounding" by Mendelssohn and Messrs. 
Joerns, Young, Reck and Tonning gave 
an instrumental quariet nunibei Beriot's 

fflrs. Stone's Evening Party. 

One of the most deliglit'ful p.irtics of 
the season was given by Mrs. William 
R. Stone at her home on West Third 
strc:.'t on Monday evening in honi>r of 
her guests. Miss Fields and Miss Hum- 
phreys, of .Si, Louis. The beautilul 
grounds surroumrmg the house were 
brdliantlv lighted with gay Chinese lan- 
terns, settees were conveniently ar- 
ranged and inviting hammocks swung 
from many of the trees. Inside the hou^e 
there dancing. Many of the guests 
were a number ot out of town people, 
among them be;ng Mrs. John Ciordon 
and Miss Witi'ert, of Puffalo: Mr. and 
Mrs. W. B. Silvey were also present. 

Social Mcntiofl. 

The classes of the Turn \erein gave 
an exhibition at Turner hall last Mon- 
day evening which wa? followed by a 
dance. About lifty couples were present 
and danced to th'^ir heart's content. 

Mr. and Mrs. !•'. A. Harrison, of Duluth 
Heights, were to have given a reception 
this week in honor ef the marriage of 
their daughter. Miss Lena Harrison, to 
William P. i'arrell, but it was abandoned 
because of the death if Mrs. Harrison's 
father. The couple were (juietly married 
by Rev, I). W. Cheney, of Superior, 

A pleasant excursion was given on the 
Lucille on Tuesday aftern'oon by the 
ladies of drace M. E. church. The 
boat ran to Spirit L.ake and Fond du 
Lac and about 2co people were aboard. 

A party made up of Miss Thomas and 
B. Thomas, of Bostcn; Mits Ada Bartis, 
of Minneapolis; Ed Edson, of this city, 
and Mr. and Mrs, C. W. Burnett enjoyed 
an outing on the water last Tuesday. 

Mr. and .Mrs. G. W. Wilson, of Phila- 
delphia, entertained a party of friends at 
dinner at the Spalding last Wednesday. 
The guests were .Mr. and Mrs. P. H. 
Wilioa, of Philadelphia; 'T. E, Rafcl and 
Mrs. S. Rafel, of New York, and T. W. 
Hoopes and L. Mendenhall, of Duluth. 

•A. picnic party was given in honor of 
Miss Florence Cosgrave, of Winona, on 
Wednesday evening. 'The party rowed 
cown to Park Point and lunched and 
passed the evening on thebeach, return- 
ing by moonlight. In the party were: 
Mr. and Mrs. C. I". \'an Bergen, Mrs. J. 
M. Geist, Misses Stcarn<:, Leland, Lydia 
and Jennie Poirier, Costello, Kelly, 
Maokey, and Messrs. Leland, O. C. and 
A. W. Hartman, MarsOen, Macdonald, 
Sullivan, Hanegan and Knox. 

Miss Walker entertained a party of 
frieiids at her home on East Fourth 
street 01 Thursday evenin.; in honor of 
her guest. Miss llnnly Gunn, of London, 
Ontario. About thirty young people 
were present. Miss Gunn returns home 
on Wednesday next. 

A party of twenty or thirty young 
people took a moonlight ride on the 
Peyton tug, Nellie Cotton, on Thursday 

Personal Mention, 

Miss Nellie 1 lolling left on Monday 
for Zumbrota, Mmn., for a visit of a few 
weeks with her friends and relatives. 

Frank Wyman has returned from 
Minneapolis with his family. 

Miss Mary Craig has gone to Fergus 
Falls to spend the balance of the sum- 

Rev. and Mrs. A. H. Carver, of Lake- 
side, arc at Dcerwood. 

Mrs. Clark L. Poole is doing the 
Worlrl's lair and will be absent until the 
middle of August. 

Mrs. S. J. Eastman, of ( )gantz school. 
Pa., accompanied by her niece, was the 
guest of Duluth friends this week. 

A party of tourists consisting of F. l). 
Thompson and wife and R. C. Thomp- 
son aad A. J. McCarthy and wife, of (Jil 
City. P.I., were at the St. Louis Monday 
morning, escorted by E. }>l. Richardson, 
of Imluih. 

Miss TiTiie Thorn has gone to Ontario 
for a five weeks' visit. 

Mrs. Dr. Wright left last Monday 
evenuig for a visii to lirooklyn. 

Miss Margaret McL>onald has gone to 
Cleveland, O., her former home, for a 
visit of a lew weeks. 

Miss Kate Hardy went to Chicago, 
last 'Tuesday. 

Master Ralph and Miss Helen Marble 
have returned from a vi-^it with friends 
and relatives in Chicago. 

Mrs. D. O. Irwin left las Tuesday for 
an extended visit with her parents. Mr. 
and Mrs. P. H. Rahiliy, at Lake Cixy. 

Misseii I" 11a and Cora Austin, of St. 
Paul, are the guests of their cousin Miss 
Susie Austin, of Lester Park. .Miss 
Susie Austin has been ill for a month 
but is convalescing. 

Mrs. Ellsworth B. Mallby, of New 
Haven, Conn., is visiting her sister Mrs. 
.Susan McCiowan, oi West Superior 
: trcct. 

Mrs. (icorgc A. Craig, of I>ay City, 
Mich., is the guest ol her sisti;r, Mrs. 
John Rosbiter, 7T5 WL>t Third street. 
She arrived Wednesday and will remain 
several weeks. 

Mrs. ,^ Dupond and Mrs Bougct, of 
Minneapolis, who have been the gutsls 
of Mrs. J. B. La Frambois, left for honu 

Miss I.tnie Stnckley, who has been 
visiting in Texas, has returned honi.f. 

Mrs. Lucy Hansen left Wcdnesdi-y 
evening on the I'nitetl Empire for a 
three weeks' visit to friends in Southern 
Michigan, making a short stay at De- 

troit as the guest of Mrs. Henry Helm- 


. MiaS Florence Cosgrave, of Winona, is 

the guest of Mrs. C. K. \'an Bergan. 

Miss Cosgrave vis.ted in Duluth last 

summer aiul has m inv friends here. 

Mrs. M. O. Hall and son are visiting in 

Gen, W. L. Banning and wife were at 
the Spalding du:ii)g ihis week. 

Mrs. E. J. Kuse and daughter, of St. 
I'aul, were visiting Diiluih friends this 
wee k . 

Mi. and Mrs. John Gwinncr, of St. 
C.ilherines, Ont., arrived Wednesday 
via the lakes to visit Duluth acquaint- 

Miss Kate Mclntvre arrived Tuesday 
from .St. Catherines, Ont., vshcre she has 
hecn attending schyo', to spend her va- 
cation with her lather. W. G. Mclntyte. 

Miss Editith Brossait, of Belle River, 
i.'j the guest of her sister, Mrs. A. J. La 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Bishop left 
Tuesday for an outing at Mackinac. 

'The Ml^^es Handlook, of White Bear, 
were the .^juests of Duluth friends ihis 

.Mrs. E. E. Randall and Mrs. Rhodes 
left W'.-dnes'.iay evening on the s'.eamer 
Idato for Chicago. 

Capt. and Mrs. Stough, of Cleveland, 
t>hio, are the guests ot Mri. L. A. 
Matthews, Lester Park. 

.Mrs. J. F^auen and son and Miss B. 
Reinhart, of Minneapolis, are visiting 
their parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Reinhart, 
Si.\th avenue west. 

Mrs. Clara Shillock, of Hastings, 
Minn , and Miss Margaret Carey, of 
Houghtor, Mich., are the guests or Dr. 
and iVlrs. Maas. 

Miss Minnie K. Fawcett left yesterday 
for Chicago ami will be absent several 

Miss FMith Cossitt left Thursday for 
Minneapoli. lor a visit »)f a few weeks 
with friends there. 

The Misses Jennie and Rulli Wiffert, 
of Buffalo, have joined their s)ster, who 
has been visiting in Duluth with Mrs. 
John Gordon. 1 hey are at the Spalding. 

Miss Jessie Patunson has gone to New 
York to spend the vacation' with her 
grand parents. 

Miss F-va McClure has returned from 
a visit to Stillwater. 

?*Irs. Ed Paddock has returned from 
St. i'aul and Minneapolis, where she 
spent several weeks visiting. 

Miss Minnie Meyers has gone to Chi- 
cago to take ill the lair. 

Miss Kittie Foley and Miss Minnie 
.Smith, of l--ag!e Harbor, .Mich., are visit- 
ing Mrs. J. Zugcr, of the Buffalo flats. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hall, of St. Paul, are 
visiting Mr. ar.d Mrs. W. C. White. 

Mrs. S. T. Johnson has returned from 
Eau Claire. 

Mrs. Geo. E. Lorg and children, ac- 
companied by .N4iss Mary Carey, are in 
Chicago at the World's fair. 

A fishing party left on the Barker today 
for West Point on the south shore and 
wi'I camp there .a week. Those who went 
arc Mr. and .Mrs. E. L. Wbittington, 
Miss Spier, Miss Metcalf,of St. Pau',and 
C. F. Speed and Sydney Brown. 

Miss Winnie Myles is in Chicago. 

Miss Ollie M. Wolf, of Milwaulkee, is 
visiting the ?.Iisses Flannery, ot Fourth 

West Duluth Social Notes. 

Mi9€ Lou Wilson, who has been visit- 
ing at Aberdeen, S. D.,has returned. 

Elmer A. Friend, of Seattle, Wash., is 
visiting his grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
Wm. Ward. 

L. Filiatrault, accompanied by his 
wife and her sister has returned from .a 
live weeks' trip in Canada, Chicago and 
otlicr places. 

A. IC. Scars and family, who have been 
the guests ot H. P.. McArthur, have re- 
turned t(» their home in Centralia, Wash. 

Mr. and Mis. E. F^spearth and child- 
ren, who h.ive been visiting relatives in 
the We.-t End, returned Tuesday to 
their home in Dallas, Wis. 

Miss Edna Scott is paying a visit to 
triends in \cr.idale, Minn. 

The ladies of the Presbyterian church 
held a picnic at Lester Paik yesterday. 

Mrs. C. W. Hoyt has returned a 
visit at Lake .Minnctonka. 

Mrs. George Ruppc, of Bessemer, 
Mich., is visiting Mrs. James A. Kirk- 

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Glover and Mrs. 
Hainan, of Hudson, Wis, are visiting 
Mr. and Mrs. I'mil Oiund. 

Mr-:. Hayes, of Stillwater, is visiting 
with Miss Maggie Ryan. 

Mrs. P. T. Daley has as her guest, her 
niece, Miss Frances McNames, of Min- 

Mrs. .M. H. Perry, of Washington, D. 
C. is the guest of her sister, Mrs. S. S. 

Miih Lucy Crowley, of Milwaukee, is 
the gu-:st of her sister, Mrs. C. F. 

Mrs. A. N. Perkins, of LaveriUe, 
Minn., is visiting .Mrs. j. O. llancock. 
Mrs. Perkins formerly resided in West 

Mrs. J. S. Hi'drcth left yesterday for a 
visit in Buffalo, N. N'. 

Mrs. .Sorcn i'ield and children are 
visiting at 'Two Harbors. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Closterman, of 
Cincinnati, were in the city this week. 

Mrs. P. J. Borgstroiii has gone to 'Ten- 
nessee for a visit. 

Mr. a/id Mrs. Ncvvcomb, of Hutchin- 
son, Minn., arc visiting friends in West 

Mrs. Rosenbufch entertained a few 
friciidton Thursday evening. 

Highest of all in Leavening Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Report 


The Satolli Reception. 

Great preparations tor a reception to 
be given Mgr. Satolii, auoitolic dele- 
gate, at .St. P.uil, are being made. His 
party is on its way to St. Paul, visiting 
the principal cities of the Northwest. 
, The receptuui will be given at the Ryan. 
Gentlemen from all parts of the state are 
c.\pe "ted to be presi nt to the number of 
^<x:o or ;oco. Whil,- t!ie aff.ur is largely 
Catholic, vet tl.ere ii an effort to make it 
non sectarian to a degree. It is prob- 
able that the reception w;ll be on Wed- 
nesday or Th'K'-day ot uext week, but 
the (late ba-i not been fixed. 

Duliiih will be npresenlvd on the re- 
ception (oniiiiittcc liv: John G.Brown, 
C. P. Magintiis N.' J. Millt-r. R. E. 
Crs'tHo, H. C. Huor, A. Kaikmann, 
.Nitk Postvvalk, Robert Hamp and E. 

The Short Line. 
Chicago and return, S13.75. July i", 24, 
31 and Aug. 7. The "Omaha" road. 
Thrcugh train. Call at 405 West Su- 
perior street. 


Swedish Lutherans Will Celebrate In Com- 
moporation ol the Upsala Decree. 

The Swedish Lutherans at the head of 
the lakes will celebrate the third centen- 
nial jubilee in commemoration of the 
decree of I'psala, Sweden, of i5()3, at the 
Temple i >pera house. 'The event means 
much to the Swedes. The tlecree of 
Upsala was obtained aftei seventy years 
antl under it Swedes couM unanimously 
adopt and confess the doctrine 
as taught in the .Autisbi:. ,^' (Augustana) 
confession. By the <lerice of Upsala 
the Swedish people became "one man" 
and declared themselves ready to defend 
their sacred confession and religious 
right. Charles l.X, the fathcrof Gustavus 
Adolphus II, was behind and regulated 
the movement to a great extent, and the 
latter became "The Grea*. Defender." 

Three services will be iield tomorrow 
at the Temple, one at lo a. m.; the Sun- 
day school jubilee at j p. m. and the 
grand jubilee at 7:30 p. 111. The speak- 
ers of the day will be Re \. C. A. Swan- 
son, A, .M., Ph. D., of Liiidburg, Kas.; 
Professor O. Olson, D. D., Ph. D., presi- 
dent of Augustana coIlej.;e and 'Theal 
seminary of Reck Island, 111.; and Rev. 
P. J. Sward, president ol the Augustana 

The music will be particularly good. 
The soloists will be Mnte. Augusta Ohr- 
strom.-Renard and Rev. I.. P. Uergstrom. 
Presides these there will l)f two choirs. 
'The singing and all of the services will 
be in the Swedish laiigua_L;e. 

The committee in chari:ewish to espe- 
cially ask American larniHes having 
Swediiih servantgirlsto allow them to be 
free moit of the clay JO that they may at- 
tend these services. 


Superior Will Have a State Normal School — 
It Cost Something. 
The board of regents has decided to 
locate one of the new Wisconsin state 
normal schools at Stevens Point and the 
other at Superior, and of i . iuisc Superior 
is wild vvith joy. The state appropriated 
$70,000 for the two buildin^js. Superior 
gives a site and $60,000 fm hers. Four 
sites have been offered— two at Old Su- 
perioii, one at Central Park and one at 
West Superior, on Belknap street. It has 
been intimated that the last named will 
be selected. Architect E. S. Palmer, of 
Duluth, was present at tht regent's meet- 
ing with plans for the new building. 
Nine architects are candidates for the 

Created a Scare. 
George L. Russell's new stand in the 
Ritchie block in West Superior was the 
scene of a small blaze and a great big 
scare about 8 o'clock this morning. A 
few papers uiuler a counter caught fire 
and burned and everybody thought the 
whole block was going. The lire de- 
naitment turned out Ir^iu two houses 
out was not needed. 

Mental exhau.stion and bain fatigue 
I'romptly cured by Bnino-Seltzcr, 3 

Rev. Dr. Minton's lecture on "Recol- 
lections of a Rambler ' Tuesday even- 
ing, 25tb, is well we>rth hearing. 

Salvation Army. 
Miss StafT Capt. Co\, ot the Salvation 
Army, will be in the i5ethel, Monday, 
July 24. She is one of the Salvation 
Army's great and interesting speakers 
of the day. She has traveled all round 
the world. She will be assisted by her 
lieutenant, the sweet singer, and Capt. 
Scott and corps. The staff captain will 
speak on "India and the Slum Work of 
L-'ur Country." .She is a powerful 
woman of God and souls will be saved if 
you come. All are welcome. Collec- 
tion will be taken up to help the work. 

A Big Bank Failure. 
Dr. Speer i\: Co. cure Piles 
mincntly; ad page S. 


BAJIUEI. W. UREENE, Mcbopolif, UL 

Liver Ccmpiaint Com- 
pletely Cured By 
Indian Sagwa. 

The Ocly Rpmpdy whkli did any Good. 

irKTROi-oras, li.r,., April 5. 
I i»rvo been troubled with liver com- 
plaint for twelve ycai-3. I trio«l ono hot. 
ue of Kickapoo Indian Sagwa nnti 

Itdiil iiiegre-iit good. A Bli^ilit oceurci^o 
of my trouMc ha.s causrd nio to i>urcb(iSO 
BnoHier bottle, anrl tlio re.«tjlt.s nre ho frrat- 
Ifyin;,' that I hnve boiiplit five Ijottlo.s move 
and nni Hatisflrd uf Ik in^ CONipletelV 
CUrod. It ts the only mcdlcfno I hnve 
ever found which would do me any good. 
Samuel \Y. Gheene. 


$1 per Bottis, 6 for $9. 
Sold bt all Deaxerb in KECicnntf. 


S3 SHOE noT^Vp. 

Do you wear them? When next In need try a pair.] 
Best In the world. 





If you want a fine DRESS SHOE, made In the latest 
style?, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or 
$5 Shoe. They fit equal (0 custom made and look and 
wear as well. It you wish to economize In your footwear, 
do so by purchasing W. L. Douglas Shoes, Name and 
price stamped on the bottom, look for It when you buy 
W. I« BOUGi:.AS. Brockton, Mm*. Sold l»y . 

Sii1l»l & Co., 129*131 west 8ii;«rior Strtft. 


$2.50 ^ 
12.25 ^ 

First Street and Third Avenue West. 



Lawn r.nd Porch 
Settees and Chairs, 
Steamer Chairs, 
Reed and Rattan 
Furniture, Bamboo 

Porch Settees $3-75 

(Bod cr Antique.) 

Porch Cliairs 1.25 

Porch Rockers 2.50 

Reed Rockers 2-75 

Reed Tables :i5() 


Floor Coverings 

Over irX) Stvlesot beaiitifiil 

CHINA and 



Good plain or fanc}' chctck 

Mattings at 12c 

Others at 20c, 25c, 'iO 35c 

Others ask 10c :o 20c per yard 
more and have no variety. 
Beautiful japan MattinLC Rugs, 



LartfC selection of all such 
goods marked at 

Hot Weather Prices. 

Drapery Muslins ^Ic 

Drapery Stripes 14c 

Kmpirc Muslin 15c 

Judging to Match IQc 

h'mbroidcred 15c 

:\Iuslins, 20c. 2nc, .30c- 35c 

J^cautiful cool lookins: "Ct 
and Lace Curtains. 

Don't Spend 

Time and get all heated up in crowded depart- 
ments and small shops in the Superior street 
High Rent and High Priced district, but 





Capital Stock $600,00t 

fiuaraDtcc Fund \'M Stale PMiat, ^lOO.OOf 

RECEIVES DEPOSITS unb'oct to ral' 
and itmueB ciTtiiicat-tt!! of (liit>''>''H ('0'>>*liiff iitnr 


on ct*rt.iflcat.os rutinliiar PIT inoriUjh. Lcaiie rii<t<l> 
ftt low«8l ralAfiou ai'{>r<>vi»<j HWi/it>. <'oiii-rj- 
city urn. h.-Iio<>1 iM^riils l>ur'•■.i^a^»••^l. 


('iJ'rit4in Markell, .1/. Morri't., Wm. McKjti»'^jv 
JanioH «')iBmloy, A. U. Hrntd^^y, li. H. liarrtf, 
Will. K. j'.icLiHn'.MHi. A. B. Cliai-'iJ. U. <i. Cap),. 
KilwarH 1j. Hradl-.y, Coo-cr" A. 5<:)i!»r, }{, J), 
Si?or, Artiinr H. Itrowii. i-. M. ObtMuua. Ch<>«. 

Contract Work. 

Office of tlio IJo.anl of Tiililic \V>>rkK I 
City of l>iiliitli, Minn.. July 1:;, ISK). J 

8'>iled bills will bo rpcoivod by tbo b'-.Tnl of 
public woikH in aod for tho coriioralion of tlif 
city of l>nlntli, MiniiOF'ita, St l^i<iir olKico iu naid 
city, lint il 10 a. lu. on tlio I't'.li day of .hily A. Ij.. 
IHSW. fLTtlie oonstrnctiou of Hti eighr-foot plimk 
gjdownlk, on tho WRHt tsids of S<^veii1<w;nib 
avpime I aft in said cii. v. from Loutioii Uua<i t<j 
SidiTli iilrivt, a<*CMrdiii): to plans ui;d 
^pociHcatioli» on lilo in !].»• ol'ioo of tald board. 

A cortill'.d cb'-ck <ir a b<ind with at leant two 
T!) suretji's ill tlio M'ln _«if ton ($10.03) d>';ll;irs 
MiiiKt accomiiany oneh bi<l. 

Tlic said t>oard roscrvos the riKbt to reject 
any cr all bids. 

llbNfiV TKnEI.SCN. 


Ollicial : 

T. \V. AnELL, 

tMork Hoard of I'ublic Works. 

July 13 I'Jt 

Notice of Application 

— Fon 




County <'f St. l>)fiH, Vm. 
CITY Ol' DUIAVni. ) 

Nolifi»iHli(>r>'>by KiviMi, That applii'atioii has 
hi'iMi mad.' m vni'inK t" tli.- C'liiiiiioii <-<iiiiiril of 
>iHiil CI';, '•! Dnhilh. dtid lHo'l in luy .illio*. pr.iy- 
ii)«l (or' li<"ii!»' t<i .sell in'oMOHliut; li'inoFH for 
the t<»rni comnippc'iie on .Inly 10. IM'H, 
and torinmaiiiur Jniy I'.l, l-:d, by thp fidlow- 
inu person nnd at »ho foHowinp place ap 
Btatedinhaid ai<plir>ttion pvpfctiv.-ly, to-wit: 

T. 1?. r.i'.kTord, at No. llOS Woit Sui-orior 

Sai 1 api>licatioD 'ill bo l.o-irdHnddf 'erminod 
by fr.i d con.mou conncil of tlifcityof iJn'utb. 
at til' coui.cil cSanilwi iu t^aid fity of DnhuL, 
ill bt. L(>iii> oouut y, MiuiiexoTa, ou Mr>Qday, the 
7ihii.iyof AuBU^t, IpWJ, »l 7 ;.a) o'clock p. m. of 
that day. 

WitueK* •■•« hi.tid and t>»al <>f b«M city of Dn- 
l.i'.l. thir* :M t day or.Jiily. V. I>. 1>VA. 

I »'.. KirHAFDHON. 

City Clerk. 

beul. i 

July r. lit 

Of incotinp of cominipsii 
to view the preniisoB a 
for properly to \vs takf 
inji7riously alTected b 
t< nsion of Koplyii aven 
l''irf*t division, to a jnn 
iiue in fllen Avon. Sect 
eity of Duluth. St. l.oi 

Notice is hereby (,'iven 
liBvo beeiv duly appi>!iitr 
cil, of the ' .ly of liulutli 
drnination to view the p 
dAniajres which may be < 
iiiK of private property f 
po-cc, namely : Vor the 
of Hoslyn avoime, as the 
platted in MunterV Tarl 
city <if J^uliith, Sr. Louis 
orly, from the soiitherlj' 
HuDtcr'8 Pari;. First div 
tinmo curve an tliat, ou 
s.aid Bouthnrlv boiiuda 
ion to a junction wit 
the .same is laid out and 
Avon, Second division, i 
state, so that they t-hall 
avmuo; the property to 
demned by the ciiy<if 1 
aforesaid, li'-mir ail (h" 
wiihin the hDiindary h"iii 
fail! ll'int^'r'i- r.-uk. Kir 
above de»-cribed to :i .i;iii 
une. in filen Avon. .Secoi 
land bejnp loc'ited wilhl 
.St. hiiiiis county, Minn, 
have duly (nialifled a^ m 
have causeil a plat, to hi 
KJar-or of said citv of I)i: 
erty j>ro|>o.«ed to ho taki 
opening and extemliuj; 
caufiert f^aid pl«t li> bo li 
of i'.'iid city of Diilnth. ii 

Notice is farther 
nd'T-timied will iii"et 
ioiierH at the ollire 
of paid city of J)i 
in said city, on Tuesday. 
1««, at tx»n o'clocW in )li 
and from thence will pr( 
iscK. to hear thn object ii 
sons whobo property is t 
fectt>d, and to ii.^ses.q ihf 
the city of Dulntli to tli 
proi)erty proposotl to 
I>opes aforesaid, or wli 
allected thoridiy. 

Dated Daluth, Minn., 

C< mniiFBiol 
July 1 

mere in condoninatioii 
jd as.'ess the dama(r>s 
u f>r. or which may Ik< 
r the opening and ex- 
ile in Hunter's I'ark, 
:!tio!i with Koslyn jive- 
nd divifiion. all in the 
:is county, Minn. 
*Jiat IIk' nndcrfciffned, 
d by the common conu- 

conimissioners in cou- 
remiFOs ami .iFsess the 
"ccasioned by tlie tak- 
>r the following i>ur- 
opeuiDp and extension 
s.-iine IS l.'iid ont and 
. I'lrst division, in the 

C'lnuty, Minn., soiitn- 
boiiud;iry line of said 
.sion, fell width, on the 

wl'.ich it appro.iches 
•y line of said diviF- 
h Iloshn avenue, as 

platted tliroiiKrh (lien 
1 said city, ci.nnly and 

form otie continuous 
b(> acquired and con- 
'ulntti fo." the purposes 
J rivale jiropeity lyin»; 
•s of Rf slyn avenne, ui 
■t divisiiin. exI'Midert as 
ction wil » Uosljii ave- 
id division ; all "f said 
n I he city of Duluth, 
'I'tiat the r.ndersicned 
ell ciiinniissioners and 
jnaiie by the city en- 
Inth. sliowimr the prop- 
n fiT the puriMise of 
>;iiil avenue, .and. Ii.ave 
I'll with the city clerk 
s reiiuired by law. 

niveu. that the 
as such ponimiss- 
<if the city clerk 
luth ill tliecity hall 
the first day of Aupimt, 
• forenoon of said day, 
iceed to view the prem- 
ns or i>r<H»f of any per- 
iken or injuriously af- 
damat^es to be paid b.v 
e owner or owners <if 
lie taken for the pur- 
ch may be injuriously 

July Tdh, 1S9;!. 

K. ('. lilil.LIDAY. 
JdllN G. HowAHt), 

lers in Condemnation. 
s lot. 

IF you wish to drink a choice 
Glas.s of Lngcr call for 

Fitger's Beer. 

■Wholesome, Palatable and Kourls bin 

Notice of Application 



(ouNTv or St. Ixn IS. ^fb. 
City ok Dchtii. j 

Notic.e isliereb.v piven that appfication? h-^vo 
m.ade in « r.tioK t<> the cominon c..iincil of s.iiti 
city of Duluth. and Hied in my oMic^. prayim; 
f»ir license to w^ll intoricatliiK li'iuors f«>r tlia 
torii! c^miinenciiiK on Vii»:ut.t 1. IV.':!, andt^rmiu- 
atmKon .\iit;ust 1, I-IM. by the fidiowinc i>ersoa", 
and at the following places as stated iu said ui>- 
I licatiouti respiHJtiTi'ly, to-wit : 

The L. Beauriv.-ufe Wine House Co. at No. IJO 
West Superior str.^t. 

Said application will bs heard arid det<>rmi cod 
by sai«I common corned of thn cily of Duluth. 
at the council clianil»cr in paid city of Duluth, 
in St. Louis coiiuty. Minnesota, on Monday, tlio 
:;ith day of July, 139:!. at 7 :30 o'clock p. m. ot 
that day. 

Witnepg my hand and seal of said city of Du- 
luth, tins nth daj of July,A. D. ^■^9.l 


t'lij Clerk 

S Corporate ? 
beal. J 

J 14 times. 

EVERY MAN nebvo^ «. 


From Wliatover Ca isc. .should write to 


Henifpin Jlvmni', f i rner Fourth Street, 



Tlio oUvst .tti*l Only n IUIiIh 
rit>. Kcftularly vrsilunl*'*! »iti1 

«.•)!( !.• Vk' >t tll> (11 V torll.MllIK 

l.n«is, iu »• ff'tlll ots.T* jC 

Nervous Debility. 

nil"!!!,!! iin'x'i' iif it< kinil in llir 

1,'Kall) qualiflrrt. If IMIillit'lI 

il. ii>,'.ti. Ill)- K ;.! I>> 111 111 ol I ■- 
im-hIiI«* rttM*.i ifiurMttci'it. 

1«pikLiir», KkIIIrs Mi'wor;, 
r riDTKTi l'h)»l'iil I'Maj. uri. 
n.liiliri'iKi'oi l.\i"'-iiiv. fiijiii.- 
<r>s of 8i|:lit, Si'lf Pi-trimt, Pc 
f«e, Avcrsiiyj tnSofifty, l,i)s» 
MeUnrhoU. I>vvi>c|>v»»J5tuiitrit 
11". Ill III.' Im. U. <i' . uro lif.t|.^ 

r\jli' n. 4 
ini; Iroin IinliM-n.-tii'il'. V\»'--< 
inn ii*'r\"usin'^«i, V*'1'ihiy, Uiiiiii 
f#»ctive Mpiiii'ry, Piiiiiilos on lh< 
I'f Ainl)iii«ii, I'lifilni".*. t.iM.irrv, 
IVi.l.'l'nii III. I .1 , ff l'."Kr, r:i . 

H.iiri>, rrkairii, si,ri<iiij. itnnatural Discharg;ea 

Sured Permanently. 
iood.Sitin and Veneieal Diseases, 

Bo.!,-. K()~". 'iiiiiiit. Skin iinl I 
llc/.pliii. Old S.rt'i, l'J.-1-ri.. I't 
ciUNc. jio*i1ivrly ati'i Iwrrkcrilr 
i.f Safr, Tlnr-lrklell Krvrdin. 
Klii'iiiiuli-'i". Ill'- ro%ult of KliM 

and URINARY (ompiu 

^iii'iit cr Uluudy Urine, Ohimi 


CATAnilH( Aniuircd >Ve«lii 
rxprrlavBl*. Charms low. C 
psapklvt fnmby mail The Do 
sured tliouMBda. All ooniult*! 

AH f.irmj, 

, .Affcctii.; 

i;]. I. tir* Lriirtiouii. Acne. 

ntui Hv\L'H>nK^, truiu uh^tcifl 
vi'H from the ftystrm liy liie^an 
Sti9 Ami Swollen JiuMn Aint 
<\ Pniwn Curct KIOMEY 
il\. fiaifiil. niWeult, too Kr«- 
rhora and Strktiirs fromi'tiy 

■ ■SIH<riM««;rnn«tiliitinni«lani| 
ll»^sc*^•f H'lth S*'xr< treafi"*!. fi» 
ill or write Sy«plnM I.KI •nil 
:tor hA< Ktironvfully treatnl nnd 
lont aro Mrictly confliiantml. 



I'pder and by virtue «»f an execution issued 
out of ami undiT the >.e;il of the iHstrict court 
of the state of Mitine-nota, in and for the 
Kleventh judicial district, and c«»unfy of St., 
i^ouisonthe IMhday of ,Iun". I'»9:<. iijMin a' 
jiidffincnt rendered and docketeil in raid court 
and ccVuiity in an action therein, wherein .\nna 
A. KveriMi was i<laiiitiS' and Hi-nry A. Ihmelnss, 
defendnnt. in favur of naid plaintitT and ucainst 
said defendant, for the sum «>f tivo hnodreil 
ninety and Ti.VldO dollars, which said execution 
has to nie, as sheriff of said St. litiiiis county, 
been duly directed and delivoro<l, I have leviiMl 
uiHin and will sell ;it public .inctioii, to the 
hii;hest casii bidder, at thn front, it«M>r of lb< 
court house in the eity of Diilittli. in s.iid county 
of St. Ijouis. oTi Monda.N . the 31st day of .Inly, 
lKt;t, at ten o'ch ck in the f<rnMKMiii of that da>, 
all the right, titje ami inter«»st tliat the ab«>v<> 
named judKineni debtor had 111 and to the real 
estate hereinafter describfHl on the i;>th «lay of 
.Tune, 1X9.H, that beiiifr llie dale of th* rt><)dltion 
of said judement. The descript on t-f the proii- 
erty beiuR as follows, to-wit : 

Ltd foity (401. Kast Second ( strei^t, Du- 
luth proper. First ijst i division, fuid lf>» twenty- 
tive (2S\ West Third iMi sti-eet. Dnhith proper, 
I'irst ilstt division. St. Louis county, MitinPi>ota, 
according to the recordwl plat thertMif on tile 
and of nvorcj ill the oflice of the letristor of 
(leed.sin and for St. Loois county, Miiines<ita; 
the said priM'erl.v eoMTi'd lix lien <>f ;itt ■ichiiieiit 
IssikmI ill ^aid aclioii and l<Mit«<l \iik'. I-IIi, IM^'i. 

|.\T.ed ll.diilh, Minn . Jiim HiM,. p 'j. 

I'm I. Nu.xtvy. 
Sheriff Ht. I<»i<l> comuj . Minn. 
My lw\N II \n8I:n, 
Oepiity Sbciift. 

.1. 1). RlCH.iKPS, 

.•\l(<>rney f»>r .linUrnu'nt tn-dilor. 
.1 17-21 J l>-15-2J'Jy 


PdBlass DeaUsl 

Room 70S, 







John Clarke Mas Sufficiently Recovered Frcm 

Kis Experi(M»ce In tlie Lake to 

Account For It. 

The Boat Tipped Over About 2 O'clock 

aiui He Never Saw Qrcp^ After 


Clarke Cllmbfd On to the BctJoni of the 

Boat and Drifted About All 

the Day. 

John Clarke, ihe survivor of the lake 
ncciilcnt, was unconscious most of the 
clr.y ves'.erd.iy, but was suftlciently re- 
covered today to be able to )^\\t: the 
Ptoiy of tho accident. The man drown- 
ed was Will r>. Ciregii, not William 
Craijf. He was ::; ye.irs of ag^e, had :i 
wife in Sr. Paul and had been here 
abotit two months. 

Clarke sa>i they started out in the 
mornia^' in a sirill boat and with a sail | 
up. This they afterward took down anil j 
jnit uadt^r the s.ats. Gre^g was rowing 
in the bow aid about :: o'clock in the 
afternoon i;ct up and vent past Clarke j 
to tl-.o hter.!. As he vv:-.s pps^'.n^ alorjr 
he tripped and fell and Clarke jusiped 
fc^rwaid to cat. h hini. A wave cauivht 
the boat at tlu'.t moment ard over it 
Avent. Clark s.^vs he never saw Gregg 
trom tlic moment iho boat went over, 
i ie himsc!i sei-ed a rope and in about 
ten u.ii.ut^^ji managed to climb up on the 
l>ottoni iif the boat. 

All d;y h-vtc: h^ laid face downward 
and was tossed about by the waves. He 
saw two boats durin*^ the day, one abiut 
two miles an I the other three miles 

Clarke liver- in West Duiuth but is 
still too weak and exhaus':?d to be re- 
moved to l.i- b"me and his physician 
has commanded him to rcma'n at Mr. 
Kraycnbuhi's in Lakeside. 

Btrrtcard 'A'as Away From His Post of Duty 
* Vl'hen Killed. 

An inquest is beiujjheid this ;.fiernonn 
at Stewart's niorj^ue on the body of John 
F. Barn card, who w.-is killed yesterday 
iiiominp on the Mesaba ore docK. The 

follow in£j were sworn in as jurors; X. 
Voun.cjblooJ, S im Faradis. F. W.;L)e\"ey, 
»), H." Sellers, D. D. Garvey and Dave 

G. J. .\nderson,ihe contractor, was the 
llrst witness. The deceased, he srdd, 
was a tireraan workin>j on the enstnc 
used for hoistin'.j timbers ar.d material, 
lie did not work directly for Mr. Ander- 
son but was employed by the owner of 
tiie two hciijtibg engines wbich were 
hired for the dnck worked fully manned. 
The wit.'itt.-i took crois section pi.uis and 
thcwed jiist w liere the man wa'; ftandinjij 
and how he fell as was shown by marks 
on the tim'jcrs. From the top of the 
unfinished dock where Uarncard was 
star.dinjj to tie tloor is .\q feet ii inches. 
The water is only a few inches below. 
As he tell B:iincard struck the support- 
iii;;; timbers which are placed at an angle 
of 45 de:^recs and wa? thereby thrown 
from side to s'le. He v,as 5»tandin'{ 
at least sixty feet from his proper station 
near the e.Ti^lne when he fell. A work- 
man came lo witness and siid a man 
h-id f.illiit. Witncsi telephoned for a 
'loctor irr.irediately upon beinp^ told that 
the man wa^, >till livr^ ?nd then went 
to him. R.-irncard was uead when witness 
:^ot there. 

In the course of Mr. Anderson's testi- 
mony it was brought out that in his 
thirtv-cij^ht ve.ars' experience as contrac- 
tor and builder of neavy structures he 
has never before had a man killed or 
hurt even lo the extent of breaking a 
bone while working on his contracts. 

T'fiomas' Lynch, the engineer under 
whom deceased worked, tesiihed that 
two men came from another part of the 
»Iock to g.t .1 piece ol timber and re- 
move it tf) another part of the dock. 
They had to po down a kind of a ladder. 
They made the chain fait and gave him 
the i.ij;nal to po ahejid. The fireman 
went forward of the derrick to assist 
them with the timber. When it was 
raised so it cleared the top of the dock, 
!t swung around and hi', him in the back 
of the neck and knocked him off. ' 


2>crtor Street. 


Ten Car Loads of Mountain Iron Mine 

Ore Were 0;imp-d Into the Mis- 

sabti Dock. 




Largrat C^lwvliiof; lloutoia tlioAYost 
of Low I'rir.'H. 

yVes\ Sv.- 

CoM^inxml )wr, slir,ht(ii cooler todaij, slight 
chinuirx in tt-i>>i>criitnrf: east to nortlieast 


Was About 2 O'clock This Afternoon 
and the Whole Merritt Family 
Was There. 

HorKS Kou LvniKS: 
Evoiy liny from a a. 
til. tu 1 i> m. 

noi'us Ftm uKXTS : 

)-very ilay frt>m 1 p. | 

III. t.> 10 p. m. 

?S'"* BATHS 

4t'> ItVif :>Iichi<jan fUrn-t, 
i) rn.\.s. 0. F.U,1-KU. rrop. PlLl 1 11. MINN 

The Dock Is Not By Any Means 

Coinpleto But Three Hundred Men 

Are Pushinj^ It. 


Culliim, dentist, 702 PalL-idio. 
jtaoke Kiidion ciyar. W.A. Foote & Co. 

"Use the best" Duiuth Impisrial flour. 

McMillen &. Tcnhusch, architects; 
Kinjj block. 

First mortpa:,'e loans, Crosb, Bros., Pal. 

Dr. Ii. C. iMintor. D. D., will lecfireat 
the First Presbyterian church Tuesday 
cvenin?, the 23th. Subjec: "Recviilec- 
tions of a Rambler." Tickets 50c. 

Dr. Srhiffman extracts teeth without 

jNiJoo, ?i?oo. $650 and $700 to loan. T. 
O. Hall, iot I'alla'dio. 

Rev. T. K. Peters, of Minneapolis, will 
speak at the services at the Second 
liaptist churc!) tv)morrow. 

Frank Montreal and Frank Leduc 
have been held by Uiv.tod States Court 
Co.r.:r.ii<sioneif Circy to appear be- 
fore the United States court at Minne 
npolis in September, for introducing 
jiqu;>r on the Kji.d ciu Lac reservation. 

Wc want to buy $1000 lot in West End 
to improve. All cash. Crosby I>ros., 

Rev. C. "V'. Gainarbc of Detroit, will 
deliver a lecture at the procathedral to- 
morrow evenmc;. He will i)reach and 
say mass at the French church at 8 
o'clock and at 10:30 a. m. 

Marri.ige licenses have been issued 
i->v Clerk Sinclair to the following: 
Charles Hr':^berg and Augusta Amelir. 
Hjalm; Anthon Ikr^h and Sophia 

First citizen.^hip papers have been 
tr.ken out by William A. Davis, Oscar 
Leandtrron and Henry Smith. Second 
papers were issued to John J. Moe and 
Rote:. \Vhiiui,.Lli. 

An execution issued in the United 
St.itcs court in favor of Aaron Wick- 
htrom and against the Tower & Soudan 
Street Railw.'.y company, amount 
i^tSo7.SQ, has been returned un>atisfied. 

Deaths as follow^ Inve been reported 
to the board of health: Carolina Peter- 
ion, aged 27 vtar:, i jo Garueld avenue, 
tvpho;d fev.-r; John F. Iianicord,Thirty- 
petond avenue west, riped 29 vear?, in- 
j-jries on the heid; Ida Hendrickson, 
aj:ed 23 years. 1028 West Michigan 
street, jiuerper.d pneumonia. 

Dirths as follows have been reported 
to the board of hnalth: William and 
Mary Jackson. St. Luke's hospital, a 
(Ir^ughter; Frnest Merrill and Louise 
Fiflder, St. Lukes hospital, a son; H.R. 
and Addie H-mdcrson. S'S Fifth avenue 
west, a daughter; W. C. and Elizabeth 
Swan, 2324 West Michirjnn street, a son; 
Edward and Maggie Gustafson, 122 Park 
avenue, a son. 
The bank clearings today amountedto 


A meeting of ail committees of com- 
mercial organizations and pieople gener- 
eraliy who are interested in the success 
of the reciprocity convention which will 
be held in Duiuth in October will meet 
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the 
f hamber of cn-omcrce. Wcs: Superior 
people have been nclifed also. 

Dr. Dunn will preach tomorrow morn- 
ing at the Lester Park church. 

This is both a proud day for the Mer- 
rits and the commencement of many 
biMients to the city of Duiuth. At last 
the Duiuth, Miss.ibc & Northern r lilway 
is completed t ) the new o.e docks, and 
tboie 01 e decks are not only reaiiy fcr 
ore but already have received it. This 
afternoon ten car loads ot ore from the 
Mountain Iron mine were dumped in 
the pockets of the new dock. The 
docks are by no means done, but are 
now leidy' lor a limited use. About 
thiity pockets are comiileted, and e.ach 
d ly will see more of the entire 400 ready 
for regular U!--c. 

The train this afternoon was in charge 
of Conductor Gallagher and the cere- 
motiv of making the first dump w.ts a 
sort of an informal private Merritt fam- 
ily .iff.air. Among the many members of 
that family Grandma Merritt headed the 
list. Then came Mr. ?nd .Mrs. All Mer- 
ritt, Mr. and Mis. C. C. Merritt, Mrs. 
Lon Merritt, J.ihn F. Merritt and so on 
,ad iminilum. Nearly ail the cl.?rks and 
employes of th? getieral cflircs of the 
Duiuth, Missabe & Northern railway 
were on hand, and of course in adailioti 
to the .Merritts. who are officers of the 
roa*:', were S. K. Payne, fccrctiry, and 
J. B. Hanson, auditor. Capt. \\'. W. 
Braden, ex-t-.uditor cf the state of Ne- 
braska and a heavy slcckholdcr in the 
Mountain Iron mine, was there and sev- 
eral others of prominence. The only 
thing lacking was C.Lpt. McDougall and 
the loading of a wha'eback with ore. 

Three hundred men are busily en- 
gaged in pushing these mammoth docks 
to completion and it will be co::ip?.ra- 
tivclv few days until the sound ct tools 
is no longer heard. 

— • ■ 



A Misfitting: One 
Will Do as Much 

Is Not as 

Good as Another 

To youf M»p' .m an illlittinfi: slioc. 
The only (Dnirortablt! Stoekiiisr 
luiide is the 

The Wew Stocking. 

Outwears the old siiape. 
Doesn't d( furin ibc foot. 
Saves discomfort. 
Saves darning. 

Tho?e >vIio wear tliem once coiitiiitic 
to wyiiv them. That .Npiuks well 
for t hem. .No more f xi)i.'n>^ive thai! 
the erdiijary kinds. 

Fine Lisle iuus... 
Soft Lislo Blacks... 
Fine Coltoi! 


,50c a Pair, 
, 3.5f a Pair, 
.2. If a Pitir 


Notice to Dog Owners. 

Notice is hereby p-ven that all persons 
ownin}'' or keepinj^ uniiceiiscd dogs will 
be liable to arrest and fine or imprison- 
ment from and after this date. 

Daniel Horgan, 

Chief of Police. 
Duiuth, June 6, 18^3. 

rue weather. 

DuLLTH, July 2>, 1893. 
I. - - .,,^T^.,Ki^ tK« ;„.,. ,..;n ,«>»,.,,. ^ Tho following v.^.ristiou.s ia t<;mi<«ratiire werf- 
It .5, prob-\ble the jury uill return a r<K.orrtnr1 nk Pi^uecr Fnol CompHiay's office, SJ^ 

Weft rinn«rior street, today aud corrospond- 

iug date la?t year. 

verd:ct that Barncard came to death by 
bis o-*rTi caielessness .is all the testimony 
seems to show that he was away from 
his post and duty when the accident 


Kxcursion to Two Harbors on the 
• '>s-ifra<;c tomorrow afternoon at 2. 
Tickets, :;o cents. > 


1992 ; 1893 


IZ m XI 

,M 1 7 a. ra M 


3 p. in 102 

'^^ 1 f9 a. m fiS 


•>p.m W> 

lU 1 12 m Ti 


lOp.m no 










Daily rnvnf 



A Calendar ol llie Usual Length Disposed of 
Both Judges Ensijjn and Lewis were 
engac^ed on special terra work this morn- 
ing, finishing before noon. The former 
disposed of the following matters: 

Louise Listen ai^ainst Patrick Liston, 
suit for divorce on the grounds of habit- 
ual drunkenness, continued for one week 
alter takin'; th.: testimony of plaintiff 
and John Buchanan. 

.Arthur L. Parsons against William 
Mclvinley. motion for new trial taken 
under advisement. 

Charles A. Krause against Morris 
Thomas et al, stay of twenty days frcm 
July 15 granted. 

Judge Lewis disposed of the following 

OStandard Ore company against Cin- 
cinnati Iron company, stricken from cal- 

Damie A. Moore against John D. 
Moore, continued. 

In the mitter of the assignment of 
Dod;^e & Co., motion for confirmation 

In the matter of the petition of the 
board of education to appoint commis- 
sioners lo assess damages on lots in 
West Duiuth taken for a school building, 

In the matter of the assignment of A. 
H. Thomson, continued. 

In the matter of the assignment of 
Aujjcust A. Henderson, order allowing 
amendment of schedule of property. 

State of Minnesota, in tax proceedings 
to enforce payment of delinquent 
personal property tax against Duiuth 
Belt Line railroad company, order in 
pursuance of mandate of supreme court. 

In the matter of Waldrcf, Dunsmore 
& Co., insolverits, continued. 

Guarantee Land company against 
Henderson M. Myers ct »l., judgement 
of foreclosure ordcr.:d. 

Flora Piscatte aga'nstD. Piscat'.e, con- 

Pro-Cathedral Music. 

The following is the program of music 
to be surg at the pro-cathedral tomorrow: 

"Kyric" ..Fanner 

fidrs. Tl\orntun, Miss Duuavon and clioir. 

"Gloria _ Farmer 


"Fax homkiibus" 

Misf- FarroU, Mi-ss FttZfatrick, 
Mr. Wliite, Mr. Scliultt. 


Mr. Whitt, Mr. Scliultz. 

-Qai Yolli*" - 

Miss FarroU and < 'liuir. 


Ml. Kilie. 


Misa Fitzpatrick. 

"Tu ix.li6" 

Miss .ludd. 

*'Veiii Creator'' 




"Et lucarnatuH" 

Miss FHrroli, MisK Fitzpatrick. 

"Ft iu Spirilum"... 

Mr V.liito. 

Offertory— "JLvo iliirin" Wameliuk 

Wr. Jichidtz. 

"Sanctns".. Wornfr 


•*Beno<lictuR"" Werner 

Miss i'unaroii and Choir. 

"AguuB Dei" Werner 





III all t!ip tiyw shaiic;? and pattiM'n>". 
ronsree Silk. China si!k au<i Fou- 
lartl Silk, reiiular sellinsr pi-ico, oO 
ami 7oc, 

Only 35c Each. 

NeSfli?rec Sltirts from *Mh' np. 
Faney an^l phDu l/nck Vp,stt«, QQ f prtjci 
many ofthoii! wortJi 01.76 »^vJ uDlibi 


A Read Wheoi V/iLhout a Peer. 

i! m mm of eioes oh iii si of rsm 

Now in Its Third Season, and Fully Guaranteed. 



Qormully & Jeffery ilanufact'g Co., 


With every iMucUase In every de- 
partnienl you're outitlcd to a ticket 
on the honso and lot wo irive a^vay. 
P>e sure and g-et one: wc want you 1.0 
liavc it. 



Minx., Jllv 13, '93. 



I am a civil eiifcirieer, makino- the conctiuction and maintenance of hi^Iiways a special study. 
The roads about Uuluth are rough and hilly, and the Grades upon some of the improved 
streets arc Very Heavy. Therefore, I .im convinced that your wheels present Points Far 
Superior to others for this locality. I n-ciirh about IGO po'uids and should h'!:e to try a 
Rambler No. 1 with cushion tires. 

T. IL FAIRCIIILD, Civil Engineer and Surveyor. 


Duiuth Can 


Carriers For 


Excursion to Two Harbors on the 
Ossifr.iK« tomorrow afternoon at 2. 
Tickets, 50 cents. 


For quick raising and fine cakes, pastry, etc., we recommend 
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder in preference to all others. 

This indorsement is 
si^ed by all the ofTicers 
of the Pastry Cook's 
Association ; also of the 
United Pastry Cook's 
Association of New 

The Court Filings. 

The follovvin}^; filuii^s were m.ide in 
Clerk Sincl.Tir'.-, o.'^iicc today: 

Clnirlcs A. Willoujjhby ay.Tinst Robert 
I'orbes, jiid<;mcnt for plamtiff. *iq<;i. 

Bond antl o;uli of ifilce of John A>:i?cr' 
.IS ( Icrk ol town (.f FIcodwood. 

C. A. Everett .S: Co.against A.J. Boyd, 
satisfaction of jiidRment, ikjy.21. 

Mcl''a''Jden-Nlnllcn company aj^ainst J. 
C. Wcbcr, lranscrii)t of judgnjenl, $8 1.35. 

Lewis Henry HurIi <,;ifford aj^auiSt 
Nellie McAdams. amended reply. 

Nels N, Oie .ngainst Gust Johnson, exe- 
cution on transcript from inuniciiial 
court, f 76.54, returned wholly unsalisticd. 

■ m 

Excursion to Two Harbors on the 
OhnUrsfin tomorrow allernoon at 2. 
Tickets, so tents. 

Expecl no Were 
Some Time. 

Pcstofficc Inspector G. T. Gould, who 
has been in the city several days, w;is 
merely making Duiuth his hc.idqnarters 
while looking over Superior with refer- 
ence to consolidation a::.l tl^. ' requested 
extension of earner system tnero. 

Several petitions have been presen.ted 
recently for the extension of freedeli very 
in Duiuth. Tiie residents of certain 
West End territory, Duiuth Heights, 
Lakeside and other localities think they 
are entitled tu free delivery and no 
doubt they are. But there is little pros- 
pect at present for the j;ralilkation o! 
their wisnes. A recent letter from the 
department states that m consequence 
of raising necessary allowances formany 
offices to enable them to keep within the 
ei.q;ht hour law, as recently detincd 
by the supreme court, the annual 
rate of expenditure for free delivery ser- 
vice is in excess of the appropriation 
without the allowance of a solitary addi- 
tional carrier. Therefore, unless con- 
gress shall make an additional appro- 
priation, nothing can be done to im- 
prove the service ui Duiuth and other 
cities similarly situated. 

Assistant Postmaster Hiifjhes says 
congress most certainly should make an 
increased appropriation or else the free 
delivery service will be crippled badly. 
The additional men required by the 
ei^ht-hour law to handle the territory 
already covered is a big drain on the 

i FOR RENT, i 

Residence of Mrs. A. J. White- 
man on London Road, slxtcrn 
rrjnms: one 0! tha hr.nilsotncst 
and most desirabio residences 
inlhecity. Lartje grounds: rent 
reasonable. Apply to 

Torrey Building. 



Blood-Sucking Vampires. 
A cage containing three blood-sucking 
vampires was broui;lit by the I'nited 
Si. lies Kxprejs company from; Bo.ston 
two old ones with vrning. They arc queer 
looking Ihings, resembling a gigantic bat 
with winps that spread three to iour feet. 
They came from the JCast Indies, con- 
signed to Mr. Morris, of the Illu.sion 
show, where they can be seen. 

To Whom It May Concern. 
1 hereby iorbid any and all parties to 
extend any credit tn Mrs, F. E. Dawson 
as I will not De responsible for the same. 

F. E. Dawson. 
Duiuth, July 22, 1S93. 

Miss Laura Forbes, of Silberstcin & 
Bondy's, is spending her vacation ir 
Toronto. Ont. 

John J. Moe, of Johnson <Fc Moe, re- 
turned last evening from a trip to Hills 
boro. North Dokota. Mr. Moe reports 
the crops in splendid condition in that 

Rev. E. Hiiliard, o' Duiuth, has beei. 
a'^ signed as pastor of the Seventh D.i} 
Advcnli't church, ol St. Cloud, says the 
St. Cl-/ia Times. He has already luovea 
to St. Cloud. 

James Fisher, of St. Paul, was in the. 
city yesterday. He was president of the 
reciprocity convention held recciilly ii: 
St. Paul. 

J. D. Zien and wife wM leave thi; 
afternoon for a visit in Milwaukee anu 

A. M. Marshall left yesterday for 
Saginaw, Mich. 

A. H. Robertson went toAshton, Neb., 
this morning. 

Walt Wyant, traveli:ig passenger 
agfnt, of the Michigan Central, ii in tht 

II. V. Winchcll, of Minneapolis, is in 
the city today. 

C. E. Wales, of the Pioneer Fuel com- 
pany, came up fro.Ti Minneapolis thi^ 

Charles M. Harrington, pre.-.i<lcnt of 
the \'au Dasen-Harrmgtoii comp.iny, 
came up from .Minncajiolis this morning. 
E. R. Gilman, manager of the Grear 
Western .Manufacturing company, is u\ 
the eitv today. 

John De Lailtre, the Minneapolis lum- 
berman, is at the Spalding. 

Master Edgar Rowley, son of J. W^. 
Rowley, has gone to K;ilaina/.oo, Mich, to 
spend a few nionlho with relatives and 
for the benefit of his health. 

M. Ii. Koon, the prominent Minneapo- 
lis attorney, is in the ciiy today. 

C. J. A. Morris, the St. Paul consul tiiii, 
engineer, is in the city. 

iion. P. Ii. Winston, of Minneapolis, is 
in the city tod:iy. 

Maj. Sears will go to Grand Marais. 
Minn., tonight in the Nautilus. B. 1-. 
Howaid ami probablv F. B. Daugherty 
are gcintr out also. 

CjCharles P. Murphy, of the American 
Exchange bank, and Miss Li/^ic Ci. 
Flynn of St. Paul were marrieii in the 
cathedral in that city this week. Tht-y 
will visii the World's fair and afterward 
siil for I.iverpix)!, v:siting England, 
Scotland and Ireland bclore they re- 

Mr Pnd Mrs S. P.achn;an, and d.iugh- 
ters.. Misses Lulu ami Till e .ire visitin-' 
Wr and Mrs. J. Ebcrt at \J[2o Jcftctson 
street. They arrived yesterday and arc 
dvlighted with Duauh. 

Enteriained the Choir Boys. 
Last evening Mr. air.x Mrs. F. \V. 
Paine entcitiiiud thc! thoir boys «)f St. 
Paul's Episcopal chiirrh ^x their home. 
Several young hidies and gentlemen as- 
sisted in thccutertainmeniand the even- 
ing was very enj'^yably spent with games, 
five crncliers, ice cream and other re- 
freshments, rhe choir boys rendered 
seveial selectirns of music, which added 
much to the other features. 

Grover Cleveland's Extra Session. 
Dr. Speer & Co. do as they promise; 
ad page 8. 


All Sorls oi Individusls in the Mtinicipft! 
This Wornirg. 

(2uite a row of offenders lined up on 1 |s ''.o bolter rpmn:!ercial, 
tae mourr.ers'bench before Jt:dge Powell t.-.Icgraphy srhool in the 

i Annual Opening. 

j Of the Duiuth Business University wii! 
; occur or. Mond.-iy, Sent, i:?. Over 100 of 
j our graduates weic pi.;ced in good pay- 
1 ing po*itiors during ;".ie pjst year. Ttiere 

ten'">graphv or 
United States. 

this morning. Aleck Stewart, who has j n^n . ---^ .|;^^ Sd'wc' guaS^nlee 
just completed a thirty-day jail sentence, | ca.jifj^ctii.n. Call at the college oSce at up as usual f c r drunkenncas and 105 and 107 ^^'est Superior street and 
was sent up for the fourth or hftn time, arrarge to enter at t':e oi>eaing. 
A. Baldwin ampcred too freely with the I — : 

flowing howl ard got ten days in the 
pound. Dick Jackson forgot to blow the 
foam off his beci, which led to drunken- 
ness and this morning a S:o fine. He 
paid oat. Hugh McKenzie, J(<hn Flan- 
nagan and James McGowan poured out 
!:i)alions tro frcelv and caugtit convic- 
tion. Hugh paid hiS line whiie Jolm and 
lames went to jail. John O'Bri.n went 
over the r3ug!i road five days tor vag- 
rancy. Jaf.. Howard and l>an Nobie, 
charged with the s;me offense, denitd 
their guilt. The trial was set ti^r this 

Frank K ;cfe, a barber, charged with 
blacking lh.> blue opuc of ?>Iay Brown, 
was fined S:o anil costi; upon pleaoiug 
guil'.v. He lacked the price and sorrow- 
iully went iulo seclusion up on the hid. 
May Brown the victim 01 1 rank's fistic 
accornpliahmenl.;, was up for diEjrdcriy 
coiiduct. m a dun, miUi £:;pra:^o voice 
she pleaded guilty. Sentence was sus- 
pended v:p>n cjnaiiitn that fjail May 
shake ihj d Ji.t of Duiuth off her feet and 
go hence. 

Olio Vai ke was no on the charge of 
assault in llie third degree. The fond 
wife of his .rentle bosom accused him 
with throwiiig a s!one at her. Otto did 
not agree with that statement of the 
matter and pleaded not guilty. His trial 
was ict ior Monday, July 2\. at 3 p. m. 
In def:uilt of {.50 bad the defendant will 
spend the Sabbath \%ith Sheriff Soarvy. 

Gust Mack, M ut Booker and Nick 
Matlson, three Finlanders, appeared 
with heads in bandages, checks sewed 
un, hands baiid.igcd, aims in slings 
ai'ul a varied as-orlmcnt of court p.'aster 
dccoiaiions. They wero clnrged with 
disordcriv ioiu!u-t and plc:id«*l qi:!!!/. 
Judge Po'wtU deferred sentence nntil he 
could confer v.ith tbp olViccr in i-^iiig the 


Tt^ CLASS! rT. 

Km .wit on Uock, i;xt West M c'ligaaMtvet^. 

piles: PILES! PiLr:s: 

1)r Williams' ImJiau I- .'.o Oiiifneat v:Vl ciiro 
nH". ', i.-lletc?ic!j ii-nd itch^car Piios whoa all 
ii-iicrOistr.i.-rtsi have faiitNi. It al)ev-rb= ;he 
nv.iors. allays thp itchhi;; nt oacp, ac-.s- a> a 
pr.iiTiro. KiTtsi7i-t.i\ijt («"ii'>.'. Dr. VViliiaxij^ Id- 
.i;r.o I'''p Ointni"ut ic j^reparM cniy for PiK-s 
a .(i rtrlii!!gi.i;h> i--iva(^ p.irlf.tiad m>t!:inc 
r'un Eforv h.x s w.irrauleJ. ror f-ai«» ny r«. 
V. DovoG .-.iifl MriT. Wirs;., «v sent by n\«il on re- 
ceipt 01" p.-icf. rOc. add Sl.M ner box. 

\VlLLi.\.MS II'K'i^. ( ;.>. Pr<i:i.*., t'ioT.J»ad. O. 

I D. W. SCOTT ' 

Rca! Estsie 

B tm 


$1800 s7x 

prr f-":'t lor 50 fcet on 
Michigan stre=it, in btisi- 
ne-^s center. This will pay 
well to improv*. 

r-.^r f2.5-f6ot lot on Fifth 
rtreet. near the Incline; 
worth $900. 

)xl50 on "West 

xt h street. 

i.\iw\'ii5ivf Salt' of Lofs in thr TliViving \ 
lownof KIWADIK. 

It •VPill pay you to buy and build forj 
Prices; aVe Lo'w and R<;ut£ Hijrh. 

D. W. Scott, 

Rcom I, Mesaba Block. 


1 K J*T . * ill* :*«•*•. 'L*- 

Prabably Heart Trouble. 

\ nnn;be.' of voiu.g men wcnldownon 
Park Pomi. ai.'d went in swiiiining bitt 
evening. P.mong thtm was \V . 1. Col 
bom, steno):ranher at the .Me.aba Lum- 
ber oompaiivb' clHce. A few momt-n-s 
afier ■-oniu'ig out Coli3«)rii fell uncon- 
scious ia tie boat. For thrce-tpiurters 
of an hour the VGung men workcl over 
him but wit 1 no re.sult. They then re- 
turned to the boathouse and summoned 
a i)hysiciaii. Hypodermic injections of ! 
morphine were given hun and he nnaliy 

«.ame to and removed lo li'^ . »^*'''"'- | tt -y v' o- 1 i ,.-^,.1.1 U.^ 

He is recoveiing ail right but is very |jLI A 2o, VVhcMC llC WOUld be 

sore from the robbing the y'>"''R ■f'-^" Iplenscd tO SCO anV pCrSOnS af- 
gavchim. The cau-^e of his trouble has , .^. , .^ ^. ' i^ ^, _ 

rot been delinitelv ascertained but is 

supposed tc have been due to heart lau- 

ure oi somt i;ort. 

DR. CAMFIELD. of the 

above institiitioti.will be in l.^ii- 
Inth, :.t the MKRC'l lANTS 

Excursion io Two Harbors. 

The Ossihage will run an excursion to 
Two Harbors tomorrow afternoon, leav- 
ing Fifth a\enue do.-k at 2 o'clock siiarp. 
Tickets 50 cents, children half price. 

- . ■ . -^ 

For Rent-Two rooms Mason flats 
unlutnishec, steam heat, bath. Apply 
to 408 Palledio. 


flictcd with disease of the eye 
and ear. Consilltation free. 
The doctor will carry an as- 
sortment of artiticial human 
eyes, from which personal se- 
lection mav be made. 

DR. CAMriKLDwill beat 
Lake View Hotel in Two Har- 
bois, Minn., on tiie 21th. 






Ten Pages—PART TWO—Pages 7 to 10. 





SATTKllAY, JULY *Jl!, 189^. 


lOgisi bill 

It is Not Every Man Who Knows What His 

Farm is Made of, But Wiiliam 


Something About the Great Nortli Carolina 

Clinaate and Filling an Icehouse 

in Ore Day. 

The Worry Little Mountain Maids That 

Chew Tobacco and Chop Wood in 

the Forest. 

I have jas: been posting n^'^tices nt the 
remote outI::it^s of my prrouiuls wiimiiii; 
off all trespassers, Imiiters. peasant 
poachers anJ th» general hoi jwlloi and 
sans culottes from trespassing, .and espe- 
cially from tnu'kinif my g;:mo preserves 
around over the place. 

Or.' of r.iy qu:iil w.ts sliot last season, 
and the v.:hcr natiiraily went away. We 
also lost several white rats. We think 
it wns the work of an incendiary. 




So I have jast had my farmer in chief, 
assisted by my geologist, ^o ont and jxjst 
the entire tract of country and inatract- 
ed the lodgokeeper to see that all persons 
entering the wicket are correct in the 
annual passwords, explanations and sig- 
nals, and the gardener is required to see 
that ail present are qualified to remain. 

Last season 1 set ont a number of 
canvasback ducks, but they were not 
famihar with my boundaries, and there- 
fore :?ot on another plantation. I heaird 
at: -r ward about their having company 
over there, but it did not get through my 
hea.d about the ducks till day before yes- 

Aly geologist has been of great use to 
me. He hsw reduced the pitch of my 
farm from one-third to one-qnarter. 

No man should try to farm in the Blue 
Ridge mountains without a knowledge 
of geology- or without some one on the 
farm who is thoroughly conversant with 
this science. 

My farm is mostly pliocene, post plio- 
cene and recene. I learned this while 
digging my well. Below the farm proi)er, 
however, lie the cretaceous. jura.ssic, tri- 
asaic and jackassic jwriods. 

The well has revealed all this on ac- 
count of its great, yet the farm is 
so perpendicular and the well so far 
above the house that by tunneling in 
t ight feet from the kitchen door we strike 
the bottom of the well and get ice cold 
water tij run through the house and poor 
in a beautiful cascade over the front do«jr- 


The waterworks above the first floor 
are simple. A largo stove in the bath- 
room is made to heat seven or eight pav- 
ing stones, v.-hich you toss into the bath- 
tub until sufficiently hcate<l, cold water 
having been carried up sufficient to till 
the tub. 

Guesto "rrho r_u."y come to see us be- 
cause they are fond of us do not mind 
carrying the water up f ^r their ovm per- 
sonal use. 

At fir-t T ♦-=... 1 t > : :;..o the wat»'r sup- 
ply Ly lu: ana of a windmill, but tho 
plumber who put it up was not the one 
from whom 1 bought it, and .so it never 
worked. Wo then tri- d horsepower, 
but the ground was so elevatwl on one 
Eide of t\w well and so depressed on the 
other that the horso when coming down 
hill skated so rapidly that ho broke the 

Last winter 1 filknl an icehouse in one 
day with goo<l thick ice. which shows 
that we have a gx-d all the year round 
climate. Our climate is not wholly con- 
fined to the .summer. 

Yet th .~e are jiejple Tvho do not have 
faith in wh:it 1 say. 1 know a man very 
well — have 4>jrrov.-ed money of liim, in 
f;ict. when he first came liercand did not 
care what became; of his pro^K-rty — who 
had to sper.k in a whisji'.T and had 87 
hemorrLiag.js. I:i the laoniing his iiiliow 
looke«J lil:e thai of <ine U)urdt:red, and 
friend.- had !u.<t r.ll I-.ojk.m !' !dm. lie liad 
uig'.it .sv.-fcuts and ba-l to live on cod liver 
oil and»n.s. He wa., brought hero 
on a mi'.ttr-.;.-.', :ind yot in six month.s by 
breathin:^ r.i! the cliinate he could and 
•under ipjod case 1 was .so Knri>rij*?d at 
the <:h;'.n:-' in J'ii r.pTJeanince that I re- 
tumeil the i:-.l;-y to l:iv.l- 

Sucimer or .".utuain is the best time to 
coino I:'r" Get a g'-od i.orsc. I have 
one that cou!d Ih* obtained of me fi^r a 
sivuu KUJio. Ii*j IS an vs^y galteU horse. 

but was a hunter once. 1 was told, l nvj 
not understand then what a hunter was. 
I thought it was a horse who w<nild hunt 
mo up if 1 pot lost or anything. The 
man said tliat he was a horso who knew 
more than a Tuan. He does. He knows 
more Unxn I d<.>, and I have been offered 
the chair of rhett>ric and literature ia 
Pinner's college, this state. I « rote them 
that if they would hold the offer oi)en a 
coup! ^ of v.eeks I thouyrht I could accept 
it, but cot now. 1 could not accept a 
seat of any kind at present. I admit that 
this !:ors ? knows more than I do, for lie 
knov.-> wiiere ho is going, and I do not. 
I wish while briskly galloping 
over hi;;h worm fences and hornets'< 
tliat 1 did kuo.v letter what his future 
plans were th:vn I do. 

This country is full of hounds — nottho 
foxhound of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 
but the vlelH'iau hound witli a scaUhnl 
back. Our ff uds here are as deep and 
abiding as they are anywhere, but they 
are not so fat.-il. Vendettas fight each 
other by scalding ea' h other's hounds 
with a dish pan of hot water. 

These hounds have long, loose ears 
hanging .it the .sides of their faces and 
giving them a lot>k like the metlnxl 
among ladie.* »)f combing the hair jirior 
to the war. They — the hounds — have a 
yelp t'nat sounds in the distant forest 
like a baby elephant with membranous 

My horr--* is attracted by that cry and 
tr.kea me v.ith him to see what it is. 
M«>-t ge::tr;',Ily I do not udhore to him, 
but when 1 get there my clothes are 
mostly injured, and Virginia creepers .nnd 
i i.v)!! ivy stream out from my nock like 
vegetablt; boits. 

Til? imund.s .".re found trying to ascend 
a tii;:c i; .,;ui! tree for a katydid that they 
have treed. 

Once we found them just r..s they had 
overtaken .". little manr.nrjth black 
boniits' n:st and v.-ero in full cry. 

This horse v.onld give .i man health. I 
think, and take his mir. 1 fro: j his other 
troubles. Visit Asheviile. M'>unt Mitch- 
ell. Bhi^k Mountain. Buck ^'ricaIs, Tick- 
town and other summer places. Ride 
blithely o'er the Uv or go t.wting along 
the liqTiid 1-. nli'vari'.s fri::n Piguy Back 
to the Dismal Swamp. Vou v.-i'.l feel 
r?novate » r.rfd g:y. 

In the monnt::in?» yi.n v.ill r'opovei 
night \\ith a yeoman who lives plainly, 
sun-junde-.l by his IT c'liMr. ::. 7!. - girls 
.are someof thorn 7 fci t I '-r'l and -1- p in 
their sunbonnct.s. 

A young fcreigrur tru i to I:;.:.; r. morin- 
tain girl somo 1'.) or CO \eani oM ai; 1 of 
the abovd height. She «!id not know 
what the cust.jni w;:sumongt!io robility. 
but she rc'choned it W£>-.i't a common 
thing amTt.g strangers in that settle- 
ment, so siie broke down and throve into 
the ground u large, beautiful lilac bush 
with him. 

ijome of t'nese merrj- little mountain 
maids chew tobacco and chop woo<l in the 
forest, totiiric it home on their shonld»*rs 
as they gayly carol some nocturne from 


The tourist will notice that his pink 
nightdress will attract attention in the 
family, and neighbors from a distance 
will come to sin; how !io ia resting. 

Tiie meals are plain. Y«r.i ride up a 
little canyon, •v.-e would call it west 
H{ ro it is a coulio orcove. In California 
and t'ne Spanish countries of America 
they would cr'.ll it a little arroya. or some 
such t'ning. 

^ You reach thtfhead of the gulch toward 
^ghtfall. You have heard that there is 
a cabin there, Yoa can stay ihery ovor 
uight. But there is no .'^ign of it after all. 

Sadderdy you iK-ar t!:o b.iying of 11 
■.mclassifi-'d and pedigreeless dogs! Tliey 
'our it on yon as though they would oat 
yon alive, 'out look at them a moment 
and their tails are between their hgs at 

A cop]>er?)3 colore*! man now comes 
fort'u with i» faded plum duff hat on hi.- 
head and hair and whiskers tliot look 
like the in.side of a buggv- cusliion. 

lie siruts up the hound.s' noi;se and a.=ks 
\'ou to "light and tie." Y'ou do »>. You 
havo rad tliat these mountaineers an 
profuse in their welcome, and you .:;et 
all ready to Ije taken in his great warm 
arn:=^ and l>':me in and put to sleep m the 
^Iifiro IkhI, l;ut he does not do ro. He 
loo'rs yon over in .i i.nanner that reminds 
you of the way you felt wh'^n yonr wif' 's 
fatii .r first examined 5*our lack of gij<jd 
points ua a s<ju-in-law. 

By an«i by supper comes. 

Around a big pine table free from 
najr^n.- gather the family, witli an out- 
side fri!:ge of dogs, (^o of th.ese is a 
mother. She has a little baseball nine of 
big heade'l tvs-ins. You go there any 
time in the year and you will find a new 
set like this of frosh young dog.s. 

All stand uj*. 

In tho midd!'.' of the table is a pan 
full of curdled milk and a large, thick 
com i»one. Every one is given a wedgf 
of this coarse pon<.- and a gourd. With 
tho gourd you eat th© upright milk and 
then wipe your whiskers on your coat 
cle'jvo. As you take a bite of jionc tli*- 
dog back of j'on samples your Koia-tl, and 
wh n you try to save your milk he eats 
the most of your pone. 

It 1.- a sort »>i t-a:w».«u method ot life and 
re» ms to go back to the days of Cedric. 
only these people own no sorfs. Tlie af- 
fections are feeble, yet they cling for 
- • -.'.tions to the same coulie, and the 
I'.s come and go and find them ever 
po»>r. ever s:k<l t>f eye and voice, tix> lazy 
to loveortot.alk or to en joy — just human 
germ:*, mammals that show the early re- 
hoar^als of nature in trying t(^ create 
mar: tlio discarded caricatures of hu- 
manity who forgt>t to die with the cave 
bear and th» jitt n«lactyl. 

Yet they ditTer little mentally. They 
are free from ambition, and their only 
P's' which shows vitality is a grave 
muvtiuent of the hand towanl the .irJcle 
in token of anxiety, but they are most 
gener.illy too late— the flea has flown. 

But hope is dr.wning. Mr. George 
Vanderbilt has bought another big tract 
of land near Pisgali. Thus h-^owns both 
n r.h and snith of me. Is it possible 

tliat h>? mtsn^s to eurround me and thus 
com} el me to ti II? 


But I will not yield. I am like a col- 
ored man whose litih- f.irm still stands 
in the center of Mr. Vunderbili's first 
purcha.^eand whorefu.^estosell for I.IKh.' 
times the value of his little jdace, "This 
has ahvay.s suited me." he gixsontosay, 
"and hit allers will. All my neighbors 
hez sold out and went off, but I'ze know'd 
all kinds of people and never quarreled 
with em, and unle.-s Mr. Vanderbilt is a 
mighty c|ua'lsome man I kin get along 
wid him. I ain't pertic-]:h r." 






Topic For tlio ^Cfk Bcglnnlus Jnly S3. 
Comment 1»y Itcv. S, II. Doyle. 

Tone— Fellowship la work. Acts xvUl. 3; 
John r.\ii, '^y-M. 

Fellowship is emphasized in tho Scrijv 
Oiro in all relations of life — fellowship 
in joy, ••Rejoice with them that do re- 
jcicc;"' followship In sorrow. "Weep with 
th^'m that weep;" fellowship in burden 
bf:;ring, "Bear ye one another's bur- 
i-ns." As Christian pcv^X'lo are to unite 
JTi sorrov.-, joy and bur^len bearing, so 
there is to bo co-operation ia labor — fol- 
lowship in work, 

1. An illustration of fellowship in 
work (Acts xviii, 8). Departing from 
Athens, Paul has come to Corinth. Here 
he becomes acquainte*! with Aquila, 
who had lately come from Rome because 
jf the persecution of Claudius. Aquila 
was a f^ntraaker by trado, and so 
Paul; therefore they abode togot'ner t'nat 
they micrht ply their tratle together — fel- 
lowship in work. It was a natural and 
pleasant thing for them to do, p.nd their 
expTlenco is often repeated. Men of the 
?am'^ tra<lo work This was 
fellowshij) in physical labor, but there 
shor.Id also bo fellowship in spiritual 
labor. Christ commended such fellow- 
.ship. for Ho sent out tho disciples not 
alono. but two by two. Paul always had 
a companion with him in his travels for 
npbuiiding Christ's kingdom. Such es- 
ampl'-s may well be ernulate<l. There ia 
much t'nat is i)leasant and beneficial in 
work of fc-nch a character. 

2. Fellowship in work — how made pos- 
sible (John xvii, 21)? This inquiry may 
bo answered ly one .sentence: Unior 
wit'ii Christ. In tho reference quoted 
Christ is praying for tho disciples just 
before His crucifixion. He prays "thai 
they may all l>e one, as Thou. Father, art 
in Me and I in Thee; that th^y may 1« 
also one with Us." Union witli Clirist i; 
necesrary to successful indindual work. 
"As the branch cannot bear fruit of it- 
self except it abide in the vine, no more 
can yo except ye abide in Me." If each 
member of the Cliri^tian church or com- 
munity or organization abido in Clirlst, 
then they can v.-ork profitably and suc- 
cessfully together not onlyascolaborers, 
but also "as workers together with Him." 
Without personal union with Christ 
there cannot bo this fellowship in v.ork. 

.3. Tiio result of Christian fellowship 
in work (John xvii, 21). It comni -mis 
Christianity to men of the world and 
intiuences many to txdievi> on Christ. 
Unity alw-ay» adds strength. Di\-i«ion 
ad'Is weaknes.^. If there w.-us more union 
of \'iews, of affections ami efforts among 
the di.^iples of Christ today, it would 
furnish increasing evidence of th(Mli\i7ie 
excellence (>f His religion and lo.; 1 i:;- 
crea.sing numlx-rs to embrace it. Let ns 
have, therefore, moro fdbnvsliip in 

Bi'olo R'-'fercnces — Ezra iv, 3; Ps. xVix, 
•2; Iv, 14; Luke x, 1-V); John xv, 4, 5; 
Acts xiii, 1-J; Rom. xii, 4-10: II('<.r. 
viii, 1-1; ii, 9: Piiil. iv, 2; Ej.h. v. 
11; II Tim. iii. 10, 17; Jiis. iii. 17; I John 
L C. 7. 

In what .«phcrc can tho senior dcj^art- 
mont be of use? It can make the iiii.i- 
week services of the churcli its .«?pecial 
Bciicitude. It ought to do this without 
anv accompaniment of machinery. Hold 
ing its meetings for business only, at 
other times its members can gi> to this 
Eer\icc as any one eLso go* s, and th* n 
unostentatiously but i»''ntiy apply 
tho principles of the Christian Endeavor 
ple<lgo to the opi>ort unity of tho hour. 
Where thi.s is wisely done the seniors 
will not excite jealousies and antago- 
nie:as, but will create for themselves a 

Beyond this spc<rial service it is not too 
mucli to hojx' nu'l predict that tin; church- 
e.s will f,TaduaUy welcom<-' tho .applica- 
tion of Christian Ende.ivor princijiles 
to all their activities. Tiieso principles 
underlie all Christian work and by the 
force of th(ir inherent re.'isonableness 
have the right of general ap]»lication. 
Ou» ini.«:-donar\* woman have realized tiiO 
wisdom of reducing their org.mizations 
— one for foreign fjid the other for homo 
work — into or.o organization, working at 
will in either direction, an/T the day 
drav.--; on apace when the church will 
fo6t« r the Christian Endeavor society as 
a C'-ntral organization, subordinate to it- 
Btdf and will do throu-,.i iL ilb maaiiold 
work. — Ooldeu Kule. 


All the Lawns From Lester Park to West Du- 

iuth Are Gnawed Into the 


A I Along the South Shc-e the Winged. 

Hopping Pests Are Reported as 

Very Thic^. 

The Grasshoppers are No* Strangers in Min- 
nesota How They Devastated Every- 
thing Many Years Ago. 

"Where di» all the c u'rasshuppers 
coii'.c from?" seems to I • the question of 
the day in this neck of the woods. That 
over stretched support "i conversation, 
"Is it hot enough for your" has appar- 
ently been relcgate<i to parts unknown. 
Hop. shoo, brush, crush where do these 
pesky little chaps come from, anyway ? 

.•\1! the nice lawns frc-n i. ester I'ark to 
Bayvicw Heights and irom Highland 
Tark to the shipcanal are i^nawed almost 
into the earth. Duluth's famous system 
of public parks has for ;;s chief attrac- 
tions the hard, gray r.icks— the grass- 
hoppers most certainly are responsible 
for that condition of things. The cows 
out on the poor farm h;ive been robbed 
ot the tender grass blaties in their {pas- 
ture. \ isitors tw the I'i'.vilion have had 
to give up rolling on {h<- > arpet of green 
art)und that resort — the grasshoppers 
having eaten the carpet. The lively lit- 
tle chaps go hopping aisr.g the pave- 
nients, they sit composedly on the stone 
^idew•alksorchnlb^:p the .atepostsof the 
wealthy. Front porches are invatled. 
With perfect shaniclessness and utter 
abandon these iittle fcllnws, with such 
muscular long legs, mi rii.t the crowns of 
the broad-brimn.ed summer hats or cling 
to the rustling silken skirts of the irresis- 
tible summer girl. .At one prominent 
caravansary a guest lound one of the 
little (el'u'ws in his cup of ice tea, ami 
that they will soon lie in the rolls and 
biscuits, like brass rings in a prize pack- 
.nge, !s not at all impro!).ible. 

Those who go on pU =ure drives out 
over the country roads report that grass- 
hoppers are thicker iti town. Re- 
ports received within ^!;c last few davs 
say that ia the Wise isin country all 
.liong the South Shore the winged, hop- 
ping pests arc very thi k. Fire Com- 
iriisstoiicr Hart a few d.i\s ago received 
a letter from a broti -^r in Houghton 
county, Mich , in \vhich it was stated that 
grasshoppers are there in swarms. 
Green thir>gs are disajipearing and so 
thick are they on railroaa tracks th.-it the 
rails are rendered extremely greasy and 
Slippery by the bodies crushed under the 
car wheels. Much d.'.mage must soon be 
the result in those places. Outside of 
the grass there is not much that can be 
c;iten in St. Louis county. The stock 
piles of iron ore itro rot, it is thought, in 
any immediate danger. 

These grasshoppers have their value. 
They excite cuiiositv. They give steady 
employment to those possessing valued 
lawns and posy beds. An impetus has 
alrcidy been given to the study of na- 
tural history and books on entomology 
are beginning to be a>ked for at the pub- 
lic libiary. County Ireasurer Crossetl 
is authority for the statement that I it- 
ger's brewery is making use of bushels 
of them which are caught each day by 
the employes of that popular anti- 
thira institution. The little |>Iagucs 
are put in a prc--^ and the "hops" 
'queczetl out of men.. Th;it surely is a 
f.ict, for do not cstaiilibhments like Col. 
hiigcr's turn out ' :)Ug-juice." That's 
wh*it it's termed in the vernacular, any- 
way, < )ne woman u[i on the hillside the 
other evening was seen picking ihc.^e 
hoppers off the side of her house anil 
feeding them to her jict Tommy cat. 
That s another use. Then who knows 
but t^iat the learned doctors and cni- 
cureans of this city may not eventually, 
it the grass happens to continue t<» bide 
witli this people, form a gastronomic as- 
sociation, make new .nnd strange dishes 
out ot Mr. (irasshoppcr.' If wheat con- 
tinues to go down and tlour to go up, the 
household economy of this Kind will 
•■oon dcmarMl new and cheap articles cf 

'1 he writer of these humble lines ven- 
tures an opinion that these graishoppcrs 
have hatciicd out from eggs which for 
yc.Trs have lain dormant in the sod of 
the open, untimbertd localities, the sod- 
• led bluffsidcs ai'.<l poisibly from the 
wciHliands. It is a well established fact 
that the eggs of the grasshopper will re- 
main dormant in their peculiar coccon- 
like .sack and then batch out when nature 
seems to have an idea, for iome reason 
or another, that the visible supply of 
grasshoppers needs to be augmented. 
I'hat fact is true of 17-year locusts and 
other members of tlis sj)rightly family. 
It surely is true of the grasshopper. The 
writer was a boy in Iowa when it had its 
hist visitation from these pests. .Millions 
upon millions of eggs were laid but 
since, no grasshoppers have been known 
there. All jiraine l.ind, the hard coun- 
try roads ar;<i the fields in the southwest- 
ern part of that state, have been re- 
peatedly turned over since then. Those 
egg deposits undoubtedly have been 
broken, scattered ai:<l destroyed. Still, 
it may i)C enough are still reposing 
in tint soil, in an un3<ldled condition, so 
to speak, to come to life s«.:nc hot sum- 
mer when n.iture thinks hard limes, 
scarcity of money and immensity ol 
mortgages are not makinj; it interesting 
enough for the granger, and carry away 
in their hungry stomachs the garden 
truck, corn, grain and grass. 

About the time of the last grasshop- 
per raid in Southwestern Iowa, a piece 
of ground was seeded down to linioihy. 
It was unbroken tor years. At last, a 
ismall strip in a warm, protected hollow, 
was broken up, the s"d3 pulverised an*! 
a cardcn planted tlicie. It came on 
rapidly and gave great promise of help- 
ing out the doctcra and summer i holcra. 
One day a visit to that ganlen re\ caied 
the fact that it had disappeared. An 
e.xaminatiori showed thatan innumerable 
army of young gras^hoppers was respon- 
sible for that devastation. None were 

found elsewhere, nor afterwards there, 
in the whole county. The oidy way in 
which to account for their undcsired ap- 
pearance was that the eggs were still in the 
sotl, they were turned over, disturbed, 
brought ( to tlie hot summer sun 
and under such favorable eircumsiances, 
hatched out. 

The grasshopper is not a stranger in 
Minncsot.i. Kaslcrn people remember 
the fearful havoc in Ncbnaska and 
Kansas 20 years ago but they arc not 
aware that most of Southern and .South- 
eastern Minnesota was also made a 
veritable Sahara. In the early days of 
the war the pests appeared and although 
they were so thick and vornciouR that 
they ate the cuitains oif the windows in 
the houses of the settlers, the state w^as 
not widely enough settled to make them 
felt much, hence little was thought of the 
scourijc. In 1873-4-? ."xnd (', they made 
their presence felt. New settlers were 
ruinetl, familes rendered destitute and 
th.c whole state worried an<I disturbed in 
every direction. Dakota. Nebraska, Col- 
orado, Kansas and Western Iowa were 
visited anil in most localities wiped clean 
of crops and tender veget.ation. 

possibly though the worst scourging 
received 1:1 Kansas and Nebraska was 
even before 1S73 from i8^>q on up but 
on that i)0int memory fails. The matter 
became so serious that not only did state 
legislatures make appropriations, a]>- 
pointed commissions and gave the 
gravest consideration to the scourge in 
every possible way. By the time the 
pests were about to disappear, the gov- 
ernment had a scientitic commission 
hard at work and loaded heavily with 
information as to the gr.isshopper and 
his plan of operations. In 1874-75 Gov- 
ernor C. K. Davis gave much attention 
to the grasshopper iiuestion in his annual 
message to the legislature. In 1874 
twenty-eight Counties were reported as 
"grasshopper" counties and $20,000 ap- 
propriated by the legislature for the re- 
lief of the settlers. 1111876 matters got 
so desperate and serious that as a last 
resort Covernor Pillsbury issued a pro- 
clamation setting a day for fasting and 
the delivery of earnest prayers whose 
sole burden should be, "Lord, take away 
the gra>shoppers. ' On the very day set 
for praver the pests took wing and prac- 
tically disappeared for ever, a few per- 
haps doin^ some damage in .some coun- 
ties in 1S77. 

Although in those da>s the cyclone not been perfected, yet the chattel 
mortijage shark jiist budding, and 
the lightning rod pedlers and farm im- 
plement agents were still tolerated. The 
grasshopper, however, proved that he 
wascapable of doing more injurv.arousing 
more fears and making his victims more 
helpless than all the others combined 
and increased a thousand fold. A 
tanner would be working with a most 
promising crop. (irassh»piiers would 
drop down and before the setting of the 
sun all would l>c destroyed. S<jmetimes 
a swarm would light, stay all night and 
go m the morning. In a day or two joy 
wf>uld be turned to grief. Another army 
would come and do the damage. At 
times the air would be darkened, a 
cloud cast on the earth and the whirr of 
wings make a noise like distant thunder 
almost. Sometimes the big. toui,'h fel- 
lows would drop down cut of the sky 
with s*iich rapidity and force as to make 
themselves *|uite seriously felt to a per- 
son standing outdoors. They always 
seemed to be hastening onward, stop- 
fiing only at night or when a he.i<l wind 
was against them. Then they ceased to 
journey and commenced to eat, and at 
eatin.; they did clean work. 

l>ut tli2 big,' able bodied grasshopper 
was not the only one feared. This in- 
sect, whose scientitic name is "Calopte- 
nus Spreius." commen::es to e:it .as soon 
•Ts h.e IS born. His wings do not grow 
for some time and in thai interim revenge 
IS taken on nature for her slight by eat- 
ing, eating, eating. In the times of 
depretlation, trains were stopped by the 
plies of insects on the tracks and the 
greasy condition of the rails caused by 
the wheels smashine their bodies. 
Streams were filled %sith wriggling, float- 
ing, putrefying masses of grasshoppers. 
They piled up .along l^ences 
and along hedgerows in drifts 
like snow. In wheat fields they 
piled up in mound like bunches. Cattle 
and horses suffered. In Kansas and 
Nebraska, the destruction of green stuff, 
caused the loss of live s'ock by the 
thou.sand and many settlers were able to 
save their hogs and beeves only by salt- 
ing them down in the meat barrel. 
Tbousanils of settlers there and .also in 
Minnesota were com[)elleil to desert 
their farms. Some mcst sorry looking 
outnts have l)een seen to co::ie out from 
a devastate*! region. Relief cpmmittees 
were organized in the East. Food, 
monev, clothing, seed, everything 
.a settler who had been robbetl of all, 
needed. In Nebraska today, an old 
settler running for the kgisletiire. can- 
not be beaten any c isier and er'fec tivelv 
than by proving that he did crooked 
work lor his personal bcneht, while .ict- 
irig as an agent in distributing supplies 
sent out by the relief associations. In 
Iowa, It not unromtm ti to find sonic 
conscienceless wretch posing as a suffer- 
ing, with his team gathering up grain, 
food, clothes and money, when he had 
never seen a grasshopper county. 

In part of Minnesota in and 
around Redwood county, about the only 
thing that enabled the settlers to remain 
was the revenue derived from trap|)ing 
fur-bearing animals. Muskratswere the 
most common. Mink came next and 
f.»rought higher prices and occasionally 
an Otter was caj)turcd. Whole families 
turned in and became expert trappers. 
On Saturday a settler would go to town 
with a small bundle c)f furs and get about 
as much out of it as he would out of a 
load of wheat. One family named 
Palmer, dining a single season, earned 
$7cx-) trapping around the three lakes m 
Redwood county. 

In Minnesota the legislature and the 
governor considered the advisability of 
offering a bounty for every bushel of the 
insects caught and destroyed, but no 
scheme was ever perfected. Patent 
cranks sat up nights inventing tra(>s in 
whii h to catch the pests. Many a man 
expected to wear diamonds as the result 
of bis ingenuity, but all that I. is traps 
could catcli did not seem to h.ive any 
effect an<I then they finally ilisappearc.i, 
leaving th«* invention useless. Ditches 
were du/, tilled with thi insects, which 
were then buried, drowned or burned. 
.Attempts were made to protect tields by 
builditig sjnudge tires around them, 
ringing bells, firing guns, be.iting tin 
pans, dragging ropes and cloth nets. 
Coal tar and kerosene were also em- 

ployed as destructi 
ally a crop would b 
the above methods, 
devastators to m<rvi 
relief was only teni| 
as much good as a 
back the sea with a 

The time came 
myriads commer 
Seasons were not f 
setlleil up, parasite 
fearful havoc and o 
fore oeonle reali/e< 
As vet, they have 1 
they may do so. it 
did they not visit i 
ground thicker thai 
the I nited States 
comfort of old I'll 
pe-'ple. Whdeth 
.Minnesota's Westei 
the granger busine 
Duluth. only a few- 
Navigation, lumber 
dour makin*: niigh 
never traiisfeficd 
stomachs of .Mr. t 
numerous tribe. 

ve agents. Occasion- 
t saved by some of 
which induced the 
: on, but usually the 
)OTary and did about 
ttempving to sweep 

then the insatiable 
ced to decrease, 
avorable, the county 
i and disease playe<l 
nc day, scarcely be- 
lt, they were gone. 
lOt returned. That 
not impossible, for 
'.gypt, and cover the 
a ever they were in 
Much to the dis- 
aroh and his poor 
;y would be hard on 
n sisters engaged m 
ss, up here, around 
lawns would suffer, 
ng, ore dtggim; and 
t be decreasctl but 
to the insatiable 
Irasshoppcr and his 


Tho Franco-Siamese tuspulc Discussed In the 
British r arliament. 

London, July az.— In response t<. 
questions asked in the house of com- 
mons yesterday in regard to the Frai.fc- 
Siamese dispute, Sir Edward Ciray, par- 
liamentary secretary of the foreign 
othce. said that the following terms of 
the ultimatum sent t)y France to Siam, 
contained in a telegram from Han^'kok, 
tallied with those which France had 
Communicated to < ireat Lritain, but gave 
the terms in fuller i etail: 

First, a fuller recognition of the rights 
of Annam and Cambodia on the left or 
eastern bank of the Mekong river: sec- 
ond, the evacuation of the forts within a 
month; third, a full satisfaction for vari- 
ous aggressions .aj;ainst French ships 
and French sailors ;in the Mtnam river; 
fourth, the j)unishment of the culprits 
and provision for tic pecuniary indem- 
nity of the victims; fifth, an indemnity of 
2,000,000 francs for various damages sus- 
tained by French subiects, and sixth, the 
immediate deposit of 3,000,000 francs to 
guarantee the clain s. 

Sir Fiward Grav stated that he was 
at present unable to say in sense 
or with what geogrr.phical limitations the 
1 rcnch demand ^ras made. He ex- 
pected early infoinnation from Lord 
Duffcrin, British ambassador to France, 
whose leave of absence from Fans had 
been cancelled and who had been ord- 
ered to return to hiii post. 

When asked steps the govern- 
ment proposed to take to avert so .ser- 
ious and wanton calamity as the threat- 
ened blockade of the Mcnam river 
woiilil be, Sir F.dv.ard replied that he 
could only rcpoit that the government 
was most desirous of a friendly settle- 
ment of the dispute. He could not at 
present announce t lat any dehmtc steps 
had been t.-»kcn. 

Sir Fliis Hartlctt, Conservative mem- 
ber for Sheffield, pressed the government 
to obtain an cxt( nsion of the perio<l 
granted in the ultimatum. 

Sir Kdward said lie did not think that 
such interferences would conduce to a 
friendly settlement of the question. This 
statement was gnreted with cries of 
"Hear." Sir Ellis asked if theultim.atum 
might not become tait accompli betore 
(ireat Britain received France's answer. 

Sir Kdward replied that as regards the 
only one point really conrerning (ireat 
Uritain, nanicly, the arr.ange- 
ment?, the governn|^-nt still in com- 
munication with the government of 
Fr.-ince. No geographical lituitationhad 
>et been laid down. 


Tho Champion Pug Wl 
way P 

CUKAfiO, luly 22 
injunction to restr 
from ousting pri/e 
his show place in i 
was not argued bel 
terday. When it ' 
spondcd and the 
from the call. 

The procecdingi 
were abandoned, it 
amicable arr.ange 
Worlds fair pcopl 
ager having been < 
quence Corbett w 
bi^ show on the Fl. 

It was also sta 
I'resident liiginbo 
investigated the p 
the y)lace where 
found in it nothing 

II Still Exhibit in Mid- 

-The motion for an 

lin the fair directors 
tighter Corbett from 

le Midway IMaisance 
re Judge Tuley ycs- 

vas called no one re- 
motion was stricken 

for an injunction 
ii said, owing to an 
ment between the 
: and Corbett's man- 
I'fected, .and m conse- 
ill continue to give 
lisance as long as he 

ted by Corbett that 
iham had personally 
erformancc given at 
Corbett exhibits and 


A Whole Family Fouid Sick in a Tcnomcnt 

Nkw York. JuIy 22. A heahh in- 
spector yesterday itumbled over a 
ot smallpox 111 the big tenement at No. 
z-)f) Fell strest. In one hlthy room on 
the fourth floor he lound a whole family 
sick with the disease. C«mst.intine Tra- 
baro. j''j years old, his wile and their 
children were hud lied together in two 
be«ls. The whole f.imily was sent to 
Kiyersi<le hospital and inspectors were 
sent to vaccinate all the inmates of the 

Louis (i.abana. a homeless man, was 
.sent to Riverside h )spital yesterday suf- 
fering from smalli>>x, 


A Family ol Four In 
Cl.lVI t.ANi>. Julj 

Piers, of Middlcbui 
been entertaining :i 
and Mr and Mrs R 
for the past few 
partook of buttcrm 
tested signs ol pois 
Here, was called, 
the afflicted perso 
condition. The atl 
Commissionei Mc> 
to the case. 

For m 

Which all experienoeat this 
time of the year, the most 
tlelightful remedy is to drink 


It's much the best sold in 
Duluth. Every drink makes 
the system feel better. 



Is also the place to secure 
Bethesda Water. 

Ypur Painter 

?-ai<,iten v/actcd titrc and materiel in 
trying t3 obttia a shade of color, and 
:.a3 ever, resorted to the use of ready 
mj ;cd paints, the ingredients cf which * 
h2 Fntw nothing, because of the diffi- 
culty in making a shade of color with 
'white bed. This waste can be avoided 
ly :h2 lise of i Jaticaal Lcatti Company's 

Pure White Lead 
Tinting Colors 

These tints crs a combination of per- 
fectly pure colors, put up in small cans, 
nnd prepared so that one pound will 
tint 25 ooand«; of Strictly Pure White 
Li^ad to" the shade shown en the can. 
By this means you will have the host 
pamt in the \\orld. because oiAdc oi 
ine l>est a;aterials — 

Strictly Pure 
White Lead 

and pure colors. Insist on having one 
of the brands of white lead that are 
standard, manufactured by the *' Old 
Dutch " process, and known to be 
strictly pure : 

"Southern" "Red Seal" 
" Collier " " Shlpmao" 

Then" hrands of Strfctfy Pure White Le»d 
and National l^cad Co. n Pure White Lead 
Tinlinc Colom are for sale by the -j.oit rc- 
liebU dcalets in painta everywhere. 

If you lite roinf to paint, it will pu.v yoa 
to send to u» for a bo«l< containmii mnrma- 
tion that may »avc yoa many a dollar i i« will 
only cost you a postal card. ^ 


St. Louis Branch, 

Clark Av;nus and Teatb Street, 

St. Lo3is. Mo. 

EitimatM fHrniKh^l fur bonM painttDC aatoc 
National L>*a<i>' ami ffiiaraaTi>«i!iir all work. 

PMNTKk.s SI rri.iKs • 

WAi.i, iwPKi:. AkTL'<r>*' matkki aij». 

La Vaquc Paint & Wall Paper Co.. 

1:; W.-i-t SiUTiKf 8trrx>«. . IiiiluUi. Miun. 

a Critical Condition in 
22. -Alamily named 

r, this county, has 
.Mr and Mrs .Smith 
udolph, of Cleveland, 
<lays. Thursday all 
ilk and soon niani- 
ininjj. Dr. Cope, of 
Ncstcrday several of 
as were in a 
eiitioa <-f State Food 
leal has l>€cn cal'ed 

Don't fail to heai Dr. H. C. Minton. D. 
!).. at the 1 irsl Presbyterian church 
Tuesday evening;, : 5th. 

Chang* of Time. 
'Ill e steamer Caiibria wdT leave Du- 
luth for Port .Arthur «)n Tuesday, Friday 
and Sunday at 5 p. m. 


Ui fir^ inf'irtru-d liy 


Of KM Pailadio hnildiiur. Dnlutli. an.l ..f Wa»4i- 
iii«t«>u I). <".. tliat tin- f<ill€>»itiir Dulnth iiiTPn- 
t<ir» liiivo ri^contly b«v.n «Taiit««vl l«atouts by th« 
L'uiteti Stattw Fatctit oftic«»: 

Kdward K. KitAtrnrald. Sivort B. Niln-m. r.«ti»r 
.r. Cafiaar. Joliu K. KaIli^. Alrkandm llcl>uucall, 
K<lwar<i t '. KiKlf and Jo.'in Ojxialo. 



THF. UKEaT lake KOI'TK. 

Tho wi«ll known an<I i»«^>pnlar i<— my of this 
lin«> nro now makiotf fronu-woekljr Bailing b»- 




Ht<ijn>inir at Markitia<- Uland. S.-»iil» .M". Ilari<^ 
and all iut4>rn><Hiivto poiDU, aa per time cards 

Avoid tiii> crow**..' ffiilruad trains and othf r 
dii>«>rTif<irti» i>f rail travfl ami u»»> this i>oi>ular 
Ijn<' for iilr'H.-ur" ainl ri-nifi-ri. 

Rates Very Low. 

8Ailin«?« from Duiotli. «a«r botind. TuAjwlays 
and Friiiayr St r p. tii. 

Our iK.w St<v<l St.'air.i»liii> MAMTOV i* now in 
s*rviro botwo^n < |nriuM> hikI Sault Su*. Maria, 
makiriK i-Tni-wi-i'kly trips. For full iiilonu*- 
tion n^ to ratcy, ttf., apply to 


Dulatb. Mian. 

Or to .J. HKBG A CO.. Ajrei.l*. 

low^r. Mkin. 
Or Ad.lrers 

JOS. HEK01.ZHtl.M. ii. V. A.. 
Kash auit .N. Watrr Sis.. ('Lie«co. 


Arrnata dl mlif f w fron tin uriaarjrorsMM 
in citlicr c< k. in 48 boar*. 

It la tn|<r-ri<4' V> C'<';>alha, COtirh, or tD)oo> 
tlotLs atkl fru) from Jii lud unuU or otlar 



CapviUs, srlitctt tM:ai> tias nimi in H 
'»tt>r«. w4«hf»!rt ^r^if h Botis sr» |:>miln«». ' 




1 — 



Supervising Architect O'Rourke Will Not 

Allow Convict Labor on Any of the 

Government Buildings. 

'Scab" Cigars to be Boycotted by the Du- 

tilth Typos and Union Weeds 

Only Used. 

A Baskst Picnic at Two Harbors on Next 
Ttiasday Evening by the Working- 
men's Club. 

The following Washington dispatch is 
some days i<ld but it will be read with 
consiilerahle interest by union men in 
Duluth, as this questiDU of convict labor 
has occupied much attention, both here 
and all over Minnesota: 

Supervising Architect O'Rourke has 
issued an order that will bring comfort 
to tke hearts of every trad«s uniou in the 
country. Henceforth, or so long as he 
remains in office, no convict libor will be 
allowed upon any government building, 
nor will any product of conyict labor be 
used, nor will the bid of any contractor 
be entertained who })roposes to employ 
ccBuict labor. Every advertisement for 
bids published by him coutains a clawse 
to the effect that convict labor will not be 
allowed. Mr. (VRourlce said: 

"I have done o:\ly what I consider to 
be my plain duty. There is u«> law pre- 
scribing that convict labor shall be used, 
and until such a law is passed it wtU bu 
barred from public work, lu many 
states of the union contractors have 
leases of the inmntes of ihe penitentiaj-- 
ics. They get them, of course, at rates 
far below ttie actual value of the ser- 
vices they render and are able to bid up- 
•n construction of buildings at rates 
against which no eaiploycr of honest 
labor can hope to compete. In this way 
the straightforward artisan, with wife and 
children dependent upon him, is thrown 
out of work and the convict contracl*>r 
get* rich. I do net know that any one of 
previous supervising architects has taken 
this stand, but my predecessors are uot 
pracedents for me. I am not aware 
whether or not there is any clause in the 
law expressly forbidding the employ- 
ment of convicts and I do not care. It is 
» not my business to look. I do Mot be- 
lieve in bringing ci.-nvict labor into com- 
petition with honest Ir.bor, and, until or- 
dere(l'otherwis»by the secretary of the 
treasnry, all adveriisements for tjids will 
stipulate that prison work is barred." 


union now- 
won their long 
r.iddcford, Mc., 


The Typographical Union Will Smoke 
Union iViafle Weeds. 
The consumption of "•^ab" cigars in 
Duluth takes employmcntaway from the 
most expert workmen in the city and 
money out of the merckants' tills as well. 

One way to meet the «»ndition of things 
is for every union man to fully decide 
that he will not smoke at all, unless he 
can smoke a cigar turned out by fellow 
union workers. 

The Typographical union of Duluth 
at its last meeting, held last Sunday, 
adopted a resolution to boycott all non- 
union cigars and ordered the imposition 
of a fine for all violations of the new 
rule. The action was taken in accond- 
ance with the report made at the last 
meeting of the Trades and Labor as- 
sembly to the effect that the sale of non- 
union cigars here is attaining sufficient 
proportions in Du'uth to gffect the em- 
ployment of »nion cigarmakers. The 
Typographical union, with a zeal and 
spirit excelled only by the pcrfectress of 
that organization also proposes soon to 
take a similar action for the help of or- 
ganized labor in other lines. 


Picnic at Two Harbors Next Tuesday 

picnic to take 
Two Harbors 


are completed for the 
place next Tuesday at 
in connection with the 
Workingmrn's club, and already a large 
nainher of tickets have been sold. The 
Ossifrage will leave Duluth at 4 p. m. 
and arrive at Two Harbors 6 
p. m., where all sorts of enter- 
tainments have been prepared for 
the young people, returning in the eve- 
ning at 8 o'clock, thereby enjoying a 
moonlight ride on the lake, arriving in 
Duluth at 10 o'clock. All workingmen 
who can possibly attend are reijucstcd to 
purchase tickets at as early a date as 

A committee will in all probability b» 
ap[<ointed by the Workingmcn's club to 
arrange for a series of lectures at the 
liWthel this coming winter. The educa- 
tional features of such a lecture course 
will be kept strongly in mind and a 
program arranged that will b»th in- 
struct and entertain. 

Carpenters' Strikes. 

The Carpenter, of Philadelphia, says 
that places where strikes are on should 
not be visited by traveling carpenters for 
some time tc come and that men of prin- 
ciple will not go ntier sach towns until 
all disputes arc settled. Strikes now are 
on in Lexington, Ky.; Springfield, Mo.; 
Evansville, Inrl.; Manchester, N. H.;and 
liar Harlv)r, Maine. In Evansville, Ind., 
the carpenters are oat on a large num- 
ber of jobs in support of the mill men. 
This makes the seventh week of these 
five strikes, and the men are being finan- 
cially supported every week by the U. 15. 

Strikes of carpenters have been going 
on the past three weeks in I\ock Island, 
111., and Waukcgaii, 111. Both are hav- 
ing the Brotherh(K)d's full financial suj)- 

Trouble is likely to break out at aay 
moment in Chicago, Kansas City, Troy, 
N. Y., and South PiCnd, Ind. Trade dis- 
putes arc not entirely settled in Rich- 
mond, "Va.; Decatur, 111.; La Crosse, 
Wis.; and Madisgn, Wis. 

The Electrical Workers. 

The electrical Workers' Union met 
Wednesday evening this week a»d 
elected officers as follows: President, J. 
D. Hayes; vice-president Al Stairbird; 
recording secretary, W. A. Werwecka; 
treasurer, W. L. Seaton. The union, 
which withdrew from the Trades and 
Labor assembly some time ago, made a 
decision to return. The delegates ap- 
pointed were I. D. Hayes, E. J. Meagher 
andW. A. Wcrnecka. This union now 

has 2], members, being admitted at 
the last meeting. The prospects for 
more in the early future arc very bright. 


The Progress of Unionism All Over the 

Carpenters ibsued ftve charters last 

Washington, D. C, has a People's 

New York Letter Carriers* 
issues a i)aper. 

Detroit horscshocrs 
strike for nine hours. 

Textile workers of 
have won their strike. reform press editors organized 
a news association. 

Chicago Scandinavian printers secured 
an increase iu wages. 

New Bedford Evening Standard 
ado{ned the nine hour day. 

National League of Musicians has 12,- 
000 members. \Yill publish a paper. 

K. of L. miners at Alpine, Ky., have 
won a signal victory, securing every 

Horseshoers' international will affili- 
ate with the .American Icieration of 

The bricklavers of Clevaland haTC ac- 
cepted nine hours and a half holiday 

The executive council of the American 
Federation of Labor has becji in session 
in New York, tlie principal tpjestion un- 
der discuss'uou being the schedule of 
wages for iron and steel workers, and the 
nine-hour day abou^ to be asked by the 
printers and boiler makGrs. 

In Des Moines. Iowa, the Teamsters 
union asks organized lalKJr to be on the 
lookout for its label. 

It is stated tlirit the Illinois Ccnitral 
railroad is about to adopt some sort oi a 
profit sharing system. 

The unions of St. Louis are agitating 
for a free reading niom and library for 
the general use of its members. 

The Socialist convention at Chicago 
has endorsed the action of Ciovernor 
Altgeld in partloning ttie so-called anar- 

Maine is to have a confercuoc of re- 
presentatives of organized labor to dis- 
cuss th« political situation for the coming 

Professor Daniel DeLeon has been 
elected by the Socialist labor party as 
delegate to the International Labor con- 
gress at Zurich. 

The Homestead strikers' cases have 
been posipooed until the September 
term of court, when it is believed they 
will be dismissed. 

Chicago labor unions decline to accept 
complimentary tickets from brother 
unions for their socials unless the tickets 
have the union label. 

Columbus Trades and Labor .Assembly 
established a library last February, and 
now it will bs materially increased by a 
fund set aside for that purpose. 

The trades unions of Topeka. Kan., 
have gone into politics en a non-partisan 
basis, making nominatii)ns composed 
exclusively of v.c.rkingmen for all local 

General secretary of the United Gar- 
ment Workers says his organization has 
been in thirty-six strikes and lockouts 
within the last three mwnths, all of which 
have been won. 

Some of the book and job offices in 
Boston are putting in time registers. 
The printers facetiously syjgest that 
they are getting ready for the nine-hour 

From the South and Southwest reports 
are coming that manufacturers produc- 
ing union-made goods are rapidly in- 
creasing their sal«s among organized 

Philip Corcoran, who was for many 
years prominent in St. Paul labor circles, 
is now ii; Utah, and he was appointed by 
Gov. Caleb West as one of the com- 
missioners to the anti-tnist convanticn 
in Chicago. 

The union carpenters of Springfield, 
Mo., paraded the streets of that city on a 
recent loccasion, headed by a brass band 
and diiplaying many fine flags and ban- 
ners. After the procession a mass meet- 
ing w<is held, the principal address be- 
ing delivered by the secretary of the 

The London Daily News is authority 
for the statement ' that the Rochdale 
Pioneers, the first ar.d oldest co-opera- 
tive society in I'ngland, have more 
money than Ihey know what to do with. 
They are trying to devise a sfherne 
which will l(j«d members to withdraw- 
some portion of their saving. 

The Industrial council of Kansas City, 
Mo., has issued a circular letter to or 
ganized kibor throughout the country, 
proposing a general national executive 
committee be formed, to be corapoicd of 
two members each from the A. F. of L., 
K. of L., Farmers* Alliance and all other 
national labor and reform organizations 
to conduct the movement against the 
plutocratic hoste. 

The Carpenter<s' unian and employers 
of Chicago were threatened wifh serious 
trouble racently. The employers had 
signed an agreement to pay 40 cents ati 
hour until April, 1895. The influx of 
men this year created such an over 
supply tb«it the employers desired to 
make a considerable reduction in wages. 
Both parties finally agreed to submit the 
matter to arbitration. The board of 
ar'oitration recommcaded that 35 cents 
an hour be paid for three months, wiili 
the hope that the old scale can be re- 
placed at that lime. The decision of the 
arbitrators was agreed to by all parties. 


Inhumanity in America That m More Cruel 
Than Barbarism. 

Several tiiQf!3 during tlie nas;^ -winter 
pnd .«ipring incomplete stories of horror.-, 
tnacted iu the hills of ^IMonroe county, 
Pa., along tho line of a railway which v> 
being constmrtpd,' Have couio out, but 
tho general public i.s not aware of the 
terriblji condition -which lias existod there 
einco the first of thi3"'5;car* and'wlriuli 
Htill e:cist.s. Recently iuye^tigations hav( 
been mado by new.spaper ""reporters and 
private citizens which uncover a horri- 
ble and at tho same time exct!eding1y 
cad picture. Tho railroad wliicJi is be- 
ing con.strncted is called tho Wilkes- 
barro and,em, and it is^on tho di- 
vision extending from Tanner.svillo to 
Mount Pocono that tho horrors referred 
to have occurred. 

Contractors have engaged men through 
agcnty^s in the cities of *the east and in 
the SQUth to work at railway constructipu 
and have made glittering iiromises as to 
climate, conditions and rcmuueration. 
Lately fully half of the -worliera have 

been negroes brought from th6' south, 
and tho rigors of a hard -winter and 
spring in tho mountains, with poor 
Blu'lttr. spar.^^o flothing aud insulllcient 
food, liavo made oxistenco a burden to 
beings ncetistoiiud to a warm climate. 
However, the grievances which are mado 
iu llie namt> of labor on the Wilkesbarro 
and luuiteru railroad are not duo to tho 
elements — unless it bo tho clement of 
the devil in the contractors and bosses. 
Suih cruelties and brutalities ns aro laid 
at tho diHU's of tho Kuperiutendents of 
grading on tho division mentioned? equal 
tho worst that has l\con told of tho 
blood stained route to Siberia and of its 
mines and corrals?. 

Tho legal authorities of Monroe coun- 
ty liavo l>een lor months aequaiuted 
^'^ith enough of tho facts iu tho to 
ju.-!.tify tho arrest aud puniSluucnt of^tho 
responsiblo persons, but for reasons, po- 
litical «ir othcfwiso, they have rem:iihed 
inactive and silent. Some of tho uews- 
pai)ers of tho section have printed fre- 
quent articles calling attention to the 
matter, ami a few leathng journals of 
tho eastern cities have given si)ecial ac- 
counts df tho outrages, whicn tho au- 
thorities, luidor whoso verj* noses the 
crimes \v'ero committed, seemtd not to 
kuow of or ignored. 

As long ago as March SO, long after tho 
frozen wret..hes from the camps liad been 
c:;4"cil for by tho poor authorities of 
Slroudsburg, fhcro appeared in tho 
StfouUsburg Times tho following brTtf 
artiwleeopijd from tho Eu^iibn Scutiiiei: 

A younij m.-in iKunrtl Slowart of tbi."j giiy. 
v.;i.) lftU:ly pivid a.^vlsil to tho villiT^ jif T.;n- 
r.ersvilU'. Jlonroo county, luu rclixteil since iiis 
return .-v. iiKinber vt 6t'orio3 concerruBi^ the 
I r.; 11 fJit.H ol i)i« luun on tLo new ritilroad l)o- 
Id,-; LiiUl ffwtij SiioiiJitburff to WilkesbiUTO, 
\v•^(kh, if trui'. fchuuM be brouffht tfo Ujc ufton- 
tiuh i){ the authwritiou. U is sij\h_'a th.-it a 
.hiii,'*.* pro:x)rin()h of lire workers itre ripyrocs 
frum ,tLe boutli. v.ho i»fi»-d;>.U/thjr«ituu!.tl \f1th 
fchootiiiy by i\\u bosses, nil »f whom go armed 
p.v.A i>;ill out 'a revolver xipoa tho siightost 

If tlio li\ int; nre so barbarously tpeated, ac- 
con'.;;iy; to'iLjioris, t!;o dead, *:'t> by no mi'ivne 
rosv.cud. It Id n lilted t!iat fjuito recently 
three uiun— uii Italiftn. r.n idibman rhU aiie- 
pro— diiTd but i» lew lunir.-s .-^part. Wlienthe 
iradr;-tal;er ranuj to bury thoilead, ho \v^ told 
tii;',t '.lie niHrtismirH sum tho .cuntraclors would 
ray v.. "n CI'.' for coTiiis lortl.o tiiree men. In 
ordtr to meet this r'-ieo he bj-ouglitbatoae box, 
and the tlirec dead were cri)-.vded into I't. 

Vfny d.iy lately a'J nceidcnt oecured in which 
a ne^ro wa:* killed. One of his legs wa3~toru 
froni ilici tr'>:ik. Ths dead man. instead of be- 
ii.H I'roix'.-ly bupieil, was laid beside ih^m- 
baiil.iiient being ror.ftrucicd for the roadbed 
and r lie din piled around him. Thoili^meni- 
bt'K'd liir.b not buritd with the corpse, ns 
it iiad tioi bt*-n lonnd. The next day it wui, 
di.-cmTiod. but no attention was paivl to it, 
Riid our could not say how it hai* 
iKcn disposed nf. 

'i'^ic j:coi)lc of iMonroo county sbotiM ascer- 
tain if »lic:^e ropo:-rs aro true, and if.,tlicy are 
tstiiiwi Hhuuid be taken to stop lltiat ith'ockiu;; in- 

Tliis 6(. ;'.p!css f tateraent did not arouse 
:-ho lega-i-nnthorities to action. On Ji]me 
y the Stroiidsburg Times pckblisheJ tiie 

Eicbt la!>o:;crs from a Wilkesbarre and East- 
cm mil cftiiip were bvousht to .Siroudsbirrjon 
IV JRnibjr wii-on and Kent—on tho 2::.'l train to 
the hospital iif HoiKiken. Or.e of the unfortn- 
niitcsi died while btin^ taken oil the tralnVil 
ni)!;(i*«':i. Aliout trvo r.-e^'ks af?> there was ar. 
e\'irio».i(»n Hf dynaniitr, wLich glialtered the 
nerfc-'of t'nc men. but they woplsed up to jpwr 
dji\i< ljtfor^jiirv'wei>cf}iii>ped'an-a'v. T-inAi-'oe. 
\ni'n\ rifxtiip.'? ^«a!.fIl'>^ed iK'iTen^es astyrlijid ff- 
rer;;nd s^- ty-pbtis may develop. Orfe 3f tho 
men cHmpliins n[ liii.'iiiyr Ixen ifbar days whk- 
out food ul-.ile they weru SiVk. 

ITeiiry KiaiKi.n and Jchn Rcdind are In St. 
J'aryVs hoin'tal. and James Gartland. George 
Thompson. .Toiech McGrady. Michael Coe^- 
rane.,£nd .lames H. fc'itzzibboas art^ in licllcvup. 

An article in tho New York World 
fj-tve tlie next ehai^W in thi.^ particular 
case, nnd that art-icle 'wis also reprinted 
in the Stroud-slwrg Times, so that tho 
legal nnthoritics of Monroe county must 
hayy recii or heard of it. Here is The 
World's .'■rticle: 

Jtichaol Fit/.cribhons, one of thofll fated men 
whi» was brought from Stfoudsbiirfr. Pa., to 
Hobokeii on .( .">, wlierc he died upon his ar- 
rival. «\Ts buried yesterday in a piiup?r'.s{,'ra\\) 
i.t t^nalce tfil:. County Physician Convcr^'so 
mputj an antopsy ;:iid Kranfed a burial cerfifi- 
(uUe. lie di'Ciared that FitZf?iLbons' death was 
caun>'i b.y want of proper nourbiliment aud 
medical ultcudanco while ill »\-iin typhoid fe- 

"He %-;xtaany died of star^•aiion," said Couo- 
ry Uiiyjii'-iiiu Coiiverso yesterday. "Tho rail- 
road '-or.-.-priny desiTvtiS to bo censure.;! torac- 
rcjiiin.; Lhes-j men a.4 passengers" while they 
T,-: re in a dyinji i-ondi'liea. Fii'tgibbons evi- 
(lenilj- .'-uiTered inhuman tBcatmont a{ Uie 
Lai.ii.s of the («nir!iClors who cniplo>-\'d him. 
I wo-.;ld in. truet the corn:;cr toh'old an ijique&l 
if wt! !:ad j^ny .1n;i:^licfIon. but our hards aro 
lied, as tlie men wcro maltreated in another 

C'eroner William N. Parijow said that the 
•oiitraetor wUm shipper! the c:;,'ht men to Ho- 
bo'>rn via tlio I)jl.".v,-;;re and Ijickav.:anna train 
!,>!rju!(l be licid respmxsibla for t'itzt^ibboas' 

There are men yet emplpycd in tho 
rn'np.'^ oi that con.strnetion ccnir.iny 
'.v-iio are co«ni?:;int of all tho fact.s, but 
l/i.-'y are aSraid tqj^pknlc or to let tlj^-ir 
ii1et!tity 156 hnow^n UNtil legal steps are 
tal»*n-J^4wch will 'f oniiiol them to. tell 
u'h:.;t lluy knor? and will at tho, f^ame 
tini!' protjjct them fromNtheir crnol aud 
revengeful masters. One man vrhp ex- 
acted li prouiii^o that his name would 
uot be used before he v.ould conreut to 
tall:; said t^a gentleman who waa in- 
v&stig;-irtug*tlie nuitter: 

It ha^ bc^n hornbl:^. When thoso mefl took 
sie^, tlierij wi-.r, no place for thcju to go except 
to li') in tho &!i.-ek. \\\11, niu, I've' seen, sick 
men— tnonsii/Terin^ from piuM^niiiriia' "I'-J I'rQin 
t'j-j)hr)id fi-.H'!'— torsiji;: on their bu^?, Paten 
up vith fever, and no one to ijivo them a dri^ik 
ofwjijcr. Tfco other iiy?n ^wro compel led tn 
sleep under the .ssme ro.^f. Tvo seen men in 
df- lirium nioa-a anil tajk vid Rabble nod no- 
body pay any attjcntipn to thrm. They haii 
doctfjps. for the lios.i a«=es.'^es oA-ery man r,1 
cent,., a nuiith fiir dflctavs' attendance, bui 
wbiU cnuld' llier do? They would corn© and 
tisii the n:en, lep.vo medicine (or tbcm and di- 
ri^ctri-iyn.; v.Iijit to do. When they would return 
the nerjt d;t>-, llie medieino wasstapdinijwhero 
they liad left it. unopeni'd and untouched. 
There was no one to ni^ tho sick and dyin;; 
fe!low.s:vKla'-.';of water ewsn, unless tho cool: 
or a sfuilion would go to attgnd to tlicm. 

I've iM-r.rd tho doctors ©rder food and noxir- 
ishnient for the men, and when tho doctors 
WfTO t;oue wa.s tho end of it. ' No atte.n- 
lion wast pnjd to their ordc^. I've heard d<K- 
tors-I ;*ae';.s thrrc*V!i3 ono to each camp— be.i 
r.nd pray tl-.a# tiio'ric« be givcn'somo atten- 
tion, but that.v.iis all tlio f;tv>tl it did. 

My {;od! It wa.s nw-ful to come Into tluit 
Fhack d;y after day and ecD t^iose poor fel- 
lows, wliite and thin, and so weak they couldn't 
sperU, roll their eyes around. Some of us 
would do wUat. ve could, but it was mighty 
little at best. The bos.scs charged tho men fcr 
medical attendance and yet provided no at- 
tendants for thcni in case of Kiclciicss. 

Thero have been mysterious shootings 
i 11 1 h cso camps. Negroes have been shot 
by their bosses for the slightest offen.sea 
or no offeuso at all. The bodies hava 
been mysteriously buried on tho moun- 
tiiinside. The graves bear no headboards 
or other marks to tell whose remains lie 
' — "iLth. anrl it. is doubtful if anv one 

can fit tho nami; to the grave."}. 

Tho following miging arraignment of 
tho fjuirderer.s nnd the anlhorities of 
Monroe countv is from tho .Scrantou 

The revelations rvido conccrninr? tho brutal 
trialiniiit of the u.,ikuieft euiploytd in tlio 
coiisinicti.m.i.r (In Wilkesliiirre mid Kastera 
railroad throUiih .M.,iir,>e county show a condi- 
tion of uilairs niui,, heartlesH and Inhuman 
Ihiin any that evn i-xisleil uidler tlioidiad(»w 
ofh!a\eryln thesnjti,. That men who labor 
ehiitfld be snbj.ei. ,1 |,, sucli cruelty iu this age 
of enlightennunt s, rma innvdible, but the 
fads broii'iht to li^ii appear to bo too well nu- 
thentiealeil t<i h a\ • loom for chuibt on the 
bubject, unil it woull Micm that oprH)rtnnityis 
all some se^ Ih,- ..s and imii diivers need in 
erder to jXssert t Ilm- sway in a nmnner as in- 
famous as tl:at whii h obtains in .S-'.eria under 
the rule of the c/i>r. 

The laivery wliii;,, overiojk the wrar.y feet 
of the m«Mi, wS^iMii and cliildreu x -lio lied into 
the Poeuno wlldt- u.-stoc. cape the tiorror.sof 
ihe WyoiuJnii uia ;»cie won lor tha^iiilios- 
piViblb I•^(;U;ll IW ui.ijivinn;^ nan".' of the 
**.Siiaik"s of I'H'Mtli.-' ,,ut tin. jHlVcut of r.ii!i-oadH 
atKl s'lninu'f h(;;>ii i;, xailjUi |;'.!'Lsi.-f the 
giimJy titled tM-ritjiy lirtfri rVuie inu<'h ti> eon- 
h'm^i thodid lilifio (.'(iivion. It v.-UI Le re i .■■d, 
Lov.cver, by flii, la: st .viory of vv\u My. v.iweh 
tellsofllie tyrauiiii.d treatraenl of llie innn 
men «-n^)l«:yid to l;> Jld l^e Wiu.esbiiri e and 
Kastcrn road. The nianiier in whii-Li ihey have 
been housVil, led, tiarved, w!iipi.:d ami iii 
suLio if.itanee.s doi.c iodr:!th aud consigii-jd to 
desolate graves in il... wLl^lerness lonns ono Jit 
tho ino,-t itu-iiUnic ihaptcrs of tv;>.l liletl«it 
havt! been recennly givt'n to t1ie puLiic. and it 
Is high ti!ue tl-.c a.if horifJcs calicil a lirm Irali 
upon such brMU;!ity. 

TI:o arrest cif t^:;- tyrannical bo.<58C3 and the 
foiieiiuivof tiie ( .-.iiiany'n dmrter ou'jlitto 
be posi-iblo wiiliom .K-l.iy. It tia barnJugtUs- 
f^'fK'b to }Vniusylv;i.nrrt tlrat wi gru.'^H tux outrage 
biiJi be perpotnvLx'd upu!i Its soil in tliis'Coljni- 
bkm yetu-,wUi)e Libirty bell invites t.^i'i jrliufra- 
tion of thBWori<l in the Vv^dtoCilyat't'liI^aio. 
a«d societies for ilm preveniitwi ofcruelly W< 
anirw-.W «tro kii)!)ri:i«f so xuHlousiy to setS thai 
till' horses cmijioyt J Vn'Sli?' great cowboy r»ce 
UK! lre:'.t«d wWi <iii»4ck;riktioa anil hVcCikfj!-. 

t^ku-c'ly ouT'tiviik'.ation iraa not rcwjli^d'sccSj 
a i.<uss ttmt our hu-.'iiiui'.urMU.', whu bijuv/ su 
luU'jii ^tl^ituud'.■ for auiTujfl^. caTu bo Imliin-i'e'nt 
to ihc M«!rer4*»t;» o'f men wlio are U'cated v.of i-o 
tUi./j dn tub, C riven eattie: worse than t hflduhii - 
of uiit.icnt .Sparia, wi.thout protest and ▼.ith- 
oui such aetio«» as will bring tlie biiTtkl task- 
masters «>f^».the.-ie huiribltf brcudwiuncrs t > ac- 
coi'.iii. Tho <'\i'osure. of tho cruelty prcctice;! 
up'.n t"he wrotcfi' ;! hiborera ctnpl()y«d in con- 
structing llie V,'ii:.(sbarre and i^.tsteru road 
should iio foHowid swiftly by the pro.=ccuilon 
of every man %N bo iii responsible for tiia out- 

Vict inn of XecessJty. 

The San Francisco branch of tho Yv 
C. T. U. is nialdng an effort to rescue t!:o 
women and girkn employed in th-; drink- 
ing di\'e.'» of tiic! city. At a recent 7ncrt- 
iug caHed l-o tli^cnss tlie subject a rdlm'.' 
.Sv.c;!ish wom;'7i. irtt-rricd and of- re- 
8pc>ctao1e social Planding, related her ex- 
perience as a for five years in 
tho dive.s of New York aml^throe monthij 
iu San F-ranei^co. In summing up tli'? 
fatTs addivccd from her personal obser- 
vation she said; 

"Young girlb from Sweden are 63-stem- 
atically decoyed te America, pLicsd in 
the dives aud Irrpt thoro. Tliey know 
that in th^ old country respectable wom- 
en work as waitiTssea w*iiei:o beer is,sc;ld, 
for tliC saloo4i5 ni-j re^pcrt.ably con<luciod 
and the men who p."«troniEo them are re- 
Gpt'ctable. Tho <V ti'erent condirton of t.htj 
American dive >* :ict urdcr.«tbod. audwhe 
victitii* Foadily k- eept t<io ilatteMog- of- 
fer. "Hiey come, Imt cannot gei'aw.ry 
I'lgain. When ll^v become ditijyufitcd aud 
al.'•.^^Tlod. they tcii tlie proprietors — tiiviir 
caj>tors — that tlr«'y w\int to get awxty. 
But they a're only laughed at and told 
that they c;!n,dG nnlhing that no- 
body cl.^o wijl employ a girl who has 
worked in a dive. Tlic.y aro made t/» un- 
derstand that they ;:re living wrong lives, 
and their li\'e3 aro mado wrong. What 
can the)' do, whore ea^i they fjo, hftlplcss 
aud alono in a*str;inge laud where thai? 
language is uot spoken?" 

Tlio Abw.-Ic of I'ovcrty. 

The heart and center of ono of this 
city's ii-iost Rt]uahd quartcr.s is the Third 
d:';i:riet police station, at Seventh and 
Ctirr slyeets. From that as a center and 
bru,nchiug ot^t m all directions .long, 
narrow srtreots and alltys lead awjiv, 
lined by the hnmblopt and f^babbiest of 
houses and fiRtd with the poorest and 
most ij^iorant members cf tho city's 
poprtlation. Not .ilone are 1?ho streets 
(narrt)V/ ;«s they are and overcrowded) 
lined v.-ith houses, but the alleys aud 
back lots are bu^lt upon and occupied 
by human wretc*;es whose mode of ex- 
istence is far ontclar-sed iu comf-rirt by 
that of evepy cart horse and beast 
of burden v.'ithin the eitv's walls. From 
the'Tiiird district rttatioa ofaticrs "beat 
out" in puiws aud l:np one another com- 
pr.ny during tho night for juuturd pro- 
tectioa. The people that livo in soma 
sections aw) Low, i.ruorant .nvid finrlcan- 
ly. Their tafj^e.s liave somehow been de- 
formed aud deyradod. Tho hoop of na- 
tiire's freedom hns been unthheld from 
thQOa, and all' the paths to a belrt^r, 
cheerier existe;:ee are torever closed to 
them by tl-iS bars and c'nains of t'aeir 
owu blunted detires.— IsSt. Louis ilepub- 


Tmsts and Comjiines of Today Dnplicatsa 
of llio Old lligal Desvotisins. 

Trusts and combiner a?o tho worljing-'s foe. Trusts are tho product of a 
new theqrj'in the buriue-is world. Ycar.s 
ago men -woxk-c^ en tho pricciplo that 
"coyipetition i.s tbe life of trade." Norw 
tJjpy hav,o grif)-*)™ v-Sr^er an^ realize tha-t 
"competition is liie death of industry," 
Hcnco "tqiists," or tho combination of 
capitolists cngjigjid i" the sajiu' nyrsuits, 
aro now boccniir.g the nil;" in all tho 
chief lines of bnsuiess. Tho gfjncral 
princijik^s involved in tho creation of 
"trustt." are ri-lit enough, only they aro 
conducted on ttio n;:rrow a basis, aaid 
this is what mulrcs them hurtful to tho 
wage earner. As now organized "trtist.s" 
are conducted .soKly in tho interest.? of 
capital. They an) huj^ partnerships of 
cajrital for capita T-jsalce. if trusts wore 
a joint partiiep.ship of capital and labor, 
as the^' ought to be, on a lyolit sh-irin^ 
basis, they would become tho working- 
man's ,".lly insle:id of his enemy and 
Would at the same time be a public ben- 
efit. But ly now organized nnd~,con- 
ductetl they aro inimical to the interests 
of the workin-j classes aud also to tho 
general public. 

It cannot' hut bo evident to all that 
thero in somethiuj; wrong in an indu.s- 
trial ovijanization t iiat enables a few men 
to put millions of money into tlieir col- 
fers every year while tho uien who toil 
for them and aro their coadjutors in the 
production of sutli vast wealth only ob- 
t,'iin A bare subitibtence or u scant coxa- 1 

peterice."' Tlio gigantic jcombinat*,bn8 of 
capital e.risting in thofindu.stria|/-world 
today aro linaucial dtzplicates . of the 
oltl regal despoti-sma wllioso m-jtto was 
"Might" inrd:es right." 

Thoso* oM despots ruled th.oir realms 
by tho iitight of tho swoml. TheRo new 
de.spoLs ralo in the realm . Df husiuess aud 
labor by tiio might of i. loncy, a power 
tlKit is well nigh omnipi >tent and that 
often makes ft)r 'inju.stiio, tyranny and 
fraud, tvomo of the doir pj3 of ruod- 
erii trusts seem Btrang ily liico gigjvatic 
but legal C-OimitatiirjnsyQf tho deeds ot 
rapino iuditlged ini by 'tho old viking.s, 
which theyrin their grira humor' called 
"gatheri!!g properly'" iegordless from 
whom or hoxr it was pa tiitrctL In theji 
greed for g-iirutheso saii lle.s:i corporations 
grind tho facot of the fpou^ workin^an 
by opprcssivotnicaKuno's nucl make the 
genecal public • coutrj juto to their enor- 
fhoiis fortunes by taxi iig every industfj- 
wftliin*. their gra.<5ij rJ I Ihatitt-an bear 
and'^tillviive. and thtu both laborer and 
produccnare deprived of their just and 
lawful euruicgs.— Chn.stian Advocate. 

Wha»t Kiglit Uoiira Will Do. 

Thomas "V^'^isdom, alUSfx^ton iron mold.^ 
cr. mado son le verj' scui-ible remarks on 
tho eight ho -orquestioru recently. Among 
ottiTr things^he said: 

Wheu tho'v/orkingn^ten obtain a roduc- 
tion iu tho hours of ' labor, they "tiavG 
gained sofuetliing which mako^s •tJiein 
better workmen, better citizens andl bet- 
ter men a l^gbt her. A< reduction in the 
liours of labor mefju? ;in opportunity for 
euucai ion on mrXiern of interest, in Ids 
craft, Avhich naiurally makes a/man a 
better* v>xrkm{sn. 

Tho workin!fB:ie?a shovild rcqoive a re- 
daction in thohotJTSof labor. M'hiscoun 
try is of prtigre.'^-i, antf as the* brains 
and in^euiity of t!io inventors briagior 
v/ard 'such an amount of labor savin:^ 
machinery^ tho workman ought in all 
fairnojrs to receir.'e his sharo of the bene- 
fits iu the shape of freduced. hoiu-3 of la- 

The whole off tho "benefits to be derived 
from improvt^d.machinerj' sliould not be 
[Jivea as it is at the present time — to the 
manufacturers .aud emnloyers. This Ls 
v.-liat has lxrouc;ht about the class di-, 
tincvious which. obtainsd in this country 
a condition such as dees not exist any- 
v/iic-re ^Ise. In no other country has 
iluro bcenmado-so icmy aristocfrtsand 
Ko manj millionEiscsinsucha shoi'ttime 
as in this. 

'v\'orIdngmen, usito your forces and 
demand that a retiaietion in the hours of 
labor in all indutjtziea o'btain. 

"Lesitlniato Bnsinem.** 

As ;in oridencG o(f tlie kind of "legiti- 
mate bu&iiie."53" the state mihtia is used 
to pr»tect tako tim lumber .interest*, 
of Tcnawanda, .K Y. To defeat the 
Gtrikoiuattguratcd hy the Lumber Shov- 
WH* union tVi-o'*ti'rlc;y Is of Poles, Hun- 
garians and Gernwns picked up in Pitts- 
burg aiKl consignpd tp Smith, FassetJ. i: 
Co. weroruuoTi thedsland behind locked 
car dooys. Before" tho train crossed thw 
uiHVlge one of tho iloors .was kicked open, 
and a dozen eser/ped. As many* ruove 
i■^^•oko loose whan the train stopped anil 
Ecairipcred back.across the bridge. The 
others were set to work. Tho fugitives 
6::}' they wcro hired to work ih Buffalo 
atX^l.;j5 a day. The traiit" never stopped 
at Dnfialo. bttt the, doors were locked 
aud tho train laistled" through to the 
hiraber 3-ard3. 

Aiid although there -was no interfer- 
ence of any consequence with the men 
who were said to be williug U^ work »hc 
bosses eallod upon Governor Flower for 
the assistaTice of the militia. These are 
tho kind of^ business men (slave drivers) 
for whom state ollieials aiid plutocratic 
nev.-spapers manuiacturo "public seuti- 

I'rotectien For Eni^svII Sase- 

Wlieu tho, nwirderous crank Norcross 
tried .to kill Kussell Sage witli jJHlyna- 
mite bomb, the attacked raillionaire 
saved Ids life by pulling a j'cuug maa 
named Laidiaw between himself aud the i^;igo. escaped with little dam- 
age, but Laidliiw v.-as terribly injurell. 
Korero&s and man were killeil 
Laidlaw, alter -t-rying in vain to secure 
compensation from Sage, brought stiit to 
recover $^0,000 'damages. Judge An- 
drews of New Y'ork, before v,»hom the 
case Avas arg-ued, decided against tbe 
plnintilf en 'tho ground, m it appc.irj^ 
that Liddlaw coitld not prove tluit Sage's 
!jet had put him in any more dayger than 
he \j4as iu whc^o ho owginally stood. 
"IJcxt tim* a cranlc ami a bomb come in- 
to eonjimctiou triyh Rusytll Sage it is to 
be derautly hoped Judge ""Andrews 
may bo tho.o'niy t'hird ycirty prcsent"^d 
available as a bufrcr. — DostoH Pilot. 

^f^StStr . 


Commences Monday and Will Continne All This Month. 

aOO Parasols and Silk Unabrella.s, and Fans. Large line of Summer 
Dre^^s Goods, ChaUieec, etc., all to h'i sacrificed icn this sale. 

500 dozen Ladies' Summer Ve.staat9c. lOc, Igic. 15*. 25c and up- 
v/itrds. &00 dc/en Gont.i' Summer Underwear from 60e a !«uit up-wards. 
A now line of Gents' Jer: ey Overshirts, worth 90c. on sale th s week foi 
i>Ot.-each.jLadi-«' Fast Black Hosie-y nt 10c. ISc isud 26c a pair and 


Ne-w line Children's and Mioses' Shoes, from 25c to S1.25 per pair, 
i' ^ Ladius' Dougoki Kid ^;h<A>^: for S1.23 a pair. Ltiditos" Freuc.^ Kid Sho*« 
redncod from $1.50 to $3.00. Om- genuiue Calf Shoe for Gents at S2 50 

V»eatsanytlisnc la tke city lor the price. See cur $1.25 Men's Cotgresti 

U-> o if) 



1:RY butter andycu'll never buy elsewhere. 

C Susrar, 20 lbs lor il.OO: Granulated Su^ar, 100 lbs 
far S6.00; 8 lu.s Coffee for $1; 5 lbs Java and Mocha for $1 ; Choice Rio 
C:cff.x. 4 lbs for $1, Choice Java ana Mor.ha, 30c p'r lb; 5 }t»s G«od 
■"..^ea for $1: Ch'ice Tep<\ :^5c, 50c ar.d COc; Choice Rice. 14 lbs forSl 
IJeU J-'-ap,'33barslor $1; Good Prunes. 11 lbs for SI; Best Flour, $2 
;ier 100 lbs; 4 tons choice Dairy Butter 15c per lb: best Creamery 
IJiatt-rr, 20cperlb. An endless line of Canned Good.*?, from fee to 20c 
per can. Crackers, 6g per lb in boxes. 3 carloads Fa acy Bur Lank Po- 
tatoes, G6g per bu. Jus'- received, car of Binterins as 
choice a", any dairy butter in the markst. Sal« price, 14c per lb. Prices 
subject to market cranfreE. 

WhdeSile and Retai! Dcoartmcnt House. 

or. •vv''y. 

Harlisan General ElsGtrlc 


Furnish Eiectric 
For Arc and Incandescent Lig:bt 

And Motor Ser^ace. 





ciadon /., Foot of FL^Ii kn. East 



Station B, 123 West EM\m Street. 




sr^FYius m mmK diseases! 

Main ofiir* Ni Vorh block, oomer Fonrtsf'nth 
.., , , ^, itn^t.". r.u<^ Tin. (T jivcnne, W.-tf ir-ii>?'ior, Wis. 

i>rfincu 'jllicf*^, Mar<ju.3lr." ;..iti ^^lc■illHV.•. r»5ic!;. L>r. Sj-wr, iij eh«rp.^ ..f the bohd nliic*, m a 
«r H'fv.ntc- of luo meilioal (J.-partmeut of Hstrvan^ I'Divcia-iiy rlaw of li. &ai it, [emiawT^d u 
such ill 5i)*!i hfOiisphorCS. 

VnnSr. MPN ^ijo Jinvo tK,eii snfferiDH; from tbe ofteete o youtWnl fullies or indiscreri.x;B 
v.ili dc well to avRil thoineelvps o/ titis r:horc«». 


ili^ SF PFR fi rn ^^ ''^ ffuarantfip. a i*tfpct cv^e i:i all cpjee of ■wo&koAis or priTat* .lie- 
o.i. ui *ii.u « «V. pRCfjs of anj kind ««■ ctaract4»r tLcy andertake or fou>i» $2'.0. TL«re 
J ftio mauy <jf i!j<i aee of *) to !S'i who are tronhiefj •with l;>o fjtv4ijout evacuatioD« of »he hlad- 
j iw ;-, i.fti naco'...rilJUijic<] V a plight .Kmartiu^ seus-ation art wfAkeuii^c of t"';? srst-^rn in a 
I rna!ib<>r which »!io paii'^ur taniiot, account for. Tiifro flre mna(r who die of tiiu diSIcnltr, 
.j t'^r;uran' rt ilio canso, which is tbe second rtaife o? \Fea}i.r'f»'*. 

lj}|f PQ A i'<»w method : i;o bh.^ulr operalim. no sroinp to bed: not tho ElisLtegt i>ain; n» 
jixuuu inconvenience *i 'Jiidf.'^'^jiuR a couri' • of trci.irj^eat w-ith dp for ihe relief of tliij 
(J v, i-!.t c;;K<M.f BJeccliitffor Irchia;; Pilos, no inat-or hiw hnicr sbaiidiui?. We fnnenntoe a 
j ! i-evmaiy nt euro. To every our who cousulte us we pieJi,'e sheoJutd secrecy. 
U ji.iu-'o.^il i«re d^drcT-xl from the prie.o of tToatnient-. 

iiiiii ii*,i«ys 

Connected With the W«rk of 


the jCoptianil 


Tlioy Succeed Because They Are Socialists 
and Have a Perfect Knowledge irf the 
Diseases They Tre?.t. '^ m, 

— i 

The qu;sti»n "Why arc ihc 
pliy?icu;n5 so siiocessrul r" !s fr 
asked. \ cry •iten persons ^^ , 
rci::ark ". don't understand iiow' 
thiy take these desperate c 
other physicians have irivcn up 
ccinplish such renin rk;i Me resal 
niystcno'js to say the leaTt." 

i lie i|u ."ttion is casilv answered. The 
pn>!)lcrH (lie easy to solve. There is i»o 
mvitery about it. Their succcsb ca:i be 
accounted for .-.nd their abiiity to h.AndIe 
de?pc»«l€ cases readily cxpkiined. 

L'rs. Copcliiud, Hunt and 1 )rcnninj;^ in 
the first place have a Cdinplcie and Ihor- 
oi;ph kno'vledjic •( the diseases \*hich 
they treat, 'ihey have devoted their" 
lives to a «tudv «f these diseases and 



J, the rt'.-iarkabk rases cited in 
cohiinns dav alter day none wil! 

elicit greater sur- 

bear cl'>sir scrutii.y o: 
prise than of Mis. M. Olson who 
lives at 1CG4 Garfield avenue. It illus- 
trates hoiv catarrh can be succc£?fullv 
treated in ashoit period of time whm 
given proper attention under the 
care of .■-. j-^ieci.dist by ih» Cop»l3nd 
syitcKi (if !re?.trr.e:u. It took Mrs. 
Olson just thirty days to get rfd of a ca- 
tarrliai troublt* of the nose a#d ibro«t. 
To the scribe she said: "Yes, I am well 
satislied with the treatn:ei 1 liave le- 
c»iv«d. My tTCubic has yielded to treat- 
ment in a very skort time. Before I be- 

VVe Keep Timo 

With the music. Look «t the hall f^cks 
and sideboards, and th.e right prices, net 
the discount, sell them. 

IJlc\ei)i:l & Ei:i:lin«, 
1 8 and 20 Lake avenue north. 

Sandwiches and ci'fTec at ilni i'.'.vilion. 

What is this 


It i.s the only bow (ring:) which 
cannot be pulled from the watcli. 

To be liad only with Jas. Boss 
Filled and other watch cases 
stam|jcd with this trade mark. 

Ask your jeweler for patnphlct. 

Keystone Watch Case Co., 


their exp< riencc coverirj^' a numixir 01 
years wilh an infniitc number and va- 
riety of c;-.sts has enabled ihcm to Drinp 
their system a»d methoti? nearer to pcr- 
fcnion th.i!! atiy otI:cr ha.^ ever attained. 
They know, iheistore, fro:n experience 
alir.oft the rcfults tbc> ran accomplish 
in any qlfvcn case. Thty are enaklcd lo 
apply to each individual «ase the ircat- 
nienl, pco cdias .".n.d medicines uqu'.red 
fo emdicale tb« diarj^sc aiid accomplish 
a care, 

Knowin; this, lliffi they go a step far- 
ther than Uie aveiajje phywcian and 
supply tk's treatment, these remedies 
and tbe9»i Ricdicinc?. Th.ey know to r. 
certainty, >vhnt rthcr phy.;iciays do rot 
know, a;id thai 1? fiiat eich patliiit under 
their care £ets exactly the medicinc- 
prcicnbcd for him. There is no substi- 
tution. No di.spvusing of stale, shell- 
wot ;. and inert druses. 

In then ov.n private laboratory at- 
isiclicti 10 r.nd f(»rmirj; p:irt of thjir oi- 
tiee, .and u ider dircit supecvision cf the 
physician all mt-»d1(:incs ^rc preparc<i. 
iOnipound ;d and di.^pensed by a thoi- 
iiu;;h!y tMU.ed ?tf.d well cdacaied drnjj- 
■A\s{. ()nl> the ]i' ;-.nd be^t drug< 
arc used. They arc purch:i^cd in sm( h 
<)uaiuitic3 that there is no necessity lor 
Lhiir bccorunj.r .stale .md inactive. 

No, there is noihnK nniraculous 01 
mybirrious conpc.-Jed wilh tlie woik ot 
these i)hvsu:ian.'^. TJi'-y iuccccd because 
'hey merit success. Tiic results they ac- 
complish a; in the ca«c oi Mrs. Olson 
Kiven beIo\»f or in the hundieds of ca^^e.s have .Tppea.iv:d in these columns arc 
not !Biracu ous. 

To honest. oarelHl. theroi^Lxh work 
b.nkfd up bv a i>erfect Ujiow ledi^e ol 
the disease they treat; a knowledicc of 
each ludiMilu.iI case aud iU re<iuirciiients 
;tnd llie fa:t that theie rcquirctncnts are 

cess o, 

lay be .itlribated the 
mc Jopeland physicians. 




gan >lie treatnie;;i I 5ufljercd a ffr«.-t deal 

Irom * ;:t;-.riha! hc^d.aches; I felt di?.zy 

a»d .ijrew faint when 1 stooped over. 

Tiicre were incessant noises in my ears; 

1 rnuld not distinjjui^h sounds from a 

distF.iKC and mv h<fc>rir.j; was rapidiv 

j^rowir:: worse. I'pon taking the least 

t( Id my thront would ^et 5ore and my 

ncse become stopped up so 1 couldn't 

lireathc throu;4h it. I contmunilv 

M.nvinij my no^e or hawkinj^ and »p:t- 

tinir to clear my threat of mucous. Mv 

appetite was pcor and my con<iition 

declining every li.iy. ,\ftcr one montli's 

treatment nt the Copciand Medical In- 

atitutt 1 feel that my c.^.taiili L;t.saniire!y 

left me; there arc mo more noises if. mv 

cars; my hearini^ is L;ood; I have 1^0 more 

hcada«:hcs 01 di/zy faintinji spells; mv 

nose and throat arc not filled with 

mucus but afford free pass.^tje of air to 

llie luiu,'^. I am very c^raieful to the 

Copv land physicians for h.ivii.j; relieved 

mc of my trouble in such a sh<u: tim«. ' 

Cep!?M la fciile, 


Rooms 3 12. 813. 314 Lyceum Bldg. 
Opposite the SpaUlijii; Hotel. 

HE. W. H. • OPKK 
DJ5. it. .M. lilTNT. 


Cf^icnltiBg l*lijr»icifcrs. 
on. F. r. DKKXMVu. 

Vi(.rii! PfivsjHaM. 
Hjw^cialtir?: (~n;!i:>li tmuI iJis««ns»»if of Ui" Knr, 
N<'¥0, and i.;injr.<. NorT*ns IfiMHPtv-. 
SVii; ni-v^ikop, ('hKii.ic l)^.-.<»a^»>s. Oiiio« boors, 
9 to 11 a. ^u.. 2 t») 1 p. m.. 7 to S p. re. ; Sunday, tf 
a. in.U> 12 in. 




lfyoH'ivi>at n «li«tniip*» rord fonr cowf» in 
Flamj's f'lr (jntMion ciri-iiJur. .Atl.lrc«>« all itiuiI 
tt» flio ('»i>elaii(] Medical luoiiUue. Ljconm 
builtfiag, IJahuli. iliuii. 







. 'ite 

>!>'.V* '%'" .-lAT''^**-'?.? 








Mrs. Mendenhall Tells of Her Struggles to 

Get Her World's Fair Exhibit Prop- 

erlv Installed. 

How the Carpenters Left the Frame Uncom- 
pleted and Thus Necessitated Mere 
Vexatious Delay. 


Deoorative Work Has Been Well Don« 
and the Radiators Have Been 
Finally Set. 

tirst warning -and I had my 

after the 

The jjlass men sent me some brilliant 
and vciv work, hut in toni- 
inj,' part of it was broken, but my decDr- 
ator kindly relieved me of any trouble 
about tlmt. 

The superintendent of the buildin^r 
with his army ot assistants took an intcr- 

"A touch of iiat*ire m«ikcs us all akin." 
So I will bejjin on the typesetter of July 
15, who I feel must hare been very neir 
"akin" to me in M^me of my hours of ex- 
haustion, wheit he vepresenteil the cop- 
pernieii as running to a "pi>:" of cold 
water and made my reference to the late 
park tire read that the minds of the peo- 
ple were \et "scared" instead of 
"seared." Well. I suppose they are 
scared and seared toj. Hut when 1 read 
"we know our 'sins' of life, we talk and 
reverently muse our 'sins' of rijjhteous- 
ness, etc.," I considered that unless the 
reader 5u!i5tituted "smi" in cacli place 
for "sii:^" iff mijjht think the tire was yet 
at work on my n'.ind. 

It is for»mate for me that the same 
"touches oi nature" that hinder this Min- 
nesoMi exhibit tr«m hemi: perfection 
even yet, ate sfiared by many in everv 
buildiij^ Oil the Jackson l';irk .grounds. 
Lateness of completion of building, vr 
lateness of appeaisenee of contribution, 
or curling uii af moneyed support, afifect 
many nf us. It is due to myse.'i and may 
lie ui interest to Minnesota, to jji\ esome 
e.xpianaiion cl why, after I had secured 
furnishings and mont^-, I could not put 
cveryll'.injf m pbcc. I am all right, per- 
sonally, -n the tirst half of the motto, "A 
place for e\erythin.^," but I am partly 
wr»njj where I want to read, "andcvery- 
thin^i in iLs place." 

To beijin with the framing i>f the ex- 
hibit. 1 trudijed through the unfinished 
portions of the f)ark. in the early days i;f 
A;'i!l, and in the unready slate of roads, 
three tiiiics from the Sixty-secosd street 
K'ale, through i;ray fond, LattliT:; such 
wind and ram as made th» carpenter 
once exciwe himself from mcstiiiaf v.\m 
by hi« belief in the impossibihtv 
oi my .ittemptirii: to meet him; 
clamber: .Tij over buildint: rubbish, 
iiiij into Ci;tcaL,'o ."-and that knows how to 
have heights ar<l depths Icr the unac- 
customed, frofn the .Sixty-second street 
t^ate to anthrcy (jloirical, which it seems 
to Twe must k:;ow about Seventieth 
than any nearer Bumhor u[ street, to sit 
till 1 shivarcd as I watched the cold rain 
drop v.ith lorce thrcu-h the unhiiished 
rocf, and then I started ok to the Fifty- 
sevenVi street Minnesota building-, and 
at least ojice !>f tiie three times, back 
a^'ain to ".\mhropc?," to ;,'et estimntcs 
for price and si*es f«r ^lass, etc. The 
buildiir^ was not to cost me more than 
$13?, pwrhaui less. But wlwn the car- 
penters had fleared my track, pro- 
nounced it finished and eventually sent 
Ml a bill considurably hijjher, I found the 
pine so ^reen and 90 rutijtjh that betides 
the open-hearted gaps be^^'iimir.i; to show 
(nearly all of whicli I have manaf^ed to 
C(»veri, it c;ist nse more expense with the 
decorator before he could mitke 
it as pretty as it certainly u. 
Next, it was left so unlln* hcd that 
a new carpenter hatl to '. ; hunted up 
when the ,:,'las6 came, beor.ase ther^ whs 
no proper framing for the glass, the 
wimlow siils were not siHs; the transom 
wirfidow was ncit'i^ a tr msoni nor j)Ut in 
To explain why I had not discovered 

est in my dailv nisiory, ami gnve 
me work* as well as syr.ipathv. One 
morning I found the two artists who were 
detailed— at artist's prices I suppose— to 
coyer mv walls, under my directions, 
waiting a ijuarler 01 an hour l)elore the 
time 1 had appointed. To as close a cal- 
culator of expense as I need to l)e, this 
was objectionable, as being expense 
without profit. I had asked to have my 
booth cleaned, as painters had used its 
protection- for their pots, lunchers for 
their noons, aud iniich was tberc that 
was not mine, yet no one claimed. The 
sui)drintendeiit said: "It is not my busi- 
ness to have the interitir of your booth 
cleaned, but I will do it to oblige you 
Mrs. Mendenhall." IHit it was not done. 
1 had no claim to have it done. Also, 
the wall covering that several had beeyi 
trying to get from the express office for 
six days was not yet there. Here were 
men eonsuming money an<l no return. 
I said to them, "^'ou need this material. 
If I shouKl go to the express ofiice I 
coultl not carry it, it I got it. Yon can- 
not work, without it. Will one of you 
go, 1 will give you the order." But they 
were union men, andsiiti it was not their 
business. I answereil tliat if the head 
man were there 1 felt sure he would see 
it brought. The day was warm, cir- 
cumstances were heaping difficulties on 
me. A bt)oth unclcaned, no place for 
v.orkmen and no material, yet two able- 
bodied men in pay by the hour until I 
overcame the iiriiculties. I turned on 
them, as even the worna will, and .said, 
"If you cunnct get what you need, 1 
b.ive no money be!i)nging to ;i state, to 
expen<l paying vmi while yoti stand here. 
Von uia> go and y^u need not rtturti." 

Then 1 mountttl to the superinten- 
dent's rocm; he plead hi* own mghtwork 
till 2 a. m. and a sick wife afterw.ird. I 
.icceptcd hi.«. regrets in a gracious way 
and he ioan {ourmeii in mydcunains 
and then himself got on the tr.'ck of the 
head jaaitor, w1k>, with kindly face, came 
to know what he could do. I wantad an 
expressm;ui tor mv material and I want- 
ed some f'eft-hat-.ded man ior its use. 
He soon brought up tlie men I needed, 
and my "list end was better than my 
first," fc)r the new decorator has dene 
plumbers' work, painting, lifting .nnd at 
less expense tsan the stnte had allowed 
me. so I saved money there; but I have 
had to take him .-.fteroffice hours, and as 
I canr.Dt have him till p. m , I some- 
times do rot get to my dinner before 8 
p. in. 

I'nless I am bidd»n off. the next les- 
son will coatin-ie this hi'itory of our 
work in the fair. A. D., i8gv 

K. K. Mi:\ul;miai,l. 

The Appoaohinr] Dinner Hour 

Is fraught v.uh no pleasant anticipations 
for the n-ibajipy mortal plagued with 
dvspcpsia. A])petite seldoui, discomfort 
after and between meals, always in his 
,p(»rtion. Heartburn and iLitulence sub- 
j-jcjuent to eatrntr^ a grjawing at the pit of 
the stomach beitore it, are only a few 
among tfic woes arising from il^is truly 
impish comj)!a!nt. Sicfe headaciie, Rerv- 
outness, constipation and biliou«iess are 
its diaboffoal oif5[)i5ng. Kach and all of 
them arc aniuhilatefl by Hostclter's 
Stomaeh Bittwr-, which tones the gastric 
organs and regulates the liver and bmv- 
els with certainty and promptitude. 
Chills and tevcr, kidney trouble, rh.euma- 
tism and neuralgia are algo remied by 
this medicine of rare purity and com- 
prehen.'tivc uses. Invalids of all kinds 
are greatly and swiftly benefited by it. 



Is our Clearance saie. Immense crowds 
have visited our stortM this week and 
greater they will be during next week, 
'ui'nerous big bar/;ains have been added 
besides those mentioned belon-. 

We Mnst Redace Our Stock at 
Once, Cost No Object. 


Are cominj; this way. Protect yourselves, your homes and your 

eatables with our 


SCREEN DOORS, all size?, ^ -inch thick, comulote, Hingrs. Hook 

and Knob 

-A-t S1.35. 

Note the prices. Note the place. Note the name. 

Lalonde & Leonard, 

Good Oood=;. Prom tJt delivery. Store opou from 6 a. m. to 8. p. m. 


a -t 


o tr 

Met (* 
tn w 

- a. »•• 


I I 








"Why Speak of Pants?" 

Do You Wear Thorn? 


Have comracncod their GREAT PANTS SALE, and they have made a tremen- 
dous reduction in prices. 


()n our entire stock of Dry (ioods, Druss 
(iood;*. Notion.-. Yarns, L'nderwe;ir, Car- 
pets, Rugs, Oil Cloths, Draperies, Cur- 
tains Shades, etc. 

1-3 OFF on Ladies' Capes and Jackets. 
•Ml our .Straw Hats at Half Price. 
1-4 OFF on all our Umbrellas. 
1-3 OFF on Mackintoshes and Rubber 

Lot of Hoys' Knee Pant Suits at $1.25. 

I make my ice cream al the Pavilion. 
Try it. Served at (he same place. 

Telephone Lutes' laundry to call 
your washing. 


Law.*) Chairs and Settees 
At Dloedel cc Ebtfiing's, one-price 
turc store. Odd Fellov/s* block. 


"^fy little boy was very bad off for 
two months v.-ith dititrhuia. \Vc used 
various medicines, also called in two 
doctors, but nolhidig <!one him any gocd 
unt'l vc used Cl'.amberlain's Colic, 
Cholera and DiarrhcjLa remedy, which 
gave immediate relief and soon cured 
h'lii. I consider it the best rned.icinc 
made and can ronscicntiousiy reconv 
mend it to all who need a diarrhoja or 

colic medicine. J 
and 50 ce^. 

I--. Hare, '1 renton, 
t l)()lt!es for sale bv 

Tex. ., 


Snioive Ins WorM Bealcr 
A 10 cent cigar for 5. .Sold only by A. 
Hans'aib, Fii-it National Hank building. 

all this 1 will tell that having nmde the 
diagrams cf the elevations m>self, left 
them with the cnrpen»er, and a bright 
Chicago leachor, whom I left 111 my 
place^ i had gone back to Minnc", ;t.i to 
see again some contributors who^c gen- 
erosity tooled after I left, and who sent 
letter^ t'j mc asking to be cxcui^.d from 
part of their promise. It was too late. 1 
had ^Irtfidy made two trips to St. I'aul 
and Minneapolis to secure cor.tributions 
and mo icy, hut I mafic a thiid and in- 
duced my generous contriluK-rs to stand 
tlrmly by mc and then- std.te in our hcur 
of need. The carpenter finished his 
work and left at the time of my re- 
luii;, and 1 could not recover him, 
He may have some justification, 
as there are alwavs tv'o sides to a ca^c, 
but had his bill been, as he told me he 
woeid try to make it, less tlianSi.-,5. I 
should have felt I had small right, pcr- 
hap-s, to o'uject to its payment, a^ I liave. 
To get a nev/ carpenter meant, perhaps, 
to hunt outside and require a pass with 
his photograph, etc. Fortunately, 1 have 
fetiiid many of the men interested in this 
ir\iT work, ready to hfclp me when prr- 
plc."<ed beyond, my own ability to solve. 
1 have a*ed no <ine lor help wheqe 1 
knew the way to help myself. A car- 
penter in the building was found, but he 
worked by the hour, and to hnish tiie 
fraoie, I© fit the glass, cost me fn 1.30 
more. I have asked the MmnesoiA 
board to require the carpenter, v/ho sent 
mc a hdl far beyon<l bis reckoning, V) 
pay this extra carpenter bill. 

Next carne the decorative part. Tl at 
r«'iuircd many trips froin Aubura park, 
where 1 home, or jacksoa park, wiiere 1 
work, down to the lowest part of the citv, 
whore T could g;;t al! the details of rolarj, 
lettering, application of work to suit mc. 
It has been well done. I represeilted 
imp-rcssivily my impccuaiosity, my need 
of careful spending of the str^le's money, 
whii ii I held in trust, and I reducrd that 
bill by some ?io, without belittling the 
qtJ.Thty of the work. 

The tile men made their appearance 
a week later, but that was in thr early 
dav5 when all was chaos. They hni^hcd 
their admifcd work without any .tnxiely 
from me .'*rd have my biassing. It was 
than late in May. I sent the r^idiator 
men, v/hose prornpttiess and irtjeresl 
in helping me when the way 
seemed dark and unopened, . ...,,... 1 • , , 

long co.-nmend - I sent them i to all aud Ikwo made it the most I 
word their appearance v.. ;uld popular rcmcily kucAvn. ! 

bedes,rcd;nafewd.nys Their letter of | Hvrup of Figs h 5ijr talc in 50c ' 

|un.{ 2 ;>rj::iibcd a s[)e»dy etitrance, but' -■--*« - •-. > 

owing lo the executors of their work, 
who arc here in Chiciigo, no radiators 
were jet untd Wediiesciav ot tins week. 
Meantime I h^a made four trips ia less 
than a week, througli great heat, and the 
long ilistance, to the t*o hrms wiio held 
the ottler, one to make, the other to set, 
the fiitiniis. The setter was overrun 
with f^rk work, but I persistently visited 
his oltice daily, although he dodged me 


.Men's and Hoys' Hats v/t)rth 50c 

to (/oc ; sale price 

Men's HlackanidTun Wool Hats 

worth 751: and S;c; sale price. 
Men's Fedora and Crushed Hat.s 

worth Si.?o and $1.75; sale 

I" ice 

.Men's Hard Hats worth Si. 50 to 

^l.'>o; i..nle price. . . 

Men's Hard and S««it Hats worth 

jii|fo and ihJ.75; sale i)rice 


I'argo's and (oay I'.ros. Ladies' 
Fine Kid Shoes widi Turned 
or r.oodyearWelt .Sole, Opera 
or Common Sen so Toe, reg- 
ular price $}.jO, $}.7S :ii"»<l 
S4 [jcr prJ.r. All go at 

(Vay Bros. Ladies' Fine Kid 
Hatt'Ui .Shoes, regular price ?3 
per pair. Sal' price 

.See our QSo hargains in 
Ladies' :ind ClnUlren s Shoes. 

7C pa rs Men's Fine Welted 
.Shoci in all si/CSj Congress or 
l.ace, regularly sold at $,.50, 
S^^.7t and $4. T.ike your 
choice at 

Men's Call .Shoes, worth $2 50, 
Sale prip« 

Lot Men's, Ladies' and Chil- 
dren's shoes, worth from Si. 25, 
< 1. 50 per pair. All go at 








See our Iwirgains in line La>»iiidried 
Negligee Shirts. Save money and come 
to this great s:ile. 

1983 and 1926 V.. Stiperiof St 

Ice Cream Soda 








$7.So I'antb. .^5.00 
Pvoo Pants. .f.vf;« 

#5.50 Pants S4.25 I »6.oo Pants. $400 i jq^o Pants ..*3.75 

fi^.oo Pants. j(i2.75 $2.50 j ^3.00 Pants. .$2.25 )(;i.i;o Pants. .$1.00 

A!! tl.Is season's goods, fine fitting and well made. 







1(;28 Wuta- SUI'ERIOK .STRBr.T. 
















^ ♦ 

♦ At Lov/est Prices. j 

♦ ♦ 


1 1919 Weitf Superior Street. 1 

♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^ 

Summer sicknesses are often 
brought on by part.aking of im- 
pure food. Too much care can- 
not be taken to avoid this dan- 
ger. The surest vray is to deal 
finJy at reliable houses. Those 
who study to ple.nsc in order to 
rel.iin your custom all the 
round. All dairy products, 
canned meats, fruits and vege- 
tables should be used only when 
I)erfc(dy fresh and pure. Our 
reputation is based on supplying 
constantly the bjst qaalitieo in 
allj^oods. Ourp'icob arc gov- 
crne<l by these higher (jualities. 


i831 West Sflferior Street. 




And for your own sake, buy some Kind. 

Good Real Estate >s the finest 

investment in the world. The failures 0/ 
banks, or the depredations of thieves 
can not effect it as they can ready cash. 
T!ie fluctuations of the money market 
cannot depreciate its \. due d your land 
is [turchasivci in a growing neighborhood. 
It is certain to steadily increase with 
time. The Lots we arc offering in 

"Helm's Addition" I'avc svcry- 

thuig to recommend them- beauty of 1»»- 
cation, good soil and proximity to stores 
! and schools. 


Garfield Avenue. 



L. Joiinson, 



Cha.s. F. Lki.aki), P csitlent. Donald MAtLK<)i>, Cashier 

The Commercial Bank of Diiluth, 


Authorized Capital, $100,000. Paid-np Capital, $25,000 

The National Bank ol the Republic, The American Kxchangc National Bank, 


The Merchants National, 
St. Paul. 

Buy and sell Fwrcign Exchange. I'ay interest on Time Deposits and do a General 

Banking Bu?incBS. 

C'm,ss. F. Lmi.a.M). a. R. Do.sai.d MAri.p.on. 

HE mm mi 

Some of the Brigiit Reading Tluit Publish- 
ers Have Provided for the Viarm 
Summer Days- 

Popular Science Monthly for August is a 
Number of Even and V/e!l Sus- 
tained Excellence. 

Ectli fhe n:eth«d r.nd rc.'^r.lw "w"hea | 

Sjrup 'of I'igis iri taken; it is T>icariaut ' 

and refrG^in;^to tiio ta,«to, and act.s ■ 

genlly yet',prornpt-Iy ou the Kid!iey.=», 

Liver and Bowels, clcnn::c3 the sy.s- 

tcm effect iially, di.-pol.5 colds, fenad- 

aches and fevers end cures halii,ual 

constipation. Bynip of Figs is the ; 

only remedy of its kind ever pro- i 

duccd, ple.t'^ing to tlio tust? atld ac- ; 

ceptal)le to the stomncli, prompt in \ 

iLs action and truly bcnelioial tn it? i 

pfTcct.'', prcf>arod only from the most i 

healthy atid agroc«i)Ic siibsi;.iuces, it"? ! 

I ,.j,^/i I many excellent (jnalitics coniinend it ' 

and 01 bottles hy all Icmiii^jr (Ji-ug. 
giscs. Any reliable druggist ^7hc> • 
may not have it on Iir.nd v.'iU pr<>- . 
cure it proiuj)tIy for any one who j 
v.ishes to try it. Do not accept any j 
Sub:-titiUe. i 


SAN f:,-A\'Ci:iCO, r.AL. 

Paper of Remarkable Value by Hon. Henry 

L. Dawes on an liiteresting Period 

in History. 

The Popu'.ir .Science Monthlv' ior 
August is a number of cveri and well- 
sustained excellence, k opens with a 
very readable [>aperon "Animal .Speech," 
by Urof. E. P. I'.van; , a subject that is 
attracting much attention la the scienti- 
fic world. This is foUowc'i by the ad- 
dress of I'rcf. Rudolph Virchow as rec- 
to.' of the Iriivcrsity of Berlin, which is 
a vigorous and suggestive educational 
es?ay under the tiie "Learn and Search." 
A timely article is "rroteclion fioni 
Lightning, by Al'?.\ mtler McAdie." It 
show.7, with the aid of illustrations, that 
some of the popularly aeteptcd opinions 
concerning lightning ai'j erroneous, 
and gives delinite instructions for 
securing the best protection. This 
season of .-innual rncetiniji 

cf r,ocieties and cf World's fair (on- 
grchscs nho nia.kcs timciv a critical and 
bu<,'gei.iive article by Ciet.rgc lies on 
"Success With Scientific atuKJther Meet- 

Herbert Spencer conirihiiles a post- 
script to his e-say on "The Inadnnnacy 
ot Natural .St*l»:Ciion," under the title 
"i'K)fessor WiM»niann's Theories." That 
our ordinary frogs have some of the 
pf)wcr of the chameleon is ••hov/n by 
I'rof'.^ssor Clarcnro M. Weed in an illus- 
trated article on "The Color Changes of 
Frogs." A scientific exp'a.natuui ot 
"Why a Frmi of Dil Can Caini the Sea," 
a!«o ill.istratcd, is ^-ivtin by d. W. Litile- 
hales, of the l'nitc<l States hydrographic 
ollice. Dr. .Manly .Miles contri')iiies a 
b ologicnl statement of "How Plants 
anil /^ninials Grow." Dr. Erne t Hart's 
exposure of the bogus hypnotic 
I)heno;nena that certain French doctors 
have been reveling in, under the title 
"il^c Revival of Witchcraft," is con- 
cluded this month. "Home Keinarkable 
Insects" aic described by Wiiiiani j. 
Fox, with pictures of inanvstrangeforiiis, 
such as the "walking leaf," the antlerctl 
"slag beetle," the great h(jra^ Hercules 
beetle, cl'\ I'rofe.ssor (".r.inam I.usk 
rontriouies an examination of 'The Ma- 
teria' View of Life and its Relation to 
the Spiritual." Th.,re is a reiinwkably 
vivid account of ".Sealing in the Antart - 
tic," which seems to suggest a relief for 
ttie <lrpleted liering sea region. Dr. d. 
(i. (irotf writer, on "Honey ami Honey 
I'lant-," and l'r^)fcs^or Frctlciiek Stair 
furnishes a "Sketch of I'aolo Mantc- 
ga/za," the eminent Italian scientist. 

New York: D. Appl.ton c\: Co. Fifty 

cents a number, *>^ a yiar. 

♦ «!• • 

"An Amateur Circu , ' the tiile of a 
letter from I'aris in tht Argonaut of July 
17, describes a curi(ais ieature of lifc in 
the gay capital- the 'ucns that an ama- 
teur has instituted, ui v.iiich gentlemen 
amateurs inke part, and which \s really 
the lait ofhcial act of the I'aris scas.:n in 

4. d. i^ 

Hon. Henry I, . Dawes contribjles to 
the August .Atlantic Monthly an ex- 
tremely readable arlic'e entitled "Wash- 
iaj;ton the Winter Before the War." He 
says: "This article is written to pre- 
ierve, if poisible, lor future instruction 
and entertainintrit, the record of some 
incident* of those da\^, all trace of which 
wiil soon he beyond p.i ill if left alone to 
tiic memory of contemporaries and par- 
ticipants." He writes of matters the in- 
side history of which is little known, of 
the plotting at Washington, (jf thearrival 
of the .South Carolina ticlegates and their 
r-:ccption by a cominifje of winch .Mr. 
Dawes is now the ^Ac survivor. He 
tells of Lincoln's arrival r.nd givci us 
his estimate ot the man. 

In short, it is a paper of remarkable 
value Irom one of our best knov.-n public 
n.ea on a pecnliaily interesting period 
of our hntory. 

41 + 4- 

Beople entertaining at their country 
homes will welcome witli deii;;lit the full 
and accurate description of the receiving 
and enti riaining of a houseful of guests 
which .Mrs. Ihirton Kingsland gives in a 
practiCiU article on "KntertiiinMig in the 
Coantry," in the Augu:>t Ladies' 
Journa!. The magazine is made still 
further interesting bec:iuse of the iuu.s;c 
and words of the beautiful song ".My 
Star," by l\;itD Lleweiiyn Fitcli one of 
the famous JoH' prize compositions 
for the encouragement of American 
musical composition. .\ full-page poem 
by .Madeline S. Bridges, illusiiated by 
Fr»ink ( ). Small, entitled " The Docks at 
Night," is followed bV an illuatraled 
sketch of "A Niece of Robert Burns," the 
only near surviving ri'ative of the poet. 

Mrs. Hamilton .Mott contributes a 
valuable article on ".Sending' a (iirl to 
Boarding-School," rej-'ete with infor- 
nintion on every po:nt connected with 
boarding-school life. Vounger mother!, 
will tinrl Duetor I'oweil's timely article 
on "Lhildren at the Seashore," and Miss 
S^ovils on "Children in the Country." 
full of seasonable and u^t•ful suggestions 
on t!ie c:are of their lia j oiits during the 
suminei outing. Children of a larger 
growth are remembered in a daintily 
illu;;ifed page cniiilcJ "Dressing a 
Growing C'/irl." (". Lfinron Iloopor con- 
triin'.te'i a plca.-^antly wril'cn history of 
"How Kissing Came into the Wot Id, " 
and N1ar\ Hoibrcok Chai'ii;li des^cnben 
"An Afternoon lea in J ipan." Kdward 
W. T'o': difccu.iscsthe <|Utslion of modern 
housekeeping aud its effect upon wt)mcn, 
and .Vlr. . Hovveils jfiv'.s a particularly 
fas( mating in^allmeut of his charming 
novel. 'The Coast ot !'ohcmia." 

"Dainty Lingerie of To-day" is dain- 
tily wtitt'.n o^ by Isabel A. .Mallon, and 
Harriet < )gden Slortso:: gives an illusiia- 
ted page of "I'CclesMbtical lanbrt.idcry." 
Palmer Cox with his ini!n!t;iblc "liruwn- 
les," F.ben L. Rexlord with his valu- 
able "Midsummer in the (iardeii," 
Margaret Sims with a page cf "Designs 
in ^lould Crochet," I\ l'.»rloa in 
"Everything About the House" and 

Miss Hooper in "Home Drcjfim.aking," 
all contribuliC to make this August Jour- 
nal, with its ex(|uisite cover, designed by 
Frank O. Small, particularly attractive, 
and worth many times its modest price 
of ten cents. The Ladies Home Jour- 
nal IS sold by The ("urtis Publishing 
Company, of I'hiladelphia, for lu c. per 
number or ;f>i per year. 

Pure home-made cream at the Pa- 

Ilitlike tlie Outcli Prscess 

No AlkiilicK 

— OR — 

^ Other CIiOHijViils 

arc xint}<\ in the 
l>rci)ar.'<fir)n m 

W. IJAKEIl He iO.'S 

5. f!;!i3FeakfestCocoa 

%^m 1 ■• l"'4 

r/jJ , .'<f < * vhirh. is absohttdif 

r'fs i.''''! purr, ritfl solulttc. 

prj ' ■..»'] i(\'(tli3k*inori'.i!miiHirfr:fimiti- 
I. »S ; " •' •^/<«*/rrnf//./iof('oroaiiHxei 

I' J 's . •_JK with Siarcl), ArrowrouL or 

^»i «ii ''.155" •■^""(I'lr, and is far nioro rco- 
iioiiiiual, coht'iny less than ono cent a cup. 
Ii is (I'flicious, uuiiri.sliiut;, aiHl lixsiug 


Sola by Cirofir* everywiiore. 

W.BAiIEPv&C0.7l)orGliester Haic 

Ao Ordinance. 

Arrfjndinfir an oniiHanon 
>iftiie<! No. XVJ, nijuiriiiK 

•iititle.l "Ordi- 
tlri' cscatx's tn 
iiioro thaH t\^•o 

CiiFSCt M. 

OfTicr of Hciarfl of Piit.lic Works. ) 
Cifyof Duhiili, Mii.ii.,.Inl.v li'tli, l^fi.l. J 
Sc.'ilf'd liiflfl Kfli ^>l^ rfcoivcil liy hl,n lij«)ai'il of 
pnlilic workti in nnd for tlic cori>or>iti«in of t)io 
city of Dniutli, Minii'^r'ota. Rt tlit^ir ofUco in Raid 
city, iriiil 10 a. ni. on tln! ;{l.'-i day of .Jnly, A. I). 
I'lii, for til") cou.' trnoti<»u ot n satiiinry t-r^wrrlii 
Kirs* alloy in Fy'nl city frotii yi'vw.tli avontio 
wpst to laTliili uvriiui' woet, acc')'"li'ii? to 
|.'.{i\ti .-md fii*ooiticiitioiit) uii file ill the oHIcn of 
saiti lK)nrd. 

A cortidrd r.licck or a bond with at loast two 
CJ) BiiretioR in tlio Euni of our* Imndrod and 
hi'V'ulv-iivo ($17B.(h)) dollars n»nnt r.cooninan? 
r.-inli bid. 

'i'lif unul board reKcrven tlie riKlit to reject any 
or all bidti. 

I Snail 

T. W. Anr.i.i,, 

CU-rk lioBtd of Fnblic Works. 


Contract Work. 

Ollicoof fli(» Iw.ardof riihlie WorVs) 
< i-.y III Ilnliitli.&Iinii. .liiiiir I'.', l^-'i. S 
Ho.ili'd l)ifl(; will Imi r.'ci'ivcd liy itio boa n I of 
n'iilic worlih ia a>ul for flio c<»ri»oratio'i of llm 
Miy of Diitiitli, RliunpMoii,. iit t li(Mr«iflie*» in caid 
city, iiiif^ IM .». ni. on thd .list dny <>f.I:dy.A. '). 
IWH, fi>r tlio conftriiction of an lartJu'Pn em- 
liunkiiiriit on NuiHi -triu't. iu ^'iiid rijy Imrwf^ii 
Kcnrtli avfinio casf jn.iI l-iflli nvi<iin<> I'aKt 
drrordins t« r>l'inK and r>pcot4icatio' ti 
ou li|p in tiirt oiiioi ofbaid board. 

A ccrtifli'd cliock or a boo'l will) at, Inast two 
("Ji suip»i«'S ill Mm futn o' twenty (IJii.Ofl) 
dollars inii^t arronipany oacii !>'d. 

Tlio ^atd board rc8orv«8 tJio ri«lit to roj^t a 
or all hidp. 

HcNbT TttrEr.RRK. 
T. W. Aiii'1,1,, 

<;ierk liuard of I'lihlic Wurki. 

Jnly 1!>. lot 

Ic idac'd npou biiiMiii;;^ 
fctoni\s m lii*if;l.t." 

Tin- ('or.iinon ("ouricil of t ic City of Dulutb du 

oi'ilain : 

Si ciion 1. Tlintan onliDanco entitled "Or- 
diiian(V( .\o. \VI, rrijin'rirur firr r^caiies to bf> 
rdacod on liin!dini;n inoro tliaiitwo vforiw!. in 
tieitfht," iidiipfwd .J.inuar.t r.lli. i-'.d, jiiibH^^liid 
.l.'i'tuary lOtli. l~'.d, a;- aiiirndrd l>y .-'Ti ordiiianc^ 
p.iKHd .March XlHt, IMJI, pidili.'-lKid \i>rd Jiid, 
1 '.':,', l>ii flirt Ikt ioivf>n>lr-d ai- follnwi? : 

Si-ction i nf n;ii(t oriiinaiiri' kliutl bo aninndod 
by MihCri^nK .nfror llif wor.U "tlio followinc; lirw 
<'fea^^i>«," "All bnilibiifTK vl.icli aro t.Ijri'f- jittjrirs 
i:i Ii'ikIiI '»;i oiio .nt iftot or ivi'.iu.i aid rwoftoi- 
los iii li'-iclit on aMutlinr »tT»*;t or av.-na ■, «liall 
b'> o»V!<'tr!od fttid lu'id tt» bs ttjriH stories iti 

Hoction 2 Thni iaid ordinatiro bp fiirtlior 
ani<niil' d by int.nitinc btfore tlm w.iidB''nll 
ImildniK^ in ll.ofiit.v of Dumtli" 1 1m foUovvinc 
rlnn-(«: "'All KiiildiniiR in i.aid coy orcuviod as 
lodjiijifT bfiiivr, liotolii, Kolriol bongos, tlionldrs 
and iioldic ImUfl, ii>ti'i',d < f snid llro "'caimn an 
liiicin provided, uliali b(^ iiiirni!"li<'d witii an inni 
stairway rparlii;n: Irujti lli'« l!».','!icvl Mory ot vniij 
i)Bililnit; tot!i'> frninnd ,o b • of cDURlructinn 
t«» ()» apitrovcd l)y tlio bo.'^rd o/ liio col^^lt^9toa- 
si».,'" ;irjd t)\ inf;orlin,.r afl'Tth' wonU "boluli*, 
liiilKiii;; lioii-'o*, halls and tliontort" antbey 
ii'-riir in tlie -aid ordir .•mci- al. i)r<soiit, I ho 
wonln "vvliicb an" roiiniro i by tbo proviHions of 
♦Jii» oriiiiiai;!!' io liavo lir<' oofajM's or itairi^ays 
«t.<.acli"d to till-Ill. sli.all ;ils<i bi> fiirnisliod vvitli 
red liK'lit^K wliicli xl all b<> nmnit.aim-d 
at' all boms of tin niubt, Kuiil rcil 
liKbtfi to bo piaciMi adjariint u> tin- window or 
» i:i lanci' on o.'icb !li»ur wlioro haul liro opraiM'i* 
I'l- "(fcaii ways am ait.irlicd if Midi winitowsor 
''titr^iucf^ o)iuii n|Miii the I aB o« :.nv biiildiiu-, 
and also adjacint to tiw di>i>itf of room' on ojicb wliiTo tbo ball of tlio hnildinu' tloos not ox- 
fond to thooitfi-ido of said t)niidin!,'nnd said flro 
ofoftiio* or stairwayfc itri- locnt^din front of a 
rooni, pro', idod that if pirson* Jtro not !od>;(>d in 
tliianr biuld:n(,'ti, ^airl roil liybtn iifod not. !)•> 
Hiai^itiiiiiod diTtiiK ^ncb lionrK of t !io Mixlit wlion 
fuch buili!iti«(- aro noi in ii^i-, and \'. if ."ilso pr«i- 
vh^Hil fiirtliPr tka' .'ill >lnllhn«^ <rvor tliroc 
»;t:aio^ ni lioifht, »li;iH be fnrrvj-hod^ wiHi iron 
!<»'!ir\vav« approved by nif hoinl of firi«coin- 
laiM-i inort- art aforonaid, .mk! it ik further pro- 
vidod in CAV- i'> till- judsnio:]! of tlin said 
iKiard of (Iro (••(ii^nii.sionw) s ono i \\c\i liro osmpo 
or xtairway is not MilliciiNil for any locality, 
s«rli fiirtbor liro rscapoh and Ptairwayfi nmy bo 
placod tbrro at aro n»yoR».iry and aro ordorcd 
l)y llio said bo.Ard of lira conitnisrioiiprs." 

.And that tins f.uii o(di:iiiiiro ho fiiif hi-r aniond- 
od hv tall li. i?i" out all of naid ordili:;noo from 
the words "All bniMini;'* i < t ho city of Dulnlh'' 
down to tbo xTords "Diitioi of tliu hrx comnns- 
^;onlTl." as coniniiiod ou vnttu 37-' of tho profcont 
edition of said or<lin.'inco. 

Softioti3. That faid < rdiaaoco ho fiirthT 
aoiondid by irsrrtint,' u;i <anl p;i;:<« ^72 o' fito 
proMonl anthorir.'d oditiot tlioroof brfuri' tin- 
word:; "Niiinlior of liro i-m ape." lo lo pliicod on 
dilloroTil ImddinKP," tlio words: "Ithh.-\ll botho 
duty of ill'! liro wardon of ifio b-irjjd of ttro coiii- 
nii.hioiior* to on/oroo lliis ordTfciaii'-o and to 
niaWn coniplajLuts of tbo ri )la? ion* ilioroof." 

:^oclion i. ^la* haiil <irdiiianro if f'jrtliu- 
anioiidid by t-trikini; i-nt daiis'- 
of tthv"- OJiid oriii;ia'i»o as rontainod on 
piCo 27:1 of tbo pii-hAN- au_^biir!7, if <-dition 
• borool. tbo wordt.. '"nor shall iTaT'itly to lono- 
in-iiT hmiM»B n-od hy privito fanidios and not 
ntifld a;; loitKinjT"." 

Section Ti. That said o-ilinanco ho fnrliior 
;.iii"nded hy strikintr out f'oin p.-.t'o 2..f tlioreof, 
•IS ciint.'iined in f lio prot'rn aiitlniriy.i»d odilion. 
iho "if ;i ItiNldim: front b!>Mi uiion the 
slioiii and a»eune, rlinn tho .--tricot front«c" 
(»lii>ll hf rociw-d"*! only i:t li'.-twniiiunir the wiiltb 
of tin- s lid hnildin*;." 

Section <i. That said ordinajico be fartbor 
.ainc'ilod hy insert in;f tin worib- ' ir«>ii sta-r- 
\vii.\s" aftiT till* woriU "lir" cscap(»«." wherever 
the "anio ocoiir on pa«i" -'.1 and ^74 tbrr<xif. 

SwcMon 1. That said'o" '«■ fiirtluT 
nineiideil so 9ik lo ii.nki' S<'rti<iii J iboreof ai-airf ; 
".4ny person wij-t!ior owMi r. oroiipani or nian- 
a>:JUir acont. viol.-itinit or nr>i:IoiM iiii; tn co-nnly 
wllb the provision* (kf tlii.i ordinnnco Kbnll i>n 
piinishr <l by rmii of not Wi Ih.'tn £^.irl aiol not 
to exoood :H't,t.(i<i. or h.» iiiiprifoiniient for not 
1««» than (ivn or iiKire thati ninot.v daysfor t«ch 
prosorntion hroii;,'lit li'-roitid'.- r, iirovidod thnt 
the f,Tili;ri- to erect or i.i-' intain snob llr'- eii- 
i-Hpei-. liro ladders, stand pip»s <>r iron st.iir- 
ways •;h:«ll Ihi ,\ continiiiiin olli i»so, and pri«.f>- 
cnt ioi!s rn.-w b(- coinin'-nced at each |M>riod of 
ton ilaA.'i .'ifl>er a viol-'ition of the said ordinnficr 
as aforeiiaid. and may l>o conlinned until Ihv 
oWTjor shall lijivo coinplnvJ with ibc Toi|uirt-- 
iiien's of this ordinance." 

Sectiouh. Tbat bed ion 'J of said ordioance be 

aniouded byjnsort inc affcer tho w^ils "biiildiiics 

icnpied," i'l sai 
("pn-viiled that said bni!diiij;s afi nioro tlisn 

i 1 s.iidcityoccnpied," i'l said scy^m. tho wordi 

two-HtiTJot, in hoi({lit. Hie bert-inboforesct forib"!, 
and by addiin/ at the end of said section the 
w»rils fprovideil tiiat al! tlio iirovi.sions of tliiH 
ordinance in nferenco to tliroe-siory btiildincs 
shall .'iii;'ly to two-story buiidiufi« used us bo»- 
I'ltals.' ) 

.S(-ciii-n !*. This onlinanco shall take effact 
aud be in force from aud aft<-r its passage and 
imhlica'. ion. 

Passed .Inly 17, IS!):?. 

H. K. Spentke, 
Preiiideut of tbe ( Vimniou t'uiuicil. 
C. k. JIk'MAEDSon, 
City ''-lork. 
(, <'<^-|(Orato I 

I Seal. f 

.\l)H'ove<l .July 1\. l^KV 
H. K. Si-i:\ri:u, 
Actiiie Major. 

Aiuo-idiitK an ordinance oofitleil '"Ordinanco 
.\\. tir»« Limit Ordinance," i>nssod Doc. i;, 
l'*-7, u:id pid)iishod l)e.c :i, J^S|. as amended. 
I'lie com moil council of Wio city of Duluth do 
oFdaiu : 

.'^oilioul. TbntOrdinanca XV, of tberlty uf 
Diiluih. e.ilillod "Fire Limit Ordinance.'' 
pas:-e<n)o€-,. I', l"---?, and pulili^hod IJe<-. ;'l, I^^ST, 
as Hnioi.ded bv siibmipient ordiuaiicc t>e further 
aniou-li'd as follows : liy ^trlkulK out of si-clion 
ono 1 1) tlioraW the folhivritn; works: "I'lii-tic- 
vosUtily. uloiifT tie- north pier o< said ship canal 
»o llio pre,.ent ^kore lim- on 1<ie westerly M<bi of 
i>aid Minnt<<it.i I'oint ; th>vnci- iu,rtheriy .-iloni; 
tiKj prohon; shore liie of s,iiil MinnoMitn I'oinl'il. !o the Conner of ttio main rif,dit-«if-way 
of the St. I'aiil A Llubith riiili<>:id ; ihouco west- 
I'l ,'y ;i!oiijt till" ciiilrr lino of said laaiu riifh>-<if- 
w.iy. to tlie pljicii of h*-ciii!i::iir. I'lie intiutt of 
till-" < i'<iiii«iie«« boiijir that wlioro the i-iiH« or 
froi.l - tif loi« proje<'t l>r>yiti>l the present shore 
li:ie into t ho WHturs of eifiier sid<- lake or h;ty to 
allow l)'jtlil:B^s<irp«t'lsof hiiihli-KTsonsaid pur's 
of h'ls sTiJnder w.itiT. to bBcoi:s'»ructedof tk'oiMl, 
but «hi rpi|i)ite brick, ffono or ir«n burldinR-> 
ti(iontbv' p:ir; of .Mianiwota l-'oi:it ;il»ove tbo 
prosenl shore line." and hy ianertiuK instead 
tlierei>r the followin:; : 

"'i hence \ve»t'-r!> alonit tiio (»ontb«rly line of 
»lie north pier ot said ship canal prolontr^l. 1*> 
the poini wliero th<) prolonttalioii of said south- 
erly Inn i'ltor.-^ertdt. with llio dock line west of 
Mintiosoi.i I'oint : thotii.ii nonnorly ahviir saiil 
dock lino west of MinneMita Po^".i to l!i • inter- 
soction of said dork line with the d< ck line nie- 
nin«r o,i< n-rly and \V'fcterl>, and lyiiuf southerly 
from Miinpt»r"s BuMi vision of Uiilutn, accordinc 
to til* rtH-ordod i>lat thereof: tle-nce westerly 
alonjr said last nanied dock line to the iiiter--ec- 
tiou there. d wit.ri a liii" ttrawn tliroc,.-!) »<io «en- 
l,«r of slip .So. one 1 1 '. |>roh>uffed to meet said 
last i,e>nt iiiiioii dock hue; tiii-ncc -i-irthorly 
ahmrr itie rotiter lii;o <^f sJiid shp. prnh>tii;ei| f«i 
tbo eemor of the main riKbt-of-way of the St. 
I'atil iV iMilnth Uailway conipa»)y ; tlf^nce we)»t- 
erly alon« the c<-nter If^ie of !-aid rijlii-of-way, 
to tho plac" of hr'^inniuK. 

Sectii'ti J. That 'aid onlinaoco ho amrr.deti 
by insert inc afor the words "main risblHif-way 
ol til- St i';Mil .V J>iduth kailw,(y C'ompanT" an 
coiit ^iiio'l in h.irx .So. 1!^ and :i I, tbo folbiwiiiK 
words lowil: 

"The inteni of Ibis ordinance lieini; Ibat 
will re the iiidi, or fronts of tb" bit-* project bv- 
yo.iii lie' pro-erit shor.- liiii', iiit-i tie- waters of 
either ^aol lake or hay. in that part of tiie ci'y 
kno'vn .'o- .Mii|t..--.oi:i I'l.iiit, ui .allow hniidliirfs 
or p:irts of li:iil.iini:s on siirb p.trts of Ike lot. s 
so iiiul>>r waioi. to Ik- coti»iriicU«l of w<m>,I, Init 
to rC'jiur • hiick, M<orie or iron hnU<lili;^'- n|M>ii 
that part of Mitmei-oia I'oinl 

ahoTOtbe fio-erf shore line. I'.y tbe words 
'-bore line' Mk lit'reiii n-eil^ IS :,i lie tiiidor'«pHid 
the lino which 1^ the tire'e'i* ti>no d.viiles ihat 
p-:rt of Miii'ios'it a I'oint which i- ahore w.n'er 
from that pi;! which is at pro->oiit, towit, 0.1 
.Jnly 17r1i. r-'.'t, actiially suhinori:ed." 

Sect.oii :{. Tills ordinance i>lia!l tak*- effect 
and ho ill lorce from aud after its pass,i(;c aud 

l'as«ed.I-.i!y 17. IWI!. 

H. n. 

Sl-|».( HE. 


Atle«l : 

(', K. Kt('iiAi;i>80N, 

Approved .July ::i. l>m. 


IL Ii. Si iac'ek. 

ActiiiR Mayer. 





The Government is Prosecutinsc the Work 
Obtaining Full Information as 
to Them. 


Inspector Conger, of the Weather Bureau, 
Visited Duluth ,in Connec- 
tion With This. 

The Mean Temperature of Lake Superior, 
According to a Test, is Thirty- 
Nine Decrees. 

The visit this week to l>uluth ot Nur- 
man h. Conger, inspe;Uor of the L'uited 
States weather bureau, was in cunneciion 
with a work which he now has in charj^e 
that is of the utmost interest and im- 
portance to vessel men. In a word, the 
weather bureau is nowdoinjj for the lake 
marine what the hydrographic otHice his 
for years done tor the ocean ni:irine— 
prepare and publish for geaeral distri- 
bution charts showing all drifts, current;-, 
however slight, the position of wrecks 
and other similar information useful to 
navigators. >!r. Conger came to Duluth 
and left on the John V. Moran, a freighter 
on which he secured passage thnuigh ihe 
courtesy of the owner ami ciptain. 

All that was known of the great lakes 
xip to a year ago when the ptt-sent work 
began was what was learned from sur- 
veys of the government engineers sup- 
plemented by general informatioti jiickcd 
up hapha<'.ard itiKxi vesselnicn. k was 
known that the great lakes were as sub- 
ject to currents as the oceans, and kn(>wl- 
edge of thefc currents was as needtul to 
sate navigation on one water as on the 
other. The weather bureau has procured 
a quantity of heavv brown gliiss bottles 
not unlike an Gfo.inary pop bottle in 
form. These are distributed freely to 
vesselmen and any and everybody v.n the 
lakes; who will make use of them. 
Besides Mr. Conger and o.her weather 
bureau officials on their trips, carry 
liberal -jupplies. . Printed slii)S of in- 
structi<ins are also furnished, contjiiiing 
blanks for the day, hour and place the 
bott'e was released and picked up. 

Charts dividing the great hikes into 
numbered sect'onsof fifteen jqunre miles 
each are furnished. A captain knowing 
his location consults the chart for sec- 
tion number, tills out the blank, corks it 
m the bottle and casts it nverbo.ird. A 
surprisingly lar^o j-roponion if these 
current detectors ar^ picked up, and as 
the blank is in a government envelope, 
requiring ro postfige. the tinder neariv 
always complies with ihe leciursi to 
enter date ? rd place oi. i ndirc ;ind nail 
the report to W'ashingiun. From the.-e 
rejiorts the existence of currents is as- 
certained v.iih almoat ab olute accuracy 
and recorded. Thus the great lakes are 
being rapidly and thoTC'.:ghIy charted. 

From the reports thus far received a 
very fair idea ot ihs general diretti >n of 
the currents has already been cb'ained. 
Perhaps less is yet known ot Lake Su- 
perior than the other hikes, b-it ccuhid- 
erable work is being done this seison on 
Superior. It has been shown that there 
are very few coun:er-currents in the 
lakes. This seems part'cuiarly true of 
Superior. For instance, from Chequa- 
megon bay a decided current i^e's in 
along the south shore to Duluth, From 
the lower side of the bay, however, an- 
other current runs in the opposfte direc- 
tion, the bay being seemingly a sort of 
division poii:t. From White Fish pouit 
along the north sLore the currciit is 
changed again. 

The knowledge of strength and direc- 
tion of currents is of the utmost import- 
ance to navigators particularly in a fog. 
The capta'.n knows just where he is when 
the fog settles down, the vessel's speed 
is slackened and the distance and direc- 
tion the vessel gots could be easily cal- 
culated except for the currents which 
often are the cause of disasters by carry- 
ing a vessel out of her course and onto 
the shore. With a full knowledge of the 
currents a captain can calculate the 
movements of his ship more accurately 
and avoid accidmts. 

Weiither Observer Bronson believes 
that Lis bureau will soon be forecasting 
fogs on the lakes with greater accuracy 
than the wea'.her c?.n be foretold. Fogs 
are now fo.ecast for the banks of New- 
foundland with surprising accuracy. Such 

a procedure 

would be of inestimable 
value to navigators if at all trustworthy. 
Mr. Conger on histrip up the lake t, ok 
the temperature ot the water at frequent 
intervals. He found a mean temperature 
of 39 degrees in Lake Superior— just a 
little chilly for bathing even m July. 


Ail in Na- 

Forty Handsome Young Women 
tional Costumes. 
More than 5000 people vi5itthe"Beauty 
Show'* at the World's fair every day 
when the weather is tine. If this ratio is 
kept up and there seems to be no reason 
to expect that it will not be, the number 
of visitors will surely reach lo.coo to 15,- 
000 a day when the crowds that are con- 
fidently counted on put in their ap[)ear- 
ance at the fair. 

The "Beauty Show," as it is almost 
universally called, is certainly one 01 the 
most novel and attractive of the sjjecial 
features at the expo'^ition. These special 
attractions about thirty in number and 
as many different descriptions are situ- 
ated on both sides of Midway Plaisiiice, 
a portion of the exposition grounds, 600 
feet wide and extending from the Wom- 
an's building westward for nearly 
a mile. In this strip of territory visitors 
may see gathered together a greater 
nuinber of different nationaliiits and 
more variety of strani'c things than can 
be found anywhere else on earth, livery 
one who jcoes to the fair takes in the 
sights on Midw.ay. It is the rliancc of a 
lifetime, and abnost as instructivi* .nnd 
entertaining as a cou[»le of years of lor- 
eign travel. 

But to return to the "Beauty Show." 
Tnat, by the way, is not its technical 
name. It is catalogued as the "Inter- 
national Dress and Costume JCxhibit," 
and to this name its inan.Tgets have 
added "Worlds Congress of ISeauty." 
As a beauty show, it transcends any- 
thing ever before atternptc<l iri that 
direction, and, it is believed, is the tir^t 
exhibition of the sort posseiising genu- 
ineness in the claim of being interna- 

But it is much more than a beauty 

show. The exhibit ci mpris?s between 
forty and Ulty representaoves of dilfer- 
cnt nitionalities. races and types, and 
ca:h one is *. in distinctive national 
or racial dress or costume. Agents 
were sent abroad togctthese rei>resent.i- 
tives and theii costumes in their inyn 
rouUries, and to bring them to the fair, 
and all who visit the exhiliit will readily 
i\.;ree that the work well done. 

'"it took faith on tbepaitof the tinan- 
cial backers of the enterprise to carry it 
out, for the exhibit, as it stands today, 
repiesents ail expenditure of over ;^so,- 
000. But the result shmvs that ihey 
kne.v what tliey were about. Thus far 
no other Miilway attraction hasilrawn as 
well as (his. It catches the crowd, both 
of men ami wi>men. and all who see it 
commend it to their friends. 

Nearly all of the representatives are 
young women, ami beautiful women at 
that.' The reader need not cimchide that 
this was whi.lly Women, 
rather than men, were selected because 
as a rule, their costumes are more ilis- 
tinctive ar.d attractive; and, in collecting 
a lot of young worn in from different 
countries for a public exhibition, who 
would not select beautiful ones rather 
than plain or homely s})ccimen5. P>eauti- 
ful women, e.ach one typical ot her race 
or countrv, and .striking costumes, true 
to the oationalilv of thosi who wear 
them, the result is very instructive and 
popular exhibit. 

The "BeiUtv Show" occupies a whole 
building bv itself, and has pleasant sur- 
roundings. The building is 15x145 feet, 
two stories high, and is covered with stall 
like all other" Exposition buildings, thus 
having the ajipearance of being built of 
white' marble. In front are 
lawns and graveled walks. From 
numermis tlag-poles of the build- 
ing doat the colors of as many nations. 
The interior ot the building truly pre- 
sents a Si^eiie of splendor. One enters a 
great hail, gaily decor.atcd with multi- 
colored bunting and the flags ot differ- 
ent nations. The windows are all dark- 
ened and electric light illumines the hall 
hv dav as well as night. Around three 
sides of the room is a dais, carpeted and 
divided by polished brass railing into 
booths for the beauties. Each booth is 
nicely furnished and in a conspicuous 
pl.ace is a satin banner bearing the name 
of the country which the occupant rep- 

What do the beauties do? Well, the 
principal thing they do is to be looked 
at. Some do fancy work of one sort or 
another, some read, some spin, make 
embroidery, or engage in other light oc- 
cupation, such as they are accustomed to 
at home. Nearly all chat freely with 
visitors, and answer the many questions 
which are propounded. They are paid 
a great many compliments, of course, 
and these they receive graciously if they 
are offered courteously. Occasioiially a 
dude or ill-mannered person receives a 
squelching, which generally causes him 
to make haste from the vicinity. 

.At the end of the hall, opposite the en- 
trance, is an oriental or harem scene in 
which there are hve dark-eyed beauties 
lounging on divans or otherwise disposed 
in accord with the languid habits of the 
far F-ust. Fatima, a regal beauty, is the 
"queen" of this booth, and occupies an 
exaUed position in the center. 

The costumes of the orientals are ex- 
ceedin^lv gorgeous and rich. Three of the 
girls— an English, French and American 
— wear Worth gowns. These naturally 
excite the enthusiastic admiratiim of all 
the visitors of the gentler sex. The 
gowns cost from $1000 to $1500 each and 
are the finest that the famous Paris cos- 
tumer could make. The material was 
made specially for him and could not be 
duplicated elsewhere. This is Worth's 
only exhibit at the fair, he having de- 
clined a rctiuest from the French com- 
mission, and also one from Mrs. Potter 
Palmer, president of the board of lady 
manager.-, to make an exhibit in their 

The beauties enjoy themselves; they 
have a good time; they sleep and eat m 
the exhibit building and have comfort- 
able (juartf rs and excellent board, much 
better in fact than the public restaurants 
of the fair provide. They have their 
half days off, and arc allowed to go and 
come under proper restrictions. So long 
as a girl acts in a lady-like and proper 
manner but little restriction is exercised 
over her. One would imagine that it 
would be a difficult task to manage so 
many pretty young women, who are 
conscious of their attractions, and who, 
it is to be supposed, have their jealousies 
of each other. However that may be, 
it seems to be done smoothly and satis- 
factorily. The girls seem happy, and 
the visitors are certainly well pleased. 
Compliments for the "Beauty Show" are 
heard ou every hand. 

When one stops to think of it, what 
reasonable criticism can be made of the 
idea of holding a beauty show? Beauty 
of face and form, especially of the fe- 
male face nnd form, has engaged the 
talent of great painters and sculptors of 
all ages, and what they have produced 
on canvas and in marble has received 
universal admiration. Why should not 
the original be set up for admiration, 
and receive it, as well as the imitation, 
and even in greater degree? Sound 
reasoning will probably answer that it 
may be, if properly. Visitors to the 
World's fair evidently think that the in- 
ternational dress and coitume exhibit is 
a genuine beauty show, and notoilly that, 
but a model and perfectly proper one. 

Strong nerves, sweet sleep, good appe- 
tite, healthy digestion, and best of all, 
I'L'KE liLooo, are given by Hood's Sar- 
sapariUa 6 


A Written Guarantee to 

Our euro is pprmauout iind not a i>atchiuf< up. 
(^afica treated eiKl>t years aKohavo uevor Boeu a 
nymptorn Fiace. By describing case fully wo can 
troat yon b.v mail, and wo frivo tlio eaiiio stronK 
(jnarautfft l<> euro or refund all money. Tli' so 
who prefer to come here for treatment can do 80 
;ind wf will ji.'iy railnwid faro iMitli ways and 
hotf'l hillH widio liere if we fail to cure. We 
elialleiiKe ll^i- world for a case that onr MA(U(' 
RliMKDV will not cure. Writo for full pnrticu- 
larrt and (xr>t thr rvidence. 

We KUHrhiii«f< to euro or refund every dollar, 
an<l as w" have a r'-outatioi! to prot«ct, also 
finatirinl harkiiiK of .'•VX),l)'X», it is |)erfecTly safe 
to all wlio will try tlie troatiiietit. llMr.'ioforo 
you have IxM'M i>attintf Up and paying our. your 
money for treatnient.'* and alrliou,?h 
you are not yet riire»l. no one haw jiaid hack 
your money. Do not waste any more money un- 
til you try im. Old clironir, dr-ep Heated ca^ei 
cureil in i'> to 10 days. Invet<tij;aleonrllmincial 
sr«ndin«, our reputation «s liijsine.^» mi'fi. 
Write UK for nHini'S and Hd<lr»»HiM>« of tlioeewe 
have cured who have K'ven |>«irmitt*i<>n to ef(!r 
to them. 

If your f.ymi>t.<>rnH are sore throat, nincoun 
patcln-p ill monlli, riii'umntipm in t)on<-.s and 
joinfh, hair f.dlinff out, ernptionw on any part 
of tint Ixiily, fi'i'jinjr of j;ener;d fle|iret>Rniii, i .iins 
in lir>:id or Ijonen - you liave no tim<» to wawte. 
TlioNc wno .ire I'onst lint ly takitiH mercury and 
pola^li should dir-cont iiMio it. 

DoiTt fail to writ". All rorrenpondenco Kent 
wealed ill plain eiivi)lo|M<». Wo invito the iiiohl 
riKid iiiveHtij:i»tioii nn<| will do all in «>ur lower 
o aid you ill it. Addreup, 


Rooms 1325 to t331 Masonic Templo. 


I CULLUM, iTe^ti^, I 

^ Top Floor of Palladio, ^ 

^ Superior Street and Fourth Avenue West- , ^ 

B The Most Complete Dental OlTiee in Duluth. i 




The Finest Set of S. S. White Teeth on Rubber, 

An Aluminum Plate, light, strong, cleanly and healthy, 

18 Karat Gold Plate, best of all, 

Gold Crowns, 

Gold Bridges, 



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I All the Wtiraate Appliances for PAINLJESS OPERATIONS. I 


f 'V, 


i <t^ 

' See that 

i real's LorLimrd s 


•!«*c' •^ ?fT T'. W "-* 

IV s Much the Best. ■ 

Sold cvrrvwhere. Maco ( hy the T. Lot ii - » 
L'.ltli I OMPANV. Tic .McM t<!,ru;C!i ni.ii:^'. c- ^ 
tiireri ;;i A;.;. re:;, ; t 1 iU--,tbt in U:c v.orii!. ; 


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with .1 wriitca K'!ai.iiinc to cure a!! ncrv<in"< di.-^ca.'-c.s such.i'-. Week jS! -ii- 
f.rv. Koxsof lirain l'<nv. Manlmod, .Ni'jhtly Enii'-'^ion^, P>vil Drtiiiiia 
].ack (;f Con.ldrncP, Nervonsnt-ss, Las.siluiio, all drains and loss of pov.vT 
' ()r)^.ins in eitl'.crst.x caused by overexertion, yrutl.f;;! 

use of lohacco, opium or stimulants which sovn had 
imption nnd Insanity, Tul upconvtnitnt t>i carry in 
vest iinc!;ct. Si-iit I V t-.'.iil in plain iia<'..i r to any n.-!<licss f( r i-'i I , er O 

tF.t ui:;i.\NU 

^ **" N-<^Bfci^ "^ ''"^ Generative ( 
I * ^V'^Vl^ ccrnrs, or excessive 
{^ MOnt/ to Infirmity, Cousu 
I ^\ .y\f^ vest in>c';et. Sent t \ i.. iu m i'i.mi ^m, ..i ,* ,.'.i.i; ..,....-.:. , .. ., 

y^i>.i^'^ r.^ f„r i^ij. [With CTcry'JD order we cive awrittcs euariatee toeuroprrciuai the 

n:i37. Cir-ukir l\^^. A^<h<^^i SPAITICE I'ErVE C2AIN CO. Kov York. 

-i'^.'Sy%'^/^y^'&^%'%'^^^*^^^*'^^'^^^^^*^^^^'^ '*'%^%%'*'%^V%%%/%^V%'%%^'1.>%^^'C>.^>C 

r r\ 

This^ wonderful prep.iration is Purely Vegetable: compounded 
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An infallible ^remedy for Nervous and General Debility, 
Nervous Prostration, Creeping Paralysis, Weakness caused 
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Memory, Confused Thoughts and all Brain, Nerve or Sexual 
Weaknesses.'' It has no equal in restoring the Stomach and Brain 
to its normal condition following the abuse of Alcoholic Beverages, 
or indulg'jnce in the Opium, Morphine or Chloral habit. 


. UlilNti. 

For Sale in Dulntli by MAX WIRTH, Droggist, 13 West Superior Street. 


Theonlvsafe, pnre an<I roliable Fcmalo PiU ever off ted t- 
Jjttdics K.-i)efiuHy rocommosidtvl to m.-irrird Ladies. Bewar» 
of T'llg I lit ui» in till boxfs .-w they are dangerous. As»5 fot 
llr. AIoti'K rmnyroyMl Pills and (;tl;c v.o other. P".nd fv>e Price ^!.00 per box, 6 boxes for J5.00, 
C<'. MotiH Chepical Co.. Uievciand. Otiia. 
For Sale by S. F. Boyce and Max Wirth. 


Trunks and 
Traveling Bags! 

Ones That Never Disappoint. 

All made at home and sold .it 
LOWER I'RICKS than f.ictory v- j, 
made goods offered by other ^:-, 
dealers. ^in 

Dftlii TiM Factory. 

Have you abused the laws of na;ure and injarcd your nen-ous system ? 
.'.:o you desiJondent and melancholy wi.h confused ideas and gloomy thou<:hts ? 
' « j-'j-. p^ r-iO " "^'•■'^- I>ositively cure y(«u. It contains no mineral poisons and 
; 3 reniaricaWo for awakening organic action throughout the system and an 
improv'.'inorit in every tiestae. It produces better muscles, bones, nerves, hair, 
iK;i!s, skin, blood and" gives vigorous life to the unfortunate who has exhausted 
hid T^'owers. Prepared in tal)let form aod packeii in l>oxes convenient to carry 
ia the wcket. likcli box contains 00 tloses or enough to last one month and is 
v/crth many timt-a its Aveiglit in gold. The price $1.00 per box or G boxes for 
f.b.OO if ordered at one time and a guarantee will he given that any case men- a1)0ve that it does not cure, the money will be refunded. As to our 
f.r.anc-ial standing we refer to any bank in this city. Sent charges prejiaid to 
any aduresd in Unitwl States or Canaoa. Put up in plain wrapper with no 
mark to distinguish what it is. Send fcT circulars and testimonials. Address, 

1 Stocktcm Street 


% An able Brain and Nerve Speeialist can at any time be confidentially 

^ consulted entirely free of chai'^'c, ])ersonally or by mail, at the above 
^ address. 









I'rcparcd to take orders for Awnin.i^s, or repair old 
()!U-s. Wc have secured the a«:enev of the Roller 
Awnini,^ ami ean do irood work. Would be pleased to 
make 3'oii price on liieni. Very ttuly yours, 




The Kiii«<)t^iH-eialist;<. 

Has moved his ollUio five doors west of old 
location to No 19 Hast Supeiior St., Room 4? 
He makes a specialy of all clironic nerv- 
ous, skin, blood, kidney, bladder and secret 
diseases, etc., etc. 


Members of the DuMii Clearing House Associ 


First National Bank - 

American ExchanKo Bank 

Marino National BaJik 

National Bank of Commorcu-- 

State Bank of Dnhith 

Security Bank of Duluth 

ron Exchaugo Bank 

se Association. 











1 00,000 





Contract Work. 

Ofl'.ro of llie Bo.ira ..f TiiLlic Worlt«, ) 
CitM.f Dulutli. Mill!.. .Jul.v I'.t, l-**. S 
S<m1o<1 bills will b«> nrPivi-.l liy tli* hoiini «f 
(tniilir works in .T 1x1 for til-' . orixTHtioii of tin> 
city of !)iil(itti. Miini>>tu>ta. ;it tli<'ir o11ir«> in Kant 
ci1.\, iiKtil ic ;i. ii:., on tin* :;i>t .lay of Jul.\. A. I». 
IMM. f«tr till* conMniotit-n of a p.uiitary wwi r in 
<'rntor .'^triv't in sai<l cit.> from TwoTiiiotli av.-i.. 
oust fof-ixt.v-Hvo fiMt ciiJ-t of T\v<«nty-fir*' >.>■ 
n»!f> nocoplinc 'f* pl:iiis an<l finvi' ■ 
on lilo in thoOico «»f «»i.l board. 

A fcrtilii-ij olii'oW or a Jx-iul vritli Bt 1i-mm tw' 
I'J^ huri'tteb in tlio mm «»f ninety iSlXt*') nm-' 
arronipitny i-acli biii. 
i Tlio t^Hui board rowrvos tlio risHt tomjcet any 

ur all bidb. 

I Traaidaiit. 


T. W. Ai<r.i,T„ 

Clork lk>ard Public Wurlu. 

(July 19, lot.) 





HONDA V, rJlTLY *J4, 1S93. 




■J" •<::> 

-'^«t-iv>»<i^.' -^ - v.^.^***- ^^^P;,^, ^%ci.^ ^ 

A DniotlJ ClctMa^ IIo:s: ExclGSlvely OTHied auu < /7^ "" 'nth ieo. 

Store Closes Every Evening at 6:30 Ex«- .-pC Saturday ard t>A. 





i '.^ ^ :i '^' ^ ■ 






Tci^s Your Choice of ioy Suit Ic tlio Hoasc. 

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j- & 


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MEMDENHALL & HOOPES, /Employers Liability, 

Du.f,^t Manacn-., ^ Elcvator Accidcnt, 

Lo?to Gsarsulse & Accident Co. 

OF LONDON, ENG. ^ r j- • -. i a • ■» 

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Workmen's Collective, 
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''I Guarantee 


Better Goods 
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And on Easier Terms Than 
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Are fast finding out that onr Store is always a perfect synonym 
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you tho trutli of my words. 

K S. Kelly, 

I Leader in Low Prices. 

710 and 712 W. SUPERit'R ST, NEAR INCLIfiE RAILWAY. 



For Qrie Y/eek Only. 


m m sm 

Enslisii Papers Talking in a Manner That 

Means Business on the Part of 


France Notified That She Is Going Too 

Far in the Extortion of Her 


English Gunboats in Siamese Waters Could 

Blow Up the French Vessels in 

Thirty Minnies. 

Siani's Reply to the Ultimatum Yields to 

France Only Half the Territory 

Slie Demands. 

I'akis, July 2 I, 1:4; p. m.--The gov- 
crnuicr.t has the powers that it 
inteml to establish a blockade of the 
."^ian-.esc coast without prtjutlice to the 
other measures that may be t.Tkeri, with 
th.e obj«!Ct of s,ecari:i£: to France the 
guarantees ttt which she is entitled. 

A coniicii of ministers v/il' be held to- 
morrow to decide what additional meas- 
ures sliiil be taken to ensure the obtain- 
in;: of guarantees from Siam. President 
Carr.ct is at Ma:lv-!e Rci and the cabinet 
will 1^0 iherc for delii>cration. The min- 
isters w.ll meet at 9 o'clock tomorrow, i'residect Carnot presiding. 
The French government is making ar- 
r.;ngements with another government fcr 
the protection of French subjects in 
Siam during the absence from Bangkok 
of M. Pavic, the French minister. 

LoxnoN, July 24. — The St. Ju-nes Ga- 
zette sa)S: "(^nc thought conveyed by 
Slam's reply to the French uV.imatum is 
that she has suffered enough humili^tioi 
for a small power that has been unfortu- 
nate enough to get ia the way of a big 
one. France has gone fv)rth to grab and 
to exiort her desires at the cannon'? 
mouth. We can e!:dure the pilLige ct 
Siam to th.e eighteenth parallel of lati- 
tude, but the pillage of Siam, China and 
IJurmah to the twenty-third parallel is a 
duVetcnt matter. We are afraid that 
Lord Koscbcrrv (the Uritish forc'gr. 
miaiiter; must let the governments at 
liingkok and Paris knov that Uis is go- 
ing a triHe too far. Such a check in the 
present temper of the French may have 
serious result^." 

The Fall Mall Gazelle, commenting 
upon the situation in on article beaded 
"Uiackmail," says: "Siam has sp-'ken 
with digi:itv and moderation. She gives 
j up too much, but she doc-a not for a mo- 
ment recognize the other prepcsterou;. 
demands made upon her. in regard U 
these den;ands Fravice must reckon wii?^ 
England. We must net hesit.'te to lei 
our voice be heard. Lord Roseberry 
and Lord L")uff^rin (the Briiiih anibassa- 
dor to France) must be alert and M. De- 
vclle (French foreign i:dnistcr) mocc 
careful. If France cheri>=hc? the ide: 
of boin!>ardmg Bangkok let h.:r remem- 
ber that the Kngiish gunboats in Siamese 
waters could blow the French gunboat* 
out of the water in half an hour. Ltt 
France pocket her blackmail anc* be 

The Globe says: 'The flagrant French 
atjgrcssion is aimed at England. Siam 
is merely a prete.nt. Hence the duty of 
the British foreign omrt; is one of e:ctra- 
ordlnary difficulty. England's place in 
the si'.uaticn is i>aramount. Firmness io 
necessary, for dcubtlejS Fnajcs is count 
ing upon the feebleness of the British 
coun'^els. She is not hungry for war 
nearer home than the Mckon-:: river." 


The Reply io the Ultimalum Is Regarded a^ 
Pakis, July 24. — Siam's reply was 
handed to M. Pavie, French minister 
residf nt in Bangkok, at 2 o'clock Satur- 
day afternoon. The forty-eight hours 

allowed by France's ultimatum for a re- 
ply bad not then expired. 

The king consenls to a delimitation of 
the frontier between Siam and Cam- 
bodia. All the territory on the Icii bank 
rf the Mekong river south of a line 
drawn from the most northerly of the 
Siamese military posts, recently ocou- 
T-ied by the Franco- Annamite troops, to 
another point situated in the same lati- 
tude tint is on the eighteenth degree 
north latitude - v.'ill be regarded as An- 
namite and Cambodian territory, the 
river below the point indicated becom- 
ing the line of division between the 
neighboring states as tar as to the point 
at which the river enters the 
territory, and the use of the -i-jhindp in 
the river being common to the three con- 
terminous states. This grants oidy hali 
of France's demands. 

The king deplores the losses experi- 
enced by both sides in connection with 
the Keng-Kiea and Khainmon incidents 
as well as the regr^itable colli<i:on at the 
mouth of the Manam river. The 
bicn will be liberated and other satiis- 
f action demanded, will, if necessary, bo 
^.iven. so far -c?, it compatihlo with ordi- 
nary justice and theinde[)endence of the 
.Si;imcsc government hai declared its dc- 
iirc to respect. The four persons found 
guilty of acts of personal aggression, 
cf)ntrary to international law apains,t 
French stibjecK, will be j»uni;hed and 
where necessary compei;6ation in money 
will be made to ;hc relatives of the vic- 
tims. The sum of 2,000,000 francs will 
be paid for losses by P'rench subjects. 

Thu Siamese government proposes, 
without, however, making it a coiuiition, 
the appointment of a mixed commission 
to enquire in o the (|uestion of tiamaijcs 
and the amount of money indeiimuies 
mentioned in paragraphs four, live anil 
si\ of the French government's dtrmaiid. 
The Siamese government will immcdi- 
;riely dejxjsit 3,ooo,':xx) francs to covcr 
the amount of indcnuUications onumer- 

atcd above, the deposit to be made sim- 
uita.icou>iy with tiv. cxcii uy.^c of n»ttcs 
between the two governments. 

The French government regards the 
reply as unsatisfactory. 

No Excuse For Hostilities. 
London, July 2.|.--Th^ Times this 
morning publishes an eduorial which it 
is ihouKht expresses the j.<"n>,ral Fnglish 
opinicn of the merits of the Franco- 
Siamese dispute. In comnieming upon 
Siam's answer to the French iiliimatum, 
the 'Pimes says: "Siam's refusal to go 
beyond just ami reasonable limits or to 
concede territory to which Itancc never 
put in an ctlective claim until the other 
day is no excuse for a measure of hos- 
tility, ostensibly d. reeled against the 
Sianiese, but really strikiiijr at the com- 
merce of England and ctlier countries 
having commercial relations with Siam." 

Franco's Intentions. 
London. July 24. A <iispatch to the 
Chronicle from Pans says: The tenor 
of tlic FiCnch ultimatum to Si;im leaves 
no doubt as to I ranee's intentions. She 
would i.iuch prefer not tn receive money 
down from Siam. The aicinativeof De- 
commg the tax gatherer ! i the coveted 
districts of Angkor and Battambang is 
far more to her taste. 

Ctfl. Ainsworth, Contractor Dant» Superin- 
tendent Covert and Engineer Sasse In- 
dicted for Ford's Theater Horror. 

They Are Charged With Being Unmindful of 

Their Duty in Removing the 

Piers' Supports. 

France Remains Silonf. 
Pakis, July 24.- The 1 rench govern- 
ment has noc yet nolificil the powers of 
thr; intention of France t blockade the 
Mc;;am river. It is statdl that M. Pavie, 
the French rniinstpr to i inm, has been 
ordered to leave D.mgkolc in twenty-four 


Thoy Did Not Coniplete Thvr Work at the 
World's Faii. 

Woui.o's Fair Groixd-:, Chicago, 
July 24. — Members of the- committee on 
awards, espcciaUy Chairman Thacher, 
are not slow to express their opinion of 
the Belgian judges who went home with- 
out completing the work of examination 
to which they were assigrcd. 

It is alleged by the commissioners who 
have charge of the work 1 [ awards that 
the P>elgian judges were iu too much of 
a hurry to skim over the exhibits in a 
few iJaysand get heme $750 the better 
for I leir trip to Chic.Tgo. They .attempt- 
ed to j^et cards Irom Chaiinan Thacher 
i,o that (hey cjuld do in f /.t^or five days 
what should occupy as i;i luy weeks to 
d:; justice to the exhibitors who had 
spcnl. thousands of dollars 10 make a 
Comprehensive, attractivj and educa- 
tional display. 

But the Belgians were given only a 
few ards e.ach day they "ore on duty, 
and Commissioner Thacher says ihey 
would h->ve gclien fifiy O' sixty cards if 
he had given tliera to the '• ireigncrs. He 
thinks tiiey trfaled the committee on 
a-vn:ds very discourteous v, knowing ths 
va?t amount of v.'ork pi- -sing noon it 
sine;: I. The act of congre^s'speci- 
fred that th'2 e;iamination i f exhibits for 
award .should not beffin t .rlier than July 
15 a id romc of the lielgi^a judges did 
not report for duty until .uly 18. 

It Likes time to pTit ih ni to work and 
the exhibitors are entitled to proper no- 
tice so as to be prcpar J i lor the exami- 
nation of the judges. Hundreds of 
judges of both sexes aro busily engaged 
today examining the exnibits which have 
hot been withdrawn. Repoits as to 
their progress are being received in the 
ot'tice of the committee on awards and 

The Hoosicr editors who are members 
of the Indiana Repi.i>lican Editorial 
association arrived at the fair today, 100 
strong. Their firs: oojective point was 
the Indiana S' bntldintr, where the 
annual convention of die association v.'.Il 
be held tomorrow and Wednesday. The 
rest of the week will be put in seeing the 
fair. An a?socia.tion representing the 
Indiana newspapers if all pv)litical be- 
liefs will be organized while the editor.^ 
are here. The state commissioners re- 
ceived the newspaper men at their 
building in the afternoon and a formal 
reception will be held tonight. 

The Treasury dspartmcnts Visw cf the Week's 
Washington, July 24. — As viewed at 
the treasury department the week begins 
with brighter linanci d prospects. A 
number of the recently failed banks arc 

taking the necessary steps to resume, 
and Comptroller Eckels s lending them 
aii the aid possible. He was rotiried to- 
day that the failed Firit National bank, 
of Kcndallville, Ind., and the failed 
Northern National banrv.of Big Rapids, 
Mich., Would probably resume business 
tliis we*k. 

The First National bank, of Santa 
Anr>a, Cal., which rcsinn^'d on Saturday 
alter a short suspension, received in de- 
posits ^I2,ooo, while the withdrawals 
amounted to oi.'y SOcoo. This is reg.ard- 
ed here as evidence that confidence is 
being gradually restored on the Pacific 


He Laughs at the Story That He Has a Cancer 

in Ihc Throat. 

Buz/ards Bay, Mass., July 24. — 
Joseph JefTerstm, the aotor, was seen by 
a United Press reporter at his vill» here 
this morning and was shown a published 
dispatch which stated that he was dying 
from a cancerous affection of the throat. 

Mr. JetTerson laughed heartily v.hei. 
he read the item and said: "They seem 
to be giving it to me in the neck." Con- 
tinuing, he said: "\ ou may deny the 
story. It is absolutely false, I never 
was in better health spirits than at 
the present time and have cnlircly re- 
covered frum my receut indisposition. 
Such stories are ridicu'ousand extremely 

Mr. JcfTcrson already received 
telegrams of ii.f|niry from friends abroad, 
whiuh he was utiable to explain until he 
was shown the story this morning. 

Pacing at Saratoga. 
Sakatog.\. N. v., juiy 24.— First race, 
five furlongs - Lord Hirry, 5 to 1, won; 
Roslya, 8 to 5, second: Dr. llasbrouch. 
third; tune 1:01 H'. Second race, one 
mile — Saragassa, even and 2 to c first; 
Moncwai, 3 to '. place, secoiia; San- 
downe third; time i:ii '-i. 

Cloced Us Ooors. 
Louisvii.LK. Kv,. July 24,— The Louis- 
ville City National hai.k closed iis doors 
at 1:15 this afternoon. 

Col. Ainsworth and the Other Defendants 

Will Not be Arraigned for Some 

Days Yet. 

Washington, July 24.— The grand 
jury today found a true bill against Col. 
Frederick C. Ainsworth, chiet of the 
record and pension division of the war 
department; George W. Dant, the con- 
tractor employed to make the excava- 
tion for the eleeliic light plant; William 
E. Covert, superintendant, and Francis 
S.'.ssc, engineer of the buihlirg, holding 
them responsible for the Ford's theater 
disaster of June g last. 

The indictment sets forth the creation 
and organization of the record and pen- 
sifjii division of the war department un- 
der the act of congress and the appoint- 
ment b} the prrs;d.:nt of Frederick C. 
Ainswoith. a captain and a«s:stant sur- 
geon in the army, as t'.-e head cf tlie di- 
vision with the rank of colonel, and that 
he was given charge of Ford's eld the'a- 
ter buililing and of the persons employed 
in it and was so in charge on the 9th day 
of June, i8y3, at 10 o'clo :k. when portions 
of the second and third lloora of the 
building fell. 

The indictment describes in detail the 
excavations that were in progress for 
the purpose of putting in an electric 
light plant at the time of the accident, 
and avers ihat Frederick C. Ainsworth, 
George W. D^nt, William \l. Covert and 
Francis Swsse undertook the perform- 
ance of ibis vjjork, and being wholly un- 
mimjiul of their tluiy, removed the earth 
supporting the p»iers without first caus- 
ing the pier to be relieveil of the press- 
ure upon it. By reason of this most 
culpaijic negligence the pier sank and 
broke, prc«piutmg parts of the second 
and third floors with their occupants to 
the KfOiind, 

The grand jury then formally finds 
that, in the manner describefl in the in- 
dictment, the accused did wilfully kill 
a lid s!ay the persons whose death is 
under investigation. It is understood 
that Col, Ainsworth and the other de^ 
fendanis will not be arraigned for some 
tl -.ys yet.jis their trial cannot take place 
before the SeptemV)er term of court. 


ArgLtTicnt Resumed Today By Attorneys Marble 
and Seymour. 

Washington, July 24.— [Special to 
The Herald.) — The argument in the Du- 
leth laud case, known as the Angus Mc- 
l".)on£ld et al versus Emil Hartmann et 
al, was reiuraed before the commissioner 
of the land office today. There ara said 
to be about 320 acres of land involved, 
which is worth between two and ilitee 
million dollar-. 

Attorney R, N, Marble, of Dululh, 
made an argument for Daniel Sullivan 
and Carroll M. Masseau. Attorney Sey- 
mour, of Washington, spoke for Hart- 
maiin. Attorney Reddington. of this 
city, who opened the case Friday, will 
ch)sc it this afternoon speaking for vari- 
ous ;ittorneys. 

This case, as is.well known in Duluth, 
is the famous section 30 ccntroverKy that 
has been beiore the interior department 
for several years in various forms. 


Lizzie Borden's Appearance at Church CauscJ 
a Curprise. 
Fall River, Mass., July i\ — There 
was a mild sensation at the morning ser- 
vice at the Central Congregational 
church yesterday created by the first 

appearance there of Mi.-s Liz.ic Borden 
.<?'ncc the tragic event at her home las: 

She was? escorted to her pew by I")r. 
Bowen and Charles J. Holmes, Outside 
Qi a limited circle, her purpose to attend 
service was nof known and her appear- 
ance was a surprise to most of the con- 
gregation. The pulpit was filled by 
Kev. Burnham, ol Springfield, a former 
minister, and friend of the Borden family, 

Altgeld Co.-nmendcd, 
Boston, July 24. — At a incetirg of 
Typographical Union No. 13 yesterday 
resolutions were passed commending 
the pardoning of the Chicago anarchists 
by Governor Altgeld, the resolution call- 
ing the men the "victims of a capitalist 
conspiracy of iSSt to throttle the eight- 
hour movement of that vear." The reso- 
lution then speaks of the "brave and 
manly .act of (iovernor Altgeld" in liber- 
ating these men wao were never proven 
guilty of any other crime than of being 
labor agitators. 

Hanged and Cremated. 

Me.mI'HIS, July 24. Lee Walker, the 
ncRro who assaulted Miss Moliie Mc- 
Cadden, near I'.ond st.ation, and on the 
s:ime day assaulted a colored girl, and 
who was captured FTi<lay, was lynchec' 
Saturday night and his body was t'uen 
burned. Sheriff McLendon was bad!) 
hurt while resisting the mob. 

No Session Today. 

Nf.w Yokk, July 24. — The commission 
for the investigation of the custom house 
was to have held a public session today, 
but it was decided to postpone the meet- 
ing until tomorrow, 

Will Be Paid in Full. 
CoNNORSviLLK, lud.. Juiy 2 4 Thc 
Citizens bank, owned by ex-United 
Stales Treasurer J. N. Huston, did not 
open this morning on account of the 
siringency of the money market. All 
<lepositors will be paid in full. What 
ciieet the failure will have on business 
cannot be foretold. 

They Twisted and Turned 
* the Hot S 

MlI.WAl'KKE, July 2 

morning's rays of .srnsl 
woke this morning and 
alarm at 5 o'clock were 
it the tiring exercisas f 
but an every day occur 
or slronc^er proofs of ih 
of the teachings of I 
needed even to thc mos 

Though thc Krass 
earth baked with the in 
day, the members stoc 
the eileels of the fierce 
iiig sun, and and ju 
and twisted without tht 
discomfort or enervat 
turninp exercises hep 
o'clock and were contii 
terruption until laidda' 
early hour a latj^e audi 
which grew iluring the 

The wonderful vitali 
was a matter (jI j;encra 
mercury in the tfieriiioi 
began to si^/lc and 
rapidly toward the too 
hottest day of the mee 
thc tberinonieter'jct 
degrees, there were no 
crowds that h?d 1 
the grains on tlie hne o 
t;r.adually moved back 
the ciinipass of the sh; 
noon the competitors i 
po^scrsion of ihe field. 

i^nt though the audii 
to move back, so perft 
rangenienls that ever 
every movement was « 

r Vitality. 

With Ease Beneath 

4. Fresh as thc 
tine the Turuers 
long before the 
up and doing as 
f yesterday were 
reiice. No better 
e salutary effects 
ather Jahn were 
t skeptical, 
vithered and the 
tense heat yeeter- 
d impervious to of the broii- 
mped and turned 
: least apparent 
ng efTects. The 
an promptly at 7 
lucd without m- 
i. Even at the 
ence was present 
y of the Turners 
comment, as the 
lictcrsat the park 
boil and climb 
Doint, It was thc 
unjr, and though 
:d upwards of go 
evil re^u-ls. The 
listributed alon;; 
i the turn place 
until quite w.thin 
<Ic trets, and by 
vcre left iti sole 

mce was oblijjed 

ct were thc ar- 

at the distance 

:asily and plainly 


Thc Sale cf Public Schot 
Shows a De'ii 
Nkw York, July 24 
cial from Topeka, K 
seem.s to te a shortage 
the auditor state connti 

of public school lands, 
about $36,000 and embr 
counties. The eircum 
appear are: 

I'he county clerks 
counties made repoits t 
or of ^alt:s of public scb 
the period between the 
ioi;2, and according to I 
ance cue to ihe st^re ar 
Lfdger B was openet 
deficiency ht.s not bt 
this ledger. There is n 
auditor's office sho.\ii 
ever received any of th 

Whi.e there is a poss 
t f it was paid by the 
treasurers on warrant 
county superintendents 
ance is more ihan Sjoo' 
in some in;.tar.ces, it is 
^uch amounts were che 


The New York Ban'MS Repo 

Fairly Easy 1 

New York, July 24.- 

ported thc financial c 

easy and to some extcn 

as iLe demands for 

were light. The most 1 
lor a.-sistance v. ere fror 

The orders for curi 
light at the sub-treasui 
o'clock it was said thr 
there had been none pr 
ment. The tub-treasui 
the clearing house t 
$118,000, and that sum 

What caused the tr 
pay in notes instead of 
done for the last weeli 
certained, but it was ai 
protest cf the banks 
against the inconvenie 
tlmg the clearing housi 
had caused ihcni to se 
the practice. 

il Lands in Kansas 


.—A Herald spe- 

as., says: There 

on the records of 

:ted with the sale 

vhich amounts to 
aces about thirty 
stances as they 

in the different 

the state audit- 

001 lands during 
years 1879 "'»'- 

edij^cr A the bai- 
icudts to $36,000. 
in 18S2 and the 
;cn transferred to 
u record in the 
!g that the state 
s money. 
,bi!iry that some 
different county 
s issued by the 
, still as their bal- 
), as it appears, 
not probabl! that 
:ked out by any 


'ted the Condition 

-Thc banks re- 
ondition as fairly 
t better inasmuch 

lotable demands 
1 Ohio, 

ency today were 
y, and at 1 1 :30 
.r up to that hour 
id cut for hhip- 
y was debtor at 
lis mornir.g only 
■vas paid in notes, 
.asury officials to 
sold, as they have 
, could not be as- 
uounccd that thc 
hr.rjgh the press 
i.t method ot set- 
: balances in tjold 
; thc absurdity of 


A Coachman Died From the Effects of a Blow 
Under the Ear. 

Oconomou-oc, Wis., Juiy 24.— William 
Schumacher, coachman of William A. 
Thompson, of Chicago, was instantly 
killed today by a blow sinick by his cm- 
p!ov«r. \'ounjr Thompson is a son of 
William A. Thonipson, who died last 
ycxr and lives at liis summer resi- 

This morning Mr. Ihompson had oc- 
casion to visit his stable where he fcund 
his coachman in an altercation with an- 
other cnr.jlaye. ^Ir. Thompson inter- 
fered and struck Schumacher a blow 
under thc ear, from th.o ellecls of whicli 
he soon after died. The trouble seems 
to have originated in dissipation on the 
part of thc coa< hinan and tale-bearing 
on the part of the other employe. 

Several surgc.')ns w;r,* (?ent for, but 
rone of ti'.etn were v. iling to give an 
opinion a." to whether the death of Schu 
niacher was directly cj used by the blow. 


Judge Stein May Attack 
Contempt of 

Chicago, July 24.— C 
mans's Sunday closing 
the World's fair will b« 
row, when Attorney W 
appear before Judge S 
attention of the court t 
restraining order v 
by thc closing of the g; 

Notice will be servct 
ants in the case, thc a 
position, and an orde; 
from the court commai 
pear and show cause 
not be attached for cor 

A Receiver Api 

ToLKUo, 0., Julv : 
the Ohio Oil Well S'upf 
into the hands of a re 
application of Edward 
lyn, one of the laigc<T J 
Eaton, in his petition 
e<'Oipany's indebtcdnci 
over i^ 

the Directory For 


harles W. Cling- 
iiijunction against 
; revived tomor- 
. E. Mason will 

ein and call thc 
J l!ie fact that the 
iolated yesterday 
ites of the fair, 

on thc dcfeud- 
fleials of the ex 
• will be ordered 
iding them to ap- 
wly tliey shoulc 
tempt of court. 


4. — This morning 
Iv company went 
reiver upon tht- 
H. Cole, of Brook- 
tockholdeis. Mr. 
, stales that thc 
s will amount t(' 

Failure at Ta :oma. 
Tacoma. Wash., July 24.— The Ta- 
coma National bank, oaenf the stron>{est 
in the Northwest, si!=p< ndcd t'-day. 'Phi;; 
bank has been asaistinjj other banks in 
thc city for thc past six months. 



To-Day tho scries of Aili- 
Ictic sports, licid under thc au- 
spices of tlic Caledonian Club, 
opens at tl)c World's Fair, CI»i- 

Thc contest v.ill not close 
until thc 30tli instant, and nu- 
merous and valuable prices have 
been o.Ofered. Many athletes, 
from all part* of tlie country, 
are competing, and a heavy 
continirent of Scotsmen f om 
Now York City is swelling the 

Our buyers detained another week. 
Their stoc!:? are yet to heavy for us to 
allow the!U to go East. The enormous 
business done bv us in the past week has 
had little effect on our gigantic stocks. 
For this reason we have determined to 
continue our GREAT CLE.\RANCE 
SALl- for another week. 





Bargains that are bargainsi Barg.ains 
tliat will fiil our great store with eager 
buyers from morning until mght. 'Ihe 
new bargains begin 

10113-31 loniiiE Jfllf' \ 

And will continue during all of this 

UV»f<-/j iht Hailii Papers for (hir Aiinauncc- 
mciif for Thuraday. Friday and Saturday. 

No such values have ever been offered 
in the state of .Minnesota as we offer you 
belovi-. Read Them Carefully then come and 
see the goods and judge for >ourjelves 
wbe'her we mean what we siy or noL 

Silii Depai tnient — 
37c Per Yard. 

The greatest sacritice ever made in 
this city. Wt have just 864 yards of 
figured China silks, mostly remr.ants 
from 5 to 20 yards, the season's accu- 
mulation of the immea;e business we 
have done in Chinas this season. \V"e 
have sold thousands of yards at 75c. 
Take what is left of them for 35c. 


10 gross best Family Ammonia, never 
sold less th3n loe. During this sale, 

half price -5c a bottle. 

Curtain Dep't — 

$1.19 Per Per Pair. 

Second Floor— 

500 pairs White and Ecru Lace Cur- 
tains, worth S2.25 and $2 -lo. No limit. 
Sale price, ? per pair. 

Cloak Dep't— 


100 Ladies' Calico Wrappers, sold the 
world over for $1.50 and $L75. Sale 
price 95c. 

nillinery Dep't. 

Trimmed Hats for fl.i.a. worth 552.50 
Trimmed Hats for S t>5, worth 8.50 
Trimmed Hats for i.^n, worth 1200 


.All Drc?s Trimmings, in black or 
colors, offered at halt price. Don't de- 
lay. Choicest goes first. 

Hair Pins. 

ICO dozen bo\cs Hair Pins, assorted 
pins in a bo\, wt)rth icc, go at this sale 

for 3 c a box. 

Will go on *alc -A lot of gent's fine 
gold plate Cuff Buttons, worth 50c to 
$1 a pair. For this sale IQc a pair. 
Biggest bargain ever seen. 


Two lots of Remnants. Tliey will go 
fast. Lot I consists of Ribbons worth 
IOC, 12,'/2C and i|;c. They go at 5c« 
Lot 2 consists ot Ribbons worth 20c, 
23'-, 2Sc, 3ot and 35c. They all go at 

i5c per yard. 

Ladies* Silk Vests — 


The price for S:ik Vests at thc Glass 
Block Store during this sale. High- 
priced houses ask $1 fcr them, 

Windsor Ties - 

The price for Silk Striped Windsor 
Ties for Ladies, Gents, Misses an'd 
Boya; 5c only. 

Ladies' Vests - 

5c the price. 

50 dozen Ladies' Cotton Ribbed Vests. 
VVc say they are cheap at 5c, in fact, 
it's giving them away. 

Laundered Shirts — 

3; dozen Gent's Laundered Shirts, 
made cf Langd<in Muslin, cufTs and 
boi^om warranted 2400 linen. They arc 
a >i Shiit. Sale price, 50c. 

Paia k WatsflB 









President Walters, the Populist Leader of 

the Striking Miners in Kansas, Incites 

to Bloodshed. 


Urfites the 

Wen to Go 

the Unitfd 

Into the 


Complaint Is to Be Made Against Walters 

and a Warrant Asked for His 


Weir City. K is.. July 24.- Xo more 
anarchistic appeal was ever made that 
the address last night of President 
Walters, the kadt rot the striking min- 
ers aitd a Topuli^t member of the legis- 
lature. Speaking of "47" strip pit, which 
ran Saturday and expected to run again 
Monday, he said: 

"Put youF women and chiUlten in front 
of you and go to the pit with your flags 
and banners and see those men. \\ hen 
you come to the line do not stop, but go 
right on. That I'nited States injunction 
amounts to nothing. You are violating 
no law. except for'trespass and they can 
only arrest you for that. No matter if 
125 deputies with Winchesters try to stop 
you. Go down into the pit and persuade 
those men to quit work, and if tliey don't 
quit persuade them. (Cheers ) Now 
mind, use no violence. (Laughter.) But 
they must be persuaded to tiuit, and if 
one argument does not persuade them to 
quit, use one that will. (Cheers.) If 
• hree or four of you should happen to 
catch a blackleg out and give him a 
good sound thrashing, they could not 
hang you for that. Those scabs ought to 
be tarred, and see if we could not make 
them a little blacker than they are." 

E\-.\5sistant Attorney General Allen, 
who was here giving the strikers legal 
advice, and To^n Little, a deputy sheriff, 
but also a striking miner, denounce the 
indiscreet sentiments of Walters. The 
Kansas and Texas Coal company has 
determined to refuse the services of the 
deputy sheriffs taken from among the 
miner's and to bring suit against the 
sheriff and the county for all losses. It 
is said also complaints will be made 
against Walters and a warrant asked for. 


But the Result 


Ex-Coniniander-in-Chief Palmer Resents Purg- 
ing of the Roll. 

WASUiNrtTON, July 24- Spc.iking of 
the !>Ubpension of pensions ex-Com- 
mander-in Chief Palmer, of the G. A. R., 
who is in the city, says: "It looks like 
organized admini>iralive liostilitv to the 
old vctci;ins. I have always said that if 
a man were on the pcti'-ions rolls 
traudulentiy he should be summarily cut 
off, but 1 believe that th' re h-ve been 
_.;ross> exaggeraiioiis of l».e luiniber nl 
people who weie drawing penbion.^ they 
were not fairly entitletl to. 

"1 notice in the pr-.pers the case of 
Indite Long, of the Michigan siiprt nie 
^uurl Well, it seems that in the gener- 
osity of his heart Jim ranncr, while ci>m- 
missioncr of pensions, re-rated the 
judge's case without application on the 
latter's pait. Doubtless Tanner went a 
step too far. but after all the outside 
world is not often able to fairly judge of 
the merits of a particular cas'.*. I know 
a man wlio had to go abroad four times 
for treatment of injuries received in the 
s.rvice of his country. His expenses 
amounted to a good many thousands 
Besides that, at the close of the war, he 
li.ul three dependent tamilies left on his 
hands. That man did not apply for a 
pension for many years, but when one 
was granted liim he was severely criti- 
cized for accepting it." 


He Deprecates the Continued Talking About 
the Situation. 

Manfield, O., July 24.— "I cannot be 
interviewed on the cause and cure of the 
existing business depression," said Sen- 
ator John Sherman yesterday. "I have 
declined steadfastly to grant such re- 
quests and shall continue to do so. The 
people have called upon the present ad- 
ministration to handle these cjuestions 
and neither I nor anyone should do 
aught to add embarrassment when so 
much already exists. 

"Of course I have my own ideas about 
these things, but until those, whose ap- 
pointed task it is to settle them have 
suggested what they desire done, it 
would be unbecoming and improper to 
propose remedies and venture opinions 
as, tor instance, Mr. Bland has done. 
This continual heaping of fuel upon the 
fire does no good. It keeps the country 
in a state of unrest." 


Paulding, 0., Visited by an Early Morninj; 
Blare That Caused Very Heavy * 
Loss of Property. 

Thirty or Forty of the Largest Business 

Buildings in the City Were Totally 


The Loss Is Estimated at a Quartcr 
Million, but All Are Well 


I'Ai'LDiNG. O., July 24. -At3:i3o'clock 
yesterday mr ruing the alarm of fire was 
given, the cause being the discovery of 
tlames in a small shed back of the Fam- 
ous clothing house. The tlamcs spread 
rapidly and in a short 

block was on tire, 
square were all 


For Colds, 



Influenza, and 


N. .J, 


the best 

of all anodyne 


Prompt to act, 

Sure to Oure 

lime the whole 
The buildings in ihiit 
frame structures and 
burned like tiader. 

Krom here the tiaracs reached across 
Perry street to the row of frame build- 
ings, and in a sli'ort time everything was 
1, eked clean east to the Paulding Deposit 

checked for a I s'*-'^"'**^''* *^'lli:'J? the Lnglish captain, 
mate and iwcnty two of the Asiatic 
sailors and w> mded fifteen others. They 


The Captain and Crew of a Dutch StcamGr 

LoNnoN, lu'y 24. -A dispatch to the 
Times fron.i Singapoor says that on 
Thursd-'^y a piratical outbreak occurred 
among the At liinez passengers on board 
the Dutch steamer Kaiah Kongsee, trad- 
ing »)n the t;iv, coast of Achon. 

The AchiiH attacked the crew of the 



Five Thousand Men Fighting 
Not Known. 

New York. July C4.— The Herald's 
Panan'a, Colcir.lia, special says: News 
has just been received here showing that 
hard lighting has been in progress near 
Matereare, Nicaragua, between the 
Leon revolutionists and the government 

Five thousand men are engaged in the 
battle, the result of whirh is ncl-irnown 
here. Matereare is a small hamlet about 
twelve miles frona Managua. 

Foreigners For Chicago. 
Washington, July 24.— Foreigners 
continue to pour inio the city en route to 
Chicago. Guests from all the leading 
European countries were registered at 
the up-town hotels yesterday. In every 
instance each man registered only his 
surname as is the general habit with all 
Europeans, except Englishmen, who 
pretix their given names or initials as in 
this country. The Princess Furslin 
Vadcolsky. cf St. Petersburg, accom- 
panied by her secrttary and maid, was 
among the arrivals. 

Victim of Unrequited Love. 
Bridgkpokt, Conn., July 24.— Harvey 
Cubter, aged 2^, a well kno^rn young 
man living on Deacon street, this city, 
committed suicide early yesterday morn- 
ing by taking poison. Despondency 
caused by the loss of the love of a 
wo -nan with whom he had been infatu- 
ated was the cause. 

A Company Embarrassed But Has Plenty 

Nfav York, July 24.— A special to the 
Sun from Buffalo says: A meeting of the 
directors or John L. Noyes Manufactur- 
ing company has been called for 
Wednesday next, when a detailed state- 
ment of the company's affairs will be 
presented. It is hoped to escape a 
general assignment. 

The firm is engaged in the manufacture 
of milling machiu„-ry and has a large 
foreign trade. It w.-.s the first manufactory 
in the country to turn out mills used in 
the "patent process" of making flour. 
Last week it was conipelled to give a 
chattel mortgage for §50,000 to the bank 
of^cials of Buffalo to secure its paper 
there. Some notes have gone to protest 
and it has been expected that an a-ssign- 
ment would be inevitable. 

The members of the firm say that the 
the asiets exceed the liabilities two t> 
one, but the present stringency and slow 
collections have put them in financial 
fctraits. ^^^^ 


hank block. Hero it was 
time, but it seemed as though the block 
was doomed. The intense heat from 
across the street north and the flames 
from the west lapped all around the 
handsome block and nothing could have 
saved it. 

The fire communicated with the new 
hotel Barnes, which was to have been 
opened to the public today. Thirtv or 
forty of the largest business buildings in 
the city were destroyed and the loss is 
estimated it from §200,000 to $300,000. 
Most of those burned out were well in- 
sured. ■ 


then <|uitted the vessel, taking some ol 
the i^assenger, as captives. The steamer 
with the wounded is now in Dutch hands. 

In view of what Hood's Sarsaparilla 
has done for ithers. is it not reasonable 
to believe thai it will alsobe of benefit to 



Died of Heart Disease. 

Mount Holly, N. J.. July 24.— Isaac 
P. Goldsmith, cashier of the Farmers 
National bank, of New jersey, died sud- 
denly of heart disease at his home here 
this morning, aged 68 years. 


The Nervous System the Seat 

of Life and Mind. Recer^lr 

Wonderful Discoveries. 

>To mystery has ever comparefl with that cf 
humnn life, ithasbi'cu the K-adlns subject 
f>f profes?iion:il rescarcM and stud/ in ail aws. 
liut uotwillistanding this fact it i-; iioi riikt- 

ally k II o w n 
tliat the P(:it 
of liic is loca- 
ted in tliw up- 
per part of liio 
spinal 4'ord, 
iiij'.r tJio baso 

l-CN-f ,-^""^ y— '.^V 1 /V / of Jl'O IJiTiin. 

l-io- r, i /J ^ -^ ~ r\ I i and so simisI- 

tivo is t li i s 
fxd-tion of dm 
nervous sy-- 
Iciii ni;it rv<M 
till- nricU "f ri 
lucnlo will 
<!Mi'^c. ln.stunt 

Recent cli-^covprios have t!om()!i ted thiL 
allllu-urzansof tliniKKly arc uiuiir tlie con- 
trol of X\v' nerve coiittrs. localed in or near 
tlie iiase of the brain, and that wlicn thi^c aro 
deransied tlieorKans wlii«h tlicy .supply vvitli 
nerve fluid arc also dersinttcd. W lien it i**. »•<■- 
mernbcrcd tliat a serious injury t«> tlie spina' 
cord will cause paralv.sis of tiie l>ody btlov.- 
the Injured point, ijecause the iicrvu forcj is 
pn'Vt!nt4-d i)y the injury from rcachin;,' the 
p'lnilyzcd portion, it will bo understcMyl how 
the deranu'ement of the nerve centers wi.I 
cause tlie deranzcmcnt of the various orgaa.s 
which Ihcy supply with nerve force. 

Two-thirds or chronic diseases are fli'e to 
tlie Imperfect action of the nerve centers at 
tlieba-,eof the brain, not fiorn a (h raii:;i!- 
inciit primarily orisjinatin-.? in tlie i(- 
.seif. Tlie Kreat mistake of physKrlaiis in 
ireatlni; these diseases is that lliey tribal l!!() 
orjjan rather tiian the nerve centers wfiich 
uni the cause of the trouble. 

I)R. Fraskmn MiLE.'5, the rolebratea spe- 
cialist, has profoundly studied iliissubjcd 
over20 years, and has made many inii)<>fi;iiit 
discoveries In connection with it. cJiicf :i>no:i'jr 
them beins the facts contained in the above 
statement, and that the ordinary melhoils o» 
tn-atmentare wrong. All iieadache. di/7.:- dullness, confusion, pre^sun-, !)lu' -. 
mania, melancholy, insanity, epilep-y, t' 
Vitus dance. eU:., are nervous disease. n<' 
matter how caused. The wonderfulsu' ces- o! 
Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine is du.^ to l!io 
fact that itis based onthefoni:oin^'pi ta.-lm-. 
Dr. Miles' Kestokative Nkiivink Is « )!d by 
,Tll drussists on a positive suaranle •, or seM. 
dipe-.tby Ur. Milks Medical t'o.. Eikliarr, 
Ind.. on receipt of price. «», for b ttlc. si< 
bottles for 35. cxpres.s prepaid, it coataiav 
neither opiates uor dangerous dru;«3. 


Wheat and Other Crops in Southern Minnesota 
Badly Injured. 
St. Pail, July 24.— Otto Luger, state 
entomologist, returned Saturday from f he 
southern part of the s:ate and reports 
that chinch bugs m live counties threaten 
the total destruction of the wheat and 
other smill grains. He left Saturday 
evening for Ivansas toob;ain i-ornc of the 
poison us;jd there and expects to kill 
them out by the end of the season. The 
damage already reaches thousands of 

To Ease Its Difficulties. 

Li ANo, Tex.. July 24. — The Llano Im- 
provement and Furnace company has 
gone into the hands of a receiver upon 
the application of the North Texas 
Na'.ional bank of Dallas. Its largest 
stockholder, F. J. Simoa, of Llano, is the 
receiver. The liabilities of the company 
amount to $8oo,coo and its assets about 
? 1, 000,000. The company was unable to 
raise money due, and a receivership was 
thought best to ease up its dilTicuUies 
and tide over the present hard times. 

Two Days' Bail Games. 

H. E. B. H. E. 



New York 


St. Loais.. 



L)ni!^villo.. .. 

St. Louis 













Louisville . 
<'hicaxo ... 


7 1 St. Louis 

(i Cincinnati... 

10 2 
5 :; 

How They Stand. 





Cleve and 


Baltimore ... 


4H li'i 

4ii Ull 

41 :ti 

37 iS 

".Mi i!5 

:« 'M 



•4t l^niis 

Sew York 

( Ihicatro 

Waslii'tRion . 
Loaisvillo ... 


- ? 

. . •") 



.. 9 







A Baptist Pastor in Oregon Horsewhipped on 
the Street. 

New York., July 24.— A Press special 
from The Dalles, Ore., says: Rev. O. D. 
Taylor, pastor of the Baptist church 
here, was horsewhippeJ by a woman 


Taylor is president of the Wasco In- 
dependent academy and acts as its trea- 
surer. Miss Holcomb, one of the teach- 
ers for the past year, was engaged by 
Taylor. With a friend, Miss Kquie, she 
left her home in the F.ast to come to The 
Dalles, a little over a year ago. After 
the close of the term Miss Holcomb ap- 
plied for the salary due her and was paid 
jiioo short. Taylor refused to pay the 
balance. Miss Etiuie called on Taylor 
and demanded the balance due her and 
he refused to p.ay. 

Miss Kcjuie then proceeded to cow- 
hide him with a whip, which she had 
brought for the purpose. Taylor caught 
the woman fina'ly by the wrists and, with 
an oath, exclaimed that he would kill 
her. A crowd which had collected tore 
his hands lose, holding him while the 
rawhide was applied more vigorously 
than ever by the young woman. 

On being' released, Taylor ran for the 
hill, but was soon overhauled by one of 
the crowd and badly pummeled. Mis- 
Holcomb and Miss Fquie are both grad- 
uates of Wellesley college. 


Tney May be Employed During an Extra 

VVashin'GTon, July 24.— First Comp- 
troller Bowler has made several deci- 
sions in answer to queries from Clerk 
Kerr, of the house of representative;., re- 
garding the eraplovment of clerks by 
congressmen, provided for at the last 
-ession. He decided that congressmen 
arc authori/.ed to employ clerks during 
-an extra session; th a any number of 
congressmen ma^ employ and pay the 
same clerk if they desire, and that cLrks 
so employed do not have to take an oath 
of oftice. 

The lirst comptroller also called M/. 
Kerr's attention to the fact that but :>2o,- 
coo is appropriated for miscellaneous 
items and e-xpenses of special and stlect 
committees, and that it all meml)ers 
avail theToselvcs of the privilege of hir- 
ing a clerk during the entire session the 
fund will be exhausted during the first 
month of the session. 

More money will probably be appro- 
priated for this purpose at an early day. 

A Sv/ecping Challenge. 

PniLADKLi'iii \, Ju'y 24.— McBride 
Bros., owners of the vacht Yankee 
Doodle, announce that they will m:it(^h 
their craft against the Rex- Vamoose, 
Norwood. Javelin or any other yacht in 
the world lor Siooo a side, distance from 
one to fifty rniles in either smooth or 
rough water on a river or at sea. They 
also say they will enter the Yankee 
Doodle in a sweepstakes race for §500 to 
?ioco a corner against any yacht alloat 
the same distance, any kind of wate^ the 
winner to take .all. 

Change of Time. 
The steamev Cambria will leave Du- 
luth for Port Arthur on Tuesday, Friday 
and Sunday at 5 p. m. 

The National Pageant 

Is attracting a great deal of attention at 
present, but people are continually 
speaking of tie fine quality ot our soda 
water. All the newest drinks. 

DULLTII Dkig Co . 
201 West Superior street. 

Special World's Fair Rates. 

On account of the World's Columbian 
exposition the St. Paul & Duluth rail- 
road will sell one way and round trip 
tickets to Chicago at greatly reduced 
rates. Tickets on sale April 25 to Oct. 
31, inclusive, .'nd good for return passage 
up to Nov. 15. For further information 
apply to F. B. Ros.s. 

Northern passenger agent, 428 West 

Superior street (Spalding hotel.) 

How to Ste the World's Fair. 

Assuming that many of our readcis 
will be able in spend a wesk at the fair, 
the following progiam i? offered by a 
s!ght-seer of much experience: Devote 
the first day t.i a view of the grounds, ap- 
;Moaching, if :> )ssible, by boat from Chi- 
cago, and Ian ingat the great pier. Start 
from the mar. ifactures' building, pass- 
ing the statue ( f the republic, around the 
foot of the basin, to the noble agricul- 
tural building, iiku machinery hall, the 
administration building, stale buildings, 
transportation nnd horticultural build- 
ings. The scco^id day can be wholly 
spent in the manufactures and liberal 
arts building, and even then, only a gen- 
eral impression can be carried away. 
The third day can be given to a tour 
of m.achinery hall, the mines, elec- 
tricity and tr.iiisportation buildings. 
The fourth day spend in the building 
of agriculture, where are eighteen acres 
of exhibits. The fifth day one should 
visit the women's and children's build- 
uigs, where a few hours may be pleas- 
antly spent. The greater part of this' 
day should be devotc<l to the magnifi- 
cent displays of painting, engraving and 
sculpture in the line arts building. The 
sixth dav we will bpcnd the morning in a 
tour of the Midway Plaisance, where are 
many curious attractions. In the after- 
noon one raav take a farewell walk 
through the main gro'iiids and a parting 
ghince at the grand buildings, and we 
have seen some.hing of the Columbian 
exposition. To arrive in Chicago in 
good trim for srch a week, buy your rail- 
road ticket over the Burlington Route. 
Your home ticket agent can supply vou, 
or write to W. J. C. Kenyon, St. Paul, 

— . — »■ 

Hard to Believe! 
But it's a fact: that we can t.ake ycur 
measure and m ike you a good business 
suit to order for only $16.00 and up- 
w.ards. Call an I inspect our heavy as- 
sortment of samples and be convinced. 
Perfect fit guaranted or no sale. 
C. W. Ericson, 
2IQ West Superior street. 


IJPHAM. Prefc T. F. UPHAM.Sec 

F. J. rCLFORD. Vice President, 


Duluth Jobbers 


Uraiii. lluy aitrt Floar. 


VVholoHHlo (iraiii and Hay. 



Wliolopnip ('onimispioa, 

Bul'f»»r, Ki;Kti and < ouutry Hrodnce. 

i ULU 1 H SHOK t:o., 

WauofnctnrnrH and .lobbtirs, 
IVi'it* and SI:oee. 


Wholoeale Dry Cioods, 

MaDafaeturors Mcu'u Kuruii^liing Good*. 


Mauufacturorp and Jobl>»>r9. 
Mattrosses, iillowb and liodding Matmal. 



Lnm >Rr, Lath ari<l .Shin.<lne. 


Liini '>er, Lath and HhiiigleB. 


CAPITAL <PAID IN) $150,000. 

16 Third 

First National 

na,ik UnildJns. 
ATeaue West. 



Commercial Paper, Kanicipal BoDds, Etc. 

Interest Allowed oa Time Deposits. 




W. .S WOODliBIDliE. F. J. prLroftD 


N. J. UPHAil, T. F. UPIIAM. 

H. A. WING. 


^hulpsalo and H^^tiiU 

Lnni [jnr. Lath aiid Shinzlee. 


Lumber, Lath and Hhin«I'<«. 



Lai!ib.>r. Lath and Khinirleti. 


Wholfpulo Hoavy and Sholf Hardware. 

Lumbernieri'j Supplies. 

J. J. tr. R. A. COSTELLO, 

Wholesale Hiavy nnd tsbelf Hardware, 

Lambormen's and MincrK Supplies. 


Mannfacturorf aud Jobbers, 

Bteam. Gas and Water GoodH. 


Manofacturers ami .Jobbers of 

Eli'crrical SappUes. 


Importers and Wholesale 



Impoitcrs acd Wholesale 




Butter, Eggs, Poultry and Produce. 




LombfT, Sash. Doors, Mouldings. 


ijun bar, Latli and Shingles. 


Roasters of Coffee and Manufacturers of 

baking Powder, Extracts and Spices. 

J. S. SHINNiRS & CO , 

Msctifactnrers and Jobbers, 




The Trade and Families Supplied. 





Dnlnth Koller Mills. 
"Gar 6 Best" Flonr. 


Bnildci and Cut Stone Contractor, 

iind Shipper of Stone. 

Golden Female Pills 

RclieTG f;nppres?e d 
M euatrua t i o n. U s ed 
succesafuUy by thont- 
ands of pT-omineut la- 
dies tnoiiWv. Tbor- 
•"•lighly reliable and 
ulc Worth twenty 
t.mes their -.rdght in 

S<.;d /'/r frmn'.f, irrfrj. 

xdiirUice. NfeverknoMii 

K -nt by mall aealed 
for 83« Address 

The ?.phro Medicine 

'Westf'm Braneb. 
Portland, Orecon. 


Importers and Wholesale 

Wine and Liqnor Merchants. 


Winrts, Liquorj, Etc. 


t,<'rc> and Jobbers. 

Anthracite and Bituminous Coals and Colo-. 


Shippers and .Jobbers. 
Ant,hra:itP and Uitumicous Coals. 


Miicbiuists and Founders, 

Engines, ii'umps and Miniuer Mscbinery. 



Builders' and Bridge Materials. 


Manufaeturorfr of Freiryht Cars, 
Castinge Merchant Bar Iron, Furgings. 


Mtcliinists and Fonndors, 

Steam Engines. 


Leather and Shoe Findings. 

Manufactnrars of Boot and Shoe Upi>ers. 



Harness Leather a Specialty. 


Micldnis-ts and F"niad(»rs, 

Marino Supplies. 



Steam Engiuef, Pumps. 


Stationary and ilr,ri-H> I>oi!ors. Iron Tank: 

Office of Board of Public Works. ) 
City of Dulutii. Minn.. July ICnh. \^.. S 
Sealed bids will be receivefl by the tx»«rd of 
i public works in and for the corporation of the 
i city of Dulutb, Minnesota, at their office in said 
I city, imlil 10 a. m. on the Slst day of July, A. D. 
; 1-M. for the construction of a sanitary sewer in 
j Firtt alley in said city from St-ventb avenui- 
I west to Iv-t'lilh avenue weet. aocordirig to 
plans .and specifications on file in the otLce of 
said lx)ard. 
j A certiSedcheck or abM»d widi at least two 
I (2) sureties in thf sum of one hTindrad and 
] BcventyDve (Ji75.00) dollars must accompany 
; each bid. 

' The said board rescrree the right to reject any 
or all bids. 

Hbvet TBrXI.SEN. 
I l"resident. 

; [Seal] 

T. W. Abell, 

C lerli Board of Public Worlo. 


lontract Work. 

restorld manhoods 

t'E. MOTT S 
lie jjreairsciv 

dy forrfrv.-T's rr^F^ratinn .ind ■ 11 rcrrous diseases of the pen^r*' 
t'Veorgiti ^»oi f'TluTSfx, si:< h .ts'voiis J'r<>8uatii>n. Fiiiingo." 
I^ftWaTihood.lmprt rnry. > pbtly ; s.-Hoi.s. Youthful Errors. 
Mental Worrv, ex. r s'iro <,f ToH* .>or Un'iini, wtii^h \e*i « 
rr,nnimr«'on nn-l r!-:ini'v \Vi h ^rorjr ^5 orn'cr we gir- * 
nnipe :•• ^ ru ir r^i'ind thfl mor'cv. Sold at $;>S8 


Office of the Board of Public Works ) 
Citv of Duluth. Minn. July U<. l?-.**. ) 

Sealed bids will be received by the boa-d of 
public works in for the c«'r!«oration of the 
city of Dnhuh. Minnesota, at tiieir oSee in said 
city, until 10 a. m. on the Cltt day of July. A. ^. 
!S93, fortbe conetructioE of an eartbem em- 
bankment on Ninth f treet^ in said city between 
Ft urtli avenr.n pasr r.z.d Fifth cvf-nue easi 
according to plans and speciticatio' s 
oa fllf in the office of said board. 

A certified chock or a bond with at least two 
(21 sureties in tl.e turn of T.venty (fi.'.'y** 
dollars mast ncc*j".npany eacti Hid. 

The ?aid board reserves t>!0 right to reject a 
oral! bids. „ _. 



T. W. .\BEI.T.. 

Cleik Board of Public Wo7its. 

J::lj la, lOt 

vrilten t^•^^ 

per box«6 fOxes ijrSJ 00 

Ir. Molts Lhsalcai (.o., 


F'or Sale B-'»" S.IIT. D3ovoo a,ncl IwCax "Wirtli 


Hartraan General Eleolric Company 


Furnish Electric Oiirreiit 

For Arc and Incande:=cent 
And Motor Seivice. 





station A, Foot of Fittli Jie. East. Stitloi. B, 126 ?;cst Kiichlgaa Slraei. 

Contract Work. 

Office of the Hoard of Pnhlic Works, { 
City of Kulntli, Miun.. July I'.t. 1J9S. ) 
Sealed bids v.ill b" r' c«iTetl by t!ie hoard cf 
puMif work;? in and fortbe . orjKij-auon of the 
city of iJiilutl,. Mii.ii'-tota, at ihHr office in sai 1 
rity. urtil h» a. ii'.. o!i the :'l.<t da? of July. A. \\ 
l»l«. for ihe cons-tTUctii n «»f a h.-uiitary sowc r in 
Cei-ter street ui sai.i city fromTwentioJh avt-nr.'" 
ca't to ^ixI.v-tive ftor of Twnty-first .ive- 
uuo ea'it according to pl.nns ni>d hi>ccilicAtious 
on die in thooliice of said board. 

.\certilie<l check or a Ijon 1 with at least two 
(J) sureties in the fuui of ninety (S9(t.(^'i must 
accompany each hid. 

The said board reserves the ngnt to reject any 
or all bids. 

Hekst TEtrin-siw. 



Oniciai : 

T. W. A><KLT., 

Clerk Board Public Works. 

(July 19, lot.) 

S\VU<T'S i- 1' WIFIC is tot:iny \mh'.:f r.;i\ 
other bltKMl iiicdicinc. Ir cjtros <iifi asot^ <>; 
the blood au.l skmhy roiaoviutrtl.c i,cj!>c.i! 
and at tlio same time suiiplie;^ ;iood biood to t.y 
v.asted part.-*. iXrXi Ihj hypos', d on by puI' i.- 
imi:'*, wliich are s:Md to 1^S_-'"' -"i;/*J". /''r'": 
,wt/rue. Nomedi.iuo IVk T|l?^ KlkLH 
Iws performed asm my 131 U Olfc., r»***»ltib.'' 
woiidcrful curo:i,o. /clicvca to niuoli Huflcruu;. 




M.iic ofiico Ni York block, comer Fourteerth 
stie.1t; and ':"over aveaiie. West Srmorior. W-.s-. 
i Branch oflirpp Marfiuotte and Saginaw, Mich. Dr. Si»ee-. in chnrge oi the bead olH'-e, is- a 
g odn^,o '!r i;- mXal departme.:! of Harvard Univer.ilty <.f '74. and is registered as 

VAl'lvV''* MC irilM^o have been suffering from th« effecU o youthful follies or indiscretions 
lUUflu Blth will do well toav.iil themselvosof thi^cl auce. 

MpnCRD tv fA Will g'larauteo a p(?rri'rtcnro in Silt cas^os of weakness or private d;B- 
. SPEER fi lU.caHes of ativ kind or character tiw.,- undertake or lo.feit $250. Th. ra 
f t!>o ."pr of ro to %> wb'o are trouI'liHl witli ten fre^iueut eviicnatious of the blH.I- 

between Dulatb, 8t. 

Facitlc Coast points. 
Line -Dining cars 

The Piniiip < ar 

thrxMicl' traic!:. 
The Vcliowstone Park Lin<^ 

Wonderland re3che<l only b; 


This marvelous 
this line. 





Mariito I water is bollltti rit^ht from 
the ii;iturally carbonarcil Mariitou min- 
eral springs and is rti:har}.;ed with its 
own natural i,'as. ".Maniiou" K'".iicr 
champagne is a fine grade cf ginger all 
made with Manimu water. 

DULt'TH I)RtG(.o, 

201 W. Superior stn et. 

Sole Agents. 

Fun! Fun! Fun! 
Moonlight c.KCurH on Tu'.-sday evcnii'g. 
July 25. on the steamer Lucille. Kiveh by 
the young men of the West End. The 
band will finnish music. Refreshmsnts 
served on board. Bo;it will leave the 
fooiol Twenty-fir-t avenue wfst at 8 p. 
ra., foot of GatfiL-ld avenue Wt st. Call ;'.t 
the N. V. Uock. Tickets, 5 k . 


The World s Fair. 
During 1893 all roads lead to Chicago. 
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul 
leads the van. Enclose a 7 rrnt stamp 
and get "Tbc Milwauktf" World'^ fair 
• older. J.T. CuNLKY. 

Assistant General Passenger Agent. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Stabbed By His Brother. 

St. Lut'is. Mo., July 2|. J<.'hn .Stadt 
miller, aged 31, was stabbed and fat.iUy 
injured by his brother yesterday 
;it Manchester and Clayton roads in a 
dispute over a board bil', which P'rank 
claimed was due from his younger 
brnthor. Uoth were intoxicated and 
when they met Frank demanded the 

French Elections. 

I'AKl.s, July 2|- The Journal ( )rficicl 
announces today that .Aug. 20 is the date 
filled for tlie eltciion of members of the 
clumber of deputies. Tl'.e second bal- 
lots will be taken Sept. 3. 

Adulterated Wine. 
Is injurious, but nothing gives str*nglh 
like a pure old port wine. "Royal Ruby 
Port," fo called for its royal t.asle and 
ruby color, is particularly adapted for 
invalids, convalescents and the aged. 
Sold onlv in quart bottles for Si, while 
cheap wine is sold by the gallon and 
fives I larger print 'o the seller, bnt 
le^s to the user. Ti.i- wine is 
pure and has the age without 
wine IS lit to UiC. lie sure y 
Royal Ruby; Ifii, in ((inirl. bottles only 
Sold by S. F. Rovce. druggist. 2 


Iter remedy for llood di casos. 

" JoUM Gavii;, Dajton, Dhio 

Treatise on liltxnl 
SWIl'T i^ 

lid .skill di.<i'a.srsiiiaili<d free 
LCIFIC CO., Atlaiila, Gu. 

imim im ai Trusl 


Caplial Stock 
Guarantee Fiiod 

ilh Stale Auditor, JIOO.OOC 

which no 
ou g c t 

RECEIVi:a j'EPOSITS subject to eall 
and i«<n'?H cortittciiteR of rieposit hcanna nter 

Valises and Shawl Straps. 
We can save you money on 

bags .ird sh.iwlst'.vji 

Ik- sure 

to sec 

our ime before purch.i-jing. 


219 West Supcnor street. 

5 1'U m\ PAID 

on ci)rliHcat«.s ru-ndrig sis iiioiiihs. Lonnsniad* 
at lowest rates ou App'^"*f'd seonrity. Coaut} 
city and bcliool b.tndblpnrchaKod. 


n:nror, Marl<*.ll 1-. Morrltt. Wm. MrKJ'dpj 
<«ii.<i. ''tinrilev, ^. W. Hrndle> li. il Jliiirii!, 
V\ ill. K. U:cuHi-<ls..i., A. H. t 'h«i>iu, J). O., 
rCdwftr.l r.,. Hr«.lhr. Georwe A. Kider. H. P, 
B\2er, Arthur H. hrowu. K. M. Oebonie, OLbc. 
B. LQTCtt 

are mritiy o 

Irr, oft* I) accun»p.iir;ed by a sliRlit smJ-.rtine: sen.'jition 

mHiiiie; whiViV t»m"|.ati. nt cHuiu.t ncc<iont for. Tnoie =sr.' many who 
i!:ii.>rant * f the can.'.", which is the w-cono stage of wealtiiPf-- 

wertkPLDUB of the sy.itein in 
did o{ this diilicul! 

Dl I CC A n.-w in.Uliofl ; .10 bloody c.poration. no poiui.' t. I..>a : not tho fli^ht^st Pa>n • "' 
PiLbD i,„-or?v.„i.r,c<-lnia..!or>:oin«aoonr>...of troafn -nl will; ns for l .0 rol.of ..f 1l.« 
i.f |{lorihi>corltciiiu»rJ'ii<-s, no m.-U'r-r how Ioi.h: rlBiMin.c. Wo (,' a 
cun- 'I o I'vory 0110 who couhuHs iis wo i)lo.Ii-o absoliuo t^ocrocy. 

ICaiinvu) f:!ro <l<..!uct.'<l fr..i ii Hi.M Tlm of rn-,-xlmi<iit. 

worst riis< 
i |ii>riiiaiii'n 

t^wy-Twry ■m ^j T CT w m JJwjjiiii'. "t'?t;.V"V 

Till' TourL-T-s' Lino— "the poruljir line to reach 
Lakes I'o^'.l .lOjiello. I'o-ur d'.'.lmo. Fwtcn- 
nl. t'lu'l.Hn. the l!or Spriap^ ai'ii 3J<.; litain r<^ 
sorts of tho NortLwogt Rn<l to Alaska. 

Paily E'^M^''*^ trains havo Piiilninn FBlac* 
CflVs, Pu'luian Tourist SlrciiiuK far«. trro 
Colonist Slecring Cars. 

DinioR Care on Vacific 
Express and Flyer. 






::(."> an 

a :4.% po) 

DO YOIT KNO"W' THAT ^s- — - • 


The Kins of Specialists, 

Has movfd his office five dooi's west of old 
location to No 19 East Superior St., Room 4? 
He makes a specialty of all chronic nei'V- 
ous, skin, blood, kidney, bladder and secret 
diseases, etc., etc. 

Members of tbe Bulntli Clearing House Association. 


First National Bank ^^'OR^'R^O 

American Exchange Bank 

Marine National BAnk. -- 

Nation ii Bank ol Ctjinmerce— - 

State B.tnk of Uvtluth 

Security BKnk of Dulnlh 

rou ExobanKo Bank 



riirilic "Hyf-r.'" for Holoii.i. 

l!iiTt(»,, Tncoina. 

Soattlo. l'..::laii.l and allj 

t rincipal main Jiiii* iHiiit" 
Minnosnti*. DnVota A Ta- 

citic Er.prcss. fi»r all Min- 

nos(»ta and I)Afcota |>oints, 

Willi. ii'iu. Montana and 

I'aoilic ("oHsi 

('hicB;:o Limited for all Wis- 
consin (Vnfral \ Milwau- 

k.-.v ! Shop; A 

oMi i- lilt*. ^■ ■ >>■ ii.u.H*,; 

< 'hi»-n;ri'» anil boyt-nd j l.-OSr*"] 

Wi'-c.tifin (Vntral l^MtCHlj i 

Kx; tress T r all (f«»irf»bic: 

Ka.-iro and Wifcon^in Ccu-l | 

tial TH>iiit5'an,i thiCH*ro...'} 10:30 am Jfii'Orm 

% Kxccpt Sunday. All other trains d.ii!.< . 
Xiato". niaiv*. or oihor i air-iihloi." an 1 'ifornia- 
tion wi.I bo cl.oorfullv furnUhotl i" :•.• ;'"icatiot; 

to F. V (;i:!:!.Mi, 

Oily Tick'<t .Vjrout, 416 W. S!;irf>ri<>rSt., 
Of t'H.\S. S. FEK. „ , 

«Jon. I'.T ^ «i».I Tlv't. Ai.'».. P'. rant. 


f :3 Sa- 

il :10 am 


(Nurthoni P.-.c-irtr R. V. to.. l>>SRf«*>.> 

Latest Tim.e CDsjrcX. 

Two Throuch Tr ains Daily. 

; rCv. Ar.i I 

12:4S|niil i>;r.pni! Mit!i» . g.-oriami *:r.i>i^> 
l;aip:!i, 7:l.-u>mi Panl. ..1 8::«iain' S :40; n 

lOrWani 4:(r,,.ni|. l>n!nth....'n :10ain; 7 :;»'n ;i 

IzItOpm' 7:r»:m|....Vsblaud | SdJOam StSl^ni 

7 ;13aiiiil0 A):.aiiil.\r Chicago LtI S :l7pm'll :tr [ m 

Tickots'sold a>jd Im»sr"?»' chevkwi through to 
all ooints in t'lO l'nit«<l Siatf. a-jd t'anaila. 

t'lowA connect lonr m.-ido in Chicago vith all 
trains sroipc East and South. 

For fall lafornitttioa aiT'h' to yonr n<»ar«et 
ticket agent or JA8. C. POND. 

tiea. P«8e. sod Tkt. A«t., C]uca«o, lil 

imipq^lgglMjinnMKv-w— TM 









Scene at the Duncan, Brewer & Company's 
Saw Mill Today It Is a Com- 
plete Wreck. 

The Boiler House Still Stards and 
Boilers May Be Saved Bi.t That 
Is About All. 


The Appraisers in the Missabe Road Con- 
demnation Proceedings Have Exam- 
ined the Property. 

A visit to the scene of the Duncan 
Urewer & Co. tire today contirms the 
statement the mill proper is a total 
wreck. The brick boiler house is still 
standing: ard the boilers are believed to 
be comparativeh uninjured. Of the 
rest of the r.iachincry none remains in 
place except the engine and band mill, 
and these arc considered to be pretty 

badly burned. The lumber was scarcely 
scorched and but a small part of the 
tramways will have to be rebuilt. 

The otfire. planint: mill, shaving shop 
and other biiildmgs arc left intact. The 
saving of the slab" foundation of thp mill 
and surromiJings is an itiiportant item, 
as Mr. Duncan remarked, as it permits 
the ready handlmEf of the lumberyard 
will facilitate the rebiiildin_^ of the mill. 
The company have a huge amount of 
logs on band and for this reason are very 
anxious to commence the new mdl at 
once. The moving of the debris will be- 
gin a5 soon as permission is obtained 
from ttic insurance adjusters. A siui^u- 
lar fact in connectioii with the burning 
of the mill is that it was supposed to be 
unusually protected from tire. Beside a 
pump and a complete system of 
tire apparatus, i;o barrels of water were 

S laced about the yard ready for imme- 
iate use. The pump, however, was in 
the boiler house and was cut off from 
communication almost from the very 
s'art, which rendered the system useless. 
Although, the mill is a total loss, Mr. 
Dtmcan commended tlie tire department 
and the tugs for their prompt and efTi- 
cient action in saving so much valuable 

Have Examined the Property. 

The appraiscr.s in the Dulu;h, Missabe 
.S. Northern right-of-wav ondenmation 
proceedings have completed the exam- 
inations of the property danmged by the 
road and arc now figuring up the valua- 
tions. The proceedings affect over 250 
property owners, many of them residents 
of \\ est Dnluth. '_ 

West Ouluth Briefs. 
. j. Roimeberger has returned from 
\\ iscoKsm. 

Mrs. Dr. Wenker has gone to 
quette for a few days' stay while on her 
way to join her husband ia Wisconsin. 

Rev. T. M. Trice was suddenly called 
to Bay City, Mich., this morning to see 
bis brother who met with a severe acci- 
dent on a railroad. 

Mrs. Reeves has gone to Stillwater for 
a visit after which she will take in the 
World's fair. 

Miss Clara Shephard, of Platteville, 
Wis., is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. 

Mrs. Helen M. Davis, who has been 
visiting her nephev, C. W. Hoyt, has re- 
turned to her home at St. Cloud. 

Klectrician Bain, of the (ireat West- 
ern, has returned trom a trip to Chicago. 

.\ house for :>I5 per month on Fourth 
avenue west, suitable for four families. 
Intiuirc at 32 I.ast Superior street. 

Democrats and Sliver. 
Dr. Speer & Co.'s Pile cure effects 


The Pavilion Was the Chief Center of At- 
traction Yesterday. 

Ttie most sought for spot in Dululh 
yesterday was ths big Pavilion at the 
summit of the hill and the incline rail- 
way cars \#cre literally crowded all the 
afternoon and evening with the number- 
less T)lea5ure seekers who are evidently 
not attracted to tiii^s popular resort solely 
by the delightful weather, for even in 
the busy city the temperature was com- 
fortable yesterday, but by the varied and 
excellent entertainment j»rovidcd by the 
management. All the alternoon the 
traf'iic continued, men with their families 
listening in the Pavilion to the band 
numbers, while children revelled in the 
delights of the merry-go-round and the 
various other minor attractions. Affec- 
tionate couples wandered aimlessly about 
the pretty groves which surround the 
Pavilion or enjoyed the ride in the huge 
open cars to the pretty country at the 
back of the plateau. 

At the head of tb-- hill the amusement 
was no'hi'.^ it n'»t uiversitied. The little 
wooden negro ground out national airs 
on the impossible organ to whose strains 
the yonngstt rs sped aroM-id the merry- 
go-round ^'1 ^pii.'_ J luoi»ing horses who 
bobbed ir.t.,tically upanddM-A-riand were 
< olored like no rcalhorsecvi rlio|>ed to be' 
The phoiuigr.ijih man in the I'.ivilion in 
vpite of the presence of the Dand did a 
rushing buiinesj and at n'> time were 
there k:-; than half a «l)xcn people 
listening with i!ie «|uecr Tiili!>cr tubes to 
their"> to ".MnUy and 1 ami the Baby" 
by Sousa's banl or a "Hot Corn Mc<l!cy" 
by .a ne;;TO male quartet. The ice cream 
and ijoil I water di-.penbiMg points were 
liberally patronized desj>ite the cold 
weather an 1 :is amaltjr of the 
dear girls were correspondingly happy. 

Master Cicurgc, a precocious youth of 
12, dances a s-iuftle and wiug dance, 
which would break the heart ot ttie aver- 
age clog dancer, and he is already in- 
itiated intii the gm>«} giace of the fair 
spt?rtnti>rs in h:s; lotdienrrs. . 1 he br.nd, 
under the direfiion lit i*;ofc:sor Meier, 
gave two excellent <^oncerts, a?sisied by 
Jessie Miller the t.lcvcr little girl cor- 
netist wbo has wim many admirers here 
•jin.ce here tifSt appjaraoce. 

The :tnim;ilfi were the ^ource rf much 
intere,-i an-l ;b'.* aniics uli' h lien the 
big brown bear performed while b itliing 
in hi-, l>i»: t. nk w- r.,* wiru.sscil by a big 
rr.jv.d o: pi- »{»Io who ivtie iim h cr.ter- 
taint o. 

Hovtr and f/tiitard. 
•gi: aril a,.; r^ natve aui-'.ience 
hstene i 10 ilic-*- ycMkinen l.T.-t evcfii:ig 
at the Chr'.r.cian cbu»c'>. The preacher's 
subject was '.Sin and its Cur<*," ari'l it 
was presented ;n such a startling man- 

ner as almost to create a sensation. He 

speaks tonight uijou " Blocks 
an I How to Remove Them. " 


An Advance oi Two Cents Over Saturday s 
Pricrs Made Today. 

TliPwhca' i!iarki>t opou t^tomK thi- aioroiucr 
at I'iC lii*;!icr thui Satu'-<l;i.v fitr casli wheat 
and \c hielior for Si'iiioiuln-r. Tiio i-arly market 
raloil slow l>ut very firm. Si'pti'mbcr wlicnt eultt 
U[> ';C Iv.Jt liiit. the ailvaiuv* on the 
ii«'\t tr;i(t(<. Tuko it nil nr.>iiii<l. tin* 
iaark»'t v..'is «ioi(«» irroi-iilar, wit'i frL-nurrit 
tluchuati) u« tiiiil «»nly> tr*itl- 
in^. Th»' uftcrnui'ii sestion rtilotl vory llrtn wiili 
ailvaneii'i: tonil'ncie.'* niui Jittin sliilY ft«r siiln. 
TUt> III irlit't KT.-w atror.'^or toward.s ilic close ami 
St>|itoii.lH>r mid .it too, t lio*lii>:l:rsJ Daur s of llio 
<I.iy. I lie cl(>si» \\ ;ii« Jc liiirlior lliim t»atiir>liiy 
f'-rca-li ill il July \^^c hii;luTli)rSe}'tL>ml)tT. 
I'ollovviii:, \\,'ri> iliH rlosJiiK |)rii-«-s: 

N<». 1 hard. c;i.«h. fi7' .r ; Jiily.ra'cc ;Si>|itom!«r. 
Til'iC. Nil. I iiortht'iii.cuRli, li'.'ic; .luly. t'.lc : 
Sci>jpuil<.>.-, OTo. No. 'i iiortheru. c.ifIi. (5JV|r. 
No. 3, .'.'ic. KejoctoiJ, ■ 4^c. On track— No. 1 
iiortliorii to nrn ve. tU' jc Kyo. 420. 

Car U!!«j>ection today, l'^. Kecoijiis— Whoat 
lt;.-i,;\':{ lia.-i. H[iiiiTii»»n:.s Wheat, .sxT'* bn-s. i'&r* 
• 11 track- St. Paul A l)iiiiiih, !>: 
rncitic. 3; threat Nortlu-ni ih\ total -JS; last 
year -'>8. 

Weekly Statement. 
Showing tlio ^^^>ck of ,,'iuin in btorcat Dnhilh 
(l>i«r»dc;<) 'i>r tliowpok ending Saturilay, J«ly 
-J. lMt:i : 


No. 1 hard 

No. 1 northern whoat 

Nc. '1 nortliorn whi»nt 

No. S sjiriniT vvl;eat 

No Krailfl Bprin;; wiiour 

Ufjoctcd anil coiulomnt'd wheat 

iJiH-cial bin whi'Ht .: 

Total whoat instoro 

Decrease dnriiiR thowock 

ir. .■«Uirt» tliiit <!.itc> I(Vk.t yoar 

Uecroa.xe for tho week liist year 

Slock of ry.» lU'W m »t<>r» 


11.0 '.'.I 


4 93i,S.->8 


Cattle and Hogs. 

U. S. Yards, July ^1. -rattle- Receipts. 1P,0'X); 
steady. Hoas— Kecmpts: 17,">()(); stroug, ISft' 
uuc hiKiifr; hf>.ivy, Sri..V»(if,i;.nO: in1.\ed and m«»- 
diiirn, $■') r>.i(r'[i.05; li<!ir., ^'i.iO'tj.OJ. i»h;j(»i>— Ks- 
ooipts, 11,000: steady. « 

The Foreig.n Markets. 
London, July HI. —The crrain markets opered 
tlsis mornictj iiinet. At Liverpool wlioat was 
flow; corn ^id lower. At Loi'dou. cai'rtoos of 
i';i]iforuiHn whoat nnchancod: fljatiiiR car- 
KOisof wiie.iL iniiei; wheat oa iiassajro waH 
rutlier oasiisr aod coru very <inioC. 'I'ho Frciicli 
markets wcro ucchanKod. Late cables report 
re<l Winter wheat futures at Liverpool iniie: nt 
'id decHiif, cora dull, .Vnguar and September 
'.td lower. 

London Stock Exchange. 

Losnox, July 2l.--Tli') j^tock market is dull 
aod unsettled. This is j)artly du" to t lie un- 
certainty rejjardiiiK the outcome of the Franco- 
Siamese dispnte. Tho failure was nnnonaced 
today of Siittou A t'o., s'uuck brokers of No. 'SI 
hojal exdiiuij^e. _^_^_ 

tho Minneapolis Market. 

MiNNE.VPi-Lis. Minn., Juiy Jt. -Wheat: Sei)- 
temb"r oi>onod atCJ'ic and closed at tiU^e ; 
l>eceniher oricned at li^o and clo8<>d at G9^«c. 
Cntr.ack: .N'o. 1 hard. ('>">c; No. 1 iiortheru, 
ti U;; No. - aortLoru, r>()''(iUc. 

New York BrcadstuRs. 

Ninv Yor.K. -luly _'l.— Flour: Keceipts. il.Of.^ 
liaeUajres; sales :i;!.'i > packaijes: statu ami West- 
ern qniet and steady. Wheat: H^roipts, U'liSi.! 
bus;s!i!ep. :;,4'<O.0H) bus ; No. I! red, fairly active; 
S.'ptpinber. T.i^ii'H'-ic; Oel*~.ber. 7'S?i''' 76Hir ; 
December, S()^c. Kye easy; \v.>steru. iiW(:^7c. 
t'oro: Koceiids, :T?.*K)0 buf ; «aht«, rtO.OlU bus; 
Mo. i; hisriiMr ;iiid firm ; No.- 47'':,''i t^?«c. Oats: 
luv:eipts. l."i.'>.iKfj i>us: sales. IJ'i.OOi bu«;No. 2 
frni^r .aiirl moderately activ,;; .Vutrnst.wlM''" 'jc; 
.Sor)tember, 3i>r'u*i:il'.i,c; state, 'JUtt^Vi-s ; wostoru, 
:'..'.«' l:ic. ; 

The Chicago Market. 

Cuic.\ao. July ;'4.— ( 'loslnir prices: Wheat, 
Joly, r.."ic; Atitrust, 4."»Vc; .September, 6->"hC. 
Com, July, Viic; -•epteinb<»r. 4I'..^( T'.ic Oat.«. 
.July, 2*<':4c; .\uKnst i^ri.c: September, 2.1 T^c. 
I'ork. Jnly, «-_M(;0; S.-ptomb".-, *:0..-.'). L.<rd, 
.Itiiy, «>.'.K). 

w. p, imowN, 

Private Wires to ChlcaKO and New York, 
Ifl and 108 Cb.imbor of 1,'omraorce, 


Railroads Opened Weak and Low3r But Hail- 
lied Later. 
N Ew YoKiv, July -L— Tliero wa."' a weak open- 
ioR to tiio railway 8haro list this moruinjr and 
.■•oni'- sharp decliaos wore recf)rded in a few 
srock:i. l!urlin«ton A <^niacy dropped :t'4, R-jck 

I shiud J and \ortliwe.storii I'.t. Tiii» losKe.s in 
Itie other leiuliU),' pronertie.- w.-ni less thati a 
I.iiiut. .\"chisr»n decMued to Ui^'i, ('an;ida S.)ulh- 
Ci-n ti>4.i'j. Kurliiintori xt^uiney Utll „c., Norlh- 
we^terii to'd-.i. .St. I'anl toTrj ;, Ilock Island to 
.'I'l'iC, (iackawanua to i x. Lake .Sliore toll.'i'i, 
•tersry Central lo It'",, Drio to II, Ueadinsr to Ui'n. 
Siil!>:(-.iuentty UurliiiKfon itcjuiucy rallied to 
Tt'i.St. Paul to Sli',, Nort'iwostera to !•!".,, 
Ii':»ck Inland to.'u?^ a'ld Manhittun to ll-'iVj. In 
the ."-fiiciah ie; I'uihnan oahice fell olT to 
r.i'i^i, 'FennpsKeo Coal <felron to I'J! ». Wabish 
preferr-'d tt) !•{ aufl llockinjr Valley to 17'4. The 
i'ldiistriHls were .uls'* v/eak and lower. Ctiicatfo 
da" declitied 2'.i to r>l'i*''»-, Suijar reliuiuK I'k 
io7l"j' and L'»ad common t<i 'Si^i. (ioueral 
lleci ric openefl 'i lower at 4'.* but in a com- 
I>ariitively short lime jumped t*.) 'il. 
Money easy at ^('iji per cent. IJar Bilvor C9. 

A Board Bill Row. 

About 12:30 o'clock today there was a 
Ittle scrap in Carpenter's sa!o.)a in 
^vhi<■.h a disputed board bill the 
hare oi contention. One man had a few 
listic decorations marked upon his coun- 
tenance and when Officer Trayer en- 
lered the place the victim pointed out 
Joseph Ladoucenr as the man who ditl 
the v/ork. Despite the fact that he had 
blood on his knuckles, he denied it and 
when the policeman told hint to come 
-ilotiij, a strenuous resistance was made 
and at one time half a dozen bant^ers on 
at the F.aloon seemed to have iialf a mind 
to jimp on Trayer's back. He took 
alonjf his man and this afternoon he will 
have a chance to prove his innocence of 
the as=.ault. 

President of Notre Dame. 
Sdiih IJknd, Ind., July 25. --The pro- 
vincial council has selected Very Rev. 
Father .Morrissey to succeed the late 
Very Rev. Father W.ils*i as president of 
the Notre Dame university, ;ind Rev. 
FiUiier French tj succeed Morrissey as 
vice president. The latter is now in 

C.i.'^.h and improved j)ropertv, in West 
Duaitb, to c?^eh inj.,'efor Dilnth pruperty. 
AleA.mder ti; Speyet?, 216 VVeijt Superior 

l)j you rc:iil tht;testira<>nials published 
in b.ha f 01 ilov<rs .SjiLsaparilhi? Thev 
are thorif.'j^hly reliable and worthy your 

cnniiiljnce. 2 

v'7»';7^^.i:H A CtrAi'iEA A BOX." ' 

' .y\'^ ■ 

^^^ ^ 

covEnED ^snu a ^ astei.ess and 



Tmlit fallen, li'antitf App<-tHo, J<''iiHneim 
fi/tpv diffa/K, Vr.titlliHflH, Siehni-HH vf\ 
the :-itomarh, ItilioHH or Lirer f'tnu- 
yUtUi'H, L-ilrJi flffi'.'t^riif.Cdht i.'hill-.i, 
i-'htHh inqK of Heat, Loimeati i>f Sjtir- 
J its, cArt AH KiTvoits Affections, 

I To cure these toniplnitds we mast reniova 
' tho C'luso. The i,rincM;).il cani«3 is Rener-illv 
' »o bo foiiad ia t!i-> atonancli uiid ^ivrri p"i 

• l'tfi^;iin> ri'iht runt nil ifill Ik vril. From 

■ " ir I'itlx twice a day for a *,hort time 

J tl:e mil. and re.itorc tlio tuffcror 

, ' I liif'inK lifi.Uh. 

;OI all druffR'sis. Prloo 25 cents a box. 

New York Depot. .'J6.> <\anol St. 

0. P. Caylor Criticizes the Accuscr.s of the 

Cincinnati Pitcher Who Was Not 

at Fault. 

There V/as No Evidence of Misconduct on the 

Famous Twirler's Part In Caylor's 


niishinfr Into Print Was Certainly Very Bad 

Judgment on the Part of Captain 


n.nsehnll interest does not seem to w.iver 
a.'; the .«;e:i'-;oii proijre's.'sos. ^h)re than T."(,000 
spectators saw tho Fourth of .Inly i;«ii)es 
in the si. \ western cities of the Natioiml 
leajiup. There were ouly 3(10 ksy th;»n 
ICO.CKK) present on Memorial day at the 
.u;ain(s ia th'» si.K eastern citie.s of the cir- 
cuit. Therefore when oomjiarisoii .'tiid 
idlowaiiees (ire niaile upon n ba.sis of com- 
bined iiopuhitiou the nereei't^itri" of attend- 
aney h.ns not fallen away, but has rather 
incivast«l. The v.est has only ChicnKo to 
cla.^s with New York, nrooklynand Phiha- 
(hlphift in respect to population, and the 
six e;-ii lities as ji whole will fall . "50 
per cent below the conibiiied et-nsiis miiii- 
Ix-r.s of the six eastern memhersi. There- 
fore the west as n whole m.ade a bettor 
showinji on the Fourth than tho east made 
on Memorial day. 

Of the we.^terii attendance Cleveland 
turned out the banner crowd, KVIKV), ,i.t t>ie 
two j^anies. In proportion to poimlation 
that was the best patron;i;iCo received by 
e,uy ehib this year. New York on Memo- 
rial day had about T.O.OOO people on the 
Polo jiroun<l?=, but New York is more than 
twiee as hir^e as Cleveland. ChieaKO wa.s 
seeond with 14,72:3 imd Cincinnati third 
with 13,3!i0. The total atteiidanee wa.<? 

Tho day v.-a.s n. .I'oyfid one to the Uostons, 
Ph'Iadelp-hias and rittsbur,j;s, who v.on 
two ,!.<;inies each. luid it wa.s equally sad to 
the ("ineinnatis, Cliieayoa and naltimores, 
who <iroiip(Kl l)ack just as far tus the for 
tuiies or misfortunes of the day would per- 

The ilay was particularly unfortunate 
,0 throe elubs, the liostons, Chiea^'os and 
Cievi'lands, wiio colleelively lost the serv- 
ice of three Volnable pl.ayeis. A collision 
ijitwcen Anson . Mild .St i vet ts at first 
l;;!''!y injured the veteran's knee and vi-ry 
: ( ally ended tho life of Pxjston's bi;j: pitch- 
er. V\'heii two irresisiilile IxMlies meet, 
v.hat will he tiie restill? That was a f.i- 
vorite theme for diseus.sion in our debatiiisi 
soeielj' some years ayo, hut in our many 
!ioiirs of forensic work we never came a.^ 
near to the an.swer ns An.'^on and .Stivettn to it on the morning of the Fourth. 
IJoth were so badly injnretlthat their clubs 
lost their serviet<«. 

• Tl'.e Clcvel.-mils met with a severe handi 
•aj) <biiii:;; the nxirnii!': ijame by the disln 
Ciiiiost of Captain 'J'ebeau'a weak knee. 
Chat occurte<l in Cineinnati on the morn- 
• iiuof the sained«j" wiikh is much inorede- 
pie.rubli. than either of the acciileiits named 
above. For th« first time i-ince the e.xpul- 
sieu of De\ lin. Hall, Graver and Xiehol.=< in 
IS'. 7 a player ha.s lK;cn openly charKod willi 
selling a game. The deplorulde phases of 
the alTair were that it was a c.tye of rusli- 
in;,' into prhit with a harmfid .statement 
without jiioofs of its truthfulness and 
■iclnb oflicial was the person makinj^ the 

The accused player was Elton Chamber- 
Iain, Cincinnati's best pitcher. The foiui- 
dafion lor the charKo was thi.i: A man of 
sptcuh;t,ivc prfifliviiies who had v.on about 
.^;] , 51!: > during the previous month on C^ord- 
iii^e stock iiud at the races took it into Ids 
head to "pinnace" on a baseball ^anie. 
r.ihe all men of ids kind, ho selected one 
yrnie .•md olTiicd to bet .•my amoi'.iit of 
money f)ii eonte.-t, but wouldn't place 
:i dolhir njion ;iny othi r t^ariie. 

It v.jis the mornin>i j.c.".me of July 4 whicii 
lie selected to cirry his money. Heinfc a 
bel'.iiiK man, he was wise enough to know 
he v.oiild have to bac-k the Pliil.idelpiii;iH 
if he w.anted to pl;ice much nmney, for tiie 
Cin innaii iieople would naturally to 
h:ick their home club. 

Then he fi;j;ure<l out that, accord iny to 
the way both teams were iil.iyin;^, the I'hil- 
ade![)idas' chrmees to win wen^ .about -SO 
per ( 1 nt better than the Cinciniwuis'. 
Tberidoi-e he backed them at tiie rate of VA 
to 10 jjnd found jilenty of takers. In all he 
snccee<ied in phieinj; nearly i^nOO on the 
I'hihidelpliias. This was .somethinj^ so iin- 
' that a report of it v,-;is caiTJeil to the 
club odicials. Captain Coini.-.key became 
nnsjiieious because .?."inO had never, to anv 
one's knowled^*', been waj^ertd on a sin<<le 
p^ame in Cincinnati since the e.xi.stence of 
the lea;;ne. Therefore he w;i.s 
looking for a "dump" wlicti the game 1k-- 

Unfortunately for Chain berktin it wa.';; his 
day to take his five feet medi- 
cine, and niion him Comiskey's suspicion 
imnudiiitely .'^etllesl. The Phillies hit 
Chamberlain hard, .-ind his pitching; was 
wild and dcdirious. Yet he never fieliled his 
•Kisition better in his life, and jast before he taken out of the game as ji marked 
man he hit the ball for tliree ba.scs, tend- 
ing in two men, wliicii put his team two 
more runs in the lead. 

In spite of this negative proof Comiskey 
took him from the game and snijstitnt(d 
another pitcher, who w.-is h.-itled during the 
rest of the contest for nine nms. 

Instea<l of ijnietly iiivestig.iting his sii.s- 
picions Comiskey made the mistaktt of car- 
rying them to a newspaper (»ni(c, where liny 
were liseil iis it te.xt for a sen^ai ional ariiele 
in which ChamlKrhiin was publicly ;iceu.seil 
of thi>ov, ing the g.inie. It i.s just .sttch 
thoughtless acts which ilothouA-indsof dol- 
lars of dani;ige to ba.stdinll, and the ( inein- 
nati club has been .-in oflenfler in way 
.'H'Vfi-al times during tlie l, few yeans. 
Mullane w;ts their object of su.-;pici(ai 
while he was a memlnr of the Ix-am, and 
now f.'hjind»erl.un is made the 

The National U.-iKoe boiinl of directora 
are bound to take uii the Chand,(rl;iii! ease 
and sift it to the bottom, l-'or t he wiilfjirc 
of the n;ition:il game they mtist uuikesome- 
t»o<ly sniler. If ClKUulKil.iin beiKit proved 
"^jnilty, his accuseisshoidd beplaes d Iwyoiid 
thcrtemptaiionof givinganother Micbde.-id- 
!}• blow to till- life of the sport. 

It is true that on theseeoml d.ay after the 
g.nme was phiyed the sate.e iiewsi)aper in 
wliich the original charge'.-; were tUsplaye I 
printed a half he!;:')-!! retraction, but it 
coiildnt ui)root thesnspicic<n it had sown 
in the minds of limidre«ls who ahvjiysst.-ind 
K-ady toa.s.>ert tli;'.i no profe.ssiomil sjr.rt is 

The fpiai-rel between the Chicagos and 
Cincinmitis over Pitcher Parrott. late of 
the .SuiiLhern leagtie, was one o' the silly 
features of the sjMirt as a bitsin"ss. ("incin- 
n:iti (iniilly lande<l the miin, but not till 
Aii.»^oti nboot mar!" up his mind that 
the pi c'ler wa.s not wol^i: lighting for. 

That tcteutric but brilliaut ulavtr. Ula-s^r 

CXJOK, luiR been rtlvorce<l from Von der Ahe 
and has fetched up in Pittsburg. .I.ick 
iHuildn't eonjngate a Creek verb and was 
therefore iinhtlor Chris jitid his colleghins. 

O. P. C.WKUt. 

Wheat Rates. 

There was absoiuteh no wheat move- 
ment today. Rates to were 
nominillv iV cents. Had tltere been 
any grain at all for shipiiK-nt vessels 
might have obtained a ..'cent rate. 

Port of Ouluth. 


Prop Desmond. liKht for hinibnr. 
S;-,hr (ii>ldeu IJule, liiiht lumber. 
SehrSvveeptaki'S. li>,dir for lendiir. 
Prop .1. C. Koril, litrhr for iiinib. r. 
I'rop .bdiii llHi|>er, bal.e I'irie; coal. 
I'rop K. C. l*o|i>', Jjnke Krie;coal. 
I'rop, Lake I'^ri" ; coal. 
I'rop foin Ak">, Ijake lirie;c(>al. 
Sell r Iron Ciiy. bake Kri.- ; eoul. 
I'rop Northern Queen, biilfalo; merchandise. 
I'roii .\iistralatiia, hake t-,rie; coal, 
fehr Tasmania, Lakel^rie; coal. 
PropC. II. Lock wood, Luke lirie; coal. 
l>.iriL:e1(»7, Lake Krio ; coal. 
Harwi:'!, Lake Krinice.d. 
Flop Charles I'. Winch, Kulfalo.-merchatidiao. 
Prop .Sortb Wind, JJulYalo; nu rciiaodiso. 


Prop Citv <'f Clevehuid, h,;|jt for ore, 
Trop.l. SI. .Nicl, HulTd-; li mr, 
I'rop Thomas Wilson. linlit for ore. 
ISai-Re I'd, li/rht for ore. 
Iterf,'!' tl.'i, lu;ht for ore, 
I'rop Utftttida, lii,'ht for ore. 
I'roji i'leiiioiit, 'ioiiawaiida; lumber. 
I'rop Conneiiwoitrh. KulTuli,; (lour. 
I'rop Mineo.'ipelis. Cjovni.itiil ; 010, 
Sch^^'an Die^^o; ('levehind ; ore. 
Prop Iron KiuK, Cleveland; ore. 
Schr Iron t/neen, Clevelan i ; ore. 
Prop North Wave ItulTalo; flour. 
Prop Mocoste, linlit for ore. 
Prop .Vniericrt. liKht for ore. 
S'mr Canitiria, Port Arthur; paBsenger.'i and 

Ocean Steamships. 

New York .'\rrived ; Steatner Alaska, 
Liverpool; Ems, Hremeii. 

New Yo'-k- -Arrived: Anchoria, Glas- 
gow, Jidy 13. 

London- Passed Kinsale: Steamer 
Michigan. Hoston for Liverpool. 

The Sault Passages. 
Sault Sti:. Maru:, Mich., July 24.— 
Special to The Herald. |— Up: Vnma, 
7 p. m.; John Moore, c;; .Sparta, Sumatra, 
10:30; Rnnnells, Bloom, Pickands, 
11;" Iron Chief, Iron triiff, i a. m; Pio- 
neer, Hodijc, 5:30; Durkee, Geo. VV. 
Alosley, Ewcn, 6; Jolici, \anderbilt, 7; 
rathlindcr, China, 8; S;ij(nmore, Mar- 
(}ue*ite, 9; Hale, Adriaic, Marlin, 10:30. 
Down: Kobt. ?"rycr, \o. 2, 12; Hesper, 
132, 2 a. m ; Caledonia, 2:30; Tampa, .\\ 
Mariska, 5; Nicol, f^':3o; Yakima, 9:30. 
.'Vrrivcd: Canton, with stone. 

'■The Milwaukee" 

The only electric lighted trains 
The latest private compartment cars 
The most luxurious slcejjers 
The latest library smoking cars 
The celebrated clcctiic berth lamp 
The Hnest dining rar service 
The government fas; mail line 
The most comfortable parlor cars 
The best and most fie<jueiit service 
.Safely, :;peed, comfort, elegance 
Secure sleeping berth.! early 
Apply to any ticket ;;.,'cnt or address, 
J, T. Ci)NLi:v, Asst. ( icn. Pass. Agt., 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Change of Train Service. 

As double train ser.icc on the North- 
ern Pacilic radroad from Uuluth west 
has been run .at a heavy loss to the com- 
pany and jirospecls not at all encourag- 
ing for the future, the management ha^ 
bcw^n forced to discontinue the trains 
leaving Dululh 7:45 a. m. and arriving 
Diiluih 7:15 a. m, commencing Sunday, 
July 23. 

The evening train will continue to 
leave at 6:45 p. m. with same conveni- 
ent service for all Northern Pacific 
points in Minnesota .ind the Dakotas, as 
well as Montana and the Pacitic coast. 
Train from the West will arrive at 12:40 
p. m. as heretofore. 

1. A. Gkkeni:, 
Cily Ticket Agent, 
416 West Superior street, Dululh. 

Rales Again Cut. 

1 1 has been claimed by some that the 
railroiids have not made sulliciently low 
rales to encour;ige travel to the World's 
fair, antl the Minneapolis it .St. Louis 
railway, "Albert Le.i Route," believing 
that the traveling public should be given 
as low rates rfc can be made, consistent 
with the amount of husiness moving in 
the direction of this won<lcrful exposi- 
tion, has previously broken the bonds 
which manitained a higher rate of fare 
and reduced the rate about one-fourth. 
Reali;^ing that a further reduction is 
'necesiary, we shall, on July I7lh, 24th, 
31 s'. and Atigust 7th, sell round trip 
tickets from St. Paul and Minneap)olis to 
Chicago at rate of ?i3 75. Tiiese tickets 
will be gocd rcturnieg leaving Chicago 
on the fourth or ele. enth day after date 
of sale. 

The .idv.Tntages offered by our landing 
passengers at our ICnglewood station, 
withi'i ten blocks of the fair grounds, 
have been pretly thoroughly advertised, 
and the immense mnnber of p.assengers 
who have tesied the bujicriorily of this 
route tell us il is all that is claimed for it 
and more. 

If the saving of time and the avoidance 
of delay to baggage and other inconven- 
ience ; are matters worthy of considera- 
tion tht^re can be no question as to this 
being the mostdesirable route for World's 
fair travel. 

Two through trains with free chair cars 
and Pullman sleepers, (linmg cars, etc., 
leave .St. Paul and Minneapolis d.iily. 
For further inform.ition write C.M.Pratt, 
general ticket and;:enger agent, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Special Rale-j to Chicago. 

The .Si. Paul i': Dnliiib is making 
r.pc'ial low rates to Chicgo on account 
of the Worlds f.iir. 

Sleeping car art.ingcments attended 
to. K. 15. Ro.s.s. 

Nor. Pass. Agt., 
.12K .Sp.ahiincr hotel. 


.•ST. I'AUIi <fe IMJId.Tll KAlLKOAli. 









Lv Duiutb.. 

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rt :i<) pm. 

11 16 pm 

ArSt. Panl 

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7 10 pm 

7 a) pm 

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Ar Kan -a- City 



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1 55 pm 

V. n. KOS3, 

Noithera PaMpeiMror Acent, 

\t>. \V.%-. *<,,„„rior V>tTt>tA 





Want Columns. 

ChloAso Oeta litem This Tear— Xxpert 
Tracy Huppln ofUarrard. 

Newport and Chicago will thi» year di- 
vide tho honors of the national lawn tennis 
tournament. Tho World's fair city has 
been awarded the 
championship for 
doublw*, and tliu 
puue.H will bo 
played ou tho St. 
(JeorKe'H cricket 
Kfound.t from July 
1.'4 to AnK. !J inelu- 
KJve. As this is to 
bo tho linst lawn 
tt-nius eham]>ion- 
Khip ev«'r held ia 
tliL- wi'st, {jn-at in- 
tcit'st is manifest-'' 
ed in itsouteomc. 
in addition to 
the ehampioiiKhip 
in dimbles thero TUACY HOPPIK, 

will 1k'. n full toiirnament in singles open 
to the world, t h«! wimiern to bo iudor«e«l by 
World'.s fair ehamplon.^hip honors. The 
lonbles, too, will be opi^ii to all comers, 
and there will i>eno preliminary trial tour- 
naments. O. S. (^ampbell and li. P. Hunt- 
ington, .Ir., the pre.sent ehampions, will be 
on band ready to defend their tit K-s. Vic- 
tor hlltln^c, the northwestern champion, has 
reeeivi'd assur.inces that all of the crack 
eas^tern players will partieip.ite and that 
the tournament promises to Ik; the in- 
terestin'ij ever held in this country. 

One of the best college tennis players in 
the Unile<l .States is Tivicy Hoppin of llar- 
v.ird uniwr.sUy. He belongs to thesenioi 
ehi-ss anil h;;.-* lout; bwn considered the stai 
pl.iycr nriioni: tlie undergraduates, but ol 
late a rival has aris«-u nt the college who 
threatens to dim the luster of Hoppin'.« 
name. This new man is .John N. Chase, 
who recently defwit I'll lloppin .it .m exhi- 
bition match. Mill the rivals will prohably 
tneet in the fall match that is to decide the 
university ehampion.shii). 

Itlcliiird Croki^r's Great Colt DubbiiiK. 

Not l<)!i:; .-lyo l{ic:hartl Croker, the Tam- 
many Hall Icjiderat New York, bought the 
colt Diihbins for .^;21,2(»0, and his purchase 
has provtd a very fortunate one, for Dob 
bins has already won ei;iht r;ieea this yeai 
wwCi ^,l•l■■.ns uhnost invincible in the 2-ycar 
old eliLss. .'Vmong the.<e victories wen 
the .Line si.ikes and Zephyr stakes at 
S!ieei;she;ul Hay. In the former race the 
colt carried Ixib pounds, the heaviest im- 
post of the borne by a of his age. 
The letter I) seems to be a bickj- one on 
the liuf this yeai-, for Duhhins, Domini; 
and 1)( clare jin the three star perfornierh 
in the ;.'-yeiirold li.'st. 

!)obbins is i\ slroiifr, handsome, intelli- 
j^ent looking chest mit colt with a white 
blaze in \\'\.\ forehead. He is {.centlo and 
playful, but full of pluck and ko when a 
!-.ieo is in (;i'.eslion. He is by .Mr. Pirk- 
wick— Thor.-t. The successt'sof Dohhinsainl 
^Ir. ('loUei- seem parallel,- for 
while Dobbins is defeating the best horses 
of his n.t^e the T.unmany chief is r:!])idly e.s- 
^:iblishiiig a reputation as one of tdie great- 
est racing Pieii i.i America. 

riNhcr rarrott'K Cas«>. 

V.'hen two or three l>a.-«'ball club.-, f.iU ti 
<iuarieliii}.i; aimnt ii pitcher, he is sure to 
get notoriety enough to .satisfy even .Steve 
-■ - -. lirodie, IJ. .1. 

Pitcher Tom P;ir- 
rott ha.s of hiii 
had the eyes of the 
world upon hir.' 
largely becm.'-c 
Chicago, Cincin- 
nati and the 
Southern Ic.aKuc 
were all ,an;dou> 
to seen re him. Par- 
rott ehiiinefl that 
the HirniioLdiair. 
club harl released 
him. Cincinnati 
bought his release 
from Hirminidiam 

TOM l'.\Ki:oTT. 

iMid .ibout ill.- same tune Parrott siL^m-*! a 
Chica;coc(;iitr;:et. This loi.iidup 
.vt'iie i/f jifTairs, bat I're ident Vonn;; i.f the 
Naiion.d bo.nd has deci.leil that the Cin- 
cianali 4:lub juiid ^."lOO fo;- P.inott'.s 
in .a p.-rhctly rej;nlar m.'iimer and is en 
lit led to lii>. services. 

IViiiott made a vorj- -.cood record diirjug 
his cjireer .is jiiteiier of thi- l»irminv; 
• Inb, and while he has not displayi-*! finy 
remarkable i;row«'.s.s .since he found a berih 
in the Natioiud lia;rue eiid Ainerie;in ;i->o 
•.;i(>iion he is .a v;diiabli' .•leqiiisition for (in 
•inii.Ui on .account of the present piwlnr 
fami:ie. There is s;iid to be a possihiliiy 
that the gamts P.inolt j»;uti<ip.ite I in 
wiiile a member of the ChicJJgo club may 
he thrown out as illegjil. 



Ruuticr T. R. Tnrnrr. 
Tliert! nrc few better known amateur 
.sprinters on the cinder path today T 
H. Tinner of Princeton. He was a nn'mher 
of the now <lefunc!. Mruihatlan A. C. .uid 
v.ore its colors in all races he nm. His 
best perfonujinee W!is at the Manhattan 
yjunes I)ecor.ii.ioii d;i}', IWi:), when he ran 
half n mile in I 
minute Xa ;)-.'i sec- 
onds. His best 
time for -l-W) yards 
is V)'; seconds. .\t 
the last champioii- 
HhipmeetiOLCof the 
.\. A. C. held at 
.'Manh.ilLan Held, 
Turner won tlie 
!.r!f mile nitinbn^ VJ; / 
ch.'ini|iionship in :>/ 
I n dilute .l-S Z-:^ </ 
hoc.inds, and at the ' 
I n tcr col 1 egi.ato 
ch.ani pious h ip r. is. TI i:Ni;K. 

nieelni'4 the same ye;ir. ;iiid at I he wiim; 
[ihieehe Won the h.'ilf in ih- ch.-inipi'>tislii|) iu 
1 ni inn If. "»;i •!-."> seconds. His most iiii[ioi't.'int 
enj<a;^ement this year was at the Intenol 
le.Liiitte ch.iinpionsliip meeting on .May -7, 
an<l to the .Mirprise of all hi! w;isbe-iten in 
the h;ilf mile by Corbin and Hnhhi II of 
H.iiv.ird. Hew.isa nieniber of the Prinie 
U\\\ team compeled in thete;ini r.'ices 
at Philadelphia, and again .at the New .Icr 
wy games on .M;iy ;iO. Turner is tliinking 
serionslyof becoming .a mendicr of the ("hi 
cauo A. A. ■•i;i(i will no doubt wear its 
o«)lors . at the World's fair meeting that is 
Ui be held .Sept. 14, \'> and 10. 

EiIICii'h Now One Thonn.tlKl MIIp Itorord. 

'1'. .\. iAJg". the f:inioiis Knglirh v. heel 
man, has adilid to his reputJilioii hy est ah 
lishing a iH'W record for l.lHKi miles. Kdge 
riMle live fhiys, only pausing four hfiurs for 
sleep, and succeeded in ehip]>ing .'> hours 
.'.nd 411 minutes oir the record. ICdgc has 
no e(pi;d as a long dl.staneo road racer. 

Aiiiin l<.«!lKTltic Orcene'a New I'lny. 

"liehind ("iosed Doors" is tobedraim*- 
ti/.i<l .led is ;iNo to receive .a proiluclion on 
tl)e Paris stage. Tin- plot of this story by 
Aur..-i Kat herine (jrecne ix lis intricate as 
that of '•'i'be lieuvenworth Case" and fully 
as strong. 

Rudolph Amnson has just elo-ied by ca- 
ble an engaLrenient with Mile. Armand Ary. 

Telephone Lutes' laundty to call for 
your washing. 


American Store. 

DCLCTK, Thnri«day, July 24, IfOII, 
The weaUirr ton orrow Is likely to he 
fair, udrtner. 

Summer Selling 
Of Swell 
Stuffs Very 
Active Here, 


Delightful weather at this 
time of the year is most ad- 
vantageous to the ladies, so 
far as looking nicely is con- 
cerned. Cool, pretty -wares 
in every department consti- 
tute the greater part of the 
day's sellirig. The Eton 
Dresses, the Fauntleroy 
Waists, the natty Chemi- 
isettes, the jaunty Sailor 
Hats, the delicatel}' tinted 
Hose, the filmy Laces, the 
Paiasols, G ovcs, Challies — 
all are no"w supremely pop- 
ular here. 

Huck Towel 

Are one ot the latest crazes 
in the Eaj^t. It is simply 
the putting together of sev- 
eral Huck Towels in the 
form of tlie Eton Costume. 

Corded Pique 

Is another fabric that is 
very popular. We've got 


Are exceedingly st3'lish for 
dress}' summer dresses. We 
are selling ten different 
styles, tog'.'ther "with the 
]^>lack Laces in keeping. 


Are very essential; the navy 
blue ones with the dainty 
lace edgin..,'s are the latest 
novelty. '1 hey 're here. 


Are selling with increasing 
activity. Serges, Cheviots, 
Cords, Mixtures and Diag- 
onals are the chief chasings. 



Such as Hose Supporters, 
Dress Shields, Chamois 
Powder I>ngs, Alcohol 
Lamj^s, Curling Irons. Stick 
Pins, V'eilii gs, Horn Hair 
Pins, .Novel Needle Cases, 
(ilove Darnt:rs,(jIove l^lates, 
etc.^ show constant, busy 


Are always the lowest here, 
and alwa}s guaranteed. 

The Silver 

That is being so universally 
discussed hr s the full power 
of 100 cents here at all 
times and in all instances. 

J. I iii & Ci. 


COLNTV Of St. Ix>I IH ( 

District court, Kl •vciiih Jtuijcia' OUtrict. 
In n>Ht»er of tU" api lir.'itioii of »li»» city of 
Dulutli, H iiiuui'riiiitl r<«rpr<ratioii, lo re-«fiir«h(« 
to the I :.;< ui of !li, bri.iiiilh. j'.ctii.iily ac,-niiii|f 
aKnijift tli« I'Hipe.ri; lifiielitcil tiiFraliy. the 
coHl of tliK folliiwiim iiiiproveriiont, .<>■ wil : Tli« 
KrHiiiiiu for llioirfu'l widtiiof i'i'Mliixint aviv 
uin< eaut from Suiiirinr Htreet tiear Liglitli 
nvenuo wngt to tli« bortli lino of tin- Third di- 
vinum «xc« tlroii);ti OuhchiId «<iiiare, W'l-ht 
< 'afcaile Ktrepi from l'ieitm<iii< avpiiue cavt t<i 
Nurtli (.'ukcikIo htrL-. i and North Cat^«il<> 
!-trect frnm Wetit < 'a-ra<le (.(reel fo Pirthnoul 
avfiiue f?;iht, topeiljer Willi flif ucc«>h*ary con- 
iluit* ami apiturtcnaiKM'h, and ati iron bridjre 
n('i<>i,.s ( la'-k houKo crpek, tt.o roadway. 
improved thirty feet v.'i<li', foukIi sfonc ^rutifr* 
biiill on eithi-r f»idf and the hpacc bctwt-on 
maradatiiiz<-d. 'I'hf F|,!!ri« <"Ulsid<' tlic nail- 
way di-MKii'd for «<rah>. tilaiH aiirt sidcualkr 
uii'l »hr* iKirtiofi dc,.ijrni"d for Kratic ^>!at^ rov- 
<'0'd witti loam and i;iat« tt('<-<J eiowu tlicn^iu. 

To All Whom it May Concern: 

Xotico 18 horrliy Kiven tliat tho city of Dulutli, 
a niuniciii.'il corporation uf an<i locattvl in tho 
county of 81. Louiii and fitato of MLin(w.<><a. has 
cniiHOd to lie llli-d in tbn ollice of tlieclnrk of tlie 
liiftrict cc^urt. iu and for the county uf .''t, l^ooiK, 
KIcTfiitli Judicial (lihtrict. a ffatftmcnt pettinjf 
forth the (li'scri|ition and rafuT" ofac<rtain 
I'.cal iir.jiK.vriiii'nt i.iadi- and niidrTtaken jirior 
to th«> 2!"lli da) of Murcli. i'-'Xi. in the 
said city and by the uaid mnnicipal 
corporaiioi) towif: Tl.i' frradinc f.>r tln-ir 
full widtli (,f Pir'dmotit avr-uue eaft from Su- 
perior stn-ot npj«r KiKlith HVfnu« wet-t o tlio 
north lino of the Third divipinn. fxw^pt thronch 
< ''it.r.ailo Kjiiarf', Witif ('ahcad(> Htro»'t fp'm 
rn'diiHint nv(-nui- c.-iKt t<> Nirtli <Vii~cail»' oln-i-t 
and Norm ( 'ai-rudi- fe^rc/»t from Woet < jisca In 
Btri.'i't to I'i<'ilmoijt aM-'iir.o cabt, toifelher with 
thotior-i'Kbary condiutu i.;id apl'''rt<'nanc(«, and 
an iron brid^n acrocK ( 'laik Mohcp cri-ok, tli<» 
roadway improved thirty feet widft and rou^h 
8ton<' Kutfjro built oa eitlii'r sidt* and tli«j Kpao' 
hotwoi^n inacad«niiz»'d, the spacn ou'*idi' tlie 
roadway dosit;n(«d for ffrahH platK andhidi-walkc. 
an<l the portion di*hiKne<l for (;rahb platfi covorfd 
with loam and pT!ir» M'ld mjwu thpri<oi'., and 
hftttioK forth thatfeaid asfr^Bsmcnt whicli has 
boon nia<iu to Urfray tho (>jtjH»i»K« of tlif F'«id im- 
provement has boon since March 2:'tb, is'j;!, set 
aside iu wh'de and io invalid in whole and has 
boon iTooouiiC'd invalid in wlioln. thn etato- 
ment further containin;; the description of and 
the nature of the aBP<>fctment to defray the ex- 
peiiKOof the haid improvement, ind also tiie com 
of tlic said improvement, t<i-wit, the sum off 11:5.- 
41().4!i. toB»!tlii?r with the further sum of fll,- 
:lll.(K>, heinK the amount added as lieroiuaftJT 
Bet f<>rtli, an<i tho amount propose*! to bo rc- 
Bheefcpod, to-wit, the sum of }'li:{.41U.4{^, tajrothcr 
with the said further sum of .*ll,:i41.0!), bein^ 
amount add-d to tho said ori(;inal ar'^cssment 
to defray the uecefnary ex!)entie of makinc Fur- 
ve\(., plau!^, hpecilicationB and i.uperint4-ndince. 

Notice if also »riven on Saturday, the 
2Hlh day of July, !«>:», nt thW a. m., at the court 
house iu the city of Dulutli, at at^jtccial u-rin of 
the Slid (liBlrict c;>urt of the llleyentli Judicial 
dititriol in the aforesaid county of St. L<<iiih 
and htate of .Minnesota, at the baid place and 
t ime, or as f<>*m thereafter a» coiinael can be 
lier>rd, the paid mtinici|ial coriM^ration will atik 
said court to appoint three disinterest e<l parlies, 
residents of the said municipal corporation, as 
appraiser!*, to determine and assess the benefits 
accruiiiK to local property by reatou of the said 
alxive mentioned improvement. 


Hy HKNnv K.tinEicNE, 
City .Attorney. 
July 3f) St 


("oi.NTv or St. L0VI8. > 

District Court, Eleventh Judicial District, 
In tlie m.-ilter of the proceetljucs on the i>ait of 
tin- city I'f Dtiluth to ri'-asaesB to the extent of 
th<- benelits actiiriliy ficciuinK .'iiraiust the 
npiIMTly benefit d ihi*reby, ti.e co^t of tho fol- 
lowinn improvement, to-wit : The t;r.-idin«r fo 
the siil)-«radi' of Piedmont avenue, from lliir- 
toentli avenue west o l"ourie<>iilli avenue 
atid Superior strm-t. from Fourt", nth avenue 
we,-t to the tnnbpr bridjre. jutt west of 
'I hify-s<'cond nvoutie west. |>iivinf: of said 
I'icdmoiil a\enuc and Superior street, be- 
tween tli's points af.ove ■i.Bmed. with cedar 
blocks laid on lank and sand foundation, the 
us." <»f Kraiiitc curb in the iinpnivem«"nt of the 
said Piedmont avcnoe and Sujxrior street, 
and thee ustruelioii of t!ie necessary ntain- 
inp wall. 

To. All Whom it May Concern: 

Notice is hereby jjivcn that the citv of Itu- 
luth, a municipal corporation of I'Ud locatt'd in 
the county of St. I.,ouis and etnt« of Minnesota, 
has caused to be liif-d in tho olHce of the c>rk 
of tho district court, hold inand forsaid county, 
a Btttement iu>ttim^ forth a description of and 
the nature of the following local imiTOvement, 
made jiiid undertaken prior to Marcti 29lh. ls",(.^. 
in the said city ai.d l,y tho said municipal cor- 
p<iration. to-wit : The ■jraduiir to the sub-crade 
of Piedmont avenue, from Thirteenth avenue 
west to Kourt onth avenue west, and Superi<»r 
street, from Fourteenth avenue west to the tim- 
ber hridKo, just west of Thirty-second ave- 
nue west, tho pavinff of the said Pied- 
mont avenue and Superior street, be- 
tween the pointK above named, with cc<lHr 
hlockf laid on plank and sand foundation, the 
use of Krauite curb in the improvement of the 
said Piedmont avenue and fiuiMrior street, and 
the construction of tho ncci-ssary retaining; 
wall^. nl^oa description of and the nature of the 
assessment made t«> defray the expenfie <if the 
I'tiid imjirovenient. wh>eli said assi-s.-nient 
been since March "'.*tli. \HKi. set aside in Whole 
and which is invalid in whole and has been pro- 
nounced invalid iji whole, together with a state- 
iiient of the cost of tliesaiil improvement, to- 
wit: The sum of $'"«.Mi<.rK\ U>cether with the 
additional and further sum of $^9rd.Ht5. beinff 
the amount added f»>r certain ptirpos** liereiu- 
aft<r bol forth, and the amount projxised to bo 
reassesf-ed, to-wit: Tha said sum of ii»!".i fiS, 
(.'♦lolhcr with the said fiirthiT sum of .S'^'.Cd 9ti. 
which s.'iid further and additio al sum i> lh« 
amount addeil to dofr.'iy the noces'ary expense 
for making surveys, plane, s|>ecilica(iou8 and 

Notice is alst> Riven that at a special term of 
the Ktiid disti ict court of the Eleventh Judicial 
district in and for the c<iuntyof St. I<tiiiis. to 
b<' h"-id on Saturday. th(> ".^''ih day of July. l-i';t, 
at '■•:■*• oVlork a. m., Jit the court honse in the 
city of Dulutli and at said time, or as s<Min 
thereafter as counsel can be Jieanl, said muni- 
cipal coriwimt ion will a k iLe said court to 
ap]M>!nt three «iisiiiterost-d parties, resiilenta 
of the said miniicipal corporation. a-< apprais- 
ers to determine and assess tJie ltenetit« accrn- 
imf to local pr'ucrty by reawm of said above 
mentioned iiuprovemants. 

The Citv of Dri.tTH, 
By llENnv F.Greene. 
City Attorney. 
July 20, 8t 



Noticc i« heroliy xiven that the copartner- 
ship heretofore vxistipjf between .1. H. Siitidiin 
antl <!. F. Swift under the name of .1. U. Sutphin 
dc Co. IS this day tliss.ilvcd by mutual c<jnsent. 
The business will l>eXcontinu« d liyti. F. Swift to 
whom all accounts due the old ftim should l>e 
paid and who alone is .'inthorized t«i sixn the 
llrm name in liiiiiida'iou. 

J:>uluth, July 17. l^'Xi. 

J. B. StTPniri & Co. 

Dnlnth, SoQtli Sboie *^ 
Atlantic R'j. 

Diie^ECT i-ii>JF'. TV- 
Boston, New York, 
Montreal, BulTalo, 

Philadelphia, Pittsburg, 
Cleveland, Detroit, 

All points i"^ VieMer«.f, 

The Easi ano Sv.i 

Over lOOmilos. horter thrn any otn- 1 
lluu to Bosto and all New Fngiaiid 

Ovijr 70 mlle«i tho shnrteM line to al! 
PcliitH FaAt of Maoi^triaxR «>r I>f>rr-.:i 

ON ALL T:i:;oc<in TilAl^^. 

1 or tickete, sleepine car acootELmfvlarioo* »; r 
fnll infomiatlon. mj.p'f^y »•• 

T. a LAK.KE. 0.-<Ti'r3»*»'> 

12« West H«|ieflor ^fT'et, ITirTIl Hl.^^ 

Sv€lilcgUoU Clock 










Busiueso ami «^iUtoriftl rtvuiis in Tliei IKtjiM 
bMililiim. 22u West, SH|H>ri(r street. r!>lci>hini<> 
— Miisiiiosjottic*", ;<•>!. two rings; i-ililtirial rooms, 
32k, tlire*> rinjT'. 

EaBTJ'in t>llico- 1(10 World Baildingr, Now York, 
A. E. Story. Mauu^or. 


Daily, i>er ytar. SUM 

Daily, per threo months i-^^ 

Daily, per iticnth *' 

Wpt'kly, per year 1>W) 

largest^Trculatiqh in duluth 

b'.nl«»r>'d nt tbe postoltleo at Duluth, Minn., as 
(leeoud class mail matter. 

The Weather. 

r. a. WsvTnEB HruEAf. DiLiTH. Minn.. 
J«ly ;w— Another wnriu w;\yo is contral over 
the Northwes' this moniius. altLoujjli it is 
coldor than usual here. It is H) d<»(rreoi> wanner 
at St. r-r.l tli«u here ami .^i warmer at I'ierro, 
S. I). The hi.nhest that th« im-rcury sot ltf>ro 
yesterday was Ci. whilo the station? to ihe w.-st 
of thi»» s-H-rion reported DverSO, and Huron, UK) 
and Pierre h 2. . 

r-ivo areas of low barinoter are. in siiiht thi* 
morinui:, i>uP over the country uortii of North 
D.ikoM, KUd the other cnitriil over St>uth 
Jl>!ikota. It i.x prt't>al>l«> that the latter will 
fallow th«t track ot the forru«r and i>ass to the 
we^c oi this (Siatiou and chum much warmer 
weather by toJHotrow. 

Littht phowvrd Ml at a few scattered p'ares. 
and «»ue heavy onf.nt Mhrnuetfc wheri tho fall 
amouctsd to J.J'J inches, di;riD« yesterday. 

iJ. M. MuoxsuM, 
L<>c:\l Forec&dl Otiicial. 

New York business men do not char ;e 
the present linancial troubles to the 
tariff question. They arc not poliii- 
ci.mosf the Hairi.-on stripe. Neither 
are they croaksrs because they urge that 
th.e repeal of the Sherman law will 
promptly restore the national prosperity. 

Duluth's Solidity. 

The New York Independent of July 20 
says in its financial column: "In the 
tinancial crisis which has jnst been ex- 
perienced, in which banking institutions 
over the whole country have trembled 
for their own safety and many have bci n 
t>bliged to close thuir doors, it is somj- 
whut remarkable that Duluth, Minn- 
should be so conspicuous in its freedom 
from these visitations. This has bcin 
lari;elv due to the couBcrvative policy oi 
its banks anil hankers; but more espe- 
cially is it the result of the natural ad- 
vantages and immense commercial re- 
sources which she enjoys which have en- 
abled her business men to stand as a 
body, firm and strong." 

This is not a "paid puff" for Duluth. 
It was not solicited by auy resident of 
the city, but it is the free and unbiased 
expression of the viewsof adisinterested 
spectator, wbt) has been trnpresecil by the 
remarkable solidity of DuuUh during 
the crisis through which tbe country has 
been passing. It is a testimonial of 

is disgusting. The "leading ladies" of 
Granil Forks must be in a deplorable 
moral condition. 

("lovernor Markham, of Californi.i, 
gave the people a litMc surprise by his 
appointment of a successor to United 
States Senator Stanford. It was gciu r- 
ally l)0lic\ ed that he had sclecti.d ICil tor 
M. H. DeYoung, cf the San Francisco 
Chronicle, but instead his choice fell on 
Ge(>rgc C. IVrkins, an tx-govcrnor of 
the 9«ftte and a self-made man wlio is 
credited with much native ability. 

Lewelling, Peffer. Simpson, Lease- 
what a job lot of freaks Kansas does 


iKo. W\ Theiat 





Om CEN'l A WOllD! 

DcLCTH, Jnly Ji.— Local Foroeant : Tontiaue*! 

fair, warmer, north/»ast or east wind. shiftiDK *i 

south or wi.'tft by Tuesd.iy. Conilitioiis are , . . 

favorable for thunder ft'>rni3 toui^hl or to- I whxh the businesi mtJi and Cilizcns gen- 
erally of Duluth can feel proud. 

The banks and business bouses of 
Deluth never were in a sounder contLi- 
tion ihan they ate today. There is net a 
speck of trouble discernible upon t'le 
tinancial horizon that surrounds the city. 
The people are filied with confidence in 
the city's present stability ami intnTft 
growth and prosperity, and on cvorv 
hand they see the evidences of conlir.Uv d 
progress in the ©.tablishmcnt of new 
entcrptisfs and the erection of costly 
business blo:ks and handsome /resi- 


Washington', Jn'y 2*.— tforcaat till H o. ra. 
tomi>rrow. For Wisconsin: Fair: probably 
foUowcJ in n-rtheru portion by local Rhowers; 
southerly wimls; ct^^ler in minthwest I'ortion 
Tuestlay '^veniug. lor Mi- noscta : Liv.-al show- 
er*: generally fair dunuu Tuesday; wicd» 
suifciiisc to wewtorly ; cooler in sout»ie'«.*t por- 
tion ; cooler Tuesday nu»rnin« in northwest por- 
tion. __ 

THE HERALD in Chicago. 

The Ti o'clock Kditit'U is cu sn! > farly taa fol- 
lowing niornit'iT lu I'hicaso at ttie 

PaSmer House News Stand. 
Auditorium Hotel News Stand. 
W. B. Sizer's Bookstore. 109 State St.. 
Chas. McOonjid's News Stand, 55 Washing- 
ton St.. 


World's Fair Grounds at the Columbian News 
& Novelty Co. News Stands. 

What is the Cause? 

Ex-Pres".uent Harrison has joined the 
calamity how lei s. Less than a year ago 
he could list be t-xj severe in denouncing 
ithjac who talked in lui,nibrIous tones of 
tbe couiilry's condition, and he was 
right. The croakers were a detriment 
to the nation, creating distrust and timid- 
ity on the part of the ignorant and excit- 
able classes. Today there arc croakers 
on every hand who are not one whi: bet- 
ter. In fact, they are wor£C, because if 
anything is needea by the country at this 
time it is confidence. As Senator Sher- 
man said in an interview yesterday, 
••this constant heaping of fuel upon the 
fire does no good, bm keeps the country 
in a state of unrest." What the nation 
most requires loilu— is uie'^n mi nation of 
the feeling cf alarm that seized capital, 
but £o long as men like ex-President 
Harrison stand ready to air their pessi- 
mistic views this feeling of distrust will 

Mr. Harrison blames the Democratic 
tariff plank for the depression which 
now prevails. On this point he differs 
entirely from the business men of New 
York and ottier cities in the country. A 
letter from Rogsrs, Pcet & Co., ol New 
York, received by M. S. Burrows ..^ Co. 
today, says: "The silver purchasing 
clause of the Sherman act is believed by 
the business men of New York, almost 
without exception, to be tbe most im- 
portant caUiC of the present financial 
sttsin; that it is the only continuing 
cause; that all other causes will correct 
themselves, but that this cause will pre- 
vent tbe restcrration cf confidence and 
the return 01 prosperity so long as it con- 
tinues in operation. We ask your co- 
operation in securing the repeal ot this 
objectionable act." 

Probably the New York business uaen 
do not knew as much about tinancial 

Comptroller Eckels. 

There is one official in this administra- 
tion who seenns to be growing more pop- 
ular every day, and that is the comp- 
troller of the currency. When Picsideni 
Cleveland sent Mr. Eckels' name to the 
senate, scarcely anybody thought he 
a big enough man for the position, ad 
there was considerable opposition to his 
confirmation, but since tl»t time very 
many people have changed their opini m 
of hiin. Although boyiih-looking in ap- 
p-'arance he has demonstrated that he is 
a master finaniier and has a thorough 
knowledge of the intricacies of the bank- 
ing system. 

The prompt action he took in rcga-d 
to the suspended Denver banks and the 
sage advice he gave to tbe depositors 0^ 
those institutions had more to do v.i:h 
establishing confidchce in that city than 
anything el^e. The people have begun 
to realise that, when Mr. Eckels gives 
permission for a failed bank to re-opcn 
its doors, it will open on a second 
financial basis, owing to the strict con- 
ditions which he imposes, and that thjy 
need have no fear of leaving their money 
in the care of such banks. 

Mr. Eckels regards Minnesota as one 
ol the soundest financial states in the 
Union and considers that the national 
banks of the state are in excellent coa- 
dilioa. Of course, the stale has got over 
its speculative and boom period, and the 
same conditions do not prevail as in new 
states, and this has a good deal to do 
with the soundness of our banking in- 

Northern Minnesota Is Rich in Resources and 
Must Scon Be Developed. 

Litile Falls Tianscript: J. II. Eckels, 
comptroller of the currency, probably 
tells the truth yet he is rather severe on 
the proud Pacific coast. He says: "Dis- 
asters have fallen upon the speculative 
institutions and boom cities of tlie states 
of Washington, California, Colorado, 
Kansas and .Missouri, which have in turn 
injured solvcNt ones, liui the states cf 
New finglaiul and the East and Middie 
states and those ot the Northwest, not 
less than of the South, have thus far 
escai)ec!, and why? Because the founda- 
tions upon which ilu-y are built are of 
rock and r.ot of sand. " 

We here in the Norihwest sometimes 
think our cities have been over boomtd, 
but still when compared with the mush- 
room citiiS of ihe mtich t'^lkfd of golden 
shores of the Pacitic. the growth has 
been very legitimate here 111 the Nonh- 
west. There is no section of the country 
that has been more neglected by the 
professional boomer than Northern 
Minnesota, nor does any part of the v.T-t 
area ot the Unittd Stuc? o;"t\r greater 
inducements than this s?.mc section. 

'i'he whole north half of the state is 
very thinly ponulated, altliough it is rich 
in uii'leveioi)ea resources. Ii possesses 
mir.eral and lumbering wealth in abund- 
ance and much ot the land is excel leiU. 
The pine barrens cover comparativtly 
but a small portion of it. Northern Mir.- 
nescti i.^ the termini of two continental 
lines cf railway and also the western 
terminus ■^f the greatf si lin^* of lake a ad 
river commerce on the globe. 

From a grc:it city on the western 
terminus of Lake Superior many lines of 
raiiwav must svXmi vadnie. And thc^-j 
lines wiil branch off intc> Northern Min- 
nesota. A few years ago there wasgrtRt 
activity in raiiioad buikhng, principally 
on the great prairies, lint there is a de- 
fective rainfall on them. Yet Northern 
Minnesota with its dense vegetable 
growth, numerous small lakes a.d 
proximity to the great lakes v/ili nlways 
have an abundant rainfall. And a 
suhicient precipitation of moisture is the 
first requisite of every country. 

There has niiw for several years, with 
the exception of the Great Northern 
coast Itr.e, been little railroad buildirg, 
but with the of better times thcte 
will unquebtionahly be great 
acUvity in Northern Minnesota. Vast 
industries for n'.anufacturing railway 
rails have been established in this coun- 
irv and since the cessation of railroad 
building here they have been obliged to 
a great extent to seek a market for their 
rails in remote parts of the globe, Aus- 
tralift and I|idi.ii. 

The hitherto latent resources of the 
earth, the mines, have been developed, 
and with the greatly reduced price of 
iron and steel, and of labor. Northern 
Minnesota cannot long remain with( ut 
railroads. Look upon tbe map of toe 
United States and you will find no sec- 
tion so far to the East so devoid of them. 
Besides Minnesota has the iron ore, the 
lumber .and the men with which to build 
bcr own lines. Look out for the next 
boom in Northern Minnesota. 

A!5 Run Down 

"A few years jiko uiy ha:>.lth (.tlVdrand I 

consulted scvoial physlciau.*. N'lt om coi^ld 

tloariy dla^.;u<)so my ca^o aud ih<ir ini-dlcinc 

f;iUcd to give rchof. I coimn'ewed to take 

Hood':? :sar;i.i,«t.rUli. From .in nil nm ilcwrt 
coadiUou 1 liBA. 'jccn vostorcd tJ cot>d hciiUli. 


Fonr.crlvl v.Tl'liod i;{."> pcunt^j, row j h;ila::ce 
tho si:a.Tcr. at J. /i; jxtiiiidi ." -■ "" ■■^- - 
Coloii'.s Y*.'i'.r;i:'a,Co., AVis. 

♦iKo. \y. 'rwLf 

Wcjod'O Pii>'- c.-.Uii rM Liver HI.-,. Kl«k lie;', 
ihe, Jiiiuidicj.ltviiecstion. Tryab<^J(. i2Cc. 


AdvtirViHeinoittft in thiH colriin-i O.Vh t:i;!ST A 
>V0U1» l«JVOIl l.XM'.IClJO.N. 


No u'ivertisoniciits taken for thcM colnniim 
tdl forbid, i. u. until otdiTOil out. 

Every H<lv«rtif« i»ent ib carffaily clHS«lf^(-d 
Tnid«r It* proper heailinff -"awily foni»d, *itfily 
rond -'A.ll r'-hrh tnn :> rea.I^^-;; thtiu Chu to 
roeclio<t III "iuy oilmr way. 'iry 11. 

ra iti'.Nr- 



214 FOt'Rlll 


lion; city reftrences. Addrups K 7», Kveu.Dg 

Wantfo-wasmim; andv;okk by thk 

» T d?y. Apply Ji i \V(»«t Third struct. 

\i7ANTEi). rosrnoN iiy" young man". 
T as collector or ris^H-slant lioolt ki'opor, beft 
of reforei'ce. Addros.^ tj. T. S. thisott!i;o. 


water ,itid closet; 'Ih.^'O bl';cli8 fr":;i 
Lypfum. W.C. BhcrwiMid, 4)2 Lyccam. 

'-ro UKNT -mtK K ItOUSK, HOT 
1 licat, JOl WVfct Socoud f-tresit. 




I'arL-U.r/). II. M. Hacku.-, r,00 burro vs 

♦» Ptore. Mwa F. Jlallncr, Wctt Dulutii, 
Id inn. 

r^ or.-\l ortico work, by u cuuit>ut«ut, man. 7) 1 
West Socoiid btn-fct.. 

k. 7 to worl: .'It any lioncet bu.'incss. Addro»»;;, 

<i IG, Ilercld. 

TT All work tirai cla**. L'U Last Suporiur 

«;» Xt'KKIi:Nt'KJi D'\ EsSilAKKl; XVOUL?) 
\j liko cowiiiK by rho day ia private fsi::id\. 
iM.O. It.. Wnsi itulu'i.. 

I (jL'rrun;i j<irls driiiiC t-iMiatioua to do b;-:i- 
cral hijiifiowork. Bf'tt of rsfcrennRS. Ap^ly i6 
First avrjiiif oast. Jiiniu" 'yiusut otHcc. 

l^^OR HHNr-<ttt<X)M UOUSE, ALL MOD- 
.1 ^ »«ro coiiYc-aiencee; Ft-nara Lft^.t. Enqaire 
iJ'/.i Lj'f<«iin<.. 

jV rtc.: J«asiirabl« to pfr'tiaiicnt party. ll-^'S 
Kust 'J'hird ttrr.'t, Saltfr i<iw. 

' Knowlti 11 block, i:^ WcHt M.ciii;;aa ttro'^t. 

X"^ I'W F L" i N I '■IIIEP J'.( )OMS IN ." K\V HOUSE, 
i> 708 Wc^t Second street. 



1 A. M. Urif^iiiar inn«tinif tLiid 
■MimdHy KVC'idups i.f nyct^ month a* h 
o'clock, hext mof^linff Jnljr 17, l^kj. 
V.'ork. r.rst tfr-r. :■. W. L. PattoQ, \\. 
M. Edwin Hoo<»;-s, BPcre'Ary. 

II. W. Ciieadi'-, eecrotnry. 

KEYSTONE CHAPTEK .Nt.. a), K. a. H. 
>jta»-dc«j.'nnioD!cations »oc.,>ad aud focrtb 
WtidJiOfcfl-iy evmiitiiTfl of '-acii njotith at.8 o'elor.k. 
(Jpo. A. Fiack, U. P. T. J. IIuoU->r. s-xsrctarj. 

^1\ U LUTIl COM ld.\XDEIiY :...!- 
'^ i ' K. T. Stated ro'jrlavT* at 't ■.<,, 

o'clock first and ttdid Tuesday e%-f,. 

iiji-'S of pvcry moiaii. \^. G, T"-i 

Brof'k, h.. C. Alfred l-.f;Kicheux.s/;e- 


A !-'>orou(| uvi'DH"* oast. 




r<>asiiii iblo. 
■('a.'^C'.). ' 

118 ^Y^i6t Si;poriof wtrcet, over 

in K I: -V 7- -s-r*n: ks. 

ty iMiCif- v.iJ i: ;//;/.;• 

1 (.:<n»d p»»rsoual apiM-aratico, 10 cauvasu aud 
collect. 40!.' Chembor of tjonuncrco. 


Just as Sensible. 

Some New York wag is distributing i 
facetious circular over the country, which 
is a rather sarcastic take-off on much of 
the silver talk of the day, and particular- 
ly of the recent v/ild speech of the gov- 
ernor cf Colorado. 

The jocular production demands that 

copper must be maintained at a parity 
matters as cx-President Harrison does, | ^.^^^ ^^,^,_ ^^,j -^^-.^^ ^^^^ ^^e free coin- 
and yet thero are many people who will \ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^-^ ^^f ^,^ ^^, ^^^^ 

give their opinions at least equal consid- 
eration. The News Tribune will prob- 
ably be ready to explain when Mr. Har- 
rison became an authority on financial 
matters? Mr. Harrison is quoted as 
saying: "It is impossible to bridge over 
suddenly the wide chasm intervening 
between comparative free trade and tbe 
protective svsteai under which the nation 
grew rich without prolonj^ed convulsions 
in trade. Great econcmic changes do ! 
not adjust themselves with celerity, 
hence, fearing changes, factories stop 
work, shops close and prices shrink." 

On the other hand, the New York 
chamber of commerce, the leading com- 
mercial organization of the country, re- 
cently passed a series of resolutions 

It recites that copper is the true metal 
of the people and has been 
used for monty for •ver 2000 
years. In conclusion tbe cir- 
cular says that if foreigners decline to 
accept copper in payment of claims 
against this country, an army should he 
formed and recruited from U-.q states of 
Colorado, Montana and the Dakotas.aud 
led by Governor W.iite, of Colora<;o. 
This army is to be used for the purpc.jC 
of forcing foreign nations to accept what- 
ever currency the United States may see 
fit to issue. 

There would be just about as much 

sense and reason in a demand of this 

kind from the copper-producing sections 

! of the Union as there is in the coercive 


against the Sherman htw.thepream.ble of ij^j^^^j^^^ ^.^^^^ ,^^^ ^^ ^.,^ p^^^^^^ 

which contained the statement that "this ' 

country has often suffered greatly by 

reason of hasty and ill-advised financial 

legislation; and it is now suffering from 

the effect uf the silver purchasing clause 

of the Sherman act, which, by creating 

The Fargo Argus says: "It is scarcely 
more than six weeks since the Fargo five, 
yet a half-dozen large brick blocks vill 
soon be ready for occupancy, while foun- 
distrast as to the intercuangeability of ; dations for others are going up in every 

our currency based on gold has caused 
widespread alarm, and has almost cre- 
ated a commercial panic; and in conse- 
quence of this alarm money is withdrawn 
from circulation, business is greatly dcr 

direction." The people ol Fargo suifered 
enormous loss but they have not bejn 
disheartened, and the enterprise tl at 
they arc dir^playing in building their city 
anew must command the admiration of 

pressed, many mills and manufactories j all. People of such push and stamir.a 
are closing, or preparing to close, and | cannot be crushed by any calamity. 

thousands of laboring raen are about to 1 •^-» 

l>c thrown O'Jt ot employment; and busi I Reports are published that "some of 
ness enterprises will not be resumed nor } the leading ladies of Grand Forks" have 
labor be steadily employed until money 1 been carrying bouquets and deli':acics to 
can be obt liised by manufacturers and j iJaumberger, who niurdeicd a whtle 

by merchants at moderate rates." There- 
fore, the resolution urges, the repeal of 
the purchasing clause of the Sherman 
law "is essential to the prompt restora- 
tion of the national prosperity." The 

family at Cando, N. D., and that be is 
receiving Si each for his autograplis. 
.Such sentimental toadyism to a rcJ- 
handed assassin and ravisher of a help- 
less girl who lies in a critical condition 

Whst Duluib Means. 
To the Editor of The Herald: 

Your correspondent DuLhutian is 
wrong in his premi.s'^s. Dulutn was 
never propf.rly so spelled. The word is 
pure French and there is no word in the 
French Ini.guage where the letter "H" 
foliov.3 an initial L. It occurs a fow^ 
times after the article Le as in L'Hiver 
(Winter) but never after L. initial. The 
word Duluth is a simple compound of 
Du (contraction cf de le) and Luth mean- 
ing a lute. The v;ord luth is sometimes 
used poetically for "shell" as in the 
familiar Kuglish verse: — 

"A'hon Music, ho.iv.'uly maid, w.ii» youQK, 
V>'>:ilrt ypt in farly tirefcc nho FUUi.', 
'Ilii) ijijsMons of:, tt) iicar he: b!;ell, 
Thronged round her magic cfll." 

Duluth means clear toned, sweet sound- 
ing, lutelike. (Our enemies would aver 
thai., in the h-inds of real estate agents, 
it signifies loot like.) ^Vhen, thcrefo'C, 
Proctor Knott, in his celebrated speech 
belcre congress, used the following lan- 
guage, he either purposely or initdvcr- 
tently described the meaning of the 
word with great accuracy. His l.-inguage 
on that (;ccasion was: "Duluth! Tne 
word fell on my ear with peculiar a. id 
indescribable charm, like the gen;.le 
murmur of a low fotuitain stealing fovih 
in the midst of roses, or the soft accenti 
of an angel's whisper in the bright, joy- 
ous dream of sleep ing innoccicc." 


Duluth, July 2 1. 

A Cold Snub. 

To the Editor of The Herald: 

Docs it not 5cem unjust and unlair for 
a new corporation that hasiiist been pre- 
sented with A ([uarter of a Uiillion* 
by the county of St. Loni.^, which, of 
course, comes out of the taxp.ayers' 
pockets, to take all of its busi:icss that it 
possibly ran, not orily out of the city of 
Duluth, but also cut of the idate, to h 
little town several hundred milrs awny? 
Such has been tiic j^olicy cf the Duluib, 
Missabe & Northern since i: has re- 
ceived an apprcpri.ition of ^^250,000 from 
this county. Nearly every dollar's woith 
of printing has been sent to a little town 
<!owii in Mich'gan. What has Marque. te 
or Michigan clone for this new Duluth 
railroad that they should be so favored? 

Perhaps these new railroad people do 
not thiiiic Duluth deserves the patronage 
that the roiid has to give, or thr.t cur 
piintmg houses are capable of filling 
their orders. It would seem that under 
all existing circuir.stances, it would be 
best for them to give home institutions a 
trial at least. Don't you tiiink so? 

.St. I.oiii.s CoUNi V Ta-Xiavek. 

Duluth, July 24. 

Death ol One ci Our Bravest Naval Officers al 
a Ripe Old Age. 

A dispatch f:om Green Bay, Wis., an- 
nounces the ocalh there on July 19, of 
Renr-Admiral Melancthon Smith, U. S. 
N., (retired), ::;ter an illness of only two 
days, at the age of 83 years. Admiral 
Smith was born in New York, May 24, 
iSic, and w.-i3 appointed midshipman 
ircm New York March 1, 1826, serving 
in the Pacific squadron until 1S30. 

He was promoted to passed midship- 
man June 1, r.-'32, and served in the West 
Ind-a squadron until 1834. He v/as pro- 
moted to master in 1836 and to lieuten- 
ant March t'., i!<37. lie served in the 
Florida war ?.p(l was promoted to co.n- 
niander Sept. 14, 1855. From 1S61 to 
1863 he comm: iided the Missis.-ippi, the 
Ma'ssacbusetL- and the Monongaheia in 
the Gulf block.^ding squadron and was 
v;ilh Farragut iu the passage of the New 
Orleans iorts, destroying the Confeder- 
ate ram Manasv^is. 

He W.TS p:om* ted to captain July 16, 
1862. His'ship, the Mississippi, ground- 
ed under the en niy's guns at Port Hud- 
son in March, 1:63^ and when every shot 
ilred was hlttin:; h«r Capt. Smith or- 
dered bur to be ..bandonedand fired, rot 
leaving her bin. -.If till she was fully in 
tlames. He a'.tjrAard commanded the 
Monongaheia. the Onondaga and the 
W.Voash, taking part in the latter vessel 
in the rapture ol Fort Fisher under Ad- 
miral Porter. 

He was promcded to commodore July 
25, 1866, and to I ear-admiral July 1. 1870, 
retiring at the age limit May ^ 24. 1S72. 
He was commandant of the New York 
navy yard from 1871 to 1872. 

»» n'.;iu. 'Iu3t have cziporkuco. J'antou ..'i 

t^lOKE lOR KKNT-NO. 4 WEST rtrPE- 

O rior 6tr 'Ot. Apply lo Mondonhidi .V; lioop.^s. 

MIsrRJ. 1.A \KttVS. 

U xvh;lo you wait, 'te.isonabte i rice*. A. 
Oincold. y- Ef^tSricfmfi ■.t,r-?'^t. 

i^"v3rtKEvT-i«XAf'FLMf.NlsHEL» Oii NOT 
I (dl COM VI liter 


snees, a bargain. Apply to. k. 51 

iivx>.v.«» AS ft /;r> ♦/.'» oi'FK^r/). 

.VND BOAlitU. Vti 

\V«st 'J'liird strf*t. 


liES TA L A <!F.yH: Y. 

■* vith .Secly's Firo Ji-*i ranc^-, Kcntal ar. i 
Collection Ktin^an. 101 Falladio buUdins. 

''pilE STE.\liER LL< iLLif LEAVKi'sUT- 
X jiuiij'* S. P. and *fi»rl:eld avenue docks 

\V.-.dne»d.'ijB an<l K.".t.urilay? at, 10 a. n:.. ^aadav« 
!< s. m. an-J 2 i>. m. for Spirit Lake. Now Dniuth 
and Foi:d du Lac. f ar»- ?<i ceiiife. Wiiii^f :ayb 
aud fei]ii«iayF the Sfjat 'vill jriv n:rM.nli;jbt <s- 
crrgior:.'; a.-o'jnd li.e l.firTu I'aro lii curate. L<*at 
r.-jn l>e chart«re»1 for dr.y and ni^jit r acurbioue. 
S'K ci;i'. rau;5 to i.i>ctotii'«:. .Johii HaLi»on. corner 
Towpr avfnno and T7V(*nty-ihL'd •'. eet. V.>rt 
Si;;/cr;or, Wii. 

HKtiTlKii AS}' ':OLLE(JTIN0. 

\\ a»S(ui. 

KeeD It 

t'OKoY EDWAHDl"" 22NTAL AGirXCY. 307 
.' VVc<:dbrid,?« baibfinif. if yon *rat;t a tsocea 
or "tore c&i; hi(] boo r. riif list al«rave or; hand. 

two EiiKUsh-speakiiig fialn-imPii : sal.-iiy 
Ri\d corr.mi.«'5iou. Tlio Kiiiflrer iiani-facturinj 
Co., 6i5 West Superior RtH'C-t. 

«*fViK»f /- A.*/Aj»y. .n^. 

Vt army, abliibodii-'d rip'i of fjooil charii'jt+r 
hotweeu tho apro of Zl luid :vj yearn, (-lood ru.v, 
ritions, clothing and mwlicr-l attoiioancc fii'o. 
Tbe recruiting ofdcorof t'JioThit;d U.aitrd ^^L;ilc•^ 
iiifanrry. Mtatioiu'd at F<'rt Suellifi-T, Aiinc. 
srvi'fi !uib>j; from St. Paul, is in l.'nlutl , aud wi;l 
rc>coivt> applioaiita for onli>.tnifnt. OiilRO in 
rfannhig block, comer 8uj>crior stree* and i?co 
oadavenno wctt. 


Dci.CTK— 4r.l W. Mi^b;2r.-\n Street, 

(^•♦ar Union l)ppot). 
Mi^•Sl•;APOLl^^— 111 N'-r..'lpt Avc>. 
.St. P.\ en -Third Bud Ja;kscu St:^. 

^\/'ANTE!.>-A F7:;W ENEK0ETI(5 WFS' YO 
T T soil our ti>ecialtleH ou * 1k» isst: .lb jout plaf., 
ifood vaprfi and Rtoady work to tni^ ru;ht ni,?ii. 
W. A. Edwnrae, 72:5 West Snperior street. 

» » ^vork ; noue bin good cook need appi; ■ 
loC'9 East Second street. 


Firgt aveiiUQ ea?t, En:i.l3jine!'.T oUice. 


jr:4 yTKi>~-.i<iEyTs.^ 

wc-ster'i Ecnovolent Society of Dttiutl. 
Pays 8irV, aceid.^ni. and doat.h bonetili.-' at a c:-i-? 
ot ::r> cents !>or wfok. Has urit^eii ovrr 17,!X'j 
ni.iriiborb and has pnid out over $flO,(XX) in p.h»:i 
to those mctnb'/ra in the past Bij!:f:en months-. 
Onr nxT^ints ari5 making from SI 00 to $100 per 
month. Write fi>r terms or call at 707, 708 aud 
70;^, PalUdio bniid.iiK. 

r ton, chMp. C. !?. JDoolittIc, 12 West ttu- 
prrio? ctroet. 

Flrect Railway Transfers. 
To the Editor oi The Heraid: 

Everyttiing the Duluth Street Car ccm- 

my has asked '.or has been granted it. 

verything it could have wished for has 
been done for u, so that every obstacle 
might be retrieved from obtaining 'or 
the men, women and children ol this 
hilly and long-dist.^.nced city cheap and 
rapid tr;insportation. It seems now tl at 
we are not io get it. While it has been 
robbing us cf favors, this street car com- 
pany has iookett like the innocent dove, 
but has Ix^en tin: sneaking scipciit under 
it. Now that it has all it wants, the 
dove's featb.ers have b:ien flung from the 
nest and the serpent has lifted its gnn- head and iooks ^.'oout ever the fat 
.ind splendid city and her people it has 
so cunningly wound in its tightening 

With a boldnc'-s born o5 braggart con- 
fidence it has given notice it will sink it« 
sting into ils helpless victims. "No more 
transfers will i)c issued." What dues j 
that mean? It me.iii'> hundreds and 
thousands of doliais will be taken from __ 
the pockets cf those who an least afford - 
it. No street citr coinpany in any other 


tV li«iitwoit{lit row boat, fall 2U Lyceum. 

JL in;^. No fancy price. .Vddrcss, I'ony, carj 

Tl3.e People! 

If you cr.n get your name 

so th(>roughlv and so 

prominent'y rtPtociated v.'ith 

the l^^■^ine ys in '.vhich you 

arc engaged thst people will 

instinctively think of the name 

wh enever the busin ess 

is suggested, you will have 

ac'v'eved the acine of advertisirg. 

If k'ou will put your name 

ani yeur business 

toj:clhcr in 

Ti r E vening Hekald 

evarv day 

You Will 
Soon Reacli 
That Point ! 

titH! (riv^r; to T',eex&minKt5.-vn e.z,-^ rejic.-:- 
txi^ On !xdi:,&r)U lauilfi. I:^>n lauda boocbt m-C 
aoid. Andlyv,>s cf all kla^s mad" ct r_ i.-? 
notieo. 621 < 'ham bee of Ccairnerc-i. 

band and tictati'^n 'y a rrt'^^ical, 
•-xppriciiccd iear,h>r. U.ites Wi Ft;:: pr.-s<'at 
1'. -ird tini^". A..]<trr-.H rj-^a. Herald.' 

_ ^ jyyAxriAT^ 

^L hordes, wa«o7iS. bon«-?t:oid fomitare. pi- 
an'N., diamoud^, j-iwoj'-y aud ajl kinds of per- 
sonal proi>erty, on «uurt nfitiee and n low<»r rato 
th&u yon can poesioly ^ot i: o;«ewheTr>. Ino",iij« 
of VVm. Horixnn, inc-.i,?L>r. J'riJutL MortL-»i 
Lost) ccRnr>anr. roomtvl-, LhaEibcrof Of: 
bi:ildin?, i)nlDtii. 



J-J iiamo of "(^irhett.'' Finil<-r please r<'- 
itirii to Detroit rcdluuraut and reeeive »5 rf- 




X biisiuws at 12 h'iftii avenno \vesi, Lyceum 
biuldiiic, aud is pro j> 11 red t/» do all kind.s of 
slK.C'inakinR work in u rtrst-cla;? niai^ni'r. Fine 
f bo:« a ppeciahy. Old customers are invited to 
•all at my nvw snop. F. D.vLfHusD. 


ji. iTcnAMBER^!, 

City ArrTioxF.r.K, 

A'ldanfs FmXi dn La«, Minn., 

hnii for Halo, or rent, for tprin rf years, 
lolacris ill Foud du viUrkc, snit'iblo 
for ho!i»J, ^''inienii^, picnic*, li^liins, 
batliiiiK iiiid bo.itini; io D;ilnrli, will l)u 
rented, or. <!Mld, clieat> to rii?ht parties. 
ThiTO js :: lormne in it. 

M/'tr.v: nr^P-iXhi \u. 

cilv in the world dare heap such an ' / 1 ASOLINE STOVES CLEANEO, 

iniustire upon the people. And VT »foT,>s and ranges ^..^vred on phort 

1..JU31M c "1"'' "•«^ I \._^ ^ cAslinKfefi'inifheil for r.iiy kii.iitif Move? 

to add insult to injury, that great 
morning none:itity, dignified by the 
sounding title of News-Tribiine, pro- 
{)orting to be a newspaper, but in leality 
the exclusive rcailer ai.d abettor of Du- 
luth street coiiipany schemes and 
tricks, has tbe clown-like effrontery to 
publish the strC'.t car company's notice 
that no mor« iransfer tickets will be 
issued and entitle it ".more cars to Lake- 

What horse nlay is this? Are we 
slaves lying at ti'ie abject mercy of this 
bare facpd combination? Shall we plod 
plong and grunt and swcit under this 
wecrv load, or ^:Iall we seek redress? 
That is the question tint must be an- 
swered by our i'"ople and our council ere 
it be to») late. \* our answer.? 
Sa.mi klSnvdek. 

Duluth. Minn, July 24. 

All patriotic Americans drink Colum- 
bian dip. DuM:ni Dkig Co., 

201 We-.t Superior street. 


Uiib iL'inifneii lor r.uv kiim ot niovoa iwade ; 
AmTic.iu StoTO Repair Works, ItS V.A*t Super- 
ior strei't. 

■wf.tctie*. jewc-lry, itc. at vb'- 
(7) Sr.nnard Jrwelry and Loan Or*;c. 8:24 
We.= t bQpctfior f tr?t.-t. "u*ines,? strictly 


ifW3lr7. G. A. K'ein, c:-ly i»c3ii6ed pawn- 

br->k:^- in r>>:iv;th. )." W^st Siii.Tior rrr-T.-t. 

hoasee and hcary ba:lJin<rt; a ti*,?cla]ty. 

1. tr-cte. Booms I'll «nd ?!T. Toiry boilding, 
Dnlnth. Minn. 

JU. WRITEIjY. 1v2<. West Superior street. 
• liefi'lencc 21-S. W- St Fir^t street. 

±i • and advocpte, -6 year; exfie-ierco in viry 
est! ii'ive pracric3 in New York a^id t'^cinf: Iva- 
uia. Cori'orate. coiniT>erc'!sl .-ind real e»taie 
litisnttion a specialty. jOo Palladio. DntnsJj. 

Ey U. C. TITUS, L. L. B. 0. A. McPE ERRiN. 

Hx-I ittiict Attorney for BtitJrr County. Ta.. 

Att>obnky« at L.\v.. 

OfBe -^ : L'4 Phoenix Bh^t^k. 

_ ii:^-"iL~l?XTliAOUDrNARY 1 



Is I0C.1U J for a short time at 126 West .Second 

Lookin,'; ovrt- <l-.r Ion*? 'iet cf clairx-oyacts and 
mednuTis in ttio l.'nited States oaf will Ifcid at 
the head of hM tlie na^ne ol Frof<t;or Ju. Lubii*. 
forinfrly I n.')wn ;tt the Nl-w Ytirk l>oy MediB'ii. 
\Vfiile oiil r ".'5 years of an"', bo has l»een re««>:- 
i;i.!t'd by tl:e p-orde anJ th'_< profft.ssion irsplf n.* 
iho f'^roni 3>t and irio&t ahl" memuia iivinsr. At 
ttic ajjc o! ten lus pnw. n; were lirsi noticed aud 
c'lice th;it time lu' ba'r bi;eu be^>r« th» public, 
deiDou*trtil!jj< tiiaf flairn^incyisnotananius- 
iuK tijy. b ;t a powerful KHt, creati>d t<> '.io .coed, 
and to show all tho«t» <- insidtiuc it. the way to 
pjrfooi iiapp npfs, lioalth and jiroepcrity. 

ProfeFsor DuUois' re.-.dirnrs on life in which li« 
rovoath ui d pi-i'<Jicts thi' iKiht. pn-'ent and fi;- 
tnre are of the hishej^t oidor and 8np.>rior to 
tiiose <d aey inovlium tliai ever vipitrd this c:ty 
.md thn \^ est Ho »rivc(j .lu vice on all matt e.-f. 
b isinegs ( r social ahairs, jonrneys. Ptiocuiations, 
love, nia»dagr, law sui's. Jo%i «t s%«den .iriic' •^^, 
and throngh ;ih wonderliil powers is e.nablcd to 
recover tlem. aud witi: thi;; saniepow^r hoalirig 
trouMi- ln'twro;-. former fri<i..!i>, uni:i:ji: ih» 
goparaled and (h.inK K<Kid to all that call •u 
him and follow his 

Odice hours : a. m. to St p. m., daily and Sun- 

Parlors eo arranged that yoa moot no stran- 
g'T.-.. Al\ letter;? answered. 


t'h?(rpp> : .'fOc'jntf foi- l.idie? and $1 for 
tienun, J.nd nt>. 

12(5 Wrut Sec, nd 8tre«t. 




J R Minahnn to C J Byrns. lot :t, block 1, 

Iron .In net ion !? 

Uoitfd Status Realty comj>any to Max 

Macrae, lot 12, block 115, Went Duluih, 

Fifiii divir-ion , 

.1 F Ha.irs to fl W ('.irtia. laudu in si c- 

tionH lit ,^nd *)-i."«lt, etc 

.M It Hill) et b1 to J Brennick, lots III aud 

;{*, block ."), IHblnt!<'_ -- 

(' \V (o T P JMalli.ry, p.^rt of lotH 1. 

? and :t, block 20. i';irlloii 

T Miller to W E Eucas, lot 13, block H. 

Dodtfe'.s ,<tdditi(in..- -- 

(t H t nnnoii to (" T Craiu. lot 12, Wock 

It, Dodso's nddition -- 

Total tranpf arn 









Id Best Part of the City. 

510-611 Ly ecu m. 


(••> A'cet Suivrio.'- strort and cm be cvn- 
i--.«)rod drtily from S a. :ii. to S p m. 


(itti. Hyuytii'nte*. 


aru, turrryor!?. OlC Chamber of »'«.r.- 


ci'* i eu«ioi'urs. :i05 West stn .-t. 

'•|'<RAt Y ii. FAlKCUir.D. (TVJL EN- 
1 Kino T and surveyor. Room 71.') Palladio. 


^^m•: iK>?r HESPmrrABLK licfnskd 
ofl^> ■.!< Dnhitb, free of ch!»r<e t«i nil sirlR, 
also havo a Tiill line of h.iir iwiiche?.cloiJns, t>t«. 
ilrs. M. ( . Seibold, 225 Ka.<t Snperior f.lireet. 


rjMlVA"K HOSPlTAi.-MR?. L 
Jt Midwif.i. Full pradnaioot fTelulanco^o«o 
of Aconciimout. Gupiiiuff, etc. done. ''^' ■" 
Third Ptnit*. 

n co'loifi'' 
rent Eafll 



Soda Wator. 
Th- very best. 

DCLtlTH DkiG Co., 
201 West Superior street. 

A Positive and Permanent Cure 
for all Stomach Troublas, 

Wright's U. S. Dysjispsia 

a BOXEi>. $! .00 FREE BY MAIL. 


P. C. Lut2. Drucci-'. 3*54 Wabasha St , St. Paul. 

^VM.roNALi)«ON .VND SON. pli:msi:k 

T T on 1 copper emith.s «:.-»s IitterF; 
11 Sevout'i av.^nao west; jobbing a sptVJiaMy: 

t^lephouo 2 fi7. , 

W. Mo*:!l.L\N (XJMPANY. 



Minn., .Inly IH- IMli.-Saled proposals 
for reimir ro th" bruOi and i-t. .ne dike 



M nu.. July 1>. ISra.— Scaled proposal!. 

f<»r reimir ro th" biuOi and i-t-ne .like af L • M nu.. July 1>. ISra.— Scaled prtpposalt. 
Chciui.nuvon Point, AHhland harlM'r, NM''. v.dl f,,r repair work t,> tiie idert^ .-it the Snper'OT 
bo n loiTed at tlii:- olhc- nut il it m- dnly lUsi, ! ,.„tr«iicii to i*ii;erior b.iy, Wi?.. wi)I bo received 
X*'.:!, and tti.-n pnidiely opene.I. Speciiicatioii.s , ,^, ,|,i^ ^^'■^f.^, ,,„til lu m, July :Us;. lS.t3, an.l then 
blank f.irnirt !U!il all uvaihible iiiforn'.atio:i wid p„|,iipiy opened. Spccifirat ions, blank for.ii« 

,«• I pnblicly opt'u ... . .., , , • 1 ■ 

be iunii^hed ..n application ti> this olhci'. j,„(i ^ji „ .^,i;,i)io inf^nn^.tion will bo fnrniched 

of ouRinoerc U. ,,„ aiinlicatioo to thi.- ofHce. tliuten 1>. .Sear^ 

Cliiitoii B. Soars, major. con»s 
S. A. 

July 2t )o 29 iuc 

majur. c. rpi* of *rn»;iiK^org, I 

S. A. 

I* hereby given that ai.a meeting of the com- 
mon council tif ihe city of Didnth, to be het<! 
on Monday, the 21th d.iy of July, l.^t'3, at tLi^ 
city hall in the city cf the comm<<-; 
ci:U!ieil v,-ill consider tho ouesti.m of eharcin? 
tWe names ' f certain strettp an.i avennos in sa'd 
CMS a^ bereinaittr s^'t forth, at whkl: time ^aiu 
c^«njres will bs so niad»>. unless ohj.'cti'vn i.* 
ii-.adi- in writiu:: bv any i>arri','?, iater's'.-Nl. 

Nane Locaiion Changed to 


Central are., Oakland P.irk; Midway ave. 
( fotral ave., friggs &. Keunedjad. : Xlaspa- 
chuMrtts ave. 
Ccrtr" St. Cl'ffnn; Persons s>. 
Ci^ntre st. City ; Dingwail st. 
Cedar ave.. Marie isr.-vt- ; F.v^reteer. ave. 
(edaravo.. Kices Po;nt : Nelson avo. 
CI:e*ti.ut St. Willard i Pipers div.ltodiono.-'t. 
Chestnvit St.. (iroys ; l^iiofcory st. 
C'lfioa $•».. Wixvliarii ; St<irn'^v,-ay rt. 
Clifton St.. Le«ter Park; Kiep.~*>n st. 
Cnipent avf.. Hro.«kdaie; Helm are. 
El.nst., WiilardA PiiiP«rijv. C-^-.'.y St. 

Elm St.. Prey's Add : Willow Kt. 
klin sr.. Park Point; Sorcnscn »t. 

FrancU «t... Woodland ; Wils.>n st. 
Francis st.. BiMjkmaus .Y*! ; Li.^*rie st. 

Warfield ave., Sinr.ysido: Harri't^n ave. 
(iartiold av.?.. Lester Park : «irt)ver av.-. 
iJrand ave., Oakland Park ; ^.lakUixl avo. 
tjranil ave., Eak.*iiie: Moutnjia ave. 
lirand aveunc. Marine div. ; Macki.-iaw ave 

llow.ird ave., Loii.lon : Hw."o ave. 
Howani avo , Oyer's k. Whipple's add. ; Myers 

Japios St., Oakland Park. Maryland st. 
.lames st., Park Point : Moniauri st. 
Jefferson St., Park Pohit; New Y«rk tt. 

Lincidn st.. Letter P,-.rk : IKinosF st. 
l^incoln St., Dnlnth HeMghis; 0"«nbr st. 
Lincoln ave., Trisga .fc Kennedi 's atld. ; TriKPS 
Lincoln ave.. : Ca»li ave. 
Linoola ave.. Rice's Point: Cox ave. 

Maple St., Dulntli Heights; Niagara Bt. 
Ji!ai>lest..tiroy"s add. : Ohio si. 
Mai -<? *< ■• Maple (iroro ; Or i',;on et. 

0:ik St., Dnlnth Heijrhij;; Viueet. 
O.ik si , Park Point ; Ma. via st. 
Oak ave.. Rice's Point ; Oie ave. 
Oak ave.. I'riK kdale: .Vich av*. 
(>sforrt St.. London ; t'ambi Idjro st. 

Park ave., Oakland Paik : ( onn«cticat ave. 
Pr.rk avo.. Woodland ; Rtyidle ave. 
Pa:k avo.. London ; (Jliebec are. 
Park ave., l:rm»k(lalc; Marks avo. 
Park are., llyers Uearr'int . Dakota ave. 
Park St., Lester Parli ; Dol.ivire ft. 
Park St., l.ndioa; W;i''.-r sc. 
Park St., Park IV.iut: Er..- . t. 
Piedn-.unt ave. e.. Cily; M^sr.ha ay-^. 
P<«rttaiid ave., Superior Ve-iv; Missouri ave. 
Portland avo.. Duhith llei*:l:ts; Uurou ave. 

Uotiiiiyoti nve., Clifton ; Iila'no ave. 
Robinson avo., Keasin«!i'n ; iudiana ave. 

St. Panl ave . Woodlaril StTth: Lntker ave 
."■ir. Paul ave.. Peri: foiVit ; Sit. (JtHiriro ave. 
.*<«imiaiT St., Pnnctt'.'B Place: Out.".rio st. 
Snn>ndt «t., Lonikm ; C.d.u-ado st. 
Suniniit, St., Clover Hill >liv: Manitoba st. 

Wimcts riv Imn.i an! tlie c*.rp'>r«te se.Tl.'. 
the city of liiTiulb. this 20th day of July. iv';'. 

C. E. R;r!iAKi>soK. 
Clerk of tl»e Oomn»»u CA)uue(l. 
i CorfHirate ) 

%^ i 







Description of the Methods of Mining 
at the Biwabik Group of Vesaba 


Two Competing Railroads for the Ore Traffic 

Pushing The'r Spurs to Every 

Possible Shipper. 

The Dirt Is Flying at the Lowinore Property 
and it Will Probably Ship in 


and tbe deposits are evidcntlv ext;nsivc. | 
The Pauly Forty. 

The MoJtr.iam Isi-u M.initou says: | 
Dorwin & Co.. who are stripping tlitf 
Lo\v!iicrc propertv ai Mountain Iron 
have pm (in rt ni^ht shift and are niak- 
ir".: the dirt i\y. This ujine will be a 
shipper in Auf;ust. It was fcrnifrly 
known as the Pauiy forty. The surface 
is luly nine feet. (i. A. St. Clair is one 
of the IcsjCcs and the popular manager 
o[ tlie property. 

The Mcjuutain Ir(UJ Manilou is author- 
ity for the btaiemeut that the great 
Mountain Iron property will send out 
2oc,ooo tons of ore before the cioaC of 
ihj present scasju. .About loo cars per 
liw is the ;iverai;e output ;il present. 

The Mi.ssabe Mou:;t:nn people are 
pushing operations with >»ood deal of 
vii;or and arc all ready to send out ore. 
It IS probable that the property will pro- 
duce and ship sonielhmjf like 100,000 
trns before the close of the present sea- 

There was a bis; cave in at the Minne- 
sota mine at Soudan recenily, although 
not a verv serious one in its conse- 


Ounc-jn & Brewer's Mill at Oneota Caught 

Fire Saturday Evening and Burred 

to ihe Ground. 



Flames Were Fierce and in Twenty 
Minutes After Discovered the 
Roof feil In. 

Loss R''3ches Nearly One Hundred 
Thousand Dollars The Mill to 
Be Rebuilt. 

qucnccs. A ^reat ledge of jasper at the 
west end of tSieold Stone pit near No. 5 
shaft, weiir'ning hundreds of thousands 
of tons dropped nearly ten feet. The 
settlini: reaches down to the fifth level. 
Had the caviiikj occurred during work- 
ing hours there might have been some 
lives lost. 


Three Days From Two Harbors to Cleveland 
and Return to Ouluth. 

Two Harbors lion News; Last week 
the following item appeared in our ma- 
rine news: 

"The Maritana added a few tons to 
the big load record from this per; for 
1893. yesterday. Her cargo was 3067 
ton 5." 

She cleared from here for Cleveland 
Thursday evening, and must have re- 
turned to Dululh by Sunday afternoon, 
as the News Tribune published the fol- 
lowing ^t>>nday: 

''The Maritana has .iddtd a few tons 
to the big load record from this port for 
1893, ■ yciterday. ^^^ cargo was 3067 

This appears to be the most remark- 
able rouna trip on lecord. Three days 
from Two Harbors tj Cleveland, and re- 
turn to Duluth. There can be 
tion as to the accuracy of the statement, 
as the News is w,iv up on marine mat- 
ters, h is also seldom that a boat car- 
ries the same tonnage for two consecu- 
tive trips. 

Italians Have a 

and a Woman is 

.\n Iron Journal reporter visited the 
Piwabik mine recently and witnessed 
the mining of ore from the natural de- 
posit by moans of steam shovels. An 
area of perhaps ivno acres has been 
stripped, the surface averaging a thick- 
ness of about twenty feet. Into the 
t>.'e deposit a cut has been opened into 
which descend the railroad tracks. 
Two ore cars are stopped at a time and 
repeatedly these cars, each having a 
capacity of twcnty-tlirec tons, were 
loaded by the shovel in precisely seven 

minutes— occasionally in a tritle less 
iirae. The face of ore is not over 
eighteen feet, but will be deeper with 
the next stope. Then, too, there will 
be room for a track the entire length 
of the uncovered deposit— some 300 
feet -and it will be necessaiy only to 
tlraw ahead one car of an entire train 
as each is loaded. This will avoid much 
^witching and save considerable time. 
At present only one shovel is in ore; 
three others beside two small trains of 
railway dumps are engaged in removing 
the stripping. Souta of the present 
scene of op-raticns and on the south 
forty of the I'.iwabik property the strip- 
ping is dumped and there is already sev- 
eral acres of it. 

The Drake tS: Stratton company have 
a contract for stripping the east forty, 
and are proceeding with the work in a 
manner that shows they know their 
business. Three steam' shovels and 
seven dummy engines are engaged in 
the work. It is expected that three years 
time will be recjuired to complete the 

These two forties of tbe Biwabik are 
lighted by rifty-six arc lights, day and 
night shifts being employed. 

The Berringer. 

The west for'.y .• the ori^.inal IViwabik 
is row ktu.*-n as the Berringer. The de- 
posit here has also been stripped, but 
the ore is mined diiYerently. South of 
the stripping a shaft has b^ea sunk 115 
feet to the bottom of the deposit and a 
dritt made northward to about the center 
of the stripped surface. The ore is run 
down through a raise into two ton cars 
beiow. trammed to the shaft and brought 
to the surface as in ordinary mining. 
Cor.sidcrable over an acre has already 
bee.-i sUipped. I'^rringer ore, like th a 
of the Biwabik, is at present being 
shipped over the Missabc Cic Northern to 
the docks on ."Mlouez bay, but within a 
few days will be tumptd'into the Oneota 

Directly adjoining the Berringer forty 
oa the south is the Canton. Two shafts 
are down and mining is pursued in the 
'ordinary manner. The exoer.enctd 
management of the Minnesota Iron C(;m- 
panv has chosen this method and time 
will doubtless prove the success of the 
svftcm. Over too men are employed 
and the opinion has trtquently he,-n ex- 
pressed that the Canton will make one 
of the best outputs of .Mesaba properties 
this year. Shipping was resumed Mon- 
day after a shorr shutdown. 

<)perati.>ns are still suspended at the 
Cuiciunati. but will hkcly be resumed 
soon, as a compromise in iiie matter of 
rov.iltics h;is been effected between 
the Cincinnati iron rompaKv and tiic 
Standard Ore company, lessees. Two 
shafts have been sunk and the method 
of mining is much the $ame a^ tha: 
ptr.sued at the Berringer. The Missabe 
iS: Northern tracklayers Siad nearly 
reached the Cincinnati Satu'-il.iv. ccmirg 
in from tbe outfi and ruanin*^ along tbe 
west iine of the property. 
The Hale Mine. 

The first cargo of Male f)re went out 
last v.Cik from the Two Harbors docks. 
A: this mine tbe Lidgerv* ood hoist and 
ctnveyor system is in use. Two towers 
have been erected— one north and the 
other south of the vein. As ifie buckets 
are hoisted the stripping is rarricd one 
wiv and dumped, the ore in an opposite 
dire- t'on ir.To ore cars. 

Such in brief are the methods of min- 
ing employed at the group of mines 
around Biwabik. That at ihe Biwabik 
mine is en the most novel and exten- 
sive s;ale, and certainly the most inter- 
esting owing to Its innovation. .\ few 
enteriain the opinion that some difilculiy 
is liksly to be experienced from ore and 
earth f>ecom;ng mixed where the two 
come together, unless there is a consider- 
able waste of ore allowed in mining. 
Doubtless, however, when tbe stripping 
shovels are farther ahead ia their work, 
greater exactness in the system gene- 
rally can be attained. 

\ cry promising reports coine from the 
Snively property located on the north- 
east quarter of 3-58-18, adjoining the 
Mountain Iron mine, says tfic \ irgini.i 
Knterprise. Kxploratii'iis and develop- 
ments ha*/^c proven tbe existence of im- 
mense deposits of high grade ore under 
a surface covering rif twenty-five or 
thirty feet. The Snivelv is evidently 

As exploratory work progresses it be- Steamer Ussitr^gc will leave Fifth 
comes e'vxlent that Messrs, Moore an<l r'r'"^,;^"^^^::'^^"'; "*'^'°^^' , ^ ''^'''^'> 
Wood have struck it rich on section .0, ' t'-i 'i'^ ^' * ^-Tl' ^f "r,""^ ''V '° P- "' 
west of Mountain Iron, The surface | Kf,^^ ^' "^"*'' ''"'^''^'^ "^ "'"'^ 
covering over the ore is found to l)e very I "-*"' -'^ '*" 

Those who have been rejoicing over 
Daluth's prospec's for esr:aping her reg- 
ular monthly fire of huge I'loporlions 
were doomed to disappointment Satur- 
day evening, for ot about S:2-, o'clock 
llinics briike out in Duncan t.^ Brewer's 
sawmill at the foot of Cliff avenue, One- 
o'a, and within a couple of hours nothing 
but a lot of twisted machinery in a smok- 
ing bed of ashes maikcd tbe site of a 

valmble property. 

The alarm reached the West Duluth 
fire department at cjijo and at Duluth's 
station No. 2 at q 35. Both responded 
I)romptly and the \Ve^t Dulutfi depart- 
ment had the satisfaction of turning on 
the first stream. 

The w.itchman at the mill is of the 
opinion that the tire started in the neigh- 
borhood of the lath mill and snon spread 
to the shingle and saw miil. Within 
twenty minutes after theilames had been 
foumi out the 

of the saw mill fell 

long until nothing 

the brick walls of 

The big chunncy 

crash at 10:25. Just 

wind started up and 

living all over the 

The smoke was thick .-.nd heavy, 

made the work extremely hard 

and it was not 
was left except 
the engine room, 
went down with a 
at that time the 
soon sparks were 


There was a shooting scrape at 1208 
West Michigan street Saturday after- 
noon. Italians were the people con- 
cerned, Mrs. Munxia Solimeno being 
shot and Angelo Difalbio doing the act. 
The two had had SDim disagreement a 
few days previous about a trunk belong- 
ing toDitalhio. He kft the house and on 
Satuiday returned and went to the trunk, 
taking out a revolver. Mr. Solimeno 
asked him what he wanted it for and 
he replied that it was none of his business. 

After a few moments Mrs. Solimeno 
came in and Difalbio drew the revolver 
and snot her. She seized a bolt and 
struck him and immediately afterward 
fell. He rushed out "f the house and 
was arrested by Officer Gillon in a very 
few moments. Tbe woman was shot 
through the thigh and the ball passed 
clear ihro'.:gh. The wound is not a fatal 

for the firemen and it was with consider 
no quts- j able clifficulty that the ilames were kept 
from spreading, Citi-'ens volunteered 
their aid and tcok turns with the tlr.Miicn 
in the heavy smoke. 

Not long after the mill roof collapsed, 
the slab dock i)n the north caught and at 
one time some of t'ne logs in the booms 
showed the consuming effects nf the fir?. 
Streams were kept turning in every di- 
rection. Large crowtls looked on, many 
of the people getting on top of the lum- 
ber piles. The flying water at times 
scattered all those and at one titnc four 
people were knocked ofT a tramway with 
a stream onto a pile of sawdust. 

The mill rest a little loss than $100,000 
and was built three years aeo. It gave 
employment at the time of burning to 
125 men, and uritil a week ago was run- 
ning a night crew also. None ot the 
lumber on the dicks ncr the planing mill 
were injured. 7he sawmill and ma- 
chinery wero insured for $to,ooo. divided 
among the following corjpanies: 

Millffs anil iinniifarturer?, of Micnc- 
ap..Iis $ 2.1500 


A Prominen* Candidate for justice of the 
United States Supreme Court. 

Edgar M. Cullcn wa; born about fifty 
years ago in New YotI. state. He was 
graduated fromColum la college in i860 
and afterward studied ciii^meering at the 
Troy I'olytochnic institute, which he left 
in 1862 to accept a con mission as second 
lieutenant in liie First United States in- 
fantry, taking part n the battles of 
Corinth, Fannington and the siege of 
Vicksburg. In the same year, although 
only 19 years of age, < -uvcriior Morgan 
commissioncfl him oi iiel of the Ninety- 
sixth New York Stair volunteers, with 
which he was at the rapture of Peters- 
burg and the fall of K < hmond. Being 
severely wouniled in this campaign he 
was compelled to return home and after- 
wards resigned his coiiu:ii'-;sion. 

After recovcrin:; from his wound and 
spending a year in ci\ il engineering he 
entered the law office 01 his uncle, Ju<Ige 
Alexander .McCue, and was admitte 1 to 
the bar in i8('<7. 

Judge Culien stand^, among the fore- 
most of his party and is pre-emine:.t as 
a jurist. He became a judge of the 
supreme ccjurt of Ne.v \'ork oa Jan. 1, 
;S8i, and has ^ince bejii rc-elcctea. 



The Ex-County Treasurer of Lake Released 
From Custody. 
Late last week ex-County Treasurer 
Campbell, of Lake county, says the Iron 
News, succeeded in perfecting .an ar- 
rang'jmeiit with his bondsmen whereby 

the amount of his shortage with interest, 
etc., .s(jnie >3 \o, was returned to the 
county treasury, and he was released 
fn.m custody. This will pnbably end 
t^'c pio^ecuiion, as the county authorities 
wii have \i<> inclinaiioii to push it, and 
the bondsmen being secured, will nol 
ru-.h matters. 

His [)e:ision, which is $36 per month, 
was transferred to the fjondsmen until 
the amount is returned, and unless some- 
thing eUe turns up, his peculations will 
sjon become a reminiscence or remain a 
pre:aut!on and signal to the bondsmen 
in the future to be wary of such invest- 

May Have Anclhcr Race, 

Alderman Helm wans another brush 
with the Record and thinks the tug 
-Mystic would have »von the other day 
had she held out. The West Knders 
a-e ready to back the Mystic and it is 
quite possible that another race will be 

Langour, loss of appetite and strenjjth 

Cured by Bromo-Seltzer -trial l)ottle 
10 cts. i;. 

Fcathervksight. All Wool 
Underwear. Call and iiispcct our line. 
C. W. Lricson, 
21Q West Superior street. 


Notice ]■- hereby given that John K. 
day AJthdrawn from 

Wightman has this 

the lirm o!J S. d. Wightman A. Co., doing 
i^jsincbs bt Duluth and MiiineapoliN, 
.Minn. The business will be cc>iitU!HC(l 

as heretofore by 
of the lirm. 

•lie remaining membi^rs 

Dated May f, 

•S. G. WriillTMAN, 

AuGUSTis .S'. Dot;. 
John K. VVightman. 


("n:.MectiPUt. of Hartford '^,!KX< 

(ierrnan Amorican, of N«»w York ti.M/t) 

Vlioeniz A-suranco. of London l.i.OO 

SprinK)i?>ld, of .'^priiiirfleld. Mass ^. 1,<K,(1 

Scottish I nion & National, of EdinburRli li.OCO 

Ainprtcan, of Nfw York l.Ofyi 

Suu OtHce, of London 2..".(»0 

London & Lancrxsliirc, of Liverpoo) t-'.WJO 

MiC'igan. of Detroit 2,r,00 

fircpnwici), of Nfw York 1,C(0 

St. Paul, of St. Paul I.r,(i0 

I'mlprwritfrs. of New York 1,500 

Hoi::?", of Now York l.'XX) 

North Itritifh .t -•.ffrcantilo, of Ent^land.. 2..VXJ 

Horr.c, of New Y')rk l,r*0 

Rhode Isl.'iiid IhindTwrit' ri« l,'t(.(> 

Lnncasliirt'. of Manc!ic-.tcr, Kog!an<l 1'..'>(X» 

(iiiardian. of Londou l.OfX) 

•.•uo>'-n. of Amcrin LOIki 

.Ninfc-arB, of N.'W York LOtly 

Norwich I'nton. of Kn»;lan«L. l,<X/0 

l'fi:asjlvatiia. of I'liiladeliiliia l.txi 

IJoya!. of Livor;jool I.IXJO JiJO.OOO 

The work of clearing away the dcfiris 
will i>e begun ns soon as the in?uiaiice 
adju-ters arrive. It is llie intention to .at 
onee rebuild the mil!. The comp.niy 
hason hand about i8,oco,oo<) feet of logs. 

The Short Line. 

Cbicagf) and return. 5'I3.7-;, July 17, 24, 
31 and Aug. 7. The "OnLaha" road. 
Through train. Call at 405 West .Su- 
perior street, 


The Greatest Advertiser. 

hx-rostm.Tstcr Oencrai John Wan.a- 
makcr, of I'hiladclpbia, one of the richest 
andmo-t successful merchants in Ameri- 
ca, in a Biltimore treatise said: 

"I do iiiv hci'.viest advertising in dull 
times. Then is when people look most 
ke.;nly for bargains, are anxious to know 
just how much a thing costs, where th ;y 
can save in:;ney. 

'•I advertise particular things, give 
prices and qualities and take as much 
pains with m> announcements as 1 d) 
with my stock. 

"I always use the most space in the 
paper the people read the most carefully 
— chocss the popular publication, in 
other worth. 

"Advertising is like hotel keeping. ( )nc 
big dinnei will not make nor keep up 
the reputation of the house; steady, good 
cooking does it. In advertising it i^ the 
same. I never permit interest m mv 
announcements to lag, and I never m'ss 
an issue of my cliosen publication^. i\d- 
vertising has made my store the largest, 
in the country. Anyfjody else can do 
the same." 

Uniform Panis! 
Blue uniform pants in all size^ of 
very best quality of f)Uic cloth ju: t 
ceived. C, W. Kkic on, 

219 West Superior i,trc'>.t 


,-, cents, 
on sale at 

t!ie Bethel. Kxcur- 

light on sorfle portions of the oropcrty , -"^^^ Jlarbors! 

Highest of all in LcavCiiing Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Rer>ort 

To World's Fair in Five Minutes. 

In five mii'iutes after leaving the trains 
of th«' .Minneapolis O'i: .St. Louis railw.ay, 
"Alficrt Lea Route," at Kmrlewood, a 
suburb of Chicago, one can be landed at 
the World's fair grounds. How much 

sionists will have time lor basket picnic [ belter this is than to go into the city and 


i\B6ou/rEi:)r PURE 

have to transfer to one of the several 
transporlalion lines to the grounds, 
among thousands <>i others who aro mak- 
ing their way to the same dc-stinaiion. 
Comfort fioeri a good ways to the enjoy- 
ment of any as-umed pleasure. Ber-ions 
in .St. Paul, .Minneapolis, in Norllir-rn 
Minnesota or Dakota, in Southern Min- 
liCFOta or South Dakota, will do well to 
bear this fart in mind, and go to Chicago 
via the "Minnesota tv St. Louis." In- 
quire of any agent ot tbe company, or C. 
M. Bratt, Ci. T, &. P. A., .Minneapolis, 

P. S.— Sleeping car accommodations 
reserved on application. Free chair 

A Big Bank Failure. 
Dr. Speer & Co. cure Piles [)er- 
manently; ad page 2. 

President Adams and Professor Birge ot Wis- 
consin State University Are Here. 

Charles K. Adam^, president of the 
Wisconsin state university at Madison, 
and K. A. Hirgc, profc-^:or of zoology in 
the same institution, reached Duluth last 
night after a somewhat rough lake pas- 
sage. They will spend several days at 
the head of the lake am! probably go to 
Port Arthur befjre returning. 

This is President .^ri.Tms' first trip to 
Duluth. Professor Bir^rc was here nine 
years ago with ProfCi^or Irving and a 
party on an cxj)edition to a point abovt^ 
Port Arthur. They W' it from Duluth to 
Two Harbors by ho .• and thence to 
Tower on a construct! j;i train over thf 
new Iron Kange road. They returned 
to Two llarhirson ;!.j first passenger 
train ever run between those places. 

Tho Ladles. 
The pleasant elTect and perfect safety 
with which ladies m-.y use the California 
liquid laxative Syni;j of Fij,'s, under all 
conditions, makes it heir favorite rem- 
edy. To get ihe tr.i and genuine arti- 
cle, look for the naii:j of the California 
Fig Syrup company, printed near the 
bottom of the packaL;e. 

Our Punch Bowl 
Brings back old times to many people. 
Everybody says our i^rapc punch is de- 
liciou.s. Di i.'TM Dkig Co., 

201 West Superior street. 

Boys Waists! 

A pretty line ot boy's waists at 25 
5o*cents. C. W. Kkicson, 

219 Wcit Superior street. 


$<13.75 to Chicago and Return 
\ia the St. I'aul tS: 1 uilutli railroad. Tbe 
best line to Chit.igo. July 17, 24, 31, 
.\ugubt 7th. Choice of six routes. See 
F. B. Ross, Northern Passenger Agent, 
42S Spalding bouse l)lock, before you 


'.Vhy the Indians Never Have Dys- 
pepsia, Yet are CareEoss Eaters. . 

No ono could accuse 
an Indian of over-c'are- 
fulno^s in eating. lie 
ate what nature gave 
biin — bi-rrics frointbo 
wood, spoil from his 
tiaps, frame from Mn 
bow. ll'r ate plenty of 
It, ate till ho was full. 
It waA not vfi-:,- well cooked pomctimcs, and 
n often fast. 

\Vh<.'n Imntiu^ or fighting a day would often 
pa<9 withiHit anything Ijting eaten at all. 
Y';t he H'.- vor had dy-pepsla. 
lie never "d it ted." 

Wo hear too much sibout "dieting" tbesa 

A jaan niusn't cat pL^, or cabbage, or calce, 
or buan!^, or this and tluit. i 

lie niti.-n'tcat very ji.uch and ho must do It 
very (.iow. Hf» u;ii t lu-vcr «lrijilc when ho 
eats. 11.' Ti!!i^n't buny. He luusn't worry. 
And so it true -I. 

Tills is all verj' good ndvifo. lint it would 
vorry a Tiian to <leatli to rimciiilx'r it all. 
>Vliv can't wo live 1 ka th<! Indian In a 
lii-j'.Uhy, li!':oty, natnr I wav? |{.,Tauso wo 
li:iv«! biii-.h v.xak stoin."..^.s. ('.iitliow did tho 
];i<li:ni jn>r>ii*at!Uf!i pei 'cctstinnir, dlKe>tion? 
iJy takiiis; tlii'.t T;ii;<licl'.i<' «if hi-, .'jiitrwa, when- 
ever Uc Ic'itther;'^ wa-s ::«iytliiiiif •wroiiK Willi 
him. Tti.-xt 8:tKV.'.i we bavo ir)w emidoyed 
him to iniiho for 'J.i. Ifyou w<iuli) t.ako tho 
natural Ainerieaii r< '..ledy for «>epsla, 
Kiek;.i)HO .s:i;^wa, yni, t'">, Wooltl ii'ot kilOW 
wiiat a weak .'lowiiieii or Hyspi-psla was. < 
'J'liaii'wS to till; effort-^ I'f tlie Kickai><>o Mcill- 
cini* Coinnauy, Indirni Saywa aii<l otiier 
Ki<:l:?j»<>o Indian rein' ilcH are nblaiiiable of 
any tirujjjrist, and t!' ir (genuine curative 
value is beyond connpio ifon. 

Kickapoo Indian Sagwa.^ 

$1.00 per Bottle, C B ttles for $':.00; 


Fro-n 10,000 

to 1,000,000 



Substantial Evidence of Public Appreciation 
—Rapid Extension of a Business Founded 
on Merit When Newspaper Advertising 
h Valuable. 

The mark of public appreciation which 
best indicates the meritcinous character 
of an article for pubiic U:C. is the evi- 
dence shown by the necessity of enlarge- 
ment of business facilities connected 
with the production of the article. The 
Kickapoo Indian Medicine coinp.iny, 
h>cated at New Haven, Conn., o\yning 
and manufai turing from the origi- 
nal formulas ct the Kickapoo Indians 
the famous me^licincs of that 
celebrated tribe, have found it 
neces.-ary to make a substantial en- 
liirgement of their factory by the pur- 
chase of a six story brick building, con- 
taining about 30,000 stpiare Icetof tloor 
space for conducting tue enormous and 
ilill increasing business of supplying 
their remedies to the public. This 
growth has all been within the past ten 
years; and this is the third time tbe 
Kickapoo Indian Medicine company 
have outgrown their ipiarters since the 
first inlroductinn of the Kickapoo Rem- 
edies among the white j'cople. Their 
business has grown in a r.itio of one t<< a 
hundred; or in other words, they are now 
doing annually one hundred times the 
amount of business they did the first 

Merit a Necessary Basis. 

This success resulted mainly from the 
intrinsic merit ol the Kickapoo Reme- 
dies; since their introduction was largely 
attained with comparatively litile or no 
advertising, and that principally consist- 
ing of parties of Indians with their in- 
terpreters traveling Item town to town 
erecting their camps and showing the 
people juit what the Kickapoo Remedies 
were, and their u?e. 

It was only within the two years 
that the Kickapcw Remedies have been 
advertised in the newspai)ers, and then 
only at first in certain sections after thtir 
sale had been established, so as to keep 
the merits of the Kicka])oo Remedies be- 
fore the people. This newspaper adver- 
tising, however, has been of much benefit 
to the sale ot these famous medicines, 
and has been largely instrumental in 
effecting the need ol|additional facilities. 
Many people who were not reached be- 
fore are now using the Kickapoo Indian 
Remedies, and some really astonishing 
cures have been wrought by these simple 
compounds of roots, iiarks and hertjs. 
When Newspaper Advertising Pays. 
Healy 6c Hik;elow, the ag'.ntsfor tbe 
Kickapoo Indian Medicine company, ap- 
preci:'.te and ondnr^e most heartily the 
value of the newspaper advertising for 
a meritorious article, and say: "We find r.CATspaper readers arc very dis- 
critiinating an<i inclined to be skeptical 
at first, but afttr you have csiabJishcd 
confidence in yi;ur goods and the people 
find that your st.itemcnts are reli.'»bie, 
then your business is b'lund to increase 
and extend." 

The Kickapoo Remedies consist of 
only five articles, all of which are purely 
the product of roots, barks, gums, leaves 
and flowers. They are absolutely free 
from mineral or olher deleterious sub- 
stances, as .Tttcsted to after a chemical 
analysis by R. H. Crittendon, professor 
of ijhviiological chemistry ac Vale col- 

Kickapoo Ind-aii S.agwa is a blood, 

liver and stomach rcni::dy. Kickapoo 

Indian Oil is a quick cure tor all pains, 

j stiffness, sorenets. iiLjumatisin .ir.d the 

like. Ktckapco Inuian Coujjli Cure, as 

its name implies, is lor throat and lung 

difnculties. Kickapoo Indian Salve 

is an excellent remedy for cuts, 

I wounds, sores cc;tema, etc., and 

: Kickapoo Indian Worm Kdicr is 

: a harinlcss and absDlultly Cirrtain 

I remedy for thoic troublci so frcc|uciitly 

I met wiih among children, vi/.:, pm 

j and stomach worms. 'Iho S.agwa retails 

j for one dollar a ^boulc; tl;e Cough Cure 

! fifty ctnt»; an<l the oilivr remedies at 

twcnty-tive ccr.ts a i*ut'.lc or pa.k.ige. 

There is p.-ob.djly not a riru;^ store in 
the I niied .States today where the Kick- 
apoo rciiitdies .-ne n<H obi.iinalvle. nnd 
wc are pleased to s.ny that Messrs. He.ilv 
iV Higelow have pub.'ishtd in this p.ipir, 
and will continue doing jo, some icallv 
iiiarvellous cures effected by the Kicka- 
poo Indian Remetlits and also unim- 
peachable evidence of the absolute 
vegetable purity of thcire simple, yet 
effectual compounds, that, as some one 

has said. 

bring "Long Life jinJ Good 

Notice of Ax)plication 




(OCNTV t>|- St, IaIIIH, >68. 

CiT^ uy Dii-i rn. ) 

Notice is hereby civen that ax>;>lication.^ have 
made in'w ntiug to the conitnon coiaicil of Ruid 
city of Duluth, and liii>d Hi my olliec, prayiiu: 
ft,r l)Cen>;e to .■■ell iiiloxic.-if inir li-iiiorft ffir the 
t'Tin roaimenciui: ui; .\ii;;ii.-Ll, li^Sf-'; andtermin- 
atinetHi Aiit'i!--! I, l'''l. by tl f- rr>llowiiij; iiitmhib, 
and nt tin- (ollowiiic I'lat-* us ^tatiHl in said u\>- 
l>lio'tti<inB resiM'cliv.'iy, ti>-w»t: 

The L. lleanr'viirn \Yino Itotsto Co. at No. 730 
\Vc»t Siifierior unit. 

Said a|>|>)iral i<iii will b" lieard a'jd deterniiri»»d 
by fjod comn'on I mined uf tho rity of Duluth. 
at the ronncil clmnibi-r «i! Fiid city of Dulnth, 
in ^t. Lom^ roiint> . MinnesiitH. on Mond-ty, th*" 
JIth d.-iy «»f .fuly, IV.I.I, .11 7 .:>• o'clork p. ni. ol 
that day. 

V/ilnes'B m.v band and t^ €>f p:, id city of Dn- 
luth. thIsUth day of .J':!y,A. D. 1^W 

t'. K. UlCHAIOlSoSI, 

l^iJy Olcrk 

( Cornornt^ ) 
I WoaL 


J 14 timrvi. 



At znfi IVV'tf Mirhioan f1lr<'et. 


1>. A. J)L.SK.\P. M-.n»i?er. 

CrV^^^ VOURS£L.F=- ! 




> •••■«•■•«•<••»•« ■ 


Ci3 Serors Conp^tcnt Sennats •»• 


IJy AdT^rti?!n« ia tlie 




Is rt .Spwific for GonorrJwd, Gieet .-'nd olht r iinnat- 
•.rr.U discharge i in cithi r .sex. Ail inXlIiihlc, s-U^ 
:;n'I n-iMX^ly .€ irc of Uic nio: t obsti.: ttc ClUP. ^^^ "' 
i;i r. to 5 d .vs. where Oilier rtmeilics entirely 1 11?!.SO'l..U.1 tLvA f.. :.V.TA.MI,[I> rot to cai)?k 
Strir*_]r<-. I'.'o inconvmieiirfl or U>'S of tiri«>. No 
McUrnm:? dosml'i dcrantre difre^tion. AkIi l>rug 
• ;i^tslc>rG. Q. S. and atccjit no otherri-meiij', 



COI.NTV O! Sr. Lkuiu. \ 
In probate court, t;|i'-c):il frr:ii, July r>tll. 

lu tlio m.iltfr of tho otdato of William 
Trott WjiiciHip, deci'HM il : 

On rerriviiii.' jifid lilii;,{ tho pptifioij of Itonja- 
tiiiii H. WyiieiMip, (if ( (j,. county of .hu'k-xtii, 
i>tiiti> of Jowa, re|>rM.«nti'>K ainous other 
thiiin'*", tliat VViliitttn Trott \v^nc<H>p. 
l-ii'i of the cotitiiy i>f St. l.o'.iiB. in Iho 
ijrut.' of Mi,ie,p.oUt. oil tin* LTit'.i (lav o{ .Jati«. A. 
];. I'lW, at mid couni> < f St. L>ui^. died illt<»^- 
tnle, and IxMii;; an ,;itaiiT ol tlii> c'lun'y, at 
ill" lime or his d-'iith, i< aviti<r t.'oo<!?, chatU-lt , 
iiuti i-etHto williiu tiiio coiiiiiy, and ihac aaid 
peritiont r i«i II l.totUer of laid i:ece;i---«l, nnd 
I) a>inK Hint iidn iuii»triitioa of said eRtaK^be to 
liini jfrnntn.1; 

li Mord' r. <i. that eaid (et.tion bo hoar.l bo- 
fore paid c.'.iirt. on Tin^wlay, iho ffidiih day 
of .\ni,-ii,i, .\. ij. jv.c?, at Uu o' a. iti., at 
tue piobatri oftice, in Diihitli. in (.iiiil county. 

(Jnirrcl further, r'mt iiolir«^ thereof \»i ♦rivou 
to ili',« heiis 1,1 !i«iii d ci'UKed au 1 to all iporyeyis 
intorctrd. hy iie,ltli|i|iiii; tlii'ioriler on Mot, day 
in eiicli week for f Iiree Mircspive scfek^ prior 
to faid day »>f lieHii.'w;, in 1 In? Diilutn K»eiiinn 
Heral<l a ilioly novvxp ipi'r printed and jiuij- 
li^llell at !)i)hith. Ill i»>»i 1 coi]iity. 

Dioed at Duiiiih tlio llftcenth day of July. A. 
I). Mil. 

Ily tbo Court. 
fSeall I iiiMua A^F.n, 

Judir(.*uf Probato. 
July 17-24-31. 


Notice is hereby »;iveii 
of tin- btockijolderir <.r tl 
and Klev.'itoi coinp.-iny • 
paayV oflicc in Duliitji, 
tiie lut day of Ain;iihr, 
for the |:i;r[>osfl <il ct-liHI 
lh:> prOhPjit pi'iirial coii 
ntid of ndoptiiiK t^tirh n 
atic" of the jntere-f. and 
pany at* may then be 6u 

DulutI , Jnlyll, isai. 



that a «r''*«''al mi-oWvst 
»e Ihiioii iiiiproveinpiit 
^ ill be held at thn com- 
MitiiieM>'.'*,'oii 'I nof-iMy, 
IM*:',, at 11 ocl. ck a. rn., 
ieriiiK and actinft ii|>on 
iitioii < f the company 
ii'amrofi for the fiinher- 
pro^perity of tlio cotn- 

GEostiB Spencer. 



Palrjiess DentUt. 

Of tnoetinjrof ccniniissii 
to view the p^eInil•e.^ a 
for property to be iak< 
injuriously atTectcd b 
t.enijion of Kot^bn aver 
Fir?t divi»-iofi, to a jnu 
nue in (ilcn .Avoi:. Sec< 
city of Duluth. bt. Lui 
Notice is hereby irivcn 
bave been duly app^'iaf 
cil. of till* city of liiiluti 
dernnatioii to view the p 
dsinaBe? V. iiich !:iay b'- < 
ivii «>f privatn property f 
po-oF, nani'.-ly : Kor th 
of Hoslyn av.uiuo, a>- ^\\e 
platted lu Hunter's I'ar! 
city of Duiii^li, St, Lonii 
oriy. from the s^iuilierly 
IliUiter « Park, Fir-t di\ 
banie ciirvn as Ilia, on 
wiid fontberly bou&dii 
iiii to a j:incti<in wit 
thn same is Iniil out and 
Avor, iSeC'iid ilivisi'ii, i 
ttate, .'•oihat they Fhall 
avernjc: the tiropert;, to 
denuied by the lit V of 1 
aforerflid. lnMinf nJ! tlie 
witliin the boiiiwlary ]iii> 
hai'l Hnnter'c P.-irlf. Kir 
.above d "terilied to a jiiu 
ni'.e. in (il'-n \vo't. Sceoi 
land briiiif lotfatei! witln 
St. l>oiii« coiiruy, Minn.; 
have liuly finalilied as m 
have caiihod a i>lat to 1»' 
Kiiioer of said city of I)u 
erty profiopo*! to ho t»ik< 
openicff nnd exter-diiip 
canned '••■•'' i.ImI. t<) lio ti; 
of f-uid c.i> of Duluth, a 
Notice in further 
ndersJKurd will iin-et 
loll. -IS at the olll'-c 
of said city of Dii 
ill said city on Tni-.-idiiv, 
1K':{, at ten o'clorj in thi 
and from tlience will pn 
iscH. to hear th'jobj-'Pt i<i 
sons whos"^ prop'Tty io t; 
fccteil, aiid to a^^en!l tho 
thn city of Duluth to th 
property prop-'-ed to 
|Mifes aforeMud. or wbi 
alTicted llienby. 
Dated Duluth, Miun.. . 


C« niniissioii 
Ju3y 1 

mors in condctnnation 
nd asfcOtis flie damutfcs 
ufiir. or which may bo 
,• the openiiic and cx- 
U€i in llnnter'3 Park, 
ction witli iioslyn avr- 
iid diyision. all in the 
lis county, Minu. 

tliat th" nndersis'ied, 
d !)y the common conn- 
. eommif-sioners in con- 
rcinifon and aj-sese the 
ircasioneit by rlie tak- 
or the fol!owiiii; pnr- 
opeuiuK and exienHioii 

saiiie !s l-'iil oui and 
:. tmt division, in Ihu 

ciuiity, Blinn.. soiif'.- 
Ix.nud.iry lino of said 
,.-ion, full wiillh.on tlie 
wliicii it 
ry liue «if said divis- 
Il Ho.'-l}n avoiiue. as 

platted throi.trh IJlen 

I said cily. county and 
form one eontinnous 

lie ac'iiiired and coii- 
uiliith for the purposes 
private pro;>erly lyintr 
»s of Koslyii avenue, in 

t division, exti'nded as 
Ction witli Ho.-l)n avr- 

d divi»^io;i ; ail "f said 

II tho city of Diilutii, 
Tliattiie iiiidersi^M'.ed 

ch C'>m:;:issioiierH and 
mad" by the city en- 
Iiitli, showinp Iho prop- 
n f<ir tho punxiso <if 
'aul aveiit:e, .■•ml tinve 
inI v/ith til" city clerk 
9 required by lj;w. 

riven, that tho 
OK mch commiss- 
of the cily clerk 
ititb iu t.liee.ty hall 
tho liri-; day of Ant;n.>-|, 
• forenoon of ^aid day. 
ceod to view the preni- 
us or j.nxil of any prr- 
iken or injnrionslv nf- 
dnina;;(K; to b" paid by 
■> owner or owners of 
»•• mken for the pur- 
Mi may lje injuriuiitly 

fuly ISth. 1«9.?. 
. ('. Mnl.l.mAY. 

jiMo.Mi •M.r.i.i.a, 
lojiN <t. How \t:i». 
ers IU ( 'uudeinnatiun. 

i lot. 

Contract Work. 

ard of Public Workis } 

n:i. } 

Oaicoof tholU 
City of Dulnth. Minn.. Jul.v 1:', li-Q 

Se.iled bids will be roc 
public Works in and for i 
city of Dnbith, Minnesat 
city, nntil 10 a. m, on tli. 
1W;I, for tho construction 
inidvwalk, on tho wc-t 
avenno east in said city. 
Sonth stro' t, accord) 
»l>«c!(Jcatioii>- <in tile ia t 

.\ certified cluck or a I 
(2) fcuretie)» in llio sum 
muBt accompany encli bi 

Tlie said bfinrd retorvi 
any or all bids. 

Ofiicial : 

eivcd by the board of 
he curtwiratioii <if tho 
1. at their oilice ju said 
•JUh day of July A. I)., 
of an fiKht-fiHit (ilatik 
sldo <if Si'vontieiith 
from London Itoad to 
li»j to plans ai'd 
• ■ oflice of sa'd board. 

ond wit'.! at least two 
of ten (110.00) rtCllim 

IB tho riffht to rejoct 

Hkkut Tri:ki.skn, 

T. tt". A HELL, 

Clork liuard of Public Work*. 
Jcly 13 lUt 

Notice of A pplication 

-FOR — 


CovNTV or Kt. l.oi'is, 

Noticn Is hereby givi ii. 
Iioeii made 111 writ iiiK to 
i-aid rily fif I iiiiutii. Mild 
ini; for license to si II 1 
tho term commei.cmi/ 
and terrninatiiiif July I 
in*: i» r.-rai and Ht tli 
stat.vl in "aid a{iplie.itioii 

'I. H. Kickfor 1, ni .N 

Said applicntifiii 'will h 
by SH d romiiioji coimcil 
at the cuiincil c'immiUt 
iii bt. L<>ni«ci>unty. Mitji 
7th day uf AajfU-t, If*.!, 
that day. 

Witr.eMfe my hand ami i 

lath this ::ut day of Jul} 





That application ha>. 
III.- c'>niPioii coiiiicil of 
lileil in my otIicA, prny- 
nioTicalieif li'inonlor 
on Jnly !!'. I".*,',. 
H. 1-V4, by the fdl-.w- 
!• following pl.-^ce MS 
r<t..|iecto»ly, to wit : 
1. ■'■>• \V.»t •'^ut>ori<.r 

» lien.d andiletormlued 
of tl"« city of Itiiliitb. 
in i-aid city of Unlnih. 
(e:<>t;i. ov Uonday. tbe 
at 7 -M o cluck p. m. nt 

«al ot (Aid city of Do- 
, A. i'. IVW. 


City Clerk. 


.STATK Ol M 1 .N'.MOtOTA, { ^ 
CocsfTV or Kt. L<jLja. { "' 

In Prol:ife Couit, .'Special Term, July ISth, 


In tlio matter of tiiCMtatenf Adiills Felaorer, 

<loceai-»(i : 

On ren inM{ Hi,d (('" :••'•« •■ t ■•■.■.., t \ ... i. 
*^ '...'mieiiA of lite e>>ii: 

iirnfeiitin.', aiiK'tu; " . 

i^oUiuifr. iaie <if the couuiy ot St. i^unw. in ifaa 
Htate (if MinnotMitp, on tho IVtIi (1.aTof Juno A. 
1>. n«», ai the county ol St. Koiii-dird i'jte»;ate, 
and Ix-inK an inhaliitaot of naid cuunty, at 
tlie t'liie i,f III!. (Joatli, leaviutf KiM.iis. cbatt'eU. 
and ontati' w ntiin tbia county, .-irnl that the m\\ 
petitioner is the at'omey io fact for the fHtlicr 
of faid derea-^wl. mid prayiu»r that adiniuia- 
tration of tuid estate he to Inm ffrnnt'-d: 

It i« ordered, tliat srtid |x-titi<>ii U' h-^-iLrd Iv^ 
foro said court, «iit InefMlay tUeeii;bth day of 
Aurutt, A. D. l.-'.U. at ten o\;.«:k a. m., at the 
probata' ofl'ce, in Duluth in s id c«unt.v. 

Ordeioil fiiitlior. that notico thereof bo iriron 
Io tho iioirsof bsiw deei-axMl (tii.i III all yctntii* 
int4Te«'toil. by piibliKiiincr this order on Mon- 
day in each week f-.c ttin-e sncc^ssiro w>«ks 
iiMor to said dav of Lrtirin*!. in The Dnlaih 
KveniiiK lliT.ild a daily n'-w»ji.iper iirinio*! and 
pubhshrd at Duluth iu »aiil c<.iit.ty. 

Dat4<d at Duhith thn Kit ii d8y<irJaly, A. D. 

Py the Conrt, 
IScal] PHiKE.ia Atkk, 

Judjfe of Probato. 
July 17-21 31 




Coixr* ok8t. IxiLi.s, ( 

In I'robat/- Court, sjiocial term 

In the matter of the cstati- til 
doceaK'd : 

tin readiiiK and ttlin(r th 
Krland KreftiiiK, aiimlbi<itrator 

Room 702, 

I F you wish to drink a choice 
* Glass of La'jer call for 

Fitger's Beer. 

Wholesome, Palatable and Nonrls h!n 


July Kith. IXa. 
<):■- i'. Kvanvw, 

iX'titlon of 
of tlie cstnKj 
of 0!o P. Evansun. decoa/od, rep- 
reeontinjr aniooc: otlmr thinjpi. ihat 
he haa fully administered said ctitate, and 
prayiin,' that a time and place Ix- lixed for ex- 
aiuioini;. si-tiliiiir nnd allowiiji; tbe tinal acciunl 
of bi» admiuiht ration, and fi.r tbo afebi(ri'ii<''tit 
of the revldiie <if Bigd estate to tbo |/artjes en- 
titled till reto b» law. 

It isorde.-e<l. That said account Im! oxamined. 
and petition heard by tli s court, on Tuo»il«y, 
theeiffhUiday «if Ai;(?abt^ .\. D.. iv.<:i. at lOo'cbx-k 
a. ni., at the probate <iflii-c in Duluth. inlaid 

And it is further or.-'cred. That notlw thereof 
Ix- civen to all s»<"r»ons intereittod. by i"ib!>:iinff 
a copy of this order on Monday in i acli we<!; for 
tliree sl:cce•5^iv" weekt prior to said day •i hear- 
ing, in The Drluth Kveninj,' Hera!d. a iiaily 
iiewsp.ijrfT printed and pub'iahed at 
said county. Duluth the l.'ilh dav of July. A. D.. 


Hy the Court. 

Pj'ivkas A\r.r., 
J udfte of Probato. 
July i:-:;i-.ll. 

j HEAL. |- 


Notice is boroby vri\«o that, a spocial rooetipp 
of tbe stockholders of the Lake ^ll|lenor l^ley.a- 
tor coinoany will l)o held at the coin(«aiiys 
otlice iu Duluth. Minnesota, un Tuesday, the lut 
day of Au«usi. \-^\ n( \<i o'clock a. n. for tho 
pMrp >.«(• of coi.-^itleriiiK nrd rtriioir upon tlo 
liresent general cond.^iou of the company, and 
of adoptiui; sucli luoasures for tbe furtheranca 
of the iut/^^rost and prosiK-rity of tbe company 
as mav then be -ubniitted. 

Dniutb. July .?. 1B9J. 

OcuBOi: SpExrtE, 

July 8-10-17-24. 



^ybp^cas drfanit ha« bpen made in tbe con- 
ditions nnd c'lvenants of acttain r;<irt+:a<te 
duly < xncuted an<l delivered by l>fwis .S. Frank- 
lin and Inez Franklin. bi« wife, ol Duluth. J^in- 
uesota. inortiraKors. to B. D. ^■:•.llsba^y, ruort- 
(,'af:eo. Ix'Hrinp date of Octobi.-r !*, A. D. lv<l, 

I which n:i>rtci4ge. with the power «if sale there- 
in contaitiod. was duly n Corded in tlieoflioeof 
the roffister of deeds in am) for t<t. Lonis 

I county, .SIinn«.^>ta. on f^ctiJ' .1 ' ' '•'^l, at 
Il ;ir>. .>•-»>: - •n...i«»i*f«'''y 

tlien Come 



pace U.S. which said ;Mort»rn;.'e was daly't-iron 
uiMin the ref I estate hi-n-inaffor (h'scrityd t*. 
secure the pnyii.eiit of the priuei)>.-il sutn<<f ont 
tlioiisHud dollais a'l I ^ntore^t tiiefon from tue 
date ipf ^:l!d mor!i;ane ut the r.iLtwif ei^lit per 
ci'at ler :ii:nn::i. accrdiiic to iho cmditiotiR 
of a eerl.-iin prwmisrory note wit.'i six inten<*t 
coiii-oiis ai tactied tfieief... r.aiii'HT'-d om- to six. 
both itjclufiive, n\\ of even date wilii said mort- 
cajre. Kiil princit>al jiote b.-ii f. dt <• ami payahlt 
Oil OctolnT !' .\. D. 1*'.M. and said )irinci|>!d note 
and said coupon notes bei'nr < x-cuti-il acd <k>- 
hvi red by suiil iiiort<?a«ror6 loaaid niort;;a(f<'«; 

Whereas, default has been made in tbe pay- 
ment of said iutcrest couiMiii iii'tis. nunitx'rod 
two. thre'* nnd four, each thereof bei:iu for the 
seiu of J4fl.(0, v.1i;cb said int4-rest coin>on n«it< s 
b.-H:a-ne due nnd payable on July 1. iv.ii. J.-ina- 
ary 1. iv:t, p.nd July 1. IMi:;. re^j ectivr ij : attd 

Wlierras, it was pro\id<vl and s'iimlated in 
.ind by i-.iiil inortKajje and | rircipal nt to, that 
if default sbotild bo mado in any of the con- 
dition;" f.r cyri.-^r.ts therein por.taim .!. on tSu' 
part of ?aid mnrtf;acor« to l»p kept or per- 
lortnert. then the whole sum secured thereby 
shtutld 1)0 imnioilialely due hthI :ia\able, Bt tlie 
election of :'aid inort(;a;rc(', without any notice; 

Whereas, s»id mortiiajroohas o3ect.e<!. and said 
nuiriiri'flreo does lnii>by eliMrt. to di-clnre tbo 
whole Slim M-ciired by said iiiortt;ai:e and notu 
immediaiely due and pajablo; and 

Wheieas, iheri' is llierefore claimed to Im 
due ami payable, ami there is .tcfunlly due and 
pay;ili|e, ;it tl,i> il.ito of tills miiice tho sum of 
one thousand one hundred twonty-niiii aud '.^V*i 
dollars ijl.l:;t():ii. prii.eipal hikI interest ; and 

Whereas, no pri«"t»<'diii^ «ir ricfi<<ii .it law or 
in eijiiity or olliorwise ba^- b<-en institnti-d to 
recover the debt securcil by sjikI iiiort;;a(ru 
or any t>art th<Ti»of. 

Now iJi.Ti fore, notice is lioreby civen, tJint hy 
virtimof the iMiwer of sate coatainoil in said 
in<irtj{«i:e, wtiicli power of s.tle na-- biCiiiiii- 
and in now iijwnitive by reason «if 
tho afon>said ilefanit, and pnn>n- 

aiil to the statute in Fuc': caM> mado 
aud providt^t, the riif>rt<»atre will Ijo f«>re- 
clos'il and the premis* > de«.crjlMNl in aod rov- 
ereil by s;iid niortcace. t^vwit ; Lot two ("i In 
block 'ixty-thn-e ii'.:ti. <if Portland division of 
Dulnt!i,.St. Louis County, .Minnesota. ncc4»r<linK 
to the reconlod p!at thereof of record aud on 
liln in the oHice of the re_'ister of ■lo©«ls in ami 
for said St. lyODis c<iunty. .Miumsota. witb tho 
horodit.tnunt^ and «ppHrtJ:narice»t therennto 
b<'longin«r, will Ijo sold at public .uic- 
tiou to tho lilirbeM cash bidder 
Ihorofor. to pay said debt aud interest 
and the ta^Lcs (if any) on Haiti premiaM. and 
fifty dollars (fT.'iMi' nttoraoy's fe<». as stipola- 
teiMn and by said inortjraire m ease of f< r-'clft- 
snre. ;ind tho di.-bni>i'mmeu!» allowe<l hy law. 
whieii sale will be made l>y the sbf>rilTof said 
Si. Louis comity, .^lInllesota. ar the front diKir 
the court hoiiM-, in the city of Duluth, in said 
county and st;ite, im Thurs<lny, the Mist d:iy of 
August. .\. D. iv::, .-it lO o'clock a. m. of that 
day, subject to redemption at any time within 
one year fr«:m tho day of Hale as prf>vid''d by 

Dated July 17. A. I). I'-SS. 

R. 1). SAI.tsIUB\. 

CoTTiX. DinEi.t. k Coi.i.ivH. 

A'.toni'-ys ffir said Mort«affOO. 
July l7-JI-3i Auff 

July ::. i4t 

EVlKY man nervous and' 


From Wbatevec .should write to 


llniryin Imif, ftrarr FmiU fitrtft. 



7:,' i1 ( vt av.^ Ilalv rrlUlfU mf^hrj i.ffi'-o • f lU k:n*11n t!*** 

I' tit tii \ t*il IK*- 1 ,t) fi I t r'>4Tut« i.t , i;>#^«t itir «i'i.I l'> iit«.l 4.< *■ - 

ferwBs DebilHi. Tjri', ylinrr.? "::: 'r^: 

Jn, I'l II. I" li^^ I > '<«. l(i<i\ilir«n'Y ' i .-.r- 

.'■I ni-f \. M.!;« *-. Il* •■., ( V . fiimiir- * of s.. ' ^ I*-- 

fv^ 1 1 v.- X. II, li i.n lh» l«*.-. *• ■ ■ ^ '. ■*• 

of M. lull. -11 I M^rrv. Mrl.i ' '. •■■* 

Jl.\.. I ft... I 1 . , ... -, I'lin. Ill I . . . , . .. T i 

a«ii., irt...irij. s,..'...iH,. Unnatural Discharui s 
Cured Permanentlif. 

Biooo. Sill and Venereal Diseases, '' 

f'-!,-. K "# It Uil.Sl-.e »».! H ^.1. 111.' L. »r 1 

f> £^1144 «*t.l S ■■■». f'.rr... Ti.n'j' Sw-l: t.,^, T 

Ci ivp, |M)Nt1j4-r!> an t fair.rr ill I VI II ff<- i It.. »^ ' -. 

m lnlV, ll^»Hr»lr4 M J wi< l t». Slill »ni\ Sw>'.>i, i-,-.: ..-X 

iilM.'UnUtnka. til* loult nt r.l<w4 rtnis'.n. ( u,m KIOMCV 

and URINAIIV < 'xhii*'"'*. I'-nntui, ihibcuir. t. in- 

r..r. I 

■ ii'r 

i^tTimi 1hrMl,.S*M, tM«IMt»«M:(<m<ti<«tM>n%lar4 
Vftmnnili A'-imn-t y<tAury'*~'-1 l-Al S...^. \„ti~\ ^. 
ri|H-rla*aU. Ch«fr«> l'>» < ili 'ir r re-. StB|>t«B LM *a4 
y«|Alr< (ra*by m%il. Th« rWat.-c h«» »i>ca>»tull)r TrMtr^i 4o4 
;itl«<t ItMMtaii. AUeoaMilUliaiKan MrtcUy caah<lriili<: 

n. KINUr, MHWCiVtUt. MlKM. 





Lar^cost CloHiinff Uounc in the West. I'ioneors 
t)f Low I'ricos. 




Onr rnniishinir Uomls ilciKutmcnt 
is iiKiknr,' a specially et' Atlilotio 
lioods fiiis sv»:'>oii aral ^vo IVol salis- 
iioil you'll timl everything: you uooil 


iPOfiW OEClltJ 

Com'.>iiKitiou I'.iit'iin;,- Su}t^ 


Kathins: Trunks froui 

15c to 50c. 

Ka\viiigr suits for 

$1 and over. 

(iooil fiist bla "k, v.ont crock. sh(n-t 
sleeve liliirt an<l kiiee pantji. .lust tbe 
ihiiijr for rowiaif. bathiu? or sports 
of rtuv kind. 

$i.=;o a Suit. 

Sweaters, blues, bhu k anti wliite 

$2.50 and $3.50. 

Cycling Suits to Order. 

Rulins!: From the Genera! Land Office 
Which Is ot Great Interest to 
Many Settk'rs. 

No Steps Toward Final Proof to Be Taken 

UiJtil Tiirto Manths From the 

tjurvey Filing. 

Notices of^lntentlon to Make Final Proof, 

Opposed to Thii Opir.ion, Mii^t 

Be Vacated. 


Leather I>e]ts for Neiihsre^ Costnrae 
(juite ]iro]!er. Uocl variety. We've 
irot *em lor 

50c and 75c. 

More exjif n--ivc o!le^ if you choose. 

With i'M-vy purchase in every tle- 
partiueiit \naie entitled to a ticket 
(»ii tlie house lui-i lot we ijive away. 
]>e sure aud g-et one; wc want yoii to 
have it. 



"'SThere 'A'as a Crowd in the Police Court This 

Despite the prophesv to the e fleet that 
fifteen candidates for justice wculd line 
up before Judge Powe'.l t'ais mornin}^, 
the number was double that — jin even 
thirty. Twelve of these were up for 
trespass and vagrancy and in most cases 
sentences were fuspended. A jjcndly 
number of ('runk* wtrre afl;udn;ed i^iuity. 
A few pr»id fines ar.d liic rest \-'^xc com- 
mitted. Zcphiiiiah Kobie, for an inde- 
cent exposure of his person, was 5cnt up 
for thirty days. James Kelly, J. K. Tif: 
rind Geo. Robinson, charged wifn using 
;»busite kinjuage, ple.ided not guilty 
and had their tnal set for this rtfteriioou. 

Angelo Fabia, on complaint of Viio 
Solirneno, was up on tuc (.harc;e erf 
ajsau't in the first de:rree. He waived 
examination and was committed to await 
the action of the next ^r^nd jury. Angelo 
is the child ot sunny Italy, who was 
seized with a desire to run amuck, in 
which he sent a bullet through the groin 
of Mrs. Solimen-j. 

Stif Wozniak showed that his nature 
corresponded wittn his name, ior he was 
up for non-support of his family, on com- 
plaint of the wife of his bosom. Frances 
W'ozniak. The case was discharged 
upon the payment of coits-by the de- 

Joseph Ladouceur and one Hamed La- 
botle were accused by John lurcotti 
with wilful destruction of properly, al- 
leging that they tore aw.iy absut ten teet 
of a sb3d aldjoming his buildmsj. The 
examination u: the twain was set for July 
27 at 2 p. uj. 

Wdliam F. Lawrence, charged with 
running a s-^doon without a license, 
pleaded not guilty. The truth of his pie* 
will be passed upon dtiring theaiietiioon 
of July 37. Tabor Hit was in the toils 
on the charge or Uoirc inuiKira' an-'', iii- 
deceut lanj;iuige. The complaint was 
sworn to by Margaret Ik Logic, bat that 
did not dct'jr Tal)or from pleading not 
guilty. Powell released the de- 
fendant on his own recognizance on con- 
dition that he appear tomorrow afternoon 
and stand trial. 

Near the middle of June sevcr.^1 new 
townships in the Duluth govcnntcnt 
land district wore opened for settlement. 
In those towns^hips were certain sipiat- 
ters who had selected their lands l>efore 
the repe?.l of the pre-emption law. When 
the plats were tiled they sent in their 
declaratory statements by mail together 
with their applications to at once prove 
up under the pre-emption law, as they 
bad both settled on their lands 

liefore the repeal of the act and 
resided, on thei: claims the full time re- 
ijuired by iliai Jaw. Ihese tihiigs were 
a(:<:cpied. Several app'icaiioi:.. for 
timber and stone entries were alio made 
togeth;:r wiia a demand that an insli- 
tuiion of tin.d proof proceedings be 
rillort'ed. Monroe NkI;:.!--, then register, 
refused the applications and the tendered 
lee?, but aliowed ttie aflidaviis of the 
applicants. One fiiin of attorneys ap- 
PL.iled TO the gener;<l Imd office and. 
pending a cousidera'icn of all 'be points, 
i'. suspension o' prcof i w is ordered. 

This ni'Trfiitm .1 letter whs received 
from Assistant L'nilci States Land Com- 
uMisioner iuiiward A. iiov.ers. He re- 
viewed trie ni>tv.'iy of the matter, the 
correspondence and the action of the 
dep.irtment {>cnd:i!g a decision, after 
which he sayj»: 

"In my opinion the instructions on 
page 64, circular of February 6, 1892, 
clearly intwiiued that no ttepi towariJs 
making tinal proof on tilings should "oe 
taken urtl sfter the expiraiion of three 
months from \\\-: tiling of the township 
plat of survey in your ofttce. This rule 
was doubtle.s u tcnce.i to allow adverse 
c! r,in"nts an opportunity to place ihcir 
iSauns of record, and rhis object would 
be defeated bv peruntting publication of 
notice of intention to rubmll such prool 
which would constitute a segregation cf 
the hind av.d ttms debar the entry or 
liiicg of anolhtr witliin the three n.onthi 
." bowed. 

"Placi ig all tilings of record would also 
pervc to give notice of adverse claims, 
:ind if any of the parties in interest de- 
sired to submit fiQal proof, it would afford 
him the opportunity to cite adverse 
claimants in accordance with the rule in 
Finoley vs Ford and Reno vs Cole. 

' You will, therefore, vacate any notice 
o' intenuoa to submit tinal proot, whieb 

in oppoa<ti(m to 

no objiction exists, 

three months from 

date of tiling plat of survey in your 

cttice, notice of intention to submit tinal 

proof can then be given. Vou will follow 

this course in all wses where lands have 

recently btc;.'mt^ subject to entry and in 

;d: cases where lands become subject 

entry in the future by tiling of plat 


is r.oiv 1)jir.g published 
this opir.ion, and if 
at the expiraiKni of 


survey ui your 


The June Tcr.Ti of Court Is Over— Backus vs. 
Burke On Trial. 
District court convened at 9:30 this 
morning. Judge Lewis presiding. It was 
ordered that all cases not otheiwise dis- 
poned of be coutlnu' d until the regular 

September 1893 general term. Then 
court was adjournt.d ?ine dine. 

Immedialeiy thcreafier court was con- 
vtntd in chaml-ors by Judge Lewis, and 
the trial of Hatt:- W. Backus et al 
against Frank Hurke, Jr., et al, begun. 
This suit, which involves the title to con- 
s;dtrablc real esfa'.e, has been in court 
for a long time. A motifin for a new trial 
was denied in district court and an ap- 
P'.al taken to ihe supreme court. The 
higher court reversed the order and the 
new trial is now in progress. There are 
a hcs: ot wituesces to be examined and 
the case will take several days probably. 



The Weather. 

DuLCTH, July 2t, 1803. 
TI16 following varii>.tions in <"Rmpoiar,ur» were 
f^corded at Pioneor t''nei (^mipHDy's i>'Kcp, 220 
West Bnporior ^trept, today ami corfospcu'i- 
iug date last year. 

1^93 1992 I 1803 1892 

12 m tiii 70 I ;; a. m fij 70 

8p.m 76 >M»|£9a. m W 74 

'•ip.m 61 10 nam 6t 77 

lOp.m f)7 Wj 

1863 1892 

7t; 00 

53 eo 

... z\ :i!l 

T!ic Court Filings. 

The following papers were 
Clerk Sinclair's ctbcc today: 

Hars Hanson against Gust Johnson, 
execution lor $183 70 r-rturned partially 
»atir,hed by levy on $74 Q5 of personal 

In the matter of the assignment of 
Ctiadts W. Ho-.var I, schedule of assets, 
$(1 .'.''11.17. 

Mans Anciersou against Andrew 
Thompson, execution far ^^37.95 returned 

Giles Gilbert ngain-:t 
son ct al , complun.t in 
to lo's c;n Rice's p'iiit. 

John Henorickson 
Kj^jilin, traiiicdpt of 
mi^nicipal conrt, S</J.i8 

Mary F. Emer- 
aU't to c|uiet title 

against Alfred 
judgment" from 


CuUum. dentist, 702 Palladio. 
^jaiokc Endiou cigar. W. A. Foote & Co. 

"Use the best" Duluth Imperial flour. 

MclMillcn & Tenbusch, architects; 

King block. 

First mortgage loans, Crosby Bros., Pal. 
Dr. H. C. Minton, D. D.. will lecture at 
the First church Tuesday 
cvei'ing, the 25th. Subject: "KecoHec- 
tiuns of a Rambler." I ickets 50c. 
Dr. Schiffman tills teeth wiiboat pain 
Smoke Robert liurns cigar. Sold by 
Albert Hauslaib. Nai'l bank bldg 
The Twin City railroad commercial 
agents who came to Duluth Saturday 
morning to look over the terminal fa- 
cilities and harbor of the of the 
lake returned last night in their special 
car over the St. Paul ^ Duluth road. 

Charles M. Harrington entertained at 
dinner at the Spalding Saturday even- 
iug the guests being: M. Ik Koon, John 
l)e Laittre ;md C. K. Wales, of Miiine- 
I'.pi^Iis, and Clarke Fagg, of Duluth. 

Rev. W. W'. Dawley who was extended 
a c:.\\ b/ the First Ikiptist church of Du- 
luth has accepted and will arrive here 
about August 10. He is al present pas- 
tor ot Wco;llawii Park church in St. Paul, 
Dr. il. C. Minton, D. D., will lecture 
at tiie Firs'. Prcsbytt-rian church tomor- 
ro'.v evening on '•RecoUectious of a 

The Pickets and West End Baseball 
ttfanii pla\ed on the Twenty-eighth ave- 
nue guniuds ye-sterday morning, the 
former winning by a score of 10108. 
There was no game in the afternoon. 

The South Shore road carried about 
I. ICO people from Duluth and Superior to 
ttie switchmen's picnic at Lake Nebaga- 
m.iin yesterday. 

S.meof the marine engineers of the 
city complain that there are several 
Canadian men now running here .-is cap- 
tains and pilots who have taken out no 
licenses, and wonder why they are al- 
lowed to do so. 

There will be a meeting of the Catholic 
club this evening at the rooms oa West 
Fourth street. 

Mrs. D. H. Hoist! n returned last Sat- 
urday fiom Minneapolis ivfter an absence 
of several weeks at the redside of her 
brother, Louis S. Gray, who died last 
wc.^.k. Mr. Gray bad numetoiis friends 
and acquiintances in Duluth wlio w.ll be 
very much grieved at bis sudden de- 

The Rev. Dr. Minton's lecture on Tues- 
day evening the 25tb, will undoubtedly 
be largely attended. The subject selected 
V\ the doctor i?, "Recollections of a 
Rambler." Pries ot admission: Seats 
in the gallery 25 cents; seats down 
siaiiS 50 cents. The young people in- 
forms us ihat they have a great number 
of excellent seats in the gallery. Tickets 
con be purch?sf:d at the door or from 
members of ih^ Young People's society. 
Don't fail to attend. 

S.itunlay afternoon Elizabeth A. Gam- 
inell took out a permit for the erection of 
a four-suny brick and stone business 
block on the southeast corner of Super- 
ior street and First avenue west, the 
site of the Uld Kentuc'ky liquor store. 
The new improvement will cost S46.000. 
A. Kirmisich was also granted a permit 
for the cre':tion of a dwelling on Duluth 
Heights, the same to cost $700. 

Births as follows have been reported 
to the board of health: Fred Peterson 
and wife, Harrison's addition, adaughter; 
J. F. and Eiizabeth Burrows, 1627 Bench 
.-street, a daughter; Wm. and Jennie 
Cook, 27 Twenty-fifth avenue west, a 
?on; Robert and Elii'a Cantz, 1604 First 
avenue v/est, a daughter; J. J. and Lolta 
Thom.a«, Sargent avenue, a daughter. 

The Young Men's Christian associa- 
tion has chartered the Ossifrage f<n a 
moonlight excursion on W'ednesday 
evening, with music by the association 
orchestra and refreshments served by 
the ladies' auxiliary. 

Jacob Johnson was brought down from 
Biwabik today to serve twenty days in 
tbe county jail because of an aggravated 
and noisy spree. 

The will of the late Daniel M. Hoyt 
v/as admitted to probate in Judge Ayer's 
court this morning. 

List your vacant houses v.-ith Crosby 
Bros., Paliadio. We have tenants 

The bink clearings today amounted 
to ?305,36S.20. 

Peder Gronning, from Norway, to.nk 
out his lirst cit'zenship papers in the 
United Sates court today. 

Affairs in general arc in smiling and 
smoking condition at the health office 
today. Cause— John Rossiter, the sup- 
erintendent, is the father of a boy born 

The council meets tbis evening but 
little can be given in the way of a fore- 
cast ot what will come up. There will 
probably be a report on the question of 
the purchase of the old Bunnell block 
site for a market place. 

At the annual meeting of the Swedish 
American Press association, held in Chi- 
cago last week, ICdilor Per Larka of the 
"Minnesota Svenska Tribun" was re- 
elected vice president, liditor Oscar 
Cederberg of the "Wisconsin Stenska 
Tribun" cf Superior Wis, was made a 
member of the board. The a.«»5ociation 
■will meet in Superior next year, the 
second Wednesday of July. 



h Holston Have Closed The'r Saw 
Mill at the West End For a 

Business Does Not Warrant the Firm 
in Keeping the Mill at Work at the 
Present Time. 



None of the Mills on This Side Are Working 
Night Crews The Market Lookiii: 



Mnndny, July 21: Coiitinncd fair: 
wuriiior luirtliontl tr> oanf * Wiiiiih 
i-hifliuK to toiitti uiid w«Pl ; slowers. 

D. S. Weatiier Sipals, 

Pioneer Fuc? Co. 

Inf oriirotatioii of t'Lipt- : 

1. Wliito indicttlt-i Fair Wf-nlJior. 

2. H'lMo iiidicHtiiN itniii or hsiow. 

;i. Wiiit(<, Hli'.clt Ci'at.T iiiiliraiOB n 

4. Rnd. lilack cottro, indicatee i- 

5. Wliito aiid lit iiu indicates Loca' 

I). Hlaek trianifiil.'ir, (TumpLTatni* 
8i,-'nal.) lu'licatAr. rviirni vvli.tii abovJ- 
coldor wltuu billow otiior (t.'i*;M, 

Scott vv Holston have s*iut down their 
saw mill. In reply to an inquiry as to 
the reason, a rcprescnt.itivc of that com- 
pany today informed The Herald that 
the company has not logs enough to run 
at full c.ipacity the whole season. Then 
money matters are close, collections slow 
and the demand for the sawed product 
light. These conditions compel Scott & 
Holston to hustle harder for the cash to 
meet the running expenses of the mill 
than they like, ami as U will be necessiry 
to shut aown later on. on iiccount of the 
sujiply oi tb.e lr.i;s, i; has been decided to 
do It how. The trade of tiiis coaipany is 
in the West, their s:'.\\s cutting a iliinner 
product than is dcmandtd by thcE.istern 
consumer.*;, whirli accounis in a measure 
for the slow collections. This move will 
throw about 75 men out of emp'oyement 
and reduce the daily cutput in Duluth 
60,000 feet. 

It was also rcportrd on the street this 
morning that ai! the Duluth mills had 
decided to shut down but thai is not a 
fact. All mills have ceased niglit runn- 
ing, except Pe\ ton, Kimball i^ Barber, 
and they will continue that feature as 
loni: as money comes in suiiicicBtly to 
easdy meet running expenses. Said 
a gentleman today who kcepts posted 
on lumber matters: 

'• The lumber market is looking uj) .a 
little ard coiieciionsaresomeAhat eai-ier. 
Within the pa^t two weeks Ii)uncan. 
Brewer & Co. have disposed of 1,100 ox) 
feet in the Cleveland market, at a rate Si 
bitter than last year. Freight rates are 
mnv low, being Si 75 to Lake Erie poiets 
and $2 to Chicago and Lake Michigan 

"The district trade is good .ind th^ 
Easterr> demand is double that of Itst 
year. The fall trade will probably be 
active. From 50,000 to 75.OGO feet of 
logs will probably be held over. 
That will curtad next season's 
cut. This alread/ influences the 
stnmpage demr.rd. It is not so active 
and jpecu'aiive operations in slumpage 
have wdolly co.i:etl. Prices will come 
down and there are a good many f)ut- 
siders who exprc t to comn in and get 
hold of good tr.ictsof timber al an.unusu- 
ally advantage u? figure. 

•' The iuinber ruiput will be c.0Ti.served, 
the mills CRrryi! -■ the legs in preference 
to lumb?r. Wine there has been no 
meedng or concrrted action to that end, 
each firm seems to have mapped cut 
that individual pc'icy. The season will 
also, in all likelihoo d, b e cut off some." 




Uaily range.. . 

Eighl Were Discharged. 

Eight pa.iciii.-; sent St. Louis 
Co'tniv i'JCivc iiec:i discharged as cured 
f'oui th^' Fergui Falls stL'.tc hospital. 
Tn.rir i.amtrs v»uh dute of roramitment 
ar-.' a;; follows: Hiram Levis, April 20, 
1093; Frank Bell, Aug. 20. 1892; Joseph 
.^:: tsn, March 23, 1895; L'swis Nelson, 


.■'o, 1893; P*^er .MoArton, 

Joan kilm on Ntwqiiist, 

Matt Ahc. Nov. 30, .'Sp; 

Peder^on, Nov. 25, 189: 

Feu. 25. 
P'eb. 15. 

I'"or Rent — Two 
unfurni-tii-o. team 
to 'Co Palledio, 

rooms Mason flats 
heat, Apply 

Ta,c. only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.— No Ammouia, No Alum 

Used in Millions of Homes — 40 Years tlie Stawdi^ni 

What August May Bring. 

The customary history of the coming 
month's weather just been sent out 
by the weather bureau. August for the 
past twenty-two years has had a mean 
temperature of 65 degrees, the warmest 
being in 1S88, when it was 70 degrees 
and the coldest in iScp, 61 degrees. The 
highest temperature was on the 25th, 
1888, when it was 95 degrees, and 40 de- 
grees was the coldest on the 31st, i836. 
Tbe average precipitation for the inouth 
has been 3.56 inches. The average num- 
ber of cloudless days has been 10, partly 
cloudy 13 and cloudy 8. The prevailng 
v/inds come from the northeast and the 
highest recorded velocity is 36 miles on 
tha 24th, 1892. 

— •■ - ■ — - 

A Clerk is Needed. 

The Duluth United States land fcfficc 
officials have made an application forthe 
reinstatemeni of C. B. King, the clerk 
lately ordered dispen.sed with. The in- 
spector who was here the other day 
signed the apnlication and the chances are 
that it will oe .allowed. There is an 
immense amount of business on hand, 
and at pre.sent Register Taylor is com- 
pelled to do the work a clerk could do, 
all to the delay of matters entirely im- 
portant, which should have due attention. 

The Baby Vampire. 

The addition of the cage of blood suck- 
in;; vampires to the Morris Illusion ex- 
hibit attracts a great many people. 
Thttc arc two old ones with young, 
Eveiy one should see these strange and 
laie creatures. 


The Action oi the St. Paul Banks Being l^lcn- 
erally Condemned, 
J. W. Mason, attorney ol Fergus Falls, 
wlio is visiting Duluth, was seen by .-i 
Herald reporter tod.iy and when asked 
what the banks in the country thought oi 
tb.e recent action of the St. Paul banks 
in 'cfusing to take checks on C(ninlry 
banks except for collecton, said: 

'It is a direct blov/ at the country' 
b;inks, and an attempt to force country 
merchants to c.irry depo-its in S'. Paul. 
'Ihe Citizens' National b.\tik of Fergus 
FallF,of wiiich I am president, cun-itautly 
carries in St. Paul a bilxnce oi tr(>!n ?if.,- 
coo to $40,000, and I f .il to see where cur 
corre'^nondent russ any rislc in 
crediting checks drawn oa us by our 
customers. It is poing to rcs-ult in bencfn 
to Minneapolis banks il they refuse to 
go into the combinati.jn v. iii-";! I hear 
they arc going to. It is good businei.- 
sagacitv for the Minneipoiis banks to E(- 
reUise. it will rot oniy help thim, bu' 
Minneapolis jobbers, as well. Tht 
country bru-.hs are going to protect them 
st'lvcs, and are talking of removing their 
reserves from .St. Paul to Minneapolir 
Country merchants will prcf^-r — ^otbe- 
t'iiings l);:i"g equal — to buy goodi where 
their checks will be honored and the 
conduct cf t'r.eir business made easy in- 
stead of as difticult as possible. 

"Yt.s, I have noticed the decision m 
the Bohn case. I regret that it is made 
the law of tiiis state. Of c^urte I do no! 
criticise the decision — the presumption 
is I'oftt It is good law. I O'lly regret thai 
it is so. I had aKvays suppos^^ed that an\ 
combination to control, raise or depress 
the price of vcniible commodities, wa- 
i:nlav;fu!. If tbe action of the retail 
lurpber dealers was not for that purpose, 
what was their object? The contest o! 
the future is to be that against 'trust' and 
'combinati'-ins,' It is not only an im- 
[lortant contest, it is a vifil one. Under 
tlie P>abn d-rc sion it will l»e hard to teli 
v.herj a leg;<J, rornbinatio;-. leaves off unc 
an ilb'gal one begins. 

"It seems to me thnt a combination be- 
tween retail dca'crs to retrain from buy- 
ing of .a wholesale dealer unless the lat- 
ter will de?i;t from performing a perfectly 
legal .".ct, contains the very elements of 
coercion. VVhrst is it but an attempt a' 
boycott, .' lul a mcst effectual one at that: 
There is no clement of the socialist ir 
nic, b;>t I am tor mainldning a strict 
control of the immense power which 
combined and concentrated wealth gives 
Let every m:;.i be free to accumulate 
wealth, but iircvciu the illegal use o:" 
capital. The only redress of the people 
is through the courts, and when that ave- 
nue of escape is denied then, wbo can 
s'l^ate a remedy?" 


Odds and Ends 
Clearing 5ale 

.««==__TH!S WEEK. 

Eztraorlipry Earsaiiis in Every Bep.fti'l 

Prior to tlie Arrival of Our New YA\ Stock. 

Dress Sits M\. \ Mi 



20 piece-. Scotch Cheviot Suitinj?', I Your choice from our Frsach Fienred 
madetosellat36c, price no v/ only 21c. I Dotted Swiss, sold al! season at 45c 
_ ^ I and 53c. price this weelc only 35c. 

I 25c. 

25 piecas Henrietta Cloth, 36 inches ' 

wide, worth ^.-Oc, onr price, 27c. 


18 pieces fine Dress Baitings, always 
sold ot 65c, price this week ou'y 53c. 


Your choi-js from our Imparted Print- 
ed Dimity Cloth, prioe all season 32o 
and 40c,*cur price this week only 2&c. 


Your choice from all on? 25c light 
colored V.'ash Stuffo thio week at 19c. 


A large variety of Dress "WcaTcs, in- | 
cludintr Diational .?. Whip Cords and ; 
kJerjzes, regu ar price b5o to $1, this | Your choice from our 12'io and 15c 
weeic only 67 c. "Wash Fabrics this week at only lOc 

New Sail C oths and Hop Sackings in 
navy brown, hilw, myr:lc; and garnet at "P 
very popular price"?. 

Se3 Otir 95c. 

liibUii UiiUbiftuttl. 

Hop Sackiaic s, cold at ether stores at 
51 25. 

Imported Outirc Flannels— A larg* 
assortment at 25c. 35c. 40c and 50c. , lodoz-r Ladie?'NiehtGownf=, w.^rth 

65 and 70c. Pr;cp tor three days or/.y 

25 dozen Corset Covers, wcrtb. 25c 
and 35c. For three days ?idy 

15c Eacli. 

liergen, Norway, is 
A. B. Langc, editor 

Miss R. Lange, ot 
visiting her brother. 
of the Scandia. 

B. C. Church hr.: rone tD New York 
on bhsiness. 

Mr. and Mr-;. S. L. Ruccleft yesterday 
afternoon for Chic;igo. 

Thomas A. Rockwell, electrical en- 
gineer, has come here from Minneapolis 
to reside permanently. 

James Corrigan. the Cleveland iron 
man, was in Dulu.h Saturday afternooa. 

Hon. Henry Birkett and wife and son, 
ot Austin, Mian., rcturr^cd home Satur- 
day after a visit g.ijS v.ith Mr. 
and Mrs. D. H. Sterenson. 

George E. Milligan will go to Chicago 

Miss Allie Newcom. of Tower, spent a 
few hours in Duluth Saturday en route 
to the World's fair. 

W. C. Sargent went to New York 

Judge D,T.'McDon.ald, of Red>.cker, 
Mich., is visiting his son-in-law, Alder- 
man N. N. Oie. 

Mrs. \V. S. Whisler and daughter and 
Miis Jean Hoatson, of Calumet, Mich., 
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John 

B. C. Church left vesterday for New 

Mrs. J. E. LaLonde and daughter, of 
the West End, arrived here from their 
former home, Ishpeming, Mich., and are 
living at No, 1805 Superior street west. 

\V. C. McClure and son arrived this 
morning from Saginaw. 

Miss ICmma Wright, of Saginaw, 
Mich., is at the Spalding today. 

Archibald Reid, of Montreal, is at the 

F. S. Lciiney and wife. of Minneapolis, 
were in the city yesterday. 

D.D.Jones leaves this evening for 
London, Eng., after a stay of six weeks. 
Tom J. Owens leaves in the course of a 
week, L-ailing iroin New York on Aug. 3 
on the steamer Teutonic. 

.Southard Forgy, The Herald's messen- 
ger boy, is recovering from a rather 
a.?verc attack of tyi)hoid fever. 

Misses ?dinnie John-^ion, Ellie Vs'atkins, 
and ISclle Scefieki, all of Brooklvn, arc 
visiting Mrs. W. B, Wells, of Tenth ave- 
nue cast. 

IL H. Good, manager of I. Freimuths 
shoe dep.artmcnt, loaves over the North- 
western for New N oik, Boston and Phil- 
adelphia on his fall purchases this 

H. L. P>aldwin, Jr., J. L. Johnson and 
C. G. Van Hook.'.it the United States 
ecological survey, arc at the Sjjalding 
todav. ""hey have been making a topo- 
jiraphical survey of the country about 

The Duluth Kan 10 and Glee club has 
been organ if eti with H. Grochau presi- 
dent, S.Lacoy secretary and treasurer, 
and A. H. Wigdahl, manager. 

No Transfers Today. 
No transfers were given today at 
Third avenue west. There 'was not 
nearly fo ivuch kickmg oti the part of 
the public as the street railway people 
h.'id e^pp«trd to For the accom- 
modation of the publi ; the transfer men 
will still be retained on tbe corner to di- 
rect people what cari, to ta'i^e, .xttend to 
switching, etc. 


Garpe! Beiil 

Nev/ p.atterns Tapestri'- Bru^ssl-, 
worth 65e p :r j'ard; this week oniy 


700 yc.rds Ingrain, vrorth 35g, 4Cc 
and 45c per yard. All go this week at 
the s;;:nc io\"' price ol" 


175 Oenuiao.Spanish Adelaide Rugs, 
worth S 19::. Talie your pick of any of 
the lot for 



Ail our SI and £1.25 Ladies' Night 
Gowns;, for three days at 


All Sl.CC and ?1.7o Gowns, for Mon- 
day, Tue.^.day aud Wednesday, at 

Uulil U ruiiiilJiili'^ UUydU. 

Yotir choics from 2o dozen Teck Ties, 
regular price 50c. t*: is w^eek only 29u. 

B8lil5 OiiOils al Lfiw Ffices mm t FEeilUTIl'g. 


Fort Scott Tribunes fiofcrence to Col. 
Karris. Who Remsvcd to Duluth. 

Col. A. A. Harris arrived in Duluth 
Saturday evenin^j from Fort Scott, Kas., 
and will become a citizen of Duluth. His 
son will arrive in a few days and they 
will engage in the practice of law. Col. 
Harris was prominent in Democratic 
politics in Kansas and came within a 
lew votes of being elected Uni.tcd .States 
senator from Kans^is last winter. The 
Fort Scott Daily Tribune says regarding 
his departure: 

"Col. A. A. Harris left for Duluth, 
Minn., today, where he expects to make 
his future home. During his residence 
of tvv£niy-i(VO years in I'cri Scott, Col., 
Harris has .always been one of our most 
prominent citizens and he will be great- 
ly missed in this community where he 
has been connected with almost ever) 
enterprise which has contributed to 
build up and develop this city. 
Col. Harris still has exten- 

sive interests in Fort Scott and 
P.ourbon county and only removes to 
Duluth because he believes there is a 
better field in a larger city and rapidly 
developing country for the practice of 
his profession. He is an energetic, 
wholesouled, progressive and for 
many years has ranked as one of the 
leading lawyers of this state. We be- 
lieve he will rapidlv sicj) to tbe front 
and make bis mark in Duluth and that 
city is to be congratulated upon having 
secured such valuable citizens as the 
colonel and his talented son Henry E. 
Harris, who will follow his father in 
about a week." 


The Duluth Oarsmen Starloil Today For 
the Regatta. 

The four-oared crew and Dan Mc- 
Donald who will rovv m the junior single 
race, accompanied by trainer Ed Maho- 
iiey, left for Lake Minnetonka on the 
Great Northern at i o'clock this after- 
noon. It was the C'lpcctaticn that a 
number of the Duluth boat club would 
accomjiaiiy the o.arsnien, but the most of 
them have decided to wait and go down 

The boys left Duluth in good spirits 
and excellent ;:bape physically. They 
will undoubtedly make a'good record at 
the regatta this week, if they do not 
carry aVay all the honors. 

Newspaper Men's Excursion. 

iouiii Slivre road \\\\\ give 

an cx- 

to a number oi" the bend oi the 

The ; 

lakes aewspaper men, leaving Did uth at 
4:15 tomorrow. The party will run to 
Mar(]ii.;tte by rail" arriving there 
Wednesday niorning. Froai there they 
will go to Pictured Rocks by boat and 
remaiti over right. Thnreday morning 
thi^ boat will be taken 10 the Soo and 
from liiere tbe run will be made to 
M.ackinac Lsland. The p.".i >.y will return 
Sunday by rail. 

Giover Cleveland's Extra Session, 

I)r. Speer <^': Co. do as tliuy promise; 
ad page 2. 

To Whom It May Cor.-crn. 

I hereiiy forbi>i any .intl all paitie; to 
cxtmd any creoit to Mrs. I'. IC, Daw.-oa 
ai I will not Oe lesponsibic f<;rthe sami'. 

F. E. 

Duluth, July IX, i8g3. 


Are Offering 

Big Inducements in 
Summer Footwear. 

ladies;' RUSSIA CALF Lace Shoes, regular 
pnce^ 'I'lj.UU • • 

regular price, $3-50 

fron: $3.50 'ind Sl-OO 


Il'Oll.. wO'vH.'* ••••••••••••••••••• •••••••■••• 


$1.25. $2.00 and $2.60 



Notice In Dog Owners. j 

Notice is iierebv giviin that all persons j 

owning or kieping unlicensed dogs I 

be liable to .irrest and fine cr imprison- j 

ment from and after thio d.atc. i 


Chief of Police, i 
Duluth, Jv lie 6, 1S03. . | 



>■ 1 •; L -«]5ni:r.\l not sewokk .\t ONci-:. 

'\ 11; WV' r Til ■«! Mnyt 


Rtai Estate ^ 


i^d.viTio:'; \v.\>,rEi) by an kxperi- 

{ rnee't ?rtiiy !-tCBn<:rrH!lior Slid hf.kkeei>er. 
t'ily riifori'ur**?. .-XiUro^h K 100, licrald. 

Ji iioii.«:ck<'cp! ,K. fU' l>tr inouth. 1*5 First 
avoiiue fat^t. 

X'OiNT. (;I' hii.m. vto'Cld likk 

I ^iltupo to taivc Ciro of chiMroa vt lio .-^Cvjsiit 
■work, jii W-ctX at CI i:r fps-t. 


; >.»■ ■.■■-" - 




Pir foot lor 50 faet r^n 

\"..:4;a.u stroot. In busi- 
ngs center. This will pay 
vtiii 10 Improve. 

ftr 25- foot lot on Fifth 
f^iroot, near tho lucliue; 
V'orth $SCO. 

for 60x150 on West 
Sixth st-roat. 




1 11.^ < h*r!;ipo ^.,w 9mA Vwr Ur..} 
hk ;1*T«!-'t.. il.!iV\uo, ;l.L 


' Sale of Lots in the ThHvinp S 
T >wn of hit \VA lilK. K 

It win pay you to buy and build forls 
Prioos are Lov/ oxid Renti? Hijjh. j|£ 

D. W. Scott, 

Room I, Mes.iba Block. 

DR. CAMF1ELL\ of il.e 
nbove institution, will be in Dn- 
hith, at the MFRCIIAXTS 
jl^LV 25, where he would be 
pleased to see any persons af- 
tb'cted with disease of the eye 
and ear. Consultation free. 
'Vhc doctor will carry an as- 
sortment of artificial human 
eyes, from which i^sersonal se- 
lection may be made. 

DR. CAM FIELD will beat 
Lake View Hotel in Two Hai- 
bots, Minn., on the 24th. 












TUESDAV, JVhV 25, 1893. 




y y I**! rfti I*- ■*■ '^^ '^ '^' J^ ^^ "^ ^^ '^'^ '^^' <A.i^-j*fi ^M if, Anr>i .jk^flj.j^.ifl».jtf: 

< "PO Reduce an Overstock of 



We Offer Our Entire Stock For 

■nrt I a^i rft— TTM ns ■ m-*^,fi 

The Riisiiiiio' IVcck 

y// Crcaflv Reduced Prices. 


^ ^Bi ^ i ■ I ■ I ■■ ■■' iM Wi M ■■i.iHII 

\ This Sale 


rvv .v*ink<i««u»' 

Will inrhklc about lialf a rarj 

C'l • • • • • • • 




IJke cut shown (on!}' v.ith-i 
out mirrois) .... 





Regular Price, $22.50. 


We Sell on Easy Fay- 
H H laccts Wiisa Desired. 

Do yoTJ ru>'-d rurrfjrnm.nla- 
tii.'iiT I'rtvo ymi j;iven tliis 
luftthiMl uf Dur btjfli:i<M6 year 

Jt is bonor';!'l«». 

It is j'-.^t an>i eii'irtaM'?. 

Onr b::oks c-jntnia llif' 
n.imos of iLo lv>?!t citir.'»t>« of 
P'jlnt*!, wiio bayo nvailtvi ., 
thamfieivcs dI iti< ftJvuuta<f^. M 

$ S.CO aa V: 

iO.OOou W.W i><»Uifht. 
a*.Kn on 100.00 Ik>a<iht. 

NO lNr'.:Ri:9T CHARiiKD 

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We EaYC llie Largest Stoc^ cf Crockery. |> 

Wc have tlic Largest Stcei of Carpets! (> 

Wc \w> llic Largest StocS or Kverylliirg i 

pertalmug to Hccsc-rarHsliiDg in tlia \ 

city of DnlalL 


\^^ r^-tQ^ T^-^.-y -^F ^Sy ^y '■V^^T -V ^ IC ^w'n^'yV n,y y -^ -»y v;;ri5rT5^ ^Sf*^ ;i 

^^t:„«i^. I Smith, FarweH 

^•;^ .:;;::!;::• • I ^ Stecae Co., |i* 




t}[p: LAroEaT assortment 








Ofier the most •vvondorfal barfjafns in furniture and bedding that yon ever hrurd 
Of. We have one ol nliy best selected stocks of the latest ;iud m«st reliable ^ooc'! 
made and wo can save you lots of mouoy if you w^ill only takb tne time and loc .i 
this up. 

riir Tflf^N nilT ^^'Ci^rincthi^witayouandijet a cash discount of 10 per 
vUl lillO UUl cent on your purchase, iiemomber the place. 

No. 108 ami 110 FirM Avenue Wfnt, Above First Stroot. 

Pocket Books, Card Cases 

Bill Book 

Pass Cases. 


ciiEiLMi k mvm mmm. 

MENDENHALL & HOOPES, /Employers Liability, 

District ila.rrarr,, I Elcvator AccidcJlt, 

LOSiCH GHarCHteC & ACCiSClit CC. Workmen-s collective, 

(UMiTEo), /Surety Bonds, 

OF LONDON, ENG. I "^ t t -i i a -i 

OROANIZ2CID IBQS. \ Individual Accident 

Negligee Shirts, 

y ^^^■^Cy^^^'i^^W Neckwear, 

'>mf^S§& .Yachting Caps, Etc. 

~r^^ '-J*^^^ 

C2LbfSiv..v 1 i^:0 HATS?. 

Silk llals Blocked er Iro:ed Z\M Yon Wait. 



- .>"«*..-» 

The Baltimore & Ohio Express Plunged 

Dawn an Etnbankniiint at an Early 

Hour This Morninf^ 

Nobody Was Killed Outright, But Thirty 

Wv're Injured, Five, it is Thought 

Quite Seriously. 

five of the Cor.ches Were Loaded With 

Pn:songer£, Most of Them Going 

to Chicago. 

Seats and TlmltorsWrre Piled Promiscuously 

On the Imprison, d People in the 

Roar Coach. 

CiYAiiociA Fai.i.s, ()., Jujy 25.— The 
second section of the IJaltiinure & Ohio 
express, west-bound, was wrecked one 
mile east of Munroc Falls ajout .P30 
this Riornin<j. Spread of rails caused 
llic wreck at a point where there is a 
short curve in the tr.ick. Five of the 
coaches loaded wilh pis.scngcr*, most of 
whosi were on their way to Chicapi^o, 
were thrown down a ten-foot embank- 
ment. Nobody w;i» killed (iutri.:;ht but 
thirty were injured, five of them it is 
thouj^ht, scricusly. Ail of the maimed 
were taken to Akron by special train and 
senc to th'! city hospital. About a do/en 
doctois from Akron went down with 

The special train bearing the injured 
from Munroo Falls reached Akron about 
8:30 oVlork. All the ambulances in tlic 
city were at the depot, .".nj tht injnrru 
were conveyed as .-^peedily as possible ti| 
iht: ciry ho^^pital A^h^re they received t''t. 
aitcnti.^n of a score of phy5-ician'^. It is 
inipo<;sihIe at this time to btote hf.w 
nj.iny of those: hurt will liie cr how ser- 
ious all their injutius rire Here is^a iisl of 
those now ;«i the iiNspiial: 

Henry F. lleile, rhil.ulcI.jKiin, back 

N. P. r.over, Co^lesville, I'^., serious 
cut on head. 

Vv'i'liam M. Morrow, Philadelph'.". 
h.?:id rut and liack fiurt. 

Louis Steitiback, I'.allitnorc, left Icic 
cut and bruised. 

Jamcn K. Muse, Baltimore, bark 

Frank While, Lafayette, Pa., slightly 
C'.it. not ='«'rioT!S. 

Mrs. Kliza White, Laf?.>elte, shoulder 

I. \\. Morcdick, Washington, 1). C. 
severe scnlp wound. 

F. ( ). Staats, \'ienna. Fairfax county, 
Virginia, injured int^riially. 

Dr. J. R. Allen, Baltimore, arm and 
ribs broken. 

W. A. Mode, Washington, D. C , head 

Mrs. Ma^Tgic Core, Washington, inttr- 
nal iisjuries anfl arm broken. 

Mrs. Mary N. Smith, Washington, se- 
vere cuts about hcnd. 

Mrs. L;:!a llun*.. T'.altimore. head cu!. 

Anna Miller. Washington, tiurt about 
held, arms and side. 

Lilian Cramer, Camden, N. J., arm 

h:i'.)el I'orbcd, Caniden, head cut. 

H. M. Mice, Camden, cuts on head 
and back. 

L. Stuart, I'altiraore, injuries about 
breast and head. 

Mrs. Lena Sturgeon, cut about head. 

When the cars left the track many of 
the passengers were asleep. The lasi 
conch was the mo.-t seriously wrecked. 
It jumpcfl the mils where the curve was 
the sharpest and j. lunged along ihc lies 
about fitty yards before tumb!mg down 
the embankment. Seats and timbers 
v.-erc piled promiscously on the im- 
priionod passengers. Fortunate for 
them thert: was no lire to ignite the old 
coaches, or there would have been a 
repetition of the horrible Jlavcnnc dis- 
aster of July 3, i8<>i. 

It is impossible to tell CNartly what 
caused the s(ftcading of the rails, 
probably heavy ttains wldch the lialti- 
moie iv: Ohiahas been running to handle 
the V/orld's fair traffic. It is generally 
agreed that the secoi.d enpjne (train 
consisted of ten caches drawn by two 
engines) was the fir-it to leave the track. 
One theory is it lco-;f;ne<l tho rail 
boits. which then allowed the rails to 


A Car Lett Standing in the Road ot a Fast 

Providenck. R, L, July 25.— Early 
this morning the first section of the mail 
train from Ho'^tun to New ^■ork was 
wrecked oppo!?iie its Dodgeville station. 
The train consisted of Old Colony en- 
gine 147, two United States mail cars, .a 
baggage car and several passenger 
coaches. A freight train passed from 
Attlcboro at midnight and switched oil 
some four cars at Dodgeville, and one of 
them was left on the main track. 

The mai train lapproached the obstruc- 
tion at the rr.te of thirty miles an hour 
and crashed into it before the engineer 
could reduce the speed of his train. The 
engine was compietely demolished, .\ 
mail clerk named ?vIoiler, belonging in 
New \'ork, was killed and another clerk 
named Murphy seriously hurt. Several 
cf the passengers were also injured, 

-« - — _ 


Whisky Causes a Tragedy at a Camp 
Ni(.noL.\svn.LK, Ky„ July 25.— The 

small lunnbcr of C(»ltat:ers at High 
Hridge camp meeting lelt over from 
.Sunday were shocked last nif,'ht at 7:30 
o'clo- k bv the nork of a touglj character 
»vh'j kided his man near the enclosure 
and escaped to tLc Mercer'sitic. 

Sara Newton and William Crouch, 
from Dan\;lle, filled themselves with 
whisky, which was sold on tli« outside of 
the enclosure, and when they met, Crouch 
fired one shot, fled and was shot by New- 
ton and killed while running away. 



The Indianapolis National Bank Forced to 
Suspend ThlsTtlcrning. 

lM)i.\, July 25.— The Indian- 
apolis National bank, capital 1^300,000, 
closed ili doors this morning. No state- 
ment has been made as to the coiulition 
except tliat the failure j:; tor Si, 200,000, 
For bome days rumors have been CMrrcnt 
to the elfect the bank was in trouble 
and those run.ois have hod ih.e elfict of 
staitirir a t|uiet tun upon it which, tjuict 
though It was, has dcpU'ted the bank's 
Iniids and linally made necessary the 
ac'iou of .tod ay. 

For many years the Indianapolis 
National has been rc;.;ar(!ed as among 
the strongest binks in this city. The 
siispen.sion of the liank is due to the 
geiiLfal financial striiigciicy,the currency 
of minors which in »ugi:i.iied a run and 
the fact that the maiungcmcnt dnl not 
siifficienlly realise thv condition of 
affairs to enable them lo make prepar.i- 
tion for the worst, 

Accordint, to the statement of the 
batik niade July 15, the loans ami dis- 
counts amounted to >l.;;;5,S44.i6, while 
rash and securities on hand aggregates 
Sf);-;3,coj. 'i'he individeal deposits sub- 
ject to check were fS:'), 1570.50. The 
l);ink was Lfni;<.d States d-'poiitory and 
had all the f'.'dcial moijcy in it, ainount- 
ini< e.\av;lly to i^3'JO,ooa. The Indianap- 
oli.-; bank is one of the oldest 
aral has been one of the iriosl liourishing 
IvMiksiii Indianapolis ar.d the entire 

1 he gentlenia* who ])rcsident at 
its orgiini/ation in 1S84, 1'. P, Ilaughey, 
is its pie>ident sail, and during it--, en- 
tire e.\isience ilereha\c been but two 
cashier.-, V.. F. Kexlord, who now liold.s 
that position, -mA H. Latham, wha was 
its cashier from the organization until he 
lesigned in lUSS. Mr. Haughey, the 
president, is not cnly the oldest bank- 
president in continuous service in the 
city, but ho is with one cxccptitui th« 
oldest banker here. President Haughey 
made the following statctnent this morn- 

"I was nt)t aware until Saturday even- 
ing of the gravity of the situation. The 
Louisville tS: New Albany bank failure? 
seemed to ag.^^ravato the local linpiicia! 
;,itealioii ia sii -h a way as to prvducc 
rapid siireading and r;sial rumors. I 
thought It was wise at the time tti coiiiull 
with ioitic of my feiliw bankerri .lOu 
railed ia representatives of l-letchcr.-, 
the indian.i National, Mi ridian National 
■iiid .Merchants' Nation;d bank.s. 

"It was my opinion that 'V/i.coo woi'ld 
carry our ba;;!: thriUigii ard 1 pskcd lor 
this amount in the slnpe of a Joan. 
These banks very generously gavi; mt 
;?50,e>20. 'i'his SiUii was satiicient to cairy 
mc through yesterday b'.:t left iiic at the 
close worse oil than 0.1 Saturday ev.:n- 
ing. Meanwhile we w<:re unable to im 
inc'-'iatcly realize on Oiir securities. 1 
iiiially concluded that tli« tide that l:ad 
^et in was too strong to stem, and u 
- ou'd b'f best for :.'J conctrnetl tc 

IndiriLapolis is in a fever of excile- 
mcMt iii:s morning, .\t nearly all the 
hanks Iticr.; are depositors drawing out 
their money, but thtjrc is not as yet a 
su.stained nin on any of them exc'.i)t 
1 letchtrs bank. It is one of the oldest 
in the city and is regarded as one of tiie 
soundest and most '-oiisctv.ilive iinanciu! 
institutions ia tlic Wsst. It is a private 
bank, (,wned by Allen M. and StouglUoii 
J. Fletcher, who are both milliooaires. 
I he last stateiiunt ot the bank showed 
ab jut $./:j,ooo cash on hand and bond., 
to secure d.-posirors of over $/,03o,oji). 
It is one of the freaks of the panicky 
C(ind;tion this morning that this bank 
should be subjected to the severest run. 
The withdrawals iirc from small depos- 

The doors ot the H ink of Commerce 
were not open this morning. This 
was not unexpected as the bank was 
owned by the hepainv s and th • Denanw, and becaiiic of the failure of C. 
V\'. Depauw Saturday a run was made 
on the bank yesterday. The bank i;> the 
chlcst in the city aiul one of the oldest in 
the state. It was organized as an insur- 
ance company in 1.S36 with banking 
privileges under the then existing laws. 
In iX/k; it was regularly incorporated as 
a b.'ink. 

It has a capital sto k of f20o,coo, of 
which the Depanw estate, Mrs. W. C. 
Depauw, N. '1'. D'.'pai:kV and C. W. De- 
pauw owned nearly three fourths. The 
lirs'. named are worth r^5,ooo,ooo and arc 
liable for twice the aniount of their en- 
tiie stock. The ki't named has made 
an assignment. N. T. Depauw is pre>:i- 
dcnt of the bank and John W. Ray, vice 
president, has had the man- 
agement. The statement taken from 
the bonks this morning shows that the 
loans and discounts amount to S35 b- 
45H.30; real estate, > 12,402; cash, if;i3,- 
^3"'-9.^; ''iJC from ether banks, i^i 7,^34. 
Tot.".!, ;-.}2X,225.87. The li.ibilities are: 
Stock, g2oo,ooo; surplus, 05,107.82; due 
f!cpo':,itors, i^i22,i;34 31; due" banks, ^23,- 
480.77. Total, 5411,122.37. 

John W. R,;y says that the nervous- 
ness about the Depauws was the cause 
of the run. As.-istance, he says, was 
promised but was not ftirthconiing. 
When it wui found that the Indianapolis 
National had closed its doors, he said 
that being un;d)le to secure money upon 
securili;.s it was deemed best to suspund 
until some of the resources of the i)ank 
will be available. He says that th>i sus- 
[)ension will be only terriporary. 

At 10:30 runs were inaugurated on the 
Meridian Naticnal and Indiana National 
bank and at the last named there were 
several hundred depositors making the 
runs. They are nearly all small deposit- 
or-, lu is not bclievcl that the runs will 
injure either. The Indiana National is 
net a member of the Clearing Houic 

Getting Their Money Back, 

PiTT.siuKC;, July .;5. All yesterday 
there was a throng struggling for ad- 
mission to the office of Uppcrman Bros, 
on liutlcr street, where a payment of lo 
percent was being made to the depos- 
itors of the unfortunate Lawrence bank 
which Tailed in i.SSf}. The payment is 
made under the direction ot the assignee. 
This is the second payment to deposit- 
ors, m:iking 28 per cent in all. 

^n Incendiary Fire. 
Hoi.j.ow R()<:iv. 'fenn., July .^5, — The 
business portion of the town was burned 
last night. Only the Record oflicc and 
Lovelace & Kros. store remain standing. 
The loss will reach Sto.oco; small insur- 
ance. The origin of the fjrc is believed 
to be incendiary. 


Ti im mm 

A Grand Ball Tonight Will Close the Mosl 

Successful Turners Gatiiering Held 

in America. 

Exercises at Milwaukee This Afternoon Con- 
sisted of a Rfhearsal of the World's 
Fair Program. 

One of the Interesting Fentiircs of the Turn- 
feet Was Pyramid Building by 
Local Societies. 

Mii,WAUi;iii:, July 25.— The visiting 
Turners devoted the morning hours to 
right-sceiiiif and to excursion:, to subur- 
ban points. Whitcfisii bay and the 
•Solvlieis' home weie the favorite resorts. 
A riumhcr also went to Wauwatosa. 
Within t?!c city groups wtre seen every- 
where, ;ind while some may have left for 
Chicago last night and this morning, 
their number, judging from appearances, 
cannot be large. 

At 3 p. m. the forces rallied again at 
tha campus for a of the pro- 
gram prepared tor the exhibition at the 
World's lair grounds touiurrow. George 
Uro>ius will conduct the exercises and he 
ccrupied the post of commander today. 
The e;%er<.ise5 v.ere selected principally 
to demonstrate the nulhod ;;nd prcgr^s 
sive development of gymnastics and wii: 
go far in convincing the spectators ol 
th; bcncticia! influence of gymnastics. 

The rcnuiinder of the program con- 
sisted of feii,;ing by the Chicago 
Turners, ruhletie games by the entire 
force, dumbbell c.\ercis.'s by the veteran?, 
apparatus exercises by the societies to 
be awarded the hriit prize, popular c<- 
rrcises by the prize win*iers ia the con- 
tests for single prizes and 
a rrpetition 01 wand exercises 
by the entire fcrcc. The prizes will be 
awarded at the exposition hall toright 
and a b;ill will follow as the clos- 
ing pRrt ol the greatest and most success- 
ful turidest ever held in llii:- country, 

^'e=terday evening the girls' «lasse^< oi 
the gvmnaslic schools o! this city, under 
ihc direction of Hans Kusmusscn. of the 
\'orwaer!s Tinner Kocietv, and the boys 
classes under the direction of O.Schlaei , 
teacher of the South Side rrrner siciety, 
went through a series of c>:crciacs, the 
object being to show the application o'' 
the princijjjes of gymnas'ics in harmony 
with sound pedagogical iirinriplcs. Tin- 
spc lators hail seen much of the skiP 
aii<l agility cf the more ndvanced gym- 
nasts, nn:i the exhibition by the children 
was like the missing bnk in the chain o 
progress of physical training. 

'J lie ladies' classr;s re;)eate<l their 
Indian club exercists and were rewarded 
with the stormy applause of the audience. 
The Turners ol the Aurora society, oi 
Chicago, and the ladies class of that so- 
ciety gave a pleasing exhibition <>' 
c;ilisthenics whif h they concluded with 
a run fro.j* the feid. The ladies, by the 
way, appeared in the handsome as well 
as practical costume of the divided skir:. 
The wand exercises were repeated ;in ^ 
aroiifcil the enthusiasm of the ma^s cf 
people filli:ig the grand stand. 

A gr.uul spectacle was .dforded by the 
members of the local societies. For ;i 
long time they have been pricticing the 
building of pyramids under direction o: 
Mr. Rcutor, who night had the satis- 
faction of .adding one cf the most ir.tuir- 
esting features of the entire prograui. 
Tl;e display was witnessed bt the entire 

The report on Last night's [)ro( codings, 
liDwevcr, would lie incomplete without a 
mention nf the excellent discipline ob- 
served by the Turners throughout, 
lOveiylhing move<l with a smoothncs-. 
characteristic of the best disciplined, 


Over Twelve Thousand Afien in Line at Chi- 
cago Today 

CiiicAfJO, July 25.- Despite the cx- 
rc-isively warm wcUher the paraele of 
the ccmnicrcial travel cis today was ;> 
magnificent success. Over 12,000 men 
were in line and no less than forty-four 
st.ites and six forciga countries wore 

The parade formed on Michigan ave- 
nue between the art palace and the Van 
15incn street vi.aduct :ird shortly after 10 
o'clock headed by the band :ind escorted 
by the Chicago Hussar? uneler Capt. 
Braod, began its march down Michigan 
avenue to Twenty-second street. On ar- 
rivingat Twenty-second street it counter- 
m.'rched back again to Van lluren street 
vi.adnc t, where it disbanded. 

As the parade passed the Travelers' 
club at 1227 Michigan avenue it was re- 
viewed by Mayor I larrison, President 
1 li;;inbotliam, of the World's fair, mem- 
bers of the national commission and 
others. This afternoon the commercial 
travelers' new club house on Michigan 
avenue will be dedicated. 


They Are Being Brought In Along the Mexican 

I'.l. Paso, Tex,, July 25,— It has been 
learned that from twenty to thirty Chi- 
nese are entering this city nightly from 
Mexico. The importation is being 
handled by a very rich company of 
Chinamen and ex-ofticials of the United 
States customs service. 

Almost daily carloads of Chinamen 
pass through here from .San Francisco 
in bond for Cuba. From Cuba they arc 
transported to \ era Ciu/ and from there 
enter ports on the Rio (irande border 
The company charged $150 a hc:id and 
cxprnses for getting thcni into the 
United States. 

Iron Merchants Assign. 
.St, Lolms, July 25.— Ripley iHr I'.ron- 
son, ircn merchants at No. 800 North 
Second street, made an assignment for 
the benefit of creditors this morning. 
The liabilities nre plac*d at f 150,000 
with about e((ual assets. 


Senator Mitchell's BanI 
to Quit 

Mn.WAi'Ki;r, July 
this morning thh f< 
posted on the doors 
Marine <k Fire Insur 
"Hy reason of the 
money market this I 
order of the board of 
J, P, Murphy, cashie 

The baiik which 
known as "MilchcH's 
Mitchell and hi;s fath 
late Alexander Mitel 
cipal stockholders, v 
very strongest bank 
ing the troubles (,f J 
there have been c 
portant rnns on it. 'I 
upon ;in a'^tion br 
Weil, a real estate m 
the bank owed him ? 
unable to pay. Oi 
.Miller, Judge Johnso 
ington Incker rcc.iv 

P 1 ,(JOO,0< K3. 

This bank ib the ci 
the present ho 
city's ffionoy. It ir, 
statement liom ilie 
at the |)rc.-.ent ti-Ui 
tli;.t a statement will 
the day. The f.iilurj 
proves that runs of 
kind .'ire being (|uii 
bank in the city, and 
old-esrabl.ished Mite 
possible to leil what 
the way of additicind 

The Mitchell ban I 
•f the Chicago, Mil 
road, and paymaster! 
on it. 'fhey will be < 
here. The trsusurc 
j)uid by the Wiscous 

; at Milwaukee Forced 

21;,— -At 10 o'clock 

(llowing notice was 

of the Wiscon^jin 

ance company bank: 

stringency in the 
innk IS closed by 
directors. (Signed) 

has generally been 
bank," as Senator 
er before him, the 
ell, wer« the prin- 
'as considered the 
n the city, and dur- 
une and this week 
niiparativelv unim- 
he b;ink w;is clns^d 
)ughl by benjamin 
an, who:ilkgcd that 
3341 which it was 
I motion of \\. K. 
a appointed \Vn>li- 
er under liamis of 

Ly depository and at 
Ids i^ I, '''3 5, 000 of the 

impostible to gel a 
oiii:~ials of the Uank 
.■, but it is believed 
be prepared during 

of ihc bank simjily 
the most desperate 
niy made on every 
with the fail of the 
hell bank it is iin- 
the day will bring in 


; was the depository 
Aaukee & St. Paul 
i' checks are drawn 
ashed .it the station 
r's checks will be 
n National 


Report That Western Ei:d of the Mecaba 

V/as Visiled By i Cyclonic Storm 

Last Ilight. 

It is reported that i cyclone struck tlic 
western end of the Mesaba range be- 
tween 5 and 6o'clocl( lastcveniiigcoming 
from a southerly direction. 

The tc!cgr:iph wires of the Duliith & 
Winnipeg road are c!own between Swan 
River and Cio(juer, rnd consccjuently all 
comiininicaticn wiih that region has been 
cut off and no p;irt ciilar.s can be ob- 
tained as to the cxicnt of the damage 
dons by the storm. 

Th':re* are not many settlers in that 
section and therefore it is not believed 
that there has been s.ny loss of life, t'lc 
cyclone pro'.iably c:;p5rtding its fury by 
culling a i)atli through ihe v;oods. Fioni 
the fact that twenty niles of telegraph 
wire were blown down, it is believed that 
the storm was of the cyclonic nature. 


A Mob of Strikers Fir* 
Fight E 

Wkik Cmy, Ka< 
guards at shaft No 
battie witii a ukjI) oi 
labl night. The m;; 
mine quietly and li 
Deputy Sheriil (iran 
guard, reiUMied the I 
other guards defeude 
the mob. 

Over a hundred s 
none of the depulies 
the mob saw tli:it the 
ing their jjround t 
known how many, if 

d Into a Shaft and a 

July 25. The 

337 had a pitched 

strikers at 10:30 

b approached the 

red into the shaft. 
, who xvas on patrol 
ire and celling the 
:J the mine against 

lots were fired but 
vvereinjurcil. VVIk n 

guards were staiid- 
hey ll'.'d. It is not 

any, of them were 

Militia Onlerod Qui. 
T<>!'!;ka, Kas., July 25 Lieut. Gov, 
Daniels, wiio is m.<jor general of the 
Kansas national gua d, returned l.'.te last 
night from the strike district and made 
a verbal report to the governor. The 
governor promptly turned the command 
of the sta'e militia o'er to D.iniel-, ami 
I'vo iegiin;.nts were M once ordered to 
Ijc in readiness to move on three hours 


A Judge Who Will 

Mi-.Mi'iii.s, Tenn., j 
storm of indigna'.ion 
London for bis cxb 
.Saturday night in ti 
over to a drnnken 
railroad )^>viichmen 
dozen men could ha\ 
and I un them into th 

\>sterday Juelgc 
McLendon, pendin}: 
and placed the coioi 
office. The grand jn 
dav and it looks as if 
indicted. The judge 
the lynfhinjj and sa; 
the pnrties to justic< 
one of the mob le:id 
noon and other* wer< 
day afternoon. 

Bring a Mob to 

Illy 25. — There is a 
against Sheriff .Mc- 
ibiticn of weakness 
rning Lee Vi'alker 
mob of hoodlums, 
and bovs. Half a 
e defended the j:iil 
c Mississipiu river. 
Scruggs suspentk'd 

:m 'invesiigation, 

»cr in charge of Lis 

ry will be celled to- 

McClei-.don will be 

strongly condemns 

•s he will bring ail 

Harry Frayzer, 

er», was arrested at 

brought in ycstcr- 


Franca Kas Not Given Notice of Blockading 
Siamese Ports. 
Paris, July 25. h transpires that the 
reports current yeslciday that the French 
government had ndified the various 
powers of her intention to blockade the 

ports of .Siam were pemalure. 

No such notificatio 1 has been officially 
addressed to the powers. Lord Diifferin, 
the British ambassadar, and M. Develle, 
minister of foreign affairs, will hold an- 
other conference to;norrov\- presumably 
on the ((ucstion of territorial demands. 

Sh«t by Burglars, 

l".i<ii:, July 25. .^larshal Alcxan<ler 
Hamill, of Ashtabula O, w;is shot this 
r.iornmg by two burglars whom he was 
jiursuiiig. Hamill h. d chatCKi the bur- 
glars some distance when they fired 
upon him. Hii wom ds are said to be 

Dr. Rbc Dead. 

London, July 25.— Dr. John D. Rao, 
the Arctic explorer, e led yesterday after 
a prolonged illness. 



Te» D.W the United States 
National J.awn Tciinii Associa- 
tion opens its ;innual tourna- 
ment at Cliicat^o. 

The contest will not un- 
til Satiirelay, ami the t(teatest 
American exponents of lli^* 
j^ame will contend on the .St. 
Gcoro;e's Cricket Club orotmds 
for the honors of the champion- 
ship of the United States, in 
men's doubles and sin^^lcs. \\o\\\ 
tvcnts arc open to ul! comers. 

Our I-.uyers detained another week. 
Their stocks arc yet to heavy for us lo 
allow them to go Fast, The enormous 
business done bv us in the pft'»t week has 
had little eflcct on our gigantic stocks. 
For this reason we have <l<"terrnined to 
continue our GRFAT CLEARANCE 
SALE for another week. 





Uargains that are bargains! Pargains 
that will fill our great store with eager 
buyers from morning until night. The 
new bargr'ins be'gin 

iC'May Mfiraiai Jolf % 

And will continue during all (<f this 

Wtitrh the Pinli/ Pafievs for Our Atmmtnce- 
Viftit for Thursdny. Friday and Saturday. 

No such values have ever been oft'ercd 
in the state of Minnesota as wc offer you 
bcituv. Read Them Carefully then cotne iind 
:>ev "he ;;i:3»li uuu juu^c for youx*clTCS 
whether we mean what wc siy or not. 

Silk Department — 
37c Per Yard. 

The greatest sacrihce ever made ih 
this city. We have just 864 yards of 
figured China sdks, mostly rcmramts 
from 5 to 20 yards, the seastm's accu- 
mulation of the immense business we 
have done in Chinas this season. We 
have Sold thous:inds of yareis at 75c. 
Take what is left of tbcm for 35c. 


10 gross best Family Ammonia, never 
solrl less than 10.:. During this sale, 
half price 5c a bottlc. 

Curtain Dep't — 

$1.19 Per Per Pair. 

Heoond Fl.vor— 

500 pairs White and ICcru Lace Cur- 
tains, worth $2,25 and };2.5o. No limit. 
Sale price, ^i.ig per pair. 

Cloak Dep't - 


loo Ladies' Calico Wrappcis, sold the 
world over for $1.50 and §1,75. Sale 
price ej5c. 

nilliner>' Dep't. 

Trimmed I lats for SI .:*.'», vcrtli $2.-0 
Trimmel Hats for ;{ ',«r». worth k 50 
Trimmed Hats for 4-.U5, worth 12.00 


.\il Dre-s Trimmings, in black or 
colors, offrred at hall price. Don't de- 
Jay. Choicest ROCS lirst. 

Hair Pins. 

\C)0 do. en boxes H;iir Pins, assorted 
pins in a box. worth loc, go at this sale 

for 3e a box. 

Will go on sale -^ .\ lot ct{ R^cnt's fine 
gold plate Cuff ISuttoiis, worth 50c to 
?i a pair. For this sale lOc B. pair. 
Hi.ggesl bargain ever seen. 


Two lots of Remnants. They will go 
f.ast. Lot I consists of Rib!)Oiis worth 
loc, 12VJC and 15c. They go at 5c. 
Lot 2 consists of Ribbons worth 2ot, 
2^c. 2.Sc, 30c and 35c. They all go at 

15o per yard. 

Ladies' Silk Vests— 

The price for Sdk \ests at the (ilass 
Plock .Store during this sale. High- 
priced houses ask j;i for tbeia. 

Windsor Ties — 

The price for Silk Striped Windsor 
Ties for Ladies, Gents, Misses anei 
lioys; 5c only. 

Ladies' Vests — , 

5c the price. 

50 dozen Ladies' Cotton Ribbed Vests. 
VVe say they are cheap at 5c, in (act, 
it's giving them away. 

Lnundered Shirts — 


35 do,:cn Gent's Laundered Shirts, 
made ol Langdon Muslin, cuffk and 
lx5som warr-Tiiied 2400 lincu. 'Ihey nre 
a $1 Shirt. Sale price, 50c. 

n ! ii't 1^ 


■ I" ■* 

--^ -^mmii^mm 



Prospects Not Bright For the Passaec of 

Local Legislation of Importance to 

the Northwest. 


Policy That Maj. Baldwin Has Out- 
lined For His Guidance is Not Yet 


Get a Measure Through 
Must be Well Advanced at 
First Session. 



Washington, July 25- [Special to 
The Herald. I The prospects do not ap- 
pear to be bright Hist now lor the passage 
of local legislation of importance to 
Minnesota and the Northwest during the 
Fifty-third session of congress. Oi course, 
during the extraordinary session called 
to meet next Monday, there is no likeli- 
hood of any legislation being passed of 
any local import whatever. There is a 
probability, of course, that senators and 
representatives may introduce any num- 
ber of bills touching on local legislation 
iluring the extra session, but none of 
these measures stand the least possible 
show of being given any consideration in 
counnittees, or in the house i>r senate. 

The shrewd member oi congress, 
however, if he has anything that he is 
very anxious to get through during the 
Fifty-third session will probably take the 
opportunity to present it during the 
extra session, in order to get as good a 
start as possible in carrying the measure 
he is interested m through the intricacies 
of committees etc., in time to have it 
drafted and signed as a law by the 
president, before the close of the first 
session of the Fifty-third congress. Owing 
to the fact that everything is rushed at 
such a high speed during the last session 
of any congress, old timers realize full 
well that to do anything that will benefit 
their constituents m the way of securing 
the passage of local legislation, it is 
almost an absolute necessity to get what 
they want in this direction during the 
first session of any congress. 

The extra session will be devoted 
almost entirely, without doubt, to the 
consideration of the financial legislation, 
and as has been previously stated in 
Washington dispatches to The Herald, 
there does not appear to be any likeli- 
hood now that tb' extra session will com- 
plete its labors very much before the 
date for the regular session in Decem- 
ber, if there is any lapse of time what- 
ever between the two sessions. If, how- 
ever, the Sherman ! .w is repealed and a 
new financial 1.... is substituted in its 
place before the date for the regular 
session in December, there is no doubt 
whatever that the Democratic leaders 
will insist on g"ing right ahead with the 
legislative work, principally upon the 
tariff law, and if the Democrats desire to 
do so, being in the majority, their will, of 
course, will be followed. 

It is a hard matter at this time to tell 
exactly what legislation ol importance 
to Dufuth, Minnesota and the Northwest 
in general will be presented for con- 
sideration during the Fifth-third con- 
gress. It is probably a fact, too, that 
Representative Baldwin even, has not 
thoroughly outlined the policy that he is 
to pursue in this direction. It is but na- 
tural to suppose that he will have bills 
to present looking towards the further 
improvement of the harbors, lighthouses 
and other minor affairs in connection 
with Lake Superior as it interests Du- 
luth and also some measures for water- 
way improvements not directly connect- 
ed with the lake system. 

He, of course, with the other Demo- 
cratic members, and Republicans as 
well, from the lake states will do every- 
thing possible to secure additional ap- 
propriations for deep waterways and in 
addition to this he will do all he can to 
aid those in charge of the bill making an 
appropriation of $100,000 for the prelim- 
inary survey of the proposed ship canal 
from the lakes to the Atlantic seaboard. 
It is hard to tell now just what the 
the temper of this congress will be on 
economic questions. During the Fifty- 
second session it will be remembered 
that Chairman Holman of the appropri- 
ations committee and other cheese par- 
ing members on the Democratic side did 
everything in their power to lessen the 
government expenditures and on ac- 

count of this niggardly action the coun- 
try at large was considerably injured by 
not having the money for the necessary 
improvements on the waterways, etc., in 
ditteroi.t sections t>f the country. 

It is to be hoped now that Speaker 
frisp will find it convenient to drop Mr. 
Holman from the chairmanship of the 
appropriations rommittee and put a 
more liberal minded man in his nlace. 
The fact is it would be very much better 
if Mr. Holman was taken off the appro- 
priations committee altogether. It 
might be better for the country if the 
thing was carried even further ami Mr. 
Holman's constituents lett him out of 
congress entirely. Mr. Holman, ht>w- 
ever, may have seen his errors in the 
past and, if he is again placed at the 
head of tiie appropriations committee, be 
satisfied to allow honest and necessary 
appropriations to be carried throuL'h 
during the regular session of the Fifty- 
third congress. 

Northwestern members with but few 
exceptions are coming to Washington 
soon and will labor very hard for their 
constituents, and while some of them are 
doubtless placed in the lightweight class 
by those who know them very well, there 
is an excellent opportunity for some 
good men in this section to do something 
for the great Northwest in general before 
the fifty-third session shall have passed 
into history. 


The Nicaragiian City Was Under Bombard- 
ment by the Rebels for Four Hours 
on Sunday. 

One Shell Burst Over the House Occupied 

by Minister Lewis Baker and His 


For Colds, 

('t'()ii]>. Inlluonza, and 



Rules of Civilisation Were Violated 
Shelling the City Without First 


Giving Notice. 



A Plot by Brazil Rebels Discovered 

New Vokk, July 25.— A special from 
Riveira via \'alparaiso says: The Brazil- 
ian government has unearthed a plot 
among some of the officers of the troops 
stationed in San dabriel to surrentler 
that city to the revolutionists of Rio 
Granile do Sul. 

The plot was discovered just in time 
to prevent its execution and the officers 
implicated have been sent as prisoners 
to I'orto .'Mgerc. The corresjiomlcnt 
adds that in an engagement near San 
Luis the revolutionary forces were de- 


The Efforts Being Made to Save the Redskins' 
Washington, July ::5.— A mailed com- 
munication was received at the interior 
department yesterday from Indian In- 
spector Faison concerning the efi'orts 

that are being made to save the nine 
condemned Choctaws of the Jackson- 
Locke faction in the Indian territory 
from death. 

It is stated at the department that at 
the time Mr. Faison's letter was written, 
the matter was in an unsettled state, but 
that counter j)ropositions looking to the 
safety of the condemned men were 

Massive and Masculine. 

Nkw Vokk, July 25. -The case in 
which Miss Selia Keegan seeks to obtain 
$100,000 from Russell Sage for ?.lleged 
betrayal and breach of promise in 1868 
came up yesterday before Judge Book- 
staver. The proceedings were a motion 
by J. B. Marshall, counsel for the woman, 
to vacate an order granting to H. S. 
Bennett, Mr. Sage's attorney, an exten- 
sion of time in which to file an amended 
answer to Miss Keegan's serious allega- 
tions. The plaintiff was present in 
court. Her features are massive and 



tlio ht'st 

t)l all anodyne 


IVouipt to act, 

Sure to Cure 

Ni:\v York, July 25. -A special to the 
Herald from Managua, Nicaragua, says: 
The city of Managua was under bom- 
bardment by the revolutionists for lour 
liours on the morning of the 23rd. Two 
of the steamers, seized by the Leons 
when they started the revolt, appeared 
off Managua at 4 o'clock in the morning 
and opened fire at once and continued to 
shell the city until 8 o'clock. 

Thirty shells in all were thrown into 
the city. Considerable damage was done 
to public buildings and private houses, 
and two persons were killed. No notice 
of the proposed bombardment was given, 
but the shelling was begun before the 
women and children had a chance to 
leave the citv- 

One shell burst over the htiuse occu- 
pied by Minister Baker and his daught- 
ers. Minister Baker has sent a protest 
to the leaders of the revolution against 
the violation of the rules of civilization 
by shelling the city without first givin|: 
notice. ^ 


The Trust Notes Have All Been Under- 

Ni.\v York, July 25.— The Northern 
Pacific syirdicate formed to underwrite 
the $12,000,000 collateral trust notes have 
been called upon to pay up to date 40 
per cent of their subscriptions. Nearly 
all this amount has been paid in, and no 
further call will be made on the remain- 
ing 60 per cent until the stockholders 
have signified their intention to avail 
themselves of the right of subscription 
which expires today. 

President Oakes says that the com- 
pany does not look to the stockholders 
111 the matter as the trust notes are un- 


Row Over 

Pulling of a 

Tie Human Electrical Forces! 

How They Control the Organs 
of the Body. 

An English Libel Case. 
London, July 25.--The Evening News 
some time ago published a series of 
articles on the recent strike at Hull which 
have resulted in an action being brought 
against it for libel. The most prominent 
leader in the strike was Joseph Have- 
lock Wilson, member of parliament for 
Middlesborough, the secretary of the 
National Seamen's union. Mr. Wilson 
instituted a suit u asking for /7000 
damage against the paper and the case 
came on at the Guilford assizes yester- 

Torn to Pieces. 

HfNTiNGToN, Ind., July 25. — Schaefer 
& Scliaefer's powder house exploded at 
3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Hugh 
Harvey was shooting with a ritle and a 
bullet entered a window. He was blown 
clear across the little river and torn to 
pieces. Houses were wrecked all around 
and several are reported to be seriously 

Suicide at Winona. 

Winona, Minn., July 25. — Miss Ida S. 
Strawmaih of Wabasha suicided here 
yesterday morning by shooting herself 
in the heart. She was about 20 years 
old. Her husband is a fireman on Whe 
steamer LaFayette Lamb. A falling oiit 
between them was the cause of the sui- 


CoiAMiu s, O., July 25.— Dr. Herman 
Hirshberg, of 424 West Goodale street, 
shot and instantly killed Theodore K. 
Miesse, a grocer, just before noon yester- 
day. Some days ago the doctor pulled 
a tooth for Miesse and went to the store 
today to collect the bill. 

They got into a dispute and a fight 
during which the doctor drew a revolver 
and shot Miesse through the stomach. 
Hirshberg gave himself up to the police. 
He is single. Miesse leaves a family. 

Baseball Yesterday. 

B. H. E. 

Tho eloctrlcnl force of the human body, aa 
th- nerve fluid may bcUrmed, li :i:i ♦■spe- 
cially attractive department of sclcnc", as it 
exerts so niiirked an InHuence on the hoal*h 
of tht; organs of tlie body, ^ervw foiye i-i 
urodurpd by the brain and ronvtyt d by 
nu-aiisof the nerves to the various or^'ims of 
the l)ody. thu.-, supplying the lattj>r wiih iLu 
vitulity necessary ioiv\- 
suin trieir health. The 
I)ri'.;ain'n;asirii; nerve, as 
Hhown here, may be said 
•o 1)0 the most imp<jrtant 
of the entire nerve sys- 
tem, as It supplies the 
heart lungs, stomai-h, 
Ixjweis. etc.. with tho 
nt:rve force necessary to 
k»'jp thfin active and 
healthv. As will be seen 
i)y the cut the Ions nerve 
dt.'scendint: from the 
base of the brain and 
terminating in tho bow- 
els is the pneumosastrlc 
while the nuoieroiis lit 
tie branches supply th 
heart, lunxs and etom 
a-h with neces-sary vl 
talltv. When the brain 
becomes in any way dis- 
ordered by Irritability 
or exhaustion, the nerve 
force which It supplies 
i.i lessened, and the or- 
gans receivini? the di- 
minished supply are con- 
se<]uently weakened. 

Fhysicians generally fail to recognize. 
the Importance of this fcict, but treat the 
orKan itself instead of the cause of the troublo 
The notea specialist, Franklin Miles, .M. D., 
LL. B.. has slven the greater part of hi> life 
to the study of this subject, and the nriU' Ipal 
discoveries concerning it are due to his efl<<rts 
i)r. Miles' Kestorative Nervine, the uiiri- 
vjed brain and nerve tixxi. is prepared on the 
uifiuciyle that all nervoua and miiny o'Ik r 
dilTlcuities originate from disorders of (lie 
nerve centers. Its wonderful succes-i liicurliis? 
these disorders Is testiliwd to by thousanUi iu 
every part of the land. 

Kestoratlve. Nervine cures .slecplessne-s 
nervous pnwt ration, dizzines.s, hysteria, sc\- 
ual deblliiy, St. Vitus daJi<e, epilepsy, etc. t 
U free from opiates or dangerous drugn. It 
la sold on a positive guarantee by all drug- 
gists or sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical 
<"o., Elkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, 81 per 
bottle, sU bottles for 15, express prepaid. 


T.iouisvillo 4 .5 5 

Pittsburg i:< 17 3 

PhUadelphia.. 7 13 2 

Brooklyn S 16 

Cincinnati 7 11 2 

Cleveland 3 5 7 

St. Louis 8 

Chicago 'i 

New York 4 

Baltimore 8 

H. E. 

14 2 

8 6 







How They Stand. 

CIjVB won lost I CLUB WON 

Philadelphia *; 28 ICinciimati... 34 
4t; 27 l^>t Louis.. 
12 31 Now York. 

Bro<iklyn .. 
liaitimore . 




Vv'ashingtou . 
iLoaiaville ... 






Fun! Fun! Fun! 
Moonlight excursion Tuesday evening, 
July 25,011 the steamer Lucille, given by 
the young men of the West End. The 
band will furnish music. Refreshments 
served on board. Boat will leave the 
foot of Twenty-first avenue west at 8 p. 
m., foot of Garfield avenue west. Call at 
the N. P. dock. Tickets, 50c. 


"My little boy was very bad off for 
two months with diarrh(jua. We used 
various medicines, also called in two 
doctors, but nothing done him any good 
until we used Chamberlain's Colic, 
Cholera and Diarrhcra remedy, which 
gave immediate relief and soon cured 
him. I consider it the best medicine 
made and can conscientiously recom- 
mend it to all who need a diarrhcua or 
colic medicine. J. E. Hare, Trenton, 
Tex. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by 

Smoke the World Beater 

A 10 cent cigar for 5. Sold only by A. 
Hauslaib, First National Bank building. 

Change of Time. 

The steamer Cambria will leave Du- 
luth for Port Arthur on Tuesday, Friday 
and Sunday at 5 p. m. 

Were Well Patronized. 

New York, July 25. — The first two of 
the trunk line association cheap excur- 
sion trains left this city for Chicago yes- 
terday over the Erie and Baltimore tS: 
Ohio railroads. The officials of the road 
say they were agreeably surprised at the 
number of passengers who availed them- 
selves of the reduced rates. The trains 
which began the journey today started 
an experiment in which railroad men 
are taking no small interest. 

May be Thrown Out. 

Chicago, July 25.— It is quite possible 
that Daniel H. Burnham and Fire Mar- 
shal Murphy will soon be released from 
the finding (jf the coroner's jury who sat 
on the* victims of the cold storage fire. 
States Attorney Kern is convinced that 
the coroner's jury acted hastily and he 
will advise the grand jury that the cases 
against them be thrown out. 

Indicted for Murder. 

Nkw Bkdioki), Mass., July 25.-— The 
grand jury yesterday, after a delibera- 
tion of not over five minutes, returned an 
indictment against Jose Correiro de 
Mello for the killing of Bertha Manches- 
ter, of Fall River, on the 30th of May 

Three Assignments. 
SvKACUsi:, N. v., July 25.— Three 
Syracuse business houses assigned yes- 
terday. They are H. L. Stevens, clo^k 
dealer; Jos. M. Hill, picture frames, and 
Sapery (!i: Mucal, scrap iron dealers. 
The amount involved is ^70,000, 

« m 

Poisoned in Camp. 

A.sBUKV Bark, N. J., July 25.— About 
sixty members of the Second regiment, 
in camp at Seagirt, have been poisoned 
by oxalic poison from the tinware used 
in cooking. The .surgeons are hard at 
work on the victims. 

Secretary Herbert Sailed. 
Boston, July 25.— The Dolphin sailed 
yesterday afternoon with Secretary Her- 
bert for Portsmouth. A stop will be 
made over night at Gloucester where the 
secretary and party will be entertained 
by Governor Russell. 

Come to the Rescue. 

As surely as any known effect follows 
cause, just so surely will disease of the 
kidneys succeed their inactivity, if that 
inaction be not promptly remedied. 
Come to the rescue with Hostetter's 
Stomach Bitters, which gives a hcilthful 
iinpuhc to the action ot both the kidneys 
and the bladder, without exciting them 
like an unmedicated stimulant. Ren- 
dered active by this genial diuretic and 
tonic, they perform their functions thor- 
oughly and regularly, removing from 
the system impurities which beget rheu- 
matism, dropsy, gravel. Brights disease, 
diabetes and catarrh of the bladder. The 
contraction of either one of these form- 
idable maladies is the penaltv exacted 
by nature ftu indifference to that plain 
warning- sluggioh action of the kidneys. 
Wlien this exists, not a moment should 
be lost m the use of the Ptemedy indi- 
cated. Bear in mind that the Bitters 
will relieve wiih equal prompiturle dis- 
orders of the stomach, liver, bowels and 


Eight Ex-Federal Officials and Seven Others 
Arrested in Oregon. 
Washincjton, July 25.— The treasury 
is informed that fifteen persons, eight of 
them ex-federal officials, have been in- 
dicted at Portland, Ore., for smuggling 
Chinese and opium into the United 
States. A year or more ago information 
reached the treasury that opium was 
smuggled in large quantities into the dis- 
tricts of Puget sound. Wash., and Will- 
iametc, < )re. Several seizures were made 
by customs ollicials. 

N. Blum and W. Dunbar, of Portland, 
appear to have been the principal own- 
ers and managers of this company, and 
their principal business seems to have 
been the smuggling of opium and the il- 
legal landing of Chinese laborers. In 
April last, upon information received at 
the ilepartnient that Chinese were.being 
improperly landed at Portland. Chinese 
Inspector Noyes was sent there with in- 
structions to investigate and report. His 
report convinced Secretary Carlisle that 
Chinese and opium were being landed 
through the corrupt connivance of cus- 
toms officers and he determined to make 
a thorough investigation. 

Accordingly he sent Special Agent 
Wood, of Detroit, and Special Inspector 
Lewis, of Suspension bridge, to Portland 
and the ports of Puget sound districts 
with instructi(^ns to obtain all the facts 
possible and the names of those officers 
responsible for these irregularities. The 
investigation has brought to light one of 
the most gigantic conspiracies to »lefraud 
the revenue and to violate the Chinese 
exclusion act that has yet been disclosed. 
Proof has been obtained of the smug- 
gling by the two vessels named duiing 
a period ^4 about five months of about 
8500 pounds of opium, upon which the 
duties would be more than $100,000, and 
of the landiiiL; during the same period of 
about 1700 Chinamen, the greater num- 
ber of whom are believed to have been 
landed by collusion with customs offi- 
cers upon false affidavits, claiming said 
persons to be merchants. Much of this 
business has been done since orders 
were issued by the treasury department 
to collectors of customs to disregard 
affidavits of Chinese claiming to be mer- 

The department has been advised that 
the grand jury of Portland have found an 
indictment against fifteen persons for 
conspiracy, eight of whom ^are ex-cus- 
toms officers— James Lotan, late collec- 
tor at Portland; C. J. Mulkey, late spe- 
cial agent for that district; Inspectors 
Paddock, Porter, Cairo, Cardneil, Len- 
ville and Carney M. Patterson, Cai)t. 
John Ross, Thomas Berg, W. Dunbar, N. 
Blum, Jackling, C.arlhorn, also two in- 
dictments each against Blum and Dun- 
bar, one each against Garthorn and 
Jackling for smuggling opium and 

The facts found by the grand jury are 
held to be a sufficient answer to these 
statements. The secretary of the trea- 
sury and the attorney general are deter- 
miiied to use all the means within their 
power to bring to justice the violators of 
the law in these transactions, and to put 
an end to the shameful practices, which 
have for years given those districts a 
scandalous notoriety in the country. 

The many truthful testimo'-ials in be- 
half of Hood's Sarsaparilla prove that 
Hot>D's ciRES, even when all others 
fail. Try it now. i^ 

" Mothers' 

mm miLD birth easy . 

Colvin, Iia., Dec. 2, 188e.-My wife U3od 
MOTHEB'S rniEND before hor third 
confinement, and says sho would not ba 
without it for bunAreds of dollara. 

SOCK MlliliS. 

Sent by express on receipt of price, ^1.50 per bot- 
tle. Book "To Mothers "mailed free. 

roH aALS o¥ AkbonuaaisT*. ATlMtTA, QA. 


Dr. Williams' loilian PiloOintmeut y>\ euro 
Blim', Hlnodini? itchiuif uul Tic. ri'od P.lo' of 
ten vi'..r8 ftandimT. It nlwirbs tlip tiimorH. al 
lays tho itcbinR at «•"■«>, Tt^ iin nv' ultir-.Kivi s 
ins'aut M'li.-f. Ur. Wi liau.t. Indian I'llo Oint- 
mont is pro|iare<l only for I'i'os and itj;^!!!!!*? of 
thoprivatr. part*, and nntliinir pIs-^. Sold and 
KU'.raatopd by MAX WIKTH. Diilntb Minn. 

Amcaii Loai aiil Trnsl 


A Big Bank Failure. 

Dr. Speer &. Co. cure Piles 
manently; ad page 2. 


Capital Stock $000,000 

GiiaraDtee Fund •.•-Itli Stale Auditor, $100,000 

RECEIVES DEPOSITS snbjpct to call 
and leetioa cortificat^ of dexwait bearing nter 




Where they are made, and patroni/e 
home industry. 

Dilntli Trniil Factory, 

-MC.i W. Sui»prlor St. IlKl'AlRINU DONJ:. 


▼ ▼ l^rcparcd to take orders for 

iparecl to take orders lor Awnings, or repair old 
ones. We have secured the as^ency oi the Roller 
Awnin<^, and can do t^ood work , Would be pleased to 
make 3'ou price on them. Very truly yours. 

ffr' "^ Tim 

uxiBixvzac:^ 3 

The P. Loniiard Coir^pany 

has been for many yearr, the: l:in';e-,t manufacturer of 
tobacco In die World — "Why? Chev; 




rlear to vou as 





- nrfi-aTTinij -s ul- 


Nervo Scec:c," 

Kuuruntped to cure 
:il! nervous Uisoaso!'. Fuch us W'es k yjL'!i.i>ry. l^om ot" Hruin l*owc« : 
rieadaclie, WaUi-luInfH*, l,>»t SiauUcod. >iiilitly KmUctont., 
4julcUne«'. KvU IJi'eamit, I^uek oV Conlideut-e. Nt-rv ou»ai-b», 
all drains and loss cf power In G 'nerativoOrKatis of either sex can -ci 
byovcrexertion,yonthJ'i!lerr>r«. excessive use of tobacco, opiuiii 
fiorFtlmulants which Iiucl to Intlrajlty. Coiiraruptlon and Insanity, toi. 
' venlcnttocnrry In vest pnoket. By niiiil pn-pai'l tn pl.Tin box to any 
addri'sslor SI each, <irC lor IBM.. ('With every S>A order we Blvv 
wrHtpnatnariiiitee tocur«« crrofund tho money. ^ For sale b> 
all dni(,vist.. A-k l.>r it ati.l acc^M no oiticr. CiltCl'l.Ml KUKK 
i;i:i:'OUE AN U AITEK USING. Address i»il;ltVii fe.i:i:i> CO., Jlunonic Tcd>i>Iv. ( hlcago, IU 

For Sale in Duluth by S. F. BOYCE and ^IaX WIRTH. Druggists. 


" J-^PAMSII NI':!r VK C I£.V J NS'» the vnirrful rcmrdy := s( M 
with a written guarantee to cure all nervous diseases such as Week Mem- 
ory. Lossof IJrain I'owcr.Lost AlanhocKl, N ightly Eini.ssions, Evil L'rean'.s 
L;iLk of Con:.Jcnc<^, Ncrxiusnos, L^issitudc, all drains aiiU K>.s6of [xnvcr 
of the Genc-rutivc Organs in eitlcr sex caused by overexertion, youthful 
errors, or e.\ccs.sive use of tobact J, opium or stimulants which soon lead 
In InGnnity, Consumpti'm .anil Insanity, Put tip n.nvenient t > Ciirry in 
vest fxictcct. Sitit bv mail in pk'e to any adc'.r«"-s fnr JS I , or 6 
f..- s J. I VTith ercr-'$S order va sive a written riar'a-tee tseaTecrrch-.idt^j 
B.Cli7. Circular 1- k-c. Addrc'.s SPAitlCH 1TE2VE G2AI» CO. ITcT,- Tcrt 

Which all experience at this 
time of the year, the most 
delightful remedy is to drink 


It's much the best sold in 
Duluth. Every drink makes 
the system feel better. 



Is also the place to secure 
Bethesda Water. 


Ofllce f.f Board of Public Works. } 
City of Dulnth. Minn.. July IV-tli. I^jKI. J 

Sealed bide will be receiTed by the btj&rd of 
public works in and for the cori>"rati<m of the 
city of Duluth, Miuneeota, at their ofiice in said 
city, tintil 10 a. ni. on th(.' ilt-x day of July. A. D. 
1hSi3, for the conetniction of a sanitary sewer in 
First alley iu naiil city from S^^-venth aveuue 
wpt to KiRlith avenue west, acoonlin? to 
plans and spec iOcat ions on tile in tlie office of 
said board. 

A certifie<l check or a l»ond with at least two 
(2 1 sureties in the sum of one hundred and 
seventy-five (JlTS.iJO) dollars must aceompany 
each bid. 

The said board reserves the right to reject any 
or all bids. 

Ubxkt Tbcelses. 


T. W. Abell, 

Clerk Board of Public Worki. 


For Sale in Duluth by MAX WIRTH, Druggist, 13 West Superior Street. 

Contract Work. 


Tlieonly sate, sure an! reliablo Female Pill ever offereii tc 
Jjatlies "Especially recomiiieiulel to ntarried Ladies. Beware 
cf Pills I 111 up ill till boxes as It ey are dangerous. Ap^ fot 
l^r. Mcti's Ponuyrnyal I'ilis an.l take no otlier. P'jnd fot 
circular. Price ^"l.OU box, C boxes for 15.00. 
Or. Mcttii Ciiemicai Co . Libvelanit. Ohia. 
For Sale by S. F. Eoyce and Max Wirth. 

Hartman General Electric Company 


Furnish Electric Current 
For Arc and Incandescent Light 

And Motor Sei vice. 


station A, Foot of Fiftb Ayb. East 

Station B, 126 West Kiichlgan Street. 

OfRee of the Tioard of Ptjblic Works » 
( ity of Duluth, Miun. July 19. IS9S. S 

Sealed bidt will bo received by the board of 
pnblic works iu a'ld for the cor;>or.ition of the 
city of i»n!uih, Miune^ota. at their office in said 
city, until 10 a. m. on the ;ilt-t day of July. A. 1. 
1*98, for the cou.-iriTctiou of an oArtlnTn em- 
bankment on Ninth street, in t-aid city between 
Fourth avenue ia»t aud FiflJi Hve'.use east 
according to plans and spocificatio' e 
on fi]'' in the office of said b«>ard. 

A certified check or a bond with at least t»o 
(2) sureties iu the sum of twenty (fao.fto 
doUrars mn^t «cc<>nii)»ny eacti bid. 

The said board reserves the rieht to reject a 
or all bids, 

T. W. ABEI.I.. 

Clerk Board of Pnblic Worit*. 

July v.: lOt 



Main oftice Sk York block, corner Fonrte>ejjth 
■eot and Tover avenue, Wei-I 
Dr. Spfei , m charge of the 1 
I Unlvors ty class of '74, and 

HERYOUS AKD CHROHIC DISEASES! rtr;H;i-aurfTover-avrenue,We.tSn,.erlor,W.s 

the head office, if- a 
is registered n» 

Branch oilices, .Mitniuetto and SaKixHW. iiich 
li adnnte of tli.* medical deparUneut of Harvard 

.noh ii, U,t h l''*ni^i;,';;fJ-;«;, ^^ suffering from tho effects o youthful f<.Uies or in-liscr-tions 

wih do well to avail themselves of thiRchftuce. 
no CnUPD !f- rf\ Will trimrantoPH perfect cnnMn«!caso« of weakn^* or private i!«- 
U.U. brLlia a V;U. oase/of any kind or character they nudenuKe or foi feit *j:*J. There 
ar.> m iiv of the a^-.' oi ;i'» to 50 who are troubled with t.n. fre.jU' nt evacuations of the blad- 

d..r, of«.., by a sliKht HnarrinK sensation ai d *•'*«''•'»'"«,.*'* ^V'^.f^nXnl'v" 
manner which t!.H patient canuot account f<T. I.i^resrf many who die of this dilhcn!..v. 

icMoranl ..f the canso, which is the secona stage of weakr ess. .ii„i,.„.» r.«!n 

Dir CC A new method; no bloody operslK.n, i.,. roiur to bed; not the eliehtesf pain 
rlLCiO inconvenience in undernoiiiK a course of treatm. nt with ns for the relief of 
worst case of Bleeding or ItchinfflMes, no matter how lone Htandmc. \\ e Kv.arai.te. 
permanent cure. To every one who consult.* «s we pled*:c absolute focrery. 
Haiiroad faro de<lncted from the price ..f treatment. 



Contract Work. 

Office of the Board of Pnblic Works. ? 
City of Dulnth. Minn., July 19. 1*93. S 
Seale<l bids will be receive<l by the lx>ard of 
public work:^ in and for the < orporation of the 
city of Dulnth. Minnesota, at their olhce iu said 
city, nntil 10 a. m.. on the 31ft d.ay of July, A. 1). 
i^SA. for the construction of a sanitary sewer in 
Center street in said city from Twentieth avenui- 
ejist to sixtv-five feet ea.«t of Tweujy-first ave- 
nue east according to v\nus acd sjM^citications 
ontile in theoilicoof said b»i.inl. 

Vcertitieii check or a Umd with at least two 
1 2^ sureties in the snm of ninety (i'yO.OO) most 
i accompany e.".ch hid. .... . . 

' Tiie said board res»-rves tlio riffbt to reject any 

or all bids. 
1 Hkxey Tbcklsf.n. 


I [Seall 
i OHicial: 

T. W. A t<Ei.i., 

Clerk lM>ard Public Worka, 

(July 1S», lot.) 

nervous system, and cure or prevent ma- 
larial complaints. 

Sandwiches and coffee at the Pavilion. 


on ctrtificates fanning six mouths. Loan<irrta<> 
at lowest raUiB on apprf>voil security. Ci)uuty 
city and school boudBjpurchaaed. 


Clinton MarkeU, L. Merritt, Wm. MoKinl«y, 
Jamea Charuley. A. W. Bradley, K.H.Harri>, 
Wm. E. Richardson, A. B. Chapln, D. Q. C««h, 
Edward L, Bradh^y, «f«;i«fP A.. Elder, H. D. 
BifOT, Arthur H, Brown. F. M, Osborne, CtaM. 
B. LoTott 


The King of Spccialiots, 

Uniformlij Si(ccessfnl ii ihc TreUmcnt ami Cure of 

Syphilis, G-leet Gonorrhoea. 
Stricture, Seminal Weakness. 


Can be Consulted at Room 4, 3ver 19 E, Superior St., Duluth, Kina 

Members cf the Dulntli Clearing Ronse Association. 


Banl- $1,000,000 

Bank ■• 500,000 



First National 
An.oricaii Exoh.-vuixe 

Wariutt National Bauk 

National Bank of Commerce- 

State Bank of Duluth , nn nnn 

Security Bank of Duluth , nn OOO 

ron ExohanKe Bank - 100.000 


We are inf^^rvu'd by 

Of 104 Palladio buildinR, Pulnth, and of Wash- 
iuffton D. C., that the follovinir Dixluth inren- 
tors have recently been granted iiat«nts by the 
United Stat.>8 Patent oftice: 

Edward R. Fitzgerald. Sivert B. Nilson. Peter 
.1. Caesar. John K. Ennis, .\lexanderMcL>ougall, 
Edward C. Ende and John Op^lale. 

liie Gelebraleil French Cure, 


to c ure 


or rm •!> 

TS 80LI> ON A 



nervous disca>:« or 

any disorder of the 

generative orgsns 

of either sex./' 

whether arisinv* / 
«rrr,r.r f rouilhe cxcessivc / ,.___ 
BlFCRE useof t^limulauts, AF I ER 
Tohr.ctoorOpiTim.orthrouph youthful indiscre- 
tion over iuaulnoncc A-c^. as Lri<!s of Brain 
I'owcr, Wfikefnlness, Rearins down PrJns in the 
bHOk, Seminal Wcakn»>ss. Hysteria, Nenrotis lV>s- 
trR'ion, Noftumal Em<8-lon«, I>eurorrhaa. Dlr- 
.Tinc 8, We; k Memory. Ixissof Power ar.d inpo- 
ten'^v, whli h if cocieVtod often '.ead topremature 
old «i,'.^ and lusaiiny. Price ?! 00 a box. 6 boxes 
for f'> m"\. ^;c'U hv ni-i't '>'i leeelpt of price. 

A WRITTEN GUARANTEE if plven for everr 
r>.i» order reeoivi'd. to ref\:ud the money if h 
(/(.'•.•i.anc'ii oi;r.' i« U'lt t ffortt'd. We have "thcTi- 
<Hnds of testimonials from o\\ and vounc «>i 
both sexes, who have been permanent'iy cured 
by the\;seof Aphroditine. Cirriilar free. Address 

^<»Rtern Branch. Box 27, Portland, Ok. 





Sold in Dulnth by 

Max Wirth aad Selleck A 









The Water Ccmpany Prosentecl Bills For 

Hydrant Rental Last Evening But 

They V<ore Not Considered. 

TKe Sewer Committee Recomniened That 
No Work be Coiiinieiiced on a Sys- 
tem This Year. 

Diptilheria lias Made its Appearance and 

Two Children Died This Morning - 

Other Village News. 

Tb.e water company presenied bills 
for »he past i nutter's hydrant remal last 
night but they were nt)t consitlered on 
account cf a resolution passed some- 
tnne a.iio to the eiVect that no more bills 
of the kind would be paid until the com- 
pany's franciiise had been tested. The 
bill for water tor the city hall was also 
considered and payment refuseil. The 
street car company came in for a roast 
on account o! the refusal of the com- 
pany to issue transfer tickets but no 
action wa'* taken. 

The same committee presented the 
lorij.: delayed report, with the recom- 
nundati'n that no improvLMuents be 
maile m this bnc the present year. This 
conclusion reached because of the 
present condition of the viUas^e finances 
and the fact that anv ndihtional tax 
v.-iiM l>e unwise and wi>nld ten.! to dis- 
I the locatum here of any new 
nidusiries. Tlie report was accepted and 
approved which lays the sewer question 
I'll the shelf tor the present year at least. 

Kni;incer L'onper surprised the coun- 
cil Ijy presentin>j his resignation which 
was accepted and the recunlcr was in- 
structed to tender him a written expres- 
sion of the satisfaction the council felt 
witli h.-,s work. His place was tilled by 
the pruiiiotum of \V. H. Cruikshank, as- 
bistani engineer. 

The plans lor the improvement of 
Ilunttn,i;lon street from Norton to Fourth 
avenue west at a cost oi $3100 were ac- 
cepted. The engineer's plans for the 
three proposed underi;rade crossiiijjs 
were accei>ud and will be referred ti>the 
railway companies. Assessments were 
levied and the rolls ordered published 
for the improvements on Ei^jhth avenue 
west. Second avenue west and Ninth 
•.tn-et, Hazel weod. 

The investigating committee was 
asked to iejiOrt on the alleged error on 
the Main street paving. The committee 
was not rcadv .and a.-ked for a week's 
•■•which was granted. The recorder 
• ; instructed to demand that the ex- 
t ess paid the coniract<ir on T'ront street, 
1 ir,,.,.t . ;. . !-'"iinded immediately. 


Two ChilJrcn of h. C. Hendrickson Died This 
'I'he family iif f I. C. Hendrickson. liv- 
ing Oil tne corner of Fourth Uveaue west 
and Fifth street north, is suGfering from 
a severe attack of diphtheria. Tha dis- 
ease first made its apjiear.ance last Sat- 
urd.ay. and since then four children have 
been taken sick. This morning about 5 
o'clock the youngest child, about iS 
months old, succumbed to its effects and 
the 5-year-old boy died two hours later. 
The older children are very sick, but tlie 
physician is hopeful of their recovery. 

The place has been quarantined by the 
health ohicer to prevent any contagion. 

1 he cause of the sudden breaking out of 
the disease is attributed to a pond of 
sewage standing in the rear of the resi- 

Narrow Escape From Fire. 
The I'billips hole! narrowly escaped a 
scorching early this morning by the 
c trele?s use of a lamp by one of the 
:;ij^ts. Just before daylight the stranger 
lelt iii;: room and started down stairs 
lamp in hand. At the foot cf the stair- 
way, for some iinexplained reason, he 
drt pped the lamp, which quickly ex- 
ploded and set hre to the wainscoting, 
liy the prompt action of some of the 
help, the tlames were extinguished with 
but little damage. 

Mr. Cooper Was Liked. 
The resignation of Engineer Cooper, 
which was presented ai the council 
meeting last evening, came as a surprise 
to the people of West Duluth, and many 
regrets were heard today. It seems to 
Ijc the almost unanimous opinion that 
Mr. Cooper has been the most satisfac- 
tory engineer ever employed by the vil- 
lage, lietter street work has been done 
under his espionage than ever before, 
with less friction. Mr. Cooper has ac- 
cepted a highly remunerative position 
on government work at Savannah, Ga. 

V/est Oul'i!h Briefs. 

Mis'" ixrtie i .c-sw... a missionary to 
the Saus people of Si.^in. wid speak on 
the and mission work among 
them in the Presbyterian church Thurs- 
day at 3 p rv. 

J. C. Pcit/ has sold 1.13 property here 
and will remove his family t(j Cidcago to 
reside. He has purchased a teed and 
coal business in the Windy City. 

Rudolph .Sacger and wife rejoice in 
the birth of a son and Lewis Newton an<l 
wife are likewise happy over the arrival 
of a daughter. 

Mrs. Dr. I'urnsiJe ij at Cameron, Wis., 
visiting her parents. 

Cassius Bagley has returned from a 
short Slav at the World's fair. 

Miss Kelly, of Ironv.ood, Mich., is 
spending a week with Mr. P. E. Smith 
and family. 

H. B. .McArtbur U receiving .a visit 
from his parents, H.. G. McArtbur, D. U., 
and wife. 

Geo. B. Fav, land explorer, is at the 

Fred M. Present', cf Iranwood, Mich., 
was in the city tcday on his way to the 
Mesaba range. 

A. W. Specr, cf Albany, N. Y., was in 
Ihe citv ve-terdav. 

J. R.l> City, is a guest 

cf fritn-'-> 1.1 the city. 

Democrats and Silver. 
Dr. Sj>eci .;»: Co.'s Pile cure effects 

Ossifrs.js to Two Harbors. 

Tomorrow af.e.'t.oon at 2 t)'ciock the 
Ossifra^-e will run an excursion to Two 
Harbors and return. Tukcts 50 ctnts 

City of Milwaukee, Milwan'-ee, Co. /" 

M \K <■•. I'sslKK proprieto • t,\ul mauul'actnrcT 

ot Cessler's Magic Ht. adache Wafers 

di>inj; l)iisiiic.><.-? at thcabuvc place makes uuth 
tl>:it hf will pay 


for each ami every case of liradachc of iiiiy 
kind that cannot tic eurcil with 

Gesslers Magic Headache Wafers. 
iSi«neii.> .\i.\x c.i-:ssi.i-:r. 

Sworn to lieforr me thtji 10th ilny of Nov- 
ember, IMO'J 

jiUH*.!-: DAVin s. K<isi:, 

Notary rublie 
Beware of Imitations, 
Kcrij.ii.ur Cosslet's Magic Koad- 

ache Wafers ^^iH cure any cusc of >Icuil 
ache ill l.'U niiuutrs. 

Guaranteed uy all Dru.t;eists to cure ui 
mouey refunileil. 

Mauul'ucturcil by 


Sold by«. F. Boyce, Dalnth Driiir to.. Kva 
Brt*., KirkwocKl &, Thorpe, C. J. Tafte. Lofureu 
A:('o..(;. .1. Sa.ller. 


The Wheat Maritct Declined Today Under Dis- 
quieting Rumors. 

flio wlieat market was uorvous and unsottloil 
ti>day. Th-» failure of Iho Wisconsin Marint> 
bank (It Milwaukee cntised a sensation in i^rain 
and tiiilliuK circles and chocked bugiuesn. The 

Daisy mill at Siipi-rior ki>iit its bunk acc«uut 
therp, and tlierp was uncortainty as to wlictlier 
its checks Riven Saturday and yostorday for 
lari:*' (;rain iieli¥Prio.t liail clf»ari'd. Tho market 
here «>i(eueil 'jc Kiwer than .vi'sterday for fut- 
ures and ijc lowiT for cash ami ste.'idily tle- 
clined, witl» fiiir tradimr in futures until 
stopped by the news <.>f bank failures. 1 lie 
afternoon 8e.'->uin ruled dull, with 
small tradinir in Si-iiieniber wheat 
at a further ih-cline of *ic from 
tlie proce<liu;,' transactions. The close 
was weak, heavy ami draR^nut; at l?.iC lower 
than yeste: day for casii and l^'.ic to 2c lower for 
Septt-nduT. Kollowiiii; wore tho closiuK prices : 

No. 1 hard,'i'jc ; July, »>•">' ;c ; September, 
ii>\c. No. 1 northoru, cash, 02c; July, t>Sc: 
September, t!')' o". No. 2 nortlieru. carh, S^'iC. 
No. :{, 5:>'jC. llijected, Wtc. On track— No. 1 
northern to arrive, ti'.i' |C. Itye, Me. 

1 "ar inspection today. 267. Uecoipts - Wheat 
ll'i.:;s:';iins. shipments -Wheat liW.iiMl bus. Cars 
on track— Sr. I'anl i^c Dnlutli. 2; .Northern 
Pacific"'; (ireat Northern uJ, total 02; last 
year ir,7. 

Cattle and Hogs. 

U. S. Y.VRiis, CiiicAoo, Jidy 2.".- t'aMle: Ite- 
criiits, 70i*>. Btiaily. iloKs: Uecsiprs, h. (lOli, hi:n, 
1(1'" l.'ic higher: heavy. f.'i.Cefti O.lCi ; nuxed and 
modium, 3:r..t;:if<i6.iri ; livht, $.'>.8r>(i»,:t).ll>. Sheep: 
Ui'ceipts. 10,iK)',i. steaiiy. 

The Foreign Markets. 
London, July 2'>.— The forei^'n irrain markets 
opeueil firm. At Liverpool wheat was 'td 
hiKlier an tirmly held. Corn 'jd hiKlier Hiid tirui 
biituot active. At London, carKoes of wheat 
w!re uuchai!t;ed; lioacinK car;»oe.-i of wlii>at 
tirmly lield : wlioitt on passage was rirnier, held 
hi»jiiei; corn a tii'ii (herer. The Kreucli mar- 
kets were steadier, Tlie imports of wheat into 
Liveroool the past three days were 41(i,uut 
bushels, iuclndiui; lS4,(>iA) bushels American. 

The Minneapolis Market. 

Minneapolis, Minn.. .Inly "J"!. Wheat ; Se|)- 
tendwr opened at02'KC and rlo.-»ed at OPkc; 
iJeceniber opeue<l at ti^'^c and clo.sed at O'j \c. 
(Ju track : No. 1 hard, t5;j'jc; Ni'. 1 northera, 
01 'ic; .No. 2 northern, ."in'jc. 

New York Breadstuffs. 

Nkw York July 2;) KUnir inodomtely active 
and hrm. Wlieat: Iteceipts, 2."i."),loO bus; sahM, 
7o0,iJ«l0 bus: .N"o. 2 re<l, ''a'X ?4C lower follow- 
intf tiie west nnd local roaliziufr ;dull and strady ; 
Autrnst. <1' !<'( 72c ; September, 7:t 11-lOc iJcceniber, 
so' i<i/;so^sC. Kye (laite and steady, ("oru: 
Li'ci-ipts, 183,2(0 bus; sales, 12.'i,i,(i,> bus ; No. 2 
dtill and lower ; Aiicnst, •!*> sc ; ."^eptembKr, -It^'a- 
(>l\>c: October, 4.HJ,(f( 4iO,:C : No. 2, 41)i.i*(.^ilc. 
Oats : Ji»'ceipts, :;21.0'H» bus; sales, 7.j,()00 oub; 
No. 2 dull ; .\lleu^•t. S^ii 22'-ic ; Sot>t ember, 30\*i,- 
yi ' ,c ; state. ;';-«■/ l:l; western , :Vi'..'" i;!c. 

The Chicago Market. 
(Chicago, July 25.- (Jlosinar prices: Wheat, 
.1 ily. <;2r'ac : .Vugust, tiil'^c; Corn, July, :ni54C; 
Auicusr, :!9rdC ; r>ei>tend)er, 4(1' iC. Oats. Jal>, 
27'/.c; Sejitember, 2l\c. I'ork, July, $2U.i;'0; 
Scpteinb«>r, il-2n.5i). Lard, Sei-tomber. JlO.()7'/j. 

w. r. Biiowisr, 

Private Wires to (^hicaKO and New York. 
l'J7 and 108 Chamber of ('ommerce. 


Business Generally Activo and Values Slightly 

New Yiii;K, July 2.'. --There was considerable 
irregidarity in the prominent railways at the 
o;>euiuc but the variations wert> covered by '4 
<>,• sum der fractions. Jiusiuess wis generally 
active. Atchi.-on advanced to l.i, lhirlini:t<in 
t'»7t''-, St. Paul to.V)'^, Missouri Pacific to 2;!V!. 
Krio to IC's anil Kock Ishiud to.'iSK, Cleveland, 
Cincinnati, Chicaf^o &, St. Louis declined to 
tt'.'j, Lake t^liore ti» ICi'j. .Subseiputntly Ihir- 
linKtiuiJc t^uincy receded fo 74, Atchison to 
11^8, St. Paul tool's. Now York Central to 77:'i 
:oid Erie to IIU- 

In the specialties Hockins: Valley rose tf> 17 
and Krie preferred to 2:i!2. -Norfolk it Woetern 
preferred fell off to 19. The industrials lacked 
the vim that characterized yesterday's trans- 
actions and fluctuations were less violent. Am- 
erican .Sngar ReUuintf sold up to 7'.<. Chicago 
Oas to .'i;i and fJenaral Electric -^4 to 4l>"^. Bar 

sdver, CU''.i, 



The Bowen vs. Shannon Case Involving Old 
News Stock on Trial. 

Judge Lewis yester<iay afternoon ad- 
journed until Thursday the hearinjx in 
the rase of Backus against liurke. Today 
at his chambers in the Torrey b'lilding 
he is tryinfif the case of Eninia liowen, 
wife of Thomas E. Bo wen, against 
Charles E. Shannon. 

Tlie case grows out of a transaction 
with reference to the old Duluth News, 
liowen claims that A. J. \\ hiteman 
l)out;ht from Charles E. Shannon S.iocx) 
of the stock of the old Duluth News 
when it was reorganized and that he 
never got the stock. Whiteman sold his 
ch'diii to Bowcn or his wife and she 
brintjs suit for the money. Shannon 
claims he never sold any stock for him- 
self, but sold it for the syndicate which 
took the paper. 

Were After Their Pay. 

A crowd of laborers, mostly Italians, 
who have been working on the Missabe 
road for Wolf iK: Kipg, the contractors, 
were gathered around the Lyceum en- 
trarce this afternoon and there were any 
number of reasons to be hearrl for their 
presence there. As a matter of fact 
they had tjuit work and were after their 
pay. Kor some reason it nscessirv 
to d' lay their receiving it .'ind they ia- 
mediatcly Hocked to the .Missabe offices. 
It wa^ exp'.iinet to them that they will 
secure their pav on Thursday and they 
went off grumbling. * 

Notice to Tax Payers. 

Notice h hereby Kiveu that the boird 
ot equilizr.iif.ii for the county of St. Louis 
is i;ow in ^e sion for the purpose of 
equalizing thf pergonal property asse-s- 
ments as they m ty appear upon the dif- 
ferent ai«^essnjent tn'Is of said county for 
the yc;ir i\l)\. 

Ail persons considering themielvcs 
asse-s^d too hitjb, or who wish to com- 
plain that the property of another is 
assessed too low, are hereby notified to 
appear before s>'.id boird and show 
can c for having such assessment cor- 
rected. * 

By order of the board. 

Geo. N, LaVacicf., 

Countv Auditor. 


aiid their 

A Sandusky Company Put Into the Hands oi a 
Sanui'SKV, O., July 25.— G. B. llodg- 
nian Manufacturing company has gone 
into the hands of a r,.'ceiver 
works are shut down. The 

whifhisanold one. has carried t>n a 
p.'olitible business, but was hampered 
by the tigtitness of the money market 
and inability to make collections. 

Bciiii; un;ible to raise money to nuct 
present obligations, they applied for the 
aopointmeiit ol Chirk Rude as receiver. 
The application was gr;inted by judge 
(irccne. It is believed that in the near 
future arrangements may be made to 
continue the business. The stoppage of 
the V. orks makes over 150 men idle. 


Three of Them Were Forced to Suspend Pay- 
ment Today. 

L(»t i.s\ iLi.E, Ky., July 25. - The Mer- 
chants National closed its doors at lo 
o'clock this morning. This is the thirtl 
national bank of this city which has sus- 
pended since .Saturday. There was a 
small local run on the Merchants Na- 
tional this morning, but that would not 
have allecteil the bank. It was the 
steady nnd growing demand from the 
country banks which caused the troAblc. 

At 10:30 the Louisville Deposit bank 
closed, and at i :3a p. m. the Fourth Na- 
tional bank closed its doors. 

A Chicago Assignment. 
CiiuA(it), luly 25. Following a con- 
fession of juilgmeiit in the circuit court 
yesterday afternoon for :>S7,i75.i5 in 
favor of the Continental National bank, 
of Chicago, Parkhurst tV Wilkinson, iron 
merchants at 148-161 Kensie street, made 
an assignment after the courts closed 
last night. The Chicago Title and Trust 
company was made assignee. The con- 
cern's assets are estimated at f 1,000,000, 
though no schedule is made in the deed 
of assignment. The confession of judg- 
ment w:as matle on notes which the firiii 
was un;ib!e to renew. 

Railroad Contractor Failed. 

Pol is\ iLLi:, Pa., July 25. E. J. Gay- 
nor, the contractor, has made an 
.assignment for the benefit of creditors. 
Gaynor has done considerable work of 
late years for the Pennsylvania, Norfolk 
i^v: Western and Lehigh \'alley com- 
panies, and at present is engaged on a 
section of the new Lehigh Reading link 
connecting with the Lehigh at I'»ernice. 
JiKJgmeiits amounting to nearly $50,000 
have thus far been entered. Assets 

Gaudaur the Winner. 

Oi<ir-i.iA, Out.. July 25. -The Hanlan- 
(iaudaur championship boat race here 
yesterday attracted another large crowd. 
I '•siting during the day was mostly even, 
a little money changing hands at odds 
in favor of Giudaui. I'.oth men were in 
splendid condition. (iaudaur won by 
seven lengths in i(;:3S, 1^"^ Hanlan 
claimed the course was changed and 
notilied the stakeholder not to pay over 
the mi'ney. 

Cholera in Italy. 
Ro.Mi:, July 2; Notwithstanding the 
official denials of the Italian government 
of the reports that cholera had appeared 
in Italy, it is known that the disease is 
prevailing in Alexandria, capital of the 
province of that name in Piedmont. 
Many cholera cases have been reported 
there and new cases are of daily occur- 
rence. The disease is not confined to 
Alexandria. Cases are reported in a 
number of other places in Piedmont. 

Silver Mine to Resume. 

Asi'KN, Colo., July 25. — The manage- 
ment cf the Montezuma silver mine has 
decided to resume operations and ship 
its output to the smelters, where it is to 
be stored awaiting a more con- 
dition of the silver market before it is 
settled for. About 200 men will be given 

Quarantine in Greece. 

Atmf:ns, July 25.— The Greek consul 
at Smyrna reports that live cases of 
cholera and two deaths from that discise 
have occurred there. The Greek gov- 
ermoiit has ordered that all vessels arriv- 
ing from Smyrna be subjected to an 
eleven-days' quarantine. 

No Excitement Followed. 

Toledo, July 25. — The Farmers' 
National bank, of Fmdlay, O., closed its 
doois at noon today. No statement has 
been given out as yet. No excitement 
prevails and the other three banks are 
prepared for any run that may follow. 

Three Persons Hurt. 

PlTTSIUKG, Pa., July 25.— At 8:30 this 
morning a West Pennsylvaniajpassenger 
train consisting of an engine and three 
coaches, crashed into tlie rear of a 
freight three miles outside of the city. 
Three persons are reported badly hurt, 

"Last fall I was taken with a kind of 
summer complaint, accompanied with a 
wonderful diarrhcea. Soon after my 
wife's sister, who lives with us, was taken 
in the same way. We used almost every- 
thing without benefit. Then I said, let 
us try Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and 
Diarrhfea remedy, which we did, and 
that cured us right away. I think much 
of it, vs it did for me what it was recom- 
mended to do. John Hertzler, Bethel, 
Berks Co., Pa. 25 and 50 cent bottles 
for sale by druggists. 


A Written Guarantee to 

Onr cure is permanent and not a patchintt np. 
Caees treated eiffht years agro have never seen a 
syirptom since. By describing; case fully wo can 
treat yon by mull, and we cive the same strong 
gnarantne t*) cnro or refund all money. Thrso 
who prefer to come he'e for treatment can do so 
and we will pay railroad faro both ways and 
hotel bill.'' while liero if we fail to cnre. V'e 
cliHllcutfe the world for a case that our MAfilC 
Klili-l'Y will not cure, Write for full p:irtica- 
larH and get tho ovidouce. 

We tfunrmileo to curfl or refnnd every doilnr, 
and as« we h;iV'_> a room at ion to protect, also 
tinancial backine of $JliX),0(Mj, it i» perfectly safe 
to all who v/ill try tho treaMnent. Heretofore 
you havn been putting up and payiuK ont your 
monej for dittereut treatments and although 
yon are not yet cnreil, ro cue has paid back 
your money. Do not wa.sfe any more money un- 
til yi'U tiy iiB. Old chninic, ileep seated case." 
cured in 15 to 41) <!aiK. Investitfale our llnuiicial 
standinir, our reputation na buc>inejs men. 
Write us for names an(l addresses of tiioee we 
have cured who have iriveu |jermis»ion to efer 
t<i ttiem. 

If your symptoms are pore tliroa*, mucous 
patches in mouth, rheumatism in iv.nes and 
join'h, hair falling onf, eruption.-' on any part 
of liie bo'li, foelinjr of Keneral depression, lains 
in head o" lioneH-jou liavo no time t<.) waste. 
TlioFo WHO are constantly taking mercury and 
p<>ta<<h fchould discontinue it. 

Don't fnil to writ/». All c< rre(>|«»tidonce sent 
sealed in plain eiiveloi>e^. We invit<i the m<»t 
rigid investigHtion and will do all in onr i owar 
o aid you in it- Address, 


Rooms 1325 lo 1331 Masonic Temple. 

Wo weru tho llrst inamifacturera on this 
Continent. Our lalubt iinurovtiuieut surpusea 
iiiiythlng evor befoio prouiiced. iBo. yfio., aSo. 
per tiu. Uo Hiiro to have Hl-J A HUUx'S. A>*^ 
for tbcm Kpreiul on cotton clot ii, 


rrevcntlonh bettor than rure, by Imrnlnsf candles bad BinelU hi buMenienin, closets, 
Jto. arode.siroycd,and thu.sconiiixlousdlsease8 
aro kept away; also useful fur oxptiUintj nlo^*- 
quitos and Irrit athitf insects. Pr ico,80c. each. 

To pnrify sick-rcMmis, apartnient.s, etc.. nso 


which In burnintr. disiufeet and produeo a 
fragraneorofre.-ihintf and inviiioratinif. Ji5o pur 
boxoflv*. .SoloMainifuctiMerH, 
HKAllT^llY *\s .lOJITVHOTV, 
l*tuiriuacfUtic>iU I 
C'heiui.tta. t 



A Conductor Killed atid Two Brakemcn Fat- 
ally Injured. 
St. L<»i is, July 25.— A norlhbound 
freight on the St. Louis, Chicago tJt St. 
Paul, coi'.sisfing of eighteen local freight 
cars, crashed through a trestle near 

Reihls station at 7 o'clock this morning, 
piling the entire train in a heap. 

Conductor W. li. Burrell, of Spring- 
field, 111., was instantly killed. Brake- 
men Charles Johnson and W. A. Cle- 
ments, of Alton, and Waller Manning, 
of Spriiigtield, were probably fatally in- 
jured. Ihe trestle was comparatively 
new and no cause is known fur its col- 
lapse. __ 

Marine Notes. 

There is still no wheat movement. 
Rates today are nominally i ;<, cents for 
Buffalo. The Cmgebic cleared with 
wheat but under a charter made several 
dayj ago. 

The E. C. Pope yesterday brought up 
3100 ton of coal, 100 tons belter than her 
orevious record. 


Poit of Duluth. 


Prop John Oade.H, Luke Krie; coal. 

iSciir Ked WiD»(, l^ake Kri<^;coal, 

I'rop VikiuK. (Georgian ihiy ; lies. 

.Schr Verona, (ieor>,'inn Hay ; ties. 

I'rop City of Traverse, (.Chicago; pasBengers 
aixi nierchandiso. 

I'rop .1. H. Kotchani, No. 2, I. . -ike Krie ; coal. 

I'rcip Monarch, Snrnia ; pajfj^ou^ers and iner- 


I'rop liepublic, light for ore. 

I'rop (Jtego, I'orlHge Entry ; nierchandiso. 

l*roj> t ioi^i'bic, Ihilt'alo ; 

Hargi- 117, light for ore. 

Prop Harper, light for ore. 

Schr Sandustky, Cleveland ; ore. 

frop Siberia ; light for ore. 

Ocean Steamships. 

New York- AirivLil: Manitoba, Lon- 

New York— Arrived: Stuttgart, P^re- 

Bremen -Arrived: Steamer .Saale, 
New ^'ork. 

Gibraltar Arrived: Kion Priiiz Frier- 
ich Wilhelm, New York and proceeded 
for Naples. 

The Sault Pass;iges. 
Sault Stk. Makik, .Mich., July 25. - 
(Special to The Herald.l Up: Nimick, 
Brown, 7 p. m.; Specular, Magnetic, S; 
Craig, 8; I'"orbes, Mcl^aclilan, 10; Tom 
Adams, 11; Biclman, i a. m.; Hope, 
Fitzpatrick, 2; Lansing, S; Peerless, Fm- 
pire State, ly, Bartlett, iiS, 10:30. Down: 
Northern Wave, 7:30 p. m.; L'ganda, 0; 
Manola, 10:30; \Vhii:iker, Savcland, 
Watson, 12; Marina, i :30 a. m.; Matoa, 3; 
Duluth, 4; Missoul.aj Wadena, 5; Minne- 
apolis, San Diego, 8; L.vngell Boys, Com- 
sto; k, Lasallc, 7; Rhodes, 8:30; Mari- 
goKl, Mecosta, <;. 

Moral for the Thief. 
The Mesaba Range: The Mes.iba 
Liimb:r company has closed down its 
mill at Mesaba foi the season on ac- 
count of lack of logs. When early last 
spring the Range stated the mill would 
not have sulTicient logs for the season, 
the Duluth News Tribune appropriated 
the item to its own use and took it all 
back ihe next day. Moral — when you 
see it in the Range it's so, a. id if you 
steal it you can have it and welcome, 
but we would prefer that you don't back 

Special World's Fair Rates. 

On account of the World's Columliian 
exposition the St. Paul «S: Duluth rail- 
road will sell one way and round trip 
tickct.i to Chicago at greatly reduced 
rates. Tickets on sale April 25 to Oct. 
31, inclusive, and good for return pass.age 
up to Nov. 15. For further information 
applv to F. B, Ross, 

Northern passenger agent, 428 West 

Sujierior street (Spalding hotel.) 

$13.75 to Chicago and Return 
Via the St. Paul & Duluth railroad. The 
best line to Chicago. July 17, 24, 31, 
August 7th. Choice of six routes. Sec 
F, B. Ross, Northern Passenger Agent, 
428 Spalding house block, before you 

The Short Line. 

Chicago and return, S13.75, July 17, 24, 
^l and Aug. 7. The "Omaha" road. 
Ihrcugh train. Call at 405 West Su- 
perior street. 

Moonlight excursion on the Ossifrage 
tomorrow night under auspices of Y. M, 
C. A. Tickets 35 cents. 

The Greatest Advertiser. 

Lx Po.-trnaster General John Wana- 
ma!<er, of Philadelphia, one of the richest 
and most successful merchants in Ameri- 
ca, in a Baltimore treatise said: 

"1 do my heaviest advertising in dull 
times. Then is when people look most 
keenly for bargains, are anxious to know 
just how much a thing costs, where they 
can save money. 

"I advertise particular things, give 
prices and qualities and take as much 
pains with m> announcements as I do 
with my stock. 

"I always use the most sp.ace in the 
paper the people the most carefully 

choose the popular publication, in 
other words. 

"Advertising is like hotel keeping. One 
big dinnei will not make nor keep up 
the reputation of the house; stea<ly, good 
cooking dties it. In advertising it is the 
same. I never permit interest in my 
announcements lo lag, and I never miss 
an issue of my chosen publications. Ad- 
vertising has made my store the largest 
in the country. Anybody else can do 
the same." 

Tho World's Fair. 

During 1893 all roads lead to Chicago. 
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul 
leads the van. F.nclose a 2 cent stamp 
and get "The Milwaukee" World's fair 
folder. J. T. Co.nlry, 

Assistant General Passenger Agent, 

St. Paul. Minn. 

Are you going on the Y. M. C. A. ex- 
cursion tomorrow night on the Ossifrage? 
Tickets 35 cents. 

AwKRicAN Stork. 

[ Ice is Cheap 





Are Only Low Priced in 5P0TS, 
And This is the SPOT of SPOTS. 

Look Cool and 
Pretty for $2.00, 

That is all we ask for a 
Lawn House Gown. 


It costs but 25c for Cart- 
wri<^ht and AVarner's Swiss 
Ribbed Under vests, with 
hi<^h and low neck, long and 
short sleeves. 

Look Jaunty 
And Natty, 

Sailor Hats and Lawn 
Waists are low in price here. 
So are Fiber Gauntlet 
CJIoves and Mitts. 

Look Graceful 

And refined. French Chal- 
lies with Laces to tit, are 
plentiful here. 

Huys your choice of a lot of 
Lawns, Batistes, Sateens and 

Moiiselins. No need dress- 

ing warm. 


Is the price of a cool Shirred 
Silk Hat with a comfortable 
brim on it, for the Baby. 


Is the price of Infant's Bal- 
briggan l-ndervests. 


Is the price of a lot of Out- 
ing Caps for ladies. 

Bath Towels 

That are Bath Towels start 
at L5c here. 


In all grades, color, quali- 
ties and kinds, suitable for 
the present weather. Very 
moderate prices. 

There is a 

Strong reason for this hea\ y 
trade here. Have you found 
out what it is.^ 


'The Milwaukee" 

The only electric lighted trains 
The latest private compartment cars 
The most luxurious sleejiers 
The latest library smoking cars 
The celebr.ated electric berth lamp 
The finest dining car service 
The government fast mail line 
The most comfortable parlor cars 
The best and most frequent service 
Safety, .".peed, comfort, elegance 
Secure sleeping berths early 
Apply to any ticket agent or address, 
J. T. CoNLEV, Asst. (ien. Pass. Agt., 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Change of Train Service. 

As double train service on the North- 
ern P.acific railroad from Duluth west 
has been run at a heavy loss to the com- 
panv and jirospccts not at all encourag- 
ing for the future, the management has 
been forced lo discontinue the trains 
leaving Duluth 7:45 a. m. and arriving 
Duluth 7:15 a. 111., commencing Sunday, 
July 23. 

The evening train will continue to 
leave at 6:45 p. m. with same conveni- 
ent service for all Northern Pacific 
points in Minnesota and the Dakotas, .as 
well as Montana and the Pacific coast. 
Train from the West will arrive at 12:40 
p. m. as heretofore. 

F. A. Gkkenit, 
City Ticket Agent, 
416 West Superior street, Duluth. 

We Keep Time 
With the music. Look at the hall racks 
and sideboards, and the right prices, not 
the discount, sell them. 

Bloeijkl & Ebeling, 
18 and 20 Fake avenue north. 



From Whatever Cause, sliould writo to 

ntDnrpiD Jlvennf, Torner Foarth Street, 



Thp "iMi"-! mil Only rclUlilo nio<licil cjfti"' of it« kinil in (he 
city. Uri;nl*rlj' i^nulaatrd knd Icipillj quaHllrd. If iiiroi.MJi- 
vjiit toMMt tlir City fortrtMtiiiftit, inoUicitic j.-nt hy iii4)l or t-x- 

res>, f rcM) f r-mi ot'*-rrv.iti"n. i iwahl* rivira irii«ranl«rtT. 

'unilO nahiliiu "•■>:»■•« ^.-alinw, KHllIng nrmoTj, 
VUUO UCUIIIIj, l.>rk uf Kni-ntj, l>li}^lc«l Itrciij, «t>s 
ine from Indiwretion'.. Emesi, Indulifciicoor fc«|><jMirv, prwlirc- 
ing iiiTvoiiMic*^, I>ctulitT, Ihniness of Si^tht, RfIf-!>;\trlM, I>e- 
ft;it;t>- ilrm.r). riiiii'li. nil tlio f*ic, Avrsion l<>K>ricly, l..r » 
uf AiiilHtirii, lliilUnc-.s lii.M.irrv. Mel.tiirlioly. Dysp-p'-m, Stuiiti«t 
I>eM'l'>|'i>i>'nt. ^iis ■>f I'Mivcr, I'lins in tin- Im-k. ct' ., .iri" In iiH 

t^Mv, Hrirntcijr, Sih-imhit. Unnatural Disoharees 
Cuteci Permanently. 

Biood. Skin and Venereal Diseases, '""f^'zz 

I'.'h1«, Niisf.. Tliro4t,Skin *nil llvncf, Blol<?lic*. Kniiitiuns, Ai ik^, 
Kcvi'ina, Old S.VC', lllrfr>, PHinful Suclliiii^, frmii wlialcvi'i 
t Hi-^f. iMj-itivtJy »H'l I Hovcr dri»on from th<? systi-ia Ijy mean. 
<.f S:ifr, Tlmt-lnled Itrmedl^^. HtiB and Swmllen JomK nnl 
KIh ijiiialiMti, the rp-ult nf Khiod Poium, Cur>'t KIDNEY 
and URINARY C>>iii(>|iiint<i. rmiful. Diffirulr, tw Kr.- 
i|>M'i't or lll'XKly L'rinc, Usnurrhor* aad Slrlctur* |iriiinptly 
c..f. I 

PATADDU 1l>cmt, Nv. l.naitlll^rmMtConiitilntionjilafKt 
UH I Annilf Arijuircd Wi><kii«~s>-s.'r.h'>th K<'><» tmtrd »» 
ri|irrlmra(i. C'lmrKF^ low. Ciller urite HjaiDtom l.l«t and 
Ixtnip'iirl frc« l>y timl The D-ict'ir htt »urres<fulfy IrMtrd .iiij 
:.urfl IhuUMiods. Alt consultatignn are Ktnctly conHdentiil. 


Special Rates lo Chicago. 
The St. Paul & Duluth is making 
special low rates to Chicago on account 
of the World's fair. 

Sleeping car arrangements attended 
to. F. IJ. Ross, 

N or. Pass. Agt., 
42J Spalding hotel. 

Mm KKN'J- FLK.MSlliDltOOil. 52,1 \VE8T 
HoooDd street. 

af lionio or to trav*! to kcop onr show 
cards tackfil up in towm on tri>08 and foncpe 
along puhhc roadc Sioa( y work in your own 
cuunry. i^7.'i a indntli audlila day expe.l!>c8 do- 
IK>siti"l iti your bank wlu-n started. J, H. 
WcliH.-if Jt Co., :»;4 \VaInut stroet, Cincinnati. 

j:l LADIES 111 

;♦! Can Sscure Compelnrt SerYants •*! 

■ J[| By AdTortising in the j^j 


\Vliftrpas, default has bo 
tioiis of a certain motlgtig' 
dolivrrod by Wm. F. ParFf 
son?, hie wifo. and Noliio 
niort(fR(;orH. of St. Louis « 
LInioii Hniidioff and Loai 
Louie county, Minnesota, 
dato tho 24th day of .April 
corded in tho offico of tl 
in a"(i for the county of 
of MinnototH, on ihohtii d 
at threw o'clock p. m., in 
KH((0!<, on page 70 : 

And wheroan, default ha 
paynioiit of tho dues on 8t« 
and premium on the ind< 
paid mortKano, for iiioro tl 
(4) m 'Uths after tho same 

And whoroBK, tho niortK 
viftion that in cat^o of defn 
tho monthly iutcrost or pr 
ptock, or any part thereof, 
(t) months after the same 
then tho wholo principal i 
and tlie moTXgtmoe xhall 
power to soil the mortfiragi 
auction, agreeably to tho 
made hnd provided ; 

.And whereas, saiii mort 
declare tlie wholo debt di 
fault in the payment of si 
raiiim and dui e on t<tock 

And whereac. there is c\ 
is due at the dat4> of the fii 
notice, on tho debt securei 
thosiiiTi iif twelve bund 
($12:!:; cO) doUart;. and no u 
at law or otherwise Imvinc 
receiver the debt n'cured h 
any part thiicof ; 

Nuw therefore, notice is 
virtue of tho power of sal< 
inortKafc'e. and pursuant U 
case made and provided, t 
be foreclofod by a sale 
scribeil in and conve.vod b\ 
Ixit.s twonty-.soven (27) and 
block one hundred and tw 
luth proper. Third divisii 
located in St. Loiii 
Hota.will, witli theheroditi 
ances, be sold at public an 
bidder for cash, t^y pay sa 
and fifty del tarn t 
stipulated in and by 
case (»f fi)reclosuro. and th 
lowed by law ; wliicli Kali 
.■'hrriir of .^aiil St- Loui« i 
door ol the court bouse, 
county ,ind btnte ufor.-^aiil 
.September. A. J). 1"*9;1, at 
that day, subject to 
time within one year frott 
provided by law. 

Hated Duluth. Minn., .Ju 

The Union Hcildin*; .\nd 

S. T. llARnisoN. 
Attorney for MortxBKoe. 
Rooms C09-(Jll, Torre: 
July 25, Auk 1-8-15-22-29. 

>n made in tho condi- 
\ duly executed and 
119 and .Mary P. Par- 
ti. Fnzzell (widow), 
ounty, Minn., to the 

association of St. 
niortffafi-ee, bearing 

18'^s, and duly re- 
lO reeister of de^ds 
SL Louis and state 
*y of May. A. D. 1888. 
book "M" of mort- 

4 beon made in the 
•ck and the interest 
'btodneesi secured by 
an the space of four 
has become due; 
XKO contains a pre- 
ult in the payment of 
emium, or duos on 
for the space of four 

shall b.=c(ime duo. 
lobt shall become due 

hare authority and 
d premises at public 
statutes in aocb case 

{ajree has elected to 
e. because of taid de- 
.id interest and pre- 

aimed to bo due, and 
St publication ot this 
I by said mortKage, 
rod and thirty-three 
:tion or proceoiliujr 
Ijeen instituted to 
y said mortgage, or 

lereby t^ivon, that by 
< Contained in said 
' tli(> statutes in such 
le said mortKaire will 
A tho pren\isee de- 
said mortcage, Tis. : 

twenty-nine (291 of 
enty-eiKht (12m. Du- 
lu, said lands being 
s county, Minne- 
imenta and appnrton- 
:;tiiin, to the highest 
id debt and interest, 
tt<irnoy's fee, as 

said mortgaco in 
e disburspinoDt« al- 

will bo made by the 
ount>, at the front 
n the city of Iioluth, 
. on the sixth day of 
ten o'clock a. m. of 
rodoniption at any 

the date uf sale, aa 

ly 2.-ith A. D. 1S«3. 

Loan As90( iation. 

luth, Minnesota. 



Notice is hereby given ' 
shin heretofoio oxistirg ht 
and (i. F. Swift undo- the : 
St Co. is this day dissolved 
Tho business will bo'contii 
whom all accounts due thr 
paid and who aiono is a 
firm name in liquidatiun. 

Duluth, July 17, lfi93. 

J. J. SiTPBIM&Co. 

hat tho oopartner- 
twron J. n. Sntpbin 
lamc of J. R Sntpbin 
bv Kintual consent, 
lucd bj(j. F.Swift to 
old firm ebould be 
ithorized to sign the 


CofNTT OF St. IjOCIH. \ 

District court. Eleventh Judicial District. 
In matter of the application of tlie city of 
Duluth, a municipal corporation, to re-aMoes 
to the extent of the benulits actually accruing 
against the prope.-ty ben<-<Ued thereby, tho 
cost of tho followinir improvement, to- wit : The 
cradinK for their full width i»f I'iedx/iuut av*- 
unoeust fr>ini SuperkT titroet near Eighth 
avenue west to the i.ortli hue of the Third di- 
vision except ttrontrh (Cascade square, West 
Cascade street from Piedmont avenue east tr» 
North Cascade street and North (Cascade 
street from West Ca'cnde street to Piedmont 
avoniii' oast, tofother with the necessary ron- 
diiits and appnrtenancAs, and an iron bridge 
across Clark house creuk, the roadway, 
improved tliirty feet wide, rough stone gutters 
built on either side anfi the space between 
mocadamiz»d. The space ontside the road- 
way designed for grass plats and sidewalks, 
and tho iiortiou dusiguad fur grass plati, C4>v- 
ered with loam and grass seed sown tbtsruou. 

To All Whom it May Concern: 

Notice is hereby »-iven tiiat the city of Duluth, 
a iiiunicioul coipomtion of and locat4.Hl in the 
county of i^t. Louis and state of Minne«^ola, has 
cau.sed to Ik> liled in tho ollice of thocJcrk uf the 
(listrict court in and for the county of St. Luois, 
Eleventh Ju<licial district, a statement setting 
furth the description and nature 'of a certain 
local improvement made and undertaken prior 
to tho 29th day of March, ISM. in the 
said city and by the said manicipal 
coii>oratJon towit: The grading for tlieir 
full width of Piedmont avenue oaet from Su- 
l>erior street near ICighth avenue west lo the 
north lino of the Third division, except tlirough 
Cascade square, W(»st Cascade street from 
Piedriiont avenue cast to .S'ortb ( ascade stn^et 
and .North Cascade street from West Cascade 
street to Piedmont avoiiuo east, together with 
tlie necessary conduits and appurtenances, and 
an iron bridge across ( lark House creek, the 
roadway improved thirty feet wide and rough 
stone gutters built on cither side and the space 
between macadamized, the space outside the 
roadway designed for grass plats and sidewalks, 
and the portion tiesigued for grass plats covered 
with loam and grass set-d suwn thereon, and 
setting forth that said assessment which has 
been made to defr.'iy the expense of tho siid im- 
proverneut has l>oen since March 2'.*th. I'^VW, set 
aside in wh<ile and is invalid in wliole and has 
been pronounc-d invalid in whole, the stat<»- 
ment further containing the riescription of and 
the nature of the asee^smeut tu defray the ex- 
peiisoof the said iinproveinent, %nd also the cost 
of tho said iinprovemont, to-wii, thesumof $II:'l.- 
410.4l4. together with the further sum of $11,- 
341.0.'), l>cinK the amount added as hereinaft^-r 
wt forth, and tho amount proposed to be re- 
assei>sed, t<>-wit. the sum of $112.41().4ft. together 
with the said further snm of $11,:M1.U.^, being 
amount addvd to the said original assessment 
to defray the necessary' of making snr- 
vovs, plans, specilicatious and superintendence. 

Notico is also giveji that on Saturday, the 
2yili day of July, l«9;i. at « ■:M) a. m., at the court 
house in tlie city of Dalnth, at a special term of 
the said district cmrt of the Eleventh Judicial 
district in the aforesaid county of St. Luuis 
and state of Miunosotu, at the said place and 
time, or as soon thereafter as counsel can bo 
hesrd, the said inuuiriiial corporation will ask 
suid court tt> apiMiint three disinten-sted itarties, 
residents of the said municipal corporation, .is 
appraisers, to detormine and assess t"ie l»onefit.«( 
accruing to loeal property by reas<in of tho said 
above meutioue<l improvement. 

TheCitvof DlLlTH. 

City .Mtomey. 
July 20 St 

('ofXTV OF St. L<)i;is. S 
District Court, Eleventh Judicial District- 
In the matter of the proceeillngs on tho pait of 
the city of Dnluth to ii-assess t«i the extent of 
tho l>ciiejit«. actually sccruiug ai,'fiiust the 
iiri'perty tjonelitHd ihen^by. the cost of the fol- 
lowing improvement, to-wit : Ihe grading to 
the sub-grade of Piedmont avenue, from Thir- 
teenth avenue west .o Fourteenth avenue west 
and t^ii|*erior street, from I'ourtofnlh avenne 
west to the timber bridge, just west of 
Th rty-second .•ivenuo west, paving of said 
Piedmont avenue and Suiicrior ftieet, be- 
twi en the points a^xjve named, with cedar 
blocks laid on t lank and sand fotMidation, the 
use of granite curb in the improvement of the 
said Piedmont avenae and Superior street, 
and the ccustruclion of the nccot>6ury retain- 
ing wall. 

To All Whom it May Concern: 

Notice is hereby given that the city of Dn- 
luth, a mnnicipal corporation of nnd located in 
the county of St. Louis and state of Minnesota, 
has caosod to bo filed in the ollice of the clerk 
of tl" ilw-trict court, hold in and for said county, 
a stbt.oment sotting forth a description of anrl 
tin- nature of tho following local improvement, 
made and undertaken prior to March 2i»th, 1»*.*3, 
in tho said city and by the said mnnicipal cor- 
poration, to-wit : TIm- grading to the sut)-grado 
uf Pie(^mont aviiiuo, from Thirteenth avenue 
woettoK«iuit enth avenue west, and Superior 
street, from Foiirtoeuth avenue west to tho tim- 
ber biid;<e, just west of Thirty-second ave- 
nue west, the paving of the said Pied- 
mont avenue and Superior street, l>e- 
tweon the points above named, with cedar 
blocks laid on plank and sand foundation, the 
iiso of granite curb in the improvement of tho 
said Pie«lmout avenne and8uptri<ir street, and 
the conslructiim of tho necessary retaining 
walls, also a description of and the nature of tho 
assessment made to defray " the of the 
said improvement, which said assessment baa 
been sinco March 2*.Hh, 1V93. set aside in wholo 
and which is invalid in wholo and has been pro- 
nounced invalid in whole, together with a atato- 
ment of the cost of the said improvemoat, to- 
wit : The snm of $f<9,rd9.5"<, together with the 
additional and further sum of S^ti.'il.l*'), being 
the amount adtled for certain puri>oses herein- 
after set forth, and the amount jiroposed to bo 
reassessed, t<vwit: The said sum of S^y.'dV ^>^, 
together with the said further sum of!!i^X)190, 
which said farther nnd additiobnl BUin is the 
amount adde<l to defray the neces'ar.v expense 
for making snrvejs, plans, specifications and 

Notice is also given that at a 9i>ecinl tenn of 
tho said district court of tho Eleventh Judicial 
district in and for tho county of St. I^ouis. to 
be hold on 8aturda.v, tho 2iHh day «rf July. l'9:t, 
at 9:30 o'clock a. m., at the court house in the 
city of Dnluth and at said time, or as soon 
thereafter as counsel can be beard, said muni- 
cipal corporation will afk tlie said court to 
ai)i>oint three disinterested parties, residents 
of the said municipal corporation, as apprais- 
ers to determine and assess the ben«ti(« accru- 
ing to local property by reason of eaid above 
mentioned improvements. 

The Ciry of Dri-i tu. 
By HE.NBV F. Gbeexe. 
City Attorney. 
July 20, 8t 



l.s a Specific for Gonorrhan, Glertand nthrr xmnst- Ui.schari;«s in cither Si.x. An itifaihWc, s~.ic 
:iiu! spcVay cure of the n20st ob?tl-n.ltc cases. Cu»-t* 
in ;i to S «l.-iys, whirc other rciucilii-3 entirely f-iil- 

Xon-poisoriotts and qcAit AN1 CKn not to cause 
Ptrirture. No inconvctBcnco or .No 
Ml l;cniiig Joscsto derange tlii;c«:t!on. Ast l>rii;,— 
■;ivtsforG. G. S. arid accept no other rimcJy, 

Price $i.oo. 

DulQtb,' South Sbore & 
Aflantic R'y. 

Boston, New York, 
Montreal, Buffalo, 

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, 
Cleyel&nd, Detroit, 

All points in Miohigran, 
The East and South. 
Over 1 00 inlles_ horter than any oth. r 
line to Bosto and all }Hevr Englai;a 
Over 70 miles the stiortest line to al! 
Points East of Mackinaw or Detroit 



For ticketa, sleeping car aoeommodatiot;* autS 
foil information, apply to 

T. H. LARKE, Oommeroial AeenC 
i26 We*t Snperlor Street, DULlTn.MIMI 
BpaldlacHote Block 





HiisiBCss ;in<l eJitorial ttmuiis in Tli*' lli'rtilil 
buliitiiikr. --"' *Vf>sl Siiporior slrrot. Tolfplumo 
-HuMii. f»o;ti<-.>. .vii.two riiiKs; ctJitonal rooms. 
S.'4, tlirot' rings. 

Kast.rn tMlicc- ttn'Worlil BuiUling, Now York, 
A. E. theory, Mniiatrer. 


Daily, por year 

l»aily. IKT rtuvo iiumtlis 

Daily, iu"r tnouth 

\V(v>Wly,por yoar 


Kaitt>riil »t tlie p»>etortlce at Dulath, Miiiu., u« cli'.-B mail lurttlcr. 

.. $:.iX) 

.. l.H^ 

.. .60 

.. l.W 

uniform niarriaye and divorce l:iw 
will take the m.itier out i>f the ham's of 
local couits." WUl the Oregonian please 
tell how confjress can do this constitu- 
tional! v. '' 


The Weather. 

r. 8. Whathkk Ulkkai-. Dri.i'TM. Minr.. 

July -'».— l'l>P warm wavK tlmt was luoiitiinml 
yt»»ttr»lav is ti»\v uu-viuif over lla. watioii. aijU 
will tx- follt'weil b> I'ooliT t.>iin>rr»ivr. Tlit- liltfli- 
o^t inviit ri»iK'ist,Tc>.l by tlu» tUoniioiiit^or liero „i„., i 

ye.l.'raay was Tt".. but that wa-^ oi>!y for «b,>iit4 ami IrClana 
teu raiiiut«»s. iluri: il lli'"iiuu>ler tUiriii iu tin' 
B\ouiu»r. ami for lli«» mnaitulk-r ot tli" >lfty it 
re»!l'^t«Te»l at tin- warnii'*! tiiii*" aU>iit (>;!. 1<> Hio 
w»M ami si.utlivwst ff Iut«> it was nmrh manli- 
er. St. Taol liiiTtHk' I muxiiimm of i*-', Fii<rrt», S. 
II.. U»t, anil lhir..u. S. P.. U>Z. nn.l th" t.-miwra- 
tiiri-sttt tli.':>.' i.laeos i- «li»{litiy biiTh.^r tins 
muiuiii»r liiaii it was yoUrtlay at tin' samo 
tim'^. Xii arfa of lii<'i bar..ii. t.r >viUi iiiivliiiui 
low t«»no>»«rHturo i.t moviurf <l.>wn fro'u the far 
Nortbwcbt ami will pn.bably briutf r.^lief by 
luuisday. . ^ , 

n>* r.TiiifaU was not lii>avy yo^^ or con 
tin*«l to auy partii-nlar l.'<'.ility. ami i-onsisif! 
luaiiily of siuuvorotl tliuuiler storms. Hit; full 
liort* last rvi-ii'im aniouuir'! to .^2 uich. 

«'.>ii.liti.>iis at>> fi+oraote for u o.iituuionco of 
tlnui.Ur -'oriki.- in niis vicinuy toilay ami to- 
niuiit, Rn.l ilio ioiii|«ramr.< will .<o much biK"'*r 
timu ycstoriiay. Ir is i>ri>babi«> that thc» wiml 
w il! ch^ft ti> tbo i'a«l or nortlu fist by t'lniorrow 
ao'l bri'K the u.-u^l c>.oi I'ifrtsaiit wt>alhor flmt 
is I'sperieuctd ai»bisti!u*of>our iu tli;s aity. 

U. it. bKosaoN. 
Loc&l Forecast Ottioial. 

DiLCTn. Juh 2j.— I/t^cal Forecast: Fair, 
except fi^r thunder storn.s this aftf r"ooii or 
eveuiuj;; warir.or today, slit htly cooler Wcdats- 
dA>.w»st to corthwest wiuds. 

W\*mvr.TOV. July JS.- Forcapt till s o. m. 
toir<rr>w: For Wisconsin: Loral 'bowers 
bat fair diiriusr f ti<* sirta'or p> rtion i>f Uodnes- 
daj : wimis s'liftiiii; to westerly :'o«il'V \Vcdue«- 
day cveninar. tor Miiiui-^oia: Fair; i..r»ofd»;< f 
by local t!'iia;ior storms in sr-«itiu ast portions^ 
ti>day or touicht: ciK>ier WcHimsdav inorniiK 
and cooler in soatlioasti-ra portion Wodiiesdny 
•Tcuius; winds sbiftLoi; to iiorthorly. 

THE HERALD in Chicago. 

Th'« 5 oclock liditioQ is on aaie early the fcl- 
lowi'jjf ni'irnius iti Cbiciuo at tiio 

Palmer House News Stand. * 

Auditorium Hotel News StantJ. 
W. B. Sizer's Bookstc.fl. 189 Stale S!.. 
Chaa. McDonalds News Stand. 55 Washing- 
ton St.. 


World's r«ir Grountls at the Columbian News 
k Noutlly Co. News Stands. 

Look at This Picture. 
Those who arc coiit'.uiplatinjj the 
tiiiaiicial striiiiccncy with doleful faces 
and are tearful that the country is going 
headlong to utter ruin should take a 
i^lance at the other side of the picture. 
There is ar.oth.or side, and a bri;;ht one^ 
and it might do these "blue ruin" talkers 
some good to gaze at it for a few min- 
utes. The fact is that the plain Go.oco,- 
coo people in this country arc prosper- 
ous today. Their accumulated financial 
resources are so great that the figures al- 
most stagger the credulity of the investi- 
gator. The records show that there is 
plenty of money in the country, and that 
it is largely in the hands of the masses 
of the people. The scarcity is felt by 
the speculators and all those who arc. in 
the langurigc of the commercial world, 
"on the street." They are the people 
that are being pinched, not the working- 
man or the clerks in the stores and 

An investigation, which has just been 
completed, shows that the savings banks 
of the country have about §1,800,000,000 
in deposits, which are almost entirely 
the property of the comparatively poor. 
New York's banks alone have f6oo,ooo,- 
coo or thereabout. These huge deposits 
alone would give $30 for each man, 
woman and child in the country, and re- 
present, of course, a much larger average 
fur the provident ones. 

Kven more astounding than these fig- 
ures is the recent estimate) of United 
Stales Commissioner Carroll I). Wright 
that there are 2,000,000 bharehold.;r6 in 
budding and loan asscctations, with 
assets of J900,cxx3,ooo. The more these 
ligures are examined and analyzed, the 
more impressive they become. Barring 
a few scraps and remnants, every dollar 
of this money has gone into ueople's 
homes. At an average price of $45°o- 
200,000 homes are represented by this 
sum. K»timatel$2,5oo,o< as the prc- 
smiable value of homes bought by ex- 
tant and extinct building and loan series, 
and Si,8oo,dbo,ooo as the savings bank 
deposits of the people who in any other 
land would be poor. 

The story, hov.eve, observes the St. 
Louis Star .Sayings, is not lialf told. The 
farmer proprietor is in this country al- 
most as typical as the tenant farmer In 
England, and his wealth does ntt appear 
in these magnificent totals. Farmers do 
not, as a rule, deposit in savings banks, 
for the same reason that merchants do 
not on the account of the convenience of 
ch«ck payment in their business. They 
;*re the backbone of the country, these 
fanners. The census can give no idea 
of the billions of their wealth, but they 
are many. 

In concluding a review of these 
statibtics, John L. Heaton who has given 
much study to the question, says pithily 
that the financiers, those buzzing flies 
who think they turn the wheel, are send- 
ing their families to Norway this year 
because living is cheap there. But the 
plain pe«ple are doing very well at home, 
thank you. D«!! times may inconvenience 

Decline in Immigration. 

Recent statistics issued by the trca;, 
ury department showed a considerable 
decline in the volume of immigration 
dutitig the p.i-'t year. The ligures for 
the month of June in the last two years 
show that there was a fallin;j off in June, 
KS93. of nearly 5.400 as comparej with 
the corresponding month of i8g2, the 
ligures being 67.726 and 73,120 respect 
ively. The pri:icipal increases were in 
the immigration from Austria-IIungaty, 
Italy and Russia. The principal de- 
creases on the other hand, were in the 
immigration from (iermany, Poland, 
Sweden and Norway, England and Wales 
riu decre.tses were iilniost 
wholiv confined to ports other llian New 
York, which continues to receive the 
bulk of the immigrants, the falling off at 
that port for the month of June being 
but a little over 20J. 

According to the statistics for the six 
months ending with June, 1893, the total 
immigration amounted to 308,410, as 
compared with 3=;3.c/jI in thccorresponil- 
ing six months of iS^-. a ilecrease, as 
will be seen, of a little over 45,500 
Comparisons for the six monlhs tell m 
many respects the same story as those 
for the month of June. Austria-Hun- 
gary as a whole, however, showed a fail- 
ing off of over lo.oco, which was con 
fined to Bohemia and Hungary. The 
decrease from Gerxany was still luoie 
nf):able, amounting to nearly 32.0CO. 
Poland also showed a large decrea»e, 
amounting to over 13,000. Russia, which 
showed an increase tor the month ol 
June, exhibited a considerable falling 
i>ff, amounting to over S600 for the six 
months. Sweden and Norway and 
Switzerland also showed decreases, 
though not large ones. The most notable 
increase was from Italy, amounting to 
over 12,000. An increase was also siiown 
in the case of the United Kingdom, Ire- 
Lxnil. however, showing a decrease. 

Taking the i...^urcs for the year endirg 
Jane 30, 1S93, '^ is found that the volume 
of im.mi-^ratioii for the ye.^r showed a 
falling oil of 123.000, a decline of nearly 
20 per cent as comp-^.Tcd with the pre 
ceding year. There vvas a decline o! 
over 20,000 in the number of immigrants 
from Au.siria-llu:igary, the bulk of the 
decline being from Hungary itself, 
amounting to nearly 14,000. Among the 
other countries showing decreases was 
Poland, with a fallir.g olf of nearly 20,- 
000. The most notable decrease, over 
4«,ooo, was irom Kusiia. Next ; in im- 
portance was the decrease in the num- 
ber of immigrants coming from Ger 
many, a decrease of over 36,000. The 
decrease in the immigration from the 

estate. It is stated that up to date 
twenty-six lawyers have bail :i shy at it, 
and the supreme court of Maine is noiv 
aboat to wiettic with it. 

Imige I.orhren would make an excel- 
lent successor to Justice BIatchfi)id ol 
the UiUtcd States supreme couil. The 
president, however, would hardly like to 
lose his services at the head of the pen- 
sion bureau at this i)articular tiu^.e. lUit 
it would be an excellent appointment. 

A combination ib being formed to re- 
duce the price of typewriting machines. 
Their present 'piice is out of all propor 
tion to tlie cost of manufacturing. 'l"he 
s.ame is true of bicVcks, The profit on 
"wheels'" IS enormous. 

How this country grows. Last week 
100 Oklahoma editors visited ihe WorKl's 
fair, yet four years ;igo there was no 





Botli the method and results %vhen 
Syrup of Figs i.3 taken; it is pleasant 
and refreshing to tlic tacto, nnd acta 
gcn'ily yet promptly en the Kidney.s, 
Liver find ]>owe]s, the sys- 
tem cffeetually, dispels colda, head- 
aches and fevers and cures habitual 
constipation, ^yrup of Figs ia the 
only remedy of its kind ever pro- 
duced, pleasinj? to the t:iste aud ac- 
ceptal>le to the gtonmch, prompt in 
its action r.'id truly hc:iclicial in its 
effects, prepared only from the most 
healthy aud agrccalAc substances, its 
many e::ccllent qualities commend it 
to all and have made it the most 
popular remedy knov.n. 

Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c 
and*§l bottles by nil Icadinf^ drug- 
gistiS. Any reliable driif^^gist \Tho 
may not have it on hand will pro- 
cure it promptly for any one who 
>vii-hes to try it. IXi not accent any 





mV) CEN'L' A W01{J>! 

A<lv'irlih«nii'utH 111 tliin colnmu OAK I'KvT A 
V.(ll;l> r.ACI! l.NSIiKllO.V. 


No u'ivertiiH)nK!UtK tnkru for thobO eolaI^lU^ 
till forbi'l, i, (1. nntil <<rd< rtjil out. 

Kvory advertibt-iin.'ui ie carnfiilly clapniflpd 
under its propor bedding- t>at<ily found, el»^il> 
rouil - iVill reach morn road^rk tbau oaij !»* 
n^Hchud In »iuy dllur w.iv. Try it. 

SlTVATHtSS HA}Vft-il* 



10 Ht'.KT—ttiH HKS. 

HVC'llIK' 'VCHt. , 

I h";if. ."iJl Wi'Ht Socoud hlitMit. 



I'ark li.rA U. M. liackus, :>«> Burrowt- 

i orn cot veuit^ucoa; (jt^oam keat. Knijuirc 
iOT) Lyc(iu»i. 

a'O JtKSI liO'tHl*. 

OiXE CKJJ'I' A V\01{|>. 


m pALE. n.NF. U>IXiK%o. r*. \. i .' 
^^ I A. M. l{f|r-il««r r 
%#Qj/'MoTi<J«y ««v»'iduK»i of i>vi r 
/^^\ o'clock. Noitt me<'<ini( July IT. J 
' ^ Work, firnt drOT«n. W. U. I'alLon. W, 
M. Kdwiii Mi^x'ih, li^crol^iry. 

If. W. f 'Ijeadlf", 6«crctr.ry, 



COilPETF.NT V(»l N*. 1 ADV W AN l.s Pd- 

Hti i'>n as s1oii<«r.ipl;('r, li"niiiii;t m opi»ra- 
Addrcss W. M. <;., cur« ^. M. I'. V., Tity. 

WANTIili KY AN KM'lfiKl 

t('n"ii.'r:il liirr and Ixio 
t ily lofcriMtcos. Adiirust K IWt. Horabl 


1 f'lici'd lady Kti'n"ii.'r:ii liirr and l)of)kkeoi>c.r. 

^''OlN(r liKlt.MAN «;ilfL Wf)LILW T.IKK 
placo to tal:" rar^* of children or do mscoh'I 

work, lt> iMr^l awhue eu; t. 

i;^xi'KiaFNrKJ) laky 

f J (Old nool.-keep.r wint 

ti'.in ; city 




a periiKUii'iit posi- 
AddiChs K 71, Kveuiii>r 


1 vonienc -k, ^j. 'i:r.< ifi^iitli av«nue oakt. 



hon.-'ekccpiuir. $Ut por iiiontl 

UVOIIUO littHi. 

Hi First 

" Kuov.iti II block, l:!!' West .M ciiiKaii stncf. 

7Wii Wen;, .-'/■coml sirc't. 

t rL'iihoui.ble. lis \V<«fct liuperior btr«et,ovfr 

tip- "f 'a: CO.' 

Vt dsy. Ap|dy'.i.i>i West Third .street. 

' T (IS •ol!ec!< r Ol assist titit I'm ikkeejicr, iM'ht 
of refercnco. Addre.s-j y. T. >S- this ofUci.'. 

\»7AN'ii:iJ-VVASHlN<i TO TAKK llOMF. 
Tf AH work lirot. clats. liU Mast Snporior 


''pWOi:i)Ml'E'iJ':Nr t'ANAUlA.'i AND ONK 
1 tii'rma.i girls desiio gitiiatious to do tiuit- 
eral h<ius<>woik. IJt'hl of refercuci»i-. Apply 10 
Fir.-t Hv.iiuii' cist. Eniployiiii"nt oliico. 

Jit i!t:si 



rior Btriiut. Api*ly to UoudBrili ill ii. liooito)'. 


ixiAiifK i»ete('tive s»;i{ymi-:8'iN all 

brancLps iY>:!<l<.red by Z.cnith(i?y Detec- 
tive agency. <)o4^-J-»J (liaijdxrr of Coiiinr ice. 


KEYSTONK f'HAlTKW - ■ «' a •;, 
.State<l cominuL'ir;-' 
V. ttdijouday eveninics of '■: 
Uoo. A. Flack. H. P. T. J. Hunter, aecre- 

C y;>l \ULUTin:X>MMAN[>KRY .'^^ 
?> < jLJ li. T. h-tnt. 1 oourbiv ai , 
* *• f-^i^'.VUK-k first aud third 1 i:c^.lay . 

</^^ Krook, L. (■. Alfred Leliicbcu^ 


jfisetcij. tyj^ai 

I 'illiKKLL\S(;OVHI.'»-:i> AND Ult'UKKi/ 
i^ wbilft y.iu wait. Ui'aiaouubio rKcrja. .*.. 
fj:!i.?"!.i. !;•• Kmitix.-oiid -i.r-->?t. 


I l.S 1 W>1 ' R R< KJll.S, 1 L \TS AVI • ' ' •' • 
1^ with Soely's Firr» lr.^.u^:;c'.. i 
('•.iiectiou fMiroau, 1"* I'alJadio ,,-. 

%rAxri:ij-~yifArr jiklv. 

•oU(<ei. -^TJi i'liainb'r of Commerco. 

In Paint 

United Kingdom was only a litile over 
Sooo. The greater portion of this de- 
crease v/as in the immigration from Ire- 
land. There weie decreases also in the 
immigration from Denmark and France. 
The only increases shown were not quite 
11,500 from Italy, less than 1000 from 
Netherlands, and something over 600 
from Scotland. • 

In commenting on these figures, Brad- 
strctt's points out that immigrants from 
the l>ritish North American possessions 
and Mexico are not included in the sta- 
tistics of immigration, owing to the ab- 
sence of law providing for the collection 
ef accurate data in regard thereto. It 
may be remaiksd, however, that the ar- 
rivals of immigrants in the customs dis- 
tricts above rcftrrcd to comprise about 
c>c; per cent of the entire i.mmigtationinto 
the country. 

Who Will Take Part In the National 
Tennis Tournament. 

Miss Mabel E. Cahill, who has be- 
come celebrated in the 1 wvn tennis world 
since winning the ladies championshii) 
(singles) cf America last year, will bo 
one of the most conspicuous jiarticipants 
m the championship (double) contL'?t •. 
u> take place in Chicago from July 35 to 
August 3, under the auspices of the 
United States National Lawn Tennis 
Association. In atidilion to the cham- 
p'onsliip in doubles there will be a full 
tournati-.cnt in singles open to the woili. 
tlie winners to be i.idorsed by World's 
Fair championship hono'S. 

The doubles, too. will be open to all 
comers and there will bo no preliminary 
trial tournaments. 

O. S. Campbell and R. S. Huntington, 
Tr., the present champions, will be oi: 
hand re.uly to defend their titles. 

Miss CaHill shares wi.h Miss \. M. 
McKinley the honor of the ladies doubles 
champii>n3.hip and with Clarence Hobart 
(hat of mixed doubles besides having 
dcfe.ite ithc most eminent i>laycrs of all 
countries in various tests ot rkill .it 
Nertjiort, St. Louis, Philadelphia and 
die South. 

It is expected at the coming tourna- 
ment in the World's Fair city she will 
surpass the record achieved even by 
herself and no small proportion cf the 
interest felt in the event is due to curi- 
OMty concerning what she will accom- 

Hew Kc Qot There. 
Siiohomish, Wash, Democrat: Some- 
body sjvs. that there is said to be oiiv 
editor in luaven. Hoa^ he got there is 
not positively known, but it is conjec- 
tuied that he passed himself off for a 
minister .-^.nd s'lcpped in uocxpcctedly, 
Wlien the docige was discovered they 
searched th© realms of felicity in ah 
their length and breadth for a lawy«-r to 
draw up the necessary papers tor his 
cj.ctment. hut they couldn't Undone, 
and of course he held the fort. 

the best, is 
the cheapest. 
Strictly Pure 
White Lead is best ; properly applied 
it will not scale, chip, chalk, or rub 
off; it firmly adheres to the wood and 
forms a permanent base for repainting. 
Paints which peel or scale have to be 
removed by scraping or burning before 
satisfactory repainting can be done. 
When buying it is important to obtaia 

Strictly Pure 
White Lead 

properly made. Time has proven that 
white lead made by the "Old Dutch" 
process of eIow corrosion possesses 
qualities that cannot be obtained by 
any other method of manufacture. This 
process consumes four to six months 
time, and produces the brands that 
have given White Lead its character 
as the standard pait.-t. 

" Southern" " Red Seal " 
" Collier " " Shipman" 

.ire s'candare brands of strictly X'^ze 
Lead made by the " Old Dutch " pro- 
cess. You get the best in buying them. 
You can produce any desired color by 
tinting these i rands 01 white lead with 
National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead 
Tinting Colors. 

For sale by t.)ac ir.ost rcliabl« dealers in Paints 
evcrvwherc. ,_ 

If "you =rc EOlre to paint, it will p^y you to 
Bend to us for r. loolc containintj; information 
that may save yea many a dollar ; it will 
only cost you a ro--al card to do so. 


St. Louis, 

Clarl: Avenue and Tenth Street, 

St. Louis, Mo. 

»T two Knj? 

poakiu»; f^,ilo<rrien : salnrr 
ami commission, Thn 8itit?«r Manufacturing; 
( o., (Ji-5 VWist Superior etreot. 


\\,'anted, for the united states 

Vt aririy, ablobudied iiioii of ;ri>od charade.- 
be! ween the acs of 21 and 'M ycarB. (rood paj , 
rations, clothiui; nud medical attendance free. 
Ihe reeriatinK' olficerof thi»Th.'rd United Stalp* 
iLfaiitry. iitutioue<l at Fort Snelliag, filinn.. 
sc'ven miles from 81. Paul, is in Duluth, and wi. I 
rec.iivo applicants for nidistment. Otiico ii. 
limiiin:; block, corner Superior street and See- 
'indavoiiiio west. 

N^VflONAIi yjll l-oYMKNT tO>!FA.\Y. 


DcLfTi!— 4X1 W. Mifrhigau Stroot, 

(near Union Df>pot). 
MiNNK\ro!.ia— 111 Nicollflt Avp. 
Br. PALL—Tliird a;id Jackbou Stk. 
TJiLEfflOSK :/..'s. ESTAlilAHUKD 1^2. 

"> V pelJ or.r f-piwialtica on thoiaBiailmPutplan 
toed waffoe aud sic idv work to tbo ritjlit luw. 
'.V. A. Ed'Aardfi, 7i\ \\ osl Sujv»rior ptreet. 

ji . .:.}■, t:i>i i:v it:<Li- 


biuff at the liaidy ecbnol. 

•vy ANTED. (ilKL 1m)U tiFNEIiAL llOUSI 
VV work: leitio b::t Rood cixik l;o."d apjd: 
ItlJ'J Fast 'liiirtl bt.-ect. 

I S-'b'O ti>*.')iO per moalh rcj.reseutinsr ih 
Amoricau l?'>3d Loancompany. (all on Andrev. 
C. Volk.snperintciuL'ntol aK"i-cies,C02Paliad! 
bvwhlicg. Duiatb. 

Keep It 

The People ! 

If you can get your name 

so :horougblv and ro 

prominently a ssociated with 

the business in which you 

are eneaged that people will 

ins.inclivcly think of the narae 

wh iJiever the business 

is iiusgested, you will have 

ac>iicvcd the acme of advertising. 

If you will put your name 

and your business 

tofether in 

The KvExiN G Herald 

evi;ry day 


1 phiu'n N. P. aud 
Wednt'sd.iys aud .'iatui' 
£ a. m. an.l 'i p. jii. f-.T ."- , 
and Fo::d du l^: Fii: 
and Sundays the host ». ,1, i..y .n- 
c:'rfc'',i.> .uoand ti." horr. fare "J", r 
c:;n be c'!art«sreti for day at « r, ..•■ ' 
Sl-fcifil ratios to e^ociei!'-t«. .j 
Tower avepiio and Tweut^ . 
Saijerior. Wig. 




vv W(-^-db»,:df e buildii.*. If ytu *nv..i a h ftua 
or store cal! ti { va- a hUs likt always 00 kai.''.. 

CiirfLea F. HOWS, bPEcuiTAf 
ti-jQ givoD to the n^r-. • i- . r- ■ ': 
i;^('3 lune-! ! iacdt. ^ 
Bold. Aiiaiisiie of a|i '■ 
not sc«. 831 < bar.; b-r o,' v/oriawrce. 


PCHs6nal'i.\:sTRIcTIONS IN tjHOUl 
baiij and Mictiiticia by a j.racUcaJ. 
erpfnenced Eatfs t«. tuit pr.-s u» 
L.u-d timet;. Address fi-''. Il«»fald. 





Inrnlitv. Old ostabli 

kiiiijery Mfp 

VV "pNery locality. Old established bon^^e 
Biikino.'if plV>afant and prolitablo, 
I'o., Cincinnati, O, 

E-'tiinat«s rnruiihad for houFO minting uBite 
Natioual Leads .-n-.d Rnarantooin^r all work. 

La Vaquo & Wall Paptr Co.. 

li West .Superior Stroot. Duluth, Minn. 


r\ western Uenevolont Society of Did all. 
I^avF biek, accidoul uu;l doalb bonefit* at a «•>«» 
>f ir. cents per week, lias written over I'i.ttJ 
Tiembert. end has pni 1 out over S'AOOO incas;. 
-o those nien-.bera iu the pas^t sixt.'cu mouths 
Jur airentB ari* m.ikinsr fiom*UK» 10 SiW per 
ni>nth. Write for terms or call at 707, 708an<t 
r09. Pallvidio biiildmp. 



liRhtwoiRht row boat. Call 211 Lyceun. 

That Point! 


1 l)aii? I'.ioney on 
< lin:nbf i oi I'onnnnrc.'. 

\ > I «i.,ii .1 


horwfc, VFAguui. itooi^tioid fnrc-.tnro, pi- 
a'los diamonds, jewei.'y nnd nil kirl f>f y^nr 
soi.b.! pro!>erty, <"j f' v.rt E- 
thii! you ran TiO.''Mbly ett 

I'l Wm. horkan. naanap"-. J'-uJ'.Tii -^>;i,, ^• 
Li.aii conipuTiy, roosa 4. +3. Cham be i cf ( '•..nuncrfc. 
builditif;, Duluui. 



■»;i;cli<»s. ie-xi Ity. etci.. at tt'- 
!;i;:nard Jewelry and Ix>an 0,*tic"». .il 
\Ve=t iiupcrior stre^ t. Hneui<>es amc'.:> 



broker IT) On!'jt»;. I' %'■'■>-■ .'?j,.>--ri .- : '•i-.-t 




^;r ::Kr;c^^a&y:^y^g; 

i LKKKT IIRYAN. 510 BVRKOV.S. \. ■ . 
l\. hi uses and heivy baihlms*. a specialty. 

J. fHSta. Kooms '.'II and fl7. Torry t^ 
i'lilaib. Mlrjj. 

A miriisterial convention at Pittsburg 
the other day solemnly declared that the 
terrible fire and loss of life at Chicago 
was "a judgment lor the Sunday opening 
of the fair." Such talk is positively 
bh;sphcmous. The firemen who perished 
in that fire had nothing to do with open- 
ing or closing the fair and to say that 
God would burn and mangle tkem be- 
cause the fair was opened on Sunday is 
worse than anything Bob Ingcrsoll ever 


^ ♦ -♦ — 

The fact, observes the Little FaUs 
Transcript, that not one national bank 
has failed in Minnesota, that only t\^o 
banks of any kind has failed in North 
Dakota and not a single bank of 
any kind has failed in South Dakota 
argues well for the great Northwest. It 
seems to be as solid financially, judged 
by the ability of its banks to stand the 
crisis, as even the old jtortions of the 
Union where wealth has been accumu- 
lating e'/cr iincc the landing at Plymoutli 


»- •- .« — 

Dr. Mansen, the Arctic explorer, has a 

theory that if he cannot drift to the north 
pole he can get out of his ship and walk 
back at any stage of the game whtn he 
feels tired. Arctic exploration is now 
practically without what was its greatest 
terror- scurvy. If there is enough ice to 
sink his ship there will be something for 
him to stand on anyway. 

Which is Correct? 
La Praiiie Ncvs: Republi^m organs 
keep lighten t^rinding out the jame 
wheezy plaint that our buFiness disturb- 
ances are due mninly to the fear cf 
Democratic tariff reform, notwithst.and- 

ir.g the fact body 


S3 SHOE no'^"^Vp. 

Do you wear ihem? When next in need try a pair.; 
Best in the world* 


"Sam'l of Posen" is having a hard 
time to wave his life. The third of 
Actor Curtis, for killing a San Fran- 

cisco policeman, will begin July ji. Two 
them, but not quite as if they wsre living I juries have disa^rued, an<l there is so 

ifter body of 
birsiness men have met and proclaimed 
dieir to the cause of the 
troubles without once mentioning the 
proposed Democratic tariff ]>olicy. Do 
the business men know their business, or 
do the partisan politicians knov/ it bet- 

A Useless Expense. 
Tlie Mesaba Range: It appears to be 
quite the fashion now-a days for anyone 
who desires to dispos."' of »m:s babiiKSS to 
attempt to work itcfTat a fancy price 
on the county, city or vil'age as the case 
m ly be. The lalcsc .attempt iu this line 
is thst of J. W. Marvin, who wants to 
sell his tract index to thccounty. If it is 
necessary for the county to own a tr.ict 
index let the county commissioners in- 
s ruct the register of deeds to make one. 
If it is not ncctfssnry the county does not 
need one. The Range is inclined to the 
belief that the purchai^e or the making 
of a tract index would be a use less ex- 

The Plain Truth About Pensions. 

Reading, Pa., World: There is only 
one rule worth followin^j, and Commis- 
sioner Lochrcn, himself a veteran, has 
adopted it, namely, to sec that the true 
veteran gets his dues and that the hnin- 
buK doesn't get anvthitif,'. If we are to 
have a real "roil ot hooor"the more rigid 
the invcstiRation is tlie better, an<l lb.' 
man who object? has a motive that won't 
bear the light. 

The Very Mean Man. 
Chambersburg \alley, I'a., Spirit: It 
is told as a fact that a Chambersburg 
merchant who paid his clerk 75 cents per 
week and who charged hiui forail the 
fruit, etc., he ate. .settled with him the 
other Saturday nipht by giving him a 2- 
cent stamp. The bay had eaten j:^ cents 
worth of the store's stock. 






^ to A. 1. Rob')Izcstaii*. Inquire of bamml 
Miller, tii"- Carliobl avenue. 


KKi'. YOI' AiiE: MCSTl-Ei-LMV K<HH • 
in seven nxmi imuso nn.i lot. Hni.tor s 
(;ra?py Point, S.Vifl. cost ."^IZtDor ^lU trade f<r 
r.<od lot uniiuitrove*!. Look this up. .\ddre.-!-. 
i>. H. Hro-.vii. Liiidftrom, Miim. 


V' td. Dr. Woodberry, till Fir.t Nalioual 


If you want afino DRESS SHOE, mzia In tlio latest 
styles, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3.50, $+.00 or 
$5 Shoe. They fit eqiial to eastern made and looV, and 
wear as well. If yoa \.lshtoeeonomiroinyoijrfootv/car, 
do so by purclusing W. L. Oo'jk1'''-S Shces. Name and 
price stamped on the bottom, leak for it when you buy 
."W. Ii. DOUGIiAis, Brockton, Slaae. Sold by 
Suflel & Co.. 129-131 West Superior Strce!. 



1 busiuess at 13 Fifth avenue west, Lycvnr, 

•^luiMing. aud is prepared to do all kinds <ir 

ihoemalinK work in a first-class manner, lin ■ 

Imf s a ci)ecially. OKI cosUimoreare uiviteU tu 

aU nt my new kbop. F. Da l vuond. 




The well known and popiilir gtoamersof tbls 
Ibie are uow niakiner teini-wookiy i^ailinKs bo- 




Stoppinir at Mackinac Ipland.SauU Ste. Marie 
and all interine.liate point.^, aa por tuao cartln 
below. , , ,, 

Av<Md the crowded r.-iilrond trams and otlier 
di«comforts,,f rail travel aiul use thin popular 
Uu(> forploft.suio Av.d comfort. 

Rates Very Low. 

8ailim?8 from DuluMi, oast bound, Tuesdayg 
nnd Fridays at H r. m. . . ,, . ».,.-,,.w, . . 

Our n.'w Steel Stnamsbip KAMTOL is now In 
oervicn between ChiiMiffo and Sault Sto. Mario, 
niakiiia tonii-wekly trips. For fiiU inlorma- 
tion as to rates, etc., apply to 


Dulutb. Miun. 

Or to J. BEHG & CO., Affents, 

Towsr. Mmn. 

Or" Address 

Rush au<l N. Water 8tB.. ('bicago. 



City Ai.«tionei:e, 

A Idrots Fond <lii Lac, Miau., 

b.ic for Bale, orient, for term of J/^^f- 
bK) nfr;!# in Foi'd dii i..-\c vdlHj,'e,snitiiblo hotel, t'lir-leniu:;. lec'ics, !!>h'>\!J. 
bathiiifT and bon-mtr to Deinui, will lie 
i-.nt i', or&i'!d. ciie.ii. t<i r..:l>l parlies. 
Tie r«* IS a (ortnne in it. 



THE J a.>*ti:e Misn of ilairvovaxcv, 


Is located for a short tim^e at 12G West Second 

Ijookin. over the Iour !i»t of clairvoy :int.s ;i:;d 
iii'diuiiiH n the United Stales one will Jiidat 
the head of all the aaiiie of Professor M.l nboir. 
i'lirnierly hnowii as tho New York Hoy Med;;::'!. 
While 01.1 y -jri years if aire, ha has brcn recos- 
nized by the people aud I ho pr.u'e.-sioH iiself as 
the forom )!t and most able me<lium livinc. At 
the Hge ot t»'n bis )M.wers were lirft noticed and 
KHiee that time he hap beea b-:dore the i»abl:c. 
demonptriticR that isnot an 
ins toy. a powt rful Kift. created to di. goi.d. 
neil tosliow all !h"se cf.nsidting: it. the way to 
p if.ict hi pp n: t6. health nnd pr.>-.i)eiity. 

Professor Dubois' r«»adun,'»i oa life in which be 
reveals and preiiiots the p.a-U present and fu- 
ture arcof llfhiffhe»t outer and s ^i-frior to 
ih<"!e«d Jiuv melium that Lver visited this city 
•itd the Vest H" rivs advice «»ii all nialtor!«. 
b.isinest; or ^ocltil nlta^r.-, ioiirueyf-. ppocniatiou?, 
love, marriage, law suns, or f-tideu ;irticles, 
and throiiRh his ixiweis is euablod to 
recover them, and witli this same jviwcrboalmi; 
troui)le l)et\veea former friends, iiniunk' the 
Koparateil and doitj: »;ooil to all that call on 
bin; and ollow bio advice. 

0;lic.' haurs : 9 a m. to i' p. m., daily aud Sun- 

I'arlors so arranged that yo» moat no stran- 
ijers. AU letters answered. 

CharROs: .'.0 cents for ladies and SI for ceu- 
tlemen, .lud up. 

PHOF. M. Dunors. 

l:ii» Wctt Sec. nd street. 

mi-*'/- f. Ht:yAlKlNO- 

i ^A.-^OEISE t^TO^'ES CLKANKD, <00" 
CK eUivotf and ranges repaired on eh. rf noi,l«. , 
cattie.t^ faraisbeo for ar^v kind of st'-ve» nuide ; 
\me,rica'u Suno llf»p.iir Worki., llJ^ East hope, 
ior titroet. 



FH. WHITELY. 1 -^ West Snp€rMir Sin^x 
• Rosid- me 21>. Wes-t Fir>.t street. 

1J • and sdv*x;atn. 2i years t-xpern>Bc ' 

extensive practice in New York and Pe- 
nia. (."on •"ratf, ciimmercial and 
liti/ration a FT:eciaity 

\yii Pall«di<i, r>a'ii'r:. 

L. U. C. TITUS. L. L. R (\ A. iIcP>lEKi'.l>". 

Ex-i i8cri«t Aitor ey for Hntler County. Pa.^ 

iVTTOUKvrvs AT Law. 

OiTices: Zi Phi., -lix Pbvk. 



7M Went Snperi-r etreet aud cr*.:! be con 
»-;lted d.sily fM>;n 9 a ni. t>> ^ i> lu. it. j':>i.isii'.iCK^ 

f > ICE 

l\> aui swrvejors 

M. UlLVUAV. ( iVIL EN«lNEtK.'5 
tjbj ChanilH>r of Com- 


\f .^. .fc W. 11. < 
.il« cikU ei,>;;!iei 

eor.->. ;t!)f> Wo«t Fourtn sin 


hand to mouth. Of $47,000,000,000 as- 
sessed valuation ot this country, of the 
much larger actual value of American 
property, theirs is the larger share. No 
other land can say the same. 

much doubt involved in the case that a 
similar result may be expected to the 
third trial. 

The Portland Orcgonian wants con- 
gress to "come to its senses and pass a 

Miss Lizzie II. Perkins, of Bath, Me., 
had no faith in lawyers and sd she drew 
a will to suit herself and that expressed 
exactly what she wanted to do with her 

Piol Nearly so Bad. 

Clcquct Pine Knot: With the record.s 
of "Kcv." L-'igh Venion and "l-athcr" 
Connelly befor* hin^ the average layman 
is apt to pat himselt on the back .and 
console hiiiisell Willi the i<iea that he is 
not ncarlv S3 bad as he thought himself. 
Une will servo his stale for some six 
months on a charge of adultery, and the 
other has two indictments against him 
tin rape and two for ai.sault. 


A PositlvG and Perm.inont Curo 
for all otomach Troublec, 

Wright's U. S. Dyspepsia Specific, 



P. C. Lutz. Druceist, 364 Wabasha St., St. Paul. 


Ironton Land cmpany to 1 ronton .Miwc- 
tnral Sioel company, ui BiclU'n 
-.5.4(1.1:, — * «MHKJ 

C LovejovtoE A Eai-erro, lotll, black 
7, Clover Hill division -- - • 

i; K Neil-on to« W Past, lands in sec- 
tion 4-r>()-2(> - " 4 r 

Virdnia Inv.roveinent company to A J 
C.irlin,loT ::i. block 11, Vlrjrwiia ...- - 

Viwnia Improvi'nient cui'.pany to A 
Fvanko, lot Vt. lilocU l«. Viijtiiiia . . 

M M Hull 01 r.l lo.l Mcll.ile ot a', lots 1 
iiid U. block 0, llibbinK -."-.-Vi" 

M » Hn!l ct al to J McHalo ot al, lot 4, 
block 10. Hibbiiifr .-- -,-vv:i" 

M 1{ llr.Uet al to J Mcilalo ct al, lotti, 
b'oek .s. llibbin^- -. -,-.-_• 

M H Hull «»t al to C P Christianson. lot 7, 
block IS. HibbinK -,-V"."i; 

M H lliiUet al to UP Snlloan, lots il 
and r.', block H, etc., H ibbinir...-. -.--.- 

M H Hull et ,il to J W t:amerdu, lot 1, 
block fl. HibbinK .., ,-v.,-ur""i; 

M I! Mali et altoTO Barrett.lot J, block 

'.I, llibbin« - Wi' 

M 15 Hull et al to H Alexandenoii. lot 4, 

block 9, Hibbiiic.. vvr i\-\: 

L T Howers t > A Rasiuuaseu, lot a. bb>cK 

1, Mowers Hearr 

Total transfers . 






. $4r.,it7rt 

1 giu<t>r and surveyor. H<K»m IV* Palladio. 


1 r>(H(ein Pnlnih, fn>c o' charir-^ to all «rirl». 
aUo hav. a full Unwof iiair »w^tclies,ch!ons. etc. 
Mr*. M. C. LMubtild, 225 East Suporior street. 


of Acouohmont. 
Third ett eet. 


n college 
Cu)»iiiusr, etc. doi.o. 60? East 




1>U1VATE H(>HPlTAL-MR.«i.^U 

1 Midwife. Fr.llfrradua'.eof (TermancoUeKe 


m\}m TO mi. 


> T and copper smiths, trap andsteam fitters. 

n Seven lb a^cuue west; jobbing a specialty; 

telephone 2.^7. 



aifl West Wniwrior s^r^"' 

I . »(i«n.. July IS I80:l.-Se:ded proposal" 
for repi ir work to ibi- piers at the !-"l>*.or 
ontranc( to Superior bay. Wis., will be receive, 
at this cilice nntd ri m. July ^Ust. I^ji*;'. and theu 
publicly opi-ned. Specibcntious. I.lf.nk firms 
aud all" iviolable infonnaiion will be lurniflieii 
oil avi'licatiou to this otlice. Clinton H. tjear*, 
m:\joi\ cori»s of eii;jineorf . I . 5. A. 

July ::l to il'. i iuc 

^ rvv7;iNERR ObFR'E. DULUTH. 

i.r.u.. .liih \K. l^V;^. -S-«l'>d prorosiils 
f..r reuur to the brn»h and di!c« at 
(^iiupia noKon Uoint, AKbland ..••iM.r, ^^'s- wijl 
be rece ved at this ..tllce until l:; m. .July .ilst, 
l.Si4:i and then publicly o;»eDo«l. Spesitications, 
blank forms and all available inf..rmatioii will 
be furiish<>d on application to this otlice. 
< liuton li. Sears, major, con"* of onpinoors. U. 
S. A. 

Ju'y 21 to29iac 


Whcre.'is dcfauli ha- been made in f i e '■ 
tioiis of a certain r.^iT^-at-e ouly i \ri 1. 
d.-iivered l\v Mrs. r'arsli W. Clark "wi : 
r.-whester. Olnifled CJ)Ui;tj. and stjlte tn' 
iie» Ota. ir.ort«a«or. to Clarence W. H<'^i 
New Yor.».of t::." county of New Y'o'k. 
of New York, nier:i:a»r>*e. b-.»ariiie da;, 
teetilb da.> of Si. timber. ■ ' 
C'.ir :rd in tbeoffic4»of the^« 

d'hI for tbe county ef H». .. ..- 

Minne.-nta on the tirrr of O«fol.»»r. * " 
is'.d. at .s o'c!.>ck acd " > IT iiiutes a. Hi , iu 1 
>"J iif mort^acos on pac" 27;>: 

At .i whei.>ss tie' .sab'. Clarence W. Bow • 
on tbc eleveuili day of Noceiuber. 1^ 
valuable consideration to him in baud 
iienrv S. I handler, of New York citr. V . 
^t■■u:n^Dt <.f a^-Mj^'inei.T iuwriliiii:. dn.> 
all of bis interest in said iu<'rTi.-»i,-^ 
ii'ite.« nr,^! rl-.e i:it<.'r:'.-: Cv^'-pon li-i •- 
ibe same \»as iriv.u as secni !ly, n. -j.. 
S. Clinndler, v. • ;e'. of as - recorded in 1 lie otlice of the r ••..- 
dee.!? ill and for the county of St. Loi;..- 
state of Minnesota on the 3d day of .lulr, >- 

at S o'clock ju.d ..<> II mutes p. is., m bi>ok N^ of 

n-.ortfta>,-<;s on p-ig© ^'r- „ .j r; .„ f.r '■ •> 

An<l \vherea.«thes..'d Flcnry ^. <.usnf.T ■ 
on ihe te:uh.;ay of J rue. .•^'-. for a 
CoiJ.leralion '-> him m haiid raid l>y 1 
Peler>on. of New York city, by an lu^.|■uil.•. ; ' 
in wiitmjf. .Inly at^i^i "U oi h:^ interest m ca-l 
m^rt-T.aKe nnd said uorcs and con. s tn 

Slid Fr.vbrick Peterson. *l:icU :. tot 

•.'Si-lKiimeut was didy re.-orrted u .. 
t; f r,v;i-t;r of deeds in anu for tjie c 
'->*' L.i'ui "''d <ti\te of Miuneso^a. on t.-. - 
v.f.J i^!»:'- ••It :'o'ciocK and »i mmnto* p. r. 
I'l ho.'k >o of morttraiTO-* on i-age 477 : 

-Vad said mortpoKe contains a C" 
lion that if default ehonld i»ccur in the i 
innnt of the interest, oranypsrtll - 
said notes inei)Ti«in-'d iu said mort.'r: .■ ■ 
and ill that case th-^ TJorticri*:.»e. his 1 
ec.ik'>rs. admi-dstrat>rs or a^uims or \ 
t*irue>-8 may declare the whole priacip.:. - 
said mort^rafre to be due ; 

,\nd whereas tht re liocami> due and pajnb 
as interest on said notes, on ib» loth il o • 
September. I'-tU. the sum of one hukidriKl hi 
t'ortv-fonr diillars: 

And wbere.TS no part of said interest sum of 
one huiidreil iu>d forty-four dollar*- has l»eei; 
pai>l. and defan'.t has been made lutlio pajTuent 
thereof; . ., , 

.\nd whereas the said assume.--. hrede;'.r 
Peterson, has. ou account of Miil default, 
clareil the whole amount of said K5ort«a«e . 
and interest to be dne : 

And whereas there is claimed to be (i;ie 
ihorn is due at the date of this notJci> nt> : 
mortfrace the sum t>f $24;o.;>2, principal .. 
ti>rest. and no actioJi or proceeding at . 
otherwise havini;biH>n instituted'to rec*^' 
debt secured by said uiortea»fo. or any ! ■ 

Now. therefore, notice is ber*hy siven. that - 
virtui" of the power of sale contau.ed ia sai ' 
mort«;iee. and pursuaat to the statur - in sac! 
case made and provided. t:iesa:d ■.y,>-r:.:r.^f wi 
he forivloreil. and the premises ue^erii>ed in nr 
coTored by said mori*:.a»n'. viz : All of lot e'_ ■ • 
^lU in bli>ck one hundred and t'ftylive >1 • 
West Duluth. Fifth .livision, .aceordiuK to 
plat th'«r<vif on Uln in the <>rtic'- of the r<'«! 
of deeds in and for the county of St, Loui- 
Stat" of Minnesota, all of said proj^ertv Ix-r 
the county of St. I.H>uis and s!;iteof Mint • - 
will, with the hereilitair.. iitsandapparte;. 
»H^ sold at public auction, to thejygbesi 1. 
for cash, to pay saiii debt and ii^pe^t, i>: 
taxes if anyl on said premiseiiiand s.>- 
live dollars (!'7r.' fit lorneys fee^as stipUiU^ 
in and by said niorv**'' '" <'asa H forecU*i:" 
aud the disburse;!ii'nts aiIo>v<.d » law: v, 
sale will be made tj> the sh.\jitr of«a;.' ^t. : 
county, a» the frotit door of the eo^' - '■ •' 
the city >f Duluth. county and f 
»)n the" ilTd dav ot August.. A. j. . 
o'cUvk in the foreiio«>n «»f that day, m,' 
redemption at any time wllhiuqiie .v..; 
the date <«f sf.le, .is provided by law. 
Dateii July lltb, l>wi. 

FKKi>r-RH'i; PrTEas.-iN. 

Assimtee of the Mort>?ai;'''' 
Teae, Daviks ,^ lb KisAf, 

Attorneys for the Ae^iirnee. 

Juli U iNi'i. Aug IM.^i. 



of saKi proi»eriv imm' 
i and s!;ite of Mine.- t 

r.' ittsandaMmrte!. y 

UI, to thej^Kbest hi JT 

bt and iippe«t,i>: ', 








The Garfield Avenue Landing Was the Sole 
Cause of a Good Deal of Alder- 
manic Talk. 

Majority Committee Report Recommended 

That the City Make no Change 

in the Dock. 

Alderman Dingwall Wants to Know Whether 

the City Can Grant Another Street 

Railway Franchise. 

The dock at tbe foot of GarlieUl ave- 
nue was the bone of contention in last 
evening's coiim il inectiii*;. The"session 
was >iiori, less than an hour, yet for a 
while hot words, pointed personalities, 
councilmen out of order and others ris- 
ini: to points of order, uuulc a scene that 
was remindful of a Donuybrook fair, 
with the exception that wt>rds do not 
lueak heads. The ball was set in mo- 
tion by the following report from the 
connmitlee oi\ harbor, ilocks and tunnels, 
signed by William (ietty, chairman: 

"N t)ur committee towliom »va3 referred 
the jictition of K. L. !• ishcr ct al. in re- 
gard to the d«ick at the foot of (iarfield 
avenue, would most respectfully report 
that they have considered the same and 
iind that said dock is of the rci^ulatioii 
height anil if cut ilown wouUl become 
about useless except for the Duluth 
Street Railway company's boat Lindrup, 
or a similar boat (which would be hard 
to tind.l Vour committee is of the 
opinion that the Duluth Street Kaiiwav 
Company wants said dock hxcil so that it 
can appropriate it to its own use, to the 
exclusion of all other boats and that 
tt would be impossible tor the 
city to build a sliding dock 
capable of accommodating all vessels 
from a row or a sail boat to a steam barge 
or passenger boat. Vour committee 
would recommend that the Duluth Street 
Railway company get a boat to tit the 
dock and not .ask the city to make a dock 
to til its boat. 

"In view of the fact that the city of 
Duluth never used said d«>ck or the end 
of Garfield avenue for the transportation 
of passengers or other purpose.-, your 
committee would suggest that the city 
of DUiUth regard said dock ami the end 
of Gartield avenue only as a public high- 
way, and that the city clerk cause a notice 
to be given that all persons using said 
end of (jarfield avenue for the landing 
of passengers or freight do so at their 
own risk. It is further recommended 
that the board of public works be in- 
structed to erect a guard rail along the 
dock, similar to the one at the ship 
canal, the danger now being very great. 
-And last but not least, u .;Js recoTU- 
inended that no change be made in the 
dock itself," 

Aiderman Getty promptly moved the 
adoption of his report. Alderman (Juinby 
at once popped up and exclaimed, 
"I here's another report on that." The 
minority report was then read. It re- 
commended that the board of public 
works be authoriiied to remodel the dock 
to the extent not to cost more than j;3oo. 

Alderman Wilson next arose aiul 
asked to hear from the president of the 
board of public works. Alderman 
Getty calleil Alderman Wilson down on 
a point of order, another motion being 
before the house. President 
sustained the point. 

Alderman Wilson then started to speak 
on Getty's motion. He reviewed tlie 
history ot the dock matter from the time 
the petition from E. L. Fisher et al was 
jeceived up to the time he climbed to 
to bis feet. He accused Getty of in- 
Huencing a dailv paper to insinuate that 
he, Alderman Wilson, did not make his 
c>mmittee reports carefully. Alderman 
Dingwall also caught a jab or two in the 
ribs. Alderman Wilson being called 
down because of personal remarks, ex- 
jjressed his sentiments by speaking to 
the (juestioii, and telling he saw on 
the dock, after which he sat down. 

Alderman Ouinby then told what he 
saw down on this dock which has sprung 
into fame and notoriety in one short 
fortnight. AUierman Dingwall did the 
same and remarked that one member of 
the board of public works who made the 
pilgrimage down there with him said, 
"I'd be in favor of si)endiiig about 75 
cents in fixing over this dock." 

Alderman Howard next arose and said 
that all the aldermen except himself had 
been privileged to see that dock. He 
wanted to visit it too, hence -moved tliat 
the matter be laid over for one week, 
which was done after some hard voting. 

As stated, the session was short, yet 
quite a nice little batch of business was 
run through. Alderman Thomas came 
in late and did not seem to possess his 
usual vigor, aggressiveness and watch- 
fulness. Aldermen Cox and Nelson 
failed to show up at all. 

A petition entering into details as to 
arguments, signed by Alex. Rhodes ctal, 
asked for electric lights in certain dark 
corners on Duluth Heights. Referred. 
The Hartman electric lighting contract 
was ratified, so to speak, and the S 10,000 
bond of the company accepted. The Du- 
luth, .Missabe & Northern railway for- 
mally accepted the ordinance granting 
certain right-of-way across Grand ave- 
nue and other strecti and through Mar- 
ine division. The fire warden called the 
council's attention to the great need of a 
fire escape on tlie Woman's Home. 

The ordinance changing the names of 
certain streets was approved. Culver 
Bros, were granted permission to erect a 
corrcgated iron building within the city 
limits. The to tLe harbor- 
master ordinance was passed. 

Tne cojiicil voted the issue of tem- 
porary coupon lo in certificates in the 
sum of $250,000. These shall run fi()in 

August ii». iSg3, for three years, bearing 
per cent interest, pay.ible temi-annu- 
ally. I'he Duluth loan Deposit Trust 
Company was .iwauled a contr.act to sell 
these ccrlilicates for a commission of 3 
per cent. The first installment of $7:;,- 
000 was ordcrcil issued at once. 

.An orilinaiice was introduc :d by .Alder- 
man Hugo leguiating the running at 
large witbin the city limits of horses, cat- 
tle, swine or geese and was referred. 

.Alderman Dingwall introduced a 
neatly typewritten riSolution in which he 
railed attention tt> the fart that the Du- 
luth Street Railway company has ai>nl- 
ishrd transfers, much totliedisad\ antage 
of the laboiing classes. It closed willi 
the rei|uest that thetity attorney prepare 
an opinion as to whethci there is any- 
thing in the charter to pievent ilu- com- 
mo'n council tiom granling a valid fran- 
chise lo other persons or corporation for 
the construction and operation of one or 
more lines ol street railway in Dnlutli. 

The board of public works notified the 
council of the appointment of D. A. 
Reed as city engineer for the remainder 
of the fiscal year. 

The board of fire commissioners re- 
ported the following expenditures for 

Dcpartmont pay r«)ll $ ''.l-" 02 

Now (■[liTiiio < 3WI 0(. 

Cliomicaf cuKini' l.iHX) iK> 

Fire liursfs 1,o:k) tW 

I'lty liyilrunt riMitals.. r>,l|i(j iK) 

I.akesidp liytlrant ri'iitals.. DT.'i (XI 

Gt-neral bills l,'>7t> 4:i 

Total $a).0ft8 47 

l.ighty-three men were employed reg- 
ularly and seven on the lire alarm sys- 
tem at Lakeside and Woodland. 


and deep 
held here 
fill I V at a 

A General Meeting to Discuss Them Held 
Yesterday Afternoon. 

Plans fi>r the reciprocity 
waterway convention to be 
»,)ot. 10 were discussed pretty 
well attended general meeting held in 
the chamber of commerce yesterday af- 
ternoon. A number from .Superior were 
present, among them Mayor E. C. Ken- 
nedy, lldmunil Twohy, e\-.Mayor Mar- 
tin Pattison, I". D. liailey, I'.d Dundonj 
F. L. Winsor. G. L. Rice, J. K. McGraw, 
C. J. Norquist. 

As it now stands the plan is hir a four 
days* celebration, two da>sto be devoted 
to the convention proper. The conven- 
tion proper will cost about Siooo, of 
which 5330 will be raised in .Superior and 
the balance subi^cribed in Duluth. The 
entire celebration will cost in the neigli- 
bornt>od of :?50oo. Superior will 
probably contribute something toward 
the general celebration ex])enses too, 
but the bulk ol the money will come from 
Duluth. The funds for the convention 
proper and the general celebration will 
be kejit separate. 

The two days of the convention will be 
divided l)etween Duluth and .Superior, 
Duluth taking the opening day. In the 
afternoon there will be a trip on the har- 
bor and lake and probably a railway 
trip around the .Superiors and a mass 
meeting in the evening. 

The call for the convention will be 
signed by representatives of the com- 
mercial bodies of Duluth and Superior 
and will show the hearty co-operation of 
the two cities. Another meeting will be 
hciu Monday when the executive com- 
niittre will con>ult with the committees 
of the various commercial organisations. 


Two Chicago Newspaper Wen Traveling 2500 
Miles Without Paying. 
Two young men arrived in the city 
last evening who are making a novel 
journey. They are J. T. HoUister, of the 
Chicago Evening Post, and J. R. Duvall, 

of the Chicago Herald, and are having 
their vacation. They have starteil out 
to travel 2500 miles in forty days, and the 
agreement is that they arc not to spend a 
cent for the necessities of life or for 
transportation en route. Their trip will 
be written up for their respective papers. 
They have already covertd 701 milesand 
have tr.?.vele(l through Milwaukee, La 
Crosse and .St. Paul and Minneapolis. 
Sunday they spent at Minnetonka. They 
travel by railroad, deadheading their 
wav and have only walked six miles so 

In some of the places in Wisconsin 
they had friends and were entertained 
in a very pleasant manner. At every 
place except Port.nge they were given a 
very cordial reception. There Hollister 
talked to the proprietor of the hotel for 
an hour and a half straight before he 
could persuade him lo acconiodate them 
with lodging, Duval meantime perform- 
ing on the banjo. Finally the landlord 
agreed to throw in breakfast, if they 
would on!y let up. At La Crosse they 
were tendered a reception at the house 
01 some friends, and they remainea in 
the city a couple of days. Thev have 
earned $2.50 by Duval's banjo perform- 
ances, and according to agreement, it 
has been spent on luxuries. 

In Dulutli tney stopped at th^ .Mer- 
chants and immediately upon making 
themselves known were given supper, 
l<ed and breakfast. Some of their nights 
have been spent on hard floors but as a 
rule they are taken ni by some one. 
They left today for Superior and from 
there will go to Ashland. 

Before breakfast Bromo-Seltzer 
Acts as a bracer — trial bottle locts. 5 

I m.ake my ice cream at the Pavilion. 
Try it. Served at the same place. 

Elder .S. S. Heaver, of McAlIisterville. 
Juniatt.a Co., Pa., says his wife is subject 
to cramp in the stoaiarh. Last simimer 
she tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera 
and Diarrluea remedy for it, and was 
much pleased with the speedy relief it 
afforded. .She has since used it when- 
ever necessary and found that it never 
fails. For sale by druggists. 

— ■ — - — ■-• -- -— ■ -.— 

Lawn Chairs and Settees 

At Bloedel iS: I".l-eling's, one-price furni- 
ture store, Odd Fellows' block. 

Highest of all In Lcavciiing Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Report 




St. Paul & Duluth Will Fight the Attempt 

to Compel the Limited to Stop at 

Pine City. 

The Conductor and Engcineer Who Were Ar- 
rested Sunday Have Been fined 
Fifty Dollars Each. 

It is Claimed That the State Law is Con- 
trary to the Interstate Commerce 

A Pine City dispatch says that the 
conductor and engineer who violated the 
law compelling all passenger trains to 
stop at county seats were tried before 
judge \'eenhoven yesterday afternoon 
and fined j^so each. An indignation 
meeting was held last night lo make 
preparations to fight the case to the end. 
Conductors and engineers will be ar- 
rested every day until the case is settled. 
•Attorneys S. G. L. Roberts and L. H. 
McKusick have charge ot the case for 
the village. 

At the St. Paul heaikjuarters of the St. 

Paul i\; Duluth road yesterday morning 
a reporter was informed that the read 
Would contest the case. The officials say 
the limitetl, which is the train in (jues- 
tiou, is not intended for local business 
at .ill, but it is run for the ex- 
press purpose of carrying passen- 
gers and mail between St. Paul and 
Duluth in the sliortest possible time. 
They cannot c?rry out tlieir policy or 
contract in this respect if they are com- 
pelled lo siop at all the little way sta- 
tions on the road, and they do not intend 
to make these stops unless compelled to 
do so. They will fight the l.nw that it is 
an unwarranted interference with their 
business and also contrary to ihe inter- 
state commerce law. It is safe to say 
that the light will be taken through all 
the courts if ne<:essiry. 

.Attorney General Childs was asked if 
the state would take a hand in the matter 
and he re|)lied that it was something 
with which the state had nothing to do. 
The county officials had made th_' arrest 
and under the low they would have full 
charge of il. What the outcome would 
be remained to be seen. He had never 
run .across any decisions in similar ciscs, 
and this was the first one of the kind 
about which he known anything. 
The law under which the prosecuiions 
are attempted is the outgrowlli of a bill 
introduced by Rei)resent.ative -Anderson, 
of Chisago county, last winter. 

As the bill was hrst introduced il pro 
vidcd that all refjular passenger trains 
should stop at county seats, but this was 
defeated. The vote was afterward re- 
considered and alter the bill been 
amended to except Iranscontinental 
trains or through trains enlering this 
state from another it passed. The only 
way in whirh it seems possible for the 
company to bring the interstate law to 
bear on the case is on account of the 
mail carried by the train under contract 
with the government. The law provides 
that any engineer, conductor or other 
agent or employe of the company violat- 
ing the law is liable to a fine of not less 
than S25 nor mote than $ico, or imj)ri- 
sonment in the county jail for not less 
than ten days nor more than three 


The Missabe Mountain to Begin Mining With 
a Steam Shovel. 

Capt. A. J. Carlin, of the Missabe 
.Mountain mine, stated the oilier day 
that they would begin shipping ore to- 
day if the Missabe X Northern railroad 
spur is in shape. The management has 
again changed ojunion concerning the 
method of mining. About two months 
.ago it war, thought that for this year the 
ore would be hoisted from open pit but 
it is now proposed to mine with steam 
sh.ovel. Cai)l. Carlin took a look at the 
steam shovel loading ore at the liiwabik 
and feels satisfied that the Mi-sabe 
Mountain is the easiest proposition tor a 
steam shovel on the r.inge. 

The Franklin mine near Virginia, 
las. Corrigan's [)ioi>erty, made its first 
shipment t)ver the Duluth iv; Iron Range 
last Saturday, says the Mesaba Range. 
Ten cars were loaded the first day and 
the ore is very heavy, running about 25 
tons to a car. When Superintendent C. 
H. Whitfork took charge of this property 
last winter he made the assertion that he 
could put the mine in^shape to ship 100,- 
000 tons this season if the owners so 
desired, and it appears that he has made 
his word good, although it is doubtful 
that over 50,000 tons will be shipped 
owing to the dullness of the ore market. 

D. D. Muri»hy, the well-known ex- 
plorer, who located the Hoppman prop- 
erly in 5(>-i5, has been eiifjai^ed recently 
111 looking over the territory south of 
.Merritt and has discovered good indica- 
tions of iron. Among oilier things he 
finds that the gravel in the Duluth & 
Iron Range pit near the rapids of Lnke 
1-^mbarrasi is mixed with ochre, while 
there are many surface indications rf 
iron. He has associated with him I. R. 
Meining, August Rehbein and others 
and the company will begin leslpilting 
sections 13 and 2\ within a. few d.a>s. 

Superintendent Jones, of the Biwabik, 
received a dispatch from (ieneral Man- 
ager Philbin recently asking him to see 
that not over twenty-three tons of ore 
were placed on each car. The cars 
being new, the heavy loads caused the 
boxes to heat. Although the road is not 
yet properly ballasted, each train con- 
sists of forty cais of ore, almost double 
the amount hauleil by tiie Duluth A; Iron 
Range engines. This is one of the ad- 
vantages of Laving easy grades. 

Capt. I >. A. Ross, who has been test- 
pitting southwest of Mountain Iron on 
section g, S^-fS, for the Chicago (Ji: Min- 
nesota ( )re company, recently struck ore 
onihenw'4 of the nw'4. These were 
formerly known as the Twin City lands. 
Capt. Wood, who is workingfor the same 
company, also made a Iind of ore recent- 
ly on section iq of the same township. 

The Duluth Ore company has begun 
shipping from the Berringer f )rty. They 
are loaditig from both shaft and stockpile 
and are shipping between thirty and 
forty cars daily. The ere goes over the 
Duluth, Missabe & Northern. Ih." min- 
ers have commenced milling tae ore 
down through two chutes and the process 
is daily watched by a large number of 
interested spectators. 


IVhy the Indians Never Have Dys- 
pepsia, Yet are Careless Eaters, .j 

No ono conia accuse 
an lutliun of over-care- 
fulMos3 lu entiajf. Ha 
at<j wluit nature gaT« 
lilui — berries from lh« 
wothl, spoil from his 
trapa, pumo from bU 
bow. Ho ato plenty ot 
It, ato till ho was full. 
It wa-* not v«ry well oookod sometinioa, and 
Qc often utc fust. 

^Vllc«u liuMtliit' or fight hijr a ilay would often 
j)asa without uii> tiling l.iiiifj eaten at all. 
Vi't ho never lunl ily^peiisla. 
JIo never ".liiteil." 

AVo hour too much alxnit. "dlotlns" theso 

A man niusn't eat pio, or cabbage, or eaka, 
or ln-aiis, or tliis uiul that. | 

He nmsii't cut very iiiiK h aiul ho must Jo It 
Tory sl.iw. Ho nm-t n.ver drink whoa ba 
eat.'. Ho mu.ii't huny. Ho muau't worry. 
Ami !*o ft ^'oes. 

i'lils is all very good a.lvlce. But it would 
vony a man to dealli to remember It all. 
Wliv can't wo livo like tlio Inilian in a 
lie;ilth>, lieiuty, nituiMi wavi' lleeauso wo 
h;ivi; suBli w- ak stomaeli^. lUithow Uld tho 
Uy tak in)? that mciLioiiie of hix, Sa-wa, when- 
»ver bo felt there va:* anvthiiif? wroiip wltU 
liiiM. That SaRWii we h;ivo now employed 
liiintouiako for us. If v.>u would take tha 
li;iHiral Aincrleaa nin.;ily for dyspepsia, 
Ivickapoo.Siigwn.yon, tu.i, would not know 
Wliat u weak Htoniaeh or Uvspepsla was. \ 
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Maud Granger. 

Maud (".ranger drew only a fair sized 
autiience last evening owing undoubt- 
edly to the fact her coming was in- 
sufficiently advertised. The play, "The 
Fringe of Sociefy," and the with one 
or two slight exceptions are the same as 
seen here last April. While the plav is 
not a commendable production 
antl is on the Parisian order and does 
not even have the merit of presenting a 
moral yet it cannot be denied that it is 
strong, well written and a clever piece 
of dramatic work. The lines are witty 
and at times brilliant and while there is 
considerable monologue yet it is all good 
and does not tire. 

Maude Granger was received with the 
same favor that marked her recent ap- 
pearance and porlravLd ilie char.acter of 
Mrs. Careiv with excellent faithfulness. 
Frederic Herzog is a tine actor and the 
pan of Osmund St. lllmo is taken by 
him in an admirably lasy and natural 
manner. His voice is under perfect con- 
trol and his lines were splendidly given. 
1 le forgot a few of them, however, in one 
of his important spcei;hes. The entire 
ca:t is well balanced and the company 
on the whole is a very even one. 

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/it i'W Went Michionn Street, 


!). A. DUN LAP, Manager. 


Notice is lii>ri?l>y civon tliat a polition in due 
form, aocordin:; to law, lias ixjcn pn-soutoii to 
tlie common eotincil of the city of Duluth hy tho 
hoard of f dncatioii of the city of l>ulutli. 
Jacob 15. MyiTH and othtTs, praying Bn id council 
to vacalt> that part "f ihf" alli-y. iK'twooii blockn 
numborod t\vrnt.\-two (22) and tw>nty-thrPO(i::i', 
in tho Wci-t Faric division of iMihith. in Hf. 
Louis county, Minn., that ;il)iit8 niinii or lies 
opposite to lots one (1) to aijrht (M.tioth in- 
clusive, and thf wPBt. rly nino fpi>t of lots nine 
i'J), in eaid blocks twunty-lwo and twenty-three 
• 21). in order that a Bcho«)l buildini; may bo 
erpctod ni)on naid lott. and said part of said 
alley so proposed to be vacated. 

Notice is further siyen that in accordance 
with a resolution of said common council saiil 
petition hiJH been tiled for record witli the city 
clerk of said city : and that sai<l petition will be 
heard anil ctmsidered bv the committoo on 
stn^tB, alleys and siilewalks of said common 
council, at tho ottico of said city clerk, in the 
city hall in said city of Duluth, at ten o'clock 
in the forenoon of Monday, the "iSSth day of 
Anjfust, lW:t; at which time and place said com- 
mittee will hear testimony and evidence offered 
by parties interested. 

Dated Duluth, July llth, ^Wf. 

C. B. En iiAKDsON, 
City Clerk of «aid City of Dulatb. 

( Coroorate } 

July U-lo-<:j Aug 1 



Just Received! 

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Notice of Application 

-FOR — 


r. Jioria, >t 




Notice is hereby jfiveu, That application has 
been made in writing to tlie common council of 
Baid city of Dnhith. and hied in my otlico, pray- 
inR for license to sell lutoxicatintr li<juors for 
tho l(^rni coniiiienciiiB on .July 1'.^. l^'.i:), 
and terniiuatitu; July !(•, Iv.U, by tho follov.-- 
intr iMTson and at tho following place as 
fitated in said application respoctivoij, to-wit : 

T. H. Uickford, al No. 20t West. Superior 

Baid application will bo heard r.nd determined 
by saul common council of tho city of Duluth, 
at the council chamber in said city of Dulnth, 
in St. Louis comity, Miunosota. on Monday, the 
7th day of AiiROst, l)i/J'.i, at 7 :;ii) o'clock p. m. of 
that day. 

Wit.nesB my baud and seal of said city «>f Dn- 
luUi this 21st day of July, A. 1). l^y3. 


City Clerk, 
i Cori'orate ) 
\ SoaL i 

July ■^i. »t 

Notice of Application 

— roit- 


UNTY OK St. IjoL'is, >sa 
Vn-\\ or Dti.i TU. ) 



Notice isluToby given that jipplicrtt ions have 
made in writing to ttie conimon council of Siiid 
city of Duluth. and tiJeil in my otlice, jirayiiu? 
for license to sell intoxicatiuh' linuors for tho 
term c^iinmcncinK on Aii(,'U8l. 1. J.S<t:t, andtermin- 
atmjr on AuRUst 1, IWU, by the foUowiuK persons, 
and at. tho following places as st^atod in said ap- 
plications re8p.3ctivoly. to-wii : 

The L. Boaurivafiro Wiuo House (3o. at No. 730 
West Superior stri'Dt. 

Said application will be heard and determined 
by faiii common conncil of tho cily of Dulnth, 
at the council chamber in said city of Duluth, 
in St. Louis county, Minnesota, on Monday, llm 
::4tli day of July, 1893. .It 7 :») o'clock p. m. of 
that day. 

Witness my hand and of eaid city of Du- 
luth, this 14th dayof July.A. D. l-sai 


City Clerk 


Nof ire is lieietiy e'i\ 
lieiftiifure KiilisiHtint; 
(Ts at the city of Jlii 
till- under.'-i>;i:ed .li 
.M iciiaud atiii Louis I 
iiaiiu! anil Ht.vl" of 1{< 
been dissolved by nr 
owiii;^ by said parti 
Fiiid Moiiuro Mirhau 
who fiiail lieri-aftrT < 
the ban! parrnorsliip 
owiuK to (.aid partni"; 

D.-iledal Duluth, 61 
A. D. 1>M. 

eii lliaf li e parliier^hi|i 
as wliulrsale liiiuor dcal- 
hiih, MiLiiiesotii. l»-t\vten 
lien i.i/ini)ii:<, llcniire 
eaiirivai."' uikJit the firm 
niieiix & Co.. has tiiir- day 
itnal coii-ifnt. All <lcbts 
lership shall i>e p:iiil Ijy 
il atiil Louis lioaurivaK'' 
iiMliiiiie 1li)> busiiioBS of 
^i d to whom all amounts 
■ship shall bo payable, 
inn., iliis I'Jth day of .ii'.ly. 

July n-lK-2.')Au<,'. 1. 

.Ili,ii;n Romiecx, 

Loi;iS liEAL'BlVAGi:, 


5 Corporate ) 
I Boal. i 

,1 14 times. 

Of meefiiiB of commi 
to view the premisi 
for jiiopei ty to be t 
injuriously all'eetec 
Ti'iision of liOsbn i: 
First (iivisioii, to a 
nuf in (flon Avon. ^- 
lity of Dulutli. Kt. 
Notice is hereby ;:ii 
have been duly uppoi 
ril. of the city of Dul 
(l.'Uiliation to view tji 
dHma<?es which may 1 
uil; of private jiropei- 
po.-e«, namely : For' 
of Hoslyu « venue, as 
platte<l in Hunter's 1 
city of Duluth, St. L( 
nrly, from the southr 
lluut'T s Park, First 
same curve as tliar 
sasd southerly boui 
i 111 to a junction 
the same is l.iid out ; 
Avon, Second divisii' 
?tat«', ho that they si 
avttiue; tho tiroporly 
<h"miii>d hy the eily o 
aforesaid, beinp all t 
within the Ixmodary 
said llnnterV Park, 
ab«)ve d"".cril>ed to a 
nue, in (flen Avon. S. 
land beiPKhicated w 
St. Louis county, Mii 
have duly <iualiHed a 
have caused ;\ | lai \> 
dinecr of sai<l cit> of 
erty i)roposed to ho t 
openinc aiid I'xtemlii 
canted said pint to b 
<>r said city of Dohitl 
Notice is fnrtl 
ndersigned will iii; 
ioners at tho of 
of said city of 
in said city, on Tuesil 
l>i9'.j, at ten o'clock in 
and from thence will 
ihes. to I'i'T- th'>ot)je« 
,vo!is wIjom pi'oi)erly i 
fected, and to assess 
the city of Duluth to 
property projiosed 
poses aforesaid, or 
allectod thereby. 

Dated Dnluth, Min 


i-sioiinrs in condomnation 
s and assess tho dainak'es 
i!ci)uf'>r. or which tiiiiy Ikj 
by tho oi)eninK' and es- 
venue in Iluiiter's I'ark, 
iunctioii with Koslyn avo- 
econd division, all in the 
L<mis couuty, Minn. 

en that til'' undeisiKtied. 
iited by tho common coun- 
11 h. comiiiissi<mers in cou- 
e premises and assess tho 
>•> occasioned by tho tak- 
y for tho followinc pur- 
he opeuiu»; and extension 
tho same is laid out and 
ark. First division, in the 
'Uis county, Minn., sotit'i- 
rly lioundary line of said 
Iivisioii, full width, on the 
on which il approaches 
d:iry line i f s:\id divis- 
ivith Ifiisl.Mi avenue, as 
nd piuttcit through (ilen 
1, in snid city, coauty and 
ail form one continuous 
lo h't aci|uired and cou- 
f Dulnth for tho purposes 
1" j;rivat<' jirojiorty lyiuK 
lines of Ifoslyn avenue, in 
Kilst division, extendod as 
jiniclion witli Konlyn ave- 
coiid division ; all of said 
thin tho city of Duluth, 
111.: That the nndersi^^iit-d 
i sucii commissioners and 
■ he iiitule hy tho city cn- 
Dulutli. showin*; tho prop- 
aken for the imrposo of 
ip said avenue. ,'iii<l have 
■> iiled with the city clerk 
. as required by law. 
ler Riven. that the 
•et as such commiss- 
ice of the city clerk 
Duluth in thccity hall 
ay, the lirst dayof Aupust. 
I he forenoon of said day, 
jiroceod to view the prom- 
■tl<ius or proof of any per- 
s taken or injuriously af- 
:hftdama^'04 to be paid by 
the o\vn(>r or owners of 
o Ik? taken ff>r the pnr- 
>vhich may bo injuriously 

1., July 15th, IfO.!. 

L. (\ llnl.l.llJAV. 

Edmoni) iMim.i.s, 
John (>. How aku, 
ionere in Condemnation. 

y 18 10 . 

Whi'roao default has b^en made in the coudi- 
tioax of a certain inoiti^'aKe duly 
exi'Citted and ilelivored by Auiiis M. 
Kilt;oie and Minnie F. ^ Ki'K<»'e, hi* 
wife. niortKa«;or«, to William E. Lucas, mort- 
khk" e. l<«,-irin;; il'itii tho first day of June. A. D. 
l'>!il. Hint with a power of s:tlo therein contained 
duly rocoriled in tin; olhce of tho register 
of (Ireds in au'l lor the county of Si. l.<ouis and 
"''■tj- of Minnesota, ou the hith liay of June, 
D. - o'clock p. in., in book .%4 of 
uiorti;aKes, on pa^e 2i< ; 

\iid whereas siiid ini>rt«a»,'e, and tiie principal 
uote and coupons thereby secured, were there- 
after duly assiicned and lrHnbferr<.d for a valu- 
able consideration by the said William E. Lucas 
to Daniel Draiior. by an instrument of assinn- 
ment. dated July 2d, KS9I. and duly recorded in 
the oHlcf! ff the register tif do'ds for said .St. 
Ltfiuis couuty, on July 2<l, 18S*1, at one o'clock 
and '><i minutes p. III., in b<H>k 7:< of uiorttja^a, 
on patfe 401 : 

.And. whi-reas, said mort<ra(f«, and the princi- 
pal note t hereby secured, contained a provision 
that i| il'-raiili is iiiadu in tin* payment of anjr 
insialinent of interest due upon said principal 
note secured by said iiiort^aKe, on the day 
whorfontlie s.-ime is made payalile.and such de- 
fjiult shall continue for the spac<» of thirty days 
tliereaft<-r, tlio uriucipal sum wcnn-d by said 
iiotv and uiort«ai;e. with ail accrued interest 
tliereou, shall be immediately due and payable 
at the option of the mortKafreeor his assi^rus. 

And, whereas, default has be<-ii maih' in t4io 
paynii nt of the semi-annual initalluiout of in- 
lutei'pst uiKin said note and mort^affe, diie 
Juno 1, hV\ Hinounting to the sum of two han- 
dred eiKhly dollars ($*>0) tho payment of 
which was secured by said mort«ajre, and such 
default has continued for more than thirty 
d.iys af fx<r the same became payable, by reason 
whiireof thu said assiKuee of said morlKajre has 
elected t.o exercise saido|ition and ha»ueclare<l, 
and ilies hereby dt-clare, the whole principal 
sum secured by said not<- ami mortirafre. wttli 
all accrued interest thereon, to be now due and 

And, whereas, there is therefore claimed to Vje 
due, and is actually due. upon said mcrt^raco 
delit, at the date of this n«'tir<' the sum of 
eitfht thousand three hundred tifty-seven 
:ind twenty-nine one hundredtiis <$'S,n57.2M> <lol- 
l.'trs, principal and interest, and one hubdre<l 
dollars att4>iuey's fees stipulatetl for in 
said inortKaKO incase of forecK»sure there«>f. 

And, whereas, no action or pr«>ceedin<? at law 
or otherwise has \hh-u instituted to ri"Cover the 
debt secured by said iiiort«at;e, or any part 

Now, therefore, notice is hereby fdven. that 
by virtue i>f the power of sale contained in said 
inortf^aKc. which has l>ecome o{.erativc b» rea- 
son of the default above mentioned, and i>ur- 
stiaiit to the statute in such cas<- ma<le and pro- 
vided, the said mort^f.iffe will he fori<lo60<l by 
a >ale of the premises described in and cf>voro<l 
by said mortt;;ii:e, viz : All those tracts or par- 
cels of land, in the county of Bt. Louis .and 
state of Minnesota. descril»ed as follows, i<i-wif : 
All of lota numbered four<4) ;iud five (T.), in 
block i.umhiTed si-vi n '7), Haunine and Rays 
bub-divisi(,n, in Dulutli. accordinf; to the re- 
corded plat t hereof on lilo of record in tlie oflico 
of the r<'c;ster of deeds in and for the said St. 
Louis county ; which said premises, with the 
hereditameots and appurtenances, will Ixt 
sold at public auction, to the hiKheet bid- 
der for cash, to pay said <lebt and inter- 
est, and the taxes lif an, i on said pn-ni- 
iees, aud one hnndred dollars attor- 
ney's fees, as sti|.ulate<t it. aud by said 
mortsat-'e ni case of foreclosure, and the dis- 
bursements al!owe<l by law, by the sherilT of 
said St. Louis county at the front door of tho 
court house, in the city of Duluth in said 
couuty and state, <>■ the hrst (Isti dayof Sep- 
temlKT, A. D. IKKt, at 10 o'clock a m.. of tliat 
day. subject to n-demption at any time within 
one year from tlie day of sale, as provided by 

Dated July l.^th. A. D. 1SS3. 

Dakii:i. Dn.^PHS, 
Assignee of Morttcaffec. 


.Attorney for Assignee. 

J 1 '••:;■. A i-s-i.v:2 



ST.\TK OF MINNfisOTA, ? .. 
Coi.NTY OK St. l.ofis. ) * 

l:i Probate Court, Special Term. July l^th, 

In the matter of the estate of Fr.incw .\. Rich- 
ardson, deceased. 

On reading and filinp the petition of William 
E. Kichardson. administrator with will auuex<-d 
of the estate of Francis A. Bichardson, decease*!, 
representing: among other thin»:s, that he has 
fully administered said estate, and |'!a>inK that 
a time and place bnlised for examining, .sot :liug 
and nilowing the t'mal account of said adminis- 
tration, and for the Bssjjjnment of the residue of 
said' to tiiv I'iirti's entitled thereto by 

It if «;»(lor»d. that said account !>e t^xamine*!. 
and iM'tiiion he.-ird by tbiscoort. on V.'.^lnesd.-iy 
the i'tli day of August. A. D. IS'.':!, at Ki o'clock 
a. III., at the probate otlice in Duluth, in said 

And it is further ordered, that notice thereof 
be given to .(11 persons interested, by publish- 
ing a copy of this «>rder ou Tuesday in each 
week for three successive weeks prior to said 
day<if hearing, in the Duluth Evening Her.ild, 
a daily newspaper r>rinto<i aud published at 
Duluth, Minn., in said county. 

Dated al Duluth. .Minn., the l>^th day of July. 
A. D. 189:i. 

By the Court. 
[Seal.] Phineas Ates. 

Juds* of Probata. 
J 15-'J5 A 1 

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An infallible remedy for Nervous and General Dcbili.:", 
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A. M. Smith, of Two Harbor?, is in the 
city today and will leave ti.«id evening 
for Chicago. 

Mrs. S. R. Slinfon. of City, 
Mo., is the guest oi Mrs. Day K. Smith, 
of Chest-r terr.^ce. 

I. H. Wing, of Bivfield, wisia the city 
last cvenin;^. 

The Misses Robtrrts, of Montreal, sis- 
ters of Mr-. J. 15. l-nncs, 714 Third ^ve- 
nue east, a'e h Jic for a short viiit. 

Mrs. S. Piumb, widoiv of the latti Sena- 
tor Plurno, of Kansa.i, accompanied by 
her son and A. H. Plumb, are ia the 

F. C. Stn::e. of Saginaw, Mich., is in 
the city today. 

\V. C. Lebrojic, of the Plor.eer Press 
company, is hsre on one of his periodical 
business tiips. 

Hon. W. P. Alien was down f.'om Clo- 
qu^t last evening. 

Mrs. F. A. Richardson, who has been 
spending most nf the year at De- 
Uvan, Wis., wi'l return to J)uluth tins 
week to make her home with her i-oii, C. 
E. Richardson, at 14 iS Eaat Sup«rior 

Miss Emily Gunn, wlio ban boon the 
guest of Miss .Mae Waiker, returns to 
ner home at London, Ontario, tornorro^v 
on the steamer .Monarch, 

Mrs. S. A. Waiker returned today from 
a visjt to Oiitario. Canada. Sae \ris ac- 
companied by Mr.s. John llfown and 
chi'dreri, who will be the gUijsts of Dr. 
A. E. WalUer for the reniaindv of tht: 

B.F.Myers is confined to his residence 
by an af.ack of typhcid fever. 

T.ho flov/ Oanjo Ciub. 
A miuiher of Duiath musical yntnif; 
men have «;rgar.izod a banjo, mindoliii,' 
guitar jind glee club. The club will 
make its <ippcar..nce befor.- the piityjic 
in Ih.c near f iture to testify to their tam- 
est •- ndeavors to m:;kc i: the prido of the 
music lovipg peopie of Duluih and else- 
where. At oruauizition ti;c fvlloviny. 
names uppcire^i: P. H. C.iiiJcr, C. 
Woods, Frank B:rt:et\ K. Thompson, 
A. Wi^dab!. ij. 11. Bingham, b.njo!-; 
Henrv Grocliou. C. P. McClurr-, niiindo- 
lins; };. Man, II, Inrjo inand oiii;; Cha-. 
I'arker, L. E. F.>irchil-J, jru. McFarland. 
L. B. Lacsv, guiiars. Profeiinr hherry 
\yas chosen ai duc^lo'- with Henry 
Grochou, pre-ide It; A. Wigdali', man- 
ager; L.IJ. Lace ^, sicretjry ireab- 
urer. The boys say they mean busiucis 
and will do work \r«xihy the encourage- 
ment of Da'u'.b. 

I ouix-Afvri t)ii 

Tilt -.liiy, .Inly f': ijtir, tli;u\- 
lii-r 'ii>ri;i.-H tins fveuU.i;, »li|{litl:, 

C<lu!«'l W Clltlf.MlllJ . 

Pioneer Fuel Co.'s 


1 1'« I'm if ally SIzod I 

SoMoiii K«i 'ii'lt'i! ! 

I Villi yi>u'il li.ivi. no roiUAMi fur rmiiplnintl 

lis S<-Iiiv>m >• in«.-.llf'l! Nt'vtr llxri-l tvl ! 
" I'ity ^'ilroOlli.-o: n rMliI t.liK;. •.'*> West 
Sui iTior i5uui."t. loll': !i"n« No. l!U. 

m MM im 

The ChambiT ol Commerce Directors Dis- 

cusjed the Financial Question Quite 

Earnpstiy This Morning. 

E. C. GriJIi7 Ofiorotl a Resolution Favoring 

Binietaliim and This B:'gan a Lively 


^Fi'es! Free' Free! Given Away! Givec Away! 

On Tuesday, August 1. 




K I 


;-^S3KaiiE^i2«tffXI?i5HS''»''«2 BOfiSBit?! W: 

■- ■.■•-^rpjc . 




For or Gentl*nnan, V/ovth S 1 "".OCO. 


SAFETY BICYCLE. Worth $00 00. 

Buy yoi:r Shoes this week and sacure a ticket. You maj' be f-rtnnatt; 
and ;:et the Birj'clc. 

B'-'va arid iriih; this ir, the lit f ohanco. Oaly (".no v/eo!: mor«? ia whith tni 
b'.iy your Shoes and iron a chance on tiio Satoiy Bicyole. 

\\ V/as rii>ally Decided to Brine; it Up at a 

General Chamber Meeting Next 


Ths silver or rather financial question 

carijC in for a pretty general discussion 

at ih-; chamber cf cemmcrce meeting 

this morning and in fact occupied a good 

p. u lion of the entire session. It was 

brought up by a comm'.yiication from the 

New Voik board of trade and transpt-r- 

titicn askiii,^; for an e.\pre£Sion from the 

chamber on the advisability of repealing 

the purchasing clause of the Siierman 

act. The ccnmiunicailon wi-hed fur- 
ther to k:iow whether the chamber of 
commerce would send two delegates to 
.1 linancia! convention to "oe held lu the about September. 

The discussion beg.inand soon drifted 
Oii to the whole nioaey question. It then 
develor.eii that there are some nncocn- 
promismg bi:ne*a'.i ts in the ch:imbcr. 
E. C. Gridlcy was ciittf among thesj and 
led the discussion, while Secretary 
rhompscn ttocu up for die go!<i st;ind- 
ard. I'hc liiscussion was iiueresting 
and prc>ented liis argtiineiits in in- 
teresting jvu.i lo^jic-'.l order. Mr. Gridley 
tindiy otfer; d the toUov.-iiii,' resoluuoii: 
^ ' ResoIvt:d, that it is the icase of this 
chainber thist silver u.vist n»:ce-sari!v be 
used as rnoiiev in the w»;r;d's trans- 
actions and that we tavor such action by 
cuugrtss as v. ill result in biinetaiism as 
soon as poisibie, due regard being had 
to the present tinnu ,ial situation of the 
couuiiy; that wc >,tlccm it advisable to 
cxhaudt the effori t-> bringabout bimctal- 
iiin by an in'.ern:jtiv»nal agreement, as 
proposed in the Berim conference. Fail- 
ihig in th;it, we fitvoj- bimet-ilism in this 

The icso'uiion Uiight have been 
adv.; ted had not Secretary Thompson 
objected to it on the ground that so few 
chrinbcr in:mbcri wer^; present. It was 
therefore decided to m i.lcc \\ tho ?pet1a! 
order of business for a general meeting 
next Tuesday morning. 

Secret.ary Thompsoi reported as to 
the pjobablc coit cf having copies of 
i'ro'.tor Knoit's speech printed and he 
\v.js instructed to have: 5'),ooo printed at 
.3S cheap ;i ti::ure as posbiblc. A num- 
ber of communications I'f minw im- 
portance wcrtj lu-ard. 



89 e 

Mere are Liow Prices Read Them. Repalrlnsr Done 

Promptly. We offer: 

■ 14 pairs women's patent tip Dcpgola Shoes 

320 pairs ladies bright Donttola pa'.ent tip Shoes. 

Worth $2.50 now- 
1 60 pairs laciies rrcnch Dongola patent tip button Sh- >■«. 

Worth $3.00 row. 
12s pairs "Hand Sov/«d" S-i.SO button Sh-e^. 


iK.'^- L ■g:a>aai;.aK!aB3Fir2aaaai 





Do 3'oa Wc.'.r small sizes? This i-r. your chance. All of our fine Shoes 
worih $-i.OC. 05.00 and $6.00 at hjih price. In ij'.aes 2, 2'.j. 3, o'.-. We 
bound to turn them into money. Yon cavnot every day buy $4.00 Shoes for 
£2.00, and 56.00 Shovs for d^S.SO. and SO. 00 Shoes for $3-00. Come bsforo 
the sizes are broken, v.'e may bo abl(^ to fir yon. 


are 5 


^ Ladies' russet Shoes, worth S4.. 50, cut to-.. 

^ LadioL 

^ Ladie: 

^ Ladic 

A Lacdf.s' Rus'^ia calf Blachors, worth £.'3 CO, o'lt to.. 


i 144 pai's boys' lace Shccs reduced to 

russtit kid button $6 00. cut now to. . . 

riis?et Oxfords cut to 

Ritss a calf Oxfords cut to 



• O 1-^5 a pair ^ 




Oiir $2.00 boys Shoos reduced to-. 

Our S3. 00 boys calf Shres must p:o at 

Eoys buy your Shoes nov/ and yoii may get tho 
ing as It should be done ijromptiy. 


.33 a pair 
^ 1.50apair 
S-OO a ' 
We do repair- 




i2?!Mor.^t 5 



Rev. k\ti-2ti W. Ryan Will be Rgclor ol St. 
Paul's episcopal Church. 
Rev. Albert W. Ryan, of Warr«n, Pa., 
who was extended a call by St. Paul's 
Kpiscoptd church, of this city, has tele- 
graphtd Lis acceptance and wi I arrive 
in Duiuth Octoboi. Rev. Mr, Ryan 
preached in Duiuth a few weeks ago 
and njade a very f.ivorable impression 
and ijic congregation will hear wi,th 
plcasOk-e that be has decided to come. 
He was [.first recoinniended by Bishop 
Gilbert, who estcerns him very highly. 
At present he is in the Pittsburg' diocese. 

Kilgore »S: Siewcit sril the newest and 
best neckwear, worth up to $2, for 5* 
Cent* tomorroAY onlv. See window. 

To ihc Satolii Reception. 

Among the Djlutliiiaiis who will go to 
St. I' Fiiiiay evening tc the Satoili re- 
ception are: O. C. iiartman, J. A. 
MarmlKim, T. J. .McKcon, James Sulli- 
van, F. W. Suihvan, Jfi'.u-s McCabiil. M. 
K..i;y, C]. A., J. H. O'Neill. J. 
J. M.iJev, Luke Corcoran. A. \\ Oulette, 
r. J. Mor.-jh-rin, J, £. r oian. Jacob Lau.x, 
Parney Kecgrui, Archie Kiancy, J. I). 
O'Conncll, A. R. Murphy, P. V. Kane. 

* - ^ 

Strange Creatures. 
The three bI(Kid-iu .r i.ig vampires at 
Morri,' Illusions are stratge and curious. 
lAery Oiic, oiu and youiig, should sec 

Kiigore tj:: Siewcrt sell the newest and 
b."st ii'j. i^wear, w.trili no to ?2, for 50 
cents lomortow only, .See window. 

Stc'smcf Cssifragc excursions. 
I'rom th s date until further notice the 
OcsiUog.j will lun a r»^gular excur.'?ion to 
some point of inter st rii the north or- 
s. utI'JI st.o.-v; ( i Lake Suii'. rior each after 
nojr, .it the populoir price of ;o cents. 
Aniiouiicements as 10 dcstinaiitm and 
time of starling will each day in 
the ;ocal Cjlunins. 

lor Rcii* -Two rooms Mason flats 
u ;t!irnished, s<tam hwRt, bath. Apply 
to 40S l'a'.:a;i(>. 

The Municipal Court List Was N*t an Unin- 
teresting One Tcdsy 
There wa« the usual lot of mixed 
pickles and bad eggs in police court 
this morning. For looki«g on dark red 
licpaor to excesi, Frgd Biiiiey and Geo. 

Crowley went behind the Lars for ten 
days, while August Fisher paid $10 and 
secured his frced«m. Gus HtndricI:.'!ou 
and Scott Evans, charged with pouring 
out lii.-ations too liberally, {knicd the 
charge. The facts in the cas;; will be 
tiftcd out and announced tins aflern«on 
by Judge Powell. Frank Golden and 
'I'hos. Haley denied the charge o; va- 
grancy, whereupon the afternoon session 
of court was set for the time of trial. 

Mark Williams was under restraint on 
the charge of carrying a concealed 
weapon lor the purpose and with the in- 
tention of Using the same on Harry Wil- 
.son. A five dollar line was Mark's re- 

Last night tliere wai a great big scrap 
in Pollock's ;aioon, 203 vVest Superior 
street. On complaint of the proprietor, 
Frank Doyle and Pliiiip Plmlcn were 
arrested and charged with bein,;: tlie 
aatbors fif the misdemeanor. Phalen 
pleaded guilty und Doyle not guilty. The 
decision on the fate of both was an- 
nounced r.t the afternoon iession. 

Aiutin N. Ilabcock put up a stovepipe 
the other day. It has not been t>hown 
ihjil he ujed any naughty swear words, 
but It is claiiiied that he did »ot make 
the right kind of connections in the 
chimney for the stovepiiie. which led to 
an arrest for violat ng llu hr« ordinance. 
Mr. tiabcock pleaded not guilty, where- 
upon his trial was sst for 9 a. in. July 26. 

A h 

Th8 Driver Unhurt. 

orse attached to a delivery wngon^ 
on First street and .Sixth avenue west 
became frightened this morning and 
tlircatened to run away. Pcfore he could 
hs (|uieted a crate of lilueherries nnd 
Driver Myer Soper were spilled out. 
The iormer were horribly m;^!igled and 
the latter jiretty badly frightened, liy 
the time the several doctois summoned 
by telephone had nrrived Soper had 
washed ;iway the blueberry stains and 
diicovercd that he was not hurt. 

A Superior Strike. 
The .Swcepst.'ikcs nnd consorts started 
to load at Peyton, Kimball <!' Har'oer's 
mill Yeslerd.iy employing Du!uth luni- 
b.-jt shovers. The Superior men kicked 
and mducod Mayor Kennedy to inter- 
cede with the boat captain.- VVTica tlie 
matter was explained tiiC work was 
given to the Superior men and a prob- 
able strike thus averted. 


Logai Papers of Interest FilwJ in the Clerks 
Office Today. 

The folicwiug |);i-rs wcrj hied i.i 
Clerk Sinclair's office today: 

Lizzie Bo'-vers et i.'. against Sa-.ah D. 

.Schulcr et al., ruinda'.oof stqireme couit 

afnrini.ig order atid jiidgmcnt cf lower 

In the unltcr of the .-'ssignrre.-n td' 
Frank !-.. C:.irk arid WUiiam Wardcll, 
relfase of creditor Si. Joseph's boip'.t.I 
c.i Chippewa Falls. 

C. Gotzian & Co. against O'.Mcar.i 
Bro?., complaint in suit for $498.^.5 goods 
dtii vcred. 

Wallace White .-gainst P.:ter Borg- 
strom et ah, decree if foreclosure arid 
judgment for plaintiif for S604..35. 

Sonl to ff»e fiospiial. 

The last number of the P 
slatts that "New Orleans" 

been taken auain to the insane asylum 
St. Ptier. This is hi;; .second comn 

rison Mirrcr 

Murphy has 

1 at 


maiit to that institution since he was sort 
to the jienitentiarv from this cou»tv on 
life bcntcnce for the murder f;f his'nal. 
an iS-year-oUl boy wjio was never iden- 
tified, about tliree years ago. Murphy is 
as tough as they mnke them and utterly 
reckless. Tho;e who knew him liere 
think now, in the light of later develop- 
ments, that he has been crazy perhaps 
for quite a time. 

At the special 

School Board Meeting. 

mci'inig ot the 


bo.ird evening discussions cf im- 
port-int ([uestions prevailed over tho 
transnctionof business. It was practically 
aiirccd th*t the work en prospective 
school buildings be postponed until 
money is easier. A few bills were dis- 
pitscd of and tke proper officers were 
authorized to draw orders for §5,715 to 
provide for interest due August 1. 

This will be the la^t s«-;sion of the 
present l)oai(l. August 5, the annup! 
meeting nnd nrgani,;ation of the new- 
board will t:ijve place. 

rho Wcattior. 

. DUM'TH. .Inly 'Z\ 180."t, 

Tli« f<>l.<^Tn»«j vari"»t)c>iif in Wnin>«r(itni-o wor" 
rf-conlt^d at Pio.noflT I'^nel <'<>mpp.iiy'B oMict?, 
\\ry% HuiMirior 8>r«;e>t. t/xlay aud corresjxind- 


We Will Sell 50 Spring; 


Frame Pneumatic and Cushion 



c arc represontinj^ the Manii[;ii;tiircr> of Tlicse Goods, and WIl^L 



The; Aro FULLI GOA^ANTJED by Tielr Miktr, iM Are Standard a:(l Flrst-Class, FORMERLY SELLING AT $150. 

A Few Queslicns Ans'^crad by a Man 14 
Years in Ihe Buslnoss. { 

Will not all bicycles be sold at less \ 
price next year? No, The present cut 
is d".:e to an overstocked market (ju 
goods which were mace before the d-- 
mand created by racing men was made 
for light wheels. Ail last srtason's stand- 
ard wheel.-, have beca sold at rerisonable 
prices this year. They were too heavy 
for the "scorcher" and lacer whose 
wheels are given him by the manufac- 
turer to adveilisc them, and he made a 
demand for a wheel which would not 
nor does not hold up the avcrsga bus:- 
nes.> man over these rough pavements. 
Broken frames, punctured tires, buckled 
wheels and broken bearing covers iiave 
been the result of this mania for fealher- 
For these machines 
or wheel.-; that have 
four years over all 

kinds of roads, under any weight of li.'cr 
at i;ny spied, you pay a l-ss pric:, a 
price at wh'ch nj dca'er could sell th:in 
and make a profit. A price at v,-hich 
whic'f! makers will not build another 
wheel after present is uied up. 

Why Do You SallthcSlandarJ Wheels z\ so 
Low a Figure? 
lor the same rea.-on your h.Uter 
cIoslS ou: his last v^ais Danlap.-^ al half 
what ihcy cost. He them and tht 
Will rot s;ll for the «amc price a.*; his 
new styles. Any price is better than an 
unsibblc slock. Me can put the mcncy 
in s::lable j^yods v.zrl mi'.ke up his lcs^es 
very rai)idi,*. 

weight bicycles, 
you p ly S150. 1- 
stoDd t:.e tc.^: of 

IVi!! a Sprng Frams Last as Long as a 

Nearly c\ cry bicycle r;'.'er will t.'ii ycu 
h'l^ pneumatic ti: J cost him more or l.fs 

trouble and to i:ay nothing cf 
the t.res he lia;; replaced by the manu- 
facturer. A Spring Frame Rambler 
wit'a cushio.T tires noes as easv if not 
eiiier ihaT a rigid frame with pneumat c It is a great hil? c.imber, a irreai 
road wheel .'.n ! for four yeirs has i)£cn 
the acknov-Iedgcd leader for heavy rid- 
ers and durabiiuy. Ot i3,coo cf thc>' 
machin?s not a broken fr^me was four. '. 

to a on t buy It. Get a racer. If you 
are fa't enouc^h get it for t.othing, if not 
pay for voi s and ;l;e oth;r lePiow's who 
IS fa-t enough, » Co -j:i deration f 150 ) 
If you w\nt a good, durable, subst.'intial. 
easy raling an 1 ea::.y running wheel that 
will lr;?t you a lifetime, keep away from 
tlie repair jhups and don't cost a sma'l 
Jortane, we caa suit vou with a No. i or 
N'o. 3 Spring RjiP.bier. 

I List year. I'his machine is without 
j ; cqu.1l for a road wheel. If you want 

For further information appl}- to 


Spalding House, DULUTH. 

E, W. ALDRlCll 



'ilife only i'ure Cream 01 Tartar Powder -^o.Ammonii. No Aiuta 

Ui;ri Id Million? of Hcmit>3-~4o Years tlie Stajcidir?^ 


Moordight excursion on the Ossifrage 
tomorrow night under auspices of V. M. 
C. A. Tickets 35 cents. 

Don't miss moonlight excursion on 
Ossifrage tom;,rrow night. Tickets 35 

Moonliyht Excit'slon. 
Tlij Catholic club will give a moon- 
light excursion on the steamer Ossifrajifc 
on Tuesday CTcning. August i. The 
boat will leave the Fifth avenue west 
dock at 8 o'clock. Tickets are on sale 
at S. F. Boyce's drug store. 

Are you going on the Y. M. C. A. ex- 
cursion tomorrow night on thcOssifrage? 
Tickets 35 cents. 

M'x fl«tO >a^l y«iu . 


i«9.> 1 vm 


11 m tU 

77 1 7 a. m 7(1 


8 p. Ml m 

H tH. m 77 


Op. m at 

.S.'i 12 ni St 


10 p. m CI 

75 1 







Dally riuiffo 





Beautiful Deceptions. ^ 

She and (r.Trden of the Luxeniljourg 
have been added to the Morris' show pi" 

Kilgor.; & Siewcrt sell the ncwcvt and 
be-'.t neckwear, v.'orih up to $2, for 50 
cents tomorrow only. See window. 

Don't moonli;.iht excursion 
Osiifiage tomorrow night. Tickets ^K 



Grovcr Cleveland's Extra Session. 
Dr. Si)eer c\; Co. do as they promise; 
ad page 2. 

To Whom it May Concern. 

I hereby forbid anv and all particr. to 
ext?nd any crt^dit to Mis. F. E. Dawson 
on my ;vccount atj ] will rot be responsi- 
ble for the same. F. E. Dawson. 

Duluih, July Z2, 1893. 

Cuilum, dentist, 702 Palladio. 
Sc.oke Endicn W.A. Fooi;; ("t Co. 

" the best" Duiuth Imperial llour. 

McMiUen k. Tenbuscli, arcbitects; 
King block. 

First mortgage loans, Crosb J Bros., Pa!. 

Dr. H. C. Mintop, I). D., will lecture at 
the First Picsbyttrian church 'j'ucsday 
evening, the 25th. Subject: "ivccjllec- 
tions of a Rambler." Tickets 50c. 

Dr. extracts teeth without 

j;i2ci>, ?i,oo, $650 and ^^./oo to loan, T. 
O. Hal!, loq Palladio. 

The Rev. Dr. Minton'slecture on Tues- 
day evening the 25th. will undoubtedly 
be largely attended. The .subject »«kcted 
by the doctor is, "Recollections of a 
Rambler." Prices ot admission: Seats 
in the gallcrv 35" cents; seats down 
stairs 50 cents. The yourg people? in- 
forms Us th.'.t they h.Tve a great number 
of excellent scats in the gaiiery. Tickets 
can be purchased at the doer or from 
meniiievs of the Young People's soriety. 
Don't fail to attend. 

John Terre"] died yesterday at the 
West End of eld age, he having attained 
80 ye.'irs. 

The regular meeting of the Women's 
Christian 'i cmpcrancc union will be 
held on Aug. 1, at which time the elcc- 
ticm of ofticers will be held. 

Deaths as follows have been reported 
to the board of hodth: Carl Oscar 
Ericson, aged 10 months, St. Croix ave- 
nue, cholera infantum; John Terrell, aged 
So years, 2624 Mehn strict, old age; Hil- 
da Paswen.\n, 333 Se:ond avenue west, 
tyi^huid fcve.'. 

Mary H. Smith died .it her home, 210 
I'ighth avenue v.-est, yesterday of throm- 
bus. Her husband, William .Smith, is a 
brother of Chief Smith of the tire de- 

First citizenship papers were issued 
today to C . A. Johnson and Emui.i An- 
derson, both natives of .Sweden. 

Mrs. DMiialdson, laundry woman at the 
Windsor hotel, feli yesterday morning 
and sustained a double fracture of the 
collar boi;e. 

Marriage licenses have been issued by 
Clerk SincLdr to the followirg: C. i'. 
Barncard and .\nna Sporland; Ltander 
Mui^tapa and Dina Hr:ndrickson; H. L. 
Hallock and Esther Barnard. 

The Catholic club will give a moon- 
light excursion on the steamer Ossifrage 
on Tuesday cvvining, .\ug. i. 

Crosby Pnos. have for sale today four 
hou£c.-i and two lots, Second avenue cast, 
all for S2IOO. Is tkat cheap enough? 

W. C. Riley, of St. Paul, who runs the 
news and cigar stands in the I'nion 
depot, has open' d a lunrh couiUer on 
the south side of the waiting room. 

Stcrcopticnn views and descriptive 
lecture at Mcthcdist church, Lester Park, 

The bank clearances today were S301.- 

The next lecture-musicale of the Du 
luth Puno school will be held toun-r.-^ovy 
.-ificrnc«ii at 2 o'clock at Mr. Lacbmund's 

A social will be ifiven by the Young 
I adies' sodality of St. Anlhony'»rrerniaii 
Catholic church in .St. Anthonys hall 
'1 hur.sday evening. 

'Ihc board of equal/iation met to do 
business for the first time this afternoon. 

The bic.'^s 'or which they have been 
waiting are now ready. \'ery little was 
done today except to get into readiness 

for hearing n:alters to come tciore the 


^'Piieel io 

tno ! 

ThJ People ci Cu'ltitit Heights 
The re^ide:lts of Duiuth Heights arc 
leaving no slone untnriied to secure 
proper lire protection and last night the 
committee Irom the Citizens' league ap- 
peared before the city council with a pe- 
tition for a ire engine and hose as well 
as for the ectension of the rity c'ectnc 
light system Jltogdie "top of the bill. 
Both aiKltcrs v.tre rrfirred to 
the lire and iighi committee and 
will be acted upon later in the v.-etk. At 
present tht people on the Heights are 
practically iti.hcut the moans to ngbt 
nt. al! thtir 


the dread 

having been burned in tlic recent ronlla- 
gruion, to that ihcy feci no time is 
to be lost in fitting out the place with 
a icvjuale CGuipment. The committee- 
me.n from the league will confer on Sat- 
urday with the iirc ^nd li.'4ht committee 
atid the lire commissioners wi:h a view 
to arranging the matter cf supplying ap- 

The Heights people are of the opinion 
that they ar: entitled to an engine, a 
ipiantity of Iiose and < i;.)L:gh fireman lo 
man the machine. The water supply to 
be derived from the dozen or more huge 
cisterns is ample and stood th.c fire bri- 
g.ideingool stead duting the recent 
blaze. "I'he action oi the m.iyor in hav- 
ing several -iatiolmen detailed to duty mi 
the Heighis is being awaited by the resi- 
dents, as the need for police i>rotectionis 
felt by a majority of i!ic citizens. 

The little p.ap oaus;d by the late fire 
v. ill foo". be lil'cd ir as the persons who 
v.';re burncc cut h.ive announced their 
intenlii>n of rebuilding almost innncdi- 
ateiy and tuucf.ire."? mote substantial 
than bifore ivill be erected. 

i'lie work improvement goes 
steadily on and .1 large area ot liie 
Heights is e ther cleareu or being rapid- 
ly freed fr«ri the stumps and under- 
brush so th 5t before snow comes ihf» 
place wiil b-.; in condition i»'r the gioatcr 
improvements which will be added in the 

There is 10 lack of social diversion 
and during the week the pretty lililc h.dl 
atthe terminus o! the .street i.dlway hue 
is the £cene r)f jolly gatherings of the 
young peoplj of the neighborhood. This 
eveniog an i iformal paity will he givc-n 
foranumbeof ibeir irionds by .\lex. 
McEwcn and Joseph Louzon. 

to Park Poii.t, or to Woodland, aid t'ne 
' ast side folks enjoying the same cheap 
outing and the Woi dianders and West 
Duiuth c?r3 drubling tlie cape with no 
(*\i:a cha:>;e. In view of tne great benc- 
lit to tiie people of these 'ong and cheap 
rides the city raihvay becomes a bene- 
■•^.ctor. Now the company will be sure 
\i we gice ihem a litt!« time, to look upon 
this boon in a liberal and, as we belitvc 
it will prove, a compensating spirit. 
Give them a chance and tee if the trans- 
fers are net lenewed and that, too, not 
long hence. Second thoughts are the 
best cften and in the case of corpora- 
tion.*, too. 

Then the comiMtny will have an eve to 
the sure deprcci.tion cf suburb.^n 1 inds, 
if the unwise withdrawal is continued, as 
wdl as to the tremendous tax ia-postd 
upon the workicgman, who must dis- 
count his day's wage?. 10 per cent for car 
fare, a loss not likely to make him good- 
naturci j ist row, with tir.certain 

apparaTus •^"'^^ ^^'^ certain return of winter. 


Duiuth, July 2v 

Ossifrage to Two Hart)ors, 
Tomorro'-v ;iiternoon at 2 o'clock the 
Ossifrage wiil run an excursion to Tw<» 
Harbors and return. Tickets 50 cents. 

Kilgore & Sieweit sell the newea and 
best neckwear, worth up to S2, for 50 
cents tomorrow onir. See window. 

For Kent to G«ad Painter. 
The Bay \ icw Lan«l company has for 
rent a good house. They wui allow tcn- 
aiit to pain: the s.ime in j^ayment of his 
reut. Cm.\s. W. Hoyt, 

West Duiuth, Aitent. 

Notice to Dsg Owners. 
Notice is hereby given that all persons 
own;!-.;: or kc-. ping unlicensed dogs will 
be liable to arrest and fine or imprison- 
menl from and after this date. 

Daniel Hougax, 

Chief of Police. 
Duiuth, June 6, 1893. 

The Transfers. 
To the Editt r of The licrald: 

It IS hardb' worth while to be severe 
in cur judgn.tnt upon the st.eet railway 
company. Let them have time to con- 
sider. DoMbiless the distance coveio:! 
for .a nickel h.i5; been an unusuiil •nc, 
and hardly paralleled in any other 
Anicr»can cry, a"!d in this the company 
have won ^oideii opinions. It wiil prob- 
ably occur t( them that it is too dear a 
cost (o sacrifice so vaiunble a reputation 
and one whi< h reflects credit upon o^ir 

When wo f onsidcrih: bU'!«i.ingto fami- 
lies who ha\ .' no r arri.ige (and n o.*t of 
us are in tha' box) of starting rif for a 
restful cx-ui.sion, the LTke.-ide folks 
going to Wei t Duiuth, or via the canal 


Real Estate 




por foot lor 60 feet on 
Michi;san street, in busi- 
ness center. This will pay 
well to improve. 

lor 25-foot lot on Fifth 
street, near the Inoiine; 
worth $900. 

for 50x130 
Sixth street. 

on West 

Kicclusive Scde of LoU in- tlyr Tlirivinff 
Toirn 6f BIWABIK. 

It will pay yon to buy and bwild fori 
Prices are Low and Rents FA^h. 

D. W. Scott, 

Room I, Mesaba Block. 











Goliiiiibiis Discovered Aiiierica 




Giving Your Clioics of Any Suit in tbe House for 


The Second Day of the Commercial Travel- 
ers at the World's Fair Witnessed 
Big Crowds. 

The American Exhibitors' Association Acted 

as Host and Escorted the Travelers 

Through the Grounds. 

One of the Most Attractive Features Was 

the Series of Band Concerts a* 

Various Points. 

This niightv Columbian Sale Includes cncli antl every hand- 
some Tailormade Suit in our mammoth stock at $IK).(H), 
$lN.O(), S2T.(KK S-25.(M. $22.(H) and $2(MH). 

Av iMi mm M&uOuiU 


1 ho Regular J^rices on All 

Eoys' and Children's Snits, 

Odd Pant3, Shirt Waists, 

Ha.ts and Shoes. 

20 Per Cent Discount on All 

Wash X'csts. Summer Underwer.r, Necjiigec Shirts, Rus.ict 
Shoes, and all sorts of Summer Clotiiin<'-. 

Your Choice at 39c 

01 1000 ?^len'sand I'oys' Straw Hats we've been selling 
at 75^- to S2-CK). 

Your Choice at !oc 

Of Men and i>oys' Straw Hats that were selling at 25c to 5()c. 

Each and every purchase at our store gives you a chance 
of t'cttini' our Handsome House and Lot. 

'6 1 Giiarantee 



Better Goods 

At Lower Prices 

And on Easier Terms Than 
Any other Concern in this City." 

The People of Diiluth 

Ar« fast finding ont that our Store is always a Derfect synonym 
for reliabliry. r.very ntatomisnt la juy advertl.sfemcnts is reli- 
able, my goods arc rrfliabl*^. vf.lnes reliable, ];iric8srtLaDlc, orery 
thmff is reliabl*, which easily accounts for :r-y incr«ia&iti£r busi- 
ness. It is no idle ^-laini for n:e to ma'.to that here yen can get a 
value for th-5 money which you can not better at any storo in the 
city. Call and iave stiijate. L^Jt mj' goodss and ^^rices prove to 
you the truth of my words. 

F. S. Kelly, 

I leader in Lo"; Frices. 
! Cash f-r Easy Tiviusnts. 

^317^7 satmBTfi 


MENDENIIALL & HOOPES, /Employers Liability, 

tyi^trict Mar,ncer., I ElcvatOr Accidcnt, 

ImM Guarantee & tmM Co. workmen's collective, 

/Surety Bonds, 

\ Individual Accident 





For One Week Only. 

s. lane" 



Woki.d's Faik Grounds, Chicago, 
ily 36. — This is the second day of tli ; 
'imercidl travelers at the exposition 
they came out by the thousand; 
w .n their wives, dauj^htcrs and friends. 
American llags whipped the breeze from 
the at oniaracntal staffs in honor of 
the nK)>t rc[)re5entative body of Ameri- 
cans which has yet come to the fair and 
been officially received. The America:) 

Kxliibitors aisociation acted in part as 
\.>\c hoit ol copmu:ri lal travelers an<! 
csc'iricd them tlironijh the j^tounds and 
in the buiiuin,t,'s to inspect the countless 

The most attractive fe.Ttuie of th^ 
entertainment provided for the traveliu;: 
business men is the scries cf 
band concerts in different par's of 
the White citv. The liist musical treat 
wasgive!! by the Cinrinnati band in fes- 
tival hali. I.itjht selections were rivei 
b:.'f jre a hirj^c audience, incUuiiiijj Schu- 
bert's "Srrrnade," overtures from 
"Martha" and "Oberon." "With Us »t 
Ilumc," a Strauns wait/, and a SwecJion 
wcddnig match. 

The travelers generally accepted the 
imitation of the Exhibitors association to 
ntakc Ihcmsolves at iiome in the latter n 
h^adcjuartera in the second tio-^r ©f th; 
fcrmi.'.al station. Several th<ni*find ( f 
the Commercial men feathered in the 
rooms HI the I'xhlbitors' association and 
on the balconies this afterifon to liste i 
lo the coiii.ert, a military one, given by 
the lo'.va sf!«te biuid. 

Commandant Rice, Adjutant Smith 
and the rompajiy cnotairs of the Colum- 
b an i., insist th.Tt there is no four- 
d ition for the suppcuition tlial five 
L-^i!^r<Is lost their lives in the cold storatje 
firo. 'Ihe cfuccrs insist that every ma. i 
has been accounted for. Adjutant Smith 
explaintd t'ulu/ that the discrepancy in 
?ho number ot j^unrds on the force anl 
re[)ortin.,' at loll call was caused by i 
iriixirj-v of transfer orders, and that every 
^'iiard on duty at the fire escaped. 

The same statement was made two 
clays alter the tire when it was ;:;cncraliy 
supposed th.Tt several guards perished 
This belief was stien-.^thcncfl ^lmn^t 
into a conviction by the ur.diw*,' ol p^r's 
ot swords in the ruins beionpin^ to 
_:unrds but the owners turned up a.i 
rii;ht. Several guards were reportCil 
absent for a few days after the lire hv 
their company commanders but they re- 
appeared at rj!I cill afterwards. 

The officers admit, however, that be- 
cause of the wholesale c1ischar<je of the 
;juards just before the fire the transit r 
cf others from one to another 
and the inquiry ol relatives and frienf's 
of puards who have not returned to thcr 
hcmts or vvriiten th?it the men on diiiv 
fear some of their conuadcs perished m 
the fire. 

The commercial travelers were wel- 
comed to the exposition in ftstival hall 
by Mayctr Harrison in cae of his charaj- 
teristiL speeches at noon. Several thou- 
sand of the commercial men and their 
folks were present. The Wiscc.isin del > 
.:;ation was escorted into the hall by the 
hand of the Second rcinrncnt, Wiscons'n 
National guard. President A. J. DowJ, 
of the Columbian Associated Tro.velcr-;, 
was chairman, and the other speakers 
were President F. Mitchell, of the lo^a 
ConiiMcrcial Travelers' association, ai d 
Ichn Fenmrue, ot Cohnnbu>, O. The 
featu»-c <4 the occasion was a patriotc 
outburst when tlie j^olden sword of 
Aiidr'v/ Jackson was presented to I'rci- 
dent Dowd temporarily by the presidcit 
of the Ladies' National llermitaKC asso- 

Liberia, the straujje republic which 
disfranc'iiiics white men and makes the 
ncjjro the sovcreicjn in public or priv.i.e 
life, celebrated its forty-seventh anniver- 
sary of independence today by dedicat- 
injf Its pavilion in agricultural buiidin;.;. 
No imported stuffs were used in the cor- 
stpjcticn of the pavilion and thus the 
fence is made of wild ropcj tnd nati\ e 
tree trunks- nnd thedcrorilions are fjrcat 
cui.cs of rnre ivory or f^roups of hand- 
somely spotted sktns. 

In the center of the exhibit arc slacks 
of coffee, the staple production of tic 
land, and almost endless collections nf 
implements of v;ar and domestic apjili- 
ancCi. So complete is it all that alrea< y 
toe Armour inbtilute and the Chicago 
ur'iversity have talked with the commis- 
sion about securing the collection iiita* t. 

Opened for Business. 
Nrw \oKK, July 26. A Herald spir- 
cial from San Jose, Guatemala, savs di- 
rect tommunication over the Central 
and .South American telegrai>h wires w.-.s 
opened yesterday betweeTi (iuatema'a 
and the I 'nited States. The liiio 
ofiiciallv opened July if), but the opcnirK 
for bii.^inc:-5 was postF)Oii^d uniil ycstcr- 
dny. The .t;ovfrnment paid the c.ab'c 
ciiiipaav f 150,000 in «<'hl on the day of 
the ofticial opennig. 

Swimming Races. 
Piiii AUKLi'iiiA. July 26. - The first of 
the scries of races in this city by the Na- 
tional SwiinminiJ association took place 
last evcnin? in the bath at Twenty-third 
street and Columbia avenue. There w is 
a larjjc crowd present. The races we'« 
highly successful. 

Executions Postponed. 
W'ASHiNtrro.s, July 20. -A tc!e;.;ram been received at the interior depart- 
ment for Inspector Faison ar.nouncini,' 
tbat the exccTition of the nine con- 
denmed Choctaws had been fmther 
pn^Mioned from Aup. 4 to Sept. 8 by 
ord<,r ot the Choctaw court. 


A Girl of Fourteen Skips With a Youth of 

MiTCHi'1,1., S. I)., J"ly 26.— During the 
recent visit of Rinj,ding's circus to this 
town a youn;,' chap about 19 years old, 
^M\ iiiL'; his name as Harry rinkerton, left 
the show which he had served a6 a pea- 
nut pedler, and went to work on odil 
jobs about town. 

He soon formed the actpiaintance of 
Be^sle Moore, the 1 lyear old daughter 
of M;ij. and Mrs. W. A. Moore and kejil 
her company desi)iie the opposition of 
her parents. 

Last Wednesday night I'inkerton hired 
a livery rig, saying he wanted to take 
soini^one into tlie country, and not re- 
turning with it, search was made and the 
horse and bngf^y were lound the next 
day at the town of Spencer, twenty miles 
east of of liere. 

Then it was ascertaiii-d that Miss 
Moore wa:; also missnig, she hav- 
ing told her paicnls that .-.he was goin.if 
to spend the night with a friend, anil 
further iucpiiry developed that she and 
Pinkcrton had spent a day in a farm 
house near Spencer, savuig they were 
brother and sister from Aberdeen. They 
left the farm house Friday morning and 
nothing has been heard from them since. 


The Bids For the Interior Finishing and 

Plumbing; on the Duiulh Public 

Buiiding Opened. 

W.vsiiiNCTON, July 2f'.- (Special to 
The Herald. I— The bids for the 
interior linishinjc and plumbing 
on the Duluth public buitdinj 
were opened todr-.y. The following arc 
the bidders: Herrick Lunt, Minnca 
polis t.'7,\9i'. P'TJI Haupt, St. Paul, $,7.- 
501: VViiaon e. Naufft, Duluth, $57,251; 
Fo; ter iS: Smith, Minneapolis, 552,740; 
L. L. Leach iSc Sons, Chicago. S57,8()i ; 
Hc.'iiy Shanks, ^>i-^ Pa., §63 966; Ben- 
jimin Hyde, Chicago, Si^.ooo; John A. 
Seei^er, St. P.»u1,?63/jOo; A. Hlumenthal, 
Clii;:iuo, >57,::.>5; M. H. Skully, Cincin- 
nat-, *4<),893; Hood & Ki..cliorn, Duluth, 
J5l,coo; Cnarlcs W. Gindell, Chicago, 
?55.5co; L. P. Shrivcr, Chirago, ?5^>.75i>. 

j)cnjamin Hyde, of Chicago, is the 
lowe-;t bidder and may gel the contrac. 


The AssistanS Siicrc'ary an;l Judge Grcsha-n 
do Kot Agree. 

Washington, July 2''. There is no 
question but that Josiah (.'uincy will re- 
sign his place as assistant secretary of 
state whether he is sucrcsjful or not in 

his efforts to have himse!f nominated f( r 
a statu or miinicip,.! ofli' x- in I'oston. 

Mr. Ouincy and .Secretary Gresham 
have never harinonized ;'.!;d thii fact has 
as much to do v.'ith the inteiUions of the 
assistant secretary :\s anything else. He 
wi!' probably leave the ileparlinent with- 
in the next two months. 

It is ciaid thai hissuercsRor hasalrca'^y 
been s.lected and ilu't cx-Congrcssman 
Jobn F. .\adrcws, of Massachusett?, is 
the lueky man. Mr. Andrews served on 
the committee of for^i^^n affairs in the 
l.iSt congress and hi'S a very th.orough 
knowledge of state department affairs 
and dipii'matic ur.igt.'^. The report thrt 
he is to succeed Mr. t^uincy comes from 
inside sources. 


The Custody of World s Fair Goods Is Witb 
tho Customs People. 
WASiiiNGTON.July 2(5. — Secretary Car- 
lisle has received from Collecior Clark 
at Chicago a detailed report of the 
trouble growing out of the examination 

of certain goods on exhibition in the 
Ru.ssian section. He fully sustains Co!- 
lec or CNrk, wholavs down the princi- 
ple th;it the "customs custody ot thc.-,c 
got>ds (foreign goods on exhibition) re; 
here providefl (section iC oi the World's 
fair act) is not theoretical but aclnal and 
complete. L'ntil duty has been paid, 
avd a permit for te'case issued, that ens- 
tody is paramount as against the exhibi- 
tor, the tr)re!gn commissioner or the ofi'i- 
cers of llie exposition. Neither one of 
them, nor all combined can interfeie 
with that custody, nor with the officers to 
.vhom the duty of evdorcing it is entrust- 
ed, except in violation of law." 

May be a Dcliciency. 
\\'asjiin(;tox, July 26.- The pension 
bureau has prepared .111 estimate of the 
division of the appropriation provided 
by congress at the last session for the 
suipoil of the pension service during the 
fiscal year just begun ;'nd endin* June 
30, l.Sf;4. The amount of tic a[>propri i- 
iion was Sl66.iSo,5<>5. Whether this will 
cover tVie expenses of the s;;rvice re- 
mains lo be seen. It is thought likely, 
however, thnt a deficiency appropria- 
tion may be required. 

WUI Have No Trouble. 

Pnii,.\i)i:i.i'iiiA, Juiv 26 The bark IC. 
(). Clark has arrived from IvigtMt, Green- 
Land.. From the report of Capt. ChRse 
the steamer Falcon with Lieut. Pea'-y 
and party on boerd will have no trouble 
from ice in reaching its dcLtination at 
McCormitk's bay. Capt. Chase says 
that Davis' strait is clear of ice on the 
west side, the floes having drifted over 
towards t!ic northeast Fhorc Jind that the 
way is open to .McC nrmick's bay. 

Coicra in Senegal. 
Paris, July 26. A dispatch had been 
received here stating that cholera h is 
firoken oui in .St. Loiii^, Senegal, capital 
ol the Frcii'h povbeh?<ionsinSe!iegatiibia. 
The de.iths have already reache<l an 
average ol 25 daily. A panic prevails 
among the iidmbitart':. The disease is 
spreading amont:the F.uropean residents, 
three of whom are numbered amorig 
those who have died. 

Florists in Trouble. 
PmLADF.Li'iiiA, July 26.— Executions 
upon judgments aggregating ;>75,ooo 
have been itsued today against Laroche 
»S: Stahl, florists of this city. 


Races Postpoiicil. 
S.VRATiHiA, N. v., July 26. Today's* 
races have been postponed until tomor- 
row on account of rain. The entries 


The Case For the Prosecution in the Victoria 

Disaster lias Been Brought to 

a Close. 

Flag Lieutenant Bradshaw of the Trafalgar 
Gave Important Teilimony Today Re- 
garding Admiral Tryon's Signal. 

His Story Differed Slightly From the Testi- 
mony That Was Given By Rear 
Admiral Markliam. 

Vai l-.TTA, Malta, July 26.- The court 
martial appointed to investigate into the 
loss of the British battle ship Victoria 
sat again today on board the Hibernia, 
the flag.ship of the admiral superinten- 
dent of the Malta dock yard. .Sir 
Michael Cuhne-Scymour, commander- 
in-chief of the Mediterranean s(piadroi., 
presided as he has done at every session 
of the court, 

Henry D. f^radshaw, flag lieutenant of 
the Trafalgar, who accompanied Rear 
Admiral Markham when the latter tem- 
porarilr transferred his flag to the Cam- 
perd<^wn, v/as rccaUed to give further 
testimony. Licul. j'.radshaw staled t!)r-t 
when Vice Admiral Tryon sijinalled the 
qucstio!! after seeing that his first signal 
was not at once obeyed by the Camper- 
down "What are yon wailing for?" he 
(witncsr) did not report the question to 
Kear Admiral Markham until a litlL^ 
lime had elapsed. 

\'icc Admiral Culme-Scymour re- 
marked thai this testimony was opposed 
to the tenor of Admiral Markham's dis- 
patch to the .'ulmiralty. Lieut. P>raH- 
i.haw adhered to his testimony, and 
added that Rear Admiral Markham's 
reply '1 do not undertand " to Vice Ad- 
miral Tryon's questioning signal was 
made after the ( ampcrdovMi had cr,»»- 
inencedto turn inward in respouie to the 
(Icet signal for the evolution. 

Rear Admiral Markham, wiio^c testi- 
mony has been reported in these dir- 
i>atvhcs, was recalled in con«:ef|uoncc of 
the foregoing tcstuRony. He said that 
|j; he was nnst.iken in his previous 
testiiiionv when he stated that it was 
Lieut. IJradsh-'.w who had reported to 
him the questioning signal from the \'ic- 
Voria. It migtit have f'e:.n ^f^me one else 
v.ho had reported. At any r;iie his de- 
rision had hem affect-d by this signal. 

Capt. Alfred L. V/inslce, the piosc- 
<utL)i, then announced that the case for 
the prosecution was closed. An adjourr- 
meiit was taken until tomorrow. 

THE FACTS SUPPRESSED. to Conceal the Presence ol Cl.oicra in 
LONOOK, July 26.- -With reference to 
the report of the presence of cholera in 
Naples and tbc statement cf the L^nitcd 
Press that nothing has been ascertained 

upon inquiry to lustify it in asserting 
that cholera was present in that city, the 
London agent cf the United Press h^s 
received a letter from hi^ representative 
III Home, ::ayiiig thrt he tele:;raphcd to 
Loiidon on Saturday last ih.e fact th; t 
luc officials in Naples had reported fovr 
caics of the disease as having occurred 
there during the early part of last week. 

This tclej^ram never wasdcliveredand 
there is no doubt it was suppressed. The 
letter adds that neither the iNapIcs nor 
Rome papers make mention of cholera 
anywhere in- Italy, ihouph the United 
Press advices show that it does prevail 
at Alessandria and other places in Pied- 

It further savs that choler.aic disorders 
prevail at Cuneo, capital of lb':; province 
of that name, as usual. Pilgrimages 
have been prolnbiled and cordons of 
troops tiave been established to enforce 
ihe prohibition. 


Trapeze Performers Meet Accident in a Chi- 
cago Theater. 

CmrACif,, July 26. Leo and Clio Mcn- 
doza. trapeze performers, who have been 
.showing this week at the Olympic 
theater on Clark street, at the conclusion 
ol their act last night fell a distance of 
twenty feet, ea< h of them narrowly 
escaping instant dealli. 

Leo was so badly injured Ihal late last 
night her conditicn was considered ex- 
vicmelv critica.l. Clio was uninjured, 
.^ave a few bruises. y\t the conc!us'(-n 
of their acl, it is :lieir custom to sliae 
liown a ioj)C frcnr. the ttrtpcze. Last 
night Clio was the first logo down and 
was closely followed by Leo. Just as the 
latter started down, the rope parted and 
both fell into the safely net below them. 
One of the posts from which the net w;>s 
stretched broke and Leo struck the floor 
heavily. Leo sustained severe injuries 
of the right hip and intenial ii;jiiries. 
She was taken to her lodgings on Hal- 
stead street. 

Expelled From the Church. 

Nj:"\v ^'<Jl;K, July 2(i. — Thj Rev. James 
M. Putnam, assistant pastor of the 
Tiaplist Tabernacle church, was expclUd 
from the church lai>t evening on a 
specific charge of c«intemjit of the com- 
mittee which investigated the charge 
against Dr. Potter. The investigation 
committee, of which four-fifth were 
women, handed in the final report upon 
whil h the resolution of expulsion 

Duiulh Turners. 

Mli.wAi.Kr.r., July 26. -The twenty- 
sixth turnfcst came to a close lakt night. 
In the prize awards Duluth Turn V'ercin 
was given one of the wreaths and diplo- 
mas of the first grade. Other Minneso'a 
winners were: (icrmania Turn 
Verein, St. Paul, Minn,, second group, 
wreath and diploma of the lirst grade; 
West Minneapolis Turn Verein; New 
l.'lin Turn Verein; Si. Anthony, Minne- 
ap(»lis; West Side, St, Paul, ditto. 

A London Failure. 

LoNTJON. July 211. William Holmes, a 
small broker, failed today. 




T()-D.\V tlie jjicat World's 
r.ditcalional Congress opens at 
I'.c Columbus Exijosition in 

So larnje i>; the attendance, 
.'Mtd so wide the field of (li.sctiF.s- 
i;;;i, it Is iiceessarv to lia\c 
{"■: Conij^i'cs.s meet in sever; I 
<.!ci7ailnu.nls sittin;4 siimiltajie- 
(Hisly. The inipf)rtant depart- 
nent of R?!tionali.-;tic rs^xiioio- 
■ y tvill be presiilcd over by tlic 
venerable Dr. MeCosli. of 
ri!n«xlon. Cliica^o i.-; full uf 
. lains t(j-(.lnv. 


Acknowlcdiicd by everybod}' to be the only house in the city 
that is alwa3's It is our bargains that has the right 

kind of maiL^nctisrn. 

Thnrsday, Friday and Satnrday Will Fill Ocr Store With 
iJuyers at Every Departnent. 


Condensed Milk, 16 ounce cans, fud 
weight. Sale price, IC'C per can, worth 


Lactart Acid cf Milk, 3J?C per pack- 
age, worth 50c. 

Seidlil/ I'owders, lull weight, 19c 
package, woril! 25c. 

Chloride of Lime, half pound, high 
test, 7c ean, cheap at loc. 

Lowdcrcil Lye, absolutely pure, 7c 
can, cheap at loc. 

Foutz's celebrated F crse and Cattle 
I'owders, I'^iljC packajx, worth 25c. 

Your choice of finest Fench Perfumes, 
all odors, 4iJC worth 71, c and $1. 

Patent Medicine Dept. 

Dr. Serb Arnold's Ccngh Killer, 15c, 
worth 25e. 

Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, large 
bottle, 46c. worth 75c. 

Soap Tree Park, 3c a package. 

Poaeset Herb, <3c a package. 

Sage, 1 Oc package, Aorth 20c. 

Jctls Poultry Powder, 15c. worth 25c. 

Colorado Cough and Catarrh Roet, 
39c. worth 50c. 

1 rcsis' Hamburg Ter, 15c. worth 25c. 

Finest Grease Paints, 65c hox, worth 

. Citrate of Magnesia 1 7c a bottle, 
worth 35c. 

Camet Dept. 

10 patterns of Ingrain Carpels at 
32'iC per yard. 



200 pairs White Lace Curtains, worth 
$L75. $2, $2.25 and S2.50. All go at ;>t.i9. 


12 patterns Tapestry Brussels Carpets, 
good patterns. Sale price 45c, former 
price 60c and 65c. 

Hardware Dept. 

Kxtraordlnary bargains in our^ Hard- 
ware dci>artmcnt for I'hursday, Friday 
and .Saturday. 

1 2ic, Woflh 25c. 

Saginaw Wash iJo-irdi, worth z^c. 
For three days only half price, 12':^c 

" k Eacli, Wiirth 15c. 

Thirteen inch Maple Chopping Bowls, 
sell for 15c. For three days only, 7c 

25c Each, Worth 5flc. 

Hcniz Fruit J'resses, worth 50c. Cat 
price fur three' days, ii.'3c each. 

Millinery Dept. 


200 L.adics' Trimmed Hats at S1.25, 
they are worth $2.50, J2.75 and f.3.50. 



500 bhack, white, brown and tan Sailor 
Hats at 15c ttach. 

Cloak Dept. 

Come and sec our Lndiei" H«usc 
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- -^ 



Senator Stewart and Senator Jones of 

Nevada Admit the Sherman Law's 

Repeal Is Certain. 

They Have no Doubt on That Point, and 

Believe the Country is Going 

to Hades. 

If it is Repealed Without a Substitute, Times 

Will Grow Worse, in Their 


Nrw York, July ^6. The Wmlil 
prints an interview with Senator Stew- 
art, of Nevada, m which he is credited 
with siying: "I have no doubt the Sher- 
man silver law will be repealed. The 
country is going to hades. I had hoped 
to help in warding off the catastroplie, 
b>it the Democrats and manv Republi- 
cans too seem to have tjoiie cra?y. I 
cannot answer for the consenuences, and 
1 am glad 1 shall not have to share the 

"lam nfraid Mr. Cleveland made a 
mistake when he attributed the present 
trouble to unwise legislation. He may 
have referred to the mint act of 1S-3. If 
so he was correct. But if he referred to 
to the Sherman act. he was inistak n. 
Its repeal might give temporary relief 
bv deceiving the people and making 
them believe that evil had been removed. 
But the evil he-; deeper. It is a defi- 
ciency of gold. There was too much of 
both gold and silver to furnish an ade- 
qu.ite b »sis of circulation and credit. 

"The destructionof silver by the repeal 
of the Sherman act will ilcstrov more 
than half of the basis of circulation and 
credit and leave the United States with- 
out sufficient gold to sustain confidence. 
And the probabilities arc that the 
trouble will go on. I hope wise counsels 
wdl prevail, and that the business com- 
munity will look the situation in the face 
and devise some scheme whereby the 
circulation and credit of the countrv will 
be on a firm foundation I have no doubt 
that the Sherman law will be repealed. 
But if it is repealed without a substitute 
of some kind, it seems inevitably certain 
that times will grow worse and continue 
to grow worse for a long time to come." 
Senator Jones, of Nevada, indorsed 
Senator Stewart's statements. 


The Number Registered Now Exceeds Three 

Dewer. Ccl , July 26. — Up to date 
3700 men have registered as out of em- 
ployment and the list is steadily iiicieas- 
ing. Means are being taken to furnish 
employment and provide food for tbe 
hungry and destitute. 

Those who were foremost in this work 
announce that because of scarcity of re- 
lief funds they cannot continue to supply 
food longer than tomorroiv. It is esti- 
mated that 25,ocx5 persons, men, women 
and children are in need of aid. Food is 
being distributed at the various missions 
today. It has developed that the desti- 
tution is growing. 

■ I. ■»- ■ ■ — 

An Unusual Gathering. 
Columbus, fnd.. July 36.— .A.n unusual 
meeting of capitalists was held here last 
evening. It was a gathering of the stock- 
holders of the First National bank for 
the purpose of signing and publishing 
a statement that the stockholders who 
are worth,ooo pledged their per- 
sonal property for the payment in full 
of all deposits. 

- - - — ■♦■■ - — -■ - 

Cranberry Marshes Scorched. 
Grani> Rai'IDS, Wis., Julv 26.— For- 
est fires are raging along the lines of the 
Green Bay and Chicago, Milwaukee ^: 
.St. Paul railroads in Wood county, Wis- 
consin, where the large cranberry marsh- 
es are on fire and high winds fan the 
flames. Tbe loss is estimated in the 
thousands and is still increasing. 


The Racy Bill of Particulars by the Plain- 
Kkw York, July 26. — Judge Book- 
staver yesterday denieil the motion of 
the plaintiff's attorney in the suit of Miss 
Keegan ag.iiiist Kusscil Sage, asking for 

a vacation of the order extending de- 
fendant's time to serve an amended 

.Among the papers* presented was the 
bill of particulars which Delia Keegan 
furnished of her claim, at the reijucst of 
Russell Sage. She says that on a morn- 
ing in 1S68 or i8(x) she was induced by 
Sage to submit to hiin. Their intimacy 
for about ten months following had been 
in the room of S.ige at his prtsent resi- 
dence on Fifth avenue, except on the 
occasion when he came to her room. 

She had been stopping temporarily at 
the house while sewing for his niece. 
.Nirah Sage. .After that he had taken 
her to a bouse on Twenty-fvmrth street 
between Sixth and .Seventh .avenues, 
and also in Central park. She says that 
as near as she can remember her first 
chila was born in Dublin about Jan. 1, 
iSbgoriSjo. She had come back to 
this country at the request of Mr. Sage, 
leaving the child with her brother. 

The child, siie says, was baptised 
Joseph Christopher Sage. She says she 
does ni>t know when the child died nor 
where it was buried. She declares that 
Mr. Sage had gone with her to the house 
or a notorious abortionist, Mme. Fres- 
tell, who committed suicide while under 
bonds for abortion. The plaintiff says 
she cannot remember definitely when 
Sage took her there but it was, she be- 
lieves, some time in i80q. 


He Sees the Burglar in the Act and Recog- 
nizes Him. 
Devil's L.ake, N. D., July 26.— D. D- 
Sullivan's jewelry store was burglarized 
at 2 o'clock yesterday morning. Sulli- 
van lives above the store and has a burg- 
lar alarm in the st4>re which woke him 
up. Coming down stairs, accompanied 
by his wife, he saw a man helping him- 
self to watches and silverware, throwing 
the goods through a rear window by 
which he had entered. 
The burglar followed, gathering up goods 
and running awav. Sullivan reci gnized 
him as man who residtd here some ye us 
ago aiul returned rtcently. The robber 
secured forty watches lelt for repairs 
and a lot of silverware, estimated at 
at $Sco. He has not been captured. 


He is Attacked and Dangerously Wounded by 
a Prisoner. 
St. Cloud, Minn., Julv 26.— Julian A. 
Belden, a guard at the reformatory, Mon- 
day afternoon was attacked by a pris- 
oner named IMakely and knocked down 

by a heavy blow on the back of the head 
with a three-foot gas pipe. After the 
guard was King on the ground uncon- 
^cious, the prisoner jumped onto him, 
breaking two ribs and injuring his spine. 
A? this moment Principal Keeper Nor- 
ton interfered, otherwise Belden would 
probably have been killed by his antag- 
onist. As it is he has a fractured skull 
from the first blow which was delivered 
on the back of his head, the prisoner 
having walked up to him on tiptoes. 
Belden is still partly unconscious, and 
his injuries may prove fatal. 


Cholera in Italy. 

Wasfiin(,ton, Julv 26. A cable dis- 
patch was received today by Dr. 
from Assistant Surgeon Brown, of the 
marine hospital station at Genoa, Italy, 
as follows: "Cholera prevailing in pro- 
vinces of Cuneo and Alessindria; Genoa 

America's Great Danger 


Paid .in eminent English scientist recently : 
*' Tho danger that confronts the great Ameri- 
can people to-dav is not the possible adop- 
tion of a wrong financial polny for tlie 
nation, or the spread of socialism, or the 
in« of corrufition among public men. 
All these arc bad enough, to he sure, hut 
they are ys nothing compiired to the terrible 
na'ion.^l disease — 1 hadairiio--t snid national 
crime— of overwork. The mad rusli f^r 
wealth is set at a killing puce, and thousands 
fall by the w:iy every ye;ir. 

You are likely to be one of the victims ! 

How do we know ? Because it is the excep- 
tion to find a man or woman of adult age in 
l>-rfect health. Nervous Disorders are 
Fpreadir.g with fearful rapidity. Among tlie 
t-ymptoms, are — Hackache, Biiiousnesp, Cold 
(lands and P'eot, Dizzines<:, Hot Flashes, 
Fluttering Sensation, Faintinsr, He.idocbe, 
Hysteriii, Irritidiility of the Heart, Mi'lan- 
<holy, Failing Memory, Palpitation, Kheu- 
niatism, Short Breath, Sleefilessness, IS'er- 
Tous Dyspepsia, S«xtial Debility, Fits, etc. 

Kkv. C A. Carroll, pastor First Baptist 
'"'Iiurch. Yellow Springs, <)., writes as follows: 
" J have used Dr. Miics" Restorative Nervine 
for the past six months. I lind it acts like 
T, rh'rni o-i the wholp nnrvoim sy«tpm. I 
h.Tve not found its equal in giving immedi.nte 
reli<f. Dr. Mile.-*' little Nerve and Fiver 
Pi Isoiily need a trial and they will recoin- 
nK-nd themselves to be the best pills in the 

"For five years T have snfTercd from Ner- 
vous Frostr.'ition, I was un:i'ol« to work or 

Flf * p. The first dose of Dr. Milcs' Restora- 
tive Nervine gave me relief, and one thou- 
Band dollars would not cover tlie good it 
done me."— JOHN MINCIIER, Youngs- 
town, Ohio. 

Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine is un- 
cqtiallod in ctJRiNO Nervoin Diseases. It 
coniaios no opiates or dangerntHdinga. Sold 
nn a positive guarantee bv all diuggiBts, or 
Dr. Milcs Medical Co., Elkhai t, lad, 


He Pulls a Revolver on the Sheriff and is 

Hudson, Wis., July 26. — John Smith 
and James Stickney were given a hear- 
ing before Judge Reid for burglary yes- 
terday. Smith pulled a revolver on the 

sheriff as he entered the jail Tuesday 
night, demanded him to throw up his 
hands but the sheriff was too quick lor 
the prisoner, and fired the first sliot and 
and at the same time backed the pris- 
oner into his cell. No one was hurt. 

Smith is a desperate fellow, he tried to 
break jail a few days ago. .Stickney 
claims his home is in .Milwaukee, at loi 
Third street, and he worked at Joe's 
place on Grand avenue for the past 
three years. 

^ 1 • ■ ■ ■ - 


They Arc Told They Can Get Only 35 Cents an 
AsiiL.WD, Wis., July 26 Lumber 
shovers of Ashland arc temporarily out 
of employment. When a force of them 
reported for work at the Shores T-umber 
company's dock yesterday to load the 
Johnson and Halstead, President Shores 
addressed them in a body, saying he 
could pay them but 35 cents per hour, 
owing to the condition cf trade. The 
men have been getting 50 cents i)er hour. 
Other mill owners will follow Shores' 
example. The men are idle pending the 
action of their union. 

National Banks in St. Pajil. 
Washington, July 26.— The comp- 
troller of currency has made public ab- 
stracts from reports made to him, show- 
ing the condition of n.itional banks in St. 
Paul at the close of business July 12. 
This statement !-hows lo-ms and dis- 
ounts. $14,287,626.9^; total resources, 
»2o,5 16,365.57; toial deposit -,$9,869,574.07; 
iverage reserve held, 27.79 PC cvnt; 
gold coin on hand, §,782.456.74. 

Baseball Yesterday. 

Cincinnati. 4 ; ( levelnud. :>. 
Louisville. \\ I itttbure, V). 
St. Loiii^. '.t; Chic.aRo, 7.'-lphiH, 10; Hr«<>ivlji), 7. 
New York, it; B.-«ltinn)ro, 'A. 
Boston, Li; Washington, <!. 

How They Stand. 


i,()sr| run 



Pliiladclphia 47 

ZA iCincimmti 

. .^.") 


Bstou.. 47 


^t Ii<iiis ... 



Pit'-hnrir 4:j 


Nrw Y-rk... 

. 31 


Cloveland 37 



. :u 


Hrooklyn 37 



. 2S 


Baitimoro ... 'M 

c'l ILouiwviUe .. 

. 23 


The Ladies. 

The pleasant effect and perfect safety 
with which ladies injy use the California 
liquid l;>xa'ive Syrup of Figs, under all 
conditions, makes it their f?vorite rem- 
'"'!■.•. To '/"t the true nnd genuine arti- 
cle, look for the name of the California 
Fig Synin company, printed near the 
bottom of the package. 

Valises and Shawl Straps. 

We can save you money on trunks, 
bags and shawlstraps. Be sure to see 
our line before purchasing. 

2Tt) West rniperior street. 

Are you going on the V. M. C. A. ex- 
cursion tonight on the Ossifragc.' Tick- 
ets 35 cents. 


Murder of a Woman and Her Two Children 

and the Husband and Father 


He Said That His House Had Caugh* Fire 

and the Whole Family Was 


The Youneest Boy Escaped and Said His 

Father Killed His Mother With 

a Hatchet. 

Pittsburg, July 26. A terrible trag- 
edy took place early this morning in a 
ramshackle brick dwelling on Oak 
alley, near the head of the Knoxville in- 
cline plane overlooking the .South Side. 
Mrs. John Souse and her two children, 
aged 8 and 12 years respectively, died 
and the husband and father is under 
arrest suspected o{ the crime. 

An alarm of fire brought the depart- 
ment to the scene. There was but a 
slight bla/e and the tiremen had no 
dittirulty in extinguishing it. The 
husband stated that the house had caught 
lire and that his family was suffocated, 
but not a burned mark is to be seen 
about the place except the bedsteads 
and bed clothes wete scorched and the 
bodies of the de.ul wife and chiklren 
were badly burned. 

The room in which the victims were 
found was racked and torn. The beds 
were ripped open and the room strewn 
with feathers. On the walls and tloor 
are large splashes of blood. Mrs. Souse's 
head has live large holes in it, ami her 
skull is fractured as if it had been beaten 
with a blunt instrument. The children 
h.nd the appearance of having been 
smothered, and on their bodies are sev- 
eral slight wounds. 

The husband was placed under arrest. 
By some means a little 5-vear-old boy 
escaped. He was taken in charge by the 
police and staled that his lather had 
killed his mother by btriking her on the 
head with a hatchtt. 


A Heavy Suit Begun By Manufacturers ol 

CixciXN.\Tl, O., July 26.— Proctor & 
Gamble, the soap manufacturers filed a 
suit m the superior court yesttrday 
against WilliaTi S. P. Oskamp, adminis- 
trator of the estate of the late Michael 
Werk, for $232,431.74. The case is the 
outcome of an old infringement .suit 
brought against Proctor & Gamble by 
Richard A. Tilghman. 

A Philadelphia lawver named Ch.irles 
P. Collier agreed to secure the firm 
against any liability lor damages. As a 
guarantee of Collier's good faith, Werk 
indorsed the contract for him. The law- 
yer lost the case and dam.ages in the 
sum of $300,000 were awarded Tilghman. 
The judgment was in excess of what 
was due on royalties by the amount of 
the cl iim against the Werk estate. 


The Liabilities Will Probably Reach Half a 
D.VLi.AS, Tex., July 26.— The old and 

widely known Land, Loan and Collect- 
ing agency of Murnhy & Bolan/, the 
biggest concern of the kind in Texas, 

made a general assignment yesterday. 
No schedule of as^^ets or liabilities has 
yet been tiled, but as the firm did an 
enormous business the chances arc that 
the liabilities will reach $500,000 and the 
assets fully that amount. 

The hrm is composed of John P. 
Murphy and Charles V. Hjlanz, and 
Saturday they incorporated under the 
name of the ^lurphy-l?f)lRnz Land and 
Loan company. it is understood that 
they will try to continue in 
business. It is not thought that 
the failure will involve other houses. 


G. A. R. Men Object to the Suspension of 
Chicago, July 26. — A special to the 
Tribune from Pittsburg, Pa., says: At a 
largely attended meeting of the Pitts- 
burg members of the Union V'eteran 

Legion last night, resolutions derounc- 
ing Hoke Smith and the pension bureau 
were adopted. The resolution says: 

"This eiicam;nncnt is emphatic in its 
condemnation of the manner in which 
the several hundred pensioners have 
'been suspended in this district and de- 
mand that action be taken by those in 
authority to restore to them the position 
they held under the law until a thort)Ugh 
investigation be made." 

Miners Will be Paid. 
Tkkrf, Haitk, Ind., July 26.— The 
failure of H. .M.^jenjimin,f>f Milwaukee, 
has thiown the property of the Norton 
Creek & .Mining company in \'er- 
million countv into the bands of the 
sheriff. Kenjaniin was president and the 
largest holder of th«- stock of the com- 
pany. The shutting down of the mmes 
throws 60 ) niiner.s out of work. Ver- 
million county creditors levied (jnall the 
property at the mines. It is said that 
miners and other cmpU>ycs will be paid 
off up to last Saturday. 

Adulterated Wine. 
Is injurious, but nothing gives strength 
like a pure old port wine. "Roval Ruby 
Port," mO called for it.s royal tisie and 
ruby color, is particularly .adapted for 
invalids, convalescents and the aged. 
Sold onlv in <iti.irl Ixiltle.. for $1, wi.iK: 
cheap wine is sold by the gallon and 
gives a larger profit to the seller, but 
less to the user. This wine is absolutely 
pure and the age without which no 
v.'ine i: r.'. to u.':. "c ^'-n yuu g*.: 
Royal Ruby: $1, in quart bottles only 
Sold by S, r. Bovce, druggist. 2 ' 

Change of Time. 
The steamer Cambria will leave Du- 
luth for Port Arthur on Tuesday, Friday 
and Sunday at 5 p. m. 

Don't miss moonlight excursion on the 

Ossifrage tonight. Tickets 35 cents. 

A Big Bank Failure. ^ 

Dr. Specr & c o. cure Piles pcr- 
rtianetitly; ad page 2. 

For Colds, 


^'i"<>u|». Tiifliu'iiza, and 





the best 

oi all anodyne 


Pronipt to act, 

Sure to Cure 


The Long Distance Race From Frisco to 
Qucenstown Ended. 

QUEKNSTOWN, July 26.- The long dis- 
tance ocean race from San Francisco to 
Oucenstown has been finally finished. 
The live vessels that took part in the 
race were all They were the 
bark Pinmorc. Capt. Maxwell, and the 
shi]) City of Athens, Capt. Morrison; 
Howden, Capt. Law; Lochee, Capt. 
rett, and Lord Tcmpleniore, Capt. 

The Pinmore arrived here July 17 and 
the City of Athens and the Lcchee ar- 
rived today. The liowden will never 
arrive, she having been wrecked on One 
island, one of the Friendly group. All 
the vessels, with the exception of the 
City of Athens, sailed from San Fran- 
cisco March 2?. The City of Athens 
sailed on the following day. 

Each captain put u[) $250 on his ship, 
the winner of the race to take $1000 and 
the second to save his stake. The Pin- 
more won the Siooo and the City of 
Athens, whicli was the first to arrive to- 
day, saved her captain's S250. All the 
contestants that have arrived report 
having seen ice in the .South Atlantic. 
The Lord Templcmorc has not been 
heard from. 


Mrs. Fritsche is Killed and Her Husband is 
Under Arrest. 
Burlington, la., July 26.— Some un- 
known person slipped up to the v/indow 
of Leonard Fritsche's house yesterday 
morning and shot Mrs. Fritsche through 
the heart as she was lying in bed, killing 
her insiantly. A neighbor and his son 
and ihe dead woman's husband and a 
hired girl are all under arrest. 

Bankers Arrested. 

Plankixton, .S. D., July 26.— Hart 
nnd Ilalten, cithicr and president of the 
dtfufict Farmers' and Alcrchants' bank, 
were arrested yc.-terday on the com- 
plaint of Joccrli Frendenfeld, secretary 
and treasurer of the state board of 
regents, for taking deposits while in- 

Were Badly Injured. 

Failkton, S. D., July 26.— James 
Carn and J. T. Kiethley fell from the 
staging of a tv.n story building yesterday 
and were both badly injured. Carn is 
70 years old and it is feared he will not 

• ■ ■ - 

Made Fast Time. 

Portland, Me., July 26.— Stallion 
Nelson at the Maine mile trotting yes- 
terday, driven by his owner, trotted an 
exhibition mile in 2:io'4^, making the last 
quarter in 30^4, which is a 2:03 clip. 

Two Girls Killed. 

Ottawa, Ont.. July 26. — At Rock 
Creek yesterday lightning struck the 
house of J. B. Landey, killing his two 
daughters, aged 10 and 12 years. 

You don't know how much better you 
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Hard to Believe! 

Put it's a fact! that we can take ycur 
measure and make you a good business 
suit to order for only ;f;i6.oo and up- 
wards. Call ami inspect, oar heavy .as- 
sortment of samples and be convinced. 
Perfect fit guaranted or no sale. 
C. VV. Kricson, 
2IQ West .Superior .street. 

Agony is annoyance 9 
concentrated. ^ 


(W orth \ 
.a Guinea I 
a Bo.\. / 


are concentrated 
remedies for the 
annoyance of 
Indigestion or the 
Agony of Dyspepsia. 

:;r, cot;!'; .'. bo\. 

Wmi Loai aM im 


CaplUl Stock $600,001 

Gudti'iulti'j Fiiud .,lUi Slate Andltor, 5.iau,00i: 

RECEIVES PEPOSIT3 sohjinst to c«l. 

and ip«i"iH .-'•rm'oiitKP <'f ilcrw-nlt hftsHrnr ntflr- 



on ciTtiHciitoK mnnJiKr pis mont.tiM, Ixiansmn'^e 
ftt lowPBt rfttpB on Bi>provo<l BPcnrity. County 
city and school bonrtsjpnrchaeed. 


niuton Mnrkf.ll. I.. MflrrMt, Wtn. McKinlejr, 
Jatnes Cimnil.v, a. \V. Uradloy, K. H. HarplB, 
Wm. E. UirUBr.5B(»u, A. B. Cliapin, p. G. Cash, 
Kdward L. Bradlrv, Gtvirfio A. Rider, H. t>, 

I Stzor, Arthor U, iirowu. P. U. Ottbomo, Cliae. 

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Grain, Hay aud Klonr. 


Wboleealo (iraiu and Uay. 



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Wbolesal!* Hoavy and Shelf Hardware. 

Lumbornirii'H SupjJies. 

J. J. & R. A. COSTELLO. 

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Lnnibnrnion'e and Minors Supplioe. 


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Steam, (ias and Water (Toods. 


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EUecttical (supplies. 


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Baking Powder, Extracts and Spicee. 

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Importprs and Wholesale 

Wine aud Liquor Merchants. 



Wiuos, Liquors, Etc. 


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'iVholesale and K<-tail 

Lumber, Lath and Siiiuiflofi. 


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Lniiibor, Lbth and Hhiocrlns. 




LQml«r, Sash, Doors, Mooldings. 


Dslilli Loao, Deiosil & TrDSt Co. 

Ko. Hi Thiril An mu- HV*/, 

At the C'lohf? of Bosinesd, July Z2a6, 1*^3. 


jjnmber. Lath and Sbiii«les. 




Dulnth Roller Mills. 
"Gill's Be^i" riour. 


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lihippers and JoVjbcrs. 

Anthracite uid Bituminoub Coals and (."loke. 


:5hippers and Jobbers. 
Anthracite and Bituminous Coals. 


M iciiinists and Founders, 

Engines, Pumps and Mining Machinery. 



Builders' aud Bridge Materials. 


Manifacturers of Freight Cars, 
Castings Merchant iiar Iron, Forgingrs. 


(iiiaranteo Fund $102,200 Orj 

I'lrot Mortgage Loans 2(i,270 81 

MortgageH Hold 18,000 Of» 

Furniture and Fixtures Account 1j8U V* 

Loans anil Discounts 38,124^:; 

Kxpenpes Paid 9\3 'h 

(^afah on hand and duo from banks.. lK,Uil t'lf 

f2U,S22 W 


Capital Stock paid in $150,000 Ort 

rtnrolus •/)« tO 

Undivided Profits 3.500 7* 

Bills I'ayablc VJSm Wi 

DeiHJSils ?,\962 22 

fcU,.522 «i 


N. J. UPHAM President 

F. .). PCLFOKD VicePretident 

T. F. UPHAM K«»cretary 

Faber's GGlden Female Pills 

Relieve Rnppref^sed 
Meustruatlou. Uked 
succc-6(-fully by thous- 
ands of prominent la- 
dles viontkJy. Thor- 
ou(?hly rfeiiatle euI 
Eafe. Worth twentv 
times their weight iii 
gold S'tr Jrwalt irrrp. 
ularitice. Hevei known 

Sent bv mall eea'.c.^ 
for m2. Addrets 

The Aphro Medicice 


Western Branch, 

Box 37. Portland, Oregon. 

Bold in Dolatb by Max Wirth and Selleck & 


When traveling in EUHOPE or at 
theWOKLD'.S FAIR. Carry 





jB R O U 


Mi.chinists and Founders, 

Steam Engines. 


Machinists and Founders, 

Marino Supplies. 

f'tcam KngiIle^, Pumps. 



Stationary and Marine BoUere, Iron Tanks. 


XEFOEC .k:c:> aft: 


DR. KOtn 

the great Rmv. 

dy for n<TvrinB.r>re8'rat:on ni.d vW nervous dis'-zses of the gensrt* 
ri've orpna of tither fhv. siu h .i? Nervous Hrosimiinn. Failirjol 
I^)«tMaf.hoo'l, Iiiivo ency. M'srhtlT '».'«ioi.». You'hful Errors. 
Mental Vnrry, esi rse've !;';« of 'In'i* ..lor t)r 'uni. vhirh Ipad W 
Consumption r:'<t !• sat<>'v_ ^Vi h fvery $."> ofiJcr we gi-e » 
written pna-antpe :<• e rj 'ir refund the itioner. Sold at f :.0# 
per bos. 6 ik)xc3 ior So 00. JJr. Molts tbemical Co.. Ci'jTelaoC: Or 


- (>?H| *"' the mos: obstinate' ■ : -■•- c f Oonorr- 
b^OlY ^^"^ ^•''^ Gleet. Ko o:L r ireatsi'T.- 
l^bji.V' required. Xon-polsonous. No Strict ir-. 
B^Uli No InconvcDience. Fold by ALL 
^^^c' dna??r!?-ta J. Ferre, (successor to Brou;, 
I^^Bli I'harmacien. Paris. 

Wm\ fori 

Office of Board of Public Work?. ) 
City of Duluth. Minn.. July l&th. l-*a. J 
S^sled bids will b<' received by the board of 
public works in and for the corporaticm of the 
city of Dnlnth, Minnes<ita. at iheir oiljce in said 
city, nntil 10 a. ui. on ihe ;il«t day of July. A. 1). 
Ki:?, for tlie C(.>n6tructi<>n of asanitan' sew"=r in 
First alley in said city from Seventli avenu>? 
I west to Eighth avenue \te?t. according to 
I plans and specifications on tile in the oSice of 
i said board. 

\ certified check or a bond with at l«»ast two 
Cl) sureties in the sum of one hundred and 
seventy-live i^lTS.OOj d'lljars must accompany 
each bid. 

The said board reserves the right to reject any 
or all bids. 




F'or Seule IB"' S.IF*. Bovco stncl TwTn.3c "Wii*tli. 

Hartman General Electric Conipany 


Furnish Electric Current 
For Arc and Incandescent Light 

And Motor Service. 



station A, Foot of Fiftli five. East Station B, 126 West MiicWgan Street. 

IMA., LiA..ui J s? &agaft!gaMgaga!!fy.?.mB'ti'iiiit T'TT^g ; 




street aud T 
Branch oUic.-i. M.ircinotte and .'^apiTiaw, Mich. Dr. Spenr, 
K ftduate of ttio medical dejiartment of Harvard Univorsil 
s-iioii in bo'li lii'niKvherea. 

V.'^Vllir '^hS \v;,.> have been sniTerinp from the effects! 
lUUltU lUuIl v-ili do well to avail themselves of this chr 
T\Xt CDPUU 9j C(\ Will sruarauteo a perfect euro in ^11 
Ua. 01 Lija U vU. e.H-.s of any kind or character tliey 
are manv of th« R^e <>'. :K' to W) who .ire troubled with too 
der. often aecomi>anied by a sliiarht f-martinR f eui|);tioa an 
raa'iuer wlocii the patiint cannot account for. Tuero 
itrnoirtft <f t!ie chupo. which is the t-econo stasro of wen km 
DTI PQ ^ new method; no blrody operrtion. no gomR to 
rlLLu iuconvenieiice in nnderiroiuR a course of treatniei 
worst c.ise of Bleodin»;€>r Itching Biles, no matter how 
pernian">nt cure. To everv one who corsnits ii!» we pledce 
Bailroad fare deducted from the price of treatment. 

!i York block, comer Foarteenth 
)ver avenue, Wc^-t Superior, Wis. 
in clinrire of the head <if)ire, ii. a 
y class of '71, and is regibtered as 

> youthful foUiee or mdiscrotions 

ncp. of we.ikness or private dis- 

nuilertake or lofeitSiW. Tl>iri« 

frefjurnt evi»cnat;<i;;8 of the bintl- 

I weakenintx «>f tiji« system in a 

many v.-ho die of this dilHcnky, 


bod ; rot the eliRhtest pain ; no 
t with 08 for tiio relief of the 
n\K Ktandini;. \\o Kuarautoo a 
ibsolutt) secr€<cy. 

T. W. Atsell, 

Clert B r.ard of Tublic Works. 


Goiitract Work. 

Office of the Board of Public Works ) 
City of liulutU, Minn. Juiy V.\ IM'3. S 
Sealed bidi- will b'j rec-ived by tlie board of 
public works in and for the corjioration of the 
city of Duluth, Minnesota, at their office in said 
city, nntil 10 a. m. on the olf t day of .Inly. A. T). 
l,s9S, forthe conftrnction of an lartliem em- 
bankment on Kmth fitrcet. in said city between 
Fourth avenue east and Fiftli avenue east 
according to plans and specificatio' s 
on file in the office of said board. 

A certified check or a bond with at least two 
(2) snretieg in the snm of twenty (f^i'i.Ofo 
dollars must accompany each bid. 

The said board reserves Uie riffht to reject a 
or all bids. 

Henky TKr^T.sEV. 
^ President 

T. W. Abell. 

Clerk Board of Public WorM. 

July !!>. lOt 

Contract WorL 

OfT^ce of the Hoard of Public Work*. / 
Cityof Duluth, Mina., July 1'.'. I.>S»8. S 

Sf aled bids will b.^ received by the board of 
public work.-^ iu and for the . on'oration of the 
city of Dnlut!". Miuni.«-ot.i. at tleir oJl'e-^ in said 
city, until H' a. m.. on tlie ;>Ist day of July. A. I). 
1">!M. for the coiistructiin of a sanitary sewer in 
Center stree: in said city from Twentieth avenue 
ea.-t to fixtv-live feet ea<t of Tweut>-1irst ave- 
nue east according to pl:ms and specifications 
on file in tlie.>uic" of said board. 

V certified check or a bond with at least two 
i"j' snreies in tliefum of ninety (?.K.iXi) must 
acconip.Tny each bid. _ 

The s.ii 1 b.iard reserves the right to reject any 
or all bids. 



Ofticial : 

T. W. .' 



The King of Specialists, 

Uniformlif Successful in the Treitnwnt nwl Cure of 

cr^yphili?', Grleet, G-onorrhcpa. 
Stricture, Seminal Weakness. 


Can bp Cori5'.!!trd at Room f Over 19 E. Siipcrior St., Dnluth, MIn": 

Clerk Board Public Works. 
(July 1S>, lOt.) 


Time Tabic Effective May 'i!. 18K1. 

Members of tbe Dolatb Clearing House Association. 


First National Bank ^^'^RS'SSn ^?2n'SSS 

American Exohan^e Bank ^°°'S22 ^Snnnn 

M.irine National Hank ^50.000 20,000 

Nationa Bank of ( ommerce r««'™ :;'Annn 

State Bank of Dulttth- J^^'^RS tS'nSn 

Security Bank of Duluth i^S'SSS '^^'^^ 

ron txchanije Bank • 100,000 

Leave l>nliit!i 

Leave W"«t iMilatb 

.Arrive Huiley 

Arrive 'ronw«-M>d 

Arrive Houulitoo 

Arrive Maniuettt".. 

.\rrive Mjrii;e:tc 

.Arrive Gn^eu Kay 

Arrive Sa.ilt St*. >larie. 

Arrive (Jrsiid Bai>ids 

Arrive Satriiiaw 

Arrive I'etroit „. 

Arrive Toronto 

Arrive Montreal 

Arrive l^o-^ton 

Arrive New York 

Arrive Po- t'unH 

Margu'tei Boston 
Express I Expre*;* 
Ks. San.i Daily 

600 am 

fi l.*! am 

It) ri2 am 

1<> ^ am 

I 3,S pm 


9 0' I IT, 

10 ?.."> pm 

2nd «lay 
ind day 
2nd day 
2nd day 
2nd day 
2nd day 

4 15 pro 

4 :ti pm 
V .15 pm 


9 45 am 

10 40 prr. 
I K» am 
7 t» am 

6 30 ai '. 
S 10 am 

7 1.") pm 
.«^ hO pm 
> 10 pm 

Wetit-bounil trains arrive at Dolath— 

■Mar-juette pnsfenjjer "^ 45 pr'. 

Boston expresB 10 .Vl am 

Ticket oflices : 42'> Spalding; Uooao block and 
Unicm Depot. 

T. n. LARKE, 
Commerciftl Acoot, Dolatb. 














New Duluth Council is Again Contemplating 

the Purchase of the West Duluth 

Chemical Engine. 

President Wahorcy and Two Councilmen 

Looked it Over Yesterday A Test 

To Be Made. 

New Palroi Wagon Has Arrived and is 
Service— A Drayman Arrested for 


Vrestilcnt Mahoncy aiid two council 
men cf New Duluth were here yesterday 
lookini: over the West DuliUh chemical 
with .1 view to its {"urchase. They will 
he here as;ain ji» a day or two to witness 
a thi>riU.t,'h test of the cnjiinc. 

Peter McDi'tjaul. the «lrayman, was 
arrested yesterdav on .i charge of as- 
sault. The f cmpluinant being a yoi::i;^ 
Swede who drives a delivery wagon. 
The pri-^oner had a hearini,' today at ^ 

The new patrol wai^iii is here and the 
village drunks will r<>.vgo to the lockup 
■:^e<l niau's style— and occasionally 
».:,uips witli two or three policemen 
Mtiiiig on thetii. It is an imptovement 
■which has been needed tor mmiic time 
;Cnd will be duly appreciated by the po- 
lice force. 

Dan O'Keefe is building on addition 
to Ids dwelling on Thinl avenue west, 
Sixth division. 

Miss Lou Stevens, of Grand Rapids, 
M'ch.. -.s a guest of her sister, Mrs. E. J. 

A. A. Cooper leaves in a few days for 
Savannah, G.\. His family wdl remain 
here until winter. 

S. B. Holmes, of Chicago, is a guest of 
Geo. E. Hall. 

The £?.Tnily of Dr. D. Graham arrived 
this mcrnir.t; to become residents of 
We.-t Duluth. 

R. L. Cochrnne has purchased the 
rcsideuco of J. C. Terry on Fourth avenue 

Kev. T. ^L Price returned yesterday 
from Wisconsin. 

>Trs. Benjamin and daughter, Miss 
Lucy Sawyer, have gone to Boston on 
an extended visit. 

C. F. Lamb spent yesterday at Cloquet. 


Cha.-nbcriain's AmcRdrr.cnt to the Home Rule 

Bill Defeated. 

LoNOdN, July 26. — The committee of 

t le whole ot the common:j|.oday resumed 

ir; discussion of Joseph Chamberlain's 
.';r!ic-ndment to the rin;inciil clause oi" the 
1 ni.e tu!e bi 1, providing that the 
provisional arrangement that Irish 
taxes should t>e collected for 
six years by the imperial government 
should be so changed that the collection 
of such taxes should rest permanently 
•with the imperial government. 

It was this amendment tliat i)rougbt 
forth Lu-t tvcning the sharp attack upon 
Mr. Chamberlain from Mr. Gladstone, in 
the course of which the pnme m.nister 
compared Mr. Chacnberlain with the 
"davil's advocate," a party in tiie 
Catholic church whose duty it was, when 
the name of a person is proposed tor 
l.ieatification to bring forward all pos- 
.= :": '•; oujections again:;t the prcpo^ed 
. - ^iizaiion. 

.Mr Ch.Tmberlain took occasion today 
to refer to the matter in committee. He 
said that the prime minister's speech 
was a ferocious one and took him com- 
pletely Ijy surprise. He was not aware 
that, in speaking to his motion, he had 
said anything that lustitied the prime 
minister's extreme energy and violence. 
Mr. Chamberlain's remarks were greeted 
with cheers by the opposition. 

A division was then taken on the 
amendment, which resulted in its defeat, 
the vote standing 226 against it and i66 
i:i its favor. 


Tv=o Ladies Struck by a Train Whili Crossing 
the Tracks. 
Moin<i>\v, ( >., July 26.— Last night Mrs. 
W. H. Clement, widu.v of President Cle- 

T'.ient of the Southern road, and Mrs. 
Julia S. Fraer. were struck by a Miami 
train while driving across the tracks. 
Mrs. Eiaer's skuW wus fractured and her 
spine injured. Mrs. Clement's thigh 
was broken antl her face badly cut. .She 
is over So and her injuries will probably 
prove fatal. Mrs. Fraer is her daughter 
and is also thriught to be fatally hint. 

An Unconfirmed Rcpcrt. 

Washi-ncton, July 2O. The rumor 
that the Bering sta arbitrators m I'aris 

id dccidr'l i-i fv.r of the United 
.->cates reached here last night from, C inada. It was impossible at 
the h::ur ;it which tht report .irrive<i 
either to V(.rify 't or p'nv- i,s untruthful- 
ness. At ' s;a.w Jcpartment today :t 
was said by Acting Secretary Ade> and 
Chief Cierk Rockhdl tliit no news wba*- 
evi-r CI! die hubject h id been received 
thvre to sust.dn the runif r. 

Banks Resuming Business. 
WASHiN<;;f>N, J fly 2O. The First Na- 
tional b<uik. of (iruuuy Center, la., has 
informed Comptroller Eckels that it ex- 
pects to rtsunitj l>Uiinc>s -Aug. l under a 
nuw n:anagerne«t. The Fanners Na- 
tional bAitk, of Findlay, f)., whi. li faded 
ycs'cr ' ■ cfiectsto resu.Tje on Mor,- 

Gcltl Returning. 
Ni v» Vol K. Jidv 2<K-0-\c litir.dred 
thnux.iiiil < i> i;irs in gold b.irs were pur- 
chased ill Loj do;i fur .<^hipmcnt to 
Anv:-rir.-' fidav. The steamship Havel, 
which is due today, lias on l:oird};i5;- 
000 grild cnn?igiifii to I KiHelhaf h. !< ke'- 
heimcr & Co. 1 tif sttamdiio Vnra'an, 
from H:.V'c hr.MivjJit 5; .0,000 in Spanish 
.',v.' •,. -Jc \V. '-•erii Na i_n.i! biiik. 

A LwcliY Rrmocral 
Wasiiingt<n, July 2*') Thorfa; F. 
Ba''cy wa'5 'o'l.iv .ippoin cd assistant 
custo iiin (if »h rii torn hn-jce, Chicago. 
$I40'7 n yea-. 

A Fa!al ilc'iidcni. 
Ml-;-'- '■ '. J.tiv :^o.--ll;et'.vothild- 
re.i o.' \'. e*(. ;i f .fin r near h-.rc, 

aged ' , i'.II out 

ot a 1 ft- Kiij^;d. 

Both ol thr ir bar!:? w.'p b*oken. 

; Absence ol Bad News Made a r.lesrfy Wheat 

Wlipat »'i>i'niHl woiik liiTf 'lii.n nu>r!iini{ at ' lO 
below yo.<iter<la>'.-i cN^ii:- for cavh ami wlicut t«> 
Jirrivo aiut ',ic Uiwor for Soptonibor dci!ivery. 
Tlio maikot fulfil dull ami sIiikkisIi, but tlrin 
and abiiut -t'Mtly up tu nooii at ttic oprniuif 
ti^nri's. Tin' tliinncial now* tliiR iiioniiiiK whs 
nH>ro Hssuriiis ajul tlit<ri> was a bettor furltiiKOU 
tlio tioard in i-onso.nictu'o. No mori> failurps 
wero ri'imrfi'il and nil i«f tho PXi-liaiik'»'» in tho 
Covmtiy were w.irkin'.; (it'»«dit>r. nllmucli tl'.o 
markots w.-ro 111 Nlia;>(> to soil «>tT (iliarply ou b-ul' 
i>',>w.-<. I"!-!' c!i'Hr:iiir;^i« at tin- four .\tl:iiitic 
I>.?rts piiv.iillod 4']i",(H»> bns of whfRt. U w a.s n-- 
ported (hat I'Uicaso worked botwi-cu 
-O.iXH) ui d a'O.dLiO liii-i for oxport yos- 
t»Tilay. riie aftortioou sostiou rnled 
«ctivi< witli Koo»l tradiui; in rouml bus for 8i'p- 
tembt r iii-iivcry at tb->' liuun-s of ilio 
day. In tho last balf bour, Sopti-mber eoid 
down \c to 'rfO and tbn cl >-^i« wa.n \-c iowor all 
roniid t!;au .M-jtOiday. t'ollowiut: wwi' tbe 
clopiiii; prict'!*: 

-No. 1 ifird, t')^o ; .rn'y. ^^c: Scptorah'T, 
t^l'i. No. 1 '-ortboru cash, lil'.-c; .July. l''.-c:>Sop- 
tcinbor, (!-",. No. 'J uortlii'iu. ca.sli,_f)S,>. No. :5, 
.^'.o. Ki'jr.rrod. I'l'.i.*. ilj track, No. I uurih- 
orn, to airivo. t>:i*ii-. K\<>. 12c. 

far ii;»peotion tmlay. 11-'. I{pr"ipt8: NVIioat. 
llT.fdv! bn»i. Shiiuitoiit!' : Wlifat, r"i,ll'.> bu.«. I'ais 
onlrurk: St. I'aul .^; liiduth. >;N'rtbfru I'a- 
cilic. 1, (ireat NortJie-rn, J.0; total, St»; lust 
yi-ar. ll?>. 

The Chicago Market. 
t'nit'Afio, ,Jul,v ".!■• I'lu-iiic iiricc.--: NVIioat, 
•Iiily. t>:;\ifri 'sc; "Sf!it''nihor, (»'>'..c. I'oru, Jnly, 
:iJK'; AiiKUst. a'<\e; SL-!>tcfnbrr, :i9^ac. Oat«. 
July, 2»;o: Auijn-Jt 21c-. SL>ptoi«l>rr, He. I'.>rk. 
.lnly,-*t;»t;5; ScptombiT, Uli'.T."). Lard, July, ; S'.'ptombtT, fti.iir>. 

The President 

and Other Members of 
Political Club Arrested 

For Inciting Rebellion, 

Serious Trouble Between the Two Political 

Factions Feared If They Are Not 

Promptly Released. 

GiiPSts at a Hotel Fought n Duel In One 
the Rooms With Fatal 


Slock Brokers FaiL 

Ni.w YouK, .lu!y J'i— Tlic failiiro of II, I. 
N'icliolu.s A i\}.. ntcmlxTs o( tht* Now York 
slock <><anK'' has just Ix-.'ii aiiru'iiiiCtMl. 'I'lie 
tinn is ooiiiposod of 11. 1. NicliolnK. John 1). 
\i<-!i<>Ia>. Waller ( '. 'rayli>r and .Marrus Mayor. 
Tb** iiriu was cn'.i.siiiere.i ipiili- a t>romiiieiit one 
iu :tv'ck cxcliauKK circles. 

New York Brcadstuffs. 

Nf.wYi>RK, JiiljU;. Klo\ir: K.r.'iptd. I:!.()2.') 
pack.nirt^: sale>^T(i' iiacka^e-.; i|)iict and eas , 
Wheat : K*>ceipts, :i: i.:iii(i bus ; sales, ■I4i»,0ir0 bus ; 
No 2 reil. 8toadv and dull : .August, Tu^i «',ic; 
Srptendn>r, 72", i'TH'.c ; l)fcenib<>r. 7y'i*'-'aC. 
Itje .juiot and ■•toady; \V'»str'ru. :th(<i'i7c. t'oru: 
beceiptx, Jt,">iK) bus: sales. Mi.i)itO lius; No. 'Jt'.ull 
and lower: .\i:<ru9t. IP.ic; Septemlwr. >VVi«( ",iC; 
No. 2, isdiUVjc. Oats: Itccoipts.»i» bus; 
sales, rio.WiO bus; No. 2 quiet and easier; 
.\':4:nst.:iP4c: ."^-ptemb.r, JO' ic : state. .5><((4:ic; 
W.'srcrn, J7'2«('i:V. 

The Minneapolis Market. 

Mtnxem'oi.ia. .hi!y U''.— Wliear : S'->pteinbor 
opene ( at tJt ''j.c and closo.l at Hd'^o. I)ccenib(>r 
opened at Ih.'. On track -No. 1 bard, fi24c; 
No. 1 Durtb>>n>, 60'..«; No.ii uurtbern.,').>'jc. 

The Foreign Markets. 

LoNnoN, July ■_'•■>.--! lie .•iraiii markets o|>e- ed 
this niorninic li.wcr. At i^ivcrpool whwit ;iii'' 
corn were ! id li'wer. At London, cartroce of 
CalifurnKui wheat w»ro unchauued ; tl.iMtiiit; 
c.irsiH-sof M'heit nuier.T; wheat nudc<>m«>n 
pasnaire, .Amrric.Tu .idvjces caas»» tiojTessioi). 
At Mark L:i:'f> v. ln'ai and corn were (juiot iind 
^'■eady. T!ie French markets were unchaoK'fd. 
Tlioweath'T in tho Uui'od Kiusdom was fair 
with showers. * 

Cattle snd Hogs. 

V. 8. Y.vEns, riiirARo. Jali' i;ij.— Cattle- -Riv 
ceipts. lii.O.Hr. Hoes— Keceipis: 2l,ilC>i); weak. 
1.5i/2i.>c liiwer; h?avy, »r).4''ti:i. »•."); mixed and 
ini^liuiii. .*'.riiW/'J.(K); liijiit. $.*) 80*16.10. fclieep— 
III ceipts, U.i^ •); weak. lOc lower. 

PrivitH Wr?<» to <'bicajro and Now Ycrk. 
107 and 108 Chamber of CoramcrcP. 


A Steadier Tone and Better Prices on Good 


New YoEi;. .July i;6.— London cables "reported 
A wild and oscited openi.'sp, but a steadier tone 
dfvel(n>e<i later and prices improved on some 
iiood baying. The market lu-re opened w. ak 
ai'd excited. The bears were credi red with re- 
st-. liiijr .1.11 the stocks that v. ere ooukIit iu dur- 
111 ; fbn iraliy in tho late dealin^js yesterday. 
Xi<er" wa.-i cousidPr;;ble liipiidation of loiif* 
bt'Kik aUo.espocially iu go<id «liviilend stocks. 

Tiie bearish feelius; wr.s inteasitied by reports 
of fnrthfcr fiiilures in the West. .\ <lispatch fr(>m 
Milwaukee reports the n.''st;;niMent of the < )ber- 
m;;'i Hrewins company, due to the suei'fnsion 
of the Marino bank. I" wo <ir tlireo uiorems- 
IH nsfons are also expected at Louisville today. 
Krie sold at S'^,. t-econd wliich closed at tJ(>' i 
ye-terday, declined to 54. There were f-oine 
shnrp rallies irom the low price.-? after the early 
depri ^Siou, and tradiui,- bee.aii:c less active and 
r'?eited. I'rires, however, fluctuated uervou.slj. 

.Moc-y on call easy at Tikm; per cent. 

Special World's Fair Rates. 

On account of the Worlds Columbian 
exposition the St. ?aui i^c Duluth rail- 
road will sell one way and round trip 
tii:ket3 to Chicago at greatly reduced 
rates. Tickets on sale April 25 to Oct. 
31, inclusive, and good for return passage 
u;j to Nov. 15. For lurvher information 
apply to K. 15. Ross, 

Northern passenger a£:ent, 42S West 

Saiierior street (Spalding hotel.) 

The Short Line. 

Chicago and return, S13.75, July 17, 2\, 
31 aiKl Aug. 7. Tdc •'Omaha" road. 
1 hrough train. Call at 405 West .Su- 
perior street. 

Are you going on the Y. M. C. A. ex- 
cursion tonight on the Ossifrage? Tick- 
ets 35 cents. 

And yet lives in ignorance of 
the fact that a single applica- 
tion of the CUTICURA REME= 
DIES, wilS, in the majority of 
cases, aff<ird instant relief, per- 
mit rest and sleep and point 
to a speedy, permanent, and 
economical cure, when the best 
physicians and all other rem- 
edies fail. ClTICURA Works 
Wonders, and its cures of tor- 
turing, disfiguring, and humil- 
iating humors are the most 
v/onderful ever recorded. 

Poid ihroiiu'hont the world. Vrynzv. Dnra 
AMI Cut; . (.li;!'.. »!olo projw., TosioM. *a-"All 
At'O'it the r.lot'd and skin. " laailed free. 

•«• Fncifil rnemichoB. fallln? hair aad sim 
pi;' 1 jhy r.ifhcn j revc nted by CuticnrH^eoap. 

Nervous Instantly relieved by a Cntt- 

ciira I'lanter, liccatise it n- 

yvXVSCUlar tal.ze-^ tli" n< rve f'lree^ .-uiii 

▼V t.«■vuc^:> weakness and nombness. 

St. Loiis, July 26. Spcciai telegrams 
from the City of Mexico tt» the Globe 
Democrat say: Pedro Oar/a Katr.os, 
pre^iilcnt cf the political chib at Fiedras 
Negra.*, which is working for the election 
of Miguel Cardenas as governor of the 
s'ate of Coaluiila, and the other mem- 
bers of the organization wire arrestetl 
.Mondav upon the charge of inciting a 

They were tikeii to Saltillo, the capi- 
tal of til'.' slate, ye>lerday, ami placed in 
prison. The arrests have caused great 
excitement and serious troiiMe between 
the two political factions of the state is 
feared il the prisoners are not promptly 

Maleo and Kliseo Gomez, father and 
-on, who Inve for many years held the 
positions of statnp insjiectors at Guadalaj- 
ara, have been airtsted upon the charge 
cf embezzlement of public funds. 

TeveroRamo5 and Augiis in Hernan- 
dez, two guests at the Atpiila hotel at 
Guada'ai.ira, fought aduel with knives in 
one nf the rooms Monday. The battle 
was a horrible affair and resulted in the 
deatli of Hernandez and the dangerous 
wouiuiing of Ramos. The duel caused 
much excitement in the city. 


The Federal Troops In Brazil Scored Another 
Xr.w York, July 2<k -A dispatch from 
Rio Grande do Sul to the Herald says 
the revolutionists were beaten near 
Livramento. Two hundred Castilhistas 

raidtd a ranch near the Cruguayan fron- 
tier, stole many horses and impressed 
peons into ;he Castilhista army. They 
committed similar acts on Uruiruayan 
soil. The correspondent in ^!ontevideo 
telcgrrtphs that soldiers are deserting 
fion: government trrirsports and joining 
the revolutionists. The officer in charge 
of the liala has piotest.d .against hoMing 
tlie crew and so'.Jieis captured from the General Reviera, and says he 
will not be rtsponsible for them. The 
l.ruguayan government has intimated 
ihey cannot be held on Urug' soil. 
Thii may lead to a furdier complication 
(I affairs. 


An Extension of Time Given a Gold Cure Com- 

jAMr.STOWN, N. v., July 26.— The Hu- 
manitus company, of Lakcvood, was 
granted an extension of one year on ob- 
ligations aggregating §130,060 by the 
creditors at their Last meeting. The com- 
pany directs the Sterling Worth Inn and 
Sanitarium and is capitalized at S405,()0o. 

They treat patients for the liijuor and 
opium hibits and have recently expen- 
<ied large sums in the devclopmer.t of a 
new cure for tuberculosis, which is f'lo- 
nounccd a success and has been the sub- 
ject of iiupiiry on the part of Governor 
I'lOwer and (Governor .Markham, of Cali- 
fornia. The company has a line ot 
branch e~tabli.-hments extending across 
the country and its prospects are now 

A Woman in South Carolina Assaulted 


Cor.UMiu.v. S. C, July 26.— A special 
from Swansea says: The house of Archie 
Sightler, white, near Gaston, was en- 
tered Monday niehl and his wife, who 

vas a^ home alone, was criminally as- 
saulted by two negroes. 

One of them named Handy has been 
caught and it is reported that he has 
paid the death penalty. Theother negro, 
named Thompson, has not been caught 
IS yet, but a posse is on his track. 

The Goodwin Stakes. 
LoNDON.July 2''>. ■llii'>w;is the second 
• 'av of the Goodwin race meeting. The 
(ii.odivin stakes, a hardi::;ip of 20 sove- 
reigns each widi 300 sovereign^ added, 
was won bv J. Cannon's 4-year-old bay 
nlly. Red l-lyes, by Goggles out ol Mij's 
Florrv. The prince ol Wales' 3-year-old 


bav liliy, the \ii;il. by F'en Hattlc. 
--eccnd, iiiid S. Darling's ; yoar-o'd 
Wrong Course, third. 




Attachments Against Carver. 
Ni \v \();<K, July 2^. — i he sheriff 
terdav receivtd nvo attachments against 
Dr. William F. Carver, the showman, 
one for $5oc)6 in favor ol John Iriedlni- 
der, jeweler, of Berlin, Germar.y, and the 
other ior .•?233.</) in favor of lliLjCaivcrt 
Litho.r.iphii'g ''onipanv. A deputy 
"^heMff has aitarhed trt-tiity-nine horses 
belonging to Carver. 

Contract Laborers Sent Back. 
Ni:w ^()KK, July -;6.— Thirtv-nine con- 
tract laliorerswcrL' sent from Idlis Island 
o the sieam^hit)S Trave and Moravia 
vet-terd*y morning to be tr.Misportetl 
iiack to their own inutttry. This is the 
iiiscov o; 


No More Trouble and the Banks Are Now 

Mii.WAi'KKF, July 26.- While it can- 
W't be denied that deposits in large 
sums are still today being withdrawn 
from places of deposit this in some 
instances amounting to serious runs the 
situation today to all outward ap- 
pearances is much ijuieter. 

From I o'clock yesterday afternoon, 
when ihf failure of the Oliermann Brew- 
ing company was annouiirtd, until 11 
o'clock this morning, there had not been 
a single suspension. Bankers this morn- 
ing express themsLlves as lupeful and 
confident that the worst is past and that 
the remaining open banks will be able to 
pull through. 

There are still ugly rumors current, 
affecting the credit ol some of the largest 
institutions in the city, but they seem to 
be without found.ition and merely the 
result of idle gossip born of the general 
lack of confidence caused by the failure 
of die Mitchell bank yesterday. 

The Wisconsin Bank Note and Litho- 
graphing company made an absignment 
today. The assignee is August 1'. Con-, who gave a bond for ^25.000 wiili K. 
J. Kipp and Rudolph Nunnemachtr as 


Disappearance of the Cashier of a Milwaukee 

Mii.w.M Ki i:, July ::o. Cashier Koet- 
ting, of the suspended South Side .Sav- 
ings bank, who disappeared last week, 
has not been heanl irom. Mrs. Koetting 
does not appear to h-^ \ x-ry much wor- 
liei over his disappearance. She feels 
more grieved that the iminuition should 
have been made that he committed sui- 

She said yesterday: "1 saw Mr. Koet- 
ting last at breaktis'; .Sat.irday morning. 
He had passed a restless night and was 
not feeling well. '.Mary,' i.;iul he, I am 
going awav for a few da\ s. It will make 
me crazy if I stay here. 1 will go away 
and when my brain is clear I will come 
back, I want to have a few days of 
quiet rest.'" 

.Mr. Koetting, as executor of various 
estates, had in his possc-s on belon^^ing 
to heirs over j;ioo,ooo in money and prop- 

Woolen Mills Shut Down. 
rMir.ADr.Li-iUA, July 2().— The exten- 
sive woolen mills of .Scatchard Bros., 
which have been giving employment to 
about 250 hands, have shut down indefi- 
nitely owing to the (h^prcssion in trade. 
The Hrr.i has been in bii>-iness for over a 
ijuarter of a century and this is the (irst 
tune that operations have been entirely 
suspended in the mills. 

Seven People Drowned, 
LiiND'i.N, July 26 -The atcainerPearle 
was run inio today off N(.rlh Rock, Ire- 
land, by an unknown steamer. Tlu 
Pearle sank, carrying down with her 
seven persons. The othtr live people on 
board were saved. 

Change of Train Service. 

As double train servii e on the North- 
ern Pacific railroad frn;n Duluth west 
has been run at a heavy loss to the com- 
paav and prospects not at all encourag- 
ing for the future, the management has 
been forced to discontinue the trains 
leaving Duluth 7:45 a. m. and arriving 
Duluth 7:15 a. 111., comiiiiicin^ Sundav, 
July 23. 

The evening train will continue to 
leave at 6:45 p. m» with same conveni- 
ent service for all Northern Pacific 
points in Minnesota and the Dakotas, as 
well as Montana and the Pacific coast. 
Train from the West 'ill arrive at i2:|o 
p. m. as heretofore. 

F. .\., 
City Ticket Agent, 
416 West Superior street, Duluth. 

Special Rates to Chicago. 
The St. Paul & Duluth is making 
special low rates to Chicago on account 
of the World's fair. 

Slee[>ing car arrangements attended 
to. F. B. Ros.s. 

Nor. Pass. Agt., 
42S Spalding hotel. 

"The Milwaukee" 

The only cleclri : li^'lued trains 
The latest private compartment cars 
The most luxurious sleepers 
The latest library smoking cars 
The celebrated electric berth lamp 
The finest dining ( ar service 
The government fist mail line 
The most comfortable parlor cars 
The best and most fre<iuent service 
.Safety, ispeed, comfort, elegance 
Secure sleeping berths early 
Apply to any ticket agent or address, 
J. r. C<i.NM;y, Asst. (ien. Pass. Agt., 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Notice to Tax Payers. 

Notice is hereby given that the board 
ol equalization for the county of St. I.ouis 
is row in bcssion for the purpose of 
eou.ilizing the jiersonal jiropcrty assess- 
ments as they may api>car npttn the dif- 
J. rent assessment roilaof Laid county for 
the year \S)]. 

All persons considering themselves 
assciStd 100 high, 01 who wish to com- 
plain that the property of another is. 
assessed too low, are hereby notified to 
appear before si id boird and show 
cause for having su:h assessment cor- 

hy order cf the hoard. 

Gi.o. N. I..\Va(.H'k, 

County Auditor. 

large batch of contract laboicis 

ed t»y the newlv-appointkcl labor 

c-iinctted with the irnmigratioli 

Cut to Pitccs. 

.'^^CRANTON, J'a., July 20.— fohn Ed- 
munds, entpl'ived at tin: Carbi,« 
Tr.iciion company's plan! at Maytield, 
in attempting to jninn tipon a moving 
elcL'ric car :it Jeriiiin this in')rning, was 


under the wh-els and cut to 

A Btazi in Gotham. 

Nrw VoiK, July 26. Fire early Ibis 
morning damaged t!ie la tiage ware- 
hou'^e of A. T. Demr>rpst & Co., 337 
Fifth avenue, to the amruntcf $30,000." 

Increase In Specie. 
liirr.iN. July 26. — 'I iu: itatcmcnt 
the IriU'Cr:ul h;\v.\ o*^ '", -iiT^rnv show s 
incrrn^e of sprcie of 8.220,000 marks. 



Another Big Bank Failure. 

IJut Dr. SfXHT \- Co. ciirr i.ilo.s pprinaucntly. 

The Greatest Advertiser. 

F,x-Povtmaster Gencrai John Wana- 
maker,of Philadelphia, oneot the richest 
.ind most successful merchants in Ameri- 
ca, in a IVilumore treatise said: 

"i do my hrr.vicst advertising in dull 
times. Then i-> when jicople look most 
keenly tor bargains, are anxious to know 
just how iiiiicli a thing costs, where they 
can save money. 

'd advertise particular things, give 
prices and qualities and take as much 
pains with ni> announcements as I do 
with my stork. 

"I alwavs use tin* mr-st space in the 
paper the people read the most circfully 
--choose the popular publication, in 
other words. 

"Advertising is like hotel keeping. One 
big dinnci will not n.akc nor keep up 
the reputation of the lir.use; fteady. good 
cooking does it. In advertising it is the 
satne. 1 never permit interest in my 
announcements to lag, nnd I never miss 
an i-suc of my rhoscn publications. Ad- 
veitismg has made my stoic the largest 
in the comury. Anybody i-lsc can 60 
the sainc." 


Now to 8«)lar ranterl7.1ns: 

Wo eld wliluTlr/^ly droop. 
Wliilo tlio bends ot p?r»plnition 

Down (liir liiu'iinioiiia <lo truop; 
Ainiosphcric pyrutocliiiy 

Hoiinil us (luth c-outiiiuous play, 
Makini; fervid pruclaniatlon 

Of old liidci)Ciulcnco day. 

Cttl<3riri(! visitation 

Our nimtoniy Inflames, 
Till llio wcuthir Imii-au chaps we 

(imralo with scorchlnB nunies. 
Ami lis f iiriiaco llros do Buem to 

Tnrrily our pvi-ry poro 
\V<i do Jiuito nppnivc i ho rostume 

That our latlicr Ad.-iiu wore. 

Limp our iriirmonts liuiifr. and limper 

Doth our vitnl struoturo kociu 
Till wo wish that wp wore fishes 

111 soniti far Icolaudic htroam; 
And \v(< \o\v We'll iiiako it hotter 

Ker the chap who's iiatiKht to do 
But to nsU lis as wo swelter, 

"In it hot enough for youV" 

— IJoston Courier. 

Ciettlnt; Even. 

"Any letters here far Absalom Jacob- 
Fnii';'" asked tho tall, loose jointed man 
with yollov.' luiir and u tuft of faded 
whi.slrci's on tho rxtrcine southeru fron- 
tier of ids pointed ehiti. 

Tho village jiost mast or got lip from his 
c!;air and looked through the J box. 

"None," he replied. 

"Any pajieii^?" 

The piistuiastor ejiamined the contents 
of another pigeonhole. 

"No pajicr.s tor Jacobson." 

"Lfttor.s 'r ])aper9 fur Alabena Dul- 
fceiia Ucota U.-iycraft?" 

"1 don't think there urc." 

"Vv isht ye'il look an see." 

Tho postmaster looked throngh the II 


"Anvthing fur Bjn-ki-r Eals?" 


"Gness j-e'd better look." 

Tho official inspected tho bo.xcs again. 

"Just as I told von. Nothing for 

"Simo Polhenius';'" 

Anothor wi-arj- search through etuffed 
pigeon liolos. 

"Nothing for Polhomus." 

The persistent man at tho window 
icept it up till l!u; postmaster had ascer- 
tained by ])c:Ton;il investigation that 
t'jere w.^.s m illior letter nor paper in thr 
ofuee for Giles Ruggles. Emery Wheel 
liout^e. Barney Stoilma.i. Hickory Twy 
man, Nelson JIeP<'lt. Jar\is Kingsbury 
or Iloiiior Ceane. and then made way 
reluctantly for an iiniiatient agrieiiltur- from tho Bainbridgo neighborhood 
v.dio had been wailing fivo minutes and 
v.'as beeoniing threatening and danger 

"What mado you ask for all those 
fall:;;' umil'r" inquired an acquaintance 
as tho nan with Ihnfadi'd chin whiskers 
KtopiR'd oubsido the building. "Do they 
live out in your .scctionV" 

"No. They don't live auyvtdier's 1 
Icr.ow of." 

"Then what did yoti iii'^an by luaking 
tho postmaster go to all that trouble for 

"I'vo been askin fur mail at this aw- 
fns fur mighty nnar seven months an 
nev( r got u bhuncd tliir.g," replied the 
ui!i«r. with a vindictive chuckle, "an 
I'm gttling even with tho guv'ment. 
b'gosh! That's all!"— Chicago Tribune. 

Something In a Name. 

An Engli.shman. traveling on tho con- 
tinent, engaged the Porviecs of a smart 
couiier, and on arriving at an inn one 
evenitjg he sent him for the traveler's 
register lh:it ho ndght enter his name in 
acr( idimce with the -Vusfri.-m police reg- 
uliiiions. The man I'cplied that he had 
;ivlieipa1ed his w'islies and registered 
him as an "English gentleman of inde- 
nond(;nt means." 

"But hov.- did you write uiy name?" 

•'I eiin't exactly pronotmco it, but 1 
i;ojiied it faithfully from milord's port- 

"But it is not there. Bring me the 

What was our traveler's amazi nient 
.it finding, insle:id of iv very plain English 
iiamo of two .'syllables, tho following por- 
tentou.s entrv: "Monsieur Warranted- 
aolidleather." — Petit Ijiegeois. 

A Itranrh KslnliliKlimnnt. 



A Woiiiaii'H OnoKtinn. 

Honser (looking up fnmi his paper)— 
They've found several letter.s bearing ev- 
idences of being ;?.(K)0 years old buried 
in some ruins in Egypt. Tlio writing 
V.MS that of fi^voman, and the paper was 
in ;-.n e.\eell''nt .state of preservatiim. 

Mrs. Hfiuscr — Hnmplil Mow was the 
man's pocket they found them in?— Troy 

A IJttlo Glimpse of IJfc. 

"Hullo, Sophlyl How is it you are 
here all alone? When I saw 30U up in 
Nooiian's a short tinio ago, you had a 
dozen friends around you." 

"Oh. yes, but I had money then." — 
Nov.- York Press. 

Plranrtl llrr. 

Charles t?tay1ate— Oh, j-es. 1 dote on 

F.iir iM.'irlyr- -That's ;i game where 
they have short stops and homo run.s. 
I:~n't il? How delighifnl:— Boston Tran- 

.S<'ar>oiialtIo Siprclalty. 

Stranger (to uative)— In what direction 
does the village lie. my friend? 

Native (slowly) — Well, sir, in all direc- 
tions, 1 reckon, though at this time of 
year it'e moatly about, fist, — Enchange. 

Amiability IVrsoni^^ed. 

Mr. Wooiiby Wise — Do 3-on know, 
Miss Edythn. I lilways laugh with those 
peojile who laugh at mo. 

Edythe — Keeps you busy moBt of the 
time, doisn't it?— Truth. 

$4 00 to World's Fair and Return. 
Dr. Spccr & C". do as they t>tom(fc ; Hd peg j 2. 

Xoblvnae C 

Her ladyship's lip qi 

She faltered, nnd hei 

" do yoti seek to 

foro my childreu?" 

Tho duke stared at 1 

"What do 3'ou me 

Tho duchess' face R 

"What do I mean?" 1 
peated. "Perhaps yo 
that yon kisst d nnd hu 
uight in tho )in s'lieo t 

His grace heaved a a 

":My love" 

His manner was mil 

"you, who wero 

eign land, do not apjin 
lions that upon 
bility. You <lo not re; 
(hat is upon us to mail 
of tho ;iristoeraey fr< 
generation. Wo owe it 

Tho duke sinih>nl ])ro 

"to be H constan 


And idl that was lefl 
was to bit and sihiutlj 
refused to elopo with h 
man. — Truth. 



• voice choked, 
humiliato mo be- 
ds wife in aston- 
in, my dear?" he 

imed with anger, 
(ho scornfully re- 
1 have forgotten 
gged the cook last 
f onr young son." 
igh of relief. 

reared in a for- 
iciate tho obliga- 
tn hereditary no- 
lize tho ureo.ssity 
dain the standard 
•m generation to 

to posterity" 


t example to our 

fiU' her ladyship 

rue tho day .she 

or father's coach- 

S«iiiie niOTfrencc. 

City Editor — You've got the account 
of that woman's huilra^o meeting. Lavo 
you? What's that big roll of paper un- 
der your arm? 

Reporter— What the;,' said at Ihemeet- 

City Editor— And tl:at slip of paix^r 
you are twirling in yotr fingers? 

Reporter— What Ihsy did.— Buffalo 

In the Snni 

Times are jiretty ha: 
pie. A deaf and dnml 
hotel in Chicago the ot 
ing a paper wrote, "I a 
man to wdiom he haiuli 
a stranger from New 
the unhappy words j 
them. "So am I."— Tes 


d with some peo- 
man went into a 
ler day. and seiz- 
in hungry." The 
'd the jiaper was 
York. Ho read 
.lid wrote under 
as Siftings. 


Stranger (at the seaside) — Can you tell 
me, my little man, wh>rre the Castletons 

Boy— Yes, sir. First Saratoga trtnik 
to the right. — Cloak R( view. 


4 ! ti Qlu 71 

^_ UU:; :■:- 

"No, miss, wecouldii t think of letting 
yon throngh this dreadful mud 
aad slush." — Life. 

Tlie World's Fair. 

During 1893 all roads lead to Chicago. 

Tbe Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul 

cads the van. Encloss a 2 cent stamp 

and get "The Milwaukee" World's fair 

older. J.T. CoNLEY, 

Assistant General Pas; enger Agent, 

St. Paul.' Minn. 


Real Estate 




per foot foi 50 feet on 
Michigan street, in busi- 
ness center. This will piay 
well to improve. 

for 25-foot lot on Fifth 
street, near the Incline; 
worth $900 

for 50x1. ')0 
Sixth streot. 

on West 

Exclusive Sale of Ijots in the ThHving 
Totvn oflilWAlUK. 

It will pay 3'ou to buy and build for 
Prices are Low and Rents High. 

D. W. Scott, 

Room I, VIesaba Block. 

EVERY IViAN ;r.°Hvo"s"!» 


From Wliatf-vor Causp, shouM writn to 


n*nnrpin UfnDP, fomer Fonrlh Streft, 

HIS mm: viwi cost vol \0THn«. 

Thf <.M. 5t aiol Ouly Tf IIaIiIo iih-Iii .\\ ortit *» of iLs kind in Iho 
t :ly. ltr:r«Urlr vrMiltiHlrd and lr|c«|ly qwnllflrd. If ]nroti\«-ii- 

•fllt ("M'-ll iUf flty f Tl r.^tllicTit. Ill' (lintin S« III liy lll.lll Of rr. 

I"-' •■ , fi' I Ti-'iii id.s. r* it: -tl I nrnVitf rm»r% ^Murnnttrd^ 

llCllUUo UcUilllJi lark uf Kn.-ri:T, I'M^irxl l>«H-a}, Hris- 
■.na fr.»ni lii'lt-^r/ftion .. limivs, lu'lol} cr>« >'T K\|> )*.uii-. |<r(Hlin;* 
!!ie tit rv'>iitiif-«.«. Ikf^hilily, Itiiiiiit^iu! Si^'ht. Self PistrtM, Ike- 
iV' hvi' M- mery, I'MiipffS on the f.xrf Avrrsion (oSti'it'ty, l^r^s 
• >r Anil<iii>m, t'lifitiifsstoM.irrv. Mrl-si{<'lu»I>. l>y^|>«'|nhM. SI nut* '1 
I».\rlo|'tm'nt, Loss of Tcwpr, raint in tin- Kirk, pl< .. are tfe«t»**l 

•itfr^, ivhMHr* sprj-rtiif. Uhhc tutal Di8Ctiar8:es 
Cuiod Pcrmiinnntly. 

Blocd, Skin and Venereal Diseases, Z^z::- 

H "1/, Ni'-*^,, Skin »:i(l ^."^l■■^, -ll<i'-hr'-. Kn»ptu-n<, Aciir*, 
t( '! iiij. t'M S'lrc.. rici-r^. fniil';! ■•m'II"i);s, f roiti u b.itcxci 
r^ii^i-. |in^t(i\-uly mi'l f*rcvt'r ilriven f 'oiti the kyvtcm by ino«n& 
•if Sufi', Tlmr.trolril ltrmr<lli><>. Stiff *ni Swi lien Joints iin4 
Uhi 'aiiiXiMii. th» ••' ult if llhxvl Iviu.ti. rur<"1 KIONKV 

and URINARY rompUmN. I'lnf'ii, Pi'ticuit, t«o rn-. 

<!' lit ur llliicly I'rini, Uonvrrbort sad Slrktiirc promptly 

PATARRU Thnwl, \mr, I.oBr II <'a«M;Conititutinni>lan4 
UM I nnnn, a. .imn-d ^Vc4kllf-^<•■. -f Koth S<-xr, Irciteil Ka 
ripirlnirnU. Charvm !'<» . Cillor ttil" Nyaiptaa l,Ut ai^ 
iwiwfi'jlrl fr/if. hy mill lh*> PiKtor hi s *iirr<i^sfully tr*a(p.| suii 
uf I thiUtandt. /llir<in«ulliiti'>ni a r »trirtly rnnfi.lmtial. 




NoHco If hrrphy (riven Ih 
■^liip licrctoforo pxiot.ii a boti 
inM (t. F. Swift mido- thr nn 
itsCo. IS this day diP!«olTod I 
Tho b>'f'noj=s will bo'rontlmt 
u !ii PI .III ;irr.iunl!, ilup tho < 
l.ini<l niul wliu nkitip iu aut 
tlini iiHir.oiii lii)iii(l,ili<<n. 

i»»llMtli. July 17, IrtM. 

J.B. scrrmirftCOi 

Bt thp copartnpr- 
ppen J. B. Sntphin 
me of J. B. Sntphin 
ij- inntral eooMnt. 
rflhvd. F.Swift to 
M firm fihoald be 
borized to eiim the 


OouvTT or 8t. Loeiit. V 

District conn, ElpvcHth Jcdicial District. 
In mntt(>r of tbe Bpr'IicatH>D of tbe city of 
Dultiili, a iiiutiici|iul ror|Kjrati<:n, t<i ro-assxtw 
to tlio ( .\tcnt of till' benpft'p nctuiilly accniiiiR 
HKHiun lljf |iri(|)crt.v iH^udittHl fh«-rel>>, tljn 
citM <if tin* fullo\t int.'iiiii>rov( ini'iil, l<;-wil : Tho 
(.'railing; for llmir ful! widtli of l'ii«<liiionT av»»- 
iiiipeiuit, from .Sujionor tfrfet npar Kifrbtb 
aveuiie w«'i>t to tbe uorlb line of tbe Tbird di- 
vision o.Tcopt tliroueb Cascade «quaro. West 
< 'awadi> htreet frcmi riodmont avenue eabt t/» 
North <\iprade Btreot and North raw.ade 
htrcot from ^Ve^-t ( ii-cado 6tn«et to Piedmont 
avcnui' pan, toKr-thcr with tho neeesf-arj- con- 
duit** and aiipitrtcnatjcofi, and ao iron liridKo 
across Clark houf-o crock, Uie roadway, 
iinprovf d thirty fret wido, rough i-tone ffuttf-rs 
hiiilt on either Hide and tho upace bet wren 
iiiacadamizetl. Tiie bpaco outf^ido tin- r' ad- 
way dotii^ticd for grai-r. i.latf^ and Kidewalkii, 
aud tho rxirtion <l>*ni(;ue(i for trraw plat-cov- 
itojI with lo.iin and ttrai^i, sco<i kowu tLorfou. 

To Ail Whom it May Concern: 

Notice if bonby ^.-ivon that tlio city of Duluth, 
a municipal corporation of and locat4*d in tbe 
county of Si. Louis and biato of Miunet-ota. ba«i 
cauMfd to bo lilod in tho oflico of tbeclerk of tlio 
district court iu and for tho county of St. Lkiuiii, 
Hleveiitli .Indiciai dibtrict, abtatemont aettiug 
forth tho dr«bcription and nature of a ccrtaiu 
local ii:ii)rovonii»nt mado nnd undortakon prior 
to tbe "jyib day of March. lM«a. in tho 
Kaid city and by tho baid mouicipal 
corporation towit: Tbe pradint; f..r ibeir 
full widtli of Piedmont aveiiuo east from Sii- 
|M>rior ^t^^•o» nenr Li^;!!!)) avenue webt o tlie 
north lino of the Third divitiioo. except tbrouuh 
I'ascado Mjuaiv, \Ve>t ( a^rcado toreet from 
I'loiiiiiont avrnui' oin-l in North ("Hbcade Mnn-t 
and North I aocade street from West (a^jcade 
Ktroot to Piedmont avenue eaft. tojfetber with 
the iiecwbary conduits and n|>i>urtenanc»'«', and 
an iron bridKO acrobh « l.iik llouf-o crook, tbe 
r< atlway improvofl thirty fei-t wide and rouph 
stoi.o putters built on oithor ."ido and tbe sitaco 
bo»wo«-ii iiiiiradajiiizod. the Kpuce out*ide the 
roadway depiKued for Rrase platft a:idMd»waIk», 
an<i tho |K>rtion designed for RTaKs pluts coven-d 
witii loam and );r:tb!i aoi'd §iowq thereon, and 
•eitii./,' forth that said a>'M-sFiii<iit, which ban 
iKi'n made to defray tho oxpen!>e of the p-id im- 
provcitioiit has Imjoii hinco March :?.<tli, I'lCJ, set 
aside in wli-le and is invalid in whole and has 
been | rommncd invalid in wiio!e the btate- 
inont furMior contatniiiK tbo debcritition of and 
tho nature of the afsie^sinent to defiay the ex- 
[leiiBeof the said iniproveiiient, ind also the cost 
of tbo said iinproveniont. to-wif . tbobumof $li:!.- 
410.4'.t, to^otber with tho further sum of Jll,- 
:Ul.ii.'i, IxMii? tlio amount added a^ hereinafter 
8i't forth, and the amount prop6hed to be re- 
M!-Mkso<l, to-wit, the bum of *11:<.410.4P. toirether 
with tbo baid further sum <if $ll,;l41.(i5. boin« 
iimouiit add-d to tho said oriifinal assessment 
to defray the nocossary e3ci>enfi«> of makin? sur- 
ve\b. planx, i-pi'citicatiosis and buporictendenco. 

Notice ib !ilso iriven that on Saturda.v, tho 
-I'lh day of .July, Ih'.tl. at \i:m a. m., at tbo c^>urt 
liciise in the city of Dnlnth, at abpecial term of 
the baid dibtrict c nrt of the Kloventb .ludicial 
district in tho afoiesaid county of St. I^mis 
and state of Minnesota, .-it the said place and 
itiio. or as biM>n iberoafteras counsel can bo 
iio.ird, tbo said municipal corjK)ra'ion will ask 
-aid r<jurt to appoint three disinterosted iiarties, 
fObidmts of tho faid municipal C'OriKiration, ae 
ipprai.sprs, to 'loteriniuo and assess the benotits 
Hccruins to local (iroperty by reabou of the said 
•ibove iccutioned iuipn>vemont. 

The ( iTV OF Dihth. 

Hy Hr.XBY F.<it:EENE. 

City Attorney. 

July 20 8t 

CoLXTY OF St. LoriB. J 
District ("ourt, I leventh Judicial District. 

Iu tbe matter of tbe pr«icoedinK8 on tho pait of 
tbe city of Duluth to rt-assess to the extent of 
tho bouolitb actually accruinif against the 
proi>erty beneHttd ihcrcby. tbe cost of the fol- 
lowiu;: iir.provemeiit, to-wit » Tbc^radine to 
tb(' sub-Kr.iili III Pi; ilmoiit nvoniie. fr'-m Tliir- 
teenth avenue west o i''<inrteentb avenuewest 
and S'l! orior stroot, from Fourteenth avecno 
west to tlio timb<r brid^re. just west of 
'1 h 1 ty-boc^nd avenue i>:ivint: of said 
Pii ''iiiiint avenue and Superior btreet. be- 
Iw. en the p<iiiits nhovo i amed. witli cedar 
blix-ks laid on t lank and band foundation, tbe 
Ubo of Kraiiile curb iu the improvement of tbe 
bald iMedmont avenno and .'Superior street, 
am! tbe c-nstrnction of tlie necessary rctain- 
ins wall. . 

To All Whom it May Concern: 

Notice is hereby siven that tbo city of Du- 
luth, a municipal corporation of i nd located in 
tho county of St. Louis and state of Minuorota, 
has caf.sod Iti bo fii» <l in the oflice of the clerk 
of the district conn, held in and for said county, 
a statement sottint^ iforfb a d»>scription <-f ana 
till" nature of the fo'lowmir local improvement, 
made iiu<l iindertaketi prior to March L'fiih. INOS, 
in the said ciiy and by the said municipal cor- 
Iiiiratii'ti. to-wi: : The cradiiiff to the subfrrado 
of Pi« f'l^ont avonue, inim Thirteenth avenue 
west to Four! enlh r.vouue west, and Superior 
street, from rourtecntli avenue west to the tim- 
b<T br;di;e, jutt west of Thirty-second avci- 
iiuo west, tho pavinf; of tho said Pied- 
mont avenue and Superior street, l>e- 
tweon tho ]>oints alxtve named, with cedar 
blocks laid on pinnk and sand foundation, the 
iii^o of prauite curb in the imiirovement of tbo 
•■aid Piedinout avonuo andSuptrior strvet. and 
the coiibtructioii of tho nocfssary rotainii'jr 
walls, also a description ofTind tlioLatnro of tbe 
assoKomenl made to defray tbe exitecsc of tbe 
said improvement. «i-hicb said ab?t>.<^bnioDt b.-is 
been since March 2f'tli. 1^9;{. sot aside in whole 
and which is invalid in whole and has been pro- 
nounced invalid in whole, topetber with .1 stale- 
nient of tbe cost of tho SHid improveOnMit, to- 
wit : The sum of f.s'.l,rip.'.r,>. t<'t;other with tbe 
additional ami further sum of $<<.t.'il.'.»;. Ijeinir 
the amount addoil for certain puri^tsj-b herein- 
after eet forth, and l!ie amount prop( se(l to be 
roassobso<l, to-wit: Tbo said sum of $»9.rd9 fiS, 
toiTot her with tho saiii further bum of Sv!>51 96, 
wliioli baid further and additioi al sum is the 
amount adde<l to defray tbo neces'-ary exiiense 
for making surveyt, plans, specifications and 
til perm tenjience. 

Notice is also given that at a special term of 
the said dist'ict court of tho Eleventh JudiciiU 
dibtrict in and for the county of St. Ijotiis, to 
be bold on Sjiturda.N. the L*9th day of .July. I'P;!, 
at !* ::>» o'clock a. ni., at tho court bouse in tbe 
city of Duliitli and at said time, or as soou 
thereafter as counsel can bo board, faid muui- 
cipiil corporal i«>n will ask the said court t<» 
apjxiint throe disinterest '^d parties, residents 
of tho said municipal corporation, as apprais- 
ers to dotermiuo and assess tbo l>onefit« accru- 
ing to local iir<.]i( rty by reason of said above 
nient ioiied improvements. 

The City of Dii'TH, 
Ky IIkxkv F. (ir.EENE. 
City .Vttoruey. 
.Inly 20, .vt 



Is a Specific for Gonorrhea, GU-et ;in<l clli«T»;n^&t. 
nnd luschiir^i-s in either sl.v. An infallitilc, s-.c 
and speedy cure of tho most obstinrrtc ctisc*. di"« s 
in rjto S dnyii, where other remeilieS entirely lai. 

Non- poisonous and giar.\ntuii> not to eai;sc 
Stricture. No inconvenience or l<><se£ lirtM.". Sa 
birkcnintj dusesto deranuo dii;cstion. A.^k IVu',.- 
t,'i-ts for G- G- S. and accept no «>lhcr remedy, 

Price fi.oo. 

Dclttth, Sontli Shore d 
Atlantic R'y. 


Boston, New York, 
Kontroal, Buffalo, 
Philadelphia, Pittsburg. 
C'pveland, Delroii. 

AH points in Miohig-an, 
The and South. 
Over 100 miles.. horter than arij' >r;ui 
line to Bosto and all Ntw Exic'aDd 
Over 70 miles iho shortest line to a'l 
Points FAst of Miickinaw or Detrv* 

ON Aix TiiHornn nufN-a. 

For tickets, aleeplor ear 
fall Information, apply to 

car •rcnmt»o«!a*r •>■ » 

T. 11. LARKK. Co^.mmciHl Aue... 
4i'M W\*t M<j>ir!or ^tint, IM i,i ■|;.,Jii;,.^ 
BMldlnffllotc ttoek 







Uusino!** and «»litoriiil rf>oin» la Tlio Ui-rahl 
buiU'.iu*;. I'JK VViv.t Sniv^rior Btrt^Pt. Tolopliouo 
— Biisiu<."^siitlic<>. .«•'». two rin>r«; oUitoiialroomo, 
'ilX, tlireo T\ntv»- 

Eastern IMlice- it>9 World Baildiug, New York. 
A. b. Story. MiUiasor. 

siBscmrnox hatks: 

Paily, r«»r y«>»>" 

Daily, per thrw monthe 

Dali;, i>or numth ■ 

■Wi'i'kly, i>OT yt>ar 




tutorial !»r tho potitotlice at Duluth, Miun., as 
secoiul oh'.ss iiuiil iiuitti-r. 

friendly to the deserving veterans. 
Judge Lochren is an old soldier and is 
the steadtast friend of the veterans. Hu- 
he correctly believes that the fraudulent 
pensioners should be discovered, even if 
oome dcacrvinjj people are caiised Sdmt- 
inconvenience. In proof of the state- 
ment that deserving veterans are beinj' 
cared for, the records show thai over now Tianieshavc been addetl to 
the pension rolls this year. 

The Weather. 

r. a. Wr.'.TnKK UcKKVV. DiMTii. Minn.. 
July ai.-CenerHlly fmrami cool»>r v.vj^tlitr i» 
rp;i«>rtfd (rv>m hU soction* tins' uiorum«. An 
.-irca of hijjh ban>m««ior whiiili was ovor tlio far 
Nt>rtbwt>*t yost(»nlay niornini; basmovoJ to over 
North.uu Mmufrii.ta and lui- n-rfucvHl the t.-ni- 
poratnro a^ far south as Iowa very niat.rially. 
Au area of low pressun' is u<ri!U!i« ov.>r ttie 
country to thouorili of Montana, aud auotht-r 
Is fornuiiK ovor tho oxtrtMiio SoiitluvoJt. •oitUor 
of wluoti will atToct this section toiUy and piv*- 
sibi> Dot at all. , 

It sJill i-ontiin-.cs warm oTer the country soutu 
of tliCirreat lalits whore the thormometer reg- 
isters iu tht> biwonti^s, at Prince AUwtt. >• »T• 
T.. t ae miuimimi hist iiifilit was :!t>. and it is 
much cooUt tK;in usual m thnt section. 

i>i,'ht jihowor* fell o\er iho tH>uth and SoutU- 
w»sr yv'storday, oiu ihere was no r:iinf.iU ovor 
the Northwest txce!<t a tract" at St. Paul. 

The highest temperature h?re yesterday was 
f<6. the lowi*t 'ast ni;;ht was .V*. 

PrLrTH. Jnlv '.'ii.— lit»cal Forecast : C'ortin- 
«e.l fair, c.^'ler today. »li;lit chati^ce in tein|»>ra- 
tun- Xhursitay. r.orthwest ro uorth.-a? t winds. 

H. H. BK0S80N, 

Local Forecaat OCiclal. 

WAsniNGTOV. July -o. -Forecast tiU s p. m. 
tomorrow: for \Viscv>ns!n: (.qiu-rilly fair; 
»U«htly cooler in southern rortiou 1 Imrsdaj 
inoruin*;; west to north wruls. lor Minne>t.ta . 
Fair; warmer Thnrsday ; variable winds. 

THE HERALD in Chicago. 

Tl.^> •> o'clock Ediiion is t>n sale early tlie fol- 
lowine niorninc 'n fhicawo at the 

Palmer Hause News Stand. 
Auditorium Hold News Stand. 
W. B Sizers Bcokstorr. 189 Stale St.. 
Chas. McDonald's News StanJ. 55 Washing- 
ten St.. 


World's Fair Grounds at the Columbian News 
& Novelty Co. News Stands. 

The Revolution in Brazil. 
The Herald's telegraphic columns al- 
most daily cci.tain some reference to the 
pro.c^ress of the revolution in Dra/il. One 
day a government .victory is reported, 
and probably the next day ihc revolu- 
tionists arc said to have scored a triumph. 
Few people, however, have any idea as 
to the cause of the trouble, which is con- 
tmed to the state of Rio Grande do Sul. 
Probably many people care flttle about 
the reaons that have started the rebel- 
lion. They take rebcilior.s in South 
America as a matter of course, as some- 
thing that is n:it novel but expected, .and 
so frequent of occurrence that interest 
in their origin or progress is at a low- 
ebb. For the information, however, of 
those wh© like to keep posted on what is 
going on throughout the world, The 
Herald will give a briel history of the 
present revolution. 

Toe trouble originated over th: dis- 
puted election of the governor cf the 
state of Rio Grande do Sul. In Novem- 
ber, iSgi, a popular agitation began 
against Governor Castiihos, which soon 
grew into something like a revolution, 
and at that time the troops were 
called upon tf> preserve order. Then an 
agreement was entered into by both 
sides to settle all their differences at the 
ballot box m the approaching state elec- 
tion, the federal government especially 
binding itself to abstain from all inter- 
ference. This last promise was dis- 
gracefully broken, and the national 
troops were k;:pt in the state to see that 
Castiihos was re-elected. That official, 
in fact, was declared elected by the mili- 
tary commander of the district in June, 
lSo2, and was forcibly seated. Since 
then he has been able to keep in oflice 
only by the aid of federal solflliers, 
and the disssatisfaclion with this mili- 
tary rule has become intense not only in 
the slate affected, but throughout the 
whole country. So strong did the feel- 
ing become that two of the cabinet, the 
minister cf marine and the minister of 
finance, threw up their portfolios on 
April 27 last, and published their letters 
ef resignation, in which they severely 
scored President Peixoto for his con- 
duct in overriding the will of a sov- 
ereign state. 

About that time Adniiral VVandcnkolk, 
a member of the cabinet under Fonscca 
and then a senator, set out from Rio for 
the scene of the insurrection, leaving be- 
hind him a letter to the newspapers, in 
which he said: "I now break for a 
moment the silence which I have im- 
posed upon myself, simply to say to 
Marshal Peixoto, "General, we will one 
day meet each other'." Me ii the man 
who appeared with his warship off the 
city of Rio Grande do Sul and captured 
it from the Castiihos, only to be himself 
defeated a few days later by the Brazil- 
ian navy and taken prisoner, with the 
most absolute certainly that he will be 
shot for treason. In the opinion of those 
who have given the subject ctrcful 
study, there is little doiibt of the ulti- 
mate triumph of the revolutionistii. 

UnwisR Resolutions. 

Pennsylvania G. A. R. men passed 
resolutions denouncing the suspension of 
pensioners by the pension bureau. This 
is a strange action on their part. How 
do they expect that the bureau can dis- 
cover frauds except by suspending and 
investigating. No honest fnan should 
object to an investigation. (Dn the con- 
trary he should welcome it and do all in 
his [»ower to assist the peiiiion authorit- 
ies to root out the dcadbe\ts and frauds 
that have ."secured placeii on the pension 

The present adminibtr.itiou is not un- 

The Strike in Kansas. 

The situation in the southeastern coal 
field in Kansas has assumed a serious 
phase. Guauls at one of the shafts have 
been attacked by a mob of strikini, 
miners and over one hundred shots ex- 
changed. When the mob found that thi 
guards intended to tight it out they lied. 
There is danger, however, of further 
trouble, and Governt)r Lewcllmg has 
ordered that the national guard be held 
in readiness. 

The facts leading up to the present 
threatening state of affairs arc these: 
The minority, composed of working 
miners associaicil in a miners' union, at 
not wish any coal mined until the mint 
owners agree to certain propositions. 
The majority, composed of small mine 
owners who ship coal and those who woil 
for them ami who form a clnss of niin 
ers by themselves; a certain proportior 
of regular miners who are willing to work 
under present conditions; a large num- 
ber of labt'rers whose work is connected 
with mining; the business community o; 
the locality and the buying public 
want the mines worked. This consti 
tutes a very large majority of person: 
whose interests are injuriously affected 
by the continuance of the strike and tht 
stappage of the mines. 

it is very evident that somebody mus> 
yield in the matter, and the probabilit> 
is it must be the minority, althimgl 
the Pcpuiist /governor of Kansas ha; 
been patting the strikers on the bqck 
and urging them to persist in the fight, 
while the president of the strikers has 
urged force to preve:it the working ol 
the mines. The mine owners have 
brought in negroes from Alabama t»' 
take the places cf the strikers. This is 
more likely than anything elss to lead to 
serious trouble, and possibly to bloodshed. 

The fact that a majority of the miner? 
have not joined in the strike and arc 
anvious to contmue work would seem to 
doom the strikers to defeat. It is the 
privilege of the strikers to use every 
lawful means to persuade the miner.- 
still at work to join them, but the em- 
ploynrent of force cannot be tolerated. 
Kvery man has a right to work wher 
and where and for what he pleases t( 
earn a living for himself and his family. 
He is entit-led to the protection of the 
law in so doing. The strikers, therefore, 
cannot be permitted to assault or inter- 
fere with the men who have continued 
to work in the mirfes. Persuasion is le- 
gitimate, but force is unlawful and can- 
not be tolerated. 

says the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, "are 
learning the important lesson that it i;; 
better to help b;inks to stand than to 
force them to fall." And as soon as tht*' 
peo[ile ha\ c leann'd thi.s lesson houcs'.ly 
conductctl banks will stop falling. 

Senators Stewart and Jones, of Ne- 
vada, admit that the Sherman silver law 
will be repealed and consequently they 
think the country is going to hades. Tht 
Nevada serators are no doubt mucl 
chagrined to find that the silverites have 
lost ground in congress, but they neec 
not have any fear about the country sur 
vivir.g. When the country has repudi- 
ated the silver heresy, it will be aU right. 

Steamboat racing on the great lakes 
is becoming altogether too common. I: 
is a dangerous pastime that may resuli 
some day in the drowning of scores ol 
people. If the owners of the vessels 
have no regard for the lives of their pas- 
sengers and crews, the governmeiiL 
should lay the heavy hand of the la\. 
upon them. 

The craze for V'olapuk.'lhe conglomer- 
ate language that in the opinion of it j 
enthusiastic advocates was to become tho 
language of the world, has come to a;, 
end in Paris, which was headquarters 
for the Volapukists. If any language 
becomes universal, it will be the ofhcial 
language of the American people. 

It is an anomalous state of affairs that 
extremely few of the banks throughoir. 
the country which have suspended pay 
ment are insolvent. Many of them have 
assets double their h.abilities. Senselci.. 
runs by excited depositors and a scar- 
city ot currency have caused the trouble. 

It is strange that ;;o many people ar; 
killed by electric cars in the Eastern 
cities. Evidently the people require 

some Western hustle 

to keep out 

A Christian scientist named Easton is 
going to try the faith cure on horses . 
Where is the society for the prevention 
of cruelty to animals? 

Rev. Dr. Minton says he prefers Chi 
ncbc to Anglr)nianiac.s. This reminds u:. 
th;it in appearance many of them bear a 
marked resemblance. 

Will France bark down or make war 
in Siain? That is the leadnig (lucstioa 
•of the day in Europe. 

A Mental Lapse. 
Pittsburg I)isj)..ulr. An cxchango 
says: "Wh;it we»c the people «jf Kansas 
thinking of when ihcy elected such a 
governor as I.ewcliing?" It is j;>fe to 
.say that they were not thmking at all on 
thiit particular occasion. 

Crowding Out the Men. * 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: There art 
eight women to one man at the fair liter 
arv congresses. U the male of thi- 
country dri>pping out of literature a.-- 
well as passing out ot everything else? 
t>r is it merely that the female author 
loves congressional debates better than 
.the male author.-' 

Envious o{ Duluth Weather. 
Wabasha Herald: O. F. Colier came 
down from Duluth Saturday evening, 
his right ear a little frostbitten. Never- 
theless, he sa>s that Duluth weather is 
lun as bad as might be supposed, and 
that the inhabitants predict an early 

•« j» 

Precept and Practice. 

Indianapolis journal: Less than a 
year ago Judge Jenkins delivered alec 
turc before a law class on the "Crime o' 
Negligence," and during the lecture 
cited the case ol a bank director who as- 
sumes a trust and then neglects to fill il^ 
duties. Now he is under indictment for 
doing th:i very thnig. 

A Rare Combination. 
Little Falls Transcript: The Chicago 
Inter Ocean says that John Sherman 
knows more about finance than any othei 
living man. He knows so very much 
;;bont it that he could be author of the 
Sherman sdver purchasing bill and stib 
be a wise financier. I ew men can be so 
wise as to be able to do so ft)olish a thing 
and still possess st) much wisdom. 

The Same Old Way. 
Albert Lea Standard: t^ne summc 
seems to be ju»t .a^ bad as ancther. A 
woman cannot get out of a hammock any 
easier this year than :>he ever did. 



A One-Legged Rider Made the Trip From San 
Francisco to New York. 

Frank S. Beedleson, the one-legged 
bicyclist, who left San Francisco on May 
15, to ride acicss the continent on a 
safety bicycle, reached the City Hall 
Park in New York city at 7:45 p. m. on 
July 20, having consumed 66 days t) 
hours and 45 miuutes in making the trip 
and cri:atlng a new recora. 

Beedleson is as brown as a berry from 
his exposure to the sun, and barring jc 
slight lndispo^ition owing to a change cf 
diet he llmshed in excellent health. 

The time made by Ikedleson lowers 
Neiison's record by twenty days, and the 
time made by Thomas Stevens in ib>8.; 
by thirty-seven tlays. The perilous ride, 
which was accomplished without a mis- 
hap, was all the more remarkable fronr. 
the fact that Beedleson h:ul his left ]ey, 
amputated just below the hip eleven 
vears ago. He arrived in Chicago on 
the afternoon of July 2, taking forty-nine 
days to reach th;it city from San Fran- 
cisco. West of Chicago his riding was 
conlined mos;!y to the railroad tracks, 
;is the roads were unfit to travel upon. 
Beedleson claims to have ridden the en- 
tire distance, excepting tweniy-scveu 
miles through the mow sheds in tht 
vicinity of Blue Canon. He carried onl\- 
a necessary change of cl-Jtbing, which 
was strapped by a luggage carrier to the 
handle bars of his wheel. His crutchei 
were also strapped to his michine. 

He reached IVnighkeepsie at noon on 
Wednesday. To a reporter he said tha*: 
he felt no ill effects whatever from hi; 
ride. He was confined to his bed at 
AIko, Nev., for a day on Mny 26, with 
la grippe, but his general health was 
gOijJ ttiroughoui the nde, and he felt 
benefited by his trip. 

Don't miss moonlight excursion on the 
Ossifrage tonight. Tickets 35 cents. 

Moonlight excursion (m the Ossifrage 
tonight under auspices of ^". M. C. A. 
Tickets 35 cents. 

"Bleeding Kansas" is sustaining its ol 1 
territorial reputation. 

Very Likely. 
St. Louis Globe-Democrat: If Siam 
were as large as I'rance the French ulti- 
matum possibly would be a little less ul- 

A Lesson for the People. 

Milwaukee Sentinel: "The people," 

I Was 


WrtlieatJirrli. hinc; IroiihLiiiiidyi n.-raHy luokea 
down. Poforo i liad taken half & bollI» it 
H«(;d'sSarsai»arilLil fe-Ubetti r. Now I ainli 

to Hood's Sarsaparlllrs," ' m- 

Bo.N'r, clover. Iron Co., i»ii). Met, HOOd'C 

Hood's Pills «''"■•' fKUslip'illoi hy resl(;r- 
Ijotf Uie perls taiUc action of tho uUmontary cauoi. 

American Store. 

niJia-TH, Weduesday, July 2<'>, 1893. 
The urdthir tomorrow ts likely to b« 
fair, uanticr. 


20 new iiicshcs, in dainty 
\^alencic;-ines Laces, just 
received. Prices, 4c to 
12y^c a yard. 


In dainty checks and stripes 
just in, \2%c. They are 
vcr}- nice. 

New Hosiery 
And Underwear 

In Lisle, Silk and Cotton 
just in. All Low in price. 


New Waists 

In Silk, Sateen, Lawn and 
r>atiste just in. They are 
very choice and low priced. 



Are visibly prevalent all 
over the store. If you in 
tend shopping now, look 
all around and then come 
here and vou'il lind trust- 
worthy goods selling lower 
than elsewhere. 



A Positive and Permanar.t Cure 
for all Stomach Trou'oles, 

Wright's U, S. liyspspsia Specifie, 

6 BOXES, $1 .OO ritCE BY MAIL. 

P. C. Lutz. DrutfRlat. r.6i "Wabasha St., St. Paul. 





AilviTtiMiinciilH ill this colnain U.VE CENT A 


No H'lvurtj .(siueutn takoa fur tljovtt oulnnina 
tiM forliiii. i. n. until <>i(l**r>iil oat. 

Kvery advortUniaiiit ib carefully eluMJllci-l 
rndnr it» iiiopiT hoadinR—CHj-'ly fonntl, enfeily 
rcriil -win rrach iiioro ro(i<inrri lliuu can bo 
to.icliod ill nuy othia ■Vitijf. Try it. 

flii rj^.-i J i o y ,v ft . i ff-i_ft. u^ 

•^ Ijor flfiy and board, 2(MS \\ out Fourth vtraol. 

nition rts HtonoKrn|>lior. I'-iiiIiikI'ih <tp(ira- 
tor. A(l<lr(>sH W. M.C.caro V. M.C. A., City. 

I onpod lady stmovraplier nnd b«K>kkeor»«r. 
City rcfcri'ncfs, A<l(lre.-s K li)0. iltT.ilfi. 

I placp t<' takf caro of childrcu or do «ec<iod 
\\<'rk. Ill yiift avcnr.o caht. 

1 ''X!M:1{1KN(;E1) J>ADY STENOCiKAPlIlik 
1 > anil Iwiukkft'ptT wintB a i)erman«^ui po«i- 
liou; city lefereucci*. AiidroMj K il, Evcmne 


TO itv.KT inn sr.s. 

'■ro UKNi Hivi'K iTOT'si;, nor water 


lii'Ul. Ti'll Wnet Si'Cond 1 frrjt. 

r Park-li.Wj. H. M, JJockus. &00 Burrow 

* «rTi cC'iiveuiuuct^fi; btHiim Iioat. Ej.yuii. 
Ififi LyeoTii]!. 

r'>nRM.SHKi) iKMiMS. OA.S and BATli 
I <'(ii.l iiiid (iloabunt. Salt'-r lljw :iii5 Euri 
Tliinl Hl/iei' ;. 

i VL«nii:iu-ib. JO. 4'.i!t EiKlitli avenue east. 

1 lionRi-!r<f.pjr(;. Jlu pi-,- niontlj. i(i Firs; 
a von no pa!«L 

ir>oi:Ni.sHKi) on UNFiiRM-^in-:i) room.s. 

i Knowltoii blork, i:!(J Wett. M chigatj etrctt. 

l>OO.VI.s FOR <iKN"rLliM?iN ONLY. PKK'F.S 
It reasoi al/le. 11« West SuiiTior e-treot, over 

tll*i "('KhCO ' 

TO 11 f'.y j—sTttit r.s. 

O rior sti-eot. Apply to MBndei.h'<H k Uoopos. 




* A. M. Uf»n'lar mnetin*? third 


^^Crt^'^'Oiiilay nvniiiriRS 111 'Vfry ii. unt'j at H 
yVjr\ o clock. .Suxt m^xtiuir Jnly ;il. l^r.^. 
' Z. , .Work, ... coii.l dAjrr c. W. B. Paiu>n. W. 
M. bdwiii MiirxT!?. wx-nitary. 



TONK; iXUKiE No. 1*5. A. F. & A. M. 

* Rnt;alar iii<;ritii;«»M>c4»n'i and fo'irth 

JiDUilay r vr 'jiiici: <jt rvnry moDtti at 

•,., "''•f !<• N>xt tnrf,x.uis .July 1<», li-W 

trr ,-."''"■.'.'• ^'- *^- '''Vcroe. S. U Frazar.W. M.. 
W. ( beaJl". necr.ftury. 

T^EYbTO.NE OHAFliiR No. 20. K. A. V. 

i- ■ °'^"-*"' conimnnirati.,aK r'^uuil and foorta 
Wodwgday*?!: <.f ,i;ic.h moutii at fe o'clock. 
Oeo.A.F]ack, H. P. T. J. lj,u.t«r. .^-crr^tarVT 

K. T. 8lat»*d conclave at 7::i6 
o'cl'yck fin-* KvA tliird lu.?fr-lay i-vph- 
iuu8 of fvery mouili. W. (i. T-n 
hT'n>y, r..V. A!lre<l LeRiclleux.^MC- 

lHISt:r:t.hASKtH n. 

y^ while ycu w.iit. Rc-acon&ble prices. A. 
wmgol.i, liSEuft Ntjcond strwt. 


day. Apply 'i* W«.'bt Third ht root . 

» » AH work lirst ciass. 2\X East Snporior 


1 (ieruiiin «irl» <l(»siro RitiiHtioiiH t^o do j»nii- 
••ral liouc«work. Best of roff-ronrfK. / pply Itj 
I'irst .ivfni'if east. ETii;>ioyuiout oHic. 

I» .I.V7'/:/> -MAU: II Kl 1^ 


\ Kood pfr-iimal appoaranco, i<> can\.iS8 auJ 
cuilect. 402 ChaiiilM^r of t'oniiiierco. 

two KnKlisli-speakit)(? talepnuMi : Falnry 
tiiid roinini^Kion. Tiie Bin!?or Maimfacturiii-.- 
( o., dlh Wcbt Sur)erior Btrect. 

▼ V iirrviy, ableljodit'd ni'Mi of fftxxl c!i;u-;ir.ter 
ijotwoen rlin -.i^cr, nf 21 and ;«t years. I jcm-mI pa.v, 
ratii>ii!-, I lot'iiijf,' antl iiiodicr! frpe. 
The ri«oriiitiup oflicorof tho Third Uuitxd Stctos 
icifautiy. stiuioned at Fort Sucllins, Mine, 
8CV0H inilr>E f; Ht. Paul, is in Dul'ith, aud will 
iccoive applicants for ciilisi incut. ( ilioe i>i 
B'lnnisicr block, comor Superior e^wjt and Sec- 
oiidavpuuo wost. 



STATE O F M 1 N N Ft ( )TA , ? 

County ok i-.r. Loui.'^. S " ' 

District Conrt. Elrvca'h District. 

Mar«aret J. Dixon. I 

Plaiatiff. | 

vs. r 

Julm 11. Disuu, i 


Thomatcof Mninfl.'iOfa, to l!io above nanipd 
dofnudant : " 

Vou are lirrohy summoned and reijiiirod to 
aiiswf-r tho cniplauit in tlio mImivu ontitlod 
pction. which is lili-d in the tiflir;* of tho clerk <f 
tho diFtriot c.mrt of the I'lovcutli .ludiriiil 
District, in aud for tli»' c<>nnty of St. Louis and 
statu of Minnosot.i, i.ii''. ^o ht'rvo a copy of your,-f«r to the said complaint on tlie subscriber, 
at his '.ilice 111 room 102, Torn-y t>nildin«:. city 
of DiJnIh. in s:'id county, with- 
in tliiily dnyn after tho forvico «>! 
(his fiiminom) upon vou, "xclu*ive of tho day of 
aUK^U Kervice; anil if von fail to answer the nx'.A 
complaint within iLi lime aforoKiid, the plain- 
titf in this action will move Iho court for llio 
lelii'f a^ l«ed for. 

D.-itPd .luly l".tt;i, t -M. 

H. B. Sl-KNI HE, 

Pl;nmiiT's Att^ornpy. 
Duluth, Minn. 
.July IS- J5 Aug 2 t>-l'')-23 

Dci.CTn -131 W. Michigan Street, 

(near Union Devx*;;). 
MiN.Nii.vPOLiS -111 Nic<>Uct Ave. 
St. I'Ai'i>— Third p.ud.lock.stm Stf-. 
TELKl'HOyj-: J:i^. KtiTAHLL^UED I>ib2. 

snll oar fcpeoialtics on the iustailmout plan, 
I t(Mid waweiH and b.o.ldy V ork lo tlioriyht men 
W. A. Efl-AT.irdfi, 72^ WcsT. Hnnerior etroet. 

O Cni'VTV or St. LoiiH. ) 

Di.'Irirt court. Ehvoiilh dudicial Difitrict. 

Slevon V. WhiiK, I 

PlainlilT. I 

Wiilt-r H.auiUh ami Nathaniel ; 
WilHin. I 

Defendants. I 

The State of Miiine'.'ta, to the alxive oninod de- 
fetidanli^ : 

YoU (ir.< hereby niimmoiMid and romiired to 
aiiHwer the coiii|>lai'H of tho plnintiff in the 
atiove entitled action which is lile<l in IIm^ ollico 
of the clerk of llied !«lrict court of ihe eleventli 
indicia! "listrict. Ill lid for the county of bl. 
Louis aiul stnte ol' MiimwHotii, and to sorye a 
coi.y of yonr answer to the i«aid coiiiplainton the 
RiibHcriberx at tWeir cHtico in Firiit National 
Biuik l.ud.lin^r. DnliiHi, m «aid coanty, witliin 
111 (liivH after tin- so virn of this umiitnoim upon 
yon, eKchihlveof tlieday of Hiich ^'e^vice ; and 
if joii fail to aiiBwr the said complaint within 
the tune ,\foreKnid, thi< phiiutiU in tliii* action 
will apply to the court for tho relief dvinanded 
in tho coiiiplniiit. 
Dated .MaH<:ui, |S>i:<, 

DuAiL!!. Davis A. IIoi.i.iktkb, 
riaintitrs Atioriieyti. 
Dnluth, Minn. 
July 5-1 J-ll'-.H, Auk. 2-'.i. 

■^■'.j..^iCii^-i:M4j,t: lit I,:- 

»» work; none but E<H>d ouok iioedapplv. 
KXV.l East Third rtreet. 

irloC) *oJ-'i"iO per month repvescntinx the 
.ViTierican W'.id Loan company. ( all on Andrev,- 
( '. Vol If, sHoerintendent of aseijcies, 602 Palladi-j 
huiJdiLff. Duluth. 


'-\. western Beuuvolent Society of Dulnria. 
'?:\\s tick, accident and death bi-ncfitc at a cort 
of 25 cents per week. Has written over IT.oOt 
laeinbors and has paid ont ov?r SiO.OlX) in cabli 
!o thoso luembcrs in tliO past fisteeu'rvs-inths 
Ourageuisara njakini? f roni alOO to $40(t ivtr 
!!ioi;1ii. Write for terms or call at 707, 708 aud 
"li9. Pallndio build :ij<;. 


X Dnluth, ."^'liVl iu cipIi ami will as.>-uuie a 
Miinll mortcaffo. Wliat have ynn for this in a 
I'-rooni house in Endionor I'ori iaud below Fifth 
i;treet. inside Ohio. No a«ent? need reply. A 
.^1, Herakl. 



li.ibtweiriit row boat. Call 214 Lycenni. 

^OJ{ M irr-^flSCJFJLLASK'T^lJ* 

i lis East Superior street. 

/ -^ ASOLINE STOVES FliOil $3 TO «6-llS 
VJ East Superior street. 

-.: V other business. Best str.nd in the city. H 52, 



to A. 1". l>ob:>!z estate. Inquire of Samuel 

('. Miller, t)2^ (fartield avenue. 

S/WEifAKKR. „„_, 

-I buBincss at 1*2 Fifth avenue wesi, Lyceum 
liuildinK. and is prepared U^ do all kinds of 
ihuomakinR work iu a tirst-clas? inauncr. Fii.e 
^iJoos a 5peciHlty. Old customers .ire invited to 
call at my new shop. i*. 




AdlrwES Fond da Lac, Minn., 

has for 8:i!e. or re!it, for term of y 'ars. 
tm acrrs in Fond dii ! ac village, unliable 
K-r hotvi. trardeuin^j, i.Iouics. lisliiiii;, 
bstiiiiip and bo;itiiiK *o Dnlutli. wi'l be 
r-iit ."d, or Kold. clieap to ri'.-lit paiii'S. 
Tl.cro is a fortaim iu it. 

,«<Tf/ » J' ti IC rAl tU > 'V. 

X 1 sto-os ai-d r.iiisiM» rupairi ;! on short notice. 
cHstii7fs fn'-ni-hed for anv kiml of «t.ovcs ntade ; 
.Vnorican Stove Koi>«iir Workf^. 118 Euti Super- 
i.>r street. 






I'otNTV OF St. LoLlrt. J '■ 

In prob*te court, special tona, July If^tii, 
In the matter of tho eetate of Niels J. Hotr, 


On receivinor and tiling the prtitionof Cela 
MolT. ot the county of St. Lous, rt present iiic, 
anioiiK olhi r thii.KK. that Niels . I. Holt, late of 
thocouniv of St. Louis, ib the stiiteof Minno- 
sola, ou the !irh day of .Inl.v. A. D. IsWl. at the 
county of St. Lou.s, died intestate, and bein^ en 
inhabitai.t oi thip co-.inly .it thetJnieof hts 
doaUi, leaviukT »;o<mIs. chattels aud estate witlisn 
thi.' county, and that the sunt petitiom r i* 
the WHO vol said ileceased, aud irajiM^tliat 
adiionisi.rntion of said eftali' b« to lii*i' ^'rmiteil : 

It 18 ordered, that r-aiil petition hcl.UHrdlo- 
fore said court on Tiiursday. the tenth day of 
Antrnst. A. 1>. l"-:u. ai ten o'cKck a. m., a' the 
proh:ite ollice in Dulntli, in saiil county, 

<>rdi«r<-il flirt tier, th.-tt not ic" tliereof le civ'ii 
to 111" lii'irs of sn'd deceased and lo all j>er.soiis 
JMler^'strd. by pabli.Jiiiij; (hifi order ou Wt dm .s 
ifay iu week for threo rueci-.ivo \veel:s 
prl'ir to sniit «ti»y of hearinc in the Hiiluth Eve.i- 
iuiT Herald, -i daily new^pa per, printed .iiid piib- 
lislied at I In I nth, in f lid coniit.v. 

I»a-id at Duluth, tho l.^t.h day of July. A. D. 

By the Court, 
l^oal.) Pi>ivi:as AvKR, 

.1nd<e of ProlMite. 
Jaly l'.'2i'.. Auk 2 


braucli'-s rendered by Z'-nith Cjty Deter- 
tivi> Bijeiicj. C 4j H < liatiib'-i of c,,jnin"rce. 



The People! 

If ; .-ou cari get your I'.am e 
so thoroughly and so 
pr ominent'y a csof i-ited with 
the business in wh ich you 
art eneaped that people will 
instinctivel y think of the name 
whenever the business 
is suggested, you will have 
achieved the acme of adverti.^ing. 
If you will putyournpine 
an:l your business 
toj^ethcr i;i 

Ti!E Evening Hi:rald 
evsry day 

y 011 "Will 

Soon Beach 
That Point ! 

KliSTA I. AOESry. 


-«-< with .S' eiy's Fire lonranc^, Rerrtal and 
<o) lectio 11 H.:rr-au. lot PalJadio buildin/j.- 




. iiiii 6 N. P. and Garfield avenne docks 
.\ cdi:e<fiays and Satur.;ay.s at 1" a. nu. Snaday- 
"•/"• '"J*^ - I'- "»• ^'"•r ^<.'':rit L-ike. New Dolnth 
and bond tiu l>sic. Fare .Vi cents. Wcd:;f-*.,lay6 
fiijd Sundays tliR boat v.lii givi- moonli«?lit ix- 
en rbifjiis around t lie hr-rn. fare 2-". centr. B<»«t 
*'."-'' be ciidf tered for dav and uufpt orenr!<ioa^. 
•;j^p c;al r-ili-i to ^.-Kieties. .J.piin HaiJW.Li. comor 
lower aveiiU'iaaU Twcuty-iLird fti.,-! WV»t 
huperior. V, is. 


C^'^^'^jy'T^^i}^*^^ RENTAL AGENCY. .W 
V^ Wo.-,'1hrid«e baildircr. It you want s hotj<;s 
or t tort' r all end see a Mr lin always on iiSiid. 
t — — — >__^_^ 

»--'jkt-r Ji?"'??* 


*.' fSrytt K.-^HljiHtrh. 

pHAELE3 F. HOWK. tsl.. I/IL .ITTH^ 
V^ i.'oa ^i7«>i, to tneexan.ination »i:a rffpc>l- 
tiif 02 T.-jPrfL! !*i,.l/. Jj-.-m lacdf ticuslii «k- 
:xn' AnA.ysf,, of 8»1 Kind- ina/1* ca «bo- 
a*-.tje«. on Chamber of t omni^.- 1 - . 

I'RoFK'iSIf ).\ 'I.. 

hand and dietatifsu by a practirrl. 
• xperieneed t.-acL(-r. Kates to suit prf-r-i- 
hard T:me-. AJt^rr c» (,« ! hVrald. 

I Mis money on Qiht-clsfs feecnriti'js. 424 
< .'larrher of ' oniinerce, I>aluth. 

Lories, \\f.>,-o»s, Loufc«LoM fr.:TJtnr«. pi 
anos. di'ir.ouds, jewelry aud all kr_L.i of r*r- 
wjnal projKirty, o.. shf;rt »otJoe a.;d h iow>r rsite 
rhan VO-.1 can pos.ibly RTt ir ^'.s.- v.L.-ie. Inr-rire 
of ^\m. Horkac. r^anHfier. L*«luth M<T«Kr:cQ 
Lo8D company, rooin4?0.Ch!i'Kberoi Con^meree 
bniMinir, Dnivth. 


wate>ie?. jevrelry, »-tc.. at l'^"- 
'•£) r_A Stanard.t'-we'ry and Loan O0ic<-. -'-X 
Wl-^t i'H-erior Et-ett. Business stric i\ 

-li j>»-xelrv. (7 A. KJ=iri.on]y licensed pawn- 
hroV>»r :r. Do'r'ti-. i: \v<> ■ Fnperk'r h'r* » t 

^^_^^^^ ARCIIITKCTS. ^ ^ ^ ^ 

■^jL. Louses and heavy bni]>luie« a fpecialty. 

tpcts. Kocm-: i-il and PIT. i'«»rry bTiiJditt:, 
Diilui;i. Mian. 





Is located for a short tim" at 126 West Second 


Looking over the Ions list cf clairvoyant.'" and 
medium-* iu the United bt.-ites one will litd at 
the rf ail tho name of Profe\spor M. jiuii.iis. 
formerly 1. uown as tho Now York Boy Medinm. 
'kViiilc onl'' 2") years (>f age. h« h.^s been n'cog- 
ni/.i d by t le poople aud iliO prof":sion itself as 
the loroinopt ami most able medinm livinc .Vt 
the ai?" of ti.'U his'ers were tirst noticed and 
s'liCO tiiat li:i;e he has been before the public, 
lien-oust'" tiuii th.-^t clairvox ancvisnot an amus- 
ina toy. but a powerful sift. cr«at;'d to no uood. 
and to .-In w all tliote coiisiillinc it. the we.y to 
ji'ifect happiiiets, hcaltli and pr.isperity. 

Professor Dubois' readincsou life in which he 
reveals an i -predicts the past, j ref eat and fn- 
rnre are cf t'ne hialiesl older ai.d snporior t^i 
tiiose ot any medium that ever visited this city 
and Ih^ \ Hecivcs advice ou all iiiHtters, 
b.ifriness or sociai aiTairs, .iourueys. si>ecu!atious, 
love, mariia/je, law sntts. Jos; or stolen article*'. 
a:ul thron;"'! his wonderful powers is enabled to 
recover them, and with this »ane' power he.ilin,; 
trou.;ie between former friends, nnitit^e tlu' 
separated and doing r(K)d t-o all that call on 
liim and f >llow his advice. 

Oflice hcurs : 9 a. m. to U p. m.. daily and Sun- 


l';r!or.= 'o arrangred th:it you meet no straa- 
Rcrs. A'l lettiTs au^wer^ d. 

Ciiai-Kes: :,0 cents for ladies and $1 for aei;- 
lluniou, aud up. 


\-y> \Vi»,t Sec I'.d street. 

»;i $'tL, icsu isJ>-r. 2vft. 

aiid »arveyor». iJltf Chaml)or of Com- 



civd en^rineers. :*■ 5 Wcet Fourth street. 

JL (tiuo*r .'ind surveyor. Roi.:;i 7ir( Palladiii. 


1 office iu Dnbith, free ot charge 10 all ijirb, 
also liMve I fuU I'ne of l-air swit«;hee. ch:i:n8. etc. 
Mr«. M. V. Seihold. -.i^i East Superior str^-et. 

^^ A^rroRyvfi. ^ ^^^^^ 

TH. WrilTELV. V^i>. "West Snperior street. 
• Hesid-r-r-e 212». Wett First etre.t. 

1 > • and aJvocAie. 25 year^ <='Sperienc-:> ia vrry 
..;Xi' ni-ive pimctice in New York and PpnasylvB- 
aia. Corporate. Ci-m-'u-rc-^al 8n»l Ti..\\ e»tat9 
litigation aVr.?o;aity. It's Paltadio. Duicrth. 

lTu. C. TITUS. L. L. B. C. A. MrPHFKRlN. 

Fx-1 istricf .Vtiomor frir nutier Conury. Pa., 

Attobmvs AT Law. 

Cities: H i iioenijc Bl-ck. 


A M Pie' CHI to H W Caf".n. i*nds in sec 

tion 2>-:d-w S ccai 

N H T:i.''.-.rr et a! to J \ aud«r>acbt, Lt 
;». bltK-ic 4 Rj-sn Juceri. u 2W 

M B 11-ji! 10 J Vanderyachi. lot 30, bloci. 
:.. Hibuinc SO 

T Ksrth to .\ .1 RancT', part. !ot» 14. 15 
and IS, b'ook 1€6. West DuhitU. Fifth 
<l:vision - 1,000 

L I'cter-on to O Lii-d et al. lot n block 
.'At. West Dulnjti. 1 I rst division S.flCX) 

West Duluih M..iiuf»c'urui»t company 
to L Poterson.bit s, !il,y;k a). West ba- 
l.:'h. F.^^' division... 2,«'*Xt 

BMuri'lntn Lakeside Landcompsnr. 
hits U and I'', block 2'>. L^Rjdon addi- 
tion -.- 1.2<<i 

H L Merrjtt loB Murpliin. lots 14 aikd 
I'l. hl.^k ?', l^ondou ivTdition. l.ltO 

A E V,'.»rdw' 1' to H L Mcrritt, lot 9 block 
2i. Loi.don Additi '11 2..-tM 

r A Kobbias. Kx, tv) E (i Hubbard, lot 
2!'i, i.alce aveane, V^cm: Dulr.rh 2.o'0 

Total transfers fl" " 


^ACSFie R.^. 

Is the oalj- !iR.' rniiuins 

Thm«Kh Pullinr.n Cars between luilutli, bt. 

Par, I ..nJ North Pacitic Coast points. 
TiiK Dinia^ Car Lmc-Diuinit car* on all 

The bellows' one Park Line Tni.* n.arT(Uou£ 

1 Miciwife. l-'i;H p'adiiate of (T«»nua'i colle*!." 
of .\coi chnient. t.iippiii«, et«. uoce. tOS Bstt 
Third street. 

rv r ■»«#»/ «. 


\y an- coppor smiths, jras and »leam titterb; 

11 Seveiitl Hvpiiuo west ; jobbitic a 6i'eciiut> ; 

tel«t'hone 2.^7. 

"117 W. MoMIlA^N COMPANY. 


Slfi Woet SapftHoT »tr.v»' 


in Best Part_of the City. 

I '■ s. 
I • Mi 

for repaii 
entrance t 
at this oHi 
pnbrdy I 
and all av 
■ 11 appiic: 
eiajsi". C'li 

tor repnit 
b,> rereivi 
INtKl, and t 
blank fori 
be fiirni^ 
t'linton li 
S. A. 

m., .lalv l^, 1*,U. -Sealed pr. po-als 

vv»:rk to the piers iif the Sup. rh'r 
I) Superior bsv, Hi!-., will be recfived 
ot> until 12 111, Jnly ;<lst, 1!^13, and tlie-i 
>pened. Sp;vit'ications. blank forms 
ail.ible inform.^tiou will b.' furui.he 1 
lion to this olhc". ('liuton B. Srar.- , 
ps of I iiirineerB, L'. S. A. 
21to2«iiic _^ 

V\i}|NEI-n{ OtKICK, mi. I I'M. 
.1... July IS. isM. — S-aleil proiiosals 
til the brn«li and stone dike at 
ipon Point, Ashland hnilM>r. Wis., wilt 
d at this otTice laitil 12 m. July ^its . 
hen pnhlicl.v oi>ened. .Specilications. 
IS and nil available inforniatiou \viil 
led on iipiilication to this oliice. 
. .Soars, major, corps of engineers, !■. 

nly<!4 to2«inc 





6 iVi pm 

7 .ir. f.r 

Piring Cars r.r Pacilic 
Express and Flyer. 

I'aeitic "flyer," for Uelvna.j 

BuTte, Spok.Tne. Tacom»,| 

Seattle, i'ort!»ti.i ."»ud alij 

triiicipal main line isiints, 7:45 nmi I2:t0ria 
.Minnesota. Dakota .'; Pa-. 

cilic Expres.". for all Miif-' 

nrsota a-i.-i l)akt>ta*.'. 

\Vin" .Mt>at;iiia .ludj 

1 ',-.(- 1 l:c Coast 

Cliicn,:*" Limited for .all Wi.<-j 

coTioi-i Ceniral a: Milwan-t 

kee. Lake Shore .t West-] 

er-i jnuato. MiUvi'ikee.' 

ClocHiTO and hi-« emt ' 

Wiscoiisii'. C»ntrBl l.yalj 

Express f< r all (.ivifjebic 

Kajip' and Wisoon«iu Cei»-| , 

ttnl iM.intsanilChicHno. itlO::TOam t<;r>Opm 

i E^ti-ept Sunday. All other train? d.iily. 
it.iT^-s, niap". or »>llii-r iMiupid.ts and n 'oinia- 
lion will be cbecifnlly fiuui'hed on as i''ic«tiou 
to F. A. ^.!:^»•^F.. 

City Ticlat Accii!. tl6 W. ii i>e:ior isC, 

C.fA. Pass iud Tk't. A,tt.. Bt. Paul. 

1.05 pm' 11. 10 am 




Want Column^. 








Rev. Dr. Minton Has a Decided Opinion 

of the Class of People Known 

as Anglomaniacs. 

He Prefers tU Chinese to These and 
Says He Has Lived in Cali- 
fornia Too. 

An Interesting Talk on a Trip of Thirteen 

Months Spent in Many Foreign 


At the First Presbyterian church last 
evening Rev. H. C. Minton Ci>ni{ ressed 
into an hour a thirteen months' trip 
through foreign lands. The jjurney had 
been of immense prorit and pleasure to 
the ihoughttul and scholarly traveler 
and he made the hour last night of great 
profit and pleasure to his auditors. In- 
terspersing' his talk with amusing anec- 
dotes, instructive comparisons and strik- 
ing contrasts. Mr. .Minton presented a 
bright and charming picture of the chief 
countries of the world. Limited by an 
hour, the lecture cou'.il be little n:ore 
than an index of the journey, but the in- 
dex W.13 comprehensive, thorough and 

•'Recollections of a Rambler"' was the 
advertised title of the lecrure. '"Sights 
and Scenes of Foreiirn Travel" Mr. Min- 
ton announced as his thieme of the even- 
ing, and he began apologetically by re- 
marking how very dirticult it is for a 
traveler to tell the truth. He must see 
right, he must understand right, he niust 
tlescnbe ritrht and liis hearers must un- 
derstand right. I'iffering somewhat from 
Emerson, the speaker regarded the world 
as a great univers ty in wh ch the 
thoughtful and observing man may learn 
many lessons on the kindergarten plan — 
by observation lessons. 

First impressions, offhand impressions 
of a strange land are apt to be imtrust- 
wor;hy, thinks .Mr. Minton. For instance 
a traveler set down for the first time in 
Duluth during the past few days miirht 
return home and state, with quite ns 
much foundation in fact as there often is 
for a "traveler's nr.pressicns. that the 
Zenith City was cbietiv noticeable for its 
myriads of grasshoppers and excessively 
bi^h temperature. 

The various and wiUely ditTerent 
means of locomotion in the countries of 
the w.fld were described to bring into 
vivid contrast the peculiarities and char- 
acteristics of the races and nations. Then 
ui the same way Mr. Mintoti went 
through the different customs of dispos- 
ing ot bodies of the dead. 

Mr. Minton does not like the Anglo- 
maniacs. The roast he gavq these 
' .^paeless, senseless wretches" last night 
was a scorcher. and is g'jod eiiough 
tV-t any i nglia'.itiian, America gonil 
enough for any .A.merican, but there was 
no pUoe on the face ot the earth for the 
Anglicised American. Mr. .Minton is 
from California and therefore knows the 
Chinaman. He says ho will take Chinese 
every time in preference to the Anglo- 
man lac. 

\\ hiie the church was not crowded, a 
goodly audience was present. Mr. Min- 
ion's talk awakened the keenest interest 
and attention. 


A Restaurant Owner Has Some Trouble Over a 

A. D. Babcock, wb.o runs a restaurant, 
was in police court this morning in re- 
sponse to a charge of violating the fire 
ordinance, preferred by Fire Warden 
Applehagen. It seems that Mr. Bab- 
cock has a habit of running a stovepipe 
out through a hole not properly fitted up 
to he used for that purpose. Frequciit 
warnings have been given, but each time 
this caterer has either laid it on t j hi^ 
employci or strenuously maintained that 
he bad complied with the f*rder. Re- 
cently, however. Fire Com.-nissioner He- 
linski and Fire Warden Applehagen 
both saw smoke issuing tmm the pipe. 
Babcock was found guilty by Judge 
Winje and with costs and tine it took Si- 
to square up with the city. 

Gust Hendnckson. August Heck, 
Robert Norton and John Smith all went 
to tne county jail ten days because thev 
either wouifl n^.t or could not pay a fine 
of $io and costs for drunkenness. John 
Kennedy paid Si 2 for that oiTense and 
was released, Claude Snyder was also 
found guilty but in his case sentence 
was suspended. Wm. Brown, charge! 
with vagrancy, pleaded guilty and re- 
ceived a suspension of sentence. Kd- 
w;'rd I'orter, for peddling on the streets 
without a license, dropped $7 into the 
reidy hand of Dej»uty Clerk Tischnrt, 
Wiio turned it over to Clerk Grady, who 
drr.pped it into his "strong box." 

A Missionary From Slam. 
Miss Kate N. Fiee^on, a missionary 
from Siam. arrived in the citv this morn- 
ing. She lias been adopted by the Wo- 
men's Missionary societies of Duluth 
Presbytery, and will spend tv/o davs 
here. The people of Duluth, men, 
wcmeii and children, are cordially in- 
vited to come to hear her speak of her 
work among the Laos on Tliursdav even- 
ing at the First Presbyterian church at 
S o'clock. She sails from San Francises 
oa August I. 

Fatigue and exhaustion overcome by 
Bromo-Seltzer. Contains no opiate. 

Boys Waists! 
.-\. pretty line ot boy's waisfs at 25 and 
50 cents. C. \V. Ekicson, 

2IQ West Superior street. 

Don't miss moonlight excursion on the 
Ossifrage tonight. Tickets 3; cents. 

Rehesrsats Are Beinij Held Daily 

Standish's Ccurtship. 

Progress is being made by the young 

people rehearsing tlie old scenes which 

are to be given at the National Pageant 

tor the Duluth Bethel .Vug. 4 and 5, at 

Temple Opera house. Every day and 
evening the Pilgtims land; the states 
swear their alle^oance fo the colonial 
trust: Bunker Hill is fought over again; 
the minuet is danced; ihc Southern dar- 
kies rejoice in the tin incipation procla- 
mation; and the old courtship is again 

When the curtain rises for the third 
time during the preseataiicii of the Na- 
tional Pageant it wol be upon a love 
jcene, "The Courtship of ^Illes Slnnd- 
ish," Priscilla and John Alden. This 
scene is a pretty bit of poetical history 
and shows Priscilla seated at her 
spinning wheel, her open psalm book on 
her knee, singing from it that grand old 
puritan anthem, the One Hundredth 


The Christopher Columbus and the Bio; Slde- 

s^heeler, Citv of Milwaukee, Tried 

Conclusions Last Sunday. 


Voice and wheel both cease 

when the door opens, and the beating of 
her heart tells her that John has come. 
.Vfter the entrance ot John with his 
rlowers the Puritan inanlen coyly listens 
while he pleads the cause of his friend 
and captain, Miles Standish. In spite of 
his own great love for Priscilla, John is 
bravely true to his friend until the 
maiden, her woman's wit read'ly grasp- 
ing the situation, says: "Why don't you 
speak for yourself, John?" Mrs. ^■an 
Loo as paroncisof this scene has se- 
cured the assistance of Miss Elizabeth 
Fri.Ter as Priscilla and Frederick L. 
Seixas as lohn Alden. 

The Fast Passcnqcr Boats For the 

Passenger Boats 
Northern Line. 
• T. P. Carpenter, general parsenger 
agent of the Northern Steamship com- 
pany, residing at Buffalo, arrived in Du- 
luth yesterday on his way to St. Paul to 

see Presid^^nt Hill. Mr. Carpenter brings 
with him lithograplis of the six great 
passer.ger steamers which are building 
to go into service in connection with the 
Great Northern between Duluth and 
Buffalo at the beginning of iiext season. 
The lake leviathans arc to have each 
twenty-eight Belleville boilers, triple ex- 
pansion engines, developing "coo horse 
power, and a speed ot over twenty miles 
an hour. Their schedule time fro.m Du- 
luth to lUifi'alo is to l)e hfty hours, and 
their journey back but three hour.-, 
longer. The movements of these boats 
are to be as regular as that of their pas- 
senger trains on the Great Northern; 
hence they must revolutioni-^e the freight 
and pass-nger traffic of the Northwest 
and tl.e f-".ast. 


The Next Annual Meeting Will bs Held ir. Min- 

The executive committee of the .State 
Teachers' association met at the office of 
the stale superintendent ;n St. Paul yes- 
terday to decide uj)on the next i)lace of 
meeting ar<l disrus; other plans for the 
annual convention to be held next 

The members present were President 
R. K. Dcnfeld, of Duluth; Secretary (i. 
R. Simps jn, of Princeton; Treasurer A. 
M. Webster, of MapleM-n; K. W. P.uell. 
of Fillmore count\, president of the 
county superintendents' section; H. L. 
Merrill, of Hutchinson, president of the 
high school section, and S. A. Farns- 
worth, of St. Paul, permanent st;cretary. 

decided that the meeting will 
in Minneapolis, Dec. 27, zH 

It was 
be held 
and 29. 

Yesterday's Excursion. 
The Bethel excursion on the * )5sifrage 
yesterday was attended by a large crowd 
— one of the largest that has gone out 
th:s year on that boat. Over 400 tickets 
were taken up. The day was delightful 
and could not have been better for such 
a trip. T*o Harbors was reached 
about 6:15 o'clock and at 8 o'clock the 
boat left on its return. A number of 
parties went along and had basket pic- 
nics at Two Harbors. 


Seems to be 
steel steamer 

was damaged on the 

■ Fated." 

rocks at 


river, is out of the dry dock and took on 
a cargo of wheat at Duluth elevator No. 
I. Capt. 11 wart, of the vessel, e.\ pressed 
himself well pleased with the repairs 

This boat seems to be "fated." As she 
was pulling out frt)m Superior yesterday 
the iine running to the tug broke and 
she ran into the Eastern dock damaging 
it somewhat. Tben as she was pulling 
out she ran aground and had to be pulled 

A Srick Company. 
The Barnes N'itritied Brick company 
tiled articles of incorporation yesterday, 
the incorporators being Noble T. Barnes, 
o* liuffalo, N. Y.; Joseph M. Morrison 
and Fred .S. Parker, of West Superior; 
Wilmer W. Davis, W. C. liond, Benia- 
min E. Baker. Coryatc S. Wilson and H. 
R. A'olton, of Duluth. The capital stock 
ii >73,cco. 

Land Notice. 
C. A. Fullerton, an old explorer, and 
Nelson 6: Haldin, two competent sur- 
veyors, are now in the woods in the new 
townshij»5 to be opened for entry on .Aug. 
7, and are picking out all the claims 
( ontaining timber. Any person wishing 
to obtain a good claim will have a chance 
by applying to .Mr. Fullerton v/hen he 
comes back, or lurther information can 
be had by calling at the otitrce of B. N. 
Johnson, .;ii Masonic Temple, Duluth. 

Uniform Pants! 
Blue uniform pai.ts in all sizes of the 
ver>- best quality of blue cloth just re- 
ceived. C. W. Ericson, 

21Q West Superior street. 

Arc you going on the V. M. C. 
cursion tonight rn the < >ssifrage? 
e-s ^; cents. 

They Raced From Chicago to Milwaukee, 
Lighty-Five Miles, Each With Im- 
mense Crowds Aboard. 

The Whaleback's Time Was Nearly an Hour 

Less Than That of the Racing 



A. ex 

Tick- i 

•According to the Chicago Tribune of 
Monday the Christopher Columbus and 
the City of Milwaukee, the big side- 
wheeler called the fastest boat on the 
lakes had a race on .Sunday from Chi- 
cago to Milwaukee. The Tribune says: 
"Chiisto[iher Columbus, the great 
whaleback, and the City of Milwaukee, 
for years the speediest craft that steamed 
over the unsalted sea, raceil yesterday 
from Chicago to Milwaukee. Ten thou- 
sand people witnessed the greatest 
steamship race ever run upon the lakes, 
and while the white jJrow of the Citv of 
.Milwaukee was first sighted in the tinisti 
waters, otTici.als of the Christopher Colum- 
bus claim the rare bv an even hour in 
actual and «orrected sailing time. 

".Since the davsof Jim Bludsoe and the 
Prairie Belle m liercer tight for speed 
has been made than that exhibited tlur- 
irg every one of the eighty-six miles 
from the breakwater.^ of the Chicago 
harbor to Milwaukee. President Graham, 
I of the Ciraham X: Morton .Steamship 
i companv, owners of the Citv of Mil- 
waukee, was en f)oard that boat to give 
! encouragement to tiie otticers and crew 
in tlieir valiant tight to uphold the su- 
i iirernacy of the lakes, which the great 
I sidewheeler has heM lor the last decade. 
i From I'ke inotivt^s Secretary Birnett, of 
! the World's Fair Steamship company, 
and Capt. McDougall, inventor ot the 
whaleback, occupied front seats on the 
hurricane deck of the big propeller.' 

There were several thousand people 
•aboard each boat. 'The City of Milwau- 
kee crossed the breakwater at K:j8 
o'clock and the Chris'oplier Columbus 
at 9 o'clock. The coal was shoveled 
into the bailers at a lively rate. The 
Tribune continues, regarding the scene 
on board the Christopher: 

"The big triple-expansioi; and con- 
densing engine was strained to the point 
of its mightiest force. From il^ to 152 
pounds showe<l on the gauge of every 
boiler and all the »b:ittery was busy. 
'The (lou))ie pistons sliowed 48 strokes to 
the minute and the screw 107 revolu- 
tions. Engineer Blaurelt looked happy. 
.So did Capt. Mc.Arlhur and the com- 
pany representatives. The whaleback 
was ^howing a speed of f.vonty-one miles 
an hour and the City of Milwaukee was 
doomed to be overtaken and beaten. 
Barring accident it would be a hot and 
bitter deteat. 

"The accident came. Just as the 
whaleback was off Lincoln Park sanita- 
rium the piston of one of the air pumps 
broke scpiarely. The pump was to have 
been returned to the makers at I'.oston, 
but the steamship company delayed too 
long. With the loss of the broken air 
pump the vacuum power of the engines 
was reduced from 26 to l(;, and the screw 
revolutions were in consequence force«l 
down from 107 to <>"^. 

"Two hours out and a point off the 
port side the rival steamer was plainly 
visible. Then more trouble came to the 
whaleback. The piston rods were be- 
coming heated. The main piston rod 
sho>ved so mucli heat that for a time it 
Iroked like the steam wr)uld have to be 
shut oif from that steam box. But the 
ciigiaeers' assistants turned a cold stream 
of w iter on the piston and while it 
smoked and steamed it pounded away. 

" '.'apt. Smallm*n, of .the City (A .Mil- 
waukee, in the meantime not b2cn 
idle. He cnlicd the firemen up and told 
them that expense was no object. The 
tireme.i understood and soon under the 
added head of steam the twcnty-four- 
fcot iliameter sidewe^iels were rolling off 
twenty-seven revolutions tf) the minute. 
As the great white nose of the whale- 
back became more plainly visible, the 
old captain became nervous and said the 
City of Milwaukee had never been passed 
on the lake and he f>roposed to get the 
craft into harbor first if the timbers re- 
mained together. 

"At 2:ui the City of Milwaukee crossed 
into the hnish waters in th.i Cream City 
port and h\ e nnnutes later lay beating 
against the docks of the Graham & 
Morton Steamship company. The 
Cliristojihcr Columbus was towed m 
twenty minutes later. The actual and 
corrected time cf the City of Milwaukee 
was 5 hours and 25 minutes. The 
Christojiiier Columbus made the trip in 
4 hours and 3.S minutes. Immediately 
after the race President Graham offered 
to b."ck the Chicago, their new boat, 
against the Christopher Columbus on the 
same trip for any amount. .Mr. Graham, 
however, did not carry this offer any 
further than the deck of his own boat. 

"The wind and se.a was both against 
us," said Capt. John Mc.'\rthur (jt the 
Christopher Coiumbus, "but with all that 
we would have overhauled the Citv of I 
Milwaukee in tifteen minutes more time. I 
The head sea was against both of us, of { 
course, but we lost considerable speed in I 
tiaviiig ordy air pump availat)lc. As i 
it was I figure out that we beat them a 
little less than an even fiour on the 
eighty-five miles run. Our best time 
was twenty and our mean time nine- 
teen miles an houron the run. We have 
made as good as twenty-one miles and a 
fraction without pushing the engines a 
bit. 'The City ot Milwaukee is a g<jod, 
fast boat, but the sidewheeler i> yet to be 
} built that <~aii touch the Columt>;!s with 


V.'hy the Indians Meyer Have Dys- 
popsia, Yet are Careless Eaters. 

No one could aecnM 
an Iiiitiari of overx&ro. 
fulncMS 111 eutlng, 1I« 
ate what nature gftr* 
him — l)<.'rrh;s from the 
wotKl, spoil from hla 
tmps, ciiiuo from hla 
bow. II. iitu plenty of 
it, nto till be waa full. 
It wai» not very well cookcil sumctlmes, and 
ao often Rte fast. 

When hunting or flghtlntr n day would ott«a 
pa-*."! without nnytliinff being eaten at all. 
Yet he never he.d dyspepsia, 
lie never "iil<-te:t." 

We heiir too much about "dieting" th«a« 

A uiutt musn't eat pic, or cahbago, or cak«t 
or licans, or tlils ami that. ^ 

He inu-n't cat ve y niu( li :in.l lie must do It 
▼cry bliiw. lie iiiii-t ue\ei- Urink whoa btt 
e:ii..<. 11'! niii-ii't hurry. Ho masa't worry. 
A»d so it eoi'-*. 

Till:* !•< all very pood advlee. lUit It would 
*.iiiy n man to tleutU lo n memhtr it all. 
Uhy con't wo livo lllie tin- Jiuilim la a 
lieaUhv, hearty, naturiit wa-. .•< Ueeuuse we 
h:i%-« M;nh V.' utc stonuiolis. Iliithow did the 
III linn p.>s*i!»HMi.liperfe<tstiuiiK,<lise>tion? 
liv tulciiiKtIiat nmlieiue of liis.Sa^wu, wlicn- 
cverhe tc!tth< re was anytUiiifi wroiijf wUU 
hi:n. Tlmt aapwa wo huvo now employed 
tiiin to luuke for us. If yuu would take the 
tir.tuial Anifrlcfin re:iuily for tlyspepsla, 
Kie ;ai)Oo.«'':it,'«a, you, too, would liot kuow 
What a weak stomaeii or "Ivsix-psla was. t 
Thank.HtothectfortH of l;m Kickapoo Medi- 
cine Comoany, Indian .Sa;,'wa and other 
Klekr.poo Irnlian reiiK-.lics aro obtainable of 
any drusiKist, and tln-ir Kcuulno curutiya 
ralue I3 beyond cumpuridou. 

Kickapoo Indian Sagwa.. 

$1.00 per Bottle, 6 Battles for $£.00; 


The Break In the Intake Will Soon be Re- 

The driyking water o it at Lakeside is 
still full of mud. sand ;;nd little sun- 
tishes, all presumably due to the fact 
that the intake pipe has an extra and hole in it. Many of the Lake- 
side people, it is said, are figuring on 
moving into the city, so as to be near the 
anti-thirst parlors and tlie brewery, al- 
though this morning nonecouldbc found 
who would admit it. 

Superintendent Craig, of the Duluth 
Gas and Water compaiv, is credited by 
the board of public wori;s with possess- 
ing an earnest desire to get the pipe re- 
paired at as early a day a^. possible. As 
scon as a diver can b: secured, it is 
stated, all will be made as good as new. 
It is not unlikely, in fact, that operations 
will be commenced tt)day. 

No Case on Record. 

Chicago T.uiL.-.. A .M: .souii man who 
carried much life insurance is said to 
have drowned himself in a river, hut the 
'ife insurance ncopU very properly 
doubt it. No Missomi man was ever 
known to drown himself in water. 

Very Wobi^Iy. 
Kansas City Star: h was a very 
wobbly little rocket tliat .Mr. Harrison 
shot across the darkcnt. ! horizon of tlu: 
financial situation. 

To salesmen and travel. ng c:cn of Du- 
iuth: Vou arc earnestly re<iiiestcd to be 
present .at a meeting Friday evcniinr, 
July 28, at S o'clock si; irp at Scliiller- 
Hubbard company's f^r the purpose of 
arranging for the celel ration of the Du- 
luth, Missabe & Northern railroad. 


D. E. Cask, 
I". K. CokK, 

Featherweight. All Wool 
Underwear. Call and inspect our line. 
C. W. Ericso.n, 
21Q West Superior street. 

Kow is Yoiir Blood? 

I had a malisTiant brcalMng out on my lep 
l)c!ow the knee, and wa.- cu.-ed fouciI rai 1 v .-11 
vTth two and a half i-'ittlc.'i of 
other Mood mudicincs liad failcu 

t ) do me any g'KxI. 


Wn,', t . IJkatv, 

V'vrkTutc, S. C. 

I was tronblfvl from < Iiildhoml with an ai-- 
graviitcfl oa so r)f Trtter, and three bottks of 
-"^""""""^ cured mo i-ermanetly. 


Mar.avill-. 1.7. 

<^iir book on Illood and Skin DLseases mailed 
f ri-e. SwiiT Srixiiio Co., Atlanta, f i» . 


Highest of all in Leavening Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Reoort 

an even start in any weather." 


Via Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Rail- 
(Ja and after July 24. a rate of Sic will 

he in effect from Duiuth to Mackinaw 
j island and return. Tickets at this rate 

will be on sale .Mondays, Wednesdays 
j and Fridays onlv, commenrine July 24, 
j and continuing until Sept. i, i?.g^. inclu- 
j sive. Limited good to return ten days 
■ from date of {■aic. 


Moonlight excursion on th^r Ossifrage 
ton: :rht under au?piccs of Y. M. C. A. 
Tickets 35 cents. 


Un<ler and by virtue of an oxecition iii-;ncd 
ont of and tinder the se-il (f tJif^ Distrirt court 
of the state of Mint;' ■.■•ta, iu .anil for t'li' 
R!ev>'Ulli judirial distri'". and or mity of Sr. 
Loiiiti.on the ind d;iy of Jimp, 1H1<.'., 'Ijkiu a 
judijm^nt rcailered and dickoted in f.aid r-mrt 
and county in an action thfr^in, wherreiu 
f'larhs K"l!«>i|uist was plaiiitifT and Kfi.o:, 
Clark and Aiidrfw .faclvs-ou dofecdant!., in favor 
of ^aid plaintiff atid a.jain!<t said dffcodj'nt. 
for tho sDm of thrc" tbo-i-and forty-ou^ht .S.:d<«» 
(^lOlB.":!! ilollars. which ^^^aid ■•xccntion hat to 
jfio. es hherifl of s-tiil Sr. Louis conritj. b^on 
duly dirr'ct"d ard d«»liv'>r»>d. I have I'^i^d 
upon ami will «ell at [iibtii- auction to thp 
hich<»?'' ci«h bi<ld«;r. at ilie front di>orof iU'' 
conrt lioQsf in ttir city ><{ Dnlntli. in sjiid ronuty 
of .St. Louiit, «•« Sitordi", tlip ■.'2d day of Julv, 
I'l'S, at ten «i'cloc'f in »'"• foreno»>n of th»it 
day, all tho r-.jjlit. titl« :ind in1orn->t that toe 
above natTiod judjrni-'n* d<l)tor Simon Clarl.'. 
had in .ind to th" ir-^\ r»-tat<' Ik rr-inafter do- 
scribed on t!if ITih d=»v of April, I""?*.!, that bfi;i:r 
the (i.'itf of ilio rcD'li'ion of siiti jud;»ni'^n-. 
trie <lescrii>tion of tho iToj>erty being a« fi-!- 
lown. to 'vit : 

Ix)t'.MT!>. hl.wk 1."):!: Jots VMl and l:d.'>, bUirk 
97, in Cro-^Ln- I'-irk ; I.-t*::. 1 13 and 14, bhick la. 
Lalt»»Ti<^-.v divi.-:ion of Is I'lt!-, Tlif nndividc-l 
oiio-haT of loft* 1 to l»i in b'o^k II in llunfi'^ 
frras^.v Poiio aiMition to Diilnth ; lot* 1 arid .' in 
block I in .Vo^«r Lino f'nrk .-idditiou to I)u- 
Inth ; tho iior»h .'li f'-f-t of lot" -'> ami 2Tt K.t-t 
Fifth »»tr»»et, Imlmh i'rii;'r". Frrst division; tlio 
(•'l.<ifthc nW. of ►fH'ti'ri *'.. in t iwnfhip 4'.<. 
jMirth of rn->t:'' 1'. we«t : lots 7 atid > iri Mock li; 
lot « Ji. J.!. ::s •.".»»• ml :'/». In h'ock 7; the 10, di- 
viH«Kl rni(-hp|f «^if l<it 1% ill block 13. all in Uun- 
tiT Sc Matk«>HV (ira«.'V l'"int addition to l)n- 
I'lth ; tlio rii liividi-d one ".'lartrr of lotfl I, 2. ;l. 4, 
"i and rt in "^"-tioti TJ. towi'-hip ."il. ranve It"; tlie 
undivi.h d tlir-'r-riirlitlic of tlio » : «>f tli" nw', 
of aci-tion Z: in towri'-li'l' •". : orfli of rnTij:'» I">. 
we»t ; lots a. ^<, 13. II, V> mid Ifi in block I in .M»c- 
firlot-" f-: • I'.itiit . dlitioti l<. llidiilli; !li> 
nrirtherly 11 ,ii!d J'l Ifi fr«.t of lot '• nnd tha f-'- 
of tho nw'i of thp nv/'i and 'h»" n'.f of the Rn'i 
f>f t^•• n»r", of s»»rt-f.n -I. I"wn»tdp SI. runire 10; 
all 'if •'HX'l «"vs ral lots in tuid F'Tcrnl divisiot^r 
b««in'» ar-ofl'')" ♦'» tlie »r ■■ii<.ctivt« I'jitK tlif-ri'« f. 
of n-corH in fh» office of ♦f'^Teaixter of deed) in 
and t< r St Lonio conntj . Jfinnofot.i. 

Dated Onlu'h. .Minn.. liiDfU. I'OT. 

Papi. Siiarvt. 
Shcr'F ^*f■ I «>»!i>«««>nrdv. Minn. 
I'.y H. n. .\i:MsTi:«>vfi. 

J. L. W.\snnriv, 

Attorney for Jadcmf^nl Creditor. 

Dr*t,rT!r. Minn.. .Tnly 22nd. 1«!>;^ 

Th** aboTC Bule .It 'he r<v^^'»^•^ of jridimir>rt 
crofjitor is herrby p'-'tfnifH nntil Sntnnlny, 
the I'lih diiy of Aupu'^t, l"*i. at tho same time 
and place. 


Py H. R. AnMSTR«»vi:. 
July :a Aug :-9-lG. 

Connected With the Work of the Copdand 

They Succeed Because They Are Specialists 

and Have a Perfect Knowledge of tlie 

Diseases They Treat. 

The question "Why are the Copeland 
physicians .so successful.'" is frequently 
asked. \ety oft» n persons :ire hcaid tn 
rcniaik "I tlcni uinlerstimd how it is ilwit 
tht y t.ike these desi)tratf cases that 
other physicians Ii:ive i^iven up and ac- 
complish such rcmnrkalde results. It i^ 
I mysterious to s:iy the least," 
j Tiie t|uestion is easilv answered. The 
I prchleni one easy to solve. There is no 
I mystery about it. Their success c:in be 
' acrounted for and their ability to handle 
{ desperate cases readily expl.iined. 

Drs. Copeland, Hunt and Drennin^' in 
the lirst have a complete and thor- 
I Out^h knowledge of the diseases whirh 
they treat. 1 hey have devoted their 
; lives to a study of these diseases and 
their experience roveriri; a number of 
I years with an infinite number and va- 
riety of Ciises has enabled tiiein to hrin^ 
their system and methods nearer to per- 
fe<:l!Oii than any other has ever attained. 

They know, therefore, from experience 
:ilmost the results they can acconi[)lish 
in any civeii case. I'hey are enabled to 
ai)ply to each individual case the treat- 
ment, remedies and medicines required 
to erailicate the dis::ase and accomplish 
a cure. 

Knowiin; this, then they go a step far- 
ther than the average physician and 
supply this treatment, these remedies 
and these medicines. Tliey know to a 
cerluinty, what other physicians clo not 
know, and that is that each patient uiidcr 
their care gets exactly the medicines 
prescribed lor him. There is no substi- 
tution. No dispensintc of stale, shelf- 
worn and inert dru^rs. 

In their own private laboratory at- 
tache<l to and forming; part of their of- 
tice, and under direct supervision of the 
physician all medicines nre prepared, 
ccmpounded .iii<l dispenstd by a thor- 
oughly trained and well educated drug- 
gist. Only the purest and best drugs 
are used. Thev are purchased in such 
tiuamities that there is no necessity for 
their becoming stale and inactive. 

No, there is nothing miraculous or 
mysterious connected with the work of 
these physicians. They succceil because 
they merit success. The results they ac- 
complish as in the case of Mrs. Olson 
>,ivcii below or in the hundreds of case;- 
that have appeared in these columns are 
net miracu'ous. 

To honest, careful, thorou<;h work 
backed up bv a perfect knowledt^e of 
the disciise tlicy treat; a knowleili;e of 
each individual caic and its requirements 
aiiil tlie fact that these requirements arc 
always met may be attriljuled the suc- 
cess of»ihv Copel.ird phyfJciaro. 




Among the remark.* 
these columns day .i 
bear cIo-< r M.rut ny oi 
prise than that < f M 
lives at ico} GtrlieM 
trates how catarrh <a 
treated in a .-ihort pei 
given jirop'. r attent:< 
care of a ^pe lalitt 
system of tieatmcnt 
Olson just thirty days 
tarrli il trouble ot the 
To the senile she said 
salislird with the fi 
ccivcd. .My trouble h. 
ment in a vcrv short t 

ble cases cited in 
fler day none will 
• elicit greater sur- 
rs. M. OLon who 
avrniie. It ill'is- 
1 be successfully 
lod of tim..* whin 
til and und':r the 
by ihe Copeland 
It took .Mrs. 
to get rid of a ca- 
nojC and throat. 
: 'Yes, 1 am wtil 
eatmct I liave re- 
is yielded to treat- 
ime. Bcfoic I bc- 


gan the treatment I su 
from < atarrhal hen<!a' 
and grew faint whe 
There were incessant t 
I could not distinguish 
distance and my hen 
growing worse. I 'pon 
cold my throat would 
nose iiecome slopped i 
breathe through it. 
blowing my nose or hn 
ting to clear my tlirc.t 
appetite was poor ;ind 
declining every d.iy. 
treatment ;n the Cope! 
stitute I feel that my c 
left me; there .are no i 
ears; my hearing is t;oi 
headat hes or dizzy f 
nose and throat are 
mucus but afford free 
the lungs. 1 am verv 
Copeland physicians d 
me of mv trouble in su 

Yercd a great deal 
:hes; I felt dizzy 
n I stooped over, 
loises in my ears; 
sounds irom a 
ring was rapidly 

taking the least 
get sore and my 
ip so 1 couldn't 
I was cuntinnally 
wking and spit- 
t of mucous. Mv 

m\ Condition was 
Mler one month's 
and Medical In- 
dtarili h;is entirely 
lore noises in my 
)d; I have no more 
tinting spells; my 
not tilled with 

passage of air to 

grateful to the 

)r having relieved 

ch a short time." 


Rooms 3 12, 313, 31 1 Lyceum Bldp. 
Opposite the Spalding Hotel. 

nn. W. H. COPELAND. 
DR. H. M. HCNT, 

Consnltinj; PliyHicians. 
DH. F. ('. DUKNMNd, 

Kft-idoiit 1 
SpociHltici!: Catarrh aui 
N-.-(', Throat nad l.rnt,'.- 
Skin Pt^caHee, Ciiroiiic iJii 
9 to 11 a. III., 'i to 4 i>. ni.. 7 
a. III. to 12 ni. 


I dijw'afies of th-) Ear, 
, Nervo' " DiM^ns."-, 
<iai»M. Oflice hoars, 
to H ji. III. ; Sunday, & 




If yon live at a dirtanc 

etanipe for (|'ii>stion ciicnh 

to tho Cojicland Medical 

bnililin?. Dnhitli. Minn. 



' tend f<-nr cente in 

ir. AddresB nil mail 

luetitute. Lycoiuu 

$8.00— BEST SET OF TEETr^ 


Pa'EiCss Dant'sL 

Room 70?2. 


Of niectiriB of cornmi5^:oiier8 in condemnation 
♦o view tlio preIni^<•i^ .nnd .isk-ss tho d ininKCB 
for property to be taken {jr. or whicli niiij l)e 
injuriou.'^ly atfected by tlie o|)e!iin»,' and ex- 
t''nbion of lio!-lyii avi,nae in Hunter's I'ark", 
Fir«t divifriop, to a jurirtiou with I{o«|yn ;ivf> 
nu(? iu ftleii Avon. S(H:ond division, all in tiio 
city of Dulutli, tst. Louis ccuiity, Minn. 

Notict' is hereby irivn that tlii> nndf;THi;jned, 
bo.vo ijoen duly apijoiu ted by tiiO common coun- 
cil, 'if th<' city of Doiuth. C'lnniinfiouurs in con- 
ii''innation to virw tl:e prcir. o-.ei* and a-iiii'hs tl.e 
(lamaKes wliifh !iiay be occa*-iou''<l by tho tak- 
iritr of private property for the ffilhjwinjr pur- 
I>o^es. namely : For the opeuimr and exierisum 
of Koolyn avenue, a" the same ih laid out and 
platted 111 Hunter s I'nrk Fir«if. division, in tho 
city of Dnlntli, St. Loii!« county. Minn., boufi- 
priy. from thr sonrluTly Imurjiinry line of wiid 
Hunter » Park. First divihioo. full wi.Jth, ou lli'- 
i.ann- curve as tlia; on wjiicli it a;^>;rroBchrs 
paid Bontherly bouinlriry lin»' of naid oivif*- 
i.'in to a jiuiction with ll0^1)Il avei.ue. as 
the .vame it< laid out and platted throiiKli (il<>n 
Avon, Second division, in s-aid city, county and 
>*tate, Bo that tliey ehail form oa<- cojiliuuou.', 
avrnne: the property to Ik^ aC"inire<l and con- 
demned by the city of Diilidh lorthe |iuri>oee£ 
aforesaid, beinK all the private pr«»i>erty lyin;,' 
within th" fxiundary liiiei» of Ftc^ly^ avonn-, ir 
N.'iid liniiler'." !*ark. I"ir)-l division, eztetided a^- 
ab<.ve d<^*crih<"d to a junction with Ho.^^ljii uvr- 
nuf, in Glen .Vvou, Seiv>nd divi.'^ion : all of said 
land beimflocali'd witliin tlie city of Dulutli. 
St. f..oui(» county, .Mi!;:i.: That the i:nden'i{rn«v| 
havf> duly i|uali(i.'t n.^ ^iich cotnini.'>moner? and 
li.Tvo caui-e<l .'i plat to Im- iii'ide by the city on- 
ifineer of said citv of Daliitli, showing tho prop- 
erly proi;os«»d to hfl t:'.!ccn for thn purjMipe of 
opening and eztendiuc said aTrnne, and » av-r 
caused Faid pint to bu lil'vl vth th- city clerk 
!•♦ said city of Dulutli. hh re<|uircd by law. 

Noticn is fiirflirr «ivcii. that the 
ndersiirncd will iii"ot as mch comir,i-.r<- 
ioueis at the oilire of the city clerk 
of paid city of Duluth in thecity hall 
in said city on Tiiesd;*^'. tlio lirbt. <lHy of Amiust, 
l*-.*3, at ten o'clock in tii." foreii«K>ti of caid day. 
and from thence will i,rocee'l to view lli" prein. 
ises. to bear theobjrction.^ or pioo' of any per- 
sons whoKe property i- talcnn or injnrionnly af- 
fect»Hl, ;iiid lo assess tho dAn*.if;ae t'> Ik- paid by 
the city of fiiilutli to tb" owiier or «.wupr» «>f 
Iirojiert.v propo--ed to Ik< taken for tlie pnr- 
lx>m-t- afore^id, or whicii may be injiiriou«(ly 
affected thereby. 

Dated Dnluth, Minn., .Tuly l.'ith, 1S93. 

F.DM.i.Vl) IKUEM.M, 
.Ju'lN (f. HOWAP.O, 

C<njmis«iouer« in Coudemnatioti. 
July IS lOr. 

^ / tiUAKDlAN. 


Cot NTY OK St. Loris 
In iirohate court, Ritecial U 

la liio matter of the Kua 
Lamm, minor. 

Ou r,.adin(r and filinir tl 

nn, July 12th, l^Pl 
'('.ianshiii of Arthur 

Lizzie Lamm, reprei-'entiiii 
that ciie I» tl.e mother of A 
dent in the county of .Shell 
that said Arthur Lamm ie 
teen jears of aKe; ttjat ho 
real estate situ.ito in saiil 
and tiiat t<» i>rotect and i ri 
therein, it, iti tiecehnary tha 
l)e apt" •; '■ ■! cnardiau of 1 
iiiK thai rlie. the ssid Li? 
other '-uitablo jierjion be at 
the e.-taf(' of said .Vrtliur I 
nit is oriJered, that t-aid 
at a special term <if t 
to be held in and f"r fcaid c 
Saturday, ihe fifth day of 
ten o'clock iu tlie forenoon 
iu Duluth in s.'iid roiinty. 

It ih further ordered, t 
heariuK l>e (?ivrii to said mi 
son*; iiitero.ste<l. by publi»lii 
each week for three succe 
said day of heaririL: in 1 
Herald, a daily nowspapei 
lished in Dnluth In i-aid co 

i>ated at Dnluth the twc 

Hy th • 

« verified petition of 

■ amov.K other thiDKi 
rthui L.'iinm, a re^i- 
y Hiid ! late oa Iowa ; 
a minor under four- 
is neized of certain 
county of St. Louis, 
i"ervo hh letjal riKlits 

t'ome |M>iM>n Ehould 
li* i-state; and pray- 
zie Liiriiin, or some 
■IKiinteil guardian of 

ix'tition be heard 

tie probate court, 

jurity of St. Lonis on A. D. 

at the probate office 

hat notice of nuch 
nor, aud to all r>er- 
tii; thi.s order once in 
iMve wenks r>rior to 
he Duluth Kvi-ninK 
• pri.-iteil and pul> 
uniy of St. Louiit. 
fth day of July A. D. 



i'llINl;,\S .VlEB, 

Jud«;e of Probate. 
July 12-10 :'6) 

Notice of Application 


F you wish to think a choice- 
Glass of Latjcr call for 

Fits'er's Beer. 

Wholesome. Palatable and Kourlshiu 




Cot-NTV OF Ht. IXiflH, ' 

CITY OF i>ch:th. 

Notice is hereby »;iven, T 
been mnd" in writing f<» tli 
Faid city of Duluth. :u'd tii 
in;? for liceuK'^ to ^eii jnt 
tlie t<-rm cori.irii nrinjf 
and terminating July 1'.* 
IDS |vr?>jn ami at tlie 
stated in oaid aptdicalioii r 

T. n. Rickfonl. at No. 

Said application vr'iH be f 
by !<aid common council of 
at the conncil chamh'T in 
in St. Loin!»coiuit, , Mi'iie^ 
'th day of August, lUJi, at 
that flay. 

Witness ray hanrl and soj 
Inth this 21ft day of .July, i 

( . i:. 

1 O)n>orate ) 
I tJeaL J 

nat application has 
e comir;on council of 
p 1 ill my olHce. pray- 
uxicalinu IiiiU<>rf> for 
m .I'i'v !•'. 1 '>!<{, 
l»t»4, by tho folhjw- 

foliowini; place as 
»»if.ecttvelv, lo-wit: 

::h \ Superirr 

eard «nd dotertnineii 

the city of Duluth, 
said city of Uuluth, 
oi.M, «»n Monday, the 
7 -Ji) o'clock p. nx. of 

lof »aid city of Du 
. D. l-'^J. 


City Clerk. 


(;«ifNTT OK St. I.K>riii. f 

District Court Flo veutli Judicial Di'^trict. 
Martyii \Vhf>eler, "1 

PlaintifT. I 

vs. y 

William O.TiJh.teon. 

Defendant. J 
.hn state of Minnesota, to the above named 
defendant : 

You are hereby summoned and re^jnired Ut 
auhwerthe complaint of the plaintiff in th«» 
.ibovH eulitle>l rtolion which ifc fifefl in the ofHoe 
<il the clerk of tho ilistrict coort of the EieVMith 
Judicial difctrict. Ill iiinl for the county of Kt. 
Louis ami stale of Minneaota, and to t-»»rTe a 
copy of your auHwer to the ^aid comi.lsinf on 
tho kubhcritx-r^ at their ollice in tli«» city of Du- 
luth in said cjntnty, within twenty days aft*r 
the fcrvi-e <,f tliiv summons njion yon exclusiv* 
ot the day of tiich service; and If >ou fail to 
answer the Kai<l c<iniplaint within tlie time 
aforecftid the phii.ifitf in ihiis ncti<.n will take 
jadifineut airaiuM j.ju for the ^oru of thr»^' hnn- 
drcd lifty-foiir dolbirt. ami fifty cents, with in- 
teiT-kt at til" rHto of wveii xht oeiil |>er annum 
from the 'J.'.th day of May. l''J.t. tofrether wjlli 
the costii ;iij,i disburH'meuth of this action. 

Dated Juii»«jyth. lWt;l. 

M.\NN. M( Kay ani> Cortorav. 
PlaiutifT B Attoroev, Uuluth, If inn. 
1 July y:\9-JJ-Aug 2-l»-ltJ--.2t) 

»^ JClXiME.ST OF FOKE( LO.-^l KF:, 


CoeKTV < r Si. IajI I",. s 

Di^triot Court, Eleveuth Judicial District. 
F.<lKarN. McOiffert. i 

Plaintiff, i 
Aicain^t }■ 

Mary L. Jon(<». 


Notice is ii.reby fri veil that under .ind by vir- 
tue of a jiidvmeut and <iecre<- renderrtl and 
docketed in fiaid court and count v in the abovn 
entitli-d Bcii(;ii on June lOth. l*Kt, in favor of 
tlishuid filaintilT and aKniut-t the said defend- 
ant for the ^nin of nine huodretl and tw< nty- 
^even and V7-li*» .jfiT.TT-IMh doll.irs, ami d*icre<- 
injr the ,.nte of the real CKlate herenaftrr de- 
scribe*! til ••ati.-ify the same :;a duly ce|-tii;e.| ropy 
and tr:iuscri|>t whereof has to me. as sherilf of 
haid couuiy. hien upon ti,i<s day duly din-cted 
and di livcred, 1 liave 1(i\kh1 u;>on and will re!l 
at imldic auction. t<i the hisiie.><t hidder for 
ca'-h, at the froiit door of the- c«>nrt houw in tli« 
cil.yof Dulutli. in Mtid county id St. Louih, on 
Thiirs lay. the .Tth day of Jul;., I-i*:», at ten 'Iv 
o'clock in the foreuiMJU of that day, all the real 
e.Htat4- iu ^aill judgment aud this notice de- 
scribed, beiii* ui> follows, to-wit: I»t nnm- 
b'-red nine i.') in bl^.ck ni:mtMre<l twri (Ji in 
Le!-trr Paik. I'lrfct division, an addition to 
Dnluth, Miiine-ota. ncrordinj; to the rew-rded 
plat thereof in the ottiro of t1ie rciriKt/-r of deeds 
ill and for ^aid St. L>>uis coiint> . Minnesota. 

Dati I Duluth, Minn . June 13tl.. IcC.iS. 
Pah. .SnAK\r. 
Sherid Su Louis county, Minn. 
.1, K. M< (iiFfi.i; 1 , 

Attorney for PlaintilT. 

JunodMJl-is-Juij 5-121:) _'6 



l)efa:dt IiaT'-ii; l>een made ia the payin*-nt of 
the Mim of OIK- thoiiKaud aud »even dollar? and 
seven y-.«< veil ceii^^ (I.<j<j7.?7. which is claimed 
to bo dao at the date of this notice 
upon a certain taitrjgsgo duly executed 
and d<-livered by Nannie T. .\udrew a:.d 
William 8. .Andrew, her luuband, to UinneMita 
Packint; and Provision.comnany bearin<r «lat« 
the IMli day of February, .\.D. IViJ. a:i<l dnly re- 
corded in the otiicu of tl.e ret'ister of dcMbt in 
and for the county of bt. Louis and state of 
>ti-ine-'.'a. .:ii t!:e 27th d;iy .f F' b-Ktry. \ . I». 
1>:<.!, at I o'c.ock p. m., hi book f'>^ of morl^raeev, 
on pa^e ri.'C. aud no action or proceeding at law 
or oil. '> haviry ii on iustitnted to recover 
the di l.'Leecnrcd bj haid mottKiige, or acy jjart 

Now th.reforo notice is hereby irivcn. th.'it by 
virtue of a i«iwer of sale contained m .-aiil mort- 
gaKe. and purt>uaut to the statute in i>uch ca»i« 
mride .ir.d [Toviih d tl.i said m'>ri«r'«e will be 
foreclosed, and the premise.* di-scriljod iu end 
c<iveri d by raid niort4{aiie, viz. : 

Lof niiiiJxTed s:x<eei; (Ji'iin block ' 

twenty (LO) of tiirt sit/' of lover.:, 
tothejilat thereof H^ recorii'il in th< .... . -.i 
the n ;ristei- <.f iloedt- in iiud for said county 
(C'-vervinij all iron ore .-mil other mineral with 
the right t«» iiiiiio luui c.irry away the same, do- 
lus no to the • urface of the noil'. .*.N'> 
tl; • rior'li half I'i) of the blu]thea^t<|Ullrter • '4 1 
the southeast ijiiarter ('4 < of the southeast <iuar- 
ter('4)"f serfion twenty-llirtH- <.:■■! and tho 
nortluvi'st fiuarler 1 '-.j of the southwest ijuirter 
of I'l-tion iweaty-four in town.>-liip eixty-ti.ifr^ 
iioith of raiiire twelve ij^i west of 4th pnnciotd 
meridian, in 8t. Lauis county, aud state of &lin- 
uesota. with the hereditament.'" end appurten- 
ances, will l)e sold at public auction, to the 
highest bifMcr for cash, t<i pay riid debt and 
inlen'si. and the tax"s fif any 1 rm taid premis*"*. 
and fifty (SVi) dollars, attorney ■^ fees, as stipu- 
lated in and by said mort*.'«i:«! in cm-e of f<,r>>- 
closure. and the disbursements allowed bv law: 
whieh hale will lx» m^de by the sheriiT of said 
>t. Lonis county, at liie front <loor of tlir» court 
liou.-e, in the eity of Duluth in said county and 
st,nt*>, on tho llith day of Aiurust. A. D. 1x9.), at l'» 
«>'clock a. ra., €>f that day, subject to redemption 
at any time within one y^'^r from the day of 
sale, as proviiled by law. 

Datetl June ;;Mth. A. D. 1-93. 


Mortga^ e. 
Dp.apkr. Davis & Hoi.listeb, 
Attorneys for MortKacee. 

Juno ;» July ri-rM'J-:6 Aug 2. 



July 2J. lit 

f\m)li}i TO li.\AMlNE ACCOUNTS, ETC. - 



In Probate Cour;, S n^cial Term, 
11th. l-W. 

In the m.atter of the estate of Claudius 
Bumside, decci-iicd ; 

( tfi le-eliri: ."ri'l flli'ifr "." pettliMii nt M. 
«'. Burnslde, »»xeciitor of the will of ('laodius 
liurnsifl»«, decea->-d. rfpfesfotii-u amona 
other things, ihat ho haii fu!l> admini»t«*re<i 
said estati", :"id preying.' *> nx a time and place 
V' hrf-d for e.narniitifjif, .-,< ttliar and allowinv 
the filial account of his arhiicii-tratton, and for 
thea^siifnment of the r<'-id'ie of said estate to i 
tho parties entitled thereto by law. 

It iH firdered, that t-aid .account be, 
and petition heard by this court, on Than>day, 
the third day of .\injii>it, A. D. K'-'., at ton 
o'clock a. m., at the probata olllo.' in Duluth. iu 
said county. 

.\nd it is further ordered, that notic therwf 
be jriven to .all persor s inteiesto'l. by puhlihliin .• 
acopy of this orderon Wedtie«dav tr. oicb w> k 
for thri'o sueres'-ivo wc'ks prior to ,.aij day of 
hearing, in The Duluth Kveiinir Herald, a daii'. 
newst-at er, printed and publigheil a* Jolu'b, 
in said countv. 

Dated p.t Dnlnth tho eloTcnth day of Jn'y 
A. I). V-OU. 

By tho r*>irt, 
[Seall i'uiiiiiAB ArKB, 

Jad<re of Probate. 

July U-19-39. 

Default haviuK lieen inaJe in the paym'»nt of 
the sum of two hundred and forty and Jy-VO 
i$2l0.2»i»", which is claimed to !>• du" at 
the date of this notice ut>on a certain mort*ra(?e, 
duly executed «n<l delivered by HauF(iilliertsen 
au^l Pauline (iilbertsen his vife mort«affors, 
t > ./os.'ph Kwitala. mortBa»re<', b<*nriu«daie the 
2itli ilay of December. IfUkK and with a po>wer of 
H.ilc tht rein coidaiuttl, duly ri corded in the of- 
lice of the register of doiil- in and forthecounty 
of St. I.,oui:! arid state of Miune^uta, on the 2tn 
davof l)ec«!mb<'r. I'-Si, at -^ o'clock a.m.. in book 71 
of rnort^raire.s on paije 'JS.",. and no ncfion or pro- 
crn-diuK havine N-ea instituted, at law orother-, to recover the debt secun-d by said mort- 
({a;:r-, or any p;irttluTe<jf. 

Now therefor notice is hereby (fi»en that by 
virtue of the power of sale contained in baid 
iiiort«(age, and pii.-cuant to the statnt^t in soch 
case ma'ia and provided, the said morti^ace will 
bo fore<'Ios«'d by a s.ile of the premise's de- 
scribed in and conveyeil hy said iii<irt<ra;re, viz. : 
I.«ot number twi'Oty-nine I J&i iu block numt^er 
seven '7) in SpaldiuK's addition to Duluth, Min- 
nesota, accordiuff to the recordoiJ plat thereof 
on file in the oflice • of tho ri'sister of 
deciU iu and for H:. Lo(1i^ county, Minnesota. 
in St. Louis ciemty and f'aU- of Minnesota, 
with the lieroditamnut- and appurtcuanceH; 
which s;de will l)e made hy the sheriff of said 
St. Loiii.-i county af tlie front door of the court. 
Iiou'e. iu the rity ( f Dnluth in sani county and 
folate. 00 the;'-.!. at Hio'clock 
a. m., of that day, at public vendue to the hiith- 
<st bidil'T for cash to psy said debt ft t»» 
hundred forty ard i»'el'») dollars and interest and 
flin taX'-B. it any, on said premises, an'i twenty 
tivo iflh) dol!ars attorney's fee- a- «tu)iilat<-<l in 
andj^>y said m'-ricac" in ca-'' of forec!>>sure and 
tlieih'.liiirsfmentH allowed bv law; subject to r«^ 
dempiioii at any time within one year from tho 
il.iy of srile as provhied by law. 

Dateil July3rd, A. I). l-^W. 

Marianne SwtT\T. ». 
Administratrix of the estate <.f .Foseph Switala, 

deceased, Mor^tf,a<jee. 
Jav'i> <i- Hrp^os. 


(Jaly-V12 l>2C-Auc-2-9) 

Notice of Application 




< '•*IVT-, iif- Mt. I/«>i I-i. [•>» 

Cm or DtLtTH. ) 
Noti ;e i"» hereby g'lm that nr.pMcatioos haT« 
rnado in »«r.tius t" the c'»rn'r.oti r-.i.n'-il of snid 
rity «»f Dnluth. find fdul iTi my e.l!l-e, prntitUT 
for licence to s*'U int'ir.ieatin.r li jborti for tlia 
torm c<.>mmencinu on.\u(r«stl. Jsir.», and t<'rniin< 
atimron Vuinist I, !■">♦. hy tie filiowiioj |rf-r-<in«, 
and a* the (ollowiuir plaeeo n^ staled in said at>- 
plicatio'js respec^iv Ay, tvwit : 

Thr L. ISranriva^e Wine Hr>use Co. at No, 7X 

West .^ni-crior strict. 
Said app! icat ic>n will b« lienrd and det/Tmined 

by said common corned (dtheci'y of Dttlntli. 

at the council chaml»er in said city «if Du!u»h, 

in St. Iv>uis rY>iinty. MinO' ''•••-1, on Monday, the 

:'Jth dny of July, IS'l, at 7 •■» o'clock p. m. of 

that dr|y• 
Witn•*w< my hand nnd •«•«! of giiid cify of Do- 

Inth. this Hth dny «( July, 4. 1). P-»J 

«'. K. Ktrntrn^r. 
< i'j Clerk 



J II timoc 







— — ^"?*i»B?"*l 





Rccoo'iiizino. the fact that times are hard and money close, WE HAVE CONCLUDED TO ASSIST THE PEOPLE AT THE HEAD OF THE LAKES 


Crockery House Furnishing Goods, Etc., 

And to helT) ourselves at the same time to reduce our large and heavy stock. It is a v/ell known fact that our prices a-re lov/er than those of any other house in the city, and with the above 
Discount we guarantee a savme; of 25 to oO per cent to overyhody on anything "bought during this sale. Our goods are all marked in plain and distinct figures and all goods will be 
charged at the price they are marked, and then 20 per cent taken off the bill. If you. for instance, purchase a total' amount of $5.00 v/e will give you 20 per cent discount of $1.00. and 
all you pay us is $ 1.00, and so on v/ith any amount purchased. 


And that :rou derive a benefit on anything you buy during this sale. WE WILL EXEMPT THE FOLLOWmO G OODS PROM TBEEISCX ul\^T: Ccats' Cotton. The^n Corsets 
Dr. Vi^ariier Corsets. The Equipoise Wais ts. The Ferris Waists. The Butterick Patterns, The Van Dusen Pan and a few other thin^-s in our Crockery and Hardware departments which 
are being already sold at about COST PRICE. 


And we shall refuse to charge any thing at the Discount Price. Buy your winter supply now, it will be a paying investment. 


Commencing Thursday, and Lasting All of This Week. 



- I. FREIMUTH, Prop. 


Cuiliim, drntist, 702 Palladio. 
Smoke Endion cij^or. W.A. Foote & Co. 

"Use ihe best" Du'.uth Imperial flour. 

McMillen & Tenbusch, architects; 
Kinq- block. 

I'irsi rr.ort£ra;::c loans, Crosb} Bros., Pa]. 

Dr. Schiffman tiUs teeth without pain 

Smoke Robert ljurr:s cigar. Sold hy 
Alb'-rt Mau^'aib, Firs: Xat'l bank bldj;- 

Ice cream social at St. Anthony's hail 
'1 hiir9-J:ty evt-nirf^. .Music. 

The Ossifra^e iv.oonlight excursion 
this eveniriii is for the Young Men's 
Christian RS£ociatiori and a large crot/d 
will go cut. 

At the lecture-musicalp oi the Dulutu 
School vi Piano this atlcraocn, Protessor 
Lach'.n'md read a paper on "Chopin." 
After the paper a niusicale was given, 
those taking part bei.ig Ray Leland, 
Gertie Smith, Dorothy Nichols, Agnes 
Fitzp.itrick, Jeonie Gradv, Gertrude 
Carey, Eilcn Schibsled at:d Guy VVilI- 

Patents have been issued at Washing- 
ton to A. K. Roc of Dulutii for an elec- 
tric switching M[i[.a''aiUb, and to K. Xe!- 
:ion of We-t Duiuth for a rotary cutter- 

Social hy the Vo'ing I.adieb' sodality 
at .St. Anthony's hall Thursday night. 

Births as follows l\ave been reported 
to the board of health this morning: 
Peter and Helen Solheim, 507 West Fifth 
street, a daughter; Robert and Emma 
Forbes, 61 ; East Third sLrcet.a daughter; 
Henry ancl May Smith, 210 Eighth ave- 
nue east, a daughter. 

The bank clearances todny were 
5>3.-.o.o34 70. 

F. N. Guthrie and family have re- 
moved to mo corner of Superior ttre»i 
and fourteenth avenue Eist. 

The Nautdus returned lart evening 
from her trio to Grand Marais. Aboard 
her were .Ma;. Scars. J. H. Upbam, Mon- 
rje Nicols an 1 Mc rcon Miller. They 
took in Two Ha:bors, Grand Marass, 
Ontonagon, Mien., and Ashland. 

Tiic Hearing Conlinusd. 

The hearing o^ the ui Enima E. 
r>awren aqiiinst Charles E. Shannon was 
iv)i finiivhed yesterday and judne Lewis 
toyk it up .igain at 2 o'clock this after- 
notin in irs office in llie Torrcy building. 

At the court hnuse this morning before 
Judge Lewis thj casoof L. li, H.Clifford 
njrainst Xclhe ivIcAdauis ct al was tried 
and submitted. 

Foil Into the Water. 
Capt. Robinson t'l the bteamcr Mon- 
arch was being "jollied" to quite en ex- 
tent hy his friends today who rejoice at 
the i.bancc for the rantain is quite a 
practice! joker and g<inerally the 
iai-'sh himself. Last evening as he wa> 
going aboard the boat he led intr. the 
waier between her and the do. k. He 
clung to a Ciilc and wa.. soon fiihed out 
by the crew unhurt but very wet. The 
story leaked o it a'l n:^ht. 

N«tics to Dog Owners. 

Notice is hereby given that all pcrvions 
ownitig cr ke: pi:ig ti.M.icensed (logs v/il! 
be liable to arrest and fine or impriecu- 
ment from and after this date. 


Chief of Police. 

Duiuth, June 0, '803. 


Hon. I. M. Markhan), of Aitkcn, is in 
the city. 

Miss Kate iiardy h:is returned from 
Chics go. 

R. R. Wise, the Frainerd hotel man, is 
in the city, 

John McCarthy, of Stiihviter, is in the 
ci.y today. 

H. B. Willis came up from S*. Paul 
this m.ornirg. 

A. R. Tohnic left today for Taccma to 
visit his parent". 

A. Harrington cam.e up from Minne- 
apolis this morning. 

Dr, A. E. Sonkler, of St. Paul, was in 
the city last eveirng. 

Jnmes Corrigan, 01 Cleveland, was in 
the city la-st evening. 

Mrs. Phinc 'S Aver has returned from 
a two months' Ti=it in Chicago. 

J. S. Pinnoy, St. Paul manager of the 
American P;ess association, i? in the 

Herm-iii GoebeJ.a Cincinnati attorney, 
is at the Spalding, accompanied by hir. 

Miss Alirc Butrh irt is attending the 
World's kindergarten convention in 

Mrs!!. T}. Middletoff left yesterdav for 
Two Harbors, where she will spend the 
balance of the v.'c;ck visiting. 

Mr?. T. Saunders and daught.'r and 
Mi=s Ten Eyck. of Albany, N. V , and 
Mi'.s M^ssay, of Kansas City, Mo., are in 
the city. 

Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Manton and daugb- 
t;r, who have been the guests of Mrs. 
H. F. Williamson, l'_ft for Mackinac 
Island vesterdav afternoon. 

Mr«. Su.san McGowan and her sister 
Mrs. E. B. Malt jy have goMS to Chicago 
to nttttnd the fair. Mrs. McGowan in- 
teiids speeding the sunr.mer at her sister's 
home, New Haven, Conn. 

Superintendent Dcnfeld went to St. 
Paul yesterday and is there today. He 
is atte^dirg a Tweeting «~.f the officers of 
the .Minnp.sota State Teachers' associa- 
tion, of which he is president. 

Juhn La-Jiton returned this m.orninf.' 
fr .ni hi.-; trip to hi?; hnne in Xew York 
state. He spent a dav .nt d?c World's 
fair !!nd put in most of hir, lime in the 
streets of Cairo ridinf races with three 
of hi> friends on the litde donkeys at 10 
ccn»s "per." 

James Aiken, cf Rrdnood Falls, Minn., 
.''ud for nianv >e-irs puVilishcr of the 
Ga/ette at th^t p!ac'\ is in the city 
visi'.irg friends, :ind may locate per- 
nrirentlv in Duiuth. 


Board of Equalization Will Find Some Dis- 
crepancies Which It Will Have to 


Vessel Owners riiotiiicd no Redaction Will be 

W.and, 7; iHirkce, 0:30; Balgaria, Notlli 
west, 10. 

iome interesting Figures as to the Number 
ef Horses and Cov.s in the 

Chicago, July 
Groves, of the 
ordered the 500 
branch to do no 
dav. This wr.i 


-President Walter 

Seamen's union 
in the Chicago 



work for less than §2 a 

done in anticipation of 

Columbian Suit Sale, 514.92. 

Not a Fa!c cf :• few ndds and ends but 
vour choice for tins week cf our en- 
tire stof 1: of handsome t -.i'.or-made suits 
tliat we've be<-n i-fllini-; at $1,0, ^28, ^3^ 
$.22 and $20 lor >l \.()2. 

'i'}]\: HlG Dl-IA'TH. 

Steamer Ossifrags rxciirsioas. 
From th's date untd luriiier notice the 
Osiitrage will tun a regular excursion to 
some point of interest oii the north or- 
south^ sho'R of Lake .Supt rior each after 
noon, at the popular price of 50 cents. 
Announcements a=. to de.s'ination and 
time of starting will appear each day in 
the 'ocal column'.. 

Me^aba Village Has One Tv/erdy-Five Dollar , 
Horse— Gas and Water Compaiy's 
Personal Valuation. 



The only Pure Cream ..." Powder —No Air.moni,.. No .M'jgj 

In W\]tfyn< of Rouies— 4r> Ycjirs the Sucilsr^ 

The board of equali;:alion at yester- 
day's session s'zed up some rank in- 
equalities in the personal properly re- 
turns and is getting into shape to do a 
little swelling here and there. A short 
session was held this afternoon, r)Ut the 
real work of the board will commence 

Great difTerences are shown in the re- 
turned valuation of stocks of goods for 
sale of merchants in the same line and 
appRrentiy doing about the same volume 
of bustiitsi. For instance, two retail 
grocery stnr«s return iSjooo and 
57000 ' respectively. Right under 
them is a third grocery doing, 
from all apoearances, three timss the 
busMiess ol either of the ct'crs. and 
therefore prob^dily carrying fuliy as large 
a stock, which returns only Sicxx). A 
big wholesale e itablishment admits that 
its stock is worth !*5Q0O, while an ice 
company carries ^1500 in its wares. 
These valuation^, it should be remem- 
bered in contrasting the amount-, are 
for Slock on band to sell; lixtiires, 
wagons, horses, etc., are found in another 
otatitnent. Ihe irregularities most glar- 
ing have been Tioted by the board and 
will receive due attention. 

Til.; personal property of the Duiuth 
Gas anrl Water company is valued at 

According to the rolls there are 3237 in Si. Louis county of 3 years and 
older, cf an aggregate value of $i(;8,o7S. 
or an avera'^e al ?V)i.5o per horse. Of 
the^c 1672 arc in the city of Duiuth 
proper, worth $108,878, or an average of 
§60.33 each. The Fourth ward carries 
the ribbon for the greatest number— 507, 
vvhile the Seventh ward lus 66. Mesaba 
vill.-ige is way down at the tail of the list 
with (me horse, and not much of a horse 
at that, judging from the valuation of ;?25 
put upon lum. 

There arc 1879 cows in the county, 
valued .at $32,463, or an average of ^^17.27 
each. In tiie city there are 835 bovines. 

Of wagons and carriages the total for 
the county is 2270, valued at g6i,Q62, or 
an average of S22.45. The average value 
of the 1264 vehicles in the city ii ?32.2o. 

rhe Weather. 

Din.rTH, Jnly IT., ivps. 
Tho fc/lowinff v.iri;«ti<i'i» in l'niipr;ra'nri' \n'rP 
rnc<>fil»»d at Pif'ii"«r Kiio' <''-inpMiy'p nrljie. 230 
Won" Hniiorior streot. Unlay and currosponfl- 
inc dato ia>-t. year. 

law 1H92 I 1893 1XD2 

li m .8.1 ^4 1 7ii. m fi« CO 

3 iMn Jrj S7 I !»a. m li-t 71 

«|).in M) SUIUm 7-J 72 

lOp. m fiS 77 I 

IWtS 1^«J 

Maxiniuni t'l Vi 

Miiiitnnm W* 'il 

Dally ranao Xi 25 

Beautiful DecGptions. 
"She" and Garden of Luxembourg are 
the new owes at Morns' Illusions. The 
statue turning to life. Psycho antl others 
are also shown. 

World's Great Columbian Suit Sale. 

Si \.'}2 takes your cliou i' of ;niv suit in 
the house. Tm; Bio Dimatth. 

an attempt made by the vessel owners 
to get union sailors for Si. 50 a day. Only 
sailing vessels :ire Rffected. 

Tlie order 0; I not result in many men 
striking, for tho reason that a dull season 
in the lake traac has set in and but few 
sailors are ;\t present employed. 
The oflicers of the union say 
they are wiliii g to help the «)wners 
by acepting a reasonable reduction, if 
similar cuts in wages are made among 
the lumber shovcis and if the towing 
companies reduce their rates. A confer- 
ence will be held i^is afternoon between 
the officers of the sL-amtn's union and the 
vessel o-vncrs. 

William Smith, president of the Lake 
Seamen's union at Milwaukee, was iri 
this city today to consult wiih the ofiiccrs 
of the local orgar.'.ation. lie s."id th;ii 
500 men of the Miiwaukcc branch were 
in unison with the t^'hic.ago men and hr<i 
notified their employers that no reduc- 
tion in w.iges would be accepted. 

iWarinc Notes. 

Thirteen cargcc-^ of coal entered the 
Duiuth port for the twenty-four hours at noon today. 

Wheat races trikiy are still down to 
I Ji routs for I>uffalo, but there is a little 
demand for tonnage anti more activity 
than yesterday. 

The Crlcngarry. which came in light 
from Port Arthur ihis morning carries 
gram for her owners who buy here and 
ship for market. 

Fog Signals Disablod. 
Notice is jjiven by the lighthouse in- 
spector for the Ninth district that the fog 
signals at Beaver Island liijht station arc 
disabled and not in operation. Repairs 
will be made as soon as possible. 

Ninety-five New Vessels. 
The new lake-built tonnage for the 
half-year ending July 1, i8g3, aggregates 
05 vco.sels with a i^ross tonnage of 51,876. 
In this list there aic ()G steam vessels of 
5/'),530 tons, or a mean average of ,553'!' 
tons for each vessel. Sail and unrigged 
vessels number 20, with a gross tonnage 
of 15,316, showing a mean of 529 tons 
for each vessel. The whaleback fleet is 
credited with bringing up the total of 
unrigged vessels during the first half 01 
the year. 

A Canadian's Contrast. 
A Canadian i tmrniercial man who has 
just made the trip to Chicago and return 
on a .steam yacht says: "l*"roni Kings- 
ton to Port Dalhousie we never sighted 
a snuikestack or a sail, but we had no 
sooner entered Lake I'.iie than both 
steamers and sailing ressels became 
numerous and grew in number as we 
movvd westuar.-l. And si'ch big vessels! 
They almost took my breath awav. 
Canadians do only a little bit of trade 
alongside the Americans. Anothcrgreat 
difference between the two govcrninents 
is in the liy,hthouse .•service. The Cana- 
dians have measly little light at fon;:: 
distance; the Yankee liutiti brittle nil 
along the coast, while the lile-&.aving 
crcv.s are ntgani/.itions lobe proud ol. 
Canada is far behind in the race t)n the 
inland waters." ____^ 

Ocean Steamships. 

New Yoik Arrived: 'I'culonic, Liver- 
pool; Havel, Uicmen. 

Southampton Arrived : Steamer Spree 
from New \mk and proceeded for Bre- 

The Sault Passages. 

Saui.t Sti:. Mauh", Mich., July -26. 
(Special to The Herald. |--lJp: Montana, 
7:30 p. m_; Roanoke, y; Hackelt, Hrown, 
10:30; Castalia, 6 .). m.; Parks, Foster, 
7:30. Down: Fairii.mks, Camden, 7 p. 
m".; Maripo-^a, 10: Piom-cr, 11; M.iruba, 3 
a. m.; Wocokcn, Pii;c, 5:30; Cross 
Clement, Chicago, Hoard of Tr.ade. 

Pcit ot Duiuth. 


Pro)) Fniicr»r St-tlf. Buffalo; mcrchacli.'c. 
Fro;) ("a;;, ylt^i. Ji;:liT f,.r inmlx-'r. 
Sciir !)•• 'np.s Wa-. ■. li„'tit f( r lumbar. 
Sriir iSt^w;iri. Ii3'-t for hin.lror. 
Pro;) •!<i;thoru Jjii,'lit. Huiiijio; iuofc!ian:li&c\- 
flop J.H!Tn.'s Pic l:iuj(ls, Lakf brio; coal. 
I'rcrt \';i i-.tiniic'r, Lakt^ Krie ; coil. 
Ivirsje -KiBrain-'io. L.ike Erie; coal. 
I'rcp Niniic, 1 . !.";. Krie; coat. 
I'rop \ >m<iort) it, JjUlIjIo: b erchiinclisp. 
Proplosco, L>.«e i>j'5; ceil, 
>'rop Iron liliiOi". Lako Kne; coal. 
Schr Iron V'.tff, Lake Kric ; coal. 
Prop ('bina, Hiiffnio: ija--?ongcr= audmercli an- 
cl ise. 
Pror> J. B. Lyon, Lnko Krio: coaL 
Pro)) K.-iyctt'"* h'r.r.vii, L-dk-i Erie; coal. 
Prop Goor«n \V. Worley, l<a! e Eri) ; ooal. 
."-^clir Kwc:!, 1.h':'» lirif ; coal. 
Pnip <il('u»iary, lii-lit for v.tioat. 
Prop Heihnau, Lako Kiic ; coal. 
ProTi Tom .vaaiiis, l^ake Eiic ; coal. 


Prci> C. B. LrckwoocJ, liRlit for oro. 
HarRO i:!.'?, Cltvclaud ; oro. 
MarRC VM. lipht. for oiC. 

Pre .p City of Travir^^L', Chicago; na^scuRcrs 
a!:'l m^rclriiutjsp. 

Prop FniMfiiac, li^Ltforore. 
Proi> Iron Asc, li-iit for oro. 
Sriir [run City, lifftit f.-roro. 
bcjjr las ;i»Riua. ligliv for ore. 


Some cf the Legal Papers Left With Cier'r. 
Sinclair Today. 

The following p.Tpers were filed in 
Clerk Sinclair's office today: 

Louis Id. (irieser and £mil Hartmanr. 
against M. O. Hall, order of Judge Bax- 
ter denying motion of plaintiffs for a 
new trial. 

Elie Scclct ngai#St P..ui Sharvy and 
Cytile Vain, tranjciipt of judgment from 
municipal court, .^12038. 

Willi im Graff against Duiuth Impe 
rial mill, order cf Judge Lewis deii) ing 
p.'aintiff's inction for a new trial. 

American ba .kof .Superio; 
ayain^t R. F. Wilson et al. judgnKnt by 
defrnih, S1042.72. 

j. H. Culver .against Simcn Claik and 
Andrew Jacksor, j\:d;;nieiit by default. 


In the matter of tb; estate of H. H. 
Beli, insolvent, <>rdor authorizing the 
s.i'e of certain teal cstnte in Duhith 
proper. Second divivi.'n. .Altliough 
signed by judge ICnsign Feb. 7, the order 
was not filed until today. 


W<-(lrc:(Jay. July 2C: Coiitinued 
fair, «Hriucr. 


JL vPiitleirian oniy. 1'2i* ^ir.tb aT?uTi(> wett. 


Pntili^li in t'nie Fitnrr' D.4ILY ! 
W 1 ; A'l IT liR PK CD I ( r JO •; S and j 
V. .S. SIGNAL 1- LA(;.S. ft-recastir-i,- i 
Wi'>atlier clir.nfreB 21 lionr.-^ in ad-] 
v»!.ce. Explauatio'i of di^r'I«^■9 
appoar licro each Monday, or caa 
b? at any of its oflice . 


»» fra!i_'iJ5ian '^tiit-rai linp*> or oftlc:- xiork. 

g:aall rulnry ; -^-i:! iceve ciij. AdiireM E i.". 
i I era Id. 

■J70S rent-fuk\i.':hedeoos:. .-23 west 

Hon:3 Ton ladies : iroras ron Gcrrs : 

j Ev.^ry dr.y fr'-'Ti V a, Ev'-ry day frt.::. 1 p. ] 

m. : . 1 n. i" 10 ;■. ir;. 

And yon'U have no reason for cor;iplaintI 
1 1 Its Sold'im Li.uslledl Never ExceLod ! 

City .Soics Omco : Ilorald bldg, 2:iO West 
Bnporior Street. Te)'" hnao No. '•fil. 


Tiic Wind 

ated. Ac 
the line 
stale t'] 
wind St 
section ( 

stems, a 
tancc of 
been hej 
still dow 
fore the 


Blew With Hurricane Force 
tratiag the Wires. 

eport i» circulation yesterday 
n that the western end cf the 
range had been struck by a 
proves to have been exagger- 
Ivices received todav from aloi.g 
of the Duiuth iv Winnipeg road 
theic was ore of the worst 
orms ever experienced i;i thr.i 
if the country. 

trees were snapped oft' like pipe 
id the telegraph wires for a dis- 
twcniy or iweniy-tive miles were 
;ly prcsirated. So far as has 
ird no carnage dc">e to any 
s, probably because they are 
n that section. The wires are 
n, anil it will be several da)S be- 
linc is working again. 


Ecssinn asfi 

■fT '•Vest Michigau SttvfU 
gt'Tl.-iS O. F\I.LKlt. rr;.;.. PIL. TT. ri.V\ M 

IP r.' 




t- ». 

Largest Clothinff Hotjsr in ti.o West. Piou'^cT 
of Low Prices. 

agent of 
Matt CI; 
v.ife. Mi 
up from 
car. Th 
the Iron 
ard due! 

Going to liis Mines, 
e W. Pull, gei eral passenger 
the St. Paul & ] U^Iuth, rnd wife, 
irk and wife, I . K. Smith and 
53 Nf^el and R. L. Clsrk, came 
St. P.-ul last night in a private 
is afternoon the patty IcJt on 
Range road to visit the mines 





Columbian Greai Tsjit Sale. 
Coiun ous div oveied America in 1 452. 
Have yen di:;coverod that we are eiving 
vour ciiciic th^s weelc at jyClO^ of any 
suit in t le house. 

Tm; Pk; Diluth. 

A now l*;ii;lit-rooni Honsr-, slono fciiiiila- 
tiou. hatli. f-c\\(^r, clotet.., electric li;:lii^. 
uvo lunnicl.* aud Ktutos, hardwood !to,>r;=, 
aad two laiVjo lofcj, 

Price, Only $2600. 

$G00 Cash. Balance in Four Years. 

Do not ttduk tlii.i 15 in tlio conirr of tli'^ 
city, lor it is :><•(. bii* t'-io prviperty i.* 
worth $a,rKK» t<» $4,(100, 



Blood-Sucking Vampires. 

The v.impires at ^'ovl!^' Illusions .are 
\ory curious creatures. Every child 
shouM ?ec them; also the beautiful illu- 
sions. (Children, >c. 


Boycr and Millard. 
Theje gentlemen will probably soon 
conclude the .'Cticsof nieetmgs which 
thev have been holding here so succcs.'- 
fuilj at the Christi.Tii church. H.iving 
«. iiKagcnu rts at ntln^r jioints they will be 
obliged to ^o before long and anyone j 
losing this opportunity tohearlhcni loses j 
n great deal. The cv<ingelisi's treatment 
of' the subject of last evening, "The 
Judgment Dav, the Day 'or Which al! 
t)thor Days Were Made." was something 
it.irtling. The terrors and joys of that 
IMCflt (iay were something to be felt, as 
be produced his evidence that the judg- 
ment its not a thing of the past lor any- . 
one, but that it remains to be faccfl by 
t very .soul in the j.icscnce ot (iod and 
the universe. Tonight ins subicct will 
be ".Stones to be Kollcd Awav. ' 

For Rent to Good Painter. 
The Ray \'iew Land company has for 
rent a g«iod house, Ihey will allow ten- 
ant to p;.int the same in payment of his 
rent. Cm a;;. W. IIovt, 

West Duiuth, Agent. 

Vox PwCnt- -Two rooms ]\y.ieon tints 
unfurnished, steam heat, bath. Apply 
to 4eS Pnlladio. 

$13.75 to Chicago and Return 

\"i.i the St. Paul & Duiuth railroad. The 
best line to Clucago. July 17, rt, 3;. 
.\ugu^t ; th. Choice of si;> routes. See 
F. P>, Ross, Northern Passenger Agent, 
.t2S Spalding house block, hetorc you 

For ThoE© That 
"Waiit Pants, 
And Don't Wish to 
Spe»d Much Money. 

A Pant 

Inausruratcd for 'Hiiirsdav, 

f _ 

Fridciv and Satiudav 


Big ~ 


•♦."il! pairs of All- Wool Pan(<; in light 
aad dirk shades, sood patt('ni> 
.•»iid wellm;idp: worth from 83. 5o 

to SkSO. 



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ami Chocks, styli-h out atitl tailor 
ma«1c: worih t'rom8!.^»» to Sfi.oO 



7 pairn stlceted from our fhoi(e>it 
liiio.-^ of \VorsfiMis\ C:issiiiicrcs ami 
Cluviols, nobby p.ittonis. Trous- 
irs. any iiKMrliant Uilor uiiirht lie 
proud f(» {nrii oi;t. I'erloct in fit. 
iiiak*' and tpLililv: wortli S». 8V. 

am! 87.N0. 

JBlacbErrlcs, per rrat:: $1.00 1 

iFto, per 100 lbs $1.85o ^4.98 


Hams, par lb 

Gal. Apples, per can. 

••G'ovrr Cleveland. Jr." 
Pr. J'jieer \- ( o.V Pil*»riirf dops (ho 'oiz." 

14c { 

i uai. ft[J!'lt;^, jj;;! i/du 24:C a 

♦ Eggs, per doz 1^^} 

|3-]b bi).x Crcckers 16c | 


fForan Bros. & Go.J 

\ l-lVj:'. V/est First St! e<.'t. ^ 

Given Away FREE. 

(iet a 'i iekct with every pnre haue. 










nil KSDAY. JULY ill, 1893. 



Ski4k jfi( j&^0^ j&-akJB jidkj&.j&.jaLjfikJ!k.^^j£K.jKkj^. 

< ^O Reduce an Overstock of 

" r 


We Offer Our Fntirc Stock For 

A^ i.mji^mmm^'.xem 

The flnsiiiiig Week 
At Gycatlv Reduced Py. 

\ This Sa!e 

2 Will iiicUule about half a 






A Terriffc Explosion of Nitro-Glycerine at 

Samples Station on th« Pittsburg 

k Western Railway. 

M.S. Van Buren and Three Horses Were 

Blown to Fragmenfiand the Wajon 

Was Demolisheil. 

People Near the JJcene Were Thrown Abon* 

in Every Direction and Some 

Were Injured. 






The Miraculous Escape of the Brothers of 

Va.T Buren, Who Were Near at 

the Time. 

Like cut shown 
out mirrort^) 


(only with- 


gf k^OO EACH. 

Regular Price, $22.50. 

i l3 Sell on Ea^y Piy- 
* niscts Wlien Desire! 

!Do yon noed accommoda- 
tiooT Have you giveu tliis 
d luetbotl of (ipr bniij'fj yoar 
g ci-iisiJerationT 
H It U Lnciirnblu. 
i It u just aad e^jnitabie. 
" Our b<»-)k5> ••'ntain thp 
" mmo3 of the bfi?t citiznna 'T 
g irtilntli. who hr\Ye> availed 
f t^'<Miieelv«5i of its ndv.'inta--"is. 
3 Wo ask a payrtjent of 
t .1.00 or. S20.00 BouKht. 
KWon 40.00 lioiijjht. 
10.'»on M.OO Doimlit. 
?0.00ory rnO.OO Bon^ht. 

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We bave tbe largest Stock of Eyerytbii-g' | 
pertaining t9 Honsc-Fnrfiililiig in tlis t 
city of l^filutii. ^ 

Smith, Farwell I 

& Steele Co., > 

222-224 WEST SUPERfOR ST. i 

''^r"*iy~'i3f''*if'^^V'^'V tF f? 'V's^'W'9'--^'vvi"vr'^'^p' 'kf'v^: 





JJ4-{11 EAST Hb'FERlOi: srCEET. 





OTer tho niost wondorful bargains in fnrnitnre and bedding that yon ever heard 
Of. We kare cne ot ilie best seleated stoclts of tho latest and m»st reliable goof's 
mado aacl we c:^n »<«fve you lots o-f moriby if you wlii only tak« ttie time and loc k 

tTTsm Kc, I'j.. July 27.— Early this 
r yrning '^.^4, .S. Van IJuicn ami two 
firothtrs went to th-. ir ma^.nrinc nea 
Samples station on the Pittbburj^ i^ 
We tern KiihTiiy to get a load of i.itro- 
glyccrinc for tlie purpose of bhootiiij;; an 
oil v.'cll. The dant^erous tluid was bein<; 
tiaiisfcrrcd to a wagon to whicli three 
horses were attached. A roiiilderable 
ijuantity had been placed on the wa;;on, 
when in some manner which will prob- 
ably nerer be c.xpliiired the jjlyccruie 

Ttic icrriilc concussion shook the aur- 
roundinsj buiidinjis violenliy. People 
near the sccr.c were thrown about in 
every dircctioTi. The on)/ iiortum of M. 
S. \'anBuren's bndv ytt found ;s part of 
a !e^. Smdl shreds of lle»h were 
scattered ail a!)out. 

The thrtx; horses were also blown t(. 
fr,*>jinent.s, while only a few huiall piece*., 
of the wajjon r^:main. .\ hole wa;i blown 
mi . ihe trrcjund lar^eenr;iij,:i fur a cellar. 
Several people were injured bv tlie con- 
c;iisi(..n and il>ini? debiis but »hcy will 

N'anBnren was 22 years of .tt^e and un- 
married. The escape of hii, brothcr~, 
r ho were nsar by at the time, is niiracu 


A vyoman Wtjo Nearly Becamsa Viclitr of Ur. 

Nrw York, July 27. -A special to the 
Press from Chicai^o says one of the most 
important witnesses aj;a'nst Dr. Meyer 
will be Mrs. Charles Miller, who, ac- 
companied by her husband, left for New 
\'ork on Tuesday. She was employed 
by the doctor at Toledo. 

Dr. Mever advised her to take out .t 
life insurance jiolicy which i,he did. A 
few weeks later she became ill and Dr. 
Meyer prescribed for her. The inedi- 
ci!:e brotTpht about Bcvere pairij. Dolh 
Meyer .-^nd his wife tb.'n left the house. 
.\ nei^jhbor summoned a physician an 1 
her life was saved. 


Tariff Deadjusl.T.ent Necessary to Relicvr 
National Distress. 
Niw VoKK, July .-7. Tlic W'orld this 
morning print.^ an interview from Bev- 
erly Fnrnis, ^fass., with cx-Secratary oi 
the Navy William C. Whitney on the 

linanoial (|ucblion. He says among other 

"I agree with Mr. C'leveianil that 
simply the repeal of the Shcrnmn law 
witliont atnendment or •^uhhtitnte is the 
only thing to be consiJcrt.<l now. lint 1 
tlo not wit.h to be regarde'l as consider- 
ing tliL- repeal of the .Sir;rni«n law a per- 
iiKinent cure for cur national ills. The 
I urren'-y tpic tion Is not the nioit vital 
cne. The country k prosperity will never 
be permanently eitabli.hed while an Us. of !?30;>, 000,000 to j»4oo,ooo,ooo 
is laid npon its industries. 

" I iNcs being levied as they 
are, the genera! nia^s oi people, the pro- 
d'.icing ami industrial (Masses and the 
grer;t body of inerchanis. tradesmen and 
prolc^sional men pay litieen times ai. 
much iix in proportion ti' their means ar. 
the rich man. There liis the secret of 
the national distress. The only per- 
manent remedy is in the readjustHicnt 
and cq'oalization of this burden ot tax- 


A man Filled Hie Mouth With Powdor and 
Ignited It. 

C;iIC.^GO, July 27.— Tired of life, VV. 
H. Irving, of Charles htrcet, Winlhop 
Beach, Mass., committed suicide some 
time la^t night on the lake shore near 
the foot of Diverscy street. The method 
used was revoking. A partly liHed can 
of powder by his sule aini inc torn and 
mai;g!ed face indicated ihai the suicide 
had filled bis mouth v. it.h powder, and 
thcr with a ligiited match had caused i ; 
to ecpiodc. 

Ttie no:c was wholly gone and the 
face near the mouth was torn and 
lareratcd. lu the pocket of the coal the 
olhcers foimd the follov. ing note. 

"i)« net send my body home, as my 
.vifc has no moiivy to bury it. Do no. 
bury me in a pauper's grave. I have 
been tired ol life for the last two yeais 
but have liverl for my wii'.'i sske. I can 
no longer livo. 1 haveno work and am oui 
of money. This world i^ but a stage and 
the curtain h:;s JUPg donii npon one 01 
its main scenes. (Signed) \\ . H. Ikv- 

The man was .about .|0 years of age, 
wax well dressed and hid the appearance 
of a weil-to do man. 


The Arkansas River Threatens the City With 

Puf:i;lo. Col., July 27.— Early this 
rrorning Ih^ Arkar'-as river came rur,h 
ing out with a tremendous Hood. The 
entire lower portion of the city is threitt- 
encd \vith inundatioti. The city hall has 
I'ow six feet of water on all sides of :', 
and ail the basemema in that block are 

Hundreds of people living in the flats 
have lied to higher ground. The y.a'cr 
wt/rks were compelled to shut down b/ 
the flood. The loss will aoproximat; 
Si 00, coo. 


this ii-p. 

cur THIS cur 

T» And bring thi< wltii you aad get a oash discount of 10 per 
ooiit ou your pnrchiuii;. KemCinber tke place. 

yo. 10J5 juHl 1 H) First Avcntto West. Abovft First Street. 

Pocket Books, Card Cases, 

Bill Books, 

Pass Cases 


MERDENHALL & HOOPES. /FLmpIoyers Liability, 

Districr Mn.^0^., ^ I Elcvator Accidcnt, 

LOilSOIl C-SaiTiStSS & ASSiflClll C0.< Workmeivs Collective, 
(LiMiTK!),. i Surety Bonds, 

OF LONDON, F.NG. - t v • 1 1 ^ • , 

OR^a^x^iZHiD iBGQ. \ Incdvidnal Accidciit 

Palmyra. Pa., is Threatened WitU Dcslrnctloi 
by Fire. 

RKAoiNf;; Pa., July 27. A dispatch 
received here from Palmyra, LcbfliiOii 
tounty, says that (ire started this morn- 
ing in a planing mill and thf t the de- 
struction of half the town is'thrcatcned. 

Kight buildings aie already destroyed 
at this time. The Lehnnon tire depart- 
ment has been le!eRj:i[)hed for and is 


The 3oilci House Drrtoiiihcd Cut No One 


St. Louis, July 37- Last night ai 
about 11 o'clock two huge boilcra of the 
r>elvil!c Distillery couipany exploded 
with icrrilic force, te-.ring the boiler 

honge to fraijmants and badly wrurking 
pan of ihe main budding. The noi^e of 
the t.\:plofion vvjs de^'oning and the air 
was tilled with liyins d.'bris. 

A portion of one of the boilers was 
b!o'vr. a distance of 2^0 feet. Fortu- 
nately nobody vvaa in the vicinity of the 
distillery and thereto; J no one was in- 
jured. Tlie loss is Cifinaatatl at aliout 
S2o,ooo. The canee 'fthe rx)»losion is 
noi known, ns ever* appetired to b'i 
in proper I ondition -1 i:cn the work was 
suspended nisjht. 

Nicaraguan Revolutionists Have Taken 


How on Its wav, 


niyra h.15 \ 

,00 in- 




Negligee Shirts, 


Yachting Caps, Etc. 

Silk Ms BlocM or Iroaed Y/hila Yoa Walt. 




habitants and is located on the Lebanon 
valley railroad, sixteen miles west of 

The lime Extended. 

Chicago, July 27,- judge Stein this 
morning, on motion of the attorneys for 
the respondents, «xtendcd the time for 
rctjuiriug Director Cicneral Davis, tin; 
member of the council of adminisuation 
and the directory of the Worhl's Colum- 
bian exposition company, to «how cause 
why they are not in violation of the 
court's injunction in the Clingman case 
by closing the World's fair gates on 
Sunday «ntil 9:30 tomorrow mcrnirg. 

Man and Wife Hlop?d. 
Ei.wof):). Ind., July 27.— PIc.Tsart 
Weddell and wife have eiopcd. The/ 
were marrie<l last spring and she tried 
to commit suicide because of bad treat- 
ment at his hands. They scftaratcd, shi 
livmg wit!) her relatives who wo*Ic1 net 
allow her to see him. They pl.umed an 
elopement, succeeded in eluding her 
relatives and are in Cincinnati. 

A Japanese Prince Coming. 

\ANrai;vi:u. 15. C, July zj The Japa- 
nese consul has reciveci word by the 
steamer Kmprcaii of Iidia that Prince 
Vorhito, a close relative of the einperrjr, 
would be a passenger on the ktenmship 
KmprKss of Japan. The princx will visit 
Kastcrn Canada, the L'nited 

le united .Slates 
Europe and is traveling incognitw. 


A Reporter Suicided. 
Cli.vki.ani). O., July 27.- Eberharl 
\'on Wiederhold, a reporter on the 
Waechtur Am Erie, die(t this morrin:; 
fioin a dose of morphine taken witli 
suicidal intent. As a humorous writer 
Wiederhold was well known by German 
people throughout the country. He ha I 
long been subject to temporary fits of 
melancholy and on two or three previous 
occa ,io:i3 attempted suicide. He leaves 
a widow and four young children. 

City of -Vlanagiia. 

Nr.w York, July 27. -A cable to the 

Herald from Panama says a private 

telegram from NiCarajjua announces thnt 

the Leon revolutionists have captured 

the c;ly ol Mat'.atfua. Details have not 
been obtained. 

The iinpoitance of the capture cannot 
be over estimated as it will give them 
control of the capital of the republic 
with all the moral cficct .and prestiife it 


Will Witness tho Preliminary Rsccs Bt-twcca 

/ifiicrican Yachts. 

LoNOON, July 27. - Lord Duniavcn, 
owr«y f)l the cutter \ alkyrie, which is to 
m.akc an attempt to win the American 
cup. expects to sail for New York 
August 12. The object of his c»irly vibii. 
to tlie I'nited States is to witness the 
preliminary races between the American 
yachts to decide whi:h of them will <lc- 
fend Ihr; cup .against the Valkyrie. 

The date of the sailing of the Valkyrie 
has not yet been fixed. She has engage- 
ments in sjvcral liritish rrg.ittas yet ta 
be luld and ske will defend the Capj 
llav cup sgainst the American yacht 
Navahoc, v.'hich is now in racing trim at 


Was Found Guilty of Kilting People Without 


New York, July 27.— A to the 
.Sun from the City of Mexico says Col. 
Jose Andrade, dm ing the r<dminstration 
of the late (Jen. Manuel Conzales was in 
charge of the Picdro (Jorda district in 
Gu-Hiajuato, was arretted a fevr days 
ago on a charge of committing a number 
of atrocious crimes in his official capa- 

It was alleged he shot a nHinber 
of innocent persons without trial. Ho 
was tried, found guilty and shot. The 
exfculion was »iitnes;ed by hundredb (jf 

Capl. Bourlte Acquitted. 

Vai I ti a. Malta, h'iy 27- The court- that wa.s appoined to inipiirc 
into the loss f)f the battlcsiiip \ictori.i 
today rendered its decision in the case 
of the Hon. Maurice A. Hoiirkc, ( aptaiii 
of the \'it loria. The <ourl found that no 
responsibility attjchcd to Capt. iJourk.i 
for the disaster and he was therefore 
.ac<|uiited ol all blan;e. 

Does Not Want to Return. 

Nkw Yokk. July 27. Tkc Noah K«r- 
niim association, as the I arinim post is 
called, V. ill not, it is stated on excellent 
authority, ask to bj taken back into the 
fold of the Grand Army of the Republir. 
It IS said the only condition on which it 
would return would be to be taken back 
on the old looting .ind with the old 

Caledonian People Celebrated at the World'j 

Fair Independent of Their Brother 

Scots in Chicago. 

Do Not F»ll«w the Brotherly Leve Advice 

Contained in the Poems of Robert 


The St. Andrews Society Has Had August 

4 Officially Recognized as Scottish 

Day at the Fair. 

WOKMJ'S KaiK GkoUND.S, CuiCA(t<), 

July 27.— There is a split among the 
Scotchmen who belong to the Caledon- 
ian society of Chicago, the Highland as- 
sociation of Illinois and St. Andrew's 
society. The breach showed itself today 
when the Caledonian people came out to 
the fair alone and in small numlvjrs to 
celtbraie on iliei-r own account, inde- 
pendent of their brolhtr .Scots in the city. 

The of the Si. Andrev/'s pocielv 
to have Aug. 4 tet apait as Scottish day 
at t!ie fatr have been offici^llv 
rccognixed by the director geuera' 
and committee on cerenionies. The 
St. Andrews and Highlanrl association 
people have refused to afiiliate with the 
Caledonians, and the latter faction led 
by P. H. i\lcKvv«n does not follow the 
biotherlv love advice contained in 
Robert Burns' poems. 

The first detatchmcnt of Scotch men 
and \M)i«eu ariived on the grounds early, 
ioUowing the lead of a Highbinder in 
costume pluying a bagpipe. They went 
over to the stork pavilion where it ws*; 
announced the Scotti:^h games and exer- 
cises wo*'ld t;ikc place at 1 1 o'clock. 
But ths'v learncil that only the exerciser 
would b? held and at 2 o'clock in mwic 
hall, so the little band.', from ih? Un.d oi" 
ttio thi*llc began a lotir of agriculiura 


The Murderer of a Fellow Convict Executed 
at Auburn. 
Arni'KX, N. Y., July 27.— William 
Taylor was electrocuted at 12:45 p. in. 
Taylor and his victim, Solomon Johnson, 
were second term men and were shop 
mates in the i)room industry of Auburn 
priion. Taylor was 27 years old and 
was serving a ten-year's sentence for 

Un Ajjii! 27, iS(p, he made an unsuc- 
cessful attempt to escape, and the fol- 
lowing day he assaulted a keeper, for 
which offense he forfeited all comn.uita- 
tion. In October, iSo'i, he was trans- 
ferred to the asylum for iii.annc crimi 
iials, then located in Aubnrr, where he 
r.maincd Until Sept. 14, 1891, when bo 
vas dijcharj^ed as cured and Iiegan his 
life iii Auburn prison. 

The murder was committed in the 
afternoon of September 20, \ti)Z. There 
was ro eye witu^iss to the (Iced. Taylor 

the grat'j 

1 go ov-*- 

will find n 

his hand 

toid the hall keeper through 
V. indow: "If voii fellows wi 
and look under tlie shop, ytiu 
i.arcass there." He earned in 

a keen adgrd knife, still r.. -eking with 
blood. The body wa* easily found and 
proved to be Solomon Johnson, V.I10 was 
(onvicted of an assault in Summer Hill. 

After Taylor's conviction. Dr. liwrrill 
vas appointed by the court to make an 
examination concerning the prisoner'."* 
mental responsibility. Dr. Purrill certi- 
!'ed that in his opjiiion Taylor was eanc. 
Th« court of appeals affirmed the judg- 
ment of the lower court and the week of 
Jwly 24 was fixed for the execution of 
the scntf;nce. 

Later— 'I'he electrocution of Taylor 
was not a success. The foot rest of tlio 
(hair broke and tJic dynamo gave out, 
so that the second current could not be 
applied. He not dc;'d from tbe 
first contact and soon began breathing 
heavily. Ht was placed o« a cot ar^'l 
c^n\eyed back to his corridor, where he 
coritimierl breathing and groaning witli 
pulse growing stronger. 

It ib now tlioughl pow«r will have t