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Full text of "Librorum impressorum qui in Museo britannico adservantur catalogus"


This is a digital copy of a book that was prcscrvod for gcncrations on library shclvcs bcforc it was carcfully scanncd by Googlc as part of a projcct 

to make the world's books discoverablc onlinc. 

It has survived long enough for the copyright to cxpirc and thc book to cntcr thc public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subjcct 

to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expircd. Whcthcr a book is in thc public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books 

are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, cultuie and knowledge that's often difficult to discovcr. 

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this flle - a reminder of this book's long journcy from thc 

publishcr to a library and fmally to you. 

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G, WooDFAix, Printer, 
Angtl Conrt, Skjim^r Street, London. 

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VOL. I. 









A A R 


A (PETRUS vander) Principum & iUustrium quorundtm 
Virorum Imagines. fol. Lugd, Bat. 

Effigies Virorum ac Fceminarum illustrium ex anti- 

quis Marmoribus, Numismatibus, Gemmisque expressce. fol. 
Lu^d. Bat. 

" Icones Arborum, Fruticum, & Flerbarum exoticarum» 

4« Lugd, Bat. 

Divers Ouvrages de belles iigures. fol. Leyd, 

Toutes Rortes d'Oiseaux. 4® Leifd. 

Le:* Royaumes d'Espagne &de Portugal represent^s en 

tailles douces. 4^ Lei^d. 
AAGARD (cHRisT. bom.) De Causis Febrium intennittentium. 

4« Ilafn. 1705. 
AAGARD (jos.) De universali rerum, preecipue yiventium, pro- 

ductione ex Ovo. 4® Hafn. 1716. 
AAGARDUS (nic.) Thya illustranda, 4« Hqfii. 1711. 

4« Hafn. 17 12. 

AARHUUS (pETR.) De emendatione Scholiorum VemaculaB IV. 

£yan^:t:listarum. 4** Haun. 1712. 
AARON (ben chajim) Korhan Aaron, i. e. Oblatio Aaronis. 

Commentarius in Librum Siphra^ qui est Commentarius in 

Leviticum. tbl. Ven. 

Leb Aaron, i. e. Cor Aaronis, Commentarius in Librum 

Jo^use & Judicum. fol. Fen. 

A B A 

AARON (pETRus) Libri tres de Institutione Hannonica editi a 
Petro Aaron, interprete Jo. Anton. Flaminio. 4* Banoti. 1516. 


AB^LARDUS. Opera ejus etHelobse Abbatissse conjugis ipsius. 
4« Par. 1616. 

Lettres a Eloise. 199 Amsi. 1693-5. 

" Histoire d'£loise et d'AbeIard, trad. du Latin. 12* 

Uaye. 1696. 

Bpistolse ejus & Heloise, cum codd. MSS. collat. per 

Ric. Rawlinson. &* Lo?itf.:l7l8. 

— Letters of A^ird and Heloise. 12* Lond, 1722. 

Al)elard to ^slTrisd; a Poetic Epistle newly attempted. 4* 

Lond. 1782. 

12» Bath, 1785. 

and other Poems. 4® Lond. 

Reponse d'Abailard d la Lettre d^Heloise. 12^ Atnst. 


12« Haye.'\696. 

■ La Vie de Pierre Abeillard, Abbe de S. Glldas de Ruis, 
Ordre de S. Bcnoi?t, ct celle d^Heloise son epouse, prcmiere 
Abbesse du Parackt. 2 tom. 12° Par. 1758. 

ABANO (PETRUS de) V. avenare. 

■ De Veneni>, per Gulielm. Gratarolum. 8« 

■ ' De Remediis Venenorum. 4° Par. 1515. 
Traicie des Venins. l^ Lyon. 1593. 

- Decisiones Physionomise. 8° Fen. 1548. 

- La Geomantia. 8® 

. 8« Ven. 1546. 

■ per il Tricasso Mantuano. 8" Franc. 1550. 
8« Ven. 1556. 

Conciliator Difierentiarum Philosophorum & prascipue 

Medicorum. fol. 

foL F«i,1483. 

fol. Ven. 1526. 

ABARBANEL (isaac) v. buxtorfius. 

■ — Nachalath Abath, i. e. Haereditas Patrum. Commen- 

tarius in Pirke Avoth. fol. Neap, 

fol. Ven, 

Zebach Pezach, i. e. Sacrificium Paschatts. De Ritibus 

Paschatis. 4^ Ven. 
— — — — fol. Neap. 

fol. Neap 

Rosch Amana, i. e. Caput Fidei, De Articulis Fidei. 

4» Ven. 

fol. Neap. 

Maane Hajeschuah, Fontes Salutis. Commentariu» in 

Danielem. 4^ Ven. 

Phirosch Hattora, i. e. Explicatio Legi». Commenta- 

rio» in Pentoteuchuro, cura R. Samuel Archevolti. fol. Ven. 


A B B 

ABARBANEL (isaac) Commentarias in Prophetaa priores, ttJL 
Neap. 1493. 

-^ Marchebet HammiKhnt, i. e. Currus secuodani. Coni* 
m-ntariu^ in Pentateuchum. fol. Sabionct, 

Ateretk Zehemm, i. e. Corona Senum. De Pr<ybetiia 

Patrum, imprimis de £xod. xxiii. 38. 4^ Sahionet. 

£xord*um in Leviticum. 4P Lond. 1683. 

Disseitaliones VIIL Hebr. Lat. a Job. Buxtorf. F. 4? 

Bas. 1662. 

ABARBANEL (jos.) De Phtbisi. 4^ Lugd. Bat. [A. i|f. ] 5415. 
ABARBANEL (leone) Dialoghi di Amore. 8^ Ven. 1558. 

Hisp. 4« 

^^ 4» Ven. 1568. 

ABARIUS (fh. aucustik) Dehumana per Litteras Perfectione. 

4« Patav. 1587. 
ABATl (antonio) Delle Fraschaie, Fasci tre. l^ Fnmc^ 

ABBADIE (jACQrEs) r. mahia. 
De 1a Veritc de la Religion Cbretienne. 8 tom. 4* 

lUaterd. 1684. 
■ 2 tom. ^ Rpttei^d. 1718. 

3 tom. 12« Haye. 1750. 

Paneifyric on Queen Mary II. 4^ Lond. 1695. 
L'Art de se connoitre soy meme. 12« Lyon. 1696. 

ABBAMA (frid.) De Animse intelligentis Essentia. 4« Lug. 

Bat. 1631. 
■ De prima Rerum naturdium Materi&. 4« Lug. Bat. 


DcTemperamentis^aliisque misti corporis aflfectionibuA. 

4« Ltig. Bat. 1631. 
ABBAS (HKLvJiiius) v. haly. 
ABBATIA (antonius de) Send-brieff von Verwandelung der 

Metallen. 8« Hamh. 1670. 

8« Hamb. 1691. 

ABBATIUS (baldus angelus) Opus discussarum Concertatio- 

Dum praeciarum. 4« Pisauri. 1594. 
' De admirabili Viperae natura. 8* Hag. Com. 1660. 

ABBAVILLA (pietro d^) v. bebnardo. 
ABBAY£ (m. bearde' ds l') v. bearde^ « 

ABB£ r. labbe. 
ABB£VILL£ (claudb d') Histoir^ de 1a Miasion des Capucins 

en Maragnan. 8« Par. 1614. 
ABBONDANTI (antonio) Viaggio di Colonia. W Ven. 

ABBOT (charles) Hymns composed for the Use of St. Mary^s 

Church in Bedford. W Lond. 1791. 

Flora Bedfordiensis. 8« Be^f. 1798. 

Verses to the Memory of Francis Duke of Bedford. 4* 

Bedf. 1802. 

Sermon on the Death of Lord Viscount Nelson. ^. 

Bc4f. 1805. 


A B D 

ABBOT (de. ) r. bwhop. . . 1 , . 

ABBOT (george) Abp. qf Cant, v. AHTicuLr. 
■ A Sennon at the Funeral Soleninities of Tho. Earl of 

Dorset. 4» Lond. 1608. 

A briefe Description of thc whole World. 12" Lond. 


Letter to King James against Toleration of the Popish 

Religion. 4^ 

Historical Narration of the Judgement 6f some*Ehg1i$h 

Bps. Holy Martyr», and others^ concerning God'8 El^tidri and 
the Merits of Christ his Death. 4<^ Lond. 1645. 

— His Life and Character, with a Description of the Hosp. 

at Guilford, &c. 8» Guil4f. 1777. 
ABBOT (gborge) Brief Notes «pon the Whole Book of Psalms. 

4^ Lond. 1651. 
ABBOT (robert) Bishop of Salisbury, v. eud^bmon-jqhannes. 

A Mirrour of Popish Subtilties. 4<* Lond. 1394. 

' Antichristi Demonstratio, contra BellaFrainum. 4* 

Lond. 1603. ,.;• - - 

■ The true ancient Boman Catholike. 4® Lond. 1611. 

Antilogia-adversus Apologiam Eudaemon-Johannis, pro 

H. Garneto. 4» Lond. 1613. 

De Gratia & Perseverantia San<^tornm. 4® Lond. 


De Suprema Potestate Regia, contra BellarAiinum. 4^ 

Lond. 1619. 
ABBOT (robert) A Christian Family builded by God. Sf 

Lond. 1653. 
■ Sermon at the burial of William Rogers. 12° Lond. 

ABBOTT (charles) Treatise of the Laws relative to Merchant 

Ships and Seamen. S^ Lond. 1802. 
ABBOTT (mord.) r. harrison. piggott. 
ABBOTT (richard) De Angina. 4® Lug. Bat. 1662. 
ABBOTT (sarah) Her Case. fol. 
ABBRIZZl (girolamo) Azzioni del Cane Taccone. 4® Ven. 

A. B. C. Bok. Island. 12^ Holum. 
A. B. C. DARIO Musico. 8° Bath, 1780. 
ABDALLA, Beidavaus. Historia Sinensis. Pers. Sf Lat. ab An- 

drea Mullero GreifTenhagio. 4P Jen. 1689. 
ABDALLA (achmet ben) Mohammedica, sive Diss. Epistolaris 

dc veritate Religionis Christianse. 8® Altdoif. 1700. 
ABDIAS Fri*pheta, Hehr. cum Comment. R. Kimchii; cura 

Vatabli. 4« Par. ap. R. Steph. 1540. 
ABDIAS, Babylon. Episc. De Historia Certaminis Apostolici, 

J. Africano Interpr. 8* Par. 1560. 

^ 8* Par. 1566. 

. 12<» CoL 1576. 

ABDICATED. Debate at large between the Lords Knd Com- 

mons in the Session of the Convention, Anno 168S, on the 

vord ^* Abdicated/' 8'' Lond. 1710. 


A B E 

ABDOLLATIPHUS. Kistoriae JEgypti Compendium, Arab. Lai. 

a Th. Hyde. 8» 

' a Josepho White. 4® Oxon, 1800. 

ABEILLE (scipion) Le Parfait Chirurgien d'Arm^e; Le Trait* 

des Piayes d'Arquebu8ade; Le Chapitre 'singulier tir^ de 

Guidon ; L'Anatomie de la Teste et de ses parties. 12* Par. 


ed, alt. 12« Par. 1696. 

ABEL^ r. ROPER. '-T 

AB£L (caspar) Programma^ quo Dominos Patronos ut Conatus 

IV; Juvenum memoriam SS. Conceptioni» Emanuelis sanct^ 

veneraturorum commendatos sibi babere velint rogat et invitat 

C. Abel. 4« Halhcrst. 1699. 
Disquisitio de Herodis Magni genere. 4® Halhersi. 


Delineatio Hereditatis Arausionensis. 4* Halherst. 


Epigrammata votiva Carolo III. nunc VI. Roman. Imp. 

consecrata. -4® Haiberst. 1711. 

Lineameiita prima Ilistoriee Friderici I. Regis Borusso- 

nim. 4« Halberst. [1714.] 

Epigrammata in honorem Georgii Ludovici Magn. 

Britannise Regis, necnon Ducis Brunsvicensium conscripla. 4** 
Halberst, 1714. 

Historia Monarchianim Orbis antiqui. 8® Lips. 1715. 

ABEL (henr. caspar) Dissertatio Inaug. Medica exponens 

aei;rram phlhisicam diu quidem pro denperata habitam, ast per 

Dei gratiara feliciter curatam. 4° Erf. 1692. 
r Stude!iten-Kranckheitt;n und derer Curen. 12" Leips. 

ABEL (matthias) Observationum Graecarum ad Arati Phseno- 

mena Specimen. 4** Haun. 1710. 
ABEL (ricuard) An exact Legendary, containing the Life of 

Alderman Abel, the Projector and Patentee for ihe raihing of 

Wines. fol. Lond, I64L 
■ A Dialogue between Mr. Alderman Abell and Richard 

Kilvert. 40 1641. 

The, 1a»t Discourse betwixt Master Abel and Richard 

Kilvert. 4° 164L 
ABELA (krancesco) Descrittione di Malta. fol. Malta, 1647. 
AHELARD, v. abjelardls. 
ABELINUS j(joH. PHiL.) Theatrum Europaeum. Germ. 3 tom. 

fol. i^fic. 1643. 
ABELLY (Louis) Viede Vincent de Paul. 4» Par. 1664. 
ABENCUFIAN (aly) La Vie du Roi Almansor, trad. par M.F. 

DObeilh. l^ Anut. 1671. 
ABENDANA (isaac) Discoiirses of the ^clesiastical and Civil 

Pohtyof the Jews. 8» Lond. 1709. 
ABEN-EZRA, v. schemuel. 
ABEN-EZRA (r. abr. bae. meir) Comm. in Decalogum HiAr^ 

cum VersioDC S. MunsterL 8® Bas. 1527. 


ABE^'TARIQUE, r. taeif. 

ABEN-TIBBON. Spirilus Gratis^ JZe^r. cumVersiooeJo.Isaaci. 

8° Colon. .1555. 
ABENZOAR (abho.mebo>'} liber Theizir^ seu Rectificalio 

Medicationis & Regixninis. fql. Ven, 1490. 
fol. Fai. 1553. 

De Medica Facultate Opus. 8® Lwg^ii. 1531. 

ABENZOAR (abohai.y) De ReijriiniDe SanitatU Liber; opera 

Jo. Geo. Schenck. 12° Bas, 1618. 
ABERCORN (Earl cf) v. hamio-toji. 
ABERCROMBIE (john) Tlie Gardcner^s J>aily Assistant. 8« 

Lond. 1786. 

■ The Hot-Houpc Gardener. 6» Lond. 1789. 

^ The Complete Kitchen Gandener. 8« Lond. 1789. 

— The Garden Vade Mecum. 8® Lond. 1789. 

- The Universal Gardener's Kalendar. 8° Lond. 1789. 

ABERCROMBY (david) Tula, acefficax Luis Vencre» curandae 

MelUodus. l'^ Lond. 1684. 
Gali. par le Sr. G. B. de S. Bomain. &" 

Par. 1690. 

J5W^. 8® Affist. 1691. 

/ *i 



De Varialione & Varietate Pulsus. 8^ Lond. 1685. 

Nova Medicinae Clavis. 12^ Lond. 1685. 

A Di8course of Wit. 12« Lond. 1686. 

Tlie Academy of Scienccs. 12® XiOtu/. 1687. 

A Moral Discourse of the Power of Interest. 8® Lond. 

8« Lond. 1691. 

ABERCROMBY (patrick) m.d. The Martial Atchievemcnts of 

the Scots Nation. vol. I. foi. Edinb. 1711. 
ABERDEEN. Answers of some of the Minislerie to the Replyes 

of Professors there : also Duplies of tbe Professors to the 

second Answers of some reverend Brethren conceming the 

Jate Covenant. 4» 1638. 
ABERNETHIE (tho) A Worthy Speech on the Plots wrought 

in the Pope'8 Court against our three Kingdoms. 4« LKmd. 

ABERNETHY (john) De Medicine der Ziele, door J. A. 

s'Graven-hag, 4» 1623. 
ABERNETHY (john) v. mears. 
■ Rcligious Oljedience founded on personal Persvasion, a 

Sermon. Bfi Lond. 1720. 

Discourses concerning the Being and Natural Perfec- 

tions of God. 2 vol. 8^ Lond. repr. 1743. 

2 vol. 80 Lond. 1757. 

vol. II. 8" DubL 1742. 

■ I Scarce and valuahle Tracts and Sernions occasionally 

published by him. 8^ Lond. 1751. 
ABETHENCOURT (jac.) De Morbo GaUica 8« Par. 1527. 
43HQiyX£%0Ni t^. A&£NzoAa. 


A B A 

ABHORREIIS. Letter in ansi^er to a Letter about Abhorren 

«nd Addressers. fol. Lond, 1689. 
ABI (jaafar) PbiIo>ophus Autodidactus : Epistola de Hai Ebn 

Yokdhan. Arab. Lat. Edw. Pbcockij. 4« Oxon. 1671. 
ABINGDON. Abin^lon'si and Alisburie^g present Miseries, liy 

G. VL 40 Lmd, 1642. 
■ A full Relation of ihe Defeat given^ and Victory ob^ 

tained, atAbington. 4^ Lond. 1645. 

A Letter from Colonell Pane to Maj. Gen. Browne 

conceminor the gaining of Abbington and its recovery. 4^ 

Lond. 1645. 
ABINGDON, (Earlqf) v. bertie. 
ABINGDON (thomas) Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of 

Worcester; to which are added the Antiq. of the Churches o£ 

Chichester and Lichfield. 8*> Lond. 1723. 
ABJURATION. The Opinion of a Divine about the Oath of 

Abjuration. fol. Lond. 1702. 
ABLANCOURT, v. marmol. perrot. 
ABNEY {Ladtf mary) v. price. 
ABNEY (sarah) v. watts. 


ABOA Literata, cura Andr. Anton. Stiemmans. 4^ Holm. 


ABOMERON, v. abenzoar. 

ABORTUS. Discursus medicus de Abortu et Medicamentis 

a»K)rtivi5, authore J. N. L. 4« VHz. [1735.] 
ABOUTH. The Sentences and Plroverbs of the ancient Fathers 

called Aboudi. 8» Lwid. 1772. 
ABRA (c. fr. de raconis) Reveil-Matin Catholique. 8® Cacn, 

Trait^ pour conferer avec les Ileretiques. P. II. 1-2* 

Par. 16ia 
ABRABANEL (solomon) The Complaint of tbe Children of 

Israel, representing their Grie/ances undcr the Penal Laws. 8* 

Lond. 1736. 
AFiRABANIEL (isaacus) v. abarbanel. bischofp. 
ABRAHAM Patriarcht^ Liber Jezirah per Gul. Postellum. 

12» Par. 1552. 
' cum notis Jo. Steph. Ritlana^eiii. 4^ 

Amst. 1642. 

Disp. Theologica ad Gen. xii. 13. & Heb. xi. 8. qua 

agitur de Vocatione Abrahami ejusque Obedientia Fidei. 4** 

A Loving Salutation to the Seed of Abraham among the 

Jewes. 4<> Lond. 1657. 

The Case of Abraham commanded to offer up his Son 

Iiaac fairly reasoned. 8^ Lond. 1735. 
ABRAHAM (m.) v. maii.lard. 
ABRAHAM (r. aliacari) Lch Sameach, i. e. Cor hilare. Expo* 

sitio Libri Maimonidis de praeceptis. 4^ Constant, 


A B R 

ABRAHAM (r. de balmes) Sepher Dikduk, i. c. Libcr Grani'- 

maticu9, Mikne Abram, i. e. Pqculiucn Abrami. 4® Ven. 
ABRAH AM (r. fagf.l) Ijekach Thoh» i. e. Doctrina bonl. Cate- 

ohismus Doctrinae Judaicae. 8^ Ven. 
ABKAHAM (r. levita, bar chasdi) Sepher, hen,hammelech ve 
Jlkannazir, i. e. Liber, Filius Regis et Nazareus. Dispulationes 

et Sermones inter Filium Rep^is & Nazareeum d^ Timore Dei, 

rhythm. 8« Mant. 1557. 
ABRAHAM (r. bar chasdai) Sepher Hattapuach, i. e. Liber de 

Pumo, qui Aristoteli tribuitur, ex Arabico Hebraice conversus. 

4« Ven. 1519. 
^ABRAHAM (r. bar jechiel) Chavoth Jair, i. e. Villse Jair. 

Liber Caballisticus. 4° Ven, 1628. 
ABRAHAM {fi. 3\}i>m.m, 9eu ben meib aben-ezra) De Nativitati- 

bu8. 4« Ven, 1485. 

— per Joan, Dryandrum. 4® Cb/.» 1537. 

ABRAHAM (ben dior) Baale Hannephesch, i. e. Viri Animati. 

De Juribus & Ritibus Mulierum. 4** Ven. \ 
ABRAHAM (r. ben elimelech) Likkute Shechecha u Pea. Collec- 

tiones Manipuli Oblivione relicti, i. e. Comment. Cabaliisticug 

in Lectiones quasdam Talmudicas. 4° Ferrar. 
ABRAHAM (r. ben isaac) Neve Schalom, i. e.Habitatio Pacb. 

De Doctrinis Divinis & Philosophicis Tractat. 4^ Const. 
^— XIH. Tractatus de variis Scientiis Divinis & Philoso- 

phicis. 4° Ven. 1575. 
ABRAHAM (r. ben isa\c laniado) Nckudoth Hackeseph, i. e. 

Puncta Argcntea. Commentarius in Canlicum Canticorum. 

4» Ven. 
ABRAHAM (r. perizol) Fasereth Orchoth Olam, i. c. Epistola 

quai inscribitur Semitse Mundi, vel Viae Sieculi, de tribus 

Mundi partibus agens. 8^ Ferrar. 1525. 
ABRAHAM (u. ben samuel zacut) Sepher Fuchasin, i. e. Liber 

Prosapiarum. De Historia Judseonim Tractat. 4° Constant. 
ABRAHAM (r. samaria) Torath Emeth, i. e. Lcx Veritatis. 

Commentarius Lil)ri Zoliar. 4° Thessal. 
ABRAHAM (r. seua) Perosch Al Hatthora, i. e. Explicatio in 

Legem, quae vocatur Tzeror Hammor, i. e. Fasciculus Myr- 

rhsB. Commeutarius in Pentateuchum. fol. Ven. ap. Bomberg. 

ABRAHAM (r. fil. caija hispanus) Sphaera Mundi Hebr. 

cum Versione Schreckenfucllbii & Annot. S. Munsteri. 4^ 

Bas. 1546. 
ABRAHAM (fil. kattani) H«ec sunt Verba Dei> &c, transl. 

per Ph. Fred. Polonuin. 4® Cantab. 1597. 
ABRAHAM (luderus) Memorabilium, ab Orbe condito, Terrae- 

Motuum HistorijB physice explicaitue. 4° Brem. 16S4. 
ABRAHAMUS Ecchellensis, v. hebed-jesu. 
ABRENETH^US (adam) ^uaestiones IV. cardinales, ad suprem. 

Lauream Apollinarem acquirendam. '8° Monsp. 1G09. 

Daphne Montispeliaca. 8<* Monsp. 1611. 

. ABRE- 



A C A 

ABRENETMiBUS Cadam) Ecloga Regalisde Matrimonio Carbli 

K. & H. Marise. 4<> Luiet. 1625. 
ABRESCH (frid. lud.ov.) v. aristanetus. 
• Animadversionuni ad ^chylum libri duo. Accedunt 

Adnotationes ad qucedam loca N. Testamenti. 8^ Mcdiob^ 


— I)ilucidatione8 Thucydideae. 8® Tiaj. ad Rhen, 1755. 

Animadversionum ad £<ichylum Liber tertius. Accedit 

Dilucidationum Tbucydidearum Auctarfum. 8^ Zivpllcb, 1763. 
ABRIL (pedro simon) v. cicero. 
ABSALOM'S Rebellion, as recorded in 9 Sam. ch. 15. 16. 17. 

18. and 19. with Observations "ou the several passages. ^4* 

Orf. 1645. 
ABUBETER, v. bhases, 
ABLrDACNUS (jos.) Historia Jacobitarum seu Coptorum, in 

.£gypto, Lybia, Nubia, ^thiopia tota, & parte Cypri Insuls& 

habtiantium. 4^ Oxon. 

AngL transl. by Sir Edw, Sadleir. 4« Lond. 1692. 

4» Lond. 1693. 

ABU-HALI, Ben Omar. Yollenkommene Geomantia. 12<* 

ABULCACIM, V. tarif. 

ABUL-FARAJIUS, v. abul-pharajius. 

ABUL-FEDA, v. abul-pheda. 

ABU'L-OLA, v. FABRicius. 

ABUL-PHARAJIUS (gbec.) De Origine & Moribus Arabum; 

Arab. Lat. cuni iiotis £(1. Pocockii. 4^ Oxon. 1650. 
— — Historia com{>endiosa Dynastiarum, Arab. cum Versione; 

Lfl/. Ed. Pocock. 4° Oxon. 16G:3. 

cura Joseplii White. 4® Oxon. 1806. 

— — De Rebus gestis Richardi Anghac Regis in Palsestina* 

Syr. Lat. P. J. Bruns. 4« Orf. 1780. 
ABUL-PHEDA (ismael) v. pococke. 
Chorasmise et Mawaralnahra?, hoc est Regionnm extra 

fluvium Oxum, Descriptio, ex tabuUs AbulfedsD. ^ra^. [cumin* 

terpr. Lat. Jo. Gravii.] 4° Lond. 1650. 

" De Vila & Rebus gestis Mohammedis, Arab. Lat. a 

Joanne Gagnier. fol. Oxon. 1723. 

Annale« Mo^jlemici, Arab, Lat. a Jo. Jac. Reiske. 4^ 


5 tom. 4« Hafn. 1789—1794. 

Descriptio -^ypti, Arab. Lai. a*J. Dav. 

Micha^!;^. 4" Gottiiur, 1776. 

ABYN-ZOAR, v. abenzoar. 

ACACKIA (mart.) v. calenus. 

ACADEMIiE. Gravissimje, atque exaclissimffi illustrissimarum 
totiui^ Itaiise ac Galiiae Academiarum Censuras ue veritute iliius' 
Pro)K)sitionis, videiicet, quod ducere relictam fratris mortui 
siut: hberis ita sit de jure divino et naturali prohibitum ut nullus 
Pontifex super hujusmodi matrimoniis conti*actis sive contra* 
bcndis dispensare possit. 4° Lond. 15^0. 

Vol. L B ACADE- 

A C A 

ACADElVlIiE. The Deterininations of the iqoste famous Acade« 
mies of Italy and France, that it is so vnlefull for K Man la 
marie his brothers wyfe that the Pope hath no poWer to 
^ispence therwith. 4^ Lond. 1531. 

- Academiarum r|Uft aliquando fuere et «hodie sunt in 

Europa, Catalogus et Enumeratio breris. 4* Lond. 1590. 

Vindicise Academiarum ; containing some briefe Ani** 

madvctsions on Mr. Websters book^ stiled •* Thc Examination 
of Academies.'' 4« Osf. 

Salvc Academicum ; vel ludicia etElogia super recent 

adomati Academia Naturse-Curiosorum. 4^ jLt/>«. [1669.J 
Conferences de rAcademie Royale de Peinture & dc 

Sculpture pendant l^^Annfc 1667. 4« Par. 1669. 
■ A Schcme for a public Acadeniy. fol. 

Histoire de rAcademie Fran^oise. 12^ Par. 1671. 

Physical and Mathcmatical Memoirs, extracted form 

the Registcrs of the Royal Aeademy of Sciences, at P^is. 
Jan. 1692. 8« Lond. 1692. 

Memoires de Mathematiqne & de Physique, nresentes 

d TAcademie Rovale dcs Sciences. 8 tom. 4» Par. 1692-78. 
Recueil d Observations faites en plusieurs Voyages par 

6rdre de sa Majeste pour perfectionner l'Astronomie & la 
Geographie, par MM. de rAcademie RoyaJe de Sciences. foL 
Pi^. 1693. 

Reglement ordonne par le Boy pour TAcademie Royale 

des Sciences. 4® Par. 1699. 

Lettres choisies de Messrs. dt TAcademie Fran^oise 

12« Par. 1708r 

Recueil dcs Harangues pronon^ees, par Messrs. de 

TAcademie Fran^oise. 2 tom. 12* Par. 1709 
^ S** Amst. 1709. 

Memoires de rAcaikmie des Belles Lettres. 37 tom. 

4<> Par. 1716-74. 

Pieces qui ont remporte les prix de TAcademie Royale 

des Sciences. 8 vol. 4« Par. 1721-71. 

Elements de la Geomctrie & rinfini. Soite des Mc- 

moires dc rAcademie Royale des Sciences. 4* Par. 1727. 

Machines & Inventions approuvees par rAcademie 
Royale des Sciences, dessinees & publiees par Mr. Galion. 
6 tom. Par. 1731-5. 

Histoire & Memoires de rAcademie Royale des Sciencea 

depuis 1666 d 1788. 106 tom. 4« Par. 1733-1791. 

•Tablealphabetique des MatiefescontenuesdansrHistoire 

& les Mcmoires de TAcademie Royale des Sciences depuis 1666 
au 1780. 9 tom. 4« Par. 1734-86. 

Table des Articles contenus dans les Volumes de TAca- 

demie Royale des Sciences depuis 1666 jusqu'cn 1770, dans 
ceux des Arts et Metiers publies par cette Academie, & dam 
la CoUection Acad^mique. 4 tom. 1775-6. 

Liste de Messieurs dc l'Acadeoue Royale des Sciencea. 

12« Amst. 1737. 

8» Amst. 1737. 



ACM)^MI^. Acta Academica. ^tom. 4<^ Li/». 1733-7. 

• •' m '^ ii Galalogus Univemlis, Nomina, et Dignitates omnium 
& ungulorum membromm in Academtis Scientianim pra:cipuit 
Europ», pnesertim Germanioe Universitatibus, virentium ac 
ilorentium exfaibens, ad annum 1737. fol. 

Memoires de Matbemalique et de Physique presentes 

rAcademie Royale des Sciences. 11 tom. 4^ Par, 1750-86. 
' Recueil de Memoires, ou Collection de Pieees Acade- 

»• & tom, (partie Fran^oise.l 4® Dij€n Sf Par, 1754-74. 
^ CoUection Academique. 12 tom. [de la partie £'tran* 

gere^ 4« Difon Sf Par. 1755-74. 

Description des Arls & Metiers faites ou approuv^es par 

TAcademie. 11 tom. fol. Par. 1761-71. 


Discours prononc^s dansTAcademie Francoise^ \ 

1781. i la reception de M. le Comte de Tressan. 4® Par, 1781. 
^nSeance £xtraordinaire et Secrete de 1' Acad^mieFran^ois^ 

tenuele 30 Mars, 1789, 4 i'occasion des £'tat8*6eneraux. 8^ 
ACADJ^MY (American) Memoirs of the American Academy pf 

Arts andtSciences. vol. 1. 4° Boston. 1785. 
ACADEMY (Royal) The Conduct of the Royal Academicians 

while Members of the Society of Artists, with some part of 

their Transactions since. 8^ Lond, 1771. 
■ A Guide to the Exbibition of the Royal Academy^ fo/ 

1797. Part 1. 4« Lond. 1797. 

Academic Correspondence^ 1803. 4^ Lond, 1804r 

ACADBMY cRoyai Irish) Transactions of the Royal Irish Aca^ 

demy. 10 vol. 4* Dubl 1787—1806. 
ACADIA. A Proposal for raising a Stock by Subsoriptions for 

a Settlement in Acadia. fol. Lond. 1716- 
■ Memorials of the English aiid French Commissarier 

coDceming the limits of Acadia. 4^ Lond. 17^5. 

Representation of his M^esty^s right to Acadia* 9* 

Lond. 1756. 
ACAMPO (simone) In varios Galeni Libros Commentaria. 4^ 

Neap. 1647. 
ACANTHIUS (geo.) Kdhaimerus, pbilosophi® Flatonioe Libri 

tres. 8* 3aj. 
ACAR£T£i V, america, 


ACCARIAS (j.) de Serionnc, v. publianus, 
ACCARIGI ?alberto) Vocabolario, Grammatica, et Orthogra** 
phia de la Lingua volgare, 4^ Cento. 1543. 
■ '^ La Grammatica Volgare. 8" Ven, 1549. 
ACCARIGI (jACOPo) Vindicationes tiim nonnuliarum Gregorii 
XV. Constitut tum quorqndam Alpbonsi Ciacconii^ ac Jo. B. 
Adriani loconim«indescnbendissummorum Pontificum sancts^- 
que R. Eccles. Cardinaliqm vitis ac rebus gestis. 4*^ Rom. 1641, 
» Vindicatio Reginal4i Poli S. R. E. Cardinalis. 4® Rom. 

Arntoteles, an agnoveri^ Divinam Providentiam ? 

putatio. 4^ Rom, 164L 


A C C 

ACCAURAT (s.) r. seneca* 

ACCLNTS, r. port-boyal. 

• A Treatise upon Grcek Acoents, transl. from the Noo^ 

velle Melliode Grecque, writlen by thc Messr». dc Port-Royal.* 

ef* Lond. 1729. 

A second Dissertation a^inst pronounciner the Greek 

Lan(^a}3;e accordin^ to Accents, in Answer to Mr. Foster's 

Essay. 8« Lond, 1763. 
ACCIAIOLI (zEMOBio) Oratioin Laudcm UrbisRomae. 4' 
ACCIAIUOLI (donato) v. abetinus. aristoteles. palmiert. 
— — In Aristotelis Libros octo PoUticorum Commcntarii. 8* 

Ven. 1566. 
ACCIUS (lucius) V, poetx. 
'■ Fragmenta, per Henricum Stephanum. 8" Pan 

ACCOLTI (benedetto) De Eelio contra Barbaros a Christianii 

gesto. b^ Bas. 1544. 

: cum not Tho. Dempsteri. 8* Flor, 1623. 

. hal. per Francesco Baldelli. 8» Ven, 1549. 

■ " Dialogiis dc prsstantia Virorum sui ^vi. 8* Parm, 

ACCOLTI (piETRo) Lo Inganno de gl' Occbi, Prospettiva Prat- 

tica. fol. Fir. 1625. 
ACCOMMODATION. Two Speeches in the Housc of Peers, 

for and against Accommodation : one by the Earl of Pembroke, 

tbc olher by LordBrooke. 4» Lond. 1642. 
■ Propositions of Accommodation. fol. Lond. 1642. 

■' Accommodation discommended as incommodious to tlH^ 

' Commonwealth. 4« Lond. [1642.] 

Accommodation cordially desired and reaHy intended. 

4« Lond. 1643. 
ACCOMPTS. An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, for 

taking and rcctiving the Accompts of the whole Kingdom. 4* 

Lond. 1643. 

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the ex- 

, planation of a former Ordinance for taking and receiving thi 

Accompts of the Kingdom. 4® Loud. 1644. 

Thrce Ordinancesof the Lords and Commons: 1. for 

defraying the salaries of the Committee and Sub-Committce of 
Accounts. — 2. appointing the Committee of Sequestration.— 
3. of the names ot* the Peers added to thc committee of Navy 
ahd Customs. 4« Lond. 1647. 

A Declaration conceming the gcnerall Accompts of thc 

Kingdome. fol. Lond. 1652. 

Proceedings of the House of Peers upon thc obscrva- 

tions of the Commissioners, for taking, examining, and statiiug 

the public Accounts. fol. Lond. 1702. 

Rcport of the Commissioners for taking, examining. 

» — o^ o* 

and statiny^, the puUic Accotnpts of the Kingdom. 8* Lond. 


A C H 

ACCOMPTS. Keport of the Commissioners for examining tbf 

pubiic Accompts of the Kingdom. fol. Lond, 1712. 
■ ■ The Seventh Report of the Coramisiiioners appointed to 

examine, take, and state the public Accompts of this Kingdom 

to Ihe lion. fl. pf Commons. 49 Lond. 1782. 
ACCORAMBONI (felice) Interpretatio obscuriorum Locorum 

et Sententiarum omnium Operum Aristotelis. fol. Rom. 1590. 
Vera Mens Aristotelis, id est luqidissima et eruditissima 

in omnia Aristoteiis Opera Explanatio. foK Rom. 1603. 
ACCORAMBONI (girolamo) De Putredine. 8« Ven. 1534. 

: Tractatusde Lacte. 8® Ven. 1536. 

4« ^orimb. 1538. 

De Catarrho. 8° Ven. 1536. 

ACCORDS (estienne tabourot Sr. Des)- Lcs Bigarnires S^ 
Touches, avec les Apophtegmesdu SieurGa^lard £icles Escraig* 
nes Dijonnoises. 12^ Par. 1608. 

r r 12^ Par. 1615. 

ACCORSO (bono) Lexicon Lat. Gr. 4» 

ACCORSO (mariangelo) v. ausonius. 

—■ Diatribae in Ausonium, Solinum, Ovidium^ &c. fol. 

Rqm. 1524. 

ACCOUCHE'E. RecueilgeneraldeCaqueUdel'Accouchee. 12» 


ACCURSIUS (mariangelus) v. ausonius. 

ACERBI (joseph) Traveb through Sweden^ Finland and Lap« 

. land, to the North Cape. 2 vol. 4» Lond. 1802. 

ACHARD (c. f.) Cours El^mentaire de Biblic^raphie. 3 tonii, 6f| 

Mars. 1806-7. 
ACHARDUS (johannes) Systhemati% Phisici Pisp. vigesima 

scxta, 4« Bem. 1715. 


ACHATES to Varus. 8» Land. 1746. 

ACHENBACHIUS (henr. valent.) Positiones Metaphysicae. 4* 

Gies. Hass. 1619. 
ACHEBLEY (RpcER)The Britannic Constitution. fol. LondA7^^ 
' Reasons for Uniformity in the State, being a Supple- 

ment to the Britannic Constitution. 8^ Lond. 1780. 
ACHERY (luc. d') Spicilegium, sive Collectio veterum- aliquol 

Scriptorum. 3 tom. fol. Par. 1723. 
ACHESONE (jAMEh) The Military Garden. 4« Edinb. 1629^ 
ACHILLES to Chiron. fol. Lond. 1738. 
ACHILLES (alexander) Grund-Ursachen der Erdbebung'. 4f^ 

Franq. 1666. 
A^HILLINI (ALEsSiVNDRo) Opcra omnia in vnum collecta, cum 

annot Pamphih Montii. fol. Ven. 1545. 
i De lutelligentiis. De Orbibus. De Universalibus. De 

Elementis. De Principiis ChyromantisB & Physionomis. .De 

potestate Syllogismi. De subiecto Medicinx. foU Ven. 1508. 

*^ ACHIL- 

A C O 

ACHILLINI (AmsANDRo) Tie Chyromantis principiis 8c Pfayw 

sionoroiee. fol. Bonan, 1504. 
f De Distinctionibus, aureum Opusculum^ cum annot. 

Francisci Mariani. fol. Bonon, 1518. 

Fragmentorum Fractiones Physicales, oum annot. 

Francisci Mariani. fol. Bonon, 1518. 
ACHILLINI (cLAUDio) Responsum ad Mascardi Epistolam Lat. 

redd. a Paulo Maccio. 4^ Bonon. 1631. 
ACHMET//. Scirim. Apotelesmata Lat, Jo. LeunclaTio interpr. 

8« Franc. 1577. 
ACHMET. Imper, Tttrc. True Copies of his Letter for denounc« 

ing^ Warre a^inst the King of Poland. 4® Lond. 1631. 
ACHMET (dr.) r. lucas.. 
ACHUSIUS (cAR. cHRisT.) Dissertatio de Febribus compositis cx 

acuta periodo. 4<> Hal. Mag. 1709. 
ACIDALUS (cHRis.) De Pleuritide. 4« Bas. J630. 
ACIDALUS (valens) Epibtolarum Centuria: cura Christ. Ad^m 

dali. 8<> Han. 1606. 
ACKELEYE (gabriel) Eacercitationes in Com. Tacitum de Moriv 

busGermanorum veterum. 8® Sora, 1646. 
ACKELIFFE. The petition of the parishioners of AckeHfife^ in 

the County Palatine of Durham, April 6, 1643. fol. Lond. 


■ Oratio in adventum novorum Theologi^e professorum 

in Templo Paullino. 4« Jen. 1706. 

«% Opuscula. 8^ Rudolst.171% 

Historia Pennarum. 8® Aiton. 17^. 

ACKLAND (thomas) Rehgion and Loyalty recommended; a 

Sermon^ at Christ Church, Surrey, Sept. 30, 1798. 4* Z<on<f, 

p - Sermon at Christ Church, Junc 1, 1803, the Day of 

Thank.«oriving for the Peace. 4* Lo7id. 1802. 
ACOLUTH (JOH.) De Opio. 4« Lips. 1679. 
ACOLUTHUS (joH. car.) De sympatheticis Morhorum Cura-» 

tionibns. 4° Witt. 1723. 
ACONTIUS (jac.) Slratagpmatum iSatansB Libri octo, 12« Bom 


Angl. 4» JLoni.1648. 

4:^ Lond. 1651. 

■ Les Ruzes de Satan. 4® Basle. 1565. 

DeMethodo, hoc est^e recta investi^ andarum traden<> 

darumquc Scientiarum ratione. 12« Bas. 1558. 

18« Lugd. Bat. 1617. 

A^COSTA, V. cosTA. 

ACOSTA (duarte nunez d^) Tratado practico del Uso de laa 

Sangrias assi en las Enfermedades particularea como en las 

Calenturas. 4« Xerez. 1653. 
^COSTA (eman.) Rerum a Societate Jesu in Oriqite gestarum 

Commentarius. 8« Par. 1572. 

. . . ACOSTA 


ACOSTA ( josei»h de) Historia Natural e Moral de las Itidias. 4^ 
Madrid, 1608. 

En^l by E. G. 4* Lond. 1604. 

GalL 8« 1597. 

' De Christo revelato. De temporibus novissimis. 8^ 

Lugd. Bai. 1592. \ * 

ACOSTA (nonius) De quadruplici HominisOrtu. 4« Pat. ISSfl. 
ACOSTA (uriel) Plis reraarkable Life^ with Mr. Limborch't 

Confutation of his Objections a^inst revealed Religion^ and 

Memoirs of Mr. Limborch*s Life and Writings. 8* Lond, 

ACOSTA (yshak de) Conjccturas sagradas sobre Io6 Prophetaa 

primeros. 4** Leyd. 1723. 
ACRELIUS (johanses) DeEnte Notionali. 8« Upsal. 1698. 
ACKES (joseph) The true Method of propagating Religion and 

Loyalty, a Sermon, 24th Oct. 1714. 8® Lond. 

2d ed. 8° Lond. 

ACRES (sT. THOMAs) The Newe Pryvyleges and Indulgencea 

graunted by Pope Leo X. to the House of St Thomas ofAores 

in LondoD. fol. 
ACRONIUS(dominicus) d Buma. Historia CiviUtis. l^^' Franek. 

ACROPOLITA, V. ceorcius. 
ACTA Apostolortm, r. testamentum Novum. 
ACTA Eruditorum. 114 tom. 4» Lip9. 1682.— 1774. 
• Acta Germanica : or, the Literary Memoirs of Germany. 

Vol. I. 4« Lond. 1742. 
ACTON. An exact and true Relation of the Battle fought at 

Acton. 40 Lond. 1642. 
ACTON (ceorge) Physical Reflections upon a Letter written 

by J. Denis to Mons. de Montmor, conceming a new way 

of curing sundry Diseases by Transfusion of Blood. 4® Lond» 

" A Letter in answer to certain Quaeries and Objections 

made by a Galenist against theTheorie and Practice of Chymical 

Physick. 4« Lond. 1670. 
ACTON (william) A new Joumal of Italy. 12« Lond. 1694. 
ACTORS. The Actors* Remonstrance, or Complaint for thc 

silencing of their profession and banishment from thcir seuerall 

Play-houses. 4« Lond, 1643. 

ACTS of Parliament, p.^pabliament. 

ACTUARIUS (iohasnes) JIL Zacharia. Opera. Lat. 2 tom. 12«, 

Lugd. 1556. 
- go pQj.^ 1556. 

De Urinis, Libri vii. L^. 4« Par. 1522. 

Auibroiio Leone Nolano interpr. 8* B,a$» . 


ex recogn, Jac. Goupyli. 8° Par. 1548. 

De Urinis. • Accedunt huic Editioni ahorum Medicorum 

Dissertationes de Urinis. Lai. 8« Trajeot. 1670. 


A D A 

ACTUAHIUS (louANNEfi) FiL Zackaria. De Medicamehtorurtt 
compositione, Lat, Joan. Ruellio, interpr. 8® Bas, 1540. 

«■ Methodi medendiy Libri vi. Lai. per Cor. Hen. Mathi« 

sium. 4« VcH, 1554. 

De Actiouibus & Alfecttbus Spiritus animalis hujusque 

nutritione. Gr, Lat, Julio Alexandrino Tridentino interpr. £jus- 

dem Libri VII. de Urinb. Gr. a Jacobo Gopylo recog43iti. 8* 

Par. 1557. 
ACUNA (ant. goncalez de) Inforroafion de los Missiones de 

Peru. 4« Madr. 1659. 
ACUNA (cHiiisT. de) V. america. 
■ Relation de la Riviere des Amazones, trad. par M. de 

Gomberville. tom. 1, 3. 8<> Par. 1682. 
ACUNA (hern. de) p. cavallero. 
■■ Varias Poesias. 4* Madr, 1591. 

ACXTELMEIR (stanisl. reinhard) Ebcnbild der Natur. 8* 

Augsh. 1699. 
■I Ida&a harmonicse CorrespondentiflD Saperiorum cum In** 

ferioribus. Germ. 8^ Augsb. 1706. 
ADAGIA. Epitouic Adagiorum Erasmi^ Cognati, Junii, et a^o- 

ruto. 8« 1593. 

■ ■ Adafs^ia, sive Prorerbia Grfficonim ex Zenobio, Dioge* 

niano,& Suicke Collectanei.s Gr. Lat, partim cdila nuncprimum, 

partim Latin^ reddita, $choliisque illustrata, ab Andrea Schotto. 

4« Antv, 1612. 

Adagia in Latine and Englisb^ contayning fyve hund- 

reth Proverbes. l^ Aberd. 1632. 
ADAIR^jAMEs) The Hislory ofthe American Indians. 4^ Lond. 

ADALBERGtJS (sanctus) v. bzovius. 
ADALBERON. Vita; & Miracula Sanctorum Adalberonis, Alt» 

manni, et Gebehardi. 12<» 1619. 
ADAM. Das Buchlein Adam. 12« 1635. 
ADAM (alexander) Tlie Principles of Latin and English Gram- 

mar. ^ Edinh. 1772. 
— — — Roman Antiquities. 12® Edinh. 1791. 

8» Edinh. 1792. 

The Rudiments of Latin and English Gramroar. 12* 

Edinh, 1793. 

A Summary of Geography and liistory, both ancient 

and modern. 8® Edinh, 1794. 

A Geographical ludcx, being a Supplcment to the Sum 

mary of ancient and moderuGeourapliy. 8'^ Edinh, 1795. 

■— Classical Bio^phy. 8« Edinb. 1800. 

Compendious Dictionary of the Latintongue. 8® Edinb. 


ADAM (jAc.) An praE^gnanti periculose laboranti abortus ? 4^ 
Par. 1623. 

■ An tfftpio^ix^ manifesta causa ? 4° Par. 1654. 


ADAM (nath.) Le Secretairc Francois. 12° Par, 1608. 


A D A 

ADAM (robsrt) lUiiis of the Pakoe of the EAiperor Diocletian 

A Spalatro in Dalttmtla. fol. 1764. 
ADAM (william) Speech in the H. of Commons, in befaalf of 

Tborna* Muir and F. Fyahe Palmer. B^ Lmd. 1794. 
ADAM^US (j.) Dialexis Soholastica, in tres divisa classes. S^ 

Franek. 1593. 

ADAMA^NUS Scotohibemus. De sitti Terrae Sanctse. 4* Ingol. 

ADAMANTIUS Sophisia. Physiognomonica. 6r. kd. pr. 8* 

/Vir. 1540. 
Gr. Lat. per Janum Comarium ; itemejusdcm 

Cornarii de vtriufique Alimenti receptaculis, Disaertatio rontra 

quam sentit Plutarchus. 8° Bas. 1544. 

Nowrum Biblionim Polyg^ttorum Synopsis. 8* Uhrt^. 

ADAM BEL» aym of the Cloughe, and Wyllyom of Clouderie. 

4* Lond. W. Copland. 
ADAME (josEPHus) Imperialis Mexicana Unifersitas illustrata. 

fol. Hwoal. 1698. 
ADAMES (joM As) The Order of keeping it Court Leete And Court 

Baron. 4^ Lmd. 1593. 
ADAMI (AffDR.) daBoUena. Ossenrazioni per ben regolare il Coro 

de i eanton della Cappella Pontificia. 4<^ Rom. 1711. 
ADAMI (jAc. cHRisT.) Disp. inau^ralis Medica de Phleffnione. 

4» £Kf. 1690. 
ADAMI (JOH. samurl) De Atomis. 4<> WiHeb. 1664. 
ADAMIDES (joB.) Ifalieus. Antitheses CacodoXDrum et Ortho- 

dexoruBi Sententi» defiliatione Christi. 8* 1560. 
ADAMITES. A Nest of Serpente discovered» or a Knot of old 

Heretiques revived» called the Adamites. 4® 1641. 
ADAMIUS (andr.) Disput de Metbodo Medendi et officiis Me- 

dici. 4« Helm. 1598. 

De morborum caussis in specie. 4^ Htlm. 1598. 

ADAMNANUS, r. adamannus. 

ADAMS (dudley) ACompleteSystem of Oeographyt En^. fy Fr. 

8» Read. 1791. 
ADAMS fFRANcis) A Plan for raiaing the Taxes impartiaHy, And 

almost me of Expence, in War ; and in Peace for paying off 

the National Debt. &» Brist. 1798. 
ADAMS ( georgb) Hard Measuras ; or a true and faithful relatiim 

of the Opprcssion and miserable Sufierines of George Adams, 

Bector of Upton co. Huntingd. 8^ Lomi. 1708. 
ADAMS (george) Microeraphia illustrata, or, the KnoWledge of 

the Microsoope explain^d. 4<» Lond. 1746. 
The Description and Use of a New Sea Quadrant 4« 

Ltmd. 1748. 

The Description and Use of the Universal Trigonome- 

trical Octant, invented aod applied to Hadky^B Quadrant; ^ 
Lond. 1753. 

A D A 

ADAMS (georob) A Treatisedesciibing and explaiiiinf^ thq cot^ 

struction & Use of the new Cdekial and Terrestrial Globes. 8* 

Lond. 1766. 
— A) Treatise on a New System of Agricultttre, and feed- 

ingof Stock. 8« Kidderm. [1810.] 
ADAMS (john) Index VillarU. fol. Lond. 1680. 

' fol. jLotu/. 1690. 

ADAMS (john) Rtctor qf Si, Alban Wood^strtet. An EBsay con* 

cerning Self-Murther. %^ Lond. 1700. 
ADAMS (j.) D.D. Sermon at Whitehall, I7th Feb. 1694-5. 4» 

Lond. 1695. 
— — Sermon before the House of Commons, Nov. 5, 1696. 

4' f^d. 1696. 

Sermon on the recantation of Mr. Clement Joynes, a 

Quaker. 4^ Lond. 1700. 

Sermon at the Funeral of Thomas Staynoe. 4^ Lond. 


Serroon before the House of CommonSj March 8, 

. 1710-11. 4« LofMf. 1711. 

ADAMS (j.) The£lement0 of Reading. 12* Lond. 1791. 

The Elements of Useful Knowledge. 12« Land. 1793. 

■ A View of UniTersal History. 8 vol. 8« Lond. 1795. 

ADAMS (john) The Description and Use of a new much im- 

jproved Sinical Quadrant 8* Lond. 1781. 
ADAMS (john) Pretidt. qf the Vnitcd States qf America. A Col- 

lection of State Papers on the first Acknowledgment of the 

Sovereignty of the United States of America ; likewise an Essay 

on Canon and Feudal Law, by John Adams, £sq. 8* Lona. 

— — Twenty-six Letters on the Bevolution of America. 8* 

N. York, 1789. 
ADAMS (maht) V. ranters. 
ADAMS (petbr) v. latham. 
ADAMS (richard) v. howe. 
-rr The Earthly and Heavenly Buildingj in a Seteonat 

the Funeral of Henry Hurst. 4<» Lond. 1699. 
ADAMS (sherland) v. ardron. 

ADAMS (thomas) . God^s Anger and Man'8 Comfort; two Ser- 
^ mons. 4® Lond, 1653. 
ADAMS (thomas) v. joss. rbbd. 
— — Funend Sermon, occasioned by the death of Mr. Hio- 

mas Meredith. 8« Lond. 1755. , 

ADAMS {Sir thomas) v. hardt. 
ADAMS (william) The Nature and ObUgation of Virtue, a 

Sermon. 8« Lond. 1754. 
—— — - An Essay in answer to Mr. Hume's Essay on Miracles. 

8* Lond. 1754. 

■ Sermons upon several subjects* 8^ SkrewA, 1790. 



ADAMSON (henrt) The Muses Threnodie : or mirthful Moum- 

ings on tbe death of Mr. Gall. With Notes and Observations, 

&c. by James Cant. 2 vol. 8« Pcrth, 1774. 
ADAMSON (john) The Muses' Welcome to the higfa and 

mightie Prince James, at his Migesties happie retume to 

Scotland after 14 yeeres absence in Anno 1617. fol. Edinb, 

ADAMSON (jo.) Sermon at the Funeial of Sir Edmund Turaor, 

KnL 8» Lond. 1707. 
ADAMSON fpATRic.) Archiep. S. Andr. Poemata Sacra, cum 

alib Opusculis, per Th. Volusenum. 4^ Lond. 1619. 
De sacro Pastoris munere Tractatus^ cum Vita Aucto- 

ris» opcrdTha Voluseni conscripta. 9* Lond. 1619. 

Refutatio Libelli de Regimine Ecclesis Scoticanse. 8* 

Lond. 1630. 
ADAMSON (williah) An Answer to a Book titled '' Quakers 

Principles quaking.'' 4® Lond. 1656. 
ADAMUS. Adami prioris Libeo quem dedit ei Raziel Angdus^ 

LiberCabailisticusetMagicus. 4^ Amstelod. 

Cogitationes novie de primo & secundo Adamo. 12* 

Am$i. 1700. 
ADAMUS (coRNEu) Observationes Theologico-Philologicae qui« 

bos plurima S. Codlcis, Novi prssertim Foederis^ loca, ex mo- 

ribus et ritibds diversarum Gentium illustrantur. 4* Groning. 

■ Exercitationes Exegeticse. Accedunt Scbolia ad X. loca 

ex Act Apost. diversi argumenti. 4* Groning, 1719. 


ADAMUS (joRANNEs) Nicer sive Ecloga, Historiam Electorum 
Palatinorum complectens, in natalem Irid. IV. Com. Palat con- 
scripta. S^ Hcidelb. 1609. 

ADAMUS (jOB. DAN.) De Phthisi prseservanda. 4* Hal. Mag. 

ADAMUS (JOH. STBPH.) De Osse Cordis Cervi. 4<» Giess. 1684. 
ADAMUS (leon.) Arcadicorum Volumen primum. 4** Rom. 


ADAMUS (lollius) De nativitate Christi Oratio. 4« Franek. 1607. 
ADAMUS (mblch.) Historia Ecclesiastica continens Rdigionis 

Sropagatse Gestaquse a temporibus Karoli Magni usque ad 
[enricum IIIL acciderunt in Ecdesia non tam Hamburgensi 
quam Bremensi^ ricinisque locis septentrionalibus. Ejusdem Auc- 
toris libellus de Situ 'Danise nunc primum in lucem editus. 
Cura ac labore Erpoldi Lindenbruch. 4* Lugd. B, 1595. 

Apographum Monumentorum Heidelbergensium. 4^ 
Heid. 161S. 

Decadesduse continentes Vitas Theologorum ezterorum 

principum qui Eccl. Christi superiori seculo propagarunt et 
propugnarunt. 4<* Pfanc, 1618. 

VitflB Germanorum Theologorum congestSB et ad an- 

num c» ic9 XVIII deductas, 8» Hdd. 1090. 



Al)>^M^9 {MBit^H.) ViU^ Geitnanorum Modioorum qui sectiki 
ftup^rioriy et quod exctHrrit, claruerunt, coDgefita et ad anx&um 
€13 13 c XX. deductae. ^ HddL 1630. 

-I Vitae GermannKum Pbikwophorum. 8® Frane, 1668. 

I " ■■ ■ > Vitas Germanonun Jurecousultorum et PoliticcHrum'. B'' 
Heid. 16^. 

Dignorum laude Virorum, quos Musa vetat morj, Im- 

nKN?talita9, aeu Vitse^ fol. Francqf. 170^ 
ADAMUS(robertus) ExpeditionbHispanofiim in Angliam V^ra 

Descriptio. Anno Do. mdlxxxvui. wL 
ADANO (oouenicona.ua) p. bernabo. 
ADANSON (m.) Qisloire Naturelle de Senigal. CoquiHages. ^^» 

Par. 1757. 
A Voyage to Scnegal^ tiie Isle of Goree^ and the Biver 

Gambia. 8® Lond. 1759. 
ADDINGTON (db.) v. russbl. 
■ ' Supplement to tb^ Rev. Dr. Addingtoa's CollectKHi of 

F«aliii-Tunies. 8« Lcmd. 
ADDINGTON (h^nry) Vuc&uju Sidtnouth. 9. craufurcn 
A9DINGT0N (stephjen) Serics of Letters froiAEusebektaPhi-v 

letus^ on a devout Temper and Life. 12^ Lond. 1767. 
'mm Funerai Oratioiii at the iiilermimt of tbe rev. Benjamin 

Boyce. ^ I^nd. 1770L 

Semion on the death of Mr. Thomas^ Dawson. 8® 

Covent. 1773. 

Sermoti, occasioned by tbe deatU of tbe rev^ William 

Ford. 8« land. 178S. 

Sermon on occasion of the deatb o( the rer. John OU^ 

ing. BP JUmd. 1785, 
ADDINGTON (wiLLiAjf ) An Abridgnient of Penal Statute». 4® 


^ — 8? LomL 1775. 

4» Lond. 1795. 

ADilH^ON (josepu) o. cEiErc. eusdbn. sapfho. spectatoi^ 

r^ — - WorHs. 4 vol 4« lond. 1731. 

— — Remarks on several Parts of Italy in 1701^%. 3. 8^ 

Lond. 1705. 

12« Lfmd* 1718. 

— . n Catooe, Tfragedia, liul, i? fv. 1715. 

TheDrummer^ op the Haunted House^ 4^ Lond, 1716. 

■■ Vqrses to the Princess of Wales, with: the Tragedy of 

Cato. Nov. 1714 ; and toSir Godfr^y Knelleff, on hia Picture of 
tbe Klng. ffol. Lond. 1716. 

Notes upon the Iw^ve Books of Paradise Lo6t» coUected 

from the Spectator. 12® Lond. 1719. 

^" Freethinker. 3 vol. 8^ LomL 1733. 

3 voL 8P Lond. 1733. 


Discourseon ancientand modernLearning.^^IiOtci.l^S^. 
Diviqe Poeros. S^ Lond. 1728. 
£videnQ€B o£ the CbriKiaa Betig^n. 129 Lond. 1730. 


A D £ 

ADDISON (iosbpb) MenuM» of his Life. 8<> Id>nd. 1719. 

— Hift Lile^ extracted firMn No. UL and lY. of tbe Geoeral 

; to which is prefixed the Lile of Dr. Lancelot Adi^. 

dison. 12<> Land. 1733. 
ADDISON (lahcblot) West Barbarj, or & Short Marrati?e o£ 

the NerolutioDB of tfae Kiagdoms of Fes aod Mococco. 8^ (hj^. 

The presenl StaCe of the Jewa [in BaibaryJ. tV 

Limd\ 1689. 

The Lilb and Deatb of MakQmed. 8^ Lonc;. 1679. 

Disconrse oonceming Tangier, ^ Londi 1681. 

4<> Lfmd.ieS&. 

AlH>ISON (Mr.) Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs^ fcc. 4yo1. 

8» Lond. 1794. 
AIWRESS. An Eamest Addpess to both houacs of PariiameBl 

upoathepresentpoetureof Affiiirft. 8* Lond. 17i6. 
■ Address to the Public from thc Friends of Freedam. 

8^ Lond. 1793. 
■■ Impartial Aceount of the Nature and Tendency of the 

late Addresses. 4<^ Lond. 1681. 

A secood Return to the Letter of a Nobk Peer eon* 

ceming the Addresses. fel. 

The Yoice of tbe Addnessers. 8^ Lond. 1710. 

The Caseof Addressing considered^ on occasion of the 

late Addresses to the £arl of Nottingham aod the Blshap of 

ebester. 4<» Lond. 1721. 
ADDRESSIANiE Liti» Species : ad ampL ? irum Michadem 

Hospitalem Francie Caneellarium. 4^ Par. 1566. 
ADELARDUS BacAonimn^. QuaesUonea Naturates. iP 

ed, ait. ^ 

ADELBULNER (Mfcn.) In?itatio ad Cotnmerciuffi Litfeerariiim, 

in Rei AstronomksB Incrementum communi consiiio instituen* 

dum. 4^ Norhnb. 1733. 
ADELE (m.) Lettre sur unepretendue Medailled^AIkxandre^pub- 

liee par MoBsieor Y^Uemont 12^ Par. 1704^ 
ADELMANNUS Brixia Episc. De Veritate Corporis & Sangui- 

nis Domini- ad Berengavium Epistola. 8^ Biitnov. If770. 
ADELMORN. Songs, &c. in the Romantic Drama of Adebnom 

ibe Outkw. 8>> Lond. Vmi^ 
ADELUNG (JOH. cHRisTOfm> Worter-buch^ 6 Tbeil. 4^ jLaps. 

ADELUNG (JOH. jac.> De Moralitatis vi Medica. 4'' Erf. 

1709. . 

ADEMA^US £^go/i»iiffi«i«. Hfoton^FhmcoruntEpitome» M^ 

Par. 1652. 
ADEPTS. An Essay conceroing Adepts. }&^ Land. 1698. 
ADER (guil.) Enacrationes de .^grotis & Morbis in 

S^ Tolos. 1620. 


A D M 


AD£R (guil.) De Pestis cognitione, prsvUione^ & remediis; 

Prelectiones in libelluluin re6»ctm. W Tolos. 1638. 
ADET (piERRE AUGusT.) Le^ons elementaires de Chimie i 

rUsage des Lycees. 8« Par. 1804. 
ADIE (william) New Spelling-book. 8<» Paiil. 1769. 
ADIMARI (guid'antonio) Kagionamento sopra il Dig^uno. 4* 

Fir. 1568. 
ADIMARI (lodovico) Poesie alla Maesta del eloriosissimo e 

Christianissimo Re LudovicoXIV. il Grande. foT. Ftr. [1693.] 
ADIMARI (raffaele) Sito Riminese. 4^ Bresc, 1616. 
ADIS (henry) A Cup for the Citie & her Adherents. 4^ 1648. 
' Declaration of a small Society of baptized Believers, 

tmdergoing the Name of Free-Willers about the City of London. 

fol. Lond. 1659. 

A Fannaticks Mite cast into the Kings Treasury : being 

a Sermon printed to the King, because not preached btfore the 
King. 4« Lond. 1660. 

A Fannaticks Letter sent out of the Dungeon of the 

Gate-House Prison of Westminster to his Brethren. 4® Lond. 

A Fanaticks Alarm given to the Mayor in his Quarters 

by one of the Sons of Zion. 4^ Lond. 1661. 

A Fannaticks Testimony against Swearing. 4^ Lond. 



— — The Humble Proposal of the Adjutators in thc Arroy 
presented to Sir Thomas Fairfax. 4® Lond. 1647. 


• Museum Cuficum Borgianum Velitris. 4® Rom. 1782. 

■ Novi Testamenti Versiones Syriaca; simplex, Philoxen- 

Jana, et Hierosolymitana, denuo examinatfle et ad fidem Codd. 

MSS. Bibliothecarum Vaticanse, Angelics, Assemanianae, Me- 

diceoe, Regiae, aliarumque, novis Observat. atque Tabulis iUus- 

trat»* 4» Hqfi^. 1789. 

Coliectio nova Nvmorum Cvficorum ^ Arabicorom 

veterum, &c. 4<> Hqfh. 1793. 
ADLERBIELCKE (laur. and.) De Herseris Hyperboreorum. 4^ 

Upsal. 1734. 
ADLUNG (JOH. CHR.) Febris Infantum purpurata Dissertatione 

Iiiaugurali descripta. 4® Erf. 1676. 
ADMINISTRATION, r. ministbrs. 
— - The Conduct of the late Administration examined. 8* 

Lond. 1767. 

A Short History of the Administration during the Sum- 


mer Recess of Parliament. 8^ Lond. 1779. 

The Beauties of Administration, a Poem. 8^ Lond. 

Plan d^Administration aussi simple qu^avantageux au 

Roi&ilaNation. S^ 1789. 
' ADMIRABLE and notable Things of note. 4<> Lond. 1642. 


A D R 

ADMIRAL (jo. l') Icoq I>ure Matris. 2 P&r. 4^ Amst. 173d. 
^— — Icon Membraiis Vasculoss. 4® Amst, 1738. 
ADMIRAJ^TY. Articles of Enquirie to be ministred conceni- 

ing the Admiraitie in the Counfy of Sussex. Anno Dom. 1638. 

4« Xoiuf. 1638. 
An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for setling 

the Jurisdiction of the Court of Admiralty. 4® LomL 1648. 

A Declaration of the Commons in Parliament concem- 

ing the Jurisdiction of the Admiraliy. 4® Lond» 1648. 

Act for continuing the Jurisdiction of the Admiraky. 

fol. Lond. 1650. 

Narrative or Resumption of the severall Proceedings in 

the Court of AdmiraRy, in order to the Ships Sampson^ St. 
George, andSt Salvador. 4<^ Lcmd. 1653. 

An Act for constituting Commissioners for ordering 

and managing the Affidrs of the Admiraky. fol. Lond. 

An Act app<Hnting Judges for the Admiralty . fol. Lond. 


Observations on the course of proceeding in Admiralty 

Courts in Prize Causes. 8® Lond, 1747. 
ADMONITION i tous les Grands de la Terre. 4» Lond. 

ADOLPHUS (cBBisT. MicH.) De Fontibus quibusdam Soteriis. 8^ 

Up$. 1733. 

. Trias Dissertationum Phynco Medicarum Chorogra- 

phiam Medicara potissimum spectantium. 4® Lips. 1735. 
Al)OLPHUS (john) Biographicai Memoirs of the French Revo- 

hitioii. 2vol. 8^ Limd. 1799. 
— — — Hie Histoiy of England from the accession of EL Gea. 

UL to the condusion of reace in the year 1783. 3 vol. 8^ 

Lond. 1802. 
ADOLPHUS (siM.) Theses Inauguraks Anatomico-Medic» Mit» 

ceHanes. 4« Hal. Mag. [1730.] 
ADRIANI (£VAU>us) Theses Medics de Tabe. 4<> Lug. Bai. 

ADRLANI (giov. batt.) Istoria de' suoi Tempi. foL Fir. 1583. 
— — — — 2 vol. 4* Ven. 1587. 

ADRIANO (alfonso) Della Disciplina Militare. 4<» Vcn. 1566. 
ADRIANUS, Imp, v. dositheus. hadrianus. > 
ADRIANUS VI. Pont. Max. v. frangepanibus. 
ADRIANUS Cardinalis, v. oratius. 

Venatio. 12« Ven. ap. Ald. 1534. 

ADRIANUS Cariusiensis. Liber deRemediisutriusqueFortuns. 

4* G)/. 1471. 
^— — — — 4® Lovan. ap. Joh. de Westph. 
ADRIANUS (JOB. ADAM GOBRiTzius) Dc tumoribus Testiumi 4' 

Jen. 1706. 
ADRIANUS rpuB. AL.) V. doederlinus. 
ADRICHOMIUS (cbristian) v. ttmme. 


A D.V 

▲DftICH0MIUS(ciiftisTiAif)UrlM8 Hierotolyms q«emad«u>dum 
ea Chritti tempore fioruity H «ubarbaiionun ijus brevis De» 
•criptia 8> Col. Ag. 1593. 

-" //a/. W Veran. 1592. 

• •**i 

Theatrum Terr<£ Sanctas. fol. Col. Ag. 1600* 
foL Col Ag. 1613. 

ADRI£N, V. coiuks. 

ADUARTE (oiEGo) Obi^ di Nw>va Scgovia. ^ Historia dela 

Provincia del S.^Rosario de la Orden de Predicadores^^ Phili- 
. pinas, Japon, y China; anadida por Fray Domingo Goncalez. 

fol. ManiL 1640. 
ADVENTURERS, a Farce. 8« Lond. 1790. 
ADVENTURERS for Lttnds in Ireland. An Oi^inanoe of both 

Houses for ihe Encouragement of Adventurers fbr Landa in 

Irdand. 4«^ Lcmd. 1643. 
■ An Order for their Meeting at Grocers' Hall. 4® Lofnd. 


The State of tbe Adrenturers Case. fol. 

ADVERTISER. The Univei-sal Advertiser. 12« Duh. 1T54. 
ADVICE. Advice to a Son. 12<> Osf. 1656. 

Advice of a Father to his Son. ^ Lond. 1664. 

— ■ 8» Lond. 1736. 

Advice from a Divine of the Church of England to his 

N^phew at a CoUege in Oxford. 12° Lond. 1685. 

Advice to an only Child, containing the Sum and Sub- 

stance of experimental and practical Divinity. 12° Lond. 1698. 
Spiritual Counsel : or the Fathers Advice to his Child- 

ren. 12° Lond. 1694. 

Advicetoa Daughter. 8° Lond. 1714. 

— — AdvicetoayoungStudent. 8° Loni^. 1730. 

Advice io a young Gentleman from a late rtverend 

Prelate. 4° Lond. 1741. 

A Word of Advice to honest Countrey People. lt° 

Lond. 1800. 

Advice and Admonition suggested to the middlefagcd 

inruralandhumbleLife. 12° L<md. 1804. 

ADULTERY. A Dialogue between Mistris MacqucreUa, M*. Scdlo- 

pendra, and Mr. Pimpinello bemoaning the tenor of the Act 

- against Adultery and Fornication. 4° lAmd, 1650. 

. A Letter to a Member of Parliament, with two Dis- 

courses enclosed in it I. Shewing the Reason why a Law 

should pass, to punish Adultery with Death. IL Shewing tbe 

Reasons why the Writ de HtBntieo comlmnmdo shouHl be 

abolidied. 4° 1675. 

ATreatiseconcemingAduhery andDiVorce. 4P iMd.' 


r* Trials for Adultery. ll voL 8° Lond. 17^9-91. 

^ ADVOCAT (l'abbb l') Dictionnaire Historique portatif. 9 tom. 
8° Par. 1760. 
ADVOCAT (lb sieur l') Nouvtttu Sisttoe de Philosophie. 
S tom. 12° Par. 1728. 

6 ADVO. 

M G 

ADVOCATE- Thc Advocatc. fbl. Umd. 1661. 

• The National Advocates^ a Poem. 4* Lond, 1795. 

ADVOC ATES, Faculiy qf, at Edinhurgh. Catalogue of their li- 

brary ; with an Appendix. 2 vol. fol. Edinb. 1742-76. 
ADY (thomas) A (Jandle in the Dark, or a Treatise conceming 

the natare of Witches and Witchcraft. ^^ Lond. 1656. 
^BINGA (dohiniccs) De Oraculo Dodonso. 4* FranekA^9S. 
JEDES (JOH.) De Paralysi & Tremore. 4« Traj. ad Rh. 1652. . 
AEDG (diego de) y Gallart. Visye del Infante Cardenai Don 

Femando de Austria. 4^ Amber. 1635. 
Gail. trad. par le Sieur Jule Chifllet 4» Anv. 


AEDONOLOGIE, ou Trait£ du Rossignol Franc ou Chanteur. 

8» Par. 1773. 
AEDUUS (joH. j. B.) Epistola qua Jac. Aug. Thuanus a Jacobi 

Cellarii cavillationibus defenditur. 4® 1626. 
JEGIDIUS. Carmina De Urinarum Judiciis^ et de Pulsibus, cum 

expofiitione & comment. Gentihs de Fulgineo. 8^ Lugd. 1505« 

8» Litgd. 1526. 

^ 8* Bas. 1529. 

iEGIDIUS d€ Pnacniatione. De immaculata BeaUe Virginis 

CoDceptiooe, ab omni oriffinali peccato immuni. fol. Conimb. 

iEGIDIUS Romanui. v. aristoteles. 

Quotlibeta. fd. Bonon. 1481. 

■ De Materia Celi Questio. De Inteliectu possibili, contra 

Averoim, Questio. fol. Pad. 1493. 

Expositio super [AristoteUs] libroa de Anima cum 

teztu. fol. Ven. 1496. 

De Formatione corporis humani in Utero. 4* Par. 


8» Ven. 1523. 


Opus super authorem de Causis, Alpharabium. 4* Ven, 

In Aristot. Libros de Generatione Commentaria, & sub* 

Qucst super primo. foL Ven. 1567. 

■ In secundum Librum Sententiarum Queitiones, nunc 

denoo elcuise iodustria R. P. F. Angli Rocchensis. foL Ven. 


JEGIDIUS (cuL.) de Wiaelrere. Liber desideratus super Codesti« 

nm Motuum indagatione aine Cakulo. 4^ Carpcnt. 1494. 
AGINETA (PAULUS) V. boraeius. rubeaquen. 

PiMiU iEginets, Medici optimi, libri septem; Gr. fol. 


fol. Bas. 1538. 

Precepta salubria, Lat. Gul. Copo interpr. 4^ Argent. 


4« Par. 1527. 

— Dft*Crisi & Diebus decretoriis, eorumque signis, Frag* 
roentum; [Tho. Unacro interpr.] 8^ Bas, 1529. 

VoL. I. D iEGt 

M L 

^GINETA (PAULus) De Simplicibus, Othone Brunfelsio interpr. 

Item de ratione Victu«, Gul. Copo interpr. 8® Argtmt. 1531. 
— 8» Par. 1532. 

P. iEginet» Lab. tertius, [De Pilorum aircctibu.s de 

treis, & calvitio.] J. Guinterio interpr. 8^ Par, 1536. 

La Chirurp^ie qui est le sixieme Livre de ses CEuures, 

trad. de Latin par M. PierreTolet. 8» Lyon. 1540. 

De ^ultatibufT Alimentorum Tractatus, Albano Torino 

interpr. 4® Bas, 1541. 

De Febribus et iis quae febribns superveniuntj ex Galeni 

& aliorum Comment. J. Guinterio interpr. curante Remb* 
DodonaBo. 8« Co/. 1546. 

Medicinee totius Enchiridion, Albano Torino interpr. 

8« Bas. 1546. 
.SXtIUS Benedictus. r. apolloporus. 
jEGYPTIUS (matthjeus) Senatusconsulti de Bacchanalibu» «ivc 

acncfle vetustse Fabulae Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis Explicatiow 

foL Neap. 1729. 
-^LFREDUS Eex, v» asser. boetiiius. campbell. powel. speu- 


iElfredi Res Ge8t«. fol. {Lond. 1574.] 

The WiU of King Alfred. 4« Orf, 1788. 

Alfred, an Historical Tragedy. 8» SJieff. 1789. 

JELFRICUS, Abhas. v. mores. 

Sermon of the Paschall Lambe. 12® Lond. John Day. 

— ^ His Sermon of the Sacrament^ translated by Wm. Guild. 

12« Aberd. 1624. 

A Saxon Treatise concemino: the Old and New Testa- 

ment, Sar. and Engl. by W. L^Isle. 4« Lond. 1623. 


0|>erd quce extant oinnia. Gr. Lat. cura Conr. Gesneri. 

fol. Tig. 1556. 

Historia Varia. Gr. edit. pr, 4® Roni. 1545. 

— curante Car, Gottliob. Kuehn. 2 lom. 8^ 

Lips. 1780. 

Gr.Lfl/. Justo Vulteiointerpr. WLugd. 1587. 

16^ Lugd. 1587. 

cura notis Joan. ScheflerL 16® Argau. 


■ curante Joach.Kuhnio.8®i4rge7ii. 1685« 

curo versione J. Vulteij & commeut. 

Jac. Perizonii. 8" Lugd. 1701. 

curante Abr. Grbnovio. 2 voL 4* 

Litgd. Bai. 1731. 

LfU. Justo Vulteio interpr. 16*^ Lugd. 1553. 

16« Par. 1560. 

Historia Animalium. Gr. Lat. Pet. Gillio & Conr, Ges- 

nerointerpr. 16« Lugd. 1611. 
16« Gtn. 1616. 

■——-———— curante Abr. Gronovio. 2 vol. 4« Lond. 
. 1744. 

. JE M 

JELIANUS (cLAUDius) Historia Animaliuin. Gr* Lai. cum ootii 
Job. Gottlob. Schneidep. 2 vol. 8« Lips. 1784. 

; Lat. Petro Gillio interpr. 8® Lugd. 1565. 

De instrueudis Aciebus. 4P 1494. 

fol. Par, 1532. 

Tactica^ sive de re Militari, cum notis Sixti Arcerii. 4* 

Lug. Bat. apud Elz. 1613. 

-— ^figi' transl. by Joh. Bingham. fol. Lond. 


The Art of embattailing an Army : or the 

second Part of iElians Tacticks : by Joh. Bingham. fol. Lond. 
1631. ^ ^ 

Excerpta ex qus Tacticis : 8^ Par. ap. Vascos. 15328. 

MJ^OTHUS Monachus Cantuar. De ViU et Passione S. Canuti, 

Regis Daniae; Item, Anonymus de passione S. CaroU Comitis 

Flandnas ejus f. 4<» Hqfh. 1631. 
AELST (p. VAM.) Reigles generales de rArchitecture selon Vi- 

tnive. fol. 
XMILIUS Prohui. r. fbobvs. 
^MILIUS (antom.) OraUo in obitum Henr. Benerii. 4« UUraj. 

De politicis Artibus Principis Augusti Oratio habita vii. 

eid. Martias. ci3 ocxxxvii. 4^ UUraj. 1638. 

De civili Ambitione Oratio. 4® Ultraj. 1640. 

Ad Casarem Germanicum jam moribundum, Allocutio. 

4« UUraj. 1640. 

- De Sejano florente eteverso Oratio. 4* UUraj. 1641. 

£MILIUS (oEoiiG.) Imaginum in Apocalypsi Johannb De* 

scriptio. 4* Fra9ic. 1540. 
£MILIUS (marcus antonius) Tractatus de Thermis Milzanelli. 

4» BHx. 1 576. 
£MINGA (jul. cottfr.) De Angelo in quo nomen Jehova e loco 

£xod. xxiii. 20. 21, 22. Dissertatio Academica. 4^ Gryphisw. 

[1734.] . ^ 

jEMONIS (petbus) Phisiologise totius Compendium. 4^ Par. 


£MST£L (JOANNA d') V. cickius. 

JEMST£LR£DA (alardus) v. agricola. 

iEMYUANUS (JOAN.) Naturahs de Ruminantibus Historia. 4<^ 

Vcn. 1584. 
^MYLIUS (PAULUs) Veronensis, v. alciato. 
De Rebvs Gestis Francorvm Libri VII. fol. Par. in ad. 

Jod. Bad. Ascensii. 

cura Chronico Rcgumj per Joan. Tilium. fol. 

Par. apud Vascos. 1543, 4. 

cuBi^ addit. Am. Ferroni & J. T. Freigii Para- 

lipom. fol. Bas. 156d. 

cum continuat. Am. Ferroni & Jacobi Hen- 

rii^petri. fol. .&ai,.160l. 


M S 

__ # 

JENEAS Plaicmeus. Be IniinortaHtate Animonim, deqne Corpo- 

rqm Resurrc^oneaureus Libellus^ cui titulusest Theopbrastu», 

8* Ven. 1513. 
jENEAS Episcopus Senensis. Ad Jobannem Ecclesise S. AngeK 

Piaconum Cardinalem Epistola, quam ex MS. seculi XV. prelo 

permittit M. Zachar. Goeze. 4P Osnab. 1715. 
jENEAS syLviys, p. piccolomini. 
JENGELEN (p. v.) Herbarius Kruyt&Bloem Hof. Instmctie von 

bet Herbariseren. De Mede-Lydige Samari^i^- S^ Amst. 1663. 
m . De vcrstandige Hovenier, overde twaelf Maenden \to't 

Jaer. 4** Amst. 
JENIGMAfA. Recueil dcs plusieurs Enigmes, AirS| Devises, & 

Medailles, l^ Amst. 1684. 
^ Thesaurus iBnigmatieus, or, a CoIIection of tbe most 

ingenious and diverting iBnigmas or Riddles. 8* Lond. 1735. 
■ i Le Cabipetdes Enigmes des Dieiix, Deesws, & Heros. 4* 

iEPlNUS (fr. vlr. theod.) Ccc^italiones de Distribatione Calorts 

per Tellureq^. 4« Petrop. 1761. 
^PINUS (franc. albert.) Disputatio Pbilosophica qui Theo- 

logiam Naturalem Ignorantem exponet. 4^ 169Q. 
y. De Titulo Christi quo Coloss. 1. 15. dicitur printogenitu» 

omnis creatnrse Disputatio. 4^ Rosioch, 1710. 
iEPLINIUS ^OEO. FRin.) Dissertatio Medica, ^Egrum Incubo h^ 

)>orantetn sistens. 4* Jcn^ 1678. 
^— De Catarrho sufibcativo. 4* Jen. 1680. 


.S:SCHARDUS (joANNEs) Medicina Universalis. 12» HaL Sax. 

^CHEL (hierehtas) Ferdinandi II. Hier. Aescbeb ertbeilte 

Comitiv. Privilegium. 4» 1629. 
JESCHINES, V. demosthenes. 
Opera Gr. Lai. et Vita ejus^ per Hicr. Wolfium. foL 

Aur. AUob. 1607. 

-T— Gall trad. par TAbbe Auger. 5 tom. 8** 

Par. 1777. 

Grfficise excellentium Oratorum, .Sscbinis & Demos- 

thenis, Orationes adversarise. Or. 4^ Hagan. 1599. 
-^ Oratio in Ctesiphontem. Gr. cum J. Sturmii comment. 

8* Altd. 1581. 

. — r Or. Lat. D. Lambino Interpr. 8* Ing. 1595. 
— cum interpr. P. Foulke8& J. Friend. 

8*^ Oxon. 1696. 

8* Oxojs. 1715. 

Ital. 8^ Vin. 1554. 

f '. — Demosthenis et iEschiuis Epistote. Lt^. Petro Nannio 

Aicmariano interpr. 8® Lovan. 1537. 
JESCHINES Socraticus, Dialogi tres, Gr. Jjai. k, quarti Latinum 

Fragmentum, a Joh. Clerico, cujus additae sunt Sylvse Philolo* 

gics. 8^ Amst. 1711. 


m s 

^H-MEZ AHEPH, or Parifying Fire : Gollected out of Kabbda 
denudata* EngL Lai. 8^ 

- The Short Enquiry conceming the Hermetick 
Art (which was printed with the Latin and £ngli«h JEsch' 
Mezareph) continiied. Part II. 8^ Limd, 1715. 


Tragoediae Sex. Gr, edit. pr. 8« Ven. Ald. 1518. 

• 8« Par, Tumeb. 1552. 

Tragoediie Septem. Gr, cum 8chol.^ P. Victorii. 4* 

Par. ap, H. Steph. 1557. 

- — • opera Gulielmi Canteri. 16* Antv. 1580. 

' fol. Gla^, 1795. 

cum scboliis Grsecis onmibus, deperditorum 

Dramatum fragmentis, jrersione & commentario Thomae Stan- 
leit. Gr. Lat. fol. Land. 1664. 

curante J. C. De Pauw. 2 tom. 4* 

Haga Com. 1745. 

Dramata qus supersunt et Deperditorum fragmenta. 

Gr, Lat, ex recens. Fr. Hen. Bothe. 8® Lips. 1805. 

Prometheus. Gr. Lat. Math. Garbitii. 8^ Boi. 1559» 

— Septem contra Thebas. Gr. 8^* 

4* Luiet. ap. F. Morell. 1585. 

Coephorse Tragoedia. Gr. *» Oxon. 1729. 

Prometheus, Fenas, el Septem ad Thebas; Sophoclis 
Antigone ; Euripidis Medea. Gr.^ a R. Fr. Ph. Brunck. 4* 
Argeni. 1779. 


— — iEsculapius, aPOem. 4* Loiid. 1721. 

The iEsculapian Labyrinth explored. 4* Lond. 1783. 

.£SOP at Tonbridge. 8« Lond, 1698. 

JEsop return'd from Tunbridse. 8* 

.£sop naturalized. 8** jLo?u^. 1711. • 

iESOPUS Phryx. v. barthius. b^ntley. desbillons. 

' Fabuloe, cum ejusdem Vita, per Maximum Flanudem. 

Gr. com Latina vergione Rinutii Thessali. Ex iis Fabuhe Se- 
iectae. Gr. Lai. edente Bono Accursio Pisano. [In fine: Bonus 
Accursiiis impressit. circa ann. 1480?] 4P edit. pr. 

'. ^ Fabulae. Gr. edente Gabr. Bracio. 4® Ven. (Edit. vetus.) 

Vita et Fabulse plures et emendatiores ex vetustisisimo 

codice bibliothecae Regife. 4® iMtet. ap. R. Steph. 1546. 

Aifftm MvOoi. (Meiaphram m communem Gracorum 

iUaUxium.) S^" Ven. 1644. 
— — Aicmvii MvOoiy KxratreWd oTivimKJTaroi, firrayXvrrioQtmf 
B( KMtnf yXMoray^ iid nv* xot/rm «Jf eXriay. ira^a rti Jt^t^aa^KotXn 
iMKf ftf n<moVa. 12^ Feit. 1766. 

Fabulaeelectiorea. Gr. Lai. 4* Regiiper Dion. Bertochum. 


Vita et Fabuls, aliorumque Opuscula alia. fol. Ven. Aid. 


FabeHae Graece et Latine, cum aliis Opusculis. 49 Ba^. 

ap. Froben. 1534. 

■ 6^ Bas. per Hervag. 1544. 


JESOPUS Phryz. Apoloe;! seu Fabell» iEsopjcse Graeco ac LalinO 

carmine prosaque reddits ab Aphthonio Sopbista^ Babria, Ph«- 

dro, & AviiDO. 129 Hanov. 1603. 
» Fabulse .^lsopi, Gabrise Graeci Fabellse xliii, Batracho- 

myomachia Homeri, &Galeomyomachia. Accesserunt et Avieni 

fabulae. 16<^ Lugd. 1605. 
16« Col, Allob. 1619. 

Mythologia ^Esopica, in qua .^Bsopi Fabulae Grseco* 

Latinee ccxcvii. quarum cxxxvi. primum prodeunt: accedunt 
Babri^ Fabulae etiam auctiores, &c. opera & studio Is. Nic. 
Neveleti. ^ Francof. 1610. 

Fabuise .^sopi Graece et Latine, nunc denuo seleclae. 

Eae item quas Avienus carmine expressit. ex decreto DJX. Hol*' 
landis Ordinum in usum Schoiarum. 8^ Lugd. Bai. 1633. 

Fabulae variorum Auctorum, nempe w£sopi, Aphthonii 

Sophista;, Gabriee, Babriae^ &c. opera et studio Is. Nic Nevdeti. 
8« Francqf. 1660. 

Fabularum .£sopicarum Delectus, [ab Ant. Alsop.] 8^ 

Oxon. 1698. 

Fabularum uEsopicarum Collectio, quotquot Graece re» 

periuntur. Acccdit Interpretatio Latina. 8® Oxoii. 1718. 

Esopus Grecus per Laurentium Vallensem traductus. 

Lat. 4» Antv. 1492. 

Esopus Moralizatus cum bono Commento: Iterum 

Textus de novo emendatus. Lat. 49 Davcntr. 1496. 

— Vita et Fabulae, metr. Lat. per Rimicium. fol. lit. goth. 

Fabule Esopi cum Commeiito. 49 ap. Mich. Le Noir. 

Fabule Esopi cum Commento. Lat. 4^ Lond. ap.W* dc 

Wwde. 1508. 

Esopi Phrygis, Fabularum celeberrimi Autoris, Vita, 

Fabellae ^opicae, Fabulae Livianae duae, et Gellianae aiiquot» 
nec non Politiani, Gerbelii, & Erasmi Narrationes. Lat* a Joach. 

Camerario. 8® Tubing.\b2S. 

^opi Phrygis Vita et FabiilBe, a viris doctiss. in Lati- 

nam linguam conversae. 8® Lutct. ap. R. Steph, 1545. 

.^Ssopi Phrygis et aliorum Fabulae. Lat. 8^ ap. Seb. 

Gtyph, 1554. 

Fabulae ^opicae plures quingentis, Lai. a Joach. Came« 

rario. 16® Lugd. 1571. 

Editio Voegeliniana. 89 1600. 

^opi Phrygis et aliorum Fabulae. Lat. 129 Tarvis. 


Fabellae quaedam ^opi Graecae, ad puerilem Educati- 

onem selectae. Lat. 199 

Tlie Phrygian Fabulist : or the Fables of .^lsop extracted 

from the Latine Copie andmoraliz'd hy Leon. Willan. 8° Lond. 

The Fables of Esop paraphrased in Verse, by John 

Ogilby. 4® Lond. 1651. 
fol. Lond. 166a 

The Fables of Esop in English :Vith all his Life and For- 

tune: whereunto areaddcd the Fables of AvianAc.l3^Lon£L1658. 


A E V 

iESOPUS Phtyr. JEsopB Fabl«i with his Life, in English, French, 
and Latin ; the Knglish by Tho. Philipott E»qr : the French and 
Latin by Rob. Codrington. M.A. illustr. with Sculptures by Fr. 
Bariow. fol. Ltmd. 1666. 

fol. Lond, 1687. 

— »*— Mythologia Ethica: or three Centunes of ^opian 
Fablen, in EngUsh prose. Done from iEsop, Phaedrus^ Cam«- 
nrius, &c. by Phihp Ayres £sqr. 8^ Lond. 1689. 

Fables of .^sop and others newly done into English. 

[by S. Croxall] & Lond. 1722. 

Les subtilles Fables de Esope, avec celles de Avien, de 

AifoDce, & de Poge Florentin. 4^ 

Lea FaUes d^Esope, avec sa vie. 8" Rouen. 1630. 

Les Fables et la vie d^Esope. 8° Trcyes. [17U.] 

Libro del sabio y clarissimo fabulador Ysopo : hystoriado 

y anotado. Hisp. fol. Sev. 1562.- 

Vita di Esopo e Favole. Ital. tradotta da Giulio Landi. 

16» Ven. 1581. 

16^ Ven. 1606. 

4« Ven. 1613. 

W Viterh. 

-^ Lc quattrocento Favole di Esopo Frigio. 4* Ven. 1607. 

Esopete Redi Vivo ; ou Vida & Fabulas do Esopo. 

Portug. por Manoel Mendez da Vidigueyra. 8® Bat. 1672. 
-fiSTAS, sive Pars secunda Poematis joco-serii in quatuor Anni 

partes. Lai. Belg. 4« Leeuw. 1700. 
JETHIOPIA. Dc Legatione Reffis^hiopiae ad Clementem Pon- 

tificem VII. ac Regem Portugallias. Item de regno, hominibus, 

atque moribus eju^m populi, qui Trogloditse hodie esse pu« 

tantur. fol. Bas. 1533. 
jETHICUS. Cosmographia, ex Biblioth. P. Pithoei, cum schoL 

Jos. Simleri. 16» Bas. 1575. 

4» H. Steph. 1577. 

& Lugd. Bat. 1685. 

AETIUS Amidenus, v. rorarius. 

■ Libronim Medicinalium Tomus primus, primi scilicet 

Libn octo nunc primum in lucem editi. Gr. fol. Ven, Ald. 1534. 
Be Re Medica. Lat, a Joan. Baptistsi Vcronensi. fol. 

Ba$. 1535. 

— Contractae ex veteribus Medicinae Tctrabiblos, Lat. per 
Janum Comarium. fol. B<f«. 1542. 

fol. Lugd. 1549. 

12» Lugd. 1560. 

AEVOLUS (cjesar) De divinis Attributis quse Sephirot ab He- 
braBi^ nuncupantur. 4® Ven. 1573. 

— item, ejusdem de causis Antipathise & 

Sympathis rerum naturalium : De modo & potestate quam 
Demones habent intelligendi ac commovendi conceptus anime, 
passionisque appetitus : Apologia pro Ursula Neapolitana. 4^ 
Vcn. 1589: 


A F R 

AEVOLUS (cjbsar) De Causis Antipathlfle 8c Sympathifle renim 

naturaliuoL 4« Ven. 1580. 
AFFAIRS. The Case of our Aflairs in Law> Religion, and other 

circumstances, briefly examined and presented to the Consci- 

cnce. 4« Osf. 1643. 
■ Reflections upon the present State of Afi^irs at home 

and abroad. S^ Lond, 1755. 

Impartial Reflections upon the present State of Afiairs. 

&" Lond. 1761. 
AFFAYTATUS(fortunius) Phisicse ac Astronomicae Considera- 

tiones. 8« Ven. 1549. 
AFFELMANNUS (joan.) vj coccius. 
— Censura Censurae Lampadiaus Theologicaet Schdastica . 

4<» Rottoch. 1610. 
AFFILLARD {Le Sieur V) Principes tres-faciles pour bien 

apprendre la Musique. 8* Par. 1705. 
AFFUTTO (fr.) Viaggio degli Ambasciadori di Messina man- 

dati alla Gran Madre di Dio in Gierusalemme. 12^ Mesnn. 

AFFORTY (fran.) Qusestio Medica, an octimestris partus vitalis ? 

40 Par. 1673. 
Quaestio Medica an pleuritidi saphense aectio ? 4® Par. 

AFFORTY (PETR.) Quaestio Medicaan in morbis iiifrd diaphrag* 

ma praestat saphense sectio ? 4® Par. 1714. 
AFINE (henr.) Quaestiones tres, de Reductione Medicinarum ad 

actum, de Correctione Calendarii, et de Inteiligentiis. 4^ Antv. 

AFRANIUS. Fragmenta : per H. Stephanum. 8« Par. 1564, 


— — Answer of the Company of RoyalAdventurers of Eng- 
land tradinff into Africa to the Petition, and Paper thereunto 
annexed, esdiibited to the House bf Commons by Sir Paul Pain- 
ter, Ferdinando Gorges, &c. At^ 1667. 

A Proposal agreed unto for the eflfectual support and 

carrying on the Trade to Africa. fol. 

Some Queriet relating to the preaent Dispute about the 

Trade to Africa. fol. 

Remarks upon some Queries handed about by the sepa- 

rate Traders to Africa. fol. 

Reflections on the separate Traders proceedings in op- 

position to the Settlemeiit of the African Trade. fol. 

The Argument touching Security necessary to be given 

for carrying on the African Trade, demonstrated to be ground- 
less ; with Reasons against confici^^g any part of the Trade to a 
Company exclusive. fol. 

Arguments proving that oui Trade to Africa cannot be 

preserved by any other mediod than that of a considerable Joint- 
Stock wilh exclusive Privileges. fol. . - 


AP 11 

AFBICA. A sbort aml tnie Account of the importancc and nc- 
cesftity of settliiig the African Tradc this present Session of 
PariiamenL foi. 

■ Soinc Matters of fact relating to thc present state of thc 

Afirican Trade. IW. 

■ • The Case of the Hoyal-African Company. fol. 

The Casc hetween the African Company and thepeopl<i 

of England. fol. 

Considerations on the Trade of Africa. foK 

Considerations offered to the House of Commons by the 

Pianters in relation to the Bill to settle the Trade to Africa. fol. 
Certain Cohsiderations relating to the Royal African 

Compuiy of England. 4» 1680. 

Considerations relatinfir to the African BilU fol. 

A List of the Forts and Castks which the African Com« 

pany pretend to have. fol. 

* A true Account of the Forts and Castles belonging to 

the Royal African Coropany. foL 

Heads of Proposals for a more beneficial and equal 

cstablishment of a Company to carry on the Trade of Africa 
or Guiny. fol. 

Reasons offered in behalf of the Plantations, against the 

Bili for settling the Trade to Africa. fol. 

Reasonsofiered for contirming the Royal African Com^ 

panys Charter by Parliament fol. 

Reasons against conBtming the Charter to the African 

Company. fol; 

Heasons oflered by the Merchants and TraderstoGuinny 

and the West Indies, against the Bili for settling the Tfade to 
Airica. foL 

- Rea^ons against establishing an African Company at 

Lmdon ezclusive to tlie Plantations, and ali the Out-Port8> and 
othcr Subjecte of Great-Britain. fol. 

Reasons for making the duties easie upon the Trade to 

Africa. foL 

- A few Remarks recommended to the Conuderation of 

the Creditors of the Royal African Company. foL 

Some short and necessary Observations proper to be 

considered in the settlement of the African Trade. tol. 

— That the Trade to Africa is only manageabk by an in- 

corpomted Company and a Joynt Stock, in a Letter to a Mem- 
ber of the House of Commons. ,foL [1690.] 

Act for a Company trading to Africa and the Indies, 

foL [1695.] 

— ■ List of the several persons^ residents in-Scotland, who 

have sube$cribed as Adventurers in the Joynt-Stock of the Com- 

pany of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies^ with the re* 

spective sums which they have severally subscribed. fol. Edinb» 


— A Serii)U8 Advice to the African and Indtan Company. 



A F 11 

AFRICA. Overturcs offercd to the Parliament in uhich a lVop<v 
sition 18 advanced for rcforming our Standard, and for repairing 
the lossesof the African and Indian Company. 4^ Edinb, 1700. 

— A full and exact CoUection of Addres&es, Memorials, 

&c. relating to the Company of Scotland trading taAfrica-and 
the Indies. 8« 1700. 

The Original Papers and Lelters relatinp: to the Scots 

Company trading to Africa and the Indies. 8** 1700. 

ResoUitions at the General Courts of the Royal African 

Company, Mar. 27, 1701. Dec. 15, 1702. June 1, 1704. Junc 
20, 1706, andSept. 18, 170G. fol. 

Account of the Proccedings of the Compairy of Scot-^ 

land trading to Africa and the Indies with relation to tlie Treaty 
of Union now under the Parliaments consideration. 4? 1706. 
A View of the State of the Tradc to Africa. 4« Lond. 


Rcflections upon the constitution and managcmcnt of 

theTrade to Africa. 3 Parts. fol. Lond. 1709. 

The African Trade in no dangcr of bcing lost, other- 

wise than by the Designs of the Company. fol. [1710.] 

- A Memoriai on bebalf of the Rqyalj^rican Company. 

fol. 1710. 

Extractof aLctter received 16th March 1710-11, by 

the Royat African Company from Sir Dalby Thomas their 
chief Agent on the Coast of Africa, dated thc 3d of August last. 
fol. 1711. 

Short Rcmarks relating to the African Trade. foK 


A true Acconnt of eight Years Exports of the Royal 

African Company and eight years Exports of the separate 
Traders. fol. 

An Answcr to the Reasons against an African Com- 

pany. 8° Lond. 1711. 

An Essay tipon the Trade to Africa. 8* 1711. 

An Explanation of the African Company 's Property in 

the sole Ttade to Africa. 8<» Lond. 1713. 

The Case of the Royal African Company of Englafid. 

8« Lond, 1730. 

A Detectiort of thc Proceedinefs and Practices of thc 

Directors of the Royal African Company of England, from 
their first establishment by Charter in 1672, to the prescnt year 
1748. 8» Lond, 1749. 

The Case of our fellow-crcatures the opprcfise<^ Africans 

recommended tb the Legislature by tbe Pcople callcd Quakers. 
8« Lond. 1784. 

Association fbr promoting the Discovery of the ihterior 

parts of Africa. fol. 1788. 

Plan for a frcfe Community upon ihe Coast of Africa 

under the protection of Great Britain. 4* Lond. 1789. 

Proceedii^ of the Ai^aaciation for promoting the Dis^ 

covery of the interior parts of Airica. 4* Lond. 1790. 


A G I 

^FRICANUS (j.) r. abdtas. 

AGAPFTUS (tHAC. coNSTANT.) Scheda Regia, Justiniano Impc- 

ratori consecrata; perM. G. Draudiuin. 4° Francqf. 1615. 
— — ^ Preceptes d'Agapetus a Justinian mis en Fran^ois, par 

le Roy Louis XIII en ^ Le^ons ordinaires. 8® Par, 1612. 
AGAPITUS d Valie-Flejnmarum, v, valle-flemmakum. 
AGAR (william) Military Devotion : containing fourteen Serrooiis 

preached at the Camps ncar Blandford and Dorchester in 1756 

and 1757, with an Appendix containing reasons for a Conci^ 

Form of Prayer for our Anny iu Camp. 8° Lond. 
AGAS (benjamin) The Male of the Flock, a Sermon. 4P Lond, 

AGASSIS (CAR. LUD.) Systbematis Physici Di«putatio quinqua- 

^ima, qu8D est de Sulphuribus. 4" Bem, 1723. 
AGATA (filip. alcs.) Chrislo traafigurato in Gloria, Maestrodtl 

Cittadinotrasfiguratoin Prencipe, Discorso politico moralc. 4^ 

Jjjcca. 1708. 
AGATHA (S.) Caian. v. grossis. 
AGATHAUCIDES. Ex Ctesia & Agatharcide Exccrptae Ilistorige 

6V. LaL 8« ap. II. Sleph. 1594. 
Histogcorum quae supersunt. Gr. Lat. per R. Brett. 8* 

Oxon. 1597. ^ 
^ AGATHIAS Myrrinaus. Agathius de Bello Gothorum, et aliis 

peregrinisHistoriistemporumsuorum, per Christophorum Per- 

sona e Graecoin I^atinum traductus. 4^ Aug. Vind. 1519. 
■ fol. Bas» 

• De Impcrio ct Rebus gestis Justiniani Imp. Lib. V. ex 

Bibliotheca & iaterpr. Bonav. Vttlcanii. 4** Lugd. B. 1594. 

accesserunt ej usdem Agathiae Epigram- 

mata cum versione Lalina. fol. Par. 1660. 
AGATHOCLES. The Syracusan Tyrant : or thc Life of Aga- 

thocles [by R. P.] ^ Lond. 1661. 
AGATHUS (pet. ang.) v. fallopius. 
AGENOIS (jac. fr.) De la Maladie d'Amour, ou Melancholic 

Erotiq«e. 8° Par. 1623. 
AGERIIOLM (christ.) Hypothesin Keplerianam paucis com- 

plectens Dissertatio Astronomica. 8° licfn. 1713. 
AGERI US (joH. HEN.) Disp. Medica Inaug*- de Varicibus. 4^ 

Ar*i:ent. 1671. 
AGERIUS (nic.) Theses' Medicse Phybicss dc Ilomine sano. 4^ 

Argent. 1593. 
■ Theses McdicaD de Dysenteria. 4* Argent. 1593. 

* Exercitatio MKJica quinta^ in Argentoratensium Acad. 

proposita. 4^ Argent. 1623. 

Exercitatio Medica vigesima secunda. 4" Argent.\Q>24p 

— De Infarctibus Mesara*i. 4^ Argent. 1629. 

AGG (j.) Tbc Dawn of Liberty on the Coolinent of Europe. 8** 

Brist. 1808. 
AGITA rOR. The Charactcr of an Agitator. 4° 1647. 
■ i' •■ A Coppie of a Letter scut from one of thc Agitators in 

the Army, to an Agitator in the Citie. 4** Lond. 1647. 

A G O 

AGITATOR. The Ag^itaior anotomized. 4<» 1648. 

i> Proclamation against perBons alienating the Afiectioiis 

of tbe Army by Agitating^ or otherwise. fol. Lond. 1659. 
A6GRAVI (gio. franc.) Protolume Chimioo. 13^ Ven. 1689. 
■ Mirothecium, aive Metbodo Cpmpositivo Medicinale. 8^ 

Ven. 1683. 
AGN^US (thbod. BAiiNH.) Theses Medic® de Phtbisi. 4^ Lugd. 

AGNANI (JOH. D0M1N.) Epistola ^d Amicum circa Systemata 

Pbysices quae hb Diebus grandescunt in Scholis, 8^ Banon^ 

AGNELLAN (timotheus) v. proverbia. 
AGNELLO (s.) p. vivaldi. 

AGNELLUS (hier.) Stemma Mastins Gentis. 4° Ven. 1696. 
AGNELLUS (scip.) Disceptationes de Ideis, in tres libros dia* 

tributae. 4» Ven. 1615. 
AGNES de Castro, a Tragedy. 4« Lond. 1696. 


AGNESE. Giustiasima Difesa per Gliei*edi, e Signoria del q^ 

Pietro Paolo Agnese contro Maria Cattarina delle Piane. f<M. 

Gen. [1674.] 
AGNOLO (michel) Apologia ne la quale si tratta de la vera e 

falsa Chiesa, 8® Chamog. 1557. 
AGNOSTUS (iRENJEUs) SpecniumConstantiffi,(i.e. ^<lm>iuV>oiu{ 

Fratres Rosea Cruds.) 8® Germ, 1618. 
■ Vindiciffi Rhodostaurotics, (i. e. J)rfensio FraiemiiaiiM 

de Rosea Cntce-.) Germ. 8* 1619. 

Regula Vitoe, {ad eos qui Fraiemiiaii Hosew Crucis 4^r« 

cedere voluni.) Germ. 8** 1619. 

Epitipiia pr. R. C. (i. e. J)rfensio hujus Ordinis.) Gcrm» 

8«" 1619. 

— t Tintinabulum Sopborum^ (i. t.Descripiio Fraiemiiaiis 

Crucis.) Germ. 8® 1619. 

Apologa F. R. C. Gfm. 8« 1620. 

Lioer T. oder PorUis Tranquillitatis, (i. e. Narraiio de 

sutnmo hono quod ilii acquiruni qui a Papaiu ad Fraiemiiaien% 
Roseue Crucis seeeduni.) Germ. 8^ 1620. 

Prodromus F. R. C. Germ. 8» 1620. 

AGO (felix) Bre?is Relatio Felicis Agonis, quiem pro Relig, 
Catholica gloriose subicrunt aliquot ^ Societate Jesu Sacerdotes 
in ultima Anglis persecutione sub ann. 1678. 4^ Prag. 1683. 

AGOBARDUS (S.) Episc. Ecci. Lugdun. Opera, e Papirii Mas^ 
soni Bibliotbeca. Accesserunt binae Epistoke Lddradi* & Parp 

AGOCCHIE (giovanni dall') DcU' Arte di Scrimia Libri tre. 4^ 
Ven. 1572. 

AGOP (joannes) Puritas Lingus Armenics. 4^ Rom. 1674. 

. Grammatica Latina Armenice ezphcata. 4^ Rom» 


Puritas Hayglca seu Grammatice Armenica. 4® Rom, 



A G E 


A60STINIANO (hilar. di sant' antonio scalzo) Miracolosa 

Viu e Morte di Santa Caterina Vergioe e Vedova di Sue(ia.-4* 

Nap, 1641. 
A6RAN (Le Sieur de Sl) Les Entretiens curieux d^Hermodore 

et du Voyageur incognu. 4® Lyon, 1634. 
AGREDA (d. t. yARCAs) Novelas Morales vtiles por sus Docu» 

mentos. ef^ BarceL 1620. 
AGRICOLA (alexander) Sapientia Hypeiix^reaiis. 8^ 1733. 
AGRICOLA (barthol.) Avdp»iro««w^i»a : hoc est Gymnasium 

Vits humans. 8^ Oppenh. [1617.] 
AGRICOLA (pranc.) DeCultu et Veneratiohe Divorum^ Trac- 

tatus duo Catholici. ^ CoL 1580. 
■ - Attestatio SS. Patrum, quod S. Petnis Apost. Romat 

fuerit, & Romanos primus ad Mem converterit. 8® CoL 1605» 
AGRICOLA (georg.) lihri quinque de Mensuris &Pondehhus. 

8« Par. 1533. 

8« Ven. 1535. 

. fol. Bas. 1550. 

I De Ortu et Causis Suhterraneornm. De natura eonrai 

que effluunt ex Terra. De Natura Fossitium. De veterihos & 

novis Metallis. Bermannus, sive de Re Metallica Diaiogvs. 

Interpretatio Gennanica vocum Rei MetalUcae. foL Eas. 1546« 

— ^ foL Bas. 1558. 

a Joan. Sigfrido. &^ Wiiteh. 1613. 

^taL 8« FiVi.1550. 

De Re Metallica. 8<> Par. 1541. 

item ejusdem de Animantibus suh* 

terraneis. fol. Basn 1556. 

' fol. Bas. 1561. 

fol. Bas, 1657. 

Germ. foL Bas. 1557. 

De Animantihus suhterraneis. 8® Bas. 1549. 
a Joanne Sifffrido. 8« Witeb. 1614. 

De Peste, Lihn tres. 8^ Bas. 1554. 

operi Leonhardi Bauschi. ^ Swinf. ad M. 1607. 

8« Gitssoi. \%\\. 

AGRICOLA (6£o. ANDR.) DeSucci nutricii per Nervos transitu. 

4» Wiu. 1695. 
■ Dtssert. de saluhritate fluxus Hsmorrhoidalis. 4^ Hal. 

Mag. 1708. 

Versuch der universal Vermehrunsr allcr Baume^ StaU'* 

dcn^ und BhimeoTgewachse^ fol. Regensp. 1716. 

Belg. door J. Le Longr. 4® Amst. 1724. 

Universal Vermebrung aller Baume imd Stauden. 4* 

— — The arUiicial Gardener : being a Discovery of a new 
Invention for the sudden growth of all sorts of Trees and Plants. 
transL from the German of G. A. Agricola. 13^ Lond. 1717. 
L'Agriculture pariaite, ou nouvelle Decouverte tou- 

chant 1a Culturc des Arhres, des Arhustes^ et des Fleurs. trad. 
4e r Allemand. S^ Amt. 1720. 


A G R 

AGRICOLA ,(jOAN.) v/GKtisvs, 

w-, Schotia copiosa in Therapeuticam Methodum Galeni. 

12« Aug. Vind, 1534. 

:: — Medicin» Herbari» Libri duo. 8» B(u 1539. 

«— — Institutiones Chirurgic». Genn, 12^ Franc, 1638. 

12» L2>j. 1659. 

Commentaria et Obsen^ationes in die Chymische Ar» 

tzenen Johannis Poppii. Gcrm. 2 tom. 4® Leips, 1638-9. 

3 tora. 4<» Nuremb. 1686. 

AGRICOLA (JOH.) De Helotide sive Plica Polontca. 4« Bas. 

AGRICOLA (JOH. GEo.) Cervi, cum integri et vivi Natara et 

Preprietas, tum excoriati et dissecti, in Medicina Usus. Germ, 4^ 
AGRICOLA (joH.wiLH.) Disputalip de naturahbus Faciikatibus. 

49 Argeru, 1645. 
AGRICOLA (rodolphos) Lucubrationes : per Alardum Aem- 

stelredamum. 4» CoL 

De formando Studio. 8« CloL 1532. 

Oratio de Nativitatc Christi. 8° Pnr. 1536. 

— — Epitome primi Libri de Inventione Dialectica Rodolpht 

Agricolae» perAlardum Aemstelredamum. 8^ Par. 1539. 
AGRICULTURA, v. husbandrv. 
■■ Opera Ag^ricolationum-; Columelle, Varronis, Catonis* 

que, nec non Palladii : cum annotat. Ph. Beroaldi et Commen« 

tariis qute in aliis impressionibus non extant. fol. Bon, 1504. 

Traicte Nouveau de i'A[^iculturc. 8® Par. 1551. 

■ Statuta nobilis Artis Asrricultur» Urbis edita a nf>bili- 

bus viris Grep^. Serlupio, .I^entuio de Lentulis, Cues.. Muto, et 
Evangeiista Fabio : cum annotat. D. Fulvii Benigni. 4® Rom, 

Newe und nutzbabre Kunst in Haussiialtung ; auss 

dem Frantzosischen iibersetzet. 8^ Amst. 1655. 

Agricuitura Bolrussico-Brandenburgica. 12^ Konigsb^ 


Aggionta di breve Trattato d*Agricdltura. 4« Vieen. 


Select Transactions of the Society of Improvers in the 

Knowledge of Agricuiture in Scotiand. 8*^ Lond, 1743. 

A Difisertation on the chief Obstacles to tiie Improve- 

ment of I^nd, and introducing better methods of Agricuiture 
throughoiit Scotland. 8® Aberd. 1760. 

A Treatise on Agriculture. 4« Edinb. 1762. 

Essays reiating to Agricuriture and rural AflairB. Pftrt I. 

8* Edinb, 1775. 

Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting, &c. 

selected froro the Correspondence-Booic of the Society insti* 
tuted at Bath. 8^ Baih, 1780. 

Memorias de Agricultnra premiadas pela Academia 

Reai das Sciencias de Li»boa em 1787, 1788, et 1790. 2tom. 
S»» Lisb, 1788-91. 

Agricultural Reports. 1 1 vol. 4® Ijond. Edinb, fyc. 1793-7. 



AGRICULTURA. Essays on Agricultureoccqsiciied by readin^i;' 

Mr. Stone's Report on the present staie of that Science in the 

County of Lincoln: 8» Land. 1796. 
A6RIPPA. An Oration of Agrippa to €k;lavins Cflesar Au^* 

tus,as;ainst Monarchy : putintoEnglish. by A.R. A^Lond. 1657. 
AGRIPPA (cAMiLLo) ^rattato di trasportar la Guglia in su la 

Piazza di San Pictro. 4« Rom. ISai. 
Nuove Inventioni^ sopra il modo di navisfare. 4* Rom. 


Trattato di Scienza d'Anne> et>n Dialc^o in detta 

Materia. 4» Ven. 1604. 
AGRIPPA (ben. corn.) Opera. 2toni. S*» Lugd. 1531. 
De Incertitudine et Vanitate Scientiarum & Artium, 

atquc excellentia Verbi Dei, Declamatio. 4° Antv. 1530. 

' ex postrema Authoris recognitione. 

16^ Cb/. 1584. 

Ital. trad. per Lod. Domenichi. 8** Ven. 1547. 

8» Ven, 1549. 

In Artem brevem Raymundi Lullii Commentaria. 8* 

CW. 1533. 

8» Saling. 1538. 

DeOcculU Pliilosophia, Libri tres. fol. 1533. 
AngL transl. by J, F. 4® Lond, 1651. 

■ His fouhh Book of Occult Philosophy transl. by Rob. 

Tunier. 4« Lo»<f.. 1665. 

The Glory of Women : or a Looking-Glasse for Ladies. 

Iransl. by H, C. 8» Lond, 1652. 

transl. by Ediv. Fleetwood. 4* Lond. 


— Grrm. per J.Bellin. \^ Lubec. 1650. 

AGRlPPA (livio) DiscoTso sopra la Natura 8c Complessione 

Humana. 8« Milan. 1621. 
AGUIAR (rodhigo de) y Acunha. Sumarios de Recopilacior» 

general de las Leyes, Ordenan^as, &c. para las ludias Occiden- 

talff, Iglas, y Tierra Firme del mar Occeano. fol. Mcxico^- 


AGUILAR (gaspak) Expulsion de los Moros de Espana. 8^ 
Vden. 1610. 

AGUILAR (pEDRO de) Tratado de la Cayalleria de la Gineta. 4» 
Mttl<^ 1600. 

AGUILERA (ant. ab.) Prfficlarse Rndimentorum Medicinse Li- 

briocto. fol. Complut. 1571. 
A6UIRRE (domingo de) Tratado bislorico*Ieg;aI del real Paiacio 

ae laCiudad dc Barcclona^y de los Officios de sus Alcaydes, o, 

Conceijes. fol. Vicnna, 1725. 
AGUIRRE (jos. SAEN;e. de) Notitia ConcHiorum Hispani» alque 

noTi Orbis, Epistolarum Decretalium, &c. 8» Salnmnt. 1686. 
AGUIRRE (mich. ab.) Responsum de Successione Regni Portu- 

^Uift, pro Philippo Hispaniarum Res^e, adversusBononiensium, 

fttaYinorum, & Perusinorum Collegia. fol. Fen. 1581. 


A I G 

AGUIRRE (PED. ANT. de) Transito de N. S'«. la santissima Virgetl 

Maria, Seroion. 4^ Mcx» 1694. 
AGUR SEPHER, i. e. Liber Agur. 4« Hebr. 
AGUSTIN (fr. miguel) Libro de los Secretos de Agricultura. 4* 

Perpia. 1636. 

4« Zarag. 1703. 

AGUTTER (william) Serraon occasioned by thedeath of Mn- 

J. Hcnderson. 8« Brist. 1788. 
• An Address to every British Subject on the late im- 

portant Victories. 8« LoruL 1798. 
AGYL-SEUS (h.) r. leo. photius. 
AHARON (b. abiob) Sepker Shenien Hammohr, i.c. Liber Olei 

Myrrhini. Commentarius in Librum Esther. 4^ ThessaL 
AHARON (r. PisAUREKsis) Toledoth Aharon, i. e. Generatione» 

Abaronis. Index Textuum BibUcorum, qui in Talmude Baby- 

lonico citantur. 4^ Ven. . 

• — fol. Frib. 

8« ren. 1591. 

AHLICH (JOHANN.) Den Swenske Lust-Orte och Tra-Gardcn. 8* 

Stockh. 1722. 
AIILWARDT (PETRus) r. engelkcn. 
AHUMADA (PEDRo de) Question como se deba sangrar en las 

enfermedades que curamos. 4*^ SeviL 1653. 
AIALA (martinus) v. perez. 
AICHER (otto) Theatrum Funebre, exhibens, per varias scenar;, 

Epitaphia nova, antiqua^ seria^ jocosa. 2 tom. 4^ Salisb* 1675. 
' Hortus variarum Inscriptionum veterum et novarum. 8* 

SaUsburgi. 1676. 
AICKIN (jos.) The Mysteries of the counterfeiting of the Coin 

of the Nation fully detected. 4<» 1696. 
AIDES. Observations sur la Rcponse du Roi-a la Cour dcs Aides, 

du S5 Aout, 1787. 8« 1787. 
AIDIUS (andreas) Pastoria^ in decem distributa Eclogas. 8* 

Dant. 1610. 
■ ■ Tractatus de Noctuambulonum Ingenio & Natura. 12* 

Dant. 1619. 
AIELLO (sEBAST. de) Breve Discorso intorno a i Catarri. 4* 

NapoL 1597. 
AIGNAN(franc.) Le Prestre Medecin. 8» Par. 1696. 
Uaucienne Medecine 4-la-mode, ou, le Sentiment uni« 

forme d^Hippocrate & de GaUen sur ies Acides & les Alkalis. 

8° Par. 1693. 

Quaestio Medica, an quia celerior Pulsus, celerior San«» 

guinis Circuitus ? 4® Par. 1701. 

T- Qu£stio Medica, an Senum valetudini tuendie conduclt 

Balneum? 4<> Par. 1701. 

Quscstio Medica, an VarioUs Diaphoretica ? 4^ Par. 


Qusestio Medica^ an Tberiaca Antidotus optima? 4* 

Par. 1703. 


A I N 

AIGNAN (raANc.) Traite de la Goutle dansson etat naturel. 12* 

Par. 1707. 
AIGXEAU (david l*) v. laigneau. ' 

AUGUINO (PR. iLLUMiNATo) II Tesoro iUuminatodi tulti i Tuoni. 

di Canto figuraio. 4<* Ven. 1581. 
AIKIN (anna uctitia) r. bahbauld. 

— Poems. 4« "Lond. 1773. 

AIKIN (arthlr) The Natural Ilistory of theYear; beinganeh- 

lar^mentof Dr. Aikin'» Calendar of Nature. 8*^ Lond. 1798. 
AIKIN (a. & c. R.) A Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, 

irith an Accuunt of the Proccsses employed in mauy of ihe 

mo>t important Cheinical Manufactures. 2 vol. 49 Lond, 1807. 
AIKIX (john) d.d. V, enfilld. 
AIKIN (j. and a. l.) Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose. 8® Lond. 



■ An R«isay on the Application of Natural History to 

Poetry. 8» Warringt. 1777. 

- An Rssay on the Plan and Charactcr of TTiomson^s 

Seasons. 8« Lond. 1778. 

Poems. 8» Lond. 1791. 

A Vicw of the Character and pubhc Services of the late 

John Howard, Esqr. 8<» Lond. 1792. 

A Description of the Country from thirty to forty miles 

round Manchester ; the materials arranged, & the Work com- 
posed, by J. Aikin. M.D. 4» Lond. 1795. 

- General Hiography ; chiefly composed by John Aikin, 

M.D. the Rev. \Vm. Enfield, LL.D. and others. 7 vol. 4» Lond. 

AILESBURY (tho.) Paganismc and Papisme, parallerd and sct 

forth in a Scrmon at the Temple Church. 4** Lond. 1624. 
AILLIAUD (honorat.) Insomnium Febricitantis de Febrium In- 

termittentium Natura in gcnere. 12** Anger. 1681. 
AIMOINUS Jlonach. S. Germani a Praiis. Historise Francorum. 

Ub, V. 8« Par. apud Wcchei.\b&i . 
— — Dc Gestis Francorum Libri quinque ; ejusdemlibriduo 

de Invenlione & Translatione corporis S. Vincentij Levitoe & 

Martyris; Abbc.nis libri duode obsessa d Nortmannis Lutecia ; 

Chronicon Casinense; &c. omnia autem studio et opu*a Fr. 

Jacobi du Breul. fol. Par. 1602. 

fol. Par. 1603. 

AINSLIE {Sir rob.) Letterc e Dissertazioni NumLsmatiche sopra 

alcune Medaglie rarc della Collezione Ainsheana. 3 tom. 4* 

Livomo. 1789. 
ALNSLIE (john) Tlie Gentlcman and Farmers Pocket Companion 

and Assistant, consisting of Tatles for finding the Contents of 

any Piece of Land. 8° ^Edinb. 1802. 
AINSWORTIl (henrv) The Orthodox Foundation of Relicion 

long since collectedby Mr. Henry Ainswortb, and nowdivulged 

byS.W. 4° Lond.lQH. 
VoL. I. F AINS- 

A I T 

AINSWORTH (henry) The old Orlbodox Foiindation of Rcli- 
gion, lel\ for a Pattcrne to a New Reforniation : republished 

: by S. W, 4<^ Lond. 1C53. . 

*- Counterpoyson ; in answer t'o Mr. Bcmards Book inti- 

tuled " The Seperatist's Schisme/' and Mr. Crashawcs *' Ques- 
tions propounded in his Sermon preached at thc Crosse.'* 4' 

A Censure upon a Dialogue of the Anabaptists, inti- 

tuled " A Description of what God hath predcstinated concern- 

ing Man.'' 4« Land. 1642. 

4° Lond, 1643. 

AINSWORTH (robert) The most natural and easie Way of In- 
stitution : containing Proposals for makinj^ a domestic Ednca- 
lion less chargeable to parents and more easic and beneficial to 
Children. 4<^ Lond. 1698. 

4* 1699. 

Monumenta Vetustatis Rempiana. 8® Lond. 1720. 

Thesaunis Lingua? Latinse compendiarius; or a Com- 

pendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue : in three Parts. Lat. 
if Eng. 4« Lond. 1736. 

with great additions and amendments by 

Thomas Morell, D.D. 2 vol. 4*^ Lond. 1773. 

IIEION, sive, ex veteris Monumenti Isiaei Descriptione, 

Isidis Delubrum reseratum. 4" 
AINSWORTH (samuel) Scrmon at the funcral of Mr. Andrew 

Pern. 4« Lond. 1655. 
AIR. An Antidote against an infectious Aire. 4° 1647. 
AIREY (jos.) tf. wiLsoN. 
AISLABIE (john) His Casc. 4" Lmd. [1720.] 
— — His Speech upon his Defence made in tho House of 

Lords against the Bill for raising Money upon the Estates of 

the South-Sea Directors. 4<> Lond. 1721. 
AJTAI ( ANDR.) De Medicinaj et Doctrinae moralis ncxu. 4® Hal. 

Mag. 1714. 
AITINGER (JOH. coNR.) Bericht vom Vogel stcUen. 4« CasseL 

AITKEN (jAMEs) The Life of James Aitken, commonly called 

John the Painter. 8* IVinion. 
" ^ His Trial at large with an Account of his behaviour at 

the timeofExecution. S^ 1777. 
AITKEN (john) Essayson several important Subjects in Surgery, 

8<> Lond. 1771. 
» Systematic Elements of the Theory and Practice of 

Surgery. 8° Edinb. 1779. 
AITON (rob.) Disp. Medica iriaug. de palpitatione Cordis. 4* 

Lugd. Bat. ap. Elz. 1696. 
AITON (william) v. smith. 
AITSINGERUS (mich.) Pentaplus Regnorum. Mundi. 4<> Antv. 

apud Plant. 1579. 
" Terra Promissionis topographice atque historic^ de- . 

scripta. 4» Col. Ag. 1582. 


A K E 

AITSINGERIUS (michO De f ^eone Belgico, ejiisque topographica 

atqoe biBtorica descriptione Liber« quinque partibus, Guberna- 

tonim Philippi Regis Hispaniarum ordine, distinctus : insuper 

et Franctsci Hogenbergii cxui. figuris ornatus; rerumque in 

Belgio maxime gestarum, inde ab anno Cbristi m.d.ux. usque 

iKd ann. m.djjcxxv. perpetua narratione continuatus. fol. CoL 

Vb. 1585. 

— usque ad ann. m.d.lxxxvii. fol, 

■ usque ad ann. m.d.uuui:xvi. fol, 

• Thesaurus Principum hac ^oetate ia Europa viventium. 

» CoL Ag. 1591. 
AITZEMA (x^Eo ab) Ilistoria Pacis a fbederatis Belgis, ab anno 

cAo iacxxi. ad hoc usque Tenipus^ tractat^. 4^ LMgcL B, apud 

Eizcv. 1054. 
AIX. Institution et Reglemen de THopital n6tre Dame de Mise- 

ncorde etabli dans la Ville d'Aix. 8" Aix. 1688. 

Protestations des Officiers du Parleroent d' Aix. 8* 

R^cit de ce qui s^est passe i Aix A Toccasion de l'arrivee 

de M. le Comte de Caraman. 8^ 
AIK LA CHAP£LL£. Bescbryving van de Stad Aken> mitsga* ' 

ders van alle desselfs Fonteinen en Minerale Wateren en Baden. 

4» Leid. 1727. 
ObservatiOQS on the probable Issue of the Congress 

Ibere. 6<^ LofMJ. 1748. 
AKBER. Ayeen Akbery : or the institutes of the £mpcror Akber^ 

translated from the Persian by Francis Gladwin. 3 vol. 4® 

Caicuiia, 1783-6. 


AKEN (coRNEuus ad) Disputatio continens Versionem Hebrai- 

cam Capitis v. Chaldaici Esdne. 4» Uitraj, 1683. 
■ Introductionis Historicae ad Cartesii Philosophiam^ 

Pkrsquinta. 4<» JVaJ. tid Rh. lGS4k. 
AKEN (rolandus ab) Exercitationes Pneumaticse Parsvigesima 

qaarla, quee est de Creatione. 4^ Uitraj. 1682. 
AKENSIDE (mark) m.d. The Plcasures of Imagination, a Poem 

io three Books. 4® L(md. 1744. 

8<> Lond. 1763. 

■ ■ ■ to' which is prefixed a critical essay oo the 

Poem by Mrs. Barbauld. S^ Lohd. 1795. 

An Ode to the Earl of Huntingdon. 4^ Lond. 1748. 

Oratio Anniversaria quam ex Harveii Instituto in The- 

alro Coll.Beg.Medicorum Lond. die Octob. xviii. anno m.dcclix. 
habuit Marcus Akensidc«M.D. 4P Lond. 1760. 
Poems. 8« Lond. 1773. 

AKERBLAD (j. d.) Lettre sur rinscription E^gyptienne de So- 
sette, acklreflsee au Silvestre de Sacy. S^ Par. 1802. 

AK£liI>Y (georgb) The Lifeof Mr. James Spiller the late Come* 
dian. 8« Lond. 1729. 

AKERLAKEN (ant. alu van) Dissertatio Medica inaug. de 
rieoritide. 4« Lugd. B. 173 J. 


A L A 

AKERLAKEN (meikardus van) Dtsp. Jurid. inaug. de Pecunia 

con^tituta. 4« Lugd. B. 1716. 
AKERMAN, v. cloth. 
AKERMAN (laur.) Ritus Antiquus Sueo-Gothorum per Pro- 

vincias circumeundi. 8* Upsal. 1708. 
ALABA (diego de) y Viamont. El perfeto Capitan, instniido en 

la di^ciplina Militar, y nueva cicncia de la- Artilleria. fol. Madr. 

ALABASTER (gulielmus) Apparatus in Revelationem Jesu 

Christi. 4« Antv. 1607. 
Roxana Tragoedia, a plagiarii unguibus vindicata, aucta, 

& agnita ab authore. 12^ Lond. 16o2. 

Eccc Sponsus venit : seu Tuba pulcbritudinis. 'A^rexo* 

retfovi^ X^ovuv, 4® Lond. 1633. 

Lexicon Pentaglotton ; Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syria- 

cum, Talmudico-Rabbinicum, & Arabicum. fol. Lond. 1637. 

ALAIN chartieb, r. chartier. 

ALAMANNI (luigi) La Coltivatione. 4» Par. R. Steph. 1546. 

■ La Coltivazione di Luigi Alamanni, e le Api di Giovanni 

Rucellai : colle annotazioni di Rubert6 Titi sopra le Api^ e coQ 
gli Epigrammi Toscani deirAlamanni. 4^ Pad. 1718. 

Gyrone il Cortese. 4<> Par. 1548. 

La Avaixhide. 4® Fir. di Giunti. 1570. 

ALANUS de Insulis. Doctrinale altum seu Liber Parabolarum 
Alani mctrice descriptus, cum sententiis et metrorum exposi* 
tionibus. 4** Colon. 

40 Davent. 1494. 

■■ Parabole Alani cum Commento. 4® 

Opus contra Hareticos & Valdense«, qui postea Albi* 

gensesdicti ; editum diligentia 1. Massoni. 8^ Par. 1612. 
ALARDUS, r. aoricola. 
ALARDUS (lampertus) Pathologia sacra Novi Testamenti. 12* 

Lips. 1635. 

■ Graeciain Nuce, seu Lexicon novum. 12® Lips. 1632. 
• De Veterum Musica Liber singularis : in fine accessit 

Pselli Musica ^ Graeco in Latinum sermouem translata, autore 

eoucni. 12® Schleus. 1636. 
ALARDUS (nic.) Decas Alardorum scriptis clarorum. 8® Hamb. 


Bibliotheca Harmonico-Biblica. 8® Hamb. 1725. 

ALARM. An Alarm to Great Britain from the Throne to the 

Cottagc inclusive. 8° Lond. 1755. 

The False Alarm. 8® Lond. 1770.' 

A LARUM for London, or the Siedge of Antwerpd. 4® 1602. 

■ An Alarum to the Head Quarters. fol. Lond. 1647. 

An Allarum from Heaven : by G. W. 4® Lojid. 1649. 

ALARY (jEAN d') ConceptionsPoetiques sur lcs Morts du Jacaues 

sereniss. Roy de la Gr. Bretagne, & du IMaurice Prince a'0- 
range. 4* 

- Sur les Louanges, Maladie, & Guerison de M. George 
dc Villiers, Duc de Bockiugham, Ode. 4'* 


A L B 

ALAYMUS (marc. anton.) Consultatio pro Ulceris Syriaci nuim 

VagantisTuratione. 4^ PawAorm. 1632. 
De Succedaneis Medicamentis Opusculum. 4® Panorm, 


- Discorso intorno alla preservatione del Morbo conta- 

gioso e mortale che regna al presente in Palermo & in altre 

Citti e Terre del Regno di Sicilia. 4» Palerm. 1625. 
ALAZONO-MASTIX : or the Character of a Cockney : in a 

Satyricall Poem. By Junius Anonymus. 4^^ Lond, 1662. 
AL6ANI (gio. fb.) Discorso Academico in Lode di Giacomo II. 

4« Rom. 1687. 
ALBANI (JOH. F.) Nenias Pontificis de Jure Reges adpellandi. 8* 

RatHit Nova, 1706. n* 

ALBANS (sT.) Book of, r. barnes. 
• The truc Relation of a wonderfuU Passage that was lately 

iike to befal certain Souldiers at St. Alhans. 4® Lond. 1642. 
ALBANUS (barth.) De Balneis Transcherii opidi Bergomatis^ 

fcum aliis ejusdem argumenti.] 4* Bergom. 1582. 
ALBANUS (joH. HiER.) De Potestate Papae & Concilii; multi* 

aucta lucubrationibus ejusdem autoris. 4® Ven. 156L 
ALBANUS (nic.) De Baplismo Calvinianorum. 4« IVUeb. 1607. 
ALBATEGNIUS (mahomet) De Motu Stellarum, cum addit. 

Joan. de Regiomonte. 4* Noiimb, 1537. . 
ALB£ (ferdinand alvajiex de tolbde Duc d') Bon Histoire. 

2 tom. 12« Par. 1699. 
ALBECKHT (ern. jos.) Dissert. Medica inaug. de Glandulis P. N. 

patulis. A^ Tub. 1689. 
ALBENGNEFIT. De Virtutibus Medicinarum & Ciborum. fol. 

Argent. 1531. 
ALBERDING (adr. ab) Dissert. Medica inaug. de Dysenteria. 4* 

Lusd. Bat. 1709. 
ALBERGATI (fabio) Trattatodel Modo di ridurre sL Pacc rini- 

micitie pri^^ate. fol. Rom. 1582. 

A^ Bergam. 1587. 

8° Ven. 1614. 

De i Discorsi Politici Libri cinque. 4* Rom. 1602. 
8° Ven. 1605. 

ALBERGATI (nicolo) v. cavallo. garnefelt. 
ALBERGHETn(piER. francesco) Fisiologia Chimica. l^Rom, 

ALBERICI (giac.) Catalogo breve de gl' illustriet famosi Scrit* 

tori Venetiani. 4** Bologn, 1605. 
ALBERICUS, Monachm trium Fontium. Chronicon, c MSSw 

nunc prinium editum a God. Gul. Leibnitio. 4** Lips. 1698. 
ALBERiUS (claudJ Organon. 4» Morg. 1584. 

Oratio apodictica de Imraortalitate Animae. 8° ap, Jo. 

le Preus. 1586. 

ALBERNOTIUS (.«gtd.) p. albornoz. 

•ALBERONI [Card.) Istoria dcl Cardinal 'Alberoni dal giomo della 
sua Nascita fino allameta dell' anno 1720. 8^ Amst. 1720. 

Engl. to which are added Considerations on 

the presentstate of tJbe SpanbhMonarcby. &* Lond. 1110. 

A L B 

ALBERTI (PET. cHRisT.) Diss. Physica de Formia accidentarii^ 

& partialibus. 4<» 1667. 
ALBERTINIS (fr. de) Opusculum de Mirabilibus nov8B & veteris 

Urbis Romae. 4» Rom. 1510. 

: 4» Lugd. 1520. 

: 4« Rom. 1523. 

ALBERTINIUS (hannib.) Casen. De Aifectionibus Cordis Libru 

tres. 4» Ven. 1618. 
ALBERTINUS (alexander) d Rocha. Malleus Daemonum. 8* 

Veron. 1620. 
ALBERTINUS(fr. de) r. albertinis. 
ALBERTINUS (franc.) Catanzar. Corallariorum Tbeologico- 

nim tonius primus. fol. Neap. 1606. 
— — — Corollaria in primam et tertiaro partem Sancti Thomae. 

fol. Lugd, 1610. 
ALBERTO (S.) Card. de SK Cruz, v. lieja. 
ALBERTON (guilh.) De IntegritateOratiuncula scholastica. 4* 

Rot. 1689. 
ALBERTONI (ludov.) r. paulus. 
ALBERTUS (aloysius) De Nutritione, Augraento, et Genera- 

tione, Disputationes. 4® Ven. 1627. 
ALBERTUS (andreas) Duo Libri, prior de Perspectiva, posterior 

de Umbra. fol. Norib. 1671. 
ALBERTUS Pius, Amtria: Archid. v. bochius. chiffletius, 

fromondus. mir^us. puy. rycquius. schulcken. 
— — Seren. Alberti Pii Cenotaphium. 4** Antw. 1621. 
De Vita Alberti Pii Commentarius. Aubertus Miraeus 

' publicabat. Accedunt seorsiin Laurentii Beyeriinck et ahorum 

de eodem Principe Elogia. 4° Ant. ap.Plant. 1622. 
ALBERTUS (christ. gottlieh) Disp. polit. deJure Legationis. 

4« Brem. 1664. 
ALBERTUS (frid.) v. pauius. 
ALBERTUS (jacobus) £ii/xihi>t*x*i : sive, Ratio dignoscendarum 

scdium male afiectarum, et Adectuufti pneter Naturam. 8* 

ALBERTUS (joh.) v. hesychius. 
• ". Observationes philologica^ in sacros Novi Foederis libros. 

8» Lugd. Bat. 1725. 
Periculum Griticum in quo loca quasdam cum Veteris. 

ac Novi Foideris, tam Hesychii & aliorum, illustrantur, vindi- 

cantur, emendantur. 8^, Lugd. Bat. 1727. 

Glossarium GrsBCum in sacrosNovi FcBdcris libros. Ac- 

cedunt ejusdem Miscellanea Critica. 8** Lugd. Bat. 1735. 
ALBERTUS (leo baht.) Libri de Re /Edificatoria decem. 4<» Par. 


L'Architettura. 8^ Ven. 1546. 

■■ trad. in Linsrua Fiorentina, da Cosimo BartolL 

4» Ven. 1565. 

9 ' ■ ' ■ — foL Monte-Regafe. 1565. 


A L B 

ALBERTUS (leo bapt.) DeUa Architettura Libri x. deUa Pittufa 
Libri iii., &della Statua Libroi. tradotti in Lingna Italiana da 
Cosimo Bartoli ; nova edizione, da Giaoomo Leoni. S tora. fol. 
Lmd. 1726. 
■ Ecatonphyla» opera nova: qnale^on breve et doctissimo 

Bodo demoastra et insegna TArte dello amare. 8® Sien. 1636. 
■' La Pittura, trad. per Lbdov. Domenichi. 8® Ve; 1547» 
Opuscoli Morali^ tradotti, & parte oorxetti da Corimo 

BartoH. 4<> Ven. 1538. 
ALBERTUS maonvs, ^mc. Ratisk, v. oausuncs. 
— DeAninMlibua. ioL Mani. 1479. 
— [peri^Marc, Anlon. Zimaram.l fol. Fen, 

— — De Virtutibus Anime veris & perfectis. 4* Antw. 1489. 
■ Aureus Liber Metaphisice. foL Fen. 1494. 

Phisicorum, sive de phisioo Auditu, Libri oeto. foL 

VeH: 1494. 

— • liber Metheorun. fol. Ven. 1494. 

De Aaima, Libri tr^. De Intellecta et InteUigibili, 

Libn duo. fol. Ven. 1494. 

De Celo & Mundo. fd. Ven. 1495. 

De Generatione & Corruptione. foL Ven. 1495. 

De Mineralibus. fol. Ven. 1495. 

et rebtts meCallicis LibriV. 12«C^^.1569. 

De Secretis Nature. 4«* Lond. ap. W. de Mechlim^. 

Liber SecretonMiv Albeni Magni. 4® 

yher Aggrei^tionis seu LJber Secretonim» de Virtuti« 

bos Herbarum, Lapidum, et AnimaKum quorundam. 4® 

Germ. 4t^ Strasb. 1516. 

Delle Virtu delle Herbe, et Animali, et Pielre pretiose, 

e di molte maravigliose cose del Mondo: e Secreti delk 
Domie. 8^ 

The Booke of pretty Conceita taken oat of 

French, Dutch, and Engiish. 12^ 

Secreta MuHeruin. 'IP 

40 [ap. W. de MechUma.] 

Secreta M«lierum &.Virorum. 4*^ 
-. 4« 

De Secretts MuUemm. 4^ 

cuin schdiis. 8^ Aniv. 1588. 

item, ejusdem de Virtutibus 

Herbarum, Lapidumy & Animalium quonindam Libelkis, et 
<de mirabilibus Mundi. 16^ Argent. IGw. 

schoHis auctus. W Lttgd. 1615. 

De Secretis Mulierum : or, the Mvsteries of human 

Generation fully revealcd, renderul into £ngiish> with Notes, 

by Johp Ouincy, M. D. ^ Land. 1725. 

Summa de Officio Misse. Summa de Sacramento Eu- 

charistie. Semiones xxxii. super Verbo " Venite comedite." 
fol. Cohn. 1503. 


ALBtNUS (CHR.) Thcdes de Arthritide. 4^ Bas. 1599. 

> — - IbEercitatio Pbysica de Creatione Formarum. 4* WUteb^ 

ALBINUS (cHRiSTiAKus BERNtiARDus) Specimen inaug. exhibena 
' notam tenuiom hominis intestinormn descriptionem. 4^ Li^. 
Bai. 1722. 

8^ Lugd. Bai. 1724. 

— ■ Dissert. phys. 4naug. de Ijjne. 4* Lugd. Bai. 1793. ' 

ALBINUS (danibi) Dissertat. historico-geogr. de novo Orbe. 4* 

Jerut. 1653.« 
ALBINUS Diaeonus, v. alcuinus. 

ALBINUS (frid.) Disp. inaug. de Scorbuto. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1668. 
ALBINUS (frid. bern.) Dissert. inaug. de DeglutHione. 4* Lfigtf. 

Bat. 1740. 
■■ . Specimen Fhilos. inaug. de Meteorb rgnitis. 4^ Lugd^, 

Bat. 1740. 
ALBINUS (georg.) Theses Physic» dc Sbmno et Vigilia. 4» 

Marv. 1590. 
ALlBINUS (JAC.) Disp. med. de prsscrvatione a Peste. 4^ 
^- Praecidanea de Scorbuto. 4* Bas, [1614.] 

ALBINUS (JOB.) De Gestis Regum Neapo. ab Aragonia quf 

extant, Libri quatuor. 4P iVinzp. 1588. 
ALBINUS (JOH. GEORG.) Poemata varia. Gfrm. 4^ lips. 165^9. 
ALBINUS (jOH. HEiNsius) Disq. in qoa AmXv^^ k,l,iwyn9'i^ £pi»« 
tolse C. Plin. Cecilii Secundi de Cognitione et Poenis Cbristiair- 
orum sub Iroperat. Trajano» sistitur. 4** Wittenb. 169S. 
ALBiNUS (JOH. SAM.) Disp. inaug.de Pleuritide. 4* Jen. 1638. 
ALBINUS (PET.) Nova& Saxonum Historiae Progymnasmata. 8^ 

Witeb. 1585. 
■» Mebznische Land vnd Ber^-Chronica. fol. Dresd. 1589; 

■ Specimen Historise novas Thuringorum. 4^ Jenof. 1685. 

-■ Commentatiode Linguis peregrinis atque Insuhs ignotb. 

8« Vittemb. 1714. 
ALBINUS (poLYCARPus) Disq. de traduce Amm« rationalis* 4^ 

Witteb. 1616. 
ALBINU9 Schalasticus, r. epictetus. 
ALBION. AH)ion's Triumph, personated in a Maske at Court. 4* 

Lond. 1631. 
ALBIZIUS (antonius) Principmn Christianorum Stemmata. 
fol. Aug. Vind. 1608. 

— fo?. Attg. Vind. 1609. 

fd. Argent. 1627. 

ALBOHALI. De Judiciis Nativitatum liber unus^ antchac non 

editus. 4P Norib. 1549. 
ALBOHAZEN, v. haly. 

ALBOINO (rosettini da prat') v. diogenes Laertius. 
ALBOQUERQUE (alfoi^so d^) Commentarios do Grande M* 

fonso Alboquerque. fol. Lisb. 1576. 
ALBORNOTIUS (jegidius) Archiep. Toletan. Tcstamentum. foL 

Bon. 153S. 
ALBOBNOZ (diego fblipe d') v. BtsAccioyt. 


A L B 

ILBORNOZ (cii« de) v. sepulveda. 

ALBRECHT (daniel) De Philosopho ConciHatorc. 4« Rosi. 

ALBRECHT(gottlieb.) Dissert. inaug. de natura & usu Sterno-^ 

tatoriorum. 4* Jcn, 1695. 
ALBRECHT (jac. hebm.) Dissert. de> anatomica prflecipuamm 

paitiQm adroinistratione. 4® Lips. 1710. 

■ Diss. Medica de Experientia fallaci. 4' Idps.. 17 10. 

* Theaea Medicae de Natura humana ac intempestiva 

Vocis Natur» ad Medicinam applicatione. 4® Lugd. Ba^. 1713. 

ALBRECHT (joh. petr.) Disp, inaug. de Lue Venerea. 4*^ Franc^ 
ad Od. 1673. 

■ Unschuld der Thee und Coflfee getriincke. 8® Bram 

ALBRECHT (joh. will.) Observationes Anatomicae chxa duo 

cadavera in perantiqua nostra Hierana nuper instituts. 4^ ErfJ^ 
—— Tractatu» Phys. de Tempestate. 8*^ Eif. 1731. 
ALBRIZZI (gioyambattista) Forestiere illuminato, intomo le 

co0e piu rare e curiose della citta di Venezia. 8^ Ven. 1740. 
ALBRIZZI (girolamo) Distinto Rageuairlio delle Vittorie et Con» 

quiste della Republica di Venetia. 12« K(m. 1687. 

La GaUeria di Minerva. 7 tom. fol. Ven. 1696-1717. 

ALBUBATHER. Albubather, et Centiloquium Divi Hermetif . 

foi. Ven. 1501. 

■ Liber Genethliacus^ sive de Natlvitatibus. 4® Norimh. 

ALBUCASIS. Cyruivia cum Cauteriis et aliis Instnimentis. foL 

Ven. 1500. 

fol Ven.USl. 

foL Arg. 1533. 

— ' foL Bas. 1541. 

ALBUM Amicorum» Habitibus Muherum omnium Nationum 

Europae tum Tabulisac Scutis vacuis^in JEs incisia, adomatum* 

4* Lavan. 1605. 
ALBUMASAR. Flores Astrologiae. 4? Ven. per. Jo. Bapt. Sessa. 
4« Feii.1488. 

Introductoriun) in Astronomiam. 4® Veiu 1489. 
4» Ven. 1506. 

De magnis Conjunctionibus, Annomm revolutionibus 

ac eorum profectionibus. 4^ Aug. Vind. 1489. 

4<» Ven. 1515. 

ALBUMAZAR, a Comedy presenled before the King*» Majestie 
at Cambridge by the Gentlemcn of Trinitie CoUege. 4® Land. 

4« Lond. 1634. 

ALBUMAZAR (calbrion) Mercurius Phreneticus : shevring tlie 

eflfect of the terrible Eclipse March 29, 1652. 4» Lond. 1652. 
ALBUQUERQUE (duarte) Coelho. Memorias Diarias de la 

Guerra del Brazil. 4« Madr. 1654. 
ALBUTIUS (PAULus) Epistola ad Jesuilaii. 4« Par. 1573* 

12» Bas. 1581. 

— edit. 9t PbiUb. Philalcthe. 4» 1611. 

A L C 

ALBYN (benj.) An Appeal to God and the Kfng, togetfaer wit& 
a Narraiive of unparalierd Grievances. 4** Lond. 1697. 


ALCiEUS, V. poEsis. 

ALCAFARADO (francisco) An Hist. Relation of thc first DiV 

covcry of the Is»le of Madera : transL from the Portuguese. 4^ 

Lond. 1075. 
ALCAHIRA. Descriptio Alcahirae urbis quae Mizir & Mazar 

dicitnr. 8° Ven, 1549. 
ALCALA (pEDRo de) Arte para ligeramente saberla Lengua Ar« 

auiga. 4^ Gran. 1505. 
— Vocabulista Arauigo en Letra Castellan^. 4* Gran. 

ALCAMENES, v. poesis. 
ALCANDRE, t». ludovicus xiv. 
« Lc8 Conquestes amoureoses du grandc Alcaildre, 12^ 

Col 1684. 
ALCARAZIUS (joACRntf.) d Gramont. De Tbeatro Saguntine 

Epistola. S^ Rom, 1716. 
ALCAZAR. The Battell of Akazar. 4* Lond. 1594. 
ALCAZAR (andr.) Chinirgia! Libri sex. fol. Salmant. 1575« 
ALCAZAR (ludov. ab) Vestigaiio arcani Sensu^ in Apocalypsf, 

cum Opusculo de sacris Ponderibus ac Mensuris. foL Antv. 

ALCHABITIUS (abdilazi) Libellus Ysagogicus Abdilazi qui 

dicitur Alchabitius ad Magisterium Judiciorum Astronim, in- 

terpretatus a Joanne Hispalensi. 4^ Ven. 1489. 

— cum comm. Joh. de Saxunia. 4^ Ven. 1491. 

4» Vtn. 1503. 

4^ Lugd. 

^ ■. 4« Par. apud Colin. 1521. 

ALCHEMIA. DeAIcbemiaDialogiduo. 8» iJug(/. 1548. 

' ■ De Alchimia, Opuscula complura vetcrum Philosopbo- 

rum. 4<> [Francqf. 1550.] 

Rosarium Philosophorum, Secunda Pars AIchimiSB de 

Lapide philoaophico vero modo pneparando. 49 frcmcof. 1550. 
Veraj AlchemisB, Artisque Metallicae, citra ^nigma^. 

Doctrina certusque Modus, scriptis tum novts tum veteribus» 
nunc primum et fkleliter majori ex pairte editis compreheiuus : 
per Gul. Gratarolum. fol. 'Bas. 1561. 

Alchimia, das ist aUe Farben, Wasiser, Olea» Sdia^ &c. 

8^ Franc^f. 1574. 

8° Franchf. 1589. 


Kunst-Buchlin. 8» Tranc. 1574. 
12* Franc. 1687. 

: Alchemia Vcra. Germ. 8« 1604. 

^ .- .8^ 

Alchimy Spiegel auss dem Arahitekm von Roberto 

Castrensi in Latein, udq in Teutsche Sprach ubergeaetzt durch 
Theophilum Caeaarem August. & Franc. i619. 

- 3 

A L C 

AIXJHEMIA. Promptuarium Aichemi» ander Buch. 199 161 4» 
■ Cabala, Spiegel der Kunst und Natur in Alchymia. 4* 

Augib, 1G16. 

• Lat. 4° Augsb. 1654. 

4« Augsb. 1667. 

4« Augsb. 1704. 

— ; Trois Traitex de la Philosophie Naturelle, k Turbedes 

Pbilosophes, la Parole delaissee de Bcmard Trevisan, & lesdouze 

Pwtes d'Alchymie. 8« Par. 1618. 

AlchemiiE Septentrio. Germ. 8* Hatnb. 1675. 

Theatri Alchymistico-medici breve et jucundum Spec* 

taculum. 8« [1683.] 

Texte d'Alchymie &le Songe-Verd. 12« Par. 1695. 

— A Tfue Light of Alchymy. 8« Lbnd. 1709. 

Alchymia denudata, revisa et aucta. 8® Bral. 1716. 

ALCHINDUS (McoBus) De Rerum gradibus. fol. Argau.lb^l. 

De Temporum Mutationibus sive de Imbribus. foL 

Pur. 1540. 

De Gradibus Medicinarum. 8« Lugd. 1584. 

ALCHORNE (wijluamJ Sermoa at t&e Funeral of Mrs. £liz. Ai- 
wood. 4« Lond. 1674. 

ALCIATO (andrea) Opera. 6tom. fol. D^d. 1560. 

— — Die Ponderibus et Mensuris. Item Budsi quaedam de 

carlem re. Item Phil. Melanchthcxiia de iisdem, ad Germano- 
rum usum, Sententia. Alciati quoque & Ph. Melanchthoub, 
in kudem Juria Civilis Orationes duse. ^ Hag. 1530. 

- 8' Tubing. 15SS. 

— Emblematum Libellus. 8^ Par. 1534. 

per Claud. Minoem. 16® Antv. 1584. 

8« ex Off. Plant. 1608. 


•— et coroUia Fed. Morelli. 8® Par. 


Lai. ItaU Paulo iEmylio interpr. 4<^ Pad. 

Gall. [par Barptol. Aneau.] 4® lAfon. 1549. 
Gall. Lai. [par Jehan le Fevre] 8® Par. 1536. 
Hisp. [por Bemardino Daza] 4® l^on, 1549. 
ItaU da Giov. Marquale. 8* lAon€» 1549. 

— De Singulari Certamine. Fjjuadem Consilium in ma- 
teria DueUi« exceptum ez Libro V. Responsonim, &c. 8^ Ven. 

De la manera de Desafio trad. en Romance 

Castdlano por Juan Martin CSrdero. 8® Anv. 

DueUo. ItaL 8° Vcn. 1545. 

8« Vineg. 1553. 

Responsa. fol. Lugd. 1561. 

De Verborum si^ificatione Libri IV. 8* Lowuu 1565. 

Rerum Fitrie Libri IV. ex MS. BibL Ambrosianae. 4* 

McdioL 1625. 


A L C 

ALCIATO (andrea) Ad Collegam olim mum, qiii transierat ad 
FranciscanoSy Bernardum Mattium, Epistola. Accedit Sylloge 
Epistolarum Giphanii, Vulcanii, Tychonis Brahe, alionimque 
virorum clariss : &c. adjectis passim notis Antoa. Matthsei. 8* 

Lugd, Bat, 1695. 

8« Lugd. Bat. 1708. 

ALCIDAMAS. Alcidamantis Reliquise. Gr. J. J. Reiskii. 8^ Lips. 

ALCIDE dc Bonnccase, Sr. de St.Maurice. Tahleaudes Provincei 

de France. 2 tom. W Par. 16C4. 
ALCILIA. Philoparthen's Lovin^ Folly: whereunto is added 

Pi^malions Imagc. 16® Lond. 1619. 
ALCIMUS, V. AviTus. 
ALCINOUS, Ad Platonis Dogmata Introductio. Gr. 8« Luiei. 


Gr. Lat. interpr. Dyon. Lamhi^o. 4t^ Lutet. 


Lat. a Marsilip Ficino. fol. Vcn. up. Ald. 


___ fol. Vcn. ap. Ald. 1516. 

8» Bas. 1532. 

ALCIPHRON. Epistolae, Gr. Lat. ex recens. Steph. Bcrgleri. 

8« Ups. 1715. 

ad edit. Berjrleri. 8«. Traj. ad Rh. 1791. 

ALCMARIANUS (nannius) v. /bschines. 

ALCOCK (john) Plain Truthsof Divinity. 12» Lond. l647. 

ALCOCK (nathan) Some Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Nathan 

Alcock. 8« Lond. 1780. 
ALCOCK (richard) v. hodenstein. 
ALCORAN. Arab. 4« 
ad optim. Codicum fidem edita ex MusaBO 

Ahr. Hinckelmanni. 4^ Hamh. 1694. 

Arab. Lat, cum refutatione Ludovici Marraccii. 

2 tom. fol. Pat, 1698. 

Lat. per Roberium Retenensem et Hermannum 

Dalmatam, cum Prsemonitione Phil. Melanchtonis et Apologia 
Theod. Bibiiandri. fol. 

Eagl. from the French of the Sieur Du Ryer. 4® 

Lond, 1649. 

transl. from the Arabic, with Notes and a 

prelimiuary Discourse by Georja^e Sale. 4® Lond. 1734. 

Gall. par le Sieur Du Ryer. 12^ Par. 1649. 

12* Haye. 1685. 

■ ItaL [trad. da Andrea Arrivahene.] 4* Ven. 1548. 

- Confutatioiies Legis Mahuraeticae, quam vocant Alco^ 

ranum, singulari industria ac pietate d doctissimis atque optinHi 
viris, partim Latine^ pailim Graece, hinc inde conquisita?> inque 
lucemeditae. fol. 
ALCRIPE (philippb ue) Sieur de Nai. La nouvelle Fabrique 
des excellents Traicts de Verite. 16^ Rouen. 


A L D 

ALCUINUS (albfnus flaccus) In D. Joannis Evangellon Coni« 

mentariorum Libri septem. 8® Arg. 1527. 
' In Genesim Quaestidnes d Menrado Molthero restitute. 

' In Ecclesiasten Commentaria. 8** Bas. 1531. 
Thesaunis Homiliarum. fol. Cb/. 1604. 

ALCVONIUS (PETRus) V. aristoteles. 

De Exsilio. 8« Ven. ap. Ald. 1522. 

Medices Legatu^, sive de Exilio, cum Praefatione Jo, 

Burchardi Menckenii. 12** Lips. 1707. 
ALDAN^\ (cosiMo) Discorso cOntro il Volgo, in cui si reprovano 

molte siie false Opinioni. 8® Fir. 1578. 
ALDANA (fhanc. de) Las Obras. 8" Madr. 1593. 
ALDE (christ.) Dissert. inaug. sistens compendiosam et clinicam 

Adfectuum spasmodicorum praxjn cum Cautelis. 49 Hal. Mag. 

ALDERSGATE. A true Relation of a Combu-tion hapning at 

St. Anne's Chufch by Aldersgate betweene a Strano^er and one 

Marler a Button maker. 4° 1641. 
ALDERSON rjAMEs) Orth(^raphical Exercises. \^ Lnnd. 1793. 

Enpish Grammatical Exercises. 12** Lond. 1795. 

Hudiments of Penmanship. 4** Ashford, 1797-8. 

ALDERSON (john) Some usefui Observutions and Advices, 

taken from his mouth, with a short Account of him during 

bis laVllness. W Lond. 1765. 
ALDGATE. A Threefold Discourse betwecn Algate, Bishops- 

gate, and John Heyden the late Cobler of Huunsditch, a pro- 

^ssed Brownist. 4^ Lond. 1642. 
ALDHELMUS, (S.) v. beda. 
■ Poetica nonnulla, e vet. MS. cod. per R. P. Mart. Delrio 

exscripta: cum notuhs ejusdem. ^2^ Mog.lSOl. 
ALDIMARr(BiAGio) Memorie Historicbe di divcrse Famiglie 

Nobili, cosi Napoletane, come Forastiere. fol. Nap. 1691. 
ALDINUS (tob.) Descriptio rariorum quarundam Plantarum 

quse continentur Romae in Horto Famcsiano. fol. Rom. 1625. 
ALDOBRANDINO (carlo) Frutti d'Amore. 12<> Perug. 1605. 
ALDOBRANDINUS (thomas) v. diogenes Laertius, 
ALDRED (TnoMAs) Advice to the Marquesse of Buckiiigham 

concerning the marriage of K. Charles. 4° Lond. 1643. 
ALDRETE (bernardo) Dcl Origen de la Lengua Castellana. 4^ 

Rom. 1606. 

2 tom. foL Madr. 1673-4. 

■ Varii?: Antiixuedades de Espana, Africa, y otras Pro- 

vincias. 4" Amher. 16 II. 
ALDRETE (luis de) y Soto. Rcspuesta al Auto del Proto- 

Medicato, y Approbacion por Ant. de Ron. fol. 

ALDRICH (C.) V. EPICTETUS. theophrastus. 

ALDRICH (henricus) Elementa Architecturee CivUis. 4^ Oxon. 


• — Elementorum Architecturae Pars prima. 8" 

ALDRIDGE (wxlliam) Natura) Short-hand. Qf^ Lond. 


A L E 

ALDRIDGE (w.) A Fuoeral Sernion occasioned by the death of 

the Counless dowager of Huntinordon. 8® Lond, 1791. 
ALDROVANDUS (ulysses) Ornitholo^s^ hoc est de Avibus 

Historiae, LibriXII. fol. Bm. 1599. 

fol. Francof. 1610. 

: — suinptibus M. Anton. Bemiae. 3 tom. fol, 

Bon. 1646-37. 
■ De Animalibus Insectis Libri septem. fo!. Bon, 1602. 

' fol. Francqf. 1618. 

illustriss. BoDon. Senatu curantc. fot. Btm. 


De reliquis Animalibus exanguibus Libri quatuor, post 

mortem ejus editi : nempe de MoUibtts, Crtistaceis^ Testacets» 
et Zoophytis. fol. Bon. 1606. 

fol. Bon. 1642. 

De Quadrupedibus solidipedibus, Volumen integrum : 

edit. ab Hieron. Tamburino. fol. Francqf. 162S. 

a M. Ant. Bernia. fol. Bon. 1649. 

Quadrupedum omnium bisulcorum Historia>. Hier. 

Tamburini. fol. ^on. 1621. 

De Quadrupedibus digitatis viviparis Libri tre*, et de 

Quadrupedibus digitatis oviparis Libri duo: sumptibus M. 
Anton. Berniae. foC Bon. 1637. 

De Piscibus Libri V. et de Cetis Liber unns, a M. 

Anton. Bernia. fol. Boh. 1638. 

Ilistoriae Serpentum et Draconum Libri duo : sumpt» 

M. Anton. Bemise. foL Bon. 1640. 

Monstrorum Historia; cum Paralipomenis HistoriaB 

omnium Animalium : sumpt. M. Anton. Bernia>. fol. Boik 

IVIusftum MetalHcum in Libros IIII. distributum ; im< 

pensis M. Anton. Bernise. fol. Bon. 1648. 

Dendrologi» Naturalis^scilicet, Arborum Historis Libri 

duo : sumptibus Hieron. Berpi». fol. Bon. 1668. 

SynopsisMu^a&iMetallici UlyssisAldrovandi^in gcatiam 

tyronum edita d Davide Kellnero. 8° Ups. 1701. 


- An Act prohibiting to brew for sale any Ale or Beer 

above lOs. the Barrel besides the Exci^e. fol. Lond. 1648. 
,. Tlie Ex-ale-tation of Ale. 12® Lond. 1646. 

A Curse asrainst Parliament-Ale. 4° Lond. 1649. 

ALEANDER (hieronymus) Junior. 

AntiquJE Tabul» MarmoresB, Solis eflSgie, symbohsque, 

exculpta^, Explicatio. 4° Rom. 1616. 
. 4» Lut. 1617. 

Refutatio Conjecturae anonymi Scriptoris de Suburb>- 

cariis Regionibus» et dioecesi Episcopi Romani. 4® Lut. 1619. 
Navis Eccksiam referentis Symbolum in veteri Gemma 

insculptum, Explicatione illustrattuuL 8^ Rofn. 1626. 
ALEAUME (j.) V. isidoaus. 


A L £ 

ALEAUAIE (.Sr.) La Perspective speculative, el jpratique. 4* 

Par. 1663. 
ALECTHROCORAS (BAnxH.) Bisaertatio de Hanrcitatum ma- 

teria. 4* 1627. 
— «_ 40 1689. 

ALEFELD (bkned. ab) Dc'Mimitionibu8. 4» KiL 1678. 
ALEFELD (wolfgang ab) Historia^ Scbola Principum.-4® Argent, 

ALEGAMBE (pHiL.) r. ribadeneira. 
— — Bibliotheca Scriptorum Societatis Jesu poet excusum 

Anno M.Dc.viii. Catalo^m. R. P. Petri Ribadeneire. foL 

Antw. 1643. 

HeVoes ct Victinue CharrtatLs, Societatis Jesu. Extreraum 

Decenninm adjecit, usque ad exactum annum 1657> Joannei 

Nadasi. 4^* Rom. 1658. 
ALE-HOU8ES. Order at the Sessions for the City <^ London 

respecting Ale-Houses and Ale-house^keepers. fol. Lond, 1654. 
— — Order by the Court of Aldermen conceming Alehouses 

in London. fol. Lond. 1682. 

A Proposal for raising one Million of Money on Ale^ 

house keepers, Victuallers, & others. fol. 
ALEMAMIJS. Liber Ta^riphi, Corapositio est Senis Alemami. 

Traditur in eo corapendiosa Notitia Verbi Arabici, Arab. Lat. 

4« Rom. 1610. 
ALEMAN (didier l*) Description du Globe Celeste. 4' 
ALEMAN (matheo) Primera y Segunda Parte de Guzman de 

Alfarache. 4<» ^fadr. 1641. 

Ital. trad. da Barezzo Barezzi. 8® Ven, 1606. 

The Rogue, or the Life of Guzman de Alfarache : te 

wbich i^ added the Tragi-Comedy of Calisto and Meiibea. fol. 
Lond. 1634. 

— epitomiz'd into English by A. S. gent. 8^ 

Lond, 1655. 
ALEMAND (l. auc.) Histoire Monastique d'Irlande. 12^ Par. 

ALEMANNUS (joh. agid.) r. boernerus. / 

ALEMANUS (adrianus) Ars Parva. 8» Par, 1549. 
ALEMANUS (jacobus) Palsestra Consuhationum Juris lllus- 

trium prima ; inserto Tractatu de jure, valore, mutatione, et 

))ervani8 Monetse speciebus. 8® Magd. 1613. 
ALEMBERT (jean le rond d') Melanges de Litierature, d^His- 

toire, & de Philosophie. 2 tom. 129 Bcrl. 1753. 

5 tom. 12° Amst. 1759-73. 

E^emens de Musique, suivant les Principes de M. 

Rameau. 8** Lyon. 1766. 

Eloges lus dans les Sean^es publiques de TAcademie 

Fran^oise. 12« Pflr. 1779. 

- liiaoire des Membres de rAcademie Fran^oise, morts 

depuis 1700 jusq' en 1771. 6 tom. 129 Par. 1787. 

Angl. with a pref. and notes by J. Aikin, 

M.D. 2voL 8<> Lond, 1799. 


A L E 

ALENCE (M. d') Traite de T Aiman. 8« Amst. 1687. 
ALENUS (nicolaus) p. aratus. 

ALENSOON (jOANNEs) Disp. de Deposito. 4» Lugd. Bat. 1705. 
ALEPPO. A Journey from Aleppo to Damascus. 8* Lond. 

■■ A True Narrative of an Accident which occur^d upon 

the Execution of a Cbristian Slave at Aleppo. fol. Lond. 1676. 
ALERS (JOHANNEs) Oceanus turbatus & pacatus carm. heroico 

representatus. 4° Bretn. 1667. 
ALES (alexander de) Summa Theologica, 4 tom. fol. lAtgd. 

151516. ' 
■' Summula Resolutionum SummfB Alex. de Ales redacta 

per Prosperum Urbanum. 4® Urbin. 1603. 
ALES (pETRus) Camutensis, De recta vivendi Ratione et Vir- 

tutum Officiis» Libri quatucr. 4* Par. 156L 

n De utroque Jesu Christi Adventu. 4* Par. 1561. 

ALESCH (cHR. DAN^ Dissert de jure Peregrinantium. Jc»«. 17 IS. 
ALESSANDRO nelle Indie, Dramma. 8« Lond. 1761. 
ALETHINUS (christianus) De Peccatis Ignoranti». 8« Col. 

ALETHOCRITUS (christ.) Consilium de reformanda Ecclesia 

Anprhcana. 4® Lond. 1643. 
ALETROPHANES. Ad JacobumThevartum Epistola, cui acces- 

sit Stibii PithcBgia, & pro auctario Pitho^a vindicata. 4* 

Elevth. 1655. 
ALETOPHILUS (sebast.) Epistola ad Joan. Pecquet. 4** 
ALEXANDER (a.) v. biblia. 
■■' Ceremonies and Thankpgiving used by a]l families in 

every house of the Israelites on the two first Nights of the 

Passover. 8® Lond. A.M. 5547. 

The Evening Service of the Eve of the Day of Atone- 

ment, according to the Order of the Dutch Jevrs. 8^ Lond. 
A.M. 5547. 

The Tephilloth, or Daily Praycrs, according to the 

Ordcr of the Polish and German Jews. 8** Lond. A.M. 5548. 
The New Years Service, according to the Order of ihc 

Polish and German Jews. 8^ Lond. A.M. 5549. 
ALEXANDER ab Alexandro. v. tiraqueau. 

■ Genialium Dierum Libri sex. fol. Par. 1532. 

■ cum integr. Comment And. Tiraquelli, Dion. 

Gothofredi, Christ Coleri, & Nic. Merceri. 2 tom. 8** Lugd. 

Bat. 1673. 
ALEXANDER^>ig:/t«. Destnictorium Viciorum. fol. Par.4497. 
ALEXANDER Aphrodisienm. v. themistius. 

■ Expositio super Libros Aristotelis de Anima. Lat. fol. 
Oxon. per Theod. Rood. 1 481 . 

* Hieron. Donato interprete. 4** Brix. 1495. 

fol. Fc».1502. 

^ foL rCTi.1520. 


A L E 

ALEXANDER Apt&odUienm. De Anima et de Fato. Gr. foL 

Ven.Ald. 1534. -T- 
■ Annotationes in Libnim Elenchorum Aristotelis nuper 

diligenti cura in Latinum conversa Guilelmo Borotheo interpr. 

fol. VenAh^l. 

fol. Par. 1542. 

— — — In priora Analytica Aristotelis Commentaria. Gr. fol. 

r€B.i52o. -f . 

In Aristotelis Meteorolo^cica. Idem de Mixtione. Gr. foL 

Ven, ap. Ald. 15?7. 

In Aristotclis Metcorolo^ica. Lat. Alex. Piccolominco - 

aulbore. foL Ven. 1540. 

foL Fe«.1545. 

■ ■ Commentaria in duodecim Anstotelis Libros de prima 
Philosophia. Lat, interpr. Joanne Genesio Scpulveda. foL Ven: 
'- foL Ven.Ue\. 

In priora Resolutoria Aristotelis Explanatio. Lat. Joan. 

Bcmardo Feliciano interpr. fot. ^477». 1549. 

In Aristotelem dc Sensibus, atque de his quse cadunt in 

Sensum Commentarium> LaicIHo Philalthaeo interpr. fol. Ven. 
In Sophisticos Aristotelis Elenchos Commentaria. Gr. 

foi. Ven. Ald. 1520. 

-! In Topica Aristotelis Commentarii. Gr. fol. Ven.ap.Aldf 

fol. Ven. ap. Ald. 151$. 

■ Lat. GuUelmo Dorotheo interpr. foi. Bar. 


nunc fidclius multo et accuratius versa« 

atque edita. fd. Ven. 1547. 

De Fato, hbero Arbitrio, k, Intellectu. Lat. Hieron. 

Bagolino inlerpr. 4^ Veron. 1516. 

De Fcbribus. LfU. Geo. Valla interpr. 4« Par. 1518. 

8» Bas. 1542. 

l>e Mi|Elione. Gr. foL Ven.ap.Ald. 1527. 

^rr r — - Lat. Jac.Scheckio interpr. 8® Tub. 1540^ 
Probleiniata. Gr. fol. 

;• . 12« Par. 1540. 

' Lat. Geo. Valla interpr. fol. Ven. 1488. 

foL Ven.l50\. 

— fol. Par. 1520. 

Theod. Gaza interpr. fol. Ven. 1504. 
8« Par. 1539. 

Ang^Io Politiano interpr. 4^ Bas. 1520, 
-r S^ Franc. 1609. 


duflestionet Naturales ; De Anima ; Morales. Gr. fol. 

Ven. Zunetti. 1536. 

■ Lat. Hieron. Bagolino, et Joanne Baptista 
filio interpretibus. fol. Ven. 1541. 

foL K«i.l549. 


A L E 

AlJEKASTyiSR Jlphrodisiams, QuaefttioncsNaturaUs; DeAnima; 

Morales. L(U. Gentiano Herveto Aureliano interpr. b° Bas. 

ALEXANDER Grammaticus, Alexandri Grammatioi Opus ki- 

tcrpretatum a Ludov. de Guaschis. fol. Ven. 1482. 
ALEXANDER, Magnus, v, clarke. curtius. persepolis. 


■ Historia Alexandri Magni regis Macedonie de Preliis. 

fol. Ar^nt. 1494. 

Epistola de Situ Indiee^ a Cornelio Nepote in Latinka* 

tem versa. 4® 

ex recens. Andr. PauHini. 4^ Giess. 1706. 

— — Judgment on Alexander and CsBsar ; and abo on Seneca, 

Plutarch, and Petronius. transl. out of the French. 12° Lond, 

ALEXANDER latros. Practica, cum Expositione glose inter- 

Jinearis Jacobi de Partibus & Januensis in margine posite. 

foL Lugd. 1504. 

fol. Ven.l522. 

ALEXANDER III. Pont, Max, v, bardi. becket. 
ALEXANDER VI. Pont. Max, v, rurchardus. floridus. 
ALEXANDER VII. Pont.Max. v. conrincius. perrier. pestis. 

— ' Nouveau Bref contre les Jansenistes. 49 Par. 1657. 

• Bref a 1'Evesque d'Angers. 4® Angers. 1659. 

— — Constitutio Apostolica Alexandri PapaD VII. i>ro CJero 

& religiosis Missionariis ad propagandam Fidcm, in fcederatis 

Belgii Provinciis. 8« Brux. 1668. 

II Sindicato di Alexandro VII. con il suo Viaggio neU' 

altro Mondo. 8^ 1668. 

Relation de tout ce qui se passa etitre lui & le Roy dc 

France, au sujet de l'Insulte au Duc de Crequi. 12" Col. 1670. 
— Prejuges Legitimes en faveur de son Decret au sujet 

des Honneurs que les Chinois rendent a Confucius et a leu» 

Ancestres. 12* 1700. 
ALEXANDER Scvcrus. v. roy. ^ 

ALEXANDER (daniel) Sermon on the death of Mr. Sam. 

Slater. 4° Lond, 1704. 
ALEXANDER (daniel tnangham) A Call to the Jews. 4* 

ALEXANDER (franciscus) VtrceUat, Virttitis Bivium. 8* Pap. 


— Plioebus Me<licorum. 4*^ Franc. 1613. 

ALEXANDER (jerome) A Brcviate of a Sentence flpven against 

Jeromc Alexander in Ihe Court of Star Chamber, 17th Nov. in 

the 2d year of K. Charles. fol. Lond. 1644. 
ALEXANDER (joh.) TmxonKct. De Re rustica Libri xx. Item 

Aristotelis de Plantis Libri duo. Gr. 8® Bas, 
ALEXANDER (johannes) Synopsis Algebraica. 8« Lond. 1693. 
ALEXANDER (john) Love one another, aTub-Lecture preached 

at Watford in Hartfordshire. 4» 1642. 


A L E 

ALEXANDER (^ohn) a converted Jew. GoA*s Covenant dii» 

played, with a Disc. of the rcasons of his Conversion. 4* Lomd, 

ALEX.\NDER (judith) The Younsj Lady of Fortune, or hcr 

Lover ^ined by Stratagem, a Novel. 2 vol. 8® Lond. 1789. 
ALEXANDER (l.) Answer to Mr. Joshua Van Oven'8 Letters on 

the present State of^^the Jewish Poor in Dxidon. 8° Lond. 

■ Memoirs of the Life and commercial Connection« of 

Beni. Goldsmid, Esq. S^ Lond, 1808. 
ALEXANDER (william) Earl of Sterlme. The Tragedie of 

Darius. 4<» Lond. 1603. 

The Monarchick Traoredies. 4» Lond. 1604, 

Recreations with the Muses. fol. Lond. 1637. 

ALEXANDER (Sir william) An Encouragement to Colonies. 4^ 

Lond. 16!^5. 
— The Mapp and Description of New-England. 4° Lomd. 

ALEXANT)ER (william) ExperimenUl Essays. 8<> Lond. 1768* 
ALEXANDER (william) The Costurae of Chioa illustrated in 

forty eipjht coloured J^njjravingp». 4^ Lond. 1805. 
ALEXANDRE (jacques) Traite du Flux & Reflux de la Mer. 

\^ Par. 1726. 

• Traite generai des Horloges. 8« Par. 1734. 

ALEXANDRE (noel) Apologie des Doininicains Missionaires de 

la Chine. 8'^ Col. 1699. 
■" Six Lettres sur les Cererfonics de la Cbine, au P. lic 

Comte. 8* CoL 1700. 
'■ Conformitc des Ceremonics Chinoises avec Tldolatrie 

Grecque et Romaine. 8« Col. 1700. 
Ital 8« Col. 1700. 

ALEXANDRIA. Defcnse de rHistoire des Patriarches d'Alex- 
andrie, & de la Collection des Liturgies Orientales. 8^ Par. 
ALEXANDRINUS (georgius) v. cato. columella. plautus. 
ALEX.\NDRINUS (iiero) v. schmidj. 
ALEXANDRINUS (julius) v. calenus. 

Galeni Enantiomaton aliquot Liber. Ejusdcm Galeni 

Encomium. 8*^ Ven. 1548. 

Antargenterica pro Galeno. 4** Ven. 1552. 

Antargentericorum suorum Defensio, advcrsus Galeni 

Caliimniatores. ^^ Ven. 1564. 

De Medicina et Medico Dialogus» libris quiiique 

diitinctus. 4» Tig. 1557. 

Snlubrium, sive de Sanitate tuenda, Libri triginta tres. 

fol. Col.Agr.U7 5. 

In Galeni prsecipua Scripta Annotationes, qufe Com- 

mentariorum loco esse possunt. Accessit trita illa dc Theriaca 
Uusestio. fol. Bas. 1581. 

Ad Rembertum Dodoneeum Epistola Apolagetica. 8^ 

Franc. 1584. 


A L F 

ALEXANDRINUS (pappas) v. apollonius Pergaus. 

ALEXANDRINUS (paulus) Eiawyuyn «y rnv AvonXHrfiartxtiif t 

nve Rudimenta in doctrinam de praedictis natalitiis. Gr, Lai, 

ed. ab Andrea Schato. 4<» Witeh. 1586. 
ALEXEA Emperor qf Russia, His Declaration wherein is con- 

teined his Detestation of the murther of K. Charlesl. 4^ 1650« 
ALEXIS (guillaume) Le Debat de rhomme et de la femme. b, L 

12» Par, 
ALEXIS Petrowitz, Czarevitch, Manifestc du Proccz Crimtnel dtt 

Czarevitch Alexei Petrovitch juge & pubhe a St. Petersbourg", 

25Jnin.l7l8. fol. Haye, 1718. 
Germ. 4« 1718. 

The Tryal of the Czarewitz Alexis Petrowitz. 4® Lond» 

ALEXFUS (alexander) Consilia Medica, et Epitome Pulsuumr 

4» Pat, 1627. 

< 4« Pat. 1660. 

Cratylus Morborum. 4<* Pat. 1657. 

■ Preservatione dalla Peste e Historia della Pcste di Este. 

40 Pat. 1660. 
ALEXIUS (michelowitz) Moscov. Czar, v, russia. 
ALEXIUS Pedemontanus, Secreti. 4° Lucca, 1557. 

; 8» Melano, 1559. 

. 80 F«t.l674. 

Lat. per Joh. Jac. Wcckerum. 8* Btu. 1559* 
12<* Antv. 1560. , 

' Artzney Buch durch Hans Jacob Wecker. 4^^ Bas, 

ALEXIUS (simon) De Orijjine novi Dei Missatici, quondam in 

Antjia, nunc denuo ab Infcris excitati, Dialogi vii. 8^ Genev. 
ALEYN (cHARLEs) The Battailes of Crescey and Poictiers. 8* 

Lond, 163 L 
— — The Historie of Henrie thc seventh ; in a Poem. 8* 

Lond. 1638. 
ALFIERI (viTTORio) daAsti. Tragedie. 6 vol. 8« Parig,l7SB. 
ALFONCE, V. «sopus. 

ALFONCE (jean) Les Voyages Avantureux. 4^ Roch.. 
4<> Poit. 1559. 


ALFONSUS (peter) Libellus de Misericordia Dei. 12° Barcin. 

ALFORD (josEPn) The Souls Dispensatorie. 12» Lond. 1649. 
ALFORD (mich ael) Fides Regia Britannica, sive Annales Ecclesi» 

Britannica;. 4 toin. fol. Ijcod. 1663. 


ALFRAGANUS (mohammedes) Rudimenta Astronomica> Lai. 

4» Norimb. 1537. 
Compendium, id omne quod ad Astronomica rudimenta 

spectat compleclens, Joanne Hi^palensi interpr. 8^ Par, 1546. 
Chronolo^ica et Astronomica Elementa, a Palatince 

Bibliothete veteribus libris vcrsa, expleta, & scholiis expolita, 
autorc Jacobo Christmanno. 8^ Franc. 1590, 


A L I 

ALFRAGANUS (MOHAMiiEDEs) Elemcnta Astronomica. Arah. 

Lat. cum notis Jac.Golii. 4* Amgt. 1669. 
Ai^GAROTTI (francesco) II Neirtonianismo, per le Dame. 4^ 

Nap, 1737. 
EngL transl. from the Italian [by Eliz. Carter.] 

2 vol. 12^ Lond. 1739. 

12« Lond. 1742. 

'• Fr. trad. de Pltalien, par M. Du Perron de 

Castera. 2 tom. 8« Par. 1738. 

Sa^gio sopra la Pittura. 8^ Livom. 1763. 

■ Saggio sopra TOpera in Musica. 8^ Livom. 1763. 

Sagi^o sopra rAccademia di Francia, che e in Roma* 

8» Uvom. 1763. 
ALGAY (estienne) Sieurde Martignac. Eloges historiquet des 

Evesques & Archevesques de Paris. 4® Par, 1698. 
ALGAZEL. Logica et Philosophia Algazelis Arabis Lat. per Petr. 

Uechtenstein. 4«^ CoL 1506. 
ALX^HISI (galasso) Delle Fortificationi. fol. Ven. 1570. 
ALGHISI (tommaso) Litotomia. fol. Fir. 1707. 
ALGIERS. A Relation of the whole Proceedings conceming the 

redemptionof the Captives at Argier and Tunis. 4® Lond. 1647. 
A Copy of the Captives Petition as it v^as presented to 

tbe King'8 Majesty. fol. 

The Case of many hundreds of poor English-Captives 

in Algier. fol. 

The Speech of Hadgi Giafer Aga, Ambasuidor from 

the Divan of Algier to his most christian Majesty atVersaillet. 

fol. Lond. 1684. 
ALHACEN. The History of the Life of Tamerlane the great, 

iranslated by L. Vane. 8® Lond. 1753. 
^ ALHAGIABI JUiiu. Grammatica Arabica, dicta Capbiah, auctore 

filio Alhagiabi. 4® 

4«> Rom. 1592. 

ALHAZEN. Opticae Thesaurus. Lat, Ejusdem liber de Crepus- 

culifi, & Nubium Ascensionibus. Item Vitellonis Thuringopoloai 

Libri X. a Fed. Risnero. fol. Bas. 1572. v 

ALI. Sententiae Ali Ebn Abi Talebi, Arab. Lat. cura et annotat. 

ComeL Van Waenen. 4<* Oxon. 1806. 


ALIBANI (andrea) Discorso per la Cometa conspicua al Meri* 

diano di Bolo<;na 17 Decemb. 1664. 4^ Bol. 1664. 
ALI BEY. A History of the Revolt of AU Bey agaiust tbe Otto- 

tnan Porte: &* Land. 1783. 
ALlBON. Rustica Academi» Oxoniensis nuper reformatiB De* 

scriptio, in Visitatione /ana//ca Oct. 6« 1648. Doctore Alibone 

authore. fol. Lond. 1705. 
ALICE {Mr.) v. ferrier. 
ALIDOSI (gio. nicolo pasquali) Diario delle Cose che nella Citta 

di Bologna giornaimente occorrono per l'Anno 1614. 4® BoL 


VoL. I. l ALIDOW. 

A L L 

ALLATIUS (LEo) ViU della venerabile Maria Raggi da Scio. i<> 
. Ram. 1655. 

Leonis Allatti Librorum editorum Elencbus. 12® Rom, 


Poeti Antichi raccolti da Cod. MSS. della Biblioteca 

Vaticana, e Barberina. 8^ Neap. 1661. 

Dramaturgia, divisa in sette Indici. 8* Rom. 1666. 

— Leonis AHatii Zvimiaiktuv sive Opusculorum Grjecorum, 

& Latinorum vetustiorum ac recentiorum, Libri x. [per Andr. 

Peschiullium.] 4<» Rom. 1658. 
ALLAXINUS (jAc.) Medicae aliquot Disceptationes, quibus, 

Recentiorum et Arabum permulti Errores, ad veterum Dis- 

ciplinara, expenduntur. 8^ Par. 1535. 
ALLDRIDGE (w. j.) The Goldsmith^s Repository : conUining a 

concise Elementary Treatise on the Art of assaying Metals. 8* 

Lond. 1789. 
ALLE (thomas) A brief Narration of the Truth of some parti- 

culan in Thomas Edwards his Book called Gangrsna. 4^ LoiuL 


ALLEGUNCE, v. oath. 

" Triplici nodo, triplex Cuneus, or an Apologie for ihe 

Oath of Allegiance. 4» Lond, 1607. 

The Judgement of a Catholicke Englishman living in 

banishment concerning a Book entituled " Triplici nodo, triplex 
Cuneus.*' 4« Lond.lQOS. 

Certain Gcneral Reasons, proving thc Lawfulness of the 

Oath of Allegiance, writlen by R. S. whereunto is added the 
Treatise of that leamed man Mr. William Barclay concerning 
tbe temporal power of the Pope. 8^ Lond. 1611. 

The Parliaments directions to tlie Protestants in Ireland 

conceming tbe taking of the Oath of Allegiance. fol. Lond- 

The Mirrour of AUegiance. 4« 1647. 

A Vindication of the Oath of Allegiance in answer to a 

Paper disperst by Mr. Samuel Eaton. 4® 1650. 

The Oath of Allegiancc. fol. 1660. 

Something against Swearing and conceming the Oath 

of Allegiance and Supremacy. fol. Lond. 1660. 

A Knot untied : or Allegiance swora to the I^ng no 

Breach of the Allegiance due unto God. 4° Lond. 1660. 

God and the King : or, a Dialogue shewing that the 

King doth rightly claim whatsoever is required by the Oath of 
Allegiance. 4<> Lond, 1663. 

Some Considerations touching Succession and Allegiance. 

4^ Lond. 1689. 

A Letter writ by a Clergyman to his Neighbour con- 

cerning the present circumstances of the Kin^dom and the 
Allegiance due to the King and Queen. 4^ Lond. 1689. 

A Word to the wavering: or an Answer lo the Enquiry 

into the present State of Aflairs, and in particul^ir» whether we 
owe Allegiance to the Kiog in tbcse circumstances ? &c« 49 Loml. 


A L L 

ALLEGI ANCE. Thc Case of Alle^iance in our present Circnm* 

stances consider*d. 4<> Lond, iGvSD. 
' An Examination of the Scruple* of those who refuse to 

take «he Oath of Allegiance. 4^ Lond. 1689. 

Melius Inquircnduin, or a ftirther modest and impar- 

tial Enquirj into the lawfulness of taking the new Oath of 
Allegiance. 4<* Lond. 1689. 

A Vindication of • the Divines of the Ch. of Ensland 


wbo have swom Allegiance to King William and Queen Manr 
from tlie Imputations of Apostacy and Perjury. 4° Lond. 1G89. 
An Answer to alate Pamphlet entituled " Obedience and 

Submisfiion to the present Govemment demon!>tratcd from Bp. 
OveralPs Convocation Book/' wich a Postscript in answer to 
Dr. Sherlock's Case of AUegiance. 4« Lond. 1690. 
— - An Historical Account of some things relating to thc 

Nalure of the Engl. Government : with some Inferences thence 
made for tbe satisfaction of those who scruple the Oath of Aile* 
giance. 4® Lond. 1690. 

The Scruplers Case considercd : or ihe Unreasonablc- 

ness of refusing to take the Oaths of Allegiance to King William 

and Q,. Mary evinced. 4^ Lond. 1691. 
ALLEGRE (antoine) Decade, contenant les Vies des Empercurs 

depuisTrsyanus^ jusques i Alexander. 8^ Par. 1567. 
ALLEIN (josbph) The Lifeand Death of Mr. Joseph Allein of 

Taunton. 8^ Lond. 1677. 

A Sure Guideto Heaven. W Lond. 1691. 

ALLEINE (joseph) v. newton. 

AAAHAOXPIXIA, a Treatisc conceming judging one another. ly 

Lond. 1675. 
ALLEM AN.(m.'v. menher) Practicque \yo\iv brievementapprendre 

d CifTrer & tenir Livre de Comptes avec la Regle de Coss, & 

Geometrie. 8* 
ALLEN. An Account of the behaviour of Mr, James Maclain, 

from his Condemnation to his Exccutiou, Oct. S, 1750. 8* 

Lond, 1750. 
ALLEN (benjamin) The Natural History of the Cbalybeat and 

purging Waters of England. 8** 1699. 
llie Natural History of the Mineral Watcrs of Great 

Britain. 8» Lfmd. 1711. 


ALLEN (cHARLEs) Curious Oliservations in that difficuU part of 

Chirurgery relating to the Teeth. 4® Lond. 1687. 
ALLEN (cHARLEs) A new and improved Roman History. 12* 

Lond. 1793. 
A new and improved History of England from the In- 

vasion of Juhus Cfesar. l!;^ Lond. 1793. 
ALLEN (f.) A Charge to thc Clergy belonging to the Arch- 

deaconry of Middlesex. 4^ Lot^d. 1749. 
ALLEN (georce) Tables for calculating the Amountof thcTolfc 

on Goods carried w ^ayig^ble Canals and Rwers. fol. iViftar. 


A L L 

ALLEN (GKoitGi;) Trial of Gco. AUen of Upper Mayfieldfor tfie 

IMurder of his tbree Cuildren. 8« Siaf. [1807.] 
ALLEN (H.) Lettem, in xxvi. Numlier». 4» [1774.] 
ALLEN (hann^h) A Narrative of God'8 gpracious dealings with 

IVf r>». Hannah Allen. l^ Loud. 1683. 
ALLEN (henry) An AlmanaGke and Prognostication for 1607. 

l^ Lond. 
— Alleiis Almanack or a Diary and Prognoatication for 

1612 1'2<^ Lond. 
ALl.EN (john) Jndicial Astrologers totally routed. 8^ Lond. 

ALLEN (j.) M.D. Synopsia uuiversae Medicjin» Practtcae. 8^ Lond. 


4» Lond. 1739. 

8« Amgi. 1730. 

Gaii. 3 tooi. 8* Par. 1738. 

» ' ' * Specimina icfanographica : ora hrief Narrativeof several 
new Inventions and Experiments. i:^ Lond. 1730. 

ALLEN (john) m.d. Sermon occasioned by the death of Mr* 
Jeremiah Tidiomb. ^ Loud. 1740. 

■■ A Sermon on occasion of the death of John Nicholaay 

£»q. 8« Lond. 1744. 

A Sermon on occasion of the death of Mrs. Eleanor the 

wife of John Bigg. 8» i746. 

Sermon on occasion of the death of the vev. Obad. 

liu^be^f. 9P Lond. 1753. 
ALLLN (lydia) p. barnard. 
ALLEN (mary) 9. chebsnan. 
ALLEN (Mr.) v. russel. 
ALLEN (richard) An Antidote against Heresy. 13^ Lond» 

ALLEN (richard) v. claridge. 
i* ■ A brief Vindication of an Essay, to prove singing of 

Psalms, &c. from Dr. RussePs Animadversions and Mr. Mar- 

low's Remarks. 13^* Lond. 1696. 

Sermon at the Funeral of Mr. John Griffith. 13^ Lond. 

ALLEN (robert) An Essay on the Nature and Methods of carry- 

ing on a Trade to the South-Sea. 8* Lond. 1712. 
ALLEN (thomas) v. bathurst. ricr. 
■ ■ In viri doctiss. Thomse Alleni ultimo Septemb. MDcsaocti. 

Oxoniis deroortui, Exenui rum jnstis ab Alma Academia poa- 

tridie solutis^ Orationes bine. 4* Lond. 1633. 
ALLEN (thomas) Furtber Ini^tructions for Capt. Thomas Allen; 

touching the Execution of his Commission, bearing date8 Jan. 

1649. 4» Lond. 1649 
ALLEN (thomas) A Chatnof ScriptureChronology, in yii. Pe* 

riods. 4« Lond. 1639! 
ALLEN (thomas) The Excellcncy or Handy- Work of the Royal 

Hand. 4« Lond. 1665. 
ALLEN (thomas) The Practice of a Haly U&. » htmd. 1716. 



ikLLEN (&V THOM As) A true Rdation of the Victory of a SquacU 

roo of his M^jebties Fleet agamst the Pyrates oi Algiers. 4^ 

Lmd. 1670. 
ALLEN (wiiiuam) v, fulkb. 
■ An Apolo|pe and true Deckration of the InstitnHon and 

Endeavours of the two English Coliege», the one in Roine, the 

other in Rhemes. 8^ Mounts. 1581 

A briefe Discoverieof Dr. AllenN Seditious Drifb con* 

trived in a P^mphlet, concerning the yieidiiig up of the Towiie 

«f Deventer. 4' Ixmd, 158B. 
ALL£N (wiLLiAn) Some Baptismal Abuses briefly discovered. 4* 

Lmd. 1653. 
ALLEN (wiluam) odierwise CoL Tiita. 
■ KiUing noe Murdel*, briefly discoorst in three Quae^ 

tiow. ^^" [1657.] 

' with some Additions. 4* Lofid^ 1659. 

4* 1689. 

ed. ati. 4» 1689. 

8» Lond. 1689. 

4« Lond. 17t*8. 

8« Edinh. 1745. 

KilUng is Mur(ler,in Answer to Killing no Murder,bj 

Mich. Hawke. 4« Lond. 1657. 
ALLEN (william) 4f Lothlmry. A Glass of Ju^tiiication» or the 

Work of Faith with Power. 4« Lond. 1658. 
ALLEN (william) Adj, Gen. in Ireiand. TheCaptive taken from 

the strong, a Rdation of the gratious Release of Mistrisse 

Deborah Huish from under the power of the Teuipter. 12* 

Lond. 1658. 
■ A Memorial of that remarkahlc Meeting of many Oi&- 

oers of tiie Army at Windsor Cahtle in the year 1646. 4^ Lond. 

ALLEN (wiluam) v. kidder. 
ALLEN (william) v. frse. 
ALLESTER (oliver mac) A Series of Letters disroverinv the 

Scheme projected by France in 1759 for an intended Invasion 

npon EnglaBd : to which are preQiLed the Secret Adventures of 

the young Pretender. 2 vol. 4" Lond. 1767. 
ALLESTREE (charlbs) Sermon, March 5, 1694-5, the day of 

the Interment of our late mostgracious Queen. 4® Lond. 1695. 
ALLESTREE (richard) A New Almanack lor the ycere 1694. 
l^ Lond. 

• ' for 1630. 12» Lofirf. 

■■ for 1681. 12» Lond, 

for 1634. W Lond. 

for 1643. li« Lond. 

ALLE^TRY (richard) A Sermon preached in St. Peter'9 West* 

minfitcr, Jan. 6, 1660, at the Consecration of the BishopA oif 

IkistMl, Norwich, Hereford, aod Glocester. 4» Lond. \G60. 

* Eighteen Sermon.s whereof Fifieen preached belbrc 

Ak King. The rest on pubhck Occasions. fol. Lond. 1669. 


A L L 

ALLESTR Y (richard) The Divine Aatority and Usefulnesg of 
the Holy Scriptures, asserted in a Sermon on 2 Tim. iii. 15. 4^ 
Oxf, 1673. 

ALLEYN (henrv) r. allen. 

ALLEYN (thomas) An Elegie upon the death of Col. Kains- 
borrow. iol. Lond, 1648. 

ALLEYNE (james) AnewEnjjlish Dispensatory. 8* Lcmdn 1733. 

ALLEYNE (joseph) r. alleine. 

ALLIACO (PETRus de) Concordantia Astronomie cum Tbeoloofia. 
Concordantia Astrononiie cuui hystorica Narratione. £t £lu- 
cidarium duorum precedentium. 4^ Ven, 1490. 

■ Ymago Mundi. fol. 

■ Conceptus et Insolubilia. 4^ Par. 1 498. 

Tractatus supcr Libros Metheororum, de Impressio- 

nibus Aeris, ac de biis qure in prima, secunda, atque tertia re^ 
gionibus aeris fiunt. 4° Argeni, 1504. 

De Reformatione Ecclesice ; item deSqualoribus Curitt 

Romanx, Libelii. 8** Bas. 1551. 

Opuscula Spirilualia. l^^' Duaci, 1634. 

ALLLVNCE. Tbree Articles of tlie Grand AUiance, with tbe 

late Prcliminaries of Peace in 1709. 8» Lond, 1711. 
AlfLINGTON (joiin) a sequester^d Divine. The Grand Conspt- 

racy of the Mcmbers a^i^ainst tbe Minde, of Jewes a^ainsttheir 

King : as it hatb been delivered in foure Sermons. 12^ Ijond. 


The Reform'd Samaritan. 4« Lond. 1678. 

— A Review of a brief Apolop^y for such sequester'd 

Clergy who choo6e ratlier to suiler. Sequestration tban to lay 

aside the Liturgy. 4" Lond, 1678. 
ALLIONIUS (cAnoLus) Stirpium prajcipuanim Uttoris et agri 

Nicxfusis Elnumeratio methodica ; cum Elencho abquot Ani» 

malium. 8» Far. 1757. 
•— Oryctographife Pedemontansc Specimen, cxliibens cor- . 

pora FossiUa Terrie adv< ntitia. 8® Par, 1757. 
Traciatio de Miliarium Origine, Progressu, Natura, & 

Curatione. 8" Aui^. Taur, 1/58. 
ALLIOT (fr. FAtsTus) Uusestio Medica an si suusctiique praesti- 

tutus sit Vita? torminus, necessaria Medicina ? 4^ Var, 1686. 
Qiia;stio an in Fcbribus maiiguis dejectiones Fyncerse 

nialum } 4« Par. 16S8. 
ALLIOT (J, B.) Ti-aite du Cancer. 8« Par. 1698. 


ALLlSi )N ( i noMAs) Au Account of a Voyage from Arcbangel 
in tbt' yciir 1697. 8" Lond. 1699. 


•. A Uiscourse conccrning Penance. 4"* Jjond, 1688. 

Reflexions sur (es cinq Livres de Moyse. 8" Lond. 


— • Rcflections upon thc Books of the Holy Scripture, 2 vol. 

8P Lond. 1688. 


A L M 

ALLIX (PET.) Some Re«narks upon the Eccle^^iastical History oF 
ibe ancient Cbucches of Piedmont. 4" Lond, 1690. 

Dissfcrtatio in Tatianum. 4P 1700. 

' De Me»siae duplici Adventu. Dissert. duae adversuf 

ludaeos. 8» Lond. 1701. 

- Two Treati#es : i. A Confutation of the Hopes of the 

Jews conceming the last Redemption. ii. An Answer to Mr. 
Whiston's Treatise on ihe Revelations. 8^ Lond, 1707. 

Remarks upon some Places of Mr. Whiston*» Book^, 

eifber printed or in manuscript. 8^ Lond, 1711. 
ALLNUTT (z.) Useful aud correct Accounts of the Navigation of 

tbe Rivers and Canab W^st of Lon<lon. S^ Hcnley. 
ALLUT (jean) PlandelaJusticedeDieu dan ces derniers Jours, 

ctdu RelevemenL 8« Par. 1714. 

- Quand vous aurez saccag^ vous sere^ saccages» par 

Jean Allut, Charles Portalcs, & Nic. Fatio. 8« 1714. 
ALLWOERDEN (henr. ab.) Historia Michaelis Serveti. 4» 

Helmst. 1727. 
ALMA (eilerdus) Bellum Giganteum. 4^ Lugd. 1588. 
ALMAIN (jACOBUs) Opuscula. fol. Par. 1518. 

• Dictata super Sciitentias Rob. Holcot. 8^ Par, 1599. 

ALMAN ACK. Almanach quincpie planetarum Capitisque Draconis 

pro triginta duobus annis. 4*^- h. l. 
- Aimanach Ephemerides in anno m.d.vii. 1 2^ /2. Pynsan^ 

■ An Almanack publishcd at large, in forme of a BookiB 

of Memprie, newly set forth by T. H. 4<* Lond. 1571. 

The Welshmans New Almanack and Prognostication 

forthis present yeare 1643. 4^ Lond, 1643. 

A New Bloody Almanack for tliis insuing Year 1645. 

4« Lond. 1645. 

The Bloody Almanack, or an Astrologicall Prcdiction of 

the most remarkable Accidents that shall happen this yeer 1619. 
^ 1649. 

or Englands Looking-GIass containing the 

Scots Prophesie to their Kinnj : with divers Astronomical Prc- 
dictions for the year 1651. 4° Lond, 1651. 

Tlie Black Dutch Alnianack. \^ Lond. 1651. 

The Dutch Bloudy Almanack, conteyning Predictions 

for theyeare 1653. 4<> Lond. 1653. 

The Bloudy Almanack or Monthly Observ. and Prc- 

dictions for the year 1654. 4^ 1654. 

or Astrolo<rical Prediciions for 1655. 4P Lond. 


or Astrological Predictions for the year 1659. 

4* Lond. 1659. 

•Now or never, or the Princely Calendar, being a 

Bloudy Almanack for the time present and to come. 4® Lond. 
1659. • 

-Tlie Rebcrs Almanack. 4« Lond. 1630. 


A L M 

ALMANAQK. An Order proliihiting the piihUcation of all Booki 
called Ahnanacks and Prognoslications hut such as shail be 
licensed by Geo. Wharton, Esq. fol. Lond, 1G60. 

■ A Collection of Oxford Almanacks from their first puh- 

lication in the year 1674 lo 1800. fol. 

The last Protcstant Almanack, or a Prognostication for 

thc year 1680. 12« 1680. 

The Protestant Ahnanack for 1681. hl^ Lond. 1681. 

The Jewish Kaleiidar for the year 1692. W Ojf. 

An Almanack with the Jewish Kalendar for 1697. 12* 




The Oxford Almanack for the year 1703. 12» Oxf. 

Almanack pour Tan de Grace. 1711. 12° Lmd. 1711. 
An Irish Almanack for 1724. EnzL & /r. 12» Dublin, 

Almanach de Milan pour rAnnee 1728. 8» Brux. 1728. 

Almanach Royal pour TAn muccxxvjii. ^ Par. 1728. 

The Nautical Ahnanack and Astronomical Ephemeris : 

from 1767 to 1814. Puhlishtd hy order of the Commissionew 
of Longitude. 41 vol. 8» Lond. 1767—1810. 

Tahles requisite to be used with the Nauticai 

Ephemeris. 8» Lond. 1781. 

Appendix to the third Edition of the RequU 

site 1 ables. 8" 

Almanach Natioqal de France ; TAn. x. de la Republ. 

8» Par. 

The Protestant Dlsscnters Almanack for 1810. 8» 

ALMAN^^^ (jacob) Ro\/ d*Arabic. Histoire veritahlc con- 

tcnant la Vie de Jacob Alman^or Roy d' Arabie trad. d'Espagn. 

par le Sr. de Vieux-Maisons. 8** Par. 1638. 
Ilistoire des Advautures Guerriere d'Almancor Roy 

d'Arabie trad. d'Espagij. par le S'. de Vieux Maiaons. 8® Par. 

ALMANSOR, r. AsnLEY. firmicijs. 
■ AImaik<oris Lihcr nonus cum cxpositionc Sillani, a P. 

Tussignuno. fol. Ven, 1490. 

Art. ^ew. 1497. 

. Libcr nonos Almansoris cum expositione Geraldi de 

Solo. 4« Lugd. 1504. 
ALMANZA. An AiL<wer to that Part of the'PamphIet cntituIM 

" Faults on both Sides" which relates to the defici.ncy of thc 

Engli^h Army in Spain, at tlie time of the i^atUe of Almanza. 

8*> Lond. 1710. 
ALMANZA <(aron de) A Declaration of the Conrersion of Mc 

Aron de Almanza from Judaism to the Protcstant Religion. 8* 

I^nd. 1703. 
AJ^MEIDA (cHRisTov. ue) Oracam Funcbre nas Exequias da 

D. Ig^nucia da Sylva. 4» Liab. 1668. 


A L O 

ALMEIDA (franc jose' de) Tratado dc Ednca^ao Fysica dos 

xMeninw, para uso da Na^ao Portugueza. 4P Lisb. 1791. 
ALMELOVEEN (theod. jansonius ab) v. aurelianus. casau- 


• Dc Vitis Stephanorum Dissertatio Epistolica. 12" Amst. 


Rerum imrentanim Onomasticon. 8" Amst. 1684. 

Opuscula. 8*^ AmH. 1686. 

Bibliotheca promissa et latens. Iluic subjunguntur 

Georjrii Hier. Velschii de Scriptis suis ineditis Epistol^. 8* 
Gaud. 1688. 

— Amccnitates Theologico-Philologicap. Sulijiciuntur Epi- 

Il^mmata et Poemata vctera, ut et Plagiariorum Syllabus. 8" 
Am»t, 1694. 

Fastonim RomanorumConsnlafium Libri duo;accedunt 

Prjefecti Urbis Romac & Constantinopolis. 8** Trqj. BfU. 1705. 

8« Amstt. 1740. 

ALMENAR (joannes) De Morbo Gallico Libellus. 8° Ven. 1502. 

fol. Bon. 1516. 

— 8" 1532. 

8*» r«i. 1535. 

4^ Bas. 1536. 

ALMERIGO (baron d') Manifcste contre 1a fausset^ des Im- 

posteurg: trad. de TltaL 4<» 1693. 
ALMEYDA (manoel d') Historia geral de Ethiopiaa Alta, ou 

Prestc loam, abreviada pelo P. l^Uhezar Tellez. fol. Coimh. 

ALMON (j.) V. legge. 

A Revievrof Mr. Pitt'8 Administration. 8® Lond. 1763. 

*^ A Review of Lord 13ute's Administration. 8® Lond. 

■' FreeParliaments, or a Vindication of the Parliamentary 

Constitution of England. 8*» Lotid. 1783. 

Observations on a Pamphlet publ. by J. Almon intitled 

'* Some account of the character of ihe late Rt. Ilon. H. B. 

Lecri^e." 8« Lond. 
ALMOND (robcrt) The English Horseman andcomplete Farrier. 

8« Lond. 1673. 
ALMONI ( peloni^ A compendious Discourse proving Episcopacy 

to be of Apostolicai Institution. 4^ Lond. 1641. 
ALNANDER (joh. o.) Historiola Artis Typ<^raphic?B in Suecy^. 

8» Rost. & Idps. 1725. 
ALOF- (jo. MEsuE de) r. fuy. 


ALON.SO dc Madrid. v. alphonsus Matriliensis. 

ALOS (joH.) Dis^ertatio de Vipereis Trochiscis ad ma)[^am Se- 
nioris Andromachi Theriacam rit^ cum Pane parandis per 
quartani, juxta mentem Galehi lib. 1. de Antidutis cap. 8. 4** 
Barcin. 1664. 

De Corde Hominis, Disquisitio. 4** Barcin. 1694. 

AL06T(C0MTE d') V. beallieu. 


A L P 

ALOUETE rrn. de l') Traite dcs Nobles : avec une Histoire de 

la Maison de Couci, et de scs Allianccs. 4" Par. 1577. 
ALOUETE (fran. phil. l') Ilierolexicon, sive Sacrum DicUona- 

rium variorum S. Scripturai sensuum. 8* Lui. Par. 1694. 
ALOYSIUS, Co/fies Ckrisi. Adpendicula ad Numismata GraBca 

Populorum et Urbium a Jacobo Gcsnero Tabulis seneis repre- 

sentata» opera et studio Aloysii Comitis Christiaxii. 4^ Vien, 

ALOYSIUS, Venet. Pr. v. biccoboni. 
ALPHABETUM. Specimens of Anlient Alpbabets. fol. 
■ Linguarum Oricntalium, Hebraic», Rabinicae, Sama- 

ritanse, Syriacae, GraBcae, Arabicie, Turcicae, Armeuics, Al«* 

phabeta. 4« Par. 1636. 

Alpbabeta Indica; id est Granthamicum, seu Sams- 

crdamico-Malabaricum, Indostanum, sive Vanarense, Nagfa- 
ricum vul^re, & Talinganicum. 8" Rofn. 1791. 

Alphabetum ^thiopicum, sive Aityssinum : cum Ora- 

tione Dominicali, &c. 8^ /2o/ii. 1631. 

Alphabetum ^hiopicum sive Gheez et Amharicum, 

cum Oratione DominicaH, &c. 8^ Rom. 1789. 

Alphabetum Arabicum. 4® Rom. 1592. 

una cum Oratione Dominica, &c. 8^ 

Rom. 1715. 

Alphabetum Armenum jussu S. D. N. Greg. XV. Sc 

Sacrae Congregat. de Propaganda Fide impressum. 8^ Rom. 

cum Oratione Dominicali, Salutatione 

Angelica, &c. S^ Rotn. 1784. 

Alphabetum Barmanorum, seu Regni Avensis. 8® Rom. 


Alphabetum Brammhanicum, seu Indostanum Univer- 

sitatis Kasi. 8« Rom. 1771. 

Alphabetum Chaldaicum antiquum Estranghelo dic- 

tum ; unar.cum Alphabeto Syriaco, Oratione Dominicali, &c. 
8<> Rom. 1636. 

Alphabetum Cophtum sive .flEgyptiacum. 8® 

Alphabetum veterum Etruscorum et nonnuUa eorundem 

Monumenta. 8° Rom. 1771. 

Alphal)etum Graecum. Addita sunt Theod. Bezse 

Scholia. 8» Par. ap. R. Sieph. 1554. 

Alphabetum Crra^cum. De singularum literarum appel- 

latione et significatione. Dc Literarum nexu, et syllabaruni com- 
pendiis. I<Tnatii et Gregorii Tlieologi Alphabeticas sentcntiae, ver- 
sibus lambicis. 8** Par. 1560. % 

Alphabetum Grsecum. 8** Lutet. ap. R. Steph. 1580. 

cum Oratione Dominicali,SalutationeAn- 

gelica, &c. 8® Rom. 1771. 
^ Alphabetum Griecum et Hebraicum. Addita sunt 

Bezae Scholia; ex Ant. Cevallerij recogn. 8" Genev. P. Steph* 


A L P 

ALPHABETUM. Alpbabetum Grandonico-Malabaricutn siv^ 

Samscrudonicum. 8® Rom, 1772. 
■ Alphabelum Hebraicum, ex Antonii Cevallerii recog* 

nitione. 8* Par. H, Sieph. 1566. 
— — Alphabetum Hebraicum. 8" Antv. apud Plant. 1569. 

— addito Samaritano et RabbiuicOj» cum Ora- 

tione Dominicali, &c. 8® Rom, 1771. 

Alphab^tum Ibericum^ sive Georgianum, cum Oratione 

Dominicah> &c. Accesserunt Litaniae B. V. ei^dem Ungua ei 

charactenbus Ibericis. 8« Rom. 1629. 

— — Alphabetum Dlyricum, seu Slavonicum. 8** 

AJphabetum Persicum, cum Oratione Doroinicali e€ 

Salutatione Angelica. 8® Rom. 1783. 

Alphabetum Tangutanum^ sive Tibetanum. 8° Rom. 


Alphabetum Tibctanum» Missionum ApostoUcarUrai 

commodo editum. fol. Rom. 1759. 

Alphabetum Theologicum, give Tropi Veteris perin- 

deque Novi Tcstamenti, e Dionysio Areopagita, Gregorio Mag- 

no, aUisque probatissimis veterum coUecti. 4" Hagan. 1531. 
ALPH^US (q. lucius) Diacrisis in secundam Fxlitionem Philo- 

sophise nov-antiquas Tho. Cevs> cum Notis Jani Valer. Pansii. 

4« 1724. 
ALPHAGE (sT.) Thc Case of the Inhabitants of the Parish of 

St Alphage within Cripplegate, London. fol. 
ALPHANUS (fran.) Opus de Peste, Febre pestilentiali, et Febrc 

mahgna. 4° Neap. 1577. 
ALPHARABIUS, r. agidius Romanus. 
— — Rhetori. Aristo. Epithoma. fol. 
— ^— Opera omnia quae Latina lingud conscripta reperiri 

potuerunt, studio et operaGul. Camerarii. 8^^ Par. 
ALPHARAGIUS (gregorius) v. abulpharajius. 
ALPHEN (daniel d. f. n. d. p. van) Disputatio Inaug. ad Senatu§ 

Consultum Maccdonianum, pro Gradu Doctoratus. 4® iMgd. 

Bat. 1703. 
ALPHEN (gerardus van) Dissert. jurid. de Fidejussoribus et 

Mandatoribus. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1720. 
ALPHEN (gothofr. van) Disp. Medicade Pkuritide. 4^ Lugd. 

Bat. 1073. 
ALPHEN (hieronymus van) Oratio Inauff. dc similitudine inter 

Mosen & Christum. 4» Traj, ad Rhen. 1715. 
■ Oratio pro Libro Psalmorum habita. 4° Trqi. ad Rhen. 


De Terra Chadrach et Damasco ejus QuietCj ad locuin 

Zach. ix. 1. Dis»ertatio. »» Traj. ad R. 1723. 
ALPHEN (iM. van) Disp. medica de Phrenetide. 4® Lugd. Bat. 

ALPIIERIO (inrAciNTHUs de) De p^aeservatione d Calculis. 4^ 

Neap. JG32. 

De Modo consuUandi^ sive ut Vulgus vocat coUegiandi. 

fol. Fosice. 1646. 



A L P 

ALPHESI (RAB.) Opcra. 3 vol. fol. Ven. 1521-K. 


ALPHONSO, King of Tonugal. Two Treatises of the Philo- 

sopber's Stone : transl. by the paines and care of IL P. 4* 

hond, 1652. 
-ALPHONSUS. Libellus Arabicus in malos Mcdicos. Lat. a Joair. 

Elisio. 4« 1500. 
ALPHONSUS IX. R€x Castil ^- Lion. Chronica del Principc 

& Rey don Alfonso il Onzeo defte nonibre de los reyes quc 

reynaron en Castylla y cn I/X)n. fol. Vallad. 1551. 
»■ El Fuero Real de E^spaiia, dilij^rentemente hecho por el 

noble.Rey don Alonso noueno, glossado por Alonzo Diaz de 

Montalvo. fol. Salam. 1569. 
ALPHONSUS X. Otsiilim Rex. Tabule Astronomice Alfonsi 

Regis. 4» Ven. 1492. 
ALPHONSUS de Corduba. Canones Tabularum Elizabeth Re- 

irinc Hisp. & Sicihe. 4° 
ALPHONSUS (franciscus) Malpartidcnsis. Disputationes in 

tres Lihros Aristolelis de Aniina. 4® Cdmpl. 1640. 
ALPHONSUS (jon.) de Fontecha. Diez Previlegios para Mn- 

g^eres prennandas ; con un Diccionario Medico. 4" Alcala, 16(^. 
ALPHONSUS (JOHAN.) Molinensis. Nova Reperta Geometrica, 

Hispan. edita, jara vero Lat. donata a Nicolao Jansonio. 4* Am. 

ALPHONSUS Matritiensis. Arte para servir a Dio«. 12^ Anv. 

ALPHONSUS I. Neap. Rex. v. facius. 
ALPHONSUS IV. Porivg, Rex. Chronica de el Rey Dom Afon«o 

o quarto do nome, e settimo dos Rcys de Portugal. fol. Ud}. 

ALPHONSUS VI. Portvg. Rex. Relation of the Victory of 

jLlIvas obtained over the Spaniard, by the Army of Alfonso the 

sixth. 14 Jan. 1659. ^*» Lond. 1661. 
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Anima subtilissims Quacstiones. fol. Vincent. 1608. 
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— — — De Balsamo, Dialogus. 4® Ven. 1591. 

4^ Patav. 1639. 

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> cum obscrvat. et not. loan. Veslinsii. 4" 

Patav. 1640. 

De praesagienda Vita et Morte iEgrotantium. 4® Ven. 


■ ■ De Medicina Methodica Libri tredecim. fol. Patav. 


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Alpini auctoris fil. 4" Ven. 1629. 

— De Medicina -^Egypliorum Libri quatuor. 4^ Par. 1645. 

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A L S 

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Amgi. 1670. 
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at Alsford by the Parliaments forces, 28 March, 1644. 4® 

Lmd. 16^4. 
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posterior. 4<> Upsal. [1722.] 
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ra?ii. foL Au!^. 1519. 
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lus. 4« Luca, 1595. 
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Asthmate Boiiifacii Caetani Cardinalis. 4^ Ven. 1607. 
ALSACIEN. Observations d'un Alsacien. &* Si rasb. \7S9. 
ALSATIA. Deii H. Rom. Reichs Frey-ohnmittelbahrer Rit- 

terschaitt im undern Elsass Adeliche Ritter-Ordnung, Privilegia 

und Kays. Rescripta. 4^ 1653. 

■ Amici Epistola responsoria de juribus Rcgi Christianis* 

simo in Alsatia ce^sis. 4^ Lugd. Bai. [1697.] 

■ NuUitas Iniquitasque Reunionis Alsatica;. 4^ 1707. 

■ Traile sur TAcier d'A1saceou TArtde convertir leFer 

de Fonte en Acier. S^ Strasb. 1737. 
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ehsa. 4* iJqfn. 1675. 

. De Notitia Dei naturali. 4* Hafn. 1675. 

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de GuayaquiL 4» Madr. 1741. 
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ALSOP (anton.) r. Asopus. 
n Odarum Libri duo. 4* Lond. 1752. 

ALSOP (mernard) V. artemidorus. 
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Lond. 1666. 
ALSOP (james & william) Trial of James and William Alsop« 

for Treason and Murder. 4** Lond. 1674. 
ALSOP (nath.) Sermon at the Assizes held at Lciccster 23 

March 1681-2. 4« Lond. 16S2. 
AIjSTED (henry) The Worlds proceeding Woes and succeeding 

Joyes. 4« [^nd, 1642. 
ALSTEDIUS (jo. henr.) v. brunus. lavinheta. lullius. 
De Statu Kerum publicarum, tum generali^ tuui speciaU. 

12* Htrborn. 1612. 

Philosophia digne restituta, Libros quatuor Prsecogni- 

torum Piiilosophicorum complectens. 8** Herborn. 1612. 
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bom. 1613. 

12^ Herbom. 1657.- 

Rhetorica. &* Herborn. 1616. 

Physica Harmonica. 12" Herborn. 16\6. 

Orator,.sex Libris informatus. 12** Herbom. 1616. 


A L T 

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thodo elaborata. 12^ Franc, 1628. 

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'■ The beloved City, or the Saints Reign on Earth a 

thousand years. 4" Lo7id. 1643. 

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by John Birchensha. 8® Lond. 1664. 
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hum quoe in Horto Medico Edinburgensi a Carolo Alston 

Medicinse studiosis demonstrantur. 8° Edinb. 1740. 
Index Medicamcntorum simpUcium triplex. 8** Edtnb. 

• A Dissertation on Quick-Limc and Limc-Water . 8* 

Edinb. 1752. 

^ Edinb. 1754. 

■ Lectures on the Materia Medica : publ. by John Ilope, 

M.D. 2 vol. 4^ Lond. 1770. 


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ALSTON (mary) r. uttleton. 

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derov. 1700. 

^— Dissert. de Lectis Vetcriim. 4® Harderov. 1701. 

■■ Dissert Philologica de Lectis, subjicitur ejusdem de 

Lecticis Veterum Diatril>e. 12° J7?ist. 1704. 
— — Disp. Jurid. de AsyHs. 4*^ Gron. 1701. 

Conjectanea Pbilologica super Nummo cuso, in me- 

moriam Obsidionis et Liberationis Urbis Groningae Anno c\j 

iDCLXxii. 4° Groning. 1719. 
ALSTHIN (laurentius) Dissertationis Philosophica? de altera 

Natui-a Pars prior. 8« Upsal. [1709.] 
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■ A Companion to the Altar. 8° Lond. 1768. 

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dal Hcbr. al Spangol por IMose Altaras. 4^ l^tn. Ano 6369. 
ALTDORF, V. altorr 
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Helm. 1610. 
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terpretamenta. 4" Arir, 1515. 
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quinque. 8^ Tolos. 1648. 


A L T 

ALTHAM (jAMBs) The Trial of, for Adultery, Defamation, and 

Obscenity. 8» Lond. 1785. 
ALTHAM (roger) Norma Veritatis Orthodox» ; Concio ad Cle- 

rum Lond. Maij i. A.D. 1705. 4« Land. 1705. 
— Sermon beforethe House of Commonis, Jan. 16. 1711-12, 

bdog the Fa§t Day for a General Peace. 4^ Lond. 1712. 

— A Charge deliverM to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry 

of Middlesex. 8« Lond. 1717. 

A Second Cha/ge to the Clergy of the Archd. of Middx. 

S^LoHd. 1718. 

A Third Charge to the Clergy of the Archd. of Middt.' 

a^JLojid. 1719. 

Church Authority not an Universal SupremacV, a 

Fourth Charge. 8» Lond. 1720. 

A Fifth Charge to ihe Clergy of the Archd. of Middx. 

8* Lond. 1721. 
ALTHAMER (andr.) r. tacitus. 
^ Schoha in Com. Tacitum de situ, moribus^ populisque 

Germanis. 4<» Norimb, 1529. 
— — Commentaria Germaniae, in P. Com. Taciti Libenum de 

litu, moribus, et popuHs Germanorum. 4* Norimb. 1536. 
— . 8* Ambtrs. 1609. 

Conciliationes Locorum Scripturs qui specietenus inter 

sc pu^are uidcntur, Centuriae diise. 8® lA34. 
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tionei. A^Jena. [1671.] 
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— Disp. de Sanguificatione laesa. 4* Lugd. Bat, 1668. 

Disp. de Gravedine & Catarrhis. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1669. 

ALTHDSIUS (lOH.) Politica, cui in fine adjuncta est Oratio 

Panegyrica de necessitate & antiquitate Scholarum. 4® Gron. 


8» Herbom. 1614. 

ALTHUSIUS (samuel) In luctuosum Excessum D. Samuelis 

Althusii. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1669. 
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and improved by Evangelist Palermo. 2 vol. 4® L(^nd. 1750. 
ALTIMARL v« altomari. 
ALTIMARUS/r. rhodius. 
ALTIMURA (sTEPH. de) Ponticensis. Panoplia contra Schisma 

Grecorum. 4^ Par. 1718. 
ALTING (uenr.) Historia Ecclesiastica Palatina. 4^ Franc. M. 

ALTING (menson) Notitia Germanise inferioris antique, qua 

bodie ett in dicione vTI foederatorum. fol. Amst. 1697. 
ALTMANN (ant. laur.) De Origmibus Cognominum. 4* WittA. 

ALTMA\N (joh. casp:) De Mensium suppressione Dissert. lAaog. 

4«£r/, [1684.] 
ALTMANN (joh. cur.) Disp. de pectoralibus afiectibus. 4» Erf. 


A L V 

ALTMANN (JOANNE9 cEORcius) Meletcmata Philolo^co-cntioft. 

Accedit Oratio de illustri luacriptione Crucis Christi ejusque 

Mysltrio. 4« Trq;. 1753. 
ALTMANNUS (sanctus) ». adalbekon. 
ALTO BELLO. 11 libro ddle Bataglie deli Baroni di Franza sotto 

il nome de Tardito et gaiardo giovene Alto Bel!o nele qualc molte 

belle &de^ne cose se gli puo uedere. 8" Milan, 151!. 
ALTOMARI (donato antonio) Omniaqu» hucusque inlucem 

prodierunt Opcra. fol. iMs^d. 1565. 
■I De Altcratione^ Concoctione, Digestione, Pneparatione 

ac Purg:atione, ex Hippocratis & Galeni Sententia, Methodus. 

8° Vcn. 1547. 
12« Ven. 1548. 

ALTOMARI (JOANNES ab) lohannes ab Altomari Salvo Selan» 
philosopho ac medico. 4® Neap, 1583. 

ALTORF, r. apinus. baier. 

.. M I Panegyres Altorfianae. 8* AUorf. 1581. 

■i Solennitas et Actus Renunciationb & Promotionis quc 

in Schola et Academia AU»rfiana primo gradus et bonores 
Magistfrii decernebantur & coiiferebantur quatuor honeKtis et 
eruditis viris : habitae in die Apost. Petri & Pauli 1531. S^Norib, 

Emblemata Anniversaria Academi» AItorfiaB0« Ora* 

tionibiu) exposita. 4^ Norimb. 1597. 

- Actus Promul^ationis PrivilegionimUniversitatit Altdor- 

fian«. 4« AUorf, 1698. 

Acta Sacrorum Secularium Academiae Altorfins. fo). 

AUorf. [1723.] 
ALTROGG (JOH. jac.) Charactcr Viri Litterati, Oratio. 4^ Franc. 

ALTUNA (pEDRO L0PE2 de) Primera Parte dela Coronica general 

del Orden dela S. Trinidad Redencion de Cautivoa. P^rt^ I. foU 

Sesop. 1637. 
ALTUS (henr.) Di<cussio Hseresion Aerii. 4* Helm. 1656. 
f i — Donatio Constantini Imperatohs facta (ut aiuot) Syln 

vestro Papse. 4^ Heim. 1661. 
ALTUS (henr.) HAIAEIA de persona Christi. 4* Hehn. 1664. 
ALVA (petr. de)^ Astorga, Armamentarium Seraphiciim, Titulo 

immacukta! Conceptionis propugnando, eumque in antiqua et 

justa possessione manutenendo defensivis juris et pietatis anni« 
' instructum. fol. Mair. 1649. 

■^^ Sol Veritatis, cum Ventilabro Seraphico, pro candida. 

, Aurqi^a Maria in suo Conceptionis ortu sancta^ pura, immacu- 

lata, & a peccato originali prteservata. fol. Mat. 1660» 
ALVARADO (didacus rodericus) De conjecturata Mente De« 

functi, ad methodum redigenda, Libri IV. 8* Franc. 1618. 
ALVARADO (felix ai^itonio) Dialogoe Ingleses y JEapanoles. 12* 

ALVAHEZ (alph.) Guerrero. Theaaum Chrktiane Religionis. 

fU. Vm. 1559. 


A M A 

iI.VAREZ (ant.) Epistolarom et. Consiliorum MedlcinalioigL 

Pars prima. 4^ Ncap, 1585. 
ALVAR£Z (anton.) Predicudor de la Ordem del S. Francisco. . 
•— Addiciones a la Sylva Spiritual, y su Tercera Parte« 4* 

Saiam, 1615. 
ALVAREZ (balth.) b. ^onte valus-olf.tano. 
AL VAHEZ (nAN.) Verdadera In&rma^ am da» Terrasdo Prest^. 

Joam. fol. JUsb. 1540. 

■ Historia de las Cosas de Ethiopia. 8* Anv. }557. 
: 8^ TUedo. 1588. 

ALVAREZ (jac.) cb Paz. De Vita SpiriUiali cjusque perfectione, 
Ubri quinque. f(4. Lugd. 160& 

■ £pitome in omne« Libros de Vita Spirituali ejusque peifc- 
fectione, pcr J. a Gorcum collecta. 8^ Antv. 1620. 

ALVAREZ (thomas) Da Preserva^am e Curade Peste. 4® Uxbo» 

AXVARUS (bmam.) Pro^ia Alvariana.quibusdam ia locis iUcta. 

et emetidaU per J. W. 8« Lond. 1719. 

f — ' 8* Lc^. 1726. 

ALUCCI (cesar) Institution & Preceptes pour le lubil^ de 

TAnn^ aaincte; trad. de Vlial. par P. Cadot. 12^ Par. 1653* 
ALVERI(gasfaro} Romain ogniStato. 2 tom. foL Rom. 1664. 
ALVERN US C^ol.) Opera omnia: per Joanaem Dominicum. 

Trajanum. foL Fem. 1591. 
ALVES (JAM Bs) The Banks of Esk, a Poem. 12* Edinjf. 1800. . 
ALV£Y (thomas) Dissertatiuncula £pit»tolaris unde pateat Urin» 

Matuiam potius 4 Sero Sangui|)is quam ^ Sero (quod Succo 

AlibiJi iii Nervi» si^perest) ad Renes traQsmitti. ^^ Lond. 1680. 
ALVIN (sTEPii. I»') Tmciatiis de Pofeestate Episcoporum, Abba- 

tnm» atiommque Prslator«im. 8^ Par. 1607. 
ALUM. A oopy of the King's Letien^ Patents for tbe making 

Allomes in fingland, Scotia^ and irela^. JVfade to William 

Tfimor^ *c. 4* [1610.] 
ALUNNO (franc) Lte Ricchezze disUa ling^a volgaris. foL 

Fm. U4d. 

r - ■ -i — -1 — i . . 4 sopra il Boccacio. 4^ Ven. 1537# 

j^ r- Della Fabrica del Mondo, Libri x. fol. Ven. 1575. 

ALURED (matthew) A Copy of the Presentment ahd Indictr 

meot found by the Graiid-Jury of Midd% Hiil. Term 1659. 

against CoL. MaUhew Alyred^ CoL John Okey, and £dmoii4 

Cooper for assaulting Sir Gilb. Gerrard. fol. l,ond. 165?. 
- His Ca^. 4P Lond. 1659. 

ALU&£DUS BeverlaceHsis. Annales, sive Historia de Gestia 

Regom BritafmisB Libris ix. ed. a Th. Heame. 8* Oxon. 1716, 
^XiYFIUS^ r. AE^TOxcMus.' 
■ Isagoge MuMca. Qf:. cum Notis J. Mcursii. 4^ X^fg^* 

Bat. ap. Elz. iQlii. 
ALZYLIA, a Novel. 4 voL $<» Lond. 1808. 
AUADI (an. mar.) Annotatioui sopra una Can^on Morale. 4^ 


A M A 

AMADIS de Gaula. Lo6 Quatros Libroft de Amadis de Gftolft 
nueuamente impressos & hystoriados. 2 tom. fol. Ven* 1533, 

■ Go//. trad. d^Espagnol par Nic. de Herbermy* 

fol. Par. 1548. ^ 

Livr. 1, 2. par le meme. 16^ Par, 1557. 

Livr. 8. r- 16» Lffon, 1577. 

Livr. 3. 4. 8* Par. 1555. 

Livr. 5. 8» Par. 1555. 

Livr. 7. 8. 8^ Par. 1500. 

•< — - Livr. 10. par Jacques Gohory. 16^ 1577- 

Livr. 13. par G. Aubert de Pmtien. 4^ 

— Livr. 13. par Jacqyies Gohory. 4* Aw» 

Livr. 14. par Antoine Tyroo. Al* Awi* 

Livr. 16. 17. trad. d^Ital. par Gabr. Chap. 

puys. 16® Ly<m. 1578. 

Livr. 23. tr. d^Espagn. par G. RobixioU 

Anv. 1572. 



8« Par. 1615. 

I Quatro Libri di Amadis di Gaula. trad. di Spagn. 8* 

Ven. 1550. 

Libri 3. 4. 8» Ven. 1552. 

AMADUTIUS rjoH. christoph.) v. theophrastus. 

■ ' Alpbabetum veterum Etruscorum secundis curis inloi* 
tratumetauctum. foI.Hom<r. 1775. 


AMAMA (nic. ab) De partihus Generationis utrique sexui com« 
munibus. 4® Pranck. 1648. 

Disputationes tres de Natura Medicinse. 4® Pranek. 1648^ 

Disp. de Medulla spinali. 4® Franek. 1649. 

■ Disp. de Sanguine menstruo. 4® Franek, 1649. 

Disp.de Dentibus, aliisquepartibus Qris. 4"Friiiieifc.l649.* 

Disp.de Cruribus. 4*» Franek. 1649. 

' Disp. dc Spiritibus et Facultatibus. 4** Franek. 1650. 

■■ ■ ■ Dissertationum Marinarum Decas. 12® Franek. 165L 

AMAN (JOH.) Kunnst und Lehrbuchlein fdr dic anfahendeu 
Jun^, &c. 4* Franqf. 1580. 


AMAND (saibit) v. chapelle, saint-amand. 

AMAND (pierre) Nouvelles Observations sur 1a Pratique des Ac- 

couchemens. 8" Par. 1715. 
'AMANS. Les Amans malheureux, Nouvelles Historiques. l^ 
• Amsi, 1703. 

■ Les Amans trompez, Histoires Galantes. 12* Amst. 1709. 
AMANT. Epistre dung Amant habandonne, enuoyee a sa Dame 

par maniere de Rcproche. b.l. 12** 

■ Demandes joyeu^es dung Amant a sa Dame en maniere 
de reproche ou vilennie. b,l. 12® 

■■ La Compiainpte q faict Lama^t a sa Dame iiar Amours, 


A M B 

ilMANTE. UAmante di Dama inccmiila, Commedia. 13^ Ronk 

AMANUS (joDocus) Gyneceum sive Theatrum Mulierum. 4* 

Franc. 1586. 
JiMASJEVS (poMPiLius) DeBononiensiumScholarumExsedifica- 

tionc, Oratio. 4° Bonon, 1563. 
iLMASiEUS (romulus) Orationum Vohunen. '4** Bonon. 1564. 
AMATI (scipione) Historia del Re^o di Voxu del Giapone dett^ 
Anticbita, Nobilta, &c. 4® Ro7n. 1615. 

Censura al M aestro di Camera, di Francesco Sestini da 

Bibiena. 13* Liege, 1634. 
AMATO (ciNTHio d') Nuova et Utilissima Prattica di tuttoquello 

ch' al diligente Barbicro 8'appartiene. 4^ Neap, 1671. 
AMATUS (jon.) Chavigneus. Jani Gallici Facies prior, Historiam 
BeUorum civihum, quae per tot Annos in Galha grassata sunt» 
breviter compiectens^ simul & pracclara alia multa quae ab anno 
Domini 1534, ad annum 1589, quo cecidit Oomus Vale8ia« 
contigerunt. i^ Lugd. 1594. 
' Pleiades divisees en vji. Livrcs. 8® Lyon. 1603. 

AMATUS (JOHANNES cAROLus) Fructus Medicins. ex variis Ga« 

leni locis decerpti. 12^ Lugd.]62S. 
AMATUS (joANNEs maria) Oratiobabita in Panormitana CoDegii 

Societatis Jesu aula. 8^ Panorm. 1703. 
AIVIATUS Lusitanus. Curationum Medicinalium Centuris qua- 
tuor. fol. Bas. 1556.< 

— Centurifle septem. 4* Burdig. 1620. 

-CurationumMedicinaliumCenturiasecunda. 8® yen.l552. 

— Centuhie quarta, quinta, sex« 


ta,&Beptima. 12^ Ven. 1653. 

Centurise du», quinta & scx- 

ta. U** Lugd. 1564. 

In Dioscoridis de Medica Materia Libros quinque, Enar« 

rationes. 4® Argent. 1554. 

8« Lugd. 1558. 

AMBASSADORS. A Speech or Complaint lately made by thc 
Spanish Emba^sadour to his Majestie at Oxford upon occasion 
of the taking of a Ship called Sancta Clara in the port of Sancto 
Domingo; transl. fr. the Span. by Sr. Torriano. 4® Lond. 1643. 

*■ The Propositions of the Ambassadors df thc States Ge- 

nersdlof the unitcd Provinces in the Netherlands j| July 1644. 
4<> Lond. 1644. 

An Answer to the Propositions made by the English 

Ambassadors in the great Assembly of the States GeneralT. 4* 
Uagh. 1651. 

Idea del perfetto Ambasciadore. 4** Vcn. 1654. 

- Les Difiereuts des Ambassadeurs aux Champs Elisees. 4* 


The last Memorial of the Spanish Ambassador, faith 

fully translated into Enghsh. fol. Lond. 1681. 

A true List of the names of Persons protected by Am- 

4iasiadors and other foreign Miuistcrs. fol. Ij)nd. 1712. 

A M B 

AMBDERS (CHRIST. HENR.) Disscrtationes de Iina^inibus FIutio* 

rumetRegionumhabitflein Acad.Wittebergen^i. 4** ^^««^6.1691. 
AMBERGER (paulus) Augusta Litterata. 4<» Jen. [1713.] 
AMBLER (cuARLEs) Reports of Cases argueJ and determmed in 

the High Court of Cbancery^ with some few in other Courts, 

fol. Lotid. 1790. 
AMBOISE (d*) Cardinal, v. baudier. montagnes. 
AMBOISE (fr AN^oisE d') DuchesH de Bretugne, Sa Vie par Fr. Im 

8° Par. 1&J4. 
AMBOSIUS (jac.) Orationes dufle in Senatu babitaB pro universU 

Academias Ordinibui:, in Claro Montenses^qui se Jesuitas dicunt 

12 Maii & 13 Jul. 1594. 12« Par. 1595. 
AMBOSIUS (JAC. marius) De Rebus creatis et earum Creatore 

Liber tripaititus. 4® Luiet. 1586. 
AMBOYNA. A True Relation of the unjust, cruell, and barbarout 

Procred;ng8 against the English at Amboyna, iu the EaKt-Indies, 

by tbe Netherlandibh Governour and Cauncel there. 4® JUmd. 


12* Lond. 1651. 

12» Lond. 1672. 

A True Declaration of the News : conceming a Con- 

spirac^ discouered in the Iland of Amboyna : and tbe punisb* 
ment following thereupon. 4® 1624. 

4« 1632. 

Belg. 4* 1652. 

The Answer unto the Dutcb Pampblet, made in defcnct 

of the UDJiist & barbarous Proceedings against the Engli^h «t 
Amboyna. 4» 1624. 

A Rcmonstrance of the Directors of the Netherlandt 

£ast-India Company, presenled to the Lords States Geuerall of 
the united Provinces, in defence of the said Companie, touching 
ihe bloudy procetdings against the Englisb Merchants txecuted 
atAmboyna. 4® 1G32. 

A Reply to tbe Remonstrance of the Bewinthebbers 

or Directors of the Netherlands East-India Compajnie. 4* 
^ An Authentick Copy of the Confessions and Sentences 

against M. Towerson and Complices, concerning the bloudy 

Conspiracy enterprised againat the Castle of Amboyna. 4* 

Lond. 16^2. 
/^' Bloudy Newes from tbe East-Indies being a B^lation 

and perfect Abstract of the barbarous proceeding:<oftbeDutch- 

men againstthe EngUtih at Amboyna. 4*^ Lond. 1651. 
y A Memento for HollandL or a true & exact History of 

the Cruelties ust-d on the English Merchants residipg at Am- 

boyna. 12^ Lond. ri653.J 

The Second Part ©f thc Tnigedy of Amboyna : or n 

true Relation of a most cruel Design of tbe Dutch in the New 
Netherlands in America. 4? Lond. 1653. 

A True and Compendioug Narration, (or Second Part 

cf Amboyna J of Mmdry notorious aod lemarkabie Iiy uries wbid^ 


A M £ 

tfie HoHanders have exerciaed from ttme ta time against the 

Enjfhhh Nalion in the £ast Indies, &c. 4® Lond. 1665. 
AMBRA (FRANCEsco n') R Furto, Comedia. 8* Ven. 1584. 

La Cofanaria, Commedia. 8® Fir. GhirU. 1593. 

AMBROSE (isAAc) Media: The middle Things, in reference to 

theFirstandLastThinsrs. 4» Lond. 1650. 
■ Sermon preached at the Funeral of the Lady Margaret 

Hou;rl,ton at Preston, Jan. 4th, 1657. fol. Lond. 1674. 
AMBROSINUS (barth.) Panacea, ex Herhis qus a Sanctis de* 

nominantur concinnata Opus. 8® Bonon. 1630. 

■ De Capsiconim Varietate cum suis Iconibus brevis Hia* 

torio. 8P Bonon. 1630. 

Paralipomena accuratissima Historie omnium Anima« 

fium, qus in Voluminibus Aldrovandi desiderantur. fol. Bonon, 

AMBROSINUS (HYACiNTnus) Hortus Studiosonim Bononi» con- 

dtus. Item novarum Plantarum hactenus non Bculptarum His- 

torica. 4* Bonon. 1657. 
* Phytologiae Partis primae Tomus primus. fol. Bonof^ 

-\MBROSIUS Monachus, v. athanasius. 
AMBROSIUS (d.) Episc. Mediolancnsis. v. urbinas. 

— Opera. 3 vol. fol. Bas. 1516. 

per Des. Erasmum. 5 lom. fol. Ba$. Frdb. 


5 tom. fol, Bas. Frob. 1555. 

ex editione Romana. 5 tom. fol. Par, 1603. 

studio et labore Monachorum Ordinis S. Be- 

nedicti, * conffre;^. S. Mauri. 2 tom. fol. Par. 1686-90. 

Expositio super Apocalypsin. 4* Lui. ex off. Mich, 

Vascos. 1554. 

1 De Officiis Libri tre?. 16^ Par. 1609. 

Explicationes Libelli de Tobia. 12« Brem. 1642. 

AMBROSIUS (jo.) De orie^ioeGentis & Regni Hungarici Disser* 

tatio philolos^. 4» Jena [ 1659. ] 
AMBROSIUS (wilhelmus) Dispot. Physica de Vitaet Mortc, 

4* Ln^d. Bat. 1648. 
AMBULATOR, or a Pocket Companion in a Tour rouud Lon- 

don. 12^ Lond. 1796. 


AMEDEUS Pacificus, seu de Engenii IV. et Ameiei Sabaudi» 

Daci-i, in sua Obedientia FeUcis Paps V. nuncupati contro- 

vcrsiis Commcntarius. S^ Par. 1626. 
AMEILHON (k CitoyenJ E^claircissemens sur 1'Inscription 

Grecnne dn Monument trouv^a Rosefte. 4* Par. 1803. 
AMELDUNGIUS (joh. henr.) Dissert. med. de Cholera. 4» Jen. 

AMELTA, a new Ena^lish Opera. 8* Lond. 1732. 

AMELOTE ( d') v. brousson. 

AMELUNGIUS (petbr) Tractatus nobilis primus, in quo Alchi- 

m» seu Chemic» Artis antiquissimae^ cuja Inventio et Pro- 

A M E 

frressio liiin Dignitas, Necessitas, et Utilitas demonstnitur. 12^ 

Lips. 1607. 
AMELUNGIUS (peter) Tractatus nobilis secundus continens 

Apolo^iam. 12* Lips, 
AMELUNGUS (frid.) De Elementis in generc. 4* Wiiieb. 1629. 
AMENTA (nicolo') La Gostanza Commedia. 12* Nap. 16^. 

• La CarlotU Commedia. 12* Ven. I7l7. 

LeGcmelle Commedia. 12* Nap. 1722. 

— ■ II Forca Commedia. 12* A^- 1^25. 

— La Somiglianza Commedia. 12* Nap. 1725. 

AMERBACHIUS (vitus) v. ambrpachius. 

AMERICA. Divers Voyages touching the Discouerie of America, 

[by R. H.] 4* Lond. 1583. 
■■ Novus Orbis ; id est Navigationes prim» ^n Americam : 

quibus adjuximus Gasparis Varrerii Discursum super Ophyra 

Regione. 8* Roterd. 1616. 

Lettre escrite de Cayenne contenant ce qui s'e$t pass^ 

cn 1a descente des Fran^ois et leur establissement en rAmeri« 
que. 4* Par. 1653. 

Bescbryving van Virginie, Nieu Nederland &c. 4* 

Amst. 1657. 

America or an exact Description of the West Indies by 

N. N. 8* Lond. 1657. 

■■ Kort Verhael van Niew Nederlaiits. 4* 1662. 

ATreaty for the composins; of Diilerences, restraining 

of Depredations, and establishing of Peace in Americi' between 
the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain : transl. from the Latin. 
4* Lond. 1670. 

Relation de ce qui s^est passe dans les Isles & Terre- 

Ferme de rAmerique, pendant la derniere Guerre avec TAng.- 
leterre, & depuis en execution du Traitt6 de Breda : par J. 0. 
S. D. V. 2 tom. 12* Par. 1761. 

Proposals for clearing Land in Carolina, Pensilvania, 

East Jersey, West Jersey, or any othor parts of America. fol. 

Lond. 1682. ' 

Plantation Work the Work of this Generation : wrilten 

in true love to all such as areinclined to transplant tliemselves 
and families to any of the Enghsh Plantations in America. 4* 
Lond. 1682. 

An Order of Council against seducing his Majesties 

subjects Co go on Ship-board, where they have been seized aud 
carried by force to his Maj. Plantations in America. fol. Lond. 

Voyagcs d'un Francois exil^ pour la Religion, avec Une 

Description de la Virgine & Marilan dans l'Amerique. 12^ 
Hf^. 1687. 

Voyages and Discoveries in South America, by Chr. 

d'Acugna« M. Acarete, M. Grillet, and Bechamel. /8* Lond. 

' Tlie Case of several Merchants trading to thc Pianta^ 

tlons in America. fol. 1698. 


A M E 

AMERICA» An Essay upon the Govemmetit of tlie English 
Phntations on the Coatinent of America: by an American. V 
Lmd. 1701. 

■■ Joumal de la Campaprne des Isles dc PAmerique, qu'4 
feit Mons. D*»*. par G. D. T. 8« Troyes, 1709. 

TiMt English Empire in America, by R. B. \9^ Ltmd* 


The ImpcM^tance of the British Plantations in America 

to this Kingdom : with the State of their Trade. 8^ Land. 

A short Account of the (irst Settlement of Ihe Provincea 

ofVir^nia, Mary land^ New-York, New-Jersey, and Pensylraiia, 
by the English. 4« Lond. 1735. 

Tbe British Empire in America. 2 voL 8® Lond. 1741* 

CoDsiderations on the State of the Britiiih Fisheries in 

America. fol. Lond. 1745. 

The African Trade ihe great pillar and support of the 

British Plantation Trade in America. 4^ Lond. 1745. 

Tbe Jmportance of gaining and preserving the Frieod- 

ship of the Indians to the Bntish aiterest considered. 8^ LoiuL 

State of the British and Ff ench Colonies in North Ame« 

rica, in two Letters to a Friend. 8^ Lond. 1755. 

A Pocket-Mirror for North America. 12» [1755.] 

Tbe Mystery reveaied, or Truth brought to light. 8^ 

Umd. 1759. 

An Enquiry into the Cauaes of the Alienation of th» 

Cdaware and l^wanese Indians from the BriUsh Interest 8* 
Latd. 1759. 

— Some Hints to People in Power, on the present meian- 

eholy siluation of our Cdonies in N<uih Amctrica. 8^ Lond, 

An Easay in vindication of tbe Continental Cotonies of 

America from a Censure of Mr. Adam Smith, in his Theory of 
Moral Sentiments. 8» Lond. 1764. ^ 

Considerations relative to the North American Colooies^ 


The Oboections to the Taxation of our Amtrican Colo< 

nies» briefly consider^d. 4^ Lond. 1765. 

" An Apptication of some geoeral political Rules to the 

preacait atate of Great Britain, Ireland, and America, in a Lettev 
to Earl Temple. S^" Lond. 1766. 

The Necessity of repe aling the Americao Stamp«Act 

demonstrated. H^ Lond. 1766. 

-> Hie true Sentiments of America : contained in a CoU 


ketion of Letters fnom the House of Bepresenutivet of the 
JVor. of Matsachusetts-Bay, to several persons of bigh rank in 
thia Kjusdom. 8** Lond. 1768. 
■^— Letler» to 

Lord Hillsborough from Govemor Bemardr^ 
Gcneral Gage, and his Majesty^s Council for the Province f^ 
Mwaclniaets Bay witb aa Appendix. 8^ Lond* 1769. 
VoL. I, ' - M AMEBlCii, 

A M E 


AMERICA. Letters to the Ministry, from Govenior Bemard, Ge« 

*jneral Gage, and Commodore Hood; and also Memorials tothe 
Lords of the Treasury, frora ibe Commissioners of Customs, 

.^ with sundry Lettera and Papers annexed to the said Memorials. 
8^ Land. 1769. 

■ " An Appeal to the World : or a Vindication of the Town 

of Boston from many false and malicious Aspersion.s contained 
in Letters and Memorials transmitted to Enriand by Govemor 
Bemard, General Gage, Commodore Hood, and othens. 8^ 
Bofton, 1770. 

The American Traveller, or Observations on the pre- 

atnt State, Culture» and Commerce of the British Colonies in 
America. 4P Lond. 1769. 

Shcdl 1 20 to War wUh my Ammcan Breihren f A Di»- 

course from Judges xx. 28. addressed to all concemed in deter- 
mining that important Question. 8® Lond, 1769. 

Historv of the British Dominions in North America 

from the first Discovery of that vast Continent by Sebastian Ca« 
bot in 1497 to ita estabiishment as confirmed by the Treaty of 
Peace in 1763. 4<» Lmd. 1773. 

A View of the Controversv between Great Britatn and 

her Colonies : by A. W. 8* NeuhYork, 1774. 

Select Letters on the Trade and Goveroment of America» 

8* Lxmd. 1774. 

A Friendly Address to all reasonable Americans. 8^ 

Amer. 1774. 

An Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the people of 

Great Britain in the present Disputes with America. 8* Loftcf. 

8« Lond. 1775. 

■» A Second Appeal to the Justice and Interests of tbe 

People. 8» Lmd. 1775. 

The Congress canvassed : or an Examination into the 

Conduct of the Delegates, at their grand Convention heid in 
Philadelphia, Sept. 1. 1774, by A. W. 8» 1774. 

ADialogue between a Southem Delegate, and his Spouse, 

on his retum from the grand Continental Coogresa. 8® 1774. 

Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the Ame- 

rican Continental Congress, hekl at Philadelphia on the 5tfa of 
September, 1774. 8» Thilad. 1774. 

The Strictures on the Friendly Address examined. 8^ 


Joumal of the Proceedings of the Congress hdd at 

Philadelphia Sept. 5th 1774. S"» Lond. 1775. 

A Few Remarks upon some of the Votes and Resolu- 

tions of the Continental Congress heid at Philadelphia in Sq>« 
tember and the Provincial Congress held at Carobridge in m* 
vember 1774. 8» 1775. 

■ ^ ' What think ye of the Congress now ? 8« ^tw Forlr, 

: 177A 

. :• . : AMERICA. 

A M £ 

AMERICA. The Advantages which Americsi derives from her 
Commerce, Connexion, aira Bependance on Britain addressed to 
Ihc People of America. 8» 1775. 

' The Patrioto of North America, a Sketch, with exfia^ 
Mtory Notes. 8» Netv Yark, 1775. 

American Independance the Interestand Glory of Great 

Britain. S» Lond. 1775. 

Letter to the Rt hon. Lord M--*--, on the Af&ira 

of America from a Member of Parltament 8® Lcmd, 1775. 

Address to tbe Rt. hon. Lord M — sf— d in which the 

measnresof Govemment, respecting America, are considered in 

a ncw light. 8« Land. 1775. 

The Address of the Peopleof Great-Britain to the In- 

habitants of America. 8^ Lond. 1775. 

A Speech^ intended to have been delivered hi the IL <^ 

Commons in support of the Petition from the General Conspress 
at Philadeiphia. S^ Lond. 1775. 

An Answer to the Declaration of the American Con« 

gress. 8® Lond. 

8« Lond. 1776. 

' Joumal of ihe Proceedings of the Con^ess, May 10. 
1775. 8» Lond. 1776. 

The Discovery of America by Columbus, to which is 

added an Enquiry into tbe Rise and Progress of the Contest in 
Amenca. 8« Lond. 1776. 

A Prospect of the Consequences of the present Conducl 

of Great Britain towards America. 8® Lond, 1776. 

The Rights of Great Britain asserted against the claims 

of America. S^ Lond. 1776. 

Plain Truth^ addressed to the Inhabitants of America» 

coDtaioiEig Remarks on a Pamphlet intitled " Common Sense." 
8» Lond. 1776. 

The Constitutional Advocate : addressed to the Pe<^le 

al large. 8« Lond. 1776. 

Considerations on the present state of Affiurs between 

England and America. 8^ Lond. 1778. 

Ad Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the 

CokNiies of South Cardina and Georgia. 2 vol. 8® Lond. I7ft« 
Histohcal Anecdotes relative to the American Rebellion. 

8^ Lond. 1779. 

The History of the Civil War in America. Vol. I. com< 

prehending the Campaigns of 1775^ 1776, and 1777. 8« Lond. 
The American War, a Poem : in six Bpdks. 8^ Lond., 


A Collection of State papers relative to the first acknow- 

ledgement of tbe Sovereignty oi the United States of America*. 
9 Lond. 1782. 

Conadatory thoughts on American Independance. 8^. 

Bdh*. 1782. 


AlIERtCA. Considerations on the provisional T reaty with Am^ 
' lica and tbe preliminary Articles of P^ce with Frafice and 

Spain. 8« Lond. 1783. 
■■ • A Peepbehind the MinisterialCiirtain, where tbeCounty 

Members of Paiiiament and the People of Great Britain may 

»ee tbe real Intetitions of the late Ministry towards America. 

fol. Lond. 1783. 

The American and British Chronicleof War and PoIidcB 

from May 10, 1773 to July 16, 178.^. 8« Lmd. 

Travels throu^h the interior parts of America, in a 

Senes of Letters, by an Officer. 2 vol. 8^ Lo7$d. 1789. 

Return of tbe whole Nuniber of Persons within Ibc 

aeveral DistricU of the United Slales. 8» Philad. 1791. 

S^Philad, 1793. 

•*■ ■■ ■ — A Short Description of the Tennassee Governraent, or 

the Territory of tbe United States Soutb of tbe River Obio. 

S^Philad. 1793. 
•■■ Report of the Sccretary of the Treasury of the United 

States on the subject of Manufactures. 8^ Lond. 1793. 
■■ ■ ■■ The American Calendar, or United States Register, for 

the Year 1794. 8« Lond. 1794. 

Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navieation between 


his Britannic Majesty and the United States of America, by 
their President, with the Advice and Consent of tbe Senate, 
Nov. 19, 1794. 8» Lond. 1795. 

Pian of Association of tbe North American Ltnd'Com« 

pany esUblished Februarjr 1795. S^ Philad. 1795. 
— American Statc Fapers bdng a CoUection of original 

and autbuilic Docume^ts relative to tbe War between tfae 

United States and Great BriUin. 2 vol. ^ Lond. 1795. 
■ r Look before you leap, or a few Hints to siicb Artizana» 

Mechanics, Scc. as are desirous of emigrating to America. 8® 

Lond. 1796. 

The Duties payable opon importation of Goods into 

tbe Utiited States t»f America whether in AmericMki or Foreign 
Vcssek. 8« Lond. 1799. 

Answer to the Decbration of the AmeriomCongress. 8^ 

Animating Hints fbr British Statesmen, British Mercb- 

ants, and Britons in General on going to war with America* 8^ 
AMERICAK Academy. Memoirt of the American Academy of 
Arts and ScienceBj to the end of the year 1783. VoL L 4^ 
Boston, 1785. 
AMERPACHIUS (vitus) 9. pyrHiiGORAs. 

— Commentar ia in Ciceronis tres libros de Officiis. i^ Arg, 

— '■ ■ Expositiones Partitionum Oratorianim et Prs^onis 
de optimo genere dicendi M. T. Ciceronis. 8^ Bas. 1548. 
~~-^ Libh sex de Philosopfaia natumli. 8^ Ba», 1549. 


A M L 

iUERPOEL (JOH.) Cartetiius Mosaizanij seu Confiiliatio Pbilo- 
fopbis Cartesii cum Historia Creatioais per Mosem tradkau 8'' 
Ltovardut, 1669. 

AMES (joseph) A Catalogue of English Heads: &^ Lond. 1748. 

■■■■ Typographical Antiquities: heing an historical Account 

of Printing in England. 4« Lond. 1749. 

■ augmentedhy William Herbert. 3 vol. 4* 


and now greatly enlarged» with 

copious Notes, hy T. F. Dibdin. vol. 1, 2. 4<» Lond. 1810-12. 
AM£$ (fticHABD) The Bacchanalian Sessions, or the Contention 

of liquors. 4^ Ltmd. 1693. 
AMES (wiLL.) Puritanismus Anglicanus. 8^ Franc. 1610. 

— AngL 4» 1641. 

Technoraetria. \2f^ Lond. 1633. 

l^^Franc. 1631. 

■ The Saints Security against seducing Spirits, a Sermon 
at Paula on the fifth of Novemher 1651. 4<^ Lond. 1652. 

The Substance of Christian Religion : or a plain and 

easie Dranght of the Cbristian Catechisme. 8® Lond. 1659. 

A Declaration of the Witnes of God manifested in the 

inwardparts. & 1681. 


AM£SSO (d ) Pro navali Anglorum de Botavis Victoria ZvYX^it^ 

foL Lond. 1653. 
AMHURST (N.) The British General a Poem. ^ Lond. 1733. 
AMIA (JAC.) Oratio de Microcosmt cum Macrocosmo compara- 

tione, habita Harlemi anno mdccxi. 4^ Harlcm. 1711. 
AMICI (cAELo) Lettere di Gustavo, colle Risposte d'£miUa sua 

Amante. 12^ Lond. 1783. 
AMICO (bebnard) da Gallipoli. Trattatodelle Piante^ Immagini 

de Sacn Edifizi di Terra Santa. fol. JF?r. 1619. 

~ fol. Fir. 1630. 

AMICO (filippo d*) Riflessi Istorici sopra qullello scrive, ed at« 

terta della Cittd di Melazzo. 4P Caian. 1700. 
AMICUS (diomedes) Tractatus tres exactissimi de MorUs com- 

munibusy de Peste> et de Variolis. 4® K<ii. 1599. 
■ De Morbis sporadibus, Opus novum. 4® Vcn* 1605. 

AMICUS (jo. BAPT.) Co&entinua. De MoUbus Corporum co^es- 

tium juxta phncipia Peripatetica sine eccentricis et epicycUs. 

4» Par. 1540. 
AMIDEI (m attia) Imerologio, ouuero Discorsi Diurni intomo 

alla Confeuione lacintina. Al" Sicni 1643. 
AMIOT (U p.) Art miUtaire de ChinoiSf ou Recueil d^anciena 

Trait^ sur ia Guerre^ compos^ avant lere chretienne. 4^ Por. 

AMIRAULT (moysb) v. amyraldus. 
AMIRAUT (paul) The Triumph of a Good Conscience, a Ser- 

mon on Rev. ii. 10. 4<> Lond. 1648. 
AMLING (jo. cHRisT.) Dissert. Theolog* de Contemtione Evan- 


A M M 

Slics VeriUtis aditu ad iDsanias Atheoram. Pars. 3. 4^ Ho/* 

AMMAN (geo. chr.) Exercit. Medica casum practicum ex- 

ponens. 4® Jen. 1656. 
— — - Aa-xwj lAT^ixti. De Sanguificatione Isesa. 4* Jen, 1659. 
AMMAN (JOH.) Dissert de Venis in corpore humano bibnlis. 4^ 

Lu2d. Bat. [1729.] 
AMMAN (JOAN.) Stirpium rariorum in Imperio Rutheno spoDte 

provenientium Icones et Descriptiones. 4^ Peirop. 1739. 


> Surdus loquens, seu Methodus qua qui Surdus natut 

est loqui discere possit 8* Amst. 1692. 
■ ' Dissertatio de Loqnela. 8* Amst. 1700. 

Surdus loquens, sive Dissertatio de Loquela. 8^ Lugd^ 

B. 1727. 
AMMAN (jos.) Kiinst & Lehrbuchlein, fur die anfahenden Jun« 

gen. Franc. M. 1580. 
>' Figuren der fumembsten Evangelien durchs gantze 

Jahr durch Sigmund Feyrabend. 4* Franc. M, 1587. 

Figuren van allerlai Jagt und Weidwerck. 4* jFWmc. M, 


AMMANN (JOH. JAc.) Disp. Med. de Decubitu. 4<» Tub. 1700. 

4» Tub. 1701. 

AMMANN (PAULus) Disp. de Ambustionibus. 4^ Lipi. 1658. 
■ Positiones Medicae de Rabie^ rel Hydrophobia* 4® Lips. 


Supellex Botanica, hoc est Enumeratio Flantanim, qui 

non solum in Horto medico Acad. Lipsiensis, sed etiam in alib 
circa urbem Viridariis progerminare soknt: cui brevis accessU. 
ad Materiam medicam Manuductio. 8* Lips. 1675. 
— — — Character Plantarum naturalis. 8* Lijw. 1676. 

12<» Franc. * Lips. 1685. 

a Dan. Nebelio. 199 Franc. ad M. 1701. 

■ Medicina critica^ sive d^cisoria. 4® Stada, 1677. 
— — Paraenesis ad Discentes, occupata circa Institutionum 
medicamm Emendationem. 12^ Lips. 1677. 

Hortus Bosianus quoad Exotica etA^m descriptus. 4* 

Lips. 1686. 

Irenicum Numae Pompilii cum Hippocrate. 8* Fronc. 

«• Lipi. 1689. 

Prazis Vulnerum lethalium. 8« FWwc. 1690. 

Consilium de Institutionum medicanim Emendatione 

necessario suscipienda. 12* Lips. 1693. 
AMMERSBACH (heiniu) Retorsion-discurs. 4« £rif/icA. 1664. 

Cathedra Mosis. 4« 1674. 

AMMIANUS Marceilinus, v. marcellinus. 

AMMIRALLY (demetrius) Lettre a M. Demetrius Ammirally 

8ur 1a Maladie Venerienne & les Antivenericns. 8* 
AMMIRATO (scipione) Delle Fami^ie nobili Napoktane. Parte 

prima. foi. Fir. 1580. 


A M O 

AMMIRATO (scif^iONk) Di&corsisopraCorneliaTacito. ^^ hrtte^ 


4« Vm. 1607, 

■ Ddr Istorie Fiorentine Libri venti. fol. Fir. Giunit^ 


con rAg;giunte di Scipione Ammirato il 

GioTane. 3 tom. fol. ¥ir, 1641-7. 

DeQe Famiglie nobiU Fiorentine; Parte prima. fol. Fzr. 


Opuscoli. 3 tom. 4» Tir, 1637-42. 

Albero e Isloria della famiglia de Conti Guidi. fol. Flr^ 


Orasione intomo i preparamenti> che hauerebbono ^ 

iani, contra la Potenza del Turco. 8^ Hr. 1694. 
H Rota, overo delle Imprese, Dialogo. 4^ 

AMMON (andreas gottefriedus) Nebo, unde tota perlustratur 

Terra Sancta. 4« Roitoch. 1657. 
AMMONIUS. De adfinium Vocabulorum Differentia. Gr, a Lud. 

Catp. Valcl^enacr. 4« JUtgd. Bat. 1739. 


AMMONIUS Hermeas. Commentaria in librum Aristotelis Tltft 
E^timq, et in decem Pr«dicamenta. Gr* fol. Ven. ap. Ald, 

■ In Librum Aristotelis de Interpretatione. Gr. 8^ Ven. 


! 8» Vcn. 1546. 

■■ In Aristotelis Prsedicamenta Commentaria. Gr. 8^ Vcn. 


Lat. per Barthol. Sylvanium. fol. Par,- 


fol. Par. 1556. 

In quinque Voces Porphyrij Commentaria. Gr. 8^ Ven. 


Lat. pcr Petrum Rosetinum. foL Ven. 

AMMUNITION. Tvro Letters seht from Amsterdam discoTer« 

ing to the Parliamcnt what courses are there taken for the 
' raising of Ammunition to be sent to the North. fo). 1643. 
AMNELL (joh. j.) In Sujoeothiam antiquitus eruditam Eiegidion^ 

ad amicum Abrah. Beeck. 4^ Upsal. 1741. 
AMONTONS. Remarques & Experiences Physiques, surla Con- 

struction d^une nouveUe Clepsiare, sur les Barometres^ Termo* 

nietres, & Higrometres. 12^ Par. 1695. 
AMOR. Les menues Penzez damours. b.l. 12^ 
— — Le Chappelet Damours. bA. 12^ 
■ Le Testament dung Amoureux qui mourutpar Amoun. 

£Dtemble son Epitaphe. b.l. 12^ Par. , 

— — — La Fontaine Damours et la De^ription. h.L W 
— — — Les Demandes Damours, avec les RespoDces. 8* Par. 
— — ~— Le liure de lamour de Dieu & de son Ph>ucbain« {imfr^ • 

sii MEMBRA2CIS.) 8^ Par. Verard. 1505. 


A M P 

AMOR. AmUAinorum: cumeniditaBeiLCustiiSytDpboiiaxii 

Explanatione. 4® lAtgd. ap. Gryph, 1538. 
■ L^Eecole d^Amotir, ou les Heroe Docteurs. 12^ Ore- 


L' Art d' Aimer, Pocme Heroique en quatre Cbants. 8* 

AMOREUX (m.) JU. Notice des Insectes de la France ripot^ 

▼enimeux. 8« Par. 1789. 
AMOROUS Gallant, or Love in Fashion, a Comedie in Heroick 

Verse. 4« Lmd. 1675. 
AMOROUS WARRE, a Tragi-ComcEdy. 4« 1648. 
AMORT (EusEBius) Ars Critica. 4<> 
- Systema Planetarium : Quies Terrse adversds Copemi- 

canos stabilita. 4^ 
Systema Philosopbis. 4® 

AMORY (thomas) v. flexman. white. 
■ Sermon on occasion of the death of tbe rev. James 

Strong. 8^ Lond. 1738. 

Charge at the Ordination of the rev. WilUam Harris at 

Wells, co. Somerset April 15. 1741. 8* Lond. 1741. 

Sermon on occasion of the death of the rev. John 

MooK. 81^ Lond. 1749. 

Sermon at the Ordination of Mr, William Ricbards» 

May 23d. 1751. 8» Lond. 1751. 

Sermon on occasion of the death of Mrs. Mary Slater. 

March 8. 1752. 8« Lond. 

Sermon on occasion of the death of John Halliday Esqr. 

8» Lond. 1754. 

Sermon May 18. 1766 on the death of the rev. Samuel 

Chandler^ D. D. : to which are added the Speech at his Inter- 
ment» and a Catalogue of his Works. 8* Lond. 

Eight Sermons on Contentmcnt, the Reasonableness of 

Religion, and thc Advantages of Prayer. 8*^ Lond. 1753. 

' Memoirs of BeveraT Ladies of Great-Britain. 8^ Lond, 


Habitual Religion explained in three Sermons preacbed 

at Taunton September 1759. 8° Lond. 1759. 

Charge at the Ordination of the rev. Tbo. Wrigbt* 8* 



AMOUR» V. sAiNT AMoua. 
AMP£LIUS (lucius) v, florus. 

AMPSINGIUS (JOH. AssuERus) De Tberiaca senioris Andromachr 
Or^io. 8» Rosi. 1619. 

• De Morboruth Diflerentib Liber. &^ Rostoch. 1623. 

— Dissert latromathematica in qua de Medicins et Astro-' 

nomie prsstantia, deque utriusque indiasolubili conjugio dis* 
seritur. §» Rosioch. 1639. 
AMPZING (SAII.) Sescbryvinge eode Lof der Sud Haerlem. 4* 
jaaerLieS^ , 


A M Y 

AMSTELREDAMUS (alard.) v. hippocrates. 
AMST£RDAM. Amflterdaim Dam-Praetje van wat outs cn wat 

nieuws en wat vreemts. 4^ Amst. 1649. 
• Tbe Treaty between the Estates of Holland, Ihe Prince 

cf Orange & Magistrates of Amsterdam. 4*» Lond, 1650. 

A Letter from Amsterdam conteining the fnll relation 

of the Proceedings of the Prince of Orange against tliat Clty* 4 
Lmd. 1650. 

The Troubles of Amsterdam ; or the disturbed or dis- 

Juieted Amsterdammer : transl. into English by L.W. 4*^ Lond. 

Amsterdam and her other Hollander Sisters yut out to 

Sea by Van Trufnp> Van-Dunck, and Van Dumpe. 4^ Lond^ 

Prima Pars prsecipuanim Effigierum ac Omamentorunx 

ampliss. Curise Amstcirodamensis, majori ex parte in candido 
Marmore efif^ctorum per Artum Quellinium, ejusdem Civitatia 
Scatuariiim. fol, Atnst. 1665. 

Brand-Keurc der Slad Amsterdam. 4^ Amst. 1685. 

Amsterdatnscbe Vcrmakelyke Tuyn-Vrugten. 8° Amst., 


Tous les principaux Batiniens de la Ville d'Amsterdam, 

repr. en tailles douces, et decrits en abrege. Belg. Gall. ^^ 

Ije Guide d'Amsterdam. 8° Ajast. 1701. 

Description de THotel de Ville d'Am»terdam. 8** 

Arcbitecture, Peinture, et Sculpture de la Maison dc 

Ville d^Amsterdam representee cn cix. figures en taille-douce. 

fol. Amst. 1719. 
AMTHOR (caspar) Chrysioscopion, seu Aurilogium. 4** Jen. 

AMTHOR (JOACH. uLRicus) De Monstris, Disp. Physica. 4* 

JcMt. 1652. 
AMURATH. A proud and blasphemous Cballen^^ given out in 

denuntiation of Warre by Amurath the Great Turk against ali 

Christendome. fol. Lond. 1642. 
AMUSiBUS (romulus) r. pausanias. 
AMY (p. l') Conjectures Physiques sur ies plus extraordinaires 

EfeUdu Tonnerrc. 12« Par. 1696. 
AMYA (hermannus) Carmen Elegiacum de Tempore. 4« Amst, 


Disp. de Usufructu. 4® Traj. ad Rken. 1685. 

AMYDENUS (thbodorus) Pietas Romana et Parisiensis, ov jk 

faitbful Relation of the several sorts of charitable and pious 

Work» eminent in the Cities of Rome and Paris. The one taken 

out of the book written by Theodore Amydenus, the othcr oul 

of that by Mr. Carr. 8^ Oxf. 1687. 
AMYOT (jaques) v. plutarchus. 
AMYRALDUS (moyses) Discours de TEiUt desFideles apresla 

Mort. 4^ Saum. 1646. 
VoL. 1. N AMYRAL. 

A N A 

AMYRALDUS (motses) Traitte des Religiom, conCre ceuX qiiir 
Ittestimenttoutes indiii^rente». 4^ Samm. 1652. 

Angl. 12* Limd. 1660. 

•~— Discoun Chrestien sur tes £aux de Bourbdn. 8^ Cka^ 
rcnt. 1658. 

DisGOurs sur ks Songes Divins, dont il e»t parle duu- 

1'EscritUTe. 8^ SawH. 1659. 

Lettre sur le Sujet de quelques Endroits de TApologie 

de St. E^tienne ises Ju^es. 4' 1660. 

■ La Creance sur les Erreurs des ArminienSi 8^ 

La Vie de Fran^ois Seigneur de la Noue, dit Braflhde« 

Fer. 40 Leyd. Ei%. 1661. 

Parapfarasifi io Ptolmos Davadis. 4* Salm. 1663. 

AMYRAULT, p. amtraldus. 

ANABAPTISTS. A Short History of the Anabaptkits of Htgb 

and Low Germaoy. 4^ Lond. 1642. 
— — A Warning for England especially for Londott ia the 

famous History of tbe frantick Anabaptists, tbeir wild Preach« 

ings and Practises in Germany. 4^ 1642. 

The humble Request of certain Chrislians reproac}ifu]ly- 

called Anabaptists. foL Lond. 164^. 

The Anabaptists Grouod-Work for BefonnaElioii. 4f 

Lond. 1644. 

A Declaration asrainst Anabaptists: in answer to a Book 

by Francis Coniwall. 4^ Lond. 1644. 

The Confession of Faith of those Churches which ar€ 

commonly (though faUly) called Anabaptists. 4^ Lond. 1644. 
• A Confession of Faith of seven Congregatious or Churches 

of Christ in London which are commouly (but unjustly) called 
Anabaptists. 4*^ Lmd. 1646. 

An Order of the Lords in Parl. for the punishiDg of 

Anabaptists and Sectaries that shall disturbe the Ministers ili 
their publike Exercises in Ihe Kingdom of England and Domi- 
nion of Wales. 4* Lond. 1646. 

The Anabaptists late Protestation, or» their Resolution 

to depart the City of London. 4« [1647.] 

The Petition and Representation of several Churches of 

God in London^^commonly (though falsly) calied AnabaptiatSr 
4c^ Lond. 1649. 

A Sbort Discovery of the Lord Protector^s Intentioii» 

touching the Anabaptists in the Anny. 4^ [1655.] 

The AnabaptisU Faith and Behef opcn^d. foL 1659. 

A Declaration of some of those People in or near hoHr 

don called Anabaptists. fol. Lond. [1659.] 

A Brief Confession or Dcciaration of Faitb» set fbrth by 

many of us, who are falsely called Aiia-Baptists. 4® Lond. 1660» 
The Arraignment of the Anabaplists Good Okl Cause» 

40 Lond, 1660. 

The Old Anabaptists Grand Hot discovered. 4* Lcmd. 






A N A 

ANABAPnSTS. A Letter from Shrewsbury settin^ forth tbe 
DesigD whicb the Aaabaptists and Quakcrs had to secure the 
Castk aad to have received five hundred more to them in oppo- 
lition to tbe Parliament fol. Lond. 1660. 

■ ■ The Humble Apology of some commonly caikd Ana- 
iMptigtA: together with an Apology formerly presented to tlie 
King. 4* Lcmd. 1660. 

A Brief Confession or Declaration of tbeir Faith, pre^- 

MDtod to King Cbarles 11. fol. Lond. 1G60. 

■ The Character of an Anabaptist. fol. Lond. 1660. 
A Serious Mantfeato and Declaration of the Anabaptist 

tod other Congregational Churches. foL Lond. 1660. 

To the King of these Nationsi the humble Representa- 

tion of leveral Societies» commonly called by the name of Ana- 
^ptista. foL Lomd. 1660. 

The second Humble Addresse of tbose wbo are caUed 

Anabaptists in the County of Lincohi presented to liis Majesty 
Chailes II. fol. Lond. 1660. 

The Traitors Vnvailed, or a true Acx:ount of tbat horrid 

and bloody designe intended by tbose people known by tbe 
names of Anabaptists and Fiftb Monarcby^ being upon Sunday 
tfae ]4of April 1661 in Ncivgate. 4« 1661. 

■ Histoire des Anabaptistes. 12P Amsi. 1699. 
— — A Serious Addresa to the Anabaptist^. 8^ Lond. 1701« 
A Caveat against the new Sect of Anabaptists lately 

«pmng up at Exon. 8^ Lond. 1714. 

The Females Advocate, in behalf of the Sisters' Right ta 

Church Govemment, in the Anabaptist Congregations. 4^ umdp 

ANACHARSIS. Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grece, 4 tom* 

4« Par. 1788. 

7 tom. 8» Par. 1789. 

ANACREON, v. willich. 

Odae. Gr. cum scholiisGrsecis Joan.AmandiButbillerii 

Abbatis. 8* Par. 1689. 

praeBxo Commentario quo Poetse genus 

traditur et Biblioth. Anacreontica adumbratur. Additis var. 
lecUonibus. 4» Parm. 1784. 

lit. capitaf. 4® Parm. 1785. 

■ ■■ ■ 12» Parm. 1791. 

[aliud exemplar ejusd. Edi" 

tUmii impr. tnMEMBRANis] 12» Parm. 1791. 

accedunt Selecta quiedam e Lyricomm 

Rdiquiis. 12» Argent. 1786. 

Gr. Lat. Edit. Princ. 4» Lutet. ap. H. Steph. 


— ^ ab Helia Andrea. 8» Par. G. Morel 

if R. Sieph. 1556. 

cum lotis Tanaquilli Fabri. 12» Saim. 




A N A 

ANACREON, Odfip. Gr. Lat. cum notis Will. Baxter. 8« %icynd. 

. 1695. 

■ ■ — — opera et studio Josue Bames. 12* 

Cavihr. 1705. 

19« Camhr. 1791. 

a Mich. Maittiire. '4" Lond. 1725. 
4« Lond. 1740. 

__ cum Notis perpetuis. Accedunt ejus» 

dem ut perhibcntur Fragmenta, et PoetrisB Sapphu», quas svL'^ 
persunt. b*» Lond. 1749. 

[a Josepho Spalletti qui Vaticanas 

Mcmbranas CBri insculptas vulgavit.] fol. Rom. 1781. 

Gr. Engi. trans). into Engl. verse, with 

Notes, by Mr. Addison. 8« Lond. 1735. 

— Gr. Engl. literally transl. into £ngli«h prose. 

8<> York, 1796. 

transl. into EngU verse, with Notes, by Tbomas 

Moore. 4<> Lond. 1800. 

Lcs Poesies d'Anacreon & de Sappho, trad. 

en Fran^ois par Mad. Dacier, augment^ des Notes Latinesde 
M. le Fevre & de la Traduction en vers Fran^ois de M. De la 
Fosse. S^ Amst. 1716. 
Ital. trad. di Paolo Rolli. 8<> Lond. 1739. 

ANA*LECTA : or a Collection of some of the choicest Noti<ms> 

and what seemed most rcmarkable in more than forty Authors: 

by T. B. 8° Lond, 1693. 
■ Analecta ex omni meliorum Lilerarum genere qu» col- 

. latis operis ad publicos usus evulgat Societas Caritatis et Scien<* 

tiarum. 9 tom. 4° Lips. 1795. 
ANALYSIS. A Farther lUustration of the Analysis ; in answer 

to some Foreign Observations. 8® 1788. 
ANANIAS (joHANNEs LAURENTius) Dc Natura Daemonum, Libri 

IIII. 8« Ven. 1581. 

: 8« Ven. 1589. 

ANANDALE (james Earl of) r. johnston. 

ANARCHY. The Anarchie, or the blcssed Reformation since 

1640. fol. 1647. 
ANASTASIUS, 5. R, E. Bihliothccarius. Historia de Yitb Ro- 

manorum Pontificum. 4® Mog. 1609. 
4 tom. fol. Rom. 1718-35. 

Collectanea: studio et <n)era Jacobi Sirmondi. 8® Par* 


Historia Ecclesiastica, & de Vitis Pontificum ; opera 

Car. Ann. Fabroti. fol. Par. 1649, 
ANASTASIUS linp. r. eccardus. 

ANASTASIUS Sitiaita. Quaistiones & Responsiones de variis 
argumentis cuv. 6'r. Lat. ciira Jac. GretKeri. 4® Ing. 1617. 

■ Anagogicarum Contem])lati<)n«m in Hexaemeron Liber 
XII ; cui proimissa est Expostulatio de S. Chrysostomi Epistola 
ad Ca^sarium Monachum, advcrbus ApoUinarii Ilsresin.' 4^ 
f^nd. 1682. 


A N A 

ANASTATIUS Papa. v. ciampini. 
ANATOMIA. r. sanguis. 

■I AitnvyLOV Eurayvyvi Avaro/iAixn ; Gr, Lat. Petro L&urem* 

bergio interpr. 49 Latgd. B. 1618. 

Anatomia et Phy&iogiioinia SimplicKim. 12^ Nurnb, 


Recentiori^m Disceptationes de Motii Conlis, Sangui- 

nis, et Cbyli^ in Aniraalibus. 4^^ Laigd. B. 1647. 

Obfiervationes Anatomica^ belectiores Collegii privati 

Amstclodamensis. 12^ Amsi. 1667. 

Descripdon Anatomiquc d'un Cameleon, d'un Ca<ttor, 

d*un Dromedaire, d'un Ours, et d'un Gazelle. 4** Par. 1669. 
L^Anatomie du Corps humain, avec ses Maladies et les 

remedes pour les guerir. 3 tom. 8® Par. 1680. 

Paeonis et Pythatrorse Exercltationes Anatomicae ct 

Medicse familiares bis L. 8*^ Bas. 1682. 

Sacra Eleusinia patefaota, seu Tractatus Anatomicus 

Doms, de Organorum Gonerationi dicatorum structura. 4^ 
Franc. M. 1684. 

Essais d'Anatomie, oii Ton explique la construction des 

Organes. l^^' Leyd. 1686. 

Syllabus Musculorum Humani Corporis insex Praplec- 

tionibus ut bodie in Tiieatro Anatomico Chirurgorum Londinen* 
siiim distinqtus. 8^^ Lond. 1698. 

4° Lond. 170-2. 

4» Lond. 171 L 

4<> Lond. 1716, 

4« Lond. 1729. 

Mirahilis Anatomia Renum, opera M. T. P. P. H. S. 

8« Franc. M. 1699. 

Syllabus seu Index omnium Humani Corporis Partium, 

io sex Prselectionibus distinctus. 4^ hond. 1704. 
4° Lond. 1733. 

An Anatomical Essay, in two Discourscs, i. pointing 

at many things curious in the structure of the Viscera : ii. an 
Anatomical Explication of tlie first six Verbes of tlic xiith chap- 
terof Eccl. 12« Kdinb. 1702. 

Bibliotheca Anatomica, Medica, Chirurgica, &c. con- 

taining a Dcscription of the several Parts of the Body. 3 voL 
4« Lomi. 1711-14. 

An Explanation of the Figure of Anatoiny, whercin 

the Circulation of the Blood is made visible throu^h Glass Veiiis 
and Arteries. 4® Jjond. 1737. 

Abrege de l*Anatomie du Corps Iltimain. 2 toro. 8^ 

Par. 1739. 
■ T An Essay on Comparalivc Anatomy. 8" Lond. 1 744. 
-r Nouveaux Elemens d'Anatoinie raiaonnee. 8° Par, 


A System of Anatomy and Physiology, from the latest 

and best Authors. 3 vol. S^' FAinh. 1787. 
— — Positiones Anatomico-PiiysiologiciB. 4' 

4 ANAtO^n 


ANATOMY of Et-Ca^era ; or the unfolding of that dangetons 

Oath in tbe close of the sixth Canon. 4^ Lond. 1641. 
^ " ■ The Anatomie of the French and Spanish FactioB^ 4^ 

ANCELL (s.) A Circumstantial Journal of the Blockade and Siege 

of Gibraltar. 8« Uverp. 1784. 
ANCHARANO Tjacobus de) Processus Lucifeh contra Jesum* 

^ Hanov. 1611. 
ANCHERES (dan. d') Les Funestes Amours de Bekar et MeU 

lane. 12« Par. 1608. 
f Les trois premierB de sept Tableaux de Penitence. 4* 

Par. 1609. 
ANCHERSEN (joh. pbt.) Dissert. de Brimo. 4» Hq/n. 1729. 
ANCHET (anton. d') Ludovico Ma^o, expug^atb in Hannonia 

Montibus, jcapta in Pedemontio Nicsa cetensqiie dirutis Arci« 

bus Epinicium. 8^ Par. 1691. 
ANCHIETA (josEPH de) v. beretarius. 
■« Compendio de la Vida de el Apoetol de el Bra^il, nuevo 

Thaumaturgo, y grande obrador de Maravillas^ V. P. Joeeph 

de Ancbieta. Xerez. 1677. 
ANCIENT. The Ancient of Days is come : by J. G. 4* 1657. 
ANCILLON (cHABLEs) Histoire cle la Vie de ^fhmm IL 8» Roi-^ 

terd. 1706. 

■ Hist. de rEtablissement des pran^ois Eefiigiez en Bran« 

debourg. 8« Berl. 1694. 

Dissertation sur TUsage de mettre 1a premiere 

au fondement des Edifices publics. 19^ Berl. 1701. 

Memoires concemant les Vies & les Oeuvrages de pki« 

sieurs Modernes celebres dans la Republique des Lettres. 8^ 

Amst. 1709. 
ANCKELMANNUS (theodorus) Inscriptiones antiq. & celeberr. 

Urbis patrise Hamburgcnsis, edits pridem a Theod. Anckehnan- 

no ; nnnc cum novo Auctario recuso. foL Hamb, 1706, 
ANCONITANUS (augustinus) v, triumphus. 
ANCORA (juniper de) Consultatio de causis 8c modis religioMB 

disciplinse in Societate Je»u instaurand»^ ex Italico Latine con« 

versa. 4** 1634. 
ANCRE, Marechal d\ v. favqris. 
P Declaratio et Protestatio Principum, Ducum, alioniro-^ 

que prsBcipuis in Galli^ regno muneribus fungentium adversus 

ejus nefariam Ancbpfitani coiyurationem. 4^ 1617. % 

y Le Te Deum des Biamois, pour la Mortdu Marquia 

d^Ancre. 8» Par. 1617. 

Bericht von Kon Maiin Franckreich Marscbalck Mar^ 

quis vpn Ancre. 4* 1617, 

Inventaire des Pieces, Memoires^ &c. touchant le Proc^ 

du Marqu^ d'Ancre. 4« 1617. 

Copie d'une Lettre envoy^ par un Courier expret de 

Tautre Moode |L S. Eminence le Card. Mazarin trad. d'lul. Tan 
164ft 4« 


A N D 


ANCRE (piERRB D*) Tableaa de rinconstance des tnauvais Angei 

& Demons. \^ Par. 1613. 
— — ^ UlDcredulite & Mescreauce du Sortileg^ piIaiDemenL 

Gon\*aincue. 4® Par. 1622. 
ANDALA (bvardus) Exercitationes Acadcmic» de Philosophia 

Cartesiana. 4<^ Franeq. 1708. 
■ Dissertationum Pbilosophicarum Pentas. ^^Franc, 1712. 

— Syntagma Theolc^ico-physico-metaphysicum. 4P Fra^ 

sfib. 1711. 

■ Oratio de viis Jehovse rectis. 4® Franeq, 1715. 
Cartesius verus Spinozismi Eversor et Physicas experi« 

meotalis Architectus. 4^ Franek. 1719. 
AND£L (govarous van) Oratio in laudem Constantiie. 4* Ga* 

rinck. 1716. 
ANDERNACUS (joh.) v. guinterius. 
ANDERSUN. Some Remarks upon the rev. Mr. Ander8on's po- 

ntions conceming the Usefulness of Stage-Piays. 8° Edinb. 1733. 
AND£RSON (adau) An Historical and Chronoloeical Dcductioo 

of the Origin of Commerce. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1764. 

4 vol. 4^ Lond, 1787. 

AND£RSON (xneas) A Narrative of the British ^mbassy to 

Chint, in 1792, 1793, & 1794. 4» Lond. 1795. 
■ A Joumal of the Forces which sailed from tbe Downi, 

in April 18(X), on a secret £xpedition, till their arrival in Mi- 

norca, and continued through all the subsequent transactiont 

of the Army, under the command of Sir Ralpb Abercromby, 

in the Mediterranean and £gypt. 49 Lond. 1802. 
AND£RSON (alexanoer) Ad Angularium Sectionum Analy- 

ticen. 4« Par. 1615. 
AND£RSON (alexander) Scoto-Abredonensis. Disp. de Morbia 

Acutis Puerperamm. 4^ Lugd. B. 1717. 
AND£RSON (C^. francis) Letter to Sir Thomas Glenbam, 

Jan. 20, 1643, touching the Invasion of Scotiand. 4*^ Ojford, 

ANDRRSON (g.) A Remonstrance against Lord Viscount Bo* 

lingbroke's Philosophical Reiigion. 8^ Edinb. 1756. 
ANDERSON (geo.) Disp. de Aflectibus UypochondriaciB. 4* 

Lu£d. Bat. 1695. 
ANI)£RSON (george) A General Vicw of the Variations which 

have been maJe in the A&kirs of the £ast India Company. 8^ 

I^nd, 1792. 
ANDERSON (hesry) A Loyal Tear dropt on the Vault of the 

high and mi^hty Priiice Charles IL 4^ Lond. 1685. 
AND£RS0N (j.) Carmina ad Gulielm. Archiepisc. Cantuar. in 

obitum Conjugis. fol. 
■ In luctuosum &- pnematurum obitum Gulielm. Archi- 

episc. £boracensi8. fol. 
AND£RS0N (james) An Historical £ssay shewing that tbe Crown 

and Kingdom of Scotland is Imperial and Independent. B* 
Edinb. 1705 


A l^ D 

ANDERSON (james) Collections relatihjr to thc Histbry of Mary- 

Queen of Scotland. 4 vol. 4° Edinb. 1727-8. 
■'■■ Selectus Diploniatum & Numismutum Scotie Thesaii- 

rw, auctus per Tho. Ruddiman. fol. Edinb. 1739. 

A Genealogical History of the House of Yvery ; in it6 

diflerent branches of Yvery, Luvel, Perceval, and Gouraay. 

e nxjI. 8» Lond. 1742. 
ANDERSON (james) m.a. Sermon preached to a Religions 

Society in Goodman'8 Fields 1 Aug. 1720. 8® Lond. 1720. 
— No King-Killers : a Scrmon preached Jan. SOtb/ 17 jl. 

8« Lond. 1715. 
ANDERSON (james) d.d-. Royal Genealojjies : or the Gcncalo- 

gical Tables of Em|)erors, Kings, and Princcs, from Adam to 

these times. fol. Lnnd. 1732. 
ANDER80N (james) ll.d. An Inquiry inlo the Cause» tbat 

have hitherto retarded the Advancement of Agriculture in £u« 

rope. 4» Edinb. 1779. 

An Account of the present State of the Hebridea and 

Western Coat^ts of Scotland. S^ Edinb. 1785. 

The Bee, or Literary Weekly Intelhgencer. 16 rols. 8* 

Edtiib. 1791-3. 

A Pi-actical Treatisr on Peat Moss. 8* Edinb. 1794. 

ANDERSON (james) Ceneral View of tlie Agriculture and Rural 

Economy of tlie County of Aberdeen. 4** Edlnb. 1794. 
ANDER80N (joh.n) A Ixrttor to Jonaihan Adams, his Wife, &c. 

in which the Case of Dr. Sinclair is fairly stated, with tlie Cause 

of Mrs. Sinc1air's elo|>cmcnt. ^^ l^nd. 1790. 
ANDERSON (josepjius) Disp. de Chlorosi. 4» Ulir. 1686. 
ANDERSON (ralph) Letter toSr. JohnSinclaironthe NecessitT 
- of an instant Change of Ministry, and an iramediate Peace. (^ 

Edinb. 1797. 
ANDERSON (robert) Gaj^inp: promoted, an Appendix to Stc- 
• reometrical Proposiiions. 8® Lond. 1660. 
— — Stereometrical Propositions; variously applicablct but 

pailicularly intended for Gageing. 8** Lond. 1668. 
The sf nuine Use and Efiects of the Gunne demon* 

strated, wilh Tablcs of Projection, &:c. calculated by Tho. 
Streete. 4» Lond. 1674. 

To hit a Mark, as well upon Asccnts and Descents as 

upon the PJane of the Horizon, experimentally and mathemati* 
cally demonstrated. 4*^ Lond. 1690. 

Cut the Rigging, aiid Proposals for the Improvement 

of Great Artillery. 4° Lond 1691. 

The Making of Rockets : in two Parts. 8" Lond. 1696. 

ANDERSON (robert) Tfie disin/ierittd Laird qf CrookhiU. The 
Oppression of the Poor discovered in his Case and Testimony. 8" 
ANDERSON (robert) m.d. v. dlair. 
N The Life of Samuel Johnson, ll.d. S^ Lond. 1795. 

, Thc Life of Tobias Smollett, m.d; 8^ Lond. 1796. 

b® Edinb. ISOO. 

8« Edinb. 1803. 

ANDERSON (william) v. cill. ANDERSON 

A N D 

ANDEHSON (william) Four Sermons preached at Fort Williara 

in Bengal. 8« Lond. 1708. 
ANDERTON {Mr,) v. bridgeman. 
ANDILLY (m. arnauld d') v, rousse. santeuil. 

Lettres. 12^ Par. 1668. 

Memoires: ecrits parlui-meme. 8° Hamb. 1734. 

ANDLA (anchises) Disp. de Ossibus humani Corporis. 4*- 
Franck. 1618. 

■ De Nervis humani Corporis. 49 Franek. 1618. 
— — De partibus Chyli distributioni inscrvientibus. 4^ Fra^ 
nek. 1719. 

Disp. Med. de regio Morbo. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1621. 

Disp. Inaug. de Arthritide. 4° Ltigd. Bat. 1623. 

ANDLO (PETRus ab) Animadv. ad Vindicias Dissertationis quam 

Samuel Maresius edidit de abusu Philosophise Cartesiante. 4^ 

h^. Bat. 1671. 
ANDOVER, Lord. The Lord Andevers two Speeches : the one 

conceming the PaciBcation the 6th of March, the other the 

Starre-Chamber. 49 Lond. 1641. 
ANDRADAr(FERNANDO de) Libro de la Gincta de Espaiia. 4* 

Scvii. 1599. 
ANDRADA (franc. de) Chronica do Muyto alto e muito pode- 

rao Rey destes reynos de Portugal dom loano o III. deste 

nome. fol. Lisb. 1613. 
ANDRADA (paul concalves d*) Varias Poesias. l99Lisb. 1629. 
ANDRADE (alonso de) Vida y Milagros de S. Nicolasel Mag- 

no, con )a Vida de S. Liborio. 8® Madr. 1671. 
ANDRADE (ant. freyre de) Defensorium Sanctce Bullse Cru- 

CMSB, et Rcgalis Subsidii in ipsa concessi, circa Privilegium de 

£su Ovorum et Lacticiniorum tempore quadragesimaU. 4* 

Matrit. 1661. 
ANDRADE (jacinto feeyre de) Vida d& D. Joam De Castro. 

foL Lisb. 1671. 

Angi by Sir PeterWyche. fol. Lond. 1664. 

ANDRE (antoinb oe st.) La Vie de Monsieur le Nobletz, 

Prestre et Missionaire de Bretagne. 8^ Par. 1666. 
ANDRE' (FRANC.) Fntretiens sur l'Acide & sur TAlkali. 8« Par. 

Angl. renchred out of Fr. by J. W. to 

which is added by the translator a Discourse of Phiebotomy. 

8« Lond. 1689. 
ANDRE' (franc. de st.) Praeleciiones in Hippocratis Librumde 

intrmis Afiectionibus. 199 Cadom. 1687. 
ANDRE {Major john) Tlie Cow Chase, an Heroick Poem. 4* 

Lond. 1781. 
ANDRE' (m. de saint) Rtflexion.^ nouvelles sur les Causes des 

Maladit^ & de leurs Symptomes. l^ Par. 1687. 
Reflexions sur la Naiure des Remedes^ leurs Eflets, et 

leur maniere d*ager. 8® Rouen, 1700. 

Lettres au Sujet de la Magie^ des Malelices, & des Sor- 

ciers. 8* Par. 1725. 

A N D 

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del Regno di Napoli, tre Ragionamenli : da GiroL Ruscelii. 4* 
Ven, 1560. 


ANDRE^ ( ) Briefe aus der Schweiz nach Hannover 

geschrieben in dem Jare 1763. 4® Zurich, 1776. 
ANDREAN-Sl Academi® XapKrrtipia in Adventum R. Jacobi L 

4<> Edinb. 1617. 
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'■ Questiones super duodecim Libros Metaphisice Aristo- 

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" Griindlicher Gegensatz. 4* Jena. 1716. 

ANDREAS (ericus) Discursus adQusest. num in Rep\ib1. gnber- 

nanda boni mores plus moraenti quam bons leges obtineant ? 

4<» Holmia:. 1651. 
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ns vel Linguse septentrionalis Dlctionarium. ed. per Petr. Jo- 

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ANDREAS (j.) V. clemens v. 
ANDREAS (joHANNBs) Bononiensis. Tractatus super Arboribus 

Consanguinitatis, Affinitatis^ necnon spiritualis Cognationis, 

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Casus Breves super primo Decretalium. 4* 

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A N D 

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Wiucb. 1723. 
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— — — De Curiositatis Pemicie Syntagma. 13^ Argent, 1621. 
SeleDiana Aueustalja, incepta Anno cid idc xliii. 12* 


* Rei ChrLstianfle & Literariae Subsidia. 12* Tubing. 1643» 

■ Descriptio civis vere Cbristiani^ & de Christiani cos' 

' moxeni genitura Jndicium. 12® Amt, 1660. 
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— — Exameii generale Cabbalse Philusophicse D. Henrici 

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ANDR£AS ( roBiAs) Replicatio reposita brevi Explicationi Men« 

tisliumans sive Anime rationalis, a Tobia Andreae. 12^ Amst. 

fiilanx exacta Bilsianse et Clauderiana; Balsamationis. 

12* Amst. 16B2. 

- Exercitationes Philosophicae dux de Angelorura malo- 

rum potentia in Corpora. 12® Amst. 1691. 
ANDREAS (vALERius) Catalogus clarorum Hispanise scrlptorum. 

4* Mogunt. 1607. 
— — Quaestiones quodlibeticae tres, de Toga et Sago> Bra- 
bantinorum Priviiegio^ et Scctariis convincec^is. 8^ Col. A^ 
1613. ^ 

' Bibliotheca Belgica. 8® Lovan. 1623. 

4<> Lovan. 1643. 

Fasti Academici studii generalis Lovaniensis. 4^ Lovan. 


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S'^ Lond. 1740. 


Cases of ihe Epilepsy, Hysteric Fits, & St. Vi 

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A^'DRE£ (john) An Essay on the Tiieory and Cure of the Ve- 

nereal Gonorrhcca, and its cousequcnt Dlseases. 8° Lond. .1781. 
AI<^R£'£ (r. john) A Vocabulary in six Languages ; viz. English, 

Latin^ Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese; to which is an« 

nexeda brief Dissertation on Pieasure and Pain. ^ Lond. 1725. 
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1606. ♦ 

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ANDR£LINUS (r. faustus) v. faustus. 


A N D 

ANDRENAS (ph.) v, aubigny. 

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ment squs l^ nom de Canal de Languedoc. 8® Par, 1800. 
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Liiteralure. trad. de Tltalien par J. E. Ortolani. tom. L 8* Par, 

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be Androw of Wyntown ; with Notes, a Glossary &c. by Da- 

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g^uacres. 12® Lond, 
ANDREWES (joHN)TheConverted Man's new Birth. 12« Lond. 

1629. , 
— Andrewes Golden Chain, to linke tbe penitent suiner 

«nto Almiirhly God. 12« Lond. 1645. 
ANDREWES (lancelot) Bishop of Winchester. Sermon beforc 

the Kmg at Hampton Court, on the Right and Power of caliing 

AssembTie-s. 4® Lond. 1606. 
■ Toitura Tcjiti, sive ad Matthiei Torti Librum Respon- 

sio. 4» Lond. 1609. 

Responsio ad Apolog^iam Card. Bellarmini quam nuper 

edidit conti-a Prajfationem Monitoriam. 4** Lond. 1610. 

Two Sermons preached before tbe Kings Majestie : onc 

at Greenwich 5 Aug. 1606; tlie other at Holdenby 5 Aug. 

1610. 40 Lond. IGIO, 
» Two Sermons before the King at Whitehall : of tbc 

birth of ChrisL 4« Lond. 1610. 
■ xcvi Sermons : publ. by his Majesties speciall com- 

mand. fol. Lond, \&i\. 

Sacrik ge a Snare, a Scrmon preached ad Ckrum in thc 

Universiiy of Cambridge : transl. for the benefite of the pub- 
hke. 4<> Lmd. 1616. 

— i Private Devotions. 24<^ Lond. 1647. 

■ DibCourse of Ceremonies retained and used in Christian 

Churchefe. l^*» Lond. 1653. 

The Form of Consecration of a Church or Chapel, and 

of the Place of Christian Buriall ; exemplified by Lancelot late 
Lord Bp of Winchester. 24" Lond. 1659. 
ANDREWES (r.) A Perfect Declaration of the barbarous and 
cruell Practices committed by Prince Robert, the Cavalliers, 
and olhers. 4<* Lond. 1642. 


ANDREWES (thomas) A modest Enquiry into the Weight of 

Theodore Eccleston^s Reply to a serious Lxpostulation with the 

Quakers. 8° Lond. 1709. 
ANDREWES ( thomas) Rates and Tables compiled for the usc 

of Merchants Reveuue Officers!, and tlie PubUc in general. foL 

Bristol, 1787. 
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" His la?t Speech at the time of his Execution. 22 Aug. 

1650. 40 Lond. 1650. 


A N D 

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with Observations. 8« Lond. 1789. 

■ Addenda to Anecdoted, &c. ancient and modern. 8* 
Lond. 1790. 

History of Great Britain from the death of Hen. VIII. 

to the accession of James V I. of Scotland to the Crown of Engp- 
land ; being a continuation of Dr. Henry^ History. vol. 1. 4? 
LaMd. 1794. 

3 vol. & 1796. 

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' The Anatomy of the Kebla ; or a Dissection of the De- 

fence of Eastward Aaoration, lately published in hia Name. S* 

Lomd. 1729. 

The Kebla, Part II, or a farther Defence of Eastward 

Adoraltion, with some Remarks on the Anatomy of the Kebla. 

8» Land. 1729. 
ANDREWS (john) ll.d. Thc History of the Revolutions of Dcn- 

mark, 2 vol. 8* Lond. 1774. 
■ An Analysis of the principal Duties of social Life: writ- 

ten in imitation of Rochefoucault. 8® Lond. 1783. 
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drews. ^ Lond. 1680. 
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Songs, Recitatives, Airs, &c. in the Enchanted Castlc 8P 

Lond. 1786. ^ 

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ANDREWS (r.) V. virgiuus. 
ANDREWS (shamela) An Apology for her Life, by Mr. Conny 

Keyber. 8» Lond. 1741. 
ANDREWS (william) The Astrological Physitian. 12» Lond. 

— — — News from the Starres: oran Ephemeris for 1666. 12* 
Lofu/. 1666. 

for 1667. 12« Lond. 1667. 

for 1669. 120 x.on(i. 1669. ' 

for 1681. 12° Lond. 1681. 

for 1684. 12» Lond. 1684. 

« Physical Observations for the Year 1671. 49 Lond. 

ANDRIESZ (georg.) v. olearius. 
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Repubhca di Venetia. 4<^ yenet. 1617. 
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de conservanda Valetudine. 4® Lugd. 1693. * 
fol. Bas. 1694. 

Domesticorum Auxiliorum Tractatus quinque. 4* Ven, 


■ Encbyridium practicum Medicum. 4" Vcn. 1700. 


A N D 

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aagen. 170L 
■ ■ Philosophia esperimentalis Preside Platone in Consilio 

veterum et neotericorum convocato, seu Physica reformati Ra- 

tonis. fol. Ciagen. 1708. 
i< De Febribu.s et Morbis acutis. foL Ven, I7n. 

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ANDROMANA, or the Merchant'8 Wife: The Scaene Iberia : by 

J. S. 4» Lond. 1660. 
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ANDRONICUS a Tragedy, Impieties long Succesae, ©r Heavens 

late Revenge. 12« Lond. 1661. 
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rico, Henrici mirabilis F. Alberti magni N. cum Notis Hen. 

Meibomii. 4^ Helmst. 1614. 
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Hoeschelium. 8° Au2. Vin. 1594. 
— ^ Ethicorum Nichomacheorum Paraphrasis. Gr. Lat. in- 

terpr. Dan. Heinsio. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1617. 

The Paraphrase of an anonymous Greek writer, (hi« 

therto published undcr the name of Andronicus Rhodius) on 

the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. transl. by William Bridg- 

man. 4* Lond. 1807. 
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ANDROSSE {Sir edmund) v. new-england. 
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2 tom. fol. Par. 1576-9. 

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ANDRY (nicholas) An Mundus senescat ? 4® Par. 1695. 

■ An Parttftis unica Lethargi vindex ? 4® Par. 1696. 

■ De la Generation des Vers dans le Corps de rHomme* 
&> Par. 1700. 

Eclaircissement sur 1e Livre de la Geu^ration des Vers 

dans le corps de THomme. S^ Par. 1704. 
8»^»!*/. 1705. 

Le Regime du Caresme. 8* Par. 1710. 

Remarques de Medecine sur dififerent sujets. 8^ Par* 


Examen de divers Points d^Anatomie, de Cfairurgie, de 

Physique, &c. S» Par. 1725. 

Cleon a Eudoxe, touchant le Memoire des Chirurgiens 

contre la Pre6minence de la Medicine sur la Chinirgie. 8^ 

L*OrthopWie, ou l'Art de pr^venir & de corriger dans 

les Enfans, les Diflbrmites du Corps. 2 tom. &* Par. 1741. 
ANDSTEDIUS (ericus) Oralio de Officio et Virtutibus Judicis. 

fol. Ufsal. 1665. 
ANDUE^A (iGNAcio de) Vida y Martirio de loe Santos patronos 

de la civdad de Pamplona^ San Saturnino, y San Fermin. 13* 

Pampl. 1607. 


A N G 

ANEAU (babptol.) v. alciato. 

ANECDO TA. Auecdota Litteraria ex MSS. Codicibus eruta. 
3 voL 8« Rom. 

■ Anecdotes Litteraires. 2 tom. 12** Par. 1750. 

■ Dictionnaire d'Anecdotes. 2 tom. 8* Par, 1767. 
— — A DisBertation on Anecdotes^ by the Author of Curio- 

nties of Literature. 8® Land. 1793. 
AN£L (sT. DOMiNiauE) L'Art de succer les Plaies. 8^ Jmst. 


■ Nouvelle Methode de guerir les Fistules lacriroales. 4* 
T\irtn. 1713. 

Obtiervation singuliere sur la Fistule lacrimale. 4° Gcn* 

* 1713, 

■ Lettres Diverses ou Les Critiques de la Critique del 

Sign. Francesco Segnorotti en faveur de la nouvelle metbode de 
gnerir la Fistule lacrimale iiouvellement invent^e par Dominique 
AneL 4» Turin. 1713. 

Suite de la Nouvelle Methode, ouDiscours Apjlogetique. 

4» Turin. 1714. 

Relation d'une Maladie extraordinaire. 8° Par. 1722. 

ANEPONYMUS(greg.) Compendiosum PhilosophiaD Syntagma. 

GV. Lat. cum Scholiis, per Joh. Wcgehnum. 8® Aug, Vind. 1600. 
ANEPONYMUS (wilh.) Dialogus de Substantiis physicis. 8»' 

ArgaU. 1567. 
ANGKL (gaspar de los beyes) Sermon al glorioso Sin Francisco 

de Borja Duquc quarto de Gandia. 4° en Mex. 1688. 
ANGEL (joh.n) A General History of Ireland. 2 vol. 12^ Duhk 

ANGEL (trom.) Lumen Charismatum mirandorum Ecclesiae 

N. T. occiduum & occidens cum Canonc obsignato. 4^ Haun, 

ANGELI (bonavent.) La Historia della Citta di Parma, el la 

Descrittione del Fiume Parma. 4^ Parm. 15U1. 
ANGELl (p. sTEPHANo degl') r. borelli. 
■' Miscellaneum Hyperbolicum et Parabolicum. 4® Ven* 


Considerationi sopra la Forza di alcune Ragioni Fisi* 

Gomattematiche, addoLte dal M. R. P. Gio. Batt. RiccioU. 4^ 
Vcn. 1667. 

Seconde Considerationi sopra la Forze delf Argomento 

_ Fif-iccomattematico. 4** Pad. 1667. 

TcTZe Considerationi sopra una Lettera del Gio« Alf. 

Borelli. 4*» ^en. 166S. 

Uuarte Considerationi sopra la Confcrmatione d'uDa 

Sentetiza del Sig. Gio. Alf. Borelli prodotta da D. ZerlUi contro 

lc Terze Considerationi. 4° Pad. 1669. 
AN(jELICO (fr.) Fioretti Islorici di Cosc curiose successe in 

diuer>i tcinpi lu Levaiite. 12* Milan. 1689. 
ANGELLNUS (kulvius) De Vcruie admirando pcr Nares egressa 

4»» lUvcn 16iU. 
ANiiELlUUE {Situr de l') La vraye Picrre philosopbale de 

Mcdecine. 12" Par. 162i. 

3 Al^GEUS 

A N G 

ANGELIS (albx. de) In Astrologos Conjectores Libri quinque. 

4« Lugd. 1615. 
ANGELIS (augustinus de) Lecliones Meteorologicaj. 8^ Ram. 

ANGELIS (bernard de) Epistolse PrflBpositorum generalium ad 

Patres et Fratres Societaiis Jesu. 12° Ronut, 1615. 
ANGELIS (DOMENico de) Della Patria d'Ennio. 8° Rom. 1701. 

ANGELIS (GUUELMUS ab.) v. dave. 

ANGELIS (JOH. AB.)Vindici8B ab EpistolicaTheodori Aldes Disser- 

tatione, contra Gul. Harvaeum. 12° Amst, 1667. 
ANGELIS (PAULus de) ». vatican. 
" Basilicae S. Marise Majoris de Urbe, a Liberio Papa I." 

usque ad Paulum V. Pont. Max. Descriptio et Delineatio. fol. 

Rom. 1621. 
ANGELIS (sTEPH. de) v. angeli. 
ANGELITA (gio. franc.) I Pomi d'Oro, doue si contcngono 

due Lettioni de' Ficbi Tvna, e de' Melloni raltra. 4^ Rican. 

ANGELIUS (NicoLAus) Libri de Re Rustica. ^ Fior. 1515. 
ANGELIUS (PET. BARGxus) r. barga:us. 
ANGLLL (john) Stenography, or Sbort Hand improvcd. 8* 

ANgELOCRATOR (daniel) Chronologi» Prodromus. 4» Hamb. 

Doctrina de Ponderibus, Monetis, et Mensuris, pcr 

totum Terrarum Orbem usitatis. 4** Franc. 1628. 
ANGELONI (FHANCEsco) Historia di Temi. 4« Rom. 1646. 
■ I/Historia Augusta» da Giulio Cesare a Constandno il 

magno, illustrata con la Veriid dell' antiche Medaglie, da Gio. 

Pietro Bellori. fol Rom. 1685. 
ANGELS. A War amone: the Anffels of the Churcbes. 4® Lond. 

1693. . 

■' Scala Natura; : a Treatise proving the existence of 

good Genii or Guardian Angels. B^ Lond. 1695. 

A Dissertation on the Scripture Expressions the Angel 

of the Lord, and the Angel of Jesus Christ. ^ Lond. 1752. 
ANGELUS 1[baldus) v. abbaihus. 
ANGELUS (cHRisTOPH.) Theses meteorologicae, cum nonnullis 

adjcctis. 49 Marp 1592. 
Enchiridion de Institutis Grfficorum, Gr. Lat. 4® Cant. 


Status et Ritus Ecclesise Gra&cae. Lat. a Georgio Fhe- 

lavio. 13® Franc. 1655. 

De Stutu hodiernorum Grsecorum Enchiridion, Gr. Lat. 

cura Georgii Fehiavii. 4** Lips. 1676. 
ANGELUS de Clavasio. v. clavasio. 
ANGELUS (joH.) Astrolabium planum, in Tabulb ascendens. 4* 

Ven. 1494. 

■■ Astrologicall Opticks, cbmpiled at Venice by Johann. 

Regiomontanus and Johannes Angeius. 8'' Lond. [1655.] 



ANGELUS (JOHANNEs) Orationes duse, altera funebris, altera ex- 

plicationein continens dicti Cbristi ^ Voe estis Lux Mundi." 

♦•FnwKqf. 1585. 
ANGELUS a S, Joseph Gazophylacium Linguae Persamm, 

triplici Linguarum clavi, Italicse, Latine, Gallica^, necnon 

specialibus prsceptis cjusdem iingue reseratum. fol. Amu. 

ANGELUS, P. dc Joyaise. The Life of the reverend Fa. Angel 

of Joyeuse, Capuchin Preacher. 8® Douay, 163S. 
ANGELUS (Stmctus) v. sakderus. * 
ANGELUS a S. Francisco. Certamen Seraphicum Provincias 

Anglie pro Sancta Dei Ecclesia. 4^ Duac. 1649. 
— — Apologia pro Scoto-Anglo. 12^ Duac. 1656. 
— Homo omnia, sive Microcosmus morali-physicus & 

politico-moralis. 8® Wangii. 1671. 
ANGELUTIUS (theodorus) v. patrizi. 
— — Quod Metaphysica sint eadem quae Physica. 4® Ven. 

Exercitationum cum Francisco Patritio Liber primus. 4^ 

Ven. 1585. 

Ars medica, ex Hippocratis GaleniqueThesauris potissi* 

mum deprompta. 4P Ven. 1588. 

De natura et curatione maligne Febns Libri iiii. 4® 

Ven. 1593. 

Bactria quibus Rudens quidam, ac falsus Criininator 

valide repercutitur et de Natura maligne Febris iterum atque 
mccuratit«ime disseritur. 4^ Ven. 1593. 
ANGER. A Dissertation conceming the evil Nature of immode- 

rate Aoger and Revenge : by T. S. 8* Lond. 17S5. 
ANGERS. Arrest^ des Jeunes Citoyens de la Viile d^Anc^ers. 8® 
' Arret^ de M. M. tes Membrea de la Bazoche d^Angers 
du 3 Fevr. 1789. 8» 

Assembl^ et Arr^te des Merest Soeurs, E^pouses, et 

Amantes, des jeunes Citoyens de la Vilie d^Angers. 8^ 
ANGIER (samuel) The polite modem Divine. 8* Lond. 1756. 
ANGLE (M. DE l') A Letter evidencing the Kings stedfastnesse in 

the Protestant Religion. 4« Lond. 1660. 
ANGLERIA (fr. camrlo) La Regola del Contraponto, e della 

musical Compositione. 4® Miian, 1&22. 
ANGLESEY (artbub, Earl qf) v. anneslby; 


■ Tbe Cronycle of Englonde, withthe Fmy te of Tymes. 
fol. Lond. Jul. Notary. 1515. 

Nova Legenda An;^lie. fol. Lond. W. de Worde, 1516. 

A Breviat Cronicle, contaynynge all the Kynires from 

Brutd to this daye, and manye notable actes, gathered oute of 
dyuers Cronycles, from Wyllyam Conquerour vnto the yeare 
M.v.C.Liii. 129 Canterb. 1553. 

A N G 

ANGUA. A TaUe colkcted of the Yeres of our Lord Goct and 
of the yeres of the Kynges of England from the first yere of 
Willyam Conquerour. 8^ Lond. 1564. 

. 8« Lmd. 1571. 

The Execution of Justice in England^ for the inainten- 

aunce pf pubUque and Christian Peace against certeine Stirrers 
of Sedition. 4» Lmd. 1583. 

Anglica^ Hibemica^ Normannica> Cambrica, a veteribus 

scripta ; ex quibus Asser Menevensis, Anonymus de vita Gu< 
lielmi Conquestoris, Thomas Walsingbam^ Thomas de la More» 
Gulielmus Gemiticensisy Giraldus Cambrensis : plerique nunc 
primum in lucem editi^ ex Bibliotheca Gulielmi Camdeni. fol. 
Francqf. 1602. 

Articles concluded at Paris, the 24th of Feb. 1605, 

by Commissioners of King James and Henrie IV. 4° Lond. 

The Glory of England^ or a true Description of many 

exceilent Prerogatives and remarkable Blessings whereby shee 
thumpheth over all the Nations in the World, by T. G. 4® 
Lcmd. 1619. 

£ngland's Compiaint to Jesus Chnst against the Bishops 

Canons. 1640. 

A Good Wish for England^ or Englands Lord dehver us. 

fol. 1641. 

The Copie of a Letter sent ovt of England to an Am- 

bassadoiir in France for the K. of Spaine* dedarinff the state of 
England contrary to the (H>inion of Don Bemardin. 4® L<md. 

Enghnd^s loyalty in ioyful expressions for the City of 

LondoQs safety. 4^ Lond. 1641.* 

Severall Votes conceming the securingof the Kingdome 

of England and Dominion of Wales. 15 Mar. 1641. foU Lmd. 

Divers Orders by both the Honourabie House of P^r- 

hament for setting this Kingdome in a posture of defence. 4^ 
Land. 1641. 

Eiiglands Glory in her royail King and honourable 

Assembly in th« Court of Parliament above her former usurped 
lordly Bishops Synod. 4^ 1641. 

A Conferenoe between the two great Monarchs «f 

France and 8paine conceming these our present Proceedings in 
England. 4» 1641. 

A Discourse shewing in what state the three Kii^;domes 

are in at this pretenU 4* 1641. 

EQgland^tf Doxoiom, by I. L. 4« Lond. 1641. 

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons fi>r the safety 

aud defence of the Kingdom of England, and Dominion of 
Wales. 4° Lond. 1641. 

Prodigies and Apparitions^or England'8 Warning Pieces, 

byJ.V. SoJLonrf. [1642.] 




AN6LIA. A View of the preMnt CcAclition of the tbfee King- 
dom^ of England, Scotland, and IreUnd. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

— — A Copie of a Letter icnt hy Mr. I^Maker toali tfae Cor* 
poretions in England. Alao a' Speech bj the Earl of Cork to 
the Protestant Lords, Knights, &c. of Ireland Jan. 90. 1641. 
4* LomL 1649. 

Matters of great consequence and worthy of Note to 

iJI fiigbnd. 4« Lond. 1649. 

A Letter to the Kingdom of Engknd to ttand opon their 

Watdi. fol. 1649. 

Englandt Complaint or the Church her 


The Interest of Engbnd how it consiatt in Vnity of the 

Protestant Religion. 4® L&nd. 1649. 

EnglandaDiviaion^and&elandsDiitraction: containing 

ft Bedaration of the preaent state of England and. Irdand. 4^ 
Lmd. 1649. 

The Grand Caae of England^ so fieroely now diqpiitod 

by Fire and Sword, epitomized. 4<» Lond. 1649. 

- A briefe AhBtract of the Qocttion of IVecedency be- 

tweene Enghoid and Spain. 4^ Ltmd. 1649. 

England^B Miserie if not prevented by the s 

remedie of a happy uoion between his MiQeatie ahd thia Pter« 
Hainent. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

The Popefi Briefe or Bull of Diapensation, directed to 

the Cathofikea of England* 4« Ltmd. 1649. 

A Memento for Yeomen^ Mercfaants, Citiiena^^bnd aU 

theCommons in Enrbnd. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

Some New Observationt and ConaiderationB on the pre- 

tent state of the Kingdom. 4^ Limd. 1649. 

A Declaration of thc Lordt and Commona conoenung 

the pmtmg NeccMitiea of thia Kingdom. 4« Lond. 16^. 

England^t DiumaH^ or PasBaget of State executed by 

(aod against) the knowne Law of the Land. 4^ 1649. 

EnglandB abBolute Monarehy or Government of Greate 

Britaine. 4« Lond. 1649. 

- An Ordinance by the Lorda and CommonB Ibr the pre- 

tenFation ot the WeBteme ParU of th4 Kingdome. 4^ Lond. 

England^B Divi^, and Irelandt DiBtnuition. 4^ LonA, 


- The Commons Petition of long afiicted England to the 

Chicfe Chaneellor of Hea?en and onely Judge of Earth; publ. 
by C. I. 4« Lond. 1649. 

Englanda Safety in Na?ie and FortificationB, the eonh- 

mon Interest both of l^ng and People. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

1%e Forme of Goverament m tfae Kingdome of England, 

caOected out of the fnidamental Lawea am StiUiteB cl thia 
Kingdome. 4^ Lond. 1649. 



ANGUA. The General Resolvtion of the two Kmgdoms of Eng* 

land and Scotland. 4<* Ltmd. 1643. 
«-~— — Many wonderful and very remarkeable Pfeissagesj which 

hath come to passe jrithin the Memone of Man here in this 

oar Nation. 4<> Lond. 1642. 

An Advertisement to the whole Kingdom of England» 

but more especially to4he City of London. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

Tbis last Ages Looking-Glafiee : or England^s sad £lli« 

gie, by S. H. 4« Yark, 1642. 

Two Declarations of the Lords & Commons assembled 

in Parliament : the one for the preservation and safety of the 
Kingdome^ and the Towne of Hull ; the other conceminge the 
distractions and grievances this Kingdom now lieth in. 4*^ 
L(md. 1642. 

A new (and too true) Description of England, in a 

familier Dialogue betweene Chrystopher a CavalUer. and bam« 
aby a Caviller. 4^^ Lond. 1643. 

A Parallei between the Israelites desiring of King Saul, 

& Englands desiring of a Pariiament. 4^ Lond. 1643. 
■ A Direction for the English Traveller. 4P Lond. 1643. 

£ngland'8 Petition to the two Houses assembled in Par- 

hament. A^^Umd. 1643. 

A Discovery what God through his Servant hath 

caused to be manifested unto the Regents or Rulers ui £ng« 
land. 4^ Lmd. 1643. 

Pactum et Foedus sanctum pro Relinone reformandA 

k. con8ervand4, pro Authoritate & Majestatis Kegis tuenda, pro 
Pace trium Regnonim Anfi^lice^ Scotiae, & Hibemias stabiUenda, 
aolenniter initum. 4^ Lona. 1643. 

The Declaration of the Kingdomes of Engladd & Scot- 

land joyned in Arms for the Vindication of tbeir ReUgioo, 
Liberties, and Laws, against the popish, prdaticaU, and malig- 
nant Party. 4<» Land. 1643. 
24» 1643. 

Gall. 4<> Lcmd. 1643. 

■ ' Englands Humble Remonstrance to their King and to 
their ParUament. 4» Lond. 1643. 

The Remonstrance of the Commons of Eneland to the 

House of Commons assembled in Parliament 4» la43. 

A Letter sent to his Msjestie from a Meraber of the H. 

of Commons conceming the great Afiaires and Distractions of 
this Kingdom. 4<» Lond. 1643. 

Flain Dealing with Eng^and in matter of CoDicience 

between the King and Parliament. 4* Lond. 1643. 

Some New Observationa on the present state of things 

in England^ by J. S. 4» 

The Danger wherein the Kingdome of England now 

standethr^ the Remedy fcHr the preaent safely therof. 4t^ Lond. 



ANGUA. The KiDgdoins Case : or tbe Question resolved, whether 
the Kings SubjectB of this Kealme of England may ayd each 
c^r in repreasing the persons now assembled together under 
the name of the Kings Army. 4® Lond. 1643. 

r- 4» Lond. 1649. 

A Disdaimer and Answer of the Commons of Enerland 

of and unto a Libeli, intituled " The Remonstrance of the Com- 
mons of England to the House of Commons assembled in Par- 
bament." 4"^ Lond. 1643. 
■ Englands Petition to their King. 4^^ 1643. 

— An Advertisement for a Meeting at Merchant Taylors 

Hall io sign a Petition for raising the whole people of the fand. 

£nglands Covenant proved lawfuU, and necessary also at 

this time, hoth by Scripture and Reason : by S. C. ^^ Lond. 1643. 
Touching tlie fundamt*ntall Lawes or politique Consti- 

tution of this Kingdome^ thc King*s negative Voice, & the 
Power of Parhaments : to which is annexed the Priviledge and 
Power of Parhament touching the Militia. 4^ L(md, 1643. 

A briefe Declaration of all the Civil Warres that have 

happened in England. 4® Lond. 1643. 

Englands Alarm to War against the Beast^ in 3 Sections. 


Englands second Aiarm to War agaiust the Beasi. 4* 


Englands third Alarm to Warre. 4* Lond. 1643. 

Englauds Selected Characters, describing the good and 

bad Worthies of this Age. 4<> Lond, 1643. 

A Remonstrance of the Commons in Parliament on the 

present state of the Kingdome. 4® Lond. 1643. 

The Subject's Liberty set forth in theroyall & politique 

Power of England. 4<> Lond. 1643. 

Carmen Elegtacum^ £ngland's Elegie or Lamentationj 

by N. C. 4» [1643.] 

- Englands Remembrancer, or a Waming from Heaven. 

4« Land. 1644. 

A Briefe Answer to a Book called " The Declaration of 

^ the Kingdomes of England and Scotland." 4<> Oo/. 1644. 

An Ordinaiice of Parliament for the explanation of a 

former Ordinance for taking and receiving the Accompts of the 
Kingdom. 4^ Lond. 1644. 

England and Scotland : or the Proccedings of the Par- 

ham^nt of England^ the Confession of the Church of Scotland. 
Also suverall Advertisements. 4^ Oj^. 1644. 

A briefe Relation of the present Troubles in England : 

tranal. from the French. 4^ Orf. 1645. 

£ngland's Remcmbrancer : or a Catalogue of the seve- 

rall Victories and Strong Holds obtained by the Parliaments 
Forces from June 1645. 4^ Lond. 1645. 

edit. alt. 4<> Lond. 1645. 

Englands Uiads in a Nut-SheU. 12« Ojif. 1645. 



ANGUA. Distracted England^s Lamentation dangeroualy lyingf 

apon ber sicke bed. 4^^ Lond. 1646. 
■ ■ ■ Englands Monument of Mercies in her miracukms 

Preservations from manifold Plots, Conspiraciesy &c. fol. Lomd. 


Englands Petition to God'8 deare Servant and her dread 

Soveraigne Charles King of Great Britaine. 4^ 1646. 

A Waming for all the Counties of England to awake 

speedily out of their dreames. 4^ Lond, [1646.] 

The Ballance put into the hand of every rationall Eng- 

lish-Man to poize the state of this Kingdome. 4^ Lond, 1646^ 
Tbe Interest of England maintained : the Honour of 

the Parl. vindicated : &c. 4® Lond. 1646. 

Vox Coeli to England^ or Englands fore-waming from 

Heaven : by Theopbilus Philalethes f oxander. 4^ Lond. 1646. 
Engiands Petition to their Soveraigne King. 4<* Lond. 


A true and perfect Relation of a Conspjracy discovered 

by a Jew in Turkie against the Engiisb. 4^ Lond. 1646. 

Tbe Case of the Kingdom stated according to the proper 

Interests of the severall parties ing^aged : by M. N. 4* L(md, 

the third Edit. with Addition by the 

Author M. N. 4« Lond. 1647. 

Anti-Machiavell : an Answer to " The Case of tbe King- 

dom stated." 4^ Lond, 1647. 

Englands Mad Petition to the Rigbt Honourable the 

&c. 40 Land. 1647. 

A little Eye-salve for the Kingdome & Armie that they 

may see. 4^ [1647.] 

£ngl^^Lnds deadly Disease to bee sick of a king. 4^ Lond. 


— — A plain, short, and probable Expedient tosettlethe prc- 
sent Distractions of both Kingdomes. 4® 1647. 

The plaine Englisbman his discreet Advice in these dis* 

tracted times. 4° Lond. 1647. 

Vox Populi : or the Supplication and Proposals of the 

Subjects of tbis miserable Kingdom languishing and alroost 
ex{Hring under the heavy burden of Free Quarter. 4^ Lond. 

A generall Chai^e of Impeachroent of High-Treason 

against the Communality of England, as was presented by ex 
perienced Reason, Aniio 1647. 4« Lond. 1647. 

England know thy Drivers & their Driver. 4® Lond. 


England*s Wolf with Eagle^s Claws. fol. Lond. 1647. 

Englands Reroedy of a deadly Malady : the Wise-wo* 

mans saring the City Abel, by ddiverrng tbe head of Sheba, 
who was a traitor to the Commoiiweakh of Israel. 4^ 1647. 


A N G 

ANGIIA. A WondeHiill Plot or Mysteiy of State, discovered for 
preireDtioa of £nglaiids imminent Desolation. 4® L&nd. 1647. 

— — — A calme consoUtory View of the sad tempestuous 
A£&ires in £ngland. 4» 1647. 

■ Englands dolefull Lamentation. 4* 1647. 

■ Certain uncertain Proposals from fi*ee-bom Subjects of 
Engiand to Sir T. Fairfax, presented Aug. 9. 1647. 4» Ltmd. 

A sad Message from Heaven, threatning destruction to 

England, except speedily prevented by Repentance and Anitnd- 
ment of Life. W l/md. 1648. 

A Designe to save the Kingdome : or an ardent endea- 

¥our tojcure the breaches and other epidemicall diseases of 
tlMse times: by S. F. W Lond. 1648. 

Engbnds proper and onely Mray to an Establishment in 

Honoor, Freedome^ Peace, & Happinesse. 4® Land, 1648. 

Englands Condition considered and bewailed. 4^ Lond. 


Englands New-years gift, or a Pearle for a Prince. 4* 
Ltmd, 1648. ' 

The Peiition of Right of the FreehoWers & Freemen of 

Eogland, presented to the Lords & Commons. 4* 1648. 
— — A Renionstrance conceming the Grievanceand Maiadies 
of the Kingdome of England^ rightly stated in X. Positions. 4® 
Limd. 1648. 

An Agreement of the People of England for a secure 

and present Peace. fol. Lond. 1648. 
'■ Tlie Remonstrance and Complaints of the poore Cotn* 

of England. fol. [1648.] 
Thc unchangeable Resolutions of the Free?men of £ng- 

land. fol. 1648. 

The State of the Kingdom represented to the People. 

coDceming the King, Parliament» Army> & the whole Land. 4^ 
Land. 1648. 

The Discovery of a great Plot against £ngland and the 

City of London. 4* Lond. 1648. 

Ardua Reirni : or XII arduous Doubts of great ooncern- 

mcnt to the Kingdome, requiring a fuU and speedy Resolution. 
4« 1648. 

— £nglands Remonstrance to their King. 4* Lond. 1648. 
- Good Flnglish, or Certain Reasons pointing out the safest 

way of aettiement in this Kingdom. 4* 1648. 

Votes in Parliament for setling of the Kingdom. 4" 

LoMd. 164a 

Passes granted by the free-bom people of England to 

severall of the most eminent perjur'd Rebels assembled in Junto 
ai Westmimter. 4» Lond. [1648.] 

A new Discovery of old England in certain contempla- 

tive Obserrations u|xm the present Condition of this distractcd 


ANGLIA. The Kingdoms Humble Bemonstrance and Petilio» 
to both Houses of Parliament 4<^ 1648. 
■ The Commoners Liberty, or the Englishmans Birt)i- 

Right. 4' 1648. 

Englands Petition to Kin^ Charles. 4<> Lond. 1648. 
Englands Troubiers trouued, or the just Resotutions of 

the platne-men of England. 4® 1648. 

Englands Dust and Ashes raked up^ or the King and 

People beguiled. 4<^ Lond. 1648. 

Englands Sole Remedy : or a wholsome Directory for 

the recovery of our languishing Kingdome. 4^ 1648. 

Stop your Noses : or Engkind at her easement 4* 

Zond. 1648. 

A Plea for the King and Kingdom by way of answer to 

the late Remonstrance of the Army^ presented tQ«die H. of 
Commons Novemb. 20. 4® 1648. 

The Returne of the People of England : tendred to the . 

Speaker of the House of Commons. 4® 1648. 

Englands Hazza^d. 4P [1648.J 

Fruitfui £ng)and Hke to becorae a barren Wildemesa 

through the wickednes of the Inhabitants and the Army. -4® 
Lond. 1648. 

The Cure of the Kingdom, an old fashioned Sermouj by 

R. P. 4:^ Lond. 1648. 

'- Englands Alarm from the North. 4® Lond. 1648. 

Severall Votes, Orders and Ordinances of the Lords & 

Commons, for the setling of the Peace of the Kingdom, and 
bringing to justice the late impeached Members. Also Debatea 
for repealing the Ordinances conceming the Mihtia : together 
with a Letter of his Majesties coroing to Windsor Castle. 4** 
Lmd. 1648. 

Elenchus Motuum nuperonim in Anglia, simul ac Juris 

Regni & Parlamentarii brevis Enarratio. A® ^55. 12^ Liu. Par. 

A Declaration to the Enghsh Naticm from Don John de 

Austria, the 8th King of Germany, Lewis tlie llth King of 
France, Philip the 5th of Spain, &c. in detestation of the pre- 
sent proceedinss of the Parliament and Army. 4^ Lond. 1d49. 
A Declaration of Lovis the xiii. declaring the Reasons 

wherefore his Majesty hath prohibited all Trade with England. 
4« Lottd. 1649. 

The Second Part of £ngland'8 new Chaines discovered. 

4« Lond. 1649. 

■ A Declaration of the Commons in ParUament against 

" The Second part of Englands new Chains discovered. fol. 
Lond. 1649. 

A Gospel-Engine or Streams of Love and Pity to pre* 

vent new flames in England. 4® Lond, 1649. 

A Deckration of the Parliament concerning their late 

endeavours to remove all Misunderstandings betwene the Com- 
monwealth of England, and the Kingdom of Scotland. 4® Lond^ 
1649. ANGUA. 

A N G 

ANGUA. Aoye* 'AvoXoymxo). Foure Apologeticall TracU exhK 
bited to the supreme self-made Authority now erected m, under 
the Commons name of, Enp^land : hv T. B. 4® 1649. 

' The Number and Names of all the Kings of England 

and Scotknd from the beginning of their Govemments to thia 
present: by J.T. & Lond. 1650. 

A Breviary of the History of the Parliament of England: 

irrittea in Latine by T. M. l^^* Lcmd. 1650. 

Englands lchabod^ Glory departed> discoursed by two 

ChrisUan men. 4^ Lond. 1650. 

Ilic trve Portraitvre of the Kings of England | drawn 

iroai their Titlesi Successions, Reigns, and £nds. 4^ Londi 

■ Englahds Apology for its late Change. 4® Lond. 1651. 

Remarkable Observations of Gods Mercies towards £ng« 

knd. 40 LoRif. 1651. 

A New Remonstrance of the fi^e-bom people of £ng- 

land. A^^ Land. 1651. 

^ Historise Anglicanas Scriptores X. Simeon Monachus 

Oundmensis, lohannes Prior Hagustaldensis, Richardus Prior 
Hagustaldensis, Ailredus Abbas Rievallensis, Radulphus de 
Diceto, lohannes Brompton, Gervasius Monachus Dorobornen- 
us, Thomas Stubbs Dominicanus, Gulielmus Thom, Henricus 
Knighton Leicestrensb^ ex vet. MSS. nunc primum in lucem 
editi : [a Rogero Twysden.] fol. Lond. 1653. 

A Help to English History. l^ Lond. 1659. 

-^— Thc Caae statad between Enaland and the United Pro- 

▼incesj in this present juncture. 4^ Lond. 1652. 

Tbe Antiquity of Englands Superiority over Scotlandi 

4« Lond. 1653. 

»- The only RLght Rule for regulating the Lawes and Li- 

berties of the Peopft of England. 4<» Lond. 1652. 

Certain Proposals presented to the ParHament in rda- 
Uon to the common good of the People of this Nation : by R. V« 
^*" Land. 1653. 

A Description and Plat of the Sea-Coasts of Englandj 

&c. 4<» Lond. 1653. 

Certain Proposalb ofiered by the Ambassador of Portu- 

gall, touching the Losse and Damage susteined by the English : 
ako an Answere of the Merchants smd others. 4® Lond. 1653. 
An Abstract of the several Letters & choice Occur- 

rences brought by the last Post from Denmark, Francci 
Sweden, and Holland> concerning the Af&ires and Designes of 
the Commonwealth of England. 4^ Lond. 1653. 

The Black and Terrible Warning Piece, or a Scourge to 

Englands Rebellion. 4^^ Lond. 1653. 

Englands Anathomy, by T. D. 4^ Lond. [1653.] 

Itinerarium Angliae^ or a Book of the Roads of England 

and Wales, &c. V 

VoL. I. a ANGLIA. 

A N G 

ANGLIA. An Hue and Ciy af\er tbe fundamental Lawes andl 
. Libcrties of England. 4<» Land. 1653. 

-i A New^eers-Qift for Engknd aad all her Citiea, I^, 

and Corporations. 4^ Lond. 1653. 

- Vox Plebifi ; or the Voice of the oppressed Commong 


of England against tbeir Oppressora. 4® Lond. 1653. 

The Cryes of England to the Parliament for the con* 

tinuance of good Entertainment to the Lord Jesus his Embaasa- 
dors : collected as they came up firom the severall Counttes. 4? 
Lond. 1653. 

~ Englands Publick Faith. fol. Land. [1654.] 

An Alarm to tbe present men in power, tbe Officers of 

the Army, and all Oppressors, from some oppressed peopk of 
England. fol. Lond.lob^. 

Englands Waming-Piece or the Unkennelhng of the oM 

Foxes with their Cubes. 4® Lond. 1654. 

A Declaration to tbe free-bom people of England, con* 

cemiilg tbe goverament of the Commonwealth. 4* Lond. 1654, 
A Treatise conceming the broken Succession of the 

Crown of England : inculcated about the laterend of the relgn 
of Queen Elisabeth. 4^ Lond. 1655. 

A Catalogue of the Lords^ Knights, and Gentleroen 

that have compounded for their Estates. 8^ Lond. 1655. 

A Few Words to the People of England not to slight 

time, but prize it. 4® [1655.} 

— Idea Anglicana. Germ. 4* 1657. 

A Book of the Names of ali F^arisheSy Mark^ Townf, 

&c. in England and Wales. 4<> Lond. 1657. 

A Reply to tbe Danish Papers coi^ceming the QoestioB 

whether England should not assist the Swede as well as tiie 
Dutch dp the Dane, answercd by a trae Englishman. 4^ 16^8. 
A Discourse of the NationalfExcellencies of EnglaQd, bj 

R. H. 8« Loiid. 1658. 

Anglia Redivivai or Engkmd reyived, an Heroickl^oem. 

4« Lond. 1658. 

A Character of England. 12* Lond. 1659. 

A Seasonable Enquiry after the sure way to Peace in 

England ; directed principally to the Army. 4^ Lond. 1659« 

The Interest of England stated. 4» 1659. 

Vox ver^ Anglorum : or Englands loud cry for their 

King, 4^ Lond. 1659. 

Englands Confusion : or a True and Imparttal Relation 

of the late Traverses of State in Englandi with the Counsels 
leading thereunto. 4^ Lond. 1659. 

Twenty seven Queries relating to the genend good of 

the three nations. 4° Lond. 1659« 

Tfonee Positions from the Case of om-three Nations. ^ 

LomL 1659. 

The Unhappy Marks-man : or Twenty three Qiieries 

dSaed to the c<»uiaeratiou of -tbe people of tbese NatioDs. 4* 


A N G 

ANGLIA. A Patr of Spectacles fcNr this purblinde Nation^ bV 

H. M. 4« Lond. 1659. 
- - ■ Engiands Murthering Monsters set out in their Colours. 

foL 1659. 

A Letter from a Person of Honour in Francc^ concem- 

ing the late Transactions in Eno^land. fol. 1659. 
■ Loyalty banished : or England in Mourninj^. 4® 1659. 
A Short Discourse conceming the Work of God in thit 

Naiion, and the Duty of all good Peojile. 4^^ Lond, 1659. 

A Discourse upon this Saying " The Spirit of the Na- 

tioQ is not yet to be trusted with Liberty^ lest it introduce Mo- 
narchy» or invadethe Liberiy of Conscience.'' 4* Lond, 1659. 
The Outcry and Just Appeal of the inslaved people of 

England. 4P [1659.] 

Declaration of the Lords, Gentlemen^ Citizens, &c. of 

thii once happy Kingdom of England. foi. Land, 1659. 

A New Map of England^ or Forty six Queries : by I. B. 

4«" Umd. 1659. 

The Grand Concemments of England ensured. 4^ hond. 


■ A Declaration published in the North of England, and 
Sir Arthur Hasleriggs Letter to Gen. Monke in Scotland^ with 
bis Resohition ; also a Declaration of the Council of Officen aC 
WaUingford-House. 4» Lmd, 1659. 

Ambitious Tyranny clearely demonstrated in Englands 

nnhappy and confusod Govemment. 4^ 1659. 

Englands Safety in the Laws Supremacy. 4® hond^ 


Englands Changeling, or the Tiine Servers laid open 

ia tbeir Colours. 4« 1659. 

England anatomized^ her disease discovered^ and the 

lemedy presciibed. 4*^ 1659. 

Englands Settlemept upon the two soltd foundations of 

the Peoples Civil and ReUgious Liberties. 4® Lond. 1659. 

Engla^ds A^&rn^» the State-Maladies & Cure ; by J. H. 

4« Umd. 1659. 

Ei^lands Mbnarcby assje^ted, and proved to be the freesC 

Sute. 4« Lond. 1660. 

Anglorum Singultus ; or tbe Sobbs of England pouret) 

oot: to be presented to his £xcellency Gen. George Monke. 4^ 
Uiid. 1660. 

An Exact History 6f tbe seyeral Changes of Govern- 

ment in England from the horrid Mqrther of King Charles I. 
to the happy restauration of King Charles II. with the renowned 
Actions of Gen. Monck : bejng the 2d Pait of Florus Anglicua 
by L D. 12« Lond. 1660. 

Metamorphosis Anglorum: or Reflections Historical 

and Political upon the late Cnanges of Goveroment in England. 
12» Lond. 1660, 

- The Interfcst of Bngland iu the mattcr of Rdigion ; by 

J. C. 12* Un4. 1660. 

A N G 

ANGLIA» The Second Part of the Interest of England in thc 

Mattcr of Religion. 13« Lond. 1660. 
■■' The Lords Loud Call to England : publ. by H. J. 4* 

Lond, 166(). 
■■ Be merry ^ wise, or a seasonable word to the Nation'. 

4« Lond. 1660. 
■ Vox et Votum populi Anglicani : in a Letter to thc Earlc 

of Manchester, by T. C. 4« Lond. 1660. 

Anglia Rediviva : a Poem on his Majesties roost joyfuU 

Reccption into England. 4^ Lond. 1660. 

Serious Sober State-ConsidCrations relating to the Go- 

vemment of England and the Garrison of Dunkirk ; by Theoph. 
Verax. 4« Lond. 1660. * 

Englands Redemption ; or a Path Way to p^acc. 4* 

Lond. 1660. 

Enghnds Faiths Defender vindicated. 4* Lond, 1660. 

The History of the Commons Warrc of England be- 

gun from 1640 and continued till this prescnt year 1662. 8* 
Lond. 166d. 

A brief Chronicle of the late intestine War in thc thrcc 

King[domes of England, Scotland^ and Ireland ; in four Parts : 
by H. I. S^ Lond. 1663. 

The English and Putcb Af&irs displaycd to (\i^ \jJSe. 

4« Lond. 1664. 

£ngland's Wants, or several Proposals probably benc- 

ficial for England, humbly olFered to the consideration of all 
Good Patriots. 4» Lond. 166/. 

' A free Conference touching the present state of Eng- 
land. 8« Lond. 1668. 

Englauds Interest by Trade assertcd j by W. C. 8* 

Lond. 1671. 

The Present Interest of England statcd. 4» Lond. 1671. 

Supplementum Historite ProvinciiC Anglise, in quo est 

Chronosticon continens Catalo^um & prsecipua Gesta Provin- 
cialium Fratnim Minorum Provincis Angliae. Annectitur 
Disp. de antiqua Provincise Prcecedentia. 4" Duac. 1671. 

Traite politique sur les Mouvemens prescns de l*AngIc- 

terre contre ses iuterests, & maximes fondamentalcs. l99 Ville 
Franche, 1671. 

The Engiish Ballance weighing thc Reasons of Eng^ 

lands present Conjunction with France ai^ainst the Dutch. 4* 
1672. • 

Thc Grand Concera of England explained. 4^ Lond. 


Englands great Happiness : or a Dial<^e between Con- 

tent and Complaint. 4** Lond. 1677. 

Les Demarches de T Angleterre vers Rome ; dans une 

"-^" ■""""""■"'"'"" ""- " *-"'i^ 

Lettrc tir^^ dc TAnglois. 12° 1679. 

Consideration ct Ouvertures sur TEstat present des Af- 

faires d'AngIeterre. 12° 1679. 


A N G 

ANGLIA. Declaratory Considerations upon the present State of 

the Aflairs of England. 8° Lond. 1679. 
■ An Antidote against the present Fears and Jealousiev 

of the Nation. 8^ Lond. 1679. 

A Dialogue between the Pope and a Phanatick^ coa« 

ceming Afiairs in England. 4^ Lond, 1680. 

Memonals of the En^ish Afiairs, or an Historical Ac« 

count of what passed from the beginning of the Reign of K. 
Charles I. to the Restoration of K. CharUs II. fol. Lond, 1682. 
A Plea for the pardoning part of the Sovraignty of the 

Kings of England. 4^ Lond. 1683. 

Rights of the Kingdom : or» Customs of our Ancestors 

touching the Duty^ Power^ &c. of our Kings and Parliaments. 
Sf^ Lond. 1682. 

The present Interest of England ; or a Confutation of 

the Whiggish Conspiratours Anti-Monyan Principle. 4^ Lond* 

An iropartial Enquiry into the Administration of Aflkirs 

in England. 4<» Lond. 1683. 

Rerum Anglicarum Scriptorum veterum Tom. I. Quo« 

mm Ingulfus nunc primum integer, cecteri nunc primum pro- 
deunt [opera Thomae Gale.] fol. Oxon. 1684. 

Historise Anglicanae Scriptores quinque ex 

vetustis Codicibus MSS. nunc primum iu Uicem editi. vol. ii. 
fol. Oxon. 1687. 

HistorisB Britannicae, Saxonicae, Anglo- 

Danicse, Scriptores xv. ex vetustis Codd. MSS. editi, opera ' 
Thomse Gale. [voL iii.] fol. Oxon. 1691. 

- Anglorum Speculum, or the Worthies of England, in 

Church and State. 8** Lond. 1684. 

Chronica luridiciaUa : or, a General Calendar of the 

Yeerg of our Lord and those of the several KJngs of j^ugland, 
to this first Year of K. Jamcs II. 8<^ Lond. 1685. 

^AShortMemorialof English History;to the year 1686. 8* 

— — Engclands Regt, op de Franse Kfbon. 4" yrysl. 1688.. 
Threc l^etters tending to demopstrate how the Security 

of the Nation against aU future persecution lys in the abo]i#h- 
ment of ihe present Penal Laws and Tests. fol. Lond. 1688. 

The true Portraiture of the Kings of England, drawn 

from their Titles^ Successions Raigns, and Ends. 4^' Lond. 1688. 

■ Engelland wie stehts um deine Freyheit ? 4*^ Lond. 1688, 

A Collection of Papers, in twelve Parts, relating to the 

preaent Juncture of AfTairs in England. 4** Lond. 1688-9. 

A Discourse of the growth of England in Populousnen 

and Trade &c. with various poUtical Remarks. fol. Lond. 1689. 
Some Observations upon the Ecdesiastical Jurisdiction 

of jhe Kings of England. 12» Lond. 1689. 

The History aml Transactions of the EngUsh Nation» 

more especiaUy hy their Representatives assemhled in ParUa- 
ment in the reign of King Charles, &c. by a person of Qu^lity. 
Ibl. Lmd. 1689. 




ANGLTA. A modest Enquiry into tlie Causes of the present Fcari 
and Dangers of the Govemment. 4* Lond, 1690. 

>■ England Undeceived, in answer to a Pamphlet entitled 

Some Ways for raising of Money. 4^ Lond. 1691. 

An impartial Enquiry into the Causes of the present 

Fears and Danger» of the Govemment. 49 Lond. 1692. 

Hinc ill8& Lachryrofe : or Englands Miseries sct forth in 

their true light. 8<> Lond. 1692. 

A French Conquest neither desirahle nor practicable : 

dedicated to the K. of England. A9 Lond. 1693. 

Englands Alamra being an Account of Gods roost con- 

siderable Dispensations of Mercy and Judgement towards tbese 
Kingdoms for fourteen Years last past. 49 Lond, 1693. 

Histoire de la demiere Conspiration d^Angieterre. & 

Lond, 1696. 

Merooires & ObservatioDS, faites par un Voyageur en 

Angleterre. ^9 Haye, 1698. 

The Interest of Enffland as it stands with reiation to the 

Trade of Ireland considered. 4^ Lond, 1698. 

Discourses on the publick Revenues and on the Trade of 

England : in two Parts. & Lond. 1698. 

— ! The present Disposition of England. 4^ Lond* 1701. 

The Claims of the People of England essayed. S9 Lond. 


Englands Corruptions and Mismanagements discovered 

in a Dialogue between Trueman & Legion. 4^ Lond, 1702. 

The History of England faithfully extracted from au- 

thentick Records, approved Manuscripts, and the most ceie- 
brated Histories. 2 vol. 8» Lond, 1702. 

The true secret History of the Lives and Reigns of all 

the Kings and Queens of England from King Wilham the fir&U 
2 vol. 8« Lond, 1702-3Q. 

A Treatise of the just Interest of the Kings of England 

in their free disposing Power, 12® Lond, 1703. 

Miscellanies historical and philoIogicaU found in tbe 

study of a Nobleman, mostly relative to English History. 8® 
Lond. 1703. 

— Englands Waminff-Piece. ji'* Lond, 1704. 

Englands second Waming, being a further Account of 

the damage <ione by the late amazing Storm that happened on 
the llth of August, 1705. fol Lond. 1705. 

A Letter to the Author of the Memorial of the State of 

England. 8® Lond. 1705. 

A Brief History of England since tlie^time of Julius 

Ccesar. fol. LonJ. 1706. 

A Letter, touching the Rise of all the Imbezzlemcnts 

and Mismanagements of the Kingdom'8 Treasure, from the Re- 
volution to this present Parliament. 4^ Amst. 1710. . 

A Letter from a foreign Minister in England to Monsr. 

Pett<acum. a* JLoiMi.1710. 


A N G 

ANGLIA. The Re-Representation : or a Modest Search after tiMi 
great Plunderers of the Nation. 8* Lond. 1711. 

■ Obsenrations upoa the State of the Nation in Jan# 

1712-13. 8» Lond. 1713. 

The Dutch better friends to England^ than the Frencb« 

8" Lond. 1713. 

A Journey through England in familiar Letters from d 

Gentkoian here to his Fnend abroad. 2 voL 99 Lmd. 1732. 
Historiae Anglicans Scriptores varii, e Codicibus Ma-« 

nuscriptis nunc primum editi [a Josepho Sparke.] foh Londi 

Le Gcnie Angloi^ ou THistoire abr^g^ des lUvolutiona 

frequentes de la Grande Bretagne. 12^ Dubl. 1723. 

Tbe Critical Histor j of £nglandj Ecclesiastical and Cirtl^ 

2vol. ^Lcmd. 1726. 

8« Lcmd. 1728. 

■ Remarks on the History of Engknd^ from the Mintitet 

of Humphry Oldcastle. S^' Lond. 1743. 
^- The History of England during the Reiens of King 

William, Q. Anne & K. George I. with an Intn)ductoty Re^ 
view of the Reigns of the royal brothers Charles and James^ 
in which are to ^ found the Seeds of the Revolution. fol. Lond* 

•> The visible Pursuit of a foreign Interestj in oppositioit 

to the Interests of England, proved from facts stated in a cir« 
cular Rescript. 8» Lmd. 1745. 

Hie Important Question discussed ; or a serious En 

quiry into the true Intere^t of Englandy with respect to the 
CoDtinent. ^ Lond, 1746. 

An Argument to prove the Affections of the People of 

En^duKl to be the best Security of the Govemment 8^ Lond. 

■ ' ■■ The Free^bom £n'o;lishman's unmask'd Battery. 8*^ Lond^ 

The Ca«e re-stated, or an Examine of a late Pamphlet 

cntitled "The State of the Nation for the Year 1747, &c." 8" 

- An Historical Essay upon the BaDance of Civil Power 

in Eo^land. ^ Lond. 1748. 

An Inquiry into the Rights of free Subjects, in which 

the Cases of the Britidh Sailors and Soldiers are consider^d & 
compared. 8« Lond. 1749. 

A SmaH Voice to England. 12^ Lond. 1749. 

A New History of England, Fr, and Eng. by Question 

and Answer. 12^ Lond. 1749. 

Successions and Charactera of the Kings of England. 8* 

Lond. 1751. 

The Parliamentary or Constitutional History c^England 

from the earliest times. 23. vol. 8^ Lond. 1751-63. 




A N G 

AKGLIA. A Discoutse on the Establishmeht of a Natiotial and 
Constitutional Force in England. 8^ Lond. 1757. 

; ■ A sixth Letter tothe People of England on the ProgreM 

of National Ruin. 8** Lmd, 1757. - * 

A General Index to the Twenty-three Volumea of th« 

Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England. 8^ JJmd* 

One mofe Letter to the People of England ; by tbeir 

Old Friend. 8« Lond. 1763. 

Descriptio Angli» et Descriptio Londini : hdmt two 

Poems in Lat. Verse, suppoeed to be written in the iiLVth 
Century. 4^ Lond. 1763. 

England Illustrated. 2 voli 4^ Lcmd. 1764. 

A ^ort Address from an honest old Man to the good 

People of England^ on their preseht critical Situation. 8^ Lond. 

A Genferal View of England> respecting its Policy, Trade 

Commerce, Taxes, &c. from 1600 to 1762, by M. V. D. M. 
transl. from the French. 8^ Lcmd. 1766. 

The Beauties of England. 8« Ii»nd. 1767* 

An Historical Dissertation conceming the Antiquity of 

the English Constitution. 8<^ Edinb. 1768. 
*— — The-Present State of the Nation: particularly with 

respect to its Trade, Finani^es, &c. &c. ^ Ltind. 1768. 

. ed. ali. 8« Lond. 1768. 

A Six Weeks Tour throusrh thc Southem Counties of 

England and Wales } by the AuUior of the Farmer^s Letters. 
8» Lond. 1768. 

Observations on a late State of the Nation. 8*^ Lond. 


ed. aU. with an Appendix. 8* 

Land. 1769. 

An Appendix to the Present State of the Nation. 8* 

L(md. 1769. 

A Description of England and Wales. 10 vol. 13^ Lond. 


Considerations on the Trade and Finances of this King* 

dom. 8^ Limd. 1769. 

Considerations on the PoHcy, Commerce, $tnd Circum- 

stances of the Kingdom. 8^ Lcmd. 1771. 

An Historical Essay on the Enghsh Constitution. 8^ 

Lcmd. 1771. 

Histoired'Ang1eterre, en forme de Lettres d^un Seigneur 

d son fils : trad. de l'Anglois. 2 tom. 8<^ Lond. 1777. 

Annecdotes Historiques sur les piincipaux personnages 

qui jouent maintenant un Role en Angleterre. S^ 1784. 

Remarks upon the History of the landed and commer- 

cial policy of England, from the Invasion of the Romans to the 
accession of James the first. 2 vol. 8® Lond. 1785. 

An Essay on the Polity of England. S^' Lond. 1785, 


A N G 

ANGLIA. An Account of all the Manors, Mewuages, Lands» 
Tenements and Hereditaments^ in the diflferent Counties of 
England and Wales hdd by Lease from the Crown. fol. Lond, 

TTie Medallic History of England to the Revolution. 4® 

Lmd, 1790. 

Ad Anglos, Ode gratulatoria a S. H . 4® Lond. 


The State of the Representation of England and 

Wales, delivered to the Society, the Friends of the People, 
Fd). 9. 1793. 8*> Lond. 1793. 

A History of England, in a Series of Letters from a 

Nbbkman to his Son. 2 vol. 13® Land. 1793. 

A Comparative Sketch of England and Italy, witb Dis- 

qnisitions on National Advantages. 2 vol. 8® Lond' 

The New State of England. 8» 

TTie Beauties of England and Wales, vol. i — ^xi. 8® 

Lmd. 1801—1810. 

Historiss Anglicanse circi tempus Conquestus Angliae 

i Guliehno Notho^ Normannorum Duce, Selecta Monumenta : 
cam iiotis pluhmis, Anglo Sermone conscriptiSf a Francisco 
Maseres. 4^ Lond. 1807. 
The Real State of Enjrland. m.dcccix. 8^ Lond, 1810. 

ANGLIA Nava, v. new-england. 

ANGLICUS (gilbertus) v, gilbertus. 

ANGLICUS rJOANNEs) V. gadesden. 

ANGLING. The Secrets of Angling, by J. D. Esq. augmented 

with many approved Experiments, by W. Lauson. 12^ Lond. * 


8<> Lond, 1811. 

The Art of Angling. 4<> Lond. 1653. 

The Compleat Fisher^ or the true Art of Angling : by 

J. S. 16« 1704. 

The Gentleman Angler. 8« Lond. 1726. 

12* Lond. 1786, 

The Modern Angler, being a practical Treatbe on the 

Art of Fishing, &c. in a Series of Letters to a Friend. 12* Osw. 

The North-Country Angler. 8* Lond. 1786. 

Pi*aotical Observations on Angling in the River Trerit. 

8« Ncwark, 1801. 
ANGLOIS (pierre t') Discours des Hieroglyphes EgyptienSj 

Emblemes, Devises, et Armoiries. 4® Par. 1584. 
ANGLOJUDiEUS, v. jud^i. 
ANGLUS Rocchensis. v. agidius Romanus. 
ANGLUS (thomas) ex Albiis. v. white. 
ANGO (pierre) Pratique generale des Fortifications. 8® Moulint. 


L*Optique, divisee en trois Livres. 12® Par. 1682. 

ANGRA. Constituico Sinodaes do Bispado Dangra. fol. Lisb. 

ANGUIANO (matheo de) Epitome historial y Conquista espiri- 

tual del Imperio Abyseino. 4^ Madr. 1706. 

VoL. L R A^G\3IL- 


AN6UILLARA (luici) Seiii{)lici : da M. Giov. MBrinQUpmiiw 

dati \u\\xct.^ Vcn. 156L 
ANGUIS in Herba ; or tbe fatal CoDfiequenoes of a Trea^ wiih 

France. 8« Lond. 1711. 
ANGUISOLA (ant.) Compendiiim simplicium et compositorum 

Medicamentorum : annectitur Unicomis historia. 8® Piacmu, 

ANGUS (john) Funeral Sermon occasioned by the death of the 

rev. David Parry. 8^ Lond, 1770. 

■ Sennon at the Funeral of the rev. Thomas Davidson : 
to which is added an Address at tfae grave by the rev. WiU# 
Cooper. 8<> Lond, 1788. 

ANHALT. SecreU Principis Anhaltini Cancellaria. 4« 1621. 

■ Brevis Informatio & Responsio solida ad prsecipua ca- 
pita, loca, & puncta Secretae Cancellaritt Bavarico-Aubaltjne. 
Accesnt prseterea Li^itconis Thomsonii Carlomontii Dissertatio 
de Causis nuper Motse Bohemiie. 4P 16:^. 

ANHORN (bartholom£us) v. hartwiss. 

ANHORN (sTLv. SAM.) Disp. Med. de Febre Tertiana simplici. 

4« HeidM, 1679. 
ANIANUS (mac.) V, chrysostomus. 

■ Compotus Manualis : cum lacobi Marsi commentario» 

cumoue Nicolai Bonespei Kalendario. 8® Par, 1519. 
ANICIUS (probus) V. battellus. 
ANJEMA (henry) Table of Divisors of all the natural Numben 

from 1 to 10,000. 49 Leyd. 1767. 
ANIMA. Le Pelerinage de lame. fol. Par. ap. Verard, 1499. 

■ Petit Discours Chrestien de rimmortalite de rAme. 8* 
Par. 1637. 

De TAme des Betes : par A. D * * *. 12« Lyon. 1680. 

De Revolutione Animarum humananim^ Centuri» duae. 

W Lond. 1684. 

La Doclrine de rEcriture Sainte sur la Nature de 

TAme. 12« Lond. 1703. 

Le Sisteme des Anciens et des Modemes sur Tetat det 

Ames separ^es des Corps. 8^ Amst. 17S3. 

Anonymi cujusdam Seria Disquisitiode Statu^ Loco^ & 

Vita Animarum po»tquam discesserunt d coi*poribus prsesertim 

fidelium. 12« 

Tempus Lifusionis Animce. 4« 

ANIMAL. La Description philosophale de la Nature et Condition 

des Animaux. 8« Lyon. 1561. 
■ Recentiorum Disceptationes de motu Cordis^ Sang^uinis^ 

& Chyli in Animalibus. 4« Lugd. B. 1647. 

Syllabus Partiym Animalium essentialium et simila- 

rium. 4« Lond. 1732. 
ANiOS (fr. manoel dos) Historia universal. 4« Coimb. 1653. 
ANJOU. Cahier contenant les Vceux des Communes de la Pro- 

vince d'Ai\iou. 8« Jngen. 1789. 

I/Angevin P^triote. 8« [1788.] 

Lettre Circulaire de quelques Membres du Tiers-£tat 

d'Anjou a MM. les Cwri» du "Dioc&e, convoquis pour l'Assem- 

b)it d4> 16 Mars. 8» [1789.1 


A. nr » 

iMIOU. No. IIL Le Patriote Avi^vin. 8> IVm. 

■ ■ Ltttre a un- Seigneur d^Anjon, accufte dc tnMnper 1e 
People. 8* 

Modkle de Ddl^ces pour les ParoisseB de l'Af)joa.- 8*- 


ANISIUS (er. joach.) Dissert. de Ophthaimia^ ejusque specie 

Venerea dicU. 4* Lugd. Bat. 1725. 
ANNA, S. B. Virg. Mater. v, anroux. 
— — L^Histoire de Madame Saincte Anne, de set Pftren8> kr 

de la Vie, Miracles, & Exemples. 8® Ano. 1544; 

MoUfOfi a la Devocion de la gloriosa Santa Ana. 8* 


An Abridgment of the Prerogatives of St Ann; 4* 

Umd. 1688. 

ANNA (Jac. L Regina) v. campion. CANTABaioiAv 
ANNA Ducissa Eboracensis. v. cantabrigia. 
ANNA JOANNOV^NA. Rxtss. Imperat. Beschreibung der Hoben 

Salbung und Cronung. fol. Petersb. 1731. 
Oratio qna sereniss. potentiss. atque invictiss. Dom. 

Anns Rutfaenorum Imperatrici pacem cum Turcis restitutam 

Iinperii Rutheni Ordines gratulati sunt. d« 14 Febr. A. 1740 : 

e Rutheno in Lat. conversa. 4^ Petrop. 

Gall. 4,^ Petersb. 

ANNA MARIA. The Poems of Anna Maria. &* Cakutta. 1793. 
ANNALES Sacri, a Mundi Creatione, ad Incamationem Christi. 

Arab. Lat. 4«^ Ram. 
ANNAMABOE. The Royal African : or Memoirs of the young 

Prince of Annamaboe. 8^ Lond. 
ANNAND (william) Panem Quotidianum : oraShort Discourse 

tending to prove the legality, decency, & expediency of Set 

Forms of Prayer in the (Jhurches of Christ. 4^ Lond. 1661. 
ANNAS Burgensis. v. matthjeus. 
ANNE, SMmi of Great Britain. v. blowbr. boysb. butlbii. 


The Princess Anne of Denmark's Letter to the Queen. 


The Earl M^rsbai^s Order conceming her CoronBtion. 

fd. 1703. 

Ad aug^stiss. atque optimam Annam Reginam de feK« 

cissimis Regni siii initiii^, et rebus terra marique bene gestit, 
imprimi» de insigni ipud Vigum reportata Victoria Oratio» 4P 
Land. 1703. 

An Oration> sacred to the Imperial Majesty of Ann» 

Queen of Greal Britain. 8<> Lond. 1707. 

A Collection of all ber Mi\|esty's Speeches^ Messagea» 

&c. froin her Accession to the 21 of June 1712. ^ iMid. 

Representation de la Chambre des Coromunes a la 

Reine au suiet des engagemens des AUiez pour ia Guerre pre- 
aente. 12* Colog. 1712. 

A N N 

ANNE^ Sueen qf Great Britain. A full and tnie Account of a 
« moet horrid and cruel Plot against the Queen at Kemington> on 

Wednesday nightlast. fol. Lond. 1713. 

I Her Majesties Letter to the States of Holland, occa« 

sion'd by the late difierences, June 30, 1712. fol. Ltmd. 


De Pace ab optima nostra Regina felicissime constituta 

Carmen Gratulatorium. 4® Lond, 1713. 

An Inquiry into the Miscarriages of the four last Yeara 

Reign. »> Lond, 1714. 

The Earl Marshars Order relating to the solemnity of 

her Interment. fol. Lond. 1714. 

A funeral Oration on the death of the incomparable 

Princess Queen Anne. 8^ Lond. 1714. 

Ahab^s evil, a funeral Discourse on a late occasion 

[The death qfStueen Anne.] 8« Lond. 1714. 

A Collection of ail Queen Anne's Speeches, Messagea, 

&c. from her Accession to the Throne to her demise. 8* Lond. 

A modest Enquiry into the reasons of the Jov express- 

ed by a certain Sett of People upon the spreading of a Report 
of her Majesty's death. 8* Lond. 1714. 

The kepresentation of the House of Commons to tfae 

Queen, vfith her Majesties Aiiswer, 1713, with her Speech to 
Parliament, &c. all relatiog to the Peace. 8^ Lond. 1715. 

Queen Anne^s Reasons for hcr Conduct, both with re- 

spect to the War and Peace ; and her Majesty's characters of . 
King William III. his Mayesty K. George, the Frenph King, 
and the Pretender. 8® Lond. 1715. 

Memoirs of Queen Anne, being a compleat Supple- 

mcnt to the History of her Reign. 8® Lond. 1739. 

The Retum made by the Govemors of the Bounty of 

Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the 
poor Clerey. fol. Lond. 1736. 

Memoirs of the four last Years of the Reign of Queen 

Anne. 8« Lond. 1743. 

Good Queen Anne vindicated> and the Jngratitude, 

Insolence, &c. of her Whig Ministry and the AUies detected 

and exposed in the beginning and conducting of the War. 8* 

Lond. 1748. 
ANNELEY (samuel) ll.d. v. annesley. 
ANNESANTES (franciscus) de Ferentillo* Brevis et compen- 

diosa Febrium Doctrina. 13^ Rom. 1669. 

■ De Morbo MdanchoUse cum suis diflerentiis. 13* Ram. 
1670. . 

ANNESLEY (arthur) Earl qf Anglesey. v. butler. pett. 


■ A true Accouut of the whole Proceedings betwixt bis 
Grace James Duke of Ormond and the Rt. Hon. Arthur £arl of 
Angksey, before the King and Council. foL Lond. 1683. 


A N N. 

ANNESLEY (arthur) Earl qfAnglesey. A Letter from London 
ooQceming My Lord and Lady Anglesea^s Case. fol. 1701. 

■ A Vindication of the £arl of Anglesey, withsome Rea- 

sons why the Bill to separate bim and his wife oueht not to pass. 

A Letter from a Peer to a Member of the House of 

Commons about the Countess of Anglesey^s Bill. 8^ 

The Privileges of the House of Lords and Commons 

argued and stated, in two Conferences between both Houses 
April 19 and 32, 1671 : to which is added a Discourse wherein 
tfae Rigfats of the House are truly asserted. 8^ Lond, 1702. 

ANNESI^Y (george) Viscount Valentia, Voyages and Travels 
in India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in tbe 
yean 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806. 3 vol. 4« Lond. 

ANNESLEY (james) The Trial between Campbell Craig, his 
JesBce, and Richard Earl of Anglesey, before the Barons of his 
Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland. fol. Lond. 1744. 

ANNESLEY (joh.) Disp. Philos. continens varias Considerationes 
de Astronomii vulgari. 4^ Lugd, Bat, 1671. 

ANNESLEY (maurice) His Case. fol. 

ANNESLEY (samuel) ll.d. v. casuistical Exercises. 

A Sermon preachcd to the H. of Commons, July 26, 

1648. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

Communion with God : in two Sermons preachM at 

Pauls. 4<» Lond. 1655. 

A Sermon preached at the funeral of rev. Wm. Whita- 

ker. 8« Lond. 1673. 

The Life and Funeral Sermon of the Rev. Mr. Thomas 

Brand. 8« Lond. 1692. 
ANNESON (jAMEs) Carolanna, that is to say a Poeme in honour 

of our King Charles James, Queene Anne, and Prince Charles. 

ANNET (peter) Annet's Short-hand. 8» Lond. 
— — Expeditious Penmanship ; or Short Hand improved. 8" 


Lectures. 8® Lond. 

ANNIANUS (berosus) r. florchen. 

ANNILO (oaosius)De Bello Dano-Anglico. 4<> 

ANNIUS (joANNEs) Viterbensis. v. berosus. 

— De Comentariis Antiquitatum. fol. Rofn. 1498. 

— — Antiquitatum vaharum Voiumina xvii. fol. Par. 1512. 

ANNOSUS (fidel ) Synopsis Apostasis Marc. Ant. de Dominif 

dim Archiep. Spalatensis. 8^ Antv. 1617. 

' Hypocrisis Marc. Ant. de Dominis detecta, seu Ccn- 

sura in ejus libros de Rcpublica Ecclesiastica prseambula pleoi- 

ori Responsioni. 8^ AtUw. 1620. 
ANNOTATIONES doctorum Virprum in Grammaticos, Ora- 

tores, Poetas, Philosophos, Theologos & legrss. fol. Par. 1511. . 
ANNUITANT. The Rt. Hon. Annuitant vindicated ; in a Let- 

ter to a Fhend in the Country. 8^ Lond. 1761. 



ANSTRUTHER (albxandeii) Reports of Cases argued uid de« 
termined in tbe Court of Exchequer from Micbaelmas Term 
S6 Geo. III. to Trinity Term 37 Geo. III. both inclusive. vol. 
III. ^Lond. 1797. 

ANSTRUTHER (Sir john) His Case. fol. 

■ Remarks on Sir John Anstnither^s Case. fol. 

ANSTRUTHER {Sir william) Clause from Queen Anne's Char- 
ter to him of the Lands of Ely. fol. 

A^^iTARVETUS (joannes) v, baucynetus. 

i^— Apologia pro judicio Scholae Pansiensis de Alchimia: 
ad Harveti & Baucyneti recoctam crambem. 12^ Par. 1604. 
Animadversiones in Joannis Antarveti, Medicinse can- 

didati, Apologiam pro judicio Scholse Parisiensis, dc Aichymia. 

4» Francof. 1604. 
ANTELMIUS (josephus) De Initiis Ecclesiae ForojuUensis Dis- 

sertatio: accessere Appendices tres. 4^ Aquis-sextiis. 1680. 
ANTES (john) Observations on the Mannersand Customs of the 

Egyptians. 4<» Lond. 1800. 

ANTHEMS. Divine Harroony; or a New Collection of Select 

Anthems. S^ Lond. 1712. 
ANTHOLOGIA. Anthologia Epigrammatum Grscorum, edente 

Jano Lascari^ Gr. llitt. majuscuHs, cum Pr<rfatione. edit. 

princeps. Exemplar impressum in membranis.] Flor. per Laur. 

Franc. de Alopa. 4® 1494. 

' Florilegium diversorum Epigrammatum in septem Li- 

bros. Gr. ^ Ven. Ald. 1503. 

8® Flor. per fiaredes Ph. Juntte. 1519. 

Solerti nuper repurgatum cura. m.d.xxi. 

8* Ven.inad.Aldi.U2\. 

cui nonnulla nuper inventa Epig^mma- 

ta in fine adjecta sunt. 8® Ven. Ald. 1550. [in caicevcro 1551.] 

H. Stepjh. 4^ Lut. 1566. 

annotationibus Joannis Brodsei necnon 

Vincentii Obsopsi, & Grscis in pleraque Epigrammata scholiis 
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Anthologise Grsecorum Epigrammatum Liber primus 

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■ Anthologicum Grseco-Latinum : hoc est insigniores Flores 

seu Sententiffi decerptseex Hesiodo^ Theognide, Pythagora, Pho- 
cylide, Arato, et Theocrito. His accesserunt alii tres libelli ex 
scriptis Platonis, Xenophontis, Plutarchi, et Justini Marlyris, 
confecti per Michaelem Neandrum Sorauiensem. 8^ Bas. 1556. 



ANTHOLOGIA. Epigrammata Graeca sdecta ex Anthologia. 

Or. Lat. ab H. Steptiano : qutedam & ab aliis. 8® 1570. 
—— — Flores diversorum Epi^rrammatum veterum, c septem. 

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Antholof2fia»seuCollectioomnium vetenim Inscriptionum 

Poeticarum, tamGr. quam Lat. in antiquis Lapidibus ticulptarum, 
indecem Classes distributa; prasposita singulis Classibus Disser- 
tati€oe»ac Notiscuique In^criptioni insertis, aP. Francisco Maria 
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Anthologia or the Speach of Flowers : partly morall. 

panly mi>ticall. 12® Lond. 1655. 

The English Anthologry. 3 vol. 8® Lond. 1793-4. 

ANTHONIE (pRANcis) MedicinsChymicseetVeripotabihs Auri 
Assertio» ex lucubrationibus Fra. Anthonii Londinensis. 4^ 
CamieA. 1610. 

— — >^pologia Veritatia illucescentis, pro Auro potabilL 4" 
Limd. 1616. 

Engl. 4« Lond. 1616. 

■ Panacea Aurea : sive Tractatus duo de ipsins Auro po- 

tabili. 9" Hamb. 1618. 
ANTHONIUS (franciscus) v. anthonigu 
ANTHON Y. The Voyce of the Lord in the Temple : or a 

moit strange and wonderfuU Relation of Gods great Power in 

lending verystrange Sounds, Fire, and a fiery Ball into the 

Chnrch of Anthony in ComwalU neere Plimmouth^ on Whit* 

sunday last, 1640. 4^ Lond. 1640. 
ANTHONY, King of PortugaL v. antonius. 
ANTHONY (cH.) Gods Presence Mans Comfort, or Gods Invi- 

•ibilitie manifested unto Mans Capacitie : the Heads of which 

Tractate were deUvered in a Sermon at the Abbey of Westmin* 

fter. 4« Lond. 1646. 
ANTHONY Tjohn) m.d. The Comfort of the Soul laid down by 

way of Meditation upon some heads of Christian Religion. 4* 

Lond. 1654. 
■' Lucas Redivivus» or the Gospell Physitian. 8* Lond. 

ANTHROPOLOGIE abstracted : or the Idea of humane Nature 

refl^cted in bnefe philosophicall and anatomicaU CoUections. 8^ 

Lond. 1655. 
Vou L 5 . ANTttB.0^0- 

A N T 

ANTHROPOTOMIE, ou FArt de dinequer. 2 tom. 8^ Pat. 

ANTIATE (tiiiau«o) Lettera a Filaleti della vera ttona deik 

Cicloide, e della famosittima espenenza dell' Argento mo. 4* 
ANTICHRIST. De Eoclesia Dei ab Antichristo pel> e)iw exci- 

diuiQ liberanda, e&que ex Dei^romiasis beatiatim^ reparanda. 4* 
■ ■ Imag. Figura. seu Reprasentatio AQtecristi pesimt. 

Apoca. xiii. Cp. 4^. Michel le Noir. 

Vindicatio prioris Dbputationis partis, in qua de Anti- 

christi Descriptione legitima agitur A sophistioa et calunmioM 
Johannis Aquepontani confutatkoe. 4^ 

Antichristua, site Prognostica Vms Mundi: ez Mat- 


tbsi xxiiii. Cap., Daniele, & aliis Scripturs locis. 4® Bos. pcr 

L'Ant)eehriBt Romain oppos^ i rAntechrist Inif du 

CanL BeUarmin. 19^ 1604. 

A SchoksticaU Discovrge agahKt symbohziog wilh Aa* 

tiohrist in Ceremonies, especially in the Signe of the Crosfle. 

Of ADticbrtst, and the End of tbe Wbiid. Ediibited 

in a Collection of Passages out of a Tract entituled " TheDoc- 
trine of the Scriptures concerning the Seate of Domiaion." 4*- 
Lond. 1651. 

A True Separation between the Power of the Spirit and 

tfae Imitalion of Antichrist. 4« [1654.1 

A fiuthfttl Discovery of aireacnerous Design of Mysti- 

cal Antichrist, containing an Examination of many Doctdnes of 
the People calfed Quakers. ^ L&nd. 1655. 

Antichrists Man of War apprehended and tetotmlered 

withal, by a SouUber bf the Ai^e of tbe Lamb. 4<» Lmd. 1655. 
A Treatise of the three Evils of the last Tiities : as «Ib» 

of the ensuing Coming of Antichrist, aocording to Ihe nalion 
of the ancient Fathers. 8^ Lond, 1711. 

ANTICIPATION : oontaining the Substartce of his M-^ — .y'a 

Speech to both H s of P— ri 1« on the opening of die 

approaching ScsBion, tDgether with an Account of the Debate 

which wUl take place in die. H ■ t of C s on the Motion 

for the Address> and the Am^dment. 8^ Loind. 1778. 

ANTICK. The Picture of an Englis^i Antick, with a list df hh 
ridicttlous HaWtB and «pish Gestures. foL Lond. 1646. 


ANTI-OOTTON^ or a Refutation of Cottoo's Letter DeckMitory 
lately directed to the Queen Regent of Fianee, and apologisins 
for the Jestiita touching tfae DDetsroe of killing Kings. 4P Lond. 

' 1689. 

ANTI-COVENANT. The Anti-Covenant, or a sad GompUnt 
conceming the New Oath or Covenant 4P Onf. 1643. 

ANTI-COURTISAN, ou Defense du Droit Annuel : contre ka 
tnconuenients queiei Gourtisans hiy imputent par C.D.F. 8* 
Pwt. 1618. 



AimpOTA&njM. The Antidotlmriiis, id the wh|ch (hoU mayA 
lenie howe thou shalte make many and dyuers nobie Playaters, 
Sduf», &c. 8* Lfmd. Rob. Wyer. 

' c<L aU. 8® Lond. Boh, Wyer. 

Antidotarium^ ex multis optimisque autfaoribuB coUec* 

tum, castigalum, et accurate digeBtum. 8^ Vefu 1559. 

■ Antidotarii Bononiensia JEpitome. 4* Bonon, 1574« 

Antidotarium a Bonon: Med: C<JIegio ampliatum. 4^ 

JBoiMMi. 1606. 

Antidotarii Romanii seu de modo componendi Medica- 

menta qus sunt in usu, Opus, Pharmacopolis Medicisque non 
miuos utile q«am necessarium. 12^ Rom. 1583. 

ly MedioL 1607. 

/to/. trad. da Ippolito CeccareUi. 

4« Rom. 1619. 

4« Milan. 1635. 

4» B^. 1639. 

Antidotarium speciale sacve Domus magni Hospitalia 

Urbis VessansB. 4* Ven. 1642. 

Antidotarium Gandaviense. 4® (xandao. 1656. 

ANTIDOTE. The Antidote animadverted l^ P. AP [1645.] 
ANTI FIMBRIA» or an Answer to the AntmadTersions uppon the 

laA Spceches ojf the Fiue Jesuits cxecuted at Tybume. 4® 1679. 
ANTIGONUS Caiymus. Mirabil. Narratipnum Congeries, Gr* 

Lat. Guil. Xylandro interp. &> Bom. 1568. 
-*- Historiarum inemorabilium CoUectanea, Gr. Lat, cum 

Doti» lo. MeuTsii. 4<» Lugd. B. ap. Elz. 1619. 
ANTI-JACOBIN a Hudiforastic Poem, in twenty one Cantos. 8^ 

m^. 1794. 
— The Antijacobin, or WeekJy Ezaminer. No. 1—86. 

¥Uiul. 1797-8. 
ANTI-LEVELLERS Antidote against the most venomous of the 

SeqKoits» the subUUest MonqioKzers. 4^ Lond. [1652.] 
ANTILLES. Histoire natureUe & morale des AtitUles de T Ame- 

liwie. 4^ Roiterd* 1658. 
ANTI-MARIANA. v. mariana. 
ANTIMONY. UAnUmonio cioe' TratUtodelIemaraviglioseVirt& 

ddl'AnUmooiocommune. 4? Torin. 1638. 
- Observations sur TAntimoine & sur la necessit^ inevi- 

tabk de )a Connoissance & Usage de la Chemie. 4^^ Pasr. 4651. 
Prolusiones Apologeticae approbatorum Stibii adversus 

aiitfaorem libdli qui inscribitur Pithoegia. 4' Par. 1654. 
—— La Stimmimachie> ou le Combat des Medecins mo- 

demes touchant TUsage de l'Antimoine; Poeme Historico* 

miaue : par le Sieur C. C. ^ Par. 1656. 
ANTINOMIANS. Antinomians and Familists condemned by the 

Synod of Elders in New England. 4<^ Lond. 1643. 
■ An Antidote against Anttnomianisme^ the first Dosis : 

by D. H. 4« Lond. 1644. 



ANTINOMIANS. A Declaration against tbe Antinomians and 

their doctrine of Liberty. 4® Ixmd. 1644. 
■ A Short Story of the rise, reign, and ruin of the Anti- 

nomians, Familists, & Libertines that infected the Churches of 

New En^land. 4® Lond. 1644. 

The Antinomians Christ confbunded> and the Lord'8 

Christ exalted. 4<» Lond. 1644. 
. . A Declaration of the Congregational Ministers in and 

about London against Antinomian Errors and ie:norant and 

scandalous persons intruding themseives into the Ministry. 8* 

Lond. 1699. 
ANTIOCHENUS Patriarcha. Hymnus Angelonitn sacrA medi- 

tatione expressus : cui accessit Patriarchfle Antiocheni Oratio de 

Nativitate Chris^ti ex Arab. in Lat. translata a Joh. Fabricio. 4* 

Lugd,Bat, 1640. 
ANTIPODES. The Antipodes^ or Reformatton with the heelea 

upwards. 4*> Osf. 1647. 
ANTIQU ARIES; Society qf. Copy of the Royal Charter\ and 

Statutes of. 8® Lond. 1752. 

— 8« Lond. 1759. ^ 

4<> Lond. 1800. 

Queries proposed to Gentlemen in the several Parts of 

Great Britain [by the Society of Antiquaries]. 8^ Lond. 1754. 
Vetusta Monumenta qu» ad rerum Britannicarum me- 

moriam conservandam Societas Antiquariorum Londini sumpta 
8Uo edenda curavit. 3 tom. fol. Lona. 1747-96. 

An Index to the three first Volumes of Vetusta Moau- 

menta. fol. Lond. 1810. 

Archaeologia : or Miscellaneous Tracts rektiog to Anti- 

quity. Published by the Society of Antiquaries. v<4. i to xvi. 
4« Lond. 1770—1812. 

A List of the Members of the Society from their levival 

in 1717 to June 19, 1796. 4» Lond. 1798. 

An Index to the first fifteen Volumes of Archaeologia. 

4« Xon(i. 1809. 
ANTIQUARIAN Repertory, a Miscellany intended to preservc 

and illustrate several valuable Remains of old Tioies. 5 vol. 4^ 

Lond. 1775-84. 
ANTiaUITATES. Antiquitatum varianim Auctores. 12» Ltigd. 

apud Gryph. 1552. 
! ■■ »■ ' ■ Les.dii&rentes Moeurs et Coustumes des anciens Peu- 

ples. 12« Anut. 1670. 

'A^X**o'"«>«'^» or a View of Anliquity i by J. H. ^Lond. 


Dissertations historiques sur divers sujets d^Antiquit^. 

8» Par. 1706. 

-r^ Ragionamento sopra un' antico Lagrimatorio steso in 

Icttera a Monsignore Marcello Severoli. 4« 1707- 

Essay^ upon several Subjects conceming British Antiqui- 

ties: composdl anno m.dccxlv. 8^ Edinb» 1747« 


A N T 

ANTISATYRIST, a Dialogue. 8» Dublln. 1750. 
ANTISTES (hen. jul.) r. reiiieccius. 
ANTISTHENES. v. socrates. 

Orationes, Gr. ciira J. J. Reiskii. 8* Ups, 1773. • 

ANTOINE (dominique) Methodc pour conserver la Sant^, rai« 

Ttnt le Coura des Saisons et des difierens temperamens. 2 tom. 

l^^Par. 1699. 
ANTONI (ludov. jerem.) De Actione Ventriculi in comminueii« 

diicibid. 4« Giess. 1712. 
ANTONIDES (joan.) v. paulus Aposiolus. 
ANTONIDES (pbtrus) Disp. Theol. de Homine ejusque crea* 

tione. 4^ Franeq. 1681. 
ANTONINI (l*abbe') Traite de la Gtfammaire Italienne. «• Par. 


— Memorial de Paris & de ses Environs. 8* Par. 1734. 

— Dictionaire Italien^ Latin, & Fran^ois. 4® Par. 1738. 

■ Riroe de' piu illustri Poeti Italiani scelte dall' Abbate 

Antonini. 2 toto. 8" Par. 1739. 

Raccolta de Rime Italiane. 2 tom. 12® Par. 1744. 

ANTONINO (PiLippo) A' Discorsi deir Antichita' di Sarsina et 
de' Costumi Romani Introduttione. 4® Sars. 1606. 

— — — IX;IIa Antichitd di Sarsitia^ et de' Costumi Romani nd 
Trionfo et nel Triclinio antico, Distconsi. 4* Sars. 1607. 

ANTONINUS Archiep. Florent. v. salviati. 

■ Prima Pars Summe fratris Anthonini» in qua agitur de 
Anima et de pertinentibus ad ipsam. Ven. ap. Jenson. foi. 1479. 

— — Quarta Para Summe Antonini. Ven. ap. Jenson. fol. 1480. 

■ Summa Theolo^iae. 4 vol. fol. 1485. 
Opus excellentissimum Hystoriarum seu Cronicarum 

ouperrime per magistrum Johannem de Gradibus emendatum. 
3 tom. fol. Lugd. 1512. 

ConfesBionale Anthonini : seu Summula Confessionis. 8^ 


— — Summa Confcssionalis. 16^ Ven. 1584. 
— — Cbroniconim Opus in tre» partes divisum : opera et 

studio Petri Maturi. fol. Lugd. 1586. 
ANTONINUS Liberalis. Transformationum Congeries, €h. Lat. 

Guil. Xylandro interpr. &^ Bas. 1568. 
— — ' cum Thoms Munckeri notis^ quibus 

suas adjecit Hcn. Vcrheyk. 8® Lugd. Bai. 1774. 
ANTONINUS (marcus aurblius) v. epicurus. patin. 
■ ■ Liore dore de Marc Aurele, traduict de vulgaire Castil- 

lisB en FraQfoys, par R. B. de la Grise. 4<> Par. 1531. 

12» Par. 1549. 

Au^, 12« Lond. 1553. 
Hisp. 4'' Anv. 1543. 

De SeipBO> seu Vita siia^ Libri xii.' Gr. Lat. Qiblidmo 

Xylandro interpr. 8« Tig. 1559. 

8° Bas. 1568. 

— Accessit Marini Proclus, item Gr. 

Lat. » Lugd. 1626. 

ANTONINUS (MAWU8 AtJB^Livs) J>e 6eip6o, seu Vitft But, libri 
XII. cum anaotat. M. Casauboni. 8^ Lond, 1643. 

— studio oper&que Tboni» Gatakeri. 4® 


tabr, 1662. 

aucta, et idoneis Sqrif»!. 

veterum lestimoniis firmata^ i Geo. Stanbopc. 4® Jjimd, 1697. 
— — — recogniti et notis illustrati. 12^ Oxon. 1680. 
■> 8« Oxan. I704w 

Piigillaria Imperatoris M. A. Antoniai Gr. Lat. ex in- 

terpr, Gatakeri, curante loanne Petro de Joly. 13® Par, 1774. 
His Meditations conceming bimsdfe, translated out of 

tbe onginal Greeke, with notes^ bv Meric Casaubon. IThis 
Cof»f luLs ihe manuscript Notes and AddiHom qf the Editor,'^ 4fi 
Lond. 1634. 

The Emperor Marcus Antoninus his Conversation with 

himselC together with the preliminary Discourseof the leamed 
Gataker, as also the Emperors Life written by M. D^acier and 
supported by the authorities collected by Dr. Stanhope^ to which 
18 added the Mythoiogical Picture of Cebes, &c. tianal. into 
English from the respective Originals by Jeremy CcUitf. 8^ 
Lond, 1701. 

The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus AureUus An.* 

toninqs. S^ Glasg. 1742. 

The Commentaries of the Emperor Marcas Aurelius 

Aiitoninus> containuig his Maxims of Science, and Bules of 
Lifej wrote for his own use and addressed to himseUe : transL 
from the Greek by James Thomson. 8^ Lond. 1747. 

Pens^es de rEmpereur M. A. Antonin ; ou Le^ons de 

Vertu : nouveile traduction du grec, par M. de Joly. 12® Par^ 

ANTONINUS (marcus paulus) Confutatio Bubiorum quecontra 

Schediasma Halense de Concubinatu mota sunt. 4® Arg, 1714. 
ANTONJNUS Pius, Augusttu. v. burton. 

Ilinerfflium. 4® Ve», 1498. 

■■ Itinerarium Proyinciarum Antonini Augusti. 8® Vm, 

in <td, Aldi. 1518. 

cum, schoUis losi» Snnleri. W Bm, 


Hieronymi Suritse commentario eaqplica^ 

tum. 8^ Col, Agr. 1600. 

Vetera Romanorum Itineraria, sive Antonini Auttosti 

Itinerarium, cum integr. los. Simleri^ Hieron. Suritae, et And. 
SchotU notU; Itinerarium Hierosolymitanumj ei Hi^roclis 
Grammatici Synecdemus. Curante Petro Wesselingio^qui &auaf 
addidit adnotationes. 4^ Amat. 17S5. 

Antonini Iter Britanniarum> Commentariis iUustratum 

ThomaB Gale. Opus poathumum revisit, guxit, edidit R. G. 
Accessit Anonymi Ravennatis Britanni» Chorographia. 4^ L^ond* 


A K T 

ANTONINUI^ Pius, Augustus. Iter Britanniarum ; or that part 
of the Itinerary of Antoninus whieh relates to Britain, with a 
oew Comment by the rev. Thomaa Reynolds. 4^ Cambr. 1799. 

ANTONIO and Mellida, a Comedy : by J. M. 4* 

ANTONIO (cAROLus a sancto) De Arte Epigranmiatica Libel'- 
hii. 8* Ct>/. C/fr. 1650. 

ANTONIO (giov.) v. castiglione. sannazaro. 

ANTONIO (luys) Nuevo Plato de varios Manjares. . 8^ Zarag. 


ANTONIOTTO (oiorgio) UArte Armonica, or a Treatise on 
the Composttion of Musick. fol. Lond. 1760. 

ANTONIUS I. PortusaUict Rex. Exemplar Epistolfe quse An- 
tODii I. Portug. & Algarb.. Regis nomine ad S. Patrem Greg. 
ziii. dicitur ease missa, Lusitano sermone conscripta, opera 
timen & industria Octavij Siluij latinitate donata & in lucem 
edita. 8» 

- Explanatio veri ac legitimi Juris quo Rex Antoniuy 

ejus Domini» primus nititur ad bellum Pfailippo Regi Castellse, 
pro Regni recuperatione^ inferendum : una cum historica quadam 
CBumeratione rerum eo nomine gestarum vsque ad Aimum 
1I.D.LXXX1I1. 4^ Lugd.B. apud Plant. 1585. 

Belg. 4« Dordr. 1585. 

Angl. 4« Leyd. 1585. 

Gall. 40 Middelh. 1590. 

■ Royall Psalmea, or Soliloquies of D. Anthony, King of 

FMtinffall, transl. into French by P. Durier, into English by 
Baldwin St. Georfi;e. 8* Lond. 1659. 

Histoire de Dom. Antoine, Roy de Portugal, par Ma- 

dame de Sainctonge. 12^ Amst. 1696. 

Brie^e et tommaire Description de la Vie et Moft de 

Dom. Antoine, premier du nom> & dix-huictiesme Roy de Por- 

Utfal. 8* Par. 1799. 
ANTONIUS (jBLius) Nebrisieniis. Vocabularins. 4<» Par. 1500« 

4» Par. 15^. 

— — Grammatica. 4^ Logron. 1510. 
■ Dictionarium. fol. Compl. 1520. 

■ fbl. <?rafuil. 1561. 

opera et industr. lo. Lopez SerraDi. fol. 

Matr. 1615. 

Lai. fr Hisp. fol. Matr. 1656. 

foL Matr. 1688. 

CoamographisB Introductio, cum quibusdam Geometris 

ac Astronoraitt principits ad eam rem necessariis. 8^ Par. 1533. 
' Sanctissimi Juris civilis Lexicon. 8* Antv. 1537. 
Rerum a Ferdinando et Elizabe Hispaniarnm Re^biu 

Geatarum Decades II : necnon belli Nauariensis Libri duo. An« 

nexa insuper ArchiejSi Roderici Chronica^ aliisque historiis an- 

tehoc non excussis. tbl. QTanat. 1545. 
ANTONIUS, dt Cordova. Tratado de Casos de Conscienda. 8* 

Aktd». 1599. 
AMTONIUS Bremita. v. athanasius. 



ANTONIUS (franc.) r. anthonie. 

ANTONIUS (gabb.) v, sALusTiua. 

ANTONIUS (joHANNEs) Theses Medic» de Convulsione« 4* 

Lugd. hat. 1593. 
ANTONIUS (lodovicus) v, lodovicus. 
ANTONIUS Magnus, Monachus ti Abhas, r. cevallos. figueia. 


ANTONIUS (marcus) r. paciaudius. 

ANTONIUS (nicolaus) Bibliotbeca Hispana, sive Hispanorum 

qui usquam unquamve, sive Latind, sive populari^ sive ali4 quavii 

lingui scripto, aliquid conaignaverunt» Notitia. 2 tom. fol. Rtm. 

— — Bibliotheca Hispana vetus : complectens Scriptores o«i- 

nes qui ab Octaviani Augusti imperio usque ad annum m. flo- 

ruerunt, 2tom. fol. iRoffi. 1696. 

Bibliotheca Hispana nova^ sive Hispanorum Scripiorum 

qui ab anno m.dclxxxiv. floraere Notilia. 4° Madr. 1783. 
ANTONIUS (S.) de Padua. v. assarino. burdegatus. helia* 


■ Sermones Dominicalcs, sive de Tempore.. 8^ 1520. 

ANTONIUS Senensis. Vits Sanctorum Patrum Ordinis Prflsdi- 

catorum. 12° Lov. 1575. 
ANTRAIGUES (M. le Comtede) Discours dans la Chambre^e la 

Noblesselell Mai 1789. 8^" 
Motions de MM. les Commissaires Cqnciliateun de 

rOrdre de 1a Noblesse, portee dans cette Chambre^ par M. le 

Comte d'Antraigues. 22 Mai 1789. 8« 1789. 

Discours dans la Chambre de la Noblesse k Jeudi 28 

Mail789. 8» 

* Memoire sur 1a Verification des Pouvoirs lA d 1a pre- 
miere Conference chez Monseigneur le Garde-des Sceaux. 8° 
Memoire sur les £'tats Generaux, leurs Drnts, et la 

maniere de les convoquer. 8° Langued. 1789. 

Second M^moire sur les £'tats-Generaux. 8® Langued. 


Traduction d'un Fragment du xviii* Livre de Polybc» 

trouv^ dans le Monast^re de Sainte-Laure au Mont Atbos. 8^ 

Lond. 1806. 
ANTRIM (Marq. qf) v. macdonnel. 
ANTRIM. The Humble Petition of the ProtesUnt Inhabitants 

of the Counties of Antrim, Downe, Tyrone, &c. 4® Lond. 1641. 
ANTV£RPIA. Recucil des Choses advenues en Anvers touchant 

le fait de la Religion en TAn. m.d.lxvi. 8® 1566. 
— — £pistre et amiable Remonstrance d'un Ministre de 

r£vangi1e de nostre Redempteur enuoy^e aux Pasteurs de 

r£glise Flamengue d^Anuers. 12<* 1567. 

Antwerpe'8 Unitye. An Accord or Peace in ReligioUf 

and Govemment, concluded by his Highnes and the Membert 
of the Citie to the Common W^e and quietnes thereof, there 
lately proclaymed the 12.of June Annol579. 8» Limd. 1579. 



ANtVERPIA. Lajoyeuse&magnifique Entree de Monscignetlr 
Fran^oys, fils de France, & frere vnicque du Roy, Duc de 
Bnbani, 'd^Anjou» &c. fd. Anv, 1582. 

■ An Historicall Discourse> or ratlier a tragicail Hi§- 
lorie of ibe citie of Antwerpe sincc the deparinre of King 
Phillip out of Netherland tiU this present yeare, 1586. 4® Lond, 

Advis des Marchands de la Bonrs d^Anvers a ceux de 

U Place de Paris & dv Change de Lyon. 4® 1632. 

Antwoordt Op den Brief. 4<» 1647. 

Description aes principaux ouvrages de Peinture et 

Sculpture actuellement existans dans ies Kglises, Couvens, & 
Ueux publics de la Ville d'Anvers. 12^ Anv* 
ANULUS (bartolomeus) Picta Poesis. 8^ Lugd, 1552. 


■■■ A Letter ftom the People to Caleb lyAnvers, Esq. 8* 

Lmd. 1729. 

The Craflsman Extraordinary. 8* Lond, 1729i 

A Proper Repiy to a late scurrilous Libel intituled 


Sedition and Defamation display'd.'' 8^ Land. 1731. 

A Letter to him on his " Proper Reply." 8^ Lond. 


An Arguroent against Excises^ in several EBsays. 8* 

Limd. 1733. 

A Dissertation upon Parties in several Letters to him. 

8" Lond. 1735. 

80 Lond. 1739. 

ANV£RS (knightly d') A General Abridgenient of the Com*- 

IDOD LaWy alphabeticaUy digested under proper Titles. 2 vol. 

fol. Lond. 1705-22. 
ANVILLE (m. d') Proposition d'une Mesure de la Terre, dont 

il resulte une diminution consid^rable dans sa circonference sur 

ks Paralleles. S" Par. 1735. 
— — Nouvel Atlas de la Chine, de la Tartarie Chinoise> et 

du Thibet. fol. Haye. 1737. 

Eclaircissemens Geographiques sur rAncienne Gaule. 

8» Par. 1741. 

' Analyse Gcc^raphique de Tltalie. 49 Par, 1744. 
Disaertation sur r£'tendue de Tancienne Jerusalem et 

de son Temple, et sur les mesures Hebraiques de longeur. 8^ 
Par. 1747. 
■ Atlas. fol. 

Notice de 1'ancienfie Gaule^ tir^e des Monumens Ro« 

maios. 4<> Par. 1760. 

Memoires sur r£'gypte ancienne et modeme suivis 

d^une Description du Golfe Arabique ou de la Mer Rouge. 4^ 
Par. 1766. 

Geographie ancienne abreg^e. 3 tom. 12® Par, 1768. 

Trait^ dea Mesures Itin^raires, ancieimes et modemes. 

8^ Par. 1769. 

A P I 

ANVILLE (m. d') E'Uts formes en Europe apr^g la cliu(e de 

rEinpire Romain en Occident. 4® Par, 177 L 
— — L'Empire de Russie, son Origine et ses Accroisemens, 

120 Par. 1772. 

Antiquite ^^ographique de Tlnde, et de plusieurs au- 

tres Contr^es de la haule Asie. 4® Par, 1775. 

Memoire sur la Chine. 8° a Pekin et sc trouve d Paris, 


Considerations generales sur 1'Etude & les Connois- 

sances que demande la Composition des Ouvrages de Geogra- 
phie. 8« Par. 1777. 

Memoire sur la Mer Caspienne. 4** Par, 1777. 

Memoire sur les Cartes de l'ancienne Gaule. 4* Par, 


I/Euphrate & le Tigi-e. 4« Par. 1779. 

The Preface and Introduction to his Analysis of Ita- 

1 y ; translated from the French. 4® Lond. 
AlCZI (aubelio degli) II Genio vagantc^ 4 tom. 12**^ Parm. 

APARISIIS (d.) Ntapolitanvs. Consilia mcdicinalia de conscr- 

vanda Sanitate. 4^ Edinb. 1620. 
APE. The Begger's Ape. 4° Lond, 
APES, Fabula. ^*» 1705. 
Liber Apum, aut de Apibus mysticis, sive de Proprieta- 

tibus Apum, seu Universale Eonum : tractans de Prelatis et 

Subditis ubique sparsim exemptis notabilibus. fol. Par. 1516. 
APFELSTATT (joh. conr.) De Coryza. 4« Heidelb. 1685. 

Disp. Physica de Anorexia. 4** Lui^d. Bat. 1686. 

APHORISMS. Moral and Religious Aphorisms. 8« Lond. 1703. 
APHRODISIENSIS (alexander) v. alexandek. 
APHTHONIUS Sop/nsta. In Aphthonii Prugymnasmata Com- 

mentarii iniiominati Auctoris. Syriani, Sopatri, Marcellini, 

Commentarii in Hermogenis Rhctorica. Gr. fol. Ven. ap. Aid, 

Aphthonii Sophistae Prailudia. Hermogenis Rhetorica. 

Xrr. Flor. in ad. Ph. Junta. S^ 1515. 

Praeexercitamenta, loanne Maria Catanaeo interprete. 

8° Par. ap. Wechel, 1539. 

■i- Aphthonius, Hermogenes, & Dionysius Longinu?, prar- 

stantissimi artis Rhetorices ma<;istri : Francisci Porti Crctcnsis 
opera industriaque. 6>. 12^ Genev. 1569. 

Libellus Progymnasmatum. Gr. Lat. a loachimo Camo- 

rario. S^ Lips. 1570. 

Progymnasmata, Franc. Scobario interpr. cum notis ex 

comment. Hadamarij. Ejusdem Aphthonii Fabulae, nunc pri- 
mum in lucem editas. 8° Heidelb. 1597. 

^ Par. 1621. 

Lat. partim a Rod. Agricola, partim a J.M. 

Cataneo donata : cum iCDoliii R^ Lorichii. 8^ LoJid. 1650. 


A P I 

APIANUS (pETRUs) Cosmographicus Libcr, studiose correctus ac 
crroribus vindicatus per Gemmam Phrysium. 4^ Anto, 1529. 

■ Coj^mographia, per (rcmmam Frisium ; additis ejusdcm 

argumenti Libelhs ipsius G. Frisii. 4® Antv» 1550. 

4« Par. 1.551. 

4« Antx:, 15G4. 

4» Antv, 1574. 

AP Antv. 1584. 

Itai, 4» Aniv. 1575. 

Quadrans Astronomicus, et jam recens invcntus et nunc 

primum editus. fol. Ingolst. \5Syi. 

Introductio Geographica in doctissimas Vcrneri Anno- 

tationes. Huic accedit Translatio nova prinii Libri OeographiaB 
C1. Ptolemapi. A<1juncta est et Epistola loannis de Regio monte 
ad D. Bessarionem Cardinalem Nicenum, de compositione & 
mu cujusdam Meteoroscopii armillaris, cui recens jam opera 
Petri Apiani accesnit Torquetum> instrumentum pulcherrimum 

sane et utilissimum. fol. Ingoht. 1533. 

Fohum Populi, instrumentum a P. Apiano rcceas in- 

ventum. Lat, Genn. fol. Ingolsi. 15-33. 

Inscriptioneii sacro-sanctae Vetustatis, non ille quidcm 

Roinanse sed totius fere Orbis, summo studio ac maximis im- 
penais terra marique concpiisitx. fol. Ingolst, 1534. 

Instrumentum Primi MobiUs, a Petro Apiano nunc 

primum et inventum et in lucem editum. fol. 1534. 

APIAN US (pHiLippus) Dc utilitate Trientis, Instrumenti Agtro- 
nomlci novi, Libellus. 4° Tubing, 1586. 

APICIUS (cjELius) De He Culinaria Libri x. recens e tcncl>ris 
cruti. Praeterea P. Platins Cremonensis de tuenda valetudine, 
natura r^rum, & Popinae scicntia, Libri x. Ad hsec Pauh iE;>i- 
netse de Facultatibus Alimcntorum Tractatus, Alimno Torino 
interprete. 4" Bas, 1541. 

■ De Re Coquinaria hbri decem. 49 Ven. 

■ De Opsoniis et Condimentis, sive de Arte Coquinaria, 
Libri x. Itcm Gabr. Huraelburgii in Apicii libros Annotat. 4** 
Tig. 1542. 

De Opsoniis et Condimentis Libri, cum annotat. M. 

Uster. 8° Lond. 1705. 
8« Atnsi, 1709. 

APINUS (joH. LUD.) TBolus Microcosmo commodan? et incom- 
niodans. sive Disquisitio Physico-Patliologica de Flatibus. 4* 
Altd, 1687. 

12« Alt. 1718. 

Febris Epidemicu?, Anni 1G94 & 95, in Noricae ditio- 

nis Oppido Herspruccensi et vicino tractu <^rassari deprchensae, 
tandeaique Petechialis redditas, historica Relatio. 8** Norib. 

. Dissert. Medica Inau^uralis deSyncope. \9f^ Alt, 1718. 

Oratio inauguralis Dc Origine Diversltatis Tempera- 

mentorum in homine. 12« Alt, 1718. 
APINUS (jon. PHiL.) L. C. Lactantiiis dc vero (Dci) cultu. 4* 
Wiuenb, \m\. 

A P O 

APINUS (8IGISM. JAC.) Vits et Effigies Procancenariorum Aca* 

demise Altorfins. 8^ Norimh, 1791. 
m^ yitse Professorum Pbilofiophiae qui a condita Acad. 

A1torfina*ad hunc usque diem claruerunt. 4^ Norimb, 1728. 
APITIUS, V. APicius. 
APLETRE (john) v. silk. 

y Proposals humbly offered by John Apeltre, Esq. for the 

, bettcr maintenance of the Poor of the County of Worcester. foL 
APOCALYPSE, V, testamentum Navum. 
■ Typi in Apocalypsin loannis depicti, ut clarius Vatici- 

nia loannis intelligi possinL 12^ 1539. 

liapocalypse Sainct Jehan Zebedee^ ou sont comprinscB 

les visions et reuelations que icelluy Sainct Jehan eut en lydede 
Pathmos^ le toiit ordonne par figures conuenables selon le texte 
de la saincte escripture. Ensemble les cruaultez de Domicien 
Cesar. foL 1541. 

Les Figures de TApocalipse^ exposees en Lai, & Vers 

Frang. 12» Par. 1547. 

Tuba Belli sacri Apocalypseos beati lohannis adversus 

magnum illum Antichristum Pontificero Romanum. 4^ 1622. 
Clavis Apocalyptica ad Incudem revocata ; vel Clavis 

recusa; Apocalypsis quoad temporis supputationem, reclusa. 
8° [1653.] 

— Apocalyptical M ysteries^ toucbing the two Witnesses^ 

the seven Viab, and the two Kingdoms, to wit, of Christ and 
of Antichrist, expounded : by H. K. 8^ Lond. 1667. 

A Discourse historical and critical on the Revelations 

ascrib'd to St. John. 8® Lond. 1730. 

De Equo albo de quo in Apocalypsi Cap. xix. et dein 

de Verbo et ejus sensu spirituaii seu intemo» ex Arcanis o&les- 
tibus. 4^ Lond. 1758. 

A Brief Arrangement of the Apocalypse ; by the Au- 

thor of the Reai State of England. 8^ Lond. 1810. 
APOCRYPHA. The Volume of the bokes called Apocripha. 8* 

Lond. J. Day, ^ W. Stres. 1549. 
■ To Tw» BtfiXtuf Mrpo; o E/Spa^o^T» tv^uv ovx. eot». 4® AniV. 

ap. C. Plant. 1566. 

An Essay conceming the Books commonly called Apo- 

crypha. 8® Lond^VliO. 
APOLINARIUS. Interpretatio Psalmorum versibus Heroicis. 

G'r. ex biblioth. Regia. Par. ap. Adr. Tumeb. 8® 1552. 

— 8« Par. 1580. 

APOLLINARIS. Handtbiichlein vnnd Experiment viler Artz- 

neyen. 8° Strasb. 1589. 
___— X*a/. per Rod. Goclenium. 8* Franc. 

APOLLINARIS, B. Martvr. Res gcstae, prout Romae in ejus- 

dem iEde sacra apud Cdiegium Germanicum et Vngaricum a 

Nicolao Circiniano depictse visuntur, a J. B. de Cavalleriis ty- 

pis seneis expressse Romse anno m.d.lxxxvi. fol. 
APOLLINARIS (c. s. sjdonius) v. sidonius. 
APOLLO. A modest Examination of a late Pamphlet entitulcd 

«' ApoUo Maihematicus/' 4<^ 1696. 

A P O 

APOLLO. Apolk) turn^d StroUer : a musical Pasticchio in t\ro 

paru. 8» Lond. 1787. 
■ ■ La Saisie des Brodequins d'ApolIon, par rHuissier du 

Pluiiasse. Satire. 8* 

ApoUo Shroving ; composed for the Schollars of the 

I I <»WTil*l^* i^ _/!• 11 ^_1 ill .1 

Free-»cbooie of Hadleigh in Sufiblke : and acted by them on 

Shme tuesday, Feb. 6. 1626. 12« Lond. 
APOLLODORUS, Aihmitnsis. Bibliotheces, sive de Dcorum 

origine. Gr, Lat. Benedicto ^gio interpr. [edit. princeps.] 49 

Bom. 1555. 

8« Antv. 1565. 

Gr. Item ad Apollodori Bibliothecam Notae 

•uctore Chr. G. Heyne, cum Commentatione de Apollodpro, 
vjpmiento et consilio Operis, et cuin Apollodori Fragmentis. 4 
vol. 13^ Goett. 1782-83. 

Bibliothecfle libri tres: Gr. curis secundis Chr. G. 

Heyne. 8* Gott. 1803. 
APOLLONII (<3UiL.) Middelburgenus. Consideratio quarundam 

CoDtroveniarum, ad Regimen Ecclesi» spcctantium qux in 

AngU» Regnohodie agitantur; ex maivlato et jussu Ciassis 

W;dachrianae conscripta. 8" Lond. 1644. 

Angl 13° Lon(/. 1645. 

— The Supreme Power of Christian States vindicaled 

against the Insoleol Prctences of Guhelmus Afiollonii. 4^^ Lond. 

APOLLONIUS, Alexandrinus, cogn. DyiColtts. v. maittaire. 


■ Historifle mirabiles, Gr. Lctt. Guil. Xylandro interpr. 8" 

■ ■ Ilfp» TMrrotiwu Gr. 8" Dionys. ap. Hier. Gourmont. 1535* 
De Syntaxi seu Constructione Orationis Libri iiii. Gr. 

Lai. a Francisco Porto : nunc denuo a Frid. Sylburgio cum bo- 

nis exemplaribus collati, & not^tionibus aucti. 4^ Franc. 1590. 
APOLLONIUS (pETRUs) Collatius. Excidii lerosolymiUni Libri 

III u nunc phmum loamiis Gagnaei opera ac studio in lucem 

editi. 8» Par. 1540. 
APOLLONIUS, Pergitus. Conicorum, Lib. v. vi. vii. paraphraste 

Abalphato Asphahanensi nunc primikm editi. Additus in calce 

Archimedis Assumptorum Liber, ex codicibus Arabicis MSS. 

[redd. ab Abr. Eccuelensi, et Jo. Alfons. Borqllo, cum notis.l 

fi^ Fior. 1661. 
■ De Sectione Rationis Libri duo ex Arab. MS***. La/. 

versi. Accedunt ejusdeni de Sectione Spatii Libri duo restituti. 

Prsemittitur Pappi Alexandrini Pra^fatio ad viimum CuUectlonis 

Mathcmaticffi, nunc primum Grsece cdita, cum Lcmmatibus 

ejusdem Pappi ad hos Apollonii bbros. Opera & studio £d- 

mundi Ilalley. 8» Oxon. 1706. 

Conicorum Libri octo, et Sereni Antiwensis de Sectione 

Cylindri & Coni Libri duo^ Gr, Lat. [per £dm. Halky.] fol. 
Ojo». 1710. 

Locorum planorum Libri duo, rcstituti a Rob. Simson» 

W.D. 4« Giasg. 1749. APOLLO- 

A P O 

APOLLONIUS, Per^aus, Inclinalionum Libri duo. Restituebaf 

Sam. Horsley. 4« Oxon, 1770. 
APOLLONIUS Rkodius. v, «uhnkenius. 
■ Arfjonautica, cmn Schdiis. [liit. majusc, edit. princ.] 

4« Flor, 1496. 

antiquis und, & optimis cum commen- 

tariis. & Ven. Ald. 1521. 

cum scholiis et annotationibus Hen- 

rici Stephani. 4<^ 1574. 

e scriptis octo vetcribus Libris, quonim ple- 

rique nondum collati fuerant, nunc primum emendate edidit R. 
Fr. Phil. Brunck. 4« Argent. 1780. 

The Argonautics of Apollonius Rhodius transl. into 

Enghsh verse, with Notes and Dissertations, by William Pres- 
ton, Esn. 3 vol. 8^ Dubl 1803. 

APOLLONIUS Sophista. Lexicon Graecum Hiadis et Odysseas, 
cum Latina versione Johan. Bapt. Caspar. D'Ansse de Villoison. 
Accedit prcBter multa, huc usque inedita, Philemonis Gramma- 
tici Fragmenta, terlii Iliadis Libri prosaica Metaphrasis Graeca, 
e duobus Codd. Regiis, 2 vol. 4° iMtet, Par, 1773. 

APOLLONIUS Tyaneus. v. philostratus. 

APOLLONIUS Tyrius, Narratio eorum quae contigerunt Apol- 
lonio Tyrio. 4° Aug, Vind, 1595. 

APOLOGIA. Non esse neque divino ncque Naturae jure prohi- 
bitum, quin S. Pontifex dispensare possit ut frater demortui 
sine liberis fratris vxorem legitimo Matrimonio sibi possit ad- 
jungere, adversus aliquot Academianim Censuras, tumultuaria 
ac perbrevis Apologia, sive Confutatio. 4° 

APOLOGETICAL NARRATION. Some Observations and An- 
yiotations u[>on the Apdogeticall Narration. 4^ Lond, 1643. 



■■ Les Apophthegmes, cest a dire promptz subtilz & sen- 

tentieulx ditz de pleusienrs Roys, chefz darmees, philosophes, 
& autres grans Personnaiges tant Grecz que Latins, transl. en 
Franqois par [Anthoine] Macault. 12® Par, 1543. 

■ 1 ' Praeclara Dicta Philosophorum, Imperatorum, Orato- 

rumque & Poetarum, ab Arsenio Archiepisc. Monembasias col- 
lecta. Gr. 8<^ 

Dicta Septem Sapientum et eorum qui cum iis nume- 

rantur. Gr, Par. ap Morel. 8® 1558. 

Gr, Lat, per Olhonem Brugensem. Ann^, 

C. Pkmtin. 80 1570. 

Septem Sapientum et eortim qui cum iis adnumerantur 

ficite Dicta, Consilia, et Praecepta. Lat. 8° Par, ap. Morel. i 

Apophthegmata Graeca Regum & Ducum, Philosopho- 

rum item, alioruraque <)uorundam, ex Plutarcho & Diogene. 
Cum Latina interpr. H. Steph. 12® 15G8. 


A P O 

APOPHTHEGMATA. Apothegmas que son Dichos <rracio!^s y 
notabies de muchod reyes y principes illustres, y de al^unos 
philo£ophos insignes y memorables, y de otros varones antiguos 
que bicn hablaron para nuestra doctrina y exeniplo : traduz. y 
recopilados en lengua Cabteliana por Fran. Thamara. 8® Env. 

■ Libro de Vidas y Dichos gnraciosos, as^udos y sentencio- 
B», de muchr>s notables varones Griegos y Romanos. 8^ Anv, 

Les Apophtegmes ou Bons Mots des Anciens^ tirez de 

Plutarque, de Diogene Laerce, d'£Iien, & dc quelques autres : 
de ia traduction de Nicholas Perrot, Sieur d' Ablancourt. Avec 
uo Traitte des Stratagemes, & de la Bataille des Romains, par 
Frontin. 12« Par. 1694. 

Witty Apophthegms delivered at severall times, and 

upon severaii occasions, by King James, King Charles, the 

Marq. of Worcester, Francis Ld. Bacon^ and Sir Thomas Moore : 

cottected and revived. 8® Lond. 1658. 
APOSTATE Ecclesiastic, a Pocm : being Candid Animadversions 

on tbat Rev. Mock-Patriot Parson li ••♦ne. 4« Lond, 1774. 
APQSTOLIUS (MicHAfiL) Byzantius. Paroemiae, Gr. 8« Bas. 

' Gr, Ltit, cum Petri Pantini versione et 

DOtis. 4® Lus^d. Bat, ap, Elzev, 1653. 
APOSTOLORUM ActtL v, cappellus. dionysius Carthusianus, 


■ Le triumphant Mystere des Actes des Apostres trans- 
late fidelement a la Verite historiale, escripte par sainct Luc a 
Tbeophile, et illustre des I^^^endes autcnticques et Vies de 
ttinctz receues par leghse tout ordonne par personnages. 2 Uyn. 
fol. Par. [1536.] 
2 tom. fol. Par. 1541. 

The Live» of the Holy Apostles. W Lmd. 1716. 

APOSTRE (george l') La Disipute & Rcsolution &'il fault man- 

gcr de la Chair en Caresme. 8° Par, 1601. 
— — La Comete qui est apariie le 25. de Septembre 1607. 

12« a S. Omer. 
APOTHECARIES. Luminare majus, Lumen Apothecariorum 

cum nonnullis Expositionibus nouiter impressum. fol. Vcn. 

Item, Thesaurus Aromatariorum. fol. 

Lugd. 1528. 

fol. r«i. 1561. 

loannis lac. Manlii commentario 

& Nic. Mutoni Appendicibus locuples. fol. Ven. ap. Jitnt, 

The Copie of a Letter sent by a levned Physician to 

his friend, wherein are detected the manifold Errors used hi- 
therto of the Apothecaries in preparingtheirCompositions: by 
1. W. 8» 1586. 

Reformatio unndemewerte OrdnungderenApoteckcn, 

»ampt verordntten Tux. 4^ Meuntz, 1605. 


APOTHECARIES. Einea direnvesten Hochweisen Rafato denf 
Stadt Bremen Apotheken ordnung. 4P Brem, 1644. 

■ ■ Der Suu Basel Apotbecker-Tax. 4^ Bas. 1647. 

■■' — ErnewerterTaxund Wirdigung wie nnd in was Wcrth 
die in denen Apothecken des needer und ober Fiirstenthunib» 
Hessen Csusselischen Theils l^cfindliche und vorhandene Medica-^ 
menta simpUcia und composita hinfiiro verkauft werdensoUen. 
4<> Casstl, 1656. 

L^Apoticaire de Qualite^ nouvelle Galanterie& veritable. 

12* Lond. 1670. 

Angl. 12« Lond. 1670. 

Lai. W Lond. 1693. 

* Reflections on a Libel intituled a Plea for the Apotbe- 
caries. 4» Lond. 1071. 

Escriteaux pour ies Apolhicaires, Drogvistes^ «t Espi* 

ciers. fol. Gen. 1676. 

A Charter granted to the Apothecaries of London, the 

dOth of May, 13 Jac. i. tran$lated and printed for the better In- 
fornMition of the said Apothecaries in their duty to the Cily of 
London, the Colledg of Physicians, and their own Society. 4? 
Lond. 1695. 

Reasons why the Apothecary may be suppos'd to un- 

derstand the Admiuistration of Medicines, in the cure of Dis- 
eases, as weii as the Physician. 12® Lond. 1704. 

The Wisdom of the Nation is Foolishness, i. Taking 

the Apothecaries from making and mixing the Medicines. ii. 
Paying their Advice and Attendance by the numbers taken of 
the little dear Doses. iii. Requesting them to sort and cornipt 
the Physicians ibr their own Purposes. 8® Lomd. 1706. 

- Orders of the Society of Apothecaries. 1 July. 1708. 


Lists of the several Members of the London Societies of 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. fol. Lond. 1693-1752. 

Konigliche Preussische Medicinal Edict , Ordnung und 

Apothecker-Taxa. 4« Berl. 1715. 

Apotheken-taxe welche in Sr. Konigl. Majestsit von 

Gross-Britaniiicu, Teutschen Landen eingefunret worden. fol. 
Hanov. 1719. 

A Proclamation commanding ApothecariestofoHow the 

Dispensatory lately compiled by the Coliege of Pbysicians. foK 
Lond. 1721. 

Answers to the Objections of the Physicians against 

the Apothecaries at the Bar of the House of Lords. March 24, 
1723. fo). 

Pharmacopolae Justificati : or Apothecaries vindicated 

from the Imputation of Ignorance. 8° Llmd. 1724. 

Pieces concernans les Apoticaires et la Visite des Dro- 

gues. 4° 

Reglemens pour la Visite des Boutiques & pour les 

Examens & Receptions des Apoticaires, Kpiciers du Roy. 4^ 
Considerations in relation to the Bill for reviving the 

Apothecaries Act. fol. 


A P P 

APOTHfiCARIES. Reasoos on behalf of the Apothecaries Bill; 

sabmitted to this present Parliament. fol. 
" A Modest Reply to the City-Reasons agai. '♦ the Apo- 

thecaries Bill. fol. 

Reasons humbly ofifered to the H. of Commons for ex- 

empting Apothecaries from certain Oifices and Duties. fol. 
■■ I The Case of the Apothecaries. fol. 

Reasons humbly ofiered to the H. of Commons by the 

Ch. Wardens and other Inhabitants of Westminster against 
pissing the Bill to exempt Apothecaries from serving Farish 
and Ward Offices. foK 

The Oath of a Freeman of the Company of Apothe* 

caries. 4® 

The Oath to be ministred unto erery Apprentice of the 

said Company. fol. 

Reasons on behalf of the Apothecaries Bill in answer to 

tbe City of Londons Petition against it fol. 

The Apothecaries Repiy to the City's printed Reasona 

against their Biil fol. 

Considerations hunlbly ofiered to the Lords Spiritual 

and Temporal in relation to the Apothecaries Bill now aepend« 
ing. fol 

Vindlcise Pharmacapole^ or an Answer to the Doctors 

complaints against Apothecaries : by T. C. fol. 

The Apothecary display'd : or, an Answer to the Apo* 

thecaries Pamphlet cidied " Frauds detected in Drugs.'' 8^ 

LomL 1748. 
APPAREL. The Queenes Proclamation against excess in Apparel. 

(oL 1597. ' 

APPARITIONS. Looke Up and see Wonders. A miraculous 

Appantion in the Ayre lately seene in Barkeshire April 9th 

1G28. 4<» Lond. 1638. 
■■ Strange News from France, or the Copy of a Letter 

wherein is set down a true Relation of an Apparition and ter- 

rible Spectacle that was seenc upon a Mountaine in Province 

Feb. 4. 1641. 4!" Lond. 1641. 
A Relation of a strange Apparition in an Ale-house next 

doore to the White Horse agaiust Sommerset-House in the 

Strand, where a company of Papists were at their Exercises. 4® 


A Great Wonder in Heaven ; shewing the late Appari- 

tions and prodigious Noises of War and Baltels seen on £dge 
Hill neere Keinton in Nortbamptonshire. 4® Lond, 1643. 

The New Yeare'b Wonder : being a most certaine and 

true Relation of the disturbed Inhabilants of Keinton : in which 
place is heard and seen fearfui and strange Apparitions of 
SpiriU. 4« [1042.] 

Sigm:s from Heaven : or severall Apparitions seene and 

heard in tbe Ayre in the Counties of Cambridge and Norfolke 
00 May 21, 1646. ^*" Lmd. 1646. 


APPIANUS Alexandrinui. Historiaruin, Punica sivc Cartbagl- 
niensis, Parthica, Iberica, Syriaca, Mithridatica, Anntbalica» 
Celtirse et Illyricie Fragmenta quaedam. Item de Bellis Ciyili- 
bus libri v. cum annotat. H. Steph. Gr. Lat. fol. Lut. ajntd H. 
Siepk 1592. 

- Appiani Alexandrini Romanarum Historiarum quaB 

supersuDt. Gr. Lat. Adnotationihus variorum suisque illustravit 
Jon. Schweighaeuser. 6 vol. 8® Lips. 1785. 

Engl. transl. by J. D. fol. Lond. 1679. 

APPLEBY. A Great Victory at Appleby by Col. General Ashton 

Oct. 9, 1648. 4» Lond. 1648. 
APPLEGARTH (robbrt) An Apology for thc two Ordinancet 

of Jesus Christ; the Holy Communion, and Baptism. 8* Lond, 

' An Essay conctrning Titbea. 8* Lond. 1791. 
Rightfl for Man : or Analytical Strictures on the Con» 

stitution of Great Britain and Ireland. 8<^ Lond. 1793. 
APPLES. A Plain and Concise Trcatise on the prop«rtie8 of 

Apples and Pears» and quality of their Liquors. 13^ Bridgwatcr. 
APPLES (joAN. BENJ. D*) rotXaxToXoyw^ Tentamcn. 4* 1707. 
APPLETON (Capi.) v, badiley. 
APPLETON (nath.J^A Disrourse occasioned by ihe dcath of 

Mrs. Martha Gerrish. 12^ 1736. 
APPRENTICES, r. women. 
■■ To the Rt Hon. the House of Peercs now asscmbled in 

Parliament, the Humble Petition of the Young-Men, Appren- 

tices, and Sea-men in and about the Citie of London. fol. 


To the Lords and Commons in Parliament, the humble 

Petition of the well affccted Prentices and young Men of Lon- 
don and Suburbs. fol. 1642. 

An Advertizement to all gent. Souldiers, youngmcn. 

and Apprentises tbat goe voluntary in and about the Citie of 
London. fol. 1643. 

An Humble Declaration of tbe Apprentjces and c^er 

young Men of the City of London who were Petitioners for 
Peace. 4» Lond. 1642. 

A True Remonstrancc of the Vpright Apprentices of 

London : with a full Copy of their honest Petition. 4® Lond. 

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the secur- 

ing those Apprenticcs from indempnity that will list themselves 
under the command of Sir Wilham Waller : also two speciall 
Orders. 4<» Lond. 1643. 
The Proteslation and Declaration of the well afifectcd 

voung men and Prentises in and about the City of London. 4* 
Lond. 1643. 

The Humble Remonstrance of the Apprentices of thc 

City of Iiondon to the Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen, &c. 
as aiso to the whole Kingdome. 4® Lond, 1647* 


A P P 

AFPSENTICES. To the Rt. Hon. the Lords and Commons as« 
sembled in Pariiament^ the Petition of those well afiected to 
Goverament, both young Men and Apprentices of the Gity of 
Loodon. 4* Lond. 1647. 

-— Seasonable Considerations from the Gentlemen Ap- 
prentices and young Men of the City of London to the Army. 
4^ [16470 

The Humble Petition of the well afiected young Men 

tod Apprenticea of London, on the behalfe of themselves 
tnd many thousanda more^ to Sir Thomas Fairfax. 4* Londi 

The Humble Acknowledgement and CongratTlation of 

inany thonsands of young Men and Apprentices in and about 
tbe City of London to Sir Thomas Fairfax, together with his 
BxceHencies Letter in reference to the same. 4® Lond* 1647. 
ed. alt. 4« Lond. 1647. 

The Humble Petition of many thousands of yong Men» 

•nd Apprentices of the City of London to the Supreme Court 
of Parliament, 13 July 1647. 4'' Lond 1647. 

The Humble Desires of the Citizens, Youngmen, & 

Apprentices of the City of London^ presented to the Houses of 
IMiament July 96. 1647. 4^ Land. 1647. 

The Honour of London Apprentices, exemplified in a 

brief Historical Narration. 4® Lond. 1647. 

Two Humble Pctitions of the Apprentices of London 

and Parts adjacent for lawfull Recreations. 4^ LoncL 1647. 

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commoas 1 1 Junij 

1647. for every second Tuesday in the Moneth to be a day 
of recreation for SchoUers» Apprentice.s and Servanta. fol. 
Lond. 1647. 

The Thankfull Acknowledgement and Congratulation 

of divcrrs well-af!ected Apprentices within the Ward of Cripple- 
gate without, unto Lieut. Col. Lilbum, Mr. WiUiam Waiwyn, 
Mr. Thomas Prince, and Mr. Richard Overton. fol. Lond. 

To the supreme Authority of this Nation the Com* 

mons of England, the humble Petition of divers young Men 
and Apprentices of the City of London and parts adjacent, in 
behalf^of Lt. Col. John Ulburn, Mr. William Walwin, Mr. 
Tbomas Prince, and Mr. Richard Overton, now prisoners m 
the Tower of London without just cause ; and of Capt. Willi* 
am Bray in the same condition in Windsor Castle. fol. Lond. 

An Order of the Committee of the Militia of London 

for enlisting Apprentices. fol. Lond. 1648. 

Tlie Resolved Apprentices ; or a Reply of the weH 

aflected Apprentices of tht: City of LofiHon inhabitlng in the 
Ward of Brid<;e witbiu. tbl. Lond. 1'j48 

The Petition of the younj? Men and Apprentices of 

London to tbe Lord Mayor. Aidermen^ &c. fol. Lond. 1648. 



APPRENTICES. An Outcry of tfee Youngmcn and Apprentjc« 
of Loridon : or an Inquisition after the-loet fun<lan>entall Lawea 
and Liberties of En^land. 4P 1649. 

An Order of Common Council for Masters to keep in 

their Sons, Apprenticeii, &c. 14th Dec. 1GS9. fol. Lond, 1659. 
The inotit humble Petition and Addrct^ of divc-r» young 

Mtn on tlie behalf of themselves and the Appreotices in and 
about this hon. City to our p^rave Senatours, tne t^ord Mayor» 
Aldermen, and Commonalty of London. fol. [1659.] 

The Apprentices Hue and Cry afler tbeir Pctition. fiol. 


To his Excellency the lx)rd Oeneral Monck, the Una.- 

ninious Representation of the Apprfi^tices and youug Men in« 
habitins: in tbe City of London. fol. Lond. 1659. 

The Kemonstrance of the Apprentices in a|id about 

London. fol. Lond, 1659. 

A Letter of the Apprenticea of BristoU to the Appreu- 

tices of thc honourable City of London^ 4^ L^n(i. 1660. 

A just and modest Vindication of the many thousand 

loyal Appi'entice8 that prcfientcd an Address to the Lord Mayor 
of London. loL Lond. 1681. 

Instructions for tbe ApprentkeB in. the City of Lpndon. 

foL Lond. 

The friendly Monitor^ or Advice to a Young Man upon 

coming out of his Apprenticesbip, in eight L^ters, by R. L, 

8'» Lond. 1795. 
APPUN (frid. georg.) Dissert. historico-hteraria de transposio 

tione Bibliothecarum raemorabili. 4® Hahnst. 17^4. 
APRILE (fbancesco) Della Cronologia universale della Stcilia 

Libri tre. fol. Palerm. 1725. 
APRONIDS (aulus) Reise Be^ichreibung von Europa. 8^ ^ranco 

Porto. 1724. , 

APROSIO (LODovico) Della Patria d'A. P^mo Flacco Disserta- 

tione. 4" Genov. 1664. 
APROSIUS (angelicus) La Bil)lioteca Aprosiana. l^ Bol. 1673. 
m, ; Lat, Pra^mitiit Pisefationem natasque 

nonnullas addidit Johan. Christ. Wolfms. 8" Hamb. 1734. 
APSINES. Apsinis Qnsci Rhetoris de Memoria Liber singularis. 

8« Par. 1618. 


APTHORP (east) d.d. A Reviewof Dr. Mayhew's Remarks on 
the Answer to his Observations on the Charter and Conduct of 
the Society for the Prppagation of thc Gospcl in foreign Parts. 
8° Lond. 1765. 

— A Sermon at St. Paurs Cathedral^ September 2, mdcclxx. 

being the Annual Commemoration of the Fire of London. 4^ 
A Sermon before the Lord Mayor and Goveruours of 

the several Hospitals at the Par. Church of St. Bridget London 
on Wednesday in Easter-Week, mpcclxxx. 4P Lond. 1780. 
»■■ ■ Discourses on Prophecy. 2 vol. 8^ Lond. 1786. 



APCLEIUS (luc.) r. scioppius. 

"-'■ ■ ■■ L. Apuleu Metamoq}hoseos, sive lusus Asini libri xf, 
FToridonim iiii. De Deo Socratis i. De Philosophia i. Ascle- 
pii» Trismej^isti Dialogus, eodem Apuleio interprete. Ejiisdem 
Apuleij Uber de Dogmatis Platonicis. Ejusdem liber de Mun- 
do, quem magiia ex parte ex lib. Aristotelis ejusdem argumenti 
iaiiitinum traduxit. Isagogicus liber Platonics philosophias 
per Alcinonm philosophum gnece impressus. 8^ Ven, in ad* 
Alditt A. Soc. 1521. 

Opera quae extant Omnia, cum Ph. Beroaldi, Godesc, 

Stewechi, necnon aliorum comment. S toin.S^ Lugd. 1587. 

per Bonav. Vulcanium. 16® Lugd. B, 

1594. % 

16» Lvgd. B. 1000. 

Opcrum tomus alter. 8" Lw»c/. 1614. 

Operum pars secunda. 8° Bas. 1620. 

Opera omnia quaeextant ab innumeris mendis, quibi» 

hactenus acatebant, jam serio^emendata. 12® Lugd. Bat. 1623. 
Apuleius Madaurensts Platonicus, serio castigatus ex 

Mntseo Pct: Scriverii. 12« Amsi^ 1624. 

Apuleius [i. e. in Asinum aurenm Opns^ cum commento 

Beroakli, & figuris noviter additis. fol. Ven. 1510. 

De Asino aureo Libri xi. argumentis ad singulos libros 

insertis, et Vita authoris, et totius Operis intentione in froute 
prsepositis. 4® Par. 1510. 

De Asino aureo libelli xi. Floridorum libri quatuor. 

De Dogmate Platonis liber unicus. De Philosophia item liber 
uoicufl. Asclepius, Mercurii Trismegisti Dialogus de voluntate 
divina, interprete L. Apu^eio. Ejuilem Trismegisli Dialogu» 
de potestate et sapientia Dei, interprete Marsilio Ficino. Item 
in caJce L. Apuleii Orationes doce pro scipso. 8® Flor, 1512. 
The New Metamorphosis ; or the pleasant Trausform- 

ation : being thc Golden Ass of Lucius Apuloius of Madaura, 
alter'd and improv'd to the modern Times and Manners. Writ- 
ten in Italian by Carlo Monte Socio and tmnsl. from the Vatlcan 
Manuschpt. 2 vol. 8*» Lond. 1709. 

L. Apulegio tradutto in volgare dal Conte Malteo Ma- 

ria Boiardo. Appresso as^giuntovi vn brev^ Discorso ddla vita 
dcH* Autore. 8» Vin. 1544. 

8» Vin. 1549. 

De Herbarum Virlutibus vcre aurea & salutaris Histo- 

ria. [Cum Noiis.MSS.] fol. Bas. 1528. 

De Medicaminibus Herbarura Liber I. per Gabr. Hu- 

melbergum. 49 ch^ir. rom. 

Dc Deo Socratis Libcr, opera B. Vulcanii. 8' Lvgd. B. 


aim notis losia} Merceri. 12* LtUeL 


' ■ ■ Apok^ia, ex recensione Is. Casauboni. 4® Heid. 1594. 

recoffnita et nonnulhs notis illustr. a Jo. Pri- 

caeo. AccesBeruRt AntiquitaluBi fragpmenta qusDdam sri incisa. 
4* Par. 1635. 

2 A?\l\JL\m 


APULEIUS (luc.) Melamorphofieon Libri xr. cum notia.inlegris 
Petri Colvii, Joannis Wowerii, Godescbalci Stewechii, Gever- 
harti Elemcnhorstii & ahorum^ inprirois cum animadversioni- 
bus, hucusque ineditis, Fr. Oudendorpii. Prse&tionem prse- 
misit David Ruhnkenius. 4*^ Lugd. Bat. 1786. 

— — De Syllogismo Categorico, 4" Bas, ap, Frob, 1538. 

AQUA. Raccolta d'Autori che trattano dei Moto del TAcqne : 
divisa in tre tomi. 4^ Fir. 1723. 


■■ Encomium Bra^sicarum sive Caulium. 13^ Por. 1531. 

AQUARIUS (matthjeus) Dilucidationes in xii. Libros primae 

Philosophis AristoteUs. fol. Rom. 1584. 
AQUARiUS (THEOD.) Disputatiode ^limentis. 4^ Tidf. 1569. 
AQUAVIVA (cLAUD.) Societatu Jesu Prcepositua. Industrie pro 

Superioribus ejusdem Societatis ad curandoa Anim» Morbos. 

8» Rom. 1603. 
AQUEPONTANUS (joannes) v. antichwst. 
■' Confutatio viruknts Disputationis Theologicse in qua 

Georgius Sohn Heidelbergensis conatus est docere Pontificem 

Romanum esse Antichristum a Prophetis & Apostolis prsedic- 

tum. 4« Aug. Trcv. 1589. 
AQUILA (joh.) Opuscuium, Enchiridion appellatum, de omni 

Ludonim genere. 4^ Oppcnh. 1516. 
■ Opu!>culum de Potestate et Utilitate iMonetarum. 4* 

Oppenh, 1516. 
AQUILIAN US (scipio) De Placitis Philosophorum qui ante Aris- 

totelis Tempora floruerunt ad Principia Rerum naturalium & 

caubas motuum assignandas pertinentibus. 4^ Vai. 1620. 
AQUIUNIUS (cjesar) De tribus Historicis Concilii Tridentini. 

8<> Amstelod. 1662. 
AQUILIUS (HENR.) Compendium Chronici Geldrici. 8» Col 

AQUIN (PETR. d') Qusstio Medica^ An Arthritidis origo semper 

abArteriis? 4« Par. 1673. 
— Qusestio Medica, Deceditne aliquid Venustati diuturni- 

ore somno ? 4* Par. 1673. 

Quaestio Medica, £st-ne prscox canities vitse iongioris 

Argumentum ? 4« Par, 1673. 
AQUIN (PHiL. d') Explications literales, allegoriques, & moralles 

du Tabernacle de la Luy ancienne, et toutes ses parties. 4* 

Par, 1624. 
AQUINAS (thomas) v. bercomo. capreolus. dorsch. etiro. 


• Opcra omnia, ad exemplar Romana) Impressionis resti- 

tuta. 17 toro. foi. Ven, 1593-4. 

Summa totius Theoiogis. char. goth. fol. 

2 tom. fol. /fa^. 1512. 

fol. Col Agr. 1622. 

Expositiones in Symboium Athanasii^ Orationem Do- 

minicam, &c. 4® Rom. 1481. 

— — Sermones de quatuor noviBsimi». ch4w. goth. 4" 


A R A 

AQUINAS (thomas) Cordiale de quatuornovissimis. 4<^^7i/u^.l48S. 
■ Tractatus de Humanitate Christi. 4° Leydis, 1484. 

De Modo Confiiendi et Penitendi. 4<» Antw. 1486. 

— — — In Libros Phy^icorum Aristotelis Interpretatio, a Thi- 
mocheo Veronense reco^nita. fol. Ven, 1506. 

In VoUimina de Coclo et Mundo Aristotelica Exposi- 

tiones. fol. Ven, 1506. 

In Libros de Anima Aristotelis Expositio, & cum ^ex. 

lo. Arp^^ropoli ubique in primo loco addito. fol. Vai, 1507. 

cum triplici Textus translatione^ 

antiqna Argyropoli, et Michaelis Sophiani, nuper addita. fol. 
Yen, ap. Juntas, 1565. 

LibriquatuordeRegimine Principum ad reo^emCypri. 

Item Epistola ejusdem de re^imine Judcorum. 8^ Par. ap. 
Jok. Parvum. 1509. 

Conflati ex angelico doctore S. Tlioma, primum Volu- 

men. fol. Pcrusia, 1519. 

Super Epibtolas Pauli Commentaria. fol. Par. ap, Jolu 

ParDum. 1526. 

fol. Par. 1536. 

Accesiicre ejusdem S. Thomce Sermone» 

Aurei pro Dominicis & festivis diebus. fol. Par. 1636. 

Enarrationes^ quas Calheuam vere Auream dicunt, in 

quatuor Kvanp^elia, emendate et in lucem edite opera Desiderii 
Maheu. fol. Par. 1532. 

Enarrationes Evangeliorum dominicalium &quadra|rcsi- 

roalium per totum annuni, ex pro^cipuis Ecclesiae Christians 
doctoribus sclecta?. 8*^ Par. 1538. 

Commentaria in Libros peri Hermenias & postcriorum 

Analyticorum. fol. Ven. ap. Juntas, 1553. 

Angclici Sermones. 8" Rom. 1570. 

Secreta Alchiniise Ma^alia: opera Dan. Brouchvisii^ 

cum praefatione loannis Huemii. 4^ Co/. Ajjr. 1579. 
8« Lusd. hat. 1598. 

— De Divinatione Sententia? W" CoL 1580. 

Sumnia contra Gentiles, fratris Francisci de Sylvestris 

Commentariis illustrata. fol. Lt/g</. 1587. 
AQUINO (cAAOLus de) Soc. Jcitu. Lcxicon Militaris. 2 tom. fol, 

AQtJIPONTANUS, v. auiepontanus. 
AdUlSGRjVNUM. v. aix la ciiapelle. 
AQUITANCIUS (prosper) Episc. Regiensis. v. ecsebius. 
AQUIVIVUS (and.matth.) Illustrium,et exquisiitissimarum Dis- 

putationum Libri quatuor. 4° Hclenop. 1G09. 
AQUIVIVUS (belisakius) De Principuni liberis educandis. De 

Venatione. De Aucupio. De Ke Militari. De singulari Certa- 

mine. 8® Bas. 
AKABI A. Arabia, seu Arabum vicinarumque gentium Orienta* 

iium legesy ritus sacri et profani, mores, instituta, et historia: 

accedunt prseterea varia per Arabiain Itinera, in quibiis niulta 

Dotatu digna exiarrautur. l(P Amst. 1633. 

AfeABl A. Spccirocrt Charadt^rtrtn ArtKdorTfm ^Offidttfe ViatitS» 

nikri» Franc. Rapheldngii. 4* Lu^d, B, l5i5. 
ARAWAN ^iGHTS EiUMaittmeHU, v. Gfaxkt(t>. 
ARAftlN (TiENatETTA) Her Trikl fdT 'coitimittiiig A*8uT!ei5r wtdlr 

Thomas Sutton" Edqf . ^ Lfmd. 
AftA-C(!£LI (fbawAsco de) Ndrma Vira-Je Religi^s, Trataao 

Historico. 4P LUh, 1708. 
A!tA60N. Pro^essos de la Hirtdriii cn d ^evtio de Aragon^ 

?£l&gfo$ de Oeronimo ^Trita su prhner Ccn^onistk. fdl. iicttag,, 
AtlAGON (PETKtrs tit) In secuhdam recnri^te Y)hn Thbknte l>oc- 

toris Angelici Commentaria^ fol. Lugd, I5d6. 
A^A^Di (LODovico) L'Italia nobile ndlesriet^ieu' fetJc^XTavaire^rl 

ligK delle medeme, i qua1i d^Antio in Almo sono stati ifisi^itt 

della Croce di San Giovanni e di Sau Steferto. jj^ V^nAf^. 
ARAM (ecCene) The genuine aind aathetitic ^ALdcoulit df *(H^ 

murder of Daniel Clarke, on the Sth "Feb. l^^^-^ : als6 ^he 

thaterlal part of the Atrai^metitand Tryal cff Rich- 'Hblise'- 

man, Henry Terry, and Eogene Aram, for the isanie inurderw 

8^ Yotk. 
'^ — ■• The Genume Accodnt of the Lifelffiia Tffal df Eugetft' 

Aram for the *raurder of Diinid daite, AMg. 8. 1739. 8» 


— ■' i . 8^ York, 1767- 

ARAM (thomas) The History of Thomas Aram, cbmmand^ of • 

the FdAcy, in tbe Rhdah Trade ; writUn by hitnself. "8» Lditd. 

1776. . 

ARANDA (ant. de) Verdadera Infortnafcion de 1a Tierra Sirtcta 

'segQu la disposicion i| en el ano de mil y quinientbs ytfeynCa'. 

8* AMa, 1584. 
ARANDA (EMANiTEL d') Rclatioti de la Capti?ite & LibefTS dtr 

SieurEmantid d^Aranda jadis Esclare i Atg^r. i^ 'Brux* 

ARANDT (joH. ci[>iniO 'Dis^ert. Iriaug. Medica/cihlb^Ks PhllH- • 

seos cognitionem et curationem. 4° Etf. 17^8. 
AftANHA (franc.) Sermam. 4« Lisb, 1657. 
ARANTHON (jean d') d'Alex,EvequcctTrhce de Genevc. 
' ■■ — EdaircTssem^ite sursa Vie, avec dfenouvdtes prenv^ 

incoutestables de la verite de son zele contre le Jansenisme & 

le Quietisme. S^ Chamb,'l&d9, 
ARANTIUS (JUL. cjEs.) De bumario Foetu Libdltis. B« Bd«. 

' ■■■ ' ' ■ ejitsdem AnattMicardih'Obteff^ 

tionum Liber, ac de Tumoribus sccuridurii locosafiectos Libef» 

4» r<-«.1587. 
*ARA0Z (fran. de) De benedisponenduBiUiodiecaOpusculum» 

8<> Matrit, 1631. 
"ARAS (c£orgius) EnchindioriHcrmetico Medicum,cdente<leof- 

gioAra8.-12o F«i. 1666. 
'AHATUS Solcnsis, v. 'AVTnotoa^AsruovQkiveteres. DitmT- 

&IUS Pericgctes, 


A R B 

il^SATyS S^laui*- A^roaoipicon Gr» Lat. cudi scfaolii&L. I. C«r 
porini" 8« Bas. 1523. 

«"4^ 'ik^Tf^f o^a»pfi(f. 4® Par. 1559. 

4>auyop,iya xom AtotmfAtTa' 0cvyo;£;^oXia* £|aTQ^fyouf K<fros^ 

fi^fAOi- Awty<nQv Xfutffi. AccesseruQt 4nnotatio|[ies^ m Brdtostllfi- 
nem ct Hymnos Dlonysii. 8* Oxon, 167?. 

PhflSQoni^na, sive Appar^nti.a. Gr. LcL 12? B<w. 156U 

Hug. Grotii B^t^vi SvQtagma Arateorum : Qpus Pofi 

tic9 et A^tronomi» ftudiosis Vtilissifnum. Gr, Ltu, 4^ J^^» 
B. ap. Ckr. lU^phad. 16Qa 

r Phfl^nomcaa et Prognostica. Lai, interpTeti^» AJ. f . 

Picecqine, Q.. F. i^\\eiko^ Qennanico Csesare una cum i^us cpm- 
nientarii^. £, Julij Hygini Astronoi^icon. 4P Pat. G, Jflqrel. 

fol CoL Ag, 1509. 

! '■ ij^d iUustr^m et inclytum Priucipem Kd«f. S^ piauriiii^i, 

Hertf. comit^ai «et Bellocampum baroneoij Nicqlai Meni B^fen- 

tifni Angli Arati Pbsoomena. 4^ Pax» 159|. 
ARBEAU (thoynot) Orchesographie ; ou Methode /^i Tb^rie 

pour apprendre d danser. 4^ Lcngres, 1588. 
iRSfERES (BEaNARD de blust d') Les Oeuvres. 12? Par, 160p.|. 
AflBOGAST (u F. A.) D.U calcul des Perivations. A9 ^rash. 1800. 
ARJBORETUM Floridi^m: q4t:r Besphreifaiung def Baiime. 12^ 

Augsb, 1689. 
ARBOREUS (JOH.) Scholia in PQrpfayrUim 4e quinquc Yocibus, 

f^ Aristotele^ Bo^tio^ Ammonip, lacobo Fabrq, & aliis enidilis 

aiitQrjbi^s c^Kecti^, ab aliquot nuper repurgata mejidU, £f c^u^ 

lontissiD^ locuf^et^U.^ P^f, qp. Colfn. 15^1. 
ARBQRlCENS^» (rq^ertus) v, ccenalis. 
AbBR£S. Avis ponr le transpQrt p^r ]y}er des Arbf^, 4^ Plaptes 

vivacesp desSeip^eSi ^t d|s (jiY^i^ ^utres Curiosite^. S^ Pqr. 

ARBUTHNOT (ARcpf b.) The Li^ aqd 4^dv^urcs of Simon to4 

Lov^t. 8? fAfnd, 1746. 
ARBUTHNOT (john) m.d. v, pope, 
^ — Aq Ifxamination of Dr. Wopdwarck A^cpun^ pf the 

DelMge, ^. with a Cpmpaiison between Steno^s Philosophy and 

Jh€i Doctors. With a Letter to th^ Authpr cqncerning ^n Ab- 

stract ot Agostino Scilla^s Book on tt^ ^me sul^ect : by \V.W. 

8* Lond, 1697. 
^ To the Rt. hon. the Mayor aiid ^Wermen of the City 

of London^ t|>e Petition pf th^ Colliers^ Cooks, Cook-M^ids, 

Blacksiiiiths, wad ot^ers. fpl. 1716. 

TabUs of ancient Coins^ Weights^ aqd M^asurea ej^* 


platn'd and exemplify'd ip several Dissertations. 4^ Lond» l?^* 

to which is added an Appepdix> 

containing Observations op Df. ArbutbnoU Pisserta^pns by 
Benj. Lang][^ith, n.p. 4fi Loud, )754. 

O^tio ^niveri^na ]H[arvaeiap^ji habita die 3^iii. Octiq- 

W? M^ 1727. ♦• iontf. 1727. 

A ft C 

ARBUTHNOT (john) An Essay concerninp: thc Naturc of AJi- 
ments and the choice of them. 8® Lond, 1731. 

S^ Dubl. 1731. 

-■ Practical Knles of Diet in the various Constitutions and 

Diseases of human Bodie». 8® Lond. 1732. 

An Essay concerning the Efiects of Air on human 

Bpdies. 8« Lofid, 1733. 

MiscellaneousWorks. 2 vol. 12® Glasg. 1751. 

Thescs Medicse deSecretione Anitnah. 4** 

•- Tiie Freeholders PoHtical Catechisin. written by Dr, 

Arbutiiiiot. First printed in m.dcc.xxxiii. 8° 1769. 

ARC (JOANNA d') Le Livrede laPucellenatifue de Lorraine, qui 
reduict France entre ks mains du Roy, ensemble le iugemenl, 
& comme elle fust bruslee au vieil Marche a Rouen. £t a la 
fin plusieurs aultres choses aducnucs du depuys en la Ville d^ 
Rouen. 12® Rouen. 

ARCA (lud.) De reedificatione Monasterii Sancti Martini de Sca«r 
lis Panhormi, Ordinis S. Benedicti, & dicDcesis Montisregalin 
Libcllus : ante ducentos Annos d pio Auctore conscriptus. 4^ 
Rom. 1596. 

ARCADIUS, Imp. v, pancirollus. rufinus. 

ARCiEUS (franc.) De recta curandorum Vulnerum ratione, et 
ahis ejus Artis praeccptis, Libri duo. Ejusdem de FebTium 
curandarum ratione. 8** Antv. ap. Plant. 1574. 

12« Amsi. 1658. 

Angl. transl. by John Read. 4° Lond. 1588. 


ARCANDAM, seu Aleandrinus Doctor peritissimus, ac non vut- 

garis Astroloorus, de Veritatibus et Prsedicationibus Astrologiae, 

nuper opera ]^ich. Roussat in lucem editus. 16*^ Par. 1553. 
ARCANO (lucio de coNTi d') Lettcra di Ragguagho sopra li 

Clamori delle Femine di Roma. 12® Rom. 1683. 
ARCANUM. Aperta Arca Arcani artificiosissimi. Germ. 4* 

Franc. 1643. 

— — 8« Hamh. 1687. 

ARCE (joH.) ab Otalora. Sumnia Nobilitatis Hispanics. fol. 

Salmant. 1570. 
ARCELLA (giustinian) De Ardore Vrinae et StiUicidio, ac de 

mictu sanguinis non puri, Opus per utile. 8^ Patav. 1568. 
ARCERE (M.) Histoire de U Ville de RocheUe et du Pays d'Aul. 

nis. 2 tom. 4« Roch. 1756-7. 
ARCERIUS (sixTus) r. jelianus, 
ARCEUS (franc.) V. arcaus. 
ARCH (susannah) A Relation of the miraculous Cure of Susan*- 

nahArch of the Lepros}' and Ptysick. 8® Lond. 1695. 
ARCHANGEL (f.) v. forbes. 
ARCHANGELO (ottavio d*) r. diodorus Siadus, 
ARCHANGELUS. De Infirmitatibus humanae Vitae : Compen- 

dium Medicinse. 12^ jRo?^. 1648. 
ARCHANGELUS dc Burgo-novo, v. burgo-novo. 
ARCHANGELUS (f.) v. faustinus Dicstensis. 


A R C 

ARCHBISHOPS. A very lively Portrayture of the most revc- 
rend Archbi^hops the righl reverend Bs. of the Church of Eng- 
knd. 40 1G40. 

■ A Short Treatise of Archbishops and Bishops, Lords 

Spirituall. 4« 1641. 

A Dialogue ar^ifipf tiiat Arch-bishops, Bishops, C»- 

rates, Neulers, arfe to be cut-off by the Law of God ; tlierefore 

all thesc, with their service, are to be casl oiit by the Law of 

the Land. 4« Lond. 1644. 
ARCHDALE (john) A new Descripticn of that fertile and 

pleasant Province of Carolina. 4' Lond, 1707. 
ARCUDALL (mervyn) jNlonasticon Hibemicum, or an History of 

tbe Abbies, Friories, and other rehgious Houses in Ireland. 4® 

Lond, 1786. 
ARCHDEKIN (rich.) Praecipuce Controversice Fidei ad facilem 

methodum redacta*, ac Resolutiones TheoIogicsQ ad omnia 

Sacerdotis munia, pnesertim in Missionibus, accommodatae, 

cum Apparatu ad Doctrinam sacram: cui accessit Summa' 

Doctrinas Christianae selcctis Exemplis elucidata, cum ahis 

Tractatihus. &* Lovan. 1671. 
* Vitae et Miraculorum Sancti Patricii,HibemiaD Apostoli, 

Epitome : cum brevi Notitia Hibcrniae, & Prophetia S. Maw 

lachifle, &c. 8* Lovan. 1671. 
ARCHER (addis) l'he King on the Prosecution of R. B. Rem- 

nielh, Doctor of Physick, against A. Archer, Esq. The whole 

of tbe Arguments made use of in the Kings Bench for and 

against the Defendant. fbl. Lond. 1788. 
ARCHER (edmond) A Sermon, Jqn. xxxth. 1710. before thc' 

Clergy of the Ix)wer House of Convocation. 4P Lond. 1711. 
ARCHER (ferd.) v, ford. 

ARCHER (john) m.a. Preacher qf All-halofwes Lumbard Sireet, 
• The personai Reigne of Christ A^pon Earth. 4** Lond, 


Comfort for Belcevers about their Sinnes and Troubles. 

4» Lond, 1645. 

Instructions about right Weeving: Sevcral Sermons 

^leading unto Christ, directing unto Faith, and incouraging 
thcreto. 4» Lond. 1645. 

Sensible Sinners are onely Rtted Objects for Mercy by 

Christ. 4« 
ARCHER (john) m.d. Every Manhis own Doctor : in two Parts. 

8^ Lond. 1671. 
— ■ compleated with an Herbal. 8" 

Lond. 1673. 
■ Secrets disclosed, Of Consumptions. 8^ Lond. 1684. 

S'^ Lond. 1693. 

AHCHER (joHx) V. mills. 

* -: An Essay in Vindication of the Use and Advantag^e of 

Prayer, being the Substance of two Sermons preached at fun- 

bridge in June 1729. 8° Lond. 1730. 
JHRCHER (m. l') V. uerodotus. 


A n c 

AliCHERY. A briefe Trcatise %o prove the necessitie apd esr 

celkiKe of Ibe yse of Avcl^rie. abstracted out of aocieiU ?nd 

moderne Writere by R. S. 4® Lont^. 1596. 
■■ ■■ >■ A Neir Inventiim of sbooting Fire-shafts in Long-Bowes* 

4« IW. 16^. 
ii i POems in Engltsh and Latin^ on tbe Archers, and RQyal 

CompaBT of Arehers : by seferal Hands. 8^ Edinb. 17%. 
m-^ L^ Parade des Archers Ecossois : Poeme I^amaiique. 

4* Edinb, 1734. 
JLRCHKS-COURT Uw. Be»^ «oae late Proceedings die|t»Q 

argued and adjudged, ContaiQiDg tbree remarkaUe Cases^ vi^* 

|. The Case of M rs. Wdd. 2. The Case of Mrs. Leeson and 

Ijoifd Fitzmaurice and 9. the famous Jew Case. & Lpnd. 

ARCH£VOLTI (r. samvel) v. abarbanbl. 
ARCHIBALDUS (gbo.) Dbp. Med. de Catarrhis. 4* Lugi. fiai, 

ARCHILOCHUS Gr(9CU9. De Temporibus. 4<> Ft». 149«. 
i . — -r 4« Ba^. 1530. 

ARCHIMEDES^ v. apollonius Perg^^* butocius. SAiNT-c;iiAiav 


m I ■ Openi> qu9 quidem ei^tant, Omnia, fQultis j^ seculis 

desiderata, atque d qudm pauci^imis baetenos pisa» nimcque 

friroum & GV. & La^. in hicem edita. Adjecta quoqiie ^unt 
Ivtocii Ascalonit» in eosdem Archimedit libros Comm^itaria, 
|tem Qr. ^ IjU. Qunquam antea excusa. fol. JB^. jfofvog. 

w^ Arcbimedis qute supersunt Orania cum £utoGii A^cal- 

onitfe comnieutariis» ex recens. Josephi ToreHi» cum nova Ver« 
aione Latina. Accedunt Lectiones variantes ex Coddv Medicf<^ 
et ParisiensibQs, foL Oxon, 1792. 

AssuroptQrum Liber, ex Codd. Arabicis M3S. Lat. per 

Abrahan).um Ecchelensenr^ cum nbtis lo. Alfonsi Botelli. fol. 
Piar. 166L 

De Insidentibus Aquse» Libri duo. Lat. 4* Ff». 1565. 

■ De iis qu» vebuntur in Aqua Libri duo. Lat. a Fed, 

^^ommaindino restituti, cl commentariis illustrati. 4^ Bomon, 

I j. ■ ApeiMuriuai, et Diamisio Circuli» Gr. L^i. Joh. Wallis, 
8<^ Oxon. 1666. 

S^ Oxm. 1676. 

— — Monumenta omnia Mathematica qui9s extant» ex trad. 
Franc. Maurokici. fol. Panorm. 1685. 

Fpistola Arphimidis ad Regem Gelonem« Albse Gr^c» 

leperta anoo JExijBi Christi^nQe* 1668. 8* 

f^ '■ — ' r- ed. alt. 8® 

ARCHIFEL. Histoire pouvelle des apciensDucs et autres Sonver^ 

ttns de l'Arcbipel. S^ JPor. 16^. 
^RCHITECTURA Haison Darchitecture antiqNe e^itraipte de 

Victruue et aukre ancici^ Arcbitecteurs, nouueUement traduit 

deMNiignol en Frapcoys. 4® Par. SUn. dc Calincs, 1539. 


A R C 

AKCHtTECTCRA. Reigies generales de rArcbitectilre, strriek 

cincq manieres d'edifice$^ ascflvoir, Thuscane/Doricq; lonicq; 

Coriiftbey & Copoeite, auec le» exeinples danticquitez saloa nt 

doctrine de Vitruue. fol. 1545. 
* ■ ' ■'■ Recueil de Piusieurs Dessehigs d^Architecture. tcL 

Lyam. 1619. 
"^ - fiecaeil des Ikvis des Bastimeiis du Roy de l'ann£^ 

1684-5. fol. Vers. 1684-5. 
* ■ ■ Proportional Architecture by eqaal Parts. 8® Lotii. 


— Essai suT rArchitecture- 12» Par. 1758- 

The Grecian Orclers df Architecturcdelineated and ex-' 

plained from the Antiquities of Athens. fol. Lcfnd. 1768. 

An Essay on the Quahfications aiid Duties of an Archi< 

tect, &c. 9 Lond.. 1773. 

Resolutions of the Associated Architects, with the Re« 

^pmt of a Committee by tbem appointed to considcr the Causea 
of the frequent Fires^ and the best means of preventing the like 
i&fotnre. ^ Lond. 

ARCHIUS (NfCOLAUS) V. fracastorius. 

-ARCbVS Dream, sometimes Jester to his M^estie^ but exile<j[ 

the Court by Canterburies malice : witb a relation for whom 

«n odde Chaire stood voide in Hell. 4** 164L 
ARCKEL (coRNELius van) Oratio Metrica de Bello Catilinario* 

4* Roeerod. 1685. 
ARCKENBOUT (nicol^us) De Ophthalmia. 4« Tr.adRh.ieH. 
'ARCONS (CESAR d') Le decret du Flux & Reflux de la Mer, & 

des Longitudes. 8® Rouen, 1655. 

-4« Par. 1667. 

-ARCOS (ctlRisT0VAL<DB) Lr Mvy lamentableConquista y crucuta 

Batalla de Rhodas nueuamentesacadade Latin en lengua Castel- 

lana. 12» Med. del Ompo, 1571. 
tt^RCOT, Nabob of. Papers iind Proceedings of the HonoraUe 

Court of Directors relative to the Orders to Madras, of 20th 

Jan. 1796/for payment of the private Debts of the Nabob ti 

Arcot. 4» 
^ARCUARIUS (JusTus) Theses Philosophic» de Drvinationibus. 

4* Marp. Cat. [1585,] 
ARCUDI (alcssandro tomaso) Anatomia deg^ Ipoeriti di Can- 

^ dido Maiasorte Ussaro. 4^ Ven. 1699. 
•XRCUDIUS (petrus) Corcyrans. Utrum detur Pttrgatorium» et 

«n-ilhid sit per Ignem ? 4® Rom. 1717. 
ARCUI^NUS (JOH.) Practica particularium Morborum omnium. 

fol. Veti. 1560. 
• ■■' — — — 4« Patav. 1685. 

"— ^- DeFebribus, in Avic.iv. Canonis Fen primam dilucida 

atque optima Expositio. 4* Patav. 1685. 

ARCULAKlUS (dan.) DefensioThesiumTheologicarumde Missa 
Pontificia et Coense Dominicffi^in ea profanatione, advemus re* 
KMuisionem HenrieiEbiugshauten. 4* ^arp.'15S9. ^ .. 


A R E 

ABCULARIUS (hehr.) Decuria Quaestionum philologicanim k 

philosophicarum. 4^ JHat^, 1G27. 
AKCULARIUS (jo. petr.) De Syllabicis iii loca Rom.xi. 86. 

1 Cor. VIII. 6. 4° Uelmst. 1700. 
ARCUSIA (cHARLEs d') Stigneur d'EsparTon, La FaTConnerie. 8* 

Par, 1605. 
ARCY (morgan d') A Funetal Oralion on the late rev. Arthur 

0'lxary. O. S. F. 8° Lond. 1802. 
ARDEBEILl (achmed) v, fox. 
ARDELISA. Court Intrigues, or the Secret History of Ardclisa. 

8« Lond. 1759. 
ARDEN. The lamentable and truc Tragedy of Master Arden of 

Feversfham in Kent 4** Lond, 1633. 

• 8<> Lond. 1770. 

ARDES. A Letter sent by I. B., GentlemAn, unto his very frende 

Mayi-ter R. C. Esquire, wherein is ccnteined a large discourse 

of the penpling &inhabiting the Cuntries callcd the Ardes. 12* 

Lond. H, Binneniun, b.L 
ARDEUINES (salvador) Fabrica vniversal y admirable de Is 

Composicion del Mundo mayor. 4® Madr. 1621. 
ARDINOIS (fran.) Dissert. Med. de ftindamento totius Medi- 

cinn) Anatoniia. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1718. 
ARDINOIS (jacobis) Disp. Jurid.de Arbitris compromissoriis* 

4<» Lit!rd. Bat. [1717.J 
AKDIZONE (antonio) Nascimentos del Rcy nosso Senhor Dom 

loam. IV. de Portugai. 4'* Lisb. 1649. 
Savdades da India, manifebladas as Magestades de Por- 

tu^ral. 4« Lisb. 1652. 
ARDIZZONE (fabritio) Ravivamento, o siaDiscorso dimostra- 

tivo sopra Tessenza, caose, & efFetti dell' Acque minerali sin- 

KolarmeiJtc dcl Monte di Corsena. 4° Gcn. 1680. 
ARDMAGH, v. armagh. 
ARDNT'S Spirit of the Times translated from the German by 

the rev. P. \V. 8" Lond. 1808. 
AUDRON (nicholas) The Ploughman'8 Vindication; or aCon- 

futation of sonje passages preachcd in divers Sermons by Sher- 

land Adams, sometimes Minisler of Treeton in the County of 

Yorkc. 4*» Lond. 1646. 
ARDO (fedele) La Floridea, Parte prima. 8" Par. 1601. 
ARDOYNUS (sANTEs) Uber de Venenis quem magister Santes 

dc Ardoynis edere cepit Venetijs die octauo nouembris 1424, 

et ipsum ibidem diuino mediante faUore finivit dic 14^ madij. 

1426. fol. 149^2. 

Opusde Venenis, castigatissimeeditum. fol. Baj.-1562. 

ARENA (ant. de) Provcngaiis. Ad suos Compagnones qui sunt 

de persona friantes, bassas Dansas & Branlos practicantes, nouel- 

las de guerra Romana, Neapohtana & Genvensi, mandat : una 

cum Epistola ad fallotissimani suam g^rsam, Jlanam Rosseam, 

pro pabsando tempus. 12^ Par. 1574. 
120 pf^r. 1670. 


A R £ 

ASENA (jACOBus) De Quaeslionibug. 4P Lugd, 1555. 

AREND (cAius) Funeral Serraon of Eric Mauritius^ J. U. D. 4® 

GUckstadt, 1670. 
AREND (henr. conr.) De colloquiis cbaritativis saec. xvi. per 

Germaniam irrito eventu institutis. 4F HaL Mag^ 1719. 
AREND (jou. gsorg.) Disp. Med. de Cephalalgia. 4^ Lugd.Bat. 

ARENDES (JOH. christ.) Disp. de Materia prima. 4® Helm» 

AR£NDS (JOH. AUG.) Diftsert. Med. inaug. de Emeticorum usu 

k almsu. 4® Lugd, Bat. 1723. 
ARENS (JOH. ANT.) Dissert. Phys. de Sanguificatione. 4^ Jen» 

ARENS (joH. GEo.) Trigas illustris Simplicium Medicamentorum, 

4« Jcn. 1671. 
ARENS (nic. gerhardus) Dissertatio Oratoria pro Libertate. 4* 

Groning^K, 1649. 
ARENTSEN (theodorus) Disp. Jurid. inaug. de Appellationi- 

bus. 40 Lugd, B. 1671. 
ARENTZEN (and.) Disp. Med. de Cancro. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1719. 
ARESI (PAOLo) Dclie Imprese sacre, con utili e diletteuoli dis- 

corsi accompas^nate Libro primo. 4** Veron. [1615.] 
■ De , Aquae Transmutatione in Sacrificio Missse. 8* 

Derth. [1622.] 
ARESKINUS (rob.) Dissertatio Medica inaug. circa (Economi- 

am Corporis humani. 4® Traj. ad Rhen. 1700. 
ARETiBUS, Cappadox, v. medici. petit. 
' Aretsei Cappadocis Medici Libri septem, nunc prlmum 

c tcnebris eruti a lunio Paulo Crasso accuratissime in Lat. ser- 

monem uersi. Ruffi Ephesii de corporis humani partium Ap- 

peliationibus Libri tres, ab eodem lunio Pauio Crasso latinitate 

donati. 4^ Ven. ap. Junt. 1552. 

Aretoci Cappadocis Medici Libri viii. Ruffi Ephesii 

de hominis partib. ii. iii. Itinio Paulo Crasso interpr. Acce&- 
fiere qus Crassus non vertit ; Aretaei aliquot Capita ; Ruffi Li- 
her de Vesicse ac renum afiectibus ; Eiusdem de Medicamentis 
purgantibus. Adnotationes locorum in quibus ab interprete 
Grseca discrepant. 16^* Par. 1554. 

De acutorum et diuturnorum morborum causis et sig- 

nis, Lib. iiii. De acutorum, ac diutumorum morborum cura- 

tione libri iiii. Gr. ex BibL regia. 8" Par. ap. Turneb. 1554* 

■' • Gr. Lat, per Joan. Wigan. fol. Oxon. 1723. 

cum comment. P. Petiti, Job. 

Wiggani, celeberrimi Mattarii, et Dan. Wilh. Frilleri; Edi- 
tionem curavit Herm. Boerhaave. fol. Lugd. B. 1731. • 

' Angl. by John Mofiat. m.d. S^ Lond. 

■ ■ Aetiolo^ca^ Simeiotica, et Therapevtica, Morborum 

acutorum et diumorum, Qi\ Lat. tribus MSS. Codicibus, Ve- 
neto, Bauarico' Augustano^ collatis; autore Georgio Henis- 
chio. fol. Aug. Vind. 1603. 

ARETEFILA, Diaiogo. 4« Lion. 1560. 


Alt t: 

ABETHAS Ctsaria Cappadoci^t I^n9cojm. EnamUones vetiii» 
tiMiroomm Theologorum in Acta qnsdam Apostolonim et ik 
omnes D. Pauli ac Catholicas Epistolas ab CEcumenio : m 
Apbcalypsim ver6 ab Aretba Csesar^fle Cappadocise Episcopa» 
magna cura coDecits : lohanne Hentenio interprete. Prster^ 
Remigii Altisiodorensis Episcopi/ luculentissima in Tndeciifi 
jposteriores Prophetas Enarratio. fol. Antv. 1545. 

Ati£TI]NO (leonardo) r. albicante. aristoteles. BAsiLius. 


' De Bdlo Italico adversus Gothos. 4^ op. JV. Jenson, 1471; 

■ fol. Bas. 

■ ItaL da Lodov. Pctroni. 13» Fir. Gitmi. 1586t 
Historia Fiorentina. trad. da Donato Acciaioli. fol. Vin^ 

Comedia Graccus et Poliscene. 4® in Mcnast. ScrU^f 



' Epistols familiares. 4** char. goth. 

Epistolarum libri octo. ^ Bas. 1535. 

Epistola? dusB ex codd. MSS. vulgatse. 9 Ram. 1754, 

■ De Temporibus suis, Liber unus. fol. Par. 1513. 

■ ^rum suo tempore in Italia gestarum CommentSY 
rius. Ejusdetn de rebus Graecis Liber. 4* Lugd. ap. Giyph, 

La Historia Universale de suoi Tempi. 4* Ven. 1561. 

Libro della prima Guerra deUi Cartba^inensi con li Rot 

mani : falto uulgare da uuo suo amico. B^ Fir. 1596. 
— Libro iotitolato Aquila volante. 8® Vcn» 1536. 

8» Vcn. 1539. 

De Studiis et Literis ; ex bibl. Gabr. Naudsi. IS^ Par^ 


Le Vite di Dante e del Petrarca. IS» Fir. 1672. 

ARETINO (piETRo) Le Lettere di M. Pietro Aretino di nuovo 
impresse ct corrette. 8** Vtn. 1538. 

8« F<rn.l539. 

^. 6 tom. 8« Par. 1609. 

■ Abbatimento Poetico del divino Aretino et dd Bestiale 

Albicante. 4» 1539. 

Ragionamento nel quale M. Pietro Aretino figuta qua-» 

tro suoi Amici, che favellano de le Corti dd Mondo> e di quel* 
la dd Cido. 8* 1541. 

Le Genese, avec la Vision de Noe, trad. de HiuscaQ 

en Francoys. 8® Lyon. 1542. ^ 

Opera nuova, la qual scuopre le Astutie &c, dclle Cor^ 

tigiane. S» Nap. 1547. 

Lettere scritte al Signor Pietro Aretino da inohi Signo-r 

ri. 2tom. Ven. 1552. 

Cortigiana, Comedia. S^ Vin. 1552. 

Le Miroip des Courtisans. 8® Lyon. 1580. 

Ragionamenti j; divisa in tre Giomate. 8^ Jfengodi, 


■ i . ■ 9" Qfsmop, 1660. 


A R^Q 

ABETINO (piSTRo) Quattro Comedie del Divino Pietro Aretino ; 

do^, il Mareflcalco, k Cortegiana, la Talanta, rHipocrito. 8* 

■ Cdloquio de ks Damas ; [trad. por Feroan Xvarez.l 

12* 1607. 

Pomodidascalus, seu Colloquium Muliebre : ex Hiipan. 

. in Lai. tmd. a Casp. Barthio. 8^ Francqf. 1633. 

La Vita di Maria Vergine. 8^ 

Delk) Specchio delle <>pere di Dio. I2f^ Ven. 1629. 

Aretino peqtito, ci oe Parafrasi sovra i sette Salmi della 

Penitenza di D4uide. 12^ hicme. 1648. 

Dialogue de TAretin; ou les Vies & faits de Lais & La- 

mia Courtisanes de Rome sont deduites: trad. d'//a/. 12* 
ARETINUS (angelus) uu oe aretio, p. gambellona. 
ARETIUS (bbnedictus) De Medicamentorum simplicium Gra« 

dibus et Compositionibus, Opus novum. 8* Tig, 1572. 
' ■■ Sw S. Thcolo^ae Problemata : hoc est Loci Communet 

Christiane Religionis methodice explicatfle. fol. Bcm, 1604. 

Commentarii in D. N. Jesu Christi Novum Testamen- 

tum. fol. Par, 1607. 

A short History of Valentinus Gentilis the Tritheist : 

: transl. into JSnt^. for the use of Dr. Sherlock. 8* land. 1696. 

ARETIUS (cLAUDius m akius) Libri aUquot lectu non minus iu- 
condi Quam.utiles. Omnia non ante uisa. 8^ Bas, 1544. 

ARfiTIUS (JAcoBus) Primvla Veris seu Panegyrica ad exceilent. 
Principem Pdatinum. Accesstt in augustissimam gloriosissimi 
feg:is lacobi Inaugurationem Carmen Seculare, &c. Itemque 
in Nuptias illustr. Prindpp. Frederici et Elizabethae Meletema- 
ta. 4« Ijmi. 1613. 

ARFEVILLE (n. db nicolat Stign. J') Les Quatre premiers 
Livres des I^avigalions & Peregrinations Orientales de J*f. de 
Nicolay Dauphinoys, seigneur d'Arfeuile. fol. Lofon. 1568. 

* La Navigation du Roy d^Escosse lacques cinquiesme 

-du nom» autour St son Royaume, & It^les Hebridcs & Orchades, 
soubz la conduicte d'Alexandre Lyndsay excdlent Pilot Escos- 
soia. 4« Pat. 1583. 

4RGALL (richard) The Accedens of Armory. 4* hand. 1568. 

ARGELATUS (philippus) v. mediobardus. 

■ In Dissertationem Itali» medii sevi Censuree iiij Viter* 

biensis^ Veneta, & Brixiana ; cum Responsis iii, pro Anony- 
mo Mediolanensi. Belii Diplomatici Historia tertio pr8emisfei&; 

, parvique Mantissft Emcodationum, ac Additionum ad calcem 
sut^ectA. Palatinis Sociis cuncla accurantibus. 4^ MedioL 1689. 
Bibliotheca Scriptorum Mediolanensium, ;eu Acta et 

Elogia virorum omnigeua Eruditione illustrium, qui in Metro- 
poli InsubrisB, oppiiU!M{Uc circumjacentibus ord sunt ; additis 
Literariis Monumentis poit eorundem obitum relictis, aut ab 
aliis Memorise traditis. Prsemittitur d. viri Josephi Antonii 
Saxii Historia Literario-Typographica Mediolanensis, ab AnnO 
McpLXv. ad annum m.d. nunc primum edita. 2 tom. fol. Me^ 
diol. 1745. 

S AIIG£1AT\3« 


ARGELATUS (pHiLippus) De Monetis Italiffi variorum illusfri 

Viroriiiti DisserUtiones. 4 tom. 4° MedioL 1750-5^. 
ARGENS. Mqrquis d\ v. boyer. 
ARGENSOLA (leonardo de) Conquista de las Islas Malvcasi ~ 

fol. Mad. 1609. 
. The Discovery and Conquest of the Muluoco and ' 

Philippine Islands : transl. from the Spaaish of Bartholoiiieo' 

Leonardo Argensola. 4® Lond. 1708. 

Prhnera Parte de los Anales d'Aragon que prosigue los ^ 

del Secretario Geronimo (^urita dea de el anno st .d^xyi. fol 
garag. 1630. 

Las Rimas qne se han podido recoger de Lupercio, j 

del Doctor Bartolome Leonardo de Argensola. 4P Madr. 1634. 

ARGENSON (Marq. d') Considerations sor le Gouvcrnemeni 
ancien & preseiit de laFrance. 8^ Amst. 1765. 

ARGENTERIUS (johannes) Opera, quorum nonnulla jam ante 
excusa, plurima vero a nemine huc usque visa. Accessit ad' 
haec Fabii Paulini Utinensis non vulgaris in libros Artis Me* 
dicinalis Galeni per tabulas O^conomia. fol. Hanov. 1610. 

De Morbis, Libri xiiii. foU Fior, 1556. 

^ 8« Lugd. 1558. 

De Somno et Vigilia Libri duo, inquibus continentur diw 

Tractationes de Calido natiuo, etde Spiritibus. 4^* Fior. 1556. 
De Consultatioiiibus Medicis siue (ut vulgus vocat) de 

Collcgiandi Ratione. 16» Par. 1557. 

De Urinis, Liber. 8« ex Off. Sanctandr. 1591. 

8« Lips. 1682. 

ARGENTEUS (venantius) Panegyricus illm». Principi Scipkmi 

Cardin. Burghesio, Pauli quinti nepoti. 4^ Camer. 1631. 
ARGENTINA (tho. ab) Commentaria in iiii Libros Sententta* • 

rum. Accesserunt Decisionum omnium, & Qusestionum, qu8& 

etiam d diuersis Theologis pertractantur. fol. Ven. 1564. 
ARGENTINUS (rich.) Anglus. De Prsestigiis et Incantationibu»* 

Dsmonum et Necromanticorum Liber singularis, nunqudm ant^ 

hac seditus. 8® Bas. 1568. 
ARGENTON. La Historia famosa 4i Monsignor di Argenton 

delle Guerre & Costumi di Ludouico undecimo Re di Francia; 

con la Battaglie et Morte del gran Duca di Borgogna, trad. ^ 

commune beneficio in lingua Italiana^ 8» Ven. 1544. 
ARGENTORATUM, Academia. Promvlgatio Academicomm 

Privilegiorum ulteriorum. 4° Arg. 1628. 
ARGENTRE (bertrand d') L'Histoiie de Bretaigne, des Roys, 

Pucs, Gomtes, et Princes d^icelle. fol. Par, 1588. 
reueue & augmentee par M. Charler 

d'Argentra. fol. Par. 1618. 
ARGENTUS (jo.) Ad Sigism. iii. Polonice et Sveciae Regera &c^ 

loaimis Argetiti ^ Societate lesu, Visitatoris Polonise et Lith- 

vani», Liber de Statu ejusdem Societatis in iisdem Prouinciis. 4* 

Insoi. 1616. 


A E.G 

AEGENVILLE (a. j. d. d') L'Hbtoire Naturelle ^claircie daiii 
deux de ses parties principales. La Litholog^e et la Conchylio- 
k^e. 4« Par. 1742. 

■ ■ Enumerationis Fossilium quss in omnibus Gallise Pro« 
finciis reperiuntur, Tentamina. 8® Par. 1751. 

L'Histoire Naturelle eclaircie dans une de ses parlief 

principales L*Oryctologie, qui traite des Terresi, des PierreSj 
des Metaux, des Min^raux^ etautres Fossiles. 4® Par, 1755. 

La Conchyliologie, qui traite des 

*GoquilIage8 de Mcr, de Rivicre, et de Terre. 4* Par. 1757. 

La Conchyliologie ; avec un Traite de la Zoomorphose : 

par M. M. de Favanne de Montcervelle, pere & ^s. 3 tom. 4^ 

Par. 1780. 
ARGENVILLE (m. d') Abrege de la Vie des plus fameux Peintres, 

avec kiirs Portraits graves en taille-douce, les Indications de 

leurs principaux ouvrages, quelques Retlexions sur leur carac-' 

tbcs, ei la Maniere de connoitre les Desseins et le Tableaux 

des grarids Maitres. 4 tom. S^ Par. 1762. 
ARGOLUS (andb.) De Diebus criticis, et de iBgrorum decubitu 

libri duo. 4^ Patav. 1639. 

■ 4" Patav. 1652. 

Pandosion Sphericum : in quo singula in Elementari-' 

bns regionibus, atque ^therea, mathematic^ pertractantur. 4* 
Pataxf. 1644. 

Ptolemseus pamis^ in Genethliacis junctus Arabibus. 4* 

LtLgd. 1659. 
ARGK)LUS (JOANNEs) v, panvinis. 
ARGOMANAS (juan de) Tracfado muy prouechoso para todo 

fiel christiano que quesiere saber el efecto de la:i Indulgencias y 

Perdones. 12*^ Seuil. 1548. 
ARGONN£ (bonav. d') de Vigneul-Marville. Melanges d'His- 

toire & de Litterature. 3 tom. 12^ Par. 1725. 

— Second Volume. 12*^ Pa!t. 1700. 

\ ' 12« Par. 1725. 

Troisieme Volume. 12« Rott.MQfi. 

ARGOTE (GON9AL0) de MoUna. Libro dela Montcria. fol. ScviL 

■ Nobleza de rAndahizia. fol. Seuil. 1588. 

ARGOU (m.) Institution au droit Fran^ois. 2 tom. 8« Par. 1753. 
ARGUELLO (manuel de) Sermon de la Dominica septuages- 

sima en la S. Iglesia Cathedral de Mexico. 4« Mex. 1691. 
*' Sermon moral al real Acuerdo de Mexico al tiemoo que 

tomo posessioii con publica edtrada el £xm« Seiior D. Joseph 

Sarmiento Valbderes. 4« Mexic. 1697. 

Sermon panegyrico de San. Bernardo. 4« Mex. 

ARGYLE, Duke, Earl, and Marq. qf, v. campbell. 

ARGYROPILUS, v. aristoteles. 

ARC^YRUS (isAAc) Computus Grscorum de Solennitate Pascha^ 

tis celebranda, Gi\ Lat. per J. Christmannum. 4^ typ. Got^ 

ikurdi Voegelinit 



AKIANISM. Tbe present aiid primitive State of Ariaxiism ttulf 
. ilated. S^ 

■ A brief History of tbe revival of thc Arian Heresie in 
England since the Reformation. 8^ Lond, 1711. 

■ ■ ■ Arius detected and confuted : or a short and familiar 

rection for plain Christiaiis. 8^ Lond. 1719. 

Plain Christianity defended : being an Answer to a Pam- 

nfaJet latelv printed at £x6n, entitled» '* Arius detected and coa- 

fcited, &c/' In two parls. 8® Lond. 1719. 
ARIAS MONTANUS (bened.) HUpaknsis, v, benjamin. biblia» 
■■■ ■' Humanse Salutis Monumenta B. Arie Montani studio 

copstructa et decantata. 8^ Anito, ap. PlanL 1571. 

Liber Joseph, sive de Arcano Sermone« ad tacri Appa- 

ratus Instructionem concinnatus. fol. Antv, 1571. 

Liber Jeremie, sive de Actione, ad sacri Apparatus In« 

itructionem editus. fol. Antv, 1571. 
■ Communes et familiares Hebraicse Ling^® Idiotismit 

omnibus Bibliorum Interpretationibus,ac pr»cipue Latine San- 
tis Pagnini versipni accommodati^ atque ex yariis doqtof um ri« 
lorum laboribus & observationibus «electi & explicati. fpl. AniVm 

Thubal-Cain^ §ive de JtfeosuriB sacris liber, tribua. Vo- 

lu(ninibu8 distinctus, De Cubito^ De Satho, De Sido, fol. Antv. 

Phaleg^ sive de Gentium Sedibus primis^ Orbisque Tern& 

situ, Liber. fol. Antv, 1572. 

■ Chaleb, sive de Terr» promisae partitione. fol. Aniv» 

' ■' ■ Canaan^ sive de duodecim Gentibus. fol. Antv, 

Exemplar, sive de sacris Fabricis Liber. fol. Antv, 1573. 

Aaron, sive sanctonun Vestimentorum et Omatu^ De- 

scriptio. fol. AfUv, 1573. 

Nehemias, sive de Antiquss Jerusalem situ Volumen. 

foi. Antv, 

■ Daniely sive de Sieculis Codex integer. fol. Antv. 1573. 
De varia in Hebraicis Libris lectione, ac de Mazxoreth 

ratione atque usu. fol. Antv, 

De varia Republica, sive Commentaria in Librumlvdi- 

cum. 4^ Antv, ap, PUmt. 1593. 

Antiquilatum Ivdaicarum Libri ix. 4® Lugd, B, 1593. 

ARIAS (francisco) Parte Tercera del Libro de la Lnitacion de 

lesu Christo. 4^ SevilL 1603. 
'- Pro&tto Spirituale, trad. dalla lingua Spagnuola da Giv« 

. lio Zanchini. 3 tom. 8<> Breac. 1603. 

De frequenti Usu et Utilitate Confessionis ^ Commu- 

nioni^ liber. Munc primum in lAtinum omversus. 13® Colon, 

AHIGONI (gio. battista) Discorso intomo all' Impresa deU' 

Academia degH Aveduti di Padova. 4^ Pad. 1603. 
ARIGONUS (HONoaius) Numismata «j^usdam ccuuscunoue for- 

ros et metalU Musei Honorii Arigoni Veneti» 4tom« %oL Tarv. 


A R I 

ABIMINESI (uocBO dbgli) v. attila, 

ARIMINO (gregobius de) Lectura primi Sententiarum. foLPon 

ARINGHUS (PAUius) RoinaSubterraneanovi^ina: inquapo^ 
Antonium Bosium Antesignanum, Jo. Severanum, et cdebres 
alk» iCTiptores, antiouaChristianorum, et prsecipiic Martyrum 
GBroeteria, Tituli^ Monumenta^ Epitaphia, Inscripliones, ac no- 
InKoni sanctorum Sepulchra, sex libris distincta^ iliustrantur^^ 
fot. Lm/. Par. 1659. 

AKIOSnS (alex. db) Encbiridion^ siue Interrogatorium perutile 
pro animabos regendis. 12^ Par. 1520. 

ARIOSTO (lodovico) r. dolce. fornari. wrartok. 

■ Opere in vern« e in proaa, Italiane, e Latine. 4tom. 19^ 

VcH, 1741. 

Opcre Varie. 8 tom. 12^ Par. 1776. 

Comedie^ I Suppoeiti, la Cassaria, la Lena, il Negro* 

mante, & la Scolastica. 12^* Fir. 1724. 
■ Comedia intitolata Cassaria. ^ Ven. 1538. 

La Lena Comedia. 8^ Ven. 1537. 

W Land. 1739. 

II Negromante Comedta. 8^ Ven. 1538. 
Scolastica Comedia. 8^ Ven. [1547.] 
12» Lofid. 1737. 


Comedia intitolata gli Soppositi. 8» Ven. 1538. 

De i Suppositi Commedia. 12® Lond, 1737. 

Orlando rurioeo. 4® Ven. per Domenego Zio if fnOeUL 

8» per Zaan* Ant. di Volpini. 154L 
———————— 4® Ven. 1543. 

4» Vefi m a^ de* figl. di AUo. 154& 

4P Ven. 1548. 

8« Ven. 1550. 

n 8» Ven. 1556. ^ 

Oriando Furioso» con le Annolationi di Girolamo Ras« 

celU. 4* Ven. 1558. 

: 16« Ven. 1563. 

16« Lyone,\570. 

4« Ven. 1603. 

da Livio Coraldo. 4« Ven. 1562. 

— ^— — — con aggiuntisni; 4** Ven, 1566. 

■ con gli Argomenti di Gio. Andr. dell' 

Anguillara, et con le Alkgorie di Gios»eppeHordoggio. 4® Vem, 

' adomato di Figure di Rame da Ghr. 

IVwra 4« Ven. 1584. 

con gli Argomenti in ottaiia rima di 

M. Lod. Dolce, et con 1e Allegorie a ciascun Canto^ di Thoma0O 
Porcacchi da Castiglione Aretino. 8** Ven. 1586. 

8« Ven. 1596. 

'- 16» Ven. 1600. 

I. . . ■■ ■ - ■ — ~ 4» Ven. 1626. 

A R I 

ARIOSTO (lodovico) Orlando Furioso, dellc ADnotazioni dc* pid 

celebri autori. 2 tom. fol. Ven, 1730. 
■ 4 tom. 12^ Par. appresso PrauU, 1746. 

> 4 tom. 4* Binn. da' torchj di G. Bas- 

kerv. 1773. 

- AngL in heroical verse by John HaringtOD. 

fol. Lond. 1591. 

Tial. Angl. [by Temple Henry Croker,] 

2 vol. 4« Lond. 1755. 

> Gall traduict en prose Franco^ie, partie 

suyvant la phrase de rAutheur^ partie aussi le style de ceste 
nostre langue. 8*^ Par. 1555. 

trad. nouvellement en Fran^oia par F. 

de Rosset. 4*^ Par. 1625. 

Hi$p. traduzido en Romance CasteUano por 

Doh leronymo de Vrrea. fol. Iajou. 1550. 

4« Ven.\ShZ. 

Rime di M. Lodovico Ariosto. Satire del medesimo. 12^ 

Ven. 1584. 

Satire. 8« Vineg, 1538. 

Satire e Rime, Libri due. 8° Lond. 1716. 

Ariostos Satyres, in seven famous Discourses. transl. by 

Robert Tofl. 4° Lond. 1608. 

The Satires of Ludovico Ariosto [by T. H. Croker.] 8* 

Lond. 1759. 

I Cinque Canti, i quali seguono la materia del Furioso. 

12» Ven. 1605. 
ARIOSTVS (FRAN.) De Oleo Montis Zibinii, seu Petroleo Agrri 

Mutinensis Libellus : editus ab Olig. Jacobseo. 8» H^f. 1690. 
■!■ adjectd ejusdem argumenti £pistol4 

Bernardini Ramazzini. 12» MutincK. 1698. 
ARISIUS (franciscus) Cremona Literata, seu in Cremonenscs 

Doctrinis> & literariis Di^itatibus eminentiores. Chronologic» 

adnotationes. fol. Parm. 1702. 
ARIST^NETUS. ErKroXa^ ipoiTixai. Tiv» rit vciXouw HpMon» EiriTa- 

f io. e Bibliotheca loan. Sambuci. Gr. 4® Antv. ap. C. Plant. 1566w 
■■ cum emendat. ac conjecturis Josie Merceri, 

Joh. Corn. de Pauw/&c. nec non ineditis antehac Jacobi 

ToUii, J&cobi Phil. D'Orvillii, Lud. Casp. Valckenarii, aliorum- 

que, curante Fr. Lud. Abresch qui suas Lectiones addidit. 8* 

Zwolla:. 1749. 
. Gr. Lat. cum notis Josis Merceri : curante 

J. C. de Pauw, cujus notse accedunt. 8" Tr. ad Rhen. 1737. 
ARISTARCHUS, or the Principles of Composition. 8*» Lond. 

ARISTARCHUS, Samius. v. phylargyrius. 
1 De Magnitudinibus & Distantiis Solis et LunsB Liber, 

cum Pappi Alexandri expli.cat. quibusdam : a Fed. Commandino 

in Latinum conversus ac comment. illustratus. 4® Pisaur. 1572. 
— ■ De Mundi Systemate, partibus, et motibus ejusdem IJ- 

beUus, cum notia M. P. de Roberval. S^' Par. 1644. 


A R I 

ARISTEAS. Aristese Historia lxxii. Interpretum. Gr. Lat, Ac- 
cessere Veterum Testimonia de eorum Versione. 8*^ Oxon. 

■ Aristeas, Plolomei Egyptionim regis auricularius, Sep- 

tuaginta duorum Interpretum translationis occasionem seriem- 

2ue, ac septuaginta duarum moralium Qusestionum datas ab eis 
icto regi Solutiones, luculenter fructuoseque disserens, ad Phi- 
locratem fratrem. Lat, [Mathia Palmerio interpr.] 12^ Par. 

S9 Bas. 1536. 

Angl. by I. Done. S^ Lond. 1633. 

to which is added the History of the 

Angels and their gallantry with the Daughtcrs of Men^ written 
by Enoch thc Patriarch. Made English by Mr. Lewis. 8® 
Lcmd. 1715. 

Ital. trid. per M. Lodov. Domenichi. 8®. Fior, 


ARLSTE'E ou de la Divinitc. 8» Par. 1779. 

ARISTIDES (alius) Opera omnia. Gr. Lat. cum not. et emen- 
dat GuL Canteri, Fristani, Palmerii, T. Fabri, Spanhemii, 
Normanni, & Lamb. Bosii. Adjunctis insuper Veterum Scholiis 
et Prolegomenis Sopatri Apameensis. Ex recens. Sam. Jebb. 
2 toin. 4« 1722-30. 

— — — Orationes. Gr. [editio princeps.] foL Flor. sumpt. Phil, 
Junia. 1517. 

Orationum Tomi III. Gr. Lat. interpr. Gulielmo Can- 

tera 3 tom. &^ 1604. 

Lat. a G. Cantero. Huc accessit Oratio- 

num tomus quartus ex veteribus Grsecis Oratoribus concinnatus : 
eodem interpr. Item de ratione emendandi scriptores Grfficos, 
ejusdem Syntagma. foL Bas. 1566. 


■ Aristippus Philosophus Socraticus. 4® Hal Mag. 1719. 

ARISTOCRAT. L'Aristocrate enchainee et surveill^e par le Roi 

& par le Peuple. par M. J. L. G. S. 8« 1789. 

■ L^Aristocrate enchain^e. Second Cahier, contenant 

Tetat actud du Clerg^ de France. 8« 1789. 
ARISTOPHANES, v. christianus. reiske. 
- Comoedias Novem, cum scholiis a Marco Musuro. Gr. 

[edit. princeps.] fol. Ven. ap. Ald. 1498. 

accedunt Thesmophoriazuss et Lysistrata. 

\^unc primum impressa.'] 8^ Flor. opcrd Ph. Junta. 1515. 

cum commentariis antiquis. 4® Fior. per har. 

Ph. Jutua. 1525. 

4* Lut. Par. ap. JEgid. Gormont. 1527. 

Comoedis Undecim. Gr. 8® Vcn. in ad. Barth. Zanetti. 


* lCum NotisMSS. Is. Casauboni.] 4t^ Par. 

ap. Wcchel. 1546. 

A R I 

ARISTOPHANES. CortoedifiD Undecim, (?r. qaamm Novem cnm 
eommentaviis antiquig, dusque sine coitimentariis. [Cum iia- 
iis MSS. Is. Casaubani.] fol. Bas. Froben. 1547. 

12« Lttgd. Bai. ap. Rapheleng. 1600. 

a R. iFr. Ph. Brunck. 8 vol. 4P Argent. 1783. 

auctoritate Libri pi^sclarissitni sceculi decimi 

cmendat® a Phil. InvemiziO. 2 vol. 8* IJps. 1794, 

— Gr. Lat. operi et studio .Smil. Porti» fol. Atar. 

Allob. 1607. 

a Josepho Scaligero. Accesserant praB« 

terea Frdgmenta ejusde^n ineditaram Gomoediamm Aristopha- 
nis. 12* Lugd. Bat. 1624. 

\» Lugd. Bai. 1625. 

ex Codd. MSS. emeridatse : cum scholiis 

antiquis inter quse scholia in Lysistratam ex cod. Votoiano iiunc 
^Hmum in lucem prodeunt. Accedunt N6t«e viromm doctomm 
m omnes Comoedias^ inter quas nunc primum eduntiir Isaaci 
Casauboni in Equites, itlustrb Ezech. Spanhemii in tres priofes, 
k Richardi Bentleg in duas priores Comoedias Observationes : a 
Ludolpho Kustcro. fol. Amsi. 1710. 

cum notis ad singulas ineditils Steph. 

Bergleri, nec non Caroli Andr. Dukeri ad qtiatuor briores. 
Accedunt deperditarum Comoediamm Fragiherita, a Th^. 
Cantero et Gul. Coddaeo cbllecta. Curarite Petto Burmanno 
Secundo. 2 tom. 4^ Lugd. Bat. 1760. 

Lat. ad verburii trariilatse^ AridreaDivo in- 

terpr. 8« Bas. 1539. 

a R. Fr. Ph. Bmnck. S tom. 4« Argent. 


Ital trad. di Greco per Bartbfemio & Pietro 

Rositini de Prat* Alboino. 8* Ven. 1545. 

ComGodise [: Plutus^ Equites, Nubes» Rdnae, Acharrieh* 

ses.] Gr. Lat. per Kicod. Frischlinum. 8^ JVonc. 1586. 

EIPHKH. Gr. 4« Lut. Par. ap. F. Moreli. 1586. 

Nubes ac Plutus^ Comcedis Gr. curii schol. breviss. 

Phil. Melancht 4*» Hag. 1528. 

Gall. par Madembiselle Le Fdvre. 'B* P«r. 


Plutus. Gr. Adjecta sunt Schblia vetusta, eX recogfh. 

Tib. Hemsterhusii. 8^ Harlinga. 1744. 

' Gr. Lat. cum cbmment. Car. Girardi. '4** Par. 


-— Lat. interpr. Lamb. Ilort. Montfortio. 4* -W- 

traj. 1556. 

Engl. transl. by H. H. B. togeCher with his 

Notes, and a short Discourse upon it. 4^ Lond. 1659. 

by Henry Fielding, £sq. and the rev. Mr. 

Ywng. S^ Lond. 1^22. 
ARISTOTE, Jardinierde Puteaux. Instruction pour le Jardin 
PotAger : avec PArt de cultiver les Fleurs» & pbor cuUiver & 
greiOfer les Arbres Fmitiers. 8* Par, 1678. 



ARISTOTELESL v. abeaham. acciaiuli. accobombonius. jbgi» 
DIU8 RamanM, albers. alexander AphrodU, alpharabius. al,- 
PH0NSU8 Malpartidensis, ALYHOvsiJ s Archiep, Toletan, ammonius 
Mtrmeaa. aquarius. aquinas. ayerroes. baldus. balforeus, 


blancanus. boethius. borrhaus. BROEDELET. broscius. bros- 
8ier. buccaferrea. bucci. burioanus. burlxus. cabeus. calel* 
lu8. calvinus. camerarius. campensis. canaye.canonicus. car- 
fbntariu8. case. castellanus. castelvetro. catellus. catena. 


Nus. DOMiNicus dc Flaudria. dullaert. sustratius. faber. fer- 
RERIUS. figliucci. flaminius. flavius. fleischerus. fogelius,. 

Uu Zl|f ARA« 

■■ Opera, omnia, ct Theophrasti Historia Plautarum. &c. 

Gr, [bdit. princeps.] 5 vol. fol. Ven. ap, Ald, 1495-8. 

■ ex emendatione Jo. Bapt. Ca- 

motii. 6 vol. 8» Ven. ap. Aldifil, 1551-3. 

■ ^ per Desid. Erasmum. foL Bas, per Jfo. Beb, et 

Mic. ising, 1550. 

opera& studioFrid. Sylburgii. 10 tom. [Oum 

Noiie MSS.} 4« Francof. 1584^7. 

Gr. Lat. ex bibliotb. Is. Casauboni. Acces» 

semnt ex libris Ariistotelis, qui hodie desiderautur, Fragmenta 

qufedam. fol. Lagd, 1590. 

— — foL Aurel.AlMf. 1605. 

v eterum ac recentiorumlnterpretumy 
ut Adriani Turnebi, Is. Casauboni, lulii Pacij studio emendatis- 
sima : cum Kyriaci Stroze Libris duobus Grsecolatinis de Re« 
pubiici in Supplementum Politicorum Aristotelis. per GuilL 
Du VaL 2 tom. foL Lut, Par. 1619. 

4 tom. foL Par. 1639. 

■ Lat, partim antea, partim nunc primum a 
viris doctissimis donata. Item supra Censuram lo. Lodovici 
Vivis Valentini de Libris Aristotelicis, & Philippi Melanchthonis 
Commentationem doctissimam, a^jecta nunc primum fuit de 
Ordine Librorum Aristotelis^ deque iilius scriptis legendis Dis* 
serUtio. 3 tom. foL Baa, 1542. 

■ ■ 8 tom. 12* Pqt. bi LnsA. l560-«0. 

A R I 

ARISTOTELES. Opera. Lat, cumtromment. Avcnrois Cordubeif* 

sis. lo. Bapt. Bagotini labore ac diligentia. 10 tom. fol. Vch. ap^ 

Juntas, 1550-2. 
• Aristotelis et Theophrasti Scripta qusedam, qu» vcl non- 

quam antea, vel minus emendata qudm nunc^ edita tuerunt Gr. 

8« Par. H. Steph, 1557. 

De Anima^ Libri tres. Gr.. una cum lac. Fabri Stapu- 

lensis in eosdem Introductione, et Themi&tii Commentatiuncula. 
8» Bas. 1538. 

— Gr. Lat. Ivl. Pacio a Beriga interprete. 8* 

Franc. 1596. 

c ■ 8« Han. 1611. 

S*» Francof. 1621. 

— — iMt, loanne Argyropylo Byzantio interprete. 
8« Lugd. 1546. 

loachimo Perionio interprete : per Ni- 

colaum Grouchium correcti et emendati. 4** Par. 1554. 
49 Lut. Par. 1577. 

Gall. par Pierre de Marcassus. 8® Par. 1641. 

Ital. per Antonio Brucioli. 8** Ven. 1557. 

Historia de Animalibus. Gr. N. Leonici Thomeei dili- 

genter emendata. 4® Flor. ap. Juntas. 1597. 

Gr. Lat. Jul. Css. Scaligero interpr. cum 

eiusd. comm. Accedit Fragmentum quod decimus Historiarum 
inscribitur. fol. ToL 1619. 

— Gr. Fr, par M. Camus. 2 tom. Par. 1783. 

■ Lat. intei^prete Theodoro Gaza. fol. Fe/i. 1492. 

fofc Sim. Colin. 1533. 

fol. Bas, 1534. 

_- Hisp, por Diego de Funes y Mendo^a. 4® Va- 

icnc, 1621. 

The History of Animals of Aristotle> and his 

Treatise on Physiognomy : transl. by Thomas Taylor. 4" Lond. 

De Animalium Generatione Libri quinque^ cum Riilo- 

poni commentariis. Gr. fol. Ven. 1526. 

Aristotelis de Natura Animalium ; Ejusdem de Parti- 

bus Animalium ; Ejusdem de Generatione Animalium. Theo- 
phrasti de Historia Plantarnm ; Ejusdem de causis Ptantarum. 
Aristotelis Problemata. Alexahdri Aphrodisiensis Problemata. 
Omnia Lat. Theod. Gaza interpr. foL Ven. ap, Ald. 1504. 

Nicolai Leonici Thomaei Conuersio in Latinum, atque 

Expianatio^ primi Libri Aristotelis de partibus Animalium. 8^ 
Ven, 1540. 

Libri Omnes, quibus Historia, Partes, Incessus, Motus, 

Generatioque Animalium, atque etiam Plantarum Naturse bre- 
vis Descnptio pertractantur. Lat. [Theod. Gaza interpr.] 12® 
Lugd. 1560. 

12° Lugd. 1579. 

TTEpl AMvtrruv idest de Objecto Auditus; sive Audibili- 

bus. Lat. Ant. Gogauino Grauiensi interpr. 4® Ven. 1562. 

De CobIo Libri iiii. Gr. Lat. loach. Perionio interpretc : 

per Njcolaum Grouchium correcti et emendati. 2 toro. 4® Lut, 
Par. 1S54. K^\S10- 

A R I 

ARISTOTELES. De Codo Lib. iiii. Be Ortu & Interitu ti« 
Meteorologicoruui iiii. De Mundo i. Parua (ut uocant) Na- 
turalia. Gr, Lat, cum not. Jul. Pacii. 8® Franc. 1601. 

Lat, loanne Argyropilo interpr. 8" Lugd, 1546. 
- loach. Perionio interpr. per Nic. Grou* 

chium correcti et emendati. 4® Par, 1577. 

I qvattro Libri del Cielo, et Mondo^ et i due della Gene- 

ratione 8c Uorruttione d'Aristotile Stagirite. trad. dal Greco nd 
uu^re Itaiiano per Antonio Brucioli. 8® Ven, 1558. 

Lib. de Coloribus Lai, Coelio Calcagnino interprete. 8^ 

Par. 1548. 

^ Emmanuele Margvnio Cretense interpr. 

Sf Pat, 1575. 

Ethica^ ad Nicomachuro, Libri Decem. Gr, 8® Argeni. 


4» Par, 1540. (in calce 1538.J 

8« Arg, 1545. 

4» Par, ap, Morel. 1560. 

Gr. Lai, ab Ant. Riccobono. 8^ Hanov. 1610. 
Codicum MSS. collatione recogniti. 

k notis illustr. a GuiL Wilkinson. 8<> Oxon, 1716. 

Lat. iuxta antiquam translationem cum fami« 

liarissimo commentario in eundem et compendiosis questionibus 
ac dubus circa litteram emergentibus ad mentem doctissimorum 
virorum et magistrorum Martini Magistri & Johannis Buridani 
majori pro parte decisis. fol. Par. Jehan Petit, 

cum Eustratii, Aspasii, Michaelis £pbe« 

sii,nonnullorumque aliorum Gra&corum explanationibus : nuper 
a loanne Bemarao Feliciano Latinitate donata> et cum antiquo 
codice collatione, suse integritati restituta. fol. Par. 1543. 

Joanne Argyropolo Byzantio interpr. cum 

comment. Donati Acciaioli castigatissimis in lucem editi. foL 
Par. 1560. 

' tabulis perpetuis, quss Commentariorum 

loco esse queant^ explicati et iUustrati a Theodoro Zuinggero. 
fol. Bas. 1566. 

— Nicolao Gruchio interpr. Additis nunc 

?rimdm ab eodem in singulos libros annotationibus. 8^ LugiL 
4« Par, 1572. 

Joach. Perionio interpr. per Nic. Gru« 

chium correcti ct emendati. 4® Par. 1579. 
4« Par. 1583. 

— per Samuelem Heilandum. 8* Lond, H. 

Bynnem. 1581. 

— Gall. par le P. L. gentilhomme de la maison 

de M. le Conte d'Aran. 4^ Par. chez Vascos. 1553. 

Ital. trad. in lingua vulgare Fiorentina et co- 

roentata per Bemardo Segni. 4P Fir. 1550. 

8» Ven. 1551. 



ARISTOTELEa L'Ethica d^Anf^otile ridotta m Cbmp^o da 
Ser Bninetio Latini. 4^ Lim. 1566. 

^- Decem Librorum Moralium Aristotelif Ues Conveni- 

ones; prima Argyropili Byzantii, secanda Leonardi Aretini> 
terlia vero antiqua, per capita et numerot conciliate : rftmrnMni 
familiarique Commentario ad Argyropilum adjecto. foL J\ir. 
H. Stepk. 1510. 

fbl. Par. ex off. S. CoNu. 1535. 

-^ Aristotelis Moralia magna, et Moralia Evdem. et Mo- 

raiia Nicomach. et rei familiaria civilisque disciplinam continens» 
Tomus V. [viz. Ethica ei Poliiica.] Gr. 8® Ven. Ald. 1553. 

Aristotle^s Ethics and Politics, comprising his Practical 

Pbilosophy. transl. by John Gillies. ll.d. 2 vol. 4* 1797. 

AristoUe of Morals to Nicomachus. Book the finL 

Transl. by Edm. Pargiter Esq. 49 Lond. 1745. 

Aristotelis et Xenophontis Ethica, PoUtica, et Qeoono- 

mica. 6V. cum aliis aliquot ex Plutarcho^ Prodo, & Alexandro 
Aphrodisiensi commentationibus. S® Baz. ap. Jo. Vualdcr^ 

De Generatione et Corruptione Libri duo. ImL cum 

Expositione iBgidii Romani. fol. Ven. 1500. 

De Generatione et Interitu Libri ii.- Meteoron^ hoc est 

sublimium, Quatuor. De Mundo, I. contra L Apuleii interpreta- 
tionem. £x opere de AnimaUbus decem. Item ejusdem Aristo- 
telis Vita. Lat. Fetro Akyonio interpr. fol. Ven. 1521. 

- De Generatione & Corruptione, Libriduo. Lai. Fr. Va- 

tablo interpr. 8* Lugd. 1546. 

De Ortu & Interitu. La/. loach. Perionio interpr. Ejuft- 

dem Perionij in eosdem Ubros Observationes. 8^ Biu. Opor. 

per Nicdaum Grouchium. 4* Por. 


Mechanica. Gr. Lat. cum comment. Henr. Monantho- 

lii iUustrata. 4» Par. 1599. 

Opus Metaphysicum. Lat. interp. Bessarione Cardinale 

Niceno : xiiij Ubris distinctum. Cum adjecto in xij. primoa U- 
bros ArgyropoU Byzantij interpretamento. fol. Par. ap. !£• 
Steph. 1515. 

Angl. to which is added a Dissertation 

on NulUties and Diverging Series ; by Thomas Taylor. 4* LoimL 

Libri Metheororum. Lat. cum comment. Gaietani de 

Thienis noviter impressi : ac mendis erroribusque purgati. ibl. 
Ven. 1507. 

-Meteorologiconim Libri quatuor^ Lat. Francisco VataUo 

interpr. 8» Par. 1546. 

4^J>ar. 1550. 

■ Joach. Perionio interpr. Per Nic. Grou- 

chium correcti et emendati. 4^ Par. 1577. 

De Mundo. Gr. Lat. Gul. Budso interpr. cum BchoUis 

Simonis Grynsei. 8^ Baa. 1533. 

4» Par. 1577. 


A R I 

AftlSTOTELES. De Mundo. Gr. Lat. cum duplici interpr. Lai. 
priorequidem L. Apuleii, altera vero Guil. Budei : cum Bclioliis 
k castig. Bonav. Vulcanii. Accessit seorsim Gregorii Cyprii 
Encomium Maris» Gr, ei PauU Silentiarii lambica. S^ Lugd, 
Bat, 1591. 

■ Lat. Gulielmo Budso interpr. 4<* Par, 1577, 

■ 8® in ad, Aacens, 

' De Natura, aut de Rerum Principiift, Libri viii. loach. 

Pnrionio interpr. 8® Bas, 1553. 

per Nicolaum Grouchium correcti 

&effleiMlaU. 4» Par, 1577. 

Librorum Omnium Naturalis Philosophi»^ Tomi duo. 

Lst, m variis interpretibus : auctore Hermanno Raijano. 4® CoL 

Textus Philosophise Naturalis nouissime emendatua. [a 

nttmtro Thoma Bricot.] 19^ in dom, Guillermi Guenoni de 
Viua lotm in monie ioncte Genouefe, {char, goth,) 

- Questiones Naturales Arestotelis, de variis corporum 

hamanorum disposicionibus audientibus ualde suaues. 4® Antw. 
Go4f.Back. {char.goth.) 

-Parva quae vocant Naturalia. Lat. per Nic. Leon. Tho- 

mftum. foL Par. 1530. 

Joach. Perionio interp. Ejusdem Pe« 

rioiiij in «oadem Libellos Observationes. 4® Par. 1550. 

■ per Nic. Grouchium. 4" Par» 


Oeconomica Scripta qu» extant titulo Aristotelis in 

Sermonem Lattnum conuersa et explicata, adjunctaque eis inter- 
pretatk> Oeconomici Libri Xenophontis^ studio et opera Joach» 
utmer. Piabeperg. 8* Lips, in off, Ern, Voegelini. 

Organum. Gr, Lat. a Julio Pacio. 3 vol. 4^ Praneqf. 


8« HanoD, 1623. 

■■■■ P^i Fragmentum, sive Heroum Homericorum Epila- 
phta. Gr.LMt. cum Annotat Gul. Canteri. 4* Bas. 1566. 
■■ his adjecta sunt, propter argumenti similitu- 

dinem, Ausonii Epitaphia Heroum. 8^ Ant. ap, Plantin, 1571. 

pluribus Buctum Epitaphiis, partim nuper edi- 

tis, partim nunc primum e codice Harleiano. [Curante T. Bur- 
gess.] 8^ Dunelmia, 1798. 

Physicorum Aristotelis, seu de Naturali Au8Cultatione« 

h^bri octo. Lat. loanne Argyropylo interpr. 8^ Lugd. 1546. 

loanne Argyropylo & Francisco Vatablo 

hiterpretibus. ^ Lugd, 1558. 

Physiconim Libri quatuor, cum Joannis Philoponi cmn- 

ment. diligentia* loannis Baptistae Rasarii. fol. Ven, 1559. 
■ ■ ■■ cum comment Averrois. fol. Ven. 1596. 

Ital, trad. per Antonio Brucdoli. 8* Ven. 1551. 

— — Physicorum Libri de Celo & Mundo. De Generatione 
& Corruptione. De Anima. Metheorum labri. Lat. cum com- 
rnent. Averrois. foL Ven. 1495-6. 


A R I 

ARISTOTELES. Naturalis Auscultationis Libri yni. Or. Lat, 

lul. Pacio interpr. 8^ Han. 1608. 
■■ Librorum de Physica Auscultatione, Generatione et 

Corruptione, Longitudine et brevitate Vitse, Vita et Morte Ani- 

malium, Anima, Compendium, per Joh. Lonicerum. 4^ Marp. 


Physiogniomonica. Lat. a lodoco Willicbio ReseUiano. 

Addita est ejusdem interpretis Oratio in laudem Physiognomo- 
ni». 12' {char, rom.) 

8» WUch. 1538. 

Pbysiognomia, Commentariis iliustrata brevissimis, stu- 

dio & labore D. J. Fontani. %^ Par. 1611. 

De Plantis Libri duo, Gr. nuper ab interitu liberati, ac 

studiosorum usui hac primum editione restituti. Gr. 8^ JBof. 

De Natura Stirpium Liber unus et alter, exigui quidem 

si Chartas numeres, cseterum multis gemmis omati : hactenus 
nondum in lucem sditi. Nunc vero ex Graecis Latini &cti 
atque liberati ab interitu. Andrea a Lacima interpr. 8^ CoL 

Poetica. Gr. fol. Bas. 1531. 

W Bas. 1537. 

— &^ Par. ap. Gul. Marel. 1555. 

— Gr. Lat. cum notis Dan. Heinsii. 89 Lugd, B. 

Elztv. 1611. 

ex Versione Theod. Goulstoni perpe- 
tuis notis analyticis illustr. Accedunt integrs Nots Fiid. Syl* 
burgii& Dan.Heinsii: necnon selectas aliorum. 8^ Cantab. 1696. 

Textum recensuit^ Versionem refinxit. 

et animadversionibus iUustravit Thomas Tyrwfaitt 4^ Oxo». 

[curante T. Bur- 

gess.] 8^ Oxon. 1794. 

Lai. per Theod. Goulstonum. 4* Lond. 1623. 

Angl. with Notes^ on the Transfktion and on 

the Originaly and two Dissertations on Poetical and Musicai 
ImiUtion by Tho. Twining. 4<» Lond. 1789. 

Gall. avec des Remarques. 4« Par. 1692. 

-— — — — Ital. vulgarizzata et sposta ; pcr Lodouico Cas- 

tduetro. 4<> Vien. 1570. 

4« Bas. 1576. 

Reflexionssur la Poedqued*Aristote & surles Ouvrages 

des Poetes anciens et modemes. 12° Par. 1674. 

Politicorum Libri octo. Gr. Lat. exDion. Lambini & P. 

Victorii interpretationibus puriss., Theod. Zuingeri argumentis 
atqne scholiis^Tabulis quinetiam in tres priores Libros iUustrati : 
Victorii Commentariis perpetuis declarati. fol. Bas. 1582. 

a Pet. Ramo. 8® Franc. 1601. 

Lat, interpr. & enarratore lo. Genesio Sepul- 

ueda. 4° Par, ap. Vascoi, 1548. 


A R 1 

ARISTOTELES. Polilicorum Libri octo, Lat. per lac. Lodoicum 

Strel>aBum. 4« Par. 1549. 
^ __^_ nomine Joannis Bertrandi. ^^ 

Par. 1550. 
--———-———— loachimo Perionio interpr. 8^ Lugd, 1556. 

Leonardo Aretino interpr. cum D. Tho* 

m» Aquinatiii explanatione. fol. Vtn. 1568. 

a Dionysio Lambino olim facti : nuper 

recogniti et notis ad oram libri adscriptis aucti. 4" Lut. 1580. 

Gall. auec expositions, par Loys Le Roy^ dict 

Regius. fol. Par. 1576. 

Angl, from the French of Loys Le Roy, called 

Rejpus. fol. Lond. 1598. 

Iial. Della Republica, che chiamono Politica. 

per Antonio Brvcioii. 8" Ven. 1547. 

Trattato de i Governi, trad. di Grcco da 

Bernardo Segni. &^ Ven. 1551. 

Observations upon Aristotles Politiques, touching forms 

of Govemment : together with Directions for Ol>edience to 
Governours in dan^erous and doubtfuU Times. 4° Lond. 1653. 
Tractatus de pomoet morte incliti principis Philosopho* 

rum Aristotihs. Tractatus eiusdem de bona fortuna. Item alius 
Tractatus de differentia Spiritus et Anime phisicus. Tractatus 
eiusdem Pliilosophi de phisionomia. Ejusdem de inundacione 
Nili fluuij in Egipto. Lat. 4P (char. goth.J 

Posteriorum Opus, Lat. a Painphilo de Monte Bono- 

niensj. fol. Vtn. 1514. 

Posteriorum Libri, und cum Lincolniensi atque Burleo 

fidelissimis interpretibus. Lat. His acyecimus Pamphili Montii 
Bononiensis glossemata, in marginibus apposita. fol. Ven. 1552. 

Pro^uemata. Gr. fol. Boi. 1531. 

Probleumata Arestotelis determinantia multas questioncs 

de variis corporum huinanorum dispoHitionibus valdc audieiitibus 
suaves : cum ejusdem Aresto. vita & morte metrice descripta. 
Subiunctis metrorum cuni interlineari glosa scntentiahbus expo- 
siiionibus Lat. 4° fchar. goth.J 

Problemata AhstoteUs cum duplici translatione, antiqua 

vz. & noua s. Tiieod. Gaze, cum expositione Petri Aponi. Tabula 
secuudum Magistrum Petrum de Tussignano per Alphabetum. 
Problemata Alexandri Aphrodisei. Probicniaia Plutarchi. Lat. 
ro\.'Ven. 1501. 

fol. Par. ap. Joh. Petit, 


Problemata AristoteUs ac Philosophorum Medicorumque 

compluhum. Lat. 16^ Colon. 1571. 

12« Uigd. 1579. 

12° Colon. 1601. 

cui dc novo accessere Jul. Caesaris Scali- 

geri Prol)lemata GLlIiana. 12*^ Amat. 164d. 

Gall. 8" Lyon. 1570. 

llic Problcrnies of Ai istotle and other Philosophers and 

PhVi^itians. 12° Lond. 1607. 


A R I 

ARISTOTEIXS. Thc Problems of Aristotle, with other PbilosO' 
phers and Physitians. 12** Lond. 1680. 

Problematufn Aristotelis Sectiones dnaB dc quadraginta : 

llieod. Gaza intcrprele. Problcmatum Alexandri Aphrodisci 
libri duo : eodem Theodoro interprete. 8® Par. 1559. 

Aristotclis Problemata quse ad Stirpium Genus, & Ole- 

racea pertinent. Lat, 12* Argent 1530. 

S^ Par. ap, S, Colin. 1533^ 

Rhctoricorum Libri tres, Gr, fol. Bas. 1531. 

12« Ven. ap. Ald. 1537. 

8* Bas, ap. Isingrinium. 1546. 

ex editione Petri Victorii [a Jac. Hol 

well.] b<> Oxon. 1759. 

Gr. Lat. interpr. ITennolao Barbaro : curo 

comment. Mart. Borrhai. fol. Bais. 1551. 

cum M. Ant. Maioragii comment. per 

Fab. Paulinum Ulinensem. fol. Ven. 1591. 

a M, JEmil. Porto Fr. Porti f. nova in- 

lerpretatidne illustr. Item Fr. Porti Cretensis in eosdem Libroa 
0)mmentarii ante non excusi. 8® Spira, 1598. 

fa Theod. Goulston.] 4« Land. 1619. 

Huic Editioni accessere Not» quxdam 5 

Victorij, Msyoragii, ac Fabii Paulini commentariis selectse; Va- 
rise Lectiones; Indexque Rerum mcmorabiliom. 8* Cantabr. 

Fr. Philelphum. 4» Gilles de Gour^ 


— — cum iEgidii Romani commentariis. fol. 

Ven. 1515. 

interpr. Hermolacr Barbaro P. V. Com- 

mcntaria in eosdem Daniclis Barbari. 4*^ t^tn. 1544. 
Gali [par lean du Sin.] S^^Par. 1608. 

lial, fatta in LinguaToscanadal Annibal Caro: 

accresciuta d'una Prefazione del Dottor Biagio Schiavo. 8^ Ven. 

Rettorica et Poetica d'Aristotile, trad. di 

Greco in lingua volgarc Fiorentinada Bern. Segni. 4** Fir, 1549. 
- L*£6prit de 1a Rhetorique d'Aristote, ou Methodc de 

rElof^uence. Sf Par. 1685. 

- Ars Bisserendi. Lat. per la. Carpentarium Claromon- 

tanum. [ci/m Notis 3ISS.] 4° Par. 1567. 

4* Par, 1578. 

Liber qui dicitur Secreta Secretorum. Lat. 49 (char. goth . ) 

12*» Par, 1520. 

Aiistotles Secret of Secrets coutractcd. 12° Lond, 1702. 

De Sensu et Sensili ; Memoria & Reminiscenlia ; Sonnio 

&Vigi]ia; Insomniis; Divinatione in Somno; Lon^itudine^ 
Brevitate Vitae ; Juventute & Senectute ; & Vila & Morle ; 'ifc 
Respiratione : Lat. Francif co Vatablo interpr. 8** Lugd. 1 546. 
Aristotehs Sententi» Omnes vndiquaque selectis»imee. 

Lat. W Lugd. 1562. 




A R I 

AltTSTOTELES. Theologia sive mistica Philosophia secundum 
.£^yptio» nouiter rcperta et in Lat. cu$tigatis;siuie redacta, per 
Pct. Nic cx Castellanis. [imprcss, ia mkmbu\m>.] 4^ Rom. 1519. 

■ libri quatuor dcciin qui Aristotelis esso dicuntur« dc 
&<-cretiore Partecivinse Sapiciitice» secundiun .li^yptios. Lai, per 
I;ic. Carpentanum. 4^ Far. 157:2. * 

■ Dtf Virlutibus. G'r. Lat. per Adolpbum Occoncm. 8* 

Lat, Sim. Grynseo intcrpr. 8** Bas, 1539. 

L'.be!li duo. unus de Lon^itudine & Brevitate Vita*, alter 

de Divinatione per sonmum, a Chr. Hegendorphino in Lai. uersi 
ct .<chohis illustrati. 1:2" bas. 1536. 

Priiuipia Vita? Morahs ex Aristotele contracta in Com- 

pendium, <ic (trr^ ipsius Philosophi verbis exphcata;. Gr.Lat, 4* 
Auctoritates Ari^tolehs, Senece, Boetii, Platonis, Apnlei 

Affricani, F.iiipc^iochs, Porphirii, & Gilbcrti Porritani. Lut. l^ 
Par. pcr JJuh. Xigmm, 1493. 

- 12** Cadom, (char. goth.) 

Repertorium sive Tabula.o;eneralis Authoritatum Aristo- 

telis & Philosophorum cum Commento pcr modum alphabeti. 
4« 1513. 

Analysis Lib. Aristotelis de Sophisticis Elenchis, in qua 

sin^^ula capita per qutestiones & responsiones perspicue & dilU" 
cide exponuntur: operd & studio G. P. S® Oxon. 1598. 

Vitse comparatx Aristotclis ac Demosthenis Olympiadi'- 

bus ac Prseturis Atheniensium digestae : ab And. Schotlo« 4* 
^if^. Vind. 1603. 
ARISrOXENUS, r. mribomics. 

Harmouicoi uai Elementorum, Libri i ii.Cl.PtolemflBi Har- 
monicorum, seu de Mn^ica, hb. iii. ArisloteUs de Objecto Audi- 
tu«-fragmentum,ex Porphyriicommentariis. Omnianunc primum 
J[«£i/intfconscripta&editaab Ant. Gog^vino. 4° Ven. 1562. 

Aristoxenus. Nicomacbus. Alypius. Auctores Musices 

aiitiquissimif hactenus iion editi ; a Joanne Meursio. 4^ Lu§d, 

Bai. 1616. 
ARITH]M-£US (vALENs) Mausolea Regum, Rc^rinarum, Dynasta- 

rum, Nobilium, sumtuosis^ima, artiAciosi^sinui, magnificientiitsi- 

ma, Londini Anglorum in occidentali urbis aiigulo stnicta, U. e. 

eorundem In.scriptiones omues iii lucem reductse cur4 Valenlis 

Arithmtei V2^ Franc. 1618. 
— — ^ Arae Exeqniales beatis ouorundam Patronorum & Ami- 

corum inanibus ert^ctae, condolcnte Valente Arithmso. 12* 

Franc. 1618. 
ARITHMETICA. Logarithmicall Arithmetike : or Tables of Lo- 

garithmes. f6\. Lond. 1631. 
■ Arithmetiek symbolical, in one Book. by R. B. Mr. of 

Arts. 8* Lond. 1649. 

An Idea of Arithmetick, at first desigmed for the use of 

the Free Scboole at Thurlow in Suflulk, by R. B. schochnaster 
there. 8° Lond. 1651. 

A Progression in arithmetical Progression, by J. \V. of 

Brandon in Com. Warnrick, Cent. 8^ 


A R L 

ARITHMETICA. Thc Golden Rule made plain and easie : by i 
f hort Method^ diflferent from that which is commonly founa in 
Books of Arithmetick. [by C. H.] 8» Lond. 1675. 

' Enneades ArithiheticflB ; the Nurabring Nines. OrPy- 

thagoras his Table extended to all whole Nnmbers under 10000. 
And the numbring Rods of John Lord Nepeer cnlarged. 8^ 
Lond. 1684. 

£neland*s Golden Treasury, or the true Vade Mecum, 

i2« Lond. 1694. 

— Computatio Universalis, seu Logica Rerum. Being an 

Essay attempting in a Geomctrical method^ to demonstrate an 
Universal Standard, whereby one may judge of the true value of 
cvery thing in the World, relatifcly to the Person, 8® Lond. 

Arithmetica absque Algebra aut Euclide demonstrata. 

8« Lond. 1707. 

The Four first Rules of Arithmetic, witli a useful Col- 

lection of Tables of Weights and Measure. 8» Lond. 1787. 

. The First Principles of Arithmetic. 8* Lond. 1792. 

The Young Arithmeticians Fir^t Book. 4* Lond. 

ARIVEY (piERRE nE l') Les laloux, Comedie. 12« Rouen, 1611. 

ARIUS, r. ARiANs. 

ARIUS. Arii Thorgilsis filii cognomcnto Froda^ id est Multiscii 
vel Polyhistoris in Islandia quondam Presbyteri, primi in sepr 
tentrione Historici Schedas^seu Libelhis de Is-landia, Islendingu- 
Bokdictus; e vetere Islandica, vel i>i mavis, Danica antiqud, Sep« 
tentrionalibus olim communi Lingud, in Latinam versus, ac prae- 
ter necessarios Indices, quorum unus est Lexici instar, brevibus 
notis & Chronologid, prsemissd quoque Auctoris viti iilustratus 
ab Andrea Bussseo. 4® Hatn. 1733. 

ARIZ (luys) Historia de las Grandezas de la Ciudad dc Auila. fol. 
Alcala, 1607. 

ARLANIB^US (phil ) Arma Suecica : hoc est vera et accurata 
Descriptio Bclii quod Gustavus Adolphus Sutconim, Guthonim, 
& Vandalorum &cf Rex, contra Ferdinandi II. Romanorum Im- 
pcratoris, &c. exercilum in Germania gessit : qua ejus causas^ 
initia» & progressu.^ hucusque coinmemorantur. 4^ 1631. 

ARLEBOUTIUS (ant.) Disput. Sclectarum vigesima secundaj; 
expendens an Deus possit contradictoria. 4^ V^traj. 1678. 

m^ Exercitationis Philosophicae de Cogitatione qu» sitipsa 

Mens humana, pars prima. 4® UUr. 1679» 

ARLEQUIN Reiormateur dans la Cuisine de^ Moines. 8® Rome. 

ARLEQUINIANA, ou les Bons Mots» les^Histoires plaisantes & 
agreables recueiUies des Conversations d^Arlequiu. 12^ Par, 

AR1J£S. Franc-Alleu de la Ville d'Aries. fol. 

■ Dcux Conventions entre Charles I. & Lovys II. anciens 

Contes de Provence, & les Citoyens de la Ville d'Arles : conle- 
nans les libertez & reseruations des dits citoyens. 4*^ Lyon. 


A R M 

AULEVILLE (b.) The Genders of the French SubfiUntives alpha- 
- betically arrdhged according to tlieir terminations. 12® LoncL 

■ Le petit Rhetoricien Frangois. 12® Lond, 1791. 
ARLOl TO (piovANo) Facezie, Motti, Bvftbnent: et Bvrle del Pio- 

vanoArlotto^del Gonella, &del Barlacchia. 8® Fir. appn i Giunii. 

'• 12® Ven. 160G. 

12® VeH. 1619. 

12® Fen. 1641. 

ARLOTUS (poMPEius) De Tempore secandi Vcnam in FebribiM 
intermittentibus opportuno. 4® Regii. 1627. 

ARLU^^US (jo. PETRus) De faciliori Alimento Summula. De fa» 
ciliori Alimento tiripartitus Cominentarius. De potu Bahiearuni 
Coiniiientarius. De Lotii difficultate Commentanus. De Articu- 
lari Morbo (quam passim Podagram nuncupant) Cornmentarius» 
De Spirandi difficultate (quam Greci aschma uocitant) Commeiw 
tarius. De Seminis fluore (utaiunt) inuoluntario, queaGrsccin 
Gonorrhea dicitur, Commentarius. De Febrc quartana Comraen- 
tarius. De SufiTusione (quam cataractum apellitant) Corumeuta- 
rius. fol. Mediol. 13i59. 

ARLUS. ^rhe Secret History of Arlus and Odolphus, Ministers 
of State to the Einpress of Grandinsula. 8" Lond. 1710. 

ARxMA (JAC. ruANa) De Pleuritide Liber. 8® Taur. 1549. 

■ De VesicsB et Renum Attectus dignotionc & medicatione 
Liber. 8« Bugella, 1550. 

Opus de Venenis in Dialogos, ab Opere Petri de Abano 

extractum. 8* Taur. 1557. 

Examen trium Specierum Hydropum, in Dialogos dc- 

ductum. 8° Taur. 1566. 

Commentarium de Morbo sacro. 8° Taur. 1568. 

De tribus Capitis Aflectibus, sive de Phrenetide, Mania, 

& Melanchoha, Liber. 8« Taur. 1573. 

ARMADA, Spanish. Expeditioiiis Hispanorum in Angliam Vera 
Dcscriptio Anno D. M.D.Lxxxvifi. fol. 

Certaine Advertisements out of Ireland conceming thc 

losses and distresses happened to the Spani^h Navy upon the 
West coastes of Ireland, in their Voyage mtendtd. from tlic 
Northern Isles beyond Scotiand towards Spaine. 49 Lond. 

The Copie of a Ix:tter sent from Sea by a gentleman 

employed in discouerie on the coast of Spaine by appointment 

of the Generals of our Enghsh Fleete, to a worshipfuU friend of 

his. 40 Lond. 1589. 
ARMAGEDDON, or the Necessity of carrying; on the War, if 

sucb a Peace cannot be obtained as may render Europe safe, 

and Trade secure. 8® Lond. 
ARM AGH. The Case of the PlaintiflS respecting the Deanery 6f 

Annagh. fol. 1729. 
■ A Dialogue conceming some thingsof Importance tolre- 

land. particularly to the County of Ardmagh. 4" Dubi. 1751. 

A R M 

ARMY. A Declaration and Manifestation of the Proceedings rf 
both Armies, also a trne Relation of the reniarkable Passages 
that have happened since Saturday, from the beginning of the 
fight to this present seventeenth of November. 4° Lond, 1649. 

■ The True Proceedings of both Armies from the twelfe of 

November to the twenty foure. With many remarkable passages 
which has happened since the battaile at firanford. 4^ Lond, 

Speciall Newes from the Army at Warwicke since the 

Fight. 4» Lond. 1649. 

A Declaration sent from severall Officersof his Majesties 

Army to the Lord Generall of the same : also the Copy of a 
Letter, sent from John Wiat, one of his Majesties Souldiers, to 
his wife, dated Nov. 96. 4« Lond. 1649. 

A true Abstract of a List in which is set down the 

severall Entertainments allowed by his Majesty to the Officers 
and other Souldiers of his Army : with the Copy of an Oath 
given to all the chicf Commanders, Officers, and Souldicrs, at 
their Entertainment into the Kings service. 4^ Lond, 

A Declaration of both Uovses of Parliament, shewinj»' 

the necessity of a present Subscription of Money and Piate for 
further supply of the Army. 4® Lond. 1649. 

A bloody and cruel Plot intended by tlie Popi*h Anny, 

and their Atlbercnls, against the King's Majesty and all the Pro- 
testants of the Kingdome. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

A True Relation of the severall Passages which have 

happened to our Army since it advanced towards Glocester. 4^ 
Lond. 1643. 

Intelligence from the Armie in a Letter, dated from his 

Excellencies Quarters near Reading, June 5, 164S. 4** Lond. 

An Addition to the Relation of somc Passages about the 

English-Irish-Army before they came to the Siege at Nampt- 
wich : wherein are set downe the Occurrcnces at Hawarden 
Castle. 4° Lond. 1643. 

An Exact Relation of the last Newes from the Quarters 

of the Lord Generall of the Scottish Army, dated fi-om Sunder- 
land, March 19, 1643. 4<> Lond. 1644. 

The Late Proceetiings of the Scotish Army, certifying 

their passing over Tyne, with the particulars. Together with 
their possession of Sunderland, and their advance afler the 
Enemy who is fled to Durham. Sent by an Expresse from tlie 
Lord Generall Lesley his Quarters. 4« Lond. 1644. 

A List of thc severall Regiments and Chief Officers of 

. the Scottish Army quartered neer Newcastle. fol. Lond, 1644. 
'^- A True Relation of the sad Passages between the two 

Armies in the West : published by G. S. 4^ Lond. 1644. 
A loumall, or, a true and exact Relation of each dayc» 

Passage, of that part of the Earle of Manchesters Anny, under 

the command of Maj. Gen. Craford, from the first of August to 

ihe end of the same Month. 4^^ Lond. 1644. 


A R M 

ARMY, An Ordinance of the Ix)rds and Comrtions for raisins: an 
Anny of Horse iaml Foot in the severall Counties and Cities 
herein mentioned. To be ready tomarch thetwentielh dayof 
this instant July,* and to cx>ntinue onely for the space of two 
moDeths. 4® Lond, 164-i. 

■ A True Relation of the Procecdinijs of the Scotoh Army 

«nce their advance from Nottinurham untill 30 July, 1645, exr 
prest in a Letter from the Lord Generalls Quarter:?. 4^ Lond, 

Rules and Instrvctions to the Mustcr-Masters of tlie 

Army. fol. 1645. 

The Declaration of the Armie underhis Excellency Sir 

Thomas Fairfax, as it was lately prescnted at Safti*on Waldeu in 
EsseXy unto Maj. Gen. Slcippon, Lievt. Gen. Cromwell, Comm* 
Gen. Ireton, and Coloncl Fleetwood. 4** Lond, 1G4G. 

The Petition of the Colohels, Lieut. Colonells Major?, 

aod other Ofiicers that liave faitlifully served the preat Cause of 
the Kin^dome under the authority of Parliament, present«.*d to 
both Houses with the scverall Answers of the Lords and Com- 
mons in Parliament. 4<* Lond. 1647. 

Letters from Salfron Walden by way of apologie and 

• * * *.^ 

vindication of the Army under Sir Tlio. Fairfax. 4^ Lond, 

The Apolc^ie of the Common Souldiers of Sir Thomas 

Fairfaxes Arnfie. 4" LoW. lGi7. 

The Petition of the Officers and Souldiers in the Army 

under the conimand of Sir Thomas Fairfax, wiih theseverall 
Votes of the ('ouncell of W^ir at SaliWm Walden, concerninjj 
the Annies c^oing into Ireland. 4" Lond. IG !7. 

Divers Papers from ihe Army. 4** Lnnd. 1647. 

The Copies of Papers from the Armie delivered hy the 

Officers ai.d Souldicrs to Sir Tlio. Fairfax. 4« Ijond, 1617. 

ASolemn En^a^en^ent of the Army under the conimand 

of Sir Tlio. Faiifax with a Declaration of their Resolutions as to 
di>handin^. 4** Lond, 1647. 

A Letter from Sir Thomas Fairfax, & the chief Com- 

manders in the Army to the Lord Mayor of London. 4® Lond, 

His Exc. Sir Thomas Fairfaxes Protestation. The De- 

claration of the Commaltee of Souldiers; their Answcr to the 
Scots Declaration; and thcResoIufionspf the Army concerning 
the City of London. 4" Lond. 1647. 

A Dcclaration or Hepresentntion from Sir Thomas Fair- 

fax, and ihe Army under hi> command, humbly tendrcd to the 
Parliament, conceriiipj^ the just and fundamentail Rip^hts and 
Liberties ofthemselves and the Kingf^lome. With some humble 
Prof)osals and Desires. 4" Lond. 164.7. 

An Lngafrement ci' the Ix^rds and Commons that went 
to the Army, with thtir Names thercunto sijibscribed. 4** 1647. 
Vot. L B b ARMY. 


A R M 

ARMY. A Declaration of the Lords and Commons 30 Marlii. 

' 1647 against a dangerous Petition which hath been contrived 

and promoted by some persona in the Army. fol. Lond, 1647. 

■ ■ A Declaration of theLords and Commons 8 Junii 1647 

for making void a former Declaration of the thirtieth of March, 

conceroing the Army. fol. Land, 1647, 

Papers of the Dcsires of the Souldiers of the Army dated 

June 9. at the generall Randezvouzes, Newmarket. 4* Lcmd. 

Vox Militaris, or an Apologeticall Declaration coQcerD" 

ing the Officers and Souldiers of the Army under tbe command 

of Sir Thomas Fairfax. 4« Lond. 1647. 

— An Answer from both Houses of Parliament to the Dc* 

claration subscribed by the Officers and Souldiers of the Army 
and sent by Sir Tbomas Fairfax to the Parliament. 4*^ Loita. 

A Charge delivered in the name of the Army imder 

Sir Tho. Fairfax unto tbe Commissioners of Parliament with the 
Army at St. Albans June 17. 1647. against several Members of 
the House of Commons. Also a Paper of some farther Propo* 
tals and Desires. 4^ Lond, 1647. 

An humble Remonstrance froiti Sir ThomasFatrfaxand 

the Army conceming the present state of AiBiirs presented to 
the Commissioners at St. Albanes June 33. 49 Lond. 1647. 

Vni. Qveries upon the late Declarations of, aud Letten 

from, the Army : proposed to all true Lovers of tbeir Country 
and Parliaments, and conscientious Souldiers in thoArmy. 4* 
Lond. 1647. 

A True Declaration of the ])resent Proceedings of thc 

Army : being the Rcsults of a late Councell of Warre. 4® 1647. 

New Propositions from ihe Armie propounded by Cor^ 

net Joyce to all free Commoners within the Kingdome of £ng- 
land and Dominion of Wales. 4^ Lond, 1647. 

The totall and finall Demands already made by and ex- 

pected from the Agitators and Army. 4" Lond, 1647. 

A Declaration of the Scottisb Annie concerning their 

immediate marching towards the Borders of England : as also 
the Reasons of their coming^ together with their Resolution 
touching the same. 4® Lond. 1647. 

Sini: Qua Non. Another Retreat to the Armie> by a new 

Proposall to the Agitators for Peace. With certain Arguments 
against Toleration. 4® Lond. 1647. 

Heads presented by the Army to the King^s most ex- 

cellent Majestie June the 19, 1647. fol. Lond. 1647. 

The Last Newes from the Armie, June the twentieth. 

1647. 4« Lond. 1647. 

The Last Votes from tbe Army, June 26, 1647, commu- 

nicated to the Pommons of England, and the Citizens of Lon*. 
don. 4<> Land. 1647. 


A R H 

ASMY. Beflolotions respecUng the Ariny, June 38, 1647. foL 

Lomd. 1647. 
■ A Perfcct Declaration of the Armie agreed upon at their 

faile Rendezvous : aent up to the Parliament by Sir Thomas Fair- 

ffou 4« Ijmd. 1647. 

A particular Charge, or Unpeachment, in the name of 

Sir Thomas Fairfax and the Army against Denzill Holles £sq. 
Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir Williann Lewis, Sir Jolm Clotworthy, 
Sir William Waller, Sir John Maynard, Knights» Maj. Gen. 
Massie, John Glynne Esquire, Walter Long £sq. Col. Edw. Har- 
ley, and Anthonv NicoU Esq. Members of the House of Com- 
mons. 4* £oii^.l647. 

Articles of Impeachment, agreed upon by the Army 

under command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, against Sir John Clot- 
«orthy, Sir Wil. Waller, Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir John May- 
nard, Sir WilUam Lewis, Maj. Gen. Massie> Col. HoUis £sq* 
Hr. GlyQf Mr. Nichols^ Mr. Walter Long, Colonell Harlow« 
llembers of tbe House of Commons. Ti^ether with the gaUant 
Aoswer of the said Members, to their Impeachment, 4® Jjond. 

IX. Querie^ upon the printed Charge of the Army 

•gainst the xi. Members, and the Papers tbereto annexed. 4^ 
Lmd. 1647. . 

A IVIoderate Answer to a late Pamphlet intituled '' ES 

Qaertes upon the printed Cbarge of the Army.'^ Together with 
•ome Queries in behalf of the Army. 4^ Laud, 1647. 

A Manifesto from Sir Thom^s Fairfax and the Army 


ttnder bis command concerning the xi. Members impeached in 
the name of themselves and the Sangdome of England. 4^ Lond. 

The Petition of tbe Members of the House of Commona 

who aire accused by the Army, presented tbe 99 of June,. 1647. 
4* Lond. 1647. 

Three Letters from Sir Thomas Fairfax and the Officers 

and Souldiers under his command of the farther answer of the 
Army concerning the Charge against the £leven Members. 4®. 
Lond. 1647. 

A Dedaration of the OfBcers and Armies iUegal injn« 

rious Proceedings againsl the xi impeached Members. 4^ LoiuL 

A Sudden £ssayj or subitaneous Conceit, occasioned by 

the last Clause in tbe second Quere upon the . Armies late De- 
claration. fol. Lond. 1647. 

Questions propounded to dl wel-afiected CitizeoB and 

others with relation to the present Distempers in, and proceed* 
ings of the Army. 4® Lond. 1647. 

A Motion from the Armie of their aeveraU Requests ia 

the Parhament with the^Votes and Proceedings of both Houset 
upon the same. 4* Lond. 1647, 

The Intentions of the Army discovered in a Letter from 

a Gentleman residing tbere^ to a Friend of bis in Loiidoir. Writ- 
ten at the bead Quarters J unii 21« 1647« 4'' Lond. 1647 . 

A R M 

ARMY. J^ Declaration of the Procecdings of thc new inode1'd 

Army in Scoiland against the Irish Armv under the command 

of General Kilketto. 4^ Lond, 1647. 
■ The humble Address of the Agptators of the Army to 

Sir Thomas Fairfax, presented ihe Id of August, on behalf of the 

Kingdom and Army. 4® Lond, 

The humble Addiess of the Agitators of the Army to Sir 

Thomas Fairfax presented the 14 of August : unto which is an- 
nexed the Proposals to his Excellency at Hammersmith on the 
5 of this instant Auo^ust. 4" Ltond. 1647. - 

The Resolution of the Agitators of the Army, presented 

to Sir Thomas Fairfax Sept. 2, 1647. 4° Lond. 1647. 

A Remonstrance from Sir Thomas Fairfax and the Arroy 

under his command. 4° Lond, 1647. 

A Represtntation from Sir Thomas Fairfax and the Ge- 

nerall Councel of the Army. 4® Lond, 1647. 

A Dtx'laration from the Agitators in the name of Ihe 

whole Army under his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax (lo their 
fellow Souldiers) of their Representations and Desires. 4® 1647. 
Qusries proposd for the Agitators in the Army more 

than foure Moneths ago, and now publisht in pursuit of satis- 
faction^ and with intent of profit towards al), and the State. 4^ 
A Letter scnt from several Agitators of thc Army to 

their respeclive Rtgiments. 4® Lond. 1647. 

The Htads of Proposals agrecd on by Sir Thomas Fair- 

fax and the Conncell of the Armie,tendredto the Commissioners 
of Parliament residing with the Armie. 4® Lond, 1647. 

Papers from the Armie conceming his Excellency and 

the General Councell, their dislike of the Papers from the new- 
Agents of the five Rtgiamenb; of Horse. Orders coneerning 
Cluartering of Souldiers. &c. 4<* Lond. 1647. 

A Letter froni SirThomas Fairfaj^ to Mr. Spcaker, con- 

cerning a Rawiezvous for the Army, for the quietmgof alldis- 
tempers therein, and recovcriug tj^e antient Disciplinc thereof. 
4« Lond, 1647. 

Two Petitions from the Agentff to ten Regiments of 

Horse and foot, and of the Lifc-Guard under the coiiduct of his 
Excellencie Sir Thomas Fairfax. 4° Lond, 1647. 

A Letter sent from several Agitators of the Army, to 

their Regiments. 4° Lond. 1647. 

A full Relation of the ProceetHngs at the Rendezvouz 

of that Brigade of the Army that was held in Corkbush field iu 
Hartford Pari.-^h on Monday last. 4° Lond. 1647. 

A New Declaration from Eight Regiments in the Army 

presented to Sir Thomas Fairfax neere Kingston. 4* Lond. 

A Declaration from Sir Thomas Fairfax and the Gene- 

rall Councel of the Army held at Putney Sept. 1647. concern- 
ing the Delaies in*raising monieis for supply of the Army ten- 
dered to the Commissioners of Parhament residing with the 
Anny. ^^» Lmd. 1647, 


A R-M 

ARMY. Proverbs and Paradoxes breakinp: forth \j^ the day of 
Contention l>etween the ParUament and Arniy to prevent the 
dividing of the Army. 4^* Ijond, 

■ A Remonstrance of the Representations of the Army 

for Redres*>e of the Grievances of the Kingdome. With certaia* 
Remedies, humbly remonstrated to the Parliament, for the 
setting of the Kinj^dome in peace. 4** Lowrf. 1647. 

The Resohition of the Army concernino^ the Kinj]^ Ma- 

jesties going to Richmonr), and their further determination 
touching their proceedings with the Parliament of England and 
the Citizens of London. Likewise his Majesties last Proposi- 
tions to the Houses of Parliament. 4^ Lond, 1647. 
Certain Obsen^ations on that Letter written to the two 

Hovsesfrom the Army, dated al Reading the 8th of July, 1647. 
4« 1647. 

Tlie Integrity of the Pariiaments Army justified. By 

a short, plain, and cordiall Answer to thc Eight Quseries lately 
pubhshed-to the reproach thereof. 4^ Lond. 1647. 

A Copy of a Letter sent by tiie Agentj; of severall Re- 

gimcnts of his Excellencies Army to all the Souldiers in the said 
Armie Noverab. 11, 1647. 4« 1647. 

A Cal to all the Souldiers of the Armie by the free 

People of England. 4« Lond, 1647. 

A Declaration from the severall respective Regiments 

in the Army to all Free-born Commons within the Realme of 
England. 4»» Lond, 1647. 

A Vindication of the Armies Proceedings to be accord- 

ing to their Trust and Covenant. By Eight new Antiqverie^. 
4*^ Lond. 1647. 

The Armies last Propositions to the Commons of Eng- 

land. 40 Lond. 1647. 

The Case of the Army soberly discussed. 4^ Lond. 


New Presbyterian Light springing outof Independent 

Darkness ; or vi important new Queries proposed to the Army 
and their Friends and Party of the Houses, concerning the late 
Ordinance for r,epeal of ihe New Militia of London. 4® Lond» 

Eighteene Quaeries extreame necdfull to be debated and 

resolved of before the City Cannon be (Uscharged against the 
Armie. With his Majcsties Propositions scnt to the House of 
Parhament. 4** Lond. 1647, 

An Extract of certain Papers of Intelhgence froni Cam- 

bridge, conceming his Majestie and Ihe Armie. 4** 1647. 

Seria Exercitus S( ries. The Army anatomized. 4* 1647. 

The Intentions of the Army plainely discovered, in a 

I>ispute between Major Gen. Browne and Major Scot, an Inde* 
pendent, conceming the King. 4® 1647. 

A cleere and full Vindication of the late Proceeding» 

of the Armie under the conduct of Sir Thoiuas Fairfax. 4^ 


ARMY. Tt|f Intetitioiis of the Armie conceming the King^ Ma- 
jestie, for estating hicn in his Rights. Also their desires con« 
cerning^ the Queen, Prince Charles, and the Royall Issue^ &c. 
4« 1647. 

m The Anny hartnlesse : or a dispassionate and sober 

Discussion of the late and present Proceedings of the Armj 
under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax^ 4^ Lo^d, 1647. 

m An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for bringing 

tn the Arrears of the Assessements for Sir Thomas Fairfax bit 
Army. 4« Lond, 1647. 

The Case of the Armie truly stated, together with the 


mischiefes and dangers tbat are imminent, and some sutable 
remedies, humbly proposed by the Agents of fhre Regiments of 
Horse to their respective Regimetits and th^ whoLe Anny. 4* 
Lond. 1647. 

'■ A New Declaration from tbe Armie under Sir Tho. 

Fairfax, conceming their just and present Proceedings in be- 
half of the Commons of England. 4® Lond. 1647. 

— A Religious Retreat souiKkd to a religious Army, by 

one that desires to be faithfull to bb Country thoug^ unworihy 
to be named. 4® Lond. 1647. 

An Eye^salve for the Armie : or a Discourse to ckeM 

tbeir Eyc-sight. 4° 1G47. 

New Papers from the Armie : conceraing the Kinga 

Majesties Letter sent to the Duke of York, Also the Resoiu 
tions and Proceedings of their Commissioners at the Treaty at 
Wickham. 4<> Ltmd. 1647. 

- The Army brought to the Barre» l^g^^^y ex8mitied« ar^ 

raignedy convicted, and adjudged, that they are tiot the self 
denying Army» nor the Restorers of our Laws, iib^ies, and 
Priviledges, but Obstructors to the bappiaease of the King and 
People. 4» 1647. 

A Vindication of a hundred and sixty seven Officert 

that are come offfrom the Army. 4® Lond^ 1647. 

IX Proposals by way of Interrogation to the Gene* 

rall, Officers, and Souldiers in the Army. 4® Lond, 1647. 

All in an Epistle : or a Letter from a Gendeman to hit 

father on occasion bf the Armies Retreat to Wickham. 4* 1647. 
A Declaration of the Lords and Commons conoeming 

the disbanding of the Army : with Instructions for the same. 
4» Lond. 1647. 
■ The Armies Indempriity. 4® Lond, [1647.] 

The Humble Desires aiid Proposals of tbe private Agt* 

tatoi*s of Colonel Hewson^s Hegiment to the generaU Agitators 
of the Army . 4» Lmd, 1647. 

Certain Scrupies from the Army, presented in a Dia- 

logue betweene a Minister of the tiew-moulded Presbytery, 
and a Souldier of his Excellenciea Army. 4® Lond. 1647. 

Additional Directions of the Lords and Commons for 

the biUetting of the Anny when they are upon a March, or 
aetded in their QuarterB Jan. 6. 1647. foL L(md. 1647. 


A R M 

ARMY. An Ordinance of tbe Lords aiid Commonsjbr bringing 
in tbe Arreares of tbe Assessements for tbe Army, within the 
City of London and Liberties tbereof. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

■ An Ordinance of tbe Lords & Commons for tbe conti* 

nuanoe of tbe Assessement of 60,000 li. per mensem for sit: 
Monetbsy for tbe maintenance of tbe Army under the com« 
mand of tbe Lord Generall. 4<> Lond. 1648. 

A Declaration of the Nortbern Army under the com^ 

mand of Maj. Gen. Lambert. 4® Lond. 1648. 

To the Lords and Commons, tbe petition of diven 

tbousands of weli-aflected Knights Gentlemen, &c. within tba 
teverall Counties and Cities of England & Wales, for tbe specdy 
disbanding of the Army, taking ofF apd decrea^ing Taxes, and 
redressing Grievances. 4® Lond. 1648. 

A Copie of two Lettcrs sent from divers Officer» of the 

Arroy in the Nortb to Lord Fairlax, conceming the late largc 
Petition presented to the Parliament Sept. 11. 1648; with a 
Letter Gratulatory, from divers Officers of tbe Army at the 
Leagure before Barwick, to the Presenters of the foresaid Pe* 
tition. fol Lond. 1648. 
— — A Letter from Holland; beinsr a true Relation of all the 

proceedings of tbe Northern Armies under tbe command of 
Dake Uamilton, tbe £arl of Lendrick, tbe Ix)rd Calander* 
Monroe, Sir Marmaduke Langdale, Sir Thomas Tilstev, and 
tbe rest of the Englisb in the Nortbern parts. 4® Lond. 1648. 
A Declaration of the Annie concerning tbe Kings Ma* 

jesty and the Treaty ; and tbeir Resolutious to do justice uport 
all tbose who brougbt Duke Hambleton and bis Army into 
this Kingdome. 4^ 1648. 

The Demands, Resolutions, and Intentions of tbe Army 

Dnder the commatid of Generall Fairfax and Major Generall 
Cromwcll. 4<> 1648.' 

The Articles and Charge of the Armie against four- 

icore & odd of the Parliament Men who bave acted contrar^ 
to the trust reposed in them by the People. 4* Lond. 1648. 

A Remonstrance or Declaration pf tbe Army, present* 

ed to the House of Commons on Munday Novemb. 20. 1648. 
by Col. Ewre^ & six Lieut. Colonels and Captaines of the Army; 
4* Lond. 1648. 

Animadversions upon the Armies Remonstrance deli- 

vered to the House of Commons, 20 Nov. 1648, in«vindicatioA 
of the Parliaments Treaty with tbe King in the Isle of Wight. 
4« Lond. 1648. 

An Order from tbe Lord Mayor concerning the Assess- 

ments made in the City for tbe maintenance of Sir Tho. Fair- 
fax'8 Army. Dec, 2. 1648. fol. Lond. 1648. 

A True and FuU Relation of tbe Officers & Armies 

forcible seising of divers eminent Members of the Conunona 
House, Decemb. 6. and 7. 1648. 4» Lond. 1648- 

An Abridgement of the late Remonstrance of the Army. 

4^ Lond. 1648. 

4 i^mx 

A R M 

ARMY. The People's Friends : or A Discovery of many in tHc 
. Army who are yet faithfull to the People. 4° 

— : A Plea for Moderation in the Transactions of the Army 

. by Veritie Victor gent. 4** 1648. 

A Warning, or a Word of Advice to the Cily of Lon- 

don and the whole Kingdome of En^land concerning the Ar- 
mies Intentions and Actioiis. By a Member of the Army. 4* 
Lond. 1648. 

The Armies Remembranccr ; wherein thry are pre- 

sented with a Sight of their Sinnes and Dan^ers : and also 
with a Scripture cxpedient for their Preservation. 4® Lond. 

Tbe Ilumble Answer of the General Councel of Officerg 

of the Army under Thomas Lord Fairfax to the IXmands of 
the Commons of England assembled in Parliamcnt, concerniniir 
the late securing, or secluding of some Mcmbers thercof. 4** 
Lond. 1648. 

The Armies Pttition, or a New Engagenient of many 

ih the Arniy, who are yet faithfull to the People. 4* [1648.] 
A Declaration of the Northerne Army : with Instruc- 

tions concluded at a Counccll of Warre, concerning ihe North- 
ern Forces. AUo a Letter concerning the Countries Resolu- 
tions in relation to thc Scots. 4** Lond. 1648. ' 

r A True Rclation of the Proceedinjjs of the Northcrn 

Forccs under the Command of jCol. Lambert, Col. Blackemore, 

and Col. Ilarrison. 4*^ Lond, 1648. 

The Petition of 8000 Rcduced Officers and Souldiers. 

40 Lond. 1648. 

The Army for a Treaty and Accomraodation. 4*^ 1648. 

The Articles an<l Charge of the Officers and SoCildiers 

in the Armie concerning the Kings Majesty, and ali person» 
wliatsoever who bhall endeavour to rc-inthrone him. 4^ Land, 

The Articles and Charges of the Army exhibited in 

Parliament against the King's Majesly, the Prince of \\ ales, 
and the Duke of York; read in both Houbcs Novemb. 21. 
1648. 4« Lond. 1648. 

A Message sent from the Officers and Souldiers in thc 

Army to the King*s Majesty in the Isle of Wight, Novemb. 
2^. 1648. 4«» Lond. 164«. 

A Cleare An&wer to the Armies late Remons-trance 

against Accommodation : so far as to justifie their former Re- 
monstrances for Accomodation. 4^ Lond. 1648»* 

A Dccltration of the Army presented to the Kingi 

Majesty in the L.le of Wight. 4!" Lond. 1648. 

A New Remonstrance and Declaration from the Army 

to the Kings Majesty, and the Pr. of Wales; and their Mes- 
sage, Propo>aIs, and Protestation for the conducting of his Ma- 
jesties royall person from the Lle of Wight to his palace at 
Westminster. Sent from the Army Novemb. 18. to be printed 
and pvblished. 4° [1648.] 


A R M 

ARMY. A Declaration of the Army concernins: the Kin^if, th« 
Prince of Wales, and the Ciiizens of London. 4** Lond. 1648. 

■ New Proposiiions from the Armie to thc Presbyterians 

and Independents within the City of London ; conceming their 
hringing of the King's Majesty to VVhitehalU the time prefixed» 
and tbe manner how hi« royall per^on shall be setled in his 
Throne. 4« 1648. . ^ 

The Resolution of the Army conceming the Klng, 

Lords, & Coromons. 4» Lond. 1648. 

The Justice of the Army a^ainst Evill-Doers vindica« 

ted : being a brief Narration of the ^ourt-Martials proceedm^ 
against Arnold, Tomson^ and Lockyer, with tlie causes and 
grounds thereof. ^^ Lond. 1649. 

CoIIections of Letters from severall part«» concerning thc 

AfFairs of the Armies in Enjrland and Ireland. Licensed by the 
Secrctary of the Army. A^ Lond. 1649. 

The Armies Vindicatibn : in reply to Mr. William 

Sed^ewick. Pnblished for the Kinodomes sati^^faction by Eleu* 
therius Philodemius. 4» Lond. 1649. 

A Vindication of the Army by way of Recrimination 

against the Lords and Commons in Parliament, aiid the City of 
London. 4« Lond. 1649. 

— A Declaration of the Army of England vpon their 

March into Scotland. 4*» Newc. 1650. 

— 4« Lond. 1650. 

A Short Keply lujto 'v The Declaration of thc Armjr 

of Entrlund upon their maixh into Scotland." Togelher witn 
a Vmdication of the Declaration from the uncharitable Con- 
straccons, Iroputations, and Aspersions of the Genfrall As- 
sembly of the Kirk of Scotlarxd in their Reply thereunto. 4« 
Lond. 1650. 

A Declaration of the English Army now in Scotland, 

touching the Justness and Necessity of their prcsent Proceed- 
ings in that Nation. 4° Lond, 1650. 

A true Relation of the Proceedings of the English 

Army now in Scotland, from the 22d day of July to the first 
of August. 4« Lond, 1650. 

- Severall Letters from Scotland relating the Proceedings 

of thc Army thcre. Read in Pariiament thc sixth day of Sep- 
tember 1650. 4« Lond. 1650. 

Lctters from ihe Head Quarlers of our Army in 5>cot 

land : be.njj: a Diary of all Proccedings in the Aruiy to Octob. 
30. 1650. 4« Lond. 1650. 

A Declaration of the Army of the Commonwcalth to 

ihe People <»f Scotland. 4° Lond, 1650. 

A Letter frum the jreneral Meeting of Ofiicers of the 

Army, and directcd to the Officersi of the several Oari^on^ and 
Regim^^nts of Souldiers both in Irelandj Scotland, and England. 
fol. Lond. 1652. 
Voi. L C c ARMY. 

A R M 

ARMY. To thc Supi^me Aulhority the Parliament of thc 
Common weallh of England, the humble Pctition of the Offica-s 
of the Army. foL Lond. 1652. 

■ A Dedaration of the Arraie to his Excencncy thc Lord 

General Cromwcl^ for the dissolvitig of this present Parliai&cnt 
and chusin^ of a new Representative. 4^ Lond, 1653. 

A Waming scriously oflfered to the Officers of thc Army 

and others in power. 4^ Lcnd. 1653. 

The Af my no Usurpers : or thc late Parliament not 

almighty and everlasting. 4^ Lond, 1653. 

A Second Word to the Army, thougfa sharp, yet 

Christian-tike. 4* Lond. 1653. 

Some Memento's for the Officers and Souldicrs of tlie 

Army« from some sobcr Christians. 4* 

A Ground Voice, or some Discovcries oflered to the 

view with certain C^uerics propounded to the consideration of 
the whole Army in England. 4* [1655.1 

To the Officers and Souldiers of thc Army, more espe- 

cially to thosc Officers that sit in Councilat White-Halt a sober 
Admonition of some sighing Souls. 4* [1656.] 

The Report o? the Committee of the Army upon a 

Reference from his Highness in a Case depending between 
Francis Fanrington PlaintifFand Witliam Chamberlaine Defend- 
ant. At the Committee for thc Army^ May. 18. 1656. fol. 
Lond. 1656. 

AWord to the Officers of the Army. 4* Lond, 


A Call to the Officers of the Armv and all good Hcarts 

to stand npon their Watch : from divers of their antient friends. 
S. R. H. W. R. P. 4« Lond, 1658. 

An Invocation to the Officers of the Army for prevent- 

ing their own, and the ruine of the Good Old Cause, at the 
very door of Destruction : in a Lctter presented to them on 
Wednesday 30 April 1659. 4« Lond. 1659. 

The Armies Declaration examined and compiared with 

tfteir Declaratlon May 6 : their Petition and Addres^ May 12: 
and their Petition and Representation. 4* Lond. 1659. 

The Humblc Representation and Petition of the Officers 

of the Army to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Etig- 
land. Presented to them Wednesday the 5th of Octob. 1659 
by M^. Gen. Disbrow. 4** Lond. 1659. 

A Declaration of the general Council of the Officers of 

the Army agreed upon at Wallingford House, 27th Octob. 
1659. 4« Lond. 1659. 

The Declaration of the Officcra.of the Army opened^ 

examined, & condemTied, and the Partiament vindicated against 
the Rcproachesy lies, and Falshoods cast upon them iu the 
said Declaration : by E. D. 4^ Lond. 1659. 


A R M 

ARMY. The Army^s Plea for their preseni Practice : tendered 

(o the consideration of all ingenuous and impartial men. 4^ 

Lond, 1659. 
— A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Northem Armie» 

under the present conduct of Generall Monk and the I^ord 

lambert. 4* Lond. 1659. 

An Orier of Parliamcnt, Feb. 27. 1659, for all Offi- 

cera forthwith to repair to the Army. fol. Lond. 1659. 

■ A Proclamation firom the Committee of Safety inhibit- 
ii^ all Meetings for the raisine and drawing toeether of Forces 
without the order of the said Committee, or Uie Lord Fieet- 
wood. f^^.Lond, 1659. 

■ 'Hie Agreement of the Genetal Council of Offlcers of 
the Armies of England, Scotland, and Ireland, together with 
the rest of the Officers and Forces in and about London ; to 
which tb^ rest of the Officcrs and Forces of this Comn^on- 
wealth, by land and sea, are desired to give their Consent. fol. 
hmd. 1659. 

Fivc Proposals to the General Council of tlie Officers 

of the Ajinies of England, Scotland, and Ireland. fol. Lond. 

Tlie Army mastered ; or, Great Britain^s Joy : briefly 

presented to those true Patriots of their Countrey, now as* 
tembled in Parliament, by thousands of Persons well-affected 
to the lawfuU Authority of these Nations. fol. Lond. 1659. 

An Act appointing Commissioners for the govemment 

of the Army. fol. Lond. 1659. 

A Declaration of the English Army now in Scolland t6 

the People of Scotland^ especially those among them that 
know and fear the Lord. 4» Lmd. 1659. 

Considerations npon the late transactions and proceed- 

ingB of tfae Army, in reference to the Diteolution of the Parlia* 
ment foL Ltmd. 1659. 

A Declaration of the Commander in Chief of the Forces 

in Scotland and of the Officers of the Army under his com- 
mand» in vindication of the Liberties of tiie People and the 
Priviledges of Parliament. fol. Lond. 1659. 

A plain Word of Truth to the Officers and Souldiers 

of the Army. fol. Lond. 1659. 

Twelve Plairv Proposals oflered to the honcst and failh- 

fiil Officers and Sonidiers of our English Army. fol. Lond. 

Queries on the Proposadls of the Officers of the Armife 

to the Parliament, for securing the Peace of the three Nations. 

The Humble Petition and Addresse of the Officers of 

the Army to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England^ 
&c. 4* Lond. 1659. 

A Letter of Addresse from the Officers of the Army iu 

Scotland directed to the hon. the Speaker of the Parliameiit oT 
the Commonwealth. 4<> Lond. 1659. 


A R M 

ARMY. The Annies Duty or faithfull Advicc to the Souldrerft : 
given in two Letters by severail honest men unto the Lord 
Flcctvvood. 49 Lond, 1659. 

i^. A Declaratioa of the faithful SoTdiers of the Army to 

all the honest People of the Nation : shewingr th<;ir resolutioD 
k) sUnd by the Good old Cause. 4t^ Lond, 1659. 

. ed, alt. 4« Lond. 1659. 

A D'^claration of the Officers of the Arroy inviting (be 

Members of the Long Parliamcnt who continutd siuin;; tiQ 
tbe 20th of April 1653, to rttum to the exercise and Discharge 
of their Tru>t. 4» Lond. 1659. 

A Letter from a Captain in the Army to an honourable 

Member of Parliament : dated at Tadcaster January 2. 1659. 
4« Lond. 1659. 

Proposals to the Officers of the Army & to the City of 

London, for the taking off all £xcL»e^ Taxes, and Custom : by 
W. W. gent. 4» Lond. 1659. , 

A Declaration of the Officers of the Army in Scofland 

to the Churches of Christ in th^three Nations. 4® Edinb. 1659. 
A Letter of the Officers of the Army in Scotland. un^ 

der the Commander in chief there, to the Officers of the Army 
in England. i^ Lond. [1659.] 

The Declaration and Proclamation of tbe Army of God, 

owned by the Lord of Hosts in many Victories. To all the 
good People of God throughout England» Scotland, & Ireland, 
&c. 4* Lond. 1659. 

By the Council of State, a Proclamation conceming the 

Arrears of the Army Apr. 3. 1660. fol. Lond. 1660. 

The Armyb Declaration : being a true AJanim in an- 

• swer to a false anj fiery one made lately by a Member of that 
detestable Rump and printed for Uvewell Chapman. 4* 1(360. 

Doubie your Guards, in Answer to a bloody and sedi- 

tious Pamphlet entituled an AJamm to the Armies of Ei^and» 
Scotland, and Ireland. 4<» Lond. 1660. 

- Several Rea^ons for the establisbment of a standing 

Army and disiiolving the Militia. 4* 

The Case of the Inn keepers and Clothiers who quar- 

terM & cloth'd the Army raised by Act of Parliament in 1677, 
and di^banded by another Act in 1679. fol. 

A Proclamation conceming Araiy Arrears. 24 Apr. 

1695. fol. Lrmd. 1695. 

Thc Cdse of the Persons who dothed the Army Anno 

1695, 1696. and 1697. fol. 

An Argument, sbewing that a standins: Army is incon* 

si.-^tent with a free Govemment. 4® Lond. 1697. 

Some Reflections on a P&mphlet, entituled, " An Ar- 

gument, shewing that a standing Army b inconsistent with a 
free Goverament^* 4* Lond. 1697. 

A l^etter, ballancing the Necessity of keeping a Land- 

force in times of Peace : with the Dangers that may foUow 
•n it. 4» Lond. 1697. 

3 ARMY. 

A R M 

AIlMY. A Letter from the Autbor of the Argument a^ainst m 
flttnding Army to tbe Author of the Ballancing Letter. 4^ 
Lond. len. 

- Tiie Second part of an Argument, »bewin<; that a stand* 

in? Army ii» inconbUtent with a free Govemmeut. 4^ Lmtd. 

A Proclamation for the dishanding of the Armj. Feb. 

S.3. 1698. tol. Lcmd. 1698. 

A ^hort History of standing Armies in England. 4* 

Lmd. 169B. 

A brief Repty to the History of «^tandine Arm»e8 in 

England. With some account of the Authors. 4* Loud. 169S. 

An Arguonent shewing that a standing Army, with 

consent ot Partiamcnt, is not inconsisttnt with a Frce Govem- 
ment, &c. 4« l/)nd. 1698. 

— A Confutation of a late P^mphlet intituled " A Letter 

ballancmg lUe Neccjisity/* &c. 4" Lond 1698. 

— The Scaman'h Opmion of a stamlin.; Anny in Ensrland, 

in opposition to a Fleet at Sea, as the best becurity of thit 
Kin^rdom. 4* Lond. 1699. 

Rtfa>ons ai^ainst a stan<1ing Army. 8^ Lond. 1717. 

— Three Speechts against continuing the Army, &c. ai 

they were spoken in the House of Commons the last SSession of 
Puliament. 8«" Lond. 1718. 

- The Neceasity of a Plot, or Rcasons for a standing 

Arroy, by a friend to K. G. 8* Lond. 

The Succession of Colonds to all his Majesties Land 

Forces from their rise to 1743 : to which is added a List of 
the Royal Nary. 8^ Lond. 1743. 

llie Question stated with regard to our Army in Flan» 

ders. S^ Lond. 1 743. 

A short CoMrse of standing Rules for the Govemroent 

and Conduct of an Army. By a Lieut. Goneral of liis Majesty'a 

Forccs. 8*» Lond. 1744. 

— Rules and Articles for the better Govemment of his 

Majesty's Horsc and Foot-guards, and all his othtr Forces. foL 

Reasons for an Au^mentation of the Army on the Irisb 

Establishment oflered to the consideration of the Public. 8^ 
DM 1768. 

A CoUection of Regulations, Orders, &c. formed and 

issued for the Use of the Army. fol. Lond. 1788. 

Operatious of the British Army in Spain ; inTolfing 

Broad Ilints to the Commissanat and Board of Transports: 
with Anecdotes illustrative of the Spanish Character. 8^ Lond. 

Army Lists. 59 vol. fol. Lond. 1754—1812. 

ARMYNIl {Ladif mary) A Seraion at her Funeral, by J. D. with 

an Epistle and Elegy by two grave Dl 
ARMYNE (^jV wm.) r. shute. wood. 



ASNAL (PEDRo) ]>Ucur80 sobre el Origen y Principio de lop 
Moeaycos y sus varias materia», contraioo i u» qne nuevamente 
se desubrieron en las excavaciones de la Villa de Bielves de 
orden de S. M* fol. • 

ARNALD (richard) A Sermon preached al tbe Visitation held 
at St. Martin's Church in Leicester April 32. 1737. 4^ Caniab. 

■ A Critical Commentary upon the Book of the yTisdom 

of Solomon. fol. JLond, 1744. 

A Critical Commentaiy on such BookB of the Apocrypha 

as are appointed to be read in Cfaurches. fol. Lond, 1760. 
ARNALD (wjlliam) dd. The Important Station of an English 

University a Sermon preached at Cambridge^ on CommeDce- 

mentrSunday 1781. 4^ Lond, 1803. 
ARNALDO (el licenciado) £1 Tribunal dda hista veagan^a 

erigido contra los Escritos de D. Franciaco de Queuedo. 12^ 

Valencia, 1635. 
ARNALDUS (ant.) v, arnauld. 
ARNALDUS Villa^HOvamis, v, viula-noya* 
ARNASSARUS (l. a.) v. cezzariti. 
ARNAUD, V. arnauld. claude. 
ARNAUD (e. r.) Introdvction d la Chymie> ou la vraye physiqii^;^ 

8« I^an. 1655. 
ARNAUD (georgiusd') De Diis IIAPEAPOII^ sive Adsessoribi» 

et Conjunctis, Commeniaritis. 6^ Hag. Ckm, 1732* 
ARNAUD (george) Memcapes dc Chmirgie, avec quelques Re- 

marqueshistoriques sur TLtat de la Medecine et de ui Chirurgie, 

en France & en Angleterre. 9 tom. 4*^ Lond. 1768. 
ARNAUD (henri) Htstoire de la glorieuse Reotree des Vaudois 

dans leurs Valees. Sf^ 1710. 

ARNAUD (P.) V. ARTEPHIUS. flamel. 

ARNAUDUS (andreas) Joci> G. Du V. Senatus Aquensis Prin* 

cipi. 120 Aj^enioM. 1600. 
'— plenc & planc quartikm editi, plurimum aucti, 

mille mendis curati : quibus adiecta quas nuper abjecta. l^ 

Par. 1609. 
ARNAULD (antoine) Plaidoye, contre les lesuites defendeurs^ 

des 12 & 13 luiHet. 1594. 8« Lyofi. 1594. 
8* Par. 1594. 

Rccueil de Pieces touchant Monsieur Amauld, 4* 


jLettre a vne Personne de Condition sur ce qui est 

arriu^ depuis ptu, dana vne Parroisse de Paris^ 4 vn Seigneur 
de la Cour. 

Seconde. Lettre d un Duc lc Pair de France* 4^ Par. 


ConsideratioDs sur ce qui s'est passi en rAssemblee 

de la Facult6 de Theologie de Pariai, sur le ai\iet de la Seconde 
X<^ de Monsr. Amauld. 4° Par. 1655. 


. A R N 

ABNAULD (antoins) Didsertatio Theologica, in qua Augu^ti- 
niana PropoGitio, drfuU Peiro Gratia sine qua rrihil pouumus, 
totius Traditionis autoritate coniirmatur ; i scholaR contentioni- 
bus sejuneitur, cura variis Thomistics Scholae sententiis conci"» 
liatur ; &a peruu1gat4 de Preceptorum impossibilitate calumnii 
porgatur. 4^ Par. 1656. 

— — Lea Lettres apologetiques de M. Amauld. 4® Par, 1657. 

— — — Lettre i un de ses Amis. 4^ Par, 1657. 

"• Edaircissement sur quatre Questions importantes pour 

jeruir de response i un Ecrit de M. Arnaud. 8® Lewarde, 

L'£sprft de M. Amaud» tire de sa Conduite & des Ecrits 

de luy & de ses Disciples. 2 tom. 8* Devent. 1684. 

Lettre a Monseign'. rEveque de Malaga au sujct de sa 

plailite Catholique addressee a N. S. Pere le Pape Innocent xi. 

Testament S^irituel. 12« 

■ Sommaire de la Theologie du Sieur Amauld. 8^ 

Histoire abregee de la Vie et des Ouvrages de Monsr. 

Araauld, ci-devant iipprim^ sous le titre de Question Curieuse, 

&c. 8» CoL 1695. 
ARND (joHANNEs) Principium Prinpipiorum quibus Leges Na- 

turales solent demonstrari. 4® Rostoch, 1713. 
ARNDICUS (jos.) V. gualdo. 
ARNDIUS (cAEOLus) Oratio Inauguralis De Scientie LiterariflB 

& in Theologia Catcchetica, & in Philologia, atque Antiquitate 

Hebraica subsidio. 4** Rosi. 1711. 

■ Systema Literarium. 4^ Lipt, 1714. 

ARNDIUS (joshua) r. vAyAsson. 

m Tractatus Practicus de Superstitione. 8® Gueirov, 1664. 

ARNE (sarah) V, dadly. ' 

ARNE (tho.) Artaxerxes : an English Opera. 8* Lond. 
ARNIGIO (bartol.) Meteoria. 8» Bre^c. 1568. 
■ Le diece Veglie, de gli ammendati Costumi dell* hu- 

mana Vita. 4» Bresc, 1577. 

4» Trev, 1602. 

ARNISiEUS (henningus) Halberstadiensis. De Suhjectione et 
Exemptione Clericorum: Item de Potestate temporali Pontificis 
in Pi'incipe3 : & denique de Translatione Imperii Rom. Com- 
mentatio Politica. 4^ Franc. 1612. 

■ ■ Disquisitiones de Partus Humani legitimis terminis. 12* 

Fraac, 1641. 

Disputationes duodecim in Physicam Aristotelis, im& 

cum Disputationibus duabus Politicis de juribus Majestatis 
essentialibus, & tertid Metaphy8ic& de subjecto Metaphysices. 
His accesserunt Exercitationes Physicae Fridericii MoUeH. 4° 
ARNKIEL (m. trocillo) Cimbrische Heyden-Rdigion. 4® Hamb. 




ARNO. The Fniits of Facti<»i ; a Series of PictureSy taken frooi 

renfenerated France. By Amo. 4" Lond. 1791, 
ARNOBIO (cLBANDRo) Te;M>ro delle Gioie Trattato marauiglioso. 

8« Vtn. 1602. 

8« Ven. 1619. 

8« Ven, 1630. 

8*> Ven. 1656. 

ARNOBIUS j^fer. v. bulengerus. 

— — — Cominentarii in Ptialmosy cura Prajfatione ErasmL fol. 

Bas. 1522. 

per D. ^Erasmnm proditi' & emendati. 

Ejiisdem Disputationum adversus Gentes Libri vni. Sigismundi 
Gelenii cura. S^ Bas. 1560. 

Opera TertuUiani et Amobii quotquot ab interitu vindi- 

cari summomm virorum industria potuerunt: studio eftlabore 
R. Laur. de la Barre. fol. Par. 1580. 

Disputationum adversus Genles Libri octo. fol. Rom. 


Libri septem, recogniti et aucti ex bib- 

lioth. Th. Canteri^ cujus etiam NoUe adjectse sunt. 8® Ant. apud 
Plant. 1582. 

Libri septem cum Godescalci Stewecbii 

electis. 8« Ant, 1604. 
ARNOLD (gottfr.) Endliche Vorstellung seiner Lehre und Bek- 

antniss auff Hm. Vieles seines Censoris & M. Corvini Anklagen. 

4« Frankf, 1701. 
ARNOLD (john) r. earnshaw. 
ARNOLD (john) An Order of Council April 16. 1680. for the 

apprehension of the persons by whom he was wounded. fol. 

Lond. 1680. 
ARNOLD (john) An Account of the going^ during thirteeu 

Months at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, of a pocket 

Chronometer. 4° Lond. 1780. 
ARNOLD (phil.) Disp. inaug. Med. de productione Ignis vitalis. 

4» UUr. 1676. 
ARNOLD (richard) The Names of the Baylyfs« Custose, Mayera, 

and Sherefs of the Cyte of I^ndon from the tyme of King 

Rychard t)ie fyrst^ & also the Artycles of the Chartour & Ly« 

bartyes of the same Cyte, &c. fol. b. l. [1521 ?] 
ARNOLD (sam.) De Febribus. 4» Jen. 1723. 
ARNOLD (samuel) Redemption : a Sacred Oratorio. 8^ Lond. 

— — The Triumph of Truth : a Sacred Oratorio. 8P Lond, 

ARNOLD (sAM. jAMEs) The Shipwreck, a Comic Opera. 12^ 

Lond. 1797. 
ARNOLD (sTUART AMos) The Merchant and Seaman^s Guardian 

in the British Channei. 12^ Lond. 1778. 
The Merchants and Owners Friend : or Seamen'^ Pre- 

servcr. 12« Lond. 1778. 


A R N 

AKNOLD (wiluam) v. wilson, 

ARNOLDINUS (m.) Re^ls et Confinnatio Novs SodaliUtis in 

Germania. 4» FreisL 1622. 
ARNOLDT (ERN.) Disp. Inaug:. de Asthmate. 4P Erf. 1675. 

Dissert. de Cancro. 4« Er/, 1677. 

AKNOLDT (JOH.) Disp. Med. de Vertigine. 4« Altd, 1688. 
ARNOLDUS (andreas) Sacra Mathesis. 4« Altd. 1676. 

■ Denariut S. Petri, Disputatione Historico-tlieologica^ 
expositus. 4® Altd. 1679. 

ARNOLDUS (cHRisT.) v. rupert. 

■ Memona Fureriana, quam funebri laudatione viri nu^, 
Geo. Sigism. Fureri in Csnob. Augu.>tiniano celebravit Chr. 
Amoldus. 4» Norimb. 1677. 

ARNOLDUS (heinr.) Exercitium AcademicumdeCampanarum 

U«#. 12» Altd. 1665. 
ARNOLDUS (joH.) Disput. Medicarum decima de Cephalalgia. 

4« Lugd. Bat. 1597. 
ARNOLDUS (laur.) CoUationis Philosophice MoraUs cum lurt 

scripto, Pars posterior. 4® Franc. 1601. 
ARNOLDUS (michael) Disp. Tlieolog. de adventu Messise a4 

locum Gen. 49. v. 10. 4« Franeq. 1681. 
ARNOLDUS (nic.) Dissertatiuncula, de Theologise supra Philo- 

sophiam. Dominio. 12» Franek. 1667. 
ARI^OLDUS (pHiLippus) De Prsedestinatione particulan Fide- 

hum et Impiorum reprobatione. 4^ Witeh, 1607. 
ARNOLDUS (pHiL. cHRisT.) De Physiognomia AnthropoIogicH 

in genere. 4«» Witteb. 1660. 

RNOT (HUGo) The History of Edinburgh. 4° Edinb. 1779. 
. A Collection and Abridgemeut of celebrated-criminal 

Trials in Scotland from A.D. 1536 to 1784 : with Historical an4 

Critical R«marks. 4<» Edinb. 1785. 
ARNOUL (p. F.) Revelation charitable de plvsieurs Remedes 

SouveraiwL W Par. 1663. 
ARNOUTS (JOH.) Disp. Mcd. Inaug. Positiones varias continens. 

4» U^d. Bat. 1670. 
ARNOUX (cLAUDius) Parallels of the Sounds and Syllables of 

the French and English Languages. 4^ Lond. 1730. 
ARNOUX (m.) Ditsertation sur la Situation de Bourgogne & sur 

lcs Vins qu'elle produit. ^ Lond. 1728. 
ARNSTADT (ern. maur. ab) Dissert. Hist. de Civitatibus Han- 

seaticU. 4:^ Witteb. 1669. 
ARNTZENIUS (gulielmus) Dissert. Medica Inaug. de ^tatum 

Consideratione medica. 4*^ Traj. ad Rhe. 1731. 
ARNTZjBNIUS (johannes) Clivo-Vesalia^ ejusque Respublica, 

cuin vetustior, ex Antiquitatum favihsis eruta, tum novitior» 

proaaica oratione deiineata 4° Gron. 1652. 
AkNTZENIUS (joan.) Dissertationes bins quarum prior agit de 

Colore et Tinctura Comarum, posterior ae Civitate Romana 

Apostoli Pauli. 8« Traj. ad Rften. 1725. / 
ARNTZEN^US (o.) v. cato. 


A R R 

AROMATA. Thesaurus Aromatariorum, [cum Pauli Suardi 

Comment.] fol. Ven, 1504. 

I fol. Lugd. 1528. 

fol. Ven, 1561. 

■' __. fol. Ven. apud Junt. 1566. 

AROMATARIIS (josEPHUsDE^DeRabiecontagiosa, magni mo^ 

menti aflfectu^ Discursus, cui Epistola de Plantarum ex Semini* 

bus Generatione prsposita est. 4^ Franc. 1636. 
ARON (JAC. LEON.) Dissert. Medica de Lumbricis. 4^ Lugd, Bai. 

ARON (piERo) ToscaneHo in Musica. fol. Vin. 1539. 
AROUET (marie fran^ois) de Voltaire, f. voltaire. 
ARPE (PETR. FRiD.) Theatrum Fati, sive, Notitia Scriptomm dc 

Provideptia, Fortuna, et Fato. 8*» Rot. 1712. 
■ De prodigiosis Natnrs et Artis Operibus, Talismanes et 

Amuleta dictis cum recensione Scriptorum hujus Argumenti 

Liber Singularis. 8^ Hamb. 1717. 

Themis Cimbrica, sive, de Cimbrorum et vicinarum 

Gentium antiquissimis Institutis Commentarius. 4® Hamh, 1737. 
ARPENIA (elizabetha) Progmmma quo Pro-Rector et Senatus 

Academise Kiloniensis ad exequias Dn. Elisabetae Arpenis offi* 

Giose invitat. 4« Kil. 1684. 
ARPHE (juAN de) Quilatador de la Plata, Oro, y Piedras. 4* 

VaUad, 1572. 

4« Madr. 1678. 

ARPIUS (joHANNEs) De Sentiente Anima A/nytKriff. 4® HelM. 

ARQUATUS (JOH. fran.) Medicus reformatus, ob varias in Me» 

dicina Kotrax^^c^K seu Abusus. 4® Ven. 1618. 
ARRAGON (matth.) Utrum i mutuo san^iferorum lactifero* 

rumque uteri vasorum nisu, menstrua mulierum Purgatio ? 4* 

Pttr. 1740. 
" £st-ne motus prsecipua sani corporis Medicina ? 4* 

Par. 1741. 
ARRAIZ (amabor) Bispo de Portalegre, Dialogos. 4** Coimh. 
, 1589. 
ARRAIZ (edvardus madeira) Methodo de conhecer e curar o 

Morbo Gallico Secunda Parte. 4<) Ush. 1649. 
■ Primeira Parte. 4® Lisb. 1674. 

- Novce 

Philosophise et Medicins de Qualitatibus occultis» 
a Nemine unquam excultse, Pars prima. 4^ Ufyss. 1650. 

A physical Account of the Tree of Life. 8*^ Lond, 1683. 

ARRAY. The Case of the Commission of Array stated. 4* 

■ A Declaration made by the Earle of Bath^ one of hi» 

Majesties Commissioners of Array, to the whole Country of 
Devonshire : with their Answer thereunto annexed. 4° 

The Commissionof Arrayarraignedandcondemned. 4* 

Lond. 1642. 


A R R 

ARKAY. A second Remonstrance or Declaration of the Lordf 
and CommoQs concemjng the Conmiission of Arrav. 4® Lond. 

■- By the King, a Proclamation of the Lawfulnesse of Our 

Commissions of Array. 20. June, 1642. fol. 1642. 

A Declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parlia- 

ment upon the Statute of 5 H. 4. whereby the Commission of 

Array is supposed to be warranted. 4° Lond, 1642. 
ARREARS. An Order of th^ Committee for Arrears. Sept. 13« 

164a fol. Lcmd. 
— An Order of the Committee of Arrears. 11, Dec. 1648. 

fol. Lond. 

A Declaration of the Lords and Commons conceming 

the Arreares of Officers and others. fol. Lond, 1648. 

ARREDONDO (martin) Obrasde Albeyteria, primera» segunda, 
y tirrcera parte. fol. Madr, 1677. 

ARRERAC (JEAN D^) La Philosophie civile & d^Estat di?is6e en 
rirenarchie & la Polemarchie. &^ Bourd. 1598. 

> Traict^ des Antiquitez. 4» Bourd, 1625. 

— — De la Jvrisdiction et des Juges. 4® Bourd. 1625. 

» De la Vanite des Dignitez et Grandevrs : et des Officea. 

4» Bourd, 1625. 

ARRESTI (JUL. cjEs.) v. cazzati. . 

— — Risposta alle Oppositioni fatte dal Signor Giulio Cesare 
Arresti nella Lettera al Lettore posta nell' Opera sua Muaicale. 
4» Bohg. 1663. 

ARRESTZ et Ordonnances Royaux de la supreme, tres haute^ et 
souveraine Court dn Royaume des Cieux : avec la Generale 
Croisade, iadis donne, et maintenant confirmte par notre sainct 
Pcre Dieu. 4« 1550. 

■ Arrest du Conseil d'£stat portant defenses aux Tre- 

foriers, Receueursj Comptables, ic tous autres sujets du Roy, 
d'innouer aucime chose, pour raison du poids des Especes d'or 
& d'argent tant de France qu^£strangere$, mentionn^es par 
TEdict du present mois, & qu'il en sera vs£ ainsi qu'i1 se pra- « 
tiquoit auparauant la publication du dit Edict. 8 Auril 16S6. 
8» Par. 1636. 

Arrtrst de la Cour du 18 Aoikt 1787. 4« 

: Arrest du Conseil d'Etat du Roi. du 20 Jan. 1789. 4» 

Arre^t de 1a Cour du 12 tev. 1789. 4" 

Arr^t du Coniteil d'£ tat du Roi, du 25 Fev. 1789. 4« 

ARR£^TS. The Malady and Remedy of vexations and vnjvst 

Arrests & Actions. 4^ Lond. 1646. 
■' Reasons for the Contmuance of the Process of Arrest 

for the good of the Comroonweaith. fol. 1659. 

The Refeolulion of the Couimons as.>*emb]ed in Parlia- 

ment respecting Protection from Arrests Nov. 15. 16G0. fol. 
Lond. 1660. 

A Letter to a Nobleman concerning the Bill to prevent 

frirolous aad vexatious Arrest», &c. 4" Lond. 1726. 



A R R 

ARRESTS. Reasons offered on tbe behalf of thc Traders of Ltffi- 
. don in favour of a Clause in an Act to explain and amend the 

" Act to prevent frivolous and vexatious Arrests." fol. 
—— — Reflections on the Law of Arrests in civil Actiont. 4* 

Lond. [1774.] 
ARRETINUS (hieron. borrius) De Motu Gravium et Leuium 

ad Franciscum INkedicem Magnum Etrurise Ducem IL 4^ Flar. 

ARRHENIUS (claudius) v. ligorius. 

■ Vita illustr. Herois Ponti dela Gardie^ Exercit. Sveciae 

■ supremi Campi Duci^ regnante Johanne III. Cujus occasionc 
totius fere Livoniae Hisloria exhibetur. 4^ Lips, 1690. 

ARRIANUS (flavius) v. epictetus. 

■ De Expedit. Alex. Magni, Historiarum Libri viii. Gr. 
[Cb/i Notis MSS.] 12« Bas. 1539. 

Gr. Lat. ex Bonav. Vulcanii nova in- 

terpr. fol. Lut. ap. H. Sieph. 1575. 

oper4 Jac. Gronovii. fol. IMgd. 

Bat. 1704. 

cum annotat. Gcorgii Raphelii. 

Accedunt Ecloo;» Photii ad Arrianum. 8® Atnst, ap, Wctsi, 

■ Lat. Barth. Facio interpr. 12" Lugd. ap. 

Gryph. 1552. 

Angl. transl. by Mr. Rooke ; to which is 

prefix'd Le CIerc'8 Criticism on Quintus Curtius, and some Re- 
marks upon Mr. Perizonius's Vindication of that author. 2 voL 
& Lond. 1729. 

Arriani et Hannonis Periplus. Plutarchus de Flumini- 

bus et Montibus. Strabonis Epitoine. Gr. 4*^ Bas, ap. Froben. 

Ponti Euxini & Maris Erythraii Periphis, ad Adrianum 

Ca&sarem. Lat. lo. Gul. Stuckio Tigurino authore. fol. Lugd. 

Arriani Epictetus. Grl 8» Ven. 1535. 

De Epicteti Philosophi, praeceptoris sui, Dissertationibus 

Libri iiii. Lat. lacobo Scheg§fio interpr. 4<* Bas. [1554.] 

Lcs Propos d'Epictete, translatez du Grec. par I. D. 

S. F. a la Roine Margverite. 8^ Par. 

Toraus III. Arriani Commentariorum de Epicteti Dis- 

putationibus Libri iiii. Hier. Wolfio interpr. 8^ Col. 1595. 

Arrianus de Vcnatione Gr. Lat. Luca Holstenio interpr. 

4° Par. 1644. 

Arriani Ars Tactica, Acies contra Alanos, Periplus 

Ponti Euxini, Periplus Maris Erythrai, Liber de Venatione, 
Epicteti Enchiridion, Ejusdem Apopthegmata et Fragmenta 
quae in loannis Stobcei Fiorilegio et in A. Gcllii Noctibus At- 
ticis supersunt. Gr. Lat. ex recens. & Museo Nicolai fiiancardi. 
8® Anist. 1683. 

8« Amst. Sf Lipz. 1750. 

ARRIVABENE (andreas) v. al-coran. 


A R T 

ARRIVABENI2 (lodovico) Sylvius Ocreatug. 4« Par. 1555. 

- Viaggio atla Gieru^aiemine. 12* Fer. 1592. 

n Magno Vitei. 4« Verana, 1597. 

Istoria della China. 4» Verona, 1599. 

ARROWSMITH. The R«forniation, a Comedy. 4» Lond. 167S. 
ARROWSMITH (edm.) A tnie and exact Relation of the death 

of two Cathuhcks who suflered for their Religion at the Sum« 
mer Assizes held at Lancaster in 1628. [Edwvnd Arrowsmith 
and Richard Ilerst,'] Republished with Addition^ 8° Lond. 
ARROWSMITH (edward) The Reasonableness & Origin of Go- 
vemment : a Serroon before the Lord Iftayor & Citizens of Lon- 
don, at St. Pauls, June 11, 1735. 4« Lcmd. 1735. 

- God*s Judorenionts considered, a Sermon preach*d on 
the I7th of December, 1745, being the fast Pay on account of 
the War. 8» Lond. 

ARROWSMITH'(john) dd. Englands Eben-Ezer, or Stone of 

Help, in a Sermon, preached to both Houses of Pariiament 

March 12. 4» Lmd. 1645. 
- — The Covenant-Avenacin^ Sword brandished : in a Ser- 

mon preachcd before the House of Commons, at their late so- 

lemncFast, Jan. 25. 4^ Lond. 1647. 

A Great Wonder in Heaven ; discoursed on in a Sermon 

prcached before tlie House of Common^ on the last Monethly 
Fast Day January 27. 164^. 4» Lond. 1647. 

0E AN0POnos ; or God-Man : bv m^ an Exposition up- 

on the firbt eighteen Ver.-es of the first Chapter of the Gosp. 
according to St. Jolin. 4° Lond. 16iK). 

Armilla Catechetica: a Chain of Principlcs, or an or- 

deriy Concatenation of Theological Aphorismes and Exercita- 

tions. 4« Camb.\Qb9. 
ARRVEGO (JUAN de) Catedra Episcopal de Zaragoza*. foL farag, 

ARSH:0GITANDI. Brevis ad Artem cogitandi Introductio. 8» 

Lond. 1770. 
ARSCOTF ( \lexandf.r) Some Considerations relating to the pre- 

sent StAte of the Cim»ti«m Religion. 8° Lond. 1779. 
ARSEMUS, Arc/nep. Monemb. v. apophthegmata. 
ARSENIUS, Archb. of Tktbais. Lachrimae & Su»piria Ecclesiae 

GrjBcae ; or tiie Distres^ed Slate of the Greek Church, repre- 

sented in a Lctter to her late Majesty Queen Anne frora the 

Patriarch of Alexandria, by the hands of Arsenms Archbishop 

of Thebais. 4<» LonJ. 1715. 
ARSLEBIUS (CHKH ri vn) De Fundamento Fidei & Salutis, Dis- 

«ertatJO iii. 4« Hifn. [1{j90.] 
ARTABASDA (Nic.sMVRN.tus) EFCOPASIC Numerorum Notatio- 

nis per gestuin Dj;rifoi uin, Gr. L(it. ^ Bibhotheca Reg. Vaticana, 

fic iliustriss. LeUi Rvini. Item Venerab. Bt/dse de Indigitatione 

& manuali Loquela Lib. 8® Far. 1614. 


A R T 

ARTAXERXES. The FoUy aod Wifidom of thc Ancicnte; in 
two Lcttera of Artaxerxes as they are recorded by Jo^phus» in 
his llth fiook; and 6th Chap. 4» Lond, 1661. 

ARTEDUS (p^T.) Ichthyologia, sive Operaomnia de Piscibusez 
recoon. Car. Linnei. 8® Lugd. B. 1738. 


ARTEMIDORUS Dnldianus, De Somniorum Interpretatione Li- 
bri Quinq ; De Insomniis, Quod Synesii cujusdam nomine cir- 
cumfertur. Gr. [editio princeps.] 8® Ven, in ad. AldL €t Andr, 
Soceri. 1518. 

*■ Artemidori I)aldiani & Achmetis Sereini F. Oneirocri- 

tica. Astrampsychi &^icephori Versu« etiam Oneirocritici. Gr. 
Lat. Nicolai Rigaltii ad Artemidorum Notse. 4® Lutet, 1603. 

Oneirocritica. Gr. ex duobus Codd. MSS. Venetis re- 

censuit, emendavit, polivit, notis integris Nic. Rigaltii et Jo« 
Jac. Rei2!.kii, suisque illustravit^ item Indices copiosos adjecit, 
Joannes Gothof. Reiff. 3 tom. S^ Lips. 1805. 

De Somniorum Interpretatione Libri quinque Ltu. a 

Jano Cornario. I9f^ Lugd. apud Gryph. 1546. 

' i Angl. [by Bamard Alsop.] 12® Lond, 


Ital. per Pietro Lauro, Modenese. 12* 

Ven. 1542. 
ARTEMONIDES (anor.) Memoire, pr^ leurs Hautes Puissancea 

les Seigneurs Etats Generaux des Provinces-Unies. 12® 
ARTEMONIUS (l. m.) Initium Evangelii S. Joannis Apostoli ez 

Antiquitate Ecclesiastica restitutum^ indidemque nova ratione 

iUiistratum. 8® Lond. 1726. 
ARTEPHIUS. De Arte occulta atque Lapide Philosophorum 

Liber Secretus, Lat. Gall. par P. Arnauld. 4® Par. 1612. 
" Artefii Clavis Majoris SapientiaB. 8® Par. 1609. 

ARTES. Libellus Artificiosus omnibus Pictoribus^ StatuariiSj Au- 

rifabris» Lapidicidis, Arculariis^ Iiaminariis, & CuUrariis fabris 

sumopere utilis, nec d qua^q; antea nUus, nec prius editus. 4* 

Arg, 1539. 

Secreet-Boeck. Sf^ Dord. 1601. 

Kunst Boecken met de Kaert. 8^ 

— — De Rerum Inventoribus Scriptores varii, prosa & car- 

mine. C. Plinius. Alexander Sardus. M. Anton. Sabellicus. cum 

additamentis non paucis nunc primCim simul editi. l& 1604. 
Humane Industry : or, a History of most Manual Arts, 

8» Lond. 1661. 

Schatzkammer rarer und neuer Curiositaten. 8* Hamb, 


Arts Master-Piece, or a Companion for the Ingenious 

of either Sex. by C. K. 12^ 1697. 

jEstampes pour servir i L'HiHoire d£t Arts & Metiers. 

foL Par. 1701. 


A R T 

ARTES. Arts Improveinent : or Choice Experiment§ and Ob* 
aervations in Building, Husbandry, Gardenin^, Mechanicks, 
and in other Arls and Sciences: by T. S. 8® Lond. 1703. 

i" Kunst und VVerck-Schul. 2 tom. 4» Norimb. 1705-7. 

■ — : Das Hauss-Feld und Wunder Buch. Theil. ix. xx. 4® 

- ■ Secrets concernans les Arts et Metiers. 8® P«n 


2 tom. 8» Nancy. [1721.] 

— .The History of the principal Discoveries and Iraprove- 
ments in the several Arts and Sciences. 8^ Land, 1727. 

Observations sur les Arts, et sur qudques morceaux de 

Peinture & de Sculpture exposes au Lduvre en 1748. 8° Lcyd^. 

The Handmaid to the Arts. 8° Jjwid. 1758. 

2 vol. 8° Lond. 1764. 

Description des Arts & Metiers faites ou approuv^ 

par Messieurs de l'Acad^mie Royale des Sciences. 11 tom. fol» 
Par. 1761—1773. 

Valuable Secrets concerning Arts and Trades. 8^ Lond. 


Recherches 8ur rOrigine, TEsprit et les Progret dei 

Arts de la Gr^ce. 2 vol. 4<» Lond. 1785. 

•* Dictionnaire des Artistes, dont nous avons des Estampes^ 

avec une Notice detaillee de leurs Ouvrages gravees. 4 tom. 8^ 
LtijM. 1778-90. 

A Few Ideas on highly interesting 8ubject8> well worthy 

the attention of every person of Taste who takes delight in the 

fine Arts and in eiegant Amusement. 8® Lond. 1802. 
ARTH£MIO (gigio) Rhodigino, La Capraria, Comedia. 8^ 

Ven. 1544. 
ARTHRITIS. Exercitatio Medica de recta acceptatione Arthri« 

tidia & Podagrs. 4^ Fai. 1662. 
' Ratio Scribanica, sive Succincta Deductio cur Arthri- 

tisy Podagra^ Chiragra, atque ahi calculosi Aflectus, qiii ori- 

ginem d sale seu Tartaro habentj ex fundamento sanari possiot. 

12« Hamb. 1672. 
ARTHUR, King of Britain. The Historie of Prince Arthur and 

bb Knights of the Round Table. \^ Lond. 1634. 
■ The famous History of that most renowned Christian 

Worthy Arthur, King of the Britaines, and his famous Knights 

of the Round Table. 4» 1660. 

La Deuise des Armes des Chevaliers de la Table ronde. 

lesquels estoyent du tres renomme & vertueux Artus, Roy de la 

Grand Brttaigne. Avec la description de leurs Armoines. 12^ 

ARTHUR (edward) Sermons on various Subjects. 8® Bervo» 

ARTHUR (gul.) Disp, Medica de Beneficio Exerciiiorum. 4* 

Trqj, ad Rh. 1707, 



ARTHUS (gotardus) Historia Indiae Orientalis, cx variis aucto- 
ribus coUecta, et juxta seriem Topographicam Regnorum, Pro- 
vmciarum, et Insularum, per Africse, Asiaeque littora, ad ex* 
tremos vsque laponios detlucta. 8^ CoL Ag, 1608. 

- Historia Chronologica Pannonise. 4® Franc, 160S. 

* ' Dialogues in the English and Malaiane Lang^uages : 

transl. by Augustine Spalding. 4° Lond. 1614. 

ARTHUSIUS (gulielmus) ASKH2K OYPANOAOriKH. De Coela 
ejusque caiisis ct atFectionibus. 4® WUteb, 1626. 

ARTHY (elliot) The Seaman's Medical Advocate. 8* Lond. 

ARTICELLA. Artesela [isive variorum Medicorum Tractaius 
varii], fol. Ven, 1491. 

— Articella nuperrime impressa.cum quamplurimis Trao- 

tatibus pristine impressioni super additis. 8® LMgd. 1519. 

8» Lugd. 1525. 

: 8« Lugd, 1534. 

novissime per Hieron. de Saliis rc« 

cognita et expurgata, pluribusque trafationibus & additionibus 
hinc inde insertis omata. fol. Ven» 1533. 

ARTICLES acoDrdez pour 1a Treue generale. 8® Rouen, 1598. 

ARTICULI. Summa de Articulis Fidei et Ecclesie Sacramentis» 
edita a fratre Thoma de Aquino. {char. golh.) 49 

■ Articuli de quibus conuenit inter Archiepiscopos, et 

Episcopos vtriusque prouinci» & Clerum Vniversum in Synodo 
Londini. An. Dom. 1562. secundum computationem Ecclesis 
Angiicanse, ad toilendam Opinionum dissentionem, & coasen- 
sum in vera relicnone firmandum. 4*^ Lond. 157L 

■> Articuli de quibus convenit inter Archiepiscopos et 

^piscopos utriusque Provinci-de et Ckrum universum in Syuodo 
Londini. Anno 1563. 12« . ^ 

Angl. 4P Lond, *1630. 

40 Lond. 1681. 

' 4», Lond. 1696. 

An Historical and Critical P^ay on the thirty ninc 

Articles of the Church of England. 8® Lond. 1724. 

Considerations on the State of Sul)6cription to the Ar- 

■• V 

ticles and Liturgy of the Church of England towards the close 
^ the Year 1773. 8*» Lond, 1774. 

A Dissertation on the xviith Article of the Church of 

England : to which is suhjoined a short Tract, ascertaining the 
reign and time in which the Royal Declaration before the xxxix 
Articlcs was first published. 8° Oif. 1773. 

Articles to be enquired of in the Visitation of the Dio- 

ces of London by the reverende Father in God Edwyn Bishop 
of London, 1571. 4** Lond, W, Scres. 

in the Visitatipn of Richard Lord Bishop of 

London. 4° Lond. 1601. 

in the third generall Visitation of Richard 

Bishop of London. 4® Lond, 1604. 


A R T 

ARTICULI. Iir the third general Visitation of George Lord 

Bishop of London. 4® Lond. 1697. 
—————— by the Church-Wardens and Swom Men with- 

in the Diocesse of Lincoln. 4® Ixmd. 1585. 

4^ Lond. 1591. 

— — — — in the ^nerall and trienniall Visitation of 
Jobn Lord Bishop of Lincoln, 1641. 4^ Lond. 1641. 
'• within tlie Deanerie of Sboreham Anno Dom. 

15»7. 4« Lond. 1597. 

in the first Metropoliticall Visitation of Rich- 

arde Arcbbushop of Canterbury ; in the yeare 1605. 4® Lond, 

in the ordinary Viiiitation of (reorge Arch- 

bbbop of Canterbury, in the yeare 1618. 4^ Lond. 

— within tbe Arch-dcaconry of Canterbury. 4* 

Lond, 1636. 

in the Diocessc of Norwich, in the ordinaric 

Visitation of lohn Lord Bishop of Norwich. Anno Dom. 1619. 
4» Cambr. 1619. 

in thc first Visitation of Matthew Lord Bishop 

of Norwich. 4» Lond, 1636. 

in the visitation of the Archdeacon of Nor- 

wich. Anno Domini 1638. 4^ Lond. 

- within the Diocesse of Herefbrd, in the first 

Visitation of Augustine Lord Bishop of Hereford. 49 Lond, 

within the Dioces of Ely, in the first Visita- 

tion of Matthew Lord Bishop of Ely. 4° Lond. 1638. 

in the second Visitation of Peter Lord Bisliop 

of Ely. 4« Lond. 1679. 

within the Diocesse of Exeter in the generall 

& trienniall Visitation of Joseph Lord Bishop of Exeter. 4® 

Lond. 1638. 

^- in the triennial Visitation of Waher Lord 

Bishop of Winton within the Diocesse of Winchester. Anno 
1639. 40 Lmd. 1639. 

within the Diocess of Durham, in the first 

Visitation of John Lord Bishop of Durham, Anno Dom. mdclxu. 
4« Lond. 1662. 

within thc Archdeaconrie of Middlescx in the 

Vi»itation of Dr. Roliert Pory. 4° Lond. 166.. 

in the primary Visitation of Symon Lord Bi- 

fihop of Chichester mdcxc. 4° Lond. 1690. 

in tlie priniary Visitation of William Lord 

Bi»hop of St. Asaph. 4^ 1710. 

within the Arch-deaconry of St. Alban : at 

the Visitation by the Archdeacon thereof, Philip Stubbs M.A. 
4« Lcmd. 1716. 


A R T 

ARTICULI. Arlicles of Enquiry with a Lettcr to the Clcrgy, in 
order to a Parochial Visitation of theseveral Churches and Cfaa- 
pels &c. within the Archdeaconry of Rochester, to he made by 
John Denne, D.D. 4<» 1732. 

— — Articles of Religion agreed upon by the Arcbbishops, 
and Bishops, and the rest of the Clergie of Ireland in the Con- 
vocation holden at Dublin in the yeare 1615. 4^ Lond. 1628. 
ITie Collegiat Suffrage of the Divines of Great Britaine 

conceming the Five Articlcs controvcrted in the Low Countriee : 
delivered in the Synod of Dort March 6. Anno 1619. 8® Lcmd. 

Aiticles of Christian Religion approved and passed by 

both Houses of Parliament, afler Advice had with the Assembly 
of Divines. 4« Land. 1648. 

Articles of Religion ; or the fourteen Pillars of the 

Church of England presented to our late K. Charls at the Isle 
of Wight, and now humbly tendred to the mature Considera- 
tion of the suprcme Authority of this Nation. 4® Lond. 1654. 
Articles to unite the Catholicks and EvangeUcks, (or 

Lutherans.) 4® Lond. 1661. 
ARTICUS (j.) r. athanasius, 
ARTIGNY (d*) Nouveaux Memoires d^Histoire, de Critique, & 

de Litterature. 7 tom. 8« Par. 1749-1756. 
ARTILLERY Compan^. To the King^s Majesty the Addreas of 

the President &c. ot the Artillery Company March 23, 1714. 

ARTIS (i. D*) Pcdis Admiranda. 8« Par. 1619. 
ARTNERUS (carol. andb.) Nucleus Juris Canonici in Nuce. 8* 

Col. 1700. 
ARTOCOPHINUS (henricus) Anagramata & Epi^ammata in 

Symbolum, Duce Jehovah, et in Nomen Henrici Artocophini, 

excellentissimorum, clarissimorum, doctissimorum, & humanis- 

'simorum nonnuUorum Virorum, veras Divitias, et Thesauros 

intemos el externos & bona tam Animi quam Corporis decan- 

tantia. 4« 
" ■ Prodromus Mysteriomm Naturas mysteriosissimorum 

emissus. 4*» Sttt, 1620. 
ARTOIS (dO Coustumes generalles du coiite Da Arthoys. 8^ 

Arras, L541. 
■■ Plan & Cartes des Villes d'Artois. 4** 

ARTOMIUS (cHR.) Disp. de graviasimo Renum afiectu Calculo. 

4« Bas. 1618. 
ARTOP(EUS (jOANNEs) Colloquia duo elegantissima, alterum 

Sensus et Rationis, altcrum Adulationis et Paupertatis, quibus 

viva humanx Vitae imago exprimitur. Ejusdem Arbor Erudi- 

tionis, et in eandem Oratio. Item PanduJphi CoUenutii Apolo- 

gi aii. 8« Bflff. 1547. 


A S A 

/ARTOPCEUS (JOH. cHRisTOPH.) Disp. de Abdicatione Caroli V. 

Imperatoris. 4® Argent. 1676. 
-^— — Siiccincta Commentatio de summis Imperiis qu» ab 

Orbe condito inter civiliores Gentes extitere^ eorumque succes- 

sione. Accessenint ejusd. Dissertationes queedam ad hanc ma- 

teriam spectantes. 4* Argcnt. 1700. 
ARTOPCBUS (JOH. Nic.) Disp. de Iscne ejusque causis et ef{ecti« 

biu. 4<» Wiaeh. 1624. 
ARTOPQEIUS (jOH. petr.) Diss. Medica solennis Crisium naturam 

et expHcationem rationalem sistens. 4^ 1/a/. Mag. 1706. 
ARTOPCEUS (pETRus) v. psalmi. 
ARTOPOLITA (seb.) v. cellini. 
ARTS, Societtf of, v, society. 
ARTUS III. Duc de Bretagne, v. godefroy. 
ARTUS (cotardus) v. arthus. 
ARTUS (thomas) v, chalcondylas. 
ARTUSI (gio. maria) L'Arte del Contraponto. fol. 158G. 

fol. Ven. 1598. 

Ouero delle Imperfettioni della moderna Musica Ra* 

gionamenti dui. fol. Ven. 1600. 

Seconda Parte. fol. Ven. 1603. 

ARVERNUS (martialis) Aresta Amorum, sive Processus intcr 
Amentes, cum Decisionibus Parlamenti: adjectis Benedicti 
Curtii Symphoriani commentariis. 8° Hanov. 1611. 

ARVIDUS (M.) Grammatica Latina. S^ Holm. 1663. 

ARVIEUX (laurent d') Travels in Arabia tfae Desart; done into 
Enfflish by an eminent hand. 8® Lond, 1718. 

ARViLLE Castle, an historical Romance. 9 vol. 4<^ Lond. 1795. 

ARVIRAGUS. v. carlell. 

ARUNDEL. A fnll Relation of the late Proceedings, Victory, and 
good Success obtained by the Parliaments Forces under Sir Wil- 
ham Waller at the taking of the Town and Castle of ArundeU, in 
Sussex, Decem. 20. and Jan. 6. 4° Lond. 1644. 

■ An Exact and True Reiation of the taking of Arvndel 

Castle. 4« Lond. 1644. 

Certain Propositions made by Sir Wm. Waller at the 

surrender of Arundell Castle. 4^ Lond. 1644. 
ARUNDEL : by the author of tlie Observer. 2 vol. 12^^ Lond. 

ARUNDINENSIS (joannes) De Religione sacrosancta, de Eccle- 

sia ac caeremoniis ejus Dialogusj nuper in laudcm Dei per 

Qufestiones editus. 8^ Col. 1563. 
ARWAKER (edm.) Fons Percnnis, a Poem on the excellent and 

useful Invention of making Sca-Water fresh. 4*^ Lond. 1686. 
An Epistle to Monsieur Boileau, inviting his Muse to 

forsake the French Interest and celebrate the King of England. 

fol. Lond. 1694. 
ARZIGNANUS (o.) v. maximus. 
AS You wcre, or a Posture of Peace. 4* Lond. 1647. 


A S C 

ASAPH (5/.) The proceedings in the Cause of the King againsl 

the Dean of St. Asaph^ on the prosecution of WilUam Jones Ibr 

a Libel. 8^ 1783. 
' The whole of the Proceedings at the Assizes at 

Shrewshury in the Cause of William Jones against the Deaii 

of St. Asaph for a Libel. 8» Lond. 1784. 
ASARIAS» R, de Rubeis. Meor Enaim, i. e. Lumen Oculorum. 

Liher de variis Argumentis pro^cipue Historicis^ et Anliquitat. 

«gens. 4fi Mant, 1574. 
ASAVEN (PKEFATio d') The Tryal and Condemnation of Bon 

Prefatio d'Asaven. S® Lond. 1712. 
ASCANIUS (M. le Prof,) Icones Rerum Naturahum, oii Fi^ure» 

enUiminees d'Histoire Naturelle du Nord. fol. Copenh, 1772. 
ASCENSIUS (jqO. BADI^VS) v. cicero. maximus. persius. auiNTi- 


ASCH (xsEo. THEOD.) Dissert. Inaug. de primo pare nervorum 
MeduRae spinahs. 4® Gotting. 1750. 

ASCH AM (ant.) Of the Conmsions and Revolutions of Govern* 
meiits. S^ Lond. 1649. 

- Thc Process and Pleadin^ in Uie Court of Spain upon 

the death of Anthonie Ascham^ Kesident for the Parliament of 
England^ and of John Baptista Riva his Interpreter. 4° Lond^ 

ASCHAM (Mr,) v. conscience. 

ASCHAM (rocer) The Enghsh Works of Roger Ascham : con- 
taining i. A Report of the Affairs of Germany. ii. Toxophilui 
or the School of Shooting. iii. The Schoolmaster. iv. Letteni 
to Q. Elizaheth and others. With Notes and Ohservations, and 
the Author's Life. By James Bennet 4® Lond. 1761. 

— — ToxophiluSy the Schole of Shootinge conteyned in two^ 
Bookes. 4<^ Lond, 1545. 

— . 4« Lond, 1571. 

40 Lond. 1589. 

■ The Schole Master, or plaine and perfite way of teach- 

ing Children to understand^ write, and speake, the Latin tong. 
4« Lond. 1571. 

A Report and Discourse^ written hy Roger Ascham, of 

the Afi&ires and State of Germany and the Emperour Charles 
his Court, duryng certaine yeares whil^ the sayd Roger was 
there. 4° J. Day. 
— ^— FamiUarum Epistolarum Lihri tres. 8® Lond. 1590. 

12^ Hanov, 1602. 

l^ Hanov. 1610. 

12« Coll. All. 1611. 

8» Oxon. 1703. 

ASCHPAN (grat.) De Superstitione erudita seu liCteraria Lihel- 

lus. 8» Col. 1728. 
ASCLEPIUS^ Hertnetis Discipulus. Defiultiones ad Ammonem 

Regem, Gr. 4° Par. 1554. 


A S G 

ASCONIUS (q.) Pedianus. Expositio in iiii. Orationesy M.T.Cicc- 
ronis contra C. Verrem, & in Orationem contra C. Antonium & 
L, Catilinam, in Orationem pro M. Scauro, in Orationem con- 
ira L. Pisoneni, in Orationem pro Milone, atque harum rerum 
omnium Index. Victorini Commentarii in libros Ml T. C. de 
Inventione, & Georgii Trapezuntii in Orationem pro Q. Liga- 
rio. 8® Ven. ap. Ald. 1522. 

Fragmentum Commentariorum Q. A«conii Pediani in 

Orationes aliquot M. Tullii Ciceronis. 8^ Argent, 1535. 

fol. Hag, 

Exposilio in iiii. Orationes M. T. Ciceronis contra C, 

Verrem, in Orationem pro C. Cornelio, iu Orationem contra 
C. Antonium & L. Calilinam, in Orationem pro M. Scauro, in 
Orationem contra L. Pisonem, in Orationem pro Milone ; Ad- 
hibita in locos prope innumerabiles correctione ; cum Scholiis 
Pauli Manutii, et indice nominum, iierborum, & rerum me« 
morabilium. 8° Ven. ap, Ald, 1553. 

Commentationes in aliquot M. Tullii Ciceronis Oratio- 

nes. [Item, Selectae Variorum in Asconium et Orationes M. T. 

Ciceronis ab eo illustratas, Nota;.] 12^ Lugd. Bat, 1644. 
ASCULANUS (josBFHus lentus) Clarorum Asculanorum prae* 

clara Facinora. 8^ Roin. 1622. 
ASELLIUS (gaspar) De Lactibus^ sive, Lacteis Venis Dissertatio. 

4» MedioL 1627. 

40 Bas. 1628. 

4<» Lugd. Bat. 1640. 

ASGILL (joHs) Several Assertions proved, in order to create an- 

otlier species of money than Gold and Silver. 8° [1696.] 
An Essaj on a Registry for Titles of Lands. 8® Lond. 


Some Reflections on Mr. Asgill^s Essay on a Registry 

for Titles of Lands. 8° Lond. 1698. 

— ^ Mr. Asgill de Jure Divino. 4** Lond. 1710. 

Mr. Asgiirs Defence upon his Expulsion from Ihe 

House of Commolis in 1707. 8° Lond. 1712. 

The Pretenders Declaration abstracLed from two anony- 

mous Pamphlets, with some Memoirs of two other ChevalierB 
Sc George in the reign of King Henry vii. 8** Lond. 1713. 
The Succession of the House of Hanover vindicated. 

against the Pretenders second Declaration in folio» intitled- 
'* The HerecUtary Right of the Crown of England asserted, &c. 
8» Lond. 1714. 

An Abstract of the public Funds granted and continued 

to the Crown since 1 Wm. & M. and still existing. 4*^ Lond, 

Tlie Metamorphosis of Man by the Death and Resur- 

rection of Ciirist from the dead. Part I. 8® Lond. 1727. 

Asgill up*jn Woolston ; being an Abstract of Mr. Wool- 

ston's six Discourses against the Miracles of Christ (be the same 
more or less) aud a Ridiciile thercof. 8^ Lond. 1730. 


A S H 

ASH {St, geo.iige) Bishop of Cioghcr. A Sennon preacbed io Ihe 
Protestants of Ireland now in London, Oct. 33. 1713. 8^ Lond» 

Two Sermons preached at Tunbridge WelU» 4® Lond. 



The Easiest Introduction to Dr. liOwth^s English Graxn* 

mar. 18* Lond. 1767. 

A new and complete Dictionary' of the Enghsh Lan- 

guage. 2 vol. 8® Lond. 1775. 

Sentiments on Education, collected from the best 

Writers. 8^ Lond. 1777. 

Grammatical Institutes or an Easy Introdaction to Dr. 

Lowth^s English Grammar. 18® Lond. 1780. 
l^ Lond. 1796. 

ASH (simeon) Good Courage discovered and encouraged : in a 
Sermon preached before the Commanders of the Military 
Forces of London, IVIay 17, 1643. 4<> Lond. 1642. 

' ■ A Support for Uie sinking Heart in times of Distresse, 

a Sermon.. 4* Lond, 1642. 

The Best Refuge for the most Oppressed ; in a Sermon 

preached to the hon. House of Commons at their solemne Fast 
March 30. 1642. 4« Lond. 1642. 

TheChurch sinking saved by Christ; a Sermon before 

the H. of Lords Feb. 26. 1644. being the day of the Monthly 
publike Fast. 4» Lond. 1645, 

Religious Covenanting directed ; and Covenant-keeping 

perswaded : a Sermon before the Lord Mayor &c. of London» 
Jan. 14. 1645. 4<^ Lond. 1646. 

God^s Incomparable Goodnesse unto Israel vnfolded and 

applyed in a Sermon before the House of Commons Apriil 28« 
1647. 4» Lond. 1647. 

Self Surrender unto God opened and applyed in a Ser- 

mon before the House of Commons, Feb. 23. 1647. 4^ Lond» 

A Heavenly Conference between Christ and Mary after 

his Resurrection. 12° Lond. 1654. 

A Sermon at the Funerall of Mr. William Spurstow, 

Mar. 10. [1654.] 4<» Lond. 1654. 

The Efficiency of Gods Grace in bringing Gain-saying 

Sinners to Christ, a Sermon preached at the Funerall of Mr. 
Robert Strange, with a Narrative of his Life. 4' Lond. 1654. 
Gray Hayres crowned with Grace a Sermon Aug. 1. 

1654. at the Funerall of Mr. Thomas Gataker. 4<» Lond. 1655. 
I Hie Good Mans Death lamented : a Sermon at the 

Funerall of Mr. Ralph Robinson. 4° Lond. 1655. 

Living Loves betwixt Christ and dying Christians ; a 

Sermon preached at Bermondsey June 6. 1654. at the Funeral 

.of Mr. Jer. Whitakcr, with a Narrative of his holy Life and 

death : together with Poems and Elegies on bis death, by divers 

Ministers of London. 4^ Lond. 1656. 


A S H 

ASH (simeon) The Faithful Christians Gain by ]>eath, opened« 

oonfymed, and improved, in a Seitnon at the Funeral bf Essex 

Countess of Manchester^ Oct. 12. 1658. 4° Lond. 1659. 
.ASH (siMON) A Continuation of true Intelli^ence from the Armies 

in the North, frora July 10 to 27. 1644. 4° Lond, 1644. 
■■ A Continuation of true InteUii^cnce from the English 

and Scottish forccs in the North for the service of Kinjs^ and- 

Pariiamenty and now belea^ring York, from the ei^hth of 

this instant June to the 17th ihereof : by Sim. Ashe and Wil- 

iiam Goode, preachers to tlie Earle of Manchester^s Armie. 4^ 

Lond. 1644. 
ASHBURN (aobison) The Family Director; or Housekeeper» 

Assistant. 8« Cavcntiy, 1807. 
ASHBURNHAM {CoL) The Tryalof Col. Ashburnham (prisoner 

in the Towcr of London) before his Highness the Lord Protec- 

tors Council at White-Hall. 4» Lond. 1654. 
ASHBUENHAM (jomn) A Letter writtea by John Ashbumham 

Esquire from Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight Novemb. 

96. 1647. to Wm. Lenlliali Esq. Speaker of the House of Com* 

mons. 4® Lond. 1647. 
ASHBURNHAM (william) Bishop of Chickexten Sermon before 

the Society for the propagation of the Gospel in foreig^ parts. 

4« Lond. 1760. 
ASHBURNHAM (william) Esqr, Eiegiac Sonnets^ and other 

POems. 4'* Lond. 1795. 
ASHBY {Sir john) v. hooke. 
ASHE (an)(b) The Case of Anne the Daughter of Dame Marj 

Ashe. fol. 
ASHE^j.) A short Account of the Life and Character of Mr. Wil- 

liam Bagshawe. l^ Lond. 1704. 
ASH£ (john) A Second Letter sent from John Ashe Esquire to 

the Hon. Wiiliam Lenthall Speaker of the House of Commons. 

4« Lond. 1643. 
■ An Answer to divers Scandals mentioned in a certain , 

Pamphlet entituled the humble Remonstrance of Sr. lohn Sta« 

welL fol. Lond. 1654. 
ASH£ (thomas) A Generall TaUe to all the severall Books of the 

Reports of Sir Edward Coke. 8^ Lond. 1653. 
ASHETON (william) v. watts. 
ASHLEY (antuony) v. waghenaar. 
ASHLEY (jAMEs) TheCaseandAppealof James AshleyofBread 

Street^ in London^ addressed to the PubUck in general, in rela- 

tion to the apprehending Henry Simona the Polish Jew. S^ 

Lond. 1753. 
ASHLEY (john) Memoirs and considerations conceming the 

Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in America. In 

two Parts. 8» Lond. 1740. 



ASHLET (robert) «7. barri. malvezzi. saluste. 

■ ■■ Almansor ihe kamed and victorious King that con- 

quered Spaine, his Life and Death. 4® Lond, 1627. 
ASHMOLE (elias) v. burma^. lilly. 
— — Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum. The first Part. 4* 

Lond. 1652. 

The Way to Bliss^ in three Books : made publick by 

Elias Ashmole £sqr. qui est Mercuriophilus Anglicus. 4® Lond. 
The Institution, I^ws, and Ceremonies of the most 

noble Order of the Garter. fol. Lond. 1672. 

Memoirs of his Life^ drawn up by himself by way of 

Diary, with an Appendix of Original Letters pubUshed by 
Charles Burman. 8*^ Lond. 1717. 

The Antiquities of Berkshii*e. 3 vols. 8* Lotid. 1719. 

ASHMORE (f.) V, voltaire. 

ASHTON {C(q)t.) A true Relation of a great Victory obtamed by 

Capt. Ashton and the Pariiaments forces, a|;ainst the £arl of 

Derby, at Whalley in Lancashire. 4P Lond. 1643. 
ASHTON {Col. Gen.) v. appleby. 
ASHTON (john) An Answer to the Paper delivered by Mr. Ash- 

ton^ at his Executioii, to Sir William Child, Sherifiof London^ 

together with the Paper itself. 4° Lond. 1690. 
ASHTON (john) The Whole Tryal and Examination and Con- 

demnation of John Ashton, a Farrier, for the barbarous murder 

of his Sweet-heart Sarah Thorpe. 8« Lond. 1705. 
vASHTON (thomas) A Sermon preached al Eton 9 Oct. 1746 

being the Day of Thanksgiving for the suppression of the late 

Rebellion. 4« Lofid. 1746. 
ASHURST (benjamin) v. bates. 
ASHURST (Lady diana) v. mayo. 
ASHURST (.SiV H.) Some Remarks upon thc Life of Mr. Natha- 

nael Heywood. 8® Lond, 1695. 
ASHURST (william) Reasons against Agreement with a late 

printed Paper entiUed " Foundations of Freedome." 4* Lond. 

ASHWELL (george) Fides Apostolica, or a Discour«e asserting 

the received Authors & Authority of the Apostles Creed. 8** 

Osf. 1658. 

■ De Socino et Socinianismo Dissertatio. 8® Oxon, 1680. 
ASHWELL (samuel) A New Aknanacke for the yeare 1643. 12* 

ASHWOOD (john) v. revnolds. 

■ A Minister's Legacy to fatherless Children ; in two Dis- 
courses preach'd by the Rev. Mr. John Ashwood. 8® Lond. 

ASHWORTH (caleb) dd. t^. palmer. 

— — Funeral Sermon on occasion of the death of the rev. 
Isaac Watts, dd. 8^ Lond. 1749. 


A S P 

ASHWORTH (calbb) di>. A Sermon occasioned by the death of 

tbe rev. James Floyd. 8" Lond. 1759. 

» A Sennon on occasion of the de^th of th^ rev. Samu^ 

Clarke. 8« Land. 1770. 
ASHWORTH (PRAN.) V. graficny. 
ASHWORTH (john) p. forster. 
ASIA. Anise Nova Descriptio in qua prster Provinciarum situB, 

et Popidorum Mores, mira deteguntur^ et hactenus inedita. fol. 

Ltti. Par. 1656. "^ 

-^— — Debates in the Asiatic Assembly. €9.Lond. 1767. 

, ■ Memoirs of Ihe late War in Asia. 2 vol. 8^ Lond. 1788. 

■ Asiatic Researchcs : or, Transactions of the Society in- 

ititttted in Bengal, for inquiring into the Histofy and Antiqiii- 

ties, the Arts^ Sciences^ and Literature of Asia. 11 vol. 4* Val^ 

atUa, 1788-1810. 

Memoirs of tbe War in Asia from 1780 to 1784: by 

ao Oificer of Coloncl Baillies detachment. 8^ Lond. 1789. 

The Asiatic Annual Register froni 1/99 to 1809. 11 vol. 

Lond, 1801-11. 
ASK (joyAs Et.) Dissertatio Gradualis de Vrbe Vma. 4^ Upsal. 

ASKEW (anne) r. bale. 
ASfiJBW (anton.) o. catalogus. 
ASLACHUS (cunradus) De Natura Coeli triplicis Libelli trea. 8* 

Sigfsn(B Nasfiov. 1597. 

' Pbysica et Cthica Mosaica, ut antiquissima, ita vere 

Chhstiana, duobus Libris comprehensa. 8° Hanov. [1613.] 
ASMANN (daniel) Disp. Med. de seminis virilis generatione & 

▼iuis. 4« Tr. ad. Rfi. 1696. 
ASP (pETBUs j.) ludex Cogitationum de Appetitu sensitivo. 8* 

Hoim. [1688.] 
ASPASIA, or the Dangers of Vanity : a French Story. 2 voL 12* 

Lond. 1791. 


ASP£R£N (wiLH. MATTH. ab) Dc Morbis Classiariorum & Navi* 

gantium. 4» Witi. [1715.] 
ASP£RN (abr. ab) Disp. e Jul. Scalig. £zercit vi, Sect. 5. de 

Generatione. 4<» IVuieb. 1646. 
ASPIN WALL (edward) A Preseryative against Popery. 8** Lond. 

ASPINWALL (william) of New England. A Brief description 

of the fifth Monarchy, or Kingdome that shortly is to come 

ioto the World. 4» Lond. 1653. 
■ An £xplication & Application of the seventh Chapter 

of Daniel with a Correction of the Translation^ wherein is briefly 

shewed the state and downfall of the four Monarch|es. 4^ Lond, 


Tlie Work of the Age : or the sealed propheqies of 

Daniel opened and applied. 4^ Lond. 1655. 

— • A Premonition of sundry sad Calamitie^ yet to come. 

Grounded upon an explication of the tv^enty fourth chapter of 
L^ah. 4» Lond. 1655. 

Voi. I. F f ASP\SX 

A S S 

ASPLEY (jobn) Speculam Nauticum. A Looking Glasse for Sea- 

men. 4« Lond. 1647. 
ASPLIN (samuel) The Divine Rigbts and Duties of the Christian 

Priesthood, delivered in a Sermon at Morden CoUege. 8" Lond. 

1711. ^ 
A Sennon preached at Woolwich May 29th. 1715. 8* 

Lond. 1715. 
ASPLIN (william) Alkibla, a Disquisition upon worshipping 

toward* ihe East. 8" Lond. 1728. 

8« Lond. 1740. 

ASPMAN (joh. d.) Disfiertatio Politica de Virtutig fama tuenda 

8ub malo Principe. 4® Upsal. [1735.] 
ASPMAN (olaus) Dissert. Academica de Luxu Pertarum. 8* 

Hobn. [1698.] 

ASSARINO (luca) Stratonica. 8« Gtnev. 1647. 

^— Angl. [by John Burbery.] 4* Ijond. 1651. 

I. Le Rivolutioni di Catalogna : diuise in quattro Libri. 

40 j^/ 1(543. 

, 1 Vita di S. Antonio di Padova. 12° Ven. 1652. 

Rngvagli del Regno di Cipro. 12^ Vcn. 1654. 

ASSCHE (jusT. van) Disp. Medica Inaug. de Febre in gcnere. 

4« Franek. 1631. 
ASSEMANUS (jos. simon) Bibliotheca Orientalis Clementino- 

Vaticana. 3 tom. fol. Rom. I7l9-l72a 
ASSEMANUS (simon) Globus Caeiestis Cufico-Arabicus Vdi- 

terni Musei Borgiani. 4" Paiav. 1790. 
ASSEMANUS (stbpranus evodius) BibliotheGse Medice» Lau- 

reniiana& et Palatin», Codicum MMS. Orientalium Catalogus: 

Antonio Francisco Gorio curante. fol. Fior^ 1742. 
ASSEMBLE'E Nationale. Extrait du Proceii.Verbal de rAssem. 

blee Nationale. 8<» Par. 1789. 
■ Lettre des Ministres nomm^ par le Roi 4 M. le Cha- 

pelier, Presid. de rAssemblee Nationale. 8^ Par. 1789. 

Rapport du Comite de Constitution, sur rOrganisation 

du Pouvoir Judiciaire, presente a TAssemblee Nationde par M. 
Bergashe. 8» Par. 1789. 

Rapport du Comite charge de proposer a TAssemblee 

Nationale un Projet de Declaration sur quelques changemens 
provisoires dans TOrdonnance criminelle. 8® 1789. 

Reglement a TUsage de rAssemblee Nationale. 8* 

Precis de la Seunce de rAssemblee Nationale du 7 

Juillet 1789. 8« 

Addresse au Roi, lue par M. 1e Comte de Mirabeau, et 

adoptee par l^Assemblee Nationale dans la Seance du 9 Juillet. 
8» 1789. 

Recit de ce qui s^est pass^ a la Seance tenue par le Roi, 

le 15Juillet 1789. 8« 

■ ■■ Arr^t^ de l'AsscmbI^ Nationale du 4 au 5 Aout. S* 

Seance du 5 Ao6t 1789. 8<> Par. 1789. 


"• Precis des Seances des 5 & 6 Aoftt 1789. 8» Par. 1 789. 


A S S 

ASSEMBL£'£ NatianaU. Projet d'Arrgte qui sera discuie danf 
rAssembl^e N^tionale, deraain 6 Ao^t 1789. 8<^ Par. 1789. 

' D^cret pour le Retablissenaent de la Tranquillite pub* 
lique. 8» Par. [1789.] 

-^-^ Discours de M. le President au Roi du 13 Aout, 

1789. 8^ 

1- Precis de la Seance de 1' Asscmblee du 20 AoAt 1789. 8* 


Seance de 1' Assemblee du 21 Aout 1789. 8« 

— ^ Suite de la Seance du 22 Aodt 1789 et Seance du 23. 8" 

Precis de la Seance du 26 Ao{it 1789. 8» 

■ ■ 1 Precis de la Seance de 1'Assemblee du 27 Aout 1789. 8* 
Precis de la Seance du 28 Aotlt. 1789. 8« 

ASS£MBL£'£S Provinciaies. Essai sur 1a Constitution & les 
Fouctions des Assemblees Provinciales. 2 tom. 8® 1788, 

ASS£MBLY. By the Kino:« a Proclamation for preventin^ riotous 
and tumuUuous Assemblies. 28 Dec^ 1641. fol. Lond. 1641. 

A Solemne and seasonable Warninor to aU Estates smd 
of Persons tbroughout the Land, for holding fast the. 

League & Covenant with £n£>land : by the Commissioners of 

the Generall Assemblie. 4^ Edinh. 1647. 

Fifty Questions propounded to the Assembly ; whethcr 

corporal punishments may be inflicted upon such as hold dif« 

ferent opinions in Religion : by S. R. 4^ Lond, 1647. 
ASS£MBLY o/ Divines. v. divines. 
ASSEND£LFr (al». van) A Sermon on the death of King Wil- 

Uam III. Dutch. 4<) Alkmaer. 1702. 
ASS£ND£LFT (gulielm. ab) Parsenesis ad Laborem^ dicta Ju- 

ventuti a Guiljelmo ab Assendelfl Nicolai f. 4" Delph. 1676. 
ASSEND£LFr (sim.) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Febre quadam £pi- 
• demia. 4° Liig. Bat. 1668. 
ASS£R (johannes) Menevensis. v. anglia. 
'■ Annales Rerum gestarum ^fredi magni, auctore Aa» 

serio Menevensi. Recensuit Franciscus Wise. M.A. 8° Oxon. 

ASS£SSM£NT. An Ordinance and Declaration of the Lords & 

Commons for the assessing ail such as have not contributed upoa 

the Propositions of both Houses. 4^ Lond. 1642. 
— — — An Ordinance of the Lords & Commons for the relieving 

of all Persons over-rated by the Ordinance for Weekly Assess- 

ments. 4^ Lond. 1642^ 

A Declaration and Votes of the Lords and Commons 

in Parliament conceming some Scruple in their late Ordinance 
for the assessing of Persons according to their abilities, and for 
the further enabling of the Lord Maior to put the same in exe- 
cution. 4<^ Lond. 1642. 

Two Ordinances of the Lords and Commons : One 

tliat the Committee at Haberdashers Hall siiall have power to 
call before them and appoynt Assedsors : the other ordaining 
additionall Committecs in scverall Cgunties to the Ordinance 
£br sequestring Delinquents £states. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

5 Asssasmm. 

A S S 

ASSESSMENT. An Ordinancc with thc Names of thc Knightf 
and Gentlemen entrusted in eveiy County to bring up a speedj 
account of tbe Weekly Assessement^ &c. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

.— Foure Ordinances of tbe Lords and Commons concem- 

ing tbe Weekly Assessment, publi:»bed for tbe better satisfke- 
tion of all people wbom it may concem. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

■I I An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the Ex- 

planation of tbe Wcekely Assessement. 4° Lond, 1643. 

An Ordinance for bring^n<;^ in the Arrears of the 

Monetbly Assessment formerly cbar^ed upon tbe Cities of 
London and Westminster &c. 4^ Lona. 1644. 

■ ' An Ordinance of tbe Lords and Commons for raisinp 
of fourscorc tbousand Pounds l^ a Weekly Asscssment tbrougb 
tbc Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, for thc pre- 
sent relief of tbe British Army in Ireland. 4* Lond. 1644. 
■■ An Ordinance of tbe Lords & Commons for Continu- 

ance of thc Asscssements in the County of Nortbampton. 4* 
Lom;. 1645. 

An Ordinatice for the continuancc of the Monctbly As- 

Bcssmcnt for thc maintenancc of the Scottish Army. Aug. 15. 
1645. fol. Lond. 1645. 
— — — An Ordinancc of tbc Lords & Commons for thc fur- 

ther Continuancc of Assessments for four Moncths longcr, for 
Sir Tbomas Fairfax^s Army. 4« Lond. 1646. 

An Ordinancc for tbc rcUeving of all persons otct rated 

by thc Ordinancc for Weckly Asscssments. 4* Lond. 1647. 

An Ordinancc for bringing in thc Arrears of tbe As- 

sessemcnts for Sir Tho. Fairfax his Army. 4* Lojid, 1647. 

An Ordinancc of ,the Lords & Commoij^ autborizing 

tbe Committee and Treasurers at Wars for the better kavying 
tbe 60^000 li. per mensem« assessed or to be assessed by vertue 
of severall Ordinances of Parliament. 4** Lond. 1648. 
■ ■■■ An Ordinance for tbe Continuance of tbe Assessement 

of 60,000/. per mensem for six moneths longer for thc main- 
tenance of tbe Army under tbe commaud of the Lord GencraU. 
4» Lond. 1648. 

An Order and Declaraiion conccming tbc ArrearB of 

former Assessments 17. May. 1660. fol. Lond, 1660. 

A Proclamation for speeding the Payment of tbe Ar- 

rears of seventy tbousand pounds, for tbree Monetbs Assess- 
ments due & payablc tbc first of August last past. fol. Lond. 

Tbe Great Inequality of 'charging publick Asscsfiments 

by Taxes upon Land. fo). 
ASSHETON (witLiAM) r. watts. 

' Toleration disapprov'd and condemnM. 4® Oxf. 1670. 

— — A Discourse against Blasphemy ; being a Confcrencc 

with M. S. 2^^ Lond. 1694. 
■■ A Vindication of tbe Immortality of thc Soul and a fu- 

turc State, S* Lond. 1703. 


A S S 

^ASSHETON (william) A fuU Account of the rise, progreioi, Bc 
■dTantages of his Proposal (as now iroprov'd and manag'd by 
the Conipany of Mercer^s) for the Bcnefit of Widows of Cler- 
gymeo and others. 12" Lond, 1710. 

• 12*> Lond. 1712. 

ASSIENTO. The Assiento Contract considerM, as also the Ad- 
Tmtages and Decay of the Trade of Jamaica and the Plaiita-' 
tions, with the Causes and Conscquences thereof, in several 
Letters to a Member of Parliament. 8^ Lond. 1714. 

■ The Assiento, or Contract for allowing the Subjccts of 

Great Bdtain the Liberty of importing Negroes into Spanish 
4» Land. 1726. 
Convention for explaining the Articles of the Assiento 

orContract for Negroes: concluded at Madrid the ^|th of 
May. 1716. 4'' 

Some Obeervations on the Assiento Trade^ as ithas been 

oercised by the South-Sea Coinpany^ proving the Damag^e 
which will accrue thereby to the British Commcrce and Plant- 
ations in Amejrica, and particularly to Jamaica, to which is an- 
nexed a Sketch of the Advantages of that Island to Great Bri- 
tain. S* Lond. 1728. 

ASSIGNIES (jAcoBus d') Oratio x.de Musis, ultcrius inquiren9, 
car Sexus sint feminini. 4^ Harlem. 1671. 

ASSIGNY (MARius d') Of the Curiosities of Rome and of ihc 
most remarkable Hicroglyphicks of .^gypt. 8^ Lond. 1671. 

' Rhetorica Anglorum, vel Exercitationes OratoriK iu 

Rhetoricam sacram et communem. 8<^ Lond. 1699. 
The Art of Memory. 13° lynid. 1706. 

ASSISIUS (franciscus) v. phileleuthervs Hdvetius. 

ASSIZE. A Brief Declaration for what maniier of speciall Nu- 
sance concerning Dwelling Houses a man may have his remedy 
by Assise or other Action as the Case requires. 4P Lond. 1639. 

ASSIZE qf Bread. v. bread. 

ASSIZES. The Desire and Advice of the Lords & Comipons iit 
P^iament to his Majesty that the next Assize and Generatt 
Gaol Dehvery mav not be holden, &c. with his Majesties gra- 
ciouf Answer thereunto Feb. 21. 1642. 4P Oxf. 1642. 

— A Declaration of the Lords and Commons for putting 
off the Assises 10 July. 1643. fol. Lond. 1643. 

Order of Council Feb. 13. 1655. for lessening the Ex- 

pencesof tlie Sheriffat Assizes. fol. Lond. 1655. 

Order of Parliament resi>ecting the Circuits for holding 

of Aasize, and Tryals of Nisi Prius. Feb. 25. 1659. fol. Lond. 

Tbe Clerk of Assize, Judges-Marshall, and Cryer : by 

T. W. to which is added an ancient Brief Tract of the Com- 
mon Lawes of England, written in Latine. 12^ Lond. 1660. 

By the King, a Proclamation concerning the timen of 

holding this Summer Assizes, 23 July. 1660. fd. Lond. 1660. 
Proclamation for fixing the Assizes, 19 July. 1690. fo). 

X^ni. 1690. 

A S S 

ASSMANN (TALEffT. JACOBus) Dissert. Philosophica de Obliga- 
tione morali. 4^ Jen. 1723. 

ASSMANNUS (frid. sigish.) Disp. Soienois de Constipatjone 
Alvi. 4^ ArgaU 1664. 

ASSOCIATIO Ciceroniana, sive Cobortatio ad rempublicain tu- 
enddm. 8^ Oion. 1745. 

ASSOCIATION. A Breviate of the New AUotment of Quarter» 
in the Assotiation. Yorkeshire. 4® 1647. 

* Two Ordinances of the Lords & Commons; one that- 

the several persons of the Committees of the Northerne Asso- 
ciation shali subscribe to the Articles herein mentioned ; the 
other for enablingr of the Commissioners of the Great Seale to 
tender an Oath to all siich Persons as shall come into the Pro- 
tection of the Pariiament. 4* Lond, 1645. 

The Remonstrance of the Noblemen, Knights, Gentle* 

men, &c. of the late Eastem, Southern, and Western Aasocia- 
tions. fol. Lond. 1659. 

Prsemonitus prasmunitus. Or a wholesome Admoni- 

tion to the loyall Associales of Kent, Surrey, Essex, &c. 4^ 
Lond. 1648. 

The Knot unty^d, or the ^Association disbandcd. 4* 

Lond. 1682. 

— ^ A Report of the Proceedings of the Committee of Asso« 

ciation appointed at the adjomned General Meeting of the 
County of York held 28 March 1780 : with aq Appendix cou* 
taining the Circular Letter of Nov. 1. 1782. f^ York, 178S. 

A Second Report of the Proceedings of the Coramittee 

of Association presented to the General Meeting of the County 

of York held 1 Jan. 1784. 8*» York, 1784. \ 

ASSONLEVILLA (ghlielmus ab) Atheomastix, sive adversua 

Religionis Hostes universos (politicos maxime) Dissertatio. 8^ 

j4nt. ajmd Piant. 1598. 
ASSOUCl (D^) L'Ovide en belle Humeur, de M. de Assouci. 12* 

Par. 1660. 
ASSUERI (JOAN.) Theriaca senioris Andromachi Oratio. 4® Rost. 



ASSUMPfAM (JosEPH de) Sei-mam de Beato Cajetano. 4« [ 1652.] 

^ Sermam pregou na solemnidade que os Clerigos regu- 

larea da divina Providentia fixeram i noua funda^ara da sua 
Ordera em LislK>a dta de S. Miguel Padroeiro das suas missoens 
anno de 1653. 4^ 

ASSURANC£. Advertisement from the new Assurance-Oihce 
upon the Lives of Men, Women, and Children now estabiishM 
at the Bell and Dr^on, in Portugai Street at LincolnVlnn 
Back Gate. 4<» 

■ An Answer to an Objection mentionM in a Letter from 

a Memi)er of the Society for a perpetuai Assurance, agaiost the 
Sodety of Assurance for Widows and Orphans. 4® 1706. 


A S T 

ASSURANCE. Artides of the Universal Institution for Assn- 

rance on Lives. 4® Lond. 
' TTie Charter of the Corporation of thc Amicable Socie- 

ty for a perpetual Assurance-Office. 8* Lond. 1710. 

A Table of the Durations of Lives in the Corporation 

of the Amicable Society for a perpetual Assurance Office. f6L 
Lond. 177a 

A Short Account of the Society for Equitable Assik 

rances on Lives and Survivorships. H^ Lond, 1775« 

8" Lond. 1782. 

■ S^ Lond. 1791. 

8« Lond. 1797. 

AST (joh. chr.) Dissert. Med. de Corporum dispositione ad mor- , 

bos. 4« Hai. Mug. 1715, 
AST£L. Some Reflections upon Marriaffe, occasion'd by the 

Duke and Dutchess of Mazarine^s Case, wnich is also consider^d. 

8* Lond. 1700. 
ASTELL (ja.) Liquor Alcahcst, oc a Discourse of that immortal 

Diffiolvent of Pftracclsus & Helmont. 8^ Lond. 1675. 
AST£LL (william) A true and exact Particular and Inven- 

tory of the Lands, TenemenU, &c. of Wilham Astell £sq. 

krte one of the Directors of the South-Sea Company. fol. Lond. 

AST£R (samuel) £xercitatio de primo Avium Ortu. 4P Witteh. 

AST£RIUS (S.) Episc. Amasea. Homiliae, Gr. Lat. Ph. Rubcnio 

interpr. 4^ Ant. Plani. 1615. 
AST£RIUS (jusTus) Deploratio Pacis Germanicse, sive Disser- 

tatio de Pace Pragensi. 4* Par. 1636. 

fol. Lut. Par. 1636. 

£xamen Comitiorum Ratisbonensium sive Disquisitio 

politica de nupera Electione novissimi Regis Romanorum. fol. 

Ha$wv. 1637. 
ASTESANUS (Fr.) Ord. fratrum Minorum. Summa Confes- 

sionis. fol. Ven. 1480. 

« Summa Astensis. fol. Lus^d. 1519. 

ASTL£ (thomas) The Origin and Progress of Writing. 4* Lond. 


4« Lond. 1803; _ 

— : On the Radical Letters of the Pelasgians and their De- 

rivatives. 4* Lond. 1785. 
ASTL£Y (philip) Natural Magic : or Physical Amusements re- 

vealed. 8^ Lond. 1785. 
'■ A Description and Historical Account of the Places now 

the Theatre of War in the Low Countries. S9 Lond. 1794. 
ASTOLFI (gio. felice) v. diocenes Laertius. 

• Della Officina Historica, Libri iii. 4** Ven. 1605. 

ASTON {Sir thomas) A Rcmonstrance against Presbitery. 4* 

Lond. 1641 . 


A S T 

ASTON {Sir thomas) An Humble Remomtrance to the Bt« 

Hon. the Lords in the High Court of PariiamenL 4^ Lond. 

ASTON (tuomas) A Sermon preached at Westminster Abbey 

March 25. 1691. 2 Tim. iv. 3. 4« Land. 1601. 
ASTORIUS (JOH. ANTONius) Epistola de Deo Brotonte. foL Ven, 

• Commentariolum' in antiquum Alcmanis Poetae Laconif 

Monumentum^ allatum b Graecia. 
. Dissert. de Diis Cabiris. 8» Ven. 1703. 

ASTRAMPSYCHUS, Medicus, v. artemidorus. 

ONEIPOKPITIKA. Gr. & Lat. castigati et Latinis scna- 

riisexpressi a Fed. Morello..8® Lut. 1599. 
ASTROLOGIA. Astrologica, Gr. Lat. ed. pcr Joach. Camera- 

rium.'* 4« Norimb. 1532. 
*■ Artis divinatricis, qnam Astrologiam seu iudiciarium 

vocant, encomia & patrocinia. 4® Par. apud Wechel. 1549. 

-ta- Astrologia Tbeologizata. 8® Franc. 1617. 

Astrologia Aphoristica, Ptolomeei, Hermetis, Ludovid 

de Kegiis, Almansorb, Hieronymi Cardani, et Autoris innomi* 

nati. 12« Vlm. 1641. 

m. The Astrologers Buggbeare, by L. P. 12® Lond. 1652. 

•— fc ^in? Charls his Starre, or Astrologie defined and de- 

fended by Scriplure &c. with the Signification of the Comet 

licen Decenib. 1652. as it hath relation to his Majesty, Charles 

King of Scotland. 8<> 1654. 

A Table of the 12 Astrologicall Houses of Heaven, for 

the Latitude of 51 Dt*g. 34 Min. carefully composed in a Book 
of Figures ready set for every 4 Minutes of Time. By V. B. 
12» Lond. 1654. 

A Tutor to Astrologie : or Astrology made easie. Bj 

W. E. 120 j^nd. 1657. 

Astrological Institutions : being a pcrfect Isagoge to 

the whole Astrsd Sciencc, By a Student. 8^ Lond. 1658. 

Stvcral Cascs of Coni^cie;ncc conceming Astrologie and 

Seckers unto Astrolojifrrs answcred. 8® Lond. 1659. 

The Fcigntd Astrolojjer. 4° 1668. 

Tlie Cliaracter of a Quack-Astrologer: or thespuriou» 

Prognosticator anatomiz*d. 4** Lond. 1673. 

llie Knaveiy of Astrology discover'd, in Observations 

on every Month of ihe Ycar 1680. 4«? Lond. 1680. 

Breve Iiiformutione f^er i curiosi del 1'Astrologin, di 

soCTffctto Anmtrc de Virtnosi. 12** Ftn. 1686. 

Mt ne Tfckel : being an Astrological Judgement on thc 

great and wonderful Ycar 1688. 8^ Lond. 

Sidrophel Vapulans : or the Quack Astrologer taVd in 

a Blanket : by the autbor of Medicaster Medicatus. 4® Lond. 

Miroir d^Astrologie Naturellc. 8^ 


A S T 

ASTRONOMI VeUreSf partim Graci, pariim Laiini. sc. Julii 
Firniici Astronomicorum Libri octo. (ex emend. Pescennii Fran- 
ciflci Nigp*i.) Marci Manilii A/«tronomicorum Libri quinque. 
Arati Phasnomena^ Germanico Caesare interpr. cum commen- 
tariiset imaginibus. Arati ejusdem Phsenomenon Fra^mentum, 
Marco T. C. interprete. Arati ejusdem Phsnomena iiuSb Festo 
Auienio paraphraste. Arati Phsenomena, Gr, Theonis Com- 
mentaria copiosissima in Arati Phaenomena, Gr. Procli Dia- 
dochi Sphaera, Gi\ Procli ejusdem Sphsera, Thoma Linacro 
Britaiino interprete. [edit. princeps.] fol. Veii,ap. Ald, 1499. 

— — — A$tronomica veterum Scripta Isagogica Graeca & I«atina» 
8^ in Of. Sanctandreana. 1589. 

ASTRONOMIA. AnnuH Ahtronomici» Instrumenti cum ccitis- 
simi, tnm commodissimi Usas ex variis Autoribus^ Pet. Beau- 
sardo, Gemma Frisio, lo. Dryandro, Boneto Hebrseo, Burchardo 
Mythobio, Orontio Fina;o, una cum Meteoroscopio per loan. 
Regiomontanum, & Annulo ngn vaiversali M. T. authore. 8^ 
Lut. 1357. 

■ Abrege de TAstronomie inferievre : avec un Essay de 

FAstronomie naturelle Par J. D. B. 4*^ Par. 1644. 

Astronomia CrystalHna, or a Ncw and Clear Way to 

know and perceive all the Motions of the lieaveni;, and also the 
Motion of the Earth plainly, as through a Cry^tal Glass : by 
J. H. 8» Lond. 1676. 

Recueil d'Ubservations faites en plusieurs Voyages par 

ocdre de sa Majeste pour perfectiooner l'Astronomie et la Geo- 
. grapbie. Avec divers Traitez Astronomiques. fol. Par. 1693. 
• A Discourse of the Antiquity, Progpcss, and Augmen- 

tatioD of Astronomie. 4P 

Tables Astronomiques publiies par le Bureau des Lon- 

gitu des de France. Premiere Fartie. 4<* Par. 1806. 

ASTROP. A brief Account of the Virtues of the famous Well of 
Astrop not far from Oxford. 4<^ Lond. 1668. 

ASTROPHILUS Tymaviensis. Speculum Physiognomicum in 
quo ex Notis et Signis extemis Humani Corporis exhil)etur 
quid probabiUt^r Ailectuum vel Defectuum, Geniorum vel In- 
geoiorum, Propensionum vel Aversionum, Longitudinis vel Bre- 
vitatis Vitse, in quibuslibet hominibus intom^ lateat ? 129 Tjfr- 
im. [1662.] 

ASTROS (j. G. d') Lov Trimfe de la Lengovo Gascovo. 12^ 

ASTRUC (jean) Tractatus de Motus fermentativi Causa novam 
et mechanicam Hypothesim continens. 8^ Monsp. 1702. 

■ Traite de la Cause de la Digestion. 8® Touiouse. 1714. 
■' De Morbis Venereis Libri sex. 4® Par. 1736. 

■ Libri novem. 2 tom. 4* Par, 

A Treatise on the Fistula of the Anus, [translated by 

W.Banrowby.] 8« Lond.l73S. 

TracUtus Therapeuticus. S^ Genev. 1743. 


A T H 

ASTRUC (jean) Memoires pour 1'Hibloire Naturelle de la Pro- 
vince de Langucdoc. 4® Par. 1737. 

. Letttesur un Ecrit intitule " Second Memoire pour ks 

' Clnrurgiens." 4<^ Par. 

Reponse d'un Chinirorien de S. Cosme a la premiere 

Lettre de M. Astruc, au sujet du Memoire des Cbirurgiens, 6ur 
les MaladiesVeneriennes. 4* Par. 

Seconde Lettre de M. Astruc, sur un Ecrit intitule Se- 

cond M^moire pour les Chirurgiens. 4^ Par. 

Cinquieme Lettre de M. Astruc, a M. Delaire, sur 

rExtraitquerAuteurdesObservations sur ies Ecrits modemet 
a fait de sa iv. Lettre. 4** Par. 
ASTRY (thomas) A True Helation of a young Man aboutseven- 
teen Years of age, who was struck dumb for the space of 
twenty-four Hours, because he would not beUeve what was 
said unto him. 4® Land. 167 L 


■ A Funeral Scrmon occasioned by the death of Mrs- 

Eliz. Fleetwood. 8*» Lond. 1728. 
ASULANUS (fbanciscls) r. claudianus. xenophon. 
ASZALOS (hichael) Calathus Strenarura Hortensium symboli* 

carum & poeticarum. 4® Marp. [1618.] 
ATAIDE (luis d') r. pereira. 
ATALANTI8 Major. 8» 1711. 
ATANAGI (dionigi) Lettere facete e piacevoli, di diversi homini 

grandi & begli ingegni. Libro primo. 8® Ven. 1561. 
— 2 tom. 8° Ven. 1601. 

Rime di diversi nobili Poeti Toscani. 8** Ven. 1565. 

ATAXIiE Obstaculum ; an Answer to certain Queries dispersed 

in i^ome parts of Glocestershire. 8" Lond. 1677. 
ATAYDE (estevan de) v. duran. 
ATENE (gualtieri Duca d') v. razzi. 
ATFIELD (amb ) v. pearson. 
ATHANASIUS \S) Archiep. Alexandrinus, v. hermant. psalmi. 


■■ Opera studiosius qudm antea fuerint, a situ vindicata: 

Lat. his interpretibus Christoph. Porsena, Ambrosio Monacho, 
Angtlo Politianu, loaiine Capiiione. Accessit praeterea operi, 
Erai^mi Rotcrodami Paraclesis, ipsiusque Athanasii vita. fol. 
Argent. 1 ^^. 

Opera omnia quee hactenus apud Latinorum Officinas 

rcperiri potnerunt. fol. Colon. 1548. 

Omnia quaB extant Opera. [per loan. Articum Albulei 

Cenomanum.] fol. Par. 1572. 

[a Petro Nannio]. fol. Par. 1608. 

Operum S. P. N. Athanasii Tomus ii. continens ea, 

quic a diversis Ihterpretibus ex Grffico in Latinum sermonem 
conversa sunt; inter quse non pauca, quae tam Gr. quam La^ 
tine nunc primum cduntur : adjectis etiam iis quse 6V. haberi 
Don potuerunt. fol.cx Off. CommeL 1600. 


A T H 

ATHANASIUS {S.) Vita S. Antonii EremitsB a D. Athanasio, Or. 
scripta, e Codice Boiconunc primiim edita cum Davijjis Hoes- 
chelii Augiistani interpretatione ac notis. 4** -^w^- yind. 

The- Historv of the Lifc and Actions of Sr. Athanasius, 

togethcr m ith thc Ri-ic, Growth, and Downfall of the Arian 
Heresic : coUected from Primitive Writers. by N. B. P. C. Ca- 
ikolick. 8« Lond. 1664. 

An His»torical Enquiry after the Author of the Creed 

commonly called Athanasian : by Elutherus Byzantinus. 8® 
Lcmd. 1740. 

Remarks on the Athanasian Creed, on a Sermon 

preached at the Parish Church of Deal, Oct. 15, 1752. in a 
Letter to the rev. Mr. Randolph, by a Lady. 8° Lond. 

The Athanasian Cree-d re-examined upon Principles of 

sober Reason and Scripture, and upon a new Plan of Enquiry. 

»> Lond. 1754. 
ATHEISM. LesTrois Veritez contre les Athecs, Idolatres, Ivifs, 

Mahumetans, Herctiqucs, & Schismatiques. Le tout traicte cn 

trois liures. 8» Bourd. 1593. 
— — A Dispute between an AtKeist & aChri^tian : the Atheist 

being a Flemming, the Christian an Englishman. l^ Lond. 


A Perfect Cure for Atheists, Papists, Arminians, and all 

other Rebels and Tray tors, both against Ctiurch and State. fol. 

Lond. 1648. 

The Unreasonablenesse of Atheism made manifest. &* 

Lpnd. 1669. 

The Anatomy of Atheisme : aPoem. 4® Lond. 1694. 

The Atheist siienced, or the Existence of a Deity and 

his Creation and Government of the World demonstratcd from 
Reason and the Light of Nature only. by J. M. 8* Lond. 

Traitte de Religion contreles Athees, lesDeistes, & les 

nouvcaux Pyrrhoniens. 8° Par. 1677. 

.80 Par. 1698. 

Tbe Atheist iJnmasked. 4° Lond. 1685. 

■ Observations upon a Sermon intituled " A Confutatioa. 

of Atheism from the Eaculties of the Soii), alids, Matter and 
Motion cannot think : preached April 4, 1692, by way of Re- 
futation. 4® 


— — Deipnosophistarum Libri xv. Gr. [edit. princeps.] foL 
Ven.ap.Ald. 1514. 

fol. Bus. 1535. 

— — — — Gr. Lat, ex recens. Is. Casauboni. Addita ^st 
& lacobi Dalechampii Latina Interpretatio^ cum notis margina- 
libus. fol. Heidclb. 1598. 

fol. Lttgd. 1657. 



ATHEN-ffiUS, Deipnosophistarum Libri xv. Gr, accedunt Ville- 
hninii Interpretatio Galhca et notee, itemque Isaaci Casauboni 
animadv. integrae. Curavit Godofr. Henr. Scbafer. 3 tom. ^ 
Lips. 1796. 

■ Lat. Natale de Comitibus Veneto nunc 

primum k Grsca in Latinam hnguam vertente. 8® Bcu. [1556.] 

ATHENAGORAS, v. humphreys. 

Apolojjia pro Christianis, ad Imperatores Antonininn et 

Commodum. Ljusdem de Resurrectione Mortuorum, Gr.Lat. 8* 
exOf.ILSteph. 1557. 

cum notis var. curante L. A. Rechen- 

bergio. 8® Lips. 1685. 

cura et studio Edv. Dechair. 8^ Oxcwi. 


Angl. by D. Huraphreys, with a Fragment of 

Justin Martyr, and two other Fragraents, the one of Josephus, 
the other of Methodius, coucerning the State of the Dead. S^ 

Apologia pro Christianis. SufTrido Petro Leovardiensi 

interpr. cum castigat. 8" 

Du vray & parfaict Amour, trad. du Grec par M. Fiunee. 

12» Par. 1599. 

ATHENIAN. The New Athenian a Comedy. 4» Lond. 1693. 
A Description of the Academy of the Atheniah Vir- 

tuosi : with a Discourse held there in vindication of Mr. Dry- 

den's Conqucst of Granada, against the Author of the Censure 

of the Rota. 4« Lond, 1673. 

The Athenian Oracle, heing an entire Collection of all 

the valuable Questions and Answers in the old Athcnian Mer- 
curies. 3 vol. 8® Lond. 1704. 

Athenian Sport, or two thousand Paradoxes merrily 

argued to amuse and divert the Age. 8» Lond. 1707. 

Athenian Letters: or the Epistolary Correspondence of 

an Agent of the King of Persia, residing at Athens during the 
Peloponnesian War. 4° Lond. 1781. 
2 vol. 4» Lond. 1798. 

The History of the Athenian Society, for the resolving 

all nice and curious Questions. fol. 
ATHENS. The Quarrel of the Schoolboys at Athens, as lately 

acted at a^hool near Westminster. 8^ Lond. 1717. 
A^THKRTON (john) Biskop of Watcrford. v. bernard. 
■ The Life and death of John Atherton Lord Bp. of Wa- 

terford and Lvsimore. 4** Lond. 1641. 

Bishop Athertons Case discuss'd, in a Letter to the Au- 

thor of " Tlie Case of John Atherton Bp. of Waterford in Ire- 

landfairly represented." 8^ Lond. 1711. 
ATHIAS (r. ishac) Tesoro de Preccptos. 4<» Ven. 1627. 
ATHLONE {Earlof) v. ginkle. 
ATHOL (Dukc of) v. cooper* 


A T K 

ATHON, w/ATON (joh. de)'??. constitutionIes. lyndewode. 
ATKEY (ant.) A Funeral Sermon on ttie late rev. Simon Browne. 

8* Lond. 1733. 
ATKIN (gul.) Speciroen Medicum Inau^. de prascipuis Foemina- 

rum senescentium morbis a cessante prsemature iSc penitus men- 

stniomm fluxu. 4* Lugd. Bat, 1739. 
ATKINS {Alderman) A scasonable Speech made by Alderman 

Atkins in the Rump Parliament. 4» 166(). 
■ ■ Reverend Alderman Atkins (the Shit-breech) his Speech 

to Mr. Wamer the venerable Mayor of London, the wise Alder- 

men, iic. 49 1648. 
ATKINS (john) A Voyajre to Guinea, BraziU and Ihe West In- 

dies, in his Majesty^s Ships the Swallow atid Weymouth. 8^ 

Jjmd. 1735. 
' The Navy-Surgeon : or a Practical System of Surgery. 

12» Lond. 1737. 

A Treatiseon Chirurgical Subjects. 8^ Lond. 

ATKINS (richard) The Copie of a double Letter sent Ky an 
Englishe Gentilman from beyond the seas, to his freiide in Lon- 
don, containing the true aduises of the cause, and maner of the 
death, of onc Richard Atkins, executed by flre in Rome, the 
seconde of August. 1581. \99 

ATKINS {Sir robert) v. atkyns. 

ATKINS (w.) A Discourse shewing the Nature of the Gout. 12» 
Lond. 1694. 

ATKINS (william) A true and faithful Account of William At-^ 
kins his Daughter-in-laws unreasonable Dealing with him^ which 
is the cause of his Imprisonment. fol. 

ATKINSON (christopher) The Standard of the Lord Uaed up 
against the Kingdom of Satan, in an Answer to a &iok entitvled 
^" The Quakers Shaken/' by one John Gilpin. 49 Lond. 1653. 

— — The Sword of the Lord drawn, and furbished againstthe 
Man of Sin : or Something in answer to a Paper set forth by 
three of the Chief Priests of London whose names are Thomas 
Goodwine, andon^ Nye,and Sydrach Symp^on. 4^ Lond, 1654. 

ATKINSON (christopher) v. williamson. 

- The Case of Christopher Atkm-^on Esq. stated at large, 

with a complete Account of ali his Commission-Traiisactions 
with thehon. Commissioners for victualling his Majesty*s Navy. 
4» Lond. 1785. 

ATKINSON (george) No. I. Supplement to the Cabinet-Maker'» 
London Book of Prices. 4« Lond. 1805. 

ATKINSON (james) lipitome of the Art of Navigation. 8« Lond. 

— — revised and corrected by W. Mountaine. 

8* Lond. 1778. 

ATKINSON (john) The Tariff, or Book of Ratcs and Duties on 
Goods passing through tne Sound at Ebingoer in Denmark. 8^ 
GUu. 1770. 


A T T 

ATKYNS (richard) Esq. The Original and Growth of Printins:: 

collccted out of History, and the Records of this Kingdome. 4* 

Lond. 1664. 
ATKYNS (Sir robert) k.b. ChiefJustice C. P. An Enquirj'into 

the Power of dispensing with Peual bitatutes, together with some 

Animadversions upon a Book writ hy sir £dw. Herhert. fol. 

Lond. 1689. 
■■■ An Arpiment in the great Case concerning the Election 

of Members to Parliament between Sir Samuel Bernardiston and 

Sir WiUiam Soames. foL Lo7id. 1689. 

A Defence of the late Lord Russels Innocency, by way 

of Answer or Confutation of a libellous Pamphlet intituled '• Ab 
Antidote against Poyson.'' fol. Lond. 1689. 

Lord Russels Innocency further dcfended ; by way of 

Reply to an Answer, entituled ** The Magihtracy and Govem- 
ment of England vindicated." fol. Lond, 1689. 

Parliamentary and Political Tracts. 8^ Lond. 1741. 

ATKYNS {Sir robert) Knt. The ancient and present State of 

Glostershire. fol. Lond. 1712. 
ATLANTIC. A Short Hint addressed to the Candid and Dispas- 

sionate on both sides the Atlantic. 8^ Lond. 1775. 
ATLAS. The Sea Atlas, or the Water World, shewing all the 

Sea-Coasts of y known parts of y -Earth with a generall descrip- 

tion of the same. fol. Amst. 1660. 

fol. Atnsi. 1670. 

— — Atlas Maritimus, or the Sea Atlas. fol. 

The French Neptune, or a New Atlas of Sea Cartes. foL 

Amst. 1693. 

Atlas Maritimus Novus, or the New Sea Atlas. fol. Lond. 


Atlas de 1a Navigation & du Commerce qjui se fait dans 

toutes les parties du Monde. fol. A^nst. 1715. 

Atlas Moderne, ou Collection de Cartes sur toutes les 

parties du Globe Terrestre: par plusieurs Auteurs. fol. Par. 

Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas geographique et histo* 

rique, ou Le Divertissemcnt des Empereurs, Roys, et Princes. 

4» Par. 
ATLAY (joseph) TheDistiller^s Vade-Mecum. 12« Bristol, 1792. 
ATREMONTIUS. Le Tombeau de la Pauvretc. 12« Franc. 1672. 

12« Par. 1681. 

12« l4/on. 1684. 

ATTERBURY (francis) dd. Bishop ofRochester. v. convocatios. 


■ Sermon before the Queen, at Whitehall, 29 May, 1692. 
4« Lond. 1692. 

■ A Discourse occasionM by the Death of the Lady Cutts* 
4« Lond. 1698. 

cd. aU. 4« Lond. 1698. 


A T T 

ATTEHBURY (francts) dd. Bishop of Rochester, The Rightg, 
Powers, and Privileges of an Englisb Corivocation, stated and 
vindicated, in Answer to a late Book of Dr. Wakes, entituled 
*' The Authority of Christian Princes over their Ecclesiastical 
Synods asserted, &c/' and to several other Pieces. 8® Lond, 1700. 

' A Sernion before ihe House of Commons, May 29th, 

1701. 4« Lond, 1701. 

A Sermon preachM in the Cath. Church of St. Paul at 

the Funeral of Mr. Thomas Bennet. Aug. 30. 1706. &* Lond. 

8» Lond. 

A Letter to the rev. Dr. Francis Atterbury occasionM 

by the doctrine lately delivered by him in a Funeral Sermon, 
on 1 Cor. 15. 19. August 30 1706. 8*> Lond. 1706. 

A larsre Vindication of the Doctrine contained in the 

SermoQ preach'd at the Funeral of Mr. Tho. Bennet. 8^ Lond, 

A Sermon preach'd before the Queen, at St. James's, 

October 31, 1708. 8« Lond. 1708. 

Concio ad Clerum Londinensem habita in Ecclesia S. 

Elphegi Maij xvn. A.D. mdccix. 4** Lond. 1709. 

A Sermon preach'd before the London-Clergy, at Saint 

Alphage, May the 17th, 1709. 8« Lond. 1710. 

Bishop Atterbury's and Bishop Sniallridge'8 Reasons for 

not signing the Declaration lately put forth by the Archbishop 
of Canterbury and the other Bishops. 8^ Lond. 1715. 

Episcopal Traytors ; or Priests awkward Politicians : ex- 

emplify^d in the behaviour of the Political Prelacy ; more par- 
ticularly of the attempts of Abp. Laud, and his equivocal exit, 
occasioned by the Commitment of the Bishop of ^Rochester to 
the Tower for High Treason. Aug. 24, 1722. 8» Lond. 1722. 
A Relation of the wicked Contrivance of Steph. Black- 

head and Robert Young against the Lives of several persons by 
forging an association under their Hands. With a p&rticular 
Account of what pass'd at the late Bp. of Rochesters three Ex- 
aminations by a Committee of Lords of the Privy Council. 8^ 
Lond. 1722. 

A Letter to the Clergy of the Church of England on 

occasion of the Commitment of the Lord Bishop of Rochester 
to the Tower of LoncJon. 4« Lond. 1722. 

- His Speech at the Bar of the Huuse of Lords on Satur- 

day the I Ith of May, 1723. fol. Lond. 1723. 

The Defence of Francis late Lord Bp. of Rochester at 

the Bar of the House of Lords on Tuesday ihe 9th and Satur- 
day the llth of May 1723. by William Wynne Esq. one of his 
Lordships Counsel. fol. Lond. 1723. 

The Replies of Thoinas Rt:eve Esq. and Clement Wearg 

Esq. in the House of Lords, 13 May 1723. in behalf of the Bill 
to inflict Pains and Pcnalties on the late Bi<hop of Roche^^ter, 
against the Defence made by the said Lord Bisliop and his 
CounseJ. fol. Lond. 1723. 


A T T 

ATTERBURY (francis) dd. Biakap cf Rochester. The Lord 
Birihop of Rochester vindicatetl. Or the Spirit and Conduct of 
eeveral Wrilers, (parlicularly a certain Chaplain, in his two 
Letters to the Clergy,) concerning the Coromitment of the Bi- 
shop of Ro( h-^ter to the Tower. 8° Lond. 1723. 

■ A Monthly Packet of Advices from Pamassus, estab- 

lished hy Apollo's express Authority, and sent to England. {A 
Second Titte to this JVork w] " The Prosecntion of the Author of 
ibe Clerjryroan'» Letter to the Bishop of Rochester.'* 4" Lond. 
- An Answer to some Considerations on the Spirit of 

Martin Luther, and the Original of the Reformation ; printed 
at Oxford, A.D. 1687. 8« LomL 1723. 

Mcmoirs of thc Life and Conduct of Dr. Francis Atter- 

bury, iate Bp. of Rochester, from his birth to hi» banishment. 
S9 Lond. 1723. 

Atterhuryana : being Miscellanies by the late Bishop 

of Rochester &c. 8« Lond, 1727. 

Sermons on several Occasions, publisbed from the Ori- 

ginals by Th. Moore, dd. 2 vol. 8® Lond. 1734. 

Sermons and Discourses on several Subjects and Occa- 

sions. vol. 2. 8« Lond. 1726. 

Antonius Musa'8 Character represented by Vii^il ia 

the perscm of lapis: a Dissertation by F^ Atterbury late Bi^ihop 
of Rochester. To which is added, to the Duke of B * *, on his 
birth-day, a Poem. 8" Lmd. 1740. 

The Epistolary Correspondence, Visitation Cbarges^ 

Speeches, and Miscellanies, of Francis Atterbury, dd. Lord Bi- 

shop of Rochester, with Historical Motes. [By John NichoLs.] 

4 vol. 8« Lond. 1783-7. 
ATTERBURY (lewis) r. tridentum. 
■ A Good Subject : or the right Test of Religion and Loy- 

alty. A Sermon. 4® Lond. 1684. 

A Vindication of Archbishop Tillot8on's Sermons, bein^ 

an Ahswer to a Popish Book entituled, " A true and modest 
Account of the chief Points in Controversie between thjs Roman 
Catholicks and the Protestants, &c." 8« Lond. 1709. 

A Sermon occasioiied by the death of Lady Gould^ March 

22, 17H- 40 Lond. 1713. 
ATTESTATiON. The Serious AttesUtion of many thousands 

rcligious and well di«posed People hving in London, Westmin- 

ster, Borough of Southwark and parts adjoyning. fol. Lond, 

ATriCUS. The Letters of Atticus, as printed in the London Jour.- 

nal, in the years 1729 and 1730, on various Subjects. 8* Lond, 

ATTICUS (t. p.) V. cicERo. pack. 
ATTIGNA (l'herboriste d') v. golleti. 
ATTILA Flagelhuii Dei, traduttaoe la vera Cronicain ottava Ri- 

ma per Rocho degli Ariminesi. 8" yai. 1^0. 



A U B 

ATTORNEY. 'fhe Attvrneys Guide, for suing out of Firies, 
Cdncords, and Recovefies, &c. Perused and approved by G. T. 
an able practitioner^ and others. 129 Lond, 1Q56. 

■ An Attorney's Practice epitomfeM. 8* in the Savoy, 


The Practising Attomey; or New King*s Bench Guide. 

8« Lond. 1779. 

Considerations on the Attorney Tax, and Proposals for 

altering and equalling the same. S^ Lond. 1786. 

The Progppess and Practice of a Modern Attorney . Part I. 

ATTWOOD (thomas) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Apoplexia. 4« Traj. 

ad Rh. 1705. 
ATWEL (george) An Apology, or Defence of the divine Art of 

Natural Astrologie, being an Answer to a Sermon preached in 

Cambridge July 25, 1652. 12« Lond. 1660. 
ATWOOD (eliz.) r. alchorne. 
ATWOOD (w.) The Superiority and direct Dominion of the im- 

perial Crown of England over the Crown and Kingdom of Scot* 

nnd and the divine right of succession to both Crowns insepa* 

rable from the Civil, asserted. 8® Lond. 1704. 
- — : The History and Reasons of the Dependency of Ireland 

upon the imperial Crown of the Kingdom of England. 8*^ Lond» 

ATWOOD (wiLLiAM) The Case of William Atwood, Esq. by thc 

hte King William of glorious Memory constituted Chief Justice 

of theProvince of New York. fol. Lond. 1703. 
ATWOOD (william) A Sermon occasioned by the decease of 

Mr». Cath. Stace^ who died Feb. 28, 1787. 8« Canterb. 
AVAL (sylvestre de l') Les justes Grandevrs de rEglise Ro» 

maine^ contre Tlmpiete de ceux qui nommcnt le Pape Anti- 

christ, singullierement contre ie Ministre Vignier. 4^ Poict. 

AVAL. Cahier des Vceux et Doleances de tous les gens de bien 

du Bailliage d'Aval, en Franche-Comte. 8* 
AVALOS (diego d') Pronostic Merveilkux sur Testrange Maladie 

du Sieur Dom. Diego d*Avalos. fol. 1645. 
AVANCINUS (nicolaus) LeopoldiGuIielmi Archiducis Austria, 

Principis Pace et Bello inclyti, Virtutes. 4® Antv. apud Plant. 

AVANTIUS (avantius) Presagia FaraaB de inclyta Barbadico- 

mm Familia» illustr. ac reverendissimo DD. Jo: Francisco Bar« 

badico sacra. 4® Veron. 1706. 
AVANTllJS (cAR.) V. riERA. 
AVANTIUS (h.) V. seneca. 


AVAUX (comte d') The Negotiations of Count d'Avaux: trang* 

lated from the French. 4 vol. 8'> Lond. 1754-5. 
AVAU& (m. d') £loge, ou Panegyrique de Monsieur D'Avaux« 

4« Paf. 1652. 
AUBANT Cabb. dM v. thomas. 

Voul, ^ Hh K\KSEU 


AUBEL (thomas) r. wvbtti. 

ADBER (JAcav^s) Memoire concernant les T^Hes, et les 010701^ 

de faire cesser lei abus qut le comnieiteni 4lans son InlpositioQ. 

4* Par. 1731. 
AUBERGE. La Rencontre d*Auberge, ou le Dejeuner Breton. 

8* en Bretagne. 1789. 
AUBERIUS (cL.) V. DucA. 
AUBERIUS (louANNSs) De restituenda & viodicaDda Medicinse 

Dignitate Apologeticus. S^ Par. 1608. 
. Theogonia, seu de Diis Gentium. 24^ Tolos, 1637. 

AUBERT {0.)V. AMADIS db oaulb. 

AUBERT (oEoaGius) Votum pro Pace> Ode. 4® Cadom. WB. 
AUBERTIN(Nic.)Clu9estioMeaica Rhemis agitata An.w .Dcjuanru 

an in morixM & vitam jus caM^um vulgari Fato tributum abrDgei 

Ars medica. 12» Rhem. I63a. 
■ Qusstio Medica^ an in Aneurysmate ZvyJi^fAo; Arierio* 

tomiae. 12* 
AUBERTUS (cL. aueert) 9» tacitus. 


•— — — • Traite contenant les Causes, k CuraUon^ & Pretervation 
de la Peste. 8® Lausanne, 1571. 

Des Katures et Complexiont des Hommefl et d'aiie 

dacune partie d'iceuz, & anaH dea aignes par lesquek on peut 
discerner la diuersite d^icelles. 8» Lamoinnet 1571. 

De Metallorum Ortu et Caosisy cuntra Chembtai brem 

fx, dilucida ExplicaUa ^ Lugd. 157&. 

Duee apok>getics Re^MHuioiies ad losepbom Queroeta- 

num. S^ Lttgd. 1576. 

Progynmasniata in loan. Femelii Med. Libnin de ab- 

ditis Berum naturaliuD» & medicamentorum Causis. 8^ Bas^ 

AUBERTUS (jOANNBs) v. ctbillus Archiep. Alexandr. 
AUBERY (jEAN d'} Les Bains deBourbon, L^cy, et Larchanbao.. 

8« Par, 1004. 
AUBERY (jo. HEN.) Henrici Borbonii primi FrancisePrincipiaia. 

Galliam Narbonensem, et Aquitaniam Iter. 4^ Lut. Pmr. i6S9^ 
AUBERY (louis) Memoires pour senrir drHistoirede HoUande» 

et des aulres Provinces Unies. 8^ Par. 1680. 

12» Par. 1697. 

AUBERY (srEua) v. plessis-richelieu. 

' ' L'Hi«toire du Cardinal Duc de loyeuise. 4* Pmr. 1654 

— — — — Memoires pour THistoire du Cardixial de RicUieiL ^ 

tom. fol. Par. 1660. 

5 tom. 12» Coi. 1667. 

L'Histoiredu Cardinal Ducde Richelieu. fd. Par.W&fk 

De Justes Pretensions du Roy sur TEmpire. Gmn. 4* 

Par. 1667. 

L'Histo;ire du Cardina] Mazarin. 8 tom. %^ Par. 1695» 

AUBI6NAC (l^abbb'»') La PratiqMe dH Theatre* 2 iora. AmsL, 
1715 T^ 


A U B 

▲UBIGNF (Le Sieur) L'Histoire UniTerseUe da Sieur D'Aubigiii. 
3 tom. foL MaiUe, 1616-20. 

. fol. 1626. 

AUBIGNE' (th£od. ageippa i>') Memoires de la Vie de Theodorj»» 
Agrippa d'Aubign^ ayeulde Mad. de Mainteuon, ecrits par lui* 
iniine; a?ec les Memoires de Fred. Maurice de la Tour, Prince 
<fe Sedan. Une Relation de la Cour de France en 1700, par 
M. Priolo: et rHistoire de Mad. de Mucy. 2 tom. 12^ Amst. 

■ ■ The life of Theodore Agrippa d^Aubign^ containing a 

Succinct Account of the most remarkable Occurrences during 
the Civil Wars of France in the Reig;ns of Cbark» IX. Henry IIL 
Henry IV. and in the Minority of Lewis XIII. 8° Lond. 1772. 

■ Les Arentures du Baron de FsBneste. 8^ 1630. 

8® 2 tom. Cologne, 1729. 

AUBIGNY (PH. ANDRENAS 8100- d') Premier Extrait d'un Lim 

intitul^ Or potable Levain. 12» Par. 1674. 
AUBIN (eustachb d') Les anciens & renommes Autheurs de la 

Medicine ic Chirur^e. [Hippocrate, Galen, Oribase.] Le tout 

tradoit du Qrec & du LaUo en Fran^ois par un Diocteur en 

Medecine. &> Par. 1634. 
AUBIN (micuasl) V. beandt, 
AUBIN (penelopb) The Life and Adventures of the Lady Lucy. 

8^ Lond. 1726. 
AUBLET (m. puse^e) Histoires des Plantes de la Guiane Franjoise, 

4 tom. 4<» Lond. 1775. 
AUBREY (john) Miscellanies coUected by J. Aubrey, Esq. 8^ 


. ■ tb which is prefixed some Account 

of bis Life. 8« Lond. 1721. 

The Natural Historv and Antiquities of the County of 

Surrey, b^un in the year 1673. 5 vol. 8* Lond. 1719< 
AUBBEY (mary) mlias uobbt. A hellish Murder committed by 

a French Midwife [Mary Aubrey or Hohry] on the body of her 

hurinnd, Jan« 27, 168|. 4* Lond. 1688. 
AUBR^Y (T.) The Sea Surgeon, or the Guinet| Man'8 Vade- 

Mecum. 12*1729. 


AUBRY (cAROLus) Ecloga seu Pastorale Colloquium de RegU 

firalria unici Aureiianensium "Ducis morte. 4* fUr. 1700. 
AUBRY (jACOBus CAROLus) Gallorum ad Landaviam et in pugiia 

Spirensi duplex Palma, Duce Tailardo. 4? Par, 1703. 
AUBRY (JEAN d') Triumphus Archei et Muiidi Miraculuni^ sive 

Medicina Universalis ac Vera. 4^ 1660. 

. GaU. 4» Par: 

AUBRY (M.) The Sorrows of Wertef, a German Story translate^ 

from the genuine French Edition of M. Aubry by John 6i£R>rd# 

En. 2vSl t^ Lond. 1789. 


AUCAN£-£MEKIC (antoine) Analyse de* Eaux Minereles d^ 
la Viik d'Aix en Provence. 8" Avig. 1705. 



AUCHMUTY (ELiz.) ». ely. 

AUCTION-MART. ADetailed Prospcctus of the Auction Mart, 

institnted 1808. 8» Ixmd. 1809. 
AUCTIONEER. The Town and Country AuctioDecr^B Gtiide, 
. containing Abstracts of all the Acts of Parliament relating to the 

Management and CoUection of the Auction diities. An Accu* 

rate Map, describing tbe bmits of the chief Office of Excise ; 

with useiul Tablcb, Cases, Notes, and general Remarks. 4** Lond. 

AUDA (fr. DOM.) deLantosca, Breve Compendio di marauiglioei 

Segreti. 8° Rom, 1663. 

— 12» Bol 1673. 

— 12« Ven. 1673. 

Pratica de^ Spetiali che per modo di Dialogo contiene 

gran parte anco di Theorica. 12** Ven. 1670. 

12<> Ven. 1683. 

AUDEBER (Le Sieur) Le Voyage & Observations de pbisieurs 

choses diverses qui se peuvent remarquer en Italie. 8* Por. 

AUDEBERT (j. b.) Histoire Naturelle des Singes et des Makis. 

fol. Par. An. viii. 
AUDIEERTUS (cam. mar.) Regiae Vill® poetice descriptae, et 

regise celsitudini Victoris Amedei II. 5>abaudia?, et Montii^ferrati 

Ducis uicata;. Appotiita Poematum & Epigrammatum Appen- 

dicc. ^^.Aug. Tnur. 1711. 
AUDIFREDI (jo. BAPT.) Specimen historico-criticum Editionum 

Italicarum S»cuH xv. 49 Rofiut, 1794. 
AUDIGER. La MaiFon reglee et TArt de diriger la Maison d*un 

grand Seigncur & autres, tant a la Ville qu'^ la Campagne^ & 

le devoir dt tous ies Officiers & autres Domestiques en general. 

12* Amst. 1700. 
AUDJ.GUIER (d*) Le vray & ancien Usage des Duels confirme 

par rExemple des plus illustres combats, & deflys qui se soient 

faits en la Chrestiente. 8« Par. 1617. 
■■■ Histoire des Amours de Lysandre & de Caliste Fr, 

Belg. 12^ Amsterd. 1663. 
AUDLAND (anne) A True Declaration of the Suffering of the 

Innocent who is hated and pcrsecuted without a cause ; wherein 

is discovered the zeale of the Magistrates and people of Ban- 

bury : declared in a Letter sent to Wiliam Allen, called Justice 

of Peace. 4» Lond. 1655. 
AUDLAND (sam.) A Sermon preachM at the Funeral of Mr. 

John Noble of Penrudcfock, March 14, 170^. 8« Lond. 1708. 
AUDLEY. The Way to be rich according to the Practice of the 

freat Audley, who begun with two huodred Pound in the ycar 
605, and dyed worth fourhundred thousand Pound this instant 
November 1662. 4® Lond. 1662. 
AUDLEY (Lady eleanor) Strange and Wonderfiill Prophecie», 
bythe Lady Eleanor Audeley, who ia yei alive and kx%eth in 
Wbite-Hall. 4^ Lond. 1649. 


A V E 

AUDLEY (edmund) A true and impartial Account of the Blrth, 
ParentJu;e, Education, Lif-^ and Conversation of Edmund Aud* 
ley executed at Tybum 22 June 1698. for the murder of Mrs. 
Hannah Bulievant. 8<> Lond. 1698. 
AUDLEY (GEORCE Lord) v, tiiicknesse. 
AUDLEY (JAMEs Lord) Eurl of Casdehaten, The Memoirs of 
James Lurd Audley, Earl of CaKtlehaven, his En^p^ement and 
Carriaze in the Wars of Ireland, from the year 1642 to the 
Jrear 1651. Written by himself. 12<> Lond. 1680. 
AUDLEY (matthew) A Sermon occasioned by the death of 
Charles Duke of Richmond, Lenox, and Aubigny. 4^ Lond, 
AUDLEY (mervin Lord) The Arrai^niment and Conviction of - 
Mervin Lord Audley^ Earl of Castlehaven, at Westminhter oq 
Monday Aprii 25, 164L 4<> Lond. 1642. 
AUDOENUS (jo.) V. owen. 
AUDOMARO (f. petr. de sancto) v. chapeaville. 
— — Institutionum Monasticarum aecundumSacrosanctiCon* 
cilii Tridentini Decreta Libri tres. Accesserunt Tractatus duo» 
alter de Hoi»pitalitate Monachorum, alter de Casibus reservatis 
Monachorum prselatis eodcm authore. 8^ Lovan. 1572. 
AUDRAN (girard) v. rubens. 
— — Les Proportions du Corps humain mesurees sur le plui 

belles Figures de 1'Antiquit^. fol. Par. 1683. 
AVELAR ( ANDRE Do) Reportorio dos Tempos, o mais copioso que 
ate agora sahio a luz, conforme d nona reforma^aado sancto 
Padre Grcg. XIII. Anno 1582. 4<> Liib. 1585. 
AV£LLAN£D«'\ (alonzo fernandez de) A Continuation of the 
History and Adventures of Don Quixote, written originally in 
Spanish ; translated into English by William Augustus Yard- 
\ey. 2 vol. &" Lond, 1784. 
AVELLANEDA (fr. oe) v. franciscus de Paula. 
AVELLANUS (pet.) Re^ituti aiiquot Loci bonorum Authorum, 
uei aliter qudm uulgo fere intelligantur, explicati. 8® Pict. 1541. 
AVELLINUS (andreas) v. bolvitus. 
AVELLINUS (fran.) Oratio in exornandis Philosophis et Me» 

dicinae Laurea. 4^ Mcssantt. 1660. 
AVEMAN (oaniel) Hodegeta Horatianus sive Index omnium 
verborum in Horaiii poematibus contentorum absolutissimu:». 
24^ Brunsv. 1667. 
AVENANT (CHARLEs d') ll.d. Political and Comroercial Works : 
coUected and revised by Sir Charles Whitworth. 5 vols. 8* 
Lond. 1771. 

Circe : a Tragedy. 4» Lond. 1677. 

. 4^ Lond. 1685. 

— 4» Lond. 1703. 

— — Discourses on the public Revenues and Trade of Eng- 
land 2 vd. 8<> Lond, 1698. 

An Essay upon the probable Methods of making a 

People gainers in the Ballance of Trade. 8'' Lond. 1699. 



AVENANT (cHARLSs n^ ll.d. A Discoune upcm Granto aad 

Resumptions. 8^ Lond, 1700. 
■ £ssa js upon i. the Ballance of Power ; ii. thc Right of 

making War, Peace, and Aliiances ; iii. Universal MonarGfay* 

8« Lond. 1701. 

A Vindication of Dr. Charles Davenant^ Anthony Ham- 

mond, Etfq. and John Tredenham, £sq. from the acurrikxis 
Reflections cast upon them in a late Paper. 8^ Lmd. 1702« 

Essays upon Peace at home« and War abroad. In two 


ParU. 8^ Lcmd. 1704. 

Tom Double against Dr. D — r — n — ^t ; or, thc leamed 

Aulhor of the Essays on Peace at Home and War abroad, con- 

aiderM so far as his past Actions run counter to his present. 8^ 

Land. 1704. 
AVENANT (joHN d') Bishop qfSalUbury. Animadyersioiis opon 

a Treatise written by him, intitied God's Lore to Mankind. 8* 

Camb. 1641. 
AVENANT {Sir william d') The Worksof S'. William Darenaiit 

K\ consisting of those wtuch were formerly printed and those 

which he designed for the Press : now published out of the Au» 

thors orifpKiaU copie. fol. Lond. 1673. 
■' The Tragedy of AUx>vinej King of the l^mbards. 4* 

Lond. 1629. 
> The CrveU Brother : a Tragedy. 4^ Lomd. 1630. 

The lust Italian. 4« Lond. 1630. 

■ Tbe Temple of Love : a Masque. 4^ Lond. 1634. 

The Witts a Comedie. 4» Lond. 1636. 

8* Lond. 1665. 

The Piatonick liovers a Tragseeomedy. 4® Lond. 1636. 

8" Lond. 1665. 


Britannia Trivmphans : a Masque. 4^ Lond. 1637. 
Salmacida Spoha : a Masque. 4<* Lond. 1639. 
The Vnfortunate Lovers : a Tragedie. 4® Lond. 1643. 
4» Lond. 1649. 

Madagascar ; with other Poems. 12* Lond. 1648* 

London, King Charles his Augnsta» or City RoyaL 4* 

Lond. ms. 

Love and Honour. 4* Lond. 1649. 

■■ Gondibert : an Heroick Pocm. 4® Lond. 1651. 

8« Lond. 1651. 

— — CertainVerses written by scverall of the Authors Friends 
to be rephnted with tiie second Edition of Gondii)ert. 8^ Lond. 

The Siege of Rhodes made a Representation by the Art 

of Prospective in Scenes^ and the Story sung m Recitatire Ma* 
sick. 4<» Lond. 1656. 

The Siege of Rhodes: ihe Second Part. 4* Land. 1663. 

The First Days Entertainment at Rutland House» by 

DeclamatioDs and Musick : after the manner of the Ancicnts. 
12" Lond. 1657. 


A V E 

AVENANT (Sir william d') The Cruelty of the Spaniardi in 
Pteni. 4« Lond. 1658. 

A Panegyrick to his Excellency tbe Ix)rd Generall 

Monck. fol. 1659. 

The History of Sir Francis Drake^ exprest by Instm* 

meotaU and Vocalf Musick, and by Art of Perspective in 
Scenes, &c. the first Part 4^^ Lond. 1659. 

A Poenij upon his Sacred Majesties most happy Re* 

tum to his Dominions. 4^ Lond. 1660. 

The Rivals : a Comedy. 4^ Lond. 1668. 

The Man'8 the Master : a Comedy. 4« Lond. 1669. 

AVENARE (abrah.) Abrahe Avenaris Judei Astrologi peritissi- 
mi in re judiciali Opera ab excellentissimo Piiilosopho Petro 
de Abano in Latinum tradocta. 4^ Ven. 1507. 

AVENARIUS (georg. lodov.) Dissertatio Logica de confusa 
Eruditione. 4<» Jena:. 172 L 

AVENARIUS (JOH.) Egranus. Lexicon Radicum^ seu Lexicon 
Ebraicum, in quo omnium Vocabulorum Biblicorum proprie 
ac certs redduntur significationes, cum vera et dilucida mul* 
torum locorum Scripturse sacrae explicatione. foL JVU. 1589. 

* Discursus iWco-Politicus de Virtutibus Principum. 8^ 

Wiiieh. 1625. 

AVENDANO (b. p. didacus de) Thesaurus Indicus, seu Gene- 
ralis Instructor pro Rc^imine Conscientise, in iis quse ad India» 
spectant. 2 tom. fol. Antv. 1668. 

AVjENDANO (pedro deJ Sermon del glorioso Abbed S. Ber* 
nardo. 4» Mex. 1687. 

■■ Sermon quc cn la fiesta titular que celebra la Compaiiia 

de Betlilem en su Hospital de Convakcientes de aquesta Civdad 
de Mexico predico el P. Pedro de Avendaiio. 4" Mex. 1688. 
Sermon del primer Dia de Pasqua^ del Espiritu Santo. 

4» Mcx. 1697. 

— Sermon de la Esdarecida Virgen Santa Barbara. 4^ 

Mex. 1697. 


AVENTINUS (joHANNEs) Imp. Henrici quarti Cos. Aug. Du- 
cis yero Boiorum septimi Vita. Ejusdem Epistolse, inuentse a 
loanne Aventino» editae vero a sodalitate literaria Boiorum* 
Clari^. atq. ; inlustrissimi principis Friderici ducis Saxonise &c. 
EpistoUe ad loannem Auentinum. Ejusdem Principis capita 
rerum quas ipsi absolvit Aventinus. Ad eundem principem 
Auentini Carmina. Auctores quidam quos Auentinus iuvenit» 
&qui nondum impressi sunt. Sodalitatis literarise Boiorum 
Carmina. ^ Amg. Vind. 1518. 

* Annalivm Boionim Libri septem. fol. In^. 1554. 

.. ex autenticis manuseriptis codicib. rc- 

cogniti, restitud, aucti^ Nic. Cisneri I. C. diiigentia atque fide^ 
fol. Bas. 1580. , 

AVENTROTE (joan.) Carta de loan. Aventrote a1 poderosisimo 
Rey de Espania, en )a qual brevemente se declara el Mysterio 
de la Guerra sobre las xyii. Provincias del Pays-Baxo. 8^ Amst. 
1614. AN^mO^Sl, 

A V E 


AVERANIUS (benedictus) v. salvini. 

Orationes habitse Pisis. 4* Flor. 1688. 

AVERANIUS (josEPHus) Oratio de Jurisprudentia, Medidna, 

Theolo^a, per sua principia addiscendis Pisis habita« 4^ Vero^ 

na, [U23.] 
AVERANUS (nicolas) Dissertatio de Mensibus ^gyptioram, 

cum notis Hen. Noris, curante A. Fr. Gorio. 4* Flor. 1787. 
AVERILLA. The Case of the Owners of the Ship Averilla. 1694. 

AVERNUS. News from Avemus ; being certaine Propositions 

and Promises made by Don Belsebub (alias Pluto) Emperor of 

Gehynon, King of Shcol, Tophet, and Avemus, Prince of Phle- 

giton, Styx, and Acheron, Dukeof Aetna, Stumbello, and Moa* 

gebello, &c. 4° Land. 1642. 
AvERROES, V, aristoteles. niphus. falamedes. pavesi. posius. 


•*— — Liber de Medicina Auerrois qui dicitur CoUiget. &c. 
fol. F<m. 1490. 

accesserunt M. Anto. Zimarre Du- 

bia & Solutiones in supradictum CoUiget novum Corollarium. 
fol. Ven. 1542. 

Collectaneorum de Re Medica Sectiones tres. i. De Sa- 

nitatis Functionibus, ex Aristot. et Galeno. ii. De Sanitate tu- 
enda ex Galeno. iii. De curandU Morbis. Lat. d loann^Bruye* 
rino Campegio. 4* Lugd, apud Gryph. 1537. 

• De Simplicibus. fol. Argent. 1531. 

Averois Paraphrasis super Libros dc Republica Platonis, 

nunc primum Latinitate donata Jacob Mantino Medico Hebrfeo 
interpr. m.d.xxxix. 8° Rom. 1539. 

Averroeana : being a Transcript of several Lelters from 

Averroes to Metrodorus a young Grecian Nobleman, student 

at Athens in the years 1149 and 1150. 8^ Lmd. 1695. 
AVERSA (raph.) rhilosophia Metaphysicam Physicamque com- 

plectens in duos Tomos distfibuta. 4® Bon. 1650. 
AvERSANUS (carol.) Commentaria de Germania sacra restau- 

rata. 12« 
AVERY Te.) Scripture Prophecies opened, which are to be ac- 

complished in these last times, which do attend the second 

coming of Christ; in several Letters written to Christian 

friends. 41" Lond. 1647. 
AVERY (john) The Life and Adventures of Capt. John Avery 

the famous EngHsh Pirate (raisM from a Cabbin-Boy to a King) 

now in possession of Madagascar. 8® Ijond. 1709. 
■ The Kiog of Pirates : being an Account of the famous 

Enterprises of Captain Avery, the mock King of Madagaiscar. 

8« Lond. 1720. 
AVESAET (andr. vosch. ab) Disp. Inaug. de Dysenteria. 4® 

Lugd. Bat. 1667. 


A U G 

AVESBURY (ROBERTts de) Historia de mirabiribus Gestis Ed- 
Mirdi III. Accedtmt^ (l.) Libri Saxonici qui ad manus Joannis 
Joscelini venerunl. (3.) Nomina eorum qui scripserunt Histo- 
riam gentis Anglorumy et ubi extant> per Joannem Joscelinum. 
£ Codicibus MSS. descripsit ediditque Tho. Hearnius ; qni & 
Appendicem subnexuit. 8^ Oxon, 1720. 

AVEY^O (PANTALIAM d') Itinenirio daTerra Sancta> esuas Par- 
ticularidades. A^ Lisb, 1593. 

4» Lisb. 1596. 

4» Lisb. 1600. 

4« Lisb. 1685. 

AUFRERE (anthony) AWaming to Britons against French Per- 
fidy and Cmelty : or a Sbort Account of the treacherous and 
inhuman Conduct of the French Officers and Soldiers towards 
the peasants of Suabia during the Invasion of Germany in 1796. 
Sekcted and transiated from a well authenticated Publication, 
by Anthony Aufrere> Esq. 12^ Lond. 1798. 

AUGAR (isAAC bliesbr) Dissert. de Hsemoptoe. 4^ Li^d. Bat. 

AUGENIUS (horatius) a Monte Sancto, De Sanguinis Missione 
Libri tres. 12^ Ven. 1570. 

■ De medendis calculosis et exulceratis Renibus Liber. 

4^ Camerini. 1575. 

Del Modo di Preservarsi dalla Peste^ Libri tre. 8^ Fcrmo. 


Epistolarum & Consultationum Medicinalium libn xxiii. 

in duos tomos distributi. fol. Francof. 1597. 

Quod homini certura non sit nascendi tempus libri 

duo. fol. Fruncqf. 1597. 

Epistolarum Medicinalium Tomi tertii Libri duodecim. 

fol. Francof. 1600. 

De vera Ratione qua quisque Vitse suae amans, pericu- 

losissimo Pestis tempore, sese prdnservare possit, perquam utilis 
& necessauus Tractatus. ex Ital. Lat. redd. a Jacobo Lebzdtero. 
8» Ups. 1598. 

De Ratione curandi per Sanguinis missionem Libri xvii. 

in duos tomos divisi : quorum prior decem, posterior septem 
continet. fpl. Francof 1598. 

De Febribus, Febrium signis, Symptomatibus, & prog- 

nostico, Libri septem> ab ipso authore ab anno 156^. vsque ad 

1572. singuU conscripti. fol. Franc. 1605. 
AUGER (l' abbf/) v. aschines. 
AUG£R (cmond) Discours du Sacramcnt de Mariage, Livres ii. 

»» Par. 1572. 
AUGMENTATIONS, An Act for the better paymeiit of Aug- 

mentations, out of the Impropriate Rectories, Vicarages^ and 

lythcs sequestered from Papists or Delinquents. fol. Lond* 

AUGSBURG, V. augusta Vindelicorum. 
AUGURELLUS (joann£$ aurelius) [Opera poetica.] 13® Ven. 

tf: Ald. 1505. 
Vou L I i K\iQ\i- 


AUGURELLUS (joanues aurf.lius) Cbrysopoeiai Libri ni. et 

Geronticon Liber primus. 4^ Bas, 1518. 

. Gali. par F. Habprt de Berry. 8* Par. 1626. 

i^ ■. < — ^ — Germ. von M. Valeniino Weigelio. 8® Hamb, 

AUGUSTA HisTORiA, r. historia. 
AUGUSTA Princess of Wales. Memoirs of the^ncestoss of bcr 

R. H. Augusta Princess of Wales and of Saxe-Gotba.- 8* Lond. 

AUGUSTA Vindelicoru7n. Augfspurgiscb-Wocbentlicb, itnd Jabr« 

lich Compeiiiiium Eventuum NegotiorumquepubHcoruin thurch 

Widerscball der Fama, oder Kt:rn der curiofiitaten auf das jahr 

MDCcii. 4« Aug, Vind. 1702- 
■ Re$:olution et Determination de ce que rimperialle Ma- 

jeste et les Estatz de TEmpire ont faici & conclad en la Diete 

et Asscmblee faicte k Augspurg Tan m.d.li. 4® Ano. 15^1. 

- Formuld Reformationi^ per Csesaream Majestatem sta- 

tibus Ecclesiasticift in Cofnitiis Augustanis ad deUberandum 
proposita, et ab cisdem, ut paci pubiicie consulerent, & per eam 
Ecclesiarum ac Cleri m\ vtilitati commodius prouiderent, probata 
et recepta. 4^ Au^, Vind, 1548. 

Decreta Capsarese Majestatis, Ordinumque Imperii in 

Comitiis Augustanis AnnolDomini 1551. 4* Lov, 1551. 
AUGUSTIN (pere) v, comboia. 

AUGUSTINUS (anton.) Archiepisc. Tarraconens, v. decretales, 
/— ^ De l^gibus et Senatus CoQ«ultis Liber. Adjunctis Lc- 

giim antiquarum & Senatus Consultorum Fragmentis, cum notis 

Fulvii Ursini. 4^ JKotn. 1583. 

Dialogos de Medallas Inscriciones y otras Antiguedades : 

ex bibliotlieca Ant. Aogustini ArcbieJDiscopi Tarraconen:. 4^ 
Tarras. 1587. 

trad. di lingua Spagn. in Italiana da 


Dionigi Otiaviano Sada. fol. RoW' 1592, 

fol. Rom. 1635. 

Fragmenta Historicornm coilccta ab Antonio Argustino, 

emendata h Fulvio Ursino. Fulvii Ursini Nots» ad Sallu!>tium, 
Caesartm, Liuium, Velleium, Tacituro, Suelonium, Spartianuni> 
& alios. b« Ant, "apud Plant. 1 595. 

De Emendatione Gratiani Dialogorum Libri dno. Ad 

ba^ AndreGB Scbotti Oratio in funere Ant. Augustini> in qua dc 
ejus Vita scriptisqne. Item de perfeclo lurisconsulto^ & Epis- 
copo. 4<» Par, 1607. \ 

De Pontifice Maximo, Patriarcbis & Primatibus, Archi- 

episicopis 6i Metropolitanis, Episcopis sive Pontificibus, vel Sa- 
ccrdotibus, Conciliis & Synodis sive Conventibus, Cborepiscopis 
& IVesbyteris sive Sacerdotibiis, Diaconis & Hypodiaconis & 
Diaconi>sis^ Acolytis, & aliis Clericis inferioribiis, Monacbls & 
Canoiiicis regularibus, & de sacris Virginil)us, Laicis Catholici.s 
Hsereticis & Apostatis & Scbismatici.s ludeeis & Paganis. fot. 
Rom, 1617. 
AUGUSTINUS (d. aurelius) v, crompton. oi;rtiusi puchte. 


A tJG 

AUGUSTINUS (d. aurelius) Opersu 10 tom. fol. Par. 1532. 
>■ opera Desid. Erasini. 10 tom. fol. Bas, 1540-3. 

•r ■ per Theologos LovanicDscs ex manuscripti» co- 

dicibus cmendata, et ab innumeris erroribus vindicata. 10 tom. 

fd. iMgd. 1586. 

opera Sl studio Monachorum Ordinis S. Bene* 

dicti ^ coi^reg. S. Mauri. 12 tom. foi. Par. 1688—1703. 

Epitomc omnium Operum D. Aur. Augustini^ primum 

quidem per Joannem Pi^atorium compeiidiaria quadam viacol- 
lecta. fol. Col. 1549. 

ib]. ap. Joan. Crispinum. 1555. 

Dc Civitatc Dei. fol. Rom. ap, Sweynh, Sf Parmartz, 1470. 

cum Comment. Thomte Valois et Ni- 

coUi Triveth. fol. Bas. 1479. 

. — ' per Joan. Ludov. Vivcm. fol. Bas. ap, 

Frob. 15«3. ^ 

Gali. faict Fran^oyB par Gentian Hervet et 

enrichy de pKusieurs Annotations &c. par Francois de Belk- 
Focest. fol. Par. 1570. 

Le Second Volume et Acomplissement des xxii livres 

de Monseigneur sainct Augustin de la Cite de Dieu, translate 
de Latin en Fran^oys. fol. Par. 1531. 

ConfeiwioiieB, oper& Henr. Sommalii» i Soc. Jesu. 129 

Col. Agr. 1619. 

12« Col. Agr. 1629. 

l^ Col. Agr. 1637. 

, 12« Col. Agr. 1647. 

l^ Lugd. ap. D. Elz. 1675. 

De Coiisensu Evangehstarum^ Libri quatuor. 12** Par, 


Excitatio fklelis Animc ad elemosinam fiiciendam a bto 

Aug^ustino conscripta. 4^* 

Florea Beati Augustini extracti ex libria de Civitate 

Dei, per Franciscum de Mayronis. fol. Nuremb. 1477. 

Les Lamentacions de Monseigiir Sainct Augustin sur les 

sept Pseanlmes Penitenciules ; translatees de latin en francoys 
par Jehan de Bory, Euesque de Meaulx. [Jmpr. sur vELiif. 
ielt. goti.] 8® Par. Ant. Verard. 

Meditationes, Soliloquia, et Manuale. Meditationes B. 

Anselmi cum Tractatu de huniani generis redemptione. D. Ber- 
nardi Idiots viri docti de Amore divino. Omnia ad MSS. ex* 
empla emend. & in meliorem ord. distributa, k opera & studio 
Henrici SommaUi. 12* Co/. Ag. 1649. 

De Arte Predicandi. (diar. gotJi. min.) fol. (Mogunt* 

FuM. circa 1466.) 

(char. goth. min.) foL (Afgent. Joann. 

Mentelinus. circa 1466.) 

De Virlute Psalmorum. 4* (char. goth.) 

Sermones Novi nuniero xl. ex diversis antiquis exem- 

plaribus coUecti btudio & opera Jacobi Sirmondi. 8° Par. 1631. 


A V I 

AUGUSTINUS (d. aurelius) D. Aurelii Aug;ustini tam in rcti» 
quim innovuinTe8taineTitumComnientarij,ex omnibuseiusdem 
Lucubrationibus passim in ordinem utriusque capitum coUecti, 
jam primum per Joannem Gastium Brisacensem editi. fol. Bas, 

'» De Vita Christiana. De Singularitate Clericoram, 4* 

pcr Olr. Zel de Hanau. 1467. 

The Life of S. Aujrustine. The First Part Written by 

himself in the first ten Booksof his Confessions. 8* Lond, 1660. 
AUGUSTIMJS (balth.) Disput. Anthropologicarum Quinta, de 

Venis, Arteriis, et Nervis. 4» Witt, 1612. 
AUGUSTINO (leonardo) Le Gemme antiche figuratCj 3 tom. 

4« Rom. 1686. 

■ ■ Lat, per J. Gronov. ciyus accedit prsefatio. 

4<» Amst. 1685. 
AUGU8TINUS aF/r^i>wrilforia. Philofiophiae Aristo-Thomis- 

ticiD Cursus. 8® Lugd. 1664. 
AUGUSTUS Casar. r. blackwell. capellus. fulbeckb. 
AUGUSTUS Junior, Brunsv. et Lunab. Dur. Academ. Rostochien* 

sis et Tubingensis Rcctor. Orationes et Edicta pubiice proposita. 

4« •I\ibing. 1598. 
AUGUSTUS (wiLHELMUs) Brunsvic Sf Luneb. Dux. v. calixtus. 
AVIANO (mahc. d') Acte de Contrition du R. P. Marc D^Aviano. 

4« Gand. 1681. 
AVIANUS (pLAvius) Apologufl Aviani ciuis Romani Adolescen* 

tulis ad mores et latinum sermonem capescendos utilissimus. 

4° 1494. 
■ Fabulse^ cum Commentariis selectis Albini Scholiastae 

veteris, notisque integris Is. Nic. Neveleti et Casparis Bavthii, 

quibus Animadversiones suas adjecit HenricUs Cannegieter. 

Accedit ejusdem Diseertatio de setate et stilo Flavii Aviani. 8^ 

Lugd. Bat. 1731. 
AVIANUS (wiLHELM.) Catalogus Stellanim ilUistriorum 101. ex 

Progymnasmatis nobiHssimi Tychonis de Brahe desumtarum. 

4<» Lips. 1629. 
' ■ Directorium Universale ad multifdria Matheeeos Pro- 

blemata in toto terrarum Orbe, sinedisorimine Latitudinis loco- 

rum, uniformi methodo sine Calculo expedit^ resolvenda. 4* 

Lipe. 1665. , 

Iloroscopium^ Genn. 4® Lips. 1666. 


> Canon Medicinae^ cum aliis opusculis. Arab. fol. Rom. 

1593. ♦ 
■ Hebr. fol. Ven. 

■ Lat. a Magibtro Gerardo Cremonensi. 4^ Ven. 

■ » ■ 4« Lugd. 1523. 


A V I 

AVICENNA. Canon Medicinae, cum aliis opnsculis cum expla- 
natione Jacobi^de Partibus. 4 tom. fol. Lugd, 1498. 

* ■ ■ comexpositionihus omnium principalium 

&illnstrium Interpretum ejus. 5 tom. fol. Ven. 15^23. 

« ■ , , ^b Andrea Bellunensei. fol. Ven. 1527. 

cum castigationibus Andresc Alpagi Bel- 

lunensis. fol. Ven, 1544. 

a loanne Paulo Mongio et loanne Costieow 

fol. Ven. 1564. 

' : — fol. Ven. ap. Juntas. 1595. 


_ . ■ 2 tom. fol. Ven. ap, JutUos. 


interpr. & Scholiaste Vopisco Fortunato 

Plempio. fol. Lovan. 1658. 

Quarta Fen primi,de universali ratione mcdendi, interpr. 

Jac. Mantino Medico Hebraeo. S^ Par. 1532. 

Fen. I. Lib. I. Canonis. Superiorum permissu. [perFr, 

Lenium.] \^ Vicent. 1611. 

■ in usum Gymnasii Patavini. 16^* Fatax^, 


Liber primus de universalihus Medicie Scientice Prae- 

ceptis: Andrea Gratiolo Salodiano interpr. 4" Ven. 1581>. 

Libri tertij Fen secunda, quee Latine ex synonymo 

Hebraico Ophan reddi potest intuitus, siue rotundus sermo 
secundus, qui est de .^gritudinibus nervorum, Tractatu vno 
contentus» ad fidem codicis Hebraici Laiinus factus. Lai. 8* 
Par. 1570. 

Libri tertii Fen primsB Tractatus quartus^ in quo de 

fgritudinibus capitis. Lat. interpr.JohanncQ,uinquarl3oreo. 8* 
Par. 1572. ^ 

Compendium de Anima. De mahad. i. de dispositione. 

seu loco, ad quem revertitur homo vel anima ejus post mortem. 
Aphorismi de Anima. De Diffinitionihus, & Qusesitis. De Diui- 
sione Scientiarum ab Andrea Alpago ex Arab. in Lat. versa, cum 
Expofiitionibus ejusdem Andree coUectis abauctoribusArabicis. 
40 Ven. IMj. 

Avicenna de Animalibus. per Michaelem Scotum de 

Arabico in Lat. translatus. fol. 

Cantica Avicenns in vsum Scholae Witebergensis seor- 

sim edita. Lat. per Jo. Herman. 8^ IViteb. 15Gi. 

Cantica Avicennse Carmine Eiegiaco ^a^o^panx»; ex 

Arabico Latine reddita, a loanne Fauchero. 8** Nemausi. 1630. 
Canticum Principis Abi-Alis IbnSin», vulg6 dicti Avi- 

cennae, de Medicina, seu brcve, perspicuum, & concinn^ dig 
tum Institutionum Medicarum Compendium, cui ariyecti Apho- 
rismi Medici Johannis Mesusei : ex Arab. Lat. redditaab Anton. 
Deusingio. Accessit hujusce Oratio de Fehcitate Sapientum. 12^ 
Gron. 1646. 

Libellus de Viribus Cordis, translatus ab Arnaldo de 

Villa-Nova. 4« V^n. 1490. 



AVICENNA. DeCorde ejusque FacultatibnsLibellufl. Lat. loanne 

BriiycTino interpr. 8° Lucd. 1559. 
*it r- Contradictiones AviceaDse excerplse per Act. Pb. Pel- 

linigerum. 12« F«i. 155^. 
■ . Dicta Principis Auicene, ordinata, exposita, disciwsa, a 

Rustico Mcdicine cultore, nuperrime in lucem eniissa. fol. 

Prima Fen Quarti Canonis Avicennae de Fcbribus. hau 

8« Par. 1549. 

8« Patav. 1659. 

■ ■ Flores Avicennc collecti super quinque Canonibus quos 

edidit in Medicina, nccnon super decem et novem librisde Ani* 
malibus, cum Canticis ejusdcm ad longum positis. Lai. [per 
Mich. de Capella.] 8« Lu^d.XbU. 

La Log^que noiivellement trad. d' Arabe, par P. Vattier. 

8» Par. 1658. 

De Morbis Mentis Tractatus. Lat. interpr. Pet Vatterio. 

8» Par. 1659. 

Avicenne Libellus de removendis nocumentis» quse ac^ 

cidunt in regione Sanitatis. Tractatus ejusdem de Syrupo 
acetoso. Syraci Expositiones super secundam & tertiam et 
partem quartae fen primi canonis Avicennie. Ebenefis phila* 
sopbi Expos^itio snper quintum caoonem Avicennse, Tractatus 
de Ponderibus & Mensuris. hut. ab Andrea Alpago Bellunensi 
ex Arab. versa, ac nunc primum in lucem sedita. m\. Vcn, 1547. 
Auiceiie perhypatetici Philosophi ac Medicorum facile 

primi opern in luceni redacta: ac nuper, quantum ars niti potuit, 
per canonicos emendata. Logyca. Sufiicientia. De Ceio & 
Mimdo. De Anima. De Animalibus. De Intdligentiis. Alpba- 
rabius de Intelligentiis. Philosopbia prima. Lat. [per Ctecilium 
Fabrianenseni.] fol. Ven. 1500. 

Textus Principis Aviceiie per ordinem Alphabeti in 

Sententia reportatus cum qnibusdam additionibus et concordan- 
tiis Galieni et quorundum aliorum doctorum per Magistruro Ga** 
brielem de Taragua, doctorera regentem Burdegale. 4® 
AVIENUS (rufus festus) p. £sopus. aratus. astronomi Veteres, 


AV IGNON. Statvta inclytse Civitatis Avenionensis nuper facta et 

reformata. 4^* Jlven. 1570. 
AVII4A (FBANC. d') De Confcssione per Literas, seu Internun-» 

ciuni, Disscrtationes Theologicae. Prior R. P. Fran. Flyacinthi 

Choquetii Lilani, posterior K. P. Fran. d'Avila. 8^ Duae^ 



Historia dc ias Antiguedades de la civdad de Salamanca, 

4^ Sal. 1G06. 
— — — Teatro de las Grandezas de la villa de Madrid. fol. 

Madr. 1623. 

Teatro Ecclesiastico dela primitiva Iglesia de las Indias 

Occidentales^ Vidas de sus Arzobi»>os, Obispos^ j cosas memo- 
rabies de sus Sedes. 2 tom. fol. iUW^ 16^9« 




AVILA (JUAM d') Predicador ai Andaluzia. Obras. 4® Madr, 

Vida y Obras, Tomo primero : aora nuevamente anadido 

y emeDdado por el Licenciado Marlin Ruyz de Mesa. 4^ Madr. 

Tercera Parte de las Obras. 4« Madr, 1596. 

AVILA (luts d') Commentario dela Gnerra de Alemafia hecha 
de Carlo V. Emperador Romano, Rey de Espaila, ea el afio de 
if.D.XLTi. jf M.D.XLVii. 8" Auv. 1548. 

8« Anv. 1549. 

8*» Anv. 1 550. 

1^ ^ara^. 1550. 

Fr. par Gil, Boilleau de Biiillon. 8" Par. 1551. 

AVIS d'une Mere a son fils et a sa fille. 8« Par. 1728. 

' Avis ala Livree par un Homme qui Ja Porte. 8^ 1789. 

AVISO (uRBAN de) In universas Mathematicas Disciplinas Disser- 
tatio. l"^ Rom. 1682. 

Trattato della Sfera. 12« Rom. 1682. 

AVrrUS (alcimus, seu alcmimus) Alcimi Aviti Viennensis Epts* 
copi Poetie Christianissimi Libri sex. De Orijrine Mundi. De 
originaH Peccato. De Sententia Dei. De Diluvio Mundi. De 
transitu. Maris Rubri. De Virginitate. 8° Par. ex ad^ Ascen, 

■ ■ . cum comm. Menr. Moltheri. 8® Bat. 

per lo. Gagneium cujus etiam Carraen 

accessit de sacro Cbristi corpore in Eucharistia. 8° Par. 1545. 
AVITY(l>&>tfrD')Bani8sc;mentdesFolks Amours. S"" Lyon. 

AULA LUCIS, or the House of Light: a Discourse written in 

the year 1651, by S. N. a modern Speculator. ^Lond. 1652. 

Germ. 8« Franc. 1690. 

AULBER(jon.MART.) Dissert. Med. de Epilepsia verminoaa. 4* 

Argent. 1708. 

- Dissert. Med. de Pharmacise usu ejusdemquc abusu. 4^ 
Argent. 1708. 

AULICUS. Aulicus his Hve and Cry sent forth after Bntanni- 
cus, who is generally reported to be a lost man. 4° Lond. 1645. 

— Aulicus His Dream, of tiie Kings sudden Coming to 
London. 4® Lond. 1644. 

AULICUS Politicus. 12? HaL 1596. 

AULISIUS (dominicus) Opuscula, dc Gymnasii Constructione 
Mausolei Architcctura^ Ilarmonia Timaica, et Numeris Medicis. 
Hia accessit Epistola deColo Mayerano. 4<* Neap. 1694. 

— Delle Scuole sacre, Libri due postumi. 4* Ncap. 1723. 

AUNERUS (STEPH.) Dissert. Inaug. Med. de Vulnerihui eorvn- 
denique Symptomatis. 4^ Witt. 1712. 

AUNGERVILLE (aicHARDus d') Episc. Dtmeltnensis. Philobiblon, 
sive de Amore Librorum et Institutione Bibliothec»; Tractatus 
pulcherrimus ; cui accessit Appendix de M^nuscriptisOxonien- 
tibus^ opera & studio T. J. [Tho. James.] 4^ Oxoa. \^^^. 

A U R 

AVOGADRO, V. avocaro. 

AVOGARO (cio. BATTisTA BiRACo) Historia deila disunione ckl 
Regno di Portogallo dalla Corona di Castiglia: con rag^ontadi 
molte coae notabili dal Fra. Ferdinando Udevo. 8^ Amst. 1647. 

Hibtoria Africana deDa divi^ione dell' Imperio degli 

Arabi : e dell' origine e dei progressi della Monarchia de' Ma- 
hometani distesa per PAfrica, e per la Spagne. 4^ Ven. 1650. 

GalL par M. M. D. P. 8« Par. 1666. 

AURATU2J (jo.) Magnificentisftimi Spectaculi a Regina Reg^m 

Matre in hortis suburbanis editi in Henrici Regis Poloniae in- 

nictissimi nuper rcnunciati gratulationem, Descriptio. 4* Par, 

AURBACH (joHANNEs D£) Summa magistri Johannis de Aurbach 

Vicarii Banibergensis. fol. Jugust. a Ginthero Zeiner. 1469. 
AUREXIA. Aur^lia, ou Oricans deUvre^ Poeme Latin» trad. en 

Fran^ois. 8* Par. 1738. 
AUR£LIANUS(cjEUus) Libercelerum,vel acutarum Paasionum, 

qua licuit diligentia recognitus, atque nunc primum in lucem 

sditus. &^ Par. 1533. 
— De acutis Morbis Lib. iii. De diutumis. lib. v. 8® Lugd. 

[cum Noiis MSS. Is. Casauhoni.] & Lugd. 


cum notis Jo. Conr. Amman. Accedunt 

fieorsini Tbeod. Janss. ab Almelovcen notse et animadversiones, 

ut et ejusdem Lexicon Cselianum. ^^"^Amst. 1709. 
AURJXIANUS (cjbsar) Epistolade Officio Tribuui Militum. 4* 

Ven. 15^. 
AURELIANUS (gentianus hervetus) v. alexander Aphrodi^ 

AURELII (luoov.) v. torsellini. 
Della RiMlione de' Boemi contro Matthia e Ferdinando 

Jmperatori, Historia. 8° Rotn. 1625. 
AURELIUS (abrah.) In Nuptias iUustr. Principis Frederici V. 

Comitis Palatini ad Rhenum, &c. et £lizabet;ha& magni M. B. 

Regis filio^, Epithalamium. 4® Lond. 1613. 
■ luhus^ sive de Patientia Liber poetica meta^phrasi expli* 

catus. 40 LonJ.1632. 

Theses Logicae de Medio Dcmonstrationis. 4® Li^c/. 

Bat. 1696. 
AURELIUS (coRNELius) Batavia, sive de antiquo veroque ejus 

Insuls quam Rhenus in Hollandia facit situ, descriptione, & 

laudibus, adversus Gerardum Noviomagum, Libri duo. 9* 

Lugd. B.1586. 
AURELIUS (jULiANus) Lessigniensis. De Cognominibus Deorum 

Gentilium, Libri tres. 8" Franc. 1696. 
■■ Thcologia Mythologica^ ex doctiss. virorum promptuario 

in coinpendiuin congesta, labore Pictorii VilL 8" Franeq. 1696. 
AURELIUS (marc. ant.) v. antoninus. roseo. 
AURELIUS (ioannes robertus) Sententiarum luris Libri qua- 

tuor. fol. Lut. apud Vascos. 1557. 




AURELIUS (sBXTus) Victor, v. victor. 

AUREOLUS (PET.) Vcrherhii. Commentarioruin in primum Li- 

brum Sententiai-um, Pftre prima fol. Rom, 1596. 
■| g * ■ Commentariorum in secundum Librum Sententiarum 

ToiQUs Secundus. fol. Rom. 1606. 
AURLA. (viifcBNio) Deir Originc cd Antichita di Cefalu Citta- 

piacentissima di Sicilia, Notitie Historichc. 4^* Paltrm. 1656. 
— — La VeriU Historica svelata. 4'» Palerm. 1703. 

La Sicilia Inventrice. 4« Palerm. 1704. 

AURIEMMA (gio. dom.) Breve Compeodio di Mvsica. 4<> Neap. 

AURIFABER (andreas) v. phjemon. 
AURIFERiE ARTLS, das ist der Goldtkunst die man Chemiam 

Dcnnt vhr akeste Authores und aniUnger : oder Turba Philo«o- 

pborum. 12^ Franc^f. 1608. 
AURIGALLUS (matth.) Compcndium Hcbraeee Grammaticcs. 4* 

Hag. 1595; , 

■ De Hebraeis Urbium, Regionum, Populorum, Flumi- 

num, Montium, &, aliorum locorum Nominibus Liber, editug 

in lucem a Matthteo Aurogallo, iam denuo ab autore locupleta- 

tus. 89 Bas. I5i9. 
AVRIL (fh.) Voyage en divers Etats d^Europc & d^Asie entreprit 

pourdecouvrirunnouveau chemin 4la Chine. 8** Par. 1693. 
AuRlViLIUS (oLAus o.) De discriminc Juatiftcationis ct Sancti- 

ficaUonis DisserUtio. 4« Holm, 1706. 
AURORA, or a Dawne of Day-Light. 4^ Lond. 1648. 
AUSFELD (JOH. CHR.) v. ettmuller. 

Disp. Inaug. Med. de Pleuritide. 4P Jen. [1681.] 

AUSMA (micolaus de) Supplementum ad Summam que Magis^ 

trutia, seu Pisanella, vulgariter nuncupatur. 8^ (ckar. goth.J 
AUSOLES (jACORus d') v. auzolbs. 
AUSONIUS (decius magnus) v. aristoteles. cato. pbtronius. 

Opera. 8« Ven. t» md. Aldi. 1517. 

tertig fer^ partis complcmento auctiora. 8* 

Lugd. 155a 

ad varia, vetera^ nouaqac excmplaria» emen* 

data commentariisque iilustratt per Eliam Vinctum. 4^ Burd. 

a Jos. Scaligero & Ella Vineto dcnu6 recognita^ 

& variorum notis illustrata. l^*' Genev. 1588. 

16«» Genev. 1595. 

ex recogn. los. Scaiigeri. 16® Lugd. B. 1605. 

16» Lugd. B. 1612. 

16^ Amst. 1631. 

- ex recensione lacobi Tollii, cum Integrii 

Scaligeri, Mariang. Accursii, Freh«ri> Scriverii, sdectis Vineti, 
Barthii» Acidalii, Gronovii^ Grsevil, aliorumque notis. 8^ Amtt. 

Edyllionde ResurrectioAc Dominica, a Francisco Syluio 

cxpositum. 4® in ad. Asecns. 1518. 

A U S 

AtJSONlUS (dfciusmaonus) Moi^lla; cum commentaria Marqt 
Freheh, in f\uo, prteter Ausouii, multa Auctorum aliorum> mulu 
veteris Germanis, illustrantur & explicantur. fol. 1619. 

AUSTEN (anor£ab) De Cometarum phenomenis. 4^ Brcmm* 

^USTEN (RA.) A TreatiFC of Fruit-Trecs. 4» Oj^, 1653, - 

4° Oxf. 1657. 

The Spirituall Use of au Orchard or Garden of Fmit* 

Tree8. 4» Oj;f. 1657. 

Observations upon soroe part of Sir Francis Bacon's N»-. 

turall Hi8tory as it coiiccrnes Fruit-trees, Fruits, and Flowers. 
4° Oxf. 1658. 

AUSTEN {Sir robert) The Case of Sir Robert Austen and Sir 
Rol)ert Fumese, Petitioners for New-Romney in ihe County of 
Kent. fol. 

AUSTIN and the Monksof Banfcor. fol. Ltmd. 171B. 

AUSTIN (bp.njat«in) Scripture Manifestation of the eqoality of 
tbe Father, Sonne and Holy Ghost. 8* Lond. 1650. 

AUSTIN (john) A zealous Sermon preacbed at Amsterdam by 
a Jew, whose ikame is Not-Rub^ it beine a Hebrew word you 
must read his name backward. 4® Amu. 1642. 

AUSTIN (eobert) d.d. AUegiance not impeached : viz. by the 
Rirliamenls taklng up of Arms (though against tlie Kings per- 
sonall command») ibr the just defence of the Kings person, 
crown, and dignity, the Laws of the Land, Liberties of the Sub-> 
ject : yea they are bound by the Oath of their AUegiance» and 
trust reposed in them to doe it 4P Lond. 1644. 

■ The Pariiaments Rules and Directions concerning Sa- 
cramentall knowledge, drawn into Questions and Answers. 12* 
Lotid. 1647. 

AUSTIN (samuel) A Practical Catechisme, of purpose framed 
' for the help of such as desire to enjoy more sweet and intimate 

Soul-communion with Jesus Christ in tbat sacred Ordinance of 

his own Supper. 12^ Land. 1647. 
AUSTIN (william) v. creenwood. 
AUSTIN (wiLL.) HiBC Homo, wherein the Excellency of the Cre- 

ation of Woman i^ describedf by way of an Essay. 12^ Lond^ 

" ' 'EviXrifjna tmi : or the Anatomy of the P^stilence^ s 

Poem, in three Parts. 8« Lond. 1666. 
AUSTINE (robert) d.d..v. AUfiTiN. 
AUSTRIA. Anhaiig zu des^ M. Z. Anno 1649. getrucktcr Topo- 

graphia Proviuciarum Auatriacarum. fol. Frunc, 1656. 

■ Germania A^striaca^ seu Topogra})liia omnium Germa- 
niae Provinciarum augustiss. Domui Austriac« basreditarto jure 

. «ubjectarum. foL Vien. Aust. 1701. 

Les Droits de l'Augufte Maison d' Autriche sur la Mo- 

narchie d*Espagne. 8° 1701. 

Jus Austriacum in Monarchiam Hispanicam af«ertum ; 

juxtaexemplarimpressum Viennae AuatriflB A. 1701. 8^ RattslH 


A V V 

AUSTRIA (Dm John oj) v. pais-bas. 

AUSTRIACUS (albertus) c. beyerlinck. 

AUSTRIUS (sEB.) De Infantium sive Pucrorum morbonim & 
symptomatum di^notione, tum Curatione, Liber, ex Grscorum 
Latinorum & Anibum placitis atque scilis diligenter erutus, con- 
cinnatus & in publicam utilitatem editiis a Sebastiano Austrto. 
^ Bas. 1540. 

AUTEROCHE (chappe d') Voyagrc en Siberie fait par ordre 
du Roi en 176L 4 tom. 4» Par. 1768. 

AmrL 4^ Lond. 1770. 

A Voyage to Califomia to observe the Transit of Vcniw, 

wilK an bistorical description of tbe autliours route : also a Vov- 
- age to Newfoundland and Saliee to make experiments on Mr. 

Le Roy^ Time Keepers, by M. De Cassini. S^ Lond. 1778. 
AUTHER (john) A Funeral Sermon occasioned by the death of 

Mr. John Wright. 8» Lond. 1731. 
AUTEURS. Auteurs deguiscz sous des Noms etranger», cm- 

pnintez,supposez,feint8 d plaisir, chiflrez, renversez, retoumefy 

ou changez d'une langue en une autre. 8^ Par, 1690. 
Caractcres des Auteurs anciens & modemes, et les Juge- 

raens de leurs Ouyrages. 12® Par. 1704. 
AUTHORS. The Court Authors displayU 8« Lond. 1731. 
The Case of Authors by Profession or Trade stated. 8® 

Lond. 1758. 

An historical and critical Account of tlie Lives and 

Writings of the living Authors of Great Britain. 8* liOnd. 1762. 
The Case of Authors and Proprietor» of Books. fol. 

AUTOLYCnUS. Avtolycidc Sph«ra qua* moVetur Libcr, scho- 
Lis antiquis & fii^uris illustratus, de Vaticana Bibliotheca de- 
promptus. Lai. Josepho Auria Neap. interprete. His addit» 
«int Maurol^xi annotationes. 4® [Rotn. 1587.] 

AUTOMNE (bern.) I^ Conference du Droict Fran^ois avec le 
Droict Romain. 4« Par. lOlO. 

AUTON (JEAS D*) Histoire de Lovyg XL Roy de France, ct des 
choses memorables aducniies de son Regn^, depuis Tan 1460 
iusques k 1483 : autrement dicte la Chroulque Scaudaleuse. 4^ 
Par. 1620. 

AUTONIACUS (jANus) v. galenus. 

AUTUMNUS (B.) r. juv£naus. 

AUTUN (jAQuEs) L'Incredu]ite s^avante & la Creduht^ ig;no- 
raute^ au sujet des Magiciennes & Sorciers : avec la Response d 
un Livre intitule Apologie pour tous )es grands personna^ qui 
ont este faussement soup^onnesde Mag^e. 4^ Lyon, 1671. 

AV VALORATI. Arlaserse, Drama per Musica da rappresentarsi 
nel Teatrodi Livorno TAnno 1706. 8« Liv. 1706. 

L'Arte iu Garra con VArte, Drama per Musica. 8® Liv. 


L^Astarto Drama per Musica da rapprescntarsi nel 

Teatro d^ S. Sebastiano in X-ivorno. 8® Livorn. 1710. 
AVVERBI. Degli Awerbi ItaUani ed'altre voci al loro uso con* 
cenienti Libretto. 8* Lond. 172:3. 

A Y E 

AUVERGNE (anne marie d') Secueil de Secrets touchant fii 
Medecine pour les Maladies & les Playes. 3 tom. 8^ Por. 

AIJVERGNE (hknridbla tourd') VUt^. de Turame, tf. buisson. 


AUVERGNE (pbiuppe d') {Tieces relative$ a la Succemon au la 

souuerainte du Duche de Bouillon. 4® 1791.] 
AUVIGNY (m. d') Les Vies des Hommes illustres de la France 

depuis le commencement de k Monarchie jusqu'i present 27 

tom. 12« 1739. 
AV VRAY. Censure d'un liTre &c. que le lac. Sirmond a publi^ 

&c. 8« Par. 1644. 
AWRY (jean) L'£nfance de lef^us, et sa Famille honorte en 

la Vie de S. Marguerite du S. Sacrement, Religieu:;e« Carmelite 

du Monastere de Beaune. 8^ Par. 1654. 
AUZOLES (lAcoBus d') Sancta Domini Nostri lesu Christi 

Evangelia secundum ETangelistas. fol. Par. 1610. 
AUZOUT (adr.) Lettre a Monsr. L'Abb^ Charks sur le " Raggv- 

aglio di dve mwte Overvationi, fyc^ da Giuaeppe Campani/* rtcc 

dtt Remarques. 4® Par. 1665. 
■ L'£phemeride du nouveau Comete. 4* 1665. 
Extrait d^une Lettre du 38. Decemb. 1666. i Mr. OU 

denburgy touchant la maniere de prendre les Diametres des 

Planetes. &c. 4* Par. 1667. 
AXFORD (john) Hidden Things Intmgfat to light for the increase 

of Knowledge in readiog the Bible. 8^ Lomd. 
' ■ ' Philosophical & AstrotogTcal rare Secrets brought to 

liffht for the good of Mankind. ^9 Lond. 1693. 
AXHOLM. A brief Remembrance when the Report conceming 

tfae pretended Ryot in the Isle of Axholm shall be read, 

humbly tendred to every individual Member of IWliament. 

fol. [1653.] 
AXT (samuel) De Locustis Biblicis^ & sigillatim de ATibus Qnad- 

rupedibus, exLeTit. xi. com. 20. 21. & 23. Dissertatio. 4^ ViutHb. 

AXTELL (daniel) The Tiryall and Condemnation of Col. Daniel 

Axttrll, Col. Francis Hacker, & Capt. Hewlet : tosether with 

tfaeir severall Pleas, and the Answers thereunto. 4* Ijond. 1660. 
AXTIUS (JOH. coNR.) DisserL Med. de Pleuritide. Af" Helm. 


*' Tractatus dc Arboribus coniferis et Pice conficienda, 

aliisque ex Arboribus provenientibus. Acoessit in fine Epistola 
de Antimonio. 12<^ Jen. 1679. 

' Dissert. Med. loaug. dc Paracentesi in Hydrope. 4* 

Helm, 1670. 
AYALA (OABRiEL Dx) Carmen pro Tcra Medicina. 4^ Aniv. 1562. 
De Lue pestilenti Elegiarum liber unus. 4^ Amv. 


Popularia Epigrammata Medica. 4® Antv. 1562. 

AYALA (cBROKiMO de) Principioa de Cinigia. A^ VaL 1693. 
AYi:£N Akbtry, v, akber. 


A Y M 

AYLESBURY. The Copy of a Letter fi-om Alisbury directed ti 
Col. Hatnpden, Col. Guodwin, and read in both Houses of Par- 
liaoi^nt May 18. 1643. 4» Lond. 1643. 

■ Pro Aris & Focis : or a Vindication of the Proceedings 
of tbe Commons on the Writs of Habeas Corpus and Writ qf 
Error in the case of the Aylcsbury Men. fol. 1705. 

AYLESBURY (thomas) Diatribe de selerno divini Beneplaciti 
«irca Creaturas intellectuales Decreto. 4* Cantab, 1659. 

AYLET (r.) Divine and Moral Speculations in metrical Numbers^ 
upon various subjects. 8^ Lond, 1654. 

I)evotions.viz.^«£V-- } Prayer.8.W1655. 

AYLIFFE (john) lud. Theantient and present State of the Uni- 
versity of Oxford. 2 vol. 8» Lond, 1714. 

■ Parergon Juri» Canonici Anglicani, or a Commentarjr 
by way of Supplement to the Canons and Constitutions of the 
Church of England. fol. Lond. 1726. 

A new Pandect of Roman Civil Law as anciently esta* 

blished in that £mpire, and now receivtd and practised ia 
most European Nations. fol. Lond. 1734. 

The Law of Pled^es and Pawns as it was in use among 

the Romans. 8« Lond. 1732. 
AYLIFF£ (john) Esqr. Ttie Case of the Orphan and Creditore 

of John Ayhfiej £sqr. for thc Opinion of the Pubhc. 8^ Ldnd. 

AYLM£R (john) BUhop qf London. v. strype. 
AYLM£R (william) A Recantation Sermon against the Errort 

of Popery, particularly Tran«ul)stantiation, preached iit St. Mar- 

tins in Oxford. Sept 20th. 1713. 8« Oa/. 1713. 
AYLOFFE (Str joseph) Calendars of the ancient Charters, &c. 

and of the Welch and ScotishRoUs now remaining in thc Tower 

of London. 4* Lond. 1772. 
* An Historical Description of an ancient Paintin|f at 

Cowdry in Sussex the Seat of the Rt. hon. Lord Viscount ^fon* 
' tague. 4» Lond, 1778. 
AYLWIN (THOMAs)^ff^/f/ir. Disp. Med. Inang. de Nephritide* 

4'' Li^d. Bat. 1682. 
AYM£^ (isAAc) Trichiasis admodum rara; seu Observatio Pilo-. 

rum Abdominis Fistula & Alvo per plures annos redditorum. 

8^ Lond. 1684. 
AYMES (john) A rich Storehouse, or Treasurey for the diseased. 

12* Lond. 1670. 

12» Lond. 1676. 

AYMON (Le Sieur j.) Diosrirometre qui peut miirquer fort juste 

le changement des Longitudes ct dcs LatituJt^s sur tous les 

batimens de la Mer, en tout Ueu^ a toute iieure^ & quelque tems 

qu^il fassc. Machine inventee par le Sieur J. Aymon. 4® Haye, 


■- Monumens authentiques de 1a Religion des Grecs, et 

de Fausete de plusieurs Confessions de Foi des Chrctiens Ori* 

entaux. 4« Haue, 1708. 

5 KX^QI^ 

A Y R 

AYMON (Le Sieur j.) Lettre du Sieur Aymon a Mons. N ♦ * •. 
4» Haye, 1707. 

— ^ Lettres, Anecdotes, et Memoires du Nonce Visconti, 

Cardinal Preeonifi^ & Ministre Secret de Pie iv. & de ses crea« 
tnres au Cbncile de Trente. Iial. Fr. 2 tom. 8^ Amsi. 1719. 


AYMUS (baptista) Tractatus de Fluviorum alluvionibus, dcqMe 

lis quce ex Alluvione nascuntur commodis & incommodis. foL 

Ven. 1581. 
AYN (geo. henr.) Dissert, Inaug. de raris Morbis. 4® HaL Mag* 
AYRAULT seu iERODIUS (petrus) Petri Aerodii ludicis Quies- 

tionum Andiumque Ducis Libell. Mag. I. C. Decretorum Lib, 

VI. Itemque liber singularis de Origine el Auctoritate rerum 

judicatarum. 8" Par. 1573. 
^' L*Ordre & Instruction Judiciaire dont les anciens Grecs 

& Romains ont us^ es accusations pubiiques confere au style & 

usage de nostre France. 4* Par. 1576, 

4« Par. 1588. 


Rerum ab omni Antiquitate ludicatarum Pandectse. fol. 

Par. 1588. 

Des Procez faicts au Cadaver, aux Cendres, d la Me- 

moire, aux Bestes brutes, choses inanim^es & aux Contumax, 
Liure iiii. dc TOrdre^ Formalite, et Instruction ludiciaire. 4* 
Angers, 1591. 
■ A Discourse for Parents honour and auihoritie : donc 

into £n;(lish by lo. Budden, ll.d. 8^ Lond. 1614. 
AYRAY (jAMfcs) A Sermon preached at Welde House» in his 
. Exceilency the Spanish Ambassador's Chapel Dec. 12. 1686. 

8« Lond. 1686. 
AYRER (cHRisT. HENR.) Apologia, sive, Defensio Medicinse ra^ 

tionalis, contra Empiricos, Vromantes^ Circumforaneos et afios. 

4« 1593. 
■ " Methodica ct suecincta Inforroatio Medici Practicam 

. aggredientis. 8^ Franc, 1594. 

Regiment und Ordnung wie sich vor den Seuchen der 

C7 f7 

Pestilentz und roten Ruhr zu Verwahren. 4** Onoltzh. 1607. 
AYRER (cHRisT. sEBASt.) Disput. Medica de Dysenteria. 4® WV- 

teh. 1630. 
AYRER (lo. CHRisT.) srZTHIir Medica de Morbo Ungarico. 4» 

' ©i»p»i/x«Ta l«Tp*jta de Di£ferentiis Alimentorum et Mcdi- 

camentorum. 4® Ahd. [1677.] 

Disp. Med. Inaiig.dePalpitationeCordis.4M/<(/.[1678.] 

AYRER (jou. GuuELMus) Dissert. Med. de Vena Ports. 4® AUd. 


De Scitrho llepatis. 4* 1687. . 

AYRERUS (lAC.) Tractatio meibodica et accuratissima in quade 

triplici genere Homicidiorum tractatur. 8° Franc. 1604. 
AYRERliS (imman) Disp. Inaug. Med. de Vermibus Intestino- 
. rum. ^^ Jena:. 1670. 
AYRES (phil.) r. £sopu^» salas. 


A 2 E 

AYRMANNUS (christ. frid.) Albii Tibulli Equltis Romani Po^ 

etanimque Elegiacorum Principis Vita. 8^ Vitch, 1619. 
AYSCOUGH (francis) d.d. A Sermon before the Houseof Com- 

DXHis Jan. 30 173|; being the Anniversary of the Martyrdom 

of Kirig Cbarles I. 4<> Lond, 1736. 
— — A Scrmon pneached at ihe triennial Visitation of the 

Lord Bishop of Lincoln, July ^. 1752. at Hemel-Hempstead 

in Hertfordshire. 4" Lond. 1753. 

A Discourse against Self-Murder. Preached at South 

Audley Chapel, Jan. 12. 1755. 4<> Lond. 1755. 
AYSCOUGH (geo. edw.) Semiramis a Tragedy, as it is acted ai 

the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. 8* Lond. 1776. 
AYSCOUGH (jAMEs) A short Account of thc £ye and Nature of 

Vision. & Lond. 1754. 
AYSCOUGH (samuel) A Catalogue of the Manuscripts preserved 

in the British Museum hitherto undescribed ; consisting of (ive 

thousand Volumes : includin^ the CoUections of Sir Hans Sloane 

Bart the rev. Thomas Bircb, dd., and about five hundred Vo^ 

himes bequeathed, presented, or purchased at various times» 

2 vol. 4« Lond. 1782. 
■ ' An Index to the remarkable Passages and Words made 

use of by Shakspeare^ calculated to point out the diflerent mean* 

ings to which the Words are applied. 8® Lond. 1790. 
AYS^U (edward) A Historie of the Warres, Treaties, Marriap^ei 

and other occurrents bctweene England and Scotland, from Kmg 

William the Copqueror vntill the happy Vnion of them both in 

our gracious King James. 4^ Lond. 1607. 
AZALUS (poMPiLius) Liber de omnibus Rebus naturalibus qu9 

continentur in Mundo. fol. Ven. 1544. 
AZARA (fblix de) Voyages dans rAmerique Meridionale : pub- 

li^ d^apres les Manuscripts de rauteur par C. A. Walckenaer ; 

ennchia de Notes par G. Cuvier. 4 tom. 8^ Pc^r. 1809. 

CoUection de Plabches. 4* Par. 1809. 

AZARA (i. N.) V. HOR^Tius. 

AZARIAS (n.) Ben Ephraim Pigo. Giddtile Tenima, i. e. Mag- 

nifkentie Oblationis. Commentarius in Librum Teremotb, seu 

Oblationes. fol. Ven. 
AZEVEDO (JUAN VELASQUEZ de) E1 Fenix de Minerva, y Arte 

de Memoria. 4? Madr. 1626. 
AZ£V£DO (luis marinho d') Primeira Parte da Funda^ao An- 

tiguidades e Grandezas da mVi insigne Cidade de Lisboa. fol. 

Luh. 1652. 
— Commentarios dos valerosos Feitos que os Portvgezet 

obraram em defensa de sev Rey & patria na guerra de Alentejo. 

4« Ush. 1644. 
AZ£V£DO (pedro de) Carlos Reduzido, Inglaterra illustrada* 

Poema Heroico. 4® lAsb. 1716. 
AZ£V£DO (petrus) An sola Cognitio Morbi^ inventio remedii } 

4» Par. 1703. 
■^ An un& tantiim alimenti specie utentis robustior sanitas ? 

*• Par. 1704. 

A Z Z 

AZIMUTH. Sci<Jg:raphia FaciJis seu Instrumenti Azymuthalit 

Descriptio et Usus. 4* Jen. 16l!2. 
AZIN (d') Nouveau Sisteme sur la raaniere de defendre les Places 

par le moyen de Contremines. Ouvrage posthume. 12® Par. 

AZON. Suroma Domini Azonis super aovm libris Codicis ac 

quatuor Institut. fol. Papie. 1484. 
AZORES. A Report of the Truth of the fight about the Ilcs of 

A^ores this last Summerj betwixt the Revenge, one of her Ma« 

jesties Sbippes, and an Armada of the King of Spaine. 4® Lond. 

AZOW. Bcj?ehenheiten von Azow. 8* Petersb, 
AZPLIQUEI^A (maktinus ab) Manuale de' Confessori. 4** Vhu 


Lat. A^ Antv. 15S\. 
AZUNI (dominique albert) Histoire Geographiqne, Politique, 

et Naturelle de la Sardaigne. 2 tom. Sf^ Par. 1802. 
AZZARITUS (josEPHus) Lydius Lapis, seu, Epistola Chrysocri- 

tica, quA Aunim potabile ad examen vocatur. 4^ Ltfcii, 1664. 
AZZOGUIDIS (maccagnanus de) Bononien. De communi Opi- 

nione Libri tres. 8® Taur. 1562. 
AZZOLINI (isiDORO UGURciERi) Le Pompe Sanesi. 4*^ Pistota^ 

AZZOPARDUS (josEPHrs) Qua&stio Medica, an Febris ab ob* 

Btructionibus ? 4® Monsp. 1730. 



B A C 

&AADER (franz. xavier) Vom Warmestofle. 4« Wkn. md 

BAALEN (pEtRus van) Dissert Medica Ikiaug. de Cortice Peru- 

ViaDo ejusqUe iu Febribus intermittentibus usu. 4^ iMgd* Bai. 

BAAZIUS (joANNEs) Inventarium Ecclesiae Sueo-Gothonim» 

cootinens integram Historiam Sccles. Suec. Libris viii. descrip- 

tam. 4® Lincop, 1642. 
BABATIUS (joACHiMus) Diss, Mctaphysica de Causa per sc et 

per Accidens. 4^ Rffst, 1656. 
, BABENBERG (LUPOLbus de) De Juribus Regni & Imperii Ro» 

mani TraCtatus. 8^ BasiL 
BABENSTUBER (P. ludov.) Vindiciae PraBdeterminSitionis Phy- 

sicae recenter impugnats. 4** Salisb, 1707. 
BA6INGTON (williau) m.d. A Ncmt System ot Mineralogy^ in 

the ibrm of Catalogue. 4^ Lond. 1799. 
BABINGTON (zAGttARV) Advice to Grand Jurors in Cases of 

Blood. 6^ Lond. 1680. 
BABYLON. A Relation of the late Seidge> and takittg of the 

City of Babylrti by the Turke. 4» Lbnd. 1639. 

•— One Blow more at Bahylon. 4* Lond. 1650. 

BABYNET (hucues) La Maniere de Guerir les descentes du 

Boyau sans tailler, ni faire incision : avec les Preservatifsj, le Re^ 

gime de Vie^ & les Remedes tressouverains & eprouves. 12* 

Haye, 1630. 
BACA. A scandalous, libellous and seditious Painphlet> entituled 

the Valley of Baca, answered. 4* Lond. 1660. 
BA^AN {Don albaro de) Murqk (fSanta-Ouz. A Discourse of 

that which happened in the battell fougfat betweene the two 

Navies of Spaine and Portugall, at the Ilands of Azores^ Anno 

Dom. 15B2. 12^ Lond. 
■ ■■ Relat4on of the expougnahle Attempt and Coticiuest of 

thc Ylande of Tercera, and aU the Yland» thereto adjoynlng ; 
* don by Don Albaro de Bacan. 12* £or4. [1583.1 

Vot. h L i IkNRKmr 

B A C 

BACATELLUS (ludov.) Vita Reginaldi Poli, Cardinalia, ac Can- 

tuariensis Archiepiscopi. 12* Lond. 1690. 
BACCHANALIAN SESSIONS ; or the Contention ©f Liqiiors r 

with a Farewell to Wine. 4» Lond. 1698. 
BACCHANELLUS (joannes) De Consensu Medicorum in cu« 

randis morbis, Libri quatuor. Ejusdem de consensu Medico-' 

rum in cognoscendis Simplicibos liber. 12* Vm, 1553. 
■■ De Consensu Medic^nam in cognoscendis Simplicibaa 

Liber. W lAitct, 1554. 
BACCHETTONI (hier. leotpolii) Anatomia Medicinae Thcorc- 

ticffi et Practicee.Ministra, cantelisque in Praxi observandis il- 

lustrata. 4t Oenip. 1740. 
BACCHINALIA CCELESTIA, a Poem in praiseof Ponch : cbm- 

posed by the Gods and Goddesses in Cabal. fol. Lond, 
BACCHINIUS (bened.) De Sistris^ eorumque fig^ris ac dififeren- 

tia, Dissertatio. 4« Tmj.» ad Rh. 1696. 

" De Ecclesiastics Hierdrchife Originibus Dissertatio. 4* 

Muiina. 1703. 
BACCHIS (hieronymvs) De immortali GlorisD cupiditate Oratio 

Ffandsei de Simeonibua, baliita pro solemni Stuaiomra instais- 

ratjone in Basilica Catliecirali d Hieronymo Bacchis. 4® Patav*' 

BACCHUS op ziju' Troon. 8« Leid. 1715. 
!BACCI (andr.) Del Tevere della Natura et Bonta deir Acque k 

delle Inondationi^ Libri u. 8^ 

Ti Libri trc. 4» Ven. 1576. 

— — Discorso deir Alicomo. 8^ Fun'. 1582, 

I, . ■■ ■' ■' Laf. a Wolfg. Gabelchover : cui acceek 

sit alius, de magna bestia ab Antiquift Alce, Germariis Ellend 
. yocato^ Libellus, ab codem D. Andrea Baccio conscriptus. 8* 

Stutg. 1598. 
r ; Dc Venenis et Antidotis H^XtyoiAtf». 4* Rom. 1586. 

Le XII. Pietre pretiose, le quali pcr Ordine di dio ncl« 

. la santa legge, adornauanoi vestimenti dd sommo Sacerdote. 

Aggiuntevi il Diamante, Le Margarite, e rOro, poste da S. 
• Giouanni nelV Apocalisse, in figura della ceieste Gieruaalemme t 

con uu sommarioddl' altre pietre preciose. Discorso deli' Ali- 

corno. £t della gran Bestia detta Aice de gli Anticlii. 4* Rom* 


De Gemmis et Lapidibus pretiosis Trtctatus, non solum 

in Lat. sermonem e(Miiven»ua verum etiam utilissimis annotat. & 
observationibus auctior redditus, a Wolfg. Gabeichovero* 8* 
Francqf. 1603. 

De naturali Vinorum Historia, de Vinis Italiae, et de 

. Conviviis Antiquorum. foU Rom. 1597* 
i De Tbcrmis Libri septem. fol. Rom. lQf3l2. 

fol. Palav. 17 IL 

■ Notizie dell' Antica Cluana oggi $. Elpidto» e di molte 

! allre Clttd, e lji)oghi deii' antieo Piceno> i^accolte da Amice» 
. . Bacci celebre Scrittore del xv, aecolo. 4® Macer. IIIQ^, 
HACCI (pi^RB ^Acci|j[E«X ^htiin* I4 yi^ de &• Pbilippe Neri, 
-:ldf^^\a de la Congregation 4e rOratoire. S^ Par. 16$5. 

B A C 

BACCO (cNRico) £ffi;j^iecli tutti i Re' che hati dominato il ftearae 
di Napoti da Ruggiero I. Normanno insino ad oggi. fo]. Nap. 
• loOS. '^ 

n Regno di Napoli diviso in dodici Provincie : corretta 

k ampliata da Cesare d'£ngenio. 8^ Nap, 1618. 

da Gio. Pietro Rossi. 8« Niq>. 1629. 

BACHACZI£K (marc.) r. donatus. 

BACHAUMONT (pran^ois le coigneux db) Voyages de Met* 
sieurs Bachaumont et La Chapelle : aucuiel on a joint les Poesies 
du ChevaUier de Cailly , la Relation des Campagnes de Rocroi & 
de Fribourg, & les Visionnaires^ Com6die de Jean-des-Marets. 
8* Amst. 1708. 

BACHAUMONT {M. db) Memoires Secrcts, pour servir a Vi^B^ 
toire de la Republiauc des Lettres en France depiiis mdcclxiu ' 

• jiHmi^a nos Jours. 16 tom. 8® Lond. 1777-81. T 


fiACH£LORS. An Addrese to the Bachelors, hj a Bird at Bromte 

grore. 12* BitTn. 17d6. 
fiACHER (JOH. LUD.) Concio de Verbis quae leguntur in priora 

£pistola S. Pauli ad Coriath. cap. 3. vera. 19. 4» Lngd. B. 1669. 
fiACH£RUS (josephus) £xercitatiouum Physicarum Decinia^ de 

Mineralibus. 4*^ Francof. 1634. — 

BACH£T (cLAuDE GASP.) 8r. de Meurioc. Problemes plaisans et 

ddectables. 9* l^on. 1612. 
BACHGALLUS (mich.) Disp. Medica de Mania. 4« Jen. 1638. 
BACHIL£R (john) v. mornay. 

Cautions about Reformation. 4:^ 

BACHIMIUS (arnoldus) Pan-Sophia £nchireUca. 13^ NotOl 


BACHIUS (coNR. MicH.) Gratulatoriae Acclamationes in Honores 

ejus inaugurales. 4^ Maip. 1616. \ 

BACHMAIR (joHN james) A Complete German Grammar, in 

two Parts. 8« Ixmd. 1771. : 

BACHMANN (georg.) Dissertatio de Juris^ tim puUici qu&m 

prtvati, principiis et prsecipuis. 4® lipt. 1649. 
BACHMANNUS (joh. god.) v. hennin. 
Oratio Inauguralis de Hierosolyma Laude Terr». IP 

Ihdsk. Cliv. 1696. 
— . 16* 

• Theologia Naturalis, cum Prasfatione viri clariss. Salo- 

monis van Tii. 16* Lugd. B. 1704. 
SACHMANUS(cHRisTiANus) Melancholicos, Comoedia Nova. 8P 

Upt. 1611. 
BACHMANUS (geo.) £xercitatione9 Philosophic». 8* WUeb. 

1598. 1 

BACHM AY£R (wolpg. guil.) Disp. Inaug. de Singultu. 4« Aitd. 

[1696.] ^ ^ 

BACHON (ioannes) r. bacon. 

BACHON (rogerus) v. bacon. 


B A C 

BACHOT (estisnne) Apologie ou DefcnsepourlaSaignoecentra 
. les Calomniateurs» avec une Reponse au Libelle intitule " Ex* 

amen ou RaisonDementa sur rvsage de la Saignee/' 8^' Par^ 

■ Vesperiie et Pileusdoctoralis^ cum aliquot QusestionibuB 

, roedicia in utraroque partem agitatis. 8^ Par, 1675. 

Oratio habita in Scholis Medicorum. 8® Par. 1677. 

BACHOT (gaspard) Erreurs Populaires touchant la Medecineel 

Begime de Sant^. S^ Lyon. 1626. 
BACflOU (jean) La Philosophie Naturelle retablie en sa Purel^» 

avec le Traicte de rOuvrage secret de la Philosophie de Hermez. 

8» Par. 1651. 
*---! Divini Theorematis Quadraturse Circuh Demonstratiob 

8» Par. 1657. 
BACHOVIUS (geo. henr.) Dissert. Inaug. de Apoplexia. 4® Jbi. 

BACHSTROM (geo. fridO Disp. Inaug. de Plica Polonica^ Uth* 

uanic^ Koltun, Polonice Gozdziec. 4® Hafh. [172;$.] 
BACHSTROM (joh. frid.) Observatiooes circa Sconbutum ejus:- 

?ue indolem, causas, signa> et curam» institutse. 8® XMgd. B. 
■■ Nova ^tus Marini Theoria ; cui accedit Ezamen Acui 

MagneticsB spiralis. 12^ Lugd, Bat. 1734. 
BACK (abr. den) Disp. Med. Iimug. de Diets in curandis Alor* 

bis efficacia. 4^ Lug&. Bai. 1T05. 
BACK (JACOBUS de) Diss. de Corde. W Rotterd. 1648. 
■ 16^ Rotterd. 1660. 

BACK (sAMUEi. db) De Pradentii^ Oratiuncula Scholastica public^ 

habita Roterodami, quum e SchoJa Erasmiana a^ Academiam 

promoveretur mense Aprili md^xii. 4^ Rat. 1692. 
BACKER (coENELius) Dissert. Jurid. Inaug. de Pri/Kipiis Juris 

Nmture, Gentium, et Civilis. 4^ Lugd. Bat. [1714.] 
]BACK£R (joANNEs) Augustissimae Societatis Indiae OrientalisEn- 

BACKHAUSZ (aug. sey.) Disp. Inaug. de Amorelnsano. 4^ Jbi. 

BACKHUSIUS (m. tilbmannus) RectarAcad. Lipsiami. Ad Ex* 

equiasejus Invitatio. 4® [1611.] 
BACKSLIDERS. A serious Waming for all scparated Churches 

and Church-Members against Back-sliders, and a seasonable 

Caveat to all their foDowers. 4® Lond. 1653. 
y ■ ' Thuoder from Heaven against Backsliders and Apostates 

of the Times, in some Meditations on the 24 Chapter of Isaiah : 

bv W.A. 4«£omi. 1655, 
iBACKWELL (tbomas) An AnswertothoseQuestionspropoimded 

by the IVliam^nt to the Assembly of Divines touching Jiis 

Divinum in matter of Chiirch-GovernmenL 4® Lond. 1646. 
BACM£1ST£R Tlucas) Epicedia in Obitum ejus» scripta & missa 

^x incl^ Academia Jenensi. 4^ Rostoch. 1609. 


B A C 

BACMEISTER (matth. jac.) Disp. Inaug. Med. de Vesicatorio- 

ruiD prestanti in Medicina Usu. 4® Hal. Mag. 1727. 
BACMEISTERUS (jo.) Propositiones de Melancholia. ^^ Rost. 

BACMEISTERUS (joh.) Programmaquo Joannes Bacmeisterus 

ad inauguralem Actum Academicum publics Disputationi de. 

Podagra inviut. 4<^ Rosi. 1658. 
» Invitatio ad soiennem Actnm Disputationis Inauguralis 

?uam de Febre Quartana Georgius Wende instituet. 4® Rosi» 
BACMEISTERUS (matth.) Positiones de Scorbuto. 4<> Rost. 

■ Medicinse Practicae Generalis Pars prior, de Sanitatis 

. coDservatione & prsservatione. 4^ Rost. 1614. 
BACON (anthony) r. bjrch. 

BACON (francis) Baron of Verulam, Visc. St. Alban. v. mallet. 
>■ Opera omnia qus extant, Pbil6sophica, Moralia, PoU* 

tioa, Historica. His praefixa est Auctoris Vita. fol. Francqf. ad 
Mm. 1665. 

The Works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulamr Vis- 

count St. Alban, and Lord High Chancellor of England. 5 vol. 
4« Land. 1765, 

Operum Tomus primus ; qui continet de Dignitate & 

Augmcntis Scientiarum Libri ix. [a GuL Rawley.] foL Lond, 

Certaine Miscellany Works of tl)e Rigbt Hon. Francis 

Lo. Verulam, Viscount St Alban : published by William Raw- 
ley Jit>^ 4<> Lond. 1629. 

Operum Moralium et Civilium Tomus qui continet His* 

toriam Regni Henrici Septimi Regis Anglise, Sermones Fideles 
aive Interiora Rerum, Tractatum de Sapientid Veterum» Dialo- 
gum de Bello Sacro, et Novam Atlantidem^ ab ipso honoratiasimo 
Auctore, prseterquam in paucis Latinitate donatus; cura &fide 
Guihelmi Rawley. In boc volumine^ iterum cxcusi^ includuntuc 
Tractatus de Augmentis Scientiarum^ Historia Ventorum, His- 
toria Vitae & Mortis. foL Lond. 1638. 

Opuscula varia posthuma, Philosophica, Civilia, etTheo- 

logica, nunc primum edita, cura & fide GuilieUni Rawky. 8^ 
Lond. 165S. 

una cum nobilissima Auctoris Vita. 

Accessit & ejusdem Auctoris Dialogus de Bello Sacro. 12^ AniM» 

Les (Euvres Morales & Politiques de Messire Fran^oit 

Bacon, de la Version de J. Baudoin. 8^ Par. 1639. 

Sir Francis Bacon his Apologie in certaine ImpMtationa 

conceming the late Earle of Essex. 12^ Lond. 1604. 

4« Lond. 1649. 

The Twooe Bookes of Francis Bacon, of the Proficienoe 

and Aduancement of Leaming, diuine and bumane. To the 
King. 4'' Lond. 1605. 

»- 4» Osf. 1633. 


BACON (FHANCis) Baron of Verulam, Visc. Si. Aiban, Dc Digni- 

tate et Augmentis Scientiarum, ad Regem suuni, Libri<ix. 8® 

Argcnt. 1635. 

. 199 Lttgd. Bat. 1645. 

12» Lugd. Bat, 1652. 

■ ' Of the Advancement of Learning, or Ihe P^rtitions of 

Sciences, ix Bookes ; interpreted by Gilbert Wats. fol. Oxf. 

^ fol. Lond. 1674. 

Essaies. Religious Meditations. Placesof Perswasion and 

Disswasion. 12^ Lowi. 1606. 

The Essaies of Sir Francis Bacon Knight, the Kings 

SoUiciter Generall. I9f^ Lond. 1612. 

The Essayes or Co^selsi civill and morall, of Francis 

Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban. Newly written. 4® Lond. 

The Essayes or Covnsels, civill and moraH, of Francis 

Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban : newly enlarged. 4^ Lovd. 

The Essayes, or Covnsels, civill and morall, of Francis 

Lo. Venilam, Viscount St. Alban : with a Table of the Colonrs, 
or Appearances, of Good and Evill, and their Degrces, as places 
of Ferawasion and Disswasion, and their severall Faltaxes, and 
the Elendies of them. Newly enlarged. 4* Lond. 1639. 

The Essays, or Counsels, civil and moral, of Sir Francis 

Bacon : with a TaUe of the Colours of Good and Evil : wbere* 
unto 19 added The Wisdome of Uie Anciento. 12^ Lond. 1668. 
Essays^ Moral^ £conomical| and PoUtical. fol. Lond. 


Sermones Fideles, Ethici, Politici, CEconomici : sive 

Interiora Rerum. Accedit Faber Fortunse^ &c. 12® Lugd. Bat. 

12« Lf^. Bat. 1644. 

■ Lord Bacon^s Essays, or Counsels moral and civil : 

translated from the Latin by William Willymott ll.d. 2 vol. 
8<> Lond. 1720. 

Essays Moraux : trad. en Fran^ois par le Sieur Arthur 

Gorges, chev. Anglois. 16« Lond. 1619. 

Essays Politiques et Moraux : mis en nostre langue par 

J. Baudouin. 16« Par. 1621. 

Saggi Morali de Signore Francesco Bacono, con vn'a]tro 

suo Trattato della Sapienza degli Aiitichi^ tradotti in Italiano. 
8« Lond. 1618. 

Saggi Morali, Opera nuoua di Francesco Baccon, cor- 

retta, e data in luce dal 8ig. Caualier Andrea Cioli : et yn Trat- 
tato della Sapienza de d'/uitichi. 24« «n Bracciano. 1621. 

De Sapitntia Veterum Liber, ad inclytam Acadcmiam 

Cantabrigiensem. 12« Lond. 1609. 

— 12« Lond. 1617. 

12« Lugd. Bat. 1639. 

- W Lond. 1634. 


•B AC 

BACON (fra!<cis) Baron qf Verulam, Viic. St. Alban. The Wis^- 
dome of the ADcients : done into English by Sir Arthur Gorges^ 
Knu 13» Lcmd. 1619. 

La Sagease MysterievBe des Anciens : de la tradttciion 

de J. Baudouin. 16» Par. 1619. 

The Chargeof Sir Francis Bacon Knight^ bis MaiesUes 

Attoumey generall, touching Duels» vpon an information in tbe 
Star-cbamMr against Priest and Wrigbt : witb tbe Decree of 
tbe Sto-cbambCT in tbe same cause. v Ltmd. 1614. 

Hiftoria Naturalis et Experimentalis ad condendam Pbir 

losopbiam, sive^ Phsenomena Vniversi, quae est Instaurationis 
Magns Pars tertia. &^ Lond. 1622. 

Memoris bonoratissimi Domini Francisci Baronis de 

Venrlamio, Vice-Comitis Sancti Albani sacrum. 4* Land. 1626» 
Tbe Historie of tbe Reigne of King Henry tbe Seveotb* 

fol. Lond. 1629. 

■ fol. Lond. 1641. 

Lat. 12» Lt^d. Bai. 1647. 

Gall. [par La Tour Hotman.] 8» Par. 1627« 

Comiderations tovcbing a Warre witb Spalne. 4^ 1629. 
■ Gall. trad. par le Sieur Mavgars. 4* Par. 


Tbe Elementa of tbe Common Lawes of Eogland, 

brancbed into a double Tract. 4* Lond. 1630. 
4« Lond. 1636. 

■ Sylva Sylvarum : or a Naturall Historie. In ten Centu- 

ries. Publisbed by William Rawley DD. fol. Lond. 1635. 

fol. Lond. 1639. 

wbereunto is newly added tbe History 

Naturall and Expcrimentall of Life and Death» or of tbe Pro- 
longation of Life. fol. Loiid. 1658. 

-« whereunto b added 

Articlesof Enquiry toucbing Metals and Minerab, and tbe New 
Atlantis, as also tbe Life of tbe rigbt hon. Francis Bacon. foL 
Lond. 1670. 

the tentb Edition, in 

wbicb is ad^ed an Epitomy of another Piece of his Lordship^t 
Works intitled Novum Organum^ never bcfore publisbed in 
Eoglisb. fol. Lond. 1676. 
fol. LoTi J. 1677. 

Sylva Sylvarum, sive Hist. Naturalis^ et Novut Atlas. 

l^^" Lugd. Bat. 1648. 

12" Ama. ex Off. Elzev. 1661; 

Histoire Natvrelle. L^Atlas Nouveau. &* Par. 1631. 
New Atlantis. A Worke unfinisbed. fol. [1635.] 

fol. [lam] 

fol. [1662.1 

Lat. 12<^ Lugd. Bat. 1643 

■ ■ ■ ' New Atlantis : begun by tbe Lord Verubm, ViicouBt 
SU Albans, and continued by R. U. Esquire, wherein ia aiU 
fortb a Platform of Monarchical Govenunent* V Lo md , 1660% 

B A C 

BACON (francts) Baron qf Veruiam, Vite. Si. Alhan, Ldi Notk 
Telk AUahtide : trad. eil Fran^ois^ & coAtinu^ : avec des Re* 
flexions sur rinstitution & les occupations des Academies Fran« 
^se dea Sciencea & dea Inscriptions^ par M. R. 8® Par. 

— ^ — Historia Vitft et Mortis. \^ Lugd. Bat. 1696. 

. -12^ Amst. 1663. 

m ■ ■■■ * ^ adjecto in fine Indice : adcurante 

loh. Sigismundo Henningero. 8* Argent. 17 1$. 

Angl. [by Williain Rawley DD.] 12* Lmdi 


fol, Lmd. 1658. 

GalL par I. Bavdoin. 4<» Par. 1647. 

Hifftoria Naturalis & Experimentalis de Ventis, &c. 16* 

Li^d. Bat. 1638. 

12" Liigd. Bat. 1648. 

12* Amst. ex €ff. Elzev. 1662. 

Angl. by R. G. gent. 12* Lcmd. 1653. 

■ ■ '■ ■■' Certaine Consideralions touchin^ the better pacifica*' 
tion uk) edification of the Church of Bngland : dedicated to 
his most excelknt Majestie. 4* 1640. 
. — i^ith a itew Preface. 4® Lond. 1689. 

■■■ ' A wise and moderate Disconrse conceming Church«> 
Affiiirs : as it was written^ long since^ by the famous Authour 
of those Considerations wliich seem to have some reference to 
this. Now published for the common good. 4® 1641. 
■ Cases of Treason. 4* Lond. 1641. 

Three Speeches of Sir Francis Bacon Knight, then hi« 

Majesties Sollicitor Generall^ concerning the Post Nati, Nattn"- 
alization of the Scotch in England, [and thel Vnion of the 
Lawes of the Kingdomes of England and ScoUand* 4* Lond. 

A Speech delivered by Sir Francis Bacon in the lower 

House of Parliament quinto Jacobi, coneeming the Article of 
Natnralization of the Scottish Nation. 4^ Lond. 1641. 

A Speech used by Sir Francis Bacon Knt. in the lower 


House of Parliament by occasion of a Motioa conccming the 
Union of Lawes. 4® 

Ar Essay of a King, with an Explanation what manner 

of persons those should be that are to execute the Power or 
Ordinance of the King^s Prcrogative. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

The Learned Reading of Sir Francis Bacon, one of her 

Majesties leamed Counsell at Law^ upon the Statute of Uses t 
being his double Reading to the honourable Society of Grayes 
Inne. 4« Lond. 1642. 

with very full Notes and Explana* 

tions, and a copious Table of the Contents^ by WiUiam Henry 

Rowe Esqr. 8« Lond. 1804. 

— ^— Novam Organum Scientiarnm. 12® Lugd. Bat. 1645. 

12» Lugd. Bai. 1650. 

13« Amtt. 1660. 

[ ' - BACON 

B A C 

BACON (francis) Baron of Verulam, Visc, St» Aihan, Pars se*- 

cunda Operis quae dicitur Navum Organum, sive Indicia vera 

de Interpretatione Naturae. fol. 
— — — XVI. Propositions conceminpf the Reiqfn and Govem- 

ment of a Kin^r, propounded by Sir Francis Bacon, late Lord 

Chancdlour of England. 4<» Lond. 1647. 

The Remitines of the right hon. Francis Lord Vemlam : 

bein^ Essayes and scverall Letters to severall great Personai^es, 
and other rieces of various and high conceroment not hereto- 
fore published. 4^^ Lond, 1648. 

The Fehcity of Queen Elizabeth and her times, with 

otherthings. \& Lond. 1651. 

Scripta in Naturali etVniversali Philosophia. l^ Amst, 


The Mirrour of State and £k>quence, reprc^ented in 

ihe incomparable Letters of the famous Sir Francis Bacon ; 
with an ample and adrairable Accompt of his Faith, written by 
the express command of King James : together with the Char- 
ttcter of a tme Christian, and some other adjuncts of rare De* 
votion. 4<» Lond. 1656. 

ResuscitatiOy or Bringing into publick light severall 

Pieces of the Works, Civil, Historical, Philosophical, & Thco- 
logfcal, hitherto sleeping, of the right hon. Francis Bacon 
Baron of Verulam, Viscount Saint Alban : together with his 
Lordships Life. By William Rawley dd. fol. Lond. 1657. 

fol. Londi 1661. 

» fol. Lond. 1671. 

Articles of Enquiry touching Metals and Minerals. fol. 

Limd. 1662. 

Baconiana: or certain genulue Remains of Sir Francis 

Bacon. 8« Lond. 1679. 

Letters, jirritten during the Reign of King James the 

first; now collected and augmented with several Letters and 
Memoires, addressM by him to the King and Duke of Buck- 
ingham, which were never before published. [CoUected by 
Robert Stephens Esqr.l 4« Lond. 1702. 

The Advice of the Lord Vemlam, once Lord Keeper 

of the Great Seal of England, to King James I. for choosing hL» 
Privy Councillors. 12« Lond. 1715. 

Francis Lord Bacon ; or, the Case of private and na- 

tional Cormptioo and Bribery impartially consider'd : addressed 
to all South-Sea Directors, Members of Parhament, Members 
of State, and Church DigniUries. 8^ Lond. 1721. 

A Collection of the Proceedinirs in the House of Com 

mons against the Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, Lord 
CbancelkMT of England, for Cormption and Bribery ; with the 
several Debatei and Speeches in the House thereupon, by Sir 
Edward Coke» Mr. Rccorder Finch, Sir Robert Philips, &c. to- 
gether with the Judgement given by the Lords against the 
Lord Chancellor, A.D. 1620. 8» Lond. 

2d. edU. & Lond. 

VoL. L M m ^K&O^ 

B A C 

BACON (francis) 'Baron of Verulam, Visc. St.Alban. A Vindi- 
cation of the Lord Chancellor Bacon from the Aspersion of 
Inju8tice cast upon him hy Mr. Wraynham. 8® Lond. 1725. 

^ Letters and Remains of the Lord Chancellor Becon : 

colltfcted hy Rohert Stephens Esqr. 49 Lond. 1734. 

Letters^ Memoirs, Parliamentary Aifairs, State Papers, 

&c. with ' some curious Pieces in Law and Philoso^y^ pul^* 
lish'd from the Originals of the Lord Chancellor Bacon, hy 
Roh. Stephens £sq. with an Account of the Life of Lord Bacon. 
4» Lond. 1736. 

Original Letters and Memoirs written hy theLord Chan* 

cellor Bacon during the Reign of King Jamesl; many addrest 
to, the King^ the Duke of Buckingham, and other eminent 
persons: corrected and puhlished with Remarks by Robert 
Stephens Esqr. 4<^ Lofnd. 1736. 

Letters, Speeches, Charges, Advices, &c. of Francis 

Bacon Lord Viscount St. Alban, now (irst pubhshed by Thomas 
Birch DD. 8<^ Lond. 1763. 

Les Aphorismes du Droit» traduits de Latin de Measire 

Fran^ois Bacon, par I. Baudoin. 8^ Par. 

BACON (jAMEs) A plaine & profitable Catechisme^ whereunto 
is added a Sermon preached upon £xod. 23. %. 12* Oxf. 1660. 

BACON (joANNEs) seu baconthorpe. Quodlibeta, summa dili- 
gentia emendata, & noviter in lucem edita. Additis insuper 
Quotationibus marginalibus, una cum Tabula omnium & singu* 
larum Questionum in ipso opere contentarum : a Marco An« 
tonio Zimara compilatis. fol. Ven. 1527. 

_ Philosophia, ex scripto ejusdem Doctoris super qua- 

tuor Libros Sententianim collecta, in ordinem digesta, & expli- 
cata ab Hieron. Aymo. 3 tom. Aug. Taur. 1667-9. 

BACON,(john) Liber Regis, vel Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasti- 
carum : with an Appendix, containing prpper Directions and 
Precedents relating to Presetitations, Institutions, Inductions, 
Dispensations, &c. and a complete alphabetical Index. 4* Lond. 

BACON (matthew) A New Abridgement of the La|r. b vol. foL 
Lond. 1762-6. 

BACON {Mr.) An Ordinance presented to the Hon. House- of 
Commonsj by Mr. Bacon, a lAwyer in Sufiblke» and Mr. Taet« 
both of them Members of the same House^ and by their meanes 
was twice read, and referred to a Committee, pretended for pre- 
venting growing and spreading of Heresies. 4* Lond. 1646. 

BACON (nathaniel) An Historicall Discourse of the Unifonnity 
of the Govemment of England. The first Fart. From tbe first 
Umes till the Reigne of Edward the third. 4P Lond. 1647. 

■ The Continuatioii of an Historicall Discourse of the 

Govemment of En^and, vntill the end of the Reigne of Queene 
Elizabeth : with a Prefoce, being a Vindication of the ancient 
way of P&rliimenta in Englaiid. 4^ Lond. 1651. 


B A C 

BACON (nathanibl) An Historical and Political Discourse of 
the Law8 and Govemment of England, from the first times to 
the cnd of the Rdgn of Queen Eiizabeth : with a Vindication 
of the Ancient Way of Parliaments in England. Collected from 
lome Manuscript Notes of lohn Selden £sqr. by Nathaniel Ba* 
con of Grays-Inn Esqr. fol. Lond. 1739. 

■ Strange News from Virginia; being a fuU and true 

Account of the Life and Death of Natbaniel Bacon Esquire who 
was the only Cause and Original of all the late Troubles in that 
Country. 4® Lond. 1677. 

A Relation of the fearful Estate of Francis Spira, in the 

year 1548. 13» Lmd. 1678. 

BACON (Sir nicholas) Argvments exhibited in Parliament by 
Sir Nicholas Bacon whereby it is proved, that the persons of 
Noblemen are attachable by Law, for Contempts by them com- 
mitted in the right hon. Court of Chancery^ for disobeying the 
Becrees of that Court. 49 1641. 

■ The Rieht of Succession to the Crown of England *in 

tfae family of the Stuarts, exclusive of Mary Queen of Scots, 
learoedly asserted and defended by Sir Nicholas Bacon against 
Sir Anthony Brown: faithfully published from the original 
Manuscript^ by Nathaniel Boothe^ of Grays-Inn £sqr. 8" LDnd. 

BACON (robbrt) v. corbet. 

— — • The Spirit of Prclacie vet working : or, Truth from 
under a Cloud^ in a Relation of that great and publike Contes- 
tation had in Glocester^ July, 1644. Written then, and now 
publishedy as it were of necessity. Together with a Postscript» 
coataining some generall and perticular Observations upon 
Master Edwards his Gangrasna. 4® Land. 1646. 

The Labyrinth the Kingdom'8 m. 4* Lcmd. 1649. 

A Taste of the Spirit of God, and of this World, as 

they have appeared in oppositi6n heretofore, so now latest of 

an at New-Windsor. 4» Lond. 1652. 
BACON (rogerus) De mirabili potestate Artis et Naturse, vbi de 

Philoaophorum Lapide, F. Rogerii Bachonis Anglici Libellus. 4^ 

ap. Sim. Colinaum 1542. 
- Gall. per laques Girard dc Toumus. 12^ 

I^on. 1557. 

Libellus Rogerii Baconi Angli de retardandis Senectutis 

accidentibus, & de sensibus conservandis : Item libellus Vrsonis 
Medici, de primarum qualitatum arcanis k efifectibus. Vterq; 
affixis ad marginem notulis illustratus & emendatus, operd lo- 
hannis Williams Oxoniensis, cujus sequitur Tractatus rhiloso- 
phicus, de humorum numero & natura, complexionis» morbi^ 
perturbationum origine, caloris & humidi nativi virtute & mu- 
iiere in humano corpore^ & de aeris infecdone, vnd^ non rar6 
bumores & spiritus coinquinantur. 8^ Oxon, 1590. 



BACON (rogebus) Thc Cure of Old Agc and Preservation of 
Yinith, by Roger Bacon ; tran»lated oat of Latin by Richard 
Browne : also a Physical Account of tbe Tree of Life by £dw. 
Madeira Arrais; traml.from the Latin. B^ Land. 1683. 

— — The Mirror of Alchiroy. Also a most excellent and 
learned Disconrse of the admirable Force and Efficacie of Art 
and Nature, written by the same author; wtth certaine other 
worthie Treatises of the like Argument. 4^ Land. 1597. 

Le Miroir d'A1quimie: trad. de Latin en Frangois par 

un Gentilhomme de DVilphin^. 12^ Lyo». 1557. 

Sanioris Medicinae Magistri D. Rogeri Baconis Angli/ 

de Arte Chymiie Scripta. Cui acceaserunt Opuscid» alia eins- 
dem Authoris. I2f^ Francof. 1603. 

Specula Mathcroatica; in qua, de Specierum multipli- 

catione earundemque in inferioribus virtute agitur : opera & 
studio lohannis Combachii. 4® Francqf, 1614. ' 

Epistola de secretis Operibus Artis et Naturs, et de 

NuUitate Magie; operl lobannis Dee Londinensis» e pluribu» 
Exeroplaribus castigata olim, et ad sensum integrum restituta : 
nunc vero, a quodam verilatis amatore^ in gratiam rene scienti» 
candidatorum foras emissaj^cum notis quibusdam partim ipsku 
lohannis Dee, partim edentis. 8® Hamb, 1618. 

Frier Bac6n his Discovery of the Miracles of Art, 

Nature, and'Magick: faithfully translated out of Dr. Dees 
own Copy» by T. M. and never before in English» 12^ Lamd. 

Fratris Rogeri Bacon»Ordinas Minorum, Opns Majas ad 

Clementem quartum» Pontificem Romanum : ex MS. Codice 

DuUiniensi, cum aliis quibusdam coUato, nunc primum edidit 

S. Jebb^ M.D. fol. Lond, 1733. 
BACON (thomas) A Compleat System of the Revenuc of Ireland, 

in its several branches of Import, Export, and Inland Duties. 8^ 

Dubi. 1737. 
BACON (william) A Key to Helmont; or, a Short Introduction 

to the better understandine of the Theory and Method of the 

most profound Chymical Physicians. 4^ Land. 1682. 
BACONTHORPE (joan.) v. bacon. 
BACQUERE (bened. de) Senum Salvator^ salutaria suggeren» 

Media^ per qu» quis de Senectute bona transeat in Juf entutem 

perpetuam. 8« CoL Agr. 1673. 
' Senum Medicus^ quoedam prsscribens observanda, ut 

sine magnis molestiis aliquousque Senectus protrahatur. 8® CoL 

Agr. 1673. 
BACaUEVlLLE (ifcf . de) dt la Potherie. Histoire de l'Amerique 

Septentrionale. 4 tora. 8« Par. 1722. 
BADDAM (Mr.) Memoirs of the Royal Society ; being a New 

Abridgement of the Phiiosophical Transactions. lOvoL 8^ 

Land. 1739—1741. 
BADD£L£Y, v. steelb. 



BADE (joce) La Nefdes Folles selon les cinq ses de Nature, com^ 
poses selon leuagille de moseigneur saint Mathieu des cinq 
Viergea qui ne prindret point duylle auecques eulx pourmectre 
en leur» Lampes. (leit. gottj 4* Par. 

BAI>£L'(joHANBL£s) Disput. Medicarum De Ventriculo prima. 4* 
Erf. 1655. 

BADEN {Dr.) v. clerc. 

BADEN (torchillus) Roma Danica> harmoniam atque afHnitatem 
Linguse cnm Lingua Romana exhibens. 8^ Hi^fh, 1699. 

BAD£SLAD£ (thomas) The History of the ancient and present 
State of ihe Navigation of the Port of KinofVLyn, and of Cam- 
brid^ and the rest of the Trading-Towns in those parts : and oT 
the Navigable Rivers that have their course through the Great* 
Level of the Fens, called Bedford Level. AIso the History of 
tbe ancient and present state of Draining in that Level, in the 
Province of Marsh-land, and the Hundreds and parts adjacenL 
foL Limd. 1735. 

BADG£R (john) m.d. r. phtsick. 

■ ■■ An exact alphabetical Catalogue of all that have taken 

Ihe Degree of Doctor of Physick^ in our two Universities^ from 
tbe year 1659 io this present year 1695. fol. 

Doctor Badger^s Vindication of bimself from the ground- 

ksa Calumnics and maUcious Shuiders of some London-Apothe* 

caries. fol. [1701.] 
BAD1L£Y (bl) Reply to certaine Declarations from Capt. Sea^ 

men, Cap. £11» & Cap. Fisher. 4^ Land. 1653. 
' ' Answer vnto Capt. Appletcms Remonstrance : as alsa 

hb true Relation of what passed between the Great Duke of 

Tuscany, andbimselfe. 4® Land. 1653. 
BADILIUS (yalbrius) Tractatus de secanda Vena in Pueris vel 

ante xiv. JEtatis annuro. 49 Verona. 1606. 
BADINI (charles francis) II Disertore; a Comtc Opera. Ital. 

Bng. 8<» Land. 1770. 


BADLAND (thomas) r. white. 

BADOARO (piETRo) Orationi Civih' di Pietro Badoaro gid d^ 

dariasimo Signor Daniele nobile Yinitiano. 4® Ven. 1593. 
BADRESHITA (r. i.) Examen Mundi Hebr. Latina interprela- 

tione atque animadversionibus illostratum ab AUardo Ucbtmait- 

no. 8^ Lugd. B. 1650. 
BADT (marinus de) Disputatio Juridica Inauguralis de vulgari 

et pupillari Substitutione. 4® Lugd, JB. [1719.] 
BADUELLUS (claudius) De ratione Vits studiosfle^ ac litevatfl» 

in Matrimonioconocandae^&degendse. 4P Lugd.ap.Seb, Gryph» 

— cum Praefatione Gregorii Bersmani Anna^ 

bergensis. 8® Lips. 1577. 
BADUS (sebastianus) Anastasis Corticis Peruvise, seu Chins 

Cbins Defensio> contri Ventilationes Joannis Jacobi Cbiifletiiy 

Gemitusque Vopisci Fortunati Plempii, iUustrium Medicoruro. 

4^" Gen. 1663. 

B A G 

BADUS (sEBASTiANus) Phlebotomiffi Necessitas^ asserta a Sebasti* 

ano Bado, in Variolis^ Morbillis^ Exanthematis^ etiam apparen- 

tibus. 40 Gen. 1663. 
BJELTER (svENo) Specimeu Academicum de Helsingia. 4^ Ups, 

BA£RD£NB£RCH (bartholomsus a^) Disputatio Philosophica 

Miscellanea. 4^* UUraj. 1656. 
B^RIUo (nicolaus) Ornithophonia, sive Harmonia Melicanim 

Avium, juxta naturas, virtutes^ & proprietates suas, Carmine 

Latino-Germanico decantatarum, prseraissis eanmdem Iconibus. 

4« Brem. 1695. 
BA£RSDORP (cornelius a') Methodus vniverss - Artis Medica! 

formulis expressa ex gal. traditionibus scopos oes curantibus 

necessarios demdstras, 1 partes quinq; dissecta. fol. Brug, 1538. 
B^RTLING (geobg. henr.) Jus Principis in Subditos tempora* 

rios. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1689. 
BA£S (coRNELius) Disp. Juridic^nauguralis de Negotiis gestis. 

4« Lugd. Bat. 1703. 

BA^A (lodoicus) Numerandi Doctnna prfleclara methodo ex* 

pOsita, in qua breviter continentur & exponuntur apert^ ea, quae 

ex universa Arithmetica sunt ad vsum potiora. 8® Lutet, 1556. 
BAGAL£Y (humphret) His Petition to the Parliament of the 

Commonwealth. fol. [1654.] 
BAGAT£LL£. La Ba^telle : intended to introduce Children of 

three or four Years old to s>ome knowiedge of the French Lan» 

guage. 2 vol. 8^ Lond. 
• Bagatelle ; or, the Bath Armiversary. A Poem. 8* Lond. 

1793. . 

BAG£LARDUS (paulus) Opusculum recens natum de Morbis 

Puerorum, cum Appendicibus Maeistri Petri Toleti ex professo 

Medici. Sunt etiam nonnuHi additi Libelli perutiles^ hactenus 

desiderati. ^ Lugd. 1538. 
BAG£R£AU (nicolas) Deux Discours sur deux Questions illus- 

tres, accompagn^s de deux Epistres : avec un petit Discours, 

intitul^ Lepidus locus. 8^ Par» 1612. 
BAG£RUS (jouANNEs) De Fundamento Fidei et Salutis Disserta- 

tio IV. exhibens Doctrins Cathohcse de Hominis lapsu ejnsq; 

conseguentibus fundamentalem Declarationem. ^^Hqfit. [1691.] 
BAGET(jean) Osteologie. 8» Par. 1731. 
BAGG£NIUS (petrus) Reliquiarum Sanctuarium^ seu de Se> 

pukhro AltariSy £xercitatio. 4* Haun. 1704. 
BAGG£RUS (jobannes) Ostracismus leviter adumbratus, Bc, 

quantum fieri potuit, cum Petahsmo comparatos. 4® Londini 

Scmuyrum. 1670. 

Programma in Obit. Th. Bartolini. 4» Hafn. 1680. 

BAGLEY (joHANNEs) Anglus. Disput. Medica Inauguralia conti- 

nens Considerationes quasdam theoretico-practicas drca Foetum 

bmnanum. 4® Ukr. 1683. 
BAGLIONE (ASToaaE) v. sylvestiiani. 


B A G 

BAGUONE (Gio.) Le Vite de' Pittori, Scvltori, et ArchitetU. 

dal Pontificato di Gregorio XIII. del 1572. in fino a 'tempi di 

Papa Vrbano ottauo nel 1642. A^ Rom. 1642. 

4" Rom. 1649. 

BAGLIVUS (georgjus) Opera omnia Medico-Practica et Ana- 

tomica. Accedit Tractatus de Vegetatione Lapidum Opus de- 

aideratum, nec non de Terrsemotu Romano, & Urbium adja* 

oentium, Anno 1703. 4<^ Lugd. 1704. 
' De Praxi Medica ad priscam obsenrandi rationem rcvo- 

Ganda, Libri duo. Accedunt Dissertadones novee. 8*^ Rom. 1696» 
Spccimen quatuor Librorum de Fibra motrice et mor- 

boaa. 8» Uitr. 1703. 

Opuscula Duo. [Canones de Medicina Solidorum ad 

rectum Statices Usum : et Dissertatio varii Argumenti^ protif 
aimum vero de progressione Romani Terrsemotus ab anno 
M.DCCJII. ad annum m.dccv. ; De Systemate, & usu motus Soli* 
dorum in corpore animato; De Vegetalione lapidum, & analo- 
gismo circulationis Maris ad circulationem Sanguinis ; ad Pe-» 
trum Hotton.] 8» Lugd. B. 1707. 

BAGNO (timot. da) r. granada. 

BACrNOLINO (hieronimo) Opereta molto dignissima qual tratta 
de gli mirabel fatti de un cauallero detto Tebaldo Ferrarese 
contra de uno altro detto Gurato per amor de Filissctta figliola 
del Duca Borsa ne la qual se contien molte asprissime battaglie 
maxime fra il preditto Tebaldo, e Gurato, & un tomiamento 
amoroso-con altre historio^e fabule nel fiue la morte de Gurato 
in una uagha & ellegante rima nouamente colletta & composta* 
4^ Ven. 1522. 

BAGOLINUS(hieron.)p. alexaud-ek Aphrodisicnsia. philoponus. 

BAGOLINUS (joH.) v. alexander Aphrodisiensis.* 

BAGOLINUS (joh. bapt.) v. aristoteles. 

BAGSHAW (edward) £sq. 

— — Mr. Bagshaws first Speecb, with the Oath that is given. 
to Judges. Novemb. 7. 1640. 4<> Lond. 1641.' 

Speech ih ParHament February thc ninth 1640. con* 

ceming Episcopacy and the London Petition. 4*^ Lond. 1641. 
Two Arguments in Farhament, the first conceming the 

Cannons^ the second conceming the Premvnire ?pon those Can* 
mM. 4* Lond. 1641. 

Master Bagshaw his worthy Specch in Parliament, 

Feb. 18. 1641. conceming the passingof a Bilt for the disarm- 
ing of the Papists within Ihis kingdome. 4^ Lond. 1641. 

A Speech made by Master Bagshawe in Parliament 

conceraing the Triall of the twelve Bishops on Munday the se- 
venteenth of lanuary, Anno 1641 : as also the Articles now in 
agitation objected against them. 4® Lond. 1642. 

The Rights of the Crown of England, as it is esta- 

blished by Law. B» Lond. 1660. 

A Just Vindication of the questioned P^t of the 

Beadmg of Edwaid Bagshaw Esq. haa in the J^^iddle Temole 

B A G 

Hftn the d4th day of Febniaiy, being Munday, Anno Doni. 
1639. upon the Sutute of 25 £. 3. called Statutum pro Ckro, 
from all scandaious Aspersions wbatsoever. With a true Nar* 
rative of the Cause of silencing the Reader by the then Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, with the Arguments at large of those 
points in his Reading fbr which he was questioned at the Coun- 
. cil-board. 4* Land. 1660. 

BAGSHAW (eowabd) Siud. qf Ch. Ch. Oxf. v. baxter. estbangb« 
■ Dissertationes duae Anti-Socinianae : quibus adjicitur 

Discussio illius Quaestionis *' An bona infidelium opera sint 
peccata.*' Aff. 12« Lond. 1657. 

A practicall discourse concerning God^s Decrees: in 

two parts. 4« Ojf. 1659. 

A true and perfect Narrative of the Diflferences be- 

tween Mr. Busby and Mr. Bagshawe, the 6rBt and second 
Masters of Westminster-School : written long since, and now 
published» in answer to the Calumnies of Mr. Picrce. 4® Lmd. 

Saintship no ground of Soveraignty : or a Trealise 

tending to prove that the Saints, barely considered as such, 
«ught not to govern. 12^ Oxf. 1660. 

Exercitationes Dus ; altera Theologica, de Presbyteris 

& Episcopis ; altera Academica, de Philosophii veterum, ejus- 
que Usu: una cum duabus Orationibus ejusdem Argumenti. 
4« Land. 1661. 

A brief Treatise about the Spiritual Nature of God and 

of his Worship. 4<> Lmid. 1662. 

A brief Enquiry into the Grounds and Reasons where- 

upon the Infallibility of the Pope and Church of Rome is said 
to be founded. 4^ Lond. 1662. 

Signes of tbe Times : or Prognostics of future Judge- 

ments, wilh the way how to prevent them. 4' Lond. 1662. 
BAGSHAW (henry) dd. A Sermon preached at Madrid, July 

4th, 1666. S. N. occasioned by the sad and much lamented 

deatfa of Sir Richard Fanshawe. 4° Lond. 1667. 
A Sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, 

January xxx.'167|-. 4^ Lond. 1676. 
BAGSHAW (william) v. ashe. 
■ De SpirituaUbus Pecci. Notes (or Notices) conceming 

the Work of God» and some of those who have been workers 

together with God, in the hundred of the High Peak in Derby- 

shire. 129 Lond. 1702. 
BAGUETTE. Lettres qui dccouvrent rillusion des PhikMophes 

sur la Baguette, el qui dctruisent leurs Systetnes. 12® Par. 1696. 
BAGULEY. The true State of the Case of Mr. Baguley, in re- 

lalion to the Chappei he built in Great Queen-Street, near 

Lincolns-Inn-Fields, 1706. fol. Lond. 1707. 
JBAGWELL (william) The Distressed Merchant^ and the Pri- 

soners Comfort in Distresse. 4® Lond. 1645. • 

■ ■ A ftiU Discovery of a foul Conceahnent ; or a tnie 


B A J 

Narrative of ihe Proceedings and Transactions of the Com* 
luittee for the Accompts for the Commonwealth of En^land, 
with William Bagwell and John Brockedon Accomptants, Dis« 
coverers and Plaintifies against the Committee of Hartford» the 
Treasurer and Paymaster there in the year 1643. fol. Lond,\652, 

BAHR (joH.) Discursus Juris puhlici Historicus dc Germaniae in 
Circulos^ & precipue in sex Divisionis^ primisva origine. 4* 
GryphUew. 1710. 

BAHR (nic.) Fontanalia Sacra^ Fontes Naturse^ Gratise, & Glorise^ 
Coronationis honorc dignissimos aliquatenus eidiibentia. Gfcr//r. 
4« Brem. 1705. 

BAHRIUS (benbdictus) Pro Pace exulante Oratio, cui una cum 
aliis accessit Dissertatio de Virtute paranda. 4® La^d. Bat» 

BAIARDO (andrca) II Phi1o^'ne. Libro d'arme & d'amore in* 
dtolato Philogine del magnifico caualiero messer Andrea Baiarde 
Parmeggiano : nel quale si tratta di Hadriano & di Narcisa : 
delle gioBtre e guerre fatte per lui : & di molte altre cose amorose 
& degne nuouamente stapato. 8^ Vin, 1535. * 

BAIER (perd. jac.) Aleorjinus, Expositio veteris Inscriptionis de 
JSsculapio et Hygea Diis ^iXccvQ^uvqh, ad illifltr. Epist ad Tit. 
cap. iii. ti. iiii. 4« ^4//. [1725.] 

— — Theses Inaug. Med.de Morbisbenignis. 4* Alt. [1798.] 

BAIER (lOH. bAviD) Dissertationum Moralium de Terroribus 
CoQscientis Prima. 4» Jen. [1700.] 

Cicero Theologus. 4» Jen. [1700.] 

BAJER (joH. GuiL.) Norib. Socrates KOZMOITOAITH2, Ideam 
non umbratilis, sed veri Philosophi ac Pohtici reprssentans 
Oratione publica in incluta Altdorffinad. xvi. Jan. A. ci^i^clxvii. 
exhibitus. 4<> Altd. 

Disput. Philosophica de Pugna A£fectimm et Rationis. 

4* Altd. [1667.] 

Dissertatio Historico Theologica qu& Concilii Nicxni 

primi et Oecumenici autoritas atque integritasacriminationibus 
Danielis Zvickeri Monarchiani & Christoph. Sandii Ariani de-* 
fenditur. 4« Jena. [1671.] 
BAIER (JOH. GUiL.) CoUatia Doctrin» Pontificiorum et Protes* 
tantium Disputationibus xxviii. favente Deo in Academia Sa« 
lana Anno Christi cioidclxxxvi. Mense Jani6 & sequentibm 
in Auditorio Theologico publicae ventilationi expositis compre&. 
hensa. 4» Jen. [1686.] 

' Synopseos et Examinis Theologi» Enthusiastarum seu 

Qvakerorum prascipu^ Roberti Barclaii Scoto-Britanni IXsser* 
tationes quas extant quinque^ cum fragmento sexUe hactenui 
inedito. 40 Jena. 1701. 

Historia Mannoris Anc^rrani» Indicegi Rerum gestarum 

Augusti Imperatoris complexi. 4® Jena. [1703.] 

De Mathematum in Academias et Scholas Germanise 

superioris Introductione Schediasma. 4^ AUd. [1704.] 
BAJER (jo. JAC.) Eschxveco-Hasius. Positionum Medlcarum De* 
cades V. 4« Jen. [1691.] 

VOL. I. N D %k\!gS, 

B A I 

BAIER (lo. lAC.) Jeneniis, De Ezcidio SodoroflB. 4^^ HaL [1696.} 
> N i Dissertatio Medica de Ambra. 4® Jen. [1698.] 

' Dissertatio Medica Itiaag. de Capillis. 4** Jen^ [1700.} 

BAIER (lo. lAc.) Altorf. De Longaevitatc Medicorum Disserta- 
tio Epistolaris ad Dn. Jac. Pancratium Brunonem. 4^ AUd. 
■ OPYCTOrPA^IA Norica, «ive Reram fossiliam et ad 

Minerale Regnum pertinentium in territorio Nonmbergensi 
ejiisqae vicinia observatarura succincta Descriptio, cum Iconi- 
bus Lapidum figuratorum fere ducentis. 4^ Norimb, 1708. 

Adagiorum Medicinalinm Centaria. 4® Francof. & Lips. 


-vSchediasma quo Institutum suum de AureLComel. Celso 

ad maiorem philiatrorum utilitatem accomodando apeht atque * 
commendat, 4f Altd. 1720. 

Horti Medici Acad. AltorfL Historia curiose conquisita. 

4» Altarf. 1727. 

— — ^iographi» Professorum Medicinae qui in Academta 

Altorfina iraqtiam vixenmt. 4^ Norimb. &, Altorf, 1728. 

Sciagraphia Musei sui. Accedunt Supplementa Oryc- 

tographiae Nc^ca^: cum fig. »n. 4" Norimb, 1730. 
BAIERUS (theoph. sigefk.) v, baveii. 
BAIF (lAN ANTOiNE de) Qvatrc Livres de TAmour de Francine» 

8» Par. Andr, Wechel, 1555. 
- Les Amours de lan Antoine dc Baif a Monsigncvr le 

Duc d'Anjov fils ct frere de Roy. 8* Par. 1572. 
Euvres en Rime. 8» Par. 1573. 

BAIL (lovis) La Philosophie Affective, divisee en qvatreparties r 

auec les pieuses reparties du Philosophe Chrestien. 8* Par. 

BAILDON (jos.) V, mexia. 
BAILEY (abraham) The Spightful Sister. A New Cemedy. 4* 

L(md. 1667. 
BAILEY (alexander mabtn) v, William bailey. 
BAILEY (mary) v, langford. 
BAILEY (n.) Dictionarium Rusticum & Urbauicum, er a Dic- 

tionary of all sorts of Country AfSiirs, Handicraft, Trading, 

and Merchandizing. 8® Lond, 1704. 

— ; 2 vol. 8» Lond. 1726. * 

An Introduction to the Engfish Tongue : being a SpclU 

ing Book in tvirp Parts. 8** Lond, 1726. 

The Antiquities of Loiidon and Westminster. 12^ Lond. 


Dictionarium Britannicum : or a more compleat Univer- 

sal Etymological Enghsh Dictionary than any extant. fol. Ltmd, 

A Compleat English Dictionary oder ipollstandiges En- 

ghsch-Deutsches Worterbuch, nehst einem Anhang &t vor- 
nehmsten Kominum propriorum antogs von Nathan Bailey in 
cinem Kurzen Compendie heranagegeben ben dieser dritten 
Auflage aber um nocn mehr als die Hnlfle vennehret von Theo- 
ck>r Arnold. 8' Leip%. & ZUilichau. 1761. BAILEY 

B A I 

BAILEY (walter) m. d. A briefe Discours of certain Bathes or 
mediciiiall Waters in the Countie of Warwicke neerc vnto a 
Village called Newnbam Regis. l^ 1567. 

— — A 8hort Disopurse of the three kindes of Peppers in 
coniinon vse, and certaine special Medicines made of the sanie, 
tending to the preseraation of health. 12® 1588. 

A briefe Treatise tovching tbe preservation of the Eie- 

sigbtf coDsisting partly in good order of diet, and partly in vse 
of Medicines. 12*» Oxf. 1602. 

12* Orf. 1673. 

■ ' Two Treatises conceming the Preseruation of Eie-sigbt, 

The first written by Dr. Baily sometimes of Oxford: the other 
collected out of those two famous Phisicions Femelius and Rio- 
lanus. 12<» Oxf. 1616. 

BAILEY (william) A Treatise on the better Employment and 
n^ore comfortable Support of the Poor in Workhouses^ ^oge- 
ther with some Observations on the Culture of Flax. 8^ Land, 
■' The Advancement of Arts, Manufactures, and Com- 

merce; or Descriptions of the Useful Machines and Models 
contained in the Repository of the Society for the Encourage- 
ment of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, illustrated by de- 
signs on fifty five Copper plates. 4** Lond, 1772. 

voi. II. carefully corrected and revised by 

Alexander Mabyn Bailey. fol. Lond, 1779. 
BAILLARD {Le Sr,) Discours du Tabac, ov il est traite particu* 

lierement du Tabac en Poudre. 12» Par, 1668. 
BAILLEHACHE (jean) v, bochart. 
BAILLET (adrien) Jugemens des Spavans sur les principaux 

Ouvrages des Auteurs. 9 tom. 8^* Par, 1685-6. 
■ revAs, corriges, & augmente par M. dc 

la Monnoye. 7 tom. 4° Par. 1723-2. 

Des Enfans devenus celebres par leurs^ Etudes ou par 

leurs Ecrits, Trait^ Historique. 8« Par. 1688. 

Auteurs Deguisez sous des Noms etrangers, empruntez. 

supposez, feints i plaisir, chifi&ez, renversez, retournez, ou 
changez d^une Langue en une autre. 8^ Par, 1690. 

BAILLET (M.) de la NeuvUU, v, neuville. 

BAILLIAGE. Le Grand-Bailliage, Comedie historique, en trois 
Actes et en prdse; representee d Rouen depuis le 8 Mai 1788, 
jusqu'au 9 Octobre de la m^e annee, par une troupe de Bala- 

' dins, qui a ele siffiee par tous les bons Citoyens. 8^ a Harcourt, 

BAILLIE {CoL) V, asia. 

BAILLIE (david) A true Narrative of the Proceedings in Scot- 
land against David Baillie in February 170|. fol. 

BAILLIE (joanna) A Series of Plays, in which it is attemptrd 
to delineate the stronger Passions of ihe Mind. Each Passion 
1k ing the subject of a Tragedy and a Comcdy. 2 vol. S'^ Lond. 


B A I 

BAILLIE (john) A Lcllcr toDr--- •in ^nswer to a 

Tract in the BiWUoth» que Ancienne & Modeme, rektin<^ to 
Bome Passages in Dr. Friend*s History of Pbysick. 8^ LondAl^. 

: 8» Lond. 1728. 

BAILUE (john) Prof. qf Arab. at Fort WiUiam. 

■ Sixty Table», elucidatory of the first part of a Course of 
Lectures on the Gramniar of the Arabic Lang^age, delivered in 
tbe Colle^ of Fort William in Bengal^ during the first Years of 
its Intititution. fol. Calcutta, 1801. 

BAILLIE (thomas) To the Commiesioners and Govemors of the 
Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwicb, the Memorial of 
Capt Thomas Baillie, Lieut Govemor of the said Hospital. 4* 

■ The Casc of thc Royal Hospital for Seamen at Green- 
wich. 4» 1778. 

Statc of Facts rehtive to Greenwich Hospital. 4® 1779. 

BAILLIF (BOCH lb) Petit Traite de TAntiqvite et Sinnfularites de 
Bretagne Annorique, en laquelle se trouue Bains curans la Lepre, 
Podagre;» Hydropisie^ Paralisie^ Vlcercs, & autres maladies. 4^ 

■ Lc Demostcrion dc Roch le Baillif Edelphe Medccin 

Spagiric : auquel sunt contenuz trois cens Aphorismes Laiins 
& Fran^oii. 4* Bamcs, 1578. 

Sommaire Defence de Roc le Baillif, Sievr de la Riviere» 

au demandes des Docteun & Faculte de Medecine de Paris. 8* 
Par. 1579. 

Prcmier Traicte de FHomme et son esscntielle Anatomie, 

auec les Elemens^ k. ce qui cst en eux : -de ses Maladies, Mede- 
cine, & absolats remedes es Tainctures d'Or, Corail, & Anti- 
moine : & Magistere des Perles : k, de leur extraction. 8^ Par, 

Du Remede a la Peste, Charbon, et Plevresie, et du 

moyen cognoistre quel Elcment les excite, & les hommes qui 

pour le temps y sont assubiettiz, fait en faueur du Public. il^ 

Par. 1580. 
BAILLY (hen.) Hippocrates de Circuitu Sanguinis^ Exercita- 

tio V. 4« Lugd. B. 1660. 
■ Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Colica. 4® Lngd. B. 

BAILLY (m.) Histoire de rAstronomie Modeme depuis la f»nda- 

tionde r^cole d'A1exandriejusqu'a TEpoquc de M.D.ccudcxu. 

8 tom. 40 Par. 1779-1782. 
BAILLY (nic.) Qusestio Medica, " An d Salibus Fermentationis 

Motus r* 4» Par. 1683. 
■— Questio, " Vtrum in acutis Febribus necesse sit Ei»m« 

Wm»?" 4« Por. 1688. 
BAILLY (pieree) Questions Natvrelles et Cvrieuftes, contenans 
' diverses Opinions problematiques, recueiUies de la Medecine> 

touchant k regime de sante. 8^ Par. 1628. 


B A K 

^AILLY (piekrb) Ije Songes de Phestion, Paradoxes Phisiologi- 
q«es» eiitfemble vn Dialogue de rimmortalite de TArae & Puis- 
sance de Nature. 8* Par, 1G34. 

BAILLY (robert) Pastor qf KUwanning in Scotland, 

. Th€ Vnlawfulnesse and Danger of Uinited Episcopacie ; 

whereunto is subjoyned a short Reply to the modest Advertiser 
and calroe Examinator of thai Treatise. Aa also the Question of 
Episcopocie discussed from Scripture and the Fathers. 4^ Lond, 

BAILY [Rev. Mr.) r. wesley. 

BAILY (agid.) Disp. Medica Inauguralis de Hydrope Anasarca, 
4» Lugd. B. [172.1.] 

BAILY (Dr,) v, health. 

BAILY (thomas) dd. The Life and Death of that renowned John 
Fisher Bishop of Rochester. 129 Lond, 1G55. 

BAILY (walter) r. bailey. 

BAIN (j.) A Narrative of the much lamcnted Death of Colonell 
Vilky of Batb, who was killed at Reading, June 13th 1806, by 
fracturing his skuU in leaping out of one of the Bath Coaches in 
comtequence of the Horses running away. 8^ BriatoL 

BAINBRIDGE (joh.) An Astronomicall Description of the late 
Comet from the ISth of-Noucmb. 1618. to Uie 16. of Decem- 
ber following : with certaine morall Prognosticks or Applica- 
tions drawne from the Comets motion and irradiation amongst 
the cdestiall Hieroglyphicks. 4® Lond, 1619. 

■ Canicularia; uod cum demonstratione Ortus Sirii heUaci« 

C paraUelo inferioris iEgypti : auctore lohanne Gravio. Qui- 
accessenint insighioriim aliquot SteUarum Longitudines & 
Latitudines, ex Astronomicis Obser\'ationibtis VI ug Beigi, Ta- 
merlani Magni nepotis. 12® Oxon, 1648. 
BAIRD (thomas) New-invented Tables of InteresU 12^ Loni, 


BAIRO (pietro) Secreti Medicinali. 8« Ven. 1561. 

' ^ Ven. 1585. 

BAITMAN (george) The Arrow of the Almighty shot outof thc 
Creatures Bowc, against the uncalled Ministers in England. 4*^ 
Lond. 1653. 

BAIUS (michael) Opera : cum BuUis Pontificum, & aUis ipsius 
causam spectantibus ; jam primum ad Romaiiam Ecclesiam ab 
convitiis Protestantium^ simul ac ab Arminianorum csterorum- 
<|ue hujusce teroporis Pelagianorum imposturis vindicandam 
coUecta, expurgata, & plurimis quae hactenus deUtuerant opus* 
cuUs aucta : studio A. P. Theologi. 4^ Col. Agr, 1696. 

■ Ad Qnsestioncs Phiiippi Marnixii Sanct-AIdegnndi dc 

Ecclesia Christi & Sacramcnto Altaris Responsio. Eiusdem £pis- 
tola de Statuum Inferioris Germaniae vnione cum iis qui so 
Desertores Romans Catholtcae Religionis vocant, & de Jura- 
.mento^ qi|od eorum iusi<u a Ciero 6c Monachis exigitur. 8** 
Colon, 157Q. 


B A K 

RAKER (anna) ». scott. 

BAKER lCol) The Blazing-Star, or Noir» Nose ncwly reriTed, 
and taken out of his Tomb. 4° Lond, 1660. 

BAKER (david erskine) Biographia Dramatica, or a Companion 
to the Playhouse : containing Hi^torical and Critical Memoirs, 

, and original Anecdotes, of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, 
irom the commencement of our Tbeatrical Exhibitions ; amongst 
whom are some of the most celebrated Actors. Also an Alpha- 
betical Account of their Works, the Dates when printed, and 
occasional Observations on their merits. Together with an In« 
troductory View of the rise and progress of the British Stage. 
[ IVith MS. Noies by Sir William Musgrave.] 2 vol. 8» Lond. 

' ' brought dov^n to the end of 

November 1811, with Additions and Improvements throughout, 
by Stephen Jones, 3 vol. 8^ Lond. 1812. 

BAKER (eliz.) v. baxter. 

BAKER (ezekiel) Twenty-three Years Practice and Observations 
with Rifle-Guns. ^ Lond. 1804. 

BAKER (george) Chirurgian, The Composition or making of 
the moste excellent and pretious Oil calied Oleum Magistrale. 
Aiso the tliird book of Galen of curing of pricks and wounds of 
Sinewcs. 12« Lond. 1574. 

BAK£R (george) v. vincent. 

BAKER (george) A faithful Nari^tive of the Proceedings in a 
iate Afl^ir between the rev. Mr. John Swinton, and Mr.George 
Baker, both of Wadham .College Oxford : to which is prefix*d 
a particular Account of thc Proceedings against Robert Tliistle- 
thivayte late DD. and Warden of Wadham College, for a sodo- 
mitical attempt upon Mr. W. French Commoner of the same 
CoUegc. 8« Lond. 1739. 

BAKEK (george) m.d. Oratioex Harveii instituto habita in The- 
atro Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensis, Octob.l9.MDCCLXi. 
Calci Orationis accedit Commentarius quidam de Joanne Caio. 
4« Lond. 1761. 

■■ De Catarrho, et de Dysenteria Londinensi, Epidemicis 

utrisque An. m.dcc.lxii, Libellus. 4° Lond. 1764. 

BAKEK (henry) An Invocation of Health, a Poera. fol. Lond. 

Original Poems, seriousandhumourous. 8® Lond. 1725. 

Meduila Poetarum Romanorum : or the most beautiful 

and instructive Passages of the Roman Poets. Being a Collec- 
tion, (disposed under proper heads,) of such Descriptions, Al- 
lusions, Comparisons, Characters, and Sentiments, as raay best 
serve to shew the Religion, Learning, Politicks, Arts, Customs, 
Opinions, Manners, and Circumstances of the Antients, with 
Translations of the same in Enghsh Verse. 2 vol. 8* Lond. 1737. 
An Attempt towards a Natural History of the Polype : 

in a Letter to Martin Folkes E«sq. 8*^ Lond. 1743. 


B A K 

BAKER (henry) The Microscope made easy. 8^ Land. 174.1. 
■ T^e Universe, a philosophical Poem : intended to rc- 

strain the Pride of Man. 8^ Lond. 
BAKER (lOANNEs) Anglo-Britarmus, Dissertatio Medica InaugiK 

ralis de Ictero flavo. 4^ Lugd. B. 1737. 
BAKER (john) The Case of John Baker (a minor) eldest «on 

of Col. Henry Baker deceased, (and of hh Brother and Sisters) 

late Govemor of Londonderry. fol. Lond. 
BAKER (JOHN wynne) Experiments in Agriculture made under 

the direction of the rigfht hon. and honourable Dublin Socicty 

in the year 1765. ^ Dubl. 1766. 

' in the year 1766. 8° Dubl. 1767- 

in thc year 1768. 8"» Dubl. 1769. 

in the year 1769. 8*^ DuhL 1771. 

— in the year 1770. 8<> Dubl. 1771. 

in the year 1773. 8^ Dubl 1774. 

'—— A short Description and List, with the Prices of the 

Instruments of Husbandry, made in the Fkctory at Laug^hlins- 

town near Celbridge in tl)e County of Kildare. 8** Dubl. 1767. 

- S^ Dubl. 1769. 

BAKER (jos.) A Sermon preached on occasion of the death of 

the late rev. Mr. Joha Walker at Brentford, Ociober 25, 1724. 

8* Lond, 1725. 
BAKER {Mr.) A Completc History of the Inquisition in Portu- 
"gal, Spain, Italy, the East and West-lndies, in all iu branches, 

from the origin of it in the year 1163, to its present State. 4* 

Wcntminstcr, 1736. 
BAKER (iSVr richaud) v. balzac. malvezzi. 
Meditations and Disqvisitions vpon the Lords Prayer. 

4« Lond. 1640. 

Gcrm. durch Andream Gryphium. 12* 

Lcipz. 1663. . 

An Apologie for Lay-Mens writing in Divinity : with 

a short Meditation upon the fall of Lucifer. 12® Lond. 1641. 
Meditations and Motives for Prayer upon the aevcii 

Dayes of ihe W^eeke. 12« Lond. 1642. 

A Chronicle of the Kings of England from the time of 

the Romans Goverment unto the raigne of our Soveraigne L4)rd 
King Charles. fol. Lond. 1653. 

whereunto is added the Reign of King 

ChaHes the first, with a continuation of the Chronicle in this 
fourth Edition, to the Coronation of his sacred Majesty King 
Charles thje second : [by Edward Philhps] fol. Lond. 1665. 

whereto is added a aecond 

Continuation, containing the Reigns of King Charles thesecond 
from his Rcstoration. King Jamcs the second. King William 
the third and Queen Mary the^econd. Queen Anne; and King 
George the first. fol. Lond. 1730. 

Animadversions upon S'. Richard Baker's Chronicle, 

and it'8 Continuation ; wherein many Errors are discover'd, and 
some Truths advanced : by T. B. I^r. 12« Oxon. 1672. 

B A K 

BAKER {Sir richard) Theatrum Redivivctm. or the The^tfi? 

vindicated by Sir Richard Baker in answer to Mr. Pryn's His- 

triomastix. &* Lond. 1662. 
BAKER (robert} Chimrf^eon. Cursus Ostedogicus : being a com- 

pleat Doctrine of the Bones. 8* Lond. 1697. 
BAKER (robert) Esqr. v. burv. 
BAKER (s.) Muslcinian Adeti^ or a Bescription of the Customi^ 

and Manncrs of the Turks, with a Sketch of their Literattire. 8^ 

Lond, 1796. 
BAKER (thom \s) Rccior of BUhop Nympton, in Devonslnre. 
■ ■ A Catalogue of his Mathematical Worki», with a Pro- 

posal fur printing the sanie, and first, one intituled tlie Gei>- 

metrical Key, or thc Gate of ^Equations unlockt. 4® 

The Geometrical Key : or the Gate of Equations un« 

lock'd. 4* Lond. 1G84. 

BAKER (thomas) qf St. John*$ College Cambridge. v. masters. 

— — — Reflcxions upon Learning, wherein is siiewn the insui^ 
ficiency thereof in its several particulars, in ordcr to evince the 
Vsefuluess aiid Neccssity of Retelation. 8* Lond, 1700. 

^ Lond. 1708. 

. 8^ Lond. 1714. 

. 80 Lond. 1738. 

8" Lond. 1756. 

BAKER (w.) Theses Gracae et l^tin» selectae. »» Lond. 1783. 

BAKER (walter) Thc Aflidaviti and Proccedinjjs of Waller 
Baker, Aduiinistrator to the late Baron Schwanberg upon his 
Petition presented to the King in Council to vacate the Patent 
obtained by Dr. Robert James for Schwanberg's Powder. 8* 
Land. 1754. 

BAKER (william) r. de.nt. 

BAKER (william) d.d. Bishop of Nonvi^h. 

A Sermon preachVl at the Assizes held at Hertford, 

July 2^, 1717. 4« Lond. 1717. 

A Sermon before the House of Commons Jan. 30. 1720. 

4« Lond. 1720. 

A Scrmon prcach'd before the House of Lords Jan. 30. 

1724. 4" Lond. 1724. 

BAKER (william) r. gilpik. 

BAKERS. An Address against the City Bakers. fol. Land. 1694. 

■■ The Case of the Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of 

the Company of Bakers in and about the City of London in 
relation to the Penalties and several Clauses in the late Act of 
Parliament> for regulating the Price and Assize of Bread. fol. 

BAKEVVELL {Master) v. chamberlen. 

BAKEWELL (t.) Tlie Moorland Bard; or, Poetical RecoUec- 
tions of a Weaver in the Mooriands of Staiibrdbhire; with Notes. 
2 vol. 8» Hanle^, 1807. 

BAKEWELL (thomas) A faithfull Messenger sent after the An- 
tinomians, to try their power in tlieir last place of refuge, wbo 
are fled to Gods Decrees for shelter« as loab did to the homes 
of the Altar, and say that they will dye there, 1 Kings. ii. 29, 
80. 4.^ Lond. 1644. BAKEWELL 

B A L 

fiAKEWELL (thom As) The Antinomians Christ cofifoiihded, mA 
the Lords Chri»t exalted. In which is contained a briefe coa* 
futation of Dr. Crispe and Mr. I^ncaster. 4P Lond. 1644. 

•- A Confutation of thc Anabaptistsj and all othcrB who 

afiect not Civill Govemment ; provin^^ the lawfuhiesse of it i 
and a full Ansvver to all their Cayilbi tbat are, or can be made 
agaiint it 4» Lond. [1644.] 

Tbe Ordinance of ExcommUnication rightly stated 

aod vindicated from stverall false Opinions concorning it. 4^ 

A Justification of two poidts now in Controversie with 

the Anabaptists conceming Baptisme. 4^ Lond. 1646. 

An AnsWer, or Confutation, of divers Errors broached 


and maintained by the seven Churches of Anabaptists coiitained 
in those Articles of their Confession of Faith prcscnted to tht 
Parliament, and oth^r grosse Opinions held by them againsC 
the cleare light of the Gospell. 4» Land, 1646. 

The Dippers plunged in a Sca of Absvrdities, or an 

Aiuwer to Doctor Chamt^rlaine conceming sprinkling the 
baptized. 49 Lond. 1650. 

Doctor Chamberlain visited witb a Buncb of bis owfl 

Grapes, gathered out of his own Packet of Letters : also an 
Answer to Dr. Chamberlains Reply conceming sprinkling the 
baptized. 4» Lond. 1650. 

A Plea for Mr. Strong'8 Church-Metfibcrs | shewing 

they ought not implicitely to submit to his unnecessary and 
doubtful Rules, although u>r it be threaten to debar them from 
the Lord's Table, or to leave them altogether. 4^ Lond. 1650. 

BAKIUS (arnoldus) Disputatio Physica de Singularibus ac Mi- 
randia quibusdam, qus morte Christi in Natur4 acciderunt^ 
utmra a Natura fuerint ? disquirens. 4^ 1665. 

BAKKER (dirk klaasz) An Exact Relation of tbe strange and 
uncommon sleepy Distemper of Dirk K1aas2 Bakker, of Stolwyk, 
not far from Rotterdam^ who slept from the thirteenth of July 
1706, to the eleventh of January 1707, without mtermission, 
being the space of six Months ; and on the twelfth of the samt 
Month, being the next Day, fell again asleep, and is at present 
aleeping, and ahve, on this eleventh of Mareh, New Stile. 4*^ 
Lond. 1707. 

BALAAM. The Open Mouth of Balaam's Asse. 4^ 1649. 

■ Balaams Asse, or the City-Fast for cursing the King, 

and blessing Oliver ; with the Peo|)les Speech to their Indepen* 
dent Drivers : and the Asses Sacrifice, or good speed to Ouver* 
4* 1649. 

Histoire de Bileam. 19* 

BALAM (rich.) Algebra : or, tbe Doctrine of ecrmpdsing, infer" 
ring, and resolving an Equation. W Lond. 1653. 

BALATUS OVIUM : [Lilters a triphci Lusitanis Ordine script» 
ad sanctissimum Patrem Innocentium X.] 12® [1659.] 

BALBANI (nic.) p. calvinus. 

BALBI (GASP.) Viaggio deU' Indie Orientali. 12® Ven. 1590. 
VQL.t Oo BA.LttlkU 

B A L 

SALBIAN (jusTus a) Tractatus Septem de Lapide t^hilosopbico^ 
&^Lugd,B. 1599. 

BALBINUS (bohuslaus) Mi^cellanea Historica Rc^i Bohenii8e« 
3 tom. fol. Pragte. 1679-8L 

*— l^xamen Melisssum^ id est Novarum Apicularum Co- 

lonia, quee aculeolis suis armatSB ad Gentilitiam Slavatarum 
Bosam deducuntur, atque illustr. 8c excellent. Slavatinse Domus 
Gubematori Ferdinando Guilielmo, dedicantur^ V. Libhs com- 
prehensum ; quibus additur Liber VL ex Grsecis fontibus. 12* 
Q>lon. 1687. 

BALBUENA (berx. de) Siglode Oro en las Stlvas de Erifile. 
W Madr. 1608. 

> I ■ El Bemardo, o Victoria deRoncesvalles, Poema heroyco. 

4« Madr. 1624. 


BAI4BUS (hieron.) Episc. Gurctnm, ad Carolum V. Impe. dc 

Coronatione. 4* Bonon. 1533. 
BALBUS (joan. franciscus) Tractatusde Praescriptionibiis. Ejus- 

dem Bepetitio L. Celsus. D. de Vs^^capionibus : und cum multis 

additionibus, perqukm necessariis. 8^ CoL Agr, 1590. 
BALCARRAS. An Account of the Afiairs of Scotland^ relatinj^ 

to the Revolution in 1688, as sent to the late King James if. 

when in France, by ihe right hon. the Earl of B , 8* Lond, 

BALDASSARE Olympo. v. olympo. 
BALDE (JAC.) ^ Soc. Jesu, Solatium Podagricorum, Libri duo. 

WMonach. 1661. 

■ ' " ' De Eclipsi Solari Anno m.dc.liv. Die xii. Augusti, in 
Europa, a pluribus spectataTubo Optico, nunc iterum ii Jaco- 
bo Balde h Societate Jcsu Tubo Satyrico perhistrata, libn duo. 
12« 3Tonach. 1662. 

BALDE (jAC.) Hanoviensis. Dissertatio Mcdica Inaug. de Febre. 

^^ Lngd. B. [\7U.] 
BALDELLI (prancesco) v. accolti. casar. dioi>orus Siculus. 

DION CaSSiuS. JOSEPHUS. philostratus. 

BALDESANO (gulielm.) LaSacra Historiadella Legioi\eThebea, 
et de' suoi valerosi Campioni. 4° Torin. 1604. • 

i" / traduz. de Italiano en lengua Castcl- 

lana poT don Fernando de Sotomayor. 4" Madr. 1594. 

BALDESCHI (ALEssANDRo)^Stato della SS. Cbiesa Papale Latc- 
ranense neU' Anno mdccxxiii. 4^ Rom, 1723. 

BALDHOVF.N (g. mart. a^) Parthenicon ElisabethsB loannae 
Westonise Virginis nobilissimse^ poetrise florentissimsi lingua- 
fum pturiniarum peritissimae Liber I. 8* Praga:. 

BALDI (bernardino) Ahbntc di Guastalia. v. uero. 

Versi e Prose. 4<> Ven. 1590. 

■ Scamiili Impares Vitruviani, nova ratione explicati ; re- 
futatis priorum interpretum, Gulielmi Philandri, Danielis Bar- 
bari, Baptista^ Bertani, seutentiis. 4^ Aug. Vind. 1612. 

De Verborum Vitruvianonim signifidatione : sive per- 

petuus in M. Vitruvium PolUonem Commentahua* Accedit 
Vita Vitruvij. 4« At^. Vind. 1612. 


B A L 

BALDI (bernardino) Abbate in Guastalla. In Tabulam aeneatn 

Eugubinam, Lingua Hetrusca veteri perscriptam> Divinatio. 4^ 

Aug. Find. 1613. 
In Mechanica Aristotelis Problemata Exercitatioae9 : 

acljecta succincta Narratione de Autoris vita & schpti^. 4^ 

Moguni. 1621. 
■ ' Memorie concementi la Citta di Urbino dedicate alla 

sagra reai Maesta' di Giacomo III. Re della Gran Brettagna, 

&c. fol. Rom. 1724. 
BALDINI (baccio) Vita di Cosimo Medici, primo GranDuca di 

Toscano. fol. Fir. 1578. 
■ ■ Discorso dell' Essenza del Fato, e delle forze sve sopra 

k cose del Mondo e particoiarmente sopra 1'operazioni de 

grtiuomini. fol. Fir. 1578. 
BALDINI (viTTORio) Cronologia Ecclesiastica la quale coptiene 

Le Vite de' Pontefici da S. Pietro, sino al Kegnante Ciemente X. 

BALDINUCCI (fiuppo) Notizie de' Professori del Disegno da 

Cimalnie in Qua', per le quali si dimo^tra come, e per chi ie 

beil' Arti di Pittura, Scultura, e Architettura lasciata la rozzezza 

delle maniere Greca, c Gottica, si siano in questi secoli ridotte 

aii' antica ioro perfezione. 4® Fir. 1681. 
■ Secolo. II. dal mccc. al mcccc. dis* 

tinto in decennali. 4° Fir. 1686. 

Parte seconda del Secolo quartothe 

contiene tre decennali, (ial 1550. ai 1580. 4«" Fir. 1688. 

che contengono tre decennali dal 

1580. al 1610. Opera postuma. fol. Fir. 1702. 

- Secolo V. dai 1610. al 1670. Opera 

postuma. 4^ Fir. 1728. 

Vocabolario Toscano dell' Arte deli Disesmo. 4® Firm 


- Vita dei Cavaiiere Gio. Lorenzo Bernino, Scultore, 

Architetto, e Pittore. 4» Fir. 1682. 

Cominciamento e Progresso deil' Arte dell' Intagliare 

in Rame, coile Vite di moiti de' piik excellenti Maestri deiia 
stesea professione. 4® Fir. 1686. 

Lettera neila quaie risponde ad alcuni Quesiti in Materie 

di Piltura. 4<> Rom. ed. in Fir. 1687. 

Lezione nell' Accademia deila Crusca. 4^ Fir. 1692. 

BALDISONUS. Resolvtiu Diibiorum excitatorum per M. Ivlium 
Csesarem Baldi^onum a secretis sereniss. Senatus, ac vnum ex 
Reiatoribus deputatis per serenis». Coiiegia circa Controversiam 
rei Monetaria; interillustriss. Magistratum Monetarum acilius* 
tri^simos DD. Protectores S. Georgii. foi. Gtnua, 1705. 

BALDIT (michel) L'Hydrothermopotie des Nymphcs de Bagfnols 
en Gevavdan : ov Les Merueillett des Eaux & des Baius de Bag« 
nols. 8® Lyon, 1651. 

BALDOVIUS (samuel) Dissertatio Historico-Philosophica de va- 
n\A Transmutationum substantialium generibus. 4^ 1667. 


B A L 

BALDREY (sincletom) Bowles^s Roman Alpbabet by Rule. 4* 

BALDUINUS (balth.) Quadriga Apborismorum Physicorum -de 

Loco. 4« Witteh. 1623. 
BALDUINUS (bsned.) B. Balduinus de Calceo antiquo et Jul. 

Nigronus de Caliga Veternm. Accespeinint ex Q. Sept. Fl. Ter- 

tulUani, Cl. Salmassii^ & Alb. Rubeni acriptis, plurima ejusdem 

arffumenti. 12^ Amst, 1G67. 
BAIJ)UINUS (cHRisTiANus ADOLPHus) Aurum superius & infe- 

rius Aurse superioris & inferioris Hermeticum. 12^ Anist. 1675. 
m IJermes Curiosus, sive Inventa et Experimenta Physico- 

Chymica nova. 12® Ups, 1680. 
BALDUINUS (fran.) Constantinus Magnus, sive de Consiantini 

Imp. Legibus ecclesiasticis atque civilibus, Commentarionim 

Libri duo. 8® Bas, 1556. 
li ' ' I Accessit ejusdem Commentarioa ad 

EdictavetemmPrincipum Rom.de Christianis, cum Nic. Hieron. 

Gvndlingii prefatione. 8^ Lips. S^ HaL 1727. 

De Institutione Historie Universs» et ejus cum luris- 

■T— T^ 

pmdentia coniunctioncj xlPOAETOMENaN libri II. 4® Par. 

■ ■ curd loachimi Cluten. 13* Argent. 

1608. . 

Ad Leges de famosis LibelUs et de Caiumniatoribus 

Commentarius. 4P Par. 1563. 

Discours sur le Faict de la Reformatione de rEglise, 

Sar Francoys Balduin, & par luy enuoy^ d vn ^rand Seigneur 
e France, auec I^a Response du dit Seignenr. 13* 1564. 

De Legatione Polonica Oratio, ad cl. v. lo. Sarium Za- 

moscium Legatum Polonum. 4® Luiet. 1573. 

BALDUINUS (PRiD.) Examen Apologetici^ quem Gaspar Schop- 
pius Apostata pro gemino de Indulgeutiis libro Roberti Bellar* 
mini» Curi» Roroanfls Cardinalis, in nupero Pontificiorum Iv>- 
bilseo opposuit Tractatui de Indulgentiis DD. iElgidii Hvnnii. 
8* Wi^b. 1606. 

^ Oratio panegyrica in laudem Dei Omnipotentis et hono* 

rem sereniss. cetsissimique Principis ac Domini lohannis Georgii 
Saxoniffi, Julise, Clivise, Montium Ducis, habita Witteberge in 
^emplo Arcis cal. Januariis ci^ i6cxxii. 4® 

Oratio de Modo convertendi Homines papistico, habita 

Witebergse in Templo Arcis d. 16 Octoh. 1633. 4^ IViOeb. 

EALiDUINUS (gottfried) Exercitatio Physica de Generatione 

Piscium. 4» Wtiteb. [1667.] 
BALDUINUS (gottl. fribdrick) Disp. Med. Inaug. sistens Arth- 

ritidem vagam. 4» Erf. [1710.] 
BALDUINUS (paulus frideil) De Philippis Augustis. 4® Vitemb. 

[1698.1 * 

BALDUINUS (t.) v. herbert. 
BALDUS (r^dus) De Contasnone pestifera PrsDlectio. 4* Rom. 


B A L 

BALDUS (baldus) Disquisilio latro-physica ad textum 23. Libri 
Hippocratis de Aere, Aquis, & Locis ; Num in eo lcg;i debeat 
XoXv^tWoroy, vel eoXM^f<rr0iToy idcst biliosissimum, vel turbidis- 
simum. 4» Rom. 1637. 

Dc Loco affecto in Pleuritide Disceptatio. 8» Par. 1640. 

— — De Loco aflfecto in Pleuritide Disceptationes, ac ReDati 
Moreau dc eadem re Epistola exegetica. 8® Rom. 1643. 

Opobalsomi Orientalis in conficienda Theriaca Rom» 

adhibiti, Medicfle Propugnationes. 4* Rom, 1640. 

Del vero Opobadsamo Orientale Discorso Apologetico 

deir illustrissimo Sig. Baldo Baldi, dato in luce da' Signori 

[t^to^^pS^ } A--t.rn. 40 W 1646. 

BALDUS (bernardinus) v. baldi. 

BALDUS{cAMiLLUs) In Physiognomica Aristotelis Commentarii : 
opus roultiplici doctrina reCertum, Hieronymi Tamburini dili- 
sentia & sumptibus nunc primum in lucem editum. fol. Bonon. 

■I Dp humanarum Propensionum ex temperamento prs- 

Dotionibus, de naturalibus ex vnguium inspectione prsesagiis, et 
de ratione cognoscendi mores & qualitates scribentis ex ipsius 
Epistola missiva, nunc primnm in latinum sermonem prodiens, 
TracUtus tres. 4<» Bonan. 1664. , 

BALDUS (jacobus) Medicinae Gloria per Satyras xxii. asserta. 
W Monach. 1651. 

BAIJ>US (sebast.) Cortex Peruviie redivivus, profligator FebrH 
iim, aasertus ab impugnationibus Melippi Protimi Medici Bel- 
gae. \9^ Gen, 1656. 

BALDUS (sTEPHANus) r. bva. 

BALDVTIUS (vALERius) De Putredine Libri duo. 4« Vrh, 1608. 
Tumorum omnium pneter naturalium curandorum Me* 
thodua, nec non Febrium putridarum malignarumque curanda- 
nun Ratio. In quatuor distincta Libris. 4® Ven. 1612. 

BAU>WIN (gborge) La Prima Musa Clio. 4» 

— — Political Recollections relative to Egypt : with a Nar- 
lative of the ever-memorable British Campaign, in the Spring 
of 1801. W" Lond. 1801. 

BALDWIN (samuel) A Surveyof the British Customs; contain- 
ing the Rates of Merchandize as established by 12 Car. II. 
c 4. 11 Geo. I. c. 7. and other Statutes ; with Tables of the 
Net Duties, Drawbacks, &c. also a distinct and practical Account 
of the several Branches of the Revenue called the Customs. 4* 
Lond. 1770. 

BAL£ (john) Bishop of Ossory. 

■ A Tragedye or Enterlude manyfestyng the cfaefe pro- 

mytes of God vnto man by all ages in the olde lawe, from the 
&u of Adam to the incamacyon of the lorde Jesus Christ. 
Compyled by lohan Bale, Anno Domini m.d.xxxviu. 4^ A./. 

The Image of both Churches after the moste wonderful 

and beauenlv Reudacion of Sainct lohn the Euagelist, contayn- 
ing a very frutefuU exposicion or paraphrase vpon the same. 
l» Lond. J. D^ye. bJ. 

B A L 

BALE (joun) Bishop qf Ossory, A Mysterye of inyquyte con- 
tayned within the herelycall Genealogye of Ponce Pantolabus», 
is here both dysclosed and confuted by lohan Bale> An. H.D.xlij« 
Ejnprynled at Geneua hy Mychael Woode- 1545. 

■ ■ The Actes of Englysh Votaryes, comprehendynge their 

vnchast practyses and cxamples by all ages, from the worldes 
begynnynge to thys present yeare, collected out of their owne 
legendes and Chronycles. 8° Wesel. 1546. 

The fu^t two partes of the Actes or vnchast examples 


of the Englysh Votaryes, gathered out of their owne legendes 
and Chrony cles, and dedycated to our most redoubted soueraigne 
Kynge Edward the syxte. l^ 1550. 

12» Lond. I. Tysdale. 1560. 

The first Examinacyan of Anne Aikewe, lately mar- 

tyred in Smythfelde by the Romysh popes vpholderii, with the 
Elucydacvon of lohan Bale. 12» Marp, in Hessen. 1546. 

The lattre Examinacyon of Anne Askewe, lately mar* 

tyred in Smythfelde by thc wycked Synagoge of Anticbrist, 
with the Elucydacyon of lohan Bale. 12» marp. in Hessen» 

Hlustrium Maioris Britannis Scriptorum, hoc est An- 

glise, Cambrise, ac Scotiae Summarium, in quasdam Centarias 
aivisum, cum diuersitate doctrinarum atoue annorum recta sup- 
putatione per omnes astates a lapheto ad annum m.d.xlviii. 4^ 
WesaL 1549. [in calce vero, " Gippeswici in Anglia 1548."] 

Scriptorum illu>trium maioris Brytannie, quam nuoc 

Angliam & Scotiam uociint, Catalogus, d lapheto per 3618 
annos, usque ad annum hunc Domini 1557. ex Beroso, Gen* 
nadio, Beda, Honorio^ Bostono Buriensi, Frumcntario^ Capgra- 
uo, Bostio, Burelioy Trissa, Tritemio, Gesnero, loanne Lelando, 
atq; nliis authoribus collectu.s & ix. Centurias continens. [Cum 
Notis MSS. Auctaris.] fol. Bas. 1557. 

d lapheto per 3617. annos, usq; ad 

annum hunc Domini 1556: in xii. Centurias partitus. fol. 
Bas. 1559. 

The Apology of lohan Bale agaynst a ranke Papyst^ 

aunswering both hym and hys doctours, that neyther their 
vowes nor yet their priestbode are of the Gospell, but of Anti- 
christ. Anno Do. m.ccccc.l. A brefe Exposycyon also vpou the 
XXX. chapter of Numeri, which was the first occasion of tbys 
present var)'aunce. 12» Lond. 

The Vocacyon of lohan Bale to the bishoprick of Os- 

sorie in Irclande, his persecutions in f same & finali delyuer- 
aunce. li» Impr. in llonie, 1553. ♦ 

Acta Romanorum Pontificum» a dispersione Discipulo- 

rum Christi usq; ad tempora Pauli quarti, qui nunc in Ecclesia 

Xrannizat, ex Joannis Balei 8udouolgii Angli maiore Catalogo 
uglicorum Scriptorum desuuipta, & in tres Clas^es, Libros 
«tro scptem, diuijia. B» Francqf. 1567. 


B A L 

BALE (john) Bishop of Ossory, The Pageant of Popes, contajnt- 
inge the lyues of all the Bishops of Rome, from the beginninge 
of them to the yeare of Grace 1555 : written in Latin by Maister 
Bale, and now englished with sondrye additions by I. S. [loha 
Studley.] 4« 1574. 

■ A Brefe Chronycle concernynge the Examynacyon and 

Beath of the blessed Martyr of Ohrist Syr lolian Oldecastcll the 
Lorde Cobham : to which is added an Appcndix of original 
Instruments. 8** Lond. 1729. 

[jn-irUed upon vellum.] 8^ Lond. 


BALESDENS (ioan.) v. gregorius Episc. Ttaronensts. 
BALEN (gtsb. van) Disput. Med. Inaug. de Syncope. 4* Lugd, B. 

BALES (peter) Oratio Dominica : or, the Lords Prayer plead- 

ing for better entertainment in the Church of England. A 

Sermon preached at Saint Mary Woofaioth, London, Jun. 11« 

1643. 40 Lond. 1643. 

BALEUS (JOAMNES) 9. bale. 

BALEY (walter) v, baily. 

BALFORE (Sir william) His Letter of March 30. 1644. to his 

Excellency the Earl of Essex Ld. Generall. 4® Lond. 1644. 
BALFOREUS (rob.) V. cleomedes. celasius. 

I Comraentarius in Organum Logicum Aristotelis. 4* 

Bourdig. 1618. 
BALFOUR. To the Hon. the Commons of Great Britain in Par- 

liament assemhled, the humble Petition of Arthur Balfour, soii 

of John Balfour, late of Fernie. fol. 
BALFOUR {Sir andrew) m.d. Letters write to a Friend : con- 

talning excellent Directions and Advices for travelling thro' 

France and Italy. 8« Edinh. 1700. 
BALFOUR (dav.) Dissert. Medica Inaug. de Apoplexia. 4* 

Lugd. B. 1690. 
BALFOUR (FRANcis) A Treatise on Sol-Lunar Influence in 

Fevers, &c. vol. I. 8° Lond. 1795. 
BALFOURIUS (dav.) Disputatio de Variolarum et Morbiilontm 

natura ac curatione. 4^ Lugd. B. 1634. 
BALGUY (thomas) dd. v. priestley. 
" A Sermon on the Consecration of the r*. rev. Jonathan 

Shipley DD. Lord Bishop of Landaflf; February 13. 1769. 4* 

Lond. 1769. 

Discourses on various Subjects. 8^ Winch. 1785. 

BALHORNIUS (theod.) Disputatio Philosophica de Elementis» 

4« RosL 1626. 
BALIANUS (jo. BAPT.)TrattatodellaPestilenza.4<» Savona.lMl. 

4« GetWD. 1653. 

De Motu naturali Gravium solidorum et liquidorum. 4^ 

Gen. 1646. 

BALINGEN (anton. de) v. bibadeneira. 

— ' Congressus Pomeridiani et Sermones Symposiaci con- 

tra Cibi Potusque intemperahtiam, ad ben^ beateque vlven- 
dum : ex Gall. Lat, redditi a lacobo MaUebranea^]^ ^ Co(, 

B A L 

fiALINGEN (anton. db) zaonAiA£i'A, seu Morum a httHk 
petita Institutio ordine alphabetico tum Virtutum, tum VitU 
orum : Opus non iniucundum, ex Sacris et Prophanis coUec« 
tum. S^ Aniv. 1G3K 

BALINGHEM (anton. de) V. balingen. 

BALIOL {Lord john) v. ruddiman. 

BALK (laurentius) Museum Adolpho-Fridericianum. 4^ Holm, 


BALL (jacob) A Funeral Sermon for John Fryer R«iqr. only soa 

to Sir John Fryer Bart. 8» Lond. 1725. 
*■ ■ The Acceptablen>?88 of Sincerity to God> and the^Un- 

profitableness of a mere speculative Faith to any Mans Salva* 

tion, considered in a Sermon preachM at the Funeral of Mr. 

William Drew of Andover, who died Nov. 4th. 1726. 8^ llond* 

BALL (lOHANNEs) Disp. Med. Inaug.de Haemorrhoidibus. 4^ 7V^'. 

ad Rh. 1688. 
BALL (john) A Treatise of Divine Meditation: published by 

Simeon Ashe. 12° Lond, 1660. 
BALL (nathaniel) Sermons on several important Subjecta. 8* 

Lond. 1745. 
BALL (richard) An Astrolo-Physical Compendium ; or, a brief 

Introduction to Astrology. 12° Lond. 1697. 
■ Astrology Improv*d : or, a Compendium of the whole 

Art of that most noble Science. 8° Lond. 1723. 
6ALD (thomas) noiMHNOnT'prOS. Pastorum Propugnaculum: 

or, the Pulpits Patronage against tlie Force of un-ordained 

Usurpation, and Invasion. 4° Lond, 1656. 
BALL (william) v. strono. 
— ^ To the honourabie the Knights, Citizens, &c. in Parlia* 

ment, the humble Propositions of William Ball, alias Bennetj 

gent. conccrning the Forts of this Ringdome. With some other 
- Considerations of State. 4® Lond. 1641 . 

A Caveat for Subjects, moderating the Observator. 4^ 

Lond. 1649. 

Tractatus de Jure regnandi, & Regni : or the Sphere 

of Govemment, according to the Law of God, Nature, and 
Nations. 4^ 1645. 

Constitutio hberi Populi : or the Rulc of a Free-bom 

People. 4« 1646. 

The Power of Kings discussed : or an Examen of the 

fundamentall Constitution of the free-borne People of England : 
in answer to severall Teneuts of M. David Jenkins. 4P Lond. 

Power Juridicent, and Juritenent : or, Power of Law* 

making and Law-administring discussed, and humbly pre« 
sentedto the Parliament of England. 4^ 1650. 

A Briefe Treatise concerning the regulating of Printing 

bumbly presented to the Parliament of England. 12^ Lond. 


B Al. 

BALL (william) Ball his Vindication against BuHock ; shewing^a 
fbnner Narration subscribed William Ball to be true : and a 
late printed Paper, subscribed Edward Bullock, to be notori- 
oosly false and scandalous. Ilumbly presented to the Parlia- 
ment of England. 4« 1652. 

— — State-Maxims, or Certain dangerous Positions destruct- 
ive tothe very natural Right and Liberty of Mankind, laid down 
in a Book entituled " The Grounds of Govemment and Obedi* 
ence by Tho. White Gent." discussed, and both by Scripture 
and Reason confuted. 4^ Lond, 1655. 

BALLADS. 4 Collection of old Ballads, fragments of early 
Boolcs, single Sheets, Jkc. 2 vol. fol. 

A New Ballade, to an old Tune. fol. [1659.] 

— — The Ballad, or some scurrilous Reflections in versc, on 
the Proceedings of the hon. House of Common**, answered 
Stanza by Stanza. With the Memorial, alias Legion, replyM 
to paragraph by paragraph. 8*^ Lond, 1701. 

A Pill to purge State-Melancholy : or a Collection of 

excellent New Ballads. 8° Lond, 1716. 

A Collection of Old Ballads, with Jntroductions histo- 

rical, critical, or humourous. 8® Lond, 1723. 

Scottish Tragic Ballads. [CoUected by John Pinkerton.] 

8» Lond. 1781. 

Select Scottish Ballads. 2 vol. 8» Lond. 1783. 

BALLARD (edward) There mustbe Heresies, a Sermon preach'd 

before the University of Oxfard, Sept. 2. 1733. S^ Lond. 1734. 
BALLARD (georce) Memoirs of several Ladies of Great Britain 

who have been celebrated for their Writings or Skill in the 

leamed Languages, Arts, and Sciences. 4° Ojf. 1752. 

8° Lond. 1775. 

BALLE (PETRus) Apollinare Sacrum viro nobilissimo D. Petro 

Balle inclyts Nationis Anglics Corftiliario. 4^ Patav. [1660.] 
BALLES (thomas) A new Aimanacke and Prognosticatioh for 

the yeere 1631. 12<» Lond. 
BALLESTER (ludovicus) Onomatographia, sive Descriptio No- 

minum varii et peregrini Idiomatis qua> alicubi in Latina vul- 

gata editione occurrunt. Accessit ejusdem Hierologia, sive Ser- 

roo sacer de substantia diuina. 4® Lugd, 1617. 
BALLET. Le Grand Ballet des EflfecU de la Nature. 8« Par. 

■ Ballet des Cinq Sens de Nature, seconde Partie du 

Ballet des EfFects de la Nature, ou des sept Pianettes. 8® Par. 


• Ballet du Grand Demogorgon. 8® Par. 1633. 

Ballet du Temps. 8° Par. 1633. 

Le Ballet de L'Harmonie. 8° Par. 

Ballet de la Prosperite des Armes de la France. 4® 

Vers du Ballet Royal danse par leurs Maiestez entre 

lc8 Actes de la grande Tragedie de rHercuIe Amoureux. 4* 
Par. 1662. 

Les Amours d^guisez, Ballet du Roy. 4* Par. 1664. 

VoL. L Pp ^KXAK^, 

B A I; 

BALLET. Ballet Royal de la Naissance de Venus. 4« Par. 16d5. 

BALLINO (m. giulio) De' Disegni delle pia illustri Citta et For- 

' tezze del JVIondo, Parte I; le quaie nc contiene cinquanta: con 

una breve Historia delle Origini et Accidenti ioro secondo i'or- 

dinede'Tempi. 4° Few. 1569. 
BALLIVUS (gabr. jacobus) Systematis Physici Disputatio deci- 

ma quinta. 4** Bem. 1713. 
BALLISTA (cHRisT.) In Podagram Concertatio. Adjectus est 

Diaiogus inter Podagram Sc Christophorum Ballistara. 8^ 
BALLONIUS (guil.) Opera omnia Medica. [Studio et opera 

lac. Thevart.] 4 tom. 4« Fen 1734^. 
— Consiiiorum Medlcinalium Libri II. a lacobo ThcTart. 

4« Far. 1635-49. ' 

Epidemiorum et Ephemeridum Libri duo> studio & 

* opcra lacobi Thevart. 4° Par. 1640. 

. Deiinitionum Mcdicarum Liber. 4® [Par. 1640.] 

Commentarius in Lil>eilum Theophrasti de Vertigine. 

4« Par. 1640. 

De Convulbionibus Liliellus^ editore lac. Thevart. 4* 

Par. 1640. 

De Virginum et Mqiierum Morbis Lil>er, in quo multa 

ad mentem Hippocratis explicantur quae & ad cognoscendum 
& ad medendum pertinebunt : studio^ cur4, & diligentid, lacobi 
Thevart. 4° Par. 1643. 

Opuscuia Medica, de Arthritide^ de Calculo, et de Urin- 

arum Hypostasi, in quibus omnibus Galeni & Veterum author- 
itas contrd I. Fernelium deftnditur. Item hbeiius ver^ aureus 
de Rheumatismo & Pleuritide dorsali. Editore lacobo Thevart. 
4» Par. 1643. 

Pharos Medicorum^ hoc est, Cautiones, Animadver- 

siones, et Observationes practicae, ex operil)us Guiieimi Bailonii 
erutx, ordini practico traditse, & libris decem comprehensse : 
opera & sumptibus Tiieoph. Boneti. 12° Genev. 1668. 

BALLUS (josEPHus) De Foecunditate Dei circa Productiones ad 
extra, quae per congruam, expeditamque quasi Libierationem^ 
anipiissimis consecutionibus aucta, ad summum Candorem resti- 
tuitur. Documentum sani^ cgregiumf e fide NicaBni Conciiii 
ingenios^ auguratum & succincte digestum. 4° Patav, 1635. 

BALLY (george) v. prior. 

BALMANNO (john) v. jones. 

BALMERINO, v. elpuinstone. 

BALMFORD (james) Carpenters Chippes : or simple Tokens of 
vnfeined good vviil to the Christian Friends of James Baimford, 
the vnworthie seruant of Jesus Christ, a poor Carpenters sonne. 
12« 1607. 

A short Catechisme^ svmmarily comprizing the princi- 

pali points of Christian Faith. 12* iKmd. 1607. 

A short and piaine Diaiogve concenung the Vniawful- 

nes of playing at Cards, or Tabies, or any othtr Game consist- 
ing in Chance. 12^ I?npr. at Lond. 1593. repr. 1623, 

f" * ' ' ■ ■ . I I ^i. ■■ edu. aii. 12" lind. 


B A L 

present occasions, on Hab. 3. 2. and Christs Counsel to the 
Cburch of Philadelphia, on Rev. 3. 11. preached before the 
Provincial Assembly of London. 12** Lond. 1659. 

BALNE^ De Balneis Omnia quse extant apud Grsecos, Latinos, 
et Araba9, tam Medicos quam quoscunque cseterarum artium 
probatos Scriptores, qui vel integris Libris, vel quoqno alio- 
niodo hanc materiam tractauerunt : nuper hinc inde accurate 
conquisita & excerpta, atque in vnum tandem hoc volumcn 
redacta. foK Ven. ap. luntas. 

■ Beschreibung deren dreyen Gesundheits-Badem in dem 
Ertz-Hertzogthum Oesterreich. 8<> Numb. 1735. 

BALNEO (CARD. A^) V. naude'. 

BALRUD-DERRY. A Bloody Fight at Balrud-J)erry in Ireland : 
wbere Sir Henry Tichburne was shot in the belly, his son 
daine, Col. Trevor and diuers other Officers and Gentlemen 
killed, others taken prisoners. 4^ Lond. 1647. 

BALSAC Tjean louis Scigneur de),v» balzac. 

BALSAMON (theod.) v. constantinus Magnus. photius. 

BALSAMUM. Raggvalio primo venuto di Pamaso Tanno 
M.DC.XXXX. sopra il Bakamo d'Arabia, con il quale \\ Spetiali 
Antonio Manfredi, et Vincenzo Panutio hanno composto in 
Rema 1a lor Theriaca TAnno 1639 : dato in luce da Misser 
Triulcio Giaquinti da San BasiHo. 4° Trent, 1640. 

■ Raggvalio Secondo, sopra il Balsamo d'Arabia. 4® Ven. 

Distruttione del falso Raggvaglio primo vennto di Par- 

naso sopra il falso Balsamo d'Arabia. 4*^ Costan. 1640. 

A Divine Balsam to cure thebleedinsr Wounds of these 

dangerous Times : composed by I. L. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

BALSLOVIUS (janus) Meletemata P/entccostaha ; seu de Fine 
Pentecostes veteris ^ev^mvfjui y^rt»^ cum subjecto Veri finis in- 
dice pisqvisitio Theologico-Critica. 4® Haun. 1709. 

BALSAT (roberte de) La Nef des Princes et des Batailles de 
Noblesse auec aultres enseignemens vtilz & profitablea a toutes 
manieres de gens pour congnoistre a bien viure & mourir. 49 

Uon. im 

BALTAZAR (d. juan de) Fundacion, Vida, y Reglade la grande 
Orden miUtar y monastica de los Cavalleros y Mongea del glo- 
rioBoPadre San Anton Abad, en la Etiopia^ Monarchia dd 
Preste luan de las Indias. 4® Valenc. 1609. 

BALTHASAR (jac. henji.) Historia Cteationis Mosaica Capite I; 
Genes. deUneata variisque Observationibus illudtrata. 4® Gfy^ 
phisw. 1729. 

Commentatio Theologica de magno Novi TeBtamenti 

Pontifice tenendaquc Confessione ad Hebr. iv. 14 ; in secundo 
Augustanae Confessionis Jubileeo Anno mdccxxx. edita. 4^ 

BALTHASAR (theod.) Micrometria, hoc est, de Micrometromm 
Tubis Opticis, seu Tdescopiis & Microscopiis appUcandonim 
varia Structura ac Usu multipUci, Opusculum» cum Otwetv^.- 
8 *siSS^SssQ& 

B A L 

touiHEB AatmtMauak, dhb dc afiamm rBnnn JinitTwwiMbai 
piuniniim insenneBBw 8^ Ckrist. ErL ITlO. 

De DiKiba» Mctiii-animcoroni Diatrihe : c[ib ib jnta 

3fefliciBfl& ftjtUCJ C panto' ac Machnw* prinapia ea^pcmhiHtar. 

»» EH, 17». 
BALTHICUM Jfanr, r. Lrr«LiTxnLt 
SALTniOBE iLariTj The An-ver ta Tom-Teil-Trodi. Tlie 

PlnctHe of Phoce» and che LsmentatiQa» «f che Kirke. wriccen 

bf the Lori Bi&iUiHiu^re, kre Secrecarj «f Suce. 4" IlS42. 
Tiie Lord Baltrmore» Ca^e cooceniin? tiie Pt ufUM ie of 

Maryland. ahijojnintr to Virgina in America. -t* LomiL I6oJ. 
Virv^ma aod 3£anriBnd»cr the Lord Bokunoce'» pnnted 

Case nncaaH^ jsad aiuwered. 4** LamL 16; 
BALTIMORJE (nxncucK. Lard] r. calyot. 
BALTUS ( } De&xkfie de» SS. accosez de PbfMume. 4^ 

Par. 171 L 
BALTZERS (a i&tboldc»} De MarilMB. 4' JBhsai. 1676^ 


EpistQia de vira, rebu» sesdz»^ moribiBs & 9C7TL'Ci« i&aacr. 

Tvi Petri de 3Iarca Archiep. ParttHeDnsw 8^* Par. 

Lettre a inEreaqDe de Tolle, toochaBt ks Disaertadoos 

qne >L TAbbe Fa^ a £uc imprimer «oos le nom de £ea Jllon- 
«eignear de 3Iarca ArcfaeTesqae de Parisw EoEemUe denx 
Lectres escntes me le niesme Mijet aM.de Marca Pressknt 
ao Ptokment de Paa. li* [166^.] 

Capitabha 4Eegum Frwcorum. Additae aont Marcnln 

mo n ttc hi et ahomm Formnlae TeCoc^y Ji: Notae doctiitttimonim 
nromm. :2 tom. ^cA. Par. 1677. 

Tradoction d^one Pkece cxcraite du premio' Lirre des 

(Fjim* m^leok de M. Bahue, imprim«^ i Pas^ dko, Frm^i:» 
Moguet en 1678. por M J>.L.G.R.AB. l^ 

Lctre ponr «emr de respcckae i diTer^ escrit» qu*oo a 

seme2 6am Pui^ ii. a h. Coor coocre qnelqiK» aocieikfr tiCres qoi 
prooTent qne MM.de BoiiiBon d^anjottrdluiy descendoxt en 
ngrne directe k mascnLne des ancieni Ducs de Gayemie jk Cooices 
d^^Anvergne. foL Par. 16». 

-— ^— Menuxre ponr Mofsienr le PruKe de Ber^^iiesw leL 
Hwtorise Totelens^i» Libri Cres. 4" Pkr. 1717. 

BALUSIUS n BALUZR^S (sTErajisLs) ?. a^Lcsx. 
BALZ AC (iCA^ Locis Seigmno- de) Les GEUirres : 

Ixoo, renenei & au|^menceck 8^ Pcr. 16^ 
— — Lcs Oenvrts direnes, an^mentees de plmienrs 

nomrenes. 1? Par. 1658. 

1? Jnr. ^ IZi: 16&L 


Le Prince. 4* Par. 16S1. 
Letties. » Eomau 16^ 
Secoode P^itie. Edickm IL »• Pi 


de h Secoodc Pwie dcs Lettres de M'. de Brfzac. 
Editioo IL «P P«r. 16:^. 

Becreil de Novifdkt LettRsde MouKor de BaZzJC. 

ff Pmr. \&i. 


B A M 

BALZAC (jealS Lon? &ii?wvr dr) LEtxres Chftkies «iTint li 

Cayat ixDprnDec a Pam. If ' IS4S. 
. LE!nref> <k feu MaEnaeiir dt Balz&c & Moosiear C<OBnn. 

1? jliur. £&. 1639. 

LeiiRs Fainilieres 3eM.de Bidzar, a M. Chapelui. 

l^ Jbuf. 1661. 

Lettres CbokaeN. 12* AmsL 167$. 

Xew F|waW by Moiniaear do Btlxick : tmijibted oai 

«f FraDcfa into Eadi^ bv Sr. Ricii: Biker Ku ti)* Lovd. 16^ 
Lecter» of Moaiunir de Bakac, tTiTi4iTed inu> KnglM i 

br Sr. Bxfard Bakfr aui oibersL d<' Lontl, 1655. 

BalzacV Bfmaines or» hi$ last Lexter»: vrmen to 

xvcnSl ^raad aod csniDeDt PerMH» in Fraiioe. VTbemioto m 
aoncxed tbe familiar Letters ofM.de Balzac to his iriend Mon- 
CiiapelaiD. S^ Lond. 1638. 

Re*^»ctror a la Letire & an Disiroursi de B^sac $nr me 

TraiTBdie de Heins intiiuiee Herode» Infamicida. ^ 164i. 

CanDiniuD Libh tne> : F^usdem £pi$tols sekctie : edi« 

tcre JEgidio Menafrjo. d' Per. 1651. 

Socraie Chrestien* k, antre> (£uTres du mesme Auihcur. 

8* Par. 1657. 

Ahstippe ou Be la Com-. 12» Par, 1658L 

l^ AwM. 1664, 

Ansl by R- W. l^ Lm£L 1659, 

Poliiics in ^ekct Discouraes isi McMijiienr Balxac vhidi 

he calFd hi» Aristippu&, or wisie Scholar : done into £ng;li$h by 
Basd Kennetl. 8' LoiMf. 1709. 

Le Baihon. l^ Par, 165S. 

Entmiens de ieu McAsieur de Balzac \^ Amu. 


Apolope ponr Mon&ienr de Balzac 1:2* Par, 1663. 

BAMBERG (jooaxnes paitlus) Disputatio Modica Inaij^uralis 
esfaibens The«e» vahas. 4* Jea. 1681 . 

BAMFORD (jAMEs) A shoit Dialogue oonceniing the Pl^^uet 
InfectioD. l^ Lond. lOOS. 

BAMM.\CARUS (.sicolal >) Fpistob, TenUmen de Aicre, 9m 
de natura Muodi Corporei exhibens. 8* Scap, 1746. 

BAMPFLELD (FaAXcis) r. collins. 

— The Judgement of Mr. Francis Bamfield Ute Minisler 

of Sberbome in Dorsetshire, for the Obsermion of the Jew- 
ish, or Seventh Day Sabboth : with his Reasons and Scriplures 
lor the same, sent in a Letter to Mr. Ben of Dorchester, lo* 
gether with Mr. Beim's sober Answer to the sune. l^ Limd, 


All useful Sciences and profilable Arts in one Book of Jehorah 
Aelohim. copied out^ and commented upon in Created Being», 
comprc-hended and discovered in the fulness and perfection of 
Scripture Knowledges. The first Part. fol. 1677. 

£ABBATIKH' HM£'PA» H^ 'l^^ Septimi Dies, 


B A N 

BANCROFT (richard) Archhishop qf Ckmterbury. Dan^onfr 
Positioiu* and Proceedings published and practised within this 
Hand of Britaine, under pretence of Reformation and for the 
Prebbyteriall Discipline. 4° Lond. 1640. 

BANCROFT (TnoMAs) Two Bookes of Epigrammes and Epi- 
taphs ; dedicated to two top-branches of Gentry, Sir Charles 
Shirley Baronet, & Williara Davenport Esquire. i^ Lond. 1639. 

BAND. A Merry Dialogue between Band, Cuflf^ and RuffJ done 
by an excellent Wit : and lately acted in a Shew in the famous 
University of Cambridge. 4** Lond. 1661. 

BANDELLO (matteo) NoveUe. 3 tom. 8« Milan. 1560. 

r 3 tom. 4» Loiid. 1740. 

— — — La seconda Parte de le Novdle del Bandello. 4* Lucca, 

La terza Parte de le Novelle del Bandello. 4® Lucca. 



La Quarta Parte de le Novelle del Bandello nuoua- 

mente composte. 8^ Lioni. 1573. 

■ Histoires Tragiques, extraictes des Oeuvres Italiennes 

de Bandel, & mises en Langue Fran^oise : les six pr^mieres 
par Pierrc Boaisteau, et les suyuantes par Fran^ois de Belle- 
forest. Tome premier. 8* Anv. 1567. 

Le Second Tome des Histoires Tragiques, extraites de 

ritahen de Bandel contenant CDCore dixhuit Histoires.^traduites 
& cnrichies outre rinuention de TAutheur, par Fran^oys Belle- 
forest. ^ Par. 1565. 

XVIII. Histoires Tragiques, extraictes des Oeuures 

Italiennes de Bandel, & mises en langue Fran^oise. Les six 
premieres par Pierre Boisteau, les douze suivans par Franc. de 
Belle-Forest. 12« Turin. 1582. 

BANDINl (angelomaria) EITl^AAAMIONprjBclarisconjugibus 
Domino loanni Baroni Carteret de Hawnes & Dominx Sophix 
Fermor dedicatum. fol. Fior. 1744. 

— — — Vita e Lettere di Amerigo Vespucci. 4® Fir. 1745. 

■' Specimen Literalurse Florentinae Saeculi xv. in quo 

dum Christophori Landini Gesta enarrantur, virorum ea iEtate 
doctissimorum in Literariam Remp. merita, Status Gymnasii 
Florentini a Landino instaurati, et Acta Academis Platonicse a 
Magno Cosma excitatse, cui idem pra^erat, recensentur et illus- 
trantur. tom. I. 8« Fior. 1748. 

Collectio veterum aiiquot Monimentorum ad Historiam 

praecipue Litterariam pertinentium. 8*^ Arreti, 1752. 

Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecse Mc- 

dicfs Lavrentianae, varia contmens Opera Gr«corum Patmro : 
plura accednnt Anecdota, pleraque Latine reddita. 3 tom. foL 
Flor. 1764—1770. 

Epistola de celeberrimo Codice Tacticorum Bibliothecse 

Laurentiana:^, ad cel^iss S. R. I. Principem Josephiun Vences- 
laum de Liechtenstein. 8** Fior. 1766. 

Catalogus Cbdicum Latinorum Bibliothecse Medices 

Laurentianae. 5 tom. fol. 1774^1778« 


B A N 

BAJ^DINI (angelo maria) De Florentina luntarum Typogra- 
phia ejuMjue Censoribus ex qua Grsci, Latini, Tusci Scriptores, 
ope Codicum Manuscriptorum a viris clarissimis pristin^B In- 
tegritati restituti in lucem prodierunt. Accedunl Excerpta 
uberrima Prcefationum Libris singulis premissarum. 8^ Luca, 

BANDOLE (anthoine DE)'r. cjesar. 

BANDURUS (anselmus) Imperium Orientale, sive Antiquitates 
ConsUntinopolitanse, in quatuor Partes distribut^e. 3 tom. fol. 
Por. 1711. 

■ Numismata Imperatorum Romanorum a Trajano Decio 

ad Palseologos Augustos. Accessit Bibliotheca Nummaria, sive 
Auctorum qui de Re nummaria scripserunt. 2 tom. Lia, Par. 

Bibliotheca Nummaria, sive Auctorum qui de Re num- 

maria scripserunt : curante Jo. Albcrto Fabricio. 4P Hamb. 

BANESIUS (faustus naironus) De saluberrima Potione Cahve, 

seu Cafe nunr upata Discursus. l^ Rofme, 1671. 

AngL 4« Lond. 1710. 

BANESTER (john) The Workes of that famous Chyrurgian, 

Mr. John Banester, by him digesttd into five Bookes. 4^ Land. 

— ^— A compendiovs Chyrurgerie : gathered & translated 

(especially) out of Wecker at the request of certaine Annota- 

tions, Resolutions^ & Supplyes, not impertinent to this Treatise, 

nor vuprofitable to the Reader. 12^ Lond. 1585. 

A Treatise of Chirurgerie, briefly comprehending the 

generall and particular curation of Vlcers. 4^ La?<d. 1633. 
BANFILL (samuel) A Letter to Davies Giddy, Esqr. M. P. in 

answer to his Plain Statement of theBuliion Question. 8® Land. 

BANG (joNAs) Dissertatio Academica de Monte Brunconis. 4® 

Ups. [1732.] 
BANGER (b.) A Funeral Sermon occasioned by the Death of 

Mrs. Martha Michel. 8^ Lond. 1713. 
BANGERTUS (henricus) Oratio funebris magnif. &nobiUssimo 

viro Dn. Henrico Colero Consuh quondam Hbers ac imperialis 

Reipubhcse Lubecensis primario habita. 4® Lub. 1644. 
— De Antonii Coleri, J. C^*. Reipubhcae Lubecensis Con- 

suiis, ortu, vita, Hl excessu, Commentatio. 4^ Lub. 1662. 

•y Dissertatio de poculo Jovis Servatoris et booi genii Nup- 

tiis Dn. Danieiis Fi^cheri. J. C. & Elizabethae Sophise Martini 
BoekeUfihffi. 4<> Lub. [1663.] 

Programma invitat. ad Introductionem Davidis 4 Briig- 

gen novi Subrectoris. 4^* Lub. 1664. 

Programma de Josephi Venditione. 4^ Lub. 1664. 

BANGIUS (thomas) Caelum Orientis et prisci Mundi Triade Ex- 
ercilationum Literariarum reprassentatum, curisque Thoms 
Bangii investigatum. 4* Haun. 1657. ^ 


B A X 

qaihQ:» MaCtria rie Oitu et PrDcre**H Litermruin ex intiai» el 
geBom» Mitai priDcipiis ita «iGciiict^ pertracttfur ut nihil bi hoc 
ampiitti dcsiderari ndert poeMt. 4* Crmam, 1691. 
BANIER (ast.) r. tmDnra. 

Lettre^a Monsicfir H««» 9«ir les pTeaucr§ Dicn oo Sots 
d^EBTpte. «^ Par. 17«. 

La >I jttirilogie et ies Fabbs expliqiice» par FHistoire. 

S taai. «• /Vr. 1738-401 
BAM£B£S (jEA!i] Tnurc Phiaiqac dc b Lnnicrc et des Cm- 
kor», dn Soo, et d» difleren» Too». tom. L 8P i^ir. 17^. 
Examen et Rcfiitatioo de» ElenieBsde la PlnlaMplHC 

Neatoo de M. dc Voluire, arec one DiMcrtatioB sor la RcAexk» 

lc la Refraction dc U Lomiere. Pf Par, 17S9. 
BANISHD DL^KE: or, thc Tragcdy of InfbrtanalnL 4* Lmd. 

BA>'I>TER (joBs) r. ba.yestu. 
BANI^IXR (jomi) New Arres and Dialoj^ cwi^a c d fv 

Voices and Viol;^ of two, tbrec, and feor Wrts: togc th er with 

LeMom for VmI^ or Viol.BB, hf John BuBBter aod Thomv 

Loor. 8^ Loa^. 1679. 
BANlVETUb ( K) A3I sEs) AmicqB Mediconnn, cam opo i ca l o qpod 

Ccli enarrant proptcr pnncipiiim tpa» inscribitar, & cam ahhre^ 

mtioacAbrahc AoeneczredfcLomiiiaribai&diebascrcticik 4^ 

BANK amd KANKERS. An Eaaj opoo Maatcr W. Pbttcrs 
Deaiisrne, conccminf a Bank of Lands to bc ercctcd thfoa^hoat 
thiftCommoowtalth. 4^ Lamd, 

Thc Caoe of the &mken aml their Creditors fttated and 

examincd. 4* 1674. 

»• Ltmd. 1675. 


thc srroundft of a bte Pmiphlet lotitnled thc Mptery of thc 
New.fashioDed-Goldiniiths or Bonker», &c 4* 1676. 

Propoeak lor NatiofMl fianksw 4* 

CorporatioD-Credit : or a Bank of Credit madc conrant 

bj comnion coDsent in Loodon. 4* Lomd. 1683. 

Banki or Oftces of Crcdit in Londoo, &c. 4« Lomd, 16^ 

An Accoont of thc Con»titution and Secoritj of thc 

Gcncral BMik ofCiedit. 4« Lomd. 1663. 


in gencral l^ a Royal Bank. 8* 1694. 

m a Brigadier, 

a Law^rcr, a Mcrcfaant, and a Goldsaiith. foL 

A secood Discoonc aboot Bu^. foL 

• A Proposal for a SubKriptioo to raiac ooe hundred 

thoottad pooub for cifcobtii^ the Credit of a Laad-Bank. 


B A N 

BANK mmd BANKERS. A brief Nimitife cf tbe Nalore and 
AttTantai^ of the Land-Bank as propo^^ed by Dr. Hiigb Cbdin- 
' berien, tfae first Autbor of founding a Bank op an Annual Re- 
Tenoe. fol. LcnuL 1695. 

■ Tbe Siibstance of the ClauK ofiered to the Land-Bank 
Bin : iritb Remarks upon it. fol. 

■ An Acoount of tbe National Land-Bank. fol. LomL 
An AooouDt of tbe Land>Bank : dftewing the Design 

and Manner of tbe Settlement, &c. fol. 

An Ab<4Tact of tbe Proposals for tbe Bank on tbe 

Tickets of tbe Mittion Adventure. fol. 

Tbe Montbly Account of tbe Land-Bank at Exeter 

Change in tbe Strand» pubhsbed on Tuesday No?. 5. 1695. fd. 
Now is tbe Time; or, tbe Proposal of the Loan-Bank 

seasonable : by T. \V. fol. Lond. 1695. 

■ Propo<i4tJons for General Land-Banks. fol. 

Tbe many Advantages the Bank of the City of London 

wifflafibfxL 4« 

Tbe Argument of tbe Lord Keeper Sommers on bis 

giring Jodgement in tbe Banker's Case, deliTer'd in tbe £x- 
chequerCbamber June23. 1696. 4« LomI. 1738. 
BANK ^ Emgland. r. aaiscoE. CHAMBkaLEN. hales. bouand. 


A brief Accoiwt of the intended fiank of £ngland. 4^ 


Some useful Reflections upon a Pamphlet called A brief 

Acooant of the intendcd Rank of £iigland, wbereunto is an- 
nexed a short Description of Doctor Chamberlens's Bank. 4* 
Lomd. 1694. 

Obserrations upon the Bank of £ns(land. 4* Lond. 1695. 

A Letter to a Friend conceming Credit, and bow it 

may be lestor^d to tbe Bank of £ngland. 4* Lond, 1695. 

A sbort Account of tbe Bank of £ngland. 4* Loiui. 


fol. Lond. 1695. 

Some Remarks upon tbe Bank and other pretended 

Banks, witb Reasons bumfa^y ofiered to tbe consideration of tbe 
present Parliament for estalili^bing a real Land-Fund, or a Mo- 
ney and Land-Bank : by Philaletbes. 4^^ Lond. 1695. 

A Proposal to the Bank of £ngland and the Banks now 

setling up : with some few Considerations about Goldsiuiths 
Notes. fol. 

Tbe Villainy of Stock-Jobbers detected, and the Cau«ca 

of the late Run upon the Bank and Bankers discovered and con- 
sidered. 4<» Lond. 1701. 

Remarks upon tbc Bank of £ngland» with regard more 

especially to our Trade and Govemment. 8^ Lond, 1706. 

8* Lond. 1707. 

Some Considerations ofiered against tbeContinuanoe of 

tbe Bank of fngfamd, in a Letter to a Member of tbe meaent 

B A N 

BANK of Ennrland, Reasons ofler'd ao^ainst the Continnance of thc 
Bank in a Letter to a Member of Parliament. 8° Lond. 1707. 

■ A short View of the apparent Dangers and Mischiefi» 

from the Bank of England. 4° Lond, 1707. 

The Ruine of the Bank of England^ and all PubHck- 

Credit inevitable. 4° Lond. 1715. 

The Case of the Bank Contract, in answer to the in- 

famous Scurrilities of several Libels lately printed in the Craftd- 
man. S'' Lond, MS5. 

The Bank of Englands Vade Mecum ; or Sure Guide. 

8« Lond. 1782. 

'■ Observations on the late Increase of tbe Dividend on 

Bank Stock. 8» Lond. 1788. 

A Letter to the Rt. Hon. William Pitt on the Conduct 

of the BankDirectors; with cursory Observationson Mr. Mor- 
gan^s Pamphlet respecting the Expence of the War, and the 
State of the National Debt. 8« Lond. 1796. 

BANK-NOTES. A short Investigation into the subject of tbe 
alleged superfluous Issue of Bank-Notes, the high price of Bul- 
lion, and the unfavourable State of the foreign Exchangcs; in 
two Letters, taken from the Times Newspaper of the 18th and 
20th of April 1811:* to whicb is added the Eail of Rosse^s 
Speech in the H. of Lords on the Exchange aud Currency of 
Ireland. 89 Lond. iSll. 

BANKES (eliz.) v. ridgley. 

BANKES (henry) v. catalogus. 

BANKES (Sir jacob) p. benson. 

BANKES (rob.) Oratio Anniversaria in Theatr. Coll. RegaHs 
Medicoruni Lond. ex Uarveii instituto habitadie 18^. Octobris 
1743 4^ Lond. 1743. 

BANKRUPTS. Some Observations with relation to the Laws 
respecling Bankrupts. fol. 

— — Considerations upon the Bill to prevent Frauds fre- 
quently committed by Bankrupts. fol. 

Reasons humbly oflfered for passing the Bill for the 

better recovery of Bankrupt's Estates^ and for the niore equal 
distribution thereof. fol. 

Remarks on the Bill to prevent Frauds committed by 

Bankrupts. 4« Lond. 1706. 

An Essay on Credit and the Bankrupt Act^ with some 

Reflections on the Escape-Act. 8® Lond. 1707. 

The SoUcitor^s Guide and Tradesman*8 Instructor con- 

cerning Bankiu^ts. S^ Lond, 

An alphabetical List of all the Bankrupts from the 

first of January 1774 to the thirticth of June 1786, inclusive. 
8» Lond. 1786. 

— A succinct Digest of the Laws relating to Bankrupts. 

8« Land. 1791. 

BANKS {Sir jacob) A Letter from Sir J. B -- ks to W. B- - n 
£sqr. S. O. conceming a late Co^tract that was endeavour'd to 
be eatablishM by a ceitain bdd Officer in Sweden. 8^ Lond. 
1719. BANHLS 


B A N 

BANKS (jobn) The Rival Kings, or the Loves of Orondates and 

SUtira, a Tragaedy. 4« Lond. 1677. 
■ The Unhappy Favourite^ or the Earl of Essex aTragedy. 

4« Lond. 1685. 

The Alhion Queens, or the Death of Mary Queen of 

Scotland. 49 Lond. 

Vertue betray'd : or, Anna BuUen, a Tragedy. 4P Lond. 


4« Lond. 1715. 

— — "The Innocent Usurpcr, or the Death of the Lady Janc- 
Gray. 4« Lond. 1694. 

CyrustheGreat: or,theTragedyof Love. 4®IiOni.l696. 

BANKS (JONATH.) Januse ClaVis : or Lilly'» Syntax explained. 8* 
Lond. 1679. 

Vindicia Anghcanae quatuor vocahum Latinarum,a,e,i, 

& u, pronunciationisj ex intima antiquitate erutae. 8^ Lond. 1721. 
BANKS {Sir joseph) v. catalogus. 
BANKS (noah) Gods prerogative Power made known divers 

wayes in the Old and New Testament. Also the prerogative 

Power of the Lord Christ. 4» Lond. 1650. 
BANNER (rich.) A Treatise of Simony. 8*» Lond. 1716. 
BANNERMAN (anne) Poems. &' Edinb. 1800. 
BANNES (dominicus) Qusestiones & Coftimentaria tn duoslibros 

Ahstotelis de Generationc & Corruptione. 4* Col. 1616. 
BANNIUS (lo. ALB.) Dissertatio Epistolica de Music» natura 

prigine, progressu, & denique studio bene instituendo; ad incom- 

parabilem virum Petrum Scriverium. 12° Lugd. B, 1637« 
BANQUET. Response au Banquet des Curieux. 8° 
BANTAM. A true Account of the burning and sad Condition of 

Bantara in the East-Ihdies. fol. [1682.] 
■ A short Account of the Siedge of Bantam. fol. Lond, 


The Civil Wars of Bantam : or an impartial Relation 

of all the Battals, Sieges, and other remarkable transactions, re- 
volutions, aiid accidents that happened in the late Civil Wars 
between that King and his eldest son commonly called by them 
the yovng King. fol. Lond. 1683. 

BANYER (henry) Pharmacopoeia Pauperum, or the Hospital 
Dispetisatory. 8** Lond. 1721. 

8° Lond. 1739. 

BANZER (marcus) Fabnca Receptarum, id est Methodus brevis, 
perspicua, ac facilis, in qua quae sint Remediorum composito- 
rum formoe, quas earundem differentise^ quee componendi 8c 
prsscribendi ratio, quee denique vtiHtas, atq; quis vtendi mo- 
dus^ planii».>iime edocetur. 8® Aug. Vind. 1722. 

BAPST (laurent.) Decadis II. Disput. jMedicar. selectiss. nona, 
de palpiutione Cordis. 4^^ ^iieb. 1622. 

BAPTISM. Modus baptizandi, Preces, et Benedictiones quibus 
Ecclesia Ethiopuio utitur, cum Sacerdotes benedicunt puerpere 
un^ cum infante Ecciesiam ingredienti, post quadragesimum 
puerperij diem. 4^.Itam, 1549. 

— — 4P Lffom. 1550, 

fe A P 

BAPTISM. A Treatise of the Vanity of Childish-Baptisme : hj 
A. R. 4« Lond. 1642. 

■ ■ ■ The second Part of the Vanity & Childish- 

nes of Infants Baptisroe. 4® Lond. 1642. 

A Discourse tending to prove the Baptisme in or under 

the Defection of Anlichrist to be the Ordinance of Jesus Christ : 
by P. R 4» Lond. 1642. 

A Christian Plea for Christians Baptisnne, raised from 

tbe Grave of Apostasie: [by] S. C. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

A Christian Plea for Infantes Baptisme ; or» a Confuta- 

tion of some things written by A. R: [by] S. C. 4* Lond. 1643. 
A Reply to the frivolous and impertinent Answer of 

R. B. to the discourse of P. B. 4<> Lond. 1643. 

Infants Baptizing proved lawfuU by the Scriptures. 

Objections against it resoived and removed. 4* Lond. 1644. 

To Sions Virgins; : or a short Forme of Catechisme of 

the Doctrine of Baptisme, in use in these times that are so fuU 
of Questions. 4<> 1644. 

A Moderate Answer to these two Qvestions; 1. Whether 

ther be sufficient ground in Scripture to warrant the Conscience 
of a Christian to present his Infants to the Sacrament of Bap- 
tism. 2. Whether it be not sinfull for a Christian to receive the 
Sacrament in a mixt Assembly. By T. B. 4** Ltmd. 1645. 

The Fallacy of Infants Baptisme discovered. 4® Lond. 


A Declaration conceming the publike Dispute which 

should have been in the publike Meeting-House of Aklerman- 
Bury, the 3d of tliis instant Moneth of December, concerning 
Infants-Baptisme. 4*^ Lond. 1645. 

- A Defence of the Lawfnlnesse'of baptizing Infants : in 

way of answer to John Spilsberie. 4® Lond. 1645. 

A briefe Answer to R. H. his Booke, intitled, " The 

true Guide" &c : by R. B. and R. H. [On Baptism.] 4« Lond. 
Ba/olKrfjLw Atiax^ ' ^* '^^ Doctrine of Baptismes, re- 

dnced from its ancient and modeme Cormptions, and restored 
to its primitive Soundnesse and Integrity. 4^ Lond. 1648. 
4» Lond. 1652. 

Eight Reasons for baptizing Infants bom of beiieving 

Parents. 4» Lond. 1649. 

Infant^s Baptism mainteined : or a true Account of the 

Disputation held at Ashford in Kent, Julie 27. 1649. 4* Lond. 

Philadelphia : or, xl. Queries peaceably and inofiens- 

ively propounded [conceming Baptism.] By I. G. 4^ Lond. 

An Answer to Mr. J. G. his xl Queriet: by W. A. 4^ 

Lond. 1653. 

A true and faithfull Narrative (for snbttance) of a pub- 

lique Dispute between Mr. Tho. Porter, & Mr. Hen. Haggar ; 
conceming InfantpBaptism. 4* Land, 1696. 


B A R 

BAPnSM. A Conteiitidn for Truth : in two publique Di^^uta- 
tion8 at Cleroent Dane Church without Temple Barrey upon the 
19 of Novemb. last, and upon the 26 of the same Monetb, con* 
ceming the Baptisme of Infants. 4® Lond. 1G5S. 

I Scripture Baptism and Church- Way with True Seekers. 

4* [1659.] 

Propositionsconceming the subjectof Baptism, coHected 

and coniirmed out of the Word of God by a Society of Elders 
and Messengers of the Churches in Massachusets-Colony in 
New England. 4* 1662. 

A Defence of the Answer and Arguments of the Synod 

met at Boston in the Year 1662 concernin^ the Subject of 
Baptism and Consociation of Churches. 4® Cambr, 1664. 

PsBdobaptismus Vindicatus : or Infant-Baptism stated. 

By J. R. ^ Lond. 1693. 

Lay-Baptism invalid : an Essay to prove that such Bap- 

tism is null and void when admmister^d in * opposition to the 
diyine rig^t of the Apostolical Succession : to which is prefix'd 
a Letter to the author by Geo. Hlckes DD. 8* Lond. 1712. 

— The second Part of Lay-Baptism invalid. 8* 


— Donatus Redivivus : or, a Reprimand to a modem 

— - ^ - n 

Church-Schismatick, for his revival of the Donatistical Heresy 
of Re-baptization. 8* Lond, 1714. 

— The Aroazon disarm'd: or, the Sophisms of a Schisma- 

tical Psunphlet^ pretendedly writ by a Gentlewoman, entituled 
'' An Answer to Donatus Redivivus/' exposed and confuted. & 
Lond. 1714. 

- An Answer to a scurrilous Pamphlet called Donatus 

Redivivus. 8« Lond, 1715. 

— The Manner of baptizin^ with Water cleared up from 

the Word of God and Right R^son, in a Debate upon that 
«ubject between Mr. J. P. and Mr. B. W. June 6. 1726. 8^ 
Land. 1726. 

A Vindication of a Defence of Baptism with Water, and 

Infant Baptism asserted: against a prctended Reply of a Quaker. 
8» Ltmd. 1739. 

Ptunging a subject of Bigotry when made essential to 

Baptism. 8^ Lond. 1741. 
BAPTISTA (JFy-oyjuAN) Chronicade la Vida y admirables Hechos 

del muy alto y muy podcroso Seiior Muley Abdelmelech £m*- 

peradorde Mamiecos. 4® 1577. 
BAPTISTA (PET.) Cremonensis Medicus. Epistols tres. 8* 
BARA (hierome de) Le Blason des A^moines. fol. Lyon. 1581. 

■ fol. Lifon, 1604. 

BARALIS (car.) Qusstio Medica" An fortes creantur fortibus ?*' 

4« Ltuet. 1651. 
RARANZANUS (redemptus) Vranoscopia, seu de Coelo ; in qua 

Vniversa Coelorum Doctrina clarc, dilucid^, & breuitcr traditur. 

4« 1617. 


B A R 

BARATIER (j. p.) v. bzhjahw fil, Joan. TudeL 

BARATIER iMr.) v. whiston. 

BARATTA (manuel) Ej^mplares de diversas Sortes de Letras. 4* 

Li^b. 1590. 
BARATTERI (cio. battista) Architettura d'Acque. fol. Piac. 

BARATTI (ciacomo) The Late Travels of S. Giacomo Baratti, 

an Italian Gentleman, into the remote Countries of the Abissins, 

or of Ethiopia Interior : transl. by G. D. 12" Lond. 1670. 
BARBA (albaro alonzo) Arte de los Metales. 4^ Madr. 1640* 
■ AnglytrznsX. in the year 1669 by Edw. 

Earl of Sandwich. S^ Lond. 1674. 

GalL auquel oh a joint un Memoire 

concemant les Mines de France, avec un Tarif. 8° Par. 1730. 

Gcrm. von I.L.M.C. 8» Hamb. 1676. 

BARBA (pompeo della) Discorsi Filosofici sopra il Platonico & 
divin Sogno di Scipione di Marco TuUia 8" Vineg. 1553. 

BARBA (siMONE della) Nvova Spositione del Sonetto ch(^ comin' 
cia In nohil sangue uiia humile, e'queta. 8^ Fir. 1554. 

BARBADICUS (n.) v. pona. 

BARBADOES. Anicles of Agreement had, made, and concluded, 
between the Commissioners of tlie Lord Willoughby of Parham 
of the one partie^ and the Commissioners of the Parliament of 
England of the other partie, being in order to the Rendition of 
the Island of Barbadoes. 4^ Lmd. 1652. 

— — A brief Relation of the beginning and ending of the 
Troubles of the Barbados, with the true Causes thereof : set 
forth by A. B. 4° Lond, 1653. 

Acts and Statutes of the Island of Barbados> made and 

enacted since the Reducement of the same unto the Authority 
of the Commonwealth of England, and set forth the seventh day 
of September 1652. 8« Lond. 

Englands Slavery, or Barbados Merchandize. 8^ Lond. 


The Relation of a Conspiracy in the Barbadoes. ^^ 

A Representation of the miserable State of Barbadoet 

under the arbitrary and corrupt Admini^tration of his Exc 
Robert Lowther Esqr. the present Governor. 4P Lond, 

Some Considerations humbly offered to both Houses of 

Parliament conceming the Sugar Colonies^ and chiefly the 
Island of Barbadoes. 4P Lond, 1701. 

To the Qucens most excell. Maje^ty the humble Peti- 

tion of severai Planters, and other the Inhabitants of your Ma- 
jesty's Island of Barbailoes. fol. 

A State of the present Condition of the Island of Bar- 

badoes. fol. 
— ^— The Barbadoes Packet; containing several original 

Papers, giving an Account of the most material Transactions 

that have lately happened in a certain part of the West Indies. 

8« Lond. 1720. 
BARBARA (Santa) v. ayendano. 


B A R 

fiARBARANUS (julils) OfiTciiiaf» Ivlii Barbarani Tomi tres i 
Promptuariuin Rerum clcctarum, in re pra^seinim Romana. 4^ 
Ven. 15G9. 

BARBARI (ciuseppe anton.) L*Iride> Opera Fisicomatcmatica. 
4* BoL 1678. 

BARBARIGO (nicolo) Breve Racconto dell^ Amicitia, mostrvoca 
neUa periettionc, trd Nicolo Barbarigo & Marco Trivisano glo- 
riosi n^liuoli della Nobilta Venetiana. 4** Fen. 1627. 

BARBARO (daniel) v, vitiiuvius. 

La Pratica della Perspettita. fol. Vcn. 1568. 

Relazione deir iUiL^trissimo Daniel Barl>aro, fatta hel 

serenissimo Senato dopo la sua Legazione d'Inghilterra ove fu 
Ambasciatore per la serenissima Kepublica in tempo del Re 
Odoardo vi. nel mdli. 4® Lond. 

BARBARO (josaphat) Viag;i;i fatti da Vinetia, alla Tana^ in 
Persia^ in India, et in Co;»tantinopoli : con la descrittione par-» 
ticolare di Cittd, Luoghi, Siti, Costumi, et della Porta del gran 
Turoo, & di tutte le Intrate, spese k, modo di gouemo suo, & 
della ultima Impresa contra Portoghesi. ^ Ven, np. Ald, 1543. 

'. 8« Ven, ap. Ald. 1545. 

BARBARUS (franciscus) De Re uxoriai Libelli duo. 4® Far, ex 
Chalcogr. Ascens, 1513. 

■ ■ — — — in lucem reproducti a JoaChimo 

Clutcn. 12® Argent. 1612. 
BARBARUS (herm.) v. aristoteles. borrhaus. DioscoaiDESr 

■■ ■■ Castigationes PlinianaB. fol. Rom, 1492. 

fol. Crem, 1495. 

— {Cum NotisMSS. Js, Casauboni.] 4* 

Bas. 1534. 
■ ■ Corollarii Libri quinque non ante impressi. fol. 

Compendium Ethicorum Librorum Hermolai Barbari 

P.V. 8» Ven. 1544. 

8« Par. 1546. 

■■ Compendium Scientia; Naturalis ex Aristotele. 8^* Ven^ 

8« Par. 1547. 

cui adjuncta est Rodolphi Goclenii 

Phy«iologia de Risu et Lachrymis. 8® Marp, 1597. 

Compendii Liber primus de Principiis Scientia? Natura- 

lis. 8*» Rcgiom. 1547. 

BARBARY. Three Miseries of Barbary : Plaguc, Famine,Ciuill* 
Warre. With a relation of the death of Mabamet the late £m- 
perour: and a briefe rei^ort of the now present Wars betweene 
ihe three brothers. 4° Lond. 

« A true historicall Discourse of Muley Hamets rising to 

the tliree Kiuf^domes of Moruecos/F^, and Sus. The dis-vnion 
of the three Kingdomes by ciuill Warre. The Religion and 
Policie of the More, br Barbarian. The Aduentures of Sir 
Anthony Sherley. With other Nouelties. 4° Lond, 1609. 
Late Newe» out of Barbary. 4® Lorid. 1613. 

Vol. I. R r BARBARY. 

B A R 

BARBAR Y. The Arrivall and Inlertainemcnts of the fimbassadof 
Atkaid Jaiirar Ben Abdella with his associate Mr. Robert Blake, 
from the high and mighty Prince, Mulley Mahamed Sheque^ 
Emperor of Morocco, King of Fesse and Suss. Likewise God'» 
exceedin^i: Memy, and our Kings especiall mce and fafour 
manifested in the happy redemption of three nnndred and two 
of his Majesties poore snbjects, who had beene Ibng in miser- 
able slavery at Salley in Barbary. 4* Lond. 1637. 

■ ' A short and strange Relation of some part of thc Lifc 

of Tafiletta the great Conqueror and Emperor of ^arbary. 4* 
Lond, 1669. 

Gall. 120 u^^. 1670. 

■' Etat des Royamnes de Barbane, Tripoly, Tunis, ct Al- 

ger. 8* Haye, 1704. 
BARBATUS (hieron.) De Arthritidc Libri Duo. 4« Ven, 1565. 
• Dissertatio elegantissima de Sanguine ei eius Sero. 12® 

Par. 1667. 

- De Formatrice, Concepta, Organizatione, & Nntritione 

Foetus in Vtero, Dissertatio Anatomica. 4* Patav, 1676. 
BARBAULD(AmiA lstitia) v. aikin. akensjde^ 
■ Epistleto William Wilberforce Esq. on the rejection of 

the Bill for aboli.shing thc Slave Trade. 4» Lond. 1791. 
BARBAULD (ezechiel) Exercitatio Theologtca ad TextumMarci 

cap. 3. V. 28. 29. 30. de Peccato in Spiritum Sanctum in seter- 

nuni non remittendo. 4** Franeq. 1697. 
BARBAULD (theoph.) Prieres pour ccux qui Toyagcnt sur la 

Mer. V29 Af/ui. 1688. 
BARBAY (petrus) Commentarius in Aristotelis Logicam. 8^ Par^ 

' " CotnioentariaB in Arii»totelis Metaphysicam. 8* Par. 


- Commentarius in Aristotclis Moralem. 8" Par. 1680. 

BARBAZAN (etienne) L^OrdenedcChevalerie avec une Disser- 
tation sur rori|;ine de la Langue Fran^oise ; Un Essai sur les 
£'timologies; Quelquts Contes anciens; et un Glossaire pouren 
facilitcr rinttlligence. 8** a LaUzannt Sf se troure a Paris. 1159, 

BARBE (cAuoLus) Disputatio Philosophica dc Mente humana. 4^ 
Franeq. 1713. 

BARBE (s.) II Parfumeur Fran^oi». 12^ Amsi. 1696. 

BARBECK (frid. oodefr.) Epicedia in lugubrem Exccssum viri 
nobiliss. Dn. Friderici Godefridi Baii>eck. 4* Didsh. [1704.] 

BARBECK (jonas) Disput. Medica Inauguralis de Scorbuto. 4^ 
Teutop. 1655. 

■ Disp. Mcd. de Hydropis Ascitis natura et cnrationc. 4* 

Bremm. 1652. 

BARBER (edvtard) A small Treatise of Baptlsmc, or Dipping. 4* 

' A Declaration and Vindication of the carriage of Ed- 

ward Barber^ at thc Pai ish Meeting-House of Benetfinck London, 
Fryday ihe 14 of July 1648. aftcr the rooming Exercise of Mr. 
Callamy was cnded : by £. B» 4^ Lond, 


B A R 

BARBER (edward) An Answer lo ihe Essex Watchinan's Watcfa- 

word. 4« Lond. [1649.] 
BARBER (johk) The Life and Character of John Barber Esqr. 

late Lord-Mayor of London. 8® Lond. 
■ An impartial History of the Life, Character, Amours, 

Travels, and Transactions of Mr. John Barber, City-Printer, 

Common €bnncil-man^ Alderman^ and Lord Mayor of London. 

9" Lond. 1741. 
BARBER (joseph) Oration at the Interraentof the rev. William 

Ford. 8* Lcmd, 1783. 
— — A Sermon occasioned by the death of the rev. Natlianiel 

Trotman. 8» Lond. 1793. 

A Sermon occasioned by the much lamented death of 

the rev. Thomas Reader : to which is added an Appendix conr 
tainin^ some farther Account of Mr. Reader's rehgiouscfaaraQter 
by Samuel Rooker of Taunton. 8« Lond. 1794. 

BARBER (mary) Poems on several Occasions. 4* Lond. 1734. . 

BARBERINI. Dichiaratione delle Pittvre deUa Sala de' Signori 
Barberini. &^ Rom. 1570. 

BARBERINI (ant.) r. bovius. catalogus. 

■ Memoriale alla Santita di N. Signorc nella materia de 

Conti Barberini. 4^ 

— — - Lettera al Cardinale Fraacesco Barberina 4" [1645.] 

Letteraalla Santita* di N. Signore. 4° [1645.] 

Lettera al Cardinale Rapaccioh. 4^ [1645.] 

BARBERINI (fbancesco) Lettera alla Santiu di N. Signor^. 4* 

BARBERINI (maff.) Maffei S. R. E. olim Card. Barberini nunc 

ver6 Urbani VlII. Pont. opl. max. Poemata. 8« Fe/i. 1628. 

— fol. Rom. 1631. 

BARBERINO (FRAjic.) Documenli d'Amore. 4^ Rom. 
BARBERIDS (lud. mar.) Spiritus Nitro-Aerei Operationes in 

Microcosmo. 12<> Bon. 1680. 
BARBETTE (paulus) Operaomnia Medica et Chirurgica, notis 

et observalionibus nec non pluribus Morborum historiis et cura- 

tionibufi iliustrata : opera et studio Joh. Jacob. Mangeti M.D. 

4* Gm. 1688. 
■ Disputatio de Variolis et MorbiUis sexta et uldnia. 4* 

Argcnt. 164^. 

Opera Chirur^co-Anatomica, ad circularem Sanguinis 

motum» ahaque Recentiorum inventa^ accommodata. Accedit 
de Peste Tractatus, Observationibus illustratus. 12® Luffd. Bat. 
1672. " ^ 

Cbirurgia, opera lohannis Muis^ M.D. Accedit de Peste 

Tractatus Observationibus iUustratus. 12® Amsi. 1693. 

Meuseh-Be:»cbryving. 8® Amst. 1657. 

Praxis Barbettiana, cum notis et obscrvationibus F. 

Deckers M.D. 12» Litgd. Bat. 1669. 

12® AfHst. 1678. 


B A R 

BARBEYRAC (cak.) Quaestiones Medicie Buodecim. 4* Monfp. 

BARBEYRAC (jean) v, bynkershoek. crotius. puffendobfp. 
— — Traite du Jeu, oii Ton cxamine les principales Questiont 

de Droit Naturel et de Morale qui ont du rapport h, cette ma- 

.tiere. 2 tom. 8° Amst, 1709. 

Discours sur l'Utilite dcs Lettre» et des Sciences,parrap- 


port au bien de l'Etat : prononce aux Promotions publimies au 
CoHegc de Lausanne, le 91 de Mai m.dcc.xiv. 8® Amsi, 1715. 
Di>cours sur la Permission des Loix, oii Ton fait voir. 

que ce qui est perniis par les I^ix, n'est pas toAjours juste & 
honnete : prononce aux Promotions publiques du Co)l6ge de 
Lausanne^ le 8. de Mai mdccxv. 4^ Gen. 1715. 

Oratio de Ma^istratu, forte peccantc, e Pulpitis sacris 

non traducendo: babita GroningsQ pridie Nonas Septembr. 
M.Dcc.xxi. 4^ Amst, 1721. 

The Spirit of tlie Ecclesiasticks of all Sects and Age», 

as to tlie Doctrines of Morality, and more particularly the Spirit 
of the ancient Fathers of the Churcb, examin'd : with a Preface 
by the Author of the Independent Whig. 8<> Lond. 172?. 

Defense du Droit de la Compagnie Hollandoise des In- 

des Orientales, contre les nouvelles Pr^tensions des Habitansdes 

Pays-Bas Antrichiens, ct les Raisons ou Objections des Avocats 

de la Compagnie d'Oeitende. 4" Hayc. 1725. 
BARBEYRAC (m.) Docteur en Medicine de Montpellier, Traites 

Nouveaux de Medecine, contenans les Maladies de la Poitrine, 

les maladies des Femmes, & quelques autres maladies peculieres. 

12P Lyon. 1684. 

^ Lj/on, 1712. 

■ Dissertations Nouvelles »ur les Maladies de la Poitrinc, 

de Cauir, de TEstomac, dts Femmes, Veneriennes, & quelques 

Maladie6 particulieres : avec deux Descriptions de Maladies qui 

n^ont jamais ete ecrites, par M. Boerhaave. 8® Amst. 1731. 
BARBIER (jo. FRAN901S) Livre de Portraitvre. 4° [1642.] 
BARBIERl (gio. aluigi de) Della Morte et dell'Anime separate 

Dialoglii Otto, con vna nuoua aggiunta deiristesso Autore di xix. 

Diaioghi cio^ dieci del Paradiso, & noue deirinfemo. 8* Bolog. 

BARBIERI (girolamo) Lc False Opinioni, Opera scenica. 12* 

holog, 1670, 
BARBO (gio. battista) I/Oracolo, ouero Iiivettiva contra le 

Donne. 8<* Vic, 
BARBO (tho. de) Siima Medicinalis ; cii duobus eiusdem Trac- 

tatibus : vnus de restauratione humidt radicalis, alter de reduc- 

tione Medicinarum ad actum: Cuq; Tabula Questionum & 

Tractatuum minime aspernenda, a libri calce po^ita. fol. Lugd. 

JARBON (nicii.) A Discourse conceming coining thc ncw Moncy 

hghter : in answer to Mr. Ixx:k's Considerations about raising 

the value of Money. 8® Lond. 1696. 


B A R 

BARBON (nich.) Decus & TuUmen ; or our new Money as now 
coined, in full weijifht and fineness, proved to be for the Honour, 
Safety, and Advantao^e of England : written in answer to Sir 
Richard Temple and Dr. Barhon. 8« Lond. 1696. 

BARBOR (wiLH.) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Lue Venerea. 4* TVq/. ad 
Rh. 1663. 

BARBOSA (aug.) Dictionarivm Lusitanico Latinvm iuxta seriem 
alphabeticam optimis probatisq. doctissimorum Auctorum tes- 
timonijs perutili quadam expositione locupletatum, cum copio- 
sissimo I^atini Sermonis Indice, necnon libello vno aliquarum 
Regionum, Ciuitatum, Oppidorum, &c. quibus veteres vti sole- 
bant 4° Brachara. 1611. 

BARBOUR (john) Archdeacon of Aherdecn. 'The Life and Acts 
of the most victorious Conqueror Robert Bruce Ring of Scot- 
land: carefully corrected from the edition printed by Andro 
Hart in 1620. 4» Edinb. 1758. 

The Bruce ; or, the Hislory of Rol)ert I. King of Scot- 

land: written in Scotish ver?e by lohn Barbour. The first 
genuine £ditron, pubhshed from a MS. dated 1489: with 
Notes and a Glossary by J. Pinkerton. 3 vol. 8® Lond. 1790. 

BARBUDA (luys coello oe) Emprcdas Militares de Lvsitanos. 
4» Lish. 16^4. 

BARBVO' (scipion) Sommario delle Vite de' Dvchi di Milano» 
cosi Visconti^ come Sforzeschi, raccolto da diuersi Auttori. foK 
Ven. 1584. 

BARBVOTIUS (joannes) Fontis Sanreginalis, naturalis medicati» 
Virtutum admirabilium in gratiam segrotantium Explicatio. 
ly Par. 1661. 

BARBUT (j.) Les Genres des Infectes de Linne ; constates par 
difers £'ciiantillons d^Insectes d'Angleterrc, copies d'apr^8 Na- 
ture. AngL Gall. 4« Land. 1781. 

BARCELLINI (innocente) Industrie Filolog;iche per dar risalto 
alle Virtd del Santissimo Ponteiice Celestino V. e liberare da 
akune taccie Dante Alighieri creduto Censore dclla celebre 
Rinunzia fatta dal medesimo Santo. 42^ Milan. 1701. 

BARCELONA. Transumpts y Copies de les Cartes escrites par 
los Consellers de la civtat de Barcelona, y Procuradors de la de 
Tortosa^ a la present Ciutat de Valencia, y remey contra ia 
malaltia dels Bestiars de pel, y prevencio pera Uiurar lo» de 
aqaella, les quals son del tenor seguent. fol. 1682. 

BAR-CEPHA, V. moses. 

BARCHIUS (nicolaus l.) De Hospitalitate Hebraeorum, Exerci- 
tatio Acaderaica, 8» Ups. [1698.] 

BARCHUSEN (joh. conr.) Pyrosophia, succincte atque breviter 
. latro-Chemiam^ Rem Metallicam et Chrj-sopoeiam pervestif^ans: 
Opus Medicis, Physicis, Chemicis, Pharmacopceis, Metallicis, 
&c. non inutile. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1698. 

^ Elemcnta Chemiae^ quibus subjuncta est Confectura 

Lapidis Philosophici imaginibus reprassentata. 4^ Lugd. Bat. 


B A R 

BARCH AUSEN ( joh. cone.) Pharmacopoeus Synopticus. ^ TVqf. 

ad Rfi. 1696. 
I ■ Acroamata, in quibus complura ad latro-cbemiam atque 

Physicam spectantia, jocuada rerum varietate, expbcantur. 8* 

Traj. Bat. 1703. 

Historia Mcdicinse, in qua, si non omnia^ pleraque sal- 

tem« Medicorum ratiocinia, dogmata, hypotheses, sectee, &c. 
que ah exordio Medicins usque ad noatra teropora inclarue- 
nmt, pertractantur. 8^ Amsi. 1710. 

Compendium Ratiocinii Cbemici more Geometrarum 

concinnatum. 8* Lug^. Bai. 1712. 

Collecta Medicinfe Practicae generalis : quibus subjunc* 

tU8 est Dialogus de optima Medicorum Secta. 8^ Amsi. 1715. 
De Medicinae Origine et Progressu Dissertationes ; in 

quibus Medicorum Sects, Institutiones, Decreta, Hypothesesj 
Praeceptiones, &c. ab initio Medicins usquead nostra Tempora 
traduntur. 4® Traj. ad Rh. 17 2S. 
BARCKHAUSEN (herhannus) Dissertatio de Cometis eonimque 

feneratione, figura^ motu, lumine, et prognosticis. 4** RintheL 
BARCKMAN (theod.) Disp. Inaug. Medica de Apoplexia. 4* 

Franek. 1636. 
BARCLAIUS (joH.) v. barclat. 
BARCLAY (alexand.) r. brantius. manchin. mcolomini. sa- 


BARCLAY (georgius) Scoius. Disp. Med. Inaug. de Haemo- 
ptoe : pro gradu Doctoratus subjecta. 4^ TraJ. od Rh. 1691. 

BARCLAY {Sir george) By the King. A Pioclamation for the 
apprehending Sir George Barclay, a Lieutenant of the late 
King James^s Guards in Franc^, Major Lowick, M^or Georg^e 
Holmes^ and others. Kensington 23 March 169$. fol. Lond. 

2- Kensington 81 March 1696. fol. 

Lond, 1696. 

BARCLAY (gul.) v. allegiance. bellarminus. tacitus. 

De Regno et regali Potestate adversus Buchananum^ 
Brutum, Boucherium^ & reliquos Monarchomachos, Ltbri sex. 
4^ Par. 1600. 

Judicium de certainine G. Eglisemmii cum G. Buchan- 

ano, pro dignitate Paraphraseos Psalmi ciiii. ^ Lond> 16^. 
De Potestate Papse : an & quatenus in Reges & Prin- 

cipes seculares ius & imperium habeat : Gvil. Baurdaii I. C< 
Liber posthumus, 8« 1609. 

^ Mtusip. 1609. 

BARCLAY (jAMEs) A Treatise on EducaUon. ^ Edinh. 174S. 

■ llie Greek Rudiments ; in which all the Grammatical 

Difficulties of that Language are adapted to the Capacittes of 
Children ; after the nianner of Mr. Ruddiman^a Latin Rudi- 
ments. 8'' Edinb. 1754. 

The Rudiments of the Latin Tongue ; in which the 

Difficukies of all the parts of our Latin Grammars are made 
plain to the CapaciUes of Children. 8^ Edinh. 1758. 


B A R 

BARCLAY (JOH.) v. eud^mon-johanses. polonia. 

*— — Sylvae, ad serenifts. Regem ChrLsiianum quartuuQ I>ei 

gratia Danise, Noruagie^ Golthoniin, Vandalorumque Regeoi. 

&c. 4» Lond. 1606. 

■■ Pietas, sive publicae pro Regibus ac Principihps, et prU 

vats pro Gulielmo Barclaio parente Vindicise, adversua Roberti 
S. R. £. Cardinalis Bellarmini Tractatum de Potestate Sumiiu 
Pontificis in rebus temporalibus. 4* Parm 1612. 
— — IcoQ Animorum. 8^ Lond. 1614. 
— — Poematum Libri duo. 4* Lond. 1615. 

12" Oxon. 1636. 

'■ Euphormionis Lusinini, sive loannis Barclaii Satyricon, 
quadripartitum ; adjecta Ciavi, sive obscurorum & quasi »nig« 
maticorum nominum, in hoc Opere paasim occurrentium» dilu- 
cid& explicalione. 12^ Leyda. 1623. 

Eupbormionis Lusinini^ sive loannis Barclaii Satyricon, 

Partes quinque, cum Clavi. Accessit Conspiratio Anglicana. 12* 
AMMt. 1629. 

12» Oxon. 1634. 

12» Amst. 165S. 

Euphormionis Lusinini^sive Jo. Barclaii Satyricoa^nunc 

pnmum in scx partes dispertitum, & notis illustratum> cum Cla« 
vi. Accessit Conspiratio Anglicana. 8» Lugd. Bat. 1674. 

Euphormionis Lucinini Satyricon : Pars ii. nunc secun- 

ddm in lucem edita. 12^ 1613. 

Euphormionis Satyrici Apologia pro se. l^ Par. 1610. 
Euphormionis Salyrici Apologia pro se. Pars iii. 12* 


Euphormionis Satyrici Icon Animorum. Pars iv. 12*^ 

— ' Alitophili Veritatis LacrvmeD : siue Evphormionis Lu- 

•inini Continuatio. 12* Gtnev. 1624. 

Panenesis ad Sectarios huius temporis» de vera Ecdetia, 

Fide,ac Religione, Libri ii. 12* Col. 1625. 

Argenis. Editio novissima : cum Clave, hoc est, iio« 

minum propriorum elucidatioue hactenus nondum edita. 12* 
Lagd. Bat. Elz. 1627. 

12* Lugd. Bai. Elt. 1630. 

12* Amst. Lud. Ei%. 1655. 

12* Amst. ex off. El%. 1659. 

Barclay his Argenis, or, the Loves of Polyarcbns and 

Argenis : transl. by Kingsmill Long Esqr. 4* Lond, 1636. 
La seconde Partie de L^Argenis. 4* Par. 1625. 

BARCLAY (isAAc) Some friendlyai^ seasonable Advice to lir. 

Admiral Byng. fol. [1756.] 
BARCLAY (patrick) dd. A Letter to the People of Sootland in 

order to remove their Prejudice to the Book of Common Prayer. 

8* Lond. 1713. 
■ Thc Univeraal Traveller : or a complete Account of the 

mott remarkable Voyigea and Travels of eminent Meo at suu 

^WQ, md oChcr Naliona» to tfae pmeDt Time. fol. Lond. 17tt. 



fi A H 

BARCLAY (robirt) v» phipps. 

— Truth triumphant throngh the Spiritual Warfare, Chns* 
dan Labours, and Writings of that able and faithful servant of 
Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay. fol. Lond. 169^. 

Tbeologis vere ChristiaRO* Apologia. 4* Amst. lG76i 

— » — — — 8« Lond, 1739. 

Angl, 8« Lond. 1701. 
— 8° Lond. 1736. 


4« Bim. Baskerv. 1765. 

8*» Land. 1780. 

Belg. ^f" Lond. 1738. 
Gall. trad. par E. P. Bridel. ^ Lond. 1797» 
-Germ. S^ Germant. 1776. 
Hisp, por Antonio de Alvarado. 8^ Lond. 

m A 

CatechismUs, et Fidei Confessio. 12® Lond. 1727. 
Angl. 8» Loiui. 1803. 

■ A short Arcount of the Life and Writings of Robert 
Barclay. 12^ Lond. 1802. 

BARCLAY (william) m.d. Nepentbes, or the Vertues of Tabacco* 

^ Edinb. 1714. 
BARCO (MABTiN de) Argentina y Conqvista del' Rio de la Plata, 

con otit» Acaecimiaitos de los Reynos dei Peru, Tucuman, 

y eitado del Brasil. 8» Lisb. 1602. 
BARD (maximilian) v. commons. 
BARDEN (william) Christs personal Reip:n on Earth onc thou- 

sand yeers with his Saints. 4^ Lond. 1654. 
BARDEVICUS (n.) v. bocerus. 
BARDI (girol.) Chronolof^a Vniversale. 4 tom. fol. Ven. 1581. 

■ Vittoria Navale ottenvta daila Republica Venetiana con- 
tra Othone^ figlivolo di Federigo primo Imperadore, per la resti- 
tutione di Alessandro terzo, Pontefice Massimo, venuto A Ve- 
netia. 4» Fen. 1584. 

Delie Cose notabili della Citta di Venetia, Libri ii. 8* 

Ven. 1592. 

' &" Vineg. 1601. 

riformate, accommodate, & grandc- 

mente ampliate da Leonico Goldioni. 8® Ven. 1634. 

Dichiaratione di tutte le Istorie di Vinegia. 8° Ven, 

BARDI (giov. de) Discorso sopra il Givoco del Calcio Fiorenti- 

no. 4» Fir. 1673. 
BARDILUS (gborg.) Thesium Chiri^tricarum Sylloge i.de Phle- 

botomia« ^^" Tubing. 1666. 
BARDIUS (joannes) Eorum quoe vehuntur in Aquis Experim. 

4^ Rom. 
'BA^DON (c.) Traite contenant nne nouveMr Methode pour 

«'assurer des Longitudes de tous les lieux de la Terre> par le 
A ifiby^ de»' Planettes & des Etoiies. 8P Lond. 1700. 
BARDUS (nifiRONYMus) Medicus Politico Cath<diciis, aeo Medi- 

einaef SacTK-tum coffnoficendae/tuai faciuDd» Idea. 8^ Gem. 1644. 
\.... ^ BARDWELL 

B A R 

BARDWELL (thomas) The Practice of Paintingr and Penpective 

made easy. 4* Lond. 1756. 
BAREBONE. The Pictiire of the Good Old Cause drawn to the 

Life in the Effigies of Master Prais-God Barebone. fol. LaruL 

BARELETE (gabriel) Sermones^tamQuadragesimalesquaiilde 

Sanctis. »» Par. 1507. 
— — Fructuosissimi atqueamenissimi Sermones. 9^Par, 1516. 
8» Par. 1527. 

Sermones. 3 tom. 8^ Ven. 1571. 

BARENTSZ (will.) Verhael van de eerste Schip-Vaert der Hol-. 
landiscbe eiide Zeeuscbe Schepen dovr 't Way-Gat, by Noor« 
den Noorwcghen, Moscovien ende Tartarien omi na de Co- 
ninckrijcken Cathay ende China. 4* Atnu. 1650. 

BARET (JOH.) An Alvearie or Triple Dictionarie^ in Englisbe, 
Latin, and French. fol. Lond. [1573.] 

BARET (michael) An Hipponomie or the Vineyard of Horse- 
mamhijp. 4^ Lond. 1618. 

BARETTI rciusEPPE) The Italian Library : eontaining an Ac- 
count of the Lives and Works of the most valuable Authors of 
Italy. 8* Lond. 1757. 

A Guide througb the Royal Academy. 4* Lofu^ 

BAREZZI (barezzo) Avisi et Lettere vltimamente givnte di cose 
memorabiK^ succedutte tanto in Africa nel Regno di Biguba, 
ch'^ nella Guinea, quanto in Moscovia, doppo rvltima Rda- 
tione, che poco fi si stampd ; et le cause della Conversione di 
due nobilissimi Baroni Oltramontani, alla Santa Fede Cattolica. 
4« Ven. 1606. 

n Proprinomio Historico, Geografico» e Poetico. 4* Venn 


BARFEKNECHT (otto-casimirus) QusestioMedico-Chirurgica, 
" An noxi» Vulneribus Turunds t" 4» Par. 1732. 

■ '^ An quos morboa sanat Chirurgise Ferrum, sanat Chy* 

micus Ignis ?'^ 4« Par. 1732. 
BARFOOT (p.) Two Letters addres^ to the Right Hoil W. 

Pitt, for obtaining an equal System of Taxation, and for reduo* 

ing the National Debt. 8^ Lond. 1786. 
BARFORD (john) His Petition to God, forKingand Parliament. 

4« [1645.] 
BARFORD (richabd) The Assembly ; an Heroi-Comical Poem, 

in five Cantos. Bf^ Lond. 1726. 
: — An Epistle to the right hon. Philip Dormer Eail of 

Chesterfield. S' Lond. 1730. 
BARGJEUS (PBTRUs angblus) Cynegetica. Item Carminum Li* 

bri II. Eclogse iii. 4® Lugd. 1561. 
■■■■ De Aucupio Liber primus. Ejusdem Ekgia de Radagasi 

et Getarum csde ad vrbem Florentiam. 4** Floreni. 1566. 

Pocmata omnia> diligenter ab ipso recognita. 4® Bom* 


De priuatorum» publicorumque Aedificiorum Vrbit 

Boms eversoribui Ec^tfLobu 4^ JF7of. 1589. 

B A R 

BAR6£US (PBTRus AKGfiLus) Hierosolyma, boc est expeditio iUa 
celeberrima Christianorum PriDcipum» qua, Gofiredo Bulione 
Duce^ i Turcariim tyrannide Hierusalem liberatur. Ejusdem 
Votivum Carmen in D. Catharinam. Accesaerunt luculentissima 
Eoberti Titii Scholia. 4^ Flor. 1616. 

BARGAGLI (scipionb) Dialogo de' Givochi che nelle Vegghie 
Sanesi si usano di fare. 9^ Ven, 1575. 

-1 Trattenimenti. 4<^ Ven. 1587. 

4« Ven. 1592. 

Deir Imprese. 4<» Ven. 1594. 

BARGRAVE (isaac) dd. A Sermon preached before the lower 

House of Parliament, Februarr the last 1633. 4P Land. 1634. 
■ " A Sermon preadied befbre King Charlea^ March 27» 

1627. bdng the Anniuersary of his Majesties Inauguration. 4* 

BARHAM (henry) An Esaay upon the Silk-Worm. & Lond. 
. 1719. 
BARHAM (jo.) Angh-Briiarmus. Dissert Med. Inaug. de Vari- 

olia. 4^ Lugd. Bat. 1724. 
BARI (antonio beatillo da) Historia della Vita, Miracoli, Tras- 

latione, e Gloria deir illustrissimo Confeasor di Christo San Ni- 

colo il Magno Archiveacovo di Mira. 4* N<g>. 1642. 
BARIC (arnaud) Les rares Secrets, ou Remedes incomparablea» 

univei^eis» & particuliers» preseruati6, & curattfs, contre la Peste 

des Hommes, & des Animaux ; dans Tordre admirahle interieur 

& exterieur du desinfectement des Personnes & des Maisons, 

des Animaux & des Estabki. 199 Toid. 1646. 
'■ La Conduite assevree, du Desinfectment des Personnes, 

des Maisonsy des Animaux^ & des EBtables, en temps de Con- 

tagion. 12« Par. 1678. 
BARICELLUS (jul. cas.) De hydronosa Natura, sive Sadore 

humani Corporis, Libri quatuor. 4® Netq). 1614. 
■ Hortulus Genialis» sive rerum jucundarum, medicarum« 

& memorabilium Compendium, in quo Naturs Arcana^ multse 

rerum sympatbiae & autipathise, & Auctoris Observationes re- 

serantur. 12» Col. 1620. 

Huic accessit Uber de Esculentorum» 

Potulentorumque facultatibus^ Amaldo Freitagio auctore. 12* 
Genev. 1620. 

De Lactis^ Seri, & Butyri facultatibus & usu, Ofxiscula. 

4« Neap, 1623. 

BARILIUS (joann£s) Physidog^a humana et Patfaoloeia, per 
Tabulas Synopticas^ ex Hippocratis et Galeni genio. Accessit 
Diteta Sanorum generalis, cum Summa de Sekis Medicorum. 
fol. Cadom. 1653. 

BARILLERE (Sieur de la) L'Antipsevdo4\M:ifique« ou Censeur 
Fran^ois. 12» Far. 1604. 

BARILLON (benrt) Evique de Lugon. Ahtegi de sa Vie, avec 
des Resolutions pour hien vivre, des Pens£es Chr^tiennea sur les 
Maladies^ des ReflexiQns sur la mort, la maniere de sV pr^* 
Murer, & des Conaohtiaos oootre ses firayeun, VDefft. 1700. 


B A R 

BARING (faancis) The Principle of the Commutation-Act esta* 

blished by Facts. S^ Lond, 1786. 
BARINGIUS (dan. eberh.) Disp. Med. Anatom. de Cranii Ossi* 

biw. 4« Helmst. [1718.] 

' Clavis Diplomatica^ tradens Speciroina veterum Scrip* 

turarum.. 4** Hanov. 1737. 

iterata hac Editione sic ab Auctore 

recognita^ emendata» ac locupletata ut noTum Opus videri po»- 

sit. 4* Hanw. 1754. 
BARINGIUS (MELCH. LAUR.) Ex Historia Ecdesiaatica de Ascetii 

Dissertatio Academica. AP Helmest, 1672. 

, 4« Heltnesi. 1680. 

BARIONA (laur.) CometographiaquaedamLampadisaeriflBqufle 

lOdie Nouemb. apparuit^ Anno aVirgineo partu. 1577. 4* 

Land. 1578. 
BARISONIUS (albertinus) Episcapui Cenetenm. De Ardiivis 

Commentarius. fol. Ven. 1737. 
BARKELY. Judge Barkely his penitentiall Complaint^ wherein 

he liaments the Condition of his present Imprisonment, and the 

late Corruptions of violated and inforced Jnstice. fol. 1643. 
BARKER (bathshua) r. harris. 
BARKER (benjamin) Tie Life of Benjamin Barker, a notorious 

Highwayman^ from his youth to his death.^ 8^ Lond. 1750. 
BARKER (edm.) Votum pro Ciesare; or, a Plea for Ceesar : dis- 

coyering briefly the great sinfuhiess of opposing the authority 

of the higher Powers : delivered in a Sermon^ Octob. 7. 1660. 


■ A Sermon preached at the Funeral of the Lady Eliza* 
beth Capel Dowager. fol. 

BARKER (george hollington) v, catalogcs. 

BARKER (jAMEs) The Royal Robe : ot, a Treatise on Meelmesse; 

upon Col. 3. 13. wholly tending to Pdiceablenesse. 8^ Lond. 

BARKER (jane) Poctical Recreations : consisting of original 
. Poems, Songs, Odes, &c. with several Translations : in two 

Parts. Part I. occasionally written by Mrs. Jane Barker. Fart 

II. by several Gentlemen of the Universities. 8^ Limd. 16fe. 

■ The entertaining Novels of Mrs. Janc Baricer of Wik- 
thorp in Northampton^ire. 8^ Limd. 1736. 

BARKER (john) r. winstanley. 

BARKER (jobn) A Sermon preach^d to tbe Societies ibr Refami- 

ation of Manners, at Salters HaU Jime %. 1791. 8^ Lond. 1731. 
— — The End of created Perfection, a Funeral Semioii for 

the late rev. Mr. Samud Newman : pneached at Salters HaU 

June 8. 1735 : to which is added the Speech at the Grave by 

Obad. Hughes dd. 8^ Lond. 1735. 

A Funeral Sermon for the late John Jacob Esqr. who 

died Dec. 37, 1737. in his retum from Bath. 8<» Lond. 1738. 
ResiflmatioQ to the will of God consider^d in a Fune» 

ral Sennon for the late rev. Mr. John Newman : to which is 

B A R 

idded the substance of what was delivered at his IntermeDt, 
by P. Dodderidge dd. S^ Lond. 1741. 

SermoQB. S^ Lond. 1748. 

A Sennon occasioned by the death of the rev. Benjamin 

Groftvenor dd: preached at Crosby Square Sept. 10. 1758. d^ 
, Lond. 
BARKER (john) m.d. An E^say on the Agreement betwixt an- 

ctent and modem Physicians : or a Comparison between the 

Practice of Hippocrates, Galen, Sydenham» and Boerhaave^ in 

Acute Diseases. 8^ Lond, 1747. ^ 

■ GalL trad. par M. Schombei^, Docteur 

en Medicine. 8* P(tr. 1768. 

BARKER (m ATTHEw) A Christian standing and moving uppn the 
true Foundation : or, a Word in Season. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

■ Natural Theology. or, the Knowledge of God from the 
Works of Creation accommodated and improVed to tfae Service 
of Christianity. 8^^ Lond. 1674. 

BARKER (bichard) Consilium Anti-Pestilentiale : or Seasonable 

Advice concerning sure, safe, specifick, and experimented Me- 

dicihes, both for the preservation from, and cure of this present 

Plague. 4<» Lond. 1665. 
BARKER (samuel) A Sermon preach'd at the Funeral of the 

Right Hon. the Countess of Orford, at Cheyneis> in the County 

of Bucks, January 29. 170^. 4« Lond. 1702. 
BARKER (thomas) Barker^s Delight : or, the Art of Angling. 

8" Lond. 1657. 

»> Lond. 1659. 

BARKER (w.) v. gelli. 

BARKSDALE (clement) v. grotius. 

■I The King's Retum a Sermon preached at Winchcomb 

in Gloucestershire .upon the KingVDjBiy, Thursday, May 24. 

1660. 4^ Lond. 1660. 

Memorials of Worthy Persons. Two Decades. 12^ 

Lopul. 1661 • 

Characters, and Historical Memorials, on the Lives and 

Actions of £ngland's late Worthies in Church and State. 12^ 
Lond. 1662. 

.< A Remembrancer of excellent Men. 8® Lond. 1670. 

— Judicious Hooker^s Illustrations of Holy Scriplure in 

his Ecclesiastical Pohcy. 8® Lond. 1675. 
. BARKSTEAD (juhn) The Speeches and Prayers of John Bark- 

8tead« John Okey, and Miles Corbet, together with several 

paMages at the time of their execution at Tybum the nine- 

trenth of April 1662. 4^ Lond. 1662. 
— The Speeches, Discourses^ and Prayers of John Bark- 

Ktead, John Okey. and Mr. Miles Corbet. 4« 1662. 
. BARI^AAMUS Monachtu. De Papoe Principatv Libellus. Gr, 

Lat. operi loannis Lvidi. 4® Oxon.. 1592. 
m> Logistica. Gr. Lai. reddita & scboliis illustrata i loanne 

Cbambers. 4^ Par. 1594. 
BARLACCHIA, v. ablotto. 
BARL£US (caspar) v. RfiASu wicqusfobt. 


B A R 

BARL^US (caspar) Diasertatiuncula^ in qua aliquot patrise nos- 
trse Theologorum ac Ecclesiastarum malesana Consilia & studia 
just4 Orationis libertate reprehenduntur. 4° Lugd, Bat, 1616« 

Oratio de Ente Rationis. 4° Lugd. Bat, 1618. 

Britannia Triumphans» sive in Inau;rurationem serenis- 

simi, potentissimi, invictissimique Principis^ Caroli I. Mag. 
Brit. Fpancise & Fliberniae Regis, Fidei Defensoris^ Poemation. 
fol. Lugd. Bat, 1626. 

Nvptiae Peripateticae, sive VniversSB Philosophiae ad 

statum Conjugalem festiva Apphcatio: scripta in NuptiasTheod. 
Gravii, I.V.D. Sponsi, & castissimoe lectissimeque Virginis Evse 
Bickers^ sponsae. 4*^ Lugd. Bat. 1630. 

Poematum editio nova^ priore castigatior et altera parte 

auctior. W Lugd, Bat. 1631. . 

Mercator Sapiens, sive Oratio de conjungendis Merca- 

turse & Philosophiae studiis. fol. Amst. 1632. 

Oratio de Coeli Admirandis. fol. Amst, 1636. 

Medicea Hospes, sive Descriptio pubHcae Gratvlationis, 

quaserenissimam^ augustissimamque Reginam, Mariamde Medi- 
cis, excepitSenatvs Popul vsque Amstelodamensis. fol. Anist.XQ^B. 
Oratio Panegyrica de victa Hispanorvm Regis Classe^ 

Foederatonim Ordinum auspiciis, Archithalasso celsisgimo 
Arausiorum Principe Frederico Henrico Duce facti, fortissimo 
Heroe Martino Trompio maris vice-prsefecto. fol. Amst, 1639. 
Auriacus Triumphans, sive in victam potentissimi His- 

paniarum Regis in Freto Britannico Qassem Poematioo. fol. 
Amst. 1639. 

Laurus Flandrica, sive in expugnationem validissimi 

Flandriae Propugnacuh> quod Cataractam (vulgo Sassam) Cran- 
davensem vocant, auspiciis potentissimorum Federati Belgii 
Ordd. ductu armisque celsissimi Principis Fred. Henrici Arau- 
sionensium Principis, Comitis Nassaviae^&c. fol. Amst, 1644. 
Mauritius Redux, sive Gratvlatio ad Comitem, 1. Mau* 

ritium, Comitem Nassaviae, cum ex Orbe Americano in Euro- 
paeum sospes appulisset fol. Amst, 1644. 

Rerum per octennivm in Brasilia et alibi nuper gesta- 

nim^ sub Praefectura illustr. comitis I. Mavritii Nassovis &c. 
Comitis, Historia. fol. Amst, 1647. 

cui aiccesserunt Gulielmi Pisonis 

Medici. Amstelaedamensis Tractatus, 1. De Aeribus, Aoub & 
Locis in Bcasilia. 2. De Arundine saccharifera. 3. De Melle 
savestri, 4. De Radice altili Mandihoca. S^ Clims, 1660. 

Orationum Liber. Accesserunt alia nonnulla varii k, 

amoenioris Argumenti. l^H^ Amst. 1661; 

Faces Sacrse, sive Epitbalamium Coeleste Solomonit: 

Interprete Caspare Barleeo. 4® Lond, 
BARLiEUS (dan.) Carmen de Filio prodigo. 4« Am^. 1660. 
BARLSUS (lambertus) v, hesiodus. 
■ Oratio Inauguralis de Graecarum Litterarum praestantia 

ac utilitate, habitain illustri Acad. Lugduno-Batav4, c^m Grecae 

iinguae professionem auspicatus-esset, die xxii Octobris Anni 

cb loc xLi. 4* Lugd. Bat. 1642. 


B'A R 

BARLOW (thomas) d.d. Bishop qf Lincoln. AJToo^iJ^/xa?*, 
.Be Studio Theolog^s: or Directions for the Choice of Books in 
the Study of Divinity : puW. by William Oftley, m.a. 4» Oxf. 

BARLOW (william) d.d. Archdeacoii qf Salisbury, r. ridley. 

I The Navigators Supply. Conteininor many things of 

principali importance belonging to Nauigation, with the de- 
flcription and vse of diuerse instruments framed chiefly for.that 
purpoSe ; but seruin^ also for sundry other of Cosmography in 
gcnerall. 4» Lond, 1597. 

A breife Discovery of the Idle Animadversions of Marke 

Ridley, Doctor in Phisicke, vpon a Treatise entituled Magneti- 

call Aduertisements. 49 Lond, 1618. 
BARLOW (william) d.d. Bishop o^ Lincobi, v, parsons. 
— — Vita et Obitus Richardi Cosin Legum Doctoris, Decani 

Curiae de Arcubus. 4® Lond. 1598. 

A Sermon preached at Paule's Crosse on the first Sun- 

day in Lent; Martij. 1. 1600: with a short Discourse of the 
late Earle of Essex his confession and penitence before and at 
the time of his death. 199 Lond. 1601. 

A Defence of the Articles of the Protestants Religion, 

in auDBweare to a Libell lately cast abroad. 4** Lond, 1601. 
— — The Svmme and Svbstance of thc Conference which 

it pleased his excellent Maiestie to haue with the Lords^ Bi- 
sbops, and other of his Clergie in his Maiesties Priuy-Chamber 
at Hampton Court^ January 14. 1603. 4® Lond» 1604. 
. 4« Lond. 1638. 

■ One of the foure Sermons preached before the Kings 

Maiestie, at Hampton Court in September last. This, concem- 
ing the Antiquitie and Superioritie of Bisbops, Sept. 21. 1606. 
4« Lond. 1606. 

4« Lond. 1607. 

The Sermon preached at Pavles Crosse, the tenth day 

of Nouember, being the next Sunday after the Discouerie of 
this late horrible Treason. 49 Lond. 1606. 

A Brand^ Titio erepta. On the fift Day of Nouember 

last> before the hon. Lordes of his Maiesties Priuie Councell, 
and the graue Judges of the Law^ &c. this Sermon preached by 
William Lord Bishoppe of Rochester. 4® Lond. 1607. 
ff m An Answer to a Catholike £nghsh-man (so by him- 

'selfe entitvled) who, without a Name, passed his Censure vpon 
the Apology made by the right high and mightie Prince James, 
K. of Great Brittaine^ for the Oath of Allegiance. 4® Lond. 

BARMA (huginvs a^) v. deinheimius. 

BARMUDA, V. bermuda. 

BARNABAS (S.) r. cotelerius. deis. 

BARNABE^ (stepu.) Gramraatica, seu Instructio Linguse Ger- 
manics. 8® Vien. Austr. 1658. 

BARNABEUS (hier.) VitaCaesaris Baronii S. R. E. Presb, Car- 
dinahs et ApoatoUc^ Sedis BiUiothecarii. 4^ Rom. 1651. 


B A R 

BARNABIES Summons: or Paie your Groat in (he Moming; 

fol. Lond, [1652.] 
BARNABY Brittle ; or a Wife at her Wifs end; a Farce : altered 

from Moliere and Betterton. 8® Lond. 1782. 
BARNARD (benjamin} Trial for Breach of proraise of Marriage, 

Miss Eleanor Palmer against Benjamin Baruard £sqr. S® Lc^, 

BARNARD (chr. Lord) v. curteis. 
BARNARD (edvvard) Experimental Christianity of eternal ad- 

vantage : exerapliBed m the Life of Miss Lydia Allen of Lon* 

don, who died November 17^ 1740. 8* Lond. 1741. 
BARNARD (francis) d.0. A Sermon preached at the Funeralof 

Mrs. Elizabeth FuUarton Novemb. 26, 1734. 8« Lond. 1735. 
BARNARD (james) The Life of Richard CbaUoner dd. Bishop 

of Debrd« and v.a, coUected from his Writino^, from authentick 

Records, and from near twenty years personalacquaintance with 

him. 8« Lond. 1784. 
A Catechism^ or Colkction of some Points of Christian 

Faith andMorality composed in Verse : to which is added an 

Invitation tb, and method of making a Spiritusd Retreat. <8^ 

Lond. 1786. 

The Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated 

from the Holy Scriptures and from the Doctrine of the Primi- 
tive Church, in a Series of Letters to Dr. Joseph Priestley, in 
answer to his Lelters to the rev. Dr. Geddes. S^ Lond. 1789. 

A General ' View of the Arguments for the Divinity of 

Christ, and plurality of persons in God, from the Holy Scrip* 

tures, and from the Doctrine of the primitive Church. 8^ Lond. 

BARNARD (john) dd. Theologo-Historicus, or the true Life of 

the most reverend Divine and excellent Historian ^Peter Heylyii 

dd. Sub-Dean of Westminster. 8® Lond. 1683. 
BARNARD (Sir john) A Defenceof several Proposals for raising^ 

of three Millions for the Service of the Govemment for the Year 

1746. Sf* Lond. 1746. 
A Letter to Sir John Barnard upon his Proposals : by 

a Member of the Honse of Commons. 8® Lond. 

Memoirs of thc late Sir John Bamard, Knigbt^ and Al* 

derman of the City of London. 4» Lond. 1776. 
BARNARD (nicholas) v. bernard. 
BARNARD (thomas) A Sermon preach^d in the New Church of 

Leeds Febmary 16th, 17^^ on occasion'of the death of the rev« 

Mr. Henry Lodije. 8» York, 1718. 
An Historical Character relating to Uie h^ly and ez«m* 

plary Life of the Right Hon. the Lady Elisabeth Hastinga. 8« 

Leeds, 1742. 
BARN ARD (william) Bishop of Deny. A Sermon preached at 

Christ Chiirch Dublin, on the40ih Day of May 1752, before 

ihe incorporated Society for promoting Engiish Protestant 

Schools in Ireland. l"» Dubl. 1752. 

VoL. L ' Tt BARNAR- 


B A R 

BARNARDTSTON (annb) v. shower. 

BARNARDISTON (giles) The Life of Christ magnified in his 
Minister ; or, Certain Testimonies thereof, relating to his faith- 
ful Scrvant Giles Bamardiston. 8*^ Lond, 1681. 

BARNARDISTON {Sir nathaniel) r. fairclough. 

» Suflblks Teares : or Elegies on thait reiiowned Knigh^t 
Sir Nathaniel Bamardiston. 4^ Lond. 1663. 

BARNARDISTON {Sir thomas) v. payton. 

BARNARDISTON (thomasin) v. robinson. 

BARNAUDUS (nicolaus) De occulta Philosophia^ Epistola cu- 
iusdam Patris ad FiUum. 8^ Lugd. Bat. 1601. 

BARNAVELT (joh. van-olden) Mysteria HoUandica, hoc est, 
Remonstratio sive Apologta ad amplissimos et potentes Dominos 
Status HoUandiae et West-Frisiae, a D. Joanne ab Oldenbamevelt 
directa^ et a Petro Holdero fideUter e Lingua Batava in Lat. 
translata. 4^ Duroc. 1618. 

■ Bameveb Apology : or HoUand Mysterie with 

marginall Castigations. 4® 1618. 

The Arraignment of John van Olden Barneudt late 

Aduocate of HoUand and West-Friesland^ in the inner Court 
of the GrauervHage in HoUand. 4« Land. 1619. 

Sententia kta & pronuntiata adversus loannem ab 01- 

denbamevelt antea Advocatum Provincise HoUandise & West- 
frisise» & executioni mandata xiii. Maij 1619. in area interiore 
Aute Haese Comitans. 4* 
— Historie van het Leven en Sterven. 4^ 1648. 

8« Anist. 1669. 

8« Rotterd. 1670. 

BARNBY {Mrs.) Kerwald Castle^ or Memoirs of the Marquis 
de Solan?e8. 2 vol. 8® Maidst. 

BARNERUS (jacobus) v. becke. 

— — Prodromus Sennerti Novi, seu DeUneatio novi Medicince 
Systematis, in quo quicquid d primis secults in hunc usque diem 
de arte prodiit, Hippocrati8,Galeni^ParaceIsi,Helmontij, Sylvij, 
Willisii, &c. dogmata, ex principiis Anatomico-Chymicis exa- 
minantur. 4<* Aug, Vind. 1674. 

M i Spiritus Vini sine Acido. 8® Lips. 1675. 

Chymia Philosophia perfecte delineata, docte enucleata^ 

& feliciter demonstrata. 8* Norib. 1689. 

Dissertatio Epistolica ad Joelem Langelot, seu Prodro- 

mus Vindiciarum^ Experimentorum.ac Dogmatum suorum qus& 

Bavid von der Becke in Epistola de Volamisatione Salis Tartari 

venditavit. 8® Aug. Vind, 
BARNES (babnabe) Fovre Bookes of Offioes : enabling privat 
- Persons for the speciall semice of all good Princes and Policies. 

fol. Lond. 1606. 
—— — Thc Devils Charter: a Tragaedie, conteining the Life 

and Death of Pope Alexander the sixt. 4P Lond. 1607. 
BARNES (fO Qf the Ordcr qf St. Bcnedict. Sdect Discourses. 

12^ Lond. 1661. 


B A R 

BARNES (joseph) The Praise of Mvsicke. 8« Orford. ;... 


Gerania : a new discovery of a little sort of People an- 

ciently discoursed of, called Pygmies. 12® Lond. 1675. 

'AvXiKoxciTovl^ov, sive £sthera& Historia, poetici P^- 

phrasi idque Grseco carmine cui Versio Latina opponitur^ ex- 
ornata: una cum Scholiis seu Annotationibus Grflecis. Additur 
Parodia Homerica de eddem hac Historid. 8*^ Lond. 1679. 

The History of that most victorious Monarch Edward 

IH : together with that of his most renowned Son Edward 
Prince of Wales and Aquitain simamed the Black-Prince. fol. 
Canibr. 1688. 

BARNES (juliana) The Gentleman^sAcademie, orTheBoc^eof 
St. Albans ; containing three most exact and excellent Bookes : the 
first of Hawking, the second of all the proper termes of Hunt- 
ing, and the iast of Armorie : all coropilea by Juliana Bames , 
in the yere from the incarnation of Christ 1486 : and now re- 
duced into a better method by G. M. 4^ Lond. 1595. 

BARNES (robert) A suppHcation vnto the most gracyous prynce 
H. the viij. Doctour Bames Artycles condempned for beresye. 
The hole Disputacion betwene the Bishops and doctour Baroes^ 
&c. 4« Lmd, 1534. 

BARNES ( THOMAS) V, isocrates. 

BARNES (william) A true and perfect Relation of the seizing 
the House of one Master William Baraes a Cavalier^ and appre- 
hending him near Woliage in Kent, by Captaine Willoughby. 
4« Lond. 1642. 

BARNES (wiLLiAM george) Charity and Charity Schools de- 
fended, a Sermon. 8« Lond. 1727. 

The Nature of Oflences, a Sermon preach^d at the New 

Chapel in Hampstead, Middlesex. 8® Lond. 1728. 

The Powers that be ; a Sermon. 8*» Lond. 1738. 

BARNESIUS (JOANN.) Dissertatio contra iEquivocationes. 8^ Par* 

BARN£STAPOLIUSl[oBERTus) Maria Stuarta Regina Sootise, 

Dotaria Franciae, Hsres An?li», Hybernise, Martyr. £ccl«»ie, 

Innocens i casde Darleaoa : Viiidice Oberto Bamestapolio. 12^ 

Ingolst, 1588. ^ 

BARNETT (nehem.) The regenerate Mans growth in Grace. 8^ 

Lond. 1646. 
Gods hfl-up Hand for Lancashire, presented in a Ser- 

mon preached before the hon. Committee of the County at 

Lancaster. 12^ Lond. 1646. 
BARNEVELT (joh. van-olden) v. barnavelt. 
BARNEVELT (henr. a^) Disputationum Physico-Astronomica- 

rum Secunda, de Sole. 4« UUr. 1678. 
BARNEVILLE {M.) v. tbstamentum. 
BARNIKELIUS (christoph.) Paradoxa Physico-Mathematica. 

4° Vitemb. 1714. 
BARNIVELT (bsdras) v. popb. 


B A R 

BARNIVELT (esdtus) A Key to the Lock : or, a Trcatisc prov* 
lug, beyond all contradiction, the dangerous tendency of a late 
Poem, entitulcd " The Rape of the I^k/* to Govemment. 8* 
Lond. 1715. 

BARNOLTH (henning. marcus) Dissertatio de 7a> Sheva Ebrceo- 
ru/n. 4« Jlqfn. 1686. 

BARNS (rob.) Scriptores duo Anglici, cosetanei ac conterranei, 
de Vitis Pontificum Romanorum : videlicet Robertus Bams» & 
lohannes Balevs, quos a tenebris vindicavit, veterum testimoniis 
ne quis de 6de illorum dubitaret confirmavit^ & vsque ad Paul^ 
vm qvintum hodie regnantem continoavit lohannes Martini 
Lydius. S^ Lugd. Bat. 1615. 

BARNSTABLE. Bamstable agreed to bc surrendred to S'. Tho^ 
mas Fah*fax^ with all the Ordnance, Armes, and Ammunition, 
and upon what tearmes ; with a Copy of seven Articles (of the 
chiefe of those) for surrendring^of Exeter ; and the manner of 
the Armyes march towards Oxiford. 4' Lond, 1646. 

BARNSTORFF (bernh.) Disputatio Physica qv4 Quahtates oc- 
eultas in Academia Wittebergensi ad examen publicum revocat. 
4« Witteb. 1665. 

■ DissertatioPhysica de Filis Metcoricis^ volgo Filamentis 

Mariae. 4« Witieb. 1666. 

Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Morbo Virgineo seu 

fodis Virgimim coloribus. 4* Rast. 1670. 
BARNSTORFF (ernh.) Disp. Medica Pathologica de Comate & 

Caro. 4<> Helmest. 1668. 
— — Disp. Inaug. de Catarrho. 4* Lugd, Bat. 1672. 
BARNSTORFF (frid. and.) De Mensium fluxu nimio. 4P Hal. 

Mag. 1723. 
BARNSTORFF (joh. gborg.) Dissertatio circularis Medica sis- 

tens Medicins curios8& Specimen duabus Qvaestionibus enoda- 

tum. 4« Rost. 171L 
■ ■ Diss. Solennis Medicade Tympanite. 4® Rost. 1712. 

BARNWELL. The History and Antiquities of Barnwell Abbey. 

and of Sturbridge Fair. [N°. xxxvni. of BibUotheca Topogra- 

phica Britannica.] 4^ Lo7id. 1786. 
BARO (p.) De Fide ejusque Ortu, & Natura: contra P. Baronis 

Stempani, Theologiae in Acad. Cantabrigifie professoris Praelec- 

tionem in cap. S. ad Rom. vers. 28. 12^ Lond. 1644. 
BAROCCIUS (alfonsus) In primam Magni Hippocratis Apho- 

rismomm Sectionem dilucidissimss Lectiones. 49 Ferrar. 1593. 
— — — Lectionum de Febribus Liber primus, qui cst de Febre 

creneratim : opera loaunis Libioli exceptus ac cditus. fol. Perrar. 

BAROCIO (giacomo) p. BAROzzr. 
BAROCIUS (franciscus) r. hero. 
—— - Cosmographia in quatuor Libix» distributa. 8^ l^cn, 


Admirandum illud Gcometricum Problema tredecim 

nodis demonstratum^ quod docet duas lincas in eodem plano 


B A E 

<!e9i^are, quoe nunquam invicem coincidant, etiam si in rn^ 

nitum proirahantur : & quanto longids producuntur» lantd sibi 

invicem propiores evadant. 4* Ven. 1586. 
UAROLITANUS (marianus sanctus) De Lapide RenumOpus- 

culum. Ejusdem de Lapide Vesicce per incisionem extrahendo 

aureus Libellus. S^ Ven, 1535. 

40 Par. [1540.] 

■ Ex Ilippocratis sententia bilem & pituitam causas essc 

omnium morborum Insinuatio. 4** Rom, 1554. 

Libellus de Ardore Vrinse et difficultate urinandi. 8^ 

Ven. 1558. 

BAROMETERS. Traittez des Barometres, Thermometres, ct 
Notiom^tres, ou Hygrometres par M. D ••. 8® Amst, 1708. 

■ A new Account of the Alterations of the Wind and 
Wcather, by the Discoveries of the Portable Barometer. fol. 

BARON (george) No-Body his Complaint: a Dialogrue between 
Master No Body, and Doctour Some-Body. 12<^ Lond, 1652. 

BARON (hyac. theod.) Qusestio Medica, an Dysentericis Afifec- 
tibus Sanguinis missio ? i9 Par, 1709. 

■ QusBstio, an longior jucundiorque Vita sobrietatis obli- 
gata legibus ? 4« Par. 1731. 

-— — An Variolis Narcotica ? 4<* Par, 1732. 

An fracto Cranio semper admovenda Terebra ? 4* Par, 


Decreta Facultatis Medicinse Parisiensis circa Exercita- 

tiones Anatomicas 8c Chirurgicas a Baccalaureis deinceps pro* 
prii manu in Cadavere celebrandas, lata M. Hyacintbo Theo- 
doro Baron Decano. 4® Par. 1732. 

An di^m contrabitur Cor, dilatentur Arteriae Coronarise? 

4« Par, 1741. 

An Prolem lactare Matribus saluberrimum ? 4^ Par. 


BARON (robert) 'EPOTOnAirNION ; or the Cyprian Aca<k- 

my. 8« Lond. [1647.J 
— 7— Pocula Castalia. The Authors Motto. Fortunes Tennis- 

Ball. Eliza. Poems. Epigrams. &c. 8® Lond. 1650. 
Mirza, a Tragwiie really acted in Persia in thc last Agc : 

illustrated with histohcall Annotations. 8*' Lond. 
BARONETS. His Maiesti^ Commission to all the Lords^ and 

others of the Priuie Counsell, touching the Creation of Baro- 

nets, whereunto are annexed diuers Instructions, and hia Maies- 

ties Letters Patents containing the forme of the said Creation. 

Also the forme of an Oath to be taken by the said Baroneta. 4<* 

Lond. 1611. 
The Decree and Establishment of tbe Kings Maieatie, 

upon a Controuersieof Precedence, betweene the yongcr sonnetf' 

of Viscounts and Barons, and the Baronets ; and touchinff some 

other points also, conceming asWell Bannerets as the saidBaro- 

nets. 4*» Lond. 1612. 

B A R 

BARONETS. Three Patents concerning the honovrable I>egree 
and Dignitie of Baronets;.the Brst containing the Creation and 
Granl; the second aDecree with addition of othcr Priuiledges ; 
the thirde a Confirniation and Explanation. 4^ Lond. 1617. 

i— The English Baronets : being a c^enealogical and his- 

torical Account of their Families. 3 vol. 12* Lond, 1727. 

A new Baronetage of England ; or a genealogical and 

bistoricdl Account of the present ^gUsh Baronets. 3 vol. 12^ 

Lond. 1769. 
BARONCELLI (cos.) v. guevara, 
BARONIUS (cjesar) Card. v. barnabeus. benius. columna. com- 


-■ Annales Ecclesiastici. 12 tom. fol. Antv. 1597 — 1612. 

. 12 tom. fol. Q>1. Agr. 1609. 

— — Tomus secundus. fw. Rom. 1590. 

^ Tomus quartus. fol. Rom. 1593. 

Historica Relatio de RuUienorum Origine eorumque 

miraculosa Conversione, & quibusdam aUis ipsorgm Regum 
rebus eestis. Item quotnodo progressu Temporis ab agputa ve- 
ritate oefeccrint ; a modo vero partim ad communionem S. Se- 
dis Apostdicae recepti fuerint. 8° Col. 1598. 

Martyrologium Romanum ad novam Kalendarij ratio- 

nem, & Ecclesiasticse Historia) veritatem restitutum, Gregorii 
XIII. Pont. Max. jussu editum. Accesserunt Notationes atque 
Tractatio de Martyrologio Romano. 4*^ Col. Agr. 1603. 

fol. Par. 1607. 

4» Col. Agr. 1610. 

■ Parsenesis ad Rempubhcam Venetam. 8** Aug. Vind. 

■ De Monarchia Sicilis. Accessit Ascanii Cardinalis Co- 

Ivmnse de eodem Tractatu iudicium : cum eiusdem Cardinalis 
Baronii Responsione apologetica aduersus Cardinaiem Colvm- 
nam, & Epistola ad PhiHppum iii. Regem Hispaniae. 8^ Par, 

Edicto del Rey Don PheHppe d^Espaiia contra el Trac- 

tado della Monarchia de SiciHa enxerido por Cesar Baronio 
Cardenal en cl toino vndecimo de sus Annales Ecclesiasticos. 
Hisp. Gall. 8° 1611. 

A new Essay tovirards a true Ecclesiastical History, 

which may serve as a Key to the Aonalls of Baronius. 4® 
BARONIUS (jusTus) Epistolarum Sacrarum adPontificem Max. 

et ampHssimos Cardinales, &c. Libri vi. 8® Mogunt, 1605. 
BARONIUS (robertus) Metaphysica Generalis. Accedunt nunc 

primum quse supererant ex Parte speciaH. Omnia ad usum 

TheologisB accommodata. Opus postumum : ex Museo Anto- 

nii Clementii Ziriza&i. 8^ Cantah. 1685. 
BARONIUS (theod.) De operationis Meiendi tripHci Issione & 

curatione, Libri duo. 4® Pap, 1609. 



B A. R 

BARONIUS( viNc.)DePleuripneumonia, AnnoDominiM.Dc.X3txin. * 
et alijs temporibus Flaminiam aliasq ; Regiones populariter in- 
festante, ac i nemine hactenus obseruata, Libri duo. 4® Forol. 

BAROTTI (giannandrea) Memorie Istoriche di LettcF^ti Fer- 
raresi. Volume primo. fol. Ferr. 1777. 

BAROVIUS (joH. GEORG.) Ex TheologisB Tlieoretico Practic», 
parte posteriore, jam exiturae, Caput postremum, de Dispensa-* - 
tione FcEderis Gratifie sub ^ternitate. 4« UUr. 1686. 

BAROZZI (francesco) II nobilissimo et antiquissimoGivoco Py- 
tha^oreO nominato Rythmomachia cioeEattaglia de Consonantie 
de Numeri, ritrouato per vtiUtd & solazzo dcUi Studiosi. 4® Vcn. 

BAROZZI (lAcoMo) da Vignola. Li Cinqve Ordini di Architet* 
tvra. fol. Ven. 1603. t 

fol. Rofn. 1617. 

■ Le Due Regole della Prospettiva jpratica di M. lacomo 

Barozzi da Vignola con i Comentarii del R.P.M. Egnatio Danti 
dell' ordine de Predicatori. fol. Rom. 1644. 

BARPO (cio. battista) Le Delitie, & i Frutti dell* A^ricoltvra, 
e della Villa, Libri tre, spiegati in Ricordi particolan. 4® Ven» 

BARRA (jac.) Disputatio Inauguralis de Calculo Renum. 4* 

JW. Bai. [1610.] 
BARKA ^pierre) L^Abus de TAntimoine et de la Saign6e; de^ 

monstre par la Doctrine d'Hippocrate. 12*' Lyon. 1664. 
— — De veris Terminis partus humani Libri tres ex Hippo- 

crate. ^ Jjugd. \666. 

Les Abus de la Theriaque et de la Confection d'Hya- 

cinthe. 8« Lyo9t. 1667. 

L^Usage de la Glace, de la Neige» et du Froid. 8® Lyon, 

BARRADIUS, seu BARRADAS (sebast.) Tomus iii. Commcn- 

tariorum in Concordiam et Historiam quatuor Euangelistarum. 

fol. Mogunt. 1611. 
Tomus IV. ct ultimus Commentariorum in Concordiam 

et Historiam quatuor Euangelistarum. fol. Mogunt. 1613. 

Itinerarium Filiorum Israel ex JEgypto in terra Repro- 

missionis. foL Antv. 1621. 

4« Ven. 1623. 

BARRALIS (viNCENT.) Salemus. Chronologia Sanctorum & alio- 
rum Virorum illustrium ac Abbatum sacrae Insuli^ Lerinensis* 
40 Lugd. 1613. 

BARRAS (m. de) de la Penne. Lettre Critique, ccrite a M. Le 
Bailly de »•• au sujet d'un Livre intitul^ " Nouvellea decou- 
veites sur la Guerre, kc." avec des Remarques Critiques spv 
les trois nouveaux Systemes des Triremes. fol. Mars. 1727. 

BARRAS (sBB.) V. bover. 

BARRAUD (PHiLLip) A new Book of single Cyphcrs. 4° Ix>nd. 



B A R 

BARRE (Countm de) Tbe Authentic Memoirs of ihe Countcss 

de Barre, the French Kings Migtress : by Sir Francis N . 

8» L(md. 1771. 
BARRE' (JOH.) Dissert. Med. Inaug. de Venae Sectione. 4« Lt^d, 

Bai. 1712. 
BARRE (joseph) Vie de M. le Marquis de Fabert. 2 tom. 8» 

Par, 1752. 
BARRE (F. p. DE la) De Legalite desdeux Sexes, Discours Phy- 

sique et Moral. 8<* Par. 1690. 
•.— De L'£xce]lence des Hommes, contre rEgalite des 

Sexe». 8» Par. 1690. 
BARRE (laur. de la) v. arnobius. ^ ' 

. Historia Christiana veterum Patrum. fol. Par, 1583. 

■ ■■ Des Saincts, Oeuvre utile a tous fiddles Cathoiiques et 

Chrestiens qui desirent s^auoir les bonnes parties & qualitez de 

ceux que rEglise appelle Saincts ; et de quel honneur ils sont d 

respecter, & comment ils se doiuent prier, seruir, & reclamer. 

2 tom- 8» Par. 1619. 
BARRE (le febvre de la) Description de 1a France Eouinoctiale 

cy-devant appellee Gvyanne, et par les Espagnols l^ Dorado. 

4^ Par, 1666. 
BARRE {Situr de la) Les Le^ons publiques du Sieur de laBarre, 

prises sur les Questions curieuses et problematiques des plus 

beaux esprito de ce temps. 8° Leydc, 1644. 
BARREIRA (isidoro de) Tractado das Significacoens das Plan- 

tas> Flores, e Fructos q]ae se referem na sagrada Escriptura. 4* 

Usb. 1622. 
BARREIROS (gaspar) Chorographia de alguns Lugares que 

stam em hum caminho, que fez Gaspar ]£irreiro8 6 anno de 

M.D.XXXXVJ. come^ado na cidade de Badsyoz em Castella, te a 

de Milam em Italia, c6 algaas outras obras. 4^ Cmmb, 1561. 
BARRELIERUS (jacobus) Plante per Galliam, Hispaniam, et 

Italiam observatae, Iconibus aeneis exhibitce ; Opus pbsthumum, 

accurante Antonio de Jussieu. Cui accessit ejusdem Auctoris 

Specimen de Insectis quibusdam marinis> mollibus, crustaceis 

et testaceis. fol. Par, 1714. 
BARREME. Livre crAllois en Or et en Argent. 8° Par, 1696. 
— — Le Grand Commerce ou Le Nouvcau Livre des Changes 

Bstrangcres, de tou» les Pais de TEurope. 4° Par, 1709. 

La Liste des Livres que Barremc a compohes et qu'il 

vend au bout du Pont-Neuf, Rue Dauphine. 8*^ 
BARRERE (pierre) Essai sur THistoire Naturelie de la France 

Equinoxiale. 8" Par, 1741. 

: ^ Par. 174S. 

OI)2^ervations sur rOrigine et la Formation des Pierres 


figures. S^ Par, 1746. 
BAkRET (guil.) Jus Regis, sive de absoluto et independenti se- 
cularium Principum dominio & Obbcquio cit> debilo. 8^ Bas, 


B A R 

BARRET (john) A Funeral Sermon occasioncd by tbe death of 

Mr. John Whitlock sen. December 8th 1708, with another Dis- 

course partly upon the same occasion. 8° Lond, 1709. 
BARRET (joseph) A Funeral Sermon upon his death, preached 

Aug. 30th by J. W. junior. 8» Lotid. 1699. 
— — The Remsrins of Mr. Joseph Barrett son of the rev. Mr. 

John Barrett Minister of the Gospel at Nottingham. 8^ Lomd. 

BARRET (rob.) Of Esbome in Sussex. The Perfect and Expcri- 

enced Farrier. 4** Lotid, 1660. 
BARRET (rob.) A Companion for Midwives. 8« Lond, 1699. 
BARRETIER (joh. phil.) An Account of the Life of John Phi- 

lip Barretier, who was Master of five Languages at the age of 

nine Years. 8® Lond. 1744. 
BARRETT (andrew) Tbe Pedigree from old Andrew Barret 

Esqr : with the Case of John Barrett. fol. 
BARRETT (john) Sermon occasioned by tbe deatb of Mattbew 

Butcher jun. who departed tbis Life Dec. 10. 1777. 8«^ Lond. 
BARRETT (john) oo. v. testambntuh Navum. 
— — An Essiay on tbe earlier Part of the Lifc of Swift. 8** 

Lond. 1808. 
BARRETT (joseph) v. barret. 
BARRETT (ric.) Dissert. Med. Inaug. de Compresaione qoam 

patitur Pulmo in expiratione. 4® Lugd. B. [1720.] 
BARRETT (william) Tbe History and Antiquities of the Ctty 

of Bristol. 4« Bristol. 
BARRETUS (j. n.) v. codignus. 
BARREY (lo.) Ram-Alley ; or Merrie-Trickes : a Comedy di- 

uers times here-to-fore acted by tbe Children of the Kingt 

Reuels. 4^ Lond. 1611. 

4» Lond. 1636. 

BARRl (christoph.) Co4ihin-China ; containing many admirablc 

Rarities and Singularities of that Countrey : extracted out of an 

Italian Relation lately presented to the Pope> by Christophoro 

Barri that liued certaine yeeres there : and publisbed by Ro- 

bert Ashley. 4^ Lond. 16dS. 
BARRl (GiAc.) Viaggio Pittoresco. 12» Ven. 1671. 
Angl. by W. L. of Lincolnes Inne gent 

8« Lond. 1679. 
BARRI (ciRALDUs de) V. GiRALDUS Cambrensli. 
BARRICELLUS (jul. c£S.) v. baricellus. 
BARRIE (alexanoer) A Collection of English Prose and Vcrae, 

for the use of Schools, aelected from difierent Authora. ^ 

Edinb. 1781. 
— A Spelling and Pronouncing Dictionary of tbe Engiish 

Language. 8«» Edinb. 1794. 
B A R R I ENTO ( b a rtho l. ) Cometarum Explicatio atque Prsdictio. 

8" Salmani. 1574. 
BARRIER. Thc Treaty between her Majesty and tbe States Ge- 

n^al, for secuhng the Sucoesaion to the Crowa of Great-Britain, 
VoL. I. U u tnd 

B A R 

lind for settling the Barrier for the States General againsf 
France, consider'd. & Lond. 1712. 

Tbe Dutch Barrier our*8 : or the Interest of Encrland 

and Holland inseparable. 8^ Lond. 1712. 

— ^Some Remarks on the Barrier Trcaty. S'* Lond, 1712. 

^d edit. 8« Lond, 17 12. 

— The Barrier.Trcaty vindicated. 8*» Lond. 1712. 

■ A Letter to the Examiner conceniing the Barrier Treaty 

vindicated. 8» Lond. 1713. 
BARRIERE (pierre) v. henricus iv. Rex Gallia. 
— Extraict du Procez criminel fait a Picrre Barriere dit 

la Barre natif d^Orleans. 8» Tours. 1598. 
BARRINGTON {Lord Viscount) v. mackewe». 
BARRINGTON (daines) Observations on the itiore ancient Sta- 

tutes from Magna Charta to the twenty-first of Jaraes I. cap. 

XXV n. with an Appendix, being a Prt^osa) for new modelling 

the Statutes. 4» Lond. 1775. 

—— • MisceUanies. 4« Lond. 1781. 

BARRINGTON (geor(;e) Memoirs of George Barrington ; with 

the whole of his celebrated Specches. 8* Lond. 
" Memoirs of George*Barrington from his birth in mdcclv 

to his last Conviction at ihe Old Bailey, on Friday ihe 17th of 

September, mdccxc. 8« Lond. 1790. 
BARRINGTON {Lady judith) v. goodwin. 
BARRINGTON {shvi e) BishopofDurham. A Sermon preachcd 

before the incorporated Society for the propa^ation of the Gos- 

pel in foreign parts, on Friday February 17, 1775. 4^ Lofid. 
. 1775. 

- A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Sa- 

rum at the priraary Visitation of thM Diocese in the Ycar 
MDccLxxxiir. 4<> Oj^. 1783. 

A Charge deHvered to the Clergy of the Diocesc of 

Durham at the primary Visitation of that Diocese in the Year 
MDccxcii. The second Edition, witli an Appendix. 4^ Lond. 

A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of 

Durham at the ordinary Visitation of that Diocese in the Yeatr 

MDccxcvii. 4° Lond. 1797. 
BARRIO (gabriel perez de) Angulo. Secretario, y Conscgero de 

Senores y Ministros. 4^ Madr. 1667. 
BARRIONVEVO (oarcia) Panegyricus ilhistr. et ex. Doraino 

Petro Femandez a Castro, Pro-Kegi Neapolitano et suprcmi 

Itahs Consihj PrcBsidi scriptus. fol. ISeap. 1616. 
BARRIOS (micuel de) Atlas AngeUco de la Gran Brctaiia, De- 

claracion a su Gran Rcy Jacolx) Segundo, de que Atlante fue 

Henoch hijo de Jared, anles del Diluvio con la Monarckia Bri- 

tanica. 8« *[1688.] 
■ Imperio dc Dios en 1a Harmonia del Mundo. 4® 

BARRODUC-ffilUS (steph. tieb.) Suprema Laurea ApoUinaris 

dive Docloratus, Qusstiones quatuor Cardinalcs complectens. 

8« Monsp. 1614. 


B A R 

BARRON (william) Lectures on Belles Lettres and Loglc. 2 vol. 

8« Lond, 1806. 
BARROS (alonzo de) Proverbios Morales. 4*^ Baeqa, 1615. 

12« LUh. 1617. 

BARROS (lOAo de) v, castro. 

Dos Feitos que os Portugueses fizerao no descobrimento 

e conquista dos mares^ e terras do Oriente. Decades i. xi. iix. 

fol. Lhb, 1628. 

Quarta Decada. fol. Madr. 1615. 

ItaL dal S. Alphonso VUoa. 4* Vcn. 

BARROUGH (phil.) The Method of Physick, containinff th« 

Causes, Signes, and Cures of inward Diseases in Mans body, 

from thc kead to the foote. IWith MSS. Notes,] 4« Land. 1617. 

4« Lond. 1624. 

BARROW (henry) The Pollution of Vniversitle-Leaminf^y or 

Sciences (falsly so called). 4® Lond, 1642. 
BARROW (humphrey) The Relief of the Poor and Advancement 

of Leaming proposed. 4® Lond, 1656. 
BARROW (isAAc) DD. r. euclides. 
— — Works: published by the rev. Dr. Tillotson Dean of 

Canterbufy. 4 vol. fol. Lond. 1683-7. 

Sermons preached upon several Occasions. 8^ Lond* 


Scveral Sermons against Evil-speaking. 8* Lond. 1678. 

A Treatise of the Popes Supremacy : to which is added 

a Discourse conceming the Unity of the Church. 4^ Lond» 

Of Contentment, Patience, and Resignation to the Will 

of God; severai Sermons. 8* Lond. 1685. 
> Of Industry, in five Discourses. 8? Lend. 1693. 

Practical Discourses uponthe Consideration of our latter 

End ; and the Danger and Mischief of delay ing Repentance. 8^ 
Lond. 1694. 

A brief Exposition on the Creed, the Lord'8 Prayer, 

and Ten Commandments : to which is added the Doctrine 
of the Sacraments. 8® Lond. 1697. 

Twenly-two Scrmons on various subjects selected from 

the Works of the rev. Isaac Barrow, DD. 8« Ojf. 1798. 
BARROW (j.) A New and Universal Dictionary of Arts and 

Sciences. ibl. Lond. 1751. 
A Supplement to the New and Univcrsal Dictionary of 

Arts and Scienccs. fol. Lond. 1754. 

Dictionarium Polygraphicum : or, the whole Body of 

Arts regularly digested. 2 vol. 8® Land, 1758. 
BARROW (john) A Sermon preached at the triennial Visitatioa 

of Seth Lord Bishop of Sarum. 4^ Lond. 1683. 
BARROW (john) v. macartney. 
An A<^count of Travels into the Interior of Southem 

Africa in the Years 1797 «ad 1798. 2 vol. 4<» Und. 1801-4. 


B A R 

BARROW (john) TraveU in China. 4« Lmd. 1804. 

— ^— A Voyage to Cochin China in the Ycars 1793 and 

1793 : to which it annexed an Account of a Journey roade in 

the years 1801 and 1802 to the Residence of the Chief of the 

Booshuana Nation. 4^ Lond. 1806. 
BARROW (aoB.) r. dickenson. 
BARROW (thomas) The Case of Thomai Barrow Esqr. Susanna 

his Wife, and AHce Hare her Sister. fol. 
BARROW (william) lld. Eight Sermons preached before the 

UniFersity of Oxford in tbe year 1799» at the Lecture founded 

by the Rev. John Bampton. 8« Land. 1799. 
BARROWE (hbnky) Mr. Henry Barrowes Platforme, wbich may 

serve as a Preparative to purge away Prelatismej witb some other 

parts of Pbperie. 8^ 1593. 
■ ■ ' . — The Exammations of Henry Barrowe, John Grenewood, 

apd John Penrie> before the bigh (Jommissioners and Lordet of 

tbe Counsel, penned by tbe pritonert tbemselves before tbeir 

deatbes 4^ 
BARROWBY (w.) r. astruc. 
BARRUEL {M. VAbbe) Memoiret pour servirarHistoire dn 

Jacobinisme. 4 tom. 8<^ Lond, 1797-8. 
Appiication of Barruer» Memoirs of Jacobinism to the 

Secret Societies of Ireland and Great Britain by tbe Translator 

of that Work. 8» Land. 1798. 
BARRY (edw.) Dissertatio Medica Inaug. de Nutritione. 4* 

Lugd. Bai. 1719. 
-^— A Treatise on a Consumption of tbe Lungs. 4* Lond. 


A Treatise on the tbree diSerent Digestions and Dis- 

charp^es of the human Body. 8° Lond. 1759. 
BARRY (fran. de) De Svcceftionibua Testati ac Intestati Opus. 

fol. Lugd. 1617. 
BARRY (oeorge) dd. Tbe History of the Orkney Islands. 4*» 

Edinb. 1805. 
BARRY (james) The Case of Tenvres vpon the Commission of 

deftctive Titles, argued by all the ludges of Ireland : with their 

Resolution, and the Reasons of their Resolution. fol. DubL 

BARRY (james) r.a. A Letter to the Dilettanti Society respect- 

ing the Obtention of certain Matters essentially necessary for 

the Improvement of Public Taste, and for accomplishing the 

original Views of the Royal Academy of Great Britain. 4<^ 

Lond. 1798. 
BAHRY (richard) Earl of Bartymore, v. williams. 
Truth opposed to Fiction : or, an Impartial Revicw of 

tbe Life of the late Right Hon. the Earl of Barrymore. 8« Lond. 

BARSONY (georg.) Veritas toti Mundo declarata, sacram 

Csesaream Regiamque Majestatem non obliffari ad tolerandos 

in Ungaria Lutb^raaos & CalvinMtaa. 8^ 1681. 


B A R 

BARSOTTI (matteo) La Coronatione della miracoloBissima Ima-^ 
^ine di Mai'ia Vergine detta del Sasso nella chiesa di S. Agostino 
di Lucca : con una brevc Narratione della solenne Festa fatta 
nella medesima Chiesa per la Canonizatione di S. Gio. da & 
Facondo, e la Vita elogiastica deiristeiso Santo. 4? Luc. 1693. 

BARTAS {Sintr du) v. saluste. 

BARTELDES (bern. frid.) Summ« Capitum Reli^onis Chrta- 
tiansB e corpore Doctrinse Julio excerptse Caput qitintum de 
Viribus humanis sive libero Arbitrio. 4° H<lmH. 1681. 

BARTELIUS (petrus) Disscrtatio Philosophica de Spectris. 4* 
Dorp, [1693.] 

BARTELMiEUS (.iacobus) Disp. Med. Inauguralis de Lethargo. 
40 Lugd. Beu. 1667. 

BARTELS (matth/eus) Biblionomia Histprico-PoHtico-Geopra- 
phica: continens secundnm seriem Alphabeti omnium fere 
Authorum Nomina, qui de Imperiis, Regnis, Rebus publicia» 
Provinciis, Insuhs, Vrbibus, Montibus, Fluminibusque scripee- 
nmt. W Ven. 1682. 

BARTELS (nicolaus adolphus) Hippocratis de Circuitu San- 
guinis, Exercitatio 11. 4^ Luqd, Bat, 1659. 

BARTENSTEIN (casp. dan.) Centuria Thesium Medicarum. 4« 
Jrgent, [1708.] 

— Dissert. Medica Inaug. dc Morbis Infantum recens na- 

torum. 4« Argent. [1711.] 

BARTENSTEINIUS (joh. christ.) De Bello Imperatori Caro- 
lo V. a Mauritio Saxon. Elect. iUato, Turbisque iiide in Imperio 
exortis Diatriba Historico-Juridica. 4® Argent. 1710. . 

BARTH (christianus) Disput. Physicarum speciaUum prima, de 
Mundo in genere. 4^ Witteb. 1621. 

Disputatio Physica de Iride. 4« Witeh. 1622. 

BARTH (daniel) Disp. de Simplici Hectica Febnbus succedente. 
4« Lugd. Bat. [1715.] 

BARTH (joiian. coNftAo) Buda recepta, Labarum Anicianum. 
4« Regensp. 1686. ' 

BARTIl (MicH.) De Lacte DisputaUo Medica. 4« Ups. 1558. 

Questio de Epilepsia. 4« Lips. 1571. 

BARTHE (adrien la) Les Changes fait», ou Manuel du Ban- 
quier et du Negociant. 12* Par. 1784. 

BARTHE (p. la) Voyagc au Sen^l, pendant les annees 1784 
et 1785, d'apres les Memoires de Lajaille, ancien ofiicier de la 
Marine fran^aise ; contenant des recherches sur la Geographie, 
la Navigation, et le Commerce de la cote occidentale d'Afrique, 
depuis le cap Blanc jusqu'i la rividre de SerraUone ; avec dea 
Notes sur la situation de cette partie de TAfrique, jusqu'en 
l'an X. (1801 et 1802.) 8« Par. 1802. 

BARTHELDT (geo. herm.) Dissertatio Inauguralis exhibens Di* 
ariam. 4° Jemg. 1668. 

BARTHELEMY (jean jacques) p. anacharsis. 

• Oeuvres diverses. 2 tom. 8" Par. An. vi. 

- Reflexions sur rAlphabet et sur la Langue dont 00 te 

servoit autrefois a Paimvre. 4* Par. 1754. 


* B A R 

BAJlTHELE]MY(jEANJAcauEs)Reflexions sur quelqiies Monu- 
mens Pheniciens et sur Its Alphabets qui en resultent. [Extr, 

' des Mem, de VAcad. des Inscr."] 4* 

*^ Lettre a Messieurs les Auteurs du Joumal des S^avans» 

"sur queiques Medailles Pbeniciennes. Aoust. m.dcc.uc 4^ 

; Seconde Lettre. 4* 

" Lettre a Monsieur le Marquis Olivierij^au sujet de queU 

ques Monuments Pbeniciens, pour servir de reponse 4 deux 
Lettres inserees dans le d4* Voiume des Transactions Phtloso- 
pbiques. 4« Par. IT^CB. 

Explication de la Mosaique de Palcstrine. 4® Par, 


Essai d'unc Paleog^rapbie Numismatique. 4" 

' Memoire sur les Anciens Monumens de Rome. 4** 

Dissertation sur une ancienne Inscription Grecque re* 

lative aux Finances des Atheniens. 4^ Par. 1793. 

Charite and Polydorus, a Romance; translated from the 

French of the Abb^ Barthelemy^ with an Abridgement of the 
Life of tbe Author by the Duke of Nivemois. I9f^ Land. 17991 
Voyage en Italie de M. L^Abbe Barthelemy> avec un 

Appendice, ou se trouvent des morceaux inedits de Winckel- 
mann, du P. Jacquier, de TAbbe Zarillo^ et d^autres Savans; 
publi6par A. Serieys. & Par. 1802. 
BARTHIUS (caspar) v. aretino. hermas. mamertus. pacianvs. 


V Cave Canem, de Vita, Moribus» rebus gestis, divinitate 

Gasperis Scioppii Apostatej Satiricon : auctore Tarrseo Hebio^ 
Ii^obili a Spei^a. 12<^ Hanijv. 1612. 

Tarrsei Hebii Nobilis a Sperigd Scioppitis Excellens; in 

laudem ejus & sociorum, pro losepho Scaligero & omnibus pro» 
bis Epigrammatum libri iii. ex triginta totis hinc inde coQectk 
12« Hanov. 1612. ' 

Opuscula varia. 8? Hanov, 1612. 

Mauritius, Anagrammatis quadraginta Virtutes aerenis- 

simi Hassorum Principis Complexus. fol. 1614. 

De Fide salvifica Libri duo. De Constantia Libri duo. 

8» Francof. 1623. 

Fabularum .£sopiarum Libri v. Phoenix. Psalmi xvix. 

Erotopsgnion. Satira in Bavium. Alcseus Latinus. Elegianidi 
Lib. IV. Jamborum Lib. ii. Lyricorum lib. ii. 8^ Prancqf. 

Pornoboscodidascalus Latinus. 8* Francqf. 1624. 

Adversariorum Commentariorum libri sexaginta. 2 toro. 

fol. Francqf. 1624. 

Erotodidascalus, sive Nemoralium libri v. ad Hispani« 

cum Gasperis Gilli» Poli. 8^ Hanov. 1625. 

- Versio et Notae ad .£neam Gazseum et Zachariam My« 

telensum de Immortalitate Anime et Mortalitate universi. 4^ 
Lips. 1655. 
BARTHIUS (cHRisT. gothofr.) De Studiis Romanorum littera- 
riis in Urbe et Provinciis. 4« Hal. Magd. I69a 


B A R 

BARTHIUS (GOTHOFR.) De Barba Disputatio. ^^ Jewt, 1672. 

4« Lipi. [ 1676.] 

BARTHIUS (JOH. MATTRsus) De Luce Baroraetrorum ul et aliis 

connexis Argumentis Epi^tola. 4^ Lips, 1716. 

— ^ Physica Generalior. G^rm. 8" Regensp. 1724. 

' De Culice DissertatH). 4« Ratisb. 1737. 

BARTHIUS (MicHAfiL) P. Virgilii Maronis Vita. 4« Cy^. 1676. 
BARTHOLD (geo. theo.) Dissert. Inauor. Phyjjico-iVledica de 

Peregrinationibus, Sanitatis causa, instituendis. 4° Hal. Magd. 


■ Opera Medica tripartita: opera et studio Joh. Jac. 

Roesenstengelii. 4** Francof. 1717. 
BARTHOLINI (gioanni) Discorso Astrologico delle Mvtationi 

de Tempi del i'Anno 1608 : et della nova Cometa & altre cose» 

come nelia Tauola si puo vedere. 4° Ven, 1608. 
BARTHOLINUS (albertus) De Scriptis Danorum Liber post- 

humusj auctior editus d fratre Thoma Bartholino. ^ Hcffh. 

BARTHOLINUS (bartolus) Casp.fil. Commentarius de Paenula. 

Accessit Henrici Ernstii ejusdem argumenti Epistola. 8° Hqfih 

BARTHOLINUS (caspar) Malmogii Dani. v. «rochmand. 

-^ Problematum Philosophicorum & Medicorum nobilio* 

rum & rariorum miscell. Exercitationes ad disputandum in iU 

lustri Albiaci proposit». 4® 1611. 

De Aquis Libri ii. 8« Hqfn. 1617. 

; 120 ji^^^ 1618^ 

12» Rost. 1621. 

De Mixtione eamque consequentibus temperamentb, 

coctione^ putredine, petrificatioife, &c. Liber unus. ^ Hctfru 

12» Rost. 1618. 

De Mundo Qusstiones et Controversi» nobiliores, ez 
sacro Codice, rationibus atque experientiis rormats ac firmatae. 
Accessit brevis Uranoloeise Summa> ex iisdem fundis fontibus- 
quederivata. 8^ Hitfn, 1617. ' 

Astrologia, seu de Stellarum natur^ affectionibusy & 

cfiectionibus, Exercitatio. 12^ 1612. 

— De Aere pestilenti corrigendo Consilium. 8* Hafn, 


4« Hafn. 1624. 

Praecepta Physice Generalis. 12* Argent. 1621.. 
Praecepta Physics Specialis. 12^ Argrnt. 1626* 
Epigrammata extemporanea; ex autoris dispersischartis 

collecta d M. Christ. Pet 12» Hqfh. 1621. 

De Terra, Aere, et Igni Institutio Physica succincta : 

cum preemissa elementorum Theori^ generdli. 12® Gryphisw. 


■ Syntagma Medicum & Chirurgicum de Cauteriis prae- 

fieiUm potesiate ageatibus seu Ruptoriis. 4® H^fn. 1624. 


B A R 

BARTHOLINUS (caspar) Malmogii Dani. Enchiridion Physl- 
ciim, ex priscis & recentioribus Philosophis accuratc conciDna- 
tuin, & controvergiis naturalibus potissimis, utilissimisque illus- 
tratum. 12» Argent. 1625. 

— — Opuscula quatuor nngularia : i. De Unicomu ejusque 
affinibus & succedaneis. n. De Lapide Nepliritico, & Amuletit 
prsecipuis. iii. De Pygina^is. iv. Consilium de Studio Medico 
iHGhoando, continuando, & absolvendo. 8» Hqfn, 1628. 

Controversise Anatomicse, & Affines nobiliores ac rario- 

res. 8<» GosL 1631. 

lostitutioncs Anatomice Corporis humaui. 8^ GofL 


12« Oxon. 1633. 

BAETHOUNUS (caspar) Vtom.JU. v. babtholinus {Thoma$). 
' Exercitationes Miscellanese, varii argumcnti imprimis 

Anatomici. S^ Lugd. Bai. 1675. 

De Nervorum Usu in motu musculorum Epistola. 8* 

Par. 1676. 

Diaphragmatis Stnicturm Nova. Accessit Methodus pra^ 

parandi Viscera per ii^ecUones hquorum, & Descriptio Instni* 
menti quo mediante peraguntur. 8^ Par. 1676. 

De Inauribus Veterum Syntagma. Accedit Mantissa es 

Tliom£ Bartholini Miscellaneis Mdiicis de AnnuUs Narium. 
13« Amit. 1676. 

De Tibiis Veterum & earum antiquo vsu Libri tres. 8^ 

Rom. 1677. 

12« Amst. 1679. 

Expositio Veteris in Puerperio Ritus, ex Arca Sepul* 

chrali antiqua desumpti. 8^ Rom. 1677. 

Oratio Jubilea de Gestis Anni Lxxvii prioris &. currentis 

Seculi. 4» Hqfn. 1677. 

De Ovariis Mulierum & Generationb Historia, JBpistola 

Anatomica. 12^ Lugd.[\(m.] 

De Ductu Salivah, hactenus non descriptOj Observatio 

Anatoinica. 12<^ Ulir. 1685. 

De Corporis animati Functionibus Disputatio Physica. 

4^ Hqfu. 1687. 

Quffistionum Philosophicarum circa Rerum NaturaHum 

Examen^ ratione & experientia firmatum^ Disputatio prima. 4* 
Hqfn. 1688. 

Summa Philosophifle Naturalis ad Recentiorum mentem 

accommodata. 49 Hqfh. 1688. 

De Fontium Fluviorumque Origipe ex Pluviis Dissertatio 

Physica. 4^» Hqfn. 1689. 

Speciminis Philosophiae Naturalis novissimis rationibus 

& experimentis illustratie Di«iputatio prima. 4® Hafn. 1690 

Specimen Philosophia: Naturahs praecipua Physiccs 

capita exponens. Accedit de Fontium Fluvioruinque origine 
ex PiuviU Dissertatio Physrca. 12<^ Amst. 1697. 

■ Thesium Phiiosophicanira Dtsputationes. 49HqfH. 1696. 


B A R 

BARTHOLINUS (casvar) Thom. fil De Respiratione Anima- 

lium Disputatio. 4» Hafn. [1700.] 
■■ Specimen Hislorise Anatomicae partium Corporift hu- 

mani ad recentiorum mentem accommodatse novisque Observa- 

tionibus illustratae. 8° Amst, 1701. 
— — De Circulatione Sangillnis Disputatio. 4® Hafn. [1707.] 

Disputatio de Visu. 4» H(^n, 1708. 

Handgriffe und Instrumentenzur Anatomie grehonngen. 

Germ. 8<> 

BARTHOLINUS (christoph.) v, bartholinus (Thomas.) 
BARTHOLINUS (erasmus) v, bartholinus (Thomas,) schoo- 


Dioristice, seu .^uationum Determinationes duabus 

Methodis propositse. 4® Haun. 1663. 

De Cometis Anni mdclxiv. & mdclxv Opusculum, ex 

Observationibus Haunie habitis adomatum. 4® Hqfn. 1665. 

De Problematibus Geometricis Dissertatio, Tertium 

continuata. 4® Hqfn. 1668. 

Experimenta Crystalli Islandici Disdiaclastici quibus 

mira' & insohta Refractio detegitur. 4P Hafn. 1669. 

Auctuarium TrigonometricB. 4® Hcffn. 

Selecta Geometrica. 4® Haun. 1674. 

De Problematibus Geometricis Dissertatio, Octavum 

continuata. 4<^ Hafn. 1674. 

De Naturse MirabiUbusQuaestiones Academic8e.4®ffi^. 


De Aere Hafniensi Dissertotio. ^ Francof. 1679. 

De Poris Corporum et Consuetudine, Qusestiones Aca- 

demicse. 12" 
BARTHOLINUS (johannes) Thom.fil. Disp.Ordinariade Causii 

diutums Captivitatis Judseorum. 4" Hcfn. [1693.] 
Disp. Ilieologica de Creatione Angelorum intra Hex&« 

emeron. 4® Haun. [1711.] 
BARTHOLINUS (petrus) Apologia pro Observationibus et Hy- 

potesibus Astronomicis nobilissimi viri Dn. Tychonis Brane 

Astronomorum sui seculi facil^ Principis. 4® Hcfn. 1632. 
BARTHOLINUS (thomas) Oatp. fil. v. baggerus. bbnancius. 


Anatomica Aneurysmatis dissecti Historia. Accedit lo- 

annis Van Hom ejusdem Aj^menti Epistola. S^Panorm. 1644. 
De Vnicornu Observationes Nov». Accesserunt de Au- 

reo Cornu cl. v. Olai Wormii Eruditorum Judicja. 8*^ Patav* 

————— a filio Casparo Bartholino. 12* Amsi. 


De Latere Chnsti aperto Dissertatio. Accedunt CL Sal- 

masii, et aliorum de Cruce Epistols. &^ Lugd. Bat. 1646. 

De Angina Puerorum Campanise Siciliseque Epidemica 

Exercitationes. Accedit de Laryngotomia cL v. Kenati Moreau 
Epistola. 8« Lut. P(^4 1646. 

B A R 

BARTHOLINUS (thomas) Ctup.fl De Sanguine vclilo Disqui- 
sitio Medica cum Cl. Salmasii Judicio. 8° Francqf. 1673. 

— — — Anatome ex omnium veternm recentiorumque Observa- 
tionibusj inprimis Institutionibus b. m. Parentis Caspari Bartbo- 
lini,adcircu1ationem Harvejanam, etVasaLympbaticaQuartum 
renovaU. 8^^ Lugd, B(U. 1673. 

Regise Academise Hafniensis Gratulatio illustr. & excell. 

Heroi Domino Petro Comiti in Grif!enfeld, publice facta per 
Tbomam Bartbolinum. fol. Hqfn, 1674. . 

De Peregrinatiqne Medica ad cl. v. Oligerum Jacobae- 

um nepolem suum et (ilios Casparum Bartholinum, Christoph. 
Bartholinum. 4« Hqfn. [1674.] 

De Armillis Veterum Schedion. Accessit Olai Wormii 

de Aureo Comu Danico ad Licetum Responsio. 12^ Afnst. 1676. 
Antiquitatum veteris Puerperii Synopsis a filio Casparo 

Bartbolino Commentario illustrata cum Thoms Bartholini ad 
Filium Epistola. 12^ Amst. 1676. 

De Holgero Dano qui Caroli Magni tempore floruit. 

Dissertatio Historica. ^ Hafn. 1677. 

Paralytici N. T. Medico et Philologico Commentario 

illuatraU. ^ Ups. 1685. 

De Morbb Biblicis Miscellanea Mcdica. 8^ Francof. 


De Flammula Cordis Epistola, cum lacobi Hosti ejus- 

dem Argumenti Dissertatione. Accesut de Camibus lucentibus 
Danielis Puerarii Responsio. 8^ Ht\fn. 

De Hepatis exautorati desperata Causa, cum praecipuis 

eruditae EuropsB Medicis Concertatio. Accessere Erasmi Bar- 
tholini de Poris Corporum & Consvetudine Qusestiones Acade- 
Tnicae. 8® Hqfn. 

De Libris \egendi8 Dissertationes^^^iuas propter rarita- 

tem ac prsestantiam publicse luci restituit, & de vana Librorum 

Pompa praefatus est loh. Gerh. Meuschen. &* Hag. Com. 1711. 
BARTHOLINUS (thomas) Thom.fil. Antiquitatum Danicarum 

de Causis contemptae a Danis adhuc gentilibus Mortis Libri 

tres^ ex vetustis Codicibus & Monumentis hactenus ineditis con- 

gesti. 40 Wn. 1689. 
BARTHOLOM^O (fb. paulinus a s.) v. bartolomeo. 
BARTHOLOMiEUS Anglicus. v. glantvilla. 
BARTHOLOMiEUS Brixiensis. v. bartolomeus. 
BARTHOLOM-^US Coloniensis. v. bartolom£Us. 
BARTHOLOMiEUS Edessenus. Elenchus & Confutatio Hagareni. 

Gr. Lat. 4« 
BARTHOLOMiEUS Urhinas. v. urbinas. 
BARTHOLOMiEUS (hieb. matth.) Disp. Medica de iEgra Dy^ 

senteria laborante. 4® Jen. [1687.] 
BARTHOLOM^US (ioh.) Disp. Medica de Empyemate. 4» 

Lugd. Bat. 1672. 
■ Disp. Med. Inaug. de Lochiis. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1672. 


B A R 

BARTHOLOMEW Fairc. 4» Lond. 1641. 

' The Dagonizing of Bartholomew Fayre. fol. Londs 

The Refonnado'8 righted : being an Answer to a paltry, 

peece of Poctry stiled General Massey^s Bartholomew-Fayringi» 

for Colonell Poyntz, &c. 4» Lond. 1647. 

A Bartholomew Fairing; New, New, New ; sent, from 

the raised Siege before Dublin, as a preparatory Present to the 
great Thanksgiving Day. To be communicated only to ^pde- 
pendents. 4° Lond. 1649. 

Order of the Lord Mayor, 12 Aug. 1707. for prevention 

of Tumults and Riots in Bartholomew-Fair. fol. 
BARTHOLOMEW (Hosp, of StJ v. hospital. 
BARTHOLOMEW (john) The Fall of the French Monarchy ; 

or Louis XVI. an Historical Tragedy. 8« Lond. 1794r 
BARTHOLOMEW (william) The Strong. Man gected by a 

stronger then He : in a Sermon preached at Gloucester the 

15th May 1660. being the Day his royal Majesty King Charles 

the second was proclaimed. 4^ Lond. 1660. 
BARTJENS (simon) Disput. PhysicaB de Origine et Natura Ig- 

nis, pars secunda. 4^ Lugd. Bat. 1654. 

Disp. Med. Inaug. de Ascite. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1657. 

BARTISCH (geor.) OO0AAMOAOYAEIA das ist Augendienst. 

Germ. fol. Dresd. 1583. 

4» Sultzb. 1686. 

BARTLET (j.) The Gentleman*s Farriery. 8« Lond. 1754. 
BARTLET (william) l*XNOrPA*l'A, or a Model of the primi- 

tive Congregational way. 4® Lond, 1647. 
Soveraigne Bsusome, gently apphed in a Sew wcighty 

Considerations (by way of Quserie) for healing the Distempers 
^ of such Professors of Religion as Satan hath wounded and drawn 

aside. 4» Lond. 1649. 
BARTLETT (benjamin) Manduessedum Romanorum : being the 

History and Antiquities of the Parish of Manceter, (including 

the Hamlets of Hartshill, Oldbury, and Atherstone,) and aiso of 

the adjacent Parish of Ansley in the County of Warwick, 4* 

Lond. 179L 
BARTOLETUS (fabritius) Encyclopfledia Hennetico-Dogmati- 

c^. 4^ Bonon. 1619. 
Methodus in Dyspnoeam, seu de Respirationibus Li- 

bri IV. cum Synopsibus quibus quintus pro Colophone accessit 

de Curationibus ex Dogmaticorum et Hermeticorum poenu de- 

promptis. 4^ Bonon. 1633. 
BARTOLI (baldass.) Le Glorie Maestose del Santvariodi Loreto* 

8« Macer. 1677. 
BARTOLl (cosiMo) v. alberxus. 
1 Del Modo di misvrare le distantie, le superficie, i cor- 

pi, le piante, le prouincie, le prospettive, Sc tutte le altre comc 

terrene, che possono occorrere a gli huomini, secondo le Verc 

regole d'EucUde, &de gh altri piu lodati scrittori. 4^» Ven. 1564. 

Discorsi Historici Vniversali. 4P Genov. 1582. 


B A R 

BARTOLI (daniele) Della Vita del Padre Vincenzo Carafa setti- 
ino Generale della Compagna di Giesv. 24® Bolog. 

— — — II Torto e il Diritto del Non si Pvo dato in givdicio so- 
pra molte Regole della Lingva Italiani esaminato da Ferrante 
Longobardi. 16® Rom, 1655. 

Dell' Historia della Compagnia di Giesv, TAeia^ Parte 

prima. 4® Genov. 1656. 

fol. Rom. 1667. 

Dell' flistoria della Compagnia di Giesv, il Giappone» 
seconda Parte deir Asia. fol. Rom. 1660. 

Deir Historia della Compagnia di Giesv^ la Cina> terza 

Parte dell' Asia. fol. Rom, 1663. 

Dell' Istoria della Compagnia di Giesv^ ringhilterra. 

Parte dell' Evropa. fol. Rom. 1667. 

4® Bolog. 1676. 

Della Vita e dell' Instituto di S. Ignatio fondatore della 

Compagnia di Giesv, Libri cinque. fol. Rom. 1659. 

La Ricreatione del Savio in Discorso^coti la Natvra e 

Gon Dio, Libri due. 8® Mil. 1660. 

Hvomo di Lettere difeso et emendato. 8® 

AngL by Thomas Salusbujiy. 8® Land. 


Della Geografia trasportata al Morale. Parte prima. 8® 

Rofn. 1664. 

La Tensione e la Pressione dispvtanti qual di loro sos- 

lenga PArgento vivo ne' CannelU dopo fattone il Vuoto. 12® 
Ven. 1678. 

Del Svono de' Tremori Armonici e dell' Vdito, Trattati. 

4® Rom. 1679. 

4® Rom. 1680. 

Del Ghiaccio e della Coagvlatione, IVattati. 4® Rom. 


Missione al Gran Mogor del Padre Ridolfo Aquaviva 

della Compagnia di Giesu ; sua Vite e Morte, e d'altri Quattro 
Compagni uccisi in odio della Fede in Salsete di Goa. 8® Rom. 

BARTOLI (giorgio) Degli Elementi del parlar Toscano, Tratta- 
to. 4® Fior. 1584. 

BARTOLI (giuseppe) Due Dizzertazioni : nella prima si da' No- 
tizia del pubblico Museo d'Iscnzzioni eretto nuovamente in 
Verona; e con l'u80 delle Osservazioni e delle sperienze inris- 
petto della Fisica si paragona Tuso dell' Anticnita' f^;urata e 
scritta relativamente aila Storia : nella seconda si dimostra la 
Bellezza d'una Greca inedita Iscrizione coUocata in questo Mu- 
seo. 4® Veron. 1745. 

BARTOU (p.) ». XAViER. 


— — Le Pitture Anticbe del Sepolcro de Nasonii nella via 
Flaminia, disegnate^ ed intagliate alla similitudine degli Antichi 
Originali da Pietro Santi Bartoli, descritte & illustrati da Gio 
Pietro Bdlori. fol. Rom. 1680. 

fol. Rom. 1702. 


B A R 

BARTOLI (piETRO SANTi) Le Pitture Antiche dellcGrotte di Ro- 
ma^ c del Sepolcro de' Nasoni, disegnate, & intagliftte alla simili- 
tudine dcgli Antichi Originali da Pietro Santi Bartoli cFrancesco 
Bartoli suo figliuolo, descritte & illustrate da Gio Pietro Bellori 
e Michelangelo Causei dela Chausse. fol. Rom. 1706. 

Lat. fol. Rom. 1702. 

Le Antiche Lvcerne sepolchrali figvrate raccolte dalle 

Caue potterranee, e Grotte di Roma: con rQsservationidiGio, 
Pietro Bellori. fol, Rom, 1691. 
fol. Rom. 1704. 

Lat. studio et impensis L. Begeri. foL 

CoL March. 1702. 

Colonna Traiana eretta dal Sen^to e Popolo Romano all' 

Imperatore Traiano Augusto nel svo foro in Roma, scolpta con 
rHistorie della Gverra Dacica, la prima e la seconda Espeditione 
e Vittoria contro il Re Decebalo, nuovamente disegnata et intag- 
liata da Pietro Santi Bartoli, con rEspositione Latina d^Alfonso 
Ciaccone, compendiata nella vulgare Lingua sotto ciascuna Im- 
magine accrescivta di Medaglie> Inschttioni^ e Trofei^ da Gio. 
Petro Bellori. fol. 

Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum ac veteris Sculp- 

tura3 Vestigia, anaglyphico opere elaborata ex marmoreis exem- 
plaribus quae Romae adhuc extant in Capitolio, aedibus, hortis- 
que Virorum principum, ad antiquam ele^uitiam a Petro Sancti 
Bartolo delineata incisa : notis lo. Pet Bellorii iilustrata. fol. 
Rom. 1693. 

Gli Antichi Sepolcri, overo Mavsolei Romani et Etnischi 

trouati in Roma & in altri luoghi cdebri, nelli quali si conten- 
gono molte erudite Memorie : raccolti, disegnati^ & intagliati da 
Tietro Santi Bartoli. fol. Rom. 1697. 

fol. Rom. 1704. 

— — - Columna Antoniniana Marci Aurelii Antonini Augusti 
rebus gestis insignis, Gcrmanis simul et Sarmatis, gemino Bello 
devictis^ ex S. C. Romee, in Antonini foro, ad viam Flaminiam 
erecta, ac vtriusque Belli imaginibus anaglyphic^ insculpta^nunc 
primum a Petro Sancti Bartolo^ juxta Delineationea in Biblio- 
theca Barberina asservatas^ a se cum antiquis ipsius Columnsi 
signis collatas, aere incisa, et in lucem edila cum Notis excerp- 
tis ex Declarationibus lo. Petri Bellorii. fol. Rom. 

Raccolta di Camei' e Gemme Antiche : date ora in luce 

da Francesco Santi Bartoli. fol. Rom. 1727. 

Raccolta di varie Antichitae Lvcerne Antiche intagliate 

la maggior Parte da Pietro Bartoli. 4® Rom. 
BARTOLI (sEBAST.) Artis Medics Dogmatum communiter re- 

ceptorum Examen, in decem Exercitationes paradoxicas dis- 

tinctum. 4/» Ven. 1666. 

Breve Raggvalio de* Bagni di Pozzvolo. 4* Nap. 1667. 

-— Thermologia Aragonia^ sive Historia Naturalis Therma- 

rum in occidentali Cancipanie ora inter Pausilippum & Mise- 

num Scatentium^ jam Mixl iniuria deperditarum, & Petri An- 

tonii ab Aragonia atudio ac munificentia restitutarum. 8® Neap^ 


BARTOLINUS (albsetvs) p, bartholinos, 


B A R 

BARTOLOCCIUS (juuus) BibUotheca Magna Rabbinica. 4 toin. 

fol. Rom. 1675—93. 
BARTOLOMiEUS Colonienm, Dialogus Mythologicus. 12* Mo- 

gunt. in (zd. lo. Schotffer. 152L 
BARTOLOMEI (cirolamo) L'Ainerica Pocma Eroico. fol. Rom. 


■ Didascalia cioe* Dottrina Comica. 4** Fir. 1658. 
BARTOLOMEO (Fr.) Co: dal Pozzo. Le Vite de' Pittori, de 

gli Scvltori et Architetti Veronesi. 4® Veron. 1718. 

■ Aggiunta alle Vite de' Pittori degli Scultori et Archi- 
tetti Veronesi. 4« Veron. 1718. 

BARTOLOMEO (F. paylino da s') Sidharubam, seu Grammatica 

Samscrdamica ; cui accedit Dissertatio Historico-Critica in Lin- 

guam Sainscrdamicam vulgo Samscret dictam. 4® Rom. 1790. 
— — Viaggio alle Indie Orientali umiUato alla Santitd di N.S. 

Papa Pio sesto Pontefice Massimo. 4<* Rom. 1796. 
BARTOLOMiEUS Btixiensis, Libellus siue Opus super Decreto. 

fol. Ven. 1493. 
BARTOLOMMEO CFO da S. Ckmcordio, Pisano. Ammaestra- 

menti de gli Antichi, raccolti e volgarizzati. 12^ Fir. 1661. 
BARTOLONI (piet. dom.) Bacco in Boemia^ Ditirambo in onore 

del Vino di Melnich. 4® Prag. 1717. 
BARTOLUS super prima parte Codicig. fol. Vcn. 1476. 
BARTON (benj. smith) m.d. New View» of the Origin of the 

Tribes and Nations of America. 8» Philad. 1798. 
BARTON (cHARLEs) An Historical Treatise of a Suit in Equity. 

8« Lond. 1796. 
BARTON (cuTTs) d.d. A Sermon preached before the Royal 

CoUege of Physicians London : Sept. 21. 1754. 49 Lond. 1755. 
— — A Sermon preached before the Presidents, Vice-Presi- 

dents^ Stewards of the Feast, and Govemors of the Hospital for 

the Small-Pox and for Inoculation : April the 13th 1758. 4« 

Lond. 1758. 
BARTON (pHiLip) A Sermon preached in Lambeth Chapel at 

the Consecration of Robert Lord Bishop of St. David's: June 

15, 1766. 4« Lond. 1766. 
BARTON (richard) The Analogy of Divine Wisdom, in the ma- 

terial, sensitive, moral, civil, and spiritual System of Things, in 

eight Parts. 8« Dubl. 1750. 
V ' ■ Lecture» in Natural Philosophy, designM to be a foun- 

dation for rcasoning pertinently upon the Petrifications, Geros, 

Crystals, and sanative Quahty of Lough Neai?h in Ireland ; and 

intended to be an Introduction to the NaturaT History of seve- 

ral Counties contiguous to that Lake, particularly the County of 

Ardmagh. 4» Dubl. 1751. 

A Dialogue concerning some Things of importance to 

Ireland particularly to the County of Ardmagh ; being part of 
a Design to write the Natural, Civil^ and Ecclesiastical History 
of that County. 4« Dubl. 1751. 

Some Remarks towards a fuU Descripti(m of Upper and 

Lower Lough Lene. near Killaraey^ in ihe County of Keiry. 4* 
DttW.1751; BARTON 

B A R 

BARTON (samuel) A Sermon preached before the Lord Mayor 
and Aldermen of London, Octob. 27. 1692. being the Day oF 
publick Thanksgiving for the signal Victory at Sea. 4P Lond, 

BARTON (THOMAs) ANTITEIXISMA, or, a Counter-scarfe pre* 
pared Anno 1642. for the eviction ot' those Zealots that in tneir 
Workes defie ali externall bowing at the name of Jesus. 4^ 
Lond. 1643. 


of the Covnter-Scarfe made 1642 ; in ans»wer to a scandalous 
Pamphlet^ intituled ** A Treatise against superstitious lesu-* 
worship : written by Mascali Giles Vicar of Ditcheling iti 
Sussex. 4<» Lond. 1643. 

AOrOS ArnNIOS, or, a Sermon of the Christian Race, 

preached before his Majesty at Chrbt Church Oxford, May 9^ 
1643. 4« 1643. 

King Davids Church-Prayer : set forth in a Sermon 

preached at St^ Marg. Pattens, on S. John Baptists Day in the 

Aflernoone, 24 of June 1649. 4<» 16i9. 
BARTON (william) A View of many Errors and som gross Ab- 

surdities in the old Translation of the Psaims in Engli^h Metre ; 

as also in som other Translations lately published : shewinfl' 

bow the Psalms ought to be translated, to be acceptable and 

edifying. Together with sundry Epigramnis and Suffirages of 

many godly and learned Meti in behalf of tlie Authors Trans*' 

lation. 4^ Lond. 1655. 
A Century of select Hymns, collected out of Scripture ; 

ail to be sung in five or six Tunes commoniy known and prac* 

tized. 12^» Lond. 1659. 

A Brief Relation of several Passages of the Life and 

Death of William Barton of Shrewsbury in October, 1661. 12^ 
Lond. 1664. 

BARTON (william) Gent. v. campagna. 

BARTRAM (john) Observations on the Inhabitants, Climate, 
Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other matters wortby 
of Notice made by Mr. John Bartram in his Travels from Pen* 
siivania to Onondu^^o, Oswego, and tlie LalLe Ontario in Cana« 
da : to which is aiiuexM a curious Account of the Cataractsof 
Niagara by Mr. Peter Kalm, a Swedish Gentleman who travel- 
led there. 8'» Lond. 1751. 

BARTSCH (adam) Recueil d'£stampesgravees par Adam Bartscb 
d^apres les Desseins originaux de difrerens Maitres qui se trou- 
vent a la Bibliotheque Imp. et Roy. de Vienne. fol. Vienne* 1794» 

BARTSCH (benjamin) Erotema ^ysicum, an & quomodo Sol 
calefdciat? 4P WiUcnb. [1684.] 

BARTSCHIUS (iacobus) Disputatio Medica de Petechiis. 4» 
Argeni, [1633.] 

£xercitatio Medica nona, in almA Argentoratensium 

Academii proposita. 4® Argent IQ9$. 

Porta Pacis et Glons Mathematico-Poetica, divo Fride* 

rico Regi Bohemiae et Eiectori Palatino &o. Duci Bavari» utri* 
usque & Silesis, &c. sacra. ibi. Wratid. 1624. 
VoL. I. Y y ^KBLT^mK» 

^ B A R 

BARTSCHIUS(iAa)Bus) PlanisphaBriiim Stellatiim,scu Vice-GIc- 
bus Coelestis in nanodelineatus: cui adjecta^ sunt Ephemeridts 
V. Planetarum abanno moclxii. ad mdclxxxvi. Ephenieris Solis 
ad Annos c. Stellarum 6xaruni nuniero 1240 Lon^itudines, Ihi- 
titudines^ Magnitudines, et Naturae. Catalogus Vrbium prseci- 
puarum in Europd, Asii, & AfricA. Tabulffi Domornm ab ele- 
Tatione Poli. 42 gr. ad 60 gr. &c. Opcra ct studio Andreae Gold- 
mayeri. 4® Norimb, 

■ Uraniburgum Strasburgicum, sive Motuum Coelestium 

Ephemeris Nova Tychonico-Kepleriana. 4® Lips, 1629. 

BAkVADILLO (alons. geron. de salas) Patrona de Madrid 
restitvyda, Poema Heroyco. 8® Madr. 1609. 

BARUCH (/2.) Ben Barvch. EUe Toledoih Adam, i. e.Istae sunt 
Generationes Hominis. Titulus duphcis Commentarii in Eccle- 
siasten, quorum prior, Kekillaih Jacob, i. e. Cougregatio Jacobi ; 
alter, Kodesch Israel, i. e. Sanctitas Israclis, appellatur. fol. Ven, 

BARUCH {R,) Kalai, Makur Barnch, i. e. Fons benedictus. Quss- 
tiones varie et Responsiones. foi. Smym, 

BARUFFALDI (cirolamo) Dissertatio de PoeUs Ferrariensibus. 
4» Ferrar, 1698. 

Deir Istoria di Ferrara, Libri Nove. 4» Ferr, 1700. 

' Comentario Istorico-ervdito ali* Inscrizione eretta nel 

almo Studio di Ferrara l'Anno mdcciv. in mernoria del famoso 
Antonio Musa Brasavoli. 4** Ferrar, 1704, 

Dissertatio de Prse6cis ad illustraiionem Urnse Sepul- 

chralis Fl. Qvartillse PraBficae. Accedunt losephi Lanzonii Ad- 

versaria de Luctu mortuali Veternm. 8* Ferr, 1713. 

— La T^baccheide Ditirambo; con le Annotazioni. 4* 

Ferrar. 1714. 

Baccanali. 8^ Ven. 1722. 

Giocasta la Giovgne, Tragedia di Scena mutabilc d^ 

Faenza. 1725. 

BARUFFALDI (girolamo) Juniore. Della Topografia Ferrarese 
deir Anno mcccclxxi. al m.d. Saggio Letterario Bibliografico. 
8« Ferrar. 1777. 

BARVILLE alias BARTON (john) An Accountof thelateCon- 
version of Mr. John Barville alias Barton from Popery lo tlic 
Reformed Church of England. 8° Lond, 1710. 

BARWICK (humfrey) A Breefe Discourse, cohcerning the force 
and eflect of all manuall weapons of fire, and the disahility of 
the Long Bowe or Archery, in respect of others of grcaler force 
now in use. 4* Lond. 

BARWICK (john) v. barwick (Peirus.) 

'lEPONl'KH2, or the Fight, Victory, and Triumph of 

St. Paul, accommodated to the right rev. Thomaslate I^ Bishop 
of Doresme, in a Sermon prcached at his Funeral ; together 
with the Life of the said Bishop. 4® Lond. 1660. 

BARWICK (petrus) Vitalohannis Barwick S.T. P : in qua non 
pauca Arcana Studia pro Regno Britannico, motibus intestinis 
collapso, in lucem proferuntnr. 8® Jjond, 1721. 

: AngU 8» Lond. 1724. 


B A S 

BARY (lACOBus de) v, catalogus. 

BARY (rene') La Phyaique. 3 tom. 8« Par. 1671. 

BARZiEUS (oAsp.) r>. TBiCAULT. 

Intentiones babende in Febribus. 4* Lugd. 1517. 

BARZIUS (cHRisTOP.) Introductoriuin in Medicinam, legcnti 

cuilibet perutiie. 4° Aug, Vind. 1518. 
BAS (cHARLEs le) Thc New Margate, Ramsgate, and Broadstain 

Guide. 8" Marg. 1802. 
BASAN (f.) Dictionnaire des Graveurs anciens et raodemes de- 

puis rOrigine de la Gravure ; avec Une Notice des principalea 

Estaropes qu'il8 ont erav&s», suiri des Catalogues dea CEuvrea de 

Jacqiies Jordans, & de Corneille Visscher. 3 tom. 8* Par. 1767. 
Catalogue Raisonne des difSerens objets de curiositda 

dans les Sciences et Arts, qui composoient le Cabinet de feu 

Mr. Mariette. 8« Par. 1775. 
BASANIER {M.) L^Histoire notablc de la Floride sitvee es Indet 

Occidentalea. 8° Par. 1586. 
BASELIUS (JAC.) jJ/. De Obsidione Bergopzomii, ad ejus Vrbis 

Senatum Commentarius. 4^ Bergop. 1603. 
BASHUYSEN (corn. van) Dispvtatio Philosophica de Metallis. 

Pars sexta. De Chrysopceia secunda. 4® Loijgd. Bat. 1663. 
BASHUYSEN (hen. jac. van) Animadversiones Selectx ad di« 

versa S. S. Loca. 4 tom. ^ Dt\f. 1723. 


BASIL. The Converted Capuchih : or the Recantation of Father 

Basil, after he had continued nigh forty Years a Fryer of tbat 

Order, and perswaded many Protestants to the Romish-Belie£e« 

4« Lond. 164L 
BASILE (gio. batt.) La Cuccagna conquistata, Poema Heroicu, 

in Terza Rima Siciliana. 13® Palerm. 1674. 
' II Battilio, Poema Bvcoiico^ composto in Lingva Sici« 

liana. 12^^ Palcrm. 1686. 
BASILI (gio. batt.) v. basilb. 
BASILICAPETRI (carolus) Episcopus Nonarienns. Brevis His« 

toria Provinciee Mediolanensis. fol. MedioU 1628. 
BASILICO (ciRiAco) Svccessidi Evmolpiooe. W Nap. 1678. 
BASILISK. A brief Description of the Nature of the BasUisk or 

Cockatrice. 4® 
BASILISSE. Le Triomphe de la Grace, da^s 1a Conversion ti 

la Mort de Basilisse. 12<> 1699. 
BASILIUS Imp. Corutant. v. constantinus Porphyrogeneta. 
■ Exhortationum Capita lxvi. ad Leonem fUium cogno- 

mento Philosophum. Gr. 4^ Luttt. F. MorelL 1584. 

Paternelles Remonstrances et Exhortations a bien viTfe 

St, bien roourir, de Basile Macedon Empereur de Constantinople» 
d Leon le sage son fils, par forme Acroatichique ; auec les Can« 
tiques de Pasques dudit Leon & de Constantin son fik, et Qon< 
sort audit Empire : traduits de Grec en Francois par Pierre 
Moreau Tourangeau. 8* Par. 1580. * . 


B A S 

BASILIUS Magnus. Casarea Cappadoci(B Archiepisc, v. rituaiic* 

«■i Opcra. Gr. [In Hexaemeron Homilis xi. In Psalmo» 

Homiliae xv. Ali» Homili» varis xxix. De Spiritu Sancto 
liber I. Epistolas Basilij Magni & Gregohi Theologi.] cum 
Prapf. Desid. Erasmi. fol. Bas, ap, Frob, 1532. 

Opera omnia qus extant^ vel quse ejus nomine circum- 

feruntur, ad MSS. codices Gallicanoe, Vaticanos, Florentinos & 
Anglicos^necnon ad aniiquiores editiones castigrata, multis aucta ; 
Gr. Lat. nova Interpretatione, criticis Prsefationibus» Notis, 
variis LectionibuSfillustrata^nova sancti Doctoris vita & copios- 
issimis Indicibus locupletata, opera & studio D. Jiihani Gamier. 
S tom. fol. Par. 1721—1730. 

Opera omnia. Lat. sive recens versa, sive ad Gnecos 

archetypoe ita collata per Wolfg. Mvsculvm Dvsanum,ut aliam 
omnino faciem sumpsisse videantur. fol. Bas. Hervag. 1540« 

• juxta Argumentorum congruentiam 

in Tomos pai^tita quatuor, lano Comario interpr. fol. Bas. ap 
Frob. 1540. 

nunc demum prseter casteras sditi- 

ones solerti industria, nec minilis accurata coRatione ad fklem 
Grsecorum aliquot exemplarinm synceriori lectioni restituta, 
multisque libns aucta. [per loannem Gillotium.] fol. Par. 1603. 
Opei a qusdam Beati Basilii Cssariensis Episcopi. Gr. 

Sractatus Ethicorum. Regula, siue rd dcrKnrix». De Virginitate, 
nira Eunomium. Item Sermones & Epistols nonnulte in» 
serte m regula.] fol. Ven. 1535. 

De iiberalibus Studiis et ingenuis Moribus Liber, per 

Leon. Ar. ex Gre. in Latinum conversus. fol. Bon. 1497. 

Homilia de Gratys Deo agendis. Eiusdem in lulittam 

mariyrem homilia. Gr. \^ Lau. 1533. 

■ Homiba in sanctam Christi Nativitatem. Eiusdem Ho- 

roilia in dictum illud Euangelij secundum Lucam^ " Destruam 
borrea mea & maiora extniam/' & de Auaritia. Eiusdem ad- 
uersus diuites Homilia. 6V. 8^ Lov. 1537. 

Conciones ii. De leiunio. Lat. P. Galesino Prot. Apos- 

tolico interprete. 4* Rom. 1587. 

,Tradvction d^vne Epistre de Saint Basile a des Solitaires 

qui auoient este persecutez par les Ariens. 4° 


BASING CASTLE. A Dcscription of the Siege of Basing Castle, 
kept by thc Lord Marquisse of Winchester for the Service of 
his Majesty, against the Forces of the Rebells under commarid 
of Colonell Norton Anno Dom. 1644. 4<» Osf. 1644. 

BASING HOUSE, v. cromwell. peters. 

» ■ A Looking-Giasse for the Popish Garrisons : heW forth 

in the Life and Death of Basing House: with divers Articles of 
High*Treasun drawne up against Sir Robert Peake, Goverhour 
of the sajd Garrison. 4^ Lmd. 1645. 

BASIRE (john) lld. An EKcellent Letter from John Basire Doc- 
tor of Laws« to his son Isaac Basire. 12^ in thc Savoy. 1670. 


B A S 

BASIRE (isAAc) D.D. The Ancient Liberty of the Britannick 
Church^ and the le^itimate Exemption thereof from the Ro- 
man Patrlarchate^ discoursed on four Positions and anerted* 
12« Lond. 1661. 

A Letter to the hon. Sir Richard Brown, relating hva 

Travels, nnd Endeavours to propagate the Knowledgc of the 
Doctrine and Di.^cipline established in the Britannick Church» 
among the Greeks, Arahians, &c. 12° Lond, 1661. 

Articles to be emitiired of by the Ministers and Church- 

wardens of every Parish within the Arch-deaconry of North- 
umberland, which are given in Charge in the Annual Visitation 
of Isaac Basire d.d. and Arch-Deacon of that Juriadiction. 4* 
Lond. 1662. 

Deo & Ecclesiae Sacrum. Sacriledge arrai&^ed and con- 

demned by Saint Paul, Rom. ii. 22. 8« Lond. 1668. 

A Funeral Sermon preached on Hebr, xi. 4. upon tbe 

29th day of April, 1672. together with a Brief of the Life^ 

Dignities, Benetactions, principal Actions, and Suflerings ; and 

of the death of [John] iate Lord Bishop of Durham. ^ Lond, 

BASK (elias j.) Dissert. Philosophica de Purpura. 12* Upsah 

BASNAGE (henry) Histoire des Ouvrages des S^avans. 24 tom. 

12*» Roittrd. 1687—1709. 
BASNAGE (jAcauEs) Histoire de la Religion des Egliaes Re- 

formees. 2 tom. 12*» Rotterd. 1690. 
Histoire de TEglise depuis Jesus-Christ jusqu' 4 present, 

divisee en quatre parties. 2 tom. fol. Rotterd. 1699. 
BASNAGE (samuel) De Rebus Sacris Sc Ecclesiasticis Exercita- 

tiones Historico-Critic». 4» Ulir. 1692. 
BASRIL (louis de) Reflexions svir les Disputes qui se font d 

Toccasion de la Transfusion. 4® 
BASS^US (MARTiNus) De Alchemia. Germ. 8*» Hal. 1619. 
BASSAMPIERIUS {Maresc.) v. bas^ompierre. 
BASSANO (and.) v. tuti-y. 
BASSANO (luigi) da Zara. 1 Costumi et i Modi particolari de 

la Vita de Turchi. 12*» Rom. 1545. 
BASSECOUR (pabricius de la) Carnien de Monomachia, sive 

singulari Certamine Davidis & Gohathi. 4" Amst. 1663. 
Disp. Philosophica dc Origine Erroris. Pars prinuu 4^ 

Lugd. Bat. 1666. 

Defensio Cartesiana in duas distributa partes, succinct^ 

conscripta & amic^^ adversus D. Johannem Schvlerum. 4* 
Lugd. Bat. 1671. 

Disp. Physicade Humido et Sicco. 4^ Lugd. Bat. 1666» 

BASSENN (theod. recnbrus de) De Jurejurando Vetenim, in 
primis Romanonim^ Lil>er singularis. &'Trqf. ad Rh. 1728. 

BASSENTIN (jacques) Escossois. Paraphrase de 1' Astrolabe. 4», 
Lyon. 1555. 

BASSET {Captaitt) v. cornwall. 


B A S 

BASSET (joshua) Ecclesiae Theoria Nova Dodwclliana expos^ita : 

cui accessit Renim quse indiligentes Lectores fugiant Indicu* 

lus. 8'' Lond.niS. 
BASSET (william) A Sermon at tbe Warwickshire Meeting No- 

▼emb. 25. 1679^ at St« Mary le fiow in Cheapside, LoodoiK 

4" Lcmd. 1679. 
BASSETT (tuomas) A Catalogue of the CommoD and Sutute 

Law-Books of this Realm. 12* Lond. 1662. 
B4SSI (martinus) Dispareri in Materia d^Architetlna et Per< 

npettiva ; con Pareri di eccellenti ei famosi Architetti, che li 

nsohiono. 4® Bressa. 1572. 
BASSIUS (henb.) Griindlicher Bericht von Bandagen. 8* Lcips. 

■ ' ■■ Observationes Anatomico-Chirurgico Medic»> in qua» 

iuor Decadesdigestae. 8^ Ual. Magd. 1731. 
BASSO (gerabdo) v. davila. 
BASSO (sEBASTiANus) PhilosopbiaB Naturalis advenus Aristotelem 

Ubri XII. &" Gauv. 1621. 

8« Anui. 1649. 

BASSOBRVTTI (mesto) Consideratione intomo all' occultatione 

insoliU: Sc incognita di Marte, occorsa rAnno 1615. 4* Vcn, 

BASSOLIS (JOB. de) In tertium Sententiarum Opus. fol. Par, 


In quartum Sententiarum Opus. foL Par. 1517. 

BASSOMPIERRE {Mareschal de) Exiroia proiBus Oratio illustr. 

Domini Bassampierii inclyti Reg. GalL Mareschalli ; qua nuper 

Legatum eius Majest. agens^ in Conventu» Soluthumi 13 Martii 

habito, Regis sui caussas^ & intentionem,obqua6 arma necessari^ 

induere co^ctus sit^ Confosderatis Helvetijs argut^ 8c nervose ex- 

piicat, ac proprium publicae calamitatis periculum & interesse 

ii^ero luculenter demonstrat^ cum postulatis annexia, qus; feli- 

citer inde (^inuit. 4® 1630. 
— Memoires du Mareschal de Bassompierre^ contenant 

L'Histoire de sa Vie. 3 toro. W Colog. 1665. 

2 tom. 12° Colog, 1666. 

2 tom. 12® Amst. 1692. 

Remarques de M. lc Mareschal de Bassompierre sur 

les Vies des Roys Henry IV. & Louys XIIL 12° Par. 1665. 

Ambassades. 2 tom. 12^ Colog. 1668. 

ed. alt, 12« Colog. 1668. 


BASSUS (cassianus) r£nnONlKA. Geoponicoruro, sive de Re 
Rustica, Librixx. CassianoBa^soScbolasticoCollcctore. Antea 
Constantino Porpbyrogenneto a quibusdam adscriptt. Gr. Lat. 
Grasca cum MSS. contulit, Prolegomena^ Notulas» & Indices 
adjedt Pet. Needharo. 8^ Cantabr. 1704. 

BASSUS (jo. jac.) De Ilippocratis et Aristotelis Decretis^ Libri 
tres. 4« Pap. 1594. 


B A S 

BASTA (giorg.) v, tarducci. 

II Mastro di Campo Generale. 4<» Ven. 1606. 

Govierno de la Cavalleria Ligera traduc. del Lengvaie 

Toscano en Espanol por Pedro Pardo Rivadeneyra. 4' Brus. 

BASTARD. The Bastartl : a Tragedy. 4« Lond. 1652. 
The Great Bastard, Protcctor of thc Little One : done 

out of French : and for which a Proclaraation, with a Reward 

of 5000 Lewedores, to discover the Author^ was publish'd. 4* 

Cologne. 1689. 
8« Lond. 1701. 

BASTARD (thomas) Chrestoleros. Seuen Bookes of Epigrames* 

12^ Lond. 1598. 
Serenissimo potentissimoque Monarch® lacobo Magnae 

Britannise, Franci», & Hibemise, regi Magnam Britanniam. 4® 

Lond. 1605. 
BASTELLUS (and.) Spcculum Medicinae. 4» Madr. 1599. 
BASTER (jobus) Dissert. Anatomico-Medica Inaug. de Osteo- 

genia. 4<» Lugd. B. 1731. 
BASTER (RocHus) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Phthisi. 4<> Lugd. Bat. 

BASTERO (antonio) La Crusca Provenzale. Volume primo. foL 

Rom. 1724. 
BASTIDA (hernando dclla) Antidoto alle velenose Considera- 

tioni di Fr^ Paolo di Venetia sopra le Censure di N. S. P. 

Paolo V. 4« Rom. 1607. 

Hisp. 8« Lcon. 1607. 

BASTIDE (jos.LUDOv.) QuestioTherapeutica^ an Pleuritidi Vense 

Sectio. 8« Monsp. 1725. 
BASTILE. Historical Remarks and Anecdot^s on the Castle of 

the Bastile. Translated from the French pubiished in 1774. 8** 

Ijmd. 1780. 

Pr^cis Exact de la Prisc de la Bastille. 8<> 1789. 

The History of the Bastile : with a Concise Account 6f 

the late Revolution in France : to which is added, an Appen- 

dix, containing among other particulars, an Enquiry into the 

History of the Prisoner with tne Mask. 8^ Lond. 1790. 
BASTINA. La Nobilissima, anzi Asinissima Compagnia delli 

Briganti della Bastina. 4» Vic. 1597. 
BASTINGIUS Tjerem.) Oratio Scholastica de vera Animi Tran- 

quillitate, publice habita Roterodami quum e scholi Erasmiand 

ad Academiam promoveretur^ mense Aprili clo lac lxxxvi. 4® 

Rot. 1686. 
BASTON (samuel) His Case vindicated : or, a Brief Account of 

some evil Practices of the present Commissioners for Sibk and 

Wounded, &c. 4« Lond. 1695. 
A Dialogue bctween a modern Courlicr and an honest 

Eng^lish Gentleman : to which is added the Author^s DedicAtioh 

to both Houses of Parliament, to whom he appeals for justice. 

4« Lond. 1697. 


B A S 

BASTON (thomas) Obsenrations on Trade^ and a Publick Spirit. 
8» Lond. 1732. 

'BASTWICK (john) m.d. r. burton. phynne. sadler. 

nPABEIX TH^^ 'EnilKOTlftN, sive Apologeticus ad 

Prssules Anglicanos criminum Ecclesiasticorum in Curia cels» 
Commissionis. Accedunt ad calcem, ejusdem autoris duse £pis- 
tole, una de papUtico} Religionis futilitate, altera de Romanae 
Ecclesia; falsitate. &> 1636. 

The Letany of John Bastwick, Doctor of Phisicke. 4* 


The Answer of John Bastwick, Doctor of Phisicke, to 

the Informution of Sir John Bancks Knight, Attumey univer- 
saH. 4» 1637. 

The Confession of the faithfull Witnesse of Christ Mr. 

lohn Bastwick Doctor of Physick. 4^ Lond. 1641. 

Thc severali Humble Petitions of D. Bastwicke, M. 

Burton, M. Prynne, and of Nath. Wickins, servant to the said 
Mr. Prynne, to the Hon. House of Parliament. 4^ 1641. 

A leamed, vscfull, and seasonable Discovrsc conceming 

the Church of England, and the Chvrch of Rome : addressed by 
way of Letter to M. St. John a Romish Priest. 4® Lond, 1643. 
A Declaration demonstrating and infaliibly proving 

that all Malignants, whcther they be Prelates, Popish-Cavaleers, 
with all other ill-afiected Persons, are enemies to God and the 
King. 4« Lond. 1643. 

A iust Defence of John Bastwick Doctor in Phisicke, 

against the Calumnies of John Lilburne Lieutenant Colonell, 
and his false Accusations, written in way of Reply to a Letter 
of Master Vicars. 4° Lond. 1645. 

Innocency cleared, True Worth predicated,. against 

false Aspertions : in a Letter sent to Mr. Henry Burton from 
a Christian Friend, in defence of Dr. Bastwick, one of his quou- 
dam fellow suf&rers. 4^ Lond. 1645. 

— — Independency not God^s Ordinance. 4® Lond. 1645. 
The second Part of that Book caU'd Independeocy not 

Gods Ordinance. 4® Lond. 1645. 

A friendly Check to Dr. Bastwick : sent unto him in a 

Letter from a Presbyterian friend. 4® Lond. 1645. 

Thc Presbiterian Brother and Sistcr, or a briefe Reply 

to Dr. Bastwicks Vindication, which he wrote against Liev- 
tenant CoUonell Lilburne. Written as a friendly Check unto 
the said Doctor> by one of his Presby terian Sbten. £. A. 4^ 

Medico Mastix, or a Pill for the Doctor : being a short 

Reply to a late vindictive Letter sent to Mr. Vicars, in the 
name of Doctor Bastwick, concerning Lieut: Col: John Lil* 
bum. By £. A. a She Presbiterian. 4«^ 1645. 

Tht Church of £ngland a true Church : proved in a 

Oisputation hekl by John Bastwick Doctor in Physick, against 
Mr, Walter Moot&gue in the Tower. 4« Lond. 1645. 


B A T 

BASTWICK fjOHN) ]».D. A Svdden Al-arme to all the Quarters 

of the chiefe Presbyterian Captam^ or, an Answer to John 

Bastwick, Cap. in the Presbyterians Army. 49 [1646.] 
The Storming of the Anabaptists Garrisons. i^ Lond. 

BASTWICK (susanna) To the H. Court of Parliaraent of the 

Commonwealthof £ngland,«Scotland, and Ireland, the Remon- 

strance and humble Pettlion of Susanna Bastwick (the distressed 

Widow of John Bastwick Doctor in Physick) and her Childreu. 

fol. [1654.] 
BATAILHER (jean) La grandeet admirable Preparatiop derOr 

et de FArgent potable des Medecins Hermetiques. 13° Toulose, 

BATAILLE (gabriel) Airs de difFerents Avthevrs, rais en Tab- 

latvre de Lvth. 4« Par. 1608. 

^'^ Par, 1612. 

BATALERIUS (iacobus) Vindici» Miraculorum, per quae di- 

vinx Rehgionis & Fidei Christians Veritas olim conBrmata fuit, 

adversus profanum auctorem^ Tractatus Theologico-Politici. 12" 

Amst, 1674. 
BATAVIA. Ongeluckige Voyagie van t'Schip Batavia, nae de 

Oost-Indien. 4® Amsi. 1647. 

4<> Amst, 1648. 

4° Utr, 1649. 

4« Utr. 1653. 

BATCHELORS. The Batchelor^s Directory : being a Treatise of 

the Excellence of Marriage. 12" Lond, 1694. 
BATCHILER (john) The Virgins Pattern : in the exemplary 

Life, and lamented Death of Mrs. Susanna Perwich, daughter 

of Mr. Robert Perwich. l^ Lond. 1661. 
BATE (george) m.d. v. pugh. 
Elenchus Motuum nuperorum in Anglia, simul ac Juria 

Regii et ParHamentarii Brevis Enarratio. 12^ Lut. Par. 1649. 

recognita & aucta JSrse Christians 

Anno 1660. 8" Lond. 1661. 

recogp:iita & aucta iBrse Christians 

Anno 1663. 8^^ Lond. 1663. 

8'' Lmd. 1676. 

The Lives, Actions, and Execution of the prime Actors, 

and principall Contrivers of that horrid Murder of our late piou» 
and sacred Soveraig^e King Charles the first. 12^ Lond. 1661. 
Pharmacopoeia Bateana ; or Bate^s Dispensatory : transl. 

from the second Edition of the Latin Copy, pubiished by Mr. 

James Shipton : to which are added in this English Editiony 

Goddard^s Drops, Russers Pouder, and tbe Emplastrum Febri- 

fugum : by William Salmon. 8^ Lond. 1694. 
BATE (julius) An Hebrew Grammar : formed on the Usage of 

the Words by the inspired Writers. 8** Lond. 1751. 
BATE (henr.) Magistralis Compositio Astrolabij. 4^ Ven, 1485. 
BATE (john) The Mysteryea of Nature and Art. 4° Lond. 1634. 

4« Lond. 1635. 

4« Land. 1654. 


B A T 

BATELDT (gottfe.) Disp. Medica Inaug. de Abstinentia Medici. 

4P Hal. Magd. 1709. 
"BATELETS. Le Voyagc de Norniandie par les Batelets: Poemc 

Heroi-Comique en troi» Chants. 8^ a Mahon, 1769. 
BATEMAN (charles) An Account of the Tryal of Charles Bate* 

nian, Chiruiwon, for High-Treason ; the Tryals of John Hc^- 

land and Wilfiain Davis, for assauUing and imprisoning William 

Chancey ; as also the Tryals of John Holland, Wiliiam Davis, 

and Agnes Wearing, for a notorious Burglary and Felony. fol. 

Lond. 1685. 
BATEMAN (edmund) d.d. A Sermon preached at the Parish- 

Church of St. Bridget on Wednesday in Easter-Week, April 5. 

1738. being one of thc Anniversary Spittal-Sermons. 4* Lond. 

A Sermon preached beforc the Sons of the Clergy at 

their Anniversary Meeting April 17. 1740. 4^ Lond. 1740. 
BATEMAN (ceorge) A brief Narration of the Examination of 

Geo. Bateman, rpon five Articles in a Chargc laid against him 

by Henry Eddan and others. 4^^ Lond. 1654. 
BATEMAN (bowland) Beware of False Prophets, or, a truc Re- 

lation of the Examination and Confewion of Roalond Bateman, 

of St. Mary*s at Newington in Southwark. 4* Lond. [1644.] 
BATEMAN (stephen) r. clantvillb. 
A Christall Glasse of Christian Reformation, whcrein thc 

godly maye beholde (hc coloured abuses vsed in this our prcsent 

lyme. 49 Lond. 1569. 

- The Golden Booke of the Leaden Goddcs. 4« Lond. 


BATEMAN (thomas) A Trcatise on Agistment Tithe. 8^ Lond. 
— — Appendix to thc Treatisc on Agistment Tithc. 8^ Land. 

BATEMAN (thomas) m.d. Disput. Medica Inaug. dc Hannor- 

rhoea Petcchiaii. 8« Edinb. 1801. 
BATES (iSAAc) Not Death but Immortality the desirM Relief of 

the burthen'd Chrislian, a Sermon preach'd Jan. 25. 170^ at 

the late rev. Mr. Matthew Sylvester s Meeting-Place in Black 

Friars, upon 2 Cor. 5. 4. S^ Lond. 1708. 
BATES (j.) A Thanksffivin^ Sermon upon the Union of the two 

Kingdoms of England and Scotland^ preach'd at Hackney May 

1. 1707. 8« Lmd. M(ff. 
■ ^ Fast Sermon preachM at Hackncy Novcmb. the 3d. 

1714 upon Account of the present Mortality of the Cattle. 8« 

Lond. 1714. 

A Sermon preach'd at Hackney June thc 27th. 1714. 

being the first Lord s-Day after the revcrend Mr. Henry^s sud- 
dain Death iu thc Country. 8<> Lond. 1714. 

The Iwo first Sermons preachM to the Congregation at 

Hackney^ afker the death of the reverend Mr. Billis and the 
reverend Mr. Henry, their two last Pastors with a prefatory 
Epistlc to thc Congregation. 8** Lond. 1714. 
BATES (thomas) The Enchiridion of Fevers incident to 8ea-men 
(during the Summcr) tn the Mediterraneafii. 8* Lcmd. 1709. 


B A T 

BATES (william) d.d. r. howe. 

Considerations of the Existence of God, and^f the Im- 

mortality of the Soul, with the Recompences of the future state. 

8« Lond. 1676. 
' p' ' the second Edition enlarged. 8® 

Lmd, 1677. 

The Divinity of the Cbristian Religion, proved by the 

Evidence of Reason and Divine Relation. 8^ Lond, 1677. 

A Funeral Sermon preaclf&d upon the death of Dr. 

Thomas Manton, who deceasM the 18th of October 1677. 4<> 
Lond. 1678. 

to which is now added thelast pub- 

lick Sermon Dr. Manton preached. 12® Lond, 1678. 

Tiie Soveraign and Final Happiness of Man^ with the 

effectual Means to obtain it. 8® Lond, 1680. 

Vitffi selectorum aliquot Virorum qui Doctrinfty Dignt- 

tate, aut Pietate inclaruere. 4® Lond, 1681. 

The Danger of Prosperity : discovered in several Ser- 

mons upon Prov. 1. 27. 8® Lond. 1685. 

A short Description of the Blessed Place and State of 

the SainU above. 12*^ Lond, 1687. 

The Way to the highest Honour : a Funeral Sermon 

on John xii. 26. preach^d upon the Decease of the rev. Tho« 
Jacomb, dd. April 3. 1687. 8° Lond. 1687r 

The Speedy Coming of Christ to Judgement, represented 

in a Funeral Sermon on the death of Mr. Benjamin Ashurst who 
deceased the llth. of September 1687. 12« Lond, 1687. 

The Sure Trial of Uprightness, openM in several Ser- 

mons upon Psal. xviii. v. 23. 8« Lond. 1689. 

A Funeral Sermon for the reverend, holy, and excellent 

Divine Mr. Richard Baxter who deceased Decemb. 8. 1691. 8*^ 
Lond. 1692. 

The Upright Christian discovered; by keeping himaelf 

from his Iniquity, and Resignation to the Divine Will : by way 
of Question and Answer : gathered out of the judicious Trea- 
tises of William Bates dd. 12<> Lond. 1693. 

Sermons preach^d on several Occasions. S^Lond. 1693. 

A Sermon preachM upon the much lamented death of 

our late gracious Sovereign Queen Mary. To which is added 
tbe Address of Condolence to his M^jesty by the Dissenting 
Ministers. 4<^ Lond, 1695. 

The Harmony of the Divine Attributes, in the contriv- 

ance and accompHshment of Man'8 Redemption by the hotd 
Jesus Christ : or, Discoursesj wherein is »hewed how the* Wi«- 
dom, Mercy, Justice, Hoiiness, Power, and Tnith of God are 
gloriBed in that great and blessed Work. 8® Lond. 1697. 

SpiritualPerfection unfolded and enforced, from 2Cor. 

vii. 1. 9^Lond, 1699. 

BATESON (pbt£r) An Answer to soroe Objections of Hattbn 

Berners £sqr* tgainst a Paper intit'led some Remarks coooeni- 

ing the Outfals of the Country of Marsh-Land, &c. 4<> 1710.' 


B A T 

BATEUS (guliblmus) Hibemas, Mercurius Bilingvis. Lai, ItaL 
8« Ven, 1684. 


' A Full Relation of the taking of Bath by Sir Thomas 

Fairfaxes Forces on Wednesday the SOlh of July, 1645 ; with 
the manner of the same, and the Articles by which it was sur- 
rendred. 4** Lond, 1645. 

Of the Celobration of ihe Kin^s Coronation-Day in the 

famous Cilv of Bathe, a Irne Narrative in a Letter sent from 
thence to Dr. Charleton, Pl)ysician to his Majestie. 8* Lcmd, 

A Deecription of Bath : a Poem. fol. Lond, 

A Letter from a Citizen of Balh, to Dr. R at 

Tunbrid^e. 4« [1705.] 

The History and Antiquitics of the Cathedral Church 

of Salisbury, and the Abbey Church of Bath. 8® Lond, 1723. 
The Stranger'8 Assistant and Guide to Batb. 8^ Batk, 


Bath and it's Environs, a Descriptive Poem, in three 

Cantofl. 4» Bath, 1775. 

Bath Anecdotes and Characters : by the Genius Loci. 

8^ Lond. 1782. 
BATH (Earl qf) v, array. pulteney. 

BATH (Order of the) Les Armes des Chevaliers de rOrdrc du 
- Bain creez le l7me. jour de Juin mdccxxv. fol. 
BATHE (wilham) A Briefe Introduction to the Skill of Song. 8<» 

BATHURST (allbn) Earl Bathurst. p. pope. 
BATHURST (elizabeth) Truth vindicated by the faithful Testi- 

mony and Writings of the innocent Servant and Hand-maid of 

the Lord, Elizabeth Bathurst. 8<» Lond. 1788. 
BATHURST (georg.) Oratio funebris in obitum Thomae Allcni 
* CoU. Sancta; & Individ. Trinitatis olim Socii, & Aulse Gloccs- 

trensis 62 annos Commensalis. 4^ Lond, 1632. 
BATHURST (ralph) m.d. r. warton. 
BATHURSTIUS (thomas) Cantianus, Disp. Med. Inaug. de Nu- 

tritione Foetus in Utero. 4P Lugd, Bat, 1659. 
BATIUS (georg.) m.d. v, bate. 
BATLEY (jeremiah) A Letter to the Rev. Christopher Wy\il!, 

Chairman of the Committee of the Yorksbire Association. 4^ 

Lond, 1782. 
BATMAN (stephen) v. bateman. 
BATRACHUS (joannes) sive froschius. De Origine et Principiis 

naturahbus Impressionum in singulis aeris regionibus nascen- 

tium. 4® Argent. 1532. 
BATSDORFF (heinrich von) Filum Ariadnes. Gemt, l^ Leipz, 

tmd Gotha. 
BATSON (edmund) A Funeral Sermon on the death of Mrs Mary 

Paice. 8« Lond, 1700. 
BATT upon Batt : a Poem, by a pefson of Quality. 8® Lond, 


B A T 

BATT (jOAN. THO.) M.D. Oratio Anniversaria in Theatro Coll. Repf. 

Medicorum Londinensium ex Harvcei instituto habita Festo Divi 

Lucae A. D. mdccuv. 4** Lond. 1755. 
BATTAGLINI (marco) II Legista Filosofo, Libri tre\ 4« Ronf. 

BATTAILES. The Second part of the booke of Battailes, fought 

in our Age : taken out of the best authors and writers in sun- 

drie languages. 4® Lotid. 1587. 
BATTALLIA (georgius) Disselt. Med. Inaug. de Apoplexia 

Sanguinea. 4» HaLMagd. [1719.] 
BATTARRA (a. j. antonio) Fungorum Agri Ariminensis Histo- 

ria. 4° Favent. 1759. 
BATTEL (ralph) The Lawfulness and Expediency of Church- 

Musick asserted, in a Sermon preached at St. Brides-Church 

23 Novemb. 1693. 4» Lond. 1694-5. 
BATTELLUS (jo. chbistoph.) Expositio Aurei Numismatis Her- 

acliani ex Museo sanctiss. Domini nostri Clementis XI. Pont. 

Max. 8« Rom. 1702. 
— — — De Sarcophago Marmoreo Probi -Anicii, et Probae Fal- 

tonis in Templo Vaticano Dissertatio. 8® Rom. 1705. 
BATTELY (john) d.d. A Sermon preachM before the Queen in 

ChristVChurch, Canterbury ; Mav vi. 1694. 4« Lond. 1694. 
■ ■ Antiquitates Rutupinse. Opus posthumum. S^ Lond, 

. 1711. 

Opera Posthuma, viz. Antiquitates Rutupinae, et Anti- 

quitates S. Edmundi Burgi ad Annum 1272 perducts. 4® Qxon. 

TheAntiquitiesof Richborough andReculver: abridged 

from the Latin o? Mr. Archdeacon Battely. 8^ Lond. 1774. 
BATTELY (john) m.a. Rector of Timworth Co. Suff. The^Ori- 

ginal Institution of the Sabbath ; and the Observation due to it 

considerM. 8» Lond. 1726. 
BATTEN {Sir v^tilliam) A Declaration of Sir William Batten latc 

Vicc Admirall for the Parhament, concerning his departure 

from London, to his Highnesse the Prince of Wales. 4® Lond. 

BATTERSBY ( john) An Akrm to Protcstants : or a Short Method 

with a Papist. Being an Account of a Dispule between Mr. 

Thomas Willis, a Popish Priest, or Emissary, now residing in 

London, and Mr. John Battersby, a young Gentleman of one 

and Twenty Years of Age. 4» Lond. 1714. 
BATTIE (gulielmus) m.d. Oratio Anniversaria in TheatroColl. 

Reg. MedicQcum Londinensium ex Harvsei Iniititato hi^ita 

die xviii. Ocfobris 1746. 4« Lond. 1746. 
De Principiis Animalibus Exercitationes in CoUegioReg. 

Medicorum Lond. habits. 4* Lond. 1751. 

■ — A Treatise on Madness. 4* Lond. 1758. 

Aphorismi de cognoscendis & curandis Morbis nonnul- 

lis ad principia Animalia accommodati. 4* Lond. 1760. 
BATTIE (john) Thc Merchanbi Remonstrance. 4<> Lond. 1644. 

■ revivedand enlarged. 4* Lond. 1648. 


B A U 

BATTIE (william) A Sennon preached before the rt. hon. Sir 

Francis Chaplin, Lord Mayor of Londcmy at Guildhall Chapell, 

Novenib. the 18th 1677. 4« Lond, 1678, 
BATTIERIUS (samuel) Dissertatio de Generatione Hominb. 4^ 

Bas. [1690.] 

■ Specimen Philologicum continens varias Observationes 

et Emendationes in Diogen. Laertium, £aripidera> Hippocra- 

tem, Philostratum, &c. 4° Bas. 
BATTIFERRI (laur.) II primo Libro dell' Opere Toscanc. [Con 

Sometto nella morte di Michel Agnolo Buonarotti, et altri Gh- 

sette Manuscritte,] 4» Fir. Giunt. 1560. 
BATTIMELLUS (andr.) v. musitanus. 
BATTINGIUS (rodolphus) Noua qua^m & compendiosa Vstis 

Astrolabii Methodus. 8'' Par. 1557. 
BATTISTELLA (francesco) Tirsi Mentito, Favol» Pastorale. 

IS*" Ven. 1629. 
BATTUS (cAROLus) Propositiones de Morbo Gallico. 8* Rost. 

BATTUS (cAROLus) Medecijn ordinaris der Stadi Dordrechi. Sc- 

creet-Boeck van veele Heerlijcke Consten. 12* Amst. 1650. 

Hant-Boeck der Chirurgien. 8<» Amst. 1662. 

BATTUS (coNRABus) Disputationum Pathotogicarum Septima, 

de Causis Symptomatum principis Facultatis. 4® Hehuest. 1598. 
BATTUS (jAcoBus) Disputatio Medica, quae adstruit Voluntatem 

Medici habendamesse pro Eftlctu. 4<^ RoU. [1732.] 
6ATTY ( adam) A Sermon preachM it the Parish-Church of Chis- 

wick, in the County of Middlesex, on Sunday^ Aug. the 25th 

1728. 8° Lond. 1729. 
BAVALOTTA (lvigi) Lelvagio, Poema Buccolico in Lingva Si- 

ciliana. 4^ Paierm. 1660. 
BAVANDE (william) v. ferrarius. 
BAVARIA. Catalogus Grsecorum Manvscriptorum Codicum qui 

aeservantur in incTyta serenissimi vtriusque Bauarise Ducis, &c. 

Bibliotheca. 4<^ Ingolst. 1602. 

■ Genealogia serenissimor. Boiarise Ducum, et quor\7idam 

genuinse Effigies h Wolf%. Kiliano Aug^. aeri inciss. fol. Aug. 

Vind. 1605. 

Manifeste de TElecteur de ^aviere. 8^ 1704. 

BAUCYNETUS (gulielmus) v. harvbtus. 

— Animadversiones [pro G. Bavcyneto] in loannis Antar- 

▼eti, Medicinse Candidati, Apologiam pro ludicio Scbolse Pari- 

siensis, de Alchymia. 8^ Francof. 1604. 
BAUDART (guil.) Les Gverres de Nassav. &^ Amst. 1616. 
' Polemographia Avriaco-Belgica. 4* Amst. 1622. 

BAUDELOCQUE (m.) scn. Two Memoirs on the Cesarian Opcr 

ration: transl. from the French« with a Preface, Notes^ an 

Amwndix^ and six £ngravings> by John Hull m.d. 8^ Manch, 

BAUDELOT (m.) dc jDairvaL v. cuamilla&d. vallemont. 


B A U 

BAUDELOT (m.) der Dairvai. De rUtilit^ des Voyages, et de 
TAvantage que la Rechercbe des Antiquitez procure auz Sca* 
vans. 2 tom. S^ Par. 1686. ^ 

2 tom. Sf* Par. 1693. 
2 lom. 8*» Rouen. 1727. 

Memoire de quelques Obeervations generales, qu'oQ 

peut faire pour ne pas voyager inutilement. &^ Par. 1688. 

W Brux. 1688. 

Histoire de Rolemee Auletes. Dissertation svr unc 

Pierre grav^e antiquedu Cabinetde Madame. 8* Par. 1698. 
— — Reponse a Mr. G#* o(i ron examine plusieurs questions 
d'antiquite, & cntr'autres la Dissertation publiee depuis peu sur 
le Gallien d'or du Cabinet du Roy. 8® Par. 1698. 

Lettre a Monsievr Lister de la Societe Royale de Lon- 

dres. 8« Par. 1700. 

Explication d^une Pierre gravee du Cabinet de Mon- 

seigneur le Comte de Pontchartrain. 8* Par. 1710. 

• Feste d^Athenes representee sur une Cornaline antique 

du Cabinet du Roy. 4« Par. 1712. 

Lettre sur le pretendu Solon des Pierres gravees. Ex- 

plication d'une Medaille d'Or de la Famille Cornuficia. 4* Par, 

ReflexioRs sur les deux plus anciennes Medailles d'Or 

Romaines qui se trouvent dans le Cabinet de S. A. R. Madame. 

4» Par. 1720. , 
BAUDERON (m. urice) Paraphrase sur la Pharmacopoee. 16*. 

Lyan. 1596. 
■ reueue, corrigee, & augment^e par 

l'Autheur. Ensemble vn Traict^ des mux distiliees, qu*vn 

Apothicaire doit tenir en sa Boutique, par Lavrens Catelan. 8® 

Par. 1623. 

avec la^Reponse au Vindicia contra 

Vemy de M. lean Zwelfer : par Fi-an^ois Verny . 4" Lyon. 1681. 
Pharmacopoea, cui adiecta sunt Paraphrasis et miscen- 

dorum Medicamentorum Modus: primum Gallice scripta a 
Bricio Bavderono m. d. eximio, nunc vero a Sene doctissimo 
Philemoiie Hollando Anglo, m. o. in Latinum siermonem con- 
versa. Huic accedunt loannis Dv Boys Pharmacopoei Parisien- 
sis Observationes in Methodum miscendorum Medicamentorum 
Topicorura, &c. fol. Lond. 1639. 

The Expert Pliis-ician, learnedly treating of aH Agvea 

and Feavers, whether simple or compound : transl. by B. W. 
S^ Lond. 1657. 

Pi*axis in dvos Tractatvs distincta : in priore agitur de 

Febribus, iti posteriore de Symptomatis & Morbis intemis 4 

capite ad pedes vsque. 4® hut. Par. 1620. 
BAUDEUS (dominicus) v. bauoius. 
BAUDIER (mich.) v. lanario. 
■ Histoire Generale de la Religion de Turcs. 4" Par, 


8» Par. 1632. 



BAUDIER (micb.) InTentaire de rHistoire Generale des Turcs : 
avec la Mort et belles Actions de plusieurs Cheualiers de 
Malle, & autres Gentilhommes & Seigneurs Fran^ois. 4^ Rouen, 

— Histoire Genendle dv Serrail^ et de la Covr du Grand 

Seigneur Empereur des Turcs. Ensemble 1'Histoire de la Cour 
du Roy de la Chine. 4<> Par, 1631. 

' 8« Par. 1642. 

■■ Histoire de rAdministration dv Cardinal d^Amboise. 4^ 

Par. 1634. 

■ Histoire de TAdministration dv Cardinal Ximines. 4^ 

Par. 1635. 

■ AngL transl. by W. Vaughan. 8** Lond. 


Histoire du Mareschal de Toiras. fol. Par. 1644. 

An History of the memorable and extraordinary Calami- 

ties of Margaret of Anjou^ Queen of England : translated out of 
the originsd Manuscript, which hath never yet been printcd, 
and is preserved among the MSS. of the late Duke of Coislin, 
in the Library of the Abbey of St. Gcrmain des Frez at Paris. 
8* Lonrf. 1737. 

BAVDIS (joH. gottlob) Dissert. Med. de Acrivm natura vsu ct 
abvsu. 4«* Jen. [1696.] 

. Dissert. Med. Inaug. de Varis. 4« Jen, [1697.] 


BAUDISS (leonhartus) Disputatio Institutionum Anatomicarum 

VII. de Renibus et Vesica. 4® Witeb. 1607. 
*— — Institutionum Anatomicarum Disputatio xxiii. de Fa- 

cultate Animse sensitiva. 4® Witeb. 1607. \ 
BAUDIUS (dominicus) Oratio dicta in illustri Batavorum Aca- 

demia xvii. lunii cl^. I3. ciii. cum auspicaretur C. Plinii Pa-^ 

negyricura ad Trajanum Aug. 4® Lug^. Bat. 1603. 

Poematum Nova Editio. 8« U^d. Bat. 1607. 

— — tefti& parte nunc locupletata, & in 

concinniorem ordinem redacta. Acccdit Autoris Vita, & £pi- 

taphia. %^ Lugd. Bat. 1616. 

prioribus auctior. 12° Amst. 1640. 

Epicedium dictum honori & fehci memorise lacobi Ar- 

minii, S. Theologis Doctoris ac Professoris in Academia Ley- 
densi. Accedunt Hvgonis Grotii V. C. Epicedia in eundem. 4^ 
Lugd. Bat. 1609. 

Oratio ad Studiosos Leidenses ob csedem commilitonis 

tumultuantes, edente lano Rutgersio. 8* Lugd. Bat. 1609. 
Oratio funebris dicta honori & memoriae maximi viro- 

rum losephi lusti Scaligeri. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1609. 

Monvmentum consecratum honori & memoriae serenis- 

simi Britanniarum Principis Henrici Frederici. 4° Lugd. Bat. 

Libri tres de Indvciis Belli Belgici. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1613. 

8» Lttgd. Bat. 1617. 


B A U 

BAUDIUS (dominicus) Epistolarum Centuriae duee. Acceduot 
Epistolse clarorum Virorum ad D. Bavdium, et Prolixa Dan. 
Heinsii inter Baudianas reperta, in qua agitur, an & qualis lite- 
rato viro uxor sit ducenda. Item ejusdem D. Bavdii Commen- 
tariolus de Foenore. 8° Lugd, Bat. 1615. 
■ Epistolarum Centuriaj tres, quarum Tertia nupc in lu- 

cem emissa. 8^ Lugd, Bat, 1620. 

Epistolarum Centuris tres, lacunis aliquot suppletis. 

Accedunt ejusdem Orationes. 12^ An^t, 1647. 

Epistolse semicenturia auctae, lacunis aliquot suppletis. 

Accedunt eiusdem Orationes et Libelliis de Fosnore. 12^ Ijugd\i 
Bat, 1650. 

12° Amst, 1660. 

^— Orationes quatuor. i. Ad Studiosos Leidehses, ii. In 

Obitum losephi Scaligeri, iii. Ad Elizabetham Anglias Regi- 
nam, iv. Ad lacobum vi. Magnse Britanniae Regem^ nunc 
primum coniunctim edits. 8° Lugd, Bat. 1617. 

Orationes quse extant, quaaim maior pars nunc primum 

prodit ex Bibhotheca lani Rvtgersii, edente Matthid, Byvortio. 
8» Lugd, Bat, 1619. 

Orationes qus extant omnes. Quarta Editio. 8° iMgd. 

Bat. 1625. 

BAUDOIN (jean) v. bacon. davila. finelli. vale'e. vega. 

— Histoire des Chevaliers de TOrdre de S. lean de Hieru- 

salem, cy-devant escrite par le feu S. D. B. S. D. L. &en cette 
derniere Edition diuisee par Chapitres, & augmentee de Som- 
maires sur chdque Liure, & d^Annotations d la margc> ensemble 
d'vne Traduction des Establissemens Sc Ordonnances de la Re- 
ligion> par I. Bavdoin. fol. Par, 1629. 

L'Artisan de la Fortune. Ensemble les Antitheses de« 

Choses,Jes Sophismes, & les Characteres de l'Esprit,Traittez de 
Mre. Fran^ois Bacon, de nouueau traduits par I. Bavdoin. 12" 
Par. 1640. 

Les Saintes Metamorphoses, ov Les Changemens mira- 

culeiix de quelques grands Saints, tirez de leurs Vies. 4® Par, 
en Vlmprmerie des nouueaux Caraciheres de P, Moreau. 1644. 

BAUDOUS (phil. de) Disput. Physico-Med. Inaug. de Aere. 4» 
Ltigd, Bat. 1710. 

BAUDRAND (mich. ant.) LeJticon Geographicum in quo Vni- 
versi Orbis Vrbes, Provinciae, Regna, Mana, & Fiumina recen- 
sentur. Illud primum in lucem edidit Philippus Ferrarius 
Alexandrinus ; nunc Michacl Antonius Baudrand, hanc editio- 
nem emendavit, iliustravit, & dimidia parte auctiorem fecit. fol. 
Par, 1670. 

Geographia, ordine literarum disposita. 2 tom. ft)l. 

Par. 1682. 

Dictionaire Geographique Universel, contenant une De- 

scription exacte des Etats, Royaumes, Villes, Forteresses, &c. 
Le tout tire du Dictionaire G^ographique Latin de Baudrand. 
[Par C. Maty.] 4« Atnst. Uir, 1701. 


fi AU 

BADDRIER {Sieur ou) A New Journcy to Paris : together wilh 

soiiie Secret TransactioDs bctwccn tbe Fr — b K — g, and an 

£ngf — Gentkman. Translated out of tbe Frcnch. 8^ Lond. 

BAUDUER (joANNEs) Philosophise Clavis, seu Cursus Philoso- 

phicus ad usum studiosse Juventntis. 4 tom. 8^ Bwrdig, 1695; 
BAVENT (magdel.) Proc^z Verbal dc Monsievr le Penitcncier 

d'Errcvx de cc qui Ivy est arriv^ dans la Prison, intcrrogcant & 

consolant Magdeleine Bavent, Magicienne, d vne heur^sc Con- 

uersion & Repentancc. 4® 
BAVER (cEo. FBiD.) Dissert. Inau^. Medica dc specifica quorun* 

dam Remediorum efficacia. 4* Hal. Magd. \19!7. 
BAUER fGOTTFRiEo) Thcsium Pnevmatologicanmi Disqvisitio 

prima, QC Attributis Dei immanentibus primi Ordinis. 4^ Lips. 

BAVER (jo. FRiD.) Disscft. Inaug. de Medicamcntis e Corporc 

humano desvmtis merito negligendis. 4^ Lipt. [16^1.] 
BAUER (gol.) V. OVID1U5. 
BAUER (JOANNES GOTTL.) Disscrt. Inaug. Med. dc Polypo Cordis, 

4<» Acad. Frid. [1724.] 
BAUER (JOH. jacob) Bibliotheca Librorum rariorum Uuiversalis; 

6 tom. 8° mmb. 1770-4. 
BAVERA {Misser) da Boiogna. • Trattato mirabile cotra Peste. 

8* Bolog. 1523. 
BAVERIUS de Baveriis. Consilia. fol. char. goth. 
■ Consiliorum de Re Medica, sive Morborum curationi* 

bus, Liber: per M. Gualtherum. H. Ri/ff. 4« Arg. 1542. 

BAVERMULLER (joan. sim.) Dissert. Inaug. Medica de Motut 
Sanguinis ^ Crasi et Vris^ non pendentibus, Vitiis^ prudenter 
tractandis. ^"^ Hal. [1709.] 

■■■ ' Specimen Theorifie Medicse. 8* 1716. . 


BAUGIER. Traite des Eaux Minerales d'Attancourt en Cham- 
pagne : avcc quelques Observations sur les Eaux Minerales dc 
Sermaise. 8*^ Chaalons. 1696. 

BAUHINUS (caspar) v. rousset. 

■ De Corporis humani partibus externis. 8® Bas. 1588. 

■' OTTOniNAfi, seu Envmeratio Plantarum ab Herbariis 

nostro seculo descriptarum^ cum earura ditlerentiis : cui pluri- 
marum hactenus ab iisdem non descriptarum succinctaD descrip- 
tiones & denominationes acces.<^^re : auditis aliquot hactenus non 
Bculptarum Plantarum viuis Iconibus. 4® Bas. 1596. 

Anatomica Corporis virilis et muUebris Historia. 8* 

Lugd. 1597. 

Institutiones Anatomicse, CorpoTis virilis et muliebris 

Historiam exhibentes. 8^ ap. L le Pj^eux. 1604. 

8® Francqf. 1616. 

' Anatomes Caspari Bauhini Libri duo. 8® Bas. 1597. 

— .Animadversiones in Historiam Generalem Plantarum 

Lugduni editam. Item Catalogus Plantarum circiter quadrin- 
gentarum eo in opere bis, terue, positaium. 4^ Francof. 1601. 


B A U 

BAUHINUS (caspar) Theatnira Anatomicum,novis figuris aeneb 
illudtratum et in lucem emissum operd & sumptibus Theodori 
de £ry P. m. relicta Viduse & filiorum loan. Theodori & loan. 
Israelis de Bry. 8^ Franc, ad Man. 1605. 

Appendix ad Theatrum Anatpmicum. 8** Francof. 

De Compositione Medicamentorum. 8® Ofenb, 1610. 

De Hermaphroditorum monstrosorumque partuum Na» 

tura, Libri duo. 8** Francof, 1614. 

De Homine Oratio in Medicorum Lycso xvi Kal xb. 

MDCXiv. publice habita. 4® Athen, Raur, 

Vivoe Imagines Partium Corporis Humaiii sneis formit 

expressse, & ex Theatro Anatomico Caspari Bauhini desumpts^ 
opera sumptibusque lohan. Theod. de Bry. 4^ 1690. 

Catalogus Plantarum circa Basileam sponte nascentium 

cum earundem synonimiis & locis in quibus reperiuntur: ia 
usum Scholss Medicse qus Basilece est. [Cum Notis MSS.] 8® 
Boi. 1623. 

niNAS Theatri Botanici^ sive Index in Theophrasti, 

Dioscoridis, Plinii, et Botanicorum qui d Seculo scripseruut 
Opera. [Cum Notis MSS. 4» Bas. 1623. 

[Cwn Notis MSS.1 4» Bas. 1671. 

De Lapidis Bezaaris Oriental. & Occident. Cerviq. & 

Germaoici ortu, natura^ diilerentiis^ veroque usu, ex Veterum 
& Recentiorum placitis Liber. 8^ Bas. 1625, 

Caspari Bavbini IIPbAPOMOC Theatri Botanici, m quo 

Piants supra sexcentae ab ipso primum descriptse cum plurimit 
figuris proponuntur. [Ckim Notis MSS.] 4^ nas. 1671. 

Caspari Bavhini Theatri Botanici sive Historise Pianta* 

rum ex veterum et recentiprum placitis propriaque Observatione 

concinnatse Liber primus, editus opera & cura. lo. Casp. Bav< 

hini. fol. Bas. 1658. 
BAUHiNUS (lOH.) De Plantis Absynthii nomen habentibus, Ca^ 

put desvmptum e^ loan. Bavhini laboriosissimo Plantarum Li^ 

bro, cui " Consensus et Discensus circa Stirpes/' &c. titulus est. 

Tractatus item de Ahsynthiis Clavdii RocardL &^ ManM. 

■ Historia povi et admirabilis Fontis Balqeique Bollensii 

in Dvcatv Wirtembergico ad acidulas Goepingenses. i^ Mon" 

tisb. 1598. 

De Aquis medicatis Nova Methodus^ Libris quatuor 

comprehensa. Iteu> de variis Fossilibus, Stirpibus & Insectis. 
4« Monti^. 16li 

loh. Bavhini et {oh. Hen. Cherleri Historiae Plantarum 

Gene'rali8 novae et absolutiss. qvinqyaginta annis daboratse, jam 
prelo commissoe, Prodromus. 4* Ebrod. 1619. 

Historia Plantanim Vniversalis nova et absolutissima 

cum Consensv et Disseqsv circa eas : auctoribus loh. Bavhino 
et loh. Hen. Cberlero : quam recensuit & auxit Dominicus Cha- 
braevs, lurig vero puUici fecit Franciscus Lvd. a Grafienried. 
3 tom. fol. Bbrai. 1650-1, 


B A U 

BAUHINUS (jo. CASP.) r. bauhinus (Caspar.) 

n . " Positionum Botanico Anatomicarum Centuria. 4* Bas. 

BAUHUSIUS (bernardus) v. puy. 

— r Epigrampiatum Libri V. 12* Colon. 1618. 

BAVIA. The Jainaiqa Lady : or the Lafe of BaTia. 8* Lond, 

1720. * 

]pAVIE'RE (cHARLOTTE-ELiZABETH de) Veuvc dc MonsteuT frerc 

unique de Louis XIV. Fragmens de Lettres Originales, ecrites 

d S.A.S. Monseigneur le Duc Antoine-Ulric de B*« W****, & 

d S.A.R. Madame la Princesse de Galles, Caroline, nee Prin- 

cesse d'Anspach de 1715 d 1720. 3 tom. Hamh. 1788. 
BAULDRUS (PAULUs) v. reland. 
^AUMANN (henr. frid.) Disp. Inang. Medica de Roseolis sa1« 

tantibus. 4» AUd. [1700.] 
BAUMANNUS (caspar) Disputatio iii. ex Libro i. ^uxj^trw^ dc 

Principiis Physicis secundum Aristotelem. 4® Witeh. 1609. 
BAUMANNliS (ioh. nic.) Exercitatip Medica Pecima Septima, 

in Alma Ai^entoratensium Academi^ proposita. 4^ Argent. 


I ■ >. — Dissert. Inaug. de Tabaci Virtutibus, Usu, et Abui^u. 4* 

Bas. 1629. 
BAUMBACH (iohan ludwig a^) Dissertatio Catoptrica de Re- 

flexione Luminis, ejusque Eflectu. ^^ Rinth. 1682. 
BAUME' (M.) Flemens de Pharmacie. 8* Par. 1762. 
BAUME {St,) V. reboul. 
BAUMEISTERUS (frid. chr.) Excrcitationes Academic«B ct 

Scholasticoe varii generis Argumenta fid recentiorem Philoso- 

phiam elegantiorisque stili cultum spectantia complexm. 4^ 

Lips. fy Gorl. [1741.] 
BAUMGARD (jobannes) Dissertatio f bilosophica de Luce Cor- 

porum Terrestrium. S^ Ups. 1706. 
BAUMGART (bernhardus) Dissert. Theologica de Concubinatu 

a Christo et Apostolis prohibilo. 4® Hal. Mag. [1713.] - 
BAUMGARTEN (caspar) De Pot^ntia Dei. 4« Lips. [1672.] 
BAUMGARTEN (mart^nus a^) in Braitenbach. Peregrinatio in 

JEgyptum, Arabiam, Palsestinam^ & Syriam : studio ct opera 

M. Christophori Donaveri. .4*^ Norih. 1594. 
BAUMGARTEN (nathaniel) A New Thtory of Human Nature, 

with a coiTespondent System of Education together with a Pre- 

face. By CounselJor Baumgarten. Translated from the German. 

8« Lond. 1755. . -^ 

BAUMGARTEN (sigism. iacobus) Dissertatio qua celeberrimi 

cujusdam viri Hypothesis Etymologica de Hebrsea et ad finibus 

Orientis Linguis a Gr^eca derivandis modeste expenditur. 4° 
Hai. Mag. [1726.] 
BAUMGARTNERLS (hieron.) v. mauricius. rittershuys. 
■ Laudatio Funebris Hieronymi Baumgartneri, Norim- 

bcrg. Duumviri. 4* 

BAUMLER (godofr. samuel) Disp. Inaug. Med. de Haemoptysi. 
^'^ Erff. [1706.] 


B A X 

BAUNE (lAcoBus DE la) Augustissinio Galliarum Senatui Pane- 
gyricus dicius in regio Ludovici Magni CoUegio Societatis Jesu. ■" 
4« Par. 1685. 

— — Laudatio Funebris Ludovici Borbonii Principis Conds&tj 
primi e regio Sanguine Principis, dicta die xvii. kal. Maii an, 
CI3 iDCLxxxvii. in regio Ludovici Magni CoUegio Societatis 
Jesu. 4<> Far. 1687. 

BAURMESTERUS (frid.) Disp. Inaug. Medico-Physiol. deSexu; 
4« Marp. Catt. 1674. 

BAURN (lOH. GUL.) Iconographia complectens in se Passionem, 
Miracvla, Vitam Christi vniversam, nec non Prospectus rarissi- 
morum Portuum, Palatiorum, Hortorum, Historiarum, alianim- 
que rerum> qusB per Italiam spectatu sunt dignae^ proprio sere 
aeri incisae et venales expositse a Melch. Kysell. fol. Aug. Vhtd, 

BAUSCH (lOHAN. ^AUR.) Theses Medicae de Dysenteria. 4^ 
Marp. Cati. 1628. 

^. Schediasmata bina Curiosa, de Lapide Haematite et 

iEtite, ad mentem Academias Naturs Curiosonim congesta. 
9" Lips. 1665. 

Schediasma Posthumum de Cceruleo & Chrysocolla. 8^ 

Jen. 1668. 
BAUSCHIUS (leonh.) v. acricola. 
BAUSNERUS (barth.) De Consensu Partium humani Corporis» 

Libri III. 8^ Amsi. 1656. 
BAUTHUMLEY (jacob) The Light and Dark Sides of God, 

or a plaia and brief Discourse of the 

TGod^Heal T Devill, 1 

ligbt side < ven, and > the dark side < Sin, and > as also of 
( Earth 3 l HeU, ) 

the Resurrection and Scripture. 8^ Lond. [1650.] 
BAUTZMANNUS (ioh. christ.) Disp. Med. Inaug.de Peste. 49 

Lttsd. B. 1673. 
BAWD. The London-Bawd, with her Character and Life : dis- 

covering the various and subtile Intrigues of lewd Women* 12^ 

LoiMf. 1711. 
BAX (matthias) Disq. Pbilologica de Busiride. 4^ Lugd. Bai, 

BAXIUS (diodatus) v. bonave^ura. 


BAXTER (Cb/.) v. rich. 

BAXTER (marg.) t^. baxter {Richard), howe. 

BAXTER (richard) v. bates. beverley. biographia. €Alamt. 


*-^-— — A firiendly Accommodalion in the fore-debated Con- 
troversie between Mr. Bedford, and the Avthor : wherein is 
manifested that the Differeiices are few and small^ and those 
^ontinued with muUud Respect and Love. 4^ Lmd. 1653. 

Letters that passed between Mr. Baxter and Mr. Tombea 

conceming the Dispute» 4* Lond. 1652. 



BA3ETER {richau>) The riRht Method for a seUkd Peace of 
CpiMcieQce aod Spiritual Comfort Iq 32 Directions. 8° Limd. 

. Christian Concord : or the Agreexnent of the associated 

Piastors and Churches of Worcestershire. With Rich. Baxter^s 
^EyplicatioQ and Defence of it, and his Exhortation to Unity. 4^ 
Lond, 1653. 

An Explication of some Passages in the foregoing Pro- 

positions and Profession ; with an answer to some Objectionf 
that are like to be roade against them. 4® Lmid. 1653. 

The Saints Everlasting Rest : or a Treatise of the U^sed 

State of the Saints in their enjoyment of God in Glory. 4 

Lfmd, 1653. 

4» Ltmd, 1654. 

— — The Reduction of a Digressor : or, Rich. Baxter^s ^^^^ J 
toJVfr. George KendaU's Digression in his Book against Mr. 
Goodwin. 4^ Lond. 1654. 

Richard Baxter^s Confvtation of a Dissertation ^r tbe 

Jttstification of Infideis, written by Ludiomsus Colvinus, aiids 
Ludovicus Molinsus, Dr. of Physick and History-Professor in 
Oxfoid, against bis Brother Cyrus Molinseus. 4^ Lond, 1654. 
Richard Baxters Admonition to Mr. William Eyre of 

Salisbury ; conceming his Miscarriages in a Book latdy «rritten 
for the Justification of Infidels against M» BeT\j. Woodbridge, 
M. James Cranford^ and the Autbor. 4^ Limd. 1654. 

An Unsavoury Vohime of Mr. Jo. €randoD'j anato* 

mized : or a Nose^ay of the choicest Flowers in that Garden» 
presented to Mr. Joseph Caryl by l^ichard Baxter. 4® Lond. 

Rich. Baxters Apology agaiost the mode^ Exceptions 

of Mr. T. Blake, and tfae Digression of Mr. G. Kendall : where- 
unto is added Animadversions on a late Disfiertation of Ludio- 
mfleiis Colvinus, aud an Admonition of Mr. W* £yre of Salis- 
bury; w1th Mr. Crandon^s Aoatomy for satisfaction of Mr. 
Caryl. 4<» Lxmd. 1654. 

Confession of his Faith. 4° Lond» 1655. 

An Addition to the llth Chapter of the 3d. Part of the 

SainU Rest. 4« 

The Vnreasonablcness of InfideUty, manifested in four 

Discourses. 8® Lontf. 1655. 

True Christianity : or Christs abaolute Dominion» and 

Mans necessary Seife-resignation and tubjection : in two Assi2b 
Sermons preached at Worcesler. 12° Lond^ 1655. 
n 8<» Lond. 1656. 

Making light of Christ and Salvation too oft the issue 

of Gospel InviUilions^ manifested in a Sermon preached at 
Laurence Jury in Londoo.. 8^ Lond. 1655. 
8» Land, 1656. 

p^— The Quakera Catechism; or^ the Quakers questioned, 

tbeir Questions mnawered, and both published. 4° Lond. 1655. 

; 4« Lond. 1656. 


B A X 


BAXTER (richard) humble Advice : or the Heads of thofle 
things which were offered to many honourabte Members of 
Parhament bv Mr. Richard Baxter at the end of his Sermon, 
Dec. 24. at the Abby of Westminster : with some A^itions 
as they were delivered by him to a Friend that des^ired them, 
who thouo^ht meet to make them pubHck. 4* Loitd. 1655. 

Gildas Salvianus ; the Reformed Pastor. 8^ Land. 1056. 

■ A Sermon of Judgement, preached at Pauls, Dec. 17, 

1654 : and now enlarged. 8^ Land. 1656. 

Plain Scripture Proof of Infants ChurcIi^Metnbership 

and Baptism. 4^ Land. 1656. 

Certain Disputations of Right to Sacraments, and tbe 

true Nature of Visible Christianity. 49 Lond, 1657. 

— : A Winding-Sheet for Popery. 8« Lond. 1657. 

A Treatise of Conversion. 4» Lond. 1657. 

4« Lond. 1658. 

" Richard Baxters Account of his present Thoug^ts con- 

cerning the Controversies about the Persevcrance of the Saints. 

4« Lond. 1657. 

Directions and Perswasions to a sound Conversion. 8* 

Lond. 1658. 

Confirmation and Restauration the necessary meam of 

Reformation and Reconciliation, for the heaUng of the Corrup-' 
tions and Divisions of the Churches. 8^ Lond. 1658. 

The Crucifying of the World by the Cross of Chri^t 4» 

Lond. 1658. 

The Grotian Religion discovered, at the Invitation of 

Mr. Thomas Pierce in his Vindication. 8^ Lond. 1658. 

Of Saving Faith : that it is not only gradually but spe- 

cilically distinct from all common Faith. 4** Lond. 1d58. 

Fi ve Disputations of Church-Government, and Worship. 

4» Lond. 1659. 

A Key for Catholicks. 4« Lond. 1659. 

A Holy Commonwealth, or Political Aphorisms, open- 

ing the true Principles of Government. 8^ Lond. 1659. 

Catholic Vnity : or^ the only way to bring us all to be 

of one Religion. I9f^ Lond. 1660. 

The True Cathohck, and Catholick Church, described. 

129 Lond. 1660. 

A Sermon of Repentance ; preached before the House 

of Commons April 30, 1660. ^ Lond. 1660. 

The Good Catholick no bad Subject : or, a Letter from 

a Catholick Gentleman to Mr. Richard Baxter, modestly ac- 
cepting the Challenge by hiin made in his Sermon of Repent^ 
ance. 4» Lond. 1660. 

Right Rejoycing: or, the Nature and Order of rational 

and warrantable Joy ; discovered in a Sermpn preaclied at St. 
Pauls on Mav 10, 1660. 4^ Lond. 1660. 

The Life of Faith, as it is the evidence of things unseen : 

a Sermon before the King at Whitehall July 22. 1660. 4^ Land. 


BAXTER (fticBAU)) A Treatite of Self-DenyaU. 4^ Lond. 1660. 

■■ ■ '. The Divioe life, in three Treatises : the first <^ the 

Knowledge of God ; the second of Walking with God ; the third 
of Gonvening with God in Solitiide. 4<^ Ltmd. 1664. 

— — Tbe Reasons of the Christian ReHgion. 4<> Land. 1667. 
An Antidote against Mr. Baxters palliated core of 

Church Divisions : or, an Account of several weighty and just 
Ezceptions against that Eook. 4* 1670. 

The Duty of Heavenly Meditation reviewed by Richard 

Baxter at the invitation of Mr. Giles Firmin'8 Ezceptions, in his 
Book entituled the Real Christian! 4^ Lond, 1671. 

A Defence of the Principles of Love. 8® Lond. 1671. 
— — A Second Admonition to Mr. Edward Bagshaw : with a 
Confutation of his Reasons for Separation. 8^ Lmid. 167l. 

Gods Goodness viudicated for t^e help of such (especi* 

ally in Melancholy)as are tempted to deny it. 13^ LofiJ.J671. 
More Reasons for tbe Christian Rdigion, and No Reason 

against it I2f^ Lond. 1672. 

A Treatise of Death, the last Enemy to be destroyed. 

Fart of it was preaQhed at tbe Funerals of £lizabeth the late 
wife of Mr. Joseph Baker. 12® Lond. 1679. 
■ Two Disputatious of Original Sin. 8^ Lond. 1675. 

-Whidi is the True Churcb ? tbe^wbole Cbristian World, 

as headedonly by Cbrist^ (of wbicb the Reformed are the sound- 
est part^ or, tbe Pope of Rome and bis Subjects as such i la 
three Parts. 4* Lond. 1679. 

A Morall Prognostication : i. Wbat sball befall the 

Cburches on Eartb till tbeir Concord, by the Restitution of 
their primitive Purity, Simplicity, and Cbarily. ii. How tbat 
Restitution is like to be made^ (if ever^) and wbat sball befall 
them tbencefortb unto tbe £nd^ in tbat Golden Age of Love. 4^ 
Lond. 1680. 

A True Believers Cboice and Pleasure, instanced iti tbc 

exemplary Life of Mrs. Mary Coxe. 12® Lotid. 1680. 

A Breviate of tbe Life of Margaret, the daugbter of 

Francis Cbarlton, and Wife of Ricbard Baxter. 4® Lond. 1681. 
Faitbful Souls sball be wilb Christ^ tbe certainty proved 

and tbeir Cbristianity deschbed and ezempliBed in tbe truly- 
christian Life and Death of tbat excellent amiable Saint Henry 
Aaburst Esq; Citizen of London. 4^ Lond. 1681. 

A Sermon preached at the Funeral of that faitbful 

Idinister of Cbrist Mr. Jobn Corbet : with his true and exem- 
plary Cbaracter. 4^ Lond. 

Tbe true History of Councils enlarged and defended^ 4^ 

Lond. 1682. 

■ ■ Additional Notes on the Life and Deatb of Sir Mattbew 

Hale. 12' Lond. 1682. 

A Vindication of tbe Primitive Cburcb, and Diocesan 

^Episcopacy : in answer to Mr. Baxter^s Cburcb History of Bi- 
•hops and their Councils abridged : ai^ also to sonie part of hia 
Treatise of Episcopacy. 8® Lond. 1682. 


B A X 

BAXTER (richard) Compassionate Counsel to all Yonng Men, 
8^ Lond. 1682. 

■ Tlie Unreasonableness of Separation : the Second Part. 

Or a further impartial Account of the History, Nature, and 
Pleas of the present Separation from the Communion of the 
Church of En^land ; begun by Edw. Stillingfleet dd: continued 
from 1640 to 1681 : ^vith special Remarks on the Life and 
Actions of Richard Baxter. 8^ Lond. 1682. 

The Last Work of a Believer : His Pawing-Prayer, re 

commending his departing Spirit to Christ to be received by 
him. Prepared for the Funerals of Mary the Widow first of 
Francis' Charlton Esqr. and afler of Thomas Hanmer £sqr. 4^ 
Lond. 1682. 

A Defence of Christ, and Free Grace; against thc Sab» 

verters commonly called Antinomians or Libertines, who ig'-* 
norantly blaspheme Christ on pretence of extoUing him.' 8* 
Lond. 1690. 

Of National Churches: their Description, Institution, 

Use, Preservation, Danger, Maladies, and Cures partly appUed 
to England. ^^ Lond. 1691. 

Richard Baxter^s Penitent Confession, and his Neces- 

sary Vindication in answer to a Book called the Second Part of 
the Mischiefs of Separation, written by an unnamed Author. 4* 
tjmd. 1691. 

Church Concord. The first part written 1655: die 

second part 1667 : and publishcd this 1691 lo second a late 
Agreement of the London Protestant Nonconformists, and a 
ibrmer Treatise called The True and only Terins of Church Can* 
cord. 49 Lond. 1691. 

The Glorious Kingdom of Christ dcscribed and clearly 

vindicated. 4" Lond. 1691. 

Against the Revolt to a Foreif^ Jurisdietion, which 

would l>e to England its Perjury, Ckurch-Ruine and Slavery. 
In two Parts. 8« Lond. 1691. 

An End of Doctrinal Controvepsies which have lately 

troubled the Churches by reconciling Explication, without mach 
Disputing. S^ Lond. 1691. 

The Certainty of the Workls of Spirits fully evinced 

by unquestionable Histories of Apparitions and Witchcraft$, 
Operations, Voices, &c. Written for the Conviction of Saddur 
ces & InBdels. S'^ Lond, 1691.^ 

The Protestant Religion truly stated and justified: 

whereunto is added, bv way of Preface^ some Account of the 
learned Author, by IVlr. Daniel Williams and Mr. Matthew 
Sylvester. 12« Lond. 1692. 

The Life & Death of Mr. Richard Baxter who departed 

this Life Decemb. 8. 1691. and of his Age 77. 199 Land. 1692. 
Univer^al Redemption of Mankind by the Lord Jesus 

Christ stated and cleared by the late learned Mr. Richard Bax- 
ter. Whereunto is added a short Account of Specia) Redempr 
tion, by the same Author. 8* Lond. 1694. 

B A Y 

BAXTER (ucbakd) Vindici» Anti-Baxterianse : Or^ Some 
madver^ions on a Book intituled RcUquia Baxtaianm ; ot, the 
lafe of Mr. Richaid Baxter. 8* Lond. 1696. 

» A Plea Ibr tbe late accurate aod ezcellent Mr. Baxter. 

8* Ltmd. I69!l. 

Some Reflections npon the Oppo$ition made against the 

Free Doctrine of Mr. Baxtcr : pat out fcM' tbe conirmif^ the 
Friends tbereof, and prtTeBtio^ otbers from being teduced into 
Aiitioomiani»m, by cootrary TeaeherF. 4^ LomdL 1700. 

Call to tbe Uoconverted. Gati. traw). by Lt P. Hac^ 

pbaHain. 12^ Edinb. 1811. 
BAXTER (saxuel) p. scon: 
BAXTER (tboxas) The Cirde squar^d. 8* Lomd. 1732. 


De Aoalogia ; sire^ Arte Latioe Lingufle, CommeotJi- 

ridufi. 8* Lond. 1679. 

Glossarium Antiquatnm Britaonicarum, sive SyUabns 

£tymok>gicus AntiqQitatum yeteris BritaooiK atqve lbemia& 
temporilHU Romanorum. Acccduot viri cL B. Edvardi Lvidii 
de Fluviomm, Mootium, Urbiuras &c. io Britaoaias oomioibus^ 
"Adrenaria Fostbuma. 8* Lond. 1719. 

Reliquifle Baxteriaos, sive WiUidmi Baxteri Opera 

postbuma. Pnsmittitur emditi Autoris Vitse a seipso cod« 
scripts Fragmeotum. 8* Lond. 1726. 

><A View of a Book, eotitkd* '* Reliquias Baxteriaoa:.'^ 

In a Letter to a Frieod. 8* 

BAYARD (ChevaUer) v. godefrot. 

■ ' La tresioyeuse plaisante & recreatiuehystoirecomposee 

par kloyal seruiteur des faix, gestes^ triumpbes» et prouesses du 
iMm cheualier sans paour et sans reprouche le gentil seigrneur de 
Bayart dont humaines louenges sont espandues par toute la 
cbrestiente. De phisieurs autres bons^ vaillans, et vertueux cap- 
pitaines qui ont este de son temps. Ensembles les guerreSj l)at* 
taiUes, rencontres, et a^ulx qui de son viuant sont sunienues tant 
en France, Espaigne^ que Ytalie. 4* Par.par Nic. Couieau. 1527. 

— — Histoire dv Chevalier Bayard. 4* Par. 1616. 

4<> Par. 1619. 

BAYARDI (oTTAV.^ANTONio) Catalogo degli Anttchi Monumenti 

dissotterrati dalla discoperta Citta di Ercolano. Tom. 1. fol. 

Nm>. 1755. 
BAYjBR (franc. pSREziDs) De Nvmis Hebraeo-Samaritanis. 4* 

Vaknlia Edeumorum. 1781. 
- ■ ■ Nvmorvm Hebraeo-Samaritanorvm Vindicisc. 4® Ka- 

lentia Edetanorum. 1790. 
BAYER (gott. S1CEFRID.) Auszug der iltereo Staats Geschicbtc. 

^ Peter&b. 1728. 
BAYER (hieron.) Disp. Pbysica de Privalionis Pbysics Fig* 

mentOf quam Athenis licucoreis publice ^v^frnio-u subjiciiint 

Prsses M. Gerh. Wichnuin Lubeoeosis^ & Beflpoodeos Hieron. 

Bayer. 4« Wuteh. 1661. 
BAY£R (jo. MicB.) £pi8tola Admonitoria ad Fraociscvm Ciman> 

Medicum Venetum. 16^ Poiat^. 1662. 


B A Y 

bAYERUS (lOH.) Vranometria omnium Asterismonrm continetli 
Schemata, nova methodo delineata» aereis laminis expressa. foL 
Aug. Vind. 1603. 

" W. 1008* 

ExplicatioCharactenimaeneisVranomelfias Imaginum 

Tabulis insculptorum, addita & commodiore hac formi tertidm 
redintegrata. 4® Aug. VincL 1654. 

Ostivm vel Atrivm Natvrse ichonographice delineatvnh 

8« Cassav. 1662. 

Filvm Labyrinthi, vel Cjrnosvra seu Lvx Mentivm Unu 

versalis. 13* Cassov. 1663. 

Summarise Decisiones Metaphysicc 4^ WiiUh. 1667. 

IBAYERUS (lo. lAC.) t?. ebermaver. 

BAYERUS (theoph. stGEFR.) De Numis Romanis in AgroPrvs* 

sico repertis^ Commentarivs. Accedit eiusdem Epistola ad V.C. 

de Theophrasti Delii Pnesidis Monvmento. 4° Lips, 1722. 
■ Mvsevm Sinicvm, in quo Sinicae Linguae et Litteratu- 

rae Ratio explicatur. 2 tom. 8* Petrop. 1730. 

Historia Osrhoena et Edessena ex Nvmis ilWstrata. 4* 

Petrop. 1734. 

De Uoris Sinicts «t Cyclo Horario Commentationes. 

Accedit eivsdem Avctoris Parergon Sinicvro de Calendariis Si- 
nicis, vbi etiam Qvaedam ia Doctrina Temporum Sinica emea« 
dantvr. AP Petr^p. 1735. 

Opvscula ad Historiam Antiqvam, Chronologiam> Geo- 

graphiam> et Rem Nvmariam spectantia : edidit Christ. Adol- 

phus Klotzivs. 8« Hal. 1770. 
BAYES (joshua) A Funeral Sermon occasioned by the Death of 

the late reverend Mr. Christopher Taylor. 8* Lond, 1723. 
> A Fimeral Sermon occasioned by the death of Mr. John 

Comish. 8» Lond. 1728. 
BAYFIELD (robert) Enchiridion Medicum: containing the 

Causesy Signs, and Cures of all those diseases that do chiefly 

afiect the Body of Man. Whereimto is added a Treati«e, De 

Facultatibus Medicamentorum compositoruro, & dosibus. 8^ 

Lond. 1655. 
" H* nPO'BOAH im AAHeBIAT, or tbe BuUWari» of 

Truth. & Land. Id5r. 

Tractatus de Tumoribus prseter Naturam : or^ a TVea- 

tise of pretematural Tumors ; divided into ibur Sections^ and 
adomed with many choice and rare Observations. 12* Lond. 

Tif 'loTftxvif Ko^To^ ; cr a Treatiae de Morborum Cepi» 

tis essentiis & prognosticis : adorned with above three bundred 
choice and rare Observations. 8* Lond. 1663. 

Exercitationes Anatomics. 12* Lond. 1668. 

BAYFIUS (lazarus) Commentarius de Vestium generibus &^ uo- 
cabulis, in L. uestis, fi! de auro Sl argento, seu Re uestiaria» 
Subiecta est & prsfationi lez ipsa^ quo facilius intelligatur, quid 
jn toto libro tractetur. 8* 


B A Y 

BAVFIUS (LAZARus) De Re Vestiaria Libellus, ex Bayfio excefp»- 
im : addita uulgaris lingus interpretatione, in adolcscentulo- 
Tum gratiam atquc utilitatem. 8° LtU, R, Sicph. 1547. 

De Vasculis Libellus, Advlescentvlorum causa ex Jfeyfio 

decerptus, addita uulgari Latinarum uocum intcrpretatione.^S^ 
Lugd. (tp, Grtfph. 1536. 

8^ Lutet. R. Steph. 1547. 

De Re Navali Commentarius, in l.ii. de Captivis & 

Postliminio reuersis. 8° Bas. 1537. 

Annotationes in Legem ii de Captivis & Postliminio Re- 

uersis, in quibus tractatur de Re Navali, per autorem recogni- 
te. Eiusdem Annotationes in Tractatum de Auro & Argento 
lcgato, quibus Vestimetorum & Vasculoru genera explicatur. 
Item Antonii Thylesii de Coloribus Libellus^ k coloribus Ves- 
tium non alienu^. 4® Bas. ap. Frob. 1537. 

— lCum Notis MSS. Is. Casauboni.] 4» 

Lutet. R. Steph. 1549. 

De Re Vestiaria^ Vascularia, & Nauali : ex Bayfia S^ 

Lutet. 1553. 

BAYL-^US (thomas) Mamngfordiensis Eccles. Pastoris. DeMe- 
rito Mortis Christi, et Modo Conversionis, Diatribe dvse. Nec 
non Concio ad Clerum. 4^ Oxon. 1626. 

BAYLE (fran.) Dissertationes Medice Tres. i. Dc Causis fluxus 
menstrui Mulierum. ii. De Sympathid variarura Corporis par- 
tium cum Utero. iii. De Usu Lactis ad tabidos reficiendos> de 
immediato Corporis alimento. 4^ Toios. 1670. ^ 

. — 8« Brugis. 1678. 

12» Hagoi-Com. 1678. 

Discours sur rExperience et la Raison. 8® Par. 1675. 

Problemata Physica et Medica. Item Dissertationes 

PhysicBD. 8« Tolos. 1677. 

8» Hag(t-Com. 1678. 

■ ■■ Histoire Anatomic|ue d'une Grossesse de 35. Ans. 1*2* 
Toul. 1678. 

Tractatus de Apoplexia : ex Doctrina Hippocratis. 12" 

Haga-Com. 1678. 

Relation de TEtat de quelques Personnes pretendnes 

possedees. Traite d'autorit6 du Parlement de Toulouse. 12* 
Toul. 1682. 

■■ L^Histoire du FoBtus humain, recceiiillie des Extraits de 

Monsieur Bayle, & publiee par Monsieur du Rondel. 12^ l^de. 

Institutiones Physioe adusum Scbolanim accommodatap. 

3 tom. 4® Tolos. 1700. 

Opuscula. 4» Tolos. 1701. 

BAYLE (pierre) v. chaufepie'. maizeaux. monnotb. 

■ Oeuvres Diverses de Mr. Pierre Bayle, contenant tout 

ce que cet Auteur a publie sur des matieres de Theologie, de 
Pbilosophie, de Critique, d'Histoire, & de Litterature ; excepte 
ion Dictionnairc Historique et Critique* 4 tom. iol. a la Hays 


B A Y 

BAYLE (piBRRfe) Lettre d M. L. A. D. C. Docteur de Sorbonne. 

Ou il est prouve par plusieurs raiwns tirees de la Philosophie, 

& de la Theolo^ie^ que les Cometes ne sont point le presage 

d'auciin malheur. 8° Col, 1682. 
•"- Pensees Diverses, ecrites a un Docteur de Sorbonne, a 

i'occasion de la Com^te qui parut au mois de Decemln^ 1680. 

8° Rotterd. 1683. 

■ Tome Second. 8« Rotterd. 1683. 

2 tom. 8^ Roiterd. 1704. 

Continuation dcs Pensees Diverses : ou Reponse a plu- 

sieurs difficultez que Monsieur *** a proposees a TAuteur. 
2tom. W^ Rotterd. 1705. 

Critique Generale de THistoire du Calvinisme de M. 

Maimbourg. 12« a ViUe-Franche. 1683. 

Dissertation sur le pretendu Bonhcur des Plaisirs dies 

Sens pour servir de Replique a la Reponse qu'a faite Mr. Bayle 
pour justifier ce qu'il a dit sur ce sujet dans ses Nouvelles de la 
Kepublique des Lettres dii mois de Septembre 1685. en faveur 
du P. Malebranche contre Mr. Arnauld. 8« CoL 1687. 

Avis Important aux Refugiez sur leur prochaiu retour 

en France : donue pour Estrennes k Tun d'eux eu 1690. 12^ 
Amst, 1690. 

La Chimere de la Cabale de Rotterdam, demontree par 

les pretendues Convictions, que le Sr. Jurieu a publiees contre 
Mr. Bayle. 12« Amst. 1691. 

Factum selon les Formes, ou Disposition dcs preuves 

contre TAuteur de TAvis aux Refugiez^ selon les Regies du 
Barreau. 8« 1692. 

Projet et Fragmens d'un Dictionaire Critique. 8« Rott. 


Dictionaire Historique et Crilique. 2 tom. fol. Rotterd. 


3 tom. fol. Rotterd. 1702. 

4 tora. fol. RottertL 1720. 

avec la Vie de TAuteur par Mn Det 

Maizeaux. \ tom. fol. Amsi. 1730. 

Examen de la Theologie de Mr. Bayle; 8* Antst. 1706. 

Reponse pour Mr. Bayle a Mr. Le Clerc, au sujet de 3. 

& du 13. articles du 9. Tome de la Bibliolheque Choisie* 8« 

Le Philosophe de Roterdam accus^, atteint» et con-! 

vaincu. 8® Arnst. 1706. 

Reponse a TAvis aux RefVigiez [de M. Bayle'} par M. 

D. L. R. 8<^ Rotterd. 1709. 

Lettres Chotsies de Mr. Bayle, avec des Remarques. 

3tom. H'' Rott. 1714. 

Entretiens sur la Cabale Chimerique, Ouvraffe oCi en 

examinant ie Scandale cause par la publication de ce Livre on 
raille finement la Moralc de Mr. Jurieu. 12® Amst. 1715. 

Lettres de Mr. B^yle, publi^es sur les Origineaux avec 

dcs Rcmarques: par Mr. Des Maizeaux. 3 tom. 8® Amst. 1729. 


B A Y 

BAYLE (pierke) NoureUes Lettres de Mr. P. Bayle. d tom. 9 

a la Hayt 1739. 
«i- ' Analyse Raisonn^e de Bayle, ou Abr^g^ Methodique 

de ses Ouvrages, particulierement de son DicUonnaire Histo^ 

rique et Critiqne, dont les Remarques ont 4te fbndues dans k 

Texte, pouT rormer un corps instructif & agreable de lectures 

suivies. 2 tom. 8® Lond, 1755. 
BAYLEY (c.) DD. The Christian^s Choice a Sermon, preached 

in St James's Church» Manchester, April IS^ 1801. on occasioa 

of the death of Mrs. Jane Marsden. 8* Manchester. 
BAYLEV (franciscus) Anglus. Disp. Medica Inaug. de Phtfaisi. 

4« Lagd. Bat. 1688. 
BAYLEY (john) A Short Treatise on the Law of Bills of £x« 

change, Cash Bills, and Promii«ory ^tes. 8^ Lond. 1789. 

• 8« Lonl 1797. 

BAYLEY (john) The Forester: or tbe Royal Seat. A Drama» 

in five Acts. 8<» JLoiuf. 1798. ^ 
BAVLIE (bobciit} Mmiaer at Gta$gow. 
• ' ■ ' Sfttan, the Leader in chief> to all who revist the Repara<*. 

tion of Sion ; as it was ckared in a Sermon to the Hon. House 

of Commons at their late solemn Fast, Febr. %, 1643. 4^ Lond* 


Enrours and Induration are the great Sins and the greai 

Judgements o^ the Time, preached in aSermon before the 
House of Peers, July 30, 1645, the day of the Monethly FasU 
4<> Lond. 1645. 

- A Dissuasive from the Erroors of tbe Time. 4^ Lond. 


An Historical Vindication of tfae Govemment of the 

Church of Scotland from the manifoki base Calumnies pub' 
lished in two Pamphlets at London, tbe one intituled Issachars 
Kurden, &c. written by John Maxwelli the other falsly intitul- 
ed a Declaration made by King James in Scotland, conceming 
Cburch-government and Presbyteries. 4^ Lond. 1646. 

Anabaptisme the trve Fomtaine of Independency, 

Brownisme, Antinomy, Familisme, and the most of tbe other 
Errours which for tbe time doe trouble tbe Church of Eng-^ 
kmd vnsealed. Also ihe Quaestions of Psedobaptisme and Dip- 
ping handled from Scripture, in a second Part of the DiMwasive 
from the Errors of the time. 4^^ Lond. 1647. 

A Review of the seditious Pamphlet latdy publisbed in 

Holland by Dr. Bramhell, pretended Bisbop of London-Derry ; 
entitled his faire Warning against the Scots Disciphne. 4^ 
Delph. 1649. 

A ScQtch Antidote against tfae £ng1ish Infection of 

Arminianism. IS® Lond. 1652. 

The Disswasive from the Errors of the Time vindicated 

from tbe Exceptions of Mr. Cotton and Mr. Tombes. 4^ Lond. 

A Paralell of the Litura;y with the Mass^Book, the 

Breviary, the Ceremonial, and other Romish Ritualt. 4^ 1661. 


B A Y 

BAYLIE (thomas) dd. r. estrangb. 

• Certamen Religiosum^ or a Conf«rence betireen hts late 

Majestie Charles King of £ngland> and Henry late Marquess 
and Earl of Worcester, conceming Religion ; at hu Majeatie» 
being at Raelan Castle, 1646. ^ Laad. 1649. 

Heroa Parietis : or the Wall-Flower^ as it grew out of 

the Stone-Chafnber beloneing to the Metropolitan Plison of 

London, called Newgate. tol. Lond. 1650. 
BAYLY (anselm) lld. v. biblia. Eng. if Hebr. Hebr. 
- The Alliance of Musick, Poetry, and Oratorjr. 8* Lond» 

^AYLY (benj.) An Essay on Inspiration, in two Parts. 8^ Lond. 

" . ■ The True Notion of Moderatioa; in a Sermon preacfaM 

in the Church of St. James in Bristol, October the Ist. 1710. 8^ 

Lonrf. 1711. 

The Truth of the Cbristian Revelation, prov'd from the 

Nature and Greatness -of its Miracles ; and of the Vsefulnesa 

and Necessity of Creeds in gencral, in two Sermons at the Ai- 

sizes held at Gloucester. 8® Lond. 1713. 
BAYLY ^charles) Concerning the pure meek Spirit of the Lamb. 

BAYLY (francis) An Antidote againsi immoderate Sorrow ibir 

the Death of our Friends : delivered in a Sermon at the Fu* 

neral of Sr. William Button Bart. 4<^ Lond. 1660. 
BAYLY (lewis) The Praclice of Pietie^ directing a Christianhow 

to walke that he may please God. 12° De(f. 
Po/o». per Henr. Mewy. l^ Thom. 

1647. ^ ^ 

Hungar. ugyan Medgyesi PaL 12* 

Lbcsen. 1641. 

BAYLY (thomas) dd. v. baylib. 

BAYLY (walter) A Briefe Discours of certain Bathes or medi* 
cinall Waters in the Countie of Warwicke neere vnto a Vill^e 
called Newnam Regis. IS» 1587. 

BAYLY ( william) The Original Astronomical Observations made 
in the course of a Voyage towards 4he Soutb Pole, and round 
the Worid^ in his Majenty^s Ships the Resolution and Adven- 
ture, in the Years mdcclxxii* mdcclxxiu, mdcclxxiy, and 
MDccLxxv, by William Wales, f.r.s. and Mr. William Bayly. 
4« Lond. 1777. 

• The Original Observations made in the course of a 

Voyage to the Northem Pacific Ocean, for the discovery of a 
North £ast or North West passage : wherein the North West 
Coast of America and North East Coast of Asia were explored 
in his Majestys Ships the Resolution and Discovery, by Capt. 
James Cooke, Commander of the Resolution, and Lieut Jamea 
King, and Mr. William Bayly» late Assistant at the Royal OIk 
servatory. 4® Lond. 1782. 

BAYNARD (anne) v. prude. 

BAYNARD (edward) m.d. v. vloyer. 


B A Z 

BAYNES (pavl) Tlie Diocesans Trj^all : wherein all the Sinnewes 
of Doctor Downham'6 Defence are brought into three heads« 
«nd orderly disftolved. 4® 1641. 

40 1642. 

BAYNES (roger) The Baynes of Aqvis^ane, the 1. Part, & 
4. Volume/ intitvled Variety: contayning three Bookes, in the 
forme of Dialogues, vnder the Titles foUowing, viz. Profit, Plea- 
sure, Honour. 4® Augusta in Germmty 1617. 

BAYNING (paul) Viscount Sudbwy, v, willan. 

BAYNTON {Sir edward) A Letter to tbe Earle of Pcmbroke, 
shewing the truc manner how himselfe and Captaine Edward 
Eyre were surprised at Malmsbury : with the reasons inducing 
his formerly to seize upon Sir Edward Hungerford. 4' Lond. 

BAYNTON (thomas) Descriptive Account of a New Metbod of 
treating old Ulcers of the Legs. 8*» Brist. 1799. 

BAYNTUN {Lady maria) Her Trial for committing tlie Crimc 
of AduUery. ^ Lond. 

BAYNUS (rodolph.) Compendium Mich16l, hoc est absolutiss. 
Grammatices Dauidis Chimhi, nunc primo editum, authore Ro- 
dolpho Bayno Cantabrigense, & Sanct» Linguae professore Re* 
gio Lutetiae Parisiorum. 4P Par. C. Steph. 1554. 

BAYRO (PETRus de) Nouum ac perutile Opusculum de Pestilen- 

- tia : et de curatione eiiisdem per iitrunq; regimen preseruatiuu 
s. et curatiuum. 4** Taurini. 1507. 

■ Lixoperita perpetue questionts et Annexorum Solutio, 

De nobihtate Facultalum per terminos vtriusq; facultatis, 
Utrum Medicina & Philosophia sint nobihores vtroq; iure scih- 
cet Ciuiii & Canonico : Sc qui doctores eariidem facultata nobi- 
liores ac digniores existant: quomodoue iucedere ac inuice 
p'cedere debeant. fol. Taur. 151:2. 

De medendis humani Corporis malis Enchiridion vulgo 

vENi MEcvM dictum. 13^ Lugd. 1565. 

cui adiunximus eiusdem Authoris 


Tractatum de Peste. 8« Bas. 1578. 
BAZIN (FRANCiscus) An Panis spumi cervisiee fermeutatus mi« 

niis salubris ? 4» Par. 1671. 
■' An Diabeti Lac Asininum ? 4*^ Par. [1672.] 

BAZIN (10HANKES AUGUSTus)DisputatioPbi1osophicadeThermis. 

4« lAfgd. Bat. 1713. 
BAZIN (n.) Observations sur les Plante^ et leur Analogie avec 

les Insectes, precedees de deux Discours, l'un sur TAccroisse- 

ment du Corps humain, Tautre sur la Cause pour laquelle lei» 

Bestes n^nt naturelkment, & q^ rHomme est oblige d['eii 

etudier ies raoyens. 8® Strasb. 1741. 
■ — Le Gouvemement admirable, ou la Republique de* 

Abeilles. 8« a ia Haye. 1740. 

Histoire Natiirelle des Abeilles ; avec des Figurcs en 

taille-douce. 2 tom. S^ Par. 1744. 


B E A 

BAZINGHEN (abotde) Traite des Monnoies et^de la Jurisdic- 

tion de la Cour des Monnoies en forme de Dictionnaire. 2 tom- 

40 Par, 1764. 
BAZZICALUUE (ascan. maria) Novum Systcma Medico-Me- 

chahicum, et Nova Tumorum Methodus. 4® Parm, 1701. 
BEACON. A sccond Beacon fired. Humbly presented to the 

Lord Protector and the Padiament by the Publishers of the 

first. 40 Lond. 1654. 
BEACON (richard) Solon his Follie, or a politiqve Discovrse 

tovching the Reformation of Common-Weales conquered, de- 

clined, or corrupted. 4** Oxf, 1594. 
BEADLE (john) The Journal or Diary of a thankful Christian. 

8» Lond. 1656. 
BEALE (barth.) An Essay attempting a more certain and satis- 

factory discovery both of the true Causes of all Diseases pro- 

ceedint^ from vicious Bloods, and the genuine Operations of all 

Remedies used internally in their Curcs. 8° Lond, 1706. 
BEALE (Dr.J v. Rots. 
BEALE (john) dd. Herefordshire Orchardsa Pattemforall Eng- 

land. 8« Lond. 1657. 

80 Lond. 1734. 

Nurseries, Orchards, Profitable Gardens, and Vineyards 

encouraged : in several Letters out of the Country, directed lo 
Henry Oldenburg Rsqr. Sec. R.S. The first Letter from Anthony 
Lawrence, all the restfrom John Beale dd. 4® Lond. 1677. 

BEALE (william) Notes for the Yeare of our Redemption^ 1631. 
12« Lond. 1631. 

BEALING (benjamin) An Epistle from the Meeting for Suffer- 
ings by their Order, the 17th of the second Month, and Ist of 
the third Month 1696. S^ Lond. repr. 1713. 

BEAN (jAMEs) Family Worship : a Course of Morning and Even- 
ing: Prayers for every Day in the Month. To which is prefixed 
a Discourse on Family Religion. 8® Lond. 1796. 

BEAR. Strange and horrible News which happened betwixt 
St. Johns street and Islington, on Thursday moming, beingthe 
eight and twentieth day of this instant moneth of October ; 
being a terrible murther committed by one of Sir Sander Dun- 
comes Beares on the body of his Gardner. AP Lond. 1642. 

BEARCROFT (philip) dd, The Charter-House Foundation con- 
sidered : in a Sermon preached in the Charter-House Chappel, 
Dec. 13, 1725. »> Lond. 1726. 

An Historical Account of Thomas Sutton Esq; and of 

his Foundation in Charter-House. 8® Land. 1737. 

A Sermon at the Consecration of Edward Lord Bishop 

of St. Davids Jan. 2. 174 J. 4<» Lond. I74f . 

A Sermon preached before the incorporated Society for 

the propagation of the Gospel inforeign Parts, Feb, 15, 1744. 
40 Lond. 1744. 

A Sermon before the hoq. House of Commons April 11, 

1744, being the Day appointed by Proclamation for a general 
Fast. 4<> Lond. 1744. 

VoL. I. 3 C BJEAR- 

B E A 

BEARCROFT (philip) dd. A Sermon preacbed in tbe Parish 

Church of Christ Church London, April 38. 1748 being the 

time of the yearly Meeting of the Children educated in the 

Cbarity Schooh in and about the Cities of London and West- 

minster. 4* Lond, 1748. 
BEARCROFT (philip) a.m. A Sermon before the r*. hon. the 

Loird Mayor, the ald. and citizens of London atthe Cath. Ch. of 

St Paul Feb. 6. 1756 being thc Day appointed for a general 

Fast 4«» Lond, 1756. 
BEARD (richard) Dissert. Med. Inaug. de Usu et Operatione 

Chalybi.^. 4» Lugd. Bat. 1713. 
BEARD (thomas) Antichnst the Pope of Rome : or^ the Pope 

of Rome is Antichrist. 4^ Lond. 1625. 
BEARD (thomas) v, porter. 
BEARDh' (M,) de VAhhoye, Essays in Agriculture : transl. from 

the French. 4*» Land. 1776. 
B£AR£ (mat.) m.d. The Sensorium: a Philosophical Discourse 

on tbeSenses. 8<» Exon, 1710. 
B£ARN. ho» Fors et Costvmas de Beam. 4^ Lesca, 1602. 
— — — Compilation d'avgvns Priviledgis et Reglamens dev P&ys 

de Beam. 4® a Lascar, \6SS, 
B£ART (john) A Funeral Sermon on the death of John Cotton 

of Rattlesden in the Co. of Sufiblk. 8^^ Lond, 1711. 
BEATIANO (augustino) De le Cose vdgari et Latine. 8® Ven. 

B£ATSON (alexander) A View of the Origin and Conduct of 

the War with Tippoo Sultaun ; comprising a Narrative of the 

Operations of the Army under the command of Lieut. Gen. 

George Harris, and of the Siegeof Seringapatam. 4^ Lond, 1800. 
B£ATSON (john) The Divine Character of Christ considered 

and vindicated. 8® Leeds» 
The Satisfaction of Christ demonstrated. In a Series of 

Dialogues. 8° Leeds, 

Divine Philanthropy : or the Love of God. A Poetical 

£ssay. 8° Leeds, 
B£ATSON (robert) A Political Index to the Histories of Great 

Britain and Ireland ; or a Complete Register of the hereditary 

Honours, public OflBces, and Persons in Office, from the earliest 

Periods to the prwent time. S^ Edinb. 1786. 

\ 2 voL 8<» Lond. 1788. 

Naval and Mihtary Memoirs of Great Britain from the 

year 1727, to the present Time. 3 vol. 8^ Lond. 1790. 


Essays; on Poetry and Music, as they aflfect thc Mind; 

on Laugbter, and ludicrous Composition ; on thc Utility of 
Classical Xeaming. 8« Edinh, 1776. 

The Minstrel; or, the Progress of Genius. A Poem, 

Book the first. 4° Lond, 1771. 

the second Book. 4« Lond, 1774. 

Dissertations Moral and Critical: on Memory and Ima- 

gination ; on Dreaming ; the Theory of Languace ; on Fable 
and Romance; ontbe Attachmentsof kiQdred; lUustrations on 

SubUmity, 4» Lond. 1783. * ^ ^ ^^ 


B E A 

BEATTIE (jAMEs) LLD. Evidences of tlie Chrislian Religion; 

briefly and plainly stated. 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1786. 
Eleincnts of Moral Science. Tlie first Volume. 8® 

Edinb. 1790. 

An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, in 

opposition to Sophistry and Scepticism. The seventh Edition^ 

corrected ; to which i$ now addcd a Skctch of the Origin and 

Progress of the Work. 8*» Lond. 1807. 
BEATUS (cABR.) Soc. Jesu. SphaBra Triplex, artificiahs^ elemen- 

taris, ac caclestis. 8° Rom. 16G2. 
BEAU {Sr. c. le) Avantures du Sr. C. Le Beau, Avocat en Parle- 

ment, ou Voyage Curieux et Nouveau, parmi les Sauvages de 

rAmerique Septentrionale. 2 tom. 8® Arnst. 1738. 
BEAU {monsr. le) Histoire du Ba.^-Empire, en commen^ant a 

ConsUntin le Grand. 20 tom. S^ Par. 1757—1776. 


BEAV {le P. JEAN baptiste) Idee Excellente de ia havte Perfec- 

tion Ecclesiastique en l*Histoire de la Vie ct des Actions dv 

tres-iilustre Prelat Fran^ois d'Estaing, de sainte memoire, Eves- 

que de Rodez. 4^ Cierm. 1656. 
BEAUCHAMPS (pierre fran^ois godard de) Recheri:hes sur 

les Theatres de France, depuis Tannee onze ccns soixante & un^ 

jusques a present. 3 tom. 8° Par. 1735. 
BEAUCLERK (topham) v. bibliotheca. 
BEAVEN (thomas) AnEssay conceming the Restoration of pri* 

mitive Christianity, in a conduct truly pious and reHg^ous. S^ 

Lond. 1793. 
BEAVER (PHiLip) African Memoranda: relative to an Attempt 

to estabUsh a British Settlement on the Island of Bulama, on 

the Western Coast of Africa, in the year 1792. 49 Lond. 1805. 
BEAUFORT (daniel aucustus) lld. Memoir of a Map of Ire- 

land. 4° Lond. 1792. ^ 

BEAUFORT (M. le Duc de) v. paris. 
BEAUFORT (louis de) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Febri in genere. 

4" Lugd. Bat. 1649. 
Discours des Operations de l'Ame & du Corps. 12* 

Lei/d. 1655. 

Traitte de la Peste^ diuis^ en deux parties. 12^ Leyd. 


Cosmopoea Divina, seu Fabrica Mundi explicata. 12^ 

Lugd. Bat. 1656. 

Lampas Vit« et Mortis. 12° Lugd. Bat^l67S. 

BEAUFORT (louis de) Histoire de Cesar Germanitus. 8° Ltfude. 

BEAUFOY (henry) Substance of bis Speech in the Houic of 

Commons 28 March 1787. on his Motion for the Repeal of 

the Test and Corporation Acts, including also the Substance of 

hisReply. 8» Lo^wi. 1787. 
BEAUGRAND (fblix) Relation nouvelle et tre»-fidel]e du Voy- 

age de la Terre Sainte. S9 Par. 1700. 


B E A 

BEAUGRAND (s.) M^. Mareschnl d Paris. Le Mareschal expert. 

8» Par, 1622. 
— ^— aiigmente d'vne seconde Partie. 8^ 

Par. 1639. 

S^ Par. 1640. 

8« Troyes, 1723. 

BEAUGUE' (JAN DE) L'Histoire dela Guerre d'Escosse. 8^'Par. 

BEAUJEU {Ckev. de) Memoires, contenant sesdivers Voyages, 

tan en Pologne, en Allemagne, qu'en Hongrie, avec des Rela- 

tions particulieres des Guen^es & des Afiaires de ces Pai's-ld, de- 

puis l'annee 1679. 8« Par. 1698. 

8® Amst. 1700. 

BEAULIEU {Chev. de) Les Plans et Profilsdesprincipales Yilles 

et Lieux considerables du Comte de Fiandre. 4® Par. 
Plans et Profilz des principales Villes du Duche de Lor- 

raiiie et Bar. 4^ 

Les Plans et Profils des principales Villes et Lieux con- 

siderables du Comte d'Alost ou Flandre Imperiale. 4° Par. 
La Geometrie Fran^oise. 8" Pai'. 1676. 

BEAULIEU (de) La Vie de St. Thomas Archevesque de Canlor- 

bery et Martyr. 8« Par. 1674. 
BEAUMANOIR (philifpes de) v. ibelin. 
BEAUMARCHOIS (m. caron de) The School for Rakes : a Co- 

medy. [taken from the Eugenie of M. Beaufnarchois.] S^ Lond. 

• The Barher of Seville, or the Useless Precaution ; a 

Comedy. 8« Lond. 1776. 

La Folle Journee, ou le Mariage de Figaro, Comedie en 

cinq Actes et en prose. 8*^ Amst. 1 785. 
BEAUMARIS Bay, a Poem, with Notes descriptive and explan- 

atory : with an Appendix, containing an Account of the Battle 

of Beaumaris in 1648. 8® Chester. 
BEAUMONT, v. horti. 
BEAUMONT (charles) ATreatise on the Coal Trade. 4« Lond. 

BEAUMONT (elias petrus) Dissert. Physica.de Circulatione 

Sanguinis in Foetu. 4** Lugd. Bat. 1697. 

- Disseri. Medico-Physica de Circulatione Sanguinis. 4^ 

Lugd. Bat. 1698. 

Dissert. Physica dc Carentia Sensuum CogniUonisquc 

in Brutis. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1698. 

Disp. Medico-Physica de Natura Sanguinis. 4^ Traj. ad 

Rh. 1699. 
BEAUMONT (francis) and FLETCHER (john) v. bootii. 


The Dramatick Works of Beaumont and Fletcher ; col- 

lated with alhth • former Editions, and corrected : with Notes, 
critical aud explanatory, by various Commentators. 10 vol. 8* 
Lond. 1778. 



B £ A 

BEAUMONT (francis) and¥LETCUER (john) Coraedies and 
Tragedies writlcn by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, 
Gentlemen : never printed before, and now published by the 
Authours originall copies. fol. Lond.1647, 

Fifty Comedies and Tragedies written by Francis Beau- 

mont and John Fletcher Gentlemen. All in one Volume. Pub- 
lished by the Authors orijjinal Copies, the Songs to each Play 
being added. fol. Lond, 1G79. 

Tlie Woman Hater. 4« Lond, 1607. 

_ 4« Lond 1648. 

or the Hungry Courtier. 4^ Lond, 


Cupids Revenge. 4° 

4° Lond. 16S0. 

4« Ijond, 1635. 

The Scomfvl Ladie : a Comedie». 4® Lond* 1616. 

4« Lond. 1625. 

4° Lond, 1 630. 

4° Lond. 1639. 

^'^ Lond. 1651. 

The Tragedy of Thierry King of France, and hi« Bro» 

iher Theodoret. 4« Lond, 1621. 

40 Lond, 1648. 

4* Lond, 1649. 

The Maids Tragedie. 4° Lond. 1622. 

4« Lond. 1638. 

4^ Lond. 164F. 

4« Lond, 1650. 

40 Lond. 1661. 

Philaster, Or, Loue hes a bleeding. 4^ Lond. 1622. 

:— 40 Lond, 1634. 

4» Lonrf. 1639. 

— 40 Lom/. 1652. 

40 Lond. 1717. 

revis'd, and the two last Acts new 

written [by Elkanah Settle] 4° Lond. 1695. 

— ■ A King and No King. 4° Lond. 1631. 

4t^ Lond, 1655. 

40 Lond. 1676. 

The Knight of the Burning Pestle. 4° Lond. 1635. 
^ ed, alt. 4° Lond, 1635. 

The Elder Brother, a Comedie. 4« Lo?m/. 1637. 

4« Lond. 1651. 

40 Lond. )661. 

Wit withovt Money, a Comedie. 4® Lomi. 1639. 

4<» Lo«(/. 1661. 

(with alterations and amendments. 

by Kume persons of Quaiity,) as it is now acted at the Queen*8 
Theatre in tbe Hay-Market. ^^ Lond, 


B E A 

BEAUMONT (francis) and FLETCHER (john) The Bloody 

Brotber, aTragedy. 4^ Lond.1639, 
[or] The Tragaedy of Rollo Duke of Nor- 

mandy. 4« Ojford, 1640. 

The Wiki Goose Chase, a Comedie : being: the noble. 

lafit, aiid only Remaines of those incomparable Drammatists, 
Francis Beaumont, and John Fletcher, gent. retriv'd for the 
publick delight of all the ingenious» and private bene6t of John 
Lowin and Joseph Taylor, Scrvants to hiB late Majestie^ by a 
Person of honour. fol. Lond. 1652. 

Poems by Francis Beaumont, Gent. viz. The Hermaph- 

rodite. The Remedy of Love. Elegies. Sonneti:, with other 
Poems. 8« Lond. 1653. 

The Humorous Lieutenant, or Grenerous Enemies jel 

Comedy. 4« Lond. 1697. 

Tbe Tragedy of Valentinian. 4« Lond. 1717. 

Valentinian a Tragedy, as 'tis alterM by the late Earl 

of Rocbester, andacted at the Theatre Royal. Together with 
a Preface conceming the Author and hb Writings : by one of 
bis Friends. 4fi Lond. 1685. 

Tbe Prophetess ; or the History of Dioclesian : with 

Alterations and Additions afler the manner of an Opera. Re- 
presented at the Queens Tbeati'e by their Majesties Servants. 4^ 
Lond. 1690. 

The Pilgrim a Comedy : as it is acted at the Theatre- 

Royal in Drury-Lane. Written originally by Mr. Fletcher, and 
now very much alterM, with several Additions. Likewise a Pro- 
logue, Epilogue, Dialogue, an4|Masque writt^n by the late great 
Poet Mr. Dryden, just before his death, being the last of his 
Works. 4« Lond. 1700. 

The Little French Lawyer, a Farce, in two Acts; taken 

from Beaumont and Fletcher: as performed at the Theatrc 

Royal in Covent-Garden. 8® Lond. 1778. 
BEAUMONT (g.) Fixed Slars ; or, an Analyzation and Refuta- 

tion of Astrology. 8» Lceds, 1803. 
BEAUMONT {Sir harry) Crito : or a Dialogue on Beauty. 8^ 

Lond. 1752. 
BEAUMONT (j. f. albanis) Select Views in the South of France 

with Topographical it Historical Descriptions. fol. Lond. 1794. 
■ Travels through the Maritime Aips, from Italy to Lyons. 

fol. Lond. 1795. 

Description des Alpes Grecques et Cottiennes, ou Tab- 

leau Historique et Statistique de la Savoie. 3 tom. 4® Par. 1802. 

[Allas.] fol. 


BEAUMONT (john) Considerations on a Book entituled " the 
Theory of the Earth," publish't some Yeara since by the 
leamed Dr. Bumet. 4<> Lo7id. 1693. 

■ ■ The Preaent State of the Univcrse : to wbich are added 
some other curious Remarks, as also an AccoudI of Common- 
wealths. 4» Lond. 1694. 


B E A 

BEAUMONT (john) An Historical, Physiological and Theologi. 

cal Treatise of SpiriU, Apparitions, Witchcrafts, and other ma- 

gical Practices. 8^ Lond. 1705. 
Gleanins^s of Antiquities, Containing i. An Essay Ibr 

explaining the Creation and the Deluge according to the seofe 

of the Gentiles. ii. A Discourse of Oracles. iii. Some Notes 

concerning Faniiliar Spirits. 8® Lond. 1724. 
BEAUMONT (john) Min, 6f the Go$peL v. taylob, 
BEAUMONT (joseph) Mathematical Sleaii^ Tables : or the 

great and only Mystery of weaving Linen-Qoth explaia'd. 8® 

Dubl, 1712. 
BEAUMONT CMrJ Dutch AUiances : or, a plain Proof of theif 

Observance of Treaties : exemplifyMin the Particulars of thcir 

inhuman Treatment of their friends aad Confederates the £i^- 

lish at Amboyna. 8® Lond. 1712. 
BEACMONT (morfouace de) Apologie des Bestes, ou leurs Con- 

noissance et Haisonnement prouves contre le Syst^me des Phi- / 
* losophes Cartesiens, qui pretendent que les Brutes ne sont que 

des Machines Automates. Ouvrage en Vers. 8® Par. 1732. 
BEAUMONT (M'»e, h P. de) Education Complete ou Abrc^e 

de PHistoire lJniver»elle, melee de Geograpfaie, de Chronologie.. 

A Tusage de la Famille Royale de S. A. R. la Princesse de 

Galles. 3 tbm. ^ Lond. 1753. 
Civan Roi de Bungo, Histoire Japonnoise. 2 tom. 8* 

Lond. 1754. 
BEAUPI-AN {le Sieur de) Description dc« Contrees dv Royavme 

de Pologne. 4* Rouen. 1651. 

• Description d'Vkranie. 4<^ Rouen. 1660. 

BEAURAlNS (petrus de) Questio Medica, an Faculta» i Ma* 

teria? 4« Par. 1647. 
BEAV REPERE {le Sieur de) Le Modele dv parfait Caralier 

qui ensei&^ne i la Noblesse tous les plus beaux Airs du Mane- 

ges. 8^ Par. 1671. 
BEAUSARDUS (petrus) v. ASTRONO!ynA. 
BEAUSOBRE (m. de) v. jablonski. tbstamentum. 
• Histoire Critique de Manichee et du Manicheisme. 

2 tom. 4» Atnst. 1734-9. 

- St. Jatzko : or a Commentary on a Passage in the 

Plea made by the Advocate for the Jesuits at Thom ; in which 
roenlion is made of this Polish Saint. A Transl. from the Fr. 
of Monsieur Beausobre. 8® Lond. 1735. 

The History of the Reformation, from the French of 

Mons. de Beausobre, by John Macauley, Esq. vol. 1. 8® Land. 

BEAUTY. A Discourse of auxiliary Beauty, or artifieiall 

Handsomenesse, ni point of Conscience between two Ladie»» 

8« Lond. 1656. 
. An Inquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty 

and Virtue; in two Treatises. 8® Lond. 1725. 

Universal Beauty, a Poem. fol; Lond. 1735, 


B E B 

BEAUTY. The Beauties : an Epistle to Mr. Eckardt thc Painter. 

fol. Lond, 1746. 
BEAUVAIS (cHARLEs de) Des Arts et Sciences Humaines. 12* 

BEAUVAIS (M.) <rOrleans, 1a Maniere de discemcr les Me- 

dailles Antiques de celles qui sont Contrefaites. 4^ Par. 

■■ Traite des Finances et de la fausse Monnoie des Ro- 

mains, au quel on a joint une Dissertation sur la maniere de 

discemer les Medailles Antiques d'avec les Contrefaites. 8® 

Par. 1 740. 

Histoirc Abregee des Empereurs Romains et Grecs, 

des Imperatrices, des Cesars, des Tyrans, et des Personnes des 

Familles Imperiales pour lesquelles on a frappe des IVledailles, 

depuis Pompee jusqu^d la Prine de Constantinople par les 

Turcs, sous Constantine XIV, demier Empereur Grec. 3 tom. 

8» Par. 1767. 
BEAUVAIS (nicolas Evesque Sf Comle de) Lettre Pastorale pour 

la publication de son Ordonnance de douzieme Nouembre, mil 

six cens cinquante trois. 4^ Beav. 1653. 
BEAUVAlS-hiANGIS. Les Memoires de Monsievr de Beavvais- 

Nangis, ou THistoire des Favoris Fran^ois: ausqvels Pon a 

ioint des Remarques sur l'Histoire de Dauila & celie de Ben- 

tiuoglio, sur THistoire de Flandres. 12® Par. 1665. 
BEAUVAL (i. boucher) Traite de la popvlaire Coliqve bilievse 

dePoitov. 8« Roch. 1673. 
BEAUVAV (henry de) Relation jovraaliere dv Voyage dv Le- 

vant. ^^» Nancy, 1615. 

— 4« Nancy. 1619. 

BRAUVAU (Marq. de) Memoires du Marquis de Beauvau, pour 

servir d THistoirc de Charles IV. Duc de Lorraine & de Bar. 

12<» Colog. 1688. 
BEAUX. The Character of ihe Beaux, in five Parts : to which is 

added the Character of a Jacobite. 8® Lond. 1696. 
BEAWES (wyndham) Lex Mercatoria rediviva, or a Complete 

Code of Commercial Law : the fifih Edition, considerably en- 

larged and improved by Thomas Mortimer, Esqr. fol. Lond. 

BEBBER (isaacus) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Peste. 4P Ultr. 1656. 
BEBEL (joh. balth.) De Parricidio Gentis Ottomannica?, quo 

Impcrium Turcicum niti dicitur. 4° Argcnt. [1684.] 
BEBELIUS (baltas.) EccIesiaB Antedilvvianae Veraet Falsa, ex 

Antiquilatibus Mosaicis crutse, et publicis Disputationibus ven- 

tilat» in Academia Argentoratensi. 4® Argent. 1665. 

— Historise Ecclesite Noachica?. 4® Argent. 1666. 

— — Antiqvitates Germaniae Primae & in hac Argentoraten- 

sis Ecclesiae Evangelicae. 4® Argent. 1669. 
BEBELIUS (cHRisT. georg.) De Arthritide Aegrorum culpa in- 

sanabili. 4» Vitemb. [1712.] 


B E C 

"BEBELIUS (heinr.) Facetiae Heinrici Bebelii,superioruin Aeta- 
tvm Dicta iocosa & Facti ridicula continentes, in libros tres 
digests vnd cum Prognostico perpetuo^ Accesserunt illu»- 
triorum virorum loci & Apophthegmata cx Macrobij, Pogii, 
Erasrni, Camerarij, & aliorum monumentis collccta. 12® Fran- 
cof. 1590. 

Triumpbus Veneris: publicse lucis factus impensis & 

glossographia restrictiore : M. Wolfgangi Tbeodorici Wendels. 
4<> 1690. 

BEBELIUS (john) Critical Remarks on the Epistles, as they 
were published from several authentic Copies by John Bebe- 
lius at Basil, in 1531. N. B. The comraon Reading atanda 
first, to which is subjoin'd BebeHus^s Text ; together with such 
Authorities as favour it: which Authorities, consisting of 
Manuscripts, Fathers, and printed Copies, near forty in num- 
ber^ are taken from Dr. Mill and others. [By Benjamin Daw^ 
ney.'] 8« York. 1735. 

BEBENBURGIUS (lupoldus) Veterum Germaniae Principvm 
in Fide et Religione Constantia. 12^ Par. 1540. 

BEBERUS (wernerus) Disputatio iv. Physica de Mistione^ Me- 
teoris, & Corporibus peifecte mixtis inanimatis. 4^ RirUkeL 

BEC (jEAN dv) Histoire dv grand Tamerianes: tir^e des monu* 
mens antiques des Arabes. 12® Roven. 1614. 

BECA (joH. de) r. beka. 

BECANUS (gvil.) Serenissimi Principis Ferdinandi Hispaniarnn 
Infantis, S. R. E. Cardinalis, Trivmphalis Introitvs in Flandrise 
MetropoUm Gandavvm. fol. AtUv. 1636. 

BECANUS (joAN. GOROPius) Origines Antwerpiane, sive Cim- 
meriorvm Becceselana novem hbros complexa. fol. Antv. 1569. 

■ Opera loan. Goropii Becani hactenus in luci-m non 

edita: nempcj Hermathena^ Hieroglyphica, Vertumnus, Gal- 
lica, Francica, Hispanica. fol. Antv. 1580. 

BECANUS (martinus) r. burhill. paris. pratis. 

Enchiridion variarum Disputationum, que in Acade- 

mia Mogvntina contra Calvinistas propoiiitae svnt ; de Prse- 
destinatioiie, de Authore Peccati, JustiBcatione, Merito, Gratiay 
Circulo Caluinistico, &c. 8^ Moguni. 1606. 

Examen Plagse Regis. 8^ Mogunt, 1610. 

Bccano-Baculus-Saicolbrigensi}», vei Refutatio Becanici 

Examinis Piagse Regise quoad orthodoxam Protestantum Doc* 
trinaui & serenissiiai Regis Xnglias Primatum Ecclesie regium. 
8« Oppenh. 1611. 

Apologia pro Christiano Batavo, non Calvinista, contra 

Martini Bccani Jeauita) Qvcestiones Miscellaneas. 8^ Lofnd. 

Opvscvlorvm Thrologicorum Tomi duo. 8® Mogimt. 


De Fide Deo servanda : vel, An Monachi seruent Deo 

— _ — — _ — — , — _- — y — — 

fidem qui prifugiunt ad lAitheranos & Caluinistas, & ibi vxores 
accipiunt? 8* Mogunt.lQlh 

VoL. I. 3 D ^^^.k^n::^ 

B E C 

BECANUS (martinus) Tractatus de Deo et Attributis divinb. 9^ 
Mogura. 1611. 

— Theologise Scholastics Pars prima. 4** Mogunt, 1613. 

— — • Summa Actorum Facultatis Theologiae Parisiensis con- 
tra Librum inscriptum Controversia Anglicana de Potestate 
Regis & Pontificis, &c. auctore Martino Becano. 4^ Lond. 1613. 
Examen Concordiae Anglicanse de Primatv Ecclesie 

regio. 8« Mogunt. 1613. 

— Libellus de Invocatione Sanctorum. 8° Mogunt. 1616. 

■ . De Judice Controversiarum. 8* Mogunt. 1616. 

De Republica Ecclesiastica Libri quatuor, contra Marc. 

Ant. de Dominis. 8^ Mogunt. 1618. 

Compendium Manvalis Controversiarum huius Tempo- 

ris, de Fide ac Religione. 13® Lugd. 1673. 
BECCARIA (F.) Letter toMr. Wilson, conceming the Dght ex- 

hibited in the Dark by the Boloo^na Phosphorus, made accord- 

ing to Mr,Canton's method, and iliuminated through coloured 

gfettscs. 4» ^unn. 1776. 
BECCARIA CThe Marquii) An Essay on Crimes and Punish- 

ments^ transL from the Italian ; with a Commentary, attributed 

to M. de Voltaire, transl. from the French. 8® Lcmd. 1775. 
BECCARIUS (lAC. BARTH.) De quamplurimis Phosphoris nunc 

primum detectis Commentarius. 4® Bonon. 1744. 
B£CCAT£LLI (lodovico) Vita Reginaldi Poli, Cardinalis ac 

Cantuariensis Archiepiscepi. 8® Lond, 1690. 
■ Angl. with Notes, by Benj. Pye. 8^ 

Lmid, 1766. 
B£CC£L£i;lANA. Rariora Becceleriana, prout se obtulerunt & 

snb stylum venerunt, extemporanei opell& consignante D. Ca- 

jpello P.P. edita. fol. Hamb. 1684. 
B£CC£RUS (aoamus) Commentarius civilis de Ostracismo. 4*^ 

BECCERUS (chr.) De Canero in gcmere. 4^ Ups. [1661.] 
B£CCIUS (cEORG. tueod.) De Animalibus Noctv videntibus. 4^ 

Vitenib. [1700.] 
BECCONSALL (tho.) v, beconsall. 
BECELLI (guil. ces.) v. herodotus. 
BECHAI {R. HADDAiJAN juDicis) Oid Huk Kemach, i. e. Cadus 

Farinfle'. Uomiiiae. 4® Const. 
BECHAMEL, v. ambrica. 
BECHARIA (anton.) p. dionysius Afer. 
BECHER (JOH. joachim) Character pro Notitia Lingvarum uni- 

versali. 8« Francof. 1661. 
" ' Panegyricus Athlanti Medico^ sev Magno Lexico Me- 

dico D. Ludovici ab Homigk, &c. dictus. 4^ Francqf. 1662. 
— — Pamassus Medicinalis illiistratus. (rdrm, fbl. Ulm. 1663. 
Aphorismi cx Institutionibus Medicis Sennerti. 8^ 

Prancqf. 1663. 

—— — Oedipus Chimicus. 12® Francqf, 1664. 

— — — 12* Amst. 1664. 

i 8» Franci^. ad M. 1716. 


B £ C 

BECtiER (joH. joacbim) Politischer Discurs von den eigentlichen 
Vrsachen dez Auf-und Abnehmens de Stadt Lander und Re- 
publicken. 8» Franc. 1668. 

&* Franc. 1673. 

Actorum Laboratorii Chymici Monacensis^ seu Phyaiae 

Subterraneee Libri duo. 8" Franc. 1669. 

8« Lips. 1703. 

Supplementum secundum in Physicam Subterraneam. 

8» Franc. 1675. 

Wagschal Menschliches Gliicks und Ungliicks. 12* 

Franc. 1669. 

— Copia : Eines Nohtwendigen Memorials. 4*^ Anut. 1678. 
' Trifohum Becherianum Hollandicum. 8° Francltf, 1679« 
4« Amst. 1679. 

■ Des Kayserlichen Herm HoflP-Cammer Praesidentens 
Hr. Georg Ludwig^ graffen von Sinzendorfi^ und des Kayser* 
lichen Cammer und Commercien-Rahts d^. Joh. Joachim Bec- 
hers. 4*^ 1679. 

Natur-Kundigung der Metallen. 8* Franck. 1679, 

Chymisches Laboratorium, oder Unter-erdische Natur» 

kundigung. 8<> Franck. 1680. 

inera Arenaria perpetua. 4* Lond. 1680. 

8^ Ups. 1708. 

Uberdie Unter-erdische NaturKiindigung,&c«12^ 1680. 

Magnalia Naturs : or, the PhilosopherVStone lately 

expo8'd to publick Sight and Sale. 4« Lond. 1680. 

Chymischer Gliicks-Haien, oder Grosse Chymische 

Concordantz und Collection. 4® Franck. 1683. 

Narrische Weiszheit und Weise Narrheit. 12^ Francif» 


Tripus Hermeticus Fatidicus. 8^ Francqf.adM. 1689. 

Opuscula Chymicha rariora: addita nova Prsefatione 

aclndice, a Frid. Roth-Scholtzio. &^.Norimb. Sf Aliorf.mS. 
BECHI CR.J Judex. Chubath Hallebaboth, i.e. Officium Cordium. 
De Ofliciis Hominis erga Creatorem. 4* Ven. 


BECHMANN (guil.) De Plantarum Animaliumque Generationc. 

4» Altd. [1687.] 
BECHMANNUS (andr.) Disput» Inaug. Med. de Peripneumo- 

nia. 4P Jen. [1687.] 
BECHMANNUS (and. elias) Dissert. Med. de Prvritv. 4« Jen. 

BECHMANNUS (pridem.) Systema Physicum ad usum Gym- 

nasii Gothani. 8^ Jena. 1663. 

. 8» JeniB. 1675. 

BECHT (joHANN-GEORGius) AaAEKAZ Qusstionum Medico- 

Physiologicarum. 4« Giessa. 1677. 

isp. Inaug. Medica de Syncope. 4^ Giessa. 1680. 

BECICHEMUS (marinus) Scodremis. In pnmum Plinii Obser- 
vationum Collectanea. fd. 


B E C 

BECICHEMUS (marinus) Scodrensis, Marini Becichemi Sco- 
. dren»is in C. Plinivm Praelectio. Eiusdem Plinii Praefatio in 
Libros Historiae Naturalis diligenterac cum ludicio reco^nita, & 
in veram, ac plane Plinianam lectionem, restituta. Eiusdem 
Scodrensis Collectanea inprimum Plinii. Nicolai Perotti Pon- 
tificis Sipontini Commentariolus in eundem primum Plinii lib- 
rum. Comelii Vitellii in eundem primum Enarratiuncula. fol. 

. Lut, Par. 15)9. 

Orationcs Tres. i^ Paiau. 1530. 

BECILLUS (cjesar) Evan^eliorum Connezio. 16^ Ram, 1633. 

B£CK (adam. henr.) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Dyienteria Robte 
Ruhr. 4° Marb. Catt. [1683.] 

BECK (ralthasar) v, damelsz. 

BECK (cave) The Universal Character. 8« Lond. 1657. 

BECK (hieron.) r. turci. 

B£CK (joH. ANTON.) Dissert. Inaug. Mcd. de Hydrope Ascite. 4® 
Erf. [1674.] 

' Disp. Inaug. Medica iEgrum Asthmate scorbutico la- 

bofailtem exhibens. 4° Giessa. [1679.] 

B£CK (frid. arnoldus) Disp. lurid. Inaug. de Cavsis Ivramen- 
ium Suppletorivm respuemibus. 4<^ Hal. Mag. [1710.] 

BECK (joH. FRiD.) Theses Miscellanes. 4** Jen. [1714.] 

BECK (joh. georg.) Disscrt. ChemicadeGerminationeMetallica 
artificiali, ejusdemque novo Invento. 4P Giessa^-Hass. [1718.] 

Dissert. Inaug. Med. Historiam de Viro, Palpitatione 

Cordis, & Asthmate violento mortuo, ejusdemque Viscerum, 
cullro Anat. Nudatorum, mirabilem structuram exhibens. 4^ 
. Giessa [1718.] 

BECK (joshua) r. robins. 

BECK (margaret) The Reward of Oppression, Tyranny, and 
Injustice, committed by thelate Kings and Queens of England, 
and otherv<i, by the unlawful Entry and unlawful Deteiner of 
the Dutchie Lands of Lancaster ; declared in the Case of Samuel 
Beck, an Infant, and directed to his Highness Oliver Lord 
Protector of England,&c. and to his Privie Counsel. 4° Loiid. 

BECK (michael) De Potentiis, quibus extra Unionem gaudet 
Anima rationali^. 4^ Jen(B. 1673. 

B£CK (william) Dr. Sachevereirs Vindication : or, an Answer to 
a pretended Letter tothe Lord-Mayor, with a modest Reply to 
some scandalous Remarks on a Sermon preachM at St. Paurs 
on the 5th of Nov. 1709. 8° Lond. 1709. 

BLCKE (dav. von der) v. barnerus. 

Barnerus leviter et amice castigatus. 8° Hamh. 1675. 

Experimeiita et Meditationes circa naturahum Rerum 

Principia. S*» Hamb. 1683. 

Dissertatio Anatomico-Practica de Procidentia Utcri, 

ab erroribus loannis Garmeri Hamb. vindicata. 8^ Hamb. 
BECKE (edmind) r. biblia <^w?/. 


B E C 


BECKENDORP (joach.) Theses Inaugurales Sacro-Medica?, 

riEPI nAP0tNIAI,seu de Sigms Virginitatis. 4<^ Franeq. 1725. 
BECKENSTEIN (johann. simon) VVappen-Kunst, und Art det 

Blasonirens. 8" [Petersb, 1731.] 
BECKER (did. henr.) Disp. Juhd. Inaug. de Jure Empbyteutico. 

4« Lugd, Bat. 1703. 
BECKER (gottfr.) De Politico Simulante.' 4<> WUteh, 1666. 
BECKER (gottlieb) De Lapide Bezoar. 4» Witteh, 1673. 

De Catarrhis. 4« Lu^d. Bai. 1675. 

De Spasmo Cordis. 4'» ^[1675.] 

40 1679. 

BECKER (HENR.J Dissert. Inaug. Med. deDoloribus. 4P Hal. Mag. 

BECKER (hermannus) Livonia certis Propositionibus compre- 

hensa. 4<» Vitetnh, [1700.] 
Panejjyr. Frederici III. Saxon. Elect. ct Acad. Vitemb. 

Fundatoris. 4« yUemb. [1703.] 
BECKER (jAc.) Disputatio de Variolis et Morbillis secunda. 4^ 

Argent. 1642. 
■' Dinput. de Respiratione tertia et ultima. 4® Argenf. 


Disput de Dentibus, quarta et ultima. 4^ Argenl. 1644. 

BECKER (JOAN. caspar) Dissertatio de prsecipuis Ne^otiis in Co- 
mitiis Imperii Germanici olim et hodienum tractari solitift. 4^ 
Helm. 1666. 
BECKER (JOH. coNR.)'De Abortu. ^*» Giess. Hass. [16%.] 

ParadoiKum Medico-Leojale de Submersorum morte sinc 

pota Aqua, aliquot cadaverum sectionibus detectum, & ^ prin- 
cipiis Mechanicis illustratum. 8** Giessce. Hass 1704. 

cum Prsefatione cel^berrimi Wede- 

lii. 4<» Jen. 1729. 
BECKER (joH. FRiD.) Dissert. Medico-Chinirgica Inaug. de Fls- 

tula Urethr» virilis. 4« Hal. Mag. [1728.] 
BECKER (JOH. gottfr.) Descriptio Theriac® Ccelestis. 4^ Hqflt, 

Unfug des Natiirlichen Zinnobers, erwiesen. 4® Copen' 

hag. 1708. 
BECKER (lOH. HERM.) Fundamentum Prselectionum Physico- 

Dogmaticarum. 8" Rost. 1736. 
BECRER (justus wilh.) Disput. Medica de Stlgmate Magorum. 

40 Marb. Catt. 1681. 
BECKER (nicolaus) Disputationum Libclli de Anima secunda^ 

de Cute, Pingvedine, Mvscvhs, et Pentonaeo. 4<^ Witeh. 1602. 
BECKER (samuel) Diatribe de Sanitate Hommis morbosa. 4® 

Regiom. [1706.] 
BECKER (theod.) Disp. Historico-Theologica de Epicureo illo- 

rum Errore oui negant in Dea Pnescientiam futurorum Con- 
^ tin^rentium. Pars secunda. 4' Traj. ad Rh. 1689. 
BIICKIUIS (jAcoBus) Djsp. Med. Inaug. de Alimentorum fasti- 

dio. 4*^ Lugd. Bat. 1669. 

B E C 

BECKERUS (dan.) r. beckherus. 
BECKERUS (JOH. conr.) v, becker. 


BECKERUS (ludov. aug.) Scrutinium Operationis Medicamen- 

torum fluxu8 impedientium. 4® Rost. 1715. 
BECKERUS (sim. andr.) Disdert. Med. iB^rum Singultu ex Fe- 

bri maligna laborantem sistens. 4° Jen. 1676. 

De Myrrha. 4« Jen, [1676.] 

' Disp. Inaug. Medica de Angina. 4** Jena [1678.] 
BECKET (5. THOMAs) Archiepuc, Cantuar.v. beaulieu. brunaus. 


' Vita & Processus Sancti.Thomae Cantuariensis martyri« 

super libertate Ecclesiastica. 4® Par, 1495. 

The Life, or the Ecclesiastical Historie of S. Thomas 

Archbishope of Canterbury. 4^ Collonia. 1639. 

The Prophecie of Thomas Beckct, Arch-Bishop of 

Canterbury, in the rei^ of King Henry the Second : concem- 
ing the Wars betwixt England, France, and Holland. 4® Lond. 

A Letter written to a Friend in Wilts upon occasion of 

a late ridiculous Pamphlet, wherein was. inserted a pretended 
" Prophecie of Thomas Becket'», &c.'' 4» Lond. 1666. 

Epistolas et Vita Divi Thom» Martyris et Archi-episcopi 

Cantvariensis. Nec non Epistolae Alexandri III. Pontiiicis, 
Gallis Regis Ludovici Septimi, Anglise Regis Henrici II. alia- 
rumque plurium personarum, concementes Sacerdotii et Im- 
perii Concordiam : in lucem productse ex "MS. Vaticano, operft 
& studio F. Christiani Lupi Iprensis. 4® Bm^ 1682. 

Pars Secunda. 4» Brux. 1682. 

BECKETT (william) New Discoveriea relating to the Curc of 

Cancer». 12« Land. 1711. 
— 12« Lond. 1712. 

A free and impartial Enquiry into the Antiquity and 

Efficacy of Touching for the Cure of thc King^s Evil. 8« Land. 

Practical Surgery illustrated and improved; being 

Chirurgical Observations, with Reroarks upon the most extra- 
ordinary Cases, Cures, and Dissections, made at St. Thomas^s 
Hoflpital, Southwark. 8« Lond. 1740. 

A Collection of Chirurgical Tracts. 8P Lond. 1740. 

BECKFORD (wrtLiAM) Remarks upon the Situation of Negroes 

in Jamaica. 8« Lond. 1788. 
■ A Descriptive Account of the Island of Jamaica. 2 vol. 

8« 1790. 
BECKH (JOH.) Dissertationis Medicse dc Epilepsia Pars prior, ex- 

hibens ejus Pathologiam. 4® Bas. [1714.J 

■ Pars altera Inauguralis, exhibens 

ejus Prognosin et Therapiam.i4* Bas. [1715.] 
BECKHERR (dan. christ.) Problema Physicum de Motu in 

Vacuo. 4» Rost. [1676.] 
BECKHERUS (daniel) Disputatio Medica de Angina. 4« Witcb. 


B E C 

BECKHERUS (daniel) Disputationis Anniversarice Pbysico- 
medics De Somno & Vigilia soporosisque alFectibus ut Co- 
mate seu Catapbora, Letbargo, Caro, et Catocbe seu Catalepsi, 
P^rs prior Tbeorica. 4»» Rost 1621. 

■ Spagyria Microcosma. 12** Rost. 1622. 

Medicus Microcosmvs, seu Spagyria Microcosmi triplo 

auctior & correctior. 4*^ Lugd. Bat. 1633. 

: — 12*> Lond. 1660. 

BECKHERUS (ioh.) Dispvtatio Anatomica de Fabrica & Vsv 

Avris Humanee. 4** Dunt. 1639. 

De Dolore Dentium. 4° Regiom. 1639. 

BECKINGHAM (c.) r. rapin. 

BECKIl S (joAN. FRiD.) Dissert. Inaug. Medica de Helenio. 4* 

Jtnce [1719] 
BECKIUS (lOH. RUD.) Tbeses Astronomicae de Cyclis I^anetarum 

et Eciipsium. 4" Bas* 1676. 
BECKIUS (matt. frid.) Monumenta Antiqua Judaica AugustSB 

Vindel. reperta, & enarrata. 8® Aug. Vind. 1686. 

■ Epliemerides Persarum. fol. At^. Vind. 1695. 
BECKMAN (henry) v, schvi^ab. 

BECKMANN (john) A History of Inventions and Discoveries: 

trdnsl. from tbe German by William Johnston. 3 vol. 8^ Land^ 

BECMANNUS (frid.) Ambergensis Palatinus. Ad. I. Libram 

Blebf In Meletema Spbaericum. 4* 1644. 
BECMANNUS (petrus) De Temporalitate Corporis naturalis. 

4« Witteb. 1616. 
BECMANUS (crrist.) De Originibus Latins Lingvae. Editio 

innovata. S^ 1613. 
— — — Manuductio ad Latinam Linguam : nec non de OriginU 

bus Latinae Linguse. 8° Hanov. 1619. 
BECMANUS (frid.) Fra$tcqfurt. Marchicus. Disputatio Medica 

de Concoctione Ciborum in Ventriculo. 4® Franc. ad Od, 

BECMANUS (joH.CHRisTOPH.) MemorandaFrancofurtana: No- 

titia Universitatis; Catalogus Universalis Librorum Bibliothecae; 

Cronicou Urbis FrancofurtansB ; Catalogus Plantaram in Tractu 

Francofurtano sponte nascentium. 4^ Franc, ad Od. 1676. 

■ Historia Orbis Terrarum Geographica et Civilis : Dc 
variis Negotii nostri potiss. & superioris Seculi^ aliisve rebus 
selectionbus. 49 Franc. ad Od. 1685. 

Notitia Universitatis Francofurtan», una cum Iconibus 

personarum aliquot illustrium, aiiorumoue Virorum egregionim^. 

2ui eam prsesentia sua ac meritis iUustrarunt, IVofessorum 
eniq ; ordinariorum qui Anno seculah Universitatis secundo 
vixerunt. fol. Fraac. ad Viadr, 1707. 
BECON (tuomas) Tbe Actes of Christe and of Antichrbte, con- 
cemyng bothe their life and doctrine : diligently gathered and 
now taken out of his Workes by Thomas Becon. 12^ Lond. 
J.Daie. 1577. 


B E D 

BECONSALL (tuomas) The Doctrine of a General Resurrection i 
wberein tbe Ideutity of tbe rising Body is asserted, against the 
Socinians and Scepticks, in a Sennon preachM at Su Mary's 
Oxford on Easter Monday Apr. 5. 4* Orf. 1697. 

■' Tbe Grounds and Foundation of Natural Religion dis- 

covered in the principal Branches of it, in oppot»ition to the 
prevaihng Notions of the modem Scepticks and LAtitudiuarians. 
8^ Land, 1698. 

BECRER (JOH. HERM.) De duplici Visionis et Organo et Modo, 
Dioptrico altero, altero Catoptrica 4® Rost, [ItIo.] 

BECTE (davio yon der) Experimenta et Meditationes circa Na* 
tvralivm Rervm Principia. 12* Amb. Sf Ferr. 1688. 

BECUDE ^franciscls) Dbp. Medica Inaug. de Menstruorum 
Suppres>ione. 4^ Lugd, Bnt. 1670. 

BEDA Venerahilu PreA. Anglo^Sax» v. artabasDa. bale. pris^* 
ciANUs Grammaticus Qesariensis, 

» Opera omnia. 8 tom. fol. Bas, per Joan, Herrag, 1563;. 

— — — Secvndus Operum Venerabilis Beds presbyteri Tomus, 
in quo sub^uentes continentur eiusdem Commentarii. In 
Eoangelium Marci Lib. iiii. In Euangelium Lucs Lib. ti. 
In Acta Apostolorum lib. i. Expositio nominum Locorum in 
Actis contentonim, siue eiiisdem, siue alterius auctoris. In 
Epistolas Catholicas. In Apocalypsim B. loannis Apostoli. foL 
in Off. lo. Bad, Asc, 15S1. 

Venerabilis Bedae presl^rteri de Temporibus siue de sex 

Aetatibus hujus Seculi Liber. P. Victoris de Regionibus Vrbia 
Rome Lit)ellus aureus. 4° Ven. 1505. 

De Computo per gebtum Digitorum. Idem de Loquela. 

Idem de Ratione vnciarum. 4° Ven, in ctd. Tacuin, 1535. 

De Natvra Rerum et Temporum Ratione, libri dvo. 

fol. Bas. 1529. 

Ecclesiasticas Historiae Gentis Anglorum Libri v. 12* 

Lovan. 1566. 

12« Col. Agr. 1601. 

tribu» prsecipu^ MSS. Laiinis a 

mendis haud paucis repurgati : ab augustiss. veterum Anglo- 
Saxonum Rege Aluredo (sive Alfredo) examinati, ejusquepara- 
phrasi Saxonicd eleganter explicati ; tribus nunc etiam MSS. 
Saxonicis collati : una cum annotationibus, 8t anakctis k pub- 
licis veteris Eccles. Anglicanae Homiliis, aliisaue MSS. Saxoni- 
cis, hinc inde excerptis, nec antea Latin^ datis. Quibus in 
calce operis Saxonicam Cftronologiam, nunquam antea in lucem 
editam, nunc quoque primo Latin^ versam^contexuimus. [Per 
Ahrah. Whelocum.\io\. Cantabr, 1643. 

Hidtorise Ccclesiasticse Gentis Anglorum Libri ouinque. 

una cum reliquis ejus Operibus Hifrtoricis in unum Voluraen 
collectis : [Item. Baedae Historia Ecclesiastica a gloriosissimo 
veterum Angio-Saxonum Rege Aluredo Soxmiicr reddita:] cura 
et ttudio Johannis Smith, S.t.P. fol. CaiUabr. 1722. 


B E D 

BEDA Venerabills, Presb. Jnglo-Sax, De IndigiUitione & madtUitt 
Loquela Lib. ex recens. Fed. Morelli. 8° LuM, 1614. 

■■ Axiomata Philosophica, ex Aristotele & aliis pr»stanti« 

bus PhilotiophU diligenter collecta t vnd cUni breuibus quibus-: 
dam explicationibus ac limitationibus. €luibus accessenint En*» 
cylia Philosophica M. Dauidis Wasij. 12^ Geneuce. 1631. 

Venerabilis Bedee Epistols duee^ necnon Vit£e Abbatuni 

Wiremuthensium & Girwiensium. Accessit E^berti Archiep. 
£bor. Bedae sequalis Diaiog;us de Ecclesiastica Institutione. £x 
antiquis codd. MSS« in lucom emisit & notis illustravit lacobua 
WarflBus £q. Aur. 8*> Dubl, 1664. 

Opera queedam Theologica, nunc primum edita^ oecifon 

Historica, antea semel edita. Accesserunt £gberti Arcbiepisco- 
pi £boracensis Dl{lIogus de £cclesiastici Institutione^ et Ald- 
helmi £pi8Copi Scirebumensis Liber de Virginitate ex Codic^ 
antiquiBsimo emehdatus. 4^ hond, 1693. 
B£DD£VOL£ (dominicus) Disp. Med. de Generatione Hominii 
in Ovo. 4» Marp, Catt. 1680. 

• De Phrenetide, Melancholia, Mania, & Hydrophobia. 
4<> Marp, Cait. 168L 

* Disp. de Apoplexia. 4* Mntp. Catt. 
£ss:iys of Anatomy, wherein the Formation of the Or- 

gans and their mechanicai Operations are clearly explained ac« 

cording to the netr Hypotheses. Written originally in French» 

8« Lond. 1696. 
B£DDIiSGFI£LD (marcery) The genuine Trial of Margery 

Beddingfkld and liichard Ringe for Petty Treason and Murder. 
. 8« Lond. 1763. 
B£DDO£S (thomas) m.d. Observations on the Natdre and Cure 

of Calculus, Sea-Scurvyi Consumptioni Catarrh, and Fever: 

together with Conjectures upon several other tubjects of Phy* 

siology and Pathoiogy. 8^ Lond. 1793« 
» Medical Cases and Speculations ; ihcludifig Parts iv. 

and V. of Considerations on tbe Medicinal Powers, and the Pfo- 

duction of Factitious Airs : by Thomas Beddoes, is. d. and 

Jamea Watt, £ngineer. 8^ Bristol, 1796. 

A Lecture Introductory to a Course of' Popular Instruc* 

tion on the Management of the Hll|[^an Body. 8^ Bristoi, 1797^ 
B£D£' (/.) Sieur de la Gormandiere. Le Droit des Rois con|re le 

Cardinal Bellarmin et autres Jesuites. 8^ 1611. 
• Les Droicts de r£glise Calhotiqve^ & de ses Prebstres. 

8« Geneve, 1613. 

Consvltation sur la Qilestion/ si )e Pape est superievr 

dv Roy en ce qui cst du temporel.S® Sedan, 1615. 
B£D£LL (william) Bp. of Kilniore. v. bbrnard. bibl(a Hibern. 


* Some Original Letters of Bishop Bedell, Codcerning the 

Steps taken toward a Reformation orReligion at Venice, upon 

occasion of the Quarrel between that State and Pope Paul V^ 

8« Dubl, 1749. 

VoL. L 3K B£D£MAB 

fi £D 

BEDEMAR {Marq. de) SqviUnio della Libeita Ventta. 4f MU 
randola. 1612. 

*« ' ■ cx)n vn Discorso di Lvigi Helian 

Arabasc. di Fraocia, contro i Veneziani> tradotto del Latino, e 
con Note storicbe. 8<> CoL 1681. 

GalL 1S5« Bouen. 1677. 

BEDFORD (CoUniy of) r. hehtfordshirb. 

*— To the Right Hon. the Peeres assetnbled in Parliament 
the humble Petition of the High-Sheriffe, Knij^hts, &c. of the 
County of Bedford. To the Hon. the Knis:hts, Citizens, and 
Burgesses, in the Conimon's House of Parliament the humbk 
Petition of thc High Shcrif]&, Knights, Gentlcmen> &c. fol. 
Lond. 1641. 

To the Kings Majesty, the hnmble Petition of divert 

loyal Subjccts inhabiting the County of Bedfordi amountinf^ to 
the nuraber of 3800. With bis Maje«ty's Answer. fol. [1642.] 
A Letter written out of Bfdfordshire unto the Earl of 

Manchester, aod intercepted by one of his Majesties Scouts. fol. 

Bloudy Newes from Bedfordshire^ cotycerning the latc 

Fights on Sunday and Munday last between the Forces under 
the command of the Duke of Buckingham^ and the Forces com- 
manded bv Sir Michael Lievesey and Col. Skroop. Together 
with bloudy Newes from Penbrook and Colchester. 4^ Lond. 

The Declaration of the Gentlemen, Freefaolden>, and 

Inhabitants of the County of Bedford. fol. Lond. 1659. 

To tbe Parliament of the Commonwealth of England, 

tbe humble Representation and Desires of divers Frecholders 
and others inhabiting withifi the County of Bedford. fol. Lond. 

Collections towards tbe History and Antiquities of Bed- 

fordshire, containing the Parisfaes of Paddington, Luton, and 
Dunstaple. [N'». viii. of Bibl. Top. Brit.l 4« Lond. 1783. 

Additions to Luton and Danstaple. [N^ xxvi. 

of Bibl. Top. Brit.] 4» Lond, 1784. 
BEDFORD (Enrh and Dukes of) v, russel. 
BEDFORD (T(yam of) A True Relation of wfaat hapned at Bed- 

ibrd^ on Munday last, Aug. 19. instant, while Tbundering, 

Lightning, and tempestuous Winds tore up the Trees by the 

roots, &c. to the terror and ama^ement of the Inhabitants. 4" 

Lond. 1672. 
m A Short Demonstration that Navigation ^to Bedford is 

for the benciit of Bedfordsbire. foK 
BEDFORD-LEVEL, v. dodson. 
■ A Relation of the business now in band conceming 

Bcdford-Leveil, written in a Letter to a worthy Member of this 

Parliament. 4» Lcmd, 1661. 

The State of the Account and Contest between thc Old 

and l^tw Adventurers in Bedford-Levell. foi. Lond. 1663. 


B E D 

BtZDFORD-LEVEL. The History or Narrativc of the Great 

Levtl of tbe Fenns called Bedford Level, with a large Map of 

the said Level, as drained, surveyed> and described by Sit 

Jonas Moore, Knt. 8® Lond, 1685. 
* An Essay on Draining : more particularly with regard 

io the North Division of thc Great Level of the FennsoBdrd 

Bedford Level. 8« Lond. 1729, 
BEDFORD (arthur) A Second Advertisement concerning the 

Profaneness of the Play-House. 8° Bristol, 1705. 

The Evil and Danger of Stage-Plays. 8» Bristol, 1706. 

■ The Temple Musick : or, an Essay conceroing the 

Method of Singing the Psalms of David in the Tempie, before 

the Babylonish Captivity. 8» Lond. 1706. 

A Serious Remonstrance inj>ehalf of the Christjao Be- 

lis^ion, against the horrid Blasphcmies aod Impieties which are 
btill used in the EngHsh Play-Houses. 8» Lond. 1719. 

Animadversions upon Sir Isaac Newton's Book, intitled 

the Chronolo^y of ancient Kingdoms amended. 8® Lond, 17?8. 
The l^cellency of Divine Musick : a Sermon. 8® Lond^ 


BKDFORD (frances) v, bedford (James,) 
BEDFORD (jAMEs) The Pervsal of an Old Statute conceriung 

Death and Judgement as it was lately delivered in a SermpQ ti 

the Funeral of Mrg. Frances Bedford. 4*> Lond. 1657. 
BEDFORD (Mr,) v, baxter. 
BEDFORD (thomas) An Examination of the chief Points of An- 

tinomianism, collccted out of some Lectvres lately preacbed in 

the Church of Anthohncis Parish, London. 4° Lond, 1647. 
— ^— — Some Sacramentall Instructions; or, An Explication of 

the Principles of Religion. 16** Lond, 1649. 
BEDFORD (thomas) A Sermun occasioned by the Death of the 

most hon. Francis Marquis of Tavistock. 4P Lond, 1767. 
BEDINGFIELD (thomas) r. cardanus. 
BEDLE (thomas) The Princehe Progresse of the Chvrch Militant> 

marching forth by the steps of the flocke to her triamphant 

Bridegrome Christ lesus. 8® Lond^ 1610. 
BEDLOE {Capt, william) Tfae excommunicated Prince ; of, the 

False Relique a Tragedy : as it waa acted by his Hoiinesa^s I3er« 

vants. Being the Popish Plot in a Play. fol. Lond, 1679. 
- The Examination of Capt. WilUam Bedlow deceased 

Felating to the Popish Plot, taken in hi» last sickness by Sjir 

Francis North. fol. Lond, 1680. 

- A faithful Account of the Sickness, Death, and Btirifl 

of Capt. WiUiam Bedlow, who dyed August the 20th and waa 
burit:d August the 22d. 16S0. fol. Lomj. 168a 

The Righteous Evidence> witnessing ihe Truth : bein^ 

an Account of the Sickness^ and death-bed Expressions, of Mr. 
WiUiam Bedlow : who deceased at Bristol the 30th of Augusl» 
1680 : with his attestations conceming the Jate damnable rlot» 
Vr Lond. 1680. 


B £ i: 

B&DLOE (Capt. wiLtiAM) The Life and Death of Captain William 

Bedloe. 8<' Lond, 168L 
BEDROTUS (JAC.) r. cicero. 
3EDWELL (thomas) Mesolabium Architectonicuni> that is, a 

nnoat rare, and siogular Iijstrumrnt, for ^he easie, fpeedy, and 

mo^t certaine measuring of Plaines and Solids by the foote : 

publ. by Wilhelm Bedwell, his nephew, Vicar of Tottenham. 

4^ Land. 163L 

^- ^ 4« Lond, 1639. 

BEDWELL (william) Vicar qfTottaifuim. v. johannes (5.) Evatk' 

j* Kalendarium Viatorivm Generale. The TravellcrR Ka- 

lend^ serving generally for all parts of the World. 8* Lond. 

1614. • ^ 

■ Mohammedit Jmposti^rte ; that is a Discovery of the 

manifold Forgeries» Fal)>ehoods^ and horrible Impieties of the 

blasphemous seducer Mohammed : whereunto u annexed the 

Afaoian Trvdgman. 49 Lond. 1615. 

A Description of the Towne of Tottenbam Highcrosse 

in Middlesex. 8» Lond. 1718, 

B££, 9. ANDERSON. 

BEE (john) Disp. Med. de Epilepsid. 4<» Lugd. Bat. 1669. 
BEECH (william) A Plot from £dom for the Nation of £ngland 

and the City of London. W Lond. 1649. 
f . A New Light-Honse at Milford for the great Pilots of 

England, for their safety, as well to avoyd the unremovable 

Bock Eliot from their doore, here^ as to l)eware of the Bishop 

«nd his Clerks, neer their Harbour there. 4*^ 1650. 
B££CK (abrah.) v. amnell. 
B££CK (adrianus aO Mcdicatio Senis vertiginosi. 4* TVaf, ad. 

Rh. 1615. 
B££CK (herm. van) Disp. Medica de FoUiculo Fellis. 4^ Uhr. 

B££Ck (pETRus a') Aquisgranvm, sive Historica Narratio de Re- 

g^ae S. K. I. & Coronationis Regum Rom. Sedis Aqvensis Ciuita- 

tis origine ac progressu. 4^ Aquisgr. 1620. 
B££CKMAN (andreas) Disp. M^ico-Practica Inaug. de Hy- 

drope Ascite. 4^ Lugd. Bat. 1718. 
B££CKMAN {Capt. daniel) A Voyage to and from the Island 

of Bomeo in the £ast Indies. 8<^ Lond. 1718. 
B£ECKMAN (isaac) ThesesdeFebreTertianaintermittente. 4* 

Cadom. [1618.] 
BE£K (j.) Tlie Triumph-Royal: containing a short Account of 

the mO!»t remarkable Battels, Sieges, Sea-fights, (So:. of the 

Princes of the House of Nassau. 8** Lond. 1692. 
BEEKMAN (petrus) Disp. Med. Inaug. de XAfiPnu, sive de 

Morbo Virgineo. 4<> Lugd. Bat, 1707. 
BEEKMAN (wilh.) Disp. Med. Inaug. de ASectione Hypochon- 

driaca. 4« Lugd. Bat. 167& 
BEEN (henr ) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Hydrope Ascite. 4* Lugd. 

Bai. 1675. 


B £ £ 


Warm Beere, or a Treatise wherein is dedared, by many 

reasons, that Beere so quahfied is farre raore wholsoine iben 
that Which is drunke cold. 16° Cambr. 1641. 

, 8" Lond. 1724. 

— ^ An Ordinance of Ihe Lords and Commons in Parlia* 

ment shewinor that all Brewers of Beere, Ale, Cider, or Perry,- 
fihaU pay the Excise imposed by a former Ordmance. 4® Lond» 
Oct. 18. 1645. 

A Df claration of severall Observations conceming the 

Cause of the Subjects' Grievances hereunder expressed: by. 
T. A. [Conceming Beer and Brewers,^ fol. 1646. 

A Proposal to raise four hundred thousand Pounds per 

ann. by amending the deficieifcy of thc Excise on Beer and 

Ale. fol. 
BEER (oEORG. ALEx.) Schcdiasma Physicum dc Viribus miraodi» 

Toniconsoni. 4« Wiit. 1672. 
BEER (georg. frid.) Deus ex Inspectione Cordis investigatus. 

4«J<m. J706. 


BEER (pHiL. cHRisT.) Discussio Physico-Astronomica exhibens 
kesponsionem ad Argumenta opposita Controversie inter Pto« 
lemaicos, Tychonicos, & Copemicos agitatas, an Stells in Coelo 
Bubsistant immotse, & Terra jugi circumvolvatur Motu, eoque 
triplici, diurno, annuo^ & Inclinationis seu ReflexioniaB 4^ 
Witt. 1660. 

BEERE (richard) An Epistle to the Chief Priests and Eldera of 
the Jews. 8^ Lond. 

BEERMAN (sigism.) Einige Histdrische Nachrichten und An- 
merckungen von der Gra^hafR Pyrmont und ihren beriibm^ 
ten Saur-Brunnen. 8* Franc, und Leipz. 1706. 

BEERNINCK (cobnslius) Introductionis Historise ad Cartesii 
Philosophiagm Pars quarta. 4^ UUr. 1664. 

■ ■ ' Disp. Philoa. Inaug. de Principiia Geometrice. 4* Tna» 
ad Rh. 1685. 

BEERNINCK (fredericus) Disp. Jurid. Inaug. de Raptu Vicgi« 

nis. 4« Traj. ad Rh. 1685. 
BEERWINCKEL (lon. pbanc.) Excerpta qu8?dam ex Observatis 

in nupera Peste Hamburgensi. 4** Jcmb. [17J4.] 
BEERWINCKEL (tobias ernestus) Disputatio Medica de Ve« 

nssectione rite adhibenda. 4® Jcna. [1675.} 
BEES. The Reformed Common-wealth of Becs ; presented in 

severall Letters and Observationa to Samuel Hartlib Esqr. with 

The reformed Virginian Silk-worm. 4^ Lond. 1655. 
Dc Naerstige Byen-houder. 4" Anut^iOGQ. 

■ The Natural History of Bees \ tranklated from the 
French. 8« Lond. 1744. 

BEESLEY (henry) rrxOMAXIA, or the Soules Conflict : pourw 
trayed in eight severall Sermoos. 8^ Lond. 1657. 


d£ G 

BEE5T0N (h.) Winton. A Poem to bis most excellent Majestf 
' Charles the second : together with another by H. Bold, olim 

Wtnton. fol. Lond. 1660. 
BEETHAM (e.) New Lectures on Heads. 8» Nevoc. ttp. Tyne. 
BEEVERELL (james) Les Delices de la Grand' Bretagne, k de 

rirlande. 8 tom. 8« Ldde, 1707. 
BE6 (Schick alli) v, sanis. 
BEOERUS (joh. fr.) De Mythica Moralia tradendi ratione nov- 

antiaua. 49 Vitemb, 1704. 


■ ■ Thesaurus ex Thesauro Palatino selectus, sive Gem- 

manim et Numismatum qus in Electorali Ciroeliarcho conti- 
nentur elegantiorum aere expressa, et convenienti Commentario 
iilvstrata Dispositio. fol. Heidelh, 1685. 

Observationes et Conjecture in Numismata qufiedam 

antiqua. Accedunt duse Ez. Spanhemii ad Authorem Epistole, 
iisque interjecta Authorb ad priorem Responaoria. 4* CoL 
Brmtd. 1691. 

Spicelegium Antiqvitatis sive Variarvm ex Antiquitate 

Elegantiarum vd novis luminibus illustratarum vel recens etiani 
ediurom Fasciculi. fol. Col, Brand. 1692. 

Thesaurus Brandenburgicus selectus, sive Gemmamm 

et Numismatum Grscorum, in Cimeliarcho Electorali Bran« 
denbnrgico, elegantionim Series» commentario iliustratse. 3 tom. 
fol. CoL March. 1696. 

Cranee Insula Laconica, eadem & Helena dicta, & Mi« 

nyanim posteris habitata: ex Numismatibus Goltzianis contra 
communem Opinionem quse ad Helenam Atticte respexit 4^ 
Coi. Brand. 1696. 

Meleagrides et ^olia, ex Numismate KYPIEnN apud 

Gdtzium. 4<> ?k)L Brand. 1696. 

Contemplatio Gemmarum quarundam Dactjrliotbecsa 

Goriaei. 4<> CoL Brand. 1697. 

Bellum ct Excidium Trojanura, ex Antiqvitatum reli- 

3uiis Tabula pra^scrtim quam Raphael Fabrettus edidit lUaca 
elineatum, & adjecto in calce Commentario illustratum. 4^ 
BcroL Sf Ups. 1699. 

Regum et Imperatonim Bomanorum Numismata, a 

Romulo et C. JuL Ctesare usoue ad Ju^tinianum Aug. cuia 
Alberti Rubenii Commentario. tol. Col. Brand. 1700. 

Colloquii Quorundam de tribus primis Thesauri Anti- 

quitatum Grscarum Voluminibus ad eorum Authovem Relatio. 
fel. 1708. 

De Nummis Cretensinm Serpentiferis Disquisitio anti- 

quaria. fol. CoL March, 1709. 

Ulysses Sirenes prstervectus, ex Ddineatione Pighiana, 

aubjectis aliis quibusdam de Ulysse Antiquitatibus» DiaTogo il< 
Iiistratus. fol. CoL Brand. 1703. 

Poems Infernales Ixionis» Sis^^bi» Ocni et Danaidum, 

ex DeHneatione Pighiana desumtse, et Dialogo illustratae. fol< 
CoL March. 1703. 


B £ H 

BfeGERU3 (laur.) Alcestis pro Marito mpriens et Vitae ab Hcr» 

cule rescituta. fol. CoL Brand. 1708. 
» Numismatum modernorum Cimeliarchii Regio-£lecto« 

ralis Brahdenburgici Sectio prima, continens Numismata Poa-« 

tificum RomanorUmj aliorumque Ecclesiasticorum/ rariora et 

elegantiora. fol. CoL Brand, 1704. 

Hercules Ethnicorum ex variis Antiqvitatvm Rdiqoiis 

delineatus: additis in fine modemis quibvtsdam Picturis. foU 

BEGGARS. An Order of the Lords re^pecting Beggars and Va- 

gabonds, 5 March 1646. fol. Lond. 1646. 
» By the Mayor. An Order concerning Rogues, Vaga^ 

bonds, and Beggars. fol. Lond, 1655. 

Order of Common Council, 12 Oct» 1714. relatlng to 

Rogues, Vagabonds^ and Beggars. fol. Lond. 
BEGLY (coRN.) The English Irish Dictionary. 4» Par. 1732. 
BEGRIERES {U Sr. cabbon de) Manuel des Ecuyers. 8^ Par. 

BEGTRUP (lOH.) Dissertatio Historico-Philologica de Panathe* 

najis. 4« Ht^. [1695.] 
BEGUIN (jean) Les Elemens de Chymie: augmentez par Jean 

Lucas de Roy. 8^ Rouen. 
Tyrocinivm Chymicvm e Natur» Fonte et manvali Ex» 

perientia depromptvm. 12® CoL 1614. 

, go Rcgiom. 1618. 

a loh. Georg. Pelshofero. 8» WtU 

ieb. 1650. 

'■ « commentartis illustratum i Gerardo 

Blasio. 12^ Amst. 1659. 
BEGUINES. Lettre de Mr. r Abbe S*** a Mlle. de G**» Beguine 

d'Anversj sur l'Oriffine et le Progres d» son Institut. 8^ Par^ 

BEGUYER (renatus) Quflest. Medica, an Sanguinis Partes te* 

nuiores in Venis quam in Arteriis? 4® Par. 1732. 
■ QuaBsL Medica^ an ad Sanitatem Mores ? A^ Par* 

BEHAMB (jo. ferd.) Notitia Hungaris Antiquo-Modeme Ber« 

neggeriana^ perpetuis Obsenrationibufi condecorata, nec noD In-« 

dice tum marginali tum reaU iliustrata, emendata. 8^ Argeni. 

BEHM (jOANNEs) Musaeum Sanitatis. 4^^ Ven. 1701. 
BEHM (joH.) JB. Theologicum Thema de setema Filii Dei Divi« 

nitate, firmatum ab iEtemitatis Attribvto, oppositum hodieriHH 

rum Ebionitamm in Hungarid et Polonia blasphemiia. 8^ Lip9. 

BEHMAN (arnoldus) De fabulosa Ducis Belisarii Ccecitate et 

Mendicitate Dtssertatio Historica. 4^ Havn. 1704. 
BEHME (io^Annes) Dissert. Inaug. de Mensibus Gravidarum 

F(Ktvi innoxiis, ^^ Jena. 1711. 



BEHMEN (jacob) v. rotham. 
' OpenL Germ. 7 tom. 8* Amsi. 1682. 

■ " TheoMmhisch Epistel oder Send Brieff, dhrinnen dtet 

Leben eines wanren Christen beschrieben wird. 12® 1633. 
■ ■ ■ ■ - Angl. 12» Lond, 1645. 
Von Christi Testamenten zwey Biichlein. 12® Amsi* 


8® \ 

Angl. by John Sparrow, Barrister of ifae 

Inner Teniple. 4® Lond. 1652. 
4« Limd. 1656. 

■ ' ■ ■ Einfeltige Erklarung von ChriBti Testament der HeyL 
TaufFe. 12® Amsl. 1658. 

Auro]*a, das ist Morgen Rothe im Auffgang vnd MuU 

ter der Philoiiopliife : oder Beschreibung der Natur. 12® 1634. 

12® 1656. 


AngL [by John Sparrow.] 4® LomL 

De Signatvra Rervm 2 das ist Bezeichnung aller dingea 

wie das Innere vom Eusseren bezeichnet wird. 12® 1635. 

AngL [by J. Ellistone.] 4® Lond. 1651. 

■■ Gall. par le Sr. Jean Macle. 8® Franc. 

■' Der Weg zu Chrislo in zwenen Biichlein. 13® 1635. 

- Angl. 12® Lond. 1648. 


DerWegk zu Cbristo vcrfasset in sechs Biichlein. 12* 

Amst, 1658. 
» ' Bedencken vber Esaioe Sliefels Biichlein : von Dreyer- 

len Zustandt des Menschen, vnnd d^sen Newcn Geburt^ 12^ 


■ ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ Angl. 12® Lond. 1653* 

— — Mysterium Magnum. Genn. 4® Liebh. 1640. 

-" The Life of one Jacob Boebmen; who aitliough he 

were a very meane man, yet wrote the most wonderfuU deepe 

knowledge in Naturall and Divine things: wherein is coa- 

taintrd a perfcct Catalogue of liis Workes. 4® Lond. 1644. 

The Tree of Christian Faith. 4® Lond. 1644. 

XL. Qvestions concerning the Soule, pr^pounded by 

Dr. Baltbasar Walter, and answered by Jacob Behmen. Writ* 
ten in the Germane LauQuage Anno. 1620. 4® Lond. 1647. 

Thc Second Booke concerning the three Principles of 

the Divine Essence. [by J. S.] 4® Lond. 1648. 

The Epistles of Jacob Behnien aliter Tevtonicus Phi- 

losophvs. [by J. E.] 4® Lond. 1G49, 

Mercurius Teutonicus; or a Christian Information 

conceming the last Timts : bcing divcrs Propheticall Passages 
of the Fall of BabelU and the New Buiklings in Zion. 4® Lond,^ 

4® Lond. 1656. 

■ Gottes Sohn von Ewigkeit : das ist Von der Geburt dea 

Sohnes Gottes aus seinem V&ter von Ewigkeit. 8® 


B E H 

]U^IIM£N (jacob) Four Tables of Divine Revelation: Engltshed 

by H. B [lunden.] fol. Lond. 1654. 
Concerning the Election of Grace : or, Of Gods Will 

towards Man, commonly called Predestination. [transl. by John 

SparrowJ^ 4° Lond. 1655. 

Theosophische Send-Schreiben. 129 Amst, 1658. 

The Fifth Book of the Authour, in three Parts. Tbe 

first of the becoming Man, or Incarnation of Jesus Ciirist : the 
second Part is of Christs Sufiering« Dving, Death and Resurrec- 
tion : the third Part is of the Tree of Christian Faith. 4* Lond. 

Trost-Schrifl, von vier Complexionen. 12® 

The Remainder of Books written by Jacob Behme : 

£nglished by John Sparrow. 4® Lond, 1663. 

Jacob Behmens Theosophick Philosophv unfolded ; 

also the principal Treatises of the said Autbor abridged : by 
£dward Taylor. With a short Account of the Life of Jacob 
Behmen. 4<» Lond. 1691. 

Metallurgica Bohmiana. Gtrm. 12* 1695. 

Wahre und grtindliche £rkanntnis8 des grossen Gehe- 

imnisses der Gottseligkeit, &c. 4* Affist. 1718. 
B£HMIUS (gothofr.) De Nominibus Argumentum. 4^ Brtga. 
B£HMIUS (michael) Disp. Theol<^cade Loco administrandc 

Sacroe CcEnie ordinario. 4® Rcgiom. 1680. 
B£HN {Mrs. aphora) v. lycidus. 
The Forcd Marriase, or the Jealous Bridegroom, a 

Tragi-Comedy. 4« Lond. 1671. 
■ The Dutch Lover : a Cdmedy. 4® Lond. 1673. 

The Rover : or, the BanishH Cavaliers. 4® Lond. 1677. 

The Second Part of the Rover. 4« Lond. 1681. 

The Round Heads, or, tbe Good Old Cause, a Comedy. 

40 Lond. 1682. 

The City-Heire88 ; or^ Sir Timothy Treat-all : a Co- 

medy. 4' Lond. 1682. 
4» Lcmd. 1698. 

The Luckey Chance, or an Alderman's Bargain : a 

Comedy. 4P Lond. 1687. 

Tlie £mperor of tbe Moon, m Farce. 4* Lond. 1688. 

The Widdow Ranter, or the History of Bacon in Vir- 

ginia, a Tragi-Comedy. 4** Lond. 1690. 

Tlie Younger Brother ; or the Amourous Jilt^ a Comedy : 

writlen by the late ingenious Mrs. A. Behn, wiih some Account 

of her Life. 4» Land. 1696. 
B£HOTIUS (adrianus) Diiwivm. Apologia 11. pro Porphyriot 

8«Par. 1601. 
— — — Response a TAnticoton, de poiut en point 8* Par. 

BEHOTTK (adrian) v. bebotius. 
BEIIR (cuRisTOPH.) De Muris Urbia BpoiA Coojectura. 4* Gcd. 

VoL. L 8 F BEHR 

B B H 

B£HR (haks) The Dedaration of ComTnissary Generall Behr 
a^ain^^t divcrs Slanders and Lies spread abroad againfit bim. 
fol. 1644. 

,■ [An Answer to the Declaration,'] fd. 

BEHR (JOH. voN der) Ntun-Jahrige O&t Indianische Reise. 4* 

Franckf, 1689. 
BEHOLD. [A Paper against a personall Treaty.] 4» 1648. 
BEHRENHARDUS (joh.) Dissertatio Mathematica de Maciilis 

Solaribus. 4^ Heltnst. 1709. 
BEIIRHNS (albertus) Utrum deturtkliqua Diaboli in hoc Mundo 

Operatio? 4^ GrypInswAlfM. 
BEHRENS (andr.) Disput. Medica de Calculo Renvm etVesica?. 

4^ Helmest. 1656. 

4» Hefmest. 1679. 

BEHRENS (brandan diderich) De Partibus Generationis in 

Muliere. 4« Hehnest. [1688.] 
-— — De communibus CorporJB Velamenti* ad loh. Veslingii 

Syntagmatis Anatomici Cap. i. 4^ Helmst. 1688. 

Dissertatio Medica de Aqvse calidce potv. 4^ Helmest. 


De Cerebro et Cerebello, ad loh. Veslingii Syntagmatis 

Anatomici Cap. xtv. 4® Helmest. 1689. 
B£HR£NS (conr. bartholdus) Disp. Pbys. de penetrabili Effi- 

cacia efnuvioruro in afficiendis Corporibus Animalium. 4* Hel' 

mest. 1681. 
^ I^put. Inaug. de Sufibcatione Hysterica.* 4® Helmest. 


Selecta Medica, de Mcdicins Natura ac Ccrtitudine, 

Medicis, eonimque requisitis, &c. cum Epimelro de Magormn 
existcntia ac dignotione. 4^ Franc. Bf Lips. 1708. 

Selecta Difletetica ^u de recta ac conveniente ad Sanf- 


tatem vivendi ratione Tractatus. 4^ Francof. fy Lips. 1710. 

Brcindlicber Bericht von der Nntur Eif^nschafil und 

wahreni Ubrsprung der Pest. 4° Braunskvy. 1714. 
BEHRENS (^EoRG. hennino.) Hercynia Curiosa, oder Curioser 

Harta-Wald. 4<> I^ordh. I7t)8.. 

Angl [by John Andree.] 8» Ltmd. 1730. 

BEHRENS (JOACH.) Exercitatio JPolitica de Optima Republica. 

40 Hehist. 1652. 
BEHRENS (JOANNES) Disp. Med. dc Scorbuto. 4* Hdmast. 

BEHRENS (juLius georg.) Disputatio de Fbrmenlatione. 4* 

Helmest. 1657. 
*■■ ■ • ' 4» Helmest. 1679. 

Disp. Med. Inaug. de Scorbuto. 4* Helmest: 1659. 

BEHRENS (rud. agr.) De Consideratione Animce rationaHs 

roedica. 4° Lips. 1720. 
— — Dissert. Inaug. Med. si^tens Examen Aqvarum MinH^ 

liulti Fvrat^navianskiBi «t Vechtddensium. AP Hetmst, 1724. 


B E K 

BEHRENS (rud. agr.) Tri^a Casvvm memorabilium Htstorico 

Medicorum. 4<» WoffeHb. 1727. 
■■ Dissert. Epistolaris de Allectionibus a Comestis My tvlis. 

4»Hoiiiior. 1735. 

Untersuchimg der Mineraliscben Wasser zu Fiirstenau 

und Vechtelde. 49 Braunschw. 
BEHRENSIUS (joh. dan.) Dissert. Inaug. Medico*Cbirvrgica 

qua Casus Oppido rarusj Sarcomatis e Pudendo muliebri sec* 

tione sublati Historiam continens, ad disceptandum exponitur. 

^ Viiemb. [1728.] 
B£HRI$CH (cHR. GOTTOPR ) Dissert. Inaug. Med. de Pbantasiae 

UsUy Liisu, et Abusu in Medicina. 4^ Hal. Magd. 1722. 
BEHRIUS (geo. hen.) Pbysiologia Medica. Germ. 4° Strasb, 


■ LexicoD Pbysico-Cbymico-Medicum Reale: cum prae- 
fat. Mich. Alberti. 4<> Argeni. 1738. 

B£HRNAU£R (cur. gottl.) Disp. Inaug. Medica exbibens Pru- 

dentiam Mcdici in indagandis Morborum causis. 4^ Erfordia, 

B£ICH£ (georc.) DisserUtio Pbilologica de Poetis Scholae pub* 

licse vtitioribus, 4« HaL Magd. 1706. 
B£I£R (arn. frio.) De .£gra ex Lochiorvm retentione graviter 

decvmbcQte. 4** Jen. [1697.] 
B£I£R (cHRisTOPH. wiLH.) I)e Triangulorum Sphsricorum ex 

ObeUsco solutione.Dissertatio Matbematica* 4'^ Hafn. 1715. 
B£I£R (gothofr. ) De Constitutione Mammarum. i^Jena. { 1669.] 
. De Alee. 4« Jena. 1670. 

■ Dissert. Med. Inauguraiis de Aphtbis. 4PJen(B, [1672.] 
B£I£R (jo. MATTH.) De HomiDe, Disp. Physica. 4P Witteb, 

BEI£RUS (ADRiANus) De Collegiis Opificum. 4° Jf^a. 1688. 
B£IL£Y (john) Several useful ^d nccessary Tables> for the 

Gauging of Casks. 12® Lond. 1694. 
BEIL£R (beneoictus) A New German Grammar. & Lond. 

B£ILFUSZ (PBT. LAUR.) Amoenitates & Vindiciie Phil. ad Institu- 

tion. Justinian. Titulos nonnullos. 4® Wiitenb. 1689.- 
BEIRMANN (arnoldus ^oot) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Paralysi. 

4» Tr^j. ad Rh. 1695. 
B£ISTM£R (henr.) Disput. Philosophica de Concursu Causae 

prims cam secunda. 4* [1688;] 
B£ISZL£RN (fribdr.) Baum des Lebens. Id^' Verl 1682. 
B£KA (iohanhbs de). loannes de Beka Canonicus Ultrajectinus 

et WilhelmuB Heda Prspositua Arnhemensis de £piscopi8 Ul- 

traiectinis, recogniti et notis bi<itoricis illustrati ab Arn. Buchelio 

BatavoI.C. Aocedunt Lamb. Hortendii Montfortii SeceBBionnm 

Ultrajectinarum Libri, et Siffridi Petri Frisii Appendix ad His- 

toriam Ultngectinam. fol. Ultr. 1643. 
B£K£ST£YN (joamnes) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Dyspepaia. 4V 

Tr. ad KL 1692. 




ER (balthas.) o. fullenius. 

De PhilosophiaCartesiana Admonitio candida& ftinerra. 

161» Vesal. 1668. 
16» Amst. 1693. 

ODdersoek van de Betekeninge der Kometen. 8^ Leuw. 

■ Le Monde Enchante. 4 tom. 16^ Amst. 1694. 

BEKKER (cHBisTOPH.) Exercitatio Medica sistens Mgmm Vul- 

nere Capitis laborantem. 4® Jeme. 1683. 
BEKKING (everh. joh.) Dissert. Physica tertia, in qiia demon- 

stratur omnimoda rerum omnium dependentia d Deo, tup in 

esse, tum inoperari. 4® Frantq. 1711. 
BEL (matthias) Adnaratvs ad nistoiiam Hvngarifle. fol. Poson. 

■ ■ ■ Notitia Hvng^iae Novae Historico Geoo^phica^ divisa 

in Partes qvatuor. Accedunt Samvelis Mikovinii Mappse sin- 

gulorum Comitatuum, methodo Astronomico-Geometrica con- 

dndatse. 3 tom. fol. Vien. 1735-7. 
BEL (william) The Testament of William Bel, Gentleman, kfl 

written in his owne hand : with Annotations at the end» and 

Sentences, by his sonne Francis Bel. 12^ Doway. [1632.1 
BELBIN (peter) A Sermon preached at the Funeral of Mr. 

George EUiott of Reading : who died Nov. 3. 1799. 8^ Lond. 


' A Sermon preachM^t the Funeral of Mr. Benj. Tom- 

kins of Abingdon. 8® Lond. 1733. 
BELCAMP (jo. v.) Consilium & Votum pro ordinanda ac stabi* 

lienda Hibemia. fol. Lond. 165L 
BELCARIUS (franciscus) ConciosiveLibellusaduersus hnpium 

Caluini ac Caluinianorum dogma de Infantium in matrum uteris 

aanctificatione : in quo pleraque alia Caluini etiam Dogmata 

expenduntur. 8^ Par. 1566. 
BELCHER (john) v. stbnnett. 
BELCHER (w.) Belcher^s Address to Humanity: containing, a 

Lettcr to Dr. Thomas Monro ; a Receipt to make a Lunatic, 

and seize his Estate; and a Sketch of a true smiiing Hyena. 8^ 

BELCHIER (dabridgcourt) Hans Beer-Pot his invisible Come- 

die of See me^ and See me not : acted in the Low Countries by 

an honest Company of Health-Drinkers. 4® Lond. 1618^ 
BELCHILGEN (Caunt) An Essay on the Virtues and Properties 

of the Ginseng Tea by Count Belchilgen, m.d. and J. A. Cope, 

M.D. with Observations on the pemicious Efiects of Tea Drink- 

ing in general. 8^ Lond. 1786. 
BEIJ)AM (william) v. gibrons. 
BELEBAT (jacques roland Sieur de) Anti-Loimie, ov Contre- 

Peste. 12<> Sawnvr. 1625. 
BELESTRE (fran. picote db) QucstioMedica^ ansedando Colico 

Dolori Purgatio? 4« [1684.1 
BELET (guil.) Qusstio Medica, an Fftralysi Sodorifica ? 4«Ltt/. 

Par. 1647. 


B E L 

BELFAST. Aug. 17. 1642. A Relation from Bclfast in Irdand, 
sent to a friend, mentioning some late successe against the 
Rebels, by Col. Clotworthy, about Mount-Joy in thc County 
of Tyrone, with a Letter of the Deputy Lieutenant» of Dcvoo* 
shire to the Gentlemen of Comwall. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

A Necessary Examination of a dangerou* Design and 

Practice against the Interest and Sovereignty of the Nation and 
Common-wealth of England, by the Prcsbytery of Belfast in 
the Province of Vlster in Ireland, in iheir scandalous, malicious, 
and treasonable LibeL 4<^ Land. 1649. 

Letters from Belfast. 8« Belf. 1752. 

Papers, collected and seriously dehberated upon by a 

Number of Linen-Drapers in and near Lisbum and Belfast. 4® 

Bclf. [1763.] 
BELFORD (Sar william) v, bupert. 
BELFOUR (john) A New History of Scotland ; from the earliest 

Accounts to the present time. 8^ LcnuL 1770. 


' Annales, sivc Historis Rcrvm Belgicarvm, a diversis 
avctoribvs (versa pagina nominatis)ad hsec nostra vsqve tempora 
conscriptac deductseque, & in duoa Tomoa distinctse. fol. Fro/i- 
cqf. ad Moen. 1580. 

Historia Belgica : hoc est, Rervm Memorabilivm^ qvss 

in Belgio, iam inde a Pace illa Cameracensi inter Carolvm V. 
Rom. Imperat. & Franciscvm ejus nominis L Regem Franciq, 
ter pientiss. memorise inita, passim aliquando euenerint, brevis 
Designatio : cui intertexta sunt quse etiam in Europa insignia 
ac illustria passim contigerint: deducta ab 1529. vsque in 83. 
annum prsesentem. Hactenus k variis vario stylo conscripta, 
jam vero prsesenti facie, & quasi in Epitomate, singulari studio 
ac industria cuiusdam Historiarum sUmiosi congesta. 8* Franr 
cqf. 1583. 

Apologeticon, et veraitervm in Belgico Geniiania nv- 

per gestarvm Narratio, ex qua dilucide perspicitur, quibus om- 
nis tumultuum & calamitatum Origo ^ Causa ferri accepta 
debeat. S^ 

De Ivre BeOi Belgici adversus PhiUppum Regem His* 

paniarum Oratio nobilis &lg8e» ad potentissimos ac serenissi- 
mos Christiani Orbis Principes. Seorsum accessit Princeps 
Avraicvs, siue Libertas defensa : Tragcedia noua Casparis Cas- 
parii. 8^* Hagit-Com. 1599. 

Exemplar Epistols a potentissimis DD. Ordinibus ffene- 

ralibus missse ad singuks foederati Belgii Provincias. 4® Sagd' 
Com. 1619. 

Veridicus Belgicvs, quem Avctor avxit, recensuit: e 

Bdgioo Latinvm reddidit An. Dr. Accessit Apocalypsis Bata- 
vica, item auctior, emendatior. 12® 1626. 

CiviUvm apvd Belgas Bellorvm Initia, Progressvs, Finis 

optatvs: in quam rem Remedia a ferro & pace prsescripta, 
Fidei, Patri», Orbis bono. » 1627. 


B £ L 

BELGIUM. Three severall Treatises coneerninfr the Trvcc at thii 
present propounded [unto the States GeneralL] 4^ Lond, 1630. 

1. I)is6ertatione6 de Indvciis Belli Belgici. 12^ Lugd. Bat. 

Elz. 1633. 

Ju9 Bel^um circa Bullarum Pontificiarum receptio- 

nem. l^ Leod. 1645. 

Commentariolvs de Statu confcBderatarum Provincia* 

rum Belgii. Accessit de eadem materia Pauli MeruUe Diatriba : 
nec non Decretum Ordd. HoUand. & West-Frisis de antiquo 
lure Reip. Batavicae. 12^ Hag. Com. 1650. 

Chribti Legati in fcederato Belgio. fol. Haarl. 1650. 

Defensio Belgarum contra Evocationes et peregrina 

Judicia. l^ Leod. 1665. 

CollectioMonumentorum, Remmque maximeinsignium 

Belgii fcederati ; e Templ. et Locis pub. Urbium et Academ. a 
primordiis Reipub. hucusque deducta, qualis nunquam antehac 
divulgata. 8<> Am$t. 1684. 

[A Collection of all the remarkable Toums, Cities, and 

Forts m the Seven United Provinces, tvith a M<n> qfJBelgium by 

Fr» de tVit, Plans qf the Cities qf London and Paris, and qf 

Luxemburgh and Strasburgh. fol. Afnst.] 
BELGRADE. A Tnie Relation of the Siege of Belgrade, with 

the Taking it by Storm, &c. 4» [168a] 
■■ Tbe Siege of Belgrade : an Historical Novel translated 

from a German Manuscript. 3 voL 8^ Lond. 1741. [The Date 

should be 1791.] 
BELHOMME (humbert) Historia Mediani in Monte Votogo 

Monasterii Ordinis Sancti Benedicti ex Congregatione Sancto- 

rum Vitoni et HidullL 4® Argent. 1724. 


BELIANIS. Historia del magnanimo et invtncibil Principe Don 

Belianis, figliuolo deirimperator D. Belanio di Greeia : trad. di 

lingua Greca in Castigliana &di Castigliana in Italiana da Oratio 

Rinaldi. 8° Ferr. 1586. 
BELICI (giov. batt.) Nuova Inventione di fabricar Fortezze di 

varie forme. fol. Ven, 1598. 
BELIDOR {M.) Nouveau Cours de Mathematique, a TUsage dc 

r Artillerie et du Genie. 4» Par. 1735. 
B£LI£V£R. A Behever^s £vidences for Heaven : or, a Short 

£s6ay for Christian Comfort, or Spiritual Joy. 8^ Lond. 1717. 
B£LIN Ta.) Les Avanturesdv Philosophe inconnv^en larecherche 

& en 1 inuention de ia Pierre Philosophale. 12® Par. 1646. 
B£LISARIO (isaac mendes) A Serroon occasiooed by the death 

of his late Majcsty^ preached Nov. 29th 1760, in the Synagogue 

of the Portuguese Jews in London transL from the Spanish. 

4« Lond. 1761. 
B£LISARIUS Aquav. Aragon. Neritinorum Dux. De Principvm 
' Liberis educandis. De Venatione. De Aucupio. De Re Mi- 

liiari. De Singulari certamine. His additum est elegans Poe- 

matium MichaeUs Marvlti de Principum Institutione, nunquam 

bactenns editum. 8^ Bas. [1578.] 
B£LITZ (georgiys) De Dvellis Germanorvm. 4P Vitemb, 1717. 


B £ L 

BELIUS (MATTHiAs) De vetere Litteratura Himiio.Scythica Exeiv 

citatio. 40 Lips. 1718. 

> Hvngaria antiqvae et novae Prodromus, cum Specimine, 

qvomodo in singulis 0|)eris partibus elaborandis versari contti- 

tuerit. fol. Norimb, 1723. 
BELKE (thomas) A Paire of Gold-Weights, or Calumny and ite 

Confederates to be bound to the Peace and Good Behaviour. 4* 

BELL (andrew) d d. An Experiment in Education madc at thc 

Male Asylum of Madras. 8» Lond. 1797. 
BELL (anne) A most circumstantial Aocount of that unfortutiate 

Young Lady MissBell otherwise Sharpe who died at Marybone 

on Saturday October 4. By Heartfree. 8® Land. 1760. 
The true and whole Proceedings of the Coroners In- 

quest at St. Mary-Le-Bonn^ on Saturday October the 11 th 

1760, touching the Death of Anne Sharp. 8» 

An Answer to the Pamphlet wrote by the Juryman 

touching the Death of Ann Sharp. 8* Lond. 
BELL (benj.) A Treatise on the Theory and Mani^ment of 

Uicers. 8« Edinb. 1778. 

ASysttmof Surgery. vol. 1. 8» Edinb, 1783. 

V6l. 5. 8» Edinb. 1787. 

vol. 6. »» Edinb. 17188. 

— 7 vol. 8* Edinb. 1796. 

A Treatise on Gonorrhoea Vinilenta and Lues Venerea. 

2 vol. 8° Edinb. 1793. 

Discourses on the Nature and Cure of Wounds. 8^ 

Edinb. 1795. 

•**— Essays on Agriculture, with a Plan for the speedy and 

fijrcneral Improvement of Land in Great Britain. 8® Edinb. 1802. 

BEbL' (cBARLEs) A System of Dissections, explaining the Ana- 
tomy of the Human Body^ the manner of displaying the Parts, 
and dieir-Vaneties in Disease. fol. Edinh. 1798. 

BELL«(slizabeth) p. peck. 

BELL ( Capt. henrt) A Trve Relation of tbe abominable Injoflfce, 
Oppinessions^ and Tyranny which Cantain Henry Bell suflered 
ninv-years together at the CounoeU-Board before this Parlia- 
raent beffan, as the said Captain Bell did humbly exhibite the 
Kame to fbe King at White-Hall, on tbe second Day of Decem- 
ber I6i0. 4» 1646. 

BELL (iienry) An Historical Essay on the Original of Paintin^. 
8« Lond. 1728. 

BELL (j.) A Concise and Comprehensive System of English 
Grammar: in Iwo Books. 8® Glasg. 1769. 

BELL (jAMEs) DD. Sermons preached before the University of 
Gla^w : to which is added a Sermon preached before the Pro- 
vincial Synod of Merse and Tiviotdale^ in the Church of Kelso, 
Apnl 37th 1790. 8» Lond. 1790. 

BELL (john) An Epistle of tender Advice^ Caution, and Wam- 
ing to Friendi, carefully to mind thc IJght of Jesus Christ, 
which ihey profess, and obey its Manifestationa in their own 
Hearts. 8° Lond. 1743. 



BSLL (john) qfAniermony, Travds from Su Petersburg In Rtis* 
flia to diverse Parts of Asio. 3 vol. 4® Glasg, 1763. 

BELL (john) The Anatomy of the Bones, Muscles, and Joints. 8^ 

■ The Anatomy of the Human Body. Vol. II. 
Containing the Anatomy of tlie Heart and Arteries. 8® Edinb, 

BELL (john) Beirs New Pantheon ; or Historical Dictionary of 
Che Gods, Demi-Gods, Heroesy and fabulous Personages of An- 
tiquity. 2 vol. 4^^ Lond. 1790. 

BELL (robert) A System of the Forms of Deeds used in Scot« 
hod. 2 vol. 8« Edmb. 1797-9. 

BELL (thomas) The Anatomie of Popish Tyrannie. 4® Lond. 

The Regimente of tbe Church. 4<^ Lcmd. 1606. 

The Tryall of the New Religion. 4« Lond. 1608. 

BELL (thomas) minister, Gliugow. v. wtnpersse. 

BELL (william) Incomparable Compeny-keeping, or a Conver- 
satioQ on Earth in Heaven, held forth in sundry Sennons^ wbich 
are now digested into a Treatise. IS^ Lond. 1657. 

BELL (william) dd. Fdlow qf Magd. Coll, Camb. v. courater. 

■ ' An Enquiry into the divine Missions of John the Bap- 
tist and Jesus Christ, so far as they can be proved from tbe 
Circumstances of their Births, and Connection with each other. 
8« Lond. 1761. 

An Attempt to ascertain and illustrate the Authority> 

Nature^ and Design of the Institution of Christ commonly call- 
ed tbe Communion and Lords Supper. B^ Lond. 1731. 

An Enquiry whetber any Doctrine relating to tbe Na- 

ture and Eflfects of the Lord^s Supper can be justly fooiided on 

the Doctrine of our Lord recorded in the sixth Chapter tf the 

Gospel of St John. 8® Lond, 1790. 
BELLA SCOT-ANGLICA. A Brief of all the Batt^lls and martial 

Eucounters which have bappened ^twixt Engiand aHd Scot- 

hnd from all times to tbis present. 4® 1648. 
BELLAFINUS (fran.) De Origine etTemporibvs VrbisBcrgomi 

Franscisci Bellafini Liber. Agn et Vrbis Bergomatis DcfCriptio, 

Marci Antonii Micliaelis Patritii Veneti. 4^ Ven. 1533. 
BELLAMIE (john) v. resbury. 

A Piea for tbe Coramonalty of London. 8^ Lond. 1645. 

■ Bellamius enervatus : or, a full Answer to a Book en- 

titled a Plea for the Commonalty of London. 4^ Lond. 1645. 
Lysimacbus enervatus, Bellamius reparatus : or, a Re- 

ply to a Booic intituled a full Answer to a Plea for the Com- 
monaltie of London. 8^ Lond. 1645. 

A Vindication of tbe bumble Remonstrance and Peti- 

tion of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of tbe City 
of London, in Common-Councell assembled, presented to both 
Houses of Parliament tbe 26th of May 1646. ^^» Lond. 1646. 
A Jvstification of the City Remonstrauce and its Vindi- 

cation. 4^^ Lond. 1646. 

BELLAMY (d.) v. castauo. 


B E L 

BELLAMY (d.) The Family-Preacher: consbting of Practical 

Discourses for every Sunday throughout the Year : as also for 

Christmas Day, Good Friday, and other solema Occasions. 

2 vol. 40 Lond, 1776. 
BELLAMY (edw.) v. huarte. 
BELLAMY (george anne) An Apology for the Life of Gcorgc 

Anne Bellamy, late of Covent Garden rheatre: writttn by her- 

self 5 vol. 8« Lond. 1785. 
Memoirs of George Anne Bellamy, including all her 

Intrigues; with genuine Anecdotes of all her public and private 

Connections. By a Gent. of Covent-Garden Theatre, 8® Lcmd. 

BELLAMY (james) v. origines. 
BELLAMY (joiin) v. bellamie. 
BELLAMY (martin) The Lifeof Martin Bellamy; with an Ac- 

count of all the several Street Robberies, Burglaries, Forgerie^, 

and other Crimes by him committed. 8® Lond. 
BELLAMY (Mr.) v. mornay. 
BELLAMY (t.) Recipes to prepare and administer various Medi- 

cines for the Cure ol the Diseases incident to Cattle, Sheep, &c. 

particularly an infallible Remedy for the Scouring in Beasts. 8® 

Bath, 1804. 
BELLAMY (thomas) The Benevolent Planters: a Dramatick 

Piece. 8« Lond. 1789. 
BELLANDA (pompeo) II Soldato Svezzese. HistoriadellaGuerra 

trd Ferdintodo II. Imperatore, e Gustavo Adoifo lU di Suetia. 

trad. dal Francese. 4® Fen. 1634. 
BELLANGER (fran. adolphus) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Animi 

Pathematis. 4<> Lugd. Bat. 1664. 
BELLANGER (M^.) Avocat. Memoire pour la Communaut6 

des Maitres Chirurgiens jures de Paris, contre lcs Doyen, Doc- 

teurs Regens de la Facult^ de Medicine en i^Vniversite de Paris, 

Demandeurs. fol. Par. 
BELLAKTIUS (lucius) De A^trolc^ca VeriUte Liber Qusstio- 

num. Astrologise Defensio contra loannem Picvm Miraodvla- 

nvm. Gabrielis Pirovani de Astronomi» Veritate Dialogus ab* 

solvtissimvs. fol. Bat, 1554. 
BELLARMINUS (robertus)"5. ^*£. CardinaUs. v. andebws. 


De Transiatione Imperii Romani a Grsecis ad Francos, 

adversus Mattbiam Flaccivm Illyricum, Libri Tres. B* Antv. 

■ Dispvtationes Roberti Bellarmini Politiani, Societatis 
Jesv, de Controversiis Christianse Fidei^ aduersus huius teinpo- 
ris hsereticos, tribus Tomis comprehensce. fol. Ingoist. 159U-3. 

■ Accesserunt hac Editione, singvlis 

Tomis recentia quaedam eivsdem Auctoris Opuscula^ svis quse- 
que locis inserta. 4 tom. foL Ingolst.\}60l. 

Vol. L 3 G BELLAR. 

B £ L 

BELIAHMINUS (robertus) S. R, E. Cardinalis. Disjmatione» 
Soberti Bellannini Poltttani, Editio plvriimis locis avcta et emen- 
data, ex correcrorio Libdio ab Auctore vnlgato Rorose. An. 
1607. 4 tom. fol. Ingolst. 1608. 

■ ■ In&tituttones Lingvse Hebraicas, ex optimo quoque Avc- 

tore collectie. 8^ Amv. 1d06. 

Responsio ad dvos Libros : vnum, cuius Inscriptio est 

** Besponsio cuiusdam Doctoris Theologp ad Epistolam reverend. 
soi amici de Breui & Censnris 4 sanctifsimo Paulo V. Papa,ad- 
uersoft Dominos Venetos publicatis^' ; et altervm cuius titulus 
est " Tractatus & Resolutio loannis Gersonis de Excommuni* 
cationis valore/* 4" Mo^mt. 1606. 

Matthaei Torti [i. e. Rob. Bellarmini] Responsio ad Li- 

brvm inscriptvm, "Triplici nodo triplex Cuneus/' sive Apoloffia 
pro luramento fidelitatis : eduersns duo Breuia Paps Pavli V . 
& recentea Litteras Cardinalis Bellarmini ad Georgivm Blavel- 
Ivm. 4<» 1608. 

8« Col. Agr. 1610. 

Apologia Roberti S.R.E. Card. pro Responsione sva ad 

Librvm lacobi M. Br. Regis cuius Titulus est "Triplici nodo 
triplex Cuneus.'' 4* Rom. 1610. 

8« Col. Agr. 1610. 

M Explanatioin Psalmoa. 4^ iMgd. 1611. 

. Tractatus de Potestate Svmmi Pontificis in rebus tempo- 

ralibus, adversut Gvlielmvm Barchdvm. 8^ Col. Agr. 1611. 

Remonstrance et Condrsiona des Gents de la Covr de 

Parleraent du 26 Nouembre mdc.x. sur le Libure intitule 
" IVactatus de Potestate summi Pontificis in rebus temporali- 
bua.'' foL 1610. 
8» 1610. 

■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ La Doctrine de lesus-Christ nostre Seignevr; et celle 
de Robett Cardinal Beliarmine, lesuite, tovchant les Roys et 
Trinces. 8» 1611. 

' De la Prinance Ecclesiastiqve et PbHtiqve. 8^ 1612. 
Ad Roberti Cardinalis Bellannini Libram de temporali 

Poteatate Paps, Commentatio. 8* Heidelb, 1619. 

De Scriptoribus Ecclesiasticit LiberVnvs. cum adivnctis 

lodicibvs vndecim, et brevi Chronologia ab Orbe condito vsque 
ad annum m.dc.xii. 4* Rom. 1613. 

4* Lugd. 1613. 

8« iMia. Par. 1617. 

■ TBque ad Annum m.dcxixi. 8* CoL Agr. 


8« Lugd. 1675. 

4» Col 1684. 

■ De Gemitv Cohrmbse, siue de Bono I^achrymarum^ 
libri Tres. 8» Aniv. 1617. 

■ ■ ■■ Recoornitio Librorvm omnivm Roberti Bellarmini S. R. 

£. Card. ab ipso auctore edita. Aeceasit Gorreetorivm Errorvm 
Gui Typomphorvm negligentia in libros eiuadem Cardimlb 
Editionis Venet» irrepserunt. 8*^ IngolH. 1606. 


' B £ L 

BELLARMINUS (robertus) S. R. E. CardinalU. A Trve Reltf^ 
tion of the last Sicknes and Death of Cardinall Bellarminef who 
died in Rome the seauenteenth day of September 1G21 : by 
C. E. of the Society of lesus. 13» 1622. 

— ' ■ " De Septem Verbi» a Cfaristo in Cruce prolatis libri 
dvo. 16<> CoL AgX' 1634. 

A Short Christian Doctrine; coknposed by ihe R. Falher 

Robert Bellarmine of the Society of lesus and Cardinall. TransK 
lated into Engiish. 16<> 1649. 

Tfae Art of dying Well : transl. from the Lttinby lofan 

Ball. 8» Lwd. 1720. 
BELLASIO (PAOLo) ViUanelle a tre Voci. 4» Ven. 1592. 
BELLASO (gio. battista) II vero Modo di scrivere in Cifra. 4® 

Bressa. 1564. 
BELLAUDUS (i. b.) Hlustrisstmi Principis Clavdii Lotfaareni Dv« 

cis AvmaUdes^ et Francis Paris» funebris Oratio, ad Lvdovicvm 

de Gonzaga Ducem Nivemiepsem. 8° Luiet. 1573. 
I^ Obitu CaroU ix. cfaristianiss. Francorum Regia« 

Oratio. 8^ LuM. 1574. 

illustrisfi. ac sereniss. magni Ducis Hetrvrias Cosmi 

Medicaei funebris Oratio. 8^ Lutet. 1574. 
BELLAY (guil. de) Instrvctions sur le faict de la Guerre, ex« 

traictes des liures de Polybe, Frontin, Vegece, Cornazaiu Ma- 

cfaiauelle, & pkisieurB autres bons autfaeurs. fol. Par. Vqko^ 


8» Par. VoKOM. 1553. 

' nouuellement reueiie & disposie le 

plus religieusement que s^est peu faire« sans preiudicier auz 

merites du dit Auteur. 8® I^n. 1592. 
BELLAY (ioach. du) r. virgilius. 
— — Les Oevvres Fran^oises. 12* Roum* 1597. 
■ Oewres. Cest a scavoir La Deflfense et lUustratioD de 

la Langue Fran^oise; I/Ofaue auffmentee; L^Anterotiaue de 

lavieille & ieune amye; Quelques Vers Lyriques; La Musag- 

neomachie; Le Recueil de Poesie; et plvisieun autres oniares 

poetiques. 4<» Par. 1561. " 

4<» Par. 1582. 

■ La premier Uvre des Antiquitez de Rome, contenant 

vne generale Description de sa Graiweur et^sommevne Deplo- 
ration de sa Ruine. 4* Pm\ 1558. 

40 Par. 1563. 

Les Regrets et avtres Oeuvres Poetiques. 4® Par. 15591 
4* Par. 1565. 

— — Hymne av Roy svr la prinse de Calais. 4* Par. 1559. 
■' Entrepris dv Roy-Davlpbin pour le Tovmoy» sovbz le 

nom des Chev^iers Advantevrevx.* 4® Par. 1559. 

Tvmvlvs Henrici secundi Gallorvm Begis. Idem Gallice 

totidem ueraibus expressum. Accessit et EkgiaadiUustr. Prin- 
cipem Carolum Card. Lotfaaringuin. 4^ Par. 1559. 

4^ PwF. 1560. 


d E L 

BELLAY (lOACH. du) Epithalaine svr le Mariage de tresiUvstre 
Prince Pbiliberl Emanirel Duc de Savoye et tresillvstre Prin- 
cesseMargveritede France. 4* Par. 1559. 

. 4* Par. 1561. 

■ DiscovTsav Roy svr kTrefve de Tan m.d.lv. 4* Par.1559. 

Hymne av Roy snr la prinse de Ca- 

lak. LesFuries contre les Infracteurs de foy. 4* Par. 1561. 

Lovange de la France et dv Roy tres chrestien Henry II. 

enscmble vn Discours ^vr la Poesie. 4^ Par. 1560. 

■ Ia Monomachie de David et de Goliath: ensemble 

plvsievrs avtres Oevvres Poetiques. 4* Par. 1560. 
4*» Par. 1561. 

Divers Ieu;c Rustiqves, et avtres Oeuvres Poetiques. 4* 

Par. 1560. 

4» Par. 1565. 

Recveil de Poesie presente a trerillustre Princesse Ma- 

dame Margverite seur vnique du Roy. 4® Par. 1561. 

La Defense el Illvstration de la Langve Fran^oise, avec 

L'01iue de nouueau augmentce, La Musagncaomachie, L'An- 
terotique de la vieille & de la ieune Amie, Vers Lyriqnes, &c. 
4« Par. 1561. 

Ode svr 1a Naissance dv petit Duc de Beavmont fils de 

Monj^ign. de Vandohme Roy de Navarre. 4* Par. 1561. 
BELLAY (martin du) Les Memoires de Mess. Martin dvBeDay 

Seij^neur de Lanp^ey. fol. Par. 1569. 

: S9 ala Roch. 1573. 

8^ Par. 1573. 

— ^ Comnientariorvm de rebus GalUcis, Lihri Decem ; ex 

Gallico Latiiii facti al> Hugone Suraeo. fol. Francof. 1575. 
BELLAY (M. rEveque de) v. camus. 
BELLAYUS (iac.) biasemis. lATPIKON ArHNIIMA. i^Monsp. 

" Examinis riq;orof»i duo Puncta, qusB sorte contigere la- 

cobo Bellayo ad LieentiaD gradum candidato, die 6 lunij 1629. 

Primum ex Arte Parva Galeni, cap. 83. Secundum ex Hipp. 

Aphon^morum lib. tertio, aphorism 25. 4*^ Monsp. 1629. 

Qusestiones Qvatvor Cardinales pro Doctorali Lavrea in 

Arte Apollinari confcieqvenda propositae ; quibus accessere As- 

KTtiones, Probkmata, &c. quorum Veritatem propuenabit la- 

cobus Bellayus, in Aula magna regii Lycaei Monspaiensis. 4^ 

Monrp. 1629. 
BELLE (jos. van) De Mercatura Oratiuncula Scholastica. 4' 

Rott. 1694. 
BELI4EAU (remy) liCs Amovrs et noweaux Eschanges dcs Pier- 

res precieuses : vertus & proprietez d^ceHes, > Discovrs de la 

"Vanite, pris de rEcclesiaste. Eclogues Sacrees prises dv Can- 

tiqve des Cantiqves. 4® Par. 1576. 
BELLEFONTAINE (louis) La Medecine Dogmatique Mechani- 

que. Tome l. 8« Amst. 1712. ' 

^-— . [Phtrmacopte Rationdle.} Tome 

IL 8ft Amst. 1712. 


B E L 

BELLEFOEEST (e. de) v. bizarus. 

BELLE-FOREST(fran. DE)r. bandello. gallo. gilles. granada. 

L'Histoire des neuf Roys Charles de France : contenant 

la fortune^ vertu, et heur fatal des Roys qui sous ce nocn de 
Charles ont mis d fm des choses menieilleuses. fol. Par, 1566. 
Les Gnindes Annales et Histoire Generale de Francc, 

des le Regne de Philippe de Valois ivsqves a Hcnry IIL Tome 
Second. foL Par. 1579. 

Discovrs des Presages et Miracles aduenus en la per- 

sonne du Roy, & parmy la France, des le cdmencement de son 
regne. 8" L^on. 1568. 

La Pyrenee, et Pastorale Amourevse, 8" Par. 1571. 

La Cosmographie Vniverselle de tout le Monde. 3 tom. 

foL Par. 1575. 

Harangves Militaires, et Concions de Princes, Capitaines, 

Anibassadevrs, et avtres manians tant la guerre que les afi&ires 
d'Estat. 9 tom. 8^ de Vlmpr. des heritiers Vignon. 1595. 

BELLE-FOREST (luys de) v. granada. 

BELLEGARDE (M. l'Abbede)Ref\ex\onB sur le Ridicule, et sur 
les Moyens de Teviter. l^ Par. 1696. 

8« Amst. 1712. 

Rcflexions sur la Politesse des Moeurs, avec des Maxi- 

mes pour la Societe civile : Suite des Reflexions sur le Ridicule. 
S"" Amst. 1712. 

Lettres Curieuses de Litterature, et de Morale. 8* Par, 


12» a la Haye. 1702. 

Histoire Universelle des Voyages, faits par Mer et par 

Terre dans Tancien & dans le nouveau Monde. 8*^ Par. 1707. 

8« Amst. 1708. 

L'Art de connoitre les Hommes. 12** Amst. 1709. 

Histoire Generale d^Espagne, depois le commencemcnt 

de la Monarchie jusqu' d present : tiree de Mariana, & des Au- 

teurs les plus celebres. 9 tom. 8® Par. 1723. 
BELLEGENT (p. de) v. camden. 
BELLEGNUS (carolus) De lure Dei, Natarae, & Hominis, Liber 

vnus. 40 Fe». 1586. 
BELLEHACHIUS (ocERius^Sacrosancta BvCdicaElizabeth Bri- 

tannia?, Francise, et Hibemi» Reginie dicata. 4^ Lond. 1583. 
BELLEJERO (santiago) v. cevallos. 
BELLEISLE. Lettres de M. le MarSchal DuC de Belleisle, a M; 

le Marechal de Contades: trouvees parmi les papier» de- Moq- 

sieur de Coiitades apres la Bataille de Mtnden. 8^ 1759. 

Angl 8« Land. 1759. 

BELLEME (cornelius van) De Origine Sacrificiorum. ^^Lt^d. 

Bat. 1714. 
BELLENDENUS (guliel.) Ciceronis Consvt, Senator, Senatiis- 

que Romanus. 8« Par. 1612. 
De Statv prisci Orbis in Religione^ Rc politica, & li- 

teris, Liber unufu 8P Par. 161 5w 



B £ L 

BELLENDENUS (guliel.) Gulielmi Bellendeni Magistri Suppli* 
cuni LibelloruiD Augusti Regis Magnae BriUiiDie, &c. de Sutu 
Ubri Tres. EiHtio «ecunda, Tonge eniendatior. 8^ Londg 1787. 

Caroli Primi et Henrice Mari», Regis et Reginas 
Magnte Britannis, &c. Epithalamivm. 4^ Par. 1625. 

De tribus Lvminibus Romanorvm Libri Sex-decim. fol. 

Par. 1634. 

A free Translation of the Prelace to Bellendenua ; con* 

taining animated Sirictures on tbe great political Characten uf 

the present Time. ^ Lond. 1788. 
BELLENGARDUS (stbphanus) Sententianim Vohunen abaolv- 

tisaimvm. fol. Lugd. 1587. 
BELLENTANI da CarpL v. caept. 
BELL£R£(iEHAN)HistoriaIeDe8cription derEtbiopie. Sf" Anv. 

BELLERIVE {Ckev. de) RelaUon d'un Voy ju|€ d^Espagne a Ben- 

der, et de son s^our au Camp du Roy de Suede. 8* Par. 1713. 
BELLERS (fkttiplace) An Abstract, or an Essay towards de- 

ducing tbe ElemenU of Universal Law from the first Principles 

of Knowledge, and the Nature of Tbings, in a methodical and 

connected Series. 4* Limd. 1740. 
4* Ltmd. 1754. 

On the Ends of Society. 4«» Land. 1759. 

BELLERS (fulr) Jesus Christ the mysticali or Gospell Sun 

sometimes seeu eclipsed, yet never going down from his People : 

00 Eclipses spiritualized : opened m a Sermon. 4® Lond. 1659. 
— — Abranams Interment: opened in a Sermon July 24. 

1655. at tbe Funerall of John Lamotte Esqr. Ald. of London. 

4« Lond. 1656. 
BELLERS (john) Proposak for raising a CoUedge of Industry of 

all useful Trades and Husbandry. 4' Lond. 1696. 
■' " Some Reasons for an European State. 4* Lond. 1710. 

■ An Essay towards the Improvemcnt of Phjrsick, in 

twelve Proposak: with an Essay for implo^^ing the able Poor. 

4» Lond. 1714. 

An Essay for imploying the Poor to profit 4® Lond. 


An Abttract of George Fox'a Advice and Waming to 

the Magistrates of London, in the Year 1657. concerning the 
Poor : with some Observations thereupon. 4* Land. 1794. 
To the Criminali in Prison. f<H. 

BELLERSON (pbiup) Almanacke for the yeere 1694. B^ Lond. 

BELLETESTE (joam. j ac.) Questio Medica ; Suntne habUiiH^ 

ad Artem Medicam» qui Imaginatione prepoUent? 4* Par. 

I An Sanitatis prssidium Eauitatio ? 4* Par. 1737. 

■ An Hypochondriaci Mon>i remedium Equitatio. 4® 

Por. 1737. 

Quaestio Medico-Chirurgica; num in Peste» ut Car- 

bunculi, sic et Buboiies statim ab initio> fiern> siiit aggredicBdi ? 
4* Par. 1738. 


B £ L 

BELLEVAL (pieriie kichkii ob) Opusculefi: auxqueln on a jomt 

un Traite d'OUvier de Senres sur la Maniere de travainer l'E'- 

corce du MAricr blanc. 8* Par. 1785. 
BELLEWE (richard) Les Ans dv Roy Richard le Second, col« 

lect' enserobl' hors d^ les Abridgments de Stathara, Fitzherbert, 

et Brooke. 8® Lond 1585. 
BELLEY (iBAN piERRE Eveque de) v, camus. 
BELL'HAVER (gio. batt.) Tbeorica et Pratica per la vera In- 

telliprenza et Cognitione intomo a gli Spiriti Maligrni, ch^entra- 

no ne' Corpi humani^ & anco intomo al^Arte ^sorcistica pet 

discaciarli da essi. 8^ Ven, 1616. 
BELL'HAVER (tho.) Dottrina facile et breve per ridurre l'He. 

breo al conoscimento del vero M&<sia, & Saluator del Mondo : 

diuisa in Otto Trattati. 4® Ven. 1608. 
BELLI (francesco) Rime nelle Nozze de gli illustrissimi Signorl, 

il Signor Conte Ascanio de Valmarana e la Sigr». Contessa Anna 

Thiene. 4<^ Vieenm, 1611. 

OMervazioni nel Viaggio. 4® Ven, 1639. 

BELLI (PAULus) Gloria Messanensivm, sive de Episto)^ DeiparaB 
Virgini^ scripta ad Messanenses Dissertatio. 4® Messance, 1647 
BELIJL (siLvio) Libro delMisvrar conla Vista. 4® Ven, 1566. 

4« Ven. 1570. 

Della Proportione et Proportionalita commani Pftssioni 

del Quanto, Libri tre. 4^^ Ven. 1573. 
BELLIE (p.) r. gignoux. 
BELLIER (piebre) 9. philo. 
BELUERE (c. db) v. niollb. 
BELLIEVRE. Memoires de Bellievre, et de Silleri. Premiere 

Partie. 8* Haye. 1696. 
BELLINGER (f.) Tractatus de Fcetu nutrito : or a Discourse con- 
* ceming the Nutrition of the Fcetus in the Womb. 8*^ Lond. 1717. 
■ ■ A Treatisse conceraing^ Small-Pox. 8^ Lond. 1731. 

BELLINGS (rich.) Annotationes in R.P.F. loannis Poncti Opvs, 

imperfectvm quidem^ mendisque (quod dcrfendum est) haud - 

quaauam purgatis Parisiis editum AnnoM.DC.Liii. authore R. 

B. H. His accessenint Vtndiciffi ab eodem B. in lucem date 

anno superiore. 8° Par. 1654. 
BELLINI (vircenzo) Delle Monete di Ferrara Trattato. 4* Ferr. 

BELLINTANI (mathia) Praticadell'Orationmentale. Parte pri- 

ma. 12" Ven. 1592. 
BELLINUS (laur.) v. drelincourt. 

. — Exercitatio Anatomica de Structura et Usu Remrai : 

cui Renum monstrosorum Exempla^ ex Medicorum ceiebrium 

scriptis addidit Gerardus Blasius. 13^ Amst. 1665. 

- Laur. Bellini de Structura Renum Observatio Anato- 

mica^ et lo. Alphonsi Borelli de illorum Usu Judicium. 8^ Ar^ 
gent. 1664. 

Gvstvs Organvm^ nouissime deprehensum. 13^ Bonon. 



B E L 

BELLINUS (laub.) Ezercitationes Anatomicfle duffi de Structurm 
et Usu Renum ut et de Gustus Organo : accedunt Quaedam Re- 
num monstrosonim Exempla, ex Medicorum celebrium Scriptis 
ooUecta per Gerh. Blasium. 4^ Ijugd.Bat. 1711. 

— — — Qu^am Anaiomica in Epistola ad sereniss. Ferdinan> 
dvm II. Magn. Hetr. Dvc. et Propositio Mechanica. 12° Pisis, 

De Urinis et Pulsibus, de Missione Sanguinis, de Febri* 

husg de Morbis Capitis, et Pectoris. 4° Francqf. Sf Lips, 1685. 
Opuscula aliquoty ad Archibaldum Pitcaimium^ in qui- 

bus praecipue agitur de Motu Cordis in & extra ulerum, ovo, 
ovi aere & respirationc; de Motu Bilis & Liquidorum omnium 
per corpora animalium ; de Fcrmentis & Glandulis, &c. 4° Lugd, 
Bat. 1696. 

40 Lugd. Bat, 1714. 

BELLIUS (martinus) v. bcza. 

— — De Haereticis, an sint perseqvendi, & omnino quomodo 

sit cum eis agetidum, Doctorum uirorum tum ueterum^ tum re- 

centiorum Sententiie. 12^ Magdeb. 1554. 
BELLOCASSIUS (steph. Comes) Sanctdogus Flandrie. 49 Par. 

BELLOFORTUS (ioan.) Td 'EfnynVT* in Libellum Galeno malc 

attributum, culus «-e^» ov^uv, boc est, de Vrinis inscriptio circun- 

fertur. [Cum Notis MSS.] S^ Par. 1581. 
BELLON (p.) The Irish Spaw ; being a short Discourse on Mi- 

neral Waters in generai: with a way of improving by Art 

weakly impregnated Mineral Waters; and abrief Account of 

the Mineral Waters at Chappel-Izod near Dublin. 12^ Dubl. 

BELLONA. The Cries of Bellona, an Heroic Poem: by Quintus 

Persius Esqr. 4® Loiid. 
BELLONI (giov.) Discorso Intomo all' Antro delle Ninfe Naiadi 

di Homero. 4<» Padov. 1601. 
BELLONIUS (PETRus) v. belon. 
BELLONUS (lOH.) Antinomiar\'m Ivris Diss<Jvtiones. De Fi- 

gvris Ivris Opvscvlvin. De Argvmentis Legum Tractatus. 12* 

Lugd. 1551. 

Commvnes Ivrivm Sententia;. 12^ Par. 1559. 

BELLORl (gio. piet.) v. angeloni. bartoli. menetreius. 
NotsB in Nvmismata^ tum Ephesia, tiim aliarum Urbi- 

um, Apibus insignita. 4" Rom. 1658. 

Le Vite de* Pittori, Scvltori, ct Architetti modenii. 

Parte prima. 4» Rom. 1672. 

- Fragmenta Vestigii vetcris Romce ex Lapidibus Fame- 

sianis, nunc primum in lucem edita cum notis lo. Petri Bel- 
lorii^ fol. Rom. 

Antonini Pii Avgusti Nvmmus de Anni novi auspiciis 

expUcatus [. Item De Nvmino Commodi et Annii Veri Caesarum 
Dissertatio]. 8« Rom. 1676. 


B £ L 

BELLORI (gio. HiBT.) Scelta de Medaglioni piv rari nella Biblio» 
theca deli' eminentiss. et reverendiss. Principe il Si^or Cardi* 
nale Gasparo Carpegna. 4° Rom. 1679. 

— — Vetervm illustrivm Philosophorvm, Poetarvm, Rheto- 
rvm, et Oratorvm Imaglnes^ ex vetustis Nummis, Gemmis^ 
Hermis^ Marmoribvs^ aliisque antiquis Monuraentis desumptse. 
fol. Rom, 1685. 

Symbolica Dianae Epbesiffi Statva exposita. Cui acces- 

sere Luca: Holstenii Epistola de Fulcris, seu Verubus Dian» 
Ephesise simulacro appositis: lo. Petri Bellorii Notsein Numi»- 
mata tdm Ephesia, tiim aliarum Vrbium Apibus insignita. fol. 
Rom, 1688. 

Veteres Arcvs Augustorum Trivmphis insignes ex re- 

liquiis quae Romse adhuc supersunt cum Imaginibiis trivmpba- 
libus restituti^ antiqvis Nummis Notisque lo. Petri Bellorii illus- 
trati, nunc primum per lo. lacobvm de Rvbeis seneis typis vul- 
gati. fol. Rom. 1690. 

Descrizzione delle Imagini dipinte da Rafaclle D*Ur- 

bino nelle Camere del Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano. fol. Rom, 

Adnotationes nunc primum evulgatae in xii. priorum 

Ca^sarum Numismata ab JEnea Vico Parmcnsi olim edita:^ 
noviter additis eoruiHiem Ceesarum imaginibus majori forma d 
prsestantiofibus Calchographis aeri iiicisis. fol. Rom. 1730. 

Ritratti di alcuni celebri Pittori del Secolo xvii. diseir- 

nati et intagliati in rame del CavaliereOttavio Lioni, con ie 
Vite de' medesimi tratte da vaij Autori, accresciute d'Annota- 
zioni, si e' aggivnta la Vita di Carlo Maratti scritta da Gio. 
Pietro Bellori fm all* anno 1689. e terminata da altri, non piit 
stampata. fol. Rorn. 1731. 

II Bonino Overo auuertimenti al Tristano intorno gli 

errori deile Medaglie, nel primo Tomo de' suoi Commentari 

Historici. 4® 
BELLOSTE (>/.) Le Chirurgien d'Hopital. 8° Amst. 1700. 
S^» Par. 1716. 

Suite du Chirurgien d'H6pital. 8® Par. 1725. 

6ELLOT (lud. flor.) Quaestio Medica; an Medicina recensan- 

tiqui prajstantior ? 4® Par. 1733. 
• Quaestio Medica ; an h Rheumatismo recreatis Pila, 

prophylacticum ? 4° Par. 1733. 
BELLOVACUS, v. theodoricus. 
BELLUCCIUS (THOMAs) Plantarvm Index Horti Pisani. l&FUrr. 

BELLU6A (pET.) Specvlum Principvm ac Ivstitiae. foL Par. 

BELLUM, r. militaris Res. 
• Bellum Poeticum. 4' Annopost Jvbilavm VUrajcctinum 


BELLUNENSIS (andr ) v. avicenna. fiMBiTAR. 

VoL. L 3 H BELLU» 

B '£ dL 

BELLUS (roH. bapt.) Diatribs dvae ; prima, de Partibus Tem* 
fdi Auguralis ; aUera^ de Mense & Die Victori8& Pbarsalicse. 
8» Tolas. 1637. 
-I Diatriba de Pbarsalici Conflictus Mense et Die« denu.o 

edita, et accessione marmoris Mafieiani ab auctore omissi Ipcu* 
|>letata« cum prsefatione Henrici Leonardi Schvrzfleischii. 4* 
Witt. Sax. 1705. 

BELLUS (JULius) Hermes Politicus, sive de Peregrinatoria Pru- 

dentia Libri tres. 12* Francof. 1008. 
— — Lavrea Avstriaca, boc est, Commentariorvm de Statv 
Reipvblicse no^tri temporis^ sive de Bello Germanico eiusque 
causis, inter Diuum Matthiam, & inuictissimnm Ferdinandvm 
II. Romm. Impp. nec non Fridericvm V. Palatinum* Jtliosque 
cum Imperii tum exteroit Reges Principesque, ^oriose vincente 
Aquila Csesarea gesto Libri xii. fol. Francqf. 1627. 

BELLUS (nicol.) Emporivm Emporiorvm : boc est, De Statibus 
Hominvm eorvmque Ingcniis^ Scientiis^ et Artibus^ Tractatva 
Historicopoliticus. 4^ Francof. 1623. 

4« Francof. 1624. 

BELLUS (thomas) Ronia restituta, sive Antiquitatum RomaQa« 
rum Compendium. 12^ Glasg. 1672. 

\2^ Lond. 1677. 

BELLZIG. Von dem Gesund-Brunnen. 4<» Wittenh. 1715. 

BELMAN. The BeLnan oC London. 4"^ Lond. 1640. 

BELMORE r Viscountess) Tbe Trial of Viscountess Belmore for 
Adultery with tbe Eari of Ancram. S^ Lond. 1792. 

BELOE (william) v. coluthus, gbllius. herodotus. 

* Miscellanies : consistini^f Poems, Classical Extracts, 

and Oriental Apoiogues. 3 vol. 8^ Lond. 1795. 

Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books. 6 vol. 8* 

Lond. 1807-12. 
BKLON (Dr.) A New Mystery in Physick discovercd by curing 

of Fevers and Aj^ues by Quinquina^ or Jesuites Powder: trans- 

lated from tbc French, by Dr. Belon^ with Additious. 12® Lond. 

BELON (pkter) Gent. The Mock-Duellist, orThe French Valet, 

a Comedy. 4<> Lond. 1675. 
BELON (pierre) seu bellonius. v. bremond. clusius. febure. 
^ — L'Ui»toire Naturelle des Estranges Poissons Marins, 

avec la vraie Peinctvre & Description du Daulphin^ & de plu* 

sieurs autres de son espece. 4® Par. 1551. 

Observations de plvsievrs Singvlaritez & Cbosesmemo- 

rables trouuees en Grece, Asie, ludee, Egypte, Arabie, & au- 
tres pays estrangcs, redigees en trois Liures. 4® Par, 1553. 

.. 40 Par. 1554. 

4« Par. 1555. 

Lat. per Carol. Clusium. [Cum Notis 

MSS. Is. Casaub,] B^ Antv. ap. Pknt. 1589, 


B £ M 

BELON (pierre) De adttiirabili Opervm antlqvorvm et Rerum' 
suspiciendanim Pracstantia Liber primus : de medicato Funere, 
seu cadauere condito, & lugubri defunctorum eiulatione, Liber 
secundus : de Medicamentis nonnullis seruandi Qadaueris vim - 
obtinentibus. 4* Par, 1553. 

■ De Arboribus Coniferis, Resiniferis, aliis quoque non- 

imllis scmpiterna fronde virentibus^ cum earundcm iconibus ad 
viuum expressis. 4® Par. 1553. 

De ArboHbus Coniferis: [De admirabili Opervm anti-~ 

quorum & rcrum suspiciendarum praestantia: De Medicato 
Funere : De Medicamentis nonnullis seniandi cadaueris vim 
obtinentibus.] 4* Par. ap. Preuost, 1553. 

De Aquatilibus Libri duo cum liconibus ad viuam ip- 

sorum effigiem, quoad eius fieri potuit, expressis. 4*^ Par, 1553« 

GalL 4« Par. 1555. 

■ L'Histoire de la Natvre des Oyseaux, avec levrs dcs- 

criptions, & naifs portraicts retirez dv Natvrel: escript en sept 
Livres. foL Par. 1555. 

foL Par. 1555. 

Les Remonstrances svr le defauH dv Labovr & CuUure 

des Plantes, & de ]a cognoissance d^ictlles. 8^ Par, 1558. 

Lat. per Carol. Clusium. 8^ Aniv. 1589. 

BELOT (iean) Le8<Flevrs de la Philo6q)hie Chrestienne ct Mo- 
rale. 12« Far, 1603. - 

Les Oevvres dc M. Jean Belot, Cvre de Mil*Monts, con- 

tcnant la Chiromence, Ptiysionomie, TArt de Memoirede Ray*- 
mond Lulle, Traite des Diuinations, &c. 8® Rouen. 1669. 

8« Liege. 1704. 

BKLOW (jAcoBus FRin.) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Veraubus Intes- 

tinorum. 4^ Traj. ad Rh. 169L 
BELOW (joHANNEs) De Variolis et Morbillis Theses Inauguralet*- 

4« Rost. [1628.] 
BELPRATO (giov. vinc.) v. solinus. 
BELVT (pierre) Deckration dv Droit de legitime Succession svr 

le Royavme de Portueal apartenant a la Royne mere du Roy 

treschrestien, 8* -^ni;. 1582. ... 

BEI^HES (r.) General View of the Agriculture of ihc County 

of Stirling. 4« Edinb. 1796. 
BELSER (GEo.) DeSangvinig perTvssimReiectione. 4^fViteb.l60l. 
BELSHAM (jAcoBUs) Canadia. Ode EniNIKIOS. 4<^ Lond. 1760, 
BELSHAM (vv.) Memoirs of the Kings of Great Britain of the 

House of Brqnswic-Lunenburg.'2 vol. 8* Lond. 1793. 
— ' Memoirs of tlie Reign of George III. to the Session of 

Parliament ending A.D. 1793. 4 vol. 8» Lond. 1795. 
BELSHAZZAR, an Oratorio. 4» Lond. 1745. 
BELSIZE-HOUSE, a Satyr. 8» Lond. 1733. 
BELTRANO (otfavio) v. benincasa. 
Breve Descrittione del Regno d\ Napoli diuiso in do- 

deci Prouincie. 4" AVip. 1644. 
BELZERUS (GEORG.) Ex Uniyersa Pbilosophia Themata, 4» 

Gissie Hass. 1633. 
BEMBO (cio. MATTUEo) p, bembo fPictro.) ^Se^KSS^ 

B E M 

BEMBO (piETRo) Card, v. castelvetro. 

■ Opere. 4 toro. Vtn. 1729. 

LaL 8» Bus. 1567. 

3 tom. 8<> Arg. 1609. 

■ Historisc Venetae Libri xii. fol. Vcn. ap. AldifiL I55I. 

ItaL 4« Ven. 1552. 

Dc Aetna ad Angelvm Chabrielem Liber. 4? Ven. in 

ad. Aldi. 1495. 

Gli Asolani. 8« Ven. ap. Ald. 1505. 

4« Ven. 1530. 

8» Ven. 1544. 

con gli Argomenti i ciascun libro. 

& con 1e Postille in margine^ fatte da Thomaso Porcacchi. 12^ 
Ven. 1575. 

GalL trad. par lehan Martin. 8* Pat. 

par M. Vascos. 1545. 

Rime. 8» Ven. 1540. 

Petri Bembi Epislolarvm^ Leonis Decimi Pont. Max. 

nomine scriptarvm^ Libri xvi. 8* Lugd. 1538. 

8» CoL Agr. 1584. 

■ Chr. Longolii Epistols selectfe. Item P. Bembi et J. 

Sadoleti aliqvot ad evm Epistolae. 8^ H. Steph. 1581. 

Epistolarivm familiarvm Libri sex ; et diversprvra ii^ 

eius mortem Epitaphia : ex emendatis Codicibus descripta om- 
nia. Ilem in easdem Epistolas Index copiosus. 8® CoL 1582. 
Delle Lettere di M. Pietro Bembo primo Volvme. 4* 

Rom. 1548. 

Delle Lettere da diversi Re, et Principi, et Canlinali, 

ct altri hvomini dotti a Mons. Pietro Bembo scritte primo Vo- 
Ivme. 12« Ven. 1560. 

Lettere a sommi Pontefici, a Cardinali, & ad altri nobili 

Signiori & Persone Ecclesiastice scritte : con la gionta della Vita 
del Bembo. 4 vol. 12« Vineg. 1562. 

Nuove Letterefamigliari a M. Gio. Mattlico Bembosvo 

Nipote. 12« Ven. 1564. 

De Gvido Vbaldo Feretrio deq; Elisabeta Gonzagia Vr- 

bini Ducibus. 4^ Rom. 1548. 

Le Prose di M. Pietro Bembo. 12« Vineg. 1552. 

- con le giunte di Lodovico Castelve- 

tro. 2 tom. Nap. 1714. 
BEMBRIDGE (Dr.) An Ansvrer to a Book entitulcd Reason and 

Authority : or the Motives of a i^te Protestant'8 Reconciliatjon 

to the Catholict Church. ^^ Lond. 1687. 
BEMBUS (bomfacius) In sapientissimi Principis Ludouici Lau- 

des ofo 1 Scholis Papicii hlta MccccIxxxx.iiii.Cal. Deccbres. 4* 
BKMDLN (joANNEs vanden) Oratiode Anims humanje Immor- 

lalitatc. 4^ Amst. 1677. 
BEMLCHOBUS, Episc. Patarensis. Mirabilis Liber, qui Prophe- 

tiaii, Reuclatioesq; nec non res mirandas, preteritas» presentes 

& futuras, aperte demonstrat Lat. GaiL 4® Par. 1522. 

8« Par. 


B E N 

EBMETZRIEDER {Mon$r.) Music made easy to cvery Capa- 
city, in a Series of Dialogues; l>einff practical Lessonb for tlie 
Harpsichord ; publ. at Paris by JVI. Diderot : the whole transl. 
and adapted to the Use of the English S«*ident by Giflard Ber- 
nard. 4« Lond. 1778. 

Precis d'une Nouvelle M^thode de Musique. 8® Land. 


Angl. 8« Lond. 1783. 

Plan d*un Club de Philosophes pour Londres, et, avec 

tr^s peu de Modifications pour toutes les granden Villes du 
Monde. Essai Philosophique sur une nouvelie Mani^re de tuer 
le Tems. 4° Lond. 1786. 

New Philosophical .Thoughts on Man, Divinity, odr 

moral Ideas, religious Wars, Revolutions, and the Golden Age. 
4? Lond. 1795. 

A Compleat Treatise of Music. The Precepts and Ex- 

amples in two separate Books. 4® Lond. 1800. 

A New Code for Gentlemen. 8* Land. 1803. 

BEMISTER (lOANNEs) Anglus. Disput. Med. Inauguralis de 

ATZOPEHfA. 4^» Lugd. Bai. 1680. 
BEMLOTT (jotf. chr.) Disp. Inaug. Med. de Scorbuto.^^^Ei/.l^OS, 


BEN-ADAM. Traum Gesicht. 8« Hofnb. 1682. 
BENAGLIA (cio.) Relatione del Viaggio fatto d Constantinopo1i« 

e ritomo in Germania dell' illvstr. Sig. Conte Alberto Caprara, 

199 Bolog. 1684. 

12« Ven. 1685. 

BENAMATI (cio. bat.) Istoria della Citta di Gvastalla. 4° Parma. 

BENANCIO (lisset) Declaration des Abvz et Tromperies qve 

font les Apothicaires, fort vtile& necessaire a vn chacuu studieux 

&curieux de sasante. 12« Lyon. 1557. 
Latinitute donata & edita ex Museo Tho- 

fnx Barthohni. Accessit ejusdem argumenti Dialogus loh. An- 

tonii Lodetti. 8« Francqf. 1671. 
BENARD (n.) Le Vo^^age de Hiervsalem et avtres Lievx de la 

TerreSte. 8« Par. 1621. 
BENAVEN (lEAN michel) Le Caissier ftalien. 2 tom. fol. Lyon. 

BEN AVENTE (christoval de) y Benavides. Advertencias para 

Reyes, Principes, y Embaxauores. 4^ Madr. 1640. 
BEN AVIDES (ant. flor. de) v. grisone. 
BENAVIDES (rodbico di) Manifesti. A^ Milano. " 
BENBELLONA (antonio) de Godeiuiis. Ad Pragmaticam Con- 

stitvtionem dc Pace Rt.ligionis, in Comitiis Avgvstanis Anno 

1555. ab vniuersis Sac. Romani Imperii Ordinihus promuI?atani 

Commentatio Ivridicopohtico historica. 8* trancof. 161§. 
BENBRIGGE Tjohn) Christ above all exalled, as in Jvstification 

BO in Sanctincation ; wberein severall pa&>ages in Dr. Crisps 

Sermons are answered. 4® Lond. 1645. > 


fi E N 

BEHBRIGGE (john) Vsrra accommedata» or a reaJy Way la 

fcctifie U5tvry. 4* JLofii. 1646. 

Godg Fiiry, Eogianda Fire. 4» Lond. 1646. 

BENCARDU8 (ioh. «asp.) p. catalogus. 

BENCl (spiKELLo) Storia di MoDtep?lciano di Monsor. Spindlo de 

Capno. MarceUo Benci, Libri sei. 4* Fiar, 1646. 
BENCrUS (pRANciscLs) Orationes & Canniiia« cum Dispvtatione 

de Stylo et Scriptione. 8^ IngoUt. 1595. 
BENCIUS (cGo) CoQsilia ad dinersas Egritudtnes. ixA, per lo. dc 

N berdlinge Sf Hcnr, de Harlem, 1482. 
BENCK (georg. aoam) Disflert. Inau^. Med. famigeratum Lem* 

ma Memento Mori commendans. 4^ Hai, Magd. [1733.] 
BENDE (coRNELTus yANDEa)Dephi1osophicaMentis certitudine 

circa rerum materialiom existentiam, ab ea distinctam, per 

Mentis sensitiones, ex Dei co^itione, acqnisitd. 4* Ultr, 1669. 
B£ND£IJ£B£N (renr.) De cUverso Sponsaliom et Matrimonir 

jurc. 4» HaL Mag. 1719. 
BENDISH (Sir tbomas) Newes from Tvrkie, or a tme Rdatioir 

of the Passages of tbe right hoii. Sir Thomas Bendish Am* 

bassador with the Grand l^ignietir at Constantinopie. 4F LomL 

B£N£ (alph. del) Episcopus Albicnsis. Tractatus de GenCe & 
Familia Marchionum Gothi» qui posted Comites S. .£gidij & 
Tbolosates dicti sunt 8^ Lugd. Bai. 1607. 

B£N£ (HARTH. del) Civitas Veri sive Monrro. foL Par, 1609. 

B£N£D£TTI (piet.) II Magico Legato; Tragicomedia Pastorale. 
12* Ven. 1607. 

B£N£D£TTI (rocco) Le Feste nelh felice Venuta di Henrico 
III, Re di Franciaet iv. di Polonia, a Venetia. 4** Ven. 1700. 

B£N£DICTINI. Idea Sacrae Congregationis Helveto-Benedic- 
tinae, anno iliius lubilseo sapculari expressa et Orbi expo(»ita, in 
mia omniutn ejuMiem Congregationis Monasteriorum Ortns et 
Progressus, Elogia et Ectypa, brevi Compendio exfa^bentur, a 
Musis Sanct-Gallenstbus Jnbilxo ibidem solemniter cddNrato 
accinentibu5. fol Typis Mon. S. GallL 1702. 

BENEDICTlNLS(HERicts) Aiiissiodorensis. DiuiGermani quon- 
dam Altissiodorensi? Episcopi vita, anno quidem ab hinc circiter 
septingentisimo, carmiHe conscripla, sed nunc primum typis 
excusa. 12« Par. 1543. 

BEN£DICTUS Abbeu Casiniensis. v. gregorius. i. Papa^ 

BENEDICTIS Abbas Petroburgensis de Vita el Gestis Henrici II. 
et Ricardi I. e Cod. MS. in Bibl. Harl. descripsit et nunc pri- 
mus edidit Th. Heamius. Accessenint alia. 2 tom. 8^ Oxon^ 

BENEDICTUS (alexander) v. plinius. 

' De Peste. fol. Bonon. 1516. 

^ Anatomice sive Historia Corporis humani. Ejusdem 

CoUectiones Medicinaks seu Aforismi. 12® 1527. 

•: '• -2 ^ Argent. 1528. 

4" imperf. 

De Observatione m Pekttieotia. 8* Ven. 1493. 


B E N 

BnNEDICTUS (alexander) Omnivm h, verlice ad calcera Mof- 
boi u Signa, Causae, Indicationes, et Remedionim compositionea 
utendiq; rationes, generatim libris xxx conscripta. Prwterea 
Aphorismonun lib. i. De Pestilentice Causis lib. i. Humani 
Corporis Anatome, tractata lib. v. 4° Bas. 1539. 
■ De lle medica, Opus insigne. fol. Bas. 1549. 

II Fatto d*Arme del Tarro fra i Principi Italiani, et 

Carlo Ottavo Ke di Francia trad. per M. Lodou. Domenichi. 
8« Ven. 1549. 
BENEDICTUS(CHR.) TheatriTabidorum Vestibulum: seu Exer- 
citationes Dianoeticae cum Historiis et Experimentis demonstra- 
tivis. 8« Lond. 1654. 

Tabidorura Theatrum : sive Pthisios, Atrophie^ & Hec- 

tlcse Xenodochium. 8^ Lond,lG56. 
BENEDICTUS (georo.) v, sangrinus. 

'■ De Rebus gestis Guliehni Comitis Nassovii, &c. Lib. ii. 

Item Epipn^mmata, Epitaphia. 8° Lugd, Bat. 1586. 
BENEDICTUS (jo.) LibeUua nouus de CausisetCuratione Pesti- 

lenticp. 4<» Cracov. 1521. 
BENEDICTUS (johannes) t.biblia Lat. pindarus. testamen- 

TUM Novum. 
BENEDICTUS (joh. bapt.) Diversarvm Specvlationvm mathe* 

maticarvm et phvsicarum Liber. fol. Taur. 1585. 
■ Speculationum Liber, in quo mira svbtilitate haec Trac- 

tata continentur^ Theoremata Aritnmetica, De rationibus opera- 
tionnm Perspectiuse, De Mechanicis^ Disputat. de quibusdam 
placit. Arist. In quintum Euchdis Libruin, Physica et Mathe- 
matica responsa per Epistolas. fol. Ven. 1599. 
BENEDICTUS (jul. c>es.) De Pe(>asmo,seu Coctione Ousestiones 
ad mentem Hippocratis. 4® Jquil. 1636. 

' Tutelaris Colvmna in qua statuitur Pleuritidem fieri 

dum vna pulmonis ala efficitur rationum, Hippocratisque atabi- 
lita tutela. 8« Rom. 1644. 

Epistolarum medicinalium Libri dccem. 4** Rom. 1649. 

Consultationum medicinalium Opus. 4® Vcn, 1650. 

BENEDICTUS Lcvita. KaroU Magni et Ludovici Pii chridti^^- 
niss. Regum et Impp. Francorvm Capitula, sive Legea Eccleti- 
asticas et Civiles ab Ansegiso Abbale & Benedicto Leuita col- 
lecte libris septem, adiectis etiam aliis eorUndem Regum& Ka- 
roli Calvi Capituhs: addito Glossario. ^ Par. 1603. 

BENEDICTUS (liberius) Nucleus Sophicus, Germ. ^ Franc. 

Lai. & Franc. 1623. 

BENEDICTUS II. Pont. Rom. v. philippus Pulcker Fr. Rcx. 

BENEDICTUS XIL Pont. Rom. A Vindication of the doctrine 
contained in Pope Benedict xii. his BuU, and in the General 
Councill of Florence, nnder Eugenius the iiii. conceming tiie 
state of doparted Souls. by S. W. 12« Par. 1659. 

BENEDICTUS XIII. Pont. Rom. Esattiasima Relazione delle cose 
piu' notabili seguite dentro e fuori del Conclave per rcleztone 
del fiuovo somo Pontefice Beoedetto XIII. Komano del Ordiue 
de'Pr£edictori. 4^ Roma. 1724. 
. BENEDICTVS XIV. Pont. Roin. v. pmh^ot. «ES^^ 

B E N 


BENEDICTUS (rbnatus) Locorvm precipvomn SacrsB Scrip- 
tvrae, tam Veteri» qvam Noui Testamenti, quibus corruptis in- 
sciti^ prau^ detortis abutuntur huius tempestatis haeretici con- 
tra Fidem Catholicam & Veritatem Enangelicam Conquisitio^ & 
Catholica £xpof»itio : qnae Christianorum aduersus omnes nunc 
vigenteis basreses Panoplia meriti dici potest. 8° Par. 1566. 

8« Par. 1575. 

BENEDICTUS (samuel) v. expilly. 

BENEDICTUS (Sanctus) v, carpenteius. pelletier. 

BENEFICIERS. Declaration dv Roy svr le Recellement des corps 
morts des Beneficiers : auec TArrest du grand Conseil pour Pen* 
reffistrement d^iceile. 8*^ Par. 1661. 

BENEFICIUM. Modus vacandi Bencficiorum. 4» 

BENEFIT SOCIETIES. A Guide to the formation of Benefit So- 
cieties on lawful and permanent Principles. 8® Lond. 18()9. 

BENEFIELD (sebastian) "Ei^ht Sermons pvblikely preached in 
the University of Oxford. Tlie second at S'. Peters in the East, 
the rest at S\ Maries Church. Begunne in the yeare 1595. De- 
cemb. XIII I. Now first published. 4* Ojf. 1614. 

BENEMANN (joh. gottl.) Dissert. Inaug. Med. sistens Com- 
pendiusam et Clinicam Convulsionum Praxin cum Cautelis. 4* 
Hal. Mag. 1707. 

BENES (henr. PHiL.) Disput. Pneumatico-Physicade Loquelaaut 
Linguis Mentium. 4® Bremte. 1687. 

BENISjE (.S«r richard de) The Boke of measuryng of Lande, 12^ 
Lond. Tko. Colwell. b.l. 

'. ed. ah. 12« Tho. Colwen. h.L 

BENETTI (antonio) Osservazioni nel Viaffgio a ConstantinopoU 
deir ilhistr. & ecceltnt. Sig. Gio. Battista Ddnado. 12<» Ven. 1688. 

BENEVOLENCE. Divine Benevolence : being an Answer to a 
Pamphlet entitled " Divine Rectitude." 8» Lond. 1781. 

- Of Bcnevolence : an Epistle to Eumenes. fol. Lond. 1751 . 

BENEVOLI (ant.) Nuova Proposizione intomo alla Caruncola 
deir Uretra. «• Fir. 1724. 

' Manifesto sopra alcune Accuse contenute in un certo 
Parere dell S. Pietro Paoli. 4« Fir. 1730. 

BENEWITIUS (georg.) De Mixtione. 4» Ups. 1651. 

BENE2ET ( anV.) A Caution to Great BriUin and lier Colonies in 
a short Representation of thc calamitous State of the enslaved 
Negroes iu tlie British Dominions. 8** Lond. rej/r. 1784. 

BENFIELD (paul) v. burke. 

His Letter to the Members of the East India Company. 

4^ 1781. 

BENGAL. Memoirs of the Revolution in Beiigal, Anno Dom. 
1757. 8« Lond. 1760. 

A Supplcment to the Narrative of what Tiappened in 

Bengal, in the year 1760. 8« Lond. 1764. 

Proceedings of the Govemor and Council at Fort Wil- 

liaro respecting the Admiiiistratiou of Justice amongst the Na- 
tives in Bengal. 4® 1774. 

Observations upon the Administration of Justice in 

BtDgal ; occasioned by some late proceedings at Dacca : with 
aij AppendJx. 4^ Lond. BENG AL. 

B E N 

BKXGAL. The College of Fort William in Bengal. ^k^Lond. 1805. 
BENGELIUS (jo. alb ) v. testamentum Nomm, 

• Bengelius's Introduction to his Exposition of the Apo- 

calypse : translated by John Robertson, m.d. 8^ Lond. 1757. . 
Apparatns Criticus ad Novum Teslamentum, Criseos 

Sacrse Compendium, I.imam^ Supplementum^ ac Fructum ex- 
hibens, curante Phil. Dav. Burkio. 4^ Tubing, 1763. 

— Gnomon Novi Testamenti, in qvo e.x nativa Verborum 

vi, SimpHcitas, Profvnditas, Concinnitas, Salvbritas Sensvvm Coe- 
lestium indicatvr : non solum curis B. Avctoris posterioribus 
aucta, sed novis etiara adhotativnculis marginalibus et Vita Auc* 
toris, per fil. Emest. Bengelium. 2 tonu 4** Tubing. 1778. 


BENIER (pETBUs) Disp. Inaug. Med. de Phrenitide. 4<^ Lttgd. Bat. 

BENIGNIS (amadeus de) Variomm intra Italiam Monvmento- 

rum Inscriptiones. 8^ Sireg, Siles. 1715. 
BENIGNUS (FULvius) v. agricultura. 
BENINCASA (rutilio) Almanacco perpetvo illustrato da Ottavio 

Beltrano. 8» ru». 1681. 
BENJAMIN. Little Benjamin, or Truth discoveriog Error. 4* 

Lond. 1648. 
BENJAMIN (n.) fil. Jona Tudelensis, v. bergeron. 

Itinerarium. Heb. 24« Lugd. Bat. ap. Elz. 1633. 

Hclf, Jjat, cum Verslone et Notis Conit, 

L'Empereur ab Oppyck. ^ Lugd. Bat. ex Off. Elz. 1633. 

ex Hebraico Lat. factum» Bened. Aria 

Montano interprete. 8* Antv. 1575. 

Angl. transl. from the Hebrew, and en-p 

riched with a Dissertation and Notes by B. Gerrans. 8® Lond. 

Belg, door Jan Bara. 12® Amst. 1666. 

Gaii. trad. de l'Hebreu & enrichis de notes 

& de Disserlations, par J. P. Baratier. 2 tom. ^jimst. 1734. 
BENJOIN (oeorge) The Integrity and Excellenc&i^ Scripture, a 

Vindication of the much-controverted Passages Deut. vii. 2L 5. 

XX. 16. 17. 8» Cambr. 1797. 
BENION (sAM.) V. benry. 
BENIVENIUS (anton.) De abditis nonmillis ac mirandis Mor- 

borvm et Sanationvm Causis. 4® Flot. 1507. 
BENIVIENI (antonio) Vita di Piero Vetiori rantico, Gentil- 

huomo Fiorentino. 8° Pir. 1583. 
BENIVIENI (GiROLAMo) Opere novissamente rivedvte et da molti 

errori espvrgate,con vna canzonadello Amor celeste & diuino,col 

Commento dello ill. S. Conte Giouanni Pico Miradolanodistinto 

in Libri iii. et altre Frottole de diuersi Auttori. 8' Ven, 1522. 

^ ^ 8» Ven, 1524. 

BENIUS (pAuLus) In Platonis Timasvm sive in natvralem omnem 

atque divinam Platonis et Aristotelis Philosophiam Decades tres. 

40 Rom. 1594. 

De Ecc1et!4aiitici« BaroniiCardinalis Annahbvs Dispvtatio. 

4" Rom. 159G. 

VoL. 1. 3 I m^\\i% 

B E N 

9ENIUS (PAULUs) Discorsi sopra rinondation del Tevcrc. 4* 

Rom. 1599. 
— — — De Historia Libri qvatvor. 4* Ven. 1611. 
■ L'Anticrvsca, overo il Paragone deir Italiana Lingua. 

4« Padov. 1613. 

In Aristotelis Poeticam Commentarit. fol. Pai. 1613. 

BENNENDEN. This Winters Wonders : or, a Relation of a 
calamitous Accident at Bennenden in the County of Kent. 4* 

BENNET (a.) New Experimentfl on Electricity. ^^Derby, 1789. 

BENNET (benj.) v. worthington. 

■ A Memorial of the Reformation (chiefly in England), 

and of Britain's Deliverance» from Popery and arbitrary Power 
since that time to the Ycaf m.dcc.xix. 8" Lond. 1721. 

A Defence of the M emorial of the Reformation, against 

the Exceptions of Presbyterian Prejudice. 8* Lond. 1723. 

BENNET (cHARLKs) The miraculous Child : or wonderfull Ncws 
from Manchester. A most true and certain Account how one 
Charkfi Bennet, a Cbild but three Years old, (on the S3^ of June 
1679) doth speak Latine, Greek, and Hebrew. 4^ Lond. 1679. 

BENNET (cHR.) V. benedictus. 

BENNET (g.) A Display of the Spirit and Desips of those who, 
under pretext of a Reform, aim at the Subversion of the Consti*- 
tution and Governmentof this Kingdom. 8^ Carlisle, 1796. 

BENNET (hknry) Earl ofArlington. Letters to Sir W. Temple, 
Bar^ from luly 1665, being the first of his Employnients abroad 
to September 1670, when he was recall'd : publ. by Tfao. Be« 
bington gent. S^ Lond. 1701. 

■ Vol. II. containing a compleat Collection 

of his LordsI)ip'8 Letters to Sir Richard Fanshaw, the Earl of 
Sandwich, the Earl of Sunderland, and Sir William Godolphin, 
during their respective Embassies in Spain ; frpm 1664 to 1674. 
as also to Sir Rob. Southwell in Portugal. 8^ Lond^ 1701. 

BENNET (jAMEs) V. ascham. 

BENNET (john) Poems on several Occasions. &* Lond. 1774. 

BENNET (joseph) r. calamy. 

BENNET (phil.) Two Sermons preached before the University 
of Cambridge, March 16, and April 25, 1749. 8« CantaL 

BENNET {Col. bobekt) King CUarWs Triail iustified. 4« Lond. 

BENNET (r.) dd. A Tlieologicai Concordanceof the synonymoua 
terms in Ihe Holy Scriptures. 8® Lond. 1657. 

BENNET (thomas) v. atterburt. 

BENNET (thomas) dd. p. peirce. 

■ A Discourse of Schism. 8^ Cambr. 1703. 

■ An Answer to a Book intituled " Tliomas against Beti- 
net'': or the Protcstant Dissenters Tindicated from tlie Charge 
of Schism. 8« Cambr. 1703. 

A Letter to Mr. Benj. Robinson occasion^d by bis Re- 

view of ihe Case of Liturgiea and their Imposition. 8® Lond. 
1710. BENNET 

B E N 

'BENNET (thomas) dd. Rights of the Clergy of the Christian 
Churcb. &" Lond. 1711. 

■■■■ Directioiis for studying i. aGeneral System or Body of 

Divinify. ii. tbe thirty-nine Articles of ReHjj^ion. To which i»- 
adiled S^. Jerom's Kpi^tle to Nepotianus. 8^ Lond, 1714. 

The Case of the Refonn'd Episcopal Churches in great 

Poland and Polisb Prui^sia considerM^ ia a Sermon preaclf d 
Nov. 18, 1716. 8« Lond. 1716. 

Dr. Bennefs Concessions to the Non-jurors prov'd to be 

destnjclive lo tbe Cause he endeavours to defendJ»8" Lond. 1717. 
Dr. Bcnnets new Theory of the Trinity examined. 8^ 

Lond. 1718. 
BENNET (Tifli.) Disscrt. Med. Inaug. de Pleuritide. 4P Lugd. 

Bat. 1726. 
BENNET (william) A Sermon on the 4th of Feb. 1780. beiag 

thc day appointed for a General Fast 8^ Lond, 1780. 
Youth reminded of a fvlture Judgement in a Funeral 

Disoourse occaaioned by the death of Mr. lohn Vowell, witli 

some Account of his Sister Miss Sophia Vow.ell. 8® Lond. 1791. 
A Sermon occasioned by the death of Sam. Morto» 

Sava^e, dit. : to which is added aa Add|reM ai the Grave by 

Thomas Towle. b.d. & Lond. 1791. 
BENNETT. Tlie mimculous Lifbt ConversioD^ and CoBversaUon 

of Father Bennett of Canfieid. l"^ 
BENNETT ^jouin) Lettens to a youn^ Lady on a variety of use- 

ful and interestinjT subjects. 3 vol. 12® iVarr. 1789. 
BENNEVILLE (georgb de) A triie and most remarkable Ae- 

count of some Passages in his Life, traosl. from the French of 

hU own MS. by Elh. Winchester. 8» Lond. 1791. 
BENNINGUS (jan. bodecherus) Oratio inavguralis, Vitamqu» 

in actione consistit specvlativae prseponens. ^ Lugd. Bat, 17S9. 
BENOIST (eli.4s) v. boddens. 
■' Adversus EpLstolam. V. P. R. D. Taco Hajo vanden 

llonert^ de Stylo Novi Testamenti^ amica Expoatulatio. 4PD^Jts. 

BENOISt (piiiL.) Disp. Med. luav^. de Phthisi. 4P Lugd. Bat. 

BENOIST (r ) Traicte enaeignant en bref les Cavses des MAkfi- 

ces, Sortileges, et Enclianteries, tant des Ligatvres & neuds 

d'esquillettes pour empescher raction & exercice du martage 

qu'autres^ et du remede qu'il faut auoir d 1'encontre. 8^ PoTm 

BENOIST {S.) Les EfTets & Vertus de la Croix, ou Medailk dll 

Grand Patriarche Saint Benoist. 12^ Chal. 
BEN-ONI (Rahbi) Vi>iones, et Doctrina. 4« 
BENOORDEN (ger.) Carmen in vituperium Superbise. 4^ Amt. 


Disp. Med. Inaug. de Febribufl. 4« Ultr. 1686. 

BENSENIUS (naaman) Exercitatiode&ummse Potestatis Suhjecto 

vindicata a loanniii Figiovii aliorumque inepUis & calumniia. 4^ 

Helmest. 1651. 
BENSERADE {M. db) v. oyiDius. B£HSS;i!t^ 

B E N 

BENSKIN (tho.) Disp. Med. Inaug. dc Hydropc Ascitc. 4» 

Lugd. Bat. 1G79. 
BENSON (george) dd. r. pickard. radclifp. 

The End and Dcsig^n of Prayer. 8® Lond. 1731. 

■ Two Lettcrs to a Friend : the first concemina: ihe End 

and Design of Praycr, &c. ; the sccond the Doctrine of Predes- 
tinatlon review'd, &c. 8® Lond. 1737. 

A Sermon in commenioration of thc happy Accession 

of the House of Hanover to the Throne of Great Britain. B^ 
Lond. 1742. * 

A bricf Accountof Calvin'« buming Scrvetus for an 

Heretic. 8» Lond. 1743. 

The Rcasonablenesse of the Christian Religion, as de- 

hvered in the Scripture». 8® Lond. 1746. 

A Biraphnase and Notes on six of the Epistles of St. 

Paol, attempted in imitation of M r. Lockes manner : to which 
are annexed Crilical Dissertations. 4^Lond. 1752. 

A summary View of the Evidences of Christ^s Resur- 

recUoQ. 8« 1754. 

A Funeral Scrmon occasioned by the Death of the 

rev. Mr. James Read Aug. 16. 1755. 8^ Lond. 

A Paraphrasc and Notes on the seven (commonly called) 

Catholic Epistics, viz. St James, i St Petcr, ii St Pcter, St 
Jude, I, II, and iii of St. John, attempted in Mr. Lockes Man- 
ner : to which are annexed several Critical Dissertations. 4^ 
Lond. 1756. 

The History of the first planting of the Christian Re- 

^ — — I — — 

ligion : taken from the Acts of the Apostles and their Epistlcs : 
in threc volumes. 4® Lond. 1756. 

The History of the Lafc of Jesus Christ, taken from the 

New Testament : to which is added Memoirs of the Life, Cha- 
racter, and Writings of the Author. 4* Lond. 1764. 

BENSON (gervase) A true Tryall of the Ministers & Mmistry 
of En^land. 4^ 1655. 

BENSON (martin) Bishop of Glouccsier, A Sermon before the 
House of Lords JanT. 30. 1737,. 4«» Lond. 1738. 
■ A Sermon preached beifore the Society for the propaga- 

tion of the Gospel in foreign Parts, Feb. 15. 1739-40. A^Lond. 

BENSON (martin) m.a. Sermons on various Subjects moral and 
theolc^cal, preached in Tunbridgc-Wclls Chapel. S^Lond. 1794. 

BEN30N {Mr.) v. virgilius. 

BENSON (thomas) Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum Lexico Gul. 
Somneri magna parte aucUus. [Cum notis MSS.] S^ Oxon. 1701. 

BENSON (william) The Case of William Benson Esq. and Ste- 
phen Whatley Gent fol. [1745.] 

BfiNSON (william) A Letter to Sir J B , by birth a 

S , but naturaliz'd, and now a M r of the present 

P t conceming the late Minehead Doctrine, which 

was establish^d by a certain frec Parliament of Sweden, to the 
utter cnslaving of that Kingdom. 8® Lond. 1711. 


B E N 

BENSON (william) A Second I^tter to Sir J B , by 

birth a Swede, but naturaliz'd and a M r of the present 

P t, wherein the late Minehead Doctrine is further 

consider'd. 8*» Lond,l7U. 

• A Letter to Sir Jacob Bankes, bv birth a Swede bat 

naturaUz'd and a Member of the present rarliament^ &c. The 
eleventh edition. 12^ Land. 1711. 

BEN-SYRA. Sententise morales, Heb, Lat. per Pauhim Fagium. 
4« Isna. 1542. 

BENT (wiLLi am) Eigbt mcteorolo^cal Joumals of the Years 1793 
to 1800. kept in London : to which are added Observations on 
the Diseascs in the City and its Vicinity. 8^ Lond. 1801. 

BENTHAM (edward) dd. v. burton. 

■ — ■ Reflections upon the Nature and Usefulness of Logick 

as it has been commonly taug^ht in the Schools. 8^ Oxf. 1740. 
A Letter to a young Gentleman of Oxford. 8® Orf* 


A Letter to a Fellow of a Collcge, being the Seqwel of 

a Letter to a Young Gentleman of Oxford. 8" Lond. 1749. 

A SermoD preached before the Mouse of Commons, 

Jan. 30. 1749-50. 4* Ojf. 1750. 

Two Orations in praise of Athenians slain in batlle froai 

the Greek : wilh Reflexions. [The Oration of Pericles taken 
from the Translation of Tbucydides by Dr. Smith Dean of 
Chester. The Oration of Plato translated by the late Giibert 
West, LLD.] 8« Lond. 1759. 

De Vitd et Moribus Jobannis Burtoni S. T. P. Etonensis 

Epistola, ad Rob. Lowth S. T. P. Episc. Oxoniensem. 8® Oxan 

BENTHAM (je're'me) Jurisc. Aiiglois. Trait^s de Legislation 

civile ct penale publies en Fran^ois par £t. Dumont. 3 tom. 8^ 

Par. 1803. 
BENTHAM (joseph) XOPO0EOAOrON, or Two briefe but use- 

full Treatises, the one on the Office & duality of the Ministry 

of the Gospell : the other, of the Nature and Accidents of mixt 

Dancing. 4« L(md. 1657. 
BENTHEIM (arnoldus Comes) v. paobnstecher. 
BENTHEIM (ph. conr. Cotnes) v, fagbnstecher. 
BENTHEM (christ. gulielmus van) Dis^p. lurid. Inaug. de Ac« 

tionejudicato. 4' Lugd. Bat. [1714.] 
BENTHIUS (henr. ludolphus) Dissertatio Geographica de Terra 

ejusquefigura, magnitudine^ motu^ & loco in Uni?erso. 4* Rin* 

thel 1682. 
BENTINCK {La Of^ Douair de) CaUlogne d'une CollectioD de 

Medailles antiques faites par la C»<; Douair de BentincL 2 tom. 

4« Amst. 1787. 
' Supplement aux Catalogue d'une Collection de Medail» 

]es antiques faite par la C»^ Douair de Bentinck. 4* Amst, 
BENTINCK (MARGARBT cavendish) Dutchess qfPoj^iand. Cata- 

logue of her Museum sold by Auctioa the 24th of April 1786 

and thirty seven following Days. 4® 1786. 

B E N 

BENTINCK (wx. iiEN. cayem>ish) Duke qf Portland, r. orrKC. 
' Thc Caiic of hi> Grace the D. of Portland rejspecting^ 

two Leases lately {^nmted by the Lords of the Trea>ury to Sir 
James Lowther, }^it. with Observatioiib od the JMotioo for a 
Reinedial Bili for quittiiig the Pofifiession of the Subject. 8^ 
lond. 1708. 

A Reply to a Pamphkt entilled the Case cf 

the Doke of Portland. S"" Lcmd. I76a 

BENTINCK (william) Earl of Partland. A Jtistification of the 
AMertton of the BiirgorDastere and Senate of Amsterdam con- 
oemiDg the Ulegality of Monsieur Bentingh the present £arl 
of Portland, &c. sitting in the Assembly of the Lords States of 
HoUand & West-Friesland. 4* Lond 1690. 

BENTIVOGLIO, Cardiml. Opere. fol. Par. 1645. 

' Relationi delle Canlinale BenttvogliopublicatedaErycio 

Pvteano in Anucrsa. 4* Col. 1630. 

4« Par. 1631. 

' Historicall Relations of tbe United Provinces & of Fbn- 

derB, written originally in Italian bv Card. Bentivoglio and now 

rendered into Engiihh by Hen. Earle of Moomouth. foL Lond. 


— Della Guerra di Fiandra. Parte prinia. 4* Col. 1633. 
8« CoL 1635. 

Parte Scconda. 8^ Col 1636. 
Parte Terza. 8« Col. 1640. 
3 Parti. 4» CoL 1634-9. 

4« F«i.l668. 

4« Ven.niH. 


Memorie Overo Diario del Card. Bentivoslio. 12" Amst, 


— Raccoltadi Lcttere-scrittedal Card. Bentivoglio in tempo 
delle sue Nuntiature di Fiandra e di Francia. 4® Q>i. 1631. 

Les Lettrcs du Cardinal Bentivoglio sur diverses ma* 

tieres de Politique & autres importants sujets : trad. en Fran* 
^ois avec VliaL i cote : par le Sieur de Veneroni. 12° Par. 

12» Bi^eL 1709. 

BENTIVOGLIO (s. hercole) I Fantasmi, Comedia. 8» Vin. 

'- 8» Ven. 1547. 

II Geloso, Commedia. 9* Ven. 1547. 

Le Satire et altre Rihie piacevoli. 12« Veu. 1550. 

BENTIVOGLIO (march. ifpolito) Antidoto Politico contro la 

Peste. 4« Ferrar. 1680. 
BENTIUS (fetr.) Eoma proprio trivmphans Nomine. 8* Par, 

BENTLEY (eliz.) Genuine Poetical Compositions on variout 

su^jectft. 8^ Norw. 1791. 
BENTLEY (john) A genealogical Table of the Royal Families 

of £iiii(land from the Norman Conquest to the Year 1790. fd. 

Lond. 1790. 


B E N 

BENTLEY (richard) dd. r. AmsTOPHASEs. boethius. boylA 


■ - The Fully and Unreasonableness of Athcism demonstrated 

from the Advantage and Pleasure of a reli^ious Life^the Facul- 
ties of Human Souii^. the Structure of Animate Bodies, & the 
Origin and Frame of the World, in eight Sermons preached at 
the Le*cture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle Esquire^ in the 
first Year, mdcxcii. 4<^ Lond. 1693. 

' LaL per Dan. Em. Jablonski. 8* Bero/. 


Matter and Motion cannot think: or a Confutation of 

Atheism from the Faculties of the Soul» a Sermon preachei}^ at 
S'. Mary-le-Bow, April 4, 1692, being the second of the Lec- 
ture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle Esq". [2«*. edit,'] 4* 
Lond. 1692. 

Of Revelation iind the Messias. A Sermon preached at 

the Publick CommencemeDt at Cambridge July 5th. 1696.' 4^ 
Lond. 1696. 

A Bissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris : witb m 

Answer to the Objections of the Hon. Charles Boyk Ee$quire. 
8» Lond. 1699. 

A View of the Dissertation upon thc Epistles of Phalaris, 

Themistocles, &c. lately pubiished by tbe rev. Dr. Bentley : also 
of the Examination of that Dissertation by the Hon. Mr. Boyle. 
8° Lond. 1698. 

An Answer to a late Book written against the leamed 

and reverendDr. Bentley, relatingto some manuscriptNoteson 
Callimachus : together with an Examination of Mr. Bennets 
Appendix. 8« Lond. 1699. 

A short Account of Dr. Bcntlcy'» Humanity and Justice 

to those Authors who havc wriiten betore him ; with an honest 
VindicatioTiof Thomas Stanley Esq', and his Noteson CaUima- 
chus : to which are added someother Oijservations on that Poct^ 
in a Letter to the Hon. Charles Boyle Esqr : with a Postscript, in 
relation to Dr. Bent1ey's late Book againsi him. B^ Lond. 1699. 
A Dissertation upon the Epistles of Theiipstoclcs, So- 

crates, Euripides^ and others ; and the Fablea of Aesop. 8* Land. 

A true Copy of the Articles againsi Dr. Bentley, exhi- 

bited to the right reverend John Lord Bishop of Lly, by many 
of the Fellows of Trinily Coliege in Cambridge: togetherwith 
the College-Statute de amotione Magistri, add several o^r 
Clauses of the CoUege-Statutes, with refcrences to ihe Articles. 
80 Lond. 1710. BENTLEX 

B E N 

BENTLEY (richabd) dd. Thc present state of Trinity Colte^ 
ia Cambridg:, in a Letter from Dr. Bentley, Master of the said 
CoUege, to the rigfat rcVerend John Lord Bishop of Ely ; pub« 
lish^d for general Information by a Gentieman of the Temple. 
g» Ltmd. 1710. 

-^ ■ [2rf. edii.] 8» Lond. 1710. 

— — ~ Some Considerationt) humbly of^r^d in a Letter to John 
Lord Btshop of Ely, on a Book entituled "The Present State of 
Trinity-Coliege in Cambridge, by Dr. Bentley." By a Master of 
Arts, and Fellow of the said College. 8® Lond. 

The University of Cambridge yindicated from the im- 

putation of Dissloyalty it lies under on the account of not Ad* 
dres«ing : as aUo from the malicious and foul Aspersions of Dr. 

B ly, late Master of Trinity College ; and of a certain 

Oificer, and pretended Reformcr, in the said University. 8* 
Lond. 1710. 

Tlie true Stale of Trinity College in a Lelterto a resid- 

ing Fellow of that Society : wherein the trifling Impertinences, 
malicious Aspersions, and lx)id Falsehoods of Dr. Bentiey are 
answer^d in such a manner as they deserve. S^ Lond. 1710. 

A true and impartial Account of the presentDiflcrenceft 

between the Master and Feilowsof Trinity CoUege in Cambridge 
considerM. 8° Lond. 1710. 

■ ■ Infamia Emendationum in Menandri R^iquias nupcr 
cditarum Trajccti ad Rhenuro, auctore Phileieuthero Lipsiensi. 
Accedit Rcspoiisio M. Lucilii ProfuturijadEpistolam C. Veratii 
Philelienis quae exstat in Bibiiothecae Choiriae parte ix. 12^ Lugd. 
Bat. 1710. 

Aristarchus ampullans in Curis Horatianis ; sive Queri- 

monia Epistolaris de intempestiva ista corrigendi iibidine, tum 
de ea opportune cohiiienda, ne indies pessime inquinati prodeant 
optimi Auctores. 8^ Lond. 1712. 

Remarl^s upon a late Discourse of Free-Thinking: in a 

I^tter to F. H. DD. by Phileleutherus Lipsiensis. (Two Parts.) 

8« Lond 1713. 

in a Letter to N. N. {sixth edit.) 8» 

Camhr. 1725. 

in a Letter to F. H. DD. [the eighth 

edit,) with further Additions from the Author'8 MS. 8° Cambr. 

The CIergyman'8 Thanks to Phileleutherus for his Re- 

marlkS on tiie iate Discourse of Free-Thinking. 8" Lond. 1713. 
Richardi Bentieii Emendationes ad Ciceronis Tuscula- 

nas. S^ 

-^Emendationes in Menandri et Phiiemonis Reliquias, ex 

nupera editione Joannis Clerici : ubi multa Grotii & alioruin, 

flurima vero Clerici Errata ca^tigantur, auctore Phileleuthero 
jpsiensi. Scriptee Anno mdccx. Accedit Epistoia Richardi 
Bentleii de lohanne Malela Antiocheno, scripta A