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BONUS YEAR, 1885. 



Incorporated by Royal Charter and Acts of Parliament. 

Established, i8og. 



'Claims paid on proof of death and title. 

Premiums adjusted to each half-year of age. 

Minimum Surrender Values fixed, and held at credit of insured for five years. 

Paid up Policy of liberal amount granted in place of lapsed policy, if desired within 

six months. 
Error in proposal papers not to involve forfeiture of policy unless accompanied by 

Policies in most cases world-wide from outset. 

BONUS YEAR, 1885. 

NINE-TENTHS of the whole profits of the Life Assurance Branch belong to 
the Assured, one-tenth only going to the Shareholders. 

The next DIVISION OF PROFITS will be made as at 31st December, 1885, 
and a Policy effected on the Participating Scale during the current year will rank in 
that Division for Bonus, which will vest if the Policy continues in force until the 
sixth premium is due. 


The Company grants Annuities to Persons of all Ages on very favourable terms. 


Property of nearly all descriptions insured, at Home or Abroad, at the lowest 
rates of Premium corresponding to the risk. Losses settled with promptitude and 

Every information may be had at the Chief Offices, Branches, or Agencies. 


Subscribed Capital, £2,500,000 

Paid-up Capital, 625,000 

Fire Fund, 1,597,295 9 6 

Life and Annuity Fund, ..... 

Revenue for the Year, 18! 
Net Fire Premiums, Interest, &c., . 
Net Life and Annuity Premiums, Interest, &c, 

The Accumulated Funds of the Life Department are free from liability in respect 
of the Fire Department, and in like manner the Accumulated Funds of the Fire 
Department are free from liability in respect of the Life Department. 

Chief Offices — 


Glasgow Branch Office— 102 ST. VINCENT STREET. 

Local Manager, G. IF. SNODGRASS. Local Secretary, DA VIDL. LAIDLA IF. 

Agents in Greenock. 









J. & G. Black, Solicitors. 

T. O. Hunter & Co., Merchants. 

Thomas Stark, Banker. 

Robertson & M'Dougall, Merchants 

J. Clapperton & Co., Merchants. 

J. Innes Macdougall, Solicitor. 

F. G. Bruce, Banker. 

Alex. Gauld, Banker. 

Bone & Buchanan, Accountants. 

M'Neilage, Adam & Co., Merchants. 

Sinclair & Co., Merchants. 

William Hardie, C.A. 

James Agnew, 32 Crawfurd Street. 

P. W. Leitch, Marine Insurance Broker. 






FUNDS (1884.) 

Assets, . . £3,491,376 

Life Assurance and Annuity Funds, .... 3,391,789 
Annual Income, . 685,369 

Payments under Policies, 6,073,157 

Cash Bonus Divided, 565,000 

Scotland . 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch— 63 ST. VINCENT STREET. 

JAMES CRAIG, Secretary. 

Agents vit (Srccnock. 

John Malcolm, 21 Newton Street. 
Thomas Black, 38 Lynedoch Street. 

Wm. Chalmers, 5 West Blackhall St. 
Malcolm Currie, 19 Newton Street. 

<3eneral assurance Company 


{Established in /Ssj—Empoivered by Special Acts of Parliament.) 

Chief Office— 103 CANNON STREET, LONDON, E.C. 

Financial Position, 1884. 

Subscribed Capital, - - - ,£1,000,000 

Accumulated Fund, - - - . 900,000 

Annual Revenue, upwards of - 272,000 

Progress of the Company. 

New Policies New 

issued. Assuring. Premiums. Assets. 

3872 750 £336,755 £10,287 £494,456 

1875 1148 380,694 12,038 565,417 

J877 1266 456,846 i4,45i 650,000 

1879 1398 482,366 16,242 720,000 

1880 1560 513,695 17,79* l 54, t°l 

3882 1542 552,830 19,029 849,810 

Prospectuses and every information can be had at THE HEAD OFFICE FOR 

General Assurance Offices— 


WALKER, SCOTT & CO., Local Managers. 
Agents in Greenock. 

W. & W. M'Clure, n William Street. I Robert Fleming, 22 Robertson Street. 
R. S. M'Morland, Arcade, Cathcart Street. W. Hardie, 2 Watt Place. 
Wm. Stronach, 25 West Burn Street. | J. & J. Denholm, Exchange Buildings. 

Thos. Henderson, 14 Cathcart Street. 

•General Revision of Rates and Conditions of Assurance. 



[Established 1839.] CAPITAL, - - ONE MILLION. 

120 Princes Street, Edinburgh— WILLIAM SMITH, Esq., LL.D., Manager. 

12 Waterloo Place, London— J. HILL WILLIAxMS, Esq., F.I.A., Actuary. 

Trustees — 

The Right Hon. the Earl of Glasgow, Lord Clerk-Register of Scotland. 

The Right Hon. Lord Moncreiff, Lord Justice-Clerk of Scotland. 
The Honourable Lord Adam. I William Smythe, Esq., of Methven. 

The Honourable Mr Justice Field. | Edward Kent Karslake, Esq., Q.C. 
Sir Hardinge Stanley Giffard, Q.C, M.P. 

THE DIRECTORS invite public attention to the NEW PROSPECTUS and 
Claims Payable Immediately on Proof of Death. 

Policies opened during the present year will participate in the EIGHTH 


Existing Assurances, ^4,275,0001 -Invested Funds, ^1,345,000 


■Glasgow Branch — 705 St. Vincent Street : John Oswald, Secretary. 

Stents in ©reenocfc— 

Turner & Boyes, Writers, 17 West Blackhall Street. 

Wm. Lamont, 16 Palmerston Buildings. 

J. C. Smith, Macdonald, & Crawford, Solicitors, 26 Hamilton Street. 

R. S. Murray, Solicitor, 32 Cathcart Street. 



Capital, . . . . £1,852,000 



ROBERT KERR, Esq. (John Kerr & Co., Greenock). 
ARCHIBALD GALBRAITH, Esq. (A. & A. Gaibraith, Glasgow). 
JAMES BOYD, Esq. (J. & J. Boyd, Glasgow). 
W. INGLIS SCOTT, Esq., Milliken Park. 

Local Manager— ARCHIBALD BLAIR. 
Local Secretary— WILLIAM DICK- 


Copies of the Report for the Year 1884 may be obtained from any of 
the Company's Offices or Agencies. 
The Fire Premiums for 1884, after deducting re- 
insurances, amounted to .... ^49 I >3 I 5 3 2 
The Fire Losses for the year, after making ample 

provision for all losses occurring up to 31st Dec, 

were 324*271 13 % 

After deducting all Commissions, Expenses, Bad 

Debts, Depreciations, and Charges, and including 

Interest on Investments and other Receipts, the 

business of the year shows a balance to the 

Company's Credit on the year's transactions of 

£27,964 17s 3d. To this has to be added 

£44,155 4s 6d, balance from 1883, making a total 

of 72,120 I 9 

Out of which £10,000 has been carried to Reserve, 

increasing that Fund to 240,000 o o 

After payment of Dividends (free of Income Tax) of 

8 per cent., absorbing £14,816, there has been 

carried forward to next year's account the sum of . 47*304 1 9 


Capital (fully subscribed), £1,852,000 o o 

Of which there is paid up, 185,200 o o 

Reserve Fund, 240,000 o o 

Balance carried forward, 47>3°4 I 9 


Having no Life Business, the Funds can only be used for Fire Losses. 
Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Losses. 

The Directors invite Applications for Agencies in Towns and Districts 
where the Company is not fully represented, and are also open to receive 
applications from those at present representing Life Companies only. 

Established 1303. 




CAPITAL .... £1,200,000 

Paid-up and Invested, ^700,000 

Total Cash Capital and Reserves in hand, 1885, . 1,528,000 
Losses already paid amounting to upwards of . . 8,000,000 

The magnitude of the Company's Business, yielding Premiums annually amounting 

to nearly ;£ 800,000, is an evidence of its standing and popularity. 

Immediate Protection granted on application to the Branch Office, or to any of the 

Company's Agents. 

Applications for Agencies are invited from 

having influence to secure Proposals. 



Secretary— ANDREW CLARK. 

David Agnew, House Factor, 15 Cross-shore Street. 

John Adam, at Wm. Adam & Co.'s, Dock Breast. 

Wm. M. Martin, Commission Merchant, 24 West Blackhall Street. 

R. B. Shearer, Solicitor, 1 Bank Street. 



(Established 1863.) 

Head Office— 67 George Street, Edinburgh. 


William Smith, LL.D., F.I. A., Chairman. 
George Barclay, Esq., Merchant. I James Mylne, Esq., W.S. 

Julius H. Beilby, Esq., Merchant. I Ralph Ersktne ScoTT.Esq., C.A. 

John Cook, Esq., W.S. | Robert Stewart, Esq., of Ingliston. 


Fidelity Guarantee for persons holding situations of Trust. 

Securities for Officers of Government, Banks, Insurance Companies, 
and other Public Offices ; Collectors, Travellers, Clerks, and others. 

Cash Bonus to Policyholders of from .15 to 50 percent, on Premiums 
of Policies three years old and upwards. 

GREENOCK, ... 7 West Breast, W. O. Leitch, Agent. 

!75 St. George's Place. 
150 Hope Street. 
58 Bath Street. 


Capital fully Subscribed— £2,500,000. 
Life Fund in Special Trust for Life Policy Holders, about ^875,000 
Other Funds exceed 1,000,000 

Total Net Annual Income exceeds - £1,200,000 

Chief Offices — 19 and 20 CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. 

West-end Office— 8 PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W. 

Home Branches— Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Leeds, 
Nottingham, Birmingham, Norwich, Bristol, Southampton, Dublin, 
Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. 

W. Reirson Arbuthnot, Esq. 
Robert Barclay, Esq. (Barclay, Bevan 
& Co.) 

W. Middleton Campbell, Esq. (Hogg, 

Curtis, Campbell & Co.) 
Jeremiah Colman, Esq. (J. & J. Colman). 
Alfred Giles, Esq., M.P., 26 Great George 

Street, London, S.W. 
Edmund S. Hanbury, Esq. (Hanbury, 

Truman & Co.) 
Frederick W. Harris, Esq. (Harris & 

John Holmes, Esq., M.P. (Wm. Holmes 

& Brothers). 
F. Larkworthy, Esq., Bank of New 


Chas. J. Leaf, Esq. (Leaf, Sons & Co.) 
William Leask, Esq., Monument Bdgs. 
Rt. Hon. A. J. Mundella, M.P. 
Sir Henry W. Peek, Bart. (Peek 

Brothers & Co.) 
P. P. Rodocanachi, Esq., M.P. (P. P. 

Rodocanachi & Co.) 
Thomas Russell, Esq., C.M.G. 
P. G. Sechiari, Esq. (Sechiari Bros. 

Andrew R. Scoble, Esq., Q.C. 
D. Cooper Scott, Esq. (Wilson, Sons & 

Co., Limited). 
Alex. Sim, Esq. 
J. P. Tate, Esq. 
Hy. Trower, Esq. (Trower & Lawson). 

Secretary— GEO. LYON BENNETT. 

Prospectuses, and all information needful for effecting Assurances, may be obtained 

at any of the Company's Offices or Agencies throughout the world. 


Undoubted Security. Moderate Rates. Prompt and Liberal Settlements. 


Actuary— T. E. YOUNG, B.A. 

Married Women's Property Act (1882). — Policies are issued to husbands for 
the benefit of their wives and children, thus creating, without trouble, expense, stamp 
duty, or legal assistance, a Family Settlement, which creditors cannot touch. 

The Life Funds invested in the names of Special Trustees. The Assured 
wholly free from liability. 

The Expenses of Management limited by Deed of Settlement. 
Fixed Minimum Surrender Values guaranteed ; and Claims paid one month 
after proof of death. New Liberal Conditions. 
Undenvriter— J. CARR SAUNDERS. 
Rates for Marine Risks on Application to the Underwriter. 


ARCHIBALD LAWSON, District Manager. 
Bankers — The Union Bank of Scotland (Limited). 
Solicitors — Messrs Mitchell, Cowan & Johnston. 
Agents in Greenock 

Dugald Campbell, 49 Cathcart Street. 1 William Philp, British Linen Coy. Bank. 
James Macdonald, 33 Cathcart Street. John Forrest, 26 Crawfurd Street. 

A. Tait, Royal Bank, West-end. | J. A. Cairns, 5 East Hamilton Street. 

Wm. Blair, 6 West Blackball Street. 1 John Morison, 29 West Burn Street. 

R. B. Duncan, South Street. I James M'Cunn, 3 East Blackhall Street. 

T. O. H. Hendry, 61 Esplanade. | S. Campbell, Union Bank. 


Gpeenoek Directory, 

FOR 1885-86, 











Price, Three Shillings and Sixpence. 



SLEEPLESSNESS, and DEBILITY, also for weak Stomach, Indigestion, 

etc. It gives strength and tone to the whole system. 

Phials, is oxl, 2s gd, and 4s 6d ; by Post one stamp extra. 




Quickly and effectually removes Hard or Soft CORNS and BUNIONS, 
and Reduces Enlarged or Inflamed TOE JOINTS.— NO PAIN. 
Phials, is i^d each ; Post Free for 15 Stamps. 

The above Specifics Genuine only from 


UFje Central ff>bannacv\ 


CAUTION — See M. F. Thompson's name on every Packet, without which none is genuine. 


SS" Burn Marks, Steel Stamps, and Stencil 

Plate Cutters. 
Brass Door Plates. Berth Nos., and Key- 
Labels for Shipbuilders. 
Steel Letters and Figures, Embossed Brass. 
Tickets, and Time Checks. 

Inscriptions on Silver and Cutlery. 
Arms, Crest, and Mono. Dies. 

Embossed Presses and Brass Stamps of all 
kinds for Companies, Notaries, Elections, &c. 

All kinds oi India Rubber and 
Brass Stamps made. 




June, 1885 



— 7 





— 6 





1 8 





— 7 





2 9 





1 8 





3 10 





2 9 





4 11 





3 10 





5 I 2 





4 11 



— ■ 


6 13 





5 12 





January, 1886. 


— 5 





3 IO 





— 6 





4 11 





— 7 





5 12 



— ■ 


1 8 





6 13 





2 9 





7 14 





3 10 




Friday I 

8 15 





4 11 




Saturday 2 

9 16 



— ■ 




2 9 





— 7 





3 i° 





1 8 





4 11 





2 9 





5 12 





3 i° 





6 13 





4 11 





7 14 





5 12 




Saturday 1 

8 15 





6 13 



— ■ 





— 6 





— 7 





— 7 





1 8 





1 8 





2 9 





2 9 





3 10 





3 10 




4 11 





4 11 





5 12 





5 12 





6 13 




— 4 





— 4 





— 5 





- 5 





— 6 





— 6 





— 7 





— 7 





1 8 





1 8 





2 9 





2 9 





3 i° 





3 10 







1 8 





2 9 





2 9 





3 i° 





3 10 





4 11 





4 11 





5 12 





5 12 





6 13 










7 14 





7 14 




Saturday 1 

8 15 



— ■ 

Bank, &c, Holidays— Scotland :— New- Year's Day; Good Friday; First Monday 
in May and First Monday in August ; and Christmas Day. 

x l i^\ b 


The Publishers of the Post-Office Greenock Directory, 
in placing before Subscribers and the public the issue for 
1885-86, desire to express their gratitude for past favours, 
and their hope that the present issue may be found as 
complete and acceptable as its predecessors. 

A Directory for Gourock has been introduced into 
the work. 

The Plan of the Town, as heretofore, is by John 
Bartholomew, Esq., F.R.G.S. Having been carefully 
corrected up to the present time and enlarged, it may be 
relied on for its accuracy. 

Greenock, June, iSSj. 

Galbraitfj & Winton, 

(Established over Half a Century), 



(Agents for Maw & Co.'s Tiles). 

Shou> Rooms — 129 8T. VINCENT STREET, 

Steam Potcer Works— 48 KELVIN STREET, 


Manufacturers of Marble Chimney Pieces. 

Fenders, Floors, Monuments, Memorial Wall Tablets, Baths (solid and in slabs) and 
Contractors for all kinds of Special Marble Work for Steam Ships, Public 
Buildings, &c. 
Roman Mosaic, and Marble Mosaic Concrete Pavements for Entrance Halls, &c. 

TXllCS. — Mosaic, Encaustic, and Tesselated Tile Floors for Entrance Halls, 
Vestibules, Public Buildings, Churches, Schools, Baths, Conservatories, &c. 

Enamelled Tiles (Plain and Decorated) for the Walls of Staircases, Lavatories, 
Bathrooms, Shops, Stables, &c. 

Glazed, Encaustic, and other Tiles for Hearths, Fireplaces, &c. 

Terro Metallic Tiles for Kitchens, Offices, &c. 

Decorated and Art Painted Tiles for Furniture. 

Slate.— Black Enamelled Name Plates, Plain and Enamelled Chimney Pieces, 
Cisterns, Lavatory Divisions, &c. 


Designs and Estimates Furnished on Application. 

By Her Majesty's Koyal Letters Patent. 
Established 1850. 



-15 w 



£ ^ s. 

£ £ S" 

x r » 

- > as 

2 £ M 

in 3 f 










Recommended by the Faculty, British and Foreign Medical Journals, also 

by the most eminent Analytical Chemists of the day. 

Supplied at the Clubs, Principal Hotels, Dining Rooms, Restaurants, 

Bars, &c. To be had also from respectable Wine Merchants, Chemists, 

Grocers, Italian Warehousemen, at Railway Refreshment Rooms, and 

on board first-class Steamers, &c. 






Calendar ----------- in. 

Preface ' ~ }Y: 

Stamp Duties '■' ■- V1U - 

Post-Office Directory J 

Trades and Professions 2 53 

Street Directory - - 3 X 7 



Addresses of M.P.s for Town and County 18 

Adjuster of Imperial Weights and Measures - - - - 23 

Banking Houses 47 

Board of Trade Office 3 2 

Boundaries of Electoral Wards 14 

Building Societies --------- 88 

Burgh and Police Court 35 

Caledonian Railway Company 41 

Carriers 43 

Churches, Ministers, and Presbyteries 54 

Clubs (Bicycle, Boating, Bowling, Cricket, &c.) - - - 89 

Commissary Court ---------- 36 

Commissioners of Supply for the Lower Ward 37 

Conveyances ---------- 25 

Consuls at Greenock 40 

County Constabulary 38 

Courts 35 

Customhouse -.--------13 

Custom of the Port 33 

Dean of Guild Court - - - 20 

Educational ---------- 73 

Faculty of Procurators -------- 38 

Fire Brigade ---------- 22 

Fishery Office ---------- 14 

Glasgow and South- Western Railway Company - - - 42 

Government Life Insurance and Annuities - - - - - 13 

Greenock Academy - - - - - - - - - - 73 

Greenock Cemetery ---------28 

Greenock Census Returns - - - - - - - - 18 

Greenock Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures - - - 33 


Greenock Hospital and Infirmary - - - - - - 31 

Greenock Library - - - - . - - -- - yj 

Greenock Mechanics' Institution ...... 77 

Greenock Parochial Board - - - - - - - 31 

Greenock Provident Bank - - - - . - - - 53 

Greenock School Board -------- 73 

Greenock Shipping List -------- 97 

Hackney Carriages ----25 

Harbour Trust ---------- 21 

Income Tax Commissioners - - - - - - 38 

Indian Parcel Post --------- 9 

Inland Revenue Office — late Excise ------ 14 

Inland Revenue Office— Stamps and Taxes 14 

Institutions ---------- 77 

Insurance Offices and Agents 94 

Inverkip Street and Duncan Street Burying Ground 30 

Justice of Peace Court -------- 36 

Lieutenancy of Renfrewshire ------- 37 

List of Licensed Boatmen - - - - - . - 27 

List of Licensed Deep Sea and River Pilots 26 

List of Licensed Lumpers ------- 27 

List of Licensed Porters -------- 23 

List of Operatives in Slaughter-house 23 

List of Persons Licensed to Retail Gunpowder - - - - 23 

Lloyd's Agent for Greenock and Port-Glasgow - - - - 40 

Local Marine Board ---------32 

Magistrates and Town Council - - - - - - - 18 

Markets 22 

Memorable Events (Local) - - - - - - - 17 

Mercantile Marine Office 32 

Mills, and Water Trustees' Waterfalls 21 

Money Orders ---------- 10 

Musical Associations -------- 88 

Parcels Post ---------- 8 

Parliamentary and Municipal Boundaries 14 

Physicians and Surgeons 39 

Police Board ---------- 19 

Post-Office .- 1 

Post-Office Savings Bank - - - - - - - - 12 

Public Offices 90 

Quarter Sessions 37 

Registrars for Births, Deaths, and Marriages 23 

Sailors' Home ......... 78 

Sanitary Department 22 

Schools and Teachers 75 

Sheriff Courts 35 

Sheriff Small Debt Court 36 

Societies (Investment, Musical, Horticultural, and Agricultural) 88 

Societies (Provident, Literary, Scientific, Religious, &c.) - - 84 

Societies (Secret) --------- 80 

Steam Vessels ---------- 43 

Steam Towing Companies - - - . * - - - 47 


Tables of Fees of Interment in Cemetery, &c., 29 

Table of Rates chargeable by Licensed Boatmen 27 

Table of Rates chargeable by Porters 24 

Table of Rates for Pilotage on the Clyde - - - - ■ - 26 

Town and Harbour Police 22 

Town Council 18 

Tale of Clyde Tramway Company 4 2 

Volunteer Artillery and Rifle Corps - - - 4° 

Water Trust 20 

Water Falls Let and Unlet 21 

Wellington Park and Well Park 28 


patents for Jnventions. 

GGO. m. (£RUIK$f)AnK, 

Consulting (Engineer m\b $) attnt Jlgent, 

-*ft> RITISH, Colonial, and Foreign Patents obtained, 
■Jfcr Specifications Drawn and Revised, and Draw- 
ings prepared for Patented Inventions, and for the 
Registration of Designs and Trade Marks. Searches 
and Reports as to Novelty of Inventions. Opinions 
in cases of Infringement. Advice on the Law of 
Patents, and every assistance given to Patentees and 


AGREEMENT, or any Memorandum of an Agreement, without a Clause 
of Registration, and not otherwise specially charged with duty 6d 

AGREEMENT for a Lease or Tack, or with respect to the Letting of 
any Lands, Tenements, or Heritable Subjects for any term not 
exceeding thirty-five years, is to be charged with the same duty as 
if it were an actual Lease or Tack for the Term and consideration 
mentioned in the Agreement. 

AGREEMENTS for Letting Furnished Houses and Apartments, for 
terms less than a year : — ■ 

When the Rent for the whole term does not exceed ,£5 - os 6cl 

Exceeds £$ but does not exceed ^10 - - - - is ocl 

,, 10 ,, 15 ... is 6d" 

,, 15 ,, 20 - 2s od: 

,, 25 2s 6d 

The Duty on Agreements may be denoted by an adhesive postage 
stamp, which is to be cancelled by the person by whom the instrument 
is first executed. 

BILL OF EXCHANGE, Payable on Demand id 

BILL OF EXCHANGE of any other kind whatsoever (except a Bank 
Note), and Promissory Note of any kind whatsoever (except a Bank 
Note), drawn, or expressed to be payable, or actually paid, or en- 
dorsed, or in "any manner negotiated in the United Kingdom : — 
When the amount does not exceed ^5 - - - - os id 
Exceeds ^5 and ,, 10 - - - - os 2d 

,, 10 ,, 25 - - - - os 3d 

,,25 „ 50 - os 6d 

,,5° » 75 - os 9d 

„ 75 ,, 100 - is od 

And for every ^100, and also for any fractional part of ,£100, of 

such amount or value - - - - - - - - is od 


The term "Bill of Exchange" includes Draft Order, Cheque, and 
Letter of Credit, and any document or writing (except a Bank Note)- 
entitling or purporting to entitle any person, whether named therein or 
not, to payment by any other person of, or to draw upon any other 
person for, any sum of money therein mentioned. 

EXEMPTIONS. — Any draft or order drawn by any banker upon any 
other banker, not payable to bearer or to order, and used solely for the 
purpose of settling or clearing any account between said bankers. Any 
letter written by a banker to any other banker, directing the payment of 


any sum of money, the same not being payable to bearer or to order, 
and such letter not being sent or delivered to the person to whom pay- 
ment is to be made, or to any person on his behalf. 

BILL OF LADING - - - - - . - - -. 6d 

Whatever number of Bills may form a set, each Bill of a set is liable to 
this duty. Penalty for executing any Bill of Lading not dulystamped, £$o. 

BONDS AND MORTGAGES, being the only or principal or primary 
security for the payment or re-payment of money not exceeding 
£10 - - - os 3d 

Above ^10 not exc. £25 - os Sd | Above ^150 not exc. ^200 - 5s od 
,, 25 ,, 50 - is 3d j ,, 200 ,, 250- 6s 3d 
,, 50 ,, 100 - 2s 6d ,, 250 ,, 300 - 7s 6d 
„ 100 „ 150 - 3s 9d I 

And for every ^"ioo, or fractional part of ^IOO, 2s od. 

CONVEYANCE OR TRANSFER ON SALE of any Property (except 
Debenture Stock or Funded Debt) when the amount or value of the 
consideration does not exceed £$ - - - - - os 6d 
Exc. £$ not exc. £ 10 - - isod Exc. ^125 not exc. ^150 - 15s od 
is 6d 
2s od 
2s 6d 
5s od 
7s 6d 
1 os 6d 
12s 6d 
For every ^50, or fractional part thereof, 5s. 

Duty on an Indenture to be borne by the master, unless the contrary 

be agreed on. 

LEASE OR TACK of any Lands, Tenements, or Heritable Subjects,, 
for a term not exceeding thirty-five years, when the rent does not 
exceed £-, per annum - - - - - - - os 6d 




, 20 








, 100 


, 125 



- 17s 6d 

175 „ 200 

- 20s od 

200 , 

, 225 

- 22s 6d 

225 , 


- 25s od 

250 , 


- 27s 6d 



- 30s od 

Exc. ^25 not exc. ^50 - 5s od 
50 „ 75 " 7s 6d 

75 ,, 100 - 10s od 

Exc. £5 not exc. ^"io - is od 

,, 10 ,, 15 - is 6d 

,, 15 ,, 20 - 2s od 

,, 20 ,, 25 - 2s 6d 

For every sum of ^50, and also for any fractional part of ^50 thereof, 5s. 

RECEIPT given for or upon the payment of money amounting to £2. 
and upwards id 

The term " receipt " means and includes any note, memorandum, or 
writing whatsoever, whereby any money amounting to £2 or upwards, 
or any Bill of Exchange or Promissory Note for money amounting to £2 
or upwards, is acknowledged or expressed to have been received, or 
deposited, or paid. 

If any person ( 1 ) Gives any receipt liable to duty and not duly stamped ; 
(2) In any case where a receipt would be liable to duty, refuses to give a 
receipt duly stamped; (3) Upon a payment to the amount of £2 or upwards 
gives a receipt for a sum not amounting to £2, or separates or divides the 
amount paid with intent to evade the duty — he shall forfeit the sum of ^"io. 




Commercial Weights (Meteric System). 







I Gramme =10 Decigrammes - - = o 




I Decagramme = 10 Grammes - - = o 



5 '6438 

I Hectogramme=io Decagrammes - = o 





I Kilogramme 1 = 10 Hectogrammes - = o 





I Myriagramme 2 = io Kilogrammes - = o 



1 1 - 8304 

I Quintal 3 = loMyriagrammes= ioo kilos. = I 





Millier 4 = io Quintals = iooo kilos. - = 19 





Retail Weights (Systeme Usuelle). 

I Livre 5 usuelle or half Kilogramme - = 





r> ,, ,, quarter ,, = 





I 5, ,, eighth ,, - = 





| ,, ,, sixteenth ,, - = 





1 Once ,, French ounce = 





-2 ,, ,, ,, half ounce - = 




£ ,, ,, ,, quarter ounce = 




I Gros ,, ,, dram - - = 




Commercial Measures of Length ( 

Meteric Syst 




feet, inches. 

1 Metre 6 = 10 Decimetres - - = 



I Decametre = 10 Metres - - = 


2 9tV 

1 Hectometre = 10 Decametres - - = 


1 1 A 

I Kilometre 7 = 10 Hectometres - - = 


I IO* 

I Myriametre = 10 Kilometres - - = 



n T \ 

Retail Measures of Length (Systeme Usuelle). 


feet, inches. 

1 Toise usuelle 8 = 2 Metres ... 


= 2 


I Aune 9 ,, =12 Decimetres - 


= I 


i ,5 „ = 6 „ --- 


= O 

1 nf 

i „ 5, = 3 » ... 


= O 


a 55 55 = *2 55 


= O 


1 The Kilogramme is the commercial lb. of France, Holland, and Belgium : it is 
equal to a little over 2 i-5th avoirdupois lb. English. 50J Kilogrammes are deemed 
equivalent to an English cwt. (roughly.) 

2 The Myriagramme is the commercial stone : it is equal to very nearly 22 lb. 
and 3 oz. avoirdupois weight. 

3 The Quintal metreque metric quintal) is the French cwt. : it is equal to within 
about 3^ lb. of 2 English cwt. 

* The Millier or 1000 Kilogrammes is the French ton : it wants about 35 lb. 6 oz. 
of the English ton. 1015 kilogrammes are deemed equivalent to 20 English cwt., or 
an English ton (roughly). 

3 The Livre usuelle is the retail lb. of France : it is the same as the Zollverein lb. 
used in Germany. ioi£ of these livres are deemed equivalent to an English cwt., and 
2030 to an English ton (roughly). 

6 The Metre is divided off into 1000 equal parts called Millimetres, 25^4 of which 
are equal to an English inch. 32 metres=35 English yards nearly. 

7 The Kilometre is equal approximately to 5 of an English mile, so that 8 Kilo- 
metres are approximately equal to 5 English miles. 

* The Toise is the French fathom, 32 of which are approximately equal to 35 
English fathoms. 

u The Aune is the French yard, used in common transactions. 


Retail Measures— Continued. 

yds. feet. inches. 

I Pied 1 usuelle = £ Metre or £ Toise - - = o I i| 

I Pouce 8 ,, = T V Pied - - - - = o o U 

Common Square Measure (for all things except Land). sq. acs. sq. yds. sq.ft. sq. ins. 

I Sq. Metre = ioo Sq. Decimetres = o o o 10 notV 

I ,, Decametre = iooSq. Metres = o o 119 5 6i T 9 o 

.1 ,, Hectometre = 100 Sq. Decametres =0 2 2280 2 143J 

1 ,, Kilometre = 100 Sq. Hectometres = o 247 553 2 8of 

I ,, Myriametre = 100 Sq. Kilometres =38 391 2138 4 8 

Land Surface Measure. 3 

acs. sq. yds. sq. ft. sq. ins. 

I Are = 10 Deciares or 100 Sq. Metres =0 119 5 61-& 

1 Decare = 10 Ares or 1000 ,, =0 1196 o 43 T V 

I Hectare 4 =100 Ares or 10,000 ,, —2 2280 2 1433 

Solid or Cubic Measure (for all things except Wood, &c). 

c. yds. c. ft. c. ins. 

.1 C. Metre = 1000 C. Decimetres = 18 547t& 

I ,, Decametre = 1000 C. Metres = 1308 o 1005 

1 ,, Hectometre = 1000 C. Decametres = 1308021 14 1032 

1 ,, Kilometre =ioooC. Hectometres = 1308021540 17 384 

J ,, Myriametre = 1000 C. Kilometres =1308021540637 23 384 

Solid or Cubic Measure for Wood, &c. 

c. yds. eft. c. ins. 
I Stere = 1 C. Metre or 10 Decisteres - = 1 8 5472V 

I Decastere= 10 C. Metres or 10 Steres - - =13 2 286i 

Measure of Capacity (Metric System). 

galls, qts. pts. gills. 

I Litre 5 = 10 Decilitres - - =0 o I 3^5 

I Decalitre = 10 Litres - = 2 o 2 2f 

I Hectolitre = 10 Decalitres - - = 22 o o OyV 

1 Kilolitre = 10 Hectolitres - - = 220 o o 3 T V 

I Myrialitre = 10 Kilolitres - - =2201 000 

Measure of Capacity (Systeme Usuelle). 
I Litron usuelle =1 Litre =lf English pint. 

I Boisseau ,, =£ Hectolitre = 2 gallons and 3 quarts, nearly. 

1 The Pied is the French foot used in common transactions, 32 of which are 
.approximately equal to 35 English feet. 

2 The Pouce is the French inch, used in common transactions, 32 of which are 
approximately equal to 35 English inches. 

3 Although this is the land measure, the extent of a whole country is reckoned by 
square kilometres. 

4 4 French Hectares are 10 English acres 

5 50 French Litres=n English imperial gallons, nearly. 





Official No. 



Middle District 
East District 
West District 

William Johnstone 
James M'Cunn 
Robert A. Baird 

5 Bank Street. 

3 East Blackhall Street. 

9 Sugarhouse Lane. 

By Act 17 and 18 Vict., cap. 80, it is enacted that a Birth be- 
registered within Twenty-one Days ; a Marriage within Three Days ;. 
and a Death within Eight Days respectively thereafter. It is usual and 
saves considerable trouble to parties, to get a death registered previous, 
to interment. 

Penalties are incurred if the above rules are not complied with. 

To avoid jostling in meeting, Passengers should observe the general rnle- 
" Keep to the Right" — that is, to allow those you meet to pass on your left hand. 

Abbotsford place, 5 to 1 1 Roxburgh st 

Ann st, from Buccleuch st southward to Drumfrochar road. 

Antigua st, from Bogle st southward to Hope st. 

Ardgowan square, Union st. 

Ardgowan st, Glebe, from Crawfurd st to Clarence st. 

Ardgowan st, west, from Nelson st, west, to Bedford st. 

Argyle st, from West Blackhall st to George square. 

Armadale place, from Bank st to Mearns st. 

Arthur st, from St. Lawrence st to Rue-end st. 

Baker st, from Drumfrochar road to Dellingburn square. 

Bank st, from Cathcart square to Dempster st, 

Bearhope st, from Roxburgh st to Tobago st. 

Bedford st, from Newark st to Finnart st. 

Belville st, from Ratho st to Crescent st. 

Bentinck st, from Esplanade to Newark st. 

Blackhall st (East), from Rue-end st to Caledonian railway. 

Blackhall st (West), from Hamilton st to Grey place. 

Bogle st, from Rue-end st to Regent st. 


Border st, from East Crawford st southward. 

Boyd place, from 27 to 35 West Blackhall st. 

Boyd st, from Ker st to Clarence st. 

Brachelston st, from Murdieston st to Bow road. 

Breast (East), from Brymner st to William st. 

Breast (West), from William st to West quay. 

Brisbane st, from Nelson st to Madeira st. 

Broomhill st, from Prospecthill st to Drumfrochar road. 

Brougham st, from Grey place to Margaret st. 

Bruce st, from Inverkip st to Wellington st. 

Brymner st, from Cathcart st to Steamboat quay. 

Buccleuch st, from Vennel to Ann st. 

■Campbell st, from Esplanade to South st. 

•Captain st, from Sir Michael st to Wellington st. 

•Carnock st, from St. Andrew square to Dellingburn st. 

'Cartsburn st, from Rue-end st to Upper Ingleston. 

Carwood st, from Ratho st eastward. 

■Cathcart square, head of Hamilton, William, and Cathcart sts. 

•Cathcart st, from Cathcart square to East India breast. 

Chapel st, from Bogle st to Dellingburn st. 

Charles st, from Vennel to Dalrymple st. 

Church place, from Cathcart square to Market st. 

Clarence st, from Laird st to Ker st. 

Cowgate st, from Vennel to Market st. 

Crawford lane, from Inverkip st to Salmon st. 

Crawford st (East), from head of Ratho st southward. 

Crawfurd st (Glebe), from Charles st to Boyd st. 

Crescent st, from Cartsburn st to Ayrshire railway. 

Cross-shore st, from Cathcart st to East breast. 

Customhouse place, back of Customhouse and foot of Brymner st. 

Customhouse quay, east and west of the Customhouse and Excise buildings 

Dalrymple st, from William st to Nicolson st. 

Dellingburn square, foot of Baker st. 

Dellingburn st, from Rue-end st to Lynedoch station. 

Dempster st, from Bank st to Brachelston st. 

Dock breast, from Customhouse place to East India breast. 

Donald's court, near East India breast, east end of Cathcart st. 

Drumfrochar road, from Baker st to Overton. 

Duncan st, from Wellington st to East Shaw st. 

East India breast, from Dock breast to East India quay. 

East Shaw st, from Ann st to Inverkip st. 

East William st, from St. Lawrence st southward. 

Eldon st, from Margaret st to Gourock toll. 

Esplanade, from Campbell st to Battery point. 

Finnart st, from Nelson st, west, to Newark st. 

Forsyth st, from Esplanade to South st. 

Ford place, 1 to 3 Finnart st. 

Fox st, from Esplanade to Finnart road. 

Garvald st, from Lauriston st westward. 

George square, head of Kilblain st. 

Glen st, from Fox st to Johnstone st. 

Grey place, west of West Blackhall st. 


Hamilton st (East), from Main st, Crawfurdsdyke, to Port-Glasgow road. 

Hamilton st, from Cathcart square to West Blackhall st. 

Harvie lane, from Hamilton st to Dalrymple st. 

Hay st, from Bank st to Lynedoch st. 

Hill st, from Regent st to Lyle st. 

Hill-end st, from Thomas st to Belville place. 

Holmscroft st, from Trafalgar st to Brachelston st. 

Hope st, from Upper Dellingburn st to Bank st. 

Houston st, from West Stewart st to Campbell st. 

Hunter place, from Vennel to Harvie lane. 

Ingleston st, from Baker st to Crescent st. 

Inverkip st, from Vennel to Nelson st, west. 

Jamaica st, from West Blackhall st to Union st. 

John st, from Cartsburn st to St. Lawrence st. 

Johnstone st, from Union st to Esplanade. 

Kelly st, from West Stewart st to South st. 

Ker st, from West Blackhall st to Albert quay. 

Kilblain st, from Vennel to George square. 

Kirk st, from Roslin st to West Church burying-ground. 

Laird st, from West Blackhall st to Albert harbour. 

Lauriston st, from St. Lawrence st southward. 

Lyle road, from Newton st to Gourock toll. 

Lyle st, from Bank st to Upper Dellingburn st. 

Lynedoch st, from Mansionhouse to Drumfrochar road. 

Macdougall st, off East Hamilton st. 

Mackenzie st, off East Hamilton st. 

Madeira st, from Esplanade to Lyle road. 

Main st, Crawfurdsdyke, from Rue-end st to Hamilton st. 

Manse lane, from Hamilton st to Market st. 

Mansionhouse lane, from Cathcart st to Terrace road. 

Margaret st, from Esplanade to Finnart road. 

Market st, from Church place to Tobago st. 

Martin terrace, from Patrick st to Robertson st. 

Maxwell st, from Eldon st to Esplanade. 

Mearns st, from Shaw place to Drumfrochar road. 

Melville court, 31 Hamilton st. 

Mill st, from Prospecthill st to Drumfrochar road. 

Moffat st, from Border st southward. 

Morton terrace, Belville st. 

Mount lane, from Shaw place to Regent st. 

Mount Pleasant st, from Inverkip st to Prospecthill st. 

Murdieston st, from Orangefield running westward. 

Nelson st, Glebe, from Crawfurd st to Clarence st. 

Nelson st, west, from George square to South st. 

Newark st, from Union st to Gourock toll. 

New Dock lane, from Brymner st to Dock breast. 

Newton st, from Inverkip st to Lyle road. 

Nicolson st, from Nelson st, west, to Ropework st. 

Nile st, from Ann st to Trafalgar st. 

North st, from Esplanade to Eldon st. 

Octavia cottages, East Crawford st. 

Octavia terrace, west from Bentinck st. 


Open shore, from Shaw st to New Dock head. 

Orchard st, from Crescent st southward. 

Patrick st, from Finnart st to Clarence st. 

Port-Glasgow road, from East Hamilton st to Port-Glasgow. 

Pottery st, from Port-Glasgow road to river, east of Clyde Potteries. 

Princes st, from Inverkip st to Nelson st, west. 

Prospecthill st, from Ann st to Mount Pleasant st. 

Ratho st, from East Hamilton st to Belville st. 

Regent st, from Dellingburn square to Ann st. 

Robertson st, from Brougham st to South st. 

Ropework st, from Dalrymple st to Albert harbour. 

Roslin st, from Crawfurd st to Clarence st. 

Rosneath st, from Esplanade to Eldon st. 

Roxburgh st, from Bank st to Inverkip st. 

Rue-end st, from Cathcart st to Main st. 

St. Andrew square, from Springkell st to Carnock st. 

St. Andrew st, from Rue-end st southward. 

St. Lawrence st, from Lauriston st to Crescent st. 

Salmon st, from Inverkip st to Newton st. 

Serpentine walk, from Crescent st eastward. 

Shaw place, from Bank st to Ann st. 

Shaw st, from Dalrymple st to Rue-end st. 

Sinclair st, off East Hamilton st. 

Sir John's Brae, Mansionhouse lane. 

Sir Michael st, from Vennel to Roxburgh st. 

Smith's lane, from Vennel to Market st. 

South st, from Cemetery gate westward. 

Springkell st, from Cartsburn st to St. Andrew square. 

Stanners st, from Main st, Cartsdyke, to John st. 

Stewart st (East), from Rue-end st to Greenock foundry. 

Stewart st (West), from West Burn st to Houston st. 

Sugarhouse lane, from Vennel to Dalrymple st. 

Terrace road, from Watt place to Regent st. 

Thomas st, from East Crawford st westward. 

Tobago st, from Inverkip st to Market st. 

Trafalgar st, from Shaw place to Nile st. 

Union st, from George square to Newark st. 

Vennel, from Inverkip st to West breast. 

Virginia st, from Chapel st to East India breast. 

Wallace square, foot of Vennel. 

Watt place, Cathcart st to Terrace road. 

Watt st, from Nelson st, west, to Kelly st. 

Watson's lane, from Hamilton st to Vennel. 

Wellington st, from Bank st to Murdieston st. 

West Burn st, from Kilblain st to Dalrymple st. 

West Quay lane, from Dalrymple st to West quay. 

West Quay, from foot of West Quay lane eastward. 

West Shaw st, from Inverkip st to Nelson st, west. 

Whitefarland point, near the Battery. 

William st, from Cathcart square to Mid quay. 

Wood st, from Eldon st to Newark st. 

Vork st, from Crawfurd st to Clarence St. 


(Dire IDarehouse, 


[Established 1837.] 

Hlejanfcer IRowat & Co., 


Strong Wove Wire of Special Quality for Sugar Refining purposes. 

Extra Strong Wire Nettings for Ships' Bulwarks, in a variety of designs. 

Strong Galvanized Wire Guards for Shop and Warehouse fronts, 

Windows and Roof-lights of Churches, Schools, Stores, 

Factories, Public Works, &c. 

Every description of Wire Work and Wire Cloth, in Copper, Brass, 
Iron, Steel, and Galvanized Wire. 

Superior Boiler Tube Brushes, in every variety of size and material. 

'Galvanized Wire Netting, all widths, kept in Stock, suitable for Pigeon 
and Poultry Enclosures. 


Copper, Brass, Tinned, Galvanized, and Iron Wire, all Sizes. 
Plain and Galvanized Fencing and Netting Staples always in Stock. 

Country or Export Orders Promptly Executed, 

The Oldest Scottish Insurance Institution. Founded /£oj. 


BONUS YEAR, 1885. 

REVENUE EXCEEDS £220,000; FUNDS EXCEED £1,050,000. 

LIFE ASSURANCES are granted on a Special Non-forfeitable System, 
one of the greatest improvements ever introduced into Life Assurance Business. 
Economical Rates of premium. Bonuses may be applied to make the assurance pay- 
able during life. Security unsurpassed. Life Funds separately invested, and entirely 
exempt from liability for the Fire Business. 

FIRE INSURANCES granted at moderate rates. The Reserve Funds are 
unusually ample, affording unexceptional security. 


Chairman— -R. Stewart, Esq., of Ingliston and Kinlochmoidart. 
T. A. Hog, Esq., of Newliston. I C. J. Henderson, Esq., Merchant. 

P. Stirling, Esq., of Kippendavie. R. H. Leadbetter, Esq., Merchant. 

.Sir George Warrender, Bart. C. Ritchie, Esq., S.S.C. 

George Readman, Esq., Banker. [W.S. A. Sholto Douglas, Esq., W.S. 

J. Turnbull, Esq., of Abbey St. Bathans, J. W. Young, Esq., W.S. 

The Hon. E.G. Buller Elphinstone. I 

Manager— -D. Deuchar. Secretary— -D. J. Surenne. 

Fire Superintendent—}. Cowan. Assistant Secretary—]. Murray. 

Glasgow Office— 64 ST. VINCENT STREET. 
John Ure, Esq., Ex- Lord Provost. J. B. Fleming, Esq., Writer. 

Anderson Kirkwood, Esq., LLD. James Reid, Esq., Engineer. 

T. A. Mathieson, Esq., J. -P. John Burnet, Esq., Architect. 

Robert Brodie, Esq., Writer. George Readman, Esq., Banker. 

David Rowan, Esq., Deputy-Chairman, R. H. Leadbetter, Esq., Merchant. 

Clyde Navigation. 

Resident Secretary — R. Maconechy. Fire Superintendent — A. Knox. 

Medical Office ;-— T. M'Call Anderson, M.D. 

mailliam Hllan, 



FOUNDED 1823. 



[Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament.] 


FUNDS £2,000,000 | INCOME £275,000 


A Policy in this Company, after three years' duration is not- 
declared void for mere omission to pay a Premium. The Surrender- 
value being more than equal to the Premium, the Company holds the 
Policy in force until the next Renewal date. For full explanation,, 
see the New Prospectus, which may be had on application. 


funds are ample and securely 
invested, and the Periodical Investi- 
gations are conducted on the most 
approved principles, requiring large 
Reserves. The Company transacts 
Life Business only. 

The conditions of Assurance 
as regards Indisputability, Foreign 
Travel and Residence, &c, are: 
specially favourable, and exclude all 
unnecessary restrictions. Policies 
generally free after first Five Years. 


Prospectuses, copies of the Annual and Septennial 
Statements and Accounts, and all information regarding 
the Company's Business, will be readily supplied on a 
request addressed to any of the Offices or Agencies of 
the Company. 


Manage}-— George M. Low, F.R.S.E. 
Secretary— Archibald Hewat, F.F.A., F.I.A. 

Office in Glasgow— 122 ST. VINCENT STREET. 
J. J. Robertson, Resident Secretary. 

Agents in Greenock — 
ALEXANDER GAULD, Commercial Bank. 
ROBERT BLAIR, Procurator-Fiscal. 
W. & J. CRAWFORD, Ship Brokers. 
W. PHILP, British Linen Bank. 
J. TANNAHILL, Commercial Bank (West-End). 

Port-Glasgow— R. B. HAGART, Shipping Agent. 
Gourock— J. CRAIG-ALLAN, Solicitor. 

Mutual Life Assurance. 


Life Assurance Society. 


FUNDS, 2,744,842 

INCOME, 358,073 

New Kegulations providing against Forfeiture of Policies through 
inability to meet Premiums. 

"The theory now adopted by the Scottish Equitable is, in fact, so 
far advanced, that it is impossible that any other office can bid higher 
for public support." — Review^ i8th February, 1885. 

New Assurances effected during year ending 1st March, 1885 — 
over £730,000. 

The Business of the Society is conducted at a moderate rate of 
Expense, and the Society being purely mutual, the whole of the Profits 
are divided among the Policy Holders. In this way large additions 
have been made to Participating Policies. 


A. H. MORGAN, F.F.A., Res. Secretary. 


John Rodger, Clydesdale Bank. 

D. Cunningham & Co., Commission Merchants, 32 Cathcart Street. 

John Macgregor, Writer, 17 West Blackhall Street. 

William Hutchison, Printer and Publisher, 23 Nicolson Street. 

David Agnew, 15 Cross-shore Street. 

Craig, Scott & Co., Shipbrokers, 3 East-Quay Lane. 


Donald Kelly, Coal Merchant, Lyon's Lane. 




Security, Profit, and Liberal Conditions, the 

Society's Policies are 

Documents of the Highest Value, 

and have met with such acceptance, that the general operations of the 

Society have long exceeded in magnitude those of every other Office in the 

country. The follozuing statements indicate : — 

I.— The secure and Profitable Character of the Business. 

The Profit, or excess of Assets over Liabilities, at last Investigation 
amounted to no less than ^1,347,755, which yielded the following 
Exceptionally Large Reversionary Bonuses : — 

On Original Sums Assured from £1 14s to £3 3 7s 5d 
per cent, per annum. 

II. — The Liberality of the Conditions. 
Surrender Values, or, in lieu thereof, "Paid-up Policies" free 
of future Premiums, allowed at any time ; Loans granted within a 
small margin of the Surrender Value ; Extensive Foreign Travel 
and Residence free of charge from the first; Most Policies abso- 
lutely Indefeasible and Whole- World after first five years. 

III.— The Magnitude of the Transactions. 

Policies in Force, £25,500,000 I Accumulated Funds,... £8,600,000 

Claims Paid, 14,000,000, Annual Revenue, 1,060,000 


securing all the privileges of Membership, may be made at any of the 
Society's Offices, or Agencies in connection therewith. 



J. M. Hutcheson, Commercial Bank Buildings. 
F. D. Morrison, Writer, 32 Cathcart Street. 
William Archibald, jun., National Bank. 
James Rougvie, 60 Eldon Street. 
Ninian Hill, Clyde Buildings. 
Robert Wright, Writer, 2 Watt Place. 
John Cameron, County Buildings. 


John Hope, Agent, Union Bank of Scotland. 







-ALEXANDER CRUM, Esq., M.P., Thornliebank. 
David Bannerman, Esq., Glasgow. 
James Brown, Esq., Glasgow. 
Hugh Brown, Esq., Glasgow. 
D. S. Cargill, Esq., Glasgow and Ceylon. 
Walter Carruthers, Esq., Inverness. 
C. Tennant Couper, Esq., Edinburgh. 
Henry Cowan, Esq., Hillhead. 
Andrew Dougall, Esq., Inverness. 
William Forbes, Esq. of Medwyn. 
James Keyden, Junior, Esq., Glasgow. 
Richard Kidston, Esq., Glasgow. 
James King, Esq., LL.D.,of Levernholm. 
James Kirkland, Esq., Glasgow. 
Donald Mathieson, Esq., C.B., Glasgow. 
John Mackenzie, Esq., Inverness. 
Alexander Ross, Esq., Inverness. 

Resident Secretary— CHARLES STEWART. 



Resident Secretary— FREDERICK J. HALLOWS. 


Resident Secretary — C. C. BALLINGALL. 


Annual Income upwards of £800,000. 



IS one of the Oldest and Wealthiest of the purely Mutual Offices. It was Instituted 
in the year 1808, and has successfully stood the test of 76 years, during which 
time it has paid to the Representatives of its Members upwards of £10,000,000. 

At the last Quinquennial Period in 1881, the Bonus on the New Series Policies 
averaged £1 16s iod per cent, per annum on the sums assured, effected during the 
five years. 

1bea& ©fKces— 

Surrey Street, Norwich 50 Fleet Street, London. 

T. MUIR GRANT, Secretary. C. J. BUN YON, M.A., Actuary. 

3Brancb ©fRces for Scotland- 
Glasgow : 107 St. Vincent Street; 
Edinburgh: 21 St. Andrew Square; 
Dundee: 62 Commercial Street. 

E. ALEX. GARDNEE, Manager for Scotland. 

Agents in Greenock — 

Mr HUGH R. NEILL, 27 West Blackhall Street. 
Messrs WALKER & MACPHERSON, Accountants. 
Mr GEORGE HENDRY, 35 Cathcart Street. 



THIS Society, established in 1797, presents advantages to the insuring public 
which other Companies of more recent standing are unable to offer. By care- 
fully selecting their business, by tabulating their experience in all its branches, and 
by strict economy in management, the Directors are able to insure property at the 
lowest rates compatible with security of tbe Insured and the stability of the Office. 

The Amount Insured now Exceeds .... £200,000,000 
The Amount Paid for Losses by Fire is now upwar. s of £5,000,000 


'Secretary— C. E. BIGNOLD, Esq. 
Assistant Secretary— Q. A. B. BIGNOLD, Esq. 

JSSrancb ©ffice tor Scotland— 

JOHN LARGE, Resident Manager. 

Agents in Greenock — 
JAMES NEIL, 3 Bank Street. 
WILLIAM L. INGLIS, t 4 Hamilton Street. 
HUGH R. NEILL, 27 West Blackhall Street. 
JOHN CLAPPERTON & CO., East Breast. 
GEORGE HENDRY, 35 Cathcart Street, 


ABRAHAMS Samuel, tailor and clothier, 14 Dalrymple st 

ADAM Alexander, carpenter, 18 Antigua st 

Adam Archibald (of Adam, Hamilton & Co.), Woodside, 
41 Eldon st 

Adam A. Learmonth, analytical chemist, 18 Robertson st 

Adam Daniel, labourer, 34 Ingleston st 

Adam David, joiner, 25 Mount Pleasant st 

Adam Edward B., storekeeper, 19 Regent st 

Adam George, ironmoulder, 1 7 Baker st 

Adam George & Co., timber measurers, 1 Cathcart st 

Adam, Hamilton & Co., shipowners, 1 Cathcart st 

Adam James, joiner, 87 Belville st 

Adam James, weaver, Overton 

Adam James, joiner and builder, 6 Smith's lane. Ho. 14 
Brisbane st 

Adam Peter B. H. (of Macneilage, Adam & Co.), Holly 
bank, Madeira st 

Adam William, mason, 5 1 Holmscroft st 

Adam William, brassfounder, 5 Holmscroft st 

Adam William & Co., plumbers, coppersmiths, and brass- 
founders, 2 and 3 Dock breast 

Adam William (of William Adam & Co.), n Margaret st 

Adam William, engineer, 20 Pottery st 

Adam William, cooper, 7 Nile st 


Adam Miss, ostrich feather dresser, 14 Brisbane st 

Adam Miss, 9 Argyle st 

Adam Mrs George, Woodside, 41 Eldon st 

Adam Mrs William, Holly bank, Madeira st 

ADAMS James, cashier, 18 South st 

Adams John, cashier, Provident Bank. Ho. 37 Campbell st 

Adams J. L. (of Scott, Adams & M'Kirdy), 37 Campbell st 

Adams Ralph, agent for Prudential Assurance Co., 21 Lyle st 

Adams Solomon, labourer, 32 East Hamilton st 

Adams William D., 17 Lynedoch st 

Adams Mrs James, flesher, 9 Market st. Ho. 5 Newton st 

ADAMSON Daniel D., shipowner, Rockhill, 22 Margaret st 

Adamson John, labourer, 61 Belville st 

Adamson Mrs, 4 Carwood st 

ADEANE E. S., C.M.G., Captain R.N., Dungallon, 30 

Newark st 
AGNEW Alexander & Son, house factors and joiners, 

Terrace road, and 15 Cross-shore st 
Agnew Andrew, grocer and provision merchant, 1 1 Market 

st. Ho. 66 Ann st 
Agnew David (of Alexander Agnew & Son), 28 Newark st 
Agnew James, fitter, 18 St Lawrence st 
Agnew James, house factor, joiner and builder, Glebe Saw 

Mills, 32 Crawfurd st. Ho. 65 Union st 
Agnew Robert, carpenter, 14 St Lawrence st 
Agnew Robert, salesman, 27 Trafalgar st 
Agnew Mrs Alexander, feuar, 8 Margaret st 
Agnew Mrs, Mansionhouse, Lynedoch st 
Agnew Mrs, tailoress, 80 Roxburgh st 
AHMAN Henry, clerk, 36 West Blackhall st 
AIKMAN Thomas, engineer, 9 Holmscroft st 
Aikman Mrs, greengrocer, 28 West Burn st. Ho. 82 

Roxburgh st 
AINSLIE Mrs, 43 Nicolson st 
AIRD David, labourer, 51 Nicolson st 
Aird Mrs John, 25 Trafalgar st 
Aird Mrs, 26 East Hamilton st 
AITCHISON John, labourer, 21 East Shaw st 
AITKEN Andrew, watchmaker and jeweller, 3 Hamilton st. 

Ho. Ashbourne, 40 Eldon st 
Aitken David, bank teller and insurance agent, Union Bank. 

Ho. Ivy Bank, Port-Glasgow 


Aitken Edward, engineer, 75 Holmscroft st 

Aitken James, Customhouse officer, 30 Wellington st 

Aitken James, sugar refiner, 78 Eldon st 

Aitken James, railway guard, 13 Brougham st 

Aitken James, carpenter, 15 Bank st 

Aitken John, miller, 59 Belville st 

Aitken John, 4 Nelson st, west 

Aitken Robert, joiner, 22 Ann st 

Aitken William N. A., accountant, National Bank of Scot- 
land (Limited). Ho. National Bank house, Watt place 

Aitken William, joiner, 7 Garwood st 

Aitken William, flesher, 65 Nicolson st 

Aitken William, warehouseman, 11 Murdieston st 

Aitken William, traffic manager, G. & S.-W. Railway, 25 
Brougham st 

Aitken Miss Margaret, 31 Regent st 

Aitken Mrs John, 103 Belville st 

AITKENHEAD Alexander (of Robert Aitkenhead & Sons), 
30 South st 

Aitkenhead Paton (of Robert Aitkenhead & Sons), 60 Kelly st 

Aitkenhead Robert & Sons, builders and contractors, 30 
South st 

AITKINSON John, engineer, 82 Belville st 

Aitkinson Mrs Richard, 24 Antigua st 

ALBERT Hall, 20 Nicolson st 

ALCORN William, carter, 2 Crawford lane 

ALEXANDER Alexander, carpenter, 49 Nicolson st 

Alexander Gilbert, brickmaker, 9 Ratho st 

Alexander James, seaman, 20 Bearhope st 

Alexander James, joiner, 2 Garvald st 

Alexander James, boilermaker, 89 Belville st 

Alexander John, accountant and stockbroker, and 
Assessor of Income Tax, Post Office Buildings 
(west side). Ho. 63 Eldon st 

Alexander John, labourer, 29 Ingleston st 

Alexander John, carpenter, 27 Lynedoch st 

Alexander John, warehouseman, 20 Bearhope st 

Alexander Robert, sailmaker, 1 1 Duncan st 

Alexander Thomas, brassfinisher, 28 Bruce st 

Alexander Thomas, labourer, 50 Ann st 

Alexander Walter, farmer, Bogston, Port-Glasgow road 

Alexander Walter, painter, 38 Holmscroft st 


Alexander William, brassfounder, 3 Ingleston st 

Alexander William, blacksmith, 48 Ann st 

Alexander William, wholesale and retail wine and spirit 
merchant, 57 Vennel. Ho. 29 Ardgowan st, west 

Alexander William, engineer, 115 Dempster st 

Alexander William, engine-driver, 106 Dempster st 

Alexander Miss, dressmaker, 5 Hill st 

Alexander Miss E., 7 Brisbane st 

Alexander Mrs Angus, 6 Ardgowan st, west 

Alexander Mrs, 35 Nicolson st 

Alexander Mrs, 13 Holmscroft st 

ALGIE James, feuar, 1 Prospecthill. Ho. Hillsborough 
Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow 

ALLAN Alexander, salesman, 58 Lynedoch st 

Allan Conway, warehouseman, 68 Holmscroft st 

Allan Francis, surveyor of taxes for Argyleshire, Custom- 
house Buildings 

Allan George, joiner, 9 Dempster st 

Allan James, carter, 1 Crawford lane 

Allan James, river pilot, 24 Union st 

Allan James, sailmaker, 5 York st 

Allan James, skinner, 1 Ratho st 

Allan James (of Post Office), 20 Wellington st 

Allan James, engineer, 7 Lauriston st 

Allan James, policeman, 12 Mill st 

Allan James, dealer, 23 Bearhope st 

Allan J. Craig, solicitor, Mansionhouse. Ho. Cliffe Cottage, 

Allan John, timber measurer, 15 Newton st 

Allan John, postman, H.M.S. Shannon, 15 West Stewart st 

Allan John, joiner, 32 Nicolson st 

Allan Robert, feuar, 67 Newton st 

Allan Robert (of Robert Allan & Co.), 155 Eldon st 

Allan Robert & Co., steam packet agents, Customhouse quay 

Allan Robert, sugar porter, 5 Belville st 

Allan Robert, watchmaker, 9 Mount Pleasant st 

Allan Thomas, labourer, 32 East Hamilton st 

Allan William, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Mansionhouse 
lane. Ho. 10 Lynedoch st 

Allan William, plumber and gasntter, 48 Ann st. Ho. 112 
Drumfrochar road. (See Advt.) 

Allan William, cooper, 15 East Shaw st 


Allan William O., wine and spirit merchant, 7 Inverkip st, 

and Victoria Restaurant, 13 Hamilton st. Ho. 43 

Brougham st 
Allan Mrs Arthur, 2 George square 
Allan Mrs Alexander, 15 Roxburgh st 
Allan Mrs George, 51 Brisbane st 
Allan Mrs John, 2 Bruce st 
Allan Mrs, grocer, 10 Bruce st. Ho. 5 do. 
Allan Mrs, 9 Watt st 
Allan Mrs, 2 Macdougall st 

ALLARDICE Francis, boilermaker, 10 Carnock st 
ALLISON Allan, deep sea pilot, 53 Inverkip st 
Allison Andrew, joiner, 2 Garvald st 
Allison & Brand, timber merchants and sawmillers, 16 West 

Burn st 
Allison David, engineer, 35 Ingleston st 
Allison, Graham tSc Co., fleshers, 39 Hamilton st 
Allison John (of Alex. Whitelaw & Co.), 49 Trafalgar st 
Allison Robert, blacksmith, 41 Ann st 
Allison Robert, tailor, 41 Ann st 
Allison Thomas, painter, 49 Trafalgar st 
Allison William, feuar, 43 Esplanade 
Allison Mrs Alexander, 15 Brisbane st 
Allison Mrs Stewart, sawmiller and timber merchant, Deer 

Park Saw Mills, 1 Dellingburn square. Ho. 12 East 

Blackhall st 
ALLISTER Mrs, greengrocer, 126 Drumfrochar road 
ALLSHORN Alfred, smoke engineer, 13 Lynedoch st 
ALONE Thomas, labourer, 5 Salmon st 
ALSTON John, chain and anchor dealer, 2 East India breast. 

Ho. 44 Margaret st 
Alston Robert L., shipowner, 22 Forsyth st 
Alston Mrs Alexander, 37 Kelly st 
ALTMONT Mrs Duncan, 26 Newton st 
AMOS Miss, 22 Brisbane st 
ANCHOR Line Agency, James Little & Co., 

Excise buildings 
ANDERSON Adam, curator of Temperance Institute. Ho. 

12 Laird st 

Anderson Alexander, general grocer, 34 Hamilton st. Ho. 

13 Newton st 

Anderson Alexander, bank porter, 14 Cross-shore st 


Anderson Alexander, fireman, 7 Carwood st 

Anderson Alexander T., inland revenue officer, 36 South st 

Anderson Andrew, tobacconist, 65 Rue-end st. Ho. 1 Watt 

Anderson Andrew, labourer, 36 Holmscroft st 
Anderson Archibald, boilermaker, 17 Belville st 
Anderson Bruce, slater, 10 Mill st 
Anderson D. & Son (Limited), felt manufacturers, Belfast — 

Campbell Finlay & Co., agents, 12 Bogle st 
Anderson David, boilermaker, 45 Lynedoch st 
Anderson Duncan, joiner, 59 Ann st 
Anderson George, labourer, 55 Drumfrochar road 
Anderson George J., shipmaster, 42 Brisbane st 
Anderson George, of postal telegraphs, 21 Dempster st 
Anderson George, porter, 24 West Blackhall st 
Anderson George, insurance agent, 1 1 Bruce st 
Anderson Gustav, railway porter, 24 West Blackhall st 
Anderson Hugh, hosiery, glove, and trimming warehouse, 38 

Hamilton st. Ho. 48 Brougham st 
Anderson James, painter, 25 Belville st 
Anderson James, boilermaker, 8 Lyle st 
Anderson James, boilermaker, 21 Lynedoch st 
Anderson James, moulder, 31 Ingleston st 
Anderson James, joiner, 85 Wellington st 
Anderson James, 5 Antigua st 
Anderson James, engineer, 37 Lynedoch st 
Anderson James, grocer, 54 St Lawrence st. Ho. 1 Moffat 

Anderson James, slater, 14 Bruce st 
Anderson James B., teacher, 49 Brisbane st 
Anderson John, storeman, 7 1 Regent st 
Anderson John, engineer, 10 Lynedoch st 
Anderson John & Co., sugar dealers, 15 Hamilton st 
Anderson John (of John Anderson & Co.), 74 Finnart st 
Anderson John, shipmaster, 30 Nelson st, west 
Anderson John, draper and clothier, 32 Cathcartst. Ho. 77- 

Holmscroft st 
Anderson John, smith, 85 Belville st 
Anderson John, cabdriver, 45 Crawfurd st 
Anderson John, gardener, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
Anderson John, patternmaker, 50 St Lawrence st 
Anderson John, carter, 5 Dellingburn square 


Anderson John, coal merchant, 24 Cartsburn st. Ho. 5 

East Blackhall st 
Anderson Joseph, engineer, 7 Bearhope st 
Anderson Peter, cabinetmaker, 5 Ratho st 
Anderson Robert, patternmaker, 2 Lyle st 
Anderson Thomas, carter, 5 Dellingburn square 
Anderson Thomas, yardsman, 52 AVest Blackhall st 
Anderson William, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 6 Dal- 

rymple st and 49 Rue-end st. Ho. 39 Bank st 
Anderson William, blacksmith, Overton 
Anderson William, boilermaker, 5 Rue-end st 
Anderson William, labourer, 6 Sinclair st 
Anderson William, potter, 24 East Crawford st 
Anderson William, skinner, 26 East Crawford st 
Anderson Catherine, greengrocer and confectioner, 16 Kelly 

st. Ho. 85 Wellington st 
Anderson Miss M., 22 Brisbane st 

Anderson Miss, grocer, 24 Antigua st. Ho. 24 East Craw- 
ford st 
Anderson Mrs E., 1 1 Antigua st 
Anderson Mrs Hugh, 12 Ingleston st 
Anderson Mrs James, 30 Wellington st 
Anderson Mrs James L., 51 Brougham st 
Anderson Mrs John, 103 Belville st 
Anderson Mrs Richard, 67 Union st 
Anderson Mrs William, Afton Bank, 35 Fox st 
Anderson Mrs, 15 Mount Pleasant st 
Anderson Mrs, 7 Cathcart st 
ANDREW Alexander, baker, 5 Holmscroft st 
Andrew David, pawnbroker, 5 William st. Ho. 19 Brisbane 

Andrew David, engineer, 29 Trafalgar st 
Andrew David, shoemaker, 32 Lynedoch st. Ho. 9 Hope 

Andrew Mrs Alexander, 2 Lyle st 
Andrew Mrs John, 14 Serpentine walk 
ANDREWS A. H., West of Scotland Servants' Registry, 1 

Union st 
Andrews Hugh, compositor, 25 Trafalgar st 
Andrews John, greengrocer, 5 1 Inverkip st 
Andrews Nathan, manager, Bodega Agency Co., 11 Watt st 
ANGUS James, engineer, 3 Lauriston st 


Angus James (of Post Office), 55 Holmscroft st 

Angus John W, Inspector of County Constabulary, County 

Buildings, Nelson st. Ho. 6 Nelson st, west 
Angus John, patternmaker, 67 Belville st 
Angus Robert, fitter, 42 St. Lawrence st 
Angus Thomas (of M'Lean, Angus & Co.), 8 Wellington st 
ANKER Hance, shipchandler, 26 West Blackhall st 
ANTON David, shipmaster, 25 Brisbane st 
ANTWERP Steamship Office. Customhouse buildings — 

Allan Swan, agent 
APOTHECARIES' Hall (Greenock), 28 Hamilton st 
APPLETON Thomas, rope and twine maker, Ladyburn, 

East Hamilton st 
Appleton Mrs R., 22 Kelly st 
ARBUCKLE James, flesher, 7 Grey place 
Arbuckle James, tinsmith, 63 Regent st 
Arbuckle Mrs George, 13 Bentinck st 
Arbuckle Mrs John, 24 Kelly st 
Arbuckle Mrs, 15 Brisbane st 
Arbuckle Miss, 5 Kelly st 
ARCHER William, engine driver, 10 Kelly st 
ARCHIBALD Alexander, shipmaster, 26 Lynedoch st 
Archibald James, labourer, 29 Ingleston st 
Archibald Spenser, labourer, 3 Belville st 
Archibald Thomas P., 51 Brisbane st 
Archibald William, jun., bank teller (National Bank), 8 

Wellington st 
Archibald William, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Charles st 

and 28 Market st. Ho. 30 Brisbane st 
ARGYLE Laundry, 25 West Stewart st 
ARKLEY Misses, dressmakers and straw bonnet makers, 7 

Eldon st 
ARLOW William, draper, 22 Bearhope st 
ARMIT Mrs James S., 32 Brisbane st 
ARMITAGE & Co., brewers (the Greenock Brewery Co.), 

8 Captain st 
Armitage George, chemist and druggist, 30 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 62 Newton st 
Armitage Henry W. (of Armitage & Co.), 49 Newton st 
Armitage William, late mill manager, 17 Dempster st 
Armitage William, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 60 Lyne- 
doch st. Ho. 47 Trafalgar st 


ARMOUR George, coppersmith, 70 Ann st 

Armour George, coal merchant, 57 Drumfrochar road. Ho. 

60 Drumfrochar road 
Armour George, carpenter, 50 Holmscroft st 
Armour John, mason, 13 West Stewart st 
Armour John, tailor and clothier, 33 Roxburgh st and 12 

Bruce st. Ho. 2 1 Nelson st, west 
Armour Matthew, boot and shoe maker, 20 Nicolson st 
Armour Matthew, cooper, 19 Bearhope st 
Armour William, blacksmith, 21 Nelson st, west 
Armour Mrs, lodgings, 5 Cathcart st 
Armour Mrs Jane, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Armour Mrs William, 3 Regent st 
ARMSTRONG David A., clerk, 29 Lynedoch st 
Armstrong David, sailmaker, 7 West Blackhall st 
Armstrong James B., engineer, 63 Nicolson st 
Armstrong William, painter, 34 Crescent st 
ARNOT John, sub-editor, Telegraph, 8 South st 
Arnot William, salesman, 19 Wellington st 
ARNOTT James, engineer, 27 Ingleston st 
ARTHUR Andrew, cashier at James Richardson & Co.'s. 

Ho. Hughenden, Alderwood, Port-Glasgow 
Arthur C. & E., grocers and provision merchants, 4 Ingleston 

st. Ho. Strone Villa, Kilmalcolm road 
Arthur David, manufacturing chemist, Cartsburn Chemical 

Manure Works, Kilmalcolm road 
Arthur J. F., spirit merchant, 38 West Blackhall st and 14 

Old Sneddon. Paisley. Ho 52 Brougham st 
Arthur James, boilermaker, 3 Lauriston st 
Arthur John P., grocer and provision merchant, 50 Ann st. 

Ho. 25 Newton st 
Arthur Peter, river pilot, 9 Kelly st 
Arthur Robert, moulder, 8 Hay st 
Arthur Thomas, baker, 1 7 Bearhope st 
Arthur Thomas, greengrocer, 2 East India Breast 
Arthur William, engineer, 57 Belville st 
Arthur Miss, dressmaker, 32 Kelly st 
Arthur Mrs Robert, 40 Dalrymple st 

ASSESSOR of Income Tax for the Lower Ward of Renfrew- 
shire, John Alexander, Post-Office buildings 
AULD Charles, M.D., physician and surgeon, 5 Houston 



Auld James (of James Auld & Frame), Procurator-Fiscal for 

the Burgh, Post-Office buildings (west side). Ho. 19- 

Ardgowan st, west 
Auld James & Frame, solicitors and notaries public, Post- 

Office buildings (west side) 
Auld James, cabinetmaker, 5 Caddlehill st . 
Auld John, joiner, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
Auld Robert, teacher, 20 Wellington st 
Auld William, writer and notary public, and J. P. Fiscal, 27 

West Burn st. Ho. 29 Finnart st 
Auld Mrs, 19 Ardgowan st, west 

AUSTIN Adam (of Austin & Kinnaird), 13 Lynedoch st 
Austin & Kinnaird, joiners and builders, 19 Bogle st 
Austin Mrs Matthew, 12 Ardgowan st, west 

BAIKIE James, shipmaster, 40 Brisbane st 

BAILEY J. W., 61 Brisbane st 

BAILLIE Archibald, engineman, 24 Antigua st 

Baillie George, gateman, 63 Rue-end st 

Baillie George, ropespinner, 48 Ann st 

Baillie James, harbour and dock master, Harbour Office.. 
Ho. 11 Roxburgh st 

Baillie James, caulker, 22 Ann st 

Baillie William, seaman, 4 Kilblain st 

BAIN Alexander, smith, 20 John st 

Bain Alexander, cooper, 3 Trafalgar st 

Bain John, assistant superintendent, Prudential Assurance 
Co., 17 Nelson st, west 

Bain John, cooper, 8 Chapel st 

Bain Thomas, moulder, 25 John st 

Bain Walter, fishery officer, 3 Bank st. Ho. 15 Newton st 

Bain William, cooper, 5 Arthur st 

Bain William, engineer, 57 Belville st 

Bain William, grocer, 39 Ann st 

Bain Jane, greengrocer, 9 Brisbane st 

BAINE Alexander, 161 Eldon st 

Baine James, sailmaker, 75 Holmscroft st 

Baine & Johnston, merchants and shipowners, Clyde build- 
ings, 19 West Blackhall st 


Baine John A., druggist, 3 Grey place 

Baine Walter, cooper, 9 Nelson st, west 

Baine William, ropemaker, 43 Wellington st 

Baine Miss, 5 Mount Pleasant st 

Baine Mrs William, 21 Mount Pleasant st 

BAIRD Hugh, mason and sculptor, 17 Bank st. Ho. 92 

Dempster st 
Baird John, gardener, 2 Fox st 

Baird John & Co., agents for Wm. Younger & 
Co., Edinburgh ; John D'Arcy & Sons, Dublin ; 
Geo. Sayer & Co., Cognac ; 146 West Regent 
St., Glasgow. (See Advt) 
Baird Matthew, mason, 81 Dempster st 
Baird Peter, carpenter, 36 Arthur st 
Baird Robert A., registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, 

for West District, 9 Sugarhouse lane 
Baird Robert A., stationer and lithographic printer, 45 Cath- 

cart st. Ho. 61 Eldon st 
Baird Thomas, gardener, 2 Fox st 

Baird Miss Jane, restaurant, 1 1 Cathcart st. Ho. 7 Shaw pi 
BAKER William, rigger, 41 Crawfurd st 
BAKERS' House of Call, 8 Market st 
BALD Miss Mary, seamstress, 34 Kelly st 
BALFOUR Daniel, ropemaker, 58 Lynedoch st 
Balfour William, clerk, 92 Dempster st 
BALLANTINE A., labourer, 18 Serpentine walk 
Ballantine George, brakesmen, 39 Lynedoch st 
Ballantine Henry, tailor, 77 Regent st 
Ballantine John, joiner, 80 Belville st 
Ballantine John, clerk, 108 Dempster st 
Ballantine John H., distiller, 37 Union st 
Ballantine & Rowan, sugar refiners, Dellingburn st 
Ballantine Peter, joiner, 13 Antigua st 
Ballantine William, flesher, 16 Lynedoch st. Ho. do. 
Ballantine Mrs James, 7 Houston st 
BALLANTYNE Mrs, 6 Nelson st, west 
BALLINGALL Peter, accountant, Bank of Scotland, 47 

Cathcart st 
BALLOCH Mrs, 12 Wellington st 
BANK of Scotland, 47 Cathcart st 
BANKS Alexander (of Banks & Miller), 24 Patrick st 
Banks James, clerk, 19 Brisbane st 


Banks & Miller, accountants, house factors, and insurance 

agents, 45 Hamilton st 
Banks Mrs Alexander, 15 Brisbane st 
BANNATYNE Ebenezer, joiner, 20 John st 
Bannatyne Mrs Robert, feuar, 3 Ropework st 
BANNERMAN Mrs, laundry, 54 Holmscroft st 
BANNIGAN D., cooper and bag dealer, 20 Roxburgh st 
BAPTIST Church, Orangefield 
BARBOUR Alexander, boatman, 36 Crawfurd st 
Barbour Archibald, blockmaker, 10 Lyle st 
Barbour James, moulder, 15 Serpentine walk 
Barbour James, boilermaker, 31 East Crawford st 
Barbour James, boatman, 5 York st 
Barbour John, grocer and provision merchant, 9 Arthur st. 

Ho. 4 Moffat st 
Barbour Thomas, draper, 19 Nelson st, west 
Barbour William, boilermaker, 4 Moffat st 
Barbour William, joiner, 22 St. Lawrence st 
Barbour William, machinist, 14 Wellington st 
Barbour Miss, 84 Belville st 
Barbour Miss, dressmaker, 9 Watt st 
Barbour Mrs, ladies' nurse, 57 Holmscroft st 
BARCLAY Henry, carter, 6 Carnock st 
Barclay Henry, labourer, 3 Belville st 
Barclay James, engineer, 27 Lyle st 
Barclay James, joiner, 36 Ingleston st 
Barclay John, carter, 64 Ann st 
Barclay John, grocer and corn extractor, 24 South st 
Barclay John, joiner, 83 Wellington st 
Barclay John (of Blake, Barclay & Co.), 9 Macdougall st 
Barclay Rev. John, minister of West Kirk and Parish, 83 

Brisbane st 
Barclay John S., plumber and gasfitter, 10 Broad close. Ho. 

1 7 Union st 
Barclay Robert, carter, 25 Belville st 
Barclay William, sawyer, 28 East Hamilton st 
Barclay William R., railway guard, 26 West Blackhall st 
Barclay Mrs John, 101 Belville st 
Barclay Mrs, 10 Lynedoch st 
Barclay Mrs, 7 Mount Pleasant st 
BARK Andrew, carpenter, 33 Nelson st, west 
BARKER Mark, seaman, 28 Dairy mple st 


BARR Alexander, saddler, 29 Sugarhouse lane 

Barr Archibald, joiner, 30 East Hamilton st 

Barr & Co., coppersmiths and brassfounders, Orchard and 
Ingleston sts 

Barr James, labourer, 28 Bruce st 

Barr James, gardener, Gateside, Inverkip road 

Barr James, fruit and vegetable merchant, 16 Dalrymple st. 
Ho. 25 Trafalgar st 

Barr James, china merchant, 49 Rue-end st. Ho. 5 1 do. 

Barr James (of Wm. Barr & Sons), 18 Finnart st 

Barr James S., sugar boiler, 7 Lyle st 

Barr John, grocer, 33 Lynedoch st. Ho. ^$ Bank st 

Barr John, feuar, 59 Brisbane st 

Barr John, carter, 5 1 Main st 

Barr John (of Barr & Co.), Mountview, Belville st 

Barr John L., shipmaster, 65 Finnart st 

Barr Robert, coal merchant, 4 Prospecthill st 

Barr Robert, dairyman, 37 West Stewart st 

Barr & Macfarlane, fleshers, 22 Lynedoch st and 47 Hamil- 
ton st 

Barr Walter, labourer, 10 Baker st 

Barr William (of Barr & Macfarlane), 18 Wellington st 

Barr William, carter, 1 Holmscroft st 

Barr William & Sons, coal masters, 14 Hamilton st and 10 
Bothwell st, Glasgow 

Barr Elizabeth, grocer, 14 Regent st 

Barr Miss, dressmaker, 18 Sir Michael st 

Barr Miss M., 60 East Crawford st 

BARRIE Andrew D., surgeon, Glen Tower, 1 Wood st 

Barrie David, engine driver, 71 Wellington st 

Barrie John, tailor, 47 Mearns st 

Barrie Mrs, 4 Mearns st 

Barrie Mrs, 3 East Crawford st 

BARRON Alexander, joiner, 45 Trafalgar st 

Barron Mrs, 19 Nicolson st 

BATES Stewart, engine driver, 108 Dempster st 

Bates Thomas, professor of music, 28 Newton st 

BATHER Samuel, gardener, Whitefarland, Octavia Terrace 

BATHGATE Alexander, clerk, 22 Wellington st 

Bathgate George (of M'Millan & Bathgate) 27 Patrick st 

Bathgate Mrs Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Terrace 
road. Ho. 37 Bank st 


Bathgate Mrs Charles, 7 Mount Pleasant st 

BATTERS Silas, machinist, 1 Bruce st 

BAXTER Andrew, warehouseman, 7 Dempster st 

Baxter Archibald, boilermaker, 1 1 Nicolson st 

Baxter Daniel, engine-keeper, 6 Carwood st 

Baxter David, engineer, 89 Belville st 

Baxter John, blacksmith, 7 Belville st 

Baxter John, mate, 19 Trafalgar st 

Baxter Malcolm, carpenter, 12 Terrace road 

Baxter Malcolm, engineer, 8 Hope st 

Baxter Robert, engineer, 17 Ingleston st 

Baxter Thomas, provision merchant, 23 Vennel and 34 
Charles st. Ho. 25 West Stewart st 

Baxter Thomas H., engineer, 112 Drumfrochar road 

Baxter William B. (of J. Budgett & Son), 25 Brisbane st 

Baxter Mrs Archibald, broker, 22 Market st 

Baxter Mrs Hugh, grocer, 9 Bruce st 

Baxter Mrs James, 12 South st 

BEAR George, late H.M.C., 5 Brachelston st 

BEATON John, fireman, 31 Trafalgar st 

Beaton John, carpenter, 68 East Hamilton st 

Beaton Peter, contractor, 8 Virginia st 

Beaton Thomas, railway porter, 3 York st 

Beaton Mrs, 18 Antigua st 

BEATTIE Robert, policeman, 7 Brachelston st 

Beattie Misses, Caddlehill Laundry, 55 Kelly st. (See Advt.) 

Beattie Miss J., grocer, 16 Brisbane st. Ho. 10 do. 

BECKET Thomas, labourer, 65 Belville st 

BEGG Samuel, traveller, 61 Ann st 

Begg Rev. W. P., minister Augustine Established Church, 61 
Regent st 

Begg William, carter, 5 Rue-end st 

BEITH Matthew, tailor, 16 Bruce st 

Beith Thomas, brassfinisher, 33 Lyle st 

BELFAST Weekly Examiner (newspaper) — agent 
G. Montague, 7 Cross-shore st 

BELL & Co., fruiterers, 35 West Blackhall st. Ho. 36 
West Stewart st 

Bell Archibald & Sons, dyers and cleaners, 25 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. Whitehaugh, Paisley 

Bell Duncan, insurance agent, 59 Holmscroft st 

Bell James (of Peter Bell & Co.), 31 Regent st 


Bell John A., chemist and druggisr, 31 Rue-end st, 14 Lyne- 

doch st, 23 Regent st, and 38 East Hamilton st. Ho. 

14 Lynedoch st 
Bell John, baker, 3 West Blackhall st. Ho. 14 do. 
Bell John, vanman, 19 East Shaw st 
Bell John, plumber, 40 Ann st 
Bell John, plumber, 35 West Shaw st 
Bell Neil, carpenter, 1 2 Murdieston st 

Bell Peter & Co., plumbers and lead merchants, n Chapel st 
Bell Peter (of Peter Bell & Co.), 29 Regent st 
Bell Robert, drill instructor, 1st R.A.V., 96 Dempster st 
Bell Robert, watchman, 5 Ingleston st 
Bell Rev. Robert (of East Congregational Church), 1 Octavia 

cottages, 28 East Crawford st 
Bell Robert H., deep sea pilot, 7 Brisbane st 
Bell W., ship surveyor, 54 Brougham st 
Bell William, boilermaker, 24 West Stewart st 
Bell Miss, 2 Jamaica st 
Bell Miss, 2 Nelson st, west 
Bell Mrs James, 30 Nelson st, west 
Bell Mrs John, 35 West Blackhall st 
BELLFORD Thomas, engineer, 3 East Crawford st 
BENDELL William (of Baine & Johnston), 24 Patrick st 
Bendell Paul, shipmaster, 24 South st 
BENNETT William, hoop-maker, 13 Charles st 
Bennett Miss, 61 Holmscroft st 
BENNIE Rev. Robert, M.A. (of George Square Baptist 

Church). Ho. 42 Newton st 
BENSON John, joiner, 23 Lynedoch st 
Benson William, baker, 16 Arthur st 
Benson Mrs William, 6 Bank st 
BENTON William, coachman, 86 Union st 
BERNDT Herman (of Clyde Shipping Co.), 51 Rue-end st 
BERRY John, turnkey, 19 Dempster st 
BESANT Christopher, surveyor to Lloyds' register, 87 

Brisbane st 
BETHUNE Mrs Agnes, 38 Hamilton st 
BEVERIDGE James, blacksmith, 72 Ann st 
Beveridge James, cooper, 1 7 Nelson st, west 
Beveridge George, cooper, 8 Crescent st 
Beveridge Robert, mason, 24 Bruce st 
Beveridge Robert, engineer, 10 East Blackhall st 


Beveridge Mrs, 41 Lynedoch st 

BICKET Robert, skinner, 6 Pottery st 

BIGGAM Mrs, 32 Dalrymple st 

BIGGART Robert, carpenter, 64 Ann st 

BINNIE Alexander, carpenter, 43 Shaw st 

Binnie George, blacksmith, 67 Regent st 

Binnie James, engineer, 6 Carnock st 

Binnie Robert (of James Richardson & Co.), Ashford, 

Binnie William, labourer, ^^ Nicolson st 
BINNING James, compositor, 10 Murdieston st 
BIRKETT James, seaman, 22 Sugarhouse lane 
BIRKMYRE Miss, 25 Newton st 
Birkmyre Mrs William, 44 Lynedoch st 
BISSELL William, engineer, 66 Regent st 
BISSET James G., carver, gilder, and fine art dealer, 4 Grey 

pi. Ho. 14 Ardgowan st, west. (See Advt.) 
Bisset John, engineer, 20 Wellington st 
Bisset William, joiner, 50 Ann st 
Bisset Mrs Thomas, 42 Ann st 
BISSETT Andrew, compositor, 47 Roxburgh st 
BISSLAND Peter, boilermaker, 36 Crawfurd st 
BLACK Adam, weigher, 31 Nelson st, west 
Black Alexander, rigger, 6 Trafalgar st 
Black Alexander, boilermaker, 5 Dempster st 
Black Alexander, clerk, 13 Nelson st, west 
Black Alexander, seaman, 28 Crawfurd st 
Black Allan, rigger, 28 Crawfurd st 
Black Andrew, joiner, 30 Lynedoch st 
Black A. J., 16 Ardgowan square 
Black A. L., deep-sea pilot, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
Black Daniel, joiner, 50 St. Lawrence st 
Black Daniel, bricklayer, 51 Main st 
Black Daniel, carpenter, 16 Crescent st 
Black Daniel, cabinetmaker, 9 East Blackhall st 
Black Donald, grocer, 56 Vennel. Ho. 13 Brisbane st 
Black Duncan, boilermaker, 5 Lynedoch st 
Black Duncan, flesher, 38 Lynedoch st. Ho. 11 Antigua st 
Black George H., B.L., Edin. (of J. & G. Black), 9 Forsyth st 
Black George, labourer, 2 Lauriston st 
Black Hugh, tea and coffee merchant, 21 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 13 Brisbane st 


Black J. & G, solicitors and notaries public, 5 West Black- 
hall st 

Black James, joiner, builder, property surveyor, and licensed 
valuator, 5 and 7 West Stewart st. Ho. 1 1 Kelly st 

Black James, superintendent Buchanan Night Asylum, 7 
Captain st 

Black James, sugar porter, 16 Bruce st 

Black James, engineer, 1 7 Baker st 

Black, James, engine-driver, 7 Brachelston st 

Black James, pilot, 27 West Blackhall st 

Black James W., bookseller, stationer and librarian, 17 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 2 Nelson st, west 

Black John, boilermaker, 23 Ingleston st 

Black John, clerk, 6 Mount Pleasant st 

Black John, coal and shipping agent, 29 Brymner st. Ho. 
in Dempster st 

Black John, engineer, 23 Ingleston st 

Black John, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 

Black John, cooper, 64 Drumfrochar road 

Black John (of J. & G. Black), 8 Eldon st 

Black John Robert, M.D., physician and surgeon. Con- 
sulting rooms and house, 6 George square 

Black Malcolm, policeman, 6 Hay st 

Black Neil, seaman, 8 Antigua st 

Black Peter, slater, 20 Bruce st 

Black Robert, moulder, 65 Belville st 

Black Robert, smith, 22 Lyle st 

Black Thomas, agent, 38 Lynedoch st 

Black Thomas, joiner, 30 Lynedoch st 

Black Thomas, sailmaker, ship chandler, and ship store 
merchant, 3 and 4 Customhouse place. Ho. 36 Mar- 
garet st 

Black William, clerk, 38 South st 

Black Mrs A., grocer, 29 Brougham st. Ho. 44 do. 

Black Mrs, 26 Lynedoch st 

BLACKIE John, caulker, 9 Carwood st 

Blackie Robert, clerk, 64 Roxburgh st 

BLACKLEY Alexander, mason, 34 East Hamilton st 

BLACKMORE Edward (of Rankin & Blackmore), 53 
Forsyth st 

Blackmore John, coachman, 53 Eldon st 

BLACKWOOD Andrew, vanman, 17 Dempster st 


Blackwood & Co., Port-Glasgow saw mills, Port- 
Glasgow, and Clyde saw mills, Ladyburn, 
East Hamilton st 

Blackwood James, joiner, 29 Trafalgar st 

Blackwood John, spirit dealer, 40 Cathcart st. Ho. 14 
'Lynedoch st 

Blackwood Matthew (of Blackwood & Co.), Ivy- 
bank, Port-Glasgow 

Blackwood Walter (of Blackwood & Co.), Chapel- 
ton, Port-Glasgow 

Blackwood Mrs, 18 Bearhope st 

BLAIKIE William, salesman, 92 Dempster st 

BLAIN William, boilermaker, 38 East Hamilton st 

BLAIR & Cameron, solicitors, 5 West Blackhall st 

Blair Alexander, moulder, 64 Drumfrochar road 

Blair Daniel, boatbuilder, 34 Nelson st, west 

Blair David, printer, publisher, and newspaper proprietor, 
40 Cathcart st. Ho. 30 Ardgowan st, west 

Blair Duncan, boilermaker, 18 St. Lawrence st 

Blair Hugh, carpenter, 52 St. Lawrence st 

Blair Hugh, cowfeeder, 16 Bearhope st 

Blair James, baker, 30 Bruce st 

Blair James, carter, 24 Belville st 

Blair James, joiner, 30 Bruce st 

Blair James, potter, 24 Pottery st 

Blair John, ironmoulder, 25 Belville st 

Blair John, mason, 14 Murdieston st 

Blair Joseph & Co., printers and publishers, Greenock Herald 
Office, 40 Cathcart st 

Blair Joseph, watchman, 6 Chapel st 

Blair Joseph, plasterer, 41 Holmscroft st 

Blair Matthew G., engineer, 23 AVest Stewart st 

Blair Peter, contractor, 36 Trafalgar st 

Blair Peter, engineer, 24 Wellington st 

Blair Richard, engineer, 18 Bogle st 

Blair Robert, joiner, 41 Roxburgh st 

Blair Robert, plumber, 22 Wellington st 

Blair Robert & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 32 
and 34 Nicolson st 

Blair Robert (of Blair & Cameron), Procurator-Fiscal for 
Renfrewshire, County buildings, Nelson st, west. Ho. 
Craigard, 95 Finnart st 


Blair Thomas, master rigger, 9 Shaw place 

Blair Thomas, pansman, 33 Ann st 

Blair Thomas A. (of Robert Blair & Sons), 32 Finnart st 

Blair Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 30 West Burn st. Ho. 

21 Newton st 
Blair William (of Robert Blair & Sons), 10 Forsyth st 
Blair William, dyer, 104 Dempster st 
Blair William S., joiner, 64 Kelly st 
Blair William, accountant, house factor, and insurance agent, 

6 West Blackhall st. Ho. 53 Brisbane st 
Blair Miss, 65 Union st 
Blair Miss Janet, 2 1 Lyle st 
Blair Miss, tobacconist, 63 Inverkip st. Ho. 9 Murdie- 

ston st 
Blair Mrs, 9 Murdieston st 
Blair Mrs, 32 Tobago st 

Blair Mrs Robert, Woodside Cottage, 20 Robertson st 
Blair Mrs John, 64 Kelly st 
Blair Mrs, lodgings, 10 Regent st 
Blair Mrs, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Blair Mrs Ann, 27 Trafalgar st 
Blair Mrs Joseph, 2 Watt place 
BLAKE, Barclay & Co., millwrights and engineers, Victoria 

Works, Macdougall st, off East Hamilton st 
Blake Edward, Customhouse officer, 24 Trafalgar st 
Blake Matthew (of Blake, Barclay & Co.), 35 Regent st 
Blake William H., carpenter, 1 Holmscroft st 
Blake Miss, 1 1 Antigua st 
BLAKELY James, mason, 4 Carwood st 
B LANCE John, seaman, 28 West Burn st 
BLANCH Philip, spirit dealer, 23 Bruce st. Ho. 21 do. 
BLANCHE Richard, shipping agent, Customhouse quay. 

Ho. 54 Esplanade 
BLUE George, patternmaker, 69 Roxburgh st 
Blue John, carpenter, 47 Roxburgh st 
Blue John, carter, 5 Bruce st 
Blue Robert, joiner, 27 Nelson st, west 
Blue Mrs James, 8 Hill st 
BLYTH David, carpenter, 1 Belville st 
Blyth Thomas, blacksmith, 62 Ann st 
BOAG Alexander, labourer, 9 Holmscroft st 
Boag Alexander, slater, 77 Regent st 


Boag Andrew, writer and insurance agent, 12 Jamaica st 
Boag Andrew, engraver, 3 Bank st. Ho. 14 Bruce st. (See 

Boag Andrew, clerk, 14 Wellington st 
Boag David, engine-driver, 18 Port-Glasgow road 
Boag Finlay, chainmaker, 50 Dalrymple st 
Boag James, cooper, 1 Kilblain buildings 
Boag James, cooper, 80 Roxburgh st 
Boag James, plumber, 40 Holmscroft st 
Boag Kenneth, of British Workman Public House, 22 

Hamilton st. Ho. 8 West Burn st 
Boag Robert, carter, 32 West Blackhall st 
Boag Robert, 12 Jamaica st 
Boag Thomas, ropemaker, 58 Drumfrochar road 
BODEGA Agency Co., Spanish wine merchants, &c, 21 

Shaw st and 24 Cathcart Arcade — Nathan Andrew,. 

BOFFEY Mrs Richard S., proprietrix of British Workman,, 

34 Main st. Ho. 5 Ratho st 
BOLL John, carter, 23 Ingleston st 
Boll Mrs John, 19 Nicolson st 
BOLTON Joseph, seaman, 61 Nicolson st 
Bolton Joseph, engineman, 29 Ann st 
BONAR James, rivetter, 5 Hope st 
Bonar Rev. John James, D.D., minister, St Andrew's Free 

Church. Ho. 40 Ardgowan st, west 
Bonar John, patternmaker, 19 Lyle st 

BONE & Buchanan, accountants and house factors, 2 Bank st 
Bone David, joiner, 2 1 Wellington st 
Bone Hugh, joiner, 36 Holmscroft st 
Bone James (of Foulds & Bone), 28 Finnart st 
Bone Quintin (of Bone & Buchanan), treasurer to Burgh 

School Board, 2 Bank st. Ho. Parkfield, Gourock 
Bone Mrs William, 28 Finnart st 
BONNAR Colin, stoker, 27 Lynedoch st 
Bonnar James (of Russell & Bonnar), 33 Kelly st 
BORLAND Alexander, bootmaker, 8 William st. Ho. 2S 

Wellington st 
Borland Alexander, compositor, 40 Holmscroft st 
Borland Alexander, fitter, 105 Belville st 
Borland Daniel, baker, 43 Holmscroft st 
Borland John, missionary, 6 Antigua st 


Borland J. C, temperance hotel-keeper, 24 Cathcart st. Ho. 

34 Finnart st. (See Advt.) 
BORN Joseph, R.N., 28 Newton st 
BORTHWICK David, joiner, 26 Wellington st 
Borthwick James, commission agent, 27 West Blackhall st 
Borthwick Thomas, joiner, 24 Sir Michael st 
Borthwick Thomas, grain merchant and commission agent, 

10 Cross-shore st. Ho. 66 Newton st 
Borthwick Thomas, joiner, 32 East Shaw st 
Borthwick William, joiner, 27 West Blackhall st 
BOSTON James, jun., & Co., butchers, 5 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 24 Union st 
Boston John, architect, measurer, and surveyor, 1 1 William 

st. Ho. 24 Union st 
BOSWELL Mrs, 20 Bearhope st 
BOUCHER George, joiner, 2 Cartsburn st 
BO WEN Mrs C. H., 13 Nelson st, west 
BOWES David, bootcloser, 16 Dalrymple st 
BOWIE Andrew H., engineer, 66 Kelly st 
Bowie Archibald, potato merchant. Mansionhouse 
Bowie James, boilermaker, 20 Mount Pleasant st 
Bowie James, joiner, 5 Nile st 
Bowie James, boilermaker, 17 Lyle st 
Bowie John, joiner, 9 Dempster st 
Bowie Robert, engineer, 75 AVellington st 
Bowie Thomas, mason, 12 Lyle st 
BOWLING Green (Ardgowan), Ardgowan square 
Bowling Green (Grosvenor), Wellington st 
Bowling Green (Wellington), Drumfrochar road 
Bowling Mrs, 23 Ardgowan st, west 
BOWMAN Alexander & Son, bakers, 15 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 14 West Blackhall st 
Bowman James, auctioneer and valuator, 26 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. Barima bank, 39 Fox st. (See Advt.) 
Bowman John, shoemaker, 6 West Burn st 
Bowman R. Hutcheson, 29 Brougham st 
Bowman Rev. T. W., Ph.D., minister E.U. Church, Rox- 
burgh st. Ho. Grafton terrace, 18 Bentinck st 
Bowman Mrs, greengrocer, 31 Rue-end st. Ho. 30 St 

Lawrence st 
BOXILL Samuel, 30 Ardgowan st, west 
BOYCE Hugh, railway guard, 78 Dempster st 


BOYD Alexander, iron driiler, 2 Garvald st 

Boyd Bryce. coal merchant, 26 Lyle st. Ho. 9 Antigua st 

Boyd David, carpenter, 57 Belville st 

Boyd Rev. David, of Free North Church, 90 Finnart st 

Boyd David, carter, 13 Crescent st 

Boyd James, jun., grocer and provision merchant, 65 Ann 

st. Ho. 49 Trafalgar st 
Boyd James, carpenter, 5 Kilblain st 
Boyd James, naval and military clothier, 69 Nicolson st 
Boyd James, labourer, 106 Drumfrochar road 
Boyd James, plumber, 74 Wellington st 
Boyd James, tobacconist and stationer, 1 Ann st. Ho. 62 

Regent st 
Boyd James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 2 Sir Michael st. 

Ho. 12 Ardgowan st, west 
Boyd James, labourer, 3 John st 
Boyd John, joiner, 7 Brougham st. Ho. 29 do. 
Boyd John, labourer, 106 Drumfrochar road 
Boyd John, machinist, 5 East Crawford st 
Boyd Johnston, provision dealer, 41 West Burn st. Ho. 16 

South st 
Boyd Kennedy, fireman, 34 West Shaw st 
Boyd Robert, boilermaker, 59 Ann st 
Boyd Robert, carpenter, 4 Hill st 
Boyd Robert, lithographer, 32 Ann st 
Boyd Thomas, provision merchant, 26 West Blackhall st 
Boyd William, feuar and joiner, 91 Belville st 
Boyd William, joiner, 7 Nile st 
Boyd William, vanman, 9 Lyle st 
Boyd Miss M., tobacconist, Palmerston buildings. Ho. 62 

Regent st 
Boyd Miss Janet, 7 Ardgowan st, west 
Boyd Mrs Andrew, 39 Union st 
Boyd Mrs Daniel, 31 Dempster st 
Boyd Mrs James, tobacconist, 33 Rue-end st. Ho. 2 East: 

Blackhall st 
Boyd Mrs James, 8 Watt st 
Boyd Mrs Thomas, 55 Rue-end st 
BOYES T. J. G. (of Turner & Boyes), 1 Haldane villas,, 

Scotstounhill, Glasgow, and the Club, Greenock 
BOYLE Alexander, carpenter, 1 7 Prospecthill st 
Boyle Bernard, vanman, 46 Ann st 


Boyle Charles, carpenter, 5 Belville st 

Boyle Daniel, labourer, 25 Vennel 

Boyle George, joiner, 14 Lynedoch st 

Boyle Hugh, clerk, 4 Nelson st, west 

Boyle James, engineer, 22 Trafalgar st 

Boyle James, provision merchant, 26 Market st. Ho. 10 

Regent st 
Boyle Mrs, greengrocer, 1 Sir Michael st 
Boyle Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 25 Brymner st. Ho. 4 Nelson 

st, west 
Boyle Mrs, midwife, 13 Charles st 
Boyle Mrs 15 East Shaw st 
BRABENDER John, carter, 12 Kilblain st 
BRADLEY Anthony, broker, 58 Vennel 
Bradley John, labourer, 82 Belville st 

Bradley John, plumber, 7 East Breast. Ho. 82 Roxburgh st 
Bradley Michael, boatman, 1 1 Ardgowan st, Glebe 
Bradley Miss, grocer, 38 Dalrymple st. Ho. 26 West Black- 
hall st 
Bradley Miss, hotel-keeper, 2 Boyd st and 14 Clarence st 
BRADY James, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Ann st and 

62 Vennel. Ho. 8 Wellington st 
BRAILSFORD Rev. Edward J., of Wesleyan Methodist 

Church. Ho. 30 Ardgowan st, west 
BRAKIE John, caulker, 9 Carwood st 
BRAND David (of Allison & Brand), 71 Nicolson st 
Brand Henry, reporter, 1 1 Nelson st, west 
Brand William, currier, 66 East Hamilton st 
Brand William, sawyer, 2 Princes st 
BRANNAN John, labourer, 2 Belville st 
BRECKENRIDGE Thomas, yardsman, 5 1 Lynedoch st 
BREMNER Alexander, F.E.I.S., head-master of Belville 

Place Public School. Ho. Grosvenor terrace, 40 

Mearns st 
BRENNAN Patrick, engineer, 3 Virginia st 
BREWSTER William, solicitor, 26 Hamilton st. Ho. 6 

Finnart st 
BRICELAND Andrew, stevedore, 9 Watt st 
BRIGHTON John, wholesale provision merchant and ham- 

curer, 1 and 3 East Shaw st. Ho 77 Holmscroft st 
BRISLOW Charles, engineer, 5 Brachelston st 
BRISTOW James, gardener, 66 Holmscroft st 


BRITISH Bootmaking Co.. bootmakers, 42 West Burn st, 

and branches 
British Linen Co.'s Bank, Bank Buildings, 13 William st. 

James Glen, agent 
British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co., 2 West Quay. 

Leitch & Muir, agents 
BRITON Thomas, glazier, embosser, and glass stainer, 19 

Sugarhouse lane. Ho. 33 West Stewart st 
BRITTLEBANK Thomas, Customs' boatman, 59 Ann st 
BRIZZELL Alexander, labourer, 41 Nicolson st 
BROADFOOT James & Sons, plumbers and gasfitters, 2 

West breast. Ho. 23 Bentinck st 
Broadfoot William, 10 Forsyth st 
Broadfoot William, M.D., CM., 6 West Blackhall st. Ho. 23 

Bentinck st 
BROCK Archibald, engineer, 1 1 Roxburgh st 
Brock J. C. & Co., Greenock wholesale boot and shoe 

establishment, 22 Hamilton st 
Brock Mrs, 3 Regent st 
BRODIE Andrew, gasfitter, 53 Inverkip st 
Brodie James, engineer, 66 Regent st 
Brodie James, painter, 15 Trafalgar st 
Brodie James (of William Kelly & Co.), 30 Finnart st 
Brodie John, carpenter, 5 Cross-shore st 
Brodie Malcolm, plater, 1 1 East Crawford st 
Brodie Matthew, contractor, 91 Dempster st 
Brodie William, spirit merchant, 3 Ropework st 
Brodie William, Buck Head Hotel, 2 Watson's lane 
Brodie Miss, dressmaker, 8 South st 
Brodie Mrs James, 12 St. Lawrence st 
Brodie Mrs John, 49 Brisbane st 
Brodie Mrs, spirit merchant, 34 Sir Michael st. Ho. 4 

South st 
Brodie Mrs, 30 Brisbane st 
BROOM Alexander, carpenter, 91 Belville st 
BROTCHIE Donald, seamen's chaplain, 2 Robertson st 
BROUGH John, smith and cartwright, 4 Chapel st. Ho. 6 do. 
Brough Hugh, cartwright, 1 1 East Blackhall st 
Brough John, Depute Sheriff and Commissary Clerk, 1 

Nelson st, west. Ho. 4 Robertson st 
BROUN Neil & Co., timber measurers, 2 Cathcart st 
BROWN Alexander, hairdresser, 15 Ann st 


Brown Alexander, boilermaker, 9 Lynedoch st 

Brown Alexander (of Alex. Brown & Co.), 7 Caddlehill st 

Brown Alexander R. (of Brown Brothers), 39 West Black- 
hall st. 

Brown Alexander, 68 Finnart st 

Brown Alexander, plumber and zinc worker, 8 Kilblain st. 
Ho. 5 do. 

Brown Alexander, carpenter, 51 Lynedoch st 

Brown Alexander, carpenter, 91 Belville st 

Brown Alexander, poulterer, 3 Watt st 

Brown Alexander, vanman, 38 Holmscroft st 

Brown Alexander & Co., coal merchants, shipping and com- 
mission agents, Arcade, 20 Cathcart st. (See Advt.) 

Brown Andrew, baker, 15 Lyle st 

Brown Angus, shipmaster, 7 Caddlehill st 

Brown Archibald, baker, 27 Ardgowan st, west 

Brown Archibald, baker, 67 Nicolson st 

Brown Archibald, carter, 30 Cartsburn st 

Brown Archibald, general merchant, Customhouse place. 
Ho. 1 2 Brisbane st 

Brown Archibald, labourer, 61 Belville st 

Brown Brothers, surgeon dentists, 30 Cathcart st and 39 
West Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 

Brown Charles, rigger, 24 John st 

Brown Charles, manager Glebe Sugarhouse, 4 Boyd st 

Brown David, boilermaker, 21 John st 

Brown David, shoemaker, 63 Nicolson st 

Brown David, cartwright, 2 Wemyss Bay st 

Brown Donald, carpenter, 30 St. Lawrence st 

Brown Donald, police constable, 8 Kilblain st 

Brown Dugald, carpenter, 69 Regent st 

Brown Duncan, clerk, 13 Brisbane st 

Brown Duncan, shipmaster, 2 Finnart st 

Brown Duncan, sugarboiler, 95 Roxburgh st 

Brown Ebenezer, carpenter, 7 Belville st 

Brown Edward, grocer, 46 East Hamilton st. Ho. 3 Mac- 
dougall st 

Brown George, painter and decorator, 3 Albert place. Ho. 
8 Jamaica st 

Brown George, salesman, 14 Cathcart st 

Brown Hugh, carter, 44 Ann st 

Brown J. D. (of Clyde Pottery Co.), 16 Eldon st 


Brown James, boilermaker, 19 Regent st 

Brown James, clerk, 12 Ardgowan st, west 

Brown James, jun., collector of water rates, 18 Hamilton st- 

Ho. 32 Ardgowan st, west 
Brown James, compositor, 17 Dempster st 
Brown James (of Post Office), 1 Ford place, Finnart st 
Brown James, painter, 7 Hope st 
Brown James, assistant collector of water rates, Meadow bank*. 

Gourock bay 
Brown James, storekeeper, 2 1 Trafalgar st 
Brown John, blacksmith, 80 Belville st 
Brown John, boilermaker, 27 Belville st 
Brown John, carpenter, 28 East Hamilton st 
Brown John, carter, 64 Ann st 
Brown John, currier, 50 Roxburgh st 
Brown John, engineer, 21 Lynedoch st 
Brown John, engineer, 9 Hill st 
Brown John, engineer, 5 Belville st 
Brown John, family baker and purveyor, 45 Hamilton st and- 

n Union st. Ho. 55 Brisbane st 
Brown John (of Miller & Brown), 64 Inverkip st 
Brown John, pansman, 19 Prospecthill st 
Brown John, porter, 22 West Blackhall st 
Brown John, smith, 7 Dempster st 
Brown John R. (of Brown Brothers), 33 Brougham st 
Brown Joseph, labourer, 82 Belville st 
Brown Joseph C, salesman, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
Brown M. M'C. (of T. O. Hunter & Co.), 33 Union 

Brown Neil, spirit, wine, and malt liquor merchant, 7 and 9 

Sir Michael st, 39 Vennel, 45 Dalrymple st, 2 William- 

st, 2 East Breast, 2 Ropework lane, Port-Glasgow ; 111 

Duke st, Glasgow. Ho. Dunclutha, 67 Esplanade.. 

(See Advt.) 
Brown Peter, cooper, 9 Nelson st, west 
Brown Robert, tailor, 52 Holmscroft st 
Brown Robert, salesman, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
Brown Robert, joiner, 62 Roxburgh st 
Brown R. G. (of Clyde Pottery Co.), 41 Esplanade 
Brown Samuel, cooper, 13 Brachelston st 
Brown Samuel, colporteur and agent for Religious Tract and 

Bible Society of Scotland, 42 Holmscroft st 


Brown Stewart & Co., paper manufacturers, Overton Paper 

Brown Thomas, blacksmith, 71 Ann st 
Brown Walter, smith, 7 Mill st 
Brown William, labourer, 1 Duncan st 
Brown William, rigger, 69 Roxburgh st 
Brown William, railway porter, 9 Market st 
Brown William, rivetter, 46 East Hamilton st 
Brown William, blacksmith, 2 Garvald st 
Brown William, spirit merchant, 40 West Burn st. Ho. 6 

Nelson st, west 
Brown William, boilermaker, 80 Belville st 
Brown William A. (of Brown, Stewart & Co.), Cliff Lodge, 

119 Eldon st 
Brown William J. M., clerk, 22 South st 
Brown Miss Anderson, 23 Ardgowan st, west 
Brown Miss Janet, 49 Nicolson st 
Brown Miss Mary, 8 Ardgowan st, west 
Brown Mrs, spirit dealer, Havelock Arms, 1 Argyle st 
Brown Mrs A., day and boarding school, 68 Finnart 

Brown Mrs Archibald, 6 Kelly st 
Brown Mrs James, 24 West Blackhall st 
Brown Mrs James, dairy, no Drumfrochar road 
Brown Mrs John, 30 Brymner st 
Brown Mrs Matthew, 5 Bank st 
-Brown Mrs William, 24 Kelly st 
Brown Mrs W. S., draper, 23 Roxburgh st 
Brown Mrs, 12 Laird st 
Brown Mrs, 108 Drumfrochar road 
BROWNE & Watson, shipbrokers, 4 Brymner st. Craig,, 

Scott & Co., agents 
BROWNLIE Mrs, 3 Bruce st 
Brownlie Misses, 41 Union st 
BRUCE Alexander, store-keeper, 5 Newton st 
Bruce David, gardener, 14 Bruce st 
Bruce F. G., agent for Union Bank of Scotland (Limited),. 

and Insurance agent, 1 Hamilton st. Ho. Rock Mount,, 

Eldon place 
Bruce G. & J., tailors and clothiers, 46 Hamilton st 
Bruce George (of G. & J. Bruce), 8 Ardgowan st 
Bruce James, joiner, 85 Dempster st 


Bruce Robert, Dean of Guild inspector, Municipal Buildings, 

Ho. 4 Finnart st 
Bruce William, agent, Clydesdale Bank (East-end), and 

insurance agent, 43 Rue-end st 
Bruce Mrs Agnes, 24 Finnart st 
Bruce Mrs John, 13 Kelly st 

BRUNTON Charles, cabinet maker, 22 Wellington st 
BRYAN James C, coal merchant, 3 Chapel st. Ho. 72 

Wellington st 
BRYCE John, spirit merchant, 9 Main st. Ho. 8 Regent st 
Bryce John, brassfinisher, 6 Chapel st 

Bryce John & Co., shipbrokers, warehouse keepers, and com- 
mission agents, 4 Bogle st 
Bryce John (of John Bryce & Co.), 53 Union st 
BRYCELAND John, fisherman, 30 Ann st 
BRYDEN James, carpenter, 34 Crescent st 
BR YMNER Alexander, blacksmith, 1 7 Mount Pleasant st 
Brymner Mrs Graham, Maybank, 59 Finnart st 
Brymner Mrs James, furnishing shop, 66 East Hamilton st 
BRYSON Patrick, cooper, 7 Nile st 
Bryson William, shoemaker, 18 Tobago st 
BUCHAN John, carver and gilder, 8 Market st. Ho. 71 

Regent st 
Buchan Mrs William, midwife, 1 1 Regent st 
Buchan Mrs, 40 West Burn st 

BUCHx\NAN Archibald, engine-keeper, 20 Inverkip st 
Buchanan Archibald (of Mackay & Buchanan), 33 Lynedochst 
Buchanan David, brassfinisher, 32 Arthur st 
Buchanan Donald, coppersmith, 47 Trafalgar st 
Buchanan Duncan, letter-carrier, 1 Prospecthill st 
Buchanan George, salesman, 10 1 Belville st 
Buchanan G. & M., sugar merchants, 17 Hamilton st. Ho. 

26 Brisbane st 
Buchanan Henry (of J. S. Denniston & Co.), 2 Bentinck st 
Buchanan James, painter and paperhanger, 34 West Burn st. 

Ho. 30 Newton st 
Buchanan James, engineer, Garvel Park House 
Buchanan John (at Clyde Shipping Co.), 8 Shaw place 
Buchanan John, carpenter, 36 Crescent st 
Buchanan John, carpenter, 5 Orchard st 
Buchanan John, brassfinisher, 8 Hill st 
Buchanan John, carpenter, 32 Arthur st 


Buchanan John, blacksmith, 7 Ingleston st 

Buchanan John, boilermaker, 9 Chapel st 

Buchanan John, labourer, 5 Bearhope st 

Buchanan John (of John Buchanan & Co.), 16 Robertson 

st, and Ellangowan, Ardnadam 
Buchanan John L. (of Bone & Buchanan), 52 Forsyth st 
Buchanan John &: Co., tailors, clothiers, hatters, and 

military contractors, 40 Cathcart st, Greenock, and 6 

and 1 1 Castle st, Dumbarton 
Buchanan John, & Co., hosiers, glovers, and shirtmakers, 13 

Hamilton st 
Buchanan Nathan, engineer, 9 East Blackhall st 
Buchanan Neil, rigger, 16 Hope st 
Buchanan Night Asylum, 7 Captain st 
Buchanan Peter, joiner. 16 Lynedoch st 
Buchanan Robert, engineer, 19 Ingleston place 
Buchanan William, baker, 47 Holmscroft st 
Buchanan William G., manager, 6 Lyle st 
Buchanan Janet, greengrocer, 61 Belville st 
Buchanan Miss, 9 Glen st 
Buchanan Misses, 48 Esplanade 
Buchanan Mrs John, 26 Brisbane st 
Buchanan Mrs R., 52 Forsyth st 
Buchanan Mrs William, 34 Brisbane st 
Buchanan Mrs, White Hart hotel and restaurant, 50 Cath 

cart st 
BUCKLITSCH Edward, joiner, 65 Regent st 
BUDGETT James & Son, sugar merchants, 46 Brymner st 
BUIE Hugh, 17 Brougham st 

Buie Neil, collector funeral society, 68 East Crawford st 
Buie Miss, 17 Brougham st 
BUNTAIN Alexander, carter, 1 1 Wellington st 
Buntain James, engineer, 4 Cartsburn st 
Buntain James, carter, 22 St Lawrence st 
Buntain James, carpenter, 24 Belville st 
Buntain John, carter, Overton 

Buntain John, baker, 5 Arthur st. Ho. 3 Arthur st 
BURDEE Harry, violinist, 96 Dempster st 
BURNET Mrs, 12 Brisbane st 
BURNETT James, policeman, 114 Dempster st 
Burnett Joseph, outfitter, 56 Rue-end st. Ho. 65 do. 
Burnett William, police sergeant, 4 East Hamilton st 


BURNIE David, seaman, 31 Ingleston st 

BURNS Alexander, bill-poster, 10 William st 

Burns Charles, surfaceman, 27 Vennel 

Burns George, engineer, 2 1 Trafalgar st 

Burns James, engineer, 9 Prospecthill st 

Burns John, carpenter, 15 Regent st 

Burns John, labourer, 84 Roxburgh st 

Burns Jonathan, sugar sampler, 15 West Stewart st 

Burns Philip, labourer, 6 Holmscroft st 

Burns William J., grocer, 31 Roxburgh st. Ho. do. 

Burns Mrs George, 2 Bentinck st 

BURNSIDE Robert K., watchmaker, 6 West Blackhall st 

Burnside William, engineer, 32 Mount Pleasant st 

Burnside Miss Elizabeth, 36 West Blackhall st 

BURROWS Adam, labourer, 16 Serpentine walk 

Burrows William, sailmaker, 19 Trafalgar st 

BURTON Thomas, collector of poor and school rates, 36 

Nicolson st. Ho. 4 Cove road, Gourock 
BUSH Mrs, 14 Ann st 
BUTLER George Macaulay, nurseryman, etc., Caledonian 

Nursery, Murdieston Meadow. Ho. Inverkip road 
BUTTERWORTH Mrs Edmund, 33 Ingleston st 
BYERS John, flesher, 21 Tobago st. Ho. 5 Dempster st " 
BYRON John, storeman, 5 East Blackhall st 

CABRIE William, tailor, 13 Charles st 

CADDY James, blacksmith, 39 Holmscroft st 

CADI EN William, sugarboiler, 7 Holmscroft st 

CAHILL James, carter, 34 Dalrymple st 

CAIRD & Co., engineers and iron shipbuilders, Arthur st 
and 46 Dalrymple st 

Caird Colin S., ship and insurance agent, timber and com- 
mission merchant, City buildings. Ho. Dungourney, 13 
Newark st 

Caird James T. (of Caird & Co.), Belleaire, 15 Newark st 

Caird Patrick T. (of Caird & Co.), 9 Newark st 

Caird Mrs John, 119 Eldon st 

CAIRNEY William A., tailor and clothier, 32 Hamilton st. 
Ho. 73 Holmscroft st 


•CAIRNS David, M.D., CM., physician and surgeon. 

Consulting rooms, 31 Rue-end st. Ho. 1 Shaw place 
Cairns James A., 15 Newton st 
Cairns John, musician, 17 Shaw st 
Cairns John, pawnbroker, 1 7 Sir Michael st. Ho. 34 West 

Stewart st 
Cairns William, engineer, 22 Robertson st 
Cairns Mrs James, 35 Kelly st 

CAISER Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 5 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 15 Brisbane st 
CALDER Alexander, printer, 3 Brachelston st 
Calder Alex. D., commercial traveller, 5 Kelly st 
Calder Marcus, physician and surgeon. Consulting rooms, 

8 Hamilton st. Ho. 13 Newton st 
Calder Mrs, 83 Roxburgh st 
CALDERHEAD David, sawyer, 7 Ratho st 
CALDERWOOD Dan., compositor, 97 Roxburgh st 
Calderwood Edward, labourer, 8 East Shaw st 
Calderwood Robert, salesman, 97 Roxburgh st 
Calderwood Robert, fish merchant, Fish Market. Ho. 23 

Newton st 
CALDWELL Alexander, 1 William st, east 
Caldwell David, grocer and provision merchant, 34 East 

Hamilton st and 22 Tobago st. Ho. 40 Mearns st 
Caldwell David, grocer, 33 Ann st. Ho. 16 Wellington st 
Caldwell James, painter, 19 Wellington st 
Caldwell Matthew, grocer, 85 Belville st. Ho. 54 East 

Crawford st 
Caldwell William, 27 Dempster st 
Caldwell William, pointsman, 52 West Blackhall st 
Caldwell Janet, grocer, 7 East Shaw st. Ho. 64 Ann st 
CALEDONIAN Railway Company's Office, 25 Cathcart st 
Caledonian Felt Works, Bogston, Port-Glasgow road 
Caledonian Railway Company's Goods Office, 4 Regent st 
CALLCLUTH John, boilermaker, 13 Holmscroft st 
CALLENDER James, labourer, 2 Belville st 
CALVERT Thomas, professor of music, 21 Ardgowan st, 

Calvert Mrs, teacher of pianoforte and singing, 2 1 Ardgowan 

st, west 
CAMBRIDGE William, dealer, 11 Ann st 
Cambridge Mrs, 2 Nicolson st 


CAMERON Alexander, moulder, 44 Lynedoch st 
Cameron Alexander, engineer, 19 Nicolson st 
Cameron Alexander, blacksmith, 75 Wellington st 
Cameron Alexander, School Board officer, 37 Roxburgh st 
Cameron Alexander, solicitor and notary public, 4 Argyle st. 

Ho. 53 Esplanade 
Cameron Alexander (of Post Office), 8 Mearns st 
Cameron Alexander, joiner, 33 West Stewart st 
Cameron Alexander, blacksmith, 57 Belville st 
Cameron Alexander S., joiner, 41 Roxburgh st 
Cameron Allan, carpenter, 2 Garvald st 
Cameron Allan (of Allan Cameron & Son). Ashfield cottage, 

Macdougall st 
Cameron Allan, jun. (of Allan Cameron & Son), Hillend 

house, East Crawford st 
Cameron Allan & Son, home timber merchants and general 

turners, Ashfield saw mills, Macdougall st 
Cameron Archibald, watchmaker, 59 Rue-end st. Ho. 16 

South st 
Cameron A. F., licensed grocer, 38 Holmscroft st. Ho. 64 

Roxburgh st 
Cameron Charles, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 1 1 Kilblain 

st. Ho. 67 Roxburgh st 
Cameron Daniel, causewayer, 5 Tobago st 
Cameron Daniel, engineer, i o Hay st 
Cameron Donald, engineer, 21 Belville st 
Cameron Donald, labourer, 3 Crescent st 
Cameron Donald, rivetter, 45 Nicolson st 
Cameron Donald, rigger, 31 Lynedoch st 
Cameron Donald, blacksmith, 9 Hope st 
Cameron Dugald, joiner, 42 Roxburgh st 
Cameron Dugald, deep sea pilot, 26 West Blackhall st 
Cameron Duncan, labourer, 40 Nicolson st 
Cameron Duncan, sailmaker, 9 Hope st 
Cameron Hugh, boilermaker, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Cameron Hugh, feuar, 5 Ardgowan st, west 
Cameron Hugh, labourer, 27 West Stewart st 
Cameron Hugh, joiner, 1 1 Mill st 
Cameron Hugh, gas inspector, 115 Dempster st 
Cameron Hugh, painter, 30 St. Lawrence st 
Cameron James, salesman, 7 Murdieston st 
Cameron James, slater, 25 Sir Michael st 


Cameron John, commercial traveller, 22 Brisbane st 

Cameron John, carter, 26 West Blackhall st 

Cameron John, rivetter, 32 Crescent st 

Cameron John, pilot, 4 Prospecthill st 

Cameron John & Son, auctioneers and valuers, 12 Sugar- 
house lane 

Cameron John, painter, 14 Murdieston st 

Cameron John, railway guard, 15 Brougham st 

Cameron John, watchman, 42 Arthur st 

Cameron John, policeman, 85 Wellington st 

Cameron John, solicitor (of Blair & Cameron), 5 West Black- 
hall st 

Cameron John, plater, 8 Carwood st 

Cameron John, engineer, 9 Antigua st 

Cameron John, carpenter, 5 Hill st 

Cameron John, rivetter, 32 Crescent st 

Cameron Matthew, watchmaker and jeweller, 36 Hamilton 
st. Ho. 16 South st 

Cameron Matthew, wool-sorter, 4 Carwood st 

Cameron Peter, labourer, 3 Bearhope st 

Cameron Peter, joiner, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

Cameron Robert Wilson (of John Cameron & Son), 25 
Bentinck st 

Cameron Samuel (of H.M.C), 40 Nelson st 

Cameron Thomas, sugar porter, 8 Bogle st. Ho. 18 Bed- 
ford st 

Cameron William, egg merchant, 28 Wellington st 

Cameron William, house painter and decorator, 34 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 23 Brisbane st 

Cameron Mrs A., 56 Drumfrochar road 

Cameron Mrs. 2 1 Bearhope st 

Cameron Mrs, 46 Cathcart st 

Cameron Mrs Donald, 5 Regent st 

Cameron Mrs Murdoch, 25 John st 

Cameron Mrs Patrick, 27 Nelson st, west 

Cameron Mrs Patrick, feuar, 9 Ardgowan st, west 

CAMPBELL Alexander, boilermaker, 14 Lyle st 

Campbell Alexander, carter, 3$ West Stewart st 

Campbell A. & J. & Co., drapers, 22 Arthur st. Ho. 50 
East Crawford st 

Campbell Alexander, rivetter, 37 Lynedoch st 

Campbell Alexander, ship chandler, 19 South st 


Campbell Alexander, sanitary officer. Ho. 91 Dempster st 
Campbell Alexander, timber measurer, 26 South st 
Campbell Alexander & Son, wholesale stationers and paper 

bag makers, 9 Hamilton st 
Campbell Alexander, sailmaker, 83 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Alexander, seaman, 3 Bearhope st 
Campbell Alexander, clerk, 113 Dempster st 
Campbell Alexander, seaman, 19 Regent st 
Campbell Allan, painter, 20 Bearhope st 
Campbell Allan, carpenter, 5 Recent st 
Campbell Anderson c\: Co., wholesale and retail wine and 

spirit merchants, 2 Shaw st and 6 Cathcart st. Ho. 42 

Eldon st 
Campbell Angus, messenger, Shipping Office, 7 Virginia st 
Campbell Angus, timber porter, Albert Harbour. Ho. 59 

Regent st 
Campbell Angus, engineer, 3 Hill st 
Campbell Angus, supar porter, 8 Hill st 
Campbell Angus, carpenter, 13 Antigua st 
Campbell Archibald, analytical chemist, 15 Robertson st 
Campbell Archibald, boilermaker, 1 1 Belville st 
Campbell Archibald, boilermaker, 33 Lyle st 
Campbell Archibald, brakesman, 8 Hay st 
Campbell Archibald, British Workman Public-house, 16 

Brymner st. Ho. 27 Shaw st 
Campbell Archibald, carpenter, 68 Wellington st 
Campbell Archibald, carpenter, 27 Trafalgar st 
Campbell Archibald, carter, n West Stewart st 
Campbell Archibald, engineer, 9 Dempster st 
Campbell Archibald, iron-turner, 103 Belville st 
Campbell Archibald, labourer, 34 Sir Michael st 
Campbell Archibald, labourer, 89 Port-Glasgow road 
Campbell Archibald, rigger, 22 Bearhope st 
Campbell Archibald, shipwright, 3 Regent st 
Campbell Archibald, shoemaker, 10 Antigua st 
Campbell Archibald, slater, 80 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Archibald, spirit merchant, 97 Roxburgh st. Ho. 

85 Dempster st 
Campbell Charles, letter-press printer, 2 Watt place. Ho. 

9 Trafalgar st 
Campbell Colin, carpenter, 21 Ingleston st 
Campbell C. T., clerk, 6 Finnart st 


■Campbell Daniel, blacksmith, 41 Lynedoch st 

Campbell Daniel, joiner, 1 1 John st 

Campbell Daniel, rigger, 3 Hamilton st 

•Campbell David, carpenter, 6 Hay st 

Campbell Donald, carpenter, 4 Garvald st 

Campbell Donald, carpenter, 28 East Shaw st 

Campbell Donald, carpenter, 5 Dellingburn square 

Campbell Donald, engineer, 25 West Stewart st 

Campbell Donald, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 

Campbell Donald, joiner, 25 Trafalgar st 

Campbell Donald, joiner, 19 Belville st 

Campbell Donald, labourer, 13 Lauriston st 

Campbell Donald, mason, 84 Belville st 

Campbell Donald, sailmaker, 63 Holmscroft st 

Campbell Donald, shipping officer (M.M.), 30 Wellington st 

Campbell Dugald, accountant and stockbroker, 49 Cathcart 

st. Ho. Ashmount, 16 Patrick st 
Campbell Dugald, sailmaker, 14 Cathcart st 
Campbell Duncan, baker, 6 Mearns st 
Campbell Duncan, carter, 30 Ingleston st 
Campbell Duncan, joiner, 7 Caddlehill st 
Campbell Duncan, joiner, 85 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Duncan, machineman, 73 Regent st 
Campbell Duncan, policeman, 53 Regent st 
Campbell Duncan, sugar porter, 28 Bank st 
Campbell Duncan S., salesman, 17 Mount Pleasant st 
Campbell Edward, labourer, 3 Holmscroft st 
Campbell Francis W., moulder, 42 Main st 
Campbell Hector, carter, 33 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Hugh, baker, 32 Tobago st 
Campbell Hugh, cooper, 58 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Hugh, hammerman, 68 East Hamilton st 
Campbell James, carpenter, 45 Crawfurd st 
Campbell James & Co., coal, lime, cement, and insurance 

agents, 23 Cathcart st 
Campbell James (of Jas. Campbell & Co.), 12 Wellington st 
Campbell James, grocer, 46 Inverkip st. Ho. 32 Nelson st, w 
Campbell James, hammerman, 1 Ratho st 
Campbell James M. (of Campbell & Co., licensed grocers), 

89 Roxburgh st. Ho. 45 Brisbane st 
Campbell James, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 
Campbell James, labourer, 7 Mill st 


Campbell James, labourer, 6 Trafalgar st 

Campbell James, mason, 51 Nicolson st 

Campbell James (of J. Hunter & Co.), Lerwickville, 79 

Brisbane st 
Campbell James, O.D.O., Customs, 59 Ann st 
Campbell J. J. & Co., grocers, 20 Arthur st. Ho. 50 East: 

Crawford st 
Campbell John (of A. Campbell & Son), 69 Union st 
Campbell John, baker, 87 Roxburgh st and 24 Union st- 

Ho. Orangefield Cottage 
Campbell John, boilermaker, 1 1 Antigua st 
Campbell John, clerk, 5 Trafalgar st 
Campbell John, cooper, 5 Regent st 
Campbell John, engineer, 8 Hill st 
Campbell John, flesher, 7 Ann st 
Campbell John, gardener, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Campbell John, joiner, 1 Hill st 
Campbell John, painter, 24 Bruce st 
Campbell John, potter, 26 East Crawford st 
Campbell John, labourer, 23 Belville st 
Campbell John, cooper, 39 Ann st 
Campbell John, engineer, 42 Arthur st 
Campbell John, engineer, 59 Ann st 
Campbell John, engineer, 45 Crawfurd st 
Campbell John, salesman, 5 1 Kelly st 
Campbell John, seaman, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
Campbell John, boatman, 22 Lynedoch st 
Campbell John, flesher, 42 Regent st 
Campbell John, blacksmith, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
Campbell John F., draper and hosier, 56 Vennel. Ho. 51 

Kelly st 
Campbell John, jun., commission agent, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. 

Kirklands, Kirn 
Campbell John, sen., shipsmith and chainmaker, 8 Ropework 

st. Ho. 7 Caddlehill st 
Campbell John H. (of Malcolm & Co.), 51 Brisbane st 
Campbell John M. (of Post Office), 48 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Malcolm, boilermaker, 9 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Malcolm, spirit merchant, 4 Dellingburn st. Ho. 

29 Regent st 
Campbell Matthew, carpenter, 25 Belville st 
Campbell Neil, labourer, 61 Belville st 


Campbell Neil, sailmaker, 57 Holmscroft st 

Campbell Neil, shoemaker, 8 Holmscroft st 

Campbell Neil, cooper, 97 Roxburgh st 

Campbell Nicol M., Port-Glasgow and Greenock carrier, 8 

Nicolson st 
Campbell Norman, wine and spirit merchant, 10 East Breast. 

Ho. 35 Regent st 
Campbell Peter, jun. & Co., commission merchants, Exchange 

buildings. Ho. 9 Wellington st 
Campbell Peter, spirit merchant, 13 Laird st. Ho. 12 do. 
Campbell Peter, boilermaker, 1 Hill st 
Campbell Peter, carver, 67 Regent st 
Campbell Peter M., teacher, 23 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Richard R., brassfinisher, 9 Belville st 
Campbell Robert, boot and shoemaker, 28 Lynedoch st. 

Ho. 64 Drumfrochar road 
Campbell Robert, clerk, 13 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Robert, slater, 65 Nicolson st 
Campbell Robert, boot and shoe maker, 3 1 East Crawford st 
Campbell Robert, brassfinisher, 4 Carwood st 
Campbell Robert, fitter. 5 East Crawford st 
Campbell Robert, engineer, 12 Belville st 
Campbell Robert S. (of Shennan & Campbell), 92 Boswell 

st, Liverpool 
CampbeU Sam., clerk, Union Bank of Scotland (Limited). 

Ho. Campsie Terrace, Gourock 
Campbell Samuel, boatbuilder, 3 Regent st 
Campbell Stuart, labourer, 73 Ann st 
Campbell Thomas, joiner, 12 Wellington st 
Campbell Thomas, carpenter, 20 John st 
Campbell William, grocer, 76 Ann st 
Campbell William, labourer, 53 Regent st 
Campbell William, engineer, 2 Carwood st 
Campbell William, baker, 4 Watt st 
Campbell Miss Jemima, 6 Finnart st 
Campbell Miss, 33 Nelson st 
Campbell Miss, feuar, 3 Orangefield place 
Campbell Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 6 West Stewart st 
Campbell Misses, furnishing shop, 7 Rue-end st. Ho. n 

East Blackhall st 
Campbell Mrs Alex., 69 Union st 
Campbell Mrs Alexander, furnishing shop, 65 Roxburgh st 


Campbell Mrs Catherine, 1 West Stewart st 

Campbell Mrs Duncan; feuar, 17 Caddlehill st 

Campbell Mrs D., grocer, 27 Regent st 

Campbell Mrs Hugh, 45 Lynedoch st 

Campbell Mrs Jane, 15 Nelson st, west 

Campbell Mrs J., 41 Lynedoch st 

Campbell Mrs John, 1 1 Main st 

Campbell Mrs John, 2 South st 

Campbell Mrs Neil, brush and basket warehouse, 20 Charles 

st. Ho. 5 West Blackhall st 
Campbell Mrs William, 15 Robertson st 
Campbell Mrs Ann, 51 Nicolson st 
Campbell Mrs Archibald, 24 Brisbane st 
Campbell Mrs, 10 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Mrs, 41 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Mrs Jessie, 36 Arthur st 
Campbell Mrs, 55 Drumfrochar road 
Campbell Mrs, 48 Shaw st 
Campbell Mrs, 21 Antigua st 
Campbell Mrs, 17 Kelly st 
Campbell Mrs, 18 Cathcart st 
Campbell Mrs Peter, 32 Brisbane st 
CANDLISH Mrs Helen, 10 Carnock st 
CANEVALI Robert, cooper, 61 Ann st 
CANNIE Samuel, joiner, 13 West Stewart st 
CANNING John, labourer, 63 Ann st 
CANT Adam, clerk, 25 Robertson st 
Cant James, gardener, The Craigs, 2 1 Newark st 
CAPE Archibald, engineer, 36 Crescent st 
CARBERY Joseph S., law clerk. Ho. 27 Mearns st 
CARCHRIE James, rivetter, 40 Shaw st 
Carchrie Robert, rivetter, 7 West Blackhall st 
CARDWELL James, spinner, 10 Murdieston st 
CAREY Robert, flesher, 1 Stanners st. Ho. 26 Lynedoch 

CARLIN James, dealer, 1 1 Laird st 
Carlin William, rafter, 1 1 Cross-shore st 
Carlin Mrs, 10 Bruce st 
CARLISLE Miss, 1 Roseneath st 
CARLYLE John, M.D., CM., physician and surgeon, 43; 

Regent st 
Carlyle Mrs, 8 Antigua st 


CARMICHAEL A. & J. H. & Co., shipowners, Post-Office 

Carmichael Alexander, labourer, 40 West Burn st 
Carmichael Alexander, tugboat master, 18 South st 
Carmichael Alexander, tugboat master, 1 Ardgowan st, 

Carmichael Andrew (of A. & J. H. Carmichael & Co.), 93 

Finnart st 
Carmichael Archibald, shopman, 75 Wellington st 
Carmichael Daniel, 25 Crescent st 

Carmichael Donald, grocer and provision merchant, 13 Carts- 
burn st. Ho. 57 Belville st 
Carmichael Donald, porter, 15 Lyle st 
Carmichael Dugald, carpenter, 30 Roxburgh st 
Carmichael Hector, rivetter, 18 Hope st 
Carmichael Hugh, porter, 13 Duncan st 
Carmichael John H., feuar, 76 Finnart st 
Carmichael John, smith, 65 Roxburgh st 
Carmichael John, yardsman, 6 Chapel st 
Carmichael Malcolm, feuar, 25 Crescent st 
Carmichael Malcolm, teacher, St. Andrew Square School 
Carmichael Peter, fisherman, 1 St. Andrew st 
Carmichael Thomas (of A. & J. H. Carmichael & Co.), 35 

Carmichael William, labourer, 6 Laird st 
Carmichael Ann, lodgings, 13 Brisbane st 
Carmichael Miss, dressmaker, 47 Brisbane st 
Carmichael Mrs Andrew, Milnwood, 93 Finnart st 
Carmichael Mrs Donald, grocer, 31 West Burn st. Ho. 17 

Nelson st 
Carmichael Mrs Isabella, 41 Nicolson st 
Carmichael Mrs James, 16 Robertson st 
CARNAGHAN James, joiner and builder, 13 Regent st. 

Ho. 29 Trafalgar st 
CARNAHAN Peter, policeman, 13 Crescent st 
CARMOODIE Thomas, policeman, 12 Watt st 
CARR Mrs Andrew, 1 7 Baker st 

CARRIGAN George, broker, 6 Smith's lane and 12 Market st 
Carrigan John, spirit merchant, 31 Vennel. Ho. 18 Sir 

Michael st 
CARROL Hugh, fireman, 10 West breast 
Carrol John, cooper, 7 Holmscroft st 


CARROLL James, stevedore, 3 Kilblain st 

CARRUTHERS William, carpenter, 8 Chapel st 

CARSE William, china merchant, 50 and 51 Vennel. Ho. 

28 Trafalgar st 
CARSON Henry, brassfounder, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 26 

Crawfurd st. Ho. 29 Nelson st, west- 
Carson William, labourer,. 1 Ratho st 
CARSTAIRS Robert, blacksmith, 86 Belville st 
Carstairs Robert A., fireman, 16 Dalrymple st 
CARSWELL Donald, moulder, 1 Broomhill st 
Carswell John & Son, timber measurers, 2 Cathcart st 
Carswell John, jun. (of John Carswell & Son), 5 1 Esplanade 
Carswell Mrs, 75 Holmscroft st 
CARTER William, mason, 92 Dempster st 
CARTSBURN Sugar Refining Co., 4 Crescent st 
CARTSDYKE Equitable Loan Office, 63 Main st 
Cartsdyke Apothecary Co., 23 Rue-en d st 
CASE Mrs, 66 East Hamilton st 
CASEY Robert, shipmaster, 21 Newton st 
CASSON Mrs George, 35 West Burn st 
CATHCART Steamship Co. (Limited)— J. & J. Denholm, 

CATHER David, draper, 15 Dempster st 
CATHIE James, book-keeper, 22 Brisbane st 
CATTANACH Charles, engineer, 8 Lyle st 
CAVANAGH Patrick J., boilermaker, 7 Cathcart st 
CAVEN John, salesman, 38 Lynedoch st 
CAWTHORNE Mrs, 66 Regent st 
CHABANT Mrs, 38 Shaw st 
CHALMERS Alexander, smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 

14 Crawfurd st. Ho. 28 Newton st 
Chalmers Andrew, 5 Holmscroft st 
Chalmers Archibald, joiner, glazier, and funeral undertaker, 

36 Roxburgh st. Ho. 72 Wellington st 
Chalmers David L., glazier, 19 Wellington st 
Chalmers Hugh M. & Son, importers of and dealers in 

American joinery, joiners, glaziers, and undertakers, 23 

Bearhope st. Ho. 25 Finnart st 
Chalmers H. M., jun. (of H. M. Chalmers & Son), 25 

Finnart st 
Chalmers Henry, tailor and clother, 30 Nicolson st. Ho. 

83 Finnart st 


•Chalmers Hugh, French polisher, 10 Shaw place 

Chalmers Hume, hotel-keeper and grain merchant, Wheat 
Sheaf Hotel, 4 Church place 

Chalmers John, clerk and collector, Gasworks, 33 Crawfurd 
st. Ho. 1 Manor Crescent, Gourock road 

Chalmers John, boilermaker, 10 Hill st 

Chalmers John, sailmaker, 8 Holmscroft st 

Chalmers John, joiner, 30 Bruce st 

•Chalmers John, boilermaker, 26 East Hamilton st 

Chalmers John, broker, 17 Sir Michael st 

Chalmers John, grain and potato merchant, 7 Princes st. 
Ho. 14 Lynedoch st 

Chalmers Peter, joiner, 9 Trafalgar st 

Chalmers Robert (of Robert Chalmers & Co.), 30 Market st. 
Ho. 35 Brisbane st 

Chalmers Robert, chemist and druggist, and branch Post- 
office, 41 Roxburgh st. Ho. 72 Wellington st 

Chalmers Robert &: Co., ship carpenters, joiners, block- 
makers, and sparmakers, cabinetmakers, glaziers, painters, 
and wood merchants, 30 Market st 

■Chalmers Robert, seaman, 34 Main st 

■Chalmers Thomas, mason, 6 Holmscroft st 

•Chalmers Walter, baker, 1 Crawford Lane 

Chalmers William, carpenter, 1 7 Lyle st 

Chalmers William, house factor and property agent, 5 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. Roslin place, Gourock 

Chalmers William, smith, 3 Brachelston st 

•Chalmers Miss, tobacconist and furnishings, 26 East Hamilton st 

Chalmers Miss, furnishings, 86 Roxburgh st 

Chalmers Miss M., stationer, 73 Nicolson st 

•Chalmers Mrs, 21 Lynedoch st 

CHAMBERS William, grocer, 5 John st. Ho. do. 

CHARTERS James, boilermaker, 84 Roxburgh st 

•Charters James, storekeeper, 23 John st 

CHESTNUT Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 31 Rue- 
end st and 3 Charles st. Ho. 13 Lynedoch st 

•CHEVALIER Frederick, clothier and outfitter, 4 William 
st. Ho. 27 Nicolson st 

'CHILDS James, rivetter, 38 Main st 

CHIRREY Alexander, printer, 63 Holmscroft st 

CHISHOLM Archibald (of William Chisholm & Co.), 3 
Glen st 


Chisholm James, blacksmith, 15 Cathcart st. Ho. 5 West: 
Stewart st 

Chisholm William & Co., coopers, 39 Crawfurd st 

CHRISTIE Alexander, blacksmith, 29 Lynedoch st 

Christie Andrew, salesman, 114 Dempster st 

Christie George, gardener, 30 Kelly st 

Christie George, coppersmith, 30 Ann st 

Christie Malcolm, tobacconist, 9 East breast. Ho. 8 Cross- 
shore st 

Christie Wm. N., tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 14 Market st 

Christie William, finisher, Overton 

Christie Mrs, 50 Holmscroft st 

CHRISTIAN Association, Young Men's, 19 West Stewart 

Christian Mission — Mission premises, Old Seamen's Chapel 

Christian Young Women's Association, 27 West Stewart st 

CLACHER Mrs Thomas, 8 Carwood st 

CLAPPERTON Donald, blacksmith, 12 Lynedoch st 

Clapperton John, carpenter, 6 John st 

Clapperton John &: Co., ship and insurance brokers and 
commission agents, Wallace buildings 

Clapperton John (of John Clapperton & Co.), Drumslea, 39 
Newark st 

Clapperton Mrs, 9 Ardgowan st, west 

Clapperton Mrs, 8 Hope st 

CLARK Andrew A., shipmaster, 13 Brisbane st 

Clark Archibald (of John Clark & Son), 2 Esplanade 

Clark Archibald, baker, 37 Ann st. Ho. 41 do. 

Clark Charles, prison warder, 96 Dempster st 

Clark David, boltmaker, 19 Belville st 

Clark David, goods guard, 52 West Blackhall st 

Clark Donald, rafter, 66 Regent st 

Clark Duncan, painter, 16 Cathcart st 

Clark Edward, mason, 68 Inverkip st 

Clark James, joiner, 40 Holmscroft st 

Clark James, labourer, 34 Ingleston st 

Clark James, rigger, 13 Charles st 

Clark John, blacksmith, 68 Drumfrochar road 

Clark John A., cooper, 7 Boyd st 

Clark John, engineer, 52 East Hamilton st 

Clark John & Son, watchmakers, jewellers, and chronometer- 
makers, 19 West Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 


Clark John T., wine and spirit merchant, 53 Rue-end st. 
Ho. 2 Wellington st 

Clark Joseph, greengrocer, 5 1 Yennel 

Clark Joseph, labourer, 38 Nicolson st 

Clark Joseph, ladies' hatter, 29 Cathcart st 

Clark Robert, cooper, 22 Bearhope st 

Clark Thomas, bandmaster, 26 West Blackhall st 

Clark Thomas, policeman, 80 Roxburgh st 

Clark W. B., fitter, 29 Lynedoch st 

Clark W. B., grocer, 36 Shaw st. Ho. 29 Cathcart st 

Clark Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 61 Holmscroft st 

Clark Miss, dressmaker, 6 Trafalgar st 

Clark Miss, 58 Drumfrochar road 

Clark Miss, 14 Regent st 

Clark Mrs Andrew, 6 Trafalgar st 

Clark Mrs D., 72 East Crawford st 

Clark Mrs George, 10 Brisbane st 

Clark Mrs Peter, feuar, 60 Ann st 

Clark Mrs, 2 Argyle st 

CLARKE William, governor of H.M. prison, 3 Nelson st, w 

CLELAND Alexander (of Cleland <& Stewart), 14 Ardgowan 
st, west 

Cleland & Stewart, merchant tailors and clothiers, 26 Ham- 
ton st 

CLELLAND Misses, 32 W T est Stewart st 

CLEMENT Christopher, diver, 42 Roxburgh st 

CLEMENTS Mrs, 14 Crescent st 

CLEMES John, carpenter, 1 1 Lauriston st 

Clemes Richard, joiner, 7 Carwood st 

CLERK Duncan (of R. & S. Neill Clerk & Orkney), 25 
Octavia terrace 

CLIMIE John, cutler, 3 George square 

Climie Robert, cutler and gunmaker, bird stuffier, &c, 33 
Nicolson st. Ho. do. (See Advt.) 

Climie Miss Jane, greengrocer, 1 Kelly st 

CLINK John D., underwriters' surveyor, 4 East breast. 
Ho. 53 Octavia terrace 

CLUCKIE N. Gordon, M.B., L.F., P.S.G., and L.M., sur- 
geon oculist to the Ferguson Eye Infirmary. Consulting 
rooms, 10 Eldon st. Ho. do. 

CLUFF Michael, labourer, 55 Belville st 

CLUNIE James, vanman, no Dempster st 


Clunie James, mariner, 77 Regent st 

CLYDE Pottery Co., manufacturers of earthenware, Port- 
Glasgow road 
Clyde Ropework, Berry-yards. Warehouse, 3 East breast 
Clyde Sugar Refining Co., 107 Drumfrochar road 
Clyde Shipping Co., steamship and steam-tug owners, Cus- 
tomhouse buildings — Allan Swan, manager 
Clyde Stevedore Co., 18 Cathcart st 
Clyde Yacht Agency, 4 East Breast — Macalister & Fyfe, 

Clydesdale Banking Co. (Limited), 7 Hamilton st 
Clydesdale Banking Co. (Limited), East-end — 43 Rue-end st 
COCHRAN John, boilermaker, 4 Hill st 
Cochran Robert (of D. M'Cormick & Co.), 13 Kelly st 
COCHRANE Alexander, boilermaker, 15 Lauriston st 
Cochrane Crawford, clerk, Post Office, 31 Roxburgh st 
Cochrane William, joiner, 10 Baker st 
Cochrane William, labourer, 4 Watt st 
Cochrane Mrs Janet, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Baker 

Cochrane Mrs, 13 West Stewart st 
Cochrane Mrs, 73 Holmscroft st 
COBURN Wilson, labourer, 32 East Shaw st 
COFFEE Room (Greenock Exchange), 2 Cathcart square 
COLLIGAN Patrick, broker, 22 Shaw st. Ho. 13 Cross- 
shore st 
COLLINS Henry, painter, 2 Crawford Lane 
Collins Henry, caulker, 9 Carwood st 
Collins James, gardener, 19 Prospecthill st 
Collins Joseph, painter, 13 Watt st 
Collins Joseph, teacher of music, 13 Watt st 
Collins Michael J., commission agent, 1 West Stewart st 
Collins William, salesman, 73 Regent st 
Collins Mrs J. B. S., 18 South st 
COLLISON Robert, boilermaker, 40 Ann st 
COLQUHOUN Duncan, painter and decorator, 1 Union st. 

Ho. 6 Ardgowan st, west 
Colquhoun John, clothier, 7 Grey place. Ho. 32 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Colquhoun John, cooper, 45 Holmscroft st 
Colquhoun Richard, mason, 68 Inverkip st 
COLVILLE James, engineer, 


COMMERCIAL Bank of Scotland, Limited, 36 Cathcart 

st — A. Gauld, agent 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited (West-end Branch), 

15 West Blackhall st — James Tannahill, agent 
COMMISSARY Clerk's office, County Buildings, 1 Nelson 

st, west 
COMRIE Mrs, 15 Cross-shore st 
CONGREGATIONAL Chapel, 7 George square 
CONGALTON Lieut. William, R.N.R., examiner of masters 

and mates, Mercantile Marine Office. Ho. Glenardoch, 

CON KEY Alexander, labourer, 18 Serpentine walk 
CONN James, fitter, 3 Virginia st 
Conn James P., saw miller, 5 East Crawford st 
Conn John, sheriff officer, J. P. constable and Dean of Guild 

officer, 5 Hamilton street 
Conn John, sawsharper, 91 Belville st 
Conn Thomas, labourer, 4 Prospecthill st 
CONNELL Alexander, clerk, Hope place, 9 Antigua st 
Connell James, commission, insurance, and forwarding agent, 

30 Cathcart st. Ho. 9 Ardgowan st, west 
Connell John, labourer, 40 Nicolson st 
Connell William, tinsmith, 6 Holmscroft st 
Connell Robert, patternmaker, 24 East Crawford st 
Connell William, carpenter, 51 Nicolson st 
CONNER James, rafter, 58 Lynedoch st 
Conner John, plumber and gasfitter, 3 East Blackhall st. 

Ho. 39 Bank st 
CONNING H. & J., milliners, 2 Inverkip st. Ho. 11 

Newark st 
Conning John, gardener, Balclutha Lodge, n Newark st 
CONNOR James, boilermaker, 31 East Crawford st 
Connor John, artist, 10 Kelly st 
Connor Rochford, collector of Inland Revenue, Braemar 

Cottage, Bentinck st 
Connor Robert, carter, 10 Baker st 
Connor Mrs John, 6 West Blackhall st 
CONWAY Andrew, green grocer, 18 Sir Michael st 
Conway Francis, painter, 2 Antigua st 
Conway Francis, sale shop, 4 Tobago st 
Conway Matthew, painter, 12 Lynedoch st 
COOK Alexander, labourer, 21 John st 


Cook Angus, chainmaker, 47 Crawfurd st 

Cook Archibald (of D. & A. Cook), 13 Ardgowan st 

Cook David, outfitter, 9 Rue-end st. Ho. 27 Lyle st 

Cook D. & A., smiths and chainmakers, 4 Charles st 

Cook John, carpenter, 45 Rue-end st 

Cook John, house and ship wright and blockmaker, Lindsay 

lane, West Quay head. Ho. 19 Nelson st, west 
Cook John, engine-driver, 7 East Crawford st 
Cook Robert, pawnbroker, auctioneer and valuator, 33 

Market st. Ho. 9 Orangefield place. (See Advt.) 
Cook R. A., jun., outfitter, 43 Vennel. Ho. 9 Orangefield 

Cook Robert, caulker, 33 East Crawford st 
Cook William, B.A., Lond., head-master Mearns Street Public 

School. Ho. 71 Newton st 
Cook William, draper, 78 Belville st 
Cook William, fireman, 30 Lynedoch st 
Cook William, labourer, 3 Crescent st 
Cook William, labourer, Overton 
Cook Miss, 35 Lyle st 
Cook Mrs Duncan, 29 Mearns st 
Cook Mrs, 85 Roxburgh st 
COOPER Archibald, painter, 80 Roxburgh st 
Cooper William, mate, 20 Antigua st 
COOTE Thomas, Express Laundry, 8 Brachelston st. Ho. 

5 Brachelston st 
CO-OPERATIVE Society (Greenock Central), 33 and 35 

Roxburgh st 
Co-operative Society, 1 1 John st 
Co-operative Society, 18 East Crawford st 
COPELAND John, joiner, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Copeland Nathan, joiner, 4 Old Hillend 
COPLAND John, engineer, 19 Antigua st 
CORK Steam Packet Office, 9 Customhouse buildings — 

Allan Swan, agent 
CORKY Mrs, 23 East Shaw st 
CORMIE Daniel, blacksmith, 50 East Hamilton st 
Connie John, blacksmith, 31 Hamilton st. Ho. 3 Ford 

place, Finnart st 
CORNEY John, basketmaker, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Corney Richard, brassfinisher, 10 Carnock st 
CORSTORPHINE R.(at A. & G. Taylor's), 1 13 Dempster st 


■COSTELLO Michael, boilermaker, 8 St. Lawrence st 

COTTRELL Robert Reynolds, grocer, 45 Crawfurd st 

COULTHART David, carter, 90 Dempster st 

COUSAR Mrs James, lodgings, 68 Inverkip st 

COUPAR Archd. B., coal and insurance agent, 24 South st 

COWAN Alexander, joiner, 12 Trafalgar st 

Cowan Alexander R., salesman, 23 Trafalgar st 

Cowan A., cooper and oil merchant, 3 Bogle st. Ho. 22 

Brisbane st 
Cowan David, carpenter, 5 Lauriston st 
Cowan James, cabinetmaker, 20 Bruce st 
Cowan James, labourer, 19 Crawfurd st 
Cowan John, merchant, Stoneleigh, 23 Newark st 
Cowan John, mason, 31 Ingleston st 
Cowan Robert, railway guard, 5 Ratho st 
Cowan Robert & Co., drapers, tailors and clothiers, 2 West 

Blackhall st 
Cowan William, carpenter, 1 1 Laird st 
Cowan Mrs, ladies' nurse, 13 Nelson st, west 
COWIE Mrs William, 70 Eldon st 
COWPER David B., chemist, 28 Trafalgar st 
COYLE Edward, engineer, 25 Belville st 
Coyle John, jun., clerk, 31 Dempster st 
CRABBE William, grocer and provision merchant, 26 and 

35 Ann st. Ho. 15 South st 
CRAIG Alexander, 8 East Blackhall st 
Craig Alexander, moulder, 32 Ingleston st 
Craig Angus, bricklayer, 1 7 Ann st 
Craig Archibald, joiner, 36 Lynedoch st 
Craig Cornelius, storekeeper, 2 East Blackhall st 
Craig David, grocer, 4 Cartsburn st 
Craig George, hatter, hosier, gloves, and millinery, 27 Cath- 

cart st. Ho. Stonehenge, 1 1 1 Finnart st 
Craig Hugh, boilermaker, 33 Roxburgh st 
Craig J. & M., manufacturers of fire-clay goods and pottery 

ware. Factories, Hillhead, Perceton, and Longpark, 

Kilmarnock. Agents in Greenock, John A. Simpson 

& Co., 10 Brougham st and 6 Tobago st. (See Advt.) 
Craig James M., mercantile clerk, Palmerston buildings. Ho. 

5 Kelly st 
Craig James R. (of Orr, Hunter & Co., Limited), Barrhill 

house, Gourock 


Craig James, caulker, 33 East Crawford st 

Craig James, grocer, 60 Lynedoch st 

Craig James, cooper and stave merchant, Dellingburn st and 

Regent st. Ho. Rosslea, Kilmalcolm 
Craig John (of Craig, Scott & Co.), Craigdullyeart, Gourock 
Craig John, smith, 9 Mount Pleasant st 
Craig John, carpenter, 10 Baker st 
Craig John, baker, 12 Murdieston st 
Craig John, labourer, 22 West Blackhall st 
Craig Robert, constable, 35 West Shaw st 
Craig, Scott & Co., shipbrokers and general agents, 4 Brym- 

ner st 
Craig Thomas (of Orr, Hunter & Co., Limited), Barrhill 

House, Gourock 
Craig Miss Agnes, 9 Nelson st, west 
Craig Mrs John, 52 Eldon st 
Craig Mrs, n Main st 
CRAM Peter, mason, 59 Holmscroft st 
Cram Peter, builder, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
Cram William, builder, 30 South st 
CRANE William W., confectioner, 8 Ann st 
Crane William, engineer, 2 Open Shore 
Crane Mrs, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
CRANSTON Mrs, 14 West Blackhall st 
CRAWFORD Alexander, saw miller and timber merchant, 

7 West Stewart st. Ho. 27 Mearns st 
Crawford Alexander, Central Coffee House, 2 William st, 

and Albert Coffee House, 3 Ker st. Ho. 26 West 

Blackhall st 
Crawford Alexander, joiner, 43 Lynedoch st 
Crawford Archibald, cooper, 1 1 East Blackhall st 
Crawford Archibald, porter, 17 Lyle st 
Crawford Archibald, carpenter, 15 East Shaw st 
Crawford Bryce (of Crawford & Thomson), 34 Nelson st, 

Crawford & Fulton, joiners and builders, Terrace road 
Crawford Gavin & Son, bootmakers, 9 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. George Villa, Kilmalcolm 
Crawford Hugh, feuar, 23 Finnart st 
Crawford H. B. (of Town Clerk's office), 26 Brisbane st 
Crawford & Hope, ship carpenters, 16 Bogle st 
Crawford Jacob, labourer, 24 Sir Michael st 


Crawford J. W. (of J. C. Smith, Macdonald, & Crawford). 
Ho. 49 Newton st and Raillies, Largs 

Crawford James, engineer, 25 Bank st 

Crawford James, baker, 62 Roxburgh st 

Crawford James, plumber, 38 Brymner st 

Crawford James, flesher, 83 Roxburgh st. Ho. 22 South st 

Crawford Joseph, rivetter, 84 Belville st 

Crawford John, labourer, 32 Ingleston st 

Crawford John, provision merchant, 6 Watson's lane 

Crawford John L., coal merchant, Lynedoch Station. Ho. 
44 Lynedoch st 

Crawford John (of W. & J. Crawford), 36 Esplanade 

Crawford John, gasfitter, 89 Roxburgh st 

Crawford John, coal merchant, 3 Lauriston st 

Crawford John, joiner, 86 Belville st 

Crawford &: Laurie, drapers and clothiers, 7 West Blackhall st 

Crawford P. R. (of Crawford & Laurie), 24 Patrick st 

Crawford Robert, contractor, 9 Princes st. Ho. 40 Mearns st 

Crawford Robert, farmer, 124 Drumfrochar road 

Crawford Robert, patternmaker, 12 South st 

Crawford Robert, smith, 8 West Burn st 

Crawford Robert, butcher, 46 Ann st. Ho. 5 Caddlehill st 

Crawford Robert P., wine and spirit merchant, and commis- 
sion agent, 35 Ingleston st and Crescent st. Ho. 
Springhill, Ashton, Gourock 

Crawford Thomas, shipowner, 61 Brisbane st 

Crawford Thomas, potter, 6 Sinclair st 

Crawford & Thomson, ironfounders, Caledonian Foundry, 49 
Trafalgar st 

Crawford W. & J., shipbrokers and shipowners, 49 Cathcart st 

Crawford William, glazier and glass merchant, 9 Market st. 
Ho. 31 Nelson st, west 

Crawford William (of Denney & Crawford), 14 South st 

Crawford William, joiner, 7 Lauriston st 

Crawford William, joiner, 28 Lynedoch st 

Crawford William, joiner, 34 Nelson st 

Crawford William, assistant station-master, Caledonian Rail- 
way Station. Ho. 17 Bogle st 

Crawford William (of W. & J. Crawford), 56 Forsyth st 

Crawford William, family grocer, 5 Grey place. Ho. Bute 
terrace, Millport 

Crawford William, joiner, 4 Nelson st, west 


Crawford William H., boatbuilder, 4 Garvald st 

Crawford Miss Jane, 14 South st 

Crawford Miss, 15 Jamiaca st 

Crawford Miss, 40 Mearns st 

Crawford Mrs Agnes, 47 Nicolson st 

Crawford Mrs Alexander, 35 Vennel 

Crawford Mrs Andrew, 32 West Stewart st 

Crawford Mrs Charles, Berlin wool and fancy warehouse, 29 
West Blackhall st. Ho. 32 Nelson st, west 

Crawford Mrs Hugh, lodgings, 33 West Burn st 

Crawford Mrs Robert, 22 South st 

Crawford Mrs, 7 Hope st 

Crawford Mrs, 5 Ann st 

Crawford Mrs John, 61 Brisbane st 

CREIGHTON D. (of Post-Office), Blair ter., 5 Dempster st 

CREELMAN George, labourer, 54 Drumfrochar road 

CRICHTON Hugh, gardener, Belleaire cott, 17 Newark st 

CROCKATT George, jun., forwarding and shipping agent, 
4 East breast. Ho. 16 Robertson st 

Crockatt J. R., merchant, Glasgow. Ho. 4 Ardgowan square 

Crockatt, William, 4 Ardgowan square 

CROMAR George, shipwright, 16 Wellington st 

CROMARTY James, engineer, 16 Antigua st 

CROMBIE Mark, cooper, 67 Regent st 

Crombie William, gardener, 17 Johnstone st 

CROMWELL Mrs, 6 Trafalgar st 

CRONE Mrs, 10 Carnock st 

CROOKSHANKS Joseph, coach proprietor and funeral 
undertaker, 43 West Blackhall st and 18 Cathcart st. 
Ho. 43 West Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 

CROSBIE H., Capt. Adjutant 1st R.R.V. Ho. 42 Mar- 
garet st 

CROSS Joseph, gardener, 100 Brisbane st 

Cross W. Paterson, professor of music, 8 Brougham st 

Cross Misses, dressmakers, 32 West Stewart st 

CROSSAN James, labourer, 9 Duncan st 

Crossan William, skinner, 28 West Burn st 

CROWLY William, broker, 17 Cartsburn st 

CRUDEN Miss J., boys' dressmaker, 32 West Stewart st 

Cruden Mrs Alexander, 20 West Stewart st 

CRUIKSHANK George M., patent agent, 135 Buchanan st, 
Glasgow. (See Advt.) 


CRUICKSHANK Alexander, telegraphist, 19 Dempster st 

Cruickshank Francis, draper, 14 Wellington st 

CRUTHERS E., pawnbroker, 28 Dalrymple st. Ho. 30 
Kelly st 

CULLEN George, engine-driver, 7 Belville st 

Cullen William, bootmaker, 85 Roxburgh st. Ho. 87 do. 

CULLODEN Mrs, 40 Eldon st 

CUMBERLIDGE Edward, crate maker, 20 Pottery st 

CUMMING Charles, blacksmith, 15 West Stewart st 

Cumming James, joiner, 3 Belville st 

dimming Thomas, fitter, 5 Kilblain st 

Cumming Miss, 5 West Stewart st 

Cumming Miss, laundress, 113 Dempster st 

Cumming Mrs, 13 West Stewart st 

CUMNOCK R. K., salesman, 16 Kelly st 

CUNNINGHAM Alexander, commission agent, 96 Demp- 
ster st 

Cunningham Charles, sugar broker and commission merchant, 
49 Cathcart st. Ho. 8 Ardgowan st, west 

Cunningham David, baker, 85 Roxburgh st 

Cunningham David, engineer, 33 East Crawford st 

Cunningham Duncan (of D. Cunningham & Co.), 10 Ard- 
gowan square 

Cunningham D. & Co., commission merchants, 32 Cathcart st 

Cunningham Gilbert, carter, 48 Inverkip st 

Cunningham J. H., dyer, 73 Ann st 

Cunningham James, hammerman, 43 Holmscroft st 

Cunningham John, baker, 50 Holmscroft st 

Cunningham John, cooper, 8 East Shaw st 

Cunningham John, merchant, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. Seafield, 
2 Fox st 

Cunningham John F., shipmaster, 1 Ford place, Finnart st 

Cunningham Neil, vanman, 35 Roxburgh st 

Cunningham P. G. (manager at J. Poynter & Sons). Ho. 3 1 
Bank st 

Cunningham P., moulder, 26 East Crawford st 

Cunningham Robert, baker, 40 Nelson st, west. Ho. 14 
Murdieston st 

Cunningham Robert, blacksmith, 2 Watt place 

Cunningham Thomas, clerk, 53 Belville st 

Cunningham William, cooper, 22 Sugarhouse lane 

Cunningham William, pansman, 3 Mearns st 


Cunningham Mrs, grocer, 8 Hill st 

CURRIE Alexander, caulker, 3 Hill st 

Currie Alexander, cooper, 14 Mearns st 

Currie Alexander (of Alex. Currie & Co.), 9 Ardgowan sq 

Currie Alexander & Co., merchants, 12 West Burn st 

Currie Angus, fisherman, 36 Crawfurd st 

Currie David, engineer, 19 Kelly st 

Currie David, shipmaster, 8 South st 

Currie Dugald, labourer, 3 Regent st 

Currie Duncan, carpenter, 7 East Crawford st 

Currie Francis, rivetter, 13 West Blackha.ll st 

Currie Hugh, joiner, 63 Nicolson st 

Currie Gilbert, clerk, 25 Trafalgar st 

Currie James, baker, 82 Roxburgh st 

Currie John, carpenter, 35 West Shaw st 

Currie John, joiner, 66 Kelly st 

Currie John, sugar sampler, 8 Nicolson st 

Currie Malcolm, clerk, 19 Newton st 

Currie Peter, shipmaster, 21 Nelson st, west 

Currie Robert, carpenter, 8 Kilblain st 

Currie Robert, tailor, 8 Buccleuch st 

Currie Samuel, upholsterer, 60 Kelly st 

Currie William C, Lome restaurant, 4 Watson's lane. Ho. 
14 Lyle st 

Currie William, brassfinisher, 9 Mount Pleasant st 

Currie Miss, 12 Cathcart st 

Currie Mrs Ann, 22 Bank st 

Currie Mrs Neil, 21 Bruce st 

Currie Mrs, 8 Murdieston st 

CURTIS Charles H. & Co., distillers, Auchintoshan, Dum- 
bartonshire • wine and spirit importers, City buildings, 
32 Cathcart st j and distillery bonded storekeepers, 24. 
Market st and 29 Hamilton st 

Curtis C. H. &: Co., wine and spirit merchants, 24 Nicolson st 

Curtis Charles H. (of Charles H. Curtis & Co.), Ebberly,, 
27 Octavia terrace 

Curtis William H. (of C. H. Curtis & Co.), 27 Bentinck st 

Curtis Mrs William, Greenbank, 50 Kelly st 

CUSTOMHOUSE Buildings, Steamboat quay 

CUTHBERT Gilbert, manager Caledonian saw mills, Port- 
Glasgow road 

Cuthbert James, seaman, 70 East Crawford st 


CUTHBERT Gilbert, manager, Caledonian Saw-mills. Port- 
Glasgow road 

Cuthbert Misses, dressmakers, 33 Roxburgh st. Ho. 16 
Mearns st 

Cuthbert Mrs, 16 Mearns st 

CUTHBERTSON Adam, slater, 15 Nicolson st 

Cuthbertson James R., wholesale manufacturing confectioner, 
2 Grey place. Ho. 24 South st 

Cuthbertson James S., compositor, 83 Wellington st 

Cuthbertson Robert S., joiner, 11 Nelson st, west 

Cuthbertson Thomas, wholesale and export confectioner, 44 
Hamilton st and 49 Cathcart st. Ho. 33 Bank st 

Cuthbertson Mrs William, 31 Lynedoch st 

CUYCO Pantileon, Spanish Sailors' Home, 8 East breast 
and 34 Shaw st 

CZARNIKOW & Boog, sugar brokers, Exchange buildings, 
27 Cathcart st — J. A. Jarvie, agent 


DAILOTT Charles, labourer, 37 Dempster st 

DAILY James, brassfinisher, 36 Crescent st 

Daily and Weekly Glasgow Herald (newspaper) Office, 29 

Cathcart st 
DALGLEISH George, 34 Brisbane st 
DALE Charles, mate, 22 West Stewart st 
Dale James, superintendent engineer, G. & S.-W. Railway, 

17 Brougham st 
DALLAS Adam, joiner, 34 Ann st 
Dallas James, labourer, 9 Salmon st 
Dallas Matthew, cooper, 29 Ann st 
Dallas William, baker, 15 Roxburgh st 
DALLY William, boilermaker, 5 Holmscroft st 
DALRYMPLE Mrs Pvobert, 5 Brachelston st 
DALZELL Mrs George, dressmaker, 5 1 Kelly st 
Dalzell Mrs William, 10 South st 
DALZIEL Robert, salesman, 2 George square 
Dalziel Misses, staymakers and underclothing warehouse, 18 

West Blackhall st. Ho. 2 George square 
DARROCH Alexander (of D. Darroch & Son), 8 Watt st . 


Darroch Archibald, seaman, 26 Charles st 

Darroch Dugald & Son. cabinetmakers, 17 West Stewart st. 
Ho. 8 Watt st 

Darroch Duncan, collector of harbour dues, Customhouse. 
Ho. 33 Brougham st 

Darroch James, lathsplitter, 6 Inverkip st 

Darroch James, joiner, 10 Lynedoch st 

Darroch John, carter, 17 Bearhope st 

Darroch Peter, boilermaker, 5 Dellingburn square 

Darroch Miss, grocer, 12 Watt st. Ho. do. 

Darroch Mrs John, 19 Ingleston place 

Darroch Mrs, dairy, 41 Trafalgar st 

DASKIN & Co., gasntters and bellhangers, 31 Nicolson st 

D AVERS Mrs A., grocer, 81 Belville st 

DAVID Simon H., policeman, 35 West Stewart st 

DAVIDSON Rev. Alexander, minister, E.U. Church, Nelson 
st, west. Ho. 48 Eldon st 

Davidson Andrew, boilermaker, 47 Mearns st 

Davidson David, smith, 4 Carwood st 

Davidson David, carpenter, 13 West Stewart st 

Davidson George F., joiner, 18 Serpentine walk 

Davidson George, British Workman Public House, 2 Len- 
nox buildings. Ho. do. 

Davidson George, sailmaker, 1 Kilblain Buildings 

Davidson James, labourer, 7 St. Lawrence st 

Davidson James, sawyer, 4 Garvald st 

Davidson Rev. James, M.A., FinnartU.P. Church. Ho. 85; 
Brisbane st 

Davidson John, sailmaker, 43 Crawfurd st 

Davidson Robert, yardsman, 52 West Blackhall st 

Davidson Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 4 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 7 Nelson st, west 

Davidson William, seaman, 21 Bearhope st 

Davidson William, rigger, 9 Hope st 

Davidson William, spirit dealer, 1 Crescent st. Ho. 6 John st 

Davidson Mrs James, 7 Nelson st, west 

Davidson Mrs Thomas, 20 St. Lawrence st 

Davidson Mrs, 15 Sir Michael st 

DAVIE James, joiner, 28 Crawfurd st 

Davie John (of Robert Davie & Co.), 17 Union st 

Davie Robert & Co., timber measurers, 63 Rue-end st 

Davie Robert (of Robert Davie & Co.), 4 Fox st 


Davie Mrs A. M., spirit merchant, 19 Stanners st. Ho. 20 

St. Lawrence st 
DAVIES John, engineer, 5 Hill st 
Davies Lewis, fruiterer, 40 West Blackhall st. Ho. 24 

Bruce st 
Davies Mrs William, grocer, 24 West Blackhall st. Ho. do. 
DAVIS Thomas, wood turner, fret cutter, and carver, 16 

West Burn st. Ho. 2 Inverkip st 
DAWKINS John, Surveyor to Lloyds' Register, 4 2 Brisbane st 
DAWSON George, rigger, 1 West Stewart st 
Dawson John, steamboat agent, Customhouse quay. Ho. 

6 Lyle st 
Dawson John, carpenter, 40 Nicolson st 
Dawson William, grocer and provision merchant, 34 inver- 
kip st 
DEAS John S., inspector of poor, 36 Nicolson st. Ho. 19 

Patrick st 
DEANS Samuel, labourer, 19 Prospecthill st 
Deans William, sawyer, 10 Belville st 
DEMPSEY Michael, detective, 15 Roxburgh st 
DEMPSTER George, accountant, Provident Bank. Ho. 20 

South st 
Dempster James, joiner, 20 South st 
Dempster James, rivetter, 38 Main st 
Dempster John, watchman, 3 Regent st 
Dempster Mrs Margaret, 20 South st 
DEN HAM Robert, boot and shoe merchant, 25 Hamilton 

st. Ho. 20 Brisbane st 
DENHOLM James & John, ship, insurance, forwarding, 

and commission agents, Exchange Buildings, 27 Cath- 

cart st 
Denholm John (of James & John Denholm), 42 Brisbane st 
Denholm Mrs, 13 Antigua st 
DENNEY Archibald, brassfounder, 12 Lyle st 
Denney & Crawford, joiners, 52 Kelly st 
Denney Charles, bandmaster, 1st R.R.V., and Proprietor of 

the Glasgow Military and Brass Band Journal. Ho. 

17 Jamaica st 
Denney John (of Denney & Crawford), 32 South st 
Denney John, irondresser, 10 Nile st 
Denney Mrs Charles, registry office for domestic servants, 1 7 

Jamaica st. Ho. do. 


DENNY John, labourer, 19 Ingleston place 

Denny Thomas, barber, 41 Shaw st. Ho. 5 Cross-shore st 

Denny Miss, grocer, 10 Mount Pleasant st 

DENNISTON J. S. & Co., ship chandlers, flag makers, and 

tinsmiths, 1 1 West breast 
Denniston John S. (of J. S. Denniston & Co.), 19 Patrick st 
DERMODY Richard, compositor, 24 Trafalgar st 
DEUBLER Conrad, labourer, 22 Inverkip st 
DEVINE David, carpenter, 60 Holmscroft st 
Devine James, sanitary officer, Municipal buildings, Dal- 

rymple st. Ho. Cragieknowes Hospital, Sinclair st 
Devine Michael, labourer, 45 Nicolson st 
Devine Richard, labourer, 51 Nicolson st 
DEVLIN Henry, clerk, 23 Dempster st 
Devlin James P., spirit merchant, 18 Vennel. Ho. 32 South st 
Devlin John, rigger, 14 Ardgowan st, west 
Devlin John, blacksmith. 8 East Shaw st 
Devlin M., fruiterer and confectioner, 1 Grey place. Ho. 29 

Nelson st, west 
Devlin P., spirit merchant, 3 Market st. Ho. 99 Eldon st 
Devlin Mrs, 20 Lynedoch st 
Devlin Mrs, 29 Nelson st, west 
DEVONEY Frank, clothier and button patentee, 1 Lauriston 

st. Ho. 17 do. 
DEWAR James, general dealer, 1 1 Sugarhouse lane 
Dewar & Co., smiths, tinsmiths, gasfitters, and bellhangers, 

26 Charles st and n Sugarhouse lane. Ho. do. 
Dewar Peter, blacksmith, 2 Antigua st 
Dewar Thomas, ironmonger, 32 South st 
DICK Andrew, joiner, 16 South st 
Dick Archibald, joiner, 67 Roxburgh st 
Dick David, labourer, 87 Wellington st 
Dick Ebenezer, cooper, 2 Crawford lane 
Dick Hugh, tinsmith, n Lyle st 
Dick James K., joiner, 27 Dempster st 
Dick James M., London Hat Warehouse, 1 1 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 18 Bentinck st 
Dick John, joiner, 1 1 Dempster st 
Dick R. & J., boot and shoe manufacturers, 22 Cathcart st. 

(See Advt.) 
Dick Robert, smith, 18 Vennel 
Dick Thomas, cooper, 20 South st 


Dick William, cooper, 62 Kelly st 
Dick Miss, 32 Nelson st, west 

Dick Mrs, 20 John st 

Dick Mrs, feuar, 24 Brisbane st 

Dick Mrs Boyd, 32 South st 

DICKIE George B. (at Thomas Skinner & Co.), Parkhill, 

Dickie George, boilermaker, 20 St. Lawrence st 

Dickie James, boilermaker, 23 Lyle st 

Dickie John, coachman, 41 Cathcart st 

Dickie Mrs John, 57 Inverkip st 

DICKSON Alexander, engineer, 5 Belville st 

Dickson Benjamin, agent, London and North-Western Rail- 
way Co., 20 Brymner st. Ho. Thornbank, Gourock 

Dickson David, mate, 68 Inverkip st 

Dickson David, sugarboiler, 29 Lyle st 

Dickson George, clerk, 34 South st 

Dickson James, carpenter, 34 Kelly st 

Dickson James, provision salesman, 6 Inverkip st. Ho. 14 
Brisbane st 

Dickson Joseph, station master, Lynedoch st station. Ho. 
51 Lynedoch st 

Dickson Robert, sugarboiler, 66 Lynedoch st 

Dickson Thomas, engine-driver, 9 Garwood st 

DILLON Patrick, coachman, 95 Roxburgh st 

Dillon Peter, tinsmith and gasfitter, 116 Drumfrochar road 

Dillon Thomas, labourer, 14 Serpentine walk 

DINGWALL Donald, blockmaker, 3 Crescent st 

DINNING John, carter, 6 Carnock st 

Dinning Miss, matron of reception house, 35 Crawfurd st 

DISCHARGED Prisoners' Aid Society Home, 58 Ann st 

DISEDERIO Ulisse, rigger, 13 West Blackhall st 

DIVER Daniel, fisherman, 45 Cathcart st 

Diver James, agent Prudential Assurance Company, 27 
Mearns st 

DIXON James, engine-driver, 3 East Crawford st 

Dixon John, clerk, 9 Dempster st 

Dixon William (Limited), iron and coalmaster, Dellingburn 
sq. Head office, 1 Dixon st, Glasgow 

DOAK James, moulder, 63 Ann st 

Doak James, mason, 42 Holmscroft st 

Doak Mrs, dairy, 1 2 East Shaw st 


DOBBIE Hugh, wholesale tobacco and snuff merchant, r 

Customhouse place. Ho. 57 Holmscroft st 
DOBBIN George, mason, 2 Murdieston st 
Dobbin William G., labourer, 124 Drumfrochar road 
DOCHERTY Daniel, flesher, 26 Charles st and 27 Vermel- 

Ho. 60 Regent st 
Docherty Frank, cooper, 15 Nelson st, west 
Docherty George, flesher, 5 William st. Ho. 7 do. 
Docherty James, labourer, 7 Brymner st 
Docherty James, rafter, 24 Hamilton st 
Docherty James, smith, 37 Nicolson st 
Docherty James, dealer. 9 John st 
Docherty James, carpenter, 9 Carwood st 
Docherty John, carpenter, 7 Mill st 
Docherty Michael, broker, 44 Vennel 
Docherty Peter L., coppersmith, 25 Bruce st 
Docherty Robert, engineer, 18 Wellington st 
Docherty Thomas, rafter, 5 Hamilton st 
Docherty Thomson, labourer, 13 Crescent st 
Docherty William, greengrocer, 28 Inverkip st 
Docherty Mrs, 84 Roxburgh st 
Docherty Mrs, 34 Dalrymple st 
DOCKER Edward, basketmaker, 26 St. Lawrence st. Ho.. 

22 do. 
Docker John, basketmaker, 18 St. Lawrence st 
DODD William S., 6 Carnock st 
Dodd Mrs William, 5 Lauriston st 
DODDS William, carpenter, 18 Cathcart st 
DOIG James, prison warder, 114 Dempster st 
Doig Mrs Alexander, 27 Patrick st 
DON Alexander, labourer, 10 Mill st 
Don Robert, blacksmith, 1 1 Carwood st 
DONACHIE Robert, salt merchant, 1 East Blackhall St.. 

Ho. do. 
Donachie William, labourer, 45 Nicolson st 
DONALD Alexander, labourer, 59 Ann st 
Donald Alexander, salesman, r2 Trafalgar st 
Donald James & Co , tobacco and cigar merchants, 7 

Hamilton st 
Donald James, late tobacconist, 52 Eldon st 
Donald John, painter, 36 Holmscroft st 
Donald Robert, yardsman, 27 Lyle st 


Donald William, glazier, 4 Bearhope st 

Donald Miss, Finnart 

DONALDSON David, smith, 17 Lauriston st 

Donaldson John, fireman, 61 Belville st 

Donaldson John, blacksmith, 1 7 Belville st 

DONNELLY Benjamin, slater, 60 Ann st 

Donnelly Miss, dressmaker, 65 Rue-end st 

DONOVAN Patrick, Customhouse officer, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

DOOLE James, policeman, 42 Roxburgh st 

DOOLEY James, boilermaker, 16 Bruce st 

DOUGALL Robert, blockmaker, 12 Lyle st 

DOUGANS William, gardener, 51 Kelly st 

DOUGLAS Alfred, caulker, 13 Holmscroft st 

Douglas & Son, watch and clock makers, gold and silver- 
smiths, jewellers, &c, 9 Hamilton st 

Douglas David, marine store dealer, 2 Vennel. Ho. 16 
Dalrymple st 

Douglas Duncan, tug-boatman, 33 Lynedoch st 

Douglas George, policeman, 6 Hay st 

Douglas & Grant, tailors and clothiers, 46 Cathcart st 

Douglas James, blacksmith, 3 Brachelston st 

Douglas James, gardener, 53 Kelly st 

Douglas Dr John Campbell, M.B., L.R.S.C, Edin., physician 
and surgeon, 22 Union st 

Douglas John, 53 Holmscroft st 

Douglas John, labourer, 4 Carwood st 

Douglas John, dyer, 43 Lynedoch st 

Douglas John (of Mackenzie & Walker), Mount Stewart, 20 
Margaret st 

Douglas John C, cook, 114 Dempster st 

Douglas Malcolm, mate, 81 Wellington st 

Douglas Peter, fitter, 11 Crescent st 

Douglas Peter (of Douglas & Grant), 73 Holmscroft st 

Douglas Thomas N. (of Douglas & Son), 35 Finnart st 

Douglas Walter, timber measurer, 89 Roxburgh st 

Douglas William, carter, 26 East Hamilton st 

Douglas William (of Scott and Douglas), 23 Newton st 

Douglas Miss, 12 Ardgowan square 

Douglas Miss, 72 Roxburgh st 

Douglas Mrs, 26 Patrick st 

Douglas Mrs, 6 John st 

DOW Donald, carter, 22 Arthur st 


Dow John, joiner, 8 Nicolson st 

Dow Mrs Archibald, spirit dealer, 18 Sir Michael st. Ho. 

29 Brougham st 
DOWALL James, carter, 97 Roxburgh st 
DOWLING James, watchman, 85 Belville st 
DOWIE W. W., 15 Robertson st 
Dowie Mrs E. T., 15 Robertson st 
DOWNIE Andrew, 11 Roxburgh st 
Downie James, clerk, 15 Bank st 
Downie James, fitter, 24 East Crawford st 
Downie & Co., billposters and circular deliverers, 33 Hamil- 
ton st, and Customhouse buildings, Port-Glasgow 
Downie M., fruiterer, 57 Rue-end st 
Downie Peter, iron turner, 33 Lynedoch st 
Downie William, blacksmith, 42 Main st 
Downie William, cooper and wooden dish manufacturer, 

Hunter place, off Vennel. Ho. 35 Sir Michael st 
Downie William, dresser, 1 7 John st 
Downie William, engineer, 4 Carwood st 
Downie William, sailmaker, 72 Wellington st 
Downie William J., painter, 56 St. Lawrence st 
Downie Miss, dressmaker, 15 Bank st 
DOWNING William, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Cathcart 

st and 2 Mansionhouse lane. Ho. 1 Watt place 
DRAIN Mrs, 17 Lyle st 
DRAKE J. V. & Co., sugar merchants, Exchange buildings, 

27 Cathcart st 
DRINNAN Thomas, moulder, 9 Prospecthill st 
DRUMMOND Daniel, deputy harbour-master, 3 Antigua st 
Drummond Daniel, grocer, 14 Murdieston st 
Drummond John, cooper and stave merchant, 52 Rue end 

st. Ho. 27 Mearns st 
Drummond John, baker, 65 Main st. Ho. do. 
Drummond Neil, labourer, 23 Trafalgar st 
Drummond Robert, bottler, 45 Crawfurd st 
Drummond Robert, engine driver, 1 1 Brougham st 
Drummond Robert, carpenter, 34 West Blackhall st 
Drummond Mrs, 31 Sugarhouse lane 
DRYDEN Robert, teacher, Greenock Academy. Ho. 27 

Union st 
Dryden Mrs, ladies' school, 27 Union st 
DRYSDALE Robert, compositor, 12 Murdieston st 


Drysdale Thomas, millwright, 7 Prospecthill st 

Drysdale Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Crescent st. 

Ho. 3 Orchard st 
DUCKWORTH Joseph, woolsorter, 112 Drumfrochar road 
DUFF Daniel, blockmaker, 61 Dalrymple st. Ho. 19 

Bruce st 
Duff Henry, labourer, 5 John st 
Duff James & Sons, brassfounders, coppersmiths, gasfitters,. 

and bellhangers, 47 Rue-end st. 
Duff John (of James Duff & Sons), Hazelwood, 39 Eldon st 
Duff John, carpenter, 15 Sir Michael st 
Duff John, flesher, 18 East Crawford st. Ho. 89 East 

Hamilton st 
Duff Robert, blacksmith, 5 Hope st 
Duff William, farmer, Ladyburn 
Duff William, flesher, 84 Belville st. Ho. do. 
Duff Miss, grocer, 89 East Hamilton st 
Duff Mrs James, 20 Forsyth st 
DUFFY Daniel, butter and egg merchant, 7 1 Vennel. Ho. 

22 Kelly st 
DUGUID John, saw-maker, edge-tool, and saw merchant, 

Port-Glasgow road. Ho. do. 
DUNBAR James, boot and shoemaker, 29 Sugarhouse lane 
Dunbar John, driller, 9 Carwood st 
Dunbar John, sugarhouse labourer, 19 Cathcart st 
Dunbar Thomas, blacksmith, 2 Macdougall st 
Dunbar Miss, 33 Ardgowan st, west 
Dunbar Miss, 12 Union Street 
DUNCAN Alexander, 15 Hope st 
Duncan Rev. Alexander, minister of Mount Pleasant st U.P. 

Church, 2 Robertson st 
Duncan Allan, skinner, 2 Carwood st 
Duncan Andrew, brassfinisher, 15 Lyle st 
Duncan A. (of Duncan & Sharp), 37 Princes st, Port-Glasgow 
Duncan Archibald, shipmaster, 18 Bearhope st 
Duncan Archibald, shipwright, 41 Lynedoch st 
Duncan & Co., sack and bag merchants, 19 J Cartsburn st,, 

Cartsburn Jute Works 
Duncan Charles, cooper, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Duncan Daniel, joiner, 14 Lyle st 
Duncan Henry, C.E., Oakfield East, Ratho st 
Duncan Henry, rivetter, 8 Mount Pleasant st 


Duncan James D., H.M.C., 45 Trafalgar st 

Duncan James, rafter, 27 Vennel 

Duncan James, rafter, 5 Tobago st 

Duncan James, joiner, 9 Ratho st 

Duncan J. B., jeweller, 44 Ann st 

Duncan John, pansman, 32 Mount Pleasant st 

Duncan John, rafter, 32 Tobago st 

Duncan John, lathsplitter, 10 South st 

Duncan Matthew, contractor and dairyman, 2 Brachelston 

Duncan R. B., procurator and notary public, n South st 
Duncan Robert, spirit dealer, 12 Baker st. Ho. 68 Drum- 

frochar road 
Duncan Robert, coal merchant, 7 Holmscroft st. Ho. 28 

Wellington st 
Duncan & Sharp, brassfounders, plumbers and gasfitters, 

Lady burn 
Duncan Samuel, chemist and druggist, and branch Post Office, 

19 West Blackhall st. Ho. Bute Villa, 16 Finnart st 
Duncan Thomas, painter and paperhanger, 12 Tobago st. 

Ho. 59 Holmscroft st 
Duncan William, rivetter, 1 St. Andrew st 
Duncan William, shipmaster, 45 Brisbane st 
Duncan William, salesman, 5 Bearhope st 
Duncan Miss, 14 Ardgowan st, west 
Duncan Miss, 13 Lynedoch st 
Duncan Mrs A., lodgings, 3 Argyle st 
Duncan Mrs James, 16 Mearns st 
Duncan Mrs John, 15 Regent st 
Duncan Mrs J., lodgings, n Regent st 
Duncan Mrs Robert, family grocer, 16 Cathcart st. Ho. do. 
Duncan Mrs Robert, 12 South st 
Duncan Mrs, 4 Kilblain st 

DUNGLINSON Joseph, blacksmith, 28 East Hamilton st 
DUN LEA VY Daniel, rivetter, 22 St. Lawrence st 
Dunleavy Gregory, labourer, 21 John st 
DUN LOP Allan, family grocer, 9 Cathcart st. Ho. 67 

Nicolson st 
Dunlop David J. & Co., engineers and shipbuilders, Inch 

Works, Port-Glasgow road 
Dunlop David J. (of David J. Dunlop & Co.), Glenhuntly, 



Dunlop George, jun., wine and spirit merchant, n and 12 

East Breast. Ho. 20 Bank st 
Dunlop James L. (of David J. Dunlop & Co.), Glenhuntly, 

Dunlop John (of M. F. & J. Dunlop), Elmbank, 72 Eldon st 
Dunlop M. F. (of M. F. & J. Dunlop), Glenview, 95 Newton 

Dunlop M. F. & J., writers, 2 Church place 
Dunlop Robert, labourer, 71 Ann st 
Dunlop Robert, labourer, 1 1 Belville st 
Dunlop Mrs Allison, 17 Johnstone st 
Dunlop Mrs William, lodgings, 27 Nicolson st 
Dunlop Miss, lodgings, Florence place, 2 Finnart st 
DUNN A. C, engineer, 101 Belville st 
Dunn Andrew, general grocer, 67 Rue-end st. Ho. 28 

Mearns st 
Dunn John, clerk, 27 Lynedoch st 
Dunn Miss, teacher, 6 Ardgowan st, west 
Dunn Mrs Archibald, 35 West Burn st 
DUNNING John, carpenter, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Dunning John, joiner, 9 Carwood st 
Dunning Matthew, stevedore, 4 Trafalgar st 
DUNSMORE Andrew, gatekeeper, 31 Lyle st 
Dunsmore William, labourer, 5 1 Inverkip st 
DUPUIS Charles, potter, Overton 

DURKIN Henry, late of H.M. Customs, 19 Brisbane st 
Durkin Henry R., clerk, 19 Brisbane st 
Durkin Mrs, 16 William st 
DURSLEY James, wine and spirit merchant, 41 Main st. 

Ho. do. 
DUTHIE James, cooper, 20 Brisbane st 
Duthie ? s Hair-Cutting Rooms, 12 Laird st. Ho. 34 W T est 

Blackhall st 
DYER John, cabinet maker, 32 Nicolson st 
Dyer Mrs John, 4 Kilblain st 

EADIE Daniel, clerk, 35 Regent st 

Eadie Forbes, lieutenant of police, Police Chambers. Ho. 
66 Ann st 


EAGLE Foundry, 28 Baker st 

EAGLESHAM James, blacksmith, 77 Wellington st 

Eaglesham John, shoemaker, 9 Trafalgar st 

Eaglesham Robert, joiner, 59 Holmscroft st 

EAST-End Co-operative Society, grocers and drapers, iS 

East Crawford st. Branches, 52 East Hamilton st and 

107 Port-Glasgow road 
East-end Medical Hall, 63 Rue-end st 
Eastern Hall, 13 John st 
East Parish Church, 7 Regent st 
E ASTON David, timekeeper, 28 Wellington st 
Easton George, warehouseman, 78 Holmscroft st 
Easton Peter, brassfmisher, 1 Crescent st 
Easton Robert F., clerk, 66 Wellington st 
Easton Robert (of D. M'Cammond & Co.), 14 South st 
Easton Thomas, stereotyper, 22 South st 
Easton Mrs, 69 Regent st 
EDELSTEN Richard, tobacconist, commission agent, and 

branch Post Office, 29 Brougham st. Ho. Glendevon 

cottage, 8 Glen st 
EDGAR George, painter and decorator, 94 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 78 Holmscroft st 
Edgar James, messenger, Post Office. Ho. 87 Roxburgh st 
Edgar John, shoemaker, 32 East Shaw st. Ho. 5 Newton st 
Edgar John A., shoemaker, 49 Holmscroft st 
Edgar Rev. Robert, minister of St. Andrew Square U.P. 

Church. Ho. 44 Mearns st 
Edgar William, leather merchant, 3 William st and 54 Shaw 

st. Ho. 66 Kelly st 
Edgar William, labourer, 43 Holmscroft st 
EDINGTON Adam B., painter, 34 Nelson st, west 
EDINBURGH Heritable Security Co. (Limited), 4 Argyle 

st — Alexander Cameron, agent 
EDMISTON Allan, clerk, 1 1 East Blackhall st 
Edmiston Andrew, miller, 17 Lauriston st 
Edmiston Thomas, scale, beam, and weighing machine maker, 

30 Crawfurd st, Glebe. Ho. 1 5 Bearhope st 
Edmiston William, nailmaker, 5 Arthur st 
EDWARDS John, boilermaker, 62 Drumfrochar road 
Edwards Robert, grocer, 26 Inverkip st. Ho. 35 West Shaw 

Edwards Simon, 37 Sir Michael st 


Edwards William, boltmaker, 9 Argyle st 

EGELSON James, time keeper, 42 Main st 

ELDER John, time keeper, 80 Belville st 

Elder Thomas, joiner, 30 Ingleston st 

ELLIOTT A. Stuart, chief clerk, Inland Revenue. Ho. 47 
Brisbane st 

Elliott Charles, grocer, 26 East Crawford st. Ho. 24 Bruce st 

Elliott Thomas, compositor, 72 Wellington st 

Elliott William, labourer, 126 Drumfrochar road 

Elliott Mrs, 40 Cathcart st 

ELLIS James, bootmaker, 44 Brymner st. Ho. 38 Brymner st 

Ellis Robert, carpenter, 1 1 Lyle st 

ELSTOB Mrs, lodgings, 3 Hope st 

ELTERINGHAM John, tugboatman, 3 Hope st 

EMSLIE James, brassfinisher, 57 Belville st 

ENGELBERT & Co., London, oil merchants and manufac- 
turers, patentees and sole manufacturers of Engelbert's 
lubricator— Agent for Scotland, R. Edelsten ; stores, 29 
Brougham st, Greenock 

ENGINEERING and Navigation School, Palmerston build- 

EPISCOPAL (St. John's) Church, 10 Union st 

ERSKINE D. M. (of Greenock Feltwork Co.), Finnart grove, 
Finnart road 

Erskine George, slater, 12 Lauriston st. Ho. 13 do. 

Erskine Henry, 68 Finnart st 

Erskine James, printer and stationer, Loudon 
place, Gourock 

Erskine James, tenter, 43 Lynedoch st 

Erskine John, labourer, 82 Belville st 

Erskine John (of Greenock Feltwork Co.), Finnart grove, 
Finnart road 

ETHERIDGE Walter, steward, 30 Newton st 

ESPIE Alexander, moulder, 19 Ingleston place 

EVANGELICAL Union Church, Nelson st, west 

EVANS John, confectioner, 26 Ann st 

Evans J. T., 7 Dempster st 

Evans Lewis, Collector of Customs, 53 Brougham st 

Evans Mrs, Lome place, 54 Brougham st 

EVERETT Joseph, tugboatman, 10 Hope st 

EWx\RT Thomas, labourer, 9 Lyle st 

Ewart W. H., police constable, 36 Lynedoch st 


EWING Robert & Co., merchants and warehouse keepers, 

55 Rue-end st 
Ewing James, joiner, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Ewing William, baker, 22 Ann st 
Ewing Mrs James, lodgings, 15 Nelson st, west 
Ewing Mrs Jane, 69 Nicolson st 

FACULTY of Procurators' Library, County Buildings, Nel- 
son st, west 

PAGAN Peter, teacher, 22 Kelly st 

LAID John, H.M. Customs, 12 Brisbane st 

FAILL John, joiner, 8 Holmscroft st 

FAIRBAIRN Andrew, commission agent, 48 Brougham st 

FAIRFOOT Arthur, seaman, 3 Hamilton st 

FAIRGRIEVE Andrew & Sons, plumbers, brassfounders, 
tinsmiths, and gasfitters, 6 West breast 

Fairgrieve John B. (of Andrew Fairgrieve & Sons), 7 Robert- 
son st 

FAIRLIE Robert P., assistant inspector of poor, 22 Kelly st 

Fairlie William, cabinetmaker, 34 West Blackhall st 

FAIRLEY James, joiner, 13 Charles st 

FAITH John, grocer, 9 Main st. Ho. 25 do. 

Faith John, plater, 57 Main st 

FALCONER Archibald, coachman, 23 West Stewart st 

Falconer & Grieve, dressmakers, 14 Union st 

Falconer William, plumber, 95 Roxburgh st 

Falconer William, labourer, 112 Drumfrochar road 

Falconer Mrs Ann, grocer, 8 John st 

Falconer Mrs, 29 Regent st 

FARISH George, engine driver, 52 West Blackhall st 

FARMAN Thomas, shoemaker, 112 Dempster st 

FARMER Hugh, slater, 28 East Shaw st 

FARQUHAR Charles, shoemaker, 41 Hamilton st. Ho. 
15 Laird st 

Farquhar Mrs John, 27 Nelson st, west 

Farquhar Mrs William, 5 Robertson st 

FARQUH ARSON David, engineer, 19 Belville st 

Farquharson William, engineer, 5 Lauriston st 

Farquharson Mrs Alexander, grocer, 80 Belville st. Ho. 1 7 do. 


FARR Adam, grocer, 8 St. Lawrence st. Ho. 30 do. 

FARRELL James, grocer, 28 Mackenzie st 

Farrel Patrick, engineman, Overton 

Farrell Robert, grocer, 21 Main st. Ho. do. 

FAY Arthur, spirit dealer, 9 East breast. Ho. 43 Lynenoch st 

FEGAN Peter, herbalist, 7 Market st. Ho. do. 

FENTON William, draper and umbrella maker, 14 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 14 Brisbane st 
FERGUS C. & C, photographic artists, 36 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 169 Eldon st 
Fergus Mrs, 5 Antigua st 

FERGUSON Alexander, engineer, 18 Antigua st 
Ferguson Alexander, 47 Brougham st 
Ferguson Angus, labourer, 63 Nicolson st 
Ferguson & Co., sailmakers, Roslin st. Glebe 
Ferguson Archibald, sawyer, 1 Duncan st 
Ferguson Archibald, carpenter, 17 Nelson st, west 
Ferguson Charles, grocer, 24 Shaw st and 1 1 Brymner st. 

Ho. 21 Union st 
Ferguson Daniel, agent, Maybole boot and shoe warehouse, 

67 Rue-end st. Ho. 27 Shaw st 
Ferguson Daniel, glass and china merchant, 23 Brymner st. 

Ho. 27 Shaw st. (See Advt.) 
Ferguson Daniel, boatman, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Ferguson D., bank teller. Ho. 3 Ford place, Finnart st 
Ferguson Daniel & Co., hoop merchants, 23 Ardgowan st, west 
Ferguson Donald, vanman, 87 Wellington st 
Ferguson Donald, 10 Antigua st 
Ferguson Donald, clerk, 19 Dempster st 
Ferguson Edward, engineer, 17 Newton st 
Ferguson Fergus, labourer, 1 Arthur st 
Ferguson George, secretary, amalgamated engineers' hall, 10 

William st. Ho. 67 Regent st 
Ferguson George, confectioner, 31 Cathcart st. Ho. 2 

Watt place 
Ferguson Hugh, grocer, 2 Dalrymple st. Ho. 13 Lyle st 
Ferguson James (of Sharp & Ferguson), 54 Brougham st 
Ferguson James, coppersmith, 13 Mearns st 
Ferguson John B., fancy goods dealer, 27 Charles st. Ho. 

35 Nicolson st 
Ferguson John, painter, 49 Nicolson st 
Ferguson John, cooper, 62 Ann st 


Ferguson John, cooper, 34 Wellington st 

Ferguson John, engineer, 36 Ingleston st 

Ferguson John, sparmaker, 9 Ratho st 

Ferguson John, clerk, 6 Murdieston st 

Ferguson John, joiner, 13 Watt st 

Ferguson Malcolm, boatman, 2 Garvald st 

Ferguson Moses, stevedore, 13 West Stewart st 

Ferguson Peter, labourer, 10 Baker st 

Ferguson Robert, bolt screwer, 31 West Burn st 

Ferguson Robert, shipmaster, 28 Ardgowan st, west 

Ferguson Robert, carpenter, 103 Belville st 

Ferguson Robert, feuar, Cowdenknowes Cottages, 79 Wel- 
lington st 

Ferguson Samuel, labourer, 13 Brymner st 

Ferguson Thomas, boilermaker, 16 Serpentine walk 

Ferguson Thomas, policeman, 47 Trafalgar st 

Ferguson Thomas, seaman, 66 Roxburgh st 

Ferguson William, mason, 3 Brachelston st 

Ferguson William, shipmaster, 30 Ardgowan st, west 

Ferguson William, gasfitter, copper and sheet ironworker, 14 
West Burn st and 4 Inverkip st. Ho. 4 Inverkip st 

Ferguson Miss, 35 Nicolson st 

Ferguson Mrs, dressmaker, 10 Antigua st 

Ferguson Mrs, 113 Dempster st 

Ferguson Mrs John, 26 Wellington st 

Ferguson Mrs John, 12 St. Lawrence st 

Ferguson Mrs John, 26 Trafalgar st 

Ferguson Mrs, 58 Main st 

Ferguson Mrs, furnishings, 44 Inverkip st 

FERGUSSON Miss Margaret, restaurant, 36 West Blackhalt 
st. Ho. do. 

Fergusson Miss, hotel-keeper, Museum Hotel, 9 William st 

FERNIE William, traveller, 26 Wellington st 

Fernie Mrs George, feuar, 7 Bearhope st 

FERNS Charles, engineer, 63 Belville st 

Ferns James, carpenter, 42 Main st 

Ferns James, carter, 28 Duncan st 

Ferns Thomas, cooper, 2 Princes st 

FERRIE James, tobacconist, 17 East Shaw st 

Ferrie Patrick, engineer, 15 Hope st 

FERRIER Alexander, mason, 25 Mount Pleasant st 

FETTES James, ropespinner, 94 Dempster st 


FIELDING Alexander, carpenter, 40 St. Lawrence st 

Fielding Alexander, carpenter, 42 St. Lawrence st 

Fielding William, carpenter, 35 Lyle st 

FILSHIE George, Coylton dairy, 12 Mearns st 

FILLSHILL James, boilermaker, 34 East Crawford st 

Fillshill Stewart, boilermaker, 95 "Belville st 

Fillshill Miss Mary, dressmaker, 34 East Crawford st 

FINDLAY Dugald, carpenter, 1 Kilblain st 

Findlay John, furnishing ironmonger, smith, gasfitter, and 

agent for Milner's fireproof safes, 39 Cathcart st and 34 

Roxburgh st. Ho. Don Villa, Gourock road 
FINLAY A. H., wine and spirit merchant, 9 Shaw st and 

branches. Ho. 56 Esplanade 
Finlay A. Campbell (of Campbell Finlay & Co.), 12 Bogle 

st. Ho. 62 Esplanade 
Finlay Campbell & Co., warehouse-keepers, shipowners, and 

agents, 12 Bogle st 
Finlay Hugh, baker, 14 Mearns st 
Finlay John, blacksmith, 1 West Stewart st 
Finlay John, labourer, 15 Belville st 
Finlay John P., insurance agent, 61 Eldon st 
Finlay Robert B. (of Campbell Finlay & Co.), 62 Esplanade 
Finlay Thomas, engineer, 28 East Hamilton st 
Finlay Thomas P., 61 Eldon st 
Finlay Mrs Robert, 61 Eldon st 
FINLAYSON John, coal merchant, 12 Brougham st. Ho. 

50 Shore st, Gourock 
FINN John, labourer, 7 Crescent st 
FINNIE Colin, joiner, 20 Antigua st 
Finnie Daniel, painter, 6 Market st 
FINZEL, Berry & Co., sugar merchants and colonial brokers, 

3 Brymner st 
FIRTH John, wool-sorter, 55 Drumfrochar road 
FISH, Brown, Meldrum & Co., sailmakers, Donald's court, 

East India breast 
FISHER & Co., tanners, skinners, and wool merchants, 

Fisher Daniel, engine-driver, 17 Belville st 
Fisher John, boot and shoe warehouse, 70 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 67 do. 
Fisher John, joiner, 67 Belville st 
Fisher John, joiner, 30 Roxburgh st 


Fisher Joseph, labourer, 19 Regent st 

Fisher & M'Lachlan, tailors, clothiers, outfitters, and hosiers, 

12 Cathcart st 
Fisher Peter, foreman, 42 Lynedoch st 
Fisher Peter B., shipmaster, 53 Brisbane st 
Fisher R. F. (of Fisher & Co.), 40 Forsyth st 
Fisher Thomas, shipmaster, 20 South st 
Fisher Thomas, chemist and druggist, 97 Roxburgh st. Ho. 

77 Holmscroft st 
Fisher Walter, at J. & R. Houston's, 20 South st 
Fisher William, joiner, 10 Trafalgar st 
Fisher Miss (of Daskin & Co.), 12 Watt st 
Fisher Mrs John, 30 Roxburgh st 

FITZGERALD Michael, gunner R.N., 25 West Black- 
hall st 
FITZPATRICK Patrick, causewayer, 6 Inverkip st 
FLECK William, river pilot, 27 West Blackhall st 
FLEMING Alexander M. (of Fleming, Reid & Co.), 65 

Fleming Alexander, draper, 46 Hamilton st. Ho. i& 

Robertson st 
Fleming Archibald, foreman, Overton paper mills 
Fleming Dugald, labourer, 15 Regent st 
Fleming Edward, plumber, 68 Inverkip st 
Fleming George, storekeeper, 21 Ingleston st 
Fleming Humphrey, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 
Fleming James, 28 Bank st 
Fleming James, labourer, 52 St. Lawrence st 
Fleming John, boilermaker, 83 Belville st 
Fleming John, commercial lodgings, 49 Rue-end st 
Fleming John, shipmaster, 4 Robertson st 
Fleming John R. (of Laurie & Fleming), 49 Mearns st 
Fleming Lachlan, labourer, 4 Watt st 
Fleming Matthew, wine merchant, 46 Lynedoch st. Ho. 

Violet cottage, 7 Glen st. (See Advt.) 
Fleming Matthew, engineer, 9 Belville st 
Fleming, Reid & Co., merchants and worsted spinners, Shaws. 

Water Worsted Mills, Drumfrochar road 
Fleming Robert, 22 Robertson st 
Fleming Mrs A., keeper of waiting-rooms, Princes Pier. Ho* 

3 Grey place 
Fleming Mrs Daniel, 25 Bank st 


Fleming Mrs Hugh, Police buildings, Dalrymple st 

Fleming Mrs Matthew, Violet cottage, 7 Glen st 

Fleming Mrs, lodgings, 16 Cathcart st 

FLETCHER A., agent Prudential Assurance Co., 25 New- 
ton st 

Fletcher Alexander, salesman, 53 Regent st 

Fletcher Anthony, smith, 61 Holmscroft st 

Fletcher Duncan, labourer, 19 Ingleston st 

Fletcher John, 15 Bruce st 

Fletcher Malcolm, baker, 24 West Stewart st 

Fletcher Miles, boilermaker, 3 Crescent st 

Fletcher Peter, cooper, 36 Crescent st 

Fletcher Miss Ann, 47 Main st 

Fletcher Miss J., 5 Lynedoch st 

Fletcher Miss May, lady superintendent Greenock Infirmary, 
Duncan st 

Fletcher Mrs, 6 West Stewart st 

FLETT James, grocer and provision merchant, 31 Vennel 

FLIGHT John, cooper, 30 West Stewart st 

Flight Janet, tobacconist, 33 West Burn st 

FLOCKHART John, pawnbroker, 60 Vennel. Ho. 27 
Patrick st 

Flockhart Miss E., greengrocer, 59 Inverkip st 

Flockhart Mrs John, bookseller and general stationer, 8 
West Blackhall st. Ho. 67 Nicolson st 

Flockhart Mrs, 67 Nicolson st 

FLOOD Luke, plasterer, 16 Wellington st 

FOOTE James, patternmaker, 4 Garvald st 

FORBES Alexander, joiner, 2 Macdougall st 

Forbes Harry, mason, 4 Garvald st 

Forbes Hugh, engineer, 59 Rue-end st 

Forbes James, pansman, 6 Lyle st 

Forbes John, labourer, 37 Holmscroft st 

Forbes John, labourer, 5 Orchard st 

Forbes John, musicseller, 15 West Blackhall st. Ho. 34 
W T est Stewart st 

Forbes Mrs George, 4 Sinclair st 

Forbes Mrs Margaret, 4 Nelson st, west 

FORD Charles, seaman, 27 Vennel 

Ford John, labourer, 3 Belville st 

Ford Joseph, labourer, 18 Nicolson st 

Ford Mrs, 36 Mount Pleasant st 


FORDYCE Lewis, meter inspector, 33 Crawfurd st. Ho. 

12 Murdieston st 
FORREST John, accountant, house factor, and insurance 

agent, 26 Crawfurd st. Ho. Fairmount, Esplanade 
Forrest Mrs William, 13 Springkell st 
FORRESTER James, carpenter, 65 Rue-end st 
Forrester William, boilermaker, 29 Ingleston st 
Forrester William, engineer, 52 Holmscroft st 
Forrester Mrs David, 17 Tobago st 
FORSTER John, shipmaster, 9 Kelly st 
FORSYTH Alexander, joiner, 4 Holmscroft st 
Forsyth John, gateman, 106 Drumfrochar road 
Forsyth Mrs Samuel, 1 Belville st 
FORTUNE Alexander P., salesman and traveller, 6 Nelson 

st, west 
Fortune David, saddler, n Prospecthill st 
Fortune William P. A., lieutenant of police, Police buildings, 

Dalrymple st 
Fortune Mrs, 25 West Burn st 
FOSTER Edward B., carpenter, 50 St. Lawrence st 
Foster Henry H., salesman, 63 Ann st 
Foster Robert J., coachbuilder, 106 Dempster st 
Foster Robert P., carpenter and boatbuilder, 32 Main st. 

Ho. 99 Belville st 
Foster Wilson, painter, 105 Belville st 

Foster Miss Jane, milliner, 21 Cathcart st. Ho. 99 Belville st 
Foster Miss, lodgings, 50 Brougham st 
FOULDS & Bone, merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 

8, 9, and 10 Clarence st 
Foulds James, brassfinisher, 3 St. Andrew st 
Foulds Matthew, brassfounder and gasfitter, 2 East India 

breast. Ho. 6 Antigua st 
Foulds William, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 29 

Main st. Ho. Milton House, Paisley 
Foulds Mrs, bookseller and stationer, 30 Cathcart st. Ho. 

6 Antigua st 
FOULIS Hay, moulder, 9 Crescent st 
FOWLER William, joiner, 38 Lynedoch st 
Fowler William, labourer, 30 West Blackhall st 
FOX John, M.D., physician and surgeon. Consulting rooms, 

3 Argyle st. Ho. 13 Ardgowan square 
Fox Mrs, 2 Carts burn st 


FRAME James (of James Auld & Frame), Eden place, 22 

Robertson st 
ERASER D. (of Holm & Fraser), 5 Octavia st, Port-Glasgow 
Fraser Duncan, bagpipe maker, 3 Market st 
Fraser Hugh, licentiate dental surgery, R.C.S. Edin., 

surgeon dentist, 29 Union st 
Fraser James, late tidewater, 1 Holmscroft st 
Fraser James, joiner, 22 West Stewart st 
Fraser John, blacksmith, 84 Roxburgh st 
Fraser John, ropespinner, 1 Mill st 
Fraser John, church officer, 22 West Stewart st 
Fraser P., surfaceman, 2 Belville st 
Fraser Robert, blacksmith, 1 7 Lynedoch st 
Fraser Thomas, rigger, 31 Nicolson st 
Fraser William, engineer, 55 Belville st 
Fraser Miss Jessie, artist, 2 George square 
Fraser Mrs Agnes, 42 Arthur st 
Fraser Mrs Charles, 29 Union st 
Fraser Mrs James & Co., salt and fish merchants, Palmerston 

buildings. Ho. 29 Cathcart st 
Fraser Mrs John, 9 Lynedoch st 
Fraser Mrs William, 2 Ford place, Finnart st 
Fraser Mrs, Yew cottage, 6 Glen st 
FREDERICK Charles, bricklayer, 3 Ingleston st 
FRENCH Andrew, porter, 19 Dempster st 
French Mrs Jane, 52 St. Lawrence st 
FREW Robert A., engineer, 30 Wellington st 
Frew William, engine-keeper, 8 Patrick st 
FRIEL James, coachman, 48 Cathcart st 
Friel John, labourer, 29 Main st 
Friel James, moulder, 34 Ingleston st 
FRY Robert, fish merchant, 13 Lauriston st 
Fry William, fish merchant, 13 Lauriston st 
FULLARTON Rev. Archibald, minister of Cartsburn 

Parish Church. Ho. 1 1 Caddlehill Terrace 
Fullarton Hugh (of Robert Fullarton & Son), Glencairn, T03 

Finnart st 
Fullarton James, engineer, 5 1 Inverkip st 
Fullarton John A., joiner, 30 East Hamilton st 
Fullarton Robert & Son, timber measurers, 6 Cathcart st 
Fullarton William, moulder, 116 Drumfrochar road 
FULLER Edwin, H.M. Customs. Ho. 58 Eldon st 


FULTON Alexander, boilermaker, 28 Lynedoch st 

Fulton Allan (of MacEachran, Fulton & Kerr), 44 Eldon st 

Fulton Andrew, railway porter, 5 Belville st 

Fulton James, boatbuilder, 39 Sir Michael st 

Fulton James, Grosvenor Cottage, 32 Bank si 

Fulton James B., hatter, hosier, and glover, 41 Hamilton sU 
Ho. 12 Brisbane st 

Fulton & Co., Greenock Bible Emporium, 3 Hamilton st 

Fulton James (of P. MacCallum & Sons), 38 Brisbane st 

Fulton John (of Crawford & Fulton), 1 2 Wellington st 

Fulton Robert, engineer, 7 St. Lawrence st 

Fulton Thomas, engineer, 82 Belville st 

Fulton William, engineer, Old Hillend 

Fulton Miss, 21 Lynedoch st 

Fulton Mrs Margaret, 5 Caddlehill st 

FYFE George, gardener, 3 Kelly st 

Fyfe James, furnishings, 82 Belville st 

Fyfe James, engineer, 7 Lauriston st 

Fyfe John, tanner, 2 Bruce st 

Fyfe John P., writer and notary public, J. P. Clerk for Ren- 
frewshire, Auditor to Faculty of Procurators, 4 Argyle 
st. Ho. 60 Esplanade 

Fyfe Robert, examining officer, H.M. Customs. Ho. 10 
Regent st 

Fyfe Mrs, 26 Patrick st 


GAELIC Free Church, 14 Jamaica st 

Gaelic Parish Church, 32 West Burn st 

GAFF Daniel R., Mount Park Cottage, 25 Wellington st 

GALBRAITH Alexander, seaman, 40 Nicolson st 

Galbraith Archibald, labourer, 18 Antigua st 

Galbraith Archibald, labourer, 9 East Blackhall st 

Galbraith Donald, baker, 15 Dempster st 

Galbraith Duncan, policeman, 15 Antigua st 

Galbraith John, hatter and hosier, 26 Hamilton st. Ho. 17- 

Brisbane st 
Galbraith John, tanner, 61 Belville st 
Galbraith John, wood turner, 9 East Crawford st 
Galbraith Lachlan, cooper, 32 West Stewart st 


Galbraith Malcolm, tugboatman, 28 Trafalgar st 

Galbraith Robert, bricklayer, 19 Bruce st 

Galbraith William, baker, 85 Dempster st 

Galbraith William, rigger, 29 Crescent st 

Galbraith William, carter, 5 Belville st 

Galbraith Mrs John, 1 7 Ardgowan st, west 

Galbraith Mrs, 40 Nicolson st 

GALBREATH John & Son, sugar samplers, 8 West Quay 

Galbreath John, jun., baker, 41 West Blackhall st. Ho. 5 

Kelly st 
Galbreath John (of John Galbreath & Son), 2 Eldon st 
Galbreath John, jun. (of John Galbreath & Son), 77 Finnart 

Galbreath Murdoch, clerk, 17 Ardgowan st, west 
GALLACHER Arthur, tailor, 12 Terrace road 
Gallacher Bernard, labourer, 21 John st 
Gallacher Charles, painter, 21 Wellington st 
Gallacher J. & W., fish merchants, 7 William st. Ho. 26 

West Blackhall st 
Gallacher Elizabeth, confectioner, 41 West Burn st. Ho. 

43 do. 
Gallacher John, labourer, 27 Sir Michael st 
Gallacher John, rigger, 28 West Burn st 
Gallacher Patrick, spirit merchant, 5 Cowgate. Ho. 34 

Ann st 
Gallacher Peter, labourer, 24 Ann st 
Gallacher William, caulker. 20 Bearhope st 
Gallacher Mrs B., wine and spirit dealer, 15 Clarence st. 

Ho. 5 Grey place 
Gallacher Mrs John, boarding-house keeper, 8 Dalrymple st 
Gallacher Mrs William, spirit merchant, 26 East Shaw st. 

Ho. 73 Nicolson st 
Gallacher Mrs, 35 Lynedoch st 

GALLAGHER William, boot and shoemaker, 5 Union st 
GALLOWAY Allan, M.D., M.B., M.C., physician and 

surgeon. Consulting rooms, 32 Hamilton st. Ho. 

7 Roxburgh st 
Galloway David, foreman, 6 Carwood st 
Galloway James, coachman, 45 Nicolson st 
Galloway James, engineer, 17 Ingleston st 
Galloway James, labourer, 5 1 Inverkip st 


Galloway Joseph, dairyman, 1 1 Bruce st 

Galloway Robert, gardener, 64 Kelly st 

GALT David, brassmoulder, 16 Hope st 

Gait Robert, pawnbroker and outfitter, 51 Main st. Ho. 67 

Roxburgh st 
Gait Miss, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Gait Mrs, 22 Wellington st 

GARDINER Mrs Archibald, basket, brush, and toy ware- 
house, 16 West Blackball st. Ho. 3 Argyle st 
GARDNER Alexander, clerk, 9 Brisbane st 
Gardner George, shipmaster, 29 Dempster st 
Gardner John H., mercantile clerk, 2 Ford place, Finnart st 
Gardner Peter, sailmaker, 2 Bruce st 
Gardner Walter, mason, to Murdieston st 
Gardner Mrs, 31 Ingleston st 
Gardner Mrs, 70 Eldon st 
Gardner Mrs, 35 Nicolson st 

Gardner Mrs, fancy goods warehouse, 9 Brisbane st 
GARVIN William, constable, 55 Inverkip st 
GAS Works, Clerk and Collector's Office, 33 Crawfurd st 
GATHERER Peter, seed, grain, and general merchant and 

wool agent, 21 and 23 Crawfurd st, Glebe. Ho. Rose- 

neath House, 97 Eldon st 
GAULD Alexander, agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland 

(Limited). Ho. 50 Esplanade 
GAULE Rev. Patrick, R C. clergyman, St. Mary's, 14 

Patrick st. 
GAY Walter, agent for sewing machines, 28 Nicolson st. 

Ho. 75 Holmscroft st 
GAZE William, grocer, 14 Lynedoch st. Ho. 31 Regent st 
GENTLE Cuthbert, gasfitter, 104 Dempster st 
GENTLES Alexander, engineer, 15 Lauriston st 
GEORGE Henry Robert, engineer, 3 Lauriston st 
George William, carter, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
GERRARD James, spirit merchant, 36 Inverkip st. Ho. 

87 Wellington st 
Gerrard John, labourer, 12 Bruce st 
GERROD Mrs, 41 West Blackball st 
GETTENS John, baker, 72 Roxburgh st 
GETTY Samuel, labourer, 19 Ingleston st 
GIBB David, joiner, 53 Kelly st 
Gibb Walter, mason, 68 Wellington st 


Gibb William, coppersmith, 25 Lynedoch st 

Gibb Misses, seminary for young ladies, Eldon villa, 67 Eldon 
st. Ho. do. 

Gibb Mrs, 32 Kelly st 

Gibb Mrs Walter, 16 Robertson st 

GIBBS Miss Ann, 15 Nelson st, west 

GIBSON Angus, engineer, 10 Carwood st 

Gibson Charles, sen., engineer, 12 St. Lawrence st 

Gibson Charles, jun., 12 St. Lawrence st 

Gibson David, boilermaker, 17 Antigua st 

Gibson Henry, letter-carrier, Post Office. Ho. 68 Drum- 
frochar road 

Gibson James, mason, 5 Nile st 

Gibson John, tenter, 9 Murdieston st 

Gibson John, mason, 104 Dempster st 

Gibson Walter & Co., lathsplitters, 8 South st 

Gibson Walter (of Walter Gibson & Co.), 8 South st 

Gibson William & Co., shipbrokers and coal merchants, 31 
Palmerston buildings 

Gibson William (of William Gibson & Co.), 12 Patrick st 

GILCHRIST George W., commission agent, Exchange 
buildings. Ho. 57 Octavia terrace 

Gilchrist James E. & Co., marine insurance brokers, 4 
Brymner st and at 13 South Exchange place, Glasgow. 
Ho. 21 Eldon st 

Gilchrist John, cutter, 62 Kelly st 

Gilchrist Neil, joiner, 1 1 Regent st 

Gilchrist Peter, plasterer, 6 Mount Pleasant st 

Gilchrist Thomas, joiner, 14 Murdieston st 

Gilchrist William, draper and outfitter, 8 and 12 William st. 
Ho. 22 Finnart st 

Gilchrist Miss M. G., ladies' and children's furnishing ware- 
house, 25 West Blackhall st. Ho. 14 do. 

Gilchrist Miss, restaurant, railway station, Cathcart st 

Gilchrist Mrs. James, Ardmerle, 57 Octavia terrace 

Gilchrist Mrs, 14 West Blackhall st 

GILKISON Walter P., optician and ship chandler, 14 Cath- 
cart st. Ho. 24 Union st. (See Advt.) 

GILL David, plater, 82 Belville st 

Gill John & Son, billposters, 46 Cathcart st. Ho. 3 Argyle 
st. (See Advt.) 

GILLAN Daniel, labourer, 50 Inverkip st 


Gillan James, rivetter, 38 Main st 

GILLESPIE Alexander, storekeeper, 52 Holmscroft st 

Gillespie James, boilermaker, 59 Ann st 

Gillespie Thomas, engineer, 13 Ingleston st 

Gillespie Mrs James, cookery, 10 Kilblain st. Ho. 23 West 

Blackhall st 
Gillespie Mrs John, 1 1 Fox st 
Gillespie Mrs, 45 Nicolson st 
GILLIES Alexander, 7 East Shaw st 
Gillies Alexander, porter, 12 Terrace road 
Gillies x\ndrew, brickmaker, 31 East Crawford st 
Gillies George D., wine and spirit merchant, 93 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 2 Orangefield place 
Gillies James W., professor of music, 40 Brisbane st 
Gillies John, boilermaker, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
Gillies John, cooper, 80 Roxburgh st 
Gillies John, joiner, 8 Watt st 
Gillies John, seaman, 8 Nicolson st 
Gillies John, Sheriff-officer and J. P. constable, 25 West Burn 

st. Ho. Ford cottage, 1 Finnart st 
Gillies John, slater, 19 Bearhope st 
Gillies John B., spirit merchant, 61 Roxburgh st. Ho. 10 

South st 
Gillies Malcolm, sawyer, 37 Holmscroft st 
Gillies Neil, slater and plasterer, 29 Roxburgh st. Ho. 7 

Bruce st 
Gillies Norman, clerk, 25 Dempster st 
Gillies & Reid, shipbrokers, 4 Brymner st — Craig, Scott & 

Co., agents 
Gillies Robert, slater, 8 Watt st 
Gillies William, tanner, 46 East Hamilton st 
Gillies Miss, 67 Regent st 
Gillies Miss, 5 West Blackhall st 
Gillies Mrs J. W., teacher of dancing and calisthenics, 40 

Brisbane st 
Gillies Mrs John, 13 Hope st 
Gillies Mrs, 52 Inverkip st 
GILLIGAN Mrs Mary, grocer, 29 Shaw st 
GILLILAN Samuel, labourer, 5 West Stewart st 
GILLILAND William, spirit dealer, 45 Inverkip st. Ho. 81 

Holmscroft st 
GILLANDER Daniel, sailmaker, 66 Roxburgh st 


Gillander Robert, mate, 20 Wellington st 
GILLANDERS William, mashman, 1 1 Inverkip st 
GILLORAN James L. (of John A. Macfarlane & Co), 33 

Kelly st 
GILMORE A. & Son, fishmongers, poulterers, and game 

dealers, 21 West Blackhall st 
GILMOUR Archibald, carpenter, 23 Hamilton st 
Gilmour Duncan, timekeeper, 55 Holmscroft st 
Gilmour Hugh, tailor, 1 1 Nelson st, west 
Gilmour James, carpenter, 39 Lynedoch st 
Gilmour James, joiner, 45 Holmscroft st 
Gilmour Robert, carpenter, 22 Arthur st 
Gilmour Thomas, carpenter, 3 Regent st 
GILROY William, jun., agent, Prudential Assurance Co., 

37 Lynedoch st 
Gilroy William, grocer and provision merchant, 18 Lynedoch 

st. Ho. 15 Lyle st 
GIRDWOOD James, bootmaker, 7 Mill st 
Girdwood Mrs, 36 Nelson st, west 
GIRVAN Mrs William, 3 George square 
GISBY William, broker, 5 Market st 
GIVEN William, carter, 76 Wellington st 
Given Mrs, huckster, 28 East Shaw st 
GLASGOW and Greenock Shipping Co., steam lighter and 

steam tug owners, Customhouse quay — Richard Blanche, 

Glasgow and Liverpool Screw Steam Shipping Co., 1 Cross- 
shore st — D. Macdougall, agent 
Glasgow Daily and Weekly Herald and Evening Times 

(newspapers). Office, 29 Cathcart st. Robert Wood, 

correspondent and agent. Ho. Gladstone place, 35 

Brisbane st 
Glasgow Daily and Weekly Mail (newspapers). Greenock 

branch office, 1 Bank st. G. Wardle, agent 
Glasgow Evening and Weekly Citizen (newspapers). Branch 

office, Customhouse buildings. Neil M. Patrick, 

Glasgow News and the Evening News and Star (newspapers). 

Branch office, 28 Brymner st. John R. Smith, corres- 
pondent and agent. Ho. 3 Hope st 
Glasgow &: South-Western Railway. Passenger stations — 

Princes Pier and Lynedoch st 


Glasgow & South-Western Railway. Goods offices — 
Brougham st and Hope st 

GLASS John, shipmaster, 32 Nelson st, west 

GLEBE Sugar Refining Co., sugar refiners. Offices, 6 Grey 

GLEN Archibald, joiner, 8 South st 

Glen James (of J. & W. Glen), commissioner for English and 
Irish Courts, and agent for the British Linen Company 
Bank, 13 William st. Ho. Lincluden, 19 Octavia ter 

Glen J. & W., solicitors and notaries public, 13 William st 

Glen John, blacksmith, 41 Roxburgh st 

Glen Malcolm, carpenter, 12 Cathcart st 

Glen W. T. Hood (of J. & W. Glen), Lincluden, 19 Octavia 

Glen Miss, feuar, 1 Caddlehill st 

Glen Miss, 22 Brisbane st 

Glen Miss Jane B., t,^ Nelson st, west. Ho. 8 South st 

Glen Mrs James, grocer, 36 West Burn st. Ho. 35 do. 

Glen Mrs, grocer, 17 Bruce st 

Glen Mrs William, lodgings, 9 Cross-shore st 

GLENCROSS John, engineer, 3 Antigua st 

GLEN DINNING Alexander, optician and nautical instru- 
ment maker, 62 Regent st 

GLENESK Charles, engineer, 7 Lauriston st 

Glenesk George, storekeeper, 4 Old Hillend 

GOFF Thomas, grocer, 5 Lennox buildings. Ho. 4 do. 

GOLDIE James, joiner, 3 Broomhill st 

GORDON Andrew, labourer, 17 Dempster st 

Gordon Alexander, bootmaker, 20 Ann st 

Gordon Benjamin, general broker, 16 Dalrymple st. Ho. do. 

Gordon David, patternmaker, 31 Trafalgar st 

Gordon G., flesher, 52 East Hamilton st. Ho. 9 Ratho st 

Gordon Hugh, labourer, 49 Mearns st 

Gordon James, engineer, 6 Hope st 

Gordon John, gardener, 30 Kelly st 

Gordon James, police sergeant, 85 Wellington st 

Gordon James, architectural and monumental stone carver, 6 
South st. Ho. 20 do. 

Gordon John, sugarboiler, 26 Newton st 

Gordon Peter, 32 Ingleston st 

Gordon Samuel, labourer, 5 John st 

Gordon Samuel, caulker, 79 Port-Glasgow road 


Gordon Thomas, fitter, 59 Belville st 
Gordon William, flesher, 6 Sir Michael st 
Gordon Misses, dressmakers, 7 Union st 
Gordon Mrs James, 26 Trafalgar st 
Gordon Mrs James, 34 Nelson st, west 
GORMAN James, broker, 6 Vennel 
Gorman James, spirit merchant, 6 Ann st 
Gorman William, labourer, 1 2 Mill st 

GOTHARD William, photographer, 37 Rue-end st. Ho. do. 
GOUDIE James, shoemaker, 68 Eldon st 
Goudie John, checker, 67 Belville st 
GOULDIE Thomas, labourer, 27 Nelson st, west 
GOUROCK Rope work Co., cordage and sailcloth manu- 
facturers, 1 Cross-shore st and 5 East Breast — R. Ward, 

GOURLAY Thomas, engineer, 5 Newton st 
Gourlay Thomas, joiner, 108 Dempster st 
GO VAN Andrew, carpenter, 75 Roxburgh st 
Govan Andrew, painter, 28 Crawfurd st 
Govan David, boilermaker, 12 Arthur st 
Govan Quinten, painter, 67 Nicolson st 
GOW William (of Chisholm & Co.), 27 Nelson st, west 
GOWANS Andrew, clerk, 15 South st 
Gowans Thomas, mason, 15 Regent st 
GRACEY Samuel, fancy goods merchant, 26 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 2- 

VHAM Ale! 
Graham Alexander, cowfeeder, 40 East Hamilton st 
Graham Archibald, joiner, 21 Dempster st 
Graham Donald, boatman, 24 Sir Michael st 
Graham Dugald, contractor, 5 Dellingburn square. Ho. 5 

Antigua st 
Graham Duncan, grocer and provision merchant, 5 1 Main st 

and 34 Lynedoch st 
Graham Duncan, labourer, 10 Chapel st 
Graham Edward, carpenter, 19 Trafalgar st 
Graham Hugh, grocer and provision merchant, 27 Hamilton 

st, 73 Main st, 20 Vennel, 43 Roxburgh st, and 17 

Cathcart st. Ho. 33 Ardgowan st, west 
Graham Hugh, jun., grocer, 25 Newton st 
Graham James (of Greenock Plate Glass Insurance Co.), 19 

Cathcart st 


Graham James, glass merchant, glazier, stainer, and silverer, 

1 9 Cathcart st ; branch, 6 West Blackhall st. Ho. 3 

Finnart st. (See Advt.) 
Graham James, blacksmith, 4 Cartsburn st 
Graham John, blacksmith, 7 Ratho st 
Graham John, sailmaker, 45 Wellington st 
Graham John, cooper, 15 Mearns st. Ho. 26 do. 
Graham John, B.A., teacher, Collegiate School, Avenue park, 

95 Brisbane st 
Graham Michael, iron finisher, 23 Hamilton st 
Graham William John, 21 Belville st 
Graham William, boatman, 16 Sir Michael st 
Graham William, storeman, 20 Serpentine walk 
Graham Miss, cowfeeder, 14 Holmscroft st 
Graham Miss, dressmaker, 37 Lynedoch st 
Graham Mrs Archibald, 33 Ingleston st 
Graham Mrs John, 18 Kelly st 
Graham Mrs, 71 Roxburgh st 
GRANDISON James, office porter, 3 Bank st 
GRANT Alexander, messenger-at-arms, 41 Cathcart st. Ho. 

3 Holmscroft st 
Grant Rev. Alexander D., minister of Mount Park Free 

Church. Ho. 25 Brisbane st 
Grant John (of Douglas & Grant), 23 Newton st 
Grant John, spirit dealer, 29 Dalrymple st. Ho. 36 West 

Stewart st 
Grant Lachlan, grocer, 9 Nicolson st. Ho. do. 
Grant Neil, butter and egg merchant, 1 Manse lane. Ho. 

41 Lynedoch st 
Grant Patrick, architect and surveyor, 10 Kelly st 
Grant Rev. Robert, R.C.C., Wood Cottage, 22 Under 

Grant Thomas, porter, 15 Regent st 
Grant William, stevedore, 48 Shaw st 
Grant Mrs, ladies' nurse, 34 Mount Pleasant st 
GRAVES George C, brassfmisher, n Ann st 
Graves Thomas C, painter, 7 Watt st 
GRAY Archibald, draper, 104 Roxburgh st. Ho. 93 do. 
Gray A. M., painter, 3 George square 
Gray Daniel, joiner, 65 Regent st 
Gray Daniel, rigger, 3 Hill st 
Gray Donald, shipmaster, 5 Hill st 


Gray Hugh, moulder, 30 Ingleston st 

Gray James, joiner, 4 Prospecthill st 

Gray John, grocer, 1 1 Ardgowan st, Glebe 

Gray John, engineer, 9 Lyle st 

Gray John, hammerman, 30 Ann st 

Gray John & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, Maybole 
warehouse, 16 Hamilton st 

Gray John Kerr, retired solicitor and late Town Clerk, 28 
Forsyth st 

Gray John, joiner, 7 Hope st 

Gray Robert (of Williamson & Gray), 1 Union st 

Gray T. A., Maybole shoe warehouse, 67 Rue-end st 

Gray Thomas, gardener, 48 Inverkip st 

Gray William, carpenter, 25 Brymner st 

Gray William, joiner, 1 2 Market st 

Gray William, labourer, 44 Arthur st 

Gray Miss, 23 Roxburgh st 

Gray Mrs John, 2 Shaw place 

GREEN John, engineer, 68 East Hamilton st 

Green William, rivetter, 15 Main st 

GREENLAW David, vanman, 5 Duncan st 

GREENLEES John, carpenter, 38 Main st 

Greenlees Robert, carpenter, 31 Main st 

Greenlees William, blockmaker, 16 Sir Michael st 

GREENOCK Academy, 18 Nelson st, west 

Greenock Amalgamated Friendly Societies Medical Associa- 
tion, 47 Regent st 

Greenock Apothecaries' Co., wholesale and retail chemists 
and druggists, and aerated water manufacturers, 28 
Hamilton st. Works, Harvie lane. (See Advt.) 

Greenock and Belfast ^Erated Water Co., 14 Nicolson st. 
(See Advt.) 

Greenock Beetroot Sugar Association, 6 Exchange buildings 
— Secretary, William G. Harvey 

Greenock Branch Glasgow Herald newspaper, 29 Cathcart st 

Greenock Branch Glasgow News newspaper, 28 Brymner st 

Greenock Branch North British Daily Mail, 1 Bank st 

Greenock (Central) Co-operative Society (Limited), grocers 
and general dealers, 35 Roxburgh st 

Greenock Clothing Co., merchant tailors and hosiers, 50 
Cathcart st and 1 Cathcart square 

Greenock Constitutional Club. 29 Hamilton st 


Greenock Cricket Club, Glen park, Bedford st 

Greenock Club, 21 Ardgowan square 

Greenock Coffee Room and Chamber of Commerce, 2. 
Cathcart square 

Greenock Distillery Co., distillers, 27 Tobago st 

Greenock Engineering and Navigation School, Palmerston 

Greenock Equitable Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 24 Hamilton 
st — Alexander Waddell, manager 

Greenock East-end Co-operative Society for Groceries, i8> 
East Crawford st 

Greenock Felt Work Co., manufacturers of sheathing, roof- 
ing, and boiler felts, 10 East Hamilton st 

Greenock Foundry Co., engineers, boilermakers, . and iron- 
founders, Greenock foundry, East Stewart st 

Greenock Gas Works, Inchgreen, Port-Glasgow road. Clerk, 
and Collector's office, 33 Crawfurd st, Glebe 

Greenock and Gourock Tramway Office, 29 Brougham st 

Greenock Grain and Flour Mills, 16 Chapel st 

Greenock Herald Office, 40 Cathcart st 

Greenock Hospital and Infirmary, Inverkip st and Duncan 
st — G. Williamson, secretary 

Greenock Industrial Co-operative Society (Limited.) Gro- 
cery, 1 1 John st and 3 Kilblain st 

Greenock Library, Watt Monument, 9 Union st. (See Advt.) 

Greenock Mechanics' Institution, 13 Sir Michael st 

Greenock Mineral Water Co., Waverley lane 

Greenock Operative Painters' Society, 6 Market st 

Greenock Parochial Board Offices, 36 Nicolson st 

Greenock Plate Glass Insurance Co., insurers of plate 
and sheet glass, 19 Cathcart st and 6 West Blackhalli 

Greenock Provident Bank, n W'illiam st. (See Advt.) 

Greenock Provident Investment Co. Building Society, 23 
Cathcart st — James Anderson, managing director 

Greenock Railway Guaranteed Co. Office, 33 Cathcart st — 
Louson Walker, secretary 

Greenock Rubber Co., 13 Hamilton st. (See Advt.) 

Greenock Ropework Co., 43 Wellington st 

Greenock Steamship Co. (Limited), shipowners, 1 Cross-shore 
st — D. Macdougall, managing director and secretary 

Greenock Stevedore Co., 8 Roslin st 


Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette, 14 Charles 

Greenock Total Abstinence Society. Office, Temperance 
Institute, 19 West Stewart st — A. Anderson registrar 

Greenock Towing Co., 2 West Quay 

Greenock Water Trust Pipe-yard and Workshop, Prospect- 

Greenock Wholesale Boot and Shoe Establishment, 22 
Hamilton st. J. C. Brock & Co. 

Greenock Working Boys' and Girls' Religious Society. Com- 
mittee rooms, 15 West Stewart st 

Greenock Young Men's Christian Association's Reading 
room and office, 19 West Stewart st 

GREENWOOD George, flesher, 1 Ann st. Ho. 13 Mearns 

GREER James, labourer, 112 Dempster st 

Greer Robert, mason, 5 Brachelston st 

Greer Mrs Jane, 16 Kelly st 

GREGOR James, teacher, 24 Roxburgh st 

GREGORY Hugh, boilermaker, 16 Stanners st 

GREGSON William, constable, 27 Bruce st 

GREIG William, builder, 90 Dempster st 

Greig Mrs, 22 John st 

Greig Mrs, oil and colour merchant, 28 Inverkip st 

GREVES Alexander, shoemaker, 40 West Burn st. Ho. do. 

GREY Charles, feuar, Finnart terrace, 53 Newton st 

GRIER Robert, blacksmith, 51 Belville st 

Grier Thomas, cashier, Mansionhouse. Ho. 22 Brisbane st 

GRIERSON Donald, porter, 60 Kelly st 

GRIEVE Henry, 3 Regent st 

Grieve James, joiner, 27 Lynedoch st 

Grieve James, jun. (of Baine & Johnston), 84 Union st 

Grieve John, saddler, 5 1 Holmscroft st 

Grieve Robert, commercial traveller, 73 Regent st 

Grieve Robert (of Baine & Johnston and Glebe Sugar Re- 
fining Co.), Glenholm, 7 Newark st 

Grieve Thomas, mercantile clerk, 39 Kelly st 

Grieve Walter, Son & Co., merchants and shipowners, Com- 
mercial Bank buildings, 14 Cross-shore st 

Grieve Walter (of Walter Grieve, Son & Co.), Silwood, 59 
Union st 

Grieve William, porter, 51 Rue-end st 


GRIFFITHS William, rafter, 3 Regent st 

Griffiths Jane, bookseller, 26 West Blackhall st 

GRINDY Stephen, printer, 14 Port-Glasgow road 

GROSART Mrs, 10 Lynedoch st 

GROTT Ferdinand, shipmaster, 83 Belville st 

GRUBB John, engineer, 1 7 Baker st 

GUNION W. G. H., solicitor and law agent, 27 Cathcart st. 

Ho. Laurel Bank, 23 Albert road, Gourock 
Gunion William, carpenter, 64 Roxburgh st 
GUNN Alexander, detective officer, 64 Ann st 
Gunn Alexander, carpenter, 19 Antigua st 
Gunn James, policeman, 69 Regent st 
Gunn William, engineer, 9 East Blackhall st 
Gunn Mrs George, 14 Cathcart st 
GUSH Charles, submarine diver, 6 Boyd st 
GUTHRIE James, clerk, 73 Holmscroft st 
Guthrie James, joiner, 32 Kelly st 
Guthrie Peter, joiner, 3 George square 
Guthrie R. B., superintendent telegraph department, Post 

Office. Ho. 30 Nelson st, west 
Guthrie Robert, engine-driver, 24 Pottery st 
Guthrie Robert, inspector, 17 Brisbane st 
Guthrie Miss B., grocer, 17 Kelly st. Ho. 17 Brisbane st 
GUY Matthew, joiner, 31 Dempster st 
Guy William, labourer, 13 Cathcart st 
GWYNN Daniel, draughtsman, 3 Ford place, Finnart st 


HACKET Peter, broker, 25 Market st 

HACKING John, overseer, 112 Drumfrochar road 

HADDOW & Fleming, wine and spirit merchants, 1 7 Cath- 
cart st. (See Advt.) 

Haddow John (of Haddow & Fleming), Magdala, Ashton y 

Haddow Miss, head mistress, Glebe Public School. Ho. 2. 
Finnart st 

Haddow Mrs Thomas, 40 St. Lawrence st 

HAGAN Charles, spirit dealer, 34 Vennel and 6 Watson's 
lane. Ho. 8 Kelly st 


HAGGARTY Conrad, tailor, 50 Shaw st 

Haggarty James, rivetter, 21 Ingleston st 

Haggarty William, labourer, 19 Regent st 

Haggarty Miss, confectioner, 5 East Shaw st 

HAIG James, tobacconist and stationer, 34 West Burn st 

HAIR James, skinner, 24 East Crawford st 

Hair William, feuar, 33 Union st 

Hair William, joiner, 87 Wellington st 

Hair Miss Catherine, servants' registry, 25 West Stewart st 

HALBERT James, joiner, 42 Lynedoch st 

HALDANE David, potter, 6 Sinclair st 

HALL Archibald, smith, 59 Rue-end st 

Hall C. Stuart, deputy-superintendent, Mercantile Marine 
Office. Ho. Rosebank, Gourock road 

Hall James, joiner, 72 Ann st 

Hall John, hammerman, 8 East Blackhall st 

Hall Joshua, general smith, 39 Nicolson st. Ho. 13 New- 
ton st 

Hall Miss Emily, teacher of music, 24 Union st 

HALLIDAY John, overlooker, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

Halliday Robert, gatekeeper, 33 Ingleston st 

HAMILTON & Adam, sailmakers, 2 1 Shaw st 

Hamilton Archibald, carpenter, 63 Ann st 

Hamilton George H. (of James Hamilton & Son), 20 Finnart 

Hamilton James, grocer, 66 Drumfrochar road 

Hamilton James, Seabank house, 7 Johnstone st 

Hamilton James, joiner, 18 Bruce st 

Hamilton James, labourer, 60 Drumfrochar road 

Hamilton James, printer, 66 Kelly st 

Hamilton James & Son, drapers, clothiers, and outfitters, 23 
Cathcart st 

Hamilton James (of James Hamilton & Son), 20 Finnart st 

Hamilton John, boilermaker, 9 Prospecthill st 

Hamilton John, engine-driver, 68 Wellington st 

Hamilton John, fitter, 6 Lyle st 

Hamilton John, labourer, 32 Arthur st 

Hamilton John, labourer, 62 Drumfrochar road 

Hamilton Matthew, hairdresser, 1 Arthur st. Ho. 9 Hill st 

Hamilton M. Y., fruiterer, 49 Rue-end st 

Hamilton, M'Culloch & Co., coalmasters, 3 Chapel st, and 
88 Great Clyde st, Glasgow 


Hamilton Robert, brakesman, 21 John st 

Hamilton Robert, Burgh Assessor, Lands Valuation Office, 
18 Hamilton st. Ho. 27 Finnart st 

Hamilton Robert, carpenter, 18 Ann st 

Hamilton Robert, foreman, 4 Mearns st 

Hamilton Roderick, mason, 34 Sir Michael st 

Hamilton Thomas, engine-driver, 71 Wellington st 

Hamilton Thomas, labourer, 24 Inverkip st 

Hamilton Captain William (of Adam, Hamilton & Co.), Villa 
Marina, 28 Eldon st and 11 Esplanade 

Hamilton William, blacksmith, 21 Sugarhouse lane 

Hamilton William, flesher, 50 Roxburgh st 

Hamilton William, patternmaker, 2 Springkell st 

Hamilton William, rivetter, 28 Lynedoch st 

Hamilton Miss S., bootbinder, 50 Crawfurd st 

Hamilton Miss, milliner, 6 West Stewart st 

Hamilton Mrs Geo., fruiterer, 40 Ann st. Ho. 25 Trafal- 
gar st 

Hamilton Mrs, grocer, 15 John st. Ho. do. 

Hamilton Mrs, 15 Regent st 

HAMMOND David, joiner, 5 Caddlehill st 

Hammond Henry, stevedore, 32 Hamilton st 

HANDYSIDE Lawrence, slater, 12 Ann st 

Handyside Robert, slater, 84 Roxburgh st 

HANNAH James, carpenter, 13 West Stewart st 

Hannah James, engine-driver, 7 Brachelston st 

Hannah James, miller, 15 Regent st 

Hannah James, wine and beer merchant, 3 Grey place. Ho. 
85 Roxburgh st 

Hannah Robert, plumber, 24 Sir Michael st 

Hannah Samuel, potter, 22 Pottery st 

Hannah William, engineer, 9 Crescent st 

Hannah William, engine-driver, 2 Murdieston st 

Hannah William, labourer, 79 Port-Glasgow road 

Hannah William, labourer, 1 1 Crescent st 

Hannah Mrs James, 1 1 Dempster st 

HANSON Jacob, boarding-house keeper, 26 Charles st 

Hanson James, seaman, 4 West Burn st 

HARBOUR Trust Engineer's Office, 17 West Blackhall st 

Harbour Trust Secretary and Manager's and Treasurer's 
Office, 18 Hamilton st 

HARDIE Robert, coachbuilder, 6 West Stewart st 


Hardie Thomas M., governor of Poorhouse and Asylum, 
Smithston, Inverkip road 

Hardie Walter, grocer and provision merchant, 15 Tobago 
st. Ho. 5 Octavia st, Port-Glasgow 

Hardie William, chartered accountant and stock- 
broker, 2 Watt place. Ho. 55 Esplanade 

Hardie William, joiner, 15 Lauriston st 

Hardie Mrs, 22 Trafalgar st 

HARE William, woolcomber, Springhill cottage, Prospect- 
hill st 

HARFIELD & Co., patent cable windlasses, 16 East India 
breast — Agents, A Macpherson & Co. 

HARGAN Jas., boot and shoe maker, 23 West Blackhall st 

HARKNESS James, railway guard, 51 Kelly st 

Harkness John, blacksmith, 3 Hope st 

Harkness Mrs, 31 Ingleston st 

HARLEY Allan, cabinetmaker, 59 Ann st 

Harley James, engineer, 1 Belville st 

Harley James, plasterer, 4 Watt st 

Harley James, painter, 36 Holmscroft st 

HARMS William, seaman, 87 Roxburgh st 

HARPER Alexander, cooper, 15 Mount Pleasant st 

Harper Alexander, joiner, 5 1 Kelly st 

Harper Andrew, upholsterer, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

Harper James, shoemaker, 8 Smith's lane 

Harper John, shipmaster, 67 Roxburgh st 

Harper Miss, 70 Roxburgh st 

Harper Mrs, 27 Roxburgh st 

HARRISON Thomas, clerk, 16 Lynedoch st 

HARRON John, labourer, 62 Ann st 

HARROWER T. H., hair-cutting rooms, 28 Market st. 
Ho. 19 Mount Pleasant st 

HART James, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Shaw st. Ho. 
72 Wellington st 

HARVEY Hugh, late ship chandler, 25 West Blackhall st 

Harvey James, drapery and millinery warehouse, 37 Cathcart 
st. Ho. 13 Lyle st 

Harvey William G., secretary, Greenock Beetroot Sugar 
Association, 6 Exchange buildings. Ho. Broombury, 

Harvey Mrs, 22 Bank st 

Harvey Mrs Frank E., 52 Eldon st 


Harvey Mrs Francis, 58 Eldon st 

HARVIE David, engineer, 10 Hill st 

Harvie Robert, baker, 5 Kilblain st 

Harvie Robert D. N., joiner, 40 Nicolson st 

HASTIE Andrew, grocer and provision merchant, 10 Sir 

Michael st. Ho. 13 Newton- st 
Hastie John & Co., engineers, Kilblain Engine Works, 48 

Nicolson st 
Hastie John (of John Hastie & Co.), 4 Robertson st 
Hastie's Patent Hydraulic Engine and Pump Co. (Limited). 

Registered office, 10 Princes st — J. Tannahill, secretary 
Hastie William (of John Hastie & Co.), 28 Ardgowan st, 

Hastie Mrs C, 14 Serpentine walk 
HASTINGS John, checker, G. & S.-W. Railway, 52 West, 

Blackhall st 
HATT Isaac D., seaman, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
HATTON William, grocer, 1 East William st 
HAUGHEY John, collector, 9 Carwood st 
Haughey Neal, letter-carrier, 1 Bruce st 
HAUGHIE James, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 
Haughie John, fitter, 3 East Crawford st 
Haughie Thomas, rivetter, 9 Cross-shore st 
HAXTON James, pensioner, 32 Nelson st, west 
Haxton Thomas, Customhouse officer, 3 Hope st 
HAY George, causewayer, 47 Mearns st 
Hay James, labourer, 36 East Hamilton st 
Hay J. B., agent for Royal Liver Friendly Society, 24 Lyne- 

doch st 
Hay Robert, engine-driver, 17 John st 
Hay Mrs Mary, 25 West Blackhall st 
HEAD Albert, bricklayer, 40 St. Lawrence st 
HEADRICK James, furnishings, 32 Ingleston st 
HEARD Alexander, joiner, 27 West Blackhall st 
HEARN John, 37 Crawfurd st 
HEATH Hugh, crate-maker, 22 Pottery st 
HECTOR Mrs James, 37 Brisbane st 

HEDDERWICK Francis (of Brown, Stewart & Co.), Overton 
HEITMANN Charles, fruit and vegetable mart, 13 Brym- 

ner st 
HENDERSON Alexander, shoemaker, 24 Sir Michael st 
Henderson Alexander, labourer, 68 Roxburgh st 


Henderson Angus, boilermaker, 6 Murdieston st 
Henderson Archibald, storekeeper, 34 West Blackhall st 
Henderson Daniel, clerk, P.O., 96 Dempster st 
Henderson David, provision merchant, 2 Cathcart square 

and 20 Lynedoch st. Ho. 25 Finnart st 
Henderson George, flesher, 28 Crawfurd st, Glebe 
Henderson James, baker, 71 Nicolson st 
Henderson James, blacksmith, 14 Lyle st 
Henderson James, grocer and provision merchant, 3 and 1 r 

Rue-end st. Ho. 93 Belville st 
Henderson John, shipmaster, 34 West Stewart st 
Henderson John, cooper, 49 Cathcart st 
Henderson John, baker, 9 Hill st 
Henderson John, policeman, 24 Lynedoch st 
Henderson M., grocer, 21 Market st 
Henderson Robert, joiner, 65 Holmscroft st 
Henderson Robert, joiner and builder, 8 Tobago st. Ho. 28 

Brisbane st 
Henderson Robert, jun., coal merchant, 8 Tobago st. Ho. 

28 South st 
Henderson Thomas, accountant, house factor, and insurance 

agent, 14 Cathcart st. Ho. Springbank, 22 Fox st 
Henderson William, engineer, 57 Holmscroft st 
Henderson William F., commercial traveller, 25 Bank st 
Henderson Miss Janet, 17 Kelly st 
Henderson Miss, matron, Medical Aid Society. Ho. 15 

Caddlehill st 
Henderson Mrs Robert, fruit merchant, 19 Hamilton st and 

26 Vennel. Ho. 18 Bearhope st 
Henderson Mrs, 30 Lynedoch st 
Henderson Mrs, confectioner, 75 Roxburgh st 
Henderson Mrs, 22 West Blackhall st 
HENDRY Andrew, 43 Lynedoch st 
Hendry Archibald, ship chandler, 16 East India breast. Ho. 

26 Mearns st 
Hendry Charles, sawyer, 1 Ratho st 

Hendry D. S. & Son, booksellers and stationers, 35 Cath- 
cart st. (See Advt.) 
Hendry Daniel S., shipwright, 3 Cathcart st. Ho. Oakfield 

cottage, Ratho st 
Hendry D. S. (of D. S. Hendry & Son), Oakfield, Ratho st 
Hendry & Co., coal and lime office, 12 Brougham st 


Hendry Duncan & Son, ship carpenters, joiners, and block- 
makers, India place, 7 Dock breast and Open shore 

Hendry Duncan, engineer and smith, 7 Shaw st and Garvel 
Dock. Ho. 9 Margaret st 

Hendry Duncan S. (of Duncan Hendry & Son), 2 Shaw pi 

Hendry George (of D. S. Hendry & Son), Oakfield, Ratho st 

Hendry James, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Charles st and 
14 Market st. Ho. 6 Shaw place 

Hendry James & Co., watchmakers, 31 Cathcart st 

Hendry James (of James Hendry & Co.), Oakfield Ratho st 

Hendry James, brassfinisher, 1 West Stewart st 

Hendry James, grocer, 15 Market st 

Hendry James, tugboatmaster, 51 Crawfurd st 

Hendry John, carpenter, 2 Old Hillend 

Hendry John, engineer, 53 Drumfrochar Road 

Hendry John, brassfinisher, 6 Old Hillend 

Hendry John, smith, 19 Ingleston place 

Hendry John, pansman, 19 Ingleston place 

Hendry Malcolm, boatman, 15 Shaw st 

Hendry P. D. (of Hendry & Co.), 13 Union st 

Hendry Robert, engineer, 65 Belville st 

Hendry Robert, engineer, 49 Trafalgar st 

Hendry Robert, tailor and clothier, 29 Regent st. Ho. do. 

Hendry William, labourer, 1 1 Main st 

Hendry William, joiner, 3 Lauriston st 

Hendry William, engineer, 3 Manse lane 

Hendry William, salesman, 5 Holmscroft st 

Hendry Miss, 55 Holmscroft st 

Hendry Miss Mary, stationer and tobacconist, 18 Cartsburn 
st. Ho. 16 Hope st 

Hendry Mrs D., Broomfield, 61 Esplanade 

Hendry Mrs, fruiterer, 13 Union st. Ho. do. 

Hendry Mrs John, Fern Bank, 87 Newton st 

Hendry Mrs John, 16 Hope st 

Hendry Mrs M., spirit dealer, 7 Main st. Ho. 38 East 
Hamilton st 

HENNAN John, labourer, 46 Cathcart st 

HENRY Andrew, (of Brymner Swan & Henry), 34 Bris- 
bane st 

Henry Charles, baker, 22 Ann st. Ho. 42 do. 

Henry John, late candlemaker, 34 Brisbane st 

Henry Mrs James, feuar, 39 Dempster st 


HENRICHS Mrs Henry, 34 West Stewart st 

HEPBURN John, van-driver, 38 West Stewart st 

Hepburn Thomas, sugar-boiler, 1 1 Watt st 

Hepburn William, joiner, 2 Kilblain st 

HERALD (Glasgow), Daily and Weekly. Branch office,. 
29 Cathcart st — Robert Wood, agent and correspondent. 
Ho. 35 Brisbane st 

Herald (Greenock) Office, 40 Cathcart st 

HERBERT Robert Wilson, toy and fancy goods warehouse,. 
7 Grey place. Ho. 33 West Stewart st 

HERD James, clerk, 24 West Stewart st 

HERON Andrew C, surveyor to Lloyds' Register, 5 Caddie- 
hill st 

Heron John, engine driver, 12 Lyle st 

Heron John, labourer, 64 Ann st 

Heron John, fireman, 18 Vennel 

Heron Samuel, labourer, 8 Nile st 

Heron Spence, labourer, 64 Ann st 

Heron Mrs, 75 Regent st 

Heron Mrs, 19 Bruce st 

HESSION Patrick, Customhouse officer, 1 1 Dempster st 

HEUGH Alexander, engineer, 20 Serpentine walk 

HEYLAND A. C, Langford lodge, 58 Finnart st 

HICKEY Thomas, huckster, 9 Bearhope st 

HIGGINS William, Inland Revenue Officer, 7 Caddlehill st 

Higgins Miss, 22 Eldon st 

HIGGS W. H., shipmaster, 34 Mearns st 

HIGHET James, engineer, 13 Lyle st 

Highet Mrs John, 37 Lynedoch st 

Highet Mrs, 15 Mount Pleasant st 

HIGHLANDERS' Academy, 60 Roxburgh st 

HILDRETH Miss Isabella, 75 Holmscroft st 

HILL Archibald, shoemaker, 85 Roxburgh st 

Hill Henry, rigger, 45 Hamilton st 

Hill James M. & Co., belt and fire hose manufacturers, 
curriers, and leather merchants, 1 1 Stanners st 

Hill James, painter, 97 Roxburgh st 

Hill James M., 52 Esplanade 

Hill Jasper, tanner, 9 Chapel st 

Hill John, boilermaker, 22 Pottery st 

Hill Matthew, miller and grain merchant, 16 Chapel st. Ho. 
Annie bank, 13 Eldon st 


Hill Ninian, shipowner, Clyde buildings, 19 West Blackhall 
st. Ho. 57 Union st! 

Hill Robert, labourer, 13 Holmscroft st 

Hill Robert, timber and goods measurer, 2 East India breast. 
Ho. 26 Mount Pleasant st 

Hill William John, shoemaker, 8 Cathcart st. Ho. 10 
Hope st 

Hill Miss H, tobacconist, 8 Grey place. Ho. do. 

Hill Mrs A., 13 Watt st 

Hill Mrs George, 25 Brisbane st 

Hill Mrs John, 32 Ingleston st 

Hill Mrs Ramsay, 57 Union st 

HILLEND Medical Hall, 1 Lauriston st 

HILLIARD George, gateman, 60 Urumfrochar roagl 

Hilliard William, cooper, 33 Lyle st 

HILLIS John, labourer, 8 Springkell st 

HILTON Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Charles st. 
Ho. 35 Roxburgh st 

HINMERS Miss Ellen, 26 Brisbane st 

HOCKENHULL John C, musician, 65 Nicolson st 

HODGE George, steward, 22 Crawfurd st 

Hodge James, labourer, 5 Salmon st 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and bed- 
ding manufacturers, and furniture warehouse, 12 West 
Blackhall st and 2 1 Cathcart st 
Hodge Mitchell (of Mitchell Hodge & Son), Mileburn, 

Ashton, Gourock 
Hodge William (of Mitchell Hodge & Son), Mileburn, 

Ashton, Gourock 
Hodge William, joiner, 8 Watt st 
HODGSON William, baker, 24 Trafalgar st 
HOGG Alexander & Co., sugar merchants, Sugar Exchange 
Hogg Nathan, labourer, 14 Mearns st 
Hogg, Wallace & Co., sugar refiners, Dellingburn st 
Hogg William B., draughtsman, 28 Trafalgar st 
Hoggan John, clerk, P.O., 30 South st 
HOLBURN James, cowfeeder, 37 Wellington st 
Holburn Robert, sen., 36 Dempster st 
Holburn Robert, jun., dairyman, 56 Ann st 
HOLM & Fraser, timber measurers, 67 Rue-end st 
Holm M. (of Holm & Fraser), Barr's Brae, Port-Glasgow 
HOLMES Alexander, cooper, 6 Union st 


Holmes Henry, engineer, 19 Ingleston place 

Holmes James, carting contractor,^ St. Lawrence St. Ho. do. 

Holmes James, labourer, 9 Belville st 

Holmes James, brickmaker, 4 Carwood st 

Holmes John, contractor, 10 East Blackhall st 

Holmes John, grocer and wine merchant, 15 Roxburgh st 
Ho. Shipbank, 7 Lyle st 

Holmes John, joiner, 40 Mearns st 

Holmes John, woolsorter, 64 Ann st 

Holmes Robert, grocer, 30 Dalrymple st. Ho. 9 West 
. breast 

Holmes Samuel, grocer, 1 1 Belville st 

Holmes Walter, blacksmith, 2 Carwood st 

Holmes William, joiner, 24 Belville st 

HOLNESS Edward, rivetter, 24 West Blackhall st 

HOLTERMAN John, pansman, 35 Ingleston st 

HONEYMAN R., clerk, 74 Wellington st 

Honeyman Mrs, 17 Newton st 

HOOD John, plumber, 18 South st 

Hood John, shoemaker, 3 Watt st 

Hood John, shopman, 46 Crawfurd st 

Hood Matthew, joiner, 11 Hill st 

Hood William, grocer and provision merchant, 43 Hamilton 
st. Ho. 4 South st 

HOPE James, bandage maker, 18 Cathcart st 

Hope James, railway guard, 67 Nicolson st 

Hope J. & W., plumbers, lead and zinc merchants, 12 
Kilblain st. Ho. 7 Union st 

Hope William (of Crawford & Hope), 7 Union st 

HOPEKINS Robert, grocer, 15 Brougham st. Ho. 17 do. 

HOPKIRK Andrew, joiner, 10 Carwood st 

HORN John, plainer, 23 Ingleston st 

Horn William, sugar sampler, 24 Bruce st 

Horn Mrs, 68 Holmscroft st 

HORNE Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 52 Holms- 
croft st 

HORSMAN John, 26 South st 

HOSEA Clounes, flesher, 23 Dempster st 

Hosea Robert, governor of Scott Institution, 5 Nelson st, w 

HOUGHTON S. V., storekeeper, 67 Rue-end st 

HOURSTON Mrs P., 28 Brisbane st 

HOUSE of Refuge (Female), Upper Ingleston st 


HOUSTON Archibald (of R. & W. Houston & Co.), 7 

Carwood st 
Houston Archibald, fitter, 74 Wellington st 
Houston David, out-door officer (Customs), 66 Wellington st 
Houston George W. (of Robert Houston & Sons), Woolton,. 

93 Eldon st 
Houston J. & R., engineers, ironfounders, and sugar refinery 

architects, Cartsburn Foundry and Engine Works,. 

Upper Ingleston 
Houston James, Annie Bank, 41 Fox st 
Houston James, foreman carter, 3 Regent st 
Houston John (of J. & R. Houston), Annie Bank, 41 Fox st 
Houston John, blacksmith, 3 East Crawford st 
Houston John, feuar, 17 Newton st 
Houston John, shipmaster, 15 Robertson st 
Houston Peter, boilermaker, 7 Hope st 
Houston R. & W. & Co., joiners and builders, 69 Belville st 
Houston R. H. (of Robert Houston & Sons), Birnam, 40 

Newark st 
Houston Robert & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 28 West 

Blackhall st and Rockbank Mills, Drumfrochar road 
Houston Robert, 51 Brougham st 

Houston Robert (of J. & R. Houston), Annie Bank, 41 Foxst 
Houston Robert, carter, 51 Belville st 
Houston William, joiner, 8 Hope st 

Houston & Wilkie Misses, grocers, 53 Belville st. Ho. do. 
Houston Miss, milliner, 51 Brougham st 
Houston Mrs, grocer, 17 Belville st. Ho. 24 do. 
Houston Mrs James, 1 Watt place 
Houston Mrs Robert, Woolton, 93 Eldon st 
HO WAT Robert (of Jamieson & Howat), 16 Robertson st 
HOWES Edward, engineer, 4 Mearns st 
HOWIE Alexander, tailor and clothier, 26 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 25 Dempster st 
Howie Andrew, brass-dresser, 5 Belville st 
Howie Andrew, rivetter, 66 East Hamilton st 
Howie Hugh, carpenter, 12 Terrace road 
Howie James, carter, 54 Drumfrochar road 
Howie James, carpenter, 54 St. Lawrence st 
Howie John, fireman, 7 1 Wellington st 
Howie Matthew, grain and potato merchant, 5 West breast. 

Ho. Clachan farm, Rosneath 


Howie Robert, engine-keeper, 3 Hill st 

Howie Robert, engine-keeper, 1 Mill st 

Howie Robert, watchman, Overton 

HOWIESON Miss, greengrocer, 8 Sir Michael st 

Howieson Mrs William, 3 Bank st 

HOY Andrew, meter inspector, 1 7 Mount Pleasant st 

Hoy George, joiner, 68 Wellington st 

Hoy Mrs James, grocer, 64 Ann st 

HUBERT George, carpenter, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 

HUEY James, H.M. Customs, 42 Ann st 

HUGHES Felix, assistant, West-end Baths, 12 Ardgowanst, w 

Hughes Richard, joiner, 115 Dempster st 

Hughes Robert, coal merchant, 85 J Belville st 

Hughes Samuel, cooper, 39 Ann st 

Hughes Thomas, moulder, 6 Lauriston st 

Hughes William, boilermaker, 9 Crescent st 

Hughes William, seaman, 76 Ann st 

Hughes William, policeman, 4 Holmscroft st 

Hughes Mrs Robert, feuar, 13 Crescent st 

HUME George, moulder, 19 Ingleston place 

HUMPHREY Davis, mason, 20 Pottery st 

HUMPHREYS Joseph, carver and gilder, 17 Sugarhouse 

lane. Ho. 15 Nelson st, west 
Humphreys Mrs, confectioner, 36 Inverkip st 
HUNT John, spirit merchant, 4 Bearhope st. Ho. 22 

South st 
Hunt John, traveller, 87 Belville st 
HUNTER Alexander, mariner, 21 Wellington st 
Hunter A. S. D. (of T. O. Hunter & Co.), 29 Brougham st 
Hunter Brothers, nshcurers, 14 Cathcart st 
Hunter, Brown & Co., shipowners, 13 Hamilton st 
Hunter David, shoemaker, 13 Market st 
Hunter Gavin S., paper ruler, 62 Kelly st 
Hunter George, furniture dealer and upholsterer, 20 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 23 do. 
Hunter Hugh, timekeeper, 45 Holmscroft st 
Hunter James, engineer, 16 Lynedoch st 
Hunter James, galvanic battery proprietor, 3 Dellingburn st 
Hunter James (of Hunter Brothers), 22 Bank st 
Hunter John, 2 Watt place 
Hunter John C. (of Orr, Hunter & Co. Limited), Finnart 

house, 46 Forsyth st 


Hunter John, 24 Patrick st 

Hunter John, shoemaker, Cartsburn cottage, 23 Crescent st 

Hunter John & Co., wholesale fish merchants, 8 West breast 

Hunter Robert, engineer, 23 Belville st 

Hunter Robert, joiner, 9 Lyle st 

Hunter Robert, timber measurer, 67 Rue-end st. Ho. Holly- 
wood villa, Port-Glasgow 

Hunter Robert, engineer, 24 East Crawford st 

Hunter Robert, engineer, 7 Mill st 

Hunter T. O. & Co., merchants, shipping and commission 
agents, and agents for Lloyds', London, and Liverpool 
Underwriters' Association, Vice-Consulate for Sweden, 
Norway, and Denmark, 13 Hamilton st 

Hunter Thomas, brassfinisher, 35 Ingleston st 

Hunter William H. (of T. O. Hunter & Co.), Mallowdale, 

Hunter William, clerk, 1 1 Dempster st 

Hunter William, engineer, 63 Belville st 

Hunter William, grocer and provision merchant, 31 Brougham 
st. Ho. do. 

Hunter William, labourer, 6 Inverkip st 

Hunter William W., joiner, 67 Nicolson st 

Hunter Miss, boys' dressmaker, 12 South st 

Hunter Miss E., 24 Brisbane st 

Hunter Misses I. & J., dressmakers, n West Stewart st 

Hunter Misses J. & M., stationers, 14 Cathcart st. Ho. 16 
Lynedoch st 

Hunter Misses, 1 Forsyth st 

Hunter Mrs A., 69 Regent st 

Hunter Mrs, 34 Main st 

Hunter Mrs E., 18 St. Lawrence st 

Hunter Mrs William, lodgings, 1 1 Lyle st 

Hunter Mrs, 3 Belville st 

Hunter Mrs, 89 Belville st 

Hunter Mrs, 89 East Hamilton st 

HUTCHESON Alexander, shipwright, 6 Chapel st 

Hutcheson Andrew, grocer, 20 Mount Pleasant st 

Hutcheson Daniel, carpenter, 2 South st 

Hutcheson David, joiner, 1 1 Dempster st 

Hutcheson David, labourer, 66 Ann st 

Hutcheson David, labourer, 13 Lauriston st 

Hutcheson David, blue manufacturer, 14 Bogle st 


Hutcheson George, feuar, 12 St. Lawrence st 

Hutcheson George, patternmaker, Ashfield cottage, Mac- 

dougall st 
Hutcheson George, mason, 79 Wellington st 
Hutcheson Hendry, storeman, 45 Holmscroft st 
Hutcheson James, plater, 33 East Crawford st 
Hutcheson James, iron turner, 19 Ingleston st 
Hutcheson Rev. James, minister of East Parish. Manse, 

Finnart terrace, 61 Newton st 
Hutcheson John M. (of Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co.), 38 

Union st 
Hutcheson John, grocer, 63 Main st. Ho. Hyde Park 

Cottage, 12 St. Lawrence st 
Hutcheson John, wool-sorter, 124 Drumfrochar road 
Hutcheson John, carpenter, 18 South st 
Hutcheson Thomas, carpenter, 3 Mearns st 
Hutcheson William, engineer, 4 Prospecthill st 
Hutcheson William, treasurer to the Greenock Harbour 

Trust, 18 Hamilton st. Ho. 18 South st 
Hutcheson Miss, 31 Regent st 
Hutcheson Miss, 36 Nelson st, west 
Hutcheson Mrs Peter, 22 Brisbane st 
Hutcheson Mrs, grocer, 87 Wellington st 
Hutcheson Mrs, 15 Antigua st 
Hutcheson Mrs, 7 Hope st 
Hutcheson Mrs, 67 Regent st 
HUTCHINSON Thomas W., warehouseman, 5 Mount 

Pleasant st 
HUTCHISON James, head-master (Fairrie's) East Shaw 

Street School. Ho. 32 Ardgowan st, west 
Hutchison William, printer and publisher, 23 

Nicolson st. Ho. 24 Kelly st 
HUTTON Hugh, out-door officer, H. M. Customs, 3 

Brougham st 
Hutton James, general dealer and furniture warehouseman, 

20 and 22 Inverkip st. Ho. 95 Roxburgh st 
Hutton James, shipmaster, 21 Brisbane st 
Hutton Thomas, baker, 3 Hamilton st. Ho. 2 Watt place 
Hutton William, moulder, 2 Watt place 
Hutton Miss J. M., confectioner, 26 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

3 Brougham st 
Hutton Mrs John, 1 1 John st 


HYDE Norman, boilermaker, 13 Ingleston st 
Hyde William, porter, 108 Drumfrochar road 
HYNDMAN Hugh, engineer, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Hyndman James, coal merchant, 67 Vennel. Ho. 24 West 

Stewart st 
Hyndman Joseph, cooper, 17 Cathcart st 
Hyndman Robert, rigger, 32 Tobago st 
Hyndman Mrs John, 16 Regent st 
Hyndman Mrs Joseph, 6 Fox st 
Hyndman Mrs Jane, 3 Serpentine walk 
Hyndman Mrs, dairy, 1 1 Crawfurd st 
HYNDS Edward, engineer, 10 John st 
Hynds Thomas, labourer, 5 John st 
HYSLOP G. K., glass stainer, 80 Roxburgh st 
Hyslop William W., wholesale and retail glass and china 

merchant, 23 Hamilton st. Ho. 35 Kelly st 
HYTTEN Christopher & Co., shipbrokers, 2 West quay 

IMRIE John, slater, 87 Wellington st 

Imrie John, jun., slater, 5 George square 

INFIRMARY, 21 Inverkip st and 4 Duncan st 

INGLESTON Foundry, 9 Ingleston st 

INGLIS Andrew, sugar boiler, 52 Holmscroft st 

Inglis James, coal merchant, Mount Park Villa, 2 Holms- 
croft st 

Inglis James, joiner, 18 South st 

Inglis James & Sons, music-sellers, Clyde buildings, 19 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 1 Kelly st. (See Advt.) 

Inglis James, skinner, 105 Belville st 

Inglis James, spirit dealer, 10 K'ilblain st. Ho. 24 Union st 

Inglis John, mason, 26 East Crawford st 

Inglis John, moulder, 50 St. Lawrence st 

Inglis John, professor of music, 1 Kelly st 

Inglis Robert,. 7 Margaret st 

Inglis Robert, joiner, 12 South st 

Inglis William, labourer, 41 Roxburgh st 

Inglis William, moulder, 14 Regent st 

Inglis William L., solicitor and notary public, 14 Hamilton 
st. Ho. Gladstone place, 33 Brisbane st 


Inglis Mrs James, grocer and provision merchant, 112 Drum- 

frochar road. Ho. 56 Ann st 
Inglis Mrs James, Melita cottage, 14 Bentinck st 
Inglis Mrs, 56 Kelly st 

INGRAM William B., teacher, 2 Wellington st 
INLAND Revenue Office (Excise), Customhouse buildings 
INNES Joseph, engineer, 30 Wellington st 
Innes Joseph, sheriff-officer and J. P. constable, 41 Cathcart 

st. Ho. 124 Drumfrochar road 
Innes William, bookseller, stationer, and news-agent, 40 

Hamilton st. Ho. 26 Newton st 
Innes Mrs, 1 1 Watt st 
IRELAND Mrs James, 73 Holmscroft st 
IRONS Mrs Agnes, 7 Brisbane st 
IRVIN Mrs, 24 Union st 
IRVINE Alexander, clerk, 8 Nile st 
Irvine Christopher, labourer, 24 Trafalgar st 
Irvine William, carpenter, 13 Hope st 
Irvine William, bricklayer, 86 Belville st 
Irvine Mrs James, 19 Dempster st 
IRVING Miss, 36 West Blackhall st 
ISAAC William, joiner, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
ISBISTER John B.. shipmaster, 11 Mearns st 
ITALIAN Vice-Consulate, Sinclair & Co., 46 Cathcart st 

JACK John, merchant, 31 Bank st 

Jack John, sailmaker, 6 Mount Pleasant st 

Jack William, moulder, 36 Arthur st 

Jack William, labourer, 27 Ingleston st 

Jack Mrs Hugh, 23 Trafalgar st 

J AC KM AN Captain W. A., 44 Mearns st 

JACKSON James, sawyer, 81 Port-Glasgow road 

Jackson John, moulder, 34 Crescent st 

Jackson John, steward, 15 Cross-shore st 

Jackson Matthew, labourer, 23 Belville st 

Jackson William, engineer, 84 Belville st 

Jackson Mrs Hyslop, 18 East Crawford st 

JAFFREY G. W., engineer and shipbuilder, 42 Newton st 

JAMES William, joiner, 12 South st 


James William, labourer, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

James Watt Steamship Co. (Limited), 2 West Quay. — 

Leitch & Muir, managers 
JAMIESON Alexander, carpenter, 15 Lynedoch st 
Jamieson Archibald, coppersmith, 2 Lauriston st 
Jamieson James, coal merchant, 10 Nile st 
Jamieson James S. & Co., ship and insurance brokers and 

commission agents, 18 West Burn st 
Jamieson James S. (of James S. Jamieson & Co.), Glenhill, 

Newton st 
Jamieson John, contractor, 64 Kelly st 
Jamieson John Reid, house wright and Venetian blind manu- 
facturer, 39 Wellington st. Ho. do. 
Jamieson John & Co., clothiers, 16 Hamilton st 
Jamieson John, commission agent, iron, copper, yellow 

metal, and felt merchant, 2 Cathcart st. Ho. 32. 

Ardgowan st, w T est 
Jamieson John, 24 Cartsburn st 
Jamieson John, carpenter, 12 Arthur st 
Jamieson John, plumber, 23 Trafalgar st 
Jamieson & Howat, joiners and builders, 8 South st 
Jamieson Norman, deputy harbour-master, 3 Kelly st 
Jamieson Robert, joiner, 12 South st 
Jamieson Robert, smith, 1 West Stewart st 
Jamieson Robert Walter, feuar and shipowner, 16 Nelson st y 

west. Ho. Octavia Villa, 1 Brisbane st 
Jamieson Robert Walter, joiner, 60 Kelly st 
Jamieson Thomas, shoemaker, 43 Ann st. Ho. 73 do. 
Jamieson Thomas (of Jamieson & Howat), surveyor of 

buildings, 10 Bedford st 
Jamieson Miss C, tobacconist, 35 Cathcart st 
Jamieson Misses, 18 Robertson st 
Jamieson Misses, feuars, 7 Orangefield place 
Jamieson Mrs Alexander, feuar, 56 Kelly st 
Jamieson Mrs, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
Jamieson Mrs, 24 Hamilton st 
Jamieson Mrs Thomas, 30 Roxburgh st 
Jamieson Mrs William, Glenhill, 91 Newton st 
JARVIE James A., agent for Czarnikow & Boog, Exchange 

buildings. Ho. 33 Esplanade 
Jarvie Rev. J. M., minister of George Square Congregational 

Church. Ho. 33 Esplanade 


Jarvie W. & Co., general drapers, n West Blackhall st 
Jarvie W. (of W. Jarvie & Co.), 2 Robertson st 
JEANS John, mason, 2 Garvalcl st 
JENKINS Alexander, tailor, 41 West Burn st 
Jenkins William, boilermaker, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
Jenkins Mrs John, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
JENNEY Miss Emily Vaux, 3 Ardgowan square 
JERDAN Rev. Charles, M.A., LL.B., minister Sir Michael 

Street U.P. Church. Ho. 115 Eldon st 
JESSAMINE James, rafter, 5 Hope st 
Jessamine William, foreman, 18 East Crawford st 
Jessamine Mrs John, feuar, 17 Ardgowan sq 
JOHANSEN August, mate, 15 Hope st 
JOHNS Thomas, shipmaster, 26 Patrick st 
Johns August, mate, 72 Roxburgh st 
JOHNSON Thomas, Inland Revenue Officer, 33 Kelly st 
JOHNSTON Alexander, engineer, 18 East Crawford st 
Johnston Alexander Ranken, merchant, Seafield, 1 Fox st 
Johnston Angus, papermaker, Overton 
Johnston David, pointsman, 60 Drumfrochar road 
Johnston Donald, labourer, 40 Nicolson st 
Johnston Duncan, shipmaster, 28 Brisbane st 
Johnston George, papermaker, 126 Drumfrochar road 
Johnston George, 8 Hay st 
Johnston Isaac, engineer. 18 St. Lawrence st 
Johnston James, carpenter, 20 Antigua st 
Johnston James, carpenter, 32 Crescent st 
Johnston James, engineer, 114 Drumfrochar road 
Johnston James D., tailor, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
Johnston James, engineer, 83 Belville st 
Johnston James, 24 South st 
Johnston James, shipmaster, 36 South st 
Johnston John, bricklayer, 6 St. Lawrence st 
Johnston John, moulder, 3 Belville st 
Johnston John, clerk, 84 Roxburgh st 
Johnston John, moulder, 23 Ingleston st 
Johnston John, joiner, 76 Roxburgh st 
Johnston John, carpenter, 12 Laird st 
Johnston John, carter, 1 Drumfrochar road 
Johnston Peter, labourer, 3 Hill st 
Johnston Robert, engineer, 9 Ratho st 
Johnston Samuel, railway porter, 4 Watt st 


Johnston Thomas, blacksmith, 93 Belville st 
Johnston Thomas, carpenter, 29 Trafalgar st 
Johnston Thomas, cooper, 5 Watt st 
Johnston Thomas, labourer, 24 Cartsburn st 
Johnston Thomas, tailor, 49 Nicolson st 
Johnston William, labourer, 48 St. Lawrence st 
Johnston William, railway porter, 115 Dempster st 
Johnston William, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, 

for middle district, 5 Bank st 
Johnston William, session-clerk, Cartsburn Parish. Ho. 17 

Ingleston st 
Johnston William, carpenter, 77 Regent st 
Johnston William, joiner, 33 Ingleston st 
Johnston William, shipmaster, 93 Roxburgh st 
Johnston William, skinner, 30 Cartsburn st 
Johnston William, bookseller, stationer and news agent, 46 

Hamilton st. Ho. 10 Brisbane st 
Johnston William, moulder, 8 John st 
Johnston William B., railway guard, 29 Belville st 
Johnston Miss, furnished lodgings, 14 W T est Blackhall st 
Johnston Miss Mary, grocer, 6 John st. Ho. 17 Ingleston st 
Johnston Mrs Emma, midwife, 61 Nicolson st 
Johnston Mrs James, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
Johnston Mrs James, 2 Bruce st 
Johnston Mrs John, dressmaker, 9 Argyle st 
Johnston Mrs Margaret, 13 Newton st 
Johnston Mrs, 114 Drumfrochar road 
Johnston Mrs, 60 Eldon st 
Johnston Mrs, 9 Dempster st 
Johnston Mrs, 5 Armadale place, Bank st 
Johnston Mrs, 1 Duncan st 
Johnston Mrs, 29 Ann st 
Johnston Mrs, 35 Lynedoch st 
Johnston Mrs, 46 Cathcart st 
JOHNSTONE George, Inspector National Telephone Co., 

4 Mansion House lane 
Johnstone Rev. M. P., minister of Free Middle Church, 

George square. Manse, 57 Newton st 
Johnstone Rev. Thomas Francis, M. A., minister of St. Paul's 

Church. Ho. 34 Eldon st 
Johnstone Miss, milliner, 31 West Blackhall st. Ho. 56 

Kelly st 


JONES Alexander, mate, 43 Crawfurd st 

Jones John, coachman, Overton 

Jones Richard, engineer, 5 Dellingburn square 

Jones Richard, jun., engineer, 5 Hope st 

Jones William, railway guard, 82 Belville st 

Jones William, shipmaster, 6 Finnart st 

JORDON John, brickbuilder and contractor, 3 East Black- 
hall st. Ho. 62 East Crawford st 

JOSS Miss, 13 Mount Pleasant st 

JUSTICE William, clerk, 21 Newton st 

Justice Miss C, confectioner, 35 West Blackhall st. Ho. 
29 Brougham st 

Justice Mrs William, 29 Brougham st 

Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, Mansionhouse 


KAIN Thomas, police sergeant, 70 Ann st 

Kain Thomas, cooper, 19 Belville st 

KAMES Gunpowder Company's Office, 4 Bogle st — John 
Bryce & Co., agents 

KANE Francis, labourer, 19 Belville st 

Kane George, gardener, 73 Nicolson st 

Xane James, labourer, 25 John st 

Kane Michael, labourer, 6 West Stewart st 

Kane William, badge porter, 29 Trafalgar st 

Kane William, policeman. 9 Hope st 

KAY A. S. (of A. S. Kay & Co.), 26 West Blackhall st 

Kay A. S. & Co., machine agents and manufacturers of 
knitted hosiery, 26 West Blackhall st 

Kay James, cutter, 24 Roxburgh st 

Kay John, joiner, 9 Holmscroft st 

Kay Peter, caulker, 27 Lynedoch st 

Kay Rev. Thomas, minister of Ladyburn Parish. Ho. 2 
Moffat st 

KEAN John, fireman, 8 Kilblain st 

Kean Thomas, labourer, 1 Bruce st 

Kean Mrs Francis, broker, 33 Dalrymple st. Ho. 23 New- 
ton st 

KEARNEY William, smith, 55 Belville st 

KEE Joseph, carpenter, 91 Dempster st 


KEEGAN Francis, railway guard, 17 Brougham st 

KEENAN Colvin (of Keenan & M'Kee), 26 Bruce st 

Keenan Henry, nursery seedsman and florist, 24 Union st_ 
Ho. do. 

Keenan James, nurseryman and gardener, 16 Forsyth st. 
Ho. 34 Kelly st 

Keenan John, fruit and vegetable merchant, 6 Tobago st 
and 18 Brisbane st. Ho. 34 Kelly st 

Keenan Robert, gardener, 61 Ann st 

Keenan & M'Kee, builders, 62 Inverkip st 

Keenan Mrs, 19 Brisbane st 

KEITH Duncan, boatman, 15 Antigua st 

Keith Duncan, engineer, 10 Lynedoch st 

Keith Peter, cowfeeder, 1 East William st 

Keith Samuel, Royal Hotel and Restaurant, 3 East breast 

Keith Miss, feuar, 24 Kelly st 

KELLET George, tailor, 70 Roxburgh st 

KELLY Andrew T., greengrocer, 71 Main st 

Kelly Donald, carpenter, 20 Lyle st 

Kelly Francis, labourer, 23 Lyle st 

Kelly George, baker, 64 Wellington st 

Kelly George, rigger, 45 Hamilton st 

Kelly George, rivetter, 83 Belville st 

Kelly James, labourer, 3 John st 

Kelly James, joiner, 1 John st 

Kelly John, joiner, 2 Cartsburn st 

Kelly John, foreman porter, 15 Brougham st 

Kelly John, labourer, 105 Belville st 

Kelly Thomas, boilermaker, 18 Mearns st 

Kelly William, labourer, 1 1 Mill st 

Kelly William & Co., family grocers, tea, wine, and spirit 
merchants, and ship-store dealers, 9 William st 

Kelly Miss Matilda S. T., 1 John st 

Kelly Mrs Mary, 36 West Blackhall st 

KELSO James, spirit merchant, 65 Main st. Ho. 3 An- 
tigua st 

Kelso William, tobacconist, 20 Hamilton st. Ho. 10 Lyle st. 

Kelso Mrs Daniel, feuar, 23 Ardgowan st, west 

Kelso Mrs Janet, feuar, 25 Bank st 

Kelso Mrs R., fish and provision merchant, 17 Charles st~ 
Ho. 21 Newton st 

Kelso Mrs R., 3 Antigua st 


Kelso Mrs, 8 Cathcart st 

KEMP Mrs Joseph, 6 Nelson st, west 

KEMPSLEY Samuel, Customhouse boatman, 9 Lynedoch st 

KENNEDY Alexander, carter, 27 Nicolson st 

Kennedy Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 43 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 19 Nelson st, west 
Kennedy Alexander, salesman, 36 Lynedoch st 
Kennedy Andrew, engine-driver, 17 Kelly st 
Kennedy Daniel, engineer, 53 Regent st 
Kennedy Daniel, sailmaker, 24 Ann st 
Kennedy David, labourer, 19 Ingleston place 
Kennedy Donald, timekeeper, 14 Wellington st 
Kennedy Fergus, caulker, 12 Ann st 
Kennedy Ferguson, baker, 45 Holmscroft st 
Kennedy Henry, engineer, 7 Lynedoch st 
Kennedy H., monumental sculptor, 3 South st. 

Ho. 33 Nelson st, west 
Kennedy Hugh, labourer, 32 Crescent st 
Kennedy Hugh J., vanman, 85 Dempster st 
Kennedy James, toy merchant and tobacconist, 49 Rue-end 

Kennedy John, caulker, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Kennedy John, joiner, 6 Inverkip st 
Kennedy John, rivetter, 12 Market st 
Kennedy John, tug-boat master, 27 Shaw st 
Kennedy Patrick, machinist, 28 Lynedoch st 
Kennedy Robert, miller, 27 Roxburgh st 
Kennedy Thomas, architect, 2 George square 
Kennedy Thomas B., mason, 19 Mount Pleasant st 
Kennedy William, engineer, 10 Chapel st 
Kennedy Miss, 8 Cathcart st 
Kennedy Mrs, lodgings, 8 Kilblain st 
Kennedy Mrs, 16 Kelly st 
Kennedy Mrs, 4 South st 

Kennedy Mrs, temperance hotel, 1 2 Brymner st 
Kennedy Mrs William, 33 Nelson st 
KENNEY John, salesman, 7 Watt st 
KENT John, joiner, 20 St. Lawrence st 
KENYON Mrs, 20 Lynedoch st 
KEOGH John, cabman, 24 West Blackhall st 
KER Mrs Henry, 87 Roxburgh st 
Ker Misses, 27 Nelson st, west 


KERR Alexander, Venetian blind maker, 23 West Stewart st. 

Ho. 3 George sq. (See Advt.) 
Kerr Andrew, architect and surveyor, Mansionhouse. Ho. 

97 Brisbane st 
Kerr Angus, joiner, Overton 
Kerr A. J., surveyor of Customs, 17 Finnart st 
Kerr Archibald, timber measurer, 1 7 Newton st 
Kerr Colin, boilermaker, 52 St. Lawrence st 
Kerr Daniel (of John Kerr & Co.), Heywood, 1 Margaret st 
Kerr David, accountant and insurance agent, 27 West Burn 

st. Ho. 35 Kelly st 
Kerr Edward, feuar, 34 South st 

Kerr George, examining officer, Customs, 15 Robertson st 
Kerr George, Customhouse officer, 13 Antigua st 
Kerr George, labourer. 5 John st 
Kerr Henry, storekeeper, 30 East Hamilton st 
Kerr Henry B., clerk, 25 Newton st 
Kerr Hugh, American and Continental stores, 

10 West Blackhall st, and 24 Lynedoch st. 

Ho. 14 Lyle st 
Kerr H. S. (of MacEachran, Fulton & Kerr), 44 Eldon st 
Kerr James, chemist, Municipal buildings, 8 Hamilton st, 

and 1 Lauriston st, Hillend. Ho. 2 Lyle st 
Kerr James, railway guard, 114 Drumfrochar road 
Kerr James, shepherd, 6 Hill st 
Kerr John, boilermaker, 17 Lauriston st 
Kerr John, engineer, 23 Belville st . 
Kerr John, joiner, 1 1 Murdieston st 
Kerr John & Co., shipowners, 6 Grey place 
Kerr John, shipowner, 6 Grey place. Ho. Heathfield, 53 

Eldon st 
Kerr John S. (of Smith & Sharp, Glasgow), Clydeview, 49 

Margaret st 
Kerr, Newton & Co., shipbrokers and merchants, 4 Brymner 

st — Craig, Scott & Co., agents 
Kerr Peter, artist, 42 Newton st 
Kerr Peter, stationmaster (G. & S.-W. Railway), Princes Pier 

station. Ho. 17 Brougham st 
Kerr Robert, labourer, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Kerr Robert, merchant, 6 Grey place. Ho. Westfield, 17 

Octavia terrace 
Kerr Robert, joiner, 6 Chapel st 


Kerr Robert, grocer, 4 Hill st 

Kerr Robert, feuar, 34 Brisbane st 

Kerr Samuel, ham-curer, 77 Wellington st 

Kerr Samuel, miller, 27 Ingleston st 

Kerr Thomas, engine-driver, 63 Nicolson st 

Kerr William, boilermaker, 1 7 Lauristonist 

Kerr William, plumber, 108 Drumfrochar road 

Kerr William, manager, Oakfield, west, Ratho st 

Kerr Miss, Heathfield, 53 Eldon st 

Kerr Miss, 14 Ann st 

Kerr Miss, fruiterer, 22 Lynedoch st 

Kerr Mrs A., 42 Regent st 

Kerr Mrs James, 13 Mount Pleasant st 

Kerr Mrs, 27 Nicolson st 

Kerr Mrs, 5 Regent st 

Kerr Mrs, 63 Rue-end st 

KEYS James, carpenter, 15 Bearhope st 

KIDD Benjamin (at Kidd Brothers), 58 Kelly st 

Kidd Brothers, cabinetmakers, upholstereis and bedding 
manufacturers, 6 Grey place 

Kidd Robert (of Kidd Brothers), 3 Kelly st 

Kidd William (of Morton & Kidd), 40 Brisbane st 

Kidd Mrs D., 58 Kelly st 

KIDSTON A. G. & Co., iron, steel, copper, and zinc mer- 
chants, and agents for Muntz's patent yellow metal, 48 
Rue-end st and 2 Virginia st — Colin S. Caird, manager 

KILBLAIN Academy, 15 Kilblain st 

KILGOUR James, shoemaker, 10 Baker st 

Kilgour John, boilermaker, 3 Lauriston st 

KILLIN Andrew, shoemaker, 21 Bruce st 

Killin Thomas, carpenter, 13 Hope st 

Killin Mrs Samuel, grocer, 21 Sir Michael st 

KILPATRICK Hugh, mason, 4 Union st 

Kilpatrick Samuel, spirit merchant, 35 Vennel. Ho. 66 
Regent st 

Kilpatrick Mrs, grocer, 1 1 Murdieston st 

KILVINGTON Thomas, H.M. Customs, 47 Brisbane st 

KINCAID & Co., engineers, boilermakers, and ironfounders, 
Clyde foundry, East Hamilton st 

Kincaid James L., lithographer and stationer, 26 Brymner 
st. Ho. 30 do. (See Advt.) 

Kincaid John G. (of Kincaid & Co.), Oakfield, west, Ratho st 


Kincaid Robert, engine-driver, 60 Drumfrochar road 

Kincaid Miss, Corriebank, 1 1 Eldon st 

Kincaid Mrs, 30 Brymner st 

KING Alexander, boilermaker, 13 Belville st 

King Daniel, cowfeeder, Upper Ingleston 

King David, cabman, 11 Ann st 

King Dugald, steward, 6 Belville st 

King Dunca-i, tugboatman, 38 Sir Michael st 

King Gilbert, painter, 25 West Stewart st 

King Henry (at John Kerr & Co.'s), 28 Esplanade 

King James, flesher, 7 John st. Ho. Berrymount cottage, 

Upper Greenock 
King John, engineer and shipbuilder, Calcutta (India). Ho. 

69 Newton- st 
King John, sugar porter, Berrymount, Lynedoch st 
King Robert, flesher, 39 Shaw st and 25 Rue-end st. Ho. 

29 do. 
King Robert, engine-keeper, 6 Chapel st 
King Robert, carpenter, 9 Belville st 
King Robert, engine-keeper, 3 York st 
King Thomas, late of H.M. Customs, 34 Brisbane st 
King William, engineer, 70 Wellington st 
King William, carter and contractor, 8 Virginia st. Ho. 59 

Rue-end st 
King Mrs, dressmaker, 32 Mearns st 

KINIPPLE Walter Robert, M.Inst.C.E., 17 West Black- 
hall st and 2 Westminister Chambers, London, S.W. 

Ho. Whitefarland, Octavia Terrace 
KINLOCH John, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 49 

Cathcart st. Ho. Lethington, Kilcreggan 
Kinloch Thomas, clerk, 71 Nicolson st 
Kinloch William, labourer, 30 Cartsburn st 
KINNAIRD James (of Austin & Kinnaird), 56 Regent st 
Kinnaird William, mate, 23 Trafalgar st 
Kinnaird William, cooper, 6 Belville st 
Kinnaird William, cooper, 2 1 Ingleston st 
Kinnaird Miss J., tobacconist, 102 Roxburgh st. Ho. 21 

Ingleston st 
KINNELL David, labourer, 75 Wellington st 
Kinnell George, dairy, 17 Tobago st 
Kinnell James, engine-keeper, 77 Wellington st 
KINNIBURGH James, rafter, 29 Dempster st 


Kinniburgh John, cooper, Ford cottage, i Finnart st 
KIRCHOFF Charles B., shipchandler and storedealer, i 

Watt place. Ho. 2 Jamaica st 
KIRK James, seaman, 3 Hope st 
Kirk John (of J. & R. Kirk), 69 Nicolson st 
Kirk J. & R., builders and contractors, 7 Brougham st 
Kirk Robert (of J. & R. Kirk), 30 South st 
Kirk Mrs John, 62 Kelly st 
Kirk Mrs, 13 Mearns st 

KIRKBRIDE Christopher, basketmaker, 34 Ingleston st 
KIRKCALDY James, compositor, 1 Bank st 
KIRKHAM Mrs Agnes, 82 Roxburgh st 
KIRKLAND John, clerk, 49 Trafalgar st 
KIRKPATRICK George, Customhouse boatman, 12 Rox- 
burgh st 
Kirkpatrick John W. (of Post Office), 27 Robertson st 
Kirkpatrick Jonathan, boot and shoe maker, 14 William st. 

Ho. 28 South st 
Kirkpatrick Samuel, labourer, 30 Ingleston st 
Kirkpatrick William, letter carrier, 3 Prospecthill st 
KIRKWOOD Alexander, baker, 78 Roxburgh st. Ho. 29 

Nelson st, west 
Kirkwood Jas., grocer, 10 Cross-shore st. Ho. 15 Cathcart st 
Kirkwood James, mason, 81 Holmscroft st 
Kirkwood Robert, grocer, 1 Smith's lane. Ho. 59 Regent st 
Kirkwood Thomas, mason and builder, 78 Holmscroft st 

Ho. Auchneagh house, Inverkip road 
Kirkwood William, builder, yard 4 Ardgowan st, west. Ho. 

78 Holmscroft st 
Kirkwood William, mate, 25 Bruce st 
Kirkwood William, engineer, 29 Rue-end st 
Kirkwood Miss, ladies' and children's furnishing warehouse, 

8 Grey place 
Kirkwood Mrs Elizabeth, 56 Kelly st 
Kirkwood Mrs, grocer, 40 Holmscroft st 
KISSICK John, watchman, 19 Ingleston place 
KISSOCK John, railway guard, 1 Kilblain st 
KITCHEN James, cooper, 60 Ann st 
KLAUSE William, ship carpenter and boatbuilder, 3 Delling- 

burn st. Ho. 22 Bank st 
KNAGGS George, sailmaker, 4 Watt st 
KNAUT William, shipmaster, 75 Wellington st 


KNOWLES John, clerk, P.O., 7 Murdieston st 
KNOX James, cooper, 66 Wellington st 
Knox Robert, carpenter, 17 Cathcart st 
Knox Thomas, carpenter, 3 Orchard st 
KYLE James, patternmaker, 19 Dempster st 
Kyle William J., labourer, 29 Ingleston st 

LADY Armstrong Steamship Co. (Limited), 1 Cathcart st — 
Adam, Hamilton & Co., managers 

LAFFERTY George, labourer, 5 1 Belville st 

Lafferty James, labourer, 62 Ann st 

LafTerty John, labourer, 15 Belville st 

Lafferty Phillips, broker, 8 Smith's lane. Ho. 11 Market st 

Lafferty William, labourer, 12 Ingleston st 

LAGUERA Joseph, seaman, 15 Nicolson st 

LAING Robert, seedsman and fruiterer, Municipal Build- 
ings, Hamilton st. Ho. 23 Lyle st 

Laing M., tobacconist, stationer, and branch Post-office, 17 
Rue-end st. Ho. 23 Lyle st 

LAIRD Alexander, contractor, 6 Springkell st 

Laird David, bricklayer, 7 Hope st 

Laird James, farmer, Berry-yards 

Laird James, salesman, 64 Wellington st 

Laird John, 36 Lynedoch st 

Laird Robert, labourer, 36 Holmscroft st 

Laird Robert, farmer, Bow, Inverkip road 

Laird Thomas, boilermaker, 23 Ingleston st 

Laird William, waiter, 1 1 Watt st 

Laird M. & J., Berlin wool repository, 38 Hamilton st. Ho. 
81 Holmscroft st 

Laird Miss, feuar, 50 Inverkip st 

Laird Miss, 19 Captain st 

Laird Mrs A., grocer, 23 Ingleston st 

Laird Mrs, 81 Holmscroft st 

Laird Mrs, 1 Kilblain buildings 

LAMB Charles, labourer, 45 Lynedoch st 

Lamb Thomas, Sons & Co., timber merchants, sawmillers, 
&c, Cartsdyke Saw Mills, 6 East Hamilton st, Greenock, 
and 295 Shields road, Glasgow 


Lamb Thomas jun. (of Thomas Lamb, Sons & Co.), 75 
Union st 

Lamb William, carpenter, 3 Lauriston st 

Lamb William S., clerk, 24 Union st 

Lamb Misses, institution for the education of young ladies, 
18 Margaret st 

LAMBERT Francis, fireman, 5 Sir Michael st 

LAMBIE Francis, locomotive superintendent, 13 East Craw- 
ford st 

Lambie J. M. & R., carpenters and boatbuilders, 3 Ratho st 

Lambie J. M. (of J. M. & R. Lambie), 1 Moffat st 

Lambie Robert (of J. M. & R. Lambie), 99 Belville st 

LAMONT Alexander, contractor, 53 Regent st. Ho. 8 
Mearns st 

Lamont Alexander, shoemaker, 3 Regent st 

Lamont Andrew, labourer, 20 John st 

Lamont Colin, shoemaker, 1 1 Lyle st 

Lamont Daniel, carpenter, 12 Arthur st 

Lamont Duncan, blacksmith, 55 Belville st 

Lamont Duncan, tinsmith, 6 Mearns st 

Lamont Hugh, mason, 70 Wellington st 

Lamont Hugh, steamboat agent, West quay. Ho. 91 Demp- 
ster st 

Lamont James, blacksmith and boilermaker, 7 St. Andrew 
st. Ho. 15 Lyle st 

Lamont James, labourer, 1 West Stewart st 

Lamont John, carpenter, 21 Ingleston st 

Lamont Neil, clothier, 6 Kelly st 

Lamont William, commission and insurance agent, and 
superintendent of Harbour Trust warehouses, sheds, 
and storage ground, 16 Palmerston buildings. Ho. 
81 Finnart st 

Lamont Miss, lodgings, 73 Nicolson st 

Lamont Mrs, 13 Cross-shore st 

Lamont Mrs, 28 West Burn st 

Lamont Mrs, 106 Dempster st 

Lamont Mrs, 21 Nelson st, west 

LANACHAN Thomas, carpenter, 22 West Blackhall st 

LANCASTER George, engineman, 28 East Hamilton st 

Lancaster John, bricklayer, 7 Ann st 

Lancaster John, bricklayer, 23 Ingleston st 

Lancaster Robert, bricklayer, 19 Bruce st 


LAN DELS William, joiner, 53 Holmscroft st 

LANG Alexander, 36 East Hamilton st 

Lang Archibald, engineer, 31 Ingleston st 

Lang Arthur, joiner, 12 Nile st 

Lang David, checker, 19 Trafalgar st 

Lang Daniel (at Steele & M'CaskiU's), 6 Chapel st 

Lang D. & M., neshers, 31 Nicolson st. Ho. 20 West 

Stewart st 
Lang George, carpenter, 5 East Crawford st 
Lang George, patternmaker, 67 Belville st 
Lang James, agent, 10 Kelly st 
Lang James, boilermaker, 7 Mill st 
Lang James, jun., feuar, 26 M earns st 
Lang James, moulder, 2 1 Ingleston st 
Lang James (of Parkhill & Lang), 64 Newton st 
Lang James, sculptor, 27 Brougham st. Ho. 25 West 

Stewart st 
Lang James, shoemaker, 20 Tobago st 
Lang John, joiner, 31 Lyle st 
Lang John, jun., 23 Ardgowan st, west 
Lang John (of P. M 'Galium & Sons), Eldon villa, 65 Eldon st 
Lang John, sailmaker, 29 Lynedoch st 
Lang John, salesman, 37 Kelly st 
Lang Matthew, carter, 38 Holmscroft st 
Lang Robert, grocer, 7 1 Nicolson st. Ho. 4 South st 
Lang Robert, cabinetmaker, 30 West Burn st. Ho. 70 

Eldon st 
Lang Robert, rivetter, 30 East Hamilton st 
Lang William, bookbinder, 7 Newton st 
Lang William, clothier, 1 1 West Stewart st. Ho. 7 Kelly st 
Lang William, skinner, 3 East Crawford st 
Lang Mrs James, 28 Mearns st 
Lang Mrs James, feuar, 12 Union st 
Lang Mrs William, lodgings, 7 Hope st 
Lang Mrs, 27 Roxburgh st 
LANGAN Francis, carter, 44 Arthur st 
LANGE William, cabinetmaker, 76 Ann st 
LANGWILL John, shipmaster, 81 Holmscroft st 
LATH'AMHQavid M., agent of the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Ho. GourocMiouse, Gourock 
LAUDER Alexander^F:, saddler, 19 Cathcart st. Ho. 12 

Lyle st 


Lauder James, sailmaker, 74 Wellington st 

Lauder John M., tobacconist, 6 Inverkip st 

Lauder Mrs James, 71 Regent st 

LAUGHLAN Mrs, lodgings, 21 Sugarhouse lane 

LAUGHTON Rev. William, D.D., minister of St. Thomas' 

Free Church. Manse, 64 Finnart st 
LAURENT F. B., French teacher, 2 George square 
LAURIE & Fleming, carvers, gilders, and fine art dealers, 1 

Bank st 
Laurie John, carpenter, 5 Ratho st 
Laurie Robert R., 23 Roxburgh st 
Laurie William (of Crawford & Laurie), 5 Robertson st 
Laurie Mrs xAiexander, 13 Hope st 
LAW Andrew, labourer, 13 Crescent st 
Law Archibald, stationer and newsagent, 7 Grey place. Ho. 

30 Kelly st 
Law David, labourer, 53 Main st 
Law George, carpenter, 15 Shaw st 
Law Miss Mary, fruiterer, 42 West Blackhall st 
Law Mrs James, 1 3 Nelson st, west 
Law Mrs, 31 Dempster st 
LAWRENCE David, Waverley Temperance Hotel, 40 

West Blackhall st 
LAWRIE Thomas, baker, 39 Holmscroft st 
Lawrie Mrs Robert, 29 Patrick st 
LAWSON George, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 
Lawson James, river pilot, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
Lawson John, engineer, 3 Bearhope st 
Lawson Mrs John, 30 Newton st 
LEAGUE of the Cross Hall, 29 West Burn st— John Nelis, 

LEARIE Mrs, grocer, 16 Cartsburn st 
LEBROCQ Mrs Edward, 6 West Stewart st 
LECK Robert, fitter, 9 Prospecthill st 
LECKIE W. F., engineers' ironmonger and commission 

agent, 8 East Blackhall st. Ho. 25 Bank st 
Leckie Mrs i\rchibald, 25 Bank st 
LEDINGHAM Alexander (of R. Thorne & Sons), 30 

Newton st 
LEE Robert, deep-sea pilot, 2 Wellington st 
Lee Thomas, sanitary labourer, 16 Dalrymple st 
Lee Mrs, fancy emporium, 24 Union st. Ho. do. 


LEED George, marine surveyor, 35 Kelly st 

LEES Joseph, moulder, 7 Carwood st 

Lees William, engineer, 19 Kelly st 

Lees Mrs G., 5 Bearhope st 

Lees Mrs Thomas, 9 Murdieston st 

LEISHMAN Adam, papermaker, Overton 

Leishman James, brassfinisher, 14 Regent st 

Leishman Joseph, carpenter, 62 Drumfrochar road 

Leishman Alice, grocer, 6 Inverkip st 

LEISK Adam, jun., slater, slate, lime, and cement merchant, 

12 Laird st. Ho. do. 
Leisk William, rigger, 7 Hill st 
LEITCH Angus, painter, 77 Holmscroft st 
Leitch Archibald, carter, Upper Ingleston 
Leitch Arthur O. (of Leitch & Muir), Madeira lodge, & 

Newark st 
Leitch Charles, joiner, 63 Nicolson st 
Leitch Colin, cabinet maker, 63 Ann st 
Leitch Daniel, painter, 10 West breast. Ho. 37 Campbell st 
Leitch James, sailmaker, 69 Roxburgh st 
Leitch John, merchant, 4 Mansionhouse lane. Ho. 12. 

Newark st 
Leitch John, seaman, 24 Wellington st 
Leitch & Muir, commission, fire, life, and marine insurance 

agents, 2 West quay 
Leitch Nicol, coal merchant, 11 Brougham st. Ho. 69 

Nicolson st 
Leitch Norman, plumber, 66 Roxburgh st 
Leitch Patrick Walker, insurance broker, 4 Mansionhouse 

lane. Ho. 15 Ardgowan square 
Leitch Quintin & Co., hemp and wire rope manufacturers,, 

Whinhill Rope works, Drumfrochar road. Office, 7' 

West breast 
Leitch Robert, carter, 9 Hill st 
Leitch William, engine-driver, 1 7 Shaw st 
Leitch William, labourer, 40 St. Lawrence st 
Leitch Wm. Orr (of Quintin Leitch & Co.), 39 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Leitch Miss, 15 Ardgowan square 
Leitch Misses, 49 Newton st 
Leitch Mrs H., 5 West Stewart st 
Leitch Mrs John, 5 1 Inverkip st 


Leitch Mrs John, 7 1 Wellington st 

LEITH Henry, fireman, 26 East Crawford st 

Leith Hugh, labourer, 9 Belville st 

Leith James, grocer, 36 East Hamilton st. Ho. 53 Drum- 

frochar road 
Leith Robert, grocer, 53 Drumfrochar road. Ho. do. 
Leith Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, 2 1 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 24 Lynedoch st 
LEMON James, joiner, 6 Watt st 
Lemon Peter, tobacconist, 1 William st 
LENNOX James L., tailor and clothier, 16 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 47 Brisbane st 
Lennox John & Co., manufacturers of ship sheathing, roof- 
ing and boiler felts, Caledonian Felt Works, Bogston, 

Port-Glasgow road 
Lennox John (of John Lennox & Co.), Bogston, Port-Glasgow 

Lennox Neil, smith, 47 Holmscroft st 
LEONARD Charles, umbrella maker, 18 Inverkip st 
LESLIE Angus, 11 Hill st 
Leslie David, clerk, 7 Ann st 
Leslie James, boilermaker, 82 Belville st 
Leslie Lewis, labourer, 10 Chapel st 
Leslie Robert, painter and decorator, 3 Manse lane. Ho. 

71 Regent st. (See Advt.) 
Leslie William, 6 Antigua st 
Leslie William, railway guard, 40 Lynedoch st 
LETHAM John, compositor, 7 Mount Pleasant st 
Letham William, ship and insurance broker, 29 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 63 Union st 
Letham Miss, 23 Kelly st 
LETSON James, boilermaker, 34 Crescent st 
LEVENST ON S. A., 24 Bank st 
LEVER Alexander, labourer, 21 Belville st 
LEVY Pinkus, picture framemaker, 8 Cross-shore st. Ho. 

12 Regent st 
LEWIS Charles, deputy superintendentof Mercantile Marine, 

16 Wellington st 
Lewis George, Customhouse officer, 5 Regent st 
Lewis Peter, fireman, 6 West Burn st 
Lewis Mrs William, James place, 4 Lyle st 
LIDDELL Alexander, flesher, 85 Wellington st 


Liddell Archibald, 28 Newton st 
Liddell David, carter, 6 Hay st 
Liddell David, joiner, 15 Belville st 
Liddell James D., joiner, 10 South st 

Liddell William, steam-tug owner, 8 Brymner st. Ho. Lang- 
Liddell Miss Margaret, 15 Newton st 
Liddell Mrs Archibald, 29 Patrick st 
Liddell Mrs, pianist, 18 Kelly st 
Liddell Mrs John, 6 Old Hillend 
LIEBOW Brothers, hairdressers, 12 Cathcart st 
Liebow Edward, dentist, 12 Cathcart st 
LIETKE & Co., shipbrokers and commission agents, Pal- 

merston buildings 
LIGHTBODY John, carpenter, 35 Lynedoch st 
LIMOND Charles, shoemaker, 114 Dempster st 
LINDSAY Archibald N. (of William Lindsay & Co.), 77 

Union st 
Lindsay James, joiner, 46 East Hamilton st 
Lindsay John, blacksmith, 6 West Stewart st 
Lindsay John, joiner, 6 St. Lawrence st 
Lindsay John, seaman, 43 Crawfurd st 
Lindsay John, seaman, 22 Lynedoch st 
Lindsay John, slater, 34 West Shaw st 
Lindsay Malcolm, tugboatman, 35 Nicolson st 
Lindsay Robert, storeman, 3 Bearhope st 
Lindsay William (of William Lindsay & Co.), 77 Union 

Lindsay William & Co., shipowners, ship and insurance 

brokers, and steam-packet agents, City buildings, 32. 

Cathcart st 
Lindsay Miss, 1 Madeira st, and 20 Esplanade 
Lindsay Miss, 9 Ardgowan sq 
Lindsay Mrs, 8 Carwood st 
Lindsay Mrs William, 30 Ann st 
LINN James, tenter, 108 Drumfrochar road 
Linn John, engine-driver, 10 Carwood st 
Linn Robert, fireman, 8 Carwood st 
Linn Samuel, engineer, 1 Belville st 
LINTON Thomas, tailor, 77 Regent st 
LIPTON Thomas J., provision merchant, 15 Cathcart st- 

Ho. Johnstone villa, Cambuslang 


LITTLE Alexander, joiner, 2 Crawford lane 

Little James & Co., steamship owners, Excise buildings 

Little James, labourer, 49 Nicolson st 

Little Samuel, labourer, 29 Belville st 

Little Miss, 10 Ardgowan square 

LIVERPOOL Traders' Office, 1 Cross-shore st— D. Mac- 

dougall, agent 
LIVINGSTON Alexander (of Clyde Sugar Refining Co.). 

Ho. Villa de Valparaiso, 93 Newton st 
Livingston Alexander, blockmaker, 8 Antigua st 
Livingston Alexander, lamplighter, 90 Dempster st 
Livingston Archibald, captain, 21 Lyle st 
Livingston Archibald, river pilot, 25 West Blackhall st 
Livingston Donald, baker, 52 Regent st 
Livingston Donald, labourer, Sanitary department. Ho. 38 

Ann st 
Livingston Duncan, boilermaker, 7 Lauriston st 
Livingston Duncan, fireman, 6 West Stewart st 
Livingston Duncan, flesher, 23 Rue-end st. Ho. 1 St. 

Andrew st 
Livingston Ewing, gardener, 70 Eldon st 
Livingston George, rivetter, 1 1 Ann st 
Livingston Hugh, engineer, 9 Lyle st 
Livingston John, dyer, 62 Ann st 
Livingston Miss, furrier and feather dresser, 14 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Livingston Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 8 Inverkip st 
Livingston Mrs John, 51 Holmscroft st 
LLOYD Andaluz, of Cadiz— T. O. Hunter & Co., agents 
Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, 13 Hamil- 
ton st 
LOCAL Marine Board, 7 Virginia st 
LOCHHEAD John, rivetter, 1 1 Crescent st 
Lochhead Robert, clerk, 35 Kelly st 
Lochhead William, hatter, hosier, and umbrella maker, 29 

Cathcart st. Ho. 23 Kelly st 
Lochhead Mrs, 36 Crescent st 
Lochhead Mrs, grocer, 65 Belville st. Ho. 67 do. 
LOCKYER Geo. & Sons, animal charcoal merchants — John 

Clapperton & Co., agents, Wallace buildings 
LOGAN Alexander, baker, 27 Market st 
Logan Alexander, grocer, 8 Manse lane 


Logan Francis & Sons, gasfitters, bellhangers, brassfinishers, 
&c, 21 Nicolson st (See Advt.) 

Logan Francis B. (of Francis Logan & Sons), 46 Ann st 

Logan Francis, stationer, tobacconist, and fancy goods im- 
porter, 16 Lynedoch st and 79 Roxburgh st. Ho. 10 
Watt st 

Logan Francis (of Francis Logan & Sons), 10 Watt st 

Logan John, boatman, 28 Crawfurd st 

Logan Joseph M. (of Francis Logan & Sons), 82 Roxburgh st 

Logan Robert, boilermaker, 19 Regent st 

Logan William, 28 South st 

Logan William, seaman, 6 Mount Pleasant st 

Logan Mrs James, 1 1 Cathcart st 

Logan Mrs John, 8 Hope st 

LOMAS John, engineer, 5 Duncan st 

LONDON Hat Warehouse, 11 West Blackhall st— J. M. 
Dick, proprietor 

London and Newcastle Tea Co., 33 Hamilton st. Head 
office, Newcastle-on-Tyne 

London and Belfast Tea Co., 45 Cathcart st 

London Tea Co., 29 Rue-end st 

LONDONDERRY Steam Packet Company, Old Steamboat 
quay — Robert Allan, agent 

LONGWELL James, carpenter. 42 St. Lawrence st 

LONGWILL Mrs William, 15 Nelson st, west 

LORCET Peter, clerk, 64 Holmscroft st 

LOUDON James, plumber and gasfitter, 12 Tobago st. Ho. 
94 Dempster st 

LOUDOUN David, porter, 19 Mount Pleasant st 

LOUGHRAN William, broker, 3 Lindsay's lane. Ho. 1 8 

LOVE James, draughtsman, 47 Mearns st 

Love John, accountant, Royal Bank of Scotland, 38 Cath- 
cart st. Ho. above the Bank 

Love John, compositor, 51 Kelly st 

Love Robert, chronometer maker and optician, 17 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 28 Brisbane st 

Love William, engineer, 27 Trafalgar st 

Love Mrs John, grain merchant, 5 Kilblain st 

Love Mrs, 32 Mount Pleasant st 

LOVELL John, H.M.C., 66 Roxburgh st 

Lovell William, cooper, 66 Wellington st 


LOW Alexander, manager, Cartsdyke sawmills. Ho. 66 
East Crawford st 

Low Alexander, miller, 10 Lyle st 

Low James, engineer, 15 Sir Michael st 

Low James (of Town Clerk's Office), 13 Nelson st, west 

Low James, joiner, 61 Holmscroft st 

Low James, inspector of fisheries, 13 Forsyth st 

Low John, smith, 18 Bogle st 

Low John & Co., wholesale and export grocers and ship- 
store dealers, 40 Brymner st 

Low John, shipowner, 40 Brymner st. Ho. 2 Octavia 

Low Robert, labourer, 20 Lynedoch st 

Low Thomas, joiner, 34 South st 

Low William I)., C.E., Office of Public Works, Municipal 
buildings. Ho. 45 Brisbane st 

Low William (of John Low & Co.), 12 Forsyth st 

Low Miss, 3 Kelly st 

LOWEY George, labourer, 28 Crawfurd st 

LUCKHAM James, shipmaster, 26 Trafalgar st 

LUGTON Alexander, cooper, 75 Holmscroft st 

LUMSDEN James, hole-borer, 31 East Crawford st 

LUSK John, jun. (of Robert Lusk & Co.), Rosebank, 25 
Forsyth st 

Lusk John, feuar, Rosebank, 25 Forsyth st 

Lusk Robert & Co., sugar merchants and wholesale grocers, 
7 Tobago st 

Lusk Robert, labourer, 15 Bearhope st 

Lusk Mrs, 9 Holmscroft st 

LYALL John, flesher, 12 Ann st 

Lyall Mrs, 18 Kelly st 

LYDEN William, labourer, 44 Arthur st 

LYLE Abram &: Sons, shipowners, coopers, and warehouse- 
keepers, 11 Nicolson st 

Lyle Abram, Oakley, 51 Eldon st 

Lyle Abram (of R. Lyle & Co.), Eldon place, Eldon st 

Lyle Alexander (of John Lyle & Sons), 49 Finnart st 

Lyle Alexander P. (of Abram Lyle & Sons), Marshill, 105 
Finnart st 

Lyle Archibald, joiner, 16 South st 

Lyle Edward, cooper, 46 Crawfurd st 

Lyle James, baker, 11 Ann st 


Lyle John & Sons, wholesale and retail wine and spirit 

merchants, and ship store dealers, 6 West Quay lane 

and 17 Sugarhouse lane 
Lyle John, cowfeeder, 2 St. Lawrence st 
Lyle John, spirit dealer, 8 Smith's lane. Ho. 36 Crescent st 
Lyle John L. (of John Lyle & Sons), 62 Forsyth st 
Lyle R. & Co., ship chandlers, ironmongers, lampmakers,. 

painters and decorators, 3 and 4 West breast 
Lyle Robert Park (of Abram Lyle & Sons), Inglehome, 107 

Finnart st 
Lyle Robert, 72 Union st 

Lyle Robert, jun. (of R. Lyle & Co.), 72 Union st 
Lyle Thomas, cowfeeder, Old Hillend 
Lyle Miss M., dressmaker, 24 West Stewart st 
Lyle Mrs Catherine, 38 Nicolson st 
Lyle Isabella, grocer, 33 Nicolson st 
Lyle Mrs John, 49 Finnart st 
Lyle Mrs R. G., 34 Brisbane st 
LYNCH John, furniture dealer, 37 Crawfurd st 
LYON Archibald, engineer, 16 John st 
Lyon David, joiner and builder, 6 East Blackhall st. Ho. 

Mount park, 2 Hope st 
Lyon David, labourer, 83 Belville st 
Lyon Dugald, joiner, 2 Hope st 
Lyon Malcolm, ship carpenter and boatbuilder, 3 Belling- 

burn st. Ho. 67 Rue-end st 
Lyon Peter, patternmaker, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Lyon Miss, 49 Brisbane st 
Lyon Mrs John, grocer, 41 Ann st 
Lyon Mrs Margaret, 1 1 Watt st 


MACADAM Mrs Peter, 33 Nelson st, west 

M'ADAM John, merchant tailor and clothier, Municipal! 

buildings, Hamilton st. Ho. 1 7 Bentinck st 
M'Adam Matthew; boatbuilder, 18 Antigua st 
M'ALEER John, deep-sea pilot, 1 Ardgowan st, Glebe 
M'ALEES Charles, joiner, 13 East Crawford st 
M'Alees James, iron driller, 13 Crescent st 
M'Alees Joseph, labourer, 19 Regent st 


M'Alees Robert, labourer, 12 Terrace road 
MACALISTER &Fyfe, ironmongers, shipchandlers, painters,, 

paint manufacturers, and agents for the sale of yachts, 

4 East breast 
Macalister R. S., superintendent, Mercantile Marine Office, 

7 Virginia st. Ho. Glencairn, Kilmalcolm 
Macalister Mrs Daniel, 62 Forsyth st 
M'ALLISTER Archibald, carpenter, 19 Ingleston place 
M'AUister Archibald, chimney sweep, 37 Cathcart st 
M'AUister Archibald, engineer, 23 Lynedoch st 
M'AUister Daniel, janitor, Glebe Public School, Crawfurd st 
M'AUister Donald, carpenter, 5 Dellingburn square 
M'AUister Donald, salesman, 43 Shaw st 
M'AUister John, ironfinisher, 22 Crawfurd st 
M'AUister Malcolm, carpenter, 19 Ingleston place 
M'AUister Malcolm, seaman, 1 Kilblain st 
M'AUister Neil, carpenter, 3 Regent st 
M'AUister Robert, engineer, 27 Belville st 
M'AUister Mrs, 5 Regent st 
M'AUister Mrs George, lodgings, 8 Wellington st 
M'AUister Mrs, poulterer, 8 Sir Michael st 
M'ALPINE Archibald, carter, 13 West Stewart st 
M 'Alpine Daniel, carting contractor, 26 Duncan st 
M 'Alpine Duncan, smith, 22 Antigua st 
M 'Alpine William, carter, 26 Duncan st 
M 'ANALLY Henry, boot and shoe maker, 82 Belville st. 

Ho. 3 Lauriston st 
M 'Anally Mrs M., bootmaker, 21 Hamilton st. Ho. 5 

India st, Glasgow 
M'ANINCH Mrs Ann, confectioner, 7 Brymner st 
MACARA Renton, feuar, 28 Ardgowan st, west 
M'ARTHUR Alexander, of H.M. Customs, 28 Ardgowan st, 

M 'Arthur Alexander, fitter, 89 Belville st 
M 'Arthur Alexander, labourer, 17 John st 
M 'Arthur Alexander, 34 West Blackhall st 
M'Arthur Archibald, blacksmith, 33 Ingleston st 
M 'Arthur Archibald, draughtsman, 22 Wellington st 
M'Arthur Archibald, engine-fitter, 55 Belville st 
M'Arthur Charles, baker, 18 Hope st 
M'Arthur Colin, ship chandler, 30 Wellington st 
M'Arthur Daniel, joiner, 13 Watt st 


M'Arthur Dugald, labourer, 77 Regent st 

M 'Arthur Hugh, grocer, 22 West Blackhall st 

M'Arthur Hugh, gas inspector, 19 South st 

M 'Arthur James, engineer, R.N., 25 Newton st 

M'Arthur James, plasterer, 66 Wellington st 

M'Arthur James, rigger, 3 Hamilton st 

M'Arthur John, boilermaker, 84 Belville st 

M'Arthur John, joiner, 3 East Crawford st 

M'Arthur John plumber, 48 Ann st 

M'Arthur John, sailmaker, 20 Wellington st 

M'Arthur Neil, boilermaker, 19 Stanners st 

M'Arthur Peter, carpenter, 64 Wellington st 

M'Arthur Peter, carter, 70 Ann st 

M'Arthur Robert, messenger, Customhouse 

M'Arthur Thomas, nautical instrument maker, 73 Regent st 

M'Arthur William & Co., merchants and commission agents, 

23 Cathcart st 
M'Arthur William (of William M'Arthur & Co.), 65 Octavia 

M'Arthur William, blacksmith, 17 Lauriston st 
M'Arthur William, boilermaker, 65 Belville st 
M'Arthur Miss Elizabeth B., greengrocer, 20 Nicolson st 
M'Arthur Miss, Finnart grove, Finnart road 
M'Arthur Miss Jane, 32 East Shaw st 
M'Arthur Miss, milliner, 50 Inverkip st 
M'Arthur Mrs Andrew, 29 Lyle st 
M'Arthur Mrs Duncan, 6 Union st 
M'Arthur Mrs Duncan, 39 West Blackhall st 
M'Arthur Mrs Isabella, greengrocer, 9 Newton st. Ho. 56 

Kelly st 
M'Arthur Mrs John, 23 Brisbane st 
M'Arthur Mrs, 32 Arthur st 
M'Arthur Mrs, 65 Octavia terrace 
M'Arthur Mrs, 1 Manse lane 
MACASKILL Malcolm, tea merchant, 7 Hamilton st. Ho. 

17 Nelson st, west 
MACAULAY Daniel, factor, Town Improvement Trust, 5 

Vennel. Ho. 23 Roxburgh st 
Macaulay James & Son, coopers, 38 Nicolson st 
Macaulay James (of James Macaulay & Son), 10 Kelly st 
Macaulay John, insurance agent, 14 Charles st. Ho. 45 

Brisbane st 


Macaulay Mrs William, 45 Brisbane st 

M'AULAY Alexander, blacksmith, 52 Holmscroft st 

M'Aulay James, labourer, 32 Ingleston st 

M'Aulay James, plumber, 7 Boyd st 

M'Aulay James B., joiner, 2 Kilblain st 

M'Aulay Peter, blacksmith, 5 Newton st 

M'Aulay Peter, farmer and cattle dealer, Craigs farm, Lyle 

M'Aulay Thomas, cooper, 4 Kilblain st 

M'AUSLAN Robert (of Robert Lusk & Co.), 21 Brisbane st 

M'AUSLAND Alexander, grocer, 20 Nicolson st. Ho. 3. 
Argyle st 

M'Ausland Archibald, sen., cooper, 7 Watt st 

M'Ausland Archibald, jun., cooper, 62 Kelly st 

M'Ausland & Brand, curriers and leather merchants, Lady- 

M'Ausland Hugh, currier, 22 Pottery st 

M'Ausland John, grocer, 23 West Stewart st. Ho. do. 

M'Ausland John, ropespinner, 72 Wellington st 

M'Ausland John, seaman, 51 Nicolson st 

M'Ausland William, cooper, 18 Bearhope st 

M'Ausland Miss, 33 Brougham st 

M'BAIN Hugh, seaman, 41 Crawfurd st 

M'BAY Thomas, leather merchant, 4 Dalrymple st. Ho.. 
32 West Stewart st 

M'BEARTY Duncan, lathsplitter, 21 Mearns st 

M'BETH Thomas, labourer, 8 Kilblain st 

MACBETH Miss, Matron, Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society,. 
58 Ann st 

MACBRAYNE John, shipping clerk, 19 Brisbane st 

M'BREARTY Robert, spirit dealer, 29 Vennel. Ho. 32. 
Ann st 

M 'BRIDE Alexander, engineer, 25 Dempster st 

M 'Bride Archibald, seaman, 42 Roxburgh st 

M'Bride Daniel, seaman, 8 Kilblain st 

M'Bride David, vanman, 23 Tobago st 

M'Bride Donald, carpenter, 30 Roxburgh st 

M'Bride Duncan, carpenter, 5 Kilblain st 

M'Bride Francis, fitter, 63 Belville st 

M'Bride Henry, labourer, 95 Roxburgh st 

M'Bride James, fireman, 29 Shaw st 

M'Bride James, labourer, 18 Bearhope st 


M'Bride James, teacher, 52 East Crawford st 

M 'Bride John, boatbuilder, 22 Crawfurd st 

M'Bride John, grocer and provision merchant, 7 Main st. 

Ho. 12 Lyle st 
M'Bride John, vanman, 7 Ann st 
M'Bride Joseph, aerated water manufacturer, 61 Nicolson st. 

Ho. 18 Bearhope st 
M'Bride Peter, joiner, 9 Holmscroft st 
M'Bride Peter, plater, 34 Sir Michael st 
M'Bride Robert, seaman, 22 Lynedoch st 
M'Bride Thomas, caulker, 14 Crescent st 
M'Bride Miss Janet, 22 West Stewart st 
M'Bride Mrs, 23 East Shaw st 
M'Bride Mrs, dressmaker, 17 Nelson st, west 
M'Bride Mrs, 31 Trafalgar st 
M'Bride Mrs Isabella, 1 West Stewart st 
M'Bride Mrs Thomas, 51 Nicolson st 
M'CAIG Daniel, moulder, 2 St. Andrew st 
M'Caig Miss, 71 Nicolson st 
M'CALL Archibald, 14 Brisbane st 
M'Call Charles, commission agent, 39 Kelly st 
M'Call James, labourer, 22 John st 
M'Call James (of Macalister & Fyfe), 26 Finnart st 
M'Call John, carpenter, 20 Serpentine walk 
M'Call Thomas, civil engineer, &c, Ardvourlie, 66 Esplanade 
M'Call Mrs, 6 Antigua st 
M'Call Mrs, 3 Ford place, Finnart st 
MACCALLUM Henry, watchmaker, 34 South st 
Maccallum P. & Sons, iron, steel, and metal merchants, 1 

Cathcart st and 54 Rue-end st 
M'CALLUM Alexander, joiner, 112 Dempster st 
M'Callum Archibald, flesher, 73 Roxburgh st. Ho. 3 

Regent st 
M'Callum Archibald, writer and procurator-fiscal, Municipal 

buildings, Dalrymple st. Ho. 12 Union st 
M'Callum Colin, blockmaker, 24 Sir Michael st 
M'Callum Donald, carpenter, 19 Ingleston place 
M'Callum Donald, labourer, 15 Hope st 
M'Callum Donald, spirit merchant, 22 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 31 Newton st 
M'Callum Dugald, 1 Hill st 
M'Callum Duncan, brakesman, 66 Regent st 


M'Callum Duncan, Glenburn, 6 Newark st 
M'Callum Duncan, policeman, 37 Holmscroft st 
M'Callum Duncan, ropemaker, ] 3 West Stewart st 
M'Callum Edward, grocer and feuar, 36 Shaw st. Ho. 5 

Cross-shore st 
M'Callum James, broker, 1 Rue-end st. Ho. do. 
M'Callum James B., clerk, 6 Finnart st 
M'Callum James, cooper 11 Watt st 
M'Callum John, carpenter, 2 Cartsburn st 
M'Callum John, carpenter, 66 Wellington st 
M'Callum John, engineer, 10 Regent st 
M'Callum John, joiner, 19 Ingleston st 
M'Callum John, commission agent, 18 Serpentine walk 
M'Callum Joseph, blacksmith, 27 Belville st 
M'Callum Malcolm, engineer, 8 Antigua st 
M'Callum Neil, boilermaker, 15 Antigua st 
M'Callum Peter, curator and librarian, Mechanics' Institution, 

1 1 Tobago st 
M'Callum Peter, joiner, 2 Antigua st 
M'Callum Robert, joiner, 66 Roxburgh st 
M'Callum William, sailmaker, 95 Roxburgh st 
M'Callum M., confectioner, 63 Inverkip st 
M'Callum Miss, dairy, 26 Bruce st 
M'Callum Miss Mary, boys' dressmaker, 30 Ann st 
M'Callum Misses, dressmakers and straw hatters, it Nelson 

st, west 
M'Callum Misses, 52 Eldon st 
M'Callum Mrs, 22'Lyle st 
M'Callum Mrs Daniel, 40 Brisbane st 
M'CAMMOND David & Co., hay, straw, grain, and cheese 

merchants, 28 Sugarhouse lane 
M'Cammond David, jun. (of D. M'Cammond & Co.), 4 

Robertson st 
M'Cammond Mrs, 4 Robertson st 
M'CANN Philip, joiner, 26 Trafalgar st 
M'Cann Miss, milliner, 73 Nicolson st 
M'CARTNEY John, labourer, 4 John st 
M'Cartney & Thomson, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 26 

West Blackhall st 
M'Cartney William, coachman, 71 Roxburgh st 
M'Cartney William, brassfinisher, 16 Sir Michael st 
M 'CAS KILL John, labourer, 5 Watt st 


M'CASKIE Henry, coachman, 5 Watt st 

M'CAUL John, grocer, 19 Ann st. Ho. 45 Trafalgar st 

M'CHESSNEY Hugh R., shipmaster, 24 South st 

M'CLEMENT James, grocer, 105 Belville st. Ho do. 

M 'CLE MONT Miss, spirit dealer, 48 East Hamilton st 

M'CLOY Joseph, wool sorter, 2 Wemyss Bay st 

M'CLUMPHY Robert, railway porter, 9 East Blackhall st 

M'CLURE David, mason, 70 Holmscroft st 

M'Clure John, labourer, 12 Ingleston st 

M'Clure John (of W. & W. M'Clure), Mayfiel.d, 66 
Union st 

M'Clure William, blacksmith, 17 Cathcart st 

M'Clure William (of W. & W. M'Clure), Mayfield, 66 Union 

M'Clure William, jun., M.A. (of W. & W. M'Clure), May- 
field, 66 Union st 

M'Clure W. & W., writers, notaries public, and insurance 
agents, Provident Bank buildings, 1 1 William st 

M'Clure William, mason. 93 Roxburgh st 

M'COAG Daniel, baker, 8 Holmscroft st 

M'COLL A. & J., contractors, 73 Ann st 

M'Coll Allan (of A. & J. M'Coll), 73 Ann st 

M'Coll Daniel, clerk, 1 1 Mill st 

M'Coll Donald, blacksmith, 15 Main st 

M'Coll Donald, coachman, 39 Sir Michael st 

M'Coll I. & J., grocers, 49 Holmscroft st. Ho. 19 Regent st 

M'Coll James, carting contractor, 37 Trafalgar st. Ho. 29 
Dempster st 

M'Coll John, blacksmith, 12 Lynedoch st 

M'Coll John (of A. & J. M'Coll), 5 Nile st 

M'Coll John, coach proprietor, 24 Duncan st 

M'Coll Malcolm, carpenter, 52 Regent st 

M'Coll Neil, gardener, 105 Finnart st 

M'Coll Patrick, joiner, 10 Carnock st 

M'Coll Peter, sailmaker, 17 Bearhope st 

M'Coll Miss Eliza, 26 West Blackhall st 

M'Coll Mrs, cowfeeder, 11 Wellington st 

M'Coll Mrs Jane, 6 Sinclair st 

M'CONACHIE James, engine-driver, 33 Nelson st, west 

M'CONNELL Donald, boilermaker, 6 Carnock st 

M'Connell Hugh &: Co., general merchants, 7 New Dock 
lane. Ho. 15 Cross-shore st 


M'Connell John, carting contractor, 52 Inverkip st 
M'Connell Malcolm, labourer, 3 Bruce st 
M'Connell Samuel R., seaman, 42 Roxburgh st 
M'CORKELL George, labourer, 1 Kilblain buildings 
M'CORMICK Alexander L., cleric, 114 Dempster st 
M'Cormick Andrew, boilermaker, 6 Hope st 
M'Cormick David, salesman, 24 Lynedoch st 
M'Cormick Donald, steamboat agent, Customhouse quay. 

Ho. 23 Roxburgh st 
M'Cormick D. & Co., gasfitters, tin and coppersmiths, and 

sheet-iron workers, 8 Springkell st 
M'Cormick Donald (of D. M'Cormick & Co.), 24 Kelly st 
M'Cormick Edward, spirit merchant, 12 Vermel. Ho. 18 

Kelly st 
M'Cormick Henrys spirit merchant, 3 Shannon's close. Ho. 

34 West Blackhall st 
M'Cormick James, mason, 48 Inverkip st 
M'Cormick John, baker, Palmerston buildings and 9 Bris- 
bane st. Ho. 23 Kelly st 
M'Cormick John, cooper, 47 Crawfurd st 
M'Cormick John, grocer, 19 Ingleston st 
M'Cormick John, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Harvie lane 

and 1 Ropework st. Ho. 18 Kelly st 
M'Cormick William, labourer, 106 Drumfrochar road 
M'Cormick William, tobacconist, 5 Lennox buildings 
M'CORQUODALE Alexander, fitter, 5 Arthur st 
M'Corquodale Archibald, cooper, 51 Belville st 
M'Corquodale Archibald, cooper, 9 John st 
M'Corquodale Daniel, carpenter, 56 St. Lawrence st 
M'Corquodale Dugald, engineer, 2 Macdougall st 
M'Corquodale Duncan, brassfounder, 14 Hope st 
M'Corquodale Hugh, labourer, 3 Regent st 
M'Corquodale John, labourer, 3 Prospecthill st 
M'Corquodale Lachlan, plasterer, 49 Nicolson st 
M'Corquodale Peter, mercantile clerk, 5 Kelly st 
M'Corquodale Mrs Allan, 5 Kelly st 
M'Corquodale Mrs, 15 Brougham st 
M'COSHIM Donald, glazier, 8 Carnock st. Ho. 93 

Belville st 
M'COVEPn. Robert, engineer, 41 Sir Michael st 
M 'COWAN & Biggart, analytical and consulting chemists, 

and public analysts, 29 Cathcart st 


M 'Cowan James, spinner, 4 Prospecthill st 

M 'Cowan James, timekeeper, 8 Mount Pleasant st 

M 'Cowan John, grocer, 112 Drumfrochar road. Ho. 

M'Cowan Robert, engineer, 56 Drumfrochar road 
M 'Cowan William, mason, 6 Trafalgar st 
M'COWAT James, engineer, 14 Hope st 
M'Cowat Thomas, baker, 81 Roxburgh st 
M'CRACKEN John, lighterman, 13 Brymner st 
M'Cracken Samuel, labourer, 64 Wellington st 
M'CRADIE Thomas, seaman, 49 Nicolson st 
M'CRAE Daniel, candle maker, grease, oil, and general 

merchant, 15 Charles st and 44 Dalrymple st. Ho. 

Rosebank, 14 Nelson st, west 
M'Crae David, engine-driver, 24 Belville st 
M'Crae Donald, fireman, 7 West breast 
M'Crae Duncan, sailmaker, 51 Kelly st 
M'Crae George, engineer, 66 Holmscroft st 
M'Crae James, carpenter, 29 Lyle st 
M'Crae John, tugboat master, 39 Sir Michael st 
M'Crae Robert, engine-driver, 24 Belville st 
M'CRAINE Murdoch, watchman, 19 Bearhope st 
M'CREADIE Alexander, baker, 5 Carnock st 
M'Creadie James, plasterer, Jamaica lane, off Jamaica st. 

Ho. 3 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Creadie James, 93 Roxburgh st 
M'Creadie John, iron-dresser, n Belville st 
M'Creadie John, seaman, 1 Kilblain st 
M'Creadie John, shoemaker, 49 Cathcart st. Ho. 19 

Dempster st 
M'Creadie Michael, grocer, n Main st 
M'CREATH Daniel, sailmaker, 43 Crawfurd st 
M'CRINDLE James, grocer and provision merchant, 43 

Hamilton st. Ho. 7 Roxburgh st 
M'Crindle William, storekeeper, 39 Ann st 
M'CUAIG Magnus, ironmonger and edge tool maker, 100 

Roxburgh st. Ho. 19 South st 
M'Cuaig Peter, engineer, 13 Belville st 
M'Cuaig Samuel (of Smith & M'Cuaig), 27 Patrick st 
M'CULLAN William, painter, 26 East Crawford st 
M'CUE James, plasterer. 76 Wellington st 
M'Cue Neil, labourer, 21 John st 


MACCULLOCH Alexander, cattle dealer, 22 West Stewart 

st. Ho. 3 George square 
MacCulloch Colin, writer, town clerk, and clerk to Board of 

Police and Water Trust, Municipal buildings, Hamilton 

st. Ho. 1 Octavia terrace 
M'CULLOCH Archibald, flesher, 14 Arthur st and 33 

Hamilton st. Ho. 13 West Stewart st 
M'Culloch David, cooper, 62 Drumfrochar road 
M'Culloch Hugh, carter, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Culloch James, engine-driver, 8 Watt st 
M'Culloch James, joiner, 26 Bruce st 
M'Culloch John, engine driver, 1 1 Belville st 
M'Culloch John, gardener, 3 Eldon st. Ho. 22 Kelly st 
M'Culloch John, watchman, 25 Dempster st 
M'Culloch Joseph, patternmaker, 10 Lyle st 
M'Culloch Mrs, dairy, 59 Main st 
M'Culloch Mrs, 53 Kelly st 
M'Culloch Mrs, grocer, 56 Lynedoch st 
M'Culloch Mrs, lodgings, 14 Terrace road 
M'Culloch Mrs, lodgings, 31 Lyle st 
M'Culloch Mrs, lodgings, 15 Laird st 
M'CUMESTY James, draper, 34 Inverkip st 
M'CUMSTY James, caulker, 25 John st 
MACCUNN Andrew (of James MacCunn & Co.), Elysium, 

MacCunn James & Co., shipowners, Excise buildings 
MacCunn James (of James MacCunn & Co.), Thornhill, 37 

Ardgowan st, w r est 
M'CUNN James, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, 

for East District, 3 East Blackhall st. Ho. 4 Shaw 

M'Cunn Miss Isabella, 12 St. Lawrence st 
MACCUTCHEON Hugh, feuar, 77 Holmscroft st 
MacCutcheon Robert T., painter, 56 Kelly st 
M'DADE James, carpenter, 3 John st 
MACDERMID Peter, 8 Carwood st 
M'Dermid John, skinner, 6 Old Hillend 
M'Dermid Neil, labourer, 3 Virginia st 
MACDERMOTT Mrs E. W., hotel keeper, Tontine Hotel, 

34 Cathcart st 
M'DERMOTT Hugh, grocer and provision merchant, 6 

Stanners st. Ho. 22 St. Lawrence st 



M'DIARMID Finlay & Co., City of Glasgow Bottling Stores, 

and aerated waters factors, 3 Brougham st 
MACDONALD Allister, clerk, 5 East Crawford st 
Macdonald Angus, detective officer, 87 Dempster st 
Macdonald Archibald K., teacher, 14 Wellington st 
Macdonald D., clerk, 2 Lyle st 

Macdonald Daniel, accountant and house factor, 9 Eldon st 
Macdonald Donald (of Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co.),, 

Stroove, Skelmorlie 
Macdonald Frank, stationer, 9 Brisbane st 
Macdonald George (of J. C. Smith, Macdonald & Crawford), 

Erlsmere, 101 Finnart st 
Macdonald, Hood & Co., shipbrokers, 2 West quay 
Macdonald Hugh, currier, 22 Trafalgar st 
Macdonald Hugh, clerk, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co., sugar brokers, Commercial! 
Bank buildings, Greenock, and 29 Mincing lane, Lon- 
don, E.C. 
Macdonald James, mercantile clerk, 2 1 Newton st 
Macdonald James, solicitor and notary public, 33 Cathcart. 

st. Ho. 46 Finnart st 
Macdonald John, brassfmisher, 65 Belville st 
Macdonald John, clerk, 35 Regent st 
Macdonald John, ship surveyor, 13 Kelly st 
Macdonald John, spirit merchant, 12 East India breast. Ho. 

1 1 East Blackhall st 
Macdonald Ronald, spirit merchant, 10 West Breast. Ho. 

14 Ardgowan st, west 
Macdonald Mrs Daniel, 22 Robertson st 
M 'DONALD Alexander, blockmaker, 37 Crawfurd st 
M 'Donald Alexander, collector, 6 Hope st 
M'Donald Alexander, gas inspector, 68 Wellington st 
M 'Donald Alexander, labourer, 7 Ann st 
M'Donald Alexander, moulder, 104 Drumfrochar road 
M'Donald Allan, mason, 22 Bearhope st 
M'Donald Andrew, hatter, 35 West Burn st. Ho." 35 Kelly st. 
M'Donald Angus, carpenter, 18 St. Lawrence st 
M'Donald Angus, hammerman, 3 West Stewart st 
M'Donald Angus, sugar porter, 2 Robertson st 
M'Donald Archibald, boatman, 36 Lynedoch st 
M'Donald Archibald, labourer, 3 Bruce st 
M'Donald Archibald, turner, 40 St. Lawrence st 


M 'Donald Charles, policeman, 16 Laird st 

M'Donald Donald, carpenter, 68 Holmscroft st 

M'Donald Donald, gardener, Stoneleigh, 23 Newark st 

M 'Donald Donald, joiner, 45 Holmscroft st 

M'Donald Donald, joiner, 65 Nicolson st 

M'Donald Donald, labourer, 6 West Stewart st 

M'Donald Donald, tailor, clothier, and yachting outfitter, 32 

Brymner st. Ho. 30 Nelson st, west 
M'Donald Duncan, boilermaker, 40 St. Lawrence st 
M'Donald Duncan, carpenter, 13 Hamilton st 
M'Donald Duncan, engine-keeper, 18 St. Lawrence st 
M'Donald Edward, drill instructor, 31 Nelson st, west 
M'Donald Findlay, cooper, 25 Bruce st 
M'Donald Hugh, engineer, it Hill st 
M'Donald James, inspector of police, 23 Dempster st 
M'Donald John, blacksmith, 42 Arthur st 
M'Donald John, carpenter, 68 Roxburgh st 
M'Donald John, carter, 21 Bearhope st 
M'Donald John, coachman, 23 Eldon st 
M'Donald John, engineer, 89 Belville st 
M'Donald John, joiner, 36 Lynedoch st 
M'Donald John, labourer, 24 Bruce st 
M'Donald John (of New Clyde Towing Co.), 36 West 

Stewart st 
M'Donald John, prison warder, 19 Nelson st, west 
M'Donald John, saddler, 25 Trafalgar st 
M'Donald John, sawyer, 25 West Burn st 
M'Donald John, shipmaster, 5 Belville st 
M'Donald Kenneth, carpenter, 19 Cathcart st 
M'Donald Lewis, warehouseman, 1 Kilblain buildings 
M'Donald Neil, labourer, 40 Ann st 
M'Donald Peter, carpenter, 35 Cathcart st 
M'Donald Peter, clerk, 22 St. Lawrence st 
M'Donald Philip, salesman, 49 Trafalgar st 
M'Donald Simon, brassfinisher, 20 Lyle st 
M'Donald Thomas, carpenter, 12 Lynedoch st 
M'Donald William, engineer, 10 Baker st 
M'Donald William, seaman, 3 West Stewart st 
M'Donald Miss G, greengrocer, 32 Charles st. Ho. 40 

Nicolson st 
M'Donald Miss, 26 Trafalgar st 

M'Donald Mrs, 5 Bearhope st 


M'Donald Mrs, boarding-house, 5 Hamilton st 

M'Donald Mrs J., 6 Garwood st 

M'Donald Mrs Mary, shoemaker, 27 Regent st. Ho. do. 

M'Donald Mrs, 22 Antigua st 

M'Donald Mrs P., 25 Dempster st 

M'Donald Mrs, 12 St. Lawrence st 

M'Donald Mrs, 13 Watt st 

M'Donald Mrs, 22 West Blackhall st 

M'DONNELL Hugh, commission agent, 25 Ardgowan st r 

M'Donnell James, gateman, T24 Drumfrochar road 
MACDOUGALL A. J. & Thorn, solicitors and notaries, 

public, 13 Hamilton st 
Macdougall A. James (of A. J. Macdougall & Thorn), Broom 

lodge, Kilmalcolm 
Macdougall Dugald, shipowner, ship and insurance broker 

and commission agent, 1 Cross-shore st. Ho. Burnlea„ 

3 Newark st 
Macdougall John Innes, solicitor, Mansion-house. Ho. 

Rosemount, 25 Bentinck st 
Macdougall John, M.D., C.M., Rosemount cottage, 5 Lyle st 
Macdougall John, writer, Mansion-house. Ho. Rosemount, 

25 Bentinck st 
M'DOUGALL Alexander, seaman, 1 Kilblain st 
M'Dougall Allan, dairy, 15 Arthur st 
M'Dougall Archibald, brassmoulder, 16 Hope st 
M'Dougall Colin, flesher, 22 West Blackhall st 
M'Dougall Donald, engine driver, 5 Newton st 
M'Dougall Donald, joiner, 81 Dempster st 
M'Dougall Dugald, carpenter, 77 Regent st 
M'Dougall Dugald, joiner, 73 Holmscroft st 
M'Dougall Dugald, policeman, 112 Dempster st 
M'Dougall Duncan, baker, 5 Hamilton st. Ho. 37 Regent st 
M'Dougall Duncan, flesher, 54 St. Lawrence st. Ho. 48 do.. 
M'Dougall Duncan, pilot, 27 Lyle st 
M'Dougall Duncan, salesman, 42 Eldon st 
M'Dougall Duncan, shoemaker, 34 Ann st 
M'Dougall Duncan, weigher, 49 Holmscroft st 
M'Dougall George R. (of Robertson & M'Dougall), Spring- 
bank, 22 Fox st 
M'Dougall Hugh, boilermaker, 28 East Hamilton st 
M'Dougall Hugh, timekeeper, 39 Lynedoch st 


M'Dougall James, blacksmith, 16 Hope st 

M'Dougall John, engineer, 79 Belville st 

M'Dougall John, joiner, 32 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Dougall John, joiner, 28 Trafalgar st 

M'Dougall John, lather, 69 Nicolson st 

M'Dougall John, mason, 6 Hay st 

M'Dougall John, patternmaker, 44 Lynedoch st 

M'Dougall John, porter, 8 Mearns st 

M'Dougall John, slater and chimney sweeper, 22 Tobago st 

M'Dougall John, wine and spirit merchant, 16 Stanners st. 

Ho. 27 Lyle st 
M'Dougall Lachlan, gardener, 61 Ann st 
M'Dougall Malcolm, railway porter, 10 Nile st 
M'Dougall Neil, shipmaster, 24 Wellington st 
M'Dougall William, painter, 60 Ann st 
M'Dougall William, porter, 29 Nelson st, west 
M'Dougall William, smith, 1 Duncan st 
M'Dougall Miss, 9 Hope st 
M'Dougall Mrs Janet, 33 Nelson st, west 
M'Dougall Mrs, 45 Lynedoch st 
M'Dougall Mrs, 1 St. Andrew st 
M'Dougall Mrs, 24 Trafalgar st 
M'Dougall Mrs, 26 Trafalgar st 
M'DOWALL Alexander, teacher, n Dempster st 
M'Dowall Robert, blacksmith, 7 1 Ann st 
M'Dowall William, sugar sampler, 20 Bruce st 
MACEACHRAN Alexander, 22 Bank st 
MacEachran Donald (of MacEachran, Fulton & Kerr), 44 

Eldon st 
MacEachran Dugald, 44 Eldon st 
MacEachran, Fulton & Kerr, merchants, shipbrokers, and 

commission agents, 67 Rue-end st 
MacEachran Gilbert, spirit dealer, 1 1 Arthur st. Ho. View- 
bank place, 42 St. Lawrence st 
MacEachran Mrs, 39 Ann st 
MacEachran Mrs John, 18 St. Lawrence st 
M'ELENY James, tobacconist and fruiterer, 1 Kilblain st. 

Ho. 4 Inverkip st 
M'Eleny John, tailor and clothier, 7 William st. Ho. 38 

Hamilton st 
M'ELHONE James, bottler, 26 Charles st. Ho. Adelaide 

place, Gourock 


M'ELWEE James, shoemaker, 3 Kilblain st 

M'EVOY Edward, joiner, 6 West Stewart st 

M'EWAN Alexander, blacksmith, 8 Watt st 

M'Ewan Donald, rivetter, 31 Charles st 

M'Ewan John, spirit dealer, 27 Vermel. Ho. 8 Bruce st 

M'Ewan Matthew, labourer, 66 Holmscroft st 

M'Ewan Robert, labourer, 55 Belville st 

M'Ewan William, rivetter, 18 St. Lawrence st 

M'Ewan Mrs Archibald, 32 W T est Blackball st 

M'EWEN James, ship surveyor, 3 Armadale place, Bank st 

M'EWING David, painter, 14 Arthur st. Ho 32 do. 

M'Ewing Dugald, brassfounder and gasfitter, 3 Springkell st. 

Ho. 15 Hope st 
M 'FAD YEN Alexander, carpenter, 8 St. Lawrence st 
M'Fadyen Alexander, causewayer, 66 Regent st 
M'Fadyen Andrew, carter, 10 Mill st 

M'Fadyen Archibald, joiner and glazier, 7 West Blackhall st 
M'Fadyen Archibald, shoemaker, 21 John st. Ho. do. 
M'Fadyen Archibald, tailor, 15 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Fadyen Donald, labourer, 12 Arthur st 
M'Fadyen Duncan, labourer, 66 Holmscroft st 
M'Fadyen James, engine-driver, 15 Brougham st 
M'Fadyen John, engine-driver, 27 Shaw st 
M'Fadyen John, vanman, 13 Crawfurd st 
M'Fadyen Lachlan, carpenter, 7 Brymner st 
M'Fadyen Neil, carpenter, 44 Arthur st 
M'Fadyen Mrs, 17 Cathcart st 
M'Fadyen Mrs, 9 Nelson st, west 
M'Fadyen Mrs, 56 Lynedoch st 
MACFARLAN Alexander (of Alexander Macfarlan & Co.), 

75 Union st 
Macfarlan Alexander & Co., general merchants, 27 Tal- 

merston buildings 
M'FARLAN Andrew, 67 Regent st 
M 'Parian Robert, clerk, 4 Lyle st 
M'Farlan Miss, 12 Ardgowan square 
MACFARLANE Arthur A., veterinary surgeon, 4 Laird st 

and 5 George square. Ho. Battery house, 123 Eldon st 
Macfarlane Arthur A., carriage hirer and mail contractor, 4 

George square 
Macfarlane John A. & Co., grocers and wine merchants, 10 

West Blackhall st 


Macfarlane John, clerk, 5 Antigua st 

Macfarlane John (of Barr & Macfarlane), 20 Wellington st 

Macfarlane Malcolm, 6 Finnart st 

Macfarlane Robert, bank porter, 4 Mansionhouse lane 

Macfarlane Mrs Donald, 5 George square 

Macfarlane Mrs John A., Finnart terrace, 53 Newton st 

Macfarlane Mrs, 75 Regent st 

M'FARLANE Alexander, blacksmith, 9 Argyle st 

M'Farlane Alexander, clerk, 12 Lynedoch st 

M'Farlane Alexander, gardener, 5 Bruce st 

M'Farlane Alexander, labourer, 22 West Stewart st 

M'Farlane Alexander, labourer, 22 Trafalgar st 

M'Farlane Archibald, fruiterer, 19 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

3 Argyle st 
M'Farlane Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 32 Arthur st. 

Ho. 30 do. 
M'Farlane Arthur, blacksmith and cartwright, 52 Inverkip 

st. Ho. 31 Nelson st, west 
M'Farlane Colin, carpenter, 21 Belville st 
M'Farlane Daniel, engineer, 4 Holmscroft st 
M'Farlane Daniel, joiner, 19 Wellington st 
M'Farlane Daniel, sailmaker, 89 Roxburgh st 
M'Farlane David, storekeeper, 5 George square 
M'Farlane Donald, assistant harbour-master, 12 Ardgowan 

st, west 
M'Farlane Donald, carpenter, 95 Belville st 
M'Farlane Donald, patternmaker, 32 Crescent st 
M'Farlane Dugald, feuar, 11 Duncan st 
M'Farlane Dugald, teacher, 6 Kelly st 
M'Farlane Dugald, timber measurer, 12 Lynedoch st 
M'Farlane Duncan, engineer, 62 Ann st 
M'Farlane Duncan, gardener, 60 Kelly st 
M'Farlane George, joiner, 5 East Blackhall st 
M'Farlane George, sawyer, 28 East Hamilton st 
M'Farlane Hugh, plumber, 2 Bruce st 
M'Farlane James, baker, 16 Antigua st 
M'Farlane James, chainmaker, 10 Carnock st 
M'Farlane James, greengrocer, n Cartsburn st 
M'Farlane James, blacksmith, 70 Roxburgh st 
-M'Farlane John, carpenter, 42 Holmscroft st 
M'Farlane John, clerk, 33 Roxburgh st 
M'Farlane John, cooper, 14 Bruce st 


M'Farlane John, cartwright, 5 Hope st 

M'Farlane John, joiner, 65 Holmscroft st 

M'Farlane John, weigher, 6 Virginia st 

M'Farlane Lachlan, painter, 22 Lynedoch st 

M'Farlane Neil, painter, 7 Brachelston st 

M'Farlane Malcolm, carpenter, 54 Ann st 

M'Farlane Robert, carpenter, 22 St. Lawrence st 

M'Farlane Robert, cooper, 8 Nile st 

M'Farlane Robert, engineer, 9 Ratho st 

M'Farlane Robert, grocer, 16 Port-Glasgow road 

M'Farlane Robert, policeman, 41 Holmscroft st 

M'Farlane Thomas, rigger, 8 Kilblain st 

M'Farlane William, cooper, 19 Bearhope st 

M'Farlane William, labourer, 35 Shaw st 

M'Farlane Miss, dressmaker, 3 Argyle st 

M'Farlane Miss, grocer, 7 Antigua st. Ho. 29 Lyle st 

M'Farlane Miss, milliner, 1 West Stewart st 

M'Farlane Miss, milliner, Mansion-house 

M'Farlane Miss, 22 West Blackhall st 

M'Farlane Miss Margaret, 7 Ardgowan st, west 

M'Farlane Mrs, 73 Ann st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 8 Ardgowan st, west 

M'Farlane Mrs, 85 Belville st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 11 Bruce st 

M'Farlane Mrs H., 19 Kelly st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 33 Lyle st 

M'Farlane Mrs Robert, 21 Union st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 50 St. Lawrence st 

M'Farlane Mrs, Sycamore lodge, Campbell st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 77 Wellington st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 13 West Stewart st 

MACFEE H. N., carver, gilder, and photographer, 23. 

Cathcart st 
MACFIE Archibald, feuar, 7 Newton st 
Macfie John, house and ship joiner, 3 Argyle st. Ho. 22 

Kelly st 
Macfie John, tea dealer, 14 West Blackhall st. Ho. 5, 

Orangefield place 
Macfie William, H.M.C., 16 Mearns st 
Macfie Miss Margaret, 4 Finnart st 
Macfie Mrs Daniel, 1 2 Watt st 
M'FIE Archibald, fireman, 47 Crawfurd st 


M'Fie Daniel, engineer, 6 Hay st 

M'Fie Daniel, joiner, 8 Holmscroft st 

M'Fie Donald, labourer, 25 Dempster st 

M'Fie Donald, labourer, 1 Hill st 

M'Fie Duncan, carpenter, 8 Springkell st 

M'Fie George, hairdresser, 71 Main st. Ho. 17 John st 

M'Fie James, carpenter, 32 Arthur st 

M'Fie James, coppersmith, 27 Belville st 

M'Fie James, engineer, 3 Regent st 

M'Fie James, joiner, 32 Nelson st, west 

M'Fie Malcolm, carter, 19 Antigua st 

M'Fie Neil, storekeeper, 48 St. Lawrence st 

M'Fie Robert, labourer, 27 Dempster st 

M'Fie Thomas, joiner, 16 Cathcart st 

M'Fie Miss, 22 West Blackhall st 

M'GAIN Mrs, 5 Caddlehill st 

M'GALLAN William, tailor, 3 Argyle st 

M'GARRITY Charles, shoemaker, 9 Newton st. Ho. 24 

Ann st 
M'Garrity James, anatomical bootmaker, 39 Nicolson st 
M'Garrity Robert, family bootmaker, 24 Union st. (See 

M'GAUGHEY John, surfaceman, 12 Ingleston st 
M'GAVIN David, coal merchant, 25 Crawfurd st. Ho. 9 

Laird st 
M'Gavin James, coal, lime, and brick merchant, 27 West 

Burn st. Ho. 7 Finnart st 
M'GEACHAN Hugh, janitor, St. Andrew Square Public 

School, 8 East Blackhall st 
M'Geachan William, joiner, 69 Ann st 
M 'GEORGE James, boot and. shoe maker, 58 Rue-end st 

Ho. 41 Lynedoch st 
M'GHEE Daniel, rafter, 9 Cross-shore st 
M'Ghee Henry, cooper, 25 Brymner st 
M'Ghee John, dairy, 18 John st 
M'Ghee John, submarine diver, 30 Brymner st 
M'Ghee William, clerk, 45 Lynedoch st 
M'GIBBON Charles, brassfinisher, 63 Belville st 
M 'Gibbon David, coal agent, 3 Chapel st. Ho. 14 Hope st 
M'Gibbon James, carver, 12 St. Lawrence st 
M 'Gibbon John, blacksmith, 12 Watt st 
M'GILL Archibald, carpenter, 24 Lyle st 


M'Gill James, engineer, 30 Lynedoch st 

M'Gill James, letter carrier, P.O., 9 East Shaw st 

M'Gill John, fireman, 40 St. Lawrence st 

M'Gill Neil, blacksmith, 45 Wellington st 

M'Gill Robert, joiner, 2 Kilblain st 

M'Gill Robert, joiner, 25 Bruce st 

M'Gill Robert, labourer, 64 Holmscroft st 

M'Gill Miss, grocer, 34 Ann st. Ho. do. 

M'Gill Mrs John M., 20 Union st 

M'Gill Mrs, lodgings, 29 Hamilton st 

M'GILLIVRAY Alexander, feuar, 26 Brisbane st 

M'Gillivray Duncan, insurance agent, 1 Watt place. Ho. 

Craigden, 88 Finnart st 
M'GILP Neil, joiner, 19 Ingleston place 
M'Gilp Mrs, female turnkey, Police buildings 
M'GILVRAY Charles, carter, 14 Serpentine walk 
M'Gilvray Charles, boilermaker, 12 Serpentine walk 
M'Gilvray Donald, shipping agent, 6 Hope st 
M'Gilvray John, greengrocer, 23 Lyle st 
M'Gilvray Malcolm, boilermaker, 2 Cartsburn st 
M'Gilvray Miss, grocer,- 35 Lynedoch st. Ho. 25 Regent st 
M'Gilvray Mrs, 33 Lyle st 
M'Gilvray Mrs, 45 Nicolson st 
M'GINLxW Patrick, labourer, 24 Trafalgar st 
M'GINNELL John, labourer, 35 Ingleston st 
M'GINNIS John, labourer, 6 West Stewart st 
M'Ginnis Stephen, slater, 6 West Stewart st 
M'GINTY Frank, labourer, 43 Cathcart st 
M'GIRR John, shipmaster, 31 Lyle st 
M'GIVERAN John, clothier, 29 West Burn st. Ho. 1 

Bruce st 
M'GLASHAN Archibald, carter, 71 Roxburgh st 
M'Glashan Ebenezer, boilermaker, n East Blackball st 
M'Glashan George, joiner, 52 East Hamilton st 
M'Glashan John, saddler, 72 Ann st 
M'GLINSHEY Patrick, labourer, n Hill st 
M'GLONE John, labourer, 41 Nicolson st 
M'Glone Patrick, fishmonger, 45 Vennel. Ho. 22 Sugar- 
house lane 
M'Glone Peter, labourer, 4 Sinclair st 
M'Glone Mrs, 8 Holmscroft st 
M'GONAGLE Francis, labourer. 62 Drumfrochar road 


M'Gonagle Patrick, shoemaker, 65 Nicolson st 

MACGOWAN James M., salesman, 41 Sir Michael st 

M 'GO WAN Alexander, broker, 46 Shaw st 

M'Gowan Ebenezer, of H.M. Customs, 63 Ann st 

M'Gowan John, rigger, 21 Bearhope st 

M'Gowan Thomas, labourer, 4 Sinclair st 

M'Gowan Mrs, dressmaker, 5 Inverkip st 

M'GOWN Mrs John, feuar, 29 Crescent st 

M'GRATH Henry, traveller, 4 Holmscroft st 

M'Grath John, spirit dealer, 8 East breast. Ho. 23 Lyle st 

M'GRATTAN Hugh, fisherman, 5c Shaw st 

M'Grattan Hugh, jun., lighterman, 11 Nicolson st 

MACGREGOR Alexander F., sugar valuator, Raw Sugar 

Macgregor J. & Son, shipowners, Post Office buildings 
Macgregor John, B.L., Edin., solicitor and notary public,. 

17 West Blackhall st. Ho. Hawthornden, 1 Johnstone st 
Macgregor John (of J. Macgregor & Son), Ardshiel, Helens- 
Macgregor Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Cathcart st and 

1 Shaw st. Ho. 44 Brougham st 
Macgregor Misses, 8 George square 

Macgregor Mrs James, ladies' nurse, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
M 'GREG OR Alexander, baker, 7 Murdieston st 
M'Gregor Alexander, carpenter, 35 West Burn st 
M'Gregor Alexander, joiner, 6 Holmscroft st 
M'Gregor Archibald, labourer, 9 East Blackhall st 
M'Gregor Charles (of J. D. M'Gregor & Co.), 32 Nelson st, 

Macgregor D. & Co., opticians, nautical instrument makers,, 

jewellers, stationers, &c, 32 Cathcart st 
M'Gregor Daniel, rigger, 21 Lynedoch st 
M'Gregor Duncan, gardener, 44 Union st 
M'Gregor George, engineer, 15 Belville st 
M'Gregor Gregor G., clerk, P.O., 46 Ann st 
M'Gregor James, boilermaker, 45 Trafalgar st 
M'Gregor James, moulder, 24 St. Lawrence st 
M'Gregor James, late H.M. Customs, 39 Newton st 
M'Gregor James, spirit dealer, 3 Shannon's close. Ho. 9 

Hope st 
M'Gregor James W., writing master, Greenock Academy.. 

Ho, 10 South st 


M'Gregor John C, merchant, n Johnstone st 

M'Gregor J. D. & Co., funeral undertakers and carriage- 
hirers, 48 Cathcart st, and Tontine stables, 24 West 
Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 

M'Gregor John, joiner, 38 Holmscroft st 

M'Gregor John, wholesale and retail wine and spirit mer- 
chant. 23 and 25 Shaw st and 13 Brymner st. Ho. 
Hawthornden, 1 Johnstone st 

M'Gregor Malcolm, joiner, 45 Wellington st 

M'Gregor N. & R., boatbuilders, n Virginia st 

M'Gregor Nicol (of N. & R. M'Gregor), 4 Antigua st 

M'Gregor Peter, labourer, 3 Virginia st 

M'Gregor Robert (of N. & R. M'Gregor), 18 South st 

M'Gregor William, blacksmith, 27 Belville st 

M'Gregor Peter, tailor, 18 Wellington st 

M'Gregor Ann, 55 Holmscroft st 

M'Gregor Mrs Flora, 44 Arthur st 

M'Gregor Mrs, 4 Hill st 

M'Gregor Mrs, remnant warehouse, 36 West Burn st 

M'GRUTHER Robert, storekeeper, 59 Ann st 

M'GUFFIE John, joiner, 26 East Crawford st 

M'GUGAN Angus, grocer, 22 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

M'Gugan Archibald, joiner, 55 Holmscroft st 

M'Gugan D., coal agent, 5 Chapel st. Ho. 6 Hope st 

M'Gugan Duncan (of M'Gugan & M'Leod), 6 Hope st 

M'Gugan & M'Leod, painters and decorators, 35 West 
Burn st 

M'Gugan George, master of town's dredger, 34 West Black- 
hall st 

M'Gugan James, bootmaker, 10 East Shaw st 

M'Gugan John, joiner, 45 Trafalgar st 

M'GUIRE Charles, mason, 6 Lauriston st 

M'Guire James, hairdresser, 4 Buccleuch st 

M'Guire John, broker, 7 Market st 

M'GURK John, gardener, 10 Murdieston st 

M'HUGH Mrs, 13 Mearns st 

M'HUTCHEON Alexander, 14 Lyle st 

MTLRAY John, boilermaker, 2 1 Regent st 

M'lLROY Alexander, labourer, 1 Prospecthill st 

MTlroy Daniel, salesman, 45 Cathcart st 

MTlroy Hugh, labourer, 21 John st 


M'llroy James, inspector of works, G. & S.-W. Railway, 23 
Brougham st 

M'llroy John, labourer, 45 Cathcart st 

M'llroy Robert, joiner, 87 Belville st 

M'llroy William, policeman, 1 Mill st 

M'lLVAIN John, 25 Kelly st 

M'lLVAR Thomas, labourer, 42 Arthur st 

M'lLWEE Matthew, labourer, 1 Prospecthill st 

MACILWRAITH William, jun., architect, valuator, and 
land surveyor, 17 Hamilton st. Ho. Crookston, Ren- 

M'lLWRAITH Hew (of MTlwraiths & Walker), assessor of 
Dean of Guild Court, and commissioner for oaths in 
English Courts. Ho. Rozelle cottage, 37 Esplanade 

M'llwraiths & Walker, solicitors and notaries public, Park 
buildings, 28 Nicolson st 

M'llwraith John, rigger, 40 Nicolson st 

M 'II wraith M., hosier, 23 Hamilton st 

M'llwraith Mrs, 64 Kelly st 

M'llwraith Mrs, 61 Nicolson st 

M'INDOE Mrs, 51 Brisbane st 

M'INNES Alexander, carter, Prospecthill house 

M'Innes Angus, carpenter, 13 Crescent st 

M'Innes Donald, carpenter, 7 Hill st 

M'Innes Donald, labourer, 9 East Blackhall st 

M'Innes Dugald, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Hamilton st 
and 15 Rue-end st. Wholesale store, 3 Arthur st. Ho. 
Charing Cross buildings, Rue-end st 

M'Innes Duncan, labourer, 4 Sinclair st 

M'Innes James, clerk, 36 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Innes John, moulder, 49 Mearns st 

M'Innes John, seaman, 12 Murdieston st 

M'Innes Lachlan, carpenter, 25 Brymner st 

M'Innes Robert, policeman, 50 Ann st 

M'Innes Robert, engine-driver, 15 Brougham st 

M'Innes William, cooper, 113 Dempster st 

M'Innes Mrs, 6 Mearns st 

M'Innes Mrs, 30 South st 

MACINTOSH Neil, cashier, 32 Ardgowan st, west 

MTNTOSH Archibald, cooper, 6 West Stewart st 

MTntosh Archibald, groom, 1 Broomhill st 

MTntosh David, engineer, 21 Belville st 


M'Intosh Duncan, policeman, 12 Nile st 

M'Intosh Duncan, spirit merchant, 18 East Shaw st and 9 
Bearhope st. Ho. 3 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Intosh James, cabinetmaker, 74 Wellington st 

M'Intosh James, tobacconist, 10 Brymner st 

M'Intosh John, carpenter, 5 Belville st 

M'Intosh John, painter, 9 Watt st 

M'Intosh Thomas, carpenter, 5 Arthur st 

M'Intosh William, carpenter, 78 Belville st 

M'Intosh William, draper, 27 Ann st and 8 Lynedoch st. 
Ho. 27 Ann st 

M'Intosh Miss C, china merchant, 59' Inverkip st 

M'Intosh Miss Christina, dressmaker, 9 "Mount Pleasant st 

M'Intosh Mrs, 38 West Shaw st 

M'Intosh Mrs M., grocer, 44 Ann st 

MACINTYRE Alexander, distillery manager, 33 Kelly st 

Macintyre Charles J., tobacconist, newsagent, and stationer, 
and Cheque Bank and commission agency, 3 Brougham 
st. Ho. do. 

Macintyre James, fish, game, and poultry dealer, 43 Hamil- 
ton st 

Macintyre John D., marine insurance broker, Wallace build- 
ings. Ho. 22 Patrick st 

Macintyre Mrs, 28 Newton st 

Macintyre Mrs, 25 Robertson st 

MTNTYRE Alexander, iron-dresser, 3 Regent st . 

MTntyre Allan, carter, 5 West Stewart st 

M'Intyre Archibald, carpenter, 91 Belville st 

MTntyre Archibald, labourer, 5 Newton st 

MTntyre Colin, baker, 43 Nicolson st 

MTntyre Colin, joiner, 21 Wellington st 

M'Intyre David, boilermaker, 61 Belville st 

MTntyre David, smith, 6 Ingleston st 

MTntyre Donald, cartwright and blacksmith, 13 Duncan st 
and 22 Bearhope st. Ho. 3 Trafalgar st 

MTntyre Donald, porter, 7 William st 

MTntyre Dugald, smith, 5 Regent st 

MTntyre Duncan, blacksmith, n Lynedoch st 

M'Intyre Duncan, boilermaker, 10 Carnock st 

MTntyre Duncan, carpenter, 6 Holmscroft st 

M'Intyre Duncan, ironmonger and shipchandler, 25 Rue-end 
st. Ho. 31 Regent st 


M'Intyre Ewen, sergeant of police, 90 Dempster st 

M'Intyre George, rivetter, 6 Carwood st 

M'Intyre James, moulder, 7 Hill st 

M'Intyre James, plasterer, 75 Wellington st 

M'Intyre James, steward, 68 Inverkip st 

M'Intyre John, weigher, 77 Holmscroft st 

M'Intyre Joseph, mason, 77 Regent st 

M'Intyre Malcolm, seaman, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 

M'Intyre Neil, storekeeper, 6 Hay st 

M'Intyre Peter, labourer, 2 Belville st 

M'Intyre Thomas, grocer and feuar, 6 Cartsburn st. Ho. 

Pomona villa, 89 Brisbane st 
M'Intyre William J., joiner, n Murdieston st 
M'Intyre William, joiner, 52 St. Lawrence st 
M'Intyre William, lieutenant of police, 29 Ann st 
M'Intyre William, painter, 69 Nicolson st 
M'Intyre Mrs, midwife, 1 Buccleuch st 
M'Intyre Mrs, 1 Springkell st 
M'Intyre Mrs, 3 Trafalgar st 
M'Intyre Mrs, 33 West Stewart st 
M'lVER David, joiner, 3 Prospecthill st 
MTver Hector, carpenter, 16 Serpentine walk 
M'lver John, carpenter, 69 Roxburgh st 
M'lver Norman, carpenter, n East Crawford st 
M'lver Mrs, 38 Crawfurd st 

M'JANNET John, plumber, gasfitter, brassfounder, and bell- 
hanger, 62 Inverkip st. Ho. 25 Newton st 
M'Jannet William, joiner, 10 Hill st 
MACKAIL James, feuar, 4 Shaw place 
Mackail J. G. & M., general grocers, provision merchants, 

and tea dealers, 45 Hamilton st 
Mackail J. G. (of J. G & M. Mackail), 12 Brisbane st 
MACKAY & Buchanan, blacksmiths, cart and coachbuilders, 

6 East Stewart st 
Mackay Edward, manager, Greenock Foundry, 8 George 

Mackay George A. D., sanitary inspector for the burgh, 

Municipal buildings, Dalrymple st. Ho. 17 Nelson st, 

Mackay Godfrey (of Mackay & Buchanan), 29 Lyle st 
Mackay Hugh, hotel-keeper, Caledonian Hotel, 28 Cath- 

cart st 


Mackay J. & N., pawnbrokers, 63 Main st. Ho. Norwood, 

Mackay Peter, slater and slate merchant, 9 Chapel st. Ho. 

98 Eldon st 
Mackay Thomas, jun., family baker, 21 West Blackhall st 
Mackay William Y., ironmonger, 4 Bentinck st 
Mackay Miss Annie, sick nurse, 37 Roxburgh st 
Mackay Mrs C. S., Glendower, 109 Eldon st 
Mackay Mrs, dairy, 3 Bearhope st 
M'KAY Andrew, engineer, 31 Ingleston st 
M'Kay Andrew, shipmaster, 66 Wellington st 
M'Kay Archibald, carpenter, 12 Nile st 
M'Kay Charles, blacksmith, 83 Roxburgh st 
M'Kay Charles, shoemaker, 59 Vennel 
M'Kay Daniel, cooper, 15 Hope st 
M'Kay George, blacksmith, 8 Carwood st 
M'Kay George, joiner, 26 West Blackhall st 
M'Kay Hugh, mechanic, 4 Carwood st 
M'Kay James, carter, 1 Belville st 
M'Kay James, porter, 24 West Blackhall st 
M'Kay John, greengrocer, 24 Dalrymple st 
M'Kay John, joiner, 37 Roxburgh st 
M'Kay Robert, blacksmith, 10 Belville st 
M'Kay Robert, glazier, 42 Ann st 
M'Kay Robert, labourer, 3 Belville st 
M'Kay Robert, plumber, 30 Roxburgh st 
M'Kay Robert, railway guard, 9 Antigua st 
M'Kay Robert, seaman, 15 South st 
M'Kay Thomas, labourer, 3 Belville st 
M'Kay William, ropespinner, 18 Bruce st 
M'Kay William, slater, 22 West Blackhall st 
M'Kay Miss S., furnishings, 13 Crescent st 
M'Kay Mrs, 63 Ann st 
M'Kay Mrs, 12 Arthur st 
M'Kay Mrs, 3 Hill st 
M'Kay Mrs, 8 Hope st 
M'Kay Mrs Janet, 14 Cathcart st 
M'Kay Mrs, 33 Roxburgh st 
M'Kay Mrs, tailoress, 13 West Stewart st 
M'KEAN William, slater, 71 Ann st 
M'KECHNIE Allan, butcher, poulterer, and game-dealer, 

Clyde buildings, 19 West Blackhall st and 16 Kelly st. 

Ho. 1 1 Finnart st 


M'Kechnie Allan, jun., flesher, 21 Newton st 

M'Kechnie Dugald, joiner, 28 Bruce st 

M'Kechnie James, baker, 74 Wellington st 

M'Kechnie John, clerk, 8 Watt st 

M'Kechnie John, glazier, 5 Hope st 

M'Kechnie John, joiner, 53 Belville st 

M'Kechnie John, labourer, 58 Drumfrochar road 

M'Kechnie John, tailor, 12 Murdieston st 

M'Kechnie Nicol, carpenter, 19 Belville st 

M'Kechnie William, carpenter, 7 Belville st 

M'Kechnie Miss C, dressmaker, 38 Crawfurd st 

M'Kechnie Miss, dressmaker, 21 Brisbane st 

M'Kechnie Mrs Ann, grocer, 28 Charles st. Ho. 14 West 
Blackhall st 

M'Kechnie Mrs, 43 Crawfurd st 

M'Kechnie Mrs, 25 Crescent st 

M'KEE Hamilton (of Keenan & M'Kee), 26 Bruce st 

M'Kee Richard, joiner, 7 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Kee Thomas, engineer, 35 Ingleston st 

M'Kee William, gardener, 26 Bruce st 

M'KEEMAN William J., letter-carrier, P.O., 9 Argyle st 

MACKELLAR Alexander, Town Chamberlain, Chamber- 
lain's office, Municipal buildings, Hamilton st. Ho. 45 
Finnart st 

Mackellar Alexander, shipmaster, 7 Caddlehill st 

Mackellar Peter (of Abram Lyle & Sons), 45 Finnart st 

Mackellar Peter (of Meldrum, Mackellar & Co.), 91 Eldon st 

M'KELLAR Alexander, cooper, 13 Lyle st 

M'Kellar Andrew, cooper, 113 Dempster st 

M'Kellar Angus, carpenter, 2 East India breast 

M'Kellar Angus, flesher, 104 Dempster st 

M'Kellar Angus, cooper, 7 Holmscroft st 

M'Kellar Archibald, cooper, 40 West Burn st 

M'Kellar Archibald, fireman, 124 Drumfrochar road 

M'Kellar Archibald, joiner, 18 Antigua st 

M'Kellar Archibald, patternmaker, 34 Ingleston st 

M'Kellar Archibald, seaman, 89 Roxburgh st 

M'Kellar Charles, joiner, 31 Lynedoch st 

M'Kellar Daniel, plumber, 44 Ann st 

M'Kellar David, deep-sea pilot, 4 Watt st 

M'Kellar David, patternmaker, 13 Ingleston st 

M'Kellar Duncan, coppersmith, 1 Kilblain st 


M'Kellar Duncan, joiner, 42 Holmscroft st 

M'Kellar Duncan, seaman, 11 Salmon st 

M'Kellar Hugh, joiner, 87 Roxburgh st 

M'Kellar Hugh, merchant, 149 Eldon st 

M'Kellar James, blacksmith, 8 Antigua st 

M'Kellar James C, letter-carrier, P.O., 4 Kilblain st 

M'Kellar John, blacksmith, 64 Wellington st 

M'Kellar John, cooper, 45 Holmscroft st 

M'Kellar John, hammerman, 22 John st 

M'Kellar John, joiner, 15 Dempster st 

M'Kellar John, joiner, 7 Nile st 

M'Kellar John, sailmaker, 15 East Shaw st 

M'Kellar Neill, blockmaker, 21 Wellington st 

M'Kellar Mrs A., poulterer and fruiterer, 5 William st. Ho. 
12 Trafalgar st 

M'Kellar Mrs D., 5 Inverkip st 

M'Kellar Mrs, ladies' nurse and midwife, 16 Kelly st 

M'Kellar Mrs, lodgings, 27 Nicolson st 

M'Kellar Mrs Peter, 23 Trafalgar st 

M'KELVIE David B. (of J. M'Kelvie & Sons), 5 Robert- 
son st 

M'Kelvie James & Sons, bookseller, stationers, lithographers,, 
bookbinders, and account book manufacturers, 34 Ham- 
ilton st and 17 Charles st 

M'Kelvie John, janitor, Greenock Academy. Ho. 35 West 
Shaw st 

M'Kelvie Mrs James, 28 Ardgowan st, west 

M'KENDRICK John, rivetter, 29 Belville st 

M'KENNA Patrick, carter, 42 Arthur st 

MACKENZIE Ewen, wine and spirit merchant, 25 Sugar- 
house lane and 6 Market st. Ho. 6 Brougham st 

Mackenzie & Walker, grain merchants, millers and bakers, 
Shaws Water Grain Mills, Dellingburn square ; shop 
63 Rue-end st 

Mackenzie James, wine and spirit merchant, 30 Cathcart St.. 
Ho. Eastwood, Cove 

Mackenzie John, sailmaker, 5 East Breast. Ho. 3 Ford pi,, 
Finnart st 

Mackenzie Peter, shipmaster, 17 Newton st 

Mackenzie W. J. & Co., ironmongers, 4 Shaw st. Ho. 26 
South st 

Mackenzie Miss, 14 South st 


Mackenzie Mrs, 25 West Blackhall st 

M'KENZIE Adam, joiner, 17 Lynedoch st 

M'Kenzie Alexander, carpenter, 15 Ingleston st 

M'Kenzie Alexander, inspector of police, East-end Police 

office, 2 East Hamilton st 
M'Kenzie Alexander, labourer, 7 Boyd st 
M'Kenzie Archibald, blockmaker, 1 Holmscroft st 
M'Kenzie Charles, engineer, 19 Trafalgar st 
M'Kenzie Colin, cooper, 5 Nile st 
M'Kenzie Colin, policeman, 5 Nile st 
M'Kenzie Colin, smith, 15 Belville st 
M'Kenzie Donald, gardener, 112 Dempster st 
M'Kenzie Donald, grocer, 1 Belville st. Ho. do. 
M'Kenzie Donald, joiner, 53 Belville st 
M'Kenzie Donald, joiner, 7 Hope st 
M'Kenzie Donald, weigher, 53 Regent st 
M'Kenzie Duncan, flesher, 22 West Stewart st 
M'Kenzie George, joiner, 26 Trafalgar st 
M'Kenzie Henry E., wholesale fish and oil merchant, 4 

West Quay lane. Ho. 3 Ford place, Finnart st 
M'Kenzie James, blacksmith, 51 Belville st 
M'Kenzie James, joiner, 13 Lauriston st 
M'Kenzie John, blacksmith, 24 Bruce st 
M'Kenzie John, carpenter, 54 St. Lawrence st 
M'Kenzie John, deep-sea pilot, 1 Kilblain st 
M'Kenzie John, spirit dealer, 14 John st. Ho. 1 Belville st 
M'Kenzie Kenneth, carpenter, 3 Orchard st 
M'Kenzie Malcolm, caulker, 5 Ratho st 
M'Kenzie Murdoch, engineer, 42 Lynedoch st 
M'Kenzie Murdoch, seaman, 10 Hay st 
M'Kenzie Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 24 Wellington st 
M'Kenzie Robert, manager, 62 East Crawford st 
M'Kenzie Roderick, carpenter, 13 Antigua st 
M'Kenzie Simon, tailor, 65 Nicolson st 
M'Kenzie Walter, clerk, P.O., 48 Ann st 
M'Kenzie William, coachman, 51 Eldon st 
M'Kenzie William, 93 Belville st 
M'Kenzie Catherine, upholsteress, 13 Watt st 
M'Kenzie Miss, boys' dressmaker. 13 Watt st 
M'Kenzie Miss E. C, confectioner, 47 Hamilton st. Ho. 

62 East Crawford st 


M'Kenzie Mrs, 9 Bentinck st 

M'Kenzie Mrs, bookseller, 66 Vermel 

M'Kenzie Mrs Duncan, 27 Patrick st 

M'Kenzie Mrs, 22 Lyle st 

M'Kenzie Mrs R. M., 18 Kelly st 

M'Kenzie Mrs, 1 1 Roxburgh st 

M'Kenzie Mrs, 11 West Stewart st 

M'Kenzie Mrs, 24 Trafalgar st 

M'KERACHER Alexander, inspector of slaughter-house,, 

Market st. Ho. 12 Ardgowan st, west 
M'Keracher John, rivetter, 47 Nicolson st 
M'KERNAN Philip, storekeeper, 18 Nicolson st 
M'Kernan Mrs, broker and news-agent, 16 Market st 
M'KIE John, railway guard, 15 Brougham st 
M'Kie Samuel, cooper, 23 Dempster st 
M'KERRELL Donald, carpenter, 13 Nelson st, west 
M'KILLOP Donald, salesman, 43 Holmscroft st 
M'Killop George, joiner, 68 Wellington st 
M'Killop Hugh, joiner, 75 Wellington st 
M'Killop Mrs Alexander, 40 St. Lawrence st 
M'KIM James, joiner, 4 Garvald st 
M'Kim John, blacksmith, 7 Newton st 
M'Kim William, coal merchant, 22 Bruce st. Ho. 24 do. 
M'KINLAY Alexander, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 
M'Kinlay Donald, brassfinisher, 5 Nile st 
M'Kinlay Edward, clerk, Sanitary Office, 1 1 Bruce st 
M'Kinlay John, millwright, Overton mills 
M'Kinlay Johnston, plumber, 50 Roxburgh st 
M'Kinlay Peter C, ironmonger and cutler, 1 ' Grey place. 

Ho. 35 West Stewart st 
M'Kinlay Thomas, engineer, 24 Lyle st 
M'Kinlay William, river pilot, 50 Brougham st 
M'KINNEY John, slater, 56 Rue-end st. Ho. 4 Bearhope st 
M'Kinney Samuel, hammerman, 12 Terrace road 
MACKINNON Alexander, grocer and wine merchant, 2. 

Tobago st. Ho. 26 Patrick st 
Mackinnon & Son, tailors and clothiers, 29 Shaw st 
M'KINNON Alexander, steamboat owner, Palmerston 

buildings. Ho. 2 Lyle st 
M'Kinnon Alexander, carter, 2 St. Andrew st 
M'Kinnon Archibald, carpenter, 39 Lynedoch st 
M'Kinnon Charles, boilermaker, 62 Regent st 


M'Kinnon Charles, watchman, 3 Kilblain st 

M'Kinnon Daniel, engineer, 29 Nelson st, west 

M'Kinnon David, engineer, 3 Holmscroft st 

M'Kinnon Donald, 3 Bank st 

M'Kinnon Donald, boilermaker. 21 Belville st 

M'Kinnon Donald, clerk, 61 Belville st 

M'Kinnon Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 38 Lynedoch st 
M'Kinnon Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 43 Crawfurd 

st and 6 East Shaw st. Ho. 37 Kelly st 
M'Kinnon Hugh, carpenter, 46 Ann st 
M'Kinnon Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 41 Rue-end st 

and 25 Vennel. Ho. 65 Rue-end st 
M'Kinnon John, baker, 5 West Stewart st 
M'Kinnon John, carter, 1 Holmscroft st 
M'Kinnon John, checker, 61 Nicolson st 
M'Kinnon John, labourer, 11 Hill st 
M'Kinnon John, manager, Greenock Stevedore Co., 10 

Brisbane st 
M'Kinnon Lachlan, carpenter, 8 John st 
M'Kinnon Malcolm, carpenter, 1 Brachelston st 
M'Kinnon Malcolm, carpenter, 6 Hill st 
M'Kinnon Neil, chimney-sweeper, 7 Cowgate st 
M'Kinnon Neil, engine-driver, 65 Belville st 
M'Kinnon Norman, carpenter, 73 Regent st 
M'Kinnon Robert, wright, 22 Wellington st 
M'Kinnon William, carpenter, 6 John st 
M'Kinnon Miss, 49 Nicolson st 
M'Kinnon Mrs, 50 Ann st 

M'Kinnon Mrs Lachlan, boarding house, 8 East Breast 
M'Kinnon Mrs, laundress, 10 Terrace road 
M'Kinnon Mrs, 36 Lynedoch st 
M'Kinnon Mrs, 23 Nicolson st 
M'Kinnon Mrs, 24 Sir Michael st 
M'Kinnon Mrs, 24 West Blackhall st 
M'KIRDY Angus, carpenter, 18 Vennel 
M'Kirdy August, carpenter, 50 Holmscroft st 
M'Kirdy George, engineer, 22 South st 
M'Kirdy James, railway guard, 29 Nelson st, west 
M'Kirdy John, boatman, 59 Rue-end st 
M'Kirdy John, fireman, 80 Belville st 
M'Kirdy Robert (of Scott, Adams & M'Kirdy), 78 Union st 


M'Kirdy Thomas, labourer, 36 East Hamilton st 

M'Kirdy Mrs, 78 Union st 

M'KISSOCK James, carpenter, 1 Hill st 

M'Kissock William, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 

M'KIVER John (of W. M. M'Kiver & Co.), Eastwood, 39 

Finnart st 
M'Kiver William M. & Co., ship store merchants, Com- 
mercial bank buildings, 12 Cross-shore st 
MACLACHLAN & Co., silk mercers, general drapers and 

clothiers, 35 Hamilton st 
Maclachlan John (of Maclachlan & Co.), 28 Brisbane st 
Maclachlan Mrs D., 3 Robertson st 
M'LACHLAN Alexander, carpenter, 55 Inverkip st 
M'Lachlan Andrew, gardener, Dungourney, 13 Newark st 
M'Lachlan Archibald, seaman, 66 Ann st 
M'Lachlan A., fish merchant, 4 Sir Michael st. Ho. 6 do. 
M'Lachlan Colin, farmer, Drums, Wood st 
M'Lachlan Daniel, storekeeper, 36 West Blackhall st 
M'Lachlan Donald, blacksmith, 23 Belville st 
M'Lachlan Dugald, police constable, 7 Prospecthill st 
M'Lachlan Duncan, hairdresser, 27 Sugarhouse lane 
M'Lachlan Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 34 Dalrymple 

st. Ho. 83 Roxburgh st 
M'Lachlan Duncan, station master, Cartsdyke station. Ho. 

24 East Crawford st 
M'Lachlan Henry, shoemaker, 43 Nicolson st 
M'Lachlan Hugh, painter, 31 Ingleston st 
M'Lachlan James, plumber, 90 Dempster st 
M'Lachlan John & Son, grocers and provision merchants, 

43 Cathcart st 
M'Lachlan John, billposter, 11 Hamilton st. (See Advt.) 
M'Lachlan John, jun. (of John M'Lachlan & Son), 20 Lyne- 

doch st 
M'Lachlan John, seaman, 17 Antigua st 
M'Lachlan Kenneth, draper, 28 Charles st. Ho. 25 

Trafalgar st 
M'Lachlan Martin, rafter, 11 Laird st 
M'Lachlan Neil, rafter, 8 Chapel st 
M'Lachlan Thomas, general grocer, 40 Lynedoch st. Ho. 

17 Dempster st 
M'Lachlan Walter, engineer, 55 Inverkip st 
M'Lachlan Walter, rigger, 24 Hamilton st 


M'Lachlan William, blacksmith, 6 Hope st 

M'Lachlan Mrs, 85 Dempster st 

M'Lachlan Mrs Duncan, 18 Antigua st 

M'Lachlan Mrs John, 12 Brisbane st 

M'Lachlan Mrs, 9 Lynedoch st 

M'Lachlan Mrs M., dressmaker, 26 Crescent st 

M 'LAGAN Alexander, joiner, 8 Kilblain st 

M'LAREN Angus, joiner, 22 West Stewart st 

M'Laren A. D., wine and spirit merchant, 9 Cross-shore st. 

Ho. 30 Brisbane st 
M'Laren Duncan, clerk, 53 Brisbane st 
M'Laren John, engineer, 78 Belville st 
M'Laren John, fitter, 17 Brougham st 
M'Laren John, watchman, 51 Lynedoch st 
M'Laren Mrs E., grocer, 62 Ann st. Ho. 60 do. 
M'LARTY John, engineer, 1 Mill st 
M'Larty John, labourer, 59 Ann st 
M'Larty John, moulder, 18 Hope st 
M'Larty John, sailmaker, 3 Holmscroft st 
M'Larty Neil, joiner, 112 Dempster st 
M'Larty Nicol, seaman, 41 Crawfurd st 
M'Larty Miss Jane, grocer, 26 Bruce st 
M'Larty Miss Jessie, dressmaker, 1 Mill st 
M'Larty Miss, 8 Margaret st 

M'LAUCHLAN James, mercantile clerk, 19 Newton st 
M'Lauchlan John, manager, Clyde pottery, 19 Port-Glasgow 

M'LAUGHLAN Daniel, labourer, 9 Lyle st 
M'Laughlan Patrick, fishmonger, 17 Ann st. Ho. 66 

Regent st 
M 'LAUGH LIN Charles, manager, 48 East Crawford st 
M'Laughlin Daniel, butter and egg merchant, 40 Inverkip st 
M'Laughlin Daniel, tobacconist, 34 Dalrymple st and 19 

Hamilton st 
M'Laughlin David, shipwright, 26 East Crawford st 
M'Laughlin James, slater, 14 Kilblain st. Ho. 10 Watt st 
M'Laughlin James, butter and egg merchant, 13 Market st. 

Ho. 22 Lyle st 
M'Laughlin James, fishmonger, 33 Market st. Ho. 20 Ann st 
M'Laughlin Thomas, labourer, 12 Terrace road 
M'Laughlin Mrs, 23 Belville st 
M'LAY Thomas, boilermaker, 22 St. Lawrence st 


M'Lay William, cooper, 5 Lauriston st 

M'Lay Mrs, 3 Crescent st 

M'LEA James S. & Co., commission agents and shipbrokers, 

2 Cathcart st 
MACLEAN Alexander S. (at A. Scott & Son), 8 Wellington st 
Maclean Angus, law student, secretary and treasurer of the 

British and Foreign Association, 12 Kilblain st. Ho. 

10 Brisbane st 
Maclean James (of J. & D. Maclean), 9 Ardgowan st, west 
Maclean James (of Maclean, Todd & Co.), Craigduart, 3. 

Octavia terrace 
Maclean J. & D., plumbers, gasfitters, &c, 19 Brymner st 
Maclean John, painter and decorator, 3 Kilblain st. Ho. 6 

Cove road, Gourock. 
Maclean Todd & Co., timber and commission merchants,, 

67 Rue-end st 
Maclean A. & J., milliners, 28 Roxburgh st 
Maclean Mrs, 10 Brisbane st 
M'LEAN Alexander, shipmaster, 63 Rue-end st 
M'Lean Alexander, collector, 12 South st 
M'Lean Alexander, painter, 1 Duncan st 
M'Lean Allan, baker, 8 Murdieston st 
M'Lean Allan, carpenter, 10 Lyle st 
M'Lean Allan, clerk, 104 Dempster st 
M'Lean Allan, glazier, 13 West Stewart st 
M'Lean Allan, seaman, 17 Nelson st, west 
M'Lean, Angus & Co., engineers, ironfounders, and makers 

of sugar refining machinery, Ingleston foundry, 9 Ingle- 

ston st 
M'Lean Angus, shoemaker, 3 Bruce st 
M'Lean Andrew Y., plumber and gasfitter, 5 Tobago st. Ho- 

1 Duncan st 
M'Lean Archibald, cooper, 8 Nicolson st 
M'Lean Archibald, labourer, 64 Drumfrochar road 
M'Lean Archibald, 74 Wellington st 
M'Lean Daniel, brass finisher, ^^ West Burn st 
M'Lean Donald, boilermaker, 39 Ann st 
M'Lean Donald, carpenter, 13 Holmscroft st 
M'Lean Donald, carter, 19 Captain st 
M'Lean Donald, cooper, 14 Terrace road 
M'Lean Donald, rigger, 66 Roxburgh st 
M'Lean Dugald, gardener, 36 Nelson st, west 


M'Lean Duncan, assistant collector of town assessments, 81 

Holmscroft st 
M'Lean Duncan, carpenter, 10 Bruce st 
M'Lean Duncan, carpenter, 13 Cross-shore st 
M'Lean Duncan, coachman, 18 Bearhope st 
M'Lean Duncan, cooper, 60 Ann st 
M'Lean Duncan, joiner, 9 Prospecthill st 
M'Lean Duncan, storekeeper, 53 Holmscroft st 
M'Lean Fergus, sanitary officer, 68 Wellington st 
M'Lean Hector, boatman, 16 Dairy mple st 
M'Lean Hector, rivetter, 21 Bruce st 
M'Lean Henry, painter, 66 East Hamilton st 
M'Lean Hugh, boilermaker, 93 Roxburgh st 
M'Lean Hugh, gardener, 10 Murdieston st 
M'Lean Hugh, plater, 6 Chapel st 
M'Lean Hugh, sugar porter, 11 Murdieston st 
M'Lean Hugh, tugboat master, 35 Nicolson st 
M'Lean James & Co., timber merchants, sawmillers, and 

manufacturers of wooden mouldings, 25, 28, and 64 

Main st 
M'Lean James, cooper, 50 Dalrymple st 
M'Lean James, engineer, 26 West Blackhall st 
M'Lean James, joiner, 58 Kelly st 

M'Lean James (of M'Lean, Angus & Co.), 8 Shaw place 
M'Lean James, rivetter, 10 Chapel st 
M'Lean James, sawyer, 36 Lynedoch st 
M'Lean James, seaman, 10 Carnock st 
M'Lean John, 13 Ardgowan st, west 
M'Lean John, blacksmith, 32 Nicolson st 
M'Lean John, boilermaker. 23 West Blackhall st 
M'Lean John, carpenter, 13 Belville st 
M'Lean John, carpenter, 80 Belville st 
M'Lean John, caulker, 7 John st 
M'Lean John, cooper, 41 Crawfurd st 
M'Lean John, Customs 7 boatman, 36 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Lean John, fruiterer, 10 Duncan st 
M'Lean John, grain merchant, 5 West Stewart st. Ho. 

23 do. 
M'Lean John, joiner, 30 Roxburgh st 
M'Lean John, labourer, jo Duncan st 
M'Lean John, of T.O., 3 Argyle st 
M'Lean John, rivetter, 66 East Hamilton st 


M'Lean John, steward, 64 Wellington st 

M'Lean John, sugar porter, 10 Watt st 

M'Lean John, it Nelson st, west 

M'Lean Kenneth, keeper of Sugar Exchange, 14 Lyle st 

M'Lean Laughlin, boilermaker, 17 Lynedoch st 

M'Lean Malcolm, boatman, 13 Brymner st 

M'Lean Matthew, engine-driver, 6 Carwood st 

M'Lean Neil, cooper, 20 Lynedoch st 

M'Lean Neil, joiner and builder, 10 Cross-shore st. Ho. 19 
Royal st, Gourock 

M'Lean Neil, policeman, 22 West Blackhall st 

M'Lean Neil, shoemaker, 3 Inverkip st. Ho. 1 Kilblain st 

M'Lean Neil, tugboat master, 6 Sir Michael st 

M'Lean Peter, labourer, 12 Baker st 

M'Lean Robert, boilermaker, 2 Princes st 

M'Lean Ronald, blacksmith, 8 Baker st. Ho. 8 Wellington st 

M'Lean William B., gardener, 26 West Blackhall st 

M'Lean William, storekeeper, 19 Regent st 

M'Lean Mrs, 18 Wellington st 

M'Lean Mrs, 6 Lauriston st 

M'Lean Mrs Elizabeth, grocer, 78 Belville st 

M'Lean Mrs, funeral undertaker, 41 Hamilton st 

M'Lean Mrs James, Westbank, 6 Esplanade 

M'Lean Mrs John, 23 East Shaw st 

M'Lean Mrs, Mount Park, 2 Holmscroft st 

M'Lean Mrs, 18 Port-Glasgow road 

M'Lean Mrs, 47 Roxburgh st 

M'Lean Mrs, 81 Roxburgh st 

M'Lean Mrs, 18 Sir Michael st 

M'Lean Mrs William, 22 Ardgowan square 

M'Lean Mrs William, 13 Watt st 

M'LEISH Daniel, wine and spirit dealer, 17 Shaw st. Ho. 
39 Holmscroft st 

M'Leish Peter, engineer, 58 Drumfrochar road 

M'LELLAN Andrew, draper, clothier, and hatter, 53 Rue- 
end st. Ho. 34 Ann st 

M'Lellan James & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 46 
Brymner st 

M'Lellan John, depute harbour-master, Customhouse quay. 
Ho. 40 Lynedoch st 

M'Lellan John, vanman, 20 West Stewart st 

M'Lellan Neil, cowfeeder, 7 Bruce st 


M'Lellan Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 63 Ann st. 
Ho. 12 Lynedoch st 

M'Lellan Thomas, engineer, 43 Regent st 

M'Lellan Walter, detective officer, 3 Holmscroft st 

M'Lellan William, foreman, 31 Lyle st 

M'Lellan Miss, 9 Kelly st 

M'Lellan Mrs Duncan, 12 Patrick st 

M'LELLAND James, grocer and provision merchant, 12 
Ann st. Ho. 10 Wellington st 

M'Lelland Matthew, engine-keeper, n Mill st 

M'Lelland William, sailmaker, 53 Brisbane st 

M'Lelland Mrs, 15 Newton st 

M'LENNAN William & Co., photographers, corner of West 
Blackhall and Nicolson sts. Ho. 3 Campsie terrace 

M'Lennan Mrs, 5 Brachelston st 

MACLEOD George, agent, Singer Sewing Machine Co., 69 
Nicolson st 

Macleod Neil, sugar porter, 46 Newton st 

Macleod Roderick, inspector of cleansing, Municipal build- 
ings, Dalrymple st. Ho. 5 Dempster st 

Macleod & Grylls Misses, teachers, 61 Finnart st 

M'LEOD Alexander, labourer, 18 Bearhope st 

M'Leod Angus, carpenter, 18 Hope st 

M'Leod Angus, carter, 24 Trafalgar st 

M'Leod Angus, joiner, 28 Lynedoch st 

M'Leod Archibald L., mate, 66 Kelly st 

M'Leod Charles C. (of M'Geugan & M'Leod), 8 Nicolson st 

M'Leod Colin, carpenter, 1 Belville st 

M'Leod Colin, shipmaster, 23 Newton st 

M'Leod Duncan, draper, 73 Holmscroft st 

M'Leod Duncan, sawyer, 86 Belville st 

M'Leod Finlay, sugar sampler, 8 Nicolson st 

M'Leod John, carpenter, 9 Lynedoch st 

M'Leod John, hamcurer, 31 Ann st 

M'Leod John M., lath merchant, 87 Belville st 

M'Leod John, seaman, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 

M'Leod John, shoemaker, 29 Dempster st 

M'Leod Malcolm, storekeeper, 17 Antigua st 

M'Leod Murdoch, joiner, 27 Lynedoch st 

M'Leod Neil, watchman, 85 Belville st 

M'Leod Robert, coal merchant, 31 Crescent st. Ho. 3 
Belville st 


M'Leod Roderick, seaman, 1 Holmscroft st 

M'Leod William, carpenter, 7 Hill st 

M'Leod Miss M., grocer, 1 Lauriston st 

M'Leod Mrs, 15 Bearhope st 

M'Leod Mrs A., 36 West Blackhall st 

M'Leod Mrs Aulay, 18 Nicolson st 

M'Leod Mrs Colin, 1 Kelly st 

M'Leod Mrs Jessie, 63 Nicolson st 

M'Leod Mrs Roderick, 96 Dempster st 

M'Leod Mrs, 10 Hill st 

M'Leod Mrs, 23 Roxburgh st 

M'LERNAN Francis, joiner, 29 Dempster st 

M'Lernan James, labourer, 57 Holmscroft st 

M'LINTOCK Robert, patternmaker, 59 Belville st 

M'LUSKIE Paul, labourer, 7 Nile st 

M'Luskie Thomas, currier, 52 East Hamilton st 

M'Luskie William, labourer, 9 Holmscroft st 

M'LUSKY Agnes, confectioner, 7 Cross-shore st. Ho. 46 
Cathcart st 

M 'MASTER Alexander, 27 Patrick st 

M'Master Andrew, moulder, 15 Regent st 

M 'Master John, draper, 84 Roxburh st 

M'Master Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 3 St Andrew 
square, and 2 Springkell st. Ho. 9 Antigua st 

M'MEIKAN John, carpenter, 65 Roxburgh st 

M'Meikan John, cooper, 17 Ann st 

M'MENEMY Robert, plater, 31 East Crawfurd st 

M'Menemy Thomas, labourer, 1 Crawfurd lane* 

M'MICHAEL Robert, coachman, 11 Octavia terrace 

M 'Michael Mrs, 24 Patrick st 

MAC MILL AN John, steamboat agent, Customhouse build- 
ings. Ho. 8 Margaret st 

Macmillan, Rev. Hugh, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E., minister 
of Free West Church, Ardgowan st, west. Ho. 70 
Union st 

Macmillan, Thomas, postmaster, 60 Forsyth st 

M'MILLAN Alexander, blacksmith, 31 Nicolson st 

M'Millan Andrew, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 20 Bris- 
bane st. Ho. do. 

M'Millan Andrew, grocer and provision merchant, 7 Sir 
Michael st. Ho. 24 South st 

M'Millan Andrew, sugarhouse labourer, 38 Crawfurd st 


M'Millan Angus, engineer, 24 St. Lawrence st 

M'Millan Angus, gardener, 35 West Stewart st 

M'Millan Angus, ship surveyor, 4 Finnart st 

M'Millan & Bathgate, carvers, gilders, and artists' colourmen, 
6 West Blackhall st. Workshop, 13 Nicolson st 

M'Millan Bernard, policeman, 16 Kilblain st 

M'Millan David, fireman, 6 Lauriston st 

M'Millan David, flesher, 37 Cathcart st. Ho. 7 Prospect- 
hill st 

M'Millan David, potter, 24 Pottery st 

M'Millan Donald, carpenter, 65 Roxburgh st 

M'Millan Dugald, carpenter, Mansion-house 

M'Millan Ebenezer, carpenter, 47 Crawfurd st 

M'Millan Edward, tailor, 48 Crawfurd st 

M'Millan George, engineman, 72 Wellington st 

M'Millan Hugh, fitter, 4 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Millan Hugh, janitor, Public School, 46 Mearns st 

M'Millan Hugh, lathsplitter, 2 Kilblain st 

M'Millan Hugh, police constable, 2 Wemyss Bay st 

M'Millan James, carter, 11 Brachelston st 

M'Millan James, carter, 9 Hope st 

M'Millan James, wine and spirit merchant, 31 Hamilton st. 
Ho. 15 Brisbane st 

M'Millan John, boatman, 67 Regent st 

M'Millan John, engineer, 77 Roxburgh st 

M'Millan John, foreman, Caledonian saw-mills, Port-Glasgow 

M'Millan John, hairdresser, 26 Charles st. Ho. 71 Ann st 

M'Millan John, hairdresser, 19 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Millan John, joiner, 89 Dempster st 

M'Millan John painter, 8 South st 

M'Millan John, papermaker, Overton 

M'Millan John, spirit merchant, 69 Vermel. Ho. 20 Bris- 
bane st 

M'Millan Lachlan, labourer, 85 Belville st 

M'Millan Malcolm, porter, 8 Hope st 

M'Millan Peter, butcher, 38 Sir Michael st 

M'Millan Robert, joiner, 21 Dempster st 

M'Millan Terrance, broker, 29 Dalrymple st. Ho. 31 do. 

M'Millan Thomas, upholsterer, 80 Roxburgh st 

M'Millan William, fitter, 4 Hill st 

M'Millan William, tailor, 7 Newton st 


M'Millan Miss, millinery warehouse, Clyde buildings, 19 
West Blackhall st. Ho. 30 Nelson st, west 

M'Millan Miss, 30 Kelly st 

M'Millan Miss, 17 Shaw st 

M'Millan Mrs D., 45 Nicolson st 

M'Millan Mrs Elizabeth, 5 Kelly st 

M'Millan Mrs John, 18 Vennel 

M'Millan Mrs M., lodgings, 63 Rue-end st 

M'Millan Mrs, grocer, 4 Lennox buildings. Ho. 5 do. 

M'Millan Mrs, 41 Sir Michael st 

M'Millan Mrs, 12 St. Lawrence st 

M'Millan Mrs, 33 Sir Michael st 

M'MORLAND R. S., coal and lime merchant, Arcade, 20 
Cathcart st. Ho. 64 Esplanade 

M'MUNAGLE C, fishmonger, Fish market. Ho. 55 Ann st 

M'Munagle Charles, jun., fishmonger, 33 Rue-end st. Ho. 
55 Ann st 

M'MURRAY James, carting foreman, Caledonian Railway, 
13 Hope st 

M'MURRICH Samuel, joiner, 28 Bruce st 

M'Murrich Thomas D., collector of police and other assess- 
ments, 7 Vennel. Ho. 2 Finnart st 

M'Murrich Mrs Jessie, 15 Newton st 

M'MURTRIE William, grocer, 26 South st 

MACNAB Archibald (of Duncan Macnab & Son), 21 Nel- 
son st 

Macnab Duncan & Son, hay, straw, and grain merchants, 25 
Tobago st 

Macnab Duncan (of Duncan Macnab & Son), Glen villa, 
96 Newton st 

M'NAB Alexander, caulker, 1 York st 

M'Nab Donald, sawyer, 11 Cathcart st 

M'Nab Duncan, baker, 83 Belville st 

M'Nab John, carpenter, 16 Lynedoch st 

M'Nab Robert W. T., letter carrier, P.O., 38 Holmscroft st 

M'Nab Mrs, 30 Cartsburn st 

M'Nab Mrs, 44 Cartsburn st 

M'Nab Mrs, 12 Trafalgar st 

M'Nab Mrs, feuar, 26 Patrick st 

MACNAIR Rev. Robert, of Baptist Church, Orangefield, 
Ho. 38 Finnart st 

M'NAIR George, music seller, 27 Sugarhouse lane 


M'Nair John, joiner, 16 Hope st 
M'Nair Nicol, porter, 4 Tobago st 
M'Nair Robert, carpenter, 13 Lyle st 
M'Nair Thomas, boltmaker, 3 Broomhill st 
M'Nair Mrs, 19 Kelly st . 
M'NAIRN Joseph, skinner, 6 Sinclair st 
MACNAUGHT A. (of Macnaught Brothers), 33 Newton st 
Macnaught Brothers, chemists and druggists, 4 West Black- 
hall st 
Macnaught Duncan, painter, 13 Ardgowan st, west 
Macnaught John, painter and paperhanger, 27 West Burn st. 

Ho. 66 Regent st 
Macnaught John W., oil and colour merchant, 56 Vennel, 

and 38 East Hamilton st. Ho. 62 Regent st 
Macnaught Mrs William, 30 Nelson st, west 
M 'NAUGHT James, dairy, Upper Ingleston 
M 'Naught George W., tailor and clothier, 37 Ann st. Ho. 

21 Wellington st 
M 'Naught John, carting foreman, G. & S.-W. Railway. Ho. 

7 South st 
M'Naught Miss Grace, furnishings, 16 Kelly st. Ho. 9 do. 
M 'Naught Mrs Alexander, 93 Roxburgh st 
M'Naught Mrs Peter, 9 Kelly st 
M'Naught Mrs, spirit merchant, 66 Ann st. Ho. 38 

Mearns st 
MACNAUGHTAN James, clerk, 21 Nelson st 
M'NAUGHTAN Archibald, labourer, 23 West Stewart st 
M'NEE Mrs Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 20 Cathcart 

st. Ho. 16 do. 
M'NEIL Allan (of J. D. M'Gregor & Co.), 8 South st 
M'Neil Archibald, wool sorter, 4 ProspectMl st 
M'Neil Daniel, boatman, 33 Sir Michael st 
M'Neil Daniel, broker, 4 Cartsburn st. Ho. 5 Dellingburn st 
M'Neil David, carter, 67 Roxburgh st 
M'Neil Donald, contractor, 1 South st 
M'Neil Duncan, seaman, 28 Newton st 
M'Neil Hector, carpenter, 36 Ingleston st 
M'Neil Henry, engineer, 34 East Hamilton st 
M'Neil Hugh, carpenter, 1 Kilblain buildings 
M'Neil Hugh, labourer, 37 Holmscroft st 
M'Neil James, coal merchant, 10 Mill st 
M'Neil James, jun., 49 Brisbane st 


M'Neil James, labourer, 12 Nile st 

M'Neil James, sen., tailor and clothier, 32 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 37 Lynedoch st 
M'Neil John, carpenter, 10 Carnock st 
M'Neil John, flesher, 7 Ann st. Auchneagh House, Inverkip 

M'Neil John, rivetter, 33 East Crawfurd st 
M'Neil Malcolm, carter, 6 Ingleston st 
M'Neil Robert, turner, 4 Sinclair st 

M'Neil Thomas, brickbuilder, Belleaire cottage, 17 Newark st 
M'Neil Thomas, milhvorker, 106 Drumfrochar road 
M'Neil Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 34 Brymner st. 

Ho. 32 Ardgowan st, west 
M'Neil William, boatman, 48 Crawfurd st 
M'Neil William, engineer, 124 Drumfrochar road 
M'Neil William, timekeeper, 48 St. Lawrence st 
M'Neil Mrs Malcolm, 2 St. Andrew st 
M'Neil Mrs Margaret, greengrocer, 80 Belville st 
M'Neil Mrs Neil, 13 Nelson st, west 
M'Neil Mrs, 66 Holmscroft st 
M'Neil Mrs, 71 Roxburgh st 
M'Neil Mrs, 14 Crescent st 
M'NEILL Alexander, pavement merchant, 11 

Patrick st. Ho. 13 Nelson st, west. (See 

M'Neill, Alexander, recorder, 3 Ford place, Finnart st 
M'Neill Archibald, joiner and blockmaker, 10 West Burn st. 

Ho. 37 Holmscroft st 
M'Neill James, cooper, 18 Bruce st 
M'Neill John, inspector of buildings, 34 Nelson st, west 
M 'Neill Thomas, cabinetmaker, 66 Roxburgh st 
M'Neill Thomas, tobacconist, 4 Sir Michael st 
MACNEILAGE, Adam & Co., shipowners and commission 

agents, 13 Hamilton st 
Macneilage John K. (of Macneilage, Adam & Co.), 24 Kelly 

M'NEILAGE Alexander, chemist and druggist, 46 Ann st. 

Ho. 41 do. 
M'Neilage Alexander, shoemaker, 41 Ann st 
M'Neilage John, baker, tj Antigua st. Ho. 20 do. 
M'Neilage John, coal merchant, 7 Chapel st. Ho. 29 Regent 



M'Neilage John, cooper, 62 Ann st 

M'Neilage Miss A., grocer, 31 Ingleston st 

M'NICOL Mrs James, 15 Nicolson st 

M'NICOLL Charles, enginekeeper, 7 Carwood st 

M'Nicoll John, rivetter, 10 Terrace road 

M'Nicoll John, sawyer, 15 Lauriston st 

M'Nicoll Peter, labourer, 5 East Blackhall st 

M'NIE John, cooper, no Dempster st 

M'NISH Robert, sailmaker, 27 Regent st 

M'NIVEN Donald, vanman, 30 Wellington st 

MACONIE G. & J., engineers, founders, and windlass 
makers, Ladyburn foundry, Port-Glasgow road 

Maconie George (of G. & J. Maconie), 4 Old Hillend 

Maconie John (of G. &: J. Maconie), 1 Hope st 

M'PARLAND James, shoemaker, 52 Ann st 

MACPHAIL John, coal merchant, 27 Cathcart st ; depot, 
5 Chapel st. Ho. 27 Patrick st 

Macphail Mrs R., 15 Lynedoch st 

M'PHAIL Alexander, carpenter, 3 Mearns st 

M'Phail Alexander, labourer, 22 John st 

M'Phail Archibald, seaman, 3 Serpentine walk 

M'Phail Colin, boilermaker, 65 Rue-end st 

M'Phail Colin, saw-sharper, 21 Main st 

M'Phail John, carpenter, 4 Hill st 

M'Phail Neil, labourer, 5 Newton st 

M'Phail Neil, porter, 13 Lyle st 

M'Phail William, sugar sampler, 4 Ropework st 

M'Phail Mrs M., 1 Harvie lane 

M'Phail Mrs, 9 Bearhope st 

M'Phail Mrs, 5 Dempster st 

M'Phail Mrs, 1 Kilblain buildings 

M'PHEE & Robertson, restaurant, 8 Grey place 

M'Phee Angus, sugar porter, 29 Brougham st 

M'Phee John, engineer, 19 Ingleston place 

MACPHERSON Alexander & Co., engineers and ship- 
builders, ironmongers, machinery merchants, and com- 
mission agents, 16 East India breast 

Macpherson Alexander (of Alexander Macpherson & Co.), 
2 Tower drive, Ashton, Gourock 

Macpherson Hugh, carpenter, 17 Ardgowan square 

Macpherson John (of John Macpherson & Co.), 3 Antigua 


Macpherson Rev. John F., B.D., of South Parish Churchy 

Ann st. Ho. 24 Forsyth st 
Macpherson Robert (of Welsh, Walker & Macpherson), 17 

Ardgowan square 
M'PHERSON Alexander, traveller, 68 Inverkip st 
M'Pherson Angus, tea dealer, 14 Mearns st 
M'Pherson Donald, boatbuilder, 85 Roxburgh st 
M'Pherson, Donald K., slater and cement worker, 3 Newton 

st. Ho. 17 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Pherson James, boatbuilder, 57 Inverkip st 
M'Pherson James, fireman, 17 Trafalgar st 
M'Pherson John, carpenter, 1 Hill st 
M'Pherson John, shoemaker, 9 Mearns st 
M'Pherson Malcolm, police sergeant, 3 Bank st 
M'Pherson Peter, boilermaker, 36 East Crawford st 
M'Pherson Peter, upholsterer, 30 West Burn st. Ho. 19 

South st 
M'Pherson R. C. & Co., sugar brokers and commission 

agents, 3 Brymner st 
M'Pherson R. C. (of R. C. M'Pherson & Co.), 5 Glen st 
M'Pherson Mrs Malcolm, .8 Kilblain st 
M'Pherson Mrs, 42 Ann st 
M'Pherson Mrs, ladies' nurse, 1 2 Trafalgar st 
M'Pherson Mrs, lodgings, 73 Nicolson st 
M'Pherson Mrs, 4 Mount Pleasant st 
MACQUARRIE Donald, sailmaker, Ford cottage, Finnart 

MacQuarrie John, clerk, 7 Shaw place 
MacQuarrie Mrs, 24 Wellington st 
M'QUEEN Neil, dairyman, 52 Wellington st 
M'QUISTAN Mrs, 6 Wellington st 
M'QUOID William, joiner, 31 Sir Michael st. Ho. 70 

Holmscroft st 
M'Quoid Miss, grocer, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Quoid Mrs, 70 Ann st 
M'RAE Alexander, general engineer, 13 Nicolson st. Ho.. 

67 do. (See Advt.) 
M'Rae John, blockmaker, 67 Belville st 
M'Rae Neil, carpenter, 6 Watt st 
M'Rae William, carrier, 1 Kilblain buildings 
M'Rae Miss, milliner and straw hatter, 14 Lyle st 
M'Rae Mrs John, 28 Wellington st 


MACRAILD Donald, F.R.C.S., &c, general practitioner of 
medicine, 9 George square 

M'ROBERT James, clerk, 15 South st 

M 'RONALD Mrs Alexander, 16 Hope st 

M'SHEFFREY William, butter and egg store, 45 Vennel 
M'Sheffrey Neil, labourer, 15 Bearhope st 

M'STRAVICK David, jun., flesher, 11 Bruce st and 3 Kil- 
blain st. Ho. 27 Bruce st 

M'Stravick Robert, painter, 7 Ann st 

M'SWAN Donald, cooper, 27 Regent st 

MACSYMON Robert, general grocer and wholesale retailer 
of home and foreign produce, ship-store dealer, ship 
chandler, sailmaker,and general ship and yacht furnisher, 
6 Argyle st. Branches at 26 Cathcart st, 46 Brymner 
st, 67 Roxburgh st, 1 AVest Blackhall st. and 10 Church 
st, Port-Glasgow. Free stores— George square, and 
bonded stores — Ropework st. Ho. Linden Bank, 39 

M'TAGGART Archibald, joiner, 28 Wellington st 

M'Taggart Donald, moulder, 5 Orchard st 

M'Taggart John, joiner, 7 West Blackhall st 

M'Taggart Malcolm, smith, 20 John st 

MACTAVISH L., accountant and stock broker, 17 Hamil- 
ton st. Ho. Mount Pleasant, Gourock 

M'TAVISH Angus, joiner, 9 Murdieston st 

M'Tavish John, mason, 70 Wellington st 

M'Tavish Jane, spirit dealer, 13 Shaw st. Ho. 15 do. 

M'Tavish Mrs I)., 22 Robertson st 

M'VEAN Duncan, joiner, 42 Holmscroft st 

M'Vean Mrs, 16 Crawfurd st 

M'VEY James, joiner, 6 Union st 

M'VICAR & Son, tailors and clothiers, 39 West Burn st 

M'Vicar Angus, labourer, 67 Regent st 

M'Vicar Donald, joiner, 1 Holmscroft st 

M'Vicar Duncan, labourer, 19 Ingleston place 

M'Vicar Hugh (of M'Vicar & Son), 113 Dempster st 

M'Vicar Neil, joiner, 56 Regent st 

M'Vicar William, confectioner, 4 Bearhope st 

M'Vicar William, slater, 12 Murdieston st 

M'Vicar William, ship smith and chainmaker, 7 East Stewart 
st. Ho. 5 Carnock st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 16 Sir Michael st 


M 'Vicar Mrs, 71 Roxburgh st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 26 Bruce st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 47 Holmscroft st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 17 Lyle st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 9 Roxburgh st 

M'WALTER John, porter, 6 Antigua st 

M 'Walter Robert, joiner, 9 West Stewart st. Ho. 17 Pros- 
pecthill st 

M'WHINNIE Frederick, labourer, 17 Cathcart st 

M'Whinnie Hugh, forgeman, 68 East Hamilton st 

M'WHIRTER Hugh, agent, Maybole boot and shoe ware- 
house, 16 Hamilton st. Ho. 12 Wellington st 

M'Whirter William, teacher, 19 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Whirter Mrs, 50 Holmscroft st 

M'WILLIAM John, smith, 11 Roxburgh st 

M'William Hugh, blacksmith, 2 Garvald st 

M 'William Misses, teachers, 53 Kelly st 


MACHELL William, foreman, 20 St. Lawrence st 

MACKIE Bernard, fireman, 25 Vennel 

Mackie Charles, deep sea pilot, 5 Union st 

Mackie James A., teacher, Belville School, 97 Belville st 

Mackie James, cashier, 91 Belville st 

Mackie James, seaman, 41 Nicolson st 

Mackie J., clerk, 21 Lyle st 

Mackie John, plumber, 26 East Crawford st 

Mackie Peter, waterman, 8 Cathcart st 

Mackie William, clerk, 32 South st 

Mackie William, sawsharper, 15 Lauriston st 

Mackie Mrs David, 32 South st 

MADDEN Samuel D., timekeeper, 6 Lyle st 

Madden William, engineer, 38 Brymner st 

Madden William, gateman, 64 Holmscroft st 

MAGEE Mrs T. H. C, 33 Nelson st, west 

MAGURA Robert, tailor, 8 Murdieston st 

MAIN Alexander, woodmeasurer, 40 Lynedoch st 

Main Hugh, late surveyor, H.M.C., 107 Eldon st 

Main John, cooper, 39 Ann st 

Main John, labourer, 6 Roslin st 


Main Robert, storekeeper, 6 Watt st 

MAIR C. S. & Marquis, grain and forage merchants, steam 

power grain crushers and hay cutters, 21 Shaw st and 

Arcade, and 68 Gordon st, Glasgow 
Mair John, carter, 7 1 Wellington st 
MAITLAND Alexander, foreman, gasworks, 6 Nelson st, 

Maitland Archibald, gas inspector, 77 Wellington st 
Maitland James, brassfinisher and gasfitter, 56 Lynedoch st. 

Ho. do. 
Maitland William, shoemaker, 24 Cartsburn st 
Maitland Mrs James, grocer, 19 Wellington st. Ho. 21 do. 
MALCOLM & Co., coopers, fish curers, and wholesale fish 

merchants, 10 and 12 Charles st 
Malcolm Alexander (of Malcolm &: Co.), 2 Nelson st, west 
Malcolm Andrew, labourer, 81 Roxburgh st 
Malcolm Archibald, boilermaker, 73 Nicolson st 
Malcolm David, ironmoulder, 61 Ann st 
Malcolm James, shoemakers' furnishings and leather mer- 
chant, 8 Dalrymple st. Ho. 13 Brisbane st 
Malcolm John, insurance agent, 21 Newton st 
Malcolm John, plater, 87 Roxburgh st 
Malcolm John, pansman, 7 Boyd st 
Malcolm Joseph, sailmaker, 15 East Shaw st 
Malcolm Robert, boilermaker, 23 Hamilton st 
Malcolm W. H., engineer, 47 Mearns st 
Malcolm William, labourer, 126 Drumfrochar road 
Malcolm Mrs, milliner, 9 Rue-end st. Ho. 12 Patrick st 
MANELY David, fireman, 20 Bearhope st 
MANN Alexander, watchmaker, 16 Laird st 
MANSON Rose, collector, 26 Wellington st 
Manson William, carpenter, 1 Rue-end st 
Manson Miss, Seafield, 2 Fox st 

MARKER William, millworker, 126 Drumfrochar road 
MARQUIS Angus, watchmaker, 8 West Burn st 
Marquis D. P., grocer, 34 Mount Pleasant st 
MARA John, shoemaker, 23 Nicolson st 
MARLEY Mrs, 18 Bogle st 
MARR James, goldsmith and jeweller, 14 Hamilton st. Ho. 

33 Nelson st, west 
Marr Richard, moulder, 23 Sir Michael st 
Marr Thomas C, teacher, 7 Kelly st 


Marr William, engine-driver, 75 Wellington • st 

MARSHALL Andrew, sailmaker, 32 Tobago st 

Marshall Colin T., cooper, 81 Dempster st 

Marshall David, blacksmith, 5 West Blackhall st 

Marshall Edward, engineer, 58 Kelly st 

Marshall James, engineer, 2 South st 

Marshall James & Co., sugar merchants, City Buildings 

Marshall James (of Ross & Marshall), 3 Shaw place 

Marshall John, shoemaker, 9 Brisbane st 

Marshall Robert, gardener, 53 Kelly st 

Marshall Robert, patternmaker, 42 East Crawford st 

Marshall William Johnstone, physician and surgeon, M.D. 

and L.R.C.S., Edin., 8 Ardgowan square 
Marshall William, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 
Marshall William, provision merchant and commission agent, 

29 Charles st. Ho. 8 Trafalgar st 
Marshall Mrs D., 15 Sir Michael st 
Marshall Mrs William, 165 Eldon st 
Marshall Mrs William, lodgings, 13 Nelson st, west 
Marshall Mrs, 14 Lynedoch st 
MARTIN Alexander, joiner, 45 Wellington st 
Martin David, labourer, 21 John st 

Martin Duncan T., railway booking clerk, 21 Trafalgar st 
Martin George, cooper, 50 Roxburgh st 
Martin James, colporteur, 5 Inverkip st 
Martin James, flesher, 2 1 Kelly st. Ho. 2 South st 
Martin James, 9 Hill st 
Martin James, labourer, 7 Boyd st 
Martin James, policeman, 27 Sir Michael st 
Martin John, blacksmith, 23 Bruce st 
Martin John H., clerk, 32 Nicolson st 
Martin John, tailor and clothier, 5 Hamilton st. Ho. 27 

Dempster st 
Martin Joseph, clerk, 10 Kelly st 
Martin Peter, flesher, 9 Newton st. Ho. Ravenscraig 
Martin Robert, coal merchant, 46 Vennel. Ho. 1 Kilblain st 
Martin Thomas, pilot, 27 West Blackhall st 
Martin William Macfie, commission merchant, and agent for 

R. M. Weir & Co., wine merchants, Edinburgh, 24 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. ^7, Ardgowan st, west 
Martin William, music-seller, 14 West Blackhall st. Ho. 3 

George square 


Martin William, woolsorter, 27 Dempster st 

Martin Miss, dress and mantlemaker, 27 Trafalgar st 

Martin Mrs, 11 Brachelston st 

Martin Mrs, no Dempster st 

Martin Mrs, 27 Nicolson st 

MASON Robert (of James Richardson & Co.), Nellieslee, 

Newark st 
Mason Thomas, engineer, 12 Watt st 
Mason Mrs, 6 Grey place 
MASSICKS James, blacksmith, 1 1 Rue-end st 
MASSON Andrew, sawmaker and cutler, 4 Carnock st. Ho. 

26 Lynedoch st 
Masson John, iron turner, 5 Hope st 
Masson Joseph, blacksmith, 25 Bruce st 
Masson Robert, storekeeper, 34 Mount Pleasant st 
MASTER of Works Office, Municipal buildings, Hamil- 
ton st 
MATH IE John, cooper, 8 Mearns st 
Mathie Mrs John, 55 Inverkip st 
MATHIESON Alexander, shoemaker, 63 Nicolson st 
Mathieson Archibald, joiner, 14 Murdieston st 
Mathieson David, grocer, 56 Kelly st 
Mathieson Donald, carpenter, 29 Shaw st 
Mathieson John, ironmonger and edge tool warehouse, 42 

Brymner st. Ho. 31 Lynedoch st 
Mathieson John, joiner, 5 Lauriston st 
Mathieson Lindsay, joiner, 108 Dempster st 
Mathieson Peter, bookseller and stationer, 31 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 5 Duffst 
Mathieson Robert, painter, 35 Nicolson st. Ho. 4 Nelson 

st, west 
Mathieson Robert, salesman, 17 Nelson st, west 
Mathieson William, tea dealer and family grocer, 29 Rue-end 

st. Ho. 33 Roxburgh st 
Mathieson Mrs Archibald, ladies' nurse, 47 Holmscroft st 
Mathieson Mrs John, grocer, 12 Market st. Ho. do. 
Mathieson Mrs, 3 Trafalgar st 
MAVEN James D., engineer, 30 Lynedoch st 
MAXTON Miss, 52 Brougham st 
MAXWELL David, book deliverer, 47 Trafalgar st 
Maxwell Hamilton, insurance agent, 7 Murdieston st 
Maxwell Thomas, labourer, 9 Brachelston st 


Maxwell William, missionary, 15 South st 
Maxwell William, plumber, 1 West Stewart st 
Maxwell Mrs Robert, 6 Ingleston st 
MAYORS R. C, clerk, 6 Watt st 
Mayors Thomas H., upholsterer, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
MAY George W., painter, 26 West Blackhall st 
MEARNS James, clothier, outfitter, and hosier, 14 Hamil- 
ton st. Ho. 8 Wellington st 
Mearns James, salesman, 42 Roxburgh st 
MECHAN Robert, labourer, 3 Holmscroft st 
Mechan Roderick, caulker, 36 Vennel 
Mechan Thomas, carpenter, 10 Terrace road 
MECHANICS' Institution, library, reading-room, and public: 

baths, 13 Sir Michael st and 11 Tobago st 
MEDICAL Aid Society's Home, 15 Caddlehill st 
Medical Association, 47 Regent st 
MEEK Mrs, 11 Ann st 
MEIKLE Daniel, engineer, 65 Belville st 
Meikle J. & D., contractors, new Mansion-house, Ardgowan 

square, and Ayr 
Meikle William, dairyman, 42 Ann st. Ho. 44 do. 
Meikle Miss, 10 South st 
MELDRUM, Mackellar & Co., shipowners, Donald's court,, 

East India breast 
Meldrum George, engineer, 7 Hill st 
Meldrum Peter (of Fish, Brown, Meldrum & Co.), Greenhill,, 

75 Finnart st 
MELROSE John, sailmaker, 8 Hay st 
Melrose William, painter, 18 Bruce st 
Melrose Mrs, 30 Lynedoch st 
MELVILLE H. M., headmaster Sir Michael Street School,, 

13 Newton st 
MELVIN Daniel, 29 Mearns st 

MENZIES Alexander, mercantile clerk, 19 Brisbane st 
Menzies & Co., bookstall, G. & S.-W. Railway, Harbour 

Menzies James, shipmaster, 39 Kelly st 
Menzies John, sailmaker, 10 Hill st 
Menzies Robert, pansman, 34 Ingleston st 
Menzies Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 27 West Burn st. 

Ho. 64 Kelly st 
Menzies Miss R., tobacconist, 23 Vennel 


Menzies Mrs Alexander, 29 Patrick st 

Menzies Mrs John, 14 West Blackhall st 

Menzies Mrs, midwife, 23 Trafalgar st 

MERCANTILE Marine Office, 7 Virginia st 

MERRYLEES James, clothier, 40 Cathcart st 

Merrylees James, jun., clothier and outfitter, 6 William st. 

Ho. Cloch view, Innellan 
METHODIST Chapel, 4 Ardgowan st, west 
METHVEN Cathcart W., M.Inst.C.E., civil engineer, 17 

West Blackhall st. Ho. 42 Finnart st 
MEYER Mrs, 56 Finnart st 
MIDDLE (Free) Church, 10 George square 
Middle Parish Church, Cathcart square 
MIDDLETON Daniel, professor of music, 36 Finnart st 
Middleton David, boilermaker, 60 Ann st 
MILL Alexander, grocer and wine merchant, 95 Roxburgh 

st and 6 Sir Michael st. Ho. 25 Robertson st 
Mill Robert R., chemist and aerated water manufacturer, 

Greenock ^Erated Water Works, Dock lane. Ho. 20 

Union st 
Mill Mrs, 75 Holmscroft st 
Mill Mrs Charles, 20 Union st 
MILLAR Allan, boilermaker, 21 Ingleston st 
Millar Alexander, pawnbroker, 38 Hamilton st. Ho. 29 

Ann st 
Millar David, joiner, 50 Holmscroft st 
Millar David, salesman, 41 Sir Michael st 
Millar Dugald, carpenter, 29 Dempster st 
Millar George, engineer, 13 Hope st 
Millar James, accountant, house factor, and insurance agent, 

18 West Burn st. Ho. 21 Roxburgh st 
Millar James, joiner, 15 Dempster st 
Millar James, teacher, 7 Caddlehill terrace 
Millar John, baker, 31 Hamilton st and Newtondale buildings, 

12 Ann st. Ho. Newtondale cottage, 21 Roxburgh st 
Millar John, engineer, 75 Regent st 
Millar Peter, salesman, 25 Bruce st 
Millar Robert, feuar, 1 8 Robertson st 
Millar Robert, glazier, 9 Hope st 

Millar Robert, hairdresser, 23 Rue-end st. Ho. 91 Belville st 
Millar Robert, joiner, 60 Kelly st 
Millar Robert, joiner, 70 Ann st 


Millar Robert, purveyor, 18 Arcade,. 28 Cathcart st, and 21 

Brymner st. Ho. 15 Bank st. (See Advt.) 
Millar S. H., wine and spirit merchant and commission agent, 

3 West Quay lane, 1 7 Regent st, and i o Ann st. Ho. 

Ashburn, 8 Bedford st 
Millar Thomas, labourer, 63 Ann st 
Millar William, farmer, Bawhirley 
Millar William, hammerman, 63 Ann st 
Millar William, shipmaster, 4 Mearns st 
Millar William, steamboat agent, Customhouse quay. Ho. 

33 West Stewart st 
Millar Janet, furnishings, 89 Roxburgh st 
Millar Mrs James, 12 Terrace road 
Millar Mrs John, 62 Regent st 
Millar Mrs Walter, grocer, 7 York st 
Millar Mrs, 13 Cathcart st 

Millar Mrs, midwife and ladies' nurse, 29 Belville st 
Millar Mrs A., 29 Ann st 

MILLEN Peter, engineer, 14 West Blackhall st 
MILLER & Brown, joiners, builders, timber merchants, and 

saw millers, 64 Inverkip st 
Miller Andrew, joiner, 20 Serpentine walk 
Miller Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Main st. Ho. 

37 Bank st 
Miller Archibald (of J. & A. Miller), 62 Kelly st 
Miller Frank Wm., draper, Municipal Buildings, Hamilton 

st. Ho. 31 Nelson st, west 
Miller Henry, rigger, 10 Duncan st 
Miller James, engineer, 4 Antigua st 
Miller James, line and twine maker, 89 Roxburgh st 
Miller James, watchmaker and general dealer, 43 West Burn 

st. Ho. Elizabeth place, Adelaide st, Gourock 
Miller J. &: A., joiners and builders, 31 Hamilton st 
Miller John, grocer, 7 Ann st. Ho. 6 Chapel st 
Miller John, mason, 38 Holmscroft st 
Miller John (of J. & A. Miller), 25 Dempster st 
Miller John (of Miller & Brown), 42 Newton st 
Miller John, Trinity and deep sea pilot, 18 Bogle st 
Miller Nicol, mason, 96 Dempster st 
Miller Peter, joiner, 23 East Shaw st 
Miller Peter, seaman, 56 Lynedoch st 
Miller Robert, boilermaker, 40 Mearns st 


Miller Robert, boilermaker, 9 East Crawford st 

Miller Robert, engineer, 21 Antigua st 

Miller Robert, joiner, 5 Hope st 

Miller Thomas, biscuit and confection merchant, Waverley 

lane, West Burn st. Ho. 18 Bentinck st 
Miller Thomas, coal merchant, 57 Ann st 
Miller Thomas, provision merchant, Park buildings, 1 1 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 25 Robertson st 
Miller Thomas, sen., warehouseman, 15 Nelson st, west 
Miller William, boilermaker, 2 Laird st 
Miller William, 10 Brisbane st 
Miller William S., watchmaker and jeweller, 33 Brymner st 

Ho. 14 Hope st 
Miller Agnes, 14 Hope st 
Miller Miss, 18 Bogle st 
Miller Miss J. G., 42 Brisbane st 
Miller Mrs Andrew, 39 Kelly st 
Miller Mrs Thomas, 40 Nelson st, west 
Miller Mrs Walter, 10 South st 
Miller Mrs, 1 1 Antigua st 
Miller Mrs, 4 Kilblain st 
Miller Mrs, 13 Lyle st 

MILLIGAN Alexander, irondresser, 82 Belville st 
Milligan George, engineer, 67 Roxburgh st 
Milligan John, Customs' officer, 108 Dempster st 
Milligan William, fireman, 87 Wellington st 
Milligan William, mercantile clerk, 58 Forsyth st 
MILLIKEN Archibald (of Alexander Tough & Son), 7 

Kempock, Gourock 
Milliken John, bottler, 1 Kilblain buildings 
Milliken Mrs, 12 Murdieston st 
MILLOY Hugh, joiner, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
Milloy Mrs John, 95 Belville st 
MILLS John, carpenter, n Lauriston st 
Mills M. & M., grocers, 84 Belville st. Ho. 11 Lauriston st 
Mills Robert, boilermaker, 9 East Crawford st 
Mills Robert, engineer, 5 East Crawford st 
Mills Robert, engineer, ship smith and boilermaker, 5 Dock 

breast and Garvel dock. Ho. 1 Mearns st. (See Advt.) 
Mills William, rivetter, 11 East Blackhall st 
Mills Mrs, 51 Inverkip st 
MILNE Alexander, joiner, 83 Wellington st 


Milne James, jun., accountant, 5 Kelly st 

Milne John, blacksmith, 2 Holmscroft st 

Milne Thomas, colporteur, 3 Argyle st 

Milne Mrs, 9 Lynedoch st 

Milne Mrs E., grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Antigua st. Ho. do. 

MINTO George, commission agent, 25 Brisbane st 

MITCHELL Alexander, fireman, 106 Drumfrochar road 

Mitchell Alexander, painter, 41 Crawfurd st 

Mitchell Archibald, mason, 2 Murdieston st 

Mitchell David, carpenter, 3 East William st 

Mitchell David, engineer, 67 Regent st 

Mitchell Francis, Venetian blind maker, 4 Dalrymple st 

Mitchell George G., superintendent Working Boys' Home, 

3 Lyle st 
Mitchell James, carter, 5 1 Main st 
Mitchell James, labourer, 43 Lynedoch st 
Mitchell James C., tobacconist, 83 Roxburgh st and 23 

Rue-end st. Ho. 16 Lynedoch st 
Mitchell James, plumber, gasfitter, &c, 24 West Burn st. 

Ho. 29 Ardgowan st, west 
Mitchell John, cooper, 76 Ann st 
Mitchell John, engineer, 29 Shaw st 
Mitchell John, engineer, 27 Ingleston st 
Mitchell John, joiner, 65 Belville st 
Mitchell John, labourer, 7 Nile st 
Mitchell John, painter, 34 Inverkip st 
Mitchell John, rivetter, 9 Belville st 
Mitchell Peter, joiner, 27 Dempster st 
Mitchell Robert, cooper, 15 Sir Michael st 
Mitchell Thomas, draper, 10 Manse lane. Ho. 5 Armadale 

Mitchell Walter, joiner, 15 Belville st 
Mitchell Walter, sen., joiner, 7 Lauriston st 
Mitchell William, badge porter, 32 Sir Michael st 
Mitchell William, shorthand writer, Sheriff Court House, 

County Buildings. Ho. 23 Kelly st 
Mitchell Mrs Andrew, 15 Lyle st 
Mitchell Mrs, 16 Lynedoch st 
Mitchell Mrs, news agent, 52 Ann st 
Mitchell Mrs, 71 Nicolson st 
Mitchell Mrs, 5 Nile st 
MOFFAT Alexander, blacksmith, 63 Belville st 


Moffat David, moulder, 32 Arthur st 

Moffat Gavin S. (at W. Macfarlane & Co.'s Saracen Foundry, 

Glasgow), 38 South st 
Moffat Gilbert, 7 Kelly st 
Moffat John, shipwright, 7 Lauriston st 
Moffat Robert, baker, 18 Lynedoch st. Ho. 29 Regent st 
Moffat Miss, dressmaker, 9 Crescent st 
Moffat Misses J. & M., milliners, 37 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

7 Kelly st 
MOLES James (of Ramsay & Moles), 2 Finnart st 
MOLSEED James, painter, 28 West Blackhall st 
MONAGHAN Stephen, collector, 22 Ann st 
MONTAGUE George, porter and stationer, 7 Cross-shore 

st. Ho. 5 do. 
MONTGOMERIE John, goods superintendent, Caledonian 

Railway Co. Office, Railway Cottage, Bogle st. Ho. 

40 Brisbane st 
MONTGOMERY Andrew S., commission agent, 15 Newton 

Montgomery Matthew, labourer, 3 Orchard st 
Montgomery Robert, brassfounder, 9 Stanners st. Ho. 30 

St. Lawrence st 
Montgomery William, railway porter, 58 Lynedoch st 
Montgomery Mrs, grocer, 65 Belville st. Ho. 67 do. 
Montgomery Mrs, 68 Drumfrochar road 
Montgomery Mrs Robert, 14 St. Lawrence st 
MOODIE Alexander, bookkeeper, 8 South st 
Moodie James, railway inspector, 25 Bruce st 
Moodie Miss J., milliner, 23 Charles st. Ho. 69 Roxburgh st 
MOODY Allan, janitor, Public School, 73 Belville st 
Moody David, brassfinisher, 26 East Crawford st 
Moody Miss, feuar, 52 Brougham st 

MOON F., supervisor of Inland Revenue. Ho. 38 Brisbane st 
Moon Richard, fireman, 1 Broomhill st 
MOONEY David, moulder, 6 Ingleston st 
Mooney E. & S., poulterers and fruiterers, 20 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 38 Bry inner st 
Mooney Henry, engine-driver, 4 Ingleston st 
Mooney James, labourer, 50 Inverkip st 
MOORE Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 24 Cathcart st 

and 37 Brymner st. Ho. 2 Lyle st 
Moore Zecheria, boilermaker, 16 Serpentine walk 


MORE Andrew & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 15 

Market st 
More Andrew (of Andrew More & Co.), 5 Roxburgh st 
More Charles, gardener, 114 Drumfrochar road 
More Mrs James, 24 Brisbane st 
MORGAN John, 72 Eldon st 
MORIES Alexander S. (of James M'Lean & Co.), 63 

Finnart st 
Mories James S. (of John Mories & Co.), 5 1 Newton st 
Mories John & Co., timber measurers, 2 Cathcart st 
Mories John, 30 Ardgowan st, west 
MORISON George, tea merchant and grocer, 27 Cathcart 

st. Ho. Hayfield, 43 Finnart st 
Morison James B., tea and wine merchant, 29 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 4 Brougham st 
Morison James B., purveyor and wine merchant, Imperial 

restaurant, 15 West Blackhall st. Ho. 4 Brougham st 
Morison John, accountant and house factor, 29 West Burn 

st. Ho. 7 Caddlehill st 
Morison Neil, tailor and clothier, 2 Inverkip st. Ho 4 do. 
MORRIN William, missionary, 16 South st 
MORRIS James, pilot, 3 Argyle st 
Morris John, salesman, 69 Nicolson st 
MORRISON A. & D., ship carpenters, blockmakers, and 

joiners, 3 Clarence st 
Morrison & Sons, tailors and clothiers, 41 Cathcart st. (See 

Morrison Alexander (of A. & D. Morrison), 32 W. Stewart st 
Morrison David, labourer, 108 Dempster road 
Morrison David, labourer, 66 Drumfrochar road 
Morrison Donald, flesher, 24 West Stewart st 
Morrison Duncan, carpenter, 35 Lyle st 
Morrison Duncan, plumber, 73 Regent st 
Morrison F. D., writer, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. Alt-na-craig, 

Lyle road and 109 Finnart st 
Morrison James, fishmonger, 35 Cathcart st 
Morrison James, flesher, 7 West Blackhall st. Ho. 11 

Nelson st, west 
Morrison James (of Morrison & Sons), Alma villa, Gourock 
Morrison John & Sons, bookbinders, stationers, lithographers, 

&c, 67 Rue-end st 
Morrison John, engineer, 1 Armadale place, Bank st 


Morrison John, head master, Duncan Street Public School, 

13 Nelson st, west 
Morrison John, sawyer, 19 Bruce st 
Morrison John, seaman, 22 Lynedoch st 
Morrison John, tea merchant, 13 Mearns st 
Morrison Peter, carpenter, 7 Hope st 
Morrison Peter, carpenter, 25 West Burn st 
Morrison Robert, engine-driver, 52 West Blackhall st 
Morrison Robert, engineer, 15 Laird st 
Morrison Robert, labourer, 10 Mill st 
Morrison Robert, late of H.M. Customs, 24 Union st 
Morrison Robert, moulder, 50 St. Lawrence st 
Morrison Robert, policeman, 4 Hill st 
Morrison William, broker, 59 Vennel. Ho. 31 Nicolson st 
Morrison William, carpenter, 58 Lynedoch st 
Morrison William, greengrocer, 15 Regent st 
Morrison William, late shipmaster, 2 1 Nelson st, west 
Morrison Mrs, 34 Brisbane st 
Morrison Mrs George, 53 Inverkip st 
Morrison Mrs James, 29 Mearns st 
Morrison Mrs Robert, 2 Esplanade 
Morrison Mrs, 9 East Crawford st 
MORROW Andrew, cabinetmaker, 7 Caddlehill st 
Morrow Mrs, confectioner, 10 East Shaw st 
MORTON & Kidd, wholesale and retail ironmongers, steel, 

iron, and hardware merchants, blacksmiths, and agents for 

Milner's fire-proof safes, 24 Hamilton st 
Morton & Young, tea dealers, 30 Hamilton st 
Morton James & Sons, iron and steel merchants, 8 Princes 

square, Buchanan st, Glasgow 
Morton James (of James Morton & Sons), 30 Forsyth st 
Morton John, labourer, 1 Mill st 
Morton John, foreman, Water Trust, 39 Dempster st 
Morton John, weigher, 5 Shaw st 
Morton Robert (of Morton & Williamson, Glasgow), 30 

Forsyth st 
Morton Robert, skinner, 66 East Hamilton st 
Morton William, gardener, 15 Margaret st 
Morton Miss, 9-Ardgowan square 
Morton Miss, 13 Finnart st 

Morton Mrs and Misses, teachers, 38 Brisbane st 
Morton Mrs James, jun., 63 Union st 


Morton Mrs M., 34 West Blackhall st 

Morton Mrs, tobacconist, 36 Hamilton st. Ho. 27 West 
Blackhall st 

MOSS Mrs, 64 Holmscroft st 

MOSSMAN James & Son, joiners and glaziers, 68 Regent st 

Mossman James (of James Mossman & Son), 1 1 Ann st 

Mossman Wm. (of James Mossman & Son), 64 Roxburgh st 

MOUNTFORL) Jabez, club keeper, 31 Ann st 

MO WAT Mrs, 16 Arthur st 

MUAT John, surveyor of stamps and taxes, and land valua- 
tion assessor for the Lower Ward of Renfrewshire and 
County of Bute, Inland Revenue buildings. Ho. Hazel 
bank, Gourock 

MUIR & Weir, bag and sack merchants and commission 
agents, Captain st, Dellingburn st, and Upper Ingleston. 
Office, 4 Mansionhouse lane 

Muir Allan, baker and confectioner, 8 West Blackhall st. 
Ho. do. 

Muir Charles, carter, 68 Drumfrochar road 

Muir Henry, greengrocer, 26 Inverkip st. Ho. 34 West 
Shaw st 


r J. & J., provision merchants, 25 Vennel 

r James, coal agent. 5 Chapel st. Ho. 70 Wellington st 

r James D. (of J. & J. Muir), 29 Ardgowan st, west 

r James, joiner, 68 Drumfrochar road 

r James, police inspector, 8 Hay st 

r John, joiner, 15 Regent st 

r John L. (of J. & J. Muir), 29 Ardgowan st, west 

r John, papermaker, 61 Ann st 

r John, policeman, 106 Dempster st 

r Matthew, tea dealer, 9 Argyle st 

r R. G. (of Muir & Weir), 6 Brougham st 

r Robert & Sons, millers and grain merchants, 6 East 

Stewart st. Ho. 2 St. Andrew square 
Muir Robert, baker, 12 Cathcart st. Ho. 2 St. Andrew square 
Muir Robert, engineer, 14 Hope st 

Muir Robert (of Leitch cS: Muir), Ardmore, 38 Newark st 
Muir Robert W. (of T. O. Hunter & Co.), 32 Brisbane st 
Muir Samuel (of Greenock Towing Co.), 25 Sir Michael st 
Muir Thomas, ironmoulder, 51 Belville st 
Muir William, engineer, 74 Wellington st 
Muir William, feuar, 32 Brisbane st 


Muir William, fireman, 20 West Blackhall st 

Muir William, joiner, 9 Lyle st 

Muir William, lathsplitter, 28 Mearns st. Ho. 36 Lynedoch st 

Muir Misses J. & M., fleshers, 13 West Blackhall st. Ho. 
49 Brougham st 

Muir Miss, dressmaker, 28 Bruce st 

Muir Miss, 27 Regent st 

Muir Mrs David, greengrocer, 73 Roxburgh st 

Muir Mrs James, grocer, 14 South st. Ho. do. 

Muir Mrs R , feuar, 29 Ardgowan st, west 

Muir Mrs Robert, 24 Wellington st 

Muir Mrs, 8 South st 

MUIRHEAD Alexander, baker, 95 Roxburgh st. Ho. 17 
Newton st 

MULDOON John, jun., clerk, 113 Dempster st 

MULGREW Thomas, spirit merchant, 7 East breast. Ho. 
28 Lynedoch st 

MULHERN John, plasterer, 40 Main st. Ho. 22 St. Law- 
rence st 

Mulhern Patrick J., letter-carrier, P.O., 22 Market st 

Mulhern Mrs, 26 Patrick st 

MULHOLLAND Robert, iron planer, 11 Lauriston st 

MUMME Carl, manager at Scott & Co.'s. Ho. 1 Ardgowan 
st, west 

MUNDELL George, gardener, 90 Dempster st 

MUNDIE Peter, cooper, 28 Lynedoch st 

MUNN Alexander, smith, 20 West Stewart st 

Munn Arthur, cooper, 9 Hill st 

Munn Duncan, storekeeper, 44 Arthur st 

Munn John, labourer, 47 Trafalgar st 

Munn Robert, pilot, 5 Lynedoch st 

Munn Stewart, sailmaker, 19 Trafalgar st 

Munn William, brassfinisher, 24 Wellington st 

Munn Miss Agnes, 13 Kelly st 

Munn Mrs, 15 Hope st 

Munn Mrs, 19 Regent st 

Munn Mrs, 26 Wellington st 

MUNRO Angus, rivetter, 10 Chapel st 

Munro Colin, cooper, 23 Lynedoch st 

Munro Colin, grocer, 42 Crawfurd st 

Munro Daniel, station master, Bogston station, Caledonian 
Railway. Ho. Bogston cottage 


Munro David, joiner, 26 Lynedoch st 

Munro Duncan, clerk and insurance agent, 1 Ford place,, 
Finnart st 

Munro George, carpenter, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 

Munro John, sugar porter, 13 Crawfurd st 

Munro Robert, tinsmith, 28 Trafalgar st 

Munro William, messenger at arms, and sheriff 
officer, 33 Cathcart st. Ho. 33 Roxburgh st 

Munro Miss Mary, grocer, 9 Newton st 

Munro Mrs C., 15 Nelson st, west 

MURCHIE Robert, painter, and paperhanger, 35 Regent, 
st. Ho. 14 Lynedoch st 

MURDOCH Archibald, boilermaker, 67 Belville st 

Murdoch Archibald, boilermaker, 16 Crescent st 

Murdoch David, bolt, rivet, and nailmaker, 32 Cartsburn st. 
Ho. do. 

Murdoch William, joiner, 6 Lyle st 

Murdoch Mrs, lodgings, 7 Kelly st 

Murdoch Mrs, 17 Lynedoch st 

Murdoch Mrs, 5 West Blackhall st 

MURPHY Bernard, saleshop, 2 Tobago st 

Murphy David, lather, 5 Brachelston st 

Murphy Edward, broker, 26 Dalrymple st 

Murphy James, labourer, 5 Arthur st 

Murphy John, painter, 4 Watt st 

Murphy John, spirit merchant, 13 Cathcart st. Ho. 9 Lyne- 
doch st 

Murphy William J., labourer, 72 Ann st 

Murphy Mrs Robert, marine store dealer, 10 Cartsburn st.. 
Ho. 23 Roxburgh st 

MURRAY Alexander, carpenter, 32 East Crawford st 

Murray Alexander C, storekeeper, 38 Nelson st, west 

Murray Alexander, coachman, 37 Crawfurd st 

Murray Alexander, dyer, 8 Nile st 

Murray Andrew, boilermaker, 18 Antigua st 

Murray Archibald, engineer, 19 Belville st 

Murray Charles, Council officer, Town Hall. Ho. 60 Kelly st 

Murray Charles, mason, 41 West Burn st 

Murray Donald, carpenter, 13 West Stewart st 

Murray Donald, joiner, 86 Belville st 

Murray James, bricklayer, 83 Belville st 

Murray James, gas meter maker, 9 Nelson st, west 


Murray James, general turner and timber merchant, 30 Mar- 
ket st. Ho. 4 Robertson st 

Murray James, gilder, 20 Pottery st 

Murray James, grocer, 13 Brachelston st 

Murray James, tanner, 36 East Hamilton st 

Murray John G. (of Greenock Mineral Water Co.), 9 Ard- 
gowan st, west 

Murray John, blacksmith, 1 East William st 

Murray John, mason, 6 Mount Pleasant st 

Murray John, wood measurer, 24 Kelly st 

Murray Neil, letter carrier, P.O., 11 Nicolson st 

Murray Patrick, Customs' officer, 82 Roxburgh st 

Murray Robert, engineer, 3 Antigua st 

Murray Robert, engineer, 62 Kelly st 

Murray Robert S., solicitor, notary public, and insurance 
agent, City Buildings, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. 3 Antigua st 

Murray Roderick, carpenter, 5 Orchard st 

Murray Samuel, labourer, 32 Ingleston st 

Murray William, painter, 43 West Burn st 

Murray Miss M., 13 West Stewart st 

Murray Miss, 5 Holmscroft st 

Murray Miss, lodgings, 31 Nicolson st 

Murray Mrs, dressmaker, 56 Kelly st 

Murray Mrs Isabella, 43 Nicolson st 

Murray Mrs Robert, feuar, 7 Margaret st 

Murray Mrs William, 13 Newton st 

Murray Mrs, 84 Roxburgh st 

MUSEUM (Antiquarian), Kelly st 

Museum Hotel, 9 William st 


NAISMITH Thomas, carter, 23 East Shaw st 

NAPIER Alexander, seaman, 7 Holmscroft st 

Napier Archibald, boilermaker, 25 Lynedoch st 

Napier Henry, smith, 8 Shaw st 

Napier James, engineer, 25 Regent st 

NATIONAL Bank of Scotland (Limited), 29 Cathcart st- 
John Thomson, agent 

National Telephone Co. (Limited), 4 Mansionhouse lane- 
George Johnstone, inspector 


NEIL James, accountant, house factor, and insurance agent, 
3 Bank st 

Neil John, joiner, 4 Prospecthill st 

Neil Thomas, carpenter, 51 Belville st 

Neil Thomas, patternmaker, 22 Antigua st 

Neil Mrs Elizabeth, 29 Nelson st, west 

NEILL & Anderson, accountants, house factors and insurance 
agents, 26 Hamilton st 

Neill & Co., warehouse-keepers, Dellingburn st 

Neill, Dempster & Neill, sugar refiners, 78 Drumfrochar road 

Neill George D. (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), 26 Forsyth st 

Neill Hugh R. & Co., grocers, wine merchants, Italian ware- 
housemen, and contractors to the R.N., 27 West Black- 
hall st 

Neill Hugh R. (of Hugh R. Neill & Co.), 19 Ardgovvan st, 

Neill James, rivetter, 83 Belville st \ 

Neill James, shipowner, 53 Union st 

Neill John, dairy, 21 East Crawford st 

Neill John, farmer, South Hiilend 

Neill John (of Neill & Anderson), 1 2 Forsyth st 

Neill John (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), Glenfield, 1 Bed- 
ford st 

Neill John, salesman, 15 Dempster st 

Neill John, seaman, 10 Shaw place 

Neill John, watchmaker, 5 Caddlehill st 

Neill R. & S. Clerk & Orkney, writers and notaries public,. 
2 Argyle st 

Neill Thomas (of Clyde Sugar Refining Co.), Balgray, 5 
Octavia terrace 

Neill William J. (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), Lawthorn, it 
Octavia terrace 

Neill William, underwriters' surveyor, City buildings. Ho. 
Towerlands, 9 Octavia terrace 

Neill Mrs Thomas, 12 Forsyth st 

NEILSON Alexander (of Smith & Davidson), 17 Ardgowan 

Neilson Andrew, fireman, 80 Belville st 

Neilson James, jun., teller, British Linen Co. Bank, Mather 
Bank, Kilmalcolm 

Neilson James, prison warder, 7 Newton st 

Neilson John, boilermaker, 16 Bruce st 


Neilson Joseph, seaman, 3 Arthur st 

Neilson William (of Robert Lusk & Co.), 30 Brisbane st 

Neilson William, iron-driller, 23 Ingleston st 

NEISH Theodore L., engineer, 78 Finnart st 

NELLIS Edward, baker, 17 Kelly st 

NELSON Charles, cooper, 27 Mearns st 

Nelson James, bookbinder, 19 Kelly st 

Nelson Mrs, furnishings, 44 Lynedoch st. Ho. 42 do. 

NESS David, blacksmith, 13 East Crawford st 

Ness James, blacksmith, 3 Trafalgar st 

Ness Robert, cab-driver, 4 Inverkip st 

NEW ALL Charles, engineer, 29 Lynedoch st 

Newall Mrs F., grocer, 44 Lynedoch st. Ho. 37 Bank st 

Newall Mrs, 34 Union st 

NEW Assembly Rooms, 21 West Stewart st 

New Clyde Towing Company, 8 Brymner st 

NEWCOMEN Steamship Co., Limited, 2 West Quay— 

Leitch & Muir, managers 
NEWMAN Miss, 24 Brisbane st 
NICCOL Robert, author of treatise on sugar refining, 69 

Union st 
NICHOLL A. F. (of Armitage & Co.), Greenbank, 48 

Kelly st 
NICHOLSON Angus, seaman, 46 Cathcart st 
Nicholson David, police sergeant, 7 Prospecthill st 
Nicholson Donald, grocer, 59 Ann st. Ho. do. 
Nicholson Donald, seaman, 2 Open shore 
Nicholson John, joiner, 3 Prospecthill st 
NICOL Alexander, cooper, 40 Lynedoch st 
Nicol Andrew, carpenter, 65 Roxburgh st 
Nicol David, blacksmith, 36 East Hamilton st 
Nicol Duncan & Co., coal merchants, 55 Rue-end st and 20 

Brougham st 
Nicol Duncan (of Duncan Nicol & Co.), 63 Eldon st 
Nicol Frederick, carpenter, 8 Bruce st 
Nicol Gavin, tailor and clothier, 29 West Burn st. Ho. 7 

Nile st 
Nicol James, blacksmith, 1 1 Crescent st 
Nicol James, carpenter, 19 Lyle st 
Nicol James, carpenter, 16 Stanners st 
Nicol James, provision merchant, 76 Roxburgh st. Ho. 11 

Bruce st 


Nicol John S. (of Duncan Nicol & Co.), 15 Forsyth st 

Nicol Walter, blacksmith, 2 1 Dempster st 

Nicol William, smith, 9 Dempster st 

Nicol Miss, 5 Duncan st 

Nicol Mrs D., 63 Eldon st 

Nicol Mrs, dressmaker, 15 Nelson st, west 

Nicol Mrs, coffee-house, 23 Market st 

NICOLL James, accountant, house factor, and insurance 
agent, 33 Cathcart st. Ho. 19 Ardgowan st, west 

Nicoll Mrs James, 19 Ardgowan st, west 

NICOLSON Alexander, boatman, 36 Crawfurd st 

Nicolson Alexander, jun., boatman, 43 Crawfurd st 

Nicolson David, moulder, 31 Lynedoch st 

Nicolson Donald, engine-driver, 57 Belville st 

Nicolson John, brassfinisher, 82 Belville st 

Nicolson John, labourer, 19 Regent st 

Nicolson John, sawyer, 67 Regent st 

Nicolson Samuel, 3 Antigua st 

NIMMO Andrew, 17 Ardgowan square 

Nimmo Robert, boilermaker, 12 Terrace road 

NISBET Alexander, rivetter, 28 West Burn st 

Nisbet Duncan, carpenter, 2 Macdougall st 

Nisbet Mrs Margaret, 36 South st 

NIVEN Alexander, blacking maker, 8 West Burn st. Ho. 
15 Nicolson st 

Niven Alexander, hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, 8 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 43 Holmscroft st 

Niven George, moulder, 36 Ingleston st 

Niven G. W., bookseller and stationer, 21 Brym- 
ner st. Ho. 23 Newton st. (See Advt.) 

Niven John, blacksmith, 59 Holmscroft st 

Niven Robert, joiner, 35 West Stewart st 

Niven Mrs, Craigend villa, 15 Johnstone st 

Niven Mrs, 43 Holmscroft st 

Niven Mrs, 7 Mill st 

NIXON James, joiner, 69 Regent st 

Nixon William, 17 Ann st 

NOBLE John, clerk, 28 Bruce st 

Noble John, labourer, 63 Ann st 

Noble Thomas, boilermaker and blacksmith, 4 East Black- 
hall st. Ho. 37 Bank st 

NORRIS Mrs, 1 Mill st 


NORTH British Daily Mail and Glasgow Weekly Mail 

newspapers. Greenock branch office, i Bank st — 

George Wardle, agent 
North British Railway Company, carries in connection with 

G. & S.-W. Railway, Lynedoch st and Albert Harbour 

stations — W. S. Selby, agent 
NORTON Thomas, rivetter, 105 Belville st 
NOTMAN Robert, joiner, 14 Ann st 
NUEL Mrs, 4 Robertson st 

NUGENT John, causeway contractor, 27 Bruce st 
NUTT James, joiner, 17 Mount Pleasant st 
Nutt Robert, joiner, 58 Kelly st 
Nutt William, joiner, 58 Kelly st 


O'BRIAN Michael, plasterer, 4 South st. Ho. 59 Holms- 
croft st 
O'BRIEN E. & M., glass and china merchants, 49 and 61 

Vennel. Ho. 13 Kelly st 
O'Brien William P., R.C. clergyman, St. Mary's, 15 Patrick st 
OCTAVIA Hall, 26 West Blackhall st 
O'DONNELL John, flesher, 1 1 Cross-shore st. Ho. 8 do. 
OGG John A., gasfitter, 22 South st 
Ogg William, engineer, 28 East Hamilton st 
OGILVIE James, tailor, 13 Holmscroft st 
Ogilvie John, janitor, Highlanders' Academy, 19 Bearhope st 
•Ogilvie Robert, engineer, 13 Holmscroft st 
O'HARA William, spirit merchant, 61 Main st. Ho. 60 

Regent st 
O'KANE Edward, grocer, 15 Tobago st 
O'Kane Jeremiah, butter and egg dealer, 8 Cross-shore st. 

Ho. 11 do. 
O'KEEFE Thomas, coal dealer, 3 Newton st. Ho. 5 do. 
•CEDING William, labourer, 56 St. Lawrence st 
OLIPHANT Robert D. (of Clyde Sugar Refining Co.), 

Springhill, Ashton, Gourock 
■Oliphant W. K. (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), Lochwards, 7 

Octavia terrace 
OLIVARI Luigi, shipbroker, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. 27 West 

Stewart st 


OLIVER Andrew, engineer, 22 Pottery st 

Oliver James, blacksmith, 53 Belville st 

Oliver James, carpenter, 4 Kilblain st 

O'NEILL Bernard, labourer, 2 Cartsburn st 

O'Neill Felix, engineer, 19 Newton st 

O'Neill Francis, coal merchant, 14 Laird st. Ho. 22 West 
Blackhall st 

O'Neil John B., pawnbroker, 8 Stanners st. Ho. 4 Welling- 
ton st 

O'Neill John, mason, 14 Ann st 

O'Neill John, tailor, 13 Crawfurd st 

O'Neill William, fireman, 7 West Blackhall st 

O'Neill Mrs James, 112 Drumfrochar st 

ORAM Mrs, greengrocer, 14 Tobago st 

ORANGE Hall, 1 East Blackhall st 

ORCHARD Sugar Refining Co., 22 to 28 Ingleston st 

ORKNEY Robert (of R. & S. Neill Clerk & Orkney), 50 
Brougham st 

Orkney William, joiner, 45 Lynedoch st 

Orkney Mrs, 22 Sugarhouse lane 

ORR Daniel (of John Orr & Son), 41 Dempster st 

Orr Donald, boatbuilder, 31 Nelson st, west 

Orr Duncan, teacher, 31 Nelson st, west 

Orr Erskine (of Orr, Pollock &' Co.), St. Clair cottage,, 

Orr Hugh, boatbuilder, 10 Laird st. Ho. 12 do. 

Orr, Hunter & Co., Limited, rope manufacturers and sail- 
makers, 4 West Quay lane. Works, Greenock Rope- 
work, 43 Wellington st 

Orr James, carter, 7 Kilblain st 

Orr James, chief of police, Central Police Chambers, Dal- 
rymple st. Ho. 8 Esplanade 

Orr James, joiner, 53 Belville st 

Orr James, seaman, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

Orr James, smith, 19 Antigua st 

Orr John 8z Son, grocers and wine merchants, 13 Ann st 

Orr John, baker, 14 Hope st 

Orr John, blacksmith, 5 1 East Crawford st 

Orr John, boatman, 15 Cathcart st 

Orr John, carting contractor, 13 East Stewart st 

Orr John, fitter, ^^ East Crawford st 

Orr John, joiner, 14 Terrace road 


Orr John, joiner, i Prospecthill road 

Orr John, jun., 45 Regent st 

Orr John (of John Orr & Son), 41 Dempster st 

Orr Joseph, labourer, 22 x\rthur st 

Orr, Pollock & Co., letterpress printers and newspaper pro- 
prietors, 14 Charles st, and 15 Sugarhouse lane 

Orr Robert, railway porter, 38 Lynedoch st 

Orr Thomas, sen., boatbuilder, 5 St Andrew st. Ho. 2 
Antigua st 

Orr Thomas, jun., boatbuilder, 2 East Blackhall st. Ho. 14 
Hope st 

Orr William C, grocer, 71 Regent st. Ho. 73 do. 

Orr William, carting contractor, 7 Kilblain st 

Orr William, farmer, Bridge-end 

Orr William, joiner, 2 Antigua st 

Orr William, jun., carter, 7 Kilblain st 

Orr William, shipmaster, 18 Kelly st 

Orr Miss Helen, boys' dressmaker, 3 Kelly st 

Orr Misses, 24 Brisbane st 

Orr Miss, greengrocer, 39 Ann st 

Orr Miss, 73 Ann st 

Orr Mrs W, fruiterer, 1 Inverkip st 

Orr Mrs, 43 Lynedoch st 

Orr Mrs, 31 Nelson st, west 

O'SHEA Ambrose, chimney sweep, 13 West Blackhall st 

OSTLER Robert, spirit merchant, 2 Carnock st. Ho. 27 
Lyle st 

OSWALD James G., upholsterer and Venetian blind maker* 
4 Union st. Ho. 18 South st 

Oswald John, moulder, 37 Bank st 

Oswald John, moulder, 29 Belville st 

OTTO Charles, seaman, 23 Nicolson st 

OUGHTERSON John, shopman, 3 Regent st 

OVERTON Coal Depot, 5 Chapel st 

OWENS Thomas, mason, Overton 

PAGE Thomas, moulder, 55 Belville st 
PAGET John, contractor and grocer, 28 Dairy mple st. Ho. 
19 Newton st 


PAINTERS' (Operative) Hall, 6 Market st 

PALMER Robert, janitor, Shaw Street Public School 

Palmer Thomas, irondresser, 4 Prospecthill st 

PARK Archibald, labourer, 78 Belville st 

Park Boyd, vanman, 1 1 Antigua st 

Park John, blacksmith, lockmaker, and general ironmonger, 
28 Roxburgh st and 12 Trafalgar st Ho. 9 Wellington 

Park John, flesher, 2 Ford place, Finnart st 

Park Matthew, joiner and builder, Parklea, 27 Newton st 

Park Matthew, saddler, 58 Rue-end st 

Park Robert, steamboat master, 30 Brymner st 

Park Thomas, slater, 27 Robertson st 

Park William (of Greenock Towing Co.), 12 Ardgowan st 

Park William U., M.A., Cantab., mathematical master, Green- 
ock Academy, 27 Robertson st 

Park Miss, boys' dressmaker, 16 South st 

Park Mrs James, feuar, 38 Brisbane st 

Park Mrs William, feuar, 20 Ardgowan st, west 

Park Mrs William, 77 Regent st 

PARKER Hugh, steamboat porter, 21 Dempster st 

Parker James, Boilermaker, 5 Ingleston st 

Parker James A., clerk, 13 Mount Pleasant st 

Parker John, butter and egg merchant, 1 West Stewart st. 
Ho. 6 Mount Pleasant st 

Parker John, moulder, 5 Ingleston st 

Parker Joseph & Son, builders, 23 Inverkip st. Ho. 4 Mount 
Pleasant st 

Parker Joseph, labourer, 46 Main st 

Parker Lachlan, moulder, 5 Ingleston st 

Parker Matthew, joiner, 23 Dempster st 

Parker Peter, carpenter, 5 Ingleston st 

Parker Robert, engineer, 10 Carnock st 

Parker William, joiner, 1 1 Brachelston st 

Parker Miss, 5 Ingleston st 

Parker Mrs, 18 Wellington st 

PARKHILL & Lang, wholesale grocers and sugar brokers, 
30 Sugarhouse lane 

Parkhill James M. (of Parkhill & Lang), 79 Finnart st 

Parkhill Matthew, labourer, 41 Nicolson st 

PARLx^NE William, joiner, 30 Wellington st 

PAROCHIAL Board Rooms, 36 Nicolson st 


PASCO E, Grenfell & Sons, copper and yellow 
metal manufacturers, London and Swansea. 
Agency, 1 Cathcart st and 54 Rue-end st 

PATERSON A. & Son, ham curers and provision merchants, 
39 Hamilton st. Ho. 25 West Burn st 

Paterson A. & W., boot and shoe manufacturers, 41 Hamil- 
ton st 

Paterson & Stevenson, joiners and builders, 31 Roxburgh st 

Paterson Alexander, clerk, 20 South st 

Paterson Charles, boot and shoe maker, 31 Cathcart st 

Paterson Charles, tanner and skinner, 19 Cartsburn st 

Paterson Daniel, clerk, 15 South st 

Paterson David G., sugar boiler, 45 Trafalgar st 

Paterson D. A., 14 Eldon st 

Paterson D. H., timekeeper, 19 Brisbane st 

Paterson Donald, warehouseman, 106 Dempster st 

Paterson Gavin (of Paterson & Stevenson), 81 Holmscroft st 

Paterson George, plumber, 30 Lynedoch st 

Paterson Hugh, labourer, 19 Bearhope st 

Paterson James, carrier, 13 Holmscroft st 

Paterson James, engineer, 7 Belville st 

Paterson James (of J. Little & Co.), Ashfield, 33 Finnart st 

Paterson James, Seafield cottage, 32 Eldon st 

Paterson James, smith, 18 St. Lawrence st 

Paterson James, sugar boiler, 2 1 Dempster st 

Paterson James, 2 South st 

Paterson Jervis C, draper, 26 South st 

Paterson John, mason, 5 Rue-end st 

Paterson John, broker, 4 Lennox buildings, Port-Glasgow 

Paterson Lachlan, draper, clothier, and silk mercer, 32, 
Hamilton st. Ho. Argyle terrace, 51 Brisbane st 

Paterson Robert, clerk, 17 Brisbane st 

Paterson Robert, coppersmith, 18 Antigua st 

Paterson Robert, currier, 77 Wellington st 

Paterson Robert, fitter, 97 Roxburgh st 

Paterson Robert (of Thomas Paterson & Son), 15 Laird st 

Paterson Robert, poulterer, 14 William st. Ho 10 do. 

Paterson Robert, salesman, 19 Lyle st 

Paterson Robert, salesman, 77 Wellington st 

Paterson Robert, seaman, 19 Bruce st 

Paterson Robert J., 87 Belville st 


Paterson Robert R., of Orchard Sugar Refining Company, 
and City buildings. Ho. Elmhurst, 42 Newark st 

Paterson Thomas & Son, bakers, 19 Hamilton st 

Paterson Thomas, 9 Nelson st, west 

Paterson William, carpenter, 14 West Blackhall st 

Paterson William, grocer and provision importer, 30 Vennel. 
Ho. 5 Roxburgh st 

Paterson William, jun., slater, Hunter place. Ho. 25 
Bruce st 

Paterson Miss, 22 Antigua st 

Paterson Miss Elizabeth, 19 Finnart st 

Paterson Misses, 14 Eldon st 

Paterson Mrs William, 9 Nelson st, west 

Paterson Mrs, 66 Ann st 

PATIENCE James, river pilot, 33 West Stewart st 

PATON Alexander, tanner, ^2 Crescent st 

Paton Allan, joiner, 3 Holmscroft st 

Paton Allan Park, librarian, Greenock Library, Watt Monu- 
ment, 9 Union st 

Paton Andrew, engineer, 22 Cartsburn st 

Paton Archibald (of Ross, Corbett & Co), The Ferns, 

Paton Archibald J. (of Ross, Corbett & Co.), 38 Eldon st 

Paton George W. (of Ross, Corbett & Co.), The Ferns, 

Paton Hugh, cooper, 2 Crawford lane 

Paton James, fireman, 1 1 Watt st 

Paton James, labourer, 108 Drumfrochar road 

Paton James, M.D., C.M., physician and surgeon, 19 Ard- 
gowan square 

Paton James, photographer, 59 Esplanade 

Paton James, plasterer, 5 Lauriston st 

Paton James, storekeeper, 1 1 Mill st 

Paton William, boilermaker, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

Paton Mrs Robert, dressmaker, 8 Ardgowan st, west 

PATRICK Adam & Son, bootmakers, 6 West Blackhall st. 
(See Advt.) 

Patrick Adam (of Adam Patrick & Son), Millerston, 47 Fin- 
nart st 

Paton Alexander, engineer, 16 Serpentine walk 

Patrick David, labourer, 36 Holmscroft st 

Patrick Hugh, brassfinisher, 3 St. Andrew st 


Patrick James, cooper, 20 St. Lawrence st 

Patrick James, engine-driver, 7 East Crawford st 

Patrick James, engineer, 61 Ann st 

Patrick John, cooper, 43 Holmscroft st 

Patrick John B. (of Adam Patrick & Son), 29 Ardgowan st, 

Patrick Neil M., agent " Citizen " newspaper, 68 Rox- 
burgh st 

Patrick Robert, engineer and ironfounder, 6 Baker st and 
Cartsburn st. Ho. 27 Regent st 

Patrick Robert, engineer, 30 St. Lawrence st 

Patrick Robert, joiner, 97 Belville st 

Patrick Robert, tailor, 68 Roxburgh st 

Patrick William, clerk, 32 Brisbane st 

PATTEN & Prentice, solicitors and notaries public, 18 
Kilblain st 

Patten John (of Patten & Prentice), writer and notary public, 
18 Kilblain st. Ho. Clydebank house, 2 Johnstone st 

PATTERSON T. L. (manager, John Walker & Co.), Bel- 
mont, 46 Margaret st 

PATTISON David D., flesher, 90 Roxburgh st. Ho. 5 
Mount Pleasant st 

Pattison Duncan, cooper, 62 Ann st 

Pattison George, sailmaker, 1 Holmscroft st 

Pattison John, labourer, 19 Ingleston place 

PAUL James, blacksmith, 34 Crescent st 

Paul John, accountant and house-factor, 14 Cathcart st. Ho. 
4 Robertson st 

Paul John, cooper, Berry-yards cooperage, Drumfrochar rd. 
Office, 21 Cathcart st. Ho. Inverkip 

Paul John, feuar, 5 West Blackhall st. Ho. Ardfillayne, 

Paul John, labourer, n Lynedoch st 

Paul John, lather, 87 Belville st 

Paul John, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 8 
Shaw st and 4 William st 

Paul Robert (at William Rankine & Sons), 30 Kelly st 

Paul W. B., late sugar refiner, 58 Esplanade 

Paul William, dairy, Upper Ingleston 

Paul Mrs R., feuar, 4 Robertson st 

Paul Mrs William, 18 Wellington st 

Paul Miss, dressmaker, 22 Antigua st 


Paul Mrs, furnishings, 23 Tobago st 

PAXTON Walter, rivetter, 12 Bruce st 

Paxton William, boilermaker, 3 Orchard st 

Paxton Mrs, 8 Shannon's close 

PEACE Mrs John, 23 West Blackhall st 

Peace Mrs, feuar, 30 Brisbane st 

PEACOCK David, engineer, 8 East Blackhall st 

Peacock J. C. & Co., shipbrokers, 2 West Quay 

Peacock John, church officer, 5 West Stewart st 

Peacock Mrs, 71 Ann st 

PEARSON Daniel, grocer and provision merchant, 2 Inver- 

kip st 
Pearson James, mechanic, Overton 
Pearson John, salesman, 18 Bearhope st 
Pearson William, baker, 12 Murdieston st 
Pearson Mrs James, flesher, 3 Prospecthill st. Ho. 1 do. 
Pearson Mrs John, grocer, 7 East Crawford st 
Pearson Mrs, 3 Kilblain st 
PE ASTON Alexander, blacksmith, 53 Kelly st 
PEAT John, foreman, 52 St. Lawrence st 
PEDAN Alexander, rivetter, 16 Arthur st 
Pedan John, labourer, 1 Belville st 
Pedan John, labourer, 19 Regent st 
Pedan John, smith, 1 1 Dempster st 
PEDDIE John, engineer, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
Peddie Robert, engineer, 13 Lauriston st 
Peddie William, painter, 10 Watt st 
PEEBLES Samson, shoemaker, 3 Bearhope st 
PEILE Horatio R. B., factor to Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, 

Bart. Office, Mansion-house. Ho. Inverkip 
PENNELL Charles (of J. Pennell & Co.), 23 Patrick st 
Pennell Joseph & Co., Glebe Sailwork, Albert harbour 
Pennell Miss, 23 Patrick st 

PENTLAND David, boilermaker, 39 Holmscroft st 
Pentland Mrs, 41 Sir Michael st 
PERCIVAL Hugh, pork butcher, 35 Nicolson st. Ho. 17 

South st 
PERCY C. M., boot and shoe manufacturer, 38 Hamilton st 
PERRY George, baker, 1 Kilblain st 
Perry John, labourer, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Perry Mrs, 3 Bruce st 
PERT James, goods guard, 69 Nicolson st 


PETERS Rev. David S., M.A., minister of Mid Parish 

Church, The Manse, i Houston st 
PETERSEN Charles, rafter, 9 Cathcart st 
Petersen Peter, joiner and japanner, 43 West Blackhall st 
PETRIE Peter, engineer, 84 Belville st 
PETTERSEN P. E. (of Roberts & Berntsen), 37 Kelly st 
PETTIGREW James, grocer, 68 East Hamilton st 
Pettigrew John, superintending engineer, P. & O. Co., 29 

Finnart st 
Pettigrew Robert, carpenter, 29 Regent st 
Pettigrew Thomas, pensioner, 4 Prospecthill st 
Pettigrew Mrs, 17 Kelly st 
PHILIPS David & Sons, slaters and slate merchants, 5 

Tobago st 
Philips David (of D. Philips & Sons), 24 West Stewart st 
Philips David jun. (of D. Philips & Sons), 15 Brisbane st 
Philips David, patternmaker, 5 Belville st 
Philips James, blacksmith, 38 Crawfurd st 
Philips James, blacksmith, 7 St. Lawrence st 
Philips James, potter, 6 Sinclair st 
Philips John, potter, 20 Pottery st 
Philips Mrs, fruiterer and confectioner, 5 Tobago st 
PHILLIPS John, plumber, 3 Armadale place 
Phillips Patrick, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 

13 Cross-shore st and 63 Main st. Ho. Dunedin cot- 
tage, 14 St. Lawrence st 
Phillips Robert, boilermaker, 51 Rue-end st 
Phillips William, book-keeper, 35 Roxburgh st 
PHILP William, sub-agent, British Linen Co. Bank, and 

insurance agent. Ho. 5 1 Union st 
PICKEN Alexander (at R. MacSymon's), 55 Forsyth st 
Picken Andrew & Co., merchants and shipping agents, 55 

Rue-end st 
Picken Andrew (of Andrew Picken & Co., and Robert Ewing 

& Co.), 5 Newark st 
Picken Andrew, agent for the Scottish Amicable Life 

Assurance Society, 55 Rue-end st 
Picken W. Buist (of C. & C. Fergus's), 55 Forsyth st 
Picken Wm., storekeeper, 1 1 Bruce st 
PIGGOT James, labourer, 74 Ann st 
Piggot Mrs C, 29 Ingleston st 
PILOT Office (Deep Sea), Princes pier 


Pilot Office (River), Princes pier 

PINK Charles, labourer, 103 Belville st 

PINKERTON John, carter, 18 Tobago st 

PIRIE Mrs R., 51 Kelly st 

PIRRIE Robert, greengrocer, 24 Tobago st 

Pirrie Robert, labourer, 19 Main st 

PLATT Robert, labourer, 1 7 Ann st 

Piatt William, labourer, 1 1 Belville st 

PLUNKETT William J., labourer, 37 Holmscroft st 

PLYMOUTH and Glasgow Steamship Office, Customhouse 

buildings — Allan Swan, agent 
POHLMANN Mrs, furnishings, 42 Nelson st. Ho. 2 South st 
POLICE Office, Dalrymple st 
POLLOCK John, blacksmith, 6 Antigua st 
Pollock John, blacksmith, 38 Main st 
Pollock John, boilermaker, 15 Antigua st 
Pollock John, farmer, Barnhill, Belville st 
Pollock John, spirit merchant, 69 Main st. Ho. 3 East 

Crawford st 
Pollock John M. (of Orr, Pollock & Co.), Finnart Lee, 73 

Newton st 
Pollock Malcolm, carpenter, 33 East Crawford st 
Pollock Robert, chemist, 8 South st 

Pollock Robert, labourer, 1 Ratho st 

Pollock Samuel, labourer, 76 Ann st 

Pollock Samuel, labourer, 27 Ingleston st 

Pollock Thomas, labourer, 5 John st 

Pollock William, brickbuilder and contractor, 13 Nicolson st 

Pollock William, labourer, 27 West Blackhall st 

Pollock Miss Jane, grocer, 19 Regent st. Ho. 6 Antigua st 

Pollock Mrs, 69 Regent st 

Pollock Mrs Thomas, 21 Nelson st, west 

POLONIS Hugh, carpenter, 6 Carwood st 

Polonis James, engineer, 5 Lauriston st 

Polonis Mrs, 35 Lynedoch st 

POLSON David, of H.M. Customs, 27 Nelson st, west 

Poison Henry, clerk, 2 Jamaica st 

POORS' Rates Office, 36 Nicolson st 

PORTER John, rivetter, 32 Crescent st 

PORTERFIELD Miss Margaret, 5 Newton st 

PORTEOUS Robert, storekeeper, 1 7 Antigua st 

POST Office, Wallace square, off Hamilton st 


POTTER Miss E., 14 Brisbane st 

POTTS John, seaman, 2 Watt place 

POULTER George T., professor of music, 18 Ardgowan 

POULTRINIEZ Francis, 1 1 Cathcart st 
POUSTIE Thomas & Son, seedsmen, florists, and fruiterers, 

Thorndean nursery, 35 and 41 Brougham st 
Poustie Thomas D. (of T. Poustie & Son), 52 Brougham st 
POW Edward, furnishing ironmonger and edge tool dealer, 

19 Cathcart st. Ho. 14 Wellington st 
POYNTER John & Son, manufacturing chemists, Shaws 

Water Chemical Works, 21 Dellingburn st, Greenock, 

and 72 Great Clyde st, Glasgow 
Poynter John E. (of John Poynter & Son), Clydeneuk, 

Uddingston, and 167 Bath st, Glasgow 
PRENTICE Alexander R. (of Patten & Prentice), Willow 

park, 41 Ardgowan st 
Prentice D. & A., general drapers, silk mercers, and clothiers, 

24 Hamilton st 
Prentice David (of D. & A. Prentice), Cadzow Villa, 66 

Finnart st 
Prentice John, house factor, 32 Nicolson st. Ho. 35 Bris- 
bane st 
Prentice Thomas & Co., wine, spirit, and tea merchants, 23 

Nicolson st 
Prentice Thomas (of T. Prentice & Co.), Willow Park, Ard- 
gowan st, west 
Prentice Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 3 St. Andrew st 
Prentice Miss, 61 Eldon st 
Prentice Mrs Adam, 22 Bank st 
PRESTON James, turner, 6 West Blackhall st 
Preston John, tobacconist, 17 West Blackhall st 
PROCTOR Robert M., watchmaker, jeweller, and silversmith, 

34 Hamilton st. Ho. Strathmore house, 36 Brisbane st 
PROCURATOR (County) Fiscal's Office, County buildings, 

1 Nelson st, west 
PROUDFOOT Mrs William, lodgings, 34 West Stewart st 
PROVIDENT Bank, 1 1 William st. (See Advt.) 
PROWSE -Samuel, shipmaster, 46 East Crawford st 
PULLAR J. & Sons, dyers and cleaners to the Queen, 4 

Albert place, West Blackhall st 
PURCELL John, grocer, 15 Bearhope st 


PURDIE John, cabinetmaker, 5 1 Crawfurd st 

Purdie P. & G., boot and shoe manufacturers, 37 Hamilton 

st and 193 Argyle st, Glasgow. Ho. Bellevue, Dumbreck 
Purdie Mrs, 4 East breast 
PURDON Archibald, manager, 97 Belville st 
Purdon James, station master, Upper Greenock Station. Ho. 

47 Trafalgar st 
PURSELL James, labourer, 72 Ann st 


QUEEN Bernard, labourer, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
QUIGLEY Arthur, clerk, 68 Drumfrochar road 
QUIN John & Son, umbrella manufacturers, 7 West Black- 
hall st 
Quin John (of John Quin & Son), 42 Newton st 
Quin Michael, tobacco spinner, 30 Ann st 
Quin Patrick, policeman, 41 Nicolson st 
Quin William (of John Quin & Son), 42 Newton st 

RAE Brothers & Co., tinsmiths, gasfitters, &c., 31 West 

Burn st 
Rae George A., commercial traveller, 19 Newton st 
Rae James K., supt, Harbour Trust weighers, Harbour Dues 

Office. Ho. 1 1 Manor crescent, Gourock 
Rae John, carpenter, 10 Terrace road 
Rae John (of Rae Brothers & Co.), 4 Kilblain st 
Rae Robert, brassfinisher, 16 Crescent st 
Rae William, boilermaker, 86 Belville st 
Rae William, feuar, 24 Belville st 
RAILWAY Goods Depot, 4 Regent st 
Railway Station (Caledonian) 25 Cathcart st 
Railway Station (G. & S.-W.), Brougham st 
Railway Station (G. & S.-W.), Lynedoch st 
Railway Station (Upper Greenock), head of Lynedoch st 
RALSTON Hugh, rivetter, 1 1 Hill st 
Ralston John, shipmaster, 2 Ford place, Finnart st 
Ralston William, boilermaker, 23 Lynedoch st 


RAM AGE John, brakesman, 1 2 Lyle st 

Ramage Miss Jessie, teacher of music, 37 West Blackhall st 

Ramage Mrs John S., 22 Kelly st 

RAMSAY Alexander (of Ramsay & Moles), 22 South st 

Ramsay Charles G., sugar broker, Exchange buildings. Ho. 

Glenside, 89 Newton st 
Ramsay & Gray, boot and shoe makers, 4 Manse lane 
Ramsay & Moles, tailors and clothiers, 29 West Burn st 
Ramsay G. A., joiner and builder, 16 Nicolson st. Ho. 

Maidera cottage, 101 Brisbane st 
Ramsay Henry, boilermaker, 95 Belville st 
Ramsay Hope Stewart, accountant, Post Office buildings. 

Ho. 89 Eldon st 
Ramsay John, joiner, 10 Watt st 
Ramsay John, late of H.M. Customs, 67 Union st 
Ramsay John W., joiner, 37 Lynedoch st 
Ramsay Robert, millworker, Overton 
Ramsay Robert, millwright, 28 Trafalgar st 
RANKIN Alexander, fruiterer, 16 Wellington st 
Rankin & Blackmore, engineers, boilermakers, and iron- 
founders, Eagle Foundry, 24 Baker st 
Rankin Daniel (of Rankin & Blackmore), 2 1 Octavia terrace 
Rankin Hugh, brassfinisher, 18 Hope st 
Rankin James, engineer, 10 Lynedoch st 
Rankin John, boatman, 22 Crescent st 
Rankin John, engineer, 5 Dempster st 
Rankin John B. (of William Rankin & Son), Wallace bank, 

Rankin John F. (of Rankin & Blackmore), 21 Octavia terrace 
Rankin Joseph, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 
Rankin Matthew (of Rankin & Blackmore), 21 Octavia terrace 
Rankin Neil, policeman, 81 Wellington st 
Rankin Samuel, shoemaker, 36 East Hamilton st 
Rankin AVilliam & Son, ship store and provision merchants, 

and ship chandlers, 1 and 3 Brymner st 
Rankin William, shipowner, Commercial Bank Buildings. 

Ho. Levenbank, 46 Esplanade 
Rankin Mrs George, restaurant, 20 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. do. 
RASMUSSEN Andrew, labourer, 15 East Shaw st 
RATCLIFFE Thomas, vanman, 87 Dempster st 
Ratcliffe Mrs Michael, 30 Ann st 


RATTRAY William, boilermaker, 7 Ratho st 

Rattray Mrs, 5 Holmscroft st 

RAVENNA Antonio, shipbroker, 6 Custom House place. 
Ho. 9 Kelly st 

REAVEY James, storekeeper, 16 Kelly st 

RECEPTION House, 35 Crawfurd st 

REDDONDO Mrs, 8 Hill st 

REDHEAD Mrs William, 1 William st 

REDMAN Mrs, greengrocer, 85 Roxburgh st 

REDMOND James, labourer, 25 Vennel 

REES Thomas, seaman, 56 East Crawford st 

Rees Mrs A., refreshment rooms, 16 Arthur st 

REFORMED Presbyterian Church, 14 West Stewart st 

REGISTRAR for East District, 3 East Blackhall st 

Registrar for Middle District, 5 Bank st 

Registrar for West District, 9 Sugarhouse lane 

REID Alexander, rivetter, 68 Inverkip street 

Reid Andrew, baker. 18 Cathcart st 

Reid Archibald, house, ship, and general blacksmith, 5 Vir- 
ginia st. Ho. 7 Dempster st 

Reid Duncan, gateman, 30 East Hamilton st 

Reid Duncan, seaman, 17 Tobago st 

Reid Duncan, tea dealer and general grocer, 42 Hamilton st. 
Ho. 39 Newton st 

Reid Hugh, policeman, Police buildings 

Reid James, carpenter, 73 Regent st 

Reid James, caulker, 6 Old Hillend 

Reid James, engineer, 54 Drumfrochar road 

Reid James, engineer, 15 Lauriston st 

Reid James, moulder, 53 Belville st 

Reid James (of A. Sproul & Co.), 10 Wellington st 

Reid James (of Fleming, Reid & Co.), Mounfode, 67 Fin- 
nart st ^ 

Reid James, shipmaster, ^^ Kelly st 

Reid John, spinner, 4 Prospecthill st 

Reid Matthew, B.D., minister of Wellpark Free Church. 
Manse, 3 Lynedoch st 

Reid Peter, sawyer, 35 Nicolson st 

Reid R. A. (of Duncan Reid), 39 Newton st 

Reid Richard G., 4 Carnock st 

Reid Robert, labourer, 1 Belville st 

Reid Robert S., skinner, 18 East Crawford st 


Reid William, draper, 46 Cathcart st. Ho. 2 t Brisbane st 

Reid William, labourer, 3 Belville st 

Reid William, policeman, 26 Ann st 

Reid William, salesman, 36 Mount Pleasant st 

Reid William, tugboatmaster, 13 Charles st 

Reid Miss Janet, 5 George square 

Reid Mrs, 32 Tobago st 

Reid Mrs George, 9 Watt st 

Reid Mrs H., 16 Robertson st 

Reid Mrs William, 54 East Hamilton st 

REILEY John, confectioner, 7 Newton st 

Reiley William, labourer, 21 John st 

Reiley William, labourer, 6 St. Lawrence st 

RENFREW James, bricklayer, 24 St. Lawrence st 

RENNIE Andrew, patternmaker, 10 Belville st 

Rennie David, carpenter, 20 Wellington st 

Rennie James, wine and spirit merchant, 37 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 5 Roxburgh st 
Rennie John, caulker, 2 Cartsburn st 
Rennie John, contractor, 30 Bank st 
Rennie John, engineer, 7 Ratho st 
Rennie John (of Greenock Distillery Co.), 55 Finnart st 
Rennie Robert, carter, 2 Ann st 
Rennie Robert, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 

20 West Burn st, 9 Inverkip st, and 8 Cartsburn st. 

Ho. 36 Union st 
Rennie Thomas, keeper of Watt museum, 29 Nelson st, west 
Rennie Mrs James, 3 Shaw place 
Rennie Mrs James, 1 2 Patrick st 
REVIE Mrs James, 19 Trafalgar st 
RHODES Thomas, rigger, 7 Newton st 
Rhodes Mrs Alexander, 71 Nicolson st 
Rhodes Mrs John, dressmaker, 19 Nelson st, west 
RICE Benjamin, skinner, 6 Sinclair st 
Rice Peter, rafter, 5 1 Main st 
RICHARDSON Charles, blacksmith, 12 Baker st 
Richardson Colin C, commission agent, 47 Brougham st 
Richardson David (of James Richardson & Co.), Hartfield, 

Cove, and 1 Great Western terrace, Glasgow 
Richardson James & Co., merchants, 2 Church place 
Richardson James, engineer, 32 Crescent st 
Richardson Robert, carpenter, 5 Ingleston st 


Richardson William, boilermaker, 55 Main st 
Richardson William, engineer, 4 Ingleston st 
Richardson Mrs C, furnishings, 4 Tobago st 
Richardson Mrs James, 2 1 Brisbane st 
RICHMOND Alexander (of M.M. office), 73 Holmscroft st 
Richmond Alexander, river pilot, 23 West Blackhall st 
Richmond Archibald F., M.D., consulting rooms, 28 Hamil- 
ton st. Ho. 2i Patrick st 
Richmond Frank, river pilot, 27 West Blackhall st 
Richmond John, bricklayer, 47 Trafalgar st 
Richmond J. & W., cab and carriage hirers, 5 Ardgowan 

square. Ho. 85 Finnart st 
Richmond Robert J., sugar broker, 13 Exchange buildings, 

Ho. 31 Ardgowan st, west 
Richmond Mrs Hugh, dairy, 85 Finnart st 
RIDDELL George, spirit dealer, 4 Clarence st. Ho. 35 

Newton st 
Riddell John, joiner, 112 Drumfrochar road 
RIGGENBACH F. & Co., sugar brokers— R. J. Richmond, 

RIPPINGALE Joseph, labourer, 19 Dempster st 
RIPPON Charles, baker, 57 Holmscroft st 
Rippon Cornelius W., drill instructor, 17 South st 
Rippon Joseph W., salesman, 83 Roxburgh st 
RISK James, painter, 23 Dempster st 
RITCHIE Alexander, smith, 58 Kelly st 
Ritchie Andrew, clerk, 35 Regent st 
Ritchie Andrew, foreman smith, 32 Ingleston st 
Ritchie David, writer and notary public, 13 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 14 Brisbane st 
Ritchie George, assistant School Board officer, 71 Regent st 
Ritchie Hugh (of H.M. Customs), 34 Nelson st, west 
Ritchie John, quarry man, 31 Trafalgar st 
Ritchie John, storekeeper, 41 West Blackhall st 
Ritchie John, superintendent of Sailors' Home, 1 Dock 

Ritchie Robert, carpenter, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
Ritchie Robert, carter, 1 Holmscroft st 
Ritchie Robert, engineer, 1 1 Dempster st 
Ritchie Robert, labourer, 12 Roxburgh st 
Ritchie Thomas, smith, 69 Nicolson st 
Ritchie William, joiner, 5 Inverkip st 


Ritchie William, mason, 22 Wellington st 

Ritchie Miss, draper. 62 Vennel 

Ritchie Mrs Anna, 14 Brisbane st 

Ritchie Mrs C. Margaret, 25 John st 

Ritchie Mrs, 36 Crescent st 

RITSON John F., commission agent, 53 Brisbane st 

Ritson Thomas, passenger superintendent, Caledonian Rail- 
way, Cathcart st. Ho. 42 Brisbane st 

ROBB Henry, carpenter, 33 West Burn street 

ROBERTS & Berntsen, ship brokers, 27 Cathcart st 

Roberts Mrs, 23 Dempster st 

ROBERTSON Adam, skinner, 26 East Crawford st 

Robertson Alexander, sen., potter, 22 Pottery st 

Robertson Alexander, jun., potter, 6 Pottery st 

Robertson Andrew, blacksmith, 55 Belville st 

Robertson & M'Dougall, merchants and commission agents, 
1 Cross-shore st 

Robertson Andrew, cooper, 64 Wellington st 

Robertson Angus, joiner, 26 Bruce st 

Robertson Archibald, engineer, 59 Ann st 

Robertson Arthur, joiner, 83 Roxburgh st 

Robertson Charles, slater, 6 Buccleuch st. Ho. 23 Trafal- 
gar st 

Robertson Charles, slater, 1 West Stewart st 

Robertson Colin, flesher, 65 Ann st. Ho. 64 do. 

Robertson Daniel, painter, 59 Ann st 

Robertson David, joiner, 6 St. Lawrence st 

Robertson David, labourer, 45 Crawfurd st 

Robertson Donald, cabinetmaker, 8 Holmscroft st 

Robertson Donald, cabinetmaker, 6 Watt st 

Robertson Donald, railway porter, 32 Kelly st 

Robertson George, baker, 22 West Blackhall st 

Robertson George, engineer, Overton 

Robertson George, gardener, 1 1 Watt st 

Robertson James & Co. , slaters and slate merchants, 2 1 West 
Stewart st 

Robertson James, assistant harbour-master, 41 Finnart st 

Robertson James, mechanic, 62 Ann st 

Robertson James (of H.M. Customs), 33 West Stewart st 

Robertson James, slater, 22 Ann st 

Robertson James, slater, 1 1 East Crawford st 

.Robertson John, boilermaker, 80 Belville st 


Robertson John, cooper, 10 Nicolson st 

Robertson John, coppersmith, 26 Wellington st 

Robertson John, engineer, 27 Regent st 

Robertson John, fireman, 31 Nelson st, west 

Robertson John, mason, 71 Regent st 

Robertson John, outfitter, 39 West Burn st. Ho. 91 Rox- 
burgh st 

Robertson John, pawnbroker, 39 Hamilton st. Ho. 91 
Roxburgh st. 

Robertson John K., physician and surgeon, 20 Ardgowan sq 

Robertson John S., plumber, 50 Roxburgh st 

Robertson John, slater, 1 Duncan st 

Robertson Joseph O., engineer. 64 Kelly st 

Robertson L. B., 68 Union st 

Robertson Robert William, City buildings, Cathcart st. Ho.. 
Rockingham, Kilcreggan 

Robertson Thomas, brassfinisher, 81 Roxburgh st 

Robertson Thomas, coachman, 15 Newark st 

Robertson Thomas, master rigger, 22 West Stewart st 

Robertson Thomas, rigger, 27 Roxburgh st 

Robertson Walter (of H.M. Customs), 15 Jamaica st 

Robertson Wellwood M., joiner, 15 Dempster st 

Robertson William, carpenter, 72 Roxburgh st 

Robertson William, coal merchant, 46 Roxburgh st. Ho.. 
50 do. 

Robertson William, general and furnishing ironmonger, 27 
West Blackhall st. Ho. 19 Fox st 

Robertson William, hammerman, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

Robertson William, iron merchant, 49 Main st. Ho. 63, 
Rue-end st 

Robertson Mrs Anna, 8 George square 

Robertson Mrs J., Glasgow and Greenock carrier, 1 Manse- 
lane, Greenock, and 65 West Howard st, Glasgow 

Robertson Mrs John, 32 Margaret st 

Robertson Mrs Wellwood M., wine and spirit merchant, 2: 
Buccleuch st. Ho. 4 Mearns st 

Robertson Mrs, 50 Crawfurd st 

Robertson Mrs, 19 Fox st 

Robertson Mrs, 1 1 Lyle st 

Robertson Mrs, grocer, 113 Dempster st 

Robertson Mrs, lodgings, 21 Sugarhouse lane 

ROBINSON Albert, labourer, 19 Crawfurd st 


Robinson Alexander, veterinary surgeon, 37 West Burn st 

and 60 Vennel. Ho. Holly lodge, Gourock road 
Robinson A. & Co., agricultural implement makers, &c., 40 

Robinson Archibald, veterinary surgeon, 87 West Burn st. 

Ho. 20 Patrick st 
Robinson Archibald M'C, baker, 33 Ann st. Ho. 31 do. 
Robinson Benjamin, engineer, 14 Serpentine walk 
Robinson John, ironmoulder, 3 Regent st 
Robinson Peter, carpenter, 36 Holmscroft st 
Robinson Simeon, woolsorter, 20 Bearhope st 
ROBSON John (of Smillie & Robson), 5 Armadale place 
RODDEN Bernard, labourer, 34 Ingleston st 
RODGER David, joiner, 80 Belville st 
Rodger David, painter, 42 Lynedoch st 
Rodger John, agent for the Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 7 

Hamilton st. Ho. 36 Forsyth st 
Rodger John, mason, 104 Dempster st 
Rodger John, labourer, 19 Belville st 
Rodger John, rivetter, 47 Holmscroft st 
Rodger John, smith, 16 William st. Ho. 4 Finnart st 
Rodger Thomas, sailmaker, 48 Crawfurd st 
Rodger Walter W. B., civil engineer, Bagatelle, 23 Eldon st 
Rodger William, detective officer, 64 Ann st 
Rodger William, engineer, 9 Carwood st 
Rodger William, labourer, 30 Ingleston st 
Rodger William C, slater, 81 Roxburgh st 
Rodger William, slater, 39 Holmscroft st 
Rodger Mrs Alexander, 35 Newton st 
Rodger Mrs, 28 Wellington st 

RODGERS James, oyster dealer, 8 Cross-shore st. Ho. do. 
ROGER James H., wine and spirit merchant, 21 Shaw st 

and 24 Arcade 
ROGERS Thomas, railway porter, 60 Drumfrochar road 
ROGERSON Robert, tailor, 20 South st 
RONALD James, watchmaker and jeweller, 23 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 26 Newton st 
Ronald Thomas, greengrocer, 40 Inverkip st 
Ronald William, spirit dealer, 17 Bearhope st. Ho. 1 Ford 

place, Finnart st 
Ronald Mrs James, 32 Cathcart st 
Ronald Mrs J., 63 Nicolson st 


ROONEY Patrick, labourer, 6 Sinclair st 

Rooney Mrs Teresa, grocer, 20 Ann st. Ho. do. 

RORISON Thomas D., sugar boiler, 14 Wellington st 

ROSE Archibald, Greenock Workman Public House, 12 
Sugarhouse lane. Ho. 30 Newton st 

Rose Neil, grocer, 78 Roxburgh st. Ho. 1 Ford place, Fin- 
nart st 

ROSS Alexander (of Ross & Marshall), Springfield, 

Ross & Marshall, coal merchants, shipping agents and steve- 
dores, 18 Cathcart st 

Ross Baillie C. (of Whyte & Ross), 10 Wellington st 

Ross, Corbett & Co., merchants, commission and insurance 
agents, 2 Cross-shore st 

Ross Finlay, moulder, 17 Belville st 

Ross Finlay, jun., moulder, 21 Lyle st 

Ross Finlay, sen., moulder, 25 Bank st 

Ross Hugh, umbrella maker, 25 Hamilton st 

Ross George, rivetter, 7 East Crawford st 

Ross Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 24 Charles st. Ho. 
22 Robertson st 

Ross James, carpenter, 7 Murdieston st 

Ross James, finisher, 18 Serpentine walk 

Ross James, mason, 6 Carwood st 

Ross John, blacksmith, 22 St. Lawrence st 

Ross John, pansman, 55 Drumfrochar road 

Ross John, wholesale ironmonger and iron merchant, 29 
Cathcart st. Ho. Springfield, Innellan 

Ross Matthew, labourer, 7 Mill st 

Ross Oliphant, currier, 6 Carwood st 

Ross Robert, labourer, 21 Belville st 

Ross William, blacksmith, 32 East Hamilton st 

Ross William, labourer, 57 Belville st 

Ross William, labourer, 24 Pottery st 

Ross William, merchant and sugar broker, National Bank 
buildings, 29 Cathcart st. Ho. 63 Esplanade 

Ross Miss Edith, contralto vocalist, 8 Brougham st 

Ross Mrs, 6 Hope st 

ROUGVIE James, sugar broker, 60 Eldon st 

Rougvie John M'D., house factor, 33 Ardgowan st, west 

Rougvie M. & K., underclothing warehouse, 19 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 33 Ardgowan st, west 



ROWAN Alexander (of J. G. Rowan & Co.), Hunter villa, 

Rowan George (of J. G. Rowan & Co.), Clydeview, 55 

Rowan Hugh, clerk, Central Police Chambers. Ho. 6 West 
Blackhall st 

Rowan James, baker, 9 Holmscroft st 

Rowan James G. (of J. G. Rowan & Co.), Clydeview, 55 

Rowan J. G. & Co., merchant tailors and clothiers, gent's 
hosiers and hatters and outfitters, 28 Hamilton st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., warehousemen, Cathcart Square House 

Rowan John (of J. G. Rowan & Co.), Clydeview, 55 Es- 

Rowan John, shoemaker, 1 Nicolson st 

Rowan Samuel, police sergeant, 6 West Blackhall st 

Rowan Thomas B. (of Ballantine & Rowan), 50 Eldon st 

Rowan William, labourer, 13 Belville st 

ROWE George, compositor, 81 Dempster st 

Rowe James, labourer, 5 1 Belville st 

Rowe Robert, labourer, 19 Main st 

ROXBURGH John, engineer, 9 Hill st 

Roxburgh Street Refining Co., 40 Sir Michael st 

ROY John, joiner, 53 Holmscroft st 

Roy Thomas (of the Greenock Rubber Co.), 2 Ford place r 
Finnart st 

ROYAL Bank of Scotland, 38 Cathcart st— D. M. Latham,, 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 9 West Blackhall st 

Royal Hotel, 3 East breast 

Royal Liver Friendly Society, 29 Hamilton st 

Royal Naval Reserve Office, 7 Virginia st 

RUDDICK Robert, gardener, 6 West Stewart st 

RUHE ADOLPH, shipmaster, 80 Dempster st 

RUNCIE Mrs, 9 Crescent st 

RUSSELL Alexander, rivetter, 4 Garvald st 

Russell & Bonnar, drapers and silk mercers, 18 West Black- 
hall st 

Russell & Co., shipbuilders, Main st 

Russell Andrew (of Russell & Bonnar), 45 Brisbane st 

Russell Daniel, cooper, 30 Kelly st 

Russell Henry, joiner, 1 1 Regent st 


Russell Henry, labourer, 13 Crescent st 

Russell James, carpenter, 39 Ann st 

Russell James, commercial traveller, Greenfield cottage, Lady- 

Russell James, shipowner, 73 Union st 

Russell J. F., river pilot, 31 Brougham st 

Russell John, labourer, 5 1 Main st 

Russell W. C. & Co., wholesale and retail wine and spirit 
merchants, 27 Cathcart st and 3 Cartsburn st 

Russell W. C. (of W. C. Russell cSc Co.), 35 Regent st 

Russell Martha L., spirit dealer, 21 Port-Glasgow road. Ho. 
16 do. 

RUTHERFORD Robert, agent, Prudential Assurance Com- 
pany, 26 East Crawford st 

RYAN Michael, coppersmith, 24 Bank st 

SAILORS' Home, 1 Dock breast 

St. Andrew's Free Church, 38 Margaret st 

St. Andrew's Inland Revenue Bonded Warehouse, 1 St. 

Andrew square — R. Thorne & Sons, proprietors 
St. Augustine Established Church, Belville st 
St. George's Hall, 10 George square — Robert MacSymon, 

St. John's Episcopal Church, 10 Union st 
St. Lawrence's Mission-house, 1 1 St. Lawrence st 
St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Chapel, 1 Rue-end st 
St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic School, Belville st 
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel, 14 Patrick st 
St. Paul's Established Church, 24 Newark st 
St. Thomas' Free Church, Grey place 
SAER Win. E. P., paymaster, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Shannon. 

Ho. 9 Finnart terrace 
SALMON W. B. & Young, coal merchants and insurance 

agents, City buildings, 32 Cathcart st 
Salmon Mrs James, feuar, 7 Bentinck st 
SALISBURY Mrs, 3 Lauriston st 
SALVATION Army Barracks, Assembly Rooms, 21 West 

Stewart st 


SAMSON John, shoemaker, 16 Kelly st 

Samson Thomas, nail and chaplet maker, 25 Slanners st. Ho. 

95 Belville st 
SAMUEL Jacob, picture frame maker, 44 Vennel 
SANDEMAN A., kindergarten and private classes, 53 New- 
ton st 
SANDERSON John, goods guard, 19 Ingleston st 
SAND FORD John, foreman boilermaker, 50 St. Lawrence st 
SANDS George, joiner, 83 Roxburgh st 
SANITARY Office, Municipal buildings, Dalrymple st 
SARGEANT Charles, Glasgow and Greenock carrier, 18 

Cathcart st 
SAUNDERS James, joiner, 5 Bearhope st 
SAVAGE Thomas, tailor, 30 Wellington st 
Savage Miss N., 34 Kelly st 
SAYERS Alexander, cooper, 41 Ann st 
SCALLY John, fitter, 31 Brougham st 
SCHOFIELD James, moulder, 112 Drumfrochar road 
SCHOOL Board (Burgh) Offices, 2 Bank st— G. Williamson, 

SCHULTZ Warrick, grocer, 81 Roxburgh st. Ho. 1 

Kelly st 
SCHRODER Charles, mate, 13 Nelson st, west 
SCOBBIE James A., wine and spirit merchant, 27 Rue-end 

st. Ho. 5 Carnock st 
SCOBIE James, ship's husband, 40 Brisbane st 
SCOON Walter, salesman, 45 Trafalgar st 
SCOTSMAN Newspaper (daily and weekly) Office, 5 Pal- 

merston buildings, Customhouse place 
SCOTT, Adams, & M'Kirdy, sugar merchants, Palmerston 

Scott Alexander & Sons, sugar refiners, 20 Baker st and 

Berry-yards, Drumfrochar road 
Scott Alexander, baker, 1 Prospecthill st. Ho. do. 
Scott Alexander, boilermaker, 97 Belville st 
Scott Alexander, contractor, 22 Mearns st. Ho. 24 do. 
Scott Alexander, 33 Ingleston st 
Scott Alexander, feuar, 77 Newton st 
Scott Alexander, joiner, 27 Trafalgar st 
Scott Alexander, jun. (of Alexander Scott & Sons), Denniston, 

41 Newark st 
Scott & Co., engineers and shipbuilders, Cartsdyke 


Scott & Douglas, coachbuilders, 12 West Stewart st 

Scott Andrew, draper, 95 Roxburgh st. Ho. 97 do. 

Scott A. & J., painters and decorators, 25 West Blackhall st 

Scott A. H., draper salesman, 27 Trafalgar st 

Scott B. S. (of Scott, Adams, & M'Kirdy), 49 Brisbane st 

Scott Charles, labourer, 17 Ann st 

Scott Creighton, railway guard, 30 Nelson st 

Scott David, grocer, 58 Kelly st 

Scott David, storekeeper, 9 Crescent st 

Scott David F. B., shipmaster, 6 Finnart st 

Scott Edward, Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy, 
Clyde house, 45 Esplanade 

Scott E., foreman, 19 Prospecthill st 

Scott Finlay, feuar, 37 Dempster st 

Scott George, joiner, 19 Trafalgar st 

Scott Hugh, smith, 71 Ann st 

Scott Institution, 5 Nelson st, west 

Scott I vie, family grocer and wine merchant, 16 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 49 Brougham st 

Scott Ivie, grocer and provision merchant, and branch Post 
Office, 72 Eldon st 

Scott James, 33 East Crawford st 

Scott James, cooper, 40 Nicolson st 

Scott James, farmer, Murdieston 

Scott James, flesher, 9 Rue-end st. Ho. 5 Carnock st 

Scott James, joiner, 7 1 Nicolson st 

Scott James, joiner, 10 Nile st 

Scott James (of Scott & Douglas), 3 George square 

Scott James, mate, 6 Inverkip st 

Scott John, baker, 55 Vennel. Ho. 6 Sir Michael st 

Scott John (of Scott & Co. and Greenock Foundry Co.), 
Seafield house, 34 Brougham st 

Scott John, labourer, 13 Belville st 

Scott John, porter, 35 Lyle st 

Scott John, rivetter, 3 Kilblain st 

Scott John, rivetter, 44 Shaw st 

Scott John, road superintendent, 106 Dempster st 

Scott John C.j wine and spirit merchant, 62 Wellington st. 
Ho. 71 Nicolson st 

Scott John, 49 Esplanade 

Scott John H., clerk, 5 Caddlehill st 

Scott Joseph, boilermaker, 2 1 Ingleston st 



Scott Joseph D. (of Alexander Scott & Sons), Beltrees, 58 
Union st 

Scott Matthew, bootcloser, 6 West Stewart st 

Scott Peter, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 17 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 29 Brougham st 

Scott Peter, inspector of buildings, 7 Ratho st 

Scott Peter (of Craig, Scott & Co.), 3 East Quay lane. Ho. 
8 Ashton, Gourock 

Scott Ritchie, baker, 68 Wellington st 

Scott Robert, clothier, 32 East Hamilton st. Ho. do. 

Scott Robert, fitter, 101 Belville st 

Scott Robert, iron fitter, 30 East Hamilton st 

Scott Robert, mason, 14 South st 

Scott Robert, sergeant, county police, 9 Watt st 

Scott Robert Sinclair (of Scott & Co. and Greenock Foundry 
Co.), Craigievar house, Skelmorlie 

Scott Thomas, joiner, 28 Crawfurd st. Ho. 27 Trafal- 
gar st 

Scott Thomas, mason, 7 Caddlehill st 

Scott Thomas, mechanic, 17 Ingleston st 

Scott William, flesher, 4 Sir Michael st 

Scott William, joiner, 63 Holmscroft st 

Scott Miss Bethia, millinery and toy shop, 85^ Belville st 

Scott Miss Margaret, 40 Brisbane st 

Scott Miss, 13 Mearns st 

Scott Mrs, 45 Main st 

Scott Mrs, ladies' nurse, 14 Ardgowan st, west 

Scott Mrs David, 36 East Hamilton st 

Scott Mrs James, 95 Roxburgh st 

Scott Mrs Jane, 58 East Crawford st 

Scott Mrs Robert, 27 Robertson st 

SCRIM AGER Archibald, labourer, 15 Belville st 

Scrimager John, sawmiller, 5 Belville st 

SEALY Charles, engineer, 63 Holmscroft st 

Sealy Mrs A., 13 Lauriston st 

SEATH James, wool-sorter, 62 Drumfrochar road 

Seath Mrs John, 64 Kelly st 

SELBY William S., railway agent, Albert Harbour and Lyne- 
doch street stations. Ho. 24 Wellington st 

SELLARS Robert H., photographer. 34 Kelly st 

SELLERS Mrs R., 23 Hamilton st 

SERVICE Alexander, engineer, 23 Roxburgh st 


Service Archibald, smith, 63 Ann st 

Service Daniel, engine driver, 5 Hope st 

Service David, contractor, 2 Cross-shore st, 

Service George, brassfinisher, 20 Lyle st 

Service John, baker, Regent Street Baking Factory. Ho. 

54 Regent st 
Service Matthew, carpenter, 32 Crescent st 
Service William, brass moulder, 53 Belville st 
Service Mrs John, lodgings, 2 1 Lynedoch st 
Service Mrs W., lodgings, 7 Brisbane st 
SHAND John, agent, 38 East Crawford st 
Shand John, tobacconist and stationer, 59 Rue-end st. Ho. 

38 East Crawford st 
Shand Rev. Alexander Erskine, M.A., minister of the 

North Parish Church. Ho. Sydney place, 16 Eldon 

Shand Robert, 38 Mearns st 
Shand Misses, 17 Brisbane st 
SHANKIAND Dugald & Co., merchants and shipowners, 

21 Cathcart st 
Shankland Dugald (of Dugald Shankland & Co.), Gowanhill, 

Madeira st 
Shankland Robert & Co., shipowners, 21 Cathcart st 
Shankland Robert (of Robert Shankland & Co.), The Craigs, 

2 1 Newark st 
Shankland Thomas, cooper, 12 Laird st 
Shankland Thomas, shoemaker, 30 West Blackhall st 
SHANKS Robert, mason, 20 Bruce st 
SHANNON George, labourer, 8 Nile st 
Shannon James, tailor and clothier, 50 Cathcart st. Ho. 39 

Bank st 
Shannon William, labourer, 69 Regent st 
SHARER Alfred, commission merchant, 77 Port-Glasgow 

SHARP & Ferguson, glass and china merchants, 16 West 

Blackhall st 
Sharp James G, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Shaw st. Ho. 

13 Caddlehill st 
Sharp John, cooper, 60 Ann st 
Sharp John, grocer and provision merchant, 25 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 31 Regent st 
Sharp John, labourer, 14 Terrace road 


Sharp William (of Campbell, Anderson & Co.), 42 Eldon st 
Sharp William (of Duncan & Sharp), Endrick Cottage, off 

Ratho st 
Sharp William, spirit dealer, 17 John st. Ho. do. 
Sharp Mrs John, 9 Ardgowan st, west 
Sharp Mrs, 29 Ann st 
SHAW Daniel, labourer, 34 Crescent st 
Shaw James (of W. & J. Shaw), 47 Brisbane st 
Shaw John, blacksmith, 17 Lauriston st 
Shaw John, rivetter, 4 Sinclair st 
Shaw Malcolm, boilermaker, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Shaw Neil, carpenter, 7 Prospecthill st 
Shaw Neil, feuar, 6 Trafalgar st 
Shaw Neil, jail watchman, 21 Bruce st 
Shaw William & James, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 13 

Hamilton st. Works, Watson's lane 
Shaw William, carpenter, 9 Cathcart st 
Shaw William, slater, 1 1 Antigua st 
Shaw Miss, greengrocer, 42 Lynedoch st 
Shaw Miss, teacher, 25 Robertson st 
Shaw Mrs William, 17 Brisbane st 
Shaw Mrs, 9 Murdieston st 
SHAWS Water Chemical Works, 21 Dellingburn st — John 

Poynter & Son 
SHEARER Alexander, jun., writer and notary public, 18 

Hamilton st. Ho. 2 Glen st 
Shearer Hugh, wholesale grocer, Sugar Exchange buildings, 

Mansion-house lane. Ho. 15 Fox st 
Shearer Hugh, grocer, 52 Shaw st. Ho. 15 Fox st 
Shearer James, goods superintendent, G. & S.-W. Railway. 

Ho. 25 Brougham st 
Chearer James (of Thomas Skinner & Co.), Waterloo st, 

Shearer James, painter, 53 Ann st 
Shearer James, salesman, 16 Cathcart st 
Shearer James, wine merchant, 41 Ann st. Ho. 9 Welling- 
ton st 
Shearer John, brassfinisher, 41 West Burn st 
Shearer Robert B., M.A., LL.B. (of W. & R. B. Shearer), 1 

Bank st. Ho. Hartfell, 97 Finnart st 
Shearer W. & R. B., writers and notaries public, 1 

Bank st 


Shearer William (of W. & R. B. Shearer), i Bank st. Ho. 
Hartfell, 97 Finnart st 

Shearer Mrs Janet, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Ann st 
Ho. 35 Roxburgh st 

Shearer Mrs J., grocer, 14 Bruce st 

SHEDDEN Robert, currier, 20 Pottery st 

SHENNAN Alexander (of Shennan & Campbell), commis- 
sion agent, 33 Kelly st 

Shennan & Campbell, commission agents, 5 Crawfurd st 

SHENTON William, bootmaker, 33 Rue-end st, 40 West 
Blackhall st, 24 Ann st, and 42 West Burn st 

SHEPHERD William, ironmonger, 9 William st. Ho. 59 
Regent st 

SHERIDAN Joseph, jun., butcher, 59 Inverkip st and 32 
Mearns st. Ho. 14 Bruce st 

Sheridan Michael, labourer, 22 Cathcart st 

Sheridan Robert, superintendent of cemetery, burying- 
grounds, and parks. Office, Cemetery. Ho. 1 Orange- 
field place 

SHERIFF Court Hall, County buildings, 1 Nelson st, west 

Sheriff John, joiner, 41 Holmscroft st 

Sheriff Joseph (of J. D. M'Gregor & Co), 7 Dempster st 

SHIELDS James, carpenter, 4 East breast 

Shields James, salesman, 9 Kilblain st 

Shields Richard, labourer, 9 Cathcart st 

Shields Robert, labourer, 12 Nile st 

Shields Mrs, washerwoman, 47 Crawfurd st 

SHIPPING Office for Seamen, 7 Virginia st 

SHIRKEY Mrs, 51 Inverkip st 

SHIRLEY James, moulder, 5 Belville st 

Shirley Miss, 73 Nicolson st 

Shirley Mrs, 8 Nicolson st 

SHORE Hon. Henry Noel, divisional officer of Coastguard,. 
55 Octavia st 

SHORTRIDGE Samuel, M.D. and L.R.C.S., Edin., Rowan- 
bank, 29 West Stewart st 

SIDEY William, cab proprietor, 78 Wellington st 

SIEGER Engelbert, watch and clock maker, Palmerston 
buildings, Customhouse place. Ho. 49 Brougham st 

Sieger Engelbert, wine and spirit merchant, 41 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 49 Brougham st 

SILLARS Andrew, brassfounder, 23 Belville st 


SIM John, engine driver, 17 Lauriston st 

Sim John, grocer and provision merchant, 32 Lynedoch st. 

Ho. 42 Mearns st 
Sim Mrs, draper, 43 Crawfurd st. Ho. 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
Sim Mrs, greengrocer, 86 Roxburgh st 
SIMPSON A. C. (of Neil Broun & Co.), 9 Shaw place 
Simpson Adam, mate, 6 Hill st 
Simpson Alexander, smith, 28 Wellington st 
Simpson David (of Wilson & Co.), Barr's brae, Port-Glasgow 
Simpson David M. & J., accountants, house factors and in- 
surance agents, 38 Nicolson st 
Simpson George, engineman, 46 East Hamilton st 
Simpson George, wool sorter, 7 Mill st 
Simpson Gordon, teacher, Public School, 16 Ann st. Ho. 

28 Brisbane st 
Simpson James, engineer, 1 Springkell st 
Simpson James, flesher, 1 Belville st. Ho. do. 
Simpson James, letter carrier, P.O., 1 West Stewart st 
Simpson James, miller, 1 Dellingburn square 
Simpson John, flesher, 25 Regent st. Ho. 27 do. 
Simpson John, labourer, 29 Ingleston st 
Simpson John (of D. M. & J. Simpson), 38 Nicolson st 
Simpson John, smith, 126 Drumfrochar road 
Simpson John A. & Co., pavement, cement, lime, coal, 

stucco and fire-clay merchants, 6 Tobago st. Depot 

and office, 10 Brougham st 
Simpson John A. (of John A. Simpson & Co.), 28 Brisbane st 
Simpson Robert, labourer, 57 Belville st 
Simpson Matthew, carpenter, 26 Wellington st 
Simpson Richard, foreman, 60 Ann st 
Simpson Thomas, boilermaker, 12 Belville st 
Simpson Thomas, manager (R. & J. Dick), 22 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 30 Roxburgh st 
Simpson William, brakesman, 76 Ann st 
Simpson William, funeral undertaker and agent United 

Reform Friendly Society, 49 Vennel 
Simpson William, overseer, 36 Mount Pleasant st 
Simpson Mrs, 27 Nicolson st 
Simpson Mrs D. M., 32 Brisbane st 
Simpson Mrs Martha, 38 Nicolson st 
SIMS Mrs, ladies' nurse, 80 Roxburgh st 
SINCLAIR Alexander, coppersmith, 15 Dempster st 


Sinclair Alexander, engineer, 46 Ann st 
Sinclair Alexander, fireman, 13 Hope st 
Sinclair Angus & Co., blacksmiths, tinsmiths, house and 

ship furnishings, 21 Cathcart st 
Sinclair Angus, blacksmith, 83 Wellington st 
Sinclair Angus (of Angus Sinclair & Co.), 17 Newton st 
Sinclair & Co., merchants, commission and insurance agents,. 

and warehouse keepers, 46 Cathcart st 
Sinclair Archibald, railway carrier. Office, 25 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 26 West Blackhall st 
Sinclair Archibald, rivetter, 5 Inverkip st 
Sinclair Archibald, tugboatman, 45 Nicolson st 
Sinclair Archibald M.,;!storeman, 29 Belville st 
Sinclair Donald, carpenter, 8 Bruce st 
Sinclair Donald, engineer, 26 Newton st 
Sinclair Donald, mason, 41 West Burn st 
Sinclair Duncan, blacksmith, 13 Watt st 
Sinclair Duncan, carpenter, 5 Caddlehill st 
Sinclair Duncan, joiner, 83 Belville st 
Sinclair Duncan, stoker, 61 Belville st 
Sinclair Duncan B., blacksmith, 9 Lynedoch st 
Sinclair G., examining officer, 13 Ardgowan st, west 
Sinclair Humphrey, corkcutter, 21 Bruce st 
Sinclair James, mercantile clerk, 57 Forsyth st 
Sinclair James R. C. & Co., shipbrokers, importing and. 

forwarding agents, 2 West quay. Ho. 2 Eddlewood. 

Sinclair John, carpenter, 17 John st 
Sinclair John, gasfitter, 40 Nicolson st 
Sinclair Malcolm, baker, 28 Lynedoch st. Ho. do. 
Sinclair Malcolm, engine-driver, 6 Belville st 
Sinclair Neil, labourer, 40 Nicolson st 
Sinclair Robert, cooper, 16 Bruce st 
Sinclair Robert, joiner, 67 Belville st 
Sinclair Robert, labourer, 12 Baker st 
Sinclair Robert, salesman, 15 West Stewart st 
Sinclair Robert H. (of Sinclair & Co.), 57 Forsyth st 
Sinclair Walter, salesman, Waverley Lane, West Burn st 
Sinclair William, agent for G. & J. Burns, Glasgow, Excise 

buildings. Ho. 1 Kelly st 
Sinclair AVilliam, agent for Royal Liver Friendly Society, 29. 

Hamilton st 


Sinclair William G., proprietor of British Workman House, 
63 Rue-end st. Ho. 21 Antigua st 

Sinclair W. G., sheriff-officer and J. P. constable, 6 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 15 Mount Pleasant st 

Sinclair Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 33 Nicolson st. 
Ho. 3 Ford place, Finnart st 

Sinclair Mrs John, 3 Ford place, Finnart st 

Sinclair Mrs John, 31 Nelson st 

Sinclair Mrs Peter, cowfeeder, 104 Drumfrochar road 

Sinclair Mrs Peter, 11 Nelson st, west 

Sinclair Mrs Peter, 15 Mount Pleasant st 

Sinclair Mrs Walter, 7 Mount Pleasant st 

SINCrER Manufacturing Co., sewing machine manufacturers, 
28 Nicolson st 

SKAKEL William, tailor, 28 Bruce st 

SKINNER Thomas & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 3 
Brymner st 

Skinner Mrs Patrick, 87 Eldon st 

SKIRVING James, blacksmith, 30 Ingleston st 

Skirving Peter, smith, 6 Chapel st 

SKIVINGTON Arthur & G., wine and spirit merchants and 
importers, Exchange buildings, and bonded ware- 
house proprietors, 5 Mansionhouse lane 

Skivington A. & G., wine and spirit merchants, 50 Shaw st 

Skivington W. Gordon (of A. & G. Skivington). Ho. 47 
Brougham st 

Skivington Mrs, 47 Brougham st 

SLATER & Wardrop, Kilblain Academy, 15 Kilblain st 

Slater James, jun., B. A. (of Slater & Wardrop), 5 Robert- 
son st 

SLIGO Steam Packet Company, Old Steamboat quay 

SLOAN James, grocer, 19 Shaw st. Ho. 19 Trafalgar st 

Sloan James, iron planer, 2 Macdougall st 

Sloan John, labourer, 30 Ingleston st 

Sloan Samuel, fruiterer, 28 Ann st. Ho. 41 do. 

Sloan Thomas, groom, 59 Ann st 

SMAIL J., superintendent of agents, Prudential Assurance 
Co. (Limited). Ho. 3 Armadale place 

SMALL James, engineer, 26 Wellington st 

Small John, painter, 5 Dempster st 

Small George, coach builder, 32 Kelly st 

Small Robertson, salesman, 4 South st 


Small William, labourer, 13 Charles st 

Small Mrs, 8 Mount Pleasant st 

SMART & Rolland, drapers, 31 Charles st 

Smart J. R. & Co., sugar merchants, 4 Brymner st 

Smart J. R. (of J. R. Smart & Co.), Carlogie house, 37 
Newark st 

SMEATON James, joiner, 70 Wellington st 

Smeaton William, cooper, 89 Dempster st 

SMILLIE & Robson, wholesale and retail fruit and veget- 
able merchants, 5 Hamilton st, 31 Charles st and 3 
Manse lane 

Smillie William (of Smillie & Robson), 32 Kelly st 

SMITH A. C. & Co.. sugar brokers and commission mer- 
chants, 4 Brymner st 

Smith Alexander, baker, 39 Lynedoch st 

Smith Alexander, wholesale grocer and provision merchant, 
Waverley buildings, 29 West Burn st. Ho. Sunny side, 
4 Bedford st 

Smith Alexander, telegraphist, 8 Mearns st 

Smith Alexander, 27 Trafalgar st 

Smith Alexander C. (of A. C. Smith & Co.), 21 Caddlehill st 

Smith Allan, agent, 1 1 Lauriston st 

Smith Allan B. (of Smith & M'Cuaig), 29 Patrick st 

Smith & Davidson, grain merchants, 4 Princes st 

Smith Andrew, joiner, 24 Sir Michael st 

Smith Archibald, boilermaker, 23 East Shaw st 

Smith David, blacksmith, 22 Arthur st 

Smith David, tailor, 52 St. Lawrence st 

Smith David, teacher, 36 Mearns st 

Smith Donald, brassfinisher, 22 Antigua st 

Smith Duncan, carpenter, 3 Bearhope st 

Smith Duncan, carter, 87 Wellington st 

Smith Finlay, seaman, 43 Nicolson st 

Smith Gavin, boilermaker, 18 East Crawford st 

Smith George, brassfinisher, 8 East Blackhall st 

Smith George, fireman, 26 East Crawford st 

Smith George, joiner, 15 Antigua st 

Smith Harry, Sheriff-Substitute, 44 Union st 

Smith Henry, engineer, 28 East Hamilton st 

Smith Hugh, bookbinder, 41 Lynedoch st 

Smith James & Co , consulting engineers and marine archi- 
tects, 4 Bogle st 


Smith James, blacksmith, 7 Duncan st Ho. 4 Crawford 

Smith James, bookbinder, paper ruler, and manufacturing 

stationer, 14 Kilblain st. Ho. 63 Holmscroft st 
Smith James, carpenter, 15 Newton st 
Smith James, engineer, 7 Lauriston st 
Smith James, engineer, 14 Mearns st 
Smith James, skinner, 10 Carwood st 
Smith James (of James Smith & Co.), 40 Margaret st 
Smith James, aerated water manufacturer, 32 Sugarhouse lane. 

Ho. 83 Roxburgh st 
Smith James, policeman, 95 Roxburgh st 
Smith James, watchman, 36 Crescent st 
Smith James, carpenter, 42 St. Lawrence st 
Smith James H. (of Smith & Davidson), 80 Finnart st 
Smith James R., grocer and provision merchant, 10 Ann st. 

Ho. 29 Patrick st 
Smith J. C, Macdonald & Crawford, solicitors and notaries 

public, 26 Hamilton st 
Smith John, agent, Prudential Assurance Company, 64 Drum- 

frochar road 
Smith John, bar officer and keeper, Sheriff Court buildings, 

1 Nelson st, west. Ho. do. 
Smith John, blacksmith, n East Crawford st 
Smith John, boot and shoe maker, 29 Hamilton st. Ho. 27 

Nelson st, west 
Smith John, boot and shoe maker, 10 William st. Ho. 66 

Kelly st 
Smith John (of Smith & Main), 4 Nelson st 
Smith John, coachman, 10 Murdieston st 
Smith John, dentist and chemist, 42 West Burn st. Ho. 69 

Nicolson st 
Smith John, engineer, 27 Belville st 
;Smith John, engineer, 83 Dempster st 
Smith John, engineer, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Smith John, joiner, 96 Dempster st 
Smith John, seaman, 22 Arthur st 
Smith John, spirit merchant, 39 Shaw st. Ho. 24 Antigua 

;Smith John, wine and spirit merchant, Gardeners' Arms, 10 

Market st 
Smith John, fitter, 93 Belville st 


Smith John R., agent and correspondent for Glasgow News:. 
and Evening News and Star, 28 Bry inner st. Ho. 3, 
Hope st 

Smith Joseph, rigger, 1 Kilblain st 

Smith Joseph, watchman, 44 Lynedoch st 

Smith & Main, coachbuilders, 5 Brougham st 

Smith & M'Cuaig, joiners and builders, 30 Charles st 

Smith Malcolm, boilermaker, 6 Hill st 

Smith Neil, carpenter, 16 Antigua st 

Smith Neil, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 

Smith Peter, blockmaker, 1 1 Lauriston st 

Smith Peter, labourer, 5 Antigua st 

Smith Philip, labourer, 17 Cathcart st 

Smith Rev. J. B., of Union Street U.P. Church, 24 Mar- 
garet st 

Smith Robert, blacksmith, 9 East Blackhall st 

Smith Robert, boilermaker, 89 Belville st 

Smith Robert, commercial agent, 42 St. Lawrence st 

Smith Robert M.. reporter, 7 Mount Pleasant st 

Smith Samuel, joiner, 56 Lynedoch st 

Smith Samuel, labourer, 66 Ann st 

Smith Thomas, engineer, 21 Ingleston st 

Smith Thomas, grocer, 40 Holmscroft st 

Smith Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 5 Inverkip st 
and 85 Finnart st. Ho. 1 Ford place, Finnart st 

Smith Thomas, moulder, 64 Ann st 

Smith Thomas, ship smith and galvanizer, 5 New Dock lane 
and 18 Shaw st. Ho. 5 Roxburgh st. (See Advt.) 

Smith Thomas W., goldsmith and jeweller, 14 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 28 Ardgowan st, west 

Smith William, accountant, Chamberlain's Office. Ho. 39; 
Kelly st 

Smith William, boilermaker, 101 Belville st 

Smith William, cutter, 22 Wellington st 

Smith William, gateman, 2 Old Hillend 

Smith William, labourer, 13 Charles st 

Smith William, mate, 60 Kelly st 

Smith William, missionary, 6 Old Hillend 

Smith William, plater, 17 Belville st 

Smith William, salesman, 40 Ann st 

Smith William, salesman, 50 Holmscroft st 

Smith William, seaman, 2 Garvald st 


Smith Miss, grocer, 30 Mount Pleasant st 

Smith Miss, milliner, 51 Brisbane st 

Smith Mrs, 51 Inverkip st 

Smith Mrs Catherine, British Workman Public House, 40 
Dalrymple st 

Smith Mrs John, boarding-house, 50 Shaw st 

Smith Mrs John, spirit merchant, 30 East Hamilton st 

Smith Mrs John, spirit merchant, 9 Port-Glasgow road. 
Ho. do. 

Smith Mrs Peter, 29 Patrick st 

Smith Mrs Robert, midwife, 18 Ann st 

Smith Mrs Thomas, 22 Crescent st 

Smith Mrs William, 76 Ann st 

Smith Mrs, midwife, 9 Tobago st 

Smith Mrs, 13 Crescent st 

Smith Mrs, 13 Duncan st 

Smith Mrs, 9 Salmon st 

Smith Mrs, 65 Union st 

Smith Mrs, 22 Wellington st 

SMYTH Alexander, surgeon-dentist, 14 West Blackhall st. 
Ho. 241 Buchanan st, Glasgow 

SNODDY James, joiner, 17 Mount Pleasant st 

SOMERVILLE William, engineer, 57 Belville st 

Somerville William, seaman, 7 West breast 

Somerville Mrs William, midAvife, 62 Ann st 

Somerville Mrs, greengrocer, 17 Tobago st 

SOMMERVILLE & Co., timber merchants, Caledonian 
Saw Mills, Port-Glasgow road 

Sommerville R. G. (of Sommerville & Co.), Aldergrove, Port- 

SORLEY Patrick, sawyer, 86 Belville st 

SORRIE Mrs Peter, 5 Antigua st 

SOUTAR William, painter, 4 Trafalgar st 

SOUTH Peter, rigger, 40 Nicolson st 

SOUTTER H. D., bookbinder, 23 Dempster st 

SOWTER John, Board of Trade surveyor, 159 Eldon st 

SPEED James, joiner, 4 Inverkip st 

Speed Mrs John, 15 Mount Pleasant st 

SPEIRS James & Son, sugar samplers, 30 Cathcart st 

Speirs William (of James Speirs & Son), 4 Glen st 

SPENCE Alexander, labourer, 8 Cathcart st 

Spence David, carpenter, 13 Springkell st 


Spence David, labourer, 5 Belville st 

Spence James, fruit merchant, 40 Cathcart st and 8 Grey 

Spence Joseph, labourer, 2 Lauriston st 

Spence William, ropespinner, 126 Drumfrochar road 

Spence Miss M. S., 24 Patrick st 

SPENCER W. H., commission agent, 51 Brougham st. 
Ho. do. 

Spencer Samuel, sawyer, 15 Lauriston st 

Spencer William, engineer, 34 Crescent st 

Spencer Mrs, 21 Nicolson st 

SPIERS John, carter, 20 Cartsburn st 

Spiers Miss, 3 Houston st 

SPROUL & Co., engineers, &c, James Watt Engine Works, 
2 Springkell st and St. Andrew square. (See Advt.) 

Sproul Andrew (of Sproul & Co.), 23 Lyle st 

SPRUNT William, joiner, 30 Bruce st 

STARK Thomas, agent for the Bank of Scotland, 47 Cath- 
cart st. Ho. 73 Union st 

Stark Mrs, 2 1 Newton st 

STEAD Albert, overlooker, 9 Prospecthill st 

Stead Julius, overseer, 9 Prospecthill st 

STEEL Alexander, foreman (J. Poynter & Sons), 21 Delling- 
burn st 

Steel Edward, engine driver, 61 Belville st 

Steel Hugh, builder and contractor. Ho. 37 Bank st 

Steel Hugh, feuar, Clydebank, 38 Esplanade 

Steel John L., builder, 14 Kilblain st. Ho. 39 Bank st 

Steel Matthew, labourer, 10 Hill st 

Steel Robert, boilermaker, 10 West breast 

Steel Robert, labourer, 16 John st 

Steel Robert, policeman, 21 Dempster st 

Steel William, clerk, 48 Lynedoch st 

Steel William, contractor and builder, 35 West Stewart st 

Steel Mrs, 7 Mill st 

Steel Mrs Hugh, Clydebank, 38 Esplanade 

Steel Mrs William, Brookfield, 30 Esplanade 

STEELE James, labourer, 10 John st 

Steele Robert, governor, Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Asylum, 
Newark st 

Steele Robert, jun., shipbuilder, 40 Finnart st 

Steele Stewart, carpenter, 6 Chapel st 


Steele Thomas, engineer, 2 Macdougall st 

Steele Miss, 65 Union st 

STEEN James, feuar, 31 Nelson st 

Steen John, spirit dealer, 4 Dalrymple st. Ho. 73 Nicolson st 

Steen Mrs, bootmaker, 11 Cathcart st. Ho. 31 Nelson st 

STEPHENS Mrs, seamstress, 1 Bruce st 

Stephens Mrs, 19 Nelson st, west 

STEVEN John, shipchandler, 7 West Breast. Ho. 14 

Shaftesbury terrace, Glasgow 
Steven Martin, shopman, 26 West Blackhall st 
STEVENS Alexander, janitor, Parochial Board buildings, 

36 Nicolson st 
STEVENSON Adam, stair railer, 55 Regent st. Ho. 56 do. 
Stevenson Allan B., boot and shoe merchant, 3 Grey place, 

West Blackhall st. Ho. Weston house, Helensburgh 
Stevenson Alexander, engineer, 29 Trafalgar st 
Stevenson Alexander (of Paterson & Stevenson), 36 Nelson st 
Stevenson Archibald, marine surveyor, Palmerston buildings. 

Ho. 53 Brisbane st 
Stevenson David, book deliverer, 72 Ann st 
Stevenson Duncan, tinsmith, 83 Belville st 
Stevenson Hugh, draper, 38 Hamilton st. Ho. 36 Brisbane st 
Stevenson James, carter, 3 Bearhope st 
Stevenson James, patternmaker, 13 Lauriston st 
Stevenson John, seaman, 15 Nicolson st 
Stevenson Peter, labourer, 38 Nelson st, west 
Stevenson Robert, boilermaker, 65 Belville st 
Stevenson Robert, engine-driver, 18 Bearhope st 
Stevenson William, labourer, 7 Mill st 
Stevenson W. S., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 7 West 

Stewart st. Ho. 14 South st 
Stevenson Miss M. M., 20 Brisbane st 
Stevenson Miss, 1 Madeira st 
Stevenson Mrs C, 103 Belville st 
Stevenson Mrs James, 11 Nelson st, west 
Stevenson Mrs John, furnishings, 46 Inverkip st 
Stevenson Mrs, greengrocer, 48 Ann st 
Stevenson Mrs, 6 St. Andrew square 
Stevenson Mrs Gabriel, 8 Mearns st 
Stevenson Mrs Catherine, 22 Kelly st 
STEWART Alexander, labourer, 12 Mill st 
Stewart Alexander, seaman, 30 Lynedoch st 


Stewart Andrew (of Cartsburn Sugar Refining Co.), 14 

Newark st 
Stewart Andrew, labourer, 57 Belville st 
Stewart Archibald, sailmaker, 89 Roxburgh st 
Stewart Archibald Dunlop, M.C, physician and surgeon. 

Consulting rooms, 3 Bank st. Ho. 39 Regent st 
Stewart C. & W., joiners, 9 Brisbane st 
Stewart Charles, carter, 13 Ingleston st 
Stewart Charles, moulder, 67 Rue-end st 
Stewart Charles F. (of C. & W. Stewart), 78 Holmscroft st 
Stewart Charles W., Burgh School Board inspecting officer, 

2 Bank st. Ho. 12 Wellington st 
Stewart Daniel B., smith, tinsmith, gasfitter, and 

bellhanger, and house and ship furnishing 

ironmonger, 14 West Blackhall st. Ho. 1 

Kelly st. (See Advt.) 
Stewart David, beltmaker, 29 Belville st 
Stewart David, engineer, 2 Garvald st 
Stewart Denniston, engineer, 16 Wellington st 
Stewart Donald, engineer, 1 1 East Blackhall st 
Stewart Donald, labourer, 37 Rue-end st 
Stewart Duncan, clerk, 9 Carwood st 
Stewart Duncan F., 151 Eldon st 
Stewart Francis, confectioner, 31 Market st. Ho. 2 George 

Stewart James & William, merchants, 1 Watt place 
Stewart James, carpenter, 15 West Stewart st 
Stewart James, carter, 22 Inverkip st 
Stewart James, labourer, 3 Armadale place 
.Stewart James, labourer, 42 Arthur st 
Stewart James, labourer, 5 Carnock st 
Stewart James, labourer, 2 Crawford lane 
Stewart James, prison warder, 29 Nelson st, west 
Stewart James, sawyer, 1 Crawford lane 
Stewart James, smith, 5 Orchard st 
Stewart James (of J. & W. Stewart), Garvocks and Routen- 

burn, by Greenock, and Reform Club, London 
Stewart James K., grain, hay, straw, and cheese merchant, 

28 and 30 Shaw st. Ho. 54 Forsyth st 
Stewart J. W. Earie (of J. & W. Stewart), shipowner and 

merchant, 1 Watt place, and Greenock Club 
.Stewart John, blockmaker, 6 Mearns st 


Stewart John (of Cleland & Stewart) 57 Regent st 
Stewart John, glazier, 65 Holmscroft st 
Stewart John, blacksmith, 1 Mill st 
Stewart John, feuar, 62 Eldon st 
Stewart John, labourer, 1 1 Hill st 
Stewart John, sen., engineer, 5 East Crawford st 
Stewart John, jun., engineer, 78 Belville st 
Stewart John, plumber, 65 Roxburgh st 
Stewart John, salesman, 63 Nicolson st 
Stewart John, ship-store merchant, 4 Bogle st. Ho. Glen- 
garden, Fox st 
Stewart John, tailor, 65 Holmscroft st 
Stewart John, wood turner, 14 Mearns st 
Stewart John, 29 Dempster st 
Stewart John G., chemist, 9 Nelson st, west 
Stewart Joseph, labourer, 41 Nicolson st 
Stewart Richard, grocer. 3 John st. Ho. 7 Belville st 
Stewart Robert, blacksmith, 7 West Blackhall st. Ho. 18 

Wellington st 
Stewart Robert, cartwright, 16 Wellington st 
Stewart Robert, coachman, 29 Hamilton st 
Stewart Robert, pansman, 17 Lynedoch st 
Stewart Robert, patternmaker, 9 Lynedoch st 
Stewart Robert, stationer, 32 Hamilton st 
Stewart Robert J., grocer and provision merchant, 5 Rue-end 

st. Ho. 67 do. 
Stewart Samuel, baker, 19 Regent st 
Stewart Samuel, engineer and manager, Greenock Gas Works. 

Ho. Knocknair, Bogston 
Stewart Thomas, brassfinisher, 52 Regent st 
Stewart Thomas, dentist, 56 Union st 
Stewart Thomas, police constable, 77 Regent st 
Stewart Thomas H., missionary, St. Andrew's Free Church. 

Ho. 4 Finnart st 
Stewart Thomas O., cashier, 37 Bank st 
Stewart William, boilermaker, 46 East Hamilton st 
Stewart William, carpenter, 18 Bearhope st 
Stewart William, jun., cork manufacturer, t,t, Hamilton st. 

Ho. do. 
Stewart William, iron shipbuilder, 18 East Crawford st 
Stewart William, jeweller, 13 West Blackhall st. Ho. 3 

Roslin st 


Stewart William, police constable, 23 Union st 

Stewart William, vanman, Prospecthill house 

Stewart William R., hotel waiter, 63 Nicolson st 

Stewart Agnes T., pawnbroker, 49 Vennel 

Stewart Miss, teacher, 36 Mount Pleasant st 

Stewart Miss M. A., milliner, 29 Brougham st. Ho. 3 

Brougham st 
Stewart Miss, temperance hotel, 9 Brougham st 
Stewart Mrs Agnes, teacher, 9 Argyle st 
Stewart Mrs Alexander, 9 Argyle st 
Stewart Mrs Andrew, 3 Manse lane 
Stewart Mrs Anne, 1 Kelly st 
Stewart Mrs D., 16 Wellington st 
Stewart Mrs Elizabeth, 5 Kelly st 
Stewart Mrs Isabella, spirit dealer, 59 Main st. Ho. 7 

Morton terrace 
Stewart Mrs, saddler, 35 Nicolson st. Ho. 77 Holmscroft st 
Stewart Mrs William M. A., dressmaker, 53 Brisbane st 
Stewart Mrs, Greenock and Glasgow carrier, 20 and 28 West 

Howard st, Glasgow, and 41 Cathcart st, Greenock 
Stewart Mrs, 99 Belville st 
Stewart Mrs, 15 Main st 
Stewart Mrs, 7 William st 
STIRLING James, cooper, 5 Newton st 
Stirling William, gardener, 4 Bentinck st 
Stirling Mrs A., grocer, 17 Shaw st 
Stirling Mrs, 1 1 Lyle st 

STIRRAT Robert, boilermaker, 28 East Hamilton st 
STIRRATT Alexander, labourer, 2 Lauriston st 
Stirratt James, blacksmith, 30 East Hamilton st 
STIRRITT Mrs, 34 East Hamilton st 
STOKES William, watchman, 19 Cathcart st 
STONE James, moulder, 44 East Hamilton st 
Stone John, moulder, 22 John st 
STOODLEY Benjamin, coppersmith, 21 Ingleston st 
STORER James, printer and stationer, 12 Kilblain st. Ho. 

3^ Nelson st, west 
Storer James, jun., printer, 9 Nelson st 
STORM Alexander, shipmaster, 24 Bank st 
STORMS Mrs A., 5 West Stewart st 
STORRIE John, 94 Dempster st 
STOVE Thomas, shipwright, 27 Regent st 


STRABRIDGE John, labourer, 3 Belville st 
STRACHAN A. J. & W., joiners and builders, 1 Hope st 
Strachan Daniel, caulker, 32 East Shaw st 
Strachan George, architect and inspector of buildings, 1 

Hope st 
Strachan Sarah M. S., milliner, 18 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

Hayfield House, Hope st 
Strachan Mrs, 5 Dellingburn square 
STRAIN Alexander, toolsmith, 3 East Crawford st 
STRAINS George, musicseller and tuner, 31 Nicolson st. 

Ho. 27 Bruce st 
STRAITON David, photographer, 2 Grey place. Ho. do. 
STRANGE James, labourer, 70 Port-Glasgow road 
Strange Mrs M., 23 Main st 
STRONACH William, writer, 25 West Burn st. Ho. 24 

STRONG Thomas, engineer, 6 West Stewart st 
STRUTHERS Rev. J. P., M.A., of Reformed Presbyterian 

Church, West Stewart st. Ho. 52 Eldon st 
STUART Frank, brassfinisher, 20 Serpentine walk 
Stuart Mrs, cleaner of furs and feathers, 1 2 Lynedoch st 
STURGEON James, gardener, 68 Holmscroft st 
Sturgeon Miss, feuar, 68 Holmscroft st 
SUTHERLAND Alexander M., compositor, 21 Trafalgar st 
Sutherland Donald, joiner, Garvel Park house 
Sutherland Duncan (at Glasgow and Greenock Shipping Co.), 

Florida place, 31 Dempster st 
Sutherland George, clerk, 27 Robertson st 
Sutherland Peter, mason, 83 Wellington st 
Sutherland Roderick, carpenter, 14 Terrace road 
Sutherland William, boatman, 3 Bearhope st 
Sutherland William, draper, 24 Lynedoch st. Ho. 10 Lyle 

Sutherland Mrs, confectioner, 9 Bearhope st 
SWAN Alexander B., solicitor and notary public, 14 Hamil- 
ton st. Ho. 153 Eldon st 
Swan Allan, steamship agent, &c, Customhouse Buildings. 

Ho. 153 Eldon st 
Swan Andrew, slater and slate merchant, 14 Nicolson st. 

Ho. Williamfield, 31 Finnart st 
Swan Brymner & Henry, coal merchants, 3 Brymner st 
Swan George W., 9 Mount Pleasant st 


Swan G. Brymner (of Brymner Swan & Henry), 153 

Eldon st 
Swan Robert, engineer, Mountview, Belville st 
Swan Robert, flesher and feuar, 17 Hamilton st. Ho. 37 

Roxburgh st 
Swan Robert P., grocer, 96 Roxburgh st. Ho. 9 Mount 

Pleasant st 
Swan William, feuar, 45 Newton st 
Swan William, flesher, 18 Cartsburn st. Ho. 64 Ann st 
Swan Miss, 48 Brougham st 
Swan Mrs, 31 Roxburgh st 
Swan Mrs, 8 Nicolson st 
Swan Mrs Allan, 153 Eldon st 
Swan Mrs Ann, 29 Nelson st, west 
Swan Mrs, grocer, 1 7 Dempster st 
SWANSTON David, missionary, 23 Newton st 
SWEENEY George, painter, 61 Nicolson st. Ho. 15 Mount 

Pleasant st. (See Advt.) 
Sweeney Mrs A., 27 Nicolson st 
SWEENIE Hugh, porter, 48 Inverkip st 
Sweenie Joseph, letter carrier, 13 Nelson st, west 
SWORD Archibald, merchant, 36 Eldon st 
SYM Hector, blacksmith, 53 Kelly st 
Sym William, 75 Holmscroft st 
SYMINGTON David (of John Symington & Sons), 33 

Nelson st, west 
Symington John & Sons, joiners and builders, 66 Inverkip st 
Symington John, coal merchant, 10 Patrick st. Ho. 3 

Watt st 
Symington Martin T. P. (of John Symington & Sons), 33 

Nelson st, west 
Symington Rev. Andrew-, Martyrs' Free Church, West Shaw 

st. Ho. 13 Ardgowan st, west 
Symington Mrs David, 39 West Blackhall st 
Symington Mrs John, 33 Nelson st, west 

TABELL Bartholomew, laundryman, 45 Dalrymple st 
TAILORS' House of Call, 16 Market st 
TAINSH John, manager, 22 South st 


TAIT Alexander, agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, West-end, 
9 West Blackhall st. Ho. Bankrugg, Ashton 

Tait Charles, diver, Harbour Trust, 87 Belville st 

Tait Duncan, pointsman, 99 Belville st 

Tait Hugh, sailmaker, 49 Nicolson st 

Tait James, blacksmith, 14 Crescent st 

Tait James, mason, 17 Tobago st 

Tait James, tanner, 1 1 East Crawford st 

Tait John, engineer, 97 Belville st 

Tait John, foreman, 2 1 Trafalgar st 

Tait John, labourer, 22 John st 

Tait William, carpenter, 2 Garvald st 

Tait William, police constable, 15 West Stewart st 

Tait Miss M. B., milliner, 9 East Crawford st. Ho. 97 
Belville st 

TANNAHILL James, agent for Commercial Bank, West- 
end branch, 15 West Blackhall st. Ho. Finnart terrace 

Tannahill William, labourer, Overton 

TANNOCK Quintin, plasterer, 5 Sir Michael st. Ho. 6 
Kelly st 

TARBET Robert, cooper, 8 Hay st 

Tarbet Thomas, smith, 126 Drumfrochar road 

Tarbet William, joiner, 70 Holmscroft st 

Tarbet Miss, lodgings, 50 Brougham st 

Tarbet Mrs, feuar, 18 Eldon st 

Tarbet Mrs, 83 Dempster st 

TASKER Mrs Andrew, 40 Union st 

TAYLOR Adam, engineer, 50 Ann st 

Taylor Alexander, carpenter, 23 Lynedoch st 

Taylor A. & G., photographers to the Queen, 1 7 Hamilton st 

Taylor Angus, lighter-master, 61 Ann st 

Taylor Archibald, engineer, 9 Prospecthill st 

Taylor Archibald, smith, 6t Holmscroft st 

Taylor Charles, clerk, 65 Belville st 

Taylor Daniel, pansman, 9 Prospecthill st 

Taylor Henderson, labourer, 19 Belville st 

Taylor Henry, shipmaster, 35 Roxburgh st 

Taylor H. J., superintendent P. cs: O. Co. Ho. 55 Forsyth st 

Taylor James, boilermaker, 7 Mill st 

Taylor James, carpenter, 12 Ann st 

Taylor James & Co., grain merchants, West Burn square. 
Ho. 28 Newton st 


Taylor James, smith, 97 Belville st 

Taylor James, stationer and tobacconist, 1 Lauriston st. Ho. 

97 Belville st 
Taylor James, teacher, 15 Lynedoch st 
Taylor John, bank clerk, 7 Hamilton st 
Taylor John, labourer, 12 Watt st 
Taylor Matthew, tailor, 1 1 Cathcart st 
Taylor Rev. Alexander, R.C. clergyman, St. Mary's, 14 

Patrick st 
Taylor Robert, draughtsman, 9 Ardgowan st, west 
Taylor Robert, pansman, 31 Ann st 
Taylor William, blacksmith, 7 St Lawrence st 
Taylor William, engineer, 33 Sir Michael st 
Taylor William, moulder, 53 Belville st 
Taylor William, superintendent of fire brigade, 3 Vennel. 

Ho. 14 Dairy mple st 
Taylor William, teacher, Eskgrove villa, 33 Fox st 
Taylor William F., major, Renfrewshire Artillery Volunteers, 

12 Margaret st 
Taylor William F., 37 West Blackhall st 
Taylor Miss A., milliner, Lorne place, 54 Brougham st 
Taylor Robina, furnishings, 33 West Burn st 
Taylor Miss, dressmaker, 26 Hamilton st 
Taylor Miss, young ladies' seminary, and teacher of music,. 

19 Mount Pleasant st 
Taylor Miss, 30 Roxburgh st 
Taylor Mrs Alexander, 1 1 Lyle st 
Taylor Mrs Duncan, 26 Hamilton st 
Taylor Mrs John, 6 Watt st 

Taylor Mrs M., cork manufacturer, 7 William st. Ho. do. 
Taylor Mrs, lodgings, 17 Brougham st 
Taylor Mrs, 95 Belville st 
Taylor Mrs, 38 Holmscroft st 
Taylor Mrs, 13 Springkell st 
Taylor Mrs, 16 Mearns st 
TELFER J. & J., bootmakers, 38 Hamilton st 
Telfer James (of J. & J. Telfer), 34 Ann st 
Telfer John (of J. & J. Telfer), 9 Murdieston st 
Telfer Mrs C, grocer, 1 Prospecthill st. Ho. do. 
Telfer Mrs, lodgings, 4 Mearns st 
TELFORD Robert, boilermaker, 13 Rue-end st 
Telford William, ironmoulder, 9 Antigua st 


TEMPERANCE Institute, 19 West Stewart st 

TEMPLE Robert, blacksmith, Salmon st. Ho. 21 Bruce 

TEMPLETON Robert, spirit merchant, 22 Vennel. Ho. 

21 Lyle st 
'Templeton Robert, moulder, 3 Crescent st 
Templeton Robert P., traveller, 25 Dempster st 
TENNANT William, engineer, 48 St. Lawrence st 
Tennant Mrs, nurse, 33 Hamilton st 

THEARLE S. J. P., surveyor to Lloyd's register, 13 Hamil- 
ton st. Ho. 6 Tower drive, Ashton 
THEATRE Royal, 38 West Blackhall st— Alexander Wright, 

THE Bank of Scotland, 47 Cathcart st 
The Brewers' Sugar Co., Limited, West Burn square 
The British Boot Repairing Co., 40 West Blackhall st 
The British Linen Company's Bank, 13 William st 
The Burmah Steamship Co. (Limited), shipowners, 2 Cross- 
shore st 
The Cartsburn Sugar Refining Co., sugar refiners, 4 Cres- 
cent st 
The Cathcart Steamship Co. (Limited), Exchange buildings 

— J. & J. Denholm, managers 
The Clyde and St. Lawrence Shipping Co. (limited), 63 

Rue-end st 
The Clyde Pottery Co., manufacturers of earthenware, Port- 
Glasgow road 
"The Clyde Stevedore Co., 18 Cathcart st 
The Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 7 Hamilton st 
The Clydesdale Bank (Limited), East End Branch, 43 Rue- 
end st 
The Commercial Bank of Scotland (Limited), 36 Cathcart 

The Conservative Club, 29 Hamilton st 
The Edinburgh Heritable Security Co. (Limited) — Alexander 

Cameron, solicitor, agent, 4 Argyle st 
'The Greenock Apothecaries' Co., wholesale and retail 
chemists and druggists and aerated water manufac- 
turers, 28 Hamilton st. Works, Harvie lane. (See 
The Greenock & Belfast ^Erated Water Co., aerated water 
manufacturers, 14 Nicolson st 



The Greenock East End Co-operative Society (Limited),, 

grocery, drapery, boots and shoes, 18 East Crawford st. 

Branches, 52 East Hamilton st and 107 Port-Glasgow 

The Greenock Equitable Loan Co., 24 Hamilton st— A. 

Waddell, manager 
The Greenock Foundry Co., engineers, boilermakers, and 

ironfounders, East Stewart st 
The Greenock Herald, 40 Cathcart st 
The Greenock Plate Glass Insurance Co., 19 Cathcart st 
The Greenock Rubber Co., India rubber and waterproof 

manufacturers, 13 Hamilton st. (See Advt.) 
The Greenock Steamship Co. (Limited), 1 Cross-shore st — 

Dugald Macdougall, manager 
The Greenock Stevedore Co. (Limited), 8 Roslin st — J. 

M'Kinnon, manager 
The Greenock Telegraph, 16 Charles st 
The Greenock Towing Co., 2 West quay 
The James Watt Steamship Co. (Limited), 2 West quay 
The Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged, 48 Union st 
The London & Belfast Tea Co., 45 Cathcart' st 
The London & Newcastle Tea Co., tea dealers, 33 Hamilton 

st. Head Office, Newcastle-on-Tyne 
The Mount Park Steamship Co. (Limited)— J. & J. Denholm,, 

managers, Exchange buildings 
The National Bank of Scotland (Limited), 29 Cathcart st 
The National Telephone Co. (Limited), 4 Mansionhouse 

lane — G. Johnstone, manager 
The People's Boot and Shoe Supply Stores, 29 West Burn st 
The Royal Bank of Scotland, 38 Cathcart st 
The Royal Bank of Scotland (West End Branch), 9 West 

Blackhall st 
The Scotsman Newspaper (branch office), 5 Palmerston 

buildings — Hugh Wilson, agent 
The Singer Manufacturing Co., 28 Nicolson st 
The Sun Fire and Life Offices — Campbell Finlay & Co.,, 

agents, 12 Bogle st 
The Union Bank of Scotland (Limited), 1 Hamilton st 
The Vale of Clyde Tramway Co. Office, 29 Brougham st 
THIRD Joseph, ropemaker, 75 Wellington st 
THOM Alexander C, general grocer, 5 Hamilton st. Ho. 

13 Nelson st, west 


2 3 I 

Thorn Archibald, family grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 

13 Union st. Ho. do. 
Thorn W. A. (of A. J. Macdougall & Thorn), solicitor, 13 

Hamilton st. Ho. 23 Brisbane st 
THOMAS Joseph, labourer, 1 Hill st 
THOMPSON Rev. William, M.A., B.D. (of Gaelic Parish 

Church), 19 Caddlehill terrace 
THOMSON Alexander, badge porter, 45 Hamilton st 
Thomson Alexander, brakesman, 7 Hill st 
Thomson Alexander, engineer, 74 Wellington st 
Thomson Alexander, superintendent of Industrial School, 13 

Captain st. Ho. do. 
Thomson Alexander Thomas, engineer, 9 Crescent st 
Thomson Andrew, engineer, 16 Mearns st 
Thomson Archibald, tugboatman, 19 Lyle st 
Thomson Charles, plumber, gasfitter, and zinc worker, 17 

Kelly st. Ho. 19 do. 
Thomson Colin, accountant and insurance agent, 2 Robert- 
son st 
Thomson David, carter, 9 Prospecthill st 
Thomson Donald, collector of town assessments, 67 Regent st 
Thomson Donald, feuar, 2 Robertson st 
Thomson Duncan, brassfinisher, 10 Hay st 
Thomson Duncan, joiner, 7 Brisbane st 
Thomson Duncan, joiner, 7 Lauriston st 
Thomson Dugald, carpenter, 7 East Crawford st 
Thomson George, cooper, confectionery and fancy goods, 

5 Union st. Ho. do. 
Thomson George, joiner, 32 Nelson st, west 
Thomson Henry, pilot, 41 West Blackhall st 
Thomson Henry, plumber, 8 Kilblain st 
Thomson James, carpenter, 86 Belville st 
Thomson James, engineer, 20 Antigua st 
Thomson James, engineer, 63 Belville st 
Thomson James, fish merchant, 44 Ann st 
Thomson James, joiner, 65 Holmscroft st 
Thomson James, labourer, 7 Crescent st 
Thomson James (of Crawford & Thomson), 25 Bank st 
Thomson James, rivetter, 47 Main st 
Thomson James, salesman, 2 1 Kelly st 
Thomson James, seaman, 47 Crawfurd st 
Thomson James, sugar boiler, 40 Ann st 


Thomson John, agent for the National Bank 

29 Cathcart st. Ho. Caddlehill house 
Thomson John, baker, 21 Bearhope st 
Thomson John, blacksmith, 45 Holmscroft st 
Thomson John, carpenter, 124 Drumfrochar road 
Thomson John, clerk, 5 Holmscroft st 
Thomson John, coal agent, Dellingburn square. Ho. 28 

South st 
Thomson John, engineer, 65 Belville st 
Thomson John, joiner, 10 Carnock st 
Thomson John, joiner, 29 Crescent st 
Thomson John, rivetter, 46 East Hamilton st 
Thomson John, seaman, 19 Antigua st 
Thomson John, smith and boilermaker, 2 West Burn st. 

Ho. 26 Newton st 
Thomson Michael, joiner, 1 1 Watt st 
Thomson Neil, plumber, 10 Duncan st 
Thomson Peter, boilermaker, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Thomson Peter, carpenter, 30 St. Lawrence st 
Thomson Peter, engineer, 82 Belville st 
Thomson Peter, mate, 2 Watt place 
Thomson Peter, seaman, 1 1 Nicolson st 
Thomson Peter, sugar boiler, 40 Sir Michael st 
Thomson Rev. James Brown, minister of Greenbank U.P. 

Church. Ho. Grafton terrace, 20 Bentinck st 
Thomson Rev. Peter, minister, Crawfurdsburn Free Church, 

Macdougall st. Manse, Ratho st 
Thomson Robert, cooper, 60 Ann st 
Thomson Robert, engineer, 106 Dempster st 
Thomson Robert, engineer, 5 Hope st 
Thomson Robert, fancy goods merchant, 27 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 23 Brisbane st 
Thomson Robert, joiner, 18 Hope st 
Thomson Robert, joiner, 14 South st 
Thomson Robert, upholsterer, 23 West Blackhall st 
Thomson Thomas, vanman, 25 Bruce st 
Thomson Walter, joiner, 21 Bearhope st 
Thomson W., cooper, 58 Drumfrochar road 
Thomson William, brakesman, 3 Hill st 
Thomson William, clerk, Clyde Foundry. Ho. 22 Lyle 

Thomson William, coppersmith, 41 Ann st 


Thomson William (of R. Cowan & Co.), Ringdove villa, 60 

Finnart st 
Thomson William, mason, 4 Crawford lane 
Thomson William, salesman, 36 Mount Pleasant st 
Thomson Miss Jane, 21 Nelson st, west 
Thomson Miss, 34 West Stewart st 

Thomson Miss, superintendent, Eye Institution, Infirmary 
Thomson Mrs William W., 53 Brougham st 
Thomson Mrs, draper, 62 Ann st 
Thomson Mrs, ladies' nurse, 4 West Stewart st 
Thomson Mrs, 35 Cathcart st 
Thomson Mrs, 60 Drumfrochar road 
Thomson Mrs, 5 Hope st 
Thomson Mrs, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Thomson Mrs, 77 Regent st 
Thomson Mrs, 19 Trafalgar st 
Thomson Mrs J., 7 Crescent st 
THORBURN Arthur, engineer, 21 Nelson st 
Thorburn James G., sugar refiner, Cartsburn and Orchard 

Sugar Refineries. Ho. Woodburn, Newark st 
Thorburn Walter (of Walter Grieve, Son, & Co.), Bellevue, 

19 Eldon st 
THORNE R. & Sons, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 

importers, and bonded warehouse proprietors, 6 Manse 

lane, Havelock buildings, and St. Andrew square, 

Greenock, Customhouse docks, Dublin, and 12 Mark 

lane, London, E.C 
Thorne Robert (of R. Thorne & Sons), 1 7 Fox st 
Thome Thomas M. (of R. Thorne & Sons), Wardwood, 5 1 

Octavia terrace 
TIERNAY Mrs John, 8 Shaw place 
TIERNEY Alexander H., tobacconist, 40 Hamilton st 
Tierney W. B., 13 Lynedoch st 
Tierney William, plater, 31 Lynedoch st 
TIFFIN Joseph, clerk, 9 Mount Pleasant st 
TILL J. L., shipmaster, 4 Finnart st 
TIMES (Glasgow) Evening. Branch office, 29 Cathcart st. 

Robert Wood, correspondent and agent 
TIMPSON F. C, 24 Union st 
TINNIE James, labourer, 14 Terrace road 
TINNOCK John, rivetter, 13 Cathcart st 
TOCHER Alexander, joiner, 58 Kelly st 


TODD John & Co., commission merchants, 33 Sir Michael 

st. Ho. 34 Margaret st 
Todd John, blacksmith, 26 Ann st 
Todd John, mason and builder, 77 Holmscroft st 
Todd Robert, greengrocer, 45 Vennel 
Todd Thomas, mason, 24 East Crawford st 
Todd Thomas (M'Lean & Co.), 67 Rue-end st 
Todd William, carter, 68 Roxburgh st 
Todd Miss, 59 Brisbane st 
Todd Mrs John, grocer, 36 Ingleston st 
TOLAN John, labourer, 3 Regent st 
TOLMIE Alexander, insurance agent, 5 Bank st 
TONNER John, salesman, 13 Mearns st 
TONTINE Hotel, 34 Cathcart st (See Advt.) 
TOOK Robert, rigger, 4 West Stewart st 
Took William, rigger, 2 Ropework st 
TORRANS William, labourer, 27 Ingleston st 
TOSH David, slater and slate and cement merchant, fitter 
of lightning conductors and chimney stalk repairer, 3, 
and 1 1 Brougham st. Ho. 1 9 Ardgowan st, west 
Tosh Thomas, sawyer, 4 Mount Pleasant st 
Tosh Mrs, 33 Ingleston st 

TOUGH Alexander & Son, hemp and wire rope manufac- 
turers, Clyde ropework, Drumfrochar road. Warehouse,, 
3 East breast 
Tough David (of H.M. Customs), 19 Newton st 
Tough William (of Alexander Tough & Son), 42 Mearns. 

Tough Mrs, 18 Bentinck st 
TOWN Hall, Municipal buildings 
TOWNEND Richard, engineer, 5 Roslin st 
TOWNLEY William, vanman, 23 Sir Michael st 
TRAILL James, carpenter, 10 Hay st 
TRAIN Lawrence, machinist, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Train Mrs, grocer, 38 Main st 
TRACEY James, moulder, 13 Belville st 
TRAVERS Thomas, railway porter, 17 Kelly st 
TREVTHEN Thomas, rigger, 1 Holmscroft st 
TREW Rev. John, B.A., incumbent of St. John's, 61 

Union st 
TRINITY U.P. Church, 31 Union st 
TROTTER John, engine-driver, 41 West Blackhall st 


2 35 

TUCKER David, hairdresser, 18 Arthur st. Ho. 24 Carts- 
burn st 

Tucker John, grocer and provision merchant, and East 
Parish Session Clerk, 7 John st. Ho. 29 Belville st 

Tucker Matthew, moulder, 17 John st 

Tucker William, moulder, 16 Serpentine walk 

Tucker Mrs, 41 West Blackhall st 

TULLOCH Robert, carpenter, 18 St. Lawrence st 

Tulloch Mrs, ladies' nurse, 24 Lyle st 

TULLY James, joiner, 6 Inverkip st 

TURLEY James, moulder, 38 Arthur st 

Turley John, tobacconist, 23 Main st 

TURNBULL Alexander J., C.E., master of works, burgh 
surveyor, Municipal buildings. Ho. 60 Forsyth st 

Turnbull & Sons, photographers, 37 Hamilton st. Ho. 
Foxlee, near Glasgow 

Turnbull Jonathan, carpenter, joiner, and blockmaker, 49 
Rue-end st. Ho. 10 Wellington st 

Turnbull, Martin & Co., steamship owners and shipbrokers, 
T2 Bogle st 

Turnbull William, carpenter, 1 5 Belville st 

Turnbull Miss, 34 South st 

TURNER Alfred, engraver, 24 East Crawford st 

Turner Andrew, painter, 2 Macdougall st 

Turner & Boyes, writers, 17 West Blackhall st and 69 St. 
Vincent st, Glasgow 

Turner Archibald T., telegraphist, 31 Dempster st 

Turner Donald, labourer, 36 West Burn st 

Turner Duncan, joiner, 20 Bruce st 

Turner Duncan, sailmaker, 25 Brymner st 

Turner James, gardener, 16 Bruce st 

Turner James William (of Turner & Boyes), writer and not- 
ary public, 17 West Blackhall st. Ho. 9 Fox st 

Turner John, carter, 54 St. Lawrence st 

Turner John, engineer, 56 St. Lawrence st 

Turner John, saddler, 1 Watt place. Ho. 5 7 Regent st 

Turner Samuel, boilermaker, 66 East Hamilton st 

Turner William, glazier, 76 Dempster st 

Turner Misses, ladies' school, 1 Armadale place. Ho. 14 
Ardgowan square 

Turner Mrs James, 32 Esplanade 

Turner Mrs John, 3 Shaw place 


Turner Mrs Robert, 17 Lyle st 

Turner Mrs, grocer, 8 Antigua st 

Turner Mrs, 14 Ardgowan square 

Turner Mrs, 13 Holmscroft st 

Turner Mrs James, 30 Kelly st 

TWEDDEL James (of Robert Cowan & Co.), Duncrag, 99 
Finnart st 

TWEDDLE John, labourer, 26 Trafalgar st 

TWEED DALE James, grocer and provision merchant, 68 
Vennel. Ho. 28 South st 

TWEEDLIE Robert, coppersmith, 49 Mearns st 

TWEEDLY William, gas inspector, 6 Mount Pleasant st 

TWIGG Edward, gunmaker, cutler, and fishing tackle 
maker, 33 Hamilton st. Ho. Richmond villa, 33 New- 
ton st. (See Advt.) 

TYRE Mrs Robert, 40 Holmscroft st 

TYTLER Matthew, glazier and glass merchant, 12 Laird st. 
Ho. 5 Kilblain st 


UNDERWOOD Arthur, teacher, 18 Wellington st 
UNION Bank of Scotland (Limited), 1 Hamilton st— F. G. 

Bruce, agent 
Union John, moulder, 22 Arthur st 
Union William, rivetter, 3 Crescent st 
UNITED Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew square 
United Presbyterian Church, 3 Union st 
United Presbyterian Church, Sir Michael st 
URIE Hugh, brassfinisher, 12 Lyle st 
Urie Hugh, coachman, 26 West Blackhall st 
Urie James, 18 East Crawford st 
Urie Robert, photographer and dealer in photographic 

material, Waverley buildings, 29 West Burn st. Ho. do. 
Urie Thomas, seaman, 7 Dempster st 
Urie William, blacksmith, 4 Cartsburn st 
URQUHART Robert, policeman, 2 Wemyss Bay st 
Urquhart Mrs William, 27 Lynedoch st 
Urquhart Mrs William B., 23 Kelly st 



VALE of Clyde Tramways Co. Office, 29 Brougham st 

VALLANCE Joseph, tailor, 20 Wellington st 

Variance William, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 

Vallance Miss Janet, greengrocer, 19 Regent st. Ho. do. 

VANHOEVE John, seaman, 26 Trafalgar st 

VANVASHAN Cornelius, steward, 41 Crawfurd st 

VASS Jessie, grocer, 6 Belville st 

VIAL John, joiner, no Dempster st 

VICTORIA Restaurant, 13 Hamilton st. (See Advt.) 

VINCENT A. G., clothier and outfitter, 1 West Breast 

Vincent John, seaman, 28 Dairy mple st 

VIRTUE Mrs Alexander, 42 Holmscroft st 

VIVIAN & Sons, copper smelters and yellow metal mer- 
chants, London and Swansea — John Jamieson, 2 Cath- 
cart st, agent 

Vivian H. H. & Co., brass and tube makers, Birmingham — 
John Jamieson, 2 Cathcart st, agent 


WADDEL James, joiner, 30 Lynedoch st 

Waddel William, slater, 1 7 Bearhope st 

WADDELL John, carter, 7 Prospecthill st 

Waddell John, contractor, "James Watt" dock, Garvel park,. 
56 East Hamilton st. Ho. Bedford park, Edinburgh 

W T addell John, engineer, 55 Drumfrochar road 

Waddell Miss, tobacconist, and Branch Post Office, 30 Cath- 
cart st. Ho. 7 Dempster st 

WADE John, coal merchant, 52 Inverkip st 

Wade Robert, labourer, 12 Baker st 

WALES James, seaman, 6 West Blackhall st 

Wales Miss, 8 St. Lawrence st 

WALKER Alexander, cooper, 40 East Crawford st 

Walker Alexander, drill instructor. 1st R.R.V., 32 Kelly st 

Walker Alexander, joiner, 6 Holmscroft st 

Walker Alexander (of J. cS: R. Young & Co.), Rosscairn, Kirn 

Walker Andrew & Co., coal merchants, 1 Regent st 

Walker Andrew (of A. Walker & Co.), n Nelson st, west 


Walker Archibald, carpenter, 25 Crescent st 

Walker Archibald, labourer, 3 Hill st 

Walker David, labourer, 5 Hill st 

Walker George, joiner, 29 Dempster st 

Walker Hugh, engineer, 2 Macdougall st 

Walker Hugh, engineer, 62 Roxburgh st 

Walker Hugh (of John Walker & Co.), Chaseley, 117 Eldon st 

Walker Hugh William (of John Walker & Co.), 37 Fox st 

Walker H. Richard (of John Walker & Co.), Chaseley, 117 

Eldon st 
Walker James, Inland Revenue, 36 South st 
Walker James, iron fitter, 19 Regent st 
Walker James, railway porter, 1 1 Regent st 
Walker James C, goods agent, G. & S.-W. Railway, Lynedoch 

station. Ho. 15 Dempster st 
Walker John & Co., sugar refiners, 3 Princes st 
Walker John, carting contractor, 10 Buccleuch st. Ho. 57 

Regent st 
Walker John (of John Walker & Co.), 6 Finnart terrace, 59 

Newton st 
Walker John G. (of D. M'Gregor & Co., opticians), Belmont, 

Walker John William (of John Walker & Co.), 75 Union st 
Walker Joseph S., labourer, 53 Drumfrochar road 
AValker Louson (of Welsh, Walker & Macpherson), Wes- 

thorpe, 44 Newark st 
Walker Robert, joiner, 5 Watt st 
Walker Robert, labourer, 19 Ingleston place 
Walker Robert, plumber and zinc worker, 32 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 27 Dempster st 
Walker Robert, vanman, 9 Bearhope st 
Walker Robert Stewart, solicitor, 28 Nicolson st. Ho. 81 

Brisbane st 
Walker Walter, coachman, Balclutha stables, Madeira st 
Walker W., chemist and druggist, 23 Rue-end st. Ho. 27 

Nelson st 
Walker William, engineer, 16 South st 
Walker William, engineer, 40 St. Lawrence st 
Walker William, flesher, 33 West Burn st. Ho. 27 Demp- 
ster st 
Walker Miss Maggie, head mistress, Belville Place School. 

Ho. 1 7 Octavia cottages 


Walker Miss, 8 George square 

Walker Misses, 59 Newton st 

Walker Mrs James, 44 Arthur st 

Walker Mrs, 61 Belville st. Ho. 57 Belville st 

Walker Mrs, 2 Ford place, Finnart st 

WALLACE & Connell, plumbers and brassfounders, 4 East 

Blackhall st 
Wallace Charles, blacksmith, 78 Belville st 
Wallace Charles, rigger, 5 York st 
Wallace David, moulder, 23 Ingleston st 
Wallace E. S. (of James M'Lellan & Co.), 99 Brisbane st 
Wallace George, labourer, 38 Nelson st, west 
Wallace James, compositor, 106 Dempster st 
Wallace James, salesman, 31 Trafalgar st 
Wallace James, sculptor, 29 Roxburgh st. Ho. 16 Hope st 
Wallace James, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., &c, physician and 

surgeon, 16 Union st 
Wallace James (of William Kelly & Co.), 30 Ardgowan st, 

Wallace James, rivetter, 19 Ingleston place 
Wallace James, shipmaster, 25 Newton st 
Wallace John, deep-sea and Trinity pilot, 30 South st 
Wallace Samuel, labourer, 5 Belville st 
Wallace William, moulder, 25 Crescent st 
Wallace William, painter, 6 Old Hillend 
Wallace William, spirit merchant, 1 Open shore. Ho. 15 

Lynedoch st 
Wallace Miss, provision merchant, 64 Vennel 
Wallace Mrs James, 30 Ardgowan st, west 
Wallace Mrs William, 24 Bank st 
Wallace Mrs, grocer, 1 7 Antigua st 
WALLOE & Co., ship chandlers and ship store merchants, 

21 Shaw st 
Walloe W. B. (of Walloe & Co.), 7 Mearns st 
WALLS John H., steward, 31 Dempster st 
Walls Thomas, traveller, 1 1 Lynedoch st 
WALSH Maurice; shipmaster, 37 West Blackhall st 
Walsh Robert, engineer, 26 East Hamilton st 
WALTON Utrick, of H.M. Customs, 63 Newton st 
WARD & Co., watchmakers, jewellers, and opticians, 16 

Hamilton st 
Ward James, labourer, ic Nile st 


Ward James, sailmaker, 8 Kilblain st 

Ward John, printer, 22 Pottery st 

Ward Richard, clerk, 15 Bentinck st 

WARDEN Andrew, watch and clockmaker, 45 Hamilton st 
Ho. 30 Newton st 

Warden James B., deep-sea pilot, 63 Octavia terrace 

Warden John, coal merchant, 28 Vennel. Ho. 35 West 
Burn st 

Warden John (of Hamilton & Adam), Roselea, 5 Finnart st 

Warden William, japanner, 21 Dempster st 

Warden Mrs M., 54 Brougham st 

WARDLE George, agent for North British Daily Mail and 
Glasgow Weekly Mail, 1 Bank st. Ho. 32 Brisbane st 

WARDROP David, M. A. (of Slater & W T ardrop), 1 2 Princes st 

WARK Mrs D., 9 East Crawford st 

WARNER Mrs, seamstress, 30 Inverkip st 

WARNOCK Andrew, engine driver, 7 East Crawford st 

Warnock William, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 

WARREN Thomas & Sons, Milton Glass. Works, Glasgow- 
Agents, Shennan & Campbell, 5 Crawfurd st 

WARRICK Richard, skinner, 4 Sinclair st 

WARWICK John, smith, 1 1 Lyle st 

WASSON Alexander, labourer, 1 Broomhill st 

WATERFORD Steamship Office, 9 Customhouse buildings, 
— Allan Swan, agent 

WATERSON C, Board of Trade Surveyor, 62 Union st 

Waterson John B., blacksmith, 16 Arthur st 

WATKINS William, engineer, 9 Hill st 

WATSON Alexander, painter, 20 South st 

Watson Alexander L., traveller, 52 Eldon st 

Watson Andrew, greengrocer, 8 Bruce st 

Watson Andrew, seaman, 8 Hay st 

Watson Daniel, joiner, 105 Belville st 

Watson Daniel, joiner, 5 Holmscroft st 

Watson Frederick, hairdresser and perfumer, 7 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 15 Laird st 

Watson George, draper, 13 Rue-end st. Ho. 2 Old Hillend 

Watson Hugh M'P., gasfitter and bellhanger, 12 Sugarhouse 
lane. Ho. 71 Nicolson st 

Watson James, 67 Octavia terrace 

Watson James, spirit merchant, 8 Inverkip st. Ho. 2 Princes 


Watson James, teacher, Crawfurdsburn School. Ho. 28 

M earns st 
Watson James F„ traveller, 2 George square 
Watson John, beltmaker, 3 Macdougall st 
Watson John, carpenter, 27 Nicolson st 
Watson John, engineer, 3 Regent st 
Watson John, 21 Trafalgar st 
Watson Matthew, hairdresser and perfumer, 2 Cathcart sq. 

Ho. 47 Trafalgar st 
Watson Robert, carpenter, 1 1 East Crawford st 
Watson Robert, labourer, 15 Sir Michael st 
Watson Thomas, 52 Eldon st 
Watson Thomas, sailmaker, 40 Nicolson st 
Watson Thomas C, printer, Newtondale buildings, 12 Annst 
Watson William, grocer, 5 Ann st. Ho. 17 Lyle st 
Watson William, labourer, 36 Crescent st 
Watson William, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 35 Nicolson 

st. Ho. 20 Brisbane st 
Watson Miss Helen, matron, Friendless Girls' Home, 24 

Mount Pleasant st 
Watson Mrs Alexander, 15 Lynedoch st 
Watson Mrs, baby linen and outfit warehouse, 14 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 19 Newton st 
Watson Mrs J., grocer, 4 Holmscroft st. Ho. 2 do. 
Watson Mrs N., 22 Bearhope st 
WATT Alexander, patternmaker, 97 Belville st 
Watt & Wilson, railway contractors, Garvel dock. Office, 

93 Hope st, Glasgow 
Watt Hugh, labourer, 1 Belville st 
Watt John, wine merchant, no Drumfrochar road. Ho. 37 

Bank st 
Watt Museum Institution, Kelly st 
Watt Neil, joiner, 56 St. Lawrence st 
Watt Robert, baker, 37 Holmscroft st 
Watt William, wine and spirit merchant, 47 Vennel. Ho. 

Gala lodge, 35 Ardgowan st, west 
Watt Miss, 43 Forsyth st 
Watt Mrs William, 73 Nicolson st 
WATTERS John S., dealer, 32 Vennel. Ho. 20 West 

Stewart st 
Watters Stewart, shipmaster, 99 Belville st 
Watters William, gatekeeper, 75 Regent st 


WATTERSTON Alexander, labourer, 58 Lynedoch st 
WAVERLEY Book Bazaar, 27 Brymner st. (See 

Waverley Temperance Hotel, 40 West Blackhall st. Mrs 

William M'Cartney, manager 
WAUN John O., assistant inspector of poor, 16 South st 
WEBB Wm., labourer, 8 Kilblain st 
WEBSTER Alexander, baker, 9 Argyle st 
Webster Andrew, policeman, 5 Brachelston st 
Webster Henry A, stockbroker, 11 William st 
Webster Peter, bank accountant, 38 Brisbane st 
Webster Miss Helen, greengrocer, 12 Kilblain st 
WEIR Alexander, weigher, 95 Roxburgh st 
Weir Allan, joiner, 63 Belville st 
Weir Allan, solicitor, 32 Nicolson st. Ho. Grafton terrace, 

19 Bentinck st 
Weir Donald, 3 Kelly st 
Weir Duncan, carpenter, 8 Trafalgar st 
Weir Duncan. 27 Mearns st 
Weir Hugh, flesher, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
Weir James, blacksmith, 2 Brougham st 
Weir James, smith, 8 Ardgowan st 
Weir James C., Harbour Trust weigher, 33 Roxburgh st 
Weir John, blacksmith, 55 Belville st 
Weir John (of Muir and Weir), 37 Kelly st 
Weir John, joiner, 2 Garvald st 

Weir J., joiner, 20 West Blackhall st. Ho. 38 West Stewart st 
Weir Robert, blacksmith, 25 Belville st 
Weir Thomas, grocer, 46 Holmscroft st. Ho. 24 Bruce st 
Weir Walter, wine and spirit merchant, 20 Sugarhouse lane. 

Ho. Mrs Fraser's, 31 Nicolson st 
Weir William, cooper, 1 1 Holmscroft st 
Weir William M. G., of Post Office, 10 Wellington st 
Weir Misses, furnishings and millinery, 19 Ann st. Ho. 27 

Mearns st 
AVeir Miss Janet H., dressmaker, 77 Regent st. Ho. 66 do. 
Weir Mrs Agnes, 13 West Stewart st 
Weir Mrs E., lodgings, 75 Regent st 
Weir Mrs John, 44 Ann st 
Weir Mrs, 29 Lyle st 

WELL Park Apothecaries' Hall, 9 Lynedoch st 
Well Park Free Church, 3 Lynedoch st 

D1RFXT0RY. 243 

Well Park Parish Church, Regent st 

Well Park Promenade. Entrances — Regent st, Bank st, Sir 
John's brae, and Lynedoch st 

WELLBURN Mrs, grocer, 7 1 Roxburgh st 

WELLINGTON Park Pleasure Grounds. Entrance— Drum- 
frochar road 

WELSH John, blacksmith, 27 Lynedoch st 

Welsh John, rivetter, 4 Garvald st 

W T elsh Patrick, labourer, 3 Crescent st 

Welsh Robert, joiner, 13 Lyle st 

Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, accountants, house factors, 
and insurance agents, 33 Cathcart st 

Welsh William, boarding-house keeper, 1 West breast 

Welsh William, vanman, 5 Watt st 

Welsh Mrs, 66 Ann st 

WESLEYAN Methodist Chapel, 4 Ardgowan st, west 

WEST Joseph, clerk, 5 1 Holmscroft st 

West Miss, 7 Ardgowan st, west 

West Burn Baking Co., 1% Kilblain st, 34 Vennel, 20 Lyne- 
doch st, 20 Cartsburn st, and 81 Belville st 

West-End Baths Company (Limited), 5 Campbell st 

West Free Church, 1 1 Ardgowan st, west 

West Parish Church, Nelson st, west 

WESTPHAL Catherine, tobacconist, 29 Regent st. Ho. do. 

WESTON Thomas, blacksmith, 42 Roxburgh st 

WHEAT Sheaf Hotel, 6 Church place 

WHITE & Ferguson, china warehouse, 42 Ann st. Ho. do. 

White Archibald, confectioner, 20 Inverkip st 

White Hart Hotel, 50 Cathcart st. (See Advt.) 

White Hugh, tailor, 66 Ann st 

White James, grocer, 70 Ann st 

White John, labourer, 104 Drumfrochar road 

White James, labourer, 5 1 Holmscroft st 

White Thomas, carpenter, 3 Regent st 

White Thomas, engineer, 2 1 Ingleston st 

White William, brassfounder, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 34 
Roxburgh st. Ho. 28 Trafalgar st 

White Mrs Janet, 24 Lyle st 

WHITEFORD James, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., consulting rooms, 
29 Hamilton st. Ho. 6 Forsyth st 

Whiteford James, joiner, 41 West Blackhall st 

Whiteford John, gardener, 7 Watt st 


Whiteford Robert, bandmaster, ist R. & D. Artillery Volun- 
teers, 67 Nicolson st 
Whiteford William, joiner, 93 Roxburgh st 
Whiteford William, woodturner, 1 1 Regent st 
WHITELAW Adam, smith, 22 Lyle st 
Whitelaw Alexander & Co., brickbuilders, contractors, and 

brickmakers, 76 Drumfrochar road. Works, Dargavel r 

Whitelaw Hugh N. (at D. J. Dunlop & Co.'s), 55 Ardgowan 

st, Port-Glasgow road 
Whitelaw Robert (of R. & R. Whitelaw), 17 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Whitelaw Robert, jun. (of R. & R. Whitelaw), 13 Ardgowan 

Whitelaw R. & R., coal merchants, Albert Harbour depot, 2 

Patrick st 
Whitelaw Thomas, coppersmith, 24 Wellington st 
Whitelaw Thomas, shoemaker, 65 Regent st 
Whitelaw Miss, 49 Mearns st 

WHITESIDE Alexander, pointsman, 70 Roxburgh st 
WHITSON Robert, brassfinisher, 40 Lynedoch st 
WHYTE Allan, seaman, 64 Wellington st 
Whyte & Ross, tinsmiths and gasfitters, 17 Brymner st 
Whyte Archibald, engine-driver, 23 Lynedoch st 
Whyte Archibald, H.M. Customs, 31 Trafalgar st 
Whyte George, machinery and iron merchant, 13 John st. 

Ho. 25 Regent st. (See Advt.) 
Whyte James & Co., sailmakers, 2 Virginia st 
Whyte James (of James Whyte & Co.), 22 Bank st 
Whyte John, painter, 10 Hay st 
Whyte Thomas (of Whyte & Ross), 14 Wellington st 
Whyte Thomson, engineer, 36 Lynedoch st 
Whyte Walter, engineer, 6 Grey place 
Whyte William, yachtsman, 50 Crawfurd st 
Whyte & Martin, milliners, 41 West Burn st 
Whyte Mrs, 21 Antigua st 
WIGHT George, engine-driver, 7 Carwood st 
WILD William, patternmaker, 49 Mearns st 
W 7 ild Mrs, 58 Lynedoch st 
WILKIE Alexander, carpenter, 8 Bruce st 
Wilkie Alexander, smith, 5 1 Kelly st 
Wilkie Angus, brickbuilder, 68 Roxburgh st 


Wilkie Archibald, boilermaker, 29 Crescent st 

Wilkie Donald, shipmaster, 2 Robertson st 

Wilkie James, mason, 64 Kelly st 

Wilkie Mrs John, 14 William st 

WILKIN Mrs, 8 Bruce st 

WILKINSON Robert, iron plater, 10 Baker st 

Wilkinson Miss, dressmaker, 13 Nelson st 

Wilkinson Mrs Samuel, 7 East Crawford st 

WILKISON Robert J., labourer, 30 Ingleston st 

WILLCOCKS Henry, labourer, 19 Ingleston place 

WILLIAMS Alfred, pawnbroker, 15 William st. Ho. 7 

Williams William, seaman, 5 Shaw st 

Williams Mrs R., 22 John st 

WILLIAMSON Alexander, carpenter, 14 Terrace road 

Williamson Anderson, mercantile clerk, 2 Finnart st 

Williamson & Gray, joiners and builders, 5 1 Vennel 

Williamson Daniel (of Williamson & Gray), 5 Trafalgar st 

Williamson George, engineer, 28 East Hamilton st 

Williamson George, writer and notary public, and clerk 
to Burgh School Board, 2 Bank st. Ho. 37 New- 
ton st 

Williamson George, writer, secretary to Greenock Infirmary, 
2 Bank st. Ho. 37 Newton st 

Williamson George, jun , sugar broker, 33 Cathcart st. Ho. 
37 Newton st 

Williamson James, grocer, and branch Post Office, 40 Nelson 
st. Ho. 4 South st 

Williamson James, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 13 Hamil- 
ton st 

"Williamson James, quay foreman, Caledonian Railway, Cus- 
tomhouse quay. Ho. 48 Ann st 

Williamson James, steamship owner, 53 Waterloo st, Glas- 
gow. Ho. 1 1 Bentinck st 

Williamson James, warehouseman, 44 Lynedoch st 

Williamson John, gardener, 64 Holmscroft st 

Williamson John, optician, 31 Roxburgh st 

Williamson John, teacher, the Glebe Public School. Ho. 
54 Brougham st 

Williamson Peter, traveller, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

Williamson Robert, smith, 59 Belville st 

Williamson Robert, tailor, 22 Bearhope st 


Williamson Thomas, carpenter, 29 Dempster st 

Williamson William, labourer, 19 Prospecthill st 

Williamson William, river pilot, 9 Kelly st 

Williamson William, skinner, 20 Pottery st 

Williamson William, seaman, 23 Hamilton st 

Williamson Mrs Sarah, broker, 52 Shaw st. Ho. 1 William 

Williamson Mrs George, 35 Lynedoch st 
Williamson Mrs John, dressmaker, 14 Brisbane st 
Williamson Mrs, furnishings, 66 Roxburgh st 
Williamson Mrs, 2 Watt place 
WILLS Peter, dyer, 62 Ann st 

WILSON Alexander, boilermaker, 66 East Hamilton st 
Wilson Alexander, butcher, 40 Nelson st. Ho. 78 Holms- 
croft st 
Wilson Alexander, mason, 85 Wellington st 
Wilson Alexander, pharmaceutical student, 40 Cathcart St.. 

Ho. 1 Union st 
Wilson Alexander M. (of A. & J. Wilson), 2 Shaw place 
Wilson Andrew, boilermaker, 70 Wellington st 
Wilson Andrew S., hairdresser, 15 Brymner st 
Wilson Archibald, cooper, 114 Drumfrochar road 
Wilson A. & J., furnishing ironmongers and ship chandlers., 

65 Rue-end st 
Wilson Daniel, shipmaster, 10 South st 
Wilson David, blacksmith, 84 Belville st 
Wilson David, engineer, 24 Bruce st 
Wilson David, farmer, High Cornhaddock 
Wilson David, joiner, 1 2 Serpentine walk 
Wilson David, plasterer, 17 West Blackhall st 
Wilson David, boilermaker, 1 Ratho st 
Wilson David, smith, 15 Belville st 
Wilson David, traveller, 6 Kelly st 
Wilson Donald, gas inspector, 35 Lyle st 
Wilson Edward, drysalter and produce merchant, 25 Charles - . 

st. Ho. Woodthorpe, 21 Esplanade 
Wilson George, cooper, 11 Nicolson st 
Wilson George, dispensing chemist, 40 Cathcart st. Ho. ■ 

Union st 
Wilson Hugh, agent for the "Scotsman," 5 Palmerstom 

Wilson Hugh, joiner, 31 Dempster st 


Wilson James, civil engineer and superintendent of Water 

Works. Office, Municipal buildings. Ho. Overton 

Wilson James (of A. & J. Wilson), 29 Mearns st 
Wilson James, labourer, 34 Crescent st 
Wilson James D., gamekeeper, Murdieston cottage 
Wilson John, baker, 14 Ann st. Ho. do. 
Wilson John, coalmaster, 5 Chapel st, Greenock, and 69 

Great Clyde st, Glasgow 
Wilson John, draper and clothier, 36 Charles st. Ho. 34 

South st 
Wilson John, grocer, 31 Cathcart st. Ho. 32 Crescent st 
Wilson John, joiner, 3 Brachelston st 
Wilson John, jun., baker, 52 Regent st 
Wilson John, salesman, 87 Dempster st 
Wilson John, school-master, Shaw Street Public school. Ho. 

53 Brisbane st 
Wilson John, storekeeper, 8 Bogle st. Ho. Glen cottage, 

18 Bedford st 
Wilson John S., joiner, 26 Bruce st 
Wilson John T., hatter and hosier, 10 West Blackhall st. 

(See Advt.) 
Wilson Joseph R., architect and measurer, 15 Roxburgh 

Wilson Michael, coal merchant, 29 West Burn st. Ho. 78 

Holmscroft st 
Wilson Michael (of Wilson & Co.), 17 South st 
Wilson M. (of Greenock Mineral Water Co.), 19 South st 
Wilson Peter, blacksmith, 31 East Crawford st 
Wilson Peter, labourer, 73 Ann st 
Wilson Richard, cooper, 108 Drumfrochar road 
Wilson Robert, engineer, 32 Crescent st 
Wilson Robert, grocer, 25 Belville st. Ho. do. 
Wilson Robert, headmaster, Highlanders' Academy, Rox- 
burgh st. Ho. 9 Wellington st 
Wilson Robert, tailor, 26 Ann st 
Wilson Thomas, baker, 64 Holmscroft st 
Wilson Thomas, boilermaker, 22 St. Lawrence st 
Wilson Thomas, coachman, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
Wilson Thomas, cooper, 2 Crawford lane 
Wilson Thomas, mason, 85 Wellington st 
Wilson Thomas, smith, 6 Carnock st 


Wilson Thomas, writer, and secretary to the Greenock Har- 
bour Trust and Clyde Pilot Board, 18 Hamilton st. 
Ho. 44 Finnart st 

Wilson Walter, eating-house, 19 Tobago st 

Wilson William, baker, 27 Rue-end st. Ho- 2 St. Andrew st 

Wilson William, carter, 43 Nicolson st 

Wilson William, cartwright, 19 Wellington st 

Wilson William, joiner, 9 East Crawford st 

Wilson Rev. William, minister of Wellpark Parish Church. 
Ho. 27 Finnart st 

Wilson William A., M.D., CM., physician and surgeon, 
Thorncliffe, 54 Brisbane st 

Wilson & Co., engineers and millwrights, 5 Ann st 

Wilson Maria, flesher, 33 Ann st 

Wilson Miss, confectioner, 8 Grey place. Ho. 15 Jamaica 

Wilson Miss, 3 George square 

Wilson Mrs Alexander, 28 Bruce st 

Wilson Mrs Andrew, 42 Regent st 

Wilson Mrs E., 10 Baker st 

Wilson Mrs Henry, 37 West Stewart st 

Wilson Mrs James, 78 Holmscroft st 

Wilson Mrs J. G., furnishing shop, 46 East Hamilton st 

Wilson Mrs John, 20 Brisbane st 

Wilson Mrs Robert, 22 Trafalgar st 

Wilson Mrs S., 35 Regent st 

Wilson Mrs William, 3 Lauriston st 

Wilson Mrs, 12 Bruce st 

Wilson Mrs, 6 Lauriston st 

Wilson Mrs, 2 Murdieston st 

Wilson Mrs, 34 South st 

WINDEBANK George, labourer, 21 Ingleston st 

WINGATE & Co., boot and shoemakers, 29 West Burn st. 
Ho. 12 Wellington st 

Wingate Gabriel, engineer, t6 Crescent st 

VVingate John, labourer, 61 Ann st 

WINK J. & Co., upholsterers, furniture and carpet ware- 
housemen, 3 West Blackhall st 

Wink John (of J. Wink & Co.), 19 Nelson st, west 

WINTON Mrs* Robert, 13 Brisbane st 

WISH ART Thomas, hairdresser, 2 Cross-shore st and 13 
East breast. Ho. 1 Bank st 


Wishart W. L., clubmaster, West-End Baths, 5 Campbell st 
Wishart Miss, huckster, 18 Sir Michael st 
WOHLGEMUTH John, seaman, 68 Inverkip st 
WOLSEY William Edward (of H.M. Customs), 25 Robert- 
son st 
WOLTMAN Matthew, sugar boiler, 31 Ingleston st 
WOOD Allan, cooper, 22 Trafalgar st 
Wood Alexander, contractor, Bogston 
Wood James & William, coalmasters, 14 Brougham st and 

Arthur st station coal depot, Caledonian railway 
Wood James, fireman, 1 1 Watt st 
Wood James (of J. & W. Wood), Bathville, Bathgate, and 

Cavers bank, Paisley 
Wood Joseph, coal merchant, Upper Greenock goods depot, 

Ho. 9 Dempster st 
Wood Robert, agent and correspondent for Glasgow Daily 

and Weekly Herald and Evening Times, 29 Cathcart st. 

Ho. Gladstone place, 35 Brisbane st 
Wood Robert C, ship's husband, 26 Brisbane st 
Wood Thomas, sculpture and monumental works, Cemetery 

gate, 6 South st. Ho. 16 Robertson st 
W T ood William, blacksmith, 30 Lynedoch st 
Wood William, caulker, 62 Regent st 
Wood William (of J. & W. Wood), Ardgowan, Kilmalcolm 
Wood William, smith and cartwright, 11 Chapel stand 14 

Bogle st. Ho. 9 Lyle st 
Wood William, 24 Ann st 
Wood Miss, 10 Antigua st 
Wood Mrs Thomas, 16 Robertson st 
Wood Mrs William, 9 East Shaw st 
Wood Mrs, 23 Ingleston st 

WOODROW John, engine-driver, 71 Wellington st 
WOODWARD George, joiner, 104 Dempster st 
WOOLER James, engineer, 65 Nicolson st 
WOOLLEY Samuel S., professor of music, 11 Brisbane st 
WORREL Mrs, lodgings, 15 Laird st 
WOTHERSPOON Alexander C, hatter, &c, 58 Rue-end 

Wotherspoon John, consulting engineer, 30 East Crawford st 
Wotherspoon Mrs, fishmonger, 41 Hamilton st. Ho. 35 

West Blackhall st 
WRAY Mrs, 43 Lynedoch st 


WREDE & Co., sugar brokers and commission merchants,, 

32 Cathcart st 
Wrede F. L., South Hill, 20 East Crawford st 
Wrede John C. (of Wrede & Co.), South Hill, 20 East Craw- 
ford st 
WRIGHT Alexander, gas meter maker, 5 Newton st 
Wright Alexander, lessee and manager, Theatre Royal. Ho„ 

Sidney place, 14 Eldon st 
Wright David, mechanic, 61 Ann st 
Wright Joseph, fish merchant, 14 Bogle st 
Wright Matthew, labourer, 81 Dempster st 
Wright Peter & Son, slaters, slate and cement merchants,. 

17 Salmon st and 48 Inverkip st. Ho. Commonhead 

house, Ravenscraig 
Wright Robert, boilermaker, 77 Regent st 
Wright Robert, engineer, 7 Prospecthill st 
Wright Robert, tailor and clothier, 34 West Blackhall st. Ho.. 

26 do. (See Advt.) 
Wright Robert, writer and notary public, 2 Watt place. Ho~ 

75 Union st 
Wright Sutherland, brassfinisher, 16 Arthur st 
Wright Thomas, carter, 13 Ingleston st 
Wright Thomas, mason, 84 Roxburgh st 
Wright Walton, dyer and cleaner, 1 Kelly st. Ho. do. 
Wright William, engineer, 9 John st 
Wright Mrs Daniel, lodgings, 7 Lynedoch st 
Wright Mrs John, 16 Arthur st 

Wright Mrs, tobacconist, 3 Prospecthill st. Ho. 7 do. 
Wright Mrs, 35 Brisbane st 
Wright Mrs, 75 Union st 

WYLIE Alexander, engineer, 20 Wellington st 
Wylie Alexander, engine-driver, 32 Kelly st 
Wylie Allan C, engraver, brassfinisher, and stamp cutter, 15; 

Cathcart st. Ho. 13 Antigua st 
Wylie Hugh, railway porter, 32 West Blackhall st 
Wylie James, carpenter, 6 Ingleston st 
Wylie James, engineer, 84 Belville st 
Wylie James, grocer, 86 Belville st. Ho. 84 do. 
Wylie Samuel, carpenter, 4 John st 
Wylie Mrs John, 5 1 Kelly st 

WYLLIE James, bookkeeper, 62 Drumfrochar road 
Wyllie James, timekeeper, 9 Serpentine walk 


Wyllie Joseph, boilermaker, 24 St. Lawrence st 

Wyllie Mrs, confectioner, 18 Arthur st 

WYSE Alexander, confectioner, 29 Hamilton st. Ho. do. 

Wyse Alexander, joiner, 1 5 Lauriston st 

YEATS George, cutler, 50 Rue-end st 

Yeats John R. & Co., tobacco manufacturers and cigar 
importers, 16 Cathcart st. Ho. 20 do. 

YEO Mrs D. D., 26 Brisbane st 

YORK Henry, collector, 15 Main st 

York William & James, contractors, 2 1 Palmerston buildings 

YORSTON Mrs, spirit dealer, 81 Roxburgh st 

YOUNG Andrew, teacher, 9 Ann st. Ho. 3 1 Regent st 

Young Archibald, joiner and glazier, 23 Ann st. Ho. 53 
Kelly st 

Young Brothers, shipbrokers, Palmerston buildings. Ho. 

Young David, inspector of weights and measures, and inspec- 
tor under the sale of " Food and Drugs Act," 3 Jamaica 
st. Ho. 29 Patrick st 

Young David (of Morton & Young), 2 Wellington st 

Young Hamilton, engine-driver, 52 West Blackhall st 

Young Hugh M., commission agent, 17 Brisbane st 

Young James, shipmaster, 21 Newton st 

Young John, insurance agent, 69 Regent st 

Young John, joiner, 40 Lynedoch st 

Young John, watchmaker, 1 Ratho st 

Young J. & J., bakers, 42 Lynedoch st. Ho. do. 

Young J. & R., shipbrokers, 32 Cathcart st 

Young J. S., engineer, 7 Ratho st 

Young J. S. (of W. B. Salmon & Young), 31 Esplanade 

Young Rev. John, minister of Trinity U.P. Church. Ho. 
32 Forsyth st 

Young Robert, joiner, 4 Garvald st 

Young Robert, skinner, 24 Lyle st 

Young Robert, salesman, 70 Wellington st 

Young Thomas, sailmaker, 9 Cathcart st 

Young Thomas, sawyer, 16 Antigua st 

Young Thomas, slater, 38 Crawfurd st 


Young William, merchant, 3 Mearns st 

Young William, 1 2 Regent st 

Young William, 35 Lynedoch st 

Young Janet, milliner and straw hatter, 1 5 Nelson st, west 

Young Miss Agnes, grocer, 25 John st 

Young Mrs J., 8 Trafalgar st 

YOUNGER John, ropespinner, 3 Holmscroft st 

Younger Robert L., clerk, 28 Mount Pleasant st 

Younger William & Co., brewers, Edinburgh. 

Agents, John Baird & Co., 146 West Regent 

st, Glasgow. (See Advt.) 
Younger William & Co., brewers, Edinburgh. 

Agents for Greenock and District — Shennan 

& Campbell, 5 Crawfurd st 
YUILL Walter, teacher, School of Art, Town Hall. Ho. 

29 Regent st 
Yuill Mrs, 13 Newton st 


graesffrtishers, (iasfftters, JJcIlhangere, &c, 

Gasaliers, Lobby Pendants, Shadowless Sunlights, Brackets, Globes, 

&c, &c, in Great Variety and Design. 

Estimates given for Town and Country. 

All Orders entrusted to us will receive Personal and Prompt Attention. 

Orders received at Logan's Bazaars, 16 Lynedoch St. and *jq Roxburgh St. 

Successor to JAMES FLEMING, 

Optician & IRauttcal 3nstrument fIDafter, 



(Classified and arranged Alphabetically.) 


Alexander John, Post Office buildings 

Banks & Miller, 45 Hamilton st 

Blair William, 6 West Blackhall st 

Bone & Buchanan, 2 Bank st 

Campbell Dugald, 49 Cathcart st 

Forrest John, 26 Crawfurd st 

Hardie William (C.A., Edin.), 2 Watt place 

Henderson Thomas, 14 Cathcart st 

Kerr David, 27 West burn st 

Macdonald Daniel, 9 Eldon st 

Mactavish L., T7 Hamilton st 

Millar James, 18 West Burn st 

Milne James, jun., 5 Kelly st 

Morrison John, 29 West Burn st 

Neil James, 3 Bank st 

Neill & Anderson, 26 Hamilton st 

Nicol James, -$■$ Cathcart st 

Paul John, 14 Cathcart st 

Ramsay Hope Stewart, Municipal Buildings, Hamilton st 

Simpson D. M. & J., 38 Nicolson st 

Thomson Colin, 2 Robertson st 

Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 33 Cathcart st 

^Erated Water Manufacturers. 

Greenock & Belfast Crated Water Company, 14 Nicolson st 
Greenock Apothecaries' Company, 28 Hamilton st 
Greenock Mineral Water Company, Waverley lane 

254 trades' directory. 

M 'Bride Joseph, 61 Nicolson st 
M'Diarmid Finlay & Co., 3 Brougham st 
Mill Robert, Dock lane 
Smith James, 32 Sugarhouse lane 


Boston John, 11 William st 
Grant Patrick, 10 Kelly st 
Kennedy Thomas, 2 George square 
Kerr Andrew, Mansionhouse 
Macilwraith William, jun., 17 Hamilton st 
Strachan George, 1 Hope st 
Wilson Joseph R., 15 Roxburgh st 

Auctioneers and Appraisers. 

Bowman James, 26 West Blackhall st 
■Cameron John & Son, 12 Sugarhouse lane 
Gook Robert, 33 Market st 

Bag Merchants. 

Bannigan Dennis, 20 Roxburgh st 
Duncan & Co., 19^ Cartsburn st 
Muir & Weir, 4 Mansionhouse lane 


Bell John, 3 West Blackhall st 

Bowman Alexander & Son, 15 West Blackhall st 

Brown John, 45 Hamilton st and 1 1 Union st 

Buntain John, 5 Arthur st 

Campbell John, 87 Roxburgh st and 24 Union st 

Clark Archibald, 37 Ann st 

Crawford James, 62 Roxburgh st 

Cunningham John, 50 Holmscroft st 

Cunningham Robert, 40 Nelson st, west 


Drummond John, 65 Main st 

•Galbreath John, jun., 41 West Blackhall st 

Henry Charles, 22 Ann st 

Hutton Thomas, 3 Hamilton st 

Kirkwood Alexander, 78 Roxburgh st 

Logan Alexander, 27 Market st 

M'Cormick John, Palmerston buildings and 9 Brisbane st 

M'Dougall Duncan, 5 Hamilton st 

Mackay Thomas, jun., 21 West Blackhall st 

Mackenzie & Walker, 63 Rue-end st 

M'Neilage John, 17 Antigua st 

Millar John, 31 Hamilton st and 12 Ann st 

Moffat Robert, 18 Lynedoch st 

Muir Allan, 8 West Blackhall st 

Muir Robert, 12 Cathcart st 

Muirhead Alexander, 95- Roxburgh st 

Paterson Thomas & Son, 19 Hamilton st 

Reid Andrew, 18 Cathcart st 

Robinson Archibald M'C, 33 Ann st 

Scott Alexander, 1 Prospecthill st 

Scott John, 55 Vennel 

Service John, Regent Street Baking Factory 

Sinclair Malcolm, 28 Lynedoch st 

West Burn Baking Co., ij Kilblain st, 20 Cartsburn st, 20 

Lynedoch st, 81 Belville st, and 34 Vennel 
Wilson John, 14 Ann st 
Wilson William, 27 Rue-end st 
Young J. Sz ]., 42 Lynedoch st 

Basket Maker. 
Docker Edward, 26 St. Lawrence st 

Basket and Toy Warehouse Keepers. 

Campbell Mrs N., 20 Charles st 

Ferguson John B., 27 Charles st 

Gardiner Mrs Archibald, 16 West Blackhall st 

Gardner Mrs, 9 Brisbane st 

Gracey Samuel, 26 West Blackhall st 

256 trades' directory. 

Herbert Robert W., 7 Grey place 

Kennedy James, 49 Rue-end st 

Kerr Hugh, 10 West Blackhall st and 24 Lynedoch st 

Logan Francis, 16 Lynedoch st and 79 Roxburgh st 

Scott Miss Bethia, 85 ^ Belville st 

Thomson George, 5 Union st 

Thomson Robert, 27 Hamilton st 

Bedding Manufacturers. 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 12 West Blackhall st and 21 Cath- 

cart st 
Kidd Brothers, 6 Grey place 
Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart square 
Shaw W. & J., 13 Hamilton st 
Wink J. & Co., 3 West Blackhall st 


Burns Alexander, 10 William st 
Downie & Co., 33 Hamilton st 
Gill John & Son, 46 Cathcart st 
M'Lachlan John, 1 1 Hamilton st 


Brough John, 4 Chapel st 

Campbell John, sen., 8 Ropework st 

Chalmers Alexander, 14 Crawfurd st 

Chisholm James, 15 Cathcart st 

Cook D. & A., 4 Charles st 

Connie John, 31 Hamilton st 

Dewar & Co., 26 Charles st and 11 Sugarhouse lane 

Findlay John, 39 Cathcart st and 34 Roxburgh st 

Hall Joshua, 39 Nicolson st 

Hendry Duncan, 7 Shaw st and Garvel dock 

Lamont James, 7 St. Andrew st 

M'Farlane Arthur, 52 Inverkip st 

MTntyre Donald, 13 Duncan st and 22 Bearhope st 


Mackay & Buchanan, 6 East Stewart st 

M'Lean Ronald, 8 Baker st 

M 'Vicar William, 7 East Stewart st 

Mills Robert, 5 Dock Breast and Garvel dock 

Morton & Kidd, 24 Hamilton st 

Noble Thomas, 4 East Blackhall st 

Park John, 28 Roxburgh st aid 12 Trafalgar st 

Reid Archibald, 5 Virginia st 

Robinson A. & Co., 40 Vennel 

Rodger John, 16 William st 

Sinclair Angus & Co., 21 Cathcart st 

Smith James, 7 Duncan st 

Smith Thomas, 5 Dock lane and 18 Shaw st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 

Stewart Robert, 7 West Blackhall st 

Templeton Robert, Salmon st 

Thomson John, 2 West Burn st 

Wood William, 1 1 Chapel st 


Crawford & Hope, 16 Bogle st 

Foster Robert P., 32 Main st s 
— ==s Klause William, 3 Dellingburn st 

Lambie J. M. & R., 3 Ratho st 

Lyon Malcolm, 3 Dellingburn st 
- M'Gregor N. & R., 11 Virginia st 
— Orr Hugh, 10 Laird st 

Orr Thomas, sen., 5 St. Andrew st 

Orr Thomas, jun., 2 East Blackhall st 


Kinloch John, 49 Cathcart st 

M'Kelvie James & Sons, 34 Hamilton st and 17 Charles st 

Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end st 

Smith James, 14 Kilblain st 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Baird Robert A., 45 Cathcart st 
Black James W., 1 7 West Blackhall st 

258 trades' directory. 

Boyd James, 1 Ann st 

Campbell Alexander & Son, 9 Hamilton st 

Chalmers Miss M., 73 Nicolson st 

Flockhart Mrs John, 8 West Blackhall st 

Foulds Mrs, 30 Cathcart st 

Fulton & Co., 3 Hamilton st 

Griffiths Jane, 26 West Blackhall st 

Hendry U. S. & Son, 35 Cathcart st 

Hendry Miss Mary, 18 Cartsburn st 

Hunter Misses J. & M., 14 Cathcart st 

Innes William, 40 Hamilton st 

Johnston William, 46 Hamilton st 

Kincaid James L., 26 Brymner st 

Kinloch John, 49 Cathcart st 

Laing Margaret, 17 Rue-end st 

Law Archibald, 7 Grey place 

Logan Francis, 16 Lynedoch st and 79 Roxburgh st 

MacDonald Frank, 9 Brisbane st 

M'Gregor D. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

Macintyre Charles J., 3 Brougham st 

M'Kelvie James & Sons, 34 Hamilton st 

M'Kenzie Mrs, 66 Vennel 

Mathieson Peter, 31 Cathcart st 

Montague George, 7 Cross-shore st 

Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end st 

Niven G. W., 27 Brymner st 

Stewart Robert, 32 Hamilton st 

Taylor James, 1 Lauriston st 

Boot and Shoemakers. 

Andrew David, 32 Lynedoch st 
Armour Matthew, 20 Nicolson st 
Blair Thomas, 30 West Burn st 
Borland Alexander, 8 William st 
Brock J. C. & Co., 22 Hamilton st 
British Boot Making Co., 42 West Burn st 
Bryson William, 18 Tobago st 
Campbell Robert, 28 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Robert, 31 East Crawford st 

trades' directory. 259 

Cullen William, 85 Roxburgh st 

Crawford Gavin & Son, 9 West Blackhall st 

Denham Robert, 25 Hamilton st 

Dick R. & J., 22 Cathcart st 

Dunbar James, 29 Sugarhouse lane 

Edgar John, 32 East Shaw st 

Ellis James, 44 Brymner st 

Ferguson Daniel, 67 Rue-end st 

Fisher John, 70 Roxburgh st 

Gallacher William, 5 Union st 

Gordon Alexander, 20 Ann st 

Goudie James, 68 Eldon st 

Gray John & Co., 16 Hamilton st 

Gray T. A., 67 Rue-end st 

Greves Alexander, 40 West Burn st 

Haig James, 34 West Burn st 

Hargan James, 23 West Blackhall st 

Henderson Alexander, 24 Sir Michael st 

Hill Archibald, 85 Roxburgh st 

Hill William J., 8 Cathcart st 

Jamieson Thomas, 43 Ann st 

Kennedy Alexander, 43 Cathcart st 

Kirkpatrick Jonathan, 14 William st 

Lang James, 20 Tobago st 

M 'Anally Henry, 82 Belville st 

M 'Anally Mrs M., 21 Hamilton st 

M'Creadie John, 49 Cathcart st 

M 'Donald Mrs Mary, 27 Regent st 

M'Dougall Duncan, 34 Ann st 

M'Elwee James, 3 Kilblain st 

M'Fadyen Archibald, 21 John st 

M'Garrity Charles, 9 Newton st 

M'Garrity James, 39 Nicolson st 

M'Garrity Robert, 24 Union st 

M 'George James, 58 Rue-end st 

M'Gonagle Patrick, 65 Nicolson st 

M'Kay Charles, 59 Vennel 

JVl'Lean Neil, 3 Inverkip st 

M'Neilage Alexander, 41 Ann st 

M'Parland James, 52 Ann st 

JVI'Pherson John, 9 Mearns st 

Marshall John, 9 Brisbane st 

260 trades' directory. 

Maybole Shoe Warehouse, 16 Hamilton st 

Paterson A. & W., 41 Hamilton st 

Paterson Charles, 31 Cathcart st 

Patrick Adam & Son, 6 West Blackhall st 

Percy Colin M., 38 Hamilton st 

Purdie P. & G., 37 Hamilton st 

Ramsay & Gray, 4 Manse lane 

Shankland Thomas, 30 West Blackhall st 

Shenton William, 33 Rue-end st, 40 West Blackhall st, 24 

Ann st, and 42 West Burn st 
Smith John, 29 Hamilton st 
Smith John, 10 William st 
Steen Mrs, 1 1 Cathcart st 
Stevenson Allan B., 3 Grey place 
Telfer J. & J., 38 Hamilton st 
Wingate & Co., 29 West Burn st 


Adam William & Co., 2 and 3 Dock breast 

Barr & Co., Orchard st and Ingleston st 

Carson Henry, 26 Crawfurd st 

Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end st 

Duncan & Sharp, Ladyburn 

Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 

Findlay John, 39 Cathcart st and 34 Roxburgh st 

Foulds Matthew, 2 East India breast 

Logan Francis & Sons, 21 Nicolson st 

M'Ewing Dugald, 3 Springkell st 

M'Jannet John, 62 Inverkip st 

Maitland James, 56 Lynedoch st 

Montgomery Robert, 9 Stanners st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 

Wallace & Connell, 4 East Blackhall st 

White William, 34 Roxburgh st 

Armitage & Co., 8 Captain st 

trades' directory. 261 


Baxter Mrs Archibald, 22 Market st 

Bradley Anthony, 58 Vennel 

Carrigan George, 6 Smith's lane and 12 Market st 

Colligan Patrick, 22 Shaw st 

Crowly William, 1 7 Cartsburn st 

Docherty Michael, 44 Vennel 

Douglas David, 2 Vennel 

-Gisby William, 5 Market st 

Gordon Benjamin, 16 Dalrymple st 

Gorman James, 6 Vennel 

Hacket Peter, 25 Market st 

Kean Mrs Francis, 33 Dalrymple st 

Lafferty Philip, 8 Smith's lane 

Loughran William, 3 Lindsay's lane 

M'Callum James, 1 Rue-end st 

M 'Go wan Alexander, 46 Shaw st 

M'Guire John, 7 Market st 

M'Kernan Mrs, 16 Market st 

M'Millan Terrance, 29 Dalrymple st 

M'Neil Daniel, 4 Cartsburn st 

Morrison William, 59 Vennel 

Murphy Edward, 26 Dalrymple st 

Murphy Mrs Robert. 10 Cartsburn st 

Paterson John, 4 Lennox Buildings 

Watters John S., 32 Vennel 

Williamson Mrs Sarah, 52 Shaw st 

Builders and Masons. 

Adam James, 6 Smith's lane 
Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 
Aitkenhead Robert & Sons, 30 South st 
Austin & Kinnaird, 19 Bogle st 
Baird Hugh, 1 7 Bank st 
Black James, 5 and 7 West Stewart st 
Carnaghan James, 13 Regent st 
Cram Peter, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
Cram Peter, 59 Holmscroft st 

262 trades' directory. 

Cram William, 30 South st 

Crawford & Fulton, Terrace road 

Henderson Robert, 8 Tobago st 

Houston R. & W. & Co., 69 Belville st 

Jamieson & Howat, 8 South st 

Jordon John (brick), 3 East Blackhall st 

Keenan & M'Kee, 62 Inverkip st 

Kirk J. & R., 7 Brougham st 

Kirkwood Thomas, 78 Holmscroft st 

Kirkwood William, 4 Ardgowan st, west 

Lyon David, 6 East Blackhall st 

M'Lean Neil, 10 Cross-shore st 

M'Neil Thomas, 17 Newark st 

Miller & Brown, 64 Inverkip st 

Miller J. & A., 31 Hamilton st 

Park Matthew, 27 Newton st 

Parker Joseph & Son, 23 Inverkip st 

Paterson & Stevenson, 31 Roxburgh st 

Pollock William (brick), 13 Nicolson st 

Ramsay Gilbert A., 16 Nicolson st 

Smith & M'Cuaig, 30 Charles st 

Steel Hugh, 37 Bank st 

Steel John L., 14 Kilblain st 

Steel William, 35 West Stewart st 

Strachan A. J. & W., 1 Hope st 

Symington John & Sons, 66 Inverkip st 

Todd John, 77 Holmscroft st 

Whitelaw Alexander & Co., 76 Drumfrochar road 

Williamson & Gray, 51 Vennel 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 

Blair Robert & Sons, 32 and 34 Nicolson st 

Cameron Charles, 11 Kilblain st 

Chalmers Robert & Co., 30 Market st 

Darroch Dugald & Son, 1 7 West Stewart st 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 1 2 West Blackhall st and 2 1 Cath- 

cart st 
Home Robert, 14 Kilblain st 
Hunter George, 20 West Blackhall st 
Kidd Brothers, 6 Grey place 

trades' directory. 263 

Lang Robert, 30 West Burn st 

M'Cartney & Thomson, 26 West Blackhall st 

M'Pherson Peter, 30 West Burn st 

Oswald James G., 4 Union st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart square house 

Shaw W. & J., 13 Hamilton st 

Stevenson W. S., 7 West Stewart st 

Watson William, 35 Nicolson st 

Wink J. & Co., 3 West Blackhall st 

M'Crae Daniel, 15 Charles st 

Carvers and Gilders. 

Bisset James G., 4 Grey place 

Buchan John, 8 Market st 

Humphreys Joseph, 1 7 Sugarhouse lane 

Laurie & Fleming, 1 Bank st 

Macfee H. N., 23 Cathcart st 

M'Millan & Bathgate, 6 West Blackhall st 


Alston John, 2 East India breast 

Campbell John, sen., 8 Ropework st 

Cook D. & A., 4 Charles st 

M 'Vicar William, 7 East Stewart st 

Smith Thomas, 5 New Dock lane and 18 Shaw st 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Apothecaries' Company (wholesale), 28 Hamilton st 
Armitage George, 30 Hamilton st 
Arthur David (manufacturing), Kilmalcolm road 
Baine John A., 3 Grey place 

Bell John A, 31 Rue-end st, 14 Lynedoch st, 23 Regent st, 
and 38 East Hamilton st 

264 trades' directory. 

Chalmers Robert, 41 Roxburgh st 

Duncan Samuel, 19 West Blackhall st 

East-end Medical Hall, 63 Rue-end st 

Fisher Thomas, 97 Roxburgh st 

Kerr James, 8 Hamilton st and 1 Lauriston st 

Macnaught Brothers, 4 West Blackhall st 

M 'Cowan & Biggart (analytical), 29 Cathcart st 

M'Neilage Alexander, 46 Ann st 

Mill Robert, Dock lane 

Poynter John & Son (manufacturing), 21 Dellingburn st 

Smith John, 42 West Burn st 

Walker W., 23 Rue-end st 

Wellpark Apothecaries' Company, 9 Lynedoch st 

Wilson George, 40 Cathcart st 

Chimney Sweeps. 

M'Allister Archibald, 37 Cathcart st 
M'Dougall John, 22 Tobago st 
M'Kinnon Neil, 7 Cowgate st 
O'Shea Ambrose, 13 West Blackhall st 

China, Glass, and Earthenware Dealers. 

Barr James, 49 Rue end st 
Carse William, 50 and 51 Vennel 
Ferguson Daniel, 23 Brymner st 
Hyslop William W., 23 Hamilton st 
M'Intosh Miss C, 59 Inverkip st 
O'Brien E. & M., 49 and 61 Vennel 
Sharp & Ferguson, 16 West Blackhall st 
White & Ferguson, 42 Ann st 


Mackay & Buchanan, 6 East Stewart st 
Scott & Douglas, 1 2 West Stewart st 
Smith & Main, 5 Brougham st 

trades' directory. 265 

Coach and Horse Hirers. 

Oookshanks Joseph, 43 West Blackhall stand 18 Cathcart st 
M'Coll John, 24 Duncan st 
Macfarlane Arthur A., 4 George square 
M'Gregor J. D. & Co., 48 Cathcart st and 24 West Black- 
hall st 
Richmond J. & W., 5 Ardgowan sq 
Sidey William, 78 Wellington st 

Coal Merchants. 

Anderson John, 24 Cartsburn st 

Armour George, 57 Drumfrochar road 

Barr Robert, 4 Prospecthill st 

Barr William & Sons, 14 Hamilton st 

Black John, 29 Brymner st 

Boyd Bryce, 26 Lyle st 

Brown Alexander & Co., 20 Cathcart st 

Bryan James C, 3 Chapel st 

Campbell James & Co., 23 Cathcart st 

Coupar Archibald B., 24 South st 

Crawford John L., Lynedoch station 

Dixon William (Limited), Dellingburn square 

Duncan Robert, 7 Holmscroft st 

Finlayson John, 12 Brougham st 

Gibson William & Co., 31 Palmerston buildings 

Hamilton, M'Culloch & Co., 3 Chapel st 

Henderson Robert, jun., 8 Tobago st 

Hendry & Co., 12 Brougham st 

Hughes Robert, 85^ Belville st 

Hyndman James, 67 Vennel 

Inglis James, 2 Holmscroft st 

Jamieson James, 10 Nile st 

Leitch Nicol, 1 1 Brougham st 

M 'Gavin David, 25 Crawfurd st 

M'Gavin James, 27 West Burn st 

M 'Gibbon David, 3 Chapel st 

M'Gugan D., 5 Chapel st 

M'Kim William, 22 Bruce st 

266 trades' directory. 

M'Leod Robert, 31 Crescent st 

M'Morland R. S., 20 Cathcart st 

M'Neil James, 10 Mill st 

M'Neilage John, 7 Chapel st 

Macphail John, 27 Cathcart st and 5 Chapel st 

Martin Robert, 46 Vennel 

Miller Thomas, 57 Ann st 

Muir James, 5 Chapel st 

Nicol Duncan & Co., 55 Rue-end st and 20 Brougham st 

O'Keefe Thomas, 3 Newton st 

O'Neil Francis, 14 Laird st 

Robertson William, 46 Roxburgh st 

Ross & Marshall, 18 Cathcart st 

Salmon William B. & Young, 32 Cathcart st 

Simpson John A. & Co., 6 Tobago st and 10 Brougham st 

Swan Brymner & Henry, 3 Brymner st 

Symington John, 10 Patrick st 

Thomson John, Dellingburn square 

Wade John, 52 Inverkip st 

Walker Andrew & Co., 1 Regent st 

Warden John, 28 Vennel 

Whitelaw R. & R., 2 Patrick st 

Wilson John, 5 Chapel st 

Wilson Michael, 29 West Burn st 

Wood Joseph, Upper Greenock railway station 

Wood James & William, 14 Brougham st 

Commission Agents. 

Borthwick James, 27 West Blackhall st 
Borthwick Thomas, 10 Cross-shore st 
Bryce John & Co., 4 Bogle st 
Caird Colin S., City buildings 
Campbell John, jun., 32 Cathcart st 
Campbell Peter, jun., & Co., Exchange buildings 
Clapperton John & Co., Wallace buildings 
Collins Michael J., 1 West Stewart st 
Connell James, 30 Cathcart st 
Crawford Robert P., 35 Ingleston st 
Crockatt George, 4 East breast 
Cunningham Alexander, 96 Dempster st 

trades' directory. 267 

Cunningham Charles, 49 Cathcart st 
Cunningham D. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 
Denholm J. & J., 27 Cathcart st 
Edelsten Richard, 29 Brougham st 
Fairbairn Andrew, 48 Brougham st 
Gilchrist George W., Exchange buildings 
Hunter T. O. & Co., 13 Hamilton st 
Jamieson James S. & Co., 18 West Burn st 
Jamieson John, 2 Cathcart st 
Lamont William, 16 Palmerston buildings 
Leckie W. R, 8 East Blackhall st 
Leitch & Muir, 2 West quay 
M 'Arthur William & Co., 23 Cathcart st 
M'Call Charles, 39 Kelly st 
M'Callum John, 18 Serpentine walk 
M'Donnell Hugh, 25 Ardgowan st, west 
Macdougall Dugald, 1 Cross-shore st 
MacEachran, Fulton & Kerr, 67 Rue-end st 
Macintyre Charles J., 3 Brougham st 
M'Lea James S. & Co., 2 Cathcart st 
Maclean, Todd & Co., 67 Rue-end st 
M'Neilage Adam & Co., 13 Hamilton st 
Macpherson A. & Co., 16 East India breast 
M'Pherson R. C. & Co., 3 Brymner st 
Marshall William, 29 Charles st 
Martin Wm. M., 24 West Blackhall st 
Millar S. H., 10 Ann st 
Minto George, 25 Brisbane st 
Montgomery Andrew S., 15 Newton st 
Muir & Weir, 4 Mansionhouse lane 
Richardson Colin C, 47 Brougham st 
Ritson John F., 53 Brisbane st 
Robertson & M'Dougall, 1 Cross-shore st 
Ross, Corbett & Co., 2 Cross-shore st 
Sharer Alfred, 77 Port-Glasgow road 
Shennan & Campbell, 5 Crawfurd st 
Sinclair & Co., 46 Cathcart st 
Smith A. C. & Co., 4 Brymner st 
Spencer W. H., 5 1 Brougham st 
Todd John & Co., 33 Sir Michael st 
Wrede & Co., 32 Cathcart st 
Young Hugh M., 17 Brisbane st 

268 trades' directory. 


Anderson Catherine, 16 Kelly st 

Crane William W., 8 Ann st 

Cuthbertson James R. (wholesale), 2 Grey place 

Cuthbertson Thomas (wholesale), 44 Hamilton st and 49 

Cathcart st 
Devlin M., 1 Grey place 
Evans John, 26 Ann st 
Ferguson George, 31 Cathcart st 
Gallacher Elizabeth, 41 West Burn st 
Haggarty Miss, 5 East Shaw st 
Henderson Mrs, 75 Roxburgh st 
Humphreys Mrs, 36 Inverkip st 
Hutton Miss J. M., 26 West Blackhall st 
Justice Miss C, 35 West Blackhall st 
MAninch Mrs, 7 Brymner st 
M'Callum M., 63 Inverkip st 
M'Kenzie Miss E. C, 47 Hamilton st 
M'Lusky Agnes, 7 Cross-shore st 
M 'Vicar William, 4 Bearhope st 
Miller Thomas (wholesale), Waverley lane 
Morrow Mrs, 10 East Shaw st 
Philips Mrs, 5 Tobago st 
Reiley John, 7 Newton st 
Stewart Francis, 31 Market st 
Sutherland Mrs, 9 Bearhope st 
Thomson George, 5 Union st 
White Archibald, 20 Inverkip st 
Wilson Miss, 8 Grey place 
Wyllie Mrs, 18 Arthur st 
Wyse Alexander, 29 Hamilton st 


Aitkenhead Robert & Sons, 30 South st 
Beaton Peter, 8 Virginia st 
Blair Peter, 36 Trafalgar st 
Brodie Matthew, 91 Dempster st 
Crawford Robert, 9 Princes st 
Duncan Matthew, 2 Brachelston st 

trades' directory. 269 

Graham Dugald, 5 Dellingburn sq 

Holmes James, 2 St. Lawrence st 

Holmes John, 10 East Blackhall st 

Jamieson John, 64 Kelly st 

Jordon John, 3 East Blackhall st 

King William, 8 Virginia st 

Kirk J. & R., 7 Brougham st 

Laird Alexander, 6 Springkell st 

Lamont Alexander, 53 Regent st 

Meikle J. & D., Ardgowan sq 

M'Alpine Daniel, 26 Duncan st 

M'Coll A. & J., 73 Ann st 

M'Coll James, 37 Trafalgar st 

M'Connell John, 52 Inverkip st 

M'Neil Donald, 1 South st 

Nugent John (causeway), 27 Bruce st 

Orr John, 13 East Stewart st 

Orr William, 7 Kilblain st 

Paget John, 28 Dalrymple st 

Pollock William, 13 Nicolson st 

Rennie John, 30 Bank st 

Scott Alexander, 22 Mearns st 

Service David, 2 Cross-shore st 

Steel Hugh, 37 Bank st 

Steel John L., 14 Kilblain st 

Steel William, 35 West Stewart st 

Waddell John, James Watt dock, Garvel park 

Walker John, 10 Buccleuch st 

Watt & Wilson, Garvel dock 

Whitelaw Alexander & Co., 76 Drumfrochar road 

York William & James, 21 Palmerston buildings 


Bannigan D., 20 Roxburgh st 

Chisholm William & Co., 39 Crawfurd st 

Cowan A., 3 Bogle st 

Craig James, Dellingburn st and Regent st 

Downie William, Hunter place, off Vennel 

Drummond John, 52 Rue-end st 

Graham John, 15 Mearns st 

Lyle Abram & Sons, 1 1 Nicolson st 


Macaulay James & Son, 38 Nicolson st 
Malcolm & Co., 10 and 12 Charles st 
Paul John, 2 1 Cathcart st 
Thomson George, 5 Union st 

Copper Merchants. 

Jamieson John, 2 Cathcart st 

Kidston A. G. & Co., 48 Rue-end st and 2 Virginia st 

MacCallum P. & Sons, 1 Cathcart st and 54 Rue-end st 


Adam William & Co., 2 and 3 Dock breast 

Barr & Co., Orchard st and Ingleston st 

Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end st 

Ferguson William, 14 West Burn st and 4 Inverkip st 

M'Cormick D. & Co., 8 Springkell st 

Cork Cutters. 

Sinclair Humphrey, 21 Bruce st 
Stewart William, jun., 33 Hamilton st 
Taylor Mrs M., 7 William st 

Cutlers and Gunsmiths. 

Climie Robert, 33 Nicolson st 
Mackenzie W. J. & Co., 4 Shaw st 
M'Kinlay Peter C, 1 Grey place 
Masson Andrew, 4 Carnock st 
Twigg Edward, 33 Hamilton st 


Brown Brothers, 39 West Blackhall st and 30 Cathcart st 
Fraser Hugh, 29 Union st 

trades' directory. 271 

Liebow Edward, 1 2 Cathcart st 
Smith John, 42 West Burn st 
Smyth Alexander, 14 West Blackhall st 
■Stewart Thomas, 56 Union st 


Curtis Charles H. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 
Greenock Distillery Co., 27 Tobago st 

Drapers, &c. 

Anderson John, 32 Cathcart st 

Brown Mrs W. S., 23 Roxburgh st 

Campbell A. & J. & Co., 22 Arthur st 

Campbell John F., 56 Vennel 

Cowan Robert & Co., 2 West Blackhall st 

Crawford & Laurie, 7 West Blackhall st 

East End Co-operative Society, 18 East Crawford st 

Fenton William, 14 W T est Blackhall st 

Fleming Alexander, 46 Hamilton st 

Gilchrist William, 8 and 12 William st 

Gray Archibald, 104 Roxburgh st 

Hamilton James & Son, 23 Cathcart st 

Harvey James, 37 Cathcart st 

Hutchison Robert, 13 West Blackhall st 

Jarvie W. & Co., 11 West Blackhall st 

MTntosh W 7 illiam, 27 Ann st and 8 Lynedoch st 

Maclachlan & Co., 35 Hamilton st 

M'Lachlan Kenneth, 28 Charles st 

M'Lellan Andrew, 53 Rue-end st 

Miller Frank Wm., Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 

Mitchell Thomas, 10 Manse lane 

Niven Alexander, 8 West Blackhall st 

Paterson Lachlan, 32 Hamilton st 

Prentice D. & A., 24 Hamilton st 

Reid William, 46 Cathcart st 

Ritchie Miss, 62 Vennel 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart square house 

Russell & Bonnar, 18 West Blackhall st 


Scott Andrew, 95 Roxburgh st 
Sim Mrs, 43 Crawfurd st 
Smart & Rolland, 31 Charles st 
Stevenson Hugh, 38 Hamilton st 
Sutherland William, 24 Lynedoch st 
Thomson Mrs, 62 Ann st 
Watson George, 13 Rue-end st 
Wilson John, 36 Charles st 


Agnew Mrs (boys'), 80 Roxburgh st 

Alexander Miss, 5 Hill st 

Arkley Misses, 7 Eldon st 

Arthur Miss, 32 Kelly st 

Barbour Miss, 9 Watt st 

Barr Miss, 18 Sir Michael st 

Brodie Miss, 8 South st 

Campbell Miss, 6 West Stewart st 

Carmichael Miss, 47 Brisbane st 

Clark Miss Catherine, 61 Holmscrolt st 

Clark Miss, 6 Trafalgar st 

Cross Misses, 32 West Stewart st 

Cruden Miss J. (boys'), 32 West Stewart st 

Cuthbert Misses, 33 Roxburgh st 

Dalzell Mrs George, 5 1 Kelly st 

Donnelly Miss, 65 Rue-end st 

Downie Miss, 15 Bank st 

Falconer & Grieve, 14 Union st 

Ferguson Mrs, 10 Antigua st 

Filshill Miss Mary, 34 East Crawford st 

Gordon Misses, 7 Union st 

Graham Miss, 37 Lynedoch st 

Hunter Miss (boys'), 12 South st 

Hunter Misses I. & J., 11 West Stewart st 

Johnston Mrs John, 9 Argyle st 

King Mrs, 32 Mearns st 

Livingstone Mrs, 8 Inverkip st 

Lyle Miss M., 24 West Stewart st 

M 'Bride Mrs, 17 Nelson st, west 

M'Callum Misses, n Nelson st, west 

trades' directory. 273 

M'Callum Miss Mary (boys'), 30 Ann st 

M'Farlane Miss, 3 Argyle st 

M 'Go wan Mrs, 5 Inverkip st 

MTntosh Miss Christina, 9 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Kay Mrs (boys'), 13 West Stewart st 

M'Kechnie Miss, 21 Brisbane st 

M'Kechnie Miss C, 38 Crawfurd st 

M'Kenzie Miss, 13 Watt st 

M'Lachlan Mrs M., 26 Crescent st 

M'Larty Miss Jessie, 1 Mill st 

Martin Miss, 27 Trafalgar st 

Moffat Miss, 9 Crescent st 

Muir Miss, 28 Bruce st 

Murray Mrs, 56 Kelly st 

Nicol Mrs, 15 Nelson st, west 

Orr Miss Ellen (boys'), 3 Kelly st 

Park Miss (boys'), 16 South st 

Paton Mrs Robert, 8 Ardgowan st, west 

Paul Miss, 22 Antigua st 

Rhodes Mrs John, 19 Nelson st, west 

Rowan J, G. & Co., Cathcart square house 

Sinclair Misses, 33 Nicolson st 

Stewart Mrs William M. A., 53 Brisbane st 

Taylor Miss, 26 Hamilton st 

Weir Miss Janet H., 77 Regent st 

Wilkinson Miss, 13 Nelson st, west 

Williamson Mrs John, 14 Brisbane st 

Dyers and Renovators. 

Bell Archibald & Sons, 25 West Blackhall st 
Houston R. & Sons, 28 West Blackhall st 
Pullar J. & Sons, 4 Albert place, West Blackhall st 
Wright Walton, 1 Kelly st 


Boag Andrew, 3 Bank st 
Wyllie Allan C, 15 Cathcart st 

274 trades' directory. 

Engineers, Machine- Makers, and Founders. 

Blake, Barclay & Co., Victoria Works, Macdougall st 

Caird & Co., Arthur st and 46 Dairy mple st 

Crawford & Thomson, Caledonian Foundry, 46 Trafalgar st 

Dunlop David J. & Co., Inch Works, Port-Glasgow road 

Greenock Foundry Co., East Stewart st 

Hastie John & Co., 48 Nicolson st 

Hendry Duncan, 7 Shaw st and Garvel dock 

Houston J. & R., Cartsburn Foundry, Upper Ingleston 

Kincaid & Co., Clyde Foundry, East Hamilton st 

M'Lean, Angus & Co., 9 Ingleston st 

MacOnie G. & J., Ladyburn Foundry, Port-Glasgow road 

M'Rae Alexander, 13 Nicolson st 

Mills Robert, 5 Dock breast and Garvel dock 

Patrick Robert, 6 Baker st and Cartsburn st 

Rankin & Blackmore, Eagle Foundry, 24 Baker st 

Scott & Co., Cartsdyke 

Smith James & Co. (consulting), 4 Bogle st 

Sproul & Co., 2 Springkell st 

Wilson & Co., 5 Ann st 

Felt Manufacturers. 

Anderson D. & Son (Limited), Belfast — Campbell Finlay & 

Co., agents 
Greenock Felt Work Company, 10 East Hamilton st 
Jamieson John, 2 Cathcart st 
Lennox John & Co., Bogston, Port-Glasgow road 

Fish and Oil Merchants. 

Hunter Brothers, 14 Cathcart st 
Hunter John & Co., 8 West breast 
Kelso Mrs Robert, 17 Charles st 
M ; Kenzie Henry E., 4 West Quay lane 
Malcolm & Co., 10 and 12 Charles st 



Calderwood Robert, Fishmarket 

Fraser Mrs James & Co., Palmerston buildings 

Fry Robert, 13 Lauriston st 

Fry William, 13 Lauriston st 

Gallacher J. & W., 7 William st 

Gilmore A. & Son, 2 1 West Blackhall st 

Hunter John & Co., 8 West breast 

Kelso Mrs R., 17 Charles st 

M 'Clone Patrick, 45 Vennel 

Macintyre James, 43 Hamilton st 

M'Lachlan A., 4 Sir Michael st 

M'Laughlan Patrick, 17 Ann st 

M'Laughlin James, 33 Market st 

M'Munagle Charles, Fishmarket 

M'Munagle Charles, jun., 33 Rue-end st 

Wotherspoon Mrs, 41 Hamilton st 

Wright Joseph, 14 Bogle st 


Adams Mrs James, 9 Market st 

Allison, Graham & Co., 39 Hamilton st 

Arbuckle James, 7 Grey place 

Ballantine William, 16 Lynedoch st 

Barr & Macfarlane, 22 Lynedoch st and 47 Hamilton st 

Black Duncan, 38 Lynedoch st 

Boston James, jun., &: Co., 5 West Blackhall st 

Byres John, 21 Tobago st 

Carey Robert, 1 Stanners st 

Crawford James, 83 Roxburgh st 

Crawford Robert, 46 Ann st 

Docherty Daniel, 27 Vennel and 26 Charles st 

Docherty George, 5 William st 

Duff John, 18 East Crawford st 

Duff William, 84 Belville st 

Gordon G., 52 East Hamilton st 

Gordon William, 6 Sir Michael st 

Greenwood George, 1 Ann st 

276 trades' directory. 

King James, 7 John st 

King Robert, 25 Rue-end st and 39 Shaw st 

Lang U. & M., 31 Nicolson st 

Livingston Duncan, 23 Rue-end st 

M'Callum Archibald, 73 Roxburgh st 

M'Culloch Archibald, 14 Arthur st and 33 Hamilton st 

M'Dougall Duncan, 54 St Lawrence st 

M'Kechnie Allan, 19 West Blackhall st and 16 Kelly st 

M'Millan David, 37 Cathcart st 

M'Neil John, 7 Ann st 

M'Stravick David, jun., 11 Bruce st and 3 Kilblain st 

Martin James, 21 Kelly st 

Martin Peter, 9 Newton st 

Morrison James, 7 West Blackhall st 

Muir Misses J. & M., 1 3 West Blackhall st 

O'Donnell John, 1 1 Cross-shore st 

Pattison David D., 90 Roxburgh st 

Pearson Mrs James, 3 Prospecthill st 

Percival Hugh, 35 Nicolson st 

Robertson Colin, 65 Ann st 

Scott James, 9 Rue-end st 

Scott William, 4 Sir Michael st 

Sheridan Joseph, jun., 59 Inverkip st and 32 Mearns st 

Simpson James, 1 Belville st 

Simpson John, 25 Regent st 

Simpson John, 34 East Hamilton st 

Swan Robert, 17 Hamilton st 

Swan William, 18 Cartsburn st 

Walker William, 33 West Burn st 

Wilson Alexander, 40 Nelson st, west 

Wilson Maria, 33 Ann st 


Bell & Co., 35 West Blackhall st 
Davies Lewis, 40 West Blackhall st 
Devlin M., 1 Grey place 
Downie M., 57 Rue-end st 
Hamilton M. Y.. 49 Rue-end st 
Hamilton Mrs George, 40 Ann st 
Heitmann Charles, 13 Brymner st 


Henderson Mrs Robert, 26 Vennel and 19 Hamilton st 

Hendry Mrs, 13 Union st 

Keenan John, 6 Tobago st and 18 Brisbane st 

Kerr Miss, 22 Lynedoch st 

Laing Robert, Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 

Law Miss Mary, 42 West Blackhall st 

M'Eleny James, 1 Kilblain st 

M'Farlane Archibald, 19 West Blackhall st 

M'Kellar Mrs A., 5 William st 

Mooney E. & S., 20 Hamilton st 

Orr Mrs W., 1 Inverkip st 

Philips Mrs, 5 Tobago st 

Poustie Thomas & Son, 35 and 41 Brougham st 

Rankin iVlexander, 16 Wellington st 

Sloan Samuel, 28 Ann st 

Smillie & Robson, 5 Hamilton st, 3 Manse lane, and 31 

Charles st 
Spence James, 40 Cathcart st and 8 Grey place 

Funeral Undertakers. 

Chalmers Archibald, 36 Roxburgh st 
Chalmers Hugh M. & Son, 23 Bearhope st 
Crookshanks Joseph, 43 West Blackhall st and 18 Cathcart st 
M'Gregor J. D. & Co., 48 Cathcart st and 24 West Black- 
hall st 
M'Lean Mrs, 41 Hamilton st 
Simpson William, 49 Vennel 

Furnishing Warehouse-keepers. 

Anderson Hugh, 38 Hamilton st 
Brymner Mrs James, 66 East Hamilton st 
Campbell Misses, 7 Rue-end st 
Campbell Mrs A., 65 Roxburgh st 
Chalmers Miss, 26 East Hamilton st 
Chalmers Miss, 86 Roxburgh st 
Crawford Mrs Charles, 29 West Blackhall st 
Ferguson Mrs, 44 Inverkip st 
Fyfe James, 82 Belville st 

278 trades' directory. 

Gilchrist Miss M. G., 25 .West Blackhall st 
Headrick James, 32 Ingleston st 
Kirkwood Miss, 8 Grey place 
Laird M. & J., 38 Hamilton st 
Lee Mrs, 24 Union st 
M'Cumesty James, 34 Invefkip st 
M'Gregor Mrs, 36 West Burn st 
M'Kay Miss S., 13 Crescent st 
M 'Naught Miss G., 16 Kelly st 
Millar Janet, 89 Roxburgh st 
Nelson Mrs, 44 Lynedoch st 
Paul Mrs, 23 Tobago st 
Pohlmann Mrs, 42 Nelson st 
Richardson Mrs C, 4 Tobago st 
Rougvie M. & K., 19 West Blackhall st 
Stevenson Mrs John, 46 Inverkip st 
Taylor Robina, 33 West Burn st 
Watson Mrs, 14 West Blackhall st 
Weir Misses, 19 Ann st 
Williamson Mrs, 66 Roxburgh st 
Wilson Mrs G., 46 East Hamilton st 
Wylie James, 1 1 Belville st 


Allan William, 48 Ann st 

Barclay John S., 10 Broad close 

Broadfoot James & Sons, 2 West breast 

Carson Henry, 26 Crawfurd st 

Chalmers Alexander, 14 Crawfurd st 

Conner John, 3 East Blackhall st 

Daskin & Co., 31 Nicolson st 

Dewar & Co., 11 Sugarhouse lane and 26 Charles st 

Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end st 

Duncan & Sharp, Ladyburn 

Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 

Ferguson William, 14 West Burn st and 4 West Burn st 

Findlay John, 39 Cathcart st and 34 Roxburgh st 

Foulds Matthew, 2 East India breast 

Logan Francis & Sons, 21 Nicolson st 

Loudon James, 12 Tobago st 


M'Cormick D. & Co., 8 Springkell st 
M'Ewing Dugald, 3 Springkell st 
M'Jannet John, 62 Inverkip st 
Maclean J. & D., 19 Brymner st 
M'Lean Andrew Y., 5 Tobago st 
Maitland James, 56 Lynedoch st •. 
Mitchell James, 24 West Burn st 
Rae Brothers & Co., 31 West Burn st 
Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 
Thomson Charles, 1 7 Kelly st 
Watson Hugh M'P., 12 Sugarhouse lane 
White William, 34 Roxburgh st 
Whyte & Ross, 1 7 Brymner st 


Briton Thomas, 19 Sugarhouse lane 

Chalmers Archibald, 36 Roxburgh st 

Chalmers Hugh M. & Son, 23 Bearhope st 

Chalmers Robert & Co., 30 Market st 

Crawford William, 9 Market st 

Graham James, 19 Cathcart st and 6 West Blackhall st 

M'Coshim Donald, 8 Carnock st 

M'Fadyen Archibald, 7 West Blackhall st 

Mossman James & Sons, 68 Regent st 

Tytler Matthew, 12 Laird st 

Young Archibald, 23 Ann st 

Grain Merchants. 

Borthwick Thomas, 10 Cross-shore st 

Chalmers Hume, 4 Church place 

Chalmers John, 7 Princes st 

Gatherer Peter, 21 and 23 Crawfurd st 

Hill Matthew, 16 Chapel st 

Howie Matthew, 5 West breast 

Love Mrs John, 5 Kilblain st 

M'Cammond David & Co., 28 Sugarhouse lane 

Mackenzie & Walker, Dellingburn square and 63 Rue-end st 

M'Lean John, 5 West Stewart st 

280 trades' directory. 

Macnab Duncan & Son, 25 Tobago st 
Mair C. S. & Marquis, 2 1 Shaw st and Arcade 
Muir Robert & Sons, 6 East Stewart st 
Smith & Davidson, 4 Princes st 
Stewart James K., 28 and 30 Shaw st 
Taylor James & Co., West Burn square 


Aikman Mrs, 28 West Burn st 
Allister Mrs, 126 Drumfrochar road 
Anderson Catherine, 16 Kelly st 
Andrews John, 5 1 Inverkip st 
Arthur Thomas, 2 East India breast 
Bain Jane, 9 Brisbane st 
Barr James, 16 Dalrymple st 
Bowman Mrs, 31 Rue-end st 
Boyle Mrs, 1 Sir Michael st 
Buchanan Janet, 61 Belville st 
Clark Joseph, 51 Vennel 
Climie Miss Jane, 1 Kelly st 
Conway Andrew, 18 Sir Michael st 
Docherty William, 28 Inverkip st 
Flockhart Miss E., 59 Inverkip st 
Howieson Miss, 8 Sir Michael st 
Kelly Andrew T., 71 Main st 
M'Arthur Miss E. B., 20 Nicolson st 
M'Arthur Mrs Isabella, 9 Newton st 
M'Donald Miss C, 32 Charles st 
M'Farlane James, 1 1 Cartsburn st 
M'Gilvray John, 23 Lyle st 
M'Kay John, 24 Dalrymple st 
M'Neill Mrs Margaret, 80 Belville st 
Morrison William, 15 Regent st 
Muir Henry, 26 Inverkip st 
Muir Mrs David, 73 Roxburgh st 
Oram Mrs, 14 Tobago st 
Orr Miss, 39 Ann st 
Pirrie Robert, 24 Tobago st 
Redman Mrs, 85 Roxburgh st 
Ronald Thomas, 40 Inverkip st 

trades' directory. 

Shaw Miss, 42 Lynedoch st 
Sim Mrs, 86 Roxburgh st 
Somerville Mrs, 1 7 Tobago st 
Stevenson Mrs, 48 Ann st 
Todd Robert, 45 Vennel 
Vallance Miss Janet, 9 Regent st 
Watson Andrew, 8 Bruce st 
Webster Miss Helen, 12 Kilblain st 

Grocers and Provision Dealers. 

Agnew Andrew, 1 1 Market st 

Allan Mrs, 10 Bruce st 

Anderson Alexander, 34 Hamilton st 

Anderson James, 54 St. Lawrence st 

Anderson Miss, 24 Antigua st 

Arthur John P., 50 Ann st 

Arthur C. & E., 4 Ingleston st 

Barbour John, 9 Arthur st 

Barclay John, 24 South st 

Barr John, 33 Lynedoch st 

Barr Elizabeth, 14 Regent st 

Baxter Thomas, 23 Vennel and 34 Charles st 

Baxter Mrs Hugh, 9 Bruce st 

Beattie Miss J., 16 Brisbane st 

Black Donald, 56 Vennel 

Black Hugh, 2 1 West Blackhall st 

Black Mrs A., 29 Brougham st 

Boyd James, jun., 65 Ann st 

Boyd Johnston, 41 West Burn st 

Boyd Thomas, 26 West Blackhall st 

Boyle James, 26 Market st 

Bradley Miss, 38 Dalrymple st 

Brighton John (wholesale), 1 and 3 East Shaw st 

Brown Edward, 46 East Hamilton st 

Burns William J., 31 Roxburgh st 

Caldwell David, 22 Tobago st and 34 East Hamilton st 

Caldwell David, 33 Ann st 

Caldwell Matthew, 85 Belville st 

Caldwell Janet, 7 East Shaw st 

Campbell J. J. & Co., 20 Arthur st 


Campbell James, 46 Inverkip st 

Campbell William, 76 Ann st 

Campbell Mrs D., 27 Regent st 

Carmichael Donald, 13 Cartsburn st 

Carmichael Mrs D., 31 West Burn st 

Chambers William, 5 John st 

Clark W. B., 36 Shaw st 

Co-operative Society, 33 and 35 Roxburgh st 

Co-operative Society, 1 1 John st and 3 Kilblain st 

Co-operative Society, 18 East Crawford st 

Cottrell Robert R., 45 Crawfurd st 

Crabbe William, 26 and 35 Ann st 

Craig David, 4 Cartsburn st 

Craig James, 60 Lynedoch st 

Crawford John, 6 Watson's lane 

Crawford William, 5 Grey place 

Cunningham Mrs, 8 Hill st 

Darroch Miss, 12 Watt st 

Davers Mrs A., 81 Belville st 

Davies Mrs William, 24 West Blackhall st 

Dawson William, 34 Inverkip st 

Denny Miss, 10 Mount Pleasant st 

Dickson James, 6 Inverkip st 

Drummond Daniel, 14 Murdieston st 

Duff Miss, 89 East Hamilton st 

Duncan Mrs R., 16 Cathcart st 

Dunlop Allan, 9 Cathcart st 

Dunn Andrew, 67 Rue-end st 

Edwards Robert, 26 Inverkip st 

Elliott Charles, 26 East Crawford st 

Faith John, 9 Main st 

Falconer Mrs Ann, 8 John st 

Farquharson Mrs Alexander, 80 Belville st 

Farr Adam, 8 St. Lawrence st 

Farrel James, 28 Mackenzie st 

Farrell Robert, 21 Main st 

Ferguson Charles, 24 Shaw st and 1 1 Brymner st 

Ferguson Hugh, 2 Dalrymple st 

Flett James, 31 Vennel 

Gaze William, 14 Lynedoch st 

Gilligan Mrs Mary, 29 Shaw st 

Gilroy William, 18 Lynedoch st 

trades' dirfxtory. 285 

Glen Mrs, 17 Bruce st 

Glen Mrs James, 36 West Burn st 

GofT Thomas, 5 Lennox buildings, Port-Glasgow road 

Graham Duncan, 5 1 Main st and 34 Lynedoch st 

Graham Hugh, 73 Main st, 20 Vennel, 27 Hamilton st, 17 

Cathcart st, and 43 Roxburgh st 
Grant Lachlan, 9 Nicolson st 
Gray John, 1 1 Ardgowan st, Glebe 
Guthrie Miss B., 17 Kelly st 
Hamilton James, 66 Drumfrochar road 
Hamilton Mrs, 15 John st 
Hardie William, 15 Tobago st 
Hastie Andrew, 10 Sir Michael st 
Hatton William, 1 East William st 
Henderson David, 20 Lynedoch st and 2 Cathcart sq 
Henderson James, 3 and 11 Rue-end st 
Henderson M., 21 Market st 
Hendry James, 15 Market st 
Holmes Robert, 30 Dalrymple st 
Holmes Samuel, 1 1 Belville st 
Hood William, 43 Hamilton st 
Hopekins Robert, 15 Brougham st 
Houston & Wilkie Misses, 53 Belville st 
Houston Mrs, 17 Belville st 
Hoy Mrs James, 64 Ann st 
Hunter William, 31 Brougham st 
Hutcheson Andrew, 20 Mount Pleasant st 
Hutcheson John, 6t, Main st 
Hutcheson Mrs, 87 Wellington st 
Inglis, Mrs James, 112 Drumfrochar road 
Johnston Miss Mary, 6 John st 
Kerr Robert, 4 Hill st 
Killin Mrs Samuel, 21 Sir Michael st 
Kilpatrick Mrs, 11 Murdieston st 
Kirkwood James, 10 Cross-shore st 
Kirkwood Robert, 1 Smith's lane 
Kirkwood Mrs, 40 Holmscroft st 
Laird Mrs A., 23 Ingleston st 
Lang Robert, 71 Nicolson st 
Learie Mrs, 16 Cartsburn st 
Leishman Alice, 6 Inverkip st 
Leith James, 36 East Hamilton st 


Leith Robert, 53 Drumfrochar road 
Leith Samuel, 2 1 Rue-end st 
Lipton Thomas J., 15 Cathcart st 
Lochhead Mrs, 65 Belville st 
Logan Alexander, 8 Manse lane 
Lusk Robert & Co. (wholesale), 7 Tobago st 
Lyle Isabella, 33 Nicolson st 
Lyon Mrs John, 41 Ann st 
M 'Arthur Hugh, 22 West Black hall st 
Macaskill Malcolm, 7 Hamilton st 
M'Ausland Alexander, 20 Nicolson st 
M'Ausland John, 23 West Stewart st 
M 'Bride John, 7 Main st 
M'Callum Edward, 36 Shaw st 
M'Caul John, 19 Ann st 
M'Clement James, 105 Belville st 
M'Coll I. & J., 49 Holmscroft st 
M'Cormick John, 19 Ingleston st 
M'Cowan John, 112 Drumfrochar road 
M'Crindle James, 43 Hamilton st 
M'Creadie Michael, 11 Main st 
M'Culloch Mrs, 56 Lynedoch st 
M'Dermott Hugh, 6 Stanners st 
M'Farlane Robert, 16 Port-Glasgow road 
M'Farlane Miss, 7 Antigua st 
Macfie John, 14 West Blackhall st 
M'Gill Miss, 34 Ann st 
M'Gilvray Mrs, 25 Regent st 
M'Gugan Angus, 22 West Blackhall st 
MTntosh Mrs M., 44 Ann st 
MTntyre Thomas, 6 Cartsburn st 
Mackail J. G. & M., 45 Hamilton st 
M'Kechnie Mrs Ann, 28 Charles st 
M'Kenzie Donald, 1 Belville st 
M'Lachlan John & Son, 43 Cathcart st 
M'Lachlan Thomas, 40 Lynedoch st 
M'Laren Mrs E., 62 Ann st 
M'Larty Miss Jane, 26 Bruce st 
M'Lean Mrs Elizabeth, 78 Belville st 
M'Lellan Peter, 63 Ann st 
M'Lelland James, 12 Ann st 
M'Leod Miss M., 1 Lauriston st 


M'Millan Andrew, 7 Sir Michael st 

M'Millan Mrs, 4 Lennox buildings 

M'Neilage Miss A., 31 Ingleston st 

M'Quoid Miss, 8 Mount Pleasant st 

MacSymon Robert, 6 Argyle st, 1 West Blackhall st, 67 

Roxburgh st, 26 Cathcart st, and 46 Brymner st 
Maitland Mrs James, 19 Wellington st 
Marquis D. P., 34 Mount Pleasant st 
Marshall William, 29 Charles st 
Mathieson David, 56 Kelly st 
Mathieson Mrs John, 12 Market st 
Mathieson William, 29 Rue -End st 
Miller Mrs Walter, 7 York st 
Miller John, 7 Ann st 
Miller Thomas, 1 1 West Blackhall st 
Mills M. & M., 84 Belville st 
Montgomery Mrs, 65 Belville st 
Morison George, 27 Cathcart st 
Morton & Young, 30 Hamilton st 
Muir J. & J., 25 Vennel 
Muir Mrs James, 14 South st 
Munro Colin, 42 Crawfurd st 
Munro Miss Mary, 9 Newton st 
Murray James, 13 Brachelston st 
Newall Mrs F., 44 Lynedoch st 
Nicolson Donald, 59 Ann st 
Nicol James, 76 Roxburgh st 
O'Kane Edward, 15 Tobago st 
Orr William C, 71 Regent st 
Paget John, 28 Dairy mple st 
Parkhill & Lang (wholesale), 30 Sugarhouse lane 
Paterson A. & Son, 39 Hamilton st 
Paterson William, 30 Vennel 
Pearson Daniel, 2 Inverkip st 
Pearson Mrs John, 7 East Crawford st 
Pettigrew James, 68 East Hamilton st 
Pollock Miss Jane, 19 Regent st 
Purcell John, 15 Bearhope st 
Reid Duncan, 42 Hamilton st 
Robertson Mrs, 113 Dempster st 
Rooney Mrs Teresa, 20 Ann st 
Rose Neil, 78 Roxburgh st 

286 trades' directory. 

Schultz Warrick, 81 Roxburgh st 

Scott Ivie, 72 Eldon st 

Sharp John, 25 Rue-end st 

Shearer Hugh, 52 Shaw st 

Shearer Hugh (wholesale), 3 Mansionhouse lane 

Shearer Mrs J., 14 Bruce st 

Sim John, 32 Lynedoch st 

Sloan James, 19 Shaw st 

Smith Alexander (wholesale), 29 West Burn st 

Smith James R., 10 Ann st 

Smith Thomas, 40 Holmscroft st 

Smith Thomas, 5 Inverkip st and 85 Finnart st 

Smith Miss, 30 Mount Pleasant st 

Stewart Richard, 3 John st 

Stewart Robert J., 5 Rue-end st 

Stirling Mrs A., 17 Shaw st 

Swan Robert P., 96 Roxburgh st 

Swan Mrs, 17 Dempster st 

Telfer Mrs C, 1 Prospecthill st 

Thorn Alexander C, 5 Hamilton st 

Todd Mrs John, 36 Ingleston st 

Train Mrs, 38 Main st 

Tucker John, 7 John st 

Turner Mrs, 8 Antigua st 

Tweeddale James, 68 Vennei 

Vass Jessie, 6 Belville st 

Wallace Miss, 64 Vennei 

Wallace Mrs, 17 Antigua st 

Watson William, 5 Ann st 

Watson Mrs J., 4 Holmscroft st 

Weir Thomas, 46 Holmscroft st 

Wellburn Mrs, 71 Roxburgh st 

White James, 70 Ann st 

Williamson James, 40 Nelson st 

Wilson Edward, 25 Charles st 

W T ilson John, 31 Cathcart st 

Wilson Robert, 25 Belville st 

W T ylie James, 86 Belville st 

Young Miss Agnes, 25 John st 

trades' directory. 287 

Grocers and Spirit-Dealers. 

Cameron A. F., 38 Holmscroft st 

Campbell & Co., 89 Roxburgh st 

Holmes John, 15 Roxburgh st 

Kelly William & Co., 9 William st 

Macfarlane John A. & Co., 10 West Blackhall st 

MacKinnon Alexander, 2 Tobago st 

M'Millan Andrew, 20 Brisbane st 

Mill Alexander, 95 Roxburgh st and 6 Sir Michael st 

Milne Mrs E., 16 Antigua st 

Morison James B., 29 West Blackhall st 

Neill Hugh R. & Co., 27 West Blackhall st 

Orr John & Son, 13 Ann st 

Scott I vie, 16 West Blackhall st 

Scott Peter, 17 West Blackhall st 

Thorn Archibald, 13 Union st 


Erown Alexander, 15 Ann st 

Denny Thomas, 41 Shaw st 

Duthie's, 12 Laird st 

Hamilton Matthew, 1 Arthur st 

Harrower T. H., 28 Market st 

Liebow Brothers, 12 Cathcart st 

M'Fie George, 71 Main st 

M'Guire James, 4 Buccleuch st 

M'Lachlan Duncan, 27 Sugarhouse lane 

M'Millan John, 26 Charles st 

Millar Robert, 23 Rue-end st 

Tucker David, 18 Arthur st 

Watson Frederick, 7 West Blackhall st 

Watson Matthew, 2 Cathcart sq 

Wilson Andrew S., 15 Brymner st 

Wishart Thomas, 2 Cross-shore st and 13 East breast 


Buchanan John & Co., 40 Cathcart st 
Clark Joseph (ladies'), 29 Cathcart st 

trades' directory. 

Craig W. & G., 18 Hamilton st 
Dick James M., 1 1 West Blackhall st 
Fulton James B., 41 Hamilton st 
Galbraith John, 26 Hamilton st 
Lochhead William, 29 Cathcart st 
M 'Donald Andrew, 35 West Burn st 
M'Lellan Andrew, 53 Rue-end st 
Rowan J. G. & Co., 28 Hamilton st 
Wilson John T., 10 West Blackhall st 
Wotherspoon Alexander C, 58 Rue-end st 


Anderson Hugh, 38 Hamilton st 

Buchanan John & Co., 13 Hamilton st 

Campbell John F., 56 Vennel 

Craig George, 27 Cathcart st 

Fisher & M'Lachlan, 12 Cathcart st 

Fulton James B., 41 Hamilton st 

Galbraith John, 26 Hamilton st 

Greenock Clothing Co., 50 Cathcart st 

Kay A. S. & Co., 26 West Blackhall st 

Lochhead William, 29 Cathcart st 

M'llwraith M., 23 Hamilton st 

Mearns James, 14 Hamilton st 

Niven Alexander, 8 West Blackhall st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart square and 28 Hamilton st 

Wilson John T., 10 West Blackhall st 

House Factors. 

Agnew Alexander & Son, 15 Cross-shore st 
Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 
Banks & Miller, 45 Hamilton st 
Bone & Buchanan, 2 Bank st 
Blair William, 6 West Blackhall st 
Campbell Dugald, 49 Cathcart st 
Chalmers William, 5 West Blackhall st 
Forrest John, 26 Crawfurd st 
Hardie William, 2 Watt place 



Original Introducers of the 
Far-famed Ginger Ale. 



Heated Whtei^s 

Purity certified by Eminent Analysts. 

MORE than 70 years have now elapsed since our increasingly 
favourite Aeratkd Beverages were first introduced ; and 
solely by their superior merit and moderate price they have now attained 
the unqualified approval of a wide circle of all classes of society. Their 
manufacture has always been under the immediate supervision of medical 
men, which is the best guarantee the public can have that the AERATED 
Waters manufactured by the Company are the purest and most whole- 
some that can be produced. All the materials used are of the highest 
degree of purity. The water is subjected to thorough filtration : each 
bottle contains a definite and unvarying proportion of the respective 
alkalies or syrups ; and as scrupulous care is exercised in their manipu- 
lation, they may be relied on as absolutely free from organic and 
metallic contamination. 

The Spacious Premises, built expressly to meet the rapidly increas- 
ing demand for our Aerated Waters, and fitted with appliances of the 
most modern, powerful, and approved description, are now the largest 
and most complete works of the kind in Scotland. 

Soda, Potash, Seltzer, and Sithia Waters. Lemonade, Ginger Ale, 
Sarsaparilla, Hot Tom, Aerated Lime Fruit Juice, &c., &c, 

supplied at the Clubs, Principal Hotels, Dining Rooms, Restaurants, 
Bars, and on board River Steamers ; also, to be had of all respectable 
Wine Merchants, Italian Warehousemen. &c. 



Mechanical Goods, suitable for 
Engineers, Shipbuilders, Chemical 
Works, Paper Makers, Brass- 
founders, Plumbers, &c. 

Sheet Rubber, Washers, Valves, 
Insertion, Piston Packing, Delivery 
and Suction Hose, Tubing, Belting, 



Ladies' Waterproof Capes, Scotch Tweed Waterproof Coats, 

In all the Newest Styles 
and Materials. 

Price — from 7s 6d to 35s. 

In all the Newest Designs. 
Fitted from Stock or Made to Measure. 

Price — from 21s to 50s. 

The Greenock Rubber Co., 


trades' directory. 289 

Henderson Thomas., 14 Cathcart st 

Macaulay Daniel, 5 Vennel 

Macdonald Daniel, 9 Eldon st 

Millar James, 18 West Burn st 

Morison John, 29 West Burn st 

Neil James, 3 Bank st 

Neill & Anderson, 26 Hamilton st 

Nicoll James. 33 Cathcart st 

Paul John, 14 Cathcart st 

Prentice John, 32 Nicolson st 

Rougvie John M'D., 33 Ardgowan st, west 

Simpson David M. & J., 38 Nicolson st 

Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 33 Cathcart st 

India Rubber and Waterproof Manufacturers. 
The Greenock Rubber Co., 13 Hamilton st 

Inn and Hotel Keepers. 

Borland J. C. (temperance), 24 Cathcart st 
Bradley Miss, 2 Boyd st and 14 Clarence st 
Brodie William, Buck Head Hotel, 2 Watson's lane 
Buchanan Mrs, White Hart Hotel, 50 Cathcart st 
Chalmers Hume, Wheat Sheaf Hotel, 4 Church place 
Fergusson Miss, Museum Hotel, 9 William st 
Keith Samuel, Royal Hotel, 3 East breast 
Kennedy Mrs (temperance), 1 2 Brymner st 
Lawrence David (temperance), 40 West Blackhall st 
Macdermott Mrs E. W., Tontine Hotel, 34 Cathcart st 
Mackay Hugh, Caledonian Hotel, 28 Cathcart st 
Stewart Miss (temperance), 9 Brougham st i\ 

Insurance Agents — (See Appendix). 

Iron Merchants. 

Jamieson John, 2 Cathcart st 

Kidston A. G. & Co., 48 Rue-end st and 2 Virginia st 
MacCallum P. & Sons, 1 Cathcart st and 54 Rue-end st 


Morton James & Sons, 8 Princes square, Buchanan st, 

Morton & Kidd, 24 Hamilton st 
Robertson William, 49 Main st 
Ross John, 29 Cathcart st 
Whyte George, 13 John st 


Findlay John, 39 Cathcart st and 34 Roxburgh st 

Hutton James, 20 and 22 Inverkip st 

Leckie W. F., 8 East Blackhall st 

Lyle R. & Co., 3 and 4 West breast 

Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast 

Morton & Kidd, 24 Hamilton st 

M'Cuaig Magnus, 100 Roxburgh st 

M'Intyre Duncan, 25 Rue-end st 

Mackenzie W. J. & Co., 4 Shaw st 

M'Kinlay Peter C, 1 Grey place 

Macpherson Alexander & Co , 16 East India breast 

Mathieson John, 42 Brymner st 

Park John, 28 Roxburgh st 

Pow Edward, 19 Cathcart st 

Robertson William, 27 West Blackhall st 

Ross John (wholesale), 29 Cathcart st 

Shepherd William, 9 William st 

Sinclair Angus & Co., 21 Cathcart st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 

W T ilson A. & J., 65 Rue-end st 


Gibson Walter & Co., 8 South st 
M'Bearty Duncan, 21 Mearns st 
M'Leod John M., 87 Belville st 
Muir William, 28 Mearns st 

Leather Merchants. 

Edgar William, 3 William st and 54 Shaw st 
Hill James M. & Co., 9 Stanners st 


M'Ausland & Brand,. Lady burn 
M'Bay Thomas, 4 Dalrymple st 
Malcolm James, 8 Dalrymple st 


Baird Robert A., 45 Cathcart st 
Kincaid James L., 26 Brymner st 
M'Kelvie James & Sons, 34 Hamilton st 
Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end st 

Merchants, Shipowners, and Ship Agents. 

(See also Steam Packet Agents.) 

Adam George & Co., 1 Cathcart st 

Adam Hamilton & Co., 1 Cathcart st 

Adamson Daniel D., 22 Margaret st 

Aitken James, 78 Eldon st 

Allan Robert & Co., Customhouse quay 

Alston Robert L., 22 Forsyth st 

Baine & Johnston, 19 West Blackhall st 

Blanche Richard, Customhouse quay 

Brown Archibald, Customhouse place 

Browne & Watson, 4 Brymner st 

Bryce John &: Co., 4 Bogle st 

Caird Colin S., City buildings 

Carmichael A. & J. H. & Co., Post Office buildings 

Clapperton John & Co., Wallace buildings 

Cowan John, Stoneleigh, 23 Newark st 

Craig, Scott & Co., 4 Brymner st 

Crawford Thomas, 61 Brisbane st 

Crawford W. & J., 49 Cathcart st 

Cunningham John, 32 Cathcart st 

Currie Alexander & Co., 12 West Burn st 

Dawson John, Customhouse quay 

Denholm James & John, 27 Cathcart st 

Erskine D. M., Finnart grove, Finnart road 

Ewing Robert & Co., 55 Rue-end st 

Finlay Campbell & Co., 12 Bogle st 


Foulds & Bone, 8, 9, and 10 Clarence st 

Gibson William & Co., 31 Palmerston buildings 

Gilchrist James E. & Co., 4 Brymner st 

Grieve Walter Son & Co., 14 Cross-shore st 

Hunter Thomas O. & Co., 13 Hamilton st 

Hytten C. & Co., 2 West quay 

Jack John, 31 Bank st 

Jamieson James S. & Co., 18 West Burn st 

Jamieson Robert W., 16 Nelson st, west 

Johnston Alexander R., 1 Fox st 

Kerr John & Co., 6 Grey place 

Kerr, Newton & Co., 4 Brymner st 

Lamont Hugh, West quay 

Leitch John, 4 Mansion-house lane 

Leitch & Muir, 2 West quay 

Leitch Patrick W., 4 Mansion-house lane 

Letham William, 29 Cathcart st 

Liddell William, 8 Brymner st 

Lietke & Co., Palmerston buildings 

Lindsay William & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

Little James & Co., Excise buildings 

Low John, 40 Brymner st 

Lyle Abram & Sons, 11 Nicolson st 

M 'Arthur William & Co., 23 Cathcart st 

M'Crae Daniel, 15 Charles st 

MacCunn James & Co., Excise buildings 

MacDougall Dugald, 1 Cross-shore st 

MacEachran, Fulton & Kerr, 67 Rue-end st 

Macfarlan Alexander & Co., 27 Palmerston buildings 

MacGregor J. & Son, Post Office buildings 

M'Gregor John C, n Johnstone st 

M'Kinnon x\lexander, Palmerston buildings 

M'Lellan James & Co., 46 Brymner st 

Macmillan John, Customhouse buildings 

Macneilage, Adam & Co., 13 Hamilton st 

Meldrum, MacKellar & Co., Donald's court, East India breast 

Neill James, 53 Union st 

Paterson Robert R., City buildings 

Picken Andrew & Co., 55 Rue-end st 

Rankin William, Commercial Bank buildings 

Richardson James & Co., 2 Church place 

Roberts & Bernsten, 27 Cathcart st 

trades' directory. 293 

Robertson & M'Dougall, 1 Cross-shore st 
Robertson Robert William, City buildings 
Ross Corbett & Co., 2 Cross-shore st 
Ross & Marshall, 18 Cathcart st 
Ross William, 29 Cathcart st 
Russell James, 73 Union st 
Shankland Dugald & Co., 21 Cathcart st 
Shankland Robert & Co., 21 Cathcart st 
Sinclair & Co., 46 Cathcart st 
Sinclair James R. C. & Co., 2 West quay 
Skinner Thomas & Co., 3 Brymner st 
Stewart J. & W., 1 Watt place 
Swan Allan, Customhouse buildings 
Sword Archibald, 36 Eldon st 
Turnbull, Martin & Co., 12 Bogle st 
Young Brothers, Palmerston buildings 
Young J. & R., 32 Cathcart st 


Grant Alexander, 41 Cathcart st 
Munro William, 33 Cathcart st 


Boyle Mrs, 13 Charles st 
Euchan Mrs William, 1 1 Regent st 
Johnston Mrs Emma, 61 Nicolson st 
Millar Mrs, 29 Belville st 
MTntyre Mrs, 1 Buccleuch st 
M'Kellar Mrs, 16 Kelly st 
Menzies Mrs, 23 Trafalgar st 
Smith Mrs, 9 Tobago st 
Smith Mrs Robert, 18 Ann st 
Somerville Mrs William, 62 Ann'st 

Hill Matthew, 16 Chapel st 



Mackenzie & Walker, Dellingburn square 
Muir Robert & Sons, 6 East Stewart st 


Conning H. & J., 2 Inverkip st 

Craig George, 27 Cathcart st 

Foster Miss Jane, 21 Cathcart st 

Harvey James, 37 Cathcart st 

Hamilton Miss, 6 West Stewart st 

Houston Miss, 5 1 Brougham st 

Johnstone Miss, 31 West Blackhall st 

M 'Arthur Miss, 50 Inverkip st 

M'Cann Miss, 73 Nicolson st 

M'Farlane Miss, Mansionhouse 

M'Farlane Miss, 1 West Stewart st 

M'Lean A. & J., 28 Roxburgh st 

M'Millan Miss, 19 West Blackhall st 

M'Rae Miss, 14 Lyle st 

Malcolm Mrs, 9 Rue-end st 

Moffat Misses J. & M., 37 West Blackhall st 

Moodie Miss J., 23 Charles st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart Square House 

Scott Miss Bethia, 85 y 2 Belville st 

Sinclair Misses, 33 Nicolson st 

Smith Miss, 51 Brisbane st 

Stewart Miss M. A., 29 Brougham st 

Strachan Sarah M. S., 18 West Blackhall st 

Tait Miss M. B., 9 East Crawford st 

Taylor Miss A., 54 Brougham st 

Weir Misses, 19 Ann st 

Whyte & Martin Misses, 41 West Burn st 

Young Janet, 15 Nelson st, west 

Music Sellers. 

Forbes John, 15 West Blackhall st 
Inglis James & Sons, 19 West Blackhall st 
M'Nair George, 27 Sugarhouse lane 
Martin William, 14 West Blackhall st 
Straine George, 31 Nicolson st 



Barr James, Gateside, Inverkip road 

Butler George M., Murdieston Meadow, Inverkip road 

Keenan Henry, 24 Union st 

Keenan James, 16 Forsyth st 

Poustie Thomas & Son, 35 and 41 Brougham st 

Opticians and Nautical Instrument Makers. 

Gilkison Walter P., 14 Cathcart st 
Glendinning Alexander, 62 Regent st 
Love Robert, 17 West Blackhall st 
M 'Arthur Thomas, 73 Regent st 
M'Gregor D. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

Painters and Paperhangers. 

Brown George, 3 Albert place 
Buchanan James, 34 West Burn st 
Cameron William, 34 West Blackhall st 
Chalmers Robert & Co., 30 Market st 
Colquhoun Duncan, 1 Union st 
Duncan Thomas, 12 Tobago st 
Edgar George, 94 Roxburgh st 
Leitch Daniel, 10 West breast 
Leslie Robert, 3 Manse lane 
Lyle R. & Co., 3 and 4 West breast 
Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast 
M'Ewing David, 14 Arthur st 
M'Gugan & M'Leod, 35 West Burn st 
MacLean John, 3 Kilblain st 
Macnaught John, 27 West Burn st 
Mathieson Robert, 35 Nicolson st 
Murchie Robert, 35 Regent st 
Scott A. & J., 25 West Blackhall st 

296 trades' directory. 

Brown, Stewart & Co , Overton 

Patent Agents. 

Cruikshank George M., C.E., 135 Buchanan st, Glasgow. 
(See Advt.) 

Thomson W. R. M. & Co., 96 Buchanan st, Glas- 
gow. (See Advt.) 

Pavement Merchants. 

M'Neill Alexander, n Patrick st 
Simpson John A. & Co., 6 Tobago st 


Andrew David, 5 William st 

Boyle Elizabeth, 25 Brymner st 

Cairns John, 17 Sir Michael st 

Cook Robert, 33 Market st 

Cruthers E., 28 Dairy mple st 

Flockhart John, 60 Vennel 

Gait Robert, 5 1 Main st 

Greenock Equitable Loan Co., 24 Hamilton st 

Mackay J. & N., 63 Main st 

Millar Alexander, 38 Hamilton st 

O'Neil John B., 8 S tanners st 

Robertson John, 39 Hamilton st 

Stewart Agnes T., 49 Vennel 


Fergus C. & C, 36 West Blackhall st 
Gothard William, 37 Rue-end st 
Macfee H. N., 23 Cathcart st 


M'Lennan William & Co., 29 Nicolson st 
Paton James, 59 Esplanade 
Sraiton David, 2 Grey place 
Taylor A. & G., 17 Hamilton st 
Turnbull & Sons, 37 Hamilton st 
Urie Robert, 29 West Burn st 

Physicians & Surgeons. 
(See Appendix.) 


•Gillies Neil, 29 Roxburgh st 

JVTCreadie James, Jamaica lane, off Jamaica st 

Mulhern John, 40 Main st 

O'Brian Michael, 4 South st 

Tannock Quintin, 5 Sir Michael st 


Adam William & Co., 2 and 3 Dock breast 

Allan William, 48 Ann st 

Barclay John S., 10 Broad close 

Bell Peter & Co., 11 Chapel st 

Bradley John, 7 East breast 

Broadfoot James & Sons, 2 W r est breast 

Brown Alexander, 8 Kilblain st 

Carson Henry, 26 Crawfurd st 

Chalmers Alexander, 14 Crawfurd st 

Conner John, 3 East Blackhall st 

Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end st 

Duncan & Sharp, Ladyburn 

Eairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 

Hope J. & W., 12 Kilblain st 

Loudon James, 12 Tobago st 

JVI'Jannet John, 62 Inverkip st 

Maclean J. & D., 19 Brymner st 

M'Lean Andrew Y., 5 Tobago st 

298 trades' directory. 

Mitchell James, 24 West Burn st 
Thomson Charles, 17 Kelly st 
Walker Robert, 32 Roxburgh st 
Wallace & Connell, 4 East Blackhall st 

Potato Merchants. 

Bowie Archibald, Mansionhouse 
Chalmers John, 7 Princes st 
Howie Matthew, 5 West breast 

Clyde Pottery Co., Port-Glasgow road 


Gilmor'e A. & Son, 21 West Blackhall st 

M'Allister Mrs, 8 Sir Michael st 

M'Kechnie Allan, 19 West Blackhall st and 16 Kelly st 

M'Kellar Mrs A., 5 William st 

Macintyre James, 43 Hamilton st 

Mooney E. & S., 20 Hamilton st 

Paterson Robert, 14 William st 


Blair Joseph & Co., 40 Cathcart st 

Campbell Charles, 2 Watt place 

Hutchison William, 23 Nicolson st 

Orr, Pollock & Co., 14 Charles st and 15 Sugarhouse lane 

Storer James, 12 Kilblain st 


Registrars of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. 

East Parish — James M'Cunn, 3 East Blackhall st 
Middle Parish — William Johnston, 5 Bank st 
West Parish — Robert A. Baird, 9 Sugarhouse lane 


Allan William O., 13 Hamilton st 

Baird Miss Jane, 1 1 Cathcart st 

Buchanan Mrs, 50 Cathcart st 

Caiser Joseph, 5 West Blackhall st 

Currie William C, 4 Watson's lane 

Fergusson Miss Margaret, 36 West Blackhall st 

Gilchrist Miss, Railway station, Cathcart st 

M'Phee & Robertson, 8 Grey place 

Morison James B., 15 West Blackhall st 

Rankin Mrs George, 20 West Blackhall st 


Blair Thomas, 9 Shaw place 
Hill Henry, 45 Hamilton st 
Rhodes Thomas, 7 Newton st 
Robertson Thomas, 22 West Stewart st 

Rope and Twine Spinners. 

Appleton Thomas, Ladyburn, East Hamilton st 

Goilrock Rope work Co., 1 Cross-shore st and 5 East breast 

Leitch Quintin & Co., 7 West breast 

Orr, Hunter & Co. (Limited), 4 West Quay lane 

Tough Alexander & Son, 3 East breast 


Barr Alexander, 29 Sugarhouse lane 
Lauder Alexander F., 19 Cathcart st 


Park Matthew, 58 Rue-end st 
Stewart Mrs James, 35 Nicolson st 
Turner John, 1 Watt place 


Black Thomas, 3 and 4 Customhouse place 

Ferguson & Co., Roslin st 

Fish, Brown, Meldrum & Co., East India breast 

Hamilton & Adam, 21 Shaw st 

MacKenzie John, 5 East breast 

MacSymon Robert, 6 Argyle st and 46 Brymner st 

Orr, Hunter & Co (Limited), 4 West Quay lane 

Pennell Joseph & Co., Albert harbour 

Whyte James & Co., 2 Virginia st 

Saw Makers. 

Duguid John, Port-Glasgow road 
Masson Andrew, 4 Carnock st 

Saw Millers. 

Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 
Allison & Brand, 16 W 7 est Burn st 
Allison Mrs Stewart, 1 Dellingburn square 
Blackwood & Co., Lady burn, East Hamilton st 
Cameron Allan & Son, Macdougall st 
Crawford Alexander, 7 West Stewart st 
Lamb Thomas Sons & Co., 6 East Hamilton st 
M'Lean James & Co., 25, 28, and 64 Main st 
Miller & Brown, 64 Inverkip st 


Baird Hugh, 17 Bank st 
Gordon James, 6 South st 
Kennedy H., 3 South st 


Lang James, 27 Brougham st 
Wallace James, 29 Roxburgh st 
Wood Thomas, 6 South st 


Gatherer Peter, 21 and 23 Crawfurd st 
Keenan Henry, 24 Union st 
Laing Robert, Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 
Poustie Thomas & Son, 35 and 41 Brougham st 

Session-Clerks — (See Appendix.) 

Sewing Machine Manufacturers. 

Kay A. S. & Co., 26 West Blackhall st 

Singer Manufacturing Company, 28 Nicolson st 

Sheriff Officers. 

Conn John, 5 Hamilton st 
Gillies John, 25 West Burn st 
Innes Joseph, 41 Cathcart st 
Munro William, 33 Cathcart st 
Sinclair W. G., 6 West Blackhall st 


Caird & Co., 46 Dairy m pie st and Arthur st 
Dunlop David J. & Co., Inch Works, Port-Glasgow 
Russell & Co., Main st 
Scott & Co., Cartsdyke 

Ship Chandlers. 

Black Thomas, 3 and 4 Customhouse place 
Denniston J. S. & Co., 1 1 West breast 


Gilkison Walter P., 14 Cathcart st 

Hendry Archibald, 16 East India breast 

Kirchoff Charles B., 1 Watt place 

Lyle R. & Co., 3 and 4 West breast 

Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast 

MTntyre Duncan, 25 Rue-end st 

MacSymon Robert, 6 Argyle st and 46 Brymner st 

Rankin William & Son, 1 and 3 Brymner st 

Steven John, 7 West breast 

Walloe & Co., 21 Shaw st 

Wilson A. & J., 65 Rue-end st 

Ship Store Merchants. 

Black Thomas, 3 and 4 Customhouse place 

Kelly William & Co., 9 William st 

Kirchoff Charles B., 1 Watt place 

Low John & Co., 40 Brymner st 

Lyle John & Sons, 6 W. Quay lane and 1 7 Sugarhouse lane 

M'Kiver William M. & Co., 12 Cross-shore st 

MacSymon Robert, 6 Argyle st and 46 Brymner st 

Rankin William & Son, 1 and 3 Brymner st 

Stewart John, 4 Bogle st 

Walloe & Co., 21 Shaw st 

Shorthand Writer. 

Mitchell William, Sheriff Courthouse, Nelson st, west, and 
23 Kelly st 

Sick Nurses and Keepers. 

Barbour Mrs, 57 Holmscroft st 
Cowan Mrs, 13 Nelson st, west 
Grant Mrs, 34 Mount Pleasant st 
Macgregor Mrs James, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
Mac Kay Miss Annie, 37 Roxburgh st 
M'Kellar Mrs, 16 Kelly st 

12 Trafalgar st 

trades' directory. 303 

Mathieson Mrs Archibald, 47 Holmscroft st 

Millar Mrs, 29 Belville st 

Scott Mrs, 14 Ardgowan st, west 

Sims Mrs, 80 Roxburgh st 

Tennant Mrs, 33 Hamilton st 

Thomson Mrs, 4 West Stewart st 

Tulloch Mrs, 24 Lyle st 


Erskine George, 12 Lauriston st 
Gillies Neil, 29 Roxburgh st 
Leisk Adam, jun., 12 Laird st 
M'Dougall John, 22 Tobago st 
Mackay Peter, 9 Chapel st 
M'Kinney John, 56 Rue-end st 
M'Laughlin James, 14 Kilblain st 
M'Pherson Donald K., 3 Newton st 
Paterson William, jun., Hunter place, Vennel 
Philips David & Sons, 5 Tobago st 
Robertson Charles, 6 Buccleuch st 
Robertson James & Co., 21 West Stewart st 
Swan Andrew, 14 Nicolson st 
•Tosh David, 3 and 11 Brougham st 
Wright Peter & Son, 17 Salmon st and 48 Inverkip st 

Spirit Dealers. 

Alexander William (wholesale), 57 Vennel 

Allan William, 2 Mansionhouse lane 

Allan W. O., 7 Inverkip st and 13 Hamilton st 

Archibald William, 13 Charles st and 28 Market st 

Armitage William, jun., 60 Lynedoch st 

Arthur Joseph F., 38 West Blackhall st 

Bathgate Mrs Archibald, 14 Terrace road 

Blackwood John, 40 Cathcart st 

Blanch Philip, 23 Bruce st 

Bodega Agency Co., 21 Shaw st and 24 Cathcart Arcade 

Boyd James, 12 Sir Michael st 

Brady James, 38 Ann st and 62 Vennel 

304 trades' directory. 

Brodie William, 3 Ropework st 

Brodie Mrs, 34 Sir Michael st 

Brown Neil (wholesale), 7 and 9 Sir Michael st, 39 Vennel, 

45 Dalrymple st, 2 William st, and 12 East breast 
Brown William, 40 West Burn st 
Brown Mrs, 1 Argyle st 
Bryce John, 9 Main st 
Campbell, Anderson & Co. (wholesale), 2 Shaw st and 6 

Cathcart st 
Campbell Archibald, 97 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Malcolm, 4 Dellingburn st 
Campbell Norman, 10 East breast 
Campbell Peter, 13 Laird st 
Carrigan John, 31 Vennel 

Chestnut Robert, 31 Rue-end st and 3 Charles st 
Clark John T., 53 Rue-end st 
Cochrane Mrs Janet, 10 Baker st 
Crawford Robert P., 35 Ingleston st and Crescent st 
Curtis C. H. & Co. (wholesale), 32 Cathcart st and 24 Nicol- 

son st 
Davidson William. 1 Crescent st 
Davie Mrs Alexander M., 19 Stanners st 
Devlin James P., 18 Vennel 
Devlin P., 3 Market st 
Dow Mrs Archibald, 18 Sir Michael st 
Downing William, 29 Cathcart st and 2 Mansionhouse lane 
Drysdale Thomas, 3 Crescent st 
Duncan Robert, 1 2 Baker st 
Dunlop George, jun., 11 and 12 East breast 
Dursley James, 41 Main st 
Fay Arthur, 9 East breast 

Finlay A. H. (wholesale), 9 Shaw st and branches 
Fleming Matthew, 46 Lynedoch st 
Foulds William, 27 Main st 
Gallacher Patrick, 5 Cowgate 
Gallacher Mrs B., 15 Clarence st 
Gallacher Mrs William, 26 East Shaw st 
Gerrard James, 36 Inverkip st 
Gillies George D., 93 Roxburgh st 
Gillies John B., 61 Roxburgh st 
Gilliland William, 45 Inverkip st 
Gordon James, 6 Ann st 


Grant John, 29 Dalrymple st 

Haddow & Fleming, 17 Cathcart st 

Hagan Charles, 34 Vennel and 6 Watson's lane 

Hannah James, 3 Grey place 

Hart James, 14 Shaw st 

Hendry James, 2 Charles st and 14 Market st 

Hendry Mrs M., 7 Main st 

Hilton Thomas, 21 Charles st 

Hunt John, 4 Bearhope st 

Inglis James, 10 Kilblain st 

Kelso James, 65 Main st 

Kilpatrick Samuel, 35 Vennel 

Lyle John, 8 Smith's lane 

Lyle John & Sons (wholesale), 6 West Quay lane and 17 

Sugarhouse lane 
M'Brearty Robert, 29 Vennel 
M'Callum Donald, 22 West Blackhall st 
M'Clemont Miss, 48 East Hamilton st 
M'Cormick John, 2 Harvie lane and 1 Ropework st 
M'Cormick Edward, 12 Vennel 
M'Cormick Henry, 3 Shannon's close 
MacDonald John, 12 East India breast 
MacDonald Ronald, 10 West breast 
M'Dougall John, 16 Stanners st 
MacEachran Gilbert, 1 1 Arthur st 
M'Ewan John, 27 Vennel 
M'Farlane Archibald, 32 Arthur st 
M'Grath John, 8 East breast 
M'Gregor Neil, 8 Cathcart st and 1 Shaw st 
M'Gregor James, 3 Shannon's close 
M'Gregor John (wholesale), 23 and 25 Shaw st and 13 Brym- 

ner st 
M'Innes Dugald (wholesale), 14 Hamilton st, 3 Arthur st, 

and 15 Rue-end st 
M'lntosh Duncan, 9 Bearhope st and 18 East Shaw st 
MacKenzie Ewen, 25 Sugarhouse lane and 6 Market st 
MacKenzie James, 30 Cathcart st 
M'Kenzie John, 14 John st 
M'Kenzie Peter, 11 Hamilton st 

M'Kinnon Donald, 6 East Shaw st and 43 Crawfurd st 
M'Kinnon Donald, 22 Cathcart st 
M'Kinnon Hugh, 41 Rue-end and 25 Vennel 

306 trades' directory. 

M'Lachlan Duncan, 34 Dalrymple st 

M'Laren A. D., 9 Cross-shore st 

M'Leish Daniel, 17 Shaw st 

M 'Master Peter, 3 St. Andrew square and 2 Springkell st 

M'Millan James, 31 Hamilton st 

M'Millan John, 69 Vennel 

M'Naught Mrs, 66 Ann st 

M'Nee Mrs Joseph, 20 Cathcart st 

M'Tavish Jane, 13 Shaw st 

Millar S. H. (wholesale), 3 West Quay lane, 17 Regent st, 
and 10 Ann st 

Miller Andrew, 38 Main st 

Moore Thomas, 24 Cathcart st and 37 Brymner st 

Mulgrew Thomas, 7 East breast 

Murphy John, 13 Cathcart st 

O'Hara William, 61 Main st 

Ostler Robert, 2 Carnock st 

Paul John (wholesale), 8 Shaw st and 4 William st 

Phillips Patrick (wholesale), 13 Cross-shore st and 63 Main st 

Pollock John, 69 Main st 

Prentice Thomas & Co. (wholesale), 23 Nicolson st 

Prentice Thomas, 3 St. Andrew st 

Rennie James, 37 Rue-end st 

Rennie Robert (wholesale), 20 West Burn st, 9 Inverkip st, 
and 8 Cartsburn st 

Riddell George, 4 Clarence st 

Robertson Mrs Wellwood M., 2 Buccleuch st 

Roger James H., 21 Shaw st and 24 Arcade 

Ronald William, 1 7 Bearhope st 

Ross Hugh, 24 Charles st 

Russell Martha L., 21 Port-Glasgow road 

Russell W. C. & Co. (wholesale), 27 Cathcart st and 3 Carts- 
burn st 

Scobbie James A., 27 Rue-end st 

Scott John C.j 62 Wellington st 

Sharp James G, 4 Shaw st 

Sharp William, 17 John st 

Shearer James, 41 Ann st 

Shearer Mrs, 21 Ann st 

Sieger Engelbert, 41 West Blackhall st 

Skivington A. & G. (wholesale), 5 Mansionhouse lane and 
50 Shaw st 


Smith John, 10 Market st 

Smith John, 39 Shaw st 

Smith Mrs John, 9 Port-Glasgow road 

Smith Mrs John, 30 East Hamilton st 

Steen John, 4 Dalrymple st 

Stewart Mrs I., 59 Main st 

Templeton Robert, 22 Vennel 

Thorne R. & Sons (wholesale), 6 Manse lane 

Wallace William, 1 Open shore 

Watson James, 8 Inverkip st 

Watt John, no Drumfrochar road 

Watt William (wholesale), 47 Vennel 

Weir Walter, 20 Sugarhouse lane 

Yorston Mrs, 81 Roxburgh st 

Stay and Corset Maker. 
Dalziel Misses, 18 West Blackhall st 


Ericeland Andrew, 9 Watt st 
Carroll James, 3 Kilblain st 
Dunning Matthew, 4 Trafalgar st 
Perguson Moses, 13 West Stewart st 
Grant William, 48 Shaw st 
Greenock Stevedore Co., 8 Roslin st 
Hammond Henry, 32 William st 
Ross & Marshall, 18 Cathcart st 

Stock and Sharebrokers. 

Alexander John, Post Office buildings 
Campbell Dugald, 49 Cathcart st 
Hardie William, 2 Watt place 
MacTavish L., 17 Hamilton st 
Webster Henry A., 1 1 William st 

308 trades' directory 

Sugar Brokers. 

Anderson John & Co., 15 Hamilton st 

Buchanan G. & M., 17 Hamilton st 

Budgett James & Son, 46 Brymner st 

Cunningham Charles, 49 Cathcart st 

Czarnikow & Boog, 27 Cathcart st 

Drake J. V. & Co., 27 Cathcart st 

Finzel, Berry & Co., 3 Brymner st 

Hogg Alexander & Co., Sugar Exchange 

Lusk Robert & Co., 7 Tobago st 

Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co., Commercial Bank buildings; 

M'Pherson R. C & Co., 3 Brymner st 

Marshall James & Co., City buildings 

Parkhill & Lang, 30 Sugarhouse lane 

Ramsay Charles G., Exchange buildings 

Richmond Robert J., 13 Exchange buildings 

Ross William, 29 Cathcart st 

Rougvie James, 60 Eldon st 

Scott, Adams & M'Kirdy, Palmerston buildings 

Smart J. R. & Co., 4 Brymner st 

Smith A. C. & Co., 4 Brymner st 

Williamson George, jun., 33 Cathcart st 

Wrede & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

Sugar Refiners. 

Ballantine & Rowan, Dellingburn st 
Cartsburn Sugar Refining Co., 4 Crescent st 
Clyde Sugar Refining Co., 107 Drumfrochar road 
Glebe Sugar Refining Co., 6 Grey place 
Hogg, Wallace & Co., Dellingburn st 
Neill, Dempster & Neill, 78 Drumfrochar road 
Orchard Sugar Refinery, 22 to 28 Ingleston st 
Roxburgh Sugar Refining Co., 40 Sir Michael st 
Scott Alexander & Sons, 20 Baker st and Berry-yards 
Walker John & Co., 3 Princes st 


Sugar Samplers. 

■Galbreath John & Son, 8 West Quay lane 
Speirs James & Son, 30 Cathcart st 

Tailors, Clothiers, and Outfitters. 

Abrahams Samuel, 14 Dairy mple st 

Anderson John, 32 Cathcart st 

Armour John, 1 2 Bruce st and 33 Roxburgh st 

Boyd James, 69 Nicolson st 

Bruce G. & J., 46 Hamilton st 

Buchanan John & Co., 40 Cathcart st 

Burnett Joseph, 56 Rue-end st 

Cairney William A., 32 Hamilton st 

Chalmers Henry, 30 Nicolson st 

Chevalier Frederick, 4 William st 

Cleland & Stewart, 26 Hamilton st 

Colquhoun John, 7 Grey place 

Cook David, 9 Rue-end st 

Cook Robert A, jun., 43 Vennel 

Cowan Robert & Co., 2 West Blackhall st 

Crawford & Laurie, 7 West Blackhall st 

Devoney Frank, 1 Lauriston st 

Douglas & Grant, 46 Cathcart st 

Fisher & Maclachlan, 12 Cathcart st 

•Gilchrist William, 8 and 12 William st 

Hamilton James & Son, 23 Cathcart st 

Hendry Robert, 29 Regent st 

Howie Alexander, 26 West Blackhall st 

Jamieson John & Co., 16 Hamilton st 

Jenkins Alexander, 41 West Burn st 

Kellet George, 70 Roxburgh st 

Lang William, 11 West Stewart st 

Lennox James L., 16 West Blackhall st 

M'Adam John, Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 

M 'Donald Donald, 32 Brymner st 

M'Eleney John, 7 William st 

M'Gallan William, 3 Argyle st 

310 trades' directory. 

M'Giveran John, 29 West Burn st 
Mackinnon & Son, 29 Shaw st 
Maclachlan & Co., 35 Hamilton st 
M'Lellan Andrew, 53 Rue-end st 
M 'Naught George W., 37 Ann st 
M'Neil James, sen., 32 Hamilton st 
M'Vicar & Son, 39 West Burn st 
Martin John, 5 Hamilton st 
Mearns James, 14 Hamilton st 
Merrylees James, 40 Cathcart st 
Merrylees James, jun., 6 William st 
Morrison Neil, 2 Inverkip st 
Morrison & Sons, 41 Cathcart st 
Nicol Gavin, 29 West Burn st 
Paterson Lachlan, 32 Hamilton st 
Prentice D. & A., 24 Hamilton st 
Ramsay & Moles, 29 West Burn st 
Robertson John, 39 West Burn st 
Rowan J. G. & Co., 28 Hamilton st 
Scott Robert, 32 East Hamilton st 
Shannon James, 50 Cathcart st 
Vincent A. G., 1 West breast 
Wilson John, 36 Charles st 
Wright Robert, 34 West Blackhall st 

Tanners and Curriers. 

Fisher & Co., Lady burn 
Hill James M. & Co., 1 1 Stanners st 
M'Ausland & Brand, Ladyburn 
Paterson Charles, 19 Cartsburn st 

Timber Merchants and Measurers. 

Adam George & Co., 1 Cathcart st 
Allison & Brand, 16 West Burn st 
Allison Mrs Stewart, 1 Dellingburn square 
Broun Neil & Co., 2 Cathcart st 

trades' directory. 311 

Caird Colin S., City buildings 

Cameron Allan & Son, Macdougall st 

Carswell John & Son, 2 Cathcart st 

Chalmers Robert & Co., 30 Market st 

Crawford Alexander, 7 West Stewart st 

Davie Robert & Co., 65 Rue-end st 

Fullarton Robert & Son, 6 Cathcart st 

Hill Robert, 2 East India breast 

Holm & Fraser, 67 Rue-end st 

Hunter Robert, 67 Rue-end st 

Lamb Thomas, Sons & Co., 6 East Hamilton st 

Maclean, Todd & Co., 67 Rue-end st 

M'Lean James & Co., 25, 28, and 64 Main st 

Miller & Brown, 64 Inverkip st 

Mories John & Co., 2 Cathcart st 

Murray James, 30 Market st 

Sommerville & Co., Caledonian Saw-mills, Port-Glasgow road 


Daskin & Co., 31 Nicolson st 

Denniston J. S. & Co., 11 West breast 

Dewar & Co., 26 Charles st and 11 Sugarhouse lane 

Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 

Ferguson William, 14 West Burn st and 4 Inverkip st 

Logan Francis & Sons, 21 Nicolson st 

M'Cormick D. & Co., 8 Springkell st 

Rae Brothers & Co., 31 West Burn st 

Sinclair Angus & Co., 21 Cathcart st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 

Whyte & Ross, 1 7 Brymner st 

Tobacco Manufacturers. 

Anderson William, 6 Dalrymple st and 49 Rue-end st 
Dobbie Hugh, 1 Customhouse place 
More Andrew & Co., 15 Market st 
Yeats John R. & Co., 16 Charles st 

312 trades' directory. 


Anderson Andrew, 65 Rue-end st 

Anderson William, 6 Dalrymple st and 49 Rue-end st 

Blair Miss, 63 Inverkip st 

Boyd James, 1 Ann st 

Boyd Mrs James, 33 Rue-end st 

Boyd Miss M., Palmerston buildings 

Chalmers Miss, 26 East Hamilton st 

Christie Malcolm, 9 East breast 

Donald James & Co., 7 Hamilton st 

Edelsten Richard, 29 Brougham st 

Ferrie James, 1 7 East Shaw st 

Flight Janet, 33 West Burn st 

Haig James, 34 West Burn st 

Hendry Miss Mary, 18 Cartsburn st 

Hill Miss H., 8 Grey place 

Jamieson Miss C, 35 Cathcart st 

Kelso William, 20 Hamilton st 

Kennedy James, 49 Rue-end st 

Kinnaird Miss J., 102 Roxburgh st 

Laing Margaret, 1 7 Rue-end st 

Lauder John M., 6 Inverkip st 

Lemon Peter, 1 William st 

Logan Francis, 16 Lynedoch st and 79 Roxburgh st 

M-Cormick William, 5 Lennox buildings, Port-Glasgow road 

M'Eleny James, 1 Kilblain st 

Macintyre Charles J., 3 Brougham st 

MTntosh James, 10 Brymner st 

M'Neill Thomas, 4 Sir Michael st 

M'Lauchlin Daniel, 34 Dalrymple st and 19 Hamilton st 

Menzies Miss R., 23 Vennel 

Mitchell James C, 83 Roxburgh st and 23 Rue-end st 

Morton Mrs, 36 Hamilton st 

Preston John, 1 7 West Blackhall st 

Shand John, 59 Rue-end st 

Taylor James, 1 Lauriston st 

Tierney Alexander H., 40 Hamilton st 

Turley John, 23 Main st 

Waddell Miss, 30 Cathcart st 

Westphal Catherine, 29 Regent st 


"Wright Mrs, 3 Prospecthill st 
Yeats John R. & Co., 16 Cathcart st 

Umbrella Makers. 

Fenton William, 14 West Blackhall st 
Lochhead William, 29 Cathcart st 
Leonard Charles, 18 Inverkip st 
•Quin John & Son, 7 West Blackhall st 
^Ross Hugh, 25 Hamilton st 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Macfarlane Arthur A., 4 Laird st and 5 George square 
Robinson Alexander, 37 West Burn st and 60 Vennel 
Robinson Archibald, 37 West Burn st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Aitken Andrew, 3 Hamilton st 
Burnside Robert K., 6 West Blackhall st 
■Cameron Archibald, 59 Rue-end st 
Cameron Matthew, 36 Hamilton st 
Clark John & Son, 19 West Blackhall st 
Davidson Robert, 4 West Blackhall st 
Douglas & Son, 9 Hamilton st 
Hendry James & Co., 31 Cathcart st 
M'Gregor D. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 
M'Neil Thomas, 34 Brymner st 
Mann Alexander, 16 Laird st 
Marr James, 14 Hamilton st 
Menzies Robert, 27 West Burn st 
Miller James, 43 West Burn st 
Miller William S., 33 Brymner st 
Proctor Robert M., 34 Hamilton st 
E.onald James, 23 Cathcart st 


Sieger Engelbert, Palmerston buildings 
Smith Thomas W., 14 West Blackhall st 
Stewart William, 1 3 West Blackhall st 
Ward & Co., 16 Hamilton st 
Warden Andrew, 45 Hamilton st 


Fleming, Reid & Co., Drumfrochar road 
Houston R. & Sons, 28 West Blackhall st 


Adam James, 6 Smith's lane 

Agnew Alexander & Son, Terrace road 

Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 

Austin & Kinnaird, 19 Bogle st 

Black James, 5 and 7 West Stewart st 

Boyd John, 7 Brougham st 

Carnaghan James, 13 Regent st 

Chalmers Archibald, 36 Roxburgh st 

Chalmers Hugh M. & Son, 23 Bearhope st 

Chalmers Robert & Co., 30 Market st 

Cook John, Lindsay's lane, West Quay head 

Crawford & Fulton, 10 Terrace road 

Denney & Crawford, 52 Kelly st 

Foster Robert P., 32 Main st 

Henderson Robert, 8 Tobago st 

Hendry Daniel S., 3 Cathcart st 

Hendry Duncan & Son, 7 Dock breast and Open shore 

Houston R. & W. & Co., 69 Belville st 

Jamieson & Howat, 8 South st 

Jamieson John R., 39 Wellington st 

Lyon David, 6 East Blackhall st 

Lyon Malcolm, 3 Dellingburn st 

M'Fadyen Archibald, 7 West Blackhall st 

Macfie John, 3 Argyle st 

M'Lean Neil, to Cross-shore st 


M'Neil Archibald, 10 West Burn st 
M'Quoid William, 31 Sir Michael st 
M 'Walter Robert, 9 West Stewart st 
Miller & Brown, 64 Inverkip st 
Miller J. & A., 31 Hamilton st 
Morrison A. &: U , 3 Clarence st 
Mossman James &: Son, 68 Regent st 
Park Matthew, 27 Newton st 
Paterson & Stevenson, 31 Roxburgh st 
Ramsay Gilbert A., 16 Nicolson st 
Scott Thomas, 28 Crawfurd st 
Smith & M'Cuaig, 30 Charles st 
Stewart C. & W., 9 Brisbane st 
Strachan A. J. & W., 1 Hope st 
Symington John & Sons, 66 Inverkip st 
Turnbull Jonathan, 49 Rue-end st 
Weir James, 20 West Blackhall st 
Williamson & Gray, 51 Vennel 
Young Archibald, 23 Ann st 


Ship and General Smith, 






Every Description of Smith Work executed with despatch, 
and in the Best Style of Workmanship. 


















>— < 


-r— I 




7 Campbell John 

1 1 Graves George C. 
Lyle James 
Mossman James 

12 Watson Thomas C. 
14 Bush Mrs 

Wilson John 
18 Hamilton Robert 

Smith Mrs Robert 
20 M'Lachlan James 

Rooney Mrs 
22 Aitken Robert 
24 M'Garrity Charles 

26 Reid William 
Todd John 

27 MTntosh William 

29 Johnston Mrs 
MTntyre William 
Millar Alexander 
Sharp Mrs 

30 Gray John 
M'Callum Miss Mary 

31 Mountford Jabez 
Robinson A. M. 
Taylor Robert 

32 Boyd Robert 
Kilpatrick George 
M'Brearty Robert 

33 Blair Thomas 

34 Gallacher Patrick 
M'Lellan Andrew 

38 Livingston Donald 

39 Hughes Samuel 
M'Crindle William 
M'Lean Donald 

40 Bell John 
Thomson James 

41 Allison Robert 

41 Clark Archibald 
M'Neilage Alexander 
Sloan Samuel 
Thomson William 

42 Bisset Mrs Thomas 
Henry Charles 
Huey James 
M'Kay Robert 

44 Duncan J. B. 
Meikle William 
M 'Kellar Daniel 
Thomson James 

46 Logan Francis B. 
M'Gregor Gregor G. 
M'Kinnon Hugh 
Sinclair Alexander 

48 Alexander William 
Bailie George 
M Arthur John 
M'Kenzie Walter 
Williamson James 

50 Alexander Thomas 
MTnnes Robert 

55 M'Munagle C. 

56 Holburn Robert, jun, 
Inglis Mrs James 

59 Anderson Duncan 
Boyd Robert 
Brittlebank Thomas 
Campbell James 
Gillespie James 
Harley Allan 
M'Gruther Robert 
Robertson Daniel 

60 Clark Mrs Peter 
M'Douga 11 William 
M'Laren Mrs 
Sharp John 
Simpson Richard 
Thomson Robert 



Ann Street — Continued 

6 1 Begg Samuel 
M'Dougall Lachlan 
Taylor Angus 
Wright David 

62 Blyth Thomas 
Livingston John 
Thomson Mrs 

63 Foster Henry H. 
Hamilton Archibald 
Leitch Colin 
M'Kay Mrs 
M'Gowan Eben 

64 Barclay John 
Biggart Robert 
Caldwell Janet 
Gunn Alexander 
Robertson Colin 
Swan William 

66 Agnew Andrew 
Eadie Forbes 

70 Armour George 
Kain Thomas 

71 M'Millan John 

72 Beveridge James 
Hall James 
Stevenson David 

73 M'Coll Allan 
Jamieson Thomas 

76 Campbell William 
Lange William 


2 M'Callum Peter 
Conway Francis 
Orr Thomas 
Orr William 

3 Drummond Daniel 
Glencross John 
Kelso James 
Macpherson John 
Murray Robert 
Nicolson Samuel 

4 M'Gregor Nicol 
Miller James 

5 Anderson James 
Fergus Mrs 
Graham Dugald 
Macfarlane John 
Sorrie Mrs Peter 

6 Borland John 
Foulds Matthew 
M 'Walter John 
Pollock John 

8 Black Neil 
Carlyle Mrs 
Livingston Alexander 
M'Callum Malcolm 
M'Kellar James 
Turner Mrs 

9 Boyd Bryce 
Connell Alexander 
M 'Master Peter 

10 Wood Miss 

11 Anderson Mrs E. 
Black Duncan 
Blake Miss 
Miller Mrs 

13 Ballantine Peter 
Campbell Angus 
Kerr George 
Wylie Allan C. 

15 Galbraith Duncan 
Hutchison Mrs 
Keith Duncan 
M'Callum Neil 
Pollock John 

16 Allison George 
M 'Farlane James 
Milne Mrs 
Smith Neil 

17 Gibson David 
Macleod Malcolm 
Wallace Mrs 

18 Adam Alexander 
Beaton Mrs 
Ferguson Alexander 
M'Adam Matthew 
M'Kellar Archibald 

19 Copland John 
Gunn Alexander 
M'Fie Malcolm 
Orr James 

20 Cooper William 
Finnie Colin 
Johnston James 

20 M'Neilage John 

21 Miller Robert 
Sinclair William G. 

22 M Alpine Duncan 
M' Donald Mrs 
Paul Miss 



Antigua Street — Continued 

Smith Donald 
24 Aitkinson Mrs Richard 

Baillie Archibald 

Smith John 


I Mumme Carl 

5 Cameron Hugh 

6 Alexander Mrs Angus 
Colquhoun Duncan 
Dunn Miss 
Stewart Daniel B. 

7 Boyd Miss Janet 
M'Farlane Miss Margaret 
West Miss 

8 Brown Miss Mary 
Bruce George 
Cunningham Charles 
M'Farlane Mrs 
Paton Mrs Robert 
Weir James 

9 Cameron Mrs Patrick 
Clapper ton Mrs 
Connell James 
Maclean James 
Murray John G. 
Sharp Mrs John 
Taylor Robert 

12 Austin Mrs Matthew 
Boyd James 

M'Kerracher Alexander 
Brown James 
M'Farlane Donald 
Isaac William 
Johnston Mrs James 
Lawson James 

Park William 

13 Cook Archibald 
M'Lean John 

M 'Naught Duncan 
Sinclair George 
Symington Rev. Andrew 
Whitelaw Robert 

14 Bisset James G. 
Cleland Alexander 
Devlin John 
Duncan Miss 
Livingston Miss 
Macdonald Ronald 

17 Galbraith Murdoch 

19 Auld Mrs 
Auld James 
Nicoll Mrs James 
Neill Hugh R. 
Tosh David 

20 Park Mrs 

21 Calvert Thomas 
23 Bowling Mrs 

Brown Miss Anderson 
Ferguson Daniel 
Kelso Mrs Daniel 
Lang John, jun. 
25 M'Donnell Hugh 

27 Brown Archibald 

28 Ferguson Robert 
Hastie William 
Macara Renton 

M 'Arthur Alexander 

29 Alexander William 
Mitchell James 
Muir James D. 
Patrick John B. 

30 Blair David* 
Brailsford Rev. E. J. 
Ferguson William 
Mories John 
Wallace James 

31 Richmond Robert J. 

32 Brown James, jun. 
Colquhoun John 
Hutchison James 
Jamieson John 
Macintosh Neil 

32 M 'Neil Thomas 

33 Dunbar Miss 
Graham Hugh 
Rougvie John M'D. 

35 Watt William 
37 MacCunn James 

39 Leitch W. O. 

40 Bonar Rev. Dr John James 
Prentice Thomas, Willow park 


3 Jenney Miss 

4 Crockatt William 

8 Marshall W. J., M.D. 

9 Currie Alexander 
Lindsay Miss 



Ardgowan Square — Continued 
9 Morton Miss 
io Cunningham Duncan 
Little Miss 

12 Douglas Miss 

13 Fox John, M.D. 

14 Turner Mrs 

15 Leitch Patrick W. 
Leitch Miss 

16 Black A. J. 

17 Jessamine Mrs John 
Macpherson Robert 
Nimmo Andrew 

18 Poulter G. T. 

19 Paton James, M.D. 

20 Robertson John K., M.D. 
22 M'Lean Mrs William 


3 Gardiner Mrs Archibald 
Gill John 

M'Ausland Alexander 
M' Far lane Archibald 
M'P'arlane Miss 
M'Gallan William 
M'Lean John 
Morris James 

9 Adam Miss 

Edwards William 
Johnstone Mrs John 
M'Farlane Alexander 
M'Keeman William J. 
Muir Matthew 
Webster Alexander 


1 Morrison John 

Turner Misses 
3 M'Ewen James 

Smail J. 
5 Johnstone Mrs Andrew 

Mitchell Thomas 


3 Buntain John 
2 Govan David 

12 M'Kay Mrs 

16 Benson William 

Wright Sutherland 

Wright Mrs John 
18 Wyllie Mrs 
22 Gilmour Robert 
30 M'Farlane Archibald 
32 M'Ewing David 
36 Baird Peter 

Jack William 
42 Campbell John 

M 'Donald John 


10 Cochrane Mrs Janet 
M 'Donald William 

- Wilkinson Robert 

12 Richardson Charles 

17 Adam George 
Black James 
Carr Mrs Andrew 
Grubb John 


I Wishart Thomas 
3 Grandison James 

Howieson Mrs William 
M'Kinnon Donald 
M'Pherson Malcolm 

5 Brown Mrs Matthew 
Tolmie Alexander 

6 Benson Mrs William 
15 Aitken James 

Downie Miss 
15 Millar Robert 
20 Dunlop George 
22 Currie Mrs Ann 

Harvey Mrs 

Hunter James 

Klause William 

MacEachran Alexander 

Prentice Mrs Adam 

Whyte James 

24 Storm Alexander 
Wallace Mrs William 

25 Henderson William F. 
Kelso Mrs Janet 
Leckie Mrs 



Bank Street — Continued 
25 Thomson James 
28 Campbell Duncan 

30 Rennie John 

31 Cunningham P. G. 
Jack John 

32 Fulton James 

33 Barr John 
Cuthbertson Thomas 

37 Bathgate Mrs Archibald 

Miller Andrew 

Newall Mrs F. 

Noble Thomas 

Steel Hugh 

Stewart Thomas O. 

Watt John 
39 Anderson William 

Conner John 

Shannon James 

Steel John L. 


3 Smith Duncan 

4 M'Kinnon John 
7 Anderson Joseph 

Fernie Mrs George 
15 Edmiston Thomas 

17 Arthur Thomas 

18 Duncan Archibald 
Henderson Mrs Robert 
M'Bryde Joseph 

19 Armour Matthew 
M'Farlane William 
Ogilvie John 

20 Alexander John 
Alexander James 
Campbell Allan 

22 Arlow William 
Williamson Robert 


4 Smith Alexander 
8 Millar S. H. 
10 Jamieson Thomas 
18 Cameron Thomas 
Wilson John 

Graham John, Avenue Park 
Neil John, Glenfield 


1 Blyth David 

Forsyth Mrs Samuel 

Harley James 

M'Kay James 

M'Kenzie John 

Simpson James 
3 M'Leod Robert 
5 Allan Robert 

Boyle Charles 

Brown John 

Howie Andrew 

M 'Donald John 

MTntosh John 

Philips David 
7 Baxter John 

Paterson James 

Stewart Richard 
9 Campbell Richard R. 

Fleming Matthew 

King Robert 

10 Rennie Andrew 

11 M'Creadie John 
M'Culloch John 

13 King Alexander 

M'Cuaig Peter 
15 Liddell David 

M'Gregor George 

M'Kenzie Colin 

Mitchell Walter 

Turnbull William 
17 Anderson Archibald 

Campbell Neil 

Donaldson John 

Farquharson Mrs Alexander 

Fisher Daniel 
19 Clark David 

Kain Thomas 

M'Kechnie Nicol 
21 M'Farlan Colin 

M'Intosh David 

23 Hunter Robert 
Kerr John 

24 Blair James 
Buntain James 
Holmes William 
Houston Mrs 
M'Crae David 

25 Anderson James 
Campbell Matthew 
Swan Robert 



Belville Street— Continued 
25 Wilson Robert 
27 M'Allister Robert 

M'Callum Joseph 

M'Gregor William 

Smith John 
29 Tucker John 
51 Grier Robert 

M'Kenzie James 

Muir Thomas 
53 Cunningham Thomas 

M'Kenzie Donald 

Reid James 
55 Fraser William 

Kearney William 

Lamont Duncan 

M 'Arthur Archibald 

Weir John 
57 Arthur William 

Bain William 

Carmichael Donald 

Emslie James 

Walker Mrs 
59 Aitken John 

Gordon Thomas 

Williamson Robert 
61 Adamson John 

Galbraith John 

M'Kinnon Donald 
63 Hunter William 

M 'Gibbon Charles 
65 Hendry Robert 

Mitchell John 

Stevenson Robert 
67 Angus John 

Fisher John 

Goudie James 

Lang George 

Montgomery Mrs 
73 Moody Allan 

78 MTntosh William 
M'Laren John 
Stewart John 

79 M'Dougall John 

80 Ballantine John 
Blyth George 
Brown John 
Brown William 
Elder John 

82 Aitkinson John 
Fulton Thomas 
Fyfe James 

28 Gill David 
Leslie James 

83 Grott Ferdinand 
Johnston James 
Kelly George 
Stevenson Duncan 

84 Campbell Donald 
Duff William 
Jackson William 
M 'Arthur John 

85 Anderson John 

86 Irvine William 
Wyllie James 

87 Adam James 
M'llroy Robert 
M'Leod John M. 
Paul John 

Tait Charles 
89 Alexander James 

Baxter David 

M 'Arthur Alexander 

M' Donald John 

Smith Robert 
91 Boyd William 

Broom Alexander 

Conn John 

MTntyre Archibald 

Mackie James 

Millar Robert 
93 Henderson James 

Johnston Thomas 

M'Coshim Donald 

M'Kenzie William 
95 Milloy Mrs John 

Ramsay Henry 

Samson Thomas 
97 Patrick Robert 

Scott Alexander 

Tait John 

Taylor James 
99 Foster Robert P. 

Hattrick Robert 

Lambie Robert 
103 Aitken Mrs John 

Anderson Mrs John 
105 Borland Alexander 

M'Clement James 

Watson Daniel 

2 Burns Mrs George 



Bentinck Street — Continued 

2 Buchanan Henry 

4 Mackay William Y. 
Stirling William 

7 Salmon Mrs James 

9 M'Kenzie Mrs 
II Williamson James 

13 Ar buckle Mrs George 

14 Inglis Mrs James 

15 Ward Richard 

17 M'Adam John 

18 Bowman Rev. T. W. 
Dick James M. 
Johnston Mrs 
Miller Thomas 

19 Weir Allan 

20 Thomson Rev. J. B. 
23 Broadfoot James 

25 Cameron Robert 

Macdougall John 
27 Connor Rochford 

Curtis William H. 


14 Wright Joseph 

17 Crawford William 

18 Blair Richard 
Miller John 
Low John 


2 Bradley Miss 
4 Brown Charles 

6 Gush Charles 

7 Clark John A. 


2 Duncan Matthew 

3 Calder Alexander 
Ferguson William 

5 Bear George 

Coote Thomas 

Greer Robert 
7 Black James 

Hannah James 


I Jamieson R. W. 
7 Alexander Miss E. 

Bell Robert H. 

Irons Mrs Agnes 
9 Bain Miss Jane 

Gardner Mrs 

M' Donald Frank 

Marshall John 

10 Beattie Miss J. 
Clark Mrs George 
Johnstone William 
M'Kinnon John 
Miller William 

11 Woolley Samuel S. 

12 Brown Archibald 
Burnet Mrs 
Faid John 
Fulton James B. 
Mackail James G. 

13 Black Donald 
Black Hugh 
Brown Duncan 
Carmichael Miss Ann 
Clark Andrew A. 
Malcolm James 
Winton Mrs Robert 

14 Adam James 
Dickson James 
Fenton William 
M'Call Archibald 
Ritchie David 
Ritchie Mrs Anna 
Williamson Mrs John 

15 Allison Mrs Alexander 
Arbuckle Mrs 
Banks Mrs Alexander 
Caiser Joseph 
M'Millan James 
Phillips David, jun. 

17 Adam Alfred R. 

Galbraith John 

Guthrie Robert 

Shand Misses 

Shaw Mrs William 

Young IT. M. 
19 Andrew David 

Banks James 

Burgess George 

Durkin Henry 

Keenan Mrs 

3 2 4 


Brisbane Street — Continued 

19 Macbrayne John 
Paterson D. H. 

20 Den ham Robert 
Duthie James 
M'Millan Andrew 
Watson William 
Wilson Mrs John 

21 Hutton James 
M'Auslan Robert 
M'Kechnie Miss 
Richardson Mrs James 

22 Amos Miss 
Anderson Miss M. 
Cathie James 
Cowan A. 

Glen Miss 
Grier Thomas 
Hutcheson Mrs Peter 

23 Cameron William 
M 'Arthur Mrs John 
Thorn W. A. 
Thomson Robert 

24 Campbell Mrs 
Dick Mrs 
Hunter Miss E. 
More Mrs James 
Newman Miss 
Orr Misses 

25 Anton David 
Baxter William B. 
Grant Rev. Alexander 
Hill Mrs George 
Minto George 

26 Buchanan Mrs John 
Crawford H. B. 
Hinmers Miss Ellen 
M'Gillivray Alexander 
Wood Robert C. 

Yeo xMrs D. D. 
28 Henderson Robert 

Hourston Mrs P. 

Johnston Duncan 

Love Robert 

M'Lachlan John 

Simpson Gordon 
30 Archibald William 

Brodie Mrs 

M'Laren A. D. 

Neilson William 

Peace Mrs 
32 Armit Mrs James 

32 Campbell Mrs Peter 
Muir William 
Wardle George 

33 Inglis William L. 

34 Buchanan Mrs William 
Dalgleish George 
Henry John 

Kerr Robert 
King Thomas 
Lyle Mrs R. G. 
Morrison Mrs 

35 Chalmers Robert 
Prentice John 
Wood Robert 
Wright Mrs 

36 Ferguson James 
Proctor Robert M. 
Stevenson Hugh 

37 Hector Mrs James 

38 Fulton James 
Moon F. 
Morton Mrs 
Park Mrs James 

40 Baikie James 

Gillies James W. 

Kidd William 

M'Callum Mrs Daniel 

Montgomerie John 

Scobie James 
42 Anderson George 

Dawkins John 

Denholm John 

Miller Miss J. G. 

Ritson Thomas 
45 Campbell James M. 

Duncan William 

Low William D. 

M'Aulay Mrs William 

Russell Andrew 
47 Carmichael Miss 

Drummond Miss 

Elliott A. Stuart 

Kilvington Thomas 

Lennox James L. 

Shaw James 
49 Anderson James B. 

Lyon Miss 

M'Neil James, jun. 

Scott B. S. 
51 Allan Mrs George 

Archibald Thomas P. 

Campbell John H. 



Brisbane Street — Continued 
51 M'Indoe Mrs 
Paterson Lachlan 
Smith Miss 

53 Blair William 
Fisher Peter B. 
M'Lelland William 
Ritson John F. 
Stevenson Archibald 
Wilson John 

54 Wilson William A. 

55 Brown John 
59 Todd Miss 

Barr John 
61 Bailey J. W. 

Crawford Thomas 
79 Campbell James 
81 Walker Robert S. 
83 Barclay Rev. John 
85 Davidson Rev. James 
87 Besant Christopher 
89 MTntyre Thomas 
95 Graham John, B.A. 
97 Kerr Andrew 
99 Wallace E. S. 
101 Ramsay Gilbert A. 


3 Hutton Hugh 
Macintyre Charles J. 
.Stewart Miss 

4 Morison James B. 
6 Mackenzie Ewen 

Muir R. G. 
8 Cross W. Paterson 
II Drummond Robert 
13 Aitken James 
15 M'Fadyen James 

MTnnes Robert 
17 Buie Hugh 

Dale James 

Hopekins Robert 

Kerr Peter 

M'Laren John 

Taylor Mrs 
23 MTlroy James 
.25 Aitken William 

Shearer James 
29 Boyd John 

Dow Mrs A. 

29 Hunter A. S. D. 

Justice Mrs 

Scott Peter 
31 Hunter William 

Russell J. F. 

33 Brown John R. 
Darroch Duncan 

34 Scott John 

43 Allan William O. 

44 Black Mrs A. 
Macgregor Neil 

47 Richardson Colin C. 

48 Anderson Hugh 
Fairbairn Andrew 
Swan Miss 

49 Muir Misses 
Scott Ivie 
Sieger Engelbert 

50 Foster Miss 
Orkney Robert 
Tarbet Miss 

51 Anderson Mrs J. L. 
Houston Robert 
Spencer W. H. 

52 Arthur J. F. 
Moody Miss 
Maxton Miss 
Poustie Thomas D. 

53 Evans Lewis 

54 Bell W. 
Evans Mrs 
Taylor Miss A. 
Ferguson James 
Warden Mrs M. 
Williamson John 


1 Batters Silas 

M'Giveran John 
5 Allan Mrs 
8 M'EwanJohn 
II Anderson George 
M'Kinlay Edward 
Nicol James 
14 Anderson James 

Boag Andrew 
16 Beith Matthew 
Black James 

19 Duff Daniel 

20 Black Peter 



Bruce Street — Continued 

20 M'Dowall William 

21 Blanch Philip 
Temple Robert 

24 Davies Lewis 
Elliot Charles 
Horn William 
M'Kim William 
Weir Thomas 

25 Moodie James 

M 'Donald Findlay 
Paterson William 

26 Keenan Colvin 
M'Kee Hamilton 
Wilson John S. 

27 Gregson William 
Straine George 

28 Alexander Thomas 
M'Kechnie Dugald 

30 Blair James 


12 Kennedy Mrs 

13 Wilson Andrew S. 
25 Gray William 

Turner Duncan 
30 Brown Mrs John 

M 'Ghee John 

Kincaid James L. 

Park Robert 
38 Ellis James 

Madden William 


Thomson John, Caddlehill ho. 

Glen Miss 

Auld James 

Crawford Robert 

Fulton Mrs Margaret 

Heron Andrew C. 

Neil John 

Scott John H. 

Sinclair Duncan 

Brown Angus 

Campbell Duncan 

Campbell John, sen. 

Higgins William 

Mackellar Alexander 

7 Millar James 

Morrison John 

Morrow Andrew 

Scott Thomas 
II Fullarton Rev. Archibald 
13 Sharp J. C. 
15 Henderson Miss 
17 Campbell Mrs Duncan 
21 Smith Alexander C. 


5 Wishart W. L. 
37 Adams John 
Leitch Daniel 
M'Farlane Mrs, Sycamore lodge 


7 Black James 
13 Thomson Alexander 


5 M 'Vicar William 
Scobie James A. 

6 Binnie James 
M'Connell Donald 

10 Allardice Francis 
M'Coll Patrick 
Thomson John 


4 Adamson Mrs 
Cameron Matthew 


7 Aitken William 
Anderson Alexander 
Anderson Mrs 
Houston Archibald 

8 Kelso Mrs 

9 Young Thomas 

10 Linn John 

1 1 Taylor Matthew 


3 2 7 

Cathcart Street — Continued 
12 Glen Malcolm 

14 Campbell Dugald 
Gunn Mrs George 
M'Kay Mrs Janet 

15 Kirkwood James 
Orr John 

16 Duncan Mrs R. 
Fleming Mrs 
M'Fie Thomas 
M'Nee Mrs Joseph 

17 Hyndman Joseph 
Knox Robert 
M'Fadyen Mrs 

18 Dodds William 
Hope James 
Sargent Charles 

20 Yeats John R. 
23 Macfee N. 

28 Mackay Hugh 

29 Clark W. B. 
Fraser Mrs James 

34 M'Dermott Mrs E. W. 

35 M' Donald Peter 

37 M'Alister Archibald 

38 Love John 
41 Stewart Mrs 

47 Ballingall Peter 

48 Friel James 

49 Henderson John 

50 Buchanan Mrs 


6 Blair Joseph 

Brough John 

Hutcheson Alexander 
6 Kerr Robert 

King Robert 

Miller John 

Skirving Peter 

Steele Stewart 
8 Bain John 
10 Kennedy William 


13 Bennett William 
Cabrie William 
Graham Alexander 

13 Reid William 
26 Hanson Jacob 

4 Chalmers Hume 

CRAWFURD ST. (Glebe). 

II Hyndman Mrs 
13 M'Fadyen John 
28 Black Alexander 

Govan Andrew 

Henderson George 

36 Barbour /Alexander 
Bissland Peter 
Nicolson Alexander 

37 M'Donald Alexander 

38 Phillips James 
Young Thomas 

41 Baker William 
M'Bain Hugh 
Vanvashan Cornelius 

42 Munro Colin 

43 Nicolson Alexander 

47 Cook Angus 
M'Cormick John 
M'Millan Ebenezer 
Thomson James 

48 M'Neil William 

50 Robertson Mrs 

51 Henry James 
Purdie John 


8 Beveridge George 

9 Foulis Hay 
Hughes William 
Scott David 
Thomson Alexander T. 

II Douglas Peter 

Lochead John 
13 Hughes Mrs Robert 

MTnnes Angus 
16 Rae Robert 
23 Hunter John 
25 Carmichael Malcolm 
29 Galbraith William 



Crescent Street— Continued 
29 M'Gowan Mrs 

Thomson John 
32 Johnston James 

Paton Alexander 

Richardson James 

Service Matthew 

Wilson John 
34 Armstrong William 

Bryden James 

Jackson John 

Letson James 

Paul James 

Spencer William 
36 Cape Archibald 

Fletcher Peter 

Lockhart George 

Lyle John 

Ritchie Mrs 

Smith James 


2 Service David 
5 Denny Thomas 

M'Callum Edward 

Montague George 
8 Christie Malcolm 

O'Donnell John 

Rodger s James 
1 1 Carlin William 

O'Kane Jeremiah 

13 Colligan Patrick 

14 Anderson Alexander 

15 M'Connell Hugh 


3 Hunter James 
5 Jones Richard 
M'Allister Donald 
M'Neil Donald 
21 Steel Alexander 


5 Byers John 

Creighton Donald 
Macleod Roderick 

5 Rankin John 
7 Baxter Andrew 

Brown John 

Evans J. T. 

Reid Archibald 

Sheriff Joseph 

Urie Thomas 
9 Allan George 

Bowie John 

Dixon John 

Nicol William 

Wood Joseph 
11 Hannah Mrs James 

Hession Patrick 

Hunter William 

Hutcheson David 

M'Dowall Alexander 

Peden John 

Ritchie Robert 
15 M'Kellar John 

Robertson William M. 

Walker James C. 
17 Armitage William 

Blackwood Andrew 

Brown James 

M'Lachlan Thomas 

Swan Mrs 
19 Berry John 

Cruickshank Alexander 

Ferguson Donald 

French Andrew 

Irvine Mrs James 

Kyle James 

M'Creadie John 
21 Anderson George 

Graham Archibald 

Parker Hugh 

Paterson James 

Steel Robert 
23 Hosea Clounes 

M 'Donald James 

Risk James 

Soutter H. D. 
25 Gillies Norman 

Howie Alexander 

M 'Donald Mrs P. 

M 'Bride Alexander 

Miller John 

Templeton Robert P. 
27 Dick James K. 

M'Fie Robert 

Martin John 



"Dempster Street— Continued 
27 Mitchell Peter 

Walker Robert 

Walker William 
29 Gardner George 

Kinniburgh James 

M'Coll James 

Walker George 
31 Boyd Mrs Daniel 

Coyle John 

Guy Matthew 

Law Mrs 

Sutherland Duncan 

Turner Archibald T. 

Wilson Hugh 

36 Holborn Robert, sen. 

37 Scott Finlay 
39 Morton John 
41 Orr John 

78 Boyce Hugh 
81 Baird Matthew 

M'Dougall Donald 

Rowe George 
55 Campbell Archibald 

Galbraith William 
87 Macdonald Angus 

Ratcliffe Thomas 

90 Greig William 
M'Intyre Ewen 

91 Brodie Matthew 
Campbell Alexander 
Lamont Hugh 

92 Baird Hugh 
Balfour William 

94 Loudon James 

Storrie John 
96 Bell Robert 

Henderson Daniel B. 
.104 Blair William 

Gentle Cuthbert 

Gibson John 

M'Lean Allan 
106 Alexander William 

Muir John 

Scott John 
108 Ballantine John 

Bates Stewart 

Gourlay Thomas 
III Black John 
J 12 M 'Galium Alexander 

M 'Cowan John 

M'Kenzie Donald 

113 Campbell Alexander 
Corstorphine R. 
M'Innes William 
M'Kellar Andrew 
M 'Vicar Hugh 

115 Alexander William 
Cameron Hugh 


53 Leith Robert 
55 Anderson George 
60 Armour George 
62 Hamilton John 
Leishman Joseph 
Wyllie James 
64 Black John 

Blair Alexander 
Campbell Robert 
Smith John 
68 Duncan Robert 
Gibson Henry 
Montgomerie Mrs 
106 Forsyth John 
108 Linn James 
112 Allan William 

Baxter Thomas H. 
Duekworth Joseph 
Hacking John 
116 Fullarton William 
124 Hutcheson John 
Innes Joseph 
M'Kellar Archibald 
126 Johnston George 

5 Mathieson Peter 


I M'Dougall William 
M'Lean Andrew Y. 

5 Greenlaw David 
Lomas John 
Nicol Miss 

10 M'Lean John 
Thomson Neil 

11 Alexander Robert 



Duncan Street — Continued 

II M'Farlane Dugald 

24 M'Coll John 

26 M 'Alpine Daniel 

28 Ferns James 


1 Donachie Robert 

2 Boyd Mrs James 
5 Anderson John 

8 Craig Alexander 
Hall John 
M'Geachan Hugh 

9 Black Daniel 
Gunn William 
M'Clumphy Robert 
M'Gregor Archibald 

10 Beveridge Robert 
Holmes John 

11 Campbell Misses 
Macdonald John 
M'Glashan Ebenezer 

12 Allison Mrs S. 


3 Barrie Mrs 

Houston John 

M'Arthur John 

Pollock John 

Straine Alexander 
5 Boyd John 

Cameron Allan, jun. 

Lang George 

M 'Donald Allister 

Mills Robert 
7 Pearson Mrs John 

Thomson Dugald 
9 Galbraith John 

Mills Robert 
II M'lver Norman 

Robertson James 

Tait James 
13 M'Alees Charles 

Lambie Francis 
18 Jackson Mrs H. 

Jessamine William 

Johnston Alexander 

Stewart William 

20 Wrede F. L. 

21 Neil John 

24 Anderson William 
Hair James 
Hunter Robert 
M'Lachlan Duncan 
Turner Alfred 

26 Anderson William 
Campbell John 
Inglis John 
Leith Henry 
M'Laughlin David 
Moody David 
Robertson Adam 
Rutherford Robert 

28 Bell Rev. Robert 

30 Wotherspoon John 

31 Barbour James 
Gillies Andrew 
Lumsden James 

32 Murray Alexander 

33 Cook Robert 
Cunningham David 
Hutcheson James 
Orr John 
Pollock Malcolm 

34 Filshill James 
36 M'Pherson Peter 
38 Shand John 

40 Walker Alexander 
42 Marshall Robert 
46 Prowse Samuel 

50 Campbell Alexander 

51 Orr John 

52 M 'Bride James 
54 Caldwell Matthew 
58 Scott Mrs Jane 

62 Jordan John 

M'Kenzie Robert 
66 Low Alexander 
68 Buie Neil 
70 Cuthbert fames 
72 Clark Mrs D. 


2 M'Kenzie Alexander 

4 Burnett William 
26 Aird Mrs 

Chalmers John 
28 Brown John 



E. Hamilton Street — Continued 
28 Dunglinson Joseph 

Finlay Thomas 

Lancaster George 

Smith Henry 

Williamson George 
30 Barr Archibald 

Fullarton John A. 

Scott Robert 
32 Adams Solomon 

Allan Thomas 

Scott Robert 
34 Blackley Alexander 
36 Lang Alexander 

Scott Mrs David 
38 Hendry Mrs M. 
40 Graham Alexander 
44 Stone James 
46 Gillies William 

Lindsay James 

Stewart William 

Thomson John 
52 M'Glashan George 
68 Beaton John 

Green John 

M'YVhinnie Hugh 
79 Appleton Thomas 
89 Duff John 

13 Orr John 


2 Galbreath John 

7 Arkley Misses 

8 Black John 

9 Macdonald Daniel 

10 Cluckie N. Gordon 

11 Kincaid Miss 

13 Hill Matthew 

14 Paterson D. A. 
Wright Alexander 

16 Brown J. D. 

Shand Rev. Alex. Erskine 

Tarbet Mrs 
19 Thorburn Walter 

21 Gilchrist James E. 

22 Higgins Miss 

23 Rodger Walter W. B. 
32 Paterson James 
34 Johnstone Rev. T. Francis 
36 Sword Archibald 

38 Paton Archibald J. 

39 Duff John 

40 Aitken Andrew 
Culloden Mrs 

41 Adam Mrs George 

42 M'Dougall Duncan 
Sharp William 

44 Fulton Allan 

Kerr H. S. 

MacEachran Dugald 
48 Davidson Rev. Alexander 

50 Rowan Thomas B. 

51 Lyle Abram 

52 Craig Mrs John 
Donald James 
Harvey Mrs Frank E. 
M'Callum Misses 
Struthers Rev. J. P. 
Watson Alexander L. 

53 Kerr Miss 

58 Fuller Edwin 

Harvey Mrs Francis 

60 Johnston Mrs 
Rougvie James 

61 Baird Robert A. 
Finlay Mrs Robert 
Prentice Miss 

62 Stewart John 

63 Alexander John 
Nicol Duncan 

65 Lang John 

67 Gibb Misses 

68 Goudie James 

70 Cowie Mrs William 

Gardner Mrs 

Lang Robert 
72 Dun lop John 

Morgan John 
78 Aitken James 
87 Skinner Mrs Patrick 
89 Ramsay Hope Stewart 
91 MacKellar Peter 
93 Houston G. W. 

Houston Mrs Robert 

97 Gatherer Peter 

98 Mackay Peter 

99 Devlin Patrick 
107 Main Hugh 



Eldon Street— Continued 

109 Mackay Mrs C. S. 

115 Jerdan Rev. Charles 

117 Walker Hugh 

119 Brown William A. 
Caird Mrs John 

123 Macfarlane Arthur A. 

125 Bather Samuel 

149 MacKellar Hugh 

151 Stewart Duncan F. 

153 Swan Mrs Allan 

155 Allan Robert 

159 Sowter John 

161 Baine Alexander 

165 Bruce F. G., Eldon place 
Lyle Abram, Eldon place 
Marshall Mrs William 

169 Fergus Charles 


2 Clark Archibald 
Morrison Mrs Robert 

6 M'Lean Mrs 

8 Orr James 
II Hamilton William 
21 Wilson Edward 
24 Stronach W T illiam 
28 King Henry 

30 Steel Mrs William 

31 Young J. S. 

32 Turner Mrs James 
^ Jarvie Rev. J. M. 

35 Carmichael Thomas 

36 Crawford John 

37 MTlwraith Hew 

38 Steel Hugh 

39 MacSymon Robert 

40 Forrest John 

41 Brown R. G. 
43 Allison William 

45 Scott Edward 

46 Rankin William 

48 Buchanan Misses 

49 Scott John 

50 Gauld Alexander 

51 Carswell John 

52 Hill James M. 

53 Cameron Alexander 

54 Blanche Richard 

55 Hardie William 

55 Rowan James G. 

56 Finlay A. H. 

58 Paul W. B. 

59 Paton James 

60 Fyfe John P. 

61 Hendry Mrs Duncan 

62 Finlay R. B. 

63 Ross William 

64 M'Morland R. S. 

65 Fleming Alexander M. 

66 M'Call Thomas 

67 Brown Neil 


Donald Miss 

Erskine John, Finnart Grove 

Erskine D. M. 


2 Brown Duncan 
Dunlop Miss 
Haddow Miss 
Moles James 
M'Murrich Thomas D. 

3 Graham James 

4 Bruce Robert 
Rodger John 
Stewart Thomas H. 
Till J. L. 

5 Warden John 

6 Campbell Miss Jemima 
Campbell C. T. 
Jones William 
M'Callum James B. 
M'Farlane Malcolm 
Scott David F. B. 

7 M' Gavin James 
Tannahill James 

11 M'Kechnie Allan 
13 Morton Miss 

16 Duncan Samuel 

17 Kerr A. J. 

18 Barr James 

20 Hamilton George H. 

22 Gilchrist William 

23 Crawford Hugh 

24 Bruce Mrs Agnes 

25 Chalmers Hugh M. 



Finnart Street — Continued 

25 Henderson David 

26 M'Call James 

27 Hamilton Robert 
Wilson Rev. William 

28 Bone James 

29 Auld William 
Pettigrew John 

30 Brodie James 

31 Swan Andrew 

32 Blair Thomas A. 

33 Paterson James 

34 Borland J. C. 

35 Douglas Thomas N. 

36 Middleton Daniel 

38 Macnair Rev. Robert 

39 M'Kiver John 

40 Steele Robert, jun. 

41 Robertson James 

42 Methven Cathcart Wi 

43 Morison George 

44 Wilson Thomas 

45 MacRellar Alexander 
MacKellar Peter 

46 Macdonald James 

47 Patrick Adam 
49 Lyle Mrs John 

55 Rennie John 

56 Meyer Mrs N. 

58 Heyland A. C. 

59 Brymner Mrs Graham 

60 Thomson William 

61 Macleod Miss 

63 Modes Alexander S. 

64 Laughton Rev. Dr William 

65 Barr John L. 

66 Prentice David 

67 Reid James 

68 Brown Alexander 

74 Anderson John 

75 Meldrum Peter 

76 Carmichael John H. 
J J Galbreath John 

78 Neish Theodore L. 

79 Parkhill James M. 
81 Lamont William 
83 Chalmers Henry 
85 Richmond J. 

Drummond Miss 
' 88 M'Gillivray Duncan 
90 Boyd Rev. David 
93 Carmichael Andrew 

93 Carmichael Mrs Andrew 

95 Blair Robert 

97 Shearer R. B. 
Shearer William 

99 Tweddel James 
101 Macdonald George 
103 Fullarton Hugh 
105 Lyle Alexander P. 
107 Lyle R. P. 
109 Morrison F. D. 
in Craig George 

(Finnart Street.) 

1 Brown James 
Cunningham John F. 
Munro Duncan 
Ronald William 
Rose Neil 

Smith Thomas 

2 Fraser Mrs William 
Gardner John H. 
Park John 
Ralston John 

Roy Thomas 
Walker Mrs 

3 Cormie John 
Gwynn Daniel 
M'Kenzie John 
M'Kenzie Henry E. 
M'Neill Alexander 
Sinclair Mrs 

Gillies John, Ford Cottage 


I Hunter Misses 
6 Whiteford James, M.D. 
9 Black George H. 
10 Blair William 
Broadfoot William 

12 Low William 
Neill Mrs Thomas 

13 Low James 
15 Nicol John S. 
20 Duff Mrs James 
22 Alston Robert L. 

24 Macpherson Rev. John F. 

25 Lusk John 



Forsyth Street — Continued 

26 Neill George D. 

28 Gray John Kerr 

30 Morton James 

32 Young Rev. John 

36 Rodger John 

40 Fisher R. F. 

.43 Watt Miss 

46 Hunter John C. 

52 Buchanan John L. 
Buchanan Mrs R. 

53 Blackmore Edward 

54 Stewart James K. 

55 Taylor H. J. 

56 Crawford William 

57 Sinclair James 

58 Milligan William 
60 MacMillan Thomas 

Turnbull Alexander J. 
62 Lyle John L. 

Macalister Mrs Daniel 


Stewart John, Glengarden ho. 

1 Johnston Alexander R. 

2 Baird John 
Cunningham John 
Manson Miss 

4 Davie Robert 

6 Hyndman Mrs Joseph 

9 Turner James W. 
1 1 Gillespie Mrs John 
15 Shearer Hugh 
17 Thorne Robert 
19 Robertson William 
22 Henderson Thomas 

M'Dougall G. R. 
33 Taylor William 
35 Anderson Mrs William 
37 Walker Hugh W. 
39 Bowman James 
41 Houston James 


2 Alexander James 

Allison Andrew 
4 Forbes Henry 


2 Allan Mrs Arthur 
Fraser Miss Jessie 
Kennedy Thomas 
Laurent F. B. 

2 Stewart Francis 
Watson James E. 

3 Climie John 
Girvan Mrs William 
Guthrie Peter 
Kerr Alexander 
MacCulloch Alexander 
Martin William 
Scott James 

5 Imrie John 
Macfarlane Mrs Donald 
Reid Miss 

6 Black Dr J. R. 

8 M'Gregor Misses 
Mackay Edward 
Robertson Mrs Anna 
Walker Miss 

9 M'Raild Dr Donald 


2 Shearer Alexander 

3 Chisholm Archibald 

4 Speirs William 

5 M'Pherson R. C. 

6 Fraser Mrs John 

7 Fleming Mrs Matthew 

8 Edelsten Richard 

9 Buchanan Miss 


2 Stiaiton David 

3 Baine John A. 
Fleming Mrs A. 

5 Gallacher Mrs B. 

6 Mason Mrs 
Whyte Walter 

7 Arbuckle James 

8 Hill Miss H. 


3 Campbell Daniel 
5 Conn John 
M 'Donald Mrs 



Hamilton Street — Continued 

23 Graham Michael 
Gilmour Archibald 

24 Docherty James 
Jamieson Mrs 

29 Adair William 
M'Gill Mrs 
Sinclair William 
Wyse Alexander 

32 Hammond Henry 

33 Stewart William 
Tennant Mrs 

38 Bethune Mrs Agnes 

M'Eleny John 
41 M'Lean Mrs 
45 Hill Henry 

Kelly George 


6 Black Malcolm 
Campbell David 
MTntyre Neil 
8 Arthur Robert 
Melrose John 
Tarbert Robert 
10 M'Kenzie Murdoch 
Thomson Duncan 
Traill James 


1 Campbell John 

3 Campbell Angus 
Gray Daniel 
M'Kay Mrs 

4 M'Phail John 
Morrison Robert 

5 Alexander Miss 
Gray Donald 

7 MTnnes Donald 
MTntyre James 

8 Campbell Angus 

9 Hamilton Matthew 
Henderson John 

10 M'Jannet William 

1 1 Leslie Angus 
Ralston Hugh 


1 Barclay William 
Fraser James 
M'Kenzie Archibald 

2 Inglis James 
M'Lean Mrs 
Watson Mrs 

3 Grant Alexander 
M'Kinnon David 
M'Lellan Walter 
Younger John 

4 M'Farlane Daniel 

5 Adam William 
Andrew Alexander 
Hendry William 

6 Chalmers Thomas 
M'Gregor Alexander 
MTntyre Duncan 
Walker Alexander 

7 Cadien William 

8 Chalmers John 
Robertson Donald 

9 Aikman Thomas 
Kay John 
Lusk Mrs 

M 'Bride Peter 
1 1 Callcluth John 

13 Alexander Mrs 
M'Lean Donald 

14 Graham Miss 

36 Anderson Andrew 
Bone Hugh 

37 M'Neill Archibald 
Watt Robert 

38 Alexander Walter 
Brown Alexander 
M'Gregor John 
M'Nab R. W. T. 

39 Caddy James 
M'Leish Daniel 

40 Boag James 
Borland Alexander 
Clark James 

41 Blair Joseph 

42 Brown Samuel 
M'Farlane John 
M'Kellar Duncan 
M'Vean Duncan 

43 Niven Alexander 
M'Killop Donald 

45 Gilmour James 



Holmscroft Street — Continued 
45 Hunter Hugh 

M 'Donald Donald 
47 Buchanan William 

M' Vicar Mrs 

50 Armour George 
M'Whirter Mrs 

51 Adam William 
Grieve John 
Livingston Mrs John 

52 Forrester William 
Gillespie Alexander 
Home Robert 
Inglis Andrew 
M'Aulay Alexander 

53 Douglas John 
M'Lean Duncan 
Roy John 

54 Bannerman Mrs 

55 Angus James 
Gilmour Duncan 
M'Gugan Archibald 

57 Barbour Mrs 

Dobbie Hugh 

Henderson William 
59 Bell Duncan 

Cram Peter 

Duncan Thomas 

O 'Brian Michael 
61 Bennet Miss 

Clark Miss C. 

Fletcher Anthony 

Low James 

63 Campbell Donald 
Chirrey Alexander 
Sealy Charles 
Smith James 

64 Moss Mrs 

65 Henderson Robert 
M'Farlane John 
Stewart John 
Thomson James 

66 Bristow James 
M'Crae George 

68 Allan Conway 

Horn Mrs 

Sturgeon James 

Sturgeon Miss 
70 M'Clure David 

M'Gregor Charles 

M'Quoid William 

Tarbert William 

73 Cairney W. A. 
Douglas Peter 
Guthrie James 
Ireland Mrs James 
M'Dougall Dugald 
Richmond Alexander 

75 Aitken Edward 
Baine James 
Carswell Mrs 
Gay Walter 
Hildreth Miss Isabelk 
Lugton Alexander 
Sym William 

77 Anderson John 
Brighton John 
Fisher Thomas 
Leitch Angus 
MacCutcheon Hugh 
MTntyre John 
Stewart Mrs 
Todd John 

78 Easton George 
Edgar George 
Kirkwood William 
Wilson Alexander 
Wilson Michael 

81 Gilliland William 
Kirkwood James 
Langwill John 
Laird Misses 
M'Lean Duncan 
Paterson Gavin 


1 Maconie John 
Strachan George 

2 Lyon David 
Lyon Dugald 

3 Eltringham John 
Harkness John 
Haxton John 
Smith John R. 

5 Bonnar James 
Duff Robert 
Jones Richard 
Masson John 
M'Kechnie John 
Thomson Robert 

6 Gordon James 
M'Cormick Andrew 



Hope Street — Continued 

6 M 'Donald Alexander 
M'Gilvray Donald 
M'Gugan Duncan 
M'Lachlan William 

7 Brown James 
Gray John 
Houston Peter 
Hutcheson Mrs 
M'Kenzie Donald 

8 Baxter Malcolm 
Houston William 
M'Kay Mrs 

9 Andrew David 
Cameron Duncan 
M'Gregor James 

io Hill William John 

13 Gillies Mrs John 
Irvine William 
Killin Thomas 
Lawrie Mrs 

M 'Murray James 
Millar George 

14 M'Corquodale Duncan 
M'Cowatt James 

M 'Gibbon David 
Miller W. S. 
Orr John 
Orr Thomas, jun. 

15 Ferrie Patrick 
Johansen August 
M' Galium Donald 
M'Ewing Dugald 
M'Kay Daniel 

16 Gait David 
Plendry Mrs John 
M'Dougall James 
Wallace James 

18 Carmichael Hector 
M'Larty John 
M' Ronald Mrs Alexander 
Rankin Hugh 


I Peters Rev. D. S. 
3 Spiers Miss 
5 Auld Charles, M.D. 
7 Ballantine Mrs James 



19 Buchanan Robert 
Darroch Mrs John 
Denny John 
Hendry John 
Hume George 
M'Gilp Neil 
M'Phee John 


3 Alexander William 

5 Parker Peter 

6 M'Intyre David 
Wylie James 

7 Buchanan John 

12 Anderson Mrs Hugh 

13 Gillespie Thomas 
M'Kellar David 

15 Mackenzie Alexander 
17 Baxter Robert 

Johnstone William 
19 Black John 

Fleming Humphrey 

M'Allister Archibald 

M'Callum John 

M'Cormick John 
21 Campbell Colin 

Kinnaird William 

Lang James 

Lamont John 
23 Black John 

Johnston John 

Laird Thomas 

Lancaster John 
27 Arnott James 

Campbell Donald 

Kerr Samuel 

29 Alexander John 
Forrester William 

30 Gray Hugh 

31 Anderson James 
Lang Archibald 
Woltman Matthew 

32 Gordon Peter 
Ritchie Andrew 

33 Buttervvorth Mrs E. 
Halliday Robert 

M 'Arthur Archibald 

34 Adam Daniel 



Ingleston Street — Continued 

34 Friel James 
M'Kellar Archibald 
Menzies Robert 

35 Allison David 
Holterman John 
Hunter Thomas 
M'Kee Thomas 

36 Barclay James 
Ferguson John 
Niven George 


2 Davis Thomas 

4 Ferguson William 
M'Eleny James 

5 Ritchie William 

6 Fitzpatrick Patrick 
20 Buchanan Archibald 
48 M'Cormick James 

50 Laird Miss 

51 Leitch Mrs 

52 M'Connell John 

53 Allison Allan 
Morrison Mrs George 

64 Brown John 
68 Dickson David 

Fleming Edward 

MTntyre James 


2 Bell Miss 

Kirchoff Charles B. 
8 Brown George 
12 Boag Andrew 

Boag Robert 
15 Crawford Miss 

Robertson Walter 
17 Denney Charles 


6 Clapperton John 

Davidson William 
8 Falconer Mrs Ann 

10 Hynds Edward 

11 Campbell Daniel 

11 Hutton Mrs 

15 Hamilton Mrs 

16 Lyon Archibald 

17 Hay Robert 
M'Fie John 
Sharp William 

20 Bain Alexander 
Bannatyne Ebenezer 
M'Taggart Malcolm 

21 M'Fadyen Archibald 

22 M'Kellar John 
Stone John 

25 Bain Thomas 

Cameron Mrs Murdoch 
Young Mrs J. 


1 M'Gregor John 

2 Patten John, Clydebank 

7 Hamilton James, Seabank 

11 M'Gregor John C. 

15 Niven Mrs 

17 Dunlop Mrs Allison 


I Inglis James 

Schultz Warrick 

Sinclair William 

Wright Walton 

Stewart Mrs Ann 
3 Fyfe George 

Jamieson Norman 

Kidd Robert 

Low Miss 

Orr Miss 

Weir Donald 

5 Arbuckle Miss 
Craig James M. 
Galbreath John, jun. 
M'Corquodale Peter 
M'Millan Mrs 
Milne James, jun. 
Stewart Mrs Elizabeth 

6 Brown Mrs Archibald 
Lamont Neil 
M'Farlane Dugald 
Tannock Quintin 
Wilson David 



Kelly Street — Continued 
7 Lang William 

Moffat Gilbert 

Moffat Miss 

Murdoch Mrs 
S Hagan Charles 
9 Arthur Peter 

Forster John 

M 'Naught Mrs Peter 

Ravenna Antonia 

10 Archer William 
Connor John 
Grant Patrick 
Lang James 
Macaulay James 

11 Black James 

13 Bruce Mrs John 
Cochran Robert 
Macdonald John 

16 Greer Mrs Jane 
M'Kellar Mrs 
Reavey James 
Samson John 

17 Campbell Mrs 
Henderson Miss Janet 
Pettigrew Mrs 

18 Graham Mrs John 
Liddell Mrs 
Lyall Mrs 
M'Cormick John 
M'Kenzie Mrs R. M. 
Orr William 

19 Kennedy Andrew 
Lees William 
M'Farlane Mrs H. 
Thomson Charles 

22 Appleton Mrs R. 
Duffy Daniel 
Fagan Peter 
Fairlie Robert P. 
M'Culloch John 
Macfie John 

23 Letham Miss 
Lochhead William 
Mitchell William 
M'Cormick John 
Urquhart Mrs William B. 

24 Arbuckle Mrs John 
Brown Mrs William 
Hutchison W. 
Keith Miss 
M'Cormick Donald 

24 Macneilage John K. 
Murray John 

25 M'llvain John 
30 Christie George 

Cruthers F. 
Gordon John 
Law Archibald 
Paul Robert 
Russell Daniel 

32 Arthur Miss 
Gibb Mrs 
Guthrie James 
Small George 
Smillie William 
Walker Alexander 
Wylie Alexander 

33 Bonnar James 
Gilloran James L. 
Johnson Thomas 
Maclntyre Alexander 
Shennan Alexander 

34 Bald Miss 
Dickson James 
Keenan John 
Savage Miss N. 

35 Cairns Mrs James 
Hyslop W. W. 
Kerr David 
Leed George 
Lochhead Robert 
M 'Donald Andrew 

27 Alston Mrs Alexander 

Lang John 

M'Kinnon Donald 

Pattersen P. E. 

Weir John 
39 Grieve Thomas 

M'Call Charles 

Menzies James 

Smith William 
48 Nicholl A. F. 

50 Curtis Mrs William 

51 Campbell John F. 
Dalzell Mrs George 
Harper Alexander 
Love John 
M'Crae Duncan 
Wilkie Alexander 

53 Gibb David 
M'Culloch Mrs 
M 'William Misses 
Peaston Alexander 



Kelly Street — Continued 
53 Sym Hector 

Young Archibald 
56 Inglis Mrs 

Jamieson Mrs Alexander 

Johnston Miss 

Kirk wood Mrs E. 

Mathieson David 

M 'Arthur Mrs Isabella 

MacCutcheon Robert T. 
58 Kidd Benjamin 

M'Lean James 

Marshall Edward 

Ritchie Alexander 
60 Aitkenhead Paton 

Currie Samuel 

Grierson Donald 

M'Farlane Duncan 

Miller Robert 

Murray Charles 

Smith William 
62 Dick William 

Gilchrist John 

Hunter Gavin S. 

Kirk Mrs John 

Miller Archibald 

M'Ausland Archibald, jun. 

Murray Robert 
64 Blair William S. 

Galloway Robert 

Jamieson John 

Menzies Robert 

Robertson Joseph O. 

Seath Mrs John 
66 Bowie Andrew H. 

Edgar William 

Hamilton James 

Smith |ohn 


1 Martin Robert 
M'Kellar Duncan 
M 'Kenzie John 
M'Lean Neil 

2 Hepburn William 

3 Carroll James 
M' El wee James 

4 Baillie William 
M'Aulay Thomas 
M'Kellar Tames C. 

5 Brown Alexander 
M 'Bride Duncan 
Tytler Matthew 

7 Or William 

8 Brown Donald 
Kennedy Mrs 
M'Farlane Thomas 
M 'Lagan Alexander 
Thomson Henry 
Ward James 

12 Brabender John 


9 M 'Gavin David 
12 Anderson Adam 

Campbell Peter 

Johnston John 

Leisk Adam 

Orr Hugh 
- Shankland Thomas 

15 Farquhar Charles 
Paterson Robert 
Watson Frederick 
Worrel Mrs 

16 M 'Donald Charles 
Mann Alexander 


2 Jamieson Archibald 

3 Angus James 
Arthur James 
George Henry Robert 
Hendry William 
Lamb William 

M 'Anally Henry 

6 Hughes Thomas 

7 Allan James 
Fyfe James 
Glenesk Charles 
Livingston Duncan 

11 Clemes John 

Mulholland Robert 
13 Erskine George 

Fry Robert 

M' Kenzie James 

Stevenson James 
15 Farquhar C. 

Gentles Alexander 



Lauriston Street — Continued 
17 Devoney Frank 
Kerr John 


Morrison FinlayD.,Alt-na-craig 
M'Aulay Peter, Craigs farm 


2 Andrew Mrs Alexander 
Anderson Robert 
Kerr James 
Macdonald D. 
M'Kinnon Alexander 
Moore Thomas 

3 Mitchell G. G. 

4 Lewis Mrs William 

5 Macdougall John, M.D. 

6 Buchanan William G. 
Dawson John 
Hamilton John 
Madden Samuel D. 

7 Barr James 
Holmes John 

8 Anderson James 
Cattanach James 

9 Boyd William 
Gray Tohn 
Livingston Hugh 
Muir William 
Wood William 

10 Barbour Archibald 
Kelso William 
Low Alexander 
M'Culloch Joseph 
M'Lean Allan 
Sutherland William 

11 Ellis Robert 
Hunter Mrs William 
Lamont Colin 
Stirling Mrs 

Taylor Mrs Alexander 
J 2 Dougall Robert 

Heron John 

Lauder Alexander 

M 'Bride John 

Ramage John 
13 Ferguson Hugh 

13 Harvie James 
Highet James 
M'Kellar Alexander 
M'Nair Robert 

14 Campbell Alexander 
Currie William C. 
Duncan Daniel 
Henderson James 
Kerr Hugh 

M'Hutcheon Alexander 
M'Lean Kenneth 

15 Brown Andrew 
Duncan Andrew 
Gilroy William 
Lamont James 

17 Chalmers William 
Crawford Archibald 
M 'Vicar Mrs 
Turner Mrs Robert 

19 Bonar John 
Nicol James 
Paterson Robert 

20 Kelly Donald 

M 'Donald Simon 
Service George 

21 Adams Ralph 
Blair Miss Janet 
Livingstone Archibald 
Ross Finlay 
Templeton Robert 

22 Black Robert 
M'Callum Mrs 
M'Kenzie Mrs 
M'Laughlin James 
Thomson William 
Whitelaw Adam 

23 Laing Robert 
M'Grath John 
Sproul Andrew 

24 M'Gill Archibald 
M'Kinlay Thomas 
Tulloch Mrs 
Young Robert 

27 Barclay James 

Cook David 

M' Dougall John 

Ostler Robert 
29 Dickson David 

M 'Arthur Mrs Andrew 

M'Crae James 

M'Farlane Miss 

Mackay Godfrey 



Lyle Street — Continued 

29 Weir Mrs 

31 Lang John 
M'Culloch Mrs 
M'Girr John 
M'Kinlay Alexander 
M'Kissock William 
Lawson George 

33 Beith Thomas 

Campbell Archibald 
Hilliard William 

35 Fielding William 
Morrison Duncan 
Wilson Donald 


I Agnew Mrs 
3 Reid Rev. M. 
5 Black Duncan 

Fletcher Miss 

Munn Robert 
7 Kennedy Henry 

Wright Mrs Daniel 
9 Kempsley Samuel 

Murphy John 

10 Allan William 
Anderson John 
Barclay Mrs 
Darroch James 
Keith Duncan 

11 Cameron Peter 
Donovan Patrick 
Orr James 
M'Intyre Duncan 

12 Clapperton Donald 
Conway Matthew 
M 'Coll John 

M 'Donald Thomas 
M'Farlane Dugald 
M'Lellan Peter 
Stuart Mrs 

13 Allshorn Alfred 
Austin Adam 
Campbell Robert 
Chestnut Robert 
Duncan Miss 
Tierney W. B. 

14 Blackwood John 
Bell John A. 
Boyle George 

14 Chalmers John 
Marshall Mrs 
Murchie Robert 

15 Jamieson Alexander 
Wallace William 

16 Ballantine William 
Buchanan Peter 
Harrison Thomas 
Hunter Misses 
Mitchell James C. 

17 Adams W. D. 
Fraser Robert 
M 'Kenzie Adam 
Murdoch Mrs 

20 M'Lachlan John, jun. 
M'Lean Ne'il 

21 Anderson James 
Brown John 
Chalmers Mrs 
Fulton Miss 
M'Gregor Daniel 
Service Mrs John 

22 Campbell John 
Lindsay John 

M 'Bride Robert 
M'Farlane Lachlan 

23 Benson John 
M'Alister Archibald 
Taylor Alexander 
Whyte Archibald 

24 Hay J. B. 
Henderson John 
Leith Samuel 
M'Cormick David 

25 Gibb William 
Napier Archibald 

26 Archibald Alexander 
Carey Robert 
Masson Andrew 
Munro David 

27 Alexander John 
Bonnar Colin 
Grieve James 
Kay Peter 

28 Crawford William 
Fulton Alexander 
Kennedy Patrick 
Mulgrew Thomas 
Mundie Peter 
Sinclair Malcolm 

29 Armstrong David A.. 
Lang John 



Lynedoch Street — Continued 

29 Newall Charles 

30 Black Andrew 
Black Thomas 
M'Gill James 
Maven James D. 
Waddell James 

31 Cuthbertson Mrs William 
Mathieson John 

33 Buchanan Archibald 
Douglas Duncan 

34 Graham Duncan 

35 Lightbody John 
Polonis Mrs John 
Williamson Mrs George 

36 Ewart W. H. 

M 'Donald Archibald 
M'Lean James 
Muir William 

37 Anderson James 
Gilroy William, jun. 
Highet Mrs John 
M'Neil James, sen. 
Ramsay John 

38 Black Thomas 
Fowler William 

JVt'Kinnon Donald 
Orr Robert 

39 Ballantine George 
Gilmour James 
M'Kinnon Archibald 
Smith Alexander 

40 M'Lellan John 
Whitson Robert 
Young John 

41 Beveridge Mrs 
Campbell Daniel 
Duncan Archibald 
Grant Neil 

M 'George James 
Smith Hugh 

42 Fisher Peter 
Halbert James 
M'Kenzie Murdoch 
Nelson Mrs 

43 Erskine James 
Fay Arthur 
Hendry Andrew 
Mitchell James 

44 Birkmyre Mrs 
Crawford John L. 
M'Dougall John 

45 Anderson David 
Campbell Mrs Hugh 
M'Dougall Mrs 

48 Campbell John M. 

51 Breckenridge Thomas 
Brown Alexander 
Dickson Joseph 

56 Maitland James 
M'Culloch Mrs 
Smith Samuel 

58 Allan Alexander 
Balfour Daniel 
Morrison William 

66 Dickson Robert 


2 Allan Mrs 
Forbes Alexander 
Nisbet Duncan 
Turner Andrew 

3 Brown Edward 
9 Barclay John 

Cameron Allan, Ashfield 
Hutcheson George, do. 

28 Farrell James 


I Adam Mrs William, Hollybank 
Lindsay Miss 
Shankland Dugald 
Stevenson Miss 


3 Hendry William 


4 Macfarlane Robert 




I Kerr Daniel 

7 Inglis Robert 
Murray Mrs Robert 

8 Agnew Mrs Alexander 
M'Larty Miss 
Macmillan John 

9 Hendry Duncan 

11 Adam William 

12 Taylor William F. 
1 8 Lamb Misses 

20" Douglas John 

22 Adamson Daniel D. 

24 Smith Rev. J. B. 

32 Robertson Mrs John 

34 Todd John 

36 Black Thomas 

40 Smith James 

42 Crosbie H. 

44 Alston John 

46 Patterson T. L. 

49 Kerr John S. 


I Mills Robert 

3 Cunningham William 
Hutcheson Thomas 
M'Phail Alexander 
Young William 

4 Barrie Mrs 
Hamilton Robert 
Howes Edward 
Robertson Mrs W. M. 

7 Walloe W. B. 

8 Cameron Alexander 
Lamont Alexander 
M'Dougall John 

11 Isbister John B. 

12 Filshie George 

13 Ferguson James 
Greenwood George 
Kirk Mrs 
Morrison John 

14 Currie Alexander 
M'Pherson Angus 
Smith James 
Stewart John 

16 Cuthbert Mrs 
18 Kelly Thomas 

18 Macfie William 
21 M'Brearty Duncan 
24 Scott Alexander 

26 Graham John 
Hendry Archibald 
Lang James, jun. 

27 Crawford Alexander 
Carbery Joseph S. 
Drummond John 
Nelson Charles 
Weir Duncan 

28 Dunn Andrew 
Lang Mrs James 
Watson James 

29 Cook Mrs Duncan 
Melvin Daniel 
Morrison Mrs James 
Wilson James 

34 Higgs W. H. 
36 Hill George 
38 M 'Naught Mrs 

Shand Robert 
40 Bremner Alexander 

Caldwell David 

Crawford Robert 

Holmes John 

Miller Robert 
42 Sim John 

Stevenson David 

Tough William 
44 Edgar Rev. Robert 

Jackman Capt. W. A. 

46 M'Millan Hugh 

47 Barrie John 
Davidson Andrew 
Love James 
Malcolm W. H. 

49 Fleming John R. 
Tweedlie Robert 
W T hitelaw Miss 

ro Anderson Bruce 


1 Anderson James 
Lambie J. M. 

2 Kay Rev. Thomas 



Moffat Street — Continued 

3 Smith William 

4 Barbour William 


3 M'Creadie James 
M'Intosh Duncan 

4 Parker Joseph 

5 Baine Miss 
Brown Joseph C. 
Jenkins Mrs John 
Hutchinson T. W. 
Pattison David D. 

•6 Black John 
Gilchrist Peter 
Jack John 
Logan William 
Murray John 
Parker Joseph 
Tweedly William 

7 Barclay Mrs 
Bathgate Mrs Charles 
Letham John 
M'Kee Richard 
Smith Robert M. 

8 Anderson John 

9 Allan Robert 
Craig John 
Swan Robert P. 
Tiffin Joseph 

13 Cram Peter 

Jenkins William 

Joss Miss 

MacGregor Mrs James 

Parker James A. 

Ritchie Robert 
15 Anderson Mrs 

Harper Alexander 

Sinclair W. G. 

Sweeney George 
17 Brymner Alexander 

Campbell Duncan S. 

Hoy Andrew 

Nutt James 

M'Pherson Donald K. 

Snoddy James 

Speed Mrs John 
19 Harrower T. H. 

Kennedy Thomas B. 

Loudon David 

19 M'Millan John 
M'Whirter William 
Taylor Miss 

20 Bowie James 
Hutcheson Andrew 

21 Baine Mrs William 

24 Watson Mrs Ellen 

25 Adam David 
Auld John 
Black A. L. 
Gillies John 

26 Hill Robert 
28 Younger R. L. 
32 Burnside William 

Campbell John 

Duncan John 

Love Mrs 

M'Dougall John 

Smith John 
34 Grant Mrs 

Halliday John 

Harper Andrew 

Thomson William 

Williamson Peter 
36 M'Innes James 

M'Lean John 

Reid William 

Simpson William 

Stewart Miss 


6 Ferguson John 

7 Cameron James 
Knowles John 
M'Gregor Alexander 
Maxwell Hamilton 

9 Blair Mrs 
Gibson John 
Telfer John 

10 Binning James 
M'Gurk John 

1 1 Aitken William 

12 Fordyce Lewis 
M'Innes John 
M'Kechnie John 

14 Blair John 
Cameron John 
Cunningham Robert 
Gilchrist Thomas 




1 Smith John 

2 Bell Miss 
Black James W. 
Malcolm Alexander 

3 Clarke William 

4 Aitken John 

Boyle Miss Elizabeth 
Crawford William 
Forbes Mrs 
Mathieson Robert 
Smith John 

5 Ilosea Robert 

6 Angus John W. 
Ballantyne Mrs 
Brown William 
Fortune Alexander P. 
Kemp Joseph 
Maitland Alexander 

7 Davidson Robert 
9 Baine Walter 

Brown Peter 
Craig Miss 
Murray James 
Paterson Thomas 
Paterson Mrs William 
Stewart John G. 
II Brand Henry 

Cuthbertson Robert S. 
Gilmour Hugh 
M'Callum Misses 
Sinclair Mrs Peter 
Stevenson Mrs James 
Morrison James 
Walker Andrew 

13 Black Alexander 
Bowen Mrs 
Cowan Mrs 
Law Mrs James 
Low James 
M'Neill Alexander 
Marshall Mrs William 
Schroder Charles 
Sweenie Joseph 
Thorn Alexander C. 

14 M'Crae Daniel 

15 Ewing Mrs 
Gibbs Miss Ann 
Humphrey Joseph 
Longwell Mrs William 

15 Miller Thomas, sen. 

17 Bain John 

Beveridge James 
Carmichael Mrs Donald 
Ferguson Archibald 
Mackay George A. D. 
M'Lean Allan 
Macaskill Malcolm 
Mathieson Robert 

19 Barbour Thomas 
Cook John 
Kennedy Alexander 
M 'Donald John 
Rhodes Mrs John 

21 Armour John 
Armour William 
Currie Peter 
Macnab Archibald 
Macnaughtan James 
Morrison William 

27 Blue Robert 

Cameron Mrs Patrick 
Farquhar Mrs John 
Gow William 
Kerr Misses 
Smith John 
Walker W. 

29 Carson Henry 
Devlin Mrs 
Kirkwood Alex. 
Rennie Thomas 

30 Anderson John 
Guthrie R. B. 

M 'Donald Donald 
M'xMillan Miss 
Scott Crighton 

31 Black Adam 
Crawford William 
M'Farlane Arthur 
M 'Donald Edward 
Miller Frank YV. 
Steen James 
Storer James 

32 Campbell James 
Crawford Mrs Charles 
Dick Miss 

Glass John 
Haxton James 
M'Gregor Charles 
Thomson George 

33 Bark Andrew 
Campbell Miss 



Nelson Street (west)— Continued 

33 Kennedy H. 
Macadam Mrs Peter 
M'Conochie James 
Magee Mrs T. H. C. 
Marr James 
Symington Mrs John 

34 Blair Daniel 
Crawford Bryce 
Edington Adam B. 
Gordon Mrs James 
M'Neil John 
Ritchie Hugh 

36 Hutcheson Miss 

M'Lean Dugald 
38 Murray Alexander C. 
40 Cameron Samuel 

Miller Mrs Thomas 


3 Macdougall Dugald 

4 Thorhurn J. G. 

5 Picken Andrew 

6 M'Callum Duncan 

7 Grieve Robert, Glenholm 

8 Leitch Arthur O. 

9 Caird Patrick T. 

11 Conning John 

12 Leitch John 

13 Caird Colin S., Dungourney 

14 Stewart Andrew 

15 Caird James T., Belleaire 
17 Crichton Hugh 

M'Neil Thomas 
21 Shank land Robert 
23 Cowan John, Stoneleigh 

M 'Donald Donald 
25 Mason Robert, Nellieslee 
28 Agnew David 

30 Adeane E. S. (C.M.G.), Dun- 

37 Smart J. R. 

38 Muir Robert 

39 Clapperton John, Drumslea 

40 Houston R. H. 

41 Scott Alexander, jun. 

42 Paterson R. R., Elmhurst 
44 Walker Louson 


5 Adams Mrs James 

Edgar John 

Gourlay Thomas 

M'Aulay Peter 

M'Dougall Donald 

O'Keefe Thomas 

Stirling James 

Wright Alexander 
7 Lang William 

MacFie Archibald 

Rhodes Thomas 
13 Anderson Alexander 

Calder Marcus 

Hall Joshua 

Hastie Andrew 

Johnstone Mrs Margaret 

Murray Mrs William 

Yuill Mrs 
15 Allan John 

Bain Walter 

Cairns James A. 

Liddell Miss Margaret 

Montgomery Andrew S. 

M'Murrich Mrs Jessie 
17 Ferguson Edward 

Honeyman Mrs 

Houston John 

Kerr Archibald 

Mackenzie Peter 

Muirhead Alexander 

Sinclair Angus 
19 Currie Malcolm 

M'Laughlan James 

O'Neil Felix 

Paget John 

Rae George A. 

Tough David 

Watson Mrs 
21 Blair Thomas 

Casey Robert 

Justice William 

Kelso Mrs R. 

M'Kechnie Allan, jun. 

Malcolm John 

Young James 
23 Calderwood Robert 

Douglas William 

Gracey Samuel 

Grant John 

Kean Mrs Francis 



Newton Street — Continued 
23 M'Leod Colin 

Niven G. W. 

Swanston David 

25 Arthur John P. 
Birkmyre Miss 
Pletcher A. 
Graham Hugh, jun. 
M 'Arthur James 
M'Jannet John 
Wallace James 

26 Altmont Mrs Duncan 
Gordon John 

Innes William 

Ronald James 

Sinclair Donald 

Thomson John 
2J Park Matthew 
28 Bates Thomas 

Born Joseph 

Chalmers Alexander 

Liddell Archibald 

M'Neil Duncan 

Macintyre Mrs 

Taylor James 

30 Buchanan James 
Etheridge Walter 
Lawson Mrs John 
Rose Archibald 

31 M' Galium Donald 
23 Macnaught A. 

Twigg Edward 
35 Riddell George 

Rodger Mrs Alexander 
37 Williamson George 
39 Macgregor James 

Reid Duncan 

Reid R. A. 
42 Bennie Rev. Robert, M.A. 

Jaffrey G. W. 

Kerr Peter 

Miller John 

Quin John 
.45 Swan William 
46 Macleod Neil 
49 Armitage Henry W. 

Crawford J. W. 

Leitch Misses 
51 Mories James S. 
53 Grey Charles 

M'Farlane Mrs J. A. 

Sandeman A. 

57 Johnstone Rev. M. P. 
59 Walker John 

61 Hutcheson Rev. James 

62 Armitage George 

63 Walton Utrick 

64 Lang James 

66 Borthwick Thomas 

67 Allan Robert 
69 King John 

71 Cook 'William 
73 Pollock John M. 
87 Hendry Mrs John 
89 Ramsay Charles G. 
91 Jamieson Mrs William 
93 Livingston Alexander 

95 Dunlop M. F. 

96 Macnab Duncan 


I Rowan John 

8 CampbeU Nicol M. 
Currie John 

Dow John 
M'Leod Charles C. 

9 Grant Lachlan 
15 Niven Alexander 

Stevenson John 
18 M'Kernan Philip 

20 Armour Matthew 

21 Spencer Mrs 

27 Chevalier Frederick 
Dunlop Mrs William 
M'Kellar Mrs 
Sweeney Mrs A. 
Watson John 

31 Fraser Thomas 
M'Millan Alexander 
Morrison William 
Murray Miss 

32 Allan John 
Martin John H. 

33 Binnie William 
Climie Robert 

35 Alexander Mrs 
Ferguson John B. 
M'Lean Hugh 

36 Stevens Alexander 

38 Simpson John 
Simpson Mrs Martha 

39 M'Garrity James 



Nicolson Street — Continued 
40 Galbraith Alexander 

Harvie R. D. N. 

M 'Donald Miss C. 

M'lhvraith John 

Watson Thomas 
43 Ainslie Mrs 

M'Intyre Colin 
49 Alexander Alexander 

Johnston Thomas 

M'Cradie Thomas 

M'Corquodale Lachlara 
51 Aird David 

M 'Bride Mrs 
61 Johnstone Mrs 

M'lhvraith Mrs 
63 Armstrong James B. 

Brown David 

Kerr Thomas 

Leitch Charles 

Stewart John 

Stewart W. R. 
65 Aitken William 

Campbell Robert 

M 'Donald Donald 

Wooler James 
67 Dunlop Allan 

Flockhart Mrs John 

Govan Quintin 

Hunter William W. 

M 'Rae Alexander 

Whiteford Robert 
69 Boyd James 

Ewing Mrs Jane 

Kirk John 

Leitch Nicol 

M'Intyre Williana 

M'Dougall John 

Morris John 

Pert James 

Ritchie Thomas 

Smith John 
71 Brand David 

Henderson James 

Rhodes Mrs Alexander 

Scott John C. 

Watson Hugh M'P. 
73 Gallacher Mrs 

Kane George 

Lamont Miss 

Shirley Miss 

Steen John 


5 M 'Coll John 
M'Kenzie Colin 

7 Adam William 
M'Kellar John 
Nicol Gavin 

8 Irvine Alexander 
M'Farlane Robert 

[O Jamieson James 


1 MacCulloch Colin 

2 Low John 

3 Maclean James 

5 Neill Thomas, Balgray 
9 Neill William, Towerlands 

11 Neill Wm. J., Lawthorn 

17 Kerr Robert. Westfield 

19 Glen James 

21 Rankin Daniel 

25 Clerk Duncan 

27 Curtis Charles H., Ebberley 
Kinipple W. R.j Whitefarland 

51 Thome Thomas M. 

53 Clink John D. 

55 Shore Hon. Henry N. 

57 Gilchrist George W. 

63 Warden James B. 

65 M 'Arthur Mrs William 

67 Watson James 


2 Smith William 

Hendry John 

Watson George 
4 Copeland Nathan 

M'Onie George 
6 Liddell Mrs John 

M'Dermid John 

Wallace William 


Campbell John 
Sheridan Robert 



Oiangefield Place -Continued 

2 Gillies George D. 

3 Campbell Miss 
5 Macfie John 

7 Jamieson Misses 
9 Cook Robert 

3 Dry sd ale Thomas 


8 Frew William 
12 Gibson William 

M'Lellan Mrs Duncan 

Malcolm Mrs 

Rennie Mrs James 
14 Gaule Rev. Patrick 

O'Brien Rev. W. P. 

Taylor Rev. Alexander 

16 Campbell Dugald 

19 Deas John S. 
Denniston John S. 

20 Robinson Archibald 

21 Richmond Archibald F., M.D, 

22 Maclntyre John D. 

23 Pennell Charles 

24 Banks Alexander 
Crawford P. R. 
Hunter John 

M 'Michael Mrs 
26 Douglas Mrs 
Fyfe Mrs 
Johns Thomas 
M'Kinnon Alexander 

17 Bathgate George 
Doig Mrs Alexander 
Flockhart John 
M'Cuaig Samuel 
M'Kenzie Mrs Duncan 
M 'Master Alexander 
M'Phail John 

29 Lawrie Mrs Robert 
Liddell Mrs Archibald 
Menzies Mrs Alexander 
Smith Allan B. 
Young David 


9 Smith Mrs John 

16 M'Farlane Robert 
Russell Martha L. 

19 M'Lauchlan John 

77 Shearer Alfred 

Lennox John, Bogston 
Russell Tames, Greenfield cot. 


6 Bicket Robert 
20 Adam William 

Cumberlidge Edward 
22 Heath Hugh 
Hill John 


2 Watson James 
12 Wardrop David 


I Buchanan Duncan 
Scott Alexander 
Pearson Mrs James 
Telfer Mrs C. 

3 Kirkpatrick William 
MTver David 
Wright Mrs 

4 Barr Robert 
Cameron John 
Gray James 
Hutcheson William 
M' Cowan James 

5 Hare William 

7 M'Millan David 
9 Burns James 

Hamilton John 

Stead Albert 

Stead Julius 

Taylor Archibald 

Taylor Daniel 
II Fortune David 
17 M 'Walter Robert 
19 Brown John 

Scott E. 


35 I 



Levy Pinkus 


Bowie Thomas 

Thomson Rev. Peter 

Barr Elizabeth 

I Allan James 

Clark Miss 

Hendry Charles 

Inglis William 

5 Anderson Peter 

Leishman James 

Boffey Mrs R. S. 


Burns John 

Cowan Robert 

Gowans Thomas 

Laurie John 

Hannah James 

M'Kenzie Malcolm 

Muir John 

7 Alexander Mrs Gilbert 


Hyndman Mrs John 

Graham John 


Adam Edward B. 

Rattray William 

Brown James 

Rennie John 

Logan Robert 

Scott Peter 

Munn Mrs 

Young J. S. 


Napier James 

9 Duncan Hendry, Oakfield, east 

Whyte George 

Duncan James 


M 'Donald Mrs Mary 

Gordon G. 

M'Nish Robert 

Hendry D. S., Oakfield, east 

Muir Miss 

Johnston Robert 

Patrick Robert 

Kerr William 

Simpson John 

Kincaid J. G., Oakfield, west 

Stove Thomas 

Sharp William, Endriek Cottage 


Bell Peter 
Campbell Malcolm 
Hendry Robert 


Moffat Robert 
M'Neilage John 

3 Campbell Archibald 

Yuill Walter 

Campbell Samuel 


Aitken Miss 

Houston James 

Bell James 

M'Allister Neil 

Gaze William 

M 'Callum Archibald 

M'Intyre Duncan 

M'Fie James 

Sharp John 

M'Intyre Alexander 

Young Andrew 

Oughterson John 


Blake Matthew 

Watson John 

Campbell Norman 

5 Campbell Allan 

M'Gillvray Miss 

Cameron Mrs Donald 

Ritchie Andrew 

Lewis George 

Russell W. C. 

M'Allister Mrs 


M'Dougall Duncan 

M'Intyre Dugald 


Stewart A. D. 

8 Bryce John 


Kerr Mrs A. 

io Blair Mrs 


Carlyle John, M.D. 

Boyle James 

M'Lelland Thomas 

Fyfe Robert 


Orr John, jun. 

M 'Callum John 


Livingston Donald 

II Buchan Mrs William 

M'Coll Malcolm 

Gilchrist Neil 

Stewart Thomas 

Russell Henry 


Fletcher Alexander 

Walker James 

Kennedy Daniel 

Whiteford William 

M'Kenzie Donald 

35 2 


Regent Street — Continued 
54 Kinnaird James 
Service John 

56 Kinnaird James 
Stevenson Adam 

57 Turner John 
Walker John 

59 Campbell Angus 
Kirkwood Robert 
Shepherd William 

60 Docherty Daniel 
O'Hara William 

61 Begg Rev. W. P. 

62 Boyd James 
Glendinning Alexander 
MacNaught John W. 
Millar Mrs John 
Wood William 

65 Bucklitsch Edward 
Gray Daniel 

66 Bissell William 
Cawthorn Mrs 
Kilpatrick Samuel 
Macnaught John 
M'Laughlan Patrick 

67 Binnie George 
Campbell Peter 
Ferguson George 
Gillies Miss 
Mitchell David 
Nicolson John 
Thomson Donald 

69 Brown Dugald 

Gunn James 

Hunter Mrs A. 

Nixon James 

Young John 
71 Anderson John 

Buchan John 

Lauder Mrs James 

Leslie Robert 

Ritchie George 
73 Collins William 

Grieve Robert 

Macarthur Thomas 

Orr William C. 

Reid James 
75 Watters William 

Weir Mrs E. 
77 Ballantine Henry 

Boag Alexander 

Clunie James 

TJ Heron Mrs 

Johnston William 
M'Dougall Dugald 
MTntyre Joseph 
Park Mrs William 
Stewart Thomas 


2 Brotchie Donald 
Duncan Rev. Alexander 
Jarvie W. 

M 'Donald Angus 
Thomson Donald 

3 Maclachlan Mrs D. 

4 Brough John 
Fleming John 
Hastie John 

M'Cammond Mrs David 
Murray James 

Nuel Mrs 
Paul Mrs R. 

5 Farquhar Mrs William 
Laurie William 
M'Kelvie David B. 
Slater James, jun. 

7 Fairgrieve John B. 

15 Campbell Mrs William 
Dowie Mrs E. T. 
Houston John 

Kerr George 

16 Buchanan John 
Carmichael Mrs James 
Crockatt George 
Gibb Mrs Walter 
Howat Robert 

Reid Mrs H. 

Wood Thos. 
18 Adam A. Learmouth 

Fleming Alexander 

Jamieson Misses 

Millar Robert 
20 Blair Mrs Robert 
22 Cairns William 

Fleming Robert 

Frame James 

M 'Donald Mrs Daniel 

M'Tavish Mrs D. 

Ross Hugh 
25 Cant Adam 

Mill Alexander 



Robertson Street— Continued 
25 Miller Thomas 

Shaw Miss 

Wolsey William E. 
27 Kirkpatrick John W. 

Park William U. 


2 Took William 

3 Bannatyne Mrs Robert 

4 M'Phail William 

1 Carlisle Miss 


3 Stewart William 
5 Townend Richard 


5 More Andrew 

Paterson William 

Rennie James 

Smith Thomas 
7 Galloway Allan, M.D. 

M'Crindle James 

11 Baillie James 
Brock Archibald 
Downie Andrew 
M 'William John 

12 Kirkpatrick George 
15 Wilson Joseph R. 

20 Bannigan D. 

21 Millar John 

23 Brown Mrs W. S. 
Campbell Peter M. 
Laurie Robert R. 
Macaulay Daniel 
M'Cormick Donald 
Murphy Mrs Robert 

24 Gregor James 
Kay James 

27 Kennedy Robert 
30 Fisher John 


30 Jamieson Mrs Thomas 
M 'Bride Donald 
Simpson Thomas 

31 Burns William G. 
Cochrane Crawford 

33 Crai S Hu § h 

M'Farlane John 

M'Kay Mrs 

Mathieson William 

Munro William 

Weir James C. 
35 Hilton Thomas 

Shearer Mrs Janet 

Taylor Henry 
37 Mackay Miss Annie 

Swan Robert 

41 Blair Robert 

42 M'Connell Samuel R. 
47 Bissett Andrew 

Blue John 

50 Brown John 

Hamilton William 
Robertson William 

62 Brown Robert 

64 Blackie Robert 
Cameron A. F. 
Gunion William 
Mossman William 

65 Nicol Andrew 
Stewart John 

66 Ferguson Thomas 
Gillander Daniel 
Leitch Norman 
Lovel John 
M'Callum Robert 
Williamson Mrs 

67 Cameron Charles 
Dick Archibald 
Fisher John 
Gait Robert 
Harper John 
Milligan George 

68 M'Donald John 
Patrick Neil M. 

69 Blue George 
Leitch James 
M'lver John 
Moodie Miss J. 

70 Harper John 
Kellet George 
M'Farlane James 

71 Graham Mrs 



Roxburgh Street — Continued 

71 M'Cartney William 
M'Glashan Archibald 

72 Gettens John 
Johns August 
Robertson William 

75 Go van Andrew 

76 Johnston John 

77 M'Millan John 

80 Agnew Mrs 
Boag James 
Campbell Archibald 
Clark Thomas 
Cooper Archibald 
Gillies John 
Hyslop G. K. 

81 M'Lean Mrs 
Robertson Thomas 
Yorston Mrs 

82 Aikman Mrs 
Bradley John 
Logan Joseph 
Murray Patrick 

83 Campbell Alexander 
M'Kay Charles 
M'Lachlan Duncan 
Rippon Joseph W. 
Smith James 

84 Fraser John 
Handyside Robert 
Johnston John 
Wright Thomas 

85 Campbell Duncan 
Hannah James 
Hill Archibald 

87 Cullen William 
Edgar James 
M'Kellar Hugh 

89 Douglas Walter 
M'Farlane Daniel 
M'Kellar Archibald 
Stewart Archibald 

91 Robertson John 

93 Gray Archibald 
Johnston William 
M'Clure William 
Whiteford William 

95 Brown Duncan 
Falconer William 
Hutton James 
M'Callum William 
Scott Mrs James 

95 Weir Alexander 
97 Calderwood Daniel 
Calderwood Robert 
Hill James 
Scott Andrew 


3 M'Innes Dugald 
5 Anderson William 
29 King Robert 

Kirkwood William 
37 Gothard William 
49 Kennedy James 
51 Barr James 

Berndt Herman 
59 Forbes Hugh 

Hall Archibald 

King William 
63 Baillie George 

Kerr Mrs 

M'Lean Alexander 

Robertson William 
65 Burnett Joseph 

Forrester James 

M'Kinnon Hugh 

M'Phail Colin 
67 Lyon Malcolm 

Stewart Robert J. 

Todd Thomas 

2 Muir Robert 


1 Livingston Duncan 

2 M'Caig Daniel 
Wilson William 

3 Foulds James 


2 Holmes James 
Lyle John 

6 Lindsay John 

7 Fulton Robert 



St. Lawrence Street — Continued 

8 Wales Miss 
12 Brodie Mrs James 

Gibson Charles 

Hutcheson Tohn 

M 'Gibbon James 
14 Agnew Robert 

Phillips Patrick 
1 8 Agnew James 

Ewing James 

Johnston Isaac 

Lyon Peter 

M' Donald Duncan 
20 Cameron Hugh 

Davie Mrs A. M. 

Dunning John 

Hyndman Hugh 
22 Barbour William 

Docker William 

M'Dermott Hugh 

M'Farlane Robert 

Mulhern John 
24 Kennedy John 

M'Gregor James 

Ralston William 

Thomson Peter 
30 Montgomery Robert 
40 Fielding Alexander 
42 Angus Robert 

Fielding Alexander 

Longwell James 

MacEachran Gilbert 

Smith Robert 
48 M'Dougall Duncan 
50 Anderson John 

Black Daniel 

Foster Edward B. 

Inglis John 

M'Farlane Mrs 

Morrison Robert 

Sandford John 
52 Blair Hugh 

Kerr Colin 
54 Howie James 

Turner John 
56 Turner John 

Watt Neil 

5 Alour Thomas 


Forbes Mrs George 
Warrick Richard 
Crawford Thomas 
Haldane Dnvid 
Philips James 
Rice Benjamin 


1 Cairns David, M.D., CM. 

2 Gray Mrs John 
Hendry Duncan S. 
Wilson Alexander M. 

3 Marshall James 
Rennie Mrs James 
Turner Mrs John 

4 M'Cunn James 
Mackail James 

6 Hendry James 

7 Baird Miss 
Macquarrie John 

8 Buchanan John 
M'Lean James 

9 Blair Thomas 
Simpson A. C. 

10 Chalmers Hugh 


9 Wylie James 

14 Andrew Mrs John 

1 5 Barbour James 

16 Ferguson Thomas 
18 Ballantine A. 

M'Callum John 
20 Graham William 
22 Grant Rev. Robert 


5 Lambert Francis 

6 Gordon William 
M'Lachlan A. 
Scott John 

15 Davidson Mrs 
Low James 



Sir Michael Street — Continued 

1 6 Graham William 
Greenlees William 
M'Cartney William 

1 8 Carrigan John 

21 Killen Mrs Samuel 

24 Borthwick Thomas 
Graham Donald 
Henderson Alex. 

25 Cameron James 
Muir Samuel 

34 Hamilton Robert 
M 'Bride Peter 

35 Downie William 

37 Edwards Simon 

38 King Duncan 

39 M'Coll Donald 
M'Crae John 

41 M'Gowan James M. 
M 'Cover Robert 
Miller David 


1 M'Neil Donald 

2 Campbell Mrs John 
Hutcheson Daniel 
Martin James 
Paterson James 

4 Brodie Mrs 
Hood William 
Kennedy Mrs 
Lang Robert 
Small Robertson 
Williamson James 

7 M 'Naught John 

8 Arnot John 
Brodie Miss 
Currie David 
Gibson Walter 
Glen Archibald 
Moodie Alexander 
M'Neil Allan 

10 Duncan John 
Dalzell Mrs William 
Gillies John B. 
Liddell James D. 
M'Gregor Jas. W. 
Wilson Daniel 

11 Duncan R. B. 

12 Baxter Mrs James 

12 Crawford Robert 
Duncan Mrs Robert 
Hunter Miss 
Inglis Robert 
James William 
Jamieson Robert 

14 Crawford William 
Easton Robert 
Mackenzie Miss 
Muir Mrs James 
Stevenson W. S. 
Thomson Robert 

15 Crabbe William 
Gowans Andrew 
Maxwell William 
M'Kay Robert 
M 'Robert James 

16 Boyd Johnston 
Cameron Archibald 
Cameron Matthew 
Dick Andrew 
Lyle Archibald 
Morrin William 
Park Miss 

Waun John O. 

17 Percival Hugh 
Rippon Cornelius W.- 
Wilson Michael 

18 Adams James 
Carmichael Alexander 
Collins Mrs J. B. S. 
Hutcheson John 
Inglis James 
M'Gregor Robert 
Oswald James G. 

19 Campbell Alexander 
M 'Arthur Hugh 
M'Cuaig Magnus 
M'Pherson Peter 
Wilson M. 

20 Dempster James 
Fisher Thomas 
Gordon James 
Paterson Alexander 
Watson Alexander 

22 Brown W. J. M. 
Crawford James 
Crawford Mrs Robert 
Easton Thomas 
Hunt John 
Ogg John A. 
Ramsay Alexander 



South Street — Continued 
24 Barclay John 

Bendell Paul 

Coupar Archibald B. 

Cuthbertson James R. 

Johnston James 

M'Millan Andrew 

M'Chessney Hugh R. 
26 Campbell Alexander 

Horsman John 

Mackenzie W. J. 

Paterson Jervis C. 
28 Henderson Robert 

Kirkpatrick Jonathan 

Thomson John 

Tweddale James 
30 Aitkenhead Alexander 

Cram William 

Hoggan John 

Kirk Robert 

M 'Lines Mrs 

Wallace John 
32 Denny John 

Dewar Thomas 

Devlin James P. 

Dick Mrs Boyd 

Mackie Mrs David 

Mackie William 
34 Dickson George 

Low Thomas 

Maccallum Henry 

Wilson John 
36 Anderson Alexander T. 

Johnston James 

Walker James 
38 Moffat Gavin S. 


I Simpson James 
6 Laird Alexander 
[3 Spence David 


1 1 Dewar James 
22 M'Glone Patrick 

Orkney Mrs 
27 M'Nair George 
29 Barr Alexander 


10 Mechan Thomas 

Rae John 
12 Baxter Malcolm 

Gallacher Arthur 

Gillies Alexander 

Howie Hugh 

Nimmo Robert 
14 Orr John 

Sutherland Roderick 

Williamson Alexander 


3 Bain Alexander 
MTntyre Donald 

4 Dunning Matthew 
6 Black Alexander 

Clark Mrs Andrew 
M 'Cowan William 
Shaw Neil 

8 Marshall William 
Young Mrs J. 

9 Campbell Charles 
Chalmers Peter 
Eaglesom Peter 

12 Cowan Alexander 

M'Kellar Mrs 
15 Brodie James 
19 Baxter John 

Burrows William 

Graham Edward 

Munn Stewart 

M'Kenzie Charles 

Revie Mrs James 

Sloan James 

21 Burns George 
Martin Duncan T. 
Sutherland Alexander M. 
Tait John 

Watson John 

22 Aitken Edward 
Macdonald Hugh 

23 Jack Mrs Hugh 
Jamieson John 
Kinnaird "William 
M'Kellar Mrs Peter 
Robertson Charles 

24 Blake Edward 



Trafalgar Street — Continued 

24 Hodgson William 
M'Ginlay Patrick 

25 Aird Mrs John 
Andrews Hugh 
Barr James 
Colville James 
Campbell Donald 
Hamilton Mrs George 
M' Donald John 
M'Lachlan Kenneth 

26 Gordon Mrs James 
Luckham James 
M'Cann Philip 
M'Kenzie George 

27 Agnew Robert 
Blair Mrs Ann 
Love William 
Scott A. H. 
Scott Thomas 

28 Carse William 
Galbraith Malcolm 
Plogg William 
M'Dougall John 
Whyte William 

29 Andrew David 
Blackwood James 
Johnston Thomas 
Kane William 
Carnaghan James 
Stevenson Alexander 

31 Beaton John 

Gordon David 

Whyte Archibald 
36 Blair Peter 
45 Barron Alexander 

Duncan James D. 

M'Caul John 

M'Gregor James 

Paterson David G. 

Scoon Walter 
47 Armitage William, jun. 

Ferguson Thomas 

Maxwell David 

Purdon James 

Watson Matthew 
49 Allison John 

Allison Thomas 

Boyd James, jun. 

Hendry Robert 

Kirkland Tohn 

M 'Donald Philip 


I Gray Robert 
Wilson Mrs George 

5 Thomson George 

6 M Arthur Mrs Duncan 
Holmes Alexander 
M'Vey James 

7 Gordon Misses 
Hope William 

9 Paton Allan Park 

12 Dunbar Miss 
Lang Mrs James 
M'Callum Archibald 

13 Hendry Mrs 
Thorn Archibald 

16 Wallace James, M.D. 

17 Barclay John S. 
Davie John 

20 Mill Mrs Charles 
M'Gill Mrs John M. 

21 Ferguson Charles 

M 'Farlane Mrs Robert 

22 Douglas Dr John C. 
24 Allan James 

Boston John 

Gilkison Walter 

Hall Miss Emily 

Inglis James 

Irvine Mrs 

Keenan Henry 

Lamb William S- 

Lee Mrs 

Morrison Robert 
27 Dryden Robert 
29 Fraser Hugh 

33 Brown M. M'C. 
Hair William 

34 Newall Mrs 

36 Rennie Robert 

37 Ballantine John IL 

38 Hutcheson'john M. 

39 Boyd Mrs Andrew 

40 Tasker Mrs Andrew 

41 Brownlie Misses 
44 Smith Harry 

M'Gregor Duncan 
51 Philip William 
53 Bryce John 

Neill James 
57 Hill Mrs Ramsay 



Union Street — Continued 

58 Scott Joseph D. 

59 Grieve Walter 
61 Trew Rev. John 
63 Letham William 

Morton Mrs James, jun. 

65 Agnew James 
Smith Mrs 
Steele Miss 

66 M'Clure William 

67 Anderson Mrs Richard 
Ramsay John 

68 Robertson L. B. 

69 Campbell Mrs Alexander 
Niccol Robert 

70 Macmillan Rev. Hugh, D.D. 
72 Lyle Robert 

•jt, Russell James 

Stark Thomas 
75 Lamb Thomas 

Walker John W. 

Wright Robert 

M'Farlane Alexander 

77 Lindsay William 

78 M'Kirdy Robert 
84 Grieve James, jun. 
86 Benton William 


18 Loughran William 
49 Simpson William 
58 Bradley Anthony 


1 Aitken William N. A. 
Anderson Andrew 
Downing William 
Houston Mrs James 

2 Blair Mrs Joseph 
Cunningham Robert 
Ferguson George 
Hunter John 
Hutton Thomas 
Thomson Peter 
Williamson Mrs 


3 Brown Alexander 
Symington John 

4 Harley James 
Johnston Samuel 
Knaggs George 
M'Kellar David 

5 Johnston Thomas 

6 Lemon James 
Main Robert 
Robertson Donald 

7 Graves Thomas 

M ' Ausland Archibald 

8 Boyd Mrs 
Darroch Alexander 
Gillies John 
Hodge William 
M'Culloch James 
M'Ewan Alexander 
M 'Kechnie John 

9 Allan Mrs 
M'Intosh John 
Scott Robert 

10 Logan Francis 
M'Lauchlin James 
M'Lean John 
Ramsay John 

1 1 Andrews Nathan 
Hepburn Thomas 
Laird William 
Maccallum James 
Robertson George 
Thomson Michael 
Wood James 

12 Darroch Miss 
Fisher Miss 
Mason Thomas 

13 Ferguson John 
M 'Arthur 'Daniel 
M 'Donald Mrs 


2 Clark John T. 

Lee Robert 

Ingram W. B. 

Young David 
4 O'Neill John B. 
6 M 'Quistan Mrs 

3 6 ° 


Wellington Street — Continued 

8 Angus Thomas 
Archibald William, jun. 
Brady James 
MacLean Alexander 
M'Alister Mrs George 
M'Lean Ronald 

9 Campbell Peter 
Park John 
Shearer James 
Wilson Robert 

10 M' Lei Ian J. 
Ross Baillie 

Weir William M. G. 
Turnbull Jonathan 

11 M'Coll Mrs 

12 Balloch Mrs 
Campbell James 
Campbell Thomas 
Fulton John 
M'Whirter Hugh 
Stewart Charles W. 

14 Barbour William 

Boag Andrew 

Cruickshank Francis 

Kennedy Donald 

Macdonald Archibald K. 

Pow Edward 

Rorison Thomas D. 

Whyte Thomas 
16 Caldwell David 

Flood Luke 

Lewis Charles 

Rankine Alexander 

Stewart Robert 

18 Barr William 
M'Lean Mrs 
Paul Mrs William 
Stewart Robert 

19 Arnot William 
Caldwell James 
M'Farlane Daniel 

20 Allan James 
Auld Robert 
Bisset John 
Gillander Robert 
M 'Arthur John 
M'Farlane John 
Vallance Joseph 
Wylie Alexander 

21 Bone David 
Gallacher Charles 

21 Maitland Mrs James 
M 'Naught George W. 

22 Blair Robert 
Gait Mrs 

M 'Arthur Archibald 
Ritchie William 

24 Blair Peter 
Leitch Tohn 
M'Dougall Neil 
M'Kenzie Peter 
Muir Mrs Robert 
Munn William 
Selby William S. 
Whitelaw Thomas 

25 Gaff Daniel R. 

26 Borthwick David 
Fernie William 
Munn Mrs 
Simpson Matthew 
Small James 

28 Borland Alexander 
Cameron William 
Duncan Robert 
M'Rae Mrs John 
M'Taggart Archibald 
Simpson Alexander 

30 Aitken James 

Anderson Mrs James 
Campbell Donald 
Frew Robert A. 
Innes Joseph 
M 'Arthur Colin 
Parlane William 
Savage Thomas 

34 Ferguson John 

37 Holburn James 

39 Jamieson John R. 

43 Baine William 

45 Graham John 

M'Gregor Malcolm 

52 M 'Queen Neil 

64 Kelly George 
M 'Arthur Peter 
M'Kellar John 

66 Easton Robert F. 
Houston David 
Lovell William 
M 'Arthur James 
M'Callum John 
M'Kay Andrew 

68 Campbell Archibald 
Gibb Walter 



Wellington Street — Continued 
68 Hamilton John 

Hoy George 

M 'Donald Alexander 

M'Killop George 

M'Lean Fergus 
■70 King William 

Lamont Hugh 

Muir James 

Young Robert 

71 Barrie David 
Hamilton Thomas 

72 Bryan James C. 
Chalmers Archibald 
Chalmers Robert 
Elliott Thomas 
Hart James 
M'Ausland John 

74 Boyd James 
Honeyman R. 
Houston Archibald 
Lauder James 
M'Intosh James 
M'Kechnie James 

75 Cameron Alexander 
Knaut William 
MTntyre James 

76 M'Cue James 

77 Kerr Samuel 
Kinnell James 
Maitland Archibald 

78 Sidey William 

79 Ferguson Robert 
83 Barclay John 

Cuthbertson James S. 

Sutherland Peter 
• 85 Anderson James 

Gordon James 

Liddell Alexander 

Wilson Alexander 

Wilson Thomas 
87 Gerrard James 

Hair William 

Imrie John 


5 Campbell Mrs Neil 
•6 Burnside R. K. 
Connor Mrs 

6 Rowan Samuel 

7 Armstrong John 

8 Muir Allan 
14 Bell John 

Bowman Alexander 
Cranston Mrs 
Gilchrist Mrs 
Menzies Mrs John 
Millen Peter 
M'Kechnie Mrs Ann 
20 Rankin Mrs George 

22 M 'Arthur Hugh 
M'Farlane Miss 
M 'Donald Mrs 
M'Gugan Angus 
M'Kay William 
O'Neil Francis 

23 Gillespie Mrs James 
Hunter George 
M'Lean John 
Peace Mrs John 
Richmond Alexander 

24 Anderson George 
Anderson Gustav 
Brown Mrs James 
M'Kay James 

25 Harvey Hugh 
Hay Mrs Mary 
Livingston Archibald 

26 Anker H. 
Bradley Miss 
Cameron Dugald 
Crawford Alexander 
Griffiths Jane 

Kay A. S. 
M'Lean James 
Sinclair Archibald 
Wright Robert 

27 Black James 
Borthwick William 
Fleck William 
Herd Alexander 
Morton Mrs 
Richmond Frank 

28 Molseed James 

30 Shankland Thomas 

32 M'Ewan Mrs Archibald 

34 Faiiiie William 

M 'Arthur Alexander 
M'Cormick Hendry 
M'Gugan George 
Wright Robert 



W. Blackhall Street— Continued 

35 Bell Mrs John 
Wotherspoon Mrs 

36 Ahman Henry 
Fergusson Margaret 
Kelly Mrs 
M'Lachlan Daniel 

$7 Taylor William F. 
39 Brown Alexander R. 
41 Gerrod Mrs 

Thomson Henry 

Whiteford James 
43 Crookshanks Joseph 
52 Anderson Thomas 

Caldwell William 

Farish George 

Hastings John 


6 Bowman John 
8 Boag Kenneth 
25 Fortune Mrs 

Morrison Peter 

M 'Donald John 

Paterson A. 
29 Urie Robert 
35 Glen Mrs James 

M'Gregor Alexander 

Warden John 
40 Greves Alexander 

M'Kellar Archibald 
43 Gallachev Elizabeth 


34 Boyd Kennedy 
Muir Henry 

35 Craig Robert 
Edwards Robert 
M'Kelvie Tohn 


Finlay John 
Hendry James 

1 M'Farlane Miss 
Jamieson Robert 
Simpson James 

5 Chisholm James 
dimming Miss 
M' In tyre Allan 
Storms Mrs 

6 Campbell Miss 
Harclie Robert 
M'Ginnis Stephen 
Lindsay John 
Strong Thomas 

1 1 Hunter Misses 
Shaw Malcolm 

13 Davidson David 
Ferguson Moses 
Hannah James 
M 'Alpine Archibald 
M'Callum Duncan 
M'Culloch Archibald 

1 5 Allan John 
Burns Jonathan 

20 Munn Alexander 
Waters John S. 

22 Dale Charles 
Fraser James 
Robertson Thomas 

23 Blair Matthew G. 
M'Ausland John 
M'Lean John 

24 Bell William 
Herd James 
Hyndman James 
Fletcher Malcolm 
Lyle Miss M. 
Morrison Donald 
Philips David 

25 Baxter Thomas 
Lang James 

27 Cameron Hugh 
29 Shortridge Samuel 
30 Flight John 

32 Cleland Misses 
Galbraith Lachlan 
M'Bay Thomas 
Morrison Alexander 

33 Briton Thomas 
Campbell Alexander 
M 'In tyre Mrs 
Robertson James 
Herbert R. W. 
Millar William 



West Stewart Street — Continued 

33 Patience James 

34 Cairns John 
Forbes John 
Henderson J. 
Henrichs Henry 
Proudfoot Mrs W. 

35 David Simon H. 
M'Kinlay Peter C. 
Niven Robert 
Steel William 

36 Grant John 

M 'Donald John 

37 Barr Robert 

38 Hepburn John 

I Barrie Andrew D. 


I Lemon Peter 

Williamson Mrs Sarah 
7 Docherty George 
M' In tyre Donald 
Taylor Mrs M. 
Williams Alfred 
9 Ferguson Miss 
10 Burns Alexander 
Paterson Robert 


3 Beaton Thomas 
5 Allan James 
Barbour James 


WR. M. THOMSON & Co., Patent 
• Agents and Consulting 
Engineers, 96 BUCHANAN STREET, 
GLASGOW (who have had over 30 Years' 
professional experience), continue to obtain 
British and Foreign Patents for In- 
ventions, and Register Designs and 

Consulting E?i<rineers m tv t , , 

and I Rade Marks, at lowest charges. 

British and Foreign 

Patent Agents. 


A Handbook containing the most Complete, Reliable, and Useful In- 
formation on Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks, may be had Gratis. 

W. R. M. THOMSON & CO., 


J, & a cmiie, 

Ibilfbeao an& perccton Jfireclai? Morfts, 

Manufacturers of every Description of FIRE- 
CLAY GOODS, comprising— 

Fire Bricks, Pressed and Un- I Glazed Sewerage Pipes, 

pressed, of every kind. j Cattle and Pig Troughs. 

Gas Retorts. j Horse Mangers. 

Furnace Blocks. f Chimney Cans and Vent Linings. 

Flooring Tiles. 

Flue Covers. 

Chamfered Bricks for Footpaths 

and Stables. 
Kerbing and Byre Grooping. 

Oncomings for Vents. 
Joist and Beam Shods. 
Flower Vases and Rustic Ware. 
Garden Borders. 
Wall Coping. 

Also White and Yellow Enamelled Sinks, Wash Tubs, Milk 
Coolers, &c, and White and Coloured Enamelled Bricks. 


Buchan's Patent Drain Traps, Grease Traps, and Access Pipes. 
Pott's Patent Edinburgh Air Chambered Sewer Trap. 

DEPOTS IN GREENOCK : 10 Brougham Street and 6 Tobago Street. 
Agents: JOHN A. SIMPSON & CO. 

J. & flft. Crafo, 



Plumbers' and Sanitary Earthenware Cabinet Stands, Urinals, 
Closet, Basins, and Toilet Ware. 

Depots in Greenock: io Brougham Street and 6 Tobago Street. 

Agents-JOHN A. SIMPSON &. CO. 


Coal, Lime, Cement, Stucco, Caithness, and Arbroath Pavement 

and Agricultural Drain Tiles Merchants, and 

Fire-clay G-oods Agents, 




ADAIR W. J., tramway driver, 53 Shore st 

ADAM James, yacht and launch builder, 73 Shore st. Ho. 

Mount William, 8 Bath st 
Adam Mrs, Cove Point house, Cove road 
ADAMS William, Broomberry drive 
AIKENHEAD John, warehouseman, 2 Cardwell road 
AIRD Mrs, Craigburn house, Ashton 
AITCHIESON John, Gourock Castle, 11 Bath st 
AITON Mrs William, jun., 15 Adelaide st 
ALEXANDER James, Greenbank, 13 Ashton road 
Alexander Mrs, 2 Ashton road 

ALLAN J. Craig, solicitor, Cliffe cottage, Victoria road 
Allan Mrs, Cove Point house, Cove road 
ALLISON Matthew, salesman, 40 Cardwell road 
ANDERSON Andrew, fishmonger, 21 Shore st 
Anderson Andrew A., 1 Ashton road 
Anderson Peter, tobacconist, 12 Kempock place. Ho. 35 

Shore st 
Anderson R , 31 Kempock st 
Anderson William, artist, Berry Bank, Ashton 
Anderson Miss, 2 Anderson place, Cove road 
Anderson Mrs, Hillside place, 58 Albert road 
Anderson Mrs Robert, 1 9 Albert road 
ANDREW James, 6 Manor crescent 

ANGUS Robert, portioner, Manor crescent, 4 Cardwell road 
ARKLEY Arthur (late Customs' Officer), 63 Kempock st 
ASHTON Mrs, 37 Cove road 


ASTALL Enoch, confectioner, 32 Albert road 
AVERY Miss, dressmaker, 12 Shore st 


BAIN Alexander, 17 Albert road 

BAINE William, joiner, 17 Cove road 

BALDWIN George, engineer, Park place, 1 Albert road 

BALLANTINE John, the Glasgow Drapery Warehouse, 21 

Kempock st. Ho. 19 do. 
Ballantine Thomas, 48 Kempock st 

Ballantine Mrs John, draper, 23 Kempock st. Ho. 21 do. 
BARBOUR Mrs Agnes, 15 Albert road 
BARR Charles, boat hirer, Shore st and King st. Ho. 58 

Shore st 
Barr Captain John, yachtsman, 40 Shore st 
Barr M'Leod, provision dealer, 4 Shore st. Ho. Alfred 

place, John st 
Barr Robert, 14 Kempock st 

Barr Robert, chemist, Kempock place. Ho. 7 Albert road 
Barr Mrs, 47 Royal st 
Barr Mrs, 4 Royal st 
BARTON William, 31 Royal st 
BAXTER Mrs, 2 1 Kempock st 
BEATTIE James, 27 Hope st 
Beattie Robert, gardener, 40 Cove road 
BEEDIE Rev. Robert, 3 Campsie terrace 
BELL J., 44 Card well road 
Bell Peter, yachtmaster, 35 Cove road 
Bell Miss, 44 Royal st 
Bell Mrs, 47 Royal st 
BENNET George, engineer, 15 Shore st 
Bennet Robert, 31 Kempock st 
BENSON Robert, 31 Royal st 

BICKERTON Mrs Christina, Ashton Hotel, 40 Albert road 
BINNIE Robert, merchant, Greenock. Ho. Ashford, 54 

Albert road 
BILCASE Robert, shipmaster, 39 Royal st 
BIRD Mrs John, 53 Shore st 
BIRRELL William, 5 Tower Drive, Victoria road 


BLACK Alexander, joiner and glazier, 53 Kempock st 
Black James J., 3 Eddlewood place, Gourock road 
Black Mrs, 69 Shore st 

BLACKBURN John & Sons, dairymen and cartage con- 
tractors, Quay head. Ho. do. 
Blackburn William, Sea View, 27 Ashton road 
Blackburn Mrs, 15 Albert road 
BLACKSTOCK Miss, 2 White Bank, Ashton 
BLAIR Mrs Archibald, 3 Campsie terrace 
Blair Mrs Hugh R., Alma Villa, Cardwell bay 
Blair Mrs M., 10 Shore st 

BLOOMFIELD Robert, grocer, 18 Kempock st 
BLUE Mrs, 12 Hopeton st 
BOARD of Trade Office, 26 Kempock st 
BOLTON Allan, Moorfield, Victoria road 
Bolton Mrs, teacher, Ladies' School, Alma place, 27 Albert 

BONE Quintin (of Bone & Buchanan, Greenock), Burgh 

Treasurer and Collector, Burgh Chambers, Shore st. 

Ho. Parkfield 
BOONE Charles, joiner, 8 Manor crescent 
Boone Mrs, 20 Hopeton st 
BOWMAN James, Rockside, 6 Albert road 
Bowman Miss E. S., Alderwood, Victoria road 
BOYD William, 31 Cove road 
Boyd Mrs, 65 Shore st 
BRAND David, 2 Ashton road 
BROCK James, shipmaster, 3 Campsie Terrace 
BRODIE James, gardener, 11 Royal st 
Brodie John, 1 Kempock st 
Brodie Robert, teller, Bank of Scotland, Greenock. Ho. 

Campfield House, East Bay 
Brodie William, stonedresser, 9 Royal st 
BROWN David, late photographer, Loudon place, 26 

Shore st 
Brown Donald, head master, Central School. Ho. 27 Albert 

Brown George, 31 Kempock st 
Brown Hugh, engineer, 3 Campsie Terrace 
Brown James, 3 Hopeton st 
Brown John F. W., car driver, 34 Cardwell road 
Brown John, smith, Hopeton st. Ho. 48 Shore st. 


Brown William, carpenter and boatbuilder, John st. Ho. 

23 Royal st 
Brown William, quarryman, 17 Shore st 
Brown William MacAdam, spirit merchant (Old Glasgow 

Tavern), 9 Kempock place. Ho. 7 Bath st 
Brown Miss, Loudon place, 26 Shore st 
Brown Miss, Sea View, 27 Ashton road 
Brown Miss, 47 Shore st 
Brown Mrs, 47 Kempock st 
Brown Mrs Barbara, Mount William, Bath st 
Brown Mrs James, 6 Ashton 
BROWN LIE Mrs, Ashton Grove, Victoria road 
BRYNE John, 18 Kempock st 

BRUCE J. L., architect, Glasgow. Ho. 37 Ashton road 
BUCHAN James, shipmaster, Eddlewood place 
BUCHANAN James, gardener, Ashburn 
BULLOCH Archibald, Customs' Officer, 2 Campsie terrace 
BUNTING James, 2 White Bank, Ashton 
BURNET John, advocate, Edinburgh. Ho. Mileburn, 40 

Ashton road 
Burnet Mrs James, 63 Albert road 
BURNS John, slater, 69 Shore st 
Burns Patrick, slater, 2 Shore st 
Burns William, 21 Hopeton st 
Burns Mrs Agnes, 1 Kempock st 
BUTCHER Edward, carpenter, 1 Kempock st 

CADENHEAD Mrs A., 58 Albert road 
CAIRNS Andrew, seaman, 39 Royal st 
CALDER Thomas, 7 Adelaide st 
CAMERON Alexander, yachtmaster, 57 Shore st 
Cameron Archibald, Laurel bank, 25 Albert road 
Cameron Captain D., 48 Kempock st 
Cameron Robert, 2 Prospecthill, Victoria road 
Cameron Robert, 23 Albert road 
Cameron William, captain, 53 Shore st 
CAMPBELL Alexander, gardener, 40 Cardwell road 
Campbell Alexander, roadman, 13 Kempock st 


Campbell Alexander E., seedsman and florist, Cove gardens. 

Ho. do. 
Campbell Andrew, Willow Bank, 15 Albert road 
Campbell Colin, Western house, Albert road 
Campbell Dugald, steward, 40 Shore st 
Campbell John, yachtmaster, 26 Shore st 
Campbell John, 47 Royal st 

Campbell John, boat hirer, King st. Ho. 20 Shore st 
Campbell Peter, curator, Gamble Institute, Shore st 
Campbell Samuel, bank clerk, 1 Campsie Terrace 
Campbell Miss Janet, 15 Albert road 
Campbell Miss Mary, 21 Hopeton st 
Campbell Miss Mary, 10 Shore st 
Campbell Mrs Donald, 20 Kempock st 
Campbell Mrs M., fruiterer, 1 1 Kempock st. Ho. do. 
Campbell Mrs, 22 Hopeton st 
Campbell Mrs, 1 Kempock st 
CARRICK Miss, 19 Royal st 
CARSWELL Thomas, mason, 36 Cove road 
CHALMERS Archibald, grocer, 20 Cardwell road. Ho. 

72 Wellington st, Greenock 
Chalmers John, clerk and collector of Greenock Gas Works, 

5 Cardwell road 
Chalmers John, road surfaceman, Inverkip road. Ho. 

Chalmers William, house factor and property agent, Roslin 

CHAPPELLE Thomas, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 

3 Shore st. Ho. Glengorm terrace, 21 Royal st 
CHEVALIER Mrs, 12 Kempock place 
CHRISTIE A., commercial traveller, 21 Cove road 
Christie William, yachtsman, 45 Royal st 
CLARK Miss, 35 Royal st 
Clark Mrs Angus, nurse, 67 Kempock st 
CLEAT John, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Kempock st. 

Ho. Kempock house 
CLOUSTON James, warehouseman, 39 Royal st 
CLYDE Steam Yacht Agency— John Paley, 28 Shore st 
CLYDESDALE Mrs, Drummond house, Ashton 
COCHRAN William, Ivy Bank, 14 Ashton road 
CONGREGATIONAL Church, Gamble Institute, Shore st 
COOK John, yachtmaster, 15 Adelaide st 


Cook Miss Elizabeth, 7 Ashton 

Cook M. & M., 2 Albert road 

COOTE Mrs Alexander, 7 Shore st 

COPELAND Mrs James, 3 Campsie terrace 

COWPER Charles, Claremont, Victoria road 

CRAIG Captain E. K., 4 Eddlewood place 

Craig George, refreshments, 6 Chapel st 

Craig John, shipowner and shipbroker (of Craig, Scott & Co., 

Greenock), Craigdullyeart 
Craig John Richardson, J. P., Craigard, Barrhill road 
Craig Mrs, Barrhill house, Barrhill road 
CRAWFORD Robert Paul, wine merchant and commission 

agent, Greenock. Ho. Springhill, Ashton 
Crawford Mrs A., grocer, 12 Kempock place. Ho. 4 do. 
Crawford Mrs, stocking knitter, 35 Kempock st 
Crawford Mrs, 47 Royal st 
Crawford Mrs, Laurel bank, 25 Albert road 
CRUDEN Alexander, plumber, 73 Shore st. Ho. 20 

Kempock st 
CULLEN D., stationer, 1 Kempock st. Ho. 7 Bath st 
CUMMING James, 8 Ashton terrace 
Cumming Mrs, 7 Royal st 
CUNNINGHAM James & Son, tailors and clothiers, 

Loudon place, 26 Shore st. Ho. do. 
CURRIE & Co., grocers, 60 Shore st. Ho. do. 
Currie A., 19 Cove road 
Currie Malcolm, 41 Albert road 
Currie William, 2 1 Royal st 

DAER Mrs Colin, 25 Royal st 

DALGLEISH John, 1 Kempock st 

DALZIEL John, yachtmaster, 34 Cove road 

DARROCH D., carpenter, 5 Royal st 

DENNISTON Mrs Robert, 12 Shore st 

DERMODY J. W., 50 Royal st 

DEVLIN John, spirit merchant, Albert Hotel, 10 Chapel st. 

Ho. do. 
DICKSON Benjamin, 52 Albert road 
Dickson John, yachtsman, 13 Royal st 


DOAK J. & J., fruiterers, 33 Kempock st. Ho. do. 

DOCHERTY Philip, quarryman, 12 Hopeton st 

Docherty Thomas, 40 Cove road 

Docherty Mrs, 27 Hopeton st 

DODDS James, shipmaster, 2 Campsie terrace 

DONALD Miss Martha, Hillside place, 57 Albert road 

Donald Mrs Janet, 16 Kempock st 

DOUGLAS Thomas, blacksmith, 50 Royal st 

DOW John, Star hotel, 28 Kempock st 

DOWNIE Thomas, blacksmith, 29 Cove road 

DRYSDALE John, forester, 33 Cove road 

Drysdale Mrs Jane, 22 Albert road 

DUFF Mrs, 18 Hopeton st 

DULEY Samuel, bootmaker, 63 Kempock st. Ho. do. 

DUNBAR Robert, 26 Cove road 

Dunbar Mrs, Drummond house, Ashton 

DUNCAN Joseph, bookkeeper, 5 George place 

Duncan Robert, yachtmaster, 60 Shore st 

Duncan Mrs S., Hope place, 55 Shore st 

Duncan Mrs, Rosebank, Gourock road 

EASTON Mrs, Barrhill road, Upper Ashton 
EDDINGSTONE Robert, 51 Kempock st 
EDMUNDS Walter, Board of Trade Officer, 18 Hopeton st 
EGLINGTON & Simpson, booksellers, 59 Kempock st 
EPISCOPAL Church (St. Bartholomew's), Barrhill road 
ERSKINE James, printer and stationer, Loudon 

place. Ho. do. 
ESTABLISHED Church, Royal st 
ESPIE Andrew, Eddlewood place 
EVANS Robert, rigger, 28 Cove road 

FAIRGRIEVE A. & Sons, plumbers, brassfounders, tin- 
smiths, and gasfitters, 57 Kempock st 
FALCONER Miss Catherine, 6 Ashton road 
FERGUS Miss Jane, 35 Royal st 


FERGUSON John, portioner, Braemar Cottage, Victoria road 

Ferguson Miss J. M., 27 Ash ton road 

Ferguson Miss Jane, 49 Royal st 

FERRIE James, 22 Hopeton st 

FINDLAY John, ironmonger, Greenock. Ho. Don villa r 

East bay 
FINLAYSON John, china merchant, 50 Shore st. Ho. do. 
FINNIE Miss Janet, draper, 23 Shore st. Ho. do. 
FINNISTER Mrs James, 18 Kempock st 
FISHER Mrs, 32 Royal st 
FLEMING Miss, dressmaker, 26 Albert road 
Fleming Miss, George place, 65 Albert road 
Fleming Mrs Claudine, temperance restaurant, 87 Shore sL 

Ho. do. 
Fleming Mrs, Fyfe place, Kempock place 
FLETCHER A. & Co., provision dealers, Mather house, 19 

Cove road 
Fletcher William, quarryman, 7 Royal st 
FLETT John, 10 Kempock place 
FORBES Duncan, Viewfield, Upper Ashton 
Forbes William, engineer, 41 Royal st 
FORREST J., 26 Albert road 
FOWLER Mrs Jane, Dhufield, Gourock road 
FRASER David, engineer, 26 Cardwell road 
Fraser James S., 27 Albert road 
FULTON Robert, teacher, Eastern School. Ho. 8 Manor 


GALBRAITH J. H., Ashburne cottage, Ashton 

Galbraith Thomas, engineer, 9 Royal st 

GALLACHER John M., engineer, 55 Shore st 

Gallacher William, 1 2 Kempock place 

GALLOWAY C. E., provision merchant, 78 and 79 Shore 

st. Ho. 26 Kempoch st 
GAMBLE Institute, Shore st. (See Advt. and Appendix.) 
GARDINER Andrew, 69 Kempock st 
Gardiner Miss, Violet grove, 13 Albert road 
GARDNER Joseph, portioner, 1 1 Manor crescent 
Gardner William, mason, 29 Cove road 


Gardner Mrs, furnishings, 40 Shore st. Ho. 12 Royal st 

GEBBIE Miss Isabella, 17 Albert road 

Gebbie Mrs Thomas, 16 Albert road 

GEMMELL Gilbert, seaman, 2 Anderson place 

GEMMILL Andrew, 13 Bath st 

■GIBSON Alexander, baker, 25 Kempock st. Ho. 23 do. 

Gibson James, Ivy bank, 14 Ashton road 

GILCHRIST John, Gourock tollhouse, Gourock road 

GILFILLAN Thomas, Mount Pleasant, Victoria road 

GILMOUR Robert, civil engineer, Meadow bank, 44 

Cardwell road 
GLEN Thomas, sergeant of police. Ho. 1 1 Bath st 
GOLDSMITH Alfred, steward, 40 Cardwell road 
GORDON Archibald, proprietor, Queen's Hotel, Kempock st 
Gordon James, Board of Trade officer, 2 Anderson place, 

Cove road 
Gordon Mrs James, 33 Shore st 
GOSSMAN Adam, property valuator, 79 Robertson st, 

Glasgow. Ho. Craigenclutha, Victoria road 
GOUROCK Gas Works. Office and works, Adelaide st 
GRAHAM Charles, cabinetmaker, 18 Kempock st 
Graham Duncan, yachtsman, 39 Royal st 
Graham Miss, delf shop, 51 Kempock st. Ho. 53 do. 
Graham Misses, 1 White bank, Ashton 
GRAY D., Anderson place, Cove road 
•Gray W. H., shoemaker 69 Shore st 
Gray Mrs, 12 Kempock st 
GRICE Mrs, 2 Whitebank, Ashton 
GRIFFIN William, yachtsman, 42 Cardwell road 
GRIFFITHS William, 16 Royal st 
GUILDFORD James, Clyde Mount, Upper Ashton 
GUN ION W. G. H., solicitor and law agent, Laurel bank, 

23 Albert road 
-GUTHRIE Charles T., Tynoon, Broomberry drive 
Guthrie Christopher, 18 Kempock st 
Guthrie Mrs, Daisy bank, Ashton 


HADDOW Miss, Magdala, Ashton 
HALDANE Andrew, mason, 22 Kempock st 


Haldane George, wine merchant, 19 and 90 Shore st. Ho.. 
Criterion buildings, 1 Kempock st 

HALL Peter, 6 Kempock st 

Hall Ralph, Victoria road 

Hall Robert, joiner, 2 Alfred place, John st 

HAMILTON Daniel, coastguard officer, 32 Regent st 

HANNAH Edward, 17 Shore st 

HARCOURT Mrs Kate, Victoria Hotel, 75 Shore st 

HARDIE Jane, china shop, 65 Kempock st 

HARGAN James, family bootmaker, Loudon place, 26 
Shore st. Ho. 26 Octavia buildings, Greenock 

HARKNESS Mrs, 30 Cove road 

HARLEY Robert, builder, 26 Albert road 

Harley Robert, jun., 31 Kempock st 

HARPER Mrs, 33 Royal st 

HARVEY William G., Secretary, Greenock Beetroot Sugar 
Association, Broomberry drive 

Harvey Miss, 66 Shore st 

HASTIE Robert, mason, 36 Cove road 

HAY James, gardener, 58 Royal st 

HAYNE William, burgh surveyor, 35 Royal st 

HENDERSON John, engineer, Alma place, 27 Albert road 

HENDRY Neil, boatman, 20 Shore st 

HENRY Mrs Jane, Rock bank, 48 Albert road 

HERBERT William, Ashtower, Victoria road 

HEREFORD Captain E , Board of Trade officer, 26 Kem- 
pock st. Ho. 4 Tower hill drive 

HERON James, mason, 9 Shore st 

HILL James, blacksmith, 42 Cardwell road 

Hill John, wine and spirit merchant, 51 Shore st. Ho.. 
Chesterfield terrace, Royal st 

Hill Miss, 7 Royal st 

Hill Mrs William, 28 Shore st 

HODGE Mitchell, 41 Ashton road 

HOLM AN John, shipmaster, 1 Alfred place. John st 

HOLMES Donald R., 3 George place, Ashton 

Holmes William, yachtsman, 31 Kempock st 

HOLT George, Khartoum cottage, 38 Ashton road 

HONEYMAN Mrs, Ann place, Kempock 

HOOD Werter, chief inspector, Board of Trade, 2 Alfred 
place, John st 

HOPE Mrs, 5 Ashton road 


Hope Mrs, 10 Shore st 

HOPKINS Robert, 48 Kempock st 

HOWIE Robert, family grocer and provision merchant, 71 

Shore st. Ho. 2 1 Royal st 
Hunter George, 62 Albert road 
HUTCHESON John, 11 Royal st 
Hutcheson Mrs Agnes M., Springbank, 19 Albert road 
HUTCHISON W., printer and publisher, 23 

Nicolson st, Greenock 
HYNDMAN Alexander, yachtsman, 20 Hopeton st 
HYSLOP Miss Susan, 49 Albert road 


INGRAM Mrs, Viewfield, Victoria road 
INNES William, baker, 66 Shore st 
IRVINE R., cabinetmaker, 9 Shore st 
ISBISTER Thomas, yachtmaster, 34 Cove road 
Isbister Thomas, sen., 19 Royal st 
Isbister William, mason, 1 2 Royal st 

JACK John, 47 Kempock st 
JACKSON Alexander, engineer, 28 Cove road 
Jackson William, 36 Cove road 
JAMES Burns, quarryman, 9 Shore st 
James David, Broomberry drive 
JAMIESON David, gardener, 50 Royal st 
Jamieson James, quarryman, 12 Shore st 
JEFFREY John, joiner, 20 Kempock st 
Jeffrey Mrs, Benclyd, Upper Ashton 
JOHNSTON David, ship steward, 37 Shore st 
Johnston James, 15 Albert road 
Johnston John, engineer, 44 Royal st 
Johnston John, 2 Anderson place 

JONES Paul, boatbuilder, Quarry quay. Ho. Loudon place, 
26 Shore st 



KASH William, seaman, 1 1 Adelaide st 

KEERNEY Peter, Seabank, 2 r Albert road 

KELSO Mrs Annabella, 33 Royal st 

KENNEDY F., engineer, 1 Campsie terrace 

KERR Donald, shipmaster, 7 Royal st 

Kerr John, grocer, 55 Kempock st 

Kerr M., fruiterer, 82 Shore st. Ho. 17 Adelaide st 

Kerr Malcolm, fisherman, 12 Kempock st 

Kerr Mrs Marion, tea agent, 49 Royal st. Ho. do. 

KINROSS Miss Ann, Hillside Cottage, Ashton 

KIPPEN Mrs Richard, Lome place, 28 Shore st 

KIRKWOOD Robert, 8 Albert road 

KNOX Miss, 66 Shore st 

LAING Mrs R. W., Mileburn, Ashton 

LA MONT Miss Barbara, 36 Cove road 

LANG James, cab proprietor 56 Albert road 

Lang John, plumber and gasfitter, 45 Kempock st. Ho. do. 

Lang William, Janefield place, Albert road 

Lang William, whinstone quarrymaster, Craigmushat Quarry. 

Ho. Bellevue, Barrhill road 
LANGAN Charles, 31 Kempock st 

LAWRIE William, shipmaster, Ann place, 46 Kempock st 
LAWSON Miss, Octavia terrace, 45 Royal st 
LECK John, photographer, 3 and 5 Kempock place. Ho. 

15 Adelaide st 
Leek Mrs, draper and stationer, 5 Kempock place. Ho. 1 5 

Adelaide st 
LECKIE Alexander, 31 Kempock st 
Leckie John, mercantile clerk, Manor crescent, 5 Cardwell 

LEE Alexander, smith, 1 Anderson place 
Lee D. H., 45 Royal st 
Lee Robert, engineer, 24 Royal st 
Lee Mrs Alexander, 7 Shore st 


Lee Mrs, 28 Cove road 

LEITCH Dr Alexander, 6 Albert road 

Leitch John, gardener, 26 Royal st 

Leitch Miss, 31 Cove road 

LENNIE Mrs A., grocer, 19 Kempock st. Ho. 13 do. 

LENNOX Mrs, 66 Shore st 

LID DELL Miss, Berry burn, Card well bay 

LINDSAY John, 31 Albert road 

Lindsay Thomas, gas inspector, 25 Royal st 

Lindsay Mrs T., 13 Kempock st 

Lindsay Mrs, Loch View cottage, Upper Ashton 

LITTLE John, engineer, 32 Royal st 

Little Mrs James, Johnville, Larkfield road 

LIVINGSTON James, mason, Ladybank, 31 Albert road 

LOCHHEAD Mrs M., Cove road 

LONGMUIR Mrs, Ann place, Kempock st 

LOVE Mrs David, 2 Eddlewood place, Gourock road 

Love Mrs, Creagmount, Victoria road 

LOWE James, 5 Cove road 

LYALL Andrew, 31 Albert road 

LYE John (of Caledonian House, Glasgow), Ashburn, 70 

Albert road 
LUKE D., yachtmaster, 23 Cove road 


M'ADAM R., 67 Kempock st 

M'Adam Samuel, flesher, 17 Kempock st. Ho. 14 do. 
MACARTHUR Peter, engineer, Dunclutha, Victoria road 
M'ARTNEY Robert, coachman, 44 Royal st 
M'AUSLANE William, compositor, Meadowbank, 42 

Cardwell road 
M'CALLUM Miss Lucy, 3 Springhill, 17 Ashton road 
M'Callum Miss M. G., Thornbank, 18 Ashton road 
M'CASKILL M., Lily Bank, Cardwell bay 
M'CHRYSTAL Daniel, 73 Shore st 
M'CLURE Mrs David, Linwood, Barrhill Road 
M'COLL Hugh, Daisy Bank, Albert road 
M'Coll Robert, 10 Shore st 
M'COURT Patrick, 32 Royal st 


M'CORMICK H., 19 Cove road 

M'CRACKEN Mrs John, dressmaker, 22 Hopeton st 

M'CRACKETT Mrs Peter, Caprera lodge, 20 Cove road 

M'CULLOCH James, grocer, 83 Shore st. Ho. 17 Ade- 
laide st 

M'CUNN Peter, 1 Anderson place, Cove road 

M'Cunn Miss, 35 Cove road 

MAC DONALD James, engineer, 4 Manor crescent, Card- 
well road 

Macdonald Mrs, 55 Albert road 

M'DONALD Charles, boatman, 19 Royal st 

M 'Donald Daniel, 16 Cardwell road 

M'Donald Mrs, 10 Shore st 

MACDOUGALL Angus G., architect, Lilybank, Cardwell 1 

M'DOUGALL Alexander, boilermaker, 12 Cardwell road 

M'Dougall Alexander, boilermaker, 31 Cove road 

M'Dougall A., 17 Adelaide st 

M'Dougall Miss Jane, grocer, Ann place, Kempock 

M'DOWELL John, 12 Kempock place 

M'EWAN John, seaman, 32 Cove road 

M'Ewan Miss A., 26 Cove road 

M'EWEN James, manager of gas works, Adelaide st. Ho- 
13 Albert road 

MACFADYEAN R. W., Inland Revenue Office, 19 Ashtorn 

M 'FAD YEN Mrs, 12 Hopeton st 

MACFARLANE John, Normount, Upper Ashton 

Macfarlane Miss Annie B., Leewood, 54 Albert road 

M'FARLAN Donald cS; Son, blacksmiths, &c, 4 Royal st. 
Ho. 1 1 Kempock place 

M'Farlane James, engineer, 31 Royal st 

M'Farlane William, Mary bank, 20 Shore st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 10 Shore st 

M'FIE John, blacksmith, 69 Shore st 

M'Fie Miss, Rosebank, Cardwell bay 

M'GAW Peter, feuar, Norwood, Victoria road 

M'GILLIVRAY John, blacksmith, 43 Royal st 

M'GINEGLE John, provision dealer, 19 Cove road 

M'GINN Mrs M., 74 Shore st 

M'GINTY Mrs, 27 Hopeton st 

M'GLASHAN Mrs, 10 Albert road 


M'GOWAN Archibald, mason, 12 Hopeton st 

M 'GRAN AH AN Joseph, Marine View, 87 Shore st 

M'GRATH Edward, 20 Shore st 

M'GREGOR C., carpenter, 42 Cardwell road 

M'Gregor James G., 40 Shore st 

M'lLROY James S.J teacher, Central Public School. Ho. 

44 Royal st 
M'INNES John, yachtsman, 20 Hopeton st 
M'Innes Mrs, 2 Anderson place 
M'INTYRE Peter, 5 Cove road 
M'Intyre Peter, engineer, 41 Royal st 
M'KAY Daniel, engineer, 6 Kempock place 
M'Kay John, Norwood, Victoria road 
M'Kay Miss, Bible reader, 21 Royal st 
M'KELLAR A., 9 Royal st 
M'Kellar Miss Jane, Greenbank, 10 Ashton st 
M'Kellar Mrs, 10 Kempock place 

M'KENZIE Colin, confectioner, 32 Shore st. Ho. do. 
M'Kenzie D., yachtsman, 15 Shore st 
M'Kenzie James, tramway guard, 17 Adelaide st 
M'Kenzie Robert, grocer and house factor, 68 Shore st. Ho. 

67 do. 
M'KIMMIE Robert, feuar, 1 George place, Albert 

M'KINLAY A., seaman, 20 Cove road 
M'Kinlay Archibald, 36 Cardwell road 
M'Kinlay Miss, 13 Albert road 
M'KINNON Charles G., confectioner, 64 Shore st. Ho. 

6 Kempock st 
M'Kinnon James, 17 Adelaide st 
M'Kinnon John, tailor, 12 Kempock place 
M'Kinnon Malcolm, shoemaker, 12 Kempock st 
M'Kinnon Miss Susan, 12 Shore st 
M'Kinnon Mrs James, 58 Shore st 
M'Kinnon Mrs Mary, Glenburn, Victoria road 
M'Kinnon Mrs, 19 Royal st 
M'LACHLAN James, 18 Hopeton st 
M'Lachlan James, labourer, 18 Hopeton st 
M'Lachlan John, coal merchant, 20 Shore st 
M'Lachlan Robert, 66 Shore st 
M'LARDIE James, 1 Prospecthill, Upper Ashton 
M'LARTY Mrs A., 14 Kempock st 


M'LAUGHLIN James, butter and egg store, 28 Shore st. 
Ho. Mary bank, 21 do. 

M'LAWS Mrs, 26 Ashton road 

M'LEAN Charles, police constable, Toll house, Ashton 

M'Lean Duncan, seaman, 44 Royal st 

M'Lean James, Maryville, Upper Ashton 

M'Lean John, painter, 6 Cove road 

M'Lean Neil, joiner and builder, Glengorm terrace, 19 
Royal st 

M'Lean Mrs, 1 Kempock st 

M'LEISH Hugh, 7 Ashton terrace, Ashton 

M'LELLAN William, baker, 8 Adelaide st 

M'Lellan Miss, 26 Cove road and 28 Cardwell road 

M'LENNAN William, photographer, 3 Campsie terrace, 
Gourock road 

MACLEOD J. W.j shipmate, 1 White bank, Ashton 

M'LEOD D., carpenter, 6 Royal st 

M'Leod Miss Ann, 5 Albert road 

MACMASTER Mrs D., 9 Manor crescent 

M'MILLAN Daniel, shipmaster, 13 Royal st 

M'Millan James, house and yacht painter, Hope place, 
Shore st. Workshop — Bath buildings 

M'Millan John, 39 Albert road 

M'Millan John, Inspector of Poor, and painter, 13 Albert 

M'Millan Rev. Robert, 55 Albert road 

M'Millan Mrs Archibald, 16 Cove road 

M'Millan Mrs John, 18 Kempock st 

M'Millan Mrs William, 4 Ashton road 

M'NAIR James, Lome place, 2S Shore st 

M'Nair Mrs, n Shore st 

M'NAUGHT J. B., 26 Albert road 

M'Naught Peter, 43 Kempock st 

M 'Naught Robert, quarryman, 31 Kempock st 

M'NAUGHTAN William, draper and milliner, 41 Kem- 
pock st 

M'NEF Peter, salesman, Kempock house, Kempock st 

M'Nee Miss, tobacconist, 60 Shore st. Ho. do. 

M'NEIL Neil, Cove Point house, Cove road 

M'NICOL Angus, seaman, 14 Hopeton st 

M'Nicol Duncan, shipmaster, 60 Shore st 

M'Nicol James, yachtmaster, Robertson place, Church st 


M'Nicol Capt. John, yachtsman, 31 Cove road 
M'Nicol Peter, yachtm aster, Robertson place, Church st 
M'PHAIL Duncan, spirit merchant, 44 Shore St. Ho. 47 

MACPHERSON Alexander, shipmaster, 42 Cardwell road 
MacPherson Alexander, 2 Tower drive, Victoria road 
M'PHERSON Miss Mary, furnishings, 37 Cove road. Ho. do. 
M'Pherson Mrs R., grocer and provision merchant, 53 Shore 

st. Ho. do. 
M'Pherson Mrs, Greenbank, 12 Ashton road 
M'QUEEN James, seaman, 25 Royal st 
M'SYMON Mrs, Hunter villa, Cardwell road 
M'TAGGART George, 4 Cove road 
M'VEY John, 43 Kempock st 
M'VICAR B., 3 Ashton place 
M'WHIRTER David, builder, 47 Royal st 
M'Whirter Robert, contractor and builder, 3 Brougham st, 

Greenock. Ho. 58 Royal st 


MACKIE Captain W. W., 3 Campsie terrace 

MAIN Alexander, joiner and glazier, Hopeton st. Ho. 22 

Royal st 
Main Archibald, cartwright, 5 Chapel st 
Main J. & W., carriers, 5 Chapel st. Ho. do. 
MALCOLM Andrew, 25 iUbert road 
Malcolm William, 44 Kempock st 
MANN Miss Mary, 6 Kempock st 
MARQUIS James, joiner, 46 Albert road. Ho. Rockbank,, 

48 do. 
Marquis James William, yachtsman, 42 Cardwell road 
Marquis Mrs, Victoria road 
MARRIAGE Sarah, Gleniffer villa, Moorfield 
MARSHALL Miss, Dunclutha, Victoria road 
MARSKELL Henry, spirit merchant, 29 Shore st. Ho. 

Lome place, 28 do. 
MARTIN H., overseer, West lodge, off King st 
MASON Miss, 22 Cove road 
MASTERSTON Alexander, shipmaster, 9 Albert road 


MATHIES Neil, yachtsman, Robertson place, Church st 
MATHIESON William, steward, 31 Kempock st 
MATTHEWS William, Lilywhite place, Victoria road 
MATTHEWSON Mr, Hunter villa, Cardwell road 
MAXWELL Captain, 35 Royal st 
Maxwell Matthew, hairdresser and tobacconist, 40 Shore st. 

Ho. 13 Royal st 
MAY Miss. 19 Cove road 

MEIKLEJOHN Janet, 7 Manor crescent, Cardwell road 
MELVIN Miss, Greenbank, it Ashton road 
Melvin Mrs, Flower bank, 21 Ashton road 
MERCANTILE Marine Office, 26 Kempock st 
MILLAR James, .dairyman, 8 Hopeton st 
Millar Miss Margaret, grocer, 38 Cove road. Ho. 18 do. 
Millar Mrs Ellen, 18 Cove road 
Millar Mrs Janet, 1 7 Albert road 
Millar Mrs John, Towerland, Barrhill road 
MILLER James, feuar, Elizabeth place, 17 Adelaide st 
Miller James, tramway guard, 4 Albert road 
Miller John, carriage hirer, Hopeton st. Ho. 10 Shore st 
Miller Mrs William, grocer, Church place, 37 Albert road 
MILLIGxAN Archibald, 7 Kempock st 
MILLS Alexander, grocer, Thrushhill, Upper Ashton 
MILNE Rev. Alexander, Established Church. Ho. 52 

Albert road 
MITCHELL John, Voilet grove, 13 Albert road 
Mitchell Mrs, Eddlewood place, Cardwell bay 
MOIR William, merchant and grocer, Lily bank, Gourock 

road. Ho. do. 
MONTEATH Thomas, Italian warehouseman and baker, 

14 and 16 Shore st. Ho. 3 Hillside, Albert road. (See 

MONTGOMERY Mrs, 18 Hopeton st 
Montgomery Mrs, 27 Cove road 
MOODIE William, baker, 13 Kempock st 
MORRISON Alexander, flesher, 22 Hopeton st 
Morrison Alexander, engineer, 27 Hopeton st 
Morrison James, Thrushhill, Victoria road 
Morrison Mrs James, 4 Chapel st 

Morrison Mrs Janet, ironmonger, 48 Shore st. Ho. do. 
MORROW Alexander, coal merchant, 44 Albert rd. Ho. do. 
MORTON William, jun., 51 Kempock st 


MUAT John, Hazel bank, 56 Albert road 

MUDIE Mrs, 41 Ashton road 

MUIR William, Manor crescent, 1 1 Cardwell road 

Muir Mrs Alexander, Lome place, Shore st 

Muir Mrs James, Drummond house, Albert road 

MUNRO David, tramway car driver, 40 Cardwell road 

Munro J. C, 2 Springhill, 16 Ashton road 

Munro John M. M. (of Anderson & Munro, Glasgow), Cove 

point house 
Munro Peter, engineer, 7 Shore st 
Munro Miss, dressmaker, 9 Royal st 
MUNSIE Frederick, teller, Royal Bank of Scotland, 

Greenock. • Ho. Campfleld house 
MURDOCH John, seaman, 34 Cove road 
MURRAY Miss, milliner, 42 Kempock st. Ho. do. 
Murray Miss, 6 Kempock st 
Murray Mrs E., 33 Ashton road 


NAPIER J., Dungoun, Upper Ashton 
NEILL Mrs, 1 George place, Albert road 
NEILSON Walter, 5 Enfield place, Royal st 
Neilson Mrs Mary, Octavia terrace, 47 Royal st 
NEWTON Mrs, George place, 66 Albert road 
Newton Mrs, Chesterfield terrace, Royal st 
NIMMO Robert, blacksmith, 11 Royal st 
NESBITT John Christopher, Congregational Minister, 
Gamble Institute. Ho. Moorfield villa, Upper Ashton 
NISBET Mrs, Mount Pleasant, Upper Ashton 
NIVEN Isabella, confectioner, Rosebank, Gourock road 
NORMAN Louis, photographer, 2 Campsie terrace 
NORTON Frederick, licensed victualler, 7 Kempock place 


OLIPHANT R. I)., Springhill, 15 Ashton road 


PALEY John, steam yacht agent, 28 Shore st 
PANDELUS George, confectioner, 38 Shore st 
PANTON Miss Ann, 1 Ashton place, Ashton 
PARK James, manager, Vale of Clyde Tramway Company, 

Chapel st. Ho. 7 Cardwell road 
Park Mrs, 31 Cove road 
PATERSON James, joiner, 38 Cove road 
Paterson James, harbour-master, John st 
Paterson John, marine engineer, 49 Royal st 
Paterson Mrs Duncan, Laurel bank, 25 Albert road 
Paterson Mrs William, Royal terrace, 29 Royal st 
Paterson Mrs, 1 Whitebank, Ashton 
PATON Thomas, 29 Royal st 
PATRICK Robert, 2 Alfred place, John st 
Patrick Martha, lodgings, 18 Cardwell road 
PAUL Andrew, 1 Ashton terrace, Ashton 
PETERS John, druggist, 54 Shore st. Ho. do. 
PETTERSON Thomas, gardener, 18 Shore st 
PHILIPS Mrs, Rosehill, Gourock road 
PINKERTON John, 29 Albert road 
Pinkerton Mrs Jane, grocer, 46 Shore st 
POOLE James, 8 Adelaide st 
POST Office, 10 Kempock st 

POTTS Rev. John Falconer, Moorfield, Victoria road 
PRATT Mrs Margaret, 48 Albert road 
Pratt Mrs, 36 Shore st 

PURVES Rev. David, Free Church manse, Barrhill road 
PULLAR Mrs, Hillside house, Ashton 
PURCELL Peter, dairyman, 16 Cardwell road 

QUEEN'S Hotel, Kempock point— Archibald Gordon, 

QUEEN Mrs, 67 Kempock st 


RAE Gavin, Mavisbank, 22 Ashton road 

Rae Rev. George, M. A., minister, United Presbyterian Manse, 

Rae James, gardener, 47 Kempock st 
Rae J. K., Manor crescent, 10 Card well road 
RAMAGE William, treasurer, Greenock Parochial Board, 

10 Manor crescent 
RAMSAY William, Braeface house, 24 Ashton road 
Ramsay Miss Margaret, 45 Albert road 
Ramsay Mrs, 28 Cove road 

RANKIN Andrew, tailor and clothier, 64 Shore st 
Rankin G. J., 31 Royal st 
Rankin Mrs, 53 Shore st 
RATTRAY C. J., 15 Shore st 

READER Thomas, Board of Trade officer, 27 Hopeton st 
REID Alexander, Greenbank, 12 Ashton road 
Reid George E., slater, 12 Shore st 
Reid John, Meadow bank, 42 Card well road 
Reid Mrs William, 19 Royal st 
REILLY W. G., engine driver, 31 Cove road 
RICHARDSON John, 3 Cove road 
RICHMOND James, family baker and confectioner, 60 

Shore st. Ho. do. 
RITCHIE James, joiner, 27 Hopeton st 
Ritchie James, family grocer and wine merchant, 48 Albert 

road. Ho. Ladybank, Albert road 
Ritchie William, joiner, 12 Shore st 
Ritchie William, joiner, 60 Shore st 
ROAN Michael, 21 Hopeton st 
ROBB Alexander, manufacturer and warehouseman, Glasgow. 

Ho. Ashcraig, Ashton 
ROBERTSON A. P., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 2 and 6 

Cathedral st, Glasgow. Ho. Maryville, Upper Ashton 
Robertson George, constable, 44 Cardwell road 
Robertson Robert, Western house, 47 Albert road 
Robertson William, photographer, 7 Bath st 
Robertson Miss A., 8 Bath st 
Robertson Mrs, 1 Sea view, Ashton 
Robertson Mrs Alexander, 66 Albert road 


ROBINSON Alexander, V.S., Holly lodge, Cardwell bay 

ROBSON Mrs, 38 Shore st 

RODGER Andrew, steward, 55 Shore st 

ROMAN Catholic Church, Royal st 

RONALD James, upholsterer, Fyfe place, 52 Kempock st 

ROSS Andrew, agent, 15 Shore st 

Ross Hew R., bookkeeper, 21 Cove road 

ROWAN Alexander, warehouseman, Greenock. Ho. Hunter 

villa, Cardwell bay 
RUSSELL Thomas, slater, 34 Kempock st. Ho. Seabank, 

Albert road 
Russell William, Firth view, Victoria road 
RUTHERFORD George, law clerk, Eddlewood place, 

Gourock road 
Rutherford Miss Ann, Fyfe place, 48 Kempock st 

SANDEMAN James, 31 Kempock st 
SARGENT George, seaman, 8 Adelaide st 
SCANLAN Andrew, gardener, 21 Hopeton st 
SC LANDERS Andrew, 9 Ashton terrace 
SCOTT Hugh, draper, 1 Kempock st. Ho. do. 
Scott John, jun., of Drumshantie farm, 7 Royal st 
Scott Miss, Redcliffe, 1 1 Albert road 
Scott Miss, Rosebank, 25 Ashton road 
Scott Mrs Jane T., 8 Ashton 
Scott Mrs Mary, 53 Shore st 
Scott Mrs William, 53 Shore st 
Scott Mrs, Seabank, 20 Albert road 
SELWAY James, B. T. office, 22 Hopeton st 
SEMPLE James, shipmaster, 1 Campsie terrace 
SHARP Matthew, ironmonger, 15 Kempock st. Ho. 20 do 
Sharp Mrs James, Mount Pleasant, Upper Ashton 
SHAW Donald, yachtmaster, 5 Royal st 
Shaw James, gatekeeper, 37 Cove road 
Shaw John, yachtmaster, 39 Royal st 
SHEARER Captain Alexander, 67 Kempock st 
Shearer James (at Thomas Skinner & Co., Greenock), Water- 
loo house, Cove road 


Shearer Thomas, coal merchant, Fyfe place, Kempock st 

Shearer Miss Jean, 67 Kempock st 

Shearer Miss Margaret, 33 Royal st 

Shearer Mrs John, 3 Campsie terrace 

Shearer Mrs William, Park place, 3 Albert road 

Shearer Mrs, spirit merchant, 40 Cove road. Ho. 20 do. 

SHEDDAN Miss Marion, Seaview, 27 Ashton road 

SIMPSON Frank, Ashbourne cottage, Ashton 

Simpson J. & R., joiners and builders, 10 King st 

Simpson James, miller and feuar, 9 Manor Crescent 

Simpson James, pianoforte tuner, 31 Albert road 

Simpson James, Springbank, 18 Albert road 

Simpson John (of J. & R. Simpson), Church st 

Simpson Robert (of J. & R. Simpson), 23 Cove road 

Simpson Robert, joiner and builder, John st. Ho. 65 

Shore st 
Simpson Robert S., confectioner, 29 Kempock st 
Simpson Mrs, news agent, 34 Shore st 
Simpson Mrs, 15 Adelaide st 
Simpson Mrs, 7 Shore st 
SINCLAIR Archibald, steward, 7 Royal st 
Sinclair Duncan, engineer, 29 Royal st 
Sinclair John, 7 Shore st 
Sinclair Miss, 21 Royal st 

SKINNER Richard, shipmaster, Rosehill, East bay 
SKIRVING William, labourer, 2 Shore st 
SLAVEN James, tramway guard, Anderson place, Cove rd. 
Slaven Michael, plasterer, 23 Hopeton st. Ho. 43 Royal st 
SLOANE Mrs A., 67 Kempock st 
SMILLIE Miss, 23 Cove road 
SMITH John, wine merchant, Greenock. Ho. Hunter 

villa, East bay 
Smith John, 36 Cove road 
Smith Miss Mary, 21 Hopeton st 
Smith Mrs Mary, 1 George place, Albert road 
SPEED John, 25 Albert road 

STANDEN C, professor of music, Woodside, Barrhill road 
STARK Rev. James, senior minister of Free Wellpark, 

Greenock. Ho. Barrwood, Barrhill road 
Stark J., 43 Royal st 
STEEL Mrs John, 2 Campsie terrace 
>STEVEN Miss Agnes, Springbank, 19 Albert road 


STEVENSON George M'C, slater, 8 Adelaide st. Ho. 
Fyfe place, 48 Kempock st. (See Advt.) 

Stevenson James F., Janefield place, Albert road 

Stevenson Robert, flesher, 24 Shore st. Ho. do. 

Stevenson Mrs John, 31 Kempock st 

Stevenson Mrs, Gleniffer villa, Victoria road 

STEWART David, mason, 47 Kempock st 

Stewart William, carpenter, Royal terrace, 29 Royal st 

Stewart Miss, 2 George place, Ashton 

Stewart Mrs, 39 Albert road 

STIRRAT Mrs Hugh, 2 Campsie terrace 

STORER Brothers, painters and paperhangers, 67 Kem- 
pock st 

Storer David, painter, 23 Kempock st 

Storer John, painter and paperhanger, 67 Kempock st. Ho, 
3 Albert road 

STRUTHERS William, sen., 7 Cove road 

Struthers William, jun., 7 Cove road 

SUTHERLAND Mrs A., 6 Shore st 

Sutherland Mrs A., 85 Shore st 

SWAN Miss, 10 Shore st 

SWEET Miss, 10 Manor crescent 

TAIT Alexander, bank agent, Bankrugg, Victoria road 
Tait Mrs, 19 Cove road 

TARBET Mrs Jane, Ashton grove, Victoria road 
TAYLOR Alexander, grocer and provision merchant, 91 

Kempock st. Ho. 8 do. 
Taylor James, Ferndean, Victoria road 
Taylor John, carrier, 32 Cardwell road. Ho. do. 
Taylor Miss, Janefield place, Kempock st 
Taylor Mrs Robert, Laurel bank, 25 Albert road 
TEMPERANCE Hotel, 65 Shore st— Proprietor, Robert 

THEARLE Samuel, J. P., Lloyd's surveyor, 6 Tower drive,, 

THOMAS Professor Macklin, 5 Ashton terrace 
THOMS D., shipmaster, 14 Cardwell road 


THOMSON Robert, joiner, 41 Kempock st. Ho. 1 Tower 

Thomson Miss, 33 Shore st 
Thomson Miss, 8 Cardwell road 
Thomson Miss, 7 Royal st 
Thomson Mrs Elizabeth, 27 Hopeton st 
Thomson Mrs Fanny, 63 Albert road 
Thomson Mrs, Hillside place, 59 Albert road 
Thomson Mrs, Thornbank, 18 Ashton road 
Thomson Mrs, 18 Hopeton st 
TURNER Joseph, yachtsman, 74 Shore st 
Turner William H., Woodlands, Barrhill road 
Turner Mrs, Mileburn, Ashton 
TWEEDALE David, joiner and builder, John st. Ho. 1 

Albert road. (See Advt.) 


UNION Bank of Scotland (Limited), Kempock place 
UNITED Presbyterian Church, Albert road 
URIE Mrs C, 6 Cardwell road 


WALKER John, Belmont, Barrhill road 

Walker Malcolm, marine engineer, 40 Shore st 

Walker T., 20 Shore st 

Walker Mrs, 1 Ashton place, Ashton 

Walker Miss Susan, Rockhill, 10 Albert road 

WALLACE John, 3 Ashton road 

WALLS Wemyss, 2 Albert road 

WARD John, blacksmith, 37 Cove road 

Ward W. T., captain, Loudon place, 26 Shore st 

WARK Mrs, 32 Royal st 

WATERS W. J., yachtsman, 16 Royal st 

WATSON George, tobacconist, 27 Kempock st. Ho. 63 do. 

Watson Hugh, 9 Manor crescent 

Watson John, boat proprietor, 70 Shore st 

AVatson L, seaman, 9 Shore st 

Watson W. H., seaman, 62 Shore st 


Watson Mrs, Braeface house, 24 Ashton road 

WAUGH Allan, 21 Albert road 

WAYMAN Henry, 10 Kempock st 

Wayman Robert, 49 Royal st 

WEIR George, seaman, 23 Royal st 

Weir Mrs Ann, Robertson place, Church st 

Weir Mrs, Ashton Grove, Victoria road 

WHITE Hugh, dairyman, Ropework dairy, Cove road.. 

Ho. do. 
White Robert, Berrybank, 36 Ashton road 
White Mrs, 5 Chapel st 

WHITELAW Mrs Mary, confectioner, 49 Kempock st 
WHYTE James, Campfield house, Cardwell Bay 
WIGHT Mrs, ladies' nurse, Daisybank, Albert road 
WIGHTON John, 40 Albert road 

WILEMAN Maurice, confectioner, 40 Shore st. Ho. do.. 
WILKIE Mrs, postmistress and stationer, 10 Kempock st 
WILKINSON Abraham, Board of Trade officer, 44 Royal st 
WILLIAMSON W. S., joiner, 4 Kempock place 
Williamson Miss, 4 Bath st 
Williamson Mrs Sarah, Wells wood, Barrhill road 
WILSON James, 22 Albert road 
Wilson John, 2 Shore st 
Wilson John, 2 Campsie terrace 
Wilson Joseph, car conductor, 44 Cardwell road 
Wilson Robert, land valuator, Floral bank, Cove gardens 
Wilson William, grocer and provision merchant, Loudon 

place, 26 Shore st 
Wilson William F., butcher, 81 Shore st. Ho. Windsor 

place, 38 Royal st 
Wilson Mrs Robert, 24 Royal st 
Wilson Mrs, Janefield place, Albert road 
WOODWARD William, Moorlee, Victoria road 
WRIGHT John, 16 Albert road 
Wright Miss Margaret, 16 Albert road 
WYLIE David, engineer, Meadow bank, 40 Cardwell road 
WYLLIE George, surgeon, Craigend, 51 Albert road 

YOUNG George, Bellevue, Barrhill road 
Young Mrs Jane, Enfield place, 1 1 Royal st 



Gourock was erected into a Burgh of Barony on 12th March, 1694. 

The General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1850, was 
adopted in part on 10th April, 1858. 

The General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1 862, was 
adopted in part on 20th September, 1877 ; and in whole on 28th 
January, 1885. 


Commencing said boundary line at the point where the March 
between the estates of Gourock and Ardgowan reaches the sea, and 
extending from said point alongst said March up as far as the second or 
upper water fall in the Burn adjoined the said March, and at the point 
where the end of the March Dyke is turned eastward to the Burn ; from 
thence eastward until it reaches the second Ash Tree, from the north- 
west end of the west hedge enclosing the Park of Midton, marked 306 
on the Government Ordnance Plan ; thence north-westward alongst and 
to the north-west end of said last mentioned hedge ; thence northward 
until it reaches the south-east wall or boundary of the Barrhill Plantation 
at the corner formed by the junction thereto of the north-east wall of the 
enclosure No. 279 of the said Farm of Midton ; thence north-eastward 
alongst the boundary or wall of the said Barrhill Plantation, passing the 
south-east boundary wall of the small piece of ground set to William 
Craig, Esquire, and part of the piece of ground feued to George Turner, 
Esquire, at which last-mentioned point it turns and runs north-eastward 
alongst the said boundary of the said Barrhill Plantation until it reaches 
and passes the south-east and south boundaries of the feus belonging 
respectively to Charles Gourlay, and William Allan, ' Esquires ; thence 
south-eastward, partly alongst a precipitous rock face, and partly as 


shewn in the Plan, alongst a stone dyke, until it reaches nigh to Craig- 
mushet Quarry ; thence north-eastward alongst a stone dyke until it 
reaches the east edge of the road, in front of the entrance to the Quarry ; 
thence southward alongst the east edge of the last-mentioned road, and 
crossing the road leading up from Royal Street in Gourock to Drum- 
shantie Farm, enters the enclosure of Gourock Policy marked No. 28, 
all as shewn in the Plan, and thence southward alongst the continuous 
row of Trees in the last-mentioned enclosure and in the enclosure marked 
No. 55, until it reaches the Gourock Glen near to the small entrance 
Passenger Gate of said enclosure, No. 55 ; thence south-eastward to the 
north-west corner of the small Flower Garden immediately adjoining 
Gourock House ; thence south-eastward alongst the south fence of the 
said Flower Garden ; thence north-westward alongst the Shrubbery bank 
behind Gourock House ; thence south-eastward along the sunk fence 
enclosing the Area behind Gourock House, and thence nearly in a 
straight line south-eastward until it reaches the large Plane Tree in the 
enclosure of Coves, No. 327 ; thence south-eastward until it reaches the 
southmost Ash Tree near to the south fence of the enclosure of Coves, 
No. 331, immediately behind Coves Farm Offices; thence south-east 
and by south until it reaches the south end of the West Wall enclosing 
part of the west boundary fence of the Park of Coves, marked No. 335 ; 
thence in an eastward direction in a parallel line with, and at an equal 
distance from, the north wall of the enclosures of Coves, marked respec- 
tively 335, 336, and 337, as shewn in the Plan, all the way until it 
reaches the March with the Greenock Estate, and thence down said 
March to the sea, and from thence alongst the margin of the sea west- 
ward, north-westward, and south-westward, until it reaches the Ardgowan 
March and the point where the said description began. 

The General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862. 

Provost — Robert Binnie, Esq. 
First Bailie— James Simpson, Esq. 
Second Bailie — Vacant. 


Messrs James Simpson, jun., George Haldane, James Simpson, 
sen., Robert Binnie, Robert M'Whirter, William Lang, and William 


Clerk — James Glen ; Treasurer and Collector — Quintin Bone ; 
Procurator-Fiscal — John P. Fyfe ; Surveyor- — William Hayne ; Auditor 
• — John Morrison. 



The Public Health Acts, 1867 and 1871. 

The Provost, Magistrates, and Commissioners — Provost Binnie, 


Clerk— James Glen ; Treasurer and Collector — Quintin Bone ; 
Sanitary Inspector and Surveyor — William Hayne ; Procurator-Fiscal — 
John P. Fyfe ; Medical Officer— Dr Wyllie ; Auditor— John Morrison. 

The Roads and Bridges (Scotland) Act, 1878. 

The Provost, Magistrates, and Commissioners. 
Chairman — Provost Binnie. 


Clerk — James Glen ; Treasurer and Collector — Quintin Bone 
Surveyor — William Hayne. 


The population of Gourock at the census in 1881 was 3308. At a 
special census taken in July, 1 88 1, it was 6834. 

The number of electors on the roll of voters for the year 1 884- 1 885 
3s 1206, there being 791 males, and 415 females. 


Office — 2 Church Place, Greenock. 

M. F. Dunlop, factor. 

H. Martin, West Lodge, Gourock, overseer. 


This Board consists of (1) owners of lands and heritages of the yearly 
value of £20 and upwards; (2) Representatives from Kirk Session; 
and (3) four members elected by Ratepayers not being owners of lands 
and heritages of the yearly value of ,£20. 


H. R. B. Peile, Chairman ; James H. Brunton, Inspector Inverkip 
District ; John M'Millan, Inspector Gourock District ; M. F. Dunlop, 
Clerk and Collector ; Quintin Bone, Auditor. 

This Board is the Local Authority under the "Public Health 
(Scotland) Act, 1867," for the Parish of Inverkip, excluding the Police 
Burgh of Gourock. James Tyre, Sanitary Inspector ; Dr George Wyllie, 
Medical Officer, Gourock District ; Dr Alexander Kelso, Medical 
Officer, Inverkip District. 


Auchmead Road, Gourock. 

R. M'Whirter, Convener of Consulting Committee ; Henry Sheriff, 
Superintendent ; William Mackenzie, Treasurer. 


Chairman — Robert Binnie, merchant. 
Rev. David Purves, M.A. ; Rev. George Rae ; Adam Gossman ;. 
Alexander Leitch, M.D. ; James Simpson ; George Haldane. 
Officer — James Fleming, 87 Shore Street. 
Clerk — M. F. Dunlop, 2 Church Place, Greenock. 


Central School (John Street) — Donald Brown, Head Master, and 

Eastern School (Chapel Street) — Robert Fulton, Head Master, and 

Kempock Place. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 o'clock afternoon ; shuts at 
12 noon on Saturdays. Draws on Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, 
London, &c, &c. (same as Greenock Branch in Appendix.) 

Agent — William H. Turner; Clerks — William M'Kenzie and F.. 
M'K. Shaw. 

London Office — (Same as Greenock Branch). 

Head Office, Glasgow — (Do.). 



Pastor — Rev. Alexander Milne ; Organist and Conductor of Choir— 
C. Standen ; President of Church Trustees — Robert Binnie ; Session- 
Clerk — James Whyte ; Treasurer — John Simpson ; Session Fund 
Treasurer — William Chalmers ; Church Officer — James Coote, 7 Shore 


Rev. David Purves, M. A., Minister; Session-Clerk — James Simpson ; 
Treasurer — Robert M'Kenzie ; Clerk of Deacon's Court — Donald Brown ; 
Conductor of Choir — William Tarbet, Greenock ; Church Officer — 
William Ritchie, 60 Shore Street. 


Rev. George Rae, M.A., Minister; Session-Clerk— James Simp- 
son, Springbank ; Preses — David James ; Treasurer — George Boyd ; 
Secretary — Alexander M'Pherson ; Organist — Miss Annie Craig; 
Church Officer — James Livingstone, 31 Albert Road. 


(Gamble Institute). 

Rev. John C. Nesbitt, Minister ; Secretary — -William Cochrane ; 
Church Officer — Peter Campbell, Gamble Institute. 

Barrhill Road. 

The Rev. Wilfred Leveson, M.A., Pastor. 

Divine service on Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. The holy com- 
munion is administered on the first and third Sunday in each month, 
after morning service, and on all festivals of the church. 

Attended to from St. Mary's Church, Greenock. 



Erected by Mrs Henry Gamble, and opened 10th February 1876. 

The management is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of 12 
members, 8 chosen by Mrs Gamble and 4 elected annually from the 

The Institute has a commodious Reading Room provided with all 
the leading newpapers, magazines, &c. ; also a comfortable Amusement 
Room, furnished with billiard table, draughts, dominoes, &c, for the use 
of members and visitors. 

The Library has received extensive additions, and is arranged for 
circulation of an attractive range of literature to members. 

Baths, Refreshments, &c, are also in connection, with moderate 

The Hall affords sitting accommodation for about 400, and is largely 
used for lectures, concerts, public meetings, &c. A Lesser Hall and 
number of small rooms are available for business, society, or other 

Annual Member's Subscription, 4s ; Half-year, 2s 6d ; Monthly is ; 

Admission for Visitors, One Penny. 

Board of Directors. 

Mrs Gamble's Representatives — John Wallace, Donald Brown, Geo. 
Wyllie, John Simpson, Duncan Forbes, James Simpson, and John 

Members' Representatives for 1885 — James Williamson, James R. 
Craig, William Birrell, and Robert M'Pherson. 

Chairman and Treasurer — John Wallace ; Secretary — John Chalmers ; 
Curator — Peter Campbell. 

The Institute is open from Nine a.m. till Ten p.m. ; Saturdays, till 
Eleven p.m. 

2)a\nb ITweebale, 




Jobbings punctually attended to. 

iiiin i 4 i, npssraq, 

<Shtter anb <Slat£ Jtterrhant, 




All orders punctually attended to. 

Thomas Monteath, 


Wine and Spirit Merchant, and Family Baker 

and Confectioner, 

14 & 16 S3SE03&3E ST38L3EL3KT7, G-OTJ3R.OCK:. 

Visitors and the Public generally may rely upon getting a Good Article. The 
Whiskies are Old, and well Matured in Sherry Casks. Brandies and Champagnes in 
great variety. Wines imported direct from Bordeaux, and Bottled on the Premises- 
Malt Liquors, Cordials, Aerated Waters, &c, &c. 


in. ipue^isoij, 

#00 fc, Commercial, ano General printer, 
ano publisher of * 4 2)irectorg t " 






Reading Room, —with the Glasgow and Edinburgh Papers, //lus- 
tra ted London Nezvs, Graphic, Field, Punch, Judy, Fun, 
Bailie, Truth, Chambers'' Journal, Harper's Weekly, Black- 
wood, Macniillan, and other Magazines. 

Amusement Room — with Draughts, Dominoes, and Chess. 

Billiard Room. — Billiards, per Game or Hour, at usual Charges. 

Library. — The Circulating Library has been recently Enlarged, and 
an Extensive and Attractive range of Literature Purchased, 
making it a Special Feature in the Institute's operations. 

Baths. — Hot, Sixpence; Cold, Fourpence ; or Five Shillings and 
Three Shillings per Dozen Tickets respectively. 

Refreshment Room. — Tea, Coffee, and other Refreshments, at 
Moderate Charges. 

Large and Lesser Halls and Small Rooms, suitable for 
Meetings, &c, at Moderate Charges. — Application to be made 
to the Curator. 

Membership Tickets for the Year are issued at the Institute — you 
are invited to call and Enrol yourself. A Member's Ticket 
for the whole year costs Four Shillings, but you can, if you 
prefer it, enrol for Six Months for Two Shillings and Sixpence, 
or for One Month for One Shilling, while a single visit costs a 
Penny. Family Tickets are also issued — Ten Shillings per 
annum. An Annual Member's Ticket entitles to a Vote in the 
Election of Four Annual Representative Directors, and the 
use of the Circulating Library. 

Even should you not require to avail yourself of these privileges 
you are invited to become a Member, and so help in maintaining and 
increasing the advantages and usefulness of the Institute. 

The Institute is Open from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. ; Saturdays till 11 p.m. 
Curator, . . . Peter Campbell. 


The greenock % Belfast derated THater (Jo., 


Superior Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Sarsaparilla, 

Soda Water, Hot Tom, delivered free at a uniform price of 

ONE SHILLING per Dozen. 

See Analysts' Report by Messrs M 'Cowan & Biggart. 
Other Medicinal Beverages Manufactured. 




Supplies Marriage a?id other Suppers, Soirees, and Pic-Nics. 

Forms, Chairs, Tables, and Utensils Lent on Hire. 

Charges Moderate. 


memnerame j§jotH ant) Ulestaimmt, 


(Nearly Opposite Railway Station), 


DINNEKS from 12 till 4. TEA and COFFEE always ready. 


Smproveb Spectacles. 



Watchmakers, Jewellers, and Opticians, 


Gunsmith, Cutler, and Fishing-tackle Vendor, 

(Established 1843.) 



Always in Stock, and Guns supplied by any Maker at lowest possible 


Cartridges carefully Loaded with Best Material at short notice. 

Fishing Tackle, Rods, Reels, &c, always in Stock. 

Very Superior Cutlery, by Best Makers. 

Hardware, House Furnishings, and Oils of every Description. 

IRobert Glimie, 

33 Nicolson Street, Greenock. 

Cutlery of every Description Ground and Set. 

Daniel ^IViiton, 







©ffice anfc Stores— 60 CaOogan Street, (Siasgow. 




THOMAS MacMILLAN, Postmaster. 
James Whiteford, M. D., Medical Attendant. 
William M. G. Weir, Chief Clerk. 
Richard B. Guthrie, Telegraph Superintendent. 

Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists. — 1st Class— James Allan, George 
Anderson, James Brown, Alex. Cruickshank, John W. Kirkpatrick, 
Donald Creighton, and John Hoggan. 2nd Class — Andrew Molseed, 
Robert S. M'Dowall, Daniel B. Henderson, James Angus, Archibald 
T. Turner, G. G. M'Gregor, Walter M'Kenzie, Richard C. Guthrie, 
Alex. Smith, James Lennox, John Sutherland, William Duncan, Alex. 
Cameron, Cravford Cochrane, John Knowles, Thomas Craigie, William 
Kerr, Andrew Thomson, John Ritchie, Walter Fagan, and John 
Jamieson. Females — M. A. P. Crawford, E. C. M'Phun, Kate J. 
M 'Queen, an: 1 Isabella B. Cathie. 

Boy Clerks. — Charles M'Kirdy, William M. Logan, and William 

Stampers. — Roderick M'Leod, John M'C. Campbell, William 
M'Culloch, and 

Town Postmen. — John M'Lean, Henry Gibson, Joseph Sweenie, 
William John M'Keeman, James M'Gill, William M'Kenzie, William 
Kirkpatrick, Neil Murray, Robert W. T. M'Nab, Neal Haughey, 
James M'Culloch, James C. M'Kellar, Duncan Buchanan, John Duncan, 
Patrick J. Mulhern, James Forrester, Hugh M'Luskie, John Hannah, 
James Simpson, and Hugh Macfee. 

Railwayand Steamboat Messengers. — James Edgar, Norman M'Leod, 
and Alexander M'Kinnon. 

Four Distributors, Nineteen Boy Messengers, and Eighteen Auxiliary 
Town Postmen. 



Port-Glasgow Road — John Craven. 
Gourock — Peter T. Rhodes. 
Strone and Kilmun — A. Macintyre. 
Overton and Inverkip Roads — James Plillen. 


F. Macrae-Keith, Inspector. 
L W. C. Smith and E. Baird, Linemen. 

The Paid-Letter Window is open every lawful day at 7 a.m., and 
shut at 10 p. m. ; on Sundays it is open to the public from 8 a. m. till 10 a. m. 

Telegraph Office is open from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. ; between 10 p.m. 
and 7 a.m. telegrams may be sent on payment of an extra shilling. 
Parties paying a fee of £1 is yearly are entitled to have telegrams 
delivered at their houses after office hours. On Sundays the Telegraph 
Office is open from 8 to 10 a.m., and 4 to 8 p.m. 

Money Order, Savings Bank, Insurance, Annuities, Pensions, and 
Government Stock Business transacted from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.. Satur- 
days till 8 p.m. Postal Orders are issued from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
On Sundays and Fast-Days no business of this description is done. 


Correspondence for Merchants, &c, having Private Boxes, and 
addressed Poste Kestante, are delivered at the same hours. 

Delivery on Sundays at the Bar of the Post Office only, from 8 to 
10 a.m., and on Sacramental Fast-Days town deliveries take place at 
6.45 and 9 a.m. 

First Delivery at 6.45 a.m., with correspondence from Edinburgh, 
North of Scotland, Ireland, Galloway, Dumfries, Troon, Ayr, Kil- 
marnock, Ardrossan, Beith, Irvine, Saltcoats, Kirkintilloch, Dumbarton, 
Helensburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, Bishopton, Port- Glasgow. Town's 
letters in time for this delivery till 6.30 a.m. 

Second Delivery at 8-45 a.m., with the correspondence from all 
England, Dublin, South and South-West of Scotland, Berwick and 
towns on the North British Railway, Girvan, Edinburgh, Glasgow, 
Paisley, Port-Glasgow, Rothesay, Dunoon, Innellan, Kilcreggan, Cove, 
Blairmore, Strone, and Kilmun. Town's letters in time till 8.30 a.m. 

Third Delivery at 1. 15 p.m., with the correspondence from Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, Berwick, &c. , North of Scotland, North of Ireland, Edinburgh, 
Glasgow, Paisley, Port-Glasgow, and Gourock. Town's letters in time 
till 12.50 p.m. 

Fourth Delivery at 4.30 p.m., with the correspondence from York- 
shire, Durham, and Northumberland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, 
South of Ireland, Paisley, Port-Glasgow, Ardentinny, Lochgoilhead, 
Campbeltown, Carradale, Lochranza, Pirnmill, Inveraray, and Oban. 
Town's letters in time till 4.10 p.m. 


Fifth Delivery at 7.45 p.m., with the correspondence from London, 
Liverpool, Dublin, and South of Ireland ; North of Scotland, Aberdeen, 
Fort-William, Perth, Dundee, &c; Galloway, Dumfries, Edinburgh, 
Glasgow, Paisley, Port-Glasgow, Lochgilphead, Tarbert, Ardrishaig, 
Innellan, Rothesay, Dunoon, Strone, Kilmun, Oban, Gourock, Millport, 
Largs, Fairlie, Wemyss .Bay, and Inverkip. Town's letters in time 
till 7.25 p.m. 

Inland Letters.* 
The rates of postage to be prepaid are as follows, t viz.: — 
For a letter not exceeding 1 oz. . . . . . . id 

For a letter exceeding. 1 oz. but not exceeding 2 oz. . . i^d 

,, ,, 2 oz. ,, ,, 4 oz. . . 2d 

,, ,, 4 oz - J? 5 j 6 oz. . . 2|d 

,, ,, 6 oz. ,, ,, 8 oz. . . 3d 

,, ,, 8 oz. ,, ,, 10 oz. . . 3^d 

,, ,, 10 oz. ,, ,, 12 oz. . . 4d 

A letter exceeding the weight of 12 oz. is liable to a postage of id 
for every ounce, beginning with the first ounce. A letter, for example, 
weighing between 14 and 15 ounces, must be prepaid fifteenpence. 

A letter posted unpaid is chargeable on delivery with double postage, 
and a letter posted insufficiently prepaid is charged with double the 
deficiency. On a re-directed letter, the charge for re-direction is the 
same whether prepaid or collected on delivery. 

No letter may exceed the dimensions of one foot six inches in length, 
nine inches in width, and six inches in depth. 

Addresses to the Queen and Petitions to Parliament. 
Petitions and addresses to Her Majesty, forwarded direct, are exempt 
from postage ; and such petitions and addresses, as also petitions to 
either House of Parliament, if sent to a member of either House-, are 
likewise exempt, provided they do not weigh more than two pounds, 
and are either without covers or are in covers open at the sides. No 
letter, or other enclosure, however, must be inserted ; and if one be 
found, such enclosure, unless it bear the proper number of postage 
stamps, will be charged as an unpaid letter. 

I. — Newspapers (Inland). 
Subject to the following regulations, Newspapers pass within the 
United Kingdom at the rate of one halfpenny each : — 

1st. To have the privilege of passing as a Newspaper, the publication 
must first have been accepted as a Newspaper by the Post- 

* Inland letters are those which pass between places in the United Kingdom, 
including the Isle of Man, the Orkney, Shetland, Scilly, and Channel Islands. 

t If the weight be exceeded to the smallest extent, even though the balance be 
merely turned, the letter becomes liable to a higher postage. The same rule applies 
to letters going abroad. To provide, therefore, for errors in scales, &c, it is well to 
allow a little margin, or to pay the postage of the next greater weight. 


master-General, and have been placed on a Register at the 
General Post-Office,* from which it is liable to be removed, 
either through the non-renewal of the registration year by year, 
or in consequence of any change which may deprive it of the 
characteristics of a Newspaper. 

Registration for inland circulation includes registration for 
transmission abroad. 

2nd. It must be printed and published in the United Kingdom, 
must be published in numbers at interval of not more than 
seven days, and must be printed on a sheet or sheets. 

3rd. The full title and date of publication must be printed at the top 
of the first page, and the whole or part of the title and date of 
publication at the top of every subsequent page ; and this 
regulation applies to " Table of Contents " and " Indices." 

4th. A supplement must in every case be published with the News- 
paper, and must have the title and the date of publication of 
the Newspaper printed on the top of every page ; or, if it con- 
sists of engravings, prints, or lithographs, at the top of sheet or 

5th. For each Newspaper, whether posted singly or in a packet, the 
postage when prepaid, is one halfpenny ; but a packet contain- 
ing two or more registered Newspapers is not chargeable with 
a higher rate of postage than would be chargeable on a book- 
packet of the same weight, viz., one halfpenny for every 2 oz. 
or fraction of 2 oz. 

6th. A Newspaper posted unpaid, and a packet of Newspapers 
posted either unpaid or insufficiently paid, will be treated as an 
unpaid or insufficiently paid book packet of the same weight. 

7th. The postage must be prepaid either by an adhesive stamp or by 
the use of a stamped wrapper. 

8th. No Newspaper can be sent through the post a second time for 
the original postage. For each transmission a fresh postage 
must be prepaid, except that in the case of re-direction the 
amount chargeable may be collected on delivery. 

9th. Every Newspaper, or packet of Newspapers, must be posted 
either without a cover, or in a cover entirely open at both ends, 
and in such a manner as to admit of easy removal for examina- 
tion. If this rule be infringed, the newspaper or packet will 
be treated as a letter. 

loth. Every Newspaper must be so folded as to admit of the title 
being readily inspected. 

nth. A Newspaper, whether posted singly or in a packet, which 
contains any enclosures except the supplement or supplements 
belonging to it, will be charged as a letter, unless the enclosure 
be such as might be sent at the Book-rate of Postage and the 
entire packet be sufficiently prepaid as a book-packet, in which 
case it may be allowed to pass. 

* The condition of admission to the Register may be ascertained on application to 
the Secretary of the Post-Office. 


1 2th. A Newspaper which has any letter, or any communication of 
the nature of a letter, written in it, or upon its cover, will be 
charged as an unpaid or insufficiently paid letter. 

13th. No packet of Newspapers must exceed 14 lbs. in weight, nor 
may it exceed two feet in length or one foot in width or depth. 

II. — Stamps (Postage and Inland Revenue). 

At every Money Order Office the Postmaster is required to keep, 
for sale to the public, a sufficient stock of the different postage stamps 
in use ; envelopes with an embossed penny postage stamp ; registered 
letter envelopes ; newspaper wrappers with impressed halfpenny and 
penny postage stamps ; Inland and Foreign Post Cards. Postage 
Stamps, which are available for the pre-payment of Telegrams, are of 
the respective values of |d, id, i^d, 2d, 2|d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, cjd, is, 
2s 6d, 5s, 10s, £1, and £$. The Embossed Postage Envelopes are of 
three sizes, viz., A. 4f by 3 Il-l6th ins. (square shape, white), C. 5J 
by 3 (white), and D. 4f by 2§ (white), and are sold at the following 
prices : — 

A. (Square Shape, White)— I, l£d ; 2, 2id ; 3, 3^1 ; 4, 4fd; 6, yd ; 
8, 9^d ; 12, is 2d ; 24, 2s 4c!. C. (White)— I, ijd ; 2, 2|d ; 3, 3^d ; 

4, 4|d ; 6, 6^d ; 8, 8|d ; 12, is id ; 24, 2s 2d. I). — 1, ijd ; 2, 2^d ; 
3, 3|d ; 4, 4^d ; 6, 6id ; 8, 8^d ; 12, is id ; 24, 2s 2d. 

Commercial Envelope (White)— I, l£d ; 2, 2^d ; 3, 3jd ; 4, 4^d ; 

5, 5£d ; 10, io^d ; 20, is gd; 240, 21s. 

Registered Letter Envelopes, bearing a twopenny stamp embossed 
on the flat for the payment of the registration fee, are of five sizes, and 
are sold at the following prices : — 

Size. Price. 

F. — 5^ ins. by 3^ ins. . . \ l\d each, or 

G. — 6 ins. by 3f ins. . . /2s 2^d per packet of 12. 

tt o • 1 h • \ 2 fd each, or 

H. — 8 ms. by <; ins. . . \ * , , . r ,„ 

J J ( 2s yd per packet of 12. 

H2. — 9 ins. by 4 ins. . . \ 3d each, or 

K. — n| ins. by 6 ins. . . } 2s iod per packet of 12. 

Stamps should be placed on the front, that is, on the address side of 
the letter, and in the right hand upper corner. On re-directed letters 
care should be taken not to place fresh stamps over those which have 
been previously used. 

Newspaper Wrappers are sold at the following prices : — Bearing 
Halfpenny Stamp— I, fd ; 2, l|d ; 3, ifd ; 4, 2^d ; 5, 3d ; 6, 3|d ; 7, 
4d ; 8, 4|d; 9, 5|d ; 10, 5fd ; 21, is ; and £1 2s iod per parcel of 480. 
Bearing Penny Stamps — 1, l£d ; 2, 2^d ; 3, 3jd ; 4, 4jd ; 5, 5|d ; 

6, 6id ; 7,. 7^d ; 8, 8^d ; and £1 is 3d per parcel of 240. 

Parliamentary Proceedings. 

Printed Votes or Proceedings of the Imperial Parliament, sent with- 
out covers, or in covers open at the ends, may circulate within the 
United Kingdom at the rate of one halfpenny for 2 oz. or fraction of 
that weight. 


The words " Parliamentary Proceedings " must be written or printed 
on the cover of the packet, otherwise it may be treated as an ordinary 
Book Packet. 

Prepayment, when the circulation is within the United Kingdom, is 
optional : and if it be made in part, the simple difference only will be 

Parliamentary Proceedings may be sent, under the Book Post 
privilege, to all the Colonies, and to those Foreign States between 
which and this country there is a Book Post. 

I. — Book Post (Inland). 

A Book Packet may contain, not only books, papers, or other sub- 
stance in ordinary use for writing or printing, whether plain or written 
or printed upon (to the exclusion of any written letter, or communica- 
tion of the nature of a letter), photographs, when not on glass, or in 
frames containing glass, or any like substance, and anything usually 
appertaining to such articles in the way of binding and mounting neces- 
sary for the safe transmission by post, but also Circulars — i.e., letters 
which appear from internal evidence to be intended for transmission in 
identical terms to several persons, and the whole or the greater part of 
which is printed, engraved, or lithographed. 

1st. The postage is one halfpenny for every 2 oz., or fraction of 
that weight. 

2nd. The postage must be prepaid, either by adhesive stamps or by 
means of a stamped wrapper, or by a combination of the two j 
except at the Chief and District Post Offices, and the Branch 
Offices at Lombard Street and Charing Cross in London ; and 
the Chief Offices in Edinburgh and in Dublin ; where, from 
io a.m. till 8 p.m., it may be prepaid in money, provided the 
postage amounts to not less than £i in any one case, and 
provided the packets are posted in bundles, each representing 
a postage of 5s, 

3rd. A packet posted wholly unpaid will be charged with double the 
book postage, and if posted partially prepaid with double the 

4th. Every book packet must be posted either without a cover or in 
a cover entirely open at both ends, and in such a manner as to 
admit of the contents being easily withdrawn for examination,*" 
otherwise it will be treated as a letter. 

5th. A book packet may not contain any letter, or communication 
of the nature of a letter (whether separate or otherwise), not 
being a circular letter, or not wholly printed, nor any enclosure 
sealed or in any way closed against inspection, nor any other 
enclosure not allowed by section 9. (Entries, however, merely 
stating who sends the book, &c, or to whom it is given, are 

* In order to secure the return of book packets which cannot be delivered, the 
name and address of the senders should be printed or written outside, thus — "From. 


not regarded as a letter.) If this rule be infringed, the entire 
packet will be charged as a letter.* 
6th. No book packet may exceed 5 lbs. in weight, or I foot 6 ins. in 
in length, 9 ins. in width, and 6 ins. in depth. 


1. Official Post Cards, impressed with halfpenny stamp ; double or 
Reply Post Cards, impressed with halfpenny stamp on each portion of 
them, and private Cards, embossed at the office of the Inland Revenue 
with halfpenny stamps, may be transmitted between places in the United 
Kingdom with letters printed or written upon the back. Adhesive 
stamps are not accepted in payment of the postage. 

2. The front (or stamped) side is for the address only, in addition to 
the printed words "Post Card" and "The address only to be written 
on this side." There must be nothing else written, printed, or other- 
wise impressed on it, nor must there be any writing or printing across 
the stamp. On the reverse side any communication, whether of the 
nature of a letter or otherwise, may be written or printed. Nothing 
whatever may be attached ; nor may the card be folded, cut, or other- 
wise altered. If any one of these rules be infringed, the card will be 
charged id on delivery. 

3. When, owing to a great and unusual influx of letters, books, &c, 
the transmission or delivery of the letters would be delayed if the whole 
mail were dealt with without distinction, Post Cards (unless paid for 
and posted as late letters) may be kept back until the next despatch or 

4. No Card other than one of those issued by the Government, or a 
private Card embossed with a halfpenny stamp at the Office of Inland 
Revenue, Somerset House, or at the Stamp Offices at Liverpool and 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, will pass under a halfpenny stamp, if it bear on it 
a communication of the nature of a letter (unless it be a circular letter 
as defined at page 4). 

5. Post Cards for abroad, with impressed stamps of id, i^d, 2d 
each, are sold at those rates, and are transmissible to all the countries 
of the Postal Union without extra charge. 

6. Reply Post Cards for certain places abroad are also issued with 
impressed stamps of 2d, 3d, and 4c! respectively. 

General Regulations. 

It is forbidden to put forward by post any indecent or obscene print, 
paintings, photographs, lithographs, engravings, book, or card, or any 
other indecent or obscene article, or any letter, newspaper, publication, 
packet, or card having thereon any other words, marks, or designs of an 
indecent, obscene, libellous, or grossly offensive character. Anything 

* It is the duty of the Postmasters, whenever they have ground for suspecting an 
infringement of any of the above conditions, and occasionally, even when there is no 
ground for suspicion, to open and examine book packets posted at, or passing through, 
their offices. 


posted contrary to this prohibition will be stopped and sent to the 
Returned Letter Office. 

Postmasters are instructed not to receive any letter which there is 
good reason to believe contains anything likely to injure the contents of 
the mail bag, or the person of any officer of the Post Office. If such a 
packet be posted without the Postmaster's knowledge, or if at any lime 
before the despatch he should discover any such packet, he is directed 
not to forward it, but to report the case, with the address of the packet, 
to the Secretary. The following are examples of the articles referred to : — 

A glass bottle, or glass in any form ; razors, scissors, needles, knives, 
forks, or other sharp instruments ; leeches, game, fish, meat, fruit, or 
vegetables ; bladders, or other vessels containing liquids ; gunpowder, 
lucifer matches, or anything which is explosive or liable to sudden 

The following are the chief regulations of the Parcel Post :— 

1. The rates of postage are, for a parcel — 

Not exceeding I lb. in weight, ...... 

Exceeding i lb. and not exceeding 3 lbs., .... 

3 lbs. ,, 5 lbs., .... 

5 lbs. ,, 7 lbs., .... 

No Parcel can be sent exceeding 7 lbs. in weight. 

2. The dimensions allowed for an Inland Postal Parcel are- 
Greatest length, . . . ... 

Greatest length and girth combined, 

For example — 
A Parcel measuring 3 feet 6 inches in length may measure as much as 

2 feet 6 inches in girth. 

A shorter Parcel may be thicker ; thus— if it measure no more than 

3 feet in length it may measure as much as 3 feet in girth (i.e.) round 
its thickest part. 

3. The full postage must be paid in advance, by means of ordinary 
postage stamps, which must be affixed by the sender. 

4. Parcels must not be posted in a letter-box, but must be handed 
over the counter of a Post Office, If a Parcel be posted in a letter-box 
it will be treated and charged as a letter (or as a book-packet if entitled 
to pass at the book-rate of postage). 

5. The Postmaster-General is not liable for any loss arising from 
Parcels being lost or damaged in transmission through the post ; but 
every precaution is taken to prevent loss or damage. 

Prohibited Parcels. 

6. Parcels bearing or containing writing or marks of an offensive or 
indecent character ; or containing gunpowder, cartridges, lucifer matches, 
or other combustible material, live animals, offensive or filthy matter, or 
any substance likely to cause injury to other Parcels, or to the officers 
of the Post Office, may not be sent through the post. 

Deliveries of parcels in town are made at 9.30 a.m., 1.15 p.m., 
4.30 p.m., and 7.45 p.m. 












The Indian Parcel Post is not connected with the British Post Office, 
hut is an arrangement between the Indian and Ceylon Post Offices on 
the one hand, and the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Com- 
pany on the other. 

The Company's circular on the subject is as follows : — 

The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company are 
authorised by the Director-General of the Post Office of India to receive 
parcels for delivery at any post town or district throughout India or 
Ceylon at a uniform rate of is per pound, or fraction of a pound weight. 

This charge covers the conveyance from London to the address in 
India, &c. (but does not include Duty), and may either be prepaid or 
paid on delivery. 

Parcels intended for this conveyance must be sent either to the 
Company's Office, 122 Leadenhall Street, E.C., or to their Branch 
Office, 25 Cockspur Street, S.W., London, by two o'clock p.m. Monday 
in each week, legibly addressed to their destination in India, marked, 
■"To be forwarded by Indian Parcel Post." If sent to the Company's 
Office by post or other conveyance, the Indian Address must be put on 
an inner cover. In all cases they must be accompanied by a letter of 
advice to the Company, stating name and address of package, and 
value and contents, for Custom House clearance ; and also distinctly 
stating whether carriage is to be prepaid or not. If for prepayment, a 
cheque or P.O. Order for the amount must be enclosed in the letter, 
jiayable to Mr A. M. Bethune, Secretary, or when sent to Cockspur 
Street, to Mr F. H. Firth, agent. Particular attention is requested to 
these regulations in order to save any delay in the despatch of Parcels. 

Parcels conveyed under these regulations must not exceed 50 pounds 
In weight, and 2ft. x ift. x ift. in measurement, nor be more than 
^50 value. Jewellery, gold and silver wares, watches or precious 
stones, are charged an additional ad valorem rate of is on every ^5 or 
fraction of £^, which must be prepaid. They should be entirely closed, 
and any articles liable to suffer from crushing must be in a strong 
-wooden case not less than half-inch thick (tin lining optional). 
Packages not in wood must have an outer covering of stout canvas if 
measuring 1 cub. ft. and upwards. 

Senders of parcels from the country will receive a receipt for them 
from the Company in due course, and, if required, the Company will 
■effect insurance against sea and land risks. The charge for insurance, 
which must in all cases be prepaid, will be is up to £"$ value, 2s 6d 
up to £\o, 5s up to £10, 7s 6d up to ^30, 10s up to ^40, and 12s 6d 
Mp to ^50. 

Packages of a fragile nature, or containing liquids, or articles of a 
dangerous or damaging nature, will not be received. 

Reduced Rates for Books. — Under the authority of the 
Director-General of the Post Office of India, the rate for the conveyance 
of book packets (as defined by the Post Office Guide, page 190) from 
London to British India, has been reduced to 6d per lb. or fraction of 
a lb. 

If any other article is found enclosed in the book packet when 
examined by the Customs at Bombay, an extra rate of 2S per lb. on the 
package will be charged to the addressee. 


No letter must, under any circumstances, be enclosed in these- 

If a receipt is required, a stamp and directed envelope must be 
enclosed in the advice. 

If no advice accompanies the package, it will be liable to be charged 
at the is rate. 

Remittances from the country must be by cheque, Post Office Order, 
or penny stamps. Stamps of a higher denomination cannot be received,, 
and they must not be defaced or affixed to the packages. 


The Public are recommended, when applying for Money Orders, tO' 
use printed "Application Forms, " which save time and afford greater 
security than verbal messages against mistakes. These forms are sup- 
plied gratuitously at all Money Order Offices. 

The Commission on Inland Money Orders is : — 

For sums of £6 and under £j 






£9 iod 
£10 nd 

For sums under 10s . . 2d 

,, of 10s and under £2 3d 
£2 „ £3 4d 

£3 •• £4 5 (l 

„ £4 » £S 6d 

„ £5 » £6 7 cl 

No Order is allowed to contain the fractional part of a penny. 
Money Orders are issued in the United Kingdom on the following 
Foreign Countries, British Possessions, Agencies, and Colonies, at the 
rates of commission shown below : — 

Foreign Countries. 
Belgium ...... ~\ 


Dutch East Indian Possessions 

Dutch West Indies 

Egypt . 

France . 

German Empire 


Iceland . 



Norway . 


Sweden . 

Switzerland . 

United States 

For sums not exceeding 

\ £2 £$ £7 £10 

6d is is 6d 2s 

British Agencies. 

Panama . 
Smyrna . 

For sums not exceeding 
£2 £5 £7 £10 
6d is is 6d 2s 


BRITISH Possessions and Colonies. 

Aden ^ 

Berbice . 


British Columbia . 

Cape of Cood Hope 

Canada . 

Ceylon . 

Cyprus . 


Falkland Islands . 


Gold Coast . 


Hong Kong (with an agency at Shangha 


Malta . 


Natal . 

New Brunswick 


New South Wales . 

New Zealand 

Nova Scotia . 

Prince Edward Island 

Queensland . 

St. Helena 

Sychelle Islands 

South Australia 

Straits Settlements 



West Coast of Africa 

West Indies . 

Western Australia . 

For sums not exceeding 

I £2 £$ £7 £10 

6d is is 6d 2s 


1. A new description of Money Orders to be designated " Postal 
Orders," for certain fixed sums from is up to £1, are now issued to the 
public at all Post Offices at which Money Order business is transacted. 

2. The following are the amounts for which Postal Orders are issued, 
together with the Poundage payable in respect to each Order : — 

Amount of t-, j [ Amount of 






S. d. 

4 6 

7 6 



10 6 

. I 





Broken amounts may be made up by the use of postage stamps, not 
exceeding fivepence in value, affixed to the back of any one Postal 

3. The person to whom a Postal Order is issued must, before parting 
with it, fill in the name of the person to whom the amount is to be paid, 
and may fill in the name of the Money Order Office at which the amount 
is to be paid. The person so named must, before payment can be 
made, sign the receipt at the foot of the Order, and must also fill in 
the name of the Money Order Office, if that has not been already done. 
• 4. If a Postal Order be crossed " & Co.,' 

payment will only be made through a banker, and if the name of a 
banker is added, payment will only be made through that banker. 

5. A Postal Order presented by or through a banker for payment, 
will not (in the absence of an express arrangement between such Banker 
and the Postmaster-General to the contrary) be paid until after such 
Order has been examined at the chief office. 

6. After a Postal Order has once been paid, to whomsoever it is 
paid, the Postmaster-General will not be liable for any further claim. 

7. If any erasure or alteration be made, or if the Order is cut, 
defaced, or mutilated, payment may be refused. 

8. The regulations under which Postal Orders will be issued allow 
the Postmaster to delay or refuse the payment of an Order, but he must 
at once report his reason for so doing to the Postmaster-General. 

9. After the expiration of three months from the last day of the 
month of issue, a Postal Order will be payable only on payment of a 
Commission equal to the amount of the original poundage, with the 
addition (if more than three months have elapsed since the said expira- 
tion) of the amount of the original poundage for every further period of 
three months which has so elapsed, and for every portion of any such 
period of three months over and above every complete period. 

10. The Commission thus paid must be affixed in Postage Stamps 
to the face of the Order. 


Every Money Order Office is also a Savings Bank, and is open for 
Bank business during the same hours as for Money Orders. 

Deposits of one shilling, or of any number of shillings, or of pounds 
and shillings, may be made by any person at the Post Office Savings 
Bank, provided that such depositor shall not make deposits amounting 
to more than £30 in any year ending 31st December, or make any 
further deposit when the amount standing in his name exceeds ^150, 
exclusive of interest. When any depositor's principal and interest 
amount together to ^200, all interest will cease so long as the balance 
of the account continues to amount to the said sum of ^200. 

On making his first deposit, every person must give his Christian 
name and surname, and state his occupation and residence, and must 
sign a declaration, to be witnessed by the Postmaster, or by some person 
known to the Postmaster, or by a minister or churchwarden of the 
parish in which the depositor dwells, or by a Justice of the Peace ; and 
if such declaration or any part thereof shall not be true, the depositor 
making the same shall forfeit all right to his deposits. 


At every Post Office in the United Kingdom forms can be obtained 
free of charge, on which twelve penny postage stamps can be fixed ; 
and when the form has been thus filled with twelve penny stamps, it 
will be received at any Post Office Savings Bank as a Savings Bank ' 
deposit for a shilling. 

Samples of merchandise having no intrinsic value can be sent to 
places abroad at the same rate as books, with the exception that where 
the first rate for books is ^d, the lowest charge for samples is id, and 
and the weight, with few exceptions, is limited to 8 oz. 

The Postmaster-General is empowered under the Act 27 and 28 
Victoria, cap. 43, to insure the lives of persons of either sex, between 
the ages of 16 and 60, for not less than ^20 or more than ^"ioo. He 
is also empowered under the same Act to grant Immediate or Deferred 
Annuities, of not more than ^50, on the lives of persons of either sex, 
and of the age of 10 years and upwards. The persons whose lives are 
insured, or to whom annuities are granted by the Postmaster-General, 
have direct Government security for the payment o f the money at the 
proper time. Full particulars as to rates, &c, may be had at any Post 

CUSTOMHOUSE— Steamboat Quay. 
Collector — Lewis Evans. 

Clerks— First-Class — Edwin Fuller. Second-Class — William E. 
Wolsey, Thomas Kilvington ; Copyist, James Campbell. 

.Surveyor — Second-Class — A. J. Kerr. 

Examining Officers — First-Class — George Kerr, Alex. M Arthur. 
Second-Class — James Scotland, Robert Smith, D. Tough, George 
Sinclair, John E. Clarke, Samuel Cameron, Robert Fyfe, Thomas 
Curtin, Archibald Bullock, John Faid, Joseph Cleary, Patrick Mulloy, 
Patrick M'Cawley. 

Out-Door Officers — First-Class — William M'Fie, James Campbell, 
James Robertson, Hugh Hutton, George Kerr, David Poison, Hugh 
Ritchie, David Houston, James D. Duncan, Robert M 'Arthur, E. B. 
M'Gowan, John Darroch. Second-Class — Patrick Murray, D. E. 
Macnamara," John B. Murphy, Patrick Donovan, William Gordon, 
W. P. M'Laughlin, James Aitken, Pierce Butler, Patrick Gillespie, 
Andrew Adams, John D. Cook, James M'Caw, James J. Hanrahan, 
M. P. Macnamara, John Kelly. 

Boatmen — First-Class — J. M'Lean, G. Kirkpatrick, J. W. Lovell, 
A. Whyte. Second-Class— T. Brittlebank, P. Hessian, Alexander 
M'Kenzie, J. M'Lean, W. Robertson, Colin Darroch, J. Ritchie, D. 

House-keeper and Messenger— Robert M 'Arthur. 

Principal Coast Officers — Ardrishaig, John Lindsay ; Islay, Robert 
Morrison ; Oban, R. Fry ; Tobermory, A. Whyte. 


Hours of attendance for despatch of public business — Indoor 
Department, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. (Saturdays till 2 p.m.) Outdoor 
Department — Duty Goods, Gauging, and Warehouses — From 1st 
April to 30th September, 6 a.m. to 9 am., and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and 
from 1st October till 31st March, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free Goods — 
From 1st March till 31st October, 6 a.m. till 6 p.m.; 1st November 
till last day of February, 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. The following holidays are 
observed — New-Year's Day, Good Friday, first Monday in May, Queen's 
Birth-day, first Monday in August, and Christmas Day. 


Customhouse Buildings. 
Rochfort Connor, Distributor of Stamps and Collector of Property 
and Income Tax, Inhabited House Duties, and Land Tax, for the 
Counties of Renfrew and Bute, and Argyle (North). 
Surveyors of Taxes — John Muat and Philip Sulley. 
Clerks — R. W. MacFadzean (Chief), J. J. Cooke and Assistants. 
Office hours— 10 till 3. Saturdays— 10 till 12. 

INLAND REVENUE, Customhouse Buildings. 
Rochfort Connor, Collector. A. S. Elliott, Chief Clerk. J. B. 
Eagar, Clerk. 

Greenock District. 
Francis Moon, Supervisor. Surveying Officers — William Higgins, 
Thomas Johnson, James Walker, A. T. Anderson. House-keeper — 
Margaret M'Leod. 

Open every lawful day from 9 morning till 3 afternoon. 

FISHERY OFFICE, 3 Bank Street. 
James Low, Inspector of Fisheries. Residence, 13 Forsyth Street. 
Walter Bain, Fishery Officer. Residence, Caddlehill Terrace. 
John Skinner, Fishery Officer for Rothesay District; and William 
Jeffrey, Ardrishaig, for Inveraray District. 


First Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point at the east of the town, where the limits of the burgh 
meet the north-east corner of the authorised works of the Trustees of 
the Port and Harbours of Greenock (hereinafter called the harbour 
works), thence along the line of those works to a point on those works 
hereinafter called point A on a line in continuation of the line of the 
centre of Ratho Street, thence from said point to East Hamilton Street 
at its junction with Ratho Street, thence along the centre of Ratho 
Street to Belville Street, thence westward and south-westward along 
the centre of Belville Street to Crescent Street, at the point where the 
Glasgow & South- Western line of railway crosses over the same, thence 


-along the north side of said line of railway to the centre of Cartsburn 
.Stream, thence up the centre of said stream to the boundary of the 
police limits, thence eastward and northward along said boundary and 
along the centre of Boundary Street, and along the said limits of the 
burgh to the point first described. Number of male voters, 660 ; 
female voters, 35. 

Second Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point, hereinafter called point B, where the Cartsburn 
Stream joins the River Clyde, thence up the centre of the said stream 
to the point where it is crossed by the Glasgow and South-Western line 
of railway, thence eastward along the north side of said line to Crescent 
Street at its junction with Belville Street, thence north-westward and 
eastward along the centre of Belville Street to Ratho Street, thence 
north-eastward along the centre of Ratho Street, and in a straight line 
in continuation thereof to the harbour works, thence westward along 
those works and the said limits of the burgh to the point first described. 
Number of male voters, 943 ; female voters, 45. 

Third Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point where the Cartsburn Stream joins the River Clyde, 
and running westward along the margin of said river to a point herein- 
after called point C, in the north-east quay wall of the East India 
Harbour in a line in continuation of the west side of Bogle Street, and 
thence in a straight line south-westward to Rue-End Street, at its 
junction with Bogle Street, thence along the centre of Bogle Street to 
Regent Street, thence westward along the centre of Regent Street to 
Lynedoch Street, thence southward along the centre of Lynedoch Street, 
in a straight line in continuation thereof to the police boundary, thence 
eastward along the said boundary to the Cartsburn Stream, thence down 
the centre of said stream to the point in the River Clyde first described. 
Number of male voters, 822 ; female voters, 100. 

Fourth Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at the east side of the entrance to the West Harbour, herein- 
after called point D, and from thence to the northern extremity of the 
Mid Quay, and running along the centre of said quay to William Street, 
thence along the centre of William Street to the centre of Cathcart 
Square, thence in a straight line southwards to the north-east end of 
Bank Street, thence along the centre of Bank Street to Shaw Place, 
thence along the centre of Shaw Place to Mearns Street, thence along 
the centre of Mearns Street, and a straight line in continuation thereof, 
southward to the police boundary, thence eastward along said boundary 
to a point in said boundary in continuation of the centre line of Lynedoch 
Street, thence in a straight line northward to Drumfrochar Road at its 
junction with Lynedoch Street, thence along the centre of Lynedoch 
Street to Regent Street, thence eastward along the centre of Regent 
Street to the centre of Bogle Street, thence north-eastward along the 
centre of Bogle Street, and straight line in continuation thereof, to 


the River Clyde, thence westward along the margin of the said river 
to the point first described. Number of male voters, 838 ; female 
voters, 140. 

Fifth Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point hereinafter called point E, in the north-west quay of 
West Harbour, in a line with the centre of the Vennel, thence along a 
straight line drawn northward in continuation of the Vennel to the north 
end of the Vennel, thence up the centre of the Vennel to Buccleuch 
Street, thence up the centre of Buccleuch Street to Ann Street, thence 
up the centre of Ann Street to Drumfrochar Road, thence in a straight 
line to a point at the north-west angle in the police boundary, at or near 
Messieurs Leitch & Company's Ropeworks, thence eastward along the 
police boundary to a point in continuation of the centre line of Mearns 
Street, thence northward in a straight line to Drumfrochar Road, at its 
junction with Mearns Street, thence along the centre of Mearns Street 
to Shaw Place, thence along Shaw Place to Bank Street, thence along 
the centre of Bank Street to the centre of Cathcart Square, thence 
across Cathcart Square to the centre of William Street, thence along 
the centre of William Street and Mid Quay to the northern extremity 
thereof, thence in a straight line to the east side of the entrance to the 
West Harbour, at its junction with the River Clyde, thence westward 
along the margin of the said river to the point first described. Number 
of male voters, 885 ; female voters, 106. 

Sixth Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within the boundary'line com- 
mencing at a point hereinafter called point F in the River Clyde at its 
junction with a line in continuation of the centre of the West Quay, 
thence southward along the centre of the West Quay and West Quay 
Lane to Dalrymple Street ; thence westward along the centre of Dal- 
rymple Street to Charles Street, thence southward along the centre of 
Charles Street to the Vennel, thence westward along the centre of the 
Vennel to Inverkip Street, thence south-westward along the centre of 
Inverkip Street to Mount Pleasant Street, thence southward along the 
centre of Mount Pleasant Street, and a straight line in continuation 
thereof, to the north side of the line of the Greenock and Wemyss Bay 
Railway, thence westward along the north side of said railway to the 
point where that railway crosses the police boundary, thence southward, 
eastward, and northward along said boundary till it reaches the angle in 
the police boundary at or near Messieurs Leitch & Company's rope- 
works before mentioned, thence in a straight line northward to Drum- 
frochar Road at its junction with Ann Street, thence along the centre of 
Ann Street to Buccleuch Street, thence along Buccleuch Street to Cow- 
gate, thence along the centre of Cowgate to the Vennel, thence along 
the centre of the Vennel and line in continuation thereof to the River 
Clyde, thence westward along the margin of the said river to the point 
first described. Number of male voters, 1420 ; female voters, 132. 

Seventh Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point hereinafter called point G, on the margin of the River 


Clyde at the north-east corner of the east quay of Albert Harbour, thence 
southward along the east side of the said quay to Laird Street, thence 
along the centre of Laird Street to West Blackhall Street, thence along 
the centre of West Blackhall Street to Argyle Street, thence along the 
centre of Argyle Street to George Square, thence along George Square 
to Nelson Street West, thence along the centre of Nelson Street West 
to the point where the West Burn crosses under that street, thence along 
the centre of the West Burn to the point where it crosses the police 
boundary, thence along the said boundary to the north side of the line 
of the Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway, thence eastward along the 
north side of said railway to a point in continuation of the centre of 
Mount Pleasant Street, thence northward in a straight line to Prospect 
Hill Street, at its junction with Mount Pleasant Street, thence along the 
centre of Mount Pleasant Street to Inverkip Street, thence along the 
centre of Inverkip Street to the Vennel, thence along the centre of the 
Vennel to Charles Street, thence along the centre of Charles Street to 
Dalrymple Street, thence along the centre of Dalrymple Street to West 
Quay Lane, thence along the centre of West Quay Lane and West Quay 
to the River Clyde, thence north-westward along the margin of the said 
river to the point first described. Number of male voters, 1017 ; female 
voters, 151. 

Eighth Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point on the margin of the River Clyde at the north-east 
corner of the east quay of Albert Harbour, thence southward along the 
east side of the said quay to Laird Street, thence along the centre of 
Laird Street to West Blackhall Street, thence along the centre of West 
Blackhall Street to Argyle Street, thence along the centre of Argyle 
Street to George Square, thence along George Square to Nelson Street 
West, thence along the centre of Nelson Street West to the point where 
the West Burn crosses under that street, thence along the centre of the 
West Burn to the point where it crosses the police boundary, thence 
north-westward along the police boundary to a point in the River Clyde 
on that boundary opposite Ironotter Point, thence north-eastward to the 
margin of the River Clyde, thence northward and eastward along the 
margin of the River Clyde to the point first described. Number of male 
voters, 1 149; female voters, 409. 

Greenock was erected into a Burgh of Barony in the year 1635. 
James Watt, Born 19th January, 1736— Died 25th August, 1819. 
First Magistrates and Council elected in the year 175 1. 
Greenock Library began in 17S3. 

Greenock Chamber of Commerce Incorporated in 1S13. 
Shaws Water Introduced 16th April, 1827. 
Flood at Cartsdyke, 21st November, 1835. 
Railway to Paisley and Glasgow opened in the year 184 1. 
Victoria Harbour opened on 18th October, 1850. 

Foundation Stone of Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Asylum laid on 18th 
October, 1S50. 



Greenock Ragged School, Captain Street, opened 1858. 

Theatre Royal opened December, 1858. 

Foundation Stone of Albert Harbour laid on 7th August, 1862. 

Railway to Wemyss Bay opened May, 1865. 

Greenock and Ayrshire Radway opened 1869. 

Foundation Stone of Smithston Poorhouse and Asylum laid on I2th 

September, 1876; opened 29th May, 1879. 
Foundation Stone of James Watt Dock laid 1st August, 1878. 
Foundation Stone of Municipal Buildings laid 1st August, 187S. 
Lyle Road opened 1st May, 1880. 
Sacramental Fast-days — Thursday before Fourth Sunday in March, and 

Thursday before First Sunday in October. 
Fairs — First Thursday in July, and Fourth Tuesday in November. 




Total in 

Total in 






Burgh of Greenock — 



East Parish, . . 9472 


17,504 ) 

Middle Parish, . . 3,230 


6,l8o [ 
40,215 \ 



West Parish, . . 19,719 


Navy and Shipping, . 787 



Sl 5 


Extended Police District — 

East Parish, . . 928 


1,702 ) 
279 ( 



West Parish, . . 136 


Parishes (Landward) — 

East Parish, . . 31 


68 f 

44 \ 

West Parish, . . 22 


I 12 


Burgh of Port-Glasgow — 

East Parish of Greenock, 1,286 





Total, . . 35,611 





Member of Parliament for the Town of Greenock, 


of Bute House, Cromwell Road, London, and Offices of P. & O. 

Steamship Company, 122 Leadenhall Street, E.C. 

Member of Parliament for the County of Renfrew, 

ALEXANDER CRUM, Esq., of Thornliebank. 

Address — Reform Club, London. 


Provost — Edward Wilson. 

Bailies — John Duff, Allan Bertram "Smith, Hugh Fullarton, Robert 

Shankland, James MacCunn, and Gilbert Anderson Ramsay. 
Treasurer — John Lang. 


Councillors — 
First Ward— D. M' Arthur Erskine, Wm. B. Paul, J. MacOnie. 
Second Ward — D. M'lnnes, R. Sinclair Scott, John Service. 
Third Waid— John Duff, John C. MacGregor, Thos. M'Intyre. 
Fourth Ward— Hugh Fullarton, Hugh Shearer, Hugh Graham. 
Fifth Ward— John Neill, Dugald Shankland, Wm. Orr Leitch. 
Sixth Ward — Edward Wilson, John Anderson, James MacCunn. 
Seventh Ward — G. A. Ramsay, R. W. Jamieson, William Hair. 
Eighth Ward— W. W. B. Rodger, John Lang, Allan B. Smith, Robert 

Ordinary Meetings — First Tuesday of every month. 

Officials — 
Town Clerk— Colin MacCulloch. 
Chamberlain — A. Mackellar. 
Auditor— Hope Stewart Ramsay. 

Procurators'-Fiscal— Archibald M'Callum and James Auld. 
Assessors (Police Court)— Colin MacCulloch, Andrew Nimmo, Thomas 

Wilson, and Thomas D. M'Murrich. 
Assessor and Clerk to Dean of Guild— Hew MTlwraith. 
Surveyor of Works — Alex. J. Turnbull. 
Collector of Town Assessments— Thomas D. M'Murrich. 
Assessor under Valuation and Lands Act— Robert Hamilton. 
Organist — George Thomas Poulter. 

Curator of Cemetery and Burying Grounds— Robert Sheridan. 
Inspector of Markets and Collector of Market Dues— Alexander 

Inspectors under Animals Diseases Act— Alex. Robinson, V.S., and 

Archibald Robinson, V.S. 
Registrars for Births, Deaths, and Marriages— East District, J. M'Cunn ; 

Mid District, Wm. Johnston ; West District, R. A. Baird. 
Council Officer — Charles Murray. 


The Provost, Bailies, Treasurer, and Town Councillors of the Burgh. 

Chairman — The Provost. 

Dean of Guild— W. W. B. Rodger. 

Deputy-Dean of Guild— Dugald MTnnes. 

Councillors to the Dean of Guild— Bailie Ramsay, Councillors M'lnnes, 

Macgregor, M'Intyre, Graham, and Jamieson. 

Officials — 

Clerk— Colin MacCulloch. 

Treasurer — Alexander MacKellar. 

Auditor — H. S. Ramsay. 

Master of Works— Alex. J. Turnbull. 

Superintendent of Police— James Orr. 

Police Surgeons— Chas. Auld, M.D., and John Macdougall, M.D. 

Sanitary Inspector — George A. D. Mackay. 

Medical Officer of Health— James Wallace, M.D. 


Inspector of Cleansing — Roderick M'Leod. 
Collector of Assessments— Thomas D. M 'Munich. 
Billet-Master and Inspector of Explosives — James Orr. 
Manager of Gas Works — Samuel Stewart. 
Treasurer of Gas Works— Alexander M'Kellar. 
Collector and Assistant Clerk of Gas Works— John Chalmers. 
Inspector of Gas Meters — Lewis Fordyce. 
Superintendent of Parks — Robert Sheridan. 

Inspector of Flesh Market and Slaughterhouse — A. M'Kerracher. 
Public Analyst — John William Biggart. 

Inspector under Sale of Food and Drugs' Acts — David Young. 
Superintendent of Fire Brigade — William Taylor. 

Inspectors of Lodging Houses and Small Houses— George A. D. 
Mackay, J. Devine, A. Campbell, A. M'Kenzie, and A. M 'Donald. 
Inspector of Cabs, Hackney Carriages, &c. — James Orr. 

Dean of Guild— W. W. B. Rodger. 
Depute Dean of Guild — Dugald M'Innes. 
Councillors to Dean of Guild— Bailie Ramsay, Councillors M'Innes, 

Macgregor, M Tntyre, Graham, and Jamieson. 
Procurator fiscal of Court — James Auld. 
Assessor and Clerk of Court— Hew MTlwraith. 
Master of Works— A. J. Turnbull. 
Bar Officer — Ewen M Tntyre. 

Court Hall— Municipal Buildings. 
Court Days — Thursday of each alternate week, at 2 P.M. 

The Provost; Bailies Duff, Smith, Fullarton, R. Shankland, 
MacCunn, and Ramsay; Dean Rodger ; Councillors Erskine, Macgregor. 
MTntyre, Shearer, Graham, D. Shankland, Anderson, and Jamieson— 
Bailie Duff, Chairman; Bailie Smith, Vice-Chairman. 


Provost Wilson; Bailies Duff, Fullarton, R. Shankland, and 
MacCunn ; Councillors Erskine, Paul, M'Innes, R. Sinclair Scott^ 
MTntyre, Neill, Leitch, and Anderson. 

Chairman— Provost Wilson. Deputy-Chairman— Bailie Duff. 
The Law, Finance, and Works Committee (13). 

The whole Trust— The Provost, Convener ; Bailie Duff, Vice- 

Clerk — Colin MacCulloch. 
Treasurer— Alex. MacRellar. 
Superintendent of Works— James Wilson, C.E. 
Collector — James Brown, jun. 
Auditor — H. S. Ramsay. 



Description of Falls 



between Overton and the sea. 


OLD LINE. Height ft. 



Sugar Refinery 

Hogg, Wallace & Co., . 




Grain Mills, . 

Mackenzie & Walker 




Sugar Refinery, 

A. Scott & Sons, 



Sugar Refinery 

A. Scott & Sons 




Rankin & Blackmore 


Chemical Work 

John Poynter & Son 


Chemical Work 

John Poynter & Son 




Glasgow & South Western Railway Co. 




Greenock Sacking C 

ompany .... 




Sugar Refinery 

Clyde Sugar Refining Co. 



Sugar Refinery 

Neill, Dempster & Neill . 


Rope Work . 

A. Tough & Son 




Woollen Mill . 

R. Houston & Son . 





/Woollen Mill 

Fleming, Reid & Co 


1 :: 

> > 

r 7 ° 




Paper' Mill 

5 ? 

Brown, Stewart & Co. 





Unlet .... 

. 24 


These falls have a supply of 1200 cubic feet per minute, for twelve 
hours per day, during 310 days per year ; and two Scotch acres of ground 
for mills, &c, go along with each, at a nominal feu-duty. 




R. Muir & Sons 
Greenock Foundry Co. . 
Dawson, Martin & Co. . 
Glebe Sugar Refining Co. 
\ Shaws Water Foundry R. Steel & Co. 
•-> ( Sugar Refinery . Alexander Scott & Sons . 

6 Sugar Refinery . Alexander Scott & Sons . .12 21 

These falls have a supply of 1066 cubic feet per minute for 13^ hours 
per day and 310 days in the year. 

Grain Mill 
Foundry . 
Sugar Refinery 
Sugar Refinery 

ght ft. 


• 14 


• 45 


. 18 


. 21 




Provost Wilson ; Bailies Duff, Fullarton, R. Shankland, MacCunn ; 
Treasurer Lang; Dean Rodger; Councillors MacOnie, Paul, MTnnes, 
R. Sinclair Scott, Macgregor, D. Shankland, Leitch, Neill, and Jamieson ; 
Messrs Alexander Scott Mories, Thomas Prentice, John Scott, John 
Daniel Clink, Alexander Walker, Andrew Picken, William Crawford, 
.Robert Kerr, and George Rogers M'Dougall. 

Chairman — The Provost. Deputy-Chairman, John Scott. 
Officials — 
Secretary and General Manager — Thomas Wilson. 
Treasurer — William Hutcheson. 
Collector of Harbour Rates and Police Dues- 

Duncan Darroch. 


Chief and Consulting Engineer — W. R. Kinipple. 

Assistant and Harbour Engineer — Cathcart W. Methven. 

Harbour and Dock Master — James Baillie. 

Deputy Harbour Master— Daniel Drummond. 

Assistant Harbour Masters — John M'Lelland, Donald M'Farlane, 

Norman Jamieson, and James Robertson. 
Superintendent of Harbour Police — James Orr. 
Superintendent of Warehouses — William Lamont. 
Superintendent of Weighers and Weighing Machines — J. K. Rae. 
Superintendent of Transit Sheds and Timber Storage Ground — William 

Inspector under Explosives Bye-Laws for the Lower Estuary of the 

Clyde — James Orr. 
Auditor — Hope Stewart Ramsay. 

Offices — Municipal Buildings, Dalrymple Street. 
Captain James Orr, Superintendent, residing at 8 Esplanade; Four 
Lieutenants (one being in Detective Department) ; Three Inspectors ; 
Nine Sergeants; Six Detective Officers; One Hundred Constables; One 
Female Searcher and an Assistant. Charles Auld, M.D. , and John 
Macdougall, M.D., Police Surgeons. 


Office — Municipal Buildings, Dalrymple Street. 
Sanitary Inspector — George A. D. Mackay. 
Medical Officer of Health— James Wallace, M.D. 
Sanitary Officers — James Devine, Alexander Campbell, and George 

Clerk— Edward M 'Kinlay. 

Craigieknowes Hospital for Cholera, Small-pox, &c, and Disinfecting 
Station, Sinclair Street. Caretaker, James Devine. 

Reception House, 35 Crawfurd Street (Glebe). Matron, Margaret 


Committee of Management — Bailies Duff, MacCunn, and Ramsay ; 
Councillors MacOnie, Paul, Shearer, Graham, and Leitch — Councillor 
MacOnie, Convener ; Councillor Shearer, Vice-Convener. 
Brigade Superintendent — William Taylor. 

The Water Engines and other apparatus are deposited in Engine 
House, foot of Vennel, the keys of which are left at Police Office. 


Fish Market, 1 West Breast. 

Flesh Market, Market Street — Alexander M'Kerracher, Inspector 
and Superintendent at the Market. Cattle bought and sold daily. 
Fairs are held annually, beginning on the first Thursday of July, and 
fourth Tuesday of November ; and a Horse and Cattle Market, which. 



is held on the Friday before Glasgow Whitsun-Monday Fair, and on 
the Friday immediately preceding Kilbarchan Fair. 


Inspector and adjuster — David Young, 3 Jamaica Street. 
Greenock District, comprehending Parish of Greenock (outside 
police boundary), Port-Glasgow, Erskine, Kilmalcolm, and Inverkip. 
J. Angus, inspector, County Buildings. 

East District— James M'Cunn. 

Mid District — William Johnston ; assistant, Robert Hendry. 
West District — Robert A. Baird ; assistant, Arthur R. Baird. 
Examiner for Western District — W. H. D. Lowe. 



Duncan M'Intyre, 25 Rue-end Street ; Messrs John Macpherson & 

East Breast ; Messrs A. 

Edward Twigg, 31 Hamilton Street ; John 
Breast ; Robert Climie, 33 Nicolson Street. 

J. Wilson, 65 Rue-end Street ; 

S. Denniston, 11 West 



Peter Campbell, James Callan, Hugh Gallacher, James Reid, John 

M'Millan, John Gait, William Hamilton, John M'Kechnie, Peter 

M'Millan, Alexander M'Dougall, Colin M'Dougall, Alexander 

M'Donald, John Lyall, and David Scott. 



Name. Badge No. 

Name. Badge No. 

Hector Gillies 


Thomas Aird 


George Montague 


William Grieve . 


William Surgenor 


William Kane 


John Lafferty 


Thomas Grant . 


John Leitch 


John M 'Walter . 


John Drummond 


John Mooney 


John Brown 


Andrew Carson . 


Malcolm M'Millan 


Hugh Sweeney . 


John M'Groarty . 


Alexander M'Gregor . 


JohnM'Neill . 


Thomas Rooney . 


Alexander Thomson . 


James Lucas 

. 81 

John M'Cafferty . 


Alexander Gillies 


Patrick Sweeney. 


George Burns 


Donald M'Intyre 


William Mitchell 


Donald Carmichael 


William Turner . 

. 92 

David Brown 


Robert Haughie . 

. 98 

John Simpson 


Patrick Colhain . 

. 100 

John M'Gregor . 


24 APPEND iX. 



(Any Distance from the Steamboat Quay or Railway Station. ) 

First — Within Dellingburn on the East, Shaw Place on the South, and 

West Burn on the West. 

lb. s. d. 

Luggage, not exceeding ... . . 56 o 6 

,, exceeding 56 lb. and not exceeding . 112 07 

112 lb. ,, „ . 168 08 

Every additional . .112 02 

Second — Within Cartsburn on the East, Roxburgh Street on the South, 

and Campbell Street on the West. 

lb. s. d. 

Luggage, not exceeding . . . . 56 o 8 

,, exceeding 56 lb. and not exceeding . 112 o 10 

,, ,, 112 lb. ,, ,, . 168 1 o 

Every additional . .112 03 

Third — Within Ratho Street on the East, Wellington Street on the 

South, and Martha Brae on the West. 

lb. s. d. 

Luggage, not exceeding . ... 56 o 9 

,. exceeding 56 lb. and not exceeding .112 10 

,, ,, 112 lb. ,, ,, . 168 I 4 

Every additional . .112 04 

Fourth — Within Ladyburn on the East, Drumfrochar Road on the 

South, and Berryburn on the West. 

lb. s. d. 

Luggage, not exceeding . . . . .56 10 

,, exceeding 56 lb. and not exceeding .112 14 

,, 112 lb. ,, ,, . 168 I 8 

Every additional . .112 05 

Fifth — Any other distance not defined to be charged in the same ratio, 

calculated according to distance. 

When Employed by Commercial Travellers. s. d. 
Luggage, not exceeding 3 cwt. — First hour, . .10 

Every additional hour, o 6 
,, exceeding 3 cwt. — First hour, . . .14 

Every additional hour, . o 8 
When detained over a quarter of an hour loading or un- 
loading, for every additional quarter of an hour, . o 2 
One-half more to be charged when employed between 9 

o'clock evening and 6 o'clock morning. 
Assisting at loading or unloading carts, weighing goods, 
or performing any other service or work not included in 
the foregoing : — For the first hour, . . . .10 

And for every succeeding hour, 6d ; unless where this 
rate has been altered by agreement. 
For these rates or fares Porters are bound, when required, to put the 
m SS a S e on board the steam vessels, or place it on the platform of the 
railway, or take the same out of the steam vessel, or down from the 
railway platform, or to or from a house or other place or building. 



Summary of Bye-Laws for Hackney Carriages plying for Hire in 

Every Hackney Carriage must be licensed. Owner's name must be 
painted outside the carriage. Number of License must be painted or 
affixed outside of the carriage. Carriages must be furnished with a Bell. 
Drivers must be over 18 years of age. Drivers must deliver reference 
tickets on demand. Drivers must deliver any article accidentally left 
in carriages either to the owner or to the Police Office, within twelve 
hours after being left. Owners or Drivers must not solicit employment. 
Drivers must not smoke when waiting or driving. Drivers must observe 
the proper rules for driving. Drivers must obey the instructions of 
Police. No diseased person or corpses must be carried in Hackney 

Public Stands. — The following places are appointed public stands 
by the Magistrates of Greenock, in terms of the "Greenock Police Act, 
1S77," under reservation of all rights of private or leasehold property, 
viz. ':— 

1. Princes Pier — Cabs to be drawn up in single file next pavement off 

foot of Campbell Street, clear of the pier, and next refreshment 
rooms ; horses' heads looking north. 

2. Princes Pier Station (Glasgow and South Western Railway). 

3. Wallace Place. 

4. Cathcart Street (near Caledonian Railway Station)— With regard 

to the position of cabs at this stance, one cab may stand immed- 
iately opposite to the westmost egress steps ; the other cabs to 
stand to the east of the entrance to the Parcel Office. When 
more cabs are required, they shall be called from the stand at the 
east end of Cathcart Street by a signal given by the constable on 

5. East end of Cathcart Street. 

6. Customhouse Quay (front of Customhouse). 

7. Lynedoch Street Station (Glasgow and South- Western Railway). 

8. Upper Greenock Station (Wemyss Bay Railway). 

9. Cartskyke Station (Caledonian Railway). 
10. Bogston Station (Caledonian Railway). 

Every driver shall furnish himself with, and always have in his 
possession, while on the stand or driving, a copy of the clauses of "The 
General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862," relating to 
liackney carriages, and a copy of these bye-laws and table of fares and 
distances, and a duplicate of his carriage licence, which he must exhibit 
■on demand to any constable, or to any person who has hired or used 
his carriage, or who is about to do so ; which clauses, bye-laws, and 
table of fares and distances, with the duplicate of carriage licence, he 
will keep in a tin case that they may at all times be clean and legible. 

Every driver shall keep his carriage lamps lighted while driving, 
after sunset and before sunrise, during the months of October, November, 
December, January, and February. 

Every driver shall be cleanly in his person, and shall, while on the 
stand or driving, wear suitable clothes, and shall conduct himself at all 
.times in a proper, civil, and decorous manner. 


Fares by distance. 
It shall be in the option of the hirer to engage any hackney carriage 
either by time or distance, provided this be done at the time of hiring, 
to or between places mentioned in the table of fares annexed hereto, the 
charge shall be as stated in the said table. To or between places not 
mentioned in the said table of fares the charge shall be— 
For any distance not exceeding a mile, . . . . is od 

Exceeding a mile and not exceeding i^ miles, . . . is 6d 

l-| miles, ,, ,, 2 ,, . . . . 2s od 

2 ,, ,, 2^ ,,.... 2s 6d 
i\ ,, 3 ,, 3s od 

3 »> 3l » • ■ 3s6d 
3i „ ,, 4 ,,.... 4s od. 

4 >> » - 4i „ • - • 4s 6d 
4-i ,, 5 ,, 5s od 

In respect, however, that the upper parts of Greenock are hilly, in 
all cases not mentioned in the said table of fares, the charge for any 
hackney carriage engaged by distance shall be 6d in addition to the 
foregoing, provided the point to or from which the carriage is driven 
shall be within the town. 

John M'Kelvie, Pilot Master for taking vessels up the river. James 
Allan, Peter Clelland, Archd. Livingston, Alexander Richmond, James 
Parker, Isaac Strachan, Peter Arthur, Henry Thomson, Peter Williams, 
Jas. Black, Jas. Patience, Wm. Fleck, Francis Richmond, and James 

James Baillie, Pilot Master for taking vessels to sea. Robert Hume 
Bell, Alexander Leitch Black, Dugald Cameron, Hugh Cameron, 
Robert Lee, John M'Aleer, Charles M'Kie, John Miller, David 
M'Kellar, John M'Kenzie, Allan M'Lean, James Morris, Robert 
Munn, Jacob L. Till, John Wallace, and James Boag Warden. 


Per Ft. 
From Greenock, or off Greenock, or the Tail of the Bank, to 
Glasgow ; or from Glasgow to Greenock, or off Greenock, or 
to Tail of the Bank, including the unmooring of the ship, 
for all vessels under io ft. draught of water, . . . is 6d 

Vessels with io ft. draught of water, and under 12 ft., . . 2s od 

Vessels with 12 ft. draught of water, and not exceeding 15ft., . 2s 6d 
Vessels exceeding 15 ft. draught of water, . . . . 3s od 

Vessels to or from Bowling Bay or Dumbarton to be charged at 
two-thirds of the above rates ; or Vessels from Renfrew or Dalmuir to 
Greenock or Port-Glasgow, or from the last-mentioned ports to Dalmuir 
or Renfrew, to be charged the rate same as for Glasgow. 
Odd inches to be charged and paid in proportion. 


From Glasgow to Renfrew, five shillings ; the same charge returning. 

For any place betwixt the Cumbrae and Cloch Lights, to Greenock 
or Port-Glasgow, including the mooring of ship, or waiting the tide, 
one penny three farthings per ton. 

From a line drawn between the Cloch Light and Dunoon Pier to 
Port-Glasgow or any intermediate place, one half-penny per ton. 

N.B.— The same chargeable for like distances outwards. 

Fractional tonnage to be paid and charged in proportion. 

All vessels towed to be allowed one-fifth off the full rates. 

From Greenock, or off Greenock, to Garelochhead, including deten- 
tion in swinging the vessel, one half-penny per ton ; and the same rate 
in returning ; but no pilot will be obliged to pilot a vessel to the Gare- 
lochhead and back for a less sum than 15s each way. 

For every day the pilot is kept on board after the compasses are 
adjusted, he shall be entitled for detention per clay to 7s 6d. 

For shifting any vessel above 400 tons from one harbour to another 
harbour 15s. 

For shifting any vessel above 400 tons from Garvel Graving Dock 
to any of the harbours, or vice versa, 20s. 

For piloting vessels up and down the Leven, to or from Dumbarton, 
the pilot shall not be entitled to charge more than four shillings in 
addition to the rate of piloting such vessels on the Clyde ; and four 
shillings for each additional tide he may be detained after the first. 

Any pilot, whether deep sea or river, who may be detained at the 
request of the owner or person in charge of the vessel, after his duties of 
pilot have been completed, shall (where not otherwise provided for in 
these regulations), in addition to receiving his provisions, be paid by 
the owners or persons in charge of the vessel five shillings per day, and 
in like proportion to any lesser period he may be detained on board. 

N.B.— No differential rates shall in future be recoverable in respect 

of foreign vessels. 


James Ferrie, Henry Hammond, Moses Ferguson, Edward Logue, 
Matthew Dunning, Harry Hill, Michael Bryceland, Michael Trainor, 
Alexander M'Lean, William Grant, John M'Kinnon, Patrick M'Cue, 
James Marshall, James Carroll, Peter Lamont Ross, and John 



Alexander Nicholson, James Barbour, Daniel M'Glinchy, sen., 
Alexander Barbour, Malcolm M'Lean, James Waugh, John Waugh, 
Daniel M'Glinchy, jun. 


1st. Boat-hire from any of the Quays, Piers, Harbours, or the 
Esplanade, to any ship or vessel lying in the roadsteads, between the 
Tail of the Bank Buoy on the west, and Garvel Point on the east, said 
vessel not being at a greater distance than a mile and a half from the 
shore of Greenock between these two points : — If one passenger, is 6d ; 
two passengers, 2s ; every additional passenger, 6d. 


2nd. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to any 
ship or vessel lying at the anchorage termed the Tail of the Bank : — If 
one passenger, 2s ; two passengers, 2s 6d ; every additional passenger, 

3rd. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to the 
powder anchorage ground : — If one passenger, 3s 6d ; every additional 
passenger, 6cl. 

4th. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to the Hill 
of Ardmore, or Helensburgh, Kilcreggan, or Point of Roseneath, or 
Row, or any other point on opposite shore : — If one passenger, 5s; two 
passengers, 6s ; three passengers, 7s ; every additional passenger, 6d. 

5th. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to any ship 
or vessel lying in Gourock Bay : — If one passenger, 3s 6d ; two 
passengers, 4s 6d ; and every additional passenger, 6d. For these rates 
or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait 30 minutes and bring back 
the passengers. If detained beyond 30 minutes, one shilling to be paid 
for each half-hour, or part of half-an-hour after the first. 

The above rates or fares shall include luggage, if under 1 cwt. ; but 
all luggage above that amount shall be, for every cwt., 4d. 

Vessels in harbour shifting, passing lines, up to 300 tons, 7s 6d ; 
ships, ios ; if boatmen employed by time, 12s 6d per day. 

For the above rates the boatmen shall be obliged to furnish 4 oars 
and men, when from the state of the weather this is required to enable 
them to make the passage ; but when required to do so by the hirer 
himself, for expedition or otherwise, one-half fare to be paid in addition 
to the above rates. The harbour-master to be sole judge in case of 
dispute between the boatmen and the hirer as to the state of the 
weather, and as to the necessity of 4 oars. 


Committee of Management for 1885 —The Provost; Bailies Fullar- 
ton, R. Shankland, and MacCunn; Treasurer Lang; Dean Rodger; 
Councillors Erskine, MTnnes, Service, Shearer, Anderson, and 
Jamieson— Bailie Fullarton, Convener ; Councillor Erskine, Vice- 
Convener. Superintendent — Robert Sheridan. 

Committee of Management for 1885— The Provost; Bailies Fullar- 
ton, R. Shankland, and MacCunn ; Treasurer Lang ; Dean Rodger ; 
Councillors Erskine, MTnnes, Service, Shearer, Anderson, and 
Jamieson — Bailie Fullarton, Convener ; Councillor Erskine, Vice- 
Convener. Superintendent — Robert Sheridan. 

The Gates. 


Open at 

Shut at 


Open at 

Shut at 


P. M . 


P. M. 


. 8 


July? • 

. 6 



• 7 



. 6 


March, . 

. 6 


September, . 

. 6 


April, . 

. 6 



• 7 


May, . 

. 6 


November, . 

. 8 


June, . 

. 6 


December, . 

. 8 



2 9 

't 2 


.2-5 >-■ 

A'g"2 ' 


-~ ^O On0\O OVO 0>0 O <0 O 2 

* O MHsanrot^iJO 


2 § 

•SJBaA si aopun 
uosjad h jo j 

1 «l 1 I I 1 I I 1 1 1 -ggs-g 

a 2.2 § 

s 2 

•s.reaX si SAoqu 
uosasd b aojj 

2 vo 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V.^ooO 


■SJtjaA si jgpun 
uosjgd b joj 

-3 a S °.>.g 
1 1 1 1 1 I' 1 1 f 1 1 fj-g|£ 


•sj-bsA 31 3Aoqe 
uosjgd t? joj 

« a - 2 2 

rf «l- 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 00 a 

Extra Fees in 
addition to the usual 

Fees annexed for 
extra depth of Grave. 

ptte Z -o]sj ssrq3 


; • ioMoo\om"-\ooorol 1 
71 h h fl (O^- iri\o 00 

•9 05 1 -Oj£ SSBfQ 

^ CO o<o»o oc 

m H H (1 B (•)» 

SI pm3 '399J 

xis'puoXsq si 
satjjS gq} uaq^Y 

4-T -t3 

fe H M H H w a ' ' 


anoj pire gsj^sjj 

_3 a ooovoo^oooo 

^ ■*■ m novo <o 0. 1-.00 m 


a & 




OAV X P 11 ^ 3S-TB3JJ 

T-j VO 0>0<CO\OOvOOO 

9uq- pub 9sjb9jj 


H -S K 



UO P3I.UT33 

rrt *0 VOOOOVOOVOOO T3 >- 

^ cj en -*■ -3- m m\o io NO 3 tj 
" .g 


a . 





jnojj pire 9SJB9j-[ 

.j? co 1-1 « ro tj- in\o vo .2 Pn 


^j OOOOOOOOO 4) ^ 

N OiO h s n-t >jioo •<*- g .t; 


C D 
„j ^o id o\0 h a m Tt-vo n ^ 



^3 OOOOOOOOO rt 2 


go .0 1 

O h a ro rh tnvo t-^co o\Om h; m ^ 


-5 w 

cd 5 

SjsJ 6 

•a m~ 

3 g G 

M ° a) 


o jJ be 2 
2 u ,S-5 


2 S3 20 

2 § ^ 

.§"g o g 



H c 

■ ^^4 

fa ° ^.fa 




Rates of Interment in the Inverkip Street and Duncan Street 
Burying Grounds, appointed by the Town Council of Greenock to be 
exacted from and after 2nd day of April, 1850 : — 

I. Where the body is conveyed in a hearse drawn by four 

horses, or carried shoulder high — 
For digging and filling in the grave, . . . . 8s od 

If a tombstone is removed— for taking it off and putting it on 3s od 
If assistance be given in putting in the mortsafe, and after- 
wards taking it out and re-dressing the ground, . . 2s 6d 

II. Where the body is conveyed in a hearse drawn by two 

horses — 
For digging and filling in the grave, . . . . . 6s od 

If a tombstone is removed — for taking it off and putting it on 2s od 
If assistance be given in putting in the mortsafe, and after- 
wards taking it out and re-dressing the ground, . . is 6d 

III. Where the body is carried on spokes, or conveyed in a 

hearse drawn by one horse — 
For digging and filling in the grave, . . . 4s od 

No charge to be made for takingoff and putting on tombstone. 

IV. Where a body belonging to the working-classes is conveyed 

in a hearse, without reference to the number of horses, or 

conveyed shoulder high or on spokes — 
For digging and filling in the grave, . . .. . 4s od 

Nocharge tobe made for taking off and putting on tombstone. 


I. Where the body is conveyed in a chaise — 

For digging and filling in the grave, 4s od 

For taking off and putting on tombstone, . . . . 2s od 

If assistance be given in putting in a mortsafe, and after- 
wards taking it out and re-dressing the ground, . . is 6d 

II. Where the body is carried on hand-spokes or brought in a 

chaise — 
For digging and filling in the grave, . . . . 2s od 

If a tombstone, no charge is made for removing or putting 

on the stone. 

Although more than one body be interred at the same time in one 
and the same grave, no additional charge to be made, unless it be 
necessary to have the grave deeper than six feet, being the usual depth 
■of a grave, in which case the cost of such extra depth must be paid by 
the undertaker. 

The charge to. be paid by the undertaker or person giving intimation 
to the Chamberlain at the time of giving such information to inter, and 
.obtaining permission to open the grave. 

* To include in this term only those under twelve years of age. 



Duncan Street. — Established 1819. 
Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, Bart., President. 

The Provost of Greenock, Robert Macfie, Esq., James J. Grieve, 
Esq., James Morton, Esq., and James Stewart, Esq., Vice-Presidents. 

John Rodger, Esq., Treasurer. Geo. Williamson, Esq., Secretary. 

Directors — Robert Rennie, Esq., Chairman; Robert Muir, Esq., 
Deputy-Chairman ; The Provost of Port-Glasgow, Messrs James M. 
Hifl, Joseph D. Scott, William Letham, Thomas Neill, Robert Allan, 
Walter W. B. Rodger, John Patten. W. A. Brown, Duncan M'Gillivray, 
Toseph Russell (Port-Glasgow), John Barclay, James Reid, Duncan 
Cunningham, R. M'Kenzie (Gourock), Thomas Macdonald, John 
Stewart, George Ferguson, Thomas M. Thome, Louson Walker. — 
The Convener and Vice-Convener of the Public Health Committee of 
Greenock, ex-officiis. 

Surgical and Medical Department — Drs Wallace, Fox, and 

Dispensary Surgeons — Drs Paton, and Broadfoot. 

House Surgeon — A. B. Gemmel, M.R.C.S., &c. 

Assistant House Surgeon — J. Silverwood. 

Lady Superintendent — Miss, Fletcher. 

Friends of the Patients are allowed tc visit them every lawful day 
from 2.30 till 3.30 p.m. The Dispensary for out-door patients is open 
from 12 till 1 p.m., and is closed on Fast Days, New- Year's Day, and 
Friday of Summer Fair. Applicants are required to pay id for each 
prescription, and to come provided with bottles for mixtures, &c. 
Applicants for admission as in-patients are required to present themselves 
for admission at 12 noon for examination by the medical attendant. 
They must be provided with Subscribers' tickets. Admission will be 
given only if the applicants be found to be proper subjects, and there be 
room in the house. Tickets are available only in the place where Sub- 
scriber and patient reside. 

Ferguson Eye Bequest — In connection with the Greenock Infirmary 
there is an institution founded by the late James Ferguson, Esq., 
Auchneagh, called the Ferguson Eye Bequest, where patients suffering 
with diseases of the eyes receive treatment free. The present managers 
are — Mr R. S. M'Morland, and Mr Alexander S. Bain, the Provost and 
two senior Magistrates, the Chairman, Deputy-Chairman, and Secretary 
of Greenock Infirmary — The Provost, chairman; Dr Cluckie, oculist. 


36 Nicolson Street. 

poorhouse and asylum, smithston. 

The Provost, Edward Wilson, Esq., Chairman. 

The management is vested in a General Committee, sub-divided into 
small Committees for the despatch of business. 

Dugald Shankland, Esq., Chairman. 
Conveners of Sub-Committees — Poorhouse, Mr Thomas Mitchell ; 
Relief, Mr J. Bell ; Assessment, Mr Neil Shaw ; Asylum, Mr J. C. 


Borland ; Appeals, Mr A. J. Black ; Works, Mr T. D. Rorison ; 

Accounts, Mr James Arbuckle ; Grounds, Mr William Young ; Law 

and Finance, the Chairman. 
Inspector — John S. Deas. 
Treasurer — William Ramage. 

Assistant Inspectors — Robert P. Fairlie and J. 0. Waun. 
Clerks— John Ferguson, Wm. Hendry, and Hugh M'Cracken. 
Register Clerk — Thomas Shearer. 
Collector — Thomas Burton. 
Assistant — Malcolm Currie. 
Auditor — Quintin Bone. 
Janitor — Alex. Stevens. 

Governor of Poorhouse and Asylum — T. M. Hardie. 
Matron of Poorhouse — Mrs Buchan. 
Chaplain — James Chalmers. 
House Surgeon — James Wallace, M.D. 
District Surgeons — Drs Samuel Shortridge, Carlyle, and John 



7 Virginia Street. 

Local Marine Board. 

Provost of Greenock (ex officio). 

Nominees of the Board of Trade. 
Colin S. Caird. John Scott. 

Abram Lyle. Edward Wilson. 

Elected by the Shipowners. 

John D. Clink. 
Alex. P. Lyle. 
Thomas Carmichael. 

William Crawford. 
Robert Davie. 
Malcolm M'C. Brown. 

John Scott, Chairman. Alex. P. Lyle, Deputy-Chairman. 
R. S. Macalister, Secretary. 

Mercantile Marine Office— R. S. Macalister, Superintendent, 
Registrar of Royal Naval Reserve and Superintendent of Lascar 
Transfers ; Charles Lewis, First Deputy-Superintendent ; C. Stuart 
Hall, Second Deputy-Superintendent ; James Campbell, Clerk ; Donald 
Campbell, Angus Campbell, and Alexander Richmond, Messengers ; 
R. Fry, Oban; Alexander Whyte, Tobermory; R. Morrison, Bowmore ; 
and John Lindsay, Ardrishaig, Deputy-Superintendents at Sub-Ports. 

Examinations of Masters and Mates are held on the second and 
fourth Tuesday in each month — William Congalton, Examiner. 

Examinations of Engineers are held on the first Tuesday of each 
month — John Sowter, Examiner. 

Surveyors — John Sowter, Shipwright and Engineer ; C. Waterson, 
Shipwright ; James Gordon, Tapeholder. 

Office hours from io a.m. to 4 p.m. 



(Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1S13.) 

Coffee Room, 2 Cathcart Square. 

Directors — Messrs Louson Walker, Chairman ; Alex. P. Lyle, 

George R. M'Dougall, James Aitken, John Douglas, Robert Grieve, 

Robert Davie, Thomas Carmichael, Robert Binnie, C. H. Curtis, A. O. 

Leitch, and John Thomson ; Secretary and Treasurer — W. Hardie, 

C.A., 2 Watt' Place. 


The Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures of Greenock, at a 
General Meeting held this day, declare that the following is the Custom 
of the Port of Greenock, with reference to the matters herein referred 
to, applicable when no special stipulations are made in Charter Parties 
or other binding documents : — 

I. — Entering Cargo. 
1. When a vessel has been reported at the Customs, the Master gives 
notice to the Consignee, and the latter is bound, within forty-eight 
hours after such notice, to enter the cargo at the Customs. 

II.— Berthing Vessel and Delivering Cargo. 

1. Vessels are bound to discharge at the berths assigned by the 
Harbour Master, and Consignees are bound to take delivery of cargo 
from alongside when landed at the quay at said berths. 

2. In the case of Timber discharged into the water, the Consignee 
is not bound to take delivery unless the timber is inside a Harbour 
Basin, so that when the assigned berth is not inside a Harbour Basin, 
the ship is bound to float the timber into a Harbour Basin, and deliver 
it there. 

3. All deals, staves, or broken stowage must be landed on the Quay 
by the ship. 

III.— Time for Discharging when no Number of Lay Days is 
Specified in the Charter Party. 

1. When the vessel is in the berth assigned by the Harbour Master, 
the Master gives notice thereof to the Consignees, and the Master is 
bound to begin delivering, and the Consignee to begin taking delivery 
of the cargo within twenty-four hours thereafter, provided the time 
allowed for entering the cargo shall then have elapsed. 

2. The Master is bound to tender, and the Consignee to receive, 
cargo each working day, weather permitting, at the following rates, 
unless a larger quantity is mutually agreed on, or unless modified by 
the Harbour Master, in virtue of the powers possessed by him under the 
PI arbour Bye-Laws : — 

a. Vessels laden with sugar not exceeding 200 tons register, are 
allowed one working clay for every 50 tons of the estimated 
weight of the cargo ; and vessels above that tonnage similarly 
laden are allowed one day for every 75 tons of the estimated 
weight of the cargo during the winter months (October to 


February inclusive), and for every ioo tons of such estimated 
weight during the remainder of the year, except in regard to 
vessels with Brazil cases of sugar, which are allowed one day 
for every 50 tons during the first period, and every 75 tons 
during the latter period. 

b. Vessels with wood or timber are allowed one day for every 100 

loads of the cargo during the winter months, and for every 150 
loads during the remainder of the year. 

c. The discharge of vessels laden with other non-dutiable goods to 

be carried on during the ordinary working hours according to 
the season of the year — unless when overtime is worked by 
mutual agreement, and Consignees are bound, weather permitt- 
ing, to keep the discharge going continuously during said hours, 
and to receive and to remove the cargo from the ship's gangway 
in such a way as to enable the work to be carried on without 
interruption throughout the entire discharge to the full extent 
of the ordinary hours allowed for carrying on the work. 

IV.— Lay Days when the Number is Specified. 

1. The Master gives written notice to the Consignee when the vessel 
is in the Discharging Berth assigned by the Harbour Master and ready 
to discharge, and the lay days begin to count from the date on which 
the said notice is given ; but the day of giving notice does not count as 
a lay day unless the said notice is received by the Consignee before 
Twelve o'clock noon. 

2. In case the harbours are so crowded that the vessel cannot be 
berthed, the Master gives written notice to the Consignee when the 
vessel is in the Harbour Basin or moored at the Quays, and, provided 
she would have been ready to begin discharging if the berth had been 
available, such notice takes the place of that provided in the previous 

3. Days (not described as " running days ") meaning working days 
— i.e., Sundays and Customs and local holidays, do not count. 

4. When the number of lay days is specially mentioned for discharg- 
ing, the Master is bound to tender, and the Consignee to take delivery, 
of a proportionate quantity of the cargo each working day, unless some 
other quantity is mutually agreed on. 

Note. — Should the said proportionate quantity be less than the 
quantity specified above (Section III., Clause 2), the Master is 
bound to tender, and the Consignee to take delivery, of the 
latter quantity each working day. 

5. When the number of lay days for discharging is the unexhausted 
balance of a number specified for discharging and other purposes, the 
quantity to be tendered and taken delivery of each working clay is the 
quantity specified above (Section III., Clause 2), unless a larger quantity 
is mutually agreed on. 

6. A clay does not count against the Consignee if the discharge is 
interrupted through failure of the Master to tender cargo as above 


V. — Settlement of Freight. 

1. Freights on wood and timber from ports in Canada and United 
States are payable, one-third in cash on arrival, and the remaining two- 
thirds on right and true delivery of the cargo, in good and approved Bills 
at four months, or in cash less four months' discount at the rate of five 
per cent, per annum, from the date of completion of discharge. 

2. All other Freights, except Coasting and Continental Freights are 
payable on right and true delivery of the cargo in cash, less one month's 
discount at the rate of five per cent, per annum, from date of vessel's 
report at Customs, in cases of cargoes from ports on this side of Cape 
Horn and the Cape of Good Hope, and less two months' discount at 
the said rate in cases of cargoes from ports on the other side of the said 

3. Freights on goods payable by weight are payable on the net 
weight delivered, unless otherwise specially stipulated, except Coasting 
and Continental Freights, which are payable on the gross weight, unless 
otherwise specially stipulated. Freights payable by measurement are 
payable by calliper measure, unless otherwise specially stipulated. 

4. When Freight is payable by a Bill on Usance on London or in 
cash equal thereto, cash without discount is meant, or a Bill for the 
•same amount on London at such a date as the Banks here will grant 
without charge. 

5. Approved Bills means Bankers' Drafts or Acceptances guaranteed 
by a Banker. 

6. When the ship is consigned to charterers or their agents paying 
usual or customary commission, the consignee of the cargo is entitled 
to deduct two-and-a-half per cent, from the amount of Freight payable 
by him. 

Note. — When Freight is to be paid in cash on right and true 
delivery of the cargo, without reference to the custom of the port, net 
cash free from discount is meant. 

James Morton, President. 
Thos. King, Secretary. 
Greenock, 25th February, 1876. 


Held in the Police Court Hall, every lawful day at 10 o'clock. 
Judges — The Provost and Bailies. 
Assessor — Colin MacCulloch, Town Clerk. Assessors in absence, 

Andrew Nimmo, Thomas Wilson, and Thomas D. M'Murrich, 
Prosecutors— Joint Procurators'-Fiscal, Archibald M 'Galium and James 
Auld. Procurator-Fiscal in absence of the Joint Procurators'-Fiscal, 
Captain James Orr. 


Held in the County Buildings, Nelson Street, every Friday at 1 1 o'clock 

forenoon during the Session. 

Sheriff— The Hon. Henry James Moncreiff. Sheriff-Substitute— Harry 


Sheriff-Substitutes — John C. Hunter, John Thomson, Abram Lyle, 

Jas. Morton, Colin S. Caird, and W. Cunningham Steele, in absence 

of Harry Smith. 
Clerk — Joseph M'Leod Lochhead. 
Depute-Clerk — John Brough. 
Depute-Clerks — Archibald M'Callum, and John Paton Fyfe, in absence 

of John Brough. 
Procurator-Fiscal— Robert Blair ; in absence of Robert Blair, Colin 

MacCulloch, John Dunlop, and John Cameron. 
Auditor — John Brough. 


Held in County Buildings, Nelson Street, every Wednesday at 11 o'clock. 

Continued cases are disposed of after new ones. 

Sheriff— Hon. H. J. Moncreiff. 

Sheriff-Substitute— H. Smith. 

Clerk- — Joseph M'Leod Lochhead. 

Depute-Clerk — John Brough. 


Held in Greenock every Friday at 11 o'clock forenoon. 

Commissary — Hon. H. J. Moncreiff. 

Deputes — Harry Smith and Hugh Cowan. 

Clerk — Joseph M. Lochhead, Paisley. Depute-Clerk — John Brough. 


Held in the Justices' Court- House, Bank Street. 

Justices of the Peace— Greenock and Vicinity. 

Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., Robert Little, R. Binnie, Robert 

Wm. Robertson, Charles Grey, J. Morton, John C. Hunter, John 

Erskine, John R. Craig, Walter Grieve, R. Grieve, D. M. Latham, 

James Stewart, Robert Steele, H. R. B. Peile, Thos. Stark, Wm. Ross,. 

John Thomson, Wm. Neill, E. Blackmore, D. Campbell, W. O. 

Leitch, A. Lyle, C. S. Caird, J. Reid, and John Scott. 

The Sheriff Substitute of Greenock, the Provost and Bailies of Greenock,. 

the Chief Magistrate of Gourock, all ex officiis. 

Procurator Fiscal — -William Auld. 

Clerk— John P. Fyfe. 

Depute Clerk — John Innes Macdougall. 

Small Debt Courts held every Thursday at 1 1 forenoon. 

Licensing Courts — Meetings for Licensing Publicans for the Burghs 

of Greenock and Port-Glasgow are held on the second Tuesday in 

April and the third Tuesday in October, and for the remainder of the 

Lower Ward on the third Tuesday in April and last Tuesday in October 

at 12 noon. Applications for Licenses must be lodged at least fourteen 

clays previous to the day of meeting. Appeal Courts held in May and 


Game Licensing Court, last Thursday of July, at 1 1 forenoon. 




Held in Renfrew on the first Tuesday of March, May, and August, 

and last Tuesday in October. 

Lord-Lieutenant — Sir M. 
Vice-Lieutenant — Sir Archibald C. 
Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel, of 

Blantyre, Lord, the Right Hon. 
Buchanan, Colonel, C. D. R. C, of 

Drumpellier and Finlaystone 
Cochrane, the Hon. T. H. A. E., 

Crura, Alexander, Thornliebank 
Cuninghame, John Charles, of 

Darroch, Duncan, of Gourock 
Glasgow, Earl of 
Gordon, John, of Aikenhead 
Gilmour, Allan, of Eaglesham 

Clerk of Lieutenancy — Joh 

R. Shaw Stewart, Bart. 
Campbell, Bart., of Blythswood. 
Graham, Allan Graham Barns of 
Houston, G. Ludovic, Johnstone 
Latham, David Macduff, Gourock 

Macdowall, Henry, of Garthland 
Maxwell, Wm. Hall, of Dargavel 
Napier, John Stirling, of Merchis- 

ton House 
Richardson, David, of Hartfield 
Spier, Robert Thomas Napier 
Stewart, James 
Stewart, John A. Shaw, London 

n Macdougall, Greenock. 



Sir Arch. C. Campbell, Bart., of 

Blythswood, Convener 
Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., of 

Ardgowan and Blackhall 
The Sheriff of the County 
.Sheriff-Substitute at Greenock 
D. C. R. Buchanan of Drumpellier 
D. Darroch of Gourock, B.A. 
James Anderson of Highholm 
Robert Macfie of Langhouse 
George Burns, Wemyss House, 

Wemyss Bay 
John Burns of Castle Wemyss 
Jas. Stewart of Garvocks 
H. R. B. Peile, Inverkip, Factor 

for Sir M. R. S. Stewart, Bart. 
Henry Birkmyre, Merchant, Port- 
John Birkmyre, Manufacturer, 

Thomas Blackwood, Shipbuilder, 


James Caldwell, Clerl 

James Lumsden Cunliffe, Ship" 

builder, Port-Glasgow 
David J. Dunlop, Shipbuilder, 

Robert Galbraith Sommerville, 

Merchant, Port-Glasgow 
Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart, of 

John Fullarton, Timber Merchant, 

Ivybank, Port-Glasgow 
George Haldane, Kempock, Gou- 
Robt. Lindsay, East Park House, 

Upper Kilmalcolm 
John Wallace, Feuar, Ashton Road, 

The Provost of Greenock 
The Provost of Port-Glasgow 
The Senior Police Magistrate of 


of Supply, Paisley. 




The Sheriff of the County 
Sheriff-Substitute of Greenock 
Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart. 
Jas. Stewart of Garvocks. 
James Morton, Merchant 

M. F. Dunlop, Clerk 

R. G. Sommerville, Merchant 
Robert Binnie, Merchant 
Abram Lyle, Sugar Refiner 
Colin S. Caird, Shipowner. 

John Alexander, Assessor. 

John Muat, Surveyor, Customhouse Buildings. 


Chief Constable— Robert Hunter, Paisley. 

Lower Ward Inspector — J . Angus, County Buildings. House, 6 Nelson 

Street (West), Greenock. 
Sergt. Robt. Scott, County Buildings. House, 9 Watt Street, Greenock. 

Office-Bearers — 1885. 

Dean of Faculty — John Macdougall, Esq., Mansionhouse; Treasurer 
and Fiscal — Robert Blair, Sheriff Court Buildings, Nelson Street, West ;. 
Secretary — John Dunlop, 2 Church Place ; Auditor— John Paton Fyfe, 
4 Argyle Street 

Council to act along with Office-Bearers — Geo. Williamson, J. W. 
Crawford, D. R. Maclelland, James Auld, James Glen, and A. J. 


Anderson, John, Port-Glasgow .... 
*Auld, James, Post Office Buildings, Vennel . 
*Auld, "William, 27 West Burn Street . 
*Black, John, 5 West Blackball Street . 
"Black, George H., 5 West Blackhall Street . 

Blair, Robert, Sheriff Court Buildings, Nelson Street, 

Boag, Andrew, 14 Hamilton Street 

Brewster, William, 26 Hamilton Street 

Cameron, Alexander, 4 Argyle Street . . . 

Clerk, Duncan, Clyde Buildings, 2 Argyle Street 

Crawford, J. W., 26 Hamilton Street . 

Dunlop, Malcom Fraser, 2 Church Place 

Dunlop, John, 2 Church Place .... 

Frame, James, Post Office Buildings . 
*Fyfe, John Paton, 4 Argyle Street 
*Glen, James, Bank Buildings, 13 William Street 




1 876 



Hood, John, Port-Glasgow ........ 1885 

*Inglis, William L., 14 Hamilton Street .... 1S83 

-Maclelland, Daniel Ritchie, Port-Glasgow .... 1859 

*M'Clure, William, 11 William Street .... 1837 

*M'Clure, William, jun., II William Street .... 1S78 

■*MacCulloch, Colin, Town Clerk, Municipal Buildings . . 1S68 

Macdougall, Alexander James, 13 Hamilton Street . . 1880 

*Macdougall, John, Mansionhouse ..... 1848 

*Macdougall, John Innes, Mansionhouse .... 1S73 

*Macdonald, George, 26 Hamilton Street .... 1S68 

*Macdonald, James, 33 Cathcart Street .... 1873 

*Macgregor, John, 17 West Blackhall Street . . . 1SS0 

*M'Ilwraith, Hew, Park Buildings, 28 Nicolson Street . . 1835 

*Morrison, Finlay Daniel, 32 Cathcart Street . . . 1864 

Murray, Robert S., City Buildings ..... 1883 

*Patten, John, 18 Kilblain Street . . . . . 1873 

Scobie, David, Port-Glasgow ...... 1S65 

Shearer, Alexander, jun., 18 Hamilton Street . . . 1884 

*Shearer, Robert B., 1 Bank Street ..... 1874 

Stronach, William, 25 West Burn Street .... 1873 

*Swan, Alexander B., 14 Hamilton Street . . . . 1SS1 

Tallach, D. A., 5 West Blackhall Street .... 1881 

Thorn, W. A., 13 Hamilton Street . . . . 1883 

Turner, James W., 17 West Blackhall Street . . 187 1 

Weir, Allan, 32 Nicolson Street ..... 1854 

*Williamson, George, 2 Bank Street . . . . . 1844 

W T ilson, Thomas, 18 Hamilton Street ..... 1S73 

Wright, Robert, 2 Watt Place 1874 

Those marked (") are Notaries Public. The years are those in which they 
were admitted Procurators. 


( For Addresses see General Directory. ) 

The figures opposite the name denote the year in which they were 


1829 Auld, Charles, M.D. 


1872 Black, Tohn Robert 


1878 Broadfoot, William, M.D., 




1879 Cairns, David, M.B., CM. 


1879 Calder, Marcus, M.D. 


1878 Carlyle, John, M.D. 


1880 Cluckie, N. Gordon, M.B., 


L.F.P.S.G., Surgeon 




1 87 1 Douglas, John C, M.B. 


1836 Fox, John, M.D. 


1S68 Galloway, Allan, M.D. 

Marshall, Wm. J., M.D. 
M'Dougall, John, M.D. 
M'Raild, D., M.D. 
Paton, James, M.D. 
Philip, T., M.B., M.C 
Robertson, \. K., M.D. 
Richmond, A. F., M.D. 
Shortridge, Samuel, M.D. 
Stewart, A. D., M.C. 
Wallace, James, M. D. 
Whiteford, James, M.D. 
Wilson, W. A., M.D. 



Belgium Vice-Consul— G. B. Swan. 

Danish— M. M'C. Brown. 

French Consul — Hugh Kerr (MacEachran, Fulton, & Kerr). 

German and the Netherlands and Russian Vice-Consul— J. O. Leitke. 

Italian Vice-Consulate for Greenock — Sinclair & Co. 

Paraguayan — James Auld. 

Portuguese Vice-Consulate for Greenock — Office, 43 Renfield Street, 

Swedish and Norwegian — Malcolm M'C. Brown. 
United States — John Craig. 

Lloyds' Agents for Greenock and Port-Glasgow — T. O. Hunter & Co. 
Agents for London and Liverpool Underwriters — T. O. Hunter & Co. 


Headquarters, Greenock. 

Consisting of the following Batteries, &c. : — Nos. 1 and 2 Batteries, 
Greenock ; Nos. 3 and 4 Batteries, Port-Glasgow ; No. 5 Battery, 
Helensburgh ; Nos. 6 and 7 Batteries, Dumbarton. 

Lieutenant-Colonel- -John Scott (Hon. Colonel), 22nd August, 1863, 

Major — John Fullarton, 19th July, 1876, Port-Glasgow. 

Captains — T. J. F. Messer, nth December, 1872, Helensburgh; 
Robert Thorne, 29th November, 1873, Greenock ; Hugh Richard 
Walker, 20th March, 1878, Greenock; R. Duncan, 15th October, 1881, 
Port-Glasgow ; W. Anderson, 6th June, 1883, Dumbarton. 

Lieutenants — Herbert J. Thorne, 16th August, 1879, Greenock ; 
F. J. Gemmill, ist July, 1881, Helensburgh; J. Scott, 17th August, 1881, 
Greenock ; W. B. Laird, 3rd December, 1881 ; J. Lade, 16th April, 
1884, Port-Glasgow 

Adjutant— Hubert Burton, Captain R.A., 1st May, 1882. 

Surgeons— W. A. Wilson, M.D., 28th May, 1868, Greenock; 
John W. Taylor, M.D., 9th February, 1871, and 1st October, 1877, 

Acting Surgeon — James Finlay, M.D., 1st October, 1877, Helens- 

Honorary Chaplains — Rev. F. L. Robertson, D.D., 4th February, 
1868, Greenock ; Rev. William Bell, 28th May, 1868, Port-Glasgow ; 
Rev. J. Baird, B.D., 5th March, 1869, Helensburgh. 



Headquarters, Greenock. 

Administrative Staff. 

Honorary Colonel — Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart. 

Lieutenant-Colonel — William Ross (Hon. Colonel). 

Major— William O. Leitch. 

Captains— D MacEachran, W. Lamont, J. Stewart, D. Scobie, J. 
Tannahill, j. M'Ewen, Hugh W. Walker, J. K. Stewart, George 
Williamson, jun. 

Lieutenants— J. T. Wilson, G. H. Black, R. W. Livingston, Abram 
Lyle, jun., J. MTsaac, W. Blackwood, W. U. Park, Robert P. Lyle, 
John Weir, William Bruce, T. D. M'Murrich, James C. Davie, A. J. 
Paton, James H. Hill, J. M'Lean, Edward Wilson, jun., M. R. Hill. 

Adjutant — Henry Crosbie, Captain, 8lst Regiment. 

Surgeon — J. C. Maddever, M. D. Honorary Assistant Surgeons — 
G. Wyllie, M.D., and G. Crawford, M.D. 

Staff (Headquarters) — Colonel Ross, Major Leitch, Captain and 
Adjutant Crosbie, Sergeant-Major Walker, Colour-Sergeant Woods, 
•Colour-Sergeant Macdonald. 

The Corps comprises 6 Companies at Greenock, I Company at Port- 
Glasgow, I Company at Gourock, and I Company at Rothesay. 
Uniform— Grey. Facings — Red. 



James C. Bolton, Esq., M.P., Glasgow and Carbrook, Stirlingshire, 

T. Hill, Esq., Dean Park House, Edinburgh, Deputy-Chairman. 
Daniel Ainslie, Esq., The Cart, Callander, and 48 Moray PI., Edinburgh. 
Hugh Brown, Esq., Glasgow. 
J. C. Bunten, Esq., Glasgow. 
James Taylor, Esq., Starley Hall, Burntisland. 
John Sharp, Esq., Balmuir, Dundee. 
John Cowan, Esq., Stoneleigh, Greenock. 
Earl of Breadalbane, Taymouth Castle, Aberfeldy. 
Alexander Crum, Esq., M.P., Thornliebank. 
Major Green Thompson, Bridekirk, Cumberland. 
Lieut. -Col. William W. Hozier, Mauldslie Castle, Lanarkshire. 
Jas. Badenach Nicolson, Esq., Glenbervie House, Kincardineshire. 
James King, Esq., Campsie, Glasgow. 


Secretary — Archibald Gibson, 302 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. 
General Manager— James Thompson, 302 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. 
Superintendent (Passenger) Greenock — Thomas Ritson, 25 Cathcart 

Superintendent (Goods) Greenock — John Montgomerie, Railway 

Cottage, Bogle Street. 
Stations in Greenock (Passenger) 25 Cathcart Street, and Cartsdyke— 

Duncan M'Lachlan, Agent. Goods— 4 Regent Street. 



Matthew Wm. Thomson, Esq., Park Gate, near Leeds, Chairman. 

Robert Barclay, Esq., Park Terrace, Glasgow, Deputy-Chairman. 

Peter Clouston, Esq., Park Terrace, Glasgow. 

Benjamin Nicholson, Esq., Merchant, Annan. 

Captain David Boyle, R.N., of Shewalton, Ayrshire. 

W. Renny Watson, Esq., Woodland Terrace, Glasgow. 

R. W. Cochran-Patrick, Esq., M.P., Woodside, Beith. 

Abram Lyle, Esq., Oakley, Greenock. 

James Finlayson, Esq., Merchiston, Johnstone. 

The Right Honourable the Earl of Galloway. 

General Manager — W. J. Wainwright. 

Secretary — John Morton. 

Head Office — St. Enoch Station, Glasgow. 

Stations in Greenock. 

Princes Pier (Passenger) — Agent, P. Kerr. 
Albert Harbour (Goods) — Agent, J. Shearer. 
Lynedoch Street (Passenger) — Agent, Joseph Dickson. 
Lynedoch Street (Goods) — Agent, J. C. Walker. 

Directors — 
J. C. Wakefield, Esq., Chairman. 
I. R. Stewart, Esq. Bailie Dickson. 

John Poison, Esq. Dr Barras. 

Secretary — Robert A. Mair, Esq. 

Head Office — 40 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 

Greenock Office — 29 Brougham Street. 



Glasgow and Greenock — Archibald Sinclair. House, 26 West 
Blackhall Street, Greenock. Parcels, goods, and orders received for 
him by Mrs Foulds, news agent, 30 Cathcart Street (opposite the 
Caledonian Railway Station), Greenock ; 90 Argyle Street and 22 
Jackson Street, Glasgow. Leaves Greenock daily with 9 a.m., 10.30 
a.m., and 12.30 p.m. trains, and returns by 10.30 a.m., 12.30, 1.30, 
3. 30, and 6 p. m. trains. Goods and parcels forwarded from Glasgow and 
Greenock to all parts of the world by any conveyance desired. 

Glasgow and Greenock — Mrs Stewart, 41 Cathcart Street and at 
Mrs Morton's, 36 Hamilton Street, Greenock, and 20 and 28 Howard 
Street, Glasgow. Leaves Greenock daily at 9 a.m., 10.30 a.m., and 
12.30 p.m., and returns at 10.30 a.m., 12. 30 p.m., 3.30 p.m., and 6 
p.m. per Caledonian Railway. Parcels forwarded to all parts of the 
world by any conveyance desired. 

Glasgow and Greenock — Mrs Robertson, I Manse Lane, and 65 
West Howard Street, Glasgow. Leaves Greenock at 10.30 a.m., and 
12.30 p.m., and returns leaving Glasgow at 12.30., 3.30., and 6 p.m. 
Parcels forwarded to all parts, and by any route desired. 

Gourock and Cloch — James Mains, John Taylor, arrive and depart 

Inverkip — Mr M'Farlane arrives and departs on Tuesdays and 
Fridays, and oftener during the summer. 

Port-Glasgow— William Macrae and N. M. Campbell arrive and 
depart daily. 

North British Railway Company — In connection with the Glasgow 
& South-Westem Railway — all places in the North, East, and South of 
Scotland ; and to all places in England and Wales. Offices, Albert 
Harbour Station and Lynedoch Street Station. Agent, Win Selby. 
Carting Agents, Cowan & Co. 


Luggage Steamers, carrying goods daily between Glasgow, Port- 
Glasgow, and Greenock — James Watt, Henry Bell, Dunglass, Renfrew, 
Penguin, Pelican, Greenock. Lighters — Hawk, Raven, Alloa, Newark, 
Bowling — all fitted up with cranes, and built expressly for the trade. 

S.S. Rona, trading to Fort- William and Drumore. 

Office— Customhouse Quay — Berth for goods, East-end Custom- 
house Quay. 

Office in Glasgow, 86 Broomielaw. 


Antwerp Steamers — Flamingo, Ousel, Tern, Rallas, Kestrel, Egret, 
Quail, Cygnet, Hoopoe — sail every Monday — Allan Swan, Customhouse 
Buildings, agent. 


Ardrishaig and Lochfyne Steamers — Columba, Iona, or other 
steamers, with passengers only, daily at 9 a.m., from Customhouse 
Quay, calling at Princes Pier, Kirn, Dunoon, Innellan, Rothesay, 
Kyles of Bute, Tarbert, and Ardrishaig, leaving Ardrishaig about 
12.45 p.m.— W. Lindsay & Co., agents, City Buildings, 32 Cathcart 

Ayr — Goods steamer Loch Etive every Monday and Thursday — Hugh 
Lamont, agent, West Quay. 

Ballina— Holly, Fern, or other steamer of Laird's Line, every 
alternate Tuesday, from Customhouse Quay, at 5 p.m. — Robert Allan 
& Co., agents. 

Barrow-in-Furness and Douglas (Isle of Man)— The Achilles and 
Apollo sail between Glasgow, Greenock, and Barrow-in-Furness every 
Tuesday — James Little & Co., Excise Buildings, agents. 

Belfast— Royal Mail Line — Every day (Sunday excepted) from 
Princes Pier at 9.45 p.m. Royal Mail Steam Packets Alligator, 
Dromedary, Gorilla, Buzzard, and Limpet— Wm. Sinclair, Excise 
Buildings, agent. 

Bristol— Regular Traders between Glasgow, Greenock, Swansea, 
Cardiff and Bristol (via Belfast) with goods and passengers. The screw 
steamers Princess Alexandra, Severn, Avon, and Solway, sail for 
Bristol every Monday and Thursday — Cardiff and Swansea every Fri- 
day — Newport every alternate Friday, all via Belfast. — D. Macdougall, 
I Cross-shore Street. 

Campbeltown — Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and leave Camp- 
beltown the following days, except in summer, when they leave daily. 
Steamers Davaar, Kinloch, and Kintyre — John Macmillan, Custom- 
house Buildings, agent. 

Colraine, with liberty to call at Portrush, S.S. Gardinia, or other 
steamer of Laird's Line, with goods and passengers from Customhouse 
Quay every Monday and Thursday at 7.20 p.m. — Robert Allan & Co., 

Cork and Waterford — The Skerryvore, Copeland, Toward, Rathlin, 
Fastnet, Ballycotton, Aranmore, sail from Greenock on the evenings of 
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seven o'clock, for Cork and Water- 
ford, conveying goods and passengers, for Limerick and all parts of the 
south of Ireland — Owners, Clyde Shipping. Company, Customhouse 
Building?, Greenock — Allan Swan, agent. 

Dublin — Lord Gough, Duke of Leinster, Lord Clyde, and Duke of 
Argyll, sail nine times fortnightly — James Little & Co., Excise 

Dublin Steamers— Shamrock, or other steamer of Laird's Line, 
sails three times fortnightly — R. Allan & Co., Customhouse Quay, 

Dumbarton Steamers — S.S. Lochfyne sails with goods from West 
■Quay every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.— Hugh Lamont, 

Dunoon, Kirn, Innellan, Kyles of Bute, Tarbert, Ardrishaig, 
Crinan, Oban, Fort-William, and Inverness (via Crinan and Caledonian 


Canals), during the months of May, June, July, August, September, and 
October — Columba or Iona— W. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Ghent — Whimbrel and Bittern sail every ten days from Greenock 
— Allan Swan, Customhouse, agent. 

Gothenburg and Christiana — "Napier Line of Steamers," from 
Glasgow, calling at Greenock— T. O. Hunter & Co., agents. 

Helensburgh and Garelochhead — Hero, Balmoral, and Shandon — 
Nicol M'Nair, Steamboat Quay, agent. 

Helensburgh, Garelochhead, Kilcreggan, Cove, Blairmore, Strone, 
Kilmun, Sandbank, Hunter's Quay, Kirn, and Dunoon — S.S. Loch 
Etive every Monday and Thursday. On Thursdays to the places on 
Lochgoil and Loch Long — Hugh Lamont, West Quay, agent. 

Helensburgh, Greenock, Bute, and Arran — Ivanhoe sails daily 
during summer — John Dawson, agent. 

Highlands and Western Islands, namely — Colonsay, Iona, Dunvegan, 
Stein, Uig, Tarbert, Rodel, Lochmaddy, Kallin, Lochboisdale, Barra, 
Carnan, Tyree, and Coll — Steamers, Dunara Castle, every Thursday, 
and Aros Castle, every Monday, at 5 p.m. — D. M'Cormick, agent, 
Customhouse Quay. 

Highlands and Western Islands — Steamers Hebridean, for Crinan 
Canal ,"Easdale, Oban, Sound of Mull, Tobermory, Coll, Croaig, Iona, 
Bunnessan, Tyree, and Barra, every Thursday at 5.45 p.m. — Wm. Miller, 
Steamboat Quay, agent. 

Hull and Lynn, via Grangemouth, Carron Company — From 
Grangemouth every Tuesday. Goods received at Railway Station 
here till 6 p.m. on Monday— D. Cunningham, 32 Cathcart Street, 
agent. • 

Inveraray— Steamer Lord of the Isles, sails every morning during 
summer months— D. M'Cormick, agent. 

Islay — Every Monday and Thursday, at 5 p.m., the steamer Islay — 
John Dawson, Steamboat Quay, agent. 

Isle of Man — Achilles, Apollo, or Ariadne, sail from Glasgow and 
Greenock weekly — James Little & Co., agents. 

Isle of Man — Mona, Fenella or other steamer, sail every Thursday 
— W. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

To Kilmun, Strone, Kilcreggan, Cove, Blairmore, three times daily 
--Vesta and Vivid — N. M'Nair, agent ; and Meg Merrilees twice daily 
— Alex. Gillies, agent and porter, Customhouse Quay. 

Larne — Lamprey, every Monday and Thursday at 8 p.m. — William 
Sinclair, agent, Excise Buildings. 

Limerick direct — Toward and Aranmore, every Monday evening — 
Allan Swan, Customhouse, agent. 

Liverpool: — Bear, Owl, and Mastiff — William Sinclair, Excise Build- 
ings, agent. 

Liverpool — Princess Royal, Princess Alice, Princess Maude, and 
other steamers — J. Macmillan, agent. 

Liverpool — Fire King and Fire Queen — Every Thursday and 
Saturday — D. Macdougall, agent. 


Lochgoilhead daily — Edinburgh Castle and Windsor Castle — T. 
Dawson, agent. 

No. 1, Lochfyne Steamers — Inveraray Castle or other steamers, to Kirn, 
Dunoon, Rothesay, Kyles of Bute, Tarbert, Ardrishaig, and Inveraray, 
with goods and passengers, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ; return- 
ing from Inveraray on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — David 
MacBrayne, Hope Street, Glasgow ; John Dawson, Steamboat Quay, 

No. 2 Lochfyne Steamer — Minard Castle, for Dunoon, Kirn, Kyles 
of Bute, Skipness, Tarbert, Ardrishaig, and Inveraray, every Tues- 
day, Thursday, and Saturday -D. M'Cormick, Customhouse Quay, 

Lochlong and Lochlomond — The saloon steamer Chancellor sails 
every day from May till 1st October, for Dunoon, Kirn, Blairmore, 
Ardentinny and Arrochar, leaving about 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., and 
returning from Arrochar about 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., in connection 
with the Lochlomond steamers — John Dawson, Customhouse Quay, 

Fort-William, Oban, Bonaw, Ballachulish and other West Highland 
Ports — Steamers Lochnell, Loch Leven, Loch Etive, or Flora Bell, sail 
every Tuesday— Hugh Lamunt, West Quay, agent. 

London via Grangemouth, Carron Co. — Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday — Duncan Cunningham, agent. 

London via Granton, every Wednesday and Saturday, leaving 
Granton at 3 p.m. — Robert Allan, agent. 

London via Leith, every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 
Leith — D. Macdougall, agent. 

Londonderry direc , every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 
at 8.30 p.m. — Thistle, Cedar, Azalea, or other steamer of Laird's line — 
Robert Allan & Co., Customhouse Quay, agents. 

Londonderry— Mastiff every Wednesday and Saturday, at 8.30 p.m. 
— William Sinclair, Excise Buildings,, agent. 

Milford (county Donegal) calling at Portrush and Londonderry — 
s.s. Rossgull weekly — Hugh Lamont, West Quay, agent. 

New York — Anchor Liners sail every Thursday — James Little & Co., 

Oban, Fort- William, and Inverness, via Crinan and Caledonian 
Canals, every Monday and Thursday at 4 p.m. — The steamers Cavalier 
and Staffa, calling at Crinan, Luing, Easdale, Oban, Appin, and Coran 
— W. Lindsay & Co., 32 Cathcart Street, agents. 

Plymouth, Southampton, and London — Copeland, Ballycotton, 
Aranmore, Skerry vore, Toward, or Rathlin, sail from Glasgow 
every Monday and Thursday — Allan Swan, Customhouse Buildings, 

Port-Rush — See Coleraine Steamers. 

Rothesay, Kirn, Dunoon, and Innellan steamers — Athole, Inveraray 
Castle, Eagle, Sultan, Scotia, Marquis of Bute, Sultana, Viceroy, and 


Elaine. Communication hourly during the summer, and four times 
daily during winter — John Dawson, Steamboat Quay, agent. 

Salen, Loch Sunart and Strontian, every Monday at 5 p.m., 
steamer Clydesdale or other steamer — William Lindsay & Co., 32 
Cathcart Street, agents. 

Sligo — Holly, or other steamer of Laird's Line, every Tuesday, and 
Saturday at 4 p.m. — R. Allan & Co., agents. 

Stornoway, calling at Oban, Tobermory, and Portree, every Monday 
and Thursday at 5 p.m., by the steamers Clansman, Claymore, and 
Clydesdale — W. Lindsay & Co., 32 Cathcart Street, agents. 

Stornoway calling at Oban, Portree, and Ullapool, — s.s. Excelsior 
every Tuesday — Wm. Fowler, Customhouse Quay, agent. 

To Gairloch (Ross-shire), Lochinver, Ullapool (Sutherlandshire), 
and Lochmaddy (North Uist), fortnightly — W. Lindsay and. Co., 

Stranraer, every Wednesday, the Telephone — William Millar, 
Customhouse Quay, agent. 

Tayinloan, Gigha, and West Coast — Lochnell, Loch Leven, or 
Loch Etive, sail every Tuesday — A. Craig, West Quay, agent. 

Westport, Ireland, every alternate Tuesday, at 5 p.m.— Elm, Thistle, 
Gardenia, or Fern — R. Allan & Co., agents. 


Greenock Towing Company — Stork, Walker, Defiance, and Brothers 
—Messrs Park & M'Kellar, 2 West Quay. 

Clyde Shipping Company's Towing Vessels — Conquerer, Gulliver, 
Flying Falcon, Flying Hawk, Flying Dutchman, Flying Huntress, 
Flying Scotchman, Flying Arrow, Flying Foam, Flying Spear, Flying 
Bat, Flying Javelin, Flying Dart, Flying Sportsman, Hercules, Flying 
Fox. Flying Owl, and Flying Fish — Allan Swan, manager, Customhouse. 

New Clyde Towing Company — Commodore, Lord Elgin, Sir Charles 
Napier, and General Williams — William Liddell, owner, 8 Brymner 

Glasgow and Greenock Shipping Company — Tugs — Vanguard, 
Hotspur, and Lord Derby; and in Londonderry— Admiral, Seagull, 
Albatross, and Osprey (twin-screw). 


Bank Holidays in Scotland — New-Year's Day, Christmas Day, 
Good Friday, the first Monday of May, and the first Monday of August ; 


Bills due on these days are payable on the clay previous. On Fast-Days- 
or local holidays they are open from 9 to 11 a.m. ; Bills due must be 
paid on these days. 

BANK OF SCOTLAND— 47 Cathcart Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shut at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Bank of Scotland, Lothbury, London ; Smith, 
Payne & Smiths, and Coutts &. Co., London ; Bank of England and 
Branches ; Bank of Ireland and Branches ; Manchester and Liverpool 
District Bank ; National Provincial Bank of England ; London and 
County Bank ; Woods & Co. ; Burton, Uttoxeter, and Ashbourn Union 
Bank; Sheffield Union Bank; Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited, 
Douglas, and Branches ; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Banking 
Co. ; Provincial Bank of Ireland, and Branches of the Commercial 
Bank and British Linen Co., and Union Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank, 
Caledonian Banking Co., Clydesdale Bank, in towns where the Bank 
of Scotland has no agencies. The Bank of Scotland also issues drafts 
and letters of credit on Bank of British North America, Canada, and 
New York ; on Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto, and Branches ; 
Standard Bank of South Africa (Limited) ; on Bank of Australasia, in 
Australia and New Zealand, and on Bank of New Zealand ; and on the 
Branches of Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London, and China. 
Bank of Scotland also grants Foreign Credits and Marginal Bills, 
furnishes Circular Notes, free of charge, for the use of travellers and 
others, payable in all the principal towns on the Continent of Europe, and 
elsewhere throughout the world ; and negotiates Bills on all the principal 
towns in British and Foreign parts. 

Agent — Thomas Stark ; Accountant — Peter Ballingall ; Teller — 
Robert Brodie ; Clerks — P. G. Brown, John Macfarlan, J. Melville 
Low, and Michael J. Grieve. 

BRITISH LINEN COMPANY— 15 William Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on British Linen Co. Bank, 41 Lombard Street, 
London, E.C., and the following Banks in England, Wales, and Isle of 
Man: — Smith, Payne, & Smiths, I Lombard Street, London, E.C. ; 
Bank of England, London and Branches; J. Backhouse & Co., 
Darlington; Birmingham, Dudley, and District Banking Co., Limited; 
Bradford Banking Co. , Limited ; Carlisle and Cumberland Bank, 
Limited; Cornish Bank, Limited; Glamorganshire Banking Co., 
Limited ; Halifax Joint-Stock Bank, Limited ; Huddersfield Banking 
Co., Limited; Lancaster Banking Co., Limited; Leamington, Priors, 
and Warwickshire Banking Co., Limited; Leyland and Bullins, 
Liverpool; London and County Bank, Limited; London and South- 


Western Banking Co., Limited; Manchester and Liverpool District 
Banking Co., Limited; Manx Bank, Limited; Miles, Cave, Baillie, & 
Co., Bristol; National Provincial Bank of England, Limited; North- 
amptonshire Banking Co., Limited; North-Eastern Banking Co., 
Limited; Norfolk and Suffolk Bank, Lacons & Co., Oxford Old Bank 
(Messrs Parsons, Thomson, & Co.); Sheffield and Rotherham Banking 
Co., Limited ; Samuel Smith & Co., Derby ; Samuel Smith & Co., Notting- 
ham ; Samuel Smith, Brothers, & Co., Hull; Stamford, Spalding, and 
Boston Banking Co., Limited ; Stuckey's Banking (Somersetshire Bank); 
Bank of Whitehaven, Limited; Yorkshire Banking Co., Limited; and 
on all the principal towns of Britain. Correspondents in Ireland — The 
Bank of Ireland and Branches, and the Ulster Bank, Limited, and 
Branches. Colonial and Foreign Correspondents — India, China, &c. — 
Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London, and China, and National 
Bank of India, Limited. Australia— English, Scottish and Australian 
Chartered Bank ; Commercial Bank of Australia, Limited ; Bank of 
Australasia, and Queensland National Bank, Limited. New Zealand, 
&c. — Bank of New Zealand; National Bank of New Zealand, Limited; 
and Colonial Bank of New Zealand. Africa — Standard Bank of South 
Africa, Limited. North America — Bank of British Columbia; Bank 
of Montreal ; and James G. King & Sons, New York. Columbian 
Bank, Philadelphia. Issues Circular Notes for travelling on the 

Agent — James Glen ; Sub-Agent — William Philp ; Teller — J. Neilson, 
jun.; Clerks — John Laird, M. M'Cuaig, James Findlay, jun., Alexander 
Archibald, and James M'Neil. 


Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Branch, 30 Lombard Street, London; North of 
Scotland Bank and Branches; Caledonian Bank and Branches; 
National Provincial Bank of England and Branches; Manchester and 
Liverpool District Bank, Limited, and Branches ; Union Bank 
of Manchester, Limited, and Branches ; Union Bank of Liver- 
pool; Hull Banking Co. ; Birmingham and Midland Bank; Hudders- 
field Banking Co. ; Lambton & Co., Newcastle, and Branches ; 
Carlisle City and District Bank ; Lancaster Bank and Branches ; 
Yorkshire Bank and Branches; Gurneys & Co., Norwich, and 
Branches ; Coventry Union Bank ; Moore and Robinson, Bankers, 
Nottingham ; County of Gloucester Bank, Cheltenham, and Branches ; 
Halifax Joint-Stock Bank ; National Bank in Ireland and Branches ; 
Belfast Banking Company and Branches ; Ulster Bank and Branches ; 
Bank of British North America ; Merchants' Bank of Canada and 
Branches, New York, Halifax, St. John's, New Brunswick, and San 
Francisco ; Union Bank of Australia and Branches. 

Agent— John Rodger ; Accountant — Peter Webster ; Teller — 
Daniel Ferguson ; Clerks— John Taylor, Daniel Paterson, John Broad- 
foot, and Robert Kelso Hair. 


43 Rue-End Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Banks same as West Branch. 

Agent— W. Bruce ; Accountant— W. T. Goldie ; Clerk— William 
T. Cameron. 


36 Cathcart Street. 

Head Office, Edinburgh, George Street. 

London Office, 123 Bishopsgate Street Within, E.C. 

Established in 18 10, and incorporated by Royal Charter and Act of 
Parliament. London Bankers ; The Bank of England ; London and 
Westminster Banks, Limited ; Messrs Coutts & Co., negotiates Bills on 
every place in Great Britain or Ireland where there is a Bank or Banker ; 
Issues Circular Notes ; grants Drafts and Letters of Credit on the 
principal cities and towns of England, Ireland, and Canada ; and on 
New York and Paris; grants Drafts and Letters of Credit and 
negotiates Bills on India, Australia, and New Zealand, and is agent for 
the following establishments, viz. : — The National Bank of Scotland, 
Limited ; the North of Scotland Bank, Limited ; National Provincial 
Bank of England, Limited ; Birmingham Joint-Stock Bank, Limited ; 
Bradford Banking Co., Limited ; Carlisle City and District Bank, 
Limited ; Halifax Joint-Stock Bank, Limited ; West Riding Union 
Bank, Limited, Huddersfield ; Hull Banking Co., Limited ; Lloyd's 
Banking Co., Limited, Leamington ; Beckett & Co., Leeds; Leicester- 
shire Banking Co., Limited ; Liverpool Commercial Banking Co., 
Limited ; Manchester and Salford Bank, Limited ; Manchester and 
Liverpool District Bank, Limited ; Parr's Banking Co., Limited ; 
Messrs Lambton & Co., Newcastle; Messrs J. & J. C. Wright, 
Nottingham; Sheffield Banking Co., Limited; York Union Bank; 
Wakefield and Barnsley Union Bank, Limited; Preston Banking Co., 
Preston ; National Bank, Limited ; Minister Bank, Limited ; Northern 
Banking Co. ; Royal Bank of Ireland, Limited; Messrs Boyle & Co., 
Dublin ; Hibernian Bank, Dublin ; James G. King & Sons, New 
York ; Messrs Rothschild Brothers, Paris ; the Commercial Banking 
Co. of Sydney, New South Wales ; the Union Bank of Australia ; 
Natal Bank ; the Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China ; 
Bank of British North America, and Standard Bank of British South 

Agent — Alexander Gauld ; Accountant — J. C. C. Wilson ; Teller — 
John Hardie; Clerks — John Peace, Robert Sharp, and D. A. Mathieson; 
Messenger — Alexander Anderson : house above the Bank. 


West-End Branch — 15 West Blackhall Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
.Saturdays. Draws on London and Westminster Bank; Coutts & Co., 
London, and negotiates Bills on every place in Great Britain and Ireland 
where there is a Bank or Banker. 

Agent — James Tannahill ; Accountant — George Gordon ; Clerks — 
Erancis Hey wood Perman and John Alston ; Porter — J. Peacock. 


29 Cathcart Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Glyn, Mills & Co. ; Coutts & Co. ; National 
Bank of Scotland, Limited, 33 Nicholas Lane, London; Union Bank 
■of London ; North of Scotland Bank ; Belfast Banking Co. ; Ulster 
Banking Co. and Provincial Bank of Ireland ; National Bank of Ireland ; 
Minister Bank ; Lloyd's, Barnett's, and Bosanquet's Banks, Limited ; 
Parr's Banking Co. , Warrington and Branches ; Nottingham Joint- 
Stock Bank ; Devon and Cornwall Bank ; London and County 
Bank ; Lancaster Bank ; London and Provincial Bank ; Oldham 
Joint-Stock Bank ; Delhi and London Bank ; National Pro- 
vincial Bank of England ; Manchester and Liverpool District 
Banking Co., Dumbell's Banking Co., Limited ; Yorkshire Banking 
Co. and their Branches ; Union Bank of Australia, in Australia, Van 
Diemen's Land, and New Zealand, and Bank of Victoria, Australia, and 
Branches ; Bank of New Zealand and Branches ; Bank of British North 
America and Branches ; New Oriental Bank Corporation in India, Aus- 
tralia, and China ; Standard Bank of British South Africa and Branches ; 
Agra Bank ; Canadian Bank of Commerce ; Brown Brothers & Co., 
Boston and Philadelphia ; J. & J. Stuart &. Co., New York ; National 
Bank of New Zealand ; English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered 
Bank ; Bank of Australasia and Branches ; Ashton, Staleybridge, 
Hyde and Glossop Bank ; Bank of Bolton and Branches ; Bank 
of Liverpool ; Birmingham Banking Co. ; Birmingham, Dudley, 
and District Bank ; Bradford Commercial Banking Co. ; William 
Williams, Brown & Co., Leeds; Carlisle and Cumberland Bank; 
Cumberland Union Bank ; Derby and Derbyshire Bank ; Gloucester- 
shire Banking Co ; Gurneys& Co., Norwich; Halifax and Huddersfield 
Union Bank ; Capital and Counties Bank ; London and Yorkshire Bank;, 
Manchester and County Bank; North and South Wales Bank ; Parr's' 
Banking Co.. Limited; Pease & Sons, Hull; Sheffield and Hallam- 
shire Bank ; Staffordshire Joint-Stock Bank ; Wakefield, Crewdson & 
Co. ; Whitehaven Joint-Stock Bank ; Wilts andDorset Bank ; Wolver- 
hampton and Staffordshire Bank ; Woods & Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 
Greenways, Smith, & Greenways, Warwick ; Hodgkin, Barnett & Co. ; 
Lambton & Co. ; Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank ; Northamptonshire 
Union Bank ; Wakefield and Barnsley Union Bank ; Worcester City 
and County Bank ; Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China and 


Branches ; Bank of Montreal ; Bank of Nova Scotia ; Bank of Upper 
India ; Alexander Brown & Sons, Baltimore ; Chartered Mercantile 
Bank of India, London, and China ; Federal Bank of Canada. Issues; 
Circular Notes for travelling on the Continent, and negotiates Bills 
on all principal towns in Foreign and British parts. 

Agent — John Thomson ; Accountant — Wm. N. A. Aitken ; Teller 
— Wm. Archibald, jun. ; Clerks — James Duff Neill, Duncan Campbell, 
James Smith, and John Alston ; Porter— Robert Macfarlane, Bank 
Buildings, Mansionhouse Lane. 

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— 38 Cathcart Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Royal Bank of Scotland, and Coutts & Co., 
London ; Bank of England and Branches ; the National Provincial 
Bank's Branches ; London and County Bank's Branches ; Manchester 
and Liverpool District Banking Co ; Lambton & Co. ; Cumberland 
Union Bank, Limited ; Williams & Co. ; Foster & Co. ; Lancaster 
Banking Co. ; Woods & Co. ; Bradford Banking Co. ; Halifax and 
Hucldersfield Union Banking Co. ; Aberdeen Town and County Bank ; 
Bank of Scotland ; National Bank of Scotland ; Union Bank of 
Scotland, and Clydesdale Banking Co., in towns where the Royal Bank 
has no agencies ; Bank of Ireland and Branches : Belfast Banking Co. 
and Branches ; also, on the Bank of New South Wales ; Australian 
Joint-Stock Bank ; Bank of South Australia ; Western Australian Bank ; 
National Bank of New Zealand, Limited ; Chartered Mercantile Bank 
of India, London, and China; Blyth, Brothers & Co., Mauritius? 
Bank of British North America, &c. 

Agent — D. M. Latham ; Accountant — John Love. Tellers — F. 
MunsieandJ. W. Love; Clerks — George Bruce, Tohn Manners, Walter 
C. Walker, and Archd. Blair. 

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— 9 West Blackhall Street. 

West End Branch — Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 o'clock 
afternoon. Shuts at 12 on Saturdays. Draws on Banks same as 
Cathcart Street Branch. 

Agent — Alexander Tait ; Accountant — Archd. M'Farlane ; Clerks 
— John Maitland and James Adams. 

1 Hamilton Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at r2 noon 
on Saturdays. Draws on Union Bank of Scotland, London ; Bank of 
England; Glyn & Co., London; Provincial Bank of Ireland; Belfast 


Banking Co. ; Manchester and Liverpool District Bank, Limited ; 
Manchester and Salford Bank ; Lambton & Co. ; Sheffield Banking 
Co. ; National Provincial Bank of England, Limited ; Yorkshire 
Banking Co., Limited; Whitehaven Joint-Stock Bank; Carlisle City 
.and District Bank, Limited ; County of Stafford Bank, Wolverhampton; 
Moore and Robinson, Limited, Nottingham; Beckett & Co., Leeds; 
Huddersfield Banking Co. ; Cumberland Union Banking Co., Limited ; 
Paget & Co. ; Worcester City and County Bank, Limited ; North of 
.'Scotland Bank ; North-Eastern Bank, Limited ; De Rothschilds 
Freres, Paris; J. G. King & Sons, New York ; Union Bank of 
Australia; Bank of Montreal ; Bank of Australasia ; Standard Bank of 
-British South Africa, &c, &c. Negotiates bills on all towns in Great 
Britain and Ireland where there is a banker. Is also agent for the 
Bank of Bolton, Limited ; Cheque Bank, Limited, London ; the Con- 
solidated Bank, Limited, Manchester ; Halifax and Huddersfield Union 
Bank ; Lancaster Banking Co ; North-Western Bank, Limited, Liver- 
pool ; Exchange and Discount Bank, Limited, Leeds ; Craven Bank, 
Limited ; Alliance Bank, Limited, London ; Derby Commercial 
Banking Co., Limited ; Ransom & Co. ; National Bank ; Union Bank 
of Birmingham, Limited ; Wakefield and Barnsley Union Bank ; 
Munroe & Co., Paris. Also issues drafts on certain branches of the 
Bank of Scotland, British Linen Co. Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, and National Bank of Scot- 
land, Limited, and Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Agent — F. G. Bruce ; Accountant — Malcolm Turner ; Teller — 
David Aitken ; Clerks — Samuel Campbell, Thomas O. H. Hendry, 
John B. Young, and Alexander Anderson ; Porter — David Thomson : 
.house, I Church Place. 

London Office, 62 Cornhill, E.C. — John A. Fradgley, Manager. 

Head Office, Glasgow — Charles Gairdner, General Manager. 

John Affleck, Assistant Manager. 

Instituted 1815. 

Open every day from 10 till 3 o'clock ; and on Saturdays from 10 
till 12 o'clock ; and on the evenings of Monday, Wednesday, and 
Saturday, from half-past 6 till 8 o'clock. 

The Committee of Management of the Bank for the current year 
stands as follows : — 

James Stewart, Esq., President. 
D. D. Adamson, Esq., Chairman. 

Committee — Messrs John Leitch, Joseph Russell, Malcolm M'C. 
Brown, Charles Pennell, Alex. C. Finlay, Roderick Macdonald, Geo. 
R. M'Dougall, Geo. W. Houston, John Bryce, Robert Binnie, Archd. 
Taton, Daniel Kerr, Arthur O. Leitch, and Robert Davie. 

Cashier — John Adams; Accountant — George Dempster; Clerks — 
John Adams, jun., William Holmes, and James Turner ; Auditor- 
Hope S. Ramsay; Secretaries— W. & W. M'Clure. 








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James M'Nab 
John M'llwraith . 
John Barclay 

David Smith Peters, M.A. 
James Hutcheson . 
Archibald Fullarton 
William Thompson, B.D., 
Alexander E. Shand, M.A. 
J. F. Macpherson, M.A., B.D 
Alexander Milne . 
Alexander Macquistan, M.A. 
James Murray, M.A. , 
Thomas Kay 
John Keith, B.D. . 
Thomas H. Graham, M.A. 
John Reid, A.M. . 

Vacant .... 
Robert Crawford . 
Arthur Allan, M.A. 
William Wilson 

W. P. Begg . 

Thomas F. Johnstone, M.A. 

M, Hughill , 





II 1 





. .'o- 

sh Mission 




^ (Middle 

g J East 

g < Cartsburn 

K (Gaelic 

O I North Parish 
Well park 

St Augustine 
St. Paul's 
Newark Pari 



Minister— Rev. John Barclay, Lynwood, 83 Brisbane Street ; 
Assistant— Rev. J. G. Christie, B.D., 9 Nelson Street (West) ; Session 
Clerk — Mr John Jamieson, 2 Cathcart Street ; Secretary to Congrega- 
tional Committee — Mr Alex. Bremner, 40 Mearns Street ; Treasurer — 
Mr A. James Macdougall, 13 Hamilton Street ; Precentor — Mr John 
Tait ; Church Officer- -Mr William Crawford, 4 Nelson Street (West). 

Boundaries (Including North Parish quoad sacra and South 
Parish quoad sacra). 

From the Old Dock running up Vennel, taking the west side 
thereof to Cowgate, up said street, taking the west side thereof to 
Market Street, round the westmost corner of Market Street, along the 
police boundary to Bogle Street, to John Gray's stores, running up 
Bogle Street, taking the west side thereof to Mrs Fairlie's property 
inclusive, running along west part of Regent Street to Lynedoch Street, 
up said street, taking the west side thereof to Reservoir, round south 
side of Reservoir to the westmost extremity thereof, from thence 
running southwards, crossing Drumfrochar Road to Whinhill, including 
all the* streets and the country district west and south of police boundary. 

Congregational Agencies. 

1. Prayer Meeting in Hall on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., from October to 


2. Bible Class in Hall on Sundays at 7 p.m., from October to April. 

3. Sabbath Schools meet at 5.30 p.m. Congregational in Hall. 

Superintendent — Mr R. B. Shearer, M. A., LL.B. Mission Schools 
— In Session-House (Mr F. W. F. Adam, supeiintendent) ; in Ann 
Street Public School (Mr John Williamson, M.A., superintendent). 

4. Young Men's Association meets in Hall on Mondays at 8. 15 p.m., 

from October to April. 

5. Band of Flope meets in Hall on Fridays at 7 p.m. Superintendent 

— Mr A. Swan. 

6. Kirk-Session meets in Lesser Hall on first Monday of each month 

at 8 p.m. 

7. Congregational Committee meets on last Monday of each month at 

8.15 p.m. 

8. Penny Savings Bank in Larger Hall every Monday in Summer and 

every Saturday in winter, from 7 to 8 p.m. 

9. Parish Mission Meeting is held in the Session- House on Thursday 

evenings at 8 o'clock. 


Church built, 1591. Restored, 1864. Minister— Rev. A. E. Shand, 
M.A. ; Session Clerk — Duncan Sutherland, 31 Dempster Street; 
Organist — Peter Scott ; Church Officer — John Rowan. 


Boundaries — From foot of Vermel up west side of Hamilton Street ; 
westward along Hamilton and West Blackhall Streets, north side of 
Patrick Street, down Patrick Street, east side, to the river, thence 
eastward again to the foot of the Vennel. 


Minister — Rev. D. S. Peters, M.A. ; Assistant Minister — Rev. J. 
M'Kechnie; Eemale Missionary — Miss Cleland ; Organist and Con- 
ductor of Choir— Mr D. M. Middleton ; Session Clerk— W. \V. 
Hyslop ; Church Officer — W. B. Tierney. 

Boundaries. — From the westmost corner of Market Street, along the 
police boundary line to Bogle Street, taking John Gray's stores, down 
Bogle Street, west side thereof to Rue-end Street, taking south side 
thereof to Cathcart Street, running down said street to shore, along the 
shore to foot of Low Vennel, up low and high parts of Vennel, taking 
east side of said street to Cowgate Street, up the east side thereof to 
the point first described. 

Congregational Schemes. 

1. Church Mission — Church Place. 

2. Ladies' Clothing Society — Managed by ladies of the congregation. 

Its aim is to receive and distribute cast-off clothing and to sell 
new clothing at reduced prices to the poor of the congregation and 

3. Sabbath Schools — Meet in the Lower Mission Hall, Church Place, 

in Ann Street School, in Police Court Hall, in Old Sheriff Court 
House, Church Place. 

4. Sabbath School Clothing Society — -Managed by Lady Sabbath 

School Teachers. Its object is to provide clothing at reduced 
prices to the poorer children attending the schools. 

5. The Penny Savings Bank on Saturday evenings at 7. 

6. Band of Hope meets on Monday evenings at 7. 


Minister— Rev. James Hutcheson, 7 Finnart Terrace, chosen by the 
Town Council and Committee of the Proprietors; Assistant— Rev. 
William T. W. Lowe, 13 Newton Street ; Session Clerk — John 
Tucker, 7 John Street; Church Officer — John M'Walter, 6 Antigua 

Boundaries. — From Shore at Rue-end up to Cathcart Street, 
taking south side thereof to Bogle Street, along Rue-end Street, taking 
east side thereof to Bogle Street, up Bogle Street, taking east side 
thereof along Regent Street, taking south side thereof to Lynedoch 
Street, up Lynedoch Street, taking south side thereof, crossing Drum- 
frochar Road, taking in Berryyards to the boundary line, along the 
boundary line to the Parishes of Kilmalcolm and Port-Glasgow, down 
Devol's Burn to the shore, along the shore to the point first described. 


In connection with this church there is a society called the Greenock 
East Parish Society, managed by the minister as president, a treasurer, 
secretary, and twelve directors, the funds of which are devoted to 
religious objects, parochial or congregational, and appointed at the 
'discretion of the directors at the annual meeting. There is also a 
Sabbath School, with an average attendance of 310 children, conducted 
by 38 teachers ; and a Church Library, open every Thursday evening 
from 7 till 8 o'clock. Bible Class on Sabbath evenings at 6 o'clock. 
A Mutual Improvement Class meets on Sabbath mornings at IO, and a 
Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening. In connection with this 
church there is a flourishing Savings Bank. There is a course of 
Lectures during the winter on the third Thursday evening of each 

CARTSBURN PARISH CHURCH— Upper Crescent Street. 

Minister — Rev. Archibald Fullarton, Clinton Villa, 1 1 Caddlehill 
Terrace, chosen by the members of the church ; Treasurer — John Aitken, 
Belville Street ; Session Clerk— William Johnstone, 6 John Street, to 
•whom, or the Church Officer, applications for sittings in the church 
should be made ; Organist — George Wallace, Ardgowan Street ; Church 
Officer — John Hunter. 

Boundaries.— From the point where the Cartsburn flows into the 
River Clyde, following up the course of the burn (including the east 
side of Cartsburn Street) till near the Chemical Works, then running in 
a south-easterly direction to meet the boundary line between the estates 
of Greenock and Cartsburn, then turning in a north-easterly direction, 
following the course of the said boundary line to the point where 
•Cappielow water flows into the river, then turning in a westerly direction, 
;and running along the margin of the river to the point first described. 

The Sabbath School meets at 5.15 p.m. The Congregational 
Prayer Meeting is htld in the Session-house on Wednesday evenings at 
eight o'clock. Bible Class meets at seven o'clock on Sabbath evenings. 


Minister — Rev. William Thompson, B.D., 19 Caddlehill Terrace ; 
'Session Clerk — Lachlan Paterson ; Church Officer — John Dewar, 24 
Ann Street ; Treasurer— Lachlan Paterson, 32 Hamilton Street. 

Institutions in Connection with the Parish. 

I. English Service in Hall adjoining Church every Sabbath at II a.m. 
-2. Minister's Bible Class meets in the Church on Sabbath at 6.30 p.m. 
.3. Sabbath School held in Church, and in East-end Hall at 5.30 p.m. 
.4. Gaelic Service at 7 p.m. every Sabbath in Victoria Hall, East 

Blackhall Street. 
5. The Kirk-Session meet on Wednesdays before the first Sabbath of 

every month. 


6. Gaelic Parish Musical Association. 

7. Parochial Association for Relief of Poor. 

8. Gaelic Parish Magazine Association, composed of the minister and 

about thirty lady visitors. 

9. Gaelic Parish Church Young Men's Association. 


Minister— Rev. John F. Macpherson, B.D. ; Session Clerk — Alex- 
ander S. Mories, 63 Finnart Street ; Treasurer — James L. Gilloran, 10 ■ 
West Blackhall Street; Organist — James Boyd M 'Galium; Hon. 
Conductor of Choir — James Shearer, 9 Wellington Street ; Church. 
Officer — James Gray, 4 Prospecthill Street. 

Boundaries. — From the corner of Bruce Street, along Roxburgh 
Street, taking south side thereof, up Bank Street, taking west side 
thereof, along Lyle Street, taking south side thereof, up Lynedoch 
Street, taking west side thereof, along Drumfrochar Road, taking north 
side thereof, to a point in a line with Bruce Street, thence down Bruce 
Street, taking east side thereof, to the corner of Roxburgh Street. 

Young Men's Association meets on Thursday evenings at 8.15, from. 
October to April. 

Choir Practice on Friday evenings at 8. 

Sunday School meets in the hall below the church at 5.30 — John 
Cameron Jr., County Buildings, Superintendent. 

Minister's Bible Class meets on Sunday evenings at 7, from October 
to April. 

Band of Hope meets on Friday evenings at 7 — John Cameron, 14. 
Murdieston Street, Superintendent. 


Minister— Rev. William Wilson, 27 Finnart Street ; Precentor — J.. 
Eaglesham ; Church Officer — Daniel M'Laughlin, 9 Lyle Street;: 
Session Clerk — George Boyle, 12 Lynedoch Street ; Treasurer — 
John Connie ; Secretary of Managers — Hamilton M'Kee. 

Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evening, from September till April. 
Band of Hope on Friday evening, 7.30. Minister's Bible Class, Tuesday 
evening, 8 o'clock. Sabbath School meets at 5.30, in hall of church 
and in Merino Mill schoolroom ; number of teachers 59 ; scholars on 
roll 558. Young Men's Guild at 9.30 on Sabbath mornings. Mission. 
Meeting in 4 Prospecthill, on Sabbath evening, 7 o'clock. 


Minister — Rev. Thomas Kay, 2 Moffat Street ; Session Clerk and:. 
Treasurer — F. L. Wrede, South Hill, 30 East Crawford Street ; Con- 
ductor of Psalmody — J. Stirling, Hamilton Street ; Church Officer- 
Thomas Hughes, 85^ Belville Street. 


Boundaries. — That part of the East Parish of Greenock com- 
mencing where the Lady burn joins the Clyde, thence along the low 
water mark of the shore of Clyde upwards until it comes in a line with, 
the north or north-eastern shore of Inchgreen at low water mark, and 
along said shore at low water mark and onward up the river in a line to> 
a point in the centre of Devol's Glen burn, where it joins the Clyde at 
low water mark, thence up the centre of said burn till it reaches the 
waterfall therein, and thence in a straight line westward till it reaches 
the Kilmalcolm Road to the south-west of Knocknair farmhouse, thence 
along said road until it reaches the Cartsburn Parish, and thence along 
the boundary of said Parish eastward until it reaches the point first 

Services on Sabbath at n and 2.15. Prayer Meeting every Wed- 
nesday evening at 7.30. The Sabbath School meets at 5.30 p.m. 
Minister's Bible Class meets every Sabbath evening at 7 o'clock from 
October to April. Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association 
meets every Monday evening during winter at 8 o'clock. Band of Hope 
meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 o'clock — J. Stirling, Hamilton Street, 


Minister — Rev. W. P. Begg, 61 Regent Street; Precentor— Charles 
Taylor ; Church Officer — Thomas Carson ; Treasurer — Robert Patrick ; 
Clerk — John Macfarlane ; Superintendent of Sunday School — John 
Byers ; Band of Hope — George Cameron. 

Sabbath Services at II o'clock and 2.15. Sabbath School at 5.30, 
and Bible Class at 7 on Sabbath evenings. Prayer Meeting on Wednes- 
day evenings at 8 o'clock, and Band of Hope on Friday evenings at 7. 
Meeting of Managers and Elders on the first Thursday of every month, 
at 8 p.m. 


This is an iron Mission Church for a district forming the western 
portion of the West Parish. Church opened, July 21, 1878. First 
Minister (the present incumbent) inducted, January 15, 1879. There 
is no parish attached to the church, no endowment, and no Kirk Session. 
The affairs of the Church are directed by a Board of Managers and by 
the Minister and a staff of Elders. 

Minister — Rev. Thomas Francis Johnstone, M.A. ; Chairman of 
Managers — Walter Grieve ; Treasurer — Colin S. Caird ; Secretary — 
William M'Clure, jun. , 1 1 William Street; Organist and Choirmaster 
— Samuel S. Woolley, 1 1 Brisbane Street ; Church Officer — James 
Duthie, 20 Brisbane Street. 

Service— From Spring to October Communion, 11 and 6.30. 
From October to Spring Communion, 11 and 2.15. Service for the 
Young, first Sunday of every month except July and August. Meeting 
of Elders' Court, first Sunday of month. Choir Practice, Thursday, & 
p.m. Stated Meetings of Managers, 4th Thursday of March, June,. 
October, and December. 





Meets on the last Wednesday of every alternate month in the Pres- 
bytery Hall, Free Wellpark Church. 

C umbrae 




St. Andrew's 
Martyrs' . 
Mount Park 
St. Thomas' 

Wellpark . 

Free North 


Kilmalcolm . 
Largs . 

Port-Glasgow — 
Newark . 


Alexander Walker 
R. R. Caldwell . 
Wm. S. Fleck 
David Purves, M.A. 

/James Smith 

I John M'Farlan (Colleague and 

/ Successor) 

J Matthew P. Johnstone (Col 

\ league and Successor) 

Hugh Macmillan, LL.D 

John James Bonar, D.D, 

Andrew Symington 


Alexander D. Grant 

William Laughton, D.D 
I James Stark . 

] Matt. Reid, A.M., B.D. (Col 
( league and Successor) 

Peter Thomson 

David Boyd . 

James Bannerman, 
Thomas Gregory, M.A, 
Charles Watson . 


William Bell 
. Alexander Baird . 
. John V. Macnair . 

R. Caldwell, Bishopton, Glasgow, Presbytery Clerl 

Post Towns. 

1856 Greenock 

1845 Bishopton 

1875 Greenock 

1 88 1 Greenock 








1863 Port-Glasgow 
1869 ,, 


FREE WEST CHURCH— Ardgowan Street (West.) 

Minister— Rev. Hugh Macmillan, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E.; Pre- 
centor—Adam Black ; Session Clerk — William Neilson ; Clerk to 
Deacons' Court — James Tweddel ; Treasurer to the Congregation — 
William Letham ; Treasurer to the Sustentation Fund — D. M'Gillivray; 
Treasurer for Foreign Missions — Adam Patrick ; Librarian — James 
Miller; Church Officer — Michael Thomson, 11 Watt Street. 



1. Congregational Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 8 p.m. 

2. Minister's Bible Class for Young Men and Young Women on Sabbath 

evening at 6. 

3. There are two Sabbath Schools in connection with the congregation, 

taught by 44 teachers, and with an attendance of 370 scholars, 
including Advanced Bible Class. 

4. The Library contains between 600 and 700 volumes. Books are 

given out on Wednesday evenings at 7.30. 

5. The Deacons' Court meets on the first Monday of each month at 

half-past 8 o'clock. Meetings of Session occasionally. 

6. District Visitors, first Wednesday of each month, after the Prayer 


7. Young Men's Literary Association, Monday evenings at 8.30 during 


8. Psalmody Association, on Friday evening at 8 o'clock. 

9. Dorcas Society conducted by ladies of the congregation. 


Minister — Rev. M. P. Johnstone; Precentor — George Easton ; 
Church Officer — John Shearer; Session Clerk — James M'Lean ; Clerk 
to Deacons' Court — Alexander MacKellar ; Clerk to the Sustentation 
Fund — Alexander MacKellar ; Treasurer to Deacons' Court — John 
Rodger ; Treasurer to the Foreign Missions — Daniel M. Erskine ; 
Treasurer to the District Missions— W. Smith. 

A Prayer Meeting is held in the hall under the church every Wednes- 
day evening at eight o'clock ; Minister's Bible Classes on Sabbath even- 
ings, about 200 members on roll ; a Sabbath School, average attendance 
about 150 children, with 19 teachers, in connection with which is a 
Library for teachers and children ; also, a Work Society for giving 
sewing to poor members, with sale of work every Friday from October 
till May, from 12 noon till 2 p.m. 

There are Classes for instruction in the Theory of Music, and for 
practising on Friday evenings. 

The Congregational Mission has meetings on Sabbath evenings in; 
the Arcade Hall, Cathcart Street — Mr William Morrin, Missionary. 
Also, a Branch of the Working Boys' and Girls' Religious Society in 
the Hall on Sabbath mornings. Also, Sabbath Evening Schools under 
the superintendence of Mr Gilbert A. Ramsay, attended by 270 children 
with 30 teachers. The Missionary has a Prayer Meeting and an Adult 
Class on Thursdays. 


Minister — Rev. William Laughton, D.D., chosen by the members 
of the church; Precentor — John Peden ; Session Clerk ; 


Clerk to Deacons' Court — Malcolm Currie ; Treasurer to Deacons' 
Court— Daniel D. Adamson ; Treasurer to Sustentation Fund — 
Dugald Campbell; Church Officer — Francis Logan. 

FREE GAELIC CHURCH— 14 Jamaica Street. 

Pastorate vacant; Precentor —James Fraser ; Church Officer — 
John Fraser, 22 West Stewart Street ; Session Clerk— Hugh Buie, 17 
Brougham Street ; Treasurer to Deacons' Court — Alexander M'Farlan, 
75 Union Street ; Clerk to Deacons' Court — Duncan Brown, 13 
Brisbane Street ; Treasurer to Sustentation Fund— Archibald M'Call, 
14 Brisbane Street ; Treasurer to Foreign Missions — John M'Gugan, 45 
Trafalgar Street. 

A Prayer Meeting is held in the hall adjoining the church on 
Wednesday evenings at eight o'clock, in English. There is a Sabbath 
Evening School in the hall — attendance, about 179. Minister's Bible 
Class meets in the church every Sabbath evening at 7. 10. There is an 
English Sermon in the hall every Sabbath forenoon at 1 1. There is 
also a Missionary School in the hall, Cartsburn Street — attendance, 
about 120. 

There is a Library in connection with the church, open to the 
members and adherents, every Wednesday evening at 7.30. 

Gaelic Prayer Meeting every Sabbath evening in the hall at 7, and 
on Thursday evenings at 7.30, also in the Mission Station, Main Street, 
at 7 o'clock on Sabbath evenings. 


Minister— Rev. James Stark, chosen by the members of the church; 
•Colleague and Successor— Rev. Matthew Reid, A.M., B.D., Wellpark 
Manse, Lynedoch Street : Church Officer — John Campbell ; Session 
Clerk — James Brown; Clerk to Deacons' Court — Thos. D. M'Murrich; 
Treasurer of Sustentation Fund —Chas. M'Call; Conveners of Foreign 
Mission Fund — R. Chalmers, and Thomas Dunn ; Treasurer to the 
'Congregation — James Brown. 

Meetings and Classes. 

1. The Congregational Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 8 

:2. Bible Class for young Men and Women on Sabbath evenings at 5.30. 

3. Congregational Sabbath School in the church at 5.15 p.m. 

4. Deacons' Court meets on the first Wednesday of the month, after 

the Prayer Meeting. 


.5. Session meets generally on the second Wednesday of the month, after 
the Prayer Meeting. 
Business Meeting of Sabbath School Teachers in January, April, 
and October. 

ST ANDREW'S FREE CHURCH— Ardgowan Street. 

Minister — Rev. John James Bonar, D.D. ; Session Clerk — John 
Macphail ; Clerk to Deacons' Court — J. W. Turner ; General Treasurer — 
Alexander Gauld ; Treasurer to the Sustentation Fund — D. Shankland; 
Treasurer to Foreign Mission Fund — John Cunningham ; Treasurer 1o 
Home Mission Fund — A. M. Fleming ; Superintendents of Sabbath 
Schools — Rev. James Bonar and J. Macphail ; Congregational 
Evangelist — Thomas H. Stewart; Precentor— George W. Swan; Church 
Officer — Lachlan Galbraith ; Door-keeper — Thomas Tosh. 


Minister — Rev. Peter Thomson, chosen by members of church ; 
Precentor — Robert Scott ; Church Officer — James Ross ; Session Clerk 
and Treasurer to the Foreign Mission Association— William Campbell ; 
Clerk to Deacons' Court — M. Carmichael ; Treasurer of the Sustentation 
Fund — D. M'Farlane; Congregational Treasurer — Robert Farrell. 

Meetings and Classes. 

1. The Congregational Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 

8 o'clock. 

2. Minister's Bible Class, for young Men and Women, on Sabbath 

evenings at 7, from September to April. 

3. Congregational Sabbath School meets in the evening at 5.30 with 

upwards of 200 scholars and 25 teachers. 

4. Deacons' Court meets on the Thursday after the first Sabbath of 

every month ; and the Session on the Wednesday after the third 
Sabbath of every month. 

FREE NORTH CHURCH— West Burn Street. 

Minister — Rev. David Boyd, chosen by the members of the congrega- 
tion ; Precentor— Matthew Guy ; Congregational Treasurer— Matthew 
Cameron ; Church Officer — John Nelson ; Session Clerk — William 
M'Dowall; Clerk to Deacons' Court — William Pearson. 


1. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening at 8. 

2. Psalmody Class, Thursday evening at 8. 


3. The Deacons' Court meets on the third Monday of every month. 

4. Sabbath School, 20 teachers, and 140 scholars. 

5. Bible Class for young Men and Women on Sabbath evening at 5.30. 

6. Band of Hope on Friday evening at 7. 

MARTYRS' FREE CHURCH— West Shaw Street. 

Minister — Rev. A. Symington, chosen by the members of the 
church ; Precentor — David Easton ; Session Clerk — Robert Wilson ; 
Clerk to Deacons' Court — G. M'Kenzie ; Treasurer — John Gray; 
Church Officer— Hugh MTntosh, 80 Roxburgh Street. 


1. Congregational Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 8 p.m. 

2. Minister's Bible Class for young Men and Women on Sabbath 

evenings at 6 during session. 

3. Sabbath School meets in the church on Sabbath afternoons at 5.30. 

4. Deacons' Court meets on the first Monday of each month at 7.30 


5. The Session meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 

9 p.m. 

6. The District Visiting Society meets on the third Wednesday of each 

month at 9 p.m. 

7. Mission Meetings are conducted at 4 Crawford Lane on Sabbath 

evenings at 7. Mission Sabbath School meets in 4 Crawford Lane 
on Sabbath afternoons at 5. 

8. Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society meets in Session-House 

on Thursdays at 8 p.m. 

MOUNT PARK FREE CHURCH— Trafalgar Street. 

Minister — Rev. A. D. Grant ; Session Clerk — John MacOnie ; 
Clerk to Deacons' Court — Malcolm Macfarlane ; Treasurer to the 
Congregation — John Denholm ; Treasurer to Sustentation Fund — John 
Taylor; Superintendent of Sabbath School — David B. M'Kelvie; 
Church Officer — Alexander Scott. 


1. Congregational Prayer Meeting is held in the church hall every 

Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. 

2. Minister's Bible Class on Sabbath evenings at 7 o'clock — from 

October to April. 

3. The Deacons' Court meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 8 

o'clock. Meetings of Session as business requires. 

4. Psalmody Class in the church hall on Wednesday evenings at 9 

o'clock — during the winter months. 





Meets in the Hall of Sir Michael Street Church, Greenock, at 
intervals of six weeks. 

Clerk — Rev. John Boyd, Wemyss Bay. 





Greenock — 

■ Greenbank 
Sir Michael Street 
Trinity Church . 
Union Street . 
St Andrew Square 
Mount Pleasant 
Finnart . 



Kilcreggan . 

Kirn . 

Largs . 


Port-Glasgow — 

Princes Street . ] 

Clune Park 
Craigmore . 
Wemyss Bay 

John Thomson 
J. C. Johnstone 
George Rae, M.A. 

James B. Thomson 
Charles Jerdan, M.A.,. 
John Young . 
John B. Smith 
Robert Edgar 
Alexander Duncan 
James Davidson, M.A. 
Robert Henderson, M.A 
Gilbert Meikle 
Robert M'Lean, M.A. 
Adam Gray, M.A.' 
J. B. K. MTntyre. 
James Frame, B.D. 

William Lauder . 

W. W. Beveridge . 

Peter Smith 

P. Macfarlane 

J. Rutherford, M.A., ] 

A. M'Laren Young 

J. Boyd, M.A. . 



Post Towns. 
















J J 































Minister — Rev. J. B. Smith, chosen by the church members ; Session 
Clerk — William Taylor, Eskgrove Villa; Precentor— M. Wilson; 
Church Officer— R. Main. 

Service — Sabbath, 11 forenoon and 2. 15 afternoon. Congregational 
Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. Minister's Bible Class on Sabbath even- 
ings at 7. Congregational Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 
8. Congregational Library open before and after Prayer Meeting. 

MISSION HALL— Smith's Lane. 
Rev. William Gibb, Missionary. 
Sabbath School at 5.30. Prayer Meeting at 7 p.m. District Visita- 
tion and Tract Distribution by ladies of the congregation. 



Corner of Newton Street and Upper Kelly Street. 

Minister— Rev. J. B. Thomson, 20 Bentinck Street ; Session Clerk — 
James Paterson, 35 Finnart Street ; Church Officer — Samuel Currie, 
60 Upper Kelly Street; Seat Letter— Alexander Maitland, 6 Nelson 
Street ; Organist — Robert F. Easton, 60 Wellington Street. 

Church Services on Sabbath at II a.m. and 2.15 p.m. 

Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m.— Superintendent, James Paterson, 35 
Finnart Street. 

Minister's Class for Young Men and Women on Sabbath evenings 
at 7 — from October till April. 

Young Men's Christian Fellowship Meeting every Sabbath morning 
at 10. 

Congregational Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. 

There are two Home Missions carried on by this congregation : — 

1. In the East-End of the town. Mission Chapel in Saint Lawrence 

Street— Missionary, John Borland, 6 Antigua Street. Sabbath 
services at 2.15 and 7 p.m. Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. 

2. In the centre of the town. Bible Reader, Mrs Home, 68 Holmscroft 

Street. Service every Sabbath evening at 7 in the District Hall, 
II Brachelston Street. 

A Mission Sabbath School meets at 1 1 Brachelston Street every 
Sabbath evening at 5.30— Superintendent, John Macfie, Orangefield 


Minister — Rev. Charles Jerdan, M.A., LL.B., 115 Eldon Street; 
Session Clerk — William Kidd, 40 Brisbane Street ; Conductor of 
Psalmody — Gilbert Moffat, 7 Kelly Street ; Church Officer- — Samuel 
Brown, 42 Holmscroft Street. 

Institutions in Connection with the Congregation. 

Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. — Robert Downie, 11 
Roxburgh Street, Superintendent. 

Bible Class on Sabbath Evenings at 7, from October till April. 

Sabbath Morning Fellowship Meeting at 10. 

Congregational Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening at 8 

Missionary and Educational Association — Thomas O. Stewart, 37 
Bank Street, Secretary. 

District Missionary — William Maxwell, 15 South Street. 

Dorcas Society— Mrs Lyle, Oakley, Secretary. 

Christian Instruction Agency for visiting the non-church-going 
— Robert Menzies, 64 Kelly Street, Superintendent. 

Mission Sabbath School, in Mission Premises, Roxburgh Street — 
Robt. Love, 28 Brisbane Street, Superintendent. 

Congregational Library, about 1 100 volumes, open on Thursday 
evenings— John Robertson, 10 Nicolson Street, Librarian. 



Minister — Rev. John Young, 32 Forsyth Street ; Church Officer — 
William Laird, 1 1 Watt Street ; Session Clerk — Robert Allan, 10 
Finnart Terrace. 

Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m., in the hall behind the 
church— Robert Fleming, Superintendent. 

Mission Sabbath School, at 5.30, in Mechanics' Institute — A. J. 
Turnbull, Superintendent. 

District Mission Sabbath School in Nicolson Street at 5.30 p.m. — 
M. J. Mackechnie, Superintendent. 

Minister's Bible Class meets on Sabbath evenings at 7 o'clock from 
October to April inclusive. 

There is a Society for Bible Study and Mission Work, in connection 
with which tracts are distributed and kitchen meetings held in the 
Mission District. 

Congregational Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening at 8. 


Minister — Rev. R. Edgar; Session Clerk — George M'Onie; Church 
Officer — Alexander Low ; Psalmody led by voluntary Choir — James 
Brodie, Conductor. 

Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. 

Minister's Senior Bible Class on Sabbath evenings at 7. 

Congregational Prayer Meetings, Wednesday evenings at 8 o'clock. 

Sabbath School Teachers' Association meets quarterly. 

Missionary Association meets quarterly. 

MOUNT PLEASANT U.P. CHURCH (Corner of Dempster 
and Mount Pleasant Streets). 

Minister— Rev. Alexander Duncan, 2 Robertson Street ; Session 
Clerk — D. Munro, 1 Finnart Street ; Church Officer — Alexander Camp- 
bell, 83 Roxburgh Street; Service — Sabbath, 11 forenoon and 2.15 
afternoon; Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m.; Minister's 
Bible Class on Sabbath evenings at 7 ; Congregational Prayer Meeting 
■on Wednesday evenings at 8. 

FINNART U.P. CHURCH— Madeira Street. 

Minister — Rev. James Davidson, M.A., 85 Brisbane Street; 
Session Clerk — William Auld, 29 Finnart Street ; Organist — Cathcart 
W. Methven, C. E., 42 Finnart Street ; Church Officer — Robert Bruce, 
4 Finnart Street. 

Sabbath School at 3.30 p.m., J. D. Brown, 16 Eldon Street, 

Minister's Bible Class at 7 p.m. 

Prayer Meeting on Wednesday at 8 p.m. 

Choir Practice on Friday at 8 p.m. 


Union Street. 

Incumbent — Rev. John Trew, B.A. ; Curate — Rev. James Low,, 
M.A. ; Church Wardens — Messrs Thomas May Thorne, and Edward 
Blackmore ; Beadle — John Peacock, 5 West Stewart Street. 

Sunday — Holy Communion every Sunday at 8.30 a.m. On first and 
third Sundays at 12 noon; also Matins and Sermon at 1 1 a.m. 

Children's Service at 3.30 p.m. 

Evensong and Sermon at 6.30 p.m. 

Daily — Matins at 10 a.m. 

Litany — Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon. 

Evensong and Sermon — Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. 

Special Services on Festivals. 

In Lent and Advent Evensong and Sermon on Wednesday and 
Friday at 7.30 p.m. 

Cartsdyke Mission, Crescent Street — Sunday Service at 3 p.m. 

In connection with the above church, and under the inspection of 
the Incumbent, are week-day and Sunday Schools for youths of both 
sexes. Teachers — West day school, Miss Murray ; East day school, 
Mr Underwood. 


Minister — Rev. J. P. Struthers, M.A., 52 Eldon Street; Precentor 
— William Kirkwood, 78 Holmscroft Street ; Church Officer — Duncan 
M'Callum, 13 West Stewart Street; Session Clerk and Treasurer — 
James Simpson, I Springkell Street ; Secretary — Thomas Kirkwood,. 
Auchneagh, Inverkip Road. 

The Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening at 8 all the year. 

The Minister's Bible Class every Friday evening — Junior at 7, 
Senior at 8. 

The Music Classes on Monday evening — Junior at 7, Senior at 8. 

The Sabbath School at 1 p.m. 

Meetings of Session second Tuesday of every month. 

Young Men's Prayer Meeting on Sabbath Morning at 10.15. 


Minister — Rev. Alexander Davidson; Organist — R. T. M'Cutcheon; 
Church Officer — Daniel Russell; Sabbath Services at 11 a.m. and 2.15 

Institutions in Connection with the Church. 

1. A Sabbath School, superintended and conducted by qualified 

teachers, members of the church and congregation, meets in the 
hall of the church, and a District School in Eastern Hall, John 
Street, both at 5.30 p.m. 

2. Elders' Bible Classes — Young Men in Officer-Bearers' Room, 

Young Women in Ladies' Room at 5.30 p.m. 


.3. Sabbath School Library, from which the children of the Sabbath 
School and members of the church and congregation receive books 

4. Tract Society, for the purpose of distributing religious tracts, 

reading the Scriptures, and holding meetings for prayer and 
explanation of the Word of God. 

5. Sabbath Morning Fellowship Meeting in the Church Hall at 10. 

6. Weekly Meeting for Prayer every Wednesday evening at 8. 

7. Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society meets on Monday 

evenings at 8, from October to April. 

8. Band of Hope meets on Friday evenings at 7. 30, from October to 


Highlanders' Academy, Roxburgh Street. 

Minister— Rev. Dr Bowman, 15 Bentinck Street ; Hon. Organist 
and Chdirmaster — Henry Miller; Session Clerk — Robert Drysdale ; 
Secretary of Managers' Court — John Auld ; Church Officer — J. Ogilvie. 

Public Worship is conducted in the Large Hall of the Highlanders' 
Academy at 1 1 a.m. and 2.15 p.m., every Sabbath throughout the 
year. The Church Prayer Meeting, with short addresses from minister, 
is held on Wednesday evenings at 8 o'clock. Special Evening Services 
are held on the last Sabbath of month. 

Organisations in Connection with the Church. 

.1. The Sabbath School— Superintendent, David Young. This important 
institution is conducted by the superintendent and a large staff of 
efficient teachers, all of whom are members of the church. The 
hour of meeting is 5.30 p.m. 

2. The Theological Class — President, Dr Bowman. This class and 

the Literary Association connected therewith meet in the Roxburgh 
Street E.U. Hall (No. 74), on Tuesday evenings at 8 o'clock. 

3. The Choir — Conductor, Henry Miller. A meeting of the Choir 

is held every Wednesday evening after the Prayer Meeting for the 
practice of sacred music. 

4. The Tract and Visitation Society operate in various districts 

throughout the town. 


Minister — Rev. J. M. Jarvie ; Hon. Organist — J. M. Hutcheson ; 

Missionary ; Church Officer — J. Ramsay. 

Public Worship on Sabbaths at 1 1 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 

Institutions Connected with this Church. 

Exposition every Wednesday evening. 

Bible Class for Young Men and Women on Thursday evenings, 
during winter and spring, at 8.15, conducted by the Pastor. 

Bible Class for Young Men every Sabbath afternoon at 2.30. 
Band of Hope on Friday evening at 7. 


Weekly Class for Practice of Congregational Psalmody every Wed- 
nesday evening during the winter at 9. 

A Society for Religious Purposes, instituted in 1837. 

A Dorcas Society, for the benefit of the poor connected with the 
church, and also Foreign Mission Stations. 

A Congregational Sabbath School at 2.15 p.m., with average 
attendance of 200. 

A Mission in connection with the Church holds its meetings on. 
Sabbath, in the Hall, 29 Hamilton Street. 

Missionary Sabbath School, average attendance 180. 

Tract Distribution and Visitation throughout the district, and Public 
Preaching every SabbatliWorenoon and evening, conducted by the 
Missionary and members of the church. 

A Mothers' Meeting, conducted by the Ladies of the church, meets 
weekly during the winter. 

Auxiliaries, in connection with the church, exist for the London 
Missionary Society, the Scottish Congregational Union, and Theological. 
Hall, &c. 

The Sabbath Scholars support two native scholars in India, named 
Frances Marie Jarvie and Maggie Jane Smith. 


Minister — Rev. Robert Bell, I Octavia Cottages ; Organist — Mr 
Walker ; Treasurer and Secretary — Allan Moodie. 

Sabbath Services at 11 a.m., 2.15 p.m., and Evangelistic at 7 p.m.. 

Services on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 p.m. 

The School meets on Sabbath afternoons at 5.30. It is conducted 
by 41 teachers ; Honorary Superintendent — -Rev. R. Bell ; Superin- 
tendent — Allan Moodie; Secretary— John M'Lean, John Street. 

Band of Hope in connection with the congregation meets on Friday 
evenings at 7 during winter. There is also a Total Abstinence Society.. 

Bible Class for Young Men and Women, conducted by the Minister,, 
meets on Friday evenings at 8. 

Evangelistic Services are held on Saturday evenings at the Victoria 
Harbour and in Cartsburn Hall. 

Tract Distribution and Open-air Meetings are carried on in the East- 
End of the town by members of the church. 


Minister — Rev. Edward J. Brailsford, 30 Ardgowan Street (West) ;; 
Honorary Leader of Praise — David Ritchie ; Church Officer — Thomas C.. 
Graves, 7 Watt Street. 

Sabbath Day Worship at 1 1 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 

The Sabbath School meets at 2.15 p.m. 

Public Service on Wednesday at 8 o'clock. Prayer Meetings on 
Monday evenings at 8, and on Sabbath mornings at 7. 

There is a Society for the Distribution of Religious Tracts. 


Prayer Meetings in private houses are held on Tuesdays and Thurs- 
days every week. 

A Band of Hope meets on Fridays at 7.30 p.m. 

Society Classes meet for Christian Fellowship at the close of the 
Sabbath morning Service, and on several evenings during the week. 

A Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association meets on Tuesday 
evenings at 8, from October to April. 


Minister— Rev. George Lewens, 30 Brisbane Street ; Honorary 
Precentor— G. R. Macgregor ; Church Officer— Peter Millar, 58 
Lynedoch Street. 

Sabbath Services at II a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 

Sabbath School meets in the hall under the church, every Sabbath 
at 2.30 p.m. 

Class and Fellowship Meetings for members on Sabbaths at 12.15, 
and Monday evenings at 8. 

Public Service on Wednesday evenings at 8 in the hall under the 

Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society meets in the hall on 
Thursday evenings at 8, which is presided over by the minister. 

Various other meetings are held in different parts of the town during 
the week, and are intimated on Sabbaths. 

BAPTIST CHURCH— Orangefield Place, Brachelston Sq. 

Minister — Rev. Robert Macnair, M.A., 38 Finnart Street; Hon. 
Precentor — John Forbes ; Chapel-keeper — Donald Campbell, 30 
Wellington Street. 

Weekly Prayer Meeting and Lecture every Wednesday evening at 8 

The Sabbath School meets every Sabbath evening at 5.30, and is 
superintended and conducted by members of the church. 

An Evangelistic Meeting is held in the hall of the chapel every 
Sabbath evening at 7. 

During the Session the following meetings are also held : — -Minister's 
Bible Class on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ; Choir Practice on Wednesdays at 
9 p.m.; and Missionary Working Party on alternate Wednesdays at 
5.30 p.m. 

BAPTIST CHURCH— George Square. 

Minister— Rev. Robert Bennie, M.A., 42 Newton Street ; Hon. 
Organist — William Gow, jun., 27 Nelson Street (West). 

Sabbath Day Worship, 11 a.m., and 6.30 p.m. The School meets 
on Sabbath afternoon at 2.30, President — Rev. Robert Bennie ; Super- 
intendent — Adam Leisk, jun. 


Bible Class for Young Men and Women, conducted by the minister, 
meets on Monday evenings at 8 o'clock. 

Public Service on Wednesday evenings at 8. Congregational Sing- 
ing Class meets on Friday evenings at 8. 

SEAMEN'S CHAPEL— i Dock Breast. 

Chaplain —Captain Donald Brotchie. 

Divine Service each Lord's Day at n a.m. and 7 p.m. ; also 
Mondays and Thursdays at 7.30 p.m. Daily Meeting for Praise and 
Prayer at 12 noon. Attached to this chapel are a Reading-Room and 
Library, with the Daily Papers and amusing pastimes, draughts, chess, 
billiards, and bagatelle boards, free to all Seamen ; and those of various 
nations are supplied with good reading in their own language. Open to 
all Seamen, free of charge, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Ships are supplied 
with Loan Libraries. The Chaplain keeps a boat in which (weather 
permitting) he visits the vessels in the Roads, particularly emigrant ships, 
for the purpose of conducting religious services, and distributing useful 
books amongst emigrants and seamen of all nations. 


Instituted 1880. 

Mission Premises, Foot of William Street (Old Seamen's 

Meetings are held regularly on the following evenings as under -:- 
Tuesday, 8 p.m. ; Thursday, 8 p.m. ; Saturday, 8 p.m. 
Singing Practice, Wednesday, 8 p.m. 

Evangelistic Meeting for non-church goers, Sunday at 3 p.m. 
Special. — Rescue Brigade — Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. 
Evangelistic Meeting — Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. 
Honorary Secretary — Peter Lorcet, 64 Holmscroft Street. 


Pastor — Rev. Alexander Taylor ; Assistants — Rev. Patrick Gaule 
and Rev. William P. O'Brien ; Church Officer — Patrick M'Ginlay, 
house, 24 Trafalgar Street. 

Male and Female Schools for Week-days and Sundays in connection 
with this church. 


Pastor — Rev. Robert Grant ; Assistant — Rev. John Toner ; Care- 
taker — Mrs Duffy, 10 S tanners Street. 

Sunday and Week-day Schools in connection with this church. 
Convent or Middle-Class School at Bank House. 




In accordance with the provisions of "The Education (Scotland) 
Act, 1872," the following are the members of the School Board for the 
triennial period from 1885-88 : — Alexander S. Mories (chairman), Rev. 
John Barclay, Neil Brown, Rev. Michael Condon, John Erskine, Renton 
Macara, John Macphail, Thomas Mitchell, Walter W. B. Rodger, Rev. 
Alexander Taylor, Rev. William Thompson, M.A., B.D. 

Clerk, G. Williamson. Treasurer, Quintin Bone. 

Inspecting Officer, C. W. Stewart ; Assistants, Alexander Cameron, 

and George Ritchie. 

Board Room and Offices, 2 Bank Street. 


H. R. B. Peile, A. M. Fleming, merchant ; W. O. Leitch, 
•merchant ; Thomas Neill, Towerlands ; and R. D. Oliphant, Balgray, 
members ; J. Innes Macdongall, clerk and treasurer. 


John Fullarton, William Sharp, G. MacOnie, H. R. B. Peile, and 
R. G. Brown, members ; J. Innes Macdougall, clerk and treasurer. 



Greenock Academy. 

The Greenock Academy, situated in Nelson Street, was opened in 
.'September, 1855, and is intended to provide a good general education 
for boys and girls. It contains twelve spacious and well-aired class- 
rooms, with teachers' rooms, &c, and a large hall in which all the 
•pupils might be assembled ; there is also an extensive playground 
attached, with covered sheds for exercise in wet weather. The 
'Curriculum for the senior classes embraces a wide and varied course of 
study, extending over five years, and the arrangements are such as to 
.allow a selection of classes to be made suitable for those intending after- 
wards to pursue their studies at any of the Universities, as well as those 
wishing to qualify themselves for the public service or for mercantile 


Rector, E. L. Neilson ; Arithmetic and Mathematics, W. U. 
Park, M.A. ; Classical department, the Rector ; English department, 
head-master, James B. Anderson ; Modern Languages, R. Dryden ;: 
Writing, J. W. M'Gregor ; Drawing, T. R. Milligan ; Pianoforte and 
Singing, George T. Poulter ; Class Singing, W. P. Cross ; Dancing, 
Mrs Gillies ; Sewing and Fancy Work, Miss M'Lean ; Janitor, John 
M 'Kelvie. 

There are two Bursaries in connection with the Academy, the holders 
of which are entitled to attend all the ordinary classes gratis : — (i) The 
Macfie Bursary, founded by the late William Macfie, Esq., of Lang- 
house, which is competed for annually and is open to boys from any 
school— 5 boys; (2) The Fairrie Bursary, founded by the late Thomas 
Fairrie, Esq., Greenock. One boy appointed each year by Mr Fairrie's 
trustees — -5 boys. 

Regulations for the Macfie Bursary — 1. The Directors shall select 
annually, after competitive examination, one boy to be admitted to the 
classical department, and to be educated in all the accompanying 
branches. There shall be no appointment in place of Bursars who may 
be prevented from completing the curriculum. 2. The competition 
shall be open to boys not under eight or above twelve years of age, from 
the Academy or any school approved by the Directors; and due 
advertisement will be made accordingly. 3. Any boy may be selected 
to enter in any year of the classical curriculum, according to the judgment 
of the examiners, the parents and guardians of the Bursars undertaking 
that he shall complete the curriculum. 4. An examination of the 
Bursars shall be made annually, and the Bursaries shall be continued 
only on proof being given of regular and satisfactory progress. 

The Fairrie Bursary was founded by the late Thomas Fairrie, Esq., 
and he stipulated by his deed of settlement, that in return for the 
bequest made by him to the Academy, the Directors should present a 
gratis education to one boy of promise in each year of the Latin 
curriculum, along with the free enjoyment of all the accompanying 
classes, who should be recommended by his Trustees, and failing them, 
by the superintendent of the schools endowed by Mr Fairrie. 

In addition to the ordinary class prizes, the following are competed 
for annually at the close of the session : — I. The Stewart Gold Medal- 
limited to boys and girls of the eighth and ninth years attending the 
Academy during the session in which the medal is given ; the examina- 
tion will embrace papers on the subjects, and of the numerical values 
following: — (1) English, 100; (2) History and Geography, 100; 
(3) Latin or French, 100; (4) Arithmetic, 100 ; (5) German or Mathe- 
matics, 100 ; in No. 3 the pupil has a choice between Latin and 
French ; in No. 5, between German and Mathematics. 2. The 
Brown Society's Prize — open to boys in the Classical Department 
during the session — ,£10. 3. The Campbell Prize — A Case of 
Mathematical Instruments to the best scholar in the Mathematical 
Department— ^"5. The prizes for Scripture knowledge — open to all. 
Pupils of the eighth and ninth years. 

The School Board also offer two Bursaries — the one for ^"10 to 
Pupils in Standard VI., the other for £8, to Pupils in Standard V., both. 
to be decided by competition. 



Highlanders' Academy, Roxburgh Street— Mr Robert Wilson, head- 
master, and assistants. 

Mearns Street School— Mr William Cook, B.A., London, head- 
master, and assistants. 

Belville Place School— Mr Alexander Bremner, F.E.I.S., head- 
master, and assistants. 

Glebe School, Crawford Street— Mr John Williamson, M.A., head- 
master, and assistants. 

St. Andrew Square School— Mr M. Carmichael, head-master, and 

Shaw Street School— Mr J. Wilson, head-master, and assistants. 
• Sir Michael Street School— Mr H. M. Melville, head-master, and 

Alan Ker School, Ann Street— Mr Andrew Young, head-master, 
and assistants. 

Ann Street (Charity) School— Mr Gordon Simpson, head-master, 
and assistants. Managers— Messrs Thomas Mitchell, John Erskine, 
William Crawford, and D. D. Adamson ; Bailie Fullarton ; Councillors 
D. Shankland, Anderson, and Hair. D. D. Adamson, secretary; 
Bailie Fullarton, treasurer ; C. W. Stewart, inspector. 

Crawfurdsburn (Temporary) School— Mr James Watson, head- 
master, and assistants. 

Duncan Street (Temporary) School— Mr John Morrison, head- 
master, and assistants. 

Under the superintendence of the Board, Science Classes are taught 
in connection with the Science and Art Department of the Council _ of 
Education. The following are the subjects and the schools at which 
they are taught during the present session:— Physiography and Chemistry, 
in Mearns Street School, by William Cook, B.A. ; Machine Construc- 
tion and Drawing, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and 
Steam, by Andrew Sproul, C.E.\: Naval Architecture, by P. A. 
Sinclair, in Shaw Street Public School ; Mathematics, by W. U. Park, 
M.A., in Academy; Practical Inorganic Chemistry, by Angus Smith, 
in Academy, Nelson Street, and Chemical Laboratory, 29 Cathcart 


Kilblain Academy— English, writing, arithmetic, book-keeping, 
mathematics, Latin, Greek, French, German, Italian, drawing, painting, 
music, dancing, and sewing. Head Masters — James Slater, jun., B.A., 
and David Wardrop, M.A. 

Avenue Park Collegiate School— Principal, John Graham, B.A. 

Fairrie's Trust School, 13 East Shaw Street — English grammar, 
geography, arithmetic, writing, history, composition, and Scriptural 
knowledge, &c. — James Hutchison and assistants. 

Ladies' Seminary, 27 Union Street— English, writing, arithmetic, 
music, French and German, drawing (pencil, water, and oil) and dancing 
' — Mrs Dryden and assistants. 


Seminary for Young Ladies, Eldon Villa, 67 Eklon Street — Misses 
Gibb and assistants. 

Institution for the Education of Young Ladies, Eskgrove, 33 Fox 
Street — English, French, Italian, German, drawing (pencil, water and 
oil), music and dancing — William Taylor, Member of the General 
Council of Edinburgh University, master. 

Young Ladies' Seminary, 19 Mount Pleasant Street — Miss Taylor. 

St. John's Episcopal School (West), 16 Jamaica Street — English 
grammar, geography, writing, and arithmetic —Miss Murray. 

Episcopal School (East), Under Crescent Street — English grammar, 
geography, history, writing, arithmetic, sewing, music — Mr Under- 
wood, teacher. 

Bank House (Middle) School — Under the superintendence of 
Franciscan Sisters. 

St. Mary's R.C. Parish School, East Shaw Street — General branches 
of education — boys' department — James M'Lernan, head master, and 
assistants ; girls' department — under the superintendence of Franciscan 
Sisters, from Bank House, and assistants. 

St. Lawrence Roman Catholic School, Belville Street — Boys' depart- 
ment — Master, J. Taylor ; girls' and infants' departments — under the 
superintendence of Franciscan Sisters from Bank House. Janitress — 
Mrs Marony. 

Greenock Navigation School, Palmerston Buildings, Customhouse 
Place. Branches taught — Navigation, engineering, and nautical 
astronomy — Andrew Sproul (interim). 

School of Art, held in Town Hall under the Science and Art 
Department of the Committee of Council on Education. Thomas 
Prentice, chairman ; Thomas Macmillan, hon. secretary ; Walter 
Yuille, teacher. 

Greenock Ragged School Association— School Buildings, with 
superintendent and matron's house attached, Wellington, Captain, and 
Holmscroft Streets. Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., president ; 
Hon. Henry James Moncreiff, Sheriff of Renfrew and Bute ; Thomas 
Sutherland, Esq., M.P. for Greenock ; Edward Wilson, Esq., Provost 
of Greenock, and James Stewart, Esq., of Garvocks, vice-presidents; 
Robert Allan, Esq., president of acting committee; Mrs J. C. Hunter, 
president of ladies' committee ; Mr Archibald Paton, treasurer ; Mr M. 
F. Dunlop, secretary to committee of boys' school; Mrs John Robert- 
son and Miss Little, secretaries to committee of girls' school ; Mr Alex. 
Thomson, superintendent ; Mrs Mackie, matron. It is the object of 
this Association to reclaim the neglected and destitute children of 
Greenock, by affording them the benefit of a good common and 
Christian education and training them to habits of regular industry, so as 
to enable them to earn an honest livelihood and fit them for the duties 
of life. The plan upon which the schools is conducted is as follows : — 
The children receive an allowance of food for their daily support ; are 
instructed in reading, writing, and arithmetic ; trained to industry by 
•employing them daily in such works as are suited to their years ; and 
taught the truths of the Gospel, making the Holy Scriptures the ground- 
work of instruction, and on Sundays the children receive suitable 
religious teaching. 



GREENOCK LIBRARY— Watt Institution, Union Street, 
Instituted 1st January, 1783. 

Hours from half-past 9 till II, I till 5, and 7 till 9 daily — on Saturdays 

from half-past 7 till 9 evening. 
Managed by a Committee selected (from the Proprietors) annually in 


John Rodger, Chairman. Louson Walker, Treasurer. Allan Park 

Paton, Secretary ar.d Librarian. 

The Library (including Foreign, Theological, Scientific, Mathe- 
matical, and Botanical Departments) contains over 20,000 vols., and 
there are about 500 subscribers. There is a large supply of the most 
recently published works of importance and interest. 

The first-class subscription, entitling to a new work of one or more 
volumes, an old work of similar size, and a review or magazine, is 21s. 
The second-class subscription, entitling to one volume at a time from 
the General Library, is 6s 6d. The Monument is open to visitors. 

Museum — Watt Institution, Kelly Street. — The Museum and 
adjoining Lecture Hall were erected at the cost of the late James 
M'Lean, Esq., of West Bank, and were opened on 3rd November, 1876.. 
Hours, from 1 1 till 6 ; Saturdays, from 3 till 9 evening. Managed by 
a joint-committee from the Greenock Library and the Greenock 
Philosophical Society— William Letham, chairman ; Louson Walker, 
treasurer; George R. M'Dougall, secretary; A. Campbell Finlay, 
interim secretary ; Thomas Rennie, 1 1 Watt Street, curator. 


II Tobago Street and 11 and 13 Sir Michael Street. 

(Instituted 1836.) 

The Directorate consists of 21 members, one third of whom are 
elected annually. President, Robert Hendry ; Treasurer, Thomas O. 
Stewart ; Secretary, Alexander Montgomery. 

The Institution Club embraces a large and well-lighted reading room, 
supplied with an excellent and varied selection of newspapers, magazines, 
reviews, &c, of the day ; also a comfortable and commodious club-room,, 
furnished with billiard tables, chess, draughts, dominoes, &c, for the 
use of the members. Membership, 5s per annum, or is 6d per quarter. 

The Library, opened in 1832, contains upwards of 4000 volumes of 
scientific and miscellaneous literature ; open every evening (Sundays 
excepted) from 7.30 to 9 p.m. Membership for half-year, is 6d. 

Public Baths in connection with the Institute, open daily to the pub- 
lic from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. 

The large hall of the Institute, affording sitting accommodation for 
upwards of 500, is largely used for lectures, concerts, soirees, public 
meetings, &c, and in connection therewith there are a number of smaller 
rooms, much used for trade and other society meetings. 
Curator — Peter M 'Galium. 



Greenock Young Men's Christian Association — Instituted 1830 — 
Rooms, Temperance Institute, West Stewart Street. Office-bearers, 
3885-86 — Ex-Provost Lyle, honorary president ; W. D. Low, president; 
James Wright, vice-president ; Robert S. Murray, and George Bruce, 
joint-secretaries ; William Lamont, corresponding secretary, Palmer- 
ston Buildings ; J. D. Muir, reading-room secretary ; Alexander 
M'P. H. Bruce, librarian. This Association has for its object the 
religious, intellectual, and social improvement of its members, and of 
the young men of Greenock. Ten weekly meetings are held in various 
places. An evangelistic meeting is held every Saturday night at 8 
o'clock for young men. A course of Lectures is arranged during the 
winter months in the Town Hall. There are also Reading Room and 
Library in the Institute open to the public at the following rates : — 
Annually, 7s 6d ; half-yearly, 4s ; quarterly, 2s ; apprentices, 2s 6d 

Greenock Seamen's Friends' Society — Instituted 1820 — Ex-Provost 
Lyle, president; Robert Kerr, treasurer ; John MTlvain, hon. secretary; 
U. Walton, secretary; M. M'C. Brown, assistant secretary; with 36 
directors ; D. Brotchie, chaplain ; John Swan, officer. This society 
has a Seamen's Chapel, at Sailors' Home, 1 Dock Breast, seating 
350, in which Divine Service is conducted at 1 1 a.m. and 7 p.m. 
•each Lord's Day. A Reading Room and Library are open daily from 
9 to 9, free of charge. Loan Libraries to all foreign-going ships— about 
200 are thus issued in the year. It has a depot where the Scriptures are 
sold at reduced prices in various languages. The society also keeps a 
boat in which the Chaplain visits the vessels in the Roads, especially 
emigrant ships. 

Sailors' Home, 1 Dock Breast — Instituted 1852 — John Ritchie, 
superintendent. Committee of Management — The Provost of Greenock, 
the Chairman of Harbour Committee, the Collector of Customs, and the 
Shipping Master, with the president, treasurer, secretary, chaplain, and 
seven members of the Seamen's Friends' Society. The Home has 
accommodation for 80 seamen, and is fitted up with every convenience 
and comfort. 

Scott Bequest. — By Will, dated 8th January, 1836, Mr William 
Scott, of Saint Andrew's, New Brunswick, bequeathed the residue of 
his estate in trust ' ' to the Provost and Magistrates for the time being, 
.as also the two clergymen of the East and West Parishes of his father's 
native town of Greenock, " for "the endowment of a school for the 
maintenance and education of as many indigent orphan children to be 
instructed in English reading and grammar, together with writing, 
arithmetic, and a few of the plain branches of mathematics. " Mr Scott 
died in 1838, but the estates have not yet been completely realised. The 
Trustees have on hand about ^"4000. An institution has now been 
endowed, of which Mr Robert Hosea is superintendent, and Mrs Hosea 
matron. Several admissions have been made of indigent orphan children, 
and the institution is now in full working order. 

Greenock Working Boys' Home, Bank Top, for destitute working 
lads above 14 years of age — Dr Marshall, president ; John Kinloch, 
treasurer ; A. C. Finlay, secretary ; John Hastie, James M'Gavin, 
Thomas P. Finlay, R. B. Shearer, John Bryce, A. J. Turnbull, Robert 


Hamilton, Robert Hunter, H. W. Walker, and Andrew Kerr, 
members of committee ; Mr George G. Mitchell, superintendent. 

Training Home for Friendless Girls, Mount Pleasant Street, was 
opened June, 1865, as a necessary adjunct to the operations of the 
" Mission to Friendless Females," one of the objects of this Association 
being to rescue from falling into vicious habits friendless girls from 12 
to 16 years of age. These are trained in the Home for domestic service, 
besides being instructed in reading, writing, arithmetic, sewing, &c, 
and having habits of industry and well-doing inculcated. After 
obtaining situations for these inmates, the committee continue to take a 
lively interest in them. The Home is principally supported by 
voluntary subscriptions. Trustees — Ex-Provost Lyle, R. Little, Esq., 
|. Macgregor, Esq. ; Mrs Hamilton, president; Mrs J. Brymner, vice- 
president ; Mrs Stark, treasurer; Miss Williamson, Newton Street, 
Finnart, secretary ; Rev. J. F. Macpherson, chaplain ; D. Campbell, 
M. Hill, A. M. Fleming, J. W. Black, J. Kinloch, R. Hamilton, J. 
Reid, and James M 'Gavin, directors. 

Greenock Medical Aid Society — Home, 15 Caddlehill Terrace — 
James Stewart, Esq., president ; John Duff, vice-president ; William 
Auld, writer, Cathcart Street, secretary ; Duncan M'Callum, 
treasurer ; Rev. Peter Thomson, Dr W. J. Marshall, Dr John R. 
Black, John S. Nicol, James M 'Gavin, Dr Baton, and Robert Binnie, 
acting committee, with office-bearers ex officiis members of committee. 
The object of the society is to provide medical comforts and attendance 
for persons resident in Greenock, or in the parish of Inverkip (which 
includes Gourock) and Port-Glasgow, labouring under incurable disease, 
or others who, though not incurable, may require months or years of 
nursing and treatment, and are incapable of earning a livelihood. 

Buchanan Bequest. —By Codicil and Deed of Foundation, dated 4th 
December, 1862, Mr James Campbell Buchanan of Bagatelle, Greenock, 
bequeathed ^4000 in trust of his Trustees, viz. : — Messrs John Graham, 
Peter M'Naughton, Colin Lamont, jun., James Reid, Thomas Oliphant 
Hunter, and William Clark, in conjunction with Mr Alexander 
Rodger, the Provost of Greenock, the Sheriff- Substitute at Greenock, 
and the President of Greenock Seamen's Friends' Society, all for the 
time being, along with two or more persons to be appointed by the Town 
Council and Police Board, for the purpose of founding an "Asylum at 
Greenock to afford shelter during night to poor persons without a home 
and to supply them with a nourishing meal on entering and leaving the 
Asylum." In terms of the Codicil, the Town Council and Police 
Board are appointed Trustees of the Asylum. A building is now 
erected in Captain Street, in which persons are accommodated accord- 
ing to the testator's wishes. 

House of Refuge, or Shelter for Females, Ingleston — Instituted 1853 
— Mrs Edward Blackmore, president; Miss Mary Hunter, vice- 
president ; John Cunningham, treasurer ; Rev. J. M. Jarvie, secretary ; 
and a committee of ladies and gentlemen ; Miss Motherwell, 
matron. The object of this institution is to afford shelter to fallen 
females, training them for the duties of the household, and to assist in 
getting them into service with respectable families. The industries 
prosecuted in the Home are mainly laundry and needle work. 


Greenock Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society — This society was 
instituted in 1872, for the purpose of rendering aid to discharged 
prisoners, or those on their way to prison life. The Home for the 
Reception of Females, at 35 Dempster Street, was opened on the 10th 
February, 1873. Miss Macbeth, matron. The inmates receive the 
benefit of religious instruction, and are expected to earn their own 
livelihood at the Home, by the exercise of such industries for which 
they may be suited. When reformed, the Committee procure situations 
or work for the inmates either at home or abroad. The society is 
supported by voluntary subscriptions. James J. Grieve, Esq., president ; 
Abram Lyle, Esq., and James Morton, Esq., vice-presidents; John 
Rodger, secretary; Rev. John F. Macpherson, B.D., chaplain. There 
is a committee of gentlemen and also of ladies, with a staff of prison 
and district visitors. Mrs Duncan Cunningham, secretary ; and Miss 
Rodger, treasurer to ladies' committee. 



Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart. (No. 12), R.W.P.G.M. ; 
Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart (No. 12), D.P.G.M. ; Edward Blackmore 
(No. 12), S.P.G.M. ; James Reid (No. 175), P.G.S.W. ; James Reid, 
(No. 217), P.G.J. W. ; Rev. Archibald Fullarton (No. 12), P.G. 
chaplain; John P. Fyfe (No. 12), P.G. secretary; James Glen (No. 12), 
P.G. treasurer; Duncan Cunningham (No. 12), P.G.S.D. ; John M. 
Pollock (No. 175), P.G.J.D.; Andrew M'Geachan (No. 271), P.G. 
architect; Paul Jones (No. 626), P.G. Bible-bearer; W. W. B. Rodger 
(No. 12), P.G. director of ceremonies ; James Boyd (No. 175), P.G. 
director of music ; Charles Hogarth (No. 68), P.G. steward; C. W. 
Rippon (626), P.G. inner guard ; Charles Murray (No. 12), P.G. tyler. 

Lodge Greenock Kilwinning, No. 12. — Office-bearers for 1885. — 
Duncan Cunningham, R.W.M. ; William Allison, P.M.; Alexander 
Smith, D.M. ; John Fox, S.M. ; William M'Clure, O.M. ; Edward 
Blackmore, O.M. ; James Tannahill, S.W. ; Alexander Neilson, J. W. ; 
Thomas Stewart, secretary ; Robert Allan, treasurer ; Thomas G. 
Ritchie, S. D. ; George Armitage, J.D. ; Rev. John Trew, B.A., 
chaplain; Hugh S. Steel, architect; R. M. Proctor, jeweller; Samuel 
S. Woolley, director of music ; Thomas Miller, steward ; James 
M'Ewen, I.G. ; Charles Murray, tyler. 

Lodge Greenock St. John, No. 175 — Instituted 1776.— James Auld, 
R.W.M. ; William Cameron, P.M.; George Bathgate, D.M. ; Alex. 
M'Master, O.M. ; Robert Urie, O.M. ; William Hughes, S.W.; John 
Arthur, J.W. ; Donald M 'Donald, secretary; John Dunlop, treasurer; 
D. B. Sinclair, S.D. ; Geo. Munro, J.D. ; Rev. Thos. Kay, chaplain ; 
James W. Gillies, director of music; Alexander M Arthur, James 
Keenan, David Cather, and William Smith, stewards ; David Smith, 
I.G. ; Thomas Wilson, tyler. Lodge Rooms and Secretary's office, 27 
Cathcart Street. 


Greenock Royal Arch Chapter, No. 17. — William Allison, M.E.Z.; 
James M'Kenzie, H. ; John M'Arthur, J.; Donald M 'Donald, S.E. ; 
John Macquarrie, S.N.; William Tough, chaplain; D. M'Callum, 1st 
P.S. ; William Hughes, 2nd P.S. ; Alexander M'Intyre, 3rd P.S. ; 
David Wilson, mask master ; John Blackwood, standard bearer ; Chas. 
M'Intyre, architect ; captain 1st vail, Alexander M'Arthur ; 2nd, Wm. 
Smith ; 3rd, James Keenan ; 4th, Duncan S. Hendry ; Thomas 
Ritchie, John Stewart, George Munro, and John Todd, stewards ; 
Dugald Ferguson, I.G. ; Thomas Wilson, tyler. 


Greenock District, No. 34. consists of 17 Lodges (one of which 
meets in Gourock and one in Rothesay), with an average membership 
of 40 each. Alexander Steel, V.W.M. ; William Hyde, D.D.M. ; 
Jonathan Burns, chaplain ; Wilson Coburn, treasurer ; James Blair, 
hon. secretary, 5 Orchard Street. 

Lodge Rooms and Offices — Victoria Orange Hall, 1 East Blackball 
Street, Knox Moore, curator. 

Lodge No. 11 (Mountjoy) meets third Thursday of each month, Robert 

Hamilton, W.M. 
Lodge No. 97 meets last Thursday in each month, Peter Haggart, W.M. 
Lodge No. 112 meets second Monday in each month, Henry Walker, 

Lodge No. 226 meets fourth Saturday in each month, William Horner, 

Lodge No. 270 meets first Tuesday in each month, John Craig, W.M. 
Lodge No. 271 meets first Friday in each month, W. H. Ross, W.M. 
Lodge No. 320 meets first Friday in each month, James Alcorn, W.M. 
Lodge No. 334 meets first Thursday in each month, James Shirley, W.M. 
Lodge No. 335 meets last Friday in each month, William Halliday, W.M. 
Lodge No. 336 meets third Friday in each month, James Leith, W.M. 
Lodge No. 337 meets second Friday in each month, Alex. Martin, W.M. 
Lodge No. 339 meets third Monday in each month, Plugh Hunter, W.M. 
Lodge No. 340 meets second Thursday in each month, Wilson Coburn, 

Lodge No. 343 (Gourock) meets second Friday in each month, William 

Brown, W.M. 
Lodge No. 344 meets second Tuesday in each month, John Purcell, W.M. 
Lodge No. 345 (Rothesay) meets first Friday in each month, John 

M 'Govern, W.M. 
Lodge No. 699 meets first Monday in each month, James Bunting, W.M. 

Royal Black Preceptories. 

( Being higher degrees of Oi-angeism.) 

St. George's R.B.P., No. 164, in connection with which there is a 

well-stocked Library for the use of the members, meets last Tuesday of 

each month. James Keenan, Sir Knight W.M. ; James Blair, Sir 

Knight Registrar ; membership, 100. 

Wickliffe R.B.P., No. 221, meets third Tuesday of each month. 
Wilson Coburn, Sir Knight W.M. ; George Patterson, Sir Knight 
Registrar ; membership, 60. 




Consists of five Lodges, with 702 members. The officers of the 
district for the present year are : — Grand Master, William M'Millan, 
Helensburgh ; Deputy Grand Master, Hugh Kerr, West Blackhall 
Street ; Corresponding Secretary, Alexander M'Farlane, 12 Lynedoch 
Street, Greenock. 


Banks of Clyde, 174 members, instituted 1838 — Meets every alternate 
Monday evening in hall, 15 Charles Street. William B. Tierney, 13 
Lynedoch Street, secretary. 

James Watt, 134 members, instituted 1839— Meets every alternate 
Monday evening in hall, 15 Charles Street. Samuel Currie, 60 Kelly 
Street, secretary. 

Highland Mary, 84 members, instituted 1840 — Meets every alternate 
Friday evening in hall, 15 Charles Street. 

Newark, Port-Glasgow, 89 members, instituted 1839 — Meets in 
Oddfellows' Hall, Gillespie's Lane, every fourth Monday evening. John 
Grieve, Chapel Lane, Port-Glasgow, secretary. 

Helensburgh, 221 members, instituted 1841 — Meets in Oddfellows' 
Hall, Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh, every alternate Tuesday. Wm, 
M'Millan, 12 Sinclair Street, Helensburgh, secretary. 


The Greenock District, instituted April, 1842. — Consists of eleven 
Courts, comprising 3032 financial and 86 honorary members. Alexander 
Livingston, D.C.R. ; Thomas Scott, D.S.C.R. ; Alexander Paton, 
treasurer ; James Russell, secretary. Aggregate worth of District 
and Court funds, ^12,685. 

Court Banks of Clyde, No. 1109, instituted 1840. — 434 financial and 
12 honorary members. Alexander Currie, C.R. ; William Brand, 
S.C.R.; Alexander Livingston, treasurer; James Lindsay, secretary; 
John Carlyle, M.D., CM., surgeon. 

Court Caledonia, No. 1275, instituted 1841. — 546 financial and 14 
honorary members. Alexander M'Auslan, C.R. ; Daniel Storer, 
S.C.R.; Daniel Russell, treasurer; Cornelius Craig, secretary ; John 
Carlyle, M.D., CM., surgeon. 

Court Royal Archer, No. 1544, instituted 1842. — 289 financial and 
10 honorary members. Donald M'Swan, C.R. ; Duncan M'Callum, 
S.C.R.; Hercules D. Soutter, treasurer; Norman Gillies, secretary; 
Allan Galloway, M.D., surgeon. 

Court Newark, No. 41 11 (Port-Glasgow), instituted 1863. —315 
financial and 10 honorary members. 

Court James Watt, No. 4468, instituted 1864. — 350 and 6 honorary 
members. Robt. M'Lintock, C.R. ; Alexander Scott, S.C R. ; Thos. 
Scott, treasurer; Gilbert Currie, secretary; John Carlyle, M.D., CM., 

Court Glenalbyn, No. 451 1 (Easdale), instituted 1864. — 139 
financial members, and 3 honorary members. 


Court Scotia, No. 5405 (Port-Glasgow), instituted 1S69. — 217 
financial and 4 honorary members. 

Court Robert Burns, No. 5753, instituted 1872. — 182 financial 
members. William Martin, C.R.; Alexander Peaston, S.C.R.; Robert 
Dick, treasurer; George M'Kenzie, secretary ; John Carlyle, M.D., 
CM., surgeon. 

Court Saint James, No. 5764 (Johnstone), instituted 1872. — 325 
financial and 21 honorary members. 

Court Highland Mary, No. 5851, instituted 1873. — 129 financial and 
2 honorary members. Archibald M 'Donald, C.R. ; Wm. M'Laughlin, 
S.C.R.; Edward Pachas, treasurer; John Hyde, secretary; John C. 
Douglas, M.D., CM., surgeon. 

Court Robert Burns, No. 6307 (Largs), instituted 1876. — 109 
financial and 4 honorary members. 

Juvenile Branch, instituted 1872. —422 financial members. Alexander 
Older, of 5753, president; Gilbert Currie, 4468, vice-president ; James 
B. Hay, of 4468, treasurer ; Hugh Smith, of 4468, secretary ; John 
Carlyle, M.D., CM., surgeon. 

Juvenile Pranch (Johnstone), instituted 1884. — 104 financial members. 


(Being the Second Degree of Forestry. ) 

Sanctuary Caledonia, No. 1275, meets in the Caledonia Rooms, 
Highland Close. Scribe, James B. Hay, 24 Lynedoch Street. 

Sanctuary Royal Archer, No. 1544, meets in the Foresters' Hall, 
East Shaw Street. Scribe, Finlay M'Leod, 8 Nicolson Street. 

Sanctuary Newark, No. 41 11, meets in the Oddfellows' Hall, 
'Gillespie's Lane, Port-Glasgow. Scribe, Peter M'Dade, Aucbenvale 


Lily of the Vale Lodge. 

Meet in Cartsburn Hall, Cartsburn Street, every alternate Wednesday 
Evening at 7.30 p.m. 

262 Financial and 20 Honorary Members. William Crawford, 
W.M., Robert King, P.M., David Smith, treasurer, 2 Old Hillend ; 
Kobert James Pelan, secretary, 13 Crescent Street ; David Cairns, 
M.D., 1 Shaw Place, medical adviser. 


Joseph S. Walker, treasurer, 53 Drumfrochar Road ; John A. Clark, 
■corresponding secretary, 7 Boyd Street. 

Lome Lodge, 1509 — Meets every alternate Monday evening in 
Millar's Hall, Brymner Street. John Bryce, secretary, 6 Chapel 
Street ; George Beveridge, treasurer ; Dr Carlyle. 


Wellington Lodge, L.O.A.S., A.U.— Meets every alternate Thurs- 
day evening in Millar's Hall, Brymner Street. William M'Dowall,, 
treasurer, 20 Bruce Street ; John A. Clark, secretary, 7 Boyd Street ;; 
Dr J. Black, surgeon, 8 George Square. 

Lodge Pride of Ladyburn, 1735, L.O.A.S., A.U. — Meets in Arcade- 
Hall every alternate Tuesday. Archibald G. Maitland, secretary, 7JP 
Wellington Street. 


John Dunlop District Lodge of the Independent Order of Good 
Templars, No. 51, for the Lower Ward of Renfrewshire. This Lodge 
is composed of representatives from the various Lodges in the district, 
which, in addition to the subordinate lodges in town, includes the 
subordinate lodges of Port-Glasgow, Kilmalcolm, Gourock, and 
Inverkip. William Gunn, D.C.T, ; Colin Campbell, D.C. ; William 
Dougans, D.V.T. ; William Smith, D.T. ; Edward M'Kinlay, 
P. D.C.T. ; Robert Dixon, 9 Dempster Street, secretary. 


Friendly Society. — The Good Samaritan Tent, No. 321 — Established' 
1875. — Meets in the Temperance Hall every alternate Monday evening 
at 8 o'clock, where intending candidates can be enrolled. Members, by 
a graduated scale of payments, have the option of receiving from 2s 6d 
to 15s per week during sickness, with medicine and doctor's attendance: 
free, and from £$ to ^20 at death. Entrance fee, 4s, under 20, 2s. 
There is also a Juvenile Tent, admitting children from 3 years and 
upwards, receiving doctor's attendance and from ^3 to ^"io at death. 
It is conducted on purely temperance principles. Full information may 
be had from the tent secretary, Alexander R. Cowan, 23 Trafalgar 
Street. William Fowler, 38 Lynedoch Street, juvenile superintendent. 

Order of Sons of Temperance Friendly Society — John Dunlop 
Division No. 92. — Instituted, 27th February, 1865 — Meets every 
alternate Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, in Temperance Institute, 
West Stewart Street. Object — by payment of initiation fee, according to- 
age, and 8d per fortnight, a benefit in case of sickness, of 10s weekly, 
with doctor's attendance and medicine. R. P. Templeton, secretary,. 
25 Dempster Street. 


Greenock Friendly Funeral Society— Instituted 1824. — John Bell,, 
president; James M'Neil, treasurer; Duncan Gilmour, secretary; 
John Fraser, officer. Meets in Borland's Temperance Hotel, 24 
Cathcart Street. General Meetings are held on the third Thursday of 
January, April, July, and October. This Society has for its objects the 
assistance of relatives of deceased members, and the payment of alL 
funeral expenses. Entry-money, 6cl. 


United Reform Friendly Society — Office, 49 Vennel. Local com- 
mittee, Thomas Bain, John Thomson, and Thomas Stewart ; William 
Simpson, district agent. 

Greenock Amalgamated Friendly Societies' Medical Association, 
.47 Regent Street — Instituted 22nd May, 1874. — Objects : To provide 
efficient medical attendance, and to supply a sufficient and proper 
■quantity of the purest medicines to all the members of the various 
friendly societies forming the association, and to the wives and families 
-of said members who pay into the same. Alexander R. Cowan, 
president ; Robert Howie, vice-president ; J. C. Weir, treasurer ; J. B. 
Hay, secretary, 24 Lynedoch Street ; John Carlyle, M.D., medical 
•officer; D. B. Cowper, registered chemist. Dispensary hours, 9 a.m. 
till 12 noon, 1 till 5, and 6 till 7 p.m. ; Sundays 9.30 till 10.30 a.m. 

Clyde Shipmasters' Provident Association — Instituted 1852. — Ex- 
Provost Lyle, president ; Daniel D. Adamson, vice-president ; John 
■Cunningham, treasurer and secretary ; with a committee of twelve 
members ; secretary's office, 32 Cathcart Street. 

Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, instituted i860, for 
•support of sick, disabled, and unemployed members, insurance against 
loss of tools, and the advance of trade interests. The Greenock Branch 
meets every alternate Monday at 7.30 in Mechanics' Institute, Sir 
Michael Street. Alexander Martin, secretary, 45 Wellington Street ; 
George M'Farlane, treasurer, 5 East Blackhall Street. 

Associated Carpenters and Joiners of Scotland — Instituted, 1861. — 
The Society was originated for the support of sick, infirm, and disabled 
-members, for interment of deceased members, insurance against the loss 
-of tools, and maintenance and advance of trade interests. The Greenock 
^(United) Branch meets in the Hall, 46 Cathcart Street. Committee 
meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Monthly meetings, first Tuesday of 
■every month, at 8 p.m., Alexander Cameron, treasurer, 41 Roxburgh 
Street ; John Auld, secretary, 25 Mount Pleasant Street. 

The Associated Blacksmiths of Scotland, No. 2 Branch, Greenock. 
IMeets every second Monday in the Star Hall, Broad Close, at 7.30 p.m. 
John M 'Donald, secretary, 44 Arthur Street. 

Greenock and Gourock Wine, Spirit, and Beer Trade Association. — 
T<obert Thorne, president ; George Haldane, vice-president ; Donald 
M'Kinnon treasurer; William Alexander, 57 Vennel, secretary. 
Membership, 163; A.J. Macdougall & Thorn, law agents. The objects of 
vthis Association are to promote united action among the members in 
•obtaining the removal or modification of improper or unnecessary restric- 
tions imposed, or attempted to be imposed, on the Wine, Spirit, and 
Beer Trade, and to protect the just rights and interests of the Trade 
an the full and free exercise of its business according to law, and for 
-that purpose to watch and oppose any measure or proceeding, Parlia- 
mentary or local, which may have an injurious or oppressive tendency. 

Greenock Juridical Society — Instituted 2 1st November, 1872. —This 
Society has for its object the diffusion of legal knowledge among its 
members, and the acquisition of a good style of speaking and writing. 
-Only Procurators, Law Clerks, and Apprentices, are eligible as members. 
Office-bearers — Sheriff Smith, hon. president ; W. A. Thorn, president ; 


Messrs R. Stewart Walker, jun. , and John Cameron, vice-presidents ; 
Mr Alexander Andrew, I Bank Street, secretary ; James Letham,, 

Greenock Medical Society — Instituted October 30, 1865. — The 
objects are to receive communications on Medicine and Surgery, 
to converse on Medical topics, and generally to promote professional 
improvement and amicable feelings by any means that may from time to- 
time be approved of by the society. Ordinary meetings are usually held 
once a month during session in the Society's Rooms, Kirk Street, Glebe. 
Office-bearers for 1885 — Dr Galloway, president ; Dr Black, vice- 
president ; Dr Robertson, secretary ; Dr Galloway, treasurer ; Dr 
Paton, librarian. 

Greenock Philosophical Society. — The purpose of this society is the 
promotion of the study of literature, science and art, by means of 
lectures and otherwise. The meetings are held in the Watt Institution.. 
Office-bearers for Session 1885-6 — Edward Blackmore, president ; John 
Rodger, and Alexander P. Lyle, vice-presidents ; James Bone, treasurer ; 
Robert Wright, secretary. 

Greenock Natural History Society — Founded in 1878. — W. J. 
Marshall, M.D., president ; George H. Black, treasurer ; Thomas Scott, 
secretary. The objects of this Society are to promote the study of 
Natural History by meetings for the reading of papers and the exhibi- 
tion of specimens, and by excursions for practical study. The Society 
meets in the Lecture Hall, Watt Institution, Kelly Street. 

Greenock Young Men's Protestant Association — Instituted 1862.. 
Object— The Study of the Bible and Romish Works ; the enlightenment 
of Protestants as to the real character of Popery, in its religious, social,, 
and political aspects, and the conversion of Romanists. A. Swan, 
hon. president ; Bailie Robert Shankland, president ; Captain Sir- 
Edward Scott, vice-president ; Rev. W. P. Begg, M.A., chairman ; J. 
R. Cuthbertson, treasurer ; William Donald, Clyde Pottery, secretary ; 
William M'Elwee, librarian (library kept at 2 Grey Place) ; with a 
committee of members. The members meet for mutual improvement; 
during winter months, on Friday evenings, and young men are cordially 
invited. Essays are read and conversations and readings engaged in.. 
The library contains several hundred volumes. Lectures by local and 
other ministers and laymen are delivered from time to time. Young 
men of good character, who admit the Bible to be the Word of God and 
their guide, are admitted as members. Annual subscription, is. 

The British and Foreign Correspondence Association — Instituted 1st 
June, 1882. — Offices, 12 Kilblain Street, Greenock. This- Association 
has for its objects the providing its members with correspondents in any 
part of the world, with whom they may exchange ideas on any subject,, 
either scientific, commercial or general, for mutual information and 
improvement. To encourage literary talent amongst the members by- 
means of a monthly magazine ( The Associate), open to original contribu- 
tions and criticisms thereof. Subscription — One Shilling entrance fee,, 
and Two Shillings and Sixpence per annum. Secretary and treasurer,, 
Angus Maclean ; membership, 400. 

Greenock Auxiliary Gaelic School Society — Instituted 1820 — 
— : president ; Robert Blair, Esq., vice-president \, 


John M'Phail, treasurer and secretary; Donald M 'Donald, Hugh Buie, 
A. J. Black, Duncan Shaw, Hugh M 'Arthur, committee, with a com- 
mittee of ladies. 

Greenock Total Abstinence Society — Instituted 1836. — Offices and 
Halls, Temperance Institute, West Stewart Street. Provost Wilson, 
ex-Provost Campbell, ex-Provost Morton, ex-Provost Lyle, and Robert 
Little, hon. presidents ; John Lang, president ; B. Ross, John Ander- 
son, Neil Buie, and John M'Neil, vice-presidents ; Robert Millar, 
treasurer ; William Smith, secretary ; Robert Dixon, assistant secretary ; 
Adam Anderson, 38 Nicolson Street, registrar of society and curator of 

Cartsdyke Working Men's Total Abstinence Society — Founded in 
December, 1870. — Thomas MTntyre, president; David Taylor, 
treasurer ; Robert Smith, secretary ; David Moffat, trustee. 

Greenock Bible Society — Instituted 1807 — Abram Lyle, president ; 
Dugald Campbell, Bailie Robert Shankland, and James Morton, vice- 
presidents ; Rev. Dr Bonar and Hugh Buie, secretaries ; James Pater- 
son, treasurer; James M'Kelvie, stationer, depository; with a com- 
mittee of 18 members. Representative Director, D. Campbell. 

Greenock Sabbath School Union — -Instituted 1870— Ex-Provost 
Campbell, hon. president ; A. J. Turnbull, president ; J. B. Patrick, 
vice-president ; G. Paterson, treasurer ; Robert Smith, and J R. Bruce, 
joint-secretaries ; with a committee of ten, and a general committee 
consisting of one representative from each associated school. The 
objects of the Union are — 1st, to encourage unity, and increase Sabbath 
Schools throughout the town ; 2nd, to improve the method of conduct- 
ing schools ; and 3rd, to promote the personal piety of the teachers, and 
to unite in prayer for a blessing on their work. General meetings of 
the Union are held quarterly. 

Greenock Working Boys' and Girls' Religious Society — James 
Morton, 30 Forsyth Street, hon. president ; William Auld, president ; 
John Wilson, vice-president ; Robert Macpherson, 33 Cathcart 
Street, treasurer ; J. B. Patrick, secretary, West Blackhall Street. 
Jonathan Burns, keeper of the Society's rooms. Its chief aim is to 
impart religious instruction, and form a connecting link between the 
Sabbath School and the Church. It provides classes for mutual 
improvement and meets for social entertainment, and by means of 
Savings Banks it seeks to foster provident habits. Meetings are held 
every Sabbath forenoon, at eleven o'clock, in Town Hall, John Street 
Hall, Temperance Institute, Crawfurdsburn Free Church School, Old 
Seamen's Chapel, High Vennel Mission Hall, Shaw Street Public 
School, Hall of Mechanics' Institute, St. Andrew Square Public School, 
and Mearns Street Public School. 

Greenock Female Benevolent Society — Instituted 181 1 — for the 
benefit of aged females of good moral character, supported by voluntary 
subscription. The Lady Octavia Shaw Stewart, patroness ; Mrs 
M'Clure, 66 Union Street, president ; Mrs A. J. Black, 16 Ardgowan 
Square, treasurer ; Miss Buchanan, 48 Esplanade, secretary ; Rev. 
William Laughton, D.D., chaplain; 40 superintendents, 40 visitors, 
and 19 collectors. The committee meet on the second Monday of every 
month, in the hall in connection with the Free Gaelic Church, and a 


general meeting is held once a year in January, for the election of a 
Committee of Management for the coming year, as also for the purpose 
of being informed of the past year's transactions. 

Old and St. Thomas' Work Society — Conducted by ladies of the 
West Parish, Free West, and St. Thomas' Church. Clothing sold at 
20 Charles Street (Mrs Campbell). Miss M. Hunter, Forsyth Street, 
treasurer ; Mrs Robertson, Margaret Street, secretary. 

Greenock Charitable Society for the Relief of the Casual Poor — 
Instituted in 1861. — James Stewart, patron ; Provost Wilson, president; 
Abram Lyle and Joseph D. Scott, vice-presidents ; John S. Nicol, 
treasurer ; John Anderson, 32 Cathcart Street, secretary ; and an acting 
committee of 28 members, with power to add to their number. The 
object of the society is to procure funds for urgent cases of casual 
destitution, without interfering with the operations of the Parochial 
Board or other charitable institutions. The distribution is effected by 
dividing the wards of the town amongst 28 distributors, one convener 
for each of the wards. 


West of Scotland Property Investment and Building Society. — 
Offices, 49 Cathcart Street. Capital, ,£95,000 ; shares, £2$ each. 
Walter Robert Kinipple, C.E. (chairman), James T. Caird, D. M. 
Latham, Daniel D. Adamson, trustees ; William Ffastie, Robert 
Chalmers, David Lyon, William Shearer, Robert Gray, John Forbes, 
Duncan Clerk, and Andrew Morrow, directors ; J. & G. Black, law 
agents ; Gilbert A. Ramsay and William Steel, surveyors ; the Royal 
Bank, bankers ; D. Campbell, accontant, manager. 

Greenock Provident Investment Company. — Office, 23 Cathcart 
Street. Provost Wilson, John Watt, and William S. Blair, trustees ; 
John Dixon, secretary ; James Anderson, managing director, to whom 
all communications are to be addressed. Information regarding the 
operations of the society may be obtained at the office every Wednesday 
and Saturday evenings from 7.30 till 9. 

Edinburgh Heritable Society Company (Limited).— Capital, £"250,000. 
Alexander Cameron, solicitor, local agent. 

M U S I C A L . 

1. The Select Choir — W. T. Hoeck, conductor. The Select Choir 
meets in Kilblain Academy. Dr Marshall, president ; J. S. Kerr, vice- 
president ; J. Tannahill, secretary and treasurer. 

2. Symphony Society — T. Calvert, conductor ; John Williamson, 
secretary, 5 Trafalgar Street. 

3. The Tonic Sol-fa Harmonic Society — John Tait, conductor ; 
Matthew Park, president. The Tonic Sol-fa Harmonic Society meets 
in Ann Street School. 



Royal West Renfrewshire Horticultural Society. — His Royal Highness 
the Prince of Wales, patron ; Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., 
.and James Morton, honorary presidents ; W. W. B. Rodger, president ; 
Allan M'Kechnie, vice-president; John Gordon, treasurer; William 
Mackie, 32 South Street, secretary; R. C. M'Pherson, convener; with 
;a committee of fifteen. Competition meetings, in Town Hall, 9th and 
loth September, and 18th and 19th November. 

Caddlehill Gardens, Upper Kelly Street. — Honarary presidents, Jas. 
T. Caird, James Morton, William O. Leitch, John Thomson, Walter 
W. B. Rodger ; president, James Storer ; secretary, G. S. Hunter, 62 
Kelly Street ; with a committee of five. 


Lower Ward of Renfrewshire Agricultural .Society — Established 
1849. — Annual exhibition of live stock and dairy produce will take place 
this year on 20th June. Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart of Ardgowan and 
Rlackhall, Bart., patron; Duncan Darroch, of Gourock, president; 
Provost Wilson, Hugh Shaw Stewart, and Horatio R. B. Peile, vice- 
presidents ; James Laird, Berryyards, treasurer ; J. W. Crawford, 
solicitor, 26 Hamilton Street, secretary. 


Ardgowan Bowling Club— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., patron; 
John D. Maclntyre, president ; John Rodger, vice-president ; James 
Tannahill, treasurer ; Thomas Wilson, secretary. 

Wellington Park Bowling Club— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., 
patron; Hew MTlwraith, honorary member; James Merrylees, 
president ; James Patterson, vice-president ; John Hamilton, treasurer ; 
James M 'Cowan, secretary. 

Grosvenor Bowling Club. — Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart, yr., of 
Ardgowan, patron ; Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., the Provost 
■of Greenock, J. J. Grieve, ex-M.P., honorary members; John Allison, 
president ; Charles T. Campbell, vice-president ; F. Ritchie, treasurer ; 
William B. Ingram, secretary. 

Greenock Cricket Club — Cricket Ground, Glenpark, off High Gourock 
Road— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, of Greenock and Blackball, Bart., 
patron ; James Stewart, of Garvocks, honorary president ; Daniel Kerr, 
vice-president; Daniel Adam, captain; John M'Clure, hon. treasurer; 
John Boston, n William Street, hon. secretary; William Martin, 
Worcestershire, professional. 

Balclutha Cricket Club— Instituted 1878.— Daniel Kerr, H. R. B. 
Peile, A. H. Finlay, R. S. Scott, Thomas Sutherland, M.P., John 
Adam, patrons ; James Morton, Balclutha, hon. president ; John B. 
Walker, president ; Alex. Foukls, vice-president ; Hector Mackenzie, 
• captain. Office-bearers — John Hyndman, president ; W. Watson, jun., 
vice-captain; A. D. M'Neilage, treasurer; J. T. Park, Grosvenor 


Terrace, secretary. Committee— The office-bearers, with Messrs Gillies, 
Hay, Ryan, and Hendry. Grounds — Battery Park, Eldon Street- 
Membership — 40. 

Greenock Wanderers' Football Club (Rugby Rules) — Robert Kerr,. 
West field, president ; W. E. Buchanan, captain ; James M. Lamb, 
6 East Hamilton Street, secretary ; W. E. Buchanan, treasurer. 
Committee— George W. Gilchrist, J. D. Scott, John M'Lean, with 
captain and secretary ex officiis. Ground — Drums Park. Membership 

West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club. — Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, 
Bart., president; John Neill, jun., vice-president; A. N. Lindsay, 
secretary; Alexander Ferguson, jun., treasurer; R. G. Adam, John 
Adam, R. Richardson, R. D. Ferguson, John Forrest, A. B. Swan, 
J. R. C. Sinclair, and G. W. Gilchrist, committee of management. 

Grosvenor Bicycle Club. — D. MacEachran, honorary president ; 
John A. Urquhart, president ; James B. Fulton, captain ; John G. 
Mackail, vice-captain ; Martin Jamieson, 56 Upper Kelly Street, 
secretary and treasurer ; Thomas M'Clelland, jun., Robert W. Jamieson, 
committee of management, with captain, vice-captain, and secretary ex 
officiis. — Members, 25. 


Adjuster and Inspector of Weights and Measures — D. Young, 3, 
Jamaica Street. 

Assessor of Income Tax — J. Alexander, Post Office Buildings. 

Auditor to Corporation of Greenock (Town Property) — Hope 
Stewart Ramsay ; audit room, Town Hall. 

Auditor to the Greenock Parochial Board — Quintin Bone, Bank 

Auditor to Greenock Statute Labour Trustees— Hope Stewart 
Ramsay ; audit room, Town Hall. 

Auditor to Greenock Water Trust — Hope Stewart Ramsay; audit 
room, Town Hall. 

Auditor to Greenock Board of Police— Hope Stewart Ramsay ;: 
audit room, Town Hall. 

Auditor to Greenock Harbour Trust — Hope Stewart Ramsay ; audit- 
room, Town Hall. 

Antwerp Steamers — Office, Customhouse — Allan Swan, agent. 

Ardrishaig and Lochfyne Passenger Steamers — Office, City Buildings,. 
32 Cathcart Street — W. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Ardrishaig and Lochfyne Cargo Steamers — Office, Shipping Box,. 
Steamboat Quay — J. Dawson, agent. 

Ballina Steam Packet Office (Laird's Line) Customhouse Quay — 
Robert Allan & Co., agents. 

Barrow-in-Furnace Steamers — Office, James Little & Co., Excise 

Belfast Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., Excise Buildings — William 
Sinclair, agent. 

Bristol Steamers — Office, I Cross-shore Street — D. Macdougall, E 
Cross-shore Street, agent. 


Caledonian Railway Company's Office, 25 Cathcart Street. 

Campbeltown Steamers— Office, Custom House Buildings— John 
Macmillan, agent. 

Clerk to Commissioners on Property and Income Tax, 2 Church 
Place — M. F. Dunlop ; Assessor of Income Tax— John Alexander, Post 
Office Buildings. 

Chamber of Commerce, Greenock— William Hardie, secretary and 
treasurer, 2 Watt Place. 

Chief Constable of Renfrewshire — Robert Hunter, Paisley. Green- 
ock District, Inspector— J. W. Angus, County Buildings, Greenock. 

Clyde Shipping Co., Customhouse— Allan Swan, agent. 

Coffee Room— 2 Cathcart Square. 

Collector of Harbour Dues, &c, Customhouse Buildings— Duncan 
Darroch, Collector. 

Commercial Buildings— 14 Hamilton Street. 

Commissary Clerk's Office, Court House, Nelson Street (West). 

Conservative Constitutional Club, 29 Hamilton Street — William 
M'Whirter, secretary and treasurer. 

Cork and Waterford Steamers— Office, Customhouse— Allan Swan, 

Corporation and Harbour Trust Bonded Warehouses— Office,. 
Palmerston Buildings— Wm. Lamont, Superintendent. 

Customhouse — Steamboat Quay. 

Dean of Guild Court— Municipal Buildings, Hamilton Street. 

Dublin Steamers— Office, Excise Buildings— James Little & Co., 

Dublin Steamers — Laird's Line — Robert Allan & Co., Customhouse 

Fishery Office, 3 Bank Street— Walter Bain and James M. Lowe, 

Factories— H.M. Inspectors of Factoriesand Workshops for Greenock,. 
Port-Glasgow, and surrounding district — James Henderson, J. S. 
Maitland, and Mr Robinson — Certifying Surgeon for Greenock, &c, 
Charles Auld, M.D. 

Gas Office, 33 Crawfurd Street— John Chalmers, collector. 

Gas Works, Inchgreen, erected 1873— Samuel Stewart, manager. 

General Steam Navigation Co.'s Office, Customhouse Quay — Robert 
Allan & Co., agents. 

Glasgow Herald Newspaper (Greenock Branch Office), 29 Cathcart 
Street — Robert Wood, agent. 

Glasgow and Greenock Shipping Co., Customhouse Quay— Steel &. 
M'Caskill. Steam Lighter and Steam Tug owners— Richard Blanche, 

Glasgow & South-Western Railway, Brougham Street. 

Glasgow Weekly Mail Newspaper (Greenock Branch Office), I 
Bank Street. 

Greenock Conservative Association— W. W. B. Rodger, Bagatelle, 
hon. secretary. 

Greenock Club House, Ardgowan Square. 

Greenock Herald Office, 40 Cathcart Street. 

Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette Office, 14 Charles 


Greenock Total Abstinence Society — Office, Temperance Institute, 
"West Stewart Street. 

Harbour Trust Office, 18 Hamilton Street — Thomas Wilson, clerk ; 
William Hutcheson, treasurer. 

Harbour Engineer's Office, 17 West Blackball Street. 

Harbour Masters' Office, Steamboat Quay — James Baillie, dock 
master; Daniel Drummond, Daniel M'Farlane, John M'Lelland, 
Norman Jamieson, and James Robertson, harbour masters. 

Highland Steamers Office, City Buildings, 32 Cathcart Street — 
William Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Highland Steamers, Hebridean and Lady Ambrosine — William 
Millar, Steamboat Quay, agent. 

Highland and Western Isles Steamers, Steamboat Quay — D. 
M'Cormick, agent. 

Hutchison's Printing Office, 23 Nicolson Street. 

Inland Revenue Office (late Excise), Customhouse Buildings. 

Inland Revenue Office (Stamps and Taxes), Customhouse Buildings. 

Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, County Buildings, Paisley, and 
Mansionhouse, Greenock. 

Justice of Peace Fiscal's Office — William Auld. 

Karnes Gunpowder Co.'s Office — J. Bryce & Co., 4 Bogle Street, 

Lands Valuation Office, 18 Hamilton Street — Robert Hamilton, 

Leith and London Steam Shipping Co.'s Office, 1 Cross Shore 
Street — D. Macdougall, agent. 

Liverpool Steamers Office, Customhouse Buildings — John Macmillan, 

Liverpool Steamers Office — William Sinclair, Excise Buildings. 

Liverpool Steamers and Traders Office, I Cross Shore Street — D. 
Macdougall, agent. 

Lloyds' Register of British and Foreign Shipping, 13 Hamilton Street 
— Christopher Besant, John Dawkins, and Samuel Thearle, Surveyors ; 
A. C. Heron, Engineer's Surveyor. 

Lloyds' Agents— T. O. Hunter & Co., 13 Hamilton Street. 

Lochfyne Steamers, Steamboat Quay — John Dawson, Agent. 

Lochgoilhead Steamers, Steamboat Quay— John Dawson, agent. 

London and Greenock, via Grangemouth, Carron Co., 32 Cathcart 
Street — D. Cunningham, agent. 

London via Granton (General Steam Navigation Co.) — Robert 
Allan & Co., agents. 

Londonderry Steam Packet Office, Laird's Line, Custom House 
Quay — Robert Allan & Co., agents. 

Londonderry Steam Packet Co., Excise Buildings — W. Sinclair, 

Master of Works Office, Municipal Buildings. 

Mercantile Marine Office, Shipping Office for Seamen, Examinations, 
&c, 7 Virginia Street, Superintendent of Mercantile Marine— R. S 

North British Daily Mail Newspaper (Greenock Branch) Office, I 
IBank Street. 


North British Railway Company's Office, Lynedoch Street Station- 
William Selby, agent. 

Palmerston Buildings, Customhouse Place. 

Parochial Board Rooms, 36 Nicolson Street — J. S. Deas, Inspector. 

Plymouth and Southampton Steamers — -Office, Customhouse — Allan 
Swan, agent. 

Police Office, Dalrymple Street — Captain James Orr, superintendent. 

Poor Rates Office, Parochial Board Rooms, Nicolson Street — Thos. 
Burton, collector. Office hours from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m., and 7 till 8 
p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. Summer hours, 10 
a.m. till 6 p.m. 

Port-Ellen and Islay Steamers Office, Steamboat Quay — John 
Dawson, agent. 

Port-Rush and Coleraine Steam Packets Office, Customhouse Quay — 
Robert Allan & Co., agents. 

Post Office, Wallace Square — Thomas MacMillan, Postmaster. 

Procurator-Fiscal's Office (Lower Ward of the County), Court-House,, 
Nelson Street (West) — Robert Blair. 

Procurator-Fiscals' Office (Burgh) — Archibald M 'Galium, Municipal 
Buildings, Dalrymple Street, and James Auld, 19 Vennel, Fiscals. 

Provident Bank Buildings — 1 1 William Street. 

Registrars of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Middle Parish — 
William Johnstone, 5 Bank Street; West Parish — R. A. Baird, Sugar- 
house Lane; East Parish — James M'Cunn, 3 East Blackhall Street. 
W. H. Dick Lowe, examiner. 

Rothesay, Dunoon, &c, Steamers, Steamboat Quay — J. Dawson,, 

Sanitary Office, Police Buildings, Dalrymple Street — George A. D.. 
Mackay, inspector. 

Scotsman Newspaper Office (Greenock Branch), Palmerston 

School Board Offices, 2 Bank Street — George Williamson, clerk. 

Sheriff-Clerk's Office, County Buildings, Nelson Street (West)— 
John Brough, deputy-clerk. 

Sheriff Court-House, County Buildings, Nelson Street (West). 

Sligo Steam Packets Office, Customhouse Quay — Robert Allan & 
Co., agents. 

Steam to and from London via Granton— Office, Customhouse 
Quay — Robert Allan & Co., agents. 

Stornoway Steamers Office — W. Lindsay & Co., agents, 32 Cathcart 

Stranraer Steam Packet Office, Customhouse Quay — • William 
Miller, agent. 

Stubbs & Co. 's Greenock Office, Nicolson Street — John Simpson, 

Surveyor of Stamps and Income Tax Office, Customhouse Buildings 
— John Muat, surveyor. 

Sugar Exchange, Terrace Road. 

Temperance Institute, West Stewart Street— William Smith, 
secretary ; A. Anderson, registrar. 

Transit Sheds and Warehouses— Office, Palmerston Buildings — 
William Lamont. 


Town Assessment Office, 7 Vermel— Thos. D. M'Murrich, collector. 
Open from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., and from 7 till 8 p.m. ; Saturdays, 10 
a.m. till 2 p.m. 

Town Clerk's Office, Municipal Buildings — Colin MacCulloch, Town 

Town Chamberlain's Office, Municipal Buildings — Alexander 
MacKellar, Chamberlain. 

Underwriters' Surveyor's Office, 32 Cathcart Street — William Neill, 

Water Trust Collector's Office, 18 Hamilton Street — James Brown, 

Water Trust Superintendent's Office, 18 Hamilton Street — James 
"Wilson, superintendent. 

West End Baths, Campbell Street — G. H. Black, secretary ; J. 
Tannahill, treasurer. 

Westport Steam Packet Office, Customhouse Quay — Robert Allan 
& Co., agents. 

Wexford Steamers, Customhouse — Clyde Shipping Co. 


Accident — James Tannahill, Bone and Buchanan, W. O. Leitch, 
James Brown, Post Office ; and Samuel Campbell. 

Accidental Insurance Company — John Clapperton & Co. 

Alliance Fire and Life — James Tannahill, William Blair, and John 

British and Foreign Marine Insurance Company— Leitch & Muir. 

Caledonian Fire and Life — William M'Clure, P. Mackellar, D. 
Aitken, James Connell, James Glen, John Patten, jun., J. W. Turner, 
William Philp, William Blair, and John MacGregor. 

Caledonian Plate Glass- - William Blair. 

Church of England Fire and Life — John Black. 

City of Glasgow Life Assurance Company — Colin S. Caird and 
William Lindsay & Co. 

City of London Fire Insurance Company (Limited) — David Kerr. 

Commercial Union Assurance Company — D. Campbell, David 
Kerr, William Philp, and William Blair. 

County Fire Insurance Office — James Auld, Sinclair & Co., and 
James Connell. 

Crown Life — P. Ballingall and William Auld. 

Edinburgh Heritable Security Company (Limited) — A. Cameron 
and Samuel Campbell. 

Edinburgh Life — Robert Blair, James Tannahill, Alexander Gauld, 
William Philp, W. & J. Crawford, "and John Paul. 

Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation (Limited) — Neill & 


English and Scotch Law Life — Andrew Boag, William Lamont, 
and J. W. Turner. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company — James Connell. 

General Fire and Life — R. S. M'Morland, William Lamont, William 
M'Clure, and William Stronach. 

Greenock Plate and Sheet Glass Insurance Company— James 
' Guarantee Company— James Brown, Post Office. 

Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Company — R. W. Robertson, 
John M'Gregor, Charles Cunningham, and Neill & Anderson. 

Guardian, Horse, Vehicle, and General Insurance (Limited) — Neill 
& Anderson. 

Hand-in-Hand Fire Insurance Office — Ninian Hill. 

Imperial Fire and Life — David Agnew and Wrede & Co. 

Insurance Company of Scotland — Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 
Andrew Boag, W. N. A. Aitken, C. S. Caird, William Blair, and 
'James Tannahill. 

Lancashire Insurance Company — James Brown, Post Office ; Neill & 
Anderson, A. O. Leitch & Muir, D. Campbell, William Blair, William 
Lamont, Matthew Fleming, James Speirs & Son, James Campbell & 
Co. , and James Tannahill. 

Lancashire and Yorkshire Accident Insurance Company — John 
Clapperton & Co., and James Connell. 

Life Association of Scotland — James M'Lellan & Co., David Kerr, 
and Sinclair & Co. 

Liverpool, London and Globe Fire and Life Assurance Company — 
Thomas M 'Donald, John Love, John Clapperton & Co., John 
MacGregor, M. F. Dunlop, P. Ballingall, Hugh Speirs, Walter B. 
Grieve, D. Aitken, Sinclair & Co., Ross, Corbett & Co., and 
MTlwraiths & Walker. 

London Assurance Corporation, Fire and Life — John Clapperton & 
Co., R. P. Leitch, and J. S. Deas. 

London Guarantee and Accident Company— James Brown, Post 

London and Lancashire Fire and Life — Bone & Buchanan, John 
Paul, James Tannahill, David Aitken, Matthew Fleming, Wm. Auld, 
John Clapperton & Co., W. O. Leitch, Neill & Anderson, and D. M. 
& J. Simpson. 

London and Staffordshire Fire and Life — J. S. Deas, agent. 

Manchester Fire Assurance Co. — James Nicol, John Clapperton 
& Co., James Blair, and James Tannahill. 

Manchester and County Insurance Co. (Limited) — Neill & Anderson. 

Marine Insurance Agents — Foulds & Bone. 

Mutual Life — A. O Leitch. 

National Guarantee Association — W. O. Leitch. 
National Provident Institution — Bone & Buchanan. 


National Provincial Plate Glass Insurance Co. — Bone & Buchanan. 

North British and Mercantile Insurance Company — John Black, T. 
O. Hunter & Co., Thos. Stark, John Clapperton & Co., Robertson 
& M'Dougall, John Innes Macdougall, Bone & Buchanan, Ross, Corbett 
& Co., Sinclair & Co., and William Lamont. 

Northern — R. W. Robertson, James Turner, jun., James Glen, W» 
O. Leitch, and Ross, Corbett & Co. 

Northern Accident Insurance Co. (Limited) — Neill & Anderson,. 
William Lamont, David Kerr, Sinclair & Co., Robert Chalmers, 
Thomas Briton, Peter Ballingall, Alex. Gauld, and David Aitken. 

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society— James Neil, John Clapper- 
ton & Co., and James Tannahill. 

Ocean, Railway and General Accident Assurance and Guarantee 
Co. (Limited) — Colin Thomson. 

Phoenix Fire— W. O. Leitch, W. Lindsay & Co., J. Macdougall, 
John Clapperton & Co. , Peter Webster, and D. MacDougall. 

Provident Life Insurance Co. — James Connell. 

Provincial Insurance Co. — William Lamont, James Brown, Welsh, 
Walker & Macpherson, Geo. Williamson, Foulds & Bone, and D. 

Prudential Assurance Co. —J. Smail, John Bain, and T. Mitchell. 

Queen Fire and Life Insurance Company — W. Lindsay & Co., Peter 
Ballingall, J. Neilson, Colin S. Caird, John Dixon, Jas. Denholm, Jas. 
A. Cairns, Jas. Nelson, jun., Banks & Miller, and James Connell. 

Royal Assurance Society — Allan Weir. 

Royal Farmers' General Fire and Life and Hail Storm Insurance 
Institute— Archibald M'Callum and W. O. Leitch. 

Royal Insurance Co., Fire and Life — W. M 'Arthur & Co., W. O. 
Leitch, Maclean & Co., James Campbell & Co., and Banks & Miller. 

Royal Liver Friendly Society — J. B. Hay and William Sinclair. 

Scottish Accident Assurance Company (Limited) — W. Bruce, Win, 
Blair, James Campbell & Co., and D. Ferguson. 

Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society — William N. A. Aitken 
and Andrew Picken. 

Scottish Boiler Insurance Company (Limited) — Neill & Anderson. 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society — John Rodger, D. 
Cunningham & Co., John MacGregor, William Hutchison, David 
Agnew, Craig, Scott & Co. 

Scottish Imperial Life— Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co., James 
Tannahill, John Macaulay, and James MacCunn. 

Scottish Metropolitan Life Assurance Company — A. C. Smith and 
James Connell. 

Scottish Plate Glass Insurance Company — David Aitken. 

Scottish Provident Institution— A. O. Leitch, R. & S. Neill, and 
Tohn Alexander. 



Scottish Provincial Fire and Life — George Williamson, James Nicol, 
D. Ferguson, Peter Webster, and James Tannahill. 

Scottish Union and National Insurance Company — James Little & 
Co., James Glen, Mackenzie & Walker, William N. A. Aitken, George 
Crockatt, jun., T. Henderson, J. Love, Neill & Anderson, James 
Hendry, and John Alexander. 

Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance — J. M. Hutcheson. 

Standard Marine Insurance Company (Limited) — William Lindsay & 

Standard Life Assurance Company — W. O. Leitch, James Auld, 
Colin Thomson, and MTlwraiths & Walker. 

Sun Fire and Life Offices — Campbell Finlay & Co., and F. G. 

The Fire Insurance Association — James Blair and Matthew Fleming. 

The Scottish Temperance Life Assurance Company (Limited)- -D. 

Union Assurance Society (Fire and Life) — A. Cameron, Colin 
Thomson, and William Lamont. 

Union Marine Insurance Company of Liverpool — D. Macdougall 
and W. Ramage. 

United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution — ■ 
J. S. Deas. 

Universal Plate Glass Insurance Company (Limited) — Henry Devlin, 
5 West Blackhall Street. 

West of England Fire and Life — John Patten, jun., and John Paul. 

Westminster Fire Office — Duncan Cunningham, D. M'Gillivray, 
.James Connell, and D. M. & J. Simpson. 

Westminster and General Insurance Company — Duncan M'Gillivray. 

Yorkshire Fire and Life — -James Connell. 


bq — Barque 

bqn — Barquentine 

bg— Brig 

bn — Brigantine 


s — Ship 
sk — Smack 
sp— Sloop 
ss— Steamer 

sr — Schooner 
lr — Lighter 
cr — Cutter 


Abbotsford bg 

Acorn sr 
Abercarne s 
Ajmeer bq 
Agnes Kelly sr 



1 1 77 Flett 

51 Craig 
1087 Brown 
1 163 Guthrie 

51 Craig 
1575 Brown 


The Clyde & St. Lawrence 

Shipping Co., Ld. Fgn 

R. S. M'Morland Cst 

John M'Kiver Fgn 

Robert Hunter do 

R. S. M'Morland Cst 

A.&J.H.Carmichael&Co. Fgn 

9 8 






Aline bq 

800 Ferguson 

James Grieve, jun. 


Amaranth bq 

1 197 


John Warden 


Amaryllis sr 

98 Templeton 

R. S. M'Morland 


Ancona ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Ananrus s 



A. &J. H. Carmichael&Co. do 

Ardgowan bq 



Adam, Hamilton & Co. 


Ardvar bq 



Hunter, Brown & Co. 


Argo s 



A.&J. H. Carmichael&Co. do 

Argonaut s 





Argus s 





Arran bq 



J. Carswell 


Assam ss 



P. & O. S. N. Co. 


Assaye bq 


M 'Ritchie 

J. & W. Stewart 


Asshur bq 



Foulds & Bone 


Atalanta s 

i75 2 

M 'Bride 

Ninian Hill 


Australia ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Ballarat ss 





Baron Blantyre s 



James MacCunn & Co. 


Baron Colonsay s 





Barbadian s 


M 'Lean 

John Kerr & Co. 


Bargany s 





Beltrees bqn 



W. Grieve, Son & Co. 


Ben Nevis ss 



James Campbell & Co. 


Berbice s 



John Kerr & Co. 


Blythswood s 



Meldrum, Mackellar & Co. do 

Bokhara ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Brahmin s 



J. & W. Stewart 


British Princess bq 

1346 James 

Robert Hunter 


Bruce bq 



J. S. Denniston & Co. 


C. A. Hoard bn 



R. S. M'Morland 


Caitloch s 



Hunter, Brown & Co. 


Cape Breton s 



A. Lyle & Sons 


Cape Clear ss 





Cape Finnisterre be 

[ 882 




Cape of Good Hope 

5 1400 




Cape Horn s 





Cape Race bq 





Cape St. Vincent s 





Cape Verde s 





Cape Wrath s 





Carleton bq 



John Kerr & Co. 


Carpasian bq 

288 Lawrie 

W. Grieve, Son & Co. 


Carron Park ss 



J. & J. Denholm 


Carthage ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Cathcart s 



Adam, Hamilton & Co. 


Cavour bq 


M 'Laren 

The Clyde & St. Lawrence 

Shipping Co., Ld. 


Chase sr 



Malcolm & Co. 


Choice s 

1 102 


J. Carswell 


Christabel bqn 



Baine & Johnston 


Chusan ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 







Clara Maria bn 

94 M '11 wain 

R. S. M'Morland 


Cloncaird bq 

1300 Murdoch 

John Kerr & Co. 


Cochin s 

1 1 99 Oudney 



Constance bq 

240 Taylor 

Baine & Johnston 


Corisande bqn 

190 Thorns 

James Grieve, jun. 


Craigburn s 

1997 Young 

R. Shankland & Co. 


Deveron s 

1256 Patterson 

James Russell and others 


Diligentia bq 

589 Quaile 

John Warden 


Dochra bq 

966 Hansford 

M'Neilage, Adam & Co. 


Dunloe bq 

674 Davies 

Hunter, Brown & Co. 


Eriminta s 

1 213 Johnson 

J. D. Clink 


Euphrates bq 

1642 Cameron 

R. Hill and others 


Eurydice s 

1500 Burns 

Baine & Johnston 


Faun ss 

43 J. Dalzell 

James Campbell & Co. 


Fiery Cross s 

1399 Menzies 

J. D. Clink 


Fleetwood s 

630 Smith 

James Richardson & Co. 


Forganhall bq 

1069 M'Gregor 

John Warden 


Gatineau bq 

1 165 Wilson 

Adam, Hamilton & Co. 


Georgina bn 

127 Montgomery 

R. S. M'Morland 


Glenburn s 

1476 Barrett 

R. Shankland & Co. 


Golden Fleece s 

1257 Cornfoot 

A. &J. H. Carmichael&Co. do 

Greenock s 

1224 Douglas 

R. W. Jamieson 


Gryfe s 

1068 Roberts 

James Russell and others 


Gulf of Akaba ss 

2042 Walls 

Gk. Steamship Co., Ld. 


Gulf of Papua ss 

2042 Ligertwood 



Gulf of Suez ss 

1591 Laws 



GulfofCarpentariass 2454 Thomson 



Gulf of Vincent ss 

2450 Sanderson 



Gulf of Mexico ss 

3172 Allan 



Gulf of Venice ss 

2970 Swan 



Guinevere bq 

879 Ford 

James MacCunn & Co. 


Hartfield s 

814 Ferguson 

James Richardson & Co. 


Hawk bn 

76 Lusk 

R. S. M'Morland 


Hebe bq 

240 Hoggan 

Baine & Johnston 


Helen Isabel bq 

260 Olsson 



Znchgreen bq 

1090 Miller 

D. MacDougall 


Inversnaid s 

1550 Dodds 

-J. Macgregor & Son 



1684 Barr 



James Watt ss 

1598 Petrie 

The James Watt Steamship 
Co., Ld.— Leitch& Muir, 



Jane bqn 

256 Evans 

J. & J. Denholm 


Janet Cowan s 

1278 M 'Queen 

R. Shankland & Co. 


Jason s 

I 5 12 Richardson 

A.&J. H. Carmichael&Co. do 

Jessie Catherine sp 

34 M'Lean 

Malcolm & Co. 


Kaiser-i-Hind ss 

4023 Stead 

P. & O. S. N. Co. 


Kamehameha IV. 

bq 494 Irwin 

Foulds & Bone 


Kate bqn 

202 Oats 

J. & J. Denholm 


Kenmore bq 

930 Milne 

Robert B. Finlay 


Killochan s 

1232 Manson 

John Kerr & Co. 


Kilkerran s 

1 198 Ferguson 









Khedive ss 


De Home 

P. & O. S. N. Co. 


Labrador s 



J. S. Denniston & Co. 


Lady Armstrong ss 



Adam, Hamilton & Co. 


Lady Ruthven s 



Adam, Hamilton & Co. 


Lavinia bq 



J. & W. Stewart - 


Leander bqn 



W. Grieve, Son & Co. 


Leopard ss 





Louvain ss 

255 Sharp 

R. Mills, jun. 


Lucayas bq 

446 Jones 

Hunter, Brown & Co. 


Madras bq 



John Iverr & Co. 


Mallowdale bq 



Hunter, Brown & Co. 


Malwa ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Margaret sr 



W. Grieve, Son & Co. 


Marmion ss 



James Campbell & Co. 


Martin Scott s 



R. W. Jamieson 


Mary bq 



J. & J. Denholm 


Mary Fry bq 



R. Mills 


Mary Low bq 



John Low and others 


Massilia ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Medea s 




0. do 

Mermerus s 





Meteor bq 



J. & W. Stewart 


Min bq 



Andrew Picken & Co. 


Mirzapore ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Mongolia ss 





Mount Park ss 



T. & J. Denholm 


Newcomen ss 


Riepenhausen Newcomen S.S. Co., Ld. 


Leitch & Muir, managers do 

Niobe s 



Baine & Johnston 


Oimara s 



J. D. Clink 


Orion bn 

9 S 


R. S. M'Morland 


Orissa s 



John ICerr & Co. 


Otterburn s 4- 



R. Shankland & Co. 


Orpheus s 



Baine & Johnston 


Parijero bq 


M 'Gin- 



Parramatta ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Parsee bq 



J. & W. Stewart 


Pekin ss 

3900 Symons 

P. & O. S. N. Co. 


Persian s 



J. D. Clink 


Peshawur ss 



P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Peterborough s 

1680 Murchie 

Adam, Hamilton & Co. 


Phasis s 



A. &J. H. Carmichael&Co. do 

Pinmore s 



John Kerr & Co. 


Princess Alex'drabq 1286 


The Clyde & St. Lawrence 

Shipping Co., Ld. 


Queen of Nations bq 





Racer bqn 



W. Grieve, Son & Co. 


Ralston s 



James Richardson & Co. 


Ranger ss 



J. & W. Stewart 


Rebecca ss 



Foulds & Bone 


Red Cross bq 



John Warden 


) ' 






Reine de Prevoyancebn 97 Kerr 

R. S. M'Morland 


Rohilla ss 

3500 Barratt 

P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


lome ss 

5013 Cates 



Routenburn s 

1997 Hart well 

R. Shankland & Co. 


Rutland s" 

1027 Casey 

J. D. Clink 


Salado bq 

442 M'Bryde 

John Clapperton & Co. 


Samarkand bq 

1 104 M 'Cleave 

W. & J. Crawford 


Sandringham bq 

1 107 Kerr 

Adam, Hamilton & Co. 


Sarah sr 

68 M'Allister 

R. S. M'Morland 


Scotia bn 

184 Smith 

J. & W. Stewart 


Selene s 

996 Pender 

T. D. Clink 


.Shalimar bq 

985 Scott 

W. & J. Crawford 


Siam ss 

3041 Ashdown 

P. & O. S. N. Co. 


Siren s 

1482 Shapland 

A. &J. H. Carmichael&Co. do 

Sir H. Havelock 

bq 460 Gilkison 

J. Clapperton & Co. 


Sir Lancelot bq 

886 Macdonald 

J. MacCunn & Co. 


Sisters sp 

41 M'llwain 

R. S. M'Morland 


Skelmorlie s 

1528 Halliday 

Hunter, Brown & Co. 


Stella bqn 

221 Nisbet 

J. & W. Stewart 


Summerlee bq 

806 Ireland 

John Warden 


Surat ss 

3142 Edwards 

P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Tasmania ss 

4488 Perrit 



Thessalus s 

1782 Bennett 

A. &J. H. Carmichael&C 

0. do 

Trochrague bq 

677 - 

John Kerr & Co. 


True Briton s 

1364 Jefferson 

Robert Hunter 


Turkistan s 

1593 Lamont 

W. & T. Crawford 


Valetta ss 

49 1 1 Orman 

P. & O. S. N. Co. 


Vanduara s 

2012 Corrance 

J. D. Clink 


Verona ss 

31 16 Loggin 

P. & 0. S. N. Co. 


Vulcan sp 

45 M'Cready 

R. S. M'Morland 


Walrus ss 

183 Barbour 

J. & W. Stewart 


Warrior bq 

484 Evans 

J. R. C. Sinclair 


Westville sr 

86 — 

J. & W. Stewart 


Windhover s 

847 Livingstone 

J. Kerr & Co. 


Wolf ss 

519 Smith 

W. Grieve, Son & Co. 


Wood burn s 

1425 Benson 

R. Shankland & Co. 


i(The Publishers h< 

ive been unable to get the lists of ships from one or two of the 

Shipowners, and the list is incom 

plete in this respect only.) 


Machinery and Iron Merchant, 

11 mmm struct, chrmiio-ck. 

New and Second-hand Engines and Boilers of every 

Description generally on Hand. 

Jttachinery of all kinds Stored and Sold on Moderate Terms. 



Established 1826, and Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament. 









te Directors invite Intending Assurers t » examine — 





All the Profits belong to the Policyholders. Claims Paid immediately on Proof of Death and Title. 
The following are Specimens of the Annual Premiums for Assurances of ^100: — 












C/5 >0 N IN P) 
S^vo m^o m 

(/■ mvo ■>*■ ■>*■ 
<s^ in -$- m ■* 

W K 
O < 
< E- 
Z W 

*a IE 

pi - £h 

si &g 

fe; ^ is* 
^ CK oq2 

^ 2 
k, ■<• CO 


I 00 SI 

2 ^- 



J h OiO*0 ■>*• 


• coco so m h 



d N TCO Tf 

km h m* ■^• 


• 00 VO 0\ H 
S? « O CO (N CO 


a m ^ ^2 °" 

U-! N P-. M t^ 


d ^ 2 "*■ H *" 
«■ NCI* Ul CO 

"-^ N H CO (N P) 


a - CO H Os 

i huh b h 

S? « H CO <N (M 










_ = 








'. u '. 
,: cS ■ 

u §8 : 
1 § : 
6 s-S 

u w rt 

s I 2 






J. 6. ROWJIJJ & CO., 


Jitbenile ffiutfitters, fosters, falters, 
ixrib (Slobers. 



•Robert /nV<3arrit& 

TChKwTCvHT 'R-rM flNr * wfi A K «B;-R„ ►♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 

BOOT *«&««! 

i^^^^^fe bJ)\y \# & m&titkt^ *=&&*?$ ^^k^&^^&gfe 


<!5reenoc6 + 




1. That the Doors be opened One Hour at least before the com- 
mencement of proceedings. 

2. That the Hall-keeper may open the Doors earlier, if he thinks it 
necessary for the safety of the Public, especially when large crowds 
collect outside previous to the hour fixed for opening. 

3. That the Hall-keeper may shut the Doors, and stop all further 
admittance whenever he considers that such would be improper. 

4. That persons engaging the Hall shall be responsible for any 
damage that may be done to the Hall, Organ, or Furniture during the 
time they occupy the Hall, and shall be bound to make good the same. 

5. That persons taking the Hall shall be bound to pay for a sufficient 
number of Police Officers to preserve order, without as well as within 
doors, to the satisfaction of the Superintendent of Police. 

6. That the Hall shall not be Sub-Let without the special permission 
of the Magistrates. 

7. That the object for which the Hall is wanted shall be particularly 
stated in the application. 

8. The Rates, &c, shall be paid in advance. 

9. The Magistrates may refuse to let the Hall, should they see 
proper, and may deviate from the usual Rates if occasion may require. 

10. That the time for using the Hall be limited to Three o'clock 
a.m. If beyond that hour, an additional charge of ^1 is to be made, 
the time in no case to be beyond Four o'clock a.m., and the extra 
hour to be in all cases a matter of special arrangement with the 
Chamberlain when the Hall is taken. 

1 1. In all cases parties taking the Hall must clear out not later than 
Ten o'clock a.m. on following morning. 

Scale of iRates for tbe use of tbe 1ball. 

For Concerts, Soirees, Lectures, &c.:— 

When Prices of Admission do not exceed 2s, . -^3 3 
Do. do. do. 3s, . . 44 

Do. do. do. 5s, . . 6 6 

Do. do. do. 7s 6d, 

Do. do. do. ios, . 

Do. do. exceed ios, . . 21 o o 

For Balls, Dinners, &c, as may be agreed upon ; but the charge will not be less 
than ,£3 3s. 

For Sabbath Evening Sermons — 

If Free Admission, ^220 

If a Charge be made for Admission, the usual Rates as above expressed, to be paid. 

3for use of tbe ©rcjan. 

For Concerts, Soirees, &c., ;£i 1 o 

For other purposes, as may be'agreed on. 
N.B. — The Organist's and the Blowers' Fees are to be paid in addition. 
Deposit for Gas in no case to be less than 21s. 

Town Chamberlain's Office, 


reenock library 

(Instituted 1st January, 1783). 


Parties may subscribe at any time, there being- 
proportionate payments for shorter 
periods than a year. 


to one New and one Old Work, of 
one or more Volumes each, and also 
to a Review or Magazine, - - £1 1 O 

•(All New Works of consequence are added as soon as published, 

and about Sixty Numbers of Magazines and Reviews 

are put in circulation Monthly.) 

to one Volume from General 
Library, ----- £0 6 6 


From Half-past 9 till 11 • 1 till 5; and 7 till 9 daily, except on 
Saturdays, when the Library is open from Half-past 7 p.m. till 9. 



Watt Monument, 

9 Union Street. 


Provident Bank 

No. 11 William Street 

(Established 1815.) 

£289,800 at credit of 16 f 567 Depositors. 
Reserve Fund, £12,000. 

OPEN DAILY from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

(SATURDAY from 10 to 12), 


EVENINGS from Half-past 6 to 8 O'Clock. 

Sums of ONE SHILLING and UPWAKDS received at Current 
Eates of Interest. 

Depositors have no trouble or expense for Management or Pass-books. 

All Accounts are kept strictly Private, and moneys 

repaid when wanted, with interest. 

James Inglis & Son, 

19 West Blackhall Street, Greenock. 

Pianos, Organs, and Harmoniums on Hire, to become the 

absolute Property of the Hirer at the end of 

One, Two, or Three Years. 

Pianos Tuned and! Kegulated by the year or otherwise. Worn 
Pianos thoroughly Eepaired and Eenovated. 

Always a number of Second-hand Pianos, Harmoniums, &c, on. 
hand at cheap prices. 

Pianists or Bands supplied for Private Parties, Balls, 
Soirees, &c. 


Iifl$@V ^p SELECT 

S tock of CKtanbarb iftooks 


(Stationery anii JUcmmt ^ooks at 
Cheap ilaies. 


Greenock JSoofc Marebouse, 

A Select Stock of Books in every Depart- 
ment of Literature always on hand. 







John (Bill & %ox\, 


Are Sole Lessees of all the Largest and most prominent 
Posting Stations in Greenock and District. 



practical (Etigratoer, (Stationer, Sec, 


Silverplate Engraving. Crests, Coats of Arms, Monograms, Inscriptions, &c, &c. 

Copperplate Engraving. Visiting Cards, Business Cards, Invoice Headings, 

Letter Tops, &c. 

Brass Engraving of every Description. Lithography in all its Branches. 

Mourning and Marriage Stationery and Printing at Lowest Prices. 

INDIA RUBBER STAMPS of every Description. 

Designs shown and Estimates furnished when required. 

m. RiNCAta 


AAtrioqzaiahzz, and Statiottez-, 

26 38H.-5TMC1T3E3R STREET, 


■ mm wiwmm, 


Bill-posting in Town or Country at Lowest Rates. 


(Late of Thomas Suttie & Co.), 
House and Ship Furnishing Ironmonger, 



Heating Apparatus, for Greenhouses, Vineries, &c, fitted up 
and repaired. 

Smith, Tinsmith, Gasfitting, and Bell-hanging Work done in all 
the Branches. 

For SHIP FURNISHINGS, see separate Catalogue, to he had on 

Caddle^ill Laundry, 

55 Upper Kelly Street (off South Street), 

Washing and Dressing at Moderate Charges. 

/lIMsses Seattle, proprietors. 


Steam 3Launcb an& ©eneral Engineer, 

House — 67 Nicolson Street. 

Bicycles and all other Machines Repaired. 



GASFITTINGS of all kinds. Gas Cooking and Heating 
Stoves. Pneumatic and other Bells. Gasfittings Cleaned 
and Re-lacquered. 


<Skter, plasterer, aitu iron §htp (Ecmcitt iUorker, 


Taking Down and Re-building Stalks, Chimney Heads, Grates, 
and Boilers, Repairing Roofs, Picking, Pointing, and 
White-washing. &c. 


Orders Punctually attended to. 




Steam Launch Builders, Consulting and General 
Engineers, Surveyors, Draughtsmen, <&c. 

Special Trade Machinery Designed and Contracted for. 

Glazier and Glass Merchant, Glass Siluerer, 
Embosser, and Stainer, 


(Immediately East of the Caledonian Railway Station.) 

Branch— 6 West Blackhall Street, 




Greenock Plate-Glass 




©f eberp Skscription at a JHoberatc premium. 



mm% an iiwai winaiit; 



Supplies the Public at Large, and Shipping, at 
very Moderate Prices. 


J. R. & a7~r. brown, 





Artificial Teeth inserted on the most Approved Principles. Decayed 

Teeth Nicely Stopped. Laughing Gas administered daily. 

Uevms /n>ot>eratc. 

Jllexandep JOteill, 


11 Patrick Street, Greenock. 

Drain Pipes, Chimney Cans, Ornamental Bricks, 
and Fire-clay Goods of every description. 


Agent for Brooks, Shoobridge & Co.'s Cement, 
London, which received the Highest Award at the New 
Zealand International Exhibition, 1S82. 

jo Bn x. (D iLSoa 

foster, & ®lobav 



Sole Agent in Greenock for 


Large and Fashionable Stock 

Stock embraces the following : — 

Felt Hats. Hats for Fishing. Waterproof Coats. 

Straw Hats. Hats for Shooting. Umbrellas. 

Satin Hats. Hats for Travelling. Hosiery. 

Tweed Hats. Hats for Playing. Gloves, &c., &c. 


Umbrellas Eepaired and Ee-covered. 


Established 1840. 

moRRison & $on$, 

Tailors, Clothiers, & Yachting Outfitters, 



(RoBetf HOx^U, 


34 TOest JSlacfeball Street, 




Waterproof Boots 

With Leather or Gutta Percha Bottoms 

Are the only THOROUGHLY WATERPROOF BOOTS Manufactured. 

'^jTpRBY are made on an entirety neto principle 
<& — No Seroing, Pegging, or Rvuetting reqnired 
in their formation ; Insoles perfectly smooth, 
and agreeable to wear. 

H. & J. DICK hane made it tlieir special 
study to meet a felt roant, and after a long 
eonrse of experiments hane sncceeded in 
arranging and nniting ttie sole to the npper 
unth their imperr>ions solntion ; by rohieh 
process they are enabled to prodnce a 
thoronghly watertight boot, that combines 
roarmth with lightness, and* dnrability with 

Can only be had from 

flfeessrs 1R. & % Bfck, 



[Branch from Glasgow.] 




fine Brt Dealer, 


Pictures Restored, Valuable Prints Cleaned. Draivings and Photographs 
Mounted. Regilding, etc., etc. 


IPainter anb decorator, 



All kinds of superior work carefully and artistically executed. 


Painter, Paperhanger, anb Decorator, 

From 8 to 3 MANSE LANE ( 2nd Door off Hamilton Street), 
where, with increased accommodation, he will continue the above 
i?i all its Branches. 

Paperhangingfrom 3d. Paints, Oils, and Varnishes Wholesale and RetaiL 



Shipping and Commission Agents, 


Dugb /nVCormell & Co., 





Old Blinds Repainted, Re taped, Corded, and done up aneiv. 

J. 2); fliycSregor SL Co tt 








funeral & posting Establishment, 





Telepho7iic Communication with East-end Office. 

jAme$.* Boujman, 

* ' Auctioneer and Valuator, 
26 West Blackball Street, 



Ipoussholii Jfttrnitart, & Haktatimts, 





Undertaken on the Shortest Notice. 

Parties averse to having Furniture, &c, Sold in their 
Houses, can have it Removed and Sold in the Rooms. 

Furniture, Pictures, Plate, &c, Stored at Moderate 
Terms, in New Stores, No. 1 Jamaica Street. 

Fire and Burglar-Proof Safes kept for Valuables of all 






On Deposit of Watches, Plate, Jewellery, Furniture, &c. 

«S" Loans above £10 per Special Agreement, "©a 


TURE, AND VALUATIONS, on the Shortest Notice. 
Parties averse to having their goods sold in their Houses, 
can have it Removed and Disposed of in the Hall, 







Price Lists sent Post Free on Application. 





Office— 103 Bath Street 

(Where all Orders must be left) 

Licensed by Her Majesty's Secretary of State 



& ^O -«^B 1,000 

:E> IR I O IE LIST <3- IR, _A_ T I S 


Nearly every Nobleman iu Scotland has been 
supplied by 





Either to Celebrate their Coming of Age or 

Nuptials. Established 1846. No Other House. 

Licensed by Her Majesty's Secretary of State. 



Jfirdaork Jlrtiste to the tifyattn 



[See preceding Page 



For Decorating Arches, Halls, Bail-Rooms, 
Tents, Gardens, &c. &c. 

<% • 

P30 S 

~ o 
~Ph ^ 


^W ° 

I— I, !>> 


j as 


"<4&ef us ^efp @ne JUtof^er." — " ^eCcoroe !'' 
"^Cenf^"— " Qfyaxactex i& Worat ©voer." 

"5#a# ^eace cm6 happiness affmo fJpero." 

" ^Ta? f£e pinion Be a ^tesstng." 

" <gruf£ ? "— " Tgiety."— " § hrit>e anb Qfyxioe." 

"Jte**?/ — " #06 our $sope."— " gfaiffx" 

&c. &c. &c. 


JlF&ft Interpretations in English 

NOTICE. — K any of the above do not suit the occasion, name the 
Motto required, and T.C.B. may have it in Stock ; but if not, it can 
be made to order at a Few Hours' Notice. 


















T. C. ZB^ZRIjO"W" 




[See preceding Page 


Wholesale and Eetail Wine, Spirit, and Malt Liquor 
Merchant, and Commission Agent, 

7 & 9 Sir Michael Street. 

2 Tobago Street. 

39 Vermel. 

4 Cowgate. 

45 Dalrymple Street. 

2 William Street. 

1 West Breast. 

2 Cross-Shore Street. 

3 East Breast. 

BONDED STORES— Under Town Hall, Dalrymple Street 




I can strongly recommend my BLEND of Old-Matured 
HIGHLAND WHISKIES as being a selection of the 
choice productions of the most Famed Distilleries of the 
North and West of Scotland, mixed so as to give full effect 
to the special qualities possessed by each. This Blend is 
pleasant to the palate, as it is mellowed by age. It is 
restorative, owing to the different Spirits being Blended with 
a due regard to their chemical properties. It is nutritious 
and wholesome, because it is Distilled from the finest Scotch 
Barley, and that which contains the greatest amount of 
saccharine is only mashed. It is invigorating and gives 
zest and an exhilirating tone to the constitution. This 
Celebrated and most delicious Old Spirit is composed of the 
very cream of Old Highland W 7 hiskies : is perfectly pure and 
divested of all Fusel Oil, peculiarly free from acidity, and is 
foetter adapted for general use than any other Spirit — Cognac 
Brandy not excepted. All the Whiskies used in this Noted 
Blend are specially Distilled and kept in Customs' Bond for 
Ten Years before being used, and until they are toned and 
completely matured by age. 






The following kept in Stock : — 






From the most famous Distilleries. 


Family Orders carefully attended to, and forwarded, 
carriage paid. 






Wines and Spirits of the Best Qualities. 

Marriage Steppers, &c. t Purveyed. 



FROM 12.30 TILL 4. 







Agents for West Coast for 



Famed Pale and Mild Ales and Stouts. 


Wine Merchant, 


Large Selection of Finest Wines and Spirits always in Stock. 

* W2ITE gp 50TEL, * 


(Within Three Minutes Walk of the Railway Stations and Steamers). 





(Nearly Opposite Caledonian Raihvay Station.) 

A Magnificent Billiard Room has been added. 

MRS M'DERMOTT, Proprietrix. 




3r The lew Patent 



For Ladies. ■ 

PRICE, ■ - 21s EACH. wBmimmA 

All Sizes in Black, Bhde, and other Colours sent free 
on receipt of remittance. 

Only Measure required— Length from Collar to Skirt* 


Waterproof Goats. 

Our Waterproofs being specially 

Manufactured at our own Works, we 

Guarantee them as being Thoroughly Proof. 

Samples and Prices Free by Post. 


















Mire fiHorkers anb Sire Cloth 

3 Mitchell Street, Glasgow. 


*"" CLOTH, and every description of WIRE WORK for Corn, 
Flour, and Barley Mills ; Chemical, Gunpowder, Sugar Refining, 
Biscuit, and Starch Manufacturers ; Sugar and Rice Plantations ; 
Collieries, Distilleries, &c, &c. 








Wire Guards for Windows, Roof-lights, Library Doors, &*c. 


BULWARKS, &c, &c., &c. 






5 DOCK BREAST (Alongside of Dry Dock), 
13 CLARENCE STREET (Opposite Albert Harbour), 


EAST HAMILTON ST. (Head of Garvel Dock), 




|£ Booh, Commercial, ano General Jj| 
§£ ano publisber of "director?," § 



+ 23 + Disown * SCRGGC,* 


Gardner & Lyle, 

Opticians, Mathematical, 
Philosophical, and Electrical Instrument Makers, 



Where they hope, by their Acknowledged Care, Extensive Experience, and Improved 

Methods of Special Testing, together with a Considerable Reduction in Prices, to 

merit a continuance of the favours conferred on the I' irm during the past |20 YEARS, 

and for which they desire to return their most sincere thanks. 


To Suit every Peculiarity of "Vision. 





£4 10s up to £32, 

Rifle Range Do., 

30s to 105s 

with Case, 31s, 
35s, 44s, & 50s. 

Suitable for 

and Prizes. 

and Slidss 
on Loan. 



Single and 

in Cases. 


Gold Mounted Compasses, Pocket Aneroids, 
Presentation Microscopes, Barometers, Thermometers, &c, of Superior 

Quality, at Reduced Prices. 



Head Office, 66 and 67 Cornhill, London. 
Scottish Branch -Glasgow : 161 West George Street. 

™ A xT K * a i A i^-U 9; T ^ K ^ FIELD ' Es Q-' BusBY ( In S lis & Wakefield). 
DONALD GRAHAM, Esq., CLE., Glasgow (W. & R. Graham & Co ) 
w?M^v S J^fe M ^ IN ' 1 EsQ -' Gl asgow (British Linen Company Bank). 
HENRY HEYS, Esq., Barrhead (Z. Heys & Sons). 
wt^H^J £? W T LANDS ' EsQ - Glasgow (T. & W. Newlands & Co.). 
WILLIAM WALLS, Esq., J.P., Glasgow (Wm. Walls & Co.) 
PETER STURROCK, Esq., J.P., Provost of Kilmarnock. 

Resident Secretary— JAMES HAMILTON. 

Edinburgh Office— 75 Princes Street. 
Dundee Office— 9 Panmure Street. 
Aberdeen Office— 181 Union Street. 


Paid-up Capital. £100.000 o o 

Reserve for Current Risks, 101,519 11 10 

Balance of Income and Expenditure carried to 1885, 29^481 14 9 

Total Funds, £231,001 6 7 

Besides an Uncalled Capital of £"800,000, giving a 

Total Security of ' /i, 031,001 6 7 



(Established 1862). 

Head Office, 66 and 67 Cormiill London. 

Scottish Branch— Glasgow : 161 "West George Street. 

( Under same Management as "The Fire Insurance Association.'"— -Seeabove. ) 

New Assurances for 1884, .... ^527,145 
Yielding a New Premium Income of . . 16,956 

Amount added to funds during 1884, . . 38,640 


Premiums Moderate, consistent with Security, and lower than most Offices. 
Policies indisputable after Five Years. 
Non-forfeiture of Policies and Liberal Surrender Values. 
Four-fifths of Profits, or 80 per cent., apportioned to Policyholders. 
Full Particulars from the Scottish Branch — 

161 West George Street, Glasgow. 



Capital, ^5,000,000. Established 1824. 

Glasgow Board of Directors. 

JAMES AIKEN, Esq. (Messrs Burns, Aiken & Co.) 

ALEXANDER DREW, Esq. (Messrs Alex. Drew & Sons). 

JAMES FINLAYSON, Esq. (Messrs Finlayson, Bousfield & Co.) 

LEONARD COW, Esq., Shipowner. 


ANTHONY HANNAY, Esq. (Messrs Kelly & Co.) 

THOMAS RUSSELL, Esq., M.P. of Ascog, Bute. 

FIRE and LIFE INSURANCES may be effected on the most 
favourable terms on application to any of the Local Agents, or to 

W. W. W. REID, Manager, 


Montserratt Pure Lime-Fruit Juice & Cordials. 


In Imperial Quarts, . . . per 1 doz. case, 22/ 
In Imperial Pints, . . . per 2 ,, 24/ 


Per 1 doz. case. Per i doz. case. 

Montserratt Pine Apple, ...20/ 

Montserratt Clove, 20/ 

Montserratt Peppermint, 20/ 

Montserratt Sarsaparilla, 20/ 

Montserratt Strawberry, 20/ 

Montserratt Limetta Cordial, 14/ 

Montserratt Aromatic, 17/ 

Montserratt Quinine, 20/ 

Montserratt Raspberry, . . 20/ 

Montserratt Jargonelle, 20/ 

Montserratt Lime-Fruit Bitters, . . per I doz. case, 20/ 

The above Cordials are all prepared with Montserratt Lime-Fruit 
Juice as their basis, and are all guaranteed free from alcohol. They are 
put up in bottles, 6 to the Gallon. — Bottles and cases free. 

Special Agents : 

Bgcnts for 

William Younger & Co., 

Brewers, Edinburgh. _ jsw ___ _ _^. w ,.,^_ _ ~ _ 

J — K£?w JOHN BAIRD & CO,, 

John Ross & Co., 

Distillers, Campbeltown. 
George Sayer & Co., 

Cognac, France. 

146 West Eegent Street, 





Established 1871, under the Companies' Acts, 1862, 1867. 
Capital, £20,000. 

Head Office — 


Bankers— ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, St. Vincent Street.. 


Auditor— JAMES PATERSON, C.A., 92 Bath Street, Glasgow,, 

Burgh Treasurer, Kinning Park. 

Manager— W. M 'GAVIN M'CULLOCH. 

Over £60,000 of G-lass has been replaced by this Company for 
Breakages arising from Storms, Stone-Throwing, Window- 
Cleaning, Goods Palling, Malice, Mischief, and other in- 
numerable causes. 

All Glass Insured against every risk, except Fire-heat, at Moderate 

Rates, with prompt replacement of Breakages. 

Immediate Notice of all Damages should be sent to the Office or Agent. 




Established in the reign of Queen Anne, A.D. ij 14. 

FIRE FUNDS £720,000 

LIFE FUNDS 900,000 

TOTAL FUNDS 1,800,000 




W. M'GAVIN M'CULLOCH, Local Manager.