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Full text of "Index of patents issued from the United States Patent Office"


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List of Patentees (includes Reissues) _ 3 

List of Design Patentees _ _ __. §55 

List of Plant Patentees 917 

List of Abstracts of Applications 1 9 19 

List of Disclaimers . 927 

List of Inventions (includes Reissues). _ 93 1 

List of Design Inventions _ 1325 

List of Plant Inventions 135I 

List of Abstracts of Applications arranged by Inventions 1353 

List of Disclaimers arranged by Inventions _ 1357 

Decisions Published in the Official Gazette in 1951 _.. 1359 

1951 . • . 


Patents 44,363— No. 2,536,016 to No. 2,580,378 » inclusive. 

Designs... ... 4,164— No. 161,404 to No. 165,567 ^inclusive. 

Reissues _ i34_No. 23,315 to No 23,448 inclusive. 

Plant Patents 58— No. 1,001 to No. I,b58 inclusive. 

' Includes 37 withdrawn. 
* Includes 1 withdrawn. 








, m•A^HINGTON : 1952 

Foe aale by the Superintendent of nocuments 1-. S. GoTernment Printinf Ofl&ce. Wa»hin|tton 23. D. C. 

$5.00 (Paper coTer); 16.00 (Buckram) 

', 1951 

" This list includes reissue patentees 

ArranKed in mccordance with the fir»t aignificant cbarftcter or word of the name (in accordance with dty and telephone directory practice). 

Abbott, Arthur R., Shelton, Conn., asalgnor to Sidney 
Blumpnthal & Co., Inc.. New York. X. Y. Klertro- 
maRnetlc shuttle protector system for looms. 2,556,785, 
June 12. 

Abbott, Berenice, assignor to House of Photography, Inc., 
New York. N. Y. Distorting easel. 2,565,440, Aug. 21. 

Abbort, Charles C, Englewood Cliffs. N. J. lOxpeudable 
valve unit for surgical appliances. 2,538.602, Jan. 16. 

Abbott. Claude H., Astoria, Oreg. Machine for suc- 
cessively cleaning both sides of centrifugal separator 
disks. 2,573,173, Oct. 30. 

Abbott. Edward J., deceased, by S. L. Abbott, executor, 
assignor, bv mesne assignments, to Abbott Worsted 
Mills. Incorporated, Wilton, N. H. Winding machine. 
2.560.2!»9. Sept. 4. 

Abbott, Edward J., deceased, by S. L. Abbott, executor. 

by mesne assignments, to Abbott Worsted 

Wilton, N. H. Cutting tow. 

A. Ablstrom Osakeyhteo, Karhula Bruk, assignee: Bee— 

Qvfflanflpr. Thor (\. 
A-B-C-Packaging Machine Corporation, assignee: Bet — 

Ncal. Morris 1'. 
A. B Svenska Flaktfabrlken. assignee : Bee — 
Frisk. .Nils I'. W. 
Wallln. Sven W. 

Wiistvind. Allan D.. and Andersson. 
A/B Sv^-nska Maskinverkcn. assignee: Bee — 

Dalin, David, and Wflngsjo. 
ACF-Rrlll Motors Company, assignee : Bee — 

Flognus, Howard .A. 
A. C. I. Plastics Proprietary Limited, assignee: B'.e — 

Flenberg. Nathan, and Calder. 
A-1 Bit h Tool Company, assignee : Bee — 

Yancey. John R.. and Koblshaw. 
APA Prospekt A-(»., assignee: See — 

RJisll. Jacques. 
AP Controls Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Aiighpv, Clarence L., and McCarty. 
Bifrm.'inn. William A., and McCarty. 
Biermann. William A., and Pawelsky. 
Ehlke. Edward C. 
Johnson. Roy W and McCarty. 

Pawelsky, Vernon R., McCarty. Blermann, and Dulak. 
A. P. V. Company Limited. Tho. assignee: Bee — 

Splicman. Richard, and I'alne. 
A/S CrindstPdvnprket, assignee: Bee — 
Ilerlnw. Anders. 
HorKiw, Anders. 
ATF Incorpornti'd. assignee: Bee — 
Falconer. Robert vV. 
Hlli. John P. 
SalinL'. Donald M. 
A. T. S. Company Limited, assignee: See — 

Flshor. .Mark. 
A v. Rue Canada Limited, assignee : Bee — 

W llliams. Frederick D. M. 
A, W. Machine Company, assignee: See — 

An<lrew. Charles, and Waltkens. 
Aah. WlDlam, New Ulm. Minn. Cord-supporting device. 

2.57».002. Dec. 18. 
Aahy. Oscar L.. Woodvllle, Wis. Bathtub supply bracket. 

2.'.'>.'?7.4r?7. Jan 0. 
Aaero Manufacturing Co.. assignee : Bee — 

Augspurger. Luther S., and ITasse. 
Aagespn. l.otiis E., TolPt, Til. Fault detector for shotgun 

users. 2.509.594. Oct. 2. 
AakjtT. Jens J. : Scr — 

Leir/arder. John B.. Aakjer. and Knochel. 
Aarestad. Stanley T.. Jamestown, N. Dak. Folding crib. 

2.574.010 Nov. 1."?. 
Aasland. John L. : Bee — 

Karlsson Elof K.. and Aasland. 
Aasland. John L.. Mollne. 111., assignor to International 
Harvester Company. Control for agricultural field har- 
vesting Implements. 2.544.911. Mar. 13. 
Aasland. John L.. Mollne. HI., assignor to International 
Harvester Company. Rotary stalk cutter and shredder. 
2.57.^887. Nov. 0. 
Aasted. Kal C. S.. C.entofte. Copenhagen. Denmark. Choc- 
olate casting machine drive. 2.551,992, May 8. 
Abnrr. Carfleld. Napa. Calif. Self-closing tube. 

2.540 709. Mar. 27. 
Ab:*.-". Edwari" J.. Clevelan'1 Heights, assignor to The 
Elwell Pari-er Ete<irlc Company. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Scoop mechanism for trucks. 2 509.740. Oct. 2. 
Abbey. Edward R., Madison. Tenn. Vehicle Jack. 

2..543.204. Feb. 27. 
Abhev Nelson D.. Toledo, Ohio. Adjusting mechanism for 

weldlne electrode rolls 2.537.503. Jan. 9. 
Abhev Nelson D.. Toledo. Ohio. Tube cutoff machine. 

2 .502.870 .Anc. 7. 
Abbot. Abraham E., New York, and H. W. Drvden. 
Malverne assignors to Federal Telephone and* Radio 
Corporation. New York N. Y. Tunable high-frequency 
circuit. 2.542.974. Feb. 27. 
Abhott. .Albert J. : .'sTe — 

Clhbs. John H.. Andersen, and Abbott. 
Abbott. Andrew D : See — 

Eckev. Eddy W.. and Abbott. 
Abbott. Arthur R., Beverly. Mass.. assignor to United 
Shoe" >fachlnerv Corporation. Flemlnsrton. N. J. Rotat- 
ahle apron machine for treating hides and similar 
pieces of work. May 22. 


assignments, to 
Wilton, N. H. 

Mills, incorporated, 
i. 2.570.184, Oct. 9. 

Abbott. Edward J., assignor, by mesne 
Abbo»t Worsted Mills, Incorporated, 
Supplvlne varn. 2.574.455. Nov. 13. 
Abbott. Edward J., deceased, by S. L. Abbott, executor, 
assignor, by mesne assignments, to Abbott Worsted 
.Mills. Incorporated. Wilton, N. H. Pr<'S8ure dyeing 
apparatus for textile packages. 2.577.727, Di'C. 11. 
Abbott. Frank R.. San Diego. Calif. Reversing rudder for 

small boats. 2.544.042. Mar. 13. 
Abbott. Furman S.. Montclalr, N. J. Traveling platform 
• fonvpv'>r 2 555.838. June .5. 

Abbott. Furman S., Montclalr. N. J.f assignor to Alrkem, 
Inc.. New York. N Y. Controlled power operated dif- 
fnser. 2.558 329. June 20 
Abbott. Geoffrey J., Carshalton. England. Machine for 
cutting potatoes or other objects Into chips or slices. 
2. .5.39.001 Jan. 23. 
Abbott. Geoffrey J.. Carshalton. England. Machine for 
cutting potatoes or like objects into chips or slices. 
2,-545,720. Mar. 20. 
.Abbott Howard C. Chicago. HI. Electrically heated mat- 
tress pad. 2.569.138. Sept. 25. * 
Abbott. Jack W.. Merchantville. N. J. Pa»te dispenser In 
which two pivotally mounted members compress a col-- 
lapslble tube between them. 2.537.008. Jan. 9. 
.Abbott Jamo'" C.. Darien. (Ja. Apparatus for shelling 

shrimn. 2.540 414. Mnr. 27. , 

-Abbott Laboratories, assignee: See — 
Clemence. Le Roy W., and Leffler. 
• Dc Rose. Anthonv. 
Fields. Mack R.. and Roehr. 
Kirehmever. Frederick J., and Moore. 
Leffler, M;«rlln T. 
Leffler. Martin T., and Kru.^ger. 
Afnrch. T'.ernice. and Moore. I 

Moore. Edmond E . and M. B. 
Naidu Pagaflam N. E.. and Murphy. 
Pa Ik. Arthur J. 
Rynn. George R.. and Young. 
Splelman. Marvin A. 
Snielman. Marvin A., and Rundell. 
Woston. Arthur W. 
Wllk. Immanuel J., and SplHman. 
Young. Howard H.. T>oper, and Fields. 
Abhott Leslie S.. Banstead. England, assignor to The 
' Distillers Companv Limited. Edinburgh, Scotland, 
PlnstlHzatlon of vinyl chloride polymers. 2,553,996, 
Abbott. Olncy J.. Jr. : See — 

Welte. Benedict, and Abbott. 
Abbott, Perrv L.. Seaside, and O. G. Grove, Beaverton, 
Oreg Holdi^e down clamp for presses and ironing 
hoards. 2.574.722. Nov. 13. 
Abbott. Samuel L.. executor: See- 
Abbott. Edward J. ^ ^^, 
Abbott Scott M.. assignor to Tenderet Corp.. Chicago, 111. 

Meat-tendering machine. 2.559.270. July 3. 
Abbott Thomas A. La Grange, and J. B. McMahon. 
Wilmctte. 111., assiiniors. by m'sne assignments, to the 
t'nit'd States of America as represented hv the Cnlted 
States Atomic Enerrv Commission. Electric posltion- 
1ng-prf>portional floating control. 2.577.090. Dec. 4. 
Abbott. William G.. Jr.. Mllford. N. H. Separating, posi- 
tioning, and uniting threads. 2.537,007. Jan. 9. 
Abbott. William G., Jr.. Wilton. N. H. Motion multiply- 
ing 2,544,122, Mar. 6. 



Abbott Worsted MlUa, Incorporated, assii^nee : See — 
Abbott. Edward J. 
I'erry. Wlnthrop L. 

Abbotts Dalrlej", Incorporated, assignee : 8ee — 
McCaughey, Joseph. 

Abdell. 4;eorKe J., UoBton, Mass. Wearing apparel. 
2 S.'i.'S.S.'i'.). .hiiie 5. 

Abdelnour. Edward C. Netr Rocbelle, assignor to The 
Sleetex Coiupany. Inc.-7-Xiw York, N. Y. Connector for 
connecting a blade to a windshield wiper arm. 
2.539 219. Jan. 23. 

At>et;u A Keinhold Co., assi^ee : See — 
.\be>,'^. Walter A. 

Ab»^gi;. Walter A., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Abegg & Keinhold Co . Los Angeles, Calif. Kelly 
ing. 2.5.'8 806. July 3. 

Abetrg. Walter A.. Los Angeles, Calif. Pipe joint. 
2,.)74,081. Nov. 6. 

Abecg. Waltpr A., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Abegg & Reinbold Co.. Los Angeles. Calif. Automatic 
drill slip unit. Nov. 20. 

Abeil. Roy F.. Schenecta<l^, assignor to American Loco- 
motive Company. New 'iork, N. Y. Locomotive shroud 
closure. 2.573.755, Nov. 6. v 

Abel, Edmund. Jr., Lakewood, Ohio. Aircraft folding 
wing construction. 2.572.421. Oct. 23. 

Abel, Emil, a88l>;nor to The Ever Ready Company (Great 
Britain) Limited. London, England. Electrochemical 
processes of producing manganese from atjueous man- 
ganese salt solution. 2,542,888. Feb. 20. 

Abel, George G. : See — 

Swerdlow. Nathan, and Abel. 

Abel. Henry A. : -See — 

Abel. Robert and H. A. 

Abel, Jack, Flushing, assignor to D. P. ILirrls Hdw. ft 
Mfe. Co.. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Detach.'tble spur for 
roller skHtes. 2.546.622. Mar. 27. 

Abel. Jack, Jackson Heights, N. Y. Collapsible play pen. 
2..'i63.446. Aug. 7. 

Abel. Robert, Coldwater, and H. A. Abel, Van Wert, Ohio. 
Rale loiMler. 2.542.446. Feb. 20. 

Abele. Carl L.. Des Moines, Wash. Fishing reel 
2541.1 v,3. Feb. 13. 

Abell. Francis M.. Louisville. Ky.. assignor, by mesne as- 
signment!*, to .'^hell Pevelonment Compnny. Emeryville, 
Calif. Stabiii/.ed coninositfons containing high molecu- 
lar weight halogenated materials. 2.559.333. July 3. 

Abelson. Herman. Pxiltlmore. Md. Weaning cap for nurs- 
ing bottles. 2.569.139. Sept. 25. » 

Abelt. Arthur C. Richland Center, Wis. Differential for 
automobiles. 2.550.750. May 1. 

Aben. Clarence R., River Rouge, 
brush device for cleaning ."soles 
Dec. 4. 

Aberle. Roy, assignor to Southworth 
Portland, Maine. Power corner 
Feb. 6. 

Alx^rle, Roy, a.i.signor to Southworth 
I'ortland. Maine. Sheet controlltd 
set printing presses. 2,542.073. Feb. 20. 

Aberle. Roy F.. asMignor to Southworth Machine Com- 
pany. Portland. Maine. Inking mechanism _ for rotary 
rlntin'.r prtsses. 2..'r>4..590. Auc. 14. 

Ab«'rT?«: — lUiv F . nssJL'nor to Southworth Machine Com- 
pany. piTrTtaftd Maine. Sheet feed interrupter means 
for printini: prr^r*»«*^:2.564..')91. Aug. 14. 

Abernethy. Nelson W. : See — 

<^orhe't, <;erald M . and .Xhernethy. 

assignor to The Dow Chemicil 
Mich. Making crinkled fibers. 

Mich. Red 
of shoes. 




Machine Company, 
Interrupter for oH- 

Concord, 111. Automatic hog crate. 

Abernethy. Nelson W. 
"Company. Midland. 
2..542.973. Feb. 27. 
Abfrnathi". Rodert E. 
2.5f.t;.01.T. .\\\s 2S. 
Abc^rian. Aram, assiimor to Detroit Harvester Comp.niu^ 
Mower iHrueturo. 2.5S0.265. I)ec>^). 
assicnor to IH'troit Harvester Conrpanv. 
.Mower stnictnre. 2.5S0.266. IVc. 2S. 
assiu'tior to I^-troit Oarvesfor Companv, 
Mower mounting. 2.580,267. Dec. 25. 


Abirari in. 





Abinirton Textile Machinery Works, assignee: See — 

Clark. Erneir. 
Able. Edwanl T.. and W. Krieger. assignors to B. K. 
Sweeney Manuf.icturinc Comp.iny, Denver, Coio. 

Oct. 23. 
Portable spraying ap- 

f'ha in-driven wr«'nrh. 2. 572. 297, 
Able. Eric. Birinincham. England, 
parntua. 2.ri53.159. May 15. 

Able. W.ilter. assignor of one half to Measure Meters Lim- 
ited. Salford and one-half to Dobson ft Barlow Limif'fl 
Bol'on. England. Counting apparatus. 2.563.668. 
Aug. 7. 

Abler. Julius. Los Angeles. Calif., assignor of one-h.ilf to 
A. Engelinan. Chlcaco 111. Drawstring bag manufac- 
ture. 2 ."4t! 623. 27 

Ablett. Charles A.. Norfolk. Eagland 
Ing. 2.5.10.»?S2. Jan. .''.O 

Ablett. Charles A.. Norfolk, England 
Ing. 2..539.683. Jan. 30. 

Ablondi. Frank B. : Ste — 

Rrosene. William G.. Jr.. and Ablondi. 

Abos. Ralph L. L. M. Stanfleld. and R. B. Mvers Los 
.Aneeles. asslcnors to Revco Products. Whittler. Calif. 
Reverse stitch attachment for sewing machines. 
2.562.009. July 24. 

Roller thrust bear- 
Roller thrust bear- 

Abraham .\lbert. Jr.. assignee: See — 

I'Milllps Krwin. 
Abraham. Earl A.. Detroit, .Mich. Dispensing container 

with puncturing means for sealed cans. 2,575,083, 

Nov. 13. 
Abraham, Herbert, assignor to The Ruberoil Co., New 

York. N. Y. Roofing fastener. 2,570.626. Oct. 9. 
Abraham. I.#onard G.. Madison. .\. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York. N. Y'. 

Transmission line distortion corrector. 2,579,285, 

Dec. IS. 
.\brahanic7ik, Ernst. H. Petrovicki, and F. Schaffernak, 

Heidelberg. Germany. Treatment of lacteal sera. 

2.566.477, Sept. 4. 
AbrahamsoQ, Charles M., Aurora, III., assignor to All-Steel 

Equipment Inc. Drawer locking mechanism. 2.559,579, 

July 10. 
Abrahamson, Charles M., Aurora. 111., assignor to All-Steel 

F^quipment Inc. Desk. 2. .560, 400, July 10. 
Abramowski. Caesiaw A.. Astoria. N. Y. Guide wheel for 

trawl net.*«. 2.5r.0.622 July 17 
.\bramH. EUIil Philadelphia, assignor to Quaker Chemical 

Products Corporation. ConHholiocken, Pa. Water re- 
pellent compOHitionH for te.xtiles. 2.547.728. A|ir 3. 
-Vbrams. Hyman. Weehawken. assignor to Thomases & Co., 

Jersey City, N. J. Brief case. 2..562.518. July 31. 
Abram.s Instrument Company, assignee : See — 

Mpore. Milford B., Willis, and Ginther. 
■Vbraid's. Talberf. assignee : See — 

Moore. Milford B.. Willis, and Ginther. 
Abrams. Victor R.. and P. I. Hollman. assignors to Geo D. 

Ror>er Corpora tion, Rockford, 111. Oven lighting system. 

2.557.927. June 26 
Abrams. Victor R.. Rockford. 111., and J. Lorenz. Forest 

Hills. N. Y.. assisrnors. by mesne a.ssignments. to E. U. 

.\ndrews. Greenwich, Conn. Shaving apparatus. 

2.575.741. Nov. 20. 
.\bram.son. Harold A.: See — 

Brown, Ktlian A.. Gorin, and Abramson. 
Abramson. Hugo, assignor to Aktitbolaget C. E. Johansson. 

Eskllstuna. Sweden. Pressure pad for apparatus for 

measuring fiirces. 2.536.117. Jan 2. 
Abramson, Sam. Detroit, Mich. Finger cup. 2,539.940, 

Jan. 30. 
Abrasive Products. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Stewart. John S. 
Accessorv Research Corporatfon, assignee: See — 

.\ntierson. James W., Jr. 
Accounting Forms. Inc., assignee: See — , 

Bi<kel. Arthur J. 
Accumulatoren Fnbriek Varta N. V., assignee: See — 

Schneider. Frifdrich A. 
.\ccurnfe Too) .ukI Knirineering Company, assignee: See — 
Sherman. Wilbur G. 

Sli.rman. Wiitiur r,.. Wright, and Davidson. 
Ace Art Company, assignee: See — 
•Miner. William B. 
Stokinger. (Jeorge. 
.\ce Engineering Company, assignee : See — 

•» Eckstein. -Vrnoid. 
Ace^torm Window Company, assignee : See — 
Kiantz. Walter .M. 
Swarts welter. Ernest E.. Jr. 
Achen. Robert K.. Los Aniieles. Calif. Perfomtod board 

and push pin for a siivo game. 2.579.454. Dec 25 
-Vchenbach. John C.. HaddontlcM. N. J., assignor to Radio 

("orporation of -Vnterica. Tuning means for resonant 

transmission. 2.551.228. May 1. 
Acheson. Louis K.. assignor to The Hoover Companv, 

North Canton, Ohio. Suction cleaner. 2.566.153, 

Aug. 28. 
Achler. Maurice E.. and A. H Milstine. nssignors to As- 
sociated Venetian Blind Manufacturine Companv Chi- 
cago. 111. Window ventilator. 2.580.268. Dec. "25. 

Acierles Reunies de Burach-Elch-Dudelange ' Soclete 
Anonyme. assignee : Sie — 
Schaack. .Xnirnst. 

Aclform Corporation, assignee: See — 
Werner. John. 

Acker. Ralph K.. Fort Worth. Tex., assicnor to Container 
Corporation of .Am.-rlca. rjilcago. III. Machine for 
setting up corner lot-king trn.vs. 2.553,733. May 22. 

Acker, Ralph E.. Fort Worth. Tex.. assi;:nor to Container 
Corporat on of .America. Chicago. 111. Corner looking ■ 
consfniction for par't-rboard containers. 2.573.379. 

<^(t. :',o. 

Ackerman, Arthur J., Buffalo. N. Y. Automobile carrier 
rack for the support of garment hangers. 2.540.023. 
Jan. 30. I Dolletta M.. Los .Xneelei. Calif. Fountain 
massn;:e d'-vice. 2.565. 10!>. .Auir. 21. 

Ackerman, Howard .\.. asslcnor to -American Bopch Cor- 
poration. Springfield, .Mass. Nozzle for gas turbines. 
2.552.658. May 15. 

.\ckernian. Josrph. Jr.. and C.VT. Moberlv. Bnrtlesville, 
Okla.. a.*sit'nors to Phillips Petroleum Company. Sra- 
hilizlnir hydrocarbons and reagents therefor. 2.i»73 294 
Oct. 30. 

Ackerman. Raymond C. Providence. R. I., assignor to 
Sun Chemical Corporation. New York. N. Y. Fluores- 
cent resins and making same. 2.541.184. Feb. 13. 

Ackermui. Samuel. Cincinnati. Ohio. .Appliance for mak- 
ing orthodontic mo«lel9. 2.545,249. Mar. 13. 


an, Vircl . — 

rhllliiJS. Harold P., and Ackerman. „ , 

Ackermann, Franz, BlnnluKen, agsignor to Ciba Limited, 
Dast'l, Switzerland. Amino derivatives and making 
Baine. 2,5r>0.321, Apr. 24. ^.^ t . . -, 

Ackermann. Franz, I'.lnnlngen, assignor to Ciba I.lmltea, 
IJasel. Switzerland. Water-soluble amlnostilbene de- 
rivatives and process. 2,567,796, Sept. 11. 
Ackermann, Kurt J. : See — 

Chester, Allan E., and Ackermann. 
Ackerinuns. John W. J., Detroit. Mich. Folding top for 

automobiles. 2.549.153. Apr. 17. ^ . , 

Ackermaus. John \V. J.. Detroit. Mich. Door and window 

structure for convertible bodies. 2.552.503. May 8. 
Ackb'S. Virgil E.. Los Angeles. Calif.. assiKnor to Dough- 
nut Corporation of America. New York. N. Y. Tray 
delivery mechanism. 2.571,046, Oct. 16. 
Ackley. Clarence II., assignee: Igee — 

S"l:ifer. <;in)ert. , „, j, , 

Ackley. Ravmond E.. Evanston. and A. J. Fiedler, assign- 
ors to W. F. Hall Printing Company. Chicago. 111. 
Rougliening <ievice for bookbinding and covering ma- 
chines. 2. .')<;.'>. r.R.S. Aug. 28. 
Acme Industrial Hydraulics. Inc., assignee: See — 

Gabriel. Adam. 
Acme Shear Coiiiiiany, assignee : See — 
Lincoln, Allien A. 
Wheeler. Henry C. 
Acme Staple Company, assignee : See — ., 

.SacMehen. Ilnrol'l G 
Acme Steel Company, assignee : Sea — 
Chester. Allan E.. .Main, and Hansen. 
Childress. William C. and Royal. 
MacChesney. Chester M. 
M.iin. Ray r . and Hansen. 
Splller. Willi.Mn R.. and IJarley. 

W^cnum. James N. . , „ , . -r^. 

Acme Tank tc Welding Co.. a Division of United Tool & Die 
Coinp.iny. nssignee : See — 
Clark, Stanley J. 
Acme Visiljle Records, Inc., assignee: See — 
Evans. David E.. Sr. 
Hall. Marchand n. 
Acorn Designing Co., assignee: See — 

Miller. John W.. and Hale. 
Acosta. Jo84 W.. Chicago. 111. Push-pull electron tube for 

instruments or televisions. 2.558,120, June 26. 
Acosta. Jos6 W., Chicago. 111. Coupling and tone-control 

system for ai«>lio amplifiers. 2.,'')G3.299. Aug. 7. 
Acrea. Clarence D., Willcox. Ariz. Watch movement 

holder. 2.571.176. Oct. 16. 
Aero Manufacturing Co., The, assignee : See — 

Wailey. Herlieit II.. Jr. 
Acrotoniue (?omp;iny. The, assignee: Sec — 

Orshansky. Ellas, Jr. 
Actlengeselischaft Joh. Jacob Rleter it Cie, assignee: 
See — 

Nnegell, Werner. 
Acton Holt Llnilfe<l. assignee: See — 

Affleck. Theodore K. 
Acton. Grant M.. assignor to Acton Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Inc.. Arkansas City, Kans. Bottle holder and car- 
rier. 2.5.'i2,361, May 8. 
Acton. (Jrant M.. Arkansas City, Kans.. assignor to 
Acfon Manufacturing Company, Inc. Portable cooler. 
2.570.300, Oct. 9. 
Acton. Grant M.. assignor to Acton Products. Inc.. Ar- 
kansas City. Kans. Beverage and food cabinet with 
a heating element therein. 2.576.874, Nov. 27. 
Acton .Manufacturing Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Acton. Grant M. 
Acton Prochicis. Inc., assignee 

Acton, (irant M. 
Acton. Rus.sel D.. Chicago, 111. 

2.575.506. Nov. 20. 
Acton. Rnssel D., Chicago. 111. 

2.575.507. Nov. 20. 
Actrol. Inc.. assignee : See — 

De Neergaard. Leif E. 
Acushnet Process Company, assignee : See — 

Goodwin, Knrl P., and Cobb. 
Adair. Nora : Bee — 

Cralgen. Bessie, and Adair. , ^ , ^, ^ . 

Adair, Kov E.. and J. C. Baze. Ada. Okla. Electric 
switch box .support. 2,567.309. Sept. 11. 
. Adam, Folger, Joliet, assignor to T. A. Banning, Jr., 
Chicago, 111. Record album. 2,566,300 
Adam, Frank, Electric Company, assignee 

Green. Floyd S. 
Adam. Lewis D., Detroit, Mich., and N. G. 

Q'ity. Okla. Fishing lure. 2,542,447, Feb 
Adam. Thomas, assignee : See — 

Wilson. .Mevander J. ^ , 

Adam, VSclav, Jablonec Nad Nisou, assignor to Cesko- 
slovenske zavody. sklarske, narodnl podnik. Prague, 
Czechoslovakia. Threading pearls, corals, and the like. 
2.557. S54. June 19. 
Adam. Vftclav, Jablonec nad Nlsou. assignor to "Cesko- 
slovenske zavodv sklarske. narodnl podnik," Prague. 
Czechoslovakia. "Equipment for forming of small glass 
articles. 2..564.516. Aug. 14. 

Ironing board. 

See — 

Self-washing centrifuge. 
Hydraulic power device. 

Sept. 4. 
; See — 

Poplin. Ponca 



or control 

Adamas Carbide Corporation, assignee : See 

Dreyer. Edward L.. and Pflug. 
Adamec. Henrietta. New York, N. T. 

2.539.804. Jan. 30. ^ , 

Adams. Carman. Birmingham. Mich., assignor to Edwin 

L. Wlegand Company, Pittsburgh. Pa. Electric heating. 

2..550.751. May 1. 
Adams. Cecil E. : See — 

Mueller. Adalbert C. and Adams. 
Adams. Cecil E.. assignor to The Denlson 

Company, Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic 

2.546.580. Mar. 27. 
Adams. Cecil E.. assignor to The Denlson 

Companv. Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic 

2..'546.5S1. Mar. 27. 
Adams. Cecil E., assignor to The Denlson 

Company. Columbus. Ohio. Hydraulic motor 

apparatus. 2.569.213. Sept. 25. 
Adams. Cecil E., assignor to The Denlson Engineering 

Company. Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic tapping device. 

2..580.061. Dec. 25. 
Adams. Cecil E.. and E. H. Born, assignors to Th«» 

Denlson Engineering Company. Columbus. Ohio. Fluid 

motor control mechanism. 2.546.679. Mar. 27. 
Adams. Cecil E.. H. V. Mills, and V. V. Blasutta. assignors 

to The Denlson Engineering Company. Columbus. Ohio. 

Hvdraullc press. 2 561.766. July 24. 
Adams. Cecil E.. and E. H. Born, assismors to The Denlson 

p]nglneering Companv. Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic ap- 
paratus. 2.569.214. Sept. 25. 
Adams. Cecil E.. V. V. Blasutta. and H. V. Mog. assignors 

to The Denison En;:lneerlng Company. Columbus. Ohio. 

Hydraulic press with servo control. 2.580.062. Dec. 25. 
Adams. Cecil E.. Columbus. H. V. Mills. Pinna, and V. V. 

Blasutta. assignors to The Denlson Engineering Com- 
panv. Columbus. Ohio. Control for fluid 

motors. 2.r)80.063. Dec. 25. 
Adams. Charles A.. Tampa, Fla, Battery cart. 2.579,639, 

Dec 25. „ 

Adams, Charles C New York, assignor to Davis A C,€ck, 

Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Composite package. 2,542,9^7, 

Feb. 20. ^ . . o , 

Adams. Charles C, New York, assignor to Davis * Geek, 

Surgical package. 2.549.039, 

York, assignor to Davis * Geek, 
Sterile suture tube package. 

Inc.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Apr. 17. 

Adams, Charles C, New 
Inc.. Broiiklvn. N. Y. 
2.549.040. Apr. 17. . ^ . 

Adams. Charles D.. Pomona, assignor to Riverside Cement 
Company, Los Angeles. Calif. Method and apparatus 
for conveying pulverulent material. 2,565.835. Aug. 28. 

Adams. Charles J.. Park Ridge, and J. A. Proctor, assign- 
ors to American Phenolic Corporation. Chicago. 111. 
Fire detecting system. 2.5G3.904, Aug. 14, 

Adams. Chester E. : See — 

Johnson. Carl E.. and Adams. 
Proell. Wayne A., and .\dams. 

Adams. Chester E.. Highland. Ind..* and W. A. Proell, 
assignors to Standard Oil Company. Chicago, IlL 
Sulfonyl hallde manufacture. 2.573.674. Nov. 6. 

Adams, Clarence H.. and G. H. Pratt, assignors to Cone 
Automatic Machine Company Inc.. Windsor. Vt. Work 
handling and tooling mechanism. 2.577v442. Dec. 4. 

Adams. Douglas D.. K. RolUus. and J. D. Rlrther. Canton, 
Ohio, assignors, by mesne assignments. ofXsevonty-six 
and eighty-nine one hundredths per cent to >i. E. Mac- 
Kenzie and twenty-three and eleven one-hundi^dths per 
cent to L. V. Bockius. Continuous Impregnation of 
formed fibrous material. 2,552.612, May 15. 

Adams. Edward E.. Washington, D. C. Multicompartment 
traveline bag. 2,577,670. Dec. 4. 

Adams. Edwin G.. The Dalles. Oreg. Dial for gauges. 
'2.550.0r?:^. Apr. 24. 

.\dam9, Elliot Q.. Cleveland Heights. Ohio, assignor to 
General Electric Cofhpany. Polyphase fluorescent lamp. 
circuit. 2.565.110. Aug. 21. 

Adams, Frances V.. Sandringham, New Zealand. Flow 
control means. 2.540.364, Feb 6. 

Adams Frank. Brooklvn. N. Y. Mold for forming a pre- 
cut Ice cream cake. 2.579.640. Dec. 25. 

Adams. Frederic H. : See — 

Parker. Robert P.. Waitkins. and .^dams. 

Adams (Jeorge K.. Norfolk. Va. .Aerodynamic llap balance 
and auxiliary airfoil. 2.549.760, Apr. 24. 

Adams. George M. : See — 

Aydelott. John C, Bower, and Adams. 

Adams. George M.. Palos Heights, assignor to The Vlsklng 
Corporation. Chicago. 111. Printing inks and Alms 
printed therewith. 2.544.873, Mar. 13. 

Adams, Harold B., Madison, Kans., and M. C. Peters, 
Salt Lake City, Utah. Rotary pump. 2.556,313. 
June 12. ^ ^■ 

Adams. Harold E., assignor to Armstrong Cork Company. 
Lancaster. Pa. Modified alkyd resins and coating com- 
positions containing the same in admixture with rtyidlly 
copolymerlzable vinyl monomers. 2.537.949. Jan. 16. 

Adams, Harrv L.. Denver. Colo.> assignor of one-tenth to 
Pencil sharpener. 2.545.221, Mar. 13. 
Lv. 'Denver, Colo., assignor of one-tenth to 
I'encil lead sharpening machine. 2.569.548. 

V. G. 

Adams. Harry 
\'. G. Jones. 
Oct. 2. 


Adams. Henry F. T., Lower Stondon. Henlow, assi^nior to 

I'ower Jets (Research & Development) Llniltea. I»n- 

, don. Knglund. Aircraft speed governor meuns. 2,552,131, 

May 8. 

Adams. Ida E.. Atlantic City, N. J. Combination article 

of babv furniture. 2.507.752. Sept. 11. 
Adams. Isuuc C. assignee : ISee — 

Hamby. Walter W. 
Adams. J. D., Manafacturlng Co., assignee: See — 
Gill. Raymond E. 

Small. Kverett T. ' 

Adams, JameM W.. Seymour. Conn., assignor to United 
States Rubber Company. New York, N. Y. Preparation 
of synthetic rubber-carbon black mixtures. 2,548,757. 
Apr. 10. 
Adams. James W., Seymour. Conn., assignor to United 
States Rubber Company. .New York. N. Y. Coagulation 
of synthetic rubber latices. 2..")7fl.y09. Dec. 4. 
Adams. John E.. and G. E. Wagner. Los Angeles, Calif. 

Automobile Jack. 2.559,182, July 3. 
Adams, John R.. Jr. ■ See — 

Salviu. Virror S.. and Adams. 
Adams. Kennerb H : See — 

Doelllnif. George L.. and Adams. 
Adams. Leon M. : See — • . 

May. Paul D., Adams, and Lee. 

Adams, Leon M.. Texss City. P. L. Brandt. Galveston, 
R. J. Lee. Lr M.iniue. and F. T. Wadsworth. Dickinson, 
adsignors to Pan American Retlning Corporation, Texas 
Cl'y. Tex. Preparation of drying oils from clay 
polymers. 2.50».,')9.^. Oct. 2. 

Adams, .Mark F. : See — 

Redllch, Otto. Adams, and Holt. , 

Adams-MiUi.«« Corporation, asHignee : See — ' 

lU'll. Monry G. 

Adams, Paul G.. East Orange, and M. W. Axman. Stirling. 
.\. J., assignors to Westinghous Electric Corporation, 
East Pittsburgh. Pa. Electrical contactor. 2,575,0uy, 
Nov. 20 

Adams. Paul L.. W. A. Norman' and* C. K. Sltterly. as- 
signors to Carr. .\dams A Collier CompanV. Dubuque, 
Iowa. Storm window sash adjuster. 2,561.086, July 
17. . 

Adams, Paul L., W. A. Norman, and C. K. Sltterly. as- 
signors to ("nrr. Adams & Collier Company. Dubtique, 
louM. Str.rm window hanger. 2.576,062, Nov. 27. 

Adams. Pan! R. : See — 

Deloralne. Edraond M.. Buslgnles. and Adams. 

Adams, Paul R.. P.:irth'svill»\ 01;la.. assignor to PhMlips 
Petroleum Company. Telegraph receiving circuit. 
2..'i52.302. May s 

Adams. Philip. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Pen cap. 
2..'i47.SO.'?. Apr. 3. 

Adams, Pierr»»nont. Glenhrook. Conn., assignor to American 
Cyanamid ('oiiipany. New York, N. Y. Polvmerlc trl-^- 
hy<lroxyethyl cyanurate. 2,557,625, June 19. 

Adam.s. Rol)ert J., .\shland. Kv. Automatic valve for 
applying air brakes. 2,.">70.382. Nov. 27. 

Adams, Robert O., Monte Vista, Colo. Attachment for 
.stringed musical Instruments. 2..'i55,388, June 5. 

Adams, Robert S., assignor to Halliburton Oil Well 
Cementing Company. Duncan. Okla. Permeable mate- 
rials and m.ilving same. 2.546.624. Mar. 27. 

Adams. Robert T.. Chatham. N. J., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to International Standard Electric Corpor.i- 
tlon. New York. N. Y. Low noise lntermedlate-fr»««iuency 
amplifier. 2.549.761. Apr 24. 

Adams, Soren S.. Asbury Park. N. J. Thermostatic snap- 
action element. 2.502. •",85, July 31. 

Adam.s. Sunmer W., Se.juim, Wash. Pistol holster. 

2,.->77.S69. Dec. 11. 
Adams. Thomas O.. New Philadelphia. Ohio. Sweeping 

device. 2..".71,ni7. Oct. 10. 

Adams, Waltex. assignor to Lotus Limited. Stafford. Eng- 

land. Edge binding machine. 2,570,086, Oct 2 
Adnm.s-. Ualion IL. Raton, N. Mex. Watch holder. 

2,.'>40.."501. Feb. 6. 
Adams. William D.. assignee : See — 

Burgess. Marion I. 
Adams. Willlan) E . assignor to Herring-nall-Marvln Safe 

Compjiny. Hamilton, Ohla Card filing apparatus. 

2,541,18.-,. Feb. 13. k *'• 

Adams. William E., assignor to Herrlne Hall Marvin Safe 

Company, Hamilton, Ohio. Filing apparatus. 2.502,593, 

July 31. 
Adams. Ullliam J., assignee: See— 

• Batallle. Gerald S. 
Adamson. Alan E.. Vancouver. British Columbia Canada. 

assignor to American Can Company New York N Y. 

Can body making machine with yieldable seam assem- 
bly elements. 2.563.805, Aug. 14. 

Adamson, Arthur P., Ballston Spa, N Y., a.sslgnor to 

General Electric Company. Discriminator circuit. 

2..Ti9.286. Dec. 1*?. 
Adamson. Donald W.. Londrfh. England, assignor to Bur 

CP^S**' ^^ t"^"'"^ * ^° 'U. S. A.) Inc.. Tuckahoe. 

N. Y. Dlthienvl allyl aminea. 2.561.899. July 24 
Adamson. Frank >I. : See — • ■' • . 

Cadwell. Clarence J., and Adamson. 
Adamson .Machine Company. The. assignee: 8e« — 

Ward. John S., Johnson, Trlshman, and Stratton. 

Adcock. Horace. Shirley. BIrmlnghham, anignor to A. C. 
Wlckman Limited, Coventry. England. Screw-thread 
rolling apparatus. 2,554.166. May 22. 
Addlcks, Dledrich C, Maywood. Calif. Fish lure. Jan 2. 
Addlngton Loyal R.. Wabash. Ind., assignor to Art Metal 
Construction Company. Jamestown, .\. Y. Cutting at- 
tachment tor printing presses. 2.543.219. Feb. 27. 
Addison, Edward C. Stone Harbor. N. J. Intercepting 
the escape of asb to the atmosphere. 2,545.537. Mar. 20. 
-Vdilisori. Thonia.s J.. Kissiiiiuiee, I"la. Reel carrier. 

2.549.152, Apr. 17. 
Addorisio, Patsy, Portchester. N. T. Workman's warn- 
ing system for mil ways. 2.542.104. Feb. 20. 
Addressograph Multig.-apb Corporation, assignee: See — 
Hueber, Carl J. 
C.ollwitzer, Walter T. 
Gruver, John H. 
Hueber. Carl J. 

Janke, Edward J. I 

MUchell. Lester F. ! 

Morse. I.awren«e H. 
Van Dusen, Charles 
Van Dusen. Charles 
Adduci, Raymond V. 
Time <'orporaf ion. 
2.546.289. Mar. 27. 
Ade, Guv W. : See — 

Oehler. William P., and Ade. 
Adel, Alf F.. Chicago, IlL Nibbling tool. 2,542.103, 

Feb. 20. 
Adelman. Robert L., Niagara Falls. \. Y.. assignor to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington. Del.<hictlon of unsaturated organic compouxuls. ^t^fiOAii^ 
Apr. 24. 
Adelman. Robert I... Niagara Falls. N. Y.. assignor to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington DeL 
Pro4luction of vinyl »<thers. 2.579,411 lM«c 18 
Adelman, Roh<'rt L.. Niagara Falls. N. Y.. assignor to 
E. I. du Pont d^ Nemours and Cc 




and Weissenbom. 
to The i:nlfe<l States 
Conn. Alarm clock. 


'ompany. Wilmington, 

sash and 


Reaction of vinyl ethers with hydroxy compounds. 
2.579.412. D.>c. 18. 
Adelman. William. Philadelphia, Pa. .\dvertlslng device. 

2.570.272 Nov 27. 
Adelson David E.. See — 

Dannenberg. Hans, and Adelson., Frank M. and .\«lel^r)n. 
Adelson. Ehivid E.. Merl<eley. asslL'nor to Shell D»'velopment 
Company. San Francisco. Calif. Carbonates of unsat- 
urated dlols. 2.503.771. Aug. 7. 
Adelson. David E., Berkelev. assignor to SlW>ll Derelop- 
ment Company, San Francisco. Calif. Lublicant. 
2..'09.122. Sept. 25. 
Adelson. David E.. Berkeley, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco. Calif. Lubricating com- 
nosltlon. 2.574.994. Nov. 13. 
Adelson. David F... Berkeley, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco, Calif. Preparation of 
un ides. 2. .■.76. 895. Nov. 27. 
Adelson. Dnvid E . and H. F. Gray. Jr., Rerkeley. assign- 
ors to Shell Development Company. Snn Francisco. 
Calif. Fstprs of polviUvl alcohol "2 555 775 June 5 
Adelson Fred L.. San Diego. Calif. Tube rack for quali- 
tative chemical anlysis. 2.508.677. Sept. 18. 
Adelt. Carl W. Mavs Ijinding, N. J. Storm 

screen. 2.557.003. June 19. 
Adhesive Development Co., assignee : 

Averv. Rav S. 
Adjusto Sales r-orporatlon. The. assignee : Bee — 

Charest. Theodore W. 
.\dkins. Cnssle F.. assignee : See — I \ 

Davis. Chester L. I \ 

.\dklns Clarenep assignee : See — 

Adkins. Orville 
•Adklns. Karl (\. assignor to Th»> Sheffield Corporation. 
Davton. Ohio. Infernal gauginc device. 2.556 314. 
Tune 12 
-\dklns. John S.. Dayton. Ohio. Erecting mechanism for 
reducing turn errors in vertical gyroscopes. 2.542.975. 
Feb. 27. 
Adkins. John S.. Dayton, and J. J. Hart. Osborn. Oh'o. 
Nontumbling gyroscopic directional Indicator. 
Oct. 30. 

Adkins. Orville. HamersviHe, Ohio, assignor of one-fourth 
to C. .Adkins. Centerline, Mich. Electric cattle guard. 
2. .5.55. ISO. Mav 29. 
Adklsson. Rob«>rt F.. Verden. Okla. Adjustable draft 
mechanism for Implement frames. 2,540,228, Feb. 6. 
.\dlake Company. The. assignee : See- — 
Prenneman. Theron F. 
Khret. Yale W 
Gehrnnd. Clarence E. 
Hacerty, .\ndrew T.. and Brenneman. 
Hacerty. Andrew T.. and Ehret. I 

Torgeson. Everett V. ' 

Verhagen. Christian M. 
-\dler. .\dolf E.. I»ndon. England, assignor to Modern 
Telephone Corporation. New York, N. Y. Intercommo- 
nlcation telephone system. 2,565,192, Aug. 21. 

Adler, Charles. Jr.. Baltimore. Md. Diverter lighting sys- 
tem. 2.556.052. Jun*. 5 

Adler. Charles. Jr.. Baltimore, Md. Airplane proximity 
Indicator. 2.560,205, July 10. 


1 1 



Adler. Cyrus M. : See — 

Rowe, Walter, and Adler. 
Adler. Harold J.. Chlrapo. and 

M. Z. Mroz, Park R.dee, 

asBlenor to Zenith Kadlo 
syncbronizing apparatus. 

^., asslfnior to Zenith Radio 

Power line signal pickup. 2,503,734, 

Chicago, lil.. assignor to Zenith Radio 
Push pull output tube. 2,353,735, May 

^„„., „ ,„ .. __-^ vanston. 111. 

Phono;;ra|)b start-stop switch. 2,552.7.»7. May lo. 
Adler, Henry. Detroit, assignor of one-half to L Holm, 
Bloomfteld Hills. Mich. Hand weaving loom. 2,561.. 6<. 

July 24. ». , T^ I 

Adler Herman G., Detroit, assignor to Nov! Equipment 
Coriip.iny-. Novl. Mich. Centrifugal guided speed re- 
sponsive device. 2.5.'S3.73fl. May 22. 

Adler. John H.. Lincoln Park, a8>ignor to Shwayder 
Urotliers. Ecorse, Mich. Locking brace for folding 
table legs. 2.5fi7.417, Sept. 11. 

Adler. Leo A., assignee : f^re — 

Baker, Carl A., and Schechter. « -^- oo« 

Adler Leon, St. Louis. Mo. Miniature packet. 2,565,336, 
Aug 2.1. 

Adler, Max : See — 

Lott, William A., Losee. and Adler. . . ^ ,. „. w 

Adler. .Max and K. and I. Katkowskl, Detroit. Mich. 
Trailer hitch. 2.. =169 843, Oct. 2. 

Adler Orvllle E., Niles. Mich., assignor to National Stand- 
ard Company. Operating a continuous electroplating 
svstem. 2..')60.534. July 17. 

Adler. Richard M. : See — 

Rufledge. Howard C, and Adler. 

Adler. Richard \V. : See — 

Nathan. Jerome, and Adler. ,.«.■. 

Adler. Rr>b«rt, Chicago, Til., assignor to Zenith Radio 
Corporation. Space-charge-coupled cascade amplifier. 
2.547.145, Apr. 3. 

Adler, Robert. Chicago, 111 
Corponitlon. Electronic 
2.5r.l.,'^08. May 1. 

Adler. Robert, Chicago. Ill 


May 22. 
Adler. Robert, 


Adler, Robert. Chicago, 111., assignor to Zenith Radio Cor- 

j)oratlon. Electron discharge device of the focussed- 

beaiii type. 2.r),->9.037, July 3. 
Adler Robert. Chicago. 111., assignor to Zenith Radio Cor- 
poration. Demodulator. 2,568,137. Sept. 18. 
Adler, Robert, Northfield. 111., assignor to Zenith Radio 

Corporation. Piezoelectric transducer and producing 

same. 2,.'540,412, Feb. 6. 
Adler Robert. Northfield. 111., assignor to Zenith Radio 

Corponitlon. Thermionic cathode activation. 2.561,768, 

July 24. 
Adler. Solomon, Kew Hardens, N. Y. Sewing machine 

pressure bar. 2,5.'>4,970, May 29. 
Adler, Solomon, Kew (Jardens^ N. 

needle bar oi»eraiing mechanism. 

Adler, Solomon. Kew Gardens. N. 

2..')«n.043. July 24. 
Admiral Corporation, assignee: See — 
Altmann, John H., and Swanson. r 
Faulkner. Wlliard J. 
Fields. George. 
Hi>ellerich. John L. 
Hoffman, Clifford P. 
Ketchum. Arthur L. 
Lellne, Arnold W. 
SandiTs, Ray L. 
VIst.Un, James K., Jr. 
Washburn. Nell E. 
Adrian, Joueph. assignor to Super Speed Printing Machin- 
ery. Inc , Cleveland. Ohio. Adjustable side gauge for 
paper drilling machines. 2,553,395, -May 15. 
Adri.nn, Joseph, assignor to Suiwr Speed Printing Machin- 
ery Inc.. Cleveland. Ohio. Printer's sawing and trim- 
ming machine. 2.574.901. Nov. 13. 
Adslt. Daniel L., Fontana, Calif. Table and chair unit. 

2..")70.301, Oct. 9. 
Advance Aluminum Castings Corp., assignee: Sec — 

(Jrundstrom, Krik (J. 
Advance Transformer Co., assignee: See — 

Feinberg. Albert E. 
Advertising Metal Display Co.. assignee : See — 

Wlith, Sidney R. ^ , 

Aebl. Otto. Yverdon. Switzerland, assignor to Palllard S._.A. 
Typewriter mounting for carriage pinions. 2,556,053, 
June 5; 
Aebl Otto. Yverdon. assignor to Palllard S. A.. Sainte- 
Cr'oix. Switzerland. Margin stop position indicator for 
tyi)ewriters. 2,580,211. Dec. 25. 
Aelonv. David. Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to General 
Mills. Inc. N,N'-dlacylaryl disulfonamides. 2,571,99-j, 
Oct. 23. 
Aeolian Company, The, asslenee : .See — 

r'alamarl. Peter T., and Murdock. 
Aeppli, Albert. assignor to Maag Zahnrader und 
>Iaschinen Aktiengesellschaft, Zurich, Switzerland. 
Machine for grinding gear wheels. 2,567.400. Sept. 
. Aeration Processes, Inc., assignee : See — 
\ Smith, Allyne H. 

T. Sewing machine 
2.554.971, May 29. 

Y. Sewing machine. 

Aero Supply Mfg. Co. Inc. assignee : Bee — 

1 >i)\\ iicv. (ieorge T. 

Suska." Charles R. 
Aerojet En::ineering Corooration, assignee: See — 

Crutchfleld, Leslie M.. Campbell, and Mace. 

Malina. Frank J., and Parsons. 

Miller. Fred S.. and Zola. 

Parsons. John W. 

I'laut. Herman. 

Wlancko. Thomas H. 
Aerol Co. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Gaines. Frank E. 
Aerolex Limited, assignee : See — 

Harley. P'rank l1. , 

Aeroiii.'ir. Inc.. assignee : See — 

.I'MiPs. Beniainin T. 
Aero-Motive Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Komassa, Jerome S. 
Aeronca .\ircraft Corporation, assignee: See — 

Morris. William T. 
•Veroqiiip Corporation, assignee: See — 

Hurst. Peter F. 

Merrlman, Henry H. 

Riindell Harwood F. 
Aero-Sonlc Corp.. assignee : See — 

Latulippe. Eddy D. 
.^erotec Corporation. The. assignee: See — •• - 

Mejean. Jacques G. 
Aerovox Corporation, assignee: See — 

Kahn, Louis. ^ 
.\eschlimann. Ernst: See — 

Humfeld. Harrv. Aeschllmann. and Hoffman.' 
Aetna Ball & Roller Bearing Co., assignee : See — 

Ro7.ner. Joseph J. 
Aetna Products and Manufacturing Co., assignee : See — 

Marke. Hans. ^^ 

Aetna-Standard Engineering Company. The, assignee. 

Garwtc. Glenn W. 

Jaenchen, Max. 

Matteson. EI win A., and Donald. 

Rodder. William. 

Aeuple. Marearetta E. : See — , ,, , 

La Lande. Wllham A., Jr., Aeugle, and Molynenx. 

AfHiolter. Herbert G. : See— 

Molinari. Vlttorlo. and AfTholter. 

Affiliated Gas Enuipment, Inc.. assignee : See — 
Cartter. William G. 

Affiliated Machine & Tool Co.. assignee: See — 
Grater. Edward V. 

Affleck. Theodore K.. assignor to Acton T^olt Limited, 
London. England. Thread-rolling appliance. 2,576,709, 
Nov. 27. . , A 

\ffolter Earl TL, Chicago. 111. Process for mako-ready. 
2..'."6.51], June 12. 

\f Kleen Nils E.. North Stonlngton. Conn., assignor to 
Jet Heet Inc. Englewood. N. J. Thermally actuated 
pump. 2.553.817. May 22. 

Africano Alfred. Cumberland. Md.. assignor to the TTnlted 
States ^of America as represented bv the Secretary of 
War Insulated trap for rocket projectiles. 2..'>48,926, 
Apr. 17. 

Apamaite. Ed^ward. Jr., assignor to Fort Howard Paper 
Companv, Green Rav. Wis. Paper dispenser. 2.560,001, 
July 10." 

Agnn. Leon C. Dexter, Mich., assignor to American 
Broach & Machine Co. Broaching machine. 2,567,093, 
Sept. 4. 

Agar Willinm O.. Danbury. England, assignor, by mesne 
assisnrnents, to Radio Corporation of America, New 
York. N. Y. Radio and like instruments for use in meh- 
frequencv testing research and development. 2,562, T."t9, 
July 31." 

Agee Charles \. T.. Collingswood. N. J. Ash receptacle. 
2.575.857, Nov. 20. 

\ccer Jens, assignor to Chicago Rawhide Manufarturlng 
Company, Chicago. 111. Seal. 2.572,422, Oct. 23. 

\pins George, assignor to .\rma Corporation. Brooklyn, 
.\ Y. Antifriction support for gyroscopes and the 
like. 2,577.942, Dec. 11. 

Agins. George. Brooklyn, and R. Y. Mln^r, New York, as- 
siL'nors to Arma Corporation, Brooklyn. N. Y. Remot« 
control.apparatus. 2.557.401, June 19. 
\gle. Charles K.. Princeton, N. J. Roof structure 
2.548.758, Apr. 10. 

Agnew, Bovd, Los Angeles, assignor to A. Hlggins, Pasa- 
dena. Calif. Directional control valve for water soften- 
ers. 2.574.809. Nov. LS. 
Vgnew Norman F,. Penn Township, Allegheny County, 
assijrnor to Farmers Engineering & Manufacturing Co., 
Pittsburgh. I'a. Emergency communication system, 
particularly for mines. 2,566,100. Aug. 28. 

Agnew. Robert J.. Pawling, and R. E. Conary. Beacon, 
assignorc to The Te.xas Company. New York. N. Y. 
Separation of isophthalic acid from terephthalic add 
by noncatalTtic esterification. 2.569.440, Oct. 2. 

Agrashell. Inc., assignee : See — 
,\yers. Joseph W. 

• ■ . ' I 



Affrlcalture. United State* of America aa reprcMoted b/ 
the Secretary of, aaiiiguee : See — 
AldertOD. Gordon, and Fevold. 
Aliscbul, Aaron M., and Caatillon. 
Altscbul, Aaron M.. Condon, and Lamboa. 
Andersen. Ariel A. 

BiinlKiin. Tliomas F., Jr.. Meeki, and Planck. 
Beckel. Arthur C. and Belter. 
Bfne«lict. Uot^Tf <;. 
BInkley. Cb/trle* H. 

Clark. Tbotuiis P. ' 

Curiiiun, Jiiti.iu. 

Dunning. Jobu W'.. Frye, and Lathrop. 
Kskew, Roderick K., Homiller, and Pbillipa. 
FiilkenburK. Lee B., Lewis, and Cowan. 
F in. Martin L.. and Fisher. 
FliachJone. Kdward M., Fein, and Flaber. 
Fllachione. Kdward M.. and Fisher. 
Findley, Thunns \V.. anc^ Swern. 
Fisher. Charles 11.. and Fein. 

Garibuldl, John A.. Ijichl. Lewia and McGinnis. 
<;..|ilbl;itt. Leo .\.. and Oldroyd. 
Gmham, Robert P..^ind .^he[)herd.*- 
HalU Harlow H., and Tsuchiya. 
Hansen. John K., and l>letz. 
Ilemnieter. (Jeorge T. 

Hipp, .N'orbert J., (Jroves, and McMeekin. 
Homiller, Richard 1'., and Fisenhardt. 
Houston, DavitI F., and Kester. 
Howerton. William W. 

Iluinfeid. Harry, .^escblimann and Hoffman. 
Jansen. Eugene F. 
Kester, Ernest B. 
Krew.son, Charles F. 
Lewis. Arthur J.. Moser. and Cowan. 
Lockwood, Lewis B.. and Nelson. 
Lohniar, Holland L.. Jr. 

Lonyhhoromrh, ^Viillam K.. McMlIlen, and Espenas! 
Lowe. Edison, and Swenson. 
Maclay, William D., Shepherd, McCready, and 

• Jrahani. 
McColloch, Rol)ert J., and Beavens. 
MfKlnney. I>'onard L., Cowan, and Fhing. 
McKinney, Leonard L.: Uhlng, Setzkorn, and Cowan. 
Meeks. James W.. Banigan, and Planck. 
.Mehltretter. Charles L. 
Mlchener. Harold D.. Snell. and Jansen. 
Mi)ntBomery. Fdna .M.. and Weakley. 
Owens. Harry S.. and .Marlav. 
Owens, Harry .S., and Schiilti. 
Pridh:im. Th«>mn« G 
Batchford, William P.. and Fisher. 
Rehberg. Chessle E. 
Held. John D., and Daal. 
Rusca, Ralph A. 

RuRca. Ralph A., and Kyame. , 

Ryberg, Milfnn E., Burney, and^Joy. ' 
St. Clair. William E., an(f Lawrence. 
Sranlan, John T.. Swern. and Roe. 
Schuyten. Hartwlg A.. Weaver, and Reld. 
Sfamni, Alfred J., and Tarkow. 
Sfirt. Fred. 
Strashnn, Sumner L 
Swern. Danl.I. 
Swern. Dai. 'el. and FIndley. 
Swern. Daniel, and Jordan. 
Swern, Daniel, and Knight. 
Swern. Daniel. Jordan, and Port. 
Teeter. Howard M.. and Cowan. 
Thompson. Chester R. 
Tuomy Justin M.. and Slotfer. 
Vlx.^ Henry L. E., Spadaro. Pollard. Gastrock. Persell. 

and Murphv. 
. Wall. Monroe E. 
Watson, Paul D. 
Weil. Leopold. 

Weil. Leopold, Woodward, Howard, anfl KeU. i 
Wh tp. Jon.Uhin ^^■.. .Tr. 
WWte. Jonathan W.. Jr.. Naghskl, and Weil. 
^Vil|its. Charle.s U., and I'orter. 
Wolff. Ivan A. 

Woodward. Charles F., and Mayer. 
Young, Frank K.. and Joni'S. 
[ Zlef, Morris, and Tanoraky. 

Agricide Corporation, assignee : »*?ee — 
Jaucb. Robert J., and Hoover. 

Agricura Iviboratorla Limited, assignee: Bee — 
DeWaal, Hermanns L. 
, Agudo, Francisco F., Madrid, gpaln. Faucet. 2.571,327. 
Oct. 16. 
Agueros, Oracielo. Monjebello. Calif. Adobe composition 

and method- 


Sept. 25. 

Agulnek. Harry : 8e»— 

Misbcon. Lester, and Agnlnek. 
MishroA. Samuel. .\i:uln.k. and Mlshron. ■ 

Mishcon. Samuel and L.. and Agulnek. 
Ahart, Joseph L.. Dow Cltv, Iowa. Apparatus for building 
■ concrete walls 2..')fi2.40.'i, July 31. 
A'H.arn. Frank L., Sharon. Pa., assignor to United States 
Steel Products Company. Metal container and manu- 
facture. 2.57«.76T, Nov. 27. 
Ahearn, John C. Wellington, New Zealand. Concrete 
mixer. 2.563.6G9. Aug. 7. 

Abern. William B., and A. J. Wait. De Kalb, assignor* 
to The Rudolph Wurlltser Company, Chicago. 111. 
Accordion bass section. 2,.'\.'S6,408. June 12. 

Ahlberg, Lars F. B., Ektorp, and S. T. F. Sundberg. as- 
signors to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Stockholm. 
Sweden. Arrangement for night watchman controls. 
2,5r>0.746, July 10, 

Ahlbrecht, Arthur II. : See— 

Uusied Donald R.. and Ahlbrecht. 

Ablburg, Frank, assignee : See — 
CoUender, Gustave A. 

Ahlen. I'er O., rivsunda. Sweden, assignor to Interna- 
tional Standard Electric Corporation, New York, N. Y. 
Electric energy control system. 2.501,329. July 24. 

.\hlgreD, Stanley E. : titv - 

IWoodworth. William .\., and .Ahlgren. 

Ahlmann, Nikolai, Copenhagen, Denmark, assignor to F. L. 

Y. Apparatus 
2.577.265, Dec. 



Smidth St Co.. .New York. N 
arating pulverulent material. 

Ahlstrund, Phillip M. : Hee — 

Brehany, John J., and Ahlstrand. 

Ahlstrand, I'hlUiD M., Kenmore. and O. W. Patch. Jr. 
Uhite Plains N. Y.. assliruors, by mesne assitrnments 
to Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation. Cold treat 
Ing method and machine. 2.552,832, May 15. 

Ahiiiaiison. L< onard. Washington, D. O. Toy plstoL 
2.578.029. Dec. 11. 

Ahrendt, William R.. College Park. Md.. and H. B. Rex, 
Falls Church. Va. Apparatus for compensating for fre- 
quency changes. 2,544.04,'?. Mar. 13. 

Ahrens. Charles J.. Norwood Park, 111. Chicken roost. 
2.579..?.-.5. D»c 18. 

Absley. Kenneth D., Stamford. Conn., assignor to Ameri- 
can Cvanainld Company, New York. N. Y. Production 
of microHpberoidai gel catalyst by spray drying. 
2,5.'i5,282, .May 29. 

Aicardi, Joseph, Versailles, assignor to Sadir-Carpentier. 
Paris. France. Radio guidance system for mobile craft 
using automatic homing correction. 2,540,413. Feb. 0. 

Aicardi, Joseph, Versailles, assignor to Soclete Ftiincalse 
Sadir-Carpentier. Paris, France. Radio-guiding system. 
2,540,414, Feb. 0. 

.\loardl, Joseph. Versailles, assignor to Societe francaise 
Sa«lir-Carpentier. I'aris, France. Radio guiding system. 
2.557.855. June 19. 

.\icardl, Joseph, Vernailles. assignor to Ssdir-Carpentier, 
Paris, France. Radio guidance system. 2.500,154, 
Aug. 28. 

Alcher, Alfred A., assignor to Petrocarbon Limited, Lon- 
don, England. Separation of gaseous mixtures at low 
temperatures. 2,507.461, .Sept. 11. 

.\ld, Joseph J. : See — 

Bolton, Philip S.. and Aid. 

Alello, Anthony and J., assignors of one-third to Hyman 
and Harry Landaw. trading and doing business as 
Landaw Brothers. Pittsburgh, Pa. Automatic machine 
for 8e<)uentlally immersing machine parts in successive 
cleaning liquids. 2,559,921. July 10. 

Alello. Joseph : Hee — 

Aiello. Anthony and J. 11 

Aiken. Chester C. Haddonfleld, N. J assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Package handling apparatus. 
2.547.729. .Apr. 3. 

Aiken, John K. : See— \ 

Jones. Harry, and Aiken. 

Aiken. Percy, Minneapolis. Minn., assignor to General 
-Mills. Inc. Height gauge. 2,561,164. July 17. 

Aiken, Richard, Wa.shington. D. C. Tow target cable 
attachment. 2,5«7.170. Sept. 11. 

Alkens. Cameron B.. assignee : See — ' 

Heliwig. Rudolph II. 

Alkman, Burton S., St. Petersburg. Fla., assignor to West- 
inghouse Air Brake Company. Fluid compressor and 
cooling apparatus therefor. 2.580.341. Dec. 25. 

Alkman, Harry S.. Port Huron, .Mich. Container. June 12. 

Aim*. Victor, West New York, N. J. Electric cord plug. 
2.543.9.'S1. Mar. 0. 

Aimes. Francis M., .Vnssau. N. Y. Indicia holder for writ- 
ing implements. 2.537,116, Jan. 9. 

Ainsle.?, Frederick J., Chelmsford, England, assignor to 
Radio Corporation of .America. Mast. 2,554,288 .May 

Ainsworth, Geoffrey C, and C. O. Pope, London, England, 
assignors to I'.urrouchs Wellcome A Co. (U, S. A.) In- 
corporated, .New York. N. Y. I'olymyxln antibiotic. 
2.505.057, Aug. 21. 

Ainsworth, James. Rossendale, England. Electric start- 
ing switch. 2.564.387, Aug. 14. 

Ainsworth. John R.. Delmont. assignor to The Westing- 
house .\lr Brake Company. Wllmerdlng, Pa. Fluid pres- 
sure brake equipment. 2,550,900, May 1. 

Ainsworth Manufacturing Corporation, assignee : See — 

Potter. Albert T. 
Alr-.A-Feed Equipment. Inc., assignee : 

Krasnow. Leonard L. 
Air .Appliances, Inc., assignee: See — 

Keteisen, Peter. 
Air Associates, Incorporated, assignee: 

Grl.swold. Owen H. 

Kuplec, Harry P. 

Kupiec, Harry P.. and Gravenborst 

See — 

See — 


Airborne lustruments Laboratory, Inc., asslsuee : See — 

Nelson, Jessie A., and Dome. 

ScUuiitt, Utto li., I'romiu, Falls, and Kasindorf. 
Air Controls, liic. assignee: See — 

Sclivvurz, tieruld L. 
AlrcraJt-Marin*? Products Inc., assignee : See — 
i^*'i'e, Quentin. 

BuciiuDuu. Stephen N. 

Maty, Juiues C 

Sowa, Frank J. 

Vick.ry, John K. 

Watts. William S. 
Alrcralt Ku«lio Coriwration, assignee: See — 

l>rake, Frederick U. 

Faruhani. I'aul O. 

King. Paul U.. Jr. 

Noyes, Atlierton. Jr. 
Air Diesel Engine Corporation, assignee : See — 

W»'iiner. U illiani U. 
Air-Faciors. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Lanibort. Kobert R. ^ ,^ 

Air 1 orce, L'nittd States of America as represented by 
tli<' Secretary of tlie, assignee: See — 

Collins, Samuel C. 

Frantz. Walter J. 

Aleislion, Clarence L. 

SaiiiidtTS. .NOriiian U. 

Toporeck. Edward R. 

Villard, Oswald ii., Jr. 

Woo»l. Davi<f K. 
Airkeni, Inc., assignee : See — 

Abbott. Fiiriiian S. 

Paschal, (Juy S. 
Air King Products Co. Inc. 

Kay, Leopold M. 
Airma.xter Corporation, 

liueglin, Herman C. 
Air-Maze Corporation, assignee 

Janson, Theodore J. 

Schaaf, Oliver IL 

Walton, George M. 
Airolite Company. The, assignee 

Muller, Albert, and Gibson. 

Roberts, Marlon G. 
Air Prelieater Corporation. The, assignee : See — 

Eckersley, Charles E. II. 

Holm. Sven. 

Holnj, Sven, and Karlsson. 

I{a^muss(.■n, Robert. 

Trlgges, Alexander J. 

Yernck, U illlam D.. and Holm. 
Air Reciifiors. Inc.. assignee: See — 

• 'owan, Nathan. 
Air Reduction Company, Incorporated, assignee : Sce- 
Amlt-rsoi\, Juiiies L. 

assignee : See — 
assignee : See — 
See — 

See — 

P. J. Garner, 
Shell I^evelop- 
Productlon of 

lilach. John L 
Bigwood, John A. 
CblHwlk, Haim H. 
Crowe, .lohn J. 
. Davis, William T. 
■ Greene, William J. 
Ileidbrlnk, Jay A. 
Hughey, Howard G, 
Hulme. Philip M. 
Hutt. Arthur R. 
MIkhahipov, George. 
Rookp. Robert .M. 
Rudolph. Jacob P. 
Slottiiian. George V. 
Sohn, Jesse S. 
Tviiicr. Jfiseph M. 
Airs. Raymond S., Whitby, Wirral. and 
Hooton. Wirral, England, assignors to 
ment Company. San Francisco. Calif, 
alkynes. 2.542.976. Feb. 27. 
Alrsdfw Company Limited, The, assignee: See — 

Rlddiford, Richard G. 
Air-Shields. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Grieb. Benjamin C. 
Alrtron, Inc., assignee : See — 

Anderson. John W., and Hamilton. 
Ingalls. David. 
Alr-Wny Electric Appliance Corporation, assignee: See— 
Burmelster, Freclerick H. 
Rpstemoier. Edward F. 
Alrd. John K., Baltimore, Md. Columned game board. 

2,571,403. Oct. 16. 
Aitcheson. Thomas G.. Kenmore. N. Y., assignor to Ameri 
can Optic.\l Company. Southbrldge. Mass. Micro8Coi)e 
attachment and the like. 2.565.419. Aug. 21. 
Aitken, David D.. Danville. 111. Fire extinguishing 

method and apparatus. 2.545.640. Mar. 20. 
Aitken. Roy. Glasgow. Scotland. Filling inlet for con- 
tainers, especially for hot-water bottles and the like. 
2.562.010. Julv 24. 
Altto George. New York. N. Y. Expanding bit screw 

driver. 2.560.912. July 17. 
Altto. George, and V. Jarvl, New York. N. 
crease removing inserts. 2,576,273, Nov. 
AJax Buff Company, assignee : See — 
Stafford. Arthur B. 

923445— P 2 

AJax Engineering Corporation, assignee : See — 
Taiiiu, .Mario. 
Well. Walter M. . and Bonsack. ,, t « 

AJero, Fortuuaio S., Clilcugo, assignor to M. L. Hyre, 
Antloch, 111. Automatically selective indexed Biemo- 
randimi device. 2,541.y03. Feb. 13. 

Ajero, Fortunato S., assignor to A. I. Kegan. Chicago. IlL 
Apparatus tor resurlaciug plastic phonograph records 
or the like. 2.563.701. Aug. 7. 

Ajlma. Shintaro : See— 

i'abuuo. Gaiseki. Maki. Ajlma, Kuwayama. and Ando. 

Akclova spolecnost drive Skodovy za.ody v i'lzni. a»- 
siguee : Uee — 
Bafius. Jlri. 

Akeley, Lloyd T., Lynn, Mass., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company Switching apparatus for electrical appa- 
ratus. 2.O75.084. Nov. 13. ^ 

Akemaun, Richard \\ ., Kokomo, Ind., assignor to Gen- 
eral Motors Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Tuning radio 
recti VIMS. 2,572,yU5, Oct. 30. 

Aker, Leonard. I'alo Alto, assignor to tood Machinery 
and Chemical Corporation, San Jose, Calif. Frult-slem- 
ming mechanism. 2.r).'j2.613, May 15. 

Aker. Leonard, Palo Alto, Callt. Sprinkler. 2,563,300, 

Akers.' Charles W., Nashville, Tenn. Molding concrete 

blocks. :i,541.734, Feb. 13. 
Akers, Irving W., Hollywood, Calif., assignor to Hycon 
Mig. Company. Intermittent transport mechanism for 
photographic film and the like. 2.577,175. Dec 4. 
Akers. \ Ictor. Albany, Calif. Single sheet shirt protector. 

2.560.710. July 17. , , ^ 

Akey Richard P., assignor to Hobbs Manufacturing Com- 
pany Fort Worth. Tex. Vehicle side rack. 2,5 « 9, « 74, 
Dec. 25. , ^ 

Akins, Stuart M., Curundu, Canal Zone. Booster socket 

wrench. 2,558,897. July 3. 
Aklln. George H., assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester. N. V. High aperture corrected photographic 
. objective comprising live components in axial alignment. 

2.55y.h3G. July 10. 
Aklin. George U.. assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester. N. Y. Photographic objective consisting of 
■ three simple elements and a cemented triplet there- 

behlnd. 2.574.905 Nov. 13. , , 

Akron Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc., assignee. 
See — 

Brubaker, William. 
Lee. Floyd J. 
Prout, Erlmer W. 
Akron Standard Mold Company, assignee : See — 

Kastner. Edward C. 
Aktiebolaget Addo, assignee : See — 

Lundin. Sven A. E. 
Aktiebolaget Alona, assignee: See — 

Westberg, Per. 
Aktiebolaget Atlas Diesel, assignee : See — 
BJorkman, Gustaf £. 
Liedberg, Kurt H. 
Pyk. Herman T., and Camner. 
Aktiebolaget Atvidaberg-Facit. assignee : See — 

Grip. Erik K. 
Aktiebolaget Atvidabergs Industrler, assignee : b 

Lidin. Sigfrled E. 
Aktiebolaget Atvidabergs Iqdustrles, assignee 

Clljestrom. Gustaf V. 
Aktiebolaget Bofors, assignee : See — 
Gerd.n. Sven G. 
Palme. Karl B. 
Sahiin, Borje, Aslund. and Jansson. 

Saliliil. Borj«', aliiJ Jan^s<>Il. 
Aktiebolaget Bolinder-Munktell, assignee: *ee — 

Evrell. Kaleb E. 
Aktiebolaget C. E. Johansson, assignee : See — 

Abnimson. Hugo. 
Aktiebolaget Centrallaboratorlum. assignee: See — 

Smedblund. Tor H. 
Aktiebolaget Colorator, assignee : See — 

Nleburg. Pelix. 
Aktiebolaget Cryptoteknlk, assignee : See — 

.Nyberg. Ernst V. 
Aktiebolaget Dentatus. assignee : See — 

BjOrklund. G'ustaf E., and Westberg. 
Aktiebolaget Dlxma, assignee: See — 

Lydfors, John. 

assignee : See — 





AktlelKilaget Elektrolux, 

BiickstrOm, Sigurd 

Blldc. Tord E. D. 

Bor6n. Karl G. 

Ell, Lars J. F. 

Higgmark. Bror A. 

Hansson, Erik O. H. 

Hellstrora. Axel G. 

Kailstrom Johan F. R. 

KOgel. Wllhelm G. 

Strandberg, PerP. S. B. , „ ^, ^ 

Thunberg. Sigurd F.. Aim, and Fredlund. 

Von Platen. Baltzar C. 
Aktiebolaget Fadt, assignee : See — 

Grip. Erik K. 

Toorell. Sture. 

Toorell. €ture and Grip. 






Aktlebola);«t Ferrosan. assignee : Se« — 

RosdflhI, Knrt-Guataf. 

Roadahl. Karl O.. and Fekete. 
AktI«>boIni;(>t Gotaverken. atgignee : See — 

E(lvln«son. Anders G. 

Edvlnson. Anders O.. and Danlelsson. , 

Johansson. Johnn E. 
AktlPbolHCft notnverfcon. assignee: See — 

Johansson. Johan K. 
Aktlehoiagpt Iladar Schmidt, assignee : See — 

Od^in: Kniif O. 
Aktiebolpget HScglund & SCner. assitniee : See — 

Hpfllund. Frans O. H. 
Aktiebolaget Hltkanssons Industrier, assignee: See — • 

Westin, Johan T. 
Aktlfhola2«>r Imo-Indnstrl, assignee: See — 

Montelius. Carl O. J. 
Aktlebnlaget Jonkoplngs Motorfabrlk. assignee : See — 

Ostergren. Oiistaf. 
Aktlebolacin Kanthal, assignee: See — 

r7*>i>«»k. Rudolf. 

Tligglund. Erik H. Mattlasson." and Rehnqvlst 
,-AktlPbolagpt Kaukas Fabrlk, assignee: See — 

Somer. VHIn". H. 

Sorner. VSlnO II.. and-Brehmer. 
Akti»»bolagpf I>»o as'lenee • F!fie 

Rosenberg. Ernst T.. HBgberg. and Claeson. 
AktieboIagPt f.lnderoths Pat<>ntpr. assignee: See-- 

niom#n. Torsff-n. 
Aktlobolagpt Nllsson A Johansson, assignee : See — 

Llndahl. Tl^nnlng \V. 
Atiebolagof N'ordlska Armatnrfabrikema. assignee: Se« 

Svpnsaon. Sven G.. Person, and Langefors. 
Aktlebolacet Recln, assignee : See — - 

r.-irl.^son. Sven. 
Aktlobolagpf Rospnblads Patenter, asslgne*' : See— 

I.orkman. Carl J. 
Aktiebolaget Separator, assignee: See — 

Andorsson, Giistav H. 

Andersson. Giistav IT., and Thylefora. ' 

Fckers. Pari G. 

Erllne. Svpn J 

Frndlng. Olof E. 

Llndgren. Hans O. • . • i 

Ritbprg, Johannes V. M. * 

Riida. Giistnf W 

StaafT. ppr IT. 

Stieen. Alf L. 

7<n rbarlassen. Stig n. B. 
Aktlpbolaeet Separa tor-Nobel, assignee: See 

Andersson. Gimtav H 

Fnsel. Bnino K.. and Palmqvist. 
Aktlt-bolaget Svonska Elektronror, assignee: See — 

Bere5 Helneman. Anna M. 
Aktlebolacet Svpnska Knllagprfabrlken assignee 

TTi?iriie. Erie O. 

Meiiller. Karl H., and TCrnebohm. 

PMlmcren Nils A. 

Synek. Viktor. 
AktiphoiHCPt Toho Bnik, assignee: See — 

KJoIlbprg. Rngnar. 

Aktlengesellschaft Brown. Boverl k Cle. assignee- Se 

Fabpr. Paul. 

Goldstein. Alexander, and Blatter. 

Hartmann. Hans. 

Meyer. Adolf 

Pfennlneer. Hans. 
' Sohweizer. Rudolf. 

Thommen. Hans 

Widprrtp. Rolf. 
Aktlengpsellsrhaft der Elsen-nnd 
Gporg Fischer, assignee : See — 

Kiln/l. Karl. 

Aktlengesellschaft fuer Technlsche 

See — 

Kpller. Gnrt. 
Klp|b<*r. Heinz. 

Aktieseiskabet Dansk Gaerings-Industrl, assignee- See — 

Jfirgenspn. Iloleer. 
Aktlf^plskapet Norsk Aluminum Company, assignee- See — 
Brodal. Eriing, and Gnldhav. 

Aladdin Industries. Incorporated, aaslagnee : See 

Knch. Wflltpr B.. and Davis. 
Schaper. Wllllnni A. 
Ulmer. William W 
Aland. Richard C. Clermont. Fla., assignor to continental 
Motors ( orporation Mnskpgon. Mich. Internal combus- 
tion engino. 2.r)0-J, 404 July T.l 
Alba. Rjilph T. : See— 

WallerstPin. James S.. and .Alba. 
Alba. Ralph T.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to Wal 
lersteln Company. Inc., New York, N. Y. Isolation of 
enzymes from aqueous solutions with litrnin and gelatin 
and product obtained thereby. 2 .^547 4'^9 Apr .3 
Albaenac. .T^an A.. Paris. FranVe. assignor to Soclete : I.e 

w"*" "^''"'"°'''""'°^- Composite brake lining 2 r)54 .'S4S 
May 2fl. 

Altjen. Frank L., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghousp 
Klectrlc Cornoratlon. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Flexible lat- 
erally restrained center pin. June 2R 

Albers-Sciioenberg. Ernst. Metuchen, assignor to ijteatite 
Research Cornoratlon. Keasbev, N. J. Ceramic magnetic 
materials with high saturation-flux densitv. 2,565,058. 
Aug. 21. .... 


Stablwerke vormals 
Stndien. assignee : 

Albers-Schoenberg. Ernst, Metuchen, assignor to Steatite 
Research Corporation, K<asbpy. N. J. Ceramic magnetic 
material with a small temperature coeffldent 2 505 111 
Aug. 21. ■ . . , 

Albers-Schoenberg. Ernst. Metuchen, assignor to Steatite 
Research Corporation. Keasbey, N. J. Cewnilc parts 
for eli'ctrlcnl devices having magnetic properties and 
making. 2..1H8.881, Sept. 25. 

Alb«Tshpim. Walftr J.. Interlaken, N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone I^boratorifS. Incorporated. New York N Y 
Microwave trnnsmlssion systt-m. 2.55fl.fifi9. June 12. 

Albert. Alan. Denver. Colo. Portable refrigeration box. 
^.566.301 . Sept. 4. 

Albert, Charles G., Mclntyre. Ga., assignor to Edgar 
Brothers Company. Metuchen, N. J. Treatment of 
flocculable and deflocculable material. 2,540,182. 
Feb. fl. 

Alhort. Daniel A., Richmond Hill. N. T. Film holder. 
•-V.-7n.287 Dec IS 

Albert. Donald E.. Alexandria. V*. Rotary control mecha- 
nism. 2 5.39.386. Jan. 30. 

Albert. Harrv K : Srr — 

Eberly. Kenneth C. Smith, and Albert. 

Alb«»rt. Harry F . artiimor to The Firestone Tire A Rubber 
Company, Akron. Ohio. Bntadiene-stvrene oopolvmers 
stabilized with tertiary alkyl naphthols. 2,537,635. 
Jan. 9. % 

Albert. Harry E.. assignor to The Firestone Tire A Rubber 
Company, Akron, Ohio. Halo-alkylphenol stabilizers for 
synthetic rubber. •J..')«0.044. Julv 10 

Albert, Harry E., and G. E. P. Smith, assignors to The 
FIresrone Tire A Rubber Company. Akron. Ohio Buta- 
diene-styrene rubbery copolymer stabilized with antl- 
monyl 4,«-dimethyl cntecholate. 2.560 020 Jnlv 10 

Albert. Walter P., Madison. N. J., and H. W. GdfT. Man- 
hasset. assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories Incor- 

U^i'D'/i?..^*''^ '^"'■''' N- ^- Recorder failure Indicator. 
2.554.549. May 29. 

Albertson A Company. Inc., assignee : See — 

Alt)ertson. Frans O.. and Mndsen 

Albertson. Carl W., Fnirfipld. Ohio. Making frictional 

bearing surfaces. 2.558.286. June 26 

Albprtson. Frans O. and J. A. W. Mndsen. assignors to 

olco4^^■:?J? ^ Company, Inc.. Sioux City. Iowa. Chuck. 
J.5.37.179. Jan. 9. 

Albertson I^wrence E., assignor to The McKays Com- 
pany, St. Paul. Minn. Water softening system and 
apparatus. 2.571.000. Oct. 9. 

Albertson, Lawnnce E.. Minneapolis, assignor to The 
McKays Company, St. Paul. Minn. Feeder. 2 578 387 
Dec. 11. ... 

Albertson. Noel P.. East Greenbush. and S. Archer 

Albany, assignors, by mesne assignments, to Wlnthrop- 

Stearns Inc.. .New York, N. Y. Lower alkvl (bota- 

cyanoalkyl)-(lower acyl) amlnomalonates. 2 553 737 

May 22. 
Alhln. Archer O., Lynbrook. N. Y., assignor to Mergen- 

thaler Linotype Company. Magazine shifting safety 

device. 2.574.005. Nov. 6. 
Albln. Benjamin D. : See — -I 

Koch. Erich J., and Albln. 
Albln. Frpderick G.. Los Angeles. Calif., assignor to Radio 

( orporation of America. FMlm processing device. 

2.570.627, Oct. 9. 
Albin. Wllloughby. New York, f*. T. Lifting Jack for hand 

trucks 2..').58.330. June 26. 
Alblna Engine A Machine Works. Inc., assignee : See — 

S.vnions. Percy L. 
•Albiswerk Zuerich A. G.. assignee: See — 

Schlrcks. Erie. 
Albrand. Wladimlr. assignor to Compagnle Qenerale 

d Electrlcite, Paris. France. Regulating apparatus for 

the automatic charging in two stagps of a battery of 

accumulators. 2.563.670. Aug 7 
Albrecht. Albert W. McHenry, E. J. Mastney, Bprwyn and 

A. C Ten Cate. Downers Grove, assignors to Oak Mfg. 

Co., Chicago. 111. Record changer. 2.558,474. June 26 
Albrecht, Alexander J. : Srr — 

ITiick. wmiam F . Hpller. snd Albrecht 
Albrecht. Alexander J., West New York. N J.. a.sslgnor to 

^•^o^ * ^"v ^°*^i ^'*'' York, N. Y. Ink and water 

motion trip for ofTset printing machines. 2.545 836 

Mar. 20. 
Albrecht. Alexander J.. West New York, N J j.ssijrnor 

to R. Hop a Co.. Inc.. .New York, N Y. Rpglstpring 

Impressions In muitlunlt sheet printing machines 

2..)77,099. Dec. 4. 
Albrecht. Hugo, Baltimore. Md. Beehive. 2 543 750 

Mar. 6. ... 

Albrecht, Otto, Nenewelt, assignor to Clba Limited Bas«l, 
Switzerland. Compositions of mattpp for producing 
a softening effect on textiles. 2.576,896. Nov. 27 

.Albrecht. Otto. Neuewelt near Baspl, assignor to Clba 
Limited. Basel, Switzerland. Compositions of mfttter 
containing semlesters of dicarboxylic acids. 2,576,897. 
Nov. 27. . 1;^ 

Albrecht. Otto Neuewelt near Basel. Switzerland, assignor'^- 
lo Clba Limited. .Semlesters of unsatarafed dicar- 
hoxvUc acids. 2.576.898. Nov. 27. 

Albrecht, Otto. Munchenstein. assignor to Ciba Limited, 
Basel. Switzerland. Partial esters of polvbnsic sulfide 
carboxylic acids and making same. 2,576,899 Nov. 27. 

Albrecht. William G., Jr., Baltimore. Md. liookmark. 
2,541,735, Feb. 13. . v a .. 

Albright. Charles B.. New York. N. Y.. aBslgnor to Th# 
Orr Felt & Blanket Company. Pl^ua. Ohio. Dryinj; 
and curinj; aj)p«ratu8. 2.576.274. Nov. 27. 

Albright. Krnnklln C. aBsienor to Bendix Aviation Cor- 
poration. South Hend. Ind. Aircraft landing gear hav- 
ing shock absorber Inside hub. 2.508,6U6. Sept 2o. 

Albright. Franklin C. assignor to Liendix Aviation Cor- 
poMtion South lJ<-nd. Ind^ Fluid pressure operated 





steering device. 2,580.064. Dec. 25. 

N. J., assignor to 
Television camera 

, San Francisco, 

Oakland. Calif. 

2.560.837. July 

Albriglit," JaiiMS E.. Collingswood 
Radio Corporation of America, 
with indicator. 2.566.509. Sept. 4. 
Alch, leasing. St. Louis, Mo. Collapsible sectional top 

table. 2.54.').0G4. Mar. 13. 
Alciatl. Charles J . and A. J. Andersen 
a-sslgnors to Moore Dry Dock Co.. 
Roller mill with pivoted roll support. 
Alco Valve Company, assignee : See — 
Dul)e. John E.. and Bower. 
Dube. JchE E . an I Jones. 
Ives. Clifford B. 
Miller. Edward G., and Engberg. 
Koso, Howard E. 
Alcock. John F.. North Lancing, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Rlcardo k Co. Engineers (1927) Limited. 
London. England. Molten metal-air thermal power 
plant. 2.561.604. July 24. , ^ _ . 

Alcock. Jolin F.. North Lancing, assignor to Power Jets 
(Rt'search and Development) Limited. London, bnplanu. 
Clrcumferenflnlly arranged temperature devic© in jet 
pipe of combustion turbine. 2.546.415. Mar. zl. 
Alcon Metal Products. Inc., assignee : See — 

Invito Charles P 
Alcoriza. Sofronlo B..' Walnut Grove, Calif. Brake fluid 

operated switch unit. 2.566.545. Sept. 4. 
Aldeborgh. Erik H.. assignor to Standard Gage Company, 
Inc . Poughkeepsle. N. Y. Snap gauge construction. 
2.5«0.2n.'?. July 10. ^ .^ , , 

Alden. Rerbert W.. assignor to The Tlmken-Detrolt Axle 
Company. Detroit. Mich. Vehicle wheel drive. 
2.539.387. Jan. 30. ^ , „ . , 

Alden. .Milton. Brockton. Mass. Facsimile recorder. 

2.540 081. Feb. 6. 
Alden Products Co.. assignee : See — 

Nynian. Alexander. ^rr „ n 

Alder. Robert L.. La Canada, assignor to I^ne-Wells Com- 
panv. Los Angeles. Calif. Constant current regulating 

circuit. 2.551.407. May 1._ ^ ^^ .. „_ 

Alderfer. Sterling W.. and F. R. Thompson Akron, as- 
signors, bv mesne asBlgnments, to The Falls Stamping 
and Welding Companv. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio. 1 retao- 
ricated cannpv 2.5."in.209. Julv r?. 
Alderman. Robert F.. Detroit, Mich. Artificial fish lure. 

2.575.009. Nov. 20. „ , ^ ,^ t> . i 

Alderton Gordon. Albany, and n. L. Fevold Berkeley. 
Calif., asslenors to the United State.s of Ainerica as 
represented hv the Secretary of Agriculture Crystalli- 
zation of lysdzyme from egg white. 2,579.455. Dec 25. 
Aldlnger. Edward L.. Jr.. Cincinnati. Ohio. Combination 

fishing line and bobber. 2,571.808, Oct. 16. 
Aldred. John I-.. Jr. : See — 

Wllflev. Elmer R.. and Aldred. 
Aldrlch. Edward C. : See — 

Aldrlch. William 8. and E. C ^,^ , ^ ^^. ^ 

Aldrich Marrv J., assignor to Motor Wheel Corporation. 
Lansing. Mich. Spring unit for stripper devices. 
2.579.641. Dec. 25. ,,. . 

Aldrlch. Paul TT.. TTrbann. 111., assignor to Minnesota 
Mining A Manufacturing Company, «!• /»"'• ^*V"S" 
Alkoxysilane-amine asphalt additive. 2.570,185. Oct. ». 
Aldrich " William S.. Chaldon. near Caterham. assignor to 
Stllwell Darby k Company Limited. London. Englantl. 
T'rojectlon apparatus for positive and negative Image 
pn'r« 2.558.990. Jnlv .•? 
Aldrlch William S., Chaldon. near Caterham. and E. C. 
Aldrlch Shirley, assignors to The British Vibralux 
Limited London. England. Optical projecting appa- 
ratus for a disk with concentric tracks of matter to be 
projected. 2.546.054. Mar. 20. 
Aldrldge Clarence F.. and C. L. Brown, assignors to Taylor 
Instrument Companies, Rochester, N. Y. Pasteurizing 
control system. 2.547,430. Apr. 3. 
Aldrldce, Seth E.. San Diego. Calif. Breaker 

assembly for distributors. 2.546,710, Mar. 27. 
Alesi. Anthonv L. : f^ee — ~- 

Vaslleff. Natcho. and Alesl. . „, or^nooo 

Alessandro, Gaetano, Lorain. Ohio. Valve. 2.540,2.^9. 

Feb. 6. ■ ' ^ _.,. 

Alesslo. Ernesto D.. Akron Ohio. Apparatus for handling 

mixed concrete. 2.568.678. Sept. 18. 
Alex. Peter: See — 

Bosh, James E., and Alex. 
Alexander. Allen L.. and P. King. Washlngtoo, J>. 


Antifouilng' composltioB. '2.571.094. Opt. 16. -v J 
Alexander. Ait^iur F« Cleveland, Ohio. Clamping latcb. 

""^Alwcander. ArthorH. and J. H.. Victoria. British Colum- 
bia Canada, assignors to Kennametal Inc.. LatrotK». 
Pa.' Percussion drill bit body. 2.575.438, Nov. 20. 

Alexander. Ben : See — 

Deloraine. Edmond M.. and Alexander. 

Alexander. Bruce T., assignor to The Girdler Corporation, 
Louisville Ky. Stabiliratlon of aqueous amine soia- 
tlons against oxidation and corrosion in gas separaUon 
processes. 2.559,580. July 10. ^ „ „ „ ___ -„a 

Alexander, Carl Z., Hopatcong. N. J. Boiler. 2,577.7^8, 

Alexlfnder, Collin H.. and C. A. Baer. assignora to Bausch 
k Lomb Optical Company. Rochester. K: Y. Depositing 
thin films. 2.553.289. May 15. 

Alexander, Cruzan. and T. H. Whaley. Bartlesville. Okla., 
assignors to Phillips Petroleum Company. Agglomerat- 
ing apparatus. 2.548.332. Apr. 10. .. , 

Alexander. David B.. Pottstownj Pa. .<^entrifueal ptimp 
and turbine reversible fluid transmission. 2,571,179, 

Oct. 16. . c 

Alexander. Donald B.. trustee, assignee: See — 

Nickerson. Mortimer H. .: 

Alexander. Donald F.. Oakwood. assignor to General Mo- 
tors Corporation, Dayton. Ohio. Generator regulation. 
2.536.248, Jan. 2. „ , „ /^ w ^ -- 

Alexander, bonald P., and C. J. Werner, Oakwood aa- 
signors to General Motors Corporation. Dayton. Ohio. 
Electrical svstem on railroad car. 2.541.904. Feb. liJ. 

Alexander. Douglas 8.. assignor to Polymer Corporation. 
Samla, Ontario, Canada. Sealing packings. 2,b*i,A^a, 
Apr. 3. 

.\lexander. Edward E. : See — 

Hiegel, Glen C. Alexander, and Tx>nz. 

Alexander Everett C, Charlottesville, Va^ assignor to 
Southern Welding k Machine Company. Bulldozer at- 
tachment for tractors. 2.559,816, July 10. 

Alexander. Fred L. : See — 

Cromer. Sylvan, Booth, and Alexander. 

Alexander. Harrv S., assignor to Keystone View Com- 
pany, Meadvllle. Pa. Vision target assembly for 
telebinocular instruments. 2,567,502. Sept. 11. 

Alexander. Henry S.. assignor to Keystone View Company. 
Meadvllle. Pa. Reading pacer apparatus. 2.568.0 < 7. 

Alexa^nder,' James B., Cudahy. assignor to B"^y™«,J;'"*f 
Company. South Milwaukee. \\i8. Fluid filter. 
2.557,004. June 19. ^ ^ ^ 

Alexander. James M.. and C. V. Basey. Parsons. Kans. 
Awning fixture. 2.558,331, June 26. 

Alexander. Johan W.. and B. J. Wes-sellnk. Eindhoven. 
Netherlands, assignors to Hartford National Bank and 
Trust Company. Hartford. Conn., as trustee. Radio 
beacon system. 2.577,443. Dec. 4. » ,^ , 

Alexander John A.. Pacific Palisades. Calif. Electrical 
switch. 2.579.135. Dec. 18. 

Alexander. John H. : See — 

Alexander. Arthur H. and J. H. 

Alexander. John J., Munster, Ind., asslgiwr to 
Oil Company. Chicago, 111. Sulfurizlng 
2.537,297. Jan. 9. 

Alexander. L. I., assignee: See — 
Clark. SImmIe J. 

Alexander. Leon O. : See — 

Sherrlll. James W., and Alexander. 

Alexander Leon G.. Charlotte, and J. W. Sherrlll. Bel- 
mont, assignors to Wlx Accessories Corporation. Gas- 
* tonia. N. C. Fla.shllpht oil tester. 2,562,997. Aug. 7. 

Alexander. Leon R. : See — ^ ^ 

Metheny. Clyde E.. Alexander, and Turner. 

Alexander. Lowell M.. Cincinnati Ohio, assignor to Nu- 
tone. Incorporated, New York, N. \. Chime. 2.559.334, 

Julv 3. , ^ , w 

Alexander. Maurice L.. Fort Wayne, Ind., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Farnsworth Research Corpora- 
tion. Automatic station selector. 2.541.017. Feb. 13. 
Alexander. Paul. Berkharasted, England. Producing 
vacua. 2,560,913. July 17. ,^ . u.» i. 

Alexander. Percie F.. Corning, Kans. Tractor hitch. 
2.542.448. Feb. 20. 

Alexander. Peter P. : See — 

Llndsley. Thayer, and Alexander. 
Alexander. Ronald R.. and W. I*- 0'i*ri''n- ^^'ontreal, 

Quebec. Canada. Log carrier. 2.540.803 Feb. 6. 
Alexander Russe' C. Long Beach. Calif. I'arklng meter 

device. ' 2,575.650. Nov. 20. 
Alexander. Sam. asslpnor of one-third to R. L. Kersey and 
one-third to Birkhead Beckmann. Stanard. Vance ft 
I Wood. San Antonio. Tex. Engine oH-coollng means. 

["Alexander. Sam^uel A.. Washington, D. C. Chemical heat- 
/ ing device. 2.541.736. Feb. 13. „ , ^ n ^^r, tK>. 

Alexander. Sylvia C. Uklah. Calif. Headrest. 2,566,757, 

Sept 4 
\lexander, William C. Port Arthur. Tex. Wheeled golf 
i club carrier. 2.564.828. Aug. 21. 
' Alexander. William M. : See — 

Lee. John W., Martin, and Alexander. 

C. Alexander. William R. : See — 


Rankin. John A.. Alexander, and Deal. ^ 

Alexanderson. Ernst F. W.. Schenectady. N. Y., assignor to 

General Electric Company. System for reproducing 

positions. 2.550.514. Apr. 24. 
Alexanderson. Ernst F. W.. A. H. Mlttag, and E L Phil- 

lipl. Schenectady, N. Y., assignors to General Electric 

Company. Fault-suppressing circuits. 2,548,577, Apr. 




Alexanderson. Ernat F. W., Schenectady, B. D. Bedford, 
Skotia, and A. U. Mittag. Schenectady, N. Y., atuiitfuors 
to General Klectric Coiupuny. Locomotive power ays- 
tem. J,')4U.4U5. Apr. 17. 

Alexanderson. Howard A. : Bee — 

Hague. Uobert 2L. and Alexanderson. 

AlexaiiUci-Hon. Howard A., \v ooU-Uid^e. and H. C. Netie, 
Huthertord, uasltiuors to Hemllx Aviation Corporation, 
IVterboro. N. J. Kegulator. 2,544.973. Mar. 13. 

Alexandre, Miguel, Hio de Janeiro. Brazil. Airplane pro- 
peller. 2.o»il».273, Sept. 2o. 
^.Alexaudrescu. Alexander M.. Cleveland, Ohio. Rotary tur- 
' blue-type duid coupling. 2,5tiU,U8r. Sepi. 23. 

Altaudui 1, L.. Mucluue Co., luc, aitaignee : iSee — 
AUuadari. Luuis. 

Alfautlail, Luuia, attalgnor to L. Alfandarl Machine Co., 
luc, Coroua, N. V. I'ower driven cutting uiacUlue for 
■houlder pad8. 2,547,242, Apr. 3. > 

Alfaro, Heraclio. aitsiguor to Auierican Bosch Corpora- 
tiuu., SpriuKtleld, .Maiid. Hydraulic governor. 

i:.jtf7,753, Sept. 11. 

Altaro, Herai'iio. and G. B. Wood, Jr., assignors to 
American Bosch C orporation, Springfield, Mass. Accu- 
mulator type injector uoiziv. 2, .">.")»). U-'xi, June 12. 

AlferieiT. .Michel. Algurta, liuecho, Spain. Coating metal- 
lic objects with other metals. 2,o70,90G, Oct. 9. 

Alfurd. l-^dward L.. Chatham. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephoue Laboratories, liuH)rporated, New iork, N. V. 
Joining coaxial cablea. 2,538,223, Jan. Iti. 

Alford, Joseph S.. Nahant, N. Burgess. Melrose, and I. ti. 

. Cruckshank. Maiden, Mass., assignors to iieneral Klec- 
.trlc Company. Variable area nozzle and fluid injection 
control ti>r turbojet eM>;in«s. 2.551.22J». .May 1. 

Alfreds, Torris H.. I'ark Ridge, HI., assignor to Mapes 
Consolidated Manufacturing Company, Urlttith, ind. 
Etjg i>acklng material. 2.3t)U,402, July 10. 

Alfrey, Gay lord T., Uroville, Calif. Drafting instrument 
for drawing broken lines. 2,557,212, June 19. 

Altseii, .Nikolai, assignee: Hee — 
Klelland, Kaspar K. 

Alfven, Hannes and H. Romanaa, assignors to Telefon- 
aktiebolaget L M Ericsson, ^^tu(kholm. Sweden. Elec- 
tron disc-harge apparatus circuit. 2.503,807. Aug. 14. 

Alger. John. Lakewooil, Colo. Device for releasing stuck 
rock drill steels. 2,.">79,.')33. Dec. 25. « 

Alger, I'hilip L., Schenectady. N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Dynauioelectric machine winding. 
2.059,335, July 3. 

Alger. Martin J., Jr.. Watertowij. N. Y.. assignor to The 
New York Air Brake loinpany. Circuit failure pro- 
tection device. 2,575,.^45, Nov. iO. 

Alger. Milton W.. Brockton. Mass. Hydraulic stop device 
for weh fefding machines. 2,578.9«0, Dec. 18. 

Algln Corporation of America, assignee : Bee — 
Le Gloahec. Victor C. E. 

Alginate llliiu.stries Llliiltetl. a.><.<ii),'iiet- ; iSVf-- 

Speakman. John B.. Chamberlain, and Dorkln. 
Alhaud, Richard J. : .See — 

Loveless, Boyd B., Alhand, and Sample. 
Allkonla. Justin J., assignor to I'aul t. Belch Company 
Bloomington. HI. Method and apparatus for making 
confectionery. 2,536,340, Jan. 2. 
Alikonis. Ji'stin J., assignor to Paul F. Beich Company, 
BI tomington. III. Kotary beater mill and classifier for 
producing sieve range sized chocolate product*. 
2.574.948, Nov. 13. 
All America l'able.<« & Radio. Inc., assignee: Se»—. 

Ro.senberger, Harold J. 
All .\nierican .Airways, Inc., assignee: See — 
Cotton, Robert H. 

Doollttle, Donald B. ,». 

AU-American Novelty Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Dezzani. John. 
Allan, Archibald, Whitley Bay. and J. F. S. Small. Gates- 
head, assignors to A. Keyrolle A Coinpanv Limited Heb- 
burn on Tyue, England. Spring driven operating mech- 
anism for electric swltchgears. 2,556,054, June 5 
Allan, Benjamin W. : See - 

Eisenberg, Harry, .Allan, and Roseman. 
Allan. Etlwin, Spencerport, N. Y. Apparatus for treating 
▼egetablea with hot water and steam. 2.556,385. June 

Allan. Frederick W.. Batavla. N. Y. Mounting mechanism 
for bulldozer blades and similar implements. 2,o»)5,337. 
Aug. 21. 

Allan. George W.. San Lorenzo, Calif. Bookkeeping ma- 
chine. 2.5,')0,133, Apr. 24. 

Alhtn, James K., assignor to William Denny and Brothers 
Llm4te<l, Dumbarton, and Brown Brothers and Company 
Limited, F:(linburgh, Scotland. Holl-stabilizing oscil- 
lating tliv Installation on ships. 2.550.752, May 1. 

Allan. Wilimm G. : See — 

Wright. Harold R., and Allan. 

Allan. William J.. Richmond Heights, assignor to Missouri 
Automatic Control Corporation. St. Louli, Mo. Tem- 
perature controller. 2.536.831, Jan. 2. 

Allan. William J.. Richmond Heights, assignor to Missouri 
Automatic Control Corporation, St. Louis. Mo. Electric 
switch. 2.548.280, Apr. 10. 

Allard. Pierre J. M. T.. Chantllly, France. Constmct- 
Ing piles or piers for foundations. 2,555,951, June 5 

Allardt, Ernst W.. Alliance, Ohio, assignor to The Bab- 
cock & Wilcox Tube Company. West Mayfleld. Pa 
Bead trimmer. 2.573.295, Oct. 30. 

Allbert. Eugene F.. Turtle Creek, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh Pa Regu- 
lating generator control system. 2,550.104, Apr. 24 
Allee. Herbert D., Groi»se I'olnte. assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Moynahan Bronze Company Detroit. 
Mich. Safety hinge. 2.557.716. June 19. 

Allegheny Ludlum ftteel Corporation, assignee: Bee 

Glppert, Le Roy £. 
Kleier, George C. 
Mohllng, Gunther, and Wilson. 
' ScharsChu. Charles A. 

Sheridan, (^aude .M.. and Pruger. I 

■Allegro, Joseph A., assiguee : See — \ 

Richeson. Sanford E. ' 

.Alleman, Carl E. : Se»— 

Quigg, Donald J., and Alleman. 
Alleman. Carl E.. and D. J. Qulgg, Bartlesvllle, Okla.. as- 
signors to Phillips I'etroleum Company. .Metliod and 
apj)aratus for removing condensibles from gases. 
2..j»H.720. July 24. 
Alleinann. James G.. Santa Ana, Calif. Bottom^jln 

indicator for typewriters. 2.571.990. Oct. 23. 
-Allen, Adda .M.. Arlington. Va.. assigtwr to Disposable 
Bottle Corporation, Washington, D, C. Nursing outtlt. 
2,550.034. Apr. 24. 
Allen. Alarlc: See — 

Fleming Williams, Brian C, and Allan. 
Allen. Alva, assignee : See — 

' Stratton,' Verlin K., and McClellen. 
Allen, Anderson Jc Company, assignee : See — 

Allen. Dwlght. P. 
Allen, .Arthur N.. Jr. : See — 

Anderson, John E., and Allen. 
.Allen. Arthur N., Jr., East Windsor Hill, assignor to 
United Aircraft Corporation. East Hartford. Conn, deal- 
ing means for the work chambers In oscillating vane 
tyi)e fluid motors. 2.550,180. Apr. 24. 
Allen-Bradley Company, assignee. See — 

Dawe, .Albert J. .. " " ' • 

.Matthias. Lynn H. ' - 

Allen. Bruce J.. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
astrtignments. to Uagan Coriwrailon. Pittsburgh Pa. 
Differentijil thermostatic device. 2.5C5 713 Aug 28 
Allen. Calvin H. and .M. E., Oakland. Calif/ Cover at- 
tachment for telephone h^nd sets. 2..V>4.G81 May 22 
AUen, Charles F. H.^ assignor to i:nstman Kodak Com- 
pany, Rochester, N. Y. Color couplers conuinlne ter- 
j.henyl radicals. 2,550.601, .May 1 
Allen. Charles F. H.. and J. A. Van Allan, 
Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester, N 
turlng 4,5-dlphenylphthallc anhydrides, 
Jan. 9. 
Allen. Charles F. H.. and J. R. Byers. Jr 
Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester. N." 

assignors to 

Y. Mnnufac- 


assignors to 
Y. Prepara- 

■ubstltuted cinnamyl alcohols. 

tlon of nuclear 

2,545.439. Mar. 20. 

Alien. Charles K. 11.. and J. A. Van Allan, assignors to 

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Copoly- 

S'^I^'^ ».?T clnnamoyl-vinyl aromatic hydrocarbons. 
2..»GC..?02. Sei>t. 4. 

Allen. Charles F. H.. and J. A. Van Allan, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Companv, Rochester, .V. Y. .N-(acetyl- 
tnercaptoacetyl) N'-n butylurea. 2,574,996, Nov. 13. 

Allen. Chas. G.. Co.. assignee : See — 
Allen. Robert H. 

Allen. Charh-B H.. Jr.. Slocum, R. I.. n8.slgnor. by mesne 
assignments, to American Research As-ioclates. Inc 
Kllllne weeds. 2.552.388. May S. 

Allen. Charles J., Jr.. Charlotte. N. J., assignor to 
American Cmnkshaft Company. Reconditioning 
crnnksh.'ifts and the like. 2.567.685. Sept. 11. 

Allen, (nyve C. Cyril, assignor to Anderson-Prlchard Oil 
Corporation. Oklahoma City. Okla. Depolarization 
process for petroleum fractions. 2.553.624. .Mav 22 

\llen. Durwood D.. Los Angeles. Calif. Refrigerator rack 
bottle guide. 2.572,090. Oct. 23. 

Allen. Dwlght P.. Detroit, assignor to Allen. Ander»on & 
Company, Wayne County, Mich. Making door sealing 
strlpplngs containing sponge rubber. 2..'>38.406. Jan. 10. 

Allen. Earl M., Chicago. 111., assignor to The Union Switch 
and Signal Company, Swissvale. Pn. Hlghwav crossing 
protection apparatus. 2..'>52,834 May 15. 

.Allen, Earl .>!.. assignor to The tnlon Switch & Signal 
Company, Swissvale, Pa. Centralized traffic control 
system for railroads for the code control of inter- 
locked track, switches and signals. 2,567.834, Sept. 11. 

Allen. Earl M.. Chicago. III., .issignor to Westinghouse 
Air Brake Comnany. Route circuit network control ap- 
paratus for railway signals. 2.580.150. Dec. 25. 

Allen. Edgar A. Wheelersburg. Ohio. Synchronous motor 

clockwork. 2.574.430. .Nov. 6. 
•Allen. Edwin L.. Clevel.ind Helchts, assignor, by mesne 

assignment.*, to Rudolph I. Schonitzer, Cleveland. Ohio. 

Control mechanism for door latches. 2,573.079, Nov. • 


Allen. Erhard. deceased, Dayton. Ohio: H. A. Allen, 
executrix, as.^lgnor to H. A. .Allen. Lawn trimmer. 
2.574.947. .Nov. 13. ; 

.Allen, Ethan T., Gardena. Calif. Retrievable drilling bit 
2..'S50.035. Apr. 24. 

Allen, Everett W., Birmingham, assignor to General Mo- 
tors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Push-out window. 
2,548,250, Apr. 10. 



Allen, Frances D. : See — 

I'of t8. KKther B., and La Roche 
Allen. Frank. JopUn. Mo. Handle grip. 2.539.805. Jan. 

Alh'n. Frank B. : Fee— 

CahiiBJic, Clarence N.. and Allen. 
Allen. Frank B., Verona, and N. H. Siebena, Cedar Grove. 
HSsJjtnors to C-O-Two Fire Equipment Company. Newark. 
N. J. Delayed action firat-extlngutehlng system. 
2.537.009. Jan. 9. 
Allen. Frank IJ., Towaco. and N. H. Slebens. East Orange. 
asBlgnora to C-O-Two Fire Equipment Company. New- 
ark. N. J. Discharge valTe with floating chick. 
2.579,4.'>7. Dec. 2:>. 
Allen, Fre<l.-rkk. (Josport. England, asslgivor to S. HllUard, 
Saanlchton. British Columbia. Canada. Cutters, ahears, 
or the like. 2,r>4y.2H0. Apr 17. 
Allen. Frederick J.. San Diego, CaMf. Convertible elec- 
trical stringed musical instrument. 2,561,551. July 24. 
Allen. (Jeorge T. : fice — 

Isreell. Jack, and Allen. 
Allen. Oeorge T.. New York, assignor to Rlmmonds Aero- 
censories Inc.. Tnrrvtown. N. Y. Balanced poppet valv- 
Ing svstem. 2,540.183. Feb. 6. 
Allen, (ieorce W.. Indianapolla. Ind.. assignor to Stewart- 
Warner Corporation. Chicago, 111. Safety fuel system 
for hej'ter^., 2.5»J8.107. Sept. 18. 
Alhn A Hanhurvs Limited, assignee: See — 

Camrihell. Norman R.. Fitzgerald, Collier, and 
Allen, Harold P.. Mansfield. Ohio, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Pilot 
lamp mounting. 2,545,508. Mar. 20. 
All- n. Harold K.. Venice, and <;. C. Barber. Los Angeles, 
assignors to Douclas Aircraft Company, Inc.. Santa 
Monica. Calif. Multiple clamp. 2.570.419, Oct. 9. 
Allen. Harrv L.. Philadelphia. Pa., and E. O. Kerr, 
Haddonfleld. N. J., assignors to .Mlled Chemical & Dyo 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Producing Indene modl- 
fleld phenol formaldehyde resins. 2.540.641. Feb. 6. 
Allen. Helen A., executrix, assignee : See — 

Alien. Erhard. 
Allen. Herbert : See — 

Calhonn. George IT., and Van Allen. 
Allen. Herbert, assignor to Cameron Iron Works, Hous- 
ton. Tex. PressTire gauge. 2.537.729. Jan. 9. 
Allen, Herbert, and M. T. Works, assignors to Cameron 
Iron Works. Inc., Houston, Tex. fiuspejidlng and seal- 
ing caslncs. 2.553.838. Mav 22-. 
Allen. Herbert, and G. E. Nevlll, asslgno,ra to Cameron 
Iron Works, Inc.. Houston, Tex. Plug type valve and 
seal therefor. 2..'S59.r.95, July 10. 
Allen. Hftlless. North Kansas City. Mo. Autoirutlc reel 

for p.nrdcn hose. 2.5fifi Rrt7. Sent. 4. 
Allen. Howard O., Niagara Falls. N. Y.. assignor to 
American Machine A Foundry Company. Tobacco 
pouch. 2.500,535. July 17. . 

Allen. Howard G.. Niagara Falls, and G. E. Gampp, Ken- 
more, N. Y., assk'nors to .American Machine & Foundry 
Comn.nnv. Work station conveying 

2 .'■.51 n«0. Mav 1. 
Allen. Howard O.. and W. O, Sims. Niagara Falls, and 
^ E. A. Ehert, Snyder, assignors, by mesne assignments, 
to American Machine and Foundry Company. New York, 
N. Y. Ml chine for applying banding sleeves to con- 

tainers. 2.579.458. Dec. 25. 

Power swung log 

Allen Industries. Inc.. as.«lgnee : Bee 
Gordon. Jack C. 

Allen, James B.. Prlnevllle. Oreg. 
turner. 2,571.177, Oct. 16. 

Allen. James S. : See — 

Burdick. Evcrette M.. and Allen. 

Allen. John G.. Bartlesvllle. Okla.. assignor to PhHlips 
Petroleum Company. Fluid mixer-reactor. 2,548.759. 
Apr. 10. ^ 

All"n. John G.. Bartlesvllle. Okla.. , assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Catalyst regeneration process. 
2.552. 0.".!*. May 15 

Allen. John G., Bartlesvllle. Okla.. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Recovering hvdropen fluoride In 
an alkvlat'on process. 2.574.00fi, Nov. fi. 

Allen. John M., Sr., Mart. Tex. A'rmrest. 2.569, 43«. 
Oct 2. 

Allen. John W. : See— \y^^^y> 

Mover. Frederick D.. and Allen. ^^^ [ „ 
Wltrtrins. John H., and Allen. 

Allen. John W.. Chicago. 111., assignor to Chicago Bridge 4 
Iron Company. Floating roof tank. 2i;.536,019. Jan. -. . 

Allen. John W., assignor to J. H. Wlgjrfns. Chicago. 111.' 
Balanclne or leveling mechanism foi^fluld Bt<;rage appa- 
ratus. 2.540,312. Feb. 6. ' .^ 

Allen. John W., asslimor to J. H. .Wiggins, Chicago. ^Ul: 
Balanclne mechanism for fluid stornce apparatus" of 
the vertlcnllv movable type. 2.540 773. Feb^ 6'. * 

Allen. John W., assignor to J. H. Wlggliig, Chicago. 111. 

Drv B«"al tras holder. 2.r..'»4,7fi5. Mav 29. - , 

Allen. John W.. assignor to J TI. XVigglfis, Chicago. HI. 

Balanclne mechanism. 2.5."»4.766. May 29. '; , 

Allen. John W.. assignor to J. H. Wigtrlns. Chicago, 111. 
Dry seal pressure type gas holder.*. May 29. 

Allen. John W.. assignor to J. H. Wiggins. Cfilcaiio, 111.', 
Building dry seal, piston-type gas holders. 2,554,7C8, 
May 29. . ' 

Allen. John W.. Chicago. 111., assignor to Chicago Bridge 

& Iron Company Floating roof. 2,567^920. Sept. 18 
Allen, John W.. assignor to J. H. Wiggins. Chicago, 111. 
Dry seal pressure tyi>e gas holder. 2.579.770. iVc. -o. 
Allen. Joseph J.. Allendale. S. C. Mechanical boll weevil 

catch'^r. 2.564.774. Aug. 21. 
Allen, Kenneth B. : Bee — 

JohnaoD. Norton T.. and Allen. .^ 

Allen. Kenneth R . Ridgewood. and H. G. Vore. Forest 
Hills. N. Y.. assignors to American Seal-Kap Corpora- 
tion of Delaware. Wilmington. DeL Capping head. 
2.579,775. Dec. 25. 
Allen, Leonora B., Covington. Ga. Garment bagging 
machine. 2.542,449. Feb. 20. ^. ,^ 

Allen. Lewis H.. East Aurora, N. Y. Shoulder shield. 

2.554,725, May 29. 
Allen Manufacturing Company. Inc., assignee: Bet — 

Carglle. Nell H., Clemetson, and Nelson. 
Allen. Mary E. : See — 

Allen. Calvin H. and M. E. 
Allen. Milton J.. Baltimore. Md.. assignor to the I'nlted 
States of America as represented by the Administrator 
of the Federal Security Agency. Preparation of sub- 
stituted diaminostilbenes from pinacols. 2.537.950. 
Jan. 16 
Allen. Milton J.. Baltimore. Md.. assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Administrator 
of the Federal Security Agency. Preparation of 
amlnolndane compounds. 2.539.388 Jan. 30. 
Allen, .Milton J., Baitiruore. Md.. assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Administrator. 
Fe<1eral Security Agency. Preparation of substituted 
bis-aminophenyl ethylene glycols. 2,5G3.K06. Aug. 14. 
Allen. Norman L.. Appleton, Wis. Fire alarm device for 

bedi. 2,544.946. Mar. 13. 
Allen. Ollle J., United States Anoy. Fort Bennlng Ga. 
. Interconnecting radio and telephone systems. 2,564,660, 

Aug. 21. 
Allen, Perry E.. Detroit. Mich. Protective shield for gaso- 
line filler openings In automobile fenders, 2.537.567. 
Jan. 9. 
Allen. Philip H.. Orlnda. Calif., and B. J. Chromy, Wash- 
, Ington, D. C. Optical value comparing and operation 
. control mechanism. 2.558.721, July 3. 
AlleUf Philip S.. Long Beach. Calif. Apparatus for taking 
and developing a series of pictures In sequence on a 
fllm strip* 2.541.016. Feb. 13. 
Allen. Philip S.. Long Beach. Calif. Film-strip carrier 
actuating mechanism for automatic photographic appa- 
ratus. 2,544,644. Mar. 13. 
Allen. Philip S.. Long Beach, Calif. Film transporting 
mechanism for automatic photographic apparatus. 
2.576 204. Nov. 27. 
Allen, Raney R., Dayton, Ohio. Fishing reel. 2.537.613, 

Jan. 9. 
Allen. Ra:?mond W.. assignor to The Firestone Tire A Rub- 
ber Cotnpany, Akron. Ohio. Airplane landing gear. 
2.560 0.30. .Tuly 10. 
Allen. Reginald Coventry. England. Forming and cutting 

tool. Jan. 30. 
Alien. Richai-d E.. assignee: See — 

Greenwood. Walter. 
Allen. Robert C., Wauwatosa. assignor to Allls-Chalmers 
Manufacturing Company. Milwaukee, Wis. Gas turbine 
locomotive. 2.575.242, Nov. 13. 
Allen. Robert H.. assignor to Chas. G. Allen Co., Barre, 

Mass. Drill press. 2.r>79.4,59, Dec. 25. 
Allen. Robert L.. Atlanta, assignor to Georgia Buff Com- 
pany, Duluth. Ga. Ply disorienting machine. 2,566.107, 
-Aug. 28. 
Allen. Robert L.. Atlanta. Ga. Automatic brake for fish- 
ing reels. 2.579.532, Dec. 25. ' 
Allen. Robert T. : See — 

Robertson, Nat C. and Allen. 
Allen. Robert Y.. Enclno, assignor of one-half to L. M. 
Poole. I>08 Angeles. Calif. Animated picture lamp. 
2,538.407„ Jan. 16. 
.Alien,. Roy O.. Athens. Pa., assignor to Ingersoll-Rand 
Company. New York. N. Y. Fluid distributing valve 
mech-nnism. 2.546.844. Mnr. 27. 
.Allen. RuCjis v., Chino, Calif. Magnet cutoff valve. 

•\.-7«.lfl'?. Nov. 27. 
Allen. Russell E.. and F. A. Murphy, De« Moines, Iowa. 

Sash and trim painter. 2,545,641, Mar. 20. 
Allen. S. W.. assignee : Bee — 

Petion. Louis J. 
^llen. Scott E.. Verona, asslpior to C-O-Two Fire Equlp- 
>. ment Companv. Newark. N, J. Discharge head for fire 
- estlntnilshers. 2.5."S8.409. June 26. 
Alheh-Sherman-HolT Company. The. assignee: Bee — 

-Mvltlnc. Laurit* E. 
. - FMk. Philip B, 

All^n. Sidney, assignor to Armstrong Slddeley Motors 
Limited, Coventrv. Entrland. Liqnid fuel combustion 
chamber for turbine units. 2.560.401. July 10. 
,All^. Sidney, and M. A. Stokes, assignors to Armstrong 
8idd<»ley Motors Limited, Coventry. England. Multiple 
comhifstfon chamber torch Igniter and auxiliary fuel 
■' sprnv device arrangement for Initiating combustion. 

2.540.642. Feb. 6. 
Allen. Sidney J.. London, and J. G. N. Drewltt. Spondon. 
near Derby, England, assignors to Celanese Corporation 
of ABierica. Production of synthetic linear polydeca- 
, methylene oxalamlde. 2,558,031, June 26. 

« I 






Allen. Tull C. : Bee — 

MaalD, Jacob S.. and Allen. 
Allen. William M., (;ien(iule. assignor to S. B. Merrill, 
('Inciiinatl. Ohio. Selective bell clapper silencer. 
2.571,178. Oct. 16. 
Aljen, William S.. Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to United 
'^States Steel Company. Electrolytic tin plating bath. 
2.552.920. May 15. 
Allen. William S.. Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to United 
States Steel Company. Surface lubrication of metal 
products. 2, 571), 7(7. I)ec. 25. 
Allen. William S.. Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to .United 
Sta»«>!< Steel romiinnv. Surface lubrication of metal 
juoMiift-^. L'..')T9.7i S. i>oc. 25. 
Allen. William W., assignor to American Chemical Paint 
Company. Ambler, Pa. Herblcldal compositions con- 
taining esters of chloriiuted phenoxyacetlc acids. 
2.543,397. Feb. 27. 
Allen, William \\ ., assignor to American Coolair Corpora- 
tion, JackHunville, Fla. V-belt speet? changer. 2,550,952, 
May 1. * 

Allenbangh. Ceorce G., assignor to The Ohio Injector 
Company. Wad.sworth, Ohio. Machining apparatus. 
2..'.51,71«?. May H. 
Allenby, Owen C. W. : See — . 

Sfsrall. <;or<lon H.. and .Allenbv. 
Allenby, Owen C. W., McMastervllle. Quebec, assignor' to 
Canadian Industrie* Limited. Mi>ntreiil, OufiH-o, 
Canada. Diallyl ei<1ter dichlorohydrins. 2,543.952, 
Mar. 6. 
Allenby, Owen C. \V.. McMastervllle. assignor to Canadian 
Industries Limited. Montreal, Quebec. Canada. Prep- 
ainiion of 4-efhvlrvcIoJu'xeTiP. 2 .'')70.743. Nov. 27. 
Allenby. Owen C. Wi. McMastervllle, and O. J. Harris, 
Beloell Station, assignors to Canadian Industries 
Limited. Montreal. Quebec, Canada. I'repanitlon of 
vinyl cvclobexene dichlorohydrins. 2,539,341, Jan. 23. 
Allenby, \\ illi.iiii F., Stratttn <1. assignor tn The «;reist 
Manufacturing Company. New Haven. Conn. Cloth- 
holding device for buttonhole attachments. 2,536.020. 
Jan 2 
Allenaworth, James N., Houston. Tex. Washing liquid 
and drying alr-heatlng means for dishwashers. 
2.564.798. Aug. 21. 
Allewelt. Arthur L.. West Chester. Pa., assleno** to Ameri- 
can Viscose Corporation. Wilininpton, I>el. Acrylonl- 
trlle copolvmers. 2..")60.680. July 17. 
Aller, ClaSs U.. Copenhagen. Denmarb Producing a print- 
ing form having a bimetallic surface. l!i.558,504, 
June 2t>. 
Aller. Edmund R. : See — 

Williamson. Illlding V., and Aller. 
Aller, T. Pwight : St-e — ^ 

Noll, Paul E., and Aller. 
Aller. Willis F., assignor to The SheflBeld Corporation, 
Dayton. Ohio. Load and pitch gauging device. 
2.547. f.Sl, Apr. 3. 
Aller. Willis F., nnd D. H. McConnell. assignors to The 
.Sheffield Corporation. Dayton, Ohio. Gaus;ing device. 
2..'>80..'^42. Dec. 2.'>. 
Alles. John J.. Wilkes-Barre. Pa. Synchronous controller. 

2..')77.29«. Dec 4. 
Allewelt, Arthur L., West Chester. Pa., assfgnor to 
American Viscose Corporation. Wilmington, Del. 
Fluorinated polynmldes. 2.570,180, Oct. 9. 
Allgnier. Earl. Arlinirton County, Va. Color vision test- 
ing device. 2.579,779, Dec. 2.'f. 
Allirro. Fred J., a.«;signor of one-half fo S. Johnson. San 
Francisco. Calif. Pendulum level with transparent 
indicators. 2.544. 4.'?S. Mnr. rt. 
Allgeyer, Guy H., assignor to The Swartzbangh Manufac- 
turing Company. Toledo. Ohio. Control for electric 
blank.ts. 2..'>4S,760. Apr. 10. 
Allia, Domenlco J., Worcester, MAss. Revolution 
counting device with radio-active control. 2. 566. 868, 
Sept. 4. 
Alliance Manufacturing Company, The, assignee: See — 

Schneider. Emmor V. 
Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, assignee: See — * 
Allen. Harry L.. and Kerr. 

Aneermneller. Herman P. ' 

B;rlley. Maurice E. 
Beckham. Leland J. 
Brunschwyler. John P. 
Bullfant. Theodore A. 
Calt'ee, John D. 
Calfee. John D.. and Smith. 
Carter. Bernard M. 
Congdon. William J., and Datln. 
Crittenden. Eugene D. 

Davis.- George A. * \, I 

Donleavy. .lohn J. ' ' . 

Donegan. Joseph W. 

Farrell. James K.. and Keene. ' 

Florlo. Patrick A., and Calfe«. 
Gilbert. Everett E.. and Otto. 
Gushard. William H.. and Staltl. i 

Harkenrider. Robert J. I 

Hurst. Dee A., and Miller. 
Joris, George G. 
Kauffman. Harry F.. Jr. 
. Listen. Thomas R.. Spats, Mazur, and Glick. 
Lopker, Edwin B. 
McCann. Harold O.. «nd Troat. 

Allied Chemical k Dye Corporation, assignee : See — Con. 
Maslln. John A. 
Melendy. Jesse G. 

Merrium, Henry F., and Cummings. 
Ogilvle. James. 
Ogllvie. James, and Genta. 
Otto. Julian A., and Gilbert. . , 

Porter. Frank, and Cosby. ^ 

Prill. Erhard J. I . - . 

Puchir. Mlcliael. and Tryon. 
Reeve, Charles S., and Anderton. 
Simtz. Sydijey M. 
Splllane. Leo J., and Kavser. 
Splllane^ Leo J., and Tallman. 
Steele. William R., and Sawnes. 
StolD. Charles. Jr. 
.'^levenpitier. Frederic. 
Tlddy, William, and Cooper. 
Tiniin. Lvle .\.. an«l CosLv. 
Townemi, Robert V.. and Kelly. 
• » Vln^ee. H.iviiKind A. 
Watson, William E. 
Wethly. Frans. 
Wethly. Frans. and Hartmann. 

•Vliled Electric Pro«lucts, Inc., assignee : See — ■ 

Chlrelstein, Nathan. 

.Vllled Laboratories, Inc., assignee: See-r- , ^ 

Bockstahler. Earl R. 
Faith. Herman E. 
« Faith. Herman E.. and Florestano. • 

Allle«i Process Corporation, assignee : See — 
.Lesesn^, Sherman I). 

AHiger. Glen. Boston Heights, assignor to The Firestone 
^ Tire & Rnbber Company, Akron. Ohio. Thlo-2-furam- 
ides. 2.560.0.35, July 10. 

AUlger, Glen, Boston Heights, assigfior to The Firestone 
Tire & Rubt>er Company, .\kron, Ohio. Preparation of 
thioamldes. 2,560.046, July 10. 

Airin. George S. : See — 

Elliott. Burr B., and Allin. 

Allls-Ch.ilmec8 Manufacturing Company, assignee : See — ^ 

Allen. Rob<>rt ♦. It 

-\ltorfer. Hans A. - »/ 

Iteckwith, Sterling. • ■. » 

l;«^llinger. Thadd.'usF. ' • • " ;* ; 

Bllbe. Charles W. "■ , 

Chii)ni:Mi. Ji^lm F. « 

Cook. Eugetie 15. ^"^ 

Kdw.irds. Ra.r A'. ^ • . . ,^' ' 

Evftns. 4ohn A. . * **' 

Fergason. Rector C. ^ A 

Goodwin. IMwin ('. - -^ ■ » f 

Grlflitrr. Ben II.. .tr. ■;• m *• 

Grommes Frank E. , • ..•>•■'' *'iX 

(Jr^'isen. Eli jail C. ' ' ' 

Hansen. Alfred J. m 

Hrtrrer. Paul H. " .f 

Hiles. Karl W., and Ruther. 
Jacobi, Louis. ,.i'.: 

Jansson. (Justav "E. * 

Johnson. William C. _."■ 

Journeaux. DIdier. i^* 

Kelle. .Arthur C. ..'* 

» Leiiter. Chester P. V 

Lerstrup. Kail. ^^' 

Neubauer, Emll T. P. j,<* i»--'» 

Norelius. F:mll F, . 
Patersoif Ira W.. and Chlpman. ► " 
Jteaves. Robert S. 

Peek. Henrv L. I 

P*ter. Charles R. > 

Polley. .Manford J. ■• 

R.iy. James L. . , a 

Houhnl. Ale:<ander J. 
Scr.inton. Charles J., and Elliott 
Sealey. William C. . .■ .* 
Serota. Rudolph M.' "' 
Shaw, Ernest C. 
Shaw. Ernest C. and Jensen. 
. Sikorra, Daniel J. 
. Sikorra. Daniel J., and Hotson. 
Snvder. Henrv W. 
Strauss. Orvllle L. *■ 
Taylor. Philip L. 
Toth. Michael. 
Unverzagt. Paul A. 
Vogel. I'aul C. 
Wilson. Charles D. 
Woody. Guy V.. and Bllbe. 
Wurgler, John. 

Allison. Abraham. New York, N. Y. Pharmaceutical means 
for facilitating the making of suppositories or the like. 
2.549.5.'in. Apr. 17. 

AlllKon, Adrian G. : See — 

Austin. Chester R., and Allison. 

Allison. Albert L.. Rock Island, 111. Self-rolling toy. 
2.556.569. June 12. 

Allison, Kenneth C, Crystal Lake, assignor to Grigsby- 
Alllson Co. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Electric switch con- 
struction. 2,549,998, Apr. 24. 








Allison. Leslie R.. Forest Hills, and H. V. Rudolph Wll- 

kinsburg Pa., assicnors to WestinRhouRe Air Hrake 

Conipiiny. Vehicle carried inductive receiver. 

•2.579.28S. Dec. 18. 

Alll>oii. I.owfll M., Belmont. Mass. Fishing reel. 

L'.-V) 1.301). May 1. 
Allison Stf-el Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 
.Mllson. William L. . , „,».#- 

Allison. Uillinm L.. assignor to Allison Steel ^Manufac- 
turing Company, Phoenix, Ariz. Punch press. 2,5(0,3-», 
Nov. 27. , 

Allison. William M. : See— 

Hoh'.nson. PreHton. and Allison. - 

Allmaiina Svenska Klektrlska Aktlebolaget, assignee, 
iite — 

Arvldsson, Algot. and Johansson, 
lit.vkmaii. Mariuf* F. U., and VorU. 
Dahlgion. Fre«lrik. 
Dreyfus. Lu<l\vlg, and ErHcsson. 
Kklund, Torsten. 
Fergason, Ri'Ctor C. '^ 
Forssi'il. Harry. 
Forwald, Haakon. 

HansRon. Hror O. N. , ,. .. 

Hogel. Lonnart. Thelemarck. and Llndberg. 
Idar. Karl H.. and Llndahl. 
'Krubbi'. link, and HedstrSm. 
• Lrfiiiim. I'no. 

Lamm. lino, and Arvldsson. 
, •Lamm. I n<». and Hookiiian. 
Lnndan. Frans, and Norberg. 
J»ettfrs()n. Carl. 
Sarn« Ho. and Llndberg. 
Scliaub. Cyrill. 
StAlhane. BertU. 
* riilmaiin. Kricli, and Hansen. 

All-Metal Produtis Tompany. assignee: see — • 

<;ora. John, and Scarbroiigh. 
Allmond. William F., Norfolk. Va. Luggage railing for 

automotive vehicles. 2,.')6«.303. Sept. 4. 
All-()v»T Manufacturing Co., assignee: See — 

.Moltzor. Henry K. 
All Star Products, Inc., assignee: See — 
l{<hrin«rr, (irover F. 
Ingle. Donald P.. and Relches. 
Olsj-n, John J. 
AU-Sti'<'Ui:(iuipment Inc.. assignee : See — 

Altrahamson, Charlen M. ^ , « 

AU-^tylfs Hanger Company, Inc.. The, assignee: fcee — 

. Colorus'so, Louis. 
All t\>:ith(>r Aluminum Awnings, Inc.. assignee: See — 

Kaiboiirn. Charles N. 
Allvn .Martha. West Haven. Conn. Attachment for hos- 
pital l).-ds. 2.530,707. Jan. 2. 
Aim, P.'r F. : Nff— ^ „ ., ^ 

Thunberg. Sigurd F., Aim. and Fredlund. 
Almn Corrit H. P., Klndhoven. Nffh<'rlands, assignor 'to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford. 
Conn, as trustee. Variable mutual conductance ampli- 
fier. 2,.'>38.r,G3. Jan. 10. ^, , , 
Almand. Joseph M.. Hogansville. Oa., assignor to Lnit<'d 
S»at<'H Kiihlier Company, New -York. N. Y. Rosin amine 
treated natural cellulose fibers. 2.o.'i3,396, May IT). 
Almeras. Paul, assignor to Ateliers Neyret-Beylior & 
*^ Piccard-Pictet, Grenoble. France. Regulation of an 
assembly of electric generating units. 2,500,914, July 
Almex. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Sundinan. <;uiinar H. 
Almgren. August K., Hillside. N. J., assignor to American 
Cm Company. .Machine for opening closure members 
having crimF>ed flanges. 2.r)70.180. Oct. 9. 
Almgren, August E.. Hillside, and J. P. Jakob. Roselle. 
N J., assignors to American Can Company, New York. 
N. Y. Sealing head uiThanism for closing and sealing 
bigs and containers. 2. ."539. 389. Jan. 30. 
Almgren. August E.. nillshle. and J. P. Jakob. Roselle. 
N. J., assignors to American Can Company. New York. 
N. Y. Sealing bags,. 2.539.390. Jan. 30. 
Almorth. (iustav A., (Wastonbury, Conn. Fastening 

means for siioe skates. 2.507.7.'i4. Sept. 11. 
Almoslino, Hans A., Hollis, N. Y. Portable body-support- 
ing assemblage. 2,."j58.722, July 3. 
Alnnjuist, Mildred L. : Sre — - 

<;ovett. Thomas, and Almqulst. 
Almrofh. Thomas K., Jr. : .<-Ve— - 

Almroth. Thomas K., and T. K.. Jr. 
Almroth. Thomas K.. and T. K. Almroth. Jr.. Van Nuys. 
Calif. Prefabricating glass block panels. 2,572,580, 
Oct. 23. : 
Aloe. .\. S.. Compnay, assignee : See — 

Mahorner, Howard. 
Alonso. Francisco G., Madrid 

Alpert, Jacob L.. Lea Angelea. Calif. Seat spring atrue- 

ture. 2.545,721. Mar. 20. 
Alpha Metalh, Inc., assignee: See — 

^Sbonberg, Harold. 
Alqulst. Francis N. : See — 

Kauer, Kenneth C. Alquist, and Brltton. 
Alqulst. Frantis N., and J. L. Wasco, assignors to The 

Dow. Chemical Company, Midland. Mich. Corrosion 

Inhibition of trlchloroacetates. 2.554,972. May 29. 
Alquist. Francis N., J. L. Wasco, and R. Irons, 

a-slgnors to The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, 

Mich. Removing copper-containing incrustations, from 

steam generators. 2.567.835. Sept. 11. 
Alquist. Francis N.. J. L. Wasco, and K. C. Kauer. 

assignors to The r>ow Chemical Company. Mi<lland. 

M ch Catalvtic conversion of polychlorocychohexanes 

to pol.Tchlorobenzene. 2.509.441. Oct. 2. 
Alrose Chemical Company, assignee : See — 

Beer, Leo. 
Alschuler, Richard H. : See — 

Falone. .\ngelo C, and Alschuler. 
Alschuler, Rose H.. Washington. D. C. and P 

Mount Rainer, Md. Cabinet type play-pen. 

•lunp ^- . ^ , ^ 

Alsop, William G.. New York. N. Y assignor to Colgate- 

Palmolivp-Peet Company. Jersey City. N. J. Flotation 

of hematite. 2..563,447. Aug. 7. 
Alspaugh. James S., Portsmouth. Ohio. 

2..5.59.922. July 10. 
Alspaugh. James S.. Portsmouth, Ohio. 

•J. 5.59.923 Jiilv 10. 
Alston. William L.. Charleston, W. Va. 

protector. 2.538.743. Jan. 23. 
Alsiip, Piiul L.. Berkeley, assigri^or to F 

C. Curtis, 



L-shaped wall 


Calif. Can 

Booth Com- 

2.503.572. Auc. 7. 
Alonso. Sergio D.. Habana^ Cuba. 

pump. 2..552.703. May 15. 
Alpak. assignee: Ser — 

Crane. Walton B. 
Alperln, Louis L. Scranton. Pa. 

dow. 2.572.423, Oct. 23. 
Alpers. Myrtle, assignee: See — 
Brown, Florence L. 

Spain. Poultry tag. 
Double-action duplex 

Safety reversible wln- 

panv. Inc. San Francisco. 

2.504.143. Aug. 14. 
Alt. Alvin F. : Sce-- 

Rinna. Jack N.. Dugle. and Alt. 
Alt. Alvin v.. and J. Decker, assignors to The Cincinnati 

Milling Machine Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Grinding ma- 
chine. 2,.537.389. Jan. 9. 
Alt. Carl G.. assignor to Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, 

N. Y. Grille for self-contained air-conditioning units. 

2.505 830, Aug. 28. 
Altar. William : See— 

Gabler. Raymond T.. and Altar. 
.\ltar. William, and J. W. Coltman. Pittsburgh, assignors 

to Wentinsrhouse Electric Corporation.- East Pittsburgh. 

Pa. Oscillator mode suppression. 2,505,112, Aug. 21. 

.\ltec Lansing Corporation, assignee: See — 
Carrinirton. George L. 
Veneklasen. Paul S. 
Altemus. James D,. New York, N. Y. Retractlble luggage 
carrier. 2.502.086. July 31. 

Altenhurger. Clarence L., Deaijbom. Mich., assignor to 
National Steel Corporation. Opeu-hearth process. 
2.509.215. Sept. 25. 
Altenpohl. William F.. Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. Foot oper- 

afe<l shears. 2..542.384, Feb. 20. 
Alter. Albert R. : Sec — 

Telller. Jospi^h C, and Alter. 
_ Alter. George V... Jr. : Rev — 

Barker. George E.. and Alter. 
Alter. Ilarrv. Companv. assignee ; Hce — 

Cahenzli. Martin T. 
Alter. Winfield S., and H. N. Bancroft, Tulsa. Okla. 

(^olf bag .lackot. 2.546.410. Mar. 27. 
Alterman. Francis J. : See — 

Ruysdael, Basil. Hadden, Zagor, and Alterman. 

• .Mtjelt. Herman E., assignor to Deere & Company, 
.Moline: 111. Fluid-pressure follow-up control system. 
2,540.880. Mar. 27. 

Altirelt, Herman E., South Bend. Ind.. assignor to The 
Oliver Corporation. Comb type cotton harvester. 
2.."J44.4n. Mar. 0. 

Altgelt. Rudolph J. : See — 

Gepiberling. Cameron H.. and Altgelt. 

Althelmer. Ben G.. Wauwatosa. assignor to Mllprlnt, Inc.,, 
Milwaukee'. Wis. Display sign. 2. .557.402. June 19. 

Althouse. Charles F., San Diego. Calif. High-frequency 
power measuring device, including a water load. 
2.500.530. July 17. 

Altman, B.. & Co.. assignee: See — 
Hahn. Douglas. 

Altman. Emanuel. Prague. Czechoslovajiia. Electric glass 
filament furnace. 2.540.415. Feb. 6. 

.Altman. Jijcob A., Los Angeles. Calif. Halrcuttlng appa- 
ratus. 2.542.450. Feb. 20. 

Altman. Peter, assignor to Continental Motors Corporation. 
Detroit. Mich. Dehumidlfying apparatus. 2.562.405, 
July 31. , 

.Vltman, Peter, assignor to Continental Motors Corpora- 
tion, Detroit, Mich. Power unit. 2,571.404. Oct. 16. 

Altiniinn. John IL. and E. W. Swanson, assignors to 
.Admiral Corporation. Chicago, 111. Tuning apparatus. 
2.536,409, Jan. 2. 

Altorfer. Hans A., Wauwatosa, assignor to AUis-Chalmers 
Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, W'la. Atomizing 
device. 2,536.832. Jan. S. 

Altomare. Edward F. : Bee — 

Weikart, Warren D., and Altomare. 




Sugar dispenser. 

Alton Box Board Company, assignee : Bet 
Belanger. Albert P. D. 
Hollis, Robert F. 

Altorfer. Alpheus W.. Jr.. Peoria. Ill 
2.5r.3.509. May 15. 

Altorfer. Alpheus \V.. Jr., Peoria, 111. Dasher mecha- 
nism for washing machines. 2.575,988. Nov. 20. 

Altosiuo. John A., Chicago. 111. Mute for muaioal In- 
struments. 2.571.S0U. Oct. 16. 

Altree. Eric D. : See — 

Levaur, Bernard D.. and Altre«>. 

Altree, Eric D.. assignor to Pittsburgh Reflector Companj, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Ouickly detachable mounting ineacs 
for suspended lignting fixture accessory, 2,564.046. 
Aug. 14. 

Altschul. Aaron M., and L. E. Castillon. New Orleans. La., 
asttlgnors to the Unit»'d States of AmerlcH as represented 
by The Secretary of Agriculture. Water-dispersiMe 
combination pr(Kla<'ts of gossypol and carbohydrates. 
2..'^«3.808. Aug. 14. 

Altschul, Aaron M.. M. 2J. Condon. an<l M. G. Lambou. 
New Orleans. La., assignors to the I'nlted States of 
America as nprosented bv the Secretary of Agricul- 
ture. Prevention of deterioration in seeds. 2.571.093, 
Oct. 16. 

Alrsheler, William B.. LonlsTllle. assignor to Joseph E. 
Seajrram k Sons, Inc.. Shlvely. Ky. Pressure control. 
2..%65,0.^9. Auir. 21. 

Altube. Juan M. C, Rosarlo. Stanta Fe. Argentina. 
. — Closure operntinK means. 2.574, .312, Nov. 6. 

Altwlea Benjamin M.. Fostorla, Ohio. Window with 8a!«h 

Alty. R.iymond L.. Alexandria. Va. Pulsing circuit. 
2.5."i5.305. June 5. 

Aluminum Air Seal Manufacturing Company, assignee: 

Webster. Clifford L. 
Aluminum Company of America, assignee: See — 
Brown. Rot>ert H. 
Oants. Marvin E. 
Hileman. James M. 
Hoxeug. Raymond B. . 
Jackson. Reginald. 
Klpfer. Max M. 
Michel. Mafhlas. 
Miller. Mike A., and Haupln. 
O'Neill, Clayton A.. Harris, and Guyot. 
Schnorf, Armand. Nabholz. and Sguaitamatti. 
Temnlin. Richard L. 
Vanclen Rerg, Russei V. 
* WmII. James R. 
Warren. Mend. Jr 
Whitzel. Raymond T.. and King. 
Yedlickn. Joseph C 
Aluminum Fabricating Company of Pittsburgh, assignee : 
Bee — ■ 

Gorell. Frank, and Poxzl. 
Aluminium I.jiborafnries I.imifed. asultmee 
Hotliim .Xrne M James nnd Seninle. 
Alominum Products Corporation, assignee : 
Meirs. Pflul E. 
locking spring. 2..%75..'\75, Not. 20. 
Alvare«. Cruz R. a.sslenee : Bee — 

Alvarea, Reuben R. 
Alvarez, fJullIermo P.. FTabana. Cuba 

stalk cutter. 2,572.298. Oct. 23. 
Alvarez. Lois W.. Belmont. Mass.. asslcnor. by mesne 
assignments tn the United Srates of America as repre- 
\ sented bv the Secretnrv of the Navy Radio beacon and 
/ system ntlMzlne If. 2 ^fi8.2«.^ J^ept 18 
^Alvnm. Luis W.. Berkeley. Calif, assizor to the Fnlted 
\ States of America as represented bv the United States 
^^tnmir Energy Commission. Linear accelerator 
2.545..'i95. Mar. 20 
Alvarer. Luis W., and L. H. Johnston. Belmont. Mass 
asslrnors to the United States of .\merlca as represented 

^''-Ji'*^^*'*^'"'"'*'^ °f ^^'"- Aircraft control system 
2.«.'S.'S.101. Mny 29. 

Alvarez, Octavio J., assijmor, by mesne asslsmments of 
one-fourth to M. De Reltres-Marlenwert. New York N Y 
Device for creating oscillations. 2,542.271, Feb. 20.* 

Alvarei. Octavio J., asslenor to Alvarez Patent Corpora- 
tion. New York. N. Y. Hydraulic scale. 2.577 100 
Dec. '. 

Alvarej, Octavio J., asslenor. by mesne assignments of 
one-fourth to Maria De Reitzest Mnrienwert New York 
N. Y. Electrical connector. 2..'i80.2«9 Dec 25 

Alvarez Patent Corporation, assignee: See — 
Alvarez. Octavio J. 

'*'y'""J?'o^*l".^" ^\P ^^^^- Tpx.. assignor of one-third 
to C. R Alvarea. Mesllla. N. Mex. Automatic hydraulic 
brake adjuster. 2..VM.081, May 1. 

Alvino William J Massapequa, and J. Bauer, Glendale. 

oKoIflio ^'**,C?'' cutt'DK Ind" tabs in book pages. 
j.oo^.Di.i. Jan. 10. 

Alvis Limited, assignee : See — 
Dunn. William M. 

Alvord Charles C. assignor to Norton Company Worces- 
ter, >fas8. Feed, take-up. and srrlpper mechanism for 
encapsulntlne machines 2..'^fl1 900 July •>4 

Alvord Charles C. assignor to Norton Com"panv Worces- 
ter. Mass. Orin'llnjr machine. 2 567.189 Sept 11 

Alvord. Grove D.. Indiana, assignor to Syntron Company. 

5539:391.'5i^n. 30^" ^-^■<»"^' »"-' -^^rato^. 


Plow with rotary 

Alward. Francis. Cambridge, assignor to J. B. Howard 

Ho?^t5*^"•• t^st**- Imernal-combusiion engine' 
^.007,117, Jan. 8. 

Alward Leroy D.. Albany, assignor to The Pelton Water 
Wheel Company, .^an Francisco. Calif. Hydraulic 
pumpinc jack. 2,.')n6.295, Sept. 4 "jur«ui.c 

^\T,dder.^'*["5lVw5!^Mar'^3. ^°**- ^'■«"'"°«n'« eu\6.Une 

Alyea. Harold W., Waukesha, assignor to Johnson Service 

Company, Milwaukee, Wis. Pressure fluid follow-ui 

niotor^with pilot pressure control. — 

Electric Corporation, 


J.575,085, Nov. iJ,. 
Limited, assignee : 


Wireless (Australaslo) 

Limited, assignee : 

La ngley. 

Christiansen, Wilbur N. 
Holioway. Frederick S. 
Hn<.fl. Ian A. F.. and Lumb. 
Hopkins, Edward O. , 

Ambelane. Joseph C. : See — I 

Kitchen, Leland J., and Ambelang. 
Ambel.'ing, Joseph C. assignor to The Firestone Tire & 
Rubber Company. Akron. Ohio. Rubbery copolymer of 
?i?I? K*"^* ""*^ styrene nlasticized with a furfural mono- 
aryl hydrozone. 2..537.G48, Jan 9 
Ambeault. Joseph X., Ste. Therese de Blalnville. assignor 
by mesne a.sslgnments. to Coinmoawealth Plywood 
tompany Limited. Ste. Therese. Quebec. Canada. Un- 
-*^7o"^o,"°i'.J*'*o'J.*''' ^^**<^* 'o"" »'•*** wood clippers. 

— .<)<_, lis 1. Oct. Jo. 

Amberg. Charles R.. Alfred, and S. F. Walton. Kenmore. 
assignors to The Exolon Companv, Tonawanda. N Y. 
'••'•'mtr roTtinL^^and applying i..'>44.060. Mar. 6." 

Amberg, Stephan W,. See — 

Amberg. Walter E. and S. W. 
'^. i1**'.^^'*'i'."'° ^V- Barrinuton. 111., assignor to Lily- 
Tulip (up C oriwratlon. New York. N. V. Apparatus for 
rimmlnjr nsnercnps. 2. Ml, 905 Feb 13 

Amberg. Walter Ff.. Beverly Shores, Ind.. and S. W. 
Amberg. Barrington. IJl.. asslsmors to Lily-TuIip Cup 
t''!!^^?''""- I*'«P*°»" 'or flanged caps. 2.539.652. 

Amberg. Walter E.. Beverly Shores. Ind.. asslenor, by 
v«?w^v"^'''°??''"^' :t? i'"y Tulip Cup Corporation. New 
Feb 27 ■ ^ *»«'■ *J1«*» »nd holder therefor. 2.543.619. 

^"riji^'f,^- }>''^^^" E- loverly Shores, Ind.. assignor to Lllv- 
L '^i i"E r.^rporatlon. Chicago. Ill Pickup holder for 
rounded bottom paper cups. 2.552.080 May 8 
'^ul- r '""^'" ^ • "'"T'^'-Iy Shoces. Ind , asslenor to Lilv- 

7heVefor ^S(!v?i74 >Tny s''"*'"' ^"^^ ^^'^ ^"'^ ^^'"'^ 

Amberg. Walter E.. Beverly Shores. Ind.. assignor by 

mesne asslgnnients. to LIly-TulIp Cup Corporation. SVw 

Ji *>« Paper cup and handle therefor. 2,.'j58,287, 

"^ T'^rnn'pn'l!* o ^ • "♦".r'"'' 5^"'■*'''• I"'' . """Ignor to Lily- 
7«rlL^n "^ ^Ti^''^^'"" f^h"«'nKO. in. Annnr.ntus for 
2 563 632 Tu"? »>o"«™» 0° conlcally shaped cups. 

"^ xTiin' r"!il!"r^ • "*'7,'-'y Shores. Ind.. assignor to Llly- 
Tul p Cup Corporation. Forming rounded bottom 
conical pa t>er cups. 2.563,6.33 Aug 7 "ortom 

x'^rnl^- n^^n ^ • "'^V'y Shores. Ind'.. assignor to Lily- 
Tulip Cup Corporation. Chicago, in. Paper closure 
member for pa ner containers. 2 .•)68 697 Seot •>-• 

T^,J^- n^'^^^'n ^ • ^"V^^y S'lores. Ind.. awienor'fo Llly- 
TuIIp Cup Corporation. Chicago. 111. Apparatus for 

2"'68.«n8^s'rnt '25""* '"'''°''"' '°' P«P«r co^Iainer; 
Ainbler. Franklin M.. Allentown. Pa,, assignor to Mack 
Manufacturine Corponttion, .New York N Y Brake 
system for vehicles. 2.578.388. Dec. 11. 

^'?!!.'f'"flii"'*")."'1 ^- oH^^'r*""'- Q"*'»>*c, Canada. Loose- 
leaf filing device. 2.5.59,,556, July 3. 

^°2!'.fn™''„».^*"""1^ ""''^'^'yn- ^ Y. Cutoff mechanism for 

2,53 "1S.3 Jan TS"^""^ ^■'^* producing apparatus. 

Ambrette. Co"nrad. Brooklyn. N. Y. Convertible continu- 

SrodS^rs' '2,57T06l'n"ov"2^ °' "'°^* alimentary paste 

Ambrose, Dermof M. : Sre — 

''i"n''"rhe.i. Prafnlla K . and Ambrose. 
Chatterjea. ?rafnll« K.. Scully. Ambrose, and Beney EdmuiKl J., and E. F. C. .Mc^Iill. Maldenhe«d 
?»rJ*;?*'" '5 Klectrlc A .Musical Industries Limited! 

SHTo'^'o^n • J?"/'",'?.''- Sealing cement for vacuum seals. 
^,0 { 0,30V, Oct. 30. 

Ambrose. Eueene R.. Roselle Park. N. J.. «nd P Sporn 
assignors to Arnerlcan Cas and Electric Company NeW 
\ork, N. "i. Heat pump system. 2.575.325 Nov. 20 

Anjbrose. Paul M.. Colleg^ Park. Md . assignor to Chicago 
Development Company^ Chlraeo. 111. Flectrolytic deo- 
osltion of manganese. Re. 23.332. Jan 23 

Anribrosiiio. John, anrf M. Pasotle. Flushing. N. Y Skirt 
haneer 2.570.043. Oct, 2 

Amco Development Company, assignee: Bee — 
Macflonald, Herbert G. 

Amendola. James V.. Kenosha. Wis, Scissor sharpener 
rest for wheel grinders. 2.565,291 Aug, 21 



Amendt, Charles G., Lancaster, Ohio. Scooter. 

2,546,711. Mur. 27. 
Amer. Myrtle A., Hollywood. Calir. Massaging implement. 

2.547.243. Ai)r. 3. 
American Aerovap. Inc., assignee : See — 

Buehler. Emil. 

Christopher. David II., and Spear. 
American Agricultural Chemical Company, assignee : 

Evans. Robert D. 
American Anode Inc., assignee: See — 

Hansen, Merrill E. 
American Automatic Devices Co., assignee : See — 

S(|uire, Nathan E. 
American Baler Co.. The, assignee: Bee — 

Seltzer. Robert E. 
American Blower Corporation, assignee : See — 

Kice, Murray S., Jr. 

Polk. <;ilbert C. 
American Bo-sdi Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Ackerman, Howard A. 

Altaro, llcrai'lio. 

Alfaro. H«'raclio. and Wood. 

Broiierick, Jolin J. 

Gewinner. Walter J. 

Ilensclike. \\ illiam O. 

Ilogeiaun Hans. 

llus^ey. Russell B. 

Meyer. Udlfirang E. 

Spier. Hans G. 
American Brake SlioesCompany, assignee: See — 

Andersen. Alfred F. 

Brayton, Corey C. 

Browne. Lindsay H. 

Cox. Isaac E. 

1 »iilr.viiii)l»'. Willinni I*. 

MrGowan. Tbomai R. 

Notvfst. Ifobert \V. ■ 

SpokcH. Ray E. 

U ilson, Rosscr li. 
American Broncli & Machine Co., a.sslguee : See— 

A pan, Leon C. 

I.ofk'ren. <"li.irle8 O. 
American Buff Company, assignee: See — 

Kingsbury. Thomas H. 
American Business Systems, assignee: See — 

Gaynor. Simon. 

Schwa rzer. Fred. 
American Cabinet Hardware Corporation, assignee: See— 

Borchers. Earl M. 
American Can Company, assignee: See — 

Adamson. Alan E. 

Almurpn. Atmust E. 

Almgren, August E.. and Jakob. 

A vies. William H. 

Birkland. Stellan. 

Blair. Earl R. 

Brnger. Leif.'ne. WllUnm G.. Jr.. and Ablondi. 

Brosene. Willlnm G.. Jr.. and Kersten. 

Brown. James S.. and Mclzer. 

Brouillard. I^obert E.. and Giambalvo. 

Cad well. Leonard E. 

Carroll. Ji>sepli V. 

Chatterton. Robert T. 

Day, Harold M.j and Brndlpy. ' 

Dixon, James K.. and Miller. 

Dutot. Honry E., and Bradley, 

Drygulski, John. 

Ecknian. George E. 

Erb. (Jeorge C. 

Gabel, Josffth W.. and Due. 

Hardy. Willlnm B. 

Hebert. Harold C. 

Helnlp. Cnrl W. 

Heinle. Carl W., and Nordqaist. 

Hoffman, Ernest. 


and Birkland. 

HiiIfMiilsf. Martin 

Huntar. Felix. 

Jacobs, Samuel S. 

Jakob. John P. 

Jones. Lyman L. 

Jones. Stanley F. S. 

Loxeland. Malcolm W. 

Mnjdll. Donald O. 

Mau'lll. Donald G.. and Bigger. 

Mailer. W. 

M.'iher. William W., and Bofinccr. 

Maher. William W.. and Peterson. 

Mnv. William F.. and -Nordquist. 

Nordquist, Ronald E. J. 

Nordquist, Ronald E. J., and Baumann. 

Nordqulst. Ronald E. J., and Borkmann. 

Nordquist. Ronald E. J., and Cox. 

Nonuilst, Ronald E. J., and Foris. 

Nordouist, Ronald E. J., and Gnipe. 

Nordquist. Ronnld E. J., and Huntar. 

Nordnnlat. Ronald E J., and Socke. 

Odnulst. Harold T.. and Nordquist. 

Oldhnm. Uilhiir N.. and Dudley. 

Pechy. William. 

Peters. John F. 

Peters, John F., and Jones. 

Porter, Rotheus B.. Jr.. and Campbell. 

American Can Company, assignee : See — Continued. 
' Pottle. Ralph K. 

Preis, Ciirl G. 

Preis, Carl G., and Nordquist. 

Stearns, Edwin I.. Jr. 

Strickler. John C. 

Taylor. William E.. and Schmidt. 

Winters. William P.. and Lockwood. 
American Car -and Foundry Company, assignee : See— 

Borup, Oscai V. 

Brudiield, deorge K., Jr. 

Burnett, William E. 

Dietrichson, William F. 

Eric8on, George R. 

Folmsbee. Clyde H. 

Kepner, Robert C. 

Kuhler, Otto A. 

Kuhler, Otto A., and Burnett. 

Miknlak, John. Sober, and Suit. 

Parsons. Georee B. 

Patton. John W. 

Patton, John W.. and Cudinl. 

Patton. John W., and Holland. 

Shields, Robert A. 
^ Shields, Robert A., and Kepner. 

Shipley. Tolbott G. 

Walsh. Robert. 
American Celcure Wood Preserving Corporation, assignee: 
See — 

Pickren. James H. 
American Chain & Cable Company, Inc., assignee: See — 

Berchtold. Wallace W. 

Dart, Charles W. 

Grauel. Ernes* H. .; 

Kistler, Irwin D. 

Peterson. Vincent C. J. 

Reyburn, John R. 
Americjin Character Doll Company, assignee: See — 

Beebe. Herbert R. 
American Chemical Paint Company, assignee: See — 

Alien. William W. 

JoiH'S. Fr.iiiklln I). 

Snyder. Eugene, and Heller. — 

Spruance. Frank P.. Jr. 
American Chicle Company, assignee: See — 

Helberger. Philip. 

American Cladmetals Company, assignee : See — 
Kinney, Joseph, Jr. 

American Coolair Corporation, assignee: See — , 

Allen, William W. ; 

American Crankshaft Company, assignee: See — ^ 
Allen, Charles J.. Jr. ' 

American Cyanamid Comijany, assignee : See — 

Adams, Pierrepont. | 

Anthes, John A. 
Ashley. Kenneth D. 
Ashley, Kenneth D., and Innes. 
Ashley. Kenneth D.. and Mason. 
Bacon. Jack C, and Hart. 
Barthel. Justus C. 
Bernstein. Seymour and Sax. 
Bird, J.()hn C. and Rorhow. 
Booth, Robert B.. and Morash. 
Boothe. James H. 
Breiter. Samuel, and Hultquist. 
Brookes, Alfred, and Hudson. 
Carnes, Joseph J. 
Case, Edward N. 
Casebolt, Georce S. 

Cassaday, Jack T. i 

Cassaday. Jack T.. and Hoecberg. 
Cassell. Robert T.. and Knshner. 
Clapp. James W.. and Roblln. 
Cook. Elmer W . Hook and Kushner. , ' 

Cook, Elmer W., Kushner. and -Moss. 
Cook. Elmer W.. and Moss. 
Cooper. Hal B. H.. and Menslng. 
Cosulich. Donna B. 
Creely. Joseph W. 
Creely. Joseph W.. and Cooke. 
Cresswell, Arthur. 
Cresswell. Arthur, and Johnstone. 
Cresswell, Arthur, and Wi^^on. 
Daniel. John H., Jr., Landes, and Pollard. 
Dafter. Edwin H.. Jr. 
Davis, Arnold R.. and Sullivan. 
Davis. Harold S. 
Dawson. William O. 
' Day. Harold M.. and Wrotnowskl. 
Denton. John J., and Long. 
Denton. John J., and Stewart. 
Detwiler, Earl B. 
Dixon. James K. 

Dreclisel. Erhart K., and Padbury. 
Dndlev. .Tamfs R 
Durant. Walter W. 
Durant. Walter W.. and Clark. 
Edw.irds. I'hvllis 
Erickson. John G. • " 

Fliuk. Linton A.. Jr. 

Fluck. Linton A.. Jr.. Lynn, and McPhee. 
, Fluck, Linton A., Jr.. Lynn, and Schuman. 
Fordemwalt, Frederick. 



American Cyanamld Companj, asilgne* : Bee — Continued. 

Krunkln. Alfred L. 

Geiiiiann. Richard P. r 

Gib8on. Edward H. 
Ooldiiian. Leon. 
Orossnian. .Adrian J. 
Ham. (Jarnt't P. 
Hill. Alfred O.. and Gale. 
Hoeeberx. Krick I. 
Hook. Edwin O.. and Moss. 
Iloward. Kt-nneth L. 
J^Ioweli. Edgar A. 
lloiipt. Alfred O. 

Houpt. Alfred <;.. and «'lir»stmann. 
Hultnuist. .Martin E. 
Hultquiiit. Martin E.. and BaRlenskl. 
Hulttiuist. Martip E.. and Howard. 
Hult(|(iist Martin E.. and .Scholz. 
riulriiuist.' .Martin E.. and SubbaRow. Martin E.. and Wrlu'lit. 
Jayne, David W.. Day. and Gieseke. 
Jayne. David W., Jr. 
Jayne. David W.. Jr.. and Day. 
Kaiser. Donald \V. 
Kaiser. Doii.ild W., and Church. 
KaiAer. Donald W.. and Redmon. 
Klapproth. William J.. Jr. 
Kropa, Edward L. 

Kropa. Etlward L.. Crale. and Nyquisf. 
Kropa. Edward 1... and Dunne. 
Kropa. Edwjird E.. and Nv-midt. 
Kropa. Edward L.. and Padbory. 
Kropa. Edward L., and Koemer. 
Lacey, Harolfl T.. and Dombroskl. 
IjindejB, Chester G., and Studeny. 
I>ane. Leslie C. 

Ijuie. LeHlie C. Jr.. and Hamilton. 
Lecher. Hans Z.. and Eberhart. 
Leiiio. Louis L.. Jr.. and Jayne. 
Lindenfelser. Richard. 
Llndenfelser. Richard, and Patterson. 
LindenfeLser. Richanl. and Michaud. 
I.onL'. Rolierr S.. and .Smart. 
Lonkomsky. Seree A., and Herrick. 
Mackay. Johnstone S. 
Macl<ay. Johnstone S.. and Bower. 
Mackay. Johnstone S.. and Lnwler. 
Mat kay. Johnstone S., and Paden. 
Miicl>«nn. .Alexander F. 
Marcof. <Juy C 

Mai'cot. Guy C, CauwenberR. and I..amanna. 
Marsh. Nat IL 
Marsb. Nat IL. and Hamilton. 
M.irson.- Harry \V. 
Maxwell. Charles S.. and Landea. 
Me«(o. Jerrv M. 
Meilralf Eii!r<>ne C. and Slsco. 
Michael. Maiden W. 
Militr, .Mexandt'r A. 
Mover, Samuel P. 
Mo:raI. Fa<iindo R. . ' 

Mowat. John H.. and Waller. 
Munro. Wendell P. 
Na;:.v. Daniel E. 
N.v<iuist. Arthur S. 
Padbury. John J., and Tarrant. 
Paden. Joseph H.. and Mackay. 
Paden. Joseph IL, and MacLean. 
Park. Robert IL 
Park.-r. Charl.-s IL. Jr 
Parker, Robert P.. and Hofmann. 
Parker, Robert P.. Wail kins, and Adama. 
Parker. Robert P., an«i Webb. 
Patterson. Donald G.. and Turner. 
IMielps. Richard L.. and Salsbury. , 

Pollard. John D. ' 

porter K.>tlieus 1?.. Jr. 
.Post. Earl E.. and Oldham. 
Roth. Barbara. 
Rover. Georjte L., and .\mick. 
S.iwyer. Edna L.. and Marr. 
Savre. Ralpli E. 
Scnlera. Mario, and Eberhart. 
Scaiera. .Mario, and Forster. • 

Schaefer. Fre<leric C. *• 

Schaefer. Frederic C. and Church. i 

Schneider. William C. and Padbory. 
Soeuer Dori„ R. 

Seectr. Doris R., and Cosulich. 
8emb. Joseph. 
Sleirer. Georire M.. Jr. 
Simons. William O . and Difter. 
Smith. James M.. Jr.. and Roth. 
Six luer. Frank K. 
Stirn. Frank E.. and Taylor. 
Sriid'-ny. John. 

Studenjr. John. Pollard, and Landet. -^ 

Suen. Txens-Jlueq. 
Suen. TzenK-Jiueq. and Daniel. 
Suen. Tzenc J., arid SchlUor. | 

Thomas. Walter M. ,. 

Thomas. Walter M.. and Kropa. 
Thuraton. Jack T.. and Oldham. 

American Cyunamid Company, assignee: See — Continued. 

Thursiou. Jack T.. and Warner. 

L'pham, Sidney D., and Reed. 

Varela. Andn-w A. and Schupp. 

Varfanian. Richard D. 

Vitalis. Emil A. 

Vrlens Gerard N.. Slsco. and Medcalf. 

Walii^kv. Enianufl. 

Waller. Coy W.. and Angler. 

Waller. Coy W.. and Paierson. i 

N\ est. Herb»>rt J. i 

West. Herbert J., and Enterllne. 

Wilson. Lucius H.. Landes, and Maxwell. 

Wlxon. Irvln. 

WohiiHiedler. Henry P.. and Blais. 

Wolinsit>dler. Henry P.. and Sloatman. 

Wohn8i»Mller. Henrv P.. and Thomas. 

WrlKht. William B., Jr.. and Smith. 

Woodinc. William M.. 
American Cvstoscoiie lyiakers. Inc., assignee: See — 

Held. Joseph E N 

Wallace. Frederick J 
American Dairies lncortK>rated, assignee: See — 

Turner, diaries W. 

Turner. Charles W.. and Relneke. 
.American Dishwasher C.i>r|Miration, assignee: See — 

La Rails. Julius, and Wollin. 
American Display Company. The, assignee : See — 

Dunkelbt-rper. Milton S. 
.\merlcan Displays, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Thuernau. Henry .A. 
.American District Telegraph Company, assignee : See — 

Evans. Francis C. 
AmeMcan Duplex Company, assignee: See — 

Schuhmann. Richard L. 
American Electric Furnace Inc.. assignee: See — 

Warren. Gilman G. 
American Electrical Heater Company, assignee: See — 

Kuhn. Frank, and Thomas. 
.American Electro Metal Corporation, assignee: See — 

Stern, <;eorge. 
American FnKintering Company, assignee: See — 

Beck. June E. 

Bennett, Joseph B. 

Bennett. Joseph S.. and Thorson 
American Enka Corporation, assignee: See — , 

Bakker. Wlllem. 

Bakker. Willem. and Blomlwrg. 

Bnrc-IA, -Daniel R. and Maso. 

Beeftlnk. Petrus A. 

Breazeale. Francis B. 

Bro vnell. Denn H. 

De Klerk. Bastiaan G. 

Gon.salves. Conrad J. 

Gri.set. Ernest J.. Jr. 

Keith. James F., artd Smith. , 

Koch, Theo«loor. ' 

Koch. Theodoor. and Benninga. 

Levi-on. Robert. an<l Itlomberg. 

Manskant. Leendert. 

Markwood. Paul W.. and Moore. 

Moritz. .Adrian J. L. 

Thiirtnond. Gilbert I. 

Van DIJk. Pieter. , 

Van Dobbenburgh. Wlllem J. D. 1 

Van Hall. Florls A. J., and Darcelo. 

Whisnant. John K. 
.American Fastener Company, The, assignee: See — 

Kiessllng, Max. 
American F'elt Compan. , assignee: See — 

Chagnon. Zephir J. 

Lehmberc. William IL 
Ameflcan Finishing Company, assignee: See — .Abe. Jr 
American Floor Surfacing Machine Company, The, as- 
sljmee : Srr — ■ 

T>olan. Francis D. 
American Forging and Socket Company, assignee: See — 

McCarthy. Charles S. 

Petersen. Raymond R. 
American Gage & Machine Company, assignee: See — 

Simpson. Ray. and Bernreuter. 
American Gas and Electric Company, assignee: See — 

Ambrose. Eucene R., and .'>f)orn. 
American c,na Furnace Company, assignee: See — 

Osterman. Philip C. 
American Gas Machine Company, assignee: Ser — 

Stempel. Edward IL. and R.isniussen. 
American Greetinc Pnblishers. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Herr. Theodore Z 
-American Hair A Felt Company, asslcne? : See — 

McKav. Nell S., Clements, and Hicks. 
American Hard Rubber Company, assignee: See — 

Wade. Robert S. 
1!\merican Hardware Corporation. The, assignee: See — 

Berg. Frederick. 

Dvson. Louis M.. and Root. 

McConnell. Frank. 1 

American Hatters and Fnrriera Company. Kicorporated. 
assigTiee : See — 

Harvev, .\delbert W.. and DenrdorfT. , 

American Hoist & Derrick Co., aaslgnee : See — ] 

• Jrav. Donald C 

LJungkuU. Rolf ic 



American Home Foods. Inc., assignee : See — 

Hinz. Henry C. Jr.. Schermerhom. and Dorn. 

Klpnis. Frank. 

KlpniH. Frank, and Ornfelt. 
Americiu Home I'roducts Corporation, assignee: Bee — 

Kern. ("Larles J., and I>el Vecchio. 

Osborne. IJruce. and Hauneman. 

Whiting. John A. 
American llydrauUcs. Inc., assignee: See — 

.Srliiilliu-lc. Artliur E. 
American Instrument Co.. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Oblbeiser. Carlton £. 
American lion and Machine Works Company, assignee: 

McCool, Marcus G. 
American L« Friince-Foamlte Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Hicks. Ketrinald. 

Lindsav. Charles H. 

Smith. Cecil II. 

Wolcott, Samuel K., Jr. 
American 1-ava Cori)oration, aHssignee : Bee — 

Klett. Fnd F. 
American Laundry Machinery Company, The, assignee: 

Howland, Frederick W. . 

Jdlinsoi), flt'orce W. _ 

Johnson. Theodore F. | 

Malott. Clitton S.. Jr. 

McLaRan, Russell G. 

Nerkrl. I'>imund N. 

Shaw. Julian C. 
Americjin Lectiihin Company, Inc.. assignee: Bee — 

Pollak Frederick F. 
American Linen Supply Co., assignee: See — 

Je.spcrsen. I'aiil \V. 

Steiner. Frank G.. and Birr. 
American Locomotive Company, assignee : See — 

Ab«'ll, Roy F. 

Farkas. (Jeorge B. 

Fisch.r. William L. 

M. holH. William M. 

American Loose Leaf Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

(iuinane. James I*., and Barbieri. 
American .Machine & Foundry Company, assignee: See — 

Allen, Howard O. 

Allen, llowaril (i., and Gampp. 

Allen. Howard G.. Sims, and Ebert. 

Bockiiis, Christopher. 

Broekhujsen, William C. 

Day. Joseph M. 

Dearsley. (Jeorge. 

P^rye, Sanders A. 

Jensen. Thormod, and Drury. 

Johnson. Carl W. 

Jur^-eiisen, Delbert E., Jr.. and Hungerford. 

Mc(;inley, James J., and Dl Paola. 

I'afterson. Morehead. 

I'edersen. MathiaK. 

Run. jell. Riij)ert K. 

Schmidt. (Jottlried J. 

Sowa. Frank J. 

Warren. J'mes W. 
.American Machine and Metals. Inc., assignee: See — 

I Suss, IW-njamin A. 

<\)mins. Harrlsr i D. 

FlHclxr. Otto. 

Harland. I'hilip W. 

Harp, Alonzo M. 

JoliMson. Leon D. 

Koepcke. Harry E. 

I^e Van Ambrose E. 

Strohm. Charles. 
American Machinery Corporation, assignee: See — 

r.eoiiard. David E. 

Parnell. James L. 

Schunck. Joseph J. 

Smith. (Jeorge M. 
.\merican .Manufacturing Company, Inc.. assignee: See — 

Carlson. -Arthur C. 
American-Marietta Company, Adhesive, Besln and Chemi- 
cal Division, assignee: See— - 

Keaton, Clark .M.. and Redfern. 

Preu«ser. Henry M. 

Redfern. Dmald V. I 

American Metal Company, Limited, The. assignee : Bee — 

Kalhach. John C. 

Schleicher. Henry M. 
American .Metal Products Company, assignee: See — 

Flint. Myland C. 
American Metallurgical Products Company, assignee : 
See — 

Bolkcom, Wilbur T. 
American Molded Products Co., assignee . See — 

Caestecker. Charles K. 

Hultgren. Arnold P. 
American Muffler Co.. assignee : See- 
Moore. Harvey G. 

American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago, 
assicnee trustee: See — 

Harrison, Meyer, and Korman. 
American Oak Leather Company, The. assignee: Be» — 

McMath, Marl, Hennlng, and Sims. 



American Optical Company, assignee : See — 

Altibeson. Thomas G. 

Bennett, Alva H. 

Beruheim. Daniel P., and Gunning. - i 

Conley, Thomas A. 

Eves. Joseph K. 

Gagnon, Louis L. 

Gilden, Maurice T. 

Gradisar. Albin A. 

Harper, Kennard W. 

Jardon. Fritz W. 

Lowlier, l>avid D., and Gnellicli. 

Lowber, David D.. and Wolford. 

Luneburg. Rudolf K. 

Mahler, Josepii, 

Meyer. Edgar J. 

Moulton. Harold R. 

Nool«e. Conrid J. 

Osterberg. Harold, and Jupnlk. 

Plncus. Alexis G. 

I'ride, Gilbert K.. Osterberg, and Jupnlk. 

Reardon, Joseph D. 

Hitterbusch, Harry P., and Langevin. 

Splaine. Edward M. 

Splalne, Edward M., and Grosvenor. 

Styil. Harry H. 

Thorburn, Milton R. 

TlUyer. Edgar D. 
American Pad & Textile Company. The, assignee: See — 

Miller. Harold E. 

Siiaw. Mel J. 
Americin Paper Co..*»Inc., assignee: See — 

Grigsby. William M. 
American Phenolic (Corporation, assignee: See— 

Adams, Charles J., and Proctor. 

Benton. Harold 7... and Over. 

Krueger, Ringland M. 

t^uackenbusli, l^dward C 
American Pine Cleaner Co. : See — 

Gould, Charles T. Pipe and Construction Co.. assignee : See — 

Whiting. William A. 
American Potash & Chemical Corporation, assignee: 
See — 

Waterman. Herbert. 
-American Pulley Company, The, assignee: 

Williams. William A. 
-American Radiator & Standard Sanitary ^!||^poration. as- 
signee : See — 

-McMurtrie. Gilbert. 
.\merlcan Reenforced Paper Company, assignee : Set 

Boulware. James E. 
American Relay-Welder Company, assignee : See — 

Skytte. Ernst. 
American Research Associates, Inc.. assignee: See — 

Allen. Charles H.. Jr. 
American Rice Growers Cooperative Association, assignee : 
Burns, Harriet L., and Cassidy. 

-American Safety Table Co., Inc., assignee: See — 

Voigt. Max T. 
-American Screw Company, assignee: See — 

Williams, Charles R. 

American Seal-Kap Corporation of Delaware, assignee : 
See — 

Allen, Kenneth R.. and Vove. 
Mackln, Daniel A., and Goodwin. 
A'nntl.inder. Edward. 
Vore. Herbert G. 

American Seating Company, assignee : See — 
H:iven, Alfred C. 
Hoven, Alfred C. and Bond. 
Hoven, Alfred C., and Nordmark. 
Hoven. Alfred C. and Oom. 
Morgan. Erving B.. and Clay. 
Nordmark. Walter E. 
Oom, Benjamin J., Tlnklepaugh and Westen. 

-American Securlt Company, assignee: See — 

Schrader, Jean L. I *^ 

American Smelting and Refining Company, assignee-. 
See — 

Yeck, Robert P.. and Lebedeff, 
-\merican Steel Foundries, assignee: See — 

Bachman. Fred E. 

Ba.selt, Walter H. 

Cannon, Earl. 

Cannon. Flarl. and Heater. 

Cizek. Frank O. 

Cottrell. Robert B. , 

Flesch. Norman. 

Gothberg. Lawrence. 

Kayler. Frank H. 

Keysor. Harold C. 

Lehrman. Leo A. 

Mollne. far! R. 

O'Hern. Maurice D. 

Prltchard, Donald J. , 

Quinn. Fra.ik P. 

Schiecel. Walter L.. Jr. 

Sedgwick. Robert K. 

Tack Carl E. 

Tacki Carl E., and Bachman. 



Bee — CoDtinaed. 

n.. Orlfflths. and Cramer. 
. and Slmrof. 

B.. and Lloyd, 
and Robbica. 


The. assignee : Se 

American Steel Foundriea, asalgnee 

Tack. Curl K.. and Helsien. 

Vincent. Le Roy J. 

Wrtilis. Harold. 

Whitney. Loren L. 
American Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey, The. 
aBsiifn»>e : See — 

Bairstow. Paul J., and Tarby. 

Itarnta. Fred H., Kay. and Oakes. , 

filetso. Bruce N. 

Boiik. Willis E. 

Bricknian, .\l;»n E. 

Campbell, Charles 

('arlelon. I tana B. 

(Jreene, Nnthanael 

Hanst'n. Harry J. 

Harris. Arch W. 

Henry. William M. 

Jolin.son. Harry O.. and O'Hare. 
'Maruc2, William A. 

Mmxlv. Kelfh H. 

I'.irce. Walter T. 

Quetsch. John O.. Jr., and Weir. 

Kiddle. Harvey W. 

Whittaker. .lames E. 
American Stove Company, assignee: 

Bro»ll)eck. .Aimer H. 
American SuRar KetininK C<impany. 

I'otiierov. Theodore M.. Jr.. and Oraves. 
American Sondrles Company. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Duberstein. Samuel. 
Americuu Telephone and Telegraph Company, assignee : 

ArmMtroni:. Prank C. I4iuterbach. Llllvlk, and Popper. 

r.enner. treble C. and Guest. 

Desnot'8, .Arnold B. 

Eeeennp^rwr, Arlo K. 

Fav Frank H. ♦ 

Ollbo. I>e Motte W. 

Martin W^de B. 

NelHwinter, James T. 

Woodward. William R. 
American Thermo-Tech Corporation, assignee: See — 

Kodor. Antal. 
American Time Corporation, assignee : See — 

Duvall, Gordon F 
American Tire Machinery, Inc.. assignee : See — • 

Collins. James K.. and Pouclas. 

Hovlid. Norman O.. and Breakey. 
American Tobacco Company. The. assignee: See — 

D.tlton. John T. 

Stoever. Henry V. H., Jr. ' Tool A Machine Co.. assignee: See — 

Thoil. John E. 
American Tool Works Company, The, assignee : 

Hoelscher. William G. 

American Totnllsator Company, Inc., assignee: 
Jnhn.xton. Arthur J. 
Klein. Michael R. 

American Tub* Products. Incorirarated. assignee : See — 
Kirk. Chester H.. Jr. 

American Tyi>e Founders, Incorporated, assignee: See — 
Sussln. Victor. 

American Viscose Corporation, assignee : See — I 
-Mlewelt. .Arthur L. 
Baker, Ralph B. 
Bauer, Ernest K. 
Bauer. Ernest K., and Newton. 
Birsch. Kdwin T. ~ 

Buchanan, Charles S. W. 
Calhoun. John A., Jr. 
Calhoun. John A.. Jr.. and Wedler. 
Castellan. Carl A. 
rhiiney, David W. 

Coleman. James W.. Hall, Merlon, Moss, and Pedlow. 
Coleman. Melvin B.. Sr. 
Conti. John D. 
Cornwell. Ralph T. K. 
Cox, Charles W. 

Crover. .Augustus E. I 

Crur., Mamerto M., Jr. 
Dalton. .Masten R. 
Davidson. Hobart O. 

Doucherty, Samuel B. • ' 

Fmncls. Cnrleton S.. Jr. 

Franklin. John J. * * 

Furness. William H. 
Gjinlen. Tlt-nrv B., and McDermott. 
Garrett. Paul E. 

Gollong. Richard J, * 

Haley, Hugh D. 

H.iII. James w., Holligan, and Morehead. 
Hinse. William C. 
HefTelflnger. Rohert D. 

Helle. Robert H. • 

HoTie. Howard M. ' 

Johnson. Thomas H., and Thompson. ' 

Kennedy. Edgar S 
Kulo. >tanr|re V. 
Kulp. Matirlce P.. and SIsson. 
Knlp. Manrlce P., and Vandenburgh. 
Little. John W.. and Francis. 
LJunggren, Thor H. 

See — 


See — Continued. 


and Pedlow. 

and Lowe. 

; See— 
Company. The, 

& Equipment Corporation, as- 

H. Viewing apparatus 
~ " "81), 

a ppa ra i 

American Viscose Corporation, assignee : 
Lodge, Alvin. 
Lytton, Marion R. 
MacHenry, Richard. 
McI>ern>ott. Henry J. 
.Mcl>ermott. Henry J. 
Nelson. Seddon C. 
Pearson, Frank G. 
Relchel. Frank H.. and Harder. 
Roberts, Ingham S. 
Shaffer. Boyd F.. and Sprute. 
SisMon, Wayne A., and Cruz. 
Stanley, Richard W. 
Stanley, Rlchanl W 
• Thompson, Donald C. 
Trultt. Joseph A. 
Wet.b. Wfsl.y L. 
Wedler. Frederick C. 
Wt'iton. Norman S. 
Wowlriiff. Jackson A. 
American Transformer Co., assignee: See 

Casten.>«chlold. Rentf. 
American Vitus Company, Inc., assignee; 

Vltoux, Marcel. 
American WelJlng & Manufacturing 
assignee : See--^ 

(Javer. Raymond II. 
Wildmar. Verne. 
American Well Works, The, assignee : See 

Walker. James I). 
American Whj-elabrator 
signer* : See — 
Pfaff. Otto A. 
Turnbull. David C. 
Amerman, Jack A. : See — 

Ashton. Albert A., and Amerman. 
Amero, John V., Rochester, N. H. Submarine carried 

cartridge ejector, li.. 140. 961, Apr 3. 
Amery. .Arthur H., Willaston, Wirral, assignor to J. 
Bebbv & Sons limited, Liverpool, England. Crushing 
machine. 2,567.04.1. Sept. 4. 
Ames, Adelbert. Jr.. Hanover. N. 

for stereoscopic representation of pictures. 
Feb. 20. 
Ames. B. C. Co.. assignee : See — 

Ames, Warren. 
Ames. Butler, Boston. Mass. 

2..'»r..1.r,r,8. June ft. 
Ames. Butler. Boston, assignor to The Walkabout Com- 
pany, I-owell, Mass. Portable support for invalids. 
2..'>r.OOfi2. Julv 10. 
Am>9. Howard R.. Lomita. Calit. 

chine. 2..'>78.772. Dec. 18. 
Ames. Robert G.. assignor of one-half to O. W. Williams 
and one-fourth to S. Ames, Burllngame, Calif. Fin- 
ishing tool. 2..171,09fl, Oct. 16. 
Ames Spot Welder Co., Inc., assignee; 

Stotidt. Bernard. 
.Ames, Stanley, assignee: See — 

Ames. Robert G. 
Ames. Warren. Newton, assignor to 
Wnltham, Mass. Opposed contact 
2,553,397, May 15. 
Ames. Warren, Newton, assignor to 

Wnltham. Mass. Thickness gauge for compressible ma- 
terial. 2..".'9.912. July 10. 
Ames, Warren. Newton, assignor to B. C. Ames Co., 
Waltham, Mass. Gauge. 2,574,723, Nov. 13. 

Ames. William L., Baltimore, Md., assignor to Western 
Electric Company. Incflf^iorated, New York. N. Y. .Ap- 
paratus for manufacturing retractile cords. 2,565,465, 
Aug. 28. 

Ames. William L., Middle River, Md.. assignor to Western 
Electric Company, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Ap- 
paratus for making retractile cordage continuously. 
2.547.356, Apr. 3. 

Amesbury, Robert R.. Wellesley. assignor to Ignited Carr 
Fastener Corporation. Cambridge. Mass. Friction nut. 
2.560.518. July 10. 

Amesz. Wilhelm G., Eindhoven. Netherlands, a8«lgnor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Apparatus to control the gain of a 
signal amplifying system. 2,540,313. Feb. 6. 

Amey. Earl B. : See — 

Sipkln, George, and Amey. 

Amfitheatrof, Danlele, Pacific Palisades, Calif. Soand 
gatherer. 2.537,201. Jan. 9. 

.\mick. Chester A. : See — 

Royer. George L., and Amick. 

Amick. Erwin H., Jr., Linden. N .T., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Distillation of secondary 
butyl acetate from secondary butyl alcohol and water. 
2.548.460. Apr. 10. 

Amick. ErwIn H., Jr.. Linden. N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Ether purification by dis- 
tillation and adsorption. 2.556.248. June 12. 

Amico. Sal vn tore F.. East Boston, assignor to Sylvania 
Electric Products Inc.. Salem. Mass, Germanium crys- 
tals. 2.565.338. Aug. 21. 

Amidon. Charles H.. and I. E. Peterson, assignors to 
Norton Company. Worcester, Mass. Lal>eling m.ichlne. 
2,544,627. Mar. 6. 

Electric room heater. 

Container capping ma- 


B. C. Ames Co., 
distance measure. 

B. C. Ames Co., 



Amltv Leather Products Co., atslgsee : See — 

UeiH, Johu P. 
Amniiiuo. AlpUons: See — 

.sclionker. Krltz A., and Ammann. 
Ammeriill. Albert J. : See — 

Underwood, (iarfleld J., and Ammerall. 
Ammeriuan. tVcU L., Minneapolis, Minn. Ventilator. 

2,r)71.513. Oct. 16. 
Amnion. Charles U.. assignor to Cusliinan Motor Works, 

Inc.. Lincoln. Nebr. Variable ratio drive mechanism. 

2..').-)0..')lL'. .rune 12. 
Ammon. Edward R., Readini;, Pa. Ticket bolder for stock- 

InB i>uii|>ortiug trays. 2,5ti4.293, Aug. 14. 
Amnion, .Millard (i. : See — 

Mclntyre, Glenn H., and Ammon. 
Amore, Leo J., assignor to Phllco Corporation, Plilladel- 

plila. Pa. Itelrlgerator cabinet construction. 2,549,879, 

Apr. 24. 
Amos, Pcrnard, North Arlington, assignor to Allen B. 

du -Mont Laboratories, Inc., Passaic, N. J. Frtniuency 

modulation ratio detoctor. 2,572.424, Oct. 23. 

Amos, Krancis M., Wheeling, W. Va. Itall-bearing mount- 
ing. 2,.'>49.154. Api. 17. 
Amos. James L.. assignor to The Dow Chemical Company, 
Midland, Mich. Composite bodies of insoluble copoly- 
mers and making same. 2.537.951, Jan. 16. 
Amos. Janics L.. assignor to The Dow Chemical Com- 
pany. Midland. Mich. Making cellular thermoplastic 
prt>ducts. 2..")7r),91 1,'Dec. 4. 
Ampio Metal, Inc., assignee: See — 

Kleiiicnt. John F. 
Ampex Electric Corporation, assignee : See — 
Lindsay. Harold W. 
Stolaroff, Myron J. 
Amphlett. Theodore. Los Angeles. Calif., assignor to A. G. 
Spalding & Bros. Inc., Chlcopee, Mass. Shuttlecock. 
2..')38.:i48. Jan 16. 
Ampro Corporation, assignee: See — 
Brn<lford. Arthur J. 
Bradford, Arthur J., and Bumham. 
Bradford. Arthur J., and Ress. 
, Irelaml. Richard P. 

Morjran. Thomas J. 
Ams. Max. Machine Company, The. assignee: See — 

Dif'zel. Willy FI. , 

Amsco Packaging .Machinery Inc.. assignee: See — ; 
Messmer, Edwin E., and Sylvester. 

Amsler .Morton Corporation, assignee : See — 

Graham, Frank H., and Smith. 
Amsler, Robert, Zug, Switzerland, assignor to Landis & 

Gyr. A. IJ. Electrical regulator and controller. 

'2.r,i\3.d0^. Aug. 14. 
Amsler, Robert, Zug. Switzerland, assignor to Landis & 

(Jyr A. (;. Temperature responsive xystera. 2,567,755, 

Sept. 11. 
Amsler, Robert, Zug, Switzerland, assignor to Landis & 

<iyr A. (i. Temperature responsive system. 2JjU7,756. 

Sept. 11. 
Amsfntz. Forrest C. : Srr — 

Strosacker, Charles J., and Amstutz. 
Amuchastegui. Alfredo. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Elec- 
tric iron. 2.574.856. Nov. 13. 
Amundsen, Hans R., Oak Park, 111. Friction brake .ind 

.'lutch. 2.541,978. Feb. 20. 

Amund.sen, Hans R.. Oak Park, 111. Friction brake and 
clutch. 2.541.979, Feb. 20. 

Amundsen, Ilyrum J., Jr.. Bakersfleld, Calif. Produce 
humidor. 2.505.795. Aug. 28. 

Amundsen, Paul, assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
I'nrker Rust Proof Company, Detroit, .Mich. Proce.>»s 
and compositions for applying phosphate coatings. 
2.540,314, Feb. 6. 

Amundsen, Paul. Detroit, Mich., and J. A. Henricks. 
Lakewood, Ohio, assignors, by mesne assignments, to 
Parker Rust Proof Company. Detroit, Mich. Pr.iducing 
adherent coatings on stainless steel to facilitate draw- 
ing operations. 2..')50.660. May 1. 

Amnndson. Alfred R., Superior, Wis. Arched turn but- 
ton. 2.551 .40.S. .May 1. 

Amundson. Roald H., and H. V. Dryer. Milwaukee. Wis., 
assignors to McGraw Electric Company. Arc extin- 
guishing material. 2,545,596, Mar. 20. 

AniUMil(*ou. William D.. Northfield, Minn. Anchor support 

and rope guide. 2,5.54, i>04. May 29. 
Anaconda Copper Mining Company, assignee: See — 

Emanuel, Walter A., Sweeney, and Weis. 

Grnham. Thomas K. 

Kurtz, Julius, and Paetsch. 
Anaconda Wire and Cable Company, assignee: See — 

Bunlsh. Stephen, and Wltthoft. 

Olson, Emil 11. 

Olson, John W. 

Saums, Harry L. 

Saums. Harry L., Vail, and Sturgls. 

Snyder. Clermont J. 

Sturgls, Howard W.. and Olson. 

Wltthoft. Herbert C. 
Anania. James A.. Newark, assignor of one-half to C. P. 
Policastro. North Arlington. N. J. Wire tension control 
onit. 2.568.182. Sept. 18. 

Ancet, Victor M. J., Lyon. France, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Kegina S. A., Tangiers, Morocco. 
Device for tightening the weft In circular looms. 
2,539.984. Jan. 30. 
Anchur liruke Corporation, assignee : See — 

Stocker. Alfred E. 
Anchor Chemical Company Limited, The, assignee : See — 

Roberts. Kenneth C. 
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, assignee : See — 
Hansen, Robert C. 
Locke, Jewell G. 

Smith, Opal, and Dudley. 
Stover, Harry E. 

See — 

Anchor Manufacturing Company, assignee; 
Johansson, Ernest G. 

Anchor Steel & Conveyor Company, assignee : See — 
Melmer, Eric O. 

.Vncieus Etablissements Barbier, Benard & Turenne, 
assignee : See — 

Benard. Jac(|ue8 A. V. 

Ancona, Edward P., Jr., Sun Valley, Calif., assignor to 
Radio Corporation of America. Peak reading measur- 
ing system. 2.574, US2. Nov. 13. 

Ancruni, Robert W., Stockton-on-Tees, England, assignor 
to National l.^ad Company, New York. .\. Y. Manu. 
facture of titanium pigments. 2,576,434, Nov. 27. 

Anderau, Walter, assignor to Ciba Limited. Basel, Switzer- 
land. Trisazo dyesiurts. 2.576,768, Nov. 27. 

Anderegg, Edward W., West De Pere, Wis. Holder for 

selet lively suspen a hammock. 2,569,596, Oct. 2. 
Anderegg, Hermann. MalakotT, assignor to La Cellophane, 

Paris, France. Drafting instrument. 2,551.0S2, May 1. 
Anderkin, Arthur, Georgetown, Ohio. Developing rack. 

2,547,245. Apr. 3. 
Anders. Roy, Center Township^ Marshall County, Ind. 

Mason's line holder. 2.559,69(. July JO. 

Andersag, Hans, Wuppertal-Elberfeld, and H. Mauss, 
Wuppertal Brrmen, Germany, assignors to Schenley 
Industries, Inc.. New York, N. Y. 2amino-4-metb7l 
pyrimidines and preparing same. 2,570,087, Oct. 2. 

Andersen, Alfred F., Danbury, Conn., assignor to Amer- 
icm Brake Shoe Companv. Now York. N. Y. Switch 
stand. 2,575,037, Nov. 13. 

Andersen. Anders K. K., Stenstrup. Denmark. Beet top- 
ping machine. 2,555,389, June 5. 

Andersen, Anders K. K., Stenstrup, and T. Rosenstand, 
Korinth, Denmark. Beet harvesting machine. 2,537,118, 
Jan. 9. 

Andersen, Ariel A., Albany, Calif., assignor to the United 

' States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
Agriculture. Deirosting indicator. 2,560,537, July 17. 

Andersen, Arthur H. : See — 

Gibbs, John II., Andersen, and Abbott. 

Andersen, Arthur J. : See — 

Alciati. Charles J., and Andersen. 

Andersen. Carl A. : See — 

Dokken, J5rgen N.. Wlgeland, and Andersen. 

Andersen, Chris S., Bell, Calif. Electrodynamlc telephone 
receiver. 2.537,253, Jan. 9. 

Andersen. Clifford, assignor to The Rudolph Wurlitzer 
Company, De Kalb, 111. Electronic piano tuning. 
2,538.184. Jan. 16. 

Andersen. Elmer E., assignor of ten per cent to D. E. 
'Anderson and five per cent to D. F. Cllflford, Denver, 

Colo. Clothesline and supporting means therefor. 

2 558.410, June 26. 
-Vndersen, Hans, Detroit, Mich. Handling device 

2.5.->2.758. May 15. b . 

Andersen, Hans, Detroit, Mich. Rope sling. 2,569,912, 

Oct. 2. 
Andersen, Hother H., New York, N. Y., assignor to Atlantic 

Development Company. Inc., Springfield, Mass. Boiler. 

2,546,082. Mar. 20. 
Andersen. Jay A., assignee : Sec — 

Putnam. Robert B. 
Andersen, Joakim U. V., Copenhagen, Denmark, assignor 

to F. L. Smidth & Co., New York, N. Y. Roto-vibrator. 

2.574.082. Nov. 6. 
Andersen, Johan M. and O. T., Hopklnton, and H. M. 

Langdon. Framingh.-un, Mass. Temperature controlled 

latch. 2,540,082. Feb. 6. 
Andersen, Niels Y'. : t>ee — 

Wolters. Carl F., and Andersen. 
Andersen, Niels Y., Snyder, assignor to Remington Rand 

Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Magnifying index tab. 2,545,014, 

Mar. 13. 
Andersen. Olav T. : See — 

Andersen, Johan M. and O. T., and Langdon. 
.Vnderseu, Robert P., Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Empire 

water protector. 2.554,167. May 22. 
Andersen. Tengel. Port Richmond. .\. Y'. Tractor mounted 

shovel and front end loader. 2.537.010. Jan. 9. 
Anderson. Alva E., Mountainside, N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York. N. Y. 

Cathode ray device. 2,540,835. Feb. 6. 
Anderson, Alva E.. Chatham. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone I^tboratories, Incorporated, New Y'ork, N. Y. 

Electron discharge apparatus. 2,507,359, Sept. 11. 
Anderson, Alvin E. : See — 

Solomon, Nathan L., Anderson, and Feyrer. 
.Solomon, Nathan L., Feyrer, and Anderson. 
Anderson. Ann, assignee : See — 
Anderson, Edgar V. 



Deck pamp. 

Anderson. Arnold T. : S 

Burnharn, Robert R.. Anderson, and 

Anderson. Arthur C, Wlldwood, N. J. 
2,.'>47.431. Apr. 3. 

Anderson. Arthur W.. North Arlington, and 8. C. Over- 
bautrh. ArlioRton. N. J., a^sltnors to K. I. du Pont de 
Nemourt k Company. WilnilnRton. Del. Chlorinated 

^ ethvlene polymer HtHbili/ed with plycldyl esters of fatty 
arlds and methyl gluramlne. 2.541.492, Feb. 13. 

Anderson. Attell B.. East Oranjie, N. J., assifrnor to Bell 
Telejilione I^aboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Stabilized amplifier. 2.547.107. Apr. 3. 

Anderson. Ax»'i. as-xlcnor to Sundstrand Magnetic Prod- 
ucts Co.. Rockford. 111. Magnetic chuck. 2..>61,769. 
July 24. 

Anderson. Axel, assignor to Sundstrand Magnetic Products 
Co.. Rockford. 111. Magnetic chuck. 2.561. .70. July 24. 

Anderson. Axel \V., and R. Cover, assignors to The Tnited 
Company, Westminster. Md. Can shaking device. 
2,."i42.451. Feb. 20. 

Anderson. Beatrice E.. Minneapolis. Minn. Infant's pnnty. 
2.5.'i.'».4.34. June 5. 

Anderson. Benjamin T.. Stratford, and W. A. Welch. New 
ITaven. assignors to Cnited Aircraft Corporation. East 
Hartford. Conn. Flap mechanism. 2.579.534, Dec. 25. 

Anderson Blow-Plp« and Manufacturing Company, as- 
.signee : See — - . ' 

Anderson, Charles V. 

Anderson Brass Company, assignee : See — 
Conant, Neil R. 

Anderson, Carl A.. Cranston, and O. V. Anderson, Cow«. 
sett, R. I., assignors to Anderson Tool & Die Works, Inc. 
Selective letter ornamentation for jewelry. 2,542,452, 
Feb. 20. 

Anderson, Carl E.. Barberton, Ohio. Door latch. 
2 .".47.108. Apr 3. 

Anderson. Car! B . 'Chicago, assignor to Callen Manu- 
facturing Corporation, Maywood. 111. Automatic cap 
Distol. 2.5t59 913. Oct. 2. 

Anderson. Carl (J.. Rockford. 111. Dispenser for sheet 2..n4 1.144. Feb. 13 

Anderson. Carl H., assljmor to Lumbermen's Mutual Cas- 
unltv Company, Chicago, 111. Manifold arrangement. 
2.554..V50. May 29. 

Anderson. Carl M.. Chicago. R. A. Harris. Onk Park, and 
C. C. Pntton. Chicago. 111., assignors to Western Elec- 
tric Company, Incorporated. New York. N. T. Deter- 
mining the oxygen content of copper. 2,548,187, 
Apr. 10. 

Anderson. Carl P. : Sec — 

I.unt, .Alden P., Norton, and Anderson. 

Anderson. Carl R.. Chicago, 111. Artificial bait. 2.567.310. 
Sept. 11. 

Anderson. Carlos E., assjcnor to Kensington Srfeel Com- 
pany. Chicaco. III. Tip and shank for hanmjer mills. 
2..'ir.R.75S. Sept. 4. 

Anderson, Charles IT.. Jr.. Peters Township, Washington 
County. Pa. Rolling ball tachometer. 2..'551,717, May 8. 

Anderson, Charles S., West Oranee. N. J., assignor to 
Crown Fastener Corporation. Warren, R. I. Double. 
actihK slider. 2.542.453. Feb. 20. 

Anderson. Charles V.. Seattle. Wash., assignor to Ander- 
son Blow-Pipe and M.inufacturlng Tonipany. Appa- 
ratus for removing wood vaste. 2.574,161. Nov. 6. 

Anderson. Cheater R . Erie. Pa. Cord reel; 2.565,339. 

Anc 21 


sitrnor to 


Clarence E.. Jr., Washington. D. C. Chimed 
2,.'-..'-)n.384. Julv 3. 
Clayton W., Bast 

K. S. Anderson. 

2.580.212. Dec 

Huntingdon Township, as- 
Scottdale, Pa. Plug valve 


Anderson Company. The. atisignee 
Crows. Clarence M. 

Anderson Die Casting & Engineering Corporation, as- 
signee : See — 
..^ Bennett. James C. ' 

Anderson. Donald E.. assignee: See — 

.Andersen. Elmer E. ^ 

Anderson, Donald O., Columbus. Ohio. Combination 
child's toilet seat and carrying bag. 2..'537,504, Jan. 9. 

Anderson. Duane F.. Schenectady. N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Torque applyine means for 
rotating gimbal type gyroscopes. 2.r)52,132. May 8. 

Anderson. Earl E.. Milwaukee. Wis. Brush holder. 
2.566.6,50. Sept. 4. 

Anderson. Earl I.. Manhasset. N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Sweep circuits. 2,552,303. 
May 8. 

Anderson. Earl I.. Manhassett. N. T.. assisoior to Radio 
Corporation of America. Frequency moduli tlon-am- 
plitude modulation receiver circuits. 2,561,087 July 

Anderson. Earl I., Manhasset, N. Y.. assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Combined amplitude and fre- 
quency modulation detectors. 2,561.088. July 17. 

Anderson. Earl I.. Manhasset. N. Y'.. assignor to Radio 
Corporation of Anurica. Frequent" modulation ratio 
detector. 2.561.089, July 17. 

Anderson. Earl I.. Manhasset, N. Y.. assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Background control and syn- 
chronizing signal separating circuit. 2,564..554. Aug. 14. 

assignor to Elec- 
Conn. Suction 
2,567,171. Sept. 

T.. assignor to 

Anderson, Earl I.. Manhasset, N. Y.. assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Converter circuits for fre- 
quency modulation-amplitude modulation receivers. 
2.571.001, Oct. 9. 

Anderson, Earnest, assignee : See — 
Mitchell, Cecil T. 

Anderson, Edgar V., Salt Lake City. Utah, assignor by 
decree of court to A. Anderson. Ball cock. 2,549,041, 
Apr. 17. 

Anderson, Edith M., assignee : See — 
Anderson, Swan F. 

Anderson. Edmund B.. Rockford. asslKnor to Borg-Warner 
Corporation. Chicago. 111. Constant velocity joint. 
2.579.356, Dec. 18. 

.\nderHon, Edward B.. Wilmington, Del. Fishing line 
sinker. 2. .5.57.776 June 19. 

Anderson. Edward (1., Hamilton County, assignor to The 
E. Kahn's Sons Company, Cincinnati. Ohio. Shortening 
and making shortening. 2.536.865. Jan. 2. 

Anderson. Edward O. O., West Wickham. assignor to John 
Logie Baird Limited. London. England. Thermionic 
amplifier. 2.537.807. Jan. 9. 

Anderson. Edward P.. Rutherford, assignor to Bend'lx 
-Aviation Corporation, Teterboro, N, J. Cleaning appa- 
ratus. 2.B40.406, Apr. 17. 

Anderson, Emery J.. Minneapolis. Minn. Kevhole illu- 
minator with sliding switch. 2.562.687. July 31. 

Anderson. Emll, Brlarcliff Manor, N. Y.. assignor to 
Electrolux Corporation, Old Greenwich. Conn. Vacuum 
cleaner. 2.564.468. Aug. 14. 

Anderson. Emll. BrlarclifT Manor. N. Y.. 
trolux Corporation, Old Cireenwich, 
cleaner and dust receptacle therefor. 

-Anderson. Emll. Brlarcliff Manor, N. 

Electrolux Corporation. Old Greenwich, Conn. Recep- 
tacle. 2.574,683, Nov. 13. 

Andorson. Emll C, Pine City, Minn. Device for straight- 
ening milk can covers. 2.570,4l'0. Orf. 9. 

.An<l.'rs<)n. Emil S.. Chicago, III. Extension attachment 
for boats. 2.576.744. .Nov. 27. 

Anderson. Eric M.. Westbrook. O. R. Keliey. Portland. 
and E. .A Clifford. C.orhani. Maine, assignors to l'tlllti»*s 
Distributors. Inc. Portable gas burning space heating 
unit 2..53S.492, Jan. 16. 

.Anderson. Ernest IT.. Jamestown. N. Y. Slat structure 
for beds and the like. 2,570.743, Oct. 9. 

.\nder*>n. Frank A.. Portland, Oreg. Attachment for 
mechanically agitatlne Ice cream while being frozen 
in home freezers. 2,555,624, June 5. 

Anderson. P'red A., Richmond Hill, assignor to Bell 
Telephone I..aboratories. Incorporated, New Y'ork. N. Y. 
Tool for use In replacing insulators In switch banks. 
2.546.810. Mar. 27. 

.Anderson, Frederic W.. Lynbrook. assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated, New Y'ork, N, Y'. 
Current supply apparatus. 2,567,797, Sept. 11. 

Anderson. Gay A., Sloan. Iowa. Stock water tank cover. 
2. .5.37.324. Jan. 9. 

.Anderson. Gene W., Gig Harbor, Wash. Rowing device. 
2.565.714. Aug. 28. 

.Anderson. George, assignor to Jamestown Safety Guard 
Corporation, Jamestown, N. Y. Safety device for ma- 
chine operators. 2.545.013, Mar. 13. 

.\nderson, George F. : See — 
Keroson. Georee E. 

Anderson. George W., Port Washington, N. Y. Coupling 
deyice for building structures. 2, .540.468, Feb. 6. 

.\ndcrson. George W., I'ort Washington, N. Y. Knock- 
down furniture. 2,546,811. Mar. 27. 

Anderson. Georce W., Port Washington. N. Y. Knock- 
down table furniture. 2..546.812. Mar. 27 

Anderson, Georgo W., Port Washington. 
Ignited States Plywood Corporation. New 
Floating comer con<^truction. 2,566.649. 

.Vnderson. Glenn P. : See — 

Anderson. Irving and G. P. 

.Vnderson. Gordon C. : Fee — 

Gwalfney. Eugene C. and .Anderson. 

Anderson. Gordon R.. Belolt. Wis., assignor to Fairbanks. 
Morse A Co., Chicago, 111. Seal for electric motors. 
2.541.906, Feb. 13. 

•Vnderson, Gordon R.. and J. K. Gibbs. Belolt, Wis., as- 
sienors to Fairbanks, Morse A Co., Chicago, 111. Coil 
winding apparatus for magnetic cores. 2.551,521, 
May 1. 

.Vnderson. Gordon S.. M'llbrook. assignor to Stewart R. 
Brown Mfg. Co., Inc., New York. N. Y*. Two-color wand 
liL'ht aftichmont for fl.Tsh lights 2 567.046. Sept. 4. 

Anderson, Hans G.. Dnluth. Minn. Battery terminal con- 
nector. 2.543,540. Feb. 27. 

.Vnderson. Harold. Lnnsdowne. assignor to Westlnghouse 
Electric CorT>oratlon. East Plttsbtirgh, Pa. Turbine con- 
trol apparatus. 2..545.187, Mar. 13 

.Vnderson. Harold C. Chicago. 111. Safety razor. 2.568.047. 
S<n>r '*! 

Anderson. Harry C. and K. T. Sutton. Stratford. Conn., 
assignors to General Electric Company. Electric blanket 
control. 2.543.620, Feb. 27. 

.Vnderson. Har»-ey R.. Eureka, assignor to Keasbey and 
Mittison Company, .Ambler, Pa. Insulation board. 
2.565,340. Aug. 21. 

York. N. 
Sept. 4. 




Anderson, Helmer, Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to 0<»n- 
ernl Mills. Inc. Gripper for the tops of bags, sacks, 
and tile like. 2,501, ;}6rt. July 17. 

Anderson. Helmtr, Aflnneapolis. Minn., assignor to Gen- 
eral Mills. Inc. Method and apparatus for feeding 
blanks. 2..")73.944, Nov. 6. 

Anderson. Henry, assignee : See — 
Powell. Walter N. 

Anderson. Henry C, and B. L. Sommerfeldt, Arpln, Wis. 

Holder for roll 

Valve. 2..-,.-i7.h86. June 19. 
Anderson. Henry E. San Diego, Calif. 

ninferinls. 2.^54.849. May 29. 
Anderson. Henry H. : See — 

S>% allow. Herbert A., and Anderson. 
Anderson. n<nry \V.. Martinez. O. A. Samson. Concord, 

and A. W. Clark, Albany, assignors to Shell Development 

Company. San rranclsco. Calif. Producing sulfonic 

acids and sulfonates. 2.578,657. Dec. 18. 
Anderson. Hugo F.. assignor to Hastings Manufacturing 

Company, Hastings. Mich. Piston ring. 2,554,289, 

May 22. 
Anderson. Irving and G. P., Lodl, Calif. Smoking pipe. 

2..'i64.799. Aug. 21. 
Anderson. James, Jr., assignee: See — 

Mann. Ralph C. and Ashcraft. 
Anderson. James A.. Memphis. Tenn. Variable reactance 

transformer. 2.555.911, June 5. 
Anderson. James A.. Jr. : Ree — 

Wadlev. Edward F.. and Anderson. 
Anderson. James E.. assignor to L. L. Hamilton and O. H. 

McDonald, doing business as Regional Sales Company, 

Portland. Oreg. Support for dial operating devlcea. 

2.r.54.551. May 20. 
Anderson. James H.. Easton. Pa., assignor to Ingersoll- 

Rand Company New York, N. Y. Pressure booster. 

2.539.292. Jan. 23. 
Anderson. James H.. Easton. Pa., 

Rand Company. New York, N. 

2..5.50.515. Apr. 24. 
Anderson. James H.. Easton. Pa., 

Rnnd Company. New York. N. 

2..551.409. May 1. 
Anderson. James H.. Easton, Pa., 

Rand Conipanv. New York, N. Y. 

rock drills. 2,5.''.8,165. June 2B. 
Anderson. James H.. Easton. Pa., 

Rand Company. New York, N. 

2.574.007. Nov. 6. 
Anderson. James H.. Easton. Pa 

Rand Company, New York. N Y. 

I>«'C. 4. 
Anderson. James L.. Closter. N. J 

durtion Company, Incorporated. 

2.538.074. Jan. 16. 
Anderson. James L.. Closter. N. J., assignor to Air Reduc- 
tion Company. Incorporated. Scarfing metal slabs. 

2.555.527, June 5. ' 

Anderson, James L., Closter, N.» 'J., assignor to Air 

Reduction Company. Incorporated. Thermochemlcally 

severing tubular metal members. 2 550 786 June 12. 
Anderson. James T.. and R. S. Wells. Rugby. Enjrland, as- 
signors to General Electric Company. Manganese ac- 
tuated zinc barium silicate phosphor. 2.540.804. Feb. «. 
Anderson. James W.. Jr., assignor to Accessory Research 

Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Hand brake signal. 
. 2.506.155. Aug. 28. 
Anderson. James W.. Jr.. assignor to Accessory Research 

Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Rearview mirror support. 

2.571.002. Oct. 9. 
Anderson. Jay E., Dallas. Tex. Can perforating device. 

2..569.123. Sept. 25. 
Anderson. Joe C. Houston, Tex. Chain wrench, 

2,500.108. Aug. 28. 
Anderson. John. Glasgow. Scotland, and Andrew Eraser, 
England, assignors to Mavor & Coulson, 
Glasgow. Scotland. Power-actuated vehicle- 
apparatus. 2.572.087. Oct. 23. 
John E., Minneapolis, Minn. Trestle bracket. 

assignor to Ingersoll- 
Y. Gas compressor. 

assignor to Ingersoll- 
Y. Drilling machine. 

assignor to Ingersoll- 
Cushioning device for 

assignor to Ingersoll- 
Y. Clamping device. 

assignor to 
Air drier. 


assignor to Air Re- 
Scarfing apparatus. 


2..5.59 090. Jiilv 10. 

And'^rson. John E.. Portland, and A. N. Allen. Jr.. East 

% Wind>or Hill, assignors to United Aircraft Corpora- 
tion, East Hartford. Conn. Propeller pitch change 
motor. 2.573.783, Nov. 0. 

Anderson. John F.. Oakland. Calif. Arm signaling win- 
dow. 2.557.065. June 19. 

Anderson. John M.. and F. M. Exner. Minnenpolis and 
R. E. Haselberger. St. Paul, assignors to Minneapolis- 
Honeywell Reeiilator Company. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Computing means. .tan. 16. 

Anderson. John P.. Fernwood. Calif., asslenor to North 
American Aviation. Inc. Automatic hvdraulic-mechani- 
cal follow-up control system. 2.547,552, Apr 3. 

Anderson, John R. : Ser — 

Gilbert. Samuel, and Anderson. 

Anderson. John R., assicnor to Koppers Company, Inc., 
Pittsbureh. Pa. Purification of coke oven benzene. 
2.570.092. Nov. 27. 

Anderson. John W.. Gary. Ind.. assignor to Productive 
Inventions. Inc. Connection means for a windshield 
wiper blade and arm unit. 2,548.090, Apr. 10. 

Anderson. John W.. We^tfield, and J. W. Hamilton, Mont- 
clalr. asslcnors to Airtron. Inc., Linden. N. J. Quick 
disconnect coupling for power cables. 2,574,456. N'ov. 

Anderson, Joseph A., Benton Harbor, Mich. Mnalcal In- 
strument rack. 2.552.921. May 15. 
Anderson. Joseph E., Maywood. N. J. Multistage turbine 

In which the rotorg are connected by means of'^dlflfer- 

ential gear trains. 2.533.839. May 22. 
Anderson, Joseph F., assignor to Burr Watson k A»- 

sociates. Inc.. Denver. Colo. Typesetting means in 

laundry marking machines. 2.573,756, Nov. 6. 
Anderson, Kador G., Chicaco, 111. Trough for motor 

vehicle ventilating windows. 2,570,744, Oct. 9. 
Anderssoh, Karl H. : Bee — 

Wftstvind. Allan U.. and Andersson. 
Aqderson, Karl V. : See — 

Grleshaber, Emil. and Anderson. 
Anderson. Kathryn S.. assignee; See — 

Anderson. Clayton W. 
Anderson WM\e J.. Morrestown. N. J., assignor to Radio 

Corporation o' America. Magazine-type magnetic 

phonograph having a fast rewind mechanism. 2.568,801, 

Sent. 18. 
Anderson. I.rf»slie J., Moorestown. N. J., assignor to Radio 

Corporation of America. Sound wave transducer. 

2.579.130. Dec. 18. 
Anderson, LIndson P. : See—^ 

Sifferd. Robert H.. and Anderson. 
Anderson. Lonis E.. Chicago, 111., assignor, by mesne 

assignments, to The Cuno Engineering Corporation, 

Meriden. Conn. Making a filter element. 2.539.767, 

Jan. 30. 
Anderson. Louis .E.. Chicago, 111., assignor, by mesne 
■^ assignments, to The Cuno Engrineering Corporation, 

Meriden. Conn. Filter element and making the same. 

2,539,768, Jan. 30. 

Anderson. Luclan N.. Babbitt Nev. Svstem of freight 

loading and handling. 2.575.320, Nov. 20. 
Anderson. Marshall N., assignor to Sellstrom Manufactur- 
ing Company, Chicago, 111. Adjustable frame. 2,508.882, 

Sept. 25. 
Anderson, Miner S., Wabasha. Minn. Combined bottle 

carrier and rack. 2,555,102. May 29. \ 

Anderson, Neville R., Edgecliff. near Sydnev. New South 

Wales, Australia. Riveting tool. 2,541,455. Feb. la. 
Anderson. Nils K.. Elmhurst, assignor to Universal Oil 

Products Company, Chirapo. 111. Catalytic conversion 

of hydrocarbons. 2.541.180, Feb. 13. 

Anderson. Olaf F., Fort Lee. assignor to Condenser Serv- 
ice & Engineering Co.. Inc.. Hoboken N. J. Plug for 
sealing tube sheets. 2,543,430. Feb. 27. 

Anderson, <Uof V.: See — 

Anderson, Carl A. and O. V. 

Anderson. Olof V.. Cowesett. R. I., assignor to Anson 
Incorporated. Tie holder. 2.571,097, Oct. 16. 

Anderson. Oscar M.. assignor to Landers. Frary A Clark, 
New Britain. Conn. Water filling apparatus. 2,561.836. 
July 24. 

Anderson. Oscar M.. assignor to Landers. Frary k Clark. 
New Britain. C6nn. Air-flow control for vacuum clean- 
ers. 2.561.964. July 24. 

Anderson. Paige M. : See — 

Evans, Truman, Jr., and -Anderson. 

Anderson, Philip C, and J. L. C. Rapp. assignors to 
Archem Corporation, Crete. Nebr. Stabilized corn 
and method therefor. 2.567,631, Sept. 11. 

Anderson-Prlchard Oil Corporation, assignee : See — 
Allen. Clyve C. 

Anderson. Ra.vmond T.. Lakewood. assignor to The V. D. 

Anderson Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Fines separator 

for solvent extraction systems. 2, 548,333, Apr. 10. 
Anderson. Raymond T., Lakewood. assignor to The V. D. 

Anderson Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Discharge means 

for cookers. 2.554.082. May 22. 
Anderson. Raymond T., Lakewood, assignor to If'^ie'V D. 

Anderson Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Plug drliln for 

solvent extraction plants. 2.560,147. July 10. 
Anderson. Raymond T., Lakewood. assignor to The V D. 

Anderson Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Drain pan. 

2.572.230. Oct. 2.T 
Anderson. Reuben B., St. Paul. Minn. Window constroc- 

tion. 2.638.825. Jan 23. 
-Vnderson. Robert E.. asslsrnee: See — 
Young. I'arry E., and Farnham. 
-Vnderson. R.onert G,. Erie. I'a.. assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Flexible drive. 2.551.230, May 1. 
Anderson. Robert I.. Alameda. Calif., assipnor to The 

Sperry Corporation. Object locating svstem. 2.537,952 

Jan. 16. 
Anderson. Robert I.. Grand Haven. Mich., assignor to The 

Rmnswick-Balke-Collender Companv, Chicago 111 

Bowling ball retarder. 2.566.109, Aug. 28. 
Anderson. Robert J., Springfield. Mass.. assignor to 

Monsanto Chemleal Company. St. Louis. Mo. Wire 

coating compositions. 2.574.313. Nov. 6." 
Anderson. Robert P., Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Empire 

Blast Machine Company. Sand blast. 2,553.625, May 

Surgical table. 

Anderson. Roger, Seattle, Wash. 
2.577,177, Dec. 4. 

Anderson. Roy. Harnett County, N. C. Tobacco looper. 
2,.-.7].003. Oct. 9. . 



Anderson. Roy H.. Bellevue. assignor to Bo«lnR Airplane 
Company, Seattle, Wiish. Hotutlonal limit abaft cou- 
pling mechanism. 2,544.974. Mar. 13. 
Anderson. Roy J., Chicago, 111. Electric toaster. 

J.54S,511. Apr. 10. 
Anderson. Koy N.. CJrier. N. Mex. Frame for coupling two 
tractors In laterally spaced relation and for mounting 
the tractor controls thereon. 2.551.231. May 1. 
Anderson, Roy \V., St. Joseph. Mich. Wall structure. 

2,546,290, Mar. 27. 
Anderson. Ru.>«.sell T.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Perfection Supply Conjpany. L)«>nver. Colo. Inker ad- 
juster for marking machLoes. 2,550,901, -May 1. 
Anderson. Stanley T.. Jamestown, N. Y. Drop-leaf sup- 

fMirts for p-xtt-nslon tables. 2, .548.927, Apr. 17. 
Anderson. Stanley \V.. Western Springs. 111. Wire fas- 
tener. 2.575,481. Nov. 20. 
Anderson, Swan F.. assignor of one-half to E. M. Anderson, 

Rockford. 111. Cup dispenser. 2..538,185, Jan. 16. 
And>>rMon. Thomas F., FItintsvllle, .Ala., assignor to Llbb«\v- 
OwensFord «ilas* Company. Toledo. Ohio. Thermoset- 
ting polyester compositions containing dihydroxy di- 
phenyls. 2..5.5d.8.17, July 10. 
And«'rson, Thomas F.. Hunts ille, Ala., assignor to Libbey- 
Owens Ford (".lass Company. Toledo, Ohio. Thermoset- 
ting polvester compositions containing thiopbenols. 
2,5.59,838. July 10. 
Anderson Tool it Die Works, Inc., assignee : See — 

Anderson, Carl A. and O. V. 
Anderson. Vernal A., assignor to Bendlx Aviation Corpo- 
ration. South Bend, Inc. Brake adjuster. 2,536,410, 
Jan. 2. 
Anderson. V. D.. Compaivy. The, assignee: See — i 

Anderson. Raymond T. 
Dunning. John W. 
Langhurst, Louis F. 
Smith, .Marion W., and Welgel. 
Zies. Carl W. 
Zles. Carl W.. and Weigel. 
Anderson. V. E,, Manufacturing Company, assignee : 
See — 

•Anderson, Victor R. 
Anderson. Victor E.. assignor to V. E. Anderson Manu- 
facturing Company, Owensboro, Ky. Window construc- 
^ tlon. 2.5,53,738, May 22. 

Anderson. Walter A., Bridgeport. Conn., assignor to Fndor- 
wood Corporation, New York, N. Y. Front-feed device. 
2.536,524. Jan. 2. 
Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation. New York, N. Y. Front-feed mecha- 
nism. 2..5.16.525. Jan 2. 
Anderson. VVnltor A., Bridgeport, Conn, 
derwood Corporation. New York, N. Y, 
return mechanism and safety features 
Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport. Conn, 
derwood Corporation. New York. N. T. 
supporting device. 2.563.149 Aug. 7. 
Anderson. Walter L.. Wichita, Kans. Collapsible Ironing 

table. 2,567,538, Sept. 11. 
Anderson. Warren .A., West Brighton. N. Y.. assignor to 
Radio Corporation of .America. Signal shaping ampli- 
fier. 2..546.S13, Mar. 27. 
Anderson, W. E.. Inc., assignee : See — 

Webster. Raymond C. 
Anderson. Wilbur C. : Ree— " 

Riemenschnelder. Edmund W.. and Anderson. 
Anderson. Wilbur C, assignor to The Union Metal Manu- 
facturing Company. Canton. Ohio. Spring construc- 
tion. July 3. 
Anderson, Wllford A., assignor to Q. H. Tennant Com- 

Ranv, Minneapolis, Minn. Floor waxing machine. 
^,5^8.699. Sept. 25. 

Anderson. William C. Oak Bark, assignor to lUino's Tool 
Works. Chicniro, 111. Screw and washer assembly 
mnrhine. 2. '.78. 217. Dec. 11. 

Anderson. William E.. assignor to J. Z. Miller. ITT, Kansas 
City, Mo. Apparatus for combining and emplacing 
cementltlous substances. 2,543,517, Feb. 27. 

Anderson. William K.. assignor to .1. Z. Miller. Ill, trustee. 
Kansas Citv. Mo. Outlet nozzle structure for material 
applying equipment. 2.558.229. June 26. 

Anfferson, William F., Wilmington. Calif. Snell shield. 
2 5.77.730. .Tan 9. 

Anderson. William F.. Wilmington. Calif. Bait holder. 
2.568.602. Sent. 18. 

Anderson, William C, Ceneseo. Til. Mnrhine for grind- 
ing chain links and like articles. 2.570,.?02. Oct. 9. 

Anderson. William H . Stockton. Calif. Crop spraying 
attachment for airplanes. 2.564.555. Aug. 14. 

Anderson. William J.. West Hartford, Conn. Mixing con- 
crete. 2.564.619. Aug. T4. 

Anderson, William T.. Jr.. Maplewood. assignor to 
Hanovla Chemical and Mfg. Company, Newark, N. J. 
Ultraviolet irradiation. 2.569.793. Oct. 2. 

Anderson, W*ilmer C. Douglaston. N. Y.. assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the Sec- 
retary of War. Pulse measuring device. 2.577,49i), 
Dec. 4. 

Anderson, Wllmer C, assignor to Deering Mllllken Re- 
search Trust. (Ireenwlch. Conn. Electronic textile con- 
trol device. 2,569.442, Oct 2. 

Anderssen. Ralph I.. Schenectady. N. Y. Condiment hold- 
er supporting bracket. 2.579.895. Dec. 25. 

assignor to Un- 
Power carriage 
2.561,552, July 

assignor to Un- 
Carbon sheet 

Anderssen, Albert E., Flysta, Spanga. assignor to Tele- 
fouaktiebolaget L M Ericsson. Stockholm, Sweden. 
.Movable iron Instrument. 2.530,520, Jan. 2. 
Andrrsson, BjOrn F., Llvsunda. Sweden. Pressure cooker 

closure .structure. 2.578.389, Dec. 11. 
Andersson, Ernst, and C. E. Fogde, Skonsmon, assignors 
to Svartviks Aktlebolag. Sundsvall, Sweden. Locking 
device for windows. 2,.f48,578. Apr. 10. 
Andersson. Gustav H.. Snu-dslatten. and H. W. Thylefors, 
assignors to Aktiebolaget Separator, Stockholm, Sweden. 
Sealing device for centrifugal separators. 2,536,793. 
Jan. 2. 
AndersHon. Gustav IT., Smedslatten, assignor to Aktie- 
bolttget Separator-Nol)el, Stockholm, Sweden. M<'thod 
and centrifuge for dewaxing oil solution. 2,547,012, 
Apr. 3. 
Andersson, Oustav H., Smedslatten, assignor to Aktle- 
bolaget Separator, Stockholm, Sweden. Centrifugal 
s.'paration of heavy boiler oil. 2 ■■>72,425, Oct. 23. 
Andersson, Ivan, St. Petersburg, Fla. .Automatically 
operating a numt><>r of electric relays or solenoids at a 
i)re8et time. 2.543.309. Feb. 27.>oH. John <».. KU;orp. Sweilen. Uemovable nozzle 

spray gun. 2,544,123. .Mar. 6. 
.Andersson, Sven W. E., Evansvllle, Ind., assignor to Serrel, 
Inc., New York, N. Y. Ice tray and grid. 2,542,105, 
Feb. 20. 
Anderton, Benjamin A, : See — 

Reeve. Charh's S., and Anderton. 
Andls Clipper Company, assignee : See — 

Andis. Matthew G. 
Andis, .Matthew C... assignor to Andls Clipper Company, 
Racine, Wis. Electric switch using a bridge contact for 
either single throw or double throw operation. 
2.557.493. June 19. 
Ando. Takuro ; See— 

Yabuno, Galseki, Maki. Ajlma, Kuwayama. and .Ando. 
Andre, Michael C. .Miami, Fla., assignor to Gaylord Con- 
tainer Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Bendable clip box 
lock. 2.553,840. May 22. 
Andre. Noble, asslt'nee : See — i . 

Mlchettl. Louis C. 
Andre Pai)er Box Company, assignee : See — 

Mlchettl. Louis C. 
Andr«, Per .A. S.. stromsnasbruk, Sweden. Automatic 

closure for valve-bag valves. 2,572,086, Oct. 23. 
Andreas. John M. : Scr — ■ 

Clark. Laurlston E.. and .Andreas. 
Andrfag. J< hn M., Pasadena, assignor to Technicolor 
Motion Picture Corporation. Hollywood, Calif. Cine- 
matographic apparatus. 2.553.841. May 22. 
Andreasen. Svend V., aNSlgnor to The Power-Gas Cor- 
poration Limited. Stockton-on-Tees, England. Elec- 
trolytic cells. 2.576,553. Nov. 27. 
Andreasson. Rudolf W., Franklin. Mich. Apparatus for 
relieving the teeth of circular cutting elements. 
2. .547. 845, Apr. 3. 
An4ren, Karl H., Greenfield. Wis., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Western Electric Company, Incorn«>rnted. 
New York. N. Y, Terminal wiring apparatus. 2.551.358. 
May 1. 
Andren. Karl R.. Greenfield, assignor to Artos Engineering 
Company. Milwaukee. Wis. Shoelace packaging. 
2.560.205. Jdiy in 
Andren. Karl H.. assignor to Artos Engineering Company. 
Milwaukee. Wis. Mechanism for applying electric 
terminals to stranded wires. 2.545,756, Mar. 20. 
.Andren. Karl H.. assignor to Artos Engineering Company, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Automatic strand feed regulator. 
2..560.204. July 10. 
.Andren. Karl H.. assignor to .Artos Engineering Company, 
Milwaukee. Wis. Terminal wiring method and appa- 
ratus. 2.564.874. Aus 21. 

Gianni, Emmen. Switzerland. 'Eplscoplc pro- 
2.570..507, Oct. 9. 

Ruble E., South Bend, Ind. Pleater hook for 
2,.-.52,922, May 15. 
.Vn^res, Lloyd J., assignor 
cmnp.iny, Chicago, IlL 
2.546.S45, Mar. 27. 
Andres, Lloyd J., Itasca, 111. 

troller. 2,551,522, May 1. 
.Andres, Lloyd J.. Chicago, 111., assignor to National Re- 
jectors. Inc., St. Louis, Mo. Slug rejector scavenger 
for magnetic coin testers. 2.555.069, June 5. 
.Andres, Lloyd J., assignor to Permo, Incorporated, Chicago, 

111 Multiple-phonograph control. 2.5o8.505, June 26. < 
Andresen. Earl T., Salem. Oreg. Abrasive tool. 2,537,252. 

Jan 9. 
Andresen, John H.. Jr. : See — 
Angst. Walter, and .Andresen. 
Carbonara. Victor E., and Andresen. 
Andresen. John H., Jr., Greenwood Lake, assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Kollsman Instrument Corpo- 
ration. Elmhurst. N. Y. Rotary electrical transmitter. 
2.571.810. Oct. 16. 
Andresen. John H.. Jr.. Port Washington. N. Y.. assignor 
to Square D Company. Detroit, Mich. Pressure ratio 
system. 2.538,824. Jan. 23. 
Andresen. R.tvmond H., assignor to E. J. and H. J. Schoen, 
Chicago, Hi. Electric motor-driven agitator. 2,552,023, 
.May 8. , 



to .Automatic Instrument 
Selective record player. 

Selective plwnograph con- 




FotBch, as- 
West A His, 

Andre8«n. William A., and L. Borro. assignors to The 
Casfoient Hardware Company. Chicago. 111. Hardware 
for tropical louvers. 2.505.447. Aug. 21. 

Andrew. Harry J.. Jr.. Woodbury. N. J., assignor to 
Soconv Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Prepat^- 
tion of phoHphorua- and sulfui -containing materials. 
2.r)37.926. Jan. 9. „ ., 

Andrew, Ch.irles. and F. Waitkena, Brooklyn, asslpnora 
to A. W. Machine Company, New York. N. Y. Closure 
cap lining machine. 2.567.141, Sept. 4. 

Andrew, Owen N.. Glendale. assignor to Byron Jackson 
Co Vernon. Calif. Cable connector for gun perfora- 
tor. 2.5«2,880. Aug. 7. ^ . „ 

Andrew, Wlllinm K.. Wauwatosa, and A. H. 
signers to Kearney & Trecker Corporation, 
Wis. Machine tool positioning mechanism. 

Andrew. William K., Wauwatosa. R. H. Ford, ^\auke8ha, 
and E. W. Just, assignors to Kearney & Trecker Cor- 
poration. West A Ills. Wis. Machine tool organization 
and control mochanlsm. 2,577.943. Dec. 11. 
Andrews-Alderfer Processing Company, assignee: see — 

Bosshard. Alfred. „, ,,^. 

Andr<>w8 Alvadore M., Portland, Greg. Flexible valre. 

2.568.970. .Sept. 25. 
Andrews. Alvadore M.. Portland. Oreg. Heated pressure 

seaming device for plastics. 2,579.063. l>c. 18. 
Andrews. HernanI R.. Bralntree, Mass. Drying ap- 
paratus. 2..")74.083. Nov. 6. , . „^ . 
Andrews. Boley A.. Kansas City. Kans., L. A. Shontz. 
Jr., and E. C. Johnson, assignors, by mesne assignments, 
to The Vendo Company, Kansas City, Mo. Bottle vend- 
ing machine for compartment cases. 2,540,856, Feb. 6. 
Andrews. Boley A.. Kansas City, Kans., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to The Vendo Company. Kansas City. Mo. 
Electric control for door opening and closing mecha- 
nisms. 2..'»5H.032. June 26. 
Andrews. Boley A., assignor, by mesne assienments. to 
The Vendo Company, Kansas City, Mo. Vendlnj; ma- 
chine for bottled goods. 2,563.204. Aug. 7. 
Andrews, Boley A., Kansas City, Mo., and G. M. Pro, 
Kansas CItv. Kans., assignors, by mesne assignments, 
to Tlie Vendo Company. Kansas City, Mo. Door con- 
trolling mechanism and limit switch. 2,574,684, Nov. 
Andrews, Dallas R.. Collingswood, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Erasing head for magnetic 
recorders. 2.550.753. May 1. „ ^. 
Andrews. Dallas R.. Collingswood, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Reducing static ♦'l«'<*frlclty 
charges in nonelectroconductive styli. 2,572,426, 
Oct. 23. 
Andrews, Earl W.. Slatington, Pa., assignor to The N»w 
Jersev Zinc Company. New York, N. Y. Method and 
apparatus for effecting continuous sulfuric acid diges- 
tion of titanlferous material. 2.557,528, June 19. 
Andrews. I-)<iward D.. Akron. Ohio, assignor to The 
Quaker Oats Company, Chicago, 111. Packaging. 
2..567.267. Sept. II. ^ ^ , 
Andrews, Edward D.. Akron. Ohio, assignor to The Quaker 
Oats Company, Chicago. III. Container loading ma- 
chine having automatic carton ejector. 2,578,277, 
Dec 1 1 . 
Andrews, Edward F., assignor to Signal Tuned Radio 
Corporation. Chicago. 111. Stop-on-signal radio appa- 
ratus. 2,541.018. Feb. 13. 
Andrews. Edward F.. Chicago. 111. Portable electro- 
acoustical apparatus. 2.571,514. Oct. 16. 
Andrews, Edward F., Youngstown, Ohio. Rattrap. 

2.541.081. Feb. 13. 
Andrews, Eleanor U.. assignee : See — 

Abrams. Victor R., and Lorenz. 
Andrews. George H.. Washington. D. C. assignor to 
Seamless Products Co.. Inc. Portable drinking foun- 
tain. 2.575.930. Nov. 20. 
Andrews, Glenn E : Srr-- 

MacKenzle, Kenneth W., and Andrews. 
Andrews* Goodrich. Inc., assignee: See — 

Dreisel. William. 
Andrews, Henry : See — 

Thomas. Charles P., and Andrews. ' 

Andrews, Howard D., assignor of one-half to Clair Hicks. 

Salinas. Calif. Combination tool. 2,572.237, Oct. 23. 

Andrews, Irving, assignor of one third to V. B. Guion and 

one-third to G. P. Letts, Bethel Conn. Antiskid device 

for motor vehicle tires. 2.540,230, Feb. 6. 

Andrews. James D., Oakes. N. Dak. Skid chain applier 

and remover. 2,566,390, Sept. 4. 
Andrews, John L., Fairfield, 111., assignor to Chefford 
Master Manufacturing Co. Inc. Filter and pulsation 
dampener. 2.544,289. Mar. 6. 
Andrews, John M.. assignor to York Corporation. York, 
Pa. Safety control for liquid-cooled devices. 2,o72.oo-, 
Oct 23. 
Andrews, John R., Jr., assignor to Uxbridge Worsted Co 
Inc.. L'xbridge. Mass. Mechanism for applying Ideiltl- 
fying markings to wound bobbins. 2,56o.642, Aug. 28. 
Andrews, Laurence M.. Washington, D. C. assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of the Navy. Powder train Interrupter. 2,537,9i>3. 
Jan. 16. 

Andrews. Mark B., Klrkwood. Mo. Tape rewinding de- 
vice and method. 2,576.710, Nov. 27. 
Andrews, Noah S., trustee : See — 

Lent, Edward B. ^ . ^ ^ ^ 

Andrews. Norman F.. assignor to Deere k Company, 
Mollne, 111. Self propelled corn pkker vehicle. 
2.536,147, Jan. 2. ,. . ^ «„ 

Andrews, Norman P., assignor to Deere h Company, 
Mollne, 111. Agricultural vehicle with articulately con- 
nected frame sections. 2,536.148. Jan. 2. 
Andrews. Norman F.. assignor to Deere & Company, 
Mollne. 111. Suspension for vehicles especially for 
agricultural purposes. 2.536,411. Jan. 2. 
Andrews, Norman F.. Moline. and J. B. Hayes. Mlland, 
assignors to Deere & Company. Moline. 111. Corn 
harvester tractor mounting means. 2.536,899, Jan. 2. 
Andrews, Norman F., Ankeny, assignor to Deere Manu- 
facturing Co.. Dubuque, Iowa. Flexible and piloted 
shaft coupling. 2.540.315. Feb. 6. 
Andrews. Norman F.. Mollne, 111., and R. L. Dort. Daven- 
port Iowa assignors to Deete A Company, Mollne, 
111. ' Vehicle, especially for agricultural purposes. 
2,543.310. Feb. 27. ^ » ^ 

Andrews. Norman F., assignor to Deere & Company. .Mo- 
line, 111. Corn harvester having detachable husking 
means. 2..n49.999. Apr. 24. 
Andrews, Norman F.. assignor to Deere k Company, 
Mollne, III. Harvester gatherer. 2.571,811. Oct. 16. 
Andrews. O. B., Company, assignee : See — 

Phillips. Lawrence H. _ ., . , ^ 

Andrews Richard A., assignor to Food Machinery and 
Chemical Corporation. San Jose, Calif. Spraying and 
dusting machine. 2..509.274. Sept. 2.5. 
Andrews, Rufus A.. Mamaroneck. N. V., assignor to Ward 
Leonard Electric Company. Electric controlling appa- 
ratus. 2,555,103. May 29. 
.\ndrews. Sol, trustee; Apf — 

Lent, Edward B. ^ , 

Andrews. Steve J , assignor to Tinnerman Products. Inc 

Cleveland, Ohio. Fastening device. 2,539,172. Jan. 23. 
Andrews, Thomas D. H.. assignor to Davis, Wynn & 
Andrews Limited, Cheltenham, England. Counting 
morhantsm. 2.564.144. Aug. 14. 
Andrews. Troy M. : See — 

Martin. Mervln B.. Andrews, and Franck. 
Andrews, William. Gateshead-on Tyne, England, assignor 
to Metal and Thermit Corporation. New York, N. Y. 
Coated welding rod. 2,.547,432, Apr. 3. 
Andrus. Elwln A., assignee : See — 

Bierce, Burton B. . ^ „ . .. 

Andrus, Orrin E.. Altadena, Calif., assignor to A. O. Smith 
Corporation, Milwaukee, Wis. Electromagnetic device 
and making same. 2,562,254, July 31. 
Andrus, Orrin E., Altadena. Calif., assignor to A. O. 
Smith Corporation. Milwaukee, Wis. Submersible 
electric motor. 2,573,126. Oct. 30. 
Anemostat Corporation of America, assignee: See — 
Honerkamp. Friedrlch, and Phillips. 
.Phillips, Leonard R. ' 

Wallen. George K. 
Anest. William, North Platte, Nebr 

2,.536.149. Jan. 2. 
Anetsberger Brothers. Inc., assignee 

Anetsberger. Frank A. 
Anetsberger, Frank A.. Chicago, assignor to Anetsberger 
Brothers. Inc.. Northbrook, 111. Deep fat frier. 
2.570.628. Oct. 9. , ., -, .. .... . 

Angelery Henrv W.. Englewood, N. J. Air-conditioning 

system. 2,5.55.528, June 5. 
Angell, Charles H., Danville, 111. Device for -gauging 

magnetic materials. 2,537,731, Jan. 9. 
Angell, George W., and M. E. Troyer. Syracuse. N. Y. 
Answer recorder for examination questions. 2.551.083. 
May 1. 
Angelone. Carmine J., Orange, N. J. Anchorage of toilet 

fixtures. 2,,549.35T;. Apr. 17. 
Angelos, William (J., assignee: Bee — 

MacP'arland, Allison M. „,...^„ 

Angelot, Gerard, Youngstown, Ohio. Headrest. 2,564,458, 

Aug. 14. 
Ang^nieux, Pierre. Salnt-Heand. France. Mirror oper- 
ating device for reflex cameras. 2,579,247. Dec. 18. 
Anger, Ernest G. : See — - 

Stanback, Harris I., and Anger. 
Angermeier. Herbert F.. Essex Fells, N. J. Edible calcium 

alginate jelly. 2.536.708, Jan. 2. 
Angermueller. Herman P.. Cranfoi**^^'. J., assignor to 
.\llied & Dye Corporation, New York, N. Y. 
Fume hood. 2.549.042, Apr. 17. 
Angler, Robert B. : See — 

W^aller. Coy W.. and Angler. 
Angle Glenn D.. Thomaston. assignor to The New Britain 
Machine Company. New Britain, Conn. Radial engine 
with generator. 2,543,541, Feb. 27. 
Angle Glenn D.. Tliomaston. assignor to The New Britain 
Mach'ne CompHnv New Britain. Conn. Wrist pin 
retainer. 2.568,478, Sept. 18. t>,.*o1« 

Angle. Glenn D., Thomaston. assignor to The New Britain 
Machine Company-. New Britain. Conn. Cylinder head. 
2.576.819. Nov. 

Snap chuck. 





Antrle. Glenn D.. Thomaston. asslKnor to The New Britain 

Machine Company. New Britain. Conn. Valve actuating 

- mechanism for multiple-row radial engines. 2,o"8,87o, 

I>c. 18. 
Anulim. Frank L.. Marquette, Mich. Trolling device. 

2..-)7l'.427. Oct. 23. 
Anglln. William K.. Dallas. Tex. Refriceratins appa- 
ratus for i)»'verace coolt'rs. 2 .')4fi,417. Mar. 27. 
Anglo-International Industries Ltd., assignee: See — 

Cunrdiola-.Aragonfts. Jaime. J. F. 
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company Limited, assignee: See — 
Birch. Stanley P., Haheshaw, and Collis. 
I)ookspv. I'atrirk. and Porfor. 
Fawoett. Fric W. M., and Millien. 
Howes, Donald A. • 
How»'8. Donald A., and Pethrlck. ♦ 

Howes. Donald 

.Tenkins. <;wilym I. 

Lome. Henr.v T., and 

MacLean, Thomas T. 

Porter, Frederick W. 



Leslie C. 

Arthur C. 


Talt, Docksey, Birch, and 




and J. H. Andresen. Jr., Port 

assignee : See — 

to General Aniline k 
N. Y. S'nslflzlng 
2.5,^0.973. Jan 2. 
to General .Aniline & 
Y. Meroc.vanine dves 

Porter, Frederick W. B.. and 
Porter, F'rod-rick W. B., and 

Angst, Walter, 

\VaBhini:ton. a8si;:nor8. by mesne assignm^'nts, to KoUs- 
nian Instrument Corporation, Elmhurst, N. Y. Altime- 
ter. 2..")57.8,'>«5. June 19. 

Angus, Harold F.. .\n<lerson Township. Hamilton Count.v, 
and W. Franklin. Cincinnati, assignors to The Hyde 
Park I,umb«'r Company. Norwood, Ohio. Window con- 
struction. 2.."),')2.024. y\;\y S. 

Angus, Leonard J., Manhasset. assignor to Remington 
Rand Inc., New York. N. Y. Carrier for perforated 
record cards. 2.."37,732. Jan. 9. 

Anheuser-Busch, Inc., assignee: See — 
.Mc<'lar.v, Joseph E. 

-Animal Trap Company of America, 
Graybill. Hershey R. 
I>ehn. John IT. 

Anish. .Alfred W.. Vestal, asslenor 
Film Corporation, New York, 
c.vanine dyesfuCf intermedin tes. 

Anish. .Alfred W.. Vestal, assignor 
Film Corporation. New York. N. 

cqntaining an aryloxy-, arylthlo-. or arylselenoalkyl 
gcoup attached to one of the nitrogen atoms thereof. 
2.».53,494, May 15. 

Anish. .Alfred W .. Vestal, and L. C. Hensley. BInchamton. 
assignors to «;t»neral .Aniline A Film Corporation, New 
York. N. Y. Photographic light sensitive elements con- 
talnine azanol dyes. 2.045.421. Mar. 13. 

.Anke, Rudolph. West Lawn, assicnor to Textile ^fachlne 
Works. Wyomlssing, Pa. Full-fashioned knitting ma- 
chine and operatlnc the same. 2,578,164, Dec. 11. 

.Anker- Werke, A. G., assignee : See — 

-Vurbach. Kurt. i 

Annan. U. Green, assignee : See — ' 

Walt.-rs. Harry W. 

Annan. Roberdeau" G.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Display case. 
2..-. 47.244, Apr. 3 

.Annell. Axel H.. Stockholm. Sweden. Light fitting for 
tubular electric lamps. 2..i70.3(i3. Oct. 9. 

.Annen. James E.. Kalamazoo. Mlcli. Scoop for stoker fur- 
naces and the like. 2,.'47.84fi. Apr. 3. 

.Annlcq. Joseph. Renaix. Belgium. Cock with rotarv plug. 
2..'>53.n49. May 1,' 

.Annin, Douglas H.. Glendale, asslcnor to Grove "Regulator 
Company. Oakland. Calif. Fluid flow control apparatus. 
2.r>.".8..-n«-,. June Jt?. » 

Ansar. Anders J.. Nykoplng. Sweden. Protection arrange- 
ment for the reproduction needle In pickups. 2, ."539. 392, 
Jan. 30. 

Ansar. .Anders J.. Nykopine. Swedf>n. Pickup device bav- 
ins a force transmitting carier link of viscous material. 
2..'.<;.-,.837, Auc. 28. 

•Anschlcks. David P.. assignor to The Pmtectoseal Com- 
pany. Chicago. III. Container. 2,5«3..'i08 Aug 7 

Ansel. Legar*. Walhalla. .s. c. Automatic cigarette 
llKhter. 2.5fi7.311. Sept. 11. 

.Anson Incorporated, assignee* See — 
.\n«ler8on. Olof V. 

.Ansonia Copper and Iron Works. Inc., assliniee 
Tlollmeyer. Thomas J., and Buchert. 

Anstett. l':dgar P.. Chicago, 111. 

2..'>80.0«,'». Dec. 2."). 
Anstlce. Mortimer R.. Sr.. Rochester. N. T., assignor, by 

mesne assi^nmenr*. to Toledo Scale Company. Toledo. 

Ohio. Glass washer. 2,573,943. Nov. 6. 

Anstine. James W.. Adrian, Mich. .Adjustable lock 

keeper. 2.572.428. Oct. 23. 
.Anthes. John A.. P.ridgeville, Pa., assignor to American 

Cyanamid Company. New York. N. Y. I'olymers of 

quaternarlzed ncrylamido compounds as anion exchange 

resins. 2.5fi7.836, Sept. 11. 

Anthony. Alfred -A.. Rye, N. T. Self-righting toy with 
spring mounted figure. 2,5.54.516. May 29. 

Anthony, .Alfred A., Rye, N. Y. Toy with displaceable 
elements In transparent enclosure. 2.571.405, Oct. 16. 
Anthony. Earle C. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Johnson. Wayne R. 


Nailing machine. 

Anthony, Howard E., Benton Harbor, Mich. Hollow pon- 
toon structure an<l making the same. 2.547,140. Apr 3. 

.Anthony. Howard E.. Benton Harbor. .Mich. Air filter. 
2.557.717 June 19. 

Anthony. John B., Oakland, Calif. Roofing and sidinz. 
2.508.003 Sent 18. 

-Anthony, John K., Jr.. assignee: Sre — 
Johnston. J. Ford. 

Anthracite Equipment Corporation, assignee: See — 
Kraiiss. Ralph .A. 

-Antle. Herbert R.. Bartlesville. Okla.. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Improved llquid-liiiuid contact- 
Ini; process using dl (beta-cyanoethy) -amine. 2,572.583, 
Oct. 23. 

.Antolch, John. Los Angeles, assignor of one-fourth to 
S. R. Chorneau. Puente, Calif. Float-in or check valve, 
2.572.299. Oct. 23. 

.Antoiie. .Alfred W.. Binghamton, N. Y. Miniature loud- 
speaker attachment for hair driers. 2,541.980, Feb. 20. 

.Antonevich. .Michael : Scr — ,■ 

Crawford. .Alfred, and Antonevich. 

Antonioll. Frank, assignee: See — 
Ganiache. Homer. 

Antonloli. Peter, assignee: See — i 

Gamache, Homer. J 

.Antonson. John O.. -Akron. Ohio, assignor to The B. P. 
Goodrich Company. New York. N. Y. Protective cover- 
ing for the lending e<lges of airfoils. 2,555.625, 
J\ine 5. 

Antranikian. Ilalg. Lakewood. N. J. Signaling system. 
2.577.297., Dec. 4. 

Antrim. Irvln S.. Dayton, Ohio. Hydrotherapy cabinet. 
2.540.159. Feb. 0. 

Anwar. Mohammad H. : See — 

Hoffman, Charles. Schweitzer. Anwar, and Dalby. 

Anxioiinaz. Kene. assignee : See — | 

Imbert. Roger J. 

Anxlonnaz, Ren4. and R. J. Imbert, assignors of one-half 
to said .Anxlonnaz and one half to Soclete Kateau 
(Societe .Anonyme), Paris, France. .Adjustable pipe 
for the intake of air and expansion of the driving eases 
In reaction jet propellers for projectiles and vehicles. 
2.570.029. Oct. 9. 
Aparlelo. Luis R.. Madrid, Spain. Variable filter screen. 

2.537.011. Jan. 9. 
.Apex Accessories Co., Inc., assignee : fiee — 
•Taccar no, Fre<lerlck, and Pinson. 
Jaccarino. Richard, and Pinson. 
Pinson. Alfred. 
Apex Electrical Manufacturing Company, The, assignee : 

Archbold. Ralph L. 
Barrett, Ralph .A. 
Brvant, Glenn D. 
Cockerlll. Gerald I., 
Davis. Archibald H. 
Davis. Archibald H., 
Frantz. Cl.irence G. 
Apgar, John N., Bound Brook. N. J. Turntable for fifth 

wheel trailer couplings. 2.507.312. Sept. 11. 
.Apker, Le Roy, Nlska.vuna, N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Coated grid for electron discharge 
tubes. 2 550 S04, June 12. 
Apolonlo, Joseph A.. Washington, D. C. Skylight. 

2.560.1.50, Aug. 28. 
Apostolescu. Stefan. New York. N. Y. Helicopter rotor 

constructlrin. 2,549.407. Apr. 17. 
Apparatus Development Company, assignee: See — 

Kellev. Robert W. 
Appel. .Mbert. Maiden, Mass. Fetal heart monitor. 
2..5.30.527. Jan. 2. 

Cleveland Heights, and J. F. Klukan, 
Heights, nssicnors to Chandler I'roducfs Cor- 
poration. Euclid, Ohio. Grinding machine. 2.557.248, 
June 1'> 

Appel. Everett H.. Aurora, HI. Agricultural loading 
machine. 2,-543.563. Feb. 27. 

•Apptl. Frank H.. San Diego. Calif. Container closure. 
2.-552.923. May 15. 

Appelbaum. .Abraham L., Chicago, 111. VeneHan blind. 
2.574.000. Nov. 13. 

Appelberg. Gustaf R. : See — 

BuMard. Edward P. and E. P.. III. Appelberg, 
Bjorklnnd, Cowell, Grinage, Johnson. Lange, and 

.Apper>-on. Lester D., Flushing. N. T.. assignor to Colgate- 
P.ilnioiive-I'eet Company. Jersev City. N. J. Denture 
cleansing composition. 2.570.205, Nov. 27. 

.Appert. Kurt E.. San Francisco, assignor to Lenkurt Elec- 
tric Co.. Tnr.. San Carlos. Calif. Frequency changing 
circuit. 2..545.2.50. Mar. 13. 

.Applebv, Fredrick T.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Ma- 
chine for molding concrete blocks. 2.572.8.30. Oct. 30. 

.\pnleby. Walter G.. Houston, and A. F. Sartor. Pasadena, 
Tex., assignors to Shell Development Company. San 
Francisco. Calif. Production of thiophene compounds 
from mono-olefins and hvdrogen sulfide with alumina 
catalyst. 2.558.507. June 20. 

.Appleby, Walter G.. Houston, and A. F. Sartor. Pasadena, 
Tex., assignors to Shell Development Company. San 
Francisco. Calif. Thiophene proauctlon from hydrogen 
sulfide and mono-olefln. 2,558,508. June 26. 

and .Archbold. 
Harris, and Swlllk. 
and Hay. 

.\ppel. Bernard P., 
Garfield ~ 



ApploRHte. Karl C. Chicago. 111. Sanding and buffing tool. 

2.r)77,498. Dec. 4. , „ . 

ApplfKati', Fredrick D., assignor to Consolidated Vultee 
Aircraft Corporation. San Diego, Calif. Vibration isola- 
tion iiiountinK. J.o41.5«fi. Feb. 13. 
Appleton. Arthur I., Northbrook, assignor to Appleton 
Electric Company, Chicago, 111. Fixture hanger. 
2.54^504. Mar. 20. ^, , ^ 

Appieton. Arthur I., assignor to Appleton Electric Com- 
pany, Chiiago. 111. r-over clamp. 2,569,914. Oct. 2. 
Applfton Kl.ctrif (".mipauy. assignee: Het — 
Appleton. Arthur I. 

Toiiibl mi. Nils A. ... 

Appleton. John M., assignor to Continental Aviation & 
En^:ineering Cori)oration, Muskegon, Mich. Machine for 
niacliining tapered studs. 2.548,137, Apr. 10. 
Appliance Corporation of America, assignee: See — 

Horvath. John F. 
Applied Arts Corporation, assignee: See — 

llendricks. Cornelius. 
Applied Hiph Frequencr Limited, assignee : See— 

Aut:e. Edward G.. and Johnes. 
Applit'd Research Corporation, assi^rnee : See — 

Weicliselbnum, Theodore E. 
Applied Research Laboratories, assignee: See — 

Dwyer. Robert J. 
Appling. Russell E.. New Bedford, Mass., assignor to 
Stol;elv Foods. Inc.. Indianapolis. Ind. Reciprocating 
knife tvpe cutting machine with discharge means. 
L',r.41.n07. Feb 13. 
April. Abe. Fine Furs. Incorporated, assignee 

Kemnf. Herman II. 
Aprlle, George. Fair Lawn. N. 

2.545.910. Mar. 20. 
Aquanox Corporation, assignee : 

Fuchs, Fritz E., Inc., assignee: 

Ties, OHimnr \V. 
Aquilla. John. Brooklvn. N. Y. 

disjilay cards. 2.ri."^7.^<74. Jan. 9. 
Arabian. Aram A., assignee : See — 

llajjdiclan. Nishan S. 
Arabian. Karekin G.. El Cerrito. assipnor to Shell Develop- 
ment Conipnnv. San Francisco, Calif. . Wax emulsion. 
2.500,148. Julv 10. 
Arabian. Karekin O.. El Cerrito. and A. A. Srhaerer, 
Berkeley, a.ssipnors to Shell Development Company, 
San Franrisco, Calif. Carnauba wJlx substitute. 
2.540.328. Mar. 27. 
Arabol Mfi:. Co.. The. assignee: See — 
Erikson, Carl R. 

Ridge. Ill, 

J. Weighted 
See — 
See — 
Machine for 

See — 


assignor to Zenith 
television system. 

assignor to Zenith 
signaling system. 

Clayton Manufactiirinc Tom- 
Steam generating apparatus. 

assignor to El Sereno Mn- 

Arani. Nathan W., Park 

Radio rorporation. 

Ij.. -107.530 Sept. n. 

Aram. Nathan W,. Park Ridge. 111. 
Radio Corporation. Subscriber 
2.570. 187. Oet. 9 

Arnin. Natli:in W.. P.irk Ridge, and J. E. Brown, Glencoe, 
111., assignors to Zenlfh Radio Corporation. Subscrip- 
tion type signaling system. 2,503.448. Aug. 7. 

Aram, Natlian W.. Park Rldce. and J. E. Brown, Glencoe. 

III., assicnors to Zenith Rndio Corporation. Subiscrip- 

tion sisnalinc system. 2.570.188. Oct. 9. 
Aram-, Alice I'., assignee : See — 

Itersteink. Ossip S. 
Arant. Perrv. assignor to Clavton ^Tanufacnring Com- 
pany, Alhamhia. C.Iif. Heatinc coil. 2.570.030. Oct. 9. 
Arant. Perry, assfiaior »o ri.ivton Mannfactiirins Toni- 

p.inv. Alliamhr.i. Talif. Steam generating apparatus. 

2.574.308. Nov. 0. ' 
Arant. Perry, assiirnor to 

panv. AMiamhra. Calif. 

2, 570, OSS, IVe. 4. 
Arant. Perry. San Gabriel, 

chine \\'orks, .A/usa, Calif. Portable mixing machine. 

2.573.200. Oct. 30. 
Arata. George V.. assignor to The Pelton Water Wheel 

Gotnpanv. Snn Francisco, Calif. Draft tube valve. 

2.5.-0.330. .Tuly 3. 
Arbeit. Pierre, assignor" to Soriete Anonyme des Mnnn- 

fnctnres des Glnces et Produits Chimlques de Saint- 

Gohafn. Channv k Cirev. Paris. France. Electric glass 

furnace. 2.538.950. Jan. 23. 
Arbit. ll:irry .\ : Srr 

P.urtner. Robert R.. and .Arbit. 
Arbiter. Natlinn'el. and O. E. Young. Morenci. Ariz . as- 
sicnors to Phelps Dodire Gorporatlon. New York. N. Y. 

Flotation recovery of molybdenite. 2.559.104. July 3. 

Arbosnst. .Alfred C.. assignor to Northern Indiana Brass 

Company. Elkhart. Ind, Method and apparatus for 

makini: p'pe fittinsrs. 2.557.403. June 19. 
Arbofrast. Fred A., deceased. Akron. Ohio, by N. E. Arho. 

gast. executrix, assignor to Fred Arhocast and Gom- 

panv. Inc.. Akron. Ohio. Artificial fish bait. 2,501.040. 

July 17. 
Arbot:.i«t. Fred, and Company, Inc.. assignee : See — 

.Arhocast. Fred A. 
Arborast. Nellie E.. executrix : See — 

Arboenst. Fred A. 
Arcement. Louis M.. New Orleans, La,, assiirnor to The 

Patent and Licensing Corporation. New York. N. Y. 

Braking device for web handling apparatus. 2,561.165, 

July 17. 

Archbold, Ralph L. : See — 

CockeriU. Gerald I., and Archbold. 

Archbold. Ralph L.. Euclid, assignor to The Apex Electri- 
cal Manuiacturing Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Self- 
cleaning lint trap for washing machines. 2.555,725, 
June 5. ^ . 

Archbold. Ralph L., Euclid, assignor to The Apex Electri- 
cal Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Timing 
device. 2..jtJG.014, Aug. 2.s. 

Arclibold, Ralph L.. Euclid, assignor to The Apex Llec- 
jrical Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Hy- 
draulic counterweight. 2.578.278, Dec. 11. 

Arbuckle. Donald F., assignee: See — 
Hoyer. Leroy. 

Arcliem Corporation, assignee: See— 
Anderson. Philip C. and Rapp. 

Archer-Danlels-Midland Company, assignee: See — 
('ondilT. Howard L. 

Haas, Frank C, Hetchler, and Paradee. 
Konen, James ('.. atid Clocker. 
Small. Elmer C. 

Archer. Hugh M.. and H. A. Boltz. Dearborn. Mich., as- 
signors to General Electric Company. Brightness me- 
ter. 2,542,299. Feb. 20. 

Arclier. Irving M,. Dallas, Tex., assignor to Campliell 
Tag;:art Research Coipoiation. Kansas City, Mo. Ma- 
chine for panning bread and like doughs. 2,530.249, 
Jan. 2. 

Archer. Irving M.. Dallas, Tex., assignor to Campbell Tag- 
gart Research Corporation. Kansas City. Mo. C(»ntrol 
niec'haiiie>m lor machines for panning bread and like 
doughs. 2. 530. 250. Jan. 2. 

Archer. Paul, Deputy Public Trustee of the Public 
Trustee : See — 
Macbeth. Colin. 

Archer. Robert S., Raynhara Center, Mass. Sheet stock 
support for shearing machines. 2,549,500, Apr. 17. 

Archer Rubber Company, assignee: See — « 

Gowdy. William F. 

Archer, Sydney : tiee — • r 

Albertson, Noel F., and Archer. 

Archer. Sydney. Albany, assignor to Sterling Dnig Inc., 
New York. N. Y. Alkoxyalkyl esters of io<lo-alkoi:y sub- 
stituted phenyl acetic acids. 2.548.852. Apr. 17. 

Archer, Sydney. Albany. N. Y., assignor to Sterling 
Drug Inc.. Wilmington, Del. Preparing iodinated 
amino iM'nzoylamino alkanoic acids. 2,571.515, Oct. 16. 

Archer, S.vdney, Albany. N. Y., assignor to Sterling Drug 
Inc., Wllminpton, Del. Alkoxyalkyl esters of mono- 
io(io-monoall<oxybenzolc acids. 2.572.828, Oct. 30. 

Archey, Jesse P.. Jr., Floral Park, assipnor to Car Cards, 
Inc.. New York, N. Y. Animated display deTice. 
2,540.469, Feb. 6. 

.\rchibald, i-iautis M.. Elizabeth, and 
Hillside. N. J., assicnors. by mesne 
.•<tan<lard Oil Development Company. 
2.543.S20. Mar. 0, 

Archibald. Francis M..>eth, and 

Fanwood. N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development 
Companv. Regeneration of olefins from acid solutions. 
2.503.086. Auc. 7. 

Archidiacano. Nicholas, Boston, Mass. Nonrefillable con- 
f;iin"r. 2,579.4r.O. Dec. 25. 

Arco Manufacturing Company. 
Korsgren. Theodore Y. 

.Arco ( Oiiipanv. Tiie. assignee: See- — 
Bohalek. Edward G. 

Ardcll. Edgar : See — 

Fisclier. Paul E.. and Ardell. 
Ilolstebroe, Have. Ardell. and Kavser. 

Ardell. Edgar. Middletown. assignor to Hartford-Empire 
Company. Portland. Conn. Sealing sheet applying ap- 
paratus. 2.543.220. Feb. 27. 

Arden Farms <"o.. assignee: .S'cr — 
Nielsen. Christian. 

Arden. Thomas R.. assignor to Bard-Parker Company. Inc., 
Danbury. Conn. Timing device. 2.557.028. June 19. 

Arden. Thomas R.. assignor to P.ard-Parker Company. Inc., 
D.mbury. Conn. Timing device. 2.574.314. Nov. 0. 

Ardern. David B., Moylan, Pa., assignor to Houdry Process 
Corporation, Philade4i)hia. Pa. Processes employing 
fluent solids. 2.501. 4«9. July 24. 

Ardern. David B.. Moylan. Pa., assignor to Houdry Procesr 
Corporation. Wilinincton. Del. Processes employing 
fluent solids. 2.501 771. July 24. 

Ardis. .Alan K.. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio, assignor to The 
B F. Goodrich Company. New York, N, Y. Prepara- 
tion of l-acetoxy-|l.l-dicyano ethane. 2.574.235. Nov. 0. 

Ardi.-. Alan E.. Akron. Ohio, assignor to The B. F. Good- 
ridi Company, New York. N. Y. Solution of a polymer 
of vinvlidene cyanide in tetramethyl urea. 2,o74,369, 
Noy. 0. 

Ardis. Alan E., Cuyahocra Falls, and F. D. Stewart. Akron, 
Ohio, assignors to The B. F. (Joodrich Company. New 
York. N. Y. Preparation of l-acetoxy-l,l-dlcyano 
ethane. 2.574.234, Nov. 6. 

.Vrditi. .Alaurice. assignor, by mesne assignments, to In- 
ternational Standard Electric Corporation. New York. 
•V. Y. Cathode-ray tube circuit. 2.570,093. Nov. 27. 

Arditi. Maurice. New York. I. H. Franrel and J. Feinstein. 
Brooklvn, assignors to Federal Telecommunication Lab- 
oratories. Inc., New York, N, Y. Demodulator system. 
2.541,019, Feb. 13. 

H. O. Mottern, 
assignments, to 
Alcohol process. 

V. F. Mistretta. 

The. assignee : See- 





Ardlto. James. Danmore. Pa. Device for dlspenslnjc meas- 
ured quantities of granular materials. 2,561,721. July 

Awlner, Frank J., Highland Parii, Mich. Colostomy 
protector. 2.544.579. Mar. 6. , _ , ^ „ i 

Ardron. Gerald L.. Chicago, 111.. M. L. Dodge and C. J. 
Chebuhnr, Seattle, Wash., assignors to ( ontinental 
Can Company. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Slruplng miichlne 
and siruping filled containers. 2..')46.418. Mar. 2.. 

Arehart. David D., assignor to Palace Corporation, Hint, 
Mich. Trailer hitch. 2.546.206. Mar. 27 

Arenberg. Albert L.. Highland Park, and K. C. Zimmer- 
man. Vlnnetka. assignors to Patent License Corpora- 
tion Chicago. 111. Reading light fixture for vehicle in- 
terior Illumination. 2 .'>.12.3S9. May 8. 

Arenberg. .^Vlbert L., Highland Park, and E. C. Zimmer- 
man. Winnetka. assignors to Patent License Corpora- 
tion. Chicago. 111. Cai lighting structure. 2. o. 0.90., 
Oct. 9. 

Arfnb^rir. David L.. Rochester. Masf.. assignor, by mo>ine 
assignments, to the I'nlted States of America as repre- 
8«>nte<l by the Spcretary of War. Absorbing means for 
delay lines. 2,iS77.500. Dec. 4. 

Arenco Aktiebolag. assignee: See — 

Danielsson. Paul. • 

Gfanstedt, Karl E. 

Arends. Jacobus L.. and B. H. Hugenholtr. Eindhoven. 
Netherl.mds. assignors to Hartford National Bank and 
Trust Company. Hartford. Conn., as trustee. Variable 
reactance and control device comprising such a re- 
actance. 2.561.041. July 17. 

Arens Controls. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Nortdn. Calhonn. and Hooker. 

Arent. Arthur. Fort Dodge. Iowa. Steel plating method. 
2,.'i64.»!61. Aug. 21. 

ArpBon. Carl W. : See — 

Hanners. Harvey W.. and Areson. 

Arev» Ralph O.. Swampscott, Mass. Repeating safety 
razor. 2..''>6.'?,r>.'?4. Aug. 7. 

Arctnto, Henry K., .NewtonvlUe. assignor to Raytheon 
M.inufacfurlng Company, Newton, Mass. Therapeutic 
device. 2..'S67.757. Sept. 11. 

Argus Cameras. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Barnes, John W. 
French, Hobert W.. Jr. 

Argus Chemical I..aboratory. Inc.. assignee : rPee — 
Lelsrnpr, William E.. Hecker, and Knoepke. 

Argus. Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Barnes. John W. ' 

Wlll<lii8on. Leonard A. 

Aribert. Charles, assignor to Sodete Francaise Sadlr-Cnr- 
pentler. Paris. France. Radlo-guidlng systlem. 
2..57S.9r)l. Dec. 18. 

Arlens Company, assignee : See — 
Zorn. Allen O. 

AriJoKl. Tor«tl E.. Helsinki. Finland. Cylindrical packing 
ves-sel. 2..'>69,0.S8, .Sept. 2.'. 

Arlsman. George M.. Jr.. assignor to D. S. Expansion Bolt 
Co., York. Pa. Expansion shield. 2.543.683. Feb. 27. 

Aris[)e, Victor C. Los Angeles, Calif. Sandblast ap- 
paratus. 2..'>65,341. Aug. 21. 

Arkell Safetv Bag Company, assignee : See — 
Dovl^. Jam^s F. 

Arkell Sc Smiths, assignee : See — 

Grupe, William F.. and Bamford. 

Arkinstall. George R., Oakland, Calif. Flower collar. 
2..").'^i3,953. May 22. 

Arkless, Richard S.. BIllingham-on-Teeg, Xlngland. 
Plastic welding device. 2. .'.16. 609. June 12. 

Arlington Chair Company, assignee : See — 

Keough, Patrick J. 
Arilss. George J.. Detroit. Mich. Bed guard. 2,567.047, 

Sept. 4. 
Anna Corporation, assignee : See — 
A gins. George. 
Agins. George, and Miner. 
Bock, Charles D. 
Bock. Charles P.. and Bonell. 
Davis. Arthur P. 
Armaco!»t. Wilbur H.. Scarsdale, assignor to 

Engineering Superheater. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Sup- 
port for elements of superheaters and other heat ex- 
changers. 2.560.063. July 10. 

Arniagost, Harold C. assignor to Electronic Timer Com- 
pany. Inc.. Temple City. Calif. Position Indicator sys- 
tem for race contestant. 2. .157, 167. June 19. 
Armantrout. Kenneth M.. Muncle, Ind.. assignor to Borg- 
Warner Corporation, Chicago. 111. Transmission inter- 
lock mechanism. 2,548,761. Apr. 10. 
Armbruster. Donald P. : 8er — 

Taylor. Edward R.. and Armbruster. 
Arn^cio Steel Corporation, assignee: See — 

Bain. Fllhnore F.. and Broun. , 

. Blssell. Herbert O. ' 

Clarke. William C. Jr. 
Clinsan. Irvine C. 
Cobb. Harold W. 
Feild, Alexander L. 
Freeze. Jonathan R. 
OoUer. George N. 
Linnert. (Jeorge E. 
McNabb, Carlos, Whitley, and Morrow. 





Armco Steel Corporation, assignee : Set 
-Millan, Edward N. 
Shafer, Oeorge E. 

Tanczyn Hu. ry. 1 

Taylor, Charles R., and Staley. 

Armenia, Giorgio, Rome, Italy. Collapsible case. 2,573,089, 
Oct. 30. 

Armentl. James, Maplewood, N. J. Sewing machine.- 
2..V10,322, Apr. 24. " 

Armington, George E. : See — 

Armlngton. Raymond Q. and G. E. 

Armington. Georjre E.. South Euclid, assignor to The 
Euclid Road Machinery Co.. Euclid. Ohio. Tractor- 
trailer steering apparatus. 2,.')."j7.0»J6. June 19. 

Armington, Raymond Q., Shaker Heights, and G. E. Arm- 
ington, South Euclid, assignors to The Euclid Road 
Machinery Co.. Euclid. Ohio. Trailer leveling mecha- 
ninm. 2.541.8.')3. Feb. 13. 

Armistead. Charles W.. Shreveport. La. Ooera glasses 
with film strip mounted thereon. 2. .176. 989, l>c. 4. 

Armistead. William H , assignor to Corning (ilass Works, 
Corning, N Y. Low^xpansion lead-borosilicate glass 
of high chemical durability 2.570.020. Oct. 2. 

Armltage. Frank, J. A. Cottrell. and D. H. Hewitt, de- 
ceased. Hoinerton. London. England; E. Booth and R. H. 
Buckle, executors of D. H. Hewitt, assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to The Sherwin-Williams Company, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. I'ulymerlzable esters. 2.558.<itt7. June 26. 

Armltage. Frank L., Fall River, and E. N. Broden. Assonet, 
Mass., asuignors to The Firestone Tire * Rubl)er Com- 
pany. Akron. Ohio. Wheel polishing machine. 2. .137, 025, 
Jan 9. 
Armltage. Joseph B.. Wauwntosn. assignor to Kearney ft 
Trecker Corporation. West Allls, Wis. ^Positioning 
mechanism for machine tools. 2.560,149. July 10. 
Armitage, Joseph B., Wauwatosa, J. B. Lul^ev. K. A. 
RIedel, and F. D. Bo^'hrner >ri1waukee. assfgnors to 
Kearney A Trecker Corporation, West Allls, Wis. 
Machine tool transmission and control mechanism. 
2.548,188. Apr. 10. 
Armltage, Joseph B., and A. O. Schmidt. Wauwatosa, 
assignors to Kearney A Trecker Corporation. West 
Allls, Wis. Cutting tool. 2.557,404. June 19. 
Armltage. Joseph B.. Wauwatosa, and O. W. Barker, 
Milwaukee, as.<<ignors to Kearney & Treckler Corporation, 
West Allls, Wis. Adjustable bearing. 2..157,40.1. June 
Armor Insulating Company, assignee : See — 

Pope. Jesse C.. and Tllllnghast. 
Armour ami Company, assignee: See — * 

Barr. James A.. Jr. 

Coleman. Harold M.. StefTen. and Hopkins. 
Greer, Donald M.. and Zink. 
Harrington. Hertle s. I 

Harwoo<l. James, and Du Brow. i 

Jordan. Wesley A., and Shapiro. 
Kaiser. Kmil. 
Kaiser. Emll. and Svars. 
Kennedv. Eugene I*., and Grossnickle. 
Pool, William O.. and Sedgwick. 
Potrs. K;,li>li 11. 
Potts. Ralph H.. and Olson. 

Ralsto!!, .Vnderson W.. liarrett. and Segebrccht. 
Ralston. Anderson W.. and Corley. 
Ralston, Anderson W., and Crews. 
Slfferd. Robert H., and Anderson. 
Storrs, Arnold B. 
Stow. Robert P. 
Thede, Harold. 
Turinskv, Otto. 
Vander Wal. Robert J. 

Vnnder Wal. Rohert J., and Van AUkeren. 
Weber. William F. 
Zeigler, Albert H.. and Harris. 
Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of 
Technology, assignee : Se? — 
Camras, Marvin. 
Camras, Marvin, and Zenner. 
Fischer. John J., and lladley. 
Haloskl. Walter J. 
Kemp. Jay S. 
Poult er, Thomas C, 
Vagtborg. Harold A. 
Wlesand. David E. 
Zenner. Raymond E. 
Arms. Merton H.. assignor to Bryant Chucking Grinder 
Company. Springfield. Vt. Diaphragm chuck. 2.538.289. 
Jan. 16 
Arms. Merton H.. and P. A. Orooey, assignors to Bryant 
Chucking Grinder Company, Springfield. Vt. Carriage 
reciprocating mechanism. 2,563.301, Aug. 7. 
Arm>tead. Flo.vd P.. Shelton. Wash. Three-dimensional 

mathematical demonstrator. 2,573,946. Nov. 6. 
Armston. W. H.. Company, Inc., assignee : 8ee — 

Rowe. Elbf-rt E. 
Armstrong. Arthur D. : See — 

I'ort"r. Percy L.. and Armstrong. 
Armstrong. Charles E.. Oakwood. Okla. Trap. 2.559.924, 

July 10. 
Armstrong, Charles E.. assignor to Electric Controls Inc., 
A Portland. Oreg. Controlling temperature from a plu- 
rality of remote points or tones. 2.560.322, July 10. 



Armstrong, Charles E.. assignor to Electric Controls Inc., 
Portland, Oreg. Multiple step line switch load limiting 
relay. 2,.^»J8.f00. Sept. 25. 
Armstrong Cork Company, assignee : See — 
A<laiii8, Harold E. 
Auman. James 1). 
AuHtin. Chester R. 
Bavmiller. John \V. 
Benner, Joseph A. 
Iier>;er. Julm L 
Counsellor, Edward D., Jr. 
Purilap. Lawrence H.. and Sievert. 
Hazeltine. James E.. Jr.. and Carr. 
Kill Ualpli M. 

Kelley, Addison W. ,♦ 

Kocher, l>aniel W. 
Koebiii, George W., and Myers. 
Kyle. Joseph H. 
Lamb. William J. 
I.tH. allette. Kichard F. 
Mason, John P. 

>!c<;nivey. .Alan R. ' 

Merzler. Aaron R. 
Porther. Charles H.. Jr. 
Potter, (ieiirce P. 
I'owers. Paul O. 
Stubbleblnp. Warren. 
Weaver. Harold E.. and King. 
Weidner. Arthur W. 
Wiley. John W. 
Wilson. Gardiner C. 
Armstrong, Daniel A., assignor to Scott-Atwater Manu- 
fiirturliig Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Handle struc- 
ture for st.-irtitig devices. 2,536,118, Jan. 2. 
Armstrong, Daniel A., assignor to Scott-Atwater Manu- 
facturing Company, Minneapolis. Minn. Pump struc- 
ture for oiftlxiard motors. 2..")4S,762. Apr. 10. 
Armstrong. Daniel A. W. J. Raleigh, and J. C. Bandli. 
assicnors to Scott-Atwater Manufacturing Company, 
Minneapolis. Minn Magneto structure and making the 
Siune. 2..')t;8.,->7;». Sept. 18. 
Arm-trons. Ldwnrd T.. Columbus, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Stacey Brothers (Jas Construction 
Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Seal for fluid containers. 
2. n? I. SI 7. <ut. ir,, 
Armstrong. Edwin H., New York, N. Y. Frequency-modu- 
lated carrier signal receiver. 5,240,043, Feb, 6. 
Armstrong. Eldon L. : Sec — 

Cnrmichael. Kmmett S.. and Armstrong. 
Arm-tiong, Kmcst, Camden, N. J. Journal lubricator. 

'2.:tr,(\,:,]:]. .Inne 12. 
Armstrong. Ern^sr. Pennsauken. N. J. Car journal lubri- 

cjitor. 2.5.?'!. 075. Jan. 10. 
Armstrong. Frank C.. fJreenwirh. F. J. Lauterbach, Wood- 
haven, and W. Llllvlk, Forest Hills. N. Y., and J. S. 
Pojiper. Elizaliefh. N. J., said Armstrong, said Lauter- 
bach. an<l said Lilhik assignors to American Telenlione 
and Telegraph Company. Holder for books. 2,552,704. 
May 15. 
ArTnsttoiiB. George A.. Vancouver. British Columbia, 
Canada. angle and power factor meter. 2,577,992, 
Dee. Jl. 
Armstrong. rJeorge C, Buffalo. N. Y.. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Pro- 
■ tectlve relay for alternating current. 2.545.984, Mar. 

Arnistronj;, George C, Buffalo, and R. T. Basnett, Ken- 
more, N. Y.. and D. E. Beaver, assignors to W4stinc- 
house KliTtric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, I'a. 
Thermo.«tatir overload rela.v. 2,571,812. Oct. 16, 
Armstronu'. llelene IL, assignee : See — 

llel>«'r. Michael. 
Armsfroni:. Merliert I-., Harrington, Wash. Baled hay 

loader. 2.5.50 409. June 12. 
Arnisfrone. J. B.. and .\. M. Sheldon. Chehnlls, Wash. 

Botiby iiin support and opener. 2.551.991, May 8. 
Annstronc. Janie* G.. assignor to A. B. Chance Com- 
p.inv. Central'a. Mo. High-voltage electric switch. 
2.50(!.017. Sept. 4. 
Armstrong. John E.. El Cerrito. and F. Jacuzzi. Berkeley, 
Calif., ,issi;:iiors to Jacuzzi Ilros.. Incorporated. Sub- 
mersible putiip assembly. 2.577,559. Dec. 4. 
Arni-^T long, .lolm II : Sir - 

Sh reeve. Ch.-irles A.. Jr.. -Armstrong, and Flshkin. 
Armsfroni:. John R.. London. Ontario. Canada. L<^king 
device for gate hinges of a motor-truck bo<ly. 2.548, 18;>, 
Apr. 10 C 

Armsfrf>ng. John W. : Fee — 

Frank. Bernard E.. and Armstrong. 

Armstron:;. John W.. an<l B. F.. Frank. Rochester. N. Y.. 

nssl'jnors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. 

Tnlie Iiendinc npP'irat'is 2.565.940, Auj?. 28. 
Armstrong. Iceland H. : See — 

Henry. Edward C. Leech, and Armstrong. 
Armstrong, Merwln. Ulnstlale. lU. Boom. 2,545.937. 

Mar. 20. 
Arni-iftong. N'orm.m F., and J, .\. Tweddrll. Newcastle-on- 

Tyne, assignors to The Crown Cork Company Limited. 

Southall. Enjrland. Article spacing means. 2.549.281. 

Apr. 17. 
Armstrong. Ray. McKeeBport, Pa. Folding ball game 

board. 2.50.-, .'-.84. Aiisr. 28. 
Armstroni: Ridinc Car Operator Corp., assignee: See — 
Arm>trong, Westropp. 


Armstrong Siddeley Motors Limited, assignee : See — 

Allen. Sidnyy. 

Allen, Sidney, and Stokes. 

Clark. Thomas 

Clark, Thomas, and Atkins. *. 

Llndsey. William H. 
Armstrong, Victor C, Short Hills, N. J., assignor, 
mesne assignments, to Poor & Company, Chicago, 
Rail anchor. 2,571,048, Oct. 10. 
Armstrong. Werner E.. assignor to Briggs & Stratton Cor- 
poration, Milwaukee, Wis. Automatic choke control for 
Internal combustion engines 2,548,334, Apr. 10. 
Armstrong. Westropp, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Ann- 
strong Hiding Car Operator Corp., Chicago, 111. Ele- 
vator closure operating mechanism. 2,578,459, Dec. 11. 
Armstrong. Zenas A. : See — 

Woodside, Charles E., Smith, Woodslde, and Arm- 
Army. United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the. assignee : See — 

Bartlett. Paul D.. and Dauben. 

Bartlett. Paul D.. and Ross. 

Bartlett. Paul D.. and Schneider. I 

Bartlett. Paul D., and Woods. 

Dixon. I'aul H. 

Drake. Nathan L., and Weaver. 

Ellis. Grenville B. 

Ellsworth. Louis D.. and Washburn. 

Ercolino. Michael. 

Fox. Nelson. 

Franklin, Philip J. 

Gardner, Irvine C. 

Gates, Marshall. ' 

Kennedy. Edward P. 

Michel. .Joseph M.» and Hager. 

Milton, Clare L.. Jr. 

Milton, Clare L., Jr., and Nielson. 

Motley. Lewis. 

Newman, Melvin S. 

Rjibinow, Jacob. 

Silverman. Daniel. ' 

Sloan. David IL 

Stiber, Samuel. 

Tykulsky. Ale.xandor. 
Armzen Company, assignee : Sre — , 

Sendzhnir. Tadeusz. and Eckert. 
Arnall, Paul E.. assljxnee : tiet — ' 

Avery. William I^. 
Arndt, John P.. Oak Park. 111., assignor t'O Charles Prun- 
ing Com|»any, Inc., New York. N. Y. V.iriable power 
transmission mechanism. 2,548,854. Apr. 17. 
Arndt. Otto Harold : See — 

Eserkaln. Theodore F.. Stelnbrecker. and Arndt. 

Arne. Christian, Chlcajto. 111., assignor to Chicago Bridge 
& Iron Company. Liquid storage tank. 2.537.954. Jan. 
Arne. Christian, Chicago, 111., assignor to Chlcapo Bridge 
& Iron Company. Stabilizing means for lifter roof 
tanks. 2.578.058. Dec. 18. 
Arner. George R.. Sr.. Cornwells Heights, Pa. Hoisting 

apparatus. 2.574.236, Nov. 0. 
Arneson. Edwin L.. Morris, assignor 
Chicago, 111. Bottle cariler. 

Kdwlp L.. Morris, assignor 
Chicago, III. Bottle carrier. 
Edwin L., Morris, assignor to Morris Paper Mills, 

2,543,821, Mar. 6. 

N. Y. Cigarette tip at- 
tachment. 2,542.012, Feb. 20. 
Arneson. Theodore J.. Jr., Minneapolis, Minn. Orthoptic 

apparatus. 2, .545, 3.33, Mar. 13. 
.\rnim. Benjamin F. : Sie — 

Lyon. Leoni<las N.. Jr.. and Arnlm. 
Arnold, .\rchie T. : See — 

Roebuck. Alvah C. Jr.. and Arnold. 
Arnold, .Arthur V.. Cnited States Coast Guard. Sleeve 
type relief valve. 2.573.080. Nov. 6. 

Arnold. Berel .A.. Brighton, and E. K. 
.Mass.. assiunors to Knight Leather 
Semistlff wallwl toilet case. 2.561.042 



Chicago, III. Article carrier 

Arneson. Stanley E., Annadale 

to Morris Paper 
2,537,014, Jan. 9. 
to Morris Paper 
2..537,615, Jan. 9. 

Renz, Dedham, 
Products, Inc. 
July 17. 

Dunkirk. N. Y. Container bolder. 


York, N. Y. Cutting device. 

Calif. Contractihle awning. 

Arnold. Charles D. 

2..'08.2«;0. <v\M. 18. 
Arnold, Edgar E. : i^ee — 
/>enke. Herhert J., and 

Arnold. Edward F.. New<(1. Oct. .30. 
Arnold Elhv N., Lawndale. 

2.508.048. Sept 18. 
.Arnold. Fre<l J., nss'gnor to Illinois Fannie -May Ci ndj 

Conipanv. Chicairo. III./ Candy package and preserv- 

InL' candy. 2.571.516. Oct. 16. 
Arnold, fleorce B. : See — 

Hess. Hfiward V.. and Arnold. 

Arnold. George B.. Glenham.l N. Y.. and H. V. Tless. 
Charleston. W. Va.. asxlgnors to The Tpxas Company. 
New York. N. Y. Separafi<in of a heterogeneous mix- 
ture of compounds. 2,539.39.3. Tan. 30. 

Arnold. George B Glenham. N'. Y.. and H. V. Hess. 
Charleston, W. va., assicnors to The Texas Company, 
New York, N. Y. Separating aldehydes from a mizttire 
of organic compounds. 2,539.394, Jan. 30. 





Arnold. George B.. Glenham and H. V. Hess Beacon. 

signurs to The IVxas Company. New York. N. 

Manufacturing hydrocarbons and alcohols. 2.542.454, 

Feb. 20. 
Arnold GeorRc B . Glenham. and W. E Skelton. Bt^acon. 

asslRnora to The T»xas Company New \ork. N. i. 

Rpflning oil with a solvent, -•^♦.•'l'^^ Sept. 11. 
Arnold George B.. Glenhnra. N. \.. and H. V. Hess. 

Charleston W Va.. asslcnors to The Texas Company, 

New York ' N. Y. Synthesizing gasoline hydrocarbons. 

2,5«8,841. Sept. 2r>. 
Arnold. Gerald I).. Waawatosa. 

Wis. Drier and cooler for 
May 15. 

to E. I. *h\ Pont 

Del. Cytiohexyl- 

preparlng them. 

grain or the like. 2.552.»35, 
Arnold. 'Jrace. exe<-»itrix : tiee- 

Arnold, John W. 
Arnold. Harold W., Clayniont. assignor 

de NVmmirs & Company. Wilmington. 

Bubstituteil alpha. -omrga-glycols and 

2..V>5,i)12. June '>. , ^ r, w 

Arnold. Herrlck K.. Wilmington, and J. E. (afnahan 

New Castle,>;nors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 

Company. WilminKion. Del. Catalytic rearrangement 

of pinene to camphene. 2.571,997. Oct. 23. 
Arnold. Herrick IC. Wilmlndton, and J. E. Carnahan. 

New Castle, assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemour.s * 

<"oinpanv. Wllmlncfon. I>el. Metal molybdites and 

their preparation. 2..'.72.300. Oct. 23. 
Arnold. Howard H.. Wlnsfon-Salem. N. C. assiCTior to 

Western Electric Company, Incorporated, New \ork. 

N. Y. Peak reading vacuum tube voltmeter. 2.5b5..>4_. 

Aug 2H 
Arnold' Israel I., Newtonville. Mass. Making moccasin 

sock tvpe slippers. 2..".4 1.020. Eeb. 13. ^ .. . „ 
Arnold. Jerome H.. Albany, assignor to CallfornJa Ke- 
- search Corporation, ."^an Francisco, Calif. Pro<la(rtlon 

of i>ara xvl»'ne. 2. 541. «S2. Feb 13. 
A.-noId, John T.. Camden. Ark. Fluid measuring and 

dispensing device. 2.570.74.">, Oct. 9. 
Arnold. John W.. deceased; by C. Arno'd. executrix. San 

Fruticisco. Calif., assignor bv decree of distribution to 

<;. Arnold. Lubricator wltli adjustable oil f^er for 

pneiiiM.i tic tools. 2.571 .OOS. Oct. !♦;. 
Arnold. Lionel K.. assignor to Iowa State College Research 

Foundation, Amed, Iowa. Drying equipment. 2,554.7«;u, 

Miv 21>. 
ArJiold. Orlan M.. Crosse Polnte Park. Mich. 

H plastic composition from waste nylon fibers. 

Apr. 24. 
Arnold Orlan M.. Crosse Polnte Park. Mich 


thin flexible polyamide artlcl»-s 2.562.373. July 31. 
Nov 1 


. , nt . 

Arnold. Orlan M.. Troy. X. Y. Welding bodies, 
Nov i.n. . 

Arnold Paul F., Hempstead. N. Y.. assignor to The Sperry 

5ns.701. Sept. 25. 
assignor to Phillips 
extractive crystalll- 

assignor to Phillip'k 
fractional crystal- 

Cornoraflon. Motor speod control. 
Arnold. Philip M.. Bartlesvllle. Okla., 

Petroleum Company. Continuous 

zatlon process. 2.540.083. Feb. «. 
Arnold. Philip M.. Bartlesville. Okla., 

Petroleum Company. Continuous 

lizatlon process. 2.540.977. Feb. 6. 
Arnold. Philip M.. Bartlesville. Okla.. assignor to 

Phillips Pt^oleum Company. Conversion of ortho 

tertiary allnl phenols to para tertiary alkyl phenols. 

2.553. .'i.lS. Mnv 22 
Arnold. Philip M . Bartlesville. Okla.. assignor to Phil 

lips Petrol) um Company. Manufacture of alkyl sulfenyl 

trithlocarbonates.J 2.574,457, Nov. 13. 
Arnold. Prescott N. : Set — 

llnves. Harvev C. and .\rnold. 
Arnold. Raymond. Los Angeles, Calif. Feeding apparatus 

for fowl. 2..5.3«.fi21. Jan. 2. 
Arnold. Robert B.. Richmond. Va.. and A. L. Galloway. 

assignors to Tobncco By-Prodncts and Chemical Corpo- 

rntion, Louisville, Ky. Carrier and filler material. 

2.547.730. Apr. 3. 
Arnold. Robert C.. Brrnn, Ohio. Preparation of fluorine 

compounds. 2.500.838, July 17. 
Arnold. Ross H. : Sfr- - 

SfTirm. Frederick W.. and Arnold. 

Arnold. Waiter E.. an.l G. R. Caton, Crockett, T^x. Feed 

work^ for sawmills. 2,.5fi9,794, Oct. 2. 
Arnold. Walter P.: See— 

n<nig. Fred, and Arnold. 
Arnold. William A . Oak Ridge. Tenn.. assignor, by mesne 
a.^slgnmcnts, to the I'nifed States of America as rep- 
restMited bv the I'nited States Atomic Energy Com- 
mission. I^ressure measuring device. 2,577,066. Dec. 4. 
Arnolf <'orporaf Ion. assignee: See — 
Brown. William N. 
MtH'k. Charles E« Jr., and Brown. 
•Vrnot & Company. Inc.. assignee : .s'ce — 

Reed. Stanlov F. 
Aro Eouipmenr Corporation, The, assignee : 8ee-^ 
Hill. Leo I) 

(latirifl. CliarU's P.. and Marette. 
G inter. Charles W. 
Walker. Phillip H. 
Aronov. Aaron M.. assignor to Fabrics. Inc.. Montgomery, 

Ala. Seat cushion for tractors. 2, .551,084, May 1. 
Aron«on. Alexander H. : See— 

Harris. Alexander. Aronson. and Burchett. 
Aronson. Milton H. : See — 

Ryerson, Cliflford M., Aronson, and Erath. 

Self-aligning bearing. 
Wis. Rotary refiner. 
J. Mobile fuel carrier 

Aronson, Theodore F. : See — 

Halahan. John. Lyon. Mortimer, and Aron.«on. 
Arp, Ewald A., assignor to Tobin-.\rp Manufacturing 
Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Offset contact alignment 
indicator. 2,573,531. Oct. 30. 
Arp. Ewald A., assignor to ToWn-.\rp Manufactut;ing 
Company, Minneapolis, Minn. 
2.573.532. Oct. 30. 
Arnin Edmund P., Jr., Neenah, 

2.5»>6.8(39. Sept. 4. 
Arpin. Leon U., Jr.. Montclair, N. 

or the like. 2, .548,190, Apr. 10. 
Arps. Bruno F., New Ilolsteln. Wis. Reverse scoop attach- 
ment for tractors. 2,54H.401, Apr. 10. 
Arps, Bruno F.. New Holatein. Wis. Snow and dirt mov. 
ing and terracing attachment for tractors. 2,360.711, 
July 17. 
Arps. Jan J.. Tulsa. Okla.. and 0. W. Ward. Los Angeles. 
Calif. Continuous electric logging while drilling. 

2. .557. 168. June 19. „ „ 

Arps. Mervin W.. Arlington, Va. Film viewer. 2,553.100, 

Mnv 15. 
Arrasmith. Lois V., Spokane. Wash. Infant harness. 

2.570.631. ".'t. 9. 
Arr'gonl. M;ke A.. St. Paul. Minn. Jig and carrier for 

bulldin? b'ocks 2.5'!9.968, Oct. 2. 
Arrow Engineering A Chemical Company, assignee: See — 

Howard. .Arthur G. 
Arrow Fastener <'o.. Inc.. assignee : 899— ^ 

P.erger. (leorge. 
Arrow Hart & Hegeman Electric Co.. The, assignee: See — 
Bent ley. Robert H. 
<;ntes. Frederic I'. 
Schleicher. Harold E. 
Arrow Industrial Manufacturing Company, assignee: 
See — 

Mnfheny. William F. i, 

Arrow Products, assignee : See — 

Woldrlng. Egbert. 
Arrowhead Rubber Company, assignee : Bee — 

(freeiiwald. Fred A. 
Arsem. «'.. Betheada. Md. Automatic radiator 

shutter. 2.551.921. May 8. 
Arsenault, Elodle M.. Brunswick. Maine. Hair curler. 

2.567.503. Sept. 1 1. 
At»eni»a'iP. Jan>e9 U., assignor to O. L. Bnell, Worcester, 

Ma«s. Ch Id s bio. 2 56t*.915, Oct. 2. 
Art Elect v>type Couipany, The, assignee: See — 
Schwa rz. Howard G. 
Schwa rr. Howard G.. and Bures. 
.\rt Lines. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Schmitt. Roland G. 
Art Motil Consrnicrion Company, assignee: See — 
Addlngton, Loyal R. 
, Bloiiriistrhn. Floyd H. 
Jones. James R . and Bloomstran. 
Skar. John <i. L 
Art Rattan Works. Inc.. assignee: -See — 

Bartholomew, .\rtliur W. 
Artale. Frank. Brooklyn. N. Y. Toothbrush having re- 
movable bristle element. 2.558 332. June 26. 
Arter. Charles K.. Jr.. Shaker Heights. Ohio. Fluid power 

actuated hand clamp. 2,.552.304, .May 8. 
Arth. Glen E. : See — 

Harris. Stanton A.. Mozlngo. Arth. and Folkers. 
.Arthuis, Albert R.. Paris. France. .Machine for testing 
tensile, compressive, bend'ng. shearing, etc.. strength 
of metals or other materials. 2.577.944. Dec. 11. 

Arthur, Evan M.. West Heath, Birmingham, England. 
Riveting device with pressure and striker elements. 
2.560.623. July 17. 

Arthur. John R.. assignor to Lisle Corporation, Clarlnda. 
Iowa. Gl:i7e breaker 2.540.043. Apr. 17. 

Arthur. Oscar F.. Connellsvllle. assignor to Tri State En- 
gineering Company, Washington, Pa. Pallet. 2.554.3.55, 
May 22. 

Arthur. Oscar P.. Connellsvllle, assignor to Tri-Stnte En- 

flneerlng Company. Washington. Pa. Sectional floor- 
ng. decks, and racks. 2.565.292. Aug. 21. 

Arthur. Paul. Jr.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 
Company, Wilmington, Del. Modified azo dyestuffs. 
2.540.705. Feb. 6. 

Arthur. Paul. Jr.. and B. C. Pratt, assignors to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington. Del. Hv- 
drocvnnatlon of conjugated dlolefinlc compounds. 
2.571.000. Oct. 16. 

Arthur. Richard P. : See — 

Bellamy. John I., and Arthur. [ 

Earle Edwin L.. Arthur, and Bellamy. 

Arthur. Richard P., assignor to Kellogg Switchboard and 
Supply Coiunanv. Chicago. 111. Telephone finger wheel 
support. 2.571.649. Oct. 16. 

Arthur. Richard P. Des Plnines. assignor to Kellogg 
Switchboard and Sunplv Company. Chicago. 111. Cross- 
bar switch. 2.577.067. Dec. 4. 

Arthur. Robert A., Culver City, assignor to The Garrett 
Corporation. Los Angejes. Cnllf. Regulator rate of 
change mechanism. 2. .556. 159. June 12. 

Arthur. Robert A.. Los Angeles. Calif.. a«slgnor to The 
Garrett Corporation. Control for cabin pressure regu- 
lators. 2.578.773. Dec. 18. 

Arthur. Robert L.. Ramona. Calif. Ice cream dispenser. 
2..5.59.840, July 10. 



Artifax. Inc., assijnK^ : Bee — 
Bender. Robert J. 

Artificial Insfiniiiation Supply Company, assignee: See — 
Coles, John H., and Davit's. 

Artls. Samuel \V.. Bolae. Idaho. Damper. 2,557,213, 
June 19. 

Artkraft .Manufacturing Corporation, assignee: See — 
.Mon<'y. Roland H. 

Artos Kncineering Company, assignee : See — 
Andr»'n. Karl H. 

Artzt, Maurice Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Line delay in facsimile. 
2.564. .'.no. Aug. 14. 

Artzt. Maurice. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Corpo- 
ratlin of America. Electronic circuit arrangement. 
L'..')r.8..'.3.?. Sppt. 1?. 

Artzt, Maurice, and C. J. Young, Princeton, X. J., 
assigrors to Hjdn Corporation of America. Facsimile 
syHteni and appirarus. 2,5«9.648, Oct. 2. 

Artzt, William \V., New RoclielU', N. Y. Wearing apparel 
and making the i'anH\ 2..')75.700, Nov. 20. 

Artzt. William W., New Rnchelle, N. Y. Nether under- 
garment for mpn. 2.575,701, Nov. 20. 

Arundale, Erving : i^ee — 

Swaney. Miller W .. and Arundale. 

Arundalt*. Krvlng. Westflfld. N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Separation of olefins from 
, hydrocarbon distillates containing aromatics. 2.5G9,21G. 
. Sept. 25. 

Arundale. Erving. and L. A. Mikeska. Westfiold. N. J., 
assignors to Standard Oil DevelopnifOt Company. Pro- 
duction of high quality petroleum products. 2.5G7.173, 
Sept. 11. 

Arundale, Erving. and J. P. Haworth. Westfield. N. J., 
assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. Im- 
proving stability and engine cleanliness characteristics 
of petroleum fractions. 2.507.174. Sept. 11. 

Arnndale. Erving. Westfiold. N. J., and D. E. Juterhock. 
Staten Island. N. Y.. assignors to Standard Oil Devel- 
opment Company. Desulfiirlzation and sweetening of 
virgin distillates'wlth an aldehyde. 2.567.175. Sept. 11. 

Arund.ile. Erving, Westfiold. and J. P. Thorn, Cranford, 
.V. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. 
Treatment of petroleum distillates. 2.575,989, Nov. 

ArutunoflP. Armals, Bartlesville, Okla. Side drill. 
2.5.'i9.047. Jan. 2.*?. 

ArutunofT. Armals. Bartlesville. Okla. Motor-driven pump- 
ing apparatus for wells. 2.539,048. Jan. 23. 

Ari:*unofT. Arm^is, asiier^ior to Reda Pump Company, 
Bar'iesvtlle. Okl.i. Protecting unit for oil filled sub- 
mergible motors. 2.509.741. Oct. 2. 

Arvedlund. Knud E., Lyngby, assignor to K. A. TIartmann, 
Copenhagen. Denmark. Spray painting apparatus. 
2.579..'{57. Doc. 18. 

Arvpson. Mattr'ce H.. Flossmoor. assignor to Standard 
Oil ("ompanv. Chicago. 111. Processing carbonaceous 
solids. 2..ino.403, July 10. 

.\rvev Corporation, assignee: Bee — 
){o,ich. Earl M. 

.\rvidson. Joltan V. : f^ee — 

Strickland. Hoyce M.. and Arvidson. 

.\rvldsson. .Alcot: f^re — 

lainm. I'no. nn.1 .Vrvldsson. 

Arvldsson. Algot. I.ndvika. and S. Johansson, Stockholm, 
assignors to .MlmHnna Svenska Elektriska .Aktiobolaget, 
Vastorns. Sweden. Lighting regulation system for 
theater lighting and the like. 2.539,111, Jan. 23. 

.\rvln Iiidnsfres. Inc., assignee: See — 
r.oofh. Earl r. 

.Vrvins. Nathan .\. : See — 

.\rvintz. .\braham \., .\rvins. and Arvlntz. 

.\rvlntz. Abraham A.. N. A. Arvins. Brooklyn, and H. A. 
Arvintz. Now York. a«signor8 to Reliable I'roducts Mnn- 
ufactnrini: Co.. Inc.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Fluid preheating 
and dispensing apparatus. 2,505,543, Aug. 28. 

.Vrvlntz. Robert .\. : See — 

Arvlntz, Abraham A.. Arvins, and Arvlntz. 

.\sadorinn. .\rfhur X. : See — 

Lake. Douglas E.. and Asadorian. 

Asaff. Annis G.. .Auburndale. and W. W. Donelson. Plymp- 
ton. assignors, by mesne assignments, to Callachan Iles- 
slon Corporation, Boston. Mass. Ethyl cellulose and 
resinous composition. 2,544,247, Mar. 6. 

Asaro, Vito : Srr - 

Clark. William A., and Asaro. 

Asaro, Vlto. assignor to L. A. Young Sprlne & Wire Corpo- 
ration. IVtrilt. Mich. Spring cushion structure. 
2..538.8.'>5. Jan. 23. 

Asay. Lillian M.. Camden. N. J. Glaie eliminating lamp 
unit. 2..-.44.4.'?n, Mar. 0. 

Aslmry, Cbarlis T.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Apparatus for 
di-fMnsIng materials. 2.573.784. Nov. 6. 

Aschaffenburgor Zellstoffwerke, Aktiengesselschaft. as- 
signee : See — - 
Lacallv. Paul. 
Aschbacher. Frederick E., WUmette, 111. Liquid timer. 

2.-540.502, Fob. 0. 
Aschbrenner. Henry R., Westgate, Iowa. Carrying con- 
tainer. 2.549. 282. Apr. 17. 
Aschman. Paul F. : Bee — 

Tea. Clark \.. and Aschman. 

Aschner. Thomas C, assignor to Smith. Kline & French 
Laboratories. Philadelphia. Pa. Stabilized iodoxv 
benzoic compounds and the producing. 2,566.592, 
Sept. 4. 

Aseltine. Fred E. : Bee — 

Jorgensen. Clarence H.. and Aseltine. 

Ash, Charles S., Milford, Mich. Dual wheel 
2,530.119, Jan. 2. 

Ash, Charles S., Milford, Mich. 
Jan. 9. 

Milford. Mich. 

Ash. Charles S. 

Jan. 9. 
Ash, Charles S. 

Feb. 6. 
Ash, Charles 

Milford. Mich. 

Vehicle wheel. 
Vehicle wheel. 
Vehicle wheel. 



Vehicle wheel. 
Vehicle wheel. 2.543,346. 
Vehicle wheel. 
Vehicle wheel. 
Vehicle wheel. 


Vehicle wheel 




Vehicle wheel. 
Vehicle wheel. 
Vehicle wheel. 
In<l. Quick-release fas 


S.. Milford. 

2,542.455. Feb. 20. 
Ash. Charles S.. Milford. Mich. 

Feb. 27. 
Ash. Charles S.. Milford, Mich. 

Mar. 13. 
Ash. ChaMes S.. Milford, Mich. 

Ash, Charles S.. Milford, Mich. 
Apr. 17. 

Ash. Charles S., Milford, Mich. 

Ash. Charles S., Milford. Mich. 
May 8. 

Ash, Chafes S.. Milford, Mich. 
•May 8. 

Ash. Charles S., Milford, Mich. 
May 8. 

Ash, Charles S., Milford, MicL. 
May 15. 

Ash, Cliflford L.. Sellersburg 
tener. 2,503.809, Aug. 14. 

Ashbaugh. J<jhn II.. Mansfield, and E. R. Wolfert. Spring- 
field, Ohio, ag'^lgnors to Westinghouse Electric Corpo- 
ration. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Waste disposal apparatus. 
2..544,745. Mar. 13. 

Ashbaugh. Norman R.. Wichita, Kans. Ilvdraulic selector 
valve. 2.578..334. Dec. 11. 

.\shby. Carl T.. EvansvlUe. Ind.. assignor to Servel, Inc., 
New York. N. Y. Gas heat exchanger and condensate 
precooler. 2.530..'?42. Jan. 2. 

.Ashcraft. Joe P.. Dallas. Tex., assignor to Minneapolis- 
Honeywell Regulator Company. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Safety gas valve. 2.502.289. July 31. 

Ashcraft. William H. : Nee- 
Mann. Ralph C. and Ashcraft. 

Ashcroft. Donald G.. Saltcoats. Scotland, assignor to Im- 
perial Chemical Industries Limited. Electric igniter for 
use in electric initiating devices. 2.577,501. l>ec. 4; 

Ashcroft. Donald C, Saltcoats, and I. F. Stewart, Kil- 
winning, Scotland, assignors to Imperial Chemical In- 
dustries Llmlte<I. Machine for testing and classifying 
tubes'closed at one end. 2.548,(545, Apr. 10. 

Aslidowne, James S.. a.ssignor to Jog. Buegeleisen Co.. 
Detroit. Mich. Motorcycle saddlebag mounting. 
., May 22. 

Ashdowne. James S,. assignor to Joseph Buegeleisen Co.. 
Inc.. Detroit. Mich. Saddle bag mounting for motor- 
cycles. 2.577..560, Doc. 4. 

Ashor. Norman J., assignor to M. F. I'mstead, Detroit. 
Mich. Hose holder. 2.530.341. Jan. 2. 

Ashford. Walter R.. Guelph. Ontario. Canada, assignor to 
Inltod States Rubber ''ompany. New York. N. Y. Manu- 
facture of S-hydroXy <)uinollne. 2.501.55.3. July 24. 

Ashford. Walter R.. and R. W. Beattie. Guelph. Ontario. 
Canada, assignors to United States Rubber Company, 
New York. N. Y. Preparation of alkyl-nitroaryl ethers. 
2.545.597. Mar. 20. 

Aslikenas, Irving L.. Bevorlv Hills, assignor to Northrop 
Aircraft. Inc.. Hawthorne. Calif. Controlling wing tip 
stall in airplanes. 2,549,045. Apr. 17. 

Ashkenas. Irving L.. Los -Angoles, assignor to Northrop 
Aircraft. Inc.. Hawthorne. Calif. Fullv powered air- 
plane control system. 2,5.59,817, July 10. • - 

Ashkenas, Irving L. Be\-erly Hills, and T. A. Feeney. 
Los Angeles, assignors to Northrop Aircraft. Inc., 
Hawthorne, (^alif. Roll control. 2,549,044, Apr. 17. 

Ashland Oil and Refining Company, assignee: Bee — 
Blazer, F'ajl G.. Leas, and Humplirevs 

Ashley. Allen O.. Reno. Nov. Collar "clip. 2,562,519. 
July 31. . ' 

Ashley. Carlyle M.. Fayetteville. assignor to Carrier Cor- 
poration. Syracuse. N. Y. Air-conditioning method. 
2..507,758, Sept. 11. 

.\8hloy. Harry K.. San Leandro. Calif. Rack for publi- 
cations. 2.540.419. Mar. 27. \ , 

Ashley. John W., and J. F. Leahy, BevVrly, Mass.. as- 
signors to United Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flem- 
Inston. N. J. Heel slotting machine, 2,572.091, 
Oct. 23. \ 

.Ashley. Kenneth D.. and S. Mason. Stamford. Conn., as-' 
signors to American Cyanamld Company, N^w York, 
N. Y. Aluminum soap compositions and greases con- 
taining them. 2.555.104. May 29. 

.Ashley. Kenneth D.. and W. B. Innes, Stamford. Conn., 
assignors to .American Cyanamld Company. New Yro-k. 
N. Y. Preparation of an Iron oxlde-magnesiUsjn 
chromate catalyst. 2,567,140. Sept. 4. \^ 



Aahle7. Mervin F.. Arlington, Masn . assijrnor to United 
Shoe MachinTy Corporation. Flemlngton. N. J. Mag- 
netic welt holddown. 2.579,896. Dec. 2o. 

Ashley. Merwin F., ArlinRton. and K. \V. Fearing. Qulncy, 
Mass.. asalKnors to Luited Shoe Machinery Corpora- 
tion, Fh'mington. N. J. Carpet sewing machine. 
2.r.75.327. Nov. 20. 

Ashlook. George \V.. Jr.. Oakland. Calif. Cherry pltter. 
2..V58.20.^. June 2B. 

Ashlock. George W.. Jr., Oakland, Calif. Machine for stuff- 
ing olives. 2. 5«7, 390. Sept. 11. 

Ashlock, G»'ork'e W., Jr.. Oakland. Calif. Machine for 
pitting cherries. 2,567.591. Sept. 11. 

Ashlock. (;eorge W.. Jr.. Oakliind. Cclif. Apparatus and 
method for the preparation of pimento. 2,578.496, 
iHc 11. • 

Ashman. Joseph L.. Indianapolis, Ind. Instrument panel 
clamping bracket for adjusting automobile trays. 
2..'S4» 7.^1, Apr. 24. 

Ashmead. Frances O., assignee : Set — 
Ashmeiid. Hariy L. 

Ashmead. Harry L.. Yountvllle, Calif., assignor of fifty 
per cent to F. O. Ashmead. Douglas, Wyo. Nail file 
vibrator device. 2..'>44.248. Mar. 6. 

Ashmore, Le<in H. : See — 

Fi'rst Monie A., .Xshmore. and Sngarman. 

Ashton. Albert A., and J. A. Amf-rman, Houston, Tex., 
assignors to Emsco Derrick & Equipment Company, 
l.oH An_'»les. Taiif. Preselet five and actuating mecha- 
nism for selective speed transmissions. 2.556,834, 
June 12. 

Ashton. Benjamin N., assignor to Elerrtrol Incorporated, 
Kingston. N. Y. Inlet water valve for automatic wash- 
ing machines. 2.5r.2.87.> .Aug. 7. 

A«h«f»n. Benjamin N., assignor *n Electrol Incorporated, 
Kingston N Y Valve 2,.^69.9«7. Oct. 2. 

Ashton. Rpnjamin N., a.sslenor to Electrol Incorporated, 
Kingston. N. Y. Pressure fluid type follow-up servo- 
motor. 2..'S72.n02, Oct. 30. 

Ashton. nenjamln .\.. assignor to Electrol Incorporated, 
Kingston. N. Y. Lock'ng and nrt'ssure release_^ mech- 
anism for hydraulic motors. 2.57fi..'>.'S4, Nov. 27. 

Ashton. Beniamln N.. and E. V. Barkow. asslcnors to 
Electrol Incorpor.nted. Kingston. N. T. Portable hy- 
drnallc press 2..'S36.7(»9. Jan. 2. 

Ashfon. Benjamin N.. and E. V. Rarkow. assignors to 
EI*>ctrol Incorporated. Kingston. N. Y. Follow-up 
valve. 2..'.'>0.74«. June 12., 

Ashton. Edward H.. Jersey City, and .\. N. Zwanzlger,>lewoo«l. assiffnors. by mesne assignments, to Steel 
and .Mlov Tank Company, Newark. N. J. Picker stick 
chock. 2.■^.^7 nj3. June 12. 

Ashfon. Ever-tt H. f^e — 

Rlnne. John. Ashton. Mallard, and T.alte. 

Ashfon. EviTett IT.. Jorsoy City. N. J., and II. O. Mallard. 
New York. N. Y.. asslcnors. hv mosne asslcnments. to 
Stt'el and .Mlov Tank Company, Newark. N. J. Loom 
lav. 2.'^'7n44. June 12. 

Ashton. George. T.os .Aneeles, Calif. Continuous cooking 

apparatus. 2..'t49.2<»3. Apr. 17 
Ashton. Georee \V., Sheffleid. asslcnor to Samuel Fox and 

Conjpanv Limited, near Sheflleld. Eneland. Fleat trent- 
nunt of Ktrip metals. 2..'>7fi.1fin. Nov 27. 

Ashton. Ralph E., Arvada, Colo. Tap gtilde. 2,.'S54,770. 
M.iy 20 

Ashton Richnrd A., assignor to Seneca Falls Machine 
Company Svneca FalN N Y. Power-driven dutcli- 
eniraeine mechanism. 2..^36.5S8, Jan 2. 

Ashfon. Rlch.trd .A., assienor to S»'n»>ca Fall* Machine 
Company. Seneca F.ills. N. Y. .Automatic loading 
mt'chanism for continuously rotated chucks. 2.546.684, 
Mar. 27. 

Ashton. RIchird \.. rissltmor to Seneca Falls Machine 
Companv. Soneca FmMs. N. Y. Safety device for 
rotMted shrifts 2 546.685. Mar. 27. 

Ashwood. Pef.-r F. : See- - 

W.'ilker. Daniel N.. Ashwood. and Cowan. 

Ashworth. Eva T.. administratrix : .*■>»• — 
.Ashworth. Joseph A., and' Uostwick. 

Ashworth. Fred. Wenham. Mass.. asslcnor to Fnlted Shoe 
MarhiMcry Corporation. Fh-mlngton. .N". J. Locking 
tlinvid supply case for sewing machines. 2,578,659, 
ivc IS 

Ashworth. Jo«j«.ph .A., deceased, hy E. T. Ashworth. ad- 
ministratrix, r.ernardsvllle. and L. G. Itostwick. Florham 
I»:irk. N. J., assignors to Itejl Teltphone Laboratories. 
Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Tiinperatiire com[)on- 
sated resonant vibrating system. 2..">79.2.S9. l)«-c. 18. 

Ashworth. Joseph I... Worcester. Mass. Swinging frame 
b.ind-sawing machine. 2,556.670. June 12.. 

Ashworth. Marjorie E.. Upper ^Iontclalr. and P. S. Cic- 

cunc. West Orange. N. J. Wheeled toy. 2,567.462. 

S«'(>t. 11. 

Ashworih. n.iwd>>n, Gre»'nmount. near Bury. England. 

.Af ichm>'nt, of sole's ro fo..fw»!ir. 2.578.218, Dec. 11. 

Ashworth. Roy .\.. assignee : See — 

Price. Albert O. 
Askania Regulator Company, assignee: See — 
Glass. Paul. 

Gundersen. Daniel T.. and Weinecke. 
liouk. Warren E. 

Askania Regulator Company, assignee : Ste — Contiaued. 
Hunyan, Kavmond A. 
Zieboli. Herbert. 
Zlebolz, Herbert, and Glass. 

Aske, Leonard E., .Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to General 
Mills. Inc. Stator for induction motors. 2,557,249, 
June 19. „ ^., 

Askevold, Robert J.. Skokle, assignor to The Pure Oil 
Company. Chicago. 111. Determining temjierature of 
(ompl.t.. misclbllTtv of liquids, 2,548.763. Apr. 10. 

Askevold. Robert J . Skokle. and C. M. Thacker Highland 
PKrk. usslgnort to The Pure Oil Company. Chicago. IlL 
Reflux coaa4:nser for fractionating columns. 2,538,957, 
Jan. 23. 

Askliolt. Carl B., Copenhagen, assignor of one-half to v. 
Slefert, Ikast, Denmark. Bracelet for wrist watches. 
2. .'.36. 622, Jan. 2. 

Askln, Morris W., Philadelphia, Pa. Lighting fixture for 
elongated tubular lamps. 2,563.635, Aug. 7. 

Asklns. Ralph W., Toledo, Ohio. Trailer hitch. 2,538,49*, 
.Inn. 16. 

.Askren Lee T., assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester, N. Y. Self-starting contact type electric 
motor. 2,574.997. Nov. 13. 

Aslund. Ivan . See — 

Sahlin, Borje. Aslund. and Jansson. , 

Aspelin. Leslie L. : See - | 

Thoren, Thodore R.. and .Aspelin. 

Aspelin, Leslie L.. Cleveland Heights, assignor to Thomp- 
son Products. Inc.. Cleveland. Ohio. Airplane fuel 
system. 2,547.246. Apr. 3. 

Aspenwall, Carl S., assignor to Eagle Industries, Inc., 
Chicago, ill. Sun visor for cabriolets. 2.559.841. July 

Aspey, Wayne S. : See — 

Cummlng. James M., and Aspey. 

Wallace. James M., Rawlins, Cummlng, and Aspey. 

Asphalt Specialties Co.. assignee: See — 
Dague. Harold F. 

Aspln. Frank M.. Bury. England. Rotary valve construc- 
tion. 2.557. 777. June 19. 

Aspinall Bros. (Huddersfield), Limited, assignee: See — 

Brierley. Sam. 
Asplnook Corporation. The. assignee: See — 

P^irnsworth. Edwin, and Wood. 
Asplnwall. Robert B.. assignor to The Monopower Corpo- 
nitlin, Dftrolt, Mich. Transmission controL Re. 
23.356. Apr. 17. 

Assnda, Marc: See — i 

Clutier, Guy. and Assada. 

Asscher, William B. B., Teddlngton. England, assignor to 
Shell Development Company. San Francisco. Calif. 
Reciprocating liquid fuel burner. 2,540.416, Feb. 6. 

AssefT, Peter A.. Cleveland, asslcnor to The Luhrlzol Cor- 
poration. WIckllffe, Ohio. Met.illlc salt of reaction 
pro<luct of phosphorus sulfide and alkylated cycloall- 
phatic alcohol. 2,540,084. Feb. 6. 

As.^ielin, Georgt* F., Kankakee, and L. F. Audrleth. Trhana, 
III., assl;;nor8 to I'nited States of America as repre- 
Sf'uted by the St-cretary of the Xaty. Concentration of 
thorium. 2.578,623. Dec. 11. 

Asselin. James IL. Wlnnetka, 111. Rail crossing. 
2..V39,529. Jan. 30. 

Asselin, James II.. Wlnnetka. 111. Rail brace. 2,557,494, 
June 19 

Assmar. Thomas D.. Jewett City. Conn. Hiccup treating 
apparatus. 2.500.404. July 10. 

Assmundsson. Axel T.. Goteborg. Sweden. Grocery cup- 
board. 2.577.396. D«>c. 4. 

Associated Development & Research Corporation, assignee: 

Waener. Edmond M. 

AVallach. Irving D.. and Clark. 

Wallach, Irving D.. and Joost 

Wallach. Robert S. 
Assocttifed Kltttric Laboratnries. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Peterson. Sefh E.. and (Jrittins. 
Associatf'<l Ethyl Company Limited, The. assignee: See — 

Pyk. Sven C. 
As.sociated Folding Box Co., assignee: See — 

Samsing, Rolf A. 

Associated Motorists Petrol Company Limited, assignee: 

Todd. Bryan J., and Turner. 
Asso(iate<l Newspapers Limited, assignee: See — 

Jarvis, Fred. ri< k W. 
Associatpd Pai>^r Converting Corporation, assignee: See — 

Reiss. Irwin .A. 
A.ssociated Pnt»'ntt'es, Inc.. assignee: See — 

Koch. Fre<lprick. 
Aasoci;it(>d Sprinc Corporation, assignee: See — . 

r'layton. William. 
Associated A'en»fian lillnd Manufacturing Company, as- 
sign »>«> : Srr — 

Achler. Maurice E.. and Mllstine. 

Astatic Corporition. The, a.ssignee : See — 
Corflos. John E. 
Spry. George. 
Astlll. .Albert A., and G. Fam.i, Cumberland. Md., as- 
sighors to Olanpse Corportalon of America. Stop 
motion. 2,563,906. Aug. 14. 



Aston. Jack B.. Rittman. Ohio. Electrically heated lunch 
kit. 2,577.870. Dec. 11. _, , ^ . 

Asion. Kobert J.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Plnless curtain 
sfrvtcher. 2,54rt.249. .Mar. 27. 

AstrOm. Johan. Nyhamn, assignor to Svenska Cellnlosa 
Aktiebo'aRet. Stockholm. Sweden. Rotatable hollow- 
head debarker mounting flexible bark-remoTing elements. 
''576 912 Dec 4 * 

• AsTry. i'erry D..' Shaker Heights, Ohio. Adjustable load- 
ing dock. 2.560.064. July 10. 

Atchison Elmer B. Pomona. Calif. Separable pressure 
pad attachment for C clamps. 2,579.995, Dec. 25. 

Atchison. Leonard W., Erie. Pa., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Two-temperature cabinet. 2,5o8,6UA 

June 26. . .. ^ , 

At( hison, Leonard W.. Erie. Pa., assignor to General 

Electric' Company. Magnetic valve. 2,575,086. Not. 


Atchison, Leonard W.. Erie, Pa., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Two-temperature refrigerating system. 
2.576.663. Nov. 27. ^^ , . ^ , u 

Atchison. Thomas C.,' Princeton, N. J., assignor to Johns- 
Manvllle Con>«ratlon. New York, N. Y. Manufacture of 
normal ijagneslum carbonate. 2,549,408, Apr. 17. 

Ateliers de Construction Lavalette, assignee: 8eo— 
LflKard<*np. Cernialn. 

Ateliers de Construction Oerllkon. amigne«: See — 
Kaxrer, Josef, and Werner. ^ ^^ , . 

Ateliers de Constructions Electriquea de Charlerol, as- 
signee : See — 
Meunier, MarceL 

Ateliers des ChHrmilles S. A., assignee : See — 
Fulplus. Edmond. ^ ^, 

Ateliers Neyret-Heylier ft Plccard-Pictet, assignee: See— 
Almeras, Paul. 
Danel. Pierre. 

Athans. George E.. New York. N. T. Moistening device 
for gummed surfaces. 2.564.184. Aug. 14. 

Atherton, Albert H.. London assignor to Electric A Mu- 
sical Industries Limited, Hayes, England. Thermionic 
valve utilizing secondary electron emission ampliflca- 
tlon. 2.553.997, May 22, ^ . 

Atherton. Harold S.. Detroit. Mich. Plaster or bandage 
for skin application. 2,577.945, Dec. 11. 

Athey Products Corporation, assignee: See — 
MacDonald. Raymore D. 

Athletic Shoe Company, The, assignee: Sef — 
Treat, Floyd C. „ 

Athy, Clifford R.. Dallas, Tex and C. R. Konkle, assignors 
to International Derrick A Equipment Company, Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. Cable anchor for well derrick lines. 
2..%.52.924, May 15. 

Athy, Lawrence F.. and H. R. Prescott. assignors to Conti- 
nental Oil Company. Ponca City. Okla. Selsmographlc 
record correlation system. 2.539.220, Jan. 23. 

Atiyeh Amen. Wllkes-Barre, Pa. Vacuum cleaner nozzle 
with variable suction control. 2,556.022, June 5. 

Atkin. Kenneth C. assignor to Clarke Sanding Machine 
Company. .Muskegon, Mich. Motor-driven tool. 
2.546.846. Mar. 27. 

Atkins. Clifford : See — 

Duesbury. William H.. and Atkini. 

Atkins, John H. C. : See — 

Clark. Thomas and Atklna. 

Atkinson. Arthur L.. assignee: See — 
Brown. Frank M. 

Atkinson Earl B.. Bay Village. Ohio. Conduit hanger. 
2.567.463, Sept. 11. 

Atkinson, Edward B.. Rteubenvllle. Ohio, assignor to 
National Steel Corporation. Pumping system. 2,573,297, 
Oct. 30. 

Atkinson, George C. assignee: fie« — 
Weaver, James C. 

Atkinson. Herbert J.. Sudbury. Mass. Liquid detergent 
feeding device 2.579,167. Dec. 18. 

Atkinson Jo W.. Colorado Springs. Colo. Money storage 
container. 2..543.751, Mar. 6. 

Atkinson. John F., .Arlington. Va.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Sprague Electric Company. North 
Adams, Mass. Wiring analyzer. 2,555,306, June 6. 

Atkinson, John P.. and S. Lnbin, Arlington, Va.. assignors 
to Sprague Electric Company. North .Adams. Mass. Re- 
mote monitoring system. 2.574.458. Nov. 13. 

Atkinson, Phillip S., Noroton, Conn., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Automatic change-over 
valve. 2.549,409, Apr. 17. 

Atkinson, Robert G., BartlesvUle, Okla., assignor to 
Phillips Petroleum Company. Coal gasification process 
and apparatus. 2,572,829. Oct. 30. 

Atkinson. Robert P.. and J. N. Barney. Indianapolis. Ind., 
assignors to General Motors Corporation, Dayton. Ohio. 
Rotor shifter. 2.563,302. Aug. 7. 

Atkinson. Thomas P., Newport Beach. Calif. Drill device. 
2.579.720. Dec. 25. 

Atkinson. Truman L., Ludlngton. Mich. Screen structure. 
2..')53.125. May 15. 

Atkinson. William B.. Colorado Springs, Colo. Self- 
unloading vehicle. 2.574,315, Nov. 6. 

923445— P 3 

Atkinson William B.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Elec- 
trical apparatus having silicone rubber insulation. 
2.557.928, June 26. . „ . ^ . 

Atklsson, William H., Monrovia, Calif. Take-up device. 

2.550,440, Apr. 24. 
Atlanta Paper Company, assignee : See — 

Forrer. Momer W 
Atlantic Development Company, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Andersen, Ilother H. 

De Lancey. Warren H. 
Atlantic Electronics Corporation, assignee : See — 

Tawney, Gereld L. 
Atlantic Products Corporation, assignee: See — 

Cart, Theodore S. 

Klsh. Michael. Jr. 
Atlantic Refining Company. The. assignee : See — 

Chamberllii, Newell K. 

Ciapetta, Frank G. 

Clarke, Edgar W. 

(Iriesinger, William K. 

Hersberger, Arthur B. 

Hobson. Richard P. 

Hunter. James B. 

Nevison. John A., and Qrlealnger. 

Ramser. John H. 

Reld. John C. Jr. 

Woodcock. Charles H. 
Atlas Inir>erial Diesel Engine Co., assignee : See — 

Laxo, Ed. 

Laxo, Ed and Fredenburgh. 

Waters, Lawrence W. 
Atlas Instrument Company, assignee : See — * 

Clark. Joseph C. 
Atlas Plvwood Corporation, assignee : See — 

Muller, Robert A. 
Atlas Eolar Company Limited, assignee : See — 

Becker, John E. 
Atlas Powder Company, assignee : See — 

Barker. George E. 

Brandner. John D. 

Carey. Claude H.. and Walton. 

De Navarre, Maison O.. and Ortffla. 

(Jriffin. William C. 

Huyett, Daniel D. 

Jefferson. George D., and Stigger. 

Sevold. Bovd J. 

Taylor. William J. 

Atlas Press Company, assignee : See — 
.Modderman, Helmer. 
Van Dam, Walter L., and Karr. 

.\tlas Supply Company, assignee : See — 

Logan, William W. 
Atlee. Zed J., Dea Plalnes. assignor to Dunlee Corporation. 
Chicago, 111. Protective means for rectifier cathodes. 
2.558,603. June 28. 
.\tmar, Doris L. : i<ee — 

Goodwin, Beulah S.. and Atmar. 

Atomic Energy Commission. United States of America 
as represented by the. assignee : See — 
Fisher. Ray W. 

McDuflle. Bruce. Scbelberg. and Thompson. 
Miller. William T.. Dlttman. and Reed. 
Morrison. Philip. 
Zimmerman. Charles. 
Zinn. Waller H. 
.\tomlx Inc.. assignee : See — 

Boe. Carsten F.. and Lowstnter. 
Atterbury. Stanley T., Chicago, III. Snaffer. 2,536,900, 

Jan. 2. 
Attorney General of the United States. Vested In the: 

Chauvin. Andr^ A. 
De Salnt-Exup4ry, Antolne. 
DroulUy. Eugene J. 
Golicke. Roman. 
Lolkema, .Tan. 
Mercler, Jean. 
Robin. Leo. and van Roggen. 
Salomon, Francois M. M. B. 
Smits. Wytze B. 
VancoppenoUe. Jean. 
Attrldge. Rosa R.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Slogle-phaae 

induction motor. 2,541,683, Feb. 13. 
Attschuler. William H.. and B. Wo.vnar. Chicago, 111., 
assignors to Combustion Engineering-Superheater, Inc. 
Compact steam generator. 2,502,442, July 31. 

Attwood, Charles W., Wayne, Mich. Pipe or tubing sup- 
port. 2,541,908. Feb. 13. 

Atwater, Conway L.. Georgetown. Conn. Umbrella. 
2.538..5.')0. Jan. 16. 

Atwater. Leon W.. Willlamston, Mich. Combination arm- 
rest and heat shield. 2,577,561, Dec. 4. 

Atwell. Clarence A.. Pittsburgh, and C. P. Jenkins. 
I^aughllntown. assignors to Weatinghouse Electric 
Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Power-plant excita- 
tion system. 2.539.173. Jan. 23. 

Atwell, Ilarold V., Beacon, assignor to The Texas Com- 
pany. New York. N. Y. Shale distillation with flaldlzed 
residue treatment. 2,544.912, Mar. 13. 



Atwell. H&rold V.. B«acon. astlgnor to The Texas Com- 
pany. New York. N. Y. Effecting catalytic conversion. 
S.-ViS.aJW* May 15. 

Atwell. Harold V.. Beacon, assicnor to The Texai Com- 
pany. New York. N. Y. Upgrading Diesel fuel. 
2.r.ti_'.980. .\UK. 7. 

Atwell, Harry X.. Milwaukee. Wis. Dancing puppet. 
2.r)44.lJ4. .Mar. «;. * h »-»- 

Atwell, Henry G.. Lake Villa. 111. Ball pitching device. 
2.54'>«. Apr. 17. 

Atwoml. Harry D.. Rockford. III., assignor, by mesne 
aaaiiinments. to Recon.struction Finan<e Corporation, 
WashinKton. D. C. Multiple copy typewriting machine. 
2,.')57.0«57. June H>. 

Atwoo<l. John M.. Riverhead. N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of .Viiierica. Sy.stem for distinguishing 
between having different characteristics. 
2,.^*51.772. July 24. 

Atwood. John B.. Riverhead. N Y.. assignor to Radio Cor 
poration of America. Frt'queocv divider. 2,5«2,228, 
July ;!1. 

Atwood, John B., Riverhead. N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporntion of .America. Peak-reading tunln<» indica- 
tor. 2.571.6.'>0. Oct. Ifi. 

Atwoo<l. Rawson. Garden City. N. Y. Textihe stioi.l. 
2..'".«i4.94«. Aug. 21. 

Atwood. Seth B.. jissignor t.> Th.> .\twood Vaiuurn Ma- 
chine Company, Rockford. 111. Fohlable awning frame. 
2.57J».7KO. Dec 25. 

Atwoo<l Smith n.. Jr. : Hef — 

Bo<ldy. I.,eonard. and Atwood. 

Atwood Vacuum .Machine Company The. assignee : See — 
Atwood. Seth B. 

Atwood. William K.. Clendale. and R. L. Holland, Sun- 
lan<l. Calif. Fuel rank. 2..'>7B.555. Nov. 27. 

Aoberschek. Joseph F.. Milwaukee, Wis. Faucet fllt«r. 
2..')S0.O«rt. Dec. 2.'>. 

Aabert, Fred B.. Detroit, Mich. Combustion air control 
system for vaporizing burners. 2.538.8.'S«. Jan. 2.'i. 

Aubert. Freti B.. IV-fr<>it, Mich. Btirner system, including 
IjrWtion controlling means. 2.569,089. Sept. 25. 

Aubln, Wallace A., assignor of one-thinl to L P Me<"iii 
and one-third to L. P. Robare. Au Sable Forlcs N Y. 
Bit clamp for carpenter's plane. 2.565.193, Aug. 21. 

Aubrey. Richard, Jr.. Honrdman Township Mahouint' 
County, and .\. .\. Chambers, assignors to The Younirs 
town Sheet & Tube Company, Youngstown, Ohio. .\p- 
panitus for transversely testing cylindrical ' members. 
2..')7S.031. Dec. 11. 

Auburn Rubber Corporation, assignee: See — 
Thurman. Ferdinand H. 

Audemar, Pierre G. J. M., VlUennes-sur-Selne, France. 
Device for preventing sliding parts irom rotatin;:. 
2 .'>5 1.4 10. May 1 

Audino. Hector, Teaneck, N. J. Package of box blanks. 
2..572..%84. Oct. 2.-?. 

Audio Devices. Inc., assignee : See — 
Haynes. Bryce. 

Audls<'ope <"orporation, assignee: See — 
Pierce, Edith H.. and Schantx. 

Audrieth. Ludwlg F. : Sre 

.\s>elln, George F., and Audrieth. 

Audrieth, Ludwig F., Crbana. and P. H. Mohr, Ch.ini- 

Falgn. assignors to Olin Indnstries. Inc., Fast Alton. 
11. Aipieous emulsions containing hydrazine deriva- 
tives as emulsifying agents. 2.544,772. Mrfr. 13. 
Auer, Frederick. Teaneck. assignor to Champlain Com 
pany. Inc.. BloomtieM. \. J. Register control means 
for continuous and intermittent web feed mechanism. 
2,.'>48.13H. Apr. 10 
Auer. Frederick. Teanecli. a.«slgnnr to Champlain Companv 
Inc., Bloomfleld, N. J. Hydraulic impression gear for 
printing presses. 2.5C9.034. Sept. 25. 
Auer. John : .Sfce — 

Jensen Louis E.. and Auer. 
Anerbach. Isaac L. : See — 

Kckert. John P.. Jr.. Sims, and Auerbach. 
Auerbacher. Werner F. : See- - 

Paradise. Lionel P.. and .Aiieri)acher. 
Anfderheide. Benjamin D., assignee: See — 

Smith. Eston H. 
Auflero. John M.. Plandome. assignor to B. A Labora- 
^orieg In<?u, Brooklyn. N. T. Dry cell lamp switch. 

Auflero. John .M . Plandome, assignor to E A. Labora- 

I.''rL*'^:ool"'"v ."'■pj?'«'y°- N. Y. Electric sound horn. 
2 5fl0.tl23. Julv 10 

Auflero. John M.. Plandome, assignor to B. A. Labora- 

V^V.^^-.J^I- ?'"ooklyn. \. Y. Heater structure. 

2..')«>.^.449. .Aug. 7 
Angenfeld. Felix. New York. N, T. Stand or display 

system. 2.538,958. Jan 23. 
Augenstein. Karl C. Cranston, assignor to Speidel Tor- 

Moration. Providence, R. I. Connector for wrist watches. 

2.549.410. .Apr 17. 
Aughey Clarence L., and L. V. McCartv. Milwnukee Wis 

assignors to A P Controls Corporation. Thermostatic 

eTpan<5ion valve. 2,547 070 Apr 3 
Angt«purger, Luther S.. Rockford, and D. F. Hasse Roscoe 

as-slgnors to Aaero Manufacturing Co. Rockford 111' 

Pipe nnlon or coupling. 2.543.311, Feb. 27. 
Aucustadt. Herbert W.. Westfleld, N.'j.. assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated New York N Y 

Indicating apparatus. 2.546.814, Mar 27 • - • 

Augustadt. Herbert W.. Westfleld. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Tt'lephonc Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, X Y. 
Automatic volume control. 2.57."i.;)90 Nov "O 

Auguste. Henry R., Los Angele*. Calif. Emergency shut- 
off tool for tire sprinklers. 2,5.55.461. June 5. 

Augustin. Jean, assignor to Compagn'le Industrielle de 
Cre<ilt. Paris. France. Vulcanizable rubber mixes and 
vulcanized rubber products made therefrom. 2 571 100 
Oct. 16. ... 

-Vujrustine. Frederick B.. Jefferson, X. J., assignor to 
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Incor[»orated. Lubri- 
cating oil C(jmpoBltions containing the reaction products 
of difsters of ditliio phosphoric acid and uinene 
2..')r,i.77.;. .i„iy J4. 

Augustine. Roy ^^ .. Oak Park, and J. F. Houdek. Jr., 

assignors to Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company, 
Chicago. Ill Variable. i»ercu88ion hernieticallv sealed 
el.'ctroniairnetic call .xignal d»'vice. 2,.')7S O.TJ Dec 11 

Augustonl, Romeo, Zurich. Switzerland. Portable machine 
tool. 2,539.003. Jan. 23. 

Auld. D. L., Company, assignee: See — i 

Hyatt. Samuel W. 

Aultz. William J.. Overton. Nebr. Device for picking 
up messages from moving trains and the like. 2.573 298 
Oct. 30. ... 

Auman. James D.. assignor to Armstrong Cork Company, 
uincaster. Pa. Sorting machine. 2.561.413. July 24. 

Auranm. Hannu J. : See — 

Hallenberg, Harrv I)., and Auramo 

Aurbach. Kurt, assignor to Anker Werke. A.G . Bielefeld 
Germany. Type wheel adjusting mechanism. 2.579.535 
Dec. 2."t. 

Aurin. Raymond A., Western Springs. 111. Shoe holder 
2.;>5.),020, .May 29. 

Ausiander, George, Long Island Cltv. X. T. Combination 
wet and dry h».at generator. 2.556 071 June 12 

Auspos, Lawrence A.. Tonawanda, X. \*., and J B 
Dempster. Woodbury, X. J., assltrnors to E. I. du Pont 
de .Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Polymeriz- 
ing ethylene glycol terephthalate. 2.578.660 Dec 18 

'^"^"J?Ar'l?'"l?" ^- Tarrant. Ala. Safety bathing Jacket. 

J.5h9. i42. Oct. 2. 
Austin. Chester R. : See — 

Dlck.-y. Ralph I.. Austin, and Pavllsh. 
Austin. U., Columbus, Ohio, assignor, bv mesne 

assignments, to Armstrong Cork Company, Lancaster, 

Pa. Producing fibrous material. 2.554,486, May 2!t 
Austin. Chester R., and A. G. Allison, assignors, by mesne 

assignments, to Battelle Development Corporation 

Columbus, Ohio. Ceramic coating composition coated 

article and making same. 2.558.411, June 26 
.Austin. Clarence L., .Morrison. III. Hog ringtr. 2,571 813 

Oct. 16. 
Austin Donald D., Sr.. assignor to National Broach & 

Machine Company. Detroit. Mich. Shaving crown gears 

by rocking and traverse. 2.536.343. Jan. 2. 
Austin Donald D.. Sr., assignor to Xatlonal Broach & 

Machine Company, Detroit. Mich. Shaving crown gears 

by rocking. 2.547.517, Apr. 3. 
Austin. Donald D., Sr., assignor to Xatlonal Broach & 

Machine Company, Detroit, Mich. Rotary cutter 

2.563.90 (. .Aug. 14. 
Austin, Donald D., Sr., and K. J. Davis, assignors to 

.National P.roach and .Machine Company. Detroit Mich. 

Work locating and driving mechanism. 2.576,497. 

Nov. 27. 

Austin. Douglas C, Wellsboro, Pa. Egg cleaning machine. May 1. 

Austin. Douglas G., Wellsboro. Pa. Egg tumbling mecha- 
nism for eL".r cleaning machines. 2 56S 693 .Sept "5 

Austin. Glen L.. and E. B. Byrd. Happy. Tex. Posthole 
auger. 2..>78.033. Dec. 11. 

.\u8fin. James .A. : See — 

Kartsonls. I'anl L.. and .Austin 'I 

Austin. LesMe W. : See — I 

Hicks. James C. and Austin. 

Austin. L»'slie W. San Jose. Calif., assignor to Kaiser 
;^l"1i'"""' T* Chemical Corporation. Making magnesia. 

Austin. Lesll.. W San Jose. Calif., assignor to Knlser 
toVV™ '>".V71 10^ Oc^Ve^*""^''""*'"' ^^"^*'"'» refrac- 

Austin Leslie' W' San .fo«e. Calif., as^lmnr to Kaiser 
Aluminum A Chemical Comorntion. Magnesia refrae. 
tory materials. 2.571.102 Oct 16 s"*-"'" reirac 

Austin. Leslie W San Jose. Calif., assizor to Kaiser 
Aluminum & Chemical Corporation. Magnesia refrac- 
tory and making. 2.-572.688. Oct 23 

Austin Leslie W.. San Jose, and J C. Hicks. Menlo Park 

Calif assignors to Kaiser Aluminum k Chemical Cor- 

9"^^^7 mo f o^PO-'te refractory and bonding the same. 
^..^.i<,iMj. Jan. 9. 

Austin Leslie W.. San Jose, and J. C. Hicks. Menlo Park 
Calif., assignors to Knlser Aluminum & Chemical Cor^ 
^""j'*""; Refractory bonding metho<l and refractories 
produced thereby 2.537.013 Jan 9 a«-iurieB 

Austin. Leslie W.. San JOse. Calif., and D Rhodes Alfred 
X. \. assignors to Kaiser Aluminum k Chemical Corl 
poration. Oakland. Calif. Refractory and semirefrac- 
torv niateri.-ils and manufacture. 2 .'43 75'> Mar 6 

Austin. Leslie W. San Jose, and J. C. Hicks M'enlo'Park' 
< allf . assignors to Kaiser Aluminum A Chemical Cor- 
poration. .Magnesia refractorv and making 2 579 781 
Df<-. 2.">. 



Austin. Merritt B., Jr., Deerfleld, 111. Electric-cable 

fitting. 2.538.014. Jan. 1«. 
AuBtin, Merritt B., Jr. Kenilworth, 111. Support for elec- 
trical fixtures. 2.550,662. May 1. 
Austin Motor Company. Limited. The. assiKucH; : See — 
BiKhop. John L. ll. 
Bishop, John L. H.. and Weaving. 
Rix. John K.. and Ellcock. 
Austin. Ralph W., Weymouth, assignor to Knight and 
Thomas Incorporated. Somerville, Mass. Fire extin- 
gulHher. 2.554,726, May 29. 
Austin. Rulpli W.. Weymouth, assignor to Knight and 
Tliomas Incorporated, Somervllle, Mass. Fire extin- 
guisher. 2.554.727. May 29. . 
Austin. Robert C. : See- 

Krotz, Alvin S.. and Au.'^tin. 
AuHtlid. Arnljot. Oslo, Norway. Sewing machine. 

2.57i).248, liec. 18. 
Austlid. Ol.'iv. Oslo. Norway, assignor to Bernay Agency 
Inc.. Brool<lyn. N. Y. Trunk deformation correctinj,' 
device. 2.552.475. Mav 8. 
Australian Iron & Steel Limited, assignee: See — 

Kseher, 11. ins. 
Auten. Howard L.. East Peoria, 111. Machine for buffing, 

sanding, and the like. 2,576,745. Nov. 27. 
Auten. Jay C, lU^yal Oak. assignor to Chrysler Corpori- 
tion. Highland I'ark. Mich. Stoker overload safety 
clutch. 2.551.718. May 8. 
Auth, Charles G., Malba. and A. H. Schramm, Springfield, 
assignors to Auth Electrical Specialty Co., New York, 
N. Y. Audible signaling device. 2,549,157, Apr. 17. 
Auth Electrical Specialty Co.. assignee : See — 

Anth. Clinrles (J., and Schramm. 
Autie. Ertward G., and F. W. Jobnes. a85;ignor to Applied 
Hieh Fre<iuency Limited. London. England. Flash con- 
tro' tiectrode. 2.5t-9.968, Ort 2. 
Auto Appliance Patents Co.. The. assignee : See — 

Clark. J-H'l B 
Auto t:ruz Corporation, assignee : See — 

Robnett. E V. Jr. 
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company, assignee : See — 

Mueller. Joseph J. 
Auto Transport Co.. assignee : See — 

Carey. Clinton C. 
Autocall Company. The. assignee: See — 

Richmond. Norman E. 
Autocar Company. The. assignee: See — 

Crookston. James J. 
Autociro Company of America, assignee: See — 
Baker, (Jeorge T. 
Balzer. Harvey W. 
Bartelink, Fverhard H. B. 
Campbell, Harris S. 
Dorr. <'larence J. 

Grnybill, Kenneth W., and Sengebusch. 
Crimns. Morris E. 
Pnllin. Cyril G. 
Pullin. Cyril C... and Watsen. 
I've. Harold C. 
Rlebe. Theodore C. 
Rudeforth. Stanley. 
Stanley. Paul H. 
Voss. John II. 
Wicks. John. 
Autograf Brush & Plastics Co.. Incorporated, assignee : 
See — 

Mayer. Joseph W., and St. Clair. 

Autoeraphlc Register Company, assignee: See — 
Brenn. Carl W. 

Automnflc Canteen Company of America, assignee: See — 
Carlson. John W. 
Thompson. Ernest H. 
Thompson. Ernest H., and Doggett. 

Automatic Controls Corporation, assignee : See — 

Hal'.'h. Richard A 
Automatic Devices. Incorporated, assignee : See — 

Du Perret. Arthur W. 
Automatic Die i^- Products Company, assignee : See — 

BrandPR, Frank A. 

Automatic Electric Laboratories, Inc., assignee 
Baker. George T. 
Bakker. Pier. 
Balzer. Harvey W. 
Balzer. Harvey W.. and Ostline. 
Bartelink. Everhard H. B., and Daskam. 
Bielenbere. Raymond G. 
Carroll. Bernard A. 
Dimmer. Robert P. 
Ffolllott. Charles F. 
Glannini. Gabriel M. 
Crnndstaff. Othn I). 
Grayblll. Kenneth W. 
Or;iviiill Kenneth W., and Sengebusch. 
Grimes. Harlan E. 
T!nd>'.-lf1. Flertrati) M. 
Henrikson. Oscar W.. and Sarglsson. 
Herrlck. Roswell H. 

Herrlck. Rnswell II.. Fowler, and Dimmer. 
Jones. Roy W. 
Kessler, Frank. 
Lomax. Clnrenee E. 
Lomax. Clarence E.. and Sengebusch. 
Marble, Clarence, and Ruckdeschel. 


Automatic Electric Laboratories, Inc., assignee : See — 

McCreary. Harold J. 

Molnar. Imre. 

Montanl, Angelo. 

Novy. Richard J. 

Ostline. John E. 

Sengebusch. Hans. 

Stehllk. Rudolph F. 

Taylor. Reginald, and Baker. 

Voss. John H. 

Wicks, John. 

Wicks. John, and Graadstaff. 

Wood. Fredrlc E. 
Automatic Electric Manufacturing Company, assignee : 
See — 

Klammer. William C. 

Klammer, WilHam C., Schneider, and Mattson. 
Automatic K<)uipment Manufacturing Company, assignee: 
See — 

Rhoade.s, Don W. 
Automatic Injection Machines Corp., assignee: See — 

KardorfT. Leon. 
Automatic Instrument Company, assignee: See — 

Andres. Lloyd J. 

Kasnowich. Anthony M. 
Automatic Machinery Company, assignee: See — 

Matthews. Louis L. 
Automatic Manufacturing Corporation, assignee: See — 

Mazzola. Joseph R. 
Automatic Products Company, assignee: See — 

Koch. Rndolt. 
Automatic Pump k Softener Corporation, assignee: See — 

Whitlock. Robert A.. Jr. 
Automatic Screw Products Company, assignee : See — 

Voelker, Henry H. 

Automatic Sewing Equipment "Co., Inc., assignee: See — 

Schwartz. Leo, and Mansson. 

Automatic Shifters. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Hey, Henry W.. and Ingres. 

"Automatic" Sprinkler Corporation of America, assignee: 
See — 

Rider. Harry N. 
Automatic Steel Products, Inc., assignee: See — 

Harrison, William R.. Kilpatrick. Zimmermann 
Sproul, and Galleher. 

Wickwire. Arthur M., and Zimmermann. 
Automatic Telephone & Electric Company Limited as- 
signee : See — 

Baker, George T. 

Jones. Eric W.. and Pearce. 

Terroni, Teseo B. D., and Parker. 

Woodland. Cecil R. 
Automatic Temperature Control Co., Inc., assignee: See — 

Oodshall. John C. • . * 

Hnn*. Wai-^er L.. and Macgebrge. 

Macceoree. William D. 
Automatic Totalisators Limited, assignee: See — 

Both. Edward T.. and Grace. 

Julius, Awdry F. 

Julius, Awdry F. and G. A. 
Automatic Voting Machine Corporation, assignee: See — 

Oustavson. AlvIn N. 
Automatic Washer Company, asslgtee : See — 

Emmert. f.'lavton F 
Automatic X-ray Corp., assignee : See — 

Rood. Harold D. 

Automotive A Marine Prodncta Corporation, assignee: 
See — 

Taber, William H.. and Albert. 
Automotive Produrts Company Limited, assignee: See — 

Gates. Geoffrey R. G. 

Parker. Sydney M. 
Automotive Service Tools. Inc., assignee : See — 

Linn. Charles E.. and Hummel. 

Automotive Soring Company, assignee : See — 

Heuer. Lawrence H. 
Autonack (London) Limited, assignee : 6ee — - 

Lee. George A. 
Autorihon Aktiengesellschaft, assignee: Bee — 

Kappeler, Hans. 

Zschokke. Dlethelm. 
Autopnint Company, assignee: See — 

Bauer. Hans A. 

Menning, George, and Seibert. 

Nelson. Ziehen V.. and Seibert. 

Seibert. Ernest H. 

Auto-Soler Company, The. assignee : See — 

Wrisht. John G . Chnfln. Sudan Watklns. and Hanson, 

Wrlcht. John G.. Toney. Watklns, Sudan, and Max- 
Autotrac Limited, assignee : See — 

Kos. Michael. 
Autoyre Company. Incorporated, The, assignee : See — 

Sanford. Rov S. 
Autry. Eugene. Brooklyn. N. Y. Reciprocating mop hear' 

cleaner. 2..')61.965. July 24. r * ** " " 

Avaklan. Souren : See — 

Martin. Oustav J., and Avaklan. 

Avaklan Souren. Oreland. and G. J. Martin, assignors to 
The National Drug Company. Philadelphia. I'a .N-(3- 
benzothenyl ) -N-ethyl-betachloroetBvlamlne adre 

2.553.495. May 15. 

-betachloroetBylamlne adrenolytic. 



Avco Manufacturinjc Corporation, auignee: 8e« — 
Buris. Uurland A. 
Baylo. Arthur D. 

Beuson. Kiil|)li L. ^ ' . 

Bill. Gfor»«? \V. ' 

BuMitard. Euiinery J. H. 

iiianili^rlin. John W. • • 

EdHlfwjhn. Charles R. . \ 

Fuller. Frederic E. 
Glvenrod. Wilbum H. 

liufTiiiunn .S;tii«uel K.. and Caminez. ^ 

Hoist. I'aul F. G. 
Hoist. Paul F. G., and XelBon. 
Johnson. Fix I J. I 

Nave. Alfred E. ' 

Nurberjt. 0»iar E.. and Nave. 
N<?rberK Osoar E.. and Norrlsh. 
Oliver. Wallace F. 
Parker. Norman W. 
Reid. John P. 
Reld. John D.. and Bolat. 
Schwari, Hans G. 
Shirk. Waller B. 
Spencer. Robert L. . 

8w»'eney. Daniel J. 
Vuti. Wllholm. 
Wedle. Frank L. 
WleKmaD. Clarence H. 
WIssel, Francis A. 
Avediklan. Souren Z.. Larchraont, N. Y. Maklnu hypo- 

sulrttes by means of amalRam. 2.576.769. Nov. 27. 
Avelli. Philip A.. Richmond Hill, N. Y. Bobby pin dis- 
penser an*l refllllnK means. 2,539.684. Jan. 30. 
Avenla. Thomas. New lork. N. Y. Wheel tester. 2.537,616. 

Jan. 9 
Avera, Fltzhugh L., assignor to Rosefleld Packing Co. 
Ltd.. Alameda. Calif. Stabilized peanut butter. 
2..'»«.925. May 15. 
Averette. Thomas P.. Bell. Calif. Trailer dolly and steer- 

Injt arm therefor. 2.581.644, July 24. 
Ayerlll. Ida J.. asslKnee : Bee — 

Williams. Harry 8. 
Arerlll. James D.. assignee : Bee — 

Williams. Harry S. 
Avers. Henry, and J. W. Oround. Stillwater. Okla. Attic 

louver. 2.5r)5.r)26. June 5. 
Avery. B. F . A Sons Company, assignee : Bee — 

Stutzke Robert E. 
Avery. Curt M. : See — 

Wlckerham. William R., and Avery. 
Avery. Dallas B.. Pontlac. Mich. Four-wheel control 

steering mechanism. 2.572,966, Oct. 30. 
Avery. Dallas B., I'onrlao. assignor of one-half to 11. A. 
and L. E. Watson, Capac, Mich. Connecting a trailer 
to a draft vehicle. 2.576.38.^. Nov. 27. 
Avery. Harold T.. Oakland. Calif., assignor to Marchant 
Calculating Machine Company. Calculating machine. 
2.538.826. Jan. 23 
Averv. Harold T.. l»akland. Calif. Rotating wing aircraft. 

2.539.562. Jan. 30. 
Avery. Harold T.. Oakland. Calif. Control system for ro- 
tating wing aircraft. 2.546.881. Ifar. 27. 
Averv. HiUard M.. Indianapolis, Ind. Scalp-treating 

devii-e. 2..'.6<) 795. On. 2 
Avery, Howard W., Schenectady. N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Control valve. 2,566.051, Aug. 
Avery. Ray S., South Pasadena, assignor to Adhesive De- 
velopment Co., Los Angeles. Calif. Adhesive label and 
tape dispenser and applicator. 2.569.140. Sept. 25. 
Avery, Robert J.. Clearwater, Manitoba. Canada. Pistol 
type flashlight with trigger actuated switch. 2,536.484, 
Jan. 2. 4 

Avery. Steven B.. East Orange. N. J., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Coprox. Inc.. New York. N. Y. Cementl- 
tlous material and making. 2,556.156, June 12. 
Avery. William H,. Silver Spring, Md.. and B. S, Old. 
Concord. Mass.. assignors, by mesne assignments, to 
Republic Steel Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. Tuy*re. 
2.540.231, Feb. 6. 
Avery, William L.. Coral Gables. Fla^ assignor of one- 
half to P. E. Arnall. Gritlin. Oa. Diaper. 2.544.002. 
Mar. «. 
Aveta, Albert A., New York, N. Y. Cam released clutch. 

2.551.922. May 8. 
Avey Prilling Machine Company. The, assignee : Bee — 

Basemcyer. Edward J. 
Aviation Developments Limited, assignee : Bee — 
Cooke. Artbor H.. and Mumford. 
Cralgle. Samuel W. 
Avlla. Abelardo G : See — 

Polkenroth. Earl E.. and Avlla. 
Avila, Frank W., Columbia City. Ind.. assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Overrunning clutch type 
gear synchronizer. 2.540.232. Feb. 6. 
Avlla. Frank W.. Columbia City. Ind.. assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Sprag type synchronizer 
device. 2 546,712. Mar 27. 
Avl"ger. Ernest C. and T. T. Murphy. "Wando. S. C 
Machioe 'or cutting logs Jnto sections. 2,569,878. 
Oct 2. 
Avondale Mills, assignee 
Pope. Richard R. 

Avrlck. Abraham. New York. N. Y. Sealing machine at- 
tachment for gummed tape dispensers. 2,560.065. July 

Axe. William N. : See— j 

Benedict. Bru«-e C. and Axe. 
Junes, Jean P.. and^'Axe. 
Wagnt-r. Cary R.. Axe, and Himel. 

Axe, William N.. Lartlesville. Okla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Alkylation of phenols. 2,544,818. 
Mar. 13. 

Axe. William N.. Bartlesville. Okla.. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Lubricant manutuctare. 2,5d4.- 
395. May 22. 

Axelgate Corporation, assignee: Bee — 
Axelrotl, Maurice. 

Axelrod. Maurice. Cleveland, assignor to Axelgate Cor- 
poration, Dayton, Ohio. Applying decalcomanla de- 
signs to wrinkle finishes. 2,572,907. Oct. 30. 

Axelson. I'arl A. : ^'fc — 

Bowersett. Charles F.. Baker, and Axelson. 

Axiotes. .Anthony A., Newport, U. 1. Swimming device. 
2.556.894. June 12. , 

Axman. Max W. : See — ' 

Adams. Paul G.. and Axman. 

Ayala, Hector L.. Ocotlan. Mexico, assignor to Celanese 
Corporation of America. New York N. Y. Transfer tail 
applying means. 2.542,106. Feb. 26. 

Aycock. Hugh. Phoenix. Ariz. Laterally rocking type tire 
removing hand tool. 2.571.617, Oct. 16. 

.\ydelott. Charles K.. Oakland City. lud. Bailed hny lifter. 
2.556.386. June 12. 

Aydelott, John C. Lawrence Park O. W. Bower. Danville, 
Pa., and G. M. Adams, Seattle, Wash., assignors to 
General Electric Company. Control system. 2.ott5,293, 
Aug. 21. 

Ayers. Arnold L.. Bartlesville, Okla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Retlning soybean oil. 2,561,330, 
July 24. 

Ayers. Edgar H., Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Refrigerator defrosting device. 
2.538,639. Jan. 16. 

Ayers. Fred L.. Watertown. Mass. Shoe anu making the 
same. 2.563,303. Aug. 7. 

Ayers, George W. : See — 

Krewer. William A., and Ayers. 

Ayers. George W., Chicago. 111., and E. E. Harton. Jr., 
Alexandria, Va.. assignors to The Pure OH Company. 


Ohluriuating hydrocarbons. 

Chicago, l\l. 
Feb. 20. 

.\yers. George W.. Chicago, 111., and E. E. Harton. Jr.. 
Alexandria, Va., assignort to The Pure Oil Comnany, 
Chicago. III. Chlorluatlon of hydrocarbons. 2.548.764, 
Apr. 10. 

.\yer8, George W., Chicago. E. E. Harton, Evanston, and 
L. R. Mazurk, assignors to The Pure Oil Company. Chi- 
cago, 111. Inhibiting the corrosion of ferrous equipment 
used In the regeneration and boiling of alkali metal 
solutions. 2.556.387. June 12. 

Ayers, Joseph G., Mount Lebanon Township. Allegheny 
County, assignor to Copperweld Steel Company, Glas.s- 

Jiort, Pa. Uniting claa rods end-to-end and rendering 
oints uniform with the remainder of rods. 2.556,160. 

June 12. 
.\yers, Joseph W., Easton, Fa., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to C. K. Williams A Co.. East St. Louis, 111. 

Producing cuprous oxide. 2.554.319. May 22. 
Ayers, Joseph W., Easton. Pa., assignor to Agrashell, Inc. 

Flre-avoidlng grinding and ciasalfylng system and proc- 
ess. 2,554,4a0, May 22. 
Ayers. Joseph W.. Laston, Pa., assignor to Agrashell, 

Inc. Apparatus for grinding combustible materials. 

2561.04.3. July 17. 
Ayers, Joseph W., Easton. Pa., assignor to Agrashell, Inc. 

Grinding of organic materials. 2.565,420. Aug. 21. 
Ayers. Joseph W.. Easton Pa., assignor to Agrashell. Inc. 

Phonograph record molding compositions and records. 

2.572.f98, Oct. 23. 
Ayers. Osbom. Plalnfleld. N. J., assignor to Johns- 

Manvllle Corporation. New York. N. Y. Manufacturing 

structural Insulation. 2,554.934 May 29. 
Ayerst, McKenna and Harrison. Limited, assignee : See — 
Beall, Desmond. 
Jacobs»'n Krik. and TIald. 
Ayerat. McKenna 4 Harrison Limited, 
Cook. Arthur S.. and Grant. 
Deans. Sidney A. V.. and Scarrow. 
Richardson, Edwin M., and Grant. 
Trussell. Paul C. 
Aylesworth. Carman F., Ferndale. Mich. 

2.573,757. Nov. 6. 
Aylsworth, Herl>ert G.. Charlestown. Mass. Fishtailed 

hull. 2.555..'t07. June 5. 
Ayo. Jackson J.. Ellzat>eth. and F. J. Gajewski. Linden, 

N. J., assignors to General Aniline k Film Corporation, 

New York. N. Y. Detergent composition. 2,542.385, 

Feb. 20. 
Ayo. Jackson J., Elizabeth, and F. J. Gajewski. Linden. 

N. J., and H. L. Sanders. Easton. Pa., assignors to 

General Aniline * Film Corporation. New York, N. Y. 

Detergent composition. 2.560,839. July 17. 
Ayotte. Joseph R.. Chicago, 111. Safety razor. 2.555.105. 

May 29. 
Ayotte, Philip. Bridgeport, Conn. Convertible machine 

carrying case and workstand. 2.554.136. May 22. 

assignee: Bee — 




for making 

assignor to American 
Container. 2,558.7:i3, 


Ayoub, Solomon M., Aosonia. Conn. Window ghade fix- 
tur<'. 2..')S0.214. Apr. 24. 

Ayres. Donald F., Poughke«>p«ie. assignor to The De Laval 
Separator Company. New York. N. Y. Standardizing 
ceutrifugally separable product- 2,542,456. Feb. 20. 

Ay res. John A.. Schenectady. N. Y.. asslpnor to the 
United States of America as represented by the Lnited 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Zirconium and 
hafnium recovery and purification process. 2,.>07,0bl. 

Ayres.'* John E.. Elizabeth. N. J. Smoking pipe. 

2.573.822. .Nov. 6. ., ^, ^ 

Ayres. Waldemar, Kew Gardens. N. i. Gear toy. 

2.545.131. Mar. 13. . . .. «^ . * 

Ayres. Waldemar A.. Kew Gardens Hills. N. Y.. assignor to 

The Sperry Corporation. Color altimetry. 2,j43..oJ, 

Ayres. Waldemar A., Kew Gardens Hills. N. Y.. asslpnor 
to The .sperrv Corporation. Apparatus '— — ^'"'' 
stereoscopic pictures. 2.5(50.538. July 17. 
Ayres, William H.. Baltimore. Md., 
Can Company. New York, N. Y. 
July 3. 
Ayr»'H. William R. : See- 
Martin. Daniel W.. and Ayres. 
Ayrton. Wm.. St Company. Limited, assignee 

Osborne. Frank 
Azzara, Catherine, executrix : See — 

Azzara. Santo. .. _ 

Azzara Santo, deceased, by C. Azzara, executrix. Queens 
Village, assicnor of tifty per cent to Andrew Geller, Inc.. 
Hrooklyn N. Y. Machine for operating on soles. 
2.542.(514. Feb. 20. 
v.. I',, rhciiiical Co.. fissijjnee : See — 
Ortswold. Stanley M. 
Hytle. lienjamin D. 

Macdonald. Alex.-mder D.. and Sprague. 
Manning. Jo8»'ph F., and Seymour, 
.Morris. Thomas C. and Johnson. 
R. A n. Oli Tool Co., assignee : See — 

Brown. Howard C. 
B. H. B. Mfg. Co. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Boel. Henry C and Hallberg. 
B. M. (". Manufacturing Corp., assignee: Sefe — 

Hurlbut. Gordon K. 
B. S. A. Tools Limited, assignee : See — 

Oirilvle. William. 
B. V. C. Electronics Developments Limited, assignee : See — 

Briggs. George. 
B. V. C. Industrial Constructions Limited. asslgiTee: See- 
Daniels. Arthur W. 
BX I'la.stics Limited, asslgnoo : Pre — 

Pinner. Solomon H., and Whitehead. 
Baak. Albert E.. Los Anceles. Calif., assignor to Minne- 
anolis-Honeywell Regulator Compan.v, Minneapolis. 
Minn. Manual and automatic control apparatus for 
combustion engines. 2.579.643. Dec. 25. 
Baak, Albert E.. assignor to Minneapolis-Honeywell 
Reirnlator (^ompany. Minneapolis. Minn. Switch. 
2. .'(."57.929. June 2(5. 
Baash-Ross Tool Company, assignee: See — 

Johnson, Glenn D. 
Baay John. New York. N. Y. Smoking stand with re- 
flector and lamp. 2..')74,164. Nov. 6. 
Babayan, Vlgen K.. West Enelewood. N. J., assignor, by 
mesne asslcnments, to The Fulwal Chemical Corpora- 
tion. New York. N. Y. Cyclic reuse of cyclohexylamine 
in rosin acids separation. 2.578.661. Dec. 18. 
Babb. John J.. Laurel, Miss , and N. J. Smith. New Orleans, 
La., said Babb assignor to Geophysical Ser\'lce Inc., 
Dallas. Tex., and said Smith assignor to The California 
Company, New Orleans. La. Apparatus for marine 
seismic prospecting. 2. .544, 819. Mar. 13. 
Babbitt. Bernard R. : See — 

Ellostad. Reuben B.. and Babbitt. 
Ellestad. Reuben B.. Stewart, and Babbitt. 

Babbitt. John F.. assignor to J. V. Pilcher Mfg. Company. 
Incorporated. Louisville, Ky. Hinged prop for picture 
frames. 2.542,958. Feb. 20. 
Babcock. Foster A.. Philadelphia. Pa. Printer's calcula- 
tor and circular slide rule. 2,.561,263, July 17. 
Babcock Gordon M. : See — 

Rpthwlsch. Francis B., and Babcock. 
Babcock A Wilcox Companv. The, assignee : See — 

Allardt, Ernst W. 

Bailey. Ervln G.. and Dickey. 

Bailev. Ervin C . and llardgrove. 

Behr." Robert K. 

Bice. Graham W, 

Carpenter. Otis R. 

Christie. Leonard D., Jr., and Norton. 

Cox. Rodney S. 

Craven, John I'. 

Ebbets. George D.. and Hardgrove. 

Evans. Sldlov O. 

pink. Lerov >f. 

Fletcher. James, and Huge, 

Gangewere. Ray O. 

Oro.s.<<mnn. Pnu! R. 

Grossman. Paul R.. and Shannon. 

Hardcrove. Ralph .M. 

Harter. Isaac. 

Harter. Isaac. Jr., and Ratcliffe. 

Babcock & Wilcox Companj, The, assignee: See — Con. 

Harvey, James L. 

Kessler, George W. 

Kooistra. Lambert. ' I 

Langvand. Ivar L.. and Schoessow. 

Maxwell, Carl A. 

Mi'Dunald, Bfitram N. 

Miller. Benjamin H. 

Mo-ler. Edwin K., and Gilg. 

Norton, Charles L., Jr. 

Rasmusen, Reidar P. C. 

Ratcliflr«», Temple W. 

Rivers. Uevwa.-d. 

Rowand. Will H. 

Sparks. Cedric H. 

V6ron. Marcel. 

Woolley, Charles H. . . 

Babcock. William P.. Hollywood. Calif. Toy airplane con- 
struction. 2.5,55.670. June 5. ^ ^ 
Babcock. William S.. Jr.. Orange. N. J., assignor to Fed- 
eral Telephone and Radio Corporation. New York \-\- 
"Switching key with roller actuating miaus. 2,560,324, 

Babcock, Zebe A.. Cass City, assignor to B. R. Smutek. 
Detroit. Mich. Concrete block packing machine. 
2..54 1.981. Feb. 20. 

Babee-Tenda License Corporation, assignee : See— 
Reingold. Noah. 

Bablcz, George. Chicago, 111. Device for separating prltit- 
inE rollers in the absence of a paper sheet. 2,55J,,19a, 
May 15. 

Babin, Lionel J., assignee : See — 
Rabin. Lionel J.. Jr. 
Freeman. Dewey J. 

Babln, Lionel J.. Jr., assignor of eighty five per cent to 
L J Babip, and fifteen per cent to D. Melancon. Houraa, 
lA. Awning Clip. 2.578.4(50;, Dec. 11. 

Babinirton. Henry M.. LiUlwau^. Wash. Rait dispenser. 
2.5r,o..'^81. July 10. 

Babish. Richard C. : See— 

Waller. Fred, and Rabisli. 

Babit. David. Newr York. N. Y. Multipurpose furniture. 
2.5(56.818. Sept. 4. 

Rabka. Richard J. : See — 

Reck Frederick W.. Rabka. and Luklns. 

Babllk, Heinz, assit'nor to B. V. R. Rablik, Vienna, 
Austria. Galvanizing apparatus. 2,570,746, Oct. 9. 

Babson I'.ros. Co.. assli:uee : ^f'e — 

Babson, Henry B.. and Thomas. 

H«nrard. Fernand J J. J. 

Schilling. Lorell J. , . 

Babson. Henry B.. Chicago, and C. A. Thomas. I>ake 
Forest. III., assignors to Babson Bros. Co. Milking 
parlor stall. 2,504.047, Aug. 14. 

Babson. Robert D: See — 

Rittenbender. William A., and Rabson. 

Rabson Roger W.. Welleslev. Mass.. assignor to Gravity- 
Research Foundation. New Roston. N. H. Stairway 
with movable handralf 2.576.556. Nov. 27. 

Racca. Charles R., Covington Ky. Electrical brake op- 
erating device. 2..551.523. May 1. 

Baccaro. Peter R.. Los Angeles, Calif. Spool rack. 
2 556 249. June 12. 

Baccel, Aldo E. and G. F.. Woodland, Calif. Disk harrow 
squad hitch. 2.577.993, Dec. 11. 

Baccel. Guido F : See — 

Raccei. Aldo E. and G F. 

Racchi. Ray : Kre — 

White. Ira M.. and Racchi. 

Race, Charles N.. River Edge. N. J. Television cabinet 
with sliding removable chassis. 2.543.146. Feb. 27. 

Rach Emmnn. Scarborough. J. P. Gratiot. New York, and 
O L Core. Douglaston. N Y.. and G. R. Llnderman. Jr.. 
Washington. D. C. assignors, by mesne assignments, 
to The de Florez Company. Inc. Register control for 
w»>b f«»d casemaking machines. 2.556.787, June 12. 

Rach Henry M. Woodmere assignor, bv mesne assign- 
ments, to A A. Glass. New York. N. Y. Audiometer. 
2.555..?90. June 5. 

Rach Henrv M.. Woodmere. assignor, by mfsne assign- 
ments to 'A. A. Glass. New York. N. Y. Radio oscillator 
control 2 555 391. June 5. 

Rach Niels B. New York, N. Y., assignor to The Mlrr- 
lees Watson Company Limited. Glasgow. Scotland. 
Removing suspended solids from liquids. 2.570.304, 
Oct 9 

Rnch. Rot>ert I.. Snndpled. Norway. Draught excluding 
nrranuement for doors. 2 554.771, Mav 29. 

Rach Walter H.. Los Angeles. Calif Motion-picture cam- 
cm rpflfx view finder. 2.551.085. May 1. 

Racharach Rose. Elmhurst, N. Y. Conrhinatlon greeting 
card and framed picture. 2.547.3.59. Apr. 3. 

Rachelder Tif Rov R.. Daytoh. Ohio. Storm window. 
2.573.681 Nov. (^. 

Bachelet. Albert E., assignor to Bell Telephone Labora- 
tories Incorporated. New York, N. Y. Multi frequency 
generator. 2,541,320. Feb. 13. 

Bacheller. "D" Fl.tvlus. Gl^ndale. Calif., assignor to 
"Pump-It" Incorporated. Dispensing pump attachable 
to the neck of a container for viscous material, having 
an tnlet conduit extending into sajd container. 
2. .547. 109. Apr. 3. 

Bacher. Frederick A. : See — 

Trenner. Nelson R.. and Bacher. 



Jan. 30. 
Knpraving ma- 

EnRravlng nia- 

, assignee : TRc« — 

Bachle, Carl F.. assignor to Continental Aviation and 

Engineering Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Hocker arm 

construction. J.."i7L'.!)«8. <irt. ;?(). 
Bacbli. Herman, and H. S. Shapiro, assignors to Chicago 

Specialty Mfg. Co. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Water aerating 

device. 2.541.854. Feb. 13. 
Bacbli. Herman, and H. S. Shapiro, assignors to Chicago 

Specialty Maninacturlng Co.. Chicago. 111. Wrench 

having pivotal jaw cooperable with multisurfaced fijtcd 

Jaw. 2..'>.').S.3.13. June 2«. V 

Bachli. Herman, and H. S. Shapiro, assignors to Chicago 

Specialty .Mfg. Co. Inc., Chicago, 111. Pipe bend^T. 

2.5GS.Gy4. .Sept. 25. 
Bachman. Henjamin T... riiilidelphia, and D. J. Macklin, 

St. Davids, Pa. Adjuster, track tension. 2,r»tjl,'.»01, 

July 24. 
Bachman. Carl O . Watertown, X. Y. Winding machine. 

2.578.461. Dec 11 
Bachman, Carl O., Watertown. N. Y. Me«hanical move- 
ment. 2.579.642. Dec. 25. 
Bachman. Fr«-d E. : See — 

Tack, Carl E. and Bachman. 
Ba<hman. Fred E.. assignor to American Steel Foundries, 

Chicago, 111. Side bearing. - 2,544,874. Mar. 13. 
Bachman. William S., Kairtiefd. Conn., assignor to Oenora' 

Electric Company. Magnitlc recording and repro<IuclnR 

system. 2.553.J!tn, M.ny l.'. 
Bachmann P.ros. Inc.. assignee: See — 

McNeill. Albert G. 
Bachmann, Jules, Dubendorf. assignor to M. Schneider, 

Zurich, Switzerland. Luggage carrier attacheil to th 

back-wheel stays of cycles. 2..'S39.381. 
Bachmann, Oscar. Zurich, Switzerland. 

chine. 2,5«l,43fi. Julv 24. 
Bachmann. Oscar. Zurich. Switzerland. 

chine. 2.579.290, Dec. 18. 
Bachmann U.xbridge Worsted Corporation 
Jasmin. Wilfred <?., and Ilerlihv. 
Rose. Paul R. , 

Smvth. Harold E. ' 

Bachrach. Charles, assignor to The Delman Corporation. 

Des Momes. Iowa. Nozzle support. 2.570.435. Nov. 27. 
Back F. O.. Video Cori>oration. assignee : See — '■ 

Back. Frank G 
Back. Frank G.. assignor to F. G. Back Video Corpora 

tton. New York, N. Y. Ueflectlng optical mirror sys-" 

tem. 2.561.774. Julv 24. 
Back. Frank C... .\f>w York, and H Lowen. Forest Hills. 

N Y. ; said Lowen assicnor to said Back. Three-com- 
ponent lens system of the petzval type. 2,578,r)24. Dec. 

Back. Joseph B.. Garden City. X. T. Cigar wrapper. 
2.559.000. July 3. 7 »'»^ 

Back. L«>on;tr(l, .Middletown. Ohio, assignor to The Inter- 
stati; FoUlinir I'.ox Conu)any. .Mechanism for senling 
cartons. 2. .550.516. Apr. 24. 

Back. Leonard, assignor to The Interstate Foldine Box 
Company, Middletown. Ohio. Apparatus for setting up 
cartons. 2.5ri0.405. July 10. , 

Back. Sellg. New York. N. Y. Cigar and cigarette lighter. Jan. .30. 

Backensto. Elwood B.. Woodbnry. N. J., assignor to 
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, incorporated. Sweet- 
ening hydrocarbon mixtures. 2.543.9.53, Mar. 6. 

Backhouse. Headlev T., assignee: See — 
Tehhs. George W. 

Backhouse. Headley T.. Wentworth. England. Apparatus 
for reglstt^ring sht'ets. 2.555.913. June 5. 

Backm.m. William. Sacramento. Calif. Color-reflecting 
plastic button with central plug. 2.554,602 Mav 20 

Backman. William. Sacramento, Calif. Color-reflecting 
plastic button. 2.568,212. Sept. AH. 

Backmark. Nils E G.. Hammarbyhojden. and K E I. 
Jansson. Enskede. assignors to TeNfonaktlebolaget 
I- M Ericsson. Stockholm. Sweden. Electrode system 
for trochotrons. 2..536.150. Jan. 2. 

Backofen. Rvan. and G. L. Turner. Battle Creek, assienors 
to Clark Equipment Companv. Buchanan. Mich Mate- 
rial handling apparatus. 2.536.151. Jnn 2 

Bficks'rom. Sleurd M . assignor to Aktleholacet Elek- 
trolux. Stockholm. Sweden Heating means, including 
a heat transfer system. 2.570.189. Oct. 9. 

Backus, Carl. Cincinnati. Ohio. Adjustable spring ten 
sloning of bed springs. 2,558,288, June 26. 

Backus, Earl R.. Glassport, Pa., assignor to T'nlted States 
Steel Company. Apparatus for lubricating metallic 
strips 2.555.021. Mav 29 

Backus. Edward D.. Mt Pleasant. S. C. Drawer construc- 
tion. 2. .562.290. July 31. 

Backus, Harold A.. .Morion Station, assicnor to Bond Dis- 
plays. Inc. Philadelphia. Pa. Method and apparatus 
for stereoscopic photoirraphv. 2..566.110 Aug '•8 

Bacon. Carlo, w.. Sr., assignee : See — 
Benke. William. 

Bacon. Clinton J.. Los Angeles, and S. J. Kent. Van N'uys 
Calif. Nailing machine. 2.546,354. Mar. 27. 

Bacon. David L.. North Haven, and J. E. McLoughlin, 
as8lgnor.<< to The Soumlscrlhor Corporation. New Haven. 
Conn. .**hock mount. 2,572,960, Oct. 30. 

Bacon. Elbrldge F.. C. S. Comev. and M. F. Saxton. Flint, 
Mich ; said Bacon assicnor to said Comey and said 
Saxton. Double-acting cupboard door catch 2 552 390 
May 8. 

Bacon, Elbrldge F.. C. S. Comey, and M. F. Saxton. Flint, 
Mich., »aid I'acon a8.><ignor to said Comey and saiu 
Saxton. Door latch. May 22. 

Bacon, Jack C, Stamford, and W. 1". Hart. Glenbrook, 
Conn., assiniors to American Cyanamid Company, New 
York. N. Y. Chlorotriazine resins and making the 
same. 2.565.194. Aug. 21. 

Bacon, Leslie R., and D. B. Conklin, assignors to Wyan- 
dotte Chemicals Corporation, Wyandotte, Mich. Com- 
position for inhibiting sap stain. 2,549,358, Apr. 17. 

Bacon. Leslie R., Wyandotte, and J. V. UtrhaU'k. Detroit, 
a.NSignors to Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation. Wyan- 
dotte, Mich. -Alkali mt-tal salt-organic sulfoxy tleter- 
gent compositions inhibited against deterioration of 
vitreous- and ceramic-ware surfaces. 2.575.576. Nov. 

Bacon, Ralph E. W., Manhattan Beach, Calif. Feeder 
for rabbits and poultry. 2,571.004, Oct. 9. 

I'.acon, Kol)ert, Brooklyn, N. Y. Hair curler. 2,552,509. 
.May 15. 

Bacon. Walte-- M.. assignor to Bell Telephone Labora> 
tor'ep. Incorporated. .New York, N. Y. Telegraph stor- 
age svsiem. 2.560.443, Oct 2 

Bacon, Walter M., assignor to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated. Nfw York. N. Y. Communication system. 
2,-572,831. Oct. 30. 

Bacon. Walter .M.. .S'ew York, and E. P. Watson. Larch- 
mont. assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. In- 
corporated. .New York. N. Y. Communicating system. 
2.560.266, Julv 10. I, 

Bacon. William : See — ' 

Davidson, Robert K.. and Bacon. 

Bacterjildal Research, Inc.. assignee: See — 
Fnchs. Walter M. 

Raddour. Maurice F.. assicnor to Designers for Tndustrv, 
Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Electric switch. 2.565,643, Aug. 

Bade. Alfred G.. assignor to The Falk Corporation. Mil- 
waukee. Wis. Variable-speed transmission. 2,578,914. 
Dec. 18. , 

Badenn. Carroll A. : See — I 

fJreene. Donald L . and Badeao. 

Badoaox. James H.. Madison, Wis. Multiple control valve. 
2.539.221, Jan. 23. 

Badenhausen. John P.. Meadowbrook. Pa. Furnace grate. 
2.563.388. Aug. 7. 

Bidenoch. Beni.imin.W.. Log Angeles, Calif. Cooking de- 
vice. 2 569.365 Sept. 25. 

Bader. James B.. Webster Groves. Mo., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Missouri Automatic Control Corpora- 
tion. Defrosting controL 2.541,145. Feb. 13. 

Bader. Stephen. RockviHe Centre. N. Y. Belt grinding 
and polishing machine. 2.578,062, Dec. 18. 

Badertscher. Darwin E. : See — 

Schick. John W., Hartoagh, and 

Badertscher, Darwin E,. and C. F. 
N. J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum 
porated. Mineral oil composition. 

Badertscher. Darwin E„ and W. H, King. Woodbury. N. J., 
assignors to Socony Vacuum Oil Companv, Incorporated. 
Refining hydrocarbon lubricating oils. 2.546.916, 
Mar. 27. , 

Badcer. Georee M.. Jr. : See — ' * 

Pettefer. Robert L.. and Badcer 

Badger. Harrv M.. assignor to Landers, Frary. & Clark, 
New Britain. Conn. Heating system for containers. 
2.541.321. Feb. J3. 

Badger SliLrt Company. The. assignee : See — 
T>ance. Frank C. 

Badger Wire k Iron Works. Inc., assignee : See — 
Hornik. Joseph, Sp. 

Badgley, Jarvls E. : See — 

Morrison. Robert H., and Badgley. 

Badeley. Robert P.. Wyoming. W. A. Wllk^n. Cincinnati. 
Ohio, and C. Tietlg. Covlncton. Kv. Automatic compa- 
rator for records. 2,580,270. Dec. 25. 

Badlsche I'hrenfahrik O. m. b. H., assignee: See — 
Pani. Wilhelm H., and Trenkle. 

Baechll. Georee, assicnor to Jov Manufacturlne Companv, 
Franklin, Pa. Coal feeder elevator. 2,543.518, Feb. 27. 

Baechli. George, New Philadelphia. Ohio, assignor to Joy 
Manufacturing Company. Material handling apparatus. 
2,543.519, Feb. 27. 

Baehr. Carl G.. West Haven, assignor to The Grelst Manu- 
facturing Company. New Haven. Conn. Cloth-holding 
device for buttonhole attachments. 2.547.921, Apr. 10. 

Baenzlger. Leonard N.. assicnor to Royal Electric Com- 
pany, Inc., Pawtucket, R. I. I>ag fuse. 2,557,587. 
June 19. 

Baer. Charles A. : See — | 

.MeTander. Collin H., and Baer. 

Baer, Edward G.. assignor to The Wlll-Burt Company. Orr- 
vllle, Ohio. Coal metering and cleanoat block for atok- 
ers. 2.569.969. Oct. 2. 

Baer. Massimo. Indian Orchard. Mass., assicnor to Mon- 
santo Chemical Company, St. Louia. Mo. Stablliied 
halogen-containing resins. 2,561,044, July 17. 

Baer. Massimo. Springfield. Mass.. assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Reaction of amtno- 
trlazlne-aldehyde with vinyl acetate-malelc copolymer 
2.553,524. May 15. 


Feasley, Woodbury, 

Oil Company. Incor- 

2,543.-542, Feb. 27. 



Baer. Massimo. Springfield Mass.. asKignor to Monsanto 
Chemical ComiJany, St. Louis, Mo. I'reparing Letero- 
polyiiiers of unsaturated carboxylic acids with esters of 
unsaturated alcohols. 2.5G2.85J, July 31. 

BatT. Massimo. S|)ringheld Mass., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical ("nmpany. 8t. Louis, Mo. Insolubili/.aiion ol 
watiT-soluble copolymers, l'. 562,833. July 31. 

Baer. Mas.simo. Springfield Mass.. assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Crosslinked sulfo- 
nated polystyrene. 2,580,271, Dec. 25. 

Baertl, Paul. Zurich. Switzerland, lieat responsive elec- 
tric switch. 2.542..S8S). Feb. 2»). 

Baertschl. Fred P.. South Reloit, and F. R. Nelson. Rock- 
ford. 111., said Nelson assignor to said IJaertschi. Over- 
head traveling carrier. 2,538,752, Jan. 23. 

Baerwald. Walter 11.. and A. A. Berg, assignors to Berg 
Mfg. & Sales Co.. Chicago. 111. Saddle tank. 2,557,250. 
June 11». 

Baeza. Walter J.. New York. N. Y.. assignor to H-P-M 
Development Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Apparatus 

. for molding flanged workpieces. 2.562,87G. Aug. 7. 

Bagdigian. Nishan S.. Chariestown. Mass., assignor of one- 
half to A. A. Arabian. Providence. It. I. Method and 
package for preserving food. 2,509,217, Sept. 25. 

Baggerud, Oscar J.. Jersey City. N. J. Ship's bow con- 
struction. 2.543.654. Feb. 27. 

Baggott, Edmund W.. Brooklyn, assignor to Novelty 
4 Toy Co., Ilollis. N. Y. Toy vehicle. 2,540,317, 
Feb. 6. 

Baggott, Kdmund W., New York. N. Y., assignor to Ideal 
Toy Corporation. Toy wheel construction. 2.566,111, 
Aug. 2S. 

Baggott, Edmund W.. New York. N. Y.. assignor to Ideal 
Toy Corporation. Toy vehicle with demoub table body. 
2.576.9»0. Dec. 4. 

Baggs, Harry II.. Yuma. Ariz. Screen attachment for ve- 
hicle ventilator windows. 2,544,003. Mar. 6. 

Bacgs. Robert N.. Haddonfield. N. J., assignor to Inter- 
national Resistance Company. Philadelphia. Pa. Con- 
tainer for resistors or the like. 2,558.920. July 3. Frank W. : See — 

IIult(|uist. Martin E.. and Bagienski. 

Bagley. Glen D. : «ee — 

Bohnet. William J., and Bagley. 

Bagley, Joiin 1'.. Jr.. South Iladley. assignor to Stanley 
Home Products. Inc., Westfield, Mass. Wringable mop 
(•onstruction. 2.550..'?{)7. Apr. 24. 

Bagley. Joseph C. Selma. Ala. Nut pickup device. 
2.540,857. Feb. «. 

Bacnall Joseph C. Jr.. Attleboro, Mass.. assignor to 
Swank. Inc. CufT link with tilting head. 2,548,930, 
Apr. 17. 

Bagnasco. Dante V., Brooklyn, N. Y. Safety pin. 
2.546.662. Mar. 27. 

Bagnato. Vito. Woodside, N. Y. Convertible jacket. 
2.542,300. Feb. 20. 

Bagon. Abram. Brussels. Belgium. 
2.5:i8.437. Jan. 16. 

Baguley. Eric: Sec — 

Weston. William K.. and Baguley. 

Bahan. (Joctrge F.. (Ireenville. S. C. 
mark eliminator. 2.555.055. June 5. 

Bahnson. Fred F.. Winston Salem, N 
cabinet. 2.5.1S,349, Jan. IH. 

Bahr. Henry H.. assignor to Guaranteod Buff Co.. Inc.. 
New York. N. Y. Construction of buffing wheels. 
2.559.385. July 3. 

Bahr. Henry H., assignor to Guaranteed Buff Co., Inc.. New 
York. N. Y. Ventilated spoke-wheel buff. 2,562.688. 
July 31. 

Bahr. Henry H., assignor to Guaranteed P.uff Co Inc.. 
.New York. N. Y. Wheel for butting. l.'.572.092/Oct. 

Balir. Henry H.. New York, and G. Becker, Queens Village, 
.•tssignors to Guaranteed Buff Co., Inc.. .N'ew York, N. i. 
Buthng wheel .structure. 2.572,003 Oct 23 

Railway sleeper. 

Warp tension set 
C. Yarn beating 

Fish pole holder. 

Bahr, William D.. West Allls. Wis. 
2.541.146. Feb. 13. 

Bahre. CJeorge L., Merlden. Conn. Stereoscopic magnifier. July 10. 

Hahre. R<ibert P., SufBeld. Conn. Tractor mounted dis- 
tributor. 2,537.202. Jan. 9. 

Bala. Philip, Illcliland Park. Mich. Two-speed rewind 
device. 2.555.»!71. June 5. 

Baldeme. Antnony, and E. M. Cowan, Westfield, N. Y.. said 
Baideme assignor to said Cowan. Hydraullcally con- 
trolled tractor mounted hoe. 2.539,174. Jan. 23. 

P.aier. Willard E. : See — 

Stevens. Jesse W.. Prltrhett. and Baler. 

Bailey. Alvln Z.. Yellow Springs. Ohio. Universal sup- 
port for typewriter paper. 2,546,143, Mar. 27. 

Bailey, Arthur J.: See — 

Bonnell. Gordon H., Bailey, and Garllck. 

Bailey. Benjamin F.. Ann Arbor. Mich., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to The P^lectric Auto-Lite Com- 
pany. Toledo. Ohio. Periodic interrupter for direction 
signals with voltage compensation. 2.560.539, July 17. 

Bailey, Benjamin F.. Ann Arbor, Mich., assignor, hv mesne 
assignments, to The Electric Auto-Lite Companv. To- 
ledo. Ohio. Directional signal and circuits therefor. 
2.572.094. Oct. 23. 

Bailey. Bradford E.. Elizabeth. N. J., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Equipment for removal 
of entrained solids. 2,574.370. Nov. 6. 

Bailey. Carl W.. Concrete. Wash. Concrete fence post. 
2.578.165. Dec. 11. 

Bailey. Chri.stopher E. G.. London. England, assignor to 
Hartford Na,tional Bank and Trust Companv. Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Control system for electronic decod- 
ers. 2,569,970. Oct. 2. 

Bailey Company. Incorporated. The. assignee: See — 
Bailey. David C. 

Bailey. Dana L.. Rock Hill. S. C, and B. C. Bard. Du- 
mont, N. J., assignors to Celanese Corporation of 
America. Candle filter. 2.574,521, Nov. 13. 

I'.ailey. David C. assignor to The Bailey Company. In- 
corporated. Amesbury. Mass. Glass run cbanneL 
2.555.952. June 5. 

Bailey. Edgar P. : Sic — 

Buckley, Charles W.. and Bajley. 

Bailey, Edna E.. Mount MorriSs Mich. Portable garment 
hanger. 2.577.397. Dec. 4. 

Bailey, Edward A. : Hee — 

Schulz. Edward L., and Bailey. 

Bailey. Edward T. W., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Flame 
divergence controlling means for fuel oil burners. 
2,578.121. Dec. IJ. 

Bailey. Edwin R., Grand Rapids, Mich. Rubber conduit 
cleaner of the plunder>e. 2..'>44.2'.t<i .Mar <; 

Bailey. Ervm G.. Easton. Pa., and P. S. Dickey, Ea»t 
Cleveland, Ohio, assignors, by mesne assignments, to 
The Babcock & Wilcox Company, New York. N. Y. Con- 
trol system. 2.546.119. Mar. 20. 

Bailey. Ervin G . Kaston. Pa., and R. M. Hardgrove. West- 
field, assignors to The Babcock & Wilcox Company, 
Rockleigh. N. J. Aerating feeding of pulverized mate- 
rials. 2,559.557. Julv 3. 

Bailey. Francis M., .Scotia. N. Y.. assignor to General 
Electric Company. Direct-current amplifier. 2,570.088. 
Oct. 2. 

Bailey. Fred V., assignee : See — • 

Bailey, Walter H. 

Bailey. Frederick S.. Morristown, N. 
tlonal-Standard Company. Metal 
2..'i.-)3,029, May 15. 

Bailey, Fre<lerick S.. Morristown. N. 
tional-Standard Conn>any. Metal 
2.508,695. Sept. 25. 

Bailey. Herbert O.. Springfield. N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Li(iuld level gauge viewing 
device. 2.047.731. .Apr. .{. 

Bailey. James. Bridgeport. Conn., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Rotary shelf cabinet. 2.570,747. 
< let. :». 

Bailey, James. West Hartford, assignor to Plax Corpora- 
tion. Harttord. Conn. Method of and apparatus for 
manufacturing plastic sheets. 2.545.868. Mar. 20. 

Bailey, James, assignor to Plax Corporation, West Hart- 
ford, Conn. Multiple fiber strand. 2.545,869, Mar. 20. 

Bailey. James, 
lord. Conn. 
July 3. 

Bai'ey. Joseph W.. Sr., Murphy. N. C. Fire escape device, 
2.569.597. Oct. 2. 

Bailey, Laurelle W.. Los Angeles, Calif. Mail sorting 
apparatus. 2.564,185. Aug. 14. 

r.ailey. Laurelle W.. Los Angeles. Calif. Rapid service 
means. 2.569.366. Sept. 25. 

I'.ailey. M. Emmett. assignee: See — 
Rekdalil. Wallace H. 

Bailey. Maurice E.. Orchard Park, assignor to Allied 
Chemical and Dye Corporation. New York, N Y. Re- 
covery of naphthoquinone. 2,536.833, Jan. 2. 

J., assignor to Na- 
sheet drying oven. 

J., assignor to Na- 
sheet drying oven. 

assignor to Plax Corporation West Hart- 
Manufacture of lay flat tubing. 2,559,386, 




Bailey Meter Company, assignee : See — 
Barnard. Clayton H. 
Dickey, Paul S. 
Duerihger. Walter E. 
Fellows. Frank H., and Weaver. 
(ireen. Thomas A. 
Hartman. Carl I). 

Hoffman. Howard T.. and Hornfeck. 
Hornfeck. Anthony J. 
Howe, Thomas H. i 

Johnson. Clarence. 
McKvoy. James E. 

Rutherford, Victor S.. and Hornfeck. 
S.iwyer. Harold T. 
Shannon. Jack F. 
Swain. Ralph R. 
I'.ailey. Miles E.. Tnnawnnda. assignor to Remington Rand 
Inc.. Buffalo. N. Y. Machine for securing photographic 
film in statistical record cards. 2.555.218 May 29 
Bailey. Paul W.. Oakland. Calif. Washbasin for use in 

aufomohiles. 2.547.613. Apr. 3. 
Bailey. Raymond M.. assignee : See — 

Biner. George M. 
Bailey. Raymond W.. Akron. Ohio. Fjshlng lore 

2 558.121 June 26. 
Bailey. Richard B.. and C. C. Watklns. assignors to 
Zehung Chemical Company, Portland. Oreg. Cation- 
exchange phenolic resin compositions and prodaclng 
them. 2.541.909. Feb. 13. 

Bailey. Robert E.. Mlshawaka. Ind.. assignor to United 
States Rubber Company, New York. N. |Y, Making flexi- 
ble fuel tanks. 2.558.807. July 3. 

Bailey. Robert H.. Port Washington, N. Y. Automatic 
stepless transmission. 2.553.126, Maj 15. 



Bailey, Robert S.. BBsignor to Internationul Standard 

Electric Corporation, New York, N. Y. (Jamuia ray 

directional receiver. 2.Ii51,57U, May 8. 
Bailey. Robert 8.. aaalKnor to International Standard 

Electric Corporation. New York. N. Y. Tranaverse 

travelluK wave amplifier. 2..'ir>l).38l. July 10. 
Bailey. Robert S.. aaalKnor to International Standard 

Electric ("orporation. .NVw York. N. Y. .Microwave nvn- 

era tor. J.o.'iy.SMJ. July 10. 
Bailey, Roy \V.. and J. T. Faull, a88lenor<< to Detroit 

I^ower Screwdriver Company, Detroit, Mich. Injector 

mechanism. 2,o77,94rt. I»fc. 11. 
Bailey, Theodore, Habaua. Cuba. Dry shaver. 2.573.758, 

Nov. 6. 
Bail«>y. Thomas S.. Jr.. assiftnor to Mining Trooesa and 

Patent Company. I>enver, Colo. Concentrator for min- 
erals In fine sized ranges. 2.558.724. July 3. 
Bailey. Walter H., Columbus, Uliio, axalKnor to F. V. 

Bailey, BirminRham, Ala. Weed dedector for fishing 

lures. 2.539.60.5, Jan. 30. 
Bailey. Wllba A.. Nrttional <Mry, Calif. Protective cover 

for animals. 2 539.606, Jan. 30. 
Bailey. Wilfred. Meet, and J. Hoy. South FamborotiEh. 

asslKnors to Power Jets (Research and Development) 

Ltd.. London. England. Gas dlfTuHers for air tiupp^ie<i 

to comhwxtion chnmhers. 2.5.'>M.1fil. June 12. 
Bailey, Willard A.. Piano, III. Mobile disk projector for 

shuffleboards. 2.567.313. Sopt. 11. 
Bailey. William A.. Jr. : Set- — 

Bennett, Clarence S., and Bailey. 
Bailey. William D.. Jr.. Oakland Calif. Vehicle hood and 

bumper construction. 2.569,218, Sept. 25. 
Ballev. William R. : .Sfee— 

ftllnn. Welford C . and Bailey. 
Balihe, George. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cable moorlni; pennant. 

2..')rtl.487. Julv 24 
Baillie.s Milton C, Fort Mcpherson. Ga. Aatomatlcally 

actuated Illuminating means for containers provideil 

with hinged closures. 2.572,095. Oct. 23. 
Balllod. Charles A.. liell (;ar('en8. Calif. Automatic 

traverse stop and tool retractor. 2.56^,977. Sept. 2.5. 
Ballr. ThaddeuH F., Canton. Ohio. .Making silvery Iron 

from Mackhand ore., Jan. 2. 
Bain. Carl C. assignor of thirty {mt cent to 11. D. Bain. 

twenty-per cent to C. C, Bain. Jr.. and twenty per cent 

to C. Holloway. Jr.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Awning of the 

ventllaffd panel typ»». 2.56.">.294, Aug. 21. 
Bain. Carl C. Jr., assignee: See — , 

Bain. Carl C. ' 

Bain. Earl K.. Chanute. Kans., assignor of one-half to 

V. n. <^,ill. Kansas City. .Mo. Reel oven loading and 

discharging device. May 15. 
Bain. Edward. Vauxhall. .Mberta. Canada. Earth-moving 

scraper bowl. 2.558.531. June 26. 

Bain. Fillmore F., and O. Broun. B.iltimore. Md.. 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Armco Steel Corpo- 
ration. Wire drawing apparatus. 2,570,748, Oct. 9. 

Bain. Helen D.. assignee : Hee — 
Bain. Carl C. 

Bain. Joseph C. and P. R. East. Toronto. Ontario. Can- 
ada. Packaging machine having article receiving and 
transferring sections for handling articles In group for- 
mation. 2..544.125. Mar. 6. 

Bain. Leonard C. .\lexandria, Ala. Railway vehicle re- 
raller. 2..564..557. Aug. 14. | 

Balnbrldgp, Kenneth T.. Santa Fe. \. Mpt.. aAlpnor. hy 
mesne assignments, to the United States of .Vmerjca 
as represented bv the Secretary of War. Directional 
radar system. 2.577.502. Dec. 4. 

Balnbrldge. Marvin, Kahulol. W. P. Tattle and H. J 
Ha'dwln, Paia. and E. S. Sheffield. Jr.. Kahulul. .-is- 
siu'nors to Maui Plneapole Company. Limited. P.-tli. 
Hawaii. .\pparatu3 for harvesting pineapples 
2,57rtnni. Dec. 4 

Balnbrldgp. Marvin. Kahulul, W. P. Tuttle and H. J. 
Baldwin. I'ai.i. .ind K. S. Sheffield Jr.. K.-ihului. as- 

• signors to Maui Pineapple Company. Ltd.. Pala. 
Hawaii. Harvesting machine. 2,576.992, Dec 4. 

Balnes, Richard. Preston. England. Fireplace with mov- 
able reflector. 2.5.")9.271. July 3. 

Balne'*, Richard H. : see — 

Hlbhert. Harold M.. Holrovd. and Balnes. 

Balnea. Richard IL. T. Eccles. and S. M. Fulton. Spondon. 
near Derby, England, as.slgnors to Celane«e CTorporatlon 
of .\merica. Textile apparatus. 2.5fif» 649 Oct. 2. 

Baird. Bruce M.. Phillips, Tex., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Compan.v. PVocess and apparatus for drv 
Ing hvdrogel. 2.558.206 June 26. 

Baird. Clyde O. : Sre — 

Nyctim. Homer C. and Baird. 

Baird, Harry D.. assignor of fifty per cent to J. 
Schlossberg, Baltimore. Md. Bill dispensing pocket 
book. 2.546.S15. Mnr. 27. 

Bair<l. John Logle. Limited, assignee: See — 
.Anderson. Edward O O. 

Baird. Raymond C, assignor to The Fluor Corporation, 
Ltd.. Los .Vngeles. Calif. Valve controlled silencer. 
2..563..509. Aug. 7. 

Baird Stardevant Company, Inc., assignee : See — .. 
.*<tnrdevant. Lvn E 

Baird. William, and G. P. Crowley. Blnckley. Manchester, 
England, assignors to Imperial Chemloil Industries 
Limited. Detergent compositions. 2,576,913, Dec. 4. 


Balrd, WlIMam. E. O. Parry, and T. E. Thompson, Black- 
ley, Manchester, England, assignors to Imperial Chemi- 
cal Industries Limited. Detergent composition. 
2,577,503. Dec. 4. 

Bairstow. Paul J., Cleveland Heights. Ohio, and S. E. 
Tarby. IMttabargh, Pa., assignors to The American 
Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey. Lubricating 
tungsten carbide die holder. 2.539.716. Jan. 30. 

Baizer, Manuel M., Flushing, assignor to New York 
Uuinine and Chemical Works, Incorporated. Brooklyn. 
N. Y. Alkaloid manufacture. 2.344.291. Mar. 6. 

Baizer, .Manuel M., Flushing, N. Y., and R. P. Williams, 
Englewoo<l. .N'. J., assignors to New Y'ork Quinine and 
Chemical Works. Incorporated. Brooklyn, N. Y. Manu- 
facture of dihydrocodelnone. 2,577,947, Dec. 11. 

Balier. Manuel M., Flushing, assignor to New York 
Quinine and Chemical Works, Incorporated, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Manufacture of dihydrolsocodeine. 2,577,948, 
Dec. 11. 

Bakanau, Frank E., Niitlev, assignor to Tang-Sol I.iamp 
Works. Inc.. Newark. N. J. Machine for sealing in 
miniature Incandescent lamp bulb mounts. 2,549.359. 
Apr. 17. 

Bake's. Pleter S.. Geleen. assignor tti I>e Dire<'tle van de 
Staatsmijnen In Limburg. acting for and on Iwhalf of 
the State of the .Netherlands, Heerlen. Netherlands. 
Method and apparatus for treating separating sus|>en- 
sions. 2..569.141, Sept. 25, 

Baker, .\aron A.. Coallnga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools, 
Inc.. Vernon, Calif. Bridge plug. 2,555,627. June 5. 

Baker. A Ulster L. : See — 

Htlman. Conway D., and Baker. I (, 

Baker. Arthnr D. : See — 

Hugo. Lester A , and Baker. 

Baker. Arvld H., Port Allegany, assignor to Pittsburgh 
Coming Corporation, Allegheny County, Pa. Lehr tem- 
I'erature control. 2.544.947. Mar. 13. 

Baicer. Augustas L., Wrentham, Mass. Beating 
ratus. 2.550.7.54. May 1. 

Baker .Vxle Company, assignee: See — 
Baker. Erie K. 

Baker. Barbara R.. and P. C. Zartman, New York. N. Y. 
Malrband. 2.560.267. Julv 10 

Baker. Benjamin P.. Turtle Creek. Pa., and O. von Mehren. 
Lorain. Ohio, assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Cor- 
poration. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Circuit Interrupter. 
2,542.790. Feb. 20. 

Baker. Bertrand M.. Grand Rapids. Mich. Holler bearing 
drawer guide. 2.574,162. Nov. 6. 

Baker. Bill P., Inglewood. and L. J. Lyons. Los Angeles. 

assignors to Northrop Aircraft, Inc., Hawthorne. Calif. 

Fuel tank vent valve. 2,544,«20, Mar. 13. 
Baker Bros. Inc., assignee : See — 

Hallenb«>ck, Thomas L. 
Baker. Bruce E., Stanbrldge East. L. Brlckman. Montreal. 

and L. E. Ryan. Dorval. Quebec. Canada, assignors to 

Monsanto Chemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. Producing 

sulfaifllylthloureas. 2.547,147, Apr. 3. 
Baker. Burton D. : See — 

Hensley, James R., and Baker. 

Baker. Burton P., Detroit. Mich. Plant control for hydro- 
electric generators. 2.548.462. Apr. 10. 

Baker, Carl A., Van Nuys. and B. Schechter. Monteb«>llo, 
assignors of one-third to L. A. .Adler, Van Nuys. Calif. 
Stone sawing machine. 2,557,251. June 19. 

Baker. Carlos J. : See — 

Statham, I..ouls D.. and Baker. 

Baker Castor Oil Company, The, assignee : ."?ee — 
Colt»eth, Ivor M. 
Smith. Malcolm K. 
Baker. Charle.« P. : See — 

King. L. D. Percival. Baker, and Schrelber. 
Baker. Chester A.. Glen Ridge. N. J., and G W. Mathews, 
New York. N. T. Apparatus for quick freezing foods. 
2..537 .300. .Tan. 9. 
Baker. Claude R . Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Ing molds and investing patterns. 
Baker A Co.. Inc.. assignee : ,s'f r — 
Baker. Reuben C. 
Dowson. .Xrthur G. 
Russell. Harrv J 
Stumbock. Max J., and Bayes. 
W.iller. Milton M. 
Baker. Connie D.. Sr. r gee— 

Goodgame, Jesse B., and Baker. 
Baker. Corwin W., Hamilton. Mass.. 

Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flemington, N. 
separating machine. 2.558,725. July 3. 
Baker. Corwin W.. Hamilton. Mass.. assignor 
Shoe Ma< hlnerv Corporation. Flemington N 
indenting machine. 2,574,611, Nov. 13. 
Baker. David B. : S^e — 

Hagen, Clarence R.. and Baker. 
Baker. Donald C. : See — 

McBertv. Robert K.. and Baker. 
Noble, Frank W.. and Baker. 
Baker, Donald J.. Los Angeles. Calif. Plckap with re*d 

of magnetic material. Re. 23.327. Jan. 16. 
Baker. Donald J., Los Angeles, Calif. Electromagnetic 
recording and reproducing sound head. 2,547,360. 
Apr. 3. 

Apparatus for form- 
2.568,978, Sept. 25. 





, Welt 




Baker. Donald J.. Los AdbpIi^b. Calif. Pickup head using 
torsional uiount for armatures. 2,547,3(il, Apr. 3. 

Baker, liwlght L., assignor to B. L. Sarett. Chicago. 111. 
Makini? foam rubf)er articles. 2,540.040. Jan. 30. 

Baker, Erie K., Detroit, .Mich., assignor to Baker Axle 
Company Cleveland. OhloP Multiple pump unit for t 
well installation. 2.5r52.7«2. May lo. 

Baker, (ieorge A., and W. Hunter. Spondon, near Derby, 
England, assignors to Celanese Corporation of America. 
Canlytlc oxidation of alkyl benzenes to produce aryl 
alkyl ketones and carbinols. 2.545.870. Mar. 20. 

Baker. George H.. Morristown, and P. H. Smith. Den- 
vllle, N. J., assl^'nors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated. New York, N. Y. Coaxial line coupler. 
2.572,970. Oct. 30. 

Baker, (leorge T. : Sre — 

Tavlor, Reclnald, and Baker. 

Baker George T., Liverpool. England, assignor to Auto- 
matic Electric Lahoratorlcs. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Allotter 
switch for preassignlng Idle finder switches. 2.540.644, 

Baker George T., assignor to Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Company Limited, Liverpool. England. Photo- 
graphic recor(ijng apparatus. 2,544.440. Mar. 6. 

Baker George T.. assignor to Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Company Limited. Liverpool. England. Tele- 
phone line Identification system. 2.547,804, Apr. 3. 

Baker, <;eorge T.. assignor to -Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Company Limited. Liverpool. EngLind. Line 
Identification system. 2..'")50.181. Apr. 24. 

Baker. George T.. Liverpool. England, assignor to Auto- 
matic Electric Laboratories Inc.. Chicago. 111. Binary 
calculator. 2.552,760. May 15. ^ . ^ , 

Baker. George T.. assignor to Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Companv Limited. Liverpool England. Num- 
ber dlsplav arrangement. 2.552.761. May L»- ^ 

Baker. George T.. assignor to Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Com|mny Limited. Liverpool. England. Di.-splay 
arriingement. 2.550.640. June 12. 

Baker, George T.. assignor to Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Company limited. Liverpool. England. Elec- 
tronic counting arrangement. 2,57.">,0S7, Nov. 13. 

Baker, George W.. New York. N. Y. Hot cathode electron 
tube which requires no external cathode heating circuit. 
2.56.3,573. Aug. 7. ^ , ,,„ , a 

Baker. George W.. and W. E. Conley. Jr., Milwaukee, and 
A. M. Olwon. Wauwntosa. asHlgnors to Chain Belt Com- 
pany. Milwaukee. Wis. Apparatus for delivering cans 
In reoriented poHitlon. 2.538.408. Jan. 16. 

Baker. ITnl, Bolae, Idaho. Nail pulling device. 2,557,045. 
June 12. 

Baker. Harold E . Danvers. and C. A. Yonng. Gloucester. 
nHsignors to Sylvanla Electric Products Inc.. Salem, 
Mass. Guide for electrode mounts. 2.549.046. Apr. 17. 

Baker. Harold L.. Fresno, and R. D. Van Tassell. Danville, 
Calif. Recapping and retreading mold. 2.567.985. 
Sept. 18. 

Baker. Harold T.. Baton Rouge. L«.. assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Hydrocarbon synthesis. 
2,560.325. July 10. 

Baker, Harrv E.. Macomb. 111. PoiJltry feeder. 2,552.6Q0. 
.Mav 15 

Baker. Harrv N., Portland, Oreg. Weather seal for ex- 
terior doors and windows. 2.549.284. Apr. 17. 

Baker. Herbert P.. assignor to General Motors Corpora- 
tion Detroit. Mich. Engine control mech.inism. 
2.572,0f)6. Oct. 23. 

Baker. Herbert N. assignor to Syracuse Chilled Plow 
Co.. Inc.. Syiacuse. N. T. Plow bottom. 2,557.588. 
June 19. 

Baker. Ignatius D.. Los Angeles. Calif. Shoveling ma- 
chine. 2..5nR.7n2, Sept. 25. 

Baker. J. T.. Chemical Co.. assignee : See — 
Gardner. John H.. and Stevens. 

Baker. James A.. Milwaukee. Wis., and F. A. Hunter, Jr., 
Clayton. Mo. Ham packaging bag. 2,536,834, Jan. 2. 

Baker, James G.. Orlnda. Calif., assignor to The Perkln- 
Elmer Corporation. Glenbrook, Conn. Telephoro lyi"- 
objective lens. 2.576,436. Nov. 27. 

Baker. John R.. assignor to The Timken Roller Re.Tring 
Company. Canton. Ohio. Drill rod with adapter. 
2.569.275, Sept. 25. 

Baker. John C. East Cleveland, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to The Ohio Rubber rompany. Willmishhy. 
Ohio. Cleaning metal articles of adherent rubber and 
the like. 2.571.328. Oct. 16. 

Baker. John F. : f^ee — 

Sanford. Hugh W.. and Baker. 

Baker, John G.. assignor to Baker Manufacturing Com- 
panv. Evansvllle. Wis. Motion converting mechanism. 
2..')49..^)61. Apr. 17. 

Baker. John G.. assignor to Baker Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Evansvllle, Wis. Power-driven operator. 
2..549.562. Apr. 17. 

Baker, John H., Salida. Colo. Stirrup buckle and strap. 
2..567.314. Sept. 11. 

Baker. John S. : See — o 

Hasselhorn. Walter C. and Baker. 

Baker. John S.. assignor to f'ook Eloctrir Company, 
Chicago, 111. Button type arrester. 2.545.867, Mar. 20. 

* 923445—1' 4 

Baker. John S., assignor to Cook Electric Company. Chi- 
cago. 111. Time-delay relay mechanism. 2,552,614, 
.May 15. ^ 

Baker. Kenneth L. : ere — 

llowersott. Charles V.. Baker, and Axelson. 

Baker. Laurence M., assignor to The General Tire and 

D,,I.KAa /'*#xr*i,Aom«T AL'f.i-kn ^Vilrk T> nmi 11 1 11 t- {/« tiro tf'>1irin9 

:iKer, i.,auieuLe *u., nBDiguwr lu Aiit- vicu^'ni inc au»* 
Rubber Company. Akron. Ohio. Pneumatic tire curing 
bag and making same. 2,564.662, Aug. 21. 

:iker. Leonard. Flillsdale, N. J., as' *- t^— .— ^^t^ 

er Company. Pearl Kiver, N. Y. 

_ „ ing I _, , --^. — 

B:iker. Leonard. Hillsdale, N. J., assignor to Dexter Fold- 
)anv. Pearl Kiver, N. Y. Sheet feeding appa- 
ratus. 2.550.895. June 12. 
P.aker, Leonard. Hillsdale. N. J., and W. E. Schneider, 
assignors to Dexter Folder Company. I'earl River. N. Y. 
.Sheet feeding apparatus. 2.564,417^ Aug. 14. 
Baker. Leonard S.. Clarksdale. Mi.-^s. Kuotkdown pedestal 

table with storage receptacle. 2,568.534. Sept. 18. 
Haker, Leslie C. and J. F. Haines. London. England, I 
assignors, by me.'^ne assiftnmeuts, to International 
Standard Electric Corporation. New York, N. Y. Appa- 
ratus for manufacturing tubulated bulbs from glass 
tubing. 2.549.762. Apr. 24. 
Baker. Loyal S.. assignor to Consolidated Vultee Aircraft 
Corporation, San Diego, Calif. Ele<trlcal socket for 
incandescent lamps and mountings therefor. 2,536,710, 
Jan. 2. 
Baker. Malvern S.. Muskegon, assignor to Continental 
Motors Corporation. Detroit and Muskegon. Mich. 
Transmission synchronizer. 2.547.732. Apr. 3. 
Baker. Malvern S.. assignor to Continental Motors Corpo- 
ration. Muskegon. Mich. Power transmitting device. 
2.5.'7,529. June 19. 
Baker Manufacturing Company, assignee : Sec — 

Baker. John G. 
Baker, Millard H., St. Louis. Mo., assignor to Fairbanks. 
Morse & Co., Chicago. 111. Multistage rotary pump. 
2,574.724. Nov. 13. 
Baker Oil Tools. Inc., assignee : Svc — 
Raker. .Aaron A. 
Baker, Reuben C. 
Clark. Earnest H., Jr. 
King. Charh-s M. 

Kofahl. Jacob L. ' 

Ragan. Thomas M. 
Baker Perkins Incorporated, .-issignee : See — 
«'lark. William W. 
Engles, Eugene O.. and Tiedke. 
Ilart. John. 
Ott. Conrad L. 

I'ointon, John E. ,. 

Sperling, Ezra F. 
Tunlev. Allan A. 
Baker. Ralph B.. Rprlngfleld. Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Treating acrylo- 
nitrlle copolymers with sulfuric acid followed by dyeing 
with acetate dyes. 2,548.853, Apr. 17. 
IJaker-Raulang Company, The, asslgijee : Bee-^ 
Lawless. N'athan M. 
Lehmann. Max. 

Remde, Edward H. ' 

Stoner. Frank. 
Baker, Raymond S., Binghamton. N. Y.. assignor to Link 
Aviation. Inc. Sheath removing machine. 2,5.')9.387. 

Baker, Reuben C. Coalings, assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 
Inc.. Vernon, Calif. Casing centrallzer. 2.546.582. 

B.I ker Reuben C. Coallnga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 
Inc.. Vernon. Calif. Underreamer. 2.548.931, Apr. 17. 

IViker, Reuben C. Coallnga, assignor to Baker f)ll Tools. 
Inc.. Vernon, Calif. Casing centrallzer. 2.55p.628. 
Juno 5. ^ , _, , 

Baker, Reuben C. Coallnga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 
Inc.. Vernon. Calif. Well packer. 2.562,079. July 24. 

Baker, Reuben C. Coallnga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 
Inc.. Vernon. Calif. Valve control for well tools. 
2.569.437. Oct. 2. 

n.iker, Reuben C, Coallnga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 
Inc., Vernon. Calif. Well packer. 2.577,068, Dec. 4. 

Baker. Robert M. : i^ee — • 

Kincaid, Homer F., Graham. Baker. WharfT, .and 

P.aker. Robert M.. Baltimore, Md.. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
High-fre<iuency oscillator. 2.545.985, Mar. 20. ' 

P.aker. Robert M.. Catonsvllle. Md.. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Radio 
frequency oscillator. 2.565.113. Aug. 21. 

Baker Robert M.. Catonsvllle, Md.. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Vacu- 
um tube oscillator. 2.575.702. Nov. 20. 

Baker Ronald A., Los Angeles. Calif., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Companjr. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. 
Prevention of corrosion in process of extracting mer- 
captans. 2.572.301. Oct. 23. 

liaker. Robin, assignee : See — 
Fleming, James C. 

Baker. S. S.. assignee: See — 
McGoffln. William W. 

P.aker. Sherwood W. : See — 

Mandolf, Henry I., and Baker. 



Baker. Stanley L.. Loveland. assiKnor to Instltutum Divi 
Thoinae Foundation. Cincinnati. Ohio. Concentrating 
ypast slurriea. 2.54().250. Mar. 27. 

BakfT. Stanley L.. Loveland. assijinor to Institutum Divi 
Thomae Foundation. Cincinnati, Ohio. Drying yeast. 
2.546.251. Mar. 27. 

Baker. Stanley W. : See — 

I>aviB. Charlea S.. Jr.. Dn Bols. and Baker. 

Baker, Theodore C, Perrysburi;. Ohio, assignor to .Efti- 
hart Manufacturing Company. Machine for high-fre- 
quency determination of wall thickness of bettlt-s and 
the like 2.r)73,824. Nov. 6. 

Baker. Vera- F.. San Francisco. Calif. Combined ironing 
board and clamp. 2.571,518. Oct. 16. 

Bak.r. William K. : See — 

Kerns Quentin A., and Baker. 
I'anofsky, Wolfgang K. H.. and Baker. , , 

Baker. William R., Berkeley. Calif., assignor to the 
I'nlted States of AnuTlca as represented bv the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Regulated power 
supply. 2.579,223. Dec. 18. 

Baker. Wllllg C. Long Beach, Calif. Mechanically actu- 
ated pipe thread protector. 2.547.992. Apr. 10. 

Bakewell, Harding F.. San Marino. Calif. (?rlnder for 
pigments and other materials. 2,5.')0.G41. June 12 

Bakewell. Harding F.. San Marino. Calif. Ilvdraullc mm 
device with intermittent high-pressure fluid supply. 
2.5.'?7 r?91. Jan. 9. 

Bakewell, William E.. Cedar Falls, Iowa. Discharge for 
liquids from a vehicle. 2,543,564, Feb. 27. 

Bakke. Olaf : See — 

Sellncer. .\nton. and Bakke. 

Bakker, Pier, assignor to Automatic Electric Laboratories 
Inc., Chicago. 111. Connector switch for telephone sys- 
tems. 2.542.272. Feb. 20. 

Bakker. Pier, assignor to Kellogg Switchboard and Supply 
Company, Chicago, 111. Multlexchange automatic ttle- 
phone system. 2.548.191. Apr. 10. 

Bakker. Pier, assignor to Automatic Electric Laboratories, 
Inc.. Chicago. 111. Community automatic exchange net- 
work. 2.579.721. Dec. 25. s "«^i 

Bakker, WUlem, Arnhem. Netherlands, assignor to Amer- 
ican Enka Corporation. Enka. X. C. Separator 
2.572.097. Oct. 2."^ 

Bakker. Wfllem. Arnhem. and B. J. Blomberg. Velp. 
Netherlands, assignors to .American Enka Corporation 
Enka, N. C. Continuous spinning apparatus 2 566 438 
Sept. 4. 

Bakst. Aaron. Flushing, and S. L. Ruskln New York 
N. Y. Cigar and cigarette lighter. Re 2.1.435 Dec 4* 

BalabushkiK George, assignor to Murray Shapiro" Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. Folding leg bracket. 2,5*3.887, May 22. 

Balassa, Ladl.'jl.'iiis. Riverside, and N. C. Snencer Newport 
R. I., assignors to The United States finishing Com- 
pany, .Norwich, Conn. Flame resistant fabric. Apr. 24. 

BalAzs. George, assignor of twenty per cent to A. Matvl. 
New York, N. Y. Wood grooving machine. 2,542, 6i5, 
Feb. 20. , . . 

Baicrank. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Shott. Allen T. 
Bald^. Ul.vsse L. G.. asslcnior to Socl#t* .Anonyme : Com- 
pagnle Industrlelle de Machines Automatiques de Comp- 
tablllte, Paris. France. Flexible connection box for tab- 
ulators. 2,569.879, Oct. 2. 
Baldenhofer, William G. : Sef~ 

Wilson, John C. and Baldenhofer. 

Baldlne. Joseph J.. Hubbard, Ohio. Game teaching appa- 
ratus. 2.579.105. Dec. 18. 

Baldinl. Lonis. and J. Rossi. Scranton, Pa. Dispenser 
attachable to neck of liquid container, having a valve 
and a register with a common actuator. 2.541,188, 
Peb. 13 

Baldock. Charles W., Key West, Fla. Sextant attachment. 
2.544.441. Mar. 6. 

Baldrldge. Bernard TT.. assignor to Electronics Research 
Inc.. Evansville. Tnd. Television receiver testing ap- 
paratus. 2..5.59.38S. July 3. 

Baldsiefen. Walter D.. Metnchen. N. J., assignor to E I 
dn Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington Del. 
Silver hallde emulsions. 2.540,085. Feb. 6. 

Baldsiefen. Walter D.. Metuchen. L. J. Conrad New 
Brunswick, and R. N. Llnkhart. Menlo Park. N J , 
assltrnors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Comnnnv. 
Wilmington. DeL Silver hallde emulsions. 2.540,088 
Feb. 6. 

Balduzzi. Franco, Zurich, assitmor to "Patelho'd" Pnt- 
entverwertungs- A Elektro-Holding A.-G., Glanis. Swit- 
zerland. Method of and apparatus for growing crystals. 
2.571.651. Oct. 16. 

Baldrldee, Byron C. : See — 

Reichardt. Emerald P.. and Baldrldge. 

Baldwin. Burr C, Twin FalKs, Idaho. Dirt eliminator for 
potato sorting machines. 2,546,713, Mar 27 

Baldwin " — ^ ~ . 

Idaho. Sedimentation 

. Burr C. Twin Falls 
tank. 2.572.09S. Oct. 23. 
Baldwin. Charles F.. Syracuse. N. Y., assignor to General 
«> 556's65 j"'^'"P1>"y- Constant temperature oven 

Baldwin. Clyde P.. Claremont. N. H.. assiimor to Joy 
Manufacturing Company. Mining machine feeding 
mechanism. 2,552.705, May 15. 

Baldwin. Clyde P., Claremont. N. H . and H H. Vanderzee, 
Racine, Wis., assignors to Joy Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Hydraullcally driven vehicle and cable reel motor 
control means. 2.562.881. Aug. 7. 
Baldwin Company, The, assignee : 8ee — 
Hissunette, Alfred J. 
Day. Wilbur .M. 
Jones, Edward M. 
Jones. Edward M., and Williamson. 
Jordan. John F. 
Knoblaugh, Armand F. 
Knoblaugh. Armand F., and Jordan. 
Mork Raymond P. 
Schneider. Edward J. 
Van Wye. John R. 
Baldwin. Curtis C. Wlthita, Kans., assignor to C. E. 
Hovpy. trustee. Screw and nut transmission. 2,562,689, 
July 31. 
Baldwin, Donald W.. Los Angeles, W. O. Thompson, 
Pasadena, and W. A. Clements. Glendale, Calif., said 
Thompson and said Clements assignors to said Baldwin. 
Cylinder ridge grinder. 2,540.490, .Mar. 27. 
Baldwin, Edward T., River Forest, assignor to Teletype 
Corporation. Chicago. 111. Feed out mechanism for 
telegraph printers. 2.536,528. Jan. 2. 
Baldwin. E<lward T., River Forest, assignor to Teletype 
Corporation. Chicago, III. Vertical tabulation mecha- 
nism for telegraph printers. 2,571,182, Oct. 16, 
Baldwin, Eugene F.. Los Angeles. Calif. 3Iultlple con- 

t.Tot switch construction. 2,558,412 June 26. 
Baldwin. Frnncl.s P. : See — 

Sparks, William J., Baldwin, and Newberg. 
Baldwin. Francis P.. Rahway, N. J., assignor to Standard 
OH Development Company. Partially cured rubberlike 
cement. 2.547.733. Apr. 3. 
Baldwin. Franklin H. : See— 

Hill, Eugene F.. and Baldwin. | 

Baldwin. Henry J. : See — 

Balnbrldge. Marvin. Tuttle, Baldwin, and Sheffield. 
Baldwin-Hill Company, assignee: See — 

Mlnnlck. I/eonard J. 
Baldwin. Jack R. : See — 

nines, Judson T.. and Baldwin. 
Baldwin. John C. Bluefleld. V.t. Combined mine drill 

tlmt)er Jack, and mine post. 2.556..357. June 12. 
Baldwin. John D.. Jr.. South Euclid, assignor to The 
Weatherhead Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Stamped 
valve handle. 2.577.838. Dec. 11 
Baldwin. John D.. Jr.. South Euclid, and C H. Crawley, 
Euclid, assignors to The Weatherhead Company, Cleve- 
land. Ohio. Hose coapling. 2,570.421, Oct. 9. 
Baldwin. John .M.. Spokane. Wash. Water pump 

2 508.842. Sent. 25. 
Baldwin-Llma-Hamllton Corporation, assignee: See — 
Baldwin, Southard N. 
Capu//.i. Edmund C. 
Hyde, Lawrence K. 
Lazan. Benjamin J. 
Lewis. Frank M. 
Macgeorge. William D. 
Ruge. Arthur C. 
Saarl. Thomas A. 
Schaevltz. Herman. 
Schnrr, Otto E. 

Shirley, Paul S. j 

, Tapper. Thomas P. I 

Tate, Malcolm C. 
Baldwin. Philip S.. Florence. Italy. Shaft packing. 

2 552..3*»1 Mav 8 
Baldwin. Richard E.. Conldson, assignor to Powers-Samas 
Accounting Machines Limited. I.,ondon, England. Cal- 
culating machine. 2,544.126. Mar. 6. 

Baldwin. Robert J.': St. Louis County, assignor to Mc- 
Donnell Aircraft Corporation St. Loiils. Mo. Hydrnullc 
power unit for actuating aircraft control devices 
2 57!>.02S. Dec. IS. 

Baldwin Rubber Company, assignee: See — 
Strobel. John R 

Baldwin. Southard N.. Green Ridge. Pa., assignor to 
Baidwin-Llma-Hamllton Corporation. Press platen 
2,572.972 Oct. 30. 

Baldwin. William J.. Snyder, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to National Lead Comnanv. New York. N. Y 
Enamel opnclfler and use. 2.537.955. Jan. 16. 

Baldwin. William J.. Snyder, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to National Lead Company. New York N Y 
Enamel opsclfler and usinc. 2.537.956. Jan 1o! 

Balentlne. Conrad J.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to 
General Electric Company. Liquid blast Interrupter for 
electric breakers. 2.539.175. Jan. 23. 

Balentlne. Conrad J.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Electric circuit interrupter 
2. 545. .'{34. Mar. 13. 

Bales. James E.. assignor to Lyon Metal Products In 
corporated. Aurora, 111. Fastening clip. 2 555562 
June 5. 

Bales, .Max G.. Anderson. Ind.. assignor to General Motors 
Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Flexible connection. 
2.550.517. Apr. 24. 

Bales. Raymond W.. Fresno. Calif. Floor waxer 
2.557.214. June 19. 

Balfour. Henry, ft Co. Limited, assignee: 8e0 — 
Burns, William L., and Bureau. 



Balls. Earl W., and H. A. Llebhafaky. Schenectady. N. Y., 
asHlgnom to General Electric Company. Treating rea- 
InouH coatings and articles resulting tberefrom. 
2.551.232. May 1. 

Balis. Earl W.. and L. B. Bronk. Schenectady. N. Y., as- 
signors to General Electric Company. Treating a res- 
inous coating to wrinkle it and article resulting there- 
from. 2.551.233. May 1. 

Balkema. Bertrand B.. Newport, assignor to Travelers 
E(iuiDment Co.. Grand Rapids. Mich. Grille unit and 
carrying case for portable stoves. 2,570,508. Oct. 9. 

Ball. Alpheus M., Wilmington. Del., assignor, by mesne 
assignmonts. to the I'nited States of America as repre- 
sented bv th«> Secretary of War. Flashless ijowder 
sheet. 2."577.298. Dec. 4. 

Ball. Arthur F. : See- 
Constant ine, George R.. and Ball. 

Ball Brothers Company, assignee: See — 
Pnsotti. Felice G. 

Ball Brothers Company Incorporated, assignee: Bee — 
Ford. Karl L. 
Pasottl. Felloe G. 

Ball. Charlo.'j F.. Franklin. Pa., assignor to Joy Manufac- 
turing Company. Material loading apparatus. 
2.542.977, Feb. 27. 

Ball Charles F.. Franklin, assignor to Joy Manufactur- 
ing Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. Yleldably mounted tilt- 
able support for mine timbering machines. 2.574.857, 
Nov. 13. 

Ball. Charles F.. Franklin, Pa., assignor to Joy Manu- 
facturing Company. Flight conveyer. 2.575,610. Nov. 


Ball. Char'es F.. and J. W. Woolf. Franklin. Pa., as- 
signors to Joy Manufacturing Company. Steering oper- 
ated control "mechanism for electric motor drives of ve- 
hicles. 2. .".71. ISO. Oct. 16. 

Ball. Charles O. : Bee — 

Smith Horace L.. Jr.. and BalL 

Ball, Charles W., aHKl;:nee : See — 
Wagers. Beverlv T. 

Ball Eustnoe T.. Fanwood. J. O. Ferguson. Rutherford, 
and J. E. Greene. Basking Ridge. N. J., assignors to 
Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, 
NY. Switchboard. 2,577.101. Dec. 4. 

Ball. F. M.. A Co.. assignee : See — 
Luther. Paul E. 

Ball George W.. Hartford. Conn. Hydraulic variable slip 
coupling. 2.572.834. Oct. 30. 

Ball. Harvey W.. assignor to The Morgan Engineering 
Companv. Alliance. Ohio. Furnace charging machine 
peel. 2!56.">.904. Aug. 28. 

Ball. Jnck : Ser — 

Goldfleld Edwin R.. .ind Rail. 

Ball, Jack, Cleveland, and E. B. Graves, South Euclid, 
assignors to Picker X-Ray Corporation Waite Manu- 
facturing Division, Inc., Cleveland. Ohio. Photoelectric 
timer for X ray apparatus. 2.541.187. Feb. 13. 

Ball. Joseph A.. Los Angeles. Calif.. A. B. Jennings. New 
Brunswhk. and O. W. Murray. Fords. N. J., assignors 
to E. I du Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. 
Del. Multicolor motion-picture film with sound record. 
2,551. OSfi. Mav 1. 

Ball. Joseph E.. Roswell. N. Mex. Electrically heated 
table. 2.548.932. Apr. 17. 

Ball. Laurence M., Birmingham, assignor to Chrysler 
Cori>oratlon. Highland Park. Mich. Strain gauge. 
2..'"..50.1,32. June 5. 
Ball. I^n M., Houston. Tex. Crabbing derlce. 2.565,163. 

Aug. 21. 
Ball. Liicy M.. Pasadena. Calif. Crib cover. 2.571.406. 

Ort. 16. 
Ball. Ralph : See — 

Minch, R.Mvmond. and Ball. 
Ball. Reginald D. : See — 

Ferciison. John M.. and Ball. 
Ball Re-Nu. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Drlscoll. Frederick T.. Smith, and Briggs. 
Ball ft Socket Manufacturing Co., The. assignee : See — 

Hubbell. Leslie W. 
Ball. Th'.mas M.. Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corpora- 
tion. Highland Park. Mich. Internal-combustion en 
gine governor. 2.544,520. Mar. 6. 

Ball. Thomas M., Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corpora 
tlon. Highland Park. Mich. Transmission control ap 
paratus. 2.548.138. Apr. 10. 

Ball. Thomas M.. Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corpora- 
tion. Highland Park, Mich. Carburetor. 2.551.719. 
May 8 

Ball. Thom.ns M.. Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corpora- 
tion. Highland Park. Mich. Carburetor control. 
2.571.1S1. Oct. 16. 

Ballack. John, assignee : See — 
Ridgeway. Allen T. 

Ballam Harold J.. New Or'»an8. La. Seat mutilation 
signal system. 2.560.268. Julj 10. 

Bnllam. Kiehard J., and V. \\ . Friberg. Gardner. Mass 
Mast or antenna supporting device. 2.556,460, June 12 

Ballantyne. George H., assignee :, See — 
Kirk, Cnssius L. 
Magnuson. Roy M. 
Ballantyne, James C, Ferguson, assignor to Malllnckrodt 
Chemical Works. St. Louis, .Mo. Formvlation of 1,3- 
dimethyl-4,5-diaminouracil. 2.564.351. Aug. 14. 

Balldntyne. Norinan Z.. Orofino. Idaho. Beam amplifier 
tube. 2.5G9.971, Oct. 2. 

Ballard. Archibald H.. Niagara Falls, Ontario. Canada, 
assignor, by mesne assignments, to the United States 
of American 8b represented by the United States Atomic 
Energy Commission. Molding refractory oxides. 
2.538.959. Jan. 23. 

Ballard, Archibald H., Niagara Falls, Ontario. Canada, 
assignor to Norton Company. Worcester. Mass. Mold- 
ing zirconia. 2,567.592. Sept. 11. 

Ballard. Charles B.. Ogden. Utah. Board for demonstrat- 
ing electric circuits. 2.568.535. Sept. 18. 

Ballard. Charles U.. Inglewood. Calif. Compensator. 
2..54<>.055. Mar. 20. 

Ballard, Dana R.. Madera, Calif. Tire carrier support. 
2.563.810, Aug. 14. 

Ballard. Edward D.. Orlando, Fla, Fire fighting nozzle. 
2.567.176. Sept. 11. 

Ballard. Edward D.. Orlando. Fla. Fog producing attach- 
ment for flre-flghting nozzles. 2..">70,190, Oct. 9. 

Ballard. Herman E.. Berkeley. Calif. Hydraulic grease 
gun. 2.563.636. Aug. 7. 

Ballard. Milton H. : See— 

Gulbrandsen. Helge. Ballard. Llnderoth. and Knowles. 

Ballar*!. Randall C. : See- 
Bedford, Alda v.. and Ballard. 

Ballard, Randall C. Trenton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Time Interval Indicating iy»- 
tem 2.537.569. Jan. 9. 

Ballard. Seaver A. : See — 

De lienedictis. Aldo. Ballnrd and Hearne. 
Finch. Harry D.. and Ballard. 
Morris, Rupert C, Buls, and Ballard. 
Smith. Curtis W., and ISnllnrd. 
Whetstone. Richard R.. Raab, and Ballard. 

Ballard. Seaver A.. Orinda. and V. E. Haury. Slml, 
assignors to Shell Development Company. San Francisco, 
Calif. Diamlne-fatty acid salts. Jan. 30. 

Ballard. Seaver A.. Orinda, and R. R. Whetstone. Berkeley, 
assignors to Shell Development Company. San Francisco. 
Calif. Modified partially hydrolyzed polymeric products 
of the condensation of unsaturated aldehydes and esters 
of the same. 2.554.973. May 29. 

Ballard, Seaver A., Orinda. K. E. Furman, Berkeley, and 
H. de V. Finch. El Cerrlto, assignors to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco. Calif. Carboxyllc acids 
from mercaptans. 2.572.238. Oct. 23. 

Ballard. Wm. A., asslciiee: See — 
Keckley. Harold M. 

Ballastran Corporation, assignee : See — 
Kiltie. Ordean. 

Ballentine. John. Indianapolis. Ind. Runner attachment 
for baby carriages. 2..539.686. Jan. 30. 

Ballentine, Richard E., Snyder, and R. L. Zlmmer, Akron, 
N. Y., assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation. 
East Pittsburgh. Pa. Brazing alloys. 2,554,233, May 

Balletto. Paul, Douglaston, N. Y. Acid pump. 2,575,508, 
Nov. 20. 

Ballew. Frank E.. Woodland, Mich. Road marker. 
2.578.497, Dec. 11. 

Ballmer. Zephaniah H.. Jr. : See — 
Elwell. William E.. and Ballmer. 

Ballon. B. A.. & Co.. Incorporated, assignee: See — 
Ballon, Frederick A., Jr. 
Morehouse. Eugene. 

Ballon ft Boss. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Ballon. lyester W. 

Ballon. Byron O., assignor to Eltel-McCuUough. Inc.. San 
Bruno. Calif. Capacitor for radlo-frequ"ncy circuits. 
2.576.770. Nov. 27. 

Ballon. Frederick A., Jr.. Providence. R. T.. assignor to 
B. A. Ballon ft Co., Incorporated. Securing device for 
the pin stem of a button or the like. 2.551.196. May 1. 

Baliou. Lester W.. Attleboro. Mass.. assignor to Ballou ft 
Boss. Inc. Reeling device. 2.579.291. Dec. 18. 

Ballon. Richard P.. Dover. Mass.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Federal Electric Products Company, 
Newark. N. J. Switch. 2.543.090. Feb. 27. 

Ballou. Richard P.. Hartford. Conn., assignor to Federal 
Electric Products Companv. Newark. N. J. Key lock 
for push-button switches. 2,579,108. Dec. 18. 

Ballou. Richard P.. and D. F. Daly. Hartford. Conn., 
assignors to Federal Electric Products Company, 
Newark.^. J. Contact structure for electric switches. 
2.546.663. Mar. 27. 

Balluff. Albert W.. Chicago. 111. Daylight loading roll 
film developing tank. 2.562.877. Aug. 7. 

Bally. Alfred, Bnssersdorf. assignor to .Maschlnen fabrlk 
Oerlikon. Znrlch-Oerllkon. Switzerland. Circuit break- 
er. 2.556.056. June 5. 

Balmer. Donald F.. assignor to The Soundscriber Corpora- 
tion. New Haven. Conn. Reprocessing phonograph 
record disks. 2..^.39.717. Jan. .30. 

Balmer, Donald F., assignor to The Soundscriber Cor- 
poration. New Haven, Conn. Electrodynamlc pickup. 
2.542.457. Feb. 20. 

Balmer, Donald F., New Haven, and F. E. Runge. Bran- 
ford, assignors to The Soundscriber Corporation, New 
Haven, Conn. Recording pickup having torsion rods. 
2,543.655. Feb. 27. 

Balmforth. Norman, assignor to David Brown ft Sons 
(Huddersfleldl. Limited. Huddersfleld. England. Fluid 
engaged and released clutch. 2.5.59,337. July 3, 



BaloKb. Rot O., aMlgoor to Th« Weatherh^nd Company. 
Cleveland. Ohio. Hefrigeratlon accumulator and de- 
hydrator. 2.548.335 Apr. lu. 

BaloQD. Harry P., CleTeUnd. Ohio. CollapslblcL Ashing 
net. 2.536.251. Jan. 2 

Baloun. Harry F.. Cleveland, Ohio. Gaffing and landing 
net. 2..%39.5«3. Jan. 30. 

BalMiser. Harold K. : See — 

Honenere««n. Mllburn A.. Halsicer. nnd Ojesdahl. 

BalslKer. Harold E., asHicnor to Landia Tool Company, 
Waynesboro, Pa. Measuring derlce. 2,567.300. Sept. 

Balson, Adrian C deceased. Philadelphia. Pa.; J. A. 
P»al.»<nn, administrator. Tire chain applying device. 
"2..'i4.'S.772. Mar. 20. 

Balaon. John A., administrator: See — 
Kal.son. Adrian <\ 

Balthls. Joseph H.. Wilmlnpton. Del., and F. K. RfcnalRo. 
Kenmore. S. Y.. assiunors to E. I. du I'ont de Nemours 
ft Company. Wilmington. Del. Producing lustrous 
ceUulosic prodncts. 2.5t)3.637. Aug. 7. 

Baltimore Salesbook Company, The, assignee: See — 
Ifrook. Henry Y.. Jr. 

Baltin. William H., New Brunswick. N. J., and R. R. 
Hatcher. Doucla.ston. N. Y., assijmors to Transconti- 
nental Television. Inc.. New Brunswick. N. J. Device 
for copying records on a proportional scale. 2.575.742, 
Nov. 20. 

Balton. Herman, RIoomfleld. amignor to Breeze Corpora- 
tions Inc., Newark, N. J. Antenna structure. 2.572,430, 
Oct. 2.-!. 

Baltsois. Alexander, Springfield. Mass. Watch cleaning 
device. 2.5fi6.8l9. Sept. 4. 

Baltzell. Charles W.. assignee: See — 
Baltzell. Walter C 

Baltr.ell. Walter C assignor of one fifth to C. W. Ralt- 
lell. Dallas. Tex. Electrical cooking apparatus. 
2.578,034. Dec. 11. 

Baltzer. Lawrence F.. Berwick. Nova Scotia. Canada. 
Muffler with spiral conical insert. 2.552.615. May 15. 

Baltzly. Richard, New York, and E. Lorz. Yonkers, a-s- 
Blgnors to Burroughs Wellcome A Co. (U. S. A.) Inc.. 
Tuckahoe, N. Y. Cinnamamldlne derivatives. 2.575.991. 
Nov. 20. 

Balvay. Jean : S»e — 

Hemmer. I.uclen. and Balvay. 

Baly. Wilfred F. : 8ee^ 

Jacobsen. Bent B.. Roche, and Baly. 

Balzak. Julias, Chicago, HI. Paper holder. 2,539.718. 
Jan. 30. 

Balzarinl. Martin T.., Roekport. Mass. Apparatns for 
making edible products. 2.572,833. Oct. 30. 

Balz»'au. Charles, and R Mousset. asttlKnors to Soci^t4 des 
Etahlissements Japy Fr^^reB. Arcueil. France. Escape- 
ment mechanism for tvT>ewrlters. 2. .551. 2.34. Mav 1. 

Baizer. Pr«l A.. Park Ridge, 111., nssltmor. bv "mesne 
a.sslgnments. to The Vulcan Radiator Companv. Hart- 

, ford. Conn. Damper for radiators. 2..5.39.293, Jan. 23. 

Baizer. Harvey W., Downers Crove. assii;nor to .\utomafic 
Electric Laboratories. Inc.. Chicago, 111. Toll switching 
telephone system., May 1. 

Baizer. Harvey W.. Downers Grove, and J. E. Ostllne 
assignors to Automatic Electric laboratories Inc Chi- 
cago, 111. Automatic telephone system invoivine'.sep.n- 
rate operator and subscriber regls'ter sender apparatus 
2.560.R50. Oct. 2. 

Baizer, Harvey W.. Downers Grove. .Ts.sisnor fo .Auto- 
matic Electric Laboratories. Inc.. Chicago. III. Com- 
bination one- and two-digit selector switches. 2.575 780 
Nov. 20. 

Baizer. Harvev W.. Downers Grove, assljnior to Automatic 
Electric Laboratories. Inc.. Chicago. HI. Interceptinsr 
and verifying toll switching telephone system. 2.579 722 
Dec. 25 

Bambas. Louis T.^. Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 
•Parke. Davis A Companv. Detroit. Mich Aminoaceto- 

hlphenyl compounds. 2.543.2fi5. Feb. 27. 
Bambas, Louis L., Grosse Polnte Woods.' a'^signdr to 

Parke. Davis & Comnanv. Detroit. Mich, Acylamido- 

acetoblphenyls. 2.543.200, Feb. 27. 
Bambas. Louis L.. Grosse Polnte Woods, asslimor to 

Parke, Davis A Companv. Detroit. Mich Hvdroxy- 

ethyl-acylamido-blphenylyl ketones. 2.543.2R7. Feb. 27. 
Bambas. Louis L.. Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 

Parke, Davis A Company. Detroit. Mich. Acylated keto 

•mido alcohols. 2.543.208. Feb. 27. 
Bambas, Louis L., Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 

Parke, Davis A Company. Detroit, Mich. Aeylated 

amijio dlols. 2.543.269. Feb. 27. 
Bambas. Lonls L., Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 

Parke, Davia A Company, Detroit, Mich. Polyacylated 

amino diols. 2.543.270. Feb. 27. 
Bambas. Louis I-., Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 

Parke. Davis A Company. Detroit, Mich. Biphenyl 

compounds. 2.543,271. Feb. 27. 
Bamber. Georee E.. and S. G. Turnhu'l. London. England. 

a.sslgnors. by mesne assienments. to I'nifold Mailing Ma- 
chines Inc.. Saginaw. Mich. Api>aratus for Inserting 

documents Into envelopes. 2.569.219, Sept. 25. 
Baniberger, Alfred A. : Sef — 

Simpson. Hohart A., and Bamberger. 
Bamberger. Alfred A.. Flashing, N. Y. Handbag clasp 

and coin holder. 2,536.016, Jan. 2. 

assienments. to 
N. Y. Electric 

Pump valve. 

Bamberger. Alfred A.. Flushing, assignor to Speedo Mana- 
facturing Co., Inc., New York. N. Y. Rotary tool hand 
piece. 2,536,017, Jan. 2. 

Bamberger. Alfred A.. Flushing. N. Y^. Sump drain. 
2.500.915. July 17. 

Bamberger. Alfred A.. Flushing, assignor to Speedo Manu- 
facturing Co.. Inc.. New York. N. \. Motion converting 
mechanism. 2,507.798. Sept. 11. 

Bamberger, Cart. Jersey City, and J. W. Oreiup. Short 
Hills, assifmors to I'atent Chemlcalj* Incorporated, 
Paterson. N. J. Manufacture of poljhydroxy anthra- 
quinone sulfonic acids. 2,575.155, Nov. 13. 

Bamford. Arthur V. : See — 

(Jrupe. William F.. and Bamford. 

Bamford. Charles F., i'ortland. Oreg. Feed table. 
2. .5.30.41 2. Jan. 2. 

Bamford. Charles J.. Sr.. Trenton, assignor to Homasote 
Company. Incorj>orated. Fernwood, .\. J. Mechanism 
for fabricating building s«»ctions. 2,574,163. Nov. 6. 

Banca. Magelo C. Camden. N. J., assignor to Radio Corpo- 
ration of America. Cathode-ray screen coated with 
zinc or magnesium fluoride phosphors. 2.538,532. June 

Bancroft Cap Company, assignee: See — 
Goldman. Louis. 

Bancroft. Charles, New Canaan. Conn. Rotary displace- 
ment device. 2.544.480. Mar. 6. 

Bancroft, Charles. New Canaan. Conn. Rotary displace- 
ment device. 2.544. 481. Mar. 0. 

Bancroft. Charles. .New Canaan. Conn. Rotary machine 
of the alternating piston type. 2,553,954, May 22. 

Bancroft, (teorse H. : See — 

WIshart. Jameg. nnd Bancroft. 

Bancroft. George H.. assignor, by mesne 
Eastman Kodak Companv. Rochester, 
heating element. 2.557.530. June 1ft. 

Bancroft. Howard S.. Sharon. Pa. 
2.5.-.3.102. May 15. 

Bancroft. Hugh N. : See — 

Alter. Winfleld S.. and Bancroft. 

Bancroft, Joseph. A Sons Co.. assignee : Bee — 
KIntner. Charles J., and Hall. 

Bancroft. William P.. Omaha, Nebr. Folding carriage. 
2. .507,404. Sept. 11. 

Bandel. David. Brooklyn. N. Y.. assignor to Mathleson 
Chemical Corporation. Suspension polymerization. 
2.540.207. Mar. 27 

Bandelln. Fred J., assignor to Flint Eaton and Company, 
Decatnr. 111. Iron choline citrates and preparing the 
same. 2.575.611. N«v, 20. 

Bandll. John C. : See — 

-\rmstrong. Daniel A.. Raleigh, and Bandll. 

Bandll. John C. assignor to Scott Atwater Manufacturing 

Company, Mlrneapolls. Minn Outboard motor under- 
water exhaust valve. 2.570.50T>, Oct. 0. 
Bando. Edward, assignor to Standard Davton Corporation, 

I>ayton. Ohio. Relay. 2.542.174, Feb. 20. 
Bane. Clayton F., San Francisco. Calif,, assignor, by mesne 

assienments. to E. F. John.son Companv. Wa.seca. Minn. 

Brake for counter dials. 2.552,830. May 15. 
Banes. Fred W. : See— 

Swanev. sillier W., and B.ines. 
Banfield. Frederic E. Jr.. assignor to Whitin Machine 

Works. Whitlnsvllle. Mas*. Composite card flat. 

2..502.9n8. Aug. 7. 
Range Georeo F : See — , 

Reynolds. Warren S.. Range, and Turner.' 
Bancert. Charles. Jr.. Ballston Spa. N Y.. nssicnor to 

General Electric Company. Round cornered box. 

2 -74.908. Not 13 
Bangert. John T.. Orange. N. J., and S Rosen Lo« 

Angeles. Calif., assignors to Bell Telephone I,nboratorle«, 

Incorporated. New York. N, Y. Directional coupler. 

2.541.910. Feb. 13. 
Panlirnn. Thomas F.. Jr. : See — 

Meeks, James W.. Banlgan, and Planck, 
r.anican. Thomas F.. Jr.. J. W. Meeks. S.illnas. Calif., 

and- R. W. Planck. New Orleans. La., assienors to the 

Pnlted States of .America as represented hv the Secre- 

tary of .Sericulture. Isolating b4'talne from gnayule 

ertrnct 2.549,703. Apr, 24. 
Bank. Albert M.. Jersey City. N. J. Sprlne foundation 

for upholstered furniture. 2..542.4.58. Feb. 20. 
r.anka. Frank W.. Park Ridge, 111. Powered trimmer. 

2 575.038 Not 13 
Banker. Oscar H., Evanston. asslBTJor to New Produrti 

Corporation. CblcsKo. 111. Self-cleaning hydraulic 

tappet. 2.541.953. Feb. 13. 
Banker, Oscar IL. Evanston. 111. Power train connection 

for chnnee-speed transmissions. 2. .553.998. May 22, 

Banker. Oscar H . Evanston, assignor to New Products 
Chicago, 111. 




n.. ETanston, 
Chicago, 111., 

assignor to New Prodncts 
Transmission. 2.574.431, 

July 31. 

Banker. Oscar 
Not. 6. 

Ranks. Clarence K.. and J. ControuUs. assignors to Parke, 
Davis A Company. Detroit. Mich. Phenylcyanamldef 
and obtalnlne the same. July 3. 

Banks. Daniel B.. Drexel Hill, assignor to Sun Oil Com- 
pany. Philadelphia. Pa. System and apparatus for gas 
storage. 2,572.799. Oct. 23. 



Banks. Duncan J., assignee : See — 
Duggan, Joseph J. 

Banks. Millard S., New York, N. Y. Water dislntegratable 
soap package. 2,539.395. Jan. 30. 

Banks. William 11.. Hampton. P. B. Upton. Bromley, 
and J. R. Scott, Croydon, assignors to The Printing and 
Allied Trades Heseurch Association. London, and The 
Research Association of British Kubt)er Manufacturers, 
Croydon. England. Producing electroforms. 2,548,765, 
Apr. 10. 

Bankson. Ronald O.. Pittsburg, Kans., assignor to Max B. 
Miller & Co.. Inc.. New York. N. Y. Plugging wells. 

" 2.540.252. Mar. 27. 

Bannan. Philip L.. Seattle. Wash., assignor to Western 
Gear Works. Power-transmitting mechanism for nar- 
row-gauge tractors. 2.569,651, Oct. 2, 

Banner. Otto A., Highland Park. N. J. Hydraulic torque 
converter having radial and axial stages. 2.578.876, 
Dec. IS. 

Banner Plastics Corporation, assignee : See — 
Schiller. Bernard. 

Banning, Lloyd H.. Albany, Oreg., assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the SecretJiry of 
Interior. Material feeding unit. 2,530,021, Jan. 2. 

Banning. Thomas A., Jr., assignee : See — 
Adam. P'olger. 

Banning. Thomas A.. Jr., Chicago, 111. Automobile spring 
and the like 2.559.105. July 3. 

Banning, Thomas A., Jr., Chicago, 111. Propeller pitch 
control. 2.509.444, Oct. 2. 

BSnnlnger. Fritz. Zurich. Switzerland. Producing Ashing 
rods and the like. 2.548.336. Apr. 10. 

Bannister, Bryant, Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to National 
Tube Company. Roll mounting. 2.574,773. Nov. 13. 

Bannister, Clyde E.. Houston, Tex. Shaft-oscillating fluid- 
actuated motor having sprlng-and-latcb valve-reversing 
means. 2.559.8-42. July 10. 

Bannister. Clyde E.. Houston. Tex. Portable oscillating 
propeller assembly. 2,573.382. Oct. 30. 

Bannister. Melvin P.. West Allis, and J. F. Pfelfer, 
Wnuwatosa. Wis. Mobile milk cooler. 2,557,252. 
June 19. 

Bannon. John IT.. Cranford. N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Polymerization process. 
2.542.459, Feb. 20. 

Bannow, Rudolph F.. Easton. and M. Wahlstrom, Bridge- 
port. Conn. Slotting machine operating at universal 
ancles In overall locations. 2.551.359, May 1. 

Btnovsk^. Alois, assignor to Bata. narodni podnik, Zlin, 
Czechoslovakia. Press for rubber footwear. 2.553,999, 
May 22. 

Binovsk^. Alois, assignor to Bata. narodni podnik. Zlin, 
Czechoslovakia. Manufacture of hollow articles from 
rubber or other vulcanizable material. 2.554.552 May 

Binovsk^. Alois, and A. KruSIk. assignors to Bata, 
nflrodnf podnik. Zlin. Czechoslovakia. Machine for pre- 
treating plastic materials. 2,573,825, Nov. 6. 
Banta. Robert \V.. assignee : See — 

Roman, Michael. 
Banta. Walter : See — 

Jandus. Herbert S.. and Banta. 
Bantam-Iilte. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Nathan, Jerome, and Adler. 
Bantar. Incorporated, assignee: See — 

McBrlde. John W. 
Banton, Albert W.. Jr.. and P. E., Yorktown Va. Track 

ballasting. 2.571.183, Oct. 16. 
Banton. Paul E. : See — 

Banton. Albert W.. Jr.. and P. E. 
Banns. Mario D.. and T. R. P. Olbb. Jr., Marblehead, 
assignors to Metal Hydrides Incorporated. Beverly, 
Mass. Purifying borohydrides of the alkali metals. 
2.542.746. Feb. 20. 
Banzhaf, Joseph A. : See — 

Blaich. Rudolph C. and Banzhaf. 

Baptist. Wilbur B.. Sacramento, Calif. Fountain hair- 
brush. 2.509.276. Sept. 25. 

Barnch. Joseph L.. Montclalr. N. J., assignor to Alexander 
Smith. Incorporated. Crimping textile fibers. 2.575.781, 
Nov. 20. 

Baracket. Albert J.. Bloomfleld assignor to Allen B. 
Pu Mont Laboratorips. Inc.. Passaic. N. J. Generation 
of n sine wave. 2.559 144. Julv 3. 

Barager, Alfred T., Buffalo, N. Y. Cover for flexible shaft 
coiipline. 2.547.7.?4. Apr. .1. 

Barak. Monteflore, Clifton Junction, near Manchester, as- 
siirnor to The Chloride Electrical Storage Compnnv 
Limited. Clifford Junction, near Manchester England. 
Electric accumulators. 2.575.088, Nov. 13. 

Baran. Bronlslans J.. Eggertsvllle, assignor of one-half to 
F. W. Hall, Williamsvllle, N. Y. Box cutter. 2,537,505, 
Jan. 9 

Baran.v. Edward. New York. N. Y. Universally adjustable 
bracket assembly. 2.543,221, Feb. 27. 

Barbn Gerald N : See — 

Darracott. George F.. Barba. and Relchert. 

Barbeck. Peter. New York, assignor to Oxvgen Arc Equip- 
ment Co Inc. Brooklvn. N. Y. Welding and cutting 
toreh. 2.549.300. Apr. 17. * 

Barber. Azro L . nsslcnee : See — 
Worsbam. Irvln L. 

Barber, Cecil B., Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 

Pulsa-or for milking machines. 2,570,749, Oct. ». 
Barb»^r-Colman Company aiuiignee : See — 
Bargren. La Vein M. 
liorchaidt, Robert E. 
Brainerd, George .M., and Vachon. 
Colman, Howard D. 
Drake, Russell P. 
Greenlee. Theodore K. 
Hall. Donald L. 
Kennedy, Walter W. 
Lilja, Edgar D. 
Lilja, Ed;;ar D., and Hall. 
Lind. Harry G. ' 

Marcellus. Brooks. 
Peterson. Burt A. 
Rehwald. Edmund A. ' 

Scone. John 1'. 
Barber, Franklin D., Flossmor assignor to Standard Car 
Truck Company. Chicago, 111. Stabilized car truck. 
2.571,519, Oct. 16. 
Barber. George C. : See — 

Allen. Harold R., and Barber. 
Barber. Harold B., Missoula, Mont. Folding desk and 

table. 2,572.585, Oct. 23. 
Barber. Harold D.. Shaker Heights, Ohio. Load retainer. 

2.577.504, Dec. 4. 
Barl>er, Henry A., assignee : Bee — 

Kusnarowis, Walter. 
Barber, Hiram L, Newtown, and G. L. Sellars, Mllford, 
Ohio. Machine for making applicator swabs. 2.557.024. 
June 12. 
Barber, James A.. Franklinton. La. Electrical switch for 

animal traps. 2.554.728. May 29. 
Barber. John M., Clear Lake, Iowa. Hand truck, 

2.545,440. -Mar. 20. 
Barber. Merlin E., Decatur. 111. Compression by-pass and 

wrench device. 2,543,954, Mar. 6. 
Barber. Merrill P., assignee :»■ See — 

Howard. Roy. 
Barber ta. Anthony : S^e — 

Dunbar. Frank, and Barbetta. 
Barblerl, Cesare, New York, N. Y.. assignor to Dixie Cup 
Company, Chicago, 111. Double-wall paper container, 
2,540,565, Feb. 6. 
Barbieri. (iraziano R^: See — 

Gulnane. James P.. and Barbieri. 
Barbour. Robert J. and W. E.. Terre Haute Ind Ash 
tray and glass holder attachment for tables. 2,562,443. , 
July 31. • • • I 

Barbour, Roswell P.. Lodl. Calif. Box stack spacer for 

freight cars. 2.567,405. Sept, 11. 
Barbour. Warren E. : See — 

Barbour, Robert J. and W. E. 
Barcelft, Daniel R., and P. A. Maso. Barcelona. Spain, 

assignors to American Enka Corporation. Enka. N C. 

2 562"760°jY i?^^^^^ J&tub, fabrics, and the like. 
Barch. William E.. assignor to Standard Brands Incor- 
porated. New York. N. Y. Low methoxyl acid pectinate 

jelly composition. 2.559.338. July 3. 
Barchok, Donald J.. Belmar. and I. Stokes, Neptune. N J 

Identifying aircraft. 2,540.087 Feb 6 
Barclay. Ivar. Highland Park, assignor to The General 

Detroit Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Safety can with 

flexible spout. 2.547.847, Apr. 3. 
Barclays Bank Limited, executor: Bee — 
Mclvood. Robert J. 

Barco. Allen A.. Jackson Heights. N. Y.. assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Power recovery damning 
system. 2.555.828. June 5. .» *- » 

Barco Allen A., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Corpo- 
ration of .\merlca. Television deflection power recovery 
circuit. 2.555,829, June 5. 

Barco Allen A.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Corpo- 
ration of America. Television deflection power recovery 
circuit. 2,555.830. June 5. 
Barco. Allen A.. Princeton. N. J., assignor t6 Radio Corpo- 
ration of America. Power supply system. 2.566,510, 
Sept. 4. • 

Barcus. Leonard F., Yonkers. N. Y., assignor to Farrand 
Optical Co., Inc. Reflex camera combination. Including 
telephoto lens and telescope finder. 2,536.866, Jan. 2. 
Bard. F. N., assignee : See — 

Clark. Robert S. 
Bard, Francis N.. assignee: Bee — 
Breltensteln. Victor W. 
Breiten.vten. Victor W.. and Boddlnghouse. 
Bard. Francis N.. Highland Park. IB. Joint. 2,557,930, 

June 20. 
Bard. la Lene : See — 

Bard. Melvin and I. L ' * 

^"*5-,9*099°J*u"l*^ \o^' ^'^° Francisco. Calif. Hat holder. 
Bard-Parker Company. Inc.. assignee: Bee — 

Arden. Thomas R. . 

Bard. Robert C. : See — 

Bailey^ Dana L.. and Bard 
Bardach, Felix. New York. N. Y. Calculating or com- 
puting device. 2.575,328. Nov. 20. 
Bardeen. John : See — 

Mouzon. James C, Lamar, and Bardeen. " 



Bartlet. Jucques J., tiHtiiKnor. by mesne assiKnnifDts. to 

rrusilis, I'liri.H, Frame. TreatinK inlcu and ci>iupo- 

sitlon. 2.r)49.880. Apr. 24. 
BardoiiH au«i Oliver. Inc., asHignee : See — 

Kvliu, <Nkar, and H. O. 
Bardaley, Arthur F.. Rocky River, and K. W. R»ed. East 

Cleveland. Ohio. Adjustable web feed device for label 

cuttlPK and toldlng machine*. 2.541.737. Feb. 13. 
Bardwi-ll. M.irt.n U ., Syracuse, N. V. Portable power 

wrench. 2 .">78.:i7y, Dec 11. 
Barenstield. Paul L.. Parma, and M. A. Nader. North 

Olinstead. Ohio. Sheet feeder for collator. 2.562.999. 

Auc 7. 
Barettella. Angelo. Union City, N. J. Curtain rod. 

2.".4.').2.')1. Mar. I.''.. 
' Barger. John A.. Dea Molnei. Iowa. Branding device. 

2.541.884. Feb. 13. 
Barnhaus»'n. John W. H., Mount Halnler. and J. A. Van 

Allen Silver Spring. Md.. asaiznors to the United States 

Oovernment as represented by the Secretary of the 

Navy. Altimeter actuated by cosmic raya. 2.573.823, 

Nov. 6. 
Bargren, La Vern M.. assignor to Rarber-Colman Com- 
pany. Rockford, 111. Wheel dressing device. 2,o05.013, 

Aug. 21. 
Barham. Harold N.. Manhattan. Kans., assignor to 

Sharpies Chemicals Inc. Chlorination of cellulose. 

2..V$-.882, Aug. 7. 
Barham. ilarolJ N.. Manhattan. Kans.. assignor to 

Sharpies Chemicals Inc. Chlorination of carbohydrate 

esters. 2..S«2 883. Aug. 7. 
Barham. Harold N., Manhattan. Kans., assignor to 

Sharpies Chemicals Inc. Chlorination ef carbohydrate 

ethers. 2..")fl2.884. Aug. 7. 
Barham. Theophilua A.. Sr., Norfolk, Va. Adjustable lawn 

sprinkler. 2..'>44.773. .Mar 13. 
Barhorst. Alphonso F., Anna. Ohio. Portable derrick. 

2..V')3.J29, May l.'». 
Baril. Samuel J., Hrooklyn. assignor to The Ilobar Co., 

Inc.. New York, N. Y. Plural garment hanger. 

2..V"i7.fl27. June 1!) 
Barile, Henry C, assignor to Ophthalmix. Brookfleld, 111. 

Lens Inspecting and layout device. 2.546.329, Mar. 27."^ 
Baringer, I-e Roy K., Hardy, Nebr. Sanitary poultry 

fountain. 2,."»62,16.'., July 31. 
Barist. Michael, New York, N. Y. Device for spinning 

toys. 2..'i»;i,.^).''>4. July 24. 
BarkelJ. Jean A. H., Altadena. Calif. Connecting rod 

structure. 2.536.711. Jan. 2. 
Barker. Charles E. : Set- — 

Fine. Harold D.. and Barker. 
Barker, demon \V.. Wichita. Kans.. as.signor. by mesne 

assignments, to Wilton Tool Manufacturing Co., Chi- 

cau'o. III. Work holder device. 2.559.925. July 10 
Barker. Donald K. : See — 

Barker. Karl S. and D. E. 
Barker. Earl S.. Chippewa Falls. Wi.<».. and D. E. Barker 

Burbank, Calif. Skin graft Instrument. 2.579 02'» 

Deo. 1<<. n: 

Barker, Ernest L.. Houston, Tex. Wellhead «>nstructlon. 

2..')42.302. Feb. 20. \ 

Barker. Kros V.. as.signor to The Perfection sK'el Body 

Company. Gallon. Ohio. Fertilizer spreader. 2..5.'>5.28.T 

May 2!). ... 

Barker. Eugene : See — 

Yantos. William H., Bohmer. and Barker. 

Barker. Eules : See — 

KIrtner. Bud E.. Barker. Williams, and Jackson 

Barker, Fr»'deri<-k W.. Poundrldge. N. Y. Knockdown 
shovel. 2..")65,46fi. Aug. 28. 

Barker. O'orgo E.. N.'W(.ort. Del., asalenor to Elgin Na- 
tional Watch Company. Elgin. lU. Triple ether lubri- 
cant. 2..".6rt.l.'>7. Aug. 28. 

Barker. Ceorge E., assignor to Atlas Powder Company. 
Wilmlncton, Del. Solid compositions containing 4>oly- . 
oxyethvlene esters. 2.,').'>9..')83. July 10. 

Barker. Georjre E.. aaslimor to Atlas Powder Company, 
Wllmlnffton. Del. .Solid compositions containlne poly- 
oxvethylene aliphatic amines and amides. 2.559 584 
Julv 10. 

Barker. George E.. and G. E. Alter, Jr.. Plttsbureh Pa 
asslenors to Elein National Watch Company Eljrln. Ill' 
Lubricant containlne ethers with multiple sulfur or 
like linkacea. 2.5.-.2.510. .Mav 15. 

Barker, James, and F. Batcheldor. Worcester Mass Pre- 
cision angle, depth, and height gauge. 2,.556,3.'S8 
June 12. 

^V.'^*''" t;VII? C.. Detroit assignor to Chrysler Corpora- 
tion. Highland Park. Mich. Wheel structure. 2 567.142 
Sept. 4. 

I^afker, John L., Norwalk, Conn., assignor to Eostern In- 
dustries, Incorporated. D»<tectlng pre.sence and move- 
ment of bodies. Re. 23.403. Sept 4 

Barker. John L.. Norwalk, Conn., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Eastern Industries. Incorporated. Vehicle 
detector. 2,540.089. Feb. 6. t^ » . 

Barker. John L., Norwalk. assignor to Eastern Industries 
Incorporated, East Norwalk. Conn. Traffic actuated 
control apparatus. 2.542.978. Feb. 27. 

Barker. John W.. Silver Spring, Md., assignor to Hondry 
Process Corporation, Wilmington. Del. Catalyst re- 
generation. 2.561,331. July 24. 

Barker, Lloyd M. : See— 

Newton. Fred P., and Barker. 

Barker, .Maurice E.. Washington. D. C.. assignor to the 
United States of .Vinerira a.s rt-presentJHl by the Secre^ 
tary of War. Incendiary article. 2,558.726 July 3. 

Barker, Orrin W. : See — 

Armitage. Joseph B., and Barker. 

Barker, Paul L., assignor to National Production Com- 
pany, Detroit, Mich. Infant's chair. 2. ,'.67, 4 18. Sept. 

Barker. Percy, San Mateo County. u.s.signor to Plastic 

Specialty Company, San Francisco. Calif. Handbag. 

2.561.488. July 24. 
Barker I'oultry K<|uipment Co.. assignee : See — 

Drtws. Harry K. 
Barker, Rob«rt W. : See — 

Harding, George D., and Barker. 
BarktT .Saw Company, assignee: See — 

Smith. Albert P. 
Barker. .Seth S., ottumwa, Iowa. Removing feithers from 

poultry. 2.557.33.'). June 19. 
Barker. Seth S.. Ottumwa. Iowa. Chicken picking finger. 

2,.V.9,()01, July 3. 
Barker. Seth S.. Ottumwa, Iowa. Enclosed chain con- 
veyer hanger. 2.562,406. Julv 31. 
Barker. Sydney W., Colne. assignor to Lustrafll Limited. 

Nelaon, England. Metbu*! and ap|>aratus for loading 

thread advancing rolls. 2,545,015, Mar. 13. 
Barker, Sydney W., Colne, assignor to Lustrafll Limited. 

Nelson. England. Guiding of threads or filaments. .May 15. 
Barker. William A.. I.elcester. England, assignor to United 

Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton, N. J Toe 

lininu' tritnmini: iii.ichine. 2,r.5»>.4in. June 12 
Bnrkhnff, Raymond A., Jr., Springfield, Mass.. a.sslgnor to 

Monsanto Chemical Company, St. Louis. .Mo. Coating 

compositions. 2.538,857. Jan. 23. 
Barkhuff, Raymond A.. Jr.. and L. M. Deblng. Springfield. 

Mass, assignors to Monsanto Chemlcjil Companv St! 

Louis. Mo. Aldehyde condensation resins. 2,538 753 

Jan 23. 
Barkis. Cliarl»>s E.. San Francisco. C.nlif., assignor by 

mesne assignments, to General Electric Compjiny Pow- 
^ er distribution system. 2.508.480. Sept. 18. 
Barkley. Dwight W.. Chesswick. Pa.. asslCTor to Llbbey- 

Owens-Ford Glass Company. Tole<lo. Ohio. Mounting 

for rearvlew mirrors. 2.547,071. Apr. 3 
Barkow, Eugene V. : See — 

.Xsliton Benjamin N , and Barkow. 
Barksdale. George R., assignee: See — , 

Hill. Malcolm I. . 

Barley. Leo D. : See — ' 

Splller. William R.. and Barley. 
Barlini;. Leslie C., Johannevburg. Transvaal, Union of 

South Africa, .\utomatic valve. 2,550,441, Apr. 24. 
Barlow, .Albert, assignee: See — 

Smith Dick P, 
Barlow. Alnius C. Chula Vista, and W. V. Paul. Coronado 

Calif. Stencil printing machine. 2.579.461, De< . 25. ' 
Barlow. Benjamin W.. Sudbury. Wembley, assignor to D 

.Napier k Son Limited. London, Ent:liind Connecting 

rod assembly for multicyllnder reclprocntlne engines 

havlne two or more cylinders or rows of cylinders anjni- 

Inrly displaced about a crankshaft. 2,551^.062,. .May 1.".. 
Barlow, Thomas E.. Jackson, Ohio, assignor to Eastern 

Cl.iv Pro<lucts, Inc. Blow plate for core blowers. 

2.."i.'i3.626. May 22. 
Barlow. Thomas E.. Jackson. Ohio, assignor to Eastern 

Clay Pro<liicts. Inc. Wear Insert for core boxes 

2..i.').3.627. May 22. 

Barmer Maschi'nenfabrlk Aktlengesellschaft assignee* 

§re — 

Bochmann, Otto, Schroder, and Lenk. 
Barmore, R. L.. assignee: See — 

Woerner, Irvln .\. 
Bamaby. Roland. Hempstead, N. T., and A. E. Relnhardt, 
Flourtown. Pa., assignors to The Sperrv Corporation 
Great Neck. N. Y. Angular velocity measaring instru- 
ment 2.544.646, .Mar. 13. 

Barnard. Clayton H., South Euclid. Ohio, assignor to 
Bailey Meter Company. Tubing bundle or cluster 
2. 578.280, Dec. 11 

Barnard. Harlin. Olean. N, Y.. assignor to W R Case A 
Sons Cutlery Co., Bradford. Pa. Knife blade construc- 
tion. 2,.566.112. Aug. 28. 

Barnard. Lyie Z. : See— 

Cooke. Charles S.. and Barnard. 

Barnard, Randolph H.. Toledo, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 
Cleveland. Ohio. Method and apparatus for produclne 
laminated materials. 2.505.941. Aug. 28. 

Barnard. Roy M.. and W. J. Stray. London, England as- 
siimors to International Standanl Electric Corporation 
New York, N. Y. Electric condenser. 2,579 462 Dec' 

Rarnebl. August C . Chlcaeo, 111 . assitmor to Oliver United 
Filters Incorpf.rated. Oakland. Calif. Automatic filter 
valve. 2,5fi3.20.', .\ug. 7. 

Barnes Brady E. : See — 

WIegner. Joseph W., Gllda. Klasey, and Barnes. 

Barnes. Carl E.. Belvidere, N. J., assignor to General 
Aniline & Film Corporation. New York N Y Trans- 
parent; colorless, color-stable resins of haloacrylic com- 
pounds. 2.576,821. Nov. 27. 



Mount inc 

Barnes, Carl E., Pipersville. Pa., assignor to General 
Aniline & Fl'm Corporation, New York, N. Y. Prepar- 
ing cycloootatetraene. :i.579.106, Dec. 18. 

Barnes, Carl E.. Belvidere, N. J., and W. O. Xey. Jr., 
Easton Pa., assinnors to General Aniline & Film Corpo- 
ration. New York, N. Y. Alpha-halogen substitutt-d 
acrylic cunipcunds 2..'S48,091. Apr. 10. 

Barnes. Carl E., R.-lvldere. N. J., and W. O. Ney. Jr., 
Easfon. Pa., assignors to General Aniline & Film Cor- 
poration. New York. N. Y. Reversible gel composition 
compriitiDg polyvinyl alcohol and preparation. 2,576,820, 
Nov. 27. 

Barnt's. Cecil R., Lumberton, aselgnor of one-half to J. W. 
Cofffy I{obf>-in County. N. C. Buoyant sustaining seat. 
2.562",080, Julv 24. 

Barnes, I'barles E., Jr. : fffe — 

HarneR. Charles E., Sr., and Charles E., Jr. 

Barnes, Charles E., Sr., and Charles E.. Jr., Philadelphia, 
Pa., assignors to Cnlted States Rubber Company. New 
York, N. Y. Surface metal raceway. 2.50D.916, Oct. 2. 

Barnes. Charles M.. Childress. Tex. Check valve for gaso- 
line di8|>ensing nozzles. 2.553.888, May 22. 

Barnes, rinrence E. : Srf — 

names. Everett M. and C. E. 

Barnes. Ihivld K. : See — 

Steitz, Alfred. Jr.. and Barnes. 

Barnes. Donald H., Sr.. Hridgeport, Conn, 
and op«>ratlng the slats In Venetian blinds. 
July 17. 

Barnes Drill Co., asslenee : See — 
ijaldwell, Harry J. 
Segorg. Earnest Y. 
Seborg, Earmst Y., and Falrb.nirn. 

Barnes. Everett M. and C. E., New Paris. Ohio. Tape 
feeder, cutter, and molstener. 2,552.926. May 15. 

Barnes. Frank, assignee: See — 
McEwen. Floyd L. 

Barnes, Fred Fl.. C. M. Kay, and S. F. Oakes. Worcester, 
Mass.. asslunors to The American Steel and Wire Com- 
pany of New Jersey. Operating open-hearth furnaces. 
2 .->.%4.fl05». May 29. 

Barnes. Fred N.. Durango, Colo. Making bullets. 
2..')7 1.520. Oft. 10. ^ 

Barnes. Coorce W.. Jr., Clifton Heiehts. Pa., assignor, hy 
mesne assignments, to Minneapolis-TIoneywell Regula- 
tor Com^inny. Minneapolis. Minn. Standardizing appa- 
ratus for halancluK networks. 2..^.'>6.788, June 12. 

Barnes. Ceorce W.. Jr.. Clifton Heights. Pa., R. M. John- 
son, Palmyra. N J., and W. P. Wills. Philadelphia 
Conntv. Pa., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Min- 
neapolis Honeywell Regulator Company. Minneapolis, 
Minn. T'InutographIc Instrument. 2..">"Rfi.54fl. Sept. 4. 

Barnes. Gerald C., Plvmouth. Mich. Collet with inter- 
changeable [tads 2.5^0,007. Dee. 25. 

Barnes. James C, Chicago, 111. Cup and cover. 2..'>74.612, 
Nov. l.*?. 

Barnes. James F.. Chicago. 111. Pad structure. 2,558,166, 
June 2«. 

Barnes. James F.. Chicago. 111. Sifter having agitator 
bodies. 2.570,746 Nov. 27. 

Barnes. Jolin. Milwaukee, Wis. Washing machine, 
2..''.75.n.-^n. Nov. 13. 

Barnes. John M : See — 

Rus< Ittl. Constantine, and Barnes. 

Barnes. John P., Sprlncfleld. Pa., asslpnor to Radio Cor- 
poration of .America. Changing-slgn Indicator. 
2..5.19.654. Jan. 30. 

Barnes. John ^■.. I. a Canada, assignor, by mesne assicm- 
ments. to Tavlor-PhiUips. Inc.. Los "Angeles, " Calif. 
Folding toilet "seat. 2.545..'i98, Mar. 20. 

Barnes, John W.. assignor to Argus. Incorporated, Ann 
Arbor. Mich. Closure latch. 2,544,647, Mar. 13. 

Barnes. John W., assicnor to Argus Cameras. Inc.. Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Camera film counter. 2,563,811, 
Aug. 14. 

Barnes Manufacturing Co., assignee : See — 
Devlin Georire \. 
Eggleston, Gilbert K. 

Barnes, Ralph G.. Reno, Nev., assignor of one-half to 
J. J. Guard. Portland, Oreg.. and one-half to J. J. (Juard. 
as tru.«tee. Screed for cement surfaces. 2,542,979. 
Feb. 27. 

Barnes. Thomas O.. El Paso. Tex. Apparatus for timing 
the Interval between impulses. 2.544.482. Mar. 0. 

Barnes. Walter C Lake Bluff. 111. Flaw detection ap- 
parattis. 2.55.'>.308. June 5. 

Barnes. Walter C, Lake BlufT. and H. W. Keevil, Evans- 
ton, 111. Method and apparatus for detecting flaws in 
rail or the like. 2.571 .998. Oct. 23. 

Barnes, Walter C, Lake Bluff, and H. W. Keevil. Evanston, 
111. Apparatus for detecting flaws. 2,571,999. Oct. 23. 

Barnes, Welden F., assignee : See — 
Cade. John W. 

Barnes, Wilfred, Jr. : See — 

Churchfleld. Elizabeth M.. and Barnes. 

Barnes. William A.. Ctlca, N. 
Force & Tool Corporation. 

Barnes. William E. : See — 

Chaney. Preston E., and Barnes. 

Bamett, Benjamin, Santa Rosa, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco, Calif. Preparation of 
beta-lactones. Re 23.396. Aug. 7. 

Y., assignor to Utica Drop 
Tool. 2,539,294. Jan. 23. 

Bamett, Benjamin G., Dallas, Tex. Pivoted jaw type, 
toggle actuated wrench. 2.501.682, July 24. 

Barnett, Benjamin G., Dallas. Tex. Ventilator wing. 
mounting for truck cabs. 2,567.799. Sept. 11. 

Barnett. Elson T., assignor to Savage-Barnett Tool Com- 
pany, Phoenix, Ariz. Speed change driving bead for 
power-driven machines. 2,544,061, Mar. 6. 

Barnett, Henry W. : See — 

Brackenbury, William L., and Barnett. 

Barnett. John W., Midland. Tex. Flower bed and lawn 
edge trimmer. 2.547.433. Apr. 3. 

Barnett. Lawton L.. O'Brien. Fla. Transplanter drill set. 
2.559.183. July 3. 

Barnett. Max, Brooklyn, N. Y. Machine for collapsing 
tubes. 2.536.S67. Jan. 2. 

Barnett. Morris. Philadelphia, Pa. Motion-picture pro- 
jector case. 2.566.714, Sept. 4. . 

Barnett, Uoy E.. Wauchula, Fla. Solar hefter with 
spaced parallel heat absorbing sheets. 2,553,073, May 

Barnett. Vernon C. : Bee — 

Shea. Richard F., and Barnett. 

Barnett. Victor. Evansville. Ind. Water faucet 2,548,933, 
Apr. 17. 

Barnett, Wllford J. : See — 

Vavra, Marvin J., and Barnett. 

Barney, Francis L., Parma, Idaho. Attachment for lifting 
and deflecting plants. 2,542,617, Feb. 20. 

Barney, Freeman: See — 

Lee, James E.. and Barney. 

Barney, Harold L., Madison, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Control of impedance of semiconductor amplifler cir- 
cuits. 2.541,322. Feb. 13. 

Barney. Harold L.. Madison. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated. New Y'ork, N. Y. 
Control of impedance of semiconductor amplifler 
circtiits. 2..')50.518. Apr. 24. 

Barney. Harold L., Madison, N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York, N. Y. 
Electric wave tran^smisslon. 2.570.305, Oct. 9. 

Barney. Harold L.. Madison, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. 
Sweep circuit. 2.572.586. Oct. 23. 

Barney. Harold L., Madison, N. J., assljrnor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. 
Level ratio me.isuring system. 2,576,249. Nov. 27. 

Barney. Joseph N. : See — 

Atkinson. Robert P., and Barney. 

Barnharf. Merle E.. and L. F. Miller, assitmors to Price 
Eleetric Corporation. Frederick. Md. Reinforced insu- 
lation assembly. 2,568.979. Sept. 25. 

Barnhart. Philip S., WestaSprlncfield. and J. C. Miller, 
Westfield. assignors to \^8tfield River Paper Company, 
Inc.. Russell. Mass. Polyethylene-wax laminating com- 
position. 2.551.087. Mav 1. 

Barnhart. Philip S.. West Sprincfleld. and J. C. Miller. 
Westfield. assignors to Westfield River Paper Com- 
pan.v. Inc.. Russell. Mass. rVment for laminating 
sheets of paper or like materials. 2,560,916, July 17. 

Barnhart. Richard L.. Ellzabethtown. Pa. Marble run-' 
wa.v. 2..571.521. Oct. 16. 

Barnhart. Robert E., Gibhstown. and R. M. C'.vanaugh, 
Woodbury, N. J., assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
& Company, Wilmington. Del. Manufacture of nitric 
esters of normally solid primary alcohols. 2,545,538, 
Mar. 20. 

Barnhart. William S. : See — 

McBee. Earl T., and Barnhart 

Barns. Roy W. : See — 

Hamacher. Joseph D.. and Bams. 

Barnstead. Sidney O.. Saco, Maine, 
molded articles. 2.549.503. Apr. 17. 

Barnnm, Emmett R., Berkeley, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco. Calif. Corrosion pre- 
ventive compo.sition. 2,504,422, Aug. 14. 

Bamum, Emmett R . Berkeley, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco. Calif. Corrosion pre- 
ventive composition. 2.564,423, Aug. 14. 

Barnum, Granville F., Pittsford. and E. J. Hanna, 
a.'isignors to Taylor Instrument Companies, Rochester, 
N. Y. Processing of canned food products. 2.539,505, 
Jan. 30. 

Barocas. Abraham J.. New York, N. Y. Split plug body 
suitalile for bousing n plurality tof different electrical 
contact elemenrs. 2.573,533. Oct. 30. 

Barol. .\lfred. assignor to Wyeth Incorporated. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Antibiotic compositions. 2,550,398, 
Apr. 24. 

Baron. Arthur J., Mellor. near Stockport, an; H. N. Sykes, 
Alinondbury. assignors to Chryssex. Limited. Lindley, 
near Huddersfleld. England. Extraction of chrysalides 
from silk. 2.505.104. Auff. 21. 

Baron George. New York. N. Y. Hook for garment bang- 
ers. 2.550.401. June 12. 

Barr. Eugene A.. Jr., Bound Brook. N. J., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Union Carbide and Carbon Cor- 
poration. Phenol aldehyde-amine condensation prod- 
ucts. 2..5.52.025. May 8. 

Barr, Francis A., Laurelton. N. 
gauge. Mar. 20. 

Barr. Francis A.. Laurelton, N. Y. 
July 10. 

Manufacture of 

Y. Adjustable snap 
Drill Jig. 3,560.382. 



Barr, Frank C, Murtautown, \V. Va. I'ickup tonjji. 

2 579.536. Dec. 25. 
Barr. Knink T.. Summit. N. J., assignor 

I)evelopin»>nt Company. rroducint; 

2 556,835, June 12. 
Barr, Jamen A.. Jr.. Evanston awiKnor 

Company, ChiciiKO, 111. Treatment of 

to Stan«lard Oil 
gaa mixtures. 

to Armoor and 
feldapar roucvu- 





trates having hydrophobic characterl»t»c». -.5ul.lU<, 

B/rr'^Jarae» R. IMttafield. Mass.. assignor to G«-neral 
^Electr"™ Company. Pressure temperature nlay. 

Ba?r^'j!;hn\l^^'l?lnVwood. assignor, by mesn^ as-sl»rnin;'nt8. 
t"\n'^« Bement Pond Company. West Hartford. Conn. 

B«r'''RS2rd fi' h'' Norif^nttn. assignor to Power Jets 

^^HesearohandUevelop.n.nt) L<">lt''<l. V«°'^o°-.,fi"f 4-'0 
Internal-combustion turbine power plant. 2.540,4-0. 

Ba?r"sefmour J.. Aberdeen. >Id. C.un synchronizlnR ap- 

Piiratus. 2.560,540. July 1.. 
Barr A Stroud. Limited, asaignee 

' llluX- Jam" ^Wi^. Strang, and MacgUl. •' 
BarrJ«TouKh. H-njannn P. S.. Greennebl Lugland. Cen- 

trai hoAtine svstem. 2.o»>5,(90. Aug. -.». 
Ban^VrAugefrJ .^Irvlngton X. J. Quick-change par 

B.rTa^T''Harold'■*Hnd^•L^''Rose•. Coventry. a«l,n>ors to 
(Wtaulds Mmited, London. England Product on of 
fliamen"i. thr«?ds. and the like by the wet .pinning 

Bayret*"WllTlam • m!' ^"^igior to Enudneerlng. Research 
Cori;oratVon Shn'veport, La. Electron.aguetic-wav« In- 
vestigations. 2.573.082, Nov. 6. 

Barr»-tt. Ann K.. a>f*lKnee : See — 

tissue packet therefor. 2.o59.5-8. July 3. 
Barrett Edward L.. asslgnte : 6tf — 

Barre'l"Fdwa'nrL.l"'ii' Grange. 111., assignor to EL. 
A K Ba7rett copartners doing business as Uarreti 
Keenan CotnpaS- Magnetic recording apparatus. 

B«*rr"e1?'"*Fdward' if ' La Granee, assignor to E. L. a.M 
A K Bam-t . copartners doing business as Barre t- 
Keen4nCompkny. Chicago. III. Record mechanism. 

R«^rreVt' Edw^ar'dL. La Grange, assignor to E. L. and A. K. 

^"Barrett copartner, doing business as B-Vr^tt^Keena n 

Company, Chicago. 111. Dynamoelectrlc rnachln.. 

Ba'r-.^e^?.'Edwanf ^ >'inn. Formins glomerules. 

B«Vitt'FJlw«rd"R'."«sslgT.or to ^^ ^Jl^^n^.l. Chicago. 

Ill Cooking utensU. 2.568,049. Sept. is. 
Barritt Elmer G.. Pampa. Tex. Rotary englhe. 

Ba^rrm'^GeoJirR.'^ Minnoapolis. Minn. Combined crib 
and Wardrobe. 2.5fi7.9«n. Sept. !«<. ^ „ 

Barrett Gerald R.. Winchestpf. Mass.. assignor to Mon- 
santo Chemical Company, St Lou,8 Mo. Polymeri/.ng 
nnoaturated tompoiii.«ls. 2..>37.0i.'). Jan. .» 

Barrett Gerald R. Winchester, Mass.. assignor to Mnn- 
«,nto Chemical Comtmny. St. Louis. Mp. Heteropolv- 
rners of vlnvl i.romatic compound-*, alkyl acrylates. and 
nltcvi half ester* r,f ethvlene dicarboxyllc adds and pre- 
paring same. 2.537,016, Jan. 9. 

Barr.'tt C.orald U. Winchester, Mass.. assignor to Mon- 
wnto Chemical Company. St. Loals. Mo. Coating com- 
positions. 2.537.017. .Inn 9 * «, „ 

Barrett Gerald R.. Winchester, Mass., assignor to Mon- 
santo' Chemical Company. St Louis. Mo. Copolymer 
and coatlne composition. 2.."537.018. Jan. 9. 

Barrett Gerald R.. Winchester. Mass., assignor to Mon- 
aanto Chemical Company. St. Lonl.. Mo. Coating com- 
positions. 2 537.019 Jan 9. 

Barrett Gerald R.. Winchester, Mass.. assignor to Mon- 
i«a"^«V Ch'^TTilc^l Comnanv. St LonU Mo. Preparing 
malelc anhydride interpolymer.. 2,537,020, Jan. 9. 

Barrett C.orald R.. Winchester. Mass. assicnor t<i Mon- 
santo Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Coated papers 
and methods and compositions for preparing same. 
2.57R.914. Pec. 4. 

Barftt. nornld R. Winchester. Ma^s. 
santo Chemicfll Company. St Louis, 
and composition therefor. 2,57R.915. 

Barrett, Oerald R.> Winchester. Mass. 

s;iiiti> < 'liei>ii<-;t| Companv. St. Louis 

. assignor to Mon- 
Mo Sizing yarns 
Dec. 4. 

. assignor to Mon- 
Mo Preparation 


of dl-tertlnrv hntyl qulnone. 2.577,505. Dec. 4. 
Barrett. Harold O. : See — 

Revnolds. Milton, and Barrett. 
Barrett Harrv B.. St. Louia. Mo. Metal turning and 

truing machine. 2..542.fll6. Feb. 20. 
Barrett. John L.. Bloomfleld Hills, asslsmor to Detroit 
_ Casket Mannfsctnrine Company. Detroit. Mich. 

Extrusion. 2.539.564. Jan. 30. 
Barrett John T-.. Bloomfleld Hills, n.ssltmor to Detroit 

Gasket A Mannfacttirlng Comoanv. Detroit, Mich. 

Linear structtiral member. 2.577.671. Dec 4, 

Barrett, John P. : Bee — 

Ralston. Anderson W., Barrett, and Segebrecht. 

Barrett. John S., Minneapolis, Minn. Safety mounting 
for reurview mirrors. 2, 56.'), 012, Aug. 21. 

Barrett. Joseph C. Philadelphia, Pa. Body supporting 
seat. 2.577.949, Dec. 11. 

Barrett-KiH-nan Company : 8e« — 
Barrett. Edward L. 

Barrett. Kuiph A., assignor to The Apex Electrical Manu- 
facturing Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Time conirolh-d 
linkage actuating mechanism. 2,547.247. .\pr. 3. 

Barrett, Raymond W., Freeport, N. Y. Picket fence. 
2.573.239. Oct. 30. 

Barrett. Robert W. : f^ee — ^_ 

Otto, Ferdinand P.. and Barrett. ^^ 

Otio. Ferdinand P.. Relff, and Barrett, i 

Barrett, W. Thomas, assignee: See — | 

Rvchwalskl. Vernon W 

Barrett. WUUam E.. Houston. Tex. Hinge. 2.541.567. 
Feb. 13. 

Barrlck, Paul L.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours it 
Company, Wilmington, Del. Saturated polytluoro ull- 
cycllc hydrocarbon, and their preparation. 2,540,088. 
Feb. 6 

Barrlck. Paul L.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 
Company. Wilmington, Del. Olefin reactions. 2,542.747. 
Feb. 20. 

Barrlck, Paul L., assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
& Company. Wilmington, Del. Catalytic hydrogenation 
of unsaturated tluorohydrocarbons. 2.550,953, May 1. 

Barrlck, Paul L., Boulder, Colo., assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. Imldohalides 
anci preparing them and their hydrolysis products. 
2,509.549, Oct. 2. 

Barrie, Arthur J. : See — 

Hamann, Floyd R.. MUler, Barrie, Gutman, and 

BarrluKer, «;ordon L. : See — 

Lee. Charles M.. and Barrtnger. i 

Barrington. Carl .\.. assignee : See — ' 

Marr, John V.. and Mercer. 

Barrington, Robert R., Luton. England. Closure for con- 
tainers. 2..'^43,822, Mar. 6. 

Barrington, Tom F., Alderwasley, assignor to Slack A 
Parr Limited. Keg\v()rth. England. Manufacture of 
filaments, films, or the like of artificial materials. 

2.542.301. Feb. 20. 

Barron. Edward H.. East Orange. N. J. Cleat applying 

tool. 2 558.2.^n. June 20. 
Barroso. Maria D. M.. Vedado. Habana, Cuba. Device for 

bold me eyeglasses. 2.541.493, Feb. 13. 
Barrow, Hepburn & Gale, Limited, assignee: See — 

Cross. Walter T. 
Barrow, James R.. assignee : Bee — 

Barrow. Russell J. 
Barrow. Russet J., assignor of one-half to .T. R. Barrow, 

Columbiana. Ohio. Hand-guided rotary "arth-worklng 

Implement. 2.574.237. Nov. 6. 
Barrow, \\ ilmer L., Manhasset. assicnor to The Sperry 

Corporation. Great Neck, N. Y. Electromagnetic horn. 

2.542.980. Feb. 27. 

Barrow, Wllmer L.. Manhasset. N. Y.. assignor to The 
Sperry Corporation. Instrument landing system. 
2.552.511. .May 15. 

Barrow. Wllmer I.... Manhasset. assignor, b.v mesne as- 
signments, to The Sperry Corporation, Great Neck, 
N. Y. Electroraagnetic-horn apparatus. 2,560,541. 
July 17. 

Barrows, Donald S., Rochester, assignor to The Symlnc- 
ton Gould Corporation. Depew, N. Y. Railway truck 
spring snul)l)er. 2, .152. 144. May 8. 

Barrows, Donald S., Rochester, assignor to The Symington- 
Gould Corporation, Depew, N. Y. Journal box. 
2.569.277, Sept. 25. 

Barrows. Donald S.. and E. H. Blattner. Rochester, as- 
signors to The Symington Gould Corporation, Depew. 
N. Y. Railway truck. 2,566.158, Aug. 28. 

Barrv, Aaron W., Grosse Polnte Farms, Mich. Hypo- 
dermic syringe. 2.554,451. May 22. 

Barry. Adelbert : Bee — 

Blair. Donald W., and Barry. 

Barry. Adelbert. Houston. Tex., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Standard Oil Development Company, 
Elizabeth, N. J. Casing perforating gun. 2,543.823, 
Mar. 0. 

Barry. Adelbert. Houston, Tex., assignor, by mesne asslen- 
ments. to Standard Oil Development Company, Eliza- 
beth. N. J. Clamping device for gravity meters. 
2.560.320. July 10. 

Barrv. Arthur J. : See — 

De Pree, Lee. Barry, and Hook. 

Barry. .Arthur J., asslpnor to Dow Corning Corporation. 
Midland, .Mich. Bonding rubber to glass. 2..557,778, 
June 19. 

Barrv. Arthur J., assljmor to Dow Coming Corporation, 
Midland. Mich. Phenylene linked organopolysllanes. 
2.557.931. June 26. 

Barrv .Arthur J., assicnor to Dow Corninc Corporation, 
Midland. Mich. Silicon-containing mbb(>r composi- 
tions. 2501.177. July 17. 

Barry. Arthur J., assignor to Dow Corning Corpora- 
tion. Midland. Mich. Production of arylhalosilanes. 

2.572.302. Oct. 23. 



Barry. Arthur J.. Midland, L. De Free, Holland, and D. E. 
Hook, asHignorH to The Dow Chemical Company, Mid- 
land. Mich. Synthesis of aromatic silane. 2,546,33U. 
Mar. 27. 

Barry. Arthur J., and D. K. Hook. Midland, and L. D. 
I'ree. Holland, assignors to The How Cheniicjil Com- 
pany. Midland. Mich. I'reparation of halosiluneg. 
2,55G.4(51.'. June 12. 

Barry. Arthur J., and J. \V. Gilkpy. assignors to Dow 
CorniHK Corporation. Midland. Mich. Carboxyphenyl- 
poiysiloxane-polyhydric alcohol copolymers. 2,570,090, 
Oct. 2. 

Barry, John K.. Jr., Philadelphia, and W. C. Hah'. Jr , 
assignors to South Chester Corporation. Chester, I'a. 
Spring threaded bolt fastening device. 2.575.311. Nov. 

Barry. Joseph. Richmond Hill. N. Y. Window lotk. 
2.540 535. Mar. 27. 

Barry, Joseph A., deceased, Philadelphia, Pa. ; M. A. and 
J. A. Harry. Jr., executors of said J. A. Barry. Appii- 
ratus for checking bowling balls on return trucks. 
2.545.252. Mar. 13. 

Barry. Joseph A.. Jr., executor : See- 
Barry , Joseph A. 

Barry. Joseph F.. Summit. N. J., assignor to Bell Tel'>- 
phone l>iii)Oiatorie8. Incorporated. New York. N. V. 
Metallic container sealing methotl. 2,538,495. Jali. 10. 

Barry, Joseph F.. Summit. N. J., assignor to Hell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated,' New York, N Y. 
Metallic container sealing apparatus. 2.538.490, Jan. 10. 

Barry, Josejdi F.. Summit. N. J., assignor to IJell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York N Y. 
Electric contacts. 2,570.437. Nov. 27. 

Barry. Jules, Arabl. La. Portable fire escape. 2,558,122. 
June 20. 

Barry. I>>on O.. Whippany. assignor to United States In- 
strument Corporation. Summit. N. J. Rotary switch. 
2.577.225. Dec. 4. 

Barry. I^eon <;.. Whippany. assignor to United States In- 
strument Corporation, Summit. N, J. Indexing mecha- 
nism. 2.579.169. Dec. 18. 

Barry. Marie A., executrix : Bee — 

Barry. Joseph A. A 

Barry-Wehmiller Machinery Company, assignee: Fef — 
Wehmiller, Frederick W.. Nekola, and Spelbrink. 
Barry. W 1111am F.. Los Angeles, Calif, Box construction. 

2.547.849. .Apr. 3 
Barsain. Arthur. Sr., Los Angeles. Calif. Drv shaver. 
• 2.5.'^n,049. .Tnn. 23. 
Barscb. Guillaume. Geneva. Switzerland. Dry shaver 

with abrader. 2.541.189. Feb. 13. 
Barsky. (Jeorge. New York, and P. A. Strauss, Staton 
Island, .\. Y. Aminoaldehyde condensation products 
and preparing them. 2,548,416. Apr. 10. 

Barsky, George, New York and F. A. Strauss. Rtaten 
Island, N. Y. Amino-aldehyde resin solutions and 
preparing them. 2.576.711. Nov. 27. 

Barsky. Georges, London. England, and E. Rlvoche. Wash- 
ington, D. C. said Barsky assignor to said Rlvoche. 
Preservation of foodstuffs. 2,565,942, Aug 28. 

Barsky. Marie: See — 

Rlvoche. Eugene, and Rarsk-y. 

Barsotfl. Russell F., Chicago. IlL Bookmarker. '2.539.687, 
Jan. 30. 

Burstow. Ormond E., and C. A. Pippin, assignor to Tlie 
Dow Cljemual Company. Midland. Mich. Spark-gap 
li<iuld level Indicator. 2.548.696. Apr. 10. 

Bart. Thom:».v- E.. as.sjgnor to The Murdock Mfg. & Supply 
Co., Cincinnati. Ohio, .\ntifreezing sanitary hydrant 
assembly. 2..'4.'>.91 1. Mar. JO. 

Bartak. Anthony M.. Klngsport. Tenn.. assignor to East- 
man Kodak Company, Rochester, N, Y. Dog mechanism 
for yarn winding machines. 2,541,456. Feb. 13. 

Barteis. Arnold : See — 

Stephens. Foster M.. and Barteis. 

Bartelink. Everhard H. B.. Bronxville. N. Y.. assignor to 
(;eueral Klectrlc Company. Phase shifting apparatus. 
2.54*J.855. Apr. 17. 

Bartelink. Everhard H. B., Bronxville. N. Y., assignor, 
by mesne as8i::nnients. to Automatic Electric Labora- 
tories, Inc.. Chicago. 111. Control terminal for mobile 
radio telephone. 2.575.782, Nov. 20. 

Bartelink. Everhard H. B., Bronxville, and E, Daskain, 

Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y., assignors, by mesne assignments. 

to Automate Electric Laboratories, Inc., Chlcaco, 111. 

Carrier and radio termination for telephone circuits. 

2.564.048. Ang. 14. 
Barteis. Arnold H., Fort Wayne, Ind., assignor, bv mesne 

assignments, to Farnsworth Research Corporation. 

Pulse generator. 2,549.764. .\pr. 24. 

Barteis. John. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Preparation of fruit 
flavors and the resulting product. 2.578,915, Dec. 18. 

Barters. Incorporated, assignee : See — 

Loe. Ira G. 
Barth. Frank J.. Jamaica. N. Y.. assignor of one-half to 

E. Fraundorfer. Reeo Park. N. Y. Making plastic 

bridgework. 2.576.206. Nov. 27. 
Barth. Henry L.. Scotia. N. Y.. asignor to General Electric 

Tomnanv. Slot wedge for dynamoelectric machines. 

2.569.278. Sept. 25. 

Barth, Robert M., Pelham Manor, assignor to The F R 
Corporation, New York, N. Y. Iluid pumping film reel. 
***'>o«7.oo4, jAn.30. ^ 

Barth, Theodore 11. : See — — ' 

Nordeu, Carl L., and Barth. 

Barthel. Justus C. Stamford Conn., assignor to American 
Cyanamid Company, New York. N. Y. Noncrystallizing 
rosm and preparing the same. 2,576.094 Nov 27 

^''.'.■'ill'l^j'Jt;- ^''T'lard C. Evansville, Ind. Shirt ' board. 

2,o0h,843, Sept. 2;). 
Bartholomew. Arthur W., Plymouth, assignor to Art 

.. -^*.??w»)^"°';*'^- ^^^- ^lanstield, Ohio. Kolatable seat. 
2,.)(jJ,291. July 31. 

Bartholomew, Earl. Birmingliam, Mich., and H. C Cross 
Lolumbus, Ohio, assignors to Ethyl Corporation New 
2 540 4-^l .\Lir ''7'*'" ^°^^*^"*^''* ^°^ *'"<'° carb^nyl, 

Bartholomew. Fred R.. Minneapolis, Minn. Method and 
apparatus for feeding and printing paper. 2,548,281. 

Bartholomew. Jess M., Michigan City, Ind., assignor to 
Joy Manufacturing Company. Compressor bupercharc- 
ing system, 2,544.821. Mar. 13 ou»^«ri,.uuib 

BarilioJomew. Thomas L.. Baltimore, Md. Electrical 
multitester. 2.547,248 Apr. 3 •i:-ieciricai 

Bartleson, John D. : See — - 

Hughes Everett C, and Bartleson. 

Bartle.son, John D., East Cleveland, assignor to The 
Standard Oil Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Additives for 
hydrocarbon oils. 2,572,000. Oct. 23. ""'"»«» lor 

Bartleson. John D., East Cleveland, ' assignor to The 
Standard Oil Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Processing 
lubricating oil by treating with a phosphorus sulfide and 
the resulting products. 2,500,543, July 17. 

Bartleson. John D.. East Clf^veland, assignor to The 
h S[.^n.^"./K°™P"''-^' Cleveland. Ohio.'' Processing 
nh«rni*'°'^i«^J' b.v treating with sulfuric acid, a piios- 
2.560 544" jSfy '*]'? ^ ^^' *"'' '''^ resulting product. 

Bartleson. John D.. East Cleveland, assignor to The' 
Standard Oil Company, Cleveland. Ohio Prooessini 
lubricating oil by solvent-extraction and treating with 

f, J'i'*''fe'""^. /-"'^.'^•^ ""♦^ <^lay and the resulting prod- 
ucts. 2,o60,o4o. July 17. 

Bartleson. John D.. East Cleveland, assignor to The 
Standard OH Company, Cleveland, Ohio Prow'ssing 
solvent-extracted ubricatlng oil by treating with phos- 

Sc?;."%S;546,'juiri7.' '^'^ "°^ '^" '•**«"''*°« P'«^- 

Bartleson. John I).. East Cleveland, assignor to The 

Standard Oil Company. Cleveland. Ohio Processing 

lubricating oil by treating w.ith sulfuric acid, a phos- 

o'lPrn" -/-"'l''^ «":! a base and the resulting products. 
-.o»)',;.o4( , July- 17. 

Bartleson. John D.. East ^'leveland, assignor to The 
Standard Oil Company, Cleveland, Ohio Processing 
solveni-oxtracted lubricating oil by treating with a 
phosphorus sulfide, a base and clay and the resultine 
products, 2,560,548, July IT. resuiuug 

Bartleson. John D.. Cleveland, and E. C. Hughes, Cleveland 

Kll'^^ '^•'^A'?.""'"^ T^° "^''^ Standard Oil Company, 
Cle\eland, Ohio. Un.saturated tertiarv 

T-fo n'Q,P'"?-^u'''o,"°^ lubricating oils containing gaine. 

Bartleson, Joiin D., and E. C. Hughes assignors to The 
St.indard Oil Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Unsaturated 
am ne-sulfur reaction products as lubricant additives 
^ K -'"'"■icating oils containing same. 2,542.982 
Feb. 27. ' * 

Bartleson. John D.. East Cleveland, and E. C. Hughes, 
( leveland Heights, assignors to The Stflndard Oil Com- 
pany. Cleveland. Ohio. Clean burning carbonaceous 
compositions. 2,560.542, July 17. 

Bartl.'son. John p.. East Cleveland, and H. P. Lankelma 
Shaker Heights, assignors to The Standard Oil Com- 
pany. Cleveland Ohio. Lubricants and lubricant addi- 
tives. 2.06O.397. Sept. 4. 

Bartleson. John p.. East Cleveland, and H. P. Lankelma 
Shaker Height.s. assignors to The Standard Oil Com- 

t^. S'. SeSs. S^p?: 4.'^"»'^'-°^'» "<1 '"bricant addl- 

Bartlett C.1rl, Fort Wayne, Ind. Reed hold<^r. 2,545,599, 

Bartlett, C. O., * Snow Company, The. assignee : See— 
Fruechtel. Wilbert J. ocb— 

Smith. Benjamin A. 

Bartlett. George H.. Vancouver. Wash. Combined scraper 
made and scarifier attachment for tractors. 2.5Cj,547. 

Bartlett Hayward Division, assignee: See 

Skinner. Claude .M 

Bartlett,. Jeffrey H. : See — 

Cyphers, Elmer B., and Bartlett 

B.irtlett, Jeffrey H.. Westfield, N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development ( ompany. Polymeric lubricating oil 
additives 2.575.992. .Nov 20 •"-uims ou 

Bartlett. Kenneth M.. Uleveland. Ohio, assignor to 
Thompson Products. Inc. Annaratus for anodlcallv 
treating Internal surfaces. 2.577.644. Dec. 4^"°°"^*"^ 



Barth'tt. Kenneth M.. South Euclid, and M. S. RouBh, 
raint^Hville, assignors to Thompson TroductB. Inc., 
l"l»*veland. Ohio. Cooled hollow article. 2.548. 0«J. 
Apr. 10. 

Bartl»'tt. .Marjorip. assignee: See — 
Bartlett, Norman. 

Bartlett. Nonnan, assignor of one-half to Marjorle Bart- 
lett, North Tonawanda, N. Y. Amusement ride car. 
2.r>39.3»>0. Jan. j:5. 

Bartiftt, Paul D.. Weston, and S. D. Rosa, North Adama, 
Mass.. assignors to the United States of America aa 
repr(>s«>nted bv the Secretary of the Armj. Insect re- 
pellents. 2.537,021. Jan. 9. 

Bartlett. I'aul D.. Weston, Mass.. and A. Schneider. Phila- 
delphia. Pa., assignors to the United States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of the Army. Insfct 
repellents. 2,537.022. Jan. 9. 

Bartlett. Paul D.. Weston, Mass.. and A. Schneider. Phila- 
delphia. Pa., assignors to the I'nited States of America 
as represented bv the Secretary of the Army. Insect 
repellents. 2..'>37.023. Jan. 9. 

Bartlett. Paul D.. Weston, and S. D. Ross. North Adams, 
Mass.. a.Hsignors to the I'nited States of America as rep- 
resented by the Secretary of the Army. Insect re- 
pellents. 2.564.663. Aug. 21. 

Bartlett. Paul D.. Weston. Mass., and II. J. Dsiuben. Jr.. 
Seattle. assignors to the United States of Amer- 
ica as represented by the Secretary of the Army. In- 
sect repellents. 2,564.664, Aug. 21. 

Bartlett. Paul D.. Weston. Mass., and O. F. Woods. Silver 
Spring, Md.. assignors to the United States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of the Army. Insect 
repellents. 2..=>64,rt6.'> Aug 21. 

Bartlett. Robert L., Atlanta. Ga. Screw driver. 2,567.466. 
Sept. 11. 

Bartlett. William D., Cumberland. Md.. assignor to 
Celanese Corporation of America. Lock sling. 2.560,624, 
July 17. 

Bartlo, Frank K.. Clovl.«», Calif. Sheet metal working tool. 
2.543.347. Feb. 27. 

Bartnlck. Bertha. Chicago. 111. Folding display. 
2..M6,144. .Mar. 27. 

Hartnik. Fanny: See — .. ' 

Lefo. Arnietla. 

Bartoccl. Aldo : See — 

^ l>e Gasparl. Vittorio. and Bartoccl. 

Bartoe. Albert W.. Monongahela, assignor of fifty per cent 
to A. F. Hoeble. .Mount Lebanon, I'a. Vehicle wheel 
dolly. 2.5.-) 1, 483, May 1. 

Barton. Alfred P. : .Sec — 

Talalay, .\nselm, and Barton. 

Barton. P.ern.ird C. Clifton. X. J., assignor to United 
States Kubl)er Company. New York. N. Y. Vulcaniza- 
tion of rubber. 2.546.083, 20. 

Barton. Bernard C.. Clifton. N. J., assignor to United 
States Rubber <'ompany. New York. N. Y. Rubber 
composition, vulcanizing same, and resulting product 
2..V>0.1S2. Apr. 24. 

Barton, Berna-d C Clifton. N. J., assignor to United 
States Uubbei- Company. New York. N. Y. Improving 
the cat erow'h resistance of butadtene-vinyl pyridine 
ruht^ry copolymers 2.570.632. Oct. 9. 

Barton Charles K. : See — 

Blerbnch. Frank E.. and Barton. 

Barton. Cnarles K.. Jr.. and F. Tamaro. Paferson, N. J. 
Combination diap.nser allowing selective discharge 
therefrom by orientation. 2.570.089, Oct. 2. 

Barton, Charles W. : See — 

Yven. Emile J., and Barton. 

Barton, (Jeorye I... assignee : See — 
Belpedio. Vincent S.. and Barton. 

Barton. Hugh M.. Jr.. Brooklyn. N. Y.. assignor to Phil- 
lips Petroleum Company. Tube socket for printed cir- 
cuits. 2.5W.550, Oct. 2. 

Barton. James. Chicago. 111. Lawn mower attachment. 
2..).)4.805. Mav 29. 

Barton. Leon M.. Syracuse. N. Y.. as^fJcnor to General 
Llectrlc Company. Single side band modulator 
2.5(.9.279, Sept. 25. 

Barton. Loy E. : See — 

Carlson, Wendell L.. and Barton. 

Barton. Loy E.. ColllnRswood. N. J., asalgnor to Radio 

.^^i^^'^l'^'^" "' America. Servo control amplifier. 
2.53.<<.494. Jan. 16. 

Barton. Loy E.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poritlon of America. Variable Impedance device. 
-,.>44.211. Mar. 6. 

Barton. Loy E.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Intermediate frequency trans- 
former. 2.570.633. Oct 9. i j i ^ 

Barton. Loy E.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Frequency selective signal ampli- 
fying system. 2.579.996. Dec 25. 

Barton, Murray M. assignor to Injection Molding Com- 
E^sYe 208^°Iar 27 ''■ *"^'*^' ^^'^°« ^"""^^ bodies. 

Barton. Paul, a.^signee: See — 
McGuire. Danfel S. 

Barton. Paul D Phoenlxvllle. assignor to Sun Oil 
o «'5P*,o-!^- ^.Philadelphia. Pa. Depressuring system. 
A574.139. Nov. 6. 

Barton. Raymond W., assignor to Mead Johnson & Com- 

fiany. Evansville. Ind. Dispensing closure for sterile 
iquid coutainers. 2.568.108, Sept. 18. 

Barton. Roger W. : See — 

Vlctoreen. John A., and Barton. 

Barton. Thouius K.. McAllen. assignor to Sanitary Cushion 
Company, Corpus Chriati, Tex. Seat pad. 2,552,476, 
May 8. 

Bartoszek. Stanley G., assignor to The Oscar C. Rlxson Co., 
Chicago. 111. Door closer. 2,550.756, May 1. 

Bartovics. Albert, Little Falls. N. J., assignor to The 
Firestone Tire & Rubl>er Company. Akron. Ohio. Cblo- 
rinatlon of synthetic polymers. 2. .537, 041, Jan. 9. 

Hartram. Carl M.. Chico, Calif. Window burglar alarm. 
2..-)77.224. Dec. 4. 

Bartsch. A.. Chicago 111. Bobby pin holder and 
oiKjiier. 2.576.822, Nov. 2*. 

Bartscli, llerbvrt E.. Wiunetka. 111., assignor to Universal 
Railway Devices Co. Uandwheel for railway <ar brakes. 
2.."i.-)_'.()83. May 8. 

Bartschy. Charles A., Kelso. Wash. Pedestal supported 
rotary table lop cei ter section. 2.570.634, Oct. 9. 

BurtHon. Albert J., Ridgewooil. N. J. Stop motion for 
Jucguard looms. 2.54.j,u»>5. Mar. 13. 

Barttro. James L., Watertown. assignor to Raytheon 
.Manufacturing Company. .Newton. .Mass. Electron di.s- 
cliarge deviee of the magnetron type. 2.547,848, Apr. 3. 

Barttro. James L.. Watertown. assignor to Raytheon 
Manufacturing Company. .Newton. .Mass. Electron-dis- 
charge device of the magnetron type. 2,565,585. Aug. 

Bartz. Quentin R. : See — 

Crooks, Harry M.. Jr.. Rebstock. Controulls and Barts. 

Barusch. Maurice H.. Richmond, and G. H. Denison. Jr., 
San Rafael, assignors to Calllornia Research Cor'pora- 
tit)n. San Krandsco. Calif. Tliallous compounds as rich 
mixture fuel additives. 2.562,885. .Aug. 7. 

Basch. Inga F.. I'hiiadelphia. Pu.. assignor to H. Freuden- 
berg. New York. .N. Y. Brassifere. 2.5;i9.396. Jan. 30. 

Bascom. Henry M.. New York. R. F. Massonneau. Scars- 
dale. B. Ostendorf. Jr.. Jamaica and W. T. Rea. Man- 
hasset. a.«signors to Bell Telenbuno Laboratories In- 
corporated. New York, N. Y. Signaling system. 
2..-»6 1,722. July 24. 

Bascom, Hugh \V.. Panora. Iowa. Door. 2,561.605. July 

Basdekis. Costas H. : ,Sff — 

Scott. Milton J., Jackson, and Basdekis. 
Baj|deki.s. Custas II.. Dayton. Ohio, as.siguor to Monsanto 

riieiiiiiMl Company. St. Louis. .Mo. Polymerizing 

acrylouitrile in the presence of alkali metal soap of 

mahogany acids. 2. .548. 282. .\pr. 10. 
Baselt. Walter H.. assignor to .Vinerican Steel Foundries, 

Chicago, III. Truck. 2.564,091. Aug. 14. 
Baselt. Walter II.. Flossmoor. assignor to Amoricnn Steel 

Foundries. Chicago. III. Brake hanger. 2,568.703. Sept. 

Baselt. Walter 11.. Flossmoor. assignor to American Steel 
Foundries. Chicago. III. Brake hanger. 2.5G8.704. Sept. 

Basey. Clyde V. : See — 

•Mexander. James M.. and Basey. 

Bash. John M.. Chicago, 111. Degreaslng equipment. Jan. 23. 

Bashkin. Stanlev : See — 

Stein. Frarik S.. Blnns. Rice, and Bashkin. •> 

Bashkin. Stanley, Madison. Wis., assignor to the United 
States of .\iiierica as represented by tlie United States 
Atomic Energy Commission. Ion gauge. 2.548.283. 
Apr. 10. 

Bashore Homer H.. Chicago, assignor to E. N Saad, 
L. Demaiies. and S. J Saad. doin»: business under the 
tirm name of Sonette Company. t)ak Park. 111. Condi- 
ment dispenser having a resilienfly depn-ssiible plunger 
tor controlling the rate of How. 2..570.422. Oct. 9. 

Bashover. Albert, assignor to Conmar Products Corpora- 
tion. .Newark. .N. J^ Fully separable slide fastener. 
2..5.53.230. May 15. 

Bashover. Albert assignor to Conmar Products Corpora- 
tion. Newark. N. J. Lockable slide fastener. 2,578,035, 
Dt'c. 1 1 . 
Basic Refractories. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Ruiz. .'Joseph J. I 

Basic Vegetable Products Co.. assignee : See— 

Macnusori, Roy M. 
Basiiewsky. .\ lexis : See — • 

De I'rez. Charles, and Basiiewsky. 

Baslnger. James H.. Knoxvllle. Tenn. Adjustable reading 
table. 2.563.671. Aug. 7. 

Baskervllle. Benjamin J.. JoUet. 111. ; M. K., R A., and 
.M. A. Baskerville. F. A. B. Lennon. and W J. Basker- 
vllle. heirs of said B. J. Baskerville. deceased, assignors 
to F. A. Lennon. Maywoo<i. individually and an trustee 
for M. A. Baskerville. Jollet. W. J. Baskervllle. .Man- 
hattan, and R. A. Baskerville. Symerton. lU. Hay baler 
feed meclianism. 2.545, 188. Mar 13 

Baskerville, .Margaret K.. heir: t>ee — 1 

Baskerville. Benjamin J. 

Baskervllle. Marie A . assignee and belr : See 

Baskervllle. Benlamin J. 

Baskerville. Raymond A., assignee and heir: See — 
Baskerville, Benjamin J. 



Hankerville, Walter J., assijjnee and Leir : »S'ee — 

Haskervillp. BeujHinin J. 
Baskin, Charles M., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, assignor 
to Standard Oil Development Company. Producing an 
Impregnated, waterproof, fibrous sheet. 2,541,631, 
Feb. 13. 
Basl, G»'or>;e .J. : Hre — 

Fish. r. Ferd \V., and Uasi. 
Basnott. Rohtrt T. : See — 

Armutrong, George C, Basnett, and Ellis., iCulxMt T.. Kt'iiinore, N. V.. assiKuor to West- 
inuliouse IJlt-ctrlc Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Auxiliary contact device for electric contactors. 
2.545,986, Mar. 20. 
Basnett. UolxTt T.. I'ittsbiirgh, assignor to Westlnghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Drum 
switch. 2.."')6,".,114. Aug. 21. 
BasH. Harland A., Mount Healthy, assignor to Avco 
Manulac-turing Corporation, Ciuclnnati, Ohio. Antenua 
connector system. 2.538,497, Jan. 16. 
Bass. Harland A.. Mount Healthy, assignor to Avco Manu- 
facturing Corporation. Cincinnati, Ohio. Line pulse 
keyed automatic gain contryl circuit with control volt- 
age delay. 2,559,038, July 3. 
Bass, Herman E.. Enid, Okla. Garage door operator. 

2.-554.729. .May 29. 
Bass, John, New Yorlt, X. T. Combination camera and 

developer. 2,578.498, Dec. 11. 
Bass, Lloyd A., Crawford. Nebr. Straw gatherer and 

chopper. 2,571,652, Oct. 16. 
Bass, Willie I., Fayetteville, N. C. Amphlblons vehicle 

and cover therefor. 2.536,162, Jan. 2. 
Bassott. Clifford S., executor: See — 

Moyer, Charles L. 
Bas.sett. Everett S. : Nee — 

Kaefer. Martin H., and Bassett. 
Bassett, Koy C, Danbury, Conn. Toolbead wedge. 

2.539.719. Jan. 30. 
Bassett, William L., Decatur, Oa. Knockdown basl;et. May 22. 
Bassi. Julius J., Monrovia, Calif. Measuring device for 

bowline h.ills. 2.560.511. Sept. 4. 
Basslchls. William M., Cleveland, Ohio. Universally ap- 
plicable foot traction appliance. 2,541,738, Feb. 13. 
Bassick Company, Th^, assignee : See — 
I '• iii'l Miiiir !•'. .Arthur. 
nerold. Walter F. 
Ba.'ssolT. Arthur, .issignor to National Broach & Machine 
Company, Detroit. Mich. Tail stock. 2,576,498. Nov. 
Bassoff. Arthur B. : See — 

Praeg, Walter S.. and Bassoff. 
Itassoli. Henri : See — 

Zwilling. Jean-Paul. Bassoli, and Granger. 
H.nsHon's Picture Framing Co.. Inc., assignee: See — 

Weinberg. Sidne.v H.. Jr. 
Bast. Vinient J., Manitowoc. Wis. Injector. 2,573,299, 

Oct. 30. 
P.asti.Tn. Arthur L.. Mount Vernon. N. Y., assignor to 
Ward I.,eonard Electric Company. Close differential 
relay control. 2.566.974, Sept. 4. 
Pastian-Blesslng Company. The. assignee: See — 
Buttiier. Wllli.Mn C., and Sundstrom. 
Hasuler. Frank R. 

Norway. Harold L. ' 

Thompson. Parke H. 
Bastien. Victor G., Now York. N. Y. Syringe. 2,571,653, 

Oct. 16. 
Bastow, Geortre E., Amherst, Mass. Combination bill- 
fold and coin purse 2.578,390, Dec. 11. 
B.'istn -ss. Ernest K.. and E. G. de Coriolis, assignors to 
Surface Combustion Corporation, Toledo, Ohio. Forge 
furnace. 2.563.908, Aiig. 14. 
Basu. Deha P., and J. M. Moore, BomHay, India. Space 

reservation system. 2..542.S90, Fob. 20. 
BaSus, Jiff, assignor to Akciova spolecnost drive Skodovy 
j-.avody v, also named Limited Companv, formerly 
The Skodaworks Plzen. Prague, Czechoslavakla. Ar- 
rangement for withdrawing cigarettes from a feed stock, 
their alignment, grouping and insertion Into sleeves, 
boxes, or tlie like. 2.551.199. May 1. 

Rata. Narodni Podnik, assignee : See — 

BAnovsk.^. Alois. 

Bflnovski^. Alois, and KruJfk. 

Bureft. Stanislav. and Novak. 

Chmelar. Vftclav. 

Dokoupil. Alois. 

Fiala, Jaroslav, and ^dlchynec. 

Javorek, Jarosi.-iv. 

Javorok, Jaroslav, and Vafifttko. 

Kruzlk. .A most. 

Kvapil, Klement, and Zoaral, and Ostrfll. 

Lnnda, .Mlloslav. 

Mniek. Josef. 
^ Moravec. Jan. 

Muc. Mlloslav. 

Prochflzka. JIM. 

Rlchter. JIM. ' 

hlmorda, Josef. 

Vflclnvfk. Jaroslav. 

Vl<*ek. Alois. 

Zaoral, Josef, and OstrBll. 

2T2ek, Antonfn. 

Bataille. Gerald S.. Appleton, Wis., assignor to W. J. 
Adams, Chicago, HI. Motor operated Hue dayiper 
carrying a pressure operated auxiliary damper. 
2,546,714, Mar. 27. 

Bataille, Kogcr, Montmorency, assignor to Societe Fran- 
caise des Telecommuujcaiious, Neuilly-sur-Seine, 
France. Itadio transmitter-receiver station with auto- 
matic frequency control. 2.550,519, Apr. 24. 

Batchelder. Charles F.. Jr.. Milton, and L. Withington. Jr., 
Brookline. assiguors to Wrighi-Batchelder Corporation. 
Boston. Mass. Right-angled welt. 2,563,638. Aug. 7. 

Batchelder. Charles F. Jr., Milton, and L. Withington, 
Jr., Brookline, assignors to Wright-Batchelder Corpo- 
ration, Boston, Mass. Beaded mock welting for McKay 
type footwear. 2.575,783. Nov. 20. 

Batchelder, George W., and O. J. Bronn. Milwaukee 
County, assignors to The F. G. Findley Co.. MilwaHikee, 
Wis. Apparatus for pelleting solids. 2,570,423, Oct. 9. 

Batchelder, Laurence. Cambridge, Mass.. assignor to Ray- 
theon -Manufacturing Company. Ilydropbone mounilng. 
2.560.066. July 10. 

Batchelder, Laurence. Cambridge. Mass., assignor to Ray- 
theon Manufacturing Company. Distance^ measuring 
system. 2,580,151. Dec. 25. 

Batcheldor, Fred: See — 

Barker, James, and Batcheldor. 

Batchell, George W., assignor to Toledo Engineering Com- 
pany, Inc., Toledo, Ohio. Shaping and annealing glass 
articles. 2,551,31 1, May 1. 

Batcheller. Hugh W., Newton Highlands Mass. Spade 
type electric connector. 2,552,392, May 8. 

Batchelor, Clyde S., Upper Steimey, Conn., assignor to 
Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc.. Passaic, N. J. Clutch fac- 
ing and making same. 2.546,056, Mar. 20. 

Batchelor. Clyde S., Upper Stepney, and F. C. Stanley, 
Fairfield, Conn., assignors to Raybestos Manhattan, 
Inc., Passaic. N. J. I'roductlon of cone clutch mem- 
bers., July 10. 

Batchelor. Clyde S., Upper Stepnov. and E. L. Carey, 
Bridgeport. Conn., assignors to Kaybestos-Manhattan, 
Inc., Passaic. N. J. Apparatus for bonding brake lin- 
ings to brake shoes. 2,559,748. July 10. 

Batcher, Ralph R. : See — 

Baltin, William H., and Batcher. 

Schultz. Mortimer L.. Pacent. and Batcher. 

Batcher. Ralph R.. Douglaston, N. Y. Variable condenser 
and drive means therefor. 2,580.000, Dec 25. 

Batdorf, Richard O.. Rosalia, Wash. Clasp for wrist- 
bands. 2,.553,889. May 22. 

Bate. Alan. Riverton. assignor to The Wlnsted Hardware 
Manufacturing Company, Wlnsted, Conn. Electric-iron 
thermostat. 2.537,808. Jan. 9. 

Bate. Alan. Riverton. assignor to The Wlnsted Hardware 
Manufacturing Company. W'insted, Conn. Folding eh?c- 
tric steam iron. 2.573,174. Oct. 30. 

Bateman. Calvin A.. Etna, W yo. Grain trailer. 2,572,099 
Oct. 23. ... 

Bateman. James T., Norfolk, Va. Clothesline prop. 
2.560.150. July 10 

Bateman. Lawrence G. : See — 

Williams. Victor G., Wood, and Bateman. 

Bateman. Ralph C. and B. J. Schnitzer, assignors to 
Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, Akron, Ohio. Zigzag 
si.ring seat. 2.571. 1S4. Oct. 10. 

Bateman. Sally, assignee: See — 
Pfeifer. Charles F. 

Bateman. William W.. Mineral Wells. Tex. Power trans- 
mission for ice scoring machines. 2,541,323. Feb. 13. 

Bates. .Mbert H.. assignor to Burd Piston Ring Company, 
Rockford. 111. Method of and machine for making 
piston rings. 2,506.304, Sept. 4. 

Bates. Albert H., assignor to Burd Piston Ring Company, 
Rockford. III. Piston ring splitting and trimming ma- 
chine. 2.560.549. July 17. 

Bates. Beulah H.. assignee : See — , 

Bates. Walter A. 

Bates. Clifford V., Chicago, 111. Period timing mecha- 
nism. 2.5T1.185. Oct. 16. 

Bates, Grant L., Murtaugh, Idaho. Bale stacker. 
2.551.2:55. May 1. 

Bates. James E.. Blnghamton. assignor to General .Aniline 
& Film Corporation. New York, N. Y. Thallfum salts in 
photographic color developers.., 2.561.166. July 17. 

Bates. James E.. Blnghamton. assignor to General Aniline 
& Film Corporation, New York. N. Y. Photograjihic 
developer containing thallium salts. 2,572.903. Oct. 30. 

Bates. Julius S. W.. assignee : See — 
Tour. Snm. 

Bates Manufacturing Company, The, assignee: See — ^ 
Lang. William. 

Bates. Maurice R. : See — 

Jen.sen William H., and Bates. 

Bates, Mildred R., Orange, N. J. Manlcurlne device 
2..538.076. Jan. 16. * ' 

.Bates, Nathan. Bartow. Fla., assignor, bv mesne assign- 
ments, to Swift & Company. Sewing machine attach- 
ment. 2.509.396. Sept. 25. 

Bates. Norman C, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Saxophone 
halter. 2..561,606. Julv 24. 

Bates. Raymond F., Cleveland, Ohio. Gun carrier. 

Bates, Robert O.. South Gate, Calif. Windshield 
2,564.800, Aug. 21. • 





Bates, Robert W., Bound Brook, and H. Cohen, New Bruns- 
wick N J., assignors to E, R. Sijulbb & Sons. New >ork, 
N Y. ObtalninK a conjugatwd estrogen preparation. 
2.565,115. Aug. 21. 

Bates Roy W.. Rockwood. Mich. Roadulde signpoat. 
2.579.997. Dec. 25. 

Bates. Sidney R. : .See — 

Klooz. Paul W., and Bates. 

Bates Walter A., assignor to U. II. Hates, Joliet. lU. 
Anchor for gratintts. 2,572.431 Oct. 23 

Bates Walter A., assignor to B. H. Bates. Joliet. 111. 
Orating anchor. 2.572.432. Oct. 23. 

Bates. WUllaiii A.. Berkeley, assignor to California Re- 
search Corporation. San Francisco. Calif. Beneflciution 
().( iron ores :;.547 148. .\pr. 3. 

Bates. WllUam E. : See— 

Palmatler. Everett P.. and Bate*. 

Batey Thomas K.. Weston. .Mass. Cutoff stop motion for 
textile marhinery. 2..'>.55.219. May 21). 

Bath Carl C, Baltimore, assignor to Bt-ndix .\vlatlon 
Corporation. Towson. Md. Radial beam modulator 
tube. 2,.")52.3<>3, May 8. . , 

Bath Carl C. Balliniore. assignor to Bendlx Aviation (. or- 
poratlon Towson. Md. Pulse-width demodulator. 
2.5C«.213. Sept. 18. 

Bath Cyril J.. Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Multiple tan;;int 
bender. 2.5.'i2.«H5. .May 15. 

Bath Cyril J.. Chagrin Falls. Ohio. Tangent bender with 
flange turning device. 2..V.2.«17. May 15. 

Bath. John. & Company, assignee : See — 

Hollow grate bar 

IVterson. Harold 
BatTk. Jofcef. Prague. Chechoslovakia. 

assembly. 2.509.438. Oct. 2. 
Battaglia. James <;.. assignor of 50 per cent to Jack David. 
San Pedro. Calif. Variable lift airfoil. 2,539,222, Jan. 
Battaglia. William I . San Jose, Calif. Preserving prunes 

in contairu-rs. 2. 548.284 Apr. 10. 
Battetle Development Corporation, assignee: See — 
Austin. Chester R.. and Allison. 
Beaver. Wallace W. 
l-;uisr. (.'harli's L. 
Faust Charles I... and Beach 
Herre*. Schayler A., and Davl* 
Hixige. Allen W. 
Lepp. Jack M.. and Slyh. 
M««l.lex. Phillip J. 

Rneiiiiiiler, Wiiidemar P. i' 

Schaffert. Roland M. 
Walknp. Lewis E., and Faoser. 
Battt'llt" Memorial Institute, assignee: See — 

Iluzen*. Wayne C. 
Batten .Alfred J., assignor to Gerrard Industries Limited. 
Brentford, England. Tacking machine. 2.5G9.220, Sept. 
Batten. Alfred J., assignor to Oerrard Industries Limited. 
Brentford. Eneland. Magazine and feed means for 
stapling machines. 2.509.221. Sept. 25. 
Batten. Percy H.. assienee, trustee : See — 
Lundgren. Sven G.. and Eriksson. 

Bartersby. James E., Summerstown. assignor to Mnsson 
Scott A Company Limited. London. England. Appa- 
ratus for counting and marking sheets cut from webs. 
2.570..''00. Oct. 9 

Batter. Alfred P., Eastcote. England, assignor to R. Hoe 
& Co. Inc., New York, N. Y. Sheet feeding mechanism. 
2..V54,320. May 22. 

Baftey. Alfred P.. London. England, assignor to R. Hoe 
k Co. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Sheet separating mecha- 
nism. 2.563.4.50. Aug. 7. 

Battle Cre«>k Bread Wrapping Company, assignee : See — 
Smith. John W. 

Battle Creeh Bread Wrapping Machine Company, as- 
signee : Sec — 
Smith. John W. 

Battles. Ralph A. : See — 

Battles. Willis R. and R. A. 

Battles. Willis R.. Redondo Beach, and R. A. Battles. 
El Monte. Calif. Car seat convertible to bed. 2,567,048. 
Sept. 4. 

Batfocrhi. Silvio R.. Hartford, Conn. Saw grinding 
mechanism. 2..'S47.553. -Apr. 3. 

Batts. Melville. Indianapolis. Ind.. assignor to Interna- 
tional Harvester Company. Palleting arrangement for 
transporting devices. 2.555,529, June 5. 

Batzler. .\nthony J.. Milwaukee. Wis. Pouring spout for 
liquid containers with opening and closure, said spout 
adapted to be sealed around the closed opening. 
2.575.040. Nov. 13. 

Baudry. Ren« A. : See — 
^ Rashevsky, Michael, and Bandry. . 

Baudry. Ren4 A.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Westiaghouse 
Electric Corporation. East Pittsbureh. Pa. Sprlng- 
less self-equalizing thrust bearing. 2.505,116, Aug. 21. 

Baudry, Ren# A., and B. B. Winer. Pittsburgh, assiirnors 
to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. 
Pa. Gland seal for hydrogen-cooled machines. 
2.5."54.234. May 22. 

Bauer. Benjamin B., Onk Park, assignor to Shnre Broth- 
ers Inc.. Chicago. 111. Directional microphone with a 
compliant link interconnected between the two dia- 
phragm*. 2.553.539, May 22. 

Bauer, Benjamin B., Oak Park assignor to ijliure Broth- 
ers, Incorporuted. Chicugo. 111. Lever type piezoelectric 
transducer. 2.505,586. Aug. 28. 

Bauer Bros*. Coinpauy. The, asslgQee : See — 
Woo<lru(T, .Maurice 1». 

Bauer. Charles .V., Newburg. and A. S. Kothe, aHsignors 
to Uoosier Cardinal Corporation, Evunsville, lud. Ice 
cube triiy. 2. .')."> 1.4 1 1. .May 1. 

Bauer. Clarence II.. assignor to Cadillac Gage Company, 
Detroit. Mich. Height gauge fixture. 2,544.U(M. Mar. 6. 

Bauer Daniel M. : Ser— ^ 

MahloD. Thomas E.. and Bauer. 

Bauer, Earl W.. assignor to Wagner Electric Corp^iration, 
St Louis, Mo. Surge insulation tester. 2,578,499, 
Dec. 11. 

Bauer. Emile, Valence-sur-Rhone assignor to J. and S. 
Barnier, \al»-nce-Bur Rhone (Drome). Frame. Pro- 
duction of esters of N-ethanol morpboline. 2.575.041, 
Not. 13. 

Bauer. Ernest K.. Meadville. Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington. Del. Warp t>eam 
stopping mechanism. 2. .546,141, Mar. 27. 

Bauer. Kruesi K.. .Meadvilk. I>a.. assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation. Wilmington, Del. Creel. 
2..547,072. Apr. 3 

Bauer, Ernest K.. Meadville, Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation. Wilmington, Del. Apparatus lor 
marking stranils. 2.548.K.56, Apr. 17. 

Bauer, Ernest K., Meadville, Pa., assignor to .American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, I)el. Fiber cutter, 
2.5.'>y.700. July 10. 

Bauer. Erne.^t K., Meadville. Pa. assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Yarn handling 
method and apparatus. 2.503.980. Aug. 14. 

Bauer. Ernest K.. Mejidvllle, Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Expansible 
package support. 2.504.746, Aug. 21. 

Bauer. Ernest K.. Meadville. Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation. Wilmington, Del. Apparatus for 
winding. 2.572.904. Oct. 30. 

Bauer. Ernest K.. Meadville. Pa., assignor to Ami-rican 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, Del, Warp beam. 
2.572,905. Oct. 30. 
, Bauer. Ernest K.. .Meadville. Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, Del, Staple fiber 
cutter. 2.576.170. Nov. 27. 

Bauer. Erm-st K.. and W. H. Newton. Meadville. Pa., 
assignors to .American Viscose Corporation. Wilmington, 
Del. Beaming apparatus. 2.558.033. June 20. 

Bauer. Hans A.. Prairie View, assignor to 
Company. Chicago, lU. Clip assembly. 
Feb. 13. 

Bauer. Hans A.. Prairie View, assignor to Autopoint 
Company, Chicago. 111. Telephone-address index or reg- 
ister. 2.573..534. Oct. 30. 

Bauer. Jackson. .Newportville, Pa., as.'slgnor to Fred 
Whifker Company. Brashenlng of wooL 2,570,750, 
Oct. 9. 

Bauer. Jacob : See — i 

Alvlno. William J., and Baner. ' ' 

Bauer. Joseph, and A Schlttelbauer, Detroit. Mich. Depth 
gauge. 2.540.882. Mar. 27. 

Bauer. Joseph J.. Tracy. Calif. Planter supporting Im- 
plement. 2.571.407. Oct. 10. 

Bauer. Jules J.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Outlet plug connector. 
2.503.909. Aug. 14. 

Bauer. Julius, Chicago, 111. Book protector. 2.551,784, 
May 8. 

Bauer. Oliver F. East Rochester, and A. P. Schauseil. 
assignors to Oleason Works. Rochester, N. Y. Machine 
for producing gears. 2.536.413, Jan. 2. 

Bauer, Oscar W.. and J. W. Teter. Chicago, 111., assignors 
to Sinclair Refining Company. New York. N. Y. Produc- 
tion of amino nitriles by ammonolvsis of chloro nitriles. 
2,552,020. .Mav 8 

Bauer. W.ilter C. Chevy Chase, assignor to The Brlggs 
Filtration Company. Bethesda, Md. Liquid clarlfTer. 
2.572.971. Oct. 30. 

Bauer. William V.. .New York. N. Y.. assignor to Stauffer 
Chemical Company. Carbon bisulfide retort. 2,577,729, 
Dec. 1 1. 

Bauerleln. Carl C, C.lencoe. and G C. Mlchalsen^ assignors 
to The Dole Valve Companv. Chicago. 111. Liquid dis- 
penser for carbonated beverages. 2.537.119, Jan 9 

^""mO 47o"F*'b o"" *'<^*^™°°*'' ^* **«"■■* lighter. 

Baugh. Everett L.'. Dayton. Ohio, assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Control device 
2..''.0I..-.-5. July 24. 

Baugh. Everett L., Dayton. Ohio, assignor to General 


Fluid pump pres- 

Motors Corporation, Detroit. Mich, 
sure limiting valve. 2.574.613. Nov. 13. 

Bangh. Raymond N.. Bridgeport, and R. F. Wyclnowski. 
Fairfield. Conn, said Wvdnowskl assignor to said 
Baugh Fishing reel. 2.575,150. Nov. 13. 

Baugh. Robert T.. Brookfleld. assignor to Clialn Belt Com- 
pany. Milwaukee. Wis. Conveyer chain. 2,541.632 
Feb. 13. 

Bauch. Wlllard H.. Willlamston. Mich. Garment hantrer June 5. *" 

Banehman. George W.. assignor to The Union Switch k 
Slennl Compsnv Swissvale. Pa. Traffic controlling ao- 
paratus. 2,537,298, Jan. 9. *^ 



Bnnghman George W.. nsslgnor to The Union Switch & 
Signal Company, Swissvale, Pa. Manual block signal- 
ing system for railways not baring continuous track 
circuits. 2.5r)4.000, May 22. 

Baut:hman, George W'., Swissvale, I'a., asslpnor to West- 
ingiiousf Air brake Company. Remote-control system. 
2..'i74.774. .Nov. 13. 

Caukus, Frank \V., Saginaw, Mich. Cutter and housing 
with magnifying glass. 2,542.460, Feb. 20. 

Baule. (Jerhard U. J., Sallna, N. Y. Socket head screw. 

2..'i38..S.'iO. .Ian. 16. 
Daum. Arthur A. : Sep — 

Sturpis. Bernard M.. and Baiim. 
Baum. Arthur A., assignor to E. L du Pont de Nemours & 

Compjiny, Wilmington. IM. Inorganic sponge blpwinj; 

agents. 2.544.483. Mar. U. 
Baum, Arthur A., assignor to E. T. du Pont de Nemours 

and Company, Wilmington. Del. YuUanization of 

cliloroprene polymers. 2,544,740, Mar. 13. 

Baum. <'leophas P.. Westgate, Md. Coupling. 2,551.577, 

May 8. 
Baum, Joseph L., Hartford, Conn. Novelty glove for 

animated Htrures. 2,546.209. Mar. 27. 
Baum, Nathaniel L.. Los .\ngeles. Calif., and J. Wynkoop. 

Brooklvn. .N Y.. assignors to Turco Products. Inc.. Los 

Anu'eles, Cnllf. Paint remover. 2.548,7nrt. Apr. 10. 

Banm, Richard F., assignor to Federal Telephone and 
Radio Corporation. New York. N. Y. Antenna. 
2.541.021. Feb. 13. 

Baum. William G.. assignor to Inland Steel Products 
Company. .Milwaukee, Wis. Partition base clip. 
2.570..V»7. Nov 27. 

Baiim.nn. Carl S., Jr., Leavenworth, Kans.. assignor to 
Te-xas Ice & Refrigerating Co.. P^ort Worth. Tex. Ap- 
paratus for drying hygroscopic liquids. 2,556, 2."»0. 
June 12 

Bauman, Samuel B. : See — 

Johnson. Robert C. and Bauman. 

Baum.Tn, William C. assignor to The Dow Chenilrnl Cnm- 
pany. Midland, Mich. Removing sulfate and bicar- 
bonate ions from water. 2,5."59,5I^0, July 3. 

Bauman. William C. and G. B. Heusted. assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich. Ion exchange 
resins and treating a solution of an acid In a liquid 
ionizing medium to remove anions. 2,546.938. Mar. 27. 

Hauiiiunii. liiunu A. : f<rr — 

.Noriliiulst. Ronald E. J., and Baumnnn. 

Bnumann. Frederick W.. and K. P. Grenfell. Schenectady. 
N. Y., assignors to General Electric Company. Pre.eet 
spewl device for adjustable speed motors. 2,.561,837, 
July 24. 

Baum.nnn, Gilbert M. : Bee — 

Beyer, Elmer J., and Banmann. 

B.Tumann, K.. Mere, Knutsford, assignor to Metropolltan- 
Vickers Electrical Company Limited, London, England. 
Power plant, including normally contrarotating turbine 
elements for driving a load shaft and means for ro- 
tating said elements In the same direction when the 
turbine Is idling. 2,561,090, July 17. 

Banmann. Martin, Chicaeo. 111., assignor to International 
Paper Company. New York. N. Y. Shipping container. 
2.r)7."),T84. Nov. 20. 

Banmann. Paul C. Milwaukee. Wis. Apparatus for 
handling and applying plaster. 2.552,703. May 15. 

Baum*. Bettv I^., executrix : See — 
Baum<*, Edwall J. 

BaunK*. Edwall J., deceased. Long Beach, Calif.. B. L. 
BaumC. executrix, assignor by decree of court to H. F. 
Clary. Closure lock with adjustable latch bolt and 
knob removing means. 2.542.175, Feb. 20. 

B.inmgardner. Enrl W.. Watsonvllle, Calif. Artificial 

tooth. 2..''.74.810. Nov. 13. 
Baumgartner. John G., Oswego, 111. Surgical hand brush. 

2.546 291. Mar 27. 
B.nnmgartner. John G., Oswego. 111. Brush. 2.558.334, 

June 26. 
Baumcartner. John R.. Milwaukee. Wis., and J. G. Bell, 

assignors, by mesne assignments, to Morris Paper Mills, 

CJiicnco. III. Container spinning machine. 2.545,912, 

Mar. 20. 
Baumgartner, LtJther L. : Pee — 

Standen. John H., and Baumgartner. 

Baumgartner, Luthei L., Hastings on the Hudson, assignor 
to The B. F. Goodrtch Company. New York. N. Y. Nl- 
troaryl esters of 2-mercaptothlazine8 as herbicides. 
2..547.6S2. Aor. 3 

Bniimgnrtner. Luther L.. Hastings on Hudson assignor to 
The B. F. Goodrich Comp.iny. New York. N. Y. Herbl- 
cidal compositions and application thereof. 2.562,011, 
July 24. , 

Baumgartner. Luther L.. Hastings on Hudson, assignor 
to The B. F. Goodrich Companv. New Yotk^N. Y. 
Herbicidal compositions. 2.567,987, Sept. 18. 
Baumhardt. Lofton C. : See — 

King. Burnham W.. Jr.. and Baumhardt. 
Banmle. Rudolf K. F., assignor to Illinois Tool Works, 
Chicago, 111. Slotting mechanism. 2,561,966. July 24. 
Baur. John W. : See — 

Ouatafsson. Eric, and Baur. 

Gustafsson, Eric, Baur, and Kern. , 

Baur. Lorenz S.. and M. P. Gerber. assignors to M & R 
Dietetic Laboratories. Inc.. Columbus. Ohio. Non- 
curding high calcium milk product and producing same. 
2.541.668. Feb. 13. j 
Bauroth. Walter J.. Columbus, Ohio, assignor to The 
Jeffrey Manufacturing Compapy. Twb-part connector 
and cam means for forcing the two parts into engage- 
ment. 2,577,871. Dec. 11. 
Bausch & Loiiib Optiial Company, assignee : See — 
Alexander, ('oilin II., and Baer. 
Benford. James R. 
Flint. Edward F. 
Forrest, John W.. and Stegeman. 
Jones. Burr W. 
Kosbab. Harold W. 
Kreidl. Norbert J. 
Kreldl. Norbert J., and Brewster. 
Kurtz. John C. and Gallasch. 
Morey. John R. 
Perkins. Willard T. 
Sharp. John V. 
Stegeman. Raymond F. E. 
Street. Donald T. 
Baush Machine Tool Company, assignee : See — 

Phillips. Harry F. 
Bausman Alonzo L.. assignor to Mill River Tf>ol Company, 
Springfield, Mass. Tray emptying mechanism for con- 
fectionery molding machines. 2,561.775. July 24. 
Baxter. David. Fort Wayne. Ind. Instrument for culti- 
vation of voice. 2,577,502, Dec. 4. 
Baxter. Frederic L., Jr., Pound Hidge. N. Y., assignor 
to The Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Glenbrook, Conn. 
Lens mount. 2,571,186, Oct. 16. 
Baxter. I'rederic L., Jr., New Canaan, assignor to The 
Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Glenbrook. Conn. Lens 
mount. 2.571.1 «7. Oct. 16. 
Baxter. George E., Grand River, assignor to Diamond 
Alkali Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Continuous process 
for manufacture of vinyl chloride. 2. .541.022. Feb. 13. 
Baxter. Henry L., Antlers. Okla. Load restrained auto- 
matic ret\irn gate. 2.557.8.">7. June 19. 

Baxter. Howard A.. Green Village, and W. D. Lewis. Little 
Silver. N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated. New York, N. Y. Motion translating 
mechanism. 2,541.324. Feb. 13. 
Baxter. James G. ; He^ — 

Cawley. John D., Robeson. Shantz, Weisler, and 
Baxter, Joseph. Jr., Franklin, assignor to The Black- 
Clawson Company, Hamilton, Ohio. Apparatus for 
thickening liquid slurry stock. 2.548.417. Apr. 10. 
Baxter. Joseph M. : See — i 

Booher. Ortis C. and Baxtei*. 
Baxter Laboratories. Inc., assignee : See — 

Nesset. Naurlce M. 
Baxter. Robert, Detroit. Mich. Illuminated advertising 
device. 2.552.249. May 8. 

A. Milling, Anderson, Ind. 
2..574.685, Nov. 13. 
Automatic surgical irrigator. 

Heat exchanger finned tube. 

Baxter. Robert R., and M 
Sewage treatment system 

Bav, Frank N.. Albla, Iowa. 
2,542,461. Feb. 20. 

Bav. Thomas J.. U. 8. Navy. 
2.537.024. .Tan. 9 

Bavard. Honors M., Meudon. and R. J. C. Roquet, 
(^lamart, France. Device for measuring the index- 
number of a telegraphic modulation. 2,562.761, July 

Bayerl. Adolf. Bilthoven, Netherlands. Open electric arc 
lamp and unit of electrodes therefor. 2,557,589. June 

Bayers, George W., assignee : See — / 

Bayers, Georee W.. Jr. ' 

Ravers, George W., Jr.. assignor of one-half to G. W. 
Bavers. Denver. Colo. Carbonating machine. 2,568,980. 
Sept. 25. / 

r.ayes. Ross : See — ' 

Stunihork. Max J., and Baves. 

Bayford. Leslie J. C. Haj-es, und T. H. /Fnlcher. Hilling- 
ton, assignors to Electric & Musical Industries Limited, 
Haves. England. Mounting of electrode structures in 
envelopes. 2..542.10S. Feb. 20. / 

B.iyhn. Walter G. : Src — / 

James, William J., and Bayha. / 

Bavhl. Joseph F.. Tulsa. Okla.. a/slgnor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Methf^d and apparatus for de- 
tecting corrosion. 2,553.3.")0, Xlay 15. 

Bayless. Frederick B.. and D. A. Chase. Odessa, Tex., 
assignors to Phillips Petroleum Company. Liouid seal 
stuffing box assembly and^ polished rod for the same. 
2..544,212. Mar. 6. 

Bavless. John. Oklahonai^B dty, Okla. Chair arm. 
i:.566.113. Aug. 28. / , 

Bayliss. Reginald : See-/^ I 

Culver. Douslas E-. and Bayllsa. 

Baylor, Arthur D.. assignor to Avco Manufacturing Cor- 
poration. Clnciiihatl, Ohio. Multiband oscillator. 
2.578,3.3.'5. Dec. U. 

Barlor, Leon W. / Kilmarnocic, Va. Prefabricated block 
flue. 2.539,177. Jan. 23. 

Baymlller, John W^.. Manhelm Township. Lancaster 
County, assignor to Armstrong Cork Company. 
Lancaster. Pa. Making textile units for fiber draft- 
ing. 2..557.932, June 26. 



asfliKnor. by mesne as- 
Machine for m/anufnc- 

assiimor. by nioane as- 
Ice product and manu- 

Bay State Optical Compjiny, aulgnoe : See — 

Haniieti. Julius K. 
Bayston, John R., Chicago, 111., assiifnor. by mesne as- 
signments, to Icecrafter Trust. Ice-malcing machine. 

2.M2.S91, Feb. 20. 
Bayston. John R., Chicago. 111. 

signments, to Icecrafter Trust. 

turing ice. 2.542,892, Feb. 20. 
Bayston. John R., Chicago. III., 

signments, to Icecrafter Trust. 

facturlng. 2..'>7.i..'509. Nov. 20. 
Bayston, John R.. Van Nuys. Calif. Pyroph6rlc cigar and 

cigarette lighter. 2..^44,249, MaV. 6. 
Bayston. John R.. Van Nuys, Calif., assignont by mpsn** 

assignments, to Icecrafter Trust ; J. R. Bayston. Van 

Nuys. B. B. Oliver. North Hollywood. Calif., and W. M. 

Vanderpool, Rockford. 111., as trustees. Ice-making 

machine. 2.563.093. Aug. 7. 
Bay to. .\ndrew J.. Muse, assignor of one-half to O. 

Trputac, Edinboro. Pa. Holder for fishing rods or poles. 

2..'i."3.231. Mav 15 
Bay West Paper Company, assignee ; 
Fngel. .John B. 

Peacock. Finley C, and Engel. 
Baze. James C. : i^ee — 

Adnlr. Roy E.. and Baze. 
Beach. Earl F. : See — 

Wallace, James M.. and Beach. 
Beach. Eueene TI.. Hichland. Mich.. 



and M. T. 
Resistance , testing device. 

Weiss. New 

and Feldbaner. 

J., assignor to Stand- 
Cls-butene oxidation. 

Detonator testing 
Self-locking screw- 

York. N. 

Jan. 2. 

Beach. Harold W., Abilene, Kans. Parts cleaning ma- 
chine. 2.570.021, Oct. 2. 
Beach. James E. : See — 

Patterson. John L., Beach, 
Beach. John G. : See — 

Faust. Charles L., and Beach. 
Beach. T.eland K.. Mountainside. N. 

ard Oil Development Company. 

2..V?7 .-«8. .Tan 9. 
Beach. I.#nnox F.. Port Washlntrton. O. E. Esval. Hunt- 
ington, and A. W. Lane, Roo.«evelt. N. Y.. as.xignors to 

The Sperry Corporation. Course indicator. 2,561,332, 

July 24. 
Beach. Paul P., deceased, Berwyn. Md. ; C. Craig, 

administratrix, assignor of one-third to C. W. 

Celb. Bergen Tountv. \. J., and one-third to R. V. Celb. 

Jr.. Fairfax County. Va. Poult rv feeder. 2..550.215, 

Apr. 24. 
Beach. Ronald O.. Washington D. C. 

device. 2..543.7.54. Mar. «. 
Beach. Willnrd C. Montville. N. J. 

thr»'ni1,e<l p'ptiient. 2..">76.4.?R. Nov. 27. 
Beachler. Edward D.. assitmor to Belolt Iron Works. 

Belolt. Wis. Papermaking machine rectifier roll 

2.566. 4.'^n. .Sent 4 
Beacom. Harold R . Oshorn, Ohio. System for eliminating 

or greatly reducing the errors in gyroscopic devices or 

the like. 2.566.305. Sept. 4. 
Bencom. Robert, assignor to The National Acme Company. 

Cleveland. Ohio. Releasing threading .toolholders. 

2.564.666. Aue. 21 
Beacon Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Riddle. Jeter H.. and Reed. 
Beacon Products Corporation, assignee : See — 

Shoikln. Murray F 
Beagle. Victor E.. Alexandria. Va. Cover for curb boxes 

and the like. 2.566.«70. Sept. 4. 
Beaeles. Robert. ColllnCTWood. N. J., assitmor to Radio 

Corporation of .America. Pulse rate monitor. 

2 554 R06. Mav 29. 
Bealrd. J. B.. Company. Inc., assignee : See — • 

B«^alrd. James P ' y 

Bealrd. James P.. assitmor to .T. B. Beriird Companv. Inc.. 

Rhreveport. La. Closure device. 2..548.934. Apr". 17. 
Benl. Carl L' Oarden City, assignor to Ideal Latex Cor- 
poration. Hollis, N. Y. Rubber doll., May 

22 . : ' 

Beal. Keith F : See — 

SIcmer Rf?lph J., and Beal. < 

Beale. Frederic S. : See — 

Fox. Roy C. nnd Beale. ♦ 

Benles. Kenneth R. and O. J. Petros Trvlngton Nebr. 

Mnltidlsk ribbon jet. 2.561.457. July 24. 
Beall. Desmond. Westmount. assignor to Averat. McKenna 

and Harrison. Limited. Saint Lan'-ent 6neb««'c Canada. 

Hvdrolysis of steroid sulfates. 2.567,268, Sept 11. 
Beall. Donald L. : See — 

Nusbaum, Maynard H., and Beall. i 
Beall. Donald L., Coshen. and H. C. Mengea, Bristol. 

asaienors to M. H. Nusbaum. Elkhart. Tnd.. and O. 

K. Brandon. Manchester, N. H. Portable, visual, and 

electric traffic signal. 2,564.145, Aug. 14. 
Beala. Albert, Wichita, Kans. Price tag holder. 

2..564.517, Aug. 14. 
Beals. Malcolm D., Plalnfleld. and L. R. Blair New 

Brunswick. N. J., assignors to National Lead Company. 

New York. N. Y. Frit compositions for vitreous 

enamels. 2.576.916. Dec. 4. 
Beam, Harry A., assignor to F. I. du Pont de Nemours A 

Company, Wilmington. Del. Flaking machine and 

method. 2.555.309 June 5. 

Lead measuring machine. 

The Fellows Cear Shaper 
Apparatus for measuring 
gear teeth and the like. 

Y.. assignor to 

Beaman, Bernard, R. A. Stein, and J. Hulman, Dayton, 
Ohio. Main and starting engine with gear and hy- 
draulic accessory drive system. 2.557,933. June 26. 

Beaman. Phlneas A., and J. R. North, assignors to Mor- 
gan Construction Company, Worcester. Mass. Wire 
handling apparatus. 2,575. 7S5. Nov. 20. 

Beaman. William E., ForesthiU. Calif. Expansion unit 
to compensate for temperature changes in a vehicle 
hydraulic drive system. 2,561,167, July 17. 

Benmesderfer. Herman S., and R. D. Troxel, Sheridan, 
Pa. Check valve. 2,5.54.002. May 22. 

Bean. Arthur I., assignor to The Fellows Gear Shaper 
Company. Springfield, Vt. 
2.56.^.000. Aug. 7. 

Bean, Arthur I., assignor to 
Company. Springfield, Vt. 
helix angle and taper of 
2.563.910. Aug. 14. 

Bean. Frank R., Rochester, N. T.. assignor to Fasco In- 
dustries. Inc. Manually operable thermostatic switch 
assembly. 2.."67..?»'>1 . .^ept. 11. 

Bean, Freideric R.. assienor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester, N. T. Halogenatlon of n methyl-4-amino- 
phenol. 2.578.281. Dec. 11 

Bean. Herbert S. Elkton. .Md. Electric propulsion unit 
for miniature railways. 2..536..344. .Tan. 2. 

Bean. Morris, and W. S. Touchman. Yellow Springs. Ohio, 
and W. C. Bruckman, Bergenfield. N. J., assignors to 
General Motors Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Plaster 
mixing machine. 2.574.238, Nov. 6. 

Beanhlossom. Walter S. : See — 

Loverde. Anthony, and Beanhlossom. 

Beanhlossom. Walter S.. Niagara Falls. N 

the United States of America as represented bv the 
United States Atomic Energy Commlaaion. Photo- 
chemical chlorinatlon of hydrocarbons. 2,566.052. Aug. 

Bear Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 
Martin. Sidney W 

Beard. Charles I.. Dallas. Tex., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Incorpor- 
ated. New Y'ork. N. Y. Surface wave cancellation elec- 
trical prospecting. 2..542.4f.2. Feb. 20. 

Beard. Edward S., Spring: Cltv. Pa. Adjustable tubular 
fabric spreader. 2.553.074. Mav 15. 

Beard. Lee R.. R. E. Seely, and G. C. Holdgreve. Fort 
Wayne. Ind.. assignors to General Flertrie Compan.v. 
Combination line switch, starting swifh, and overload 
for electric motors. 2.571.654. Oct. 16. 

Beard. Leslie C. Jr.. New York. N. Y.. and R. V White, 
Pitman. N. J. assienors to Socony-Vacuum Oil Com- 
pany. Incorporated. Lubricant containing hydro- 
ahlefyl esters. 2.564.634. Aug. 14. 

Beard, Samuel W. O.. assignor to Rotol Limited. Olouces 
ter. England. Cylinder-piston 
stonning relative movements 
2.542.463. Feb. 20. 

Beard. William E.. Stilwell. Kans. Combination float and 
depth regulator for fishing tackle. 2.536,414, Jan. 2. 

Bearden. Clarence. Independence, Kans. Flower pot 
holder. 2.536.901. Jan. 2. 

Bearden, Floye J. : See — 

Grlndstaff. Herbert E . and Bearden. 

Beardsle<>. Harlnnd F.. assignee: See — 
Dennis. William A. 

Beardsley. Gale R.. and E. A. Hulbert. assignors to Con- 
tinental Motors Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Trans- 
mission mechanism. 2.565.060. Aug. 21. 

Beardsley. Robert O. : See — 

Mnrch. Harold L., Fuller, and Beardsley. 

Beardsley. Robert O.. assimor to Jones A Lamson Ma- 
chine Conifiany, Springfield. Vt. Holding fixture. 
2.540.774. Feb. 6. 

Beardsmore. Frank : See— 

Moneypenny Harold K.. Townend and P.eardsmore. 

Beare. Charles H.. Dayton. Ohio, assignor to General 
Motors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Molding compounds 
which cure under heat and pressure. 2.536.120. Jan. 2. 

Beare. Charles H.. Dayton. Ohio, assienor to General 
Motors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Continuous meth- 
od of curing rubber strips. 2,5.54,356. May 22. 

Beare. Charles H.. Dayton. Ohio, assienor to General 
Motors Corporation. TVtrolt. Mieh. Apnaratus for mir- 
ing rubber compounds and the like. 2.571.6.55, Oct. 16. 
Bearse. .Arthur E. : See — 

Faust. Charles 1... Bearse. and Llger. 
Beasley. French A Company Limited, assignee : See — 
Beasley. Harold H. 
French. Gordon W. 
Beasley. Harold H.. Bristol, assignor to Beasley. French A 
Company Limited. Bedminster. Bristol Eneland. Piv- 
otal frame structure for rotary printing machine ele- 
ments. 2.573.090. Oct. .30. 
Beasley. Ralph T.. Vlctorvllle. Calif. Auxiliary wind- 
mill drive. 2..562.762. July 31. 

Beathan. Mark A., Queens Village. N. Y. Switch struc-' 
ture for lamps. 2. .5.56. 023, June 5. 

Beaton A Cadwell Mfg. Co., The, >^8lgnee : See — 
Work. Erich W. f 

Beatrice. Gabriel C, Shrewsbury, assignor to Crompton 
A Knowles Loom Works, Worcester, Mass. Thread cut- 
ter for weft replenishing looms. 2,549,285, Apr. 17 

motor with means for 
of the motor parts. 



Beattie. Horace 8.. R. B. Page, and^. J. Rabenda, Pough- 
keepHJe, asHignors to InterDatioDal BuHioeiia Macbinea 
Corporation, New York, N. Y. Record controlled ac- 
counting machine having two forma of item entering 
ni"(hani8m8. 2.551.088, Mav 1. T 

Beattie. John O., New York, N.*Y. Manufacture of plastic 
lenses from monomeric materials. 2,542,386, Feb. 20. 

Beattie. HoImti U . : -S'ee — 

Ashford, Walter R., and Heattie. 
MuDSke. Richard H. F.. Beattie, and Kulka. 

Beatty. Donald C, Birmingham, Ala. Apparatus for 
delivering and receiving telephone messages. 2,539,565, 
Jan. 30. 

Beatty. John D.. Huntington Park. Calif. Machine for 
snturatine materials. 2.555,673. June 5. 

Beatty. John W.. Lansdowne. Pa., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Electric circuit breaker. 2,554,974, 
.May 2!». 

Beatty. Robert D.. Birmingham. Ala. Industrial truck and 
hiink.T J.r)«0.20r,. July 10. 

Beatty. William A.. London. England, af^signor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation, New Y^ork, 
N. Y. Multiplex pulse transmission system. 2,541,023, 
Feb. 13. 

Beatty, William A.. Loudon, England, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to International Standard Electric Corpo- 
ration, New York, N. Y. Arrangement for determining 
distances by reflection of electrical pulses. 2,542,983, 
Feb. 27. 

Beatty. Wlllinm R., Highlands, N. J., and O. A. Short, 
Stnten Island. N. Y., assignors to E. I. du Pont do 
Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Vitreous ena- 
mel 8lip compositions and preparing. 2,556,890, 
June 12. 

Beaty. Marion L., Minneapolis. Minn. Screen and window 
supporting <levir»\ 2,56.', 014, Aug. 21. 

Beauchamp. David N.. Venice. Calif., assignor to Wing- 
foot Corporation, .\kron. Ohio. Waterproofed fabric 

and producing it. 

'.'>.r.77. Nov. 20. 

Beauchesne. Paul. Redon. and R.- S. Devllle. assiPTiors 
to Societe Francaise des Charbonnages du Tonkin, 
Paris. France. Production of metal from oxide ores. 
2.5«6.548. Sept. 4. 

Beaudet. Louis, assignor to Society Bernardaud k Cle, 
Limoges. France. Firing porcelain. 2,547.149. Apr. .*?. 

Beaudet, Telesphore J., Glen Ellen, assignor to S. S. 
Townsend. Piedmont, and C. E. Townsend, Jr.. Oakland, 
Calif. Juice extracting device. 2,578,122, Dec. 11. 
Beaudoin. Djivid E., assignee : See — 

Super Pnnl J. 
Beandot. William H., Chicago, 111. Popped com heating 

and dispensing apparatus. 2,562,081, July 24. 
Beaudry. I/^onard A. : See — 

Istrati. Konrad C, and Beaudry. 
Beau fa it. I/Oren J.. Jr. : See — 

Huffman. Eugene H.. and Beaufalt. 
Beaumariagp. Amos Alphonse, Central Falls, and W R. 
W^isner. Pawtucket. R. I., and S. M. Dockerty, as.signors 
to Corning Glass Works. Corning. N. Y. Glass-forming 
apparatus. 2,573.300^ct. 30. 
Beaumont Birch Company, assignee: See — 

Davenport. William G., and Hampton. 
Beaumont. Edgar: See — 

Hardacre. William. Beaumont, and Merrlman. 
Beaumont. Stanley : See — 

Bremner. John G. M.. and Beaumont. 
Beaumont, William M.. Summit. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Te'ephnne laboratories. Incorporated. New York. N Y. 
Combined line and tripping relay circuit for telephone 
lines. 2..508.138, Sept. 3 8. " 

Beaunit Mills, Inc., assignee : See — 

Hatfield. Cortland. 
Beaupre, Arthur. Franklin Park, 111. Fishing rod 

2.578.063. Dec. 18. 
Beaupre. Honoro. assignee: See — 

I..amonde. .Alphon.'^e. 
Beauregard. Eugene O.. Holyoke, Mass. Collapsible spcl. 

2.546.25.'?. Mar. 27. 
Beau-T-Form Foundations, Inc. assignee : See — 

Sutter. Edward R. 
Beautis Foundations Mfg. Corp.. assignee: See — 

Lindo. Lionel. 
Beautymaster. Inc.. a8.<;ignee : See — 
Maners. David F. 

Beaven. Clifford H. J.. Woodmansteme, K. M. Caple. Lon- 
don, and H. A. Dell. Banstead. Enpland assignors to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Hart- 
ford. Conn., as trustee. Thermionic valve oscillator. 
2.507,269, Sept. 11. 
Beavt'ns. KImer A. : f^ee^ 

Mrrollorh. Robert J;, and I'.eav«ns. 
Beaver Pipe Tools. Inc., assignee : See — ^ 

Pealer. Robert B. 
Shnfer. Clarence W. 
Beaver Tool & Engineering Corp., assignee : See — 
Cherrv. Charles A. 
Mill.'r. John R. 
Beaver, Wallace W., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Battelle Development Corporation, Columbus. Ohio. 
Producing porous metallic bodies. 2,540,233. Feb. 6. 
Beazley. Jon S.. Tallahassee. Fla. Stereoscopic ploting 
instrument. 2.555.106. May 29. 

Bebb, Robert L., assinior to The Firestone Tire & Rubber 
Company, Akron, Ohio. High solids synthetic rubber 
latex. 2.537,642. Jan. 9. 

Bebby. J.. & Sons Limited, assignee : See — 
Amery. Arthur H. 

Beber, Samuel L., assignee : See — 
Jones, Preston A. 

Bebinger, Charles N., New Philadelphia, Ohio, assignor to 
' Joy Manufacturing Couvpany. Lubricant seal. 
2,560,917, July 17. 

Bebry Bedding Corporation, assignee : See — 
Bebry, Peter P. 

Bebry. Peter P., Jamaica, N. Y., assignor to Bebry Bedding 
Corporation, Bayonne, N. J. Love seat bed. 2,576,062, 
Nov. 20. 

Bech, Jorgen. Lyngby, Denmark. Milling machine pref- 
erably for machining printing plates. 2,552,663, May 

Bechard, Conrad E., Mayfield Heights, Ohio, assignor to 
General Electric Company. Tlpping-off method. 
2,561,838. July 24. 

Bechaud. Leslie J., Jr. : See — 

Vedensky. Dmitri N., and Bechaud. 

Bechberger. Earl H., Cleveland Heights, assignor to The 
Warner & Swascy Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Signa- 
ture feeding and transferring mechanism. 2,568,604, 
Sept. 18. 

Bechberger. Paul F., Tenafly, and P. G. Yeannakis, Maple- 
wood, assignors to Bendix Aviation Corporation. Teter- 
boro, N. J. Inductive device having a preciselv sinus- 
oidal relation between coupling and relative displace- 
ment. 2.5.50,063. May 1. 

Bechik. Michael, a.-^signor to Bechik Products, Inc., St. 
Paul, Minn. Handle for box springs and the like. 
2.539,885, Jan. 30. 

Bechik, Michael, assignor to Bechik Products. Inc., St. 

Paul. Minn. Handle for mattresses and the like. 

2,.564,947. Aug. 21. 
Bechik Products, Inc., assignee : See — 
Bechik, Michael. 
Silverman. I. Irving. 
Bechle. Rudolph P. : See — , ' 

Potdevln. Adolph. and Bechle. 
Beohler. Andr4. Moutifr, Switzerland. Spilt collet chuck. 

2.5.50,0.'?H. Apr. 24. 
Bechler, Andr*', Moutler, Switzerland. Rocking type of 

drilllne and tapping appliance for automatic lathes. 

2.568,785. Sept. 25. 
Bechler. Andr4. Moutier. Switzerland. Automatic lathe 

headstock reciprocating means. 2.574.775. Nov. 13. 

Bechman. William O.. Chicago, and W. W. Hennlng. River- 
side. III., assignors to International Harvester Company. 
Crawler tractor shoe and rubber tread therefor. 
2.558.922. July 3. 

Bechtel Brothers McCone Company, assignee : See — 
Rhoades. Russell (I. 

Bechtold. Joseph L.. Roseburg. Oreg. Portable motor 
oper.ited hand scroll saws. 2,547.922. Apr. 10. 

Bechtold.. Max F.. Kennott Square, Pa., and O. E. Snyder, 
Chicago. 111., assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 
Companv. Wilmington. Del. Chemical process*^ and 
composition. 2.574.902. Nov. 13. 

Beck, .\rnold H. W.. London. England, assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation. N<'w York. N. Y. 
Nonsputtering cathode for electron discharge devices. 
2.56S.705. Sept. 25. 

Beck. Charles E. : See — 

Erwood. Joseph, and Beck. 

Beck. Edward F. W.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Westing- 
house ElectriaCorpor.ition. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Light- 
ning arrester. \2.571. 814. Oct. 10. 

Beck. Frederick W.. Webster Grove, and R. J. Babka, St. 
Louis. Mo., and R. H. Lukins. assignors to Union 
Special Machine Company. Chicago, HI. Top fe«vl and 
presser means for sewing machines. ■2.544.549. Mar. 6. 

Beck. Henry E., assignor to J. I. Case Company. Racine, 
Wis. Gatherer for corn harvesters. 2,564,319, 
Aug. 14. 

Beck. Horace W.. Jr.. ai)d C. F. Gibbons. Atlanta. Ga.. 
assignors to Gaylord Cont.Tlner Corporation. St. Louis, 
Mo. Lined multiple-blank master shipping carton. 
2.r)fi4.948. Aug. 21. 

Beck. HuKO M. : See — 

Faust. William R., and Beck. 

Beck. John N., Radnor, assignor to Watson-McDanlel Co., 
rhilndelphia. I'a. Steam trap. 2.537.809. Jan. 9. 

Beck. JOzsef. assignor to Ungarlsche Radiatoren Fabriks 
Aktiengesellschaft. Budapest, Hungary. Heat ex- 
changer. 2.559.272. July .3. 

Beck. Julius S.. Los Angeles. Calif. Whipstock., Juno 5. 

Beck. June E., Lyndhurst N. J., assignor to American 
Eneineering Companv. Philadelphia. Pa. Progressive 
feed stoker. 2,555.108. May 29. 

Beck. Lloyd W.. and A. R. Gilbert. T'nlted States Navy, 
and J. K. Wolfe. Bethesda. Md. Preparation of sulfonic 
acid compounds. 2.559.585, July 10. 

Beck. NIco. Zurich, and W. Borcovec. Ivocarno/Muralto, 
Switzerland. Toy chain. 2.576,439. Nov. 27. 

Beck. Richard E., assignee: See — 
McKeever, Louis W. 



Beck. Roland A. : Sff — 

S^nHel. Eutcene E . and B«ck. ,,,„ , . „ 

Beck. Roland A.. FlshkUl. and A. J. Mlllendorf. Beacon. 

iiaslgnors to The Texas Company. New York. N. x. 

Process and apparatus for effecting catalytic reactioni. 

2.540.706, Feb. 6. . . , ,..,. 

n.ik. Roland A., (Jlenham. K. E. Sensel, and A. J. MlllPn- 

dorf. Renron, asslcnors to The Texas rompany. New 

York. N. Y. Treparation and use of synthesis catalysts. 

•-'..^50.442. Apr. -'4. . 
n»'ck. Roland D.. asslRnor, by mesne asslcnments, to 

Ideal Industries. Inc.. Sycamore, III. Wire stripper. 

2.563.911. Aujt. 14. ^ ^ w . . . 

Beck William R.. asslcmor to Goodman Maniifactnrlne 

Company. ChicaRo. III. Cable Kuide. 2..'.«2.88fi. Aug. T. 
Beckamm Instruni>*nt8, Inc.. assiKuee : act — 

Cary, Henry H. ... 

Beckbertfer. La Vern H.. East ChlcaKO. 111. asaljrnor to 

Sinclair Refining Company. New York. N. Y. Catalytic 

convernion of hydrocarbons. 2..').^fi.2.''>4. Jan. 2. 
Bfckl)er{;er I^ Vern H.. East Chicago. Ind assignor 

to Sinclair K»flnlnj: Company. New York, N, Y. rrocess 

and apparatus for effecting chemical reactions with 

poiirl catalyst particles. 2.r)rt«.ir)9. Aug. 2S. 
Beck«l Arthur C, Peoria, and P. A. Belter. Pekln. 111.. 

assignors to the Inited»«« of America as reprewent- 

e<l by the Secretary of Agriculture. Reversible vegetable 

g»l. 2.r>rtl..'?:i3. July 24. 
Beckelman. Abraham. New York. N. Y. Apparatas for 

applying linear designs to work surfaces. 2.547.554. 

Apr. 3. 
Beckelman. Abrnhnm. New York. N. 

device. 2..'>.'iO.ft02. May 1. 
Becker. Bernard M. : Sre — 

Riximan. Hugh, and Becker. 

Becker. Carl W.. .Arlington, assignor 

facturing Company, Newton. .Mass. 

2..^>.">9..i30. July 3 
Becker. Carl W'.. Arlington, as-Mgnor 

facturing Company. Newton. Mass. 

2. .")«•■,. 478, Sept. 4. 
Becker. Carl W'.. Arllneton, assienor 

facturinc Company. Newton. Mass. 

2.ofi»5.479. Sept. 4 
Becker. David. as.<»lgnor to Rnbensteln Bros. Company. 

Montreal. Quebec. Canada. Interchangeable post office 

box con.strnctlon. 2.r»fi3.094. .Aug. 7. 
Becker. Trhardt L.. assignee : See — 

Bevrodt. Kurt. 
Becker, Fred. Queens Villaee, assignor to Underwood Cor- 
poration. New Y'ork. N. Y. Paper feeiling and severine 

means for typewriting and like machines. 2,o.'>4,003. 

May 22 
Becker. Fred. Queens Village. 

Corporation. New York. N. T. 

ire device. 2.ri.'>«.413. June 20 
Becker. Georee : See — 

Bahr. Henry H.. and Becker 
Becker. Oeorge," Brooklvn, N. Y 

attachment. 2. .'.-2. 133. May 8 
Becker. Ooorce. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

ment for sewing machines. 2..'),">4.16S. May 
Becker. Henry. Culver City, and Z. Melnlkoff. Los Angeles. 

Calif. pencil with lend advancing and tensioning 

mechanism. 2..'>0.">.71.'). Aug. 28. 
Becker Henrv P : S^re — 

McMackin. R^obert E., and Becker. 
Becker. Howard I.. Rexford. N. Y.. assignor to General 

Electric Company. Gas analvzer detecting device. 

2..^4fl.71.^. Mar 27. 

VIschers Ferry. N. Y., as<«lirnor to 
Company. Bearing lubrication. 


to Raytheon Mann- 
Catliode coatings. 

to Raytheon Mann- 
Tunable magnetron. 

to Raytheon Mann- 
Tunable magnetron. 

assignor to Underwood 
Carriage rebound check- 

Sewing machine guide 
Stitchlne guide attach- 

Vi«chprs Ferry. N. Y.. assignor to 
Company. Magnetic gyroscope. 

M and M 

Hog ma- 

Becker. Howard I.. 

(leneral Fleotric 

2..'>45.33.-. Mar. 13 
Becker. Howard I.. 

General El»ctrlc 

2.5fi2,fi90. July 31 

Barker. Irven S.. Kelso. Wash., assignor to 
Wood Working Company, Portland. Oreg. 
chine having rotary nitter and fe«>d 
2.".')9.701. July 10. 

Becker. John E . Darlington, assignor to Atlas Polar Com- 

fvinv Limited. Toronto. Ontario. Canada Fluid clrcn- 
ntlon control for flnid couplings. 2.548.S."7. Apr. 17. 
Becker. John E . Darlington Township. Ontario, assignor 
to .\tlas Polar Company Limited. Toronto. Ontario. 
Canada Flnld circulation control for rotary hvdraullc 
couplings. 2..'.')Or,«4, May 1. 
Becker. John E.. Darlington Township 
Ontario. Canada. Fluid circulation 
couplings. 2..'>r,8,70n. Sept. 25. 

Becker. John E.. assignor 

Limited. Toronto. Ontario, 

control for fluid couplings. 
Becker. Joseph T,. : fee — 

Coulter. Samuel T.. and Becker. 
Becker. MaTlmillan C.. East Orange. N. J. Nut-holding 

attachment for wrenches. 2..V>7.«28, June 19. 
Becker, Milton. Passaic, N. J. Billfold closure device. 

2..'>.'S0.21«. Apr. 24. 
Becker Morris. Laurelton. N. Y. Conical spool combined 

with thread guide and axial receptacle. 2.558.808. 

July 3. 

to Atlas 
2,539.004. Jan. 23. 

to I'nlted Carr 
Plug button or 

to t'nited Carr 
Universal plug 

to United Carr 
Universal plug 

Becker. Otto E., Los Angeles. Calif. Portable utility re- 
frigerator unit. 2.554,290. May 22. 

Becker. Philip D., Hiogham, assignor 
Fastener Corporation. Cambridge. Mass. 
closure. 2.552.9 US, .May 15. 

B«'cker. Philip D., Hingham, assignor 
Fastener Corporation. ( ambridge, Mass. 
button or .-losure. 2.552,917. .May 15. 

Bfcker. Philip D.i Hingham. assignor 
Fastener Corporation. Cambridge, .Niass. 
button or closure. 2.552.918. May 15. 

Becker. Philip D.. Hingham. assignor to Unlte<l Carr 
Fastener Corporation. Cambridge. Mass. Plug button, 
closure, and the like 2.552.919. May 15. 

Becker. Philip D.. Hingham. as.slgnor to I'nlted-<'arr 
Fastener Cori>oration, Cambridge, Mas.s. Furniture 
leg glider. 2..5ft4.B.35. Aug. 14. 

Becker. Philip D., Hingham. assignor to Unit- <1 Carr Fas- 
tener Cori>oratlon Cambridge. Mass. Flanged nut as- 
sembly. i.5rt7.H<>4. Sept. 11. 

Becker, Philip D.. Hingham. assignor to Unlted-Ca-r Fas- 
tener Corporation. Cambridge. Mass. Furniture glide. 
2..'.«7,Sr,.-,. Sept. 11. 

Becker. Robert E., Lo^ansport. Ind.. asn1gt)or to lyogans- 
port Machine Co.. Inc. Glove turidng machine. 
2.540.503. Feb. fl. 

Becker. Ro«lger F.. assignee : flrr — 
Bowninn, James L 

Becker, Victor I.. Ix»s Angeles. 
2.541.147. Feb. 13. 

Becker, Walter A. : Kee — 

Currle. Grover C. and BeckeK 
Rishel. James B, 

Be<ker. Walter A.. High Point, and C 

N. C. assignors to Old Dominion Box Company. Lynch- 
burg. Va. Single blank cloth board end cap. 2.537,617. 
Jan 9. 

Tamms, 111. Electric target. 

Durham Coiintr, 
control for fluid 

Polar Company 
Fluid circulation 



P. Cato. Charlotte. 

Becker. Walter L.. 

2,550.057. June 5. 
Beckerman. Ilarrv N., 

2.5.53. .540. May 22. 
Berkerntan. Raymond. 

Culver City, Calif. Gun sight. 

and H. J. Boyce. 




assignor to 

Cum pan y. 
for crane 

Gvroscopically controlled headlamp 

Beckett. Arthur J.. Oklahoma City, Okla, 
brushing and vacuum cleaning apparatus 
Jan 2 

Beckett, Dorris S., assignee : (ire — 
Koertge. Ray A., and Preston. 

Beckette. E<lmund S. : Sfe — 

Travilla. James C. Jr.. and Beckette. 

Beckham. Inland J.. Chesterfield County. V^a. 

Allied Chemical k Dye Corporation. Production 
ammelide and ammeline. 2.572.587. Oct. 23. 

Becklev. George H.. Madison. Ind. Car top trailer. 
2.5Ri,lfi8. Julv 17. 

Beckley. Kenneth E.. Baldwin Park. Calif. Drinking 
fountain. 2.567.177. Sept. 11. 

Beckman Instruments. Inc., assignee: See— 
ileorgo Kf<nvon P. 

Beckwith. Gertrude H.. and J. L. Sutherland San Pedro, 
assignors to Philip R. Park. Inc.. Outer Harbor. San 
Pedro. Calif. Animal feedstuff. 2.560, .549. Sept. 4. 

Beckwith Mannf icfiirlng Coiiipany. assignee: See — 
Greenaif Wirt G. 
Harrison. Raymond B. 
Ilow.inl, Ktlwtn A. 
Somersall. William W. 

Beckwith. Raymond A., assignor to Koehring 
Milwaukee. Wis. Brake control mechanism 
type vehicles. 2,509.445. Oct. 2. 

Beckwith. Raymond A., assignor to Koehring Company, 
Milwaukee. Wis. Detachable driving axle unit. 
2.570.191 O. t. 9. 

Beckwith. Raymond A., assignor to Koehring Company. 
Milwaukee. "Wisi Heavy-duty transmission. 2.570.478. 
Nov 27. 

Beckwith, Sterling. Wauwatosa. assignor to Allls-Chal- 
mers Manufacturing Company. Mllwukeo. Wis. To- 
tally enclosed dynamoeh-tr!** machine utilising a sin- 
gle cooling fan. 2.57.''..r^8.{. Oct 30. 

Beckwith. Wendell K . Whitewater, assignor to Koehring 
Companv. Milwaukee, Wis. Power transmission. 
2.570.192. Oct. 9. 
Bectoti DicUinson and Company, assignee: See — 
Bednar/, Edward W. 
Ferguson. G.<irwood W. 
Mollnari. Henry G. 
Smoot. John H. 
Bedard. Eva D.. Springfield. Mass. Invalid lifting means., Jan. 30. 
Bede James A.. Cleveland, Ohio. Paint heater. 

2.576.5,58 Nov. 27. 
Bedell. Kari L. : .fee— 

Johnson. James S.. and Bedell. >. 

Bedford. Alda V.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Television synchronizing appa- 
ratus. 2.551.785, May 8. 
Bedford. .Alda V., Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Simultaneous multicolor tele- 
vision. 2 554.693. Mav 29. 
Bedford Alda V.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Scanning control system. 
2.559,492. July 3. 



Bedford. Alda V.. Princeton. N. J., assif^or to Radio 
Corporation of America. Television syateiu. 2,559. 843, 
July 10. 

Bedford. Alda V., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Intermittent film advancing 
merlianisii) utilizing air pressure. 2,560,919, July IT. 

Bedford. Al«la \ ., Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. ShrinlcuKe compensatory tilm 
HtrippiiiK mechanism. 2.5Gl>.L'H0. Sept. IT). 

Bedford, Alda V.. and Q. C. SeUlai, Princeton. N. J., 
aMrtiKnorH to Hadlo Corporation of America. Radio 
carrier sviichrouization system. 2,536,255, Jan. 2. 

Bedford. Alda V., Princeton, and R. C. B.illard, Tronton, 
N. J.. a>siKiiors to Radio Corporation of America. In- 
termittent tilm advancing mechanism utilizing air pres- 
sure. 2.560,918, July 17. 

Bedford, Hurnlce I). : See — 

Alexanderson, ErnsT F. W., Bedford, and Mittag. 

Bedford. Burnice i>.. Schenectady. N. Y.. asbignor to 
General Klertric Company. Saturable reactor arc pre- 
vention circuit. 2.547.614, Apr. 3. 

Bedford. Burnice I).. Scotia. N. Y.. assignor to General 
Electric Company. Saturable core reactor, 2,547,61.'^, 
Apr. 3. 

Be<lford. Burnice D.. Scotia, N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Control circuits for electric con- 
vtTTlng syKt»>ms. 2.548.579. Apr. JO. 

Bedford, Cecil A., Plainville. assignor to Union Manu- 
facturing (,'ompnny. New Britain, Conn. Work-holding 
chuck. 2.542.857. Feb. 20. 

Bedford. Clay P., Ypsilanti, D. B. Hammond, and J. L. 
Hallett. Ann Arbor, assignors to Kaiser-Frazer Corpo- 
ration. Willow Run, Mich. Door having cast inner 
panel and tail to which outer sheet panel is attached. 

I 2.566.871. Sept. 4. 

Be<lford, Howard E., Brentford. England, assignor, by 
nn'sne assignments, to Pyrene Manufat-turing Company, 
Newark. N. J. Fire extinguishing Installatioii. 
2.5.53. 2».3. Mav 15. 

Bedford. Leslie \l.. London, and A. H. A. Wynn, Sheffield, 
fl^xicnoro to A. C. Cossor Limited, London. England. 
Tuning system for resonant circuits. 2,538,439, Jan. 16. 

Bedford. Leslie IL. and A. H. A. Wynn. assignors to A. C. 
Cossor Limited, London, England. Electrical apparatus. 
2.538.438, Jan. 16. 

Bedford. Leslie H.. London, J. Bell, and E. M. Langharn. 
Teddington. assljznors to A. C. Cossor Limited. London. 
England. Electrical apparatus for measuring the rate 
of change of an input Toltage. 2,564.829 Aug 21 

Bedforil. Tlmm.Ts A.. Drfrott Mich, and H A Srhniitt 
Oakland, Calif. Retractable fish landing net 2.561.645! 
July 24. 

Bedford. William A., Jr. North Scltuate. assignor to 
linlteil-Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge, Mass. 
Separable snap fastener type socket member. 2,546,716, 
Mar. 27. 

Bedford. William A.. Jr., North Scltuate. assignor to 
rnlfed-r*nrr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge, Mass. 
Three side lock snap fastener. 2.552.764, May 15. 

Bedford. William A.. Jr.. North Sdtuate. assignor to 
IJnIted-Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge, Mass. 
Shtftable rotary stud fastener. 2.560.519, July 10. 

Be<lford, William A.. Jr.. North Scltuate. assignor to 
Ignited Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambridge Mass. 
Fastener member. 2.567,902, Sept. 11. 

Bedford. William A.. Jr., North Scltuate. assignor ♦to 
United Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge Mass. 
Embossment mount fastener with clip attachment. 
2..-.67.903. Sept. 11. 

Bedford. William A., Jr.. North Scltuate, assignor to 
Unlted-Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge Mass. 
Blind assembly ntit. 2.572,588. Oct. 23. 

Coral Gables, Fla. Dispenser. 

Bedinger, (Jlenn K. 

2.564.518, Aug. 14 
Bednnrczuk. Daniel. 

device. 2,543.714, 
Bednarz Edward W 

Y. Lettering guide 

Flushing. N. 
Feb. 27. 

Clifton, assignor to Becton. Dick- 
inson k Co.. Rutherford, N. J. Forming a tubular glass 
ampoule havlnir , a central transverse partition. 
2.,56.-,,061, Aug. 21. 
Beears. Warren L. : See — 

Jansen. Jacob E.. and Beears. 
Beebe. Herbert R.. as.signor to American Character Doll 
Company. New York. N. Y. Drinking doll with con- 
trolled discharge of the liquid. 2,555,107. May 29. 
Beebe. John D.. Detroit. Mich., assignor of one half to 
J. C. Schwartz. New York. N. Y. Electrolvtic apparatus 
for making radiator cores. 2,540,805. Feb. 6. 
Beebe. John D.. Detroit. Mich., assignor of one-half to 
J. C. Srhwartz. New York, N. Y. Anode basket. 
2..'.50 026. Julv 3 0. 
Bee B«*e Shoe Co.. assignee : Bee — 
Cohen. Harold W.. and Qalper. 
Gal per. Isa. 
Beebcr. .Mian K. .\., Matawan. D. D. Jacobus. TToboken. 
and C. W. Keuffel. Bernardsvllle. assignors to Keuffel & 
Esser Company. Iloboken. N. J. Producing precision 
Images Jnlv 3. 
Beeble. Abel J. plnttsLurg, N. T. Ignition testing de- 
vice. 2.572.303. Oct. 23, 
Beech Aircraft rornoration, assignee: Bee — 
Weaver. Winifred R. 
Wilson. Leonard L., Jr. 

Beech. Austin S.. assignor to Foundry Equipment Limited, 
Leighton, Buzzard, England. Flask charging machine 
for foundries. 2,555.914. June 5. 

Beech, Austin S., assignor to Foundry Equipment Limited. 
Leighton Buzzard, England. Apparatus for filling and 
ramming foundry flasks. 2.568.536. Sept. 18. 

Beech, Walter F. and M. Mendoza, Blackley, Manchester, 
England, assignors to Imp«>rial Chemical Industries 
Limited. Azo dyestutTs. 2.564.243. Aug. 14. 

Beecher, Alan R., and H. T. Mogensen, Cordova, Nebr. 
Hood holder. 2.536.253. Jan. 2. 

Beech-Nut Packing Company, assignee : See — 
Bousquet John. 
Warren. Slinton W. 
Zimpel, Richard F. 

Beede. Arnold H., Stamford, assignor to Electrolux Corpo- 
ration. Old Greenwich. Conn. Vacuum cleaner dust 
bag. 2.547.805, Apr 3. 

Beede, Arnold H., and L. P. Borkoski. Stamford. Conn., as- 
signor to Electrolux Corporation, New York. N. Y. Vac- 
uum cleaner. 2.569,222. Sept. 25. « 

Beeftlnk, Petrus A., Breda, Netherlands^ assignor to 
American Enka Corporation, Enka, N. C. Production 
of cross wound bobbins. 2.539.942, Jan. 30. 

Beegle. Raymond E.. p:a8t St. Louis. IlL Antlsplitting 
device. 2.558.231, June 26. 

Beeker. Manford E., Brookston, Ind. Device for removing 
end pla.v from electric motors. 2.556.489. June 12. 

Beekley, Henry L., Glen Ellyn, 111., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Electrimatic Company. Valve. 
2.557,718. June ](» 

Beekley. John S., Wilmington. Del., and W. E. Vail, 
Charleston. W. Va., assignors to E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours & Company, Wilmington. I>el. Removing sul- 
fur compounds and carbon monoxide from hydrogen. 
2.580.068. Dec. 25. 

Beekman, Robert L.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. . Indexing 
turret tool post. 2,547,616. Apr. 3. 

Bee-Line Company, assignee • See — 
Jacohsen, I^ Roy V. 
Jacohsen. Le Roy V., and Gosline. 
Smith. Roy D. 

Beemer. Paul K. : See — 

Van Dorn. William E., and Beemer. 

Beemer. Paul K.. Pasjidena. assignor to Preco Incorporated, 
Los Angeles. Calif. Driving mechanism for accessories 
in transport vehicles. 2.567,.504, Sept. 11. 

Beemer, Paul K., Inglewood. and H. O. Fuchs, assignors 
to Preco Incorporated. Los Angeles. Calif. Driving 
mechanism for car accessories. 2,567,866. Sept. 11. 

Beer. Kenneth V., Mateo. Calif. (Jarment hanger 
and container. 2.562,444. July 31. 

Beer, Leo, Providence, assignor to Alrose Chemical Com- 
pany. Cranston, R. I. Cellulosic textile shrinkage con- 
trol and crease resistance with Inhibited ten<lerizing 
action. 2,541,457, Feb. 13. 

Beerli, Louis, Engelberg, Switzerland. Ski. 2,539,224, 
Jan. 23. , | 

Beers. John R. : See — , 

Heinsch, Johannes N., and Beers. 

Beery. Donald W.. New Brunswick. J. J. Eberl. Bound 
Brook, and A. R. Ingram. New Brunswick. N. J., as- 
signors to Johnson & Johnson. Sanitary napkin. 
2.578.664. Dec. 18. 

Beery. Lambert L.. Minneapolis, Minn. Door lock repair 
unit. 2.538.552. Jan. 16. 

Beesch. Samuel C. Columbire. Ohio, assignor to Publicker 
Industries Inc., Philadelphia. Pa. Sampling apparatus. 
2.566,306, Sept. 4. 

Beesch, Samuel C, and D. A. Legg. assignors to Publicker 
Industries Inc., Philadelphia. Pa. Production of lower 
aliphatic acids by fermentation. 2,549.765, Apr. 24. 

Beese. Norman C. Verona. N. J., assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. Blast Pittsburgh, Pa. Vapor 
lamp and system. 2.562.887, Aug. 7. 

Beesley, Barbara : See — 

Beeslev. Benjamin M. and B. 

Beesley, Benjamin M. and B., Ventura, Calif. Slldable 
Inner Jaw wrench having a pivoted rack catch. 
2.543.824. Mar. 6. 

Beeson. Eric J. G. : See — 

Davies. Leonard J., and Beeson. 

Beeson. Eric J. G., Southwell, and P. Shepherd. Rugby. 
England, assignors to General Electric Company. Mag- 
netic control of high pressure arc lamp. 2.571,522, 
Oct. 16. 

B(»e8on, John R., Shepherd. Tex. Tenoning machine. 
2.560.068. July 10. 

Beeson. Martin L.. South Pasadena and W. D. 55ellers. 
Pasadena, assignors of one-twentieth to H. D. Cummins 
and one-twentieth to J. S. Llovd, Van Nuys, Calif. Ro- 
tary drill. 2.556.16.". June 12 

Beeth. Clarence D., Houston. Tex., assignor to Conti- 
nental Oil Company, Ponca Citv. Okla. Automatic chuck 
for pulldown devices. 2,570.308, Oct. 9. 

Beetlestone, Perclval A. A., and H. W. Gordon. Hatfield. 
England, assignors to said Gordon. Garment hanger 
with spring clips. 2.546,717. Mar. 27. 

Beezhold. Christian J., assignor tol Pullman-Standard Car 
Manufacturing Company. Chicaeo. 111. Vestibule trap- 
door arrangement. 2.546.626. Mar. 27. 



Beexley. Reginald R.. M»'mphiB. Tenn.. asglgnor to Thex- 
ton Manufacturing Company. Minneapolis, Minn. Re- 
pair adapter for ttireaded electrical terminals. 
2.540.60«. Feb. 6. 

Bef'zlcy. Reginald R.. .Memphis. Tenn. " Tool for splitting 
metal nuts. 2..V>8.041. June 26. 

Beezley. Reginald R.. Memphis, Tenn. Locating and In- 
dicating top dead center on engines. U.SGS.IOO, Sept. 

Bedford. William A.. Jr.. Ni>rth Scituate. assignor to 
rnit«Hl Carr ^^^st»■ner Corporation, Cambridge, 
Fa.sfeninkT device 2..")78.fin9, I>ec. 11. 

Be-Ge Manufacturing Co.. assignee : ^«e — « 

Gurries. Albert O.. and Keesling. 
U'tiite. .loliii .\ . .fr. 

Begg. RuMsell S.. Birmingham, nsslcrnor to General Motor* 
Corporation. Detroit, .Mich. Vehicle front end construc- 
tion. •_*.r).in.o.->0, Jan. J"., 

BeggH, Charles H., Clarks Summit. Pa. Device for apply- 
ing nonokid chains to tires. 2..'5r.l.412 May 1. 

Beghln. Adolfo J.. Tiickahoe. P. F. Hamberg. Jr.. Forest 
Hills, and II. E. Smith, assignors, bv nie.sne assli;nment.<«. 
to Insl-X Corporation. Briarcllff Manor. N. V. Rust 
remover. 2,.'>.')8,lfi7, June 26. 

Begin. I.ouis K. : F!re — 

Rritton. Edgar C., and Begin. i 

Begun. Semi J. : See 

Williams. Alfred L. W.. and Began. 

Beeun. Semi J.. Cleveland Heights, assignor to The Bmsh 
Development Company. Cleveland. Ohio. System to pre- 
vent accidental rerecording on a magnetic record. 
2,.'>.'^8.S92. Jan. 2?., 

Besmn. Semi J.. Cleveland Heights, assfpnor to The Brush 
Development Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Appnratus for 
demnenetizing a magnetic recording reproducing head. 
2.5.n8.Sf).'?. Jan 2:?. "^ *. 

Behman.'r.eraM A . San Francisco, and F R Meze Red- 
-wood City. Calif. Automobile heating system for out- 
door drive-ln theaters. 2,r)74.949. Nov. 13. 

Behmer. D Ivan. LItltz. Pa. Hat brim finishing machine. 

2 r..->7 0n4 June 2R 
Behn. Victor D.. Glen Rock. N. J. assignor to Wright 

Aeronautical Corporation Helical shift mtiktspeed 

transmission. 2..'S40.8.">8. Feb. 6. 
Behnke. Hans, assiimee : 8fe — 

Meier, Joseph M.. and Wheeler. 
Behnke. William A.. Gary. 111. Detachable wifndow screen. 

2..'5r>8.vao. Sept. IS. 

Behr. Elizabeth K.. administratrix: See — 

Px'hr, I,eo. 
Behr. T.eo.,deceased. by E. K. Behr. admlnl.stratrlT Phll.n- 

delphia:*Pa., assignor to Leeds and Northrup Company. 

Exhibiting instrument. 2..'>.'>r?.620. May 22. 
Behr, I.«o J.. Bridgeport. Conn. Indicator to be worn on 

the hands while learning to tvpewrlte 2 .170.908, 

Oct. 9. 
Behr. I-eo J.. Bridgeport. Conn. Shopping bag and pant.«! 

hineer 2..'>78..?91. Dec. 1 1. 
BehrM.inning Corporation, assignee : See — 
Miller. Loiiis W 

Teaene. Walter D., Peltz. and Hnbblnette. 
Behr. Robert K.. Tncknhoe. N. Y. assignor to The Bab- 
cock Sc Wilcox Company. Rockleigh X. J. Boiler. 

2.r.r,i 8.".n. Jniy 24. 
Behr. Sleefrled Flushing, asslcnor to Ben-Hur Products. 

Inc. NVw York. N, T. Hair trimmer. 2,.-.3«,48.'>. 

.T;in 2. 

Behrend Elizabeth B : See — 

Welssert, Frederick C. Behrend. and Brlant. 
Behrend. Ellzabetfl M.. Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to The 
Firestone Tire * Rubber Companv. Akron. Ohio Anti- 

£"112*1'^ treatment of chlorinated elastomer. 
2.537,646 Jan. 9. 
Behrens. Albert. New York. N. Y. Packaging container 
convertible into a toy. 2.r»,'>1.0S9. May 1. 

Behrens. Emerson G., Leslie. Mich. .Mortuary support. 

2..V'i7.8.'^S. June 19. 
Behrens. Herbert C. assignor to Dlebold. Incorporated 

Canton. Ohio. Rotary drum depository. 2..'>4S ."i.^.s 

\pr. 10. 
Behrens. Herbert C. assignor to Dlebold. Incorporated 

Canton Ohio. Rotary double cvllnder deposltorv 

2..')63.1.'»0. .\ug. 7. I . 

Behrens. Otto K.. R G. Jones, .ind Q. F Soper In- 
dianapolis. Ind.. and J. W. Corse. I^nfayette. Calif . 
.Tsslgnors to FH Llllv .nnd Companv, Tndlnnapolls' 
Tnd. Cycloallph.atlc-penlcllllns. 2..'>fl2.407. July 31. 

B.hrens. Otto K.. R. G. Jones, and Q. F. Soper In- 
dianapolis. Ind.. and J. W. Corse. I,afavette. Calif., 
as-slgnors to Ell Lilly and Company. Indianapolis. 
Ind. Aliphatic oxy- and mercaptophenvl-penlcHUns. 
2..'562.408. July 31. ^ . ^ 

Behrens. Otto K., R. G. Jones, and Q. F. Soper. In- 
dianapolis. Ind.. and J. W. Corse. Lafavette. Calif., 
assignors to Ell Lilly and Company. Indianapolis. 
Ind. Substituted phenyl-penlcllllns. 2,.'S62,409, July 

Behrens. Otto K., R. G. Jones, and Q. F. Soper. In- 
dianapolis. Ind.. and J. W. Corse. Lafavette, Calif., 
assignors to Ell Lilly and Company, Indianapolis. 
Ind. Oxy-penlcllllns. 2.r*62,410. July 31. 

Behrens. Otto K., R. G. Jones, and Q. F. Soper, In- 
dianapoll.s Ind., and J. W. Corse, Lafayette, Calif., 
V. assignors to Kll Lilly and Company, Indianapolis. Ind. 
Thi. nyl-penlcillins. 2..'SG2,411. July 31. 

Behringer. Orover F.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
All Star Products, Inc.. Defiance. Ohio. Tuuer linkage. 
2,544,127. .Mar. 6. 

Belch, Paul F., Company, assignee: See — 
.Mikonis. Justin J. 

Bell, Forrest F., assignor to Curtis Companies Incorpo- 
rated. Clinton. Iowa. Window structure. 2.541.325, 
Feb. 13. 

Beil. Piul O.. Chill, Wis. Folding rocking chair, 
2,543.273, Feb. 27. 

Belley. Irving. Providence. R. I., and A. H. Razee. Mans- 
field, Mass.. assignors, by mesne assignments, to Ilul- 
man & Company. Inc.. Terre Haute. Ind. Making glassy 
phosphate detergent compositions. 2,568,110, Sept. 18. 

Beimesch, Frederick, assignee : See — 
Coleman. Richard V. 

Beja, Maurice, assignor to Pechiney Compagnle de Prodults 
Chimlques et Electrometallurglques, Paris. France. Ex- 
tracting gallium oxide from aluminous substances. 
2.574,008. Nov. 6. 

Belada. John, Glassboro. N. J., assignor to Owens-Illinois 
Glass Companv. Machine for assembling caps and 
liners. 2..')67.094. S«pt. 4. 

Belaef. Nikolai N. : See— , 

Bran<l8trom. Fred, and Belaef. ' 

Belak. John J.. Yoiingstown. a.ssicnor of one-half to T. M. 
Szemborn. Campbell. Ohio. Electrically heated foun- 
tain stylus. 2.577.721. Dec. 4. 

Belamin. Michael, Nurnberg. assignor to Slemens-Schnck- 
ertwerke. Aktiengesellschaft. Berlln-Slemensstadt. Ger- 
many. Synchronous switching apparatus for electric 
circuits. 2.568,140. Sept. 18. 

Belancer. .Mbert P. 1).. assignor to Alton Box Board 

Packaging articles for handling. 


Wis. Spatter guard. 

Y. Jointed hydraulic 
Atomizer. 2.575,786, 

Company, Alton, 111. 
2.5fi2,r>.->5. July 31. 

Belar. Herbert : See — 

Sinnett, Chester M.. and Belar. 

Belau. Kenneth E., Milwaukee, 
2.565.905. Aug. 28. 

Belcher, Daniel, and H. V. KIndseth. assignors to Bemis 
Bro. Bag Companv. Minneapolis. Minn. Bag sealing 
m.ichlne. 2.571.103. Oct. 10. 

Belcher. Wallace E.. Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to 
Mlnneapolis-IIone.vwell Regulator Company, Minne- 
apolis. Minn. Supervisory measuring instrument. 
2..564.294. Aug. 14. 

Belchetz. .Arnold. I..archmont, N. T., assignor to The M. W 
Kellogg Company. Jersey City, N. J. Preparation of 
hydrogen-carbon oxide mixtures and catalytic reaction 
thereof 2.577.56.-^. Dec. 4. 

Belden. Aloert G.. assignor to Norton Cotnnanv, Worcester. 
Mass. Grinding machine. 2,.'>.59,531. July 3. 

Belden. Edith M.. Chicago. 111. Mattress cover. 2.576.207. 
Nov. 27. 

Belden. Llovd I., assignor of one-third to Andrew Sinclair 
MacKenzie, St. Paul Park. Minn. Truck loading and 
unloading mechanism. 2.557.253, June 19. 

Beldin, Royal L. : Se<^~ 

Roscoe, Merrill W.. and Beldin. 

Belefant. Benjamin. Bronx, assignor of one-half to Carl E. 
C.irl.sen. New York. N. Y. Clothes hanger. 2,561.045, 
July 17. 

Belforil. Alexander, and F. A. Kuss. asslctiors to Scott & 
Williams. Incorporated. I.Jtconla. N. 11. Knitting ma- 
chine. 2,574.009. Nov. 6. 

P.elich. Daniel E.. West Allls. Wis. Clothesline tension- 
ing and positioning device. 2,567,270. Sept. 11. 

Bellnkin. Julius A.. New York, N. 
jerk lever. 2.563.912. Aue. 14. 

Belinklne. Jules, New York, N. Y. 
Nov. 20. 

Bellsle, Adelard J., South Hadley. assignor to The Berk- 
line Corporation, Chlcopee. Mass. Locking device for 
rocking chairs. 2.562,520, July 31. 

Bellsle, .\delard J., assignor to The Berkllne Corporation, 
Sprinctield. Mass. Locking device for rocking chairs. 
2,540.286, .\pr. 17. 

Belke. Otis, Helenville. and W. Plnnow, Rome, Wis. Cou- 
pling pin. 2..545.066. Mar. 13. 

Belknap. Joel R.. South Charleston. W. Va. Journal bear- 
ing. 2.547.5.55, Apr. 3. 
Bell .Aircraft Corporation, assignee: See — 

Jenks. Orrie B. 

Kelley. Bartram, and Dickinson. 

Lambert. Arthur A., Jr. 

Meredith. Frank D.. and Hunslnger. 

Schnitt. Arthur. i 

Slmmonds. Mllo R. ' 

Wevmouth. Frederick R. 
Bell, Alan : See — 

Hagemeyer, Hugh J., Jr.. and Bell. 

Bell. Alan, and K. C. Brannock. Klngsj>ort. Tenn.. as- 
signors to Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester. N. Y, 
Preparing phosphoric acid esters. "2.571.656. Oct. 16. 

Bell. Alexander H., Los Angeles. Calif., assignor to Con- 
tinental Oil Companv. I'onca Cltv. Okla. Rotarv table. 
2.574.614. Nov. 13. 



B.^11. Alfre<l B.. Philadelphia. Pa., assiBnor to lleywood- 
Wakcfifld Company, i;ardner. Slass. Manually ad- 
justable footrail. :2.r)61.091. July 17 


Sewing cabinet. 
Collapsible bracket or 

Montpomory, Marietta, 
and cylinder printing 

Deep-sea fishing game. 

Bell. Alfred IJ.. Philadelphia 
:i.r)G4.1>4U. Aug. 2\. 

Bell. Alfred H.. Phi'adolphla. Pa. 
support. li.[>7T,39U. Dec. 4. 

Bell, Andrew F.. assignor to W. C, 
Ohio. Cylinder drive for bed 
presses. '2.rtfiC>,2iil. June 12. 

Bell. Arthur \V., San Mateo, Calif. 
2.544,128. Mar. 6. 

Bell, Charles II., assignor to Oaumont Kalee Seating Lim- 
ited. London. England. Seat cushion assembly. 
2,572,689. Oct. 23. 

Bell. David A., assignor to British Tflecoinniunicationg 
Research Limited, Taplow, Knglaml. .Vpparatus for 
compressing or expandinc the frequency bands of 
electric oscillations. 2.r)4r),871. Mar. •_'(». 

Bell. Dewey F., Albany, Ga. Razor blade holder for cut- 
tin sr cardboard boxes. 2.r>.'">0.7r)7. May 1. 

Bell. Edward It.. Berkeley, F. F. Rust, Oakland, and W. E. 
Vaughan, Berkeley, assignors to Shell Development 
Company, San Francisco. Calif. Preparation of hydro- 
peroxide compounds. 2,."')73.947. Nov. ♦>. 

Bell. IMwiii 1'.. assignor to Topeka Tent & Awning Co.. 
Topeka, Kans. Folding awning frame, 2,.'»78,9G4, Dec. 

Bell. Ernest P. : See — i 

Tischler, Nathaniel, and Bell. 

Bell, Francis R.. assignor to The Rover Company Limited, 
Solihull, England. Heat exchange apparatus. 
2.5.'>3.030. May IT). 

Bell, George Harold, & As.sociates, assignee: Bee — 
Varg. Ethan \V. 

Bell & OoBsett Company, assignee : See — 
Schultz, Norman H. 

Bell. Harry G.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to Gay- 
Bell Corporation. Paris, Ky. Knockdown hogshead for 
tobacco. 2,5.')4,357. Mav 22. 

Bell, Harry G.. Paris, and J. D. Gay, Jr., Lexington, 
a.ssignors to Gay-Bell Corporation. Paris. Ky. Making 
Knockdown shipping containers. 2,5.i5.530. June 5. 

Bell, Harry G.. and J. D. Gay. Jr., assignor to Gay-Bell 
Corporation. Paris. Ky. Barrel and barrel head there- 
for. 2..'>50.789, June 12. 

Bell. Henderson M., III. Cleveland Heights, and E W. 
Schwelkher, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Electrolytic stripping 
of nickel coatings from ferrous metals. 2.."i49.411. 
Apr. 17. 

Bell. Henry B., Tulsa, Okla. Meter box cover. 2.579.170, 
Dec. 18. 

Bell. Henry G., assignor to Adams-Millls Corporation, 
High Point, N. C. Finishing nylon fabrics articles. 
2..'-.49..''>r,4. Apr. 17. 

Bell A Howell Company, assignee : See — 
Budde. Frederick. 
Hipellus, John W. 
.lohnson. Khner L. ^ 

Johnson. Elmer L.. and Sollner. 
Miehle. Robert F., Jr. 
Radig. Walter E. 
Townsley. Malcolm B., and Mack. 

Bell, James \V., assignee : See — 
Branch, Robert E. 

Bell, John : See — 

Bedford, Leslie H.. Bell, and Langham. 

Bell, John G. : See-— 

Baumgartner. John R., and Bell. 

Bell, Josoph W., Augusta, Ga. Cotton topper. 2,578,903. 
Dec. 18. 

Bell, Ladford : free- 
Thomas. Loren V... and Bell. 

Bell. Lawrence S.. Owings Mills, Md. Screw cap with 
locking means. 2,574,239. Nov. 6. 

Bell, Leland J.. North Sacramento. Calif. Device for fold- 
ing the legs of an eviscerated bird. 2.560,067, July IQ. 

Bell, Lewis B., Chicacn. HI. Bandage for varicose ulcer 
treatment. 2,560,712. July 17. 

Bell, Malcolm H., New York, N. Y. Culinary implement. 
2..'>.'?8.440. Jan. 16. 

Bell, Persa R.. Jr.. Oak Ridge. Tenn., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the T'nited States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretarv of the Navy. Variable hand 
width circuit. 2.576.32f> Nov. 27. 

Bell. Philip W.. Nutley, N. J. Self attaching traction 
tread. 2,580.272, Dec. 25. 

Bell Punch Company Limited, assignee: See — 
Webb. Christopher F. 

Bell. Ramsay M.. assignor to Hammond Machinery Build- 
ers. Inc., Kalamazoo, Mich. Belt grinding machine. 
2.562.229, July 31. 

Bell. Richard S.. assignor to Cjtpe Ann Manufacturing 
Company. Gloucester, Mass. 
and mitten attaching device 

Bell, Richmond T.. Grays Lake, assignor to The Pure Oil 
Company. Chicago, 111. Preparation of methyl and 
methylene sulfur compounds. 2.565,195, Aug. 2i. 

Bell, Roger E,. Natlck, Mass. Strip cutter. 2.547.249. 
Apr. 3. 

Bell. Sidney R., Stamford. Conn., assignor by mesne as- 
signments to I. J. Moritt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Rheostat. 
2,561,556, July 24. 

Coat sleeve with wristlet 
2.558,533, June 26. 

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee : S 
Abraham, Leonard (i. 
Albersheim, Walter J. 
Albert. Walter P.. and Goff. 
Alford. Edward L. 
Anderson, Alva E. 
Anderson. AtteU B. 
Anderson. Fred A. 
Anderson, Frederic W. 
Asbwortb. Joseph A., and Bostwick. 
Augustadt. Herbert W. • • 

Bacbelet. Albert E. 

Bacon, Walter M. ^ 

Bacon, Walter .M.. and Watson. 
Baker, George H.. and Smith. 
Ball. Eustace T.. FerKuson, and Greene. 
Bangert. John T.. and Rosen. 
Barney, Harold L. 
Barry, Joseph T. 

Bascom. Henry M., Massonneau, Ostendorf, and Rea. 
Baxter, Howard A., and Lewis. 
Beaumont, William .M. 
Bennett, William It., and ^Feldman. 
Bishop, Walter M. 
Blount, Frank E. 
Bo wen, Arnold E. 
Bown, Ralph. 
Bowne. Langford J. 
Branson, David E., Davey. Knandel, Locke, and Van- 

Brattain, Walter H. 
Brown, Henry B. 
Buehler. Ernest. 
Burton, Everett T. 
Burton, Joseph A. 
Busch, Aloysius J., andJVroom. 
Busch, Aloysius J., and Williford. 
Budenbom, Horace T. 
Carbrey, Robert L. 

Carpegter, Warren W.. and Gooderham. 
Carpenter. Warren W., and Vroom. 
Carr. James A. 
Chapman. Arthur G. 
Cisne. Luther E. 
Clark, James E., and Ronci. 

Clarke. Harry R., Elmer, Herckmans, and Walter. 
<.'los. Charles. 

Compton, Kenneth G., and Gould. 
Corso, Frank S., and Crabtree. 
Coyne, How-ard L., Fessler, Hampton, Mesch, and 

Crump, Elmo E. 
Curtis. .Austin M. 
Cutler. Cassius C. 
Dalton, John F. 

Davis, Kingsbury H., and Potter. 
Dehn, Joseph W., Hersey, and Mebring. 
Dehn, Joseph W., and Vroom. 
De Lange, Owen E. 
De Lange, Owen E.. and Goodall. 
Depew. Charles, and Depp. 
Depp, Wallace A. 
Dietzold, Robert L. 
Dimond, Thomas L. 

Doha; Stephen, Jr., and Rieke. ^ 

Doherty, William H. ^ 

Doherty, William H., Morrison, and Younker. 
Dunlap. Kermit S., and Lovell 
Dunlap. Kermit S., and Seckler. 
Eckardt. Helmuth. 
Edson, James O. 
Edwards. Charles F. 
Edwards, Paul G. 
Ekvall. Adolph C. 
Espenschied. Lloyd. 
Farkas. Thomas P. 
Felch. Edwin P., Jr. 
F'eldman. Carl B. H. 
Felker. Jean H. 
Field, I>ester M. 
Fine. Morris E. 
Fisher. Joseph R.. and Teal. 
Flint. Erlon W.. and Joel. 
Fox. Arthur G. 
Friis. Harold T. 
Fritschl. Walter 
Fritts. Morris. 
Frost, Georg^ R. 

Gannett. Danforth K. ' 

Germanton. Charles E. 
Gibney, Robert B. 
Giroud, Henry A. 
Giroud. Henrv A., Irwin, Kille, Retallack, Riggs, and 

» Glass. Myron 8. 

Glore. Robert F.. and Schunke. 
Goff. Harold W. 
Goodall. William M. 
Gooderham. John W. 
Gooderham. John W., 
Graham, Frank H. 
Graham, Robert E. 
Gray. Frank. 
Hagstrum. Homer D. 

and Slonczewskl. 

Lewis, and Tillofson. 
W.. and Lucek. 

Hague, and Powell. 



Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, assignee : Bee — 

HHCue. Alfred E. 

Hall. Oliver C. 

Haininlng. KIchard \V.. and Holbrook. 

Hanipton, Leon N.. Mesch, and Ubst. 

}lHns»-n. Harry 

Hiirley. John M.. and N'ordahl. 

Hnrley. Joseph J. 

Harrison. H< nry C. 

Hiiitlvy. Riilpli V. L. 

H.Mury. Paul T., and Wier. 

Hayward, John M., Johnson, and Nelsser. 

HiM-ht. <Je«>rne. 

Hf'isInK, Raymond A. 

Hershey. Ralph E. 

Ilevvlft. William H.. Jr. 

Hickman, ^'iarence N. 

Hickman. Clarence N.. Grauniann, and Malliua. 

HllsinirtT. Harry A.. Jr. 

Hochcrnf. Lester. 

Holdawav. \ivian L. 

Holden, William H. T. 

Holden. William H. T.. and Lewis. 

Ho|ikin8, Harris F. 

HopHna Tfnrris F.. and Prescott. 

Huxham. Trevor S. 

Ilcenfritz. Lester M.. and Ketcjilcdge. 

Jacobs, Oliver B. 

Johnson. Charles A.. Jr.. and Krumreich. 

JolinMon. .lohii I'... and McKay. 

Kannenberg. Walter F. 

KannenberK. Walter P.. Klnzer. Schram, and Wilson. 

Kempf. Raymond .\. 

Kerwien. .\rthur E. i 

Kins. .An hie P. 

Kincsbnry. Burton A. 

Kirkpa trick. William E. 

Klnzer. John P. ^ i 

Kock. Winston E. ■ • 

Kock. Winston E.. and Wallace. 

Ko^'nig. Walt»'r. Jr. 

Kollsa. F'eter P. 

Kroer. John C. Jr. 

Krumreich. Charles L. 

Lacy, Lester Y. 

Laird. Arthur C 

Lakotos. Emory, and Och. 

Lambertv, Frwl^rlck R. 

Lang. Wllmarth Y. 

I^angp. Rusai'll W. ' ^ 

Lavory. (Irant O. 

Leveridce. Walter J. 

Lewis. Willard P. 

I>lewellvn. Frederick B. 

Locke, George A. 

Lovell. Georce H. » » 

I^ow. Frank K. 

Lozler. John C. , 

Lund, Nean. 

Mace'o. John B. 

Malllna, Rudolph P. 

Malthaner. William A. 

Marri.<!on. Warren A. 
. Mason, Warr»*n P. 

M-ison. Warren P.. and Wick. 

Mathea.-Rnhert C. 

McK'iy, Kt'nneth C 

McKlrii, Burton, and Strlckler. 

McMahon. William. 

McMillan. Brockwav. • ' ' 

. MrWllliams. rbarl^s W. 

Meacham. Lamed A. .Mrr.»d E 

M.'lick. John M. 

Menzpl. Paul R.. and Wpst. 
' Merrill. Josiah L.. and Rebr. 

Messana, Joseph P i I 

M'^szaroa. 0»'or!re W. 

Mllo^'lip. Herman A., 

Ml'chell Poren 

Mohr. Milton E. 

Morjn. Francis J. 

Morton Jack .\. 

Mo-tr. Edward K , t 

JIumford. William W. 
, Murphy. RIch.ird P. 

Mvers, O^car 

Xebel. Charles N 

N'pwsom. James B. 

Noweck. Herman E.. and l{<>bb. 

Nuttman. Charles W. 

Nylund. Harry W. , 

Nyqulst. TTarry. 

Ohl. RussiMI S, 

Oliver. Bernard M. 

Ostendorf. Bernard, Jr. and Hen. 

Parkinson. Pavld B. 

Parks. Charles O. , 

Pearson, Gerald L. 

Peck. Ponald S. 

Peterson. Eugene. .^ 

P^'terson Lisa C. and Pofhr. 

Pfann. William O. 

Pfleger. Kenneth W.- 

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee : Sd 

Phelps. Walter A. I 

Pierce. John R. 

Pierce. John R., Shannon, and Tukey. 

Pierce. John R.. and Shepherd. 

Pike, Vernon B. 

Pollard, Charles E., Jr. 

Potter. James A, 

Potter. Ralph K. 

Power. James R. 

I'ralzner. Edward. 

Purrls. Matthew R. 

Rack. Alois J. 

Rea, Wilton T. 

Rt'liin. Tlfodore C. 

Richard. Charles D. 

Riilt'uut, Vincent C. 

Rieke. John W. 

Ring. Douglas H. • 

Rippere. Robert O. 

Robt-rtson. .Sloan D. 

Ro<lw:n. George. 

Ronci. Victor L. 

Ruggles. David M. 

Rir.'tles. Pavld M.. and Warner. 

Samuel. Arthur L. /' 

Scaff. Jack 11.. and Theuerer. 

S«helick. .\ If red K. 

Schmieil, James W. 

S<'ott. <;eori:e. 

Sears. Raymond W. 

Shann. Oscar A. 

Shepherd. William G. 

Shive, John N. 

Shockley, William 

.SItnons, Burton 1(. 

Skellett. Albert M 

Smith, ^hillp M. 

South worth. George C 

Spencer. Harry H. 

Steinh*>re. John C. 

Stieritz, William G, 

Sf.-ll.-r Hiich M. 

Tallman. Samu*i C. 

Tavlor. E.linuiul R. 

Teal. Gordon K. 

Theuerer. Henry C. 

Thiel. Folix A.. Jr. 

Tlniis. William C. 

Townes. Charles H. 

Town^end, Mark A. 

Truckaegs. Pavld E. 

Tyrrell. Warren A. 

Vance. Robert L. 

Vandcrllppe. Richard A. 

Viol. Walter E 

Vroom. Edward. 

Wallace. Robert L., Jr. 

Walsh. Edward J. 

Watson. Edward P. 

Welch, Paul V. 

Wennemer. Gerard P. 

Willard. (Jorald W. 

Williams. Samuel B. 

Wolfe. John E. 

Wooldrldee, Dean E, 

Yotine. William R.. Jr 
Bell, Thomas A., R'dgefleld Park, N'. 

ment haneer. 2..'>74.!)99. Nov. 13. 
Bell. Walter H.. Port .Arthur, Tex. Appara:tU8 for clean- 
ing tanks. 2.5r>.%.'?14, Sept. IS. 
Bell. William C. London, and R H. H. Press. Greenford, 
Fncland. assignors to The Hoover Company. North 
Canton. Ohio. .«?uctlon cleaner with pneumatic filter 
clean'nc mpans. 2.^10.^7. Oct. 9. 
Bell. William P.. Kansas City, Mo. Cutting tool. 

2..'S4fl.2»2. Mar. 27. 
Bell. Uilliam F.. Western Springs. 111., assignor to Gen- 
eral Motors Corporation. Petrolt. Mich. Rotor Impreg- 
nating machine. 2..'>dl.092. July 17, 
Bell. William T., and A. Crompton. Lincoln. England. 
Fluid pressure brake with emergency weight operator. 
2..'».'>4,23.'>. May 22. 
Bellair>. Guy F., London, and J, C. Ireland. Tunbrldge 
Wells, assignors to British Telecommunlc;itlons 
Researfh Limited, Taplow, England. Finder for auto- 
maric carrier telephone systems. 2..'S4.'^.ft42, Mar. 20. 
Bellairs. Guy F.. London, "and J. C. Ireland. Tunbridge 
Wells, Kent, assignors to British TehM-ommuniratlons 
Research Llmlte<l, Taplow. England. Communication 
channel identification In telephone or like systems. 
2.r)47.0IT.Krr. 3. 

Bellamy. Edward G.. assignee : See — 
Mitchell. Emery A. 

Bellamy, John I. : See — 

Earle. E<lwln L.. .Arthur, and Bellamy. 

Bellamy, John 1.. Antloch. and R. P. Arthur. Pes Plalnes, 
asslcnors to Kellog? Switchboard and Supply Company, 
Chicago. ni. Electromagnetic counting device. 
2..V1S.S1S. .Tan. 23 

Bellamy. John I.. Antloch. assignor to Kellogg Switch- 
board and Supply Company, Chicago. 111. Translator 
for shifted lines and parties. 2.r>74,903. Nov. 13. 

J. Adjustable gar- 



Bellamy, John I., Brookfield, assignor to Kellogg Switch- 
board and Supply Couipany. i-'liicago, 111. Electro- 
maKuetic counting device. 2.r)38.8l5, Jan. 23. 
Bellamy, John I.. Uroolifleld, assignor to Kellogg Switch- 
board and Supply Company, Chicago, 111. Electromag- 
netic counting device. 2,538,816, Jan. 23. 
Bellamy, John I.. Brooktield, assignor to Kellogg Switch- 
board and Supply Company, Chicago, 111. Electromag- 
n<'tlc counting device. 2.538,817. Jan. 23. 
Bellamy John I., Brookfield. assignor to Kellogg Switch- 
board and Supply Company, Chicago, 111. Selector 
switching system. 2.559.702. July 10. 
Bellauiy, John I., Wheaton, assignor to Kellogg Switch- 
board and Supply Company, Chicago, 111. Plural arma- 
ture electromagnetic counting device. 2,538,819, Jan. 
Bellamy, John I., Wheaton, assignor to Kellogg Switch- 
board and Supply Company Chicago, 111. Kndless chain 
of counting relays. 2.574.904. .Nov, 13. 
Bellek, Frank G.. assignor of one-half to Harry L. Stlllman, 

Chicago. 111. Drill guide. 2.539.223, Jan. ^3. 
Belleville, Albert. Grand-Lancy, near Geneva, Switzerland. 

Massage apparatus. 2.578.916, Dec. 18. 
Belleville. Logan M., NVatertown, Mass., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to United States of America as 
represpiited by the Secretary of War. Amplifier. 
2.577. .500. Dec. 4. 
Belli. Charle* : See — 

Lacroiz. Henri, and Belli. 
Bellin. Gabriel A., assignor to Tlpweeve Corp.. New York, 

N. y. Hand weaving device. 2,563.510. Aug. 7. 
BelMnger. Kenneth P., Wllbraham. Mass. Bed covering. 

2.577.178 Dec. 4. 
Bellinger. Thaddeus F., West Allls. assignor to Allls-Chnl- 
mers Manufacturing Company. Milwaukee, Wis. Syn- 
chronous motor control system with single relay for field 
application and removal. 2,569.142, Sept. 25. 
Bellows. Ernest L. : See — 

Warner. De Ver K., Martin, and Bellows. 
Bellows, Guy. Jr. : See — 

Tritle, John P.. and Bellowa. 
Belluche, Elmer W. and P. R.. assignors to The Chrlsten- 
sen Machine Company, Racine, Wis. Varnish appli- 
cator mecbaniam for sheet vamlahers. 2,545,539. 
Mar. 20. 
Belluche. Frank R. : See — 

Helluche. Elmer W. and F. R. 
Belluche. Frank R.. assignor to The Chrlstensen Machine 
Company. Racine. Wis. Line-up machine. 2,567,049. 
Sent. 4. 
Belmont Radio Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Bushman, Stephen P. 
Gannaway. Robertson R. 
nills. Elmer G. 
Rankin. John A. 
Belolt Iron Works, assignee : Bee — 
Beachler. Edward D. 
Goodwlllie, John E. 
Goodwillie. John E., and Neege. 
Hornbostel. Lloyd. 
Belotti. Eugenio, Sao Panlo Brazil. Weft controlling and 
cutting means for shuttleless looms. 2.5,53.351, Mav 15. 
Beloungy. James J.. Minneapolis. Minn. Sight for archers' 

bows., July 10. 
Belpedido. Vincent 8., Fairfield. Conn., and O. L. Barton. 
Tulsa. Okla. Device for deforming and removing crown 
caps. 2..548.697. Apr. 10. 
Bel-Ray Companv. Inc., assignee: Bee — 

Mercler. Wilbur F. 
Belslncpr. Inc.. assignee: Bee — 
Belslnger. Jack R. 
Belsinger. Samuel P. 
Belslnger. Jack R.. assignor to Belsinger. Inc.. Atlanta. 
Ga. Extended length fiberboard container for extruded 
metal shapes, rugs, and the like. 2.569.035. Sept. 25. 
Belslnger. Samuel P.. assltmor to Belsineer. Inc. Atlanta 

Ga. Heavy-duty fiber container. 2.578.774. Dec 18 
Belsinger. Samuel P., assignor to Belslnger. Inc. Atlanta 

Ga. Heavy-duty fiber container. 2.578.775 Dec 18 
Belslnger. Samuel P.. assignor to Belsinger. Inc.. Atlanta 

Ga. Heavy-duty fiber container. 2,678,776, Dec. 18. 
Belslnger. Samuel P.. assignor to Belslnger. Inc., Atlanta 

Ga. Heavy-duty fiber container. 2.578.777. Dec. 18. 
Belt. Delbert P.. Huntington. Ind. 

paratus. May 29. 
Belter. Paul A. : See — 

Beckel. Arthur C. and Belter. 
Belficp Corporation, assignee: See — 

Knowles. Frank W. 
Beltz, William B.. Vallejo. Calif. Mandrel 2.555.310 

June 5. 
Beman, Delmar W., Jr.. Bethesda. Md. Disposable medl- 
cated foot cap for treatment of athlete's foot. 
2,543.272. Feb. 27. 
Bemis Bro. Bag Company, assignee : Bee — 
Brady. Charles V.. and Ottlnger 
Brady. Charles V., and Williams. 
Belcher, Daniel, and Kindseth. 
Gelmer, William J., and Linda! 
Gleave. Russell, and Dlckmann, 
Glow, Arthur E.. and Coakley. 
Kindseth. Harold V 
Kindseth, Harold V., and Zeller. 

Odor eliminating ap- 

Display stand and tray. 
Ice-cream softening appa- 

Callf. French frier. 


by mesn« 

by mesne 

liemls Bro. Bag Company, assignee : See — Continued. 
Locke. John P., McLean, and Bridge. 
Ottinger, August F., and Brady. 
Perry. Kay P.. Dickmann, and Bridge. 
Pinckert. Carl W. 

Schjeldahl. Gilmore T.. and Wendt. 
Scruggs. Thomas M. 
Stohlman, William D. 
Weeks, Norman E. 
Bemis. Dallas H., Edmond, Okla. 

2.567,593, Sept. 11. 
Bemis. Ken E.. Oakland. Calif. 

ratus. 2..%66,651. Sept. 4. 
Bemis, Kenneth E.. Oakland. 

2,550,758, May 1. 
Bemlss- Jason Company, assignee : See 
Meller, Reginald B. 
Pagendarm, Edward J. i 

Bemmels, Cyrus W. : See — 

Pike, Charles O., and Bemmels: 

Benander. George B.. Oaklawn. R. I., 

assignments, to General Electric 

lamp socket. 2,567.686. Sept. 1 1. 

Benander. George B.. Oaklawn. R. I., assignor. 

assignments, to General Electric Company. 

light with reflector, guard, and two-part 

2,567. 6a7. Sept. 11. 

Benander. George B., Oaklawn. R. I., assignor, by mesne 

assignments, to General Electric Company. Lamp 

socket. 2.570.751 Oct. 9. 

Benard, Jacques A. V., assignor to Anclens Establisse- 

ments Barbier, Benard A Turenne, Paris. France. 

Mounting and locking optical lenses in a housing. 

2.544,250, Mar. 6. 

Benavides. Alfonso, and D. Pers. Far Rockaway. N. T. 

Automatic printing machine. 2,542,791. Feb. 20. 
Benbow. Rurtis W. and R. S., Benbow. Calif. Wire tight- 
ening device. 2,577,299. Dec. 4. 
Benbow, Burtia W. and R. S., assignors to Benbow Fence 
Tightener Co.. Benbow. Calif. Wire tightening tooL 

2.577.300. Dec. 4. 

Benbow, Burtis W. and R. S., assignors to Benbow Fence 
Tightener Co., Benbow, Calif. Wire tightening device. 

2.577.301, Dec. 4. 

Benbow Fencp Tightener Co.. assignee : Bee — 
Benbow, Burtis W. and R. 8. 

Benbow. Robert S. : fee — 

Benbow, Burtis W. and R. 8. 

Benee, William, assignee : See — 
Johnson. George W. 

Bench. David E. : See — 

Fink. Albert O.. and Bench. 

Holt, Frederick W., Jr., Howard^ and Bench. 

Bench, David E.. assignor to The Commonwealth Engi- 
neering Company of Ohio. Dayton. Ohio. Apparatus for 
filtering 2.576.275. Nov. 27. 

Benck, Leslie W., assignor to Deacon Products. Incor- 
porated, MoUne. 111. Rotary basket dlshwasht-r and 
liquid recirculating and straining means therefor. 
2,564,186. Aug. 14. 

Benck. Leslie W.. Mollne. 111. Automatically regulated 
lead-away trough for downspouts. 2.567.004 Sept. 4. 

Bencur. .Matthew S.. Pulaski. N. Y. Expansible reamer 
for making dovetail holes. 2.559,184 Julv 3 

Bendall, Wil/rid H., New York, N. T. Flexible link chain. 
2. .551, 578. May 8. 

Bendall. Wilfrid H., New York, N. Y. Gear belt power 
transmission. 2.562.166. July 31. 

Bendel, Ruth van Telilngen, Westmont. 111. Condiment 
dispenser comprising interlocking figurines. 2.560,755, 
July 17. 

Bendeler. William, and C. Howard. Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Overshot. 2.577,994, Dec. 11. 

Bender. Byron W Ridgewood. N. J., assignor to United 
States Rubber Company. New York, N. Y. Die cutting 
block. 2575.378. Nov. 20. 

Bender, Charles P., Atlanta. Oa. Artificial arm. 
2,536,868. Jan. 2. 

Bender. Kmil A., Bpkersfield, Calif. Pipe bin and rack. 
2.543,274. Feb. 27. 

Bender, Emil A.. Bakersfleld. Calif. Wedge lock beam con- 
nector. 2,562,483, July 31. 

Bender, Emll A., Bakersfleld, Calif. Raising boom. 

2..542,176. Feb. 20. 
Bender. Frank : See — 

Mongeli, John and C. and Bender. 

Bender.^ Harry, and H. M. Pitt, Torrance, Calif., assignors 
to Siauffer Chemical Company. Manufacture of the 
gamma isomer of bexachlorocyclohezane. 2,574,165, 
Nov. 6. 

Bender, John C. Hartvllle. Ohio. Fluid motor with valve 
disk «nd cushioning means. 2.539.720. Jan. 30. 

Bender, John C, and B. J. Kalb. Hoaston. Tex. Inspec- 
tion of ferromagnetic materials. 2,542,893, Feb. 20. 

Bender. Kenneth R.. assignor to General Instrument 
Corporation. Elizabeth. N. J. Record changer phono- 
graph. 2..545.643, .Mar. 20. 

Bender, Newell R. : Bee — 

Rogers. Thomac H.. Jr., and Bender. 

Bender, Philip F. : See— 

Waite, Charles C. and Bender. 

Bender, Rol>ert J., assignor to Artifax. Inc., Chicago, III. 
Picture mount or portfolio. 2.538,894, Jan. 23. 



Binder. Samuel. Shreveport. La. Swing frame. 2.560.713, 

Bend.r William L.. IMainfleld, assignor to Ell Lilly and 
Company. Indianapolis. Ind. Treated stopper for and 
method of introducing antifoam agent into a liquid 
medicament or the like. 2.573,637, Oct. 30. 
Benderaky. David, and F. H. Gage. Kansas City, and 
VV M Yorum. Indei)en(lence. Mo., assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to Viking Corporation, Hastings, Mich. 
Sprav nozzlo. 2..'iT8.:5<>J, Dec. 11. ,.„,».. 

Bendfelt-. HerlM^rt A., Oak Park, assignor to Mills Indus- 
tries, In corpora ted. Chicago, 111. Film tensioning appa- 
ratus. J..->78.12;J. IVc. 11. ^ . „ 
Beiidick Jack \Vinnip»'g. Manitoba. Canada. Removable 

exnell«T for rollapsible tubes. 2..'5.i4.97.'5. May 29. 
Bendix .\vlation Corporation, assignee: See — 

Albright, Franklin C. 

Alexanderson. Howard A., and Xette. 

AmltMson. Edward P. 

Anderson. Vernal A. i 

Hath. Carl C. ' 

Bechberger. Paul F., and Teannakis. 

Bevlns, James F.. 

Bevlna, James E., and Hyde. 

Blocher. Ora O. 

Bradley. Ronald E., and Fisher. ^ 

Bremser, Albert T. 

Brown, Robert L. 

Brunner, Richard J. 

Burnett. Richard T. 

Buxton. Jfimes E. 

Clark. Richard B. 

Colt. Rutger B. 

Convlser. Harry. 

Cosby. James K. 

Crossman, Ward O. i 

D'Arcey, Alfred C. 

Deardorff. Clinton E.. and Meddock. 

Deschamps, Desler J. 

P«'wev. Clarence L. i 

Dickey. John W. 

Dicbv. Jameo j 

Dlngman. Glen H. 

Drenknrd. Adam. Jr. i 

Drlscoll. Paul A. 

Do Boi:*. William H. 

Edmonds. Landon W. L.. and Burley. 

Eller. Keith B. 

E'tgroth. C.porge V. J! i 

Emerson, John F. 
. Exley. (^.eorge A. 

Fnatz. Emhry P. 

Fell. William F. 

Eisher. Gerald A. 

Flanngan, Robert M. 

Foster. Rnyniond H.. and HaTlIl. . 

Frel. Jakob R. ' 

Frel. Jakob R . and Root. 

Frei. Jakr>b R.. and UUne. 

Frerer. Paul (J. 

Gearin. Harold J. 

0#.vh. Charles P. 

Gilbert, Samuel. ■ 

Gilbert, Samuel and A. 

Gilbert. Samuel, and Miller. 

G^enfrlch, Georue A., and Rohn. 

Goldberg. Harold. 

Gordon. James F. 

Gr»»eg. Hnrld. 

Haas. Harold O. 

Hague,' Robert Z.. and Alexanderson. 

Hauser. Richard F. 

Harden, Howard L. 

Haves, Albert E., Jr. 

Hodeman. Walter R.. Jr. 

Hellon. James S. i 

Hcnney. George K. 

Hermanny. Heinrich. 

Herwig. Robert S. 

Hoi roes. Bradford B. 

Holme*. William R. 

Hood. E Elliott 

House. Bryan E. 

Howe James .\. 

Hiinn. Edward E. 

Jandasek, Joseph. 

Jandasek, Vladimir J. 

Jennv, Cletus J. 

Kasten, Walter. 

Konet. Henry. / 

Kurmltz. Frank V.. and South. ' 

Lancks. Howard H. 

Lnner T^on N. 

I.flwronce. Donald M. 

Llnkroum Irring B., and Twaddell. 

1,1 vers r'wrlos B . and Dawes. 

Long. Richard H. 

Long. Richard H.. and Price. , ,* 

MacCnllum. .\lan M.. and Murphy 

MacDnff, Stanley I. 

McVulty, John V. 

Marmont. George H., and Rice, 

Martin. John G. 

Mayrath, Thomas L. 

and Goldberg. 

Bendix Aviation Corporation, assignee: See — Continued. 

M>rritt, Georgf !■:. 

Metsger, Charli s 8. 

Miller, Donald L. ■ . 

Miller, Raymond S. . 

Mock. Frank C. 

Mock. Frank C. and Keller. 

Murphy. Donald F. 

Muriiliv, N >ruian B. 

Nelld. William G. 

Nelson, Donald O. 

Noxon. PaJl .\. 

Noxon, Paul A., and Mead. 

Ochtman, Leonard. 

Ombf rg, Arthur C. 

Oniberg. Arthur C, 

Orban. Stephen G. 

Parker. Leland C. 

Pauly. Jacob L. 

Perkins, Corles M.. and MacCallum. 

Perkins. Corles M.. Sr., and Bennett. 

Peterson. Robert H. 

Polye. William 11. 

Pond. William B. 

Pontius. George W.. III. 

I'orter. George K. 

Prather. Edwin E. 

Price. Earl R. 

Price. Harold W. 

Price. Harold W.. and Hupp. 

I'tirdy. Rolland M. 

Rogers. Edwin J. 

Rossi re. P'rancis H. 8. 

Rassell, James L. 

Ku-sell. Matthew J. B. 

Rylsky, Gregory V. 

Rylsky. Gregory V., and Schnle 

Schnaible, Albert P., and Blakeway. 

Schnaible. Albert P.. and Mock. 
,, Schultheis. Harrv B. 

Schultz. Harold ti. 

Seg.ill. Louis H. 

Shaw. Richard. Jr. 


Sloane. Robert W. 

Smeltzer, Uavniond 

Smith. Whitfield C. 

Spengler, Walter J. 

Spengler. Walter J., and Roloson. 

Stamper, Hamilton A. 

Stelzel, Roderick W. 

Stockinger. Paul P. 

Stryker. Carleton E. 

Sturm. Ralph E.. and Cosby. 

Teague. Walter D.. Jr. 

Thomas. Thomas H. 

Tobias. Arthur R. 
« Togno'a. Tulilo. 

Townsend. Carroll 

Trautiuan. Walter 

Trautman. Walter 

Troeger, Henry. 

Ullne. William A. 

Ullne. William A., and Rowell. 

Wh.v«ler. Richard H. 

Whlffen, Richard E, 

White, Raymond B. 

WInchel, Henry T. 

Winkler, Albert H. 

Winkler. Allx-rt H., and Kelsey. 

Wise. Morris O. 

Wisman. Franklin O. 

Wood. Lou van E. 

Zwack. Rajmond T. 
Bendix Home Appliances. Inc., assignee: Bee — • 

Chaml>erlln. John W. 
Bendix Productii Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Huyck. Ralph S. 




and Hollister. 

Bendix- West Inghouse 
* assignee : Fiet- — 

Eaton, Wilfi^l A. 
Fitch. Ellery R. 
I-earn. Claude E. 
Shumaker. John F. 
Williams. Herbert J, 
Ben-Dor, Ben .\ml. Washlngtdn, 

.\utomotlve Air Brake Company, 

cooker. 2..'>74,9-'>0. 

Nov 1.3 

D, C. 



Pump and motor. 

Pump or motor. 2.5.'56.717. 

Los Angelee, Calif. 


Benedek, EIek K. 

2. .')5 1.99.3. May 8. 
Benedek. EIek K.. Chicago. HI. 

June 12. 
Benedict, .^lovs and M. W.. 

extension, 2..'S36.903. Jan. 2. 
Benedict. Bruce C.. Bartlesvllle. Okia . assignor to Phillips 

Petroleum Company. Fractionation of reduced crude 

oil. 2.5.-S,8nn. July .3. 
Benedict. Bruce C.. nnd W. N. Axe, Bartlesvllle. Okla., 

assignors ot Phillips Petroleum Company. Propane 

fractionation of reduced crude oil with recycle of a 

solvent extract. 2..')70,044. Oct. 2. 

Benedict. Clinton s . Kntonah. N. Y. Signaling device for 

fishing lines. ■_'..^38.."i51. Jan. 16. 
Benedict. Daniel: See — 

Zwoboda, Arthur B., and Benedict. 



aswignor to F. W. 
Hipp, copartners 

Benedict, Emily, assignee : See — 
Hent-dict, Fremont \V. 

Bene<lict. F. \V., assignee : See — 
H^nt'dict. F'n'mout W. 

Bene<lict.' Fremont W., Upper Darby, 
and !•:. Benedict and E. \V. and E. 
trading under tlie name of Bruell Products Company, 
rijiladelpliia. I'u. Pressure filter. 2,S52,305. May 8. 

B^ne<lict. Lloyd D., assignor to M. I. Malone ('. M. 
CampioD. and (r. B. Cheevers, Chicago, 111. Combina- 
tion 8ln'«'t-contalning frame and beneficiatlng reagent 
receptiide. 2.,')o0.954, M.iy 1. 

Benedict. Manson. Westfleld. J. B. Wagstaff, Rldgewood, 
anu G. B. Webb. Westfield, N. J., assignors to Hydro- 
carbon Research. Inc., New York, N. Y. Iron oxide 
reduction. 2..')77.730, Dec. 11. 

Bencdid, .M;uciis C. Springfield, as.signor to Westing- 
hous4> Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Gas 
turbine Mpparafus. 2..')48,8.'')8, Apr. 17. 

Benedict. Margaret W : See — 
Benedict, Aloys and M. W. 

Benedict. K<il»ert <;.. I'eorin. 111., assignor to the United 
States of .America as represented by the Secretary of 
Agriculture. Polymyxin production. 2,571,104, Oct. IG. 

Benello. Egidio M. : Nee — 

Gerlach, Hugo, and Benello. 

Benenfeld. Peter, New York. N. Y. Continuous folded 
gusset for school l)ags. 2,r)39,051, Jan. 23. 

Benes. .John .!., Jr. : See — 

Pakswer. Serge, and Benes. 
Lewln. Gerhard, and Benes. 

Benesh, .Matthew E., Cicero 111. Method and apparatus 
for determining toxicltv. 2.538.408, Jnn. Ifi 

Ben«t. Mnrjorie F.. New York. N. Y. Slip case for bassi- 
nets and the like. 2.542.018. Feb. 20. 

Beneteau, Alfred J.. Monroe. Mich. Automobile window 
screen. 2,540.504. Feb. 6. 

Beney. James K. : See — 

chntterjea, Prafulla K., Scully, Ambrose, and Beney. 

Benford. James R.. Irondenuolt. assignor to Rausch & 
Lomb Optical Company. Rochester. N. Y. Microscope 
fine adjustment mechanism. 2.5fi3,702, Aug. 7. 

Benee. Frank 11.. Norrlstown. Pa., assignor to Continental 
Dinmond Fibre Company, Newark, Del. Preforming 
nnnarntus. 2.555.109. Mav 29. 

Benee. Ifubert M.. Statesvllle. .V. C. Curve cutting saw- 
ing npparatus. 2 548.098. Apr. 10. 

Bengtson. Kermft B.. Seattle. Wnsh. Recovery of mag- 
nesium from siliceous magnesium minerals. 2,567,419 
Sept. 11. 

Bengtson. William, Roosevelt, N. Y. Ball chain drive 
2.5.-1.821. Mav 8. 

Benhnm. I>es8ie T*.. executrix : Bee — 
Benham. Rpencer O. 

Benham, Spencer G.. deceased. Brooklyn, N. Y. : L. L. Ben- 
Llquld separation. 2.565.343, Aug. 

deceased. Brooklsm, N. Y. 
Convertible hand tool. 


L. T... Ben- 



assignee : 

ham, executrix. 

Benham, Spencer G 
iiam, executrix. 
.Aug 21 

Ben-Hur Products. Inc., assignee 
Behr. Siegfried. 

Benlciir. J.UDes E.. Tulsa. Okla. Pnnctfirlng and 
IX'nsIng device for oil cans. 2.547,556, Apr. 3. 

Bening. Joseph : See ~ 

Cooper. Arthur M.. and Bening. 

Benischek. Victor V., Albiiqueroue. N. Mex. Apparatus 
for molding concrete blocks. 2.560.208. July 10. 

Benisek. Louie .7.. and A. J. Boleski. Alliance. Nebr. Crane 
hoist for railroad trucks. 2.552.927, .May 15. 

Benjamin. Allen, assignor to Skllsaw, Inc.. Chlcagc 111 
Portable tool. - 2.567,095. Sept. 4. ix • 

Benjamin. Clarence F., North Harlowe N C 
stand 2 5.-1.S0.1, \fav 8. 

Benjamin. Claude A., assignee: Bee — 
Smith. Jacob A. 

Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Company 
Sr>- — 

I>e|nen. Arthur P. 
Phillips. Paul D. 

Benjamin. Harrv S., Detroit, and H. R De Harte 
assignors to The Leading Engine Companv. Farming- 
ton. .Mich Tnternnl-combustlon engine piston lubri- 
cation 2.570.424. Oct. 9. 

Benjamin Joseph: See — 

Benjamin. Samuel C. and J. 

Benjnmin. Milton L.. assignee : See — 
Eichelman. William II. 

Benjnmin. Milton L.. Shaker Heights, and F E. Wlnnen 
Cleveland. Ohio, said Wlnnen assignor to said Benja- 
min. Fun-flo;iting holder. 2.517.518. Apr. 3. 

Beninmin. Mllrin L., Shaker Heights, and F E Wlnnen 
CIevel>u><1L Ohio; ^aid Wlnnen assignor to said Ben- 
jamin Floating toolholder. 2.570.752 Oct 9 

"''o'A"i''?=/''t.^''i: VV Rur^DBton Flats, N. Y. Stanchion. 

Benjamin Reel Products. Inc.. assignee : Bee 

Johnson. James E.. and Yirava 

Benjamin. Samuel C. and J.^ Chicago. 111. Beverage dis- 
pensing apparatus. 2.573.888. Nov. 6. 

Benke. William. San Antonio, assignor to C W Bacon 
Sr B<>xar County. Tex. Automatic gate." 2,561.683' 
July 24. 

Benker. Charles'. North Attleboro, Mass. Number select- 
atus. 2.55? 
Milwaukee. Wis. Gun sling. 2,576,559, 

ing game apparatus. 2.555.777, June 5. 
Bennek. John D 


Nov. 27 

Benner, Archie C. and W. L. Guest, Chicago. Ill 
signors to American Telephone and Telegraph Company 
Two-wire test clip. 2.r«»;9.972, Oct. 2. 

Benner, Carroll J., assignor of one-half to Abram Hortze, 
Long Beach. Calif. Hairpin opener. 2,536,415, Jan. 2. 

Benner. Howard J., and A. M. Hadley, Longmeadow. 
Mass., assignors, by mesne assignments, to General 
Instruments Corporation. Elizabeth, N. J. Trans- 
former. 2.J>69,036, Sept. 25. 

Benner, Joseph A., assignor to Armstrong Cork Company, 
Lancaster. Pa. Container closure adhesive comprising 
an aqueous diperslon of albumin and an Isobutylene- 
diolefin copolymer. 2.5.-)7.1(;9, June 19 

Benner, Joseph A., assignor to Armstrong Cork Company, 
L.mca.ster, Pa. Liuerless venting closure. 2,576 917. 
Dec. 4. 

Benner. Ra.vmond C. : Bee — ' 

Melton. Romie L.. Benner. and Klrchner. 

Benner, Roland G., Carneys Point, N. J., assignor to the 
I'nited States of America as represented by the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Huorinating 
organic compoumis with molten silver fluorides. 
2..549..->«;5, Apr. 17. 

Benner, William. Jr., Park Citv. Mont. Spring cushioned 
article of footwear. 2.552.393. May 8. 

Bennes. Charles D.. Los Angeles, assignor to Technicolor 
Motion Picture Corporation. Hollvwood. Calif. Align- 
ing stage for instruments. 2.567,06.i Sept 4 

Bennes, Charles D., Los Angeles, assignor to Techjiicolor 
Motion Picture Corporation. Hollywood. Calif. Method 
and apparatus for transferring i)i<ture lavers from one 
film base to another. 2.572.001. Oct. 23. 

Bennetch, Leonard M.. assignor to Reich.ird-Coulston, 
Inc., Bethlehem, Pa. Preparation of brown oxide of 
iron. 2..")74.459. Nov. 13. 

Bennett. Alfred: See — 

Perkins. Corles M., Sr.. and Bennett. 

Bennett. Alva H., Kenmore, N. Y.. assignor to American 
Optical Company, Southbridge. Mass. Microscope slide 
for phase microscopes. 2,574.522. Nov. 13. 

Bennett, Arthur J., assignor to Pye Limited. Cambridge, 
England. Combination centering, focusing, and deflect- 
ing device for beam of cathode-ray tubes. 2,544,875. 
Mar. 13. 

Bennett. Arthur J., and L. Lax, assignors to Pve Limited, 
Cambridge, England. Saw-tooth current "oscillation 
generator. 2.544.213, Mar. 6. 

Bennett. Arthur W.. Erie. Pa. Signaling system for ve- 
hicles. 2.572.973. Oct. 30. 

Bennett, Charles E.. Ridgewood. and P. V. White. Rochelle 
Park, assignors to The Okonlte-Callender Cable Com- 
pany, Incorporated, Paterson, N. J. Hermetically sealed 
reel. 2,5.55,840, Jtme 5. 

Bennett. Charles It., East Cleveland, Ohio. Razor. 
2.575.539. Nov. 20. 

Bennett. Clarence G.. San Mateo, Calif. Joint structure 
for laminates. 2,550.520. Apr. 24. 

Bennett, Clarence S., Long Beach, and W. A. Bailey Jr., 
Walnut Creek, assignors to Shell Development Com- 
pany. San Francisco. Calif. Isomerization of xylenes. 
2. .564.388. Aug. 14. 

Bennett. FTldred C. : See- - 

Bopgly. William J.. Bennett. Morrison, and Powell. 

Bennett, Ernest O.. Bluefield. W. Va. Fluorescent lamp 
tube and mounting means therefor. 2,569.143. Sept. 25. 

Bennett, Foster C. assignor to The Dow Chemical Com- 
pany. Midland. Mich. Electrically heated transfer pipe. 
2.5G8.578. Sept. 18. 

Bennett. George A.. Center Moriches. N. Y.. and S. F. Perry. 
Roselle. N. J., assignors to Standard Oi! Development 
Company. Treating lubricating oil with solid adsorb- 
ents. 2.552.436. May 8. 

Bennett. Harold F. : See — 

Klngslake. Rudolf, and Bennett. 

Bennett. Harold F.. assignor to Eastman Kodak Company 
Rochester. N. Y. Optical objective system comprising 
a positive member and a negative auxiliary member. 
2. ,5.59, 844. July 10. 

Bennett, Harold F., assignor to Eastman Kodak Com- 
p.iny. Rochester. N. Y. Catadloptric lens system 
2.571.657. Oct. 16. k o joiem. 

Bennett. Hazen B.. West Hartford. Conn. Method and 
apparatus tor producing ice cubes. 2,540,566. Feb. 6 

Bennett Incorporated, assignee: Sec — 
Eaton Charles F. 

Bennett, James A. J., Round Riding Road, Scotland. 
Torary wing aircraft structure and interconnected 
damping device. 2.568.214. Sept. 18. 

Bennett. James C. Inglewood. assignor to Anderson Die 
Casting & Engineering Corporation, Los Angeles Calif 
Tilting device for Venetian blinds. July 10. 

Bennett. James H., Baltimore, and J. A. Webb Fssex 
assignors to The Glenn L. Martin" Company,' Middle 
River. Md. Airplane wing flap and slat mountlne 
2.,542.792, Feb. 20. " *' "' uiouui ug. 

Bennett, John R.. Wabash, Ind.. assignor to The General 
Tire and Rubber Company. Akron, Ohio. Resilient 
mounting. 2,575,858, Nov. 20. 



Bennett. Joaeph B.. Merlon, a«sl|?nor to American Engl- 
neerinK Company. I'hilatlelphla, Pa. Stoker furnace. 
2..'i»i7.837. Sept. 11. . . ,.. ^^ v k .»i, 

Bennett, fS., Menon, and A. \N . Thorson. Narbtrth. 
assignors to American KajjineerinK Company. I'hila- 
delphlu. Pa. Stoker comprising furnace aide wall fuel 
feed means. 2.550.521. Apr. 24. 

Bennett. .Maurice E.. Fort Wayne. Ind., asslBnor to 
General Klectric Company. Dyuamoelectric machine. 
2.5:)0.443. Apr. 24. , . o i . r- - 

Bennett Ralph E.. assignor to Commercial Solvents Cor- 
poration, Terre Haute. Ind. Treatment of corn steej) 
liquor for streptomycin production. 2,o76.513. Nov. li. 

Bennett Kalph .M., New Bedford. assiRnor to Kilburn 
Mill Brlston County. Mass. A«IJustable magazine creel 
for knitting machines. 2,571,523. Oct. 10. 

Bennett. Ralph S.. and C. F. Pasae. Pittstleld. Mass.. 
a.-siKnors to < General Electric Company. Circuit Inter- 
rupter. 2,550.444. Apr. 24. 

Bennett. Richard O.. Jamestown. N. \.. assignor to Syl- 
vanla Electric Products Inc. Mica slitting machine. 
2.551.655. May 8. ^^. „ „, . , . , 

Bennett Robert B.. Akron. Ohio. Rolling and rockable 
toy. 2,570.091. Oct. 2. , „ ., ,,. ^ „ . 

Bennett Robert D.. Grand Rapids. Mich. Scissors. 
2.5«8.605. Sept. 18. 

Bennett. Robert P.. White Hall. Md.. assignor, by mesne 
as-slgnments, to the I'nited States of America. Air 
l.uinrhed nulio station. 2.555.8«7. June 5. 

Bennett. V. Ray. Los Angeiea. Calif. Respiratory facial 
maak. 2.540.567. Feb. 6. _^ ^, „ „ . , 
•Bennett. VesU C. Northport, N. T. Hand loom. 
2,547.250. Apr 3. 

Bennett. Wallis R. : See — 

Pippin. Clarence A.. Robinaon. and Bennett. 

Bennett, Walter E., Jr. : See — 

Wauson. Horace C. and Bennett. 

Bennett. Wilburn O. : Bee — 

Chrlstofoli. Pletro J., and Bennett. 

Bennetr William H.. Moiint «; Ohio, assignor to 
H PM Development Corporation. Wilmington. Del. 
Multiple area piston means. 2.571.658. Oct. 16. 

Bennett. William O.. Jr.. asslgnot to Hamilton Watch 
Company. Lancaster. Pa. Comparator gauge. 2.568.981. 

Bennett.' William O.. Jr.. Bayside, N. Y.. and F. Koehler, 
assignors to Hamilton Watch Company Lancaster. Pa. 
Frequency standard. 2.564,636. Aug. 14. 

Bennett. William R.. and C. B. H. Feldman, Summit. N. J. 
assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, 
New York, N. Y. Multiple carrier transmission sys- 
tem. 2.575.993. Nov. 20. 

Benning. Anthony F. : See — 

Downing. Frederick B.. Benning. and McHarness. 

Benning. Anthony F., Woodstown. N. J., assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the United 
States Atomic P^nergy Commission. Fluorinatlon of 
lubricating olL 2,541.190. Feb. 13. 

Benning. Anthony F.. Woodstown. N. J.^ assignor to E. I. 
du I'ont de Nemours and Company, Wllitilngton. Del. 
Fluorlnated aliphatic phosphates as emulsifying agents 
for polymerizations. 2.5.59,749, July 10. 

Benning. Anthony F., Woodstown. N. J., assignor to the 
United States of America as representrd by the United 
States Atomic Enerey Commission. Fluorinatlon of 
high molecular compounds. 2.567,759. Sept. 11. 

Benning. Anthony F.. and U. C. McHarness. Woodstown, 
.\. J., and M. K. Richards, and G. W. Feldmann. Wil- 
mington. Del., assignors to the United States of .\merlca 
as represented bv the United States Atomic Energy 
Commission. Electrolytic cell with welded anode 
assembly. 2..V50.445. Apr. 24. 

Benning. Anthony F.. Woodstown, N. J., and M. K. Rich- 
ards, assltmom to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Com- 
pany. Wilmington. Del Process and apparatus for the 
electrolytic production of fluorine. 2.568.844. Sept. 25. 

Benning Anthony F.. Woodstown. N. J.. J. D. Park. 
Boulder. Colo., and S. E. Krahler. assignors to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. Fluori- 
natlon with granular CrF, catalyst. 2,576.823. Nov. 27. 

Benning, Walter F.. assignor to Willys-Overland Motors, 
Inc.. Toledo. Ohio. Control lever mounted on threaded 
pivot. 2.575.379. Nov. 20. 

Benntnga. Noach : See — 

Koch. Theodoor. and Benninga. 

Bennlnger. Eugen. Zurich, assignor to Preclsa A.-O. 

• Rechenmaschlnenfabrlk. Zurlrh-Oerllkon, Switzerland. 
Setting device for the type levers In calculating ma- 
chines. 2.561.646. July 24. 

Benninghofen. Paul, trustee, assignee: See — 
Waechter. Harry J. 

Bennlnghoff. William L. Walte Hill Village, and A. F. 
Rot>ertson South Euclid, assignors to The Pipe Ma- 
chinery Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Machine tool. 
2..'')7fl.095. Nov. 2f. 

Beno. George M. : See — 

Regenhardt. Hans W., and Beno. 

Benolr. Edounrd L. : See — 
Benolt. Remi A. and E. L. 

Benoit, Georges E., Vllle St-Plerre. Qnebee. Canada. Air- 
brake aatomatlc bleeder valve. 2.561.607, July 24. 

Benolt, Henry F.. Charlton, Mass. Cylinder coupling. 
2,:.;{8.4Uy. Jan. 10 

Benolt, Leon, .New York, and R. Vahle, Tappan, assignors, 
bv mesne assignments, to Robert Gair Company. Inc., 
New York, N. V. Automatic carton erecting 4uachiue. 
2,5«1,770, July 24. 

Benolt. Ix-on J.. Benson. Minn. Valve guard. 2.580.343, 
I lec 2.'» 

Benolt, 'Remi A. and E. L.. New York. N. Y. Apparatus 
for and method of drying. 2.571.815. Oct. IC. 

Benrus Watcli Compiiny. Inc., asisiituee ; Hit — 
ONelU. Henry J. 

Bens, Frederick P., Detroit. J. L. Ham. Dearborn. Mich., 
and R. M. Parke, Sliver Spring, Md.. a^.signors to 
Climax MolytMienum Company. New York. .N. V. Re- 
fractory metal alloy castings and making same. 
2.580.273. Dec. 25. 

Benson. Abel C. River Falls. Wis. Portfolio. 2.568.941, 
Sept. 2.^. 

Benson. Arthur R.. Berlin, assignor to The W. W. Mildrum 
Jewel Co.. Incorporated. East Berlin. Conn. Textile 
guide ring. 2.557.591. June lU. 

Benson. Ernest H.. Kan.«as City. Mo. Container and 
shielding therefor. 2.547. sOfi. Apr. 3 

Benson. George A.. Wesi Englewood, N J., J. Coyle, and 
W F. Punte Baltimore, Md.. assignors to Continental 
Can Ci>muany. Inc.. New York. .N. Y. Container valve 
tiftinc. 2.570.900. Oc 9. 

Benson. Harry D.. Fresno, assignor to General Nailing 
Machine Corporation. Sanger. Calif. Box lidding ma- 
chine. 2.536 416. Jan. 2. 

Benson. Harry D.. Fresno, assignor to General Nailing 
Machine Corporation. Sanger. Calif. Nailing table for 
box lidding machines. 2.573.826, Nov. 6. 

Benson. Howard R. : See — 

Benson. Robert H. and II. R. 

Benson, ivar. Seattle. Wash. Sectional refrigerated 
display rahinet. 2.5.">4.fiin. May 20. 

Benson. Jesse M.. Concord, Tenn.. assignor to Sasgen Der- 
rick Co.. Chicago. 111. Scaffold winch. 2,552.928. May 

Benson. Jewell R.. Denver. Colo., assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
the Interior. Soli erosion control. 2 556.102. June 12. 

Benson. Mei-ie K.. Benton Harbor. Mich., assignor to 
T-M-K Coiporation. Davenport. Iowa. Overload release 
frictlcn coMpUng. 2.5P9.144 Sept. 25. 

Benson. Merle K.. Benton Harbor. .Mich., assignor to 
T-M-K Corporation. Davenport. Iowa. Adjustable pro- 
peller. 2. .-.74.951. Nov. 13. 

Benson. Norman A.. Akron. Ohio. Device for the exam- 
inatlon of postage stamps. 2.571,188. Oct. 10. 

Benson. Paul E.. Eaton Rapids, ansignor to General Mo- 
tors Cori>oratlon. Detroit, Mich. Wheel cover. 
2..544.129. Mar. 6. 

Benson. Ralph L.. assignor to Avco Manufacturing Cor- 
poration. Cincinnati. Ohio. Refrigerator cabinet con- 
struction having beat exchange Inner walls. 2,576.208, 
Nov. 27 

Benson. Robert H. and H. R.. Concord. Tenn. Scaffold 
winch. May I.V 

Benson. Siflney W.. Los .Angeles. Calif. Fastening means 
for supi»ortl«5g oblerts. 2.540,766. Apr. 24. 

Benson. Victor A.. San Jose. Calif. Barbecne grill stmc- 
ture. 2.542.109. Feb. 20 

Benson. Victor J.. Minneapolis, Minn. Fish grab. 
2.502.374. July 31. 

Bensi^n, William L. : See — 

Sweet. Roger S., and Benson. 

Bent. Arthur J.. Pittsburgh, assignor to The Westing- 
house Air Brake Company. Wllmerding. Pa. Fluid 
pressure throttle control apparatus. 2.545.509. Mar. 20. 

Bent. Arthur J.. Pittsburgh, assignor to The Westing, 
house Air Brake Company. Wllmerding. Pa. Apparatus 
for conditioning load compensating brakes. 2.553.805, 
May 22. 

Bent, .\rthur J.. Penn Township. Allegheny County, as- 
signor to The Westlnghouse Air Brake Company. Wll- 
merding. Pa. Fluid pressure motor having a check for 
terminal operation thereof. 2.558.810. July 3. 

Bent. Arthur J.. Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Company. Self-aligning piston and 
piston rod. 2.573.384. Oct. 30. 

Bent. .Arthur J.. Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Company. Fluid pressure controlled 
actuating device. 2.575.937. Nov. 20. 

Bent. Franklin A.. Berkeley, assignor to Shell Development 
Company. San Francisco, Calif. Treating coatings of 
polyallyl esters of saturated fatty acids and resulting 
products. 2.541,148. Feb. 13. 

Bentlev. Alfred Y. : See — 
Pohle. Eric. 

Rentley. Arthur P.. Scotia. N. T.. assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Over-pressure protective device. 
2.558.534. June 26. 

ISentley. Edward P., Roslyn Heights, and G. P. Bentley, 
Garden City, assignors to Instrument Development 
Laboratories. Inc.. WlllNton Park. N. Y. Optical 
micrometer gauge. 2.549.506. Apr. 17. 

Bentley Engineering Company Limited. The, assignee: 
Bee — 

Kent, Alfred W. 



Calif. Windbreak. 

Spring trunnion mount. 

Spring with ball retainer. 

Bentley, George P. : Bee — 

Bentky, Edward P. and G. P. 
Bentley. Mark. San Francisco, 

2..>7«,384. Nov. 27. 
Bentley, Robert H., assignor to The Arrow-Hart & Hegp- 

man Klectric Co.. Hartford. Conn. ODerating mecha- 

ni.xm for electric switches. 2.576.771. Nov. 2i. 
Bentley. William A., Lancaster, Pa., assignor to Radio 

Corporation of America. Protective aystem. 2,536,712, 

Jan. 2. 
Benion, Alfred C. and J. F. Schmidt, Jr.. San Francisco, 

Talif. Kofnting dislt game device. 2,r)4.'i.044. Mar. 20. 
Benton. Gilbert. Concord. N. C. Triple spout oil can. 

2.7tT>rt.Ti(\2. June 5. 
Benton. Harold Z.. Woodstock, and R. R. Over, assignors 

to American Phenolic Corporation, Chicago, 111. Tube 

socket. 2.550.956. June 12. 
Benton, John E., near Gordo, and- D. W. Haynie. East 

Tijilaspee, Ala. Stopping means for looms. 2,549,047, 

Apr. 17. 
Bentsen, Elmer C, Mission, Tex. Rotary mixing valve. 

2..'»4«.423. Mar. 27. 
Bentson. Harold G., assignor to Security Engineering 

Co.. Inc., Whittler. Calif. Coring bit. 2,553,032, May 

• Bentz. Lloyd O. : See — 

Stefl. Eugene P.. and Bentz. 
Ben Venue Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Darker. Grant D. 
Benvissuto. John, Krooklyn. assignor of one-half to A. 

Lavenburg, New York. .N. Y. Folding leg actuator and 

latching mechanism. 2,546.816. Mar. 27. 

Benz, August. Portland. Oreg. Spring and axle assembly 
for velilrles 2.547.993, Apr. ' 

Benz. Aiicust. Portland, Oreg. 
2..').'>4 .">.">3. May 29. 

Benz, August. Portland, Oreg. 
2.562.256. July 31. 

Benz. George R.. Bartlesville. Okla., assignor to PhillipH 
Petroleum Company. Method and apparatus for ship- 
ping and storing liquefied gases. 2.538.664, Jan. 16. 

Benz. George R.. and E. O. Mattocks. Bartlesville. Okla., 
assignors to Phillips Petr(*leum Company. Relieving 
pressure vessels when subjected to high temperatures. 
2..V>4.295. Aug. 14. 
Benz. fleorco W.. executor : See — 

Stephan. Fritz. 
Benz. Herbert G. : See — 

Stephan. Fritz. 
Benzol Products Company, assignee : See — 

Ringk. William P.. and Freeman. 
Bemnck. Leo L.. Cambridge, Mass. Voice silencer. 

2,566.975. Sept. 4. 
Rerardi. Joseph A. : See — 

Kantzmann. Harrv L., and Berardi. 
P.erberich. Otto P. : Xrc — 

Lee. Ernest D., Schefbauer, and Berberich. 

Berch, Samuel H., Reverly Hills, Calif. Material measur- 
ing and dispensing device. 2,550.903, May 1. 

Berohman, Leonard W., Los Angeles, Calif. Tobacco 
tamper. 2,542,110. Feb. 20. 

Berchtold. Wallace W.. York. Pa., assignor to American 
Chain & Cable Company, Inc.. Bridgeport, Conn. Crane. 
2. .5.53. 955, May 22. i 

Berck. William F., assignor to Ralph N. Brodle Company, 
Oakland. Calif. Two-cylinder fluid meter. 2,555,629. 
June 5, 

Berck, William F.. Ha.vward. assignor to Ralph N. Bmdle 
Comp.inv. Oakland, Calif. Adjustable gearing. 
2,571.005. Oct. 9. 

Bi-rdach. ICrnest, New York, N. Y'. Undergarment. 
2.549.3«'1, Apr. 17. 

Berdan, George D., Fort Worth. Tex. Combined lawn 
mower and edge trimmer. 2.556.790, June 12. 

Berdan, George D., Fort Worth, Tex. Lawn mower hav- 
ing a slidable and tiltable reel. 2.574,725, Nov. 13. 

Bereman, ClirTord H.. Los .Vngeles, Calif. Water condi- 
tioner. 2.554.772. May 29. 

BerestnefT, Alexis A., assignor to Carrier Corporation. 
Syracuse. N. Y. Absorption refrigeration system. 
2.-565,943, Aug. 28. 

BerestnefT, Alexis A., assignor to Carrier Corporation. 
Syracuse, N. Y. Dual temperature absorption refrigera- 
tion system. 2,566,480, Sept. 4, 

Berestneff, Alexis A., and W. L. McGrath. assignors to 
Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, N. Y. Absorption 
refrigeration system. 2.550.665, May 1. 
BerestnefT, Alexis A., and W. L. McGrath, assignors to 
Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, N. Y. Control arrange- 
ment for absorption refrigeration systems, 2,565,838, 
Aug. 28. 
Berg. Arthur A. : Srr — 

Baerwald. Walter H.. and Berg. 
Berg, Auguste J., New Y'ork, N. Y. 

2,553,163. May 15. 
B. rg. riyd.. IL O. : See— 

Imboff, Donald H., and Berg, 
lyeffert, Charles B., and Berg. 
Polly. Orvllle L., and Berg. 

923445— P .1 

Perpetual calendar. 

Union Oil 

Union Oil 

Berg, Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California, Los Angeles, Calif. Adsorption 
process. 2.539,005, Jan. 23. 

Berg, Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to Union OH 
Company of California, Los Angeles, Calif. Adsorption 
apparatus and process. 2,539,006. Jan. 23. 

Berg, Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to 
Company of California, Los Angeles, Calif, 
of nitrogen bases. 2.541.458. Feb. 13 

Berg, Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to 
Company of California. Los Angeles, Calif, 
for gas separation by adsorption. 2,544,214, Mar. 6. 

Berg. Clyde H. »).. Long Beach, assignor to Inion Oil 
Company of California, Los Angeles. Calif. Adsorption 
process and apparatus. 2.548,192, Apr. 10. 

Berg. Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California, Los Angeles, Calif. Adsorption 
process and apparatus. 2,5.50,955, 'May 1. 

Berg, Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to T'nion Oil 
Company of California. Los Angeles, Calif. Level con- 
trol. 2..56S.379, Sept. 18. 

Berg. Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil Com- 
pany of California, Los Angeles, Calif. Adsorption 
process. 2,571.329 Oct. 16. 

Berg. Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil : 
Company of California. Los .\ngeles. Calif. Adsorption 
process. 2.575,520, Nov. 20. 

Berg, Clyde H. O., and D. H. Imhoff. Long Beach, assignors 
to Union Oil Company of California, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Adsorption process. 2,545.067. Mar. 13. 

Berg. Emil G., Erie, Pa., assignor to Jet Electric Shaver 
Corporation, New Y'ork, N. Y. Electrical shaving de- 
vice. 2.574,316. Nov. 6. 

Berg. Emll G., Erie. Pa., assignor to Jet Electric Shaver 
Corporation, New Y'ork, N. Y. Electrical shaving de- 
vice. 2.574,317, Nov. 6. 

Berg, Emil G., New Ulm, Minn. Poultry picking machine. 
2..539.688, Jan. 30. 

Berg. Ezra, Evanston, Wyo. Chick brooder. 2,546,536, 
Mar. 27. 

Berg. Frederick assignor to The American Hardware 
Corporation. New Britain, Conn. Machine for and 
method of manufacturing brushes. 2.540.160. Feb. 6. 

Berg, John W„ Denver, Colo. Making picture frames. 
2,536.713. Jan. 2. 

Bert^. Leo F.. Oak Park. 111., assignor to Hotpoint Inc. 
Electric range. 2.554.083, May 22. 

Berg, Leo F., Oak Park, assignor to Hot Point Inc., Chi- 
cago, 111. Oven vent for ranges. 2,569,652, Oct. 2. 

Berg. Lloyd • See — , 

Montgomery. Charles W., Saniiier. and Berg. 

Berg, Louis B.. riiieago, HI., j/nil J. K. Martin. San 
Antonio, assignors, by mesne assitrnnients, to R. W. 
Carter, Luline, Tex. Rotary nut-cracking machine hav- 
ing reciproc-ttory jaws. 2.549.881, Apr. 24. 

Berg Mfc. & Sales Co., assignee : See — 
Baerwald. Walter H., and Berg. ' 

Bere, Quentin. New Cumberland, assignor to .Aircraft- 
Marine Products, Inc.. Harrisburc, Pa. Sna<Ie con- 
nector convertible to rinc connectur. 2.570.75.''>. Oct. 9. 

Berg. Ralph L., Chicago. 111., assignor to Hotpoint Inc. 
Program selector switch. 2,536.256, Jan. 2. „ 

Bertran. .M.-irtiii ]).. Wis: tiejd. assi;^ii<>r tfi TSk- Thomas k 
Betts Co., Elizabeth. N. J. Electric spad.- terminal 

Apr. 24. 



assignor to The Thomas 
Ground strap. 2.554,169, 

assignor to The Thomas & 
Disconnect lug. 2,555.074, 

assignor to The Tliomas A 
Flag type electric terminal. 

Ohio. Catch. 2,577.507. 

Air scoop filter assem- 

States Naw, Boston, 

2.579.464,' Dec. 25. 

Vertical axis round- 

Bergan. Martin D.. Westfield, 

& Betts Co., p:iizabeth, N. J. 

May 22. 
Bergan. Martin D., Westfield, 

Betts Co., Elizabeth, N. J. 

M.-iv 29. J 

Bergan, Martin D., WestWld, 

Betts Co.. Elizabeth, X. J. 

2.5.-.5.075. May 29. 
Bergdorf, Dale W.. Barberton, 

Dec. 4. 
Borge, Edwin H., >Hlwaukee, Wis, 

bly. 2,.551,92.3, May 8. 
Bergemann, Robert .1.. Jr.. T'nlted 

Mass. Standing wave recorder. 
Bergen. George W., Belmar. N. J. 

about. 2,.546,917. Mar. 27. 
Beriren. Lionel R.. lola. Wis. Wheel mounting arrange- 

niint for vehicles. 2. .544, 521, Mar. 6. 
Bergen. Richard S. : See — 

Soalander. Bertram E.. and Bergen. 
Bergen. Richard S.. Wesfbiiry, N. Y.. and B. E. Sealander, 

jersev Citv. N. .1.. assignors to Republic .\viation Cor- 
poration, f'armingdale. N. Y. Electronic signaling sys- 
tem. 2.573.175. Oct. 30. 
Berger Brothers Company. The. assignee : See — 

Versov. Irving R., and Munger. 
Berger, Carl F.. and J. E. Crahan, Syracuse, N. Y. Mitten. 

2.540.234. Feb. 6. 
Berger. Carl G., Cincinnati, Ohio. Container with display 

panel. 2. .".44. 975. Mar. 13. 
Berger, Carl R., Jr.. assignor to Selas Corporation of 

America, Philadelphia, Pa. Heat-treating furnace. 

2. .540.806. Feb. 6. 
Berger. Emll J., and H. K. West, assignors to Dexdale 

Hosiery Mills. Lansdale. Pa. Drive mechanism for 

knitting machines. 2.540,645. Feb. 6. 



B«rKPr. Emil J., and II. K. W<>st. asslfoion to Dexdale 
Hosiery Mills. Lansdale. Pa. Welt bar. actuafInK 
mechanism for straiRht knitrlng machines. ' 2.554,655. 
May '2\*. 

Bereer. EmIl J., and 11. K. \Vt>st. assignors to I>xdale 
iloxierv Mills. I.ansdale. I'a. StraiRht knitting machine. 
2 .'>.'S4. ••..-»« .Mnv •_'<» 

Berger. Ernest. iM-troit. Mich., nssinior to Chlcajjo Pneu- 
matic Tool Coiniiany. New York. N. Y. Control element 
for plural hydraul'c motor systems. 2,572.974. Oct. 30. 

Berber, Ferdinand P., CollinKdale. asHiitnor to Westin;;- 
houne Kleotric CoriM)rHtlon. East PlttahurRh, Pa. Air 
Inlet opening arrangement for combustiou chambers. 
a.MS.T.V'i. Mar. «. 

B^ru'er. France B.. Watertown. and P. P. Slack, Medford. 
M;t8s., asHikcnora, by mesne aKsignments. to the United 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
War. Radio antenna scanning and azimuth marking 
means. 2.572. y7r>. Oct. 30. 

Berger. Francois C. M.. Paris, France, a.Mlgnor to Inter- 
national Stand.ird Electric Corporation, New York. 
N. T. High frequency trattic system over power supply 
lines. 2.577.731. Dec II. 

Berger George. New York, assljmor to Arrow Fastener 
Co., Inc.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Stapling machine. 2.537.438, 
Jan. 9. 

Berger, Barry, assignor to Kaylon Incorporated, New 
York. N. Y. Garment. 2.536.121. Jan. 2. 

Berger, Hays L., assignor to V. M. Berger. Washington, 
I). C. Device for scaring birds. 2. 57.',. 252, Nov. 13. 

Berger^ Ha.ys L.. assignor to V. XT I'.erger, Washington. 

Bird scaring device. 2. 576.201). Nov. 27. 

n: d, 

Burger, Jack. Laureiton, assignor to Dlosel Oil Burner 

Corp. of New York. Jamaica, N. Y. Boiler with ad- 
jacent interconnected separately fired boiler. 2,572,100, 

Oct. 23. 
Berger. John L.. Columbia, assignor to Armstrong Cork 

Company. Lancaster. F'a. Method and npnaratu."* for 

making floor and wall coverings. 2.557.068. June 19. 
Berger. John .\ . Pittsburgh. Pa. Plate stacking and nn- 

stacklng machine. 2.561,723, July 24. 
Berger, Leo : Set" — 

Lt^e, John, and Berger. 
Berger. .Martin, nrooklvii, N. Y. Multlcomblnation lock 

device. 2.549. S<<2 Apr. 24. 
Bereer. Meyers M.. Youngstown, Ohio. Garment presser. 

2,560.920. July 17. 
Bercer. .Meyers Si., Youngstown. Ohio, assignor to Ignited 

States Hoffman Machinery Corporation. New York. .\. Y. 

Control device for hydrnullc nresses. 2.570 092. Oct. 2. 
Berger, Samuel I.. Newark. N. J. Type wheel inking 

mechanism for toy typewriters. 2,536.714, Jan. 2. 
Berger, (!<Mmoel I., Newark. N. J. Toy typewriter. 

2.536.715 Jan. 2. 
B*'rger. Samuel I.. Newark, N. J. Third-rail connector 

and contact shoe unit for toy electric railways. 

2,.'^43.091. Feb. 27. 
Bereer. Samuel I.. Newark. N. J. Toy typewriter. 

2,5.-i7..5n2, June 19. 
Berger. Samuel I.. Newark. N. J. Toy t.ypewriter. 

2.569.145, Sept 25. 
Bergt-r Samuel I.. Newark, N. J. Toy machine gun. 

2.574.952. Nov. 13. 
Bereer. Samuel I, Newark, N. J. Selector binder. 

2.r,75.4S2. Nov 20. 
Berger. Velelta M., assignee: See — 

Berger, Hays L. ^ I 

Bergeron. Earl J.. Houston, Tex. Incinerator positioned 
above a hole in the earth. 2.543.756. Mar. 6. 

Bergesen, Jiinena, Staten Island. N. Y. Pump vnlve unit. 
2,5,->3..3.52. May 1.',. 

Berirevln. Bernie H.. Long Beach, 
2 576.993. Dec. 4. 

Bergey, Stanley L.. Hempstead, and 

Garden City, N. V., assignors to The Sperrv Corpora 
tlon. Antenna apparatus. 2.544.648. Mar. 13. 

Bercfors, Carl A., Yonkers, assignor to International 
Business Machines Corporation, New 
Decade counter. 2,540,024. Jan. 30. 

Bergfors, Carl A.. Y'onkers, a.ssignor to 
Hiisiness Machines Corporation. New 
Neutralized trigger circuit. 2.540,025. Jan. 30. 

Bergfors. Carl A.. Yonkers. assignor to International Busi- 
ness Machines <'orporatl «n. New York. N. Y High- 
speed binary decade counter. 2.547,434. .\pr. 3. 

Bergfors. Carl A.. Yonkers, assignor to International 
Business Machines Corporation. New York. N. Y. 
Binary-decade counter. 2.566,918, Sept. 4. 

Berggren, Lloyd E., Roseland, and W. c. Schaffer, Fair 
I..awn, N. J., assignors to Wright .Xeronautical Corpor.i- 
tlon. Anniilar combustion chamber with circtimferen- 
tlally spaced double air-swirl burners. 2,560,207, July 

Berggren. Lloyd E.. Veronn. H. E. GiUe. Jersey City, and 
W. F. Smith. Irvlngton. N. J., assignors to Wright Aero- 
nautical Corporation. Air assisted fuel noizle. 
2..'>66.78S. Sept. 4. 

Berggren. Per J., RIdgefield, Conn. Microfilm projector. 
2,569.918, Oct. 2. 

Bergh, Roland C., Cedarhurst, and J. S. Martin. Hunting- 
ton Station, assignors to Repuhlic .Aviation Corporation 
Farmingdale, N. Y. Nut, 2.536.672. June 12. 

Calif. Bookrack. 
J. A. Nottincham. 

York. N. Y. 

Y'ork, N. Y. 

Gate opener. 



Bergin, Frank S.. administrator: 8ie — 
Horan, Timothy F. 

Bergin, .Martha J. : .s'c« — 

K.'ilholtz, Gerald W.. and Bergin. 

Bergluiid. Enoch S., Stillwater, Minn. 
2.579,403. l>e<-. 2.",. 

B.'rglund. Harold R.. assignor to Denver Wood 
<'o., Denver. Colo. Article suspending 
2..537.957, Jan. 16 

I'ergiund, I.,awrence W. : See — 

Callaghan. Robert W., and Berglund. 

Herglund. Orion W. : See — 

Koester, John P.. I'urdy, and Hercltind. 

Berglund, Orion W., Dayton, assignor to The Orr & Blan- 
ket Company. Piqua, Ohio. Multiple Impregnation of 
papeimaker's felt. 2.567.097. Sept. 4. 

Berglund. Orion W.. assignor to The Commonwealth En- 
gineering Company of f)liio. Dayton, Ohio. A|,|,aratus 
tor makiiii: f1<Mk covered paper. 2.."i76,276 Nov 27. 

Bergman. Bernard F., Vlncenes. Ind. Programming de- 
vice. 2,540,605. Feb..6. Carl K.. Minocqua, Wis. Minnow trap. 
2,. 53 1.236. .May 1. 

Bergman. Donald J.. Kenilworth, assignor to I'nlversal 
*»il Products Company, Chicago, ill. Exii.iust gas 
silencer and pressure reducer with plural valved outlet*. 
2..54.-),682. .Mar. 20. 

Bergman, Ed. assignor to Kiddle Seat Corpor.ntlon. New 
^ork. N. Y. Detachable connection for child's toilet 
seat. 2.,556.252, June 12 

Bergman. Gustav A.. Danderyd. Sweden. Housing 
for rock drilling machines. 2,575.8.')9, Nov. 20 

Bergnun, \Ai} O., Coioma, .Mich. Folding boat. 2,,">49,412. 
.\pr. 17. 

Bergman, Raymon«i D.. Long -Beach. Calif. Surveying 
target. 2,.",7l».r,44. Dec. 2.'. .Sam. New Orleans. La. Dl8i)en8ine machine. 
2.n60..127. July 10. 

Bergman. Stephen A., .Mission. Kans., assignor to Pan- 
handle Eastern Pipe Line Company. Kansas City. .Mo 
Pipe laying cradle. 2.5.'',9.703. July 10. 

Bergman, William E., Hartlesville. Okla.. assignor to 
Phillips Petroleum Company. Low-vlscosltv drilling 
nnnls. 2. '.".'. 265, M.iy 29. 

Bergniann. Andrew, Cheektowaga, N. Y. Arc lamp and the 
like. 2.509,917. Oct. 2. * 

Bergmann, J-^rnst. assignor to Polymerlsable Products 
Limited. London County. England. Trl-substltuted 
glycols and making same. 2.539.806. Jan. 30. 

Bergmann. Ernst, London, assignor to Polymeris.ihle Prod- 
ucts Limited, London County, Englaml. Solvent ex- 
traction of hutanolones from water. 2,560.921. July 17. 

Bergmann, Ernst. London, assignor to Polvmerisahle 
Products Limited, London County. England. Cyclo- 
hexene carboxyiic acid esters and preparing sjime. 
2..'rt3.206. Aug. 7 

Bergmans. Jan. and C. A. Lamberts. Eindhoven. Nether- 
lands, assignors, by mesne assignments, to Hartford 
National Rank and Trust Company, Hartford. Conn., as 
trustee. Searchlluht having a linear source of light 
and two parabolic reflectors. 2.540.417. Feb. 6. 

Bergmans, Jin. and D. Vermeuien. Eindhoven. .Nether- 
lands, assignors to Hartford National Bank and Trust 
Company. Hartford, Conn., as trustee. Searchlight. 
2..^76,875. Nov 27. 

Bergmans. Jan. and W. Honing. Eindhoven. Netherlands, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Hartford .National 
Bank and Trust Comr>any. as trustee. Optical lamp with 
centering means. 2,5.'»3,434, May 15. 

Bergmans. Jan, and W. L. Vervest. Eindhoven. Nether- 
lnnd«. assignors, by mesne assignments, to Hartford 
National and Tnist Company, Hartford, Conn as 
trustee. Vehicle lamp with nn optical system for liini- 
form road lighting. 2,578,962, Dec. 18. 

Bereo-Holneman. .Anna M . assignor to Aktiebolnget Sven- 
ska Elektroiiror, Stockholm. Sweden. Coating electri- 
cal contact pins. 2.560.151. July 10. 

Bergom, Karl B., Honefoss, Noi-wav. Steam-geiieratlng 
stove for steam bathrooms. 2,575.860, Nov. 20. 

Bergqulst, Nils O., App.lviken^ near Stockholm 
Time computing machine. 2.573.385. Oct. 36. 

Bergsland. Einar. Oslo, Norway, 
sacks. 2. ."60, 400. July 10. 

Bergsman. Enar B.. Munkfors. Sweden. Micro-hardness 
tester. 2..',64.519. Aug. 14. 

Bergson, Maria. New York, N. T. Typewriter desk 
2,.54.5.2.'S3. Mar. 13. /w r 

Bergsreln. Frank D.. trustee, assignee: See — 
Beresteln. Robert M. 
Bergitein. SamueL 

Bertrsteln. Frank D.. CinHnnatl. Ohio. Sealed 
and method. 2,543.757, Mar. 6. 

BerL'st<<ln. Frank D.. Cincinnati. Ohio, 
mid method. 2.549.048. Apr. 17. 

Bergstein. Frank D., Wyoming. Ohio 
lapped end walls. 2,572.239, Oct. 23. 

B«'rgst,in. Robert M.. trustee, assigni-e ; 
H<'rKaf»'in. Samuel. 

Bergstein, Robert M.. Cincinnati. Ohio, 

and F. D. Bergstein, trustees. Knocked down or fold- 
Inc structures made from acetate sheeting or the like. 
2,.55 1.090. May 1. , 


Carrying frame for ruck- 


Lleiuldtight carton 

Box with over- 

: See — 

assignor to R. M. 



Bergsteln. Robert M.. Cincinnati. Ohio. Formation of 

articulated containers. 2,565.944. Aug. 28. 
Bt'r>;>tfin. Uub^-ri M.. WyoiuiuK'. Ohio. I'jirtilioued carton. 

2.r)4."..S0;{. Mar. 2<i. 
Bergsteln. Samuel. Cincinnati. Ohio, assignor to R. M. and 

F. D. li«rK8tfin. trustees. Producing bags with opening 

means. 2.536.529. Jan. 2. 
Bergsteln. Samuel. Chiclnnatl, Ohio, assignor to R. M. and 

F. U. liergHtein. trustees. Overlapped end box. 

2 ')36 530 Jnn 2 
Bergstein. SamuelTcinclnnati. Ohio, assipor to R. M. and 

F. D. Bergsteln. trustees. Making bags. 2.536.6 < 5. 

BeiKxteiii. Samuel, Cincinnati. Ohio, asgignor to R. M. 
and F. 1>. llergstelu. trustees. Uiuged lid automatic 
box. ^..■>45,802, Mar. 20. .„.*•» »* 

Bergsteln. Samu.M. Cincinnati. Ohio. Securing the effects 
of end dipping in gas-tight flexible wall packages. 

BefgVtein. Samuel. Cincinnati. Ohio. Box with attached 

Bergsteln*' Samu?i""cinclnnaU: Ohio Machine for cover- 
ing knocked down cartons. 2.j.)3 (40. May __. 

Bergsteln. Samuel. Cinclunatl, Ohio. Meclianism and 
method for making boxes with attached handles and 
the like. 2,534.004. .May 22. . , i 

BergHteln Samuel, Cincinnati, Ohio. Egg container and 
making it. 2.571,408, Oct. 16. 

Bergstn.m. Carl 1'., Millbury. assignor to Crompton & 
KnowU>s Loom Works. Worcester. Mass. U arp beam 
for looms. 2..'S54.801. May 2i). .„„,„„ * 

Berpstrom. Carl P., Millbury, assignor to Crompton & 
Knowles Loom Works. Worcester. Mass PositioninK 
means for pneumatic thread removers. -'..jOS.OOO, Sept. 

BeigHtrom. Carl P.. Millbury, assignor to Crouipton & 
Knowles Loom Works, Worcester. Mass. Reed adjust- 
ment for looms. 2.509.880. Oct. 2. „ „ , ^, , 

Bercstrom. Carl P.. Millbury. and R. S. Schedln. assignors 
to Crompton & Knowles Loom Works, Worcester. .Mass. 
Warp beam for looms. 2.563,001. Aug. 7. 

Bergstrom. Carl P.. Millbury. and B. W Brouwer Auburn, 
assignors to Crompton & Knowles Loom ^^ orks. \\pr- 
cester Mass Pneumatic thread collector system tor 
weft replenishing looms. 2.567.540. Sept. 11. 

Bergstrom. Carl P.. Mll'bury. and A. Palmer, .nsslgnors 
to C.ompton & Knowles Loom \\orkB. \\orce«ter. 
Mass. Picking shoe for looms. 2..;)80.152 Dec. 2.i. 

Bergstrom. Carl V., Santa -Monica, Calif. Window blind. 
2.518.512. Apr. 10. , ^ „ 

Bergstrom, Eric V.. Short HlUs, N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Company, Incorporated. Method nnd ap- 
paratus for hydrocarbon conversion. 2,546.025. Mar. 2<. 

Bercstr<im lOric V.. Short Hills. N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Fluldized cata- 
lytic cracking system with rotating disk slide valve. 
2.547.000. Apr. 3. 

Bergstrom Krlc V.. Short Hills. X. J., asslcnor to Socony- 
Vacjium' Oil Company. Incorporated. Method and ap 
paratus for hydrocarbon conversion. 2,548,285. Apr. 

10. . o. 

Bercstrom Kric V., Short Hills, N. J., assignor to Socony- 
VacunmOll Companv. Incorporated. Method and ap- 
paratus for conducting hydrocarbon conversion reac- 
tions. 2.548.286. Apr. 10. 

Bert-'Htrom, Eric V., Short IIIlls. N. J., asslcnor to Socony- 
Vacunm Oil Company. Incorporated. Method and ap- 
paratus for hydrocarbon conversion. 2.556.514, June 


Bergstrom Eric V., Short Hills, and O. J. Vlsconty, 
Clarksboro. N. J., assignors to Socony-Vacuuin Oil Com- 
pany Incorporated. Continuous contact filtration. 
2.5. li.433, Oct. 23. 

Bergstrom Ihrin.m .\.: Srt — 

Von Olalin. Wlllinm H.. and Bercstrom 

Berpstriim. Knut E.. Stockholm, Sweden. Clajpp. 
2.571.6,50 Oct. 10. 

Bergstrom. Mvron : See — 

Collins. De F-stin. and Bergstrom. 

Bercstrom. Roland F.. and J. M. Plantfebar. Martinez, 
assignors to Shell Pevelonment Company. San Fran- 
cisco. Calif. Lubricant. 2.580.274. Dec. 25. 

Bergvall. Knut L.. nnd E. E. Dahlberg. Stockholm. Swe- 
den Box beam construction for floors. 2.579,446, 
Dec. 18. 

Bergvall. Royal C Wllklnsburg. and E. L. Harder. Pitts- 
burgh, assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation, 
East Pittsburgh. Pa. Directional and overcurrent elec- 
trical relay. 2..')01.907. July 24. 

Berla. Antonio. Turin. lUly. Winding spindle. 2.537,506. 
Jan. 9. 

Berindei. Matel : See — 

Nemet Anthony, and Berindei. 

Berlnger. Edward R., Cambrldce, Mass., asslcnor, by 
mesne assicnments. to the United States of America as 
represented bv the Secretary of the Navy. Ionization 
gauge. 2,576."330. Nov. 27. 

Berineer. Sarah M., Dayton. Ohio. Brooder. 2.562.691, 
July 31. 

Berlngton. Hubert P. : Bee — 

Stehelton. Lloyd. E. W.. and Berlngton. 

Berke. John A n'll.'i«. Tot Device for fueling large 
aircraft. 2,578,036, Dec. 11. 

Berker, Ralph C. Hoxaie. R. I. Drawing frame. 

2,567,467. Sept. 11. ^ ^ ^ 

Berkey, Donald C, Scotia, and N. E. Starkey, Schenectady. 
N. i'., assignors to Oeneral Electric Company. Rate of 
change and maximum limit device for iiressure fluid 
servomotor regulatiiiK systems. 2,541,805. Feb. 13. 
Berkey Harry L.. assi-nor to Landls Machine Coinnany. 
Waynesboro. Pa. Machine tool for taper threading!. 
2,557,069. June 19. 
Berkley. Warreu D. : See — 

Stuart, Joseph 111. and Berkley. 
Berkley. Warren D., Dayton. Ohio, asslgnoT to H-P-M 
Development Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Flold 
operable apparatus. 2,540.235. Feb. 6. 
Berkline Corporation, The, assignee : nee — 

Belisle, Adelard J. 
Berkman. Boris S. : Bee — 

Berkmuu. Sophia S. and B. S. 
Berkman. Sophia S. and B. S.. Chicago. 111. Extracting 

picnients trom plants. 2.567.362. Sept. 11. 
Berkoben. Charles W.. Irwin, and R. J. Bush. Qreens- 
burg. Pa., assignors to Westlnghouse Air Brake Com- 
pany. Inertia operated control device. 2.573,386, 
Oct. 30. ;* 

Berkowitz, Harry, assignor of one-half to E. Neufeld, New 
York, N. Y. Carrier for perfumed or other odoriferous 
material. 2,500.681, July 17. 
Berkroy Products. Inc. assignee: See — 

Berkson. Richard L. I 

IJerkson, .Maurice J.. Highland I ifk, assignor to Columbia 
Fastener Company, Chicago, 111. Packaging folder for 
snap fasteners. 2.560,520, July 10. 
Borkson. Morris J., assignee : See — 

Rosen. .Samuel. 
Berkson, Richard L., Enclno. assignore to Berkroy Prod- 
ucts, Inc.. Burbank. Calif. Sheet metal brake. 
2,564.459. Aug. 14. 
Berl. Ernst, deceaBcd, by W. G. Berl. executor, Pittsburgh. 
I'a. i:.\tracting oil from the earth. Re. 23.360. Apr. 24. 
Berl, Ernst, deceased, Pittsburgh. Pa.; W. G. Berl. execu- 
tor of said E. Berl. Production of valuable organic 
compounds from plant material. 2.551.579. May 8. 
Berl, Ernst, deceased, Pittsburgh. Pa.", by W. G. Berl, 
executor, Pittsburgh, Pa. Storage of liquid fuels. 
2.560.152. July 10. 
Berl. Ernst, deceased. Pittsburgh. Pa., by W. G. Berl. 
executor. Making activated carbon. 2.567.468. Sept. 
Berl. I^eo, assignor to Tennessee Products and Chemical 
Corporation, Chattanooga, Tenn. Photochemical for- 
mation of benzene hexachloride. 2,572,002. Oct. 23. 
Berl. \\, liter (;., executor: tite — 

Berl, Ernst. 
Berlant Associates, assignee: S«e- 

lierlant. Emmanuel. ,, Emmanuel : 8ee — 

King. Rollin W.. and Berlant. 
Berlant, Emmanuel, Culver City, assignor to Berlant 
Associates, Ix)b Angeles, Calif. Mlcrofllm camera. 
2,578.037. Dec. 11. 
Berlekamp, Kenneth, Fremont. Ohio. License plate rein- 
forcement sign. 2.579.537, Dec. 25. 
Berlenbach. Bernard E. : See — 

Brooke. Lloyd F.. Cull, and Berlenbach. 
Berllen, Paul B., Fort Wayne, Ind., assignor to General 

Electric Company. Twist drill." 2,570.664, Nov. 27. 
Berlin. Juan : See — 

DJerassi. Carl, Rosenkranz, and Berlin. 
Berliner, Abraliam, Brooklyn, assignor to Gollobln Dental 
Co., Inc., New Y'ork. N. Y'. Dental instrument construc- 
ti.>n. 2.552.134, .May 8. 
Berliner. Abraham, Brooklyn, assignor to Gollobln Dental 
Co., Inc., New Y'ork, N. Y. Dental Instrument con- 
struction. 2,569,844, Oct. 2. 

Berliner, Henry A.. Washington. D. C. Variable area tall 
pipe for Jet engines. 2,546,293. Mar. 27. 

Berlingter, Bernard E.. Elkins Park assignor to Quaker 
City Gear Works. Inc.. Philadelphia, Pa. Fishing reel. 
2.5(3,240. Oct. 30. 
Berlyn. Martin J., Enfield. Conn. Valve means for In- 
ternal-combustion engines. 2,573,301, Oct. 30. 
• Berman. Elsie L. : See — 

Berman, Jean S., E. L., and O. A. ' 

Berman, Elsif L. and O. A.. New York, N. Y. Detachable 

safety pocket flap. 2.546.084. Mar. 20. 
Berman. Frank E., assignee : Bee — 

Olyott. Ernest. 
Berman, (Justave S.. New York, N. Y. Sun and storm 

shield. 2..576.918. Dec. 4. 
Berman. Jean S.. E. L.. and O. A.. New Y'ork, N. Y. Pad 

for curling rods. 2..564,.558. Aug. 14. 
Berman. Joseph E. : See — 

Toulmln, Harry A.. Jr., and Berman. 
Berman. Oscar A. : See — f- 

Hcrman, Elsie L. and O. .A. ♦ i 

Berman, Jean S.. E. L.. and O. A. 
Berman, Oscar A., New York. N. Y. Foldable carton. 

2.543,275, Feb. 27. 
Berman, Oscar A.. New Y'ork, N. Y. Expandlble adhesive 

material. 2.555.564. J tine 5. 
Berman, Samuel, assljrnor to Waugh Equipment Company, 
New York, N. Y. Overload control circuit 2.537/)58, 
Jan. 16. 



Berman. Samupl, assignor to Waugh Equipment Company, 
Ni'w York. N. Y. Magnetic-type object detector. 
2.r>4D,r>r)7. Apr. IT. .J. . w 

Bernard, Arthur A.. ChlcaRO. 111. Arc welding torch 
and electrode. 2.5.^4.23rt. May 22. 

Bernard. Geoffrey O., London, assignor to Scophony 
Limited. Wembley. England. Cathode-ray tube modu- 
lation circuits for television recelver«.v .2.540.646, 
Feb. «. ^^ „ 

Bernard. George G.. and M. Savoy, assignors to The Pure 
Oil Companv. Chicago, III. Studying earth formationa 
employing carboa disulfide as a tracer. 2.578,.'iO(T; 
Dec. 11. . ^, , 

Bernard Harold A.. GloversvlUe. assignor to (•. L<'vor 
A Co Inc •V^'W York. .\. Y. Apparatus for facing July 3. 

Scob<'y. Mont., assignor to D. C. 
Centre, Minn. Conveyer hoist. 


Grand Rapids. Mich. Pump Jack. 
. East Orange. N. J. Manicuring de- 
ll. Tube protection 

Testing apparatus. 

T. Breast form. 

Hinge. 2.500,872. 

lejither or th<» likp. 
Bernard. Joseph P., 

Murphy. Sauk 

2..'>.'^0.904. May 1. 
Bernard. Lorn T.. 

2.573.948. Nov. 6. 
Bernard. Mildred B. 

vire. 2.^41.4.^9. Feh 1.3. 
Bernard. William B.. Portsmouth, N 

circuit. 2.572.832. Oct. 30. 
Bernjit. Ht>nrl • «''*• — 

Bemat. Raoul and H. 
Bemat. Raoul and H.. Bordeaux. France. Refrigerating 

mnclilnt» of the combined compression-absorption type. 

2.548.099. Apr. 10. ' 

Bernav Agencv Inc.. assignee : See — 

Austlld. Olav 
B«'rnhaum. n»>tty K.. New Y'ork, N. Y. Combination mop 

and dust hag. 2.502.230. July 31. 
Berndsen. William E.. Cleveland, Ohio. Adjustable flow 

fountain>e washer device. 2,577,872, Dec. 11. 
Berndtsun. John O. : See — 

Nabstedt. Arthur T.. and Borndtson. 
Bemer. Erilng. assignor to Isoleringsaktlebolaget WMB. 

Goteborg. Sweden. Insulated wall and room. 2.500.209. 

Julv 10. 
Bemet. Edwin J.. Washington. D. C. Antenna. 2.558.727. 

Bernet." Edwin J., and E. C. ITutter. Charlottesville. Va., 
assignors to Institute of Textile Technology. Uni- 
formity meter. 2.570,772. Nov. 27. 

Bernhanl. Rudolf K.. Trenton. N. J. 
2.542.227. Feb. 20. 

Bernhardt. I):ivid F.. Jamaica, N. Y 
laundering machine. 2.538,290, Jan 

Bernhardt, Ella H.. New York. N. 
2..'>42.019. Feb. 20. 

Bernhardt. Paul A.. Mil*raukt>e, Wis. 

Sept. 4. 

Bernhardt. Rudolph. Chicago. III. Dispensing closure top 
for servers or pitchers. 2.544.002, Mar. 6. 

Bernheiiii. Dnniel P. and W. .\. Gunning, assignors to 
•Anieriean Optical Company. Southbridge. Slass. Surfac- 
Insr mnchine. 2.548,418. Apr. 10. 

Bernler. Jean : See — 

Warnecke. Robert, and Bernler. 

Bernier, Jean, Pari.x, P'rance. assignor to Compagnle 

f;enerale de Telegraphie Sans Fil. Velocity ion 

electron discharge device of high power. 2,539.985, 

Jan. 30. 

Bernlk. Frank. Mount "Vernon. Wash. Make-up galley. 

2.577.072. Dec. 4. 
Berninger. Kenneth L. : See — 

Newman. John S.. and Bornlnger. 
Bernini. Giuseppe: See — 

Butturinl. Lulgl. and Bernini. 
Bemretirer. Herbert .A. : Srr — 

Simpson. Rav. and B«>rnreuter. 
Berns. Mel : See — 

Snrz. Frank, Berns, and Sontag. 
Bernstein. Ethel. ;»ssignee: See — 

Bernstein. LiUi in. 
Bernstein. Hiirrv. Elizabeth. N. J. Emergency road signal. 

2.557.8.59. June 19. 
Bernstein. Henry K., U. S. Navy. Radio ranging and 

craft identification system. 2.541,982, Feb. 20. 
Bernstein. Jack : See — 

nnteher J:imes I).. Bernstein and D*»xtor. 
Lott. William A.. Bernstein, and Heuser. 
Bernstein. Jack. New Brunswick. N. J., assignor to E. R. 
Sriiiihh k Sons, New York. N. Y. 6 cyclopropyl-2- 
thlouradl and preparing same. 2,538.960. Jan. 23. 
Bernstein. Lillian. I'.rlizhton. assignor of one-h.nlf to W. L. 
Stoddnrd. Wayland. and one-half to E. Bernstein. Bright- 
on. Mass. Antisllp pad. 2,501,777, July 24. 

Bernstein. Nahum A., assignee: See — | 

Z4-pelovlfch. Nathan. ' 

BernstJ'in. Osstp S., assignor of one-half to A. P. Arams, 

New York. N. Y. Cilp for pens and pencils. 2.588.907, 

Sent. 25. 
Bernstein. Robert. Omah.T. Nebr. Mounting for double 

drop trailer tanks. 2.558.108. June 20. 
Bernstein. Robert G.. Levlttown. assignor to Ruby-Phlllte 

Corp.. Queens County. N. T. Fixture support. 

2..V59.241. Julv .3. 
Bernstein. Ru^in. Philadelphia. Pa. Detergent testing 

machine. 2.568,707. Sept. 25. 

to Consolidated Engineering 
Calif. -Muss spectrometer. 

to Consolidated Engineering 
Calif. Linear simultaneous 

Bernstein. Seymour, and K. J. Sax, Pearl River, assignors 
to American Cyanamid Company, New York. N. Y. 
A5,7-androstadienolones and process. 2,571,330. Oct. 
Bernstein. Seymour, and K. J. Sax. Pearl River, assignor* 
to .American C.vanamld tOmpany. New York. N. Y. 
<'hole«teryl amines aud preparing the same. 2.577,226. 
Dec. 4. 
Bernstrom. Clarence R., East Greenwich. R. I. Water 

heater. 2,560,970. Sept. 4. 
Berrar, Karl L.. .San Jose. Calif., assignor to Food Ma- 
chinery and Chemical Corporation. Protective liner for 
can impellers. 2.507.090. Sept. 4. 
Berringer. Robert E.. Bloomflefd. N. J., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Union Carbide and Carbon Corpora- 
tion* Impreirnatlng composition for Insulating mate- 
rials. 2,572.000. Oct. 30. 
Berry Bros. Machinerv and Repair Works, assignee : See — 

I?errv. Sherman tl. 
Berry. Clifford E.. assignor to Consolidated Engineering 
Corporation. Pasadena. Calif. Mass spectrometer. 
2.537,025. Jan. 9. 
Beny. CiiHord E.. assignor 
(%>rporitlon. Pasiidena. 
2.54SH.-.0. Apr. 17. 
Berry, Clifford E.. .assignor 
Corporation. Pasjidena. 
equati<m solver. 2. .557, 070, June 19, 
Berry. Ell7.abeth F.. executrix : Bee-^ I 

■ Fisher, rharles B. 
Fisher. Gerrnide V. 
Berry. Frank, assignor to Berry Motors, Inc.. Corinth, 

Miss. Fluid power device. 2,536.486, Jan. 2. 
Berry, Frank. ii.-.sii:iior to Itcriv Mnior-. Im«-.. Corinth, 
Miss. F'luld compressor and the like. 2.545.600, 
Mar. 20. '^ 

Berrv. Frank, assignor to Berry Motors. Inc.. Corinth, 
Miss. Fluid motor of the rotarv abutment type. 
i>..548.3.'i9. Apr. 10. 
Berry. George W., Modesto, Calif. Milking system. 

2.504,030. Aug. 14. , 

Berry. GiVnn. assicnee: See^ I 

Sven<nien. Sl.lney O. 
Berrr. Jarties H. and M F., Eureka, Calif. Hat. 

2..578,219. Dec. 11. 
Berry. Kenneth L.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
k Company, Wilmington. Del. .Aqueous colloidal dis- 
persions of polytetratluorof'thylene and the formation 
»f shaped structures therefrom. July 10.. 
^erry. Kenneth L., Hockessin. assignor to E. I. du Pont 
■ de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. 
alk:ino|c compounds and their preparation. 
July 10. 

Berry. Kenneth L., Hockessin. assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Memours and Company. Wilmington. Del. .\qupoua 
colloidal dispersions of polymers. 2,559.752, July 10. 
Berry. Kenneth L.. Hockessin. and J. A. Bitties. Jr.. as- 
signors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours k Company, Wil- 
mington. Del. F'luoroalkylsulfurlc compounds. 2,559.751, 
July 10. 
Berrv. Laden S.. Plainvlew. Tex. Ditching and terracing 

attachment for tractors. 2,548.139. Apr. 10. 
Berry^ Mareuerlte V. : See — / 

Berry. James H. and M. F. ' 

Berry Motors. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Berry. Frank. 

Berry. Norman F.. assignor to Colonial Radio Corporation, 

Buffalo. N. Y. Radio-phonograph combination. 

2.536.123. Jan 2. 

Berry, Norton E., Newbu-gh. Ind., assignor to Servel, Inc., 

New York. N. Y. Air conditioning. 2.540,382. Mar. 27. 

Berry. Norton E., Newburgh, Ind.. assignor to Servel. 

Inc.. New York. N. Y. Absorption refrigeration. 

2.503.574. .Aug. 7. 
Betrv. Norton E.. Newhurg, Ind., assignor to Servel. Inc., 

New York. N. Y. Absorption refrigeration. 2,503,575, 

Aug. 7 
Berrv. Robert I.. Chicago, assignor of one-half to Jewel 

Tea Co.. Inc.. Barrlneton. III. Lighting fixture for 

elongated tubular lamps. 2.570.910. Oct. 9. 
Berrv. Ri>ger W.. Princeton. 111. Combined container and 


strjiw. 2.547.302, Apr. 3. 
Berry. Sherman E . assignor to Berry Bros. Maehinery 
and Kei>alr Worics. Dallas. Tex. Screw conveyer dltch- 
ini: machine. 2.545,010. Mar. 13. 

Berry. Theodore M.. Schenectady. N. T.. assignor to 
General Electric Company. Center of gravity indicator. 
2,540,807. Feb. 6. 
Berrv, Theodore R , West Orange, N. J. Mechanical boxer 

to.v. 2..5:{8.744. Jan. 23. 
BerrV. Verne H. : See — 

Briscoe. William F. R.. and Berry. 
Berry. William R. : See — 

McNea-y. Simuel S.. and Berry. 

Bersche. Fridolln E.. Waterloo, assignor of forty-nine per 
cent to R. L. Jacobs, Jacksonville, 111. Jeweler's vice. 
2.571.189. Oct. 10 

Bersworth. Frederick C. Verona. N. J. Caustic alkali 
composition of matter and its use as a polyvalent metal 
precipitation Inhibitor. 2,544,049. Mar. 13. 

Bersworth. Frederick C, Verona, N. J. Purifying ethylene 
diamine di acetic acid. 2.558.923. July 3. 



Beraworth, Frederick C, Verona. N. J. Polyethylene 
poly-amino acid compounds. 2,564,092. Aug. 14. 

Bert. Daniel (\. Monroe, Mich. Humidifier system for 
air-heatinB furnaces. 2,577.302, Dec. 4. 

Bert, Samuel. Dallas. Tex. Ice scraper. 2,558,335, June 

Berta, Joseph. Fairfield, assignor to Casco Products Cor- 
poration. Bridgeport, Conn. Hand power tool. 
2.r)76,063, Nov. 20. 

Bertea. Alex, deceased, Pasadena, by H. D. McKay, 
executor. Puente. Calif. Mechanically operated check 
valve. 2.568 982. Sept. 25. 

Bertein. Francois. Paris. France, as^signor to Compagnle 
Gcnoralf de Telegraphie Sans FU. Electronic mlcro- 
scop'. 2.547.994. Apr. 10. 

Bertelf, Ludwig. Heerbrugp. Switzerland. Wide-angle 
eyfpii'ce lens systt'in. 2.549.158. Apr. 17. 

Bertele, Ludwig, assignor to Henry Wild Surveying Instru- 
nxnt.s Supply Co. Ltd., Heerbrugg, Switzerland. 
Highly corrected photographic objective having four 
a.'v'ially air .spaced components. 2.549.159. Apr. 17. 

Bertele. Ludwig, Heerbrugg, Switrerland. Three-compo- 
nent objeotlvp lens 8,vstom. 2.562.012, July 24. 

Bertelsen, Svend I., Shrewsbury. Mass.. assignor to Wright 
Aeronautical Corporation. Securing members with a 
predetermined torque by a composite cap screw, 
2,544,522. Mar. 6. 

Berthf'l. Gust A.. Chicago, assignor to Jeff<'rson Electric 
Company. Bellwood, 111. Thermal time lag fuse. 
2.563.812. Aug. 14. 

Berthelot. Jean. Paris assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to Societe Maxicalor. Bezons, (S. O.). France. Feed- 
ing screw for pulverulent or granular material. 
2.569.039. Sept. 25. 

Berthene, Hugo, assignor to J. Bertbene. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Device for retaining doors ajar. 2.565.906. Aug. 28. 

Berthene. Hugo. Brooklvn. N. Y. Parachute dropping 
kite. 2.575.157, Nov. 13. 

Berthene Jane, assignee : See — 
Uerthene. Hugo. 

Berthier, Andrfi, Paris. R. Dumas, Boigneville, and A. 
Marx, Cannes, France. Trichromatic selective opthal 
light dividing device. 2,542^28, Feb. 20. 

Berthlez. Charles W., Paris. France. Oil recuperator for 
machine slldeways. 2,539.769. Jan. 30. 

Berthiez. Charles W.. Paris. France. Manually operated 
control switch for machine tools or the like. 2,545.837, 
Mar. 20. 

Berthiez. Charles W.. Paris. France. Machine tool for 
the machining of large annular workpieces. 2.545,838, 
Mar. 20. 

Berthiez. Charles W.. Paris. France. Device for locking 
machine slides. 2,551.237. May n. 

Bertin, Jean H.. and R. H. Marchal. assignors to Societe 
Nationale d'Etude et de Construction de Moteurs 
d'Aviatlon. Paris, France. Apparatus for transfer of 
fluids. 2.565,907. Aug. 28. 

Bertino. Fred. Flushing, N. Y. Pop-down toaster. 
2.5.-2.135. Miiv 8. 

Bertino. Louis rt.. Sidney, Mont. Jaws for welder's bench 
tongs. 2.565,750. Aug. 28. 

Bertoli. Ezio : .*cf — 

Radaelll. ITgo. and Bertoli. 

Bertolino. Gasper A. : .*>>« — 
Murphv. William P. 

Bertolus. Marcel M.. Paris. France. Tndtistrlal process 
for extracting rhenium. 2.570.107. Dec. 18. 

Bertorelll. Orlando L., and I. Williams, assignors to 
J. M. Huber Corporation. Borger, Tex. Preparation of 
mulllte. 2,536.122. Jan. 2. 

Bertnim. Simon H. : See — 

Dohbelman. Petrus B. H. M., and Bertram. 

Bertram. Simon H.. The Hague, assignor to F. A. Moller, 
Haren. Netherlands. Emulsifying agent making said 
emulsifying agent and water-ln-oil emulsion using said 
emulsifying agent. 2,5.'^2.706. May 15. 

Bertrand. Frederic E.. Lynn. Mass.. assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flemington. N J. Ma- 
chine for use In making insoles. 2,573,683. Nov. 6. 

Bertrand. Joseph V.. Brooklyn, assignor to Hydropress. 
Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Injection molding 
marhlne. 2,5.37.182. Jan. 9. 

Bertrand, Joseph V.,, N. Y.. and G. S. Shaw. 
Greenwich. Conn., assignors to Hydropress. Tncorpornt- 
ed. New York, N. Y. High-frequency dielectric heating. 
2.569.919. Oct. 2. 

Beryllium Corporation. The. assignee: See — 
Kawpcki. Henry C. and Bleleckl. 

Besag. Arnold. East Malvern, and J. S. Moss, Spotswood. 
Victoria, Australia. Fruit pitting machine. 2.565.165, 
Aug. 21. 

Besae. Ernst, and W. E Hill. Sfreetlv, and T. D. G. 
WIntle. assignors to J. A. Crabtree & Co. Limited. 
Walsall. England. Electromagnetlcally operated switch. 
2.565.467. Aug. 28. 

Besag. Ernst, and W. E. Hill. Streetly. and T. D. G. Win- 
tie, assignors to J. A. Crabtree & Co. Limited. Wal.«!all. 
Entrland. Autvimatic circuit b-eakor and similar elec- 
trical ' 2.565.468, Aug. 28. 

Besag. Ernst, and W. E. Hill. Streetly, and T. D. G. 
WIntle. as.signorg to J. A. Crabtree & Co. Limited, 
Walsall. England. Contact mechanism for automatic 
circuit breakers and similar electrical switcbgear. 
2,569.281. Sept. 25. 

Bescher, Ralph H., Orrvllle. Ohio, assignor to Koppers 
Company, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa. Wood preservation. 
2,.545,222. Mar. 13. 

Beseler. Charles, Company, assignee : See — 
Field. Philip M. 

Besemer. Arthur M. : See — 

Sliarp. Paul F.. Peebles. Hawk, and Besemer. 

Besner, Max, Montreal. Quebec. Canada. Two-part strap 
cutting tooL 2,536,023, Jan. 2. 

Bess, Archie I.: See — 

Bess. Roland T. and A. I. 

Bess, James V., Leavenworth, Wash. Small tool steril- 
izer. 2.549.160, Apr. 17. 

Bess, Leon, Boston, Mass., assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to the United States of America as represented bv the 
Secretary of the Navy. Coincidence circuit. 2,53^,500, 
Jan. 16. 

Bess. Leon. Boston, Mass., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to the I'nited States of America as represented 
by the .Secretary of War. Pulse discrimination circuit 
responsive to double sets of pulses. 2,580.213, Dec. 

Bess, Leon, Kansas City, Mo., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to the United States of America as represented 
by the Secretary of War. Video amplifier circuit, 
2..543.431. Feb. 27. 

Bess, Roland T. and A. I., Salt Lake City, Utah. Broach. 
2,574,953. Nov. 13. 

Besse. Arthur L.. Jr., lyexlngton, assignor to Dewey and 
Almy Chemical Company, North Cambridge. Mass. 
Plastlclzing' vinylldene chloride polymers. 2,555,284, 
May 29. 

Begselraan, Wayn»^X., Philadelphia, and R. L. Davis, II, 
Merwood. assignors to l.«ed8 and Northrup Company, 
Philadelphia. Pa. Control of constituent potentials. 
2.,541.857, Feb. 13. 

Besser. Charles S.. Charlotte. N. C. Circulating hot-air 
furnace. 2.564,775, Aug. 21. 

Besser Manufat turing Co.. assignee : See — 
Zevely, Thomas K. 

Bessey, Carlton E., Red Bank. N. J. High-frequency os- 
cillatory apparatus. 2,.'541,739, Feb. 13. 

Besslerfe, Pierre E., Paris, and L. E. Ponsy, Cllchv, 
assignors to Socletv "Silto." S. A., Paris. France. Heat- 
ing ilevice of the hot-air type. 2,549,362, Apr. 17. | 

Bessler?. Pierre E., Paris, assignor to Societe Electt"o- 
Mecanique de I'Aveyron S. A., Rodez. France. Device 
to prevent overheating of shaft bearings. " 2,566,715, 
Sept. 4. 

Bessifere Pierre E.. assignor to Societe Electro-Mecanlqne 
de L'.\vpyron S. .\.. Rodez, F'rance. Cooling deviep tor 
electrical apparatus in particular electric brakes. 
2..'»75,OO0, Nov. 13. 

Besson, Raoul : f^ee — 

Lhermitte. Yves, and -Besson. 

Bessonneau. Matirlce. Puteaux. France. Hold-down and 
linkage assembly for con\ertlble tops. 2,578.990, Dec. 

Bessonneau. Maurice. Puteaux. France. Collapsible 
vehicle top. 2.578.991. Dec. 18. 

Begsot, Leonce E.. Paris, and P. Caret. Cholsy-Le-Roe, 
assignors to Societe des TTsines Chimiques Rhone- 
Ponlenc. Paris, France. Production of a salt of 
p chlorophenyl cyanamide and isopropylguanldlne. 
2. .5.56.31 5, June 12. 

Best Foods. Inc.. The. assicnee : See — 

Gooding, Chester M.. Morrill, and Sciter. 
Morrill. Elliott. Seller. ,nnd Gonrling. 
Selter. Eugene D.. Gooding, and Morrill. 
Vahltelch. Hans W.. Gooding, and Neal. 

Best, Fredric L.. Felixstowe, assignor to Best Products 
Limited. Suffolk, England. Coffee perrolator and like 
liquid heating devices. 2.562.763, July 31. 

Best, Frank A., assignee: See — 

Ross, Stewart R. 
Best, Frank A.. Wlndftor. Ontario, Canada. Broaching 

machine. 2 546.962. Apr. 3. 
Best. Frank E.. Indianapolis. Ind. Keeper. 2,568,983, 

Sept. 25. 
Best, Frank E., Indianapolis. Ind. Knob set privacy 

latch. 2 574,726, Nov. 13. 
Best. Frank E.. Indianapolis, Ind. Privacy latch. 

2.576.440. Nov. 2T. 
Best. John H.. & Sons, Inc., assignee :' See — - 

Best. Leon H. 
Best. Leon H.. assignor to John H. Best & Sons. Inc., 

Oalva. 111. Bearing and lock for display racks. 

2..565.644. Aug. 28. 
Best. Leon H.. assignor to John H. Best & Sons, Inc., 

Galva, 111. Bearing for display racks. 2,565,645, Aug. 

Best Manufacturliig Co., Inc., assignee : See — 

Steers. William F. 
Best. Mar<ellu8, Jr. : See — 

Helterllne, Leo L., Jr., Best, and Bunblasky. 
Best, Norman M., Hendon, London, England. Electric 

circuit breaker. 2,539.567. Jan. 30. 

Best, Percy, Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corporation, 
Highland Park, Mich. Brake beam support 2,537.002. 
Jan. 9. 

Best Products Limited, assignee : Bee — 
Best, Fredric L. 



to General 

Y. Metal- 



Best Stanley G.. Mftnrhf>«t»r, asfllrnor to United' Aircraft 

Corporation. Kant Hartford, Conn. Magnetic device. 

2.5fS).7-'3. Dec. 25. „ . . 

Best, \ViI>on V.. iinxxd Rapids. Mich. Stacking recop- 

tacle. 2,545.758, Mar. 20. 
Beatehorn, Helnrich H., Easton, Pa., aaslgnor 

Aniline & Film Corporation, New York, .\. 

llzed aio djrentDff and producing the same. 

Jan. 23. 
Bestehorn. Helnrich H.. C.len Rock, and W 

Nickel.^, Little York, X. J., asslsnors to General .Aniline 

A KUm Corporation. NVw York. N. Y. Metalliferous 

monoazo dyestuffsi. 2.5C0.502, July 10. 
Bete F'og Nozzle. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Bete, John I.'. 
Bete. John U.. assignor by mesne assignments, to Bete Fog 

Nozzle. Inc.. Grvenlield, Mass. ^)piral tilm spray nozzle. 

Re. •Jn.41.'i. Oct. 2 
Beth. Walter P. : See — 

Hotter, Norman P.. and Beth. 
Betliaiiciiiirr. Kaoul J., ('•irimx Chrlstl. Tox.. a.«8lfnior to 

Sun Oil Company. IMilladelptiia. I'a. Shockproof case 

for bort'holp ineasurinK instruint-nts. 2.577.599, Dec. 4. 
Bethe. Kucene J.. Mishawaka. Ind.. assignor to United 

States Hubbvr Company. .Vow York. N. Y. I..atex foamed 

with hydrogen peroxide and a polyamlne. 2.507,988, 

Sept. 1H. 
Bethea. Sam R. : See — 

Schiller, James C. Bethea. and Mosesman. 

Bethig. Eric A., assignor to Willson Products. Inc.. Read 
Ing. Pa Gas mask canister. 2.575.483. Nov. 20. 

Bethlehem Foundry and Machine Company, assignee: 
See — 

Toner. James E. J. 
Bethlehem Steel Company, assignee : See — 

Hjorlo. John K 

Chamberlin. Alan C. and Weigle. 

Farmer, Quenrin H. 

Fisher. Andrew J. 

Martin. Walter N.. and Riedel. 

Nleman. Henry W. 

Reed John C. 

Riddle, (ieorge H. 

Wright. Charles M.. and Miller. 
Bethlehem Supply Ampany, a.sslgnee : See — 

Eaton. John F. 
Bettan. Marfin. Brooklyn. N. Y., assignor to Mnltenna Cor- 
poration. Philadelphia. Pa. Multiple antenna svstem 
for television 2..'>7l,r,r>0. Oct. KV 

Bcttcher. Mortimer L.. deceased. Dayton, Ohio: D. L. B. 
Tameiin;:. administratrix of said M. L. Bettcher. Anti- 
skid tire chain. 2.537.392. Jan. 9. 

Bettencourt, Alfred S., East Orange, N. J. Sandwich 

sprea<ler. 2.539,225, Jan. 23. 
Bettendorf Company. The. assignee : See — 

Schrage. Frederick S. 
Better Packages Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Krueger. Theodore H. 
Betterton. Ceorpe M.. Piedmont, and A. J. Mello. Berkeley. 

Calif. roa<I supporting rack. 2.554.fi57. Mav 29. 
Bettison. Divld C. Omaha. Nebr.. assignor 

Switch and Signal Companv. Swiasvale. 

?rotectlon apparatus. 2,565,117, Aug. 21. 
tonl. F:iig.>ne C. : See — 
Colvln, Clifford, and Bettonl. ' 

Beti. Herman, Wethersfleld. Conn., ns.signor to Underwood 
Corporation, New York. N. Y. Ribbon vibrating mech- 
anism for typewriting and like machines. 2.541.191, 
Feb 13. 

Betz. Paul L.. assignor to Consolidated tJas Electric Light 
and Power Company of Balrlmore. Haltlmore Md 
Electrical energizing means for limit control devices 
and the like. 2.5«9,.'507. Sept. 25. 

Betz. Paul L.. Baltimore. Md.. and S. Karrer Washing- 
ton, D. C. assignors to Consolidated Gas Electric Light 
and Power Company of Baltimore. Baltimore, Md. Coal 
handling system. 2.573.535. Oct. 30. 

Ben. Karl E.. Bartlesvllle. and H. H. Haassen. Norman. 

Okla.. asslgnorit to Phillips Petroleum Company. X-ray 

diffraction apparatus. 2.543,825, Mar. 6. 
Beuck. Coin .1., P.el.len. Fountain p4'n hoMer. 

2. ."45 .'40, Mar. 21). 
Beuckens. Jacobus, and E. A. J. Mol. Venlo, Netherlands. 

assignors to Hartford National Bank A Trust Company. 

Hartford. Conn., as trustee. Cable with air insulation. 

2.536.904. Jan. 2. 
Beuer, Frederick G.. assignor to Carter Carburetor Cor- 
poration. St. Louis, Mo. Dual control switch. 2.546.847, 

Mar. 27. 
Beukelmnn, Henry. Camden, Maine. Florist's pack and 

Jacket for the same. 2.540.707. Feb. 6. 
Beukema. WlUem : See — 

Van Loon. Carel J., and Beukema. 

Van Loon, Carol J.. Beukema. Schurlnk, and Weyers. 
Beurtheret, Charles A. E.. Paris. France, assignor to 

General Electric Company. Frequency multiplier. 

2.536.794, Jan. 2. 
Beurtheret, Charles A. E., Paris, France, assignor to 

General Electric Company. Linear amplifier system. 

2.552.136. May 8. 

to The Union 
Pa. Traffic 

Beutal. Ralph H.. Newark, and J. A. Elder. Jr.. Plalnfleld, 
assignors to Merck A Co.. Inc.. Rahway. N. J. Crystal- 
line sulfaqulnoxallne and acetone and its production. 
2.540.236. Feb. 6 , 

Beutei. I'tuilp K.. assignee : .^"c« — I 

Toby. .Max E. 

Bevan. John G.. assignor to Guggenheim Brothers. New 
York. N \'. Sewage treatment. July 10 

Bevarly. Henrv W. assignor to The Gird'er Corporation, 
Louisville, Ky. ' Apparatus for treating materials. 
2.578.393. Dec. 11. 

I'.everly. .Nelson E.. Wllllamstown. assignor to Sprague 
Electric Companv. North .Xtl^ims. Mass. Artlfl( lal trans- 
mission line. 2.537.9.59. Jan. 16. 

Beverly. .Nelson E.. Great .Neck. N. T.. assignor to Sprague 
Electric Companv. North .Adams, Mass. Artificial trans- 
mission line. 2..'552..'?06. May S. 

Beverly Vogue Company, assignee : See — 
Chase. Adlne P., and Rosenfeld. 

Bevln Bros. Mfg. Co.. assignee: See — 
Moard. Eric. 

Bevln. Chauncey O.. 2nd. Sherman Oaks, Calif. Clothes- 
pin. 2.540.237. Feb. 6 

Bevlngton. Kenneth .A.. Evanston. 111. Confectionery ar- 
ticle. 2. .564.040. Auc. 14. 

Estates, assignor to Bendlx 
Teterboro, N. J. Pump. 

Bevins. James E.. Ramsey 

Aviation Corporation. 

2.544.976. Mar i:V 
Bevins. James V... Ramsey, 

Corporation, Teterboro. 

2,.5r>3.207. Aug. 7 
Bevins. James E.. Ramsey. 

assignor to Bendlx .Aviation 
N. J. Air-speed Indicator. 

and R W. Hyde. Enclewood, 
assignors to Pendlx .Aviation Corporation, Teterboro, 
N. J. PaiH'r winding mechanism for recording Instru- 
ments. 2.551,S66. Mav S 

Bevls. James J.. Sheffield. Ala. Game balance. 2,551.720, 
May 8. 

Bevls. William A., Middlesex, and E. H. C. Thorpe. Surrey, 
assignors to C. A. V. Limited. A<ton. London. England. 
Engine starting mechanism. 2.539.179. Jan. 23. 

Beweg .\.-G.. assignee : See — 
Moser, Rudolf. 

Beyer. Charles J.. Pasadena, Calif. Waste receiver. 
2..5.53.232. May 15. 

Bever, Elmer J.. Rerwvn, and G. M. Banmann. Chicago, 
ill. Nipper type dry shaver. 2.553.741. May 22. 

Beyer. Millard L.. Hempstead, asslcnor to The Interna- 
tional Postal Supply Company, Brooklyn. N. T. Check 
feeding apparatus. 2 572.304. Oct. 23 

Bever, Oscar P.. Jr., Grand Haven, Mich. Nozzle for 
faucets. 2.570.635. Oct. 9. 

Beyer, Robert T.:\Ser — 

Rossi. Bruno. Sack. Bever. and Miller. 

Beyers. Meredith, and J. A. Sadony. Montague, assignors 
to Continental Motors Corporation. Muskegon. Mich. 
Metal defect testing method. 2.571.409. Oct. 16. 

Bevmer. Frank R.. Mansfield, Ohio. Window frame. 
^.563.511. Ang. 7 

Beyon. .lohn K.. Chicago. 111. Combination deen well 
and top cooking unit for cookstoves. 2..">66.440. Sept. 4. 

P.evrodt. Kurt. Wllliston Park, assignor, bv mesne asslen- 
ments. to E. L. Becker. Flushing. C F. Ko'h Great 
Neck. R. B. Eddv. Flushlne and K. Bevrodt. Wllliston 
Park. N. Y. Therapeutic bath apparatus. 2. .555. 726. 
June 5. 

Bevrodt. Kurt. Wllliston Park. N. Y. Sterilized toilet seat. 
i!..563.09.". Aug. 7. 

Bezy, Georges, Paris. France, assicnor to Compagnle 
Generale de Telegraphle Sans Fll .Amplifier of very 
high fre^iuency. 2.550.7.59. May 1. 

Binch. .John T<.. Cranford. N. J., assignor to Air Reduc- 
tion Companv. Tncorporatod Control svstem for billet 
cutting machines. 2.578.77<<. Dec. IS. 

Blamonte. T.^nls. Waterbury, Conn. Radio station selector. 

2.572.976. Oct. 30. 
Blan. John T.. Chicago, III., assignor to the partnership 

composed of J. T. Blan. .A. Zwisslg. W. J. Spellman, 

B. H. Williams. E. Booth, and T. V. 

traction drier. 2.574,085. Nov, 6. 

Blanca. Carmelo J.. Sr.. Indianola. Mlsfc 
trolling device. 2.5GS.4S1. Sept. 18. 

Bianchl. Ambrose. San Francisco, 
2.538.501. Jan. 16. 

Bl.-yichi, .Amhro«!e. and W. H. Harmnn. San Francisco. 
Calif. Toy cable car system. 2.576.904. Dec. 4. 

Blanco. Henry R.. Herciilaneum. Mo.. A. H. W. Busby 
and R. .A. Giles. Trail. British Columbia, assignors to 
The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of 
Canada. Limited. Montreal. Quebec. Canada. Pyrome- 
ter. 2.570.514. Nov. 27. 

Blarnasis. Paul : See — 

Chassalng, Pierre, and Biarnals. 

Blasl. .Angelo: See — 

Fellp. Jeanne, and Biasl. 

BIbby. Alfred T.. and H. A. Dukett. Lynn. Mass. Paint- 
ing shoe buckles. 2.570,093. Oct. 2. 

Pdbbv. J.. A Sons Limited, assignee : See — 
Kllllp. Robert E. 

BlMe. Mllb.rt D.. Moshelm, Tenn. I,lne clamp. 
2.545.56.5. Mar. 20. 

Blbler. Dallas D.. Wyandotte, assignor to Burroughs Add- 
ing Machine Company. Detroit. Mich. Combined ledger 
tray and holder for business forms. 2,564.244. Aug. W. 

McDnvltt. Ex- 
Accelerator con- 
Calif, ladder. 




RpdlnR. Evanston, 
2..'5o3.842. May 21-'. 
Redinjj, Evanston, 
for ^as meters. 

Mechanism for 
Depth sounding 
Color sorting 

Bice, Graham W., Rosemont, Pa., asaignor to The Babcock 
it Wilcox Company, Korklelgh, N. J. Air swept piilver- 
irer having an occentrlrally arranged air throat flow 
area. 2.ri4.') .254. Mar. l.'i. 

Bicek. Joseph F , St. I'aul, Minn. Vaginal speculum. 
2.r)7.*). :;-,;{. Nov. 1.?. 

Bick. .Ma.x. rhiludelphla. Pa. Paint applicator. 2.548,580, 
Apr. 10. 

Blckel, Clifford A.. S. A. Drandenburg. and T. Foster, as- 
signors to The Monarch Machine Tool Co., Sldn»'y, Ohio. 
Machine tool. 2,557.8r.O, .Iuii»* 19. 

Blckel. Clifford A., assignor to The Monarch Machine Tool 
Co., Sidney, Ohio. Apparatus for operating lathes. 
2..'>ni.724. .lulv 24. 

Blckel. Ferdinand D. W., Wilmington. Del., R. A. G. Earich. 
Pittsburgh, I'.i., and H. A. I^ewis. assignors to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington, Del. lUast- 
ing device. 2.r)4ti.«8«, Mar. 27, 

Blckel. Ferdinand D. W.. H. A. Lewis. Wilmington. Del.. 
an<I I{. II. Mocklenborg, Philadelphia, Pa.. as8ignor.s to 
v.. I. du I'ont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. 
Del. Blasting device. 2,500,511. Oct. 2. 

Blckel. Forrest F. and K. M., Farmersvllle. Ohio. Com- 
bination iiump and power take-off. 2.571,105, Oct. 10. 

Bick<'l. .lauK's .M. : sre—- 

Yotinjr. William R.. and Bickoi. 

Blckel. Kenneth M. : f^re — 

B|. kel, Forrest F.. and K. M. 

Blckel. .lo.seph W.. Skokie. and J. A 
111. Remote register for gas meters. 

Blckel. .Joseph W.. Skokie. and .T. A 
111. Remote Indicating register 
2.55.3,843. May 22. 

Blckelhaupt. George B.. Jr.. assignor to The Monomelt 
Co.. Inc., .Minneapolis. Minn. Automatic depth control 
for presses. 2.561,109, .Tnlv 17. 

Blckley, Everett II.. Rala-CVnwvd. Pa. 
rrackiuL' nuts. 2,501,170. .luly 17. 

Blcklfv. Everett M., Penn Vallev Pa. 
apparatus. 2,501,171, July 17.* 

Blckley. Everett II., Hala-Onwyd. Pa. 
marhlne. 2.580,275, Dec. 2o. 

Blckley, N. A., assignee : See — 
Rath, Lee A. 

Blcknell. George M.. assignor to Carter Carburetor Corpo- 
ration, St. Louis. Mo. Carburetor for submersible 
vehirles. 2.556.403. June 12. 

Blcknell. George M.. assignor to Carter Carburetor Cor- 
poration, St. Louis. Mo. Carburetor. 2.503,090 Aug 7 

Blckness, Jolin A.. Westbrook. and S. J. Johnson, Portland. 
Maine, assignors to S. D. Warren Company, Boston. 
Mass. Moldproofing mineral coated papers. 2,548 640 
Apr. 10. 

Bicocchl. Louis. La Salle. III. Variable tone duck call. 

2.550.388, June 12. 
Bidaud, Auguste F.. Serezin-du-Rhone, assignor to Societe 

des I'sines Chimliiues Rhone-Poulenc, Paris. France. 

Preparation of methyl siloxanes. 2,556.897. June 12. 
Bidaud, Auguste F.. Serezin-du-Rlione. assignor to Societe 

des Usines Chimiques Rhone-Poulenc. Paris. France.- 

Producing a siliceous composition and the composition 

thereof. 2.567,310, Sept. 11. 

Bidaud. Auguste F.. Serezin-du Rhone, and P. P Peyrot. 

Feyzln. assignors to Societe des Usines CheiiiiViues 

Rhone-Poulenc. Paris. France. Production of a w.iter 

rei>elllng composition and the composition thereof. 

2.5r,r.:u5, Sept. 11. 
Bidaud, Auguste F.. SerezIn-du-Rhone. and P Dumont 

Lyon, assignors to Societe des Csincs Chimliues 

Rhone-Poulenc. Paris. France. Production of organo- 

slllcon derivatives. 2.573,302, Oct. 30. 
Bldiile. William M.. St. Louis, Mo., assignor to Vulcan 

Corporation. Cincinnati, Ohio. Width grading shoe 

lasts. 2,570,510. Oct. 9. 
Blddle. William P., Jr. : tier — 

Sanford. Hugh W.. and Blddle. 
Biddlecombe. Walter L., Indianapolis. Ind. Muffler with 

I)liiral passages and side branch chambers. 2,501,557, 

July 24. 
Bifliium. Frank J.. Rockford. 111. Combination tooth- 
brush, water glass, and soap holder. 2,570.500. Nov. 

Bleber. Claren<^* G.. and W. F. Sumpter, Huntington, 

W Va.. assicnors to The International Nickel Companv. 

Inc . New York, N. Y. High-temperature alloys arid 

articles. 2,570,193. Oct. 9. 

Blel)er, Clarence G., and W. F. Sumpter. Huntington. 

W. Va.. assignor.*! to The International Nickel Gompanv, 

Inc.. .New York. N Y. Production of high-temperatufe 

alloys and articles 2.570.194, Oct. 9. 
Biederman, Joseph B., Cincinnati. Ohio. Needle threader. 

2.544.003. Mar. 6. 
Bie-ajski. Km. St W.. deceased, Buffalo, N. Y. ; M. H. 

lUegajski, administratrix. Garment button. 2.549,883, 

Apr. 24. 
Biegajski, Margaret B., administratrix: See — 

Blegjjjski. Ernest W. 
Blegen. John M.. Great Neck, N. Y. Extendable step 

ladder. 2.570,277, Nov. 27. 
Blelecki. Edwin J. : .See — 

Kaweckl. Henry C. and Blelecki. 

one-half to 
outlet with 


Bleiek, Alfred D.. Nutley. N. J. Dynamic noise and 
scratch suppression. 2.541.326. Feb. 13. 

Blelenberg, Raymond G.. Berwyn, assignor to Automatic 
Electric Laboratories. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Line and sta- 
tion detecting apparatus. 2.562.594, July 31. 

Bielik, Paul G. : See— 

iJallagher, William P.. and Bielik. 

Blolstein. Walter J.. Houston. Tex. assignor, by mesne 
assicnments to Standard <11I Development Company, 
Elizabeth. N. J. Dull bit indicator. 2.560.328. July 10. 

Bielstein. Walter J.. Houston. T-ex.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Standard Oil Development Company, 
Elizabeth. N. J. Device for spinning pipe. 2.565.345. 
Aug. 21. 

Blen, Albert H., Wynnewood, Pa. Device for preforming 
corrugated material for lamp shades. 2,579.171. Dec. 

Blenalmfi, Robert. Paris. France. Fuel pump for internal- 
combustion engines. 2.554.084, May 22. 

Bienfalt, Henr', Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Ha'rtford, 
Conn . as trustee. Manufacturing electronic tubes 
with active getters. 2.540,647, Feb. 6. 

Blerhach. Frank E.. and C. K. Barton, Erie, Pa., assignors 
to H. Freedman. New York. N. Y. Denture. 2,555,392. 
June 5. 

Bierce, Burton B.. Pewaukee. assignor of 
E. A. Andrus. Milwaukee. Wis. Electrical 
Insulating c'osures. 2.579,538. Dec. 25. 

Bierig. Carl W., Joplin. Mo. Mailbox with transparent 
auxiliary receptacle. 2.501,007, July 17. 

Bierman. Arthur D. : See — 

Jawett. Joseph A., and Bierman. 

Bierman. Harry C. assignee: See — 
Strickman. Samuel W. 

Bierman. Howard R., San Francisco. Calif. 

type blood pressure gauge. 2.549.049. | Apr. l7. 

Bierman, Hubert J.. Chatham, N. J., assignor to Ingersoll- 
Itand Company, Now Yijrk. N. Y. Device for treating 
food material. 2,5.'?9,226, Jan. 23. 

Bierman, Hubert J.. Chatham. N. J., assignor to Ingersoll-. 
Rand Company. New York, N. Y. Apparatus for proc- 
essing packaged food material. 2.503.576. Aug. 7. 

Bierman, William. New York. N. Y. Kxerclser for the 
carpal-tarsal lolnts. 2,!>42.074. Feb. 20. 

Biermann, David, assignor to Hartzell Ipdustrles, Inc., 
Piipia, Ohio. Mechanism for controlling propellers., May 15. 

Biermann. David, assignor of one-half to Hartzell In- 
dustries Inc.. Pifpin. Ohio. Hvdranllcallv operated 
variable pitch propeller. 2, 554, Oil. May 29. 

Biermann. William A. : See — 

Pawelskv, Vernon R., McCartv, Biermann, and 

Biermann. William A., and V. R. Pawelsky. Milwaukee. 
Wis,, assignors to A P Controls Corporation. Fluid flow 
control device. 2,547.995. Apr. 10. 

I'.iennann. William A., and L. V. McCarty. Milwaukee, 
Wis., assignors to A P Controls Corporation. Multl- 
hiirner fnel enntrcl d.^ine. 2,549.413. Apr. 17. 

Blerwirth. Rudolph A, : See — 

Brown. George H.. and Blerwirth. 
Shoup, Allen A.. Blerwirth. and Olson. 
Blerwirth, Rudolph A., Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of -America. Subjecting effervescent mate- 
rials to an electric field. 2,551.360, May 1. 
Biery, Arthur, assignor of one-half to 
Pine Island, Minn. Broom holder. 

Bierv, John E.. Jersey City, N. J. 

structlon. 2.571.006, Oct. 9. 
Bigelow, John E. : See — 

Rich. Theodore A., and Blgelow. 

Blgeiow. John E.. Schenectady. N. Y., 
Klectrlc Company. Magnetic 
2.548.581. Apr. 10. 
Bigeiow. John E.. Schenectady. N. T.. 
Electric Companv. Direct -current 
rangement. 2,507,088, Sept. 11. 
Bigelow-Llptak Corporation, assignee : See — 

Werner, Nels K. 
Blgelow. Merle E.. Marysvllle, ' Ohio. Variable tension 

circular jaw animal trap. 2,543.826. Mar. 6. \ 

Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Co., Inc., assignee: See — 
<'ook. Jerome E. 
Jackson, Robert J. 
Blgelow. William K.. Madison. N. 

2.573.827. Nov, 6. 
Bigg''. Henry W. : Sre — 

Shrader. Fred W., and Bigge. 
Bigger. Richard P.: Set — 

Magill, Donald G.. and Bigger. 

Biggert. Florence C. Jr.. assignor to 

& Foundry Company, i'ittsburgh, 

2,571,007. Oct. 9. 
BU'gert, Florence C. Jr., assignor to 

& Foundry Company, I'ittsburgh, 

L. W. Thomforde, 
2.550.956. May 1. 

Armor block con- 

assignor to General 
switching device. 

assignor to General 
meter damping ar- 

Ilosiery packaging. ^ 

United Engineering 
Pa. Relief valve. 

United Engineering 
Pa. Universal cou- 

pling. 2,577,508. De.^. 4. 
Biggs, Earl U., Portland, Oreg. Returning roll toy. 

2,575,743, Nov. 20. 
Biggs, John H. : See — 

Foster, John C, Sr., Biggs, and Foster. 



Blggu. Noriia W.. Miami Shores, Fla., and O. M. Hender- 
son, Akron, Ohio, assignors to The B. F. Goodrich Com- 
pany, New York. N. Y. Mold cleaning apparatus. Ke. 
2;i.3Jl. Jan. 9. 
Biggs. Paul. Imperial. Tex., assignor to StanoUnd Oil and 
Ohs Company, T\Usa. Okla. Core drilling. 2.540.3Sd. 
F«-b. 6. 
Blgsby. Robert L., Lancaster. Mo. E.xtenslble storage 

compartment for automobiles. 2,57(3.385. Nov. 27. 
Blgwood, John A., Stamford, Conn., assignor to Air Re- 
duction Company. Incorporated. Overvoltage protec- 
tive device. 2,562.682. July 31. 
Blgwood. Joshua, and Son, Limited, assignee : See — , 
I'Uton. John B. 

Tinley, Ernest L., and Cartwright. 
Blhaly. Lajos. London. England. Apparatus fer plotting 

graphs. 2.567.632. Sept. 11. 
Bihler. Walter O.t Franklin, assignor to Spev^'ial Machine 
St Engineering Companv. Hazel Park. Mich. Indexible 
table. 2.558.289, June 26. 
Bljl, Plet«»r C. J.. Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to 
llartford National Bank and Trust Company., Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Cylindrical object manufactured by 
the extrusion process. 2,564,093. Aug. 14. 
Bllbe. Charles W. : See — 

Woody. Guy V., and Bllbe. 
Bilbe. Charles W.. Wauwatosa, assignor to Allis-Chalraers 
Manufacturing Company, .Milwaukee, Wis. Solvent 
extraction apparatus. 2.545.93^. Mar. 20. 
Bilde, Tord E. D.. assignor to Aktlebolaget Klektrolux, 
Stockholm, Sweden. Suction nozzle with work-oper- 
ated valve. 2.562.167, July 31. 
Bllderbeck, James L.. Jacksonville. Fla. Take-up reeling 
mechanism for electrically operated lawn mowers. 
2,56t;.512, Sept. 4. 
Biles. John L. : See^ 

Hermanson. Donald A., and Biles. 
Bilisoly. Julius P. : tfee — 

Kimberlln. Charles N.. Jr.. and Bilisoly. 
Bill, Clifford E.. Louisville. Ky.. assigaor to General 
American Transportation Corporation, Chicago. 111. 
Rotary drier. 2.578.166, Dec. 11. 
Bin, (ieorge W., assignor to Avco Manufacturing Cor- 
poratlon, Cincinnati. Ohio. Television receiver cabinet 
construction. 2.562.257, July 31. 
BUI. John H. ; See — 

Davis. Christopher A.. Bill, and Morley. 
Bill. Robert O.. San Leandro. Calif. Relatively vertically 
adjusting a vehicle draft mechanism and bed. 2.546.491. 
Mar. 27. 
Bill. Robert C, San Leandro. Calif, 
body elevating and lowering means. 
Bill. Robert O.. San Leandro. Calif, 
with elevating and lowering bodv. 
Billet. Philip, and I. Levy. New York, 
back or headrest. 2.565,015, Aug. 21. 
Bllleter. Jean-Ken^ : See — 

Miescher. Karl, and Billetor. 
Bllleter. Johann, Zurich, Switzerland. Plug connection 
for electric conductors. 2.554.554, May 29. % 

Blllheimer, James C. : See — 

Capron. Phillip L.. and Blllheimer. 
Bllllar. Irvin A.. Depew. N. Y. Mold with riser and 

exothermic insert. 2.568,428, Sept. 18. 
Billing, Olle, Norrkoplng. Sweden, assignor to Hartford 
National Bank and Trust Company trustee. Hartford 
Conn. Voltage stabilizer. 2,573.388 Oct 30 
Bllllnghurst. Wilfred A.. Elizabeth, N. J.' Convertible 
rocking or rolling amusement device for children 
2..^41,327, Feb. 13. 
Billings, Charles K.. Evansville. Ind., assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Milk cooler. 2.546 718 
Mar. 27. 
Billings. William P., assignor of one-half to H. G. Strom 
Ashevllle. N. C. Portable hydraulic wheel and rim 
Jack. 2.558.535, June 26. 
Billing.sley, Alva. I^mesa. Tex. Door check and closing 

device. 2..^43..^«5. Feb. 27. 
Biningsley. (Jordon D., Los Altos, Calif. Hypodermic 

svrinee. 2, ."45.017. Mar 13. 
Billlngsley. William F . Silver Lake. Ohio, assignor to The 
B. F. Goodrich Company, New York, N. Y Tire 
2.575.439. Nov. 20. 
Billlngton. Raymond I., and R. J. Nelson. Saugus. Mass 
l'la.>»tic composition comprising mineral powder, wood 
dust, and adhesive. 2..537.H60, Jan. 16. 
Billion. Jacques, executor : See — 

Billion. I^uls A. 
Billion, Loals A., deceased. Lyon. France : J Billion 
executor. Treating superpolyamlde. 2.564,245. Aug'. 
1 4. 
Blllman. John H.. Bloomlngton. Ind.. and E E Parker 
Milwaukee. Wis., said Parker assignor to said Rlllman! 
Alpha-amlno-alpha-methylol malonlc add. 2.556.791 
June 12. 
Blllner, K.irl P., I'hiladelphia. Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Concrete, Inc. Molding joints between spaced struc- 
tural memb«'rs. J 548.935, .Apr. 17. 
Blllner. Karl P., Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Concrete molding apparatus, 2,555,022. 

Hydraulic vehicle 

2.560.714. July 17. 
Automotive vehicle 

2.560.715, Julv 17. 
N. Y. Adjustable 

Concrete, Inc 
May 29. 
Blllner. Karl P. 
Concrete, Inc. 

Bills. Philip H.. Longmeadow, J. A. Logan. Hadley, and 
T. J. .Mesh. Easthampton. assignors to Gilbert & Barker 
Manufacturing Company. West Springfield. Mass. 
-\lcohol-wnter Injection means for Internal-combustion 
engines*. 2.554,612. May 29. 

BIllups. William A.. Grenada. Miss. Rotary reaction com- 
bastlon turbine. 2.536,024. Jan. 2. 

Bily. Peter J., assignor to Chicksan Company. Brea. Calif. 
Sanitary swivel Joint. 2.557,495, June 19. 

Bilyeu. Gernld L. Foxhoro. Mass. Dual pneumatic con- 
troller. 2,550.666. May 1. 

BInda, Frederick J., assignor to Polaroid Corporation, 
Cambridge. .Mass. Heat resistant Ught-polnrlzlng polv- 
vlnvl borate film eontalnlng borax. 2.554.850, May 29. 

Bindel. Charles J.. Akron. Ohio. Adapter for wall-type 
outlet boxes 2.568.942. Sept. 25. 

Binder. Anthony C. : See — 

Ingels. Marlon II.. and Binder 

Binder Harry C. and E. E. Coleman, Chicago.- 111. 
Comblnat'.on support and drawer. 2..V53.353. Mav 15. 

Binder. Robert S.. Philadelphia. Pa. Combination stroller 
.ind shonplng carrier 2.545.336. Mar 13. 

Binder. Thomas W.. Maplewood. N. J. Refrigeration ap- 
paratus. Including defrosting means. 2,573,684 Nov 6. 

Binder. William O.. Niagara Falls. .\. Y.. assignor to Cnion 
Carbide and Carbon ('ornorafion. Improving the high- 
temperature strength of austenltlc steels. 2,562.854. 
July 31. 

Blner. t;eorge M.. Los Angeles, assignor of one-half to 
R. M Hailev. Whittier, Calif. Cigarette rolling device. 
2.-542.748. Feb. 20. 

Blnford. Benjamin L..' assignor to Magnetrol. Inc. Chl- 
cago 111. .Magnetic control device. 2.564.655. Aug. 21. 

Blnforo. Benjamin L.. assignor to Magnetrol Inc Chl- 
cago. III. Magnetic control device. 2.576,561. Nov. 27. 

ning. Herbert A. : Srr~ - 

Mifvilvl. Joseph. Prihus. and BIng. 

BIng. H-rbert A . and C. W. PrIbus. assignors to East- 
man Kodak Company. Rochester. N. V. Film winding 
and shutter tensioning mechanism. 2,571,661, Oct. 16. 

Blngenhelmer. Melvln : See — 

Walker. Eugene J., and Blngenhelmer. 

Blngenhelmer. .Melvln. East McK.esport, E J Walker, 
« ^ Kensington, and J. Toth. Beaver, assignors to 
Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Fast Pittsburgh. 

Pa. Circuit Interrupter arc extinguisher. 

Mav 8. 

Binger, NIckolaus, Pittsburgh. Pa. Plane 
Nov. 20. 

Blnghqm. .\rthur E. : See — 

Shawbrook. Henry, and Bingham. 

ninghani. Arthur R.. assignor to Dowty 

Limited. Cheltenham. England. Shock absorber or re- 
silient device. 2.554.807. May 29. 

Bingham-Herhrnnd Corporation, assignee: See — 
Hinsey. Robert S. 

Bingham, I.,awrence F., Belllngham, 

chain. 2.541,911. Feb. 13. 
ninklev. Charles H.. Berkeley. Calif., assignor to the 
Ignited States of .America as repre«ente<l by the Secre- 
tary of Agrlnilture. Solublllzing keratin. 
Feb. 27. 
Blnkley Mfg. Company, assignee : See — 

BInkley, William J. 
Blnkley. William J., assignor to Blnkley Mfg 
Warrenton. Mo Earth anchor. 2.538,409, 
BInks. Frederick W. : See — 

Hutchinson, I,eonard, Brlstow. and Blnks. 
Binks M.innfacturing Company. 
Gnstafsson. Eric, and Baur. 
Giisfafsson. Erie. Raur and Kern. 
Blnks. Melvln J. : See — \ 

Durant, Lyndon A., and Blnks. 
Binneweg. .Abraham. Jr.. Oakland. Gallf. Supported 
electrode metal r:i<lio fiihc 2.54.'.7.'n. Mar. 20. 

BInnev. Eric A. SJkley. and F. W. Roberts. Bradford, 

assignors to The English Electric Company Limited. 

London. England. Electric motor control system. 

2.565.118, Aug. 21. 

Rinney. Joe G. New Doiiclas. 111. Gang bit core drilling 

apparatus. 2. .'.6.1013. Atig. 14. 
BInns. Jack N.. and T. E. Dugle Cincinnati, and A. F. 
.\lt. Hamilton County, assignors to The Mosler Safe 
Company. Hamilton. Ohio Receipt Issuing night de- 
pository. 2,572.003. Oct. 23. 
BInns, John E. : See — 

Stein. Frank S , Rlnns. Rice, and Bashkfn 
Blnsfeld. John. Toronto. Ontario, Canada. Truck tire 

carrier. 2.556.570. June 12. 
BInswanger Mirrow Co.. assignee: See — 

Moore. Robert L.. and Henklu. 
Birch. Stanlev F. : See-- 

Howes, Donald -A.. Tait, Dooksey. Birch, and 
Partridge. \ 

Birch. Stanley F.. J. Habeahaw. and C. K. Collls, Sunbnry- 
on-Thames. assignors to Anglo-Iranian OH Company 



Wash. Industrial 


Jan. 16. 

assignee: Bet 

Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Handling apparatus. 2.578,220, Dec. 

Limited. London. F'ngland 
Ing hydrocarbon fractions. 
Birch. Thomas H.. anil A. V 
said Nystrom assignor to 
Miting brake arrangement. 

Seperation of narrow boU- 
2.540,318, Feb. 6. 
Nystrom. .Milwaukee, Wis. ; 
S.I Id llirch. Load compen- 
2.549.9.'»7. Apr. 24. 



Birch. Thomas H.. and V. L. Green. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Adapter mciins for Rupporting the air lines of railroad 

cars. 2 5.'>9.7r»3, July 10. 
Rirclit-r. John It. : See — 

Dressier. Hiissoll G.. and Dircher. 
Blrckhend. Tavlor A... Baltimore, Md,, asslpnor to West- 

inKliouHe Klectrlc Corporation. Eait PittBburgh, Pa. keyinR system. 2,571.816, Oct. 10. 
Blrco Cheminil Corporation, assipnee : fc'e€ — 

Burke. John I'. 
Bird, Arthur K., Denvllle, N. Jy assipnor to E. I. du Pont 

de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, L»el. Coating 

compoMitiona tlatted with silica aerogel. 2,541,975, 

Feb. 20. 
Bird, Benjamin M.. Statesboro. Ga. Animal trap. 

2.540.418. Feb. 6. 
Bird. Ityron M.. Columbus, Ohio, assignor to The Jeffrey 

Manufacturing Company. Liqufd level control for jig 

elevator casings. 2,57.1.389. Oct. 30. 
Bird Electronic Corporation, assignee: iSee — 
Hird. James U. 
Bird, James It., and Wells. 
Bird, (W'olTrey W.. Water Stratford, assignor to Taylor 

Stoker Conin.iny Limited, Euston. London, England. 

Apparatus for use In glazing earthenware articles. 

2.5r.0.270. Julv 10. 
Bird. George W. T.. and J. Dennett, St. Helens. England. 

Apparatus for bending and tempering sheets of glass. 

2..'»a»i.S>U.'>. Jan. 2. 
Bird. James M.. Bradford. Pa. Measuring permeability 

and porosity of borehole sub-strata. 2,544,412. Mar. 6. 
Bird. James R., Chagrin Falls, assignor to Bird Electronic 

Cori>oration. Cleveland. Ohio. Capacitor. 2,544,550, 

Mar. 6. 
Bird. James R., Chagrin Falls, and M. M. Wells, assignors 

to Bird Electronic Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. High- 
frequency coaxial coupling device. 2.552,707. May 15. 
Bird. James R.. Chagrin Falls, assignor to Bird Elec- 
tronic Corporation. Cleveland, Ohio. High-frequency 

ele<trical device. 2.55^.642. Juno 12. 
Bird. John, assignor to George &jlter and Company Lim- 
ited. West Bromwlch. England. Dial structure for 

weighing apparatus. 2.5.'i9,493. July 3. 
Bird. J«)hn C.. Pleasantville. N. Y.. and T. G. Rochow, 

Darien. Conn., assignors to American Cyanamid Com- 

panv. New York, N. Y. Casting gelatin tablets. 

2..5.52.027. May 8. 
Bird. John R.. Belmont. Mass. Sear actuated electric 

firing device., June 5. 
Bird. Lester F.. Newark, N. J. Thermostat control circuit. 

2.55«).957. June 12. 
Bird, Lester F.. assignor to Hannvia Chemical and Manu- 
facturing Company, Newark. N. J. Operating system 

for discharge devices and vapor arc lamps. 2,575,001, 

Nov. 13. 
Bird. Lionel T.. Mount Ro.val. Quebec. Canada. Phase and 

fr<Hniencv modulation svstem. 2.543.222. Feb. 27. 
Bird. Michael, Chicago. HI. Pulley bearing for Venetian 

blind head bars. 2.544.005. Mar. 6. 
Bird. Milton W.. Wenatchee. Wash. Truck for loading 

and conveying building materials. 2.567.178. Sept. 11. 
Bird, Paul G.. Western Springs, assicnor to National 

Aluminate Corporation. Chicago. 111. Inhibition of 

scale formation in steam generation. 2,570,380, Nov. 

Bird & Son. inc., assignee : See— 

Wricht. William R. 
Bird. Warren N.. and A. J. Comstock. Mountain Home. 

Idaho. Portable sheet material cutter. 2.570,195, 

Oct. 9. 
Bird. William B. : See— 

Md'horson. Ali>xandor. and Bird. 
Birdlebough. Otis T.. Naches, Wash. Boat top. 2.570.911, 

Oct. 9. 
Blrdsall. T^slie R. : .<?rr— 

Lermont. Basil, and Blrdsall. 
Blrdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Company, assignee: 

Sec — 

Petersons Edward T. 
Birkebnk. A., Detroit. Mich. Machine for as- 

semhlinc pistons to wrist pins and connecting rods. 

2,578.124, Dec. 11. 

Birkenhauer. Robert J.. Richmond. Va., assignor to E. I. 

du Pont de Nemours A Company. Wilmington. Del. 

Draw roll mechanism for hot stretching of artificial 

filaments. 2.541.149. Feb. 13. 
Birkhead. Beckmann. Stanard, Vance & Wood, assignee: 

See — 

Alexander. S.-im. 
Blrkic. George M.. Cleveland. Ohio. Stove nnd adjustable 

plates for the oven thereof. 2,580.153. Dec. 25. 

Blrkln. Kenneth W.. asglgnor to Sinclair Refining Com- 
pany. New York. N. Y. Tank truck assembly of de- 
tachable wheel supported units. 2,540,859. I-"*b. 6. 

Birklaml. C. otto, assignee : See — 
Sjdterl. Joseph. 

Blrkland. Stellan : See — 

Jacobs. Samuel S.. and Blrkland. ^ 

Blrklaii'l. ."^an Francisco, r.nlif.. assicnor to 
•American Can Companv. New York. N. Y. Contain(^r 
with folded top seam. 2,579.465, Dec. 25. 

!>2.^44.''»— r 6 

Birkland. Stellan, San Francisco. Calif., assignor to Can Companv. .New York. N. Y. Container 
with folded top seam. 2.5Ta,466. Dec. 25. 
Birkle, Edward, St. Louis, Mo. Article that is useful for 

treating feet. 2. .565. 751. Aug. 28. 
Birkner. Emll O. : Bee — 

Brady. Kobert H.. and Birkner. 
Birkner. uertrude M.. assignee : nee — 

Brady. Kobert H.. and Birkner. 
Birky, Joseph A., Salem, ureg. Automatic and trap laying 

nest. 2.539,052. Jan. 23. 
Birlec Limited, assignee : .Sec — 

Hancock. Peter F.. and Schulte. 
Birmann. Rudolph, Newtown. Pa., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Turbo Engineering Corporation. Control 
for centrifugal compressor systems. 2.566.550. Sept. 4. 
Birmingham and Blackburn Constrnction Company, 
Limited, assignee : See — 
Steptiensun. William A. 
BirmiUKiiaiu Small Arms Company Limited, The, assignee: 
See — ( 

Goldschmidt. Rudolf, and Wood. 
Needham, Victor E. 
Wood. Albert E.. and Goldschmidt. 
Biro. Louis B.. New York, and M. B. Biro. Jackson 
Heights, assignors to BIto Products (^'orporatlon. New 
York, N. Y. Hand and foot propelled vehicle. 
2,556.411. June 12. 
I'.iro. .Michael B. : See — 

Biro. Louis B. and M. B. 
Biro Products Corporation, assignee: See — 

Biro. Louis B. and M. B. 
Birr, Rudolnh G. : Sre — 

Steiner, Frank G.. and Birr. 
Birsch. Edwin T.. Lewistown. Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Centrifugal 
coui)ling, especially adapted tor spinning buckets. 
2.538.227. Jan. 16 
Birtman Electric Company, assignee: See — 
Howard, Frank S. 
.Schwa rz, Joseph A. 
S|i;iri<lin. Charles H. 
Sparklin, Charles H.. and Howard. 
Sparklin. Charles H., and Sporney. 
Sporney, George C. , 

BIruiii. Herbert L.. Jr. : Sec — 

Hammltt, Andrew B., and Birum. . 

Bisch. Jean. Salindres. assignor to Compagnlor^e Produits 
Chlmiques et Electrometallurgiques AljfTs Frogeg et 
Caiiiargue, Paris. France. I'reparing polyvinyl ucetals. 
2.501.458. July 24. 

Bisch-. Jean and X. Thlesse. Salindres, assignors to Com- 
pagnie <le Produits Chlmiques et Electr6metallurgl(|ue8 
Alais Froges et Camargue, Paris, France. Manufac- 
ture of functional derlvaties of polyvlnyllc copolymers. 
2.547.618. Apr. 3. 

Bisch. Paul E.. and D. T. Dobblng. Los Angeles. Calif. Toy 
helicopter. 2.537,393. Jan. 9. 

Bisch. William, Holmdel, N. J., assignor 
Russell Comi)anv. New York. N. Y. 
2.539.886. Jan. 30. 

Bisch William. Holmdel. N. J., .assignor to The Griscora- 

New York, N. Y 

Russell Company. 
2,57S.917. Dec. 18. 

to The <;riscom- 
Tub«'Ho section. 

Tubeflo section. 

Bischoflr. Alfred F., Ballston Spa. N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Pulse timing circuit. 2,561,172, 
Julv 17. 

Bischoflr. Alfred F.. Ballston Spa. N. Y.. assignor to 
General Electric Company. Electric chopper circuit. 
2.575.904. Nov. 20. 

Bischoff. George 11.. Fort Deveus, Mass., assignor to Mon- 
santo Company, St. Louis. Mo. Aluminum ar- 
ticles coated with heat-sealable ci)mposition. 2.566.513. 
Sept. 4. 

Bischoff. Georjre H.. Fort Devens. Mass.. assignor to Mon- 
santo Company, St. Louis. Mo. Aluminum ar- 
ticles coated witii heat-sealable composition. 2,566.514, 
Sept. 4. - • , ^ 

Bishner, Henry D.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Battery charger and 
power inverter svstem. 2,555.630. June .5. 

HishofT. Edward K. : Scr — 

Fowler. ll<nrv F.. and BisliofF. 

Bishop. Alfred E..' Oakwood. and S. V. iCook. assignors to 
General Motors Corporation. Dayton, Ohio. Working 
fluid for a compression refrigeration system. 2,552.084, 

Mav 8. 

Bishop. Amasa S., Cambridge, Mass.. assignor, by mesne 
assiunments. to the Inited States of America as repre- 
sented hy the Secretary oT War. Electrical marking 
and scanning control circuit. 2.547.363. Apr. 3. 

Bishop. Arthur E.. Chatswood. near Sydney. New South 
Wales Australia. Oscillation damper for full swlveling 
wheels. 2.572,589. Oct. 23. 

Bishop & Babcock Manufacturing Company, The. assignee : 
Sec - 

Marette. Ralph T. 
L" Mavo, Edward L.. and Getr. 

Bishop, "Carl E. Carlisle, Iowa. Control device for cou- 
pled articulated vehicles. 2,564.592. Aug. 14. 

Bishop, Ernest, assicnor of one-half to W. Stoval, 
Jonesboro. La. Fish stringer. 2,536,531, Jan. 2. 



Wis. Solvent 

Take-up reeling 
lawn mowera. 

Bigs*, Norrls W., Miami Shores. Fla., and O. M. Hender- 
son. Akron. Ohio, assignors to The B. K. Goodrich Com- 
pany. New York, N. X. Mold cleaning apparatus. Re. 
2S.S21. Jan. 9. 

Biggs. Paul. Imperial. Tex., assignor to Stanolind Oil and 
Ohs Company. Tulsa. Okl*. Core drUling. 2.&40.385, 
Fob. 6. 

Bigsby. Robert L.. Lancaster. Mo. Extensible storage 
compartment for automobiles. 2,576.385, Nov. 27. 

Blgwood. John A., Stamford, Conn., assignor to Air Re- 
duction Company, incorporated. Overvoltage protec- 
tive device. 2,562.092. July 31. 

Bigwood. Jotihua. and Son, Limited, assignee : See — 
Plcton. John B. 
Tlnley, Ernest L.. and Cartwrigbt. 

Bihaly. Lajos. London. England. Apparatus for plotting 
graphs. 2.567.632. Sept. 11. 

Bihler. Walter O.. Franklin, assignor to Special Machine 
St Engineering Company. Hazel Park. Mich. Indexible 
table. 2,558,289. June 26. 

Bijl, Pleter C. J.. Eindhoven, Netherlands, asBigncr to 
Ilartford National Bank and Trust Compauy. Hartford, 
Conn., as trustt-e. Cylindrical object manufactured by 
the extrusion process. 2,564,093. Aug. 14. 

Bllbe. Charles \V. : See — 

Woo<iy, Guy V.. and Bilbe. 

Bilt>e. Charles \V., Wauwatosa, assignor to 
Manufacturing Coiiipuny, .Milwaukee, 
extraction apparatus. 2.545.y3X. Mar. 

Bilde. Tord E. D., assignor to Aktiebolaf^et Elektrolux, 
Stockholm, Sweden. Suction nozzle with work-oper- 
ated valve. 2,562.167. July 31. 

Blldtrbeck. James L.. Jacksonville, Fla. 
mechanism for electrically operated 
2,566.512, Sept. 4. 

Biles. John L. : See — 

Hermanson, Donald A., and Biles. 

Bllisoly, Julius P. : See — 

KImberlin. Charles N.. Jr.. and Billsoly. 

Bill. Clifford E.. Louisville, Ky., assignor to General 
American Transportation Corporation, Chicago, 111. 
Rotary drier. 2.578,166. Dec. 11. 

Bill. George W., assignor to Avco Manufacturing Cor> 
poratlon. Claclnnatl, Ohio. Television receiver cabinet 
construction. 2.562.257. July 31. 

Bill. John H. : See — 

Davis. Christopher A.. Bill, and Morley. 

Bill. Robert O., San Leandro. Calif. Relatively vertically 
adjusting a vehicle draft mechanism and bed. 2,546,491, 
Mar. 27. 

Bill. Robert C. San Leandro. Calif. Plydraullc vehicle 
bodr elevating and lowering means. 2,500.714, July 17. 

Bill. Robert O., San Leandro. Calif. Automotive vehicle 
with elevating and lowering bodv. 2.560,715, Julv 17. 

Billet. Philip, and I. Levy. New York. N. Y. Adjustable 
back or headrest. 2.565.015. Aug. 21. 

Bllleter. Jean Ken^ : See — 

Miescher. Karl, and Bllleter. 

Bllleter. Johann, Zurich. Switzerland. Plug connection 
for electric conductors. 2,554,554. May 29. 

Billhelmer, James C. : See — 

Capron. Phillip L.. and Billhelmer. 

Blillar. Irvin A.. Depew. N. Y. Mold with ri.ser and 
exothermic Insert. 2.568,428. Sept. 18. 

Billing. Olle. Norrkoplng. Sweden, assignor to Hartford 
National Bank and Trust Company trustee. Hartford, 
Conn. Voltage stabilizer. 2.573.388 Oct. 30. 

Billinghurst, Wilfred A., Elizabeth, N. J. Convertible 
rocking or rolling amusement device for children. 
2.541.327. Feb. 13. 

Billings, Charles K., Evansville. Ind.. assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Milk cooler. 2,546 718 
Mar. 27. 

Billings. William P., assignor of one-balf to H. G. Strom. 
Ashevllle, N. C. Portable hydraulic wheel and rim 
jack. 2,558,535, June 26. 

Billinirsley, .Alva, [.amesa. Tex. Door check and closing 
device. 2.543.5«5, Feb. 27. 

BilUngsley, (Jordon D.. Los Altos, Calif. Hypodermic 
Bvringe. 2.r,45,017. Mar. 13. 

Billlngsley. William F., Silver Lake, Ohio, assignor to The 
B. F. Goodrich. Company, Ntw York, ST Y Tire. 
2.575.439, Nov. 2)). 

Billlngton. Raymond I., and R. J. Nelson, Saugus. Mass. 
Plastic composition comprising mineral powder, wood 
dust, and adhesive. 2.537.960, Jan. 16. 

Billion, Jacques, executor : See — 
Billion. Louis A. 

Billion, Louis A., deceased. Lyon. France : J. Billion, 
executor. Treating superpoiyamide. 2,564,245. Aug. 
1 4. 

Billman. John H.. Bloomington, Ind.. and E. E. Parker. 
Milwaukee. Wis., said F'arker assignor to said Billman. 
Alpha-amlno-alpha-methylol malonlc add. 2.556.791, 
June 12. 

Billner, Karl P., Philadelphia. Pr... assignor to Yannim 
Concrete. Inc. Molding joints between spflcecr struc- 
tural memb.'rs. 2.548.935. .Apr. 17. 

Billner. Karl P.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Toncrete. Inc. Cbncrete molding; apparatus. 2.555.022, 

May 29 
Billner, Karl P.. 
Concrete. Inc. 

Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Handling apparatus. 2,578.220, Dec. 

Bills. Philip H.. Longmeadow, J. A. Logan. Hadley, and 
T. J. .Mesh. Easthampton. assignors to Gilbert & Barker 
Manufacturing Company. West Springfield. Mass. 
Alcohol-water Injection means for internal-combustion 
enirines. 2, 5.^.612. May 29. 

Biiiups. William A.. Grenada. Miss. Rotary reaction com- 
bastlon turbine. 2.536.024. Jan. 2. 

Blly, Peter J., assignor to Chioks.m Company, Brea, Calif. 
Sanitary swivel joint. 2.557,495, June 19. 

Bilyeu. Gerald I.. Foxboro. Mass. Dual pneumatic con- 
troller. 2.550.666, May 1. 

Binda. Frederick J., assignor to Polaroid Corporation, 
Cambridge. .Mass. Heat resistant light-noLnrlzIng polv- 
vlnvl bora'e film eontalning borax. 2.554,850. May 29. 

Bindei. Charles J.. Akron. Ohio, Adapter for wall-type 
outlet boxes 2.568.942. Sept. 25. 

Binder. Anthony C. : See — 

Ingels. Marion H.. and Binder. 

Binder Harry C. and E. E. Coleman, Chicago. 111. 
Combination support and drawer. 2.553.353. Mav 15. 

Binder. Robert S., Philadelphia. Pa. Combination stroller 
and Hhoiiping carrier 2..%45.33rt. Mar. 13. 

Binder. Thomas XV., Maplewood. N. J. Refrigeration ap- 
paratus. Including defrosting means. 2,573,684. Nov. 6. 

Binder. William O.. Niagara Falls. .\. Y.. assignor to mion 
Carbi<ie and Carbon rornomtion.- Improving the high- 
temperature strength of austenitiv- steels. 2.562.854, 
July 31. 

Biner. (Jeorge M.. Los Angeles, assignor of one-half to 
R. M Hallev. Whlttier, Calif. Cigarette rolling device. 
2,. •'.42. 748. Feb. 20. 

Binford. Benjamin L.. assignor to Magnetrol. Inc.. Chi- 
cago. 111. Magnetic control device. 2.564.655. Aug. 21. 

Binford. Beniamin L.. a.sslgnor to Magnetrol. Inc.. Chi- 
cago. 111. Nfagnetic control device. 2,576,561. Nov. 27. 

Bing. Herbert A. : See — 

MI'imIvI. Joseph. I'rihus, and BIng. 

Bing. H.-rbert .\.. and C. W. Pribus. assignors to East- 
man Kodak Company, Ro4hester. N. Y. Film winding 
and shutter tensioning mechanism. 2,.'>71,661, Oct. 16. 

Blngenhelmer. Melvin : See — 

Walker. Eugene J., and Blngenhelmer. 

Blngenhelmer. Melvin, East McK.esport, E. J. Walker. 
New Kensington, and J. Toth. Beaver, assignors to 
Westinchonse Electric Corporation. Fast Pittsburgh, 
I'a. Circuit Interrupter arc extinguisher. 2,551,822, 
Mav 8. 

Binger. Nickolaus. Pittsburgh. Pa. Plane, 2.575,787. 
Nov. 20. - 

Bingh.nm. .Arthur E. : See — 

Shawbrook. Henry, and Bingham. 

Bingham. Arthur R.. assignor to Dowtv Equipment 
Limited. Cheltenham. England. Shock absorber or re- 
silient device. 2.554.807. May 29, 

Bingham-Herhrnnd Corporation, assignee: See — 
Hinsey. Robert S. 

Bingham, I>awrence F., Belllngham, Wash. Industrial 
chain. 2.541.911. Feh. 13. 

Rinklev. Charles H.. Berkeley. Calif., assignor to the 
United States of .America ,ns represented by the Secre- 
tary of Agriculture. Sohibllizing keratin. 2,542.984, 
Feb. 27. 

Binkley Mfg. Company, assignee : See — i 

Blnklev. William J. 

Binklov. William J., assignor- to Binkley Mfg. Company, 
Warrmton. Mo Earth anchor. 2,538.409. Jan. 16. 

Rinks. Frederick W. : See — 

Hutchinson. I^eonard. Bristow. and Binks. 

Binks M.miifacturing Comp.iny. assignee: Bee — 

Gustafsson. Eric, and Baur. 

Gustnrsson, Frir, Baur and Kern. 
Binks. Melvin J. r See — , 

Durnnt, Lyndon .A., and Binks. ' 

Binneweg. .Abraham. Jr.. O.ikland, Tnllf. Supported 
electrode metal radio tube. 2.545. 7.'in. Mar. 20. 

BInnev. Eric .A.. Tlkley. and F. W. Roberts. Bradford, 
flssicnnrs , to The English Electric Company Limited, 
London. England. Electric motor control systemt 
2,565.118. Aug. 21. 

ninney. Joe G. New Douglas 111. Gang bit core drilling 
aptiaratus. 2..'i6.'?.013. Aug. 14, 

Binns, Jack N.. and T. E. Dugle. Cincinnati, and A. F. 
.Alt. Hamilton County, assignors to The Mo«!ler Safe 
Company. Hamilton. Ohio Receipt Issuing night de- 
pository. 2.572.003. Oct. 23. 
BInns. John E. : See — 

Stein. Frank S , BInns. Rice, and Bashktn 
ninsfeld. John. Toronto, Ontario. Canada. Truck tire 

carrier. June 12. 
Binswanger Mirrow Co.. assignee: See — I 

Moore. Robert L.. and Henkln. 
Birch. Stanley F. : See- - 

Howes. Donald A., Tait, Docksey, Birch, and 

Birch. Stanley F., J. Habeshaw. and C. B. Collls, Sunbary- 
on-Thames. assignors to Anglo-Iranian Oil Companv 
Limited. London. F^neland. Seperatlon of narrow boil- 
ing hydrocarbon fractions. 2,540,318, Feb. 6. 

Birch, Thomas H,. ami A. V. Nystrom. .Milwaukee. Wis. ; 
said Ny.strom assignor to s.-iid Itirch. Load compen- 
s;iting brake arrangement. 2.549.957, .Apr. 24. 




Birch, Thomas H., and V. L. Green. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Adapter means for supporting the air lines of railroad 

cars. 2,5r)9,7r)3. July 10. 
BiriJu'r, John It. : See — 

Drossier. Hiissell <^.. and Rlrcher. 
Blrckhead. Tavlor A., Baltimore, Md.. assijmor to West- 

luKlioiise Electric Corporation. Eait I'ittsburgh, Pa. 

Tetrode keyinj; system. 2,571.816, Oct. 16. 
Blrco Chemical Corporation, assipnee : See — 

Burke. John I'. 
Bird. Arthur K., Denvllle. N. J., assiRnor to E. I. du Pont 

de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Uel. Coating 

compositions flatted with silica aerogel. 2,541,975, 

Feb. L'o. 
Bird. Benjamin M.. Statesboro. Ga. Animal trap. 

2.540.418. Feb. 6. 
Bird. Hyron M.. Columbus. Ohio, assignor to The Jeffrey 

Manufacturing Conipanv. Liquid level control for jig 

elevator casings., Oct. 30. 
Bird Electronic Corporation, assignee : See — 
Hinl. James R. 
Bird, James R., and Wells. 
Bird. (JeofTrev W.. Water Stratford, assignor to Taylor 

Stoker Company Limited. Euston. London, England. 

Apparatus lor use In glazing earthenware articles. 

2.5(50.270. Julv 10. 
Bird, George W. T.. and J. Dennett, St. Helens, England. 

Apparatus for bending and tempering sheets of glass. 

2.f»i{»).l>U5. Jan. 2. 
Bird. James M.. Bradford. Pa. Measuring permeability 

and porosity of borehole sub-strata. 2,544,412. Mar. 6. 
Bird, James R., Chagrin Falls, assignor to Bird Electronic 

Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. Capacitor. 2,544,550, 

Mar. 6. 
Bird. James R., Chagrin Falls, and M. M. Wells, assignors 

to Bird Electronic Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. High- 
frequency coaxial coupling device. 2.552,707, May 15. 
Bird, James R., Chagrin Falls, assignor to Bird Elec- 
tronic Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. High-frequency 

electrical device. 2.550.642. Juno 12. 
Bird. John, assignor to George Salter and Company Lim- 
ited. West Bromwlch, England. Dial structure for 

weighing apparatus. 2.559.493. July 3. 
Bird. John C.. Pleasantvllle. N. Y., and T. G. Rochow, 

Darlen, Conn., assignors to American Cyanamid Com- 

Casting gelatin tablets. 

Mass. Sear actuated electric 

June 5. 

J. Thermostat control circuit. 

panv. New York, N. 

2.552.027. Mav 8. 
Bird. John R.. Belmont, 

firing device. 2.555.311 
Bird. Lester F.. Newark, N. June 12. 
Bird, Lester E.. assignor to Hanovia Chemical and Manu- 
facturing Company. Newark. N. J. Operating system 

for discharge devices and vapor arc lamps. 2,575,001, 

Nov. 13. 
Bird. Lionel T.. Mount Roval. Quebec. Canada. Phase and 

freqtiencv modulation svstem. 2.543.222. Feb. 27. 
Bird, Michael. Chicago. 111. Pulley bearing for Venetian 

blind head bars. 2.544.005. Mar. 6. 
Bird. Milton W.. Wenatchee. Wash. Truck for loading 

and conveying building materials. 2.567.178. Sept. 11. 
Bird. Paul G.. Western Springs, assignor to National 
• Aluminate Corporation. Chicago. 111. Inhibition of 

scale formation in steam generation. 2.576,380, Nov. 

Bird & Son. inc.. assignee : Fee-— 

Wricht. William R. 
Bird. Warren N.. and A. J. Comstock, Mountain Ilome. 

Idaho. Portable sheet material cutter. 2,570.195, 

Oct. 9. 
Bird. William B. : See— 

Mcl'horson. Alexander, and Bird. 
Blrdlebough, Otis T., Naches. Wash. Boat top. 2,570.911, 

Oct. 9. 
Birdsall. I^slie R. : See — 

Lerniont. Basil, and Birdsall. 
Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Company, assignee: 

See — 

Peterson, Edward T. 
BIrkehak. Christian A., Detroit. Mich. Machine for as- 

semhllnc pistons to wrist pins and connecting rods. 

2.578.124. Dec. 11. 
BIrkenhauer. Robert J.. Richmond. Va.. assignor to E. I. 

du Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. 

Draw roll mechanism for hot stretching of artificial 

filaments. 2..541,149. Feb. 13. 

Blrkhead. Beckmann, Stanard, Vance A Wood, assignee: 


Alexander, Safn. 
BIrklc. George M.. Cleveland, Ohio. Stove and adjustable 

plates for the oven thereof. 2,580.153. Dec. 25. 

Birkln. Kenneth W.. assignor to Sinclair Refining Com- 
pany. New York. N. Y. Tank truck assembly of de- 
tachable wheel supported anits. 2,540,859, Feb. 6. 

BIrkland, C. Otto, assignee : Set — 
Spiterl. Joseph. 

BIrkland. Stellan : See — 

Jacobs, Samuel S.. and BIrkland. 

Blrkl.iiid. Stellan. .San Francisco. Calif., assignor to 
American Can Company. New York. N. Y. Container 
with folded top seam. 2,579,465, Dec. 25. 

BIrkland. Stellan, San Francisco. Calif., assignor to 
American Can Company. New York. N. Y". Container 
with folded top seam. 2,579,466. Dec. 25. 
Birkle. Edward, St. Louis. Mo. Article that Is useful for 

treating feet. 2.565.751. Aug. 28. 
Blrkner. Emll O. : See — 

Brady. Robert H.. and Blrkner. 
Blrkner. uertrude M.. assignee : nee — 

Brady. Robert H.. and Blrkner. 
Birky, Josepu A.. Salem. Oreg. Automatic and trap laying 

nest. 2.539.052. Jan. 23. 
Birlec Limited, assignee : See — 

Hancock. Peter F., and Schulte. ' 

Birmann. Rudolph. Newtown. Pa., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Turbo Engineering Corporation. Control 
for centrifugal compressor systems. 2.566.550. Sept. 4. 
Birmingham and Blackburn Constroction Company, 
Limited, assignee : See — 
Stephenson. William A. 
Birmingnam Small Arms Company Limited, The, assignee: 
See — 

Goldschmldt. Rudolf, and Wood. 
Needham. Victor E. 
Wood. Albert E., and (Joldschmldt. 
Biro. Louis B., New York, and M. B. Biro. Jackson 
Heights, assignors to Biro Products Corporation. New 
York. N. Y. Hand and foot propelled vehicle. 
2.556.411. June 12. 
I'.iro. Michael B. : See — . 

Biro. Louis li. and M. B. ^ 
Biro Products Corporation, assignee: See — 

Biro. Louis B. and .M. B. 
Birr. Rudolnh G. : See — 

Steiner, Frank G.. and Birr. 
Birsch. Edwin T.. Lewlstown. Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Centrifugal 
coupling, especially adapted tor spinning buckets. 
2.538.227. Jan. 16. 
Birtman Electric Company, assignee: See — 
Howard. Frank S. 
Schwa rz, Joseph A. 
Sparklin, Charles H. 
Sparklin. Charles H.. and Howard. 
Sparklin. Charles H., and Sporney. 
Spornev. George C. 
BIrum. Herbert L.. Jr. : See— 

Hammltt. Andrew B., and Birum. ^ 

Blsch. Jean. Salindres. assignor to Compagnle do Produltfl 
Chimiques et Electrometallurgiques Alals Froges et 
Caiiiargne. I'aris. France. Preparing polyvinyl acetals. 
2.561.458, July 24. 
Blsch. Jean and X. Thlosse. Salindres. assignors to Com- 
pagnle de Prodults Chimiques et Electrometallurgiques 
Alals Froges et Camargue, Paris, France. Manufac- 
ture of functional derlvatles of polyvinylic copolymers. 
2.547.618. Apr. 3. 
Blsch. Paul E.. and D. T. Dobbins. Los Angeles. Calif. Toy 

helicopter. 2,537.393. Jan. 9. 
BIscii. William, Holmdel. N. J., assignor 
Russell Company, New York, .N. Y. 
2..539.886. Jan. 30. 
Blsch, William. HolmdeJ. N. J., assignor 
Russell Company. New Y'ork, N. Y. 
2,578.917. Dec. 18. I 

Blschoff. Alfred F.. Ballston Spa. N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Pulse timing circuit. 2. .561, 172, 
Julv 17. 
Bischoff. Alfred F.. Ballston Spa. N. Y.. assignor to 
General Electric Company. Electric chopp<>r circuit. 
2.575.904, Nov. 20. 
Blschoff, fieorge H.. Fort Devens, Mass., assignor to Mon- 
santo Chemical Company. St. Louis, Mo. Aluminum ar- 
ticle coated with heat-sealable composition. 2,500.513, 
Sept. 4. . 

Bischoff. Georce H.. Fort Devens. Mass.. assignor to Mon- 
santoChemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Aluminum ar- 
ticles coated with heat-sealable composition. 2.566.514, 
Sept. 4. 
Bishner. Henry D., Pittsburgh. Pa. Battery charger and 

power inverter system. 2.555.630. June 5. 
Bishoff, Edward E. : Src — 

Fowler. H<nrv F.. and BIslioff. 
Bishop. Alfred E.. Oakwood. and S. V. Cook, assignors to 
General Motors Corporation. Dayton. Ohio. Working 
fluid for a compression refrigeration system. 2.552,084, 

Mav 8. 

Bishop. Amasa S., Camhrldgo, Mass.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the Inited States of America as repre- 
sented hv the Secretary of War. Electrical marking 
and scanning control circuit. 2. .547.363. Apr. 3. 

Bishop. Arthur. E.. Chatswood. near Sydney. Now South 
Wales Australia. Oscillation damper for full swlveling 
wheels. 2.572,589, Oct. 23. 

Bishop & Babcock Manufacturing Company, The, assignee : 

Marette. Ralph T. 
Mavo, Edward L.. and Getz. 
Bishop 'Carl E . Carlisle. Iowa. Control device for cou- 
pled articulated vehicles. 2,564,592, Aug. 14. 
Bishop, Ernest, assignor of one-half to W. Stoval, 
Jonesboro. La. Fish stringer. 2,536.531. Jan. 2, 

to The (Jriscqm- 
Tub<'Ho section. 

to The Griscora- 
, Tubeflo section. 



Bishop. Glenn A. : Sre — 

Bi8hop. Robert B. and G. A. 
Bishop, Harold R.. aaalgnor to NMpg, Inc., New York. N. Y. 

Crushable container. 2.54H.848 Mar. 27. 

Blahop, Harry L., Youngstown. Ohio. Pivotal iodicator 
for newspaper delivery boxes. 2.553,164, May 15. 

Bishop, Homer L.. assignee : See — • 
Fort, William H. 

Bishop, James W , a^AlKnor to The Pairev Aviation Com- 
pany Limited. Hayes, England, hydraulic valve. 
2.5«;0,841. Julv- 17. 

Bishop, Jason 0., Columbus. Ohio. Safety roll*>r mecha- 
nism for use in watch movement escapes. 1'.54L',178, 
Feb. ::o. 

Bishop. John J. : See— 

Emery. Alfred H., Bishop, and Boat. 

Bishop. John L. H.. asaijnior to The Austin Motor Com- 
pany. Limited. BlrminKham. Ensland. Cam for oper- 
atinc valves of internal-combustion enRines. 2.567.fi89. 
8«'pt. 11. 

Bishop. John L. H.. Northfleld. and J. H. Weavlne. Mose- 
ley. assignors to The Austin Motor Company Lfmlto.l. 
Northfleld. Birmingham. Kngland. Cam for operatinK 
valves of Internal-combustion engines. 2,5fi7,60O Sept 

Btsliop. John }'., TMrminghani, .\Ia. Cake moistener. 
2.54l).l«», Apr. 17. 

Bishop, John W ., I'lainflpld. assignor to Tide Water .^sso- 
clated Oil Company, Bayonn»\ N. J. KsterlHetl alkylol 
amine salts of acid esters of phosphorus acids. 
•J .'iTl.O.V). Nov. 1.3. 

Bishop. John W., Plainfleld, assignor to Tide Water Asso 
i-iafed Oil rompanv. Pavonne, N. J. 
r()mt)08lflon«. 2.^74.056, Nov. 13. 

Bishop. John W., Itoselle. assignor to Tide Water Asso- 
clntp<i Oil CompBnv. Bayonne, .N. J. Hydraulic fluid 
compositions. 2 .'S.'>n.7«0. May 1. 

Bishop, John W., Roselle. assignor to Tide Water Asso- 
ciated on Company, Bayonne, N. J. Ru.'*t-inhll)iting 
(•4>nipositlons. 2 .'>74.f>r)4 Nov. 1.3 

Bishop Manufacturing Corporation, assignee: See — 
Solby. TT.irold E. 

Bishop, Nathaniel, Falrfleld. Conn., assignor to Time, Inc.. 
New York. .N. Y. Electronic register contrbl for web 
pasting. 2,53fl.l53. Jan. 2. 

Bishop, Nathaniel. Fairfield. Conn., assignor to Time, Inc.. 
New York. N. Y. Ijiterjil rfglster control mechnnlsni 
for printing presses. 2.500.390. Sept. 4. 

Bishop Publishing Company, assignee : See — 
Bishop. Ro^»e^t B. andO A 

Bishop. Richard B. : See-- 

Denton, Wllllnm T., and Bishop. 

Denton, William I.. Bishop, and Nygaard. 

Bishop. Robert B. Arlington Heights, and 0. A. bishop. 
Wllmette. assignors to Bishop Publishing Company, 
Cook County. HI. Display device. 2.."r)9,10fl. July 3. 

Bishon-5^tanseIl Company, assignee: See — 
Fort. WllMam H. 

Bishop. Walter M.. Flushing, nsslgnor to Bell Telephone 
I>aborator1es, Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Locating 
nonllnearltles In Inaccessible cables. 2,570,912. Oct. 9. 

Bishop. William H.. assignor to Weafhershlelds Limited. 
Birmingham. Entrland. Sliding roof for vehicles. 
2. .150.323. Apr. 24. 

Bishop, William T., and E. J. Lorand. Wilmington. Del . 
and J. E. Reese, St. Simons Island, Ga., assignors to 
Hercules Powder Company. Wilmington, Del. Froth 
flotation of ores in the presence of an a.o-dlalkvlarvl- 
methyl hydroperoxide. 2.545,132, Mar. 13. 

Blskel. .\rthur J., assignor to Accounting Forms. Inc.. 
('hicago. III. Bookkeeping device. 2.549.956. Apr. 24 

Bison Manufacturing Company, assignee : See — 
Haverlandt. Otto B.. Jr. 

Blssel. Dana F.. Plantsvllle. and C. P. Frederlckson, West 
Hartford, assignors to The Wiremold Company. Hart- 
ford, Conn. Eleetrlcallv controlled cutoff device for tub- 
ing. 2,554.5.55, May 29. 

Blssell, Herbert O.. Hamilton, assignor to Armco Steel 
Corporation. MIddletown, Ohio. Material handling ap- 
paratus. 2.571.524, Oct. 10. 

Blssell, William W.. New Castle. Pa., and D G Debo. 
assignors to Standard Oil Company, Chicago. 111. Mix- 
ing device. 2,503,002. Aug. 7. 

Blssinger. Harrv G : See — 

Drew Ernest F . Blssinger. and Kamlet. 

Bisson, Louis A., assignee : See — i 

Luber. Phil G. 

Blssonette, .\lfred J., assignor to The Baldwin Company. 
Cincinnati. Ohio. Generator assembly In electrical mu- 
sical Instruments. 2.555.039, May 29. 

Blsweil. Charles B.. Woodstown. N. J., assignor to F. I 
du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington. Del. 
Stabilization of organic substances. 2.5.")1.780. May s. 

Blszantz. Fred, as.slgnor to The Gallon Metallic' Vault 
Company, (Jallon. Ohio. Stabilizers for large trucks or 
trailers. 2..'>5rt.010. June 12. 

Blszantz. Fred, assignor to Hercules Steel Products Co.. 
CJallon. Ohio. Portable drive unit. 2. .%03. 914. Aug. 14. 

Blszantz, Fred, and P. S. Hartman, assignors to Hercules 
Steel Products Corporation. (Gallon, Ohio. Material 
spreading apparatus. 2 6;{8.9«1, Jan. 23. 

Bltney, Dewey H.. assignor to Union Steel Products Com- 
pany, Albion, Mich. I'allet or skid for handling mate- 
rials and adapted for use with lifting trucks. 2,r>63,800, 
Aug. 14. 

Bitteiit)ender, William A. : See — 

Mofftnan, Roger A., Bittenbender, and Stoll. 

Bittenbender, William A.. Plainfleld. and R. D. Babson. 
assignors to Merck k Co.. Inc., Rabway, N. J. Purifi- 
cation and recovery of streptomycin. 2,540.238. Feb. 6. 

Bitter. Ralph H. : See— 

Carnlne, Robert L., and Bitter. 

Blttles. James A., Jr. : See — 

Berry, Kenneth L., and Blttles. 

Blttles, James A., Jr., and R. -M. Joyce, Jr., assignors 
to E. I. de Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington, 
r)el. Fluoroalkanephosphonic compounds. 2,559,754, 
July 10. 

Blttner, Godfrey E., Seneca, Orejj. Jet propelled vessel 
having submerged capillary feeding means for the steam 
t>oller. 2.546,210, Mar. 27. 

Bituiniiioiis t'oal Research, Inc., assignee: See — 
Hatton. Wlllard J. 

Bitzer. Martin r Ser — 

Rappl. Anton, and Bitzer. 

Bitzer, Martin, Kenmore. assignor to Trice Prodncts 
Corporation. BufTalo. N. Y. Power transmission unit. 
2.540.319, Feb. 6. 

Bivens, Maurice E., Schenectadv. N. Y., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. I'lme-delay relay system. 
2..5.12,137. May s. 

Bivens, Maurice E., Schenectady, N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Electric valre control circuit. 
2.574,373. Nov. 0. 

Bivens, Maurice E., Schenectad.v. N. Y., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Half cycling protective and 
Indicating systems. 2..'>74.374, Nov. 6. 

Blxby. Leo A., Niles. and D. S. Dence. Berrien Springs, 
assignors to Clark Equipment Company, Buchanan, 
Mich. Shift control mechanism for changc-spe«d gear- 
ing. 2,552.70,'>. May 15. 

P.ixb.v. William E. : 6ee— 

Oughton. Charles D., and Blxby. 

BiTby. William H., assignor to D. R. Middleton and S. M. 
Hanley, doing business as Power Equipment Company, 
Detroit, Mich. Rectifying apparatus. 2,572.090, Oct. 

Bix'er, Harley H., Erie. Pa., assignor to General Electric 
Company. Air circulating arrangement for refrigera- 
tors. 2.570.005. Nov. 27. 

BJarnason, Bjarnl S., assignor to H. T. F. Lundberg, 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Instrument for and methwl 
of geophysical exploration. 2.559.5.S0. Julv 10. 

Bjelland, David, Hoffman, Minn. Door latch. 2,56.5,752, 
Aug. 28. 

Bjerknes. Johan C. Lysaker. near Oslo. Norway, assignor 
to Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson. Stockholm, 
Sweden. Casing for telephone Instrument adapted to 
be used either as desk set or wall set. 2.558,699, June 

Bjork. Carl O.. Wilmington. Calif. Coffee maker. 
2..1.58.008, June 20. 

B.)'»rk, Nils, Battle Lake, Minn. Hinged oar lock. 
2..-.59 929. July 10. 

BJork, Paul E., Forest Park, assignor to Llndberg Engi- 
neering Company, Chicago. III. Automatic temperature 
control apparatus. 2.503.304. Aug. 7. 

Bjnrklund. Arvid. Minneapolis, Minn. Lawn sweeper and 
leaf disintegrator. 2.564.352. Aug. 14. 

Bjorklnnd. Eddie R.. assignee: See — 
Old. Robert C. 

BJorklund. Eric G. : See — 

Bullard. Edward P.. and E. P. Bullard. III. and 
Appelberg. BJorklund. Cowell, Grinage, Johnson, 
Lange. and Mussler. 

Bj«rkltind. (Justaf K.. Stockholm. Sweden. Contra-angle 
dental handpiece. 2.508.315. Sept. 18. 

BJorklund, Gustaf E.. Stockholm. Sweden. Dental drill 

and handpiece for same. 2.508.708. Sept. 25. 
BJorklund. Gustaf V... Stockholm, and J. E. H. Westberg, 

Malarhojden. assignors to Aktiebolaget Dentatus. 

Jakohsdal. .Aspudden. Sweden. Grinding wheel and 

producing same. 2.578.107. Dec. 11. 

BJorklund. Tore S.. assignor to Lumalamnan Aktiebolag, 

Stockholm, Sweden. Innsulation embedded ballast 

unit. 2.572.590. Oct. 23. 
BJArkman. fJustaf E.. Stockholm, assignor to Aktiebolaget 

Atlas Diesel. Sickla, near Stockholm, Sweden. Operat- 

int: mechanism for spray guns. 2,557,593, June 19. 
Bjorksten. Johan : See — 

FltHller, Stuart O., Bjorksten, and Yaeger. 
Bjorksten, Johan, Chicago, 111. Machine for cleaning solid 

articles. 2,563,151, Aug. 7. 
Bjorksten, Johan, and S. O. Fiedler, Chicago. lU., and 

L. L. Yaeger, Hammond. Ind., assignors to Nash- 

Kelvlnator Corporation. Kenosha. Wis. Coated plastic 

products. 2.578,065, Dec. 18. 
r.joikstrom. Bo, V'arberg, Sweden. Buckle. 2.547,557, 

Apr. 3. 
lijorlo. John R., Seattle, Wash., assignor to Bethlehem 

Steel ^'ompanv. Hotbed attachment. 2.557.170, June 19. 
BJorndahl, Tobias N., Watrous, Saskatchewan. Canada. 

Shaker table for combines or threshers. 2,574,010. 

Nov. 6 



Black. Charles M., Denver, Colo. Float gate. 2,546,963, 

Apr. 3. 
Black-Clawson Company, The, aaslguee : See — . 
Haxt»T, Joseph. Jr. 
Koziol, Bernard J. 

Staege. Stephen A. , , ^ .»u j. n 

Black. David C. Ku«hvllle, Mo. Seed Planter with radially 

movable ejectors. 2,538,754, Jan. 23. 
Black & Decker Manufacturing Company, The. assignee : 
aee — 

Holland. Thomas W. 
Merrill. «yU. 

Riley, Bobert H.. Jr.. and Hollad. » , . 

Black. DonaUl 11., Londou, Euglaud, assignor to Interna- 
tiunal Standard Electric Corporation, New lork. N. i. 
Automatic gain control circuit. 2,559,587, July 10. 
Black, Kldrldge J., Levettown, assignor to General Ani- 
line & Kiliu Corporation New York, N, Y. Detergent 
comi»oKition. 2,555,285, Alay 29. 
Black, (.lordon S. : .Sec — 

Corson, Ben B., and Black. 
Black, Uaruld .1. : Hee — 

Coupland. Bertram R.. and Black. 
Black. Harold K., and L. V. Gagin, Toledo, Ohio, aa.signors 
to Owens-HUnois Glass Company. Glass composition, 
2.562.2'J2. July 31. ^ „,, , 

Black. Harold R.. Toledo. Ohio, assignor to Owens Illinois 
Glass Company. Glass-to-metal aeal and composlilon 
thereof. 2.564.950. Aug. 21. 
Black, Howard C. : See — 

Young, Harland H., and Black. ^ .. , ^ 

Black. Howard C. CliicaKo. HI., and W. M. Leaders, 
Houston. Tex., assignors to Swift & Company, Chicago, 
HI. Manufacture of higher alcohols. 2,567,541. Sept. 

Black. James A.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Feeding mecha- 
nism for printing machines. 2,578,779, Dec. 18. 
Black. James A., and E. A. Stouten, assignors to Con- 
tinental Decalcomania Company. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Silk s<'reen stencil apparatus. 2,566.919. Sept. 4. 
Black. James B.. Rockford, HI., assignor to Twin Disc 
Clutch Company, Racine. Wis. Fluid coupling and 
clutch. 2,544,561, Mar.6. ,, ^ ^ .. ^ 

Black, James F., Rowelle, and K. K. Kearby, Cranford, 
N. J., assignors to Standard OH Development Company. 
Catalytic conversion. 2,542,464, Feb. 20. 
Black. James <;. : Sec 

Jamison. Noel C. Kopplus. Kohler. and Black. 
Black. James J., Cincinnati. Ohio, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Trallmobile Inc. I'rop mecnanlsm for 
semitrailers. 2,572,240. Oct. 23. 
Black. John B., Garrett, Pa. Lock for blind bolts. 

2.561,459. July 24. 
Black. John E., Decatur, Ala. Pants guard and attach- 
ment for hangers 2..'»7r..089, Nov. 13. 
Black. John O.. Detroit. Mich. Vertical screw aircraft. 

2.571.662. Oct. 16. 
Black. Lester C, Bakersfleld, Calif. Traveling sheave 

block. 2,536,417. Jan. 2. 
Black. Lloyd V.. Tarentum. assignor to Pittsburgh Plate 
Glass Companv. Allegheny County, Pa. Method and ap- 
paratus for bending glass. 2.570.309. Oct. 9. 
Black Manufacturing ('oinpany. as.xignee : See — - 

Cullen, William \V. 
Black. Morris B., Brooklyn. N. Y. Bed sheet. 2,569,627, 

Oct. 2. 
Black. Russell L. : Fee — 

Weeks. Robert W.. and Black. 
Black. Sivalls & Bryson, Inc.. assignee : See — 
GriCTey, Leon J. 
Hnnssen. Albert J. 
Kunert. Max J. 
Kunert, Max J., and CofTman. 
Lovelady, Isaac W. 
Raymond. Gwynne, and Harris. 
SImms. Howard N. 
Smith. Arthur J., and Raymond. 
Blackburn. Billee O. : See — 

Luten. Daniel B.. Jr., Blackburn, and McMillan. 
Blackburn. John L. : f!PB — 

Goldsborough, Shirley L., and Blackburn. 

Blackburn, John L.. East Orangi'. N. J., assignor to 
Westlnthouse Electric Corporation, East Pittshnrch, 
I'M.. Protective relay for transmission lines. 2,545.987. 
Mar. 20. 

Blackburn. Luther A., Lynwood, Calif. Connector. 
2.544.484. Mar. 6. 

Blackburn. Luther A., Lynwood. Calif. Chain structure. 
- 2.544,485, Mar. 6. ^ . . 

Blackburn. Luther A., Lynwood, Calif. Lubricator. 
2,546,211, Mar. 27. 

Blackburn. Richard K.. East Hartford, assignor to Crystal 
Research Laboratories. Incorporated, Hartford. Conn. 
Plexoelectrlc Interferometer system. 2,536,025, Jan, 2. 

Blackburn, Wavne E.. Wllkinsburp. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Rectifier. 2.554,237. May 22. 

Blacker, Latham V. S.. Flttleworth, England. Recoil 
operated firearm. 2.549,162, Apr. 17. 

Blackford, Benjamin B., and C. R. Wallace. Ignited States 
Navy. Smoke generator. 2.546.964, Apr. 3. 

Blackhawk Mfg. Co.. assignee : See — 
Pfauacr. Edward M.. and Mandl. 

Helical plow. 
Light shading 
Drip tray for 

Blacklnton, Roswell J., Whittler, and F. E. Stewart, as- 
signors to Western States Lacquer Corporation, Los 
Angeles, Calif. Optical sight means for indicating the 
level of liquids or other reflective surfaces. 2,566,789, 
Sept. 4. 
Blacklnton, Wlllard S.. I^ Mesa. Calif. Lathe attach- 
ment for cutting Kpherical shapes. 2,574,240. Not. 6. 
Blacklnton, V. H., & Co., assignee : See — 

Moelile, Frederick W . 
Blacklnton, V. H.. & Co.. Inc. assignee : See — 

Moehle. Frederick W. 
Blackledge. Lawrence C, Portland, Oreg. 

2,539.053, Jan. 23. 
Blackman. Edward L., Locus Grove, Conn, 
and directing device. 2.541.633, Feb. 13. 
Blackman, Edward L., New York N. Y. 
human feeding, etc. 2.558,414 June 26. 
Blackman. Stanley, Brooklyn, N. Y.. assignor to Premo 
Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc., South Hackensack. 
X. J. Hypodermic syriiige. 2.578.394. Dec. 11. 
Blackmore. Benjamin J.. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Auxil- 
iary window. 2.546,424, Mar. 2.. 
Blackmore, Joseph J.: See — 

Maver. Albert C. and Blackmore. 
Blackman. Lynn A., Westend, Calif., assignor to West 
End Chemical Company. Recovering sodium bicarbo- 
nate and sodium borate from a complex brine. 
2.540,648, Feb. 6. 
Blackmun. Lvnn A.. Westend. Calif., assignor to West End 
Chemical Compan.v. Desulfurizing of Searles Lake 
Brine. 2.567.867. Sept. 11. 
Blackstone Corporation, assignee: See — 
Briggs, Allan L. 
Oberg, Gunnard A. 
Blackstone. Selwyn R.. Madison. Wis. Writing pad bolder. 

2.573,176, Oct. 30. 
Blackwelder Manufacturing Co., assignee : See — 

Lea Henry V. 
Blackwell. Sanford J., St. Louis, Mo. Partition support 

for crates. 2.539.721, Jan. 30. 
Blackwood. Ralph V., Lumberton, N. C, Spinning and 

twister ring. 2.550.761, May 1. 
Blagden. Benjamin. D. 8.. New York. N. Y. Movable 

shelter for boats. 2,564,951, Aug. 21. 
Blaha. Emil, riieltenhnni, assignor to Selns Corporation 
of America, Philadelphia. Pa. Radiant gas burner and 
means for removing products of combustion, l'. 547, 735, 
Apr. 3. 
Blaich. Rudolph C. Buffalo, and J. A. Banzhaf, Ken- 
more, N. Y. Weight operated climbing toy. 2,568,908. 
Sept. 25. 
Blair, C. B.. assignee : See — 

Waring. Edward M. 
Blair. Charles M., Jr.. Webster Groves, Mo., assignor to 
Pefrollte Corporation, Ltd.. Wilmington, Del. Breaking 
petroleum emulsions. 2.543.223, Feb. 27. 
Bl*lr. Charles M.. Jr.. Webster Groves. Mo., assignor to 
Petrolite Corporation, Ltd., Wilmington, Del. Break- 
ing emulsloTis. 2,562,878, Aug. 7. „ 

Blair, Chester D., Lubbock, Tex. Lathe unit. 2,538,228, 

Jan. 16. 
Blair. Donald W., and A. Barry. Houston, Tex., assignors, 
bv mesne assignments, to Standard Oil Development 
ComF)anv, Elizabeth, N. J. Glmbal clamping device. 
2. 556 25.'^. June 12. 
Blair Earl R.. Chicago, 111., assignor to American Can 
Company, New York. N. T. Container. 2,564.667. 
Aug. 21. 
Blair. Harold F.. Chicago. 111., assignor to Western Elec- 
tric Company, Incorporated, New Y'ork, N. Y. Appa- 
ratus for timing relay operations. 2,545,541, Mar. 20, 
Blair John A., assignor to K. K. Blair, Pleasant Ridge. 
Mich Plier-type, toggle actuated wrench. 2,553,400, 
May 15. 
Blair, Kathryn K., assignee : See — 

Blair, John A. 
Blair. Laurence R. : See — 

I'.eals. Malcolm D., and Blair. 
Blair, Mark L., Flossmoor, and A. J. McAllister asslmors 
to United Specialties Company, Chicago, HI. Chaff 
screen. 2,574,011, Nov. 6. . . , w, i, 

Blair. Preston. Chicago, 111. Electric motor terminal block. 

2,552.028, May 8. ^ . , .». 

Blair, Robert E.. Wenatchee. Wash. Apparatus f r dis- 
tributing insecticides or pollen. 2.570,511, Oct. 9. 
Blaire Pete, <;reenville. Pa. Automatic pickup device. 

2.579.5.39. Dec. 25. 
Blals, John F. : Sf'c— ^ ,,, . 

Wohnsiedler, Henry P., and lUais. 
Blalsdell. Donrtld, Chili, assignor to General Railway Sig- 
nal Company. Rochester. N. Y. Centralized traffic con- 
trol system. 2.5.-,y..3«0. July 3. . „ « 
Blaisse Berndr S.. and A. Bouwers. assignors to N. v. 
Optische Industrie "de Oude Delft," Delft. Netherlands, 
X-ray camera and system. 2.568,943. Sept. 25. 
Blake. Edward S.. Nitro, W. Va., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis. Mo. Condensation of 
polyhydric phenols and polyhydrlc alcohols. 2,544,292, 

Blake, Edward S., and J. R. Durland. Nitro. W. Va., as- 
signors to Monsanto Chemical Company, St. Louis. Mo. 
Polymerization of butadiene hydrocarbons ip the pres- 
ence of a trithlocarlxnate. 2.547,150, Apr. 3. 



MultlpaRS boiler. 

ike. I^mont V., Washington, D. C. Keying circuit. 

J,5r)2.512. May 1!S. 

ike. Marlon K.. Fairhope, asslfrnor of one-half to W. A. 

2.577.398. Dec. 4. 

Battery breaking 

Blake. John H.. Jr.. Freehold, N. J. 
2..'i48 287. Apr. 10. 

Blake, Kenneth. Washington, D. C., assignor to Minister 
of Supply in His Majesty's O^n-ernnient of the United 
Kingdom of fJreat Britain and Northern Ireland. Lon- 
don. Kncland. Kl»»otronlc switch. 2.541.39'J. Feb. 13. 

Blake. ' - _ ^ 



Blake. Toulminvllle, Ala. Yarn feed control system. 
2..'541.192. Feb 13. 

Blake. Norman B.. Beaumont. Tex., assipnor to Sun Oil 
Company. Philadelphia, Pa. Seismographic pro8p««orlng 
apparatus for directing explosive energy. 2.558.924, 
July 3. 

Blake, Octave. Plainfield, N. J. Starting gate. 2.550,399, 
Apr. 24. 

Blake. Robert P.. Winchester, assignor to Polaroid Cor- 
poration. Cambridge. Mass. Stretching continuous ma- 
terials such a.s sheeting and the like. 2.547.73n. Apr. 3. 

Blake. VlrKlnla. Miami. Fla. Diaper. ~ 

Blake. Wiliam A., as^<igne : See — 
Blake. Marion E. 

Blake. William O.. Seattle. Wash, 
machine 2.5H7.542. Sept. 11. 

Blake. William P.. assignor to K & B Mantifacturlng Com- 
pany. Fairmont. Okla. Mud mixing machine. 2,569.439, 
Oct. 2. 

Blakehorougb. J.. & Sons, Limited, assignee : See — 
Boyd. William. 

Blakely, Robert T. : See — 

Bryce. James W.. and Blakely. 

Blakely, M.. Fort BniKg. N.- C. Window lock. 
2..'4.">.R4.'i. Mar. 20. 

Blakeslee. Clinton A., assignor to The Bristol Company. 
Waterhury. Conn. Temperature control apparatus. 
2.5«rt.0.'>3. Au«. 28. 

Blakeslee. Max L.. Oklahoma City. Okla. Fuel svstem for 
lnfern;tl-combustion engines. 2.562,656. July 31. 

Blak.'way. Willard F. : See — 

Schnnlble. Albert P., and Blakeway. 

Blarney, Alrnon C. : .S're — 

Brownlie. John. Oerstenzane. and Blarney. 

Blanchard. .\ndr4. assienor to Schlumbereer Well Survey- 
ing Corporation. Houston. Tex. Determining the pres- 
ence of gas in (lisi>ersion8. 2,">3.233. May 1.^. 

Blanchard. Andr#. assignor to Schlumberg- r Well Sur- 
veylne Corporation, Houston. Tex. Oas detector. 
2,573.390. Oct. 30. 

Blanchard. Doris W.. Jackson Jleights, O. O Lauer New 
York, and R. S. Pratt. Valley Stream. N. Y.. assignors to 
The M. W, Kellotre Company. Jersey Citv. N. J. Separa- 
tion of alflehvdes and ketones. 2..').''>2..'>13 May I.t 

Blanchard, Pellx P.. San Antonio, Tex. Door and window 
frame. 2.540.419. Feb. «. 

Blanchard. Hyman A.. Buffalo. N. T. Razor 2 565 062 
Aug. 21. 

Blanchard. Joseph IT.. Kalamazoo. Mich. TTome style 
cigarette making device. 2..'i57.407. June 19 

Blanrhanl. P.-.irl B.. Franklin. Ma.-'s. 
con<ien<er unit. 2 545 7«0 Mar ''O 

Blanchard. Ralph K., Winnetka, 111. 
2.-542.894. Feb. 20. 

Blanchard. Robert L.. New York N T 
ine tent. 2.543.684. Feb. 27. 

Blanchard. Vernon W.. .South River. N. J., assignor to 
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Companv. Wilmincton. 
Del. Color devolopinft, Inclndinir treatment with a 
quaternary ammonium salt. 2.551.091. May 1. 

Blanchard. William A.. Millhury. asslcnor to Crompton A 
Knowles Loom Works. Worcester. Mass. Thread cutter 
for weft replenishing looms. 2.542.465, Feb. 20. 

Blanchard. William A.. Mlllbury. assiimor to Crompton 
A Knowlts Loom Works. Worcester Warp beam 
for looms. 2.5."4.0S5. Mav 22. 

Blanchard. William A . Millbury. assienor to Crompton 
A Knowles Loom Works. Worcester. Mass. Picking 
mechanism for looms. 2.564.747. Aue. 2T. 

Blanchard. William A . Millbury. assignor to Crompton 
A Knowles I^oom Works. Worcester. Mass. Picking 
shoe. 2..5rt4.748. Auc 21. 

Blanrhanl. William .A.. Millburv. assignor to Cromp- 
ton A Knowles Loom Works. Worcester. Mass. Bobbin 
releaser for weft replenishing mechanism. 2.568 607. 
Sept. l.S. 

Blanchard. William A.. Mll'bury, assignor to Crompton 
A Knowles Loom Works. Worcester. Mass Combined 
heel shell and ronih for looms. 2.5S0,1.")4. Dec. 25. 

Blanchet. Ovlla J.. New Bedford. Mass. Rain-drain at- 
tachment for automobile tops. 2,544.580. Mar. 6. 

Blanchet. Ovlla J.. New Bedford. Mass. Traffic signal ap- 
paratus. 2.557.531. June 19. 

Blanchette, Ililaire. St.-Slmon de Dnimmond Quebec, 
Canada. Molding and wrapping machine. 2.576.096, 
Nov. 27. 

Blanchette. Lorenzo J.. Dover, N. II. Feeding and mark- 
ing means for tubes and the like. 2.562.168, July 31. 

Blanco. Joseph R.. Oardena. assignor of one half to A O. 
Boderman, Long Beach, Calif. Boring head. 2.564, 460. 
Aug. 14 

Blanco P.. Manuel, assignee : Bee — 
Scheel, Julius. 

Protective filter 
Marker device. 
Explorer's fold- 

Collapsible carrier. 
Cylinder cleaner alid 

assignors to The 
Cleveland. Ohio. 

Blandlng. Joseph E.. New London, assignor of one-half to 
Patrick B. Mc.Namara, Groton, Conn. Connecting rod 
bearing support. 2..539.227, Jan. 23. 

Blaney, Dorothy L., Los .\ngeles. Calif., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Universal magnetic head. 
2..547.737. Apr. .3. 

Blank. David S.. assignee : See — 
Duggan. Joseph J. 

Blank. Klmer II. : See — 

Jahn, Herbert W., and Blank. 

Blank. George K.. De Soto, Mo. 
2.544.;»77. Mar. 13 

Blank. Malcolm M.. Baltimore. Md. 
wire stralghtener. 2.536,589. Jan. 2. 

Blank, .Merton 11.. Detroit, and (J. E. Nelson, assignors to 
Liquid Drive Corporation. Holly, Mich. Rotary turbine- 
type fluid coupling. 2,562.657, July 31. 

Blanke. Nathan E. : .sVc - 

Sands, Hillard J., and Blanke. 

Blanke, Nathan E., and H. J. Sands. 
Harvard Manufacturing Company. 
Looking device. 2,575.651, Nov. 20. 

Blanton. William B. : See— 

Currle. Frank L.. and Blanton. 

Blanton. William B., Rockville Centre N Y. F L Currle, 
Planfleld, and G. W. Janson. .Nutley, N. J., assignors 
to The Western Union Telegraph Company New York, 
N. Y. Telt'craph switching system. 2,546,627 Mar 27. 

Blanton. William B , Ro< k\ ille Centre, and G G. Light, 
Scarsdale, assignors to The Western Union Telegraph 
Company, New York, N Y. Telegraph switching sys- 
tem. 2.575..329, Nov. 20. 

Blasdell, Wallace T.. assignor of one-half to D J Mac- 
Donald, Reno. Nev. Electrical coupling device. 
2.564..520. Aug. 14. 

Blaser. Hennan J.. Fostorla. Ohio, assignor to Keystone 
Wire Cloth Company, Hanover, Pa. Prameless screen 
tension. 2.547.302. Apr. 3. 

Blaslg. Joseph, assignee : See — 
Giiinez. .Xntonio. 

Blasius. Charles J., Idaho Falls. Idaho. Windshield. 
2.564.952. Aug. 21. 

Blasutta. Victor V. : See — 

.\dams. Cecil E.. B'asutta, and Mog. 
.\dams, Cecil E.. Mills, and Bln«utta. 

Blatchford. John. Shobrooke, Credlton, England. Animal 
trap. 2.573,7.59. Nov. 6. 

Blatter. Hans : Srr — 

Goldstein. .MeT.indrr. and Blatter. 

Blatti. Albert L. : See — 

McLaln. Harold O.. and Blatti. i 

Blatti. Ruby C.. executrix : Sre — 
McLaln. Harold O.. and Blatti. 

Blnttniann A Co.. a.><signee : See — i 

Staerkle. Max A., and Meier. 

Blattner. Emil H. : Srr — 

Barrows, Donald S.. and Blattner. 

Blattner. Emll TL. Rochester, assignor to The Svmington- 
Gould Corporation. Depew. N. Y. Cushioning mecha- 
nism. 2.540.041, Jan. 30. 

Blattner. Emll H.. Rochester, assignor to The Svmington- 

Gonld Corporation. Depew, N. Y. Cushioning device. 

2 5.-2 145 Mav 8 
Blattner. EmU H.. Rochester, assignor to The Svmlngton- 

Gould <^orporation. Depew, N. Y. Journal box. 

2.. 5 .->.-)..-> 6. -( .TiitK' .-> 
Blattner. Emll H . BufTalo. 

Gould Corporation. Depew, 

2.-71.100 Oct 16 
Blattner. Emil H,. and G. F. 

to The Svmington-nould 

Railway truck. 2,.539.607, Jan. 30. 
Blattner, Oliver J., Pittsburgh. Pa. • 

brake. 2.562.521, July 31. 
Blattner. Robert F. : .*.Vc — 

Kesel. Robert E.. and Blattner. 
Blatz, Hanson, assignor to Ritter Companv. Inc.. 

Rochester. N. Y. Vertical fluoroscope apparatas. 

2.567.363. Sept. 11. 
Blaugninrl. Marvin J.. Shaker Heights. Ohio. T^niversal 

mounting antenna clamp. 2,575,254. Nov. 13. 

Blaw-Knox Company, aasignee : See — 
Brown. i:iv K and >ril'er 
English. Ray H.. and N. B. and M. N Omits. 
Groetzinger. Raymond B. 
Jessen. John D. 
Meisenburg. Karl. 
Nenbauer. Herman E. 
Pottme.ver. Edward W 
Saroxdv. Louis J 
Smith. Glenn. 
Tlllotson. Jared E. 
Blazek. William J.. New Lexington, assignor to 
Products. Inc.. Bedford, Ohio. Adjustable 
2.543.224. Feb. 27. 
Blazer. Nm-l E., Berkeley. Calif., assignor to Westlnghouse 
Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh Pa. Wall tvoe 
heater. 2,.552.837, May 15. 
Blazer, Paul G.. A. M. Leas, and W. H. Humphreys, as- 
signors to Ashland OH and Refining Company. Ashland, 
Ky. Solvent extraction and dewaxlng of mineral oils! 
2.557,406. June 19. 

assignor to The Symington- 
N. Y. Resilient side bearing. 

Couch. Rochester, asslgnom 
Corporation, Depew. N. Y. 

Emergency wheel 




T.. Chicago. 111. 

-See — 



Blazewicz, Edmond 

2.560.r)50. July 17. 
Bleachers' Association Limited, assignee 
Melville. Alexander. 
Taylor. Kdward P.. and Melville. 
Blease. Malcolm T.. and E. Schafranlk. Providence. R. 

Remote control system. 2.559.339. July 3. 
Bleihumn. Irving. New York, N. Y. Garment bag and the 

like. •J.541.1.')(). Feb. 13. 
Blechman, Irving. New York. N. T. Collapsible wardrobe. 

2,579.897. Dec. 25. 
Bleck. Marlin A.. Dayton. Ohio. Collapsible seat. 

2.555.5GG, June 5. 
Blehm, Herbert E.. Dorrance, Kans. Drag harrow hitch. 

2.575.405. Nov. SO. 
Bleltx. Donald L.. Hollywood, Calif. Plate or cut film 

holder. 2.539.342, Jan. 23. 
Blenkinsoi), Ward. & Company Limited, assignee: See — 

I'ritchard. Gordon J. ^ 

Blesi. Walter, an.sipnor to The Sheflield Corporation, .Day- 
ton. Oliio. Centering gauge for accurately locating 

a w.orkpieie with respect to a keyway cutter or the like. 

2.547.683. Apr. 3. 
Blessing. Arthur W., Chicago, 111. Match book holder. 

2.54S.288. Apr. 10. 
Blessing, Charles B., Oakland, Calif., assignor to Blessing 

raikaging Company. Paper roll support. 2,545,337, 

Mar. i;V 
Blessing. Harry A., assignee : -See —'bmann, August G. 
Blessing Packaging Company, assignee : See — 

Bl)-Mt«ing, Charles B. 
Blessing. William J.. Buffalo, and R. R. Fruehauf. Orchard 

Park. N. Y'.. assignors to Worthlngton Pump and Ma- 
chinery Corporation, Harrison. N. J. Multiple fuel in- 

tt-rnal combustion engine. 2.544.978, Mar. 13. 
Bletso. Bruce N., Cleveland Heights. Ohio assignor to 

The American Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey. 

Apparatus for handling rod and wire bundles or the 

like. 2.567.271. Sept. 11. 
Bletz, Kdward. Mansfield. Ohio, assignor to Stevens Man- 
ufacturing Company. Inc. Thermostatic switch. 

2,557.810. June 19. 
Bletzinger, John C^ : See — 

Voigtman, Edward H.. and Bletzinger. 
Blewett. John P^ East Patchogue, N. ^ .. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Ratio circuit. 2,553.294, May 

Blewett. Klrby A.. Corpus Christ!. Tex, Swivel Joint. 

2.576,56.3. Nov. 27. 
Blewett. Plillip D., Oakland, Calif. Electric percolator. 

2..54S,647. Apr. 10. 
Blewitt. Ronald H.. Birmingham, England, assignor 

Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corporation, Buffalo, N. 

Apparatus for dielectric heating. 2.548.093. Apr. 10 
Bley. Rudolph S.. Ml'llgan College. Tenn.. assignor 

North American Ravon rorporation. New York, N. 

S[. inning viscose. 2.577.732, Dec. 11. 
Bleyle. C.ustave A.. Jr. : Bee — 

MrMahon, Howard O.. Bleyle, and Hinckley. 
Blez. Hrani. Tel Aviv, assignor of onc-h.ilf to A. Morris, 

Tel B.njamln, Israel. Page turning device. 2,545,839, 

Mar. 2(1. 
Bllck, Frank, Westminster, assignor to Ozalid Company 

Limited. London. Photocopying machine. 

2.548.936. Apr. 17. 
Bllcke. Frederick P.. assignor to Regents of The T^nlverslty 

of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Mich. Thlenylalkyl esters. 

2..'S41.024. Feb. 13. 
Bllcke. Frederick F.. assignor to Regents of The University 

of Michigan. Ann Arbor. Mich. Bnsic esters of sub- 

8titut«Hl thienyl acetic adds. 2,541.634. Feb. 13. 

Bllcke. Frederick F.. assignor to The Regents of The 

University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, .Mich. Cyclohexvl- 

phenyl-arainoalkyl-ketones and their production. 

2.542. 4»".6. Feb. 20. 
Blickensderfer. Philip S. : See — 

Bradner Donild B.. Stoddard, and Blickensderfer. 
Blickman. I'.ernard I.. New York. N. Y.. assignor to 

.s. Blickman, Inc., Weehawken. N. J. Filter. 2.549.363. 

Apr. 17. 
Blickman. S.. Inc.. assignee: See — 

P.lickm.nn. Bernard I. 
Blight. Dennis J. : .See— 

Carlngton, Charles M., Shoobert, 
Blind Cleaners. Inc., assignee: See — 

.Schneider, George. 
Bllnkman, John W., Omaha, Nehr. 

2 545 r,46. Mar. 20. 
Blinn. Welford C, United States Navy 

W. R. Bailey. Washington. D. 

2.573.68.5, Nov. 6. 

Blinn. Welford C. Arlington, Va.. and W. R. Bajley, 
Chevy Chase, Md. Temperature indicating device. 
2.573,686, Nov. 6. 

Bllsl). Morris .1. : See — 

Hoelan. Forest \.. and Blish. 

Bliss. Harding. Mount Carmel. Conn., and R. W. South- 
worth. I'pton. N. Y. Carbonylatlon of aromatic hal- 
Ides. 2.565.4*',1, Aug. 28. 

Bliss. Harvey N . Windsor, assignor to Veeder-Root In- 
corporated. Hartford. Conn, i Counting mechanism. 
2.540.808. Feb. 6. 



and Blight. 

Universal joint. 

Arlington. Va.. and 
C. Humldostat. 

Bliss. Harvey N.. Windsor, assignor to Veeder-Root Incor- 
porated. Hartford. Conn. Counter mechanism. 
2.508.709. Sept 25 

Bliss. Harvey N., Windsor, and H. B. Vroom. assignors to 
Veeder-Root Incorporated Hartford, Conn. Recorder 
for collections. 2.572.241. Oct. 23., Lester i:.. assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester. N. Y\ Protective layer for finished plioto- 
craphic film. 2.578. 2H2. I>ec. 11. 

Bliss. Warren H.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America Electronic frequency meter. 
2.540 505, Feb. 6. 

Bliss, Warren IL, Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Time measuring and record- 
ing device. 2.566,078, Aug. 28. 

Bliss. Warren IL, Riverhead, N. Y.. assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Relaxation oscillator. 2,553,165, 
May 15. 

Bli8s. Warren II. . Riverhead. N. Y'., assignor to Radio 
<"orporation of America. Pulse regenerator circuit. 
2.577.444. Dec. 4. 

Bliss. Warren H.. and I. E. Grohdoff. Princeton. N. J., 
assignors to Radio Corporation of America. Counter 
control circuits. 2.560.922, July 17. 

BlitHtein. Arthur. Chicago. 111. Binding sheet material In 
piles. 2.571.525, Oct. 16. 

Blitzer. Sidney M. : See — 

Hixit-klior. Howard M., and Blitzer. 

Blizzard. James R.. Buffalo. N. Y'.. assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours" & Company. Wilmington, Del. Dis- 
solving of polymers. 2,573,949. Nov. 6. 

Bloch. Felix. Palo Alto, and W. W. Hansen. Stanford Unl- 
versltv. Calif. Chemical analysis l)V nuclear inductions. 
2.561.489. July 24. 

Bloch. Herman S., assignor to Universal Oil Produ<t8 
Companv. Chicago, 111. Synthetic resins and prepara- 
tion thereof. 2,542,111, Feb. 20. 

Blo<li, Herman S.. assignor to Universal Oil Products 
Cdinpanv. Chicago, Hi. Polyvinyl acetal resins. 
2.545.683. Mar. 20. 

Bloch, Herman S., assignor to Universal Oil Products 
Company, Chicago, 111. Deposit resistant manifold. May 22. 

Bloch. Herman S.. assignor to Universal Oil Products 
Company. Chicago. 111. Resin and Its manufacture by 
condensation of a phenol, an alkyl aromatic hydrocar- 
bon, and a polyenic hydrocarbon. 2.558.812. July 3. 

Bloch. Herman S.. assignor to Universal Oil Products Com- 
pany. Chicago. 111. Manufacture of dlalkyl hydrogen 
phosphites. 2.570.512. Oct. 9. 

Bloch. Herman S., assignor to Universal Oil Products Com- 
pany, Chicago, 111. Modified phenolic resins. 2.570,513. 
Oct. .9. 

Blocli. Herman S.. assignor to Universal Oil Pro<luct8 
Company. Chicago. 111. Resinous copolymerization 
products. 2,578,168. Dec. 11. 

Bloch. Herman S., assignor to Universal Oil Products 
Company. Chicago. 11'. Copolymers of an ehtylenically 
unsaturated comF)ound with a polyolefinic cyclic hydro- 
carbon. 2.578.169. Dec. 11. 

Bloch. Herman S.. Chicago, and R. B. Thompson. River-' 
side, assignors to Universal Oil Products Company, 
Cliicago. 111. Resinous reaction product of an aromatic 
polyketone and a polvsulfonamfde and process. 
2..5.>7.935. June 26. 

Bloch. Herman S.. Chicago, and IL E. Mammen. La 
Grange, assignors to I'niversal Oil Products Company, 
Cliicago, III. Sulfonation of alkyl aromatic hydro- 
carbons 2.573.675. Nov. 6. 

Bioc^h. Julius. S:in Francisco, Calif. Collapsible tripod 
b;ise. 2.553.890. May 22. 

Bloch. Leon, Cleveland, Ohio. Drain fitting for wash- 
basins and the like. 2,572,101. Oct. 23. 

Bloch. Rudolf. Jerusalem, Palestine. Electric cell. 
2,.566,114. Aug. 28. 

Blocher, Ora G., Dearborn, assignor to Bendix Aviation 
Coritoration. Detroit. Mich. Uoinbination bracket and 
vent for flexible tanks. 2.557.861. June 19. 

Block & .Anderson Limited, assignee: See — 
Gerlach, Hugo. 
Gerlach. Hugo, and Benello. 
Block. C. F., k .Associates, assignee: See — 

Block. Clarence F. 
Block. Carl F.. Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to United States 
Steel Company. Method and apparatus for soldering. 
2.546.719. Mar. 27. 
Block. Clarence Y., Barrington, 111. Pet feeder. 2,554.088, 

May 22. 
Block. Clarence F.. Barrington. assignor to C. F. Block 
& Associates, Chicago. 111. Cutting gauge. 2,560,271, 
July 10. 
Block. David L.. Brooklyn. N. T. Radiator testing appa- 
ratus. 2.565.119. Aug. 21.** 
Block. .Nettie A. : See^ 

Block. Otto H. and N. A. 
Block. Otto H. and N. A.. Fort Collins, Colo. Beet top- 
ping machine. 2.544.650. Mar. 13. , 

Block. Rlchnrd J.. Scarsdale. N. T.. assignor 4o The 
Burden Company. Livestock feed. 2.569.282. Sept. 25. 

Block. William E.. Chicago. HI. Sorting and classifying 
system for cards or the like. 2.544,251. Mar. 6. 


INDEX or PATKNTS. 10".! 

Blod. Francis E., Tuokaho^, N. T. Combine^ rattle and 
baby p<JW(l»'r can. 2.r)«;2.013. July -M. 

Blodg«tt. Herbert «'., attsijaior to Overhead Door Corpora- Hartford City. Ind. Limit switch. 2,571.818. 
Oct. 1»). 

BIodKett. Herbert C, assignor to Overhead Door Corpora- 
tion. Hartford City, Ind. Sectional vertical acting 
door. 2.575.253. Nov. 13. 

Bloedel. Prenttce : Sff — 

Dunbar. Jaines R.. Blocdel. and Slmoni. 

Bloedel. Stewart k Welch Ltd.. asslenee : See — 
Dunbar, James U.. Bloedel. and Simons. 

Bloes.'. Max. Chicago, ill. Electric liglit bulb. 2.561.4G0. 
July 24. 

Blohm, Clyde L.. Los Anffeles. F. C. Rlesenfeld. Holly- 
wood, and H. D. Frazier, Alhambra, asMignors to Tlie 
Fluor Corporation. Ltd.. Los Angeles. Calif. Extraction 
of acidic constituents from gases. 2.550,446, Apr. 24. 

Blok. Henri. Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National Hank ami (oiiipany. Hartford, 
<'onn., as trustee. Indicating device constituted by a 
scale and an Index which can move along a guitle path. 
2,578,905. I>ec. IS. 

Blok, Lourens. and O. P. Rosxbnch. F.lndhoven. Nfth'>r- 
lands. asHlgnors, by mesne assignments, to Hartfoid 
National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, Conn., as 
trustee. I'ircuit arraii^eiiit iit for generating a voltage 
varying lineally with the time. 2.5;59,007, Jan. 2;; 

Bloin. Carl J.. San Marino, assignor to Hyron Jackson Co., 
Vernon, Calif. Motor puiiip. 2,545,422. Mar. 13. 

Blom, Carl J.. San .Marino, assignor to lU-ron Jackson Co., 
Vernon. Calif. Seal structure. 2,530,667. May \, 

Blomberg. Ha rend J. : See — 

Bakker, Wlllem, and Hlomberg. 
Levlson. Robert, and Hloniberir. 

Hlomberg, Martin P.. Hinsdale. III., assignor to General 
Motors rori)oration. Detroit, Mich. Brake shoe support 
mechanism. 2,571,410, Ocr. 16. 

Blomberg, Otto J.. Chicago. 111. Switch. 2.568.482. Sept. 

Blom^n, Torsten. assignor to Aktlebolaget Linderoths Pat- 
enter. Stockholm, Sweden. Apparatus for separating 
solid particles from gases. 2,571.331. Oct. 16. 

Blomgren, HJalmar L., Crelghton, Nebr, Submerged bear- 
ing for water wheels, turbines, or the like. 2,542,4ti7. 
Feb. 20. 

Blomqnist. Arne M.. Hopkins, Minn. Detachable handle, 
brush holder, and drain trough unit for paint palls. 
2 540.860, Veb. 6. 

Blnmstroni. Ray E.. Pillager, Minn. Floor board tightener, 
2,546,294, Mar, 27. 

Hloiidelle, Abel L. ('., Parl.«». assignor 
.Metropolltaines et Coloni.Tlea, ParN, 
Hauling machine. 2.549.103. Apr. 17. 

Blonder, S. : ffee — 

Rines, Robert H.. and Blonder. 

Blood, .\lnaworth B.. executor: See — 
Jonkhofr. Henri \V. 

Blood. Robert H., Tul^a. Okla.. ns.signnr to Stand.ird Oil 
Development Company. Thermal shock drilling bit. 
2.54S.4C,:?. ,\pr 1(1 

Bloodworth. William A., and S. E. Ahlgren. San .Vntonio, 
Tex. Tire removing device with circumferentially dis- 
tributed thrust members, 2,551,994. May 8. 

Bloom, Arthur: See — 

Kornberg. Irving, and Bloom. 

Bloom. Charles K.. assignee: See — 
Strirkmnn. Samuel W. 

Bloom, Edward S. : See — 

r.rlgsby, William E.. and Bloom. 

Bloom. George M.. Rt>ckford. III. Wooden roller con- 
struction for roller skates. 2.572,835, Oct. 30. 

Bloom. Joseph C. assignee : See — 
Nicholson, A'bert N. 

Bloom, Mortimer C. : See — f 

Von Hippel, Arthur. BJoom, and Schnlman, 

Bloomberg, David J., Newton. Mass., as>lgnor to Cenernl 
Electric Company. Dual rotation turbine. 2.552.138, 
May 8. 

Bloomberg, Harry, assignor to Alnhonse Knoedler A Com- 
pany, Lancaster, i'a. Umbrella tin and tin holder. 
2.542.620, Feb. JO 

Bloomer Bros. Company, assignee: Se0 — i . 

Tnman. William H. 
Tobey. I.eon H, 

Bloomer, Edward J.. Norwood. Manitoba. Canada. Cou- 
pling eonneetlon. 2.537.183. Jan. 9. 

Bloomer. Edward J.. Winnipeg. Manitoba, Canada. 
Windshield defroster. 2.546.355. Mar. 27. 

Bloomer. War<l J.. Westfleid. N J., as.sicnor to The Lum- 
mus Company. New York. N. Y. Mixer. '2 560.060, 
July 10. 

Bloomer. Ward J.. Westfleid. N. J., assignor to The Lum- 
mua Company. New York. N. Y. Evaporator. 2,560.070. 
July 10 

Bloomer. Ward J., Westfleid, N, J., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Centriflx Corporation, Cleveland. Ohio. 
Fixed centrifugal <lev|ce. 2,.500.071, July 10 

Bloomer, Ward J., Westfleid, N. J., assignor - by mesne 
assignments, to Centriflx Corporation. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Apparatus for fractionation. 2,500.072. July 10 

Bloomer, Ward J.. Westfleid, N. J., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Centriflx Corporation, Cleveland Ohio 
Fixed centrifugal device. 2,560,073, July 10 

to Enterprises 
Seine, France. 

Bloomer, Ward J.. Westfleid, N. J., assignor to The Lum- 

mus Company, New York, N. Y Method and apparatus 

for burning fi^fl. 2.560,074, July 10, 
Bloomer, WardT., Westfleid. N. J., assignor to The Lum- 

mus Company, New York. N. Y. Evaporator. 2,560.075, 

July 10 
Bloomer Ward J.. Westfleid. N. J., assignor to The Lum- 

mus Company, New York, N, Y Method and apparatus 

for burning fuel. 2.500.076. July 10. 
Bloomer. Ward J., Westfleid. N. J,, assignor to The Lum- 

Cumbustlon apparatus 

mua Company, .New York, .\. Y. 

and method. 2.500.078. Julv 10, 
Bloomer, Ward J.. Westfleld.N. J. 

mus Company. New York, N. Y. 

2.571,663, Oct. 16. 
Bloomer, Ward J.. Westfleid, N. 

I.akewoo<l. a.ssignors to Centriflx Corporation, Cleveland, 

Ohio. Apparatus for contacting gases and liquids to 

effect concentration, fractionation, and the like. 

'»,560.077. July 10. 

G.. Detroit. Mich. Crib cover. 

assirnor to The Lum- 
Reflnlng of fatty adds. 

J., and B. R. Wright. 

Wichita, assicnor to C. 
as trustee, SUp-on nut. 

E. iTovey. 

Wichita. Kans., assignor to 
trustee. Doorknob 

C. E. 


Mlnn. Bottle-carry- 


Bloomfleld, Mabel 

2.500.790, Sept. 4. 
Bloomfleld, Samuel. 

Kansas City. Mo,. 

Sept. 4. . 
Bloomfleld. Samuel. 

Ilovey. Kansas City. Mo 

ture. 2.570,441, Nov. 27. 
Bloomqulst, Egner L.. Minneapolis 

ing means. 2.575. C12. Nov. 20. 
Bloomqulst. Paui O. : See — 

Jimenez. James .\.. Bloomqulst. and Wells. 
Bloomstran, Floyd H. : See — 

Jones. James R.. and Hloomstran. 
Bloomstran. P'loyd H., assignor to Art Metal Construction 

Company, Jamestown. N. Y. Mounting for typewriters 

or other machines on cabinets 2..',"i7,719. .Tniie 10. 
Bloore, Ernest J., Brampton. Ontario, Canada. Loose- 
leaf binder. 2.572,305. Oct, 23. 
Blosse, Jean C. J., Sannois, France. Optical viewer. 

2.538,077. Jan. 16 
Blosser, Herman G., Pittsburgh, and F. H. Nicholson, Penn 

Township. .Allegheny County, assignors to The Union 

Switch A Signal Companv. Swissvale, Pa. Coded sig- 
naling apparatus. 2.5.)9.391, Julv 3. 
Blossey, Carl W., and M. G, Wright, Kokomo, Ind.. as- 

sl^rnors to General Motors Corporation Detroit, Mich. 

Turret and treadle bar tuner. 2 571.411. Oct. 10. 
Hlouin. Maurice A., assignor to Simplex Time Recorder 

Co., Cnrdner, Mass. Interchangeable flock dial unit 

assembly. 2,575,090. Nov. 13. 
Blount, Frank E., Cedar Grove. N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Ijiborntorles. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. 

Dial pulse receiving circuit. 2,580.009. Dec. 25. 

Blonnt. Luther II.. Warren. R. I 

Bloxham. Verlln A.. 

2.5.-.0,107. Julv 3 
Bloxham. Ralph H.. Mobile. Ala 

flller, 2. 555. .'507. Juno 5. 
Bloxsom. .Mian P.. Houston, Tex. 

2,552,.'?94. May 8. 
filove, Ellsworth D., Hot Sulphur Springs. Colo 

Ing construction. 2. .554. .196. May 22. 

Bludeau. Robert E.. East Orange. N. J,, assignor, by mesne 
a.sslgnments. to Union Carbide and Carbon Corpora- 
tion. Cold treatment apparatus and method. 2.552.030, 
May 8. '^ 

Bludeau. Robert E.. East Orange, and J. H. Bucknam, 
Cranforfl. N. J., nssicnors, by mesne assignments, to 
Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation. Cold treat- 
ing machine. 2.552,029. May 8. 

Blue, Robert D.. assignor to The Dow Chemical Com- 
panv. Midland, Mich. Metallurgical apparatus. 
2.507.8.18. Sept. 11. 

Blue. Rov E., Detroit, assignor to Chrvsler Corporation. 
Highland Park. Mich. Shock absorber. 2.562.j95. July 

Blue Bell. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Ilovell. Reynolds W. 

Blue Cbinnel Corporation. The. assignee: See — 
Harris. Sterling G., and Carrlngton. 

Blue Robin Corporation, assignee : See — 
Jenny. Ren*. 

Bluestein. Hen A.. Scotia. N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Trimethyllsothlocyanatosllane., July 3. 

Bluestone. Henry, and R. E. LIdov, Denver. J. 11. Knnus. 
I.ongmont, and P. W. Howerton, assignors to Julius 
Hvman A Company. Denver. Colo. Producing bepta- 
chlor. 2.570,000. Nov. 27. 

nitiford. Onion S.. Philadelphia, and C. W. Mnsser. Glen- 
side. P.). Artillery ammunition training round. 
2.541.025. Feb. IS. 

Hluhm. Fred A.. Michigan City. Ind. Clothespin. 2,554.808, 
May 29 

Blum. Chase. Cincinnati. Ohio. Track door structure. 
2.571.064. Oct. 16. 

Blum. Hosmer L.. assignor to Bowser, Inc.. Fort Wavne, 
Ind. Liquid sampling apparatus. 2..548,193, Apr." 10. 

Blum, Hosmer L., assignor to Bowser, Inc., Fort Wayne, 
Ind. Reciprocating plunger type bottle opener. 
2.5.59,845. July 10. 

Ship. 2.500,153. July 
Calif. Drying hops. 

Automatic stick rack 
Locking slide fastener. 



and umbrella 
San Antonio, 

Blum. Jack I., Philadelphia. Pa. Display rack. 2,572.434, 

Oct. 23. 
Blum. Otto. New York. N. Y. Leveling mount for camera 

tripods. 2.r)r)3.389. Aug. 7. 
Bliiin. I'.uil. Hrooklvii. N. Y. Foldable seat 

VAse. l.'.r.tiO.07t». JiiI.V 10. 
niumberg. HamlltoB 0.. and B. M. Stevens. 

Tex. Combined antomatlc fuel condltlomT with steam 

Injection. 2..^)73.241. Oct. 30. 
Blumberg, Hans. IVabody. Mass. Making a rubberlike 

cleaning composition. 2,546,383. Mar. 27. 
Blume. George F., Philadelphia, Pa. Heavy-duty luggage. 

2,r»o5,778. June 5. _ , , ^ c ^^ 

Blum-nbauni, Louis, Cranston, R. I., assignor to Scott 

Testers. Inc. (Jearbov. 2,538,665. Jan. 16. 
Blumenfeld, Joseph : See — 
Kac/alskli. Kfrniiu. 
Weber, Isaac E.. and Blumenfeld. 
Blumensaadt. Svend G., Beachwood Village, assignor to 

The Universal Wire Spring Comnan/. Cleveland. Ohio. 

Portable flipping tool. 2.574.811. Nov. l.i. 
Blumensaadt, Svend C. Beachwoo<l Village, W H. Neely, 

and N A. Page, asaiguors to Universal Wire Spring 

Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Wire spring structure for 

seat constructions. 2.r)(50.842, July 17. 
Bluiiienstein. Joseph, Cold Spring Harbor, assignor to 

"Sur-<Jrlp" Inc., New York, N. Y Spring hand grip- 
ping control garment hanger construction. 2,575,158, 

Nov. 13. 
Blumenthal, Emanuel A.. Atlantic Bench, N. Y. Tracking 

system and valve therefor. 2.559.588. July 10. 
Blumenthal, Francia H.. agalgnor to West Coast Fitting 

Co.. Los Angeles. Calif. I'^xture hanger. 2,574,20;i, 

Nov. P 
Blumenthal, Sidney. & Co., Inc.. assignee: See- 
Abbott. Arthur K. 
Ferguson, Duncan, MncDougall, and Meyer. 

Blumenthal, Warren B., Niagara Falls, assignor to Na- 
tional I^ad Company, New York, N. Y. Production of 
titanium tetralo<llde. 2.550.447. Apr. 24. 

Blumleln. Alan D,. deceased. Ealing, London. England, by 
D Walker, executrix. Lanhorne. Lescudjack. Penzance, 
Cornwall, assignor to Electric & Musical Industries 
Limited. Haves, EnL'land. Apparatus for generating 
electrical pulses. 2.545,018, Mar. 13. 

Blunilein. Alan D., deceased, Ealing. London. Enplnnd, 
by D. Walker, executrix, Ljinherne, Lescudjack, Penz- 
ance. Cornwall, assignor to Electric & Musicnl Indus- 
tries Limited, Hayes, England. Electrical bridge ar- 
rangement. 2,564,390. Aug. 14. 

Blundell. Ira G.. Sparks. Nev. Smoker. 2,561.084, July 

Blunk. Arch R. : f!re - 

Helman. Clifford S., and Blunk. 

BIy, Charley M.. Arcadia, Fla. Map marking pin 
2.5.^)4,397, May " 

Bobalek, Edward G., assignor to The Arco Company, 
Cleveland. Ohio. Interpolymer formed from uionovinyl- 
aromatic polymer, drviug oil or add, polyhydric alco- 
hol, and polybasic acid. 2,549,767, Apr. 24. 

Bobard, Emile, Beaune, France. Appanitus for making of the suction stroke in internal-combustion engines. 
2,541.740. Feb. 13. 

Bobard. Emlle. Beaune. France. Mounting of fans con- 
trolled by the rotation of vehicle wheels. 2,541.741,. 
Feb. 13. 

Bobard. Emlle, Beaune. France. Agricultural tractor and 
coupling device therefor. 2.554.556, May 29. 

Bobard. Emile, Beaune. France. Multiple motors for 
vi'Iiicles ami control thereof. 2,575,256, Nov. 13. 

Bohb. Lloyd J.. (Jlenside, assinnnr to The International 
Electronics Company. Philadelphia. Pa. Magnetic head 
assemblv. 2,555,110. May 29. I 

Bobbs. Paul A. : Sec — 

Bobbs William P. and P. A. 

Bobhs. William P. and P. A.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. 
Metering spring closure for dispensing tubular con- 
t.iiners. 2.556,571. June 12. 

Bolt.T. .\lbert. New York, N. V. Lid clamp for containers. 
2. .-.42.621. Feb. 20. 

ItdliitT, Wilfred S., Jr.. Groose Pointc. and W. H. Cojvles, 

lictioit. Mich.. assi;.'nors to G. M. and K. IloUey. Ac- 

' cehMntion fuel control responsive to air pressure and 

tfiiiper.iture. s(>eed, and fuel flow for turbines. 

2.5.-.7.526. June 19. 

P.obo. Ned, assignee : See — 
Siens, Jay. 

P.obiick. Arthur L., assignor to Bobrick Manufacturing 
Corporation, Los Angeles, Calif. Liquid dispenser. 
2.545.988, Mar. 20. 

P.ohiick .Manulacturing Corpor.nt ion, asslgne*' : See — 
P.olirick. Arthur L. 

B(»brov, .Samuel H., Chicigo. 111. Extensible and retract- 
alile Implement and container therefor. 2,575,788. 

Envelope frame picture 

Conduit bender. 2.537,254. 
Ind. Display «!evice. 

Standing valve ex- 


Blv, Simon. New "yiirk, N. Y. 

card. 2.576.067, Nov. 27. 
Blythe, Harry. Denver. Colo 

Jan. 9. 
Blvthe. Louis H.. Evansvllle, 

2,549.658, Apr. 17. 
Bo. Gilbert : See — 

Jacob. Robert M., Bo. and Robert. 
Broadway, Thaddeus J.. Pampa, Tex. 

tractor 2.537,810. Jan. 9. 
Boadwi'e. Russel Iv. : Sir - 

(Juild. Lurelle. and Boadwee. 
Boak. Willis i:.. Burton, Uliio, assignor to The 

Steel :iiid Wire <'<)mpany of New Jersey. 

suspensions. 2,548,582, Apr. 10. 
Boal, .Stewart, \N innetUa. assignor to Randolph Labora- 
tories, Inc.. Chicago. 111. Fire extinguisher. 2,560,407, 

July 10. 
Board of Trustees of The Leland Stanford Junior Uni- 
versity, The, assignee: See — 
Varlan, Russell H. 
Boardman, Harry C, Chicago, 111., assignor to Chicago 

Bridge & Iron Company. Support for containers. Re. 

'2:^.X\r,. Jan. 30. 
Boardman, Harry C. Chicago, 

Bridge & Iron Company. 

2,544,651. Mar. 13. 
Boardman. Harry D.. asslgn<-e : 

Merrlman. Henry H. 
Boarman, Robert W., assl^'nor to Columbia Boiler Co. 

i'ottstown, Pa 

Boase, William J.. Negaunee. Mich. 

2,.539,770. Jan. 30. 
Boat. Earl M. : .Sec- 
Emery, Alfred H.. Bishop, and Boat. 

Bo.1t. Fnrl M.. assignor to Standard (Jage Company. Inc., 
I'ouchket'psie. N. Y. Gaugf li»-ad for small bores. 
2.547.364. Apr. 3. 

Boatrlght, Arthur T.. South Gate, asslcnor to Textool 
Products Co., Inc., Vernon, Calif. Pipe slip insert. 
2..552,618. May 15. 

Boax, John J.. McKeesport, Pa. Hair singeing appara- 
tus. 2,577.839. Dec. 11. 

111., assignor to Chicago 
Storing volatile liquids. 

See — I 

Oil burner mounting. 2,575,613, Nov. 
Plat pocket loader. 

Nov. 20. 


Bobrowskl. Henry, Morris. Manitoba, Canada, 
slung self-cont:ilne<l conveyor. 2,5.39.689. Jan. 
Bolist. Henri. Lausanne. Switzerland. Sheet 

macliini". J .■i4M. :<"!-». Apr. 17. 
Bobst, Henri. Lausanne, Switzerland. Registering device 
for use with machines handling punctured sheets. 
2.572,691, Oct. 23. 
Bohst. Henri. Lausanne. Switzerland. Grlpper release 
mechanism for sheet handling machines. 2,579,540. 
Dec. 2.'. 
Bobst. Henri. L.ausanne. Switzerland. Control mecha- 
nism for the delivery stack of she«>t working machines. 
2.579.541. Dec. 25. 
Bobst. Joseph S., Milwaukee. Wis. Truss or beam for 

metallic building structures. 2,574,241, Nov. 6. 
Bocciarelll. Carlo V.. Elkiua Park, assignor to PhUco Cor- 
jtorafion, Philadelpliia, Pa. Electrical regulator. 
2..-. 12.4f.8. Feb. 20. 
Boccirirelli. Carlo V., FlUins P.irk, assignor to Phll«o 
Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical system.. 
^'Ay. May 8. ^, 

Boccl.irelll. Carlo V.. assignor to Phllco Corporation. Phil- 
adelphia. Pa. Deflection yoke. 2.570.42;>. Oct. 9. 
Bochmann, Otto, O. Schroder, and W. Lenk, assignors to 
Barmer Maschinenfabrik AktiengesfHschaft, Renmcbeid- 
l4'nn<M). Germany. Twisting mechanism. 2,574.957, 
Nov. i:{. 
Bocil Corporation, assignee : See — 
Jcnkias. Clarence E. 
La UP. Joseph C. 
Bock. Charles D., New York, assignor to Arma Corpora- 
tion. l?rool<lvn. N. Y. tJun tire control mechanism. 
2.562.981. Aiig. 7. 
Hock Charles D.. and R. K^.Bonell. New York, assignora 
to .Anna Corporation. Brooklyn. N. Y. • Nonlinear elec- rectifier. 2.5(J7.691. Sept. 11. 
Bock. Charles E., Cleveland, and R. P. Burrows, Jr., 
South Euclid. Ohio, assignors to General Electric Com- 
panv. Quartz working process and article. 2,579.108, 
Dec". 18. 
Bock. Georce E. : See — 

Metcalf, Irving R., and Bock. 
Bock. Louis H. : See — 

I^ Benneville. Peter L.. and Bock. 
Bock, Louis H., Huntingdon Vnlh-y, assignor to Rohm 
& H:ias Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Modific.-ition of 
cellulose by boron trlfluor)<le solution. 2.554,439, 
May 22. 
Bock. Louis IL. Huntingdon Valley, and L. S. Luskin, 
assignors to Rohm & Haas Company, Phll:nlclpliia, Pa. 
Phenoxyethyl quaternary ammonium salts. 2.547.365, 

Bock. I.ouls H., Huntingdon Valley, Pa.. N. H. Leake, 
. Bristol Tenn.. and J. L. Ralney. Ablngton. assicnors 

TO Rohm & Haas Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Thluro- 

nium compounds. 2,547.306, Apr. 3. 
Bock Richard G., Chicago. 111. Television antenna. 

2.553.295. May 15. 
Bock. Richard C... Chlcnco. 111. Slide rule for Indicating 

productivity of operator or machine and/or the quality 

level of a process. 2.563.512, Aug. 7. 
Bock Walter F., Melrose Park, 111. Renewable cutter for 

quarry drilla. 2..545,913. Mar. 20. 



BockluB, Christopher. Kidgewood. N. J., aatigiior to Amer- 
ican Machine a Foundry Company. Article storing and 
dispensing device. l'.5«0,9J8, July 17. 

Borkiu.s. «;e-.r«e H.. and ('. K. Krickson. assignors to Dia- 
bold. Incorporated. Canton. Ohio. Filing appliance. 
2. .174. ."^23, Nov. 13. 

Bockius. L. v.. assignee: See — 

Adams. Douglas D.. Kolilua. and Rishor. 

Buckiiian. Marlus: See — • 

Ljinim. I no. and Bookman 

BOckman, Marius F. D.. and S. Aa. VOrts, Ludvlka, as- 
signors to Ailinanna Svenska Elektriska Aktit-bolagef, 
Vusteras, Swedtn. Protection spark gap. li.o«5,y45. 
Aug. 28. 

Bockatahler. Earl R.. Indianapolis. Ind.. assignor to Al- 
lied I.4»boratorlps. Inc.. Kansas City, Mo. Diethylamino- 
ethyl aikoxybenzaates. 2,570.181. Oct. 9. 

Bockus. Hubert C. assignor to tiein (rib and Cradle 
Company, (;ardner, .Mass. Picture holding furniture 
panel. 2.5.'S0.7«2. May 1. 

BOdcher, Herman F. V., and E. J. Ton Ileidenstam Stock- 
holm. Swe<len. Malting plant and tnetho«l In whith 
the grain is successively moved and aerated doring 
malting. 2,.'>45,542. .Mar. 20. 

Boddie, I'larence A.. Uelmar. N. J. Harmonic coaxlul- 
line tube. 2..'>41.026. Feb. 13. 

Boddin^house. Fmmons R. : See — ( 

BreitenstPln. Victor W.. and Roddlnghouse. 

Boddy. Leonard, and S. B. Atwood, Jr., assignora to King- 
Seeley Corporation. Ann Arbor, Mich. Paint applying 
apparatus. 2.578,918, Dec. 18. 

Bode, John N.. Birmingham. Mich. I..amlnated paper 
product. 2.576,278. Nov. 27. 

Boden. Ernest O.. a.ssignor to The Timken Roller Rearing 
Company. Canton. Ohio. Bearing mounting. 2,53}S 2>9 
Jan !♦>. ' • 

Boden. Marstoo H., Weston. Mass. Attachment for rotary 
impact tool*. 2.540.161. Feb 6. 

^"ol^"?.-, anH,'*', .^s San Mateo. Calif. Covered dish. 
2. 5b 1.902. Jul.v 24. 

Boden3leck. Ernst J.. Euclid, assignor to Thompson Prod- 
o*"k«V ,?o-/''*'^'*'J*°^' ^*"°- I-uel system for heaters. 


2.567.143. Sept. 4. 
Boder. Robert. Zurlch-Oerllkon, Switzerland 

pen. 2.541.685. Feb. 13. 

Boderman. Albert O.. assignee : See — 

Blanco. Joseph R. 

Bodex. Pierre, assignor to Soclete frangals* Sadlr-Car- 

S*"-o^»« ^""'"-.o France. Radlo-goniometric system. 
-i..i « 5,906, Dec. 18. 

B<>deP. Walter A, Portis. assignor to Harmon Machine 
Company. Inc.. Wichita. Kans. Tool for sharpening 
agricultural implements. 2.567,868. Sept 11. 

Bodlan Marcus, assignor to Sunbeam Lighting Company 
Lus Angeles. Calif. Indirect lighting fixture. 2.544.581 
Mar. o. • 

Bodifonl. Orover T.. assignee: See " 

Buchanan. Lloyd A 

^'^^%.^h}^ 'i„?- fo^'**'- St. Paul. Minn. Sleeve 
Bodlne. Albert G., Jr.. Van Nays. Calif. Method of and 
apparatus for treating welN Re. 2.1..381, June 26 

^Int'JU^nl SuK^""- ^''" -y"^"- <^«"^ standing wave 
2.543 758 MaT 6 ™**°* "upplylng auxiliary air. 

Bojline. Albert C... Jr.. Van Nuys. Calif. Jet stand. 

2%Q.wl7pr\^'^'^ '""''**"" ^■^'■" reflecting mSn^ 

Bodlne. Albert G..' Jr.. Van Nuys. Calif Multlcirmif 

qtjarter wave pulse jet engine. 2.546 966. Apr 3 

"255*354^ M^V' -"' '^'^^ ^'"^'' ^^"'- ^P well pump. 

^"'^"p^Va'Vu^'"* ?:i.^^54i'''"M^;"^^-o^«"'- ^^P -^" P^-P 

''t't"ui.^'2':S3.'i43'"MaV"2i'"^"'' ^^"'- ^"""^'^^ ^P^"' 
Bodine^ Albert C... Jr.. Van Nuvs. assignor to Soundrill 

S*tr"2.55-4i05MaT22 ''""'• "^"^^^ boring, appa- 

^'2'.572.67^0c? si'- '^'''" ''''"^'- ^*"'- ^P '"*" P°"P- 

^"Vlin*" .^A^r;*! ^K ^^- '^«° ^'"y». Calif. Engine d.tona- 

i.573..536 oit io **^°"'"**^ methods and apparatus. 

Bodlne Eler'tric Conipanv. assignee : See * 

Harvey. Thaddeus F. 
^°Cuh- *^<^T'" ^' nssignor to L. A. Fordon. Detroit. 

2'i52.929^MSri5""''"'''°« '°"'°^^ ""^ ^«» *"• 
Bodkin Ernest A.. Pitman, and J. W. Payne. Woodbury. 
> J., assignors to Soconv-Vacuum Oil Companv 

®*'rJrrn/rl*Hn]?'^M.T- "l^'K^or to Dodge Manufacturing 
2.545!l89 Ma? n"^' • °'^- ^^^^ measuring device 

^^rifrnnrLMnij'^^xf.^- """'Knof, ^'> ^odge Manufacturing 
^"nr"2.556.412"'jVn;'l2 '"'• «-"-'>-"'°« 'hifter 

^^- K^'""",?' ^^' • N^rth Kansas Cltv. Mo., and W W 
Deschner. Kansas City, Kans., assignors to J. F I^ritrh: 

2,557*171?-Ju^e"l9! ^''^' ^"'- '"'"^''"^ °*^"™^ ««"'- 

Bodman, John W., Winchester, F. J. Squire Milton Uasa 
and G. W. Busby, Jr, Baltimore, Md., assignors to 
Lever Brothers Company, CambridJ^e, Mass. Centrifu- 
gal separation of kettle soap. 2.572.102, Oct. 23. 

Bodmer, Eruvst, (..rantl-Lanc.v-^Jeneva, ashlgiior to Tarex 
S. A., (Jeneva. Switzerland. Automatic screw-cutting 
lathe. 2,548.937. Apr. 17. 

Bodmer. Ernest. (irand-Ijincy-Geneve. assignor to Tarex 
S. .v.. (ieiieva. Switzerland. Automatic screw-cutting 
lathe. 2.578,221, Dec. 11. 

Bodwell. Corliss L. Sprlngvale. assignor to Goo<lall-San- 
ford. Inc.. Sanford. Me. Fabric thickness gauge. 
2..'>3><.«5'<. Jan. 23 

Body. Ren« L. J., assignor to Soclete Anonyme des Etablt»- 
sements Charles Tettut. Paris. France. Lever-balance 
weighing scale. 2.540.386. Feb. 6. 

Boe. (arsten F., Wooddale. and W. R. Lowstuter. assign- 
ors to Atomlx Inc.. Wilminjrton. Del. Combined clean- 
ing and polLshlng composition. 2.566.716. Sept. 4. 

Boe. Luis A.. Banfleld. Argentina. Safety device for In- 
ternal combustion and more especially Diesel engines. 
2.55.''.,.')68. June .>. 

Boeok. I" rank W. : Ste — 

lloi^aani. Cyrus J., and Boeck. 

Boeckler, Benjamin C. Gross He. assignor, by mesne 
a.tslgnments. to Trenton Chemical Company. Trenton. 
Mich. Method and apparatus for separating gluten and 
wheat flour. 2.537.811. Jan. 9. 

Boedecker. Fred K.. assignee : See — . 

Boedecker. F'red R. | 

Boe<lecker. Peggy, adniinlstratrlx : See — 
Hoeilecker, Robert. 

Boedecker. Robert, deceased ; P. Boe<lecker administratrix 
of said R. Boedecker. assignor to F. R. Boedecker 
o^ra^%'»^V?'''^o ^'*'"^'<^1'>' adjustable scaffold carriage. 

Boege". .Maurii-e J. : See — 

HIrsch, Joel H., and Boegel. 

^^'^'.y-^^^'*'"""' J- •^'"■on. E. C. Bennett. R. S. Morrison 
and C Powell. Detroit. .Mich., assignors to Sterling 
Drug. Inc.. .New York. .\. Y. Container filling apparatus 
with automatically timed filling and conveyor movement 
means. 2.5.VJ.242. Julv 3. 

Boehm. Alfred A.. Jr.. New York. N. Y. Dielectric test 
apparatus. 2..567.921. Sept. 18. 

Boehm. Frederick E.. Fulton County. Ohio. Smoker's pipe 
with a cleaner therefor. 2,56,">.797. Aug 28 

Doehni. George L.. and W. B. Rowley. Racine. Wis Fish 
stringer holder. 2,.')64.389 Aug 14 

Boj'hm, .Michael, Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to General 
Klectric Company. Motion arresting device. 2,557 720 
June 19. ... 

Boehm, Paul P.. Greenwich. Conn. Cursor. 2.538.502. 
Jan. It). 

^'^'i'Ti cVi"L^-,l''"^*"'^'«b. Conn. Cursor with lock. 

.:..t4I.M.»m. r eb. 13. 
Boehm. Robert M.. assignor to Masonite Corporation 
laurel. Miss. Making a plywood product. 2.557,071 ' 
June 19. 
Boehn-e, Walter, Forest Park. Hi. Burial vault cover re- 

ceivlng and handling apparatus. 2.537.812. Jan. 9. 
P.othm.T. Francis D. : sir 

.Arinit.ijre. Jo,»!,.ph It.. Lukey. Rledel. and Boehmer. 
Boehrlnger. .Albert, assignee: See — 

ThoniH. Otto. 
Boehringer, Ernst, assignee: See — 

Thomn, Otto. 
BoeinK Airplane Company, assignee: See — 

Anderson. Roy H 

Drakeley. George T.. and FInlay. 

Euhr. Donald J.. Crittenden, and Brandt. 

Foster. Clair C. 

Jennings. Norman R.. and Larson. 

Jepson. Alfred H.. and Cooi>er. 

Klrkbrlde. John F., and Whltener. 

Korsberg John F. 

M<<oy. .Joe. and Weinlng. 

Morrison. John A. 

Morrls<m. John A., and Weiland. 

Orlob. (;ienn. , 

Snyder, George. 1 

Stark. William N 

Stedman. Cecil K 

Stoner. George H. 

Wells. Edward C. 

Boeing Airplane Company. Wichita Division, assignee: 

ace >^ 

Borngesser. Oscar R. ^ 

Corns. Robert V. 

Skldmore. Wallace E.. Person, and Tefdina. 
Boeing. Harry H. : See — 

Szegho. Con.stantln S., and Boeing ' 

Boeke. Jan : See — 

Snoek Jacob L., Boeke. and Louwerse. 
Boeke'o<i Merrill E.. San Gabriel. Calif. Marking device 
and Inker therefor. 2,,^71,008. Oct 9 "c.i«.e 

Boeker. Justin R. : See — 

L.von. Herman L.. and Boeker 
Boel Henry C. and B C. Hailberg. assignors to B H B 

tiof. S" 7L«i9''oct'T6 • "'• ''"" *^^ "^«* 'P""«°^ 
Boelter. Llewellvn M. K. : See — 

Gler. Joseph T.. Boelter. Bromberg. and Dempster. 

, Price, and WIsner. 
and Sourwine. 



Boenker. Ollle D.. Kort Worth. Tex, Dispensing apparatas 
wuh plaral compartments and a valved, flexible, re- 
traclaole conduit for each compartment. 2.536,835, 
Juii. 2. 

Boeru. Luuis : Sre — 

Andresen. William A., and Boero. 

Boersiiia. Barney, and J. S. Kobinson, Grand Rapids, 
Mich., ausiguurH to Sackuer I'ruducts, Inc. Macliine 
for iiiuuufacturing binding tapes or ties. 2,500,923, 
July 17. 

Boesche. Frank H and L. D. Staver, Washington. D C, 
and P. L. GritUtu. Montclair. N. J , assignors to Brake- 
Trol Corporation, Washington, D. C. Brake control 
system. 2.rj71,821 Oct. Iti. 

Boettther. Gustav A., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Looper 
UK>chanlsni or rti)lacement unit for multiple needle lock 
stitch siwing machin<>s. 2..'>03,G3y. Aug. 7. 

Boettcher. Harold C, Chicago. IlL Meat-separating grid 
tor meat tendering appliances. 2.537.003. Jan. 9. 

Boettclifi. Justus «j. : isvt — - 

Shugart, Uohert U., and Boettcher. 

Boettclier. Robert E. : See — 

<;ardner. (Ilenn L.. and Boettcher. 

Boettger. Walter L.. Shelby. Iowa. Wagon-box attachment 
» tor eodgate seeders. 2,536,532, Jan. 2. 

Boittiugir. Rudolph. Englewood, N. J. Tire chain applier. 
2.571,665, Oct. 16. 

Boflnger. Karl : See — 

Maher. William W.. and Botinger. 

Bogaev. Max. as'^ignee : Bee — 
Embre>e. Cralge L. 

Bogan, F»'lix K.. Milldale. Conn. 
•> .^T•> U7S - - 

Reversible mop. 

_.L»( 2,978. Oct. 30. 
Bogai t. Hfiiry <;. Brooklyn. N. Y.. assignor to Magnaflux 

Corporation, Chiiago, 111. Instrum^'nt for inspectiug 

the interior of cavities. 2, .'>4 1,976, Feb. 20 
Bogart. Marcel J. p., Mamaroneck, and A S Brunjes. 

Plandome, assignors to The Lummus Company New 

York, N. Y. Hecovery of phenol from dilute aqueous 

solutions. 2.573.244, Oct. 30. 
Bogdaii. Beniamin W.. Dedham, Mass.. assignor to West- 

liighouse Klectric Corporation. East Pittsburgh I'a 

Retriu'crant <ompreHKor. 2.571,820 Oct 16 
Bogdanoff, John L., Mahwah. N. J..' assignor to Wright 

Aeronautical Corporation. Governor. 2,544.523 

Mar. 6. 
Boge. .Vdolf. Jr. : ffee — 

Boge, Adolf, Sr. and A. Boge. Jr. 
Boge Adolf. Sr., Altgluck. and A. Boge. Jr.,,Eltrof Ger- 

many Iniversal joint. 2..V>9.108. Julv 3.4 

Tr^8°' ^570 sib (? ^^'^' '^^^*"' ^*^'*'*^ ^°^ '■°**''^ "'^' 
Boggs. Sam H., 'Dallas,* Tex. Lawn trimmer. 2,538,230, 

•I *1 II • J f I. 

Boggs. Samuel D., Jr., Clarendon Hills, and R. R Hande-- assignors, Uy mesne assignments, to a' J Par 

2.5«t6.625''j!,'iy 17 ^'^'"''''^ ''"'^^ '°''* '^'"^^• 

Boggs. \V:ilfer W.. i)owney. assignor to Luber-Finer In- 
corporated, Los Angeles. Calif. Filter. 2,561.685; July 

Bogin. IIer<nan II.. assignor to Parke. Davis & Com- 
^'553544 Ma V '^•>^^' *^"*^'"'*= vitamin preparations. 

Bogin ilernmn' H, "assignor to Parke, Davis & Company, 
tng'^.'l.'tsul'H''- 2V7r7S9.'.Nl^'!l'o""^"« '" manufactur- 

Bogm, Herman H.. Detroit, and E. R. Jones, Grosse 

1 ointo Farms, assignors to Parke. Davis & Company. 
•^ ^-JS^SOfl Ma o"^®'"'*^ composition and making same. 

Bogin H<>rnian H.r~and R. D. Feick. assignors to Parke 
Davis & Company. Detroit. Mich. Stabilized sodium 
pantothenate composition. 2.5.5.^463 June 5 

Bogin. Herman H.. and R. D. Feick. assignors to Parke, 
Davis & Company. Detroit. Mich. Flavoring composi- 
tions and making same. 2.555.464 June 5 

Bogin. Herrnan H.. and R. D. Feick. assignors to Parke. 
Davis & Company. Detroit. Mich. Flavoring composi- 
tions and making same. 2,5.55.465 June 5 

Bogin. Herman H.. and R. D. Feick. assignors to Parke 

2 5.5.^f 466* j3e "^' ^*^'"*'*^ ^^^^^- ^^^ compositions." 
Bogin. ilerman H.] and R. D. Feick. assignors to Parke. 

Davis & Company. Detroit. Mich. Fatty food compol 
Bitions and making same. 2.555.467 June 5 

T,."v.c"r"A"" "•• "°;L^- P- f.'^*^*'- '"""Isnors to Parke, 
Davis & Company. Detroit, Mich. Fatty food compo- 
sitions and making same. 2,555,468. June 5. 

Bogof. Meriiian : see — 

Eckstein. Arnold, and Bogot. 

Bohannon, Richaid O.. R. v. Moore, and F. E. Brooks, 
laklma, Wash. Pneumatic tire tread. 2 551238 
May 1. ... 

Bohanon. Hoy R., Lakewood. Ohio. Valveless Intermit- 

tent ram-jet engine. 2,574,460 Nov 13 
B"]'«'"t. Elmer J., Yakima. Wash. Fishing lure. 2,561,047, 

Bohlnn.Ter. Paul T Allqulppa, assignor to Jones & ' 
Laughlln Steel Corporation. Pittsburgh, Pa Aona- 
ratus for swaging metals. 2,577..303 Dec 4 

Bohlen. Charles I., Doylestown. assignor to Hose Acoes- 

««;l*'„%.9o"iP?"yA Philadelphia, Pa. Making valves. 
2..ji3.1 1 i , Oct. 30 



S. Dunbar, 

Bohlinger Bros., assignee : See — 

Bohlinger, Ernst A. 
Bohlinger, Ernst A.. Astoria, assignor to E. A. and G A' 
Bohlinger. doing business as Bohlinger Bros., New York, 
-N. Y. Jewelry attachment. 2,.548,140, Apr 10. 
Bohlinger. Gustave A., assignee : See — 

Bohlinger. Ernst A. 
Bohmer, Clarence 1. : ft«e — 

Yantes. William H., Bohmer, and Barker 
Bohmer, Clarence I., assignor to The Jaeger Machine 
Company. Columbus. Ohio. Shutoflf gate for the open 
end of transit mixers. 2.578.170, Dec 11 
Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corporation, assignee; /See- 
Goldsmith, Allen L. 
Hickman, Charles E. 
McCullough, William K. 
McCullough. E.. and Goerke. 
Bohn. Donald I., Pittsburgh, assignor to I. T. E. Circuit 
Breaker Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Circuit bleaker 
trip mechanism. 2.543,398, Feb. 27. 
Bohn, Donald I.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Engine speed governor 

2.568.380. Sept. 18. 
Bohn, Donald L., Pittsburgh. Pa. Temperature control 

switch. 2,571,822, Oct. 16. ^ 

Bohnenblust, Walter H., Kansas City Mo 

deflector. 2.561.778, July 24. 
Bohnert, John I., Washington, D. C. and A. 
Morningside, Md. Dual purpose antenna. 
Oct. 9. »- »- - 

Bohnet William J., New York, and G. D. Baglev Lewis- 
ton, N. \., assignors to Union Carbide and Carbon Cor- 
poration. Electric induction furnace. 2,570 311 Oct 9 

Bohonos. Nestor : See — ' 

WhiflVii, Alma J., Emerson, and Bohonos. 

Bohus Mekaniska Verkstads Aktiebolag, assignee : See — 
GnJndahl, Karl T. 

Bolce-Crane Company, assignee : See — 
Bolce. William B. 

Bolce, Elvin G., assignor to Reed Roller Bit Company, 
Houston, Tex. Tool joint wear collar. 2,546,295. 
Mar. 27. 

^°k^- William B.. assignor to Bolce-Crane Company. 
Toledo. Ohio. Abrasive wheel drive. 2.537.394. Jan. 9. 

Boice. William B.. assignor to Boice-Crane Company To- 
liHlo. Ohio. Band tool guide. 2.566,551. Sept. 4.- 

^°}j^: ^W''"a°» B-. assignor to Boice-Crane Company, 
Toledo. Ohio. Jointer fence adjustment. 2 579,224. 
Dec. 18. 
Boicey, James H. : See — 

Gaiser. Komey A., and Boicey. 
Boiler SpecL^lties Corporation, assignee: See — 

Gie.«en. Arthur A. 
Boisblanc. Darius H.. Lafayette. La. Bottle warming and 

•tertllzlng device 2,637,439. Jan. 9. 
Boisselier. J-.arl D. : See- - 

Felix. Otto, Mayers, and Bois.'<eller. 
Bolsselier. Earl D., Glen Ellyn. assignor to Sears, Roebuck 

^K^o^r^-t ^'^I'cj'eo. 111. Playground swing support 
2.563.097,^ Aug. 7. 
Bolsselier, Earl 1).. Glen Ellyn, assignor to Sears. Roebuck 

Infant's play pen. 2,503,915, 

and Co., Chicago, 111. 
Aug. 14. 

Boissorinault. Ronaldo, assignor to Sicard Inc.. Montreal 
Quebec, Canada. Load collecting refuse vehicle and 
packing device therefor. 2.561.608, July 24. 

Boissonou. Clifford J., Concord, and W. J. Yates Mar- 
tinez, assignors to Shell Development Company San 

^"^'Jw.o'.?' Cal'';,^°«*<^^*<^^'*^l »°d fungicidal spray olL 
2.560,t)26, July 17. 

Boivin. Peter H., (Jranby. assignor to Dominion Corset 
Company Limited. Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Elastic 
webbing. 2,.558,336, June 26. 

Boiviiiet. Jean H.. Aix-en-Provence. assignor to Compagnie 
de Prodults Chlmiques et Electrometallurgiques Alals, 
l-roges et Camargue. Paris. Knuice. Method and appa- 
ratus for continuous centrifugal separation 2 557 629 
June 19. . . . 

Boizard. Robert A. : See— 

Sccondl. Raymond G.. and Vacheron. 
Bojanower Albert M., and R. D. Spearman, Downey, 

Calif. Plate cylinder and Ink roll mounting for orint- 

Ing presses. 2.542,229, Feb. 20 
Bojanower Albert .M., and R. D. Spearman. Downey. 

Calif. Effecting nrint roll register in multicolor print' 

ing presses. 2.570,045, Oct. 2 »' ' •■ 

Bojner. Gustav, Stockholm. Sweden. Device for friction 

driven drums. 2,576,210 Nov 27 

^*2 551 sT^^'M?" l^*""*' '"°'^- '*''''^" ^"^ *°*^ system. 
^'in4i..V28"kh^i3^''^-'''"' ^^'"°- I<^*-fl«hlng heater. 
Boliiebuck, 'Edith M Schenectady, N. Y.. assignor to 

I Ittsbiirgh Plate Glass Company, Allegheny County. 

I a. i..sters of ethynyl sillconic acid. 2.551.924. May s! 
Holding. Huhert V., Jeffersonville. Ind.. assignor to The 

l.radley & (Albert Company. Louivville, Ky. Dispensing 

display carton. 2..".4J».5r,H. .\nr 17 
Boldlng. Hubert v., Jeffersonvllie. Ind.. assignor to The 

Kradi.'.v A: <,ilt>«.rt Company. Louisville. Ky. Collans- 

ilile cellular carton. 2.574.461, Nov. 13 

^'in'.i''^n^H* J'^'^.^^V.',*^" ^- ^^^ ^'*""'^- ^' ^ ^•'^'^•* smooth- 

ing and stretching machine. 2.506.552, Sept. 4. 



Bolduc Manufarturlng Co. Inc.. asslgne*: See — 

liolduc. ttusst'U E. „ , . 

Bolduc. Russell E.. Chlcopee Falli. assignor to Boldoe 
Manufacturing Co. Inc.. Springtlfld. Mass. Theftproof 
cap structure for fill pipes. 2,563.166. Aug. 21. 

Bole, Itobf rt K. : See — 

Wertiuan, David, and Hole. 

Bolens. Harry W.. Port Uashinston. Wis., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to The Seng Company, Chicago, III. 
Chair Iron hub. 2,r>42.4G9. Feb. 20. 

Boleski. Alexander J. : 6'ee — 

Benisek. Louie J., and Boleskl. 

Bolesky. John D., Manstleld, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to A. -Medert. Cleveland, and R. W. Bolt-sky. 
Mansfield, Ohio, as trustees. Thermostatic switch. 

, •J/^liS.OHO, Jan. 16. 

Bolesky, Russel \V., assignee : See — 
Bulesky, .fobn D. 

Bolger. Joseph A.. Philadelphia. Pa. Hooked rug mak- 
ing device. 2.578.038. Dec. 11. 

BoUt-r. Paul S.. Forest Hills. N. Y. Folding pull toy. 
2,577,102. Dec. 4. 

Bolldens Gruvaktlebolag, assignee : See — 
Gu.«tarssion, (iotthard V. A 
Malmqvlst, Joban D.. and Thomaeaa. 

Bollnjj. Marlon L.. assignor to O. J. Boling. Seattle, Wash. 
Envelope. 2.568,786. Sept. 25. 

BoUng. Ona J., assjlgnee : See — 
Boling. Marion L. 

Bolinsr Ronald W.. Hendersonville. assignor of one-half to 
R. W. Lindsay. Enka. N. C. Timing device. 2,570.754. 
Oct. 0. 

Bolkcom. Wilbur T.. Hampton Township. Allegheny 
County, assignor to American Metallurgical Products 
Comoanv. Pittsburgh. Pa. Metallurgical addition 
agent. 2.569 14fl Sept. 25. 

Boll Herbert H.. Los Angeles, Calif. Lamp bead and 
switch. 2.5,iy.ll3, Jan. 23. 

BoUaert. Edgard M.. assignor to United States Gypsnm 
Company, Chicago, 111. Making color ornamented 
asbestos cement sheets. 2,573.659. Oct. 30. 

Bollay, William, Palisades. Calif. Sapercharger. 
2.555,312. June 5. 

Boiler. Henry A.. Pontlac. MIcb.. assignor to Carter 
Carburetor Corporation. St. Louis. Mo. Metering rod 
support. 2.569.147. Sept. 25. „„„«„« 

Boiling. Sidney R.. Chicago. IlL Sorting case. 2.570,636, 
Oct. 9. 

Bollinger, Edward E.. Lancaster. Pa. Transporting heavy 
loads. 2..-).50.219, Apr. 24. 

Bolllneer. Waldon P., Haddon Heighti, N. J.. F. A. Fuhr- 
meister. Havertow^n. Pa., and J. E. Hill, Jr.. Moores- 
town. N J., assignors to Radio Corporation of Amer- 
ica Preasurlzed radio system. 2,579.249. Dec. 19- 

Bolljahn. John T . Washington. D. C. Wide-band anten- 
na. 2.568,710. Sept. 25. 

Bollman. (ieo. W.. & Co.. Inc.. assignee : See — 

IJelder. M.ilcolni J. 
Bollons. Joseph. WlUowdale. Ontario. Canada. Layout 

fixture for cutting operations on woo<len trim. 

2.560.756. July 17i 
Bolongaro. James D.. Cbarlbury. England. Motor-driven 

spade. 2.544.747. Mar. 13. 
Bolongaro. James D.. Cbarlbury. England. Reclprocatory 

hoe. 2..5.50.522, Apr. 24. 
Bolser. Sanuiel F,.. assignee : See — ' 

^Bolser. William W. 
Bolser. William W.. Akron, assignor of one-half to S. E. 

Holser. Canton. Ohio. Manually operated hydrant. 

2.555,727. June 5. 
Bolsev. Jacques, assignee: See — 

Rlchartz, Paul J. M. 
BolsPT, Jaciiues. New York. N. Y. Range finder mech- 
anism. 2.541.193. Feb. 13. 

Bolsey. Jacques. New York. N. Y. Injector and injecting 
arrangement for storage containers. 2.554,6.58, Ntay 29. 

Bolsey. Jac<iues. New York. N. Y. Counting arraneement 
for cinematographic cameras. 2.558.034. June 26. 

Bolster. Calvlo M.. U. S. Nary. Centrifugal pomp. 

2.536.026. Jan. 2. 
Bolr. John A.. Chicago. HI., and T. B. Tom. Hammond, 

Ind.. asslenors to Standard Oil Company, Chicago, III. 

Mereaptan removal. 2.550.905. May 1. 

Bolton. Jnbn W.. 9t Sons. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Larson. Oscar K. 
Stuck. Harold D 
Bolton. Philip S.. Newton. Mass.. and J. J. Aid. New 

London. Conn., assiunors to Robert Gair Company. Inc.. 

New York. N Y Pallet. 2.5.'i9.9.'?0. July 10. 
Boltucb. Leon. Bronx. N Y. Bracket for anlTersal ad- 

lustment. 2.537.927. Jan. 9. 
Bolfuch. Leon. Bronx. N. Y. Lamp arm with reinforcing 

cup for an electric lamp socket mounted thereon. 

2..-.«8..537. Sept 18. 
Boltuch. Leon. Bronx. X Y. Lampbolder for elongated 

tubular lamps. 2.570.514. Oct. 9. 
Boltz. Howard .\ ; See — 

Archer. Hugh M., and Boltz. 
Boltzen. .\dolph L.. Brentwood. Calif. Bin feeding 

mechanism 2 574.524. Nov, 1.?. 
Bol^ln. Camille M. P., aod M. J. Lavet, Parte. France. 

Writing Instrament 2,536.124. Jan. 2. 

J^ assignor to The Lionel 
Toy tower construction. 

J., assignor to The Lionel 
v. Toy searchlight. 

Resilient openable 

Cover for open top 


^aor to The Pure Oil 

Corrosion resistant storage tanlu 

SavoT assignors to 
Oxidation of mer- 

Bolrlokel. Albert. New York. N. Y. Germ and draft pre- 
rentlng means for communicating openings in windows 
and the like. 2.539 655. Jan. 30. 
Bomac Correctone I'rocess Limited, assignee: See — 

Gregory, Cress we 11 R. 
Bompart. Reuben N., Helena, Mont. Emergency highway 

warning reflector. 2,561.173, July 17. 
Bonadlo. (ieorge A.. Watertown, N. Y. Tone controL 

2..547.251. Apr. 3. 
Bonanno. Joseph L.. assignee: See — 

D'Amello. Lulgl. 
Bonanno Joseph L.. Madison. N. 
Corporation. New YorlK. N. Y. 
2.536.487. Jan 2 
Bonanno. Joseph L., Madison, N. 
I 'orporation. New York, X. 
2.574.905, Not. 13. 
Bonanos. Spyros N.. New York, N. 
top ash trav. 2.573.391. Oct. 30. 
Bonard. Claude, administrator: See- 
Dreyfus, Henry. 
Bon<l. Clayton W.. I^ Porte. Ind. 

tnillers. 2.551,239, May 1. 
Bond Displays. Inc.. assignee: Bee — j 

Backus. Harold A. ' 

Bond. Donald C.. Northbrook. assignor to The Pure Oil 
Company, Chicago, 111. 
2.508 111, Sept. 18. 
Bond, Donald C., Northbrook. and M. 
The Pure Oil Company, Chicago. 111. 
captans. 2.571,606. Oct. 16. 
V.ituiV l»nnald C.. Northbrook. and N. B. Russell. Wln- 
iieika. assignors to The Pure (Ml Companv, Chlcaco, 
111. Uecf'neratlon of spent alkali. 2,574.525. Nov. 18. 
Bond, Donald H.. Houston. Tex., assignor to The Texas 
Company, New York. N. Y. Concentric pipe insulator 
and spacer. 2.551,867, May 8. 
Bond. Donald S., Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Multicellular microwave lens. 
2,.5.53.166. May 15. 
Bond. Donald S., Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Microwave radio transmission 
system. 2..553.167. May 15. 
Bond, (;eorge R.. Jr.. Paulsboro, N. J., assignor to 
Houdry Process Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Prepa- 
ration of acetophenone from alpha-methyl styrene. 
2,542.985, Feb. 27. 
Bond, (Jeorge R., Jr.. Paulsboro, N. J., assignor to 
Houdry Process Corporation. Wilmington, Del. Hydro- 
carbon conversion process with the use of a grainy 
slllca-alumin.i tvpe catalyst. 2.548.8f.0. Apr. 17. 
Bond. George R.. Jr.. Paulsboro. N. J., assignor to Houdry 
Process Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Acid-treated 
clay catalyst for cracking hydrocarbons. 2,551.580, 
May 8. „ ^ 

Bond. George R.. Jr.. Paulsboro. N. J., assignor to Houdry 
Process Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Prnnaratlon of 
a silica-metal oxide granular catalyst. 2.562.o88. Aug. 7. 
Bon<l. John : See - 

Sachs. C.irrol C. and Bond 
Bond, John N., Clay County, assignor to Superior Weath- . 
erproof Corporation. Kansas CItv, Mo. Window sash 
control and weathe: strip. 2,57(5,312. Oct. 9. 
Bond. Wlllard H.. Jr. : See— 

Hoven. .Alfred C. and Bond. 
Bondhns, Frances J.. Oskaloosn. Iowa, and H. L. Johnsorv 
Media. Del., assignors to Sun t)ll Company, Pliiladel- 
phia. Pa. Dlmerlzatlon of vinylcyclohexene. 2.543.092, 
Feb. 27. 
Bondi. Arnold A., assignor to Shell Development Com- 
pany. San Prandsco. Calif. Alkali base lubricating 
greases. 2.545.190. Mar. 13. 
Bondl. James : See — 

^toos. Norman T.. Jr.. and Bondl. 
Bondurant. Carlton W.. Dayton. Ohio, assignor to Stand- 
ard-Thomson Corporation. Relief valve. 2,571,667, 
Oct. 16. 
Bondv, Herbert P. : See — 

Home. Donald. Marshall, and Bond.T. 
Bone. .Vrnold R.. Needham. assignor to Dennison Manu- 
facturing Company. Framingham. Mass. Tag notching 
machine. 2.576.211. Nov. 27. 
Bone, Evan P.. Cincinnati, Ohio. Headlighting system. 

2.562.2.58. July 31. 
Bone. Herbert L.. Forest Hills, assignor to The T'nion 
Switch A Signal Company. Swlssvale. Pa. On track 
railway brake. 2.5,59.392. July 3. 
Bone. Herbert L.. Forest Hills, and O. V. Jefferson. Edge- 
wood. Pa., assignors to Westlnchouse Air Brake Com- 
pany. Control switch. 2..575.994. Nov, 20. 
Bonebrake. A. C. assignee : See — 

Miller, Hugh A. 
Bonebrake. Gay M.. assignor to Wm. Wrigley. Jr.. Cora- 
,^any, Chicago. 111. Expanding hub. 2.562.658, July 
Bonell. Ralph K. : See — | 

Bock. Charles D.. and Bonell. 
Bonfleftl. Ebl P., Clearwater, 

2..562..596. July 31. 
Bonham. Walter R.. Palo Alto. Calif. 

clutch. 2.570.515. Oct. 9. 
Bonln. Wilfred L.. Woonsocket, R. I. Nut lock 
Sept. 18, 

Fla. Boat trailer. 
Jamming roller 



Bonliil, John H., Appleton, assiiroor to Maratlion Corpora- 
tion, Rothschild, Wis. Lnniinated sheet material for 
packaging moisture-containing foods. 2,550,109, July 3. 

Konjour, Louis J. M.. St. Jean des Vignes, F>ance. assig- 
nor, by mesne assignmenis. to Pittsburgh Plate Glass 
Company, Pittsburgh. Pa. Drawing of flat glass. 
2,543,225. Feb. 27. 

Bonk. Theodore H., Tampa. Fla. Collapsible or folding In- 
fanfs auio seat. 2,571,823, Oct. 16. 

Bonlsrud, Joel N., Pine Linwn. Mo. Squirt guard for type 
casting apparatus. 2,564,418, Ang. 14. 

Honn, Morris. I'itt.sburgli, Pa. Crutch and crutch attach- 
ment. 2.548.253. Apr. 10. 

Donna, Narve. Lonimidalen, near Oslo, Norway. Wearing 
edge for sivles. 2.548.094. Apr. 10. 

Bonnassieux, Jean : Hee — 

Sejournet, Jacques, and Bonnassieux. 

Bonne, Robert, P. Cahour, and P. Grlvet. Paris. France, 
assignors to Compagnie Generale de Telcgraphie >ians 
Fll. Electron discharge tube and circuit arrangement 
therefor. 2.574,012, Nov. 6. 

Bonnefoy, Pierre E. L., Paris. France. Combined pouring 
and sifting device for powdered material. 2.544,524, 
Mar. 6. 

B«iin«.ii. Gordon H.. A. J. Bailey, and G. G. Garllck. as- 
signors to Protection Products Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Kalamazoo. Mich. Tank for use In impregnat- 
ing wood. 2,578,039. Dec. 11. 

Bonnf-ll, William L., assignor to Trlme<lge. Incorporated. 
Younpstown, Ohio. Skirting molding for table tops. 
2.549.411. Apr. 17. 

r.onnell. William L.. .-is^iKnor to Trime<lge. Incorporated, 
Voungstown. Ohio. Sink frame and mounting tneretor. 
2.r.49.41.'). Apr. 17. 

Bonner. Frank E. : See — 

Ernst, Walter, and Bonner. 

Bonner. James W.. Houston. Tex. Cement retainer and 
bridging plug for a well wall and a setting tool there- 
for. 2,551.240. May 1. 

Bonn<"r. Walter F.. (Jlen Ridge. N. J., assignor to Federal 
Telephone and Radio Corporation, New York, N. Y'. 
Rectifier. 2.537.961, Jan. 16. 

Bonnet. Andr4 : Kee — 

Picard, Rene, and Bonnet. 

Bonnet, Louis. Cuxac-Carbardos, France, assignor to Gen- 
eral Motors Corjioration, Detroit. Mich. Ceramic com- 
position. 2.571.520. Oct. 16. 

Bonnet. Manrirp. assignor to La Reliephographle. Societe 
pour I'Kxploitnti'on des Procedes de Pliotographie en 
relief M. Itonnet. P.iris. France. PreF)aring metallic 
surfaces fjr the engraving thereof. 2.541.954. Feb. 13. 

Bonnet. Maurice, assignor to Iwi Reliephocraphie. Societe 
potir I'F^.xrloliation des Procedes de Photographic en 
Relief Maurice Bonnet. I'.iris. France. Peristereoscopic 
printer for multiple Image negatives. 2,567.033. Sept. 

Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to La Reliephographle, Social* 
pour I'Exuloitation des Proc4d^s de Photographic en 
Relief, Maurice Bonnet, Paris, France. Static appa- 
ratus for relief photography. 2.573.242, Oct. 30. 

Bonnet, .Maurice, assignor to La Reliephotgraphle, Soci^t^ 
pour I'Expioitation des ProcM^.s de Photographie en 
Relief .Maurice Bonnet. Paris, France. Camera for 
snapshot relief photography. 2.573,243, Oct. 30. 

Bonnet. Maurice, assignor to J^n Keliephoirraphie. Societe 
pour ri:Tpli>ltation des I'rocedes de Photojrrapliie en 
Relief .Maurice Bonnet. Paris, France. Lathe for en- 
graving cylindrical surfaces, with self-rectificntioii. 
2..578.222. bee. 11. 

Bonnet. Robert W. : See — 

Road, Richard A., and Bonnet. 

Bonnett. Gerson, V. A. Rayburn, and D. C. Robson. Balti- 
more. Md.. assignors to Western Electric Company. In- 
coriKirntcd. New York. N. Y'. Spinning apparatus for 
working articles. 2,547.110, Apr. 3. 

Bonney. Lawrence S.. Fort Jones, Calif. Building con- 
struction. 2.503,703. Aug. 7. 

Bonniel. Jean. La Garde. Prance, Manufactjiring latex 
articles. 2.507..S17. .Sept. 11. ^ 

Bonnin. Fred D.. Fresno. Calif. Tandem axle spring sus- 
pension 2.571.412. Oct. 10. 

Bonotto. MIchole. Princeton. N. J. Treatment of possvpol 
In solvent-extracted cottonseed meal. 2.551.581. May 8. 

Bonotto. Mlchele. Princeton. N. J. Continuous processes 
for solvent extraction of oil from oil-bearing materials 
and refinement of the residual solid product 2.507 179 
Sept. 11. 

Bonsnck. Walter: Ifee — 

Well. Walter M., and Bonsack. 

Bon.sall. Edgar C. Falconbridge, Ontario. Canada, assign- 
or, by mesne assignments, to J. K. Smit & Sons Inc 

•V"-'"!''.^',.^","- ^A^^- i^laiHond plug or blast hole bit! 
J..>.»8.4 i.>. June 20 

^^^I'^Ja ^,'2°l^y ^- Gllb«rt, Pa. Dual carburetor control. Jan. 2. 

Boniempi. Ignatius: See — 

C.irdella. Vito. and Bontemp!. 

Bonviliian. Claude A.. Wynneuood. R. C Brierlv Nar- 
herth. and S. Letvln. Philadelphia, Pa. Apparatus for 
the combustion of fuel, including a tubular walled com- 
bustion chamber. 2,509,446, Oct. 2 

Hooe, James M., nssirnor to P. R. Mallory ft Co., Inc., 
Indianapolis, Ind. I'otential producing ceU. 2,538.078, 
Jan. 16. 

Booe. James M., assignor to P. R Mallory. k Co.. Inc., 
Indianapolis. Ind. Potential producing celL 2.538.079, 
Jan 16. 

Booe, James M. assignor to P. R. Mallory &. Co. Inc., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Electrodepotjition of metals and al- 
loys. 2,545,566. Mar. 20. 

Itoof, James .M., .issignor to P. U. Mallory & Co. Inc., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Producing Bllver-thallium-indium 
alloys. 2.551.413. Mnv 1. 

Booher. Ortls C, Huntington, and J. M. Baxter. Fort 
Wayne. Ind^ assignors to Farnsworth Cor- 
poration. Record guide mechanism. 2,572,004. Oct. 

r.ook Production Industriea, Inc.. assignee : See — 
ilurwitz. Nathan A. 

Bookhultz, Donald H. : See — 

Zjveifel, George E.. and Bookhultz. 

Bookman. Harry, Los Angeles, Calif. Front fender skirt. 
2.577.073. Dec. 4. 

Boon. William. East Paterson. assignor to The Eastern 
Cyclone Conveyor System Inc.. Pussjiic. N. J. Pnea- 
matlc conveyer system. 2.550.058. June 5. 

Boon. William IC. and W. G. M. Jones, Manchester. Eng- 
land, assignors to Imperial Chemical In<iustries Limit- 
ed. 9.10-diliydropteridineB and preparalng same. 
2.557.721. June 19. 

Boon. William R.. II. C. Carrlngton. and C. II. Vasey. 
Blnckley. Manchester, England, assignors to Imp«^rial 
Chemical Industries Limited. %,0-diketo-5.5-di8ubsti- 
tiued pyrimidines and preparing same. 2.576.279, Nov. 

Booii. William R.. H C. Carrlngton. and C. H. Vasey, 

Biackley, Manchester, England, assignors to Imperial 

Cliemical Industries Limiteti. Ilexaliydropyrimidlne- 

4,0-dione8.* 2.578.847, Dec. 18. 
Boone, William K.. Jalapa. Vera Cruz. Mexico. Camp 

cookstovc for burning comminuted fuel. 2,555.779, 

June 5. 
Boonshoft, Oscar, Dayton, Ohio. Bomb sighting derlce. 

2.5'46,145, Mar. 27. 
Boonton .Molding Company, nsignec : See — 

Sayre, Gordon B. 
Boonion Radio Curporafioii, jissignee : Hee — 

M<-Cool. William A. 
Boor, John L. : F!ee — 

Boor, Muthias J. and J. L. 
Boor, Mathias J. and J. L.. 

mount and steering assembly. 
Boord Clarence, I.*on, Iowa. 

2.5.^5,531, June .->. 
Boorn. Howard F., Tenafly. 

Redwing. Kans. Feb. 



Toilet paper dispenser. 

- . , . N. J., assignor to T'nited 

States Rubber New York. .\. Y. Providing 
plastic sheets with Inlaid 8tri|M»s., Jan. 30. 
B^ornm aixl Pease Company, assignee : .^ec — 

Rt-nnie. Jolin A. 
Boose, Orau B., Reamstown, Pa. Hose Jumper. 2,539,343. 
Jan. 2.'{. 

N.. Detroit. Mich 

Boosey. Edward W. 

2.550.400. .\pr. 24. 
Boosev. Edwaid W. 

2.5.l0,4(H, Apr. 24. 
Boosey, i:dwaid W. 

2.5.">0,-in2, Ar>r. 24. 
Boosey, Edward W. 

Floor drain. 
N., Detroit, Mich. Floor drain. 
N., Detroit, Mich. Floor drain. 
Waste flow con- 

N.. Detroit. Mich 
trol. 2.575.905. Nov. 20. 

Boosey. Frederick R.. J. Loxham. A. E. Casfleton ftnd 
C. J. IT.-irt. assignors to The Sigma Instrument Com- 
pany LimitM. Letchwcrth. England. Machine for in- 
sperting workpleces. 2.556.413. June 12. 

Boosinger. Tliomas II.. Glenolden. assignor to Westing 
house Electric- Corporation. l':nst Pittsburgh. Pa. Fuel 
trap for combustion apparatus of gas turbine engin 

Boosman, Herman B. U. .md E. H. Hugenholtz Eind- 
hoven, Netherlanils, a.ssignors to Hartford National 
Bank .md Trust Company. H.irtford. Conn., as trustee. 
.Apparatus for tlie rcmofo coiittol of a tiin.-ible radio 
fre«|uenry converting system.l 2,.541,329. Feb 13 

Boot. Henrv A. II. : .9cr — ' 

Kaiiilall. John T.. :ind Boot. 

Booten. Arthur L.. Brussels. Belgium, assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation. New York. N. T. Paper feeding 
mechanism for accounting machines. 2.505.295. Aug. 

Booth, Adrian II., Deep River, assignor to The Honorary 

Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. 

Otiawa. Ontario, Can.-ida. Separation of piiosphorus! 

2.552.032, May 8. 
Booth. Alex E.. Kenova, W. Va. Tire inflating device. 

2..552.0.?!. May 8. 
Booth. Anna B.. Richmond. Ind. Platform for reducing 

machines. 2.538 231. Jan. 16. 
Booth. Artlnir. Chicago, III. Loom. 2.556.643. Jane 12. 
Booth, Chrlstoplier H., assignor to Firth Brown Tools 

Limited, Shcltield, England. Apparatus for compaiing 

angles. 2,.".42.470 Feb. 20. 
Booth. Dwiglit W.. Columbus, Ohio. Roling rocking chair 

2.541.95.5. Feb. 13. ». » . . 

Booth. Earl, Bayslde, N. Y. Holster harness. 2,579 782 

Dec. 25. 





Booth. Earl C, Columbus. Ind., assignor to Arvin Indua- 

trleB, Inc. Metal furniture. 2.54«.492. Mar. 27. 
Booth, Earl C. Columbus, Ohio, asalRnor to Arvin In- 
dustries, Inc. Tubular structure. 2.546,493, Mar. 27. 
Booth. Earl C, Columbus. Iiul . asslRivor to Arvin Indus- 
tries hu- IroninK board with adjustable supporting 
iPKs.' L'..')4S.«>4S. Apr. 10. 
Booth Earl C. Columbus. Ind.. assignor to Arvin Indus- 
tries, Inc. Metal chair. 2.572.591. Oct. 23. 
Booth. Ernest, assignee: See — 

Bian, John T. 
Bootli. Krn»'st. e.\p<Mitor : See — 

Armlta^e, Frank, Cottrell. and Hewitt. 
Wnkeford. I^eslie E.. and Hewitt. 
Booth. Eugene T.. Jr. : See — 

Croiii.'r, .*<vlvan. Booth, and Alexander. 
Booth. F. E.. Company Inc.. assignee : See — 

.\lsup. Paul L. , . ,, ._, 

Booth Fred C, Bronxrille. assignor to Lion Machine 

Corporation, New York, N. Y. End gripper for cloth 

laying-up machines. 2,539,722, Jan. 30. 

Bt><>th «;eorge M., Westfleld, a^slgni)r to Wallace A Tlernan 

Co.,' Inc.. Belleville. N. J, Dry feeder. 2,541.742. Feb. 


Booth George P.. Dobbs Ferry. N. Y.. and L. M. Smith. 
West New York, N. J., assignors to Interborough News 
Conipnny. New York, N. Y. Coin-controlled vending 
machine. 2.571. r,«8. Oct. 16. 

Booth, Heorge W., Charleston. W. Va. Stool fdr attach- 
ment to a barber's chair. 2.553..'>4r», May 2-". 

Booth. Henry. Bronxville. assignor to The Henry Booth 
Metho«l.s Torporatlon. New Yitrk. N. Y. Method and 
apparatus for testinir fabrics. 2.547.367. Apr. 3. 

Booth Heurv. Bronxville. assignor to The Henry Booth 
Methods Corporation, New York, N. Y. .Cloth rack. 
2.547. 36S. Aor. 3. 

Booth Henry. Bronxville. assignor to The Henry Booth 
Methods Corporation. New York. N. Y. Photographic 
fitting method. 2,.'irt3.451. Aug. 7. 

Booth, Henry. .Methods Corporation. The. assignee: See — 
Booth. Henry. 
/ Yonkler. Th«»odore. 

Booth. Herbert O., Harrison. N. Y.. assignor to David 
Trnum Company. Incorporated. Skirt marking device. 
2.567.006. Sept. 4. 

Booth. Homer E., Longvlew. Wash. Guide and tenslonor 
for crocheting thread. 2.539.568. Jan. 30. 

Booth, Jack J., iind F. N. Jaiiie.^. Dallas. Tex. ; said James 
assignor to said Booth. Beverage mixing and dis- 
pensing appnrnttis. 2..'>48.938. Apr. 17. ^ 

Booth, James H., Corunna, Mich., assignor to Thompson 

Products, Inc.. Cleveland, Ohio. Ball jolht. 2,544.583. 
Mar. 6. 

Comnna. Mich., assignor to Thompson 

Ohio. Ball joint. 2.544.584. 

Booth. James H.. 

Products, Inc.. Cleveland, 

Mnr. 6. 
Booth. James H. 

Products. Inc 

, Detroit. Mich., assignor to Thompson 
Cleveland. Ohio. Bearing assembly for 

steering linkage and the like. 2.iS44,582. Mar. 6. 
Booth, James H.. Detroit. Mich., assignor to Thompson 

Products, Inc.. Cleveland, Ohio. Ball joint. 2.r.53,743, 

May 22. 
Booth. James H.. Detroit. Mich., assignor to Thompson 

Products. Inc.. Cleveland. Ohio. Electrical control 

device. 2.560.090. Sept. 25. 
Booth. James K.. Salt Lake City. Utah. Piano hammer 

press. 2.568.909. Sept. 25. 
Booth. John F., H.izlehead. near Sheffield, England. 

Method and apparatus for finishing extruded pipes of 

clnyware. 2..54 1.570. Fob. 13 
Booth. John F., and R. K. Smith, Hazlehead, near Shef- 

field, England. Extrusion of clay products. 2.552.930, 

May 15. 
Booth. John L., West Palm Beach, assignor to J. O. Olynn. 

Coral Gables. Fla. Tooth paste dispenser. 2,570,755, 

Oct. 9. 
Booth. John S.. Dallas. Tex. Humidity control apparatus 

for refrigerators. 2.568.268, Sept. 18. 
Booth, Robert B.. Sprlngdale. and N. Morash. Stamford. 

Conn., assignors to .Xrnerlcan Cyanamld Company. New 

York. N. Y. Method of and circuit for material modi- 
fication and coolant clarification. 2.578.040, Dec. 11. 
Booth. William M. : See — 

Davis. Ellis E.. and Booth. 
Bootha. Pleter C. Thabazimbl. Rnstenburg District. Fnlon 

of South Africa. Door and gate operating mechanism. 

2,544,215, Mar. 6. 
Boothby. Lawrence W.. Alexandria. Va. Frequency dis* 

tinguishlng device. 2,546,147, Mar. 27. 
Boothe. James H.. Pearl River, assignor 

Cyanamld Companv. New York. N. Y. 

pterl.lHies. 2.547,519. Apr. 3. 
Boothe. James H.. Pearl River, assignor 

Cyanamld Company. New York. N. Y. Chloro pterldine 

and preparing the same. 2.547.520. Apr. 3. 

Boothroyd. Barbara W.. Los Angeles, Calif. Toothbrush 
and casing therefor. 2,544.130. Mar. 6. 

Boothroyd. Wilson P.. and A. L. Free, assignors, bv mesne 
asslgnmentk, to Phlico Corporation. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Pulse type radio range tracking and Indicating system 
controlled Ir response to recurrent signal. 2.536,488. 
Jan. 2. 

to American 
Synthesis of 

to American 

Boothroyd, Wilson P.. and W. H. Forster, assignors to 
Phlico Corporation, Philadelphia. Pa. Automatic 
frequency -control system for frequency -modulation 
television systems. 2.552,140. May 8. 
Booton, Leon W., Copperhill, Tenn.. assignor to Tennessee 
Copper Company. New York, N. Y. Apparatus for roast- 
ing sulfide ores. 2.573.785, Nov. 6. 
Boots Aircraft Nut Corporation, assignee : See — 

Delaney. Charles W. 
Boots, Edmund K.. Short Hills, N. J., assignor to The 
Nylok Corporation, New York. N. Y. Self-locking bolt 
2.539.887, Jan. 30. 
Boots Pure Drug Company Limited, assignee: See — 

Oscroft, Frank. 
Bopp, Theodor, assignor to Maschlnenfabrlk Ruegger ft 
Co A.-G . Basel. Switzerland. Automatic switchgear 
for overhead railways. 2,564.953. Aug. 21. 
Borax Consolidated, Limite<l. assignee : See — 

O'Brien, Patrick J., and Chettle. 
Borchardt, Robert E., assignor to Barber Colman Com- 
pany. Rockford, 111. Cutter sharpening machine. 
2.544,652, Mar. 13. , „ , 

Borchers. Earl M.. assignor to American Cabinet Hard- 
ware Corporation, Rockford, 111. Catch. 2,559,145, 
July 3. „ ^ 

Borchers, Earl M.. assignor to American Cabinet Hard- 
ware Corporation. Bockfold, 111. Closure fastener. 
2.560,015, Aug. 2S. 
Borck, Adam J., Canon City. Colo. Natural apple pre- 
serving method. 2.576,919. Dec. 4. 
Borcovec, Werner : See — 

Beck, Nlco, and Borcovec. 
Bordclon, Lawrence J., assignor to Consolidated Vultee 
Aircraft Corporation, San Diego. Calif. Combined valve 
- and switch device. 2.540.420. Feb. 6. 

Bortlelon, Lawren-^ J., assignor to Consolidated Vultee 
Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, Calif. Propeller pitch 
reversing control switch. 2,579,172, Dec. 18. 
Borden. Clifford C Sr.. New Providence. N. J., assignor 
to R.Tdio Corporation of America. F'luld flow control 
system. 2,577.564, Dec. 4. 
Borden Coini)any, The. assignee : See — I 
Block. Richard i. 

Corwin John F.. Calhoun, and Buzzo. 
Eldredge. Elmer E. 

Kinney, Walter B. i 

Lane. CharlesTE. 
Miollis, Raymond. 
Novotny, EuiU K., and Vogelsiing. 
Novotny. Emil E.. Vogelsang, and Novotny. 
Novotny. Ernest V... and Vogelsang. 
Vogelsang. George K. „, . 

P.orden. (ieorge C.. Jr., Kaston, Pa., assignor to Rlegel 
Paper Corporation. New York. N. Y. Antifungus 
wrapper and producing same. 2.574,526, Nov. 13. 
Borden. Joseph L., Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. Gun control 

apparatus. 2.578.666. Dec. 18. 
Borden. Philip H.. assignor to Central Industrial Cor- 
poration. Memphis, Tenn. Magasine type safety razor. 
2.r)72,005L Oct. 23. 
Bordenca, Curl : See — 

Wearn, Richard B.. and Bordenca. 
Border. Samuel L. : See — 

Miller. Chant A., and Border. 
Bordlgonl, Louis, assignor to DIvar S. A., Geneva, Switzer- 
land. Set shift device. 2,542.S95. Feb. 20. 
Bordner, Burton P., Flint, Mich. Fish lure. 2,542.622, 

Feb. 20. « 

Bordwell. Fre<ierlck G. : See — 

McKellin, Wilbur H.. and Bordwell. 
Boreen. Thore. Minneapolis. Minn. Ijitching device for 

gondola dumping doors. 2.569 283. Sept. 25. 
Bortfn, Karl G., assignor to Aktiebolaget Elektrolux. Stock- 
holm. Sweden. Cooling unit supporting structure. 
2.572.836. Oct. 30. 
Borel, Edouard V., Vevey. Switzerland, and J. A. Cardot, 
La Chapelle-Salnt-Mesmin, a.'jsignors to Soclete .Vnonyme 
des Manufacturers des C.laces et Prodults Chlmloues 
de Saint-Gobaln. Chauny & Cirey, Paris, France. Elec- 
tric glass furnace. 2.552.395, May 8. 
Borell. George L., .Minneapolis, .ind M. I. Nystuen, assign- 
ors to Economics LJiboratory. Inc., St. Paul, Minn. Con- 
ductivity cell. 2.500.209. July 10. 
BoretM. Napoleon P. : Set — 

Hessler. Arthur F.. Boretti, and Sarafian. 
Borg, George W.. Corporation, The. assignee : See — 

Brown, Morris £.. Wickham. Sterenberg, and John- 
ston. J 
I^aing. Gordon O. • 
Moreland, \N illiam J., and Foote. 
Shoup. Allen A.. Blerwlrth. and Olson. 
Wnrmey. Bernsrd A. 
Wickham. Parker B. 
Wickham. Parker B.. and Johnston. 
Borg-Warner Corporation, assignee: See — 
.\nderson. Edmund B. 
.\rni.iMtrout. Kenneth M. 
Burtnett, Everett R. . 
Carnagua. Harold K. | . 
Cn rnatnia. Harold E.. and Kelbel. 
Crawford. Charles F., Potts, and Price. 
Currle. William L. 
Davis. Charles E. 



Borg- Warner Corporation, assignee : See — Continaed. 

Flinn. George E. 

Freeiimn, Lowell C. 

Gillespie, Daniel C, 

Uannuin, John A. 

Kelbel. Donald W. 

Kilpela, Ann E. 

Kopiiel. Ernst R.. and Caldwell. 

Mohns, Leslie F. 

NeNbltt. Clifford W. 

Nt'uniann. (ieorge R., and Efflnger. 

Orr. Palmer. 

Polomskl. John B. 

Reed. Harold V. 

Rolph. Kapha R. 

Tharpe. Kollin B. 

Turner, Harold n. ** 

Warner. Archibald A. 

Zeldler, Reinhi.ld C. 
Bor;:e, Johan, B»'!lport, N. 

•> ■ 

Y. Fireplace with alr-heatlng 
tub«>s therein. 2,.'S49,365, Apr. 17. 

Borseaud, Gaston, and J. Waldvogel, Winterthur, Swit- 
zerland. Axle-box spring mounting for rail vehicles. 
2.,'J07.4fi9, iJept. 11. 

Borger. Ray C. : See — 

Keef, Dennis W., and Borger. 

Borgerdint;, Henry, Lodi, assignor to Universal Washing 
Machinery Co., Nutley, N. J. Dishwashing machine 
fee<ler. 2.550.523, Apr. 24. 

Borperding. Herman W.. IMiiladelphia. Pa. Haircuttlng 
attachment. 2,580.270. Dec. 25. 

Borgeson. Olaf H.. Hanson. Mass. Snowplow. 2,575,091. 

Nov. 1.?. 
Borglln, Joseph N., and P. A. Ray, assignors to Hercules 

Powder C<»mpany. Wilmington. Del. Hydropenated rosin 

acid soaps in butadiene-hydrocarbon aqueous emulsion 

polymerization. 2.5<J9,447, Oct. 2. 

Borglln, Joseph N.. Wilmington. Del., and P. A. Ray. 
Lakewood. Colo., assignors to Hercules Powder Com- 
pany. Wilmington. Del. Dehydroabletic acid salts as 
emulslfiers in aqueous diolefin polymerization. 2.569.448. 
Oct. 2. 

Borg'in. Joseph N.. Wilmington. Del., and P. A. Rav. 
Denver. Colo., assignors to Hercules Powder Company. 
Wilmington. Del. Aqueous emulsion nolvmerization of 
Btyrone in the presence of a salt of denvdroabietic add. 
2.509.449. Oct. 2. 

Borglin, Joseph N.. Wilmington. Del., and I. Woodcock, 
Upper Black Edd.v, Pa., assignors to Hercules Powder 
Company. Wilmington, Del. Biological oxygen demand 
reduction nrocess. 2,578.442, Nov. 27. 

Borgman. Anthony J.. Detroit. Mich. Adjustable scaffold. 
2.556.611. June 12. 

^^J'PF;. „ ^^**<^ H- MaryviUe, Tenn. Pressing Iron. 

2. 542. 858. Feb. 20. 
Bork. Kdward R. : See — 

Wetzel. William M . and Bork. 
Borkland. Gustave W.. Marion. Tnd. Apparatus for draw- 
ing thermoplastic sheets. 2.559.705, July 10 
Borkmann. Frank F. : See — • 

Nordquist, Ronald E. J., and Borkmann 
Borkoski. I^eon P. : See — 

Beede. Arnold H.. and Borkoski. 
Borland. John, assignor to Clark Equipment 
Buchanan, Mich. Axle drive construction. 
Apr. 24. 
Bom. Ellis H. : See — 

Adams. Cecil E., and Born. 
Born. Ellis H.. Bexley. assignor to The Denison Engineer- 

« ^.i-J^^oP*,"/- ^^f^lumbuB, Ohio. Hydraulic apparatus. 
2..j46..)83. Mar. 27. 

Born. Paul L.. Wllmette. and D. V. ivrelller. Maywf>od 111 
Llquefvlng and regaslfying natural gases. 2.541 509. 
Feb. IS. 

Bornemann. William : See — , 

Tuttle. Fordyce E.. and Bornemann. 

Bornemann. William, assignor to Eastman Kodak Com- 
pany Rochester. X. Y. Photographic one-step process 
print-making machine. 2.552.251. May 8. 

Bornemann. William, and N. R. Newman, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester. N. Y. Auto- 
matic photographic camera. 2.552.2.50. May 8. 

Bornemann, William, and R. A. Gordon, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester N. Y Take-up 
magazine for strip material. 2.578.283. Dec. 11. 

Borngesser. Oscar R.. assignor to Boeing Airplane Com- 
pany. Wichita Division. Wichita. Kans. Regenerating 
alnmlnum anodizing solution. 2.542,112. Feb. 20. 

Borngraeber. Royce R. : See — 

Hyl.ind. William A., and Borngraeber. 

Bornholdt. Charles C. Rochester. Minn." Saw carriage 
and brake. 2.555.509. June 5. 

Bornhuetter. William C, Maplewood. N. J. Bed. 2.541.194. 
Feb. 13. 

Boroughs Charles M., Seattle. Wash. Sprinkler head, 
2.546,120. Mar. 20. 

Borowy. William W. : See — 

Chapman. Romaine C. and Borowy. 

Borrelll. Elmer P.. Philadelphia. Pa. Spring supported 
child's crib. 2,564.668. Aug. 21. ^ a vv >■ 


Borsody. Benjamin P.. Floral Park North, N. Y. FUah- 
llght with testing attachment. 2.540.471. Feb. 6, 

Borst, Lyle B., and R. J. Fox. uak Ridge. Tenn., assignors 
to the United States of America as represented bv the 
United States Atomic Energy Commission. Adjus'table 
support for spectrometer reflectors. 2,579,225, Dec. 18. 

Borst, Reginald P., Washington, D. C. Collar clasp. 
2,572,103. Oct. 23. 

Borthwick. i:%-a M., London. Ontario. Canada. Converti- 
ble liaby chair and txiok rack. 2.554.851. .May 29. 

Bortnick. Morris. Detroit. Mich. Boxmaker's hammer with 
nail removing recess. 2.552,838, May 15. 

Bortnick, .Vewman M., assignor to ROhm & Haas Com- 
pany, Philadt'lphia, Pa. Preparing methacroleln from 
the dimer thereof. 2,577,445. Dec. 4. 

Bortle, William J., W ireton. Pa., and C. E. Ranshaw, 
Wilmington, Del. Hydraulic torque wrench. 2,500,716, 
July 17. 

Borton, George W.. assignor to Pennsylvania Crusher 
Company, I'hlladelphia, Pa. Crusher mill. 2,575,380. 
Nov. 20. 

Borton, George W.. Philadelphia. Pa. Support structure 
for screening cylinders. 2.575.484, Nov. 20. 

Borup. Oscar V.. Bloomsburg, Pa., assignor to American 
Car and Foundry Company, New York. N. Y. Adjust- 
able side bearing. 2.543.484. Feb. 27. 

Borzell. John. Pittston, and N. B. Hunter. Scrant6n, Pa. 
Portable dishwasher. 2.505.798, Aug. 28. 

Borzi. James, Ellwood City, Pa. Grinding fixture for 
piercer plugs. 2,551.721. May 8. 

Bos. Julius G.. C. J. Dippel. H. J.'Houtman. K. J. Keunlng, 
and S. Wijtzes. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignors to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Producing photographic contrasts. 
2..571.670. Oct. 10. 

Bos. Julius G.. N. H. Haack. C. J. Dippel. and K. J. Kenn- 
ing. Eindhoven. Netherla.ids. assignors to Hartford Na- 
tional Bank and Trust Company. Hartford, Conn., as 
trustee. Producing photographic contrasts. 2,571,671, 
Oct. 10. 

Bosch. Carl. Westfield. assignor to Chatham Elffftronlcs 
Corporation. Newark. N. J. Electrostatic voltage gen- 
erator. 2.577.440. Dec. 4. 

Bosch. Herbert A.. Lake Elizabeth Township. Kandiyohi 
County. Minn. Steam power plant using exhaust from 
auxiliary gas turbine for condensing steam. 2,508.787. 
Sent. 25. 

Bosch. lioster L., Cincinnati. Ohio. Magnetic speed re- 
sponsive device. 2.549.7.54. Apr. 24. 

Boschen. Henry C, Scarsdale. assignor to Raymond Con- 
crete Pile Company. New York. N. Y. Marine oil well 
derrick foundation. 2.574.140, Nov. 6. 

Boschl, Antonio, assignor to Societa Appllcaztonl Gomma 
Antlvlhrantl. .Milan. Italj-. Resilient wheel for rail ve- 
hicles. 2.555.023, May 29. 

Boschl, Antonio, assignor to Society Applicazlonl Gomma 
Antivibranti, Milan, Italy. Combination metal and 
rubber structure. 2,500,627, July 17. 

Bosco. Samuel D.. Wood River, HI. Attaching decorative 
panels to wall surfaces. 2,54!t.l64, Apr. 17. 

Bosh, James E., Berwyn, and P. Alex, assignors to Kellogg 
Switchboard and Supply Company, Chicago, 111. Wind- 
ing machine. 2,542.303, Feb. 20. 

Bosi. John. Philadelphia. Pa. Oil return In refrigerator. 
2.508.711 Sent. 25 

Bosk, John P.. Los Angeles. Calif. Collapsible child's 
carrier and seat. 2.549.958. Apr. 24. 

Bosler. Merritt W., Norrlstown. Pa. Footrest. 2..545.510. 
Mar. 20. 

Bostiuet, John F.. New York, N. Y. Cutlery sharpener. 
2.505.190. Aug. 21. 

Boss. Edward J., assignee: See — 

Kahn. Joseph N. < 

Bossard. Werner. Kiehen. and M. Reding.' assignors to 
J. R. Geigy A. G.. Basel. Switzerland. Polvazo dye- 
stuffs. 2.545,872. Mar. 20. 

Bossard, Werner. Riehen, near Basel, and M Reding, 
assignors to J. R. Geigy A. G.. Basel. Switzerland. 
Tetrakisazo dyestuffs. 2.553.033. May 15. 

r.ossart, Paul N.. Clieswick, assignor to The Union Switch 
& Signal Compjirny, Swissvale. Pa. Increasing the 
range of inductive train communication systems. 
2. .550.957, May 1. 

Bossart. Paul N., Cheswick. assignor to Tlie Union Switch 
& Signal Company, Swissvale, I'a. Line circuit repeater 
and transfer apparatus for communication systems. 
2,.5.50.958. May 1. 

Bossen. Peter H., Watertown. 8. Dak. Water pump cap- 
screw remover. 2.508.788. Sept. 25. 

Bossert. Henry L.. Newark. N. J., assignor to Fuel Re- 
search Corporation. New York, N. Y. Grinding disk. 
2.537.570. Jan. 9. 

Bossert. Walter. Pforzheim. Germany. Plural pencil with 
slidable lead carriers. 2.562.231, July 31. 

Bosshard. Alfred, assignor to Andrews-Alderfer Proces- 
sing Company. Akron. Ohio. Rubber thread-cutting 
apparatus. 2,507.634. Sept. 11. 

Bosshard. H.ins. Frauenfeld. Switzerland. Device for cut- 
ting off the ends of weft threads. 2.501.9G8. July 24. 

Bosshard, John J., assignor to Brasco Manufacturing Com- 
F»any, Harvey, 111. Store front construction. 2.540,384. 
Mar. 27. , 




Northwood. Eagland, 
to Thomas J. Lipton, 
2,564.296. Aug. 14. 


Boflsl. Enrico L.. Bristol. Conn.. ««»igiior to Landl« Tool 

Company. Wayneaboro. Pa. Work feeding device. 

2.565.016. Aug. 21. 

Bostiek. Win.-tou 11.. West Medford. Mass.. assignor, by 

misne a.ssi^nments. to the Inlted States of America 

as reprt'sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Pulse 

transformer with raajrnetron well. 2..')49.3t>6. .Apr. 1(N 

Bostick. Winston H.. West Medford. Mass.. assignor, by 

mesne assignments, to the Lnlted States of America 

as repres^'ntj-d by the Secretary of the Navy. 

tran«former circuit. 2..">7y,54J. Dec. 25. 

Bostltch, Inc.. asaiirnoe : Hee — 

Lindstrom. Charles M. 

>Iaynard. Arthur H. 

Bostock, Bertram R.. Moor Park. 

assignor, by mesne assignments. 

Inc. I>ehydratlon of potatoes. 

Boston .Machine Worlvs Company, 

Vachon. Hubert J. 
Boaton Manufacturing Co.. aMlgne« 

Mason. Vincent I. 
Boston Varnisli Company, assignee: See — 

Br.idley, John J.. Jr. 
Bostrom. Karl A. assignor to Bostrom Manufacturing 
Company. .Mllwauke*. Wis. Vented seat cushion. 
2..'S40.927. Feb. 6 
Bostrom Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Bostrom. Karl A. 
Bostwick. r.iirdttre K.. assignee: .''ee — 

Wliipple. Jack Van H.. and Kammerer. 
Bostwick. Lee C.. : See — 

Ashworth. Jo.seph A., and Bostwick. ' . ^ 

Boswau. Hans P.. Dundee. HI. Automatic telephone 

switching mechanism. 2,573.889. Nov. 6. 
Boswell. John W.. and H. W. Waters. Macon, Oa. 

coTer mechanism. 2.560,272, July 10. 
BoHWorth. Wellington V... Lakewood. Ohio. Uotating cut- 
ting disk type lawn mower. 'J..'>47.7.'J8. Apr. .'». 
Botany Mills, Inc.. assignee : See — 
Vaterrodt, Peter, and Choyie. 
Both Edward T.. Cremorne. and F. 8. Grace, assignors 
to Automatic Totalisators Limited. Meadowbank. near 
Sydney. New South Wales. Australia. Relaying and 
^ Indicating means usable with race totalizators. 

2.567.470. Sept. 11. 
Both. Tonje.-^ A. C. : Se»— 

Tuttle. Walnwrlght. and Both. 
Bothe. Werner H , Kenosha, assignor to Worldsbest Indus- 
tries. Inc.. Cudahy, Wis. Curtain stretcher. 2.572.979. 
Oct. 30 
Botke. William A : Sre- 

Merrlll. John L.. and Botke. 
Bottemlller. Merton M. : Fee — 

Christie. Donald R.. and Bottemill.-r. 
BOttger. Erik B.. Fredrikstad Norway. 

Ine telephone cords. 2.567.869. Sept 11 
Bottome. Nelson A.. Bridceport. <'onn. 

key extension. 2,560.080, July 10. 
Bottomley. Frank, Barrineton. and J. B. Stevens. Fast 
Providence. R. I., assignors to Sealol Cori>oratlon. 
Rotary seal. 2.565.675. Aug. 28. 
Bottoms. Robert R.. Crestwood. and E. E. Pittman. Ellra- 
bethtown. Ky.. assignors to National Cylinder Oas 
Compxnv. Chicago. 111. Purification of sugar solutions. 
2.539.397. Jan. .30. 
Bottorf, Oeoree F. : See — 

Keight. Albert W.. and Bottorf. 

" New York. * N. Y. Wheeled ski. 


Reel for wlnd- 
S»-t screw with 

Bottrlll, David H. 
2..545..543 Mnr. 2n. 

Bottnm. Edward W.. 
Company. Detroit, 
2 538.257. Jan. 2. 

Bottum. Fdward W.. 

assignor to Sknttle Manufacturing 
Mich. Humidifying apparatus. 

assignor to Skuttle Mannfacfurlne 

Company. Detroit. Mich. Air humidifier and monntinc 

means therefor for application to duct walls. 2.569512. 

Oct. 2. 
Bottum. Edward W., assignor to Skuttle Manufacturing 

Company, Detroit. Mich. Float controlled humidifier 

valve. 2.572.692. Oct. 23. 
Botwlnlck. Israel. Brooklyn. N. Y. Method and apparatus 

for forming plastic buttonholes. 2..565,753. Aug. 28. 
Boti. Edward c.. assignee : See — 

Botz. William A. 
Bota William .\.. assignor of one-half to E. C. Boti. Elgin. 

Oreg. Splash g\iard for vehicles. 2.571.413. Oct. 16. 
Boucha. F. \.. assignee: See — 
Parks, Walter A. and J. R. 
Bouchard. Arthur J. and E. B.. Milwaukee, Wis. Round- 
about seesaw. 2.564.146. Aug. 14. 
Bouchard. Charlos S., Wellesley. assignor to liewis-Shenard 

Company, Watertown. Mass. Shaft or pin locking 

mechanism. 2..543.148. Feb. 27. 
Bouchard. Edward B. : See— 

Bouchard, Arthur J. and E. B. 
Bouchard. Leo J., Rosemount. J. Hammerslng. Outromont. 

and J. W'elner. assignors, by mesne assignments, to The 

Lipmatch Company Ltd.. Montreal. Quebec. Canada. 

Packet f<ir Up make-up applicators. 2.547,252. Apr. 3. 
Bouchard, Robert, Salnt-Oermain en Laye. I-Vance. Drive 

shaft arrangement for driving steering wheels. 

2..547.4.r5. Apr. 3. 
Boucher. Cormack E.. Seattle. Wash. Radiographic sheet. 

2,542.304, Feb. 20. 

Boucher. Cormack E.. Seattle. Wash. PorUble X-ray unit, 

2,.547.990. Apr. 10. 
Boucher, Frank G., Tulsa, Okla.. assignor to Standard OH 
Development Company. Sensitive relay. 2,553.354, 
May 15. 
Boucher. Henry F.. Spencer. Mass. Agitator. 2,545,914, 
Mar. 20. 

Boucher. Jacques. Paris, assignor to Compagne de Pont-a- 
Mousson, Nancy France. Insulated Joint for l>ell and 
spigot pipes. 2.538.186. Jan. 16. 

Boucher. Jacques. Paris, assignor to Compagnie de Pont- 
a-Mousson, Nancy (M. & M.). France. Making bell- 
ended pipes by centrifugal casting. 2.539.888. Jan. 30. 

BoucluT. Jacijiip.s, Paris. MHwigimr tit (Vnnpagnie ile I'oiit- 
a-.Mousaon, Nancy, France. End dam (or centrifugal 
plix- molds. 2.r)4H.4«»4. Apr. lo. 

Boucher Jacques, Paris, assignor to Pompes Noel, Liver- 
dun. France. Conditioning plant for molding sand. 
2.553.234, May 15. 

Boucher. Jacques, Paris, assignor to Compagnie de Pont- 
a-MousHon. .Nancy, France. Kndlesa chain for conveying 
tuU's and other jMirts. 2.554,935. May 29. 

Boucher. Jacques. Paris, assignor to Compagnie de Pont- 
a-Mousson, Nancy, France. Concrete pipe mold. 
2. ').'.•». M4f.. July K' 

Boucher. Jacques. Paris, France, assignor to Compagnie 
de Pont-a-Mousson. Nancy (M. * M). France. 
Support for conduit members. 2.579,447. Dec. 18. 

Boucher. Percival L., Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland, and N. 
A. F. Rowntree, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, as- 
signors to Glenfleld and Kennedy Limited. Kilmarnock, 
Ayrshire, Scotland. Measuring and recording the flltra- 
bility of fluids. 2.572.436, Oct. 23. 

BoufTard. Diana. Warren. R. I. Mask for protecting 
dresses. 2.573.537. Oct 30 

Boughan, Archie L.. Taylor. Mo, Baler gaiter. 2.567,760. 
Sept. 11. 

Boughter. John R. : See — 

Miller. John L.. and Boughter. 

Boughton, Fred W., assignor to Eastman Kodak Com- 
pany. Rochester, N. Y. Making high wet strength 
paivr. 2..'i4S.513. A'Vr 10. 

Boughton. Willis A., trustee and assignee : See — 
Mansfield. William R.. and Hughes. 

Boughtwood. John E.. Brooklyn. N. Y., and A. E. Mlchon. 
Summit. N. J., assignors to The Western Union Tele- 
graph Company, .New York, N. Y. Carrier telegraph 
system. 2.573. .392. Oct 30. 

B<MiMen. Edward W., SIout Cltv, Iowa. Convertible 
trailer and truck t)ed. 2.566,977. Sept. 4. 

Boulet, Joseph H.. Chicago. 111. Knurlinf tool. 2.546.058. 
.Mar. 20. 

Boullgny. R H.. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Rowe. Oliver R.. King, and Stolp. 

Honhvare. James K.. Attleboro Falls, assignor to American 
IPpenforc«»d Paper Company. Attleboro. Mass. .\dhesive 
laminated par>er and box stay tape. 2.575,257. Nov. 18. 

Bounds. Ardrey M., Philadelphia, assignor to Superior 
Tube Company. Norristown, Pa. Alloy for cathode ele- 
ment. 2.560.115. Aug. 28. 

Bourdon. Pierre M.. Paris, assignor to Manufacture de 
Caoutchouc Michelln (Pulseux, Boulanger A Cle). Cler- 
mont Ferrand. France. Plant for the continued manu- 
facture of isoprene. 2.547.684. Apr. 3. 

Bourdon. IMerre M., Paris, assignor to Manufacture de 
Caoutchouc Michelln (Puiseux), Boulanger et cle. 
Clermont-t'errand, France. .Apparatu.s p«>rmlttlng a 
thermal transformation, particularly for Isomerizatlon 
of pinene into dlpentene. 2.551.361. May 1. 

Bourdon. Russell O.. and N. X. Derouln. Muskegon. Mich. 
Wheel support with adjustable tool supporting and cen- 
tering means. June 5. 

Bourdunls. Constantlne C, Chicago. 111. Sander. 
2.541.330. Feb 13 

Bourelle. Rov F.. and B. T. Wlddoes. Creston. British 
Columbia. Canada. Top spinner and launcher. 2.547,309. 
Apr. 3. 

Botirget. Rosario. St. Vincent de Paul, Quebec, Canada. 
Power transmission. 2,5.59.393, July 3. 

Bourgonjon. Louis R.. A. Horowitz. D. K'els. F. C. W. 
Slrtofr. M. van Tol, and J. M. ITnk. Eindhoven. Nether- 
lands, assignors to Hartford National Bank and Tnist 
Company. Hartford. Conn., as trustee. Receiving device 
for the transmission of pictures. 2.570,313, Oct. 9. 

Bourgonjon. Raymond L. : See — 

Koole. Pieter, Bourgonjon. and de I.jinge. 
Bourke, Edgar R.. trustee, assignee: See — 

Nlckerson M<irtlm»-r IF 
Bourn. I>eslle E. .\.. Ashford, England. Electrical musical 

Instrument. 2,579,358, Dec. 18. 
Bourno. Hnrry A.. Philadelphia, Pa. assignor to United 
States Hubh^'r Companv. New York. N. T. Apparatus 
for molding V-belts. 2.550.183. Apr. 24. 

Bourne. Roland B.. West Hartford, and A. E. Chase, 

Elmwood. assignors to The Maxim Silencer Company. 

Hartford. Conn. Manifold silencer. 2.537.203. Jan. 6. 
Bourne. William Q., Acton, assignor to Rotax Limited. 

London. England. Electric circuit breaker. 2.537.618, 

Jan. y. 
Bourne. William G.. assignor to Rotax Limited. London, 

England. Electromagnetic reversing switch. 2,564,246, 

Aug. 14. 



Fish itiinger. 
Double signal 

Bourguln. Kdgar. Log Angeles, Calif 

alarm. 2.^54.869, May 2». 
Bourquin Edcar. Loi Angeles, Calif. Front actuating 

means for aUrm clock slpnals. 2,562.293, July 31 
Bousquet, John, CopUgue, assignor to Beech-Nut Packing 

Lompany, Canajoharie, N Y. Carton creasing and 

cIoHinc machine 2.573.393. Oct. 30 
Bouton. Gertrade V. assignee : See — « 

Vls«:her. Alfred. Jr. 
Bouton. Hiram M South Norwalk. assignor to The Nor- 

o rA .■I^A*™^ Corporation, filorwalk. Conn. Clamp. 
2.o(j9,450. Oct. 2. 
BouvitT. Gabriel 8., Gentllly. and R. P. Clair. Paris 
l-raiioe .Machine for continuous molding. 2,575,092. 

Bouwers. Albert : See — 

Blaisse Berndt S.. and Bouwers 

Bouwers. Albert assignor to N. V. Optische Industrie "De 

ollk^o^i^K^- ,P*'^^ Netherlands. Lens system 
^.n38.29i. Jan. 16. 

^^^"a ^"**',!^*„i'?,"'??<"' *o N- ^ Optische Industrie 
••De Onde Delft." Delft. Netherlands. Optical lens 

SSrf:^'"'2^54?Sf3°Mar'*%'"^" a-pherical refracting 
Bouwman. Wlc'her k. : See-^ 

.Muller. Hendrlk L.. and Bouwman. 
Bovard. Charles M. : See — 

Oehres. Hewitt A., and Bovard. 
Bovard. Robert M. : See— 

Jackson. Care.v B.. and Bovard 

hnnHi«!?''H'"™* "•• Kansas City. Mo. Radiant heated 
building structure and tile unit therefor. 2,536 258 

°'m"'„'^«^\V"'"I\J! • a8«'^nor ^o The Ohio Brass Company 
:> ^?7^A'l'- T ***"■■",; ^^'arnlng signal for 
-'..'S.'^7.254. June 19. 

Bovee. John L. Jr Annhoim Calif., and E 


John L.. Jr.. Anaheim .. „..„ ^ 

assignors to Red Jacket Manufacturing Co' 
^'.''^"•^^^"'"P'^K system and primer therefor. 

M. Deters, 



primer therefor 

Calif. Pocket tweezer 

Mar. 20. 
Bov«M», Ransom Y.. Van Nnvs 
- article. 2.575.6li2. Nov. 20." 
Itowan. \Valt(>r J.: See — 

Mueller. Frank H.. and Rowan. 
Mueller. Luclen \V., Bowan, and Gould. 
.ri'iTor r«L^„«"*"'V^,V"'" ^" ^ innPHP'^Iis-Honeywell Reg- 
2.W2!^766 May ih ^"""^^P®"'- "*""• Control device. 

""utT; ^'■' ^- "■siPpor to Minneapolis Honevwell Regu- 

-5%fl'f^Q'"?'"''-,.?*'""*'"P<'"''- ''^"""- Control devl^. 
_ ••.Tn,.Ti», June 12. 

iTf^*"; ^"/^ *-' • """'enof to Minneapolis-Honeywell Repn- 
2 r.60.7,'i7;"jjry" n. *^'°°*«P«""- ^*«°n- Tank unit. 

Bowden. Audrey J. : See 

n^™il2"» "•,'^''7"'";,^^''^°thal. and Bowden. 

h,it ; B,J°J«'"'° O- I^amlngton Spa. assignor of one- 

Bowclen ( Engineers ) Limited, assignee : See— 

Melsom. Walter A 
Bowden. Gnrfleld A , East Orange. N. J., and C Iddlnes 
Manhasset. assignor! to Boyle Midwav Inc New Yofk" 
NY. Insectlcldal piJlnt. 2.540.239. /eb. 6 ' 

Bowden. Henrv C. : See — • '^^u- ". 

Parker. Milton. 
Bowden. Robert L. : See — 
Murphy, William P 

^T*^?' lu^^S^L^' "J? T' Tenhengel. Morrlstown. 
nJ^A ^ rf' ".i* JPr^'ure device. 2.540.708, Feb 6 
Bowder, David fl Attleboro. Mass., assignor to Swank 

Inc. Inslgne unit. 2,544.876, Mar. 13 owani. 

Bow.ier, David H Attleboro. Mass., assignor to Swank, 

inc. Identification assembly unit. 2.550,763. May 1. 

Bowdil Company, The. assignee: See 

Morrow, Harry M., and Bowman. 
Bowditoh. Hoel L assignor to The Foxboro Company. 

Jul '>4*' ■ ^**'° "^■'"^tment mechanism. 2,561.970, 

Bowditch." Hoel L. Jamaica Plain, assignor to The Fox- 
boro Compan.v, Foxboro. Mass. Indicator for record- 
ing instrument. 2.573,950. Nov. 6. 

Bowditch Hoel L. Sharon, assignor to The Foxboro Com- 
pany.^Poxboro. Mass. Linkage mechanism. 2,561,969, 

Bowe George R.. Jr., South Rend. Ind., assignor, bv mesne 
assignments to Owens Illinois Glass CompanV. Toledo! 
Ohio, buction gathering glass mold. 2,539,114, Jan. 

Bowe. Thomas A.. Hllbert. Wis. Internal exnandine brake 
for trailer vehicles. 2.538.232, Jan. 16. "P*°°'°S '"^**® 

Bowecrafts (Development) Limited, assignee: -See— 
Bowden. Benjamin G. 
Brown. Jack. 
Bowen. Arnold E.. Fair Haven. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories. Inc>.'irporated. New York N Y 
Resonator with multiple electrodes. 2.541 195 Feb 13* 
Bowen. Billi : See — 

Metzler, Charles L.. and Bowen. 




Bowen, Cyril F., assignor to G. & J. EspUn Limited, 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bottle spacer for boxes. 
2..')47.303. Apr. 3. 
Bowen, Earl M.. assignor to The IngersoU Milling Ma- 
chine Company, Rockford. 111. Machine tooL 2,542,986. 
Feb. 27. 
Bowen, Frank A., Elizabeth Township, 
County, Pa., assignor to National Tube 
Apparatus for coating tube interiors. 
May 8. 

Bower, Clark D., Pomona. Calif., assignor to Fairbanks, 
Morse & Co., Chicago, 111. Rotary pump seal. 
2.578.780. Dec. 18. 
Bower, George D. : iSee — 

Dube. John E., and Bower. 
Bower. George W. : See — 

Aydelott. John C. Bower, and Adams. 
Bower, James A., Chester, W. Va., a.'i.sigiwr to The Taylor, 
Smitli & Taylor Company, East Liverpool, Ohio. Ap- 
paratus for de-airing and delivering plaster. 2,548,340. 
Apr. 10. 
Bower. James A., Chester. W. Va., assignor to The Taylor, 
Smith & Taylor Company. East Liverpool, Ohio. Stamp- 
ing machine. 2,570,756, Oct. 9. 
Bower, John R., Jr. : fc'ee — 

Mackay. Johnstone S.. and Bower. 
Bower. Joseph E., Milwaukee. Wis. Clamping 

2.589.284. Sept. 25. 
Bower Roller Bearing Company, assignee : See — 

Johnson, Glen F. 
Bowers, Alton E., Reading, Pa. Printing 

2,571,825. Oct. 16. 
Bowers, Bordon. assignee : See — 

Bowers. ErJf. 
Bowers, Eric, assignor of one-half to G. Bowers, Laister- 
dyke. Bradford. England. Internal diameter micrometer. 
2.566,160, Aug. 28. 
Bowers, Eric H.. assignor to Dowty Equipment Limited, 
Cheltenham. England. Hydraulic system for controlling 
delivery to motors of differing capacities. 2,562,764, 
July 31. 
H<i\ver8, Harold E., Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to The New 
England Box Company. Greenfield, Mass. Molding from 
fib«T dispersions. 2.547.997, Apr. 10. 
I'.owers, llar-iild E., Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to Thie 
New England Box Company. (Jreenfleld, Mass. Produc- 
tion of construction materials from wood and other 
vegetable fibers. 2.548.095. Apr. 10. 
I'.nwers. JohnH., Willow Run. Mich. Holder and dis- 
penser for rolled flexible strands. 2,547,253, Apr. 3. 
I'.dwers. Kenneth. Hudson Falls, and T. E. Mason, as- 
signors to Glons Falls Laboratory. Inc.. Glens Falls, 
N. Y. Gloss meter. 2.578.625. Dec. 11. 
Kowers. Marsden E., Detroit. Mich. Electrical connector 

block for bus ducts. 2.569,223. Sept. 25. 
Bowers, Robert C, Cuyahoga Falls, assignor to The F. C. 
Russell Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Glass-cutting table. 
2.578.919. I>ec. 18. 
Bowers, Samuel A.. Dupo. 111. Instrument for use in 

leveling railways. 2,564,461, Aug. 14. 
Howersett. Charles F.. Laurel. Md., K. L. Baker, and 
C. A. Axelson. Washington. D. C. Underwater signal- 
ing device 2.568.712. Sept. 25. 
Bowersock, Wilber E.. Rochester, N. T. Feeder bar for 
feeding eheeta of cardboard or the like. 2.540,162, 
Feb. 6. 
Itiiwersock. Wilber E.. Rochester, N. Y. Box blank fold-' 

ing machine. 2.574..'")27, Nov. 13. 
Bowes. Thom.Ts D., (\vnwyd. F. Schulte. Philadelphia, and 
C. C. Hutchins. Ridgway. Pa., said Schulte and said 
Hutchlns, assignors to said Bowes. Dynamoelectrlc ap- 
paratus. 2.563.577, Aug. 7. 
Howes. Henry N.. Rochester. N. Y.. assignor to Strom- 
berg-Carlson Company. Frequencv stabilized phase 
shifting network. 2,570,499, Nov. 27. 
Bowes, Urban E.. Perrysburg. Ohio. Api»ar:ttu8 for and 

method of forming glass sheets. 2..539..'^9A Jan. .'iO 
Bowie. Augustus J.. San Francisco. Calif. Fuae switch. 

2..')65.197. Aug. 21. 
Howie. Augustus J.. San Francisco. Calif. Electric fuse. 

2.567.420. Sept. 11. 
Rowitz. Harlan. Los Angeles, and S. S. Fishfader. Wil- 
mington, Calif. Helical resistor. 2.542.113. Feb. 20. 
Bowles, Vernon O.. Rye. .qnd A. H. Sriiutfe. Hasting8<| 
on-Hudson. assignors ♦o The Lummus Company. NeW 
York, N. Y. H.vdrocarbon conversion to lower boiling 
h.vdrocarbons and coke. 2.561.334, July 24. 

Bowling. Leonard C, Honston, Tex. Valve. 

Jan. 2. 
Howling. Leonard C, Houston, Tex. Valve. 

Aug. 14. 
Bowlus. Claude A.. Detroit, Mich. Machine 


tively welding seamed tubing. 
r.o\vlw;ire. Jolin <'. : See — 

McAlpine. <;torge H.. and P.owlware 
Bowman. Albert W.. assignee : See — 

Ix)Uthan. Clissolde L. 
r.owman, Charles L. : See — 

Morrow, Harry M., and 
Bowman. David F.. Bayslde. 

for Indiic- 

2,552,514. May 15. 

N. Y., assignor. 

by mesne 

assignments, to the Unlte*l States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Capacitance at- 
tenuator. 2.55«.925, July 3. 



Ohio. VVarniD^ 

Diemaking ma- 
C. Drip tray. 
Foldable Btand. 

Bowman, Ervln I>. L.. Falrvlew Park. 
signal 9vst»in. 2,578.2«4. Dec. 11. 

Bowman. Georct' L.. as-signee : .See — 
Mueller, Ilerman II. 

Bowman. Henry V., Minneapolis. Minn, 
chine. 2.r>r».">,3ir?. June 5. 

Bowman. Ilyman D.. Raleigh. N. 
2.555,868, June 5. 

Bowman, Irwin C. Chicago, 111. 
** 550 950 May 1 

Bowman. James L., Eau Qalre, assignor to R. F. Becker, 
Kalamazoo. Mich. Disk harrow. 2.352.307, May 8. 

Bowman. John L., assignee : t>ee — 

Mueller. Herman H. „ ... 

Bowman Lawrence E.. Greenfield. Ind. Power cultivator. 
2.571. i91. -Oct. 16. ^ „ .. w 

Bowman I..eo R.. Lamberton. N. C. Portable shower. 
2.567.506. Sept. 11. 

Bowman. Ralph E. : See — 

Garner. Philip J., and Bowman. 

Bowman. Reginald G., (Jary. and W. J. Knox. Jr.. Ham- 
mond Ind a.ssignors to International Smelting and Re- 
fining Company. Handling bagged materials. 2.570.757. 

Oct 9 
Bowman. Reginald M.. Baltimore, Md. Pendulum scale. 

2.536.134. Jan. 2. * 

Bowman. Robert S. : See — 

Stevens Oonald R.. and Bowman. 
Bowman Wade W.. Dallas, Tex. Bottle vending machine. 

2.570.516. Oct. 9. „ ™ . 

Bown. Ralph. Maplewood. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, lncorporate<l. New York. N. Y. 
Time division multiplex system for signals of different 
band widths. 2.564.419. Auk. 14. ^ 

Bowne. I^ncford J.. Saueerties. assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated. New \ork» N. Y. 
Private branch exchange telephone system. 2.572,104. 
Oct. 23. 
Bowne. Llovd F.. Jr. : See — 

Schmucker. Robert A.. Jr.. Prensch, and Bowne. 
Bowren Burl B.. Freeport, Tex. Internal grooving and 

reaming tool. 2.545.443. Mar. 20. 
Bowser, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Blum. Hosmt>r L. I 

Chapman. Edward W. ' 

Collins, William B. 

Damon. Roh«'pt H. , ' 

De Haven. La Vern II. 
Harks. Walter M. 
Harvuot. Frank B. 
I'ressler, Ralph B. 
Bowser. Percy L.. Jr. : See — ' 

Venner. William M.. and Bowser. 
Bowser, Wenard. Jr.. assicnor to Universal Draftine Ma- 
clilne Corporation, Cleveland. Ohio. Ruler. 2,561.348. 
July 31. , K _. 

Bowsher. Chester A., assignor to United Aircraft Prod- 
ucts Inc. Davton. Ohio. Heat exchange unit. 
2.56S.984 Sent 25 
' Bow.sher. Waldo G.. Detroit. Mich. Hinge mechanism for 
overhead doors. 2.573.178. Oct. 30. 
Bowyer. Aldr»vl W. : See — 

Holland-Martin. Cyril O.. and Bowyer. 
Bowzer, Augustus M.. Lynn, assignor of one-half to D. 

W. Lewi.s. Nahant. Mass. Last. 2.546,148, Mar. 2r7. 
Bowzer. Augustus M.. Lynn, assignor of one-half to D. W. 

Lewis. Nahant. Mass. Latch. 2,546,149, Mar. 27. 
Box. E. O.. Jr. : See — 

Ray. Gardner C. and Box. 
Boxer. Fre«l. New York. N.fY.. assignor to Kaye Plastics 
Corporation. New Brunswick. N. J. Resilient tube clo- 
sure. 2.543,432. Feb. 27. 
Boyajean. John A., Jr . Upper Montclair. N. J., assignor 
to Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation. Ma- 
chine for producing screened relief pattern plates. 
2.57."..546. Nov. 20 
Bovajlan. Clement L.. «. R. Rede, and H. M. Dimond. 
^chenectadv. N. Y.. assiKn-i>rs to General Electric Com- 
pnnv. .Vutomatic cleaner for sparkinc styluses. 
2.54S.5S3. Apr 10 
Boy.ijian. Setrak K 

2.551.555. M.1V 1. ^ 

Boyce Charles L.. assignor to Shnwinigan Resins Cor- 
poration. Spriniifield. Mass. Polvmerization of vinyl 
acetate In granular form. 2.555.286. May 29. 
Bovce. Edward D.. Cedar Grove, N. J., assignor to Curtiss- 
Wrlght Corporation. Wrapping machine. 2.544,442. 
Mar. 6. 
Bovce. Eugene L. : See — 

Burrows. Milford D.. and Boyce. • 
Lo»-wt\ Peter L.. and Boyce. 
Bovce. Eugene L., and M. D. Borrows, assignors to Pioneer 
Gen E Motor Corporation. Chicago. 111. Lawn mower 
reel drive. 2.571,669. Oct. 16. 
Bovce. Frank. San Francisco, Calif, 
shielding means. 2.565.716. Aug. 28. 

Boyce. Homer J. : See — 

Beckerman. Raymond, and Boyce. 

Bovce. Joseph F.. Bloomfleld. N. J . assignor to United 
States Ste*'l Company. Machinability of quench-hard- 
ened alloy steels containing retained austenite. 
2,563.672. Aug. 7. 

Worcester, Mass. Book binding. 

Photoelectric tube 

Boyce, Leonard D.. Kirkwood. assignor to Carter Carbure- 
tor Corporation. St. Louis. Mo. Switch device. 
2.560,787, July 17. ^ „ ' 

Boyce I>»onard D.. Maplewood. assignor to Carter Car- 
buret.-r Corporation. St. I..oui8. Mo. Transmission con- 
trol switch 2.5t!9.148. S.'Pt. J."* 

Boyce I^eonard D.. Richmond Heights, assignor to Carter 
Carburetor Corporation. St. Louis. Mo. Engine starting 
dev.te. 2.54U.liU7. Feb 6. . ,. ^ , 

Boyce, Thompson, Institute for Plant Research, Inc., 
assignee : .S**'— 

Denny. Frank E. , ,. „ „ ,, „» „ 

Boyd-Barreft. Herbert S.. Sale. J. R. Holker. Monton. 
;iud H Stelner, Kccles, assignors to Petrocarbon Lim- 
ited. London. England. Production of chlorinated 
methyl naphthalenes. 2.570.022. Oct. 2. 

Boyd. Bruce : See — 

Rambo. Sheldon I., and Boyd. 

Boyd. Cecil P.. (Jettysburg. Pa. Safety hoop rolling de- 
vice. 2..-.62,522. July 31. , , ^ „.. 

Boyd. Charles A., and J Hirschfelder. assignor to \\is- 
consin Alumni Research Foundation. Madison, \\ is. 
Assaying solid catalysts. 2.573 245, Oct. 30 

IJoy.l. V larence A,, assignor t^. The Watt ( ar A,;iV»eel Com- 
pany, r.arnesville. Ohio. .Mine car. 2,554.743. May -V. 

Boyd Coffee Company, assignee : Bee — • 

Johnson. Rudolph W. , - , j „i-,^ 

Bovd. Don.ild S.. Kansas City. Kans. Leaf turner device. 
2..-.5 1.485. May 1. ,. r . » « - 

Boyd. Donald S Kansas City, Kans. I^af turner. 

Boyd. John' B.°\vest Los Angeles. Calif. Wall structure 

of building blocks. 2,546.356. Mar. 27. 
Boyd John P.. Forest Hills, N. Y. Fishhook remover. 

2.54 1.3:5 1, Feb 13 c. ^ ^ r.ti 

Boyd, Loyd Q., Hammond, Ind.. assignor to Standard Oil 

Company. Chicago. 111. Stabilization of DDT solutions 

at low temperatures by means of nltrocycloparamna. 

Boyd .Ma'korm R . tiightstown. and L. Malter. Princeton, 
N J., assignors to Radio Corporation of America. Gase- 
ous discharge circuit. 2.571.824, Oct. 16. 

Boyd. Robert C. Pittsburgh, assignor to ^estlnghouse 
EliK'tric Corporation. East I'lttsburgh, Pa. Circuit 
breaker 2.5.58,070, June 26. 

Boyd. Thomas. Springfield. Mass., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company. St. I^ouls. Mo. Amides of ortho 
titanic add. 2.579.413. Dec. is. 

Boyd. Thomas. Springfield. Mass., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Preparation of 
esters of ortho titanic acid. 2,579,414. Dec. 18. 

Bovd Thomas, and F. J. Lucht. Springfield. Mass.. as- 
signors to Mon.sjinto Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. 
Polvmerlzatlon of vinyl chloride In a<iMeous suspension 
to prmluce granular polymers. 2,580.277. Dec. 25. 

Boyd-Weish. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Jonas. Gilbert F. . ,_ ^ . « 

Bovd William, assignor to J. Blakeboroogh & Sons, 
iJinlted Brighouse. England. Valve for controlling the 
flow of gaseous or lirpild media 2.571.826, 0< t. 16. 

Boyd Wlnnett. Bobcaygeon, G. F. Kelk, Leaslde. and J. K. 
Clarke, Toronto, assignors to A. V. Roe Canada Limited. 
Malton. Ontsilo. Canada. Electrically heated blade and 
manufacture. 2.540.472, Feb. 6. 

Boyd»'n. Rot)ert E. : See- 
Freeman. Nsdlne T.. and Royden. 
Schwend. Fred N., and Boyden. 

Boyden I{ol»ert E.. I>os Angeles, assignor to Clary Multi- 
plier Corporation. San (Jabriel. Calif. Carrying means 
for office machine's. 2.567.00K. Sept. 4. 

Bovdstun Ira S.. Houston. Tex. Device for dispensing 
(^i.screte particles. 2.574.166. Nov. 6. 

Boye Needle Company. The. assignee : See — 

Flannery. Roy L. , . „ . . 

Bover Charles .V.. Winona I>nke. Ind. Rope lock, 
i. 547,370. Apr. .1 „ . , 

Bover, Charles F.. Allentown, Pa. Safety valve. 
2.542.387. Feb 2<». „ . ^ 

Bover. Marion W.. Baton Rouge. La., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Companv. Recovering catalyst in oil 
vapors. 2.541.6.3.%. Feb. 13. 

Bover Martin assignor of onethlrd^to B. A. Mclver, 
t.owrv Minn. Cast cutter. 2.571.52t. Oct. 16. 

Boyer Ralph K., assignor to The Dill Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Cleveland. Ohio. Vulcanizing clamp. 2,536.717, 
Jan. 2. 

Bover Ralph K.. Lakewood. assignor to The Dill Manu- 
facturing Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Electric switch. 
2. .-.60.717. July 17. 

Boyer Ralph K.. Lakewood. and II. W. Krohn. Jr.. as- 
signors to The Dill Manufacturing Company. Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Valve stem bending tool. 2.565.646, Aug. 

Boyer. Ralph K., Lakewood. and H. W. Krohn. Jr., 
assignors to The Dill Manufacturing Company. Cleve- 
lan.l Ohio. Device for testing air line pressure gauges. 
2.579.3.-.9. Dec. 18. 

Boyer. Ralph L.. assignor to Cooper-Bessemer Corpora- 
tion. Mount Vernon. Ohio. Turbo supercharged high 
compression engine having low fuel air ratio producing 
low turbine Inlet temperature. 2.565.198. Aug. 21. 

Bover. Raymond F., and L. C. Rubens, assignors to The 
Dow (^hemical Company. Midland. Mich. Diolefin-acon- 
itate copolymers and making .same. 2.557.903. June 19. 



Concentric shell type 
Mobile spraying ma- 

Boyer. Richard J.. ITarwnrd. Iflnn. 

hot-air heater. 2,553.108. May 15. 
Boyett, Jesse B.. Sr.. Nashville. Oa. 

chinp. L'..->05..'»87, Aug. 28. 
Boykin. John R. : Kee — 

JohnHoii. John L., and Boykin. 
Boykin. Itobert O.. Jr., Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to 

the United States of America as represented by the 

Secretary of the Navy. Impulse testing device. 

2.573,830. Nov. 6. 
Boyko, John, Union, N. J., assignor to E. I. du Pont de 

Nemours and Company, Wilmington. Del. I'olynieriza- 

tion of lli|uid polymerizable organic compounds in 

elongated Hhapes. 2.570.712. Nov. 27. 
Boyland. Charles B., I^kewood. assignor to The 

Wetherhead Companv, Cleveland. Ohio. Sectional re- 
frigeration system with directly connected back-seating 

valves. 2.540.649. Feb. 6. 
Bovle. Archibald R.. assignor to Debbie Mclnnes Limited, 

Glasgow, Scotland. Rotational viscometer. 2,572,693, 

Oct. 23. 
Boyle. John. Jr.. assignee: Bee — . I 

Orrison. Kelvin T. 
Boyle, John R.. assignor to Illinois Testing Laboratories. 

Inc.. Chicago, 111. Dew point measuring apparatus anci 

m<'th(>«l. 2.."»r,0.;{07. Sept. 4. 
Boyle-Midway Inc., assignee : Bee — 
Bowden. Garfield A., and Iddings. 
Reinhitrdt. Herman E 
Boyle. William t\. Mill Valley, assignors to The Pelton 

W'ater Wheel Company. San Francisco. Calif. Water 

wheel driven brush. 2,540,240, Feb. 6. 
Boyles. Frank .M.. assignor to Cloverdale Spring Company. 

Baltimore. Md. Beverage and making the same. 

2 .''..-,fi.7»2. June 12. 
Boynton. Earl S. : Bee — 

O'Brien. Joseph F., and Boynton. 
Boynton. Wentworth I).. IJnltimore. Md., assignor to West- 
ern Electric Company. Incorjxirated. New York, N V 

(^tiling fllampntary articles. 2.501.725. July 24 
Boznk. Rtidolph T., Buffalo, N. Y. Loud-speaker unit 

2..'>03.452. Aug. 7. 
Bozak. Rudolph T., and S. L Krauss. assignors to C. G. 

Conn. Ltd.. Elkhart. Ind. Switch for electrical musical 

Instruments. 2 507.870. Sept. 11. 
Bozarth. C.w.vlni M., assignor to Fixtures Manufacturinc: 

Corporation. Kansas City, Mo. Stool base structure 

2..572.4.*?7. Oct. 2.".. 
Bozarth. Harry. Muskogee. Okla. Cue tip trimmer 

2,577 0!>5. Doc. 11. 

Bozel-Maletra Soclete Industrielle de Produits Chimiqu^s 

assignee : !fer~- 

I.,«-hniann. Ren^' L.. and Llntner. 
Bozeman. Virgil F.. and C. W. Walz, Rock Island, assignors 

to Deere & Company, Moline, 111. Beet crown abrading 

means. 2.538.351. Jan. 10. 
Bozich, Michael J., Pittsburgh. Pa. Pneumatic svstem 

for conveying discrete materL-U. 2.505 940 .\ug 2s 
Bozich. Michael J., Pittsburgh. Pa. Apparatus for un- 
loading pulverulent material from tanks. 2 5S0 214 

Dec. 25. 
Bozich. Michael J.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Apparatus for un- 
loading pulverulent material from transportation 

tanks. 2.580.215. Dec. 25. 
Bozoky. Paul. Welrton. W. Va. Recording roll message 

device. 2.573.303, Oct ^0 
Brabham. Hujrh R. S., Wemblev. England. 

Ilazeltlne Inc.. Chicago. 111. 

receiver contrast and brightness control. 

May 1. 
Brace. Donald M.. St. Clair Shores. Mich. 

2..5.'>3.235. May 15. 
Brace. George A.. Highland Park. 111., assignor to The 

Hoover Company. North Canton. Ohio. Cooling svstem 

for refrluerators. 2.5.39,986, Jan. 30. 
Brace Georce H. : f^ee — 

Drago. .Alfred A., and Brace. 
Bracclo. Michael. Brooklyn, assignor to W.. 

assignor fo 

Spring gaff. 


doing business as Wm. Langbein & Bros. 
Y. Safety guard hammer and the 

and C. 



Y'ork. N 

2.571.528. Oct. 10. 
Brachfield. Erwin M.. Los Angeles. Calif. Matornltv gar- 
ment. 2.570 045. Dec. 25. 
Brachman. Philip R.. Chicaco. 111. Pad for treatlnc corns 

and the like. 2. .-,39.1 15. Jan. 23. 
Brack. Emil. Western Springs, 111 

2,.55S.410. June 20. 
Brackenbiirv. William L.. and II. W. 

r"alir. Sn.nrk tran setting device 
Brackett. Richard T. : Bre — 

.Soulbh. William F., and PracKeff. 

Brackmann. Frederick A.. New York 
implement. 2.544,216, Mar. 6. 

Brackney. Lester E., Baton Rouge, La. Bottle wranner 
holder. 2.54(».090. Feh. 0. 

Brackney, Lester E.. Baton Rouge, La. Water-coollne 
tower. 2.540.091. Feb. 0. 

Bradburd. Ervin M., Fairlawn, N. J., assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation, New York 
N. Y. Delay line termination. 2.565.409. Aug. 28. 

Bradbury, Clifford C, Richmond. Ind.. assignor to 
Hydraulic Brake Company, Detroit. Mich. Master 
cylinder with tilting valve. 2,552,033, May 8. 

Swing-down shelf. 

Bamctt. San Diego. 
2.549.105, Apr. 17. 

N. Y. Bathing 

Bradbury, William E.. Kansas City, Kans., assignor to 
Sheffield Steel .Corporation. Kansas City, Mo. Rein- 
forcing bar Of: rod. 2,552,364, May 8. 

Bradbury, William E., Kansas Citv, Kans., assignor to 
Sheffield Steel Corporation, Kansas City, Mo. Dowel 
rod and sealing material supporting unit for Joints in 
concrete. 2.552.365. Mav 8. 

Braden. Rentf A.. Hopewell, N. J., assignor to Radio Corpo- 
ration of America. Frequency-modulated radar system 
of superheterodyne type. 2,544.293. Mar. 6. 

Braden, Rene A., Lawrence Township, Mercer County, 
N. J., assignor to Radio Corporation of America. Auto- 
matic frequency control. 2,570,758, Oct. 9. 

Braden, Rene A., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 

? oration of America. Radar system of superheterodyne 
requency-modulated type. 2,540,500, Feb. 6. 
Braden, Rene A., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Balanced microwave detector. 
2,550.524, Apr. 24. 
Bradfield. George K., Jr., Maywood. N. J., assignor to 
American Car and Foundry Company. New York. N. T. 
Berth supporting leg. 2.564,875, Aug. 21. 
Bradtleld, Joseph L... Indianapolis, Ind 

Tube cross con- 
Orchard spray 

nection. 2,538,859, Jan. 23. 

Bradford. Albert H.. Placentia, Calif, 
head. 2.574.812, Nov. 13. 

Bradford, Arthur J.. Wllmette. assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Ampro Corporation. Chicago, 111. Still pic- 
ture projection machine. 2,553.075. May 15. 

Bradford, Arthur J., and T. I. Ress. assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to Ampro Corporation, Chicago, III. Slide 
changer. 2.543.520. Feb. 27. 

Bradford, Arthur J.. Chicago, and C. Hnrnham, Glenview, 
assignors to Ampro Corporation. Chicago. III. Rotat- 
able shaft position indexing device. 2.543.05(!. Feb. 27. 

Bradford, Charles R., Los Angeles, Calif. Reducing fish 
or flsh offal. 2,536,345. Jan. 2. 

Bradford, Henry K., Baltimore, Md. Apparatus for meas- 
uring electrical characteristics. 2,543,715, Feb. 27. 

Bradford Novelty Co., Inc, assignee : See — ^ 

Burnbaum. Jack. 
Bradford, Purdy, Palos Heights, assignor to Swift & Com- 
pany, Chicago, IlL Manufacturing soap. 2,539,889. 
Jan. 30. 
Bradford, S., and Sons Limited, assignee : See — 

Foster. Arthur. 
Bradford. W. J., Paper Co., assignee : Bee — 
Bradford. William J., and Wahl. 

Bradford. William J., and O. Wahl. assignors to W. J. 
Bradford Paper Co., Chicago, 111. Sheet stacking 
device. 2,572,980, Oct. 30. 

Bradley, Charles H., Jr., assignee: Be* — 

♦ 'uiinlunliani, Paul. . 

Bradley. Clark F. : Bee — ' 

Brettell. George A.. Jr., and Bradley. 

Bradley, Dan T., Shaker Heights, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Harris Products Coinpanv, Cleveland, 
Oiilo. Vibration mounting. 2,549,768, Apr. 24. 

Bradley. Edwin J.. Santa Ana^ Calif. Ring form support. July 3. f 

Bradley, Fred E., Ferguson, Mo. Pivoted side jaw 

wrench having arcunfe guide slot and longitudinally 

slidable actuator. 2,509,551, Oct. 2. 
r.ra<lley & fJilbert Company. The, assignee : See — 

BuldinK. Hubert V. 
Bradley. Harl C. Fort Wayne. Ind.. assignor to General 

Electric Companv. Supporting structure for machines., 

2.571. <;72. Oct. 10. I 

Bradley. Harold, asslcnor to The Bradley Rotor Traverse 
Co . Inc.. Sfaten Island. N. Y. Apparatus for traversing 
drap^Tles and the like. 2.538.755, Jan. 23. 

Bradley. Harrl< W., UfUefonte Heights, assignor to E. I. 
du I'ont de Nemours and Company. Wilmington, Del. 
Alk.vlolamine and morpholine salts of polymerized ole- 
fin sulfonic acids. 2.570.094, Oct. 2. 

Bradley, John J.. Jr.. Winchester, assignor to Boston 
Varnish Company. Everett. Mjiss. Oli-oresinotis var- 
nishes and preparing them. 2.550.901, May 1. 

Bradley, Joshua E.. Stittsville, Ontario, Canada. .Seed 
cleaner. 2.577.565, Dec. 4. 

Bradley Lumber Company of .Arkansas, assignee: See — 
Redin. Clifton W. 

Bradlev, Margaret H. : See — 

Day. Harold M., and Bradley. 
Dutot. Henry E., and Bradley. 

Bradley, Percy It., assignor to The Falkirk Iron Companv 
Limited, Falkirk. Scotland. Pipe joint. 2.5C1.648. Julv 

Bradley. Robert L.. Beverly. Mass.. assignor to United 
Shoe Machinerv Corporation. Fleinlngton N. J. Breast 
leaf splitting machine. 2.575,406, Nov. 20. 

Bradley, Robert O. : See — 

Kendall. Donald B.. and Bradley. 

Bradley. Ronald E.. and H. Fisher, assignors to Bendix 
Aviation Corporation. South I'.end. Ind. Brake actuat- 
inc mechanism. 2.554 291. May 22. 

Bradley Rotor Tra verge Co., Inc., The, assignee : Bee — 
Hradey. Harold. 

Bradley, Schuyler L.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Westing- 
house Ele<tric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Ree- 
ulditing system. 2,571,827, Oct. 16. 




Bradley, Stt-phpn D.. assignor to Detroit Macoid Corj»ora- 
tion. Detroit, Mich. Tt-mperaturt' control device. 
2..'>49..'S«9. .\pr. 17. 

Bradley. Steph»-n D., assiennr to Detroit Macold Corpora- 
tion. Detroit. Mich. Ft-edinK niean.>« for plaitic fabrl- 
catlnjc. 2.553.070. May 1.'). 

Bradley. St»'phen D.. assignor to Detroit Macoid Corpora- 
tion. Detroit, Mich. \V»ntherstrlp. :'..'>60,408. July 10. 

Brartlev, St«-nhen D.. Crosse I'olnte. Mich.. an«! R. C. 
8!in<it'rs. Kvansville. Intl.. a.isignors to 'Chrysler Cor- 
poration. Highland Park, Mich. Vehicle fender Btruc- 
ture. 2 .■Sr,r,.i:82. Aug. 2S. 

Bradley. Theodore F. : Sef — 

Dannenberg. Hans, and I'radley. 

Bradley. Theodore F.. Oakland. asHignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company, San Francisco. Calif. Comix>sitlons of 
matter ronfainlni: epoxy ethers and phosphorus-con- 
taining compounds. 2.M1.027. Feb. 13. 

Bradl«'y, Theodore F.. Oakland, as.signor to Shell Develop- 
nirnt <'onipany. .*<iin Francisco. Calif. I'olyamifle resin 
from dimerized un.snfurated fatty acids of natural fatty 
oils 2,'»."i,11I, May 2!). 

Bradley, Theodore F., Oakland, assignor to Shell De- 
velopment Company, San F'ran«l8co. Calif Crotonate 
esters of glvceryi polyetbera of dihydric phenols. 
2.r.7.">.H<>. Nov. 20. 

Bradley Washfountain Co.. assignee : See — 
Mullett. Howard Cr., and Wachter. 

Bradley. William K.. Sprinirfield Township. Montgomery 
Couiitv. assiirnor to i'liilco Corporation, rhiladelphia. 
Pa. Signal mixing system. 2 ,'ir,rt.820 Sept. 4. 

Bradley, William E., Swarthmore. assignor, by mesne 
n'slgnments, to Phllco Corporation, rhiladelphia. Pa. 
Pulse type radio range tracking and Indicating system. 
2..V3fi.34rt. Jan. 2. 

Bradley. William E . W.vndmoor, assignor, h.v mesne 
assignments, to Phllc.-> Corporation. I'hiladelphla. Pa. 
Superreceneratlve receiver. 2,572.007, Oct. .".0. 

Bradley. William H., assignor to Horton Manufacturing 
Company. Fort Wayne. Ind. Power augmenting drive 
means for ironing nmrhlnes. 2.562.340. Jtily 31. 

Bradley^ William H., assignor to Horton Manufacturing 
Company. Fort Wnvne, Ind. Ironing machine drive 
mechanism. 2,5«5.199. Aug. 21. 

Bradley. Wllllnm T. : St-e—- ♦ 

Dunn. Holhert E., and Bradley. 

Bradner. Donahl IV. Moiinf Healthy, assignor to The 
Champion Paper and Fibre Coropnnv. Hiimilton, Ohio. 
Printing and roatinir paper. 2.555.260. M^jv 20. 

Bradnet Donald B.. Washington, D. C. W B Stoddard, 
Jr.. and 'P. S. Bllckensderfer. assignors tol The Cham- 
pion Paper and Fibre Companv, Hamilton. JOhlo. End- 
less metal belt and making the same. 2,560.367. Sept. 
25 ^ 

Bradner. Donald B . Washington. D. C. W. B. Stoddard. 
Jr.. and P. S. Bllckensderfer. as.slgnors to The Cham- 
pion Paper and Fibre Company. Hamilton. Ohio. Join- 
ing metal narts 2.5fi0.36« Sept. 25 

Bradstreet. George P.. Brideeport. Conn. Device for ap- 
plying chains to tires. 2,537.440. Jan. 9. 

Bradt. Charles H.. Oroton. assignor to L. 
Corona Typewriters. Inc.. Syracuse. N. Y. 
and like separately Interfltted steam and 
keys. 2.545.133. 5tar. 13. 

Bradt, Charles H., Oroton, assignor to li. 
Corona Tvpewriters. Inc.. Syracuse. N. T. 
porting, feeding, and severing means for 
and the like machines. 2,555.728. June 5. 

Brady, Charles V. : Sf — 

Ottlnger, August F.. and Brady. 

Brady, Charles V., St. Louis, and R. 

mond Heights, assignors to Bemls 

St. Louis. Mo. Bag structure 

2..550.000. .Apr. 24. 
Brady. Charles V., and A. F. Ottlnger. assignors to P.emis 
ny, St. Louis. Mo. Valved bag. 

C. Smith & 
molded cap 

C. Smith & 
Paper snp- 

J. Williams, Rlch- 

Bro. Bag Company, 

and manufacture. 


assignors to Bemls 
Valved bag and its 

assignors to Remis 
Bajr of open-mesh 

Bro. Bag Com 
2.558.169. June 

Brady. Charles V.. and A. F. Ottlnger, 

Bro. Bag Company, St. Louis. Mo. 

manuf.acture. 2,564.462. Aug. 14. 

Brady. Charles V.. and A. F. Ottincer, 
Bro. Rag Company, St. Louis. Mo. 
material and paper. 2.565.754. Aug, 

Brady. Edward R., Cleveland. Ohio. Loud-speaker svsteu) 
for drive-ln theaters. 2.557.408. June 19. 

Brady, Francis .\.. Canandalgn.i. assignor to Hlckok 
Manufacturing Companv, Inc.. Rochester, N. Y. Stitch- 
less wallet construction. 2,578,502, Dec. 11. 

Brady. Francis E.. Jr., Muncle, Ind. Pump assembly. 

2.-542. 896, Feb. 20. 
Bradv. James M. : Sief — 

Huston. William D.. and Rrad.v. 

Soukup. Kenneth J., and Brady. 

Brady. James M., West Long Branch, 

measuring device. 2,564.669. Aug. 21. 
Brady. Joseph O.. Minneapolis, and C 

Paul, assignors to Minneapolis-Hon«'vwell Regulator 

Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Potentiometer. 2,559,394, 

July 3. 
Bradv, Kenneth, Houston, Tex 

May 8. 
Brady, Madeline V,. asalgnee : Sea- 
Brady. Robert H.. and Blrkner. 

N. J 


Jackson. St 

Hydraulic jar. 2.551.868. 

N. V. Polyunsaturated 
and polymers thereof. 

Convertible top struc- 

Calif. Load lifting de- 

Bradv. Richard A.. Hoboken, N. J Automobile sllng. Apr. 24. 

Brady. Robert H.. St. Louis, and E. O. Blrkner. Pasadena 
Hills. asHignors of one sixth to H. C. Reagan, one Hixtb 
to M. V. Rrady, St Louis, and one-sixth to O. M. Blrk- 
ner, Pasadena Hills, and one-sixth to P. Slevers, St 
Lonis, Mo. Bottle case. 2.537.299, Jan. 9. 

Brady. W. H.. Co.. assignee : tiee — 
Tobey. Frederic S. 

Brady. William K . Parma. Ohio. Mechanical pencil with 
lead sharpeuing dt-viee. 2.548,649. Apr. 10. 

Braeseke, Albert H., Chicago. III. Extruding machine. 
2.5 17 151. Apr. 3 

Braga. Frank J.. Hudson. Mass. Tack puller. 2.537.619, 
Jan. 9. 

Brager, I-elf Mapl-wood, N. J., assignor to American Can 
Companv. New York. N. Y. Container transfer mecha- 
nism. 2.570.198, Oct. 0. 

Rrague, .Mllford E. Wellsvllle, N. Y. Chuck wrench. 
2.541.196. Feb. 13. 

Rrahs. Oeorge. Hawthorne, X. J. Making friction ele- 
ments. 2.553.60S. May 22. 

Brailsford, Joseph I>, and E. B. Vass, Chelmsford assign- 
ors to Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company Limited, 
London. England. Radio direction finder. 2,568.538. 
Sept. 18. 

Brain<>rd. George M.. and A. Vachon. Lewlston. Maine, 
assignors to Rarber-Colman Company. Rockford. HI. 
Yarn tensioning device for winding machines. 2.550,448, 
Apr. 24. 

Bralnard, Maurice W., Los Angeles. Calif., assignor of 
one-half to O'Keefe and Merritt Company. Permanent 
magnet type electric generator. 2.5»>4.320. Aug. 14. 

Rraitliwaite. Altwrt W.. assienor to The (Jeorge K. Failing 
Supply Companv. Enid. Okla. Valve. 2.547.254. Apr. 

Bralthwalte. David G.. assignor to National Alumlnate 
Corporation. Chicago, 111. Omposltlona and removing 
cations from liquid media. 2,538.553, Jan. 16. 

Brake-Trol Corporation, assignee : See — 

Boesche. Frank H.. Staver, and Griffith. 

Bralley, James .\., Bristol.^ Pa., assignor to The B. F. 

■ Goodrich Company. New York„ N. Y. Halo-aryl allyl 
carbonates ann polvmers thereof. 2.548.141, Apr. 10. 

Brall'-y, James A , Bristol. Pa., assignor to The B. F. 
Goodrich Company. New York, 
nitrogen-containing compounds 
2.56S.608, Sept. 18. 

Bramble. Donald E., Chicago, 111. 
ture. 2.558.926. July 3. 

Bramble, Henrv E.. San Diego, 
vice. 2.575.485. Nov. 20. 

Bramble. John H. : Bee — 

Ford. James G., and Bramble. 

Bramfltt. Thomas A. : See — 

Gannon. .Tohn J.. Fiscella. Powell, and Bramfltt. 

Bramhall. George IL. Cleveland, Ohio, assignor to General 
Electric Compai<y. Vacuum cleaner noizle with re- 
tractable floating brash. 2,570.759. Oct. 9. 

Bramhall. George H.. Cleveland, Ohio, assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Controllable pressure means 
for spraying liquids and the like. 2.576.668. Nov. 27. 

Bramhall. George H.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Rotary valve, sprayer. 
2.576.669, Nov. 27, ' 

Bramley, Jenny. Long Branch. N. J. Producing seoondary- 
electron-emlttlng surfaces. 2.548.514, Apr. 10. 

Bramlev, Sylvanus W.. White Plains, N. Y. Electrical 
■witch. 2.552,141, May 8. 

Bramley, Sylvanus W.. White Plains. N. Y. Electromag- 
netic clock winding mechanism. 2.554.517. May 29. 

Brammer. William N.. assignor to Nylen Products Com- 
pany. St. Joseph, Mich. Casting machine. 2.553.744, 
May 22. 

Branch. Robert E.. assignor to James W. Bell. T-os An- 

fples. Calif. Tube deburrlng machine. 2.539,723. 
an. 30. 

Branchflower. Dale R.. 11. J. White, and D. F. Winter, 
Camhrl'Ige. Mass.. assignors, by mesne assignments, to 
the United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of War. Electrical apparatus. 2.543,433, 

• Feb. 27. 

Branco. .\bel B.. Manteca. Calif. Rear delivery rake with 
frictlonal draft dumper. 2.567,800. Sept. 11. 

Brand, David : See — 

Pollack. Hyman. and Brand. 

Brand, Emily M, A., assignee : See — 1 
Brand. Harry R. 

Brand. Eve, New York. N. Y. Compact. 

Brand. Harry R.. a.sslgnor to E. M. A. 
N. Y. Adjustable machine control 
Jan. 2. 

Brand. Harry R.. assignor to E. M. A. 

N. Y. Preparing tapes for controlling the operation 
of automatic dl8i>en8lng mechanism. 2.540,241. Feb. 6. 

Brand. Maurice R.. Chicago. 111. Denture liner of 
bibulous paper impregnated with vinyl resin. 2,557.025. 
June 12. 

Brand. Samuel. Blnghamton. and J. M. Cnnningham. Endl- 
cott. assignors to International Business Machines 
Corporation, New York. N. Y. Record controlled divid- 
ing machine. 2.536.906, Jan. 2. 

2.570.314. Oct. 9. 
Brand. New York, 
plate. 2.536.155, 

Brand. New York. 



Brand. Samuel. Blnghnmtnn, and J. M. Cunnin>:hani. Kn- 
dicott. BHSisnors to Internationiil Ilusin«'ss Miuliiiics 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. .Skip bar for punching; 
machinos. l'.r>«)0,920. Sept. 4. 

Brand, Warron 11. : See — 

Schwartz. Edward W., Brand, and Welsh. 

Brandau. llarvev M., Wilton. Wis., asslfrnor to W. C, Inc. 
Controlling weather. ^,550,324, Apr. 24. 

Branilerker. August J.. Chicago. 111. Forced air cooling 
apparatus. 2..'>.'^2.39fl. May 8. 

Brandfisj. Harold. Chi<ago. 111., assignor to Colonlal- 
Tremler Conipan.v. Lamp tlxture having a diflfuser 
bowl with a circular Huorescent lamp surrounding the 
bowl. 2,57r).48G, Nov. 20. 

Brandenberger, Jacques K.. Taris. France, assignor to 
Sitciete La Cellophane (Swiss*-). Basel. Switzerland. 
Apparatus for wrapping plastic confections. 2.578.620, 
Dec. 11. \ 

Bratitlenburg. Stanley A. : Siee — 

Blckel. Clifford .\.. Brandenburg, and Foster. 

Brandenburg, Stanley A., assignor to The Monarch Ma- 
chine Tool Co., Sidney, Ohio. Engine lathe. 2,546.687, 
Mar. 27. 

Brandes. Frank A.. Shaker Heights, assignor to Auto- 
matic Die & Products Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Form- 
ing articles. 2.r)39.807. Jan. 30. 

Brandes. Guenther C. F.. Harrington, 111. Stiff paper 
basket. 2..^3fl..^90. Jan. 2. 

Brandes. (^uentlu-r C. F., Dundee. 111. Making baskct.s. 
2.574.371. Nov. r>. 

Branciefl. Roy 11., Dayton. Ohio, assignor to General Motors 
Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Speed responsive propeller 
pltcn controller. 2.544,131. Mar. 6. 

Brandl. Robert J.. St. Paul. Minn. Disposable diaper. 
2.:.*;4.0;)4. Aug. 14 

Brandner. John D.. assignor to Atlas Powder Company. 
Wilmington. Del. Dust filter adhesives. 2.538.187, 
Jan. 16. 

Brandon, Chester. Malverne. assignor to Kollmorgen 
Optical Corporation. Brooklyn, N. Y. Variable power 
optical system for training devices, microscopes, tele- 
scopes, and the like. 2,536,718, Jan. 2. 

Brandon, <"hester. Malverne. assignor 
Optical Corporation. N. Y. 
for telescopes. 2.550.902. .May 1. . 

Brandon. Orville K.. assignee : S**e — 
Beall, TVinald L.. and Menges. 

Brandon. Perc.v S. : ,v«f ^ 

Hiist. N»ei M.. and Brandon. 

Brandon. Richard C. Elizabeth. N. J., assignor to Stan- 
dard Oil Development Company. Desulfurlzlng petro- 
leum oils. 2,.537,620. Jan. 9. 

Brandon. Richard C. Elizabeth, N. J., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Removal of peroxides 
from rrackod gasoline by catalytic hydrogenatlon. 
•J. 542,471. Feb. 20. 

Brandon. Richard C. Elizabeth. N. J., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Conipan.v. Catalytic deh.vdrogena- 
tlon of petroleum naphthenes. 2.560,329. Jul.v 10. 

Brandon. Richard C. Elizabeth. N. J., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Refining kerosene with 
hauxite and sulfur dioxide. 2.500.330. July 10. 

r.r.mdon. Richard C. Elizabeth, and >L C. K. Jones.. 

.Mountainside. N. J., assignors to Standard Oil I>«'vtlop- 

ment Company. Hj-^iochlorlte sweetening process. 

2.5.V).66S. Mav 1. 
Brandon, Richard C. Elizabeth, and M. C. K. Jones. 

Westfield. N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development 

Company. Producing parasltlcidal oils. 2,553,3.").t. 

Mav 15. • 

Brands. William C. Glend.ile. Calif. Bed slat hanger. 

2.r.53 R07. May 22. 
Brandstetter, Jacob H.. Zellenople, Pa. 

tight clothespin. 2.536,719. Jan. 2. 

Brandstrom. Charles K., Seattle, Wash. 

panel. 2,538.233. Jan. 16. 
Brandstrom. Fred, and N. N. Belaef. 

assignors to Manning. Maxwell A: Moore Incorporate<l. 

New York, N. Y. Pressure regulator. 1^.576,443. Nov 

to Kollmorgen 
Prism mounting 

Two-way hold- 
Adjustable wall 
Westport. Conn . 

Brandt Automatic Cashier Company, a.ssienee : Ree — 
Buchholz. Arnold R.. .'^prenger, and Hoffman. 
Brandt. Carl D. : See — 

Dudley. John S., and Brandt. 
Brandt. Carl S , Ithaca, N. Y.. and J. W. Karsted. Wash- 
ington. D. C. Drip channel for vehicles having con- 
vertible tops. 2,572.592. Oct. 23. 
Brandt. Gideon, Kramer, N. Dak. Rear fender guartl for 
I>icknp tnicks. 2.549,100. Apr. 17. 

Brandt, Henry E.. North St. Paul, Minn. Sheet metal 

handle. 2.502.70.-. July 31. 
Brandt. Henry E.. North St. Paul, Minn. Spraver nozzle, 

2,503,152. Auc. 7 
Brandt. Henry E.. North St. Paul. Minn. Dusting device. 

2.509.309 Sent. 25. 
Brandt, .lames B, : 8'ff — 

Euler, Donald J., Crittenden, and Brandt. 
Brandt, John R., assignor to Salerno Machinery Company, 

Chicago, III. Machine for coating wafers. 2.503.813. 

.Vug. 14. 
Brandt. Joseph. 9t Bro.. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Brandt, I^ouls. 

Brandt, Kristlan H., Red Bank, N. J. Capacitor. 
2.548.802. Apr. 17. 

Brandt. Luuls, assignor to Joseph Brandt & Bro., Inc.. 
New York, N. Y. Narrow strip material adapted for 
making hat bodies. 2.541,151, Feb. 13. 

Brandt. Preston L. : Bee — 

Adams. Leon M., Brandt, Lee. and Wadswxir^.^ 

Brandt. Robert J., Los Angeles, Calif. Adjustable clamp 
for light shields. 2,.548,650, Apr. 10. 

Brandt, Sixten, Motala, Sweden. Clothes rack hook. 
2.555.181. May 29. 

Brandwein, A.. & Company, assignee : See — 
Rozwens. Joseph ^1. 

Brange. I>>nnart B. V,. and B. E. Sjr.strand. Boras. Swe- 
den, Shaving apparatus. 2.577.873, Dec. 11. 

Branlck. Charles E.. Fargo, N. Dak. Fluid pressure-oper- 
ated tire bead loosening tool. 2.538,902, Jan. 23. 

Branlck. Charles E.. Fargo, N. Dak. Rotatably and piv- 
otally adjustable wheel hoist and support. 2, .546,849, 
Mar. 27. 

Brann'-n. Jacqueline : See — 
Brannen. Lee D. and J. 

Brannen. Lee D. and J.. Boston. Mass. Fin wedge for 
high heel shoes. 2,571,673. Oct. 16. 

Brannen. Paul M.. Duqiiesne. I'a.. assignor to Westing- 
house -Mr Brake Company, I'roximlty detector em- 
ploying microwaves. 2.5S0.155, Dec. 25. 

Brannen. I'aul M., and W. L. Konrad, Pittsburgh, 
assignors to the I'nion Switch & Signal Company, 
Swissvale, Pa. Railway track circuit apparatus. 
" 554,000. May 22, 

Y.. assignor to 
automatic pilot. 

Brannin, Richard, East Wllllston, N. 
The Sperrv Corporation. Airplane 
2,553.540. May 22, 

Brannin. Richard S.. East WUliston. P. Halpert. Hemp- 
stead, and C. F. Jude. Richmond Hill. N. Y.. assignors 
to The Sperrv Corporation. Automatic pilot for air- 
craft. 2,.567.922. Sept. 18. 

Brannin. Richard S.. East Wllllston. N. Y.. assignor to The 
Sperrv Corporation. Cross control system. 2,571,106, 
Oct. 10. 

Branoing, Delos J., Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to National 
Tube <"ompany. Metal cask or tank wiih belt weld. 
2,r.51.484. .May 1. 

Brannock, Kent C, : See — 

Bell. Alan, and Brannock. 

Branson. Charles D., Knoxville, Tenn.. assignor to Rob- 
crtshaw-Fnlton <'ontrols Company. I'ressure resjwnslve 
device. 2..")54.0.->9. .May 29. 

Branson, Charles D.. assignor to Robertshaw-Fulton Con- 
trols Companv. Knoxville, Tenn. Filling corrugated 
vessels with rubber. 2.572.438, Oct. 23. 

Branson, Charles I)., assignor to Robertshaw-Fulton Con- 
trols Company, Knoxville Tenn. Pilot operated valve 
mechaiiisin, 2.575.042. Nov. 13. 

I'.ranson, Charles D.. assignor to Robertshaw-Fulton Con- 
trols Coini)any. Knoxville, Tenn. Mixing valve witb 
constant flow 'mechanism. 2.575,043. Nov. 13. 

Branson, David E,. River Edge, N. J.. J. R. Davey. New 
York. N. Y,. G. J. Knandel. Glen Rock, N. J.. G. A, Locke. 
Glenwood Landing. N. Y'.. and R. A. Vanderllppe. BlT>om- 
field. .\. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. 
Incorporated. New Y'ork. ^'. Y. Translator circuit. 
2,550.95«, June 12. 

Branson. Harry, Hightstown, N, J,, assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Rate smoothing network. 
2.n4H.91«. Mar. 27. » 

Branson, Raymond J,, assignor to McNamar Boiler & 
Tank Company, Inc., Tulsa. Okla. Forming spherical 
containers, 2.579,r>40, Dec. 25. 

Brant. .Arthur A,. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, assignor to 
Geof»hyslcal Exploration Compan.i^. New York. N. Y, 
Drill hole and underground resistivity method. 
2.."7].529. Oct. 10. 

Brant, Elvln G.. Cleveland. Ohio. Automobile clothet 
hanger. 2.537..507. Jan. 9. 

Brantlngham. Paul T.. Glen Ellyn. 111., assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Grit flushing bearing 
, construction. 2.544.913. Mar, 13. 

Brantingson, Sigurd, Maplewood. N, J., assignor of one- 
half to B. Martinuzzi. New York. N. Y. Push button 
switch. 2.507,421. Sept. 11. 

Branio. Andrew F.. Ix)s Angeles. Calif. Foldable port- 
ahlp chiropractor's tahle. 2.579.7><3. r>ec. 25. 

Brasco Manufacturing Company, assignee : See — 
Bosshard. John J. 

Braselton. Chester H.. New York. 
2.545.444. Mar. 20. 

Braselton. Chester H.. New York, 
cator, 2.565.346. Aug. 21. 

Braselton. Chester II.. New Y'ork. 
catbr, 2,573,«28, Nov. 6. 

Braselton, Chester H.. New Y'ork. 
and protecting means therefor. 

r.rasfield. Herbert K.. assignee : Sec — 

Martin. Charles A. 
Brasier, Oscar H.. Tacoma. Wash. Coin bank with 

removable cylinders. 2,552.931, May 15. 
Bra«sel, Jakob : See — 

Straub. Fritz, Brassel. and Pieth, 

Widmer. Will^lt, and Brassel. 




Y. Lipstick. 
Cosmetic appll- 
Cosmetlc appll- 

N. Y. Storage battery 
2,573,829, Nov. 6. 

>r. WillV 



Brassert. H. A., & Company, aaaigne« : See — 
Hrasitert. Herniau A. 
UrattMTt, Iit*rmnn A., and de Jahn. i 
Braaaert. Herman A., and Kling. 
I).' Jalin. Krtdrik W. 
liamseyjT. Charlt-s K. ^ 

BrasHert, tiermao A., Waabin^ton, Conn., 
iH. A. BrasatTt & Company, New York, N. 
! and apparatua foe furmlng plaatic material. 

aaaignor to 
Y. Proceaa 

Feb 6. 

Prassvit, Herman A., Wasliint'ton. <':>nn.. and F. W. dp 

Jalui. asaiuniirs to H A. Itrassert Sl Compaay. New 

York. N. Y. Uvduc-tiou of mt'tallic uxidt-s. J. r)47. <>».">. 

Apr. ;i. 
E^raa-sert, Herman A.. Wasliin«ton. Conn., and F. E. Kling. 

Brooklvn, a»»ignors to H. A. BraHsert & <'ompany. New 

Y'ork. N. Y. Blast furnace. 2,567 007. Sept. 4. 
Braat, Oscar, aasignfe : eiee — 

HiKlson. «'iirtl« <J. 
Braswell. Blake W.. Houston, Tex. Ribbcm bolder. 

2.536.027, Jan. 2. 
Braiiwell, Lige A.. Wittner, La. Exhauat driven spreading 

d'vicH. J..'i.'?8,7.".6. Jan. 2;5. 
Brateng, Carl I., Long Beacb, Waab. Cranberry picker. 

2.544,443. Mar. 6. 
Bratrt>ch. Warren A.. I»<>wnpy. Calif., aaaignor to The 

1». F. (Joodriih Company. N.w York, N. Y. Self-aligning 

nut ass.inhlv. L*.."."i.'?.i:36. .M.iy l.'>. 
Bratt. Axel E.. Coteborg. Sweden, assignor to SKF 

Indu-otries Inc.. rbiladelphia. I'a. Press fitted joint 

and separating the members thereof. 2.564,670. Aug. 

Bratt. -Nils, Chicago. 11'. .Apparatus f«)r raising curtains. 

shades, and blinds. 2.576.171. Nov. 27. 
Brattaln, Walter H.. Chatham, N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. .New York. N. Y. 

Light-sensitive electric device. 2.537,255. Jan. 9. 
Brattaln. Walter H.. Chatham, N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. 

Llght-scnsltlve electric device. 2.537,256, Jan. 9. 
Brattain. W.iUer H.. Chatham. N. J., assignor to the 

t'nite<l States of .Anu-rh-a as represented by the Secre- 
tary of the Navy. Wave-train magnetometer. 2,565,799, 

Aug. 28. 
Brattaln, Walter H., Morrlstown. N. J., assignor to Bell 

Te|ei)lione Laboratories. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. 

Ligbt-sensitive electric device. 2,537,257, Jan. 9. 
Bratthauer. Clifford C . I' S. Navv. C. E. (Jailagher, Doyles- 

town. Pa., and W. 8. Clewell. U, 8. Navy. Turnbuckle 

and locking ilevlce therefor. 2.53.s,7r>7. Jan. 23. 

Bratz. William O., Easton, Conn. Fender extension. 

2.5,'S9.755. July 10. 
Brauchler. Charles A., Canton, Ohio. Forging hollow arti- 
cles 2..'>r>7 722. June 10 
Brauchler. Charles A.. Canton, Ohio. Making equalizer 

beams. 2..')79.030. Dec. 18. 
Braun. Alfred E.. assignee : See — 

Tallman. Harland M. 
Braun, Armond W.. Grafton, Iowa. Post pulling mecha- 
nism for tractors. 2.553,077, May 15. 
Braun. Carl J. : See — 

Housekeeper. EarLJ.. and Braun. 
Braun. Carl J.. aMsicnor to The Wooster Brass Company. 

Wooster. Ohio. Mixed drink faucet. 2.574.90«), Nov. 

Braun. Gustav F.. Elizabeth, assignor to Thomas A. 

Edison. Incorporated. West Orange, N. J. Phonograph 

on off control. 2,.^«7.318. Sept. 11. 
Braun. Karl J.. Olenbrook. Conn., assignor to Control 

Instrument Company. Inc.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Card 

analyzer md printing means in a tabulator. 2,562,232, 

July 31. 
Braun. Louis II.. Beaver, assignor to Keystone Bakery, 

Inc . West Brldgewater. Pa. .Apparatus for procesainf 

lce«l bakery products. 2.550.526. Apr. 24. 
Braun. Ottwin L.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Reliance Steel 

Pro«luct» Company, McKeesport. Pa. Road form Joint. 

2.5.'»0.52."., Apr. 24. 
Braun, Ottwin L.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Reliance Steel 

Products Company. McKeesport, Pa. Furnace door 

frame. 2..V'i2.142. May 8. 
Braun. Ottwin L. Pittsburgh, assignor to Reliance Steel 

Prodticts Companv. McKet'sport, Pa. Road rail. 

2.577.nor, Dec. 11. 
Braun. Philip N.. assignor to Textile Marking Machine 

Co.. Inc., Syracuse. N. Y. Tag holding means for 

laundry marking machines. 2,544.064, Mar. 6. 

Braun, Phyip N.. Syracuse. N. Y. Ink ribbon mechanism 

for marking machines. 2..")C3.513. Aug. 7. 
Braun. Philip N.. Syracuse. N. Y. Tape feeding and 

severing mechanism for marking machines. ' 2,575.407, 

Nov. 20. 
Braun. Roy R.. Jr.. Milwaukee. Wis. Bicycle sidecar. 

2,537.258. Jan. 9. 
Braun. Walter. Los .\ngeles, Calif. Cushion platform type 

shoe construction. 2..'>4«.291. Mar. 27. 

Braunsdorff. Reginald K.. East Orange, assignor to Tung- 
Sol Lamp Works, Inc., Newark, N. J. Electric lamp. 
2,543.093, Feb. 27. 

Braunsdorff. Reginald K.. East Orange, assignor to Tung- 
Sol Lamp Works, Inc.. Newark. N. J. Electric Incan- 
descent lamp and manufacturing. 2.556,059, June 5. 


Braunsdorff, Reginald K., East Orange, aaaignor to Tung- 
Sol Lamp Works, Inc., Newark, N. J. Projector unit. 
2,r.7."i,790, Nov. 20. 

Braunstein. Jules, North Hollywoo<l. Calif. Finger ring 
with a slide connector. 2.571,674, Oct. 16. 

Hrauss. Minnie W.. Bloomfield. N. J., assignor to Corsetry, 
Inc.. Derby. Conn. Foundation garment. 2,567,761, 
Sept. 11. 

Braverman, David : See — 

Uiib«'r^.stein. IltTsrhel H . and nraverman 

Brawand, F^ranklin M.. Metxger. Oreg. Log arch hook. 
2 537 328 Jan 9 

Bray, KlFi.V K., " Cedar Hill. Tex., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Incorim- 
rated. New York«N. I. .Measurenuut of fluorescence, 
2,554.321. May 22. 

Bray. Frederick H., and L. R. Brown. London, England, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Internutional 
Standard Electric Corporation, New Y'ork. N. Y. Ar- 
rangement for counting electrical Inipulaee. 2,540.769, 
Apr. 24. 

Bray. Frederick H.. L. R. Brown, and I). S. Rldler. Lon- 
don, England, assignors to International Standard 
Electric Corporation. New York. N. Y. Automatic 
telephone selective switching system. 2,576,097. Nov. 

Bray. Fre<lerlck II., and D. S. Rldler. Ixjndon. England, 
a.sslgnors to International Standard Electric Corpora- 
tion, New York. N. Y. Storage of electrical impulses. 
2.576.09S. Nov. 27. 

Bray. Frederick H., G. C. Hartley, and D. S. Rldler. Iy)n- 
don, England, assignors to International Standard 
Electric Corporation, New York. N. Y. 
translator of binary code to decimal code. 
Nov. 27. 

Bray. Malcolm D. : See — 

I*urvear. Oney P., and Bray. 

Bray. OUn B.. Lynwood. Calif. Adjustable thumb and 
finger loop for scissors and shears. 2.571.675, Oct. 16. 

Brav. Olin B, Lynwood. Calif. Detachable blade and 
handle for shears. 2. .".75. 861, Nov. 20. 

Brayden, William J. : See — 

WlUlamB. Edward F., and Brayden. 

Brayton, Corey C. Oakland Calif., asaignor to American 
Brake Shoe Company, New York. N. Y. Conveyer. 
2.545,134, Mar. 13. 

Rrazelton. Lester, assignee : See — 'I 
I'nvkov, George. 

Brazls, Edward M. : See — 

Jaffe, Hans, Brazls, and KJellgren. 

Breadner^ Robert L.. Kenton, and C. H. Simms, Twicken- 
ham. England, assignors to General Electric Company. 
Making stems for electric lamps. 2,545.873, Mar. 20. 
Bready Tractor & Implement Company, assignee : See — 

Woodard. Walter Sl.. and Taylor. 
Breakey, George B. : See — 

Hovlid, Norman G.. and Breakey. , 

Breakey. Norman J., assignee : See — 
MacKey. Cecil R. 

Breakstone, Seymour, Chicago 111. Valved closure plug 
for Insertion in the neck of a bottle. 2,579,724, Dec. 
25. h 

Breau. Anthony : See — 

Duell. Edith B.. and Breau. 
I.«ftpold. Robert, and Breau. 

Breault. D<'lphis C. Lowell, Mam. Fuel burner. 
2.546.967. Apr. 3. 

Breazeale. Francis B., Hendersonvllle, assignor to Ameri- 
can Enka Corporation, Enka, N. C. Drying rayon. 
2 539 943 Jan 30 

Brechelsen, Henry A.. Baldwin. Kans. Nut cracker with 
reciprocating jaw. 2,577,645. Dec. 4. 

Brechner. Hyman. Tucknhoe. N. Y. Combination mani- 
fold form an<l envelope. 2.558,813, July 3. 
Breckenrldge. Ralph C. : See — 

McCallum. Arachle H.. Breckenrldge. and Case. 
Breden, Calvin R. : ."^f*- — 

Stammer. William C, and Breden. 
Bredesen. Philip N. : See — 

Lord, Kenneth M.. and Bredesen. 
Bredeson. .Alfred I.. Everett. Wash. Apparatus for cut- 
ting and mixing sand. 2.562.766. July 31. 
Bredl. George F. and M. M.. Buffalo, and W. F 
Sloan. N. T. Nonskid and auxiliary traction 
2.544.774. Mar. 13. 
Bredl. Michael M. : See — 

Bredl. George F., M. M., and W. F. 
Bredl. Wenzl P. : See— , 

Bredl. George F.. M. M.. and W. P. I 
Breed, Carroll M.. Ypsilanti, Mich. Valve 

2.578.920. Dec. 18 
Bree<l. Miles W.. Elizabeth. 111. Lamp and 
.'■mO.32.".. Apr. 24. 


license plate 


Breedlove, Harry R., Baton Rouge. Jm.. a.«slgnor of one- 
half to J. H. Weatherford. Memphis. Tenn. Rotary 
pump and motor hydraulic transmission. 2,541,197, 
Feb. 13. 

Breen, Henry D.. Chicago, and A. G. Kuellmar. Blue 
Island, assignors to T'r.ion Asbestos A Rubber Com- 
pany. Chicago, III. Power take-off device, 2,574,372, 
Nov. 6. 



Breen, Stanley. Geneva, assignor to Operadio Manufac- 
turlng Co.. St. Charles. 111. Apparatus triggered by 
recorded sitnals. 12. ."158.609, June 20. 

Breen. Stanley, Geneva, and .M. A. Kerr, Wheaton. 111., 
assignors to Operadio Manufacturing Co. Electrical ap- 

paratus. 2,rir)S,070. June 20 


Inc, Santa 

Breese Burners, Inc., assignee 
Hreene, JaiiieM L. 

Breese, James L., assignor to Breese Burners, Inc., Santa 
Fe, X. Mex. Plame director for use with an open end 
pot type oil burner. 2.538.74.'), Jan. 23. 

Breese, James L.. assignor to Breese Burners, 
Fe. N. Mex. Pilot for vaporizing burners. 
Dt'C. 18 

Breese. John M. : See — 

Weaver, William R.. and Breese. 

Breeze Corporations Inc., assignee : See — 
Balton, Herman. 
Walsh. Ralph E. 

Breeze, George E.. Saugus. assignor to The Palmer Elec- 
tric & Manufacturing Co., Wakefield. Mass. Switch. 
2.553.510. May 15. 

Brehany. John J., and P. M. Ahlstrand. Kenmore. X. T.. 
assignors. Iiy mesne assignments, to Union Carbide and 
Carbon Corporation. Portable liquid container. 
2.50,7.104. Ser)t. 11. 

Brehmer. Tor E. : See — 

Somer. Vaino H., and Brehmer. 

Brel. Daniel L.. Cambridge, assignor to S. J. Piwowarski, 
Saugus, Ma.s8. Boat-handling and launching appa- 
ratus. 2,554,.398, May 22. 

Breier. Marcus, assignor to Marcus Breler Sons, Inc.. Am- 
sterdam, N. Y. Coat collar construction. 2,561,779. 
July 24. 

Breier. Marcus. Sons, Inc., assignee: See — 
Breier. Marcus. 

Brelmer. Sytse, Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National Hank and Trust Company. Hartford. 
Conn., as trustee. Radio transmitter with hum com- 
pensating means. 2.54H.025. Mar. 20. 

Breimer, .<*ytse. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Hart- 
ford. Conn., as trustee. High-frequonov oscillator 
with a back-coupled electron lube. 2.554.087. Ma.v 22. 

Breisch. Edgar W.. Edgewood. Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Rr.ike Company. Portah'e and emergency 
equipment for inductive carrier communication sys- 
tems. 2.574.107. Nov. 0. 

Brel.^ch. John II., I.akowood. assignor to MeasTiring 
Machines. Inc.. Rocky River. Oliio. Apparatus for 
treating the surface of articles. 2.552.707. May 15. 

Breifharfh. Randall H.. Akron, Iowa. Endgate construc- 
tion 2.573.:i95. Ort 30. 

Breifenstein, Charles T.. Chicago, 111., assignor to R. T. 
Moloney. Reversible counter and indicator. 2,551.056, 
May 8. 

Rreitensteln. John S. : Srr — 

Cole. Sandford S., and Breltenstein. 

BreitenRtein. Victor W.. Chicaeo. HI., assignor to 
F. N. Hard. Electrically conductive revolving joint. 
2.545.9.39. Mar. 20. 

BreitenHfein. Victor W.. Chicago, and E. R. Boddinphouse, 
Ev.-inston. 111., assignors to F. N. Bard. Internal-com- 

biisiion rammer. 

501.093. July 17. 

Brelter. Samuel, and M. E. Hultqulst. Bound Brook N J., 
assignors to American Cynnamid Company. New York, 
N. Y. Citric acid salts and their preparation. 
2.537.004. Jan 9. 

Brelfzke. Adri.nn P.. assignor to Northern Engraving & 
Manufacturing Co.. I^ Crosse. Wis. Indicator mecha- 
nism. 2.53^.188. Jan. 16. 

Breivogel. Plillin J.:^^^r — 

Sondern. Clarence W.. and Breivogel. 

Brekke. Peter. Los Angeles. Calif. Toolholder and tool- 
holder block combination. 2,571.530, Oct. 16. 

Brekle. Oliver R.. assiirnor to Precision Crown Companv 
Birmingham Ma. Wire garment hanger forming ma- 
chine. 2,500.400. Sept. 4. 

Brell. Jules J.. Baldwin. N. T. Retaining ring 2 567 543 
Sept. 11. ... 

^'"o'?!^''.'"!!- .^"J'*' Ji- Topeka. Kans. Retractable stairs. 
2..>04.n.>4. Auc. 21. 

Brelsford. Harry W.. Pasadena, Calif. Combined light 

and horn system. 2..'>79.292. Dec. 18. 
Bremer. Kre.leriek J., assiL'iiof to The Mosler Safe Com- 

P''l"Z,-,I^'>l"'"on, Ohio. Fire-resistant doorframe. 

2.5. )2,.)]. I, May 15. 
Bremer, FnKlerick J.. Hamilton. Ohio. Fire-resistant 

door frame. 2. 554. .399, May 22. 
Bremer. Harry F... Milwaukee. Wis. Steam generating 

electric Iron. 2..547.558. Apr. 3. ^^«^ ♦; »■■ 'K 

Bremer. Hermann F. and J. A. Gondolfo. Bronx assign 

ors. bv mesne assignments, to Rainbows. Inc New 

2 559 003"^'f /^o^""'***'*^ drinking cup dispensing device. 
Bremer. Norman C. assitrnor to Morse Chain Co Ithaca 

N. Y. Quick detachable hub. 2.556,151 June 5 
Bremer. Roy H. : .SV#» — 

Myrick. George H.. and Bremer. * 

Bremner. John G. .M., Norton-on-Tees. England assignor 

to Imperial Chemical Industries Limited. Production 

of liquid polymers from dlhvdropyran. 2,.543 685 

Feb. 27. 

Bremner. John G. M.. D. O. Jones, and R. R. Coats, 
Norton-on-Tees. England. easignors to Imp+'rial 
Chemical Industries Limited. Hydrogenatlon of alkyl 
furaos to produce ketones. 2,537.813. Jan. 9. 

Bremner. John (i. M . and S. Beaumont. Norton-on-Tees. 
England, assignors to Imperial Chemical Industries 
Limiteil. Stabilization of pyrophoric metal catalysts 
under fluldized conditions. 2.505.347, Aug. 21 

Bremser. Alt*rt T., Sidney, assignor to Bendix Aviation 
Corporation. New York. N. T, Fuel injection appa- 
ratus. 2.504,830, Aug. 21. 

Brendel. Leon. St. Helena, Calif. Bearing construction. 
2.549.6.59. Apr. 17. 

Brendel. William J.. Ellicott City. Md.. and J. S. Schapiro, 
Los Angelefl. Calif., assignors to Sparkle BevenigeH. Inc., 
Ellicott City, Md. Carbonating apparatus. 2.563.390, 

^ Aug. 7. 

Brendt, Harris L. : See — 

Owen. George E., and Brendt. 

Brenholdt. Irving R.. Chicago. 111., assignor, by mesne 
assienments. to the I'nited States of America as repre- 
sented by the United States Atomic Energy Commis- 
sion. Amplifier. 2..541.198. Feb. 13. 

Brenholdt. Irving R.. assignor to Standard Oil Company. 
Chicago. III. Tli!ft<{nes8 gauge for magnetic material. 
2.572.908. Oct. .30 

Brenkert. Karl. Detroit. Mich., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Compensating mechanism for 
motion-picture machines. 2.576.713. Nov. 27. 

Brenn. Carl W., .Montclair. assignor to Autographic Regis- 
ter Company. Hoboken, N. J. Sheet assembly method. 
2.557.723. June 19. 

Brennan. James D.. Bridgeport. Conn. Combined handle 
and brush wiper for paint cans. 2,572,094. Oct. 23. 

Brennan. Joseph B.. Bratenahi. Ohio. Apparatus tor cast- 
Injr metal strips. 2.540.242. Feb. 0. 

Brenn.-in. Joseph B.. Hrafenahl. Ohio, assignor to Everett 
D. McCurdy. trustee. Electrolytic condenser. 2.547.371. 
Apr. 3. 

Brennan, Joseph B.. Bratenahi. Ohio, assignor to E D. 
McCurdy. as trustee. Accoustic diaphragm with plural 
voice coil supports. 2.551.550. May 1. 

Brennan. Joseph B.. Bratenahi. Ohio, assignor to E. D. 
McCurdy, trustee. Direct-current electrolytic con- 
denser. 2.551.809. May 8. 

Brennan. Joseph B. Bratenahi. Ohio, assiimor to E. D 
McCurdy. as trustee. Electrolytic device. 2.507.841. 
Sept. 11. 

Brennan. Joseph B.. Bratenahi. Ohio. Casting method 
and annaratiis 2.5^9.150. Sept. 25 

Brennan. Joseph B.. Bratenalil Ohio 
metal stencils. 2.573.9.«>1. Nov. 0. 

Brennan. Joset h B.. Bratenahi. Ohio 
McCurdy, trustee Electrode for 
densers. 2.5*8.007. Dee. 18 

Brennan Joseph B Cleveland Ohio, 
ture. 2 5fi9.140 Sent 2^ 

Brennan. Joseph P... Cleve'and Ohio. 

Making sintered 

assignor to E. D. 
electrolytic con- 

Detroit. Mich. 

Bimetallic struc- 
Pump. 2.580.278, "' 
Nail driving device. 

Brennan. Patrick H 
2.53.S 895 Jan 23. 

Brennan. Raymond F.. Attleboro. Mass. Bottle holder 
and font for holy water. 2.537.875. Jan 9 

Brennan. Rob. rt M.. Cleveland. Ohio. Electrolvtlc con- 
denser for use on alternating-current devices 2 579 250 
Dec. 18. • . 

Brennan. William R.. Pho»»nix. Ariz. Tapeline anchor 
2 549 287. Apr. 17. 

P.rennecke. Cornelius G. : Srr — 

G.iUagher. Robert T.. Brennecke, and Ciirrle 

Brenneke. Arthur M.. New Castle, assignor to Perfect 
Circle Corporation. Hagerstown. Ind. Tool for expand- 
ing cylinder linerx. 2.575.93^, Nov. 20. 

Brenneman. Th>ron F. : Spp — j 

Hagerty. .\ndrew T.. and Brenneman. 

Brenneman. Theron F.. Elkhart. Ind.. assignor to The 
Adlake Company. Chicago. 111. Window construction 
2.508.985. S-pt .>5 

Brenner. Abner. Chevy Chase. Md.. assignor to the United 
Stages of America as represented bv the Secretary of 
Commerce. In.s'niment for use In determining the 
stress in an electrodeposlt. 2.508.713. .Sept. 25. 

Brenner, Abner. Chew Chase. Md. P. S. Burkhead Beth- 
lehem. Pa., and G. E. Riddell. Washington. D. "C. as- 
signors to the Cnifed States of America as representiKl 
by the Secretary of War. Securing adhesion of electro- 
plated coatines to a metal base. 2.540.150. Mar. 27. 

Brenner. Bert. Union. N. J., assignor to A. Cohn. Larch- 
mont. N. Y. Variable resistor. 2,537.733. Jan. 9. 

Brennish. Peter P.. Baltimore. Md. Oiling device for pipe 
worklne tools. 2.504.187. Aug. 14. 

Bretit. George D. P.. Danvers. assignor to Svlvnnla Elec- 
tric Products Inc.. Sa'em. Mass. Apparatus for apply- 
inc a primer coatinp to the stems of flash lamns 
2.578.027. Dec. 11. ■ wnpH.. 

Brent, George F., Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to Hanter- 
Douelas Corporation, Riverside, Calif. Ladder tape 
2..577.227. Dec. 4. 

Brenta. Carmella S., assignee: Sec — 
Brenta. Roberto 

Brenta. Roberto, assignor of flftv per cent to J. Schneider 
and tlfty per cent to C. S. Brenta. New York N T 
Radio receiving set. 2,542,793, Feb. 20. . • • 




D. C. Jewelry caie. 

Ureon, Oorce A.. & Company, aasiRnop : Sr«-- 

<;oo<lsoii. Louis H.. MofTptt, Stafford, and Iloehn. 
Moffptt. Robert B. and Hart. 
Brftu, Framf» J.. Washington, 

2..nrt.'».l»;7. Au>:. 21. 
Brealpr. Gforne A. : fc'*"*— ,. 

Waizner Levi F.. and liresler. ^ 

Bre-sllVw UaUd JS.. uwunor to lltrcules I'uwder Company. 
Wilmington. LH-l. l'ol>meri*atk>n ot ro«iu. _.oo4.45 4, 

BrJ1.1ow.^)avld S.. asalKDor to Hercul.s l>ow«ler Company 
Wilmington, DH. I'olymtTUation ot .leli.>-SlrogfUatfd 
roxin ai-iil-s and derivatives. l'.r).'>4.M0. May 'M. 

Brest, Harry C. assignor to R. M. Walcott i o. i;»mon.;i. 
Calif. Itoxpd product- handling e'lUlpment. -'.a48..ti(. 

Bretch. Edward. St. Louis. Mo., assignor to ^>ntury Elec- 
tric Company. Dyuamoelectrlc machine. .^.3Ja.4iu. 

BrJfh' Ferdinand W.. TetroUa, Pa., »g8ignor to L. Sonne- 

born Sons Inc. Recovery of acid values from sullurK 

r- acid sludges. 2.571.107, Oct. IG. 

Bretherton Thomas ()., Villanova. Pa. Apparatus for 

depositing strips of adhesive upon a base material. 

Bretney", tfeorge^" S.'. Covington. Ky. Lid and actuating 
mechanism therefor. 2.552.397, May 8. 

Bret.sch, Michael A., and^ U. K. «-hrist e. »«'' >V>o" »"' 
Chamiilon Spark Plug Company, l«.Mo. Ohio. Sspark 

' plug gup setter. 2.553.169. May 15. , ^ „ , 

Bf^tscher Hans, awienor to J. R. Gelgy A. C. Basel. 
Switzer'lan.l Esterlike anhydride of hydroxynaphtha- 
lene tetrasuifonlc acid. 2,578.967. Dec. 18. 

Bretfell. ileorue A., .1 r. : »« 

IMeree Firth, and IJrettell. „ _^, 

Brettell George A.. Jr., and C. K. Bradley, San Diego. 
Calif assignors to the United States of Amerl> a as rep- 
reseniVd bv the Secretary of the Navy. Electronic de- 
viation Indicator for echo ranging training apparatus. 
2.545.191. Mar. 13. , ^ , „^, 

Breuei hiettrii Manufacturing Company, assignee, aee — 
Breuer. Grant W.. lointer and Lorr. ^ 

Liinter. Clarence W. ^ ,„ , » n »i^.» 

Breuer Grant W.. Northbrook. C. W. I^nter. Bartlett. 
and W R Lorr. Skokle. assignors to Itreuer Electric 
Manufacturing Companv. Chicago, III Brush for floor 
treating machines. 2.."»39.0.'S4, Jan. 23!^ 

Breul Fr-dric W., Bridgeport. Conn., assignor to The 
Singer Manufacturing Company. Elizabeth. N. J. Eeed- 
Ing mechanism for sewing machines. 2..»4H.939. Mar.^ . 

Breiil Fredric W.. Hi i.l^:eport. C^mn.. assignor to 1 he 
Singer Manufjltturing (."ompany. Ell/abeth. N. J );)l''"k- 
gulding attachment for sewjng machliies. 2.54(.o«_. 

Breuniiiger, William R.. Malvern. Pa. Batter board. 
2.5«2.597. July 31. , . „ 

Brevets Aero .Mecanltiues S. A., aaslgnee : See — 
MalUard. Bernard. 

Brewer Aubrey K.. Richland Center. Wis. Process and 
apparatus for tho electro-chemical separation of chemi- 
cals by Ion migration. 2,506.308, Sept. 4. 

Brewer, George E. F., Detroit, assignor to (Jage Pro<luct8 
Company. Ferndale, Mich. Electrically neutral organic 
lliiuid compositions. 2,574.528, Nov. 13. 

Brewer Harry W.. assignor to Rltepolnt Co.. St. Louis. 
.Mo. ' .Vtlvertlslng device for pencils or the like. 
2.574,«>15. Nov. 13. 

Brewer. John H. : See — 

Curtis, Raymond M., Brewer, and Stlckels. 

Brewer. John 11., P.iiltimore. Md., assignor to Hyuson, 
Westcoti & Dunning, Incorporated. Inhibition zone 
reader. 2.577,0«9. lH>c. 4. 

Brewer, John H., Towson, Md.. assignor to Hynson. West- 
cott & Dunning. Incorporated. Filler track. 2,536,259, 

J»if- - ^. ._ . t. 

Brewer, Nathaniel, Newtown, assignor to Fischer & Por- 
ter Company, Hatboro, Pa. Rotameter. 2,557,072, 
June 19. „ , ^. ^ * 

Brewer. Richard D.. assignor to Ford Motor Company. 
IVarborn Mich. Magnetic operated awitoh. 2.570.31 o, 
Oct. 9. 

Brewer-Tltchener Corporation. The. aaaignee : See — 
Johanasen. Udo K. 

Brewer. \ em S.. assignee : See — 
Davltt. Ralph L. 

Brewster. Clara J., aaslgnee : See — 
Brewster. John K. 

Brewster. Gortlon F. : See — 

Kreidl, Norbert J., and Brewster. 

Brewster. John K.. assignor of one-half to C. J. Brewster. 
Detroit. Mich. Stabilizer for semltractors and trailers. 
2.545.339. Mar. 13. _. ,. 

Brewton Lee Melrose Pirk, assignor to Federated Ma- 
chine Pro<luots Inc., Chicago, 111. Traction supply de- 
vice. 2.572.306. Oct. 23. 

Bfeiek. Rudolf. Prague-Smlchov. assignor to Tatra 
narodnl podnlk. Koprlvnice, Czechoslovakia. Air Inlet 
structure for the aeration of the rear engine compart- 
ment In streamlined vehlclea. 2,556.464. Jui>e 12. 

BM'>k. Rudolf, Prague-Smlchov, assignor to Tatra 
narodni podnlk. Koprlvnice, Czechoslovakia. Arrange- 
ment of the air Inlet to the carburetor of air-cooled en- 
gines with the cylinders in V. 2.571,828. Oct. 16. 



Brlan. Wllllani S., New York. N. Y., assignor, 

assignments, to General Electric Company. 

Turing electrodes. 2.577.103. Dec. 4. 
Brlant. Raymond C. : See — 

Welsserf Frederick C. Behrend. and Briant. 
Brice, Jesse F., assignor to Mrice Toy and .Novelty. Inc., 

East Aurora, N. Y. Sounding wheeled toy. 2,546,297, 

Mar. 27. 
Brice, Thomas J : See — 

Simons, Joseph H.. and Brice. 
Brice Toy and Novelty, Inc., aaslgnee : See — 

Brice, Jesse F. 
Ilrlchard, Edgard. Jumet. M. Delacurellerle. Loverval, 

and P. MallchefT. Couill.-t. assignors to I'nion Des Ver- 

rerlea Mecnnl<iues Beiges. S. A., Charlerol. Belgium. 

Ctitter tool control for glass cutting machines. 

2.576 504. Nov. 27. 
Brlvk. Bayard R.. assignor to W. Wurdack. St. Lotila. Mo. 

ro.itlng porous masonry to rentier It water repellent. 

25574.108. Nov. 6. 
Bricker, Carl E.. assignor to Wingfoot Corporation, 
Ohio. Link mounted brake 2,575.57H, Nov. 


Motor Com- 


of New 

of New 

to The 

to The 

Pavement lane 


Brlcker. Mead L.. Detroit, assignor to 

pany. Dearborn. Mich. Core box 

Jan. 9. 
Briektiian. .Man E.. Worcester, 

American Steel and Wire Companj 

Flexible conduit. 2.550.609, .May 
Brlckman. Alan E., Worce.«iter, Mass. 

American Steel and Wire Company 

FlPTlhle conduit. 2 550.670. .Mav 1. 
Brlckman. .Man E., Worcester, Mass. 

murker. 257'.). 407. iVr. 25. 
Brlckman. Elmer A.. Minneapolis. Minn, assiimor to 

Western Electric C>>nipany. Incorporated. New York, N. 

Y. Grommet Inserting mech.inlsm. 2,55f>^,847, July 10. 
BrickmjiM I eo ■ s»f 

Bnker. Bnice E., Brlckman. and Ryan. 
Brlckmaster. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Mandryl. Joseph J. 
Brlckson. Thomas B.. Los Aneeles. Calif., assignor, by 

mesne assignments, to Doughnut Corporation of 

America, New York, N. Y. Doughnut turner. 2.537,204, 

Jan. 9. 
Bricmont, George A. : See — 

McKhann. Charles F.. and Bricmont. 

Bricmont, Oeoree A.. Berea, assignor to DInpette. Inc., 
Bratenahl. Ohio. Diaper device. 2.538.758. Jan. 23. 

Bricmont. Georee A., Beren, asslgnir to DInpette. Inc.. 
Brntennhl. Ohio Ahsorhent pad. 2,548.341. Apr. 10. 
Brlctson. Casper .\.. asslenee : Srr — 
Shoults. Clyde A., and Walker. 

Brldenha\ich. Oulnter C, Glenwood Springs, Colo, Fluid 

motor. 2.567.505. Sept. 11. 
Bridge. Archibald C . Westhrldireford. asstmor to Liixfer 
Limited. London. Enclsnd Gravity die casting of light 
metal frames. 2.."'>50.n37. Apr. 24. 
Brldre. Pnvlij. ft Company Limited, assignee: See — 

Brown. .Io«enh. 
Bridge. Edward W.. Philadelphia. Pa. Vegetable trimming 

machine 2 571.531. Oct 16. 
Brldu'e T. D. Cnnipnnv assignee: See — 

Bridee. Lawrence p 
BrMee. Lawrence D.. asslcnor to L. D. Brldce 
Blairsvllle, Pa. Prismatic dispersion lens. 
Feh 20 
Brldee. Loren V. : See — 

Locke, Jr>nn P., McLean, and Brldsje. 
Perry. Rav P.. Dlrkniann. and Bridge. 
Bridce. William J., assicnor to K. fJ. Dixon & 
Limited. Wemhlev. England. Suction 
2 5.53.034. May 15. 
Brldire Tsblen * N'oveltles. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Chrlstensen. John A. 
Thai. Bernard. 
Bridgeport Brass Company, assignee : See — 
F'Tord. John T. 
HIertx, Arthur J. 
Bridgeport Fabrics. Inc.. aaslgnee : See — 

Spraragen. Louis. 
Brldceport Tool and Die Company. Incorporated, The, 
asslenee : f!ee — 
Georee. Stephen. 
Brlrteer. Flovd R.. Jr.. Jonesboro. Ark. Flexible tractor 

planter attaching assembly. 2.551,870. May 8. 
Bridger. G rover L. : See — 

Skolnlk. Sol. and Bridger. 
Bridees, Donald E.. London. England. Selective circuit 

arrangement. 2.545.507. Mar. 20. 
Brideea. John 11.. F'alrhurn, Ga.. assignor to National 
Inventions Corporation. Transformer. 2,577,733, 
Dec. 11. 
Bridges. John TI.. New York. N. Y.. assignor to National 
Inventions Corporation. Lighting system and appa- 
ratus. 2.549.288. Apr. 17. 
Bridees. John II., Pnterson, N. J., assignor, by mesne 
asslcnments, to National Inventions Corporation. 
Transformer. 2.546.908. Apr. 3. 
Bridges. John II.. Paterson. N. J., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to National Inventions Corporation. 
Transformer. 2.575.093, Nov. 13. 




95 Percy W., ('aiiibrldpp. Mnss. Method and ap- 
|i.iratii8 for ctild drawing. L',r>r)8.0,"ir>, June l.*<5 

BrldKman. Percy W.. Cambridge, Mass.. R. R. Rldgrway. 
Niagara Falls. N. Y., and E. van der Pyl. Holden, 
assignors to Norton Company, Worcester, Mass. High- 
pressure apparatus. 2.544,414, Mar. 6. 

Bndw.'ll. William II., Tulsa, Okhi. Wire clothespin. 
2,569..').'52. Oct. 2. 

Brie, Heiiinald \. C. Twickenham. Knffland. Rotary wing 
aircraft. 2.r)T«>.fl47, I»ec. 2"). 

Brled. E<lward A.. Newport, assignor to Hercules Powder 
Company. Wilmington. Del. Stainless steel pickling 
bath solution. 2.564.749. Aug. 21. 

Bried. J. A assignee : See — 

Tutl. Andrew J., and Prlncevalle. 

Brlend. Paul. Alx-en-Provence, France, assignor to Soclote 
Anonyme Societe .N'ation.ile de Constructions Acronau- 
tlHues dn Sud-Est. Device for coTrrrmTTng the tmilinc 
edge camber flap of the wing of an aircraft. 2.503,4o:> 
Aug, 7. 

Brier<IifTe. Aylmer V.. Dugald. Manitoba. Canada. Bee 
feeder. 2.r)ti7.871. .Sept. 1 1. 

Brierley. Sam. IhKlderstteld. ansignor to Asplnall Bros 
( Muddersneld). Limited. SI<1ptoii, England. Doubl. - 
ply leno fabric. 2,5.^9,341, July 3. 

Brierly, Ralph C. : See— 

P.onvlllian. Claude A., Brierly, and Letvln. 

Briorly. Ralph C.. Narberth. Pa. Fuel and air diffuser 
I'lirner. 2..')5!),5S0, July 10. 

Briese. Lester E.. Galveston. Tex., assignor to Todd Rhlp- 
y.-irds Corporation. New York. N. Y. Scaling machine 
for cleaning the sides of a ship. 2,543,348 Feb 27 

Briese. J.ester E.. Calveston, Tex., assignor to Todd Shlp- 
.vard.s <"orporatlon, New York. N. Y. Deck scaler. 
z.55.'{.435. May 15. 

Briganti, Anthony IL. Dorneyvllle. and C. E. Bnchwald. 
Hethlehem. Pa., assignors to Western Kbctric Com- 
pany. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. ^:iimlnating con- 
tamination In vacuum tubes. 2,560,273, July 10. 

BrIgL's. Allan L.. assignor to Jamestown Metal E(|uipment 
Company, Inc., Jamestown, N. Y. Suspension for cabi- 
net Ironers. 2.543.485. Feb. 27. 

Briggs. Allan L.. assignor to Blacksfone ("orporati«m. 
Jamestown, N. Y. Wafer Inlet structure for washing 
machines. 2.552.398. May 8. 

Briggs. Allan L, .lami'stown. and G. A. Oberg. Celoron 
assignors to Jamestown .Metal Equipment Company 
Inc.. Jamestown, N. Y. Wringer. 2.548,708 Apr li) 

Brings, Artluir S. .and J. Haworth, Blackley. .Manchester 
Lnglaiid, assignors to Imperial Chemical Indiistrie.s 
Limited Ktibber antioxidrints. 2.559,932 July 10 

Brig;:s Filtration Company, The, assignee: See — 
I'.auer. Walter C. 
Hriggs. Soiitliwiik W.. and Ewbnnk. 

Briggs. George. London. England. Servo-mechanigm and 
control means therefor. 2,545,223, Mar. 13 

Bri;:us, George, assignor to H. V. C. Elwtronics Develop- 
ments Limited, London, England. Electronic amplifier 
for three-phase current Impulses. 2.546.628. Mar. 27. 

"''w^v'. *''*o'"r'v^i rn«"'V"",- ';i"Kla"d- High-freMuency hair 

MriL'gs, George c.. F>ie. Pa. Seat frame member for fle\- 

.^ idle se.ifed chairs. 2,547,559, Apr Pi 

Briggs, I^slle A.. Appleton. Minn. Truck tire mounMng 

o'l'L 4lT'V'"^''JL^ attachment for hydraulic lifts. 
-',.i38.7.)9, Jan. 23. 

Miiggs. Lyle E . Minneapolis. Minn. Music holder for 

L'liitarH 2..'40.{>2H. Feb. <). 

Briggs Manufacturing Company, assignee • See 

Doty, Clifford B. 

Doty. Clifford H.. and Vigmostad 

Lumlberg. Everett E., and Vigmostad 

Lvljynen. Fred. 

Vigmostad, Trygve, 

Zummach, Karl G. 
Briggs Robert E.. Los Angeles. Calif. Electrolvtic water 
treating cell. 2.546.254. Mar 27 

^^'•I'r.AH^HT^Vr^O^'' ^•*'*''"^*^''- •'^'^- J^"**"- <-artrldge. 

Briggs.Sout'hwlckW Washington. D. C. Support for 

filter element. 2.572.981, Oct. 30. 
Briggs. Southwick W. Washington D C and W J 
Ewbank ; said assignor to The Briggs Flltra- 
2.575.90.5."i?ov.''20. ^"''^''^''' **^- By-P««« "Iter. 
Briggs. Stanley AL : See — 

Driscoll Fr.MlerIck T.. Smith, and Briggs 
Briggs Stanley M.. Pacific Palisades. F. T Driscoll Ingle- 
wood an<l C. D. Smith. Santa Monica, Calif' Ball 
pa-nting machine. 2.509.705, Oct. 2 '-"'"• "•"' 

Briggs & Stratton Corporation, assignee • See 

.Armstronir. Werner E. 
JacobI, Edward N. 
Mack. Perrv E. 
Stuckert. Felix J. 
^'"te T''""'"" "■• l^r.- ^'"'■rl8town. assignor to Suporlor 
Tube Company Philadelphia. Pa. Thermionic cathod" 
construction. 2.551.871. May 8 

^'"S.T226" Fp"b 27 ^''*''"^°- "•• '^«*''^1« f^D'^Pr Ught. 

^ o'ii'*ri;jifr,7 T • B«»f«''-«fleld. assignor to Western Gulf 

Siie^''2.S"68.^-4i:Wt°ir- '"''''■ ««^r'-«b'e bridge 

Md. Pipe coupling. 

Urlght. Bernard K. : See — 

Quinn. Martin F., and Bright. 

Bright, Joseph C. Aberdeen 
2,555,809. June 5. 

Bright. Joseph L.. La Mesa, assignor to Consolidated Vul- 
tee Aircraft Corporatiou. San Diego, Calif. Locking de- 
vice for control surface^ on airplanes. 2,501,558. July 

Bright. Maxel L.. Berkeley, assignor to Moore Business 
Forms, Inc.. Emeryville. Calif. Autographic register 
2,577,447. Dec. 4. 

Bright. Raymond G., El Paso. Tex. Automaticallv con- 
trolled water heater for coffee urns. 2.559,931. July 10 

Bright. RInehart S.. IVtroit. assignor to Chrvsler Cor- 
poration, Highland Park. Mich. Seal. '2.5M,133, 
June 5. 

Bright. Stanle.v. Jr.: See — 

Troth, John S., and Bright. 

Bright. Thonms J. R.. Allesley. near Coventry England 
Weatherstrip. 2,5.55.780. June 5. 

Bright, Thomas J. R., MIULson W ood. near Allesley. Coven- 
try. England. Weather strip. 2..554.452 May 22 

Brightly. Frederick t,'., Jr.. Oak Park, 111." Metal coat- 
ing apparatus. 2,536,720. Jan. 2. 

Brighton. Cyril A.. Watford, and J. J. P. Staudlnger. 
Ewell, England, assignors to The Distillers Company 
Lmiited, Edinhiirg, Scotland. Polvmerizlng vinylidene 
compounds. 2,543.094. Feb. 27. ' . 

Biiglia. Anton, assignor to .M. Dolgov. doing business 
under the firm name of United Pipe Nipple Companv 

., r if). .Vl^- ,■ }• Automatic pipe-cutting machine. 
-.••jSti, J i 9. Dec. 2.>. 

Brill Edward F.. and O. \V. Schroeder. Mllwauk«'«> Wis 

iJefrost*^. 2.571,192. Oct 16 
^'i}h Edward F.. and O. W. Schroeder, Milwaukee, 
,, -^.^^V, Refrigerated display case. 2,574,242, Nov. 6. 
Rrill. Ruby L., New York, N. Y. Hat holder. 2,577,600. 

Dec. 4. • . . 

Brillhart, Adlal S., assignee : See — 
Burton, Mark. 

Brillhart, Samuel E.. Luthervllle. Md.. assignor to West- 
ern Electric Company, Incorporated. New York N Y 
Reel cover. 2,5.39.890, Jan. 30. . • • 

Brillhart. Samuel E.. Luthervllle. Md.^ asslenor to Western 
Electric Company. Incorporated. New York N Y Po- 
2 MO 629 Mar^T*^ *^'^ ^'*^ respect to a core tube. 

Rrilili.irt. Samuel E.. Luthervllle. Md.. assignor to 
Western Electric Company. Incorj)orated New York 
2 579 468'^E)ec'"'25* ^'"" "'**''°^ coaxial cable units." 

nrii'i.iii.' Eugene O.. Kenmore. and C. N. Smith. Snyder 
/•■ i?'; a8'*iP"0'"s, by mesne a.ssignments. to I nlon 
( arbide and Carbon Corporation. Production of basic 
o'-o'"U _'" uranyl sulfate and uranium oxide 
2.;>.30,,347. Jan. 2. 

Brimm. H. S.. assignee : See — 
Talbot. David B. 

Brindle Percival. Kirkby Stephen. England. Machine for 
molding concrete blocks. 2.546.883. Mar 27 

Brinen Howard F.. and K. J. Kothera assignors to Young 

2 542 305 Fe'b^"o^' ^**^'°*' '^^''■- ^"^^ beading tool 
Briney, Damond' E.." Natalia. Tex. Fishing rod with re- 

Kilient pivotal butt end. 2..559.933. July 10 
Briney, Damond E.. Natalia. Tex. Fishing rod with Inte- 
gral resilient means. 2.559.934, July 10 

"■"0"-'^^ fil'i'\ V • o^'"'""*''^' '^^'^^- ^^S biishlng retainer. 
.i..>r)f<.f<i4. Julv 3. 

Briney. Ottis R.. Jr.. Pontiac. Mich 

ture. 2.558.815, Julv 3 
Briney. R-obert -M.. Douglaston. N. Y. 

Carbide and Carbon Corporation' 

chromium steels. 2,542.177. Feb 20 
Brink. Carl B. : See— 

Stoner. Arthur M.. and Brink. 
Brink. Harvey W.. San Diego. Calif. 

2..'-.57.073. Juneig. 
Brink. Mary E.. Grand Island Nebr. 

Mar. 20. 
Brink. Norman G.. Princeton, and K. Folkers. Pla Infield 

.assignors to Merck A Co.. Inc.. Rahwav. N J Prernr- 

Brink. Robert M.. Pelham. assignor 
Research Trust. New York. N Y 
2.503.814, Aug. 14. . • • 

Brink Robert M.. Pelham, assignor 

^.-«rsearch Trust. New York. N Y 

/ tary material. 2,572,837. Oct. 30. 

Brink. Winfield S.. assignor to The F^lrestone Tire 8c Rubber 

( ompany, Akron, Ohio. Truck rim design. 2,537,624. 

Brinker. Emil M. : See — ' 

Jack, William R., and Brinker. 
Jack. William R.. CahilL .nnd Brinker 
Rrinker. Howard C. South St. Paul, assignor 
sota Mining & M.TnufacturIng Companv 
^,UU!1..„. Plasticlzed polyvinyl acetate' 
-.•> 1 1. 1 34 Dec 1 1 

^'^\nZJrC^'!lJ^- "?''!«^"'- t^ The Globe-Wernlcke Co 
Norwood. Ohio. Making plastic desk tops 2 .",6 060 
June o. , • . yj. 

Boring tool struc- 

assignor to Union 
Manufacture of 

Micrometer anvil. 
Diaper. 2.545,761. 

to IVering Mllllken 
Variation detection. 

to Deering Mllllken 
Monitor for filamen- 

to Minne- 
Sf. Paul, 



Brlnkhurst. William A.. Vancouver. British Colombtn 
Canada. Srr«-w feed. 2..'S5«.572. June 12 

Brlnkley. (Jlenn A.. Youngstown, Ohio. Knife sharpener. 
2,542,472. Feb. 20. „ , ^ 

Brinkley, (Jienn A.. Youngstown. Ohio. Knife Bharpener. 
2.559.273, Juiv 3. ^ . „ ..,.,. 

Brlnlcley Jacic ft.. Elk Grove. Calif. Harvetter for ladino 
clover seed. 2,565.800, Aug. 28. . . ^ 

Brlnlcley. Jamea R.. Elk Grove. Calif. Multiple-pivoted- 
law pipe wrench with interchangeable object-embracing 
bushings. 2..")50.9«3, May 1. 

Brinkley John R., London, England. Radio communica- 
tion system. 2,545,511. Mar. 20. 

Brlnkman. Earl W.. Gates, assignor to Davenport Machine 
Tool Co, Inc.. Rochester, N. Y. Indexing mechanism 
for machine tools. 2.572.909. Oct. 30. j 

Brinnlck. Frederic E. See— 

Frost, Frederick H., and Brinnlck. 

Brlnsfleld. Alfred G. : Set — „ . ^ ,, 
Pistoles, Lambert R., and Brlnsfleld. 

Brlnson, Merrill. Muneie, assignor to Climax Machinery 
Company. Indianapolla. Ind. Rotary hoe wheel. 
2.551,313. May 1. „ . t . ., » 

Brlnson. Thomas F., assignor to Scrlpto. Inc., Atlanta, 
Ga Fountain pen. 2.557.409, June !«■ „ . _ , 

Brlnton Cecil C. assignor of one-half to Brlntona Lim- 
ited. Worcester, England. Orlpper mechanism for 
Axmlnlster-carpet and other tufted-fabric looms. 
2.539.180. Jan. 23. „ „ .. 

Brlnton, U lllard C. New York. N. Y. Parking tystem. 
2.5.">8.927, July 3. 

BrlntoQs Limited, assignee: Bee — 

Brlnton. Cecil C. ,,, ,, _ „.,,^,, 

Briou. lunjamin W., assignor to MlnneapoMs-Honeywell 
Regulator Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Control 
apparatus. 2,548.939. Apr. 1T\ , - » ., k-»k««-. 

Briscoe, Carl I.. San Antonio. Tex. Inflatable bathing 
suit. 2.571.532^ Oct. 16. , ^ ^ 

Briscoe. Earnest \l.. assignor, by mesne asslffninents to 
Kiiscoe -Manufacturing iompany. ^ '-">u"'"U"_„i^'*.i?- 
Acid-resistant electrical Immersion beater. 2.600.9^1, 

Briscoe Earnest H.. Columbus. O. A. Stone. Gahanna, 
and L. C. Tarlton, Reynoldsburg, assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to Briscoe Manufacturing Company. Co- 
lumbus. Ohio. Electrical heating Jacket for laboratory 
apparatus. 2,572,095. Oct. 23. 
Brlsioe. Eric M. : tife — j „ ^- - 

Whitney. Willis B.. Briscoe, and Hudson. 
Briscoe. James M. : See — 

Grefn. David F . Mallet, and Briscoe. 
Briscoe Manufacturing Company, assignee: Bee — 
Briscoe, Earnest H. . .„ ,^ 

Briscoe, Earnest II.. Stone, and Tarlton. 
Briscoe. William F. R., and R. B. Plummer, Detroit, Mich., 
asslunors to United States Rubber Company. New York. 
N. Y. Treating tires. 2.54«,085. Mar. 20. 
Briscoe. William F. R.. and V. H. Berry. Detroit. Mich 
assignors to United States Rubber Company. New York. 
N Y Llouid cooled-radlant heat treatment of tire 
treads. 2.5«5.0«3. Aug. 21. 
Briscomb. David W. : fiee — 

Marks. Leonard V.. and Briscomb. 
Briskin Jack. aHsignor to Revere Camera Company. Chi- 
cago," 111. P'llm driving mechanism for optical compen- 
sating motion-picture apparatus. 2,554.892, May 29. 
Briskin Jack, and C. Peto, assignors to Revere Camera 
Company. Chicago, III. Film stabilizer for sound mo- 
tion picture projectors. 2,568.539. Sept. 18. 
Briskin Theodore S.. assignor to Excel Auto Radiator 
Company Chicago. lU. Portable power saw. 2.543.486. 
Feb. 27. 
Briskman. Samuel, assignee : 8e» — 
De Angeiis. Arthur J., and See. 
See, Francis W. 

Sherr, Sava I. .^ . „ 

Bristol Aeroplane Company Limited. The. assignee : Bee — 
l>'.\.s8is-Von8eca, Evelyn C. M. 
Fortescue, Peter. 

Marchant, Francis C. I., and Morgan. 
Markhain. Basil G., and Kenney. 
Owner. Frank M. and Marchant. 
Bristol. Carlton W.. Naugatuck. assignor to The Bristol 
Company. Waterbury. Conn. Electric temperature con- 
trol apparatus. 2.560,788. July 17. 
Bristol Company. The. assignee: Bee — 
Itl.'ikeslee. t'llnton A. 
Bristol. Carlton W. 
Faust. Frederick A. 
Hicks, James R. 
Peckham. Joseph W. 
Russell. John L. 
Stewart, Jam^s N. 
Wetherbee, Charles F. 
Bristol. Cyrus J.. Des Moines, Iowa, assignor to The 
Wayne Pump Company, Fort Wayne, Ind. Safety 
device for hoists or lifts. 2,550.764, May 1. 
Bristol Laboratories Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Buckwalter. Frank H. 
Cheney. Lee C. 
Cooper, Douglas E. 
Friden, John H. 

PATENTS, 1951 

Bristol Laboratories Inc.. assignee: Seo — Continued. 
Granatek. Alphonse P. , 

KapLin. Murray A. I 

Mattocks. Albert M. 
Bristol. Margant. .New York, N. Y. Tally device. 

2.5.55,781. June 5. 
Bristol Myers Company, assignee: Bee — 

Dieter. Julian A. 
Bristol, Raymond M.. assignor to A. Shemet. New Y'ork, 

N. Y. Resilient sprine device. 2.560.691. Sept. 4. 
Bristol Steel A Iron Works. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Ferguson, Rot>ert O. 
Bristow, Fred C. : i»Vr — 

Hutchinson. Leonard. Bristow, and Binks. 
Bristow. Guy : Bee — 

Halford. Frank B., and Bristow. 
Bristow, Paul W., assignor to Scott k Williams^ Incor- 
porated. Laconla, N. II. Knitting machine. 2,o55.870, 
June 5. 
Bristow. Paul W.. assignor to Scott A Williams Incor- 
porated, Laconla, N. H. Knitting machine. 2,569,706, 
Ot t. 2. 
British Aluminum Company Limited, The, assignee : See — 

Coates, Arnold C. and Saunders. 
British Artificial Resin Company. Limited, assignee: 
See — 

Shrlmpton. William J. 
British Cast Iron Research Association, assignee: See — 

Morrogh, Henton. 
British Celanese Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Sowfer. I'ercy F. C, an<l Hill. 
British Electrical and Allied Industries Research Asso- 
ciation, The, assignee : Bee — 

Whitney. Willis B.. Briscoe, and Hudson. 
British Heat Resisting Glass Company, Limited, The, 
assignee : 8ee> — 
Hrown, Arthur S. 
British Industrial Solvents Limited, assignee: Bee — 

Pemb^Tton, fcklgar .*<. . , , . 

British Insulated Callender's Cables Limited, assignee: 
See — 

Richardson, Arthur B. F. O.. Twnnicllff. and Fisher. 
Taylor, Jack, Osborne, and Tunnlcllff. 
British .Mechanical I'roductlons Limited, assignee : See — 

I>eakin. Stanley T. 
British Oxygen Comj>any Limited, The, assignee : See — 
Roberts. Neville W. 
Scluiftan. Paul M. 
British Resin Products Limited, assignee : See — 
EJeutsch Franz S.. and Weldon. 
Evans. Edward M.. and Hookway. 
British Scherlng Research Laboratories Limited, assign- 
ee : Scf— 

Davips. John S TI., and Hook. 
British Telecommunications Research Limited, assignee : 
Bell. David A. 

Bellairs. Guy F.. and Ireland. 
British Tube .Mills (.\ustralia) Proprietary Limited, as- 
signee : See- — • 

Holmes, I^slle. Burnard. and Hlggs. 
British Vibralux Limited. The. assignee: Bee — 

Aldrich. William S. and E. C. 
Brltt. Bryant L., Maplewood assignor to Wagner Electric 
Corporation. St. I.ouis, Mo. Portable dynamometer 
brake. 2.503.153, Aug. 7. 
Brltt. Mangum T , Clinton, N. C. Tobacco curing appa- 
ratus. 2.540.929. Feb. 6. 
Britten, Edwin F., Jr., Short Hills, assignor to Monroe 
Calculating Machine Coin;)any. Orange. N. J. Multi- 
plier magiizlne. 2.538.896. Jan. 23. 
Britten. Edwin F. Jr.. Short Hills, assignor to Monroe 
Calculating Machine Company, Orange. N. J. Function 
control mechanism. 2,546.884. Mar. 27. 
Brltton. Charles S.. New York. N. Y. Detachable spout 
having means to form dispensing openings in contain- 
ers. 2,.50 1,903. July 24. 
Brltton, Dempsey C. Cold Spring. Ky. Combination 
housing and boat carrying trailer. 2,543,349, Feb. 27. 
Brltton, Edgar C. : See — 

Kauer, Kenneth C,, and Brltton. 
Livak, John E.. and Britton. 
Brltton, Edgar C, and J. C. Vander Weele, Midland. Mich., 
and J. E. Livak, Union. S. C. a.sslgnors to The Dow 
Chemical Company. Midland. Mich. Halogenated de- 
rivatives of aliphatic acids and making same. 2.557.779, 
June 19. 
Brltton. Edgar C, Y. J. Dlckert, and H. C. White, as- 
signors to The Dow Chemical Company. Midland. .Mich. 
5-(2-tetrahydrofuryl)hydantoln and production there- 
- from of 5-(4-hydroxybutyl)hydantoln. 2.557.904, 

June 19. X 
Brltton. Edgar C, and W. J. \a> Fevre. assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company. Midland. Mich. Thermostable 
polymeric vlHylldene cnlorlde composition. 2,558,728. 
July 3. 
Brltton. Edgar C. and L. E. Begin, assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company. Midland. Mich. Esters of 
2,4.5-trichlorophenoxyacetic add. 2.562.855, July 31. 

Brltton. Edgar C. and H. R. Slagh. aslgnors to The Dow 
Chemical Company. Midland. Mich. Aryl esters of 
4-clorobenzene sulfonic acid. 2.567,008, Sept. 4. 





Quaternary pyridiiiiiiiii 
Soap holder. 1».j«8,714, 
assignor to Thompson 

lirittiMi. VaUht ('.. and H R. Slagh. aRsijinorH to The Dow 
Chemii-al Company. Midland. Mich. 4 methoxyphiMiyl 
ester of 4-c-hlorobenzene sulfonic acid. :i.5U7.839. Sept. 


Ilrifton. Edgar C. and II. C. White, assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company. Midland. .Mich. rn^paring 
heat-liardenable <ir>ranopolvsiloxane resins. 2. o. 1,0^3, 
Oct. HJ. 

Hrittoii, Edgar C. and J. I>. Head, assignors to Tlie Dow 
Chfmical Conipanv. Midland. .Mlih. rrnduction of 
3 fluorosalicylaldehyd*'. J..'>7t;.<>t;4. Nov. !•(». 

Hrittou, Edgar C. and J. D. Ht-ad. assignors to Thi- Dow 
Chemical Companv, Midland. Mich. I'reparation of 
Mrtuorosalicvlaldehyde. 2.r»7fi.()»)5, Nov. 110. 
Hrltton. Edgar C. Midland. Ml( h.. and J N IIans«'n, 
Albert I-ea, Minn., assignors to Tlie Dow Cli.'mical 
Company, Midland. Mich, 
halides. i;..")78.fl«8. Dec. 18. 

Hritton. Howard L.. York. Pa. 
Sept. 2.".. 

Hritton, Karl B.. Rratenahl. 

rroducts. Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Manual control for 
automatic valve.s. 2.r)r»0.900. May 1. 

I'.ritton. Karl IV. Hrat«'nahl. Ohio, assignor to Thompson 
rrod\i(ts, In<'. Fluid control system. 2,566,873. Sept. 4. 

Hritton, Svlvester C., and R. M. Schlrmer. Bartlesvllle. 
Okla., assignors to Phillips Petroleum Company. Coat- 
ing of pnlsr-Jet valve elements. 2,563. 30r>. Aug. 7. 

Hmo Arms Factory. National Corporation, assignee: 
See — 

Heyrovsk.f. Jaroslav. 

Itroadahl, Trygve. Storjordet. Tlonefoss. Norway. Stove 
for stt-am bathrooms. 2.565.676. Aug. 28. 

llroadhent, Frank, assignor to Thomas HntadJx'nt & Sons. 
Limiteil. Iluddersfield. England. Ilydroextraclor. 
2,54H.515. Apr. 10. 

Mroadbi-nt. John H.. Wlllistown Township, Chester Coun- 
tv, assignor to The I'nion Switch and Signal Company. 
S'wlssvale. P;i. Control of electric locks for railway 
track switch operating levers. 2.567.050, Sept. 4. 

Hroadbent-.Tohnston. Inc.. asslgncp : ffve-- 
I/ewls. Ilf)ward I?., .-ind I^arsoii. 

IJroadbent. TImmas & Sons, Limited, assignee: See — 
Hroadlx'nt. Frank. 

Itroadston, James A., Los Angeles. Calif., assignor to 
North American .\vlatl^>n. Inc. Itore sighting appara- 
tus. 2.548.700, Apr. 10. 

Ilroiidwi'U. Herbert S., Collingswood. and R. II. Peter- 
son, f'amdeii. N. J., assignors to Ra<llo Corporation of 
.\merica. Voltage measuring device utilizing pulse time 
mo(iulatlon. 2.565.830. Aug. 28. 

Broberg. Walter O. W. : See — 

Vlgren, Sten D., Broberg, and Thielers. 

Broce, Leon E., Arcadia, assignor to Hurum E. Reeve 
Tompany, Los Angeles, Calif. Display case. 2.545,255, 
Mar. 13. 

Broch, Frederick J.. Cambridge, Mass. Electrical snap 
switch. 2.540.421. Feb. 6. 

r.rock. <"harles K.. assignor of 25 per cent to 8.T. Dolgin. 
•> Fairbury, 111. V-shaped expansible harrow. 2,559.002. 
July 3 

Brock. Harold L. : See — 

Roeder, Dale, and Brock. 

I'.rock. Henry Y.. Jr., assignor to The Baltimore Sah-sbook 
Conipany, Baltimore, Md. Sales blank. 2,546.584 
Mar. 27. 

Brock, Lynmar, Philadelphia. Pa. Electric oven. 
2,5.'S2.143. May 8. 

Brock. IMiiladelphia, Pa. Oven door construc- 
tion. 2.570.517. Oct. 9. 

Brock. Margaret M,. .Middle Yillage. N. Y. Garment 
li.inger. 2.547,436. Apr. 3. 

Brock. Mvroii !{., College Park 
2,573,687, Nov. 6. 

Brock, Phineas A., Windsor, N. C. 
tubes. 2,542,987. Feb. 27. 

Brockhouse. J., & Company, Limited, 
Dear. Alexander T. C. 
Trevena, Arthur. 

Brocklehurst-Whiston Amalgamated 

St r 

Swindells. Edwin. 
Brockman. Emory W.. Hartsville. and W, 

assignors, b.v mesne assignments. 

Finance Corporation, Philadelphia, 

ma<hine. 2,565.348, Aug. 21. 
Brockman. Frank G.. Dobbs Ferry, assignor 

Laboratories. Inc. Irvington on-Hudson, N. 

flash lamp. 2.56<t.924, July 17. 
Brockman. Frank G.. I>obbs Ferry, assignor to Philips 

I.,;iboratories. Inc., Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. Fre- 

•inency measuring device. 2.576,900, Nov. 27. 

Brockman. Frank G., Dobbs Ferry. N. Y.. and O. Centofantl. 
Paulsboro. N. J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum Oil Com- 
panv. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. I'article form 
.solid level indicator. 2.541.743. Feb. 13. 

Brockway. Charles E., Akron. Ohio, assignor to The B. F. 
Goodrich Companv. New York. N. Y. Preparation of 
succinonltrlle. 2.547,686. Apr. 3. 

Brockway Company. The. assignee : See — 
Richardson. James C. 

02.'^44.";— P 7 


, Md. Sprinkler. 
Cap for collapsible 

assignee : See — 
Limited, assignee : 


L. Parsons. Sr.. 


Pa. Exercising 

to Phillips 
Y. Photo 

assignee : 

The. assignee 

Calif. Plate push 

See — 

Brockway Glass Co., Inc., 
Poole, James P. 

Brockway Motor Company, Inc. 
t'ross. I^ester L. 

Brockwav. Wilhelm W., Ix)g Angeles, 
button. 2,546,086. Mar. 20. 

Brockway, \\ ilhelm W.. Los Angeles. Calif. Impulse re- 
!.iy. 2.547.99S. Apr. 10. 

Brockwav. Wilhelm W.. Los Angeles. Calif. K«'liiy mount- 
ing. 2.547.999. Apr. 10. 

Brodal, Erling. and H. Guldav, assignors to Aktieselskai>et 
Norsk Aluminium tVtmpany. Oslo, Norway. Manufac- 
ture of alkali metal aluminum fluoride. 2,547,901, 
Apr. 3. 

Brodal. Erling. ^nd H. iJuldhav. Iloyanget. assignors to 
.\ktieselskapet Norsk Aluminum Company. Lokkeveien, 
Norway .Manufacture of sodium aluminum fluoride. 
2.567.544. Sept. 111. 

Brodbeck, Aimer II., assignor to American Stove Company, 
St. Louis. .Mo. Range. 2,557,496. June 19. 

Brodbeck, John E., and L. J. Kading, Compton, Calif. 
Sprinkler. 2.573.786, Nov. 6. 

Bro«le. (Jeorge E.. Newark, N. J., assignor to Federal Tele- 
phone and Radio Corporation, New York. N. Y. Time- 
delay relay circuits. 2.566.309. Sept. 4. 

Brode. Wallace R.. and U. J. Morris, assignors to Ohio 
State Fniversitv Research Foundation, Columbus, 
Ohio. Light filter. 2.579,543, Dec. 25. 

Broden, Edwin N.": See — 

Armitage, FYank L., and Broden. 

Broden. .lolin G. M.. assignor to Kockums 
Verkstads Aktiebolog, Malmo, Sweden. 
2.579,784. Dec. 25. 

Broderick, Ellen, executrix : See — 
Broderick, Frederick C. 

BrfKlerick. Frank A., Houston, Tex. Tussle 


4,086. Nov. 6. 



111. : E. Brod- 
11 eating sys- 

III. : E. Brofl- 
Heating sys- 

Steering gear. 2^42,388, 
N. C. Liquid manure 

and a 

Co.. Inc.. 

Milling Co., Inc., 
and a container 

Broderick, Frederick C, deceased, Glencoe, 
erick, executrix of said F. C. Broderick. 
tem. 2,557.368. June 19. 

Broderick. Frederick C., deceased. Glencoe, 
erick, executrix of said F. C. Broderick. 
stem. 2,557,369, June 19. 

Broderick. John J., assignor to American Bosch Corpora- 
tion. Springfield. Mass. Combined ignition timer and 
fuel injection unit. 2.542.389. Feb. 20. 

Broderick. William V\, Vancouver. British Columbia, Can- 
ada. Lawn edger. 2,5»>4.14S, Aug. 14. 

Broderson. Neil ()., assignor to Rochester Button Com- 
panv, Rochester, N. Y. Molding plastic articles. 
2.571.193. Oct. 16. 

Brodhead. John R.. Piano, Tex. 
Vch. 20. 

Brodie. James H.. Henderson, 
spreader. 2.573.179, Oct. 30. 

Br(»die. R.tlph N.. Company, as.slgnee : See — . 
Berck, William F. 

Brodin, Erie C . Jenkintown, assignor to SKF Indus- 
tries. Inc.. Philadelphia, Pa. Tool feeding device. 
2.553.699. May 22. 

Brody, David, assignor to Van Brode 
Clinton, Mass. Moth-repellent cake 
therefor. 2,547,687. Apr. 3. 

Brody. David, assignor to^Van Brode 
Clinton, Mass. Moth-repellent cake 
therefor. 2,.547,688, Apr. 3. 

BrcKlv. Martin H. : See — 

Brodv. Ralph M. and M. H. 

Brody. Ralph M. and M. IL, 
clejiner. 2.557,410. June r9. 

Brodv, Ruble, New York. N. Y. 
Fel). 27. 

Brody. Samuel C. Cambridge, 
2..544,217. Mar. 6. 

Brodzinsky, Jacob. I'.ufTalo. N. Y. Cup-shaixd valve clo- 
sure for combustion chambers. 2.547.560, Apr. 3. 

Broeker, Edward E.. North Tonnwanda, N. Y. Sclssor-type 
bumper jack. 2..546,425, Mar. 27. 

Broekhuizen. Dina A., executrix: See — 
Lubberhuizen, Jan W. 

Broekhuysen. William C, Garden City. N. Y 
American Machine and Foundrv Company, 
setting machine. 2.559,274, July 3. 
Brogden. Jack : See — 

Edwardh. Ross, and Brogden. 
Brogdex Company, assignee : Sre — ■ 

lluntoon. Maurice, and Johnston. 
Brogren. Axel V.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to Par- 
s<ms Cf>rporation. Detroit. Mich. Apparatus for tube 
bending. 2.565,717. Aug. 28. 
Brogren. Erik R. : Sep — 

Parsons. John T.. and Brogren. 

BroTda. Victor, assignor of one-third to Organisation et 
Socurite du Travail, Paris, France. Relay system with 
pressure-responsive electric operated foliow-up means. 
2.541,199, Feb. 13. 

Brokaw, Charles A., Dallas, and W. G. Jame«. Houston. 
Tex., assignors to Eastman Oil Well Survey Company, 
Denver, Colo. .Apparatus for orienting toola In well 
bores. 2.544.979, Mar. 13. 

Brokaw. Ralph M.. and D. A. Getz. Toledo. Ohio. Indi- 
cator. 2,537.508, Jan. 9. 

Dorchester. Mass 
Thumb guard. 2. 

Maas. Blowtorch. 



. assignor to 
Bowling pin 


iNi>Kx OF patp:nts. ia->i 

X. Y . anfl L. I. Frp^dmnn. 

to Kefves In8trum«»nt Cor- 

Functlonal potentiometer. 

Rromb«rf(, and Dempster. 
"J. Apparatua for 

Broinh«»re. Eleazer, New York. 
Kl(lj{»'tiel(l, N. J , asHlznors 
poratlon. NVw York, N. Y. 
2..V>4.Hll, May '29. 
Bromberir. Koh«Tt : Ree — 

<;|pr. Joseph T.. Boelter. 
BronaniltT, Wilhelin B.. Montclair, N. 

calking Hns. J.5»51.174. July 17. 
Brom-or. osoar T.. N>w York, N. Y. Rpmovablp r1aub<»r 
nn<l supply for shoe polishing brushes. 2,352,708, 
May 15. 
Bronk. Lelam) P., Battle Creek, assignor to Hark Kqiilft- 
nient Coriipanv. Buchanan, Mich. Cylinder construc- 
tion. 2..'ir,1.4y'2, July 24. 
Bronk. I.P!ift»r B. : Btf — 

B.«ll'4. Karl W.. and Bronk. 
Bronn. Oliver J. : See — 

Batchelder, George W., and Bronn. 
Bronson. W inthrop F. : Sef - ' 

Il.irnack. V»'rnon L . and Bronson 
BronsttMn. Albert, Brooklyn. .N*. Y. Self barnlshlng con- 
tact point. 2.572,103, ()«r. 23. 
Bronsteln Benjamin B.. Shaker Helehts, Ohio, l^^g lock 

construction for metal tuble-*. 2..'>73..'i04. Oct. 30 
Bronsfein, Benjamin B., Shaker HeiKhts, Ohio. I^g lock 
construction mean.s for metal tables. 2.573,305, Oct. 30. 
Brook. Kenneth : Sre — 

Holt, r.eoree A., and Brook. 

Brook. Kt-nnefh. K.istcote. an<l F. M. Fvans. assignors to 

C. A. V. I.linlttMl, London, England. Fuel Injection 

pump for Internal-combustkm engines. 2.54S.342, Apr. 


Brook. Victor. Rochester, N. Y. Tapping machine. 

2,.'>»JO.0HI, July 10. 
Brooke. .Mbert. and W. M. Nanmann, Staten Island, N. Y. 

nispenslne sp-.ut. 2..'S.">4.007. May 22. 
Brooke. Arthur O., Santa Crui, Calif., amignor to Gen- 
eral Motors Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Device for 
conveying and filling tires. 2,539.055, Jan. 23. 
Brooke. Lloyd F. : See — 

Kemp. Jacob D.. and Brooke. 
Brooke. Lloyd K.. Berkeley. J. B. Cull. Martinez, and 
B. F. Berlenhach. as.oignors to California Research 
Corporation. San Francisco. Calif. Thermal defluori- 
nation of alkylate*! aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures. 
2..V5«.«44. June 12 
Brooke, Norman E.. Washington. D. C. Garment hanger. 

2.547.5fil. Apr. .1. 
Brooke Tool .Manufacturing Company, Limited, assignee : 

Sharp. Bertie. 
Brooker. Frwin, Shaker Heights. Ohio. 

2,5.'S3.70O. May 22. 
Brooker, Leslie C. S. : ftee — 

Dent. Hamuel <;.. Jr., and Brooker. 
IIe»4<ltlne, Donald W.. and Brooker. 
Keves. (Jraffon II . and Brooker. 
Keyes, Grafton H.. Hen, and Brooker. 
Sprrigue. Robert If., and Brooker. 
Van Lare. Earl, and Brooker. 
Tan Lare. Earl J., and Brooker. 
Brooker. Leslie <;. S., a-signor to Eastman Kodak Com- 
pany, Rochester, N. Y. N, N'-dlarylthlazollnocarbo- 
cyanlne dyes. 2.552.252, May 8. 

Brooker. Leslie i",. S., and F. L. White, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester, N. Y. N-aryi- 
thiazolo monomethlne ryanine dyes. 2,537.87ft, Jan. 9. 

Brooker. Leslie O. S.. and R. H. Sprague, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester. N. Y. N,n'- 
alkylenecyanlne dyes. 2.541.400. Feb. 13. 

Brooker Leslie O. S.. and F. L. White, assignors to East- 
man Ko<lak Company. Rochester, N. Y. Methlne dyes 
containing a 3-aryl-4-thlazolidone nucleus. 2,556,515, 
June 12. 

Brooker. Leslie O. S., and F. L. White, assignors to East- 
man Kodak Company. Rochester. N. \. 2-acylated 
arylamlno-2 thioetnvlidene derivatives of heterocyclic 
nitrogen bases. 2.550.51fl. June 12. 

Brookes. .Alfred, and F. L. Hudson. Ix)ndon, England, 
assignors, bv mesne assignments to America Cyanamld 
Company. New York. N. Y. I'rea-formaldehvde-«ul- 
phoxylate resin for high wet-strength paper. 2,.').')0.S9S, 
June 12. 

Brookes. Norman. Bakersfield. assignor to McCullough 
Tool Conirmny, Lo.s .\ni:eles. <'altf. Device for deter- 
mining point at which pipe la struck in a well. 
2,r>.">o.9fi4. May 1. 

Brookes, Samuel. Seilgley. near Dudley, nsslcnor to W. 
Levlson. nnd IT. W. Littleales London. England. Seca- 
teur. 2.507. 0.".!. Sept. 4. 

Brookey. Andrew C, San Antonio, Tex. Nutcracker. 
2.543.886. Mar ft. 

Brookhyser. Dudley J., Long Beach. Calif. Detachable 
telescope sight mount. 2.539.008. Jan, 23. 

Brooks Bank .Note Company, assignee: See — 

.Lambert. Riis.sell .\. 
Brooks. Dexter M . Plymouth. Mass. Gas pressure regu- 
lator. 2.573.180, Oct 30. 
Brooks. Eugene H., Dallas. Tex., assignor to Continental 
Cin Company. .Apparatus for opening and cleaning 
lint cotton. 2.576.2>iO. Nov. 27. 
Brooks. Frink E. : See — 

Bohannon. Richard O., Moore, and Brooks. 


with automatic 
terminal unit 

Bagel clamp. 

Brooks, Harold. New York, N. Y. 
feed mechtffilsm. 2.539. 1 1 ft Jan. 

Brooks. IIerl»ert. .Middleboro. .Slass. 

for rotary dlrectlonjil antennae 2..">.'>7.074. June 19. 

Brooks. Jameo W.. Knoxrille. Tenn. Window alarm. 
2..'>71,.'..34. Oct. 1»5. 

Brooks. John .\ . Chicago. 111., J. H. Krnuse. T. B. Tom. 
and N. Fragen. Ilainiiiond. Ind.. assignorM to Standard 
Oil Conipanv. Chicago, 111, Separating mercaptans. 
2.55ft.ftl4. June 12. 

Brooks. John W., Wenonah. N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Thlenylthiolesters 
in lubricating compositions. 2.540,093. Feb. 6. 

Brook.s, John \V , W enomih. N. J., .T8sicnr)r to Socony- 
Vaciuiiii oil I'l.mpany, Incorporated. oil com- 
positions containing thlonylthloakohols. 2,501,780, 
July 24. , 

Brooks. John W.. Wenonah. N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacunm Oil Company. Incorj>orated. Thlophenethlola- 
[thosphorus hnlide reaction products In lubricating com- 
TM.sltions 2..">71,332. Oct. Ifl. 

Brooks. John W.. Wenonah. N. J., assignor to Sncony- 
Vaeuiiiii Oil Company. Incori)orated. Thlop|ienethlol«!- 
pbos|)hortis halide reaction products. 2..'>7I.333. Oct. 1ft. 

Brooks. John W., Wenonah, and A. N. Sachanen, Wood- 
bury, N. J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, 
Incorporated. 3-thlenyl sulfides. 2,544.294, Mar. 6. 

Brooks, John W., Wenonah. and S. J. Lukasiewicz, Wood- 
bury. .N. J.. n!*8ignor to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, 
Incorporated. 3 thienvl thioetiicrs. 2,.'77.5ftft, Dec. 4. 

Brooks, Lei«ter A., East Norwalk, Conn., assignor to R. T. 
Vanderbilt romp:iny. Inc., New York. N. Y. dtyldl- 
methylbenzyl aiiinionlum 2- (5-chlorobenzothiazyl) -sul- 
fide. 2.557.172. June 19. 

Brooks. Lester .\.. Norw.ilk, Conn., assignor to R. T. Van- 
derbllt Company. Inc.. .New Y'ork. N. Y. Laurjrl 
rldinlum 2-(5-chlorobenzotl 
May 29. 

Brooks. Lewis C. assignor of one-third to I. M. Jones, 
Container. 2.577.304. Doc. 4. 

assignor of one-third to I. M. Jones, 
Consumer type container. 2,577,305, 


. assignor to On-A-Llte Corporation, 
Decorative lighting fixture. 2,559,700, 


Ohio. Fishing rod holder. 
Mass. Circular knitting ma- 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Brooks. I>>wis C., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Pec. 4. 

Brooks. Linzy W, 

Portland. Oreg. 

July 10. 
Brooks, Oakley, assignee : 
Pinkernian. Allen H. 
Brooks, Oakley,^ Columbus, 

2..^01.04fi. July 17. 

Brooks. Philip .\.. Westwood 
chine. 2 501.491. July 24. 
Brooks. Ralph C. : See— 

Stevens. Roy R.. and Brooks. I 

Brooks, Richard E. : See — 

(Jresham, William F., and Brooks. 
Gresham. William F., Brooks, and Bruner. 
Brooks, Richard E., assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
A Company, Wilmington, Del. Preparation of alcohols. 
2,549.410, Apr. 17. 

Brooks. Richard E., and I. D. Webb, assignors to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Coinr>anv. Wllmincton. Del. Syn- 
thesis of acyl halldes. 2.580.070, Dec. 25. 

Brooks. Thomas E., assignor to Lisle Corporation. Cla- 

rinda. Iowa. Cylinder sleeve extracting t>ar. 2,562,412, 

July 31. 
Brooks. Thomas E., assignor to Lisle Corporation, 

Clarlnda. Iowa. Drill grinder. 2..5fl4.O.'0, Aug. 14. 
Brooks. Val M.. Okobojl. Iowa. Tee holder attachment 

for golf bags. 2.5fi4.9.'.5. Aug. 21. 

Brooks. Wesley W.. Fort Wayne, Ind., asslinior to General 
Electric Company. .Magnetic core. 2,562.693. July 31. 

Brooks. Wesley W.. Fort Wavne. Ind.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Electrical ballast. 2.578.395. 
Pec. 11. 

Broomell. George I,.. Jr.. Lower Gwynedd Township, 
.Montgomery County, assignor to Leeds and Northrup 
Company. Philadelphia. Pa. Consecutive ratio re- 
corder. 2.577.735. Dec. 11. 

Brooner. George M.. Bartlesvllle. Okla.. assignor to Phil- 
lips Petroleum Company. Treatment of hydrocarbon 
oils. 2.539.808. Jan. 30. 

Broos. Henrlcus A.. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Circuit-arrangement for tone con- 
trol In a low-frequency amplifier. 2,547,739. Apr. 3. 

Broos, Henrlcus A., Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Hartford. 
Conn., as trustee. Contrast expansion circuit arrange- 
ment. 2..'i47.740, Apr. 3. 

Broos. Henrlcus A . Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford. 
Conn., as trustee. Phase inverter circuit. 2,561,047, 
July 17. 

Broos, Henrlcus A.. Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford .National Bank and Trust Company. Hartford. 
Conn., as trusre*'. Low-frequency amplifying arrange- 
ment. 2.509,973, Oct. 2. 

Brophy. Gerald R. : See— 

Talbot, Albert M., Furman. Brophy, and Pilling. 



Brophv. John J.. Balem. Maw., sssl^or to United Shoe 
Machlnerj Corporation. Flemlngton. N. J. Stiffening 
uppers of ahoes. 2,539,608, Jan. 30. 

Brophv. John J.. SaU-iii. H. M. Pinoles, and R. C. Putnam, 
.Miirhlfhfiid. Mass., assiKiiors to United Shoe Machin- 
ery Corporation. rieminRton, N. J. Uust preventive 
film. 2..'>40.n.'iO. Apr. 17. 

Brophy, Jobeph J., Newlngton. Conn. Thread Joint for 
tubular members. I'.SS'J.TdS, May 15. 

Broguinda (Corporation, The, assignee: See — 
.Martin, James W. 

Brosamer. Jacob V., Lincoln, 111. Stock waterer. 
2.540,507, Feb. 6. „*„««,, 

Brosamor, Jacob V.. Lincoln. 111. Bale elevator. 2.563,514, 
Auk. 7. 

BroBcomb. Dennis G., assljjnor to O. K. N. Group Services 
Limited. Smethwlck. England. Ejector mechanism for 
heading and like machines. 2,547,304. Apr. 3. 

Brosemer. LouU C, Sacramento, Calif. Tile cutting ma- 
chine. 2,5r.0,S43, Julv 17. 

Brosene, William C... Jr.. and H. J. Kersten. Cincinnati, 
Ohio, assignors to American Cvanamid Company, New 
York. N. Y. Blood pressure measuring device. 2,540,163, 
Feb. 6. 

Brosene. William Q., Jr., Cincinnati. Ohio, and F. B. 
Ablondl, Pearl River, assignors to American Cyanamld 
Company. New York, N. Y. Animal holder. 2,540.650, 
Feb 6. 

Broslck, John D.. Fayette City, ' Pa. Automobile wheel. 
2,553.S91. May 22. 

Brosius. Edpar E.. Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor *o Salem- 
Broslui, Inc. Soaking pit cover carriage. 2,555,953, 
June 5. 

BroBB, Michael. Jackson, Miss. Garment checking and 
supporting master hanger. 2,543,350, Feb. 27. 

Brosseau. John R. : Rre— 

P>ros«eau. Joseph E. and J. B. 

Brosseau, Joseph E.. as.signor to J. B. Brossenu. Oak Park. 
111., and C. ^. Hoover, as trustees. Timing device. 
2.564.321. Aug. 14. 

Brosseau, Joseph E. and J. B., Oak Park, assignors to 
C. B. Hoover. Wayne, and J. B. Brosseau. Oak Park. 
111., as trustees. Timing device. 2.564.322, Aug. 14. 

Brosselt. M.iry A., Chicago, 111. Toy for blowing smoke- 
filled huhbles. 2.566.290, Sept. 4. 

Brotherldge. John : prr — 

Prince. Karl S.. and Brotherldge. 

Brothers. Abe R., Brooklyn. N. Y. Necktie rack. 2.548,720, 
Mar. 27. 

Brothers, William B.. assignor of one-third to C. A. Ladig. 
and one-third to J. W. Stutevllle. Miami. Fla. Me- 
chanical unit for adjustable louvers. 2.545,874. Mar. 

Brothman, A., and Associates, assignee : Bee — 
llrothman. Abraham. 
Brothman. Abraham. Gold, and Levlne, 

Brothman, Abraham, asslcnor of one-half to A. Brothman 
and Associates. Long Island City. N. T.. and one-half 
to Process Plants Division of Industrial Process Kn- 
glneers, Newark. N. J. Manufacture of methacrylic 
add esters from acetone cyanhydrin. 2.571 J94. Oct. 16. 

Brothman, Abraham, Long Island City, N. Y., H. Gold, 
Philadelphia, Pa., and P. Levlne. Boston. Mass.. 
alisignors to A. Brothman and Associates, Long Island 
City. N. Y. Manufacture of acetylenic alcohols and 
acetylenlc gamma-glycols. 2,536.028, Jan. 2. 

Brotman, Hyman D., Detroit. Mich., assignor, b.v mesne 
nssiimments. to Horton Manufacturing Company. Fort 
Wayne. Ind. Drive unit for automatic washing 
machines. 2.548.940. Apr. 17. 

Brotinnn. Ilyman D, Detndt. Mich, assignor, by mesne 
asslcnments. to FTorton Manufacturing Company. Fort 
Wayne. Ind. Closure for washing machine cylinders. 
2.r.7.S.125. Dec. 11. 

Broude. David, assignee : See — 
Dl Glannantonlo, Edmond P. 

Brouer. Orville A., Western Springs, assignor to Swift A 
Company. Chicago, III. Refrigerator truck safety de- 
vice. 2.575.939. Nov. 20. 

BrouKher. Clate : See — 

Ijinning. Roy. and Brougher. ' 

Broughton, (\vril L., W.ishlneton. D. C Musical chord in- 
dicating machine. 2,548.000, Apr. 10. 

Broughton. Donglas J., assignor to Buxton. Incorporated, 
Sprinefleld. Mass. Pass case constmctlon having re- 
movable envelopes. 2,540.422, Feb. 6. 

Broughton. Douglas J., assignor to Buxton. Incorporated. 
Springfield. Mass. End section construction for bill- 
folds. 2.-552,932, May 15. 

BrouL'hton, Douclas J., assignor to Buxton. Incorporated, 
Sprin-'field. Mas*. Making flexible pocket receptacles. 
2.577,674, Dec. 4. 

Bronchton. William W.. Sfaten Island, assignor to Western 
Electric Company. Incorporated, New York. N. Y. Con- 
ditioning rota table grln<nng wheels. 2.541,912. Feb. 13. 

Broulllard, Robert E., Bound Brook, and V. A. Glambalvo, 
Somervllle, N. J., assignors to American Cysnamld 
Company. New York. .V Y. Treatment of phthalocy- 
anlne niements. 2.540,775, Feb. 6. 

Broun. Olney : See — 

Bain. Fillmore F. and BrMwn. 

Broussard. flarfford J.. Beaumont, Tex. Apparatus for 
straightening teeth. 2.558,475, June 26. 

Broussard. Gaston L.. Le Perreui, France. Noirle for 
producing an Intermittent jet of gas or liquid. 
2.556.517, June 12. 

Broussard. William W., New Orleans, La. Gas removing 
device. 2,556.899. June 12. 

Brouwer. Albert J.. Hilversum. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Baok and Trust Companv. Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Electric circuit. 2,561,048, July 17. 

Brouwer. Itonjamln W. : See — 

Bergstrom. Carl P.. and Brouwer. 

Brouwer, Benjamin W. Auburn, and J. T. Kennedy, ai- 
slgnors to Crompton & Knowles Loom Works. Worcester 
Mass. Thread remover for weft replenishing looms. 
2,504,149, Aug. 14. 

Brow. Ernest O.. Anderson. Ind. Lantern and reflector 
support with universally adjustable base. 2,559,003, 
July 3. 

Browder. Jay E. : See — 

Young, Victor J., and Browder. 

Browder. Jay E.. Garden City, N. Y., assignor to The 
Sperry Corporation. Direction finder. 2,544,653, Mar. 

Browder, John G., Houston. Tex., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Standard Oil Development Company, 
Elizabeth, N. J. Treating petroleum distillatefl. 
2,552.399, May 8. 

Browder. John <;.. Houston, and A. R. Smith. Baytown. 
Tex., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Standard Oil 
Development Company, Elizabeth. N. J. Treating sour 
petroleum distillates. 2,556.836. June 12. 

Browder. John G., Houston, and A. R. Smith. Baytown, 
Tex., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Elizabeth. N. J. Sweetening of 
r>etroleum distillates. 2.556.837, June 12. 

Browder, John G.. Houston, and A. R. Smith. Baytown, 
Tex., assignors, by n)esne assignments, to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Elizabeth. N. J. Sweetening 
of petroleum distillates. 2.562.767. July 31. 

Browder, John G.. Houston, and A. R. Smith, Baytown. 
Tex., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Elizabeth. N. J. Sweetening 
petroleum distillates. 2.565,349. Aug. 21. 

Browder. John G., Houston, and A. R. Smith. Baytown, 
Tex., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Standard Oil 
Development Company, Elizabeth, N. J. Treating 
petroleum distillates 2.569.370. Sept. 25. 

Brown, Adolpli M., Chicago, III. Device for retracting 

face skin. 2,575,204, Nov. 13. 

Device for retracting 
Face lifting device. 
Stibbe & Co. Limited, 

Piano action. 
Piano action. 
Piano action. 
Piano action. 

Brown, Adolph M., Chicago, 111. 
skin. 2.575.205. Nov. 13. 

Brown. Adolph M.. Chicago, 111. 
2.575.206. Nov. 13. 

Brown, Albert M.. assignor to G. 

Leicester. Englan<l. Yarn feeding mechanism for knit- 
ting machines. 2.561.175. July 17. 

Brown, Alex.inder M.. assignor to The North & Judd 
Manufacturing Company. New Britain, Conn. Slide 
fastener end stopping. 2.549,051. Apr. 17. 

Brown, Alexander M., assignor to The North & Judd Man- 
ufacturing Company, New Britain, Conn. End stop for 
slide fasteners. 2.503,454. Aug. 7. 

Brown. Alexander P., Beecbburst, N. Y. 

2.542.306, Feb. 20. « 
Brown. Alexander P., Beechhurst, N. Y. 

2.542.307. Feb. 20. 
Brown, Alexander P., Beechhurst, N. Y. 

2,.542.308. Feb. 20. 

Brown. .Alexander P., Beechhurst, N. Y. 
2.542.309. Feb. 20. 

Brown. Alfred O.. Los Angeles, Calif. Refrigerating ap- 
paratus. 2.543.351. Feb. 27. 

Brown. .Mian R.. Oak Park. III., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Control of X-ray generators. 2,571.009, 
Oct. 9. 

Brown, .\ndrew, London, England, assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation. New York, 
.\'. Y. Revertive calling party line system. 2.579,469, 
Dec. 25. 

Brown, Andrew G., Maywood assignor to The Griffith Lab- 
oratories. Inc.. Chicago. III. Registering mechanism 
for scales and the like. 2,571,414. Oct. 16. 

Brown. Andrew G.. Maywood, assignor to The Griffith 
Laboratories. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Percentage Indicator 
for scales and the like. 2.571,415, Oct. 16. 

Brown. .\nna. assignee : See — 
Brown. Edward C. 

Brown, Arthur E.. Salt Lake City, Utah. Rotary fluid 
mechanism. 2.559,590. July 10. 

Brown, Arthur S.. assignor to The British Heat Resisting 
Glass Company. Limited. Bllston, England. Molding 
undercut knob handles or other undercut portions upon 
glass articles. 2.552,839. May 15. 

Brown. Barremore B. : See — 

Donnl. John S.. Jr.. Cucda. and Brown. 

Brown. Barremore B.. Morristown. N. J., assignor to 
Radio Corporation of America. Electron discharge de- 
vice of the magnetron type. 2,560,409, July 10. 

Brown. Benton R., Des Moines, Iowa. Device for refaolng 
seats in lawn mower reel pinion gears. 2,558,232, 
June 26. 

Brown. Bernard E. : See — 

Baney, Russell R.. and Brown. 




Urowii. B^rnarJ E.. t'liUaKo. III.. as8i«nor t.. Internatioiial 

Har\is««r Company. Mower. J.3G4.870. AuK. -I. 
r>rown & Hlc»'l"W, ;i!»j«i;;ii«»' . >m - 
Felt. Paul \V. 

(;oril»ni. r. Robert E., Grubor. and Thull. 
«;riil>»T. Francis K | 

I'ri»'!«tfr Kendall 15. 
Rojakovick. Joseph. 

Vi.Tliii::. .I"lin .\ I 

Ilrown-HrlMKH Mills Inc., The. assiKn*^ : Sre - 

Holt Frederick W.. Jr.. Howard, and Itench. 
Bro^n Brockiiieyer Company. The. a-sul^nee : Nee — 
Brown. Steffen S. 
(iayer. John D. 

Tiant. James L. .... c. - 

Brown r.n»tliers and Company Limited. assi»:iiee : Ste — 

Allan. James F. .>, . . 

Brown. Burton J . Ivtrolt. Mi<h. Aut.mioblle body con- 

strufrion. L'.r.^().l.'>«>. Dec L'.'>. 
Brown ISurtrm !'.. Jr. B.ildwinsville. .N. \ .. a.ssmnor to 
Ceneral Klecfrlc Company. lUiplex directive antenna 
.system. L'..ViLM4t5. May S. . 

Brown. Burton P.. Jr.. Scotia. N. \.. assicnor to fieneral 
Klectric Company. Beam antenna system. J.54i.80«i, 
Feb. 13. 
Brown. Carl 1». : Stf - 

Flset. Alphunse J., and Brown. 
I'.rown <:irl !».. ind <i K .is.siirnnrs to iMaper 

Mass Cross-la vini: machine. 

K. Repass, assignors to Mraper 
>iass. Comhintf mechani.»m for 
•J ."»»;ri,02"_'. Sept. -». 




Y Moiiiitin;; 
Ash tray and 
Hot and told 

CoriMiration. Hopedah 

•J. .".«•..-.. t;»7. AiiK. ->< 
I'.rown. C.irl !>.. and (i. 

Corp<iration. Honedale 

cross-layinc macnines. 
Brown. Carl L. : See 

AlilrMu'e. Clarence F.. and Brown. ^. . , 

I'.rown Carl S Lakewood. and E. K. DeurlnR, Cleveland 

Heljthts. assignors to Olascote Products. Inc.. Cleveland. 

Ohio .Mounting for rotary agitators. 'J.53H.348. 

Jan 2 
Brown. Caroline. New York. N. Y. Garment. 2.r)44.4Sfi. 

Briiwn Charles A.. St. I.onis County. Mo. Multiple uan- 
eoufi fuel burner and secondary air feed hatlles. 
•J.r.47.8.".o. Ai)r. 3. , . . . 

Brown Charles E.. New York. N. Y. Camera tripod head. 

•_'..">4.^. :'..•«•_'. Fet). '21. 

Crown. Charles C. : Sire — 

Ropers. .Mian B.. and Brown. » 
Brown. Charles H.. assignee : See — 

Fenn. .lames K 
I'.rown Charlis I . Jr. Floral Park 

hraekef, J.'r.s.r.OK. Sept. !.<<. 
Brown. Cli.irles K.. Jr.. Fairmont. W. 

class hold.r. •J..'.'4.l3r,. M;iy •Jl'. 
Brown. Charles K . Jr.. Fairmont. \V 

water ndxiuK faucet. ■J..">>4. Ani:. i. 

I'.rown. Charles K.. Jr. Fairmont. W Va. |Comhined 
vacuum cleaner ami tool casinc. 2.o73.001. Oct. .10. 

Brown. Charles K. Jr.. Falrmount. W. Va. Mlxin;; 
faucet 2..-.7."..04O. Nov. 20 

Brown. Charles I... Bristow. Okla. .Vrmnture reaction 
control for alternators. 2. •>•><>. 7 IS. July 17. 

Brown. Charles R. : Srr 

Minnii k. I.eon.ird .1 . and I'.rown. 

Brown i'h.irl.s R.. (Men Mills, .issiirnor to W.>stlnchouse 
Klectric Corporation. East Pittsburch Pa. V.iriahle 
thrust exhaust nozzle. 2..'»r>4.r>71. Auc. 21. 

I'.rown i'harles U.. I.lanerch. assignor to G. .nnd W. H. 
Corson. Inc.. Plymouth Meetlnc.Pa. Ceraiulc pnxluit 
and making the s.ime. 2, .'>7«>. .">«.;.">. Nov. 27. ' 

Brown. Charles R.. North Wales, assignor to G. and W. 11. 
Corson, Inc.. Plymouth Meetiivc. Pa. ^ .\j:i:l<»merated 
lM>dy ;ind prep.irinu same. 2.r»70..">r>ri, Nov. 27. 

Brown. Ch.irl.s \V.. Tn-nton, N. J. Ice skate sharpener. 
2..').'>0.7t>.-|. May 1. 

Brown. Charlie M.. Ackerly, Tex., and F. Home. Portales, 
N. Mex Peanut harvester. 2.540.094. Feb. *> 

Brown. Cicero C. Houston, Tex 

vice. 2..')40.423. Feb. 6. 
Brown. Cleero «'.. Houston. T»\. Rotary core (ti«Bl with 

jar merh.inism. 2.. '.'>!. 90.". May S. 
Brown. «Mcero C. Houston. Tex. l»rlll stem telfscoin- 

joint. 2. .'r,3. .')!.'>. .\ul' 7 
Brown. Cicero C. ITouston. Tex. Orifice shoe for well 

pipes. 2..'"»72.3t>«. Oct. 2:V 
Brown. Cicero C.. Houston. Tex. Cementing pluir. 

2.."»72.r'.09. Oct 2.1. 
Brown. Ci.ero C. .ind F. F Walfermire. IlAUston. Tex 

Rotary drill stabilizer. 2..">7 
Brown. Clarence A.. Toledo. 

Graphic Products Company. .Mbu<pier<|ue. N. Mex. 

Planotfraphii" printinc. 2..'>ri0..^2»'i. .\pr. 24. 
Brown Clavton \V.. Olive. Calif. Adjustable head rest. 

2..".rtO.«>2.-.; July 17. 

Brown. ClirTord P.. St. I.ouis. Mo. T>is|>enser attachable 
to the ne<"k of a container havini: a handle integral 
therewltti. a reclpr >cable closure for the outlet and an 
actuator for said closure adjacent said handle. 2..'».">4.293. 
May 22. 

Bn>wn. Clyde A : See — 

Chace. Thomas B.. and Brown. 

Formation testinj; de- 

Brown, i'lytle A., assignor to The I>.ile Valve Company. 
ChlcaKo. 111. Metering fluid. 2..'>«;'j.J,S.'i. S«-pt. 2.'.. 

Brown. CIvde .\.. assignor to The Oole Valve Company. 
Chjciiiro. III. Valve and sealing structure therefor. 
2. r>7H. .■{!>♦;. J H-c. 1 1 . 

Brown. Clyde .\.. Luck. Wis., assignor to- The l»ole Valv«» 
Companv ChiciKo. 111. Tem|K-r.iture controlled mixing 
valve. 2..'>42.273. Feb. 2<» 

I'.rown. Clyde A.. Luck. Wis., assignor to The I»ole Valve 
Company. Chicago. 111. Temp4"rature controlled mix- 
ing valve. 2..'..'>().9(»7. May 1. 

Brown. Pan .\ . Long I'.each. assignor to Rlie.-m Maiui- 
facturlng Companv. Richnvind. Calif. Rei iprocating 
piston-tyiH* valve. 2..">42..«M». Feb. 2(i. 

Brown. l>an .\.. Long Be.ich. assignor to Rheeni Manu- 
facturing Companv. Richcond, Calif. Water softener 
vahe. 2. . "i »2. .'.•.» 1. Feb. 20. 

Brown. l»an .\.. Long Beach. C;ilif.. as>i>:nor. by mesne 
assignments, to Koberislciw Fulton Controls Company. 
Gre«'nsburg. Pa. .\ctuaior for tli.rmally responsive 
contr.d devii-»v>. 2.."»ls.<.M 1. .\pr. 17. 

I'.rown. I»avid L.. Shawnee. Okla. Safety valve for gas 
lines. 2.."> l'5.o»"i»5. Feb. 27. 

Brown David, & Sons (Huddersfleld). Liudted. assignee: 

B.ilmforth. Norman. 
Fenrns. Stanley. 

Brown Larl l... assignor of one-halt to <.. .\. Streitz. 
Camden. N. J. Packing tool for fonidiig and in- 
stalling impressionable comminuted or plastic p.icking. 
2..'.74.1»;9. Nov. «. 

Brown. Kdward C.. asignor of one-half to .\. Brown. St. 
Petersburg. Fla. Swinging crib. 2.."i0r»..'»94. Sept. 4. 

Brown. Kllis M : Sir 

Ilotz. Fred T.. S.idlon. an<l Brown. 

Brown. Kllis .M.. and F V. Forss. assignors to John Oster 
.M.anufacturing Comp.iny, Radne. Wis. .Vgitator for 
drink mixers, 2..")"». .\pr. 24. 

Brown. Kly E.. and K. Mil'er. Portsmouth. Ohio, as- 
signors to Blaw Knox Coinp.iny. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
furn.ace door. 2.577.7.10. I>ec. 11. 
A.. P.oston. Mass. M. H. (iorin. O.illas. 
•V. .\bramson. <'hevy Chase. Md. Anti- 
septic wound dressings. 2.."»42.S97. Feb. 20. 

Brown. Ethan A.. Boston. M.iss.. M. H. Gorin. S.iii 
Cisco. Calif,, anil H. .\. .Mir.-iinson. New 'Nork. 
l'eroxi<le li<iuid antiseptics. 2..".42.H9s. Feb. 20. 
Brown, Fav C. Cambridge, Mass. Photosensitive device. 

2..". I2.11.".. Feb. 20. 
Brown Flntube Company. assign»v : .<»♦• - 

I'.rown. John W.. Jr 
Brown. Florence L.. Miami P.each. Fla.. 
.Mpers. Providence. R. I. Chin and 
2..'i.".t;.793. June 12. 
Brown. Fordvce M, : Sir 

Tiittle. Clifton M.. and I'.rown, 
Wampole. <»liver J.. Brown, and Tuftle 
Williams. FrankUn C.. ami Brown. 

Brown. Foster 11., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
2..'t;.").017. Aug. 21. 

P.urbank. assignor to F. .^L TurnhulJ. 
C.ilif. Syritige ampoule. 2.."i49.417. 

' .107. Oct. 23 
Ohio, as-iiunor to. Jones 

Brown. F'than 
Tex., and II. 

N. Y. 

assii:nr>r to M. 
cheek support. 

Interval timer. 

Brown. l-"ratik 
Los .\ngeles. 
Apr. 17. 

Brown. Frank K 
inoiitli. and G 

and H F. Phipard. Jr., S(.uth I>art 
K. Jenney. Jr.. North Oartmouth. as- 
siirnors to Research Engineering A: M.inufacttvring. Inc.. 
New Bedford. Mass. Self-adjusting bit and holder. 
2..">.">0.»i3.'i. Apr. 24. 

I'.rown. Frank L,. Park Ridge. 111., assignor to Chicago 
F.iucet Company. Faucet unit. 2..")r.l..''>.'>9. July 24. 

I'.rown. Frank M.. assicnor to A. L. .\tkinson. Bakers- 
tield. Calif. Cotton Ixdl guide for cotton-picking nta- 
chines. 2.r)70..">»'.7. Nov. 27. 

Brown. Frank M.. St. Paul. Minn, and K. I>awklns, Kings- 
ton. Ont.-irio. <'!ina<la, assicnors to tJould-Nation.-il Bat- 
teries. In<-. Vent plug and llcpiid level Indicator for bat- 
teries 2.."»4.r>.-.7. May 29. 

Brown:'F'red F. : Srr 

Williams. William, .and Brow n 

Brown. Frederii'k C,. p.isb-v. Sectifvnal filing 
cabinet 2.."i.'.7.Ci.-,(). June !'.», 

Brown. Frederick E.. Hyde. England. Machine for 
working rubber or other plastic materials. 2,537,395, 
Jan. 9. 

Brown. Frederick K.. Ilvde. Knglantl. RublM>r working 
machine. 2.551.872. Slay 8. 

Brown. George IL. Princeton. N J., assignor to Radio 
Corpor.-ition of .\merica. Imiieflanco tneasurement at 
iiltr.a high fre<|ueniics. 2.557.*<11. June If). 

Brown. fJeorge H.. Princeton. N. .T.. assignor to Radio 
Corporation of .\merica. High-fre<|uency dielectric heat- 
ing svstem. 2.5«'i.'l.(Hts. .\ug. 7. 

Brown." George H.. and R. A. Bierwirth, Princeton, N. J.. 
.assignors to Radio Corporation of .\merica. Manu- 
facturing penicillin. 2.53fi.07r>. Jan. 2. 

Brown. G«orge H.. Princeton. N. J., and G. B. MacKinunle. 
Montreal. QucIm-c, C.mada. assignors to Radio Corpora- 
tion of .\merica. Percentage modulation control net- 
work. 2.543.S27. Mar. ♦',. 

Brown. Georce M.. North Tarrytown. N. Y.. assignor to 
<;eneral Electric Company. Stair-step wave generator. 
2.502.rt94. July 31. 




Rrown. G«^orp- I'.. Jr : .<♦•<•- ■ 

Ki»'thof. G»uru»'. M.)iit> iin«I I.r«twn. 
Browu. <;.M.rp' U. Sprii.tfii.ld. Muss F isliliiu- reel. 

1! .')«(h <.»stt Sept. 27,. . , ... 

BroWn. Gedrjs.- 8.. Portland. Oreg. Trowel for digging 

ferns. 'J.r.39.181. Jan. 23. 
Brown, <;<■<. ru'i' W. : >«'t — 

Kajdiniiiii. Jan A., and Br(»wn. 
r.rowM. «;.'iJild <;. : set- - 

< "anlw. 11. norland NV. and r.r.iwn. . „ , , 

Brown. «:illHTt <... Oranp'. N. J.. aHslpnor t.. I-';'l«'ral 

Tt'l»-|'l>"n«' and Ka<lio Corporation. N.-w \..rk. N. \. 

S»-l«Mt..r («.vst.'m. 2,r>7y,470, 1 ><■••. -•». 
Itrowii. <;iiim A.: See-- 

Main.l. Kdward <'.. Brown, and I "•'<>• . , , , 

Brown (iraliain B.. Wasliington. I>. «'• raraHinto pa»k 

and noaiis tlienfor. 2..>C,.,.4.(). Auir -H. 
Brown Cralinni B.. Y<.iinj:stown. Ohio. I'aracliiit.- pacK 

L'.r.TT.T.JT, I».r. I 1. 
Brown <;rav»'s Company, assignee: i<cc — 

«;rav»-s. Harold K . Jr. i ,f , 

r.rowii <;uv K. H-.nston. Tex.. a8.<iignor of on.- half f.. 

II .1 Ka'stiiia'n. iNin.'r. Colo. Ori.'iiting w.-ll tixds in 

woll hur.s. 2..'»i5T.."i07. Sept. 11. 
Itrown Cnv K.. an.l 1'.. K. Mar.y. r.iirlington. \ t. In 

stnii.i.-nt' r..r in.-asnring or Indi.aiing the spe.ili- 

gra\ity ..f li.niids J.riT4.4:$L». Nov. r,. /.„♦.,.... 

r.rown. Haiol.l M. Mer.hantville. N. J. < ..ntainei 

i:ro'wn'liar..'ld"p..' Akn.n. Ohio, and H. J. Houston. Fair 
fav Calif assi> to Tlir B. F <;..o<lri<Ii ( oinpany. 
New York.N. Y. J'olyin.' ol hutadieno-1.:Vhy<1ro- 
(•.irl.ons in a<nieoiis minlsion in th«' pr.-seiKc ot a f.-rrii.v - 
aiiid'-. a diazoiii.r«apio coniponnd. and an aho.iol. 
L'..'.t;t;.s_'i. s.-pt A. 

Brown V. assiirnor to The Vdylife ( ornoratlon. Oe- 
tioif Mich F.lciiiodi'poMition of nickel from an a<id 
iMth! 2..".".<».4 l'.«. Apr 24. 

Brown, ll.'tirv B. Madison. N. J. .issitrnor to l.oll 1 .•!. - 
phone I,ah<)r;Moii<-s. Im orpor.iied. N.-w ^ork. N. > «"'>ii- 
trol lireult for step-by -step nwitehes. 2.541'. .!M. I eh. 


Brown Henrv C, New York. N. Y. Collapsible garment 

and hat hanger. 2.r)40.r.08. Feb. 6. 
Brown, llcrhrrt C. : Si> 

Schh'siimer. Hermann I.. !»nd Brown. 
I'.nAvn Herbert C.. West Lafayette. IikI.. assignor to 
Standard Oil Compaiiv. <"liieago. 111. Alkylation ot 
urea witli olefins. L'.r>4S.r.S.-.. Apr. 10. 
r.rown. Herbert \V.. Jr. Had<lonfield. N. J., assignor to 
H.iilio Corporation ot' .Xmeriea. I'iezoelectrie ery.stal 
holder. L'..-.n».4Jt». July .{. , ,.. , ^ .^, • 

Brown Herman -V.. and S. S. Jones. Sr.. ( leveland, Ohio. 

Hair treating apparatus. 2.r..V.».no4. July 3. 
Brown Homer A.. <;ieiidale. .mil F. K. Hobbs. Sr.. Au.i- 
heim. i'alif. Removable bristle brush. 2.r..">.s.L'<Mi. 
June 2*>. 
Browti Howarfl <".. a^<signor to 1*.. & B. Oil Tool < .... 
Bakt'rstieltl. Cilif. Apj)aratus for cleaning perora- 
tions. •J.r.74.141. Nov. <;. 
Brown Hugh E.. Cleveland Heights, and S. M. Grant. 
Bay Village, assignors to The \Y. S. Tyler Cojiipaiiy. 
Cleveland. f)bio. Metho<l and apparatiis for controlling 
magnetically vibrated screens. 2..">38.7»»0. Jan. 23. 
Brown. Hugh M.. assignor to Clenison Airrictiltnral Col- 
leu..' ot" South «'arolin;i. Clemson. S. «'. T.-nsiomet.r. 
2.:.f>l.l.'.(i Aml'. 14. 
Brown Industries Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Rinderlo. Karl T. „ .. ,,. 

Bn.wii Jak l.eamlUL'ton Spa. assignor to Bowecrotts n»«- 

V. |..pni.-iit>) I,lmit.-.l. C.v.iitry. Fnt'lan.l. Il.iiulle bar 

for a steering wheel <if a vehicle. 2.r»."(4.2!t2. .May 22. 

Brown James D.. assignor to Toledo Scale Company. 

Tol.><Io Ohio. Bearing seal for nwat grinders. 

2.r.37.<M3. Jan. 10. ,. ,. v..- i 

Brown. Jaiii.-s H.. Housl..ii. 1.x. Aen.tian blind. 

2..".70.H)!t. <>ct. 0. 
Bi.iwn Jam.s K.. Salinas. C.ilif. T. tit frame const ruiti.ui. 

2 .".-..-. 220. -Mav 2i>. 
r.rown. James S.. S<;irsdalej and J. Melzer. l'..llair.\ ns- 
siirtiors to Aiiierbaii <'an ('.mpatiy. New Y.>rk. .V. ^. 
Can body si.le seam s.d.l'riiig m.icbiii.- with improved 
wJiH-r nu'cluinism. 2..'»r»3..'i47. May 22. 
r.rown. James \Y.. Oaklan.l. <'alif. ^ I'iston. 2..V.3.2!)t"., 

M.iv 1.",. 
p.rowii. Jess.' K. : ."-iff — *^ 

Aram. Natliau \V.. an<i Br.twn. 
r.rown. Jesse F. . iilenc.H'. III., assignor t.i Zenith" 
Corporation. Subscription lyjie televisi.m receiver 
2 .■»ti7,r>4.'>. Sept. 11. .,■.„.• 

P.r.iwn. Je>s.- K.. <;i<'!ii-oe. III., assign. .r to A-nitb" 
(■..rporati..n. Subsi-ription type teb-visbui iransiui' i. r 
J .".7 l.l»;2. -Nov. 13. 
r.rown. John iH.. Yakima. Wast.. Bank robber trap. 

2 .".»;<». no Jiilv lo. 
r.rown J.di!! K.. Detroit. Mich. Int.rconnection system. 

•» .-.<;» l.'.l. Aug. 11.. . , 

r.rown John M.. Lvnwood, Calif. Adhesive applying 

in.-ans. 2.r..'^G.9n7. Jan. 2. 
Broun J.>hn K. Cl.-v.l.iii.l. Ohio, assignor to The Relianoo 
(JniL'.' Column <'oinpany. Kbctrical alarm swit<h. 
2..'. 17.742. A|.r. .3. 

Brown John T.. Montohanln. IVl.. and B. K. Dauben- 
siH'ck Stratford, assignors to Remington Arms * om 
pany.' Inc.. ISridgep.irt. Conn. Cellular plastic wail. 
2..'..V.».27.">. July 3. ,. i „ 

Brown. John W.. Estes Park, assignor to '■""•j'^son- 
Taylor Machinery C.unpany. Denver. ( olo. Backnii 
taiiiper. 2.5.'il.92.'). May 8. ^-_ 

Brown John W.. South Euclid. Ohio, assignor to Dancyger 
Manufacturing Company. Shield for eb»ctrlc plugs. 
2.544.654. Mar. 13. ,. > 

Brown John \V.. South Euclid. Ohio, assigix'r to Dancyger 
Manufacturing Company. Shield for prongs ot ehi-tric 
plugs. 2.545.762. Mar. 20. 

Brown. John \V.. Jr.. Lakewood, assignor to "rown »-^n- 
tulK? Company. Flyria. Ohio. Apparatus I..r r»"5'j;'='°<:f 
welding fins to the interior surfaces of tubes. -..jou.wi>.>, 

r.rowi*. .lohn W.. Jr.. Lakew.K.d. assignor to I^niwn Fin- 
tube C..mpan.v. Elyria. Ohio. exchanger. J.obO.lbl. 

\ u" "''» 
Brown "lolm \V.. Jr . Lak.wood. assignor to Brown Fln^ 

tube Company. Elvria. Ohio. Apparatus lor brazinj, 

tins to tnlM's. "2.572. .')'.».3. Oct. 23. 
Brown. J..lin W.. Jr.. Lakew.....!. assign.. r t.. Brown Hn- 

tuU- Company. Elyria. «>hi... Il.'at ex. hanger conduit 

til vin>' int. 'rnal •fins 2.573,5.3S. (h-t. 30. 
BrowT'-Jo^ph assignor to David Bridge & Corn^^^^^^ 

Limited, f^stleton. Korrhdale. I-^nKl«n;>-.„^';«""^^!^''V« 

for rotating shafts of macbiner.y. ^ ^^♦*,. i .;»» Pr..d 
r.n.wn. J..sei.h D. F.astch.ster. ^'^sign-.r to IN.b ron I rod 

nets. Inc.. New Rochelle. N. \. i ollapsible Stove. 

2.559.24.;. July 3. ,,,, . .. ^. „♦ .ib 

Br.twn. J..seph T.. an.l C. N. Oakes. Elkin N. .^ ^ =Alh 

cutting attachment for farm tractors. _.....s.l-... 

r.rown" Julian S.. Jacks.mville. ITa.. assignor of one-half 
to S W Munroe. Los Angeles. Calif. . AuiomoUve 
transmission inc.rporating . coupling. 

Conn. Bor.' sight. 2.548. 861, 

2.572,310. Oct. 23. . ..... , <.;, 

i,nr,';:'7<..„T,;-:;l;'M:'' &.l.:i: ....i » «. .,.,,,.,.,,„.... 

Kiversi.l.' assign.. rs lo 1 uiv. rsal <Ml <..iii 
pany Cjiicauo!^ 111. Desulfuri/ati.m ..f b..n 

Brown, k;^!;!.'!;' "M.'.N'lin.lVdale. a.1.1 C G. <;V^''V^''„ "V-'bi 
side. assign..r to Iniversal TMl; < "L'Lt'-'"-,-, '.1 
cngo. 111. D.'sulfurization proc-ss. 2. .•.>•«. !•'.. .lun. i-. 
Brown. Kenneth W. : Ser ,,,,.„ 

East w. .0.1. Eric. F.rguson. and Brown. 
Martin. William J. B.. Owen, and Bn.wn. 
Brown. Laurence C. : See — , „ • 

Goodhue, William V.. and Brown, 
r.rown. Lawren.-.' S. : Sir 

Newell, William H.. an.l Brown 
N. w.'Il William H.. T.-ar. an.l I'.rown. 
Brown Lawrence S.. Long Island City. NY.. a«««f°0': Jo 
The Sperry Corporation. Compensator for slip in vari- 
alVle friction drives 2.540.809. Feb. 6. 
r.rown LeimmlAoklahon.a Cit.v. Okla. Metal shutter. 
•' 5tiS 215. Sept. IS. . ] . tj I** t. 

Hr.Twn. Leo <'.. and J E. Farbak. a''':|Kl'L';[« f' ^"i^*..* 
(•..inpanv Cbicat:o. 111. Defoaiiier. 2.....0.4..0, .Apr. -4. 
Brown Leo 11. . Glenville. Conn. Single eyepiece binocu- 
lar. "2.537.962. Jan. 16. 
Br.twn. L.o II.. <;ienville. 

.\pr. 17. 

r.r..wii. L.-s'ie R. : Sef— . 

Bv IV Frederick H., and Brown, 
r.ray' Fr.-.lerick IL. r.n.wn. ami Hi<ll<T. 
Ridir>r. Desmond S.. and Brown. 
Brown Louis B.. DuMU.'si.e I'a. Made-up ornamental 

bandk'^nhief. 2.539.182. Jan. 23. 
r.:..wii. Margar.t. executrix : Srr — ■ 

Brown Martin I'.. Bremert..n. Wash. Caged float flush 

,„n:rol v.ilve. 2.572.9S2 o.-t 30. 
r.rowii. Mauri. •.' R : ^>'',- 

Thomas. Arthur, :ind Brow'n. 
Brown Merl.' M.. rrincet<.n. assitrnor. l.v mesne assiirn- 

ment« to Marv..l Si.eci.ilty r,,mi.any. Inc.rpor.ited. Pa- 

dii.'ih' Ky. Metho.t of and apparatus f..r mending 
"ho-<i.iv 2.570.t;:!7. O. t. 9. 
Blown M.v.'r M.. New Y..rk, N. Y T..y blm viewer, 

•' 570 913. f»ct. 9. 
I'rown M.,rrls E r. B. Wi.kham. and «'. J. Si'i.nberg. 

DT.Van ali.l S: A. Johnston. Fontana. _ Wis.. 

,„ The <;.<.rg.' W. Borg « 'orp.. ration, rhicago. 111. t us.- 

t. sting appanitus. 2.553.43<;. May l.».- 
l-r..wii Mvmn J. Pittsburgh, a.ssigm.r to \Yestingh..use 

l-Ctri. «'on.oraiion. East Pi 1 1 sbu rgh Pa , Line trap 

with .|.-moUiitabl.- tuner. 2....9...44. D«-<-. ->. 
Bn.wn. Norman l.. Lomlon, England Fn-e piston f;'r us- 

in pil"s of apparatus for raising li'juid in 

welH. 2,.555.I12. May 29. 
Brown, Northrop, assignor to K. 1 

an.l C'.mpinv, Wilminut.m, D. 1. 

alkenes 2..554,4K2. May 29. 
Bn.wn oliv.r J.. Jr.. Kenilworth 

Van Winkle-Muniiing C..mpany. Mafaw.ui. N 

biiig .l.-vice with removable. brush assembly. 

F.'b. 27. ■ 

.hi Pont de Nemours 
Preparation <»f cyano- 

assignor tf> Hanson- 
J. Scrub- 
2.51.'.. 657. 



BrowD. Om«r G.. deceased. Kane. Pa. • M. Brown, 
executrix. Bath chair. 2.562.5D8. July 31. 

Brown. I'trelval U'., U liir.ip<«j;. .Manitoba. I'anada. Record 
dupIli-.-itf. L'..''>r)7,L'.'>."», June 19. 

Brown, I'hoeb.' M.. New Yorii. N. Y. Bluase tjpe gar- 
ment. -'..".75,791, Nov. 20. 

Brown, It 1.. asslk'nor of one-half to J. N. Garltty. Cor- 
•icana, Tex. Lock having key ejecting mechanism. 
2.r).')0.184. Apr. 24. 

Brown. KalpJi. Falllirook. assignor to Electrical Pro.liirfs 
Corporation. Lo.s Angeles. Calif. Apparatus for bending 
tubes. 2,571.4l«, Oct. 1«. 

Brown. Ralph E., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
GenlBco. Incorporated. Los Angeles. Calif. Cross balr 
reticule. 2.rjr.2,rtl>5. July 31. 

Brown. Unlpli K., \\ a.shintrton. D. C Apparatus for pro- 
2..'.'in.74.'>. .May 22. 

and U.'E. /•>liner, Anderson. Ind. Relf- 
and screen combination. 2,559.005. 

Jertins linnet's. 
Brown, Ralph L , 
storing storm 
July 3. 

Inc., Penn 

Brown. Ralph M , assicnor to Penn Yan Boats. Inc.. 1 
Yan. N. Y. .Making boat hull-s. 2,.".«!!>.224. Sept. 25. 

Brown. RavnuHul 1... l»ari»'n. assignor t<» Kiectrohix Corpo 
ration. Old Greenwieh, Conn. Air fiit.r. 2,548.942, 
Apr. 17. 

Brown, Raymond L., Dnrien. assignor to Electrolux Cor- 
poration." old Greenwich, Conn. Impregnating electri- 
cal colls. 2.R74.«Sfi, Nov. 13. 

Brown. Raymond W.. Oak Forest. Til., nsslgnnr to Western 
Electric Company. Incorporated, New York. N. Y. 
Apparatus for controlling electrical power. 2.567.C92, 
Sept. 11. 

Brown. Raymond W.. Evergreen Park, and C. PT. Frank, 
Onk Park, 111., as.^lgnors to Western ElectHc Company, 
Incorporated. New Y'ork. N. Y. Conveyer apparatus. 
2,."t.".7.0O5, Jan. 9. 

Brow" Kohert r . Jr.. nsslgnee A trustee: See — 
Plndley. William N. 
Wlttirren, (harb's. 

Brown, l{ob«'rt H., New Kensington, assignor to Alumi- 
num Company of Am<'rlca. PittHburgh. Pa. Cathodic 
protection and underground metallic structure embody- 
ing the game. 2,.''.G5..'')44. Aug. 28. 

Brown. Robert J.. assJL'nor to S. C. Johnson & Son. Inc.. 
Racine. Wis. Method and apparatus for di8(>ersing pig- 
ments. 2.560,082. July 10. 

Brown, Robert L. : See — i 

Waara. David H. 
I'eterson, Norman R . and Brown. 

Brown. Robert L., T»'aneck. assignor to Bendii .Aviation 
Corporation. Teterboro. N. J. Electromagnetic relay. 
2..'>40.1«.^, Feb, 6. 

Brown. Robert L.. Teaneck. assignor to Bendlx Aviation 
CorporaMon. T»'terboro. N. J. Overvoltau'e protector. 

2.500.028. Julv 17. 

Brown. Robert t>., Teaneck assignor to Bendlx Aviation 
Corporation. Teterboro, N. J. Overvoltagc protector. 

2.560.029, Julv 17. 

Brown, Robert L., Teaneck. assignor to Bendix Aviation 

Corporation. Teterboro, N. J. Overvoltage protector. 

2.560,630, July 17. . " * 

Brown. RolK'rt «... Teaneck. assignor to Bendlx Aviation 

Corporation. Teterboro. N. J. Reverse current relay. 

2.565,7.15. Aug. 2,S. 
Brown. Robert L.. .nsslgnor to E. I, du Pont de Nemours 

A: ri.nip.iiiv. Wiiinint'ton. I»tl. <'h«'iMi«jil afft-rf r«'atment 

of bi:rli polymers confainiiitf cvano ;;ronps tiaing am- 
monia and a hydrosulllde. 2,503,040. Aug. 7. 
Brown. Robert O. : See — 

Harrel. I'hastain C. and Brown. ' 

Brown, Robert P., White Plains. N. Y. Ski apparatus. 

2..'.64.420. Aug. 14 
Brown. Robinson W.. Oklahoma City. Okla. assignor to 

Chicaeo Pneumatic Tool Company. New Y'ork N Y 

Assembline tool Joints. 2.539.056 Jan 23 
Brown. Robinson W., Oklahoma City. Okla. assignor to 

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company. New Y'ork N Y'. 

Tool Joint. 2.539.057, Jan. 23. 
Brown. Rov W. : See — 

Candlln. James E., Jr.. and Brown. 
Brown, Roy W.. assignor to The Flr»»stone Tire A Rubber 

Company. Akron. Ohio. Friction device. 2.537,629. 

Jan. 9. 
Brown, Roy W., assignor to The Firestone Tire tk Rubber 

Company. Akron. Ohio. Pivotal mounting for aircraft 

wheels 2.537.634. Jan. 9. 
Brown. Roy W., assignor to The Firestone Tire & Rubber 

Company, Akron. Ohio. Steerable aircraft under- 

cnrrlaire. 2. .537. 650. Jan. 9. 
Brown. Roy W.. assignor to The Firestone Tire & Rubber 

Company. Akron, Ohio. Making friction 

2..5rt0,024. July 10. 
Brown. Roy W.. assignor to The FInstone Tire Jt Rubber 

Compjjny. Akron, Ohio. Attaching airplane proi)eller 

delcer shoes. 2.500.026. July 10. 
Brown. Roy W., assignor to The Firestone Tire Sc Rubber 

Company. Akron. Ohio. Friction material lubricant. 

2..560.051. July 10. 

Brown, Roy W., Akron, Ohio, assignor, by mesn«» assign- 
ments, to the rnlte<l States of America, as ri'pr«*sented 
by the Civil .\eronautics .\dministratlon, l>enartment of 
Commerce. Cross-wind undercarralge. 2.5(i2,0.S2, July 

Brown. Sanborn C, Cambridge. Mass., assignors, by 
mesne assl>;nments, to Research Corporation, New 
York, N. Y. Voltage stubilizing system and tube. 
2.576.100. Nov. 27. 

Brown. Sanford P.. Beaumont, Tex. Form for molding 
ciiiientitious material. 2.548,343. Apr. 10. 

Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Company, assignee : 
A" re — I 

Levesque, George N. 
M.itliewson, Maxwell I. ' 

Parker, John W. 
Weimar, Ilans C. 

P.rown, .Sherman J. : See — 

Russfll. Klinn W., Jr.. Rosenberg, and Brown. 

Brown, Steffen S., assignor to Tlie Brown Brockmeyer 
Company. Dayton. Oliio. Electric motors aud oper- 
ating motors. 2.543,149, Feb. 27. 

Brown, Steden S., as.signor to The Brown-Brorkmeyer 
Company, Dayton, Ohio. EliHTtric motor. 2.556,573, 
June 12. 

Brown, StefTen S., assignor to The Ilrown-Brockmeyer Com- 
pany, Dayton. Ohio. Centrifugal guided speed respom 
.sive device. 2.561,500. July 24. 

Brown, Stephen S., Houston, Tex., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Stan<lard Oil Development" Company, 
Elizabeth. N. J. Device for controlling the injection of 
fluids. 2.543.828. Mar. 6. 

Brown, Stewart R., .Mfg. Co.. Inc., assignee: See — 
Anderson. Gordon S. 

Brown. ■Theo«lore (',., Sunnyvale. Calif. Speed decelerat- 
liikT iftdlrafor for motor vehicles. 2.574.016. Nov. I.'j. 

Brown, Theophllus, assignor to Deere & Company, Mollne. 
ni. Power lift. 2.538.143. Jan. 16. 

Brown, Theophllus, assignor to Deere & Comp.iny. Mollne, 
111. Adjustable wheel base tractor. 2,5.19.935. July 10. 

Brown, Theophllus, assignor to Deere & Company. Moline, 
III. Tractor seat leveling mechanism. 2,572,910, Oct. 

Brown. Theophllus, assignor to Deere A Company. Mollne, 
111. Tractor. 2.572.9 1 1, Oct. ."lO. 

Brown, Theophllus, assignor to Deere A Company. Moline, 
111. Cultivator spring trip. 2.575.510 Nov. 20. 

Brown. Theophllus. and T. W. Paul, assignors to Deere 
A Company. Mollne, 111, ResiUently mounted seat. 
2..'S.36.418. Jan. 2. 

Brown, Thomas W. F., Newcastle on-Tyne, and H. 0. 
Yates. Nortliumberl.iitd. assignors to Tlie Parsons and 
Marine Knglneering Turbim' I.'esvarcli and Development 
Association. Wallsend. England. Elastic fluid turbine 
connection. 2. 56.".. 048. .\ug. 28. 

Brown, Vauirhn IT.. .Milwatikee, Wis. Electric soldering 
iron. 2..552.253. May 8. 

Brown, Vincent P.. Williamsport, Pa. Shade roller winder. 
2.570.038. Oct. 9. 

Brown. Virgil S.. Prescott. Iowa. Adjustable headreat 
for creejM'rs. 2.504.32.'{. Aug. 14. 

Brown. Wallace C. assignor to Gunn Furniture Company, 
Grand Rapids, Mich Adju.stable base for desks, furni- 
ture, and the like. 2,544,822, Mar. 13. 

Brown, Wallace .M.. assignor to Kenworth Motor Truck 
Corporation, Seattle. Wash. Difrerential for multiple- 
drive vehicles. 2,558.417. June 20. 

Brown, Walter D., Jacksonville. Fla. 
Dec. 18 

Brown. Walter E. : See — 

Harrison. Stuart A., and Brown. 

P.rown. Walter J., <Mevelan<l Helirhfs, 
control circuit. 2,554, «;95. May 29. 

Brown, Warren G.. West Engiewood. a.ssignor to Elec- 
trons, Incorporated. .Newark, N. J. Controllable elec- 
tron discharge tube having low tube losses. 2.559.395, 

Brown, Wesley TI.. assignor of one-half to W. Hatcher. 
Knoxvllle, Tenn. lly<lraulic motor mechanii^m for 
windshield wipers. 2.543. 080, Feb. 27. 

Brown, Wesley II., Knoxvllle. Tenn. Ilvdraulic system 
for vehicle steerinc. 2.557.930. June 20. 

Brown, Wesley R., Emmett. Idaho. Anchor for mortise 
and tenon Joint. 2.538.292. Jan. 16. 

Brown. Wilfred J,. Yuba, Wis Traction attachment for 
vehicle tires. 2.573,092. Oct. 30. 

Brown, William : See — 

.Xbbols. Rex. and Brown 

Brown, William. Far Rockaway, and E. 
.Mamaronec'K. N Y,. assignors to Radio 
America. Fre<iaency divider. 2,538,278. 

Brown, William, Nottingham. England, 
mechanism. 2,500,1.54. July 10. 

Brown. William. .Nottingham. England. Selector mecha- 
nism for change speed bub gears of cycle wheels. 
2.50G.97S. Sept. 4. 

Brown. William A., Lincoln. Maine. Interchangeable tem- 
ple for eyeglass frames. 2,547.923, Apr. 10. 

Brown. William C, Llnroln. assicnor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company. Newton. Slass. Tnvitv reisonator 
electron discharge device. 2.542.899, Feb. 20. 

Brown. William C. Lincoln, asslcnor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company, Newton. .Mass. i:i«>ctron discharge 
device of the magnetron type. 2,550,747, June 12. 

Brow3i. William C.. Lincoln, a.sslgnor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company. Newton. Mass, Cavity resonator 
electron-discharge device. 2,557,780. June 19. 

Tool. 2,579.360, 

Ohio. Current limit 

n. Schoenfeld. 
Corporation of 

Jan. 16. 

Control lever 



Brown, William C. Lincoln, and J. E. Stacy, \\mthrop. 
asBlgnors to Raytheon Manufacturing Company, Nfwton. 
Mass. Magnetron power supply clrculte. -:.o4J.Sbi. 

Brm".' William E. assignor to Perfection rackaglng, 

Sliflburn, Ind. Swim goggles. 2, 5(18.316. Sept. 18. 
Brown. William L.. Curmi. 111. Closing attachment for 

iinkH. :;..-.r.u.o38. A\<t lm. . * ,. 

Brown William N., Winona Lake, asplgnor to Arnolt 
forporatlon. Warsaw. Ind, Furniture construction. 
'-'.r>7S..31>7. l»eo. 11. 

Brown. William N., Jr. : See- 
Meek. Charles E.. Jr., and Brown. ^ ^ .v 

Brown William R.. Cleveland. Ohio. Seat and btrth 
construction. 2.544.980. Mar. 13. w v », 

Brown Will am T.. Fort Wayne, and L. C. (.iranlot New 
Haven Ind assl;;nor9. by mesne assignments, to I-arns- 
wortli Research Corporation. Adjustable electrical con- 
df'nser mounting nu-ans. 2,r>r.8.715. Sept. 2.». 

Brown William T.. West Suffleld, Conn., assignor to 
A ti Spalding & Bros. Inc . Chlcopee. Mass. Making 
athletic balls. 2..')7!».2U4. IX'C. 18. 

Brownawell. J 15. assignee: See — 

Wonver. .I:iini»s C. ^ x, j /r 

Browne Charles .M.. assignor to Llhbey-Owens-Ford ClaRS 
Company. T<de<lo. Ohio. Flux. 2.503,391. Aug. 7. 

Brown.- (harb* >U. assignor to Libhey-Owens Ford Class 
Company, Toledo. Ohio. Apparatus for uniting metal 
to glass. 2.577. son. l»ec. 4. 

Browne. Jack, a.ssignor. by m.sne assignments, to njvJng 
F(iuiiim.nt and Supply Co.. Milwaukee. Wis. Diving 
.•iult. 2,5r.9.4r.l. Oct. 2. 

Browne. Kennetli A. : See — 

I.undnulst. Wilton C. and Browne. . „. , u, 

Browne Kenneth A.. Rldgewood. N. J., assignor to Wright 
Aeronautical Cor|)oration. Engine pressure control 
mechanism having housing containing an evacuated 
bellows and a vented b.-Uows. 2.500,210, July 10. 

Browne. Llndsav II.. Westport. Conn., assignor to 
Anifrlcnn Brake Shoe Company. Speed re<lucer. 
2.550.359. June 12, ^ , 

Browne, Ollie H., assignor to Snow Cones. Inc. 
T.'X. Iceshavlng machine. 2.552.933. May 1.> 
Samu»l U.. Buffalo, N. Y. Auxiliary 
2.545.840. Mar. 20. 

Thomas K. Jr.. Forest IIUls. assignor to Westing- 
Flectric Corporatitm, East I'ittsburgh, Fa. Cir- 
cuit interrupter. 2.508.381, Sept. 18. 

Browne II.. Columbus. Ohio, assignor, by mosne 
assignments, to lloudaille-IIershey Corporation. De- 
troit. Mich. Making reslll-'nt batls. 2.571.334. Oct. 10. 

Browne William H.. Columbus. Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
assignments to Iloudaille Il«rshey Corporation. Detroit. 
Mich. Machine for making resilient batts. 2,571.335, 

O'^t. 10. . , .. . 

Brownell, ClllTord E.. Buffalo, assignor of one-fnurth to 
A F Wilson, Fast .\urora. one-fourtli to E. N. \\ ilson. 
one-fourth to L. A. Wilson, and one-fourth to S. S. Wil- 
son. Buffalo, X. Y. Receptacle closure. 2.503,456, 
Aug. 7. 

Brownell. Clifford E . 
tlon. Buffalo. N. Y. 

Brownell. Clifford E., 
tlon. Buffalo. N. Y 
Oct. .30. 

Brownell. Doan H 



, Dallas, 

N*. C 

assignor to Llsk-Savory Corpora- 
Pallholder. 2,505,448. Aug. 21. 
assignor to Llsk Savory Corpora- 
Galvanizing machine. 2,573.060, 

assignor to American Enka Corpora- 
Thread advancing reel. 2,562,768. 

New York, N. Y. Transformer. 

S.. Company, assignee : See — 

tlon, Knka. 

Brownell. Harry R., 

2.500.920. July 17. 
Browning. J. M. A M 
Browning. Val A. 
Browning. John W., Havre, assignor of two per cent to 

E and A Y Obie, Bozeinan. Mont. High-speed flexible 

Joint. 2.540.298. Mar. 27. 
Browning. Leander. Greenwood. Ind. 

2.574.206, Nov. 6. 
Browning. Richardson O.. North 

Spray boom device. 

Hollywood. Calif. 

for sighting instruments. 

per cent to V. K. 
and twenty per cent 
Mont. Tool joint. 

& M. 


S. Browninc 
for firearms. 

I'emlulum inclinometer 

2. 509. 790. Oct. 2. 
Browning. Roe V.. assignor of ten 

Browning, twenty per rent to J. W 

to o. R. Tsehache, Bo/eman, 

2,552.147. May 8. 
Browning, Val A., assignor to J. M, 

Coinpanv. Ogden. Ut.ih. llanimer 

2 .505.018. Aug. 21. 
Browniiiir. V.ra i:.. assignee: See — 

Browning. Roe V. 
Brownlie .I..lin. Freeport. R. Gerstenzang. Brooklyn. N. Y.. 

and \" C Blamev. Rutherford. N. J. : said Blarney 

assignor to s.iid Br.iwnlie and_ said Gerstenzang. Case- 
ment window hinge. 2.579.7S5, Dec. 25. 
Brownlow CpcII L.. a.ssignor to Phillips Petroleum C^m- 

panv BartlegvUIe. Okla. Circuit breaker. 2,54o.2ob. 

Mar. 13. ^ , , . 

Brownlow. Cecil L., Bartlesville, Okla.. assignor to 

Phillips Petroleum Conip.iny. Seismograph blaster 

time breaker circuit. 2.578,877. Dec. 18. 
Brownscombe. Philip J.. Chatham, assignor to Grlscombe 

Corporation. Newark. N. J. Camera having edge grip 

film feed. 2.536.156. Jan. 2. 

Browstein. Ravmond G.. Ellwood City, Pa. Scaffold 8iru(* 

ture. 2,555,782, June 5. 
Brovles Otis T., Houston, Tex. Firing mechanism for 

giin perforating. 2,540,184, Feb, 6. 
Broyles, Margaret H. : See — 

Gearhart, William M.. IIIU. and Broyles. 
Brozek. Lawrence : See — 

Helmann. Helnrlch. and Brozek. . . , 

Brozier. Phil. Avella, Pa. Oscillating algnal lamp. 

2.572.439, Oct. 23. 
Brrr. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Joseph. Irwin S. 
Brub.iker, D. H.. assignee: See — 

Williams. William R. ^, ,., , . 

Brubaker. George P.. Los Angeles. Calif., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Dictaphone Corporation. New 
York N v. Sound recorder. 2,570,250. Nov. :.<. 
Brubaker. Henry J., Joliet, 111. Light controlling means. 
2.549.167. Apr. 17. , „ , „ , . i- t 

Brubaker. Merlin M.. Chadds Ford. Pa., assignor to L. I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. 
Linear i>olyineric hydroxy keto esters and preparing 
same. 2.557.250. June 19. 
Brubaker. William, assignor to Akron Brass Manufactur- 
ing Comiiany, Inc.. Woo.ster. Ohio. Reaitachable 
gasoline hose coupling. 2.541,200. Feb. 13- , 
Brubaker. William C. Chicago, 111. 0lfft'rt?ntlal mecha- 
nism. 2.545.001. Mar. 20. 
Brucar. Marcel D. : See — 

Lauter. Werner M.. and Brucar. 
Bruce Dimnld S , assignor to Gunmied Products Company, 
TroV, Ohio. Making reinfoned laminated materiaL 
2..561.78I. July 24. , ^ a 

Bruce Donald S.. and H. L. Helse. assignors to Gummed 
Products Company. Troy. Ohio. Adhesive of water 
remolstenable tvpe from llgnin sulfonic acid and Poly- 
vinyl alcohol and process Involved in its preparation and 
use. 2.544.585. >Iar. 6. 
Brucp. V. L.. Co.. assignee: See — , 

Brush, Helen P. 

I.\ons. Frank H. _. „ i i_ 

Bruce" Everett A. PaoU. assignor to The Pennsylvania 
^alt Manufacturing Company. Philadelphia Pa. Pro- 
duction and separation of a pentachlorophenoL 
2.5f,.'{ 815, Aug, 14. 
Bruce. William F. : See— ^ », „ 

Ople. Joseph W.. Selfter. Bruce, and Mueller. 
Bruce. William F., Havertown, and J. ^>clfter. Willow 
(Jrove assiirnors to Wyeth Incorporated. I'hila<lel|)hla. 
Pa. Substituted glycinamides. 2,548,803, Apr. 17. 
Bruce William F.. Il.iverton. and J. Selfter. Willow c;rove, 
assignors to Wveth Incornorated. I'biladelj.hia. la. 
Substituie<l glycinamides. 2,508,141. Sept. 18. 

Bruce. William F.. Haverton, and J. ^♦'>fV'.'";,^\"l",*'. ^''"^.T*' 
assignors to Wveth lucoritorated, Philadelphia, 1*. 
Aryl-giyclnedialkylamides. 2,508.142. Sept. 18. 

Bruchet. Irvine A., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada^ Ad- 
justable tubular metal school desk and seat. 2,jo9.J90, 

Bruck Henri, Paris, France, assignor to ( ompagnie <,eii- 
eral'e de Telegraphle Sans I'll. Electronic lens for mi- 
croscopes. 2,554. 17(t. May 22. , ^ ^ , _„ - 

Bruck, Henri, Paris, France, assignor to Compagnie Gen- 
erale de Telegraphle Sans Fll. Voltage divider for varl- 
able magnification electron microscopes. 2,o08,ll-:, 

Br'urkart llarry M . Rochester. N. Y.. assignor to Strom- 

berg-Carlson Company. Telephone Intercept ayatem. 

2 542.749. Feb. 20. 
Briicker, Milton. Los Angeles, Calif. Mold for heat curing 

thermosetting resins. 2.579.898. Dec. 25. 
Bruikiiian. William c. : See — i 

Bean. Morris. Toucliman, and Bruckman. 
Bruder Samuel M.. Benton Harber, Mich. Telephone 

cabiiiet. 2.558.530. June 20. , ^ 

Bruderlin. Henry H.. Venice, Calif. Magnetic phonogranh 

jii<"kup head with two pairs of pole pieces. J,5o4.096, 

Biueckman. Edward G.. Detroit. Mich. Boat launching 
and loading trailer. 2.558.418. June 26. 

Brueckner. Herbert, assignee: Sec — 
Fslev. Wavne P.. 

Brupl. Atidr^ A. L.. Paris. France. Helicopter with auto- 
matic antitorque vane. 2,547.255. Apr. 3. 

Bruell Pro<lucts Company, assignee: See — 

ISenedict. Fremont W. „ . , 

P.niestli' <'.irl o.. Raliwav. assignor to Syncro Machine 
Companv. Perth Aii)b«iy. N. J. Continuous wire draw- 
ing machine. 2.557.215. June 19. 

Bruet Henri R., Neuillv-sur Seine, assignor of one half to 
Efablisspuients A. Cazeneuv.-. I,,a Pl.tine-Saint-Denis 
(Seine). France. Safety device for protecting the dead 
centers of machine tools. 2,573.090, Oct. 23. 

BruflaT. Ragnar A.. P.arneveld. Iowa. Gravity actuated 
guid«' for farm machines. 2.555,9.54. June 5. 

Brugger. r»elwin A.. Los Angeles. Calif. t>^^'«^^*' '0!;,^«1""- 
ing flexible packing and cushioning elements. 2,.jJ7,0-.ti. 

BriicL'er Rudolf assign'>r to Ihrenstejnf.ibrik BrUgger & 
<'ie Frutigen. Switzerland. .Machine for the automatic 
application of unpierced bearing stones to carrier mem- 
bers. 2.553,808. May 22. 



Saffty switch for motor 

Vehicle spring adjuster. 

Hunter, Jr., assiRnors to 




r. Reflet'tur roffte taM« 

Venetian l.lind. 
Venetian blind. 


Hrugk'er. Ward V.. Nielnds. Wis. 

v.hides. J..'..').3.H<>2. May I'J 
Knihn. Claus F'.. Danvers. Minn 

L'..'.»57..'i!M. Sept. 1 1. 
Brums. Richard W.. and \V. F. 

Kastman Kodak Company, Rochester. N. Y. Treparlnj? 
a viscous cellulose acetate solution. 2.541.012, Feb. 13. 
I'.riili»T. Ilobart U'.. assiunor to <;eor>:e \V. Swift. Jr. Inr . 
Hordentown. N. J. rorruRating machine guide strm- 
fure. 2.r(42.*J.'?0. Feb. I'O. 
ISrunibaugh. rhester <'.. Tainesville. assignor to l»i.'ini<>n<l 
-Vlkali Company. Cleveland. Ohio. I'urlfvlng .ilkali 
metal hydn.xid.-s. 2..'>»52.1R!>. July .'?!. 
nrumhauuh. Harold C., assignor of one-third to M. K. 
Kru«'ger. .ind one-third f » II. Hfltzel. Portland. (»reg. 
Trailer hunk. 2..')">3.2fl7. .May l.">. 
Itrumb.iugh, John \V. : Srf 

Moses. r>ougl;y« \'.. and Itrumbaugh. 
Bnin. Max A.. vn>\ I. F. Sauvage. Homerourt, 
assignors to Compagnir des Forges et Acieri»'s de la 
Marine et dTIoiiiecourt t Societe Anonyme) and Soci»tf 
Lorraine dis .\cieries de Romhas (Societe Anonyme i. 
I'aris. Francf. Itistrihutiug device for the charge of 
shaft furnatHs. 2..">»itl.s44. Julv 17. 
nrundage. Alan D.. assignor to F. I, Jacobs Co Detroit. 

Mich. Window rt-gulafor. 2..">47.S.-1. Apr. .T. 
T!r»iiidagt'. .Man D.. assignor to F. L. Jacobs Co.. Detroit. 
.Mich. Ind'xing nitchjinism for l)ottle dispensing 
m.nhlnes. L',.")4!>. I»"iS. Apr. 17. 
Ilrundige. Roy S. F.os Angeles, Calif. Manufacture of 

piyw.Mxl. •i..".7X.7M1. Ikt is 
Bruneau. Albert J . assignor to Institution Cafholi<|ue d«'s 
Sourdsntiets pour la I'rovince de (iueb«>c. Montreal 
Quebec, Canada. I'erfum.v atomizer. 2,ri4.'{.M2!» •; 
Bruiiean. .\lh.rf J, Montreal. tJueb»'c CanjidM Razor 

J. .-•»;!. r.lO. .Fiilv 24. 
Brunell. Walter 11., and R. D. Hand. Omaha 

Bottleholder. 2..')3«.419. Jan. 2. 
Brumll.'. Henry K.. S« hciitctady. X. V . and 1.. S. 
Monf.\ idt'o. Minn., assignors to <;en«ral Klcctrlt 
p.iny. M.i^rnito gt-nnrator. 2..'>.'>3.2!>S. May 1.'. 
RrunengnilMr. Mates. Berlin-M.iriendorf. Cermanv 

l»-t cal. ndar. 2. .".0.21 1. July a 
Hruiier. Marvin J . assignee : iice — 

Ritt.T. S.iul. ;ind Hruner. > 

nrun«'r. Roy, Washington. D 

2,."»4S..',S(;. Apr. 10 
r.rnner. Rudy. New York. X. Y. 

Mar. 20. 
I'.runer, Rudv. Xew York X. Y 

IV'c. IS. 
Hruner. W.ilter M : .v»» 

«;res!iain. William h\. Brooks, and Bniner 
Brimf-r. W.ilt.'r M.. and F. K. Watson. .MSsiLMiors 

<lii l'..nt d»' Nemours & Coinpanv. Wilmington Del. 
l'rf[>M ration of X-cyanomethylmorpholine. 2..'>70.7C0 
< >ct. U. 
Brunef. C.asfon, Tournus. France. Formin 

plasMc cont.iin<rs. 2.r>ti2.."2r*,. July hi. 
Mrun.'t!!. Josj'ph. .issignor to CMlnnibia I'rottktosite Com- 
pany. Inc.. Tarlstadt. .\. J. Tov hou.s.- construction 
2..".»i(>. 1.',.-, July in. 
I'.runginl. Guy :' Sir 

TasclHT. Fugene S.. and Brungard. 
Bruning. Charlfs. Company. Inc. a.ssignee • Srr — . 

Arndt. John P. 
Bruni.i, William F.. Des Moines. Iowa. Sicflonal metal 

box. 2,r..'i2.400. May S. 
I'.runing. .\riiiin J.. Baltimore. Md. Color comnarator 

2. ."><'.♦".. 07!>. .Vug. 2S. 
I'.runing. riu, ries. Company, Inc 

Hruby. .Fos.-ph. 
Bruni'S. .\ustin S. : Sec — 

BoL'art. Marcel J. P.. and Brunjes 
Brnnn. Robert B. J.. Manhasset. X. V.. ns.sLinior to H.izcl 
tint' !{.«;. ir.h. Inc. rhicigo. HI Tniffic signaling vv^- 
tem 2. .">.">• s!»;' M:iv 2!» 
Briinner. .Anthony T., Half Moon Bay, Calif. Stanchion. 

2.;>." I .!>♦>.". Jan. IB. 
Brnnner. An'un J.. Congress Park. Ill . assignor fo 
\\estern FIfi trie Company. Incorporated New York 
X. Y. High pressur*' nozzle. 2..">r,7.«;<».1 11. 
Brnnn.r. D.von.i A., assignor of on*, h.ilf to H Bnmiier 
« Inc.igo. 111. Hair wave solution receptacle. 2..".4t! H17. 
Mar. 27. 
P.nmii.r. Devona A., assignor of one h.ilf to H. Brunner 
«'hicaL'o. HI. H.iirpiu organizer. . 2.."7H.22.'*.. IHm-. IT 
Brunner. (Jeorge V.. an<l J. J. C.resko. assignors to 
Sylvania Flectric Products Inc.. Emporium. Pa. P.ase 
threailing method and apparatus. 2.536,«)77 
BruMni'f. Howard. .•issign»>e : Sec — 

Brunner. Devona .\. 
Brunner. Ri.h.ird J.. Detroit. Mich . assignor to Bendix 
.\\i.ition Corporation 
2.."»«is.".»s7. Sept. 2."». 
Bruniiz.'ll. Fridrtlf H.. Sundsvall. 

covering 2..'>7.">.!M I. Nov. 20. 
P.runo. Tdsimo D.. Youngstown, Ohio. 

dow curf.iiiis. 2.."»«'i."».."is,s. Aug. 2*<. 
Brunot. Albert W.. Lynn. R. O Fulton. Boxford. and I J. 
Sol^.imon. Dorchester. .M.iss. assignors to 4:«>ner:il Flec- 
tric rompjuiy. Automatic gauging devic»>. 2.5.")4 171 
Mav 22. " 

..'.79.1.: 7. 

to F. I. 


assignee : ifrr 


tlich . assignor 
South Bend. Ind. Carburetor. 

Sweden. Insulating 

Cornice for win- 


assignee : Se9 — 

assignor to Moni.ier Brothers. Inc.. 
Lubricator for air lines. 2,.">72.440. 

<'ompany. The. a.ssjgn*>e: Src — 

Brunschwyler. John P . Welch. W. Va.. assignor to Allle*! 

Chemical & Dye Corporation. Xew York. X. Y Sand 

bin and drier. 2.."t.'»2.2.'>4. May «. 
Brunson. Thayer R.. assign .r to Rockv M.Mintain 

Pro<lucts Comriany. iH-nver, «'.>l... Yiming tievi.e for 

»'lectri<al ••irruits. 2..">4l.!»s.{. Feb L'M 

Brunsviga Machinenwerke Aktiengesellschaft 

Jordan. Kurt. 

Xeumann I.,eziu8. Hans, and Wilberg. 
I'.runswiek ltalk-< 'olleiider » oinpany. Th*-. 
Anderson, Roln-rt I. 
Hirsch. Louis. 
.McKenzii>. Herman K. 
Winkler. Wynn (J., and Rewalt. 
P.rush. Corning S.. assii;nor to .Motuiier Brothers. Inc., 
Algonac, -Mich. Lubricator for air lines. 2,5»J!>..'».'>3, 
Oct. 2. 
Brush. 4'orning S. 
Algonac. .\Iich. 
Oct. 2."{. 

Brush Development 
Begun. Semi J. 
Chambers. Lawniue B. Dean R. 
<;ravlev. Charles K. 
J.ifTe. Hans. 

JafTe. H.ins. Brazis, and Kjellgren. 

Kornei. otto. 

Lynch. Thomas K. 

Mas.s.i. Frank. 

Rouse. John H. ' 

Stfdiz. James F. 

Williams. Alfre.l L. W. 

Willi.ims. Alfred L. W.. :ind Begun. 

Brush. Helen P., Painesville. Ohio, assignor, bv 

assignments, to E. L. Bruce Company. Memphis. 

Self-polishing wax composition. 2..'53fi.349, Jan. 

Brusoti. Herman A . Sh.iker Heights, assignor to Industrial 

Rayon <'ott>oration. Clevel.Mnl. njiio Wet extrusion of 

.•icryloiiitrile polymers. 2..">70.200. Ot-t. 0. 

Brujion. Herman .\ . Sh.iker H.-ights. and O. S. Hooper. 

Bay Vill.ige. assi-nors to Industrial Rayon Corporation. 

• 'levei.ind. Ohio. Acrylonitrile polVmer spinning. 

2..-.7O.201. Oct. 0. 

Brusse. .\rchle B.. assignor* to 

Products Co.. Denver. Colo. 

2..-.4S.8«i4. Apr. 17. 

Briis.sell. Jacob. New York. X. Y. 

machine. 2.."if>:'..;t1t;. Aug 14 
Bnist. Frich, Norwood. X. J. ' 

Mar. O. 
Brutseh & Co.. assignee: See- 

Sutter. H.ins. 
Bruyue.s. Hentlrik. Hartford, assignor 
Corporation. Fast Hartford. Conn 

vi<-e. 2..")."..»<.sir.. Julv :: 
Bruzau. Marie, and C Meuleau. Paris. 
to International Standard Flectric 



Rocky Mountain Metal 
Ortliodontic appliance. 

Multiple needle sewing 

Animal trap. 2,.'>44.2».'>. 

to Iniiy^l .\ircraft 
Flui<l mixing de- 

France, assignors 
Corporation. Xew 

phosphate piezoele<tric 

S. A. Wier. 

York. N. Y. .Moiidpntassium 
crystals. 2..'i7."..."»l 1. .Nov. 2«». 

Bruzdoskl. Constance .T. : ffn - 

Buckingham. D.. and Bruzdoskl. 
Bryan. Carroll W.. Dallas. Tex. HydraJilh- wheel jack. 

2..'»4I.4y4. Feb. 13. 
llrvan. Carroll W.. assignor of one half to 

I>allas. Tex. Surface conditioning tool. 

Apr. 17. 
Bryan. Frnest .\.. Be\Iey. assii:nor to Si«'mens Brothers & 

Company Limited London, laigland. Rotary sele<tive 

switch. 2..">«".S.O.*iU. Sept. |s. 

Brvan. Ernest .\.. P.exley. assignor to Siemens Brothers 
Ac Comp.iny Limited. London. Oscillating step 2..">70.."(1 s. Oit. !». 

P.ryan. Floyd K.. Venice, and W. F. <;unning. Los .\ngeles. 
assignors lo Douglas .\ir<Taft Ci(iiu>aiiy. Inc. .S.inta 
Moni(a. Calif. Flertronic control de\ ice. 2 ."»4.'» 2.'»7 13. ■ • Harry F.. Chicago. Ill . assit'nor to Interna tioii.ii 
H.irvester Comp.iny INsilj.iitlv mounted oper.itor's 
sf.ition for tractors. 2.."».">s,«»i's. Jnly ',',. 

Bryan. James D.. Cambridge, and M. A. Starr. Belmont. 

Nl.-iss.. assij:nors. by m«>siie .-issigiiments. to the Cnited 

States of America .is rei>resented by the Secretary of 

War. Marker circuit. 2..".4.n.4.'?4. Feb. 27. Joe F.. O. F. Bryan, and V. B. Crews. Plant City. 

n.i ; said O. F. Bryan assignor to s.iid J F. Bry.aii 

.and said V. B. Cri'ws. Horizontally swinging b.arber 

rest. 2.."..'.4.s.'»2. Mav 2!>. 
Bryan. John W., Trapliill. .X. C. Folding hg .<Jerying trav 

2.5.">7..'.!>4. June 1!». 
Bryan. Lloyil. Bartlesville. Okla.. assignor to 

Rt'search Cori>oration. San Friiieiseo, Calif. 

for coating pipes. 2.."..">4.4.">3. May 22. 
Bryan. Oather F. : Srr 

Bryan. Joe E.. o. F.. and C.-.-ws 
Bryan. Ralph D.. La Grange. 111. Resilient side bearing 

2..-.47.s.-,2. At.r. :!. '^ 

Bryan. Ri( hard C. : ftrr . 

Lucas. Clennard R.. and Brvan 
Bryan, Thomas E.. Fort Worth. Tex. Fluid lift control 

valve for oil wells. 2,541,807, Feb. 13. 

Field iiiuld 





Hr.vaiit. AIImti II.. Kiiolis. linl. G'>lf tliih iiidi- 

rator. ■_'..'»4»'.. 4i.>»;, Mnr. 27. 
Rrvjiiit. Alo.x .-iiiis .1.. ailiiiiiiistrntor :(.^Y»'— 
llult<|iiisi. Martin i; . iitnl Siiltliari»w. 
Uiy^iiit, Aiistiii I .. r..rkcli\. Calif. I,i<nii(l ilisitciisrr 

witli iiif,iii« to \ar.v a iin-sisuifd ili.xcliarjrt'. L'.r)7«».T4T, 

Ni'x . -7 ! 
Bryant Clim^inc (Irindor Company, dssi^noe : Sre — 
Anns. Mcrron H. 
Anns. Melton II.. ;in<l •Iroln-v. 
I'.rvfliii. U ilji.-uii J., ami Ljuii;;^'"!'!'. ' 
Cornell. Klton S 
I»ay. Hernard <". " 

Itf'inuih. <;al:iii W. 
Ljiint'i:r«Mj. Tlmr II.. and Johnson. 
Bryant. Corwin W.. Downor.s (;ri>v«', assignor to Crane 

Co.. ChicaKo. III. Adjustable tanj. l',."»7;{.»!;{8, (Kt. :!0. 
Bryant. Cyril \V.. assi^iift- : Hcc — 
I'.ryant. Klimr II. 
^ryant. IMinoiifl V.. Cleveland. Ohio. Snow. icf. .and frost 

shield for windshields. I'.."i."»s.si7. July.'?. 
s.Bryant Klcctric Company, The, asslRnee : See — 
I Seim. Ilarr.v K. 

Jlryant. Elmer M.. assi>:iior of one-h.ilf to C \V I'.rvani, 

Oklahoma City. Okla. Tenoner. 2,."»47,807, Apr. .}." 
Bry.ant. Ceoru-- I".. Chic.iKo, and It C. n.ik I'ark. 

111. Kxpandinj,' niandn-l. 2.r.48.0!M). Apr. H». <;i)>nn I>.. Sirakville. Miss., assignor to The Ape^ 

KN-rtrlcal .Mannfactnrin;: Company. <"leveland. Ohio. 

Washiii}: machine. »'.."i74.(i1 7, Nov. l.'{. 
Bryant.<l A.. Bev.Tly Hills. Calif. I'niversal panel 

mastering tixfuro. 2..">77.r>09. Dee. 4. 
Bryant. Novls E.. Roswell. N. M.-x. Machine for stami.- 

inc .irtlcl.'s. J. .").". l.()<»:i. May 1. 
Bryant. Ozro X. : Sr( 

Sehwendner. Anthony V.. and Hrvant. 
Bryant, Ozro N.. Prospect I'ark. .ind M. Cottli.-h. Thila- 

delphia. asSiL'nors to \V<stini:hoiise Klectric <"orpora- 

tion. F^st riffuburKh. I'a. Uemilatini: apparatus for 

extraction turbines. 2.5."»L'.4<»1. Mav 8. 
Brvant. Otis F.. Bismarek. X. I>ak. Mileaue device. 

i.r.7r,..-.47. Nov. 20. 
Bryant. Kay K.. I.ib.rty. S. C. r)oub|o-actin»: In nch plane. 

2.ri.'i«l,7C,r,. May 1. 
Bryant. FJaymond c. : Sr( iJeorire V. and l{. C. 
Bryant. Robert M.. Italtimore. Md. Calendar. 2.549.418 

Apr. 17. 
Bryant. Thomas .T.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Snow mel- 

ter. 2. ."><;."( ."is't. Aim. 2N. 
Bryant. William J., ami T. 11. Liun^juren. .issiirnors to 

Bryant Chiiekinu Crinder Coinp.iny Springfield. Vt. 

Iliirh speiMl rotor moiinHnir. 2.."i."»n.{M(S. M.iy i. Willi.un K , Hoiu'sd.ilo. I»a. Foldinp pocket seat 

2.."»f.7..">'.t."i. .'^ept. II. 
Bryee. .\llan H.. riovideiiee. U. I. Slide f.istener for 

detachably .ittachintr hutt<ms to fabric an<l tlie like 

2.."i74.014. Xov. r,. 
Brv.e. .latnes \V.. <;ien I{id;;e. X. .7,. ami .T. N. Wheeler. 

Hawthorne, assiirnors to Itusiiiess M.i 

chines Corfmratidn. New York. N. Y. <'.imhini><l tvp. 

writer and compufini: machine with accumulators of the 

rel.iv tviM'. 2.."..".1.0!»:{, Mav 1. 
Bryce. .Tames W.. Clen Hidu'P. X. J., and J. X. Wheeler. 

H.iwfhorne. assiL'tmrs to Itiisini'ss 

Machines Corpor.ition. Xew York. X V I'utuhini: 

strip ni.ateriai. 2.."..M.n!t4. Mav 1. 
Bryce. .Tames W.. Clen Tlidi:.-. X. .T.. and U. T. I'.lakely. 

.\mifyville. jissiirnors to Intern.itional liiisincss Machines 

Cori)or.ition. Xew York. X. Y. Pattern component 

emitter. 2.5.").l. 1 70. M.iv !.'» 
Bryce, .Tohn T.. I'ark KhU'e 111 Il«dia(or 2. .".7.!. .":'.!». 

Oct. ns) 
Bryce Holiert M . assi-nor to M. Friend. I.os Aniieles. 

<\-ilif Wind deili-etor. 2. .".7.".. :•.!•<;. Oct. no. 
P.rrce. INdiert S.. assiirtior to Kod.iU Cunuuniy. 

Rochester. X. Y. , Blchrom.ite .sensitized idiotojrraphic 

materials. 2..". HI, 877, Mar. l."?. 
Brychta. i'red : .*>>»•- 

Hnsinberre, Dnvid W. and Brychta. 

BrydiTcs. l»e Will K . assi;:nee ; .V( c " Archie W. 

Bryner. .losejdi S. : Srr— 

KihlL'ren. Theodore TT.. and Brvner. 

Brynirelson. IJosa Omaha. Xebr. " Device f«,r aiditiu' in 
chart m.ikinir. 2.."i."ir,..M S. .Tune 12. 

Brvs.oi llenrv K.. Vienuii. Va. Swin;;inji door fixture 
2..V,.-,.7.s:{. .Tunc .".. 

Bryzek. Carl M.. .•issi;rnor to Cc-rc Heainer <'o.. Chicairc. 
III. riNiiansible bracelet. 2..'>7.'i.207. Nov. 1.'?. 

Brzo7owski. Witold. Westmoiint. Montnal. Can- 
ada, assignor to S. C/.arnecki. Walden. X. V. Rotor 
anil rotor blade control .ippatatiis for helieoitiers 
2..".i;0 ♦■,s2. .Tilly 17 

Bua. Tony. Brooklyn. X. Y. Hetailiable means for com- 
bination bed structures. 2.." 44.1. "'12, r.. 

P.iib. Koberf .\ . assjL'iior to Mine S.iteiy .Viipli.i nces Coiii- 
p.iny. PittsliiirL'h. P.i. Combin.ation welder's 
shield and llelmef. 2.."•7*^.17l Oee, 11. 

Biibar. Heittert W. Toroiito. Ontario. Canada. Kev im 
rolliiiL' collatisilile tiilw's. 2. •".'{('.. 427. Jan. 2. 

Bubbl" Clin. Inc.. assi;rnee : f^rr — 
Limber. Xichol.-is J. 

Bubeck, Je.mnette W.. Los AnReUs, Calif. Tie-back 
curtain. 2,r)37.7;>4, Jan. U. 

Buc, Georue L. : Kec — 

(iatxd. Joseph W.. and Buc. 

Buc, Saul R. : 8ee— 

Randall. David I., and Buc. 

BiK'. Saul It., F.aston. pa.. and i:. K. Renfrew. Phillips- 
bur;:. .\. J.. as*<iL'nors to ( .\niline \- Film <'or- 
poration. Xew York. N. Y. 1 hydroxy 4 (ti'-benzwli- 
oxaii-l'. .",'1 amino .-inthraqiiinone. 2.."(4«>.12l, 20. 

Bucatinsky, Jacobo : See — 

Calles. Isaac, and Bucatinsky. Werner: Sec — 

White, Zebulou L.. and 

Buchalter. Charles, Xew York. X. Y'. Geometrical and 
centering,' device. 2.f»40.8C.l. Feb. 6. 

Buchan. Itiidolph C. Houston. Tex.. assi;:nor, l>y mesne 
assi;:iiment8. to Standard oil I»evel>>pnient <"omp;tny, 
Elizabeth, N. J. Preventing corrosion in wells. 
2..'.<in.:;:n. July lO. Ch.nles S. W.. assiLwnir to Americ-.m Viseose 
«'orporaiion. Wilmington, Del. Twist direction finder. 
2.."».54..")1M. .May 29. 

Buchanan IMi-ctrical Products Corjioration. assignee : ' 
>««• — 

Buchanan. Stephen X. 

Buchanan. (Jeorue R.. Jr.. Afton. assi;:nor to Monsant<» 
Chemicil Company. St. Louis. Mo. Heat stabilized jHtly- 
viiiyl chloride compositi- tns. 2..">42.17;». Feb. 20. 

Buchanan. J. I)., i;urbank, Calif. Four-way valve. 
2>."j(;9..")!tS. Oct; 2 

Buch.iiian. James R.. Manchester. Fn>:Iand. Means for ar- 
ticle iKdders and mounting means therefor. 2..'»f;i.(;i 1. 
July 24. 

Buchanan. Leslie B. M., Sprinufield. Mass., assij:nor to 
Weslinphouse Fle<'tric Corpora ii(Ui. i:ast Pittsburuli, 
Pa. V.iriable displacement iiump control mechanism. 
2.."(.')0.t»t;t!. May 1. 

Buchanan. I.Ioyd .\.. Panama Cjty. Fla.. assijinor to one- 
tenth to J. B. Newman. Opelika. Ala., .and nine-tenths 
to C. T. P.odiford. Autoni.itie gasoline hosf nieasurin^j 
cutofT i.ozzle. 2..">.">7.."..'.<i. .lime 1!«. 

Buch.anan. Robert F. Denver. Colo. Mold for and meth- 
od of making drainpiiie splash blocks. 2.571,417, Oct.' 
1 «■>. 

Buchanan. Robert L., Cranford. X. J., aasipnor to E. i. da 
Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. Pre- 
paring titanium dioxide. 2. 541, 495, Feb. 1.3. 

Buch.inin. Stephen N.. Klizabeth. N. J., .assignor to Air- 
craft-.M.iriiie Products. Inc.. Ilarrisburg. Pa. Swaged 
electri<:il connection. 2.554.Si:>,. M.iy 29. Stephen N.. Westmoreland Hills. Md.. .assignor 
to Buchanan Kleetricil Products Corphration. Kli'za- 
beth. N. J. Wire splice cminector. 2.5«;<i.«18:;. Jiilv 17. 

P.iich.inan. H., Steiibeiiville. tHiio. Finger uuard 
for clothes wringers. 2..'t45.5<>9, Mar. 20. 

Buchanan. Webb H., Texarkana, Tex. Sacroiliac spinal 
.and visceral adju.sting table. 2.505.019. Aug. 21. 

I'.uchdahl. Rolf. Longnieadow. M.iss.. and J. C t'ur.ido. 
Rutherford. N. J., .assignors to Sun Corpora- 
tion. New York. N. Y. Viscosimeter. 2.55.'{.XM. Mav 22. 

Bmher. Thomas T. N.. Moorestown. X. J., assignor to 
Radio c<)r|»oration of America. Diversitv svstem 
2.572.912. Oct. .10. " - 

Buchert. Jacob: S<e - 

Ilollmeyer. Thomas J., and Hudiert. 

Buchet. Conrad R. : Ser — 

Lansdale, William M., and P.nchet. 

Biichi. Alfnd. Winterlhur. Switzerland. Valve contrcdied 
four stroke cycle internal-combustion engine 2 571 5:!5 
Oct. !•! ... 

P.uchi. -Mfred. Winlerthiir. Switzerland. Cooling device 
for turbines: 2.577.179. Dec, 4. 

P.uchi. .Mfred. Winterthur. Switzerland. Friction gear 
2.577. ISO. Dec 4. 

Buchholz. Arnold R.. W. H. Sprenger. .md <». K. HonTman, 
assijyiors to Ur.indt Automatic Cashier <'omii.inv. Wa- 
tertowij. Wis. Coin handling machine. 2.547.5(!.'J. 
At.r. .•'.. 

P.iichhcdz. Lon^ P.<ach. Calif. ProjMTtv line 
fc-iice construction. 2.54t).494. 27. 

I'.ucliliiirn. Fred. J.ickson Heights. N. Y. Licniid c-o<ding 

de\ ice 

'.54.::22. Mav 22 

B;ichmann. Fred J. : See — 

Siitnerford. Simpson D., anci Buchtnann. 
P.iichmann. Fred J., .md A. \<.orhi-s. Jr.. P.aton Rouce, 

I. a.. :issi;.'nors to Staiid.ird Oil D<\ elcipnient Comoany. 

I.ow-pre-siire hydrocarbon svnih.^i.v process. 2.552 .'508, 

M.iy 8. 
Biichni-r. Karl. Duisburg Hamborn. Cirinany. Production 

of i»otassium carbonate. 2.544.748. Mar. 1.''.. 
P.ucliwalil. Cli.irlis i;. : Stf > 

P.rii:anti. .\nthoiry H.. and P.uchwald. 
P.iifk. .Vlleii ('.. v»-\\ P.riinswick. .md J. F. Cmilon. 

.Mefiicheii. N. J. .1 .siiinors lo i:. I. dii Pont cle Nemours 

A- <'omp.iny. WMmingtun. Del. «"o.itin:: compositions 

and atn/lyinir s.iine to ^l.iss. 2.509.920. Oct. 2. 
Bii'k. Alvfh J.. Elkhart. .Ind. Armrest for automobiles 

and trucks. 2.5tiT.^40. 5<ept. 11. 
Buck. Charles E : See — 

Short. Brooks H.. and Buck. 
Buck. Clarence- .X.. Chicago. III. Nail puller. 2.570.914, 

Oct. 9. 



Mount ProHpect, III. 
Glencoe. 111. Set of 

Nail puller, 
game piece*. 

Bock, Clarence N.. 

2.570,9 ir>. Oct. 'J. 
Buck. Gordon F.. 

2.r>71.1"jr>. Oct. 10. 
Bock. Honi»T O.. Los AnRHl.t. Calif. aMtffnor to Ily-Buk 

Company. Pr»'form»'<J sign unit. i!,5.'.9.75«J. July 10. 
Bi)cl(. Jaiii«*8 A.. aaMii;nc«> : Hee — 

^lott'l. John. 
Buck, Normao, Seattle, Wash. Springboard. 2.r>4«.151. 

Mar. 27. 
Buclt. KIchard S.. Gla.stonbury. asaienor to I'nlted Air- 
craft Torporation. Kast Hartford, loan. Turbine blade 

mounting. 2.S53.07.S. May lA. 
Buck. Ku8»«'ll K. aMignor to Buck Tool Company. Kala- 

maxno. Mich. Dow»'l cutter. 2.556,415. June 12. 
Bucli Tool Company, aasigne** : See — 

Buck. Russell K. 
Buckbe**. John A.. Fort Wayne. Ind . anslsnor. by nicane 

a!i>l«nm*'iits to Farnswortit H«««.;irch t.'ori>oiation. Fre- 

•juency dlvi.ler. 2.5«V_>.SHy, ,\ui:. 7. 
Buckbee. John A.. Weilenley, MaM.. and A. E. Falk. Fort 

Wayne. Ind . aB<«i);nor8. by mesne al.<lenment«, to 
.Farnsworth Research Corp<)r:ition, Control system for 

directive device. 2.579.471. lH»c. 25. 
Buckb4>«-MfarB Company. asulKn*-** : ^'c• — 

Meant. Norman B.. and Ilolaapple. 
Bockeis. Chris C. assignor to H. Hildebrandt. Chicago. 

111. Junction box. 2.55rt,0«5I June 5. 
Bilck»»n. Hans K . assignor to National Rubber Machinory 

Company. .\kron. Ohio. Kxtrusiou apparatus. 

2 .'.74.9o'7. Nov. 13. 
Buckendale. Lawrenc«> R.. assiirnor to The Tlmken-Detrolt 

Aale Company. Pt'troit. Mich. Collars to prevent 

broken axle shaft fragments entering axie center section. 

2.54rt.9n9. Apr. 3. 
Buckendale. I^iwrence R.. assignor to The Timkf^n-Detrolt 

Axle Company. Detroit. Mich. Drive axle. 2,557.937. 

June 26. 
Buck»>ndal»>. I^iwr»»nce R.. a«nignor to Tho Timk»>n T>etroit 

Axl»> Company. Detroit, .Mich. Brake adjastment. 

2.5«0..'S51. July 17. 
Buckendale. Lawrence R., assignor to The Timk. n-r>etroit 

Axle Company. IVtrolt, Mich. Conical truss differen- 

tial case. 2..''.«>1.335. July 24. 
Buckendale, Lawrviice R.. a.^signor to The Tlmken-Detroit 

Axie Company, Detroit, Mich. Fluted axle housing. 

2,5r)9.452. Oct. 2 
Buckeye Cotton Oil Company, assignee : f!ee — 
Rogeri. Llnwood N., Mu»ller. and Ilembree. 
Rowe. Stewart. 

Buckeye Cotton Oil Company. The, assignee : See — 

Folzenlogen. Robert O. 
Buckeye i.ahoratories Corporation. The. assignee: See — 

Flcger. <'harles J . and Weh.sfer. 

Buckeve Stwl Castings Company, The. 
Orr. Claude L. 
Orr. Clantle L.. and Settlen. 
Settles. James C. 
Settles. James C. and Orr. 
Settles. James C . and Wege. 
Stertzbach. Harry W. 
Wolfe. Harry H 
Bnckham. Charles W.. Scaradale. N. Y. 

graphic sensitized sheet material. 
Buckholdt, Robert K.. assignor to The Salem Engineering 
Conjpanv. Salem Ohio. Gaseous fuel burner for furnace 
walls. i.571.3.'?ti. Oct. 16. 
Buckinuham. Buiiel B.. and R. K. Viles. Minneapolis. 

Minn. Power lawn mower. 2. .'4.'. 647. Mar. 20. 
Bucklnghain. Charles T., Marlon. Pa. Circumcision clamp. 
2..'>61.176. July 17. 

Buckingham, Donald P.. Oak Park. 111. Composing type 
lines for reproduction. 2.539.609. Jan. 30. 

Buckineham. William I>. : Sire 

Seabury. Donald S . Buckingham, and Delbert. 

Buckingham. William D.. Southampton, assignor to The 
Western I'nion Telegraph Company. New York. N. Y. 
Concenfrate«l arc discharge device. 2.541.028. Feb. 13. 

Buckingham. William D.. Southampton, assignor to The 
W^estern Union Telegraph Comnanr. New York. N. Y. 
Concentrate<l arc lamp. 2.543.227. Feb. 27. 

Buckingham. William D.. Southampton, and C. J. Brui- 
doskl. Water Mill, assignors to The Western I'nlon Tele- 
graph Company. New York. N. Y. Electric switch. 
2.564.877. .Vug 21. 

Buckliis. Albert O.. assignor to National Malleable and 
Steel Castings Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Dust guard 
for Journal boxes. 2.564.095. Aug. 14. 

Buckland. Bruce O.. Schenectady. N. Y . asclgnor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Combustor with sectional hous- 
ing and liner. 2.547.619. Apr. 3. 

Buckland. Bnice O.. Schenectady. N. Y.. assignor to 
General Electric Company. Purging arrangement for 
gas turbine fuel systems. 2.551.241. May 1. 
Bai-kle. Richnni II . executor: See — 

Armitage. Frank. Cottrell. and Hewitt. 
Wakeford. Leslie E.. and Hewitt. 
Bucklen. Heri)ert K.. III. and G. L. Weimer. assignors to 
Durakool. Inc.. Elkhart. Ind. Mercury switch and 
relay. 2.570.095. Oct. 2. 


assignee : See — 

Carrier for photo- 
2.538.666. Jan. 16. 

Northwl<h. England, 
Iniiiistriea l.linite<l. 
2. :>.'.(►, 767. May 1. 

assignor to Buxton. 

Detachable loop type 

: See — 

N. Y. Cloth roll holder. 

Beach, aaaignor to I'nlon 

I»8 Angeles. Calif. Pest 

halogenated petroleum dls- 

BuckleT Arthur H., Chicago, 111., assignor to George Gor- 
ton Uachine Co.. Racine. Wis. Record forming, trans- 
lating and printing apparatus, and automatic control 
mechanisms therefor. 2.543.435. Feb. 27. 
Buckley. Artliur 11.. Chicago. III., assignor to (;e«rge (Jor- 
ton Machine Couipany. Racine. Wis. Selection method 
and app.iratus. 2.554. sr.3. May 29. 
Buckley, Charles W.. an<l E. P. Batley. assignors to Wrijfht 
Machinery Company. Duriiam. N. C. Method and api'a- 
ratus for making containers 2.56s..'58j. Sept. 18. 
Buckley, Daniel J. Canton, Mass. Material storage rack. 

2.539.809. Jan. 50. 
Buckley. Ernest: See- - 

Roberts. Clarence F.. and Buckley. 
Buckley. Enirene W.. Pembroke. Ky. Automatic vehicle 

hitch. 2.:i.'.rt.748. June 12. 
Buckley. Gerard D.. and N. H. Ray. 
assignors to Imperial Chemical 
Manufacture of mdynifrlc ureas. 
Buckley. Thomas A.. Lonemeadow, 
Incorpor.atetl. Sprlnctt»'ld. Mass. 
key holder for key cases. 2..'..')0.135. Apr. 24 
Buckley. Thomas C.. Wichita. Kans. Chiropractic adjust- 
ment table. 2.571.829. Oct. 16. 
Buckley. William L. : See— 

Holleron. William K.. and Buckley. 
Buckley. William L.. and J. Swobo<la. Victoria Tex. Mud 
driven aptMiratus for treating mud. 2.55.">.314. June 5. 
Buckman. Alfred F. : See— 

Budner. Anton E.. Buckman. and Rendall. 
Buckman. Alfred F.. Jr.. assignor to S. C. Johnson & Son, 
In<-.. Racine. Win. Refining of vegetable wax powder. 
2.540.978. Feb 6. 
Buckman. Heri)ert S.. assignee 

Weston. Roy. 
Bucknmn. Jacob. New York, 

2.554.812. .May 29 
Buckmann. John P.. Redondo 
Oil Company of California, 
control using a sulfurlzed 
tlllate. 2.573.953 Nov. 6. 
Buckmaster. James L. : Sre — 

Lewis. James c,., and Buc!;masfer. I 
Bucknam. James H. : See — I 

Rludeau. RoN-rt E.. and 1 

Bucknam James H.. Cranford, an<l J. H. Rountree. Plaln- 
fleld. N. J., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Union 
Carbide and Carbon Corporatii^n. Machine for severing 
and shaping metal plates. 2 571.196. Oct. 16. 
Buckner. Clar»-n'e R.. Portland. Oreg. Holder for tooth- 
brushes and paste tubes. 2.572.697, Oct. 23. 
Buckner. I^ewis H : See — 

Johnson. William J., and Buckner. 
Buckner. Thomas .\.. Jr., assignee : See — 

Martin. Gei>rge K.. and M. M. 
Buckner. William H.. Starkvllle. Miss., assignor to Talla- 
de(r:i Foundry and Machine Company, Talladega. Ala. 
Bunch bui'djtig mechanism for spinning or winding 
machines. 2. 574.0 1.'*. Nov. 6. 
Buckwnlter. Frank H.. Dewlft. assignor to Bristol Labora- 
tories. Inc.. Syracuse. N. Y. l.l.dlphenyl-3<n piperldyl 
propane salts of penicillin. 2.578.651, Dec. 18. 
Buckv. (iustav New York. N. Y. Expo.sure Indicator and 
field determlnator for X-ray apparatus. 2.556,806. 
June 12 
Buckv. Philip B., Larchmont, N. Y. Mining m<'tbod. 

2.536.869. Jan. 2. 
Bncsko. Eugene J., and V. T. Wedrlte. Pontlac, Mich. 

Wall finish groovlni: tool. 2. 501. 330, July 24. 
Bucyrus-Erie Company, assignee: See — 
Alexander. James B. 
Davld«on. Trevor O. 
Davidson. Trevor O.. and Lonngren. 
Hoar. Sherman, and Thierry. I 

Lonngren. Bruno L. 
.Mork. George W. I 

Reischl. Karl E. 

Thierry. John A. « 

Buda Company. The. assignee : See — ». 

GueraslmofT. Constantine N. 
Richards. Dwlght. 
Budd. Chester B.. Akron. Ohio, assignor to The B. F. 
Goodrich Company, New York, N. Y. Shrlnkometer. 
2.552.085. May 8. 
Budd Company. The, assignee : See — 
Burton. .John E. 
Burton. John E., and Callender. 
Callender. Edwin M. i 

Coombes. Joseph H. 
Dean. Albert O. ' 

Dean. Walter B.. and Therlault. 
Eksergian. Carolus L. 
Eksergian. Carolus L., and Watter. 
Flacke. Henry C. 
Fike, Charles L, 
T-yon. John C. 
Mayer. John J. 
Maver. John J., and Dean. 
Patton. John W. 
Therlault. Ravmond J. 
Watter, Michael 
Badd. Robert D.. Denver. Colo, assignor to Goodman 
Manufacturing Company. Chicago. 111. Articulated 
connection for shaker conveyers. 2,537,964. Jaa. 16. 



2.543,487. Feb. 27. 

Tire handling de- 

Badde. Frederick. Brooklyn. N. Y.. assignor, by mesne 

asBignments. to Bell & Howell Company. Chicago. 111. 

Apparatus tor photographically recording documents 

or thf' like. 2..')r»7.0J»;. June IL'. 
Budenhom. Horace T.. Short Hills. N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York, N. T. 

Composite scanning system for object location. 

2.55«.rt73. June 12. 
Buder. Spurgi-on 11. : See — 

(Jreenlt'iif, Francis D.. S<^eberper. and Buder. 
Budlsh, Melvin. Worcester, Mass. Manufacture of false 

teeth. 2.566.G52 Sept. 4. 
Badlane, .Stanley J., assignor to Motorola, Inc., Chicago, 

III. Fuel valve device. 2,572.441. Oct. 23. 
Rudlong. Rob«'rt 1>., Chliapo, 111. Matchbox and ash 

receptacle. 2..'i.')7.8l2. June 19. 
Budner, Anton K.. A. F. Bucknian and M. M. Kendall, as- 
signors to S. C. Johnwon & Son. Inc.. Racine. Wis. Com 

position for treating mineral wool. 
Budnick. Jack, assignee: See — 

French. Aaron R. 
Bndnick. Meyer, assignee : See — 

French. Aaron R. 
Buechler. Georee F.. Detroit, Mich. 

vice. 2..''.43.270, Fob. 27. 
Buechler. John II., Chicago, 111. Rubber heel. 

Apr 10. 
Buechler, Lester W.. IlyattsviUe, Md. Frequency control 

system. 2.5.''>8.72i», July 3. 
Buechner, AVilliam W. : ,S'cc — 

Van <le (Jr.iafT. Robert J., and Buechner. 
Buecken. Hans K., and E. E. Heston, assignors to National 

Rubber Machinery Company, Akron, Ohio. Extrusion. 

2,541.201. Feb. 13. 
Buegelelsen. Jos., Co.. assignee : See — 

Ashdowne. James .S. 
Buegoielsfn, Josepli, Co.. Inc., assignee : See — 

Ashdowne, James S. 
Buehler, Arthur: See — 

Wldmer. Willi. an«l Buehler. 
Kaiser. Otto. Wldmer. Buehler. 
Buehler. Emil. Nortli Haledon. N. J 

Aerovap, Inc., New York, N. 

2.540.09.''). Feb. fi. 
Buehler. Ernest, Chntliam Township. Morris County, N. J.. 

assignor to Hell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. 

New York, N. Y. Pressure bomb for chemical and physi- 
cal reactions. 2.547.521. Apr. 3. 
Buehler. Maynard P.. Oakland. Calif. Gun sight. 

2,575.053. Nov. 20. 
Buehrig. Gordon M.. South Bend. Ind 

stnictlon. 2.550.0(52. June 5. 
Buel Metals Company, assignee : See — 

Trask. Harold V. 
Bueler, Anton. Schwyz. Switzerland. 

2,54V,073, Apr. 3. 
Buell. Albert II.. Erie, Pa, Leveling 

Sept. 4 
Buell, Leslie A., Holly, Mich. Heating system. 

and Zickendraht. 
. asHlcnor to American 
Y. Vapor dispenser. 

Mar. 13. 

Buell. fHive L.. 


Buell. Paul W. 

Vehicle top con- 
Ski reclining seat, 
device. 2.5G6.481. 

assignee : See — 
Jamos R. 
assignor to Polnt-0-Matlc Pencil Co., 

Telescoping pencil. 
See — 

2,571,830. Oct. 


, New 


Inc., Elmira. N. Y. 
• 16. 

Buell. Roy D.. assignee : 
Simmons. Oliver H. 
Buell. Young K., New York, N. Y.. assignor to R. M. 

Hilliard. as <'ommi.«!sloner of Welfare of the Citv of 

New York. Bulkhead door structure. 2,576,387. Nov. 

Buen, Anders A.. Ovre Jondalen, near Konpsberg, 

wav. Templet-cuidetl cutter for shaping log 

2.558,030. June 20. 
Buensod, Alfred C. assignor to Buensod-Stacey. Inc. 

York. N. Y. Humidity control. 2.562,375. July 

Buensod-Stacey. Inc., ast^ignee : See — 
Buensod. Alfred C. Samuel. 
>Ierwin. Owne T. 

Buerger, Martin J., Lincoln, and E. Washken. Cambridce, 
Mass.. assignors to Owens-Illinois (Jlass Company. To- 
ledo. Ohio. Cement inc plastically deformable bodies 
and products th.-n-of. 2.548.344. Apr. 10. 

Buescher Band Instrument Company, assignee : See — 

Comer. F'loyd E. 
Buffalo r.rake Beam Company, assignee: See — 

Busch. Charles R. 

Buffalo Eclipse Corporation, assignee: See — 

Yoder. Howard D. 
Buffalo Electro-Chemical Company, Inc.. assignee: Bee — 

Dawsoy. Lynn H.. Muehlhausser. and Umhoefcr, 

Buffalo Electronics Corporation, assignee : See — 
Waters, Edward C. and McCullough. 

Buffalo P'orge Company, assignee: See — 

Criqul. Albert E. 
Buffalo Potterv. Inc., a.'JSignee : See — 

(Jould, Robert E. 
Buffalo Turbine Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Sawyer, James <J. 
Buffalo Wire Works Co.. Inc., assignee: See-^ 

Sch^Ier. Charles A, 

Budin, Willard P., Richmond. Va. Garment hanger. 
2.503,704. Aug. 7. 

Buflle. Jean P.. assignor to Services Industriels de Ge- 
neve^ Geneva. Switzerland. Filtering apparatus for 
liquids. 2.550,936. July 10. 

Butord, Willlum J., Houston, Tex. Safety flush valve. 
2.501.337. July 24. 

Bugbee and Nlles Company, assignee : S^e — 
Feld. Charles. 

Bugenhagen, George II., Midland, Mich. Refrigerator 
having a vertically movable shelf section. 2,563,208, 
Aug. 7. 

Bugg, Kenly C, assignor to IIBN Company. Inc.. Fort 
Wayne, Ind. Tensioning device. 2.552.086. May 8. 

BuKg. Kenly C. Fort Wayne. Ind.. assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Farnsworth Research Corporation. Record 
changer. 2,508,710. Sept. 25. 

Buggie, H. H., & Company, assignee: Sec — 
Melcher. Itobert J. 
I'eops. Ceorge A.. Jr., an<l Melcher. 

Bngh. Orva E.. Elkhart. Ind. Road sign. 2.541,400. 
Feb. 13. 

Bugno, Zygmund, Chicago. IlL Drainpipe valve. 
2.545.192. Mar. 13. 

Buh:tyar. Eric S.. Berea. Johannesburg, Transvaal, I'nlon 
of Soutli Africa. Jointing means for pipes and cou- 
plings and the like. 2.502,014, July 24. 

Buhl. Helen A., and W. E. Buhl. Jr., assignors of one-third 
to C. B. Spangenberg. Chicago. 111. Child's glove. 
2.549.000, Apr. 17. 

Buhl. Walter T. : AVr— 

Ilelntz. Ralph .M., and Buhl. 

Buhl, William E., Jr. : See— 
Buhl, Helen A. and W. E. 

Buhler. Engen. Poughkeepsie. assignor to International 
Business Machines Corporation. New York. N. Y. Hori- 
zontal and vertical spacing mechanism for Chinese type- 
writers. 2.555,729. June 5. 

Buhler. Gebruder. assignee : See — 
Tiinner. Fritz. 

Bubs, Rudolf P., Rahway. and N. R. Trenner. Westfleld. 
assignors to Merck k Co.. Inc.. Rahway. .\. J. Penlcil- 
lln-dilsopropylether complex and preparation thereof. 

2.538.081. Jan. 16. 

I!ni<l;e. Harold C.. North Tonawanda, N. Y. Holder for 
loader lines. 2.574.90S. Nov. 13. 

Builders Iron Foundry, assignee : See — 
Tlioresen. John C. 

Buism.nn. Jan A. K.. Eindhoven, Netherlands, nssltrnor 
to Hartford N.Ttlonal Bank and Trust Company, Hart- 
ford. Conn., as trnstoe. Preparing 
and esters. 2.579.295. Dec. 18. 

Buiienluiis. Cnrmlis II : S< c — ■ 

Horowitz. Alexandre, and Bultenhuls. 

Bulvld. Michel D.. Mllford. assignor to 
Corporation. East Hartford, Conn. 

2.538.082, Jan. 16. 
Bulvld. Michel I)., Milford. assignor 

. Corporation, East Hartford. Conn. 
2.549 JSO. Apr. 24. 
Bulvld, Michel D., Mllford, assignor 
Corporation, East Hartford, Conn, 
trolled coning lock for bladed rotors. 

Bulvld. Michel D.. Mllford, assignor 
Corporation, East Hartford. Conn, 
wing aircraft. 2.554.774. May 29. 

Bu.ljonl, George F.. Jersey City. N. J. 

2.557.595. June 19. 
Bulger. Joseph H.. Ix>s Angeles. Calif. Guide 
opening key and tear strip. 2..542.116. Feb. 20. 
Bullfant. Theodore A.. Hackensack. N. J., assignor to 
Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation. New York. N. Y. 
Compounding vulcanlzahle elastomers employing bitu- 
men softeners and resultant vulcanizates. 2,540,651, 
Feb. 6. 
Bulk Barltes. Inc., assignee: See — 

Kane.^rthur R. „ 

Bull, Almond D., Woodward. Okla. Automatic recording 

Infiltrometer. 2..540.096. Feb. 6. 
Bull, Cabot S., Ilillingdon. assignor to Electric & Musical 
Industries Limited, Hayes, Middlesex, Encland. Cir- 
cuit arrangement embodying electron discharge device 
employing hollow resonator. 2.571.076. Oct. 10. 
Bull, Cabot S.. Hillingdon, assignor to Electric & Musical 
Industries Limited, Hayes, Mfddle.«ex, England. Sec- 
ondarv-electron emitting discharge device. 2.579.7J^6, 
Dec, 25. 
Bull. Jonas, assignee : See — 

Holm, Gunnar. 
Bullard. Calvin P.: See — 

Burke, Stanley A., Hansen, and Billiard. 
Bullard Clark Company, The, assignee : See — 

Moe. J. Edgar. 
Bullard Company, The. assignee: See — 
Bullard. Edward P.. lit 

Bullard. Edward P. and E. P.. Ill, Appelberg, Bjork- 
lund. Cowell. Grinage. Johnson. Lange. and Mussler. 
Bullard, Robinson D., Sherwood, an<l Gelst. 

Bullard. E. D., Company, assignee: -See — 

Ruggiero. Alfred J. 
Bullard. Earl J.. Altadena, Calif. Lapping machine. 
2,505..590, Aug. 2s. 


United Aircraft 
Helicopter control. 

to United Aircraft 
Folding rotor blade. 

to United Aircraft 
Centrlfugally con- 
2,549,887, Apr, 24. 

to United Aircraft 
Damper for rotary 

Reversible bench, 
for can 


IMH-:\ OF I'ATKXTS. lor.i 



Ballard. Edward P. and E. I'.. III. Fairflold. «. R. Appel- 

berg and E. G. IJjorklund. Brldgei.ort. E. N. Cowell, 

Stratford. C. M. Orinajre, E. H. Johnson, and 1*. H. 

Laup'. Bridejrport. and F. H. Mu8«ler. Stratford, Conn.. 

assignora to The Billiard Company. Machine tool. 

IJ.MO.IKW. Feb. «. 
Bullard. Kdward P., Ill : See— 

Bullard. Edward V. and E. TV, III, .\pp«>lhprc. HJork- 

lund, Cowell. Grlnaue. .Johnson. Lanp'. and MusHler. 

Bullard, P^dward P.. Ill, Fairtl.ld. Conn., assi^rnor to 

The Bullard Company. Mechanical movement. 

2 53fi.G24. Jan. 2. 
liullard. Kdward P.. Ill, Fairf^t-M, Conn., assiiinor to 

The ICnIlard Company. Control. ■_'..'i74.iiH7. Nov. i:!. 
Bull.ird. Edward P.. III. Falrfi»'ld, and C. M. Crina>;t>. 

P.ridjr«'port. Conn.. as.«ii:nors to The Bullard, Company. 

I,;ifh»' control. 2, .">7!t. !>!>«. lK»c. 2."(. 
Bullard. Kdwiii \V . IlannU-n. a.s.siirnor to (). F. Mossherc 

A Sons. Inr.. .\.>\v Ilavfii. Conn. Tfi«sco|>«> siirlit. 

2..'>s(».jsi( !>,.,•. L'.'.. 
Bullard. Kolwrt O.. Schenectady. N. Y.. »»Hi«nor to G»'n- 

cral Elfctrir Company. Adju.stabh> ma);nctlc preiisure 

valve. 2..'>7.">,'.tO»;. Nov. 20. 
Bullanl. Rnhin.Mon IV. (Jrc^-nn Farms. J. 11. Sh.-rwood. a 

P. M. Geist. Fairheld. Conn., assiirnors to 'Ih.' Biill.-i 

Conipan.v. <'ontrol mec-hanixm. 2,.">7.">.7!»2 .No\ J(». 
Biill.ird. Itiiss.ll .1. : ,s'#.- 

Shaw. Alb.'rt W.. P.ullard. and riairo 
Bulldoi; Klectric Pr»Mlu<-ts Tonipanv, assignee: See — 
I "avis, Knssell S. 
Fishor. Lawrence E. 
Herrmann. John .\., ;ind Plati. 
Bullen. Arthur C., San Francisro. Calif. Continuous sep- 
arator. 2..')4r,.427. Mar. 27. i 
Bullers Limited, as.sicnee: See — 

PtTrins. «H'orge. 
Bullitt. Orville H.. Jr.. Swarthmore. Pa., assi^ior to E. I. 

dii Pont df Nemours and Compjinv. Wilminsrton, D«'l. 

Flnorinated acvl p<roxi(les. 2. ."»!>, •»;?() Jnlv 10 
Bulllvant. LIncham J.. Zion City. III. Exiension 

2..^>.'>1..-.21. Mav 1. 
Itullman. Louis K . and S. Inderwood. Norfolk. Vn 

ting torch holder. 2..'»42.47.'?. Feb. 20. 
Bullock. Edward A.. I»etroit. Mich., as.slenor, by 

nssinnments, to N.if .Vdvertisinc Companv. 

min.ster. Md. Siirn projection apparatus. 2;r>78.33G. 

IVc. 11. . 

Bullock, Edward A.. Petroit. and H E Outland. St. Clair 

Short's, assignors to Tfchni<al Strvice Incorporated. 

Detroit. Mil h. Movlns: picture sound proje«tor. 

2.."7.')..'.79. Nov. 20. 
P.nllcM'k. Olenn H. : .sv*>- - 

Turner, John H. and I'.ullotk. 
Bullock. William S.. Atlantic Citv. 

2..'jG0,0X.^. July 10. 
Bulman. Elvah (>.. Grand Rjipida. 

holder. 2. .">.'.!». '.•,17. July lo. 
Bulova Watch Con»p'inv, assiKn«H» : Si r - 

Fachon. Emil F 
P»uls. \'ernon W. : .v, «■ 

ITearne. Georire W.. Evans, and P.uls 
Alorrls. Rupert C.. P.uls. and B.illard. 

Bumirardnt-r. Vernal II.. Sr.. Me<lford Orep. 

J. .-ir,4. '.».">«;. Auir. 21. 
Hump. «^harl»>s K.. Ilampd»'n. and IT F. T'ark. _ _ 

meadow. .Mass.. .issitnors to Mtmsanto ( liemical Com-' 

pany. St, Louijj^-^'o. I>«>staticiEln»r procea.H. 2.."»r»2.i;iS. 

July 24. /^ 

Bump. Monroe J.. Parma. *>hlo. Dental fipon«;e applicator. 

2.."r,S..'?17. Sept. IS. 
Bump Pump Conip:iny, asMijjnee : See-j- 

Ree«V, George W. 
Bumpus, Edward E , Oklahoma City. Okla. Afachlne for 

renmvink: paint. 2.."«".S, is:*,, Sept. 18. 

Bumstead, (Jeoree N.. P.ethesda. Md.. assiirnor to 
Geographic Society. |Sox for ^5en8itized medium used 
in photographic reonxluctions. 2.."i.').'».»!.11. Jhine T) 

BunMasky. .\dolnh : Srr 

Ilelterline. I.eo L.. Jr.. Best, and BunMasky. 

BunMasky. .\dolph. New <^^naan. assignor to Sorensen A 
Company. Ine. Stamford. Conn. Expanded scale root 
menn square type voltmeter. 2, r>7i. !•;•♦!, Nov. 20. 

Bunce, Jerome It.: Spf--- 

Buttner. William C. and 

Bun<e. John P. Rochester. N. 
toasters. 2. .">.')•' .">20. June 12. 

Bunch. George TT.. St .atesvllle. 
inje<-tor. 2.." ♦.'..SHS. Mar »;. 

Ilunch. Gl.ive S. Jr.. Soiith 
2..'.4.'.0I!> .Mar. 1.1. 

Bunch. Tinman T., Towson. Md.. a.'5s|;nior to Western 

Electric Company. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. 

Chuck for use with rotary toolp. 2.r».'i9.610. Jan. 30. 
Bunch. Tillman T.. Towson. Md., assii:iior to Western 

Electric ('ompany, In«orporated, .New York. N V 

Braiding machine. 2.r.«J7.riJ>4. Sept. 11. 
I'.undick. Clarks4)n I'. : Srr— 

Goodale. Elmer I>.. .ind Bundick. 
P.undy. Francis P.. Alplaus. H. M. Strong, and A. B. 

Greirg. Jr.. .Schenectady. .N V. assiL'tiors to G»>neral 

Fle«'tric f'ompanv. Measuring gas pressure in flames. 

2..')4.">.:i40. Mar. 13. 

N. J. 

Pap^T roll 

Jar lifter. 


Y. Shelf att.ichment for 

N. C. 


Rotary- fertilizer 
Ind. .\sh trav. 

Bundy. Kriiiiis P . .\lplaus. and II .M. Strong. S<henec- 
i.idy. .v. Y.. as.signots to Electric Company. 
.\ppiiratus for measurini: gas \e|ocitv in Hames. 
-•..".7s.. {MS. l>ec II. 

Bundy. Oswald .M., assignor to The Clark Controller Com- 
pany. Clevnland. Ohio Wiredrawing ma<'hine motor 
Control 2..'>»>7.«l-">'>. .*^ept II. 

Bundy Tublug Company. asslgiUM' : See — 
Lindsey. Richard H. 

I'.MHish. Stephen, and II <". W itthoft. M.iijon. liid.. as- 
siirnors to .\na<'onda Wire .-tiid »";(ble Company. l(ublM>r 
insulited pow. r cable -'.."..'•^.!>2'.t. July 3. 

Bunker. Joseph F.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Swivel knife. 
2.,"»f.n.2s»"., Sept. 2."i. _^ 

Bunkowski. Gustav E., .SaM^I«'go, Calif. -Metal sipiid fish- 
ing lure 2..">»",7.1'nO. S.>ft. 11. 

ituunell. Ravmond II. : Sir - 

' Hatcher. I>avid P... and Bunnell. 

Ituntin. (leorge .\.. assignor to Hercules Powiler Con»i)an.v. 
\\ ilmini:ton. l»e| Insccticidal <-ompOHitions comprisiiig 
chlorinated cainpheiie. 2,." •>.">. 47 1 . Aug. 2S. 

P.untin, George A., assignor to Hercules Powder Com- 
pany, Wilmington, IHd. Chlorinated pinene insectl- 
cid.-il comt»osition. 2.."7n.20(>. IK^c. I.S. 

Biintin, tiorge .\.. asslL'iior to Hercules Powder romi)any. 
Wilminuton. iHd. Chlorinated camphaiie insecticldaj 
cmiiosition. 2..">7!).2!t7. I >»>c IS 

Buntln. George .\.. .assignor to Hercules Powder Com- 
pany. Wilmington. INI. <'hIorlnate^ bornyl chloride 
iiisecti<ldal composition. 2.,'»70 2!»s. Hec. IS." 

Buntin. George .\.. assignor to Hi-rcules powder Com- 
pany. Wilmington, md. Chlorinated Isobornyl chlorble 
Insecticidal composition 2.."t7!».2'.t!t. I»ec. IS 

Buntin, George .\., assiirnor to Hercules I'owder Com- 
pany. Wilmington, TVl. Chl<irlnated pin.ine in.secti- composition. 2,.">7!>..100. Dec. IS. 

Buntin. Georse .\.. assignor to Hercules T»owder Com- 
pany. Wilmington. iKd. Chlorinated fenchene<'ti- 
cldal composition 2.."70.30l, Dec. IS. 

Buntin. James L. .Napton. Mo. Cabinet table. 2..').'>6.012. 
June 12 

Bunts. Vernon M.. Syracuse, and IT. C. Holbert. as 
signora to Easv Washing M.ichine Cori)oratlon. Syra- 
cuse. N. Y. Explosive rivet firing device. 2,o47,437, 
Apr. 3. 

Bunyan. John, assignor to .Mien West and Company Limit- 
ed. T'.riu'hton. VEnirland. Klectric motor <o"ntroller. 
2..->01.7S2. July 24. 

Bunyard. Kenneth L.. Flushing. 
2. .'.so. 071. IVc. 2." 

Buonglrno. Frank G 

for pile's. 2..''.7 4,14: 

Nov. fi. 

N Y. 


Rafliator fin 

C. aasignor to Norton 
Qrlndlns machine. 

Coventry. England. 
2..'>37.327. Jan. 9. 
York. N. Y. Sjifefy pin 

Kenosha. Wis. 

Spool with 
:\utom,itlc winilow 

Buono. Joseph. New York. N. Y. f mbreRa rib. 2,r)no.7>*0, 

Julv 17 
Bura. Wnlter M., Washington, D. 

Company. Worcester, Mass. 

2 .•».'^9..')0fl. Jan. 30. 
Burbidge. Harry L., 

removable heads. 
Burblg. Henrv. New 

May 29. 
Burbrldge. John R. 

latch 2..''.03.209. Aug. 7 
P.urby. Philip E.. Beverl.v. Mass.. assignor to United Shoe 

Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton. N. J. Fastening- 

Insertlne machine. 2..')36,3.'>0, Jan. 2. 
Burch. Charles J, : Sre — i 

Cowle. John P.. and Rurch, ' 

Burch Eilson P.. Webster Groves, assignor to Electronic 

Tester of Gas Meters Iiic St T.ouls. Mo. Gas meter 

prover apparatus. 2. .".."..'.. 7;i0. June .".. 
Burch. Edson P.. Webster Groves, assignor to Electronic 

Tester of Gas Meters Inc . St Louis. Mo, (las meter 

prover apparatus. 2..".r,1 .noi. July 21 
Btirch Lyndon W.. asslirnee : Srr — 
Kirk, W'lvno C nnd Pnrkhurst. 
Biircbett. TM.nabl. Olive Hill, Kv. Skew brick for kilns, 

2.."72.242. Oct, 2:; 
Burchetf. Rav L. : Srr 

Harris. .Mexnnder. .\ronson. atMl Burchett. 
Burchett. Roy. Selling. Okla. Terracing machine. 2. ."42. 474. 

Feb 20. 
Burekhalter. Burton B.. Clifton. Colo. Rotarv fluid brake, 

2 .-.7n <J31, Nov, 0. 
Burd liardt Engineering W(»rks, 

Iltii:. Emit itid GjL'er, 
P.urckb,irdt. Giinther. Chos Malal. .Argentina. 

loeasnring, or tracing an<l dividing .ingles 

M-.r 27 
Burd Francis W,. Sprincfield. M.iss Moisture ellminatinir 

device fr.r compressed, ilr sy-tems. 2. ."72. 311. Oct. 23. 
I'.urd Piston Rinir Companv. assignee : Si r - 

Bates. M»«rt II 
P.urd Piston R'ni: <'ompanv. assigne«> : Sr^ — - 

Bates, .Mbert TT 
Burd, S.imii.l 1 . New York, ami J. V. Cpirke Flushing. 

assJL'nors to I'resti'_'e. Tnc . New York. N. Y. Ornamented 

stocking 2. .'»•■.?». .".'ts. Sept, 2.">, 
Burden, (lirlstopher F.. .V.w raltz. .V. Y. Ilolf ball re- 
triever. 2,.'>.')1.4Sr.. May 1. 

Burden. L,. l'i<|Ua. assiunor of fifteen per cent to 
T, t^ l»ix. I>;iyton, ami fifteen jht cent to R L nix 
Springfield. Ohio. Tackle l>ox. 2,.'>5S.l24. June 26 

The. a.<siL:nee : See — 

Devic for 



aRsignor to Reyn- 
In^iuluted iia-tallic 


r.flt lo.ul.r. 

Burdett. Harry \\ . : See — 

I'al.n. IVi.T II.. :iinl ISiirtlett. 

Hunlett. Harry U .. Ki<l;:i\\ .k..1. N. .1.. jiihI K. V>. Vti-^f. 
M;in(h<'st«'r. ('oiiii.. ;issi>:inrs to \Vri;:lit A«Toiiiiulit .il 
Coritoratiim. ('oiii|)r('ss<ir. J..">4^.4»'>.".. Apr; 10. 

Uurdctt .M:iimia<iiiriii;,' Ct'iiipuiiy, ussignef : >te — 
Fitztrerald. <arl I). 

Burdirk. Edwin C. IMiilad-lphia. Pa., assipnor. by iikbiio 
as.siKiinipnts, to .Minncapolis-lloinywcll Kt';:ulatnr Com- 
pany Minneapolis. Minn. L('V< r nieolianisin lor <on 
trol" instrununt.x. i:.r»;{!>,117. Jan. 2^?. 

J'.urdicii. Kdwin <'.. I'liilad.Ipiiia. l't\.. assignor, liy in. sin- 
a.-ifiirnnn'iits. to .Minm-apidis llomyw*-!! K«-;;iilal<>r <'oni- 
panv. Minnt'apolis. .Minn. Air loiitr.d in.-^trunient. 

2.n4«.n4:$. .\pr. it. „ . 

Hurdi.k.' .M.. Woslaco, and J. S. All-n. McAlU^n. 

as.-^iunors to 'IV.xsuu titrns Exthani:*', \\«slaco, Ti-x. 

I*riMi's.<iiitr i-itrus jni<'f.s. i:.."i»(:{.Tor>. Anp. 7. 
Bnrdifk. Ihitfli T.. assr^nor to Illinois Tool Works. Chicago, 

III. Sh.ll nioiintirm .structure. 2.r>»iU.211, July lo. 
r.urditk. Ihi;.'li T.. a^si^nor to Illinois \Ni..rks. (Mii- 

ca;,'o, 111. Slht't niftal snap fastfUfr. L*..'i»;(i,03(», July 

Burdick. Rali-li V.. Jr. : Sr< 

Whf.lcr. Harliara H.. ami lUirdick. 
Burdick, Kichard, /Jallas. T<x. Advertising display and 

inakinK same. 2,.'')3H.420, Jan. 2. 
Bunline. Bertha \V., New Voik. .\. Y. Adhesive inate- 2.."..".J.t;.; I. M.iy 1.".. 
Burdsall, Kichard L.. assignor to Kussell. r.urdsall & Ward 

Bolt it Nut Coinjianv. Tort Chester. N. Y. Transfer 

me.hauism. 2..')44.21S. Mar. «. 
Burdulis. I'eier J. I»e|hi. <"alif. Armature windin;; ma- 

ehJii.-. ■-•..'.<;s.<( i.'>. S.'pt •_'.". 
Bureau. Acliille G.. Forest Hills. N. Y., 

olds Metals Coinpanr, Hichnioud, Va. 

window. 2.5^(5.351. Jan. 2. 
Bureau. Alfred ('. : Ni . 

Burns. L.. ami liunim. 
Bureau. Arthur L.. l'iiit<'d Sfai«s N 

2.r»42.J)8«. Feb. 27. 
"Bureau Techniiiu." Gautrat." S. A. H. L.. assij;ne<> : i^re — 

Nfiimann. G<-or;^. and Gottesmann 
Buren .Newton J.. Takoina. Wash. Piston construction. 

2.r)44.77.'i. Mar. l.*?. 
I'.ures, Edward F. : See — 

Schwarz. Howard O.. and Bures.. 
BureS, Stanlslav, and F. Novflk. assignors to Bata. Narodnl 

Podnik, Zlin. Czechoslovakia. Apparatus for short- 

rlrcultlng overhead supply mains for electric railways. 

2. .540.424, Feb. 6. 
Burford. Karl K.. Linil.say, Okla. B.ile binding; niecha- 

nlstn for ballni: presses. 2.551.873. May 8. 
BurL' Fred <;.. I.ns .\nu'eles. Calif. Flexible toolhohler. 

2. .574. on;, Nov. »;. 

Burg. John E.. Burlington. Iowa. Multiplane rotating 
movement for ai-ri.-il amusement ri<les. 2.547.152. Apr. 3. 

Buri:. Ki'iiuifh E.. and J. X. Walstrum, assignors to 
Sianoliml Oil and Gari Company. Tulsa, Okla. Portable 
(Irillinir e<iuipment. 2.5t!4.1S8. Aug. 14. 

I'.ur^i'. James .S.. Anderson. II. J. McKee. Middletown. 
and If. .M. (Joodwjn. .\uder-on. Ind.. assignors to <;en- .Motors Corporation. l>»troit. Mich. .Machine for 
taping coils. 2.5»;».5i:'.. Oct. 2. 

Burge. James S ami I». E. Key. Anderson. Ind., assignors 
to <;eneral Motors Corporation. l>etr<dt. Mich. Con 
denser assembling machine. 2,572.312, Oct. 23. 

Burge. James S.. and B. M. (loodwln. Anderson, and II. 
J. McKee. Middletown. In«i.. assignors to General 
Motors Corpor.ition. Iiolrolt, Ml<h. Coil-winding ma- 
chine. 2.57<>.5|I>S. .Nov. 27. 

Burgemeister. I'aul .\ : .*>Vc- 

Coo|tir. B.. and Burgemeister. 

Bur;:.r. .Mfretl. Charlottesville. Va.. assignor to Smith. 
Kline \ French F,abor,itoi;ics. I'liilad<lp|iia. Pa. 3 plieii 
vljilith.ilidyl :t -.ic.'tic .icid.*' 2.5«>7.54t>. Sept. 11. 

Biirger. .\rniln. Wahern-Berne. Switzerland. Device for 
the promotion of chimney intake. 2.544.770, Mar. 13 

Burger. F'rank E.. Warren How. near Heading, assignor 
to I>anslng-Bagirall Limited. Isleworth. Middlesex, Eng- 
land Electric.'iHv operated truck and battery charging 
control therefor. "2.539.987. Jan. 30. 

Burger. Frank \'. , Warren How. near Heading, assignor to 
Jaru Limited. London. England. M.innfactnre of 
composite bearinjrs and other composite niacbiiK' iiarts. 
2.554.00H. M.iy 22. 

r.urgi'r. Irving A.. Stratford. Conn. Measuring device for 
lii|uid containers. 2.547.744. Apr. 3. 

llnrirer. Martin. Morris. assii:noi-. by mesne assiirnmeiits. 
to Prodticts Cori)orat ion. Chicigo. III. 
<^-llnlar carton. 2.554.013. May 29. 

r.iirirer. Michael J.. Murray Hill. X. J., assignor to the 
I'nited States of America iis represented by the S •»•- 
ritarv of the Navv. absorbing circuit. 2.547.809. 
Apr. .3. 

I'.urger. Halidi J., assiiinor to MeCray Refrigerator Com- 
p.tnv Kendallville. Ind. Miiltlple purpose refrigerate.l 
case.' 2. 545. COL'. Mar. 2<». 

r.urge-on. l\.in : Str — 

Mueller. Hoberf J., and Burgeson. 

Btirgess, .\rchibald H.. assii:nor. Iiy mesne assignments, 
to M. L. J. Lambert, doing business as Cryslal-FIo 
i'ro<lucts Company. St. I<oni«. Mo. Carbonated l)ever- 
age disiM'tisin;:\e 2,558.700. .Tune 2<». 

Burgess Battery Company, assignee : 

Harries, Lawrence H. 

Kurlandskv. Saia. Allison M. 

Mullen. John B. 

Schofield. Earl L. 

Stelnhoflf, Ernest F. 
Burgess Cellulose Company, assignee 

Overton, George W., and Spencer 
Burgess, Early H., (okkI Hope, Ha. 

nient for tractors. 2.5<;0.()31 
Burgess, Everett H. : Si /■ 

Lehane, Timothy J., and 
r.uriress. George C., Columbia, 

2,543. 15(». Feb. 27. 
BurL'ess. (oorge M.. L:i Fayette 
for beating purposes. 2.5r>l 



Agricultural attach- 
July 17. 


Tenn. Siiitering furnace. 


iJasifving oil burner 
Jul\ i: 

Burgess Henrv I).. Burliugaine, Calif. Window .sash. 

2.570.519. (»ct. 9. 
I'.urgess, Joseph W. : Sri 

Sawyer. (i.. and I'.urgess. 
I'lurgess. L.inreii M.. Lexiiij^ton. assignor to Technology 
Instrument Corpor.ition. Waltbam. M.iss. Variable re- 
sistor constru<tion. 2.543.228. Feb. 27. 
Burgi'ss-Manning i'oinpany. assigni'e : 8''e — 
<"Ilipley. ,Alfr<Ml s. 
Dietricli. Helmiii .\. 
Hoyle. Hoberi L. 
Manning. Willis I.. 
Burgess. Marion I., assignor of ime sixth to W. I >. 
one-sixth to C. .M. Miller, and one-sixth to H. P 



useful in permanent waving of 

and Cruckshank. 
net- : Set - 


Chicago. III.<< 
hair. 2,547,810. Apr. 3. 
I'.ur;:«'ss. Neil : Srr - 

Alford. Joseph S., Burgess 
l*.urgess-Nort(m Mfg. Co., assij. 
Carlson, Cl.irence C. 
Waller, Gustav M. 
Burgesser, Frederick W. : Srr- 

Funsteii. Stanard K., and Burgesses. 

Burgesser, Frederick W., Compion. assi 

Corporation, Los Angeles, Calif. Coated 

l>ee. 25. 
Burgesser, .Frederick W.. .Obmpton, assignor 

Corporation, Los Angeles, Calif. .Seed pellet. 

Dec. 25. 
Burgesser, Frederick W.. Conipton. .assignor 





to Filtrol 

Corporation. Los 
2.579.7:!5, Dec. 25 

lUirg^iari, Lloyd M., l»ari 

Angeles. Calif. Coated 


II, <"onn., assignor, bv mesne as- 
signments, to Distillers Products Corporation. 
New York. X. Y. One phase .mtirust lifjuid containing 
an alkali metal borate and mixe<l monoriciuoleate esters. 

2.5(;r,.!>2:!. Sept. 4. 

I»arien. Conn., assignor, by mesne. .as- 

oiial Distillers I'r»idii<-ts Cor|)oration. 

Oii4'-pbase antirusi liipiid containing 

borate and a long cb.ain ab'ohol. 

Burvbart. Lloyd M.. 
si;:nments. to .Nali 
N<w Y<.rk. .N. \ . 
an alkali metal 
2.5r,(;.((i24. Sept. 4. _^ 

Burgbart. Lloyd M.. Darien. Conn., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to National Distillers Products Corporation. 
New York. N. Y. One-phase. antirust iiipiid coiii.iinin^ 
triethanolamine metaborate, trielhanolamine. and mixed 
inonoriciu<»leate esters. 2,500.925. .Sept. 4. 

Burgh.'irt. Lloyd M.. Darien. Conn., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to National Distillers Products Corporation. 
Xew York. X". y. One phase aniirMst li.piid containing 
triethaiiol.imine metaborate, triethanolamine and a long- 
chain Jilcohol. 2,5<;0.92<;. Sei.t. 4. 

I'.iirirb.aiisei-, Franz. Bavern, 'Jerm.aiiv. Screw press. 
2.505.947, Aug. 28. 

Biirgin. .Miller S.. jissignor of<lron. Portland. MaiiH'. 
pen. 2.548,7<i9. Apr. 10. 

Uurgwin. .Stephen L.. Forest 

house Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh 
tronic contnd. 2.545,989, Mar, 20. 

{iiirgwin. Sfejjhen L.. and F. Van<lenburg. East Aurora. 

Westini-'hoilse' Electric <'orpor;iti<in, 
.Motor (oiiirol s.vstein. 2,5r,!».287, 

twenty-five i»er cent to J. G. 
Coinbin.'ition crib an<l play 



to Westing- 
Pa. Elec 


.and P.urhatrs. 
Lockport,. X. Y. 

r>>ckport, X. Y. 

Carton opener. 
C.irton handling 

N. Y.. .assiiinors Pittsburgh, 

Sept. 25. 

Burhans. .Mlison S. : 

SchechTer. Leon. 

Burhans, Eugene C, 

2^.530.42]. Jan. 2. 
P.iirhans. Ijigeiie *'.. 

device. 2.574.087. Nov. 

I'.iirk. Herbert S.. Maplewood. La., asslu'iior to 
se.irib A: Development Company, Pittsl'iir:.'b, Pj 
f.icture of paraflin waxes. 2,508.940. Sept. 25. 

Burk, Robert E. Wilminirton. Del., and E. C, 
Cleveland Hei;:lits. assisrnors 
panv. Cleveland. Ohio. 
2. 5.*; 1.525. May 1. 

assignor to 
Decor ticati 

, Minnea;iolis. Minn. I>e\ici. for 
.547.504. Apr. 3. 

Burkardt, .\nton. 

York, N. Y. 

J. 571. 108. Oct. 
Biirke. .Arthur J 

bathing infant.-. 

Gulf Re- 
. -Manu- 


to T!ie Standard fH] Com- 
.Stabili/.ed lubricants. 

.Sativa Corporation.' Xew 
>n of fibrous n»af«'rial. 

• in 

Burke. Edward. P.rooklyn. N. 
swab. 2.5i,T.;tj.;, Sept. IK. 

Prehensile pl|M--cleaning 



Nov. 13. 
r.iiler wire tying 

Burke. Harold J.. New York, N. Y. assignor to CO Two 
Fire Equipment Company, Newark, N. J. Flexible han- 
dle laryH capaiity horn. 2, 57::. 006, Oct. 23. 

Durke, Jamt-s i*., I'olaud. asaiguor of oue-half to M. M. 
Fibua and one-half lo J. W. Marcus. Youngstown, Ohio. 
Actuator for door opening mechanisms. :!, 536,489, 
Jan. 2. 

Ruike. Jumps P.. Poland, nsslpnor of one-hjilf to M. M. 
Flbus. and oite-lialf to J. W. Marcus, Youngstown, Ohio. 
Actuator tor door opening mechanisms. -.564,750, Aug. 

liurke, John I'.. a.*«siKnor to I'.irco Chemical Corporation, 

• hicaKo, 111. Coiiiposltiiin for cleaning nu'taU. J, 554, 358. 

May -22. 
Ilurk«-, Ualph L., and R. K. Wa.sley, Portland, Oreg. 

KrakH jcauKC. 1.'..%53..'S25. May 15. 
Burke, Ho»coe II.. San Jose. M. Perlat. San Mateo, and W. 

Scblichtniann, .'Nan Francisco, Calif. Apparatus for 

dynamically balancing tires, wheel assemblies, and the 

like. 2.55U.707. July 1*1. 
Btirke. Ko.scoe E., San Jose, Calif. Tree caKaKing device 

for tree shaking apparatus. -,567.872, Sept. 11. 
Burk»», Stanley A., and 11. ('. Hansen, Westttehl, and 

C. P. Itullard, East Longmeadow, Mass. Automatically 

-reversible air-driven tapping unit. 2,552.840, May 15. 

Burke, Wilbur B.. East Cleveland, Ohio. Window. 

2,571,677, Oct. 16. 
Burke, Willi.'im o., a.-t.^ignor to National Lock Co., Rock- 
ford, III. I^itrh. 2,55S.233, June2t;. 
Burke, William K., Washington, D. C. Knot device for 

neckties. 2,553.437, May 15. 
Biirkett, ileorce .v., St. James, Manitoba, Canada. 

I'hariiiai'ciilit-al capsule sizinc devl<-e with volumetric 

capacity \arying means. 2.574,727, 

Burkett. «:riHitli I-.. M.irtlnsville, Ind 
mechansini. 2.566.054, Aug. 28. 
, Burkett. RiiM.tell D. : Ser- - | 

Lynn. Mark P.. and Burkett. 
. Burkey. Walt«r \ .. assignee: JSee — | 
(■roop, Ceorgp R. 
Burkhard, Charles A., Alplaas. N. T., assignor to General 
Electric Company. 1 - (p-tolylthlo) - 3 - trlmethylsUyl- 
propane. 2,544,206, Mar. 6. 
Burkhar<l. «'harles A., .\lplaus. N. T.. assignor to fJeneral 
Electric «'ompany. Polymers of polyihethylsilylenes and 
preparing the same. 2.5,')4.976. May 29. 

Burkhard. ("harles A., Alplaus. N. Y., assignor to Cen- 
ernl Electric Company. Organo-sillcon compositions. 
2..V^0..342, Julv 3. 

Burkhard, Charles A., Alplaus, N. T. 
Electric Company. Alkvl 3 thia 
hentnnoat.'s. 2,563,516, Aue. 7. 

Burkhard. Charlen A., Schenectady, 
(leneral Electric Companv 
2.561.178, Julv 17. 

Burkhardt. Charles K : Sre— 

Horstman. ClIfTord C. Burkhardt 

Burkhardt. <;eorge K 
Dec. 4. 

Burkhardt. Tlans. Ob<^rursel-on-Tannu8, near Frankfurt- 
on-the-Main, assignor to Verelnlgte Deutsche Metall- 
werke Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfnrt-on-the Main, Ger- 
many. Aluminum alloy. 2.574,318, Nov. fl. 

Burkhart. Oeorge N., Jr., assignor to Duncan E^ctrlc 

Manufacturing Company, Lafayette, Ind. Follow-up 

apDaratu.s. 2. .'537,027, Jan. 9. 

Burkhart. William L.. Long Beach, Calif. 

piiulpmont. 2,576.920. r>ec. 4. 
Burkhead. Polly S. Sef — 

Brenner. Abner. Burkhead. and Rlddell. 
Burkh.dder. A Men H. ; Hre-^ 

.McLellan, Kenneth M.. and Rurkholder. 

Burkholder. John C, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

plate. 2.5I«).8S8. Apr. 24 
Burkholder. Robert J.. Noel. Mo., Plow hitch with 

tion control linkage. 2.547.43S, Apr. 3. 

Burkholder, Theodon- M.. assignor to Raytheon Mnniifnc- 
turing Company. Newton, Mass. Coating nickel with 
mercurv. 2.567,762, Sept 11 
Burkholder, Ward J. : See - 

Hill. Archie, and P.urkholder. 
Bnrkland, Carl J., assignor of one-half to E. IT.Tubrlch, 
Chicago, III. Mechanical movement. 2,577,675. Dec. 

Clement J., assignor to Winefoot Corporation. 
Ohio. Making safety tubes. 2.5,59,591, July 10. 
Adolf J., Toledo. Ohio, assignor, by mesne assign- 
to \. O. Smith Torporatlon, >iilwankee. Wis. 
axl.Tl port gas bnrnor with two-stage mixing. 
2,569,514, Oct. 2. 
Burks. Arthur W. a.ssignor to Decatur Pump Company, 
Decatur, 111. .Air charger for hydropneumatlc systems. 
2..5."57.724. June 19 
Burks. <;eorge E.. G. T. Lundberg. and H. D. Nichols. 
Peoria.. 111., assignors to Caterpillar Tractor Co.. San 
Leandro, Calif. Lubricating system. 2.549.889. Apr. 24. 
Burks. George E., Peoria, and R. R. Robinson, Morton, 
111., assignors to Caterpillar Tractor Co.. San Leandro, 
Calif. Motor lubrication. 2.550.967, May 1. 
Burks. J. .A., assltrnee: See — 
Hooks, Nail T. 


. assignor to General 

. N. Y.. assignor to 

and Ellis. 
Chicago, III. Railway rail. 2.577,601. 





Burks. William H., Jr, Lynwood, Calif. Captive aircraft 

control. 2,570.316, Oct. 9. 
Burleigh, Arthur C, Wellesley, Mass. Pad element for 

abrading machines. 2.546,087. Mar 20 
BurleiKb, Arthur C, Wellesley, Mass. Sanding pad 

as.s.inbly. 2,5.50,768, May 1. m t"^ 

Burleson, Normal E.. .Sr., Knoxville, Tenn. Fluke 

anchor 2.576.172, N^ov. 2f. 
Burley, Robert M. : Fee— 

Lduionds, Laodou W. L.. and Burlej. 
Burling, llerlnrt S., South orange. .N. J. Differential tera- 

p«'rature control switch. 2,549.054, .Vpr. 17. 

Burlinirton Instniment Company, as.signee : Hee 

Emery, Weldon C. 
Burls John A. E., Frlnton on Sea, England, assignor to 

R. Hoe & Co. Inc., .New York. N. V. Machine for flnish- 

Ing the pages to be dealt with in bookbinding machine* 

2.5.)1..>57. -May 1. 
Burls, John A. E.. Kenton, England, assignor to R Ho« 

& (o Inc, New York, N. Y. Book casing in machine. 

Burls, John A. E., Kenton. England, assignor to R. Hoe 
* Co. Inc., New York, N. Y. App.iratus for applying 
dust covers or Jackets to books. 2,570,910, Oct 9 

Burm.'ister, Fred.rick II., ajj^iguor to Air-Way Electric 
Appliance Corporation, Tolwlo, Ohio. Suction cleaner 
2.537,205, Jan. 9. 

Burmlst, John G., Pblladelpbla. Pa. Vlbrograpb 
2,536,870. Jan. 2. " "» y ., John (J., Phll.idelphla, I'u. Accelerometer. 
2.557.173, June 19. 

Burnam, Thompson W., Whittler. assignor to Fog Nozzle 
Company, Los Angeles, Calif. Enclosed fog head. 
2,550,451. Apr. 24. 

Burnam. Thompson W., Whlttier. and O. I>. Ramsav, San 
Marino, assignors to Fog No/.zle Company, Los Angeles 
Calif Distributor lieail. 2.568,429, Sept IS 

BurnartI, Edwar«l t>. : ,srr- 

H«)lnies, Leslie, Bnrnard, and Illgcs 

Burnbaum, Jack, Waiertown, assignor to Bradford 
Novelty Co., Inc. Cambridge, Mass. Illuminated flcure 
with reflector. 2,579,725, Dec. 25. 

Burndept Limited, assignee : See — i 

Lewis, Richard W., and Linton. ' 
Rjchard8<»n. Richard P., and Lewis. Engineering Company. Inc., assignee: See — 
Matthysse. Irving F. 
Hogoff, Julian. 

Burnelll. Vincent J,, Englewood, N. J. Airplane landing 
gear. 2.554,009, May 22 

Burnelll, Vincent J., Red Bank, N. J. Rear doorway for 
alrfoU fuselages. 2.547,811 Apr 3 

Burn.'lli. Vincent J., Red Bank, N," J. Twin engine sport 
airplane. 2,572.442, Oct. 23. 

IJurness, Alexander. Welwyn Garden City, and E. G 
Uilliams. I^emsford. England, assignors to Imperial 
Chemical Industries Limited. Production of polymeric 
materials In sheet form. 2.579.138, Dec. 18 

Burnett, Heriry J., West Hartford, a.sslcnor to I'nited 
Aircraft Corporation. East Hartford. Conn. Electrical 
valve sent gauge. 2,553,129, May 15. 

Burnett, Jameg H., ri>per Montclair, N. J. assignor by 
mesne assignments, to General Raihvav Signal Com- 
pany. Electron discharge device. 2,543,739 Feb 27. 

Burnett, Richard T , assignor to Bendix Aviation Cor- 
poration, South Bend, Ind. Rotary hydraulic torque 
converter. 2.5S0,072, Dec. 25 

Burn«'tt. William K. : Srr-- i 

Kuhler, Otto A., and Burnett. 

Burnett. William E., .Montclair. .V. J., assignor to Ameri- 
can Car an<l Foundry Comi>any, New York, N Y. Seat 
structure. 2.564.878 Aug 21 

Burnett. William E , -Monfclalr.' N. J., assignor to Ameri- 
can Car anii Foiindrv Company, New York N. Y. Ash 
receptacle. 2.575,441, Nov. 20 

Burney. Charles D., Baynards Park, near Crnnleigh. 
assignor to Fresh Frozen Foods Limited, London, 
England. Quick freezing machine. 2,543,889. Mar. 6. 

Burney, Charles D.. assignor to Fresh Frozen Foods Ltd., 
London England. Equipment of trawling vessels. 
2.579.787. Dec. 25. 

Burney, H.irold W. : Her — 

Ryberg. Milton E., Bumev, and Joy. Clarence W. : See — 

Fellows. William H., and Burnham. 

Burnham. CrcU'rt : ^cc 

Bradford, Arthur J., and Burnham. 

Burnham. Harry C. trustee, assignee : See — 
Burnham, Harry C , and Bus. 

Burnbim. Harry P., Grand Rapids, Mich. F<dding chair 
2,5.-5.113, May 29. t, v"air. 

Burnham. Harr.'t <\, and A. Bus. Grand Rapids Mich, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to H C. Burnham 
fru-<fee. Foldingchair. 2.5«;s*. 209. Sept 18 

Burnham. James H., Rochester. N. T. Boat dock and 
the like. 2. 571. .r37. Oct. 16. luotunna 

Burnham. John. Wllliamstown. assignor to Sprague Elec- 
tric Company. North .\dams, Mass. Electrical con- 
denser. 2..->40.77n. Apr. 24. 
Burnham, John. Wllliamstown. A. J. Dippold North 
.Ad.ims, and P. Robinson, Wllliamstown assignors to 
Sprague Electric Company, North Ad.ims, Mass High 
dielectric ceramic material and making. 2 563 307 
Aug. 7. ' 



Uurnliam. Holnrt It., r.iilTalo. A. T. Amlerson Tonawan- 
da. all. I A. M. .Alatli.M.ii. Nlapara lal'8 N. V. as- 
signors. I.y iiu'Mii' assli;niii.iit.s, to I nion Carbide and 
"Varl)oM r..r|... ration, lomi'o.siliona for use *" J."'"''"8 
fibrous iiiaieri.ils to Jiiii»art uutiT it'lu-llfnt-y. ^.o7T,S4U. 

Burniinl Manufarturiiic Co.,»n»eo : Bee — 

t'ransliaw, Harold 15. r-i^i-i 

Burns. Albert L.. Jr.. nssipnor to Houston Oil Fie d 

Material Compan.v. Inc.. Houston. Tex Normalizing 

and trininunK welded sections. 2.5fi4,301. AuR. 14. 

UuriKs. r.ruo-. l-o« .\ii«eleb. Culif. MeclianUal eraser. 

•' r)4 1,4(11. Teh. IM. ... .,,,., „k 

Portland, Oreg. Collapsible bath cabi- 

July 17. ...... 

W.. ChicaKO. 111. Kecord cabinet. 

IIoBlery pairer counter. 

Burn;*. Charles 

net. '2.r)(JI.20 
Buni.s. rii 


U.S. < iiarli-H 
J.rtT0.04t;. Oct. 
Burns. Charles \V 
2.r>4r).?«!;i. Mar 

. rassidy. Houston. Tpx.. 
Growers Cooperative As- 
Treating rice bran and 

S. Y.. and E. G. Engel, 

assignor to Ensttn^n 
Yarn tensioning <le- 

Cushion construction. 

Ohio. Trailer hitch. 

and Nelson 

Tex. Spraying device 

Overhead garage door. 



Hickory. N. C 

Burns. Frank B.. Chicago. HI., and M. S. Larrison. Prank- 
ford I'a.. assignors to Inited Slates (J.vpsiiiu ( «;".>l'an>' 
Cliicago. 111. Fire resistant asphalt coating. J,.>»<li,J.'.t. 

Burns' Fred J.. Saginaw, Mich., assignor to Tlie Columbia 
Mills Inc. Syracuse. N. Y. Bung and pintle assembly 
for rollers. 2.538.827. Jan. 23. 

Burns Fred J.. Saginaw. Mich., assignor to The Columbia 
MilH Inc New York. N. Y. Bottom rail for Venetian 
blinds. 2..S47,:{(t5. Apr. 3. ^, ^, , .. 

Burns Fred J.. Sagluuw. Mich., assignor to The < oltimbia 
Mills. Inc., New York. N. V. Headbox cover for \ enetian 
bllnd.s. 2.551,787. May 8. . „,, \r. i 

Burns FriMl J.. Saginaw. Mich., assignor to The Coliini- 
blu Mills. Inc.. Syracuse. N. Y. Venetian blind, -'...oo,- 
3l»3. June 5. ^.^ ^ , !,• 

Burns. Fred J . Saginaw. Mich., ■•"signor to The Cplumbia 
Mills. Inc.. Syracuse. N. Y. Venetian blind. 2.oOJ.2..9, 

Burns^ Fred J., Saginaw, Mich., assignor to The Columhia 

Mills. Inc . Syracuse. N. Y. Combination bracket. 

2.570.788. hec. 25. 
Burns. «;erald. assignee: See — 

Fs'ey. Wayne B. 
Burns. Harriet L., and M. M 

assignors to American Rice 

sociation. Lake Charles, I^. 

rlc<- polish. 2,563.708. Aug. 
Burns, James A.. (Jarden Citv. . . _.. -- - ■ , 

Roselle N J., assignors to llydrocarbon Research. Inc.. 

New York, N. Y. Tray type heat exchanger. 2,560,310, 

Burns. Leroy 11., Clerelnnd Ohio, assignor to The Na- 
tional Telephone Supply Company. Making wire con- 
necting devices. 2,500.411. July 10. 
Burns Leroy H.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to The National 
Telephone Supply Company. Wire cable connection. 
2.504.403. Aug. 14. ^, , , . t>^i 

Burns. Leslie L., Jr.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corpor.itlon of America. Device for reproducing mag- 
netic records. 2,536.260. Jan. 2. ,, ^, 
Burns Leslie L.. Jr.. Brinceton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Cori<oration of America. Magnetostriction device. 
2.572.313. Oct. 23. 
Burns, Paul J.. Kingsport. Tenn.. 
Koilak Companv. Rochester, N. x 
vice. 2.571.078. Oct. 10. 
Burns. Stephen J.. Burbank. Calif. 

2,539.058. Jan. 23. 

Burns Wllllnni L.. and A. C. Bureau, nsslcnors to Tlenry 

P.nlfour A Co. Limited. Leven. Fife. Scotland. Thermo- 

sfntic control for chemical plants. 2.505.350. Aug. 21. 

Burnside C.irl B.. assignor to Ell Lilly and Company. 

Indi.inapolis. Ind. Syringe. 2,551,414, May 1. 

Burnside Hon G.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 

Corporation of America. Grid-controlled electron dls- 

cliurire device. 2,547,372. Apr. 3. 

Burnside, Don C.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 

Corporation of America. Mount for electron discharge 

devices. 2.573,397. Oct. 30. 

Burnside. James H., Englewood, 

2.540.»)04. Mar. 27. 
Burnside. \VnJt<r M. : See — 

.Nicolaiis, Frank C,,. Burnside, 
Burnuni. Clarence W.. .\rllngton. 
for aircraft. 2,502.524, July 31. 
Burr. John IL. Denver. Colo. 

2.573,181, Oct. 30 
Burr M.iriin H., Washington. D. C. Undergarment for 

f.iiiitil"e wear. 2,5«',i.7S3. July 24. 
Burr Ned. lloniewood, 111 , assignor to Chicago Cardboard 

Company. Display device. 2.504.672. Aug. 21 
Burr Robert L.. and J. M. Hudson. Birmingham. Ala. 

Baby bathtub with cloth support. 2.547,743. Apr. 3. 
Burr. Theodore R. : S>r— 

Kehm'. Ellsworth .\.. and Burr. 
Burrage. Leslie J., Hunts Cross, and J. C. Smart. Widnes. 
England, assignors to Imperial Chemlcnl > Industries 
Limited. Separation of gamma benzene hexachloride. 
2.553.9.'>0. May 22. 
Burrage, Philip A.. We.vmouth. Mass., assignor to Rob- 
ertson Factor'es, Inc., New York, N. Y. Tieback cur- 
tain. 2.503,300, Aug. 7. 
Burrage Robert IL. Arlington, Va. Telephone cabinet. 
2.547,808. Apr. 3. 

Burrell, Frank C, assignor to General Motors Corpora- 
tion, Detroit, Mich. Valve rotating device. J.5«-:,106, 
Oct ''3 

IlurreiC Newton R., and G. L. Thompson. Hawera, 
assignors to The National Dairy Association of 
Zealand Limited, Wellington. Ntw Zealand, 
press. 2.553,035. May 15. 

Burress. Lawrence 0.. Bowen. 111. Window 

Burri Fritz, assignor of one-half to C. Moser, Blenne, 

and one-half to J. Dionisotti, Monthey, Switzerland. 

Luggage carrier for vehicles. 2,537,441, Jan. «. 

Burri William F.. Portland, Oreg. Nozzle attathmenf for 

vacuum cleaners. 2,504.238. May 22. , .. ». 

Burrkhter. Thomas G.. Chicago. 111. Electrical switcli 

ineans. 2,57.s..503. Dec. 11. _, ,. 

Burriti. Rurnell O.. Euclid, assignor to The Marquette 
Metal Products Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Speed re- 
sponsive pressure lluid servomotor. 2.500.758. July 1«. 
Burroughs Adding Machine Company, assignee : See — 
P.ibler, Dallas D. 

Mondy, Peter. .. „ i. 

Burroughs, Edwin E.. Brooklyn. asMgnor to ht. Regis 
P.iper Company, New York. N. V. Bag bottomer. 
2.570.047. Oct. 2. 
Burroughs. Louis R. : See — 

timer. William W.. and Burroughs. 
I>urrougli«i. Samuel <i . PittsburKli, :issi;:nor to 1 ennsyl- 
vania Industrial Chemi<-al Corporation. Clairton, Pa. 
Recovering terpene polymer and copolymer resins. 
2,555.221. .Mav 29. 
Burroughs Sapiuel G., IMttsburgh, assignor to Pennsyl- 
vania Industrial Chemical Corporation. Clairton. Pa. 
Making dii>entene and vinylcyclohexene resin. 2,567.916, 
Sept. 18. 
lUirroughs. Samuel <;.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Pennsyl- 
vania Industrial Chemical Corporation. Clairton. Pa. 
Making beta-iiinene. rearranged alpha pinene. and vinyl 
cycloliexene resin. 2.507,917. Sept. 18. 
P.urroui;lis. S.iiiiu<l (',., Pittsburgh, assignor to Penus.vl- 
vania Industrial Chemical Corporation. Clairton. Pa. 
Alpha-pinene and vinyl cyclohesene resin. 2,567.918, 
Sept. 18. 
Burrouirhs. SaiinKl G., Pittsburgh, assignor to Pennsyl- 
vania Industrial Chemical Corporation. Clairton, Pa. 
Making beta [linene and vinyl cyclohexene resin. 
2.507,910. Sept. 18. 
lUirrou;;!!-^. Sainu<l <'•.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Pennsyl- 
vania Industrial Chemical Corjioratiou. Clairton, Pa. 
Making resins of turpentines and vinyl cyclohexene. 
2.50S.210, Sept. 18. 
P.urroui:li~:. Saiinnl <;., Pittsburgh, assignor to Pennsyl- 
vania Industrial Chemical Corporation. Clairton, Pa. 
Making camphene and vinyl cyclohexene resin. 
2.508,217, Sept. 18. 
Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (U. S. A.) Inc.. assignee: Bee—r 
Adamson. iHmald W. 
Baltzlv, Richard, and Lorz. 
Hitchings, George H . and Falco. i 

llitchings. George IL. Russell and Falco. 
Walls. Leslie P., and Copp. 
Burroughs Wellcome h Co. (U. S. A.) Incorporated, as- 
signee : See — 

.\lnsworth, Geoffrey C. and Pope. 
Burrows. Dale L., Hampton. Va. Removable cap with 
defiending chamber which encloses a reciprocating valve 
element. 2,579.899. Dec. 25. 
Burrows, Edwin .\.. Royal Oak. Mich. Animal trap. 

2..542.310. Feb. 20. 
I'.urrous. ,Iohn W.. assignor of 40 per cent to Harold S. 
\' illougliby, Howard, Colo. Adjusting means for the 
jaws of a pivoted jaw wrench. 2.574,909. Nov. 13. 

Burrows, Lawton .\.. Woodbury, N. J., and W. E. Lawson. 
assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. 
Wilmington, I>d. Explosive rivet. 2,556.465. June 12. 
P.urrows. Milford D. : .Src — 

P.oycc. Eugene li,. and Burrows. 
Goldberg, Harry, and Burrows. 
Burrows, Milford D.. and E. L. Boyce, assignors to Pioneer 
<Ien-lv>Iotor Corporation, Chicago. Ill Handle for 
l.iwnniowers and the like. 2,501.008, July 17. 
Burrows. R<il»err I'.. Jr : f^rr — 

Piock. Clinrles E.. and Burrows. 

Burrucker. William C. Cliicago, 111., assignor to Inter- 
clieiiiicai Cor[ioration. New York. N. Y. Spraying 
device. 2.504 ,:;92, Aug. 14. 

Burriis. P.iul P... and I.. .\. Difi'uT. liMvton. <^>bio, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Standard Dayton 
Coi ponition. Electroiirigneii*- brake (li\ic<-. 2,543.83o. 
M;ir. «;. , 

Burson. Charles H., Seattle, Wash. Multiple Jet car- 
buretor. 2.573.093, Oct 30. 

Burt. Alexander D., Haddon Heights, N. J., .isslcnor to 
Rndio Corporation of America. Phonograph turntable 
spindle. 2.579.999. Dec. 25. 

Burt F. N. Company, Inc.. assignee : See — 
Nyden. Robert, and Dickerman. 

Hurt, "(ieorge 11 . Flossmoor. assignor to The Celotex Cor- 

I)oration, Chicago, 111. Ironer apparatus, 2,575.744, 
Nov. 20 
P.iirt. L< land H . Philadel[ihia. Pa., assignor to Hercules 
Powder Companv. Wilmington. Del. Frozen confections. 
2.548,805. Apr. 17. 


indp:x of I'atknts. uk-.i 

Burt Machine roinpanv. Th«». assignee : See 

.N>«r, ClifTonl H. " 
Iliirtfiishaw. iJfi.rne 11.. Aiii-kland. \.\v Z.alani!. IV 
(It'lnonstratinK ajijmratiix. 2.'>H'i.r>^\[), Nov. 27 

I'.iishv. Anlmr II. W . : Srr 

HiaiH". H.iiry U.. ISushv. and <;ilr<l 
Vnfal I*.u.-<b.v. <;»'.. rye \V . .Jr. : Set '■ 

Biirtiur. K.iri.rt IC. Skokie, assignor fo <!. I>. Srafle ii i'u . 
rhicii.'". III. Il.vdrox.vl and alkt>\.\ 1 stihstifiitrd i yrlo 
nlk.vl|>lu'tiyl aliphatic acids and tlu- production tlu'r»ut. 
*-'..'i»;7.87.:. St-pr. ii. 

I!iirtn»'r. RoImti U.. Skokie, III., and H. A. Los An- 
KHleB. Calif.. asHijrnors to O. I». S«-arle & <;o.". Skoki.-. 
III. Phenyl amino benzoyl alkanoi«- luiil.x. j"..Vi.">,«»."»."», 
Jiin»> ."(. 

Riirtn.nt. Everett R., Injilewood, Calif., to Rorir 

Warner Cori.oration, Chicairo. 111. V.triahle sp.>e<l and I'.usrh, LoeS. :"sr 

Uus.h. riiarles H., Orange. X. J., assi^'ni.r to nufTalo Hrake 

nusch. Floy, I li. : .s, , I 

Mturt.vant. (i.orue R. anil HuKrli ' 
IJusch. Frank H.. To|..,lo. Ohio. avM;:nor t.. Ow.m,. Illinois ( onipany. Nursin;; Intttle. l'.r.7J (Hit (M u 

Klonowwkl. Kdinund J., and ISustli 

fort|Ue tran.«iiii.«*.sion mechuniHui. 2.r>7L'.<>07. (hf l'3. 
I' l»oui:las <;. : Sei - 

Nicolls. Wilt' red v.. \V . and I'.iirton. 
F.iirton. l>rury H.. assi^rnor to Wiiiutoot Torjioration. .\k- 

ron. Ohio. TackaK.' with improved tear-taiH-. L',.V»4.i:{7 

Ma.v 2-J. 
i:urton. Kdward F.. Los Angeles, Calif. Method and ap- 
paratus for preparing frozen confictions. 1.'..">."»7,M:*. 

June 19. 
Iliirton. Kverett T.. Millburn, X. J., assjignor to i;ell T<le- 

phoni- I^iboratories. Incorporated. Xew York. N. Y. 

Atljiisting the sensitivity of contact devices. l'.."»77,«i<tj" 

iH'c. 4. 

Krehs, Heinrlch L., and Rusch. 

Kn.sch Precision tViniera Corporation, assignee- Srr 

I. It II.. Alfr.d K. I*. 11 . . f. 

"""'l*l-,/l'"L" ^ ■ «5|'prgeto«n. S. C. SHf loading xehlcle. 

nnsciuT .|.,|,n II.. WashinLTton. H. c..^nor to th.- 
I nif.d .state> ot America as r.pres. iited hv the Se« re- 
tary ol the Interior. I'rodiichig an ink ren'ptive xur- 
t.ui- on irai-in:; cloth. L'..">7<i !»L'I Ihc 1 

I'.uschhorn. Forrest L.. okl.ih.,ma Citv. J>kia. O«iihoatd 
moti>r lock. 2..».'i»; '.ton. Jimi- I J 

Miischnian. K \\., Company. Th"-. assignee: ««•«?— 
N o;;f. Rndolph |:. 

Knrton. Joseph A., Chathnni. X. J., assignor to lUdl Tele 
idione F^tboratorifs. Incori>orated. New York. X. Y 
Time multiplex r.levlsion in cdor. J.oMO.OT.'.. IH'C. l'.'.. 

Rurton. Lawrence C.. .\kron. Ohio. Tractor witli leveling 
d.-vl.e. J. .-..-. I.:; I ». Mav 1. 

Rurton Manufacturing (""ompany, assignee: See — 
Mendelsohn. William A. 

Burton. .Mark, assi-nor of one half to A. S. Brillhart. 
IVrrvton. Tex. Resetting means for parking meters. 
U' •_•;]. .r',8. Feb. 1.". 

Criner, Harry J. 
Rush.* Alfred. Rr.M.klvn X Y 

-."•7r».7!»:>. Nov L'o 

Weatherstrip means. 

ush. Arthur C.. lluntiiiL'ton I'ark. assignor of Jiffv per 

cent to M. I». R I. Covelo. C.ilif. Animal actuated 

iiisecticni.. .iistnbutof. -J.."!! I. ."(.■;»;. ort. i«j. 

Rush. Burton T.. Inc.. asslcnee : Set 
Coodman. Louis S.. and Xickerson 
.Nikawir/. Kilward J 
I'eppel. William J. 
Wood. Thomas F. 

Burton. Ralph R. Paterson. X. J. Making propeller blade» P.ush r m i «.« i.v.„«i „ f> „, .. 

for airplanes. 2.540.700. Feb. rt proi eiier niaacB '•".r';i,.5';nj''.^J^anFranol.sco. Calif. Ruoyant hatch cover. 

P.urton. R(,bert A., assignor to Johnson Hinge (\^mpany. |.„~i. i.„.. i* w \. 

liirh Point. X. C. Locking mechanl.sra for platform ,^ '• ,t",V • .^I'i .'' "■;'"'':"•"• * •'"'^ ^^1 1 susj^Mision 

lockers. 2..'>41.744. Feb. 13. _ ' "^ trailers. _'..., •..S24. Nov. 27. 

'C-" ,'^'''^*\'"'' " • lemont. III., and J. K Ilanle. WesfHeld 
>. J assignors to Infercheniical Corporation. .\ew York 
.>. I. >\«MM| niler comp«)sition. 2.oi;7.!»2l. Sept. is. 

Burton. Russell I 

•-'..■'.7X.I72. 1 11. 

Burton. Wnltpr C ( 

Richmond. Ind. Trap tunnel. '^"^.' 
Cntiimhns. Ohio, Reclining ac- 
Burton. William .■: . ..^ilS.' S I^^'o^'mc ;ra th. K.i.a '"Stiil^rtir ' ^2.^!;^'";^ "S" ^ ••"""^'" """•• 

»"♦'■» 2..-.72.l>S.1. Oct. 30. pressure control apparatU9."2.546 7l'o' Feb V" 

"'"■'ill;-'.' R:X.Vt-^r"*^"^ ■ """-- ■ "'im;,s^'^!V°pr;k*'r'"""^*^- '^'- ''^^'^""•- '"' ^^-'-'"^ 

Rurweil. Riair: N>r - deviV-i. • --'• •s- (Z ^''^^^^^^^^^ Inertia operated control 

FVterson. C. LynnandC J. andRurwell Rushemi; .\nthonv' J.. Pittsburgh P, Pneumntic fi.„ 

Rnrwell. P.lair. »;,aml Junction. .Vb, assiu..,.,. ,.. , -lim-.x - .■•:-' .V.M. Oct. 2:5 ' " '""rgn. I a. 1 neumatic tiic. 

I r.iMMim romp.iny. ^Treatment of vanadi^ini and ''"""'"" '."• Si'T'hen F.. assignor to Belmont Radio (W- 

uramum ores, 2...7«;. |oi. Xov. 27. I'oration. Chicau'o. III. Protection of cathode-rav tnhe 

""xri^ ^z' &^;;i;;?";v;v''!V"- """" '^" "" "■■• *'^«;^^:"y <-^^i'i:^i': £i^^ ,<. «.„,.„, r.,nw.v «,.„.„ 

-;:;^:i. V:;s^k^:fT'T.^r. ;^':; ' - ' ri^!;^ !^;lSo;«\^..,r-;'r:;r;:;i,;;,!i'':-;;:;;;; 

'"'"Y;::^,',;r'^s^y,v/.';,„., ,„„„...„ ' "";X,Si:z,^: ^^ifn^i^^o'Vicr -"■■" -"""■"■ 
"":,T"'l',',;;,.,?;'"'s^„"„i.';i-',';V' "■ '"""■ ■■"■" '■' '^'.:":'-.„V'",-",f- ■'^•,. '"./■ ^'■-'<- "•■■■•••■•■. 

n .. >.-'-. .'ia.» I. Mssiiriiors to M.u ion Power Shovel Cuiintinv WiiLii.,. 

Hury< ompressor Company, assignee: Sre— tractor tread drivin- mechanism ' j-a; F..', i". 

(arney. Fred .1, RiisiL'uies. Henri <; • .v.. ' " • 

"A'tQoi'i' 't- ^^ i';;»'*n>>'^<'"- n <" Confertlonerv mobl-r !•■ lor.ine. Kdmend M.. P.nsiirni.s, and A.l.ims 

- • "^ "• •^'^- "Msignies Henri .;.. Forest Hins X. Y.. assignor to Fed- 

eral lelephoiie and Kadio Corporat^.n. Newark X I 
Radio (tiilse dist.mce and dire<tion indicator •' .-,'ti dio' ' 
Feb. i:*. "■ . ■ ■ ■ 

Ruiy. Frvin F. WashiUL'ton. D. C, Confecti.inerv ev 
trndlne molder. 2.539.94r>, Jan. 30. 

Rus, .\ii<|re : .si . 

Rurnbam. Harrv C. nut\ Riis 
Riisam. John W,. Sr.. 0\M.|i.>boro 
2.544.415. Mar. 6. 

Ky. Sick cill table 

P.UML-nies. Henri «.. Forest Hills. assluMior to Federi? 
relephouo and Radio «'orporafion New York \ Y 
Inrectlon tinder sy^n-m. 2..". |«;.;»7(i_ Apr. :\. ' ' . 




Bu8ij;uns. Ufiiri li.. Fon'St Hills. jis>iuiior i<. Iiitiiii.i- i;iitl<r. Frank 1».. \Va.->liiii^'t»»ii. I). ('. Interual loiiibus- 

tiiiiial St.iiKlard Kl.'ririr «'uriiurati»)i!. X.w V.irk. N. Y. timi eiiniiic variable cuiitbust ion rhainlx'r. 1' 573 «;sy 

Distance finding: s.vst<ni with nn-ans .to cliniinati- sfU-cl- Nov. <;. ... 

e<l in<li«ations. ^..'iTO.JO.J. Ort. '.♦. ISutlvr. Frank I... Am. liius. iJa.. as>iunor to <;«'iirral Eh-o- 

Buaint'ss Svst.'nis Inc., assih'nttf : .S'er— trio Conipauy. iMii'r >atVi v ( ont l'..'i77.1(>4 Dec A 

Crissv. Kolx-rt J. Butler. <;eorKf M. Miami. Fla. Arrow. l'.540,3S7! Feb. 6' 

Businir.'r. Alliert : See — Butler Head NunibtT, Inc., assignee: .s'rt — 

Hub'T. Ualt.r. and I'.usinpT. Butler. Jaint's S. 

Buske, Gilbert E.. Anson, assignor to Johnson Service lUitler. ll.nrv J., Sutton Coldfield. assignor to Dunlop 

Company. Milwaukee, Wis. Autonmtic temperature Rubber Comjianv Limited, Couutv of London Fnglancf 

control device. 2.:>:i'J.724. Jan. 30. Fluid pressure operated disk brake for the landing 

Puskirk. Fred 1 ».. San I MeKo. falif. Y quarter bend plumb wheels of aircraft. 2,.")41.031. Feb. l.S. 

iiiu' titiiri-. J..".<;7. 1 »■..".. Sepi. 11. . Itiitler. Henry J.. Sutton Cohltield. assignor to Dunlop 

Busoni, Isidore, i'ort Washington. N. V. Manikin base Rubber Company Limited, Count v of London. England. 

stand. J..">37.G21. Jan. l>. Fluid pressure operated <lisk brake with automatic wear 

]>us<|Uet. Jan ( .. Jissiunor to .Machifi<tabritk (;• l,r. Sior'; compen.satlon. 2..')41.032. Feb. 13. 

Ac <'o. N. v.. IIenj:elo, NellK-rlands. Centrifugal fan. I'utl.-r. Henry J.. Sutton Coldtii Id. assignor to I»unl<«p 

2,."»i!l.S40. July 24. Rubber Comjiany Limited. London. England. Airplane 

r»u-s. Ilenjamin A . Moline. HI., jissignor to Aineri<-aii wheel brak<'. 2.."i."».''_'. >Iay :J'.t. 

.M.ichine and Met.ils. Inc.. New York. .N. Y. Stop eun Butler. Henry J.. Sutton Coldfield. assignor to Dunlop 

tioj for partitioned washers. 2,.">71.1!t7. n<t. If, Uuin»er <'omp;iny Limited. L.-ndon. i:n;:lind ( ■o,d.d 

Buss. John W.. C.'inton. assicnor to The Hoover Conipanv. fiM<tion disk. 2, ,'>.">.">, 1 S3. .Ma.v 2!». 

•Norih Canton. Ohio. Spraying de\ i«e. 2..'>»;7.<i'.t!i. Butler. Henry J., Sutton Ciddlieid. a.«.-i-iior lo r>un1op 

,. ^*■''^„^ , , ..,.,,.,.- , „. Bubber Conii.any, Limited. London f..unty. England. 

I.uss. L.. I.ynwood. < :ilif. ( ontainer h.indlln;; I- luid r>perated braking svstem for .lircraft 2.j5."»lb4 

niachin. for pouring from one coJit.iiner into another. May 2!t. * . -. , . 

2..".«.: ;>.-i<;. Mar. •;. . , , Kuilei. H.-nry J.. Sutton C<ddf1eld. assignor to Dunlop«nrd. Emmery J. IT., assignor to Avco Manufacturing' Rubber Company Limited. London. England Vehicle 

Corporation. Cin. inn.iti. Ohio. Tuner for television brake. 2. ."»•;.!. .•!1<2. Aug. 7. 

receiv.Ms. ■2.:.7!».7s!i. l».-c. J.'.. Butler. Henry J.. Sutton' Coldtiel.1. England, assii-iior to" 

I.usse. M.irtha A.. Syracuse. .N. \. Therapeuti<' vibrator. Dunlop Rul.her <' panv Limit. m1 \jr , lin • appi 

2..'.t!2.7t;!t. July :U. ii.., f.^r vehicle wh.-.-l> ' 2.."iS(MMM I»ec '."i 

Bus..*.. Warren F.. Easton. Pa. assignor to General Aniline Butler. Henry R. and R. R. assignors to Shen-uidoali 

& Film Corporation, New York. \. Y. I'tdyvinyl car- E.iuipnient Conipanv. Incorporate.1 Winchester Va 

bazole composition. 2..'i4ti.748, Feb. 0. Bressun- accumulator or stabili/er 'for use witli tree 

Buss.i. Lttore. Ciioa. Italy. W.itercraft adapted to l)e spraying apparatus. 2.538 897 Jan 23 

iMipported by hydrovanes when in nu)tion. 2.."»."»t».220. Butler. How.ird i: : Stt 

Apr. 21 
Busser. William «;.. ami V. J. .MuI1>t. Cl.veland. Ohio 

IMckm.yer. Earl E . and B.uil.r 
Wolf.'. H. Ili\. an. I I'.ull.r. 

Ihxi... and meih.)d for c..ntr..lling movement of ro.l> Butler. James S., assignor to Butler Head Number Inc 
in ro.l milN 2 . ..!>..!•( i.D.c. 2... Lewiston. Maine. Device for identifving .i pari'icula';' 

I.UH.sey Donahl s.. San Mat.... Calif. Display Ix.x with entry in a horse race. 2.539.810 Jan 30 

foldable tler.Ml shelves. 2.r..-.().;)tl8. May 1. 
Biissiere. (.'eorge. an«l E. C. Holton. Lop Angeles. Calif 

lull. I. J(din -M. : Srv — 

-Mills. Cliarles L.. Jr.. .ind Butl.r. 

.• to NWth .\merican Aviation. Inc. Aircraft Buthr. John M., Dayton. Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 

gun turret. >.... 0. . 01. Oct. !». Chemical Company, St. Louis. Mo. I'reparing sub- 

. Bussing. Il.irold. assij,'nor to I'nion Steel I'roducts <'om- stituted allyl alcohols. 2.537,622, Jan. U. 

i.any. Albion, Mich. Heating element support unit for Butler, John M.. Dayton, Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 

o\ens and the hk.. iind tli.' method and apparatus for Chemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. Lubrlcatinc oil 

use in Ih.' niakinu' or ass.Miibling the same. 2.5(;7,5J7. 2.541,080, Feb. l.S. hi. 

11..^"''^ "i r. c I'utler. John M.. Dayton. Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 

Bussji,i:er. Louis C. : .<Jrr - Chemical Company. St. Louis, Mo. Lubricating oil. 

Lewis. (Hin L. ;ind Biissini:.'r 2.541,087. Feb 13 

Bussmaun Alo.vsius B., St. Louis, Mo. Strain insulator. I'.utlei, John M., Dayton. Ohio, assignor t(. Monsanto 

2..^4(),0()8. Feb. 0. ,, . , . <'heini.;il Company, St. Louis. M... Lubrir.n ing oil 

i.ussin.inn. Aloysius It , st. Louis, Mo. Support, for in- containing a polvmer of t.'tni.lecvl vinvl ether 

stil.itors. 2,557,.'l7(i. Juiw Ht. 2.544.375, Mar, »;. " " ' ' 

Bussmann, Henry T., St. Louis. Mo. Electrical protective I'.iitl.r, John M , Davton, Ohio, assign.. r to Monsanto 

device. Re. 23..3 1.5. Jan. 2. Ch.mical Conipanv," St. Louis, M<,. Lubricatint: oil 

Itusson. Ambrose L.. ,issiL'ii..r to Vickers Incorporated. 1 ».• conl.iining a polymer of olevl nieth.icrvlat.' 2 544 .■!7'; 

troit. Mich. Flow-regiikiting valve. 2.570,317, o.f ;i M;ir. 0. " " " ' 

ISiistanoby, Andr<^, Gbnc.i.', .Mo. I'lionoyraph-pict ure .x 

hibitor. 2,5t;i.!»71, July 24. 
Biistin, Leop.dd, Mammafoneek. N. V. Swingable step for 

mot..r vi.hi. les and the lik.', 2,500.401. Sept 4 
Biistos, Larry L. : Sn- 

Co/./oliiio, Rinald.i, ,iiid Biistos. 
Butcher. Nolon W.. Alameda. Calif. Staple extension 

for padlocks. 2..'530.352, Jan. 2. 

Butler, John M.. Dayton, Ohio, .assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis. Mo. .Mkylation of poly 
styrene using a hydrogen tliioride catalVst. 2,5t»'.»,4(Mi, 
Sepr. 25. 

I'.iitler. John .M . D.iyfon. f)hio. assignor t.i Monsanto 
I'hemical Cunpany. St. Louis, .Mo Mineral oil com 
positions cont.iining the rcicti.ui jiroduei of polysiyieiie 
and an alkyl ester of ;in iiiisatiirate<l .ici.l. 2.572.557, 

Buteiik..fT. (;eorge S. Westwood, X. J, T..rsional vibrati-.n „ '.V -"; , ,, r 

damiH-ner. 2,573,.3!>8. Oct 30 l.iitler, J. din .M . Dayton. Ohio, .assignor to Moiis.into 

Butin. Emile A.. Villeurbanne. France, Shut 1 1.' clianv'itig 
niechanisin, 2.572,107, Oct, 23. 

Biitkiewicz, F.. and Sons Conipanv. .assignee- Str - 
Bulkiewicz, Georg.' F. 

Biitkiewicz, Ge-.rce F.. assiL'nr.r to F. Butkiewiez .and Son- 
Company, Omro, Wis, fmiition timiuL' conir.d 
2...«;s,270, .Sept. IS. 

Butkiis Charles S., Palatine. III. Window shad.- m.Miiif 
iiiir <<-e 2.501.s:?l. ,\uir, 21 

Butland. Ralph A., Philadelphia, Pa. Sleeping bag insula- 

Ch.'inical Company. St Louis. M... .Mineral oil con- 
t.iining .ilkyl.ited polystyrene. 2.572.55K. o<t. 23. 

Butler. Josi'pliilie: Sff 

Loftus. N.idea, and P.utler. 

Butler, Keith IT., Marblehead, assignor to Sylv.inia Eiec- 
iric Products Inc., Salem, .Mass Impr.ived calcium 
halo phosphate phosphor. 2.570,!>0O, Dec. 25, 
P.iitl.r, Leo F. : s'<t 

Kilpatrick, William J,, and Butler 
Butler, Rohert R. : See — 

Butler, Henrv R. and R, R, 

tion testing apparatus and method. 2,.5.3«J,3!)9, Jan. 30. P.utler, Roy E., San Francisc.'. Calif. Laiiiinat.<l c-.rd 

J?utler, .\llMTf. as-;ign..r t.» P.-rcv Limit. •■! 2,545,J<<U 20 

l..r..nto, onf.irio Canada. Cylinder lens lapping P.utler. Wiliiam P.., Trent. .n, N. J. Carf..n with c..rti.r 

ma.hine. J... .2,443, Oct. 23, shape.l dosiir.' cap, 2,571. IPO. Oef iti. 

Butler, .\rthur C.. assi-uor to Rolls R.azor i'.ntler, Willi.m F, Oakl.tiid, assi-ii.,r to Cutter Labota 

Limit.'.l, L..nd..n, LiiL' S.itVty raz<.r. 2.543.s;)(). ,ori.-s. B.rk.-I.v, c.ilif. Flask support and <-onne<tini: 

„ V"" ..' . ,, ^ . riieml..-r. 2.:.72,::i4, Oct. 23 

Butler. P.erniceM,, N, Y. Bandage supporting Buth-r, William F. and F. A. Cutter Oakland c.ilif 

belt. 2,..4.),224, 13, ^ assignors to Cutter Laboraiori-s Berkelev Calif' 

Itutier. oaniel .M., Houston, 1>\. Foam L'cnerating .it- Transfusion .'luipiiieiit 2.5f;2.^45 .Fiilv .;« 

tachinenf for foi: n.izzles. 2.555..",!M, Jiitn- .5 

Butler De-,S<.;iI«.r;ition. ;issitrtl.-e : Srr 

Mcintosh, Kenneth I. 
Butl.'r. Edgar M.. New Orleans. La. Electrolvtic water 
correction device. 2, 530. .591. Jan. 2. 

Butler. Edgar .M.. New Orleans. La. Electrolytic water 
correction device. 2.540,074, Feb. 0. 

P.utler, Frank D., Cnited St.ites .Navy. Internal-combus- 
tion enuMne variable combu<^ti<ui <lianiber '• 57.'! 
Nov. 6. 

P.iiiman, Robert «',. W.*i .Medf.inl, 
iiiultivil, 2.5(;2.171. Jiilv ."'.l 


P.iitiiiaii. R.'bert ('.. West .MedfopI, Mass. Fr.-.|Uency dis 

criiiiiii.ifor. 2. 503. SIC. Aug. 14. 
liiitri.Ige, James H., Kank.ikee. and W. H. Claus, Downers 

Grove. Ill . assimiois to The Cnioii .Switch .intl Signal 

Conipanv, Swissv:ile, I'a. Railwav <r.ntrol s\s 

teni. 2,5 to, .•',:•, 1. Mar. 27. 
P.uts.h, Alfr.d <;., Erie, pa. CliihPs drinking tube, 

2.557.411. June 19. 



Butt, Charles A., Atlanta. Ga.. asalpnor to Intrrnntlonal 
Minerals and Chemical Corporation. PriMluction of 
defliiorinated tricalcluin pliospliate. -.SCG.Sr)!, Aue. 21. 

Butt, (;€M)rj;e W., <;riinsby, Kn^iand. Piston ring and pis- 
ton therefor. 2,T>:t4,400, May .1.1. 

Butiertteld, Cliarhs V.. San l-r.inclsro. anil K. L. C,on»>lla, 
Mercetl. Calif. Olive pittinj; machin.'. 2,r>44,006, 
Mnr. *'k 

Buttertield. Ceorcp 11., Portland. Orej:. <'orneal contact 
lens. I'..'i44.1.'4»;. Mar. »;. 

Butforfleld. Il.irrv F... .Ir : F:f<- — 

Pifvo. AllMTt V . Jim! P.dfterflelil. 

ButterHfld. .Iam.'< F. . .Ir : .V,-.- 

Buff.rfleM. James E . Sr., J. E. Hufterfleld, Jr., and 

Butferli.-lil. .lames E.. Sr.. .T. E. Hu' torffeld. Jr.. and 
H. A .Iohn.>on. Excelsior, Minn. pumper. 
2.r)78.r,»59. IVc. 18. 

ButtfrliHld. John P.. asRlsnor to Chrysler Corporation. 
Hichland Park. Micin Suspen.sion for st<erable wlieel.><. 
•J..">»'.7.l4t, Sopr. 4. 

ButterfleM, John P.. Grosse I'ointe Woods, assicnor to 
Chrysler Corporation. Highland Park. Mich. Engine. Oct. Ifi. # 

Buttprficld. John P.. Grosse Polnte Woods, as.slgnor to 
Chrysler Corporation. Illcliland I'ark. Mich. Inter- 
nally ♦•xpandin;; brake assemMv. 2. .'iTS. _•>»,">. iWr. 11. 

Butterfl»'ld, Robert J., San Gabrltl. Calif., assignor, by 
mesne assignment.s, to Miniieapoli.s llont'yweli Regula- 
tor Company. Reset mechanism for pilot sjjfety valves. 
2..'i47.S.'i.'l. Apr. 3. 

Butterflll. Sydney T.. Hamilton. Ontario, C.inada. Dis- 
play .shipping container. 2..'i4.S.001. Apr. 10. 

Buffe'rmann. Garry G., I.onlsvillo. Kj. Dispenser for Ice- 
cream conos and tho lik*". 'J.."fi2,.>0f> July .11 

Buttprworfh. Harry W.. Jr.. Philadelphia. Pa.. S. and M. 
Cohn, New York, and J. G. Waltor. Ridgpwood. as- 
sicnors to Samcoe Holding Corporation. New York. 
N. Y. Apparatus for drying fabric. 2,.570,318, Oct. 9. 

Butterwortfi. William N.. Shaker Heights. Ohio. assigni>r 
to General I{efractories Company. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Refractory lining for domestic furnacfs. 2.r>77,400, 
Dec. 4. 

Buttery, Kenneth T., assienor to Sutherland Paper Com- 

pany. Kalamazoo 

2..'i3H.S60. Jan. 2.1. 
Buttery. Kenneth T . 

panr. Knlamn/no. 

2..'>fi2,2.ri. July 31. 
Buttery. Kenneth T., 

pany. Kalamazoo. 

IVc. 18 
Buttery. Ki-nneth T. 


Automatic setup box. 

assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
Mlch. Collapsible cellular carton. 

assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
Mich. Tray tyi)e c.irton. 2.r)78,878, 

J., nsslenor of 

and one-thlrd to 

Vernier reading 

and I4. W. Rtitberl.ind. Jr.. assignors 
to Sutherland Paper Company. Kalatn.i/oo, Mich Han- 
dled cup or like receptacle 2..'">r,0.n27. July 17. 

Biitiner. William C.. Winnetkn, and J. R I'.unce. Chicago. 
Ill Heatlne system 2..'>."1 .82.1. May S. - 

Buttner. William C. Wlnnetka. and S. T.. ,;>undstrom, as- 
signors to The BastlanBlessinc Company, Chicago 111. 
Regulator nozzle. 2.r>7r).312. Nov. 13. 

Bnttolph. Doyle D.. PartlesvlUe. Okla.. assignor to Phil- 
I'ps Petroleum Company. Fluid dispensing system. 
2..'.f!n .'i.Tt. Oct. 2. I 

Buttolph. Ralph. Lone Beach. Calif.. assltrnAr to Fast- 
man Oil Well Survey Company. Denver, Colo. Whip- 
stock. 2. ."544.982. Mar. 13. 

Button. Fred T... North Bercen. N. 
one-third to C. A. Morton. Baldwin, 
I.. Coyne. Rockylllf Centre. N. T. 
device. 2..'53d.fl2r5. Jan. 2. 

Hutton. Fred I<.. North Beriren. N. .T.. assienor of one- 
tlilrd to C. .\. Morton. Baldwin, and one third to L 
Covne. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Adjustable clamp. 
2. .'.."<). (101. Anr. 2». 

Button. John S.. Jr . assienor to RIees Distler A Co.. Inc., 
Baltimore. Md. Traction device for vehicles. 2,.">,'57,725, 
June 19. 

Button, Leslie M. Moreno. P. O Trowbridge. Colton, and 
J. J. Schrink. Beaumont. Calif. Vapor or fog nozzle. 
2.."ir.9..'>02. July 10 

Butts. R.'b«»rt S, .\rlini:ton. assignor to Melnar. Inc. 
.Mevandria. Va. Telenietric sy.stem. 2,r) IS..! t,'), .\pr. 10. 

Butturini. T,tiii:l. Milan, and G. Bernini. Melepnano. as- 

sicnors to Carlo Krhi S \ Milan. Italy. Preparing 

puritlefl heparin. 2..'.71.r',70. Oct 1<'. 
Butz. Charles H.. Denver, Colo. Radiant bowl gas burne-. 

2..'>42.7.''.0. Feb 20. 
Butx. Stephen C. ZIon. 111. Vertically swincing auxiliary 

seat for barbers' chairs. 2.ri39.811, Jan. 30. 
IiMTbain'i. Mne and M. LeN-nsfeld. Flushlnir. assicnors 

The Royal Tot Mannfaetnrine Company, Brooklyn. N. 

Wrltln? board. 2. Ml. 497. Feb. 13. 
Buxton. .Man J : Sir - 

Roche. .MIeman IT., and Buxton. | 

Buxton. Incorporated, a'-slcnee: 8ef — 
Bronehton. Douirlas J. 
Buckley. Thomas A. 
Buxton. James F.. Flmlra. assignor to 

Corporation. Flmira Heights. .N. Y. 

cenrlne 2.'4r..9IO. 27. 
Btixton. J.iini-s r . EIndra. N. Y.. assignor to Pendlx 

Aviation Cnmuration Semlatitomatic engine starter 

control. 2.. '».">•». oti.l, June .">. | 


Bendix .Aviation 
Engine starter 

Buxton. James E . F^lmlra, asslj;nor to Bendix .Aviation 
Cor4>oration, Klmira IleightM, N. Y. llngiue starter gear- 
ing. 2,rjr,u,401, .Sept 2.'». 

Buxton. Sidney W., Nottingl^am, England. Locking de- 
vice for bicycles. 2,.'i70.77.1, Nov. 27. 

Buys. Pieter K.. I^iDdhoveii. N)'iherl:inds, assignor to 
Hartford .National P.ank and Trust <'ompany. Hart- 
ford. Conn., as tru.stee. Core and coil form. 2,503,393, 
Aug. 7. 

Buys, i'leter K , Eindhoven, Nelherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National and Trust Company. Hartford, 
Conn., as triiHtee. <'ir«uit arrancenn nt for protecting 
an amplifying tube against overloading. 2,567.272. 
Sept. 11. 

Buys. Pieter K . and J .M. Cluwen. I'indhoven. Nelher- 
lands. assignors to Jlartford .N'ational Bank an«l Trust 
Company. Hartford. Conn . as trustee. Protection of 
low freiiuency amplltier or output tubes against overload 
2.,')f. 1.049. July 17 

Buzalskl. Thomas J.. Cranford. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of .America. Television signal monitoring 

. equipment. 2..'S38.503. Jan. Ifi. 

Buzz I'.oy .Motor Bike Co . assignee : Fee — 
Isherwood. Henry G.. and Moore. 

Buzzo. Thomas M. : See — 

Corwin. John F.. Calhoun, and Burzo. 

Byl)ee. Genorls K.. Boise. Idaho. Hood reflection visor. 
2..'".4r,.49.'-.. Mar. 27. Company, assignee : See — 
Buck. Homer (J. 

Bye. Raymond S. : Sre — 

Palnxiuist. Philip V.. Schinel/.le. and Bve 

Bye. Raymond S., assignor to Minnesota Mirilnc vt Manu- 
facturing <'ompany. St. Paul. Minn. Sheet inserter for 
iilenflfylng the contents of shipping containers. 

Byer. Clinton E.. Puente. and F. A. Manley. Lvnwood, 
Calif.. assi;rnors to Soeony-Vactium Oil C^impany In- 
corporated. New York, .\. Y. Herbicidal composition. 
2..>.>4.192. May 22. 

Byerley. Garold. and J. C. King. Redding, Calif. Com- 
pressed fluid operated engine. 2 ."ins 803 May '^'^ 

Byers. Clifton A . and P C. Clugh. Cuvahocn Falls assign- 
ors to Wingfoot Corporation. Akron. Ohio. Hydraulic 
brake master cylinder. 2..%«11.009. Jtdy 17 

Byers. Eugene R.. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio, assignor to The 
B. F. Goodrich Company. New York. N Y Apparatus 
for electing articles from molds. 2.572.084 ()ct 30 

Byers. Frank T.. Mount Pleasant. Pa. Livestock feeding 
apparatus. 2..''.05.SO1. Aug. 28. 

Byers, John R., Jr. : Srr^ 

Allen. Charles F. H.. and Byers. * 

Byers. Ralph J.. Chicapo. III., and .M. B. Ch-istlan Tallu- 
lah. I^.. assignors to Chicago Mill and Lumber Com- 
pany. Chicago, III. Paper-covered wood product and 
making same. 2.545.003, Mar 20. 

Bylund. Fric : See — 

Vftn .Armbruster. Cecil, and Bvlund. 

Byram. Frederick C.. assignor to" Robhins h Mvers Inc 
Springfield. Ohio. Pump. 2.545.004 Mar 20 

Byram. Harry A . Log Angeles. Calif!, assignor bv de- 
cre». of distribution, to G. N. Freeman and M A "Nier 
Casement window hince. 2.577.738. Dec. 11. 

P.yrd. Berry L . Jr.. assignor of one-half to F L 
Cleveland, Miss., and one-half to D C. Bvrd 
controlled irame counter. 2,558,170 June 2(3 

Byrd. D. C. assignee : See — 
Byrd. Bejry L.. Jr. 

Byrd. i'a rl 1\f: Sre~ \ 

Austin. Glen L.. and Byrd. 

Bvrd. <;eorirp C. rrlsfleld. Sid. Kpeplne the meat of shell- 
fish In a fresh condition. 2.540.4_'8 Mar 27 

Byrd. John P.. Ashland, and P. W. Wlldow. Moorestown, 
N J., assignors to Radio Corporation of America. Re- 
silient socket assembly. 2.500.212. July 10. 

Byrne. Joe L. : Ser - 

Williamson. Loyal A.. Jr , and Byrne. 

Byrne. John F . and F. M. Clark, Pittsfield, Mass.. assign- 
ors to General Eleetric Company. Compound dielectric 
materials., Apr. 24. 

Byrne. Mark C.. St. Louis. Mo. Shower curtain support 
2. 545.04 s. Mar. 20. ' *^ 

Byrns. Alva C., Concord, Calif., assignor to Kaiser Alu- 
minum * Chemical Corporation. Cement composition 
and maklnjc. 2.540.071. .Apr. 3. 

Byrum. Paul F.. Memphis, Tenn. Antifreeze Indicator. 
2.540.425. Feb. 0. 

Byrtim. Tyr.a P.. assignee: See — 


Light, Cordell C. 
Bywater. Sheila R. I 

. Heston. and G. J. Prltchard. Halewood, 
L|yer|>ool. .isslgnors to Ward. Blenkinsop A Company 
Limited. I..ondon. Kncland. Manuf.icture of derivatives 
of disubstituted tnethane eomiwunds. 2,.555 114 May 29 
C. A. V. Limited, assignee : See — 

Bevis. William A., and Thorpe. 

Brook, Kenneth, and Evans. 

Evans. Eraser M. 

Evans. Eraser M., and Nicolli. 

Kemp. Kenneth A W. 

NIcolls, Wilfrid E. W. 

NicollH. Wilfrid E. W., and Burton 

Thorpe. Ernest H. C. 



C ft I> liaiterien. Inc., assigiu-e : i^ee — 

C. D. I'atontM Liniit«-(1. assignee : f>cc — 
(Jreav»'s, «'li;iii«-.s 1) , ami Sinitli 
Jf^unlnpt, Kayiiiond J. S.. and Willtnms. 
C G. S. I^buraioneii, Juc, assignee: bee — 

Ltoiiard, Oi'ornL' 11. 
C. J. W. Corporation. aBslsnee : See — 

ElBDer. Edwin C. 
C-O-Xwo lire EiiuiiJincnt Company, assignee: See — 
Allen, Frank li., and !Slel>en8. 
Allen. K. 
Iturke. Harold J. 

Caliusac, Clarfnce N., and Allen. 
Caliusiic. Clarence N'.. and Diehl. 
KucluT, JuM'pli E. 
Cabibl, .s. riilliii, ansijjuee : See — 

<'u7./.Mlino, Uinalilu, and Bustos. 
Cable, JortB C Marshall, Mo. Celestial navigation iustru 

m'-nt. :J!&«6,:U2, Sept. 4. 
Cable, Julius L., ISusion, Mass. Folding chair having 

a nu'tallir fraiiin. l.',.'-..'i2.8S3. May in. 
Cable and Wireless Limited, assignee : See — 

Warburton, Fred. 
Cabot, iKauf A.. Kuniford, H. I., and F. G. De Santis, 
Quincy. Mass., assijrnors. by mesne assicnriients, to He- 
ciknstruotion Finance Corporation. Washington. 1). C. 
Spindle for tubular yarn carriers. 2,556,674, June 12. 
Cabot, fJodfrey L.. Inc., assignee : it>'ec — 
Ix)vlnK, William L. 
Stokes. Charles A. 
Cabot. S;imuel, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Hermann. Augtistus il. 
Cadalzo, Alvaro, New York. N. Y., asslcnor of one-half 
to M. Nafhenson. Jerwv Citv. N. J. Dispensing device 
for collapsible tubes. 2, 5-^, 587. Apr. 10. 
Cade. George N. : Set — 

Oberfvll, George G.. and Cade. 
Cade, George N.. rJarllesville. Okla., assignor to I'hillips 
Petroleum Company. Sulfurlzed lubricant. 2,.")4."»,s7r), 
Mar. 20. 
Cade. George N., Bartlesville, Okla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Dehydrotluorination process. 
2.572.rj<j5. Oct. 23 , 
Cade. John W.. La Canada, assignor of 30 per cent t;> 
L. ^V. \all)«>rt. Harstow, 1.') per cent to \V. F. liarnes. 
(Hendale. and 15 per cent to ^I. K. Iloran. North Holly- 
wood. Cillf. Keconlliic cvelometer. 2,r).">4.323. Mav 22. 
Cade. Marcus S., and J. K. "McLaughlin. Chlllicothe, Ohio. 

Dividing and scaling instrument. 2,547,745. Apr. 3. 
Cade. Phillip J. : Sec— 

MacDougall. Donald J., and Cade. 

Cade. Phillip J.. Sharon, assignor to Phntoswitch, In- 
corporated. Cambridge, Mass. Electronic timing de- 
vice. 2.574.618. Nov. 13. 

Cadella, Anthony. San Leandro. Calif. Air directing 
means for gun type oil burners. 2,553,130, May 15. 

Cadet Smokestands Company, assife ^ee : See — 

Dick, Marion T. 
Cadie, Ve K., Alexandria, Va. Handle construction. 

2.540,075, Feb. 6. 
Cadillac fJage Company, assignee: See — 

H.iuer. i'larence H. 
Cadillac Products, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Fairell. James A. 

Hansen, George I. V.. 
Cadgene. Jaoiues. Palerson. N. J. Improving the char- 
aclerisiics of t liermoplasiic fabrics. 2,503.394, Aug. 7. 

Cadman. Coin Q. Silver City. N. Mox. Portable golf 
ball washer having a brusli and a liquid reservoir. 
2.578.224. Dec. 11. 

Cadman. Harry II.. and J. J. Ducey, Elkhart, Ind. Chair 
construction. 2.57'J.3t)l, Doc. 18. 

Cadmus. Fdgar F., Portland, Oreg. Packaging. 2,575,580, 

Nov. 2<». 
Cadorefte. (Jeorge, assignor to Draper Corporation. Hope 

dale, Mass. Shipper lever for looms. 2,550,406, June 12. 
Cadot. Henry M. : .s're-- 

Dittmar, Harry H.. and Cadot. 

Cadous, Esther, New York, N. Y. 

2.570.54.'). Doc. 25. 
Cadous. Esther. New Y'ork, N. Y. 

2.570.5li;. Dec. 25. 
Cadous, Esther. New York. N. Y. 

IVc. 25. 
Ca<lraln. Joseph A.. New Rritain. 

tray. 2, 574. si 3. Nov. 13. 
Caduff. John U. : Bee — 

CadufT. John G. and J. II. 
Caduff, John G. an<l J. R., Uloveland, Ohio. Safety device 

for use with l.idders. 2,553.438. May 15. 
Cadwallailer, John O.. Rocky Ford, Colo. Smokehouse 

meat rack. 2,574.319, Nov. 0. 
Codwallader. Hot»ert. Detroit, assignor to Chrysler 

Corporation, Highl.ind Park. Midi. Vehicle bo'ly 

construction. 2,544.525, Mar. G. 
Cadwcll. Clarence J., Carpinterla. and F. M. Adamson, Los 

Anceles. assignors to The Cadwell Corporation, Rev^rly 

Hills. Calif. Mechanism for automatically operatinc a 

jiicture slide changer of the manual type. 2.549.2S9. 

Apr. 17. ■> 



Strapleaa brassiere. 
Strapless garment. 
Garment. 2,579.547, 
Conn. Windproof ash 

Cadwell. Clarence J., Carpenterl^, and F. M. Adamson, 
Lo8 Angeles, assignors to The Cadwell Corporation, 
IJeverly Hills. Calif. Ventilating fan for picture pro- 
jecting apparatus. 2,562.600. July 31. 

Cadwell Corjjoiation. The. assignee : -S* t — 
Cadwell. Clarence J., and Adamson. 

Cadwell. Leonard E., Stamford, Conn., assignor to Ameri- 
can Cyauamid Company, N§w York, N. Y. Amide resina 
and resinous vehiclea thereof. 2,540,770, Feb. 6. 

Cadwell. Ralph K. : .See- - 

Woock. Herbert J., and CadwelL 

Cady, Carl S., Pullman, Wash. Stubble chopper. 
2.553.356. May 15. 

Cady, George 11.. Leonla. N. J. 

^ .Slates (if America as represent* 

Atomic Energy Commlssinn. 

carbons. 2,574,019. Nov. 13. 
Cady, William P., Gleudale, Calif. 

-Alar. 6. I 

Caen. Kenneth G., St. Louis. Mo. 

Ing. 2.555,435. June 5. 
Caesar. f)rville S.. Rarrington, 

2,575,487. Nov. 20. 
Caesar, Urvllle S., Rarrington, and II. C. Wie«lerhold, 

I'ark Uidge, assignors to The (Jreyhound Ctirpoiuilou, 

Chicago, 111. ileadrest-paper supply device. 2,536,592. 

ns.'signor to the Fnlted 
•d b.v the I'liited States 

I'reparatlon of fluoro- 
Rottle cap. 2,544,586. 
Artificial lure for cast- 
Ill. Chair structure. 

Jan. 2. 
Caesar. OrvlUe 

York. N. Y.. 

Chicago. 111. 
Caesar, I'hilip 

Vacuum Oil 


S.. Rarrington. 111., and R. Loewy, New 
assignors to The Greyhouml Corporal. on. 

Double-deck coach. 2,563.917, Aug. 14. 
D.. Wenonah. N. J., as^ignor to Socony- 
Company. Incorporated. Octylthlophcne 

2,552.769, May 15. y 

Philip D.. and P. (J. Waldo. Wenonah. N. J.. 

assignors to Socuny-Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. 

Alkylating thiophene with alkyl sulfate <ataly8t. 

2.55(1,769, May 1. 
Caestecker, Charles E., Kenilworth. assignor to American - 

Molded Products (^o.. Chicago. 111. Lamp socket con- 
struction. 2,557.337. June 19. 
Cafardl. Paschal P.. assignee: See — 

Wellen, James F. 
Caffrey. Howard E.. Tucson. Ariz. Tab bolder for license 

plates. 2,538.083. Jan. 16. 
Cage, John M.. Moniclair. assignor to Cage Projects, Inc., 

Lnion, N. J. Color television. 2,553,182. May 15. 
Cage. John M., Moniclair, assignor to Cage Projects. Iiw:., 

Union City, N. J. Cathode ray tube. 2,567,874, Sept. 

Cage, John M , Moniclair, assignor to Cage Projects, Inc., 

Union City. N. J. I'ower supply. 2,568,484, Sept. 18. 
Cage, John .M., Montdair. assignor to Cage Projects. Inc., 

Union City. N. J. I'ower supply for image reproducing 

tubes. 2.508.485. Sept. 18. 
Cage. John M.. Moniclair, assignor to Cage Projects, Inc., 

Union City, N. J. High-voltage power supply. 

2.5GS.486. Sept. 18. 
Cage. John M., Moniclair, N. J. Cathode-ray tube. 

2.569.654. Oct. 2. 
Cage, John M., Montclalr, assignor to Cape I'rojects. Inc., 

Union City, N. J. Condenser. 2.569.<;55, Oct. 2. 



See — 
N. Y. Body 



for blood. 

Cage. John M. 

2.579.362. Dec. 18. 
Cage Projects. Inc., assignee 

Cage, John M. 
Cagglano. Flore L.. Nrw Y'ork, 

lloodlight. 2.555.871, June 5. 
Cahan. Amos. New Y'ork, N. Y'. 

2.570.639. Oct. 0. 
Cahen, Herman S.. University HelKhts, assignor to The 

Commercial Rookbinding i'ompany, Cleveland. Ohio. 

Machine for spraying the edges of books. 2,542.023. 

Feb. 20. 
Cahenzil. .Martin T.. Jr.. assignor to The Harry Alter 

Company. Chicago. 111. Coupler. 2,502.294. Julv 31. 
Cahil. Joseph A., New Y'ork. N. T. Knife sharpener. 

2,544.777. Mar. 13 
Culiill. Charles C. deceased. Allentown. and W. R. 

Schurter. Trenton.' N. J.; E. T. Cahill. administratrix 

of said C. C. Cahill. Pattern layout device. 2,541,808, 

Feb. 13. 
Cahill. Daniel T. : See- 
Shaw, Duncan, Sherwood, and Cahill. 
Cahill. Eleanor T.. administratrix : See — 

Cahill Charles C., and Schurter. 
Cahill, Lyslo D. : See- 
Jack. William R.. Cahill, and 
Cahill. Thomas F.. Chicago. 111. 

addresslns: machlne.s. 2,560,822, 
Cahoon. Nelson C. : See- 
Zimmerman. Herman M.. and Cahoon. 
Cahonr. Pierre : Sec — 

Bonne. Robert, Cahour. and Grlvet. 
Cahusac, Clarence N.. Newark, and F. R. Allen, Verona, 

assignors to C-O-Two Fire Equipment <"o., Newark. N. J. 

Smoke detector and signal. 2.537.028. Jan. 9. 

Cahusac. Clarenee N., New.irk. and D. A. Diehl. Arling- 
ton, asslcnors to C O-Two Fire E'lnlpment Co.. .Newark, 
N J. Smoke defector and signal for dlesel locomotives. 


Feeding attachment 
Sept. 4. 


2.572,008. Oct. 23. 
Calllard, Jean G., Le 
2,561.049. July 24. 

Ilarre, France. Clamshell backet. 


IM»KX OF I'A'I i:.\TS. VX,\ 

Caill'iux. Mur««'l I,.. .M..iitr»-:il. Qufbtn-. l'anii<lji. IVvit-e 
for telecontrol of .xpatial iiio\tnivnt. J, ."> !.'»,:;.">?*. Mar. 1.".. 
Cain. Howard H.. Miiwauk.i-. \\ is. AdjiistabU- iluinp lor 

J.:. w;..i.lT. Mar. 

assi;;ii<ir to Wilfox-Gay 
Knvi-Iopc- (lis|K'ns«'r. J 

r.71.8.;i. O.f. 

concri't'- tonus. 
Cain. U'.lM-rt .M. 

riiarlott»'. Miih. 

Cain. Willie <'.. an.l K. P. Ih-st.T, r.latU-nJjoro. X. C. Ai: 

toniatic sioji for wimliiiir nKHlilins. ^.'..l.'^'H. June ->> 
Caine, « urtls W., I'ortsnioiitli, Va. Kndobroncliial In- 

Miliatinc stylet. 2.541.402. Feb. 13. 
«'airil. riarissa I'... ii(«sii:ne«' : Stt 

.\i«'K-ii. .\iliilph. 
L'airns. HoImti K . aoicnor to Sliawini^ran R<>iiis Cor- 

poranon. S|irin;:H«'l'l, Ma.-.s. l'.>ly\inyl bljtyral proilnrt. 

_'..'.T1.'J!»_'. •». t. 2^. 
Cairns. Tlieo«lore L.. Newark. asslROor to E. I. du Pont de 

.Nemours Ik Coinpany. U ilniinj:ton, iMl^ Nvinyl all^yleue 

ureas and pulviners tliereof. J.oH.lo^, Ft'b. 13. 
Cake. William K. : s,, 

OpiMiihoimer. IMiilip W.. and Cake. Carmen T.. Cliiia'4<>. Hi. .\utomati«- Min- 

stripp'-r. L'.riTL.S.'.S. Oct. l»i. 
Calabr..s.-, Ko» co. Karit.m. -N. J. Iloor .<»urtatiiiU ni.a- 

fhine. i;,.">.'>7.2!ti. .June 1!». 
Caianiari, I't'tcr T.. 1>( »p Kiver. and V. K. Murdock. 

Clinton. Conn., as.siffnors to The Aeolian Company. New- 
York. N. Y. l»rivf and tontrol for auiomalic musical 

in.struments. ■.•.U37.571, Jan. U. 
< alnniort'. John V. : .s'rt-- 

.MilUr. Kiiiest C. C.. and I'.-ilamore. 
C:.nKMk. Uoliert I... a-«si>;nor to rrano *'>'.. r'tiifajjo. 111. 

Tool for avstinhlinu radiator Mitions or the ,llke. 

■_• ."i»iO <»_•<•. .Iiilv IT. 
• alcuft. William II.. and S. .V. F. I'lu-lps. l.*.nd..jK_Kni^- 

land I toi.r at tiiateil rotatable serviee cabinet. l*,o77,4<n. 

Dec. 4. 

r.radford. assignor to The Knulish 
Limited. London. England. Control 
.Mar. L'O. 
: tilt