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commeiitary adds that his verses were received into the 
canon by the fathers assembled at the third convocation. — 

In preparing the present edition of the Therag&th&s I have 
made use of the following MSS. : 

A : MS. of the India Office (Fhayre Collection) written in 
Burmese characters. 

B: MS. of the Bibliotheque nationale at Paris (fonds 
P&li 91) ; Burmese writing. 

: MS. kindly lent to me by the priest Subh{iti ; Sinha- 
lese characters. 

D: MS., of the commentary calledTPARAMATTHADiPANi/ 
belonging to the Royal Library at Copenhagen (see Wester- 
gaard's Codices Indici Bibliothecae Begiae Havniensis, p. 35 
seq.) ; Sinhalese characters. The comment on each section 
is opened by an introduction giving an account of the Thera 
to whom the authorship of the section is ascribed, of the way 
in which he reached Arahatship, of the occasion on which he 
uttered his g&th^ or gathas, etc.^ Then follows the text 
of the gdth&s and the explanation or paraphrase. I designate 

^ The text of the TheragRthsis adhered to in the Paramatthadipani— and, we 
may add without doilbt, given in all our MSS.^rests, as is expressly stated in the 
introduction of the Paramatth., on the sacred tradition handed down in the 
Mah&yihdra; the author professes to write < Mah^yiharaTMnam samayam 
avilomayain * (thus reads the MS. ; not avilocayam, as given by Westergaard). 
This statement is to be compared with the analogous ones in the Udddna of the 
Gullavagga, book iii. (Vinaya Pi^ka, voL ii. p. 72), and in the introductory 
stanzas of the Sumangala YillUint quoted in my < Catalogue of the MSS. at the 
India Office' (Paii Text Society's Report 1882, p. 71). Most probably the whole 
tradition of Pi^ka texts which has survived to this day in the Southern Buddhist 
countries is to be derived from the MahRvihclra. 

* It is to be remarked that these introductory stories contain very frequent 
quotations from the Apadana, so that the Paramatthadipant may be of con- 
siderable use to a future editor of tha^ text. 

PREFACE. xiii 

the text readings by Da, and the readings occurring in the 
course of the explanation by Db. Unfortunately our 
MS. of the comment breaks off at the second verse of the 
Solasanip£lta, so that for nearly half the extent of the 
Tberag&th& collection I had to do without its assistance. 

A large number of blunders common to ABC conclusively 
show that these three MSS. are derived from the same 
original, which is lost to us, but of which so much can be 
said that it did not belong to the more correct MSS. of 
Pitaka texts ^ ; its authority is certainly much inferior to that 
of the comment. Of the three copies which represent to us 
this lost original, A is by far the most reliable ; from 
another very incorrect copy of the codex archetypua descend 
B and C.^ 

It will not be surprising to any one familiar with Indian 
MSS. that in a number of passages readings are found which 
would seem to point to a connexion of our MSS. different 
from that which we have stated. Thus, in several instances 

^ See, for instance, v. 26 : saccliabysldllim, saccapRdi, saccaby^ for pacca- 
yy^dhi ; t. 279 : hetani for sotdni (similarly y. 1266 : hetum for sotam) ; 
V. 309 : asabh^kulam and asakakulaip for £lpag£lkMam ; v. 348 : sassato for 
payato ; v. 412 : pnrisam for sudipam ; v. 429 : sannabhindam for panna- 
gindaip ; t. 601 : passetha for sayetba ; v. 628 : savanti for pavanti ; v. 698 : 
paiiiid for sanfld. Considering this very frequent interchanging of the letters 
B and p, we shall scarcely hesitate to correct, in the Udd&na after v. 120, Yana- 
payhayo into Yanasayhayo. — Other instances of blunders common to ABO are, 
T. 3 : nisive and nisiye for nisithe ; y. 41 ( = 1167) : nabha- for naga- ; Udd^lna 
after y. 90 : ja for ca ; t. 469 : pslpimsu for p&mimsu ; y. 496 : paccaya- for 

' See, for instance, y. 12 : cabhanarato B and cabhRnarato for jhflnarato ; 
y. 60 : dhiccati cclti BO for siccati y^ti ; y. 1128 : asubham for asura ; y. 1162 : 
bhayassa disam (or bh' disam) BO for taya sarirain. It is manifest that these 
blunders point to Burmese characters. 


B bas readings in common with D, in which these MSS. 
diflfer from AC ; in other cases blunders of ABC, or even 
such belonging only to the BC class have found their way to 
D also. The explanation of this is clearly enough that the 
copyist of one MS. introduced into his text different readings 
either from his own memory, or from other MSS., or from 
glosses or corrections written on the margin of the MS. he 
was copying. We should of course in no case allow our- 
selves to be led away by these exceptions from that judgment 
as to the mutual relation of our sources to which we have 
been led by undeniable rule in the grouping of the various 

I ought not to omit pointing out the fact that the separate 
Udddnas or Indices, which occur regularly at the end of each 
Nip&tay and at the end also of the whole work, and give the 
names and numbers of the Theras and the number of verses in 
each chapter, and in the whole work respectively, seem to be 
based on a recension or condition of the text different from 
that which now lies before us. In one case, at the end of 
the Catukka-Nip£lta, the XJddana gives one Thera more than 
the text (13 as against 12), and in several cases it gives more 
verses than the text now contains.^ But I confess that I am 
not inclined to attach much weight to the statements in these 
TJdd&nas. In the only one of these instances in which I 
have been able to consult the commentary (that in the 
Catukka-nipslta), it supports the text and not the ITddana ; 

^ In the Yisati-nip^ta 245 as against 244, in the Timsa-nipata 105 as against 
102, and so on. 


and not only so, but the statements of tlie XJdddna appear 
even to be self-contradictory. It states, indeed, that the 
number of Theras is thirteen, but in the preceding enumera- 
tion of the names it would be necessary to take the word 
bhavati in line 3 as a proper name (!) in order to make up 
that number. Then when we come to the final TJdddna at 
the end of the work, we find that the total number of Theras 
(264) agrees with that in the Text, — ^presupposes, that is, 
12 (and not 13) Theras in the Catukka-nip&ta. So, again, 
while the number of verses in our text is 1279, the number 
given in the final XJddelna is 1360, and the number arrived at 
by adding up the totals given in all the separate TJdddnas to 
the various Nip&tas is 1294. Whatever may be thought 
then of these striking contradictions, it is clear that for the 
practical treatment of our text these numbers in the Udddnas 
must be left entirely out of sight. 

In concluding these introductory remarks, I have to 
express my very sincere thanks to the administrations of 
those libraries, and to those scholars, who have most liberally 
aided my imdertaking by placing at my disposal MSS. of 
the Therag&th& as well as other materials required for my 
work, viz. the Royal Library at Copenhagen, the India 
Office Library, the Bibliotheque nationale, Subhuti UnnS-nsS, 
Professor FausboU, the Rev. Dr. Morris, and Dr. R. Rest. 

H. Oldenberg. 


I^amo tassa bhagavato arabato samm&sambuddhassa. 

Sihslnam va nadant&nam d&thtnam girigabbhare 
sunitha bh&vitattiliiam gkthd, attupandyik^ : II 1 1| 
yathslnUm^ yath&gott& yath^dhammayih&rino 
yath^dhimuttd sappanneL viharimsu atandit^, 11211 
^tattha tattha vipassitva phusitv^ accutam padam 
katantajn paccavekkhantsl imam attham abh&sisum. || 3 II 


ChannS. me kutika sukh^ niykiA, vassa deva yathdsukham ; 
cittam me susara&hitam vimuttam, &t&pi vihar&mi, vassa 

deva'ti. mil 

ittham sudam slyasm& Subh&ti tbero g&tbam abhel- 

sittha Hi. 
TJpasanto uparato mantabhtLni anuddhato 
dhuD&ti p&pake dhamme dumapattam va md^luto 'ti. ||2|| 
ittham sudam ftyasmd Mah^kotthikathero &:atham 


Intboductobt stanzas. — 1, atthupanayikd A, attup° C, atth\ip° D, atthupa- 
nSsika B. Comp. the 4th Parajika rule and MahSvagga V. 1. 28.— 2, yathSvi- 
muttsl 'ti vR patho D. 

1 (comp. 51-53), me sS kutika ADa, me kutikd BCD*.— 2 ( = 1006), Maha- 
kotthikath° A, Mahako^iko th° BC, Mahakotthitath" D. 


Paiinam imam passa tath&gat&nam : aggi yath& pajjalito 

&lokad& cakkhudadd bhavanti ye &gat&nani vinayanti 

kankhanti. II3II 

ittham sudam &ya8m& Kankh&revato thero g&tham 

Sabbhir eva sam&setha panditeh' atthadassibhi : 

attham mahantam £rambhiram duddasam nipunam aniim 

dhiri samadhigacchanti appamatt^ vicakkhanft 'ti. II 4 II 

i. s. £lyasm£L Punno Mant&niputto thero g. a. 

Yo duddamayo damena danto Dabbo santusito vitinna- 


vijitavi apetabheravo hi Dabbo so parinibbuto thitatto'ti. ||5|| 

i. s. {Lyasm^ Dabbo thero g. a. 

Yo Sitavanam upeLgd bhikkhu eko santusito sam^hitatto 

vijitdyi apetalomahamso rakkham k&yagat&satim dhitima 

'ti. II6II 

1. 8. dvasmA Sitavanivo thero. 

Yo p&nudi maccur&jassa senam nalasetum va sudubbalam 


vijit&vi apetabheravo hi danto so parinibbuto thitatto 'ti. II 7 II 

i. s. £lyasma Bhalliyo thero. 

Tf b duddaraayo damena danto viro santusito vitinnakankho 

vijit&vi apetalomahamso Viro so parinibbuto thitatto 'ti. ||8|| 

Viro thero. 

SvS.gatam n&pagatam na yidam dumroantitam mama, 

samvibhattesu dhammesu yam settham tad updgamin ti. ||9 1| 


3, aggI A, aggi BCD. — nisive A, nisive BC, nistthe, sometimes nisive 
corrected into nisithe D (nisithe rattiyam). - 6, hi AD, pi B ; deest in C. — 
thitatto AD, thitattho BC. — 6, upaga ABC, upagd D. — rakkhi AC, rakkham 
BD. Then ABC Da agree in reading kslya^atasati dhitimS (dhim^ C). D: 
rakkhan ti rakkhato (rakkhanto P) kayagat^satin ti kdy^ammanam satim kdyaffa- 
tasatikammatthclnam paribrahanavasena avissajjento. — In the commentary this 
stanza is ascribed to the Thera Sambhiita. — 7, nalam corrected into nala° A, 
dalam B, dalhattham C, nala" D. Comp. Suttanip. 4. — 9 (comp. 885), na 
durslgatam A, na duragatam B, ntl diiragato C, ndpagatam D. Further on we 
find another reading dubhagatam (instead of apagatam) mentioned in the com- 
mentary ("napi du^thu dgatam*'). — samvibhattesu A, sav" BC, vibhattesu 
(**samvibhajitv& vattadhammesu'*) D. 


Vihari apekkham idha v& huram v& yo vedagdl samito 

sabbesu dhammesu anupalltto lokassa jana& udayabbayail 

c&'ti. moil 


Yaggo pathamo. udd&nam : 

Subbuti Kotthiko thero Kankb&revatasubbato 
Mant^niputto Dabbo ca Sitavaniyo ca Bhalliyo 
Vlro Pilindavaccho ca Punnam&so tamonudo 'ti. 

P&mujjabahulo bhikkhu dhamme buddbappavedite 
adbigacche padam santam samkh&rdpasamamsakhan ti. II 11 

C{dagavaccbo thero. 
Pafinabali silavatiipapanno samtLbito jb&narato sattmsL 
yadatthiyam bbojanam bbunjamtLuo kankbeta kalam idba 
Titarago'ti. III2I1' 

Mab&gavaccho tbero. 
Nilabbbavannft rucirS, sitav&ri sucindbard 
iadagopakasancbannd te sel^ ramayanti man ti. II 1311 

TJpajjb&yo mam avac&si ito gaccb&mi Sivaka. 
gkme me vasati k&yo arannam me gato mano 
sem&nako pi gaccbdmi ; n' attbi sango vijS,nataQ ti. || 14 |j 

Yanavaccbassa tberassa stLmanero. 
Panca cbinde panca jabe pafica c' uttari bb&vaye ; 
pancasangatigo bbikkbu ogbatinno Hi vuccatiti. || 15 1| 

Kundadbano tbero. 
Yatb&pi bbaddo S,jaDDo nangalavattani sikbi 
gaccbati appakasirena, evam rattindiv^ mama 
gaccbanti appakasirena sukbe laddbe nirslmise 'ti. I|16|| 

Belattbaslso tbero. 

10, yihari or viharim A, Tihari C, viharati B, virahi and yiharim Da, vihUriti 
Tisesato hari apahari apanesi D^.— IJddAna : Kotthiko AB, Kotiko 0. — °subbato 
C, "suppato B, "sammato A. — 11, Culavaccho A, Ciijagavacclio C, Culagavaccho 
B, Culagavaccho D. — 12, yadatthiyam ACD, yadattiyam B. — bhojanam C, 
bhojana AB.— Mah&vacchathero A, Mahagavaccho th" BC, Mahagavacchath* 
D.— 13, °vari sucindard ABC. D gives both "vfilri sucindh** and v&risucindh".— 
14, upajjhd Da. — 16, comp. 633, Dhammap. 370. — cuttari ABD, vuttari C. 


Middht yadd hoti mahagghaso ca nidddyit& samparivattasftyi 
mah&var&ho va niv&paputtho punappunam gabbham upeti 
mando 'ti. || 17 1| 

D&sako thero. 
Ahii buddhassa d&ysldo bhikkha Bhesakal^vane^ 
kevalam atthisann&ya aphari pathavim imam, 
mafine 'ham k&mar&gam so khippam eva pahiyattti. II 18 II 

SingalapM thero. 
TJdakam hi nayanti nettik^, usuk&rd namayanti tejanam, 
d&rum namayanti tacchaksl, attslnam damayanti subbat& 
U II 19 II 

Kulo thero. 
Marane me bhayam n' atthi, nikantt n' atthi jlvite, 
sandeham nikkhipiss&mi sampajglno patissato 'ti. ||20|| 

Ajito thero. 

Vaggo dutiyo. udd&nam : 

CMavaccho Mah&vaccho Vanavaccho ca Sivako 
Kundadhslno ca Belatthi D&sako ca tato param 
Sing£llapitiko thero Kulo ca Ajito das& 'ti.| 

N&ham bhayassa bh&y&mi, satthH no amatassa kovido. 
yattha bhayam n&vatitthati tena maggena vajanti bhi- 
kkhavo'ti. ||21|| 

Nigrodho thero. 
"Nilk sugiY& sikhino mor& Karamviyam abhinadanti, 
te sitavsltakalit^ suttam jh&yam nibodhentiti. ||22|| 

Cittako thero. 

17, comp. Dhammap. 325. — 18, "mafifio ban ti pi -pkiiho*' D. — pahiyati A, 
pahtyati BO, pahissati Da. D^ : pahiyati pajahissatiti mail&e. Probably we 
should read, panassati.— 19, comp. 877, Dhammap. 80, 145. — us" namayanti, 
darum namayanti CD, us° damayanti, d° damayanti AB. — Eulo AB, Emo C, 
Kundath" and Enijdalatb*' D.— 20, n' atthi nikanti j" D.— Uddana : Eulo AB, 
Kulo C— 22, Ed,rambhiTam A, Kilyamviya B, Kdramviya C. D : Karamviyan 
ti kslravam rukkham Karaviti tS, tassa vanassa namam, tasmd Earamyiyan ti 
EarayanRmake yane 'ti attho. — ^'kilit^ A, kalitd C, kalibh& B, kaddita D^, 
sitayatakaddita 'ti sitena meghay^tena safijdtam kaltti madhurayassitam 
yassanto D*. 


Aham kho Velugumbasmim bhutvdna madhupsLyfi-sam 
padakkhinam sammasanto khandhdnam udayabbayam 
B^num patigamiss&mi vivekam anubriihayaQ ti. ||23|| 

Gosdlo thero. 
Anuvassiko pabbajito, passa dhammasudhammatam, 
tisso vij ja anuppatt^, katam buddhassa s&sanan ti. || 24 1| 

Sugandho thero. 
Obh^j&tam pbalagam cittam yassa abhinhaso, 
tadisam bhikkhum dsaj ja Kanha dukkham nigacchasiti. ||'^ 

Nandiyo thero. 
Sutv& subh&sitam v&cam buddhass^Ldiccabandhuno 
paccavyddhim hi nipunam v&laggam usun& yathd 'ti. || 26 

Abhayo thero. 
Dabbam kusam potakilam usiram munjapabbajam 
urassl panudahiss&mi vivekam anubrfthayan ti. ||27|| 

Lomasakangiyo thero. 
Kacci no vatthapasuto, kacci no bhdsan&rato, 
kacci silamayam gandham tvam vS^si netar& paj& 'ti. ||28 

Janibug&mikaputto thero. 
Samunnamayam att&nam usukaro va tejanam 
cittam ujum karitvdna avijjam chinda H£lrit& 'ti. ||29|| 

H&rito thero. 
Abidhe me samuppanne sati me upapajjatha : 
S,bMho me samuppanno, k&lo me na ppamajjitun ti. ||30 

TJttiyo thero. 

Vaggo tatiyo. uddS-nam : 

Nigrodho Cittako thero GosS^latthero Sugandho 
Nandiyo Abhayo thero thero Lomasakangiyo 
Jambug&mikaputto ca H&rito Uttiyo isiti. 

24, anuvassiko AB, anuTassikan ti C, anuvassiko and anavassiko Da. Bb : 
anassiko (sic) 'ti anupagato vassam anuvasse va anuvassiko . . . athava pacchato 
ji:atam anugatam vassam anuvassam tarn assa atthiti anuvassiko, yassa pabbaji- 
tassa aparipunnataya na ganapagatam so evam vutto anuvassiko *ti vuttam hoti. — 
26, sacchaoyidhim A, saccappadihi (corrected into °dhihi} C, saccabyddihi B, 
paccavySdimhi Da, paccabMnintiti patipajji Db. — 27, Comp. 233, ApadSna fol. 
di (Dr. Morris's MS.) — 28, kacci na vatthapasuto 'ti pi patho D. — After pajd 
the following words are given in ABC : tarn kifici (kacci A) na hoti yato. — 29, 
samunnamayam Da, °nnam° A, °ddam° BO. — bhinda D. — Uddana. It is not 
worth while to give the confused readings of ABC. 


Phuttho damselii makasehi araiifiasmim brah&vane 

• • • • • 

nkgo samg&masise va sato tatrMhiv£lsaye 'ti. II31II 

Gahvaratiriyo bhikkhu. 

Ajaram jiram&nena tappamslnena nibbutim 

nimmissam paramam santim yogakkhemam anuttaran 

ti. II 32 II 

Suppiyo thero. 

Yath&pi ekaputtasmim piyasmim kusall siy&, 

evam sabbesu panesu sabbattha kusalo siysL 'ti. || 33 1| 

Sopftko thero. 

Andsannayar^ et& niccam eva vijanat^. 

g£Lm& aranfiam &gamma tato geham up&vi§inL 

tato utthaya pakk&mim anamaiitetvsl Posiyo 'ti. || 34 1| 

Posiyo thero. 

Sukham sukhattho labhate tad dcaram, kittin ca pappoti, 

yas' assa vaddhati 

yo ariyam atthangikam anjasam ujum bh&veti maggam 

amatassa pattiy^ 'ti. || 35 1| 

StLmannak&ni thero. 

S&dhu sutam sadhu caritakam s&dhu sadsL aniketaviharo 

atthapucchanam padakkhinakammam etam sS^mannain 

akincanassS. 'ti. ||36|| 

Kum&putto thero. 

N&nSjanapadam yanti yicarant& asannata 

sam^dhifi ca yir&dhenti, kim su ratthamcariy^ karissati. 

tasm^ yineyya s&rambham jhS,yeyya apurakkhato 'ti. ||37|| 

Kum&puttassa therassa sah&yako thero. 

Yo iddhiyft Sarabhum atthapesi so Gavampati asito anejo, 

tarn sabbasafig&tigatam mahslmunim deyH namassanti bha- 

yassa p&ragun ti. || 38 1| 

Gayampati thero. 

Sattiyd viya omattho dayham&ne ya matthake 

kdmarS-gapahandya sato bhikkhu paribbaje 'ti. || 39 1| 

Tisso thero. 

31, TahClratitiriyathera, Tahiiratiriyattliera D. — 32, nimiyam ABC, nirdmi- 
sam corrected to nimissam Da, nimissan ti parivatteyyam cetapeyyam Db. — 

34, upavisi AC, upavisam B. — pakkami AC, pakkamin ta D, pakkami B. — 

35, tad acaram AD*, tadaVaram BCDa.— 38, atthapesi Da D*, patth" ABC— 
dey& ADa D*, devSpi BC— 39 = 1162. 


Sattiygl vlya omattho dayhamdne va matthake 
bhavarS.gapahS.iiS.ya satto bhikkhu paribbaje 'ti. ||40 

Vaddham&no thero. 

Vaggo catuttho. uddSnam : 

Gahvaratiriyo Suppiyo SopSko ca Posiyo ca 
SSmannakSni KumSputto KumSputtasahSyako 
Gavampati Tissatthero YaddhamSno mahSyaso 'ti. 

Vivaram anupatanti vijjutS VebhSrassa ca Panda vassa ca, 
nagavivaragato ca jhSyati putto appatimassa tSdino 'ti. ||41 

Sirivaddho thero.' 
CSIe UpacSle SisilpacSle patissatikS nu kho viharatha, 
Sgato vo vSlam viya vedhiti. ||42|| 

Khadiravaniyo thero. 
Sumuttiko sumuttiko sShu sumuttiko mhi tihi khujjakehi, 
asitasu mayS nangalSsu mayS khuddakuddSlSsu mayS. 
yadi pi idham eva idham eva athavSpi alam eva alam eva ; 
jhSya Sumangala jhSya Sumangala, appamatto vihara 
SumangalS 'ti. II 43 II 

Sumangalo thero. 

Matam vS amma rodanti yo vS jivam na dissati. 

jivantam mam amma dissantt kasmS mam amma roda- 

siti. II44II 

SSnu thero. 

YathSpi bhaddo SjaDoo khalitvS patititthati 

evam dassanasampannam sammSsambuddhasavakan ti. II 45 1| 

RamaniyavihSri thero. 

SaddhSySham pabbajito agSrasmS anagSriyam, 

sati panfiS ca me vuddha cittan ca susamShitam. 

kSmam karassu rdpSni, n' eva mam bySdhayissasiti. ||46|| 

Samiddhi thero. 

40=1163. — Udddoa: Gahvatiriyo A, Gavhatiriyo B, Gahavatiriyo C— • 
41 ( = 1167), nabhaviv' ABC, nagav^ Da Bb.— 43, khuddakuddaiasu maya 
(khnddh" A) ABC, ud(Uiauddh^u may^ Bay uddhakuddalasu mayd . . . khudda- 
kuddal^ii tl pi kunda- (or, kucca-) kuddsilasii ti pi pali Bb, — idham eva idham 
eva ABC, idam eva Ba^ idam eva 'ti makaro paoasandhikaro . . . gdmake thi- 
tatta tani asitadini kiiicslpi imam (corrected into im) eva mama samipe yeya tathapi 
alam eva tehiti attho Bb, — 44, dissanti A, dissanti BC, dissati Ba. The word is 
explained by passanti {i.e. passanti). Comp. Dhammap. Atth. p. 404. 

A A 


Namo te buddhavir' atthu, vippamutto 'si sabbadhi. 
tuyh' ftpadftne viharam vihar&mi an&savo 'ti. ||47|| 

Ujjayo there. 
Yato aham pabbajito agslrasmft anagftriyam 
B&bhij&nftmi samkappam anariyam dosasambitan ti. ||48|| 

Sauja3'o thero. 
Yibavih&bhinadite sippik&bbirutehi ca 
na me tain pbandati cittam, ekattaniratam hi me. ||49|| 

Bi&maneyyako thero. 
Dharani ca siccati v&ti m&luto vijjut& carati nabbe, 
upasammanti vitakkft, cittam susara&hitam mam& 'ti. II 50 II 

Vimalo thero. 

Yaggo pancamo. udd&nam : 

Sirivaddho Revato thero Sumangalo S&nusavbayo 
Ramaniyavih^ri ca Samiddh'-Ujjaya-Sanjayo 
R&maneyyo ca so thero Yimalo ca rananjayo 'ti. 

Yassati devo yathft sugitam, channft me kutikft sukhft nivS-tS,, 

cittam susam&hitan ca mayham, atha ce patthayasi pavassa 

dev£i'ti. 1151 II 

Qodhiko thero. 

Yassati devo yath& sugitaip, chann^ me kutik& sukhft iiivS,t&, 
cittam susamahitan ca k&ye, atha ce patthayasi pavassa 

deva'ti. |j52|| thero. 

Yassati devo yath& sugitam, channft me kutikS, sukhS. niv&tft, 

tassam vihar^mi appamatto, atha ce patthayasi pavassa 

dev&'ti. II53II 

Yalliyo thero. 

47, tuyh&paddne vih&re ABO, tuyhapadane viharim Ba. tuyham padane viha- 
ram . . . tayham tava apadane ov^dena gatamagge patipatticariydya viharam 
yathahalam patipajjanto DA.— 49, cihacihahh° A, vihavihabh° BCD (vihavihS. 
'ti abhinham pavattaaddat^ya [sic] vihaviha 'ti laddhanamsliiam parillakdnam 
abhinddananimittam virdvirdvahetu ti attho). — sappik" ACDfl, sippik** B. 
Bappikdhirutehi vd 'ti yippikS vuccanti devak^parSiiamaka gelamnenajpakittati- 
(or : Tdttakt- ?) sadarakakdra s^khamiga, mahakalSkandaka 'ti keci. sippikjlnam 
abhimtehi mah&viravehi D. — sandati BCD, phandati A. — Uddana : rananjaho 
AB, ranafijaho C— 61, comp. 1 and 325 seq.— 63, Valliyo D, Valliko ABC. 


Yassati devo yath& sugitam, channd. me kutiM sukh& niv&t^, 

tassam yihar&mi adutiyo, atha ce patthayasi pavassa dev& 

Hi. II 54 II 

XJttiyo thero. 

Asandim kutikam katvd oarayha Anjanam vanam 

tisso vijj& anuppattd, katam buddhassa s^sanan ti. II55II 

AnjanS,vaniyo thero. 

Xo kutikeLyam. bhikkhu kutikslyam Yitard.go susamsLhi- 


evam jS.nd,hi sLvuso amogh& te kutik& katd, 'ti. || 56 jj 

Kutivih&ri thero. 

Ayara 4hu pur&niyft kuti, aniiam patthayase navam kutim. 

asam kutiyd, irirdjaya, dukkh& bhikkhu puna navd. ku- 

'titi. 115711 

Kutivih^ri thero. 

Bamaniy^ me kutikd 8addhd.deyy& manoram&. 

na me attho kum&rihi. yesam attho tahim gacchatha 

ndriyo'ti. II58II 

Raraantyakutiko thero. 

Saddhd^y^ham pabbajito, aranne me kutika kata, 

appamatto ca eLtd.pi sampaj&no patissato 'ti. II 59 II 


Te me ijjhinisu samkappS, yadattho p^visim kutim, 

vij J£l vimuttim paccessam md.nd,nu8ayam uj jahan ti. || 60 |j 


Vaggo chattho. uddS-nam : 

Godhiko ca Subahu ca Valliyo XJttiyo isi 
Aiijanavaniyo thero duve Kutivih^rino 
Ramaniyakutiko ca Kosallavhaya-Sivaliti. 

Passati passo passantam apassantan ca passati ; 
apassanto apassantam passantan ca na passati ti. ||61|j 

Vappo thero. 

55, Anjanam t** ACDa, Aujandv" BDb. — Afijanavaniyo BC, Aiijanavaniyo A. 
D has both readings.— 57, purdniyS ABD (" puratanaaddhagata '*), puraniya C. 
I think we ought to read puranikd. — 59, ca deest C Da D*. - Kosalavihari A, 
Kosallavihjiri BC, Kosallaviharatthera and Kosallatthera D.— Uddana: Eosal^ 
A, KosaU'' BC.-Afijanav" A, Anjanav'' BC. 

A _ A 


EkakeL mayam aranne apaviddham va vaDasmi 

dsLrukam ; 

tassa me bahuk& pihayanti nerayik^ viya saggag&minan 

ti. II62II 

Vajjiputto thero. 

Cut& patanti patitsL giddhd, ca punar &gatsL. 

katam kiccam ratam rammam sukhen' anvfts^atam sukhan 

ti. ||6:MI 

Pakkho there. 
Dumavhay^ya uppanno jd,to pandaraketund. 
ketuhsL ketund, yeva mah&ketum padhamsayiti. [| 64 1| 

YimalakondaDDo thero. 
Ukkhepakatavacchassa samkalitam bahdhi vassehi 
tarn bhasati gahatthd,nam sunisinno ul&rapamuj jo 'ti. || 65 

TJkkhepakatavaccho thero. 
Anus&si mahaviro sabbadhammd,na p&ragu ; 
tassaham dhammam sutv&iia vihasim santike rate ; 
tisso vijja anuppatt^, katam buddhassa s&sanan ti. ||66|| 

Meghiyo thero. 
Kilesd, jh&pitd mayham, bhavd sabbe samdhatd., 
vikkhino jaltisams&ro, n' atthi d&ni punabbhavo Hi. ||67|i 

Ekadhammasavaniyo thero. 
Adhicetaso appamajjato munino monapathesu sikkhato 
sok& na bhavanti t&dino upasantassa sada satimato 'ti. II 68 

Ekudd&niyo thero. 
Sutvana dhammam mahato mahslrasam sabbanDutann&na- 

• • • 

varena desitam 
maggam papajjim amatassa pattiya ; so yogakkhemassa 
pathassa kovido 'ti. || 69 1| 

Channo thero. 

62, apavittliain ABC, apaviddham and apavittliam D. — pavanasmi corrected to 
°8miin A, paTanasmim BC, ya Tanasmim D. — ddrunam A, darukam BCDa. 
Db : anapekkhabhavena vane chadditadanikhanda viya.— 64, D : Dumavhayd ti 
dumena ambena avliatabbaya Ambapaliyd ti attho . . . yaddhavatthai;! dhajagg^ 
pandaraketu ti panndtena Bimbisararafifla hetubhiitena jato . . . ketuha ti 
manappah^yi . . . ketuna jevsl ti paSil§.ya eva . . . mabaketa Msiro papimd. — 65, 
Ukkhepakat" D. — samkalitam ABC, samkalikam Da; Db: Bamkalitam babubi 
vassebiti (' ' sampindanavasena hadaye tbapitam *'} . . . BamkhaJitan ti pi pa^bo, 
samkbalitam viya katam ekabaddbavasena vacuggatam katam buddbavacanan ti 
vacanaseso. tan ti pariyattidbammam bbdsati katbesi gabattbanam . — 68 = Yinaya 
Pitaka^ vol. iv. p. 64. 


Silam eva idha aggam, pannav^ pana uttamo ; 
manussesu ca devesu 8ilapaDnS,nato jayan ti. || 70 1| 

Punno thero. 

Vaggo sattamo. uddsLnam : 

Vappo ca Vajjiputto ca Pakkho Vimalakondanilo 
Ukkhepakatavaccho ca Meghiyo Ekadhammiko 
Ekuddainiya-Chaiino ca Punnathero mahabbalo 'ti. 

Susukhumanipunatthadassin^ matikusalena niv^tavuttind. 

samsevitabuddhasiliD^ nibbd^nam na hi tena dullabhan 

* ti. II 71 II 

Vacchap&lo thero. 

Yatha kallro susu vaddhitaggo dunnikkharao hoti passl- 


evam aham bhariyay&nit&ya ; anuraaiina mam pabbajito 

*'mhid&niti. II 72 II 

Aturao thero. 

Jinnan ca disv^ dukkhitan ca byd,dhitam mataii ca disv4 

gatam d^yusamkhayam 

tato aham nikkhamituna pabbajim pahS,ya k&md,ni mano- 

ramaniti. 1173(1 

M^navo thero. 

Xamacchando ca by&pado thinamiddhan ca bhikkhuno 

uddhaccam vicikicch^ ca sabbaso 'va na vijjatiti. ||74|| 

Suy&mano thero. 

SMhu suvihitana dassanam, kankha chijjati, buddhi 


balam pi karonti panditam, tasrn^ sadhu satam samagamo 

'ti. II 75 II 

Susarado thero. 

ITppatantesu nipate, nipatantesu uppate, 

vase avasamanesu, ramamanesu no rame 'ti. || 76 1| 

Piyanjaho thero. 

70 = 619. — 71, comp. 210. — 72, dunnikkhamo hoti ABC, dunnikkhaso ti Da, 
dunnikkhayo 'ti velugumbato nikkhametum niharitum asakkuneyyo Dh. — 73, 
nikkhamitumna ABC, nikkhamituna Da, nikkhamitund 'ti nikkhamitvd ayam 
eva vS, patho Db. — 76, Piyafljayo ABC, Piyafljahatthera and Piyanjayatth" D. 
Compare the Uddana. 


Idam pure cittam ac&ri cd.rikam yen'icchakam yatthakAmam 

yath&sukham ; 
tad ajj' aham niggahiss&mi yoniso batthippabhinnam viya 
ankusaggabo 'ti. ||77|| 

Hattb^robaputto tbero. 
Anekaj&tisams&ram sandb&vissam anibbisam, 
tassa me dukkbaj&tassa dukkbakkbandbo aparaddbo 
U II 78 II 

Mendasiro tbero. 
Sabbo r&go pabino me, sabbo doso samiibato, 
sabbo me vigato mobo; sitibbdto 'smi nibbuto 'ti. ||79|j 

Rakkbito tbero. 
Yam mayd, pakatam kammam appam vk yadi v& babu 
sabbam etam parikkhinam, n' atthi dllni punabbbavo 
'ti. 118011 . ' ' 

XJggo tbero. 

Vaggo attbamo. udd&nam : 

Vaccbapalo ca yo tbero Atumo M&navo isi 
SuyS.mano Sus&rado tbero yo ca Piyaiijfibo 
Arobaputto Mendasiro Rakkbito TJggasavbayo 'ti. 

Yam maysL pakatam p&pam pubbe ann&su j&tisu, 

idb' eva tarn vedaniyam, vattbu aoDam na vijjatiti. ||81|| 

Samitigutto tbero. 
Yen a yen a subbikkb&ni sivS-ni abbay&ni ca 
tena puttaka gaccbassu, mk sokA pabato bbavA 'ti. II 82 II 

Kassapo tbero. 
Sib' appamatto vihara rattindivam atandito, 
bhavebi kusalam dhammam, jaba sigbam samussayan 
ti. 118311 

Siho tbero. 

77, Comp. 1130, Dhammap. 326. — 78, aparaddho AC, avarado B, paraddhato 
Da, aparaddho 'ti . . . paribbattlio cuto nb. — Uddaua : Piyanjayo A, "jaho 
BC. - 82, sokapabato A, soka pahato BCD (soka pahato *ti vuttagunarabitani 
ratthani gantya dubbhikkhabhayadijaiiitena sokena pahato mi bhavd ma hositi 


Sabbarattim divS. samganike rato 

kudassu n4ma dummedho dukkhass' an tarn karissatiti. II 84 II 

Nito there. 

Cittanimittassa kovido pavivekarasam vijsLniya 

jbiiyam nipako patissato adbigaccbeyya sukham nir&misan 

ti. 118511 

Sun&go thero. 

Itobabiddhd. putbuannavMinain maggo na nibbsLnagamo 

yatbS, ay am, 

iti ssu samgham bbagavanu8d.sati sattbd. sayam p&nitale va 

dassayan ti. ||86|| 

Nagito tbero. 

Xbandhd. dittb& yatb&bhiltam, bhavd, sabbe padsLlitsL, 

vikkhino j&tisaips&ro, n' atthi d4ni punabbhavo 'ti. 1187 II 

Pavittho tbero. 

Asakkbim vata att&nam uddh&tum udakd, tbalam, 

• • • • / 

vuyham&no mabogbe va saccS-ni pativijjb' aban ti. ||88|| 

Ajjuno tbero. 
UttinnS, pankS. palipS., pS-tS-lai parivajjitft, 
mutto ogb& ca gantba ca, sabbe m&n4 visambata 'ti. |j89 

Devasabbo tbero. 
Panca kkbandbsL parinnsitd. tittbanti cbinnamillak&, 
vikkbino j^tisams&ro, n' attbi d&ni punabbbavo 'ti. II 90 

Sdmidatto tbero. 

Vaggo navamo. XJddanani : 

Tbero Samitigutto ca Kassapo Sibasavbayo 
Nito Sun&go NS.gito Pavittbo Ajjuno isi 
Devasabbo ca yo tbero SS.midatto mababbalo. 

"Nsi tatbamatam satarasam sudbannam yam may' ajja pari- 

aparimitadassin&Gotamenabuddbena desitodbammo'ti. ||91|| 

Paripunnako tbero. 

84, Nito AB, Nito C, Ninatth° and Nipatth° D.— 86, Ndgatth" D.~88, 
asakkbi ABC Da, asakkhin ti sakkosim Dd. — 89, gandha A, kanh& B, gagh^ C, 
ganthi Da Db. — Uddana : Nito AB, Nito C. - ja (instead of ca) ABC. — 
91, Commentary : tathd, ti tena pakarena, matan ti abhunatam. 

A A 


YassasaveL parikkhinft & ca anissito, 

suufiato animitto ca yimokkho yassa gocaro, 

ak4se va sakunt&nam padan tassa durannayan ti. II 92 II 

Vijayo thero. 
Dukkhd. k&m& Eraka na sukhd. k&m& Eraka, 
yo k&me k&mayati dukkham so k&raayati Eraka, 
yo keLme na kd.mayati dukkham so na kd.mayati Eraka 
Hi. II 93 II 

Erako thero. 
Namo hi tassa bhagavato Sakyaputtassa sirimato, 
tenayam aggapattena aggadhammo sudesito Hi. I|94|| 

Mettaji thero. 
Andho 'hain hatanetto 'smi, kant&raddhelna pakkhanno, 
sayaiD&no pi gacchissam na sah^yena p^peneL 'ti. || 95 II 

Gakkhupalo thero. 
Ekapuppham cajitv&na asitiin vassakotiyo 
saggesu paricaretvS, sesaken' amhi nibbuto Hi. || 96 1| 

Khandasumano thero. 

* « 

Hitva satapalam kamsam sovannam satar&iikam 
aggahim mattikd,pattam, idam dutiy&bhisecanan ti. || 97 II 

Tisso thero. 
E;iipam disvd sati luutthd piyanimittam manasikaroto, 
s&rattacitto vedeti tan ca ajjhosa titthati, 
tassa vaddhanti asav& bhavamillopag&inino Hi. ||98||' 

Abhayo thero. 
Saddain sutv& sati muttha piyanimittam manasikaroto, 
sS-rattacitto vedeti tan ca ajjhosa titthati, 
tassa Taddhanti asava samsaramupag&mino Hi. II 99 1| 

XJttiyo thero. 
Sammappadh&nasampanno satipatthanagocaro 
vimuttikusumasaiichanno parinibbissaty an&savo Hi. IIIOO 

Devasabho thero. 

92, comp. Dhamraap. 93. — 95, comp. Dhammap. Atthak. p. 86 ed. Fausboll. 
— pakkhando A, pakkhanno BC, pakkhanto D.— miyamano A, miy° C, viy* B, 
sayamano ("sayante [sic] pi pSdesu avahantesu") D. — 96, asiti the MSS. — 
97=862. — 98, comp. 794, bhavamiiia bhavagdmino A, bhavamiilo bhavag" C, 
bhavamiilopagdmino BDa Dd. — Tisso Abhayo ca Uttiyo A, Tisso Ayo ca Utt** C, 
Tisso ca Ayo thero Uttiyo ca B. It is impossible to restore the original text. 


Vaggo dasamo. XJdd&nam : 

Paripuimako ca Vijayo Erako Mettaji muni 
Cakkhup&lo Khandasumano Tisso Abhayo ca 
TJttiyo mah&panno thero Devasabho pi c& 'ti. 

HitvS. gihitvam anavositatto mukhanangali odariko kuaito 
mahavar&ho va nivsLpaputtho punappunam gabbham upeti 
mandoHi. mom 

Belatthak&ni thero. 
M&nena Tancitase samkh&resu samkilissamdn&se 
l^bh&labhena mathitsL samd,dhim nMhigacchantiti. II102II 

I^aham etena atthiko sukhito dbammarasena tappito, 
pitvana rasaggam uttamam na ca kS.hami visena santhavaii 
ti. II 103 II 

Bandhuro thero. 
Lahuko vata me k&yo phuttho ca pitisukhena vipulena, 
t(ilam iva eritam mdlutena pilavati va me k^yo 'ti. II 104 1 

Khitako thero. 
Ukkanthito pi na vase ramamS,no pi pakkame, 
na tv ev&natthasahitam vase vS-sara vicakkhano 'ti. || 105 

Malitavambho thero. 
Satalingassa atthassa satalakkbanadharino 
ekangadassi dummedho satadassi ca pandito 'ti. ||106|| 

Suhemanto thero. 
Pabbajira tulayitvana ag&rasm^ anagdriyam ; 
tisso vijjd. anuppatt^, katam buddhassa s&sanan ti. II 107 II 

Dhammasavo thero. 
Savisamvassasatiko pabbajim anag^riyam ; 
tisso vijj4 anuppatt&, katam buddhassa sd,sanan ti. 11 10811 


101, Beladdhakani ABC— 103, pitva AC, vitva B, pitvana Da D*.— 
Bandhnratthera D, Bandhano A, Sandhayo B, Sandhavo C— 104, pilarati and 
pilayati D, silavati AC, silavati B.-^105 "samhitam and °sahitam D, "samhitam 
ABC— 106, ca Dfl Di, va ABC— Susomantatth^ D.— 107, Dhammasavo A, 
"savano BC, samvaro D. — 108, Dhammasatapituth" D, Dhammasap° BC 


Na nfln&yani paramahit&nukampino rabogato anaviga^eti 
s&sanam ; 

tath& h' ayam viharati pftkatindriyp migl yathi tarunaj&tik& 
vane 'ti. II 109 II 

Samgharakkhito thero. 
Nag& nagaggesu susamviraihft udaggaraeghena navena sittft 
vivekakamassa aranflasaiiuino janeti bhiyyo TJsabhassa 
kalyatanti. IIIIOIJ 

XJsabho thero. 

Vaggo ekS-dasarao. udda,nam : 

Belatthakani Setuccho Bandhuro Khitako isi 
Malitavambho Subemanto Dbammasavo Dbammasavapitil 
Samgharakkhitatbero ca Usabbo ca mab&muni. 

Duppabbajjam ve, duradbivS.s4 geb4, dbammo gambbiro, 

duradbigam^ bhog£L ; 
kiccbS. vutti no itaritaren' eva ; yuttam cintetum satatam 
aniccatan ti. Ijllljl 

Jen to tbero. 
Tevijjo 'bam mab&jbsLyt cetosamatbakovido ; 
sadattbo me anuppatto, katam buddbassa 8&sanan ti. 11112 

Vaccbagotto tbero. 
Accbodika putbusila gonangulamig&yut& 
ambusev&lasancbannsL te sela ramayanti man ti. 1111311 

Vanavaccb atbero. 
K&yaduttbuUagaruno biyyamanambi jivite 
sarirasukbagiddhassa kuto samanas&dbut& 'ti. || 114 1| 

Adbimutto tbero. 
Es' ftvabiyyase pabbatena babukutajasallakikena 
Kes&dakena girind. yasassinS. pariccbaden^ 'ti. 11115 II 

Mab&namo tbero. 

109, tarunavijjatika ti yk pStho Db. — 110, janetiti (sic Da Bb) uppcldenti 
puthute hi idam ekayacanam, Keci pana janentiti pa^lianti. — Udddna : Bandhano 
A, Mandayo B, Mandaro C— 111, Jetatth° D.— 113=601.— 115, "sallakikena 
A, "sallarikcna BCD (^^sallakiM indasalarukkhehi yd ' samannstgatena ") — 
paricchadend ti AB, paricched° CD. 


Cha phassftyatane hitv^ guttadvftro susamvuto 
aghamMam vamitv&na patto me &savakkhayo. ||116|| 

P&rdpariyo thero. 
Suvilitto suvasano sabbabharanabhdsito 
tisso Yijj& ajjhagamim, katam buddhassa s&sanaa ti. ||117|| 

Yaso thero. 
Abhisattho ya nipatati vayo, rdpam annam iva tath' eva 

santam ; 
tass'eva sato ayippayasatoaniiasseva sar&mi att&nan ti. II 118 1| 

Kimbilo thero. 
Rukkhamiilagahaiiam pasakkiya nibbanam hadayasmim 

jh&ya Gotama ma ca; kin te bilibilik& karissa- 
tlti. II119II 

Vajjiputto thero. 
Fanca kkhandh^ pariDU£Lt& titthanti chinnamiilak^ ; 
dukkhakkhayo anuppatto, patto me ^savakkhayo 'ti. ||120|| 

Isidatto thero. 

Dvddasamo vaggo. tatr' udd&nani bhavati : 

Jento ca Vacchagotto ca Vaccho ca Vanapavhayo 
Adhimutto MahS-nsLmo P&rS,pariyo Yaso pi ca 
Kimbilo Vajjiputto ca Isidatto mah^yaso 'ti.| 
visuttarasatam thera katakiccd. an&savd, 
Ekake 'va nip&tamhi susarngitd, mahesibhiti.j 

nitthito Ekanip^to. 

117, ajjh^amim A, ajjlijtgaiiiini B, ajjabhasi C, ajjliagamim corrected to 
aijliag° Da, ajjhagamin ti DA.— 118, abhisatto va nipati (corr. to nipatati) A, 
abhisatto ya nipatati B, abhisitto dha nipatti C, abhisattho vinipati Da. Db : 
abhisattho yd 'ti tvam sigham gaccham^nd titthati devehi anusittho dnatto yiya. 
abhisattho v& 'ti pi pdtho, tyam bahu gacchati kenaci abhilfipakato viyk 'ti attho. 
nipatiti atipati abnidhdyati na titthati khane khane khayayasam pdpunatiti 
attho. — tathe AC, tatheya BD. — Kimilo AC, Kimmilo fi, Kimmilatth° and 
Kimbilatth" D. — 119, opiya Da, opiya 'ti . . . nibbutim hadaye thapetyE Bb. — 
bilibiliti saddappayatti yathel niratthak^i Bb. — Uddana : Kimilo AC, Kimmilo B. 



N' attbi koci bhavo nicco samkh^rft y&pi sassatd, 
uppajjanti ca te khandb^ cavanti apar&param. 11121 
etam ^disavam natvd bbaven' ambi anattbiko, 
nissato sabbakd,mebi, patto me d^savakkbayo Hi. ||122|| 
ittbam sudam ayasmdr XJttaro tbero g&tbayo 

abb^sittba 'ti. 
Na idam anayena jivitam, nd.b&ro badayassa santiko, 
&b&rattbitiko samussayo, iti disv&na car&mi esanam. 11123 
panko 'ti bi nam avedayum y&yam Tandanap{ijan& kulesu, 
sukbumam sallam durubbabam, sakkd,ro kd.puriseDa dujjalio 
^ 'ti. II124II 

ittbam sudam &yasm& Pindolabb&radvdjo tbero 

g&tb&yo abbSsittba 'ti. 
Makkato paficadv&rS,yam kutik&yam pasakkiya 
dv&rena anupariyeti gbattayanto mubum mubum. II 125 II 
tittba makkata mk dh&vi, na bi te tarn yatb& pure ; 
niggabito 'si panu^ya, neto duram gamissasiti. ||126|| 

Valliyo tbero. 
Tinnam me tMapattd.iiam Gang&tire kuti kata, 
cbavasitto va me patto, parasukfllan ca civaram. || 127 |j 
dvinnam antaravass&nam eka vick me bb&sitd, ; 
tatiye antaravassambi tamokbandbo pad&lito 'ti. || 128 |j 

Gang^tiriyo bbikkbu. 
Api ce boti tevijjo maccubS,yi an&savo, 
appanneLto 'ti nam bal& avajd^nanti aj&nat^. ||129|| 

123, na yidam Da Dft.— santike 'ti pi pathanti Di.— pavedayum A, averassum 
C, avedasum B, avedayum Da Db. — 126, neto ABC, neva Da. Db : neva ddram 
eamissasi ito attabhavato duram dutiyddiattabbdvam n' eva gamissasi. netia 
[sic] diiran ti pi pdtho, so ev' attbo.— 127, talapattinan ti pi patbo Di.— cba- 
vasitto va ADa, cb ca BC ; cbavasitto va me patto ca cbavasittasadiso mat&nam 
kbirasecanam [sic] ku^dasadiso 'ti attbo D6.— 129, ajanakd D3, aj&natd or 
°ka Da. 


JO ca kho annap&nassa MbM hoti 'dha puggalo, 
papadhammo pi ce hoti, so nesam hoti sakkato 'ti. || 130 

Ajino thero. 
Yad^ham dhammam assosim bh&sam&nassa satthuno, 
na kankham abhijan&mi sabbafifiu apardjite |jl31|| 
satthav&he mahavire sdrathinam varuttame : 
inagge patipad^yam y& kankhd, may ham navijjatiti. II 13211 

Melajino thero. 
Yatha ag&ram ducchannam vutthi samativijjhati, 
evam abh&yitam cittam r&go samativijjhati. II 133 II 
yath& ag&ram succhannam vutthi na samativijjhati, 
evam subh&vitam cittam rdgo na samativijjhati. ||134|| 

RMho thero. 
Khin& hi mayham j&ti, vusitam jinas&sanam, 
pahino j&, bhavanetti samiihatd. 11135 
yass' atth&ya pabbajito agd,ra8m& anag^riyam, 
so me attho anuppatto sabbasamyojanakkhayo. II 136 1 

Sur&dho thero. 
Sukham supanti raunayo ye itthisu na bajjhare 
sad& ve rakkhitabb&su y&su saccam suduUabham. ||137|| 
vadham carimha te, anan& d&ni te mayam, 
gacch&ma ddrni nibb&nam yattha gantvd. na socatiti. II 138 II 

Gotamo thero. 
Pubbe hanati attd.nam pacchd. hanati so pare ; 
suhatam hanti att&nam yitamseneva pakkhim^. || 139 1| 
na br&hmano bahivanno, antovanno hi br&hmano ; 
yasmim p&p&ni kammsini sa ve kanho Sujampatiti. j|140|| 

Vasabho thero. 

Vaggo pathamo. udddnam : 

Uttaro c' eva Pindolo Valliyo Tiriyo isi 
Ajino ca Melajino RMho Sur&dho Gotamo 
Yasabhena ime honti dasa therd. mahiddhika 'ti. 

138, ani^sl A, anina BC, anand D. 

^ A 


Sussil8& sutavaddhani, sutam pann&ya vaddhanam, 
pauudya attham jd^ndrti, Mto attho sukh&vaho. || 141 1| 
sevetha pant&ni senftsan&ni, careyya samyojanavippa- 

mokkham : 
sace ratim nS-dhigaccheyya tattha, samgbe vase rakkhitatto 
satlmaU II 142 II 

Mah&cundo tbelt). 
Ye kho te veghamissena n&nattliena ca kammim& 
manusse uparundhanti pharusupakkarodr janft, 
te pi tath' eva kiranti, na hi kammam panassati. || 143 1| 
yam karoti naro kammam kaly&nam yadi p&pakam, 
tassa tass' eva dsiy&do yam yam kammam pakubbatt- 
ti. II 144 II 

Accayanti aborattS., jivitam uparujjhati, 
&yu kbiyati maccd.nam kunnadinam va odakam. || 145 1| 
atba p&p£ini kammani karam bale na bujjhati ; 
paccb&ssa katukam boti, vip&ko bi 'ssa p&pako 'ti. ||146|| 

Herannakani tbero. 
Parittam dd.rum ftruyba yatba side mabannave, 
evam kusitam &gamma sMbujivi pi stdati ; 
tasmS, tarn parivajjeyya kusitam binaviriyam. II 147 II 
pavivittebi ariyebi pahitattebi jbayihi 
niccam S-raddbaviriyehi panditebi sab&vase 'ti. || 148 II 

Somamitto tbero. 
Jano janambi sambaddbo, janam ev' assito jano, 
jano janena betbiyati, betbeti ca jano janam. || 149 1| 

141, sudhdvaddhini A, sutayadhanam B, sutantani C, sutavaddhanti Da, suta 
(corrected to sutam) vaddani D*. — i43, vekliamissena A, veghamiyena BC, 
veghamissena Da, veghamissen^ 'ti varattakhand^dinsl siladisu Teghadslnena. 
vegamissen^ 'ti pi p^li, so ev' attho. Comp. Dr. Ehys Davids's note on Maha- 
Parinihhdna Sutta II, 32 (Sacred Books, vol. xi. p. 37). — nSnatthena AC, 
n^nattena BD^, n^natenana Da.— uparundhanti A, uparaddhanti BCDa, upa- 
ruddhantiti vibadhanti D*. — tatteva A, tattheva BCD ("tatheva kirantlti ca 
patho.")— 144, Jotipalatth° D.— 148, jhayibhi A, °hi BCD.— 149, janasmim 
D. — sambandho ABCD (** patibaddho, ayam eva vjI pjltho.**)— bSdhiyati badheti 
A, sodh** 8odh° B, sodhiti sodheti C, hethayati socmeti Da ; hethiyati hetheti 
('^hethiyati bddhiyati ta yidam mayham eva upari he^hanaphalavasena upari 
patissatiti ajdnanto sodheti jano janam'') Dd. 



ko hi tassa janen' attho janena janitena v&. 

janam oh&ya gacchan tain hethayitva bahum janan ti. || 150 II 

Sabbamitto thero. 
KsLli itthi brahati dhahkariipd satthin ca bhetvd aparan ca 

bihaii ca bhetva aparan ca b&bum sisaii ca bhety& dadhi- 

thS,lakam va esit nisinnd abhisaddahitv£i. ||151|| 
yo ye ayidvd, upadhim karoti punappunam dukkham upeti 

tasma pajdnam upadhim na kayird, m&ham puna bbinnasiro 

sayissan ti. || 152 |f 

Mah&k&lo thero. 
Bahii sapatte labhati mundo samgh&tipslruto 
labhi annassa p^nassa vatthassa sayanassa ca. 1115311* 
etam adinavain natY& 8akkd.re8u mahabbhayam 
appalabho anavassuto sato bhikkhu paribbaje 'ti. II 15411 

Tisso thero. 
PELcinavamsad^yamhi Sakyaputtd. sah&yakit 
paheLy' anappake bhoge unch&pattagate rat& l|155|| 
araddhaviriy& pahitattS. niccam dalhaparakkam^ 
ramanti dhammaratiy^ hitvana lokikam ratin ti. || 156 1|. 

Kimbilo thero. 
AyonisomanasiksLrsL mandanam anuyunjisam, 
uddhato capalo casim ksLmardgena attito. ||157|| 
up&yakusalenaham buddhen&diccabandhun^ 
yoniso patipaj jitv4 bhave cittam udabbahin ti. || 158 1|/ 

Nando thero. 
Pare ca nam pasamsanti att^ ce asam&hito : 
mogham pare pasamsanti, att& hi asam&hito. I! 159 If 
pare ca nam garahanti att& ce susam^hito : 
mogham pare garahanti, attd, hi 6usamd.hito. || 160 

SirimS, thero. 

160, bjldhayitv^ A, sodhayitvS BC, hethayitvd Da ; sodhayitvd bahiijanan ti 
yasmd, saipsdre carato jananassa ayam evarupa patipatti tasma tarn janam tassa 
ca sodhik§, y^ set tanhsl yo ca so evam baniijaDam sodhayitvd thitam tafl ca 
ohaya . . . pariccajitv^ gaccha tehi anupaddutan thdnam gaccheyya papuneyyan 
ti attho D*.— 161, abhisandahitva Da DA.— 162, cbmp. Sutta Kipdta 728 = 1060. 
—166, lokiyam D.— Kimbilatth" D, Kimilo A, Kimmilo BC— 167, capalo 
asim D. — 160,*Sirimo AC, Sirimo B, Sirimatth'' D. 


Yaggo dutiyo. udd&nam : 

Cundo ca Jotid&so ca thero Herailnakftni yo 
Somamitto Sabbamitto K&lo Tisso ca Kimbilo 
Kando ca Sirim& c' eva dasa ther& mahiddhikft 'ti. 

Khandbd mayd pariuil&td, tanb& me 8asam{ibat&, 
bh&yitd mama bojjbang&, patto me &savakkhayo. II 161 II 
80 'ham kbandhe pariunsLya abbabitv&na j&linim 
bblLvayitv&na bojjhange nibb&yisAam an&savo 'ti. II 16211 

Uttaro thero. 
Pan&do n&raa so rsLjS, yassa y6po suvannayo 
tiriyain solasapabbedbo ubbbam ^ha sahassadhft. || 163 II 
sabassakandu satabbendu dbaj&lu barit&mayo ; 
anaccum tattha gandbabbft cba sabass&ni sattadb& 'ti. II 164 

Bhaddaji thero. 
Satimd paunavsL bbikkbu ftraddhabalaviriyo 
pauca kappasatan' ^ham ekarattim aniissarim. II 165 1| 
catt&ro satipattb&ne satta attha ca bb&yayam 
pailca kappasatan' &ham ekarattim aniissarin ti. || 166 II 

Sobhito thero. 
Yarn kiccam dalhaviriyena yam kiccain boddhum icchata 
karissam n&yarajjbissam, passa viriyaparakkamam. II 167 
tvaii ca me maggam akkhd,hi aujasam amatogadham ; 
aham monena monissam Gang&soto va s&garan ti. || 168 II 

Yalliyo thero. 
Kese me olikhissan ti kappako upasamkami, 
tato &dsLsam &dslya sariram paccayekkhisam. II 169 1| 

XJddana : Kimilo A, Kimmilo BC— Sirima AC, Sirimo B.— 162, sabbuhitrana 
corr. to abb° A, sabbah° B, appah** C, abbahitvana ("uddbaritva") Da DA.— 
163, suvannamayo A, suvannayo BCD A, ^nnayo Da.— solasubbedho AD, solasam- 
ubbedho C, solasamuppedho B. Prof. Fausboll no doubt is riffht in reading sola- 
sapabbedbo (Jataka, vol. ii. p. 334).-— 164, The first hemistich frequently occurs 
in the ApadSna collection ; see the 310th Apadana (the stoijof Pabbharadclyaka), 
the Apaddnaof Tinakutiddyakatthera (fol. jhi'of Dr. Morris's MS.), the ApadSna 
of Tinamutthid|yakathera (ibid. fol. jhu), etc. The Apad^na MS. constantiy reads 
sabassakandu. The readings of my MSS. are : sahassakando AD (** sahassakando 
ti sahassabhumako "), sahassakhando C, sahassakon^o B. Comp. Jat. 1.1. — 
satabbendu CD, which the comment explains by " anekasataniyyiihSho " (read, 
"niyyuho), satagendu AB. The Apadana MS. has always satabbendu.— 167, 
navarujjhissam A, navarajjh" BC,na virajjhissam Da Db. — 169, olikhiyanti AB, 
olikhiyan ti C, olikhissan ti D (** mama kese olikhissam kappemiti"). 


tuccho Myo adissittha, andhak&re tamo byag& ; 

sabbe colsl samucchmn&, n' atthi dd,ni punabbhavo 'ti. || 170 1| 

Vitasoko thero. 
Panca nivarane hitv& yogakkhemassa pattiyd 
dbammadslsam gahetv&na MnadassaDam attano 11171 1| 
paccavekkbiin imam ksLyam sabbam santarab^hiraip, 
ajjhattaii ca bahiddh& ca tuccbo k&yo adissatbiL Hi. || 172 1| 

Punnam&so thero. 
Yath&pi bbaddo djauno kbalitvd, patitittbati, 
bhiyyo laddh&na samvegam adino vahate dhurara, || 173 1| 
evam dassanasampannam samm&sambuddbas&yakam 
sLjaniyam mam dbsLretba puttam buddhassa orasan ti. ||174|| 

Nandako thero. 
Ehi Nandaka gacch^ma upajjhiyassa santikam, 
sihanaldam nadiss&ma buddhasetthassa sammukhd. ||175|| 
yslya no anukamp&ya amhe pabbSjayt muni, 
so no attho anuppatto sabbasamyojanakkhayo Hi. ||176|| 

Bharato thero. 
Nadanti evam sappannd sihi va girigabbhare 
viral vijitasamgdm^ jetvd Mstram savahanam. II 177 II 
satth& ca paricinno me, dhammo samgho ca pdjito, 
ahan ca vitto sumano puttam disvd, an&savan ti. II 17811 

Bh&radvSjo thero. 
T7pasit& sappurisd, sut& dhammd, abhinhaso ; 
sutv&na patipaj jissam afijasam amatogadham. |j 179 1| 
bhavaragahatassa me sato bhavarslgo puna me na vijjati 
na cahu na ca me bhavissati na ca me etarahi pi 
vijjatlti. II180II 

Kanhadinno thero. 

Vaggo tatiyo. uddinam : 

Uttaro Bhaddaji thero Sobhito Valliyo isi 
Vitasoko ca so thero Punnam&so ca Nandako 
Bharato BhiradvSjo ca Kanhadinno mahS-munlti. 

172, santarababiram ADA, antarabRbiram BCD«.— 173, vabato AB, vabate C, 
Tabane D«, vabite ub'babati D*.— 176, Bharato ABD*, Bbarato C, Bbarattb** 
Del.— 177, dbira Da Dd.— 178, ci (corrected to ca) vitto A, ca citto BC, ca citto 
(corr. to vitto) D«, ca vitto D* ('* abam pi vitto nir&iiiisaya pitiyS tuttbo.")— 180, 
pi deest AD. 


Yato aham pabbajito sammdsambuddhas&sane, 
vimuccam&Qo uggaccbim, k&madh&tuin upaccagam. || 181 
Brahmuno pekkbam&nassa tato cittam vimucci me ; 
akuppd me yimuttiti 8abba8amyojanakkhay& 'ti. ||182|| 

Migasiro there. 
AniccliQi gahak&ni tattha tattba punappunam, 
gahak&ram gavesanto dukkh& j&ti punappunam. || 183 1| 
gahakslraka dittho 'si, puna geham na k&hasi ; 
sabb^ te p&suk& bhaggd thftnirft ca vid&litd ; 
vipariy&dikatam cittam idh' eva vidhamissatiti. || 184 1| 

Sivako there. 
Araham sugato loke v&teh' absldhite muni ; 
sace unhodakam atthi munino dehi brd,hmana. ||185|| 
pujito pAjaneyy&nam sakkareyyilna sakkato 
apacito apacineyy&nam tassa icchami hatave 'ti. ||186|| 

Upavano there. 
Ditthd, raav^ dhammadhara up^akd kllmft aniccsl iti bha-« 

8&rattaratt& manikundalesu puttesu dslresu ca te 

apekkhd. II 187 II " 
addhdna j&nanti yathavadhammam,k&mdanicc&iti c&pi khn, 
r&gan ca tesam na baF atthi chettum, tasm& 8it& puttada- 

ram dhanan c& 'ti. II 18811 

Isidinno there. 
Devo ca vassati devo ca galagaldyati ekako cdham bherave 

bile vihar&mi : 
tassa mayham ekakassa bherave bile viharato n' atthi bha- 

yam vk chambhitattam va lomahamso \L \\ 189 1| 
dhammatd mam' esa yassa me ekakassa bherave bile viharato 
n* atthi bhayamvS, chambhitattam vai lomahamso v&'ti. ||190|| 

Sarabulakaccano there. 

181, upajjbagam A, upaccagam BCD. — 183 seq. comp. Dbammap. 153 seq. — 
183, gahakslrakam BC. — 184, tunird va A, miijhabhaYa B, dhulabha C, dbunird 
ca Da, dbiinird vapaddlitd 'ti . . . ayijjdsamkbatH kannikstpabbinnd Db. — vipa- 
riyadikatam (**kabaiii C) ACDA, viparidik° B, vimariyadikam Da. — vidbamiyatiti 
C, vidbamiyatiti B. — 186, iccbama b° Da. tassa yatabddbayupasamanattbam 
nab^nave [sic] upanetum gaccbamtti Db. — Upadbanattb** D. — 188, addbanam D. 
— yatbd A, yatbilva B, yatb^ ca C, yato ca D. D^ : yato ti yasmsl te . . . tasm^l 
idba imasmim buddbasasane dbammam yatbdyato addbd, ekamsena na jdnanti. — 
190, Sampabulak° A, Sambupulak° C, Sambulak° BD. 

duka-nipAto. 25 

Kassa sel&pamam cittam thitam n&nupakampati 

virattam rajaniyesu kuppaniye na kuppati. 

yass' evam bh&vitam cittam kuto tarn dukkham essa- 

ti. II 191 II 
mama selupamam cittam thitam n&nupakarapati 
virattam rajaniyesu kuppaniye na kuppati. 
mam' evam bh&vitam cittam, kuto mam dukkham essa- 

titi. 11*192 II " ' 

Xhitako thero. 
Na t&va supitum hoti ratti nakkhattamlilint, 
patijaggitum ev' e8& ratti hoti vij3,nat&. ||193|| 
hatthikkhandh&vapatitam kuiijaro ce anukkame 
samg&me me matam seyyo yan ce jive parSjito 'ti. II 194 1| 

Sono Potiriyaputto. 
Panca kamagune hitv& piyardpe manorame 
saddh&ya abhinikkhamma dukkhass' antakaro bhave. || 195 1| 
nsLbhinand^mi maranam n&bhinand&mi jivitam 
klLlafi ca patikankh&mi sampaj&no patissato 'ti. II 196 II 

Nisabho thero. 
Ambapallavasamk&sam amse katv&na civaram 
nisinno hatthigiv&yam g&mam pindS^ya pavisim. II 19711 
hatthikkhandhato oruyha samvegam alabhin tad&, 
so 'ham ditto tad& santo, patto me sLsavakkhayo 'ti. || 198 II 

Usabho thero. 
Ayam iti kappato Kappatakuro. acch&ya atibharit&ya 
amataghatikayam dhammakatamatto, katapadam jh&nlini 

ocetum. II 199 II 

194, Comp. PadMnasutta (Suttanipllta), v. 16. — Po^yo A, Poliriputto B, 
Potiritto C, se^biputtassa (** Segirifiam nama bhojakassa putto hutya") D. — 
198, ditto A, citto BC, nibbho Da, ditto ("dappito") DA.— 199, pi A, piti B, 

a iti C, iti Da.— acchSya (acchabba BC) atibh£myS,ya ABC, accambbardya Da. — 
tiammakatapatto AC, dbammamk'' B, dbammakatamatto Da. Bb: ayam iti 
kappato Kappatakuro 'ti Eappa^kuro bbikkhu ayam mama kappato imam pari- 
dabityd yatndtath^ iivslmi iti evam uppamiam iccb^vitakko. accambbtir^ya 
atibhEiramya amatagbatakdyam mama amatagbate tabam tabam vissavante 
amatam adbigatam abam anuslUdmi [Mab^yagga I. 6. 12] . . . 'tiddind 
^bosetvd maya dhammdmate pavassiyamcliie ; akapadam (corr. to akatapadani) 
jb^n^ni ocetum . . . jbanslni upacetum bbslvetum katap£idam katamagga 
vibitabbdyanamaggam idam mama sslsanam ; tatbapi dbammakatamaggo mama 
s&sanadbammato ukkai^tbacitto apagatamslnaso Kappatakuro 'ti taiii codetysl . . . 


mk kho tvam Eappata pac&lesi m& tain apakaonakamlii 

t&lessam ; 
na ha tvain Eappata mattam anu&si saipghamajjhamhi 

pacal&y am&no 'ti. || 200 1| 

Eappatakuro thero. 

Yaggo catuttho. udd&nam : 

Migasiro Sivako ca XJpav&no ca pandito 
Isidinno ca Kaccftno Khitako ca inaMyast 
Potiriyaputto Nisabho Usabho Kappatakuro 'ti. 

Aho buddh^ aho dhamm^ abo no satthu sampadd. 
yattha etadisam dbammam sivako saccbikd^hiti. j|201|| 
asamkbeyyesu kappesu sakkiy^dbigat^ abum, 
tesam ayam paccbimako, carimo 'yam samussayo 
jatimaranasamsdro, n' attbi d&ni punabbbavo Hi. ||202|| 

Kum&rakassapo tbero. 
Yo bave dabaro bbikkbu yunjati buddbas&sane, 
jslgaro patisuttesu, amogban tassa jtvitam. ||203|| 
tasma saddbaii ca silan ca pas&dam dbammadassanam 
anuyunjetha medbdvt saram buddbd,na s&sanan ti. 11204(1 

DbammapS-lo tbero. 
Kass' indriy&ni samatbam gatd,ni assk yatb& 8&ratbin& 

pabinamanassa anslsavassa dev&pi tassa pibayanti ik- 

dino. II 205 II 
mayb' indriyslni samatbam gat&ni assa yatb& 8&ratbin& 

Sudan t&, 
pabinamslnassa an&savassa dev&pi maybam pibayanti t&dino 

'ti. II 206 II 

Brabm&li tbero. 

200, calesi A. —tvam ABC, tam D. — upakannamhi A. — t&lessam A, tdleyam 
C, taralayam B, talesa D. — ^na vS, ABC, na ha Da, na him Dd.— Uddana : Potiri- 
yaputto A, Sotiriputto BO. — 202, ahu ABCDa, ahun ti Bb, — 203, comp. 
Bhammap. 382. — sa hi suttesu D, patis** A, satiputtesu BC. — 205, comp. 
Dhamm. 94. 



ChavipaLpaka cittabhaddaka MogharSja satatam sam&hito, 
hemantikasitaklLlarattiyo, bhikkhu tvara 'si, katham 

karissasi. II 207 II 
sampannasass^ Magadhd kevald iti me sutam ; 
pal&lacchannako seyyam yath' anne sukhajivino 'ti. II 20811 

Mogharaj& thero. 
Na ukkhipe no ca parikkhipe pare, na okkhipe paragatam 

na eraye, 
na cattavannam paris&su by&hare anuddhato sammitabhsini 

subbato. 11209 II 
susukhumanipunatthadassinlL matikusalena nivlLtavuttin^ 
8amseyitabuddhasilin& nibb&nam na hi tena dullabhan 

ti. II 210 II 

Vis&kho Panc&liputto thero. 
Nadanti mor& 8usikh& supekhund sunilagiv^ sumukha 

susaddald c&pi mah&mahi ayam subyapitambu, suvala- 

hakam nabham. 11211 II 
sukallarupo sumanassa jhayitam sunikkhamo s&dhu subud- 

dhas&sane ; 
susukkasukkam nipunam sududdasam phus&hi tain uttamam 

accutam padan ti. II 2 12 II 

C(ilako thero. 
Nandam&n&gatam cittam Billam ^ropamanakam, 
tena ten' eva vajasi yena sdlam kalingaram. II 2 13 II 
tsLham citta kalim br&mi tarn br&mi cittadubbhakam ; 
8atth& te dullabho laddho ; ni&natthe mam niyojayi- 

ti: II 214 II 

AnApamo thero. 
Samsaram digham addh&nam gatisu parivattisam 
apassam ariyasacc^ni andhabhiito puthujjano. 11215 

207, hemantikak&larattiyo (°y^ A) AC, hemantikasitakillarattiko B, hemanti- 
kasttakjQarattiyo Ba J)b (hemantakd sitaksllarattiyo *ti pi patho). — 209,. na 
okkhipe . . . naukkliipe'ti keci pathanti D.— 210 = 71. — Paficdlaputto ABC. — 
211, suT^piitambO. *ti pi patho suvisuddhajSlo 'ti attho D. — 212, jhayitam 
ACDa, cabharitam B, jhdyitum and jhayitam D^. — sunikkamo ACDa, sanikamo 
B, sunikkhamo "Db. — 213, ^opamd,naka AB, aropahanakam C, ^ropamanakam 
Da Db ("aropiyamanam).— 214, kali AB, kalf C, kali* kali, kalim D.— 
cittadubbnagS, *ti pi pathanti D. 



tassa me appamattassa sams&r^ vinalikatH, 

sabb^ gati 6amuccliinn&, n'atthi d&ni punabbhaTO *ti. 11316 

Vajjito thero. 
Assatthe haritobh&se 8aTnvir&}hamhi p&dape 
ekam buddhagatam saniiam alabhittham patissato. II 217 II 
ekatimse ito kappe yam sanuam alabhin tadft, 
tassk sanMya vsLhas^ patto me ^savakkhayo 'ti. II 2 18 II 

Sandhito thero. 

Fancamo vaggo. udd&nam : 

Xum&rakassapo thero Dhammap&Io ea Brahm&Ii 
Moghar&jel Yislikho ca GAlako ca Aniipamo 
Vajjito' Sandhito thero kilesarajavahano 'ti. j 
gglthA Dukanip&tamhi navuti c* eva attha ca, 
thersl ekilDapanD&sam bh&sit& nayakovida. j 


2l7 = Apadana fol. it' (Dr. Morris's MS.).— alabbi ham corrected to alabhim 
ham A, suabhittam BC, abbilattham Da, alatthupai^issato ti Bb, alabhissa 
Apadana.— 218, Satthitatb% Satthinatth" D. 



Ayonisuddhim anvesam aggim paricarim vane, 
suddhimaggam aj&nanto ak&sim amaram tapam. 11219 
tarn sukhena sukham laddham ; passa dhammasudhamma- 

tam : 
tisso yijjsL anuppatt&, katam buddhassa s&sanam. I|220|j 
brahmabandhu pure &siin, idcLni kbo 'mhi brabmano, 
tevijjo nb&tako c' amhi sotthiyo c' ambi vedagu Hi. 11221 

Anganikabbftradvftjo tbero. 
PaficsLb&bain pabbajito sekho appattam&naso, 
viharam me pavitthassa cetaso panidhi ahd : || 222 
nasissam na piviss^tni yib&rato na nikkhame 
na pi passam nip&tessam tanh&salle aniibate. || 223 
tassa mevam viharato passa viriyaparakkamam, 
tisso vij ja anuppattd, katam buddhassa slLsanan ti. || 224 

Paccayo tbero. 
To pubbe karanly&ni paccbd so kitum iccbati, 
8ukh& so dhamsate th&nsl paccb^ cam anutappati. II 22511 
yan hi kayir& tan hi vade, yam na kayird na tarn vade. 
akarontam bh&sam&nam parijslnanti pandit^. II 226 II 
Rusukham yata nibb&nam samm&sambuddhadesitam 
asokara virajam khemamyattha dukkhamnirujjhatiti. II 227 

Sukhan ce jtvitum icche s&manuasmim apekkbavsl, 
samghikam n&timaiifieyya civaram p&nabhojanam. 11228 
sukhan ce jivitum icche s^mannasmim apekkhavd, 
abimusikasobbham va sevetha sayand,sanam. || 229 1| 

219» paricare ABC, paricare, which is several times corrected to paricarim 
D. The mistake paricare seems to have been caused by Dhammap. 107.~ 
amaram BD, paravS. C, mama tarn A.— tapam AD, v&sam B, savam C. — 
223 = 313, viharato ABCD. The correct reading no doubt is vihard ca (see 
V. 313): viharato offends against the metrical laws (compare, however, Prof. 
Fausboll's note, Dhammap. v. 124). — 225, ca ABC, cam (<<makaro padasandhi- 
karo '*) D. 

A A 


sukhafi ce jivitum icche 8§mailiiasmim apekkhav&, 
itaritarena tusseyya ekadhammaii ca bh&vaye'ti. II 280 II 

Dhaniyo thero. 
Atisitam atiunbam atiB&yam idam ahA, 
iti vissatthakammante khan& accent! mAnaye. II 231 II 
yo ca sitau ca unban ca tinA bhiyyo na mannati 
karam purisakicc&ni, so 8ukb& na vibiyati. II 232 II 
dabbam kusam potakilam asiram munjapabbajam 
uras^ panudabiss&mi vivekam anubr&bayan ti. II 233 II 

MAtangaputto tbero. 
Ye cittakatbi babussutA samanA P&taliputtav&sino 
tes' anilataro'yam &yuv& dv&re tittbati Khujjasobbito. II 234 II 
ye cittakatbi babussut& 8aman& P&taliputtav&sino 
tes' auuataro 'yam &yuv& dv&re tittbati m&luterito. II 23511 
suyuddbena suyittbena samg&mavijayena ca 
brabmacariy&nucinnena ev&yam sukbam edbati. II 236 II 

Kbujjasobbito tbero. 
Yo 'dba koci manussesu parap&n&ni bimsati, 
asmd lokA parambA ca ubbay& dbamsate naro. ||237|i 
yo ca mettena cittena sabbap&n' dnukampati, 
babum bi so pasavati punuam t&disako naro. II 238 II 
subb&sitassa sikkbetba samanupllsanassa ca 
ek&sanassa ca rabo cittavdpasamassa ca 'ti. II 239 li 

Eko pi saddbo medb&vi assaddb&n' idba fi&tinam 
dbammattbo silasampanno boti attb&ya bandbunam. || 240 1| 
niggayba anukamp&ya codit& natayo may& 
n^tibandhavapemena k&ram katv&na bbikkbusa. || 241 1| 
' te abbbatitA kalakat& pattA te tidivam sukbam, 
bb^taro may bam m&t& ca modanti k&makamino 'ti. || 242 1| 

X&Mpabbangasamk&so kiso dhamanisantato 
mattafinu annap&nambi adinamanaso naro II 243 II 

Verses 231 and 232 recur in the SigsQovsidasutta ap. Grimblot, Sept Suttas, 
p. 302, except that for khan& the reading there is atthd. The last clause 
recurs in Mahavagga VIII. 16. 8. — 233=27. — 243, kalapabbangasamkslso A, 
kalasabbangasamkaso B, kaldsabbangasamkdyo C, ksQslpasangasamklUo Da, 
kdlapasangasamkdso ti mamsupacayslyigamena kisadusa^thitasarirayayayatdya 
dantiiatapabbasadisamgo Dd. 



phuttho damsehi makasehi arannasmim brahsLvane 
ii&go samgamastse va sato tatrMhivftsaye. ||244|| 
yathd Brahmd tathsl eko, yath& devo tath& duve, 
yath& g&mo tathsl tayo, koUhalam tat' uttarin ti. I|245|| 

AhA tuyham pure saddh^, sa te ajja na vijjati. 
yam tuyham tuyham ev' etam ; n' atthi duccaritam 

' mama, ij 24611 
aniccll hi calk saddhd evam ditth& hi 8& may& ; 
rajjanti pi virajjanti, tattha kim jiyyate muni. II 247 II 
paccati munino bhattam thokam thokam kale kule ; 
pindik&ya cariss&mi, atthi janghabalam mam& 'ti. II 248 II 

Saddh&ya abhinikkhamma navapabbajito navo 
mitte bhajeyya kaly&ne suddhaljlve atandite. II 24911 
saddh&ya abhinikkhamma navapabbajito navo 
samghasmim viharam bhikkhu sikkhetha vinayam 

budho.* II 250 II 
saddh&ya abhinikkhamma navapabbajito navo 
kapp^kappesu kusalo careyya apurakkhato. 11251 1| 

TJpali there. 
Fanditam vata mam santam alamatthavicintakam 
pauca kd^magunS, loke sammoh& p&tayimsu mam. 11252 |j 
pakkhanno M&ravisaye dalhasallasamappito 
asakkhim Ma<;cur&jassa aham p&8& pamuccitum. II253II 
sabbe "kkmk pahin& me, bhavd sabbe padd^litd,, 
vikkhino j^tisams&ro, n' atthi d^ni punabbhavo 'ti. 11254 1| 

XJttarap&lo there. 
Sun&tha n&tayo sabbe yd,vant' ettha sam&gat^, 
dhammam vo desayiss^mi ; dukkh& j&ti punappunam. ||255 
^rabhatha nikkhamatha yufijatha buddhasasane 
dhun&tha Maccuno senam nald,g&ram va kunjaro. ||256|| 
yo imasmim dhammavinaye appamatto vihessati, 
pah&ya jsttisams&ram dukkhass' antam karissatiti. II 257 II 


248, thokathokam Da D*.— Satimatt" AB, Satimatth^ C, Savimatth** and 
S&viinatt° D.— 263, pakkhando A, °nto BC, °imo Da D*.— 266 = MilindapaiSlia, 
p. 245.-267, comp. MaMparinibb. Sutta, p. 37. 


Samsaram hi nirayam agacchisam, petalokam agamam 

dukkhamamhi pi tiraccb&Dayoiiiy& nekadM hi yusitam 

ciram may&. || 258 1| 
manuso pi ca bhavo 'bhir&dhito, saggak&yam agamam 

sakim sakim, 
rupadh&tusu arflpadhatusu n'evasannisu asannisu tthi- 

tam. II 259 II 
sambhavd suvidit^ as&rak& samkhata pacalit& sad' erit& ; 
tam. viditvd maham attasambhavam santim eva satim& 

samajjhagan ti. ||260|| 

Gotamo tbero. 
Yopubbe karaniy&ni . . . (261-263=225-227) II261-263II 

H&rito thero. 
Papamitte vivajjetvd bhajeyy' uttamapuggale 
ov&de c* assa tittheyya patthento acalam sukham. || 26411 
parittam d&rum*. . . (265, 266=147, 148.) II 265-266 1| 

Vimalo tbero. 

TJdd&nara : 

Anganiko Bb&radv&jo Paccayo B&kulo isi 
Dhaniyo M&tangaputto Sobbito V^rano isi 
Passiko ca Yasojo ca Sfttimattiy' TJpali ca | 
TJttarapalo Abbibbuto Gotamo Harito pi ca 
tbero Tikanipatamhi nibb&ne Vimalo kato ; 
attbat&lisa gitb&yo, tber& solasa kittit^ 'ti. 

Tikanip&to nittbito. 

260, suderita AC, saderitd (=sad8l erit^) Da DA, saderikd B.— 261, cam 
ABCD.— 264, °puggale Da D*, "puggalam ABC— cassa A, yassa BCD.— 
266, jhapbhi A. 



Alamkat^ suvasand m&lini candanussadd. 

ma j jhe mali&patlie n&rl turiye naccati nattaki. || 267 

pindik&ya pavittho 'ham gacchanto nam udikkhisam 

alamkatam suvasanam maccup&sam va odditam. II 268 II 

tato me manasik&ro yoniso udapajjatha, 

fedinavo p^turahA, nibbidA samatitthata, II269II 

tato cittam vimucci me, passa dhammasudhammatam : 

tisso vijj& anuppattH, katam buddhassa s&sanan ti. II 270 

Aham middhena pakato vih&r& upanikkhamim ; 
cankaraam abhirfibanto tath' eva papatim chamlL. II 271 II 
gatt&ni parimajjitv^ puna p&niyha cankamam 
cankame cankamim so 'ham ajjhattam susam&hito. ||272 
tato me . . . (273, 274=269, 270.) ||273-274|| 

Bhagu there. 
Pare ca na vij&nanti mayam ettha yam&mase ; 
ye ca tattha vij&nanti, tato sammanti medhag&. 11275 II 
jadk ca avij&nant& iriyanty amarft viyd, 
viJELnanti ca ye dhammam ftturesu anaturft. II 276 II 
yam kinci sithilam kammam samkilitthaii ca yam vatam 
samkassaram brahmacariyam, na tarn hoti mahappha- 

1am. II 277 II 
yassa sabrahmac&risu g&ravo n' Apalabbhati, 
krakk hoti saddhammal nabham puthaviy4 yathS, 'ti. II 278 II 

Sabhiyo there. 
Dhir atthu pftre duggandhe MiLrapakkhe avassute; 
nava sot&ni te k&ye ys^ni sandanti sabbadft. || 279 1| 

276, see 498 ; Dhammap. 6, Mahavagga x, 3.— pare va D.--276, iriyantamara 
viya A, iriyantamabhavissa Tvissati C) BC, iriyanty amarci viya Da Db. — 
277, see Dhammap. 312.— 279 (see 1150), pQre Da D* (**ativiya jegucchehi 
nkn^kunapehi nandyidhaasilcihi sampunno" [sic]), pure aIBC. — naya 
.het&ni ABC. 

34 thera-gathJL 

ID& pur&nam amafiiiittho, mlis&desi tath&gate ; 
sagge pi te na rajjanti kim anga pana m&niise. II 280 II 
ye ca kho \A\k dummedhft dammantl mohap&rat&, 
ikiisk tattha rajjanti M&rakhittasmi bandhane. II 281 II 
yesam r&go ca doso ca avijjd ca Yir&jit&, 
t&dl tattha na rajjanti chinna8utt& abandhanft 'tL || 282 II 

Nandako thero. 
FancapaDDftsa vasssLni rajojallam adh&rayiniy 
bhuDJanto m&sikam bhattam kesamassum alocayim, II 283 II 
ekapsLdena atth&sim, ^isanam parivajjayiniy 
sukkbagiith&ni ca kh^im, uddesau ca na 8&diyim. II 284 II 
et^disam karity&na bahum duggatig&minam 
Tuyham&no mahoghena buddham saranam dgamam. ||285 
saranagamanam passa, passa dhammasudhammatam : 
tisso vijj^ anuppatt&, katam buddhassa s&sanan ti. II 286 II 

Jambuko tbero. 
Sy&gatam vata me &8i Q-ay&yam Qayaphagguyft 
yam addas&sim sambuddham desentam dhammam utta- 

" mam II 287 II 
mabappabham ga^&cariyam aggapattam vindyakam 
sadevakassa lokassa jinam atuladassanam II 288 1| 
mabd,n&gam mah&viram mah&jutim an&sayam 
sabULsayaparikkbinam sattb&ram akutobhayam. ||289|| 

cirasamkilittham yata mam ditthisand&nasanditam 

• • • • • • • • 

yimocayi so bhagay& sabbaganthebi Senakan ti. ||290|| 

Senako thero. 
Yo dandhak&le tarati tarantye ca dandhaye, 
ayonisosamyidh&nena b^lo dukkham nigacchati, 11291 1| 
tass' atth& parih&yanti k&lapakkhe ya candim&y 
ftyasakyan ca pappoti mittehi ca yirujjhatiti. II 292 II 
yo dandhak&le dandheti taraniye ca t&raye, 
yonisosamyidh&nena sukham pappoti pandito^ 1129311 
tass' atth^ paripAranti sukkapakkhe ya candimd, 
yaso kittin ca pappoti, mittehi na yinijjhatiti. ||294|| 

Sambhftto thero. 

286, saranagamanam?— 287, yam addasslsi AC, yam adasslsi B, anuddllsimaim 
corrected to "ssasim Da, yan ti . . . anuddasasin ti lib. — 290, ditthisantdnaban- 
dhitam A, ''nasandhitam B, di^^hasantdnam santitaiii G, di^thisandanasanditam 
D. — 294, paripiirenti, paripurenti the MSS. 



XJbhayen' eva sampanno R&hulabhaddo 'ti mam vidu, 
yan c' amhi putto buddhassa, yan ca dhammesu cak« 

khumi, II 295 II 
yan ca me &sav& khind, yan ca n' atthi punabbhavo. 
arah& dakkhineyyo 'mhi tevijjo amataddaso. II296II 
k&mandh& jdlasancbannd tanh&chadanacb&dit& 
pamattabandbmisl baddbd maech^ ya kumin&mukbe. 11297 
tarn k&mam abam ujjhitvd cbetvd M&rassa bandbanam 
sam&Iam tanbam abbuyba sitibhAto 'smi nibbuto Hi. || 298 

Rabulo tbero. 
Jatariipena paccbanna dftslganapurakkbatd ^ 
ankena puttam &d&ya bhariyd mam up&gami. II 299 II 
tan ca disv&na ^yantim sakaputtassa md,taram 
alamkatam suvasanam maccup&sam ya odditam, II 300 1| 
tato me ". . (301, 302 = 269, 270) || 301-30211 

Candano tbero. 
Dbammo bave rakkhati dbammac&rim, dbammo sucinno 

sukbam sLvab&ti : 
es' slnisamso dhamme sucinne, na duggatim gaccbati dbam- 

mackrl. || 303 II 
na bi dbammo adbammo ca ubbo samavip^kino ; 
adbammo nirayam neti, dbammo pS^peti suggatim. II 304 II 
tasm^ bi dhammesu kareyya chandam iti modam&no 

sugatena t&dina ; 
dbamme thit& sugatavarassa s^vak^ niyyanti dhtr^ sarana- 

varaggag&mino. II 305 II 
vippbotito gandamftlo, tanbajS.lo samvlbato ; 
so khinasamssiro na c' attbi kincanam cando yatbal dosina- 

• • • a/ 

punnamalsiya 'ti. II 306 II 

Dhammiko tbero. 
Yada balaksl 8ucipandaraccbad& k^lassa megbassa bbayena 

palebiti dlayam dlayesini, tad& nadi Ajakarani rameti 

mam. II 307 II 

296, comp. 336.-297, jaiapacchanna Da D3.--299, sacchanni AC, safich^ 
B, pacchannd Da Bb. — 306, vippothito A, vippovito B, vipphotito C, vigMtito 
Da, vippatito ti vidbuto Db. — 307, palehiti AB, palehiti C, phalehiti Da, 
palehititi gocarabhumito uppatitva gamissati Db, 


yadsl baMk& suvisuddhapandar^ kallassa meghassa bhayena 

pariyesati lenam alenadassini^ tad& nadi Ajakaranl rameti 

mam. II 308 II 
kan nu tattha na ramenti jambuyo ubhato tahim, 
sobhenti ipagd^kulam mabalenassa pacchato. II 309 1| 
t&matamadasamgbasuppabin&bbek^ mandavatl pan&dayanti. 
najja girinadihi vippav&sasamayo ; khem& Ajakarani 8iv& 

suramm&'ti. 11310 II 

Sappako thero. 
Fabbajim jivikattho 'ham, laddh&na upasampadam 
tato saddham patilabhim, dalhaviriyo parakkamim. 11311 
kftmam bhijjatu 'yam k&yo mamsapesi visiyarum, 
ubhojannukasandhihi jangblLyo papatantu me ; II 312 II 
n^sissam na piviss&mi yih^r& ca na nikkhame 
na pi passam nip&tessam tanh^Ile aniihate. II 313 li 
tassa mevam . . . (=224) ||314|| 

Mudito thero. 

UddS,nam : 

N&gasamalo Bhagu ca Sabhiyo Nandako pi ca 
Jambuko Senako thero Sambhdto B&hulo pi ca 
bhavati Gandano thero, das' ete buddhasslvak&.| 
Dhammiko Sappako thero Mudito c^pi te tayo. 
gath&yo dve ca pannasa therU sabbe pi terasd. 'ti. 

Gatukkanip&to nitthito. 

309, asabhdkiilam A, Ssakakulam BC, apagslkulam Da, apagaknlam Ajaka- 
raninadiya ubhotiram Db.—SlO, °mada8° Da, "matas" ABC— °suppahi& A, 
°suppatita B, suppata C, "suppabincl Da, suppahtn^ D^.— mandavatl (**tim A) 
ABC, manayati Da. Db: tamadasamghasuppahina 'ti amatam vuccati agaidam, 
tena ramentiti amatamada sappsl, nesam samgho amatamadasamgho ; tato sutthu 
pahinR apagatd tst bhekE manditiyo (read, *kiyo) manElyati manasarayaniyo (or 
^atiyo P) panMayanti tarn tbElnam madburena yassitena ninnadayanti. — Sappa- 
kattb° D, Sappako tb"" B,'Sabbako' tb° AC— 312, yisiyantu A, yisiyanti B, vist- 
yanti C, yisiyyarum Da, yisiyarun ti . . . imasmd kSyS mamsapesiyo yislyaa ti 
ce yisiyantu ito c* ito yiddbamsantu. — man ti pi p^tbo, so ey* attbo D. — 
313, comp. 223.— nikkbame D, '^mim A, °mi BC— Uddana: Sbould Bbayati be 
tbe name of a Tbera wbose stanzas are not found in our MSS. P— Sabbako ABC. 

panca-nipAto. 37 


Bhikkhu sivathikam gantv& addasam itthim ujjhitam 
apaviddbain susanasmim khajjantim kimihi phutam. II 315 II 
yam hi eke jiguccbanti matam disv&na papakam, 
kamardgo psLturahu, andho va savati ahum. II 31611 
Oram odanap&kamhsl tamh^ th&n& apakkamim ; 
satima sampajano 'ham ekamantam up&visim. || 317 1| 
tatome . . . (318, 319 = 269, 270) |[318-319|| 

Rajadatto thero. 
Ayoge yunjam attlLnam puriso kiccam icchato 
caram ce nadhigaccheyya, tarn me dubbhagalakkhanam. 

abbulbam aghatam vijitam ekan ce ossaj jeyya kali va siy& ; 
sabbani pi ce ossajjeyya andho va siyd, samavisamassa 

adassanato. II 32 1 II 
yan hi kayirft . . . (=226) ||322|| 
yathsLpi ruciram puppham vannayantam agandhakam, 
evam subh&sit& vkck aphal^ hoti akubbato. || 323 1| 
yathapi ruciram puppham yannavantam sagandhakam 
eyam subhasitll y&cd, saphali hoti sakubbato 'ti. II324II 

Subhiito thero. 

315, comp, 393. — apaviddham DaD*, 'tt^am ABC — putam D. — 316, vasa- 
Tati ABDa, yasavatti C. Db : yena andho vasati aham tasmim kalebare tasmim 
kalebare (sic) yasityd nayahi dyHrehi asncim vasati sandante asncibhdyassa 
adassanena andho irlya ahosim. — The reading which the commentator tries to 
explain, was evidently : andho va savati ahum. The commentary then goes on : 
keci pan' ettha tak^iagamam katv4 kilesaparivntth&nena avasavatti kilesassa vd 
vasantiti (sic) attham vadanii ; apare andho va asati ahim ti palim vatv^ kama- 
ragena andho eva hutv4 satirahito ahosin ti attham vadanti. tad nbhayam pali- 
yaiji n' atthi. — 320, icchito AC, acchito B, icchato Da, icchako (**icchanto*') 
Db. Comp. my note at Dipavamsa 21, 2. — 321, aghatam AB, asatam C, aggha- 
tam Da. Db : vib^hanasabhdvatdya agh^ni nama r&g^ajo aghSni eva aggha- 
tam ag^hatHnam (corr. agghagatam agghagatanam) vijitam samsarappavatti 
tesam vijayo kasaladhamm^bhiohavo agghatam (corr. agghagatam) vijitan ti 
annndsikalopam akatvd vnttam ; anuddhatam yena tarn abbiilh&ghagatam vijitam 
katvst evambhiito hntvd kilese asamncchinditv^ 'ti attho.— kali ca ABC, kali va 
Da, kali va . . . k^kanni viya Bb, — 323, 324 = Dhammap. 61, 62. 

38 thera-gIthA. 

Yassati devo yath& sugitam, chann^ me kutiM sukli& nlv&ta, 
tassam vihar^mi vfipasaiito, atba ce patthayasi pavassa 

deva. II325II 
yassati devo yath& sugitam, chann& me kutik& sukh^ iiiy&t&, 
tassam viharftmi santacitto — pa — tassam vihar&mi vlta- 

r&go ... vttadoso . . . vitamoho, atha ce patthayasi 

pavassa devft 'ti. II 326-329 1| 

Oirim&nando thero. 
Yam patthay&no dhammesu upajjh&yo anuggahi 
amatam abhikankhantam, katam kattabbakam may&. || 330 1| 
anuppatto sacchikato sayam dhammo anitiho ; 
yisuddban&no nikkankbo by&karomi tav' an tike. II 331 1| 
pubbeniv&sam j&n&mi, dibbacakkhum visodhitam, 
sadattho me anuppatto, katam buddhassa s&sanam. II 332 1| 
appamattassa me sikkb& sussut^ tava sd.8ane ; 
sabbe me ksavk khina, n' atthi d&ni punabbhavo. II 333 II 
anusllsi mam ariyavat^, anukamp} anuggahi ; 
amogho tuyham ov&do ; antev&si 'mhi sikkhito 'ti. ||334 

Sumano thero. 
S&dhu hi kira me mat& patodam upadamsayi, 
yass&ham vacanam sutv& anusittho lanettiy^ 
araddhaviriyo pahitatto patto sambodhim uttamam. || 335 
arah& dakkhineyyo 'mhi tevijjo amataddaso ; 
jitvll Namucino senam vihar^mi an&savo. I|336|| 
ajjhattan ca bahiddha ca ye me vijjimsu ksavk 
sabbe asesd. ucchinn& na ca uppajjare puna. || 33711 
vis£lrad& kho bhagint etam attham abhiLsayi : 
api hk niina mayi pi vanatho te na vijjati. ||338|| 
pariyantakatam dukkham, antimo 'yam samussayo 
j&timaranasams&ro, n** atthi d&ni punabbhavo 'ti. II 339 1| 

Yaddho thero. 
Atth&ya vata me buddho nadim Neranjaram ag&, 
yass&ham dhammam micchMitthim vivaiia- 

yim. II 340 II 

325 seq. corap. 51.— 331, visuddbifT ABC— 336, comp. 296.-338, abhasasi 
ABC, abhdsayi D. — 339, pariyantakaip D. 


yajim ucc&vace yanne, aggihuttam juhim aham 

e8& suddbiti mafinaQto andhabhiito putbujjano. II 341 1| 

dittbigabanapakkbanno par&m&sena mobito 

asuddbim mannisam suddbim andbabb{Lto aviddasu. ||342|| 

miccbadittbi pabinsL me, bbav& sabbe vid^lit^, 

jubami dakkbineyyaggim, namassdmi tatb&gatam. ||343|| 

inob^ sabbe pabin& me, bbavatanb& pad&lit&, 

vikkbino jatisams&ro, n' attbi d&ni punabbbavo 'ti. 1134411 

Nadikassapo tbero. 
P&to majjbantikam s^yam tikkbattum divasass' abam 
otarim udakam sotam Gay&ya Gayapbagguyft. ||345|| 
yam may^ pakatam pdpam pubbe annslsu jfttisu 
tan d&nidba pay&bemi: eyamdittbi pure abum. ||346|| 
8uty& subb&sitam v&cam dbammattbasabitam padam 
tatbam yatb&vakam attbam yoniso paccavekkbisam. II 34711 
ninbatasabbap&po 'mbi nimmalo payato suci 
suddbo suddbassa d&y&do putto buddbassa oraso. II 348 II 
ogayb' attbangikam sotam sabbap&pam pavabayim, 
tisso yijJ£k ajjbagamim, katam buddbassa sasanan ti. 11349 II 

Gaydkassapo tbero. 
V&tarogabbinito tvam vibaram kdnane vane 
paviddbagocare liikbe katbam bbikkbu karissasi. II350II 
pitisukbena vipulena pbaram&no samussayam 
l{Lkbam pi abbisambbonto yibariss^mi k&nane. 11351 1| 
bb&vento satipattb&ne indriy&ni balani ca 
bojjbang&ni ca bb&vento yibariss&mi kanane. ||352|| 
^raddbaviriye pabitatte niccam dalbaparakkame 
samagge sabite disvsl vibariss&mi k&nane. II 353 II 
anussaranto sambuddbam aggadantam sam&bitam 
atandito rattidivam vibariss&mi k&nane 'ti. ||354|| 

Vakkali tbero. 
Olaggess^mi te citta ^nidvslre va battbinam, 
na tain p&pe niyojessam kamaj&la sartraja. 11355 

342, "pakkhandho A, °pakkhando B, ^pakkhanto C, ^pakkhanno D.— 344, ti is 
wanting in ABC. — 348, payato Da Db, sassato corr. to bhassato A, sassaliio B, 
sassato C. — suddho snddnassa Da Db, s° buddbassa ABC. — 350 seq. comp. 435 
seq.— 350, pavindagocare B, pavittha^ocare ACD ("vissa^tbagocare dullabha- 
paccaye''). — 355, sarirajam AG, sarirajam B, sariraja Da Db, 


tvam olaggo na gacchisi dv&raviyaram gajo va alabhanto, 
na ca cittakali punappunam pasahan pftparato carissasi. || 356 II 
vath^ kuDJaram adantam navaggaham ankusaggaho 
balav^ &vatteti ak&mam, evam ftvattayissan tarn. 1135711 
yath& yarahayadamakusalo s&rathi pavaro dameti ftjannam, 
evam damayissan tarn patitthito pancasu balesu. || 358 |j 
satiyi tarn nibandhissam, payatatto vo damessftmi ; 
viriyadhuraniggahltonayitodflram gamissase cittft *ti. ||359|| 

Vijitaseno thero. 
TJp&rambhacitto dummedho sun&ti jinasftsanam : 
krakk hoti saddhammft nabhaso pathavi yath^. 1136011 
up^rambhacitto dummedho sun&ti jinas&sanam : 
parih&yati saddhamm& k&lapakkhe ya candim&. II 361 II 
up&rambhacitto dummedho sun&ti jinas&sanam : 
parisussati saddhamme maccho appodake yathlL. || 362 II 
up&rambhacitto dummedho sun&ti jinas&sanam : 
na virCihati saddhamme khette bljam ya pdtikam. || 363 1| 
yo ca tutthena cittena sunftti jinasftsaiiam 
khepety& llsaye sabbe sacchikaty& akuppatam, 
pappuyya paramam santim parinibb&ti an&sayo 'ti. II 36411 

Yasadatto thero. 
Upasampadll ca me laddh&, yimutto c' amhi an&sayo, 
so ca me bhagay& dittho, yih&re ca sah&vasim. II 365 II 
bahud eva rattim bhagay& abbhok&se *tin&mayi, 
yih&rakusalo satthft vih&ram p&visi tad&. II 366 II 
santharity&na samgh&tim seyyam kappesi Gotamo 
siho selaguh&yam ya pahinabhayabherayo. II 367 II 
tato kaly&nay&kkarano samm&sambuddhasftyako 
Sono abh&si saddhammam buddhasetthassa sammukh& || 368 II 
panca kkhandhe parifin&ya bh&vayity&na anjasam 
pappuyya paramam santim parinibbissaty an&sayo 'ti. || 369 II 

Sono Kutikanno thero. 

356, gacchasi ABC, gacchisi Da D^.— pasakka A, vasakam BC, esabham Da, 
pasahan ti sarabhasam s&hasavasena Bb, — 359, paj^atatto CDa Dd, payntto A, 
paratatto B. — te damissami ABC, vo vadapessami Da, to damessami J)b. — 
ramissasi D*.— 366, vitinjtmayi ABC (vit° C), tinamayi Da, atindmayt yttiiuUiiesi 
D*. Comp. Mahdvagga V. 13. 9. 


To ve garAnam vacanannu dhiro vase ca tamhi janayetha 

so bhattim& n^ma ca hoti pandito natv^ ca dhammesu 

visesi assa. || 370 II 
yam ^padd* uppatiti vlkrk na kkhambhayante patisam- 

so thdmav^ D&ma ca hoti pandito natvll ca dhammesu visesi 

assa. II 371 II 
yo ve samuddo va thito anejo gambhirapaniio nipunattha- 

asamhariyo n&ma ca hoti . • . II372II 
bahussuto dhammadharo ca hoti, dhammassa hoti anudham- 

so t&diso n&ma ca hoti ... II 373 1| 
atthan ca yo j&n&ti bh&sitassa atthan ca natvana tatha 

atthantaro n^ma sa hoti pandito natv^ ca dhammesu visesi 


Kosiyo thero. 

TJdd&nam : 

Eajadatto Subhdto ca GirimsLnanda-Sumano 
Va(Jdho ca Kassapo thero Gayakassapa-Vakkali | 
Vijito Yasadatto ca Sono Kosiyasavhayo : 
satthi ca pancag&th&yo, therd, ca ettha dv&dasa 'ti. 


370, yatamhi AB, tamhi C, yatayamlii Da, vasena ca tamhi janayetha peman 
ti tasmim garunam vacane oydde ydseyya Db. — 371, so th^maya dhitimd ca hoti 
D. — 374, atthantaro BGDa, atthandharo A. atthantaro atthak^rand siladiattha- 
jananamattam eya npanissayam katyd pandito hotiti Db, Comp. dosantaro, 
Cullayagga IX. 6. 2. 



DisY&na p&tihirani Ootamassa yasassino 

na t&vd^ham panipatim iss&m&nena vancito. II 375 II 

mama samkappam ann^ya codesi naraslLrathi, 

tato me isi samvego abbhuto lomahamsano. II 376 1| 

pubbe jatilabh{Lt,assa jk me iddhi parittiM, 

t&ham tad^ Diramkaty& pabbajim jinae&sane. 1137711 

pubbe yannena santuttho k&madh&tupurakkhatOy 

pacchi r&gan ca dosan ca mohan capi sam(ilianim. ||378|| 

pubbeniv&sam jjln&mi, dibbacakkhum visodhitam, 

iddhimd paracittannti dibbasotan ca psLpunim. II 379 II 

yassa c' atthaya pabbajito ag&rasm& anag^riyam, 

so me attho anuppatto sabbasamyojanakkhayo 'ti. || 380 1| 

Uruvelakassapo there. 
Atihit^ Yihi, khalagat& sali, na ca labhe pindam, katham 

aham kassam. I1381II 
buddham appameyyam anussara, pasanno pitiy& pbutasariro 

hohisi satatam udaggo. || 382 II 
dhammam appameyyam — pa — samgham appameyyam 

— pa— ||38;i-384|| 
abbhok^e yiharasi, 8it& hemantikd, im& rattiyo. 
m& sttena pareto vihannittlio ; pa visa tvam vib&ram pbusit- 

aggalam. ||385|| 
phusissam catasso appamann&yo t&hi ca sukhito yiharissam ; 
n^ham sitena vihannissam aninjito vibaranto 'ti. || 386 1| 

Tekiccbak&ni there. 

375-376 (except the last four syllables of 376) are wanting in BC. — 376, pani- 
psltam A. — 377, siddM ABC, iddhi Da, iddhi . . . labhasakkaramayaiddhi . . . 
keci pan' ettha iddhiti [sic] yadanti, tad ayuttan tad& tassa ajjhdnalabhibh&yato 
Db, — 381, na ca labhe BJJa Bb, na labhe A, na late C— 385, phu8° A, phuss** 
BC, phas8° D.-386, phus'' A, phuss'' BCD.— 386, Tekicchakdn AB, *tari C, 
°kani D. *^ ettha ca BindusHraiafiiio kale imassa therassa uppannatta tatiyasamgi- 
tiyam im4 gatha saipgit^ Hi yeditabba*' D. 


Yassa sabrahmac&risu g&ravo n' {Ipalabbhati, 

parih&yati saddhammd, macclio appodake yath&. ||387|| 

yassa sabrahmac&risu . . . 

na virAhati saddhamme khette bijam va pdtikam. ||388|| 

yassa sabrahmac^irtsu . . . 

krak.k hoti nibbsLn^ dhammar&jassa s&sane. ||389|| 

yassa sabrahmacdrisu g&ravo upalabbhati, 

na yib^yati saddbamm^ maccbo bavbodake yatb&. ||390|| 

yassa . . . 

so yir{Lbati saddhamme khette bijam va bhaddakam. 11391 1| 

yassa ... 

santike hoti nibb&nam dhammar&jassa s&sane 'ti. || 392 1| 

MahdnsLgo there. 
KuUo sivathikam gantv^ addasam itthim ujjhitam 
apaviddham sus^nasmim khajjantim kimihi phutam. 11393 
aturam asucim p{Ltim passa EuUa samussayam 
uggharantam paggharantam balelnam abhinanditam. 11394 
dhamm&ddsam gahetv&na ndnadassanapattiyd 
paccavekkhim imam k&yam tuccham santarabsLhiram. || 395 
yath& idam tathi etam, yathfi, etam tath& idam, 
yathd adho tathi uddham, yath&uddham tath&adho. 11396 
yath& div& tathsL rattim, yath& rattim tathsL diva, 
yath& pure tathS, pacch^, yathS, pacch& tath& pure. II 397 II 
pancangikena turiyena na rati hoti t&disi 
yatha ekaggacittassa samm& dhammam yipassato 'ti. II 398 II 

Kullo thero. 
Manujassa pamattac&rino tanhsl yaddhati mdluv^ viysL, 
so palavatt hurdhuram phalam iceham va vanasmi va- 

naro. || 399 1| 
yam es^ sahati jammi tanhS, loke visattik&, 
soka tassa pava<Mhanti abhivaddham va biranam. ||400|| 
yo ve tarn sahati jammim tanham loke duraccayam, 
sok& tamh& papatanti udabindu va pokkhard,. ||401 

393 comp. 315. — 394 sq. comp. Dhammap. Atth. p. 316. — 396, comp. Sntta- 
nipata 202. — 399 seq. see Dhammap. 334 seq. — playati AD, palati B, balayati 
C. — yanasmim D. — 401, yo ye tarn D, yo cetam ABC. 

A A 


tarn YO vadslmi bhaddam vo y&vant' ettha 6am&gat& : 

tanhdya mil lam khanatha usirattho va biranam, 

m& YO nalam va soto va M&ro bhanji punappunam. ||402|| 

karotha buddhavacanam, khano ve mk upaccag&, 

khan&tit& hi socanti nirayamhi samappiti. ||403|| 

pam&do rajo, pam&d&nupatito rajo ; 

appam&dena vij j^ya abbahe sallam attano 'ti. II 404 II 

M^lunkyaputto thero. 
Pannavisativass&ni yato pabbajito aham 
accharsLsamgh&tamattam pi cetosantim anajjhagam. ||405|| 
aladdhsL cittass' ekaggam k&mar&gena addito 
bd,h& paggayha kandanto yih&ran upanikkhamim. ||406|| 
sattham \k ^harissd^mi, ko attho jiyitena me, 
katham hi sikkham paccakkham k&lam kubbetha ma- 

diso. II407II 
tad&ham khuram &d&ya mancakamhi up&visim ; 
parinito khuro &si dhamanim chettum attano. I|408|| 
tato me . . . (409, 410=269, 270) If409-410|| 

IJtth&hi nisida K&tiyd,na mk nidd^bahulo ahu jdgarassu, 
m^ tarn alasam pamattabandhu kiiteneya jind^tu maccu- 

TkjL ||411*lt 
sayath&pi mah&samuddavego evam j&tijar&tivattate tarn, 
so karohi sudipam attano tvam, na hi t&nam tava vij jateva 

aiinam. |f412|| 
satthi hi vijesi maggam etam sangd j&tijar&bhay^ atltam ; 
pubb&pararattam appamatto anuyunjassu dalham karohi 

yogam. 11413 1| 
purim&ni pamunca bandhan&iii samgh&tikhuramundabhi- 

mk khidd&ratin ca mk niddam anuyunjittha jhiy&ya 

Katiy&na. 11414 II 

402, bhaddam vo AD, bhaddante BC— 403, comp. Dhammap. 315. — 404 
( = Suttaniptlta 333), after rajo A inserts sabbadd, BC pamadst; deest in Da Db. 
abbahe Da Di, abbuhe AB, apphuhe C. — 405,acchara8amghatam*' AC, acchard- 
ghatani° BDa D*. Comp. Milindap. p. 142. — 406, ekaggatam D*.— vihara 
Da D*.— 410, Sabbaddsath** A. Sapp° B, Sabbadtlro th** C, aparassa Sappada- 
sattherassa D.-~412, seyy° ABC, sayath&pi Da D*. — purisam ABC, sudipam Da, 
arabattaphalasamkliatam sudipam attano karohi Dd.— 414, jh&ya A, jiyaya BC, 


jh&y&hi jin&hi KiLtiyana, yogakkhemapathe sukovido 'si ; 
pappuyya anuttaram visuddhim parinibbS,hi8i v&rin& va 

joti. 11415 II 
pajjotakaro parittaramso v&tena vinarayate latA va ; 
evam pi tuvam ansLdiy&no M&ram Indasagotta niddhun&hi. 
so yedayitdsu vitarago k^lam kankha idh' eva sitibh{Lto 

'ti. II416II 

K&tiy&no thero. 
Sudesito cakkhumatA buddheii&diccabaDdhuii& 
sabbasamyojanatito sabbavattavin^sano ||417|| 
niyyaniko uttarano tanh&mtilavisosano, 
visamAlam dgh&tanam chetvS, p&peti nibbutim, II 418 II 
anndnam Alabhedaya kam mayan tavighdtano 
yinnlLnaiiani pariggahe nanavajiranip^tano II 419 II 
yedan&Qam vinnapano upsLd&nappamocano 
bhavam ang&rak&suin va nsLnena anupassako II 420 1| 
maharaso sugambhiro jar&maccunivarano 
ariyo atthangiko maggo dukkhApasamano sivo || 421 1| 
kammam kamman ti natv&na vip&kan ca yip&kato 
paticcuppannadhammllnam yath&v&lokadassano 
mahakhemamgamo santo pariyos&nabhaddako 'ti. || 42211 

Migajalo thero. 
J&timadena matto 'ham bhogaissariyena ca 
santh&navannariipeDa madamatto acllri 'ham. || 423 1| 
ii§.ttaD0 samakam kanci atirekam ca mannisam 

• • • 

atim&nahato b^lo patthaddho ussitaddhajo. II 424 II 
m&taram pitaran ckpi anne pi garusammate 
na kanci abhiy^Ldesim m&natthaddho anddaro. I|425|| 
disyd* yin&yakam a&:&:am 8d.rathtnam yaruttamam 
tapantam iva Miccam bhikkhusamghapurakkhatam 11426 
m^nam madail ca chaddetvsL vippasannena cetasa 
8iras& abhiy^Ldesim sabbasatt^nam uttamam. 11427 

416, vinappate A, yinappatte BC, irinarayate Da Db (**Tinamtyati apani- 
yati"). — 419, °vipatano ABC, "vigMtano Da Db. — 420, anupassano ABC, anu- 
passako Da Db, — 422, yathdvalokadassano A, yathdpS.lok° C, yath^y^lok" BDa, 
yHtMrato alokadassano D^.—sante ABC, santo Da Db, — 423, ac^nhani D, 
yicariham A, yicahtam B, picaritam C. 

46 thera-gIthI. 

atim&no ca om&no pahiQ& susamAhat^ ; 

asmimdno samucchinno, sabbe m&navidh& hat4 'ti. ||428|| 

Jento purohitaputto thero. 
Yad^ navo pabbajito j&tiya sattavassiko, 
id(lhiy& abhibhotv&na pannagindam mahiddhikam II 429 j| 
upajjh&yassa udakam Anotatti mah&sar& 
&har&mi, tato disv^ mam satthd etad abravt: II 43011 
S&riputla imam passa &gacchantam kum&rakam 
udakumbhakam &dS,ya ajjhattam susam&hitam. 11431 1| 
pds&dikena vattena kalydnairiy§,patho 
s^manero 'nuruddhassa iddhiy& ca vis&rado, II 432 II 
&j&niyena Sjanno ssLdhunS, s&dhuk&rito 
yinito Anuruddhena katakiccena sikkbito : II 433 1| 
so patv& paramam santim sacchikatvi akuppatam 
8&manero sa Sumano m^ mam jannsL 'ti icchatiti. ||434|| 

Sumano thero. 
V&taroggLbhinito tvam viharam k&nane vane 
paviddbagocare lAkhe katbam bbikkbu karissasi. ||435|| 
pitisukbena vipulena pbaritvglna samussayam 
Kikbam pi abbisambbonto vibariss&mi k^nane. ||436|| 
bbdvento satta bojjbange indriy&ni bal&ni ca 
jbEknasokbummasampanno vibarissam anasavo. I|437|| 
yippamuttam kilesebi suddbacittam an&vilam 
abbinbam paccavekkbanto vibarissam ansLsavo. || 438 II 
ajjbattan ca babiddbS. ca ye me vijjimsu ksarvk 
sabbe asesli uccbinnfi, na ca uppajjare puna. ||439|| 
panca kkbandbi parinnat^ tittbanti cbinnamMak^, 
dukkbakkbayo anuppatto, n' attbi d&ni punabbhavo 
'ti. 1144011 

Nb&takamuni tbero. 
Akkodbassa kuto kodbo dantassa samajivino 
sammadannavimuttassa upasantassa tadino. 11441 

428, sabbe ABDa D3, sabba C. — 429, pannagindam Da Db, sannabbindam A, 
sannabbinda BC— 434, jannd ti iccbatiti Da Dd, jaMu ti iccbastti ABC— 435 
seq. comp. 350 seq. — 436, pavittbagocare A, paviddbagocare ("caro C) BC, 
paciddbo- (corr. to ''ddb^-) gocare Da.— 437, jhanasokbummas** Da Dd, jbUna- 
8nkbama8° A, jb^nasukb\inias° C, jb^nasukbumas" B. 


tass* eva tena p&piyyo yo kuddham patikuj jhati ; 
kuddhamappatikujjbanto samg&mam jeti dujjayam. I|442|| 
ubhinnam attham carati attano ca parassa ca, 
param samkupitam natv& yo sato upasammati. ||443|| 
ubhinnam tikicchantan tain attano ca parassa ca 
jana mannanti bdio 'ti ye dhammassa akoyid&. ||444|| 
uppajjate sace kodho, &vaj ja kakacApamam ; 
uppajje ce rase tanh^, puttamamsApamam sara. ||445|| 
sace dhsLvati te cittam kamesu ca bhavesu ca, 
khippamnigganha satiyS, kitth&dam viya duppasun ti. || 446 1| 

Brahmadatto thero. 
Cbannam ativassati, viyatam n&tivassati : 
tasmll channam yivaretha, evan tain n^tivassati. II 447 II 
maccun' abbhahato loko, jar&ya pariv&rito, 
tanb&sallena otinno, icch&dhAp&yito sad&. ||448|| 
maccun' abbhdhato loko parikkhitto jar&ya ca, 
haiinati niccam attdno pattadando ya takkaro. || 449 1| 
dgacchant' aggikhandh& va maccubyadhijar^ tayo, 
paccuggantum balam n' atthi, javo n' atthi pal&yi- 

tum. 11450 II 
amogham divasani kayir& appena bahukena vk ; 
yam yam vijahato rattim tadunan tassa jivitam. ||451 
carato titthato y&pi ^stnasayanassa y& 
upeti carimd. ratti, na te kalo pamajjitun ti. || 452 1| 

Sirimando thero. 
Dip&dako 'yam asnci duggandho parihirati 
n&n&kunapaparipuro yissavanto tato tato. || 453 1| 
micram nilinam ktitena baliseneya ambuiam 
v&naram yiya lepena bsldhayanti puthujjanam ||454|| 
r(Lp& sadd^ ras^ gandh& photthabb^ ca manoram& : 
panca kamagun^ ete itthir&pasmim dissare. I|455|| 

442, papiyo the MSS.->444y tUdcchant^nam ABCDa, tikicchantan ti attano 
ca parassa c4 'ti . . . kodbabyMhitikicchaya [sic] tikiccbantam kbamantam 

Jn^galam Bb. — 446, niggayha ABC, nigganba D« D^.— 447, comp. Cullavagga 
X. 1. 4. — vivattam ABC, yivatam D. — 449, sattbadando A, satt" EC, patt** 
Da DA. — 461, vij abate A, vij abate BC, iribarate Da, vivabate and Titcuiate 
(** atinameti kbepeti ") D*. irivasate ?— Sirimandattb*' D.— 463 ( = Suttanip.'204), 
paribarati ABC, °birati Da Dd.— ^'patipiiro Da Db. 


ye eik upaseyanti rattacitt& puthujjan&y 

yaddhenti katasim ghoram 4cinanti punabbhayam. |j456|| 

yo yet& pariyajjeti sappasseya pad& siro, 

so 'mam yisattikam loke sato samatiyattati. II 457 II 

k&mesy adinayam disyft nekkhammam datthu khemato 

• • • • 

nissato sabbak&mehi, patto me d^sayakkhayo 'tL || 458 1| 

Sabbak4mo there. 

udd^nam : 

TJniyelakassapo ca there Tekicchak&ni ca 
Mah&nago ca KuUe ca M&luto Sappadasako | 
E^tiy^no ca Migaj&le Jento Sumanasayhayo 
Nh&tamuni Brahmadatto Sirimando Sabbakd.mako. 
gath&yo catur&siti, ther^ c' ettha catuddas& 'ti. 

Chanip&to nitthito. 

456, comp. Cullavagga XII. 1. 3.-457 (comp. Suttanip. 768), cetd ABC, veta 
Da D*.— 458, nikkhammam fmam A) ABC nekkhammam Da D3.— Udddna : 
Maiuto AB, Maiuto C. Bead, Mdluukyo P— Sabbadasako AC, Sapp° B. 

S ATTA-IrtlATtf . . ': ■'. .'• ':'. . 4Q 


Alamkatft suvasan^ m&Iadh&ri yibh\l8it& 

alattakakat&p&d& pMuk&ruyha vesiM ||459|| 

p£Lduk& oruhitv&na purato panjaltkatll 

sa mam sanhena mudund, mhitapubbam abh&satha : ||460 1| 

yuvsLsi tvam pabbajito, litth&hi mama s&sane, 

bhufija m&Qusake k&me, aham yittam dad&mi te. 

saccan te patijin&mi, aggim \k te harftm' aham. ||461|| 

yada jinna bhavisssLma ubho dandapar&yan&y 

ubho pi pabbajis8&ma, ubhayattha kataggaho. II 462 II 

tail ca disYsLna y&cantim vesikam panjalikatam 

alamkatam suvasanam maccupdsam va odditam, || 463 1| 

tato me ... (=269, 270) 11464-465 II 

Sundarasamuddo there. 
Pare Amb^ak&r^me vanasandamhi Bhaddiyo 
samMam tanham abbuyha tattha bhaddo jhiyftyati. || 466 
ramant' eke mutingehi vin&hi panavehi ca, 
ahan ca rukkhamMasmim rate buddhassa s^sane. II 467 II 
buddho ca me varam dajjS, so ca labbhetha me varo, 
ganhe 'ham sabbalokassa niccam k&yagat&satim. ||468|| 
ye mam rApena pd,mimsu ye ca ghosena anvagii 
chandar&gayasfipet^ na mam j&nanti te jan&. ||469|| 
ajjhattan ca na j&n&ti bahiddh& ca na passati 
samant&varano b&lo, sa ve ghosena vuyhati. II 470 II 
ajjhattan ca na jlln&ti bahiddh^ ca yipassati 
bahiddhlphaladass^vi, so pi ghosena yuyhati. ||471|| 
ajjhattan ca paj&n&ti bahiddhd. ca yipassati 
an^yaranadass&yt, na so ghosena yuyhatiti. ||472|| 

Lakuntako there. 

459, maiabhart Da D*.— 466, jhijayati Da, jMyayati D*, ya jhayati A, jha- 
yayati C, cabhajrayati B. — 467, papimsu A, papisu dG, pamimsu (** mafifiimsu ") 
Da Bb, — 471) yipassati Da Dd, na passati AJBC. 

A A 


• • - • • 

Ekaputto aham ^sim piyo m&tu piyo pitu 

bah{ihi vatacariy&hi laddho &y&can&hi ca. II 473 II 

te ca mam anukamp&ya atthak&m^ hitesino 

ubho pit& ca m&t§, ca buddhassa upan&mayum : |j474|| 

kicch& laddho ayam putto sukhum&lo sukhedhito, 

imam dad&ma te n&tha jinassa paric&rakam. II 47511 

satth^ ca mam patiggayha Anandam etad abravi : 

pabbsljehi imam khippam, hessaty &j&niyo ayam. II 476 II 

pabbaljetvglna mam satthA vih&ram pslvisi jino ; 

anoggatasmim suriyasmim tato cittam yimucci me. || 477 

tato satth& iiiramkatv& patisall&navutthito 

ehi Bhadda 'ti mam ^ha ; sk me ks* upasampad&. || 478 II 

jatiyll sattavassena laddhsL me upasampadd ; 

tisso Tijj& anuppattd : alio dhammasudhammat& 'ti. II 479 II 

Bhaddo there. 
Disv^ p§,8^dachdy&yam cankamantam naruttamam 
tattha nam upasamkamma vandissam purisuttamam. II480II 
ekamsam civaram katv^ samharitvEina p&niyo 
anucankamissam virajam sabbasatt&nam uttamam. II 481 II 
tato panhe apucchi mam panh&nam kovido vidfi, 
acchambhi ca abhito ca byd.ldl6im satthuno aham. II 482 II 
yissajjitesu panhesu anumodi tathd,gato^ 
bhikkhusamgham viloketva imam attham abh&satha : 11483 II 
l&bh& Ang&na MagadhsLnam yesslyam paribhunjati 
civaram pindap&tan ca paccayam sayan&sanam 
paccutth&nan ca s&micim, tesam l&bh& 'ti c' abravi. II 484 II 
ajjadagge mam Sop&ka dassandyopasamkama, 
es^ c' eva te Sopaka bhavatu upasampadd. || 485 1| 
j3,tiy& sattavasso 'ham laddh&na upasampadam 
dh^remi antimam deham : aho dhammasudhammatil 
'ti. II 486 II 

Sop&ko there. 
Sare hatthehi bhaiijityll katvllna kutim acchisam, 
tena me Sarabhango 'ti namam sammutiy& aht. I|487|| 

481, samgharitv^na ABD, samh"* C. — 482, apnccht mam?— 484, Angflnaqi 
ABC, Angina D.— 485, ajjadagge A, °daggo C, ''dhaggo B, °tag^ Da. D* : 
ajjatagge (sic) ti dakdro (sic) padasandhikaro . . . aiiatagge ti pi pslliyam. — 
487, bhulijitva ABC, bhafij" BaBb. r r . / . 



na mayham kappate ajja sare hatthehi bhanjitum, 
8ikkh£lpad& no pannatti Gotamena yasassin^. ||488 
sakalam samattam rogam Sarabhahgo D&ddasam pubbe, 
80 'yam rogo dittho vacanakaren&tidevassa. II 489 II 
yen' eva maggena gato Vipassi yen' eva maggena Sikhl ca 

Kakusandhakon&gamano ca Eassapo ten' anjasena agamasi 

Gotamo. II 490 II 
yitatanh^ an&d&nd, satta buddhsL khayogadh&, 
yeh' ayam desito dbammo dhammabhutebi t&dibi |j491 1| 
cattsLri ariyasacc&ni anukampslya paninam, 
dukkbamsamudayomaggo nirodbo dukkbasamkhayo. || 492 II 
yasmim nibbattate dukkbam samssLrasmim anantakam 

a/ * • • • • 

bbed& imassa k&yassa jivitassa ca samkbay^ 
anno punabbbavo n' attbi, suvimutto 'mbi sabbadbiti. 11493 

Sarabbahgo tbero. 

udd^nam : 

Sundarasamuddo tbero tbero Lakuntabbaddiyo 
Bbaddo tbero ca Sopdko Sarabbango mab& isi : 
Sattake pancakll tberi, g&tb^Lyo pancatimsatiti. 

Nittbito ca Sattanip^ito. 

488, bhunjitum ABC, bhanj** Da Di.— 491, yehayam Da DA, yesayam 
ABC— tadibhi A*. 

52 theea-gAthA. 


• • 

Kammam bahukam na kdraye^ parivajjeyya janam^ na 

uyyame ; 
80 ussuko ras&nugiddho attham rincati yo sukh&dhi- 

vaho. II 494 II 
panko 'ti hi nam avedayum y4yam Yandanap{ljaii& kalesu, 
sukhumam sallam durubbaham, sakk&ro k&purisena 

dujjaho. II 495 II 
na parass' upanidh&ya kammam maccassa p&pakam 
attansl tarn na seveyya, kammabandh& hi m&tiy&. ||496|| 
na pare vacant coro, na pare yacan& muni ; 
att&nan ca yathal veti devalpi nam tathal vidu. ||497|i 
pare ca na yiJElnanti mayam ettha yam&mase ; 
ye ca tattha vij&nanti, tato sammanti medhagft. ||498|| 
jivatevdpi sappanno api vittaparikkhayft, 
pannalya ca aldbhena vittaVdpi na jivati. ||499|| 
sabbam sun§,ti sotena, sabbam passati cakkhunft, 
na ca dittham sutam dhiro sabbam ujjhitum arahati. IJSOOII 
cakkhum' assa yathS, andho, sotava badhiro yath&^ 
pann&v' assa yathal mAgo, balaval dubbalor iva, 
atha atthe samuppanne sayetha matasayikan ti. ||d01 

Mah&kacc&yano there.- 
Akkodhano anupan&hi am&yo rittapesuno 
sa ve taldisako bhikkhu evam pecca na socati. ||502|| 
akkodhano anupanslhi am&yo rittapesuno 
guttadvdro sad& bhikkhu evam pecca na socati. ||503 
akkodhano . . . 

kalyalnasilo yo bhikkhu evam pecca na socati. || 504 1| 
akkodhano ... 
kalyanamitto yo bhikkhu evain pecca na socati. || 505 1| 

494, comp. 1062, 1072.— yo BD, deest in AC— sukhadivaho AC, sukhMhi- 
vaho B, sukhadhivaso Da, pukhadhivaho DA.— 496 ( = 1063), aved** Da DA, 
paved° ABC. 496, maccassa pslpakam Da DA, paceayap&pakaiii ABC. — 497» 
vedi ABC, veti D.— tatha vidu D« DA, yatha v° ABC.— 498, see 276.— 501, 
( sMllindapafiha, p. 367} passetha ABC, sayetha Da DA. —504-606, so bhikkha D. 


akkodhano . . . 

kaly&napanno yo bhikkhu evara pecca na socati. 11 50611 

yassa saddhft tath&gate acal& supatitthitd, 

silan ca yassa kaly&nam ariyakantam pasamsitam, || 507 II 

saipghe pasado yass' atthi ujubhdtan ca dassanam, 

adaliddo 'ti tarn khu, amoghan tassa jivitam. I1508II 

tasm£L saddhan ca sllaii ca pas&dam dhammadassanam 

anuyuDJetha medh^vi saram buddh&na s&sanan ti. II 509 1| 

Sirimitto thero. 
Yad& pathamam addakkhim satth&ram akutobhayam, 
tato me ahu samyego passityS, purisuttamam. II 510 1| 
siriin hatthehi paldehi yo pan&meyya sLgatam, 
et&disam so satth&ram £Lr&dhety& yir&dhaye. II 511 II 
tad&ham puttadstran ca dhanadhannan ca chaddayim, 
kesamassCiiii chedetysl pabbajim anagslriyam. II 512 II 
sikkhsts&jiyasampanno indriyesu susamyuto 
namassam&no sambuddbam yih&sim aparsljito. 11518 1| 
tato me panidhi &si cetaso abbipatthito : 
na niside mubuttam pi tanb^alle anCiihate. ||514|j 
tassa meyam yibarato passa yiriyaparakkamam, 
tisso yijja anuppattd, katam buddbassa s&sanam. Il515|| 
pubbeniy&sam jsln&mi, dibbacakkbum yisodbitam, 
arab^ dakkhineyyo 'mhi yippamutto niriipadbi. II516II 
tato ratyd yiyasane suriyass' uggamanam pati 
sabbam tanbam yisosetya pallahkena upavisin ti. 11517 

Mah&pantbako tbero. 

uddanam : 

Mah&kacc&yano tbero Sirimitto Mab&pantbako 
ete Attbanip&tamhi^ g&th&yo catuyisatiti. 

Attbanip&to nitthito. 

512, yaddham ABC, tadaham Da Dd.— 512, chattaylm A, channayi BC, 
chaddiya Da, chaddayin ti . . . chaddiyd 'ti pathe, ete. Db. — 515^=224 etc. — 
516i 'see 332, 379.-517 (comp. 628, Siittanipata 710), yiyasane AB, yasanesu C, 
yiyasane Da D*. — siiriyugffam*' ABC (sur" C), suriyassugffam" Da Bb. —yisosetya 
ABC, yisodhetyd Da, yiso&etyd sukkhapetysl Db. — Manapant" A, Mahapann® C, 
Patapant" B, Mahapanth*' D. -Uddana : Mahapanlf A, Mahapand° B, Mahd- 
patth" C. 

54 thera-gathA. 


Yad& dukkham jar&maranan ti pandito aviddasil yattha sita 

dukkham parinii&ya sato 'va jhS,yati, tato ratim parama- 

taram na vindati. 1151811 

yad& dukkhass&vahanitn yisattikam papancasamgh&tadu- 

tanham pahatv&na sato 'va jh&yati, tato ratim paramataram 

na yindati. ||519|| 
yad& sivam dvecaturangag&minam magguttamam sabbaki- 

panu§,ya passitval sato 'va jhdyati, tato . . . II 520 II 
yada asokam virajam asamkhatam santam padam sabba- 

bMveti sanuojanabandhanacchidam, tato . . . Il521|| 
yadS, Dabhe gajjati meghadundubhi dh&rHkula vihanga- 

pathe samantato 
bhikkhu ca pabbMragato 'va jhalyati, tato . . . || 522 1| 
yad& nadinam kusum&kul&nam yicittavaneyyavatamsa- 

ttre nisinno sumano 'va jh&yati, tato . . . II 52311 
yad& nisithe rahitamhi kelnane deve galantamhi nadanti 

bhikkhu ca pabbh§,ragato 'va jhayati, tato . . . II 524 II 
yada vitakke uparundhiy' attano nagantare nagavivaram 

vitaddaro vigatakhilo 'va jh&yati, tato . . . II 525 II 

618, ti deest in ABC— 518, sato dha (here and in the following verses) A, 
sato ca, sato ti, sato va BC, sato va D.— 622,°dudrablii ABC fbht B), °dundublit 
D^, Mundubhi D*.— 624, nistve AC, nisive B, nisithe Da D*.— 626, vitakhilo 
ABC, vigatakhUo (°khile Db) Da Bb, 



yadsl sakhi malakhilasokan&sano niraggalo nibbanatho 

sabbasave byantikato Va jhayati, tato ratim paramataram 

navindatlti. II 52611 

BhAto thero. 

uddslnam : 

Bhiito tathaddaso thero eko khaggavisanavsl 
Navakamhi nip&tamhi^ gslth&yo pi im& nav& 'ti. 

Navanipdto nitthito. 

Udddna : tathaddaso BC, tataddaso A. 

56 thesa-oIthI. 



Ang&rino d&ni dam& bhadante phalesino chadanam vippa- 

te accimanto va pabh&sayanti^ samayo mah&vira bhagi 

ras&nam. II 527 II 
dum&ni phuU&ni manoram&ni samantato sabbadls& pavanti 
pattam pah&ya phalam ftsas&nft ; k&lo ito pakkaman&ya 

vtra. II 528 II 
n' ev&tisitam na pan&tiunliam 8ukh& utu addhaniy& 

bhadante ; 
passantu tatn Sslkiyft Koliy& ca pacch&mukhain Rohlniyam 

tarantam. II 52911 
dsslya kassate khettam, bijam &8&ya vuppati, 
ds&ya vanijS yanti samuddam dhanah&rak&. 
yaya &sslya titth&mi, 6& me ftsd samijjhatu. II 530 II 
punappunam c' eva vapanti bijam, punappunam vassati 

punappunam khettam kasanti kassak&, punappimam 

dhannam upeti rattham. II 531 II 
punappunam y^Lcanaki caranti, punappunam dllnapati 

punappunam danapatt daditT& punappunam saggam upenti 

thdnam. ||582|| 

527, see Jdtaka Atth. toI. i. p'. 87. — acchimanto ABC, accimanto 
(^^dipasikh^yanto yiya'') Da Bb, — bMgirasdnam A. Db: bhagi rasinan 
ti attharasadinam oh^lgi. Tuttam h' etam dhammasenHpatina : bhdgi y& 
bhagaysl attharasassa dhammarasasscl tiadt. mah^lvira bhagiti ca idam pi 
dyayam sambodhanayacanam datthabbam. Bhdgirathdnan ti pana p^tne 
Bhagiratho ndma ^irclid, tabbamsajsltatdya Sakiya BhagtrathH, tesam 
BhagfrathUnam upakarattbaip iti adhippayo. — 528, sayanti ABO, payanti 
Da Db (gandham yissajjenti). — phalam dsamdnd A, phalassa 0, phalarasamdnsl 
B, phalam dsasdn^l Da, . . . dsana ti asimsantel gahitukdmsl Dd. — 530, kasate 
Da J)b, kassate ABC— yuppati Da Dd, yapp** ABC. 

dasa-nipAto. 57 

"viro have sattayugam puneti yasmim kule j&yati bhAri- 

paniio ; 
mannsim' aham sakkati devadevo ; tay& hi j§,to muni sacca- 

n^mo. II 533 II 
Suddhodano n&ma pit& mahesino, buddhassa mktk pana 

j& bodhisattam parihariya kucchin& kd,yassa bhed& tidi- 

yasmi modati. II 534 1| 
8& Ootami k&lakat& ito cut& dibbehi k&mebi samangibh&td 
6^ modati k^magunehi paiicahi parivdrit^ devaganehi 

tehi. 1163511 
buddhassa putto 'mhi asayhas&hino Angtrasass' appatimassa 

pitu pit& mayham tuvam 'si Sakka^ dhammena me Gotama 


Kdluddyl thero. 
Purato pacchato v&pi aparo ce na vijjati, 
ativa phS^u bhavati ekassa vasato vane. II 537 II 
handa eko gamissslmi araniiam buddhavannitam 
phdsum ekavih&rissa pahitattassa bhikkhuno. II 538 II 
yogipttikaram rammam mattakunjarasevitam 
eko atthavasi khippam pavisiss&mi k&nanam. II 539 II 
supupphite Sitavane sitale girikandare 
gattani parisincitvsl cankamiss&mi ekako. || 540 |j 
ek&kiyo adutiyo ramaniye mahavane 
kadslham viharissslmi katakicco an&savo. 11541 1| 
evam me kattuk&massa adhipp&yo samijjhatu ; 
sMhayiss&m' aham yeva, n&nno annassa k&rako. II 542 1| 
esa bandh&mi sannslham, pavisiss^mi kd,nanam, 
ne tato nikkhamiss&mi appatto dsavakkhayam. II 543 
m^lute upav&yemte site surabhigandhake 
avijjam dS^layiss^mi nisinno nagamuddhani. || 544 II 
vane kusumasanchanne pabbhslre ndna sitale 
vimuttisukhena sukhito ramiss&mi Giribbaje. ||545 

533, dhiro BC— mafifl^lmaham (<* mafifldnii aham") Da Bd.mafiiieraaham 
ABC. — 534, MciySiidpasa A, Mstyanamassl B, Mayanamasa C, Mstyandmcl ya 
D. — 636, dhammena me D, dhaimuena te ABC.— 538, gamissslmi Da Dbf 
bhavissami ABC. 

58 thera-gAthI. 

so 'ham paripunnasamkappo cando pannaraso jathk 
sabb&savaparikkhino, n'atthi dani punabbhavo 'ti. II 546 II 

Ekavih&riyo thero. 
An&gatam yo patigacca passati hitafi ca attham ahitafi ca 

tarn dvayam 
Yiddesino tassa hitesino vft randham na passanti samekkba- 

mknL II 547 II 
eLn&peLnasati yassa paripunnsl subb&vitd 
anupubbam paricitd yathd. buddhena desitS, 
80 'mam lokam pabh&seti abbh& mutto va candim&. ||548l| 
od&tam vata me cittam appamanam subh^vitam 
nibbiddbam paggahltafi ca sabbsl obh&sate dis4. ||549|| 
jivatevapi sappanno api vittaparikkhaya, 
panMya ca alabhena vittavslpi na jivati. || 550 II 
pannd sutavinicchini, panu^ kittisilokavaddhant, 
pann^ahito naro idha api dukkhesu sukh&ni yinda- 

ti. 11551 II 
n&yam ajjatano dhammo n' acchero na pi abbhuto : 
yattha jayetha mlyetha ; tattha kim viya abbhutam. II 55211 
anantaram bi jdtassa jtyitd, maranam dhuvam ; 
j&ta jllta marantidha^ evamdhammd. hi p&nino. II 553 II 
na h' etad atthslya matassa hoti yam jivitattham para- 

matamhi runnam, na yaso na lokyam^ na vannitam samana- 

brslhmanehi. II 55411 
cakkhum sariram upahanti ronnam, nihiyati vannabalam 

mati ca, 
llnandino tassa dis^ bhavanti, hitesino n&ssa sukhi 

bhavanti. II 555 II 
tasmft hi iccheyya kule vasante medh&vino c' eva ba- 

hussute ca, 

546, canne raso A, cando pannaraso C, cando pannaraso BD. Dhammap. 
Atth. p. 161 : cando pannaras! ; Suttanipcita 1016 : candam yatbsl pannarase. — 
547, va deest in ABC.— 664, lokyam Da DA, sokyam ABC.— 656, ronclm Da, 
runnam (ronnena . . . nihiyati) DA, tena A, yannam BC. — n^ssa sunda (corr. to 
sukbi) A, n^yasathamhi C, nciyassa thumi B, cassa sukhi Lay hitesino rnitt^ 
dukkhi dukkhita bhayanti DA. 


yesam hi panfidvibhavena kiccam taranti n&v&ya nadim va 
punnan ti. II 556 1| 

Mah&kappino thero. 
Dandhd. mayham gati &si, paribhAto pure aham^ 
bhatd. ca mam pan&mesi : gaccha dftni tuvam gharam. 1155711 
80 'ham pan&mito santo samgh&r&massa kotthake 
dummano tattha atth&sim s^sanasmim apekkhavft. || 558 II 
bhagavd, tattha &gacchi, sisam mayham par&masi^ 
b&haya mam gahetyslna samgh&r&mam pavesayi. II 559 II 
anukampd^ya me satth^ p&d&si p&dapunchanim : 

etam suddham adhitthehi ekamantam svadhitthitam. II 560 1| 

• ••• • ••• 

tass&ham vacanam sutvi vihslsim sslsane rato, 
samadhim patip&desim uttamatthassa pattiy&. 11561 1| 
pubbeniy§,sam j&nslmi, dibbacakkhum visodhitam^ 
tisso yijj^ anuppatti, katam buddhassa s&sanam. II 562 II 
sahassakkhattum att&nam nimminitv^Da Panthako 
nisidi ambavane ramme y&va k&lappavedanam. II 563 II 
tato me satth^ p&hesi dCiitam kalappavedakam ; 
paveditamhi k&Iamhi yehas&n upasamkamim. II 564 II 
vanditvsl satthuno p&de ekamantam nistd' aham ; 
nisinnam mam Tidity&na atha satth& patiggahi. II 565 1| 
&yago sabbalokassa dhuttnam patiggaho 
punnakhettam manuss&nam patiga^hittha dakkhinan 
ti. 1156611 

Ciilapanthako thero. 
N&nakulamalasampunao mah&ukk&rasambhavo 
candanikam va paripakkam mah&gando mahstvano 11567 
pubbaruhirasampunno gCithakupe nig&lhiko 
§,popagghara^t k&yo 8ad& fiandati piltikam. 11568 

556, yasante ABD3, Tasanto CDa. — tesam ABC, yesaiii D.- 557-560, comp. 
Apadana fol. he' (Dr. Morrifl's MS.), Jfitaka Atth. toI. i. p. 114 seq. — 557, 
dimdhH BD, danti AC— 558, so aham pahito santo ABC— 560, suddham AD^, 
buddham Da, saddham BC -563, j&ysl k^appavedand, JUt. 1. 1.— 564, yeh&scln 
AC, veyslsan B, vehasM Da, Tehasan ti karane nissakkaTacanain, Tehran ti attho. 
dakdro padasandhikaro D^. — 567, nSnakula" (^'nanakulehi n^n^bhSgehi 
malehi") D, ndnakala" ABC (nanaka** C).— 568, °pe nigaihiko A, °pe nigaiijco 
B, °pe m^alhiko C, ''pe nig^lhito Da, ^uthakupena gdlhito . . . guthakupena 
g^lhito [sic] 'ti pi p&li yaccakupato nikkhanto 'ti attho Lb. 

A A 


sattliikandarasambandho mamsalepanalepito 
cammakancukasannaddho p&tik&yo niratthako || 569 II 
nekesam samgatibh&v& kappeti iriydpatham. 1157011 
dhuyappayslto maranassa Maccur&jassa santike^ 
idh' eva chaddayitvslna yenakeLmamgamo naro. 11 571 II 
avijj&ya nivuto k&yo, catuganthena ganthito, 
oghasamsidano kslyo, anusayajsllamotthato, || 57211 
pancanivarane yutto^ yitakkena samappito, 
tanh&miilen&nugato, mohacchadanach&dito : II 573 II 
ev&yam vattati k&yo kammayantena yantito. 
sampatti ca vipatyantd, n&nslbhavo vipajjati. II 574 II 
ye 'mam kslyam mam&yanti andhab&I& puthujjand., 
yaddhenti katasim gboram, ddiyanti punabbhayam. II 575 II 
ye 'mam kslyam yivajjenti gCithalittam ya pannagam, 
bhayam&lam yamity&na parinibbissanty an3,say& 'ti. ||r)76l| 

Kappo there. 
Vivittam appanigghosam ysllamiganiseyitam 
seye sen&sanam bhikkhu pati8all&nak&ran&. II 577 II 
samk&rapunj& ahatyd sus&nsl rathiy&hi ca 
tato samgh&tikam katv& liikham dhslreyya ciya- 

nicam manam karitv&na sapad&nam kul& kulam 
pindikdya care bhikkhu guttadyslro susamyuto. || 579 1| 
Kikhena pi ca santusse, ndfiuam patthe rasam bahum ; 
rasesu anugiddhassa jhdne na ramatl mano. II 580 II 
appiccho c' eya santuttho payiyitto yase muni, 
asamsattho gahatthehi andgdrehi c' Cibhayam. 11581 II 
yathd jalo ca mCiigo ca attdnam dassaye tatbd ; 
D&tiyelam pabhslseyya samghamajjhamhi pandito. ||582|| 
Da 80 upayade kanci, upagh&tam yiyajjaye, 
samyuto p&timokkhasmim mattaunCi c' assa bhojane. 11583 
suggahltanimitt' assa cittass' upp&dakoyido, 
samatham anuyunjeyya k&lena ca yipassanam. ||584|| 

670, ''saingk^tasamehatito J)a DJ.— 577=MilindapafTha, p. 371.— 578, £iliity§l 
A, ahatyd BC^ ahatrl Ba, dhatya ti aharitya D&.— 680=Milindapamia, p. 395. 



viriyasataccasarapanno yuttayogo sadfi. siyk, 
na ca appatv& dukkhass' antam visseLsam eyya pandito. II 585 
evam yiharamsliiassa suddhik&massa bhikkhuno 
khiyanti kssLYk sabbe nibbutin csldhigacchatiti. II 586 1| 

TJpaseno Vahgantaputto thero. 
Vijaneyya sakam attham, avalokeyyaltha pstvacanam, 
yanc'etthaassa patirCipam samannamajjhapagatassa. 11587 
mittam idha kalyslnam sikkh&vipulam samMsLnam 
suss&sa ca garCiiQain : etam samanassa patirdpam. il 588 11 
buddhesa sagslravatA dbamme apaciti yath^bhCitam 
samghe ca cittikdro : etam samanassa patirCiipam. || 589 1| 
S-c&ragocare yutto ftjivo sodhito ag&rayho 
cittassa santhapanam : etam samanassa patirupam. II 59011 
c&rittam atha v&rittam iriyalpathiyam pas^daniyam 
adhicitte ca slyogo : etam . . . Il591|| 
4rannak£Lni sen&san&ni pant&ni appasadd&ni 
bhajitabb&ni munind : etam . . • l|592|| 
silan ca b&husaccan ca dhamm&nam pavicayo yath&bhMam 
saccanam abbisamayo : etam ... II 593 II 
bhaveyya aniccan ti anattasannam asubbasailnan ca 
lokamhi ca anabbiratim : etam ... 11 594 II 
bhaveyya ca bojjbange iddhipS.d&ni indriyabalani 
attbangamaggam ariyam : etam ... II 595 II 
tanham pajaheyya muni, samMake &save pad&leyya, 
vihareyya vimutto : etam samanassa patirApan ti. II 596 

Gotamo thero. 

uddslnam : 

KS,ludayi ca so tbero EkavihS,ri ca Kappino 
Culapanthako Kappo ca TJpaseno ca Gotamo 
satt' ime Dasake ther&, gllth^yo c' ettba sattatiti. 

Dasanip&to nittbito. 

585, na ca appattM dukkhantam Da. Db has appatysl, and dukkhantam 
corrected to dukkhassantam. — 588, idha ca A, idha ye B, idheve C, idha D.~ 
"vipulam sam** D. — 591, cSr" atha variththam A, c° asa vslrittam BC, cdrittam . 
carittam (corr. to valr**) Da, carittan ti caritvd paripiiretabbafiilam cdrittan ti 
viratiya akaranena paripdretabbasilam Dd.— 592 and 593 desunt in BC. — 595, ca 
deest in AC. — indriySni b° ABC. 

A A 



Kin tav' attho vane talta XTjjuh^no va pslvuse. 
verambft ramanlyft te, paviveko hi jMyinam. II 597 II 
yath^ abbh^ni verambo vato nudati p^vuse, 
sauii^ me abhikiranti vivekapatisannuta. ||598|| 
apandaro andasambhayo sivathikslya niketac&riko 
upp&dayateva me satim sandehasmi yir&ganissitam. II 599 
yan ca aniie na rakkhanti yo ca aune na rakkhati, 
sa ve bbikkhu sukham seti kamesu anapekkhav^. || 600 Ij 
acchodik^ puthusild. gonahgulamigayuta 
ambusev^lasanchannsl te selS, ramayanti mam. II 601 II 
vasitam me araunesu kandar&su guh&su ca 
senasanesu pantesu valamiganisevite. II 602 II 
ime hauiiantu vajjhantu dukkham pappontu p&nino 
samkappam nabhijan^mi anariyam dosasamhitam. II 603 II 
paricinno may& satthi, katam buddhassa sS^sanam^ 
ohito garuko bh&ro, bhavanetti sam(ihat&. ||604|j 
yassa c* atthSya pabbajito agS-rasmd anag&riyam, 
80 me attho anuppatto sabbasamyojanakkhayo. || 605 II 
n^bhinandami maranam n^bhinand^mi jivitam 
k&lan ca patikankh^mi nibbisam bhatako yath&. II 60611 
nsLbhinand&mi maranam nslbhinandeLmi jivitam 
k&lail ca patikankhami sampajano patissato 'ti. II 60711 


uddanam : 

Samkiccathero eko va katakicco anasavo 
Eksldasanip&tamhiy gslth& ek&das' eva ik 'ti. 

Ekadasanipslto nitthito. 

697, Bd: Ujjahano va pavuso ti, Uijuhano kira ndmako pabbato, so pana 
gahanasaiichaimo bahusonmkandaro taham taham sandamanasalilo yassakale 
asapp^yo, tasmsl Ujjuhdno vsl pabbato etarahi pdvusakale tava kimatthiyo ti 
attbo. keci pan' ettha ujjubano nama eko sakuno sttantasabati (read, sttap na 
sabati P) vassakdle vanagumbe niltno accbatiti vadanti, tesam matena ujruhslnassa 
viya saknnassa pavusakale ko tav' attbo vane ti attho. — ^verambbS A!BC, "mbsl 
Da; Db: veramod ramaniyy^ te verambavata vayanta kin te ramaniya ti yojan^. 
keci Yeramba n^ma ek& paobatagubcl pabbbaro ti vadanti. — 598, verambha ABC, 
verambo D ('* verambavdto*'). — safifid DA, samfia Da, pannd ABC. — 699, 
sandebasmim AD, °8mi BC— 600, comp. Jitaka, vol. i. p. 141. — 601 = 113, 
1070. — 603, comp. 646. — 606 Beq.=Milindapa{iba, p. 45. 



Silam ev' idha sikkhetha asmim loke sasikkhitam, 

silam hi sabbasampattim upan^meti sevitam. || 608 

stlam rakkheyya medh&vi patthayS,no tayo sukhe : 

pasamsam vittil&bhan ca pecca sagge ca modanam. || 609 

silavd hi bahA mitte sannamenadhigacchati, 

dussilo pana mittehi dhamsate p§,pam S^caram. II 610 1| 

avannafi ca akittin ca dussilo labhate naro, 

yannam kittim pasamsan ca sadeL labhati silav^. ||611|| 

§,di silam patitthd ca kaly&n^naii ca msltukam 

pamukham sabbadhammanam, tasmsl silam visodhaye. II 612 

veld ca samvaram silam cittassa abhibhdsanam 

• • • • 

titthan ca sabbabuddhanam, tasm^ silam yisodhaye. II 618 II 
silam balam appatimam, silam d,yadham uttamam, 
silam abharanam settham, silam. kayacam abbhutam. II 61411 
silam setu mahesakkho, silam gandho anuttaro, 
silam yilepanam settham yena valti disc disam. || 615 II 
silam sambalam ey' aggam, silam psltheyyam uttamam, 
silam settho atiy^ho yena yati diso disam. 11616 1| 
idh' eya nindam labhati pecc&p&ye ca dummano, 
sabbattha dummano b&lo silesu asamslhito. II 617 1| 
idh' eya kittim labhati pecca sagge ca summano, 
sabbattha sumanodhiro silesu susam^hito. II618|| 
silam eya idha aggam, pannay^ pana uttamo ; 
manussesu ca deyesu silapann^nato jayan ti. II 61911 

Nice kulamhi jato 'ham daliddo appabhojano ; 
hinam kammam mamam k&i, ahosim pupphachaddako. ||620|| 
jigucchito manussanam paribhdto ca yambhito 
nicam manam karity^na yandissam bahukam janam. ||621 

613, samvaram ABC, samvaro Ba, samvara Db, — abhihRsanam ABC, abhi- 
bhasanam (•' tosanam ") Da D*.— 616, vati ABC, yati Lb ("gacchati'*), samti 
Da.-619 = 70. 

64 theea-gathI. 

ath' addassLsim sambaddham bhikkhusamghapurakkhatam 
pavisantam mah&yirain Magadh&nam puruttamam. II 62;^ II 
nikkhipity&na by&bhangim vanditam upasamkamim ; 
mam' eva anukamp&ya atth^i purisuttamo. II 623 II 
vanditv& satthuno pd^de ekamantam thito tad& 
pabbajjam aham &y&cim sabbasattd^nam uttamam. 11 624 II 
tato karuniko satth& sabbalokslnukampako 
ehi bhikkbCi 'ti mam &ha ; s& me sis' upasampad^. 11625 II 
80 'ham eko arannasmim viharanto atandito 
ak&sim satthu vacanam yathd mam ovadi jino. || 626 11 
rattiya pathamam y&mam pubbaj&tim anussariniy 
rattiya majjhimam yslmam dibbacakkhum visodhitam, 
rattiya pacchime y&me tamokhandham pad&layim. II 62711 
tato raty& vivasane suriyass' uggamanam pati 
Indo Brahm^ ca ftgantv^ mam namassimsu panjali : II 628 II 
namo te purisdjanna, namo te purisuttama, 
yassa te asav4 kbin& ; dakkhineyyo 'si m&risa. || 629 1| 
tato disv&na mam sattha devasamghapurakkhatam 
sitam p&tukaritvana imam attham abh&satha : II 630 II 
tapena brahmacariyena samyamena damena ca 
etena brahmano hoti, etam br&hmanam uttaman ti. II 631 II 

Sunito there. 

udd&nam : 

SilavS, ca Sunito ca thersl dvete mahiddhik^ 
Dvadasamhi nip^tamhi, g^th^yo catuvlsatlti. 

DvMasanip&to nitthito. 

623, nikkhipitvana A, mkkhamitv&na BCD.--628 = 617.— viTas&no corr. to 
°iie A, vivasane BC, vivasane D. — suriyassugg** D, suriyugg* ABC. — afijali ABC, 
panjdim D. — Udddna, dveke A, deke C, dete B. 



Yahu ratthe samukkattho ran no Angassa paddhagu 

sv ajja dhammesu ukkattho Sono dukkhassa p^ragu. || 632 1| 

panca chinde panca jahe panca c' uttari bh&vaye ; 

paiicasahg&tigo bhikkhu oghatinno 'ti vuccati. || 633 1| 

unnalassa pamattassa Mhirasassa bhikkhuno 

silam sam&dhi pannd. ca p^ripiirim na gacchati. || 634 1| 

yam hi kiccam tad apaviddham, akiccam pana kayirati ; 

unnal&Qam pamattdnam tesam vaddhanti £lsav&. || 635 II 

yesan ca susamdraddh& niccam k^yagatsl sati, 

akiccan te na sevanti kicce slLtaccakslrino. 

satslnam sampaj4n&nani atthatn gacchanti ^sayS.. II 636 II 

ujumaggamhi akkh&te gacchatha mk nivattatba ; 

attana coday' attslnam, nibb&nam abhiharaye. II 63711 

acc^raddhambi viriyambi sattbS, loke anuttaro 

yinopamam karitvS, me dbammam desesi cakkbumS,. ||638|| 

tasssibam yacanam. sutya yib&sim s^sane rato, 

samatam patip&desim uttamattbassa pattiysl ; 

tisso vijjd. anuppattd, katam buddbassa sasanam. II 639 1| 

nekkbamme adbimuttaBsa payiyekaii ca cetaso, 

aby§.pajjbadbimuttassa upsldslnakkbayassa ca, ||640|| 

tanbakkbaysldbimuttassa asammoban ca cetaso 

disysl &yatanupp&dam samm& cittam yimuccati. II 64111 

632, pathigu corr. to pathaga A, pathagu B, patthagii C, paddhagii Da Db 
f" paricarabhuto pakativiseso tassa rattho [sic] kutimbiko "). Comp. Suttanipata 
1094 : na te Marassa paddhagu.-— 633 ( = 16), cuttari A, vutari B, Tuttan C, 
muttari or vuttari D.— 634, bahirasayassa A, bahir&ya BC, babirasassa Da, 
bdbirassasd ti bdbiresu Syatanesu asdvato k^mesO. avitarSgassa ti attho Db. — 
636 sq. =Dhammap. 292 80.-636, tarn pavittham C, apavittham AB, tad 
apaviddham Da, tam amapaviadham D*. — 637, comp. Dhammap. 379. — atihslray* 
A. — 638, karitvS me D, karitv&na ABC. Comp. Mahavagga V. 1. 16 seq. — 
639, samatham AC, samatam BD. Comp. Mahavagga 1. 1. § 17.— 640 seq. = 
Mahavagga 1. 1. § 27. — 640, nikkhame ABC, nekkbamme D. 


tassa sammdyimuttassa santacittassa bhikkhuno 
katassa paticayo n' atthi, karaniyam na yijjati. ||642|| 
selo yathd. ekaghano v&tena na samlrati, 
evam r&pd ras^ 8add& gandhd phassft ca keval& II 643 II 
itth& dhamm& anitthd ca na ppavedhenti t&dino ; 
tliitam cittam yisaiinuttam vayail c' ass&nupassatiti. ||644|| 

Sono Koliviso thero. 

udd&nam : 

Sono Kojiviso thero eko yeva mahiddhiko 
Terasamhi nip&tamhi, g&thslyo c' ettha tera8& 'ti. 

Terasanip&to nittliito. 

cuddasa-nipIto. 67 


Tad& aham pabbajito agftrasmft anag&riyam 
n&bhij&n&mi samkappam anariyam dosasamhitam. |j 615 II 
ime hannanta yajjhanta dukkham pappontu p&nino 
samkappam n&bhij&D&mi imasmim dighamantare. II 646 II 
mettafi ca abhij&D&mi appam&nam subh&vitam 
anupubbam paricitam yath& buddhena desitam. || 647 II 
sabbamitto sabbasakho sabbabh{Ltd.nukampako 
mettam cittan ca bhd.yemi aby&pajjharato sad^. ||648|| 
asamhiram asamkuppam cittam dmoday^m' aham, 
brahmayihd.ram bhslvemi ak&purisaseyitam. || 649 1| 
ayitakkam sam&panno sammasambuddhasd.yako 
ariyena tunhibh&yena upeto hoti t&vade. II 650 II 
yathd.pi pabbato selo acalo suppatitthito, 
eyam mohakkhaycL bhikkhu pabbato ya na yedhati. 11651 
ananganassa posassa niccam sucigayesino 
y&laggamattam p&passa abbh&mattam ya khd.yati. || 652 II 
nagaram yathd. paccantam guttam 8antarabd.hiram, 
eyam gopetha att&nam, khano ye mk upaccag^. II 653 II 
n&bhinandami . . . (=606* 607) II 654-655 II 
paricinno . . . (=604, 605) 11656-657 II 
samp&deth' appam&dena, esd. me anxisd.sani ; 
bandaham parinibbissam, yippamutto 'mhisabbadhiti. II 658 II 

Reyato thero. 
Yatbapi bbaddo ^janno dhure yutto dhurassaho 
mathito atibhd.rena samyugam nd.tiyattati, II 659 II 
eyam pann&ya ye tittd samuddo yd.rin& yath& 
na pare atimannanti ; ariyadhammo 'ya p&ninam. II 660 II 

646, comp.603. — 652=1001, abbhamattam A,abbb£linuttam BC, abbbamattam 
Da D^. — 658= 1017. In the commentary the Thera is called Ebadirayaniya- 
leyata. — 659, maddito ti pi pltli D^.— 660, ya C, ca BD. Deest in A. 

68 thera-gIthI. 

k&Ie k&Iayasam patt& bhayabhavavasam gat& 

iiar& dukkham nigacchanti, te 'dha socanti m&nav&. 11661 

\innat& sukhadhammena dukkhadhammena Yonatd, 

dvayena b&ld. bannanti yath&bb{Ltam adassino. 1166211 

ye ca dukkbe sukhasmin ca majjhe sibbanim ajjhagd, 

thitft te indakhllo va, na te unnataonat^. ||663|| 

na b' eva ld.bbe n&l&bhe na yase na ca kittiyft 

na nind&yam pasams&ya na te dukkbe sukbambi ca II 664 II 

sabbattba te na lippanti udabindu ya pokkbare, 

sabbattba sukbitd yir& sabbattba apar&jit^ || 665 1| 

dbammena ca al&bbo yo yo ca l&bho adbammiko : 

al&bbo dbammiko seyyo yan ce l&bbo adbammiko : 11 666 II 

yaso ca appabuddblnam yinniinam ayaso ca yo : 

ayaso ca seyyo yinnilDam nayaso appabuddbinaip. 1166711 

dummedbebi pasamsd. ca yinfiiibi garab& ca y& : 

garab^ \a seyyo yinniibi yan ce bftlappasamsanft. II 668 II 

sukban ca kamamayikam dukkbafi ca payiyekiyam : 

payiyekiyam dukkbam seyyo yan ce k&mamayam 

sukbam. II 669 II 
jiyitan ca adbammena dbammena maranan ca yam : 
maranamdbammikam seyyo yan ce jiye adbammikam. ||670|| 
kamakopapabtn^ ye santacitt& bbay&bbaye 
caranti loke asM, n' attbi tesam piy&ppiyara. II 671 II 
bhavayity&na bojjbange indriy&ni bal&ni ca 
pappuyya paramam santim parinibbanti an&say^ 'ti. || 672 1| 

Godatto tbero. 

udd&nam : 

Reyato c' eya Godatto tbera dye te mabiddbik^ 
Cuddasambi nip&tambi, gd.tb£Lyo attbayisattti. nittbito. 

661, te dha Da D*, te ca ABC— 663, sukhamhi ABC— ajjhagii Da, accagii 
ABC, ajjhagia and accagii (" atikkamimsu '*) D*.— 667, na yaso D, na Beyyo 
ABC— 668, Ta BC, dha A, deest D. 



Esa bhiyyo pasid&mi suty& dhammam mahd.ra8am ; 

virago desito dhammo anup&d&ya sabbaso. II 673 1| 

bahuni loke asmim puthuyimandale 

mathenti mannesamkappam subham r&gupasamhitam. II674II 

rajam upsLtam v&tena yathd. megho pas&maye, 

evam sammanti samkappd yadd. pannelya passati. II 675 II 

sabbe samkh&rd. anicc& 'ti yadd. pann&ya passati, 

atha nibbindatl dukkhe : esa maggo visuddhiyd. || 676 II 

sabbe samkhd.r& dukkhd 'ti — sabbe dhammd. anattd 'ti yada 

pafJD&ya passati, 
atha nibbindatl dukkhe : esa maggo visuddhiyS.. || 677-678 II 
buddhanubuddho yo thero Kondanno tibbanikkhamo 
pahtnajatimarano brahmacariyassa kevali. II 679 II 
oghapftso dalho khllo, pabbato duppadaliyo : 
chetvd khilan ca p&sail ca selam chetv&na dubbhidam 
tinno p^ramgato jhsLyi mutto so M&rabandhand. || 680 1| 
uddhato eapalo bhikkhu mitte d.gamma pd.pake 
samsidati mahoghasmim ummiy^ patikuj jito. II 681 II 
anuddhato acapalo nipako samvutindriyo 
kalyanamitto medh&vi dukkhass' antakaro siyd.. II 682 II 
kalapabbangasamk&so . . . (=243, 244) 11683-684 II 
nabhinandami ... (=606, 607) || 685-686 1| 
parieinno . . . (=604) II687II 
yassa c' atthdya pabbajito agarasm^ anag&riyain, 
so me attho anuppatto, kim me sandaviharend, Hi. II 688 II 

Ann&kondanno thero. 

Manussabh{Ltam sambuddham attadantam sam&hitam 

• • • • 

iriyam&nam Brahmapathe cittass' upasame ratam, II 689 1| 
yam manussS. namassanti sabbadhamm&na p&ragum 
devapi tarn namassanti, iti me arahato sutam, ||690ll 

675, iipatam A, upStam BC. uptlta =s Sansk. up^tta (from upa-^-d^) ? Oomp. 
the passage of the Samyuttaka iNikliya, quoted in the Editor's work, Buddh^i, 
sein Zeben, seine Lehre, seine Gemeinde, p. 434 (p. 429 of the English translation). 
— yatena A, vateni B, vatetiyam C— 676-678 = Dharamap. 277-279.-679 
(comp. 1246), tibbanikkamo BC, tippanikkamo A.~680, dnppadaiayo the MSS. 
—683, annapanasmim ABC— 688, sandaviharina ti A, BaddhayiJiarena ti B, 
sandaviharena ti C. 

70 theea-gathI. 

sabbasamyojan&titam van& nibbanam ftgatam 
k&mehi nikkhammaratam muttaselft va kafLcanam, II 691 II 
8a TO accantarucl n&go Himay&vanne siluccayey 
sabbesam nd.^anftm&nam saccaD&mo anuttaro : 1169211 
n&gam to kittayiss&mi, na hi &guin karoti so. 
soraccam avihimsd ca p&d& n&gassa te duve. II 69311 
sati ca sampajaDfiaD ca caran& n&gassa te pare, 
saddh&hattho mah&n&go^ upekkh&setadantaTft. II 69411 
sati glvd,, siro pann^, yimam8& dhammaciDtaii&» 
dhammakucchi, sam&v&so, Tiveko tassa v&ladhL II 695 II 
so jh&yi ass&sarato ajjhattam susam&hitOy 
gaccham samfthito B&go, tbito n&go sam&hiio, l|696|j 
sayam sam&hito ndgo, nisinno pi sam&hito : 
sabbattha samvuto n&go; esd. n&gassa sampadi. II 697 II 
bhunjati anayajj&niy sftvajj&ni na bhunjatiy 
gh&sam acchd.danam laddhsL sannidhim parivajjayaDiy 11698 
samyojanam anum thulam sabbam chetv&na bandhanam, 
yena yen' eva gacchati anapekkho 'va gaccbati. II 699 1| 
yath&pi udake ]d.tain pundarikam pavaddhati, 
nopalippati toyena sucigandham manoramam : II 700 II 
tath' eva ca loke j&to buddho loke yiharati, 
nopalippati lokena toyena padumam yath&. ||701|| 
mah&gini pajjalito an& pasammati 
ang&resa ca santesu nibbuto 'ti pavuccati. II 702 II 
atthass&yam viilnsLpanl upamd vinnfihi desit^, 
yinnissanti mah&n&g& n&gam n&gena desitam. II 70311 
vitar&go vltadoso vltamoho and.sayo 
sariram vijahain nS.go parinibbissaty and-savo 'ti. II 704 II 

Fd&yl there. 

tatr' udd&nam bhavati : 

Kondanno ca XJd&yl ca therd dve te mahiddhik& 
So|asamhi nip&tamhi, g&th&yo dve ca timsa c4 'ti. 

Solasanip&to nitthito. 

691, nibbdnam A.— 692, accantarucl A, accarusi B, accanici C. — ^"vafTiTe 
A, caiifie B, dhanne C— 696, samslTaso A, sam^tapo B, samsltdpo C. 
— 698, gbslsaccbsldaDain A, samgbaaccMdanam C, ghdsain acch&danai;! B. — 
702, santesu BC, sandhesu A.— 703, yififiapant ?^ 

visati-nipIto. 71 


Yannattham y& dhanattham y& ye han&ma mayam pure 
avasesam bhayam lioti^ vedhanti vilapanti ca. |j 705 II 
tassa te n' atthi bhitattam, bhiyyo yanno pasidati ; 
kasmd. na paridevesi evar{Lpe mababbhaye. 11706 1| 
n' attbi cetasikam dukkbam anapekkhassa g&maniy 
atikkanta bhayft sabbe khtnasamyojanassa ve. II 707 II 
kbinelya bbavanettiyft ditthe dbamme yatbatatbe 
na bhayam marane hoti bb&ranikkbepane yath&. 11708 II 
sucinnam brabmacariyam me, maggo e&pi subh&vitOy 
marane me bhayam n' atthi rog&nam iva samkhaye. II 709 1| 
sucinnatn brabmacariyam me, maggo csLpi subh&vito, 
nirass&dd. bhav& ditthd, visam pitv&na chadditam. II 710 II 
pftragii anupftdftno katakieco an&savo 
tuttho d,yuld£hay& hoti mutto &gh&tand, yath&. II 711 II 
nttamam dhammatam patto sabbaloke anatthiko 
Mitt& va ghard mutto maranasmim na socati. II 712 II 
yad atthi samgatam kiiici bhavo ca yattha labbhati, 
sabbam anissaram etam, iti vuttam mahesin&. ||713|| 
yo tarn tathft pajd.n&ti*yath& buddhena desitam, 
na ganhati bhavam kinci sutattam va ayogulam. II 714 II 
na me hoti ahosin ti, bhavissan ti na hoti me ; 
samkhar^ vibhayissanti : tattha kft paridevan^. II 715 II 
suddham dhammasamupp&dam suddham samkh&rasantatim 
passantassa yath&bh{Ltam na bhayam hoti gd,mani. ||716|| 
tinakatthasamam lokam yad& pann&ya passati 
mamattam so asamyindam n' atthi me ' socati. ||717ll 

705, yaSn" AB, hafi2i° 0.— han^ma mayam A, harclmamaram B, harama 
mayam C.— ayasesSnam P — 710, pitvEna AC, bhitva va B. — 71^, samkhatam? — 
The metre is correct if we read : bhavo va yattha T. — anissaram AC, anissayam 
B. — 714, kaiici? — 717, mamattain A, pamattham B, pamattam C. 


A A 


iikkanth&mi sarlrenay bhaven' amhi anattliikoy 
80 'yam bbijjissati k&yo aflfio ca na bhavissati. II 718 II 
yam vo kiccam sarirena tain karotha yad' iccbatba ; 
na me tappaccayA tattha doso pemam cabebiti. II 719 II 
tassa tarn vacanam sutvd. abbhutam lomabaipsanam 
sattb&ni nikkbipitv&na mftnavd. etad abrayum: II 720 II 
kim bbaddante karitv&na, ko y& &cariyo taya, 
kassa s&sanam dgamma labbbate tarn asokat4. 11721 II 
sabbannii sabbadass&vi jino acariyo mama 
mab^tk&runiko satthd sabbalokatikicchako. II 72211 
teD&yam desito dhammo kbayag&mt anuttaro, 
tassa s&sanam ftgamma labbbate tarn asokat4. ||723|| 
sutv&na cor& isino subbe^itam nikkbippa sattbftni ca 

^tyudbani ca 
tamb& ca kamrn^ yiramimsu eke, eke ca pabbajjam aroca- 

yimsu. II724II 
te pabbajity^ sugatassa sasane bb&yety& bojjbangabal&ni 

udaggacitt^ sumanft katindriy^t pbusimsu nibb&napadam 

asamkbatan ti. 1172511 

Adbimutto tbero. 
Samanassa ab{L cint& Par&pariyassa bbikkbuno 
ekakassa nisinnassa paviyittassa jh&yino: II 726 II 
kim d.nupubbam puriso kim yatam kim sam&cftrain 
attano kiccak&ri 'ssa na ca kinci yibetbaye. II 727 II 
indriyani manuss&nam bit&ya abit^ya ca: 
arakkbit&ni abit&ya rakkbit&ni bitd,ya ca. II 728 II 
indriy&n' eya s&rakkbam indriyani ca gopayam 
attano kiccakd.ri 'ssa na ca kinci yibetbaye. II 729 II 
cakkbundriyan ce rdpesu gaccbantam aniy&rayam 
an^dinayadass^yi^ so dukkba na bi muccati. II 730 II 
sotindriyan ca saddesu gaccbantam aniy^rayam 
an£Ldinayadassd,vi, so dukkbcL na bi muccati. II 731 II 

718, ukkandstmi A, ukkaptM me B, ukkattb^ me 0.— 719, ca hehiti A, va 
sohiti B, va socatiti C— 721, labbbate tarn A, °ye tarn C, °te yam B.— 723, 
labbbato (corr. to labbbate) tam A, "ye tarn BC— 727, finupuboa BC— kam 
samacarain ?— kafici P--729, kafici ?— 730, cakkb' ca ? 


anissaranadass&vl gandhe ce patisevati, 
na so muccati dukkhamh& gandhesu adhimucchito. II 73211 
ambilamadhuraggan ca tittakaggam anussaram 
rasatanhsLja gadhito hadayam n&vabujjhati. II 73311 
subbdny appatik{ pbottbabbslni anussaram 
ratto r&g&dhikaranan^i vividbam yindate dukham. II 734 II 
manan c' etebi dhammebi yo na sakkoti rakkhitum, 
tato nam dukkham anveti sabbeb' etebi pancabi. ||735|| 
pubbalohitasampunnam babussa kimapassa ca 
naravirakatam yaggum samuggam iya cittitam II 736 II 
katukam madburass&dam piyanibandbanam dukbam 
kburam ya madbunellittam uUittam n&yabujjbati. II 737 II 
ittbir{Lpe ittbirase pbottbabbe pi ca ittbiyd. 
ittbigandbesu s&ratto yividbam yindate dukbam. || 738 II 
ittbisot&ni sabb&ni sandanti pancapancasu ; 
tesam dyaranam k&tum yo sakkoti yiriyayS,, II 739 II 
so attbava^ so dbammattbo, so dakkbo, so yicakkbano, 
kareyya ramam&no bi kiccam dbammattbasambitam. II 740 II 
atbo sidati sannuttam yajje kiccam nirattbakam^ 
na tarn kiccan ti mannitv^ appamatto yicakkbano. II 741 II 
yan ca attbena sannuttam ya ca dbammagatS, rati 
tarn sam&dslya yattetba, sa bi ye uttam^ rati. II 742 II 
uccavaceb' upayebi paresam abbijigisAti 
bantva yadbitvS, atba socayitvfi, ftlopati s&bas& yo pare- 
sam, II 743 II 
taccbanto &Jiiyk &nim nibanti balava yatb& : 
indriyan' indriyeb' eya nibanti kusalfi, tatbal. II 74411 
saddbam yiriyam sam&dbin ca satipannan ca bbayayam 
panca pancabi anigbo y&ti brsLbmano. II 745 II 
so attbay& so dbammattbo katva yslky&nus&sanim 
sabbena sabbam buddbassa, so naro sukbam edbatiti. I|746|| 

P&r&pariyo tbero. 
Cirarattam yatdt&pl dbammam anuvicintayam 
samam cittassa n&lattbam puccbam samanabr&bmane : II747II 

732, adhimucchito A,.*'mDccito C, *'puncito B.— 733, ammilamadh° (corrected to 
amb°) A, ampilam madh° B, ambilam madh° C. — 736, naravii^ AB, naravir® C. — 
737, katakam AC, katukam B.— 740", attayS C. — 741, adho C— sidatisannutam B. 
atthosidanasafliluttam ? adhosfdanasaiifluttam P— mafLfdtvst A, saMatv^ B, 
samfiatva C.-— 743, abhijigisati A, abhijisati *B, abhiyattati C— 744, kusaloP— 
745, satim paMafl ca ? 

74 thera-gathA. 

ko 80 p&ramgato loke, ko patto amatogadham, 

kassa dhammam pa^icch&mi paramatthavij&Danam. II748|| 

antovankagato &sim maccho va ghasam &mi8am» 

baddho Mahindap&sena Yepacity &suro yathd. II 749 II 

ancsLmi nam na munc&mi asmft sokapariddav^. 

ko me bandham muficam loke sambodhim vedayissati. II 750 1| 

samanam br&hmanam \k kam ddisantam pabhanfi:uiiam., 

kassa dhammam patiech&mi jar&maccupav&hanam. II 751 1| 

TicikicchsLkankhdgathitam seLrambhabalasanfiutam 

kodhappattamanatthaddham abhijappapadd.ranam II 752 II 

tanhadhanusamutth&nam dve ca pannaras&yutam. 

passa orasikam b&lam bhetv&na yadi thati. || 753 1| 

anuditthinaTn appabdnam samkappasaratejitam 

tena yiddho pavedh&mi pattam ya md.luteritam. II 75411 

ajjhattam me samutth&ya khippam paecati mamakam, 

chaphass&yatani kayo yattha sarati sabbad&. || 755 II 

tarn na passelmi tekiccbam yo me tarn sallam uddhare 

n&n&rajjena sattbena n^nnena vicikiccbitam. II 756 II 

ko me asattbo avano sallam abbbantar&passayam 

abimsam sabbagattsini sallam me uddbarissati. II 757 II 

dbammappati bi so settbo visadosapav&bako 

gambhire patitassa me tbalam pani va dassaye. II 758 II 

rabade 'bam asmi og&lbo ab&riyarajamantike 

may&ussuyyas&rambbatbinamiddbamapattbate. 11759 1| 

uddbaccamegbatbanitam samyojanayald,bakam 

Tab& yabanti kuddittbim samkappd. r&ganis8it&. II 760 II 

sayanti sabbadbi sot&, lata ubbbijja tittbati : 

te sote ko niy&reyya, tarn latam ko bi cbeccbatL II 761 1| 

749, The reading^ antovank^ may be defended ; it seems more probable, 
however, that we should correct andho yanka^ato ; comp. 557, where AG read 
dantH instead of dandhsl. — £isi ABC ; read, ^sim. — Read, asoro. — 750, aflclbmi 
B, anch§,mi A, aSn&mi C. — mucc^mi? — 762, "gandhitam A, "gadhitaip BG. — 
°maDatt° C — kodhappattam manatthaddham P — abhidhammapadaranam G. The 
first member of this compound is perhaps abhijjh^. — 753, orasikam bsllham A, 
odasikam balam G, odikam bstlam B. — ^hati A, tthati G, tittbati B, which may 
be the correct reading. — 754, ^paratejitam A, °ssaratejitam BG.— maluteritam? — 
755, paecati A, pacceti B, pecceti G. — 757, avano A, vara^a BC. — abbhamntdrsl 
passayam A, abohantllrd passam B, appantarR passam G. — 758, dhammappatti 
A, dhammampati BC. — Yisadosapavdhako A, yisatesampav^ B, yisaretosampav" 
G. — panin ca A, pdni va B, p^niva G. — 759, ahSriya** A, dhariya° BC. — 
'apatthate A, °apathaye B, ''apatthare G.— 760, vaha A, vaha BG.— 761, ubbijja 
ABC. — chijjati A, cmjjeti B, chejjati C. 

visATi-Niplxo. 75 

Telam karotha bhaddante sot&nam sannivsLranam. 

• • • • # 

m& te manomayo soto rukkham va sahas^ luve. II 76211 

evam me bhayaj&tassa ap&rd. p&ram esato 

t&no pann^vudho satth^ isisamghanisevito II 76311 

sopdnam sukatam suddham dhammassLramayam dalham 

psLd&si Yuyham&nassa m& bh&yiti ca m' abravi. 117640 

8atipatthd.nap&8&dain ftruyha paccayekkhisam 

yan tain pubbe amannissam sakk&y&bbiratam pajam. II 765 II 

yad& ca maggam addakkhim n&v&ya abhirClhanam 

anadhitth&ya att&nam tittham addakkbim uttamam. II 766 II 

sallam attasamuttb&nam bbavaDettipabb&vitam 

• • • • X • 

etesam appavatt^ya desesi maggam uttamam. || 767 II 

digbaratt&nusayitam cirarattapatittbitam 

buddbo me pd,nudl gandbam visadosapav&bano 'ti. II 768 II 

Telak&ni tbero. 

Passa eittakatam bimbam aruk&yam samussitam 

ftturam bahusamkappam, yassa n' attbi dbuvam thiti. II 769 1| 

passa eittakatam rdpam manina ku^dalena ca 

attbitacena onaddham saba vattbebi sobbati. ||770|| 
• • • 

alattakakati p&pH mukbam cunnakamakkbitam, 
alam b&lassa mob&ya no ca p&ragavesino. 1177111 
attb&padakat& kes&, nettd anjanamakkbit^^ 
alam balassa mob&ya no ca p&ragavesino. II 772 1| 
anjanl 'ya navd. citt& pfitiMyo alamkato 
alam b&lassa mob&ya no ca p&ragavesino. || 773 |j 
odabi migavo p&sam^ n&s&dd. y&kuram migo ; 
bbutv& niv&pam gaccb&ma kandante migabandbake. II 77411 
chinnft p&s^ migavassa, n&sUdd. yd.kuram migo ; 
bhutysL niy&pam socante migaluddhake. II 775 II 
pass&mi loke sadbane manxisse^ laddbana yittam na dadanti 

762, bhaddari BC. — mk vo ?— 764, p^nam AB, pd.nam C, — sundam corr. to 
suddham A, saddham B, saddam 0. — 768, digharassam anussaritam BC— 769 
ssDhainmap. 147; comp. the Ratthaptllasuttanta (Majjhima Nik^a).— 771, 
Instead of pap^ read p^da, which is the reading of y. 459 and of the Katthap^la 
Sutta (Tumour's MS.) — 773, afijani va niy^ (corr. to navfH A, afijani (°ni B) ?a 
namYfl BO, afijani va nay^ Ratthap^la Sutta. — 774, nassld^ v&kuram ABC, 
nHsad^ cdkaraiii Ra^th. S. — 775, nslsa^ y^kkhilram (kh is expunged) A, nas^d^ 
vlkuram BC. 

A A 


luddbd. dhanam sannicayam karonti bhiyyo ca kame ablii- 

patthayanti. ||776|| 
rajd. pasayha ppathavim yijetv& sas&garantam mahica 

Oram samuddassa atittariipo pd.ram samuddassa pi pattha- 

'yetha. II777II 
T&jk, ca anne ca bahd manu8s& ayitatanh& maranam upenti» 
tinSL va jabanti deham, k^mebi lokamhi na h' atthi 

titti. II 778 II 
kandanti nam h&ti pakiriya kese, abo vata no amar& 'ti 

c&bu ; 
vattbena nam p&rutam nibaritvd. citam samodbd.ya tato 

so daybati sulebi tuj jam&no ekena vattbena pab&ya bboge ; 
na miyyamslnassa bbavanti t&na n^ti ca mitta atbavd 

8ab&y&. II 780 II 
d&ysLdak^ tassa dbanam baranti, satto pana gaccbati 

yenakammam ; 
na miyyam^nam dbanam anveti kinci putta ca dkrk ca 

dbanan ca rattbam. ||781|| 
na digbam d.yum labbate dbanena na c&pi vittena jaram 

vibanti ; 
appan bi nam jivitam &bu dbird. asassatam 

dbammam. I|78!:^|| 
addb& daliddd. ca pbusanti pbassam, b&lo ca dbiro ca tath' 

eva pbuttbo : 
b^lo bi bdlyd vadbito va seti, dbiro ca na vedbati pbassa- 

pbuttbo. II 783 II 
tasmA bi panfi^ 'va dbanena seyyo y&ya vos4nam idb&dbi- 

abyositattba bi bbavabbavesu psLp&ni kammani karonti 

mobat. 11784 

776, luddh^ dhanam A, laddha ca nam BC. — ca Ratth. S., va corrected to dha 
A, va BC. — 777, pi Ratth. S. ; deest in ABC. — 780, etena gattena A, ef* vattena 
BC, ekena yattheti Ratth. S.— 782, hi nam ABC, hidam Ratth. S.— 783, vadhito 
va Ratth. S., ca thito va BC, va ^hito va corr. to dha ^hito dha A. — 7b4, abyosi- 
tattha ABC, ahotasittH R. IS. 

vIsati-nipAto. 77 

upeti gabbhan ca paran ca lokam sams&ram sLpajja param- 

tass' appapaiino abhisaddahanto upeti gabbhan ca paran ca 

lokam. II 785 II 
coro yathd. sandhimukhe gahtto sakammunH hannati p&pa- 

evam paj& pecca paramhi loke sakammund. hannati 

dharamo. I|786|| 
k&m& hi citrd. madhur^ manoramd, vir(Lparfipena mathenti 

cittam ; 
^inayam kamagunesu disva tasmd. aham pabbajito 'mhi 

lAja. II 787 II 
dumapphal&niva patanti m&navH dahard. ca vuddhd ca 

sarirabheda ; 
etam pi disy& pabbajito 'mhi r&ja ; apannakam s&mannam 

eva seyyo. II 788 II 
saddhsLyaham pabbajito upeto jinasasane, 
avajja mayham pabbajjfi,, anano bhuiij&mi bhojanam. ||789|| 
kame ^dittato disv& j&tarupsLni satthato 
gabbhe vokkantito dukkham nirayesu mahabbhayam : II790|| 
etam &dinayam disvd. samyegam alabhim tadd, ; 
so 'ham yiddho tadd. santo sampatto ^sayakkhayam. 11791 1| 
paricinno . . . (=604) ||792|| . 
yass' atthdya pabbajito . . . (see 605) . . . sabbasam- 

yojanakkhayo 'ti. II 793 II 

Batthap&lo thero. 
Edpam disy& sati mutth^ piyanimittam manasikaroto ; 
s&rattacitto yedeti tan ca ajjhosa titthati. 11794 II 
tassa yaddhanti yedana aneka r{Lpasambhay&, 
abhijjha ca yihes^ ca cittam ass' {Lpahannati ; 
eyam &cinato dukkham krk nibb&na yuccati. || 795 1| 
saddam sutyft sati mutthH . . . (=794, 795 ; instead of 

rApasambhayft read saddasambhayfi.) II 796-797 II 
gandham ghatya . . . (gandhasambhay^) || 798-79911 
rasam bhotyft . . . (rasasambhavS.) II 800-80111 

785, pampardyi R. S. — 786 (end of the second line), papadhammo AB, R. S. ; 
'mma C— 789, avaficha A, ayajjji BC— 790, satthato A, pattato BC— 794, 
comp. 98. 


phassam phussa . . . (phassa8ainbhay&) II 802-803 II 
dhammam natvd . . . (dhammasambhayd) || 804-80511 
na so raj jati rdpesu ; rdpam diavd patissato 
virattacitto vedeti tan ca n' ajjhosa titthati. II 80611 
yatb&ssa passato rupam sevato vHpi yedanain 
khiyyati nopaciyyati evam so carati sate ; 
evam apacinato dukkham santike nibb&na vuccati. II807I1 
na so raj jati saddesu; saddamsutv^ patissato (. . . gandhesu 

gandham gbatvd. . . . rasesu rasam bboty& • . . 

phassesu phassam pbussa • . . dbammesa dhammam 

iiatya patissato) 
yirattacitto yedeti tan ca a' ajjhosa tittbatL 11808, 810, 812, 

yath&ssa sunato saddam (ghsLyato gandham, s&yato rasam, 

phusato phassam, yij&nato dhammam) seyato yapi 

khiyyati nopaciyyati eyam so carati sato ; 
eyam apacinato dukkham santike nibb&na yuccati. II 809, 


M&lunkyaputto thero. • 
Paripunnak&yo suruci suj&to carudassano 
suyannayanno 'si bhagayd, snsukkad&tho 'si yiriyay^. |I818|| 
narassa hi suj&tassa ye bhayanti yiyanjan& 
sabbe te tayak&yasmim mahd.purisalakkhand.. ||819|| 
pasannanetto sumukho hrahk uju pat&pay& 
majjhe samanasamghassa &dicco ya yirocasi. II 82011 
kalyanadassano bhikkhu kancanasannibhattaco : 
kin te samanabhslyena eyam uttamayannino. II 82 111 
raj& arahasi bhayitum cakkayattirathesabho 
c&turanto yijitd,vl Jambusandassa issaro. II822II 
khattiy^ bhojardjslno anuyantd, bhayanti te ; 
r&jabhir&jH manujindo rajjam k&rehi Gotama. 11823 II 

802, phusam A, phussd B, phusso C — 814, phusam A, phusa C, pussa B. — 
818 seq., comp. the Selasutta (Sutta Nip^ta). — 819, sabbam te A. — 820, brahnut 
AB, brah^ corrected to brahma C. — 822, Jambumandassa AB, Jambusandassa C. 
The Suttanipdta MSS. have both readings ; Dr. Morris's MS. of the ApadEna 
(fol. cri' and fLi) reads Jambusanda. Comp. Chllders s. y. sando. — 823, bhogsl 
rajano A, bhojar" BC, bhojar" and raiar° the Suttanipata MSS.— rajabhiraja 
A and the Suttanipata MSS., rajadh^ BC. 


r&J£lham asmi Sel& 'ti bhagavd. dhammardjd. anuttaro^ 
dbammena cakkam vattemi cakkam appativattiyam. |j824|| 
sambuddho patij&n&si iti Selo brahmano dhammar&jcL 

dhammena cakkam vattemi iti bbdsasi Gotama. II 825 II 
ko nu sen&pati bboto s&vako satthur anvayo^ 
ko imam anuvatteti dhammacakkam pavattitam. II 826 II 
majk pavattitam cakkam Seld. Hi bbagav^ dbammacakkam 

S&riputto 'nuvatteti anujato tatb&gatam. ||827|| 
abbinneyyam abbinD&tam, bhd.vetabban ca bb&yitam, 
pab&tabbam pahinam me^ iasmk buddbo 'ami brd.b- 

mana.* II 828 1| 
yinayassu mayi kankbam. adbimuccassu br&bmana. 
dullabbam dassanam boti sambuddb&nam abbinbaso. II 82911 
yesam ve duUabbo loke p&tubb&vo abbinbaso, 
so 'bam brd.bmana buddbo 'ami sallakatto anuttaro. II830II 
Brabmabb{Lto atitulo M&raaenappamaddano 
sabb&mitte yaaikatvd. mod&mi akutobbayo. ||831|| 
idam bbonto niadmetba yatb& bb^aati cakkbumd. 
sallakatto mab&vtro, slbb va nadatl vane. ||832|| 
Brabmabbiitam atitulam M&rasenappamaddanam 
ko disv^ na ppasideyya api kanbd,bbij&tiko. I|833|| 
yo mam iccbati anvetu yo v& n' iccbati gaccbatu : 
idb&bam pabbajissd.mi varapannassa santike. I|834|| 
etafi ce ruccati bboto sammd.sambuddbasd.sanam, 
mayam pi pabbajiss&ma varapannassa santike. II 835 II 
brabmana tisat& ime yftcanti panjaltkata : 
brabmacariyam bbagavS. tava santike. || 836 1| 
sv^kkbatam brabmacariyam Sela 'ti bbagavcL sandittbikam 

yattba amogbd pabbajj^ appamattassa sikkbato. II 837 II 

824, comp. Mifindapafiha, p. 183. — 825, After Selo A inserts ca, BO va. 
Neither the one nor the other is found in the Suttanipslta.— bhdsati ABC, bhdsati 
and bhcbsasi the Suttanip. MSS. — 829, adhimulLcassa A, °ssu AC. The correct 
reading, adhimuccassu, is found in the Suttanip^ta MSS.— 831, sabbamitte ABC, 
sabb&mitte Suttanip.— 836, y^anti? comp. y. 841. 

80 thera-gathA. 

yan tarn saranam ftgamma ito atthami cakkhuma, 
sattarattena bhagava dant' amha tava s&sane. II 838 II 
tuyam buddho, tuvam satth&, tuyam Mftrabhibhu muni, 
tuvam anusaye chetv& tinno tares' imam pajam. 11839 1| 
upadhi te samatikkanti, &8ay& te pad&lit&, 
siho ya anupsLd&no pahinabbayabherayo. II 840 II 
bhikkhayo tisat& ime tittbanti panjalikatft ; 
p&de yira pas&rebi, n&g& yandantu satthuno 'ti. || 841 1| 

Selo thero. 
Yd, tarn me hattbigly&ya sukhumft yatthd padhdritft, 
s&linam odano bhutto sucimamsiipasecano, II 84211 
80 'jja bhaddo s&tatiko uDchd,pattdgate rato 
jh&yati anup&d&no putto Godhaya Bhaddiyo. II 843 1| 
pamsukiili s&tatiko ufich&patt&gate rato 
jh&yati anup&d&no putto Godh&ya Bhaddiyo. II 844 II 
pindapaLti s&tatiko — pa — teciyari ssLtatiko — pa — sapa- 
dUnac&ri 8° — pa — ek&sani 8° — pa — pattapindi 
8° — pa — khalupacch&bhatti 8° — pa — ftranniko 8° 

— pa — rukkhamAliko 8° — pa — abbhok&st 8° 

— pa — 808dniko 8° — pa — yath&santhatiko 8° 

— pa — nesajjiko 8° — pa — appiccho 8° — pa — 
8antuttho 8° — pa — payivitto 8° — pa — a8am8attho 8° 

— pa — Araddhayiriyo e&tatiko — pa — II 845—861 1| 
hityS, satapalam kam.sam. soyannam satarsLiikam 
aggahim mattik&pattam, idam dutiy&bhisecanam. || 862 II 
ucce mandalipak&re dalhamatt&lakotthake 

rakkhito khaggahatthehi uttasam yiharim pure. II 863 II 
80 'jja bhaddo anutr&sl pahinabbayabherayo 
jhayati yanam ogayha putto Godh&ya Bhaddiyo. II864II 
8ilakkhandhe patitthd.ya satim paunaii ea bh&yayam 
psLpunim anupubbena 8abbasamyojanakkhayaii ti. II 86511 

Bhaddiyo Kaligodhglya putto. 
Gaccham yadesi 8amana thito 'mhi mamafi ea br&8i thitam 
atthito 'ti ; 

838, ti corr. to tain A, tam B. ti C. — §,gamh& P — atthami A, athami B, 
atthdmi C— amhi AB, ampi C, araha Suttanip. — 841, titthanti the MSS. — 842, 
vaittha padharita A, vatthadharita C, yatta me dhari'ta B. v° pathErita 
(==pattharita) ?— 862 == 97.-865, satip** ABC. 

vIsati-nipAto. 81 

puccbd^mi tain samana etam attham: kasm^ thito tvam 

aham atthito 'mhi. II866IJ 
thito aham Angulim&la sabbadd, sabbesu bhCLtesu nidhsLya 

tvan ca p^nesu asafifiato 'si, tasmd. thito 'ham tuvam atthito 

'si. II 867 II 
cirassam yata me mahito mahesi mah&vanam samano 

paccup&di ; 
so 'ham cajissd.mi sahassap&pam sutv&na g&tham tava 

dhammayuttam. II 868 II 
itv eva coro asim ^vudhan ca sobbhe pap&te narake anyakd.8i, 
avandi coro sugatassa pd,de, tatth' eva pabbajjam ayelci 

buddham. ||869|| 
buddho ca kho k&runiko mahesi yo satthd lokassa sadeva- 

tam ehi bhikkh{L 'ti tad& avoca ; es' eya tassa ahu bhikkhu- 

bh^vo. II 870 II 
yo pubbe pamajjitysLna pacchsl so na ppamajjati, 
so 'mam lokam pabh&seti abbhd. mutto ya candim&. || 871 II 
yassa p&pam katam kammam kusalena pithiyati, 
so 'mam lokam pabh&seti abbhd mutto ya candim^. || 872 1| 
yo haye daharo bbikkhu yuDJati buddhasHsane, 
so 'mam lokam pabhd.seti abbha mutto ya candim^. ||873|| 
dis& hi me dhammakatham sunantu, disa hi me yunjautu 

dis& hi me te manusse bhajantu ye dhammam eyddapayanti 

santo. II 874 II 
disd hi me khantiv&d&nam ayirodhappasamsiDam 
sunantu dhammam k&lena tan ca anuyidhiyantu. || 875 1| 
na hi j^tu so mamam himse annam yd. pana kancinam, 
pappuyya paramam santim rakkheyya tasathalvare. ||876|| 

868, mah&Tanam C. — paccup^di AB, rnacc" C. — sahassam pSpam BC. — 869, 
itv eva A, ice eva BC. — ^narake anvakjlsi (°k&ri B) AB, narakandhakSre C. — 
871-872 = Dhammap. 172-173.— The first words of v. 871 have been corrected 
in : yo ca pubbe pamajjitv^. This is metrically more correct than the 
ormnal reading of the MSS., and so this stanza is read both in the Dhanmia- 
paoA and in the Angulimala Suttanta (Majjhima Nikaya). — 872 deest in A. — 
874, yunjantu A, yufljanta B, yufijatu C. — evad&payanti A, evaramayanti BC. 
The Afig. Suttanta (Tumour's MS.) has, ye dhamme me v^dapayanti. — 876, 
kaiiQinam Ang. &,, kiftcinam ABC. 



udakam hi nayanti nettiksL, usuksLrft namayanti tejanam, 
dsLrum namayanti taccliak&, att&nam damayanti pandit&. 

daigiden' eke damayanti ankusehi kas&hi ca ; 
adandena asatthena aham dan to 'mhi t&din&. II 878 |j 
Ahimsako 'ti me nsLmam himsakassa pure sato ; 
ajj&ham saccan&mo 'mhi, na nam hims&mi kancinam. II 87911 
coro aham pure fisim Angulim&lo 'ti vissuto, 
Tuyham&no mahoghena buddham saranam agamam. ||880 
lohitapsLni pure ftsim Angulim&lo 'ti vissuto ; 
saran&gamanam passa ; bhavanetti samfthatd.. || 881 II 
tidisam kammam katv&na bahum duggatig&minam 
phuttho kammavip&kena anano bhunj&mi bhojanam. II 882 
pam&dam anuyuiijanti b&la dummedhino jan&, 
appamidan ca medh&vi dhanam settham va rakkhati. || 883 
m& pam&dam anuyunjetha m& kftmaratisanthavam, 
appamatto hi jh&yanto pappoti paramam sukham. II 884 II 
sv&gatam n&pagatam, n'etam dummantitam mama ; 
samvibhattesu dhammesuyam settham tadup&gamam. I1885II 
svalgatam nsLpagatam n'etam dummantitam mama ; 
tisso vijjsL anuppattsL, katam buddhassa s&sanam. II 886 II 
aranne rukkhamiQe vk pabbatesu guh&su y& 
tattha tatth' eva atthsLsim ubbiggamanaso tad&. II 887 II 
sukham say&mi thfty&mi, sukham kappemi jivitam 
ahatthap&so Malrassa : aho satthsLnukampito. II 888 |j 
brahmajacco pure alsim, udicco ubhato ahum, 
so 'jja putto sugatassa dhammar&jassa satthuno, II889II 
yitatanho an&d&no guttadvaro susamvuto ; 
aghamtllam vamitv&na patto me dsavakkhayo. II 890 1| 
paricinno mayal satthal, katam buddhassa s&sanam, 
ohito garuko bhdro, bhavanetti samdhat^ 'ti. I|891|| 

Angulimalo thero. 

877, see 19, Dhammap. 80. — 879, kificinam ABC, kaficinam Ang. S.— 883 Bq. 
-— DbAmmap. 26 sq. — 884, yipulam sukham Dhammap., Ang. S. — 885, oomp. 9. 
— nigatam A, naps^atam B, navagatam C. — na yidam Ang. S., netam ABC. — 
8ayibh° ABC, patihantesu Ang. 8. — 886, napagatam A, nagatam C. — na yidam 
Ang. S., netam ABC. — 888, satthslnukampito AC, °anukappito B. aho satthd- 
nnkampako P-^889, aha the MSS.— 890, yadhityana ABC. Comp. t. 116, 676. 

vIsati-nipIto. 83 

Pah&ya m&t&pitaro bhagininsLtibhsLtaro 

panca Mmagune hitvA Anuruddho 'va jh&yati. ||892|| 

sameto naccagitehi sammatlllappabodhano 

na tena suddhim ajjhagam& M&rassa visaye rato. II 89311 

etaii ca samatikkamma rato buddhassa s&sane 

sabbogham samatikkamma Anuruddho Va jh&yati. ||894|| 

rftp& saddsL ra8& gandb& photthabbsL ca manoram^ 

ete ca samatikkamma Anuruddho Va jh&yati. II 89511 

pindap&tapatikkanto eko adutiyo muni 

esati pamsukdUni Anuruddho an&savo. II 896 II 

vicini aggahl dhovi rajayl dh&rayi muni 

pamsukdl&ni matimd Anuruddho ansLsayo. II 897 II 

mahiccho ca asantuttho samsattho yo ca uddhato, 

tassa dhamm& ime honti pipak& samkilesik^. || 898 II 

sato ca hoti appiccho santuttho avigh^tav^ 

pavivekarato vitto niccam ^raddhaviriyo : II 899 1| 

tassa dhamm& ime honti kusal& bodhipakkhik^i 

an&savo ca so hoti^ iti vuttam mabesinal. II 900 II 

mama samkappam annS,ya satthsL loke anuttaro 

manomayena kayena iddhiy^ upasamkami. II 90111 

yad& me ahu samkappo tato uttari desayi^ 

nippapancarato buddho nippapancam adesayi. Il902|| 

tass&ham dhammam annslya vih&sim sdsane rato ; 

tisso vijj& anuppattd, katam buddhassa sdsanam. 1190311 

pancapannslsa vassdni yato nesajjiko aham, 

pancavisati yasssLni yato middham samdhatam. II 904 II 

n&hu assllsapass&so thitacittassa t&dino ; 

anejo santim alrabbha cakkhumd parinibbuto. II 905 II 

asallinena cittena vedanam ajjhav&sayi ; 

pajjotasseva nibbdnam vimokkho cetaso ahft. || 906 1| 

ete pacchimayi d&ni munino phassapancamS, ; 

ndfine dhamm^ bhavissanti sambuddhe parinibbute. II 907 II 

n' atthi d&ni pun&y&so devakS^yasmi j&lini ; 

vikkhino jS-tisams&ro, n* atthi d4ni punabbhavo. II 908 

892 seqq. va A, ca BC. — 893, ajcagida corr. to °ag^ A, ajjhamfilgaina BC. — 
899, vitto A, citto BC— 902, yada A, sada BC. yathd ?— 906-606 = MahS- 
parinibbana Sutta p. 62. ed. Ghilders. — 908, panay^so C. — jaiani C. 

A A 


yassa muhutte sahassadft loko samyidito, sa Brahmakappo 
vasi iddhigune cutdpap&te k&le passati devatA sa bhi- 

kkhu. II 909 II 
annabh&ro pure ftsim daliddo gh&sahsLrako, 
samanam patip&desim uparittham yasassinam. || 910 1| 
so 'mhi Sakyakule j&to, Anuruddho 'ti mam vidft^ 
upeto naccagitehi sammat&lappabodhano. II 91111 
ath' addas&sim sambuddham satth&ram akutobbayam, 
tasmim cittam pa8&dety& pabbajim anagftriyam. j|912|| 
pubbeniv&sam j&nsLmi yattha me vusitam pure, 
T&vatimsesu devesu atth&sim Sakkaj&tiy&. II 913 II 
sattakkhattum manussindo aham rajjam ak&rayim 
c&turanto vijiteLyi Jambusandassa issaro, 
adandena asatthena dhammena anus&sayim. ||914|| 
ito sotta ito satta samseLr&ni catuddasa 
niv&sam abhijalnissam deyaloke thito tadsL. II 915 II 
pancangike samaldhimhi sante ekodibh&yite 
patippassaddhiladdh' amhi, dibbacakkhum yisujjhi me. II916II 
cutdpapdtam j&n&mi sattS^nam &gatim gatim 
itthabh&vannathabb&yam jh&ne pancangike thito. |j917l| 
paricinno may& satth& — pa — samAhatA. ||918|| 
Vajjinam Veluyag&me abam jivitasamkbayA 
betthato yelugumbasmim nibb&yissam an&sayo 'ti. II 919 II 

Anuruddho thero. 
Samanassa ahd cintsL puppbitambi mahsLyane 
ekaggassa nisinnassa payiyittassa jh&yino : II 920 II 
annath^ lokan&thamhi titthante purisuttame 
iriyam &si bhikkhdnam, annatha d&ni dissate. II 921 II 
sitay&taparittdnam, birikopinachsLdanam, 
mattatthiyam abhunjimsu santutthft itarttare. II 922 II 
panitam yadi ya Idkham appam y& yadi y& bahum 
y&panattham abhufijiinsu agiddh^ naldhimuccbitft. II923II 

909 (= 1181), muhuttena ABC— ^'guijacutup" A, *gune catftp" A, 'ra^e 
catup* C.— vassati C. — bhikkhuno ABC. — 910, patipddesi the MSS. — uparitnam 
A, upadhittham G, upathi corr. to upaditham B. — 912, addas^ the MSS.— 
9 1 3, atthslsi the MSS. — 914, Jambumandassa AG, pandassa B. Comp. v. 822.— 
anusslsayi AG, anussUi B. — 915, ito 8° ito 8° A, ito 8* tato 8** BC. — 916, sante 
BC, santo A. — 922, mattatthiyam AC, matthathiyaip B.— 923, iutvi-(corr. to 
ntldhi-) mucchitd A, n^dhimucchit^ BC. 


jivitAnam parikkh&re bhesajje atha paccaye 
Da b&lham ussuk^ sLsum yath& te sLsavakkhaye. II 924 II 
aranne rukkhamfllesu kandar&su guh&su ca 
Tivekam anubrAhantft vihimsu tappar4yan&, II 92511 
ulcanivitthsL subhar^ mudu atthaddhamdnas^ 
aby&sek& amukharA atthaciiit£Lyas&nug&. ||926|| 
tato pisadikam &si gat am bhuttam nisevitam, 
siniddhd teladh&rsL va ahosi iriyd,patho. II 927 1| 
sabb&savaparikkhin^ mah&jhalyi mah&bit& 
nibbuU dS^ni te ther&, paritt& d^ni tMis^. II 928 1| 
kusaMnaii ca dbamm&nom pannd^ya ca parikkhayd. 
sabb&karayar&petani lujjate jinas&sanam. II 929 If 
p&paksLnan ca dhammeLnam kiles&nan ca yo utu 
upatthit&yivek&ya ye ca saddhammasesakd. II 93011 
te kilesal payaddhantft ftvisanti bahum janam, 
kilanti manfie b&lebi ummattehi ysl rakkhas&. ||931 II 
kileseh' &bhibhilt& te tena tena yidhdvit^ 
iiar& kilesayatthftsu sayamg&he ysl gbosite^ |[932 1| 
pariccajityal saddhammam annamannehi bbandare^ 
ditthigatsLni anyentsL idam seyyo Hi mafifiare. ||933|| 
dhanan ca puttam bhariyan ca chaddayity&na niggatd. 
katacchubhikkbahetft pi akiccsLni niseyare. 11934 1| 
udaraiyadebakani bhuty& sayant' uttdnaseyyak^, 
kathal yadenti patibuddh^ jk katha satthu garahitsl. II 935 
sabbak&rukasipp&ni cittikaty&na sikkhare^ 
ayflpasantal ajjhattam sdmaiiDattho 'ti accbati. II 936 II 
mattikam telam cunnan ca udaMsanabbo janam 
gihinam upan&menti ^kankhantd bahuttaram. II 937 II 
dantaponamkapittban ca puppbakb&daniy&ni ca 
pindapsLte ca sampanne ambe &malak&ni ca, II 938 11 
bbesajjesu yath& vejjft, kiccdkicce yatbal gihl, 
ganik& ya yibhds&yam, issare kbattiyd. yatbd., 11939 

926, abyasoka A.— atthacinta' A, atha cinta° BC— 927, bhnttam A, ittham 
BC— nimmita C, nimitha B, siniddlia A.— 928, samahita? Comp. v. 1083.— 

930, TipattMta° A, upathita* B, upadhita" C.—re ca saddhammasesaka A, ye 
ca saddhammiirasaka C, yesa caddhammaseka B. ye ca saddhammasosaka? — 

931, bahu j° AB, bahil f C— 931, kilanti the MSS.— 932, nara A, naga BC— 
sasamngame A, sayamgahe BC— 936, "karu^a" AB, "karuni* C— 939, issare 
AC, issaye B. issere ? 

A A 


nekatiM Yailcanik& kfltasakkM avfttukft 
bahfthi parikappehi ftmisam paribhuiljare. II 940 II 
lesakappe pariy&ye parikappe 'nudhftyitft 
jivikatthft up&yena 8anika4dhanti bahum dbanam. |j941|j 
upatthapenti parisam kammato no ca dbammato, 
dhammam paresam desenti l&bhato no ca atthato. ||942|| 
samghalftbhassa bhandanti samgliato parib&hir&, 
paral£Lbhopajlyant& ahirik& 'va na lajjare. ||943|| 
n&nuyutt& tathft eke mundi 8amgb&tip&rat& 
sambhalyanam yeV iccbanti l&bha8akk&ramucchit&. ||944 
evam n&nappay&tamhi ni dsLni sukaram tatb& 
aphusitam y& phusitum phusitam y&nurakkhitum. || 945 1| 
yath& kantakatth&namhi careyya anup&hano 
satim upatthapetyftna, eyam g&me muni care. ||946|| 
sarityS, pubbake yogi tesam yattam anussaram 
kiiie&pi pacchimo k&lo phuseyya amatam padam. II 947 II 
idam yatysL s&layane samano bh&yitindriyo 
brS^hmano parinibb&yi isi khinapunabbhayo 'ti. ||948|| 

, P&r4pariyo thero. 

udd&nam : 

Adbimutto P&rdpariyo Telakani Batthap&lo 
M&lunkya-Selo Bhaddiyo Anguli dibbacakkhuko j 
Pd^rftpariyo, das' ete Visambi suparikittitA, 
gdth&yo dye 8at& honti pancat&lisa uttarin tL 

nitthito Visatinlp&to. 

940, avatuka A, apatuka BC— 941, jivikattha A, jivikatta B, jMkatta C— 
Tipayo na A, upayena BC. — 943, na A, va na BC— 945, tatha BC, kata A.— 
947, kincapi AC, kiccapi B. — IJddana. The text of BO differs widely from 
that of A, which I give. The names of Maiunkyaputta and Sela are omitted, and 
so only eight Theras and, as it seems, 190 (?) Oathas are counted (^'gatha sata 
ca navuti honti capuna uttarin ti ''). 





F&s&dike hahd disy& bh&vitatte sasamyate 
isi Pandarasagotto apucchi Phussasavhayam : ||949|| 
kimchandal kimadhipp&y& kim&kapp& bhavissare 
an&gatamhi k&lamhi, tarn me akkhdhi pucchito. I|950|| 
sunohi vacanam mayham isi Pandarasavhaya, 
sakkaccam upadh&rehi, ^cikkhisssLmy an&gatam. ||951|| 
kodhana upanllhl ca makkhl thambhi sathsL bahd 
issuki n£ln&v&dal ca bhavissanti anS^gate || 952 1| 
afin&tamdnino dhamme gambhire tiragocarsL 
labuki agar{i dhamme annamanfiam ag&ray&. || 953 1| 
bahfi ftdinavft loke uppajjissanti 'negate ; 
sudesitam imam dhammam kilisissanti dummatt. II 954 1| 
gunahinsLpi samghamhi voharanti visd.rad& 
balavanto bhavissanti mukhar& assutstvino. || 955 1| 
gunavanto pi samghamhi voharantsl yathatthato 
dubbala te bhavissanti hiriman^ anatthikd. || 956 II 
rajatam j&tarftpan ca khettam vatthum ajelakam 
d&sidsksan ca dummedh^ s^diyissanti 'negate. |j 957 II 
ujjhsLnasanoino b^& silesu asam&hitft 
unnalal vicarissanti kalah&bhirat^ ma,gk, 11 958 II 
uddhat& ca bhavissanti nilacivarap&rutsL ; 
kuh& thaddhft lapgl singt carissanty ariy& viya. || 959 1| 
telasanhehi kesehi capal& anjanakkhiksL 
rathiy&ya gamissanti dantayannakap&rut&. jj 960 II 
ajeguccham vimuttehi surattam arahaddhajam 
jigucchissanti k&savam od&tesu samucchitd. 11961 1| 
kbhak&msL bhavissanti kusitd hinaviriyd, 
kicchantsL vanapatt&ni gsLmantesu vasissare. ||962|| 

963, agani the MSS.— 956, voharanta [aJvisSradd ? — 967, vatthum deest in B, 
khettakafi ca aj° C. — 968, vicarissanti A, vivadissanti B, mivadissanti C— 959, singi 
AC, sigi B.— 962, kicchant^ AC, kiccant^ B. — vanapattctni A, panapantkni BC. 

88 thera-gathI. 

ye ye l&bham labhissanti miccli&jlyarat& sad&y 

te te ca aiiu8ikkhant& bhajissanti asamyatft. ||963|| 

ye ye alsLbhino l&bham^ na te pujj& bhavissare, 

supesale pi te dhire sevissanti na te tadft. 1196411 

milakkhurajanam rattam s:arahant& sakam dhaiam 

titthiy&naip. dhajam keci dhsLressanty avad&takam. II 965 

ag&ravo ca k&s&ve tad& tesam bhavissati^ 

patisamkbsL ca ksLs&ye bhikkhunam na bhavissati. 1196611 

abhibhdtassa dukkhena sallaviddhassa ruppato 

patisamkhsL mahalghora nsLgass&si acintiyft. 1196711 

chaddanto hi tadsL disv& surattam arahaddhajam 

taLvad eva bhanl gajo atthopasanhit& : ||968|| 

anikkasS^YO ksLssLvam yo vattham paridabissati 

apeto damasaccena, na so k&savam arahati. ||969|| 

yo ca vantakasdv' assa silesu susam&bito 

upeto damasaccena, sa ye k^ssLyam arabati. II 970 II 

yipannasilo dummedho pdkato kdmak&riyo 

yibbhantacitto nissukko, na so kd,s&vam arabati. II 971 II 

yo ca silena sampanno yitar^go sam&bito 

od&tainanasamkappo, sa ye k&sS.yam arahati. II 972 II 

uddhato unnalo bd.lo silam yassa na yijjati, 

od&takam arahati, k^sS^yam kim karissati. II 973 II 

bhikkhft ca bhikkhuniyo ca dutthacittd analdar& 

taldinani n)ettacittS,nain nigganhissanti 'nd,gate. II 974 II 

sikkh&pent&pi therehi b&lal ciyaradh&ranam 

na sunissanti dummedbd p&kat& k&mak&riy&. || 975 1| 

te tathsL sikkbitft b&lal annamannam ag&ray& 

nMiyissant' upajjh&ye khalunko yiya s&rathim. II 976 II 

eyam and,gataddh&nam patipatti bhayissati 

bhikkh{lnaiii bhikkhuninan ca patte k&lamhi pacchime. II977II 

pur& dgacchate etam ansLgatam mahabbhayam 

subbacal hotha sakhila afifiamaDnain sag&ray^. II 978 II 

mettacittsL k&runik& hotha sile susamyut^ 

&raddhayiriy£L pahitatt^ niccam dalhaparakkamd.. ||979|| 

964, pujja A, p^ja BC— 966, dharissanty the MSS —969-970 = Dhammap. 
9-10 ; comp. jat. vol. ii. p. 198.— 976, sarati A, °thi B, °thi C. 


pamadam bhayato disvsL appam&daii ca khemato 
bh3.vetli' atthangikam maggam phusanti amatam padan 
.ti. II 980 II 

yathiicglrl yath&sato satima yathft samkappacariyS^ya appa- 

ajjhattarato susam&hitatto eko santusito^ tarn khn bhi- 

kkhum. II981II 
allam sukkbam ca bbunianto na b&lham suhito siv&^ 
dntldaro mitahalro sato bbikkhu paribbaje. II 982 1| 
cattllro panca &lope abhutyi udakam pive, 
alam ph^uvibslr&ya pahitattassa bhikkhuno. II 98311 
kappiyatan ca &deti civaram idamattbikaTp^ 
alam ph&suvib&r&ya pahitattassa bhikkhuno. II 984 1| 
pallankena nisinnassa jannuke n&bhivassati, 
alam . • . || 98511 

yo sukham dukkhato adda, dukkham addakkhi sallato, 
ubhayantarena n&hosi, kena lokasmi kim siyal. II986II 
m&, me kadaci pdpiccho kuslto hinavlriyo 
appassuto anadaro, kena lokasmi kim siy^. || 987 II 
bahussuto ca medh&vi silesu susam&hito 
cetosamatham anuyutto api muddhani titthatu. II 98811 
yo papancam anuyutto papanc&bhirato mago, 
viraldhay 1 so nibbjlnam yogakkhemam anuttaram. || 989 1| 
yo ca papancam hitvdna nippapaficapathe rato, 
krkdhsLji so nibbS,nam yogakkhemam anuttaram. II 990 II 
g&me va yadi vS^ranne ninne vS- yadi v& thale, 
yattha arahanto viharanti, tarn bhdmim r&maneyya- 

kam. 11991 II 
ramaniyi arannS-ni, yattha na ramatl jano, 
vltarjiga ramissanti, na te kdmagavesino. II 99211 
nidhinam va pavattd^ram yam passe vajjadassinam 

980, phusantam?— 981 (comp. Dhammap. 362) yathst samkappacariy^a A, 
yam vS, sam- (cam- B) kappacariyftyi BC. — bhikkliu AC— 982 seq. = Jat. ii. 
p. 293 seq./Milindap. p. 407.— 982, va A, ca BC— 984-986 desunt in C— 984, 
idhamattnikam ' B, idamatthikam A.— 985 = Milindap. p. 366. — 986, adda AB, 
dakkhi C — ubhayantarena AC, ubhayanteyena B. — 987 = (Milindap. p. 396), 
anaddno BC, ansldaro A. Possibly the reading of the Milindap., anslc&ro, is 
correct.--991-992 = Dhammap. 98-99.— 991, bh^mi ABC 

90 thera-gIthI. 

niggayhay&dim medhftyim, tftdisam panditam bhaje ; 
t&disam bhajam&nassa seyyo hoti na p&piyo. || 993 1| 
ovadeyy&nus&seyya asabbhd ca niv&raye, 
satam hi so piyo hoti asatam hoti appiyo. Il994|| 
annassa bhagavft buddho dhammam desesi cakkhamft ; 
dhamme desiyam&namhi sotam odhesim atthiko. || 995 1| 
tarn me amogham savanam, vimatto 'mhi an&savo. 
n' eva pubbeniy^s&ya na pi dibbassa cakkhuno 11 996 1| 
cetopariy&yaiddhiyft cutiyft upapattiyft 
sotadhlltuyisuddhiyft panidhi me nb yijjati. II 99711 
rukkhamftlam va nissaya mundo samghfttip&ruto 
pann&ya uttamo there Upatisso 'va jh&yati. I|998|| 
avitakkam sam&panno sammsLsambuddhas&vako 
ariyena tunhibhalvena upeto hoti t&vade. ||999|| 
yathipi pabbato selo acalo supatitthito, 
evam mohakkhayd bhikkhu pabbato va na vedhati. || 1000 II 
ananganassa posassa niccam sucigayesino 
vMaggamattam p&passa abbh&mattam ya kh&yati. || 1001 II 
ni,bhinand£lmi maranam n&bhinand&mi jiyitam, 
nikkhipissam imam kdyam sampajsLno patissato. || 100211 
— pa — nibbisam bhatako yathft. || 1003 1| 
ubhayenam idam maranam eya nsLmaranam pacchd. y& 

pure y& ; 
pafipajjatha mk yinassatha, khano ye mk upaccag^. ||1004|| 
nagaram yathsL paccantam guttam santarabfthiram 
eyam gopetha att&nam, khano ye m& upaccag&y 
khanatita hi socanti nirayamhi samappitd. ||1005|( 
upasanto uparato mantabhdni anuddhato 
dhunllti p&pake dhamme dumapattam ya m&luto. || 1006 
upasanto — pa — 
abbahi p&pake dhamme dumapattam ya m&luto. || 100711 

993-994 = Dhammap. 76-77.-995, sodhesim BC— 998, nissayaiji A, °ya 
BC— ca jhayati A, cabhayati B, cabhayati C— 1001 = 662.— 1004, idam AC, 
adam B. — vinayatha BC. — upajjhagH AC, upaccagil B. — 1005 comp. 403.— 
upajjhagd AC, upaccag^ B. — 10o7, After — pa — SC insert : adho pi p&pam^- 
Into (°luto C) — pa — ( — pe — ). These may be the corrupted remamsof a new 
stanza, the rest of which we should have to supply from v. 1006 ; I tiiink it more 
probable, however, that it is a simple dittography. — appdsi A, labh^mi C, 
labbh^mi B. 


upasanto an&y&so yippasannaman&vilo 
kaly&nasilo medh&vt dukkhass' antakaro sly&. II 1008 II 
na yissase ekatiyesu evam agftrlsu pabbajitesu c&pi ; 
8&dh{L pi huty&na as&dhu honti, as&dhu hutv& puna s&dhu 

honti. II 1009 II 
k&macchando ca by&p&do thinamiddhan ca bhikkhuno 
uddhaccam yicikicch& ca panca te cittakelisll. II 10 10 li 
yassa sakkariyam&nassa asakk&rena c' {Lbhayam 
samMhi na vikampati appamadavih&rino : II 1011 1| 
tarn jh&yinam s&tatikam sukhumaditthivipassakam 
up&d&Qakkhay&r&mani &hu sappuriso iti. II 101211 
mah&samuddo pathavl pabbato anilo pi ca 
upam&ya na yuj janti satthu yarayimuttiy&. || 1013 11 
cakksLnuvattako tbero mab&n&ni sam&hito 
pathay&paggi sam&no na rajjati na dussati. II 101411 
panD&p&ramitam patto mah&buddhi mab&muni 
^j^lo jalasam&no sad& oarati nibbuto. II 1015 II 
paricinno maysL satthA — pa — II 101611 
samp&deth' appamd^ena, e8& me anus&sani ; 
hand&ham parinibbissaniy yippamutto 'mhi sabbadhi- 

ti. 111017 IJ 

S&riputto there. 
Pisunena ca kodhanena maccbarind ca yibbfltinandin^ 
sakhitam na kareyya paigidito; p&pe k&purisena sain- 

game. ||1018|i 
saddhena ca pesalena ca panfiayat& bahussutena ca 
sakhitam hi kareyya pandito; bhadde sappurisena sam- 

gamo. II1019II 
passa cittakatam bimbam — pa — II 1020 II 
bahussuto cittakatht buddhassa paric&rake 
pannabh&ro yisannutte seyyam kappeti Gotamo. II 1021 II 
khinsLsaye yisannutte sangfttito sunibbuto 
dh&reti antimam deham j&timaranap&ragu. || 1022 |j 

1009, yis&se A, yissaye BC. — pi is wanting in A. — 1010, "kelislt A, "kilisd B, 

Tcilisa C 1014, patWapa^ AB, pathavapaggi C— 101*7 = 668.— 1018, 

1019, Probably we ought to insert *'ca" after kodhanena and pafiiiaYata. — 
1019, sakhitai;! A, sakhihi B, sakhihi C— 1021, paricariko the MSS. 

92 thera-gItha. 

yasmim patitthitsL dhammsL buddhass&dlccabandhuno 

nibb&nagamane magge, so 'yam titthati Gotamo. II 1023 11 

dv^sitim buddhato ganbi, dve sahass&ni bhikkbuto : 

catur&siti sahass&ni ye 'me dhammft pavattino. II 1024 II 

appassuto *yam puriso balivaddo va jirati, 

mams&ni tassa yaddhanti, panM tassa na raddbati. II 1025 II 

babussuto appasutam yo suten&timannati, 

andbo padipadh&ro va tatb' eva patibh&ti mam. II 102611 

babussutam upslseyya sutaii ca na vin^ye ; 

tarn mtllam brabmacariyassa ; tasm& dbammadbaro 

siya. 11102711 
pubb&paraiiud attbannft niruttipadakovido 
suggabitaii ca ganb&ti attbaii copaparikkbati. I11028|| 
khanty& cbandikato boti, ussabity& tuleti tarn, 
samaye so padabati ajjhattam susam^bito. II 1029 II 
babussutam dbammadbaram sappannam buddbas&yakam 
dbammayiiifiaiiam ^kankbam tarn bbajetba tatb&vi- 

dbam. 11103011 
babussuto dbammadbaro kossLrakkbo mabesino 
cakkbu sabbassa lokassa pfljaneyyo babussuto || 1031 II 
dbamm&rdmo dbammarato dbammam anuvicintayam 
dbammam anussaram bbikkbu saddbamm^ na paribsl- 

k&yamaccberagaruno biyyam&ne anuttbabe 
sarirasukbagiddbassa kuto samanapb&sutS,. II 1033 II 
na pakkbanti dis& sabbi^ dbamm^ na patibbanti mam» 
gate kaly^namittambi andbak&ram va kb&yati. II 1034 1| 
abbbatitasabayassa atitagatasattbuno 
n' attbi etMisam mittam yatb& k&yagat& sati. II 1035 II 
ye pur&nd. atital te, navebi na sameti me, 
sv ajja eko 'va jh&y&mi vassupeto va pakkbim^. ||1036|| 
dassan^ya atikkante n&n&vera] Jake bahii 
mk vdrayittba sot&ro, passantu samayo mamam. II 1037 II 

1023, °gamaiie A, °gamana B, °gamanam C. — 1029, cliandlkato AB, chanda- 
kato C. — tuleti tarn AC, tulethi tain B.— samaye A, samayena BC. — 1033 (comp. 
114), anutthahe A, anuddhaso BG. — ^"giddhassa A, "middhassa BC. — 1036, yassu- 
peto A, yasupeto C, yasiipetd B. 


dassanaya atikkante ninS^verajjake putbft 

karoti satth^ okS^sam na niv&reti cakkhum&. II 1038 1| 

pannayisatiyass^ni sekhabhdtassa me sato 

Dak&masaDDal ^PP^jj^y passa dhammasudbammatam. 111039 

pannavisatiyassdni sekbabbdtassa me sato 

na dosasaDD^ uppajji, passa dbammasudbammatam. || 1040 

pannayisatiyassalni bbasayantam upattbabim 

mettena k&yakammena — mettena vacikammena — mettena 

manokammena ch&jk ya anap&yini. || 1041-104311 
buddbassa cankamantassa pittbito anucankamim^ 
dbamme desiyam&nambi n&nam me udapajjatba. 111044 
abam sakaraniyo 'mbi sekbo appattamS^naso, 
sattbu ca parinibb&nam yo ambam anukampako. || 1045 
tad&si yam bbimsanakam, lomabamsanam 
sabb&k&rayarflpete sambuddbe parinibbute. 111046 II 
babussuto dbammadbaro kos&rakkbo mabesino 
cakkbu sabbassa lokassa Anando parinibbuto. II 104711 
babussuto dbammadbaro — pa — andbak&re tamonu- 

do, II 104811 
gatimanto satimanto dbitimanto ca yo isi 
saddbammlldb&rako tbero Anando ratan&karo. II 1049 
paricinno maygl sattbfi — pa — . II 1050 II 

Anando tbero. 

udddnam : 

Pbusso Upatisso Anando tayo Hi *me pakittita ; 
g&tb&yo tattba samkbllt&.satam panca ca uttariti. 

nittbito Timsanipllto. 

1041-1043, anupHyini A, anupdrini B (at y. 1041 ; 1042-3 desunt), anap&yani 
and anapayini C. Comp. Dhammap. 2. — 1044, Mnam meva A, M^a me B, 
xHnam eya C. — 1046 = Mah^pariniobslna Sutta p. 62. 

94 thera-gAtha. 


Na ganena purakkhato care, Timano hoti, samftdhi dullabho ; 
n&najanasamgaho dukkho iti disyina ganam na roca- 

ye. 11105111 
na kal&ni upabbaje muniy yimano hotiy samidhi dullabho ; 
80 ussuko rasanugiddhoattham riiicati yo sukhayaho. II 1052 II 
panko 'ti hi nam ayedayum y&yam yandanapiijan^ kolesuy 
sukhumam sallam durubbaham, sakk&ro kapurisena dojja- 

bo. 11105311 ' 
sen&sanamha oruyha nagaram pindaya p^yisim^ 
bbunjantam purisam kutthiin sakkaccam tarn upattba- 

him. II 1054 II 
80 tarn pakkena hatthena alopam upan&mayi ; 
alopam pakkhipantassa anguli p' ettha chijjatha. II 1055 II 
kuddamulan ca niss^ya &lopan tain abhunjisaniy 
bbuDJamane ca bhutte y& jeguccham me na yijjati. 111056 II 
uttitthapindo abaro pdtimuttan ca osadham 
8en&8anam rukkhamiilam pamsukiilan ca ciyaram : 
yass' ete abhisambhutva, sa ye catuddiso naro. II 1057 II 
yattha eke yihannanti anihanto siluccayam, 
tassa buddhassa dayado sampaj^no patissato 
iddhibalen' upatthaddho Eassapo abhiriihati. II 1058 II 
pindapatapatikkanto selam Oruyha Eassapo 
jhsLyati anupaldslno pahinabhayabherayo. 111059 II 
pindapatapatikkanto selam Oruyha Eassapo 
jh&yati anup&dino daybam&nesu nibbuto. II 1060 II 
pindapatapatikkanto selam aniyha Eassapo 
jh&yati anup^d&no katakicco an&sayo. || 1061 1| 

L, uppajje C, upajjhe B. — sukh&valio A, snkMvalio so B, 
ikhadhivaho? Comp. 494.— 1053 (=496), dujjaham A, 

1052, upabbaje A, 
sukhslvahaso C. sukhf 

dadujjaham B, dadujjalamham C. — 1054 seq. = Miliiidap. p. 395. — 1055, tam- 
pakkena A, bamsakena BG. Ferbaps we sbould read tambakena, comp. 
boebtlingk-Eotb s.v. t&mra, 2, a. — pettna C, vettba corr. to pettba A, peta B. — 
1056, kuttamiilam A, kattham° C, kattuin^ B.— 1057, abbisambbftta ? Comp., 
however, M. Senart's note on Mahavastu I. p. 41, 1. 6. — sa ve catuddiso A, sa ye 
8dt° B, saccotuddiso C— 1058, slrubanto A, arubanto B, arabanto C. 

cattalIsa-nipato. 95 

kareriro&lsLyitat& bh{imibli&g& manoram^ 

kunjar&bhirudd ramin& te sel& ramayanti mam. || 106211 

nilabbhavannd rucirsL y&risitd sucindharft 

indagopakasanchannsL te selk ramayanti mam. 111063 II 

nilabbhakdtasadisft k{it&g&rayarupam& 

y&ran&bhirud& ramm& te seld ramayanti mam. 111064 II 

abhivuttha rammatald nag£L isibhi sevitd 

abbhunnadit& sikhihi te sel& ramayanti mam. 111065 II 

alam jh&yitukama^a pahitatta^sa me sato ; 

alam me atthak&massa pahitattassa bhikkhuno ; II 106611 

alam me pb&suk^massa pahitattassa bhikkhuno ; 

alam me yogak&massa pahitattassa tddino. II 1067 II 

Timm&pupphayasam&nS, gaganll y' abbhachMitsL 

n&n&dijaganakinna te 8el& ramayanti mam. || 1068 

anakinn^ gahatthehi migasamghaniseyita 

n&n&dijagan&kinn& te sel& ramayanti mam. 111069 

acchodika .* . .'(=113, 601) II 1070 II 

na pancangikena turiyena rati me hoti t&dist 

yathd ekaggacittassa sammd dhammam yipassato. II 1071 II 

kammam bahukam . • . (=494) II 1072 1| 

kammam bahukam na k&raye, pariyaj jeyya anatthaneyyam 

kicchati kkjo kilamati, dukkhito so samatham na 

yindati. II 1073 II 
otthapahatamattena att&nam pi na passati, 
patthaddhaglvo carati, aham seyyo 'ti mannati. II 107411 
aseyyo seyyasam&nam balo mannati att&nam, 
natam yinnd pasamsanti patthaddhamanasam naram. II1075II 
yo ca seyyo *ham asmlti, n&ham seyyo 'ti v& puna, 
htno 'ham sadiso Yk 'ti yidh&su na yikampati, II 107611 

1062, 'ruda AC, Vuddha B.— 1063 (= 13), varisita A, variyita BC— sucin- 
dhara A, sucindara BC— 1064, '^kutta** AC, °kuta° B.— varanabhiruda AC, varana- 
bhinita B.— 1065, abhivaddha C, abhivadba B.— agiindita sikhinibht *C, 
agxmdadita sikhinibhi B. — 1067 (first hemistich), pah° sikkhatho B. — 1068, 
*bappbena samana A, 'puppho vasamana B, "pupphavasamana C. — ^yabbbacba- 
(fita A, vambhach"' BC— 1071, na deest in BC— 1072 (see 494, 1052), ussukko so 
A, nssoko so BC (instead of so ussuko). — sukhavaho A, sukhaviyaha B, sukhavi- 
vaho C — 1073, anatthanejryam A, anuttaneyyam C, anatthameyyam B. — 1076, 
hino tarn sadiso A, hinohinasadiso C, hinohitam sadiso B. Comp. Cmlderss.y.Tldha. 


paDDayantam tathsLy&dim stlesu susamfthitain 

cetosamathasamyuttam tan ca vinnd pasamsare. || 107711 

yassa sabrahmacftrisu gftravo n' iipalabbhatiy 

&rak& hoti 8addhamm& nabhaso puthavl yatb&. || 1078 II 

yesan ca hiriottappam sadd sammsL upatthitam, 

Yir(ilhabrahmacariy&^ tesam khinsL punabbhay&. 111079 II 

uddhato capalo bhikkhu pam8uk(ile^a p&nito 

kapi va sihacammena na so ten' upasobhati. || 1080 1| 

anuddbato acapalo nipako samvutindriyo 

sobbati pamsukAlena siho va girigabbhare. II 1081 II 

ete sambabul^ dey& iddhimanto yasassino 

dasa devasabass&ni sabbe te brahmaksLyiksL II 108211 

dhammasen&patim dbiram mab&jh&yim sam&bitain 

S&riputtam namassant& tittbanti panjalikat&: || 1083 II 

namo te purisdjanua, namo te purisuttama, 

yassa te n&bbijdn&ma yam pi niss&ya jhsLyati. || 108411 

accberam vata buddb&nam gambhiro gocaro sako, 

ye mayam nalbbij&n&ma v&lavedhi 8am&gat&. || 108511 

tarn tath^ devak&yebi pftjitam pftjansLrahain 

S&riputtam tad^ disv^ Kappinassa sitam abu. II 108611 

y&vat& buddhakhettambi tbapayitvd mab&muniin 

dbutagune yisittbo 'bam^ sadiso me na yijjati. || 1087 1| 

paricinno maysl sattba — pa — . || 108811 

na civare na sayane bbojane n' upalippati 

Gotamo anappameyyo mulalipuppbam yimalam va amban& 

nikkhammaninno tibbay&bbinissato. II 106911 
satipattb^nagiyo so saddhdbattho mab&muni 
paiifiglsiso mab&n&ni sadd carati nibbuto 'ti. II 1090 II 

Mabftkassapo tbero. 


Cattailsanip&tambi Mab&kassapasaybayo 

eko Va tbero, g&thS,yo cattS-lisa duye 'pi c& *ti. 

CattMisanipdto samatto. 

1077, tatM tadi A, tathavadi BC— 1078, comp. 278.—1083, titthanti the 
MSS. — 1084, nabhijanami BC.~1089) sayanena BC. — ^nupalunpati A^ na 
palimpate BC. 

.-. - A _ . A 


_~- ~_ >^ 


Kad& nu 'ham pabbatatandar&su ek&kiyo addutiyo vlhassam 
aniccato sabbabhavam vipassam, tarn me idam tarn nu kada 

' bhavissati. || 1091 1| 
kadft nu 'ham bhinnapatandharo muni kd.s&yayattho amamo 

r&gafi ca dosaii ca tath' eva moham hantvlL sukhi pavana- 

gato vihassam. II 109211 
kad& aniccam vadharoganilam k&yam imam maccujar&y' 

vipassamftno vitabhayo yihassam eko vane, tarn nu kadd. 

bhavissati. II 109311 
kad& nu 'haipi bhayajananim dukkhd.yaham tai^h&latam 

pann^mayam tikhinam asim gahetvft chetvd. vase, tarn pi 

kad& bhavissati. II 1094 H 
kadft nu pafiMmayam uggatejam sattham isinam sahas&- 

Mslram sasenam sahasa bhanjissam sibd^sane^ tarn nu kada 

bhavissati. || 1095 II 
kadft nu 'ham sabbhi sam&gamesu dittho bhave dhamma- 

garuhi t^ihi 
yath&vadasslhi jitindriyehi padhd^niyo^ tarn nu kadd, bha- 
vissati. 111096 1| 
kad& nu mam tandikhudapipd.s& vat&tapd. kitasirimsap& v& 
nib&dhayissanti na tarn Giribbaje attatthiyam, tarn nu 

kada bhavissati. II 1097 II 

1092, pavanagato A, savanagato BC. — 1093, vitabhayo A, Tigatabhayo BC — 
1096, yathavadassihi (°ilii B) AB, yathavadassiht C— 1097, na badhiyassanti 
A, nibbadhiyassanti BC. — attatthiyam B, atth° AC. 


kadi no kho ram viditam mnhcarinA catt&ri sacc&ni 

• • • 

sam&liitatto satimft agaccham pann&ya tarn, tain na kada 

kadi na rupe amite ca sadde gandhe rase phnsitabbe ca 

ftdittato 'ham samathehi yutto pann&ya dakkham, tad idam 

kada me. il 1099 .1 
kad& na ^am dabbacanena Tntto tatonimittam vimano na 

atho pasattho pi tatonimittam tattho na hessam, tad idam 

kada me. II 1100 !| 

kada na katthe ca tine lata ca kbandhe ime 'ham amite ca 

• • • • 

ajjhattik&n' eva ca b&hirani ca samam toleyyam, tad idam 

kad&me. IIIIOIII 
kad& na mam payusakalamegho navena toyena saciyaram 

isippayatamhi pathe yajantam ovassate, tarn na kada bha- 110211 
kad& mayilrassa sikhandino vane dija88a satrsL girigabbhare 

paccut'thahity£l amata88a pattiya samcintaye, tarn nu kada 

bhavi88ati. II 11 03 II 
kada na Gahgam Yamunam Sara8satim p&t&lakhittam 

balayd.mukhan ca 
asajjam&no patareyyam iddhiyft yibhimsanam, tarn nu 

kad&bhayi88ati. II1104II 
kada nu nd.go ya samgimacftri pad&laye kftmagunesu 

nibbajjayam sabbasubham nimittam jhftne yuto, tarn nu 

kad& bhayi88ati. II 1105 II 

1098, agaccham AC, fig°B. — 1099, dajjam A, chekham C, deccham B. — 1103, 
samcintaye A, sacijentuye B, sajentuye C. — 1104, comp. Rigveda X. 76, 6. — 
balaystmukhafi ca AB, balaT^muiiafi ca C. Comp. Boehtmigk-Koth s. y. vadaysl- 
mukha. — asaijam^no A, ajjamelno B, aghaccamRno C. — viohinLsaiiaiii (corr. to 
yibh°) A, yibmsanam B, yiniipsaiiain C— 1105, nibbajjayajii A, nibbajjissain B, 
nippajjissam C. 

PAiJ^fSrAsA-NipAxo. 99 

kad& inatto ya daliddako nidhim ^r^dhavitva dhanikehi 

• • • • • V 

tuttho bhavissain adhigamma s&sanam mahesino, tarn nu 

" kada bhavissati. II 1106 II 
bahfini yass&ni tay&mhi yicito : ag^ravasena alam nu te 

idam ; 
tam d&ni mam pabbajitam sam&nam kimkslranam citta 

tuvam na yunjasi. II 1107 II 
nana aham citta tay&mhi y&cito: Giribbaje citrachada 

mahindaghosatthanit&bhigaj jino te tam ramissanti vanamhi 

jhayinam. II 110811 
kulambi mitte ca piye ca n&take khidd&ratim k&magunafi 

ca loke 
sabbam pahaya idam ajjhup&gato, atbo pi tvam citta na 

mayha tussasi. ||1109|| 
mam' eva etam, na hi tam paresam ; 8annd,hak&le paridevi- 

tena kim. 
sabbam idam calam iti abhinikkhamim ama- 

tam padam jigisam. II 1110 II 
suYuttavsldi dvipad&nam uttamo mahabhisakko naradamma- 

B&ratbi : 
cittam calam makkatasannibham iti avitar&gena sudunni- 

v&riyam. II 1111 II 
kam& hi citr& madhur& manorama aviddasu yattha sitei 

te dukkham icchanti punabbhavesino cittena nit& niraye 

niramkatl II 1112 II 
mayurakoncabhinidamhi kd,nane dipihi byagghehi pu- 

rakkhato vasam 
kdye apekkham jaha m& vir&ye, iti ssu mam citta pure 

niyunjasi. 111113 

1106, ina^tS corr. to °t^o A, inattho C, inatho B.— 1107, na yunjasi A, 
viynfijasi B, yisujjhati C. — 1108,mahindq^ho8attliaiiit£lbliigaijino A, mahmdago- 
sattanit^bhiTajjino G, mahiddhaghosattamtdbhivajjino B. Kead, sumafijugho- 
satthanit&bhigajjino (v. 1136). — 1110, sabba idam AB, sabbam idam C. — 1111, 
suyuttaTsldi A, suvutt^ BC. — sudunnivSrayam AB, suduijamv§,rayam C. — 1112, 
nirslkatsl AB, nir^katM C— 1113, jaha msl yir^ye A, jana padhslraya B, pajahi 
padMraya C. jaha met vicctraya ? 

100 THERA-GlTHi. 

bhftvelri jhd.n&ni ca indriy&ni ca balsLni bojjhangasam&dlii- 

tisso ca vijjft phusa buddhas&sane, iti ssu mam citta pure 

niyuDJasi. II 111411 
bh&vehi maggam amatassa pattiy& niyyftnikam sabba- 

atthangikam sabbakilesasodhanam, iti ssu . . . || 111511 
dukkhan ti khandhe patipassa yoniso, yato ca dukkbam 

samudeti tarn jaba, 
idb' eva dukkhassa karobi aotam, iti ssu . . . || 111611 
aniccam dukkhan ti vipassa yoniso sunnam anatt& 'ti 

agbam vadban ti ca^ 
manovic&re uparundba cetaso, iti ssu . . . II 111711 
mundo virfipo abbisd.pam &gato kap&labattbo Va kulesu 

yuDJassu satthu vacane mabesino, iti ssu . . . || 111811 
susamvutatto yisikbantaram caram kulesu k&mesu asanga- 

cando yatbd. dosiDapunnam&siyd., iti ssu . . . || 111911 
^ranniko boti ca pindap&tiko, sosaniko boti ca pamsukiiliko, 
nesajjiko boti sad& dbute rate, iti ssu . . . 111120 II 
ropetv^ rukkb&ni yatb& pbalesl mtile tarum cbettu tarn 

eva icchasi, 
tatb' dpamam citta idam karosi yam mam aniccambi cale 

niyunjasi. II 112111 
ar{lpa d{lramgamaekacd.ri na tekarissamvacanamid&ni'bam, 
dukkbsl bi kam& katukd. mababbbay&, nibbftnam ev&bbi- 

mano carissam. II 1122 II 
n§,bam alakkbygi abirikat&ya yk na cittabetCl na ca diira- 

&jivabetu ca aham na nikkbamim, kato ca te citta patissavo 

may&. II 1123 II 
appiccbat^ sappurisebi vannit^ makkbappabftnam viipasamo 

dukkbassa : 

1117, upardnda A, uparuddha BC. — 1118, abhisslsam BC. — va A, ca C, deest 
in B. — 1120, I think that hoti should be corrected throughout into hohi. — 1121, 
icchati? — 1123, durakantansl A, dursikattanS, C, durakantaml B. 

pannasa-nipIto. 101 

iti S8U mam citta tadd. niyuiijasi, id&ni tvam gaccliasi 

pubbacinnam. II 112411 
tanham avijjan ca piyd^piyan ca subbd^ni r{lpd,iii sukhd. ca 

inaiid.piyd. kkmagunk ca Tant&, yante abam ftgamitum na 

ussahe. II 11250 
sabbattba te citta yaco katam mayd., bah&su j&tisu na me 

^si kopitOy 
ajjbattasambbayo katannut&ya te, dukkhe ciram samsaritam 

tayftkate. II 1126 If 
Ivan neya no citta karosi br&hmano tyain kbattiyd. r&jadisi 

ye88& ca sudd& ca bbay&ma ekad&, deyattanam y&pi tay' 

evayabasa. II 1127 If 
tay' eya betCl asuri bbav&mase, tyammftlakam nerayikS. 

atbo tiraccb&nagatd,pi ekad^, petattanam y£ipi tay' eya 

ykhask. II 112811 
na niina dubbbissasi mam punappunam mubum mubum 

y^ranikam ya dassabam ; 
ummattaken' eya mayd. palobbasi ; kin c&pi te citta yir&dbi- 

tammaya. II 1129 II 
idampure . . . (=77) II1130II 

sattba ca me lokam imam adbittbabi aniccato addbuyato 

• • • 

as&rato ; 
pakkbanda mam citta jinassa sasane, tarebi ogba mabato 

suduttara. il 113111 
na te idam citta yatbapuranakam, nabam alam tuyba yase 

niyattitum ; 
mabesino pabbajito 'mbi sasane; na madisa bonti yina- 

sadb&rino. II 1132 II 

1124, ynpasamo A, vasamo BC. — 1126, manopiyd, BC. — vante A, vane BC. — 
na deest in A. — 1126, ajjhattasambhaTO A, ajjhattasambhavsl B, ajjhattha- 
sambhayo C— 1127, br^bma^e? — kbattiye?— r&jadisi corr. to "si A, raiasidi B, 
r^jasidl C. rslja-isi? — 1128, asilrd A, asubham BC. — 1129, nanu dubbbissasi 

A, na nuna dutissast ("si C) BC. — cdranikam va dassabam A, yslranikam yass&bam 

B, y^nika cass&tam C. yslranakam ya dussabam? — 1132, na tam alam A, 
n^ham alam BC. — yase 'nuyattitum ? 

102 theea-gAthA. 

iiag& samuddd, saritd yasundhard, disk catasso yldis& adhodisd. 
sabbe anicc& tibhavd, upaddut&, kuhim gato citta sukham 

ramissasi. II 1133 II 
dhi dhi param kim mama citta kllhasi; na te alam citta 

na j§.tu bhastam dubhato mukham chupe ; dhir attbu pftram 

nayasotasandani. Ill 134 1| 
yar&haeneyyavigallhasevite pabbh&rakAte pakate 'ya sundare 
nayambund, p&yusasittak&nane tahim guh&gehagato rami- 
ssasi. II 1135 II 
sunilagiy^ susikh^ supekhun^ sucittapattacchadaD^ yiham- 

sumanjughosatthanit&bhigaj jino te tarn ramissanti yanamhi 

jhayinam. II1136II 
yutthamhi deye caturangule tine sampupphite meghani- 

bhamhi k&nane 
nagantare yitapisamo sayissam, tarn me mudu bohiti tfila- 

sannibham. 111137 II 
tath& tu kassslmi yath&pi issaro ; yam labbhati t^ia pi botu 

me alam ; 
tarn tam kariss4mi yathd, atandito bil&rabhastam ya yatba 

sumadditam. 111138 II 
tathd. tu kassami yath&pi issaro ; yam labbhati tena pi botu 

me alam ; 
yiriyena tam raayha yas' ftnayissam gajam ya mattam ku- 

salankusaggaho. IJ1139H 
tayS, sudantena avatthitena hi hayena yoggftcariyo ya ujjun^ 
pahomi maggam patipajjitum siyam cittd.nurakkhihi sad& 

niseyitam. 111140 

1134, dht dhi p* C, dhi dhi p° B, dhitapp* A.— na te alam cittam vassa- (corr. 
to vassl-) navattlKo A, na te alacchandavasdnupattato B, na te acchandavas^- 
nuppatto C— na jsltu bhastam A, ndn^ubhantaram B, na j&tu antaram C. — 
dhir atthu piiram navasotasandani A, yaratthu puram na- (ta- G) yasotam 
sandani ("ti C) BC.— 136, °kutte A, "kute B, °kiite C.— pavusasittf' A, pavisisatt'* 
C, pdyusicitt" B.— tahim A, tati B, tamtt 0. — **gehagato A, lokamito C, lokato 
B. — 1136, °ghosatthanitabhigajjino A, "^hosattanik^bhi^jjino BC. Comp.- 
1108. — 1137, meghanibhamhi A, "nitamhi B, ''dhanimhi C. — vittapisamo A, 
vitabhisamo BC. — 1138, tam tam k° C, tam k" B, tam nslyan (corr. to ndhan) 
tam k° A. — bildrasastam (corr to "bhastam) A, bhilelratavasam B, bhil&ratass4 
ya C. — sum° A, sam" BC. — 1140, avatthitena A, avattitena BC. 

PASff^ASA-NIPAxO. 103 

arammane tain balasd, nibandhisam n&gam ya thambliamhi 

dalhaya rajjuyS,, 
tain me suguttam satiy& subhd.yitam anissitam sabbabhavesu 

hehisi. II 1141 II 
pann^ya chetv& yipath&nusd,rinain yogena niggayha pathe 

disv^ samudayam yibhavan ca sambhavain d&y&dako hehisi 

aggavS^dino. 111142 II 
catubbipallisavasam adhitthitam gftmandalam va parinesi 

citta mam 
nanu* sannojanabandhanaoohidam samsevase kllrunikam 

mah&munim. ||1143|| 
migo yath& seri sucittak&nane rammam girim p&visi abbha- 

an&kule tattha nage ramissasi, asamsayam citta par&bha- 

yissasi. II 1144 II 
ye tuyha chandena vasena yattino nar& ca n&ri ca anubhon- 

ti yam sukham, 
aviddasd M&rayas&nuyattino bhay&bhinandl taya citta Be- 

yaka'ti. II1145II 

T&laputo there. 

uddd.nam : 

Pann&samhi nip&tamhi eko Td.Iaputo suci, 
g&th&yo tattha pannisa puna panca ca uttariti. 

Pannslsanipd,to samatto. 

1141, balasd A, balayassl BC. — 1142, yipatdnusslrmam A, yivathslniisslriiiam 
('sarint C) BG. — nivesiyam (corr. to *Va) A, nivesaya B, nivesayi C. — disv& 
samudayam A, disd samuddam (°dda B) BC. — 1143, catubbipaMsayasam A, catu- 
Tipall^amayam C, catutthavipaMsacasam B.— nanu A, anu BC. — 1144, seri 
sucitta* A, ser! suvitta" B, seri suvitta'* C. — pavisi C, p&visi B, pslvusa A.— °nuQi- 
nim A, ''msQini C, °m^lini B. — 1146, sevakd BC, sdvak^ A. — Talamut^lio corr. to 
Taiaputo A, BMlapu^o B, Xaiaphu^o C— Uddana: Tdlaputo AB, KJIlaphuto C. 

104 theba-gIthI. 


• • > 

Arannak^ pindap&tik& uncb&patt&gate rat& 

ddlemu Maccuno senam ajjhattam 8usam£lliit&. II 1146 II 

ftrannaM pindap&tikft unch&patt&gate rat& 

dhun&ma Maccuno senam naleig&ram va kunjaro. II 1147 II 

rukkhamillikft s&tatiki uiichftpatt&gate rat4 

d&lemu . . . 8usam&hit&. II 1148 II 

rukkhamiilikft s&t. unch. r. 

dhund,ma . . . kunjaro. II 114911 

atthikankalakutike mamsanh&ruppasibbite 

dhir atthu -piire duggandhe paragatte mam&yase II 115011 

giithabhaste taconaddbe uragandapis&cini 

nava sot&ni te k&ye y&ni sandanti sabbadft. 111151 II 

taya sariram navasotam duggandbani kariparibandha, 

bhikkbu parivajjayate taiii milbam va yath& Buciksl- 

mo. II1152II 
evan ce tarn jano jahnk yath& j&nd,mi tarn aham^ 
&rakd. parivajjeyya gClthattbanam va p&vuse. || 116311 
evam etam mab&vira yatb& samana bh&sasi, 
ettba c' eke yisidanti pankamhi va jaraggavo. || 1154 II 
ak&samhi baliddd.ya yo mannetba rajetave 
annena yd.pi rangena^ yigbd.tudayam eya tarn. II 1155 II 
tad&k§,sasamam cittam ajjhattam susam&hitam ; 
mft p&pacitte &hari aggikkhandham ya pakkhim^. ||1156|| 
passa cittakatam bimbam — pa — 111167 II 
tad&si yam bhimsanakam, tad&si lomahamsanam 
anek&kllrasampanne S&riputtamhi nibbute. II 115811 

1160, pure the MSS. Comp. 279.— para^tte mam&yase A, paratatthe 
pamslyase £, paramaime mamHyase C. — 1151, guohabhaste a!B, guthabliatthe C. 
— aragandip° Ay un^nhap" C, ureganhap* B. — 1162, tava sariram A, bhayassa- 
dtsam fdisam C) BC. — navam sotam BC. — kariparibandha A, kariparipa^hi B, 
paripanhiya C. Possibly the first member of this compoimd is karisa. — va BG, 
ca A.— 1166, haliddhiya A, ya haliddhiyS BC. halidddya ?— °uddayam A, 
uddassam BC— 1166, asidiP comp. 1173, 1204.— 1158 comp. 1046. 


anlcc& vata samkh&rft — pa — || 115911 

sukhumam patiyijjhanti y&laggam usun& yathd. 

ye panca khandhe passanti parato no ca attato. II 116011 

ye ca passanti samkh&re parato no ca attato, 

paccaby&dhimsu nipunani y&laggam usunft yathd.. 111161 II 

sattiya viya omattho . . . (=39,40.) II 1162-116311 

codito bhd.yitattena 8arirantimadhd.rin& 

Mig&ramd.tu p&sftdam p&dangutthena kampayim. II 116411 

na yidam sithilam &rabbha na yidam appena th&masd. 

nibbftnam adhigantabbam sabbaganthapamocanam. 111165 

ayan ca daharo bbikkhu, ayam uttamaporiso 

dh&reti antimam deham jetvd, Mdram sayd.hanam. II 1166 II 

vivaram anupatanti vijjut& YebhS,rassa ca Pandavassa ca, 

nagavivaragato ca jh&yati putto appatimassa t&dino. II 1167 

upasanto uparato pantasen&sano muni 

dkjkdo buddhasetthassa Brahmund. abhivandito. II 116811 

upasantam uparatam pantasen&sanam munim 

d&y &dam buddhasetthassa vanda br&hmana Kassapam. II 1 1 69 1| 

yo ca j&tisatam gacche sabb& br&hmanaj&tiyo 

sotthiyo yedasampanno manussesu punappunam, 111170 II 

ajjhayako pi ce assa tinnam yed&na p&ragA, 

etassa yandan&y' ekam kalam n' agghati solasim. 111171 II 

yo so attha yimokkh&ni purebhattam apassayi 

anulomam patilomam, tato pindaya gacchati : 111 17211 

t&disam bhikkhum md.hari, md.ttd.nain khani br&hmana, 

abhippasadehi manam arahantamhi t&dine, 

khippam panjaliko yanda mk te yijati matthakam. 111173 

na so passati saddhammam samsdrena purakkhato, 

acankamam jimhapatham kumaggam anudh&yati. 111174 II 

kimi ya milhasallitto adhimucchito 

pag^lho ld,bhasakkd,re tuccho gacchati Potthilo. II 1175 II 

imafL ca passa d,yantain S&riputtam sudassanam 

yimuttam ajjhattam susamd.hitam. 111176 

1161, paccabyadhimsu A, pafTcabysldhisa BC. — 1164, kampayi BC. — 1165, 
appena tn^masa A, appejhinay&masS. B, ajjhdnathdmas^ G. — sabba^andhasa- 
mocanam AB, isameyai^am 0.-1167 = 41.— nabhaviyaragato jhdyati ABC. — 
1171, etam BC, ekam A.~1172, apassayi AC, aph* B. — 1173, masidi? comp. 
U66, 1189 — yiphaii matthakam? — 1174, na so A, neso BC. — acamkamam 0, 
acangamam B, ajjbagamam A. 


visallam khinasamyogam teyijjam macculi&yiDaiil 
dakkhine^^am manuss&nam punfLakhettam anuttaram. 

Ill mil' 

ete sambahuld. devd. iddhimanto yasassino 
dasa devasahass&ni sabbe brahmapurohitd 
Moggallanam namassant& titthanti panjalikat& : 111 178 II 
namo te purkjafifia, namo te purisuttama. 
yassa te asavsL khind., dakkhineyyo 'si m&risa. || 117911 
p(ijito naradevena uppanno marandbhibhii 
pundarikam va toyena samkh&re nopalippati. 111180 II 
yasse muhutte sahassadhd. loko samvidito, sa Brahmakappo 
yasi iddhigune cutfipap&te k^le passati deyat& sa bhi- 

kkhu. 11118111 
S&riputto va pafinslya silena upasamena ca, 
yo pi p&ramgato bhikkhu et&vaparamo siyS,. II 118211 
kotisatasahassassa attabh&yam khanena nimmine, 
aham vikubbanasu kusalo vasibhAto 'mhi iddhiya. II 118311 
sam&dhivijjslvasi pslramigato MoggaIld.iiagotto asitassa 8&- 

dhiro samucchindi samd,hitindriyo n&go yatha pfltilatam ya 

bandhanam. II 118411 
paricinno . . .'(=604, 605) ||1185-1186|| 
kldiso nirayo ksi yattha Dussl apaccatha 
Yidburam sayakam &sajja Kakusandban ca brahmanam. 

II 118711 
satam asi ayosank^ sabbe paccattayedand : 
tdiso nirayo ksi yattha Dussi apaccatha 
Yidburam s&yakam asajja Kakusandban ca br&hmanam. 

yo etam abhij&nati bbikkbu buddhassa s&yako, 
t^disam bbikkhum Asajja Kanba dukkham nigaccbasi. 


1177, maccuhayinam C, pace" AB.— 1778, titthanti the MSS.— 1181 (== 909), 
devata sa AC, d" ca B.— 1182, etavap° A, etovap^ C, ekoTap° B.— 1187, Dassi A, 
riipi BC. — VidhClram the MSS., comp. Hardy's Manual (2nd edition), p. 75, 
Jdt. Tol. i. p. 46. Mr. Trenckner writes Vidhura, see Milindapanha, p. 202, 372. 
— 1188, satam A, matam C, amataip B, — Dussi A, rupi BC. — Vidhiiram AC, 
Vidhuram B. ' ' 

satThika-njpAto. 107 

majjhe sagarasmim titthanti Yim&ii& kappatth&yino 

veluriyavannd, rucirA accimanto pabhassarA, 

acchar^ tattha naccanti puth{l n&nattayanniyo, || 119011 

yo etam abhi° — pa — Kanha dukkham nigacchasi. 111191 

yo ye buddhena codito bhikkhusamghassa pekkhato 

Mig^ram&tu pd.8d,dam p&dangutthena kampayi, II 119211 

yoetamabhi° ... Ill 193 1| 

yo Vejayantap&s&dam p8,dafigutthena kampayi 

iddhibalen' upatthaddho samvejesi ca devat^, II 119411 

yofetainabhi° . . . II 119511 

yo Vejayantap&s&de Sakkam so paripucchati : 

api &VU80 janasi tanhakkhayavimuttiyo ; — 

tassa Sakko viy&kasi panham puttho yathatatham, 111196 

yoetamabhi° . . . 11119711 

yo Brahmanam paripucchati Sudbamm&yam abbitosabham : 

ajjapi te avuso ea ditthi yk te dittbi pure ahd ; 

passasi vitivattantam Brahmaloke pabhassaram ; — 111 198 1| 

tassa Brahmd viy&k&si panham puttho yathatatham : 

na me md^risa Bk ditthi yi me ditthi pure ahii ; 111199 II 

passami yitiyattantam Brahmaloke pabhassaram ; 

80 'ham ajja katham yaj jam : aham nicco 'mhi sassato ; — 

111200 II 
yoetamabhi° . . . || 120111 
yo Mahdneruno k{itam yimokkhena apassayi, 
yanam PubbayidehS,nam ye ca bhAmisayft nar&, — II 1202 II 
yo etam abhi° . . . || 1203 1| 
na ye aggi cetayati aham bd,lam dah&miti, 
bsllo ca jalitam aggim ^.sajja nam padayhati ; II 1204 II 
eyam eya tuyam Milra dsajja nam tath&gatam 
sayam dahissam att&nam bdlo aggim ya samphusam. II 1205 
apunnam pasavi Miro dsaj ja nam tath&gatam ; ^ 
kim nu mannasi p&pima na me p&pam yipaccati. 111206 II 
karato te miyyate p&pam ciraratt&ya Antaka ; 
M&ra nibbinda buddhamhft, asam mk k^Lsi bhikkhusu. || 1207 

1198, paripucchati BC, pucchati A. — Sudhamm&[nam] (nam is expunged) yam 
A, Sudhamma5ram B, Sudhammanam C. — thitosabham A, abhitosaoham BU.— 
1202, aphassafi corr. to apassayi A, apassayi C, aphassaya B. — 1206, dahissas* 
attlnam? — samphusam A, sampuyam B, sammbuyam C. — 1206, passavi B, 
passami AC. — 1207, karato te ciyyate ? 

108 thera-gatrL 

iti Mdram atajjesi bhikkhu Bhesakajdyaiie, 
tato so dummano yakkho tatth' ey' antaradhftyatttL 11120811 
ittham sudam &y asmft Mah&moggall&no thero gftthftyo 

abhasitthft 'ti. 

udd&nam bhavati : 

Satthikamhi nip^tamhi mahiddhiko 
eko 'ya thero^ atthasatthi bhavanti t& Hi. 

Satthiko nipato. 

1208, antaradMyathsl *ti? Comp. Dhammap. Atth. p. 256 and the end of the 
Padhanasutta (Suttanip^ta). — Uddana : eko ya thera, the MSS. — ^bhayanti te ti 
AB, bh^ to ti C. 

maha-nipAto. 109 


Nikkhantam vata mam saDtam agd.rasm& anagdriyam 
vitakki upadh&yanti pagabbh^ Kanhato ime : II 120911 
uggaputta mahissasfi. sikkhit^ dalhadhammino 
samantd parikireyyum sahassam apalftyinam. || 121011 
sace pi ettakft bhiyyo dgamissanti itthiyo, 
n'eva mam byftdhayissanti ; dbammesv amhi patitthi- 
to. 11121111 

sakim hi me sutam etam buddhass&diccabandhuno 

• • • 

nibb&nagamanam maggam, tattha me nirato mano. II 1212 

evam evam yiharantam p&pima upagacchasi ; 

tath& Maccu kariss4mi : na me maggam udikkhasi. 111213 

aratim ratim ca pahd.ya sabbaso gehasitafi ca vitakkam 

yanatham na kareyya kuhinci, nibbanath^ ayanatho sa hi 
bhikkhu. II 121411 

yam idha pathayin ca yih&sam rCkpagatam jagatogadham 

parijiyyati sabbam aniccam : eyam samecca caranti mutt- 
ant&. II1215II ' ^ 

upadhisu jaii& gadhit&se ditthasute patighe ca mute ca ; 

ettha yinodaya chandam anejo ; yo h'ettha na lippati muni 
tamfthu. 111216 II 

atthasatthisitd. sayitakk& puthujjanat&ya adhammaniyitthd. ; 

na ca yaggagatissa kuhifici^ no pana paduUag&hi sa bhi- 
kkhu. II 1217 II 

1209, agant A, agstrasmim BC— 1210, dalhavamminoP— 1211, etthato BC, 
etthatfl corr. to ettakcl A. — 1212, sutam etam A, etam sutam BC. — 1213, pslpimd 
BC. — 1214, aratim ca ratim ca ? — sa bhikkhu A, pahi bh"* BC. — 1215, patnavifi 
ca A, pathavi C, pathavi ca B. — muttantS. corr. to mutantcl A, muttan& BC. — 
1217, vaggagatassa A, vaggagatissa BC. yankagati 'ssaP — ^padullag^hi A, 
padullibhani B, padullibhanu C. 

110 thera-gAthA. 

Dabbo cirarattam sam§,h{to akuhako nipako aplh&lu 
santam padam ajjhagaiD^ muni, paticcaparinibbuto kan- 

khati kaiam. II 1218 1| 
m&nam pajahassu Gotarua mftnapathaii ca jahassu asesam ; 
ind.iiapathamhi samucchito yippatisari hutvft cirarattam. 

II 1219 II 
makkhena makkhit^ pajd. m&Qahat& nirayam patanti, 
socanti jand cirarattam m&nahat& nirayam upapannd. II1220II ' 
na hi socati bhikkhu kadd^ci maggajino sammd, patipanno, 
kittin ca sukhan cftnubhoti, dhammadaso 'ti tarn &hu 

tathattam. |j 1221 II 
tasmi akbilo idham am^navft niyarand,ni pab&ya yisuddho 
m&nan ca pah&ya asesam vijjay' antakaro samit&vi. 11122211 
kamar&gena dayh&miy cittam me paridayhati ; 
s&dhu nibbapanam br&hi anukamp&ya Gotama. II 1223 II 
saniiaya vipariyes^ cittan te paridayhati ; 
nimittam parivajjehi subham r&g&pasamhitam. II 1224 Ij 
asubh§,ya cittam bhd.vebi ekaggam susamd,hitamy 
sati k^yagat^ ty atthu, nibbid&bahulo bhava. || 122511 
animittan ca bh^vehi, m&n&nusayam ujjahay 
tato mslnabhisamay^ upasanto carissasi. II 122611 
tam eva valcam bh&seyya y&y' attdnam na t&paye 
pare ca na vihimseyya ; sa ve v&cS, subh&sit&. || 1227 II 
piyavftcam eva bh&seyya y& ykck patinanditSi 
yam anad^ya p&p^ni paresam bbd^sate piyam. II 1228 1| 
saccam ye amat& vac^, esa dhammo sanantano ; 
sacce attbe ca dbamme ca &hu santo patitthitd. II 1229 
yam buddho bh^sati yd,cam khemam nibbelnapattiya 
dukkhass' antakiriyaya, sa ye y&c&nam uttam&. 111230 
gambhirapanilo medh&yi magg£imaggassa koyido 
Sariputto mah&panno dhammam deseti bhikkhunam. |j 1231 
samkbittena pi deseti yittb^rena pi bh&sati, 
' s&lik&ye ya nigghoso patibh4nam udiyyati. II 1232 1| 

1219, mdnapathamhi A, mslnam tasmim C, m^nathasmim B. — 1221, dhamma- 
daso A, **raso BC. — tatattam A, tathattham B, tattham C. — 1222, idha 
pa[nata]nav£i (nata is expunged) A, idham amslnavsi B, idha mstnavS C. — 1224, 
vipariyjUa ?— Comp. Suttanipata 339 seq.— 1226, asubhajam AB, °ya C— 1227 
seq., see the Subh^sitasutta (Suttanip^ta). — 1232, uddhiyyati corr. to udiyyati 
A, urissati B, udissati C. udriyati F 

maha-nipIto. Ill 

tassa tain desayantassa sunanta madhuram giram 
earena rajaniyena savaniyena vaggun& 
udaggacittS, mudM sotam odhenti bhikkhavo. || 123311 
ajja pannarase yisuddhiya bhikkhd pancasata samagatS. 
samyojanabandhanacchidd. anigha khinapuDabbhay& isi. 

II 1234 II 
cakkavatti yath& rfijfi, amaccaparivarito 
samantS. anupariyeti s&garantam mahim imam, II 1235 II 
evam yijitasams:&mam satthavUham anuttaram 
sS,vak^ payirup&santi tevijji maccuh8,yino, II 123611 
eabbe bhagavato putt&, pal&po ettha na yijjati ; 
tanhslsallassa bant&ram vande ^diccabandhunam. || 1237 1| 
parosahassam bhikkbdnam sugatam payirupd,sati 
desentamvirajam dhammam nibb&namakutobhayam. II 123811 
sunanti dhammam vipulam samm&sambuddhadesitam ; 
Bobhati vata sambuddho bhikkhusamghapurakkhato. ||1239|| 
n&ganelmo 'si bhagav^, isinam isisattamo, 
mah&megbo va hutveiDa s&vake abhivassasi. || 124011 
diy&vih§,ra nikkhamma satthudassanakamyata 
savako te mah&vira p&de vandati Vangiso. ||1241 II 
ummaggapatham M&rassa abhibhuyya carati pabhijja khi- 

lani ; 
tarn passatha bandhanapamuncakaram asitam ya bh&gaso 

pavibhajja. 111242 II 
oghassa hi nittharanattham anekavihitam. maggam akkhasi, 
tasmin ca amate akkh^te dhammadas^ thit& asamhira. II 124311 
pajjotakaro ativijjha sabbatthitinam atikkamam addd, 
iiaty^casacchikaty&caaggam so desayi dasaddhanam. || 124411 
evam sudesite dhamme ko pam^do yijanatam dhammam^ 
tasm^ hi tassa bhagayato sasane appamatto sadsl namassam 

anusikkhe. || 1245 1| 
buddh§,nubuddho yo thero Kondanno tibbanikkhamo, 
Ifilbhi sukhayih&r&nam yiyekanam abhinhaso, 111246 

1237, paiapo BC, paiaso A.— 1242, carati A, *si BC— •'panmfiia" A, "pa^^nca" 
BC. — ^pavibhajja A, pavibhajiam B, patibhajjam C. — 1244, saDbatthitinam A, 
sabbamitinam BC. — dasaddhanam A, dasatthslnam C, dasathElnain B.— 1246 
(comp. 679)/ KondaMe the MSS.'— tippamkkamo A, tibbanikkamo BC. 

112 thera-gathA. 

yam 8d,vakeiia pattabbam satthu8^nak&riD&, 

sabb' assa tarn aDuppattam appamattassa sikkhato. 111247 II 

mab&nubbllvo tevijjo cetopariyakovido 

Xondanno buddhad&yMo p&de vandati satthuno. 11124811 

nllgassa passe ^inam munim dukkhassa p&ragum 

sHvakll pariyupftsanti teyijjil maccuh&yino. i|1249|| 

cetas^ anupariyeti Moggallano inabiddhiko 

cittam nesam samanvesamyippamuttam nirfipadbim. || 1250 II 

evam sabbangasampannam munim dukkbassa p&ragum 

anekakS^rasampaDnam payirup&santi Gotamam. || 1251 1| 

cando yath& yigataval^bake nabbe virocati vitamalo va 

evam pi Angirasa tvam mab&muni atirocasl yasasa sabba- 

lokam. II 1252 II 
k&yeyyamattll yicarimba pubbe gkmk gkmam -pwrk puram, 
atb'addas&misambuddbamsabbadbamm&nap&ragum. II 125311 
so me dhammam adesesi muni dukkbassa p&ragii ; 
dbammam suty& pasidimba, saddb^ no udap^jatba. 111254 II 
tass&bam vacanam sutvd kbandbe liyatan&ni ca 
dhS^tuyo cayiditv&na pabbajim anagliriyam. || 125511 
bahdnam vata atthllya uppajjanti tatb&gat& 
itthinam puris&nan ca ye te s&sanak&rakll. || 1256 1| 
tesam kbo vata attb.&ya bodhim ajjbagam& muni 
bbikkhunambbikkhuninan ca ye niy&magatamdasll. || 125711 
sudesitA cakkbumat^ buddhen&diccabandbunll 
catt&ri ariyasacc&ni anukamp&ya p&ninam, || 125811 
dukkham dukkbasamupp&dam dukkbassa ca atikkamam 
ariyatthangikam maggam dukkhiipasamag&minam. || 1259 
evam ete tatba vuttll, dittb& me te yatb&tathll ; 
sadattho me anuppatto, katam buddbassa s&sanam. || 1260 
sy^gatam vata me &si mama buddbassa santike ; 
samvibhattesu dhammesu yamsettham tad 126 111 
abbiftn&p&ramippatto sotadh&tuyisodhito 
tevijjo iddhippatto 'mbi cetopariyakovido. II 1262 II 

\, **pariya** A, "pariyfiya** BC— 1249, nagassa A. — 1260, sampaime^am C, 
ineyam B.— 1253, ath' addasasim?— 1257, bodhi the MSS.— ajjliagiamfi 


A, ajjhaga li, ajjhupaga C— 1261, savibhattesu the MSS. Comp. ¥."9.— ^pa- 
gami A, upagami BC.--1262, °pariya° AB, °pariya° corrected to "pariydya" C. 


pucch&mi satth&ram anomapannam dittheva dhamme yo 

yicikicch&aam chety& : 
Agg&lave klilam ak&si bhikkhu fillto yasasst abhinibbu- 

tatto ; II 1263 1| 
Nigrodhakappo id tassa n&mam tay& katam bhagavft 

so tarn namassam acari mutyapekho ftraddhayiriyo dalhadha- 

mmadassi: 111264 1| 
tarn B&vakam Sakka mayam pi sabbe aDD&tum icchllma sam- 

antacakkhu : 
samavatthitll no savaD&ya sotam, tuvam nu satthil tvam 

anuttaro'si. || 126511 
cbind' eva no yicikiccham, briihi me tarn, parinibbutam 

vedaya bbiiripannay 
maj jheva no hhkaa samantacakkhu Sakko va dev&na sabassa- 

netto. II 1266 II 
ye keci gandh& idha mobamagg& ann^napakkb^ vicikiccba- 

tatb&gatam patyll na te bbavanti, cakkhum bi etam para- 
mam nar&nam. 111267 II 
no ce hi j&tu puriso kilese v&to yathft abbbagbanam vihane, 
tamo V assa nibbuto sabbaloko, jotimanto pi na pabh^- 

seyyum. II 1268 II 
dbirll ca pajjotakar^ bhavanti, tarn taiii abam dbira tath' 

eva manne, 
yipassinam j&nam up&gamimba; parisdya no ^vikarobi 

Kappam. II 126911 
kbippam giram eraya vaggu yaggum bamso va paggayba 

sanikam nikiijam 

1263 seqq., comp. the Kappasutta (or Nigrodhasutta, in the Suttanip^ta). — 
1263, puccnamaP (so read the Suttanip^ta MISS.). — chetrd, the MSS. jett^ and 
chetya the Suttanipdta MSS. chettH? — 1264, tayst A, tassel BC. — soham 
namassam acari (corr. to acara) mutyapekho A, soham ndmassam acari mntyasokho 
B, soham namassam acari muttisakho C. — 1265, hetum (for sotam) the MSS. — 
1266, chinda A, chinde ca BC, chindeya Sutta Nip. — 1268, rihane A, yis^ne 
BC, vihdne Sutta Nip. — nivuto (nivuto) ?— pabh&seyyum A, pabhSpeyyum or 
°yyu B, pabh^yyam C. The Sutteuiipata reads: na jotimanto pi ubiSl 
tapeyyum. This seems to me the correct reading. — 1269, vipassanam A. 

A A 


bindussarena suvikappitena ; sabbeva te uj jugat& sunoma. 

II 1270 II 
pabinaj&timaranam asesam niggayha dhonam vadessimi 

dhammam ; 
na k&mak&ro hi puthuj jananam, samkheyyak&ro Va tathd- 

gat&nam. II 1271 II 
sampannaveyy&karanam tavedam samujjapannassa samug- 

ayam anjali pacohimo suppan&mito ; m& mohayi j&nam 

anomapanna. II 127211 
parovaram ariyadhammam yidity& mk mohayi j&nam ano- 

maviriya ; 
Y&rim yathd ghammanighammatatto y&c&bhikankh&mi, 

sutam pavassa. || 1273 II 
yadatthiyam brahmacariyam ac&ri Kapp&yano kacci 'ssa 

tarn amogham ; 
nibbllyi so &du saupMiseso ; yath& yimutto aha tarn suno- 
ma. II 1274 II 
acchecchi tanham idha n&marilpe 'ti bhagavd,, tanhllya sotam 

at&ri j&timaranam asesam ice abravt bhagavH pancasettho. 

esa sutvll pasld&mi vaco te isisattama, 
amogham kira me puttham, na mam vancesi brahmai^o. 

II 1276 II 
yath&T&di tath&k&ri ahd buddhassa slLvako, 
acchecchi Maccuno j&lam tatam m&y&vino dalham. II 127711 
addasa bhagav^ lldim up&d&nassa Xappiyo, 

1270, jaraya A, etassa BC. — ya^gum deest in the TheragHtha MSS. — ujjugatll 
Ay ujjagatd BC — 1271, vadissdmi £C, pativediyimi A, TC^es8d,iiii and Ta(ussdmi 
Suttanip. — ti (instead of hi, which is the reading given by Prof. Fausboll) 
BC, hoti A. — For va Prof. Fausboll gives ca. — 1272, samujjup** A, 
sammujjap^ B, sammujjap^ 0. — The Suttanipdta MSS. read samujjapannassa 
and samujjupafifiassa. — 1273, paroparam ABC, parovaram, yardvaram, 
varovaram the MSS. of the Suttanipfita. — "rira A, "Niriya BC, *vira 
and '*yiriya the S. N. MSS.— 1274, sa ABC and the Paris MSS., ssa Phayre MS. 
— adu saup&diseso BC and the Phayre MS. of the Suttanip^ta, anup^mseso A, 
^u saupadisese the Paris MSS. of the S. N. Comp. Bhammap. Atth. p. 9(j, 
line 25. — 1276, acchijji A, acchajja C, acchijja B, acchecchi the Phayre MS. 
of the S. N. — atari A and the Phayre MS., attari C, atthayi B. — 1277, acchijji 
A, acchinna BC. — ^maydyino ABC. — 1278, sldi the MSS., cldi and Sdim we 
Suttanipata MSS. 


accagd, Tata Kapp&yano maccudheyyam suduttaram. || 127811 
tarn devadeyam vand&mi puttam te dvipaduttama 
anuj&tam mahllvirain nlLgam nllgassa orasan ti. II 1279 
ittham sudam &yasm& Yangisotherog&th&yo abh&- 

sittha 'ti. 

Mah&nip&to nitthito. 

Sattatimhi nip&tamhi Yangiso patibhllnay& 
eko Va thero, n' atth' anno, g&th&yo ekasattati.l 
saha&sam bonti t& gllth& tini sattbisat&ni ca, 
tber& ca dye satH sattbi catt&ro ca pakllsita.| 
siban&dam nadity&na buddhaputt& anasava 
khemantam p&punityllna aggikkbandhS. ya nibbut& 'ti. 

Nittbita Theragatb&yo. 

Udd^na : sat^hisat" A, satis° B, sattas" 0. — cattaro ca A, paficapaune BC. 








In preparing the present text of the Therlg&thfi, I have made 
use of the following manuscripts : — 

L, The Phayre MS. in the India Office Library, London. 
19 leaves, 9 lines. Burmese writing. 

P. MS. of the Biblioth^que Rationale at Paris, fonds P&li, 
No. 91. ]6 leaves, 9 lines. Burmese writing. The MS. 
also contains the Therag§.thll, the Itivuttakam, and several 
other texts of the Khuddakanik&ya. For a collation of this 
MS. I am indebted to Professor Oldenberg, to whom it was 
sent from Paris. 

8, MS. lent by Mr. Subhilti. 12 leaves, 9 lines. Sinhalese 

B, MS. lent to me by Mr. SubhAti. 20 leaves, 8 lines. 
Burmese writing. Dated Sakkar&j 1128. 

C. MS. of the commentary of the thera Dhammap&la, 
called Paramatthadlpanl (Padaratitthavih&rav&sind ftcariya- 
Dhammap&latherena katll therig&th§,nam atthasamvannan^), 
lent to me by Mr. Subhdti. 146 leaves, 8 lines. Burmese 
writing. In this commentary the whole text of the Therl- 
gath& is embodied at full length, and it is this text alone 
which I have marked with C in the foot-notes. In his gloss 
the conmientator not seldom has different readings which 
I have marked with Cy. Sometimes these readings alone 
represent the original text, but it is not always easy to say 
which the commentator's readings really may have been. 
In a great many cases the various readings of the gloss 
prove to be mere blunders of the copyist. I have not 

120 therI-gIthA. 

thought it necessary to give all these readings in detail, but 
have contented myself with mentioning in the notes all that 
seemed really important to me. A few times the com- 
mentator quotes the text of a g&th& from the Apad&na, 
from which work he cites long passages throughout his 
commentary. In these cases (stanzas G-W. 236ff.), I have 
marked the Apad&ua text with C^ while C^ is there =C. 

Ample as these materials are, they are nevertheless not 
sufficient for constituting a quite satisfactory text. The 
MSS. very often agree in serious blunders, and there can 
be no doubt that they all go back to one and the same 
archetype. The Phayre MS. (L) is in every respect by far 
the best of them all ; with it not seldom Cy agrees, which 
even beats L in some cases. L and the MS. used by the 
commentator (Cy) may go back directly to the archetype, 
while BCPS form a secondary group, in which every single 
MS. abounds with its particular blunders, clerical and worse, 
apart from the blunders which are common to all. B has 
been careAilly corrected by a second hand. Since S seems 
to have been copied from a MS. in Burmese writing, the 
archetype of this group may also have been written in 
Burmese characters. It is due to the defects of the MSS., 
that in a few cases all my efforts to restore the original text 
of the gktUs have been in vain. 

In the Notes I have given extracts from the commentary 
as far as they seemed to me important for the history of the 
theris, and necessary for the understanding of the text. 
In these extracts I have tacitly corrected most of the very 
numerous blunders of the MS. From some of Dhammap&la's 
interpretations it will be seen that he had already before him 
a corrupt text; sometimes he has wholly misunderstood it, 
but generally his interpretations are correct, and they have 
been of great value to me. Indeed, without the commentary 
I should hardly have ventured to publish this text at all. 
In a stanza quoted at the end of the MSS. BLS, and printed 
below in the notes on page 174, the number of g&th&s is 
stated to be 494, that of the theris 101. The last number 
agrees with the actual state of things, if the stanzas 2 and 


2O9 which are said to have been spoken by Buddha to the 
theris Muttd and Nandft, are reckoned as g&th&s of the 
therts themselyes (a proceeding all the more objectionable, as 
particular g&th&s [11, 82-86] are assigned to these very theris), 
and if we do not number at all the therts to whom stanzas 
127-132 are ascribed, but attribute all these stanzas together 
with stanzas 112-116 to Pat&c&rS.. Dhammap&la's account 
of these gllthas is that the first four stanzas 127-130 were 
originally spoken by Pat&c&r& in order to console the five 
hundred women before their pabbajj^, and that all six 
gath&s were afterwards uttered severally by these women 
when they had become bhikkhunts. Since they had received 
their admonition by Pat&cllr4, the five hundred bhikkhunis 
were afterwards called the five hundred Pat&c§,rlls (cp. p. 192). 
Now to thirty of these therlbhikkhunls the stanzas 117-121 
are ascribed, and as these thirty bhikkhunis are numbered as 
such, we should expect that the five hundred bhikkhunts 
also should have been numbered as five hundred. This, 
however, has not been done, from the obvious reason that all 
the therts are included in this number ; cp. Notes, p. 175 f. and 
Sardtfy Manual of Buddhism, p. 308 flf. (1st edition). This 
seems to me to be the only possible way of accounting for 
the number of 101 therts. Still greater diflSculties are 
caused by the traditional number of the g^th&s. The old 
versus memorialis, the authenticity of which is beyond 
reasonable doubt, states their number as 494, while my text 
contains 522, a plus of 28. We may presume that these 
28 gS.thas are those which were afterwards added by the sangt- 
tik&ras when they united the into one body (Notes, 
p. 176). That such additions have been made, is frankly 
admitted by Dhammap&la himself, cfr. notes on st. 362-364, 
366, 400-402, 403. To these seven gftthfts one would be 
inclined to add the g&thsls 309-311, 448, 449, 460, 461, 
479-482, 494, 514-522. All these gath&s seem to betray 
a later hand, and if we separate them from the rest, we get 
the number of g&th&s mentioned in the versus memorialis. 
There remains, however, one difficulty. If we assume that 
to the name of thertg&th^ are only entitled stanzas spoken 

122 therI-gathI. 

by therts, or persons connected with them, the stanzas 119, 
120, 320-322, 324, and the first verse of st. 121 cannot 
have belonged to the original collection, nor can the first 
verses of stanzas 465 and 485 have come down to us in their 
original shape. To assume this, however, seems to me very 
hazardous. We have reason to suppose that g&th^ 291-311, 
812-337 are very old compositions. They indeed bear the 
stamp of the oldest Indian likhylina, as recently described 
by Professor Oldenberg.* Many of these verses are only 
intelligible to an auditory already acquainted with the 
subject, or under the supposition that by the bards a sort 
of commentary in prose was added : gdthdsambandhadassana' 
f^aaena. I should therefore not hesitate to recognize as old 
even the gS^thas added by the sangitik§,ras. How then the 
difierence between my text . and the versus memorialis is 
to be explained, I must leave to others to decide. 

My very best thanks are due to Mr. Subhftti, who liberally 
lent to me three out of the five MSS. I have used, and to 
Dr. B. Best, who, with his never-ceasing kindness, has been 
the mediator between Mr. Subhdti and myself. 


Kiel, Jmey 1883. 

^ Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, 37, 64ff., especially 
p. 77-82. 



Namo tassa bhagayato arahato samm&sambuddhassa. 

sukham snp&hi therike katy& colena p&rutll | 
upasanto hi te r&go 8ukkhad§,kain va kumbhiyam. Ill II 
ittham sudam annataril theri apann&t& bhikkhunt 

g&tham abh^sitthil ti. II 
Mutte muccassu yogehi cando B&huggaho iva | 
yippamuttena cittena anaii^ bbunj&hi pindakam. II 2 II 
ittham sudam bhagay& Muttam sikkham&nam im&ya 
gkthkja abhinham oyadati. II 
Punne pdrassu dhammehi cando pannarase-r-iya | 
paripun^aya pann&ya tamokkhandham pad&laya. II 3 11 

Punna. II 
Tisse sikkhassu sikkh&ya mi tarn yog& upaccagum 
sabbayogayisamyuttll cara loke an^say^. II 4 1| 

Ti88&. 11 

Tisse yunjassu dhammehi khano tarn m& upaccag^ 
khan&tit& hi socanti nirayamhi samappit&. II 5 

annatar^ Tiss^. 

1, L adds ti.— 2, BLP therike, PS colena, P paduta.— 3, P the, S dukkha*, 
P ca. — iy L afiatar^, P aiiatarsl theri, B asatiatst, L apaMtd, P asaflak^, 
S asafiflat^. — 5, P ''ni. — 6, P mucchassu, S idha. — 7, S "muttona, BGP anand,, 
S anna. — 8, P puttam, PS '*m£inayaiii.— 9, P imayam ga°, S gatdya.— 10, BLS 
pnrassn, P phu"*, S pnn^arase. — 11, S° punnslya, L panstya, P safldya, B 1. 
hd^ PS "layain.— 13, S bhikkhassn.— 14, P "yisayutta.— 15, om. erf/.— 16, 
yuflcassu, C ta.— 17, B °hitjt, P ^titH, P niyiampi, S sappita.— 18, om. edd. 

124 thekI-gathI. 

Dhire nirodham pliuselii sann&ydpasamam sukliam | 
&r&dhayllhi nibb&nam yogakkhemam anuttaraiiL II 6 1| 

Dhlrft. II 
dhlr& dhlrehi dhammehi bhikkhunl bh&yitindriy& j 
dh&rehi antimam debam jety& M&ram sav&banam. II 7 II 

annatarll Bhlrk. \\ 
saddb&ya pabbajitv&iia Mitte mittarat& bhava j 
bh&vebi kusale dhamme yogakkhemassa pattiy&. ||8II 

Mitta. II 
saddh&ya pabbajitv&na Bhadre bbadrarat& bbava j 
bbllvehi kusale dhamme yogakkhemam anuttaram. II 9 II 

Bhadrft. || 
XJpasame tare ogham maccudheyyam suduttaram j 
dh&rehi antimam deham jety& M&ram say&haaam. 1110 

Upasam^. || 
sumuttd, s&dhu mutta mhi tthi khujjehi muttiya j 
udukkhalena musalena patin^ khujjakena ca | 
mutta mhi j§,timara9& bhayanetti samdhatd. 1111 II 

Mutta. II 
chandajata ayas&ye manasd. ca phut& siy& | 
k&mesu appatibaddhacitt^ uddhamsotfi. ti yuccatL II 12 II 

Dhammadinn&. II 
karotha buddhas&sanam yam katy& n&nutappati | 
khippam pM&ni dhoyitv& ekamante nistdatha. || 13 II 

Vi8&kh&. II 
dh&tuyo dukkhato disy^ mk j&ti punar &gami j 
bhaye chandam yirajety^ upasantd carissasi. ||14|| 

Suman^. II 

1, C dliire, BL khire, PS tisse, BCLP phussehi, S pussueM, PL saSa* and so 
always fi instead of fifi, if not stated otherwise, C pafia% PS **vupa'.— 2, P fira- 
dhapasahi.— 3, om, edd,—4y BLP dhirS odd, dhirehi, PS °ni, P ^'tinadraya.— 
5, BLPS jitva, S °vahana.-6, LP dhira.— 7, B saddha pabbajji", C nabba3Ji% 
P pappajji\— 8, P bhaveti.— 10, B °jji% P pappajji" bhanedra.— 11, S attaram. 
— 12, bhadra. — 13, BS ogha, P macchuthe^ 8 maccnyya. — 14, P °hanam. — 
16, BCPS tihi, S mujjSii.— 17, P mCLsalena pahina.— 18, L mntti, P mba, 
P jabi', LS saniuhata.--20, cdd, avasayi, S va, B pnta.— 21, BCL n)andha% 
P appattibandha**, S appatibandhitvauddbasota.— 23, karodba. — 24, S dibba pa®, 
S nisi**.— 26, jani pnnan, B punan, S punnagami.— 27, P vibhajetva, BCP 

THEKt-OlTHi. 125 

k&yena samyat& ftsim v&c&ya uda cetasil | 

samiUain tanham abbuyba sltibhdta mbi nibbut&. || 15 II 

Fttarl II , 

sukbam tvam Yuddbike sebi katvil colena p&rut& 
upasanto bi te r&go 8itibb(lt& si nibbutft. || 16 1| 

Suman& Yuddbapabbajit&. II 
pmdap&tam caritv&na dandam olubbba dubballl 
yedbam&iiebi gattebi tattb' eya nipatim cbam& 
disy& ddinavam k&ye atba cittam vimucci me. II 17 II 

Dbamm&. II 
bity& gbare pabbajitv^ bity& puttam pasuin piyam | 
bity& rllgan ca dosan ca ayijjan ca yir&jiya | 
samtdam tanham abbuyba upasanta mbi nibbut^. ||18|| 

SaQgh&. II 

eldkk theriyo samAtt&. || 

&turam asucim pdtim passa Nande samussayam | 
asubb&ya cittam bbllvebi ekaggam sasam&bitam || 19 1| 
animittaii ca bb&yebi m&n&nusayam ujjaba | 
tato m&n&bbisamayd upasantd. carissasi. II20II 
ittbam sudam bbagay& Nandam sikkbam&nam im&bi 
g&tb&bi abbinbam ovadati. || 
ye ime satta bojjbang& magg& nibb&iiapattiy& | 
bb&vitS, te majk sabbe yatb& buddhena desit&. ||21|| 
dittbo bi me so bbagav^ antimo 'yam samussayo | 
yikkblno j&tisams&ro n' attbi dlLni pimabbbavo. ||22 


1, P kdrena, LP (S ?) dsi. — 2, BCS tanham, P ampuyha, S sambuyha, C nibbfi- 
tfi.-— 4, LP Tndhike, S telena, P paruto. — 6, P the rogo 8ati°, L tfi, mbi, S °ta na 
nibbuti, B nibbiiti, C °bhftta mbi nibbiita.— 6, LP TTidha% BCL °pabbajjita, P 
"pappajjitA. — 7, S dubbhal^. — 8, P vedhaiiim&°, S veda°, BCP nipati, S nipatt. 
— 9, BCL adi°, P sldinaya, P cittam mucchi, S vimutti,— 10, B Bhamma. — 11, C 
pabbajitd, L pabbajjitvd, P pappajjitvS, BP pasum, C pasu, S samum, C ppiyam. 
—12, P yagan.— 13, B tanham, P appuyha, C nibbCLta.— 14, S Samgha.— 16, *B 
ekiko. — 16, c€ld. asuci corr. 2. hd. BC, L putim, PS puti, B 1. hd. C puti, B. 2. ' 
hd. putim, PS saya, S nante. — 17, P asubhara, S eka^ge. — 18, BCS, °ttam, 
8 om. ca, P ujjassa, S iijjaha.~19, P sarissasi, CS canssati. — 20, P suddam, 
S om, sikkhamanam. — 22, BL pojjha", P °ngo. — 24, LB 2. hd. antimayam, 
P samusayo, B samussayo.— 25, L yikhino, BCPS yikkhi^o, S °8ara.— 26, BPS 
Jenti, C Jenta. 

126 thekI-gIthI. 

sumuttike 8umuttik& s&dliu muttika mhi musalassa | 
ahiriko me chattakam yi pi ukkhalikiL me daliddabh&va 

ti. II23II . 
rftgaii ca abam dosan ca viccliindanti vibar&mi | 
8& rukkhamiilam upagamma abo sukban ti sukbato jba- 

yftmi. II 24 II ' 

aDDatar& tbertbbikkbuni apann^t^. || 
y&va Kasijanapado sunko me tattako abu | 
tarn katY& nigamo aggbam aggbe 'naggbam tbapesi 

mam. ||25|| 
atba nibbind' abam ri^pe nibbindaii ca virajj' abam | 
jni, puna jMisams&ram sandbllveyyam punappunam | 
tisso yijj& saccbikat£l katam buddbassa sdaanam. ||26|| 

Addbak^si. || 
kin cd,pi kbo mbi kisikS, gil^n^ b&lbadubbal& | 
dandam olubbba gaccb&mi pabbatam abbir&biya. II 27 II 
samgh^tim nikkbipitvana pattakam ca nikujjiya | 
sele kbambbesim att&nam tamokkbandbam pad&liya. II 28 II 

Cittft. II 
kin c&pi kbo mbi dukkbitd. dubbal& gatayobbanH | 
dandam olubbba gaccb&mi pabbatam abbirdhiya. || 29 1| 
nikkhipitv&na samgb&tim pattakam ca nikujjiya | 
nisinnS. c' ambi selambi atba cittam vimucci me | 
tisso yijja anuppattsl katam buddbassa s&sanam. I|30|| 

Mettika. II 
c&tuddasi pancaddast yd. ca pakkhassa attbami 
p&ribS.rikapakkban ca attbahgasusamdgatam | 

1, C cm. sadhu mutti.— 2, BCPS 1. hd. vasi, BC 2. hd. vEpi, L me lidda°, 
S dalidda^ B dalhf, C 2. hd. daddubhava.— 4, L ci, BPS vichindati, C vicchindi, 
L vichindanti, B vihanSmi, P visanami, S visanami.— 5, BPS dnkkha% BL 
upa", S alo, CP eukham, B 1. hand, P sayami, S sayami.— 7, P ailathara, 
S theri°, B ^bhikkh^nt, LS "ni, P °nam, L apaiiata, BP asasata, S asannita.— 
8, S yata, P suko, S sumko, CPS tatthako. — 9, C negamo, S agghena^ghya, 
BC 1. hd., P thapesi (B 2. hd. tha^).— 10, P om. from ham to ca, L °dam, S 
nibbimddafi. — 1 1 , L ama, B iatisaram, C °samsaro, S santaressam, BC "ppimiiam. 
— 13,*LP Adha^ BLS °kasi, P^kami.-U,* P kimika gf, L balha*-15, B 
dandam, P odubbha, PS °ruhiya.— 16, BLPS samffhati, C sanghati, P nikkha*, 
C nikkhipetvana.— 17, BLPS khambhesi, C 1. hd. gabbhesi, 2. hd. khabbhesi, 
L °khandhain, BS padaiayam, CLP padaiaya, cfr. st. 44, 172.— 20, P dukkhata, 
B gatayoppa°, C °yoppanna.— 21, P dandam.— 22, LP samghati, S °kafi.— 23, 
P selhamhi, P yimucchi.— 26, P °8i, S "cadasi, P °8i, S va,'L athami, P athapi. 
—27, C patiharika", S °hariya°, L athangam, P athankam, P^'supa^ S °mahitam. 

therI-gIthI. 127 

uposatham upagacchim deyak&y&bhinandini. II 31 II 
8&jja ekena bhattena mund& 8amgh&tip&rut& j 
deyak&yam na patthe 'ham yineyya hadaye daram. ||32|| 

Mitta. II 
uddham p^datalft amma adho ce kesamatthak& || 
paccavekkhassu 'mam k&yam asucim pdtigandhikam. 1133 
evam yiharamftn^ya sabbo r&go samAhato | 
paril&ho samucchimio sitibhdta mhi nibbut&. II 34 II 

Abhayam&ta. || 
Abhaye bhiduro k^yo yattha sattd putliujjan& | 
nikkhipiss&m' imam deham sampaj&na satimatl. ||35|| 
bahiihi dukkhadhammehi appam&darat&ya me | 
tanhakkhayo anuppatto katam buddhassa s&sanan ti. || 36 

Abbayattheri. || 
catukkhattmn paiicakkhattum yih&r& upanikkhamim j 
aladdh^ cetaso santim citte ayasavattini. II 37 II 
tass& me atthami ratti tanh& mayham samdhat^ j 
bahdhi dukkhadhammehi appam&darat&ya me | 
tanhakkhayo anuppatto katam buddhassa s&sanam. II 38 

SkmL II 

dukanip&to. II 

pannaylsati yato pabbajit&ya me | 
n&bhij^n&mi cittassa samam laddham kud&canam. 1139 
aladdh& cetaso santim citte ayasayattini | 
tato samyegam &p&dim sarity& jinas&sanam. II 40 II 
bahiihi dukkhadhammehi appam&darat&ya me | 
tanhakkhayo anuppatto katam buddhassa s&sanam 

1, BCPS **gacchi, BPS °iii, C °nandam.— 2, P hajja, C sajja, S ekabha°, 
P attena, C 8an°, P °paduta, B 1. hd., S °paduha.-3, C devatayam, P patte, 
C "yye, P rada.— 4, CMetta.— 6, ve, P se, L °mattaka.-6, C Vekkhasii, S 
asuct, BCP asuci, BCLP puti°.— 7, P sappo rogo.— 8, S pariiaho, LP 8iti% LS 
nibbuti, C nibbuta, B nibbiiti,.— 10, C abhavo, L bhidiiro,T bhadage, S om. bbi°, 
L yatta, S sattha.— 11, L "pisam', C sampa", iCLP sati% BLPS °mata, C °mati.— 
12, B bahubi, L om. dukkha, P °yataya.— 13, C tanbakhayo, P Tddiiyo.— 14, 
L °ttheri, P ayattberi.— 16, BCPS °mi.— 16, cdd. santi, C asava% S °ni.— 
17, P taya me a^bami, L atba°. — 19, B nupatto. — 20, S Sama. — 21, P dutani- 
hato, S dukavato.— 22, L °visa°, P pappa° or pappba% cdd. ^jitaya.— 23, S abhi^, 
PS "janama.— 24, P bhavanti, BCS santi, L **Yattini, BP 'Vattbini, S "vattbint. 
—26, P to, edd. apadL— 26, LP bahubi. 

128 theeI-gIthI. 

ajja me sattami ratti yato tanM yisositd.. II 41 II 

annatard. Sd.m&. || 
catukkhattum pancakkhattum Yih&r& upanikkhamim 
aladdh& cetaso santiin citte avasayattini. II 42 1| 
sa bhikkhuniiu up&gacchiiu y& me saddhd.yikd. ahu | 
B& me dhammam adesesi khaiidh£Lyatanadhd.tu70. I|43|| 
tass& dhammam sunity&na yathsL mam anas&si sk \ 
satt&ham ekapallanke nistdim pitisukhasamappitd. | 
atthamiy& pMe pas&resim tamokkhandham pad&liya. ||44|| 

XJttama. II 
ye ime satta bojjliang& magg& nibMnapattiyd. | 
bh^vitd te may& sabbe yathft buddhena desit&. ||45|| 
Bunnatassdnimittassa l&bhint 'ham yad icchitam | 
orassl dhit& buddhassa nibb&n&bhirat& sad&. ||46|| 
sabbe k&m& 8amucchinii£L ye dibbft ye ca m&nu8& | 
Tikkhino j&tisams&ro n' atthi d&ni punabbhavo. II 47 II 

annatarsL Uttam&.|| 
div&vih&r& nikkhamma Gijjhakiitamhi pabbate | 
n&gam og&ha-m-uttinnam naditiramhi addasam. ||48|| 
puriso ankusam dd&ya dehi p&dan ti yd^cati | 
n&go pas&rayi p&dam puriso n^Lgam kruhi II 49 1| 
disyd adantam damitam manussdnam vasam gatam | 
tato cittam sam&dhemi khalu t^Lya yanam gatft. ||50|| 

Dantika. || 
amma Jiv& ti yanamhi kandasi attanam adhigaccha IJbbiri. j 
cijlasitisahass&ni sabb^ Jivasandmikd. | 
etamh' dl^hane daddh& t&sam kam anusocasi. ||51|| 

1, LP sattami, S rattt, P yRta, B 1. hd., S ta^hadhisosita.— 2, LP aiiatara.— 
3, cdd, °kkhami. — 4, odd. santi, P assayattmi. — 5, L bhikkhiiiii, BP bhikkhihii, 
S bhikkhuni, BCLS updgaccbi, P uha^accbi. — 6, L dhammam, P dhamma 
desesi, BS dhamma padesesi. — 7, B 1. hd., P dhamma, S sani*', BOPS ycl. — 
8, LP °pallankeiia, S °pallamke, BLP nisidi, CS nisidi, C om. piti, LP pitisu- 
khasama°, S pitisukhasmna",* B L hd. "sumappita.— 9, LP atha**, C °mtya, BP 
passdresi, S resi, L tamokha°, CLP padalaya, S °layam. — 11, S °nge, B °ngo, 
» "sattiya.— 12, S bhaviha, P sappe.— 13, C 8Tiiifiata88wii°, CLP (S ?) labhuu, 
G icchakam, LP dhita, S dhita. — 14, S nibba. — 16, L vikhtno, P sikkhino, 
S Yikhino.— 17, S uttama.— 18, LP °kuta°, B pabbato, P pappate.— 19. cdd, 
°tiramhi, S addasa. — 20, B 1. hd., S angasam, C padam, P ta. — 23, samadepi, 
S samademi, P yana. — 24, L adds in brackets hattharo, BPS add hattharoha- 
dhita.— 25, BLP Jiya, S attana, P Uppiri, C Ubbhiri.— 26, BCLP cula*, 
L "sitisahasaiii, B °sahasaiii, BLPS Jiya°, B 1. hd., S °panamika.— 27, BCL 
aiahane, S aiayane, LP dajha, S kamm, P anusocati, S ** cast. 

A A 


abbuhi vata me sallam duddasam hadayanissitam 
yam me sokaparet&ya dhitu sokam byapdnudi. ||52 
s^jja abbdlhasall&ham nicch&td parinibbutsL | 
buddham dhammafi ca sanghaii ca upemi saranam mu- 
mm. II 53 II 

XJbbiri. II 
kim me kat& SAjagahe manussl madham pttd, va acchare j 
ye Sukkam na'^ up4santi desentim buddhas^anam. || 54 
tan ca appativ&niyam asecanakam ojavam | 
pivanti manfie sappann^ vaUhakam iv' addhagA. ||55 
sukkd sukkehi dhammehi yitar^gd, samdhitft j 
dh&rehi antimam deham jetv^ MeLram sav&hanam. II56II 

Sukka. II 

n' atthi nissaranam loke kim vivekena kdhasi | 

• • • I 

bhuDJ&hi k&maratiyo m&hu pacch&nutapini. ||57|| 
sattisdldpam^ k&md khandhelnam adhikuttand | 
yam tvam kAmaratim brdsi arati d^ni si mamam. II 58 II 
sabbattha yihatd nandi tamokkhandho padeLlito | 
evam j&n&hi pipima nihato tvam asi antaka. II 59 II 

Seia. II 
yam tam isihi pattabbam thlnam durabhisambhavam | 
na tam dvangulipannlya sakki pappotum itthiysL. || 60 1| 
itthibh&vo no kim kayir& cittamhi susamdhite | 
ii^amhi yattam&namhi samml dbammam yipassato. 1161 II 

1, P appnlii, P pallam, L ''nisitam, P'^nasitam. — 2, S ya, P vitu, BPS mokam, 
P byahanudi, B bya°.— 3, LSBC saj ja, BCLS abbulha*, P abbulapalia, P niccatk, 
L para°. — 4, S buddha, BCS samghafi, P upepi, CP muni ti, BS muni ti. — 6, 
LS Ubbiri, P Uppiri.— 7, L kim, BPSC^ ki, S manussst ca madhubbatS accha 
(sic), P madhu pitel ca ajjhare, BC^ madhu, BCL pita, BC^ ca, G^ acche, 
C* accha. — 8, C^ om, ye, BPS desenti, C^*** desanti, C^ amatam padam. — 
9, C^ appati° P aseyanamkam, S ocavam.— 10, C^ pane, C^ val&hagdm iv' antagd 
(corr. from *T)bii), B addQiabbu, P °kam i bandhasu. — 11, cdd, vita**, S **bitam.— 
12, P dbayehi.-14, P n' atthi ra^am, BPS ki, P kamaai, S kahasa.—lS, S mS 
tu, L **and°. P 'jbabhapini, LS °pini. — 16, S satthi** cdd. °svl% P °lupaha, C nu".— 
17, CP "rati, S °ra1i, L brubhi, P phriisi, S arati, P arati ni sa, C mama.— 18, L 
sabbatta, B nan<K, LP tamokha". — 19, S eva, S paptma, P nisato, BP andhaka, 
S atthaka. — 20, L selo.— 21, G yan, L yamn, BCP isihi, S dutthi, P pattappam 
tha% S ta°, LP dura°, L ''sammbhavam, S °sambha°.— 22, P ta, B 1. hd. CP 
"safiajra, S ''safifiaya, P sappotum, S sabbotum, P ittiya.— 23, B 1. hd., PS ki, 
B karirk, L citthamhi. — 21, P fianamha, L samma, P ^pasato. 


130 theri-gAtha. 

sabbattha yihat& nandi tamokkhandho pad&lito | 
eyam j&n&hi p^pima nihato tvam asi antaka. II 62 II 

Soma. II 

tikanip&to nitthito. II 

putto buddhassa d&y^o Kassapo susam&bito | 
pubbeniv&sam yo yedi saggap&yaii ca passati. II 63 1| 
atbo j&tikkhayam patto abhinD^vosito muni j 
etahi tihi vijj^bi tevijjo hoti br&hmano. II 64 II 
tatbeva BhaddsL Kapil&nl teyijj& maccub&yinl j 
dh&reti antimam debam jetyft M&ram say&hanam. II 65 II 
disyd. ^dinayam loke ubbo pabbajitd mayam j 
ty amba kbin£Lsay& dantd sitibb&ta mba nibbut& ti. II 66 1| 

Bbadd& Kapiianl. || 

catukkanip&to nittbito. || 

pannaylsati yass&ni yato pabbajitA abam | 
accbar&samgb&tamattam pi citass' upasam' ajjbagam. ||67|| 
aladdb& cetaso santim k&maragen' ayassut& | 
b&ba paggayba kandantl yib&ram p&yisim abam. II 68 II 
bSl bbikkbunim up&gaccbim yk me saddb&yik& abu | 
8^1 me dbammam adesesi kbandb&yatanadbfttuyo. || 69 1| 
tasssL dbammam sunity^na ekamante up^yisim | 
pubbeniy&sam j&n&mi dibbacakkbmu yisodbitam. ||70|| 

1, L sabbatta, L nandt, L and P in corr. tamokba°. — 2, S pdpima, P analut, 
S atthaka.— 4, BLP tikka°, L nithi'.— 6, B 1. hd. C*, PS sutto, B 1. hd., 
S puttassa.— 6, B 1. hd., S yojeti, CP vedi.— 7, P "Mtepito, S ^tesiso, 
C^ 1. hd. abhiflate pi bho muni, 2. hd. abhifiSvopibho, C* °vopite. — 
8, B etah!, S tehi, C^ tihi, L tevijja, LP b^a^— 9, CS bhadda, LP Kapi% 
edd. nani, C* paccu% cdd. °yini.— 10, C* dharehi, B pava".— 11, edd. adi% 
L pabbajji", P pappa°, S paboari", BC'mayham. — 12, B 1. hd. thambha, corr. 
2.1id., C^ 1. hd. tumha, 2. hd. ty araha, C^ amha, L ty ama, PS amha, edd, 
khina*, Ci S 8iti°, CS mhi, B nibbata, C* nibbilta, C^ om. ti.--13, S bhadda, LP 
kapi°, cdd, °iani.— 16, edd. °visa% BCL "jjita, P pappajito.— 16, L acchura', 
CL °samghata°, L **matta, S mattam, P ajjha^— 17, B ceta, P setaso, BCPS 
8anti.-18, S bahu, P paggayu, CPS °nti, BCPS pavisi.— 19, L bhikkhani, 
P bhikkhOnt S bhikkhuni, B bhikkhuni, C bhikkhunl, edd. "gaccbi, BP vissa- 
sika, S yassasika, C 1. hd. ahum.— 20, L dbammam, L khanda°. — 21, S simi° 
CP Msi, BS °Yifli.— 22, S pubbesi^ BLPS '^cakkhu, P visodhikam. 

THEEtoiTHi. 131 

ceto paricca n&nan ca sotadh^tu visodhitd 

iddhi pi me sacchikata patto me dsavakkhayo 

cha me 'bhiDD& sacchikata katam buddhassa s&sanam. ||71 II 

annatarsL bhikkhuni apannftt^. II 
matt& vannena rupena sobhaggena yasena ca | 
yobbanena c' upatthaddh^ ann^ samatimanni 'ham. II72II 
yibhiisetyd imam k&yam sucittam bS^Mlapanam | 
atth^lsim vesidvftramhi luddo pasam iv' oddiya. ||73|| 
pilandhanam yidamsenti guyham pak&sikam bahmn | 
ak&sim vividham m&yam ujjagghanti bahmn janam. II 74 II 
s4jja pindam caritv&na mundd 8amgh&tiplLrut& | 
nisiiin& rukkhamCdamhi avitakkassa l&bhint. || 75 1| 
sabbe yogd samucchinn^ ye dibb& ye ca m^LnusS, | 
khepety& ^save sabbe sitibhdta mhi nibbutd. ||76|| 

Vimaia pur&naganiklll 
ayonisomanasik&r& k&mar&gena additd | 
ahosim uddhat& pubbe citte avasavattini. ||77|| 
pariyutthit4 kilesehi sukhasannftnuyattini j 
samam cittassa n&labhim rdgacittavasdnugd. ||78|| 
kisd pandu yivann^ ca satta vass&ni c4ri 'ham | 
n&ham div& y& rattim y& sukham vindim sudukkhit&. ||79|| 

• • •• 111! 

tato rajjum gahetv^na pd,yisim yana-m-antaram j 

yaram me idha ubbandham yaii ca hinam pun' &care. ||80|| 

dalhapslsam karity&na rukkhas&kh&ya bandhiya 

1, L sodhatu* 8 808odhatu.--2, 8 pi pe.-3, BP abhifia, 8 abhifSfia.— 4, L 
bhana", L bhakkhuni, P 'kkhiiiii, 8 *m, L bbapanata, P afiata, 8 asanSata, 
B asanata.— 5, 8 patta, P sasena.— 6, P yoppa°, L uppata", P supattha**, 8 vupa°, 
B 1. hd. sanacapamatimaflitam, corr. 2. nd., 8 °atipaiSiii.— 7, L vi**, 8 °bhu°, 
C °sitva,P 8ii°, B 2. hd. C baiaiapanam, P baiabepanam.— 8, LP atha" cdd. "asi, 
P8 vepf, 8 ''baramhi luddho payami dhottiyo, B luddho, B. 1. hd.idh' oddiyo, 2 

13, P dbippa, B mana8a.-14, C 8iti% 8 mpi, C ''iita, P **iiti.— 16, L pu", P 
"ganaka, 8 *gai^^-— 16, BC 'manasi, P rago na, B audita, CLP8 attita.-17, 
cdd', ahosi, BPS uddhata, 8 °ttmt.— 18, LP VtW% P °8afiana°, BCP8 '**vattiiii.— 
19, L citasa, C nama labhi, BL aiabhi. PS aiabhi, 8 ragamcitta*, P °gata.— 
21, L va, 8 ca, P ratti, 8 rattt, BP8 vinda, CL vindi.— 22, P rajjam, BC pavisi, 
S pavisi, LP pavisi, P manam, 8 ganam, P antayam.— 23, CP varam, BCLP 
hinam B 1. hd., L mun', 8 muni (?) care. — 24, C dalham, L °pasi, P dalapasam, 
P yukkha° pa°, 8 °ya, C om, bandhiya. ' * * . * 

132 THERt-GA.THA. 

pakkhipim pisam giv&yam atha cittam yimucci me. II 81 II 

siha. II 

&turam asucim putim passa Nande samussayam j 

asubh&ya cittam bh&yehi ekaggam susameLhitam. 1182 

yathft idam tatb& etam jathk etam tath& idam j 

duggandham pdtikam vati b&l&nam abhinanditam. II 83 1 

evam etam avekkbantl rattindivam atanditd I 

tato sak&ya pann&ya abhinibbijja dakkhisam. ||84 

tassel me appamattS^ya vicinantiy^ yoniso | 

yath&bhfttam ayam k&yo dittbo santarab&hiro. ||85 

atha nibbind' aham kiye ajjhattan ca virajj' abam 

appamatt^ yisamyutt& upasanta mhi nibbut&. || 86 1| 

Nand&. || 

aggim candan ca siiriyan ca deyata ca namassi 'ham 

nadititth&ni ganty^na udakam oruh&mi 'ham. II 87 II 

bahilyatasamMan^ addham sisassa olikhim | 

... » • 

cham^ya seyyam kappemi rattibhattam na bhunji 'ham. ||88|| 
yibh{isamandanarat^ nh&panucch&danehi ca | 
upakasim imam k&yam k&mar&gena additft. ||89|| 
tato saddham labhity&na pabbajim anag&riyam | 
disy^ k&yam tath&bhAtam kamar&go 8am{ihato. ||90|| 
sabbe bhayS. samucchinn^ icch& ca patthanft pi ca | 
sabbayogayisamyutta santim pd^punim cetaso. 1191 1| 

Nanduttard therl. II 
saddh&ya pabbajity&na ag&rasm& anag&riyam | 
yicari 'ham tena tena l&bhasakk&raussuk&. || 92 

1, cdd. pakkhipi, LP giva% P citta.— 2, BP siha.— 3, BCLP asuci, S asuct, 
L putim, B puti, C sutim, PS piiti, S namde. — 5, P yathjl idha — 6, edd, puti®, 
S bslnam, L abhinannitam, S aoliitanditain. — 7, LP evam evam, S evamm evam 
avakkhanti, P °nti, LP ratti divam, P atantitli. — 8, L °iiibbij jbu, LPS dakkhiyam, 
B dakkbitam C rakkbasi. — 9, B appattaya. — 10, S jath^bbatam aham, LP ditbo, 
B 1. bd., PS antaradbEyino, B 2. bd. antarababino. — 11, CP nibbindi 'bam, 
S virajj 'aha, B atam.— 12, P °yiitto, "santS hi, BC nibbiita.— 14, BCP aggi, 
P 8a°, PS 8uri°, LPS va, G na ca masi tam, S namassa. — 15, L naditattani, 
PS iiadi°, P gantana, S gamtvana, B oriibami ta.— 16, cdd. babu% B 1. hd., 
S °dhadba°, P adbam, C ada, cdd. sisassa olikhi. — 17, S teyam, B seyam, P 
first hand bbufijissam, C abhufiji.— 18, S vibhu°, S napa°.— 19,* <«W. *ka8i,*BC 
addita, LPS attita.— 20, L labbitva, GPS pabbaji, B ^jji, BCP ana°, S om. 
from disva to Ticari excl.'-2l, BCP yatha*' C samo°.— 22, L patta°.— 23, P 
sappa", BCP santi, P pa°, cdd. V*— 25, B pabbajji°, L agarasva ana".— 26, 
S tena tena, B, C 2. bd., P ssukka. 

THERi-GlXHl. 133 

riDcity& paramam attham hinam attham asevi 'ham 
kiles^nam vasam ganty^ sdmaDnattbam nirajji 'ham. II 93 
tassa me ahu samvego nisinn&ya viheLrake j 
ummaggapatipanna mhi tanhelya vasam &gat&. II 94 
appakam jivitam mayham jarsl byd^dhi ca maddati 
purd^yam bhijjati k^yo na me k&lo pamajjitum. II 95 
yath&bhdtam apekkhanti khandhdnam udayabbayam | 
yimuttacitt^ utth&sim katam buddhassa s&sanam. || 96 II 

Mittkk&li. 11 
a&r&rasmim vasantt 'ham dhammam sutv&na bhikkhuno 
addasam virajam dhammam nibbftnam padam accutam. || 97 II 
8£lham puttadhttarao ca dhanadhannan ca chaddiya | 
kese ched&payity&na pabbajim anag^riyam. II 98 II 
sikkham^n^ aham santim bh&venti maggam anjasam j 
pah&sim r&gadosafL ca tadekatthe ca &saye. ||99|j 
bhikkhunt upasampajja pubbaj&tim anussarim j 

dibbacakkhmn yisodhitam yimalam s&dhu bh&yitam. II 100 

• • • • 

sankh^re parato disy^ hetuj&te palokine j 
pahd.siiu ^ye sabbe sitibh(ita mhi nibbut&. II 101 II 

Sakuia. 11 
dasa putte yiJ£Lyity& asmim rApasamussaye | 
tato 'ham dubbaU jinnft bhikkhunim upasankamim. 11102 
sa me dhammam adesesi khandh&yatanadh&tuyo j 
tassd dhammam sunity&na kese chety&na pabbajim. II 103 II 
tasssL me sikkham^n&ya dibbacakkhum yisodhitam | 
pubbeniv&sam j&n&mi yattha me yusitam pure. |j 104 |j 

1, B rajjitva, C 1. hd. ricchitvE, L rinjitv&, P riccitva, L rijjitvS, edd. hinam, 
B attam, S asevi, B asevitam.— 2, S ^dna, P vasa, P gant4, S gamtva, B "ttam, 
S iiirujiijhi.~4, P ato (?)*— 6, P jivi°, C vi iiia°.-6, P puya, P kamoya, 
P samijjitum.— 7, PS °bhutam, C ave% BCPS °nti. P °yapa°- 8, LP uthr, edd. 
''si, P kata (?).— 9, cdd.°U]i.—lO, C °8ma, L**sini, BCPS °nti.— 11, BCPS nibbana. 
— 12, C puttan ca dhitail ca, LS °dhita°, P °dliitha°, C chattiyam, L chattamya, 
P chattiya, S chatthiddbiyam.— 13, BLPS pabbaiji, S °]ji va ana°, B ana°.— 
14, B °inaiia, L sanibi, PS santi, BCP °nti, S bhavenni, B afijusam, CLPS 
afliusam. — 16, edd. pabdsi, L "dosam sam ca, BP °8am, LP °kathe.— 16, L bbi- 
kkJiiiiii; P °iiiit, S °um, S° pajji, BCP 'anussari, L *°s8ari, S assari.— 17, edd. 
°cakkhu.— 18, CS samkbare.— 19, edd. pabasi, CLPS 8iti°, P iiibbiita.-20, Cy 
Pakuia, but three times corr. from Sakuia, S Kusaia.- 21, P asmi. — 22, C cinna, 
BLPS bhikkhimi, C °ni, S °8amka°, edd. °kami.— 23, B dhamma de°, P dhamma 
pade°, L °yatana°, S 8imi°, C kese hitvana, edd, pabbaji.— 26, S vasitarn. 

134 THERt-GATHl. 

animittan ca bh&vemi ekagg& 8usaiDahit& 
anantar&yimokkh&sim anup&d&ya nibbut&. II 105 II 
paoca kkhandh& pariDD&t& titthanti chinnamillak& 
thitivatthuj' aneja mhi n' atthi dani punabbhavo. II 10611 

Sona. II 
lunakesi pankadhart ekas&ti pure carim | 
avajje vajjamatinl vajje c&vajjadassini. II 107 II 
divdvih&rd nikkhamma Gijjhakiitamhi pabbate | 
addasam yirajam buddham bhikkhusanghapurakkhatam. 

nihacca J£Lnum vanditv^ sammukhsL panjali aham | 
ehi Bhadde ti avaca sk me ks' dpasatnpadd. 11109 1| 
cixmk Angd ca Magadh^ Yajji EeLsi ca Eosal^ | 
anan& pann&savass&ni ratthapindam abhunji 'ham. Ill 10 II 
punfiam ca pasayim. bahum sappanfio yat' iyam up&sako | 
yo Bhadd^ya ciyaram ad^si mutt&ya sabbagandhehi. Hill 

Bhadda pur^naniganthi. || 
naiigalehi kasam khettam bij^ni pavapam chamk \ 
puttad&r&ni posenta dhanam yindanti mkusLvk. ||112|| 
kim aham silasampanna satthu 8&sanak&rik& | 
nibb&nam n&dhigacch&mi akusita anuddhat&. || 113 1| 
p&de pakkh&layitv&na udake 8u karom' aham j 
pModakan ca disv&na thalato ninnam &gatam | 
tato cittam sam&dhemi assam bhadram ya janiyam. 11114 

2, cdd. °8i B °daya, B nibbiita, C nibbati.— 4, B tbitivattliiini jane jammi, 
C titavatthujareja mhi (2 hd. tbita°), L dhitavattbu jane jammi, P thiti°, S thiti- 
Tattum janejamehi.— 6, CS luna°, CLS ^kesi, P °kepi, S pamka°, CS °dhari, 
B ekamsati, C ekasati, P °sati, S ^satthi, BCPS can. -7, BP °matini, CLS 
°matini, B 1. hd., S vajje tivajja°, BCPS °da88ini.— 8, BC °kutamhi.— 9, C 
°8amghaip°, S °8amffha°, P °kkhita, S °kkhitam.— 10, BS nihajja, BCLP janum, 
BS afijalt, LP aficaU.— 11, S bhadde hi, C ti mam, P davaca, B upasampada, 
L iipa8ammpada.-12, BPS Maffadha ca, BCS Vajji, BCP Kasi.-13, BCP 
anana, S anana, S panna°,B 1. hd., S khuddapindam, P ratha°, L abhufij* aham. 
— 14, S muMam, B vata, C 1. hd. ca 2. hd. vata, S vata, BP pasairi, C passavi, 
S pasavi, B 1. hd., C. 1. hd., S sabbafifio, P ubhasako.— 16, C ctvaram, C 
vippamuttaya.— 16, S Saddha, B 1. hd. puranaganhi, 2. hd. puranam niraVhi, 
L purananiganht, P Vganhi, S puranaganhi.— 17, P. kasa, C bijani,Ppi°, 
B 1. hd. passava, 2. hd. pavassam, CP pavasam, L pavapi, S pasava, P sama, 
S cama.— 18, BC posento, BPS vindati, BCLP manava.— 19, C aha, S ham.— 
20, S nadi° cdd, akusita, BCL anuddhata, P anandata.— 21, S pakkhala", 
B karomam.--22, C °kam, P thalako.— 23, BL samadhesi, CPS desi, C asso 
bhadro va janiyo, 2. hd. corr. bhadram. Afterwards, however, the accus. is 
explained. L bhassam adram, P asam, P janiya. 

therI-gathI. 135 

tato dJpam gahetvftna vih&ram p&visim aham 
seyyam olokayitv&na mafLcakamhi up&visim. 11115 
tato sdcim gahetv&na vattim okassay&m' aham | 
padipasseva nibb&nani vimokkho ahu cettiso. II 11611 

Pat&c&rft. 11 
musal&ni gahetv&na dhannam kottenti m&navd. j 
puttadlLr&ni posentft dhanam vindanti m&nav&. II 11711 
karotha buddhas&sanam yam katv& n&nutappati | 
khippam p&d&ni dhovity& ekamante nisidatha | 
cetosamatham anuyuttsL karotha buddhas&sanam. 11118 II 
ta88& XA, Tacanam suivk Pat&c&r&ya s&sanam | 
pdde pakkh&layitv&na ekamantam upavisum | 
cetosamatham anuyuttft akamsu buddhas&sanam. II 119 II 
rattiyd purime ydme pubbaj&tim anussarum | 
rattiyft majjhime y&me dibbacakkhum visodhayum | 
rattiy^ pacchime y&me tamokkhandham pad&Iayum. II 120 II 
utth&ya p&de vandimsu kat& te anus&sani | 
Indam va dey& tidasft samg&me apar&jitam | 
purakkhitv& vihiss&ma tevijja mh& anftsavsL. II 121 II 
et' im& timsamattd. theribhikkhuniyo Pat&c&r&ya 
santike annam by&kamsu. || 
duggatd.ham pure dsim yidhavsL ca aputtik& | 
yin& mittehi n&tlhi bhattacolassa n&dhigam. II 122 II 
pattam dandam ca ganhitv& bhikkham&Q& kul& kulam 
situnhena ca dayhantt satta yass&ni c&ri 'ham. II 123 1| 
bhikkhunim puna disy&na annapanassa l&bhinim | 
upasamkamma ayocam pabbajim anag&riyam. II 12411 


1, LP dipam, B 1. hd., PS vihare, BCLP ^visi, 8 pavist.— 2, P seyam, CL 
isi, EPS *visi.— 3, LS sucim, BCP suci, C gahetva, BPS vatti, C vatti, L °ya- 
mam, BPS °yo aham.— 4, B 1. hd. padipaye ca, C parisaye va, P padirayeva, 
S padapaye ca.— 6,'P miisa^, BPS kotenti, BCLP manava.— 7, BC posento, 
P vindati, BCLP ma^ava, S marava.— 9, P nisidata, S iiisi°.— 10, P huddham 
sa°.— 11, S tassa kama.--12, P upavisu, C upavimsu.— 13, S anuyukta, 
C katam buddha°.— 14, B piirime rame, C pubbe°, BCPS'°8saram.— 16, L majjhi- 
yome, B °cakkhu, P Yisoda°.— 17, LP utha°, BP vandisu, CLS ^sasani, P °sasa- 
nam.— 18, B 1. hd., S yamgame, C 8an°, P sagame (?)— 19, BL p(ira°, C 
1. hd. visariyama, 1 hd. vihanyama, CL tevijja.— 20, BP tisa", S °matta ca, 
BCPS theri% P °niro, S °niyo pana pa°, P padata°, but da del., CL °caraya.— 
22, B dugga, S dukka^a, L piire, BPS asi, C asi.— 23, P iina, B mittepahi, CL 
fiatihi, B bhadda°, L atta°, 8 bhaddacola° navibham, B nadhibham, C nadhikam. 
—24, C °afi, S dandifi, S kusaia ku8alam.-26, cdd. 8itu°, S °nhena, P pada°, CPS 
°nti.-26, P °iii, S'°ni, BC °unl, P annanpa° (?) 8 W, BCPS °bhim.-27, B 2. 
hd., P °gamma, C °8aka°, edd. avoca, PS °]i, C °3Ji, BP aiia°, C am. an. 

136 THERt-GATHi. 

sa ca mam anukamp&ya pabb&jesi Pat&c&r& | 
tato mam ovaditY&na paramatthe niyojayi. II 125 II 
tasssLham vacanam suty^ ak&sim anus&sanuu | 

• • • • ■ 

amogho ayy£lya ov&do tevijja mhi andsavft. I|126|| 

Candd,. II 

pancanip&to samatto. II 

yassa maggam na j&n&si &gatassa gatassa v& j 
tarn kuto &gatam puttam mama putto ti rodasi. H 127 
maggam ca kho 'ssa jdn^i &gatassa gatassa v& | 
na nam samanusocesi evamdhammsl hi p&nino. II 128 1| 
ayacito tato 'gacchi ananunn&to ito gato | 
kuto pi ndna igantv^ vasitv^ katipdhakam. II 129 II 
ito pi annen&gato tato afinena gacchati | 
peto manussarCipena samsaranto gamissati j 
yathagato tath^ gato kd tattha paridevan£L. II 130 1| 
abbuhi vata me sallam duddasam hadayanissitam | 
yk me sokaparetslya puttasokam byap&nudi. II 131 II 
s&j ja abbMhasall&ham nicchdt^ parinibbut& j 
buddbam dbamman ca sanghaii ca upemi saranam munim. 
II 132 II 

pancasatft Pat£lc&ra. || 
puttasoken' abam attd. khittacittd. visanninl j 
naggd pakinnakesi ca tena tena vic&ri 'ham. II 133 II 
vithisanMrakCitesu susine rathiydsu ca | 
acarim tini yass^Lni khuppip^sd^samappitd. II 1341 

1, P sR sa, P°kamm£lya. — 2, S omvadi". — 3, odd. akdsi, BC anus^ni, P ^sebanam, 
S °sasant. -4, B 1. M., S amode ham, L teyijja, B 1. hd., P samattho.— 7, BC 
om. na. — 8, B 2. hd., CP sattam.— 9, CS maggafi, P sa kho, L sa, B 1. hd., C 1. 
hd., PS ya, B 2. hd. sa, G isliillmi athassa. — 10, S tarn. C ^dhammll nam papino, 
S pani°. — 11, L aydciko, L n^nnflato, S anuflnslto,— 12, B 1. hd. ci, 2 hd. si, 
BCTLP nuna, L visitva, C °hatam.- 13, C °aga°, S c&to.— U, P samsarSnta, BS 
°nta.— 16, C abbhuhi, P khuddasam.— 17, P °nuri, S °nudl, BC bya°.— 18, B 
sajja, C sambulha^ BL abbulha°, P abbalha°, S abbiilha°, P °palia, P nicchata. 
— 19, P buddha, eddy sam^hafi, BL muni, P muna, S mnni, C munan ti. — 20, 
P °8atha.— 21, BP °sokenaham, B a^^a, P visafiini, S yisassinJ.— 22, B 1. hd., 
PS saki^na°. B 2. hd., P °kepi, B 1. hd., C °kesi, BPS vicari, 8 Yicari aham.— 
23, L vithi°, BP Yasi°, S vasi^, S samkara°, BC °kutesu, L sane, C susana, S 
rathighasu va.— 24, LP acari, CS acart, B acari, BCP tini, S tini, B nuppi°, 
LS °pasa°, P °paca°, C °pasa°. 

THERi-GlXHl. 137 

ath' addasElmi sugatam nagaram Mithilam gatam 
adantanam dametelram sambuddham akutobhayam. || 135 1| 
8am cittam patiladdh&na yandity&na up&visim | 
80 me dhammam adesesi anukampelya Gotamo. II 136 |j 
tassa dhammam 8unitY&na pabbajim anag&riyam | 
yunjanti 8atthu vacane 8acch&k&8im padam sivam. || 137 
sabbe sok^ samucchinn& pabincl etadantik^ j 
pariDD&t& hi me vatthii yato sokeLna sambhavo. II 13811 

V£L8itthl. II 
daharft tuvam rflpavati aham pi daharo yuv& | 
pancangikena turiyena ehi Kheme ram&ma8e. II 139 II 
imind, putik&yena &turena pabhangun& | 
addiyami harayimi kdmatanhd samdhat^. II 140 
sattis{ilupam& kkmk khandh&nam adhikuttan& 
yam tvam k&maratim brdsi arati d&ni sk mamam. II 141 
sabbattha yihat& nandi tamokkhandho pad^lito | 
evam j&neLhi p&pima nihato tvam asi antaka. ||142|| 
nakkhattglni namassantft aggim paricaram vane II 
yath&bhuccam ajdnantft bal& suddhim amannatha. 1114311 
ahan ca kho namassantl sambuddham purisuttamam | 
parimutt^ sabbadukkhehi satthu 8&8anak&rik&. II 14411 

Khema. II 
alamkatd suvasan^ m&liDi candanokkhit^ j 
sabbabharanasanchann^ d&siganapurakkhat& II 145 II 
annam p&nam ca &d&ya khajjam bhojjam anappakam 
gehato nikkhamitv&na uyy&nam abhihelrayim. || 146 II 

1, BLP addassami, S ^asasi, P pithi°, 8 °ia, BP gati, C 1. hd. pathi.— 2, 
P aiita°, S °tllna, BCPS ^metSnam. — 3, P perhaps sa cittam, C san cittam, BL 
°visi, P °v$8i, C *Vi8i, S upavtsatL— 4, CP anukammaya.— 6, S suiji^ BC °ji, 
L pabbajjim, P pappaji, 8 pabbajji. — 6, P juficanti, C yujjanti, B8 °iiti, P 
vatthu, CP °kasi, P pada, B stvam.— 7, BLPS 8abba°, BCLP pahina.— 8, LP 
°fiata, 8 °iifiata bbl, XC vattbu, B vattba, P vattha, 8 vatta,- P sokanam.— 9, 
L °8itbi, P sithi, 8 °8ittbi, C °sethi.— 10, BCP °vati, 8 °vatam aham, P dayaro.~ll, 
P ramapase.— 1 2, LP puti°, P atuyena, 8 pabhamffuna.— 1*3, BCLP atti'^, 8 atthi°, 
P samubata.— 14, C 8atthi°, 8 °8iiia°, edd. khandjiasam.— 15, BCP °rati, 8 °rati, 
P brumi, B8 briimi, 8 aratt.— 16, P 8^bbatta(?) *L8 nandi, C °ndba.— 17, 
Spaptma, P api, 8 antaka.— 18, B8 °ttadi, BCL am, P aggina, 8 aggi.— 19, 
P °bliucca, C °ccam, 8 °buddham, BCP8 paja°, P palS, cdd, suddbi, C amanattha. 
—20 BCP8 °nti,* 8 sambandham.— 23, C alafikata, 8 balini, BCP °iii.— 
24, CP °sacchamia, 8 °sancanna, BCLP dasi^, 8 da8ig;ana°, L °purankbata, BC 
pura°.— 26, CL aimapa°, 8 °nafi ca, B khejjam, C khajja. — 26, C uyyanam, edd, 

138 therI-gIthI. 

tattha rainitv& kility& &gacchantl sakam gharam 
TiMram dakkhim p&yisim Sdkete Anjanam vanam. II 147 II 
disv&na lokapajjotam vanditv&na up&visim | 
80 me dhammam adesesi anukamp&ya cakkhum&. II 148 1| 
8utv& ca kho mahesissa saccam sampajtivijjli' aham | 
tatth' eva virajam dhammam phusayim amatam padam 

II 14911 * 

tato vinn^tasaddhammd pabbajim anag&riyam j 
tisso yijjd anuppattd amogham buddhas&sanam. II 150 II 

Sujatl II 
ucce kule aham. jkiA bahuvitte mahaddhane | 
vannariipena 8ampann& dhitd Majjhassa atraj&. II 15111 
patthita rajaputtehi setthiputtehi gijjhitd. | 
pitu me pesayi diltam detha may ham Anopamam. || 152 II 
yattakam tulitd eok tuyham dhitd Anopam& | 
tato atthagunam dassam hirannam ratandni ca. II 153 1| 
Baham disyana sambuddham lokaiettham anuttaram j 
tassa padeLni yandity& ekamantam up&yisim. II 154 |j 
so me dhammam adesesi anukampS^ya Gotamo | 
nisinni ftsane tasmim phusayim tatiyam phalam. || 155 II 
tato kesani chetv^na pabbajim anag&riyam | 
sajja me sattami ratti yato tanhsl yisosita. ||156|| 

Anopamft. || 
buddha yira namo ty atthu sabbasatt&nam uttama | 
yo mam dukkhel pamoeesi annaii ca bahukam janam. 11157 
sabbadukkham parifiil^tam hetutanh& yisositft j 
ariyatthangiko maggo nirodho phusito majL II 158 II 

1, LP kili°, S km°. BCPS °nti.— 2, C viharanikkham pavtsi, BLPS dakkhi, 
LS p^visi, B pavisi, P pjlcisi, BCP AftjanaYanam, S ajjunava°. — 3, L °vtsi, 
PS °Yisi.— 4, 1* anukamm^ya.— 5, P sa kho, C apati°.— 6, BL tath*, L phusayi, 
P phassari, S passayt, BC 1. hd. phassayi, C 2. hd. phussayi, P apadam padam. — 
7, P vifiata sad°, BCP pabbaji, S °jt, BL P 1. hand andga^.— 10, S bahucitte.— 
11, BCLP dhita, B Mejihassa, S anuja.— 12, PS pattita, LP 8ethi°, and so 
always th instead of tth, if not stated otherwise. — 13, B 1. hd., S pesassi, C dutam, 
LP Anomapam.— lii BCP yatthakam, PS kulika, B iulika, LP dhita.— 16, 
8 desam, B dessam.--16, P dvisvana.— 17, C °ante, L °visi, PS "visi.— 18, 
P kammaya. — 19, CP nisinno, BS sasane, L phusayi, P phassayi, S passayt, 
B, C 2. hd. phussayi, C 1. hd. phassaji, P palam. — 20, P dhoto (?) L paboajjim, 
P pappaji, S pabbajji, BC pabbaji, L anaga°. — 21, C ajja, PS svajja, edd, • 
sattama, C tato, P visopita, S yisesita.— 23, P vina ramo, BC vira, S, C 1. hd. 
uttamam.— 24, B yam mam, C bahukam.— 25, S °dukkha, S °9hadhiso°.— 26, C 
bhavitathangiko, C phussito. 

THERt-GlXHi. 139 

in4t& putto pit& hhkid, ayyikd ca pure ahum | 
yatheLbhuccam ajeLnanti samsari 'ham anibbisam. Ill59|j 
dittho hi me so bhagay& antimo 'yam samussayo | 
Tikkhlno j&tisams&ro n* atthi d&ni punabbhavo. II 160 II 
araddhaviriye pahitatte niccam dalhaparakkame | 
samagge s&vake passa es^ buddh&na vandan^. 11161 II 
bahdnam vata atth&ya M&ysL janayi Qotamam | 
byaldhimaranatunnanam dukkhakkhandham byap&nudi. 
11192 II * 

Mah&paj&patl Qotam!. || 
Gutte yadattham pabbajjft hitv^ puttam samussayam | 
tam eva anubrdhehi mi cittassa vasam garni. II 16311 
cittena Tancit^ sattsL M&rassa visaye rat& | 
anekaj^ti8amsd.ram sandh&yanti aviddasd. II 164 II 
k§,macchandan ca bysLp&dam sakkayaditthim eva ca | 
stlabbataparam&sam vicikicchan ca pancamam. || 165 1| 
samyojan&iii etani pajahity&na bhikkhuni | 
orambh&gamaniy&ni na-y-idam punar ehisi. ||166|| 
r^gam m^nam avijjafi ca uddhaccaa ca viyajjiya | 
samyojaD&ni chetvana dukkhass' antam karissasi. II 16711 
khepetv& j&tisamsaram parinMya punabbhavam | 
ditth- eva dhamme nicchd,td, upasantsl carissasi. II 16811 

Gutta. II 
catukkhattum pancakkhattum vih&rd upanikkhamim | 
aladdhd, cetaso santim citte avasavattini. II 169 II 
bhikkhunim upasankamma sakkaccam paripucch' aham 
sk me dhammam adesesi dhdtu&yatanslni ca. 11170 

1, S ayyaka, B pure, BOPS ahu, L ahii.— 2, BCS °bhuccain, BCPS pa;jananti, 
C 2. hd., L samsarim, S samsari, P anippisam. — i, C nikkhinO) LP yikkhino, 
S Yikkhino, P punambhavo.— 6, L °atthe, S °tto. - 6, S so buddh&nam ca va°. — 

7, S bahu°, C bahuimam, P attdya, BPS, L 2. hd. Maya, PS jinassa, C lanani. — 

8, S byadlii°, S °9a°, BPS °runanam, P byaha°, S °nudi, C 2. hd. bya°.— 9, 
BPS °pati, CLP Gotami. — 10, P bhutte, BPS °attam, C samuppiyam, P samusi- 
yam. — 11, L °bru°, P °bruhesi, P yassam. — 12, L yaficithd, P sattha, P visarena. 
—13, C °yaiita ayindimsu, L ayiddasu, BP ayindisum. S ayindisu. — 14, S °ndam, 
C ^kkstyam. — 15, L 8iia°, P 8llappata°, S °kiccam.— 16, cdd. sannoja" or sanoja°, 
B °iiiit, C °iini.--l7, C orambha°, BCLP °gamani°, S °gamani°, BPS punad, 
C ehisi. — 18, L uddaccajl. — 19, P dukkhay', CPkarissati. — 20, P panambhayam, 
21, S nicchata, BPS upassantd.— 23, S om. catu° pafica°, BCPS °ini.— 24, 
C laddha, BCPS santi, LS °yattmJ, C °yattaiii.— 26, L °ni, CP °uni, S °unt, 
S °8aiji°, P °kama, B 2. hd. °gaiiima.-T26, P dhamma pade°, P °tuaya°, C dhatuyo 
aya°, B °tanana. 

140 therI-gItha. 

cattalri ariyasacc&ni indriy&ni baMni ca 
bojjhangatthangikammaggam uttamatthassa pattiyd. ||171 

tass&ham vacanam sutva karontl anus^sanim I 

• • • ' 

rattiyft purime yame pubbaj&tim anussarim II 17211 
rattiy& majjhime y&me dibbacakkhum visodhayim | 
rattiy& pacchime yame tamokkhandham pad&Iayim. II 173 
pitisukhena ca k^yam pharitvd, Tiharim tad& | 
sattamiyft p&de pas&remi tamokkhandham padaliya. || 174 

Vijaya. II 

chanip&to samatto. II 

musaMni gahetvana dhanfiam kottenti m&nay& j 
puttad&r&ni posent& dhanam yindanti mdnavft. II 175 II 
ghatatha buddhas&sane yam katvd u&nutappati | 
khippam p^dS^ni dhovitv& ekamantam nisidatha. ||176|| 
cittam upatthapetv^na ekaggam susam&hitam | 
paccavekkhatha sankh&re parato no ca attato. II 177 II 

tass^ham Tacanam sutv& PateLcS^rELnusftsanim | 

• • • • I 

pade pakkhilayitv&na ekamante up&visim. ||178|| 
rattiyd, purime yame pubbajatim anussarim j 
rattiysl majjhime y&me dibbacakkhum Tisodhayim 11179 
rattiy& pacchime ydme tamokkhandham padsllayim. j 
tevijj^ atha YuttheLmi kata te anus&sani. II 18011 
Sakkam va devk tidas^ samg&me apar^jitam j 
purakkhitv^ yihiss^Lmi tevijja mhi an^sav^. H'lSl 

Crttarl II 

1, S thalani, BC phaiani.— 2, BCP °matta°, 8 patthiya.— 3, CPS °nti, EPS 
°8ani, C °8iiii. — 4, P purine, B I. hd. pubbeiati, 2. hd. pubbaj3,ti, C pubbaj&ti, 
P puppeiati, Spubbejdti, BCP °8sari, S °8sari. — 5, C paccnime, BCPS °dhayi. — 6, 
BS maj jnime, B 2. hd. macchime, BCPS °layi. — 7, LP piti°, B virahim, C yihari, 
P vihari, S viraM.— 8, BCP sattamlya, BLPS °layi.— 11, CP kotenti, S 
kotthenti, cdd. manayel. — 12, BC posento, LP m^nay^. — 13, S gbatetha. — 14, S 
dibbajjadani, BP dhovetva, C °ante.— 15, L upathape°.— 1 6, S °kkhata, C °vekkha 
sankhdra, S Bam°, PS parato hetu atthato, B parato beta attato. — 17, LS ^sasani, 
C °8aiii, P ^sasanam.—lS, C pakkhila°, P °yitv«^ eka°, BC "visi, LP ^visi, S **vi8i. 
—19, B piirime, *BPS pubbe°, BCP °8sari, S °ssari.— 20, B majjbi dibba°, 
BCPS °dhayi.— 21, P yattiya, BP macchime, C °ndba, BCPS °layi.— 22, P 
theyijja, BCLP vutbasi, S vu^thasi, L katha, BCLP °sani.— 23, BCLP 8aji°.— 
24, BPS °hissasi, C* viharissami*, L ^jja. 

THERt-OlTHi. 141 

satim upatthapetv&na bhikkhuni bh&vitindrly& 

pativijjhim padam santam sankh&rdpasamam sukham. || 18211 

kin nu uddissa mund& si samani viya dissasi | 

na ca rocesi pdsande kim idam carasi momuhd. || 183 II 

ito bahiddha p&sand^ ditthiyo upanissitd j 

na te dhammam vij&nanti na te dhammassa koyidsL. 11184 

atthi Sakyakule j&to buddho appatipuggalo | 

so me dhammam adesesi ditthinam samatikkamam. || 185 

• • • • ■■ 

dukkham dukkhasamupp&dam dukkhassa ca atikkamam 
ariyatthangikam maggam dukkh{ipasamag&minam. II 186 II 

tass&ham vacanam sutvd yiharim s^sane rat& j 

• • • 

tisso Tijj& anuppattd. katam buddhassa s&sanam. II 18711 
sabbattha vihat& nandi tamokkhandho pad&lito | 
evam jdnftbi pdpima nibato tvam asi antaka. 1118811 

caia. II 

satimati cakkbumati bhikkhunt bh^vitindriyd | 
pativijjhim padam santam ak&purisasevitam. II 189 II 
kim nu j&tim na rocesi j&to kam^ni bhunjati | 
bhunj^hi k&maratiyo m&hu pacchanutdpini. ||190|| 
jatassa maranam hoti hatthapad&na chedanam | 
vadhabandhapariklesam J£lto dukkham nigacchati. II 191 
atthi Sakyakule j&to sambuddho aparSjito | 
so me dhammam adesesi j^tiyd samatikkamam. II 192 1| 
dukkham dukkhasamupp&dam dukkhassa ca atikkamam 
ariyatthangikam maggam dukkhiipasamag&minam. II 193 1| 
tass&ham vacanam sutvd viharim s&sane rat4 | 
tisso vijj& anuppatt& katam buddhassa s&sanam. II 19411 

1, BLP sati, S °metvana, BLPS °uiii, C °iinf.— 2, B °vajjlu, CLS °vijjhi, 
P °Tijjha, S 8amkliaru°.--3, S kin na, BPS ndissa, BCP °ni» t vi.— 4, P roceti 
pslpande, C pslsando, BCL momiih&. — 5, P p^pandd, C °ni8it&. — 7, C kalydkule, 
but Cv Sakyakul'e, B 1. hd., P appati°.— 8, BCP dithi°, S ditthi°.— 10, C ariyafi 
ca atna°, 8 ariyaccamtthamgikam, cdd, dukkhupa°. — 11, BP vihari, C vihari, 
S viharJ, L rato.— 13,* L nwidt, S nanti, P °lito.— 14, P °nahi hi pa°, S °ka.— 
15, S bhald. — 16, BLPS satimati, C satimati ti, L ca ca°, but ca once del., as it 
seems, BCP °mati, BPS °uni, C °ani, LP bhavi° P °driya.— 17, odd, °vijjhi, 
L °pari8a°.--18, P ki, S kin, CPS jati, S ka ro°, P bhuffcati, C bhufiiasi— 19, 
P bhuficslbi, S bhufijati, P ^tiro, S msl bahu, BP paccslnutslpini, S saccanutapini. 
—20, L hattapadanuched°, C hatthapadanuccheda°.— 21, B 1. hd., S °parikkhe- 
sam.— 22, Cr sambu°. — 23, C dhammam, S dhamma desesi.— 25, L ariyam 
thaneikam, C ariyan ca atha°, P ariyatha°, S ariyasaccamtthamgikam, • P 
dukldiu8ama°, BCS dukkhupa°.— 26, BCP vihari, S vihari, *S rato.— 27, B 
katham, P buddhassbanam. 



sabbattba vihat& nandi tamokkhandho pad^Iito 
evam j&n&hi p&pima nihato tyam asi antaka. Ii 195 li 

Upacaia. II 

sattanip&to samatto. II 

bhikkhani 8llasampaiiii& indriyesu 8a8aniTut& | 

adhigacche padam santam asecanakam ojayam. Iil96|| 

td,yatims& ca y&m& ca tusit& c&pi devatd. | 

nimm&naratino deT& ye devd. yasavattino | 

tattha cittam panidhehi yattha te vusitam pure. II 197 II 

tayatiiii8& ca y&m& ca tasit& c&pi deyat& | 

nimm&naratino dev& ye dev& yasayattino 11 19811 

k&lam k&Iam bhay& bbayam sakk&yasmim parakkhat& 

avitiyatt& sakk&yam j&timaranasarino. |j 199 ji 

sabbo adipito loko sabbo loko paridipito | 

sabbo pajjalito loko sabbo loko pakampito. II 200 II 

akampitam atuliyam aputhujjanaseyitam | 

buddho dhammam me desesi tattha me nirato mano. 11201 

tass^bam yacanam sutyd. yiharim sasane rat& | 

• • • ■ 

tisso yijj& anuppattd. katam buddhassa sasaDam. II 202 II 
sabbattba yihat^ nandi tamokkhandho pad&lito | 
eyam j&nsthi pstpima nihato tvam asi antaka. ||203|| 

SisApacaisL. II 

atthanip&to samatto. II 

mk su te Yaddha lokamhi yanatho ahu kud&canam | 
mk puttaka punappunam ahu dukkhassa bh&gim^. II 20411 

1, L nanni, S nanti. — 2, P nitato, B andhaka, P antakam (mP), L antakS.— 
3, P Upasaia.— 4, B 8attha°.— 6, CP °unt.— 6, P aseva", S ocanam, B tayatinsji, 
B tnssita, C tussitd,. — 9, P manidheti, but ma con*, to pa, as it seems, B °dheti, 
S panidheti, L pCbre. — 10, C t^tim^, B tusito, C tussita, S napi. — 12, P "yasmi, 
edd. 8aka°, cdd. purakkhato.— ISJ cdd. aviti°, C °vann8l.— 14, L adi°, P {Idisito, 
B adipisito, S Soipisino, P sappo, C parivuto, but Cj paridipito, L paridipito, 
BP padisito, S pacusito. — 15, P sappo (?) loko sa°, S ^ijo. — 16, C akampiyam, 
P sakampitam, S atuli°. — 17, C buddho ca, BPS dhammam adesesi, C om. me^ 
L nirate, P niyato.— 18, BCP vihari, S vihari.-20, S va hata, B nandi, BCLP 
tamokhandho.— 21, P api, S antakam.— 22, BPS Sisu^.— 23, Lorn,; P atha°.— 
24, P yanato, S yanaso.— 26, S ahu, BPS °s8a ca bha°. 

therI-gAthA. 143 

sukbam hi Yaddha munayo anej^ diinnasamsay^ | 
sitibhilt^ damappatt& yiharanti an^savft. 1120511 
teh' eLnucinnam isiblii maggam dassanapattiysL | 
dukkhass' antakiriy&ya tvam Yaddba anubrilhaya. II 206 II 
yis&rad& va bbanasi etam attham janetti me | 
mann&mi nilna m&mike vanatho te na vijjati. II 207 II 
ye keci Yaddha sankh&rsL hiiiaukkatthamajjhiin& | 
anu pi anumatto pi vanatho me na vijjati. II 208 II 
sabbe me ksa,\k khlnsL appamattassa jhayato | 
tisso vijj& anuppattd, katam buddhassa 8d,sanam. II 209 II 
uMram vata me m&t& patodam samavassari | 
paramatthasafifiitsl gath& yath&pi anukampikd.. 11210 1| 
tassaham vacanam sutv& anusitthim lanettiy^ | 
dhammasamvegam &p&dim yogakkhemassa pattiy^. II211II 
so 'ham padh&napahitatto rattindivam atandito j 
m&tard. codito santo aphusim santim uttamam. II 212 II 

Yaddhamata. II 

navanip&to samatto. II 


kaly&namittat& munin^ lokam ^dissa vannitd. | 
kaly&namitte bhajamelno api b&lo pandito assa. II 21311 
bhajitabbd. sappurisd. pann& tath& pavaddhati bhajant&nam | 
bhajam&no sappurise sabbehi pi dukkhehi mucceyya. II 214 II 
dukkhan ca vijsLneyya dukkhassa ca samudayam | 
nirodhan ca atthangikam maggam catt&ri ariyasacc&ni. II215II 

1, B 1. hd. ^samsara, 2. hd. °saiiisaya.— 2, B siti°, S °bhuta, B 1. hd., CPS 
rama°, B 1. hd., S °sana. — 3, S °ciimaiii, BCLS isibhi, PS maggan, C magga. — 
4, S tam, L ^ruhaya, P °br4abaya. — 5, S °rada tMnasi tern atthaip, L attam, 
L jamnetti, P janetthi. — 6, LP nuna, S nu, B 1. hd., S mamite, P yanato, S 
vanaso. — 7, P kesi, S sam°, LPhiiia°. — 8, L aku pt, Sanu pi anu°, P vanattho. — 
9, P s^pe, BP khi^a, S khina, P cayato, B 1. nd., S sayato. — 10, L anupatta. 
— 11, r uiayam, L samassari, S °88ari. — 12, BP yamatthasahita, C 1. hd. ara- 
hatta°, S samattasahita, S yathadapi (da?), C 1. hd. akukappaka 2. hd. ai^u- 
kappaka. — 13, B 1. hd., PS anupatti, C °sithi, P janetthiya.— 14, C tasma 
samyegain, P abadi, BCS ^adi.— 16, B padanaiiia°, P^ttho (?) B 1. hd., C. 1. hd. 
°ttho. — 16, P aphussa, S aphussasi, d aphussi, C aphussadito, afterwards 
aphnssam. — 19, S munina, BL ariya, P ariya instead of adissa. — 20, B 1. hd , 
PS asi, B 2. hd. api. — 21, P bhaiitappa, C om. tatha, but Cy has it, C saiiiva°, 
but Cy pa°, B "tanam. In the following stanzas there are a great many marlks of 
separation in the MSS., very often quite wrong. — 22, C pamucceyya, P mucceya, 
S muccaya.— 23, BS °neyya, S samuddaya. — 24, S nirodham, B om, maggaip, 
C cattari pi ari°, B cattanyasa°. 

144 therI-gathA. 

dukkho itthibh&vo akkh&to puri8adamma8&ratliin& | 
sapattikam pi dukkham appekacc^ sakim Yijkt&jo 11216 II 
gale apakantanti sukhum&Iiniyo Ti8d,ni khftdanti | 
janamHrakamajjhagatd. ubho pi byasanftni anubbonti. |j217 
upavijann^ gaccbanti addas&ham patim matam panthe | 
yij&yitv&na appatt&bam sakam geham. II 218 II 
dve puttd k&Iankatd pati ca panthe mato kapanik&ya | 
mki& pitd ca bbfttsL ca dayhanti ekacitakayam. ||219|| 
khinakuline kapane anubhCltam te dukkham aparimanam 
assu ca te pavattam bahiini j&tisahass&ni. 11220 1| 
passim tarn sus&namaj jhe atho pi kh&dit&ni puttamams&ni 
hatakulikft sabbagarahitd matapatik^ amatam adhigacchim. 

11221 II 
bh&vito me maggo ariyo atthangiko amatagdmi | 
nibb&nam sacchikatam dhamm&d4sam apekkhi 'ham. ||222 
aham amhi kantasaM ohitabh&rd katam me karaniyam 
Xis&gotaml theri suvimuttacittd. imam bhani ti. II 223 II 

Xis&gotami. || 

ekftdasanipd^to samatto. II 

ubho m&t& ca dhitd ca mayam ftsmn sapattiyo | 
tass& me ahu samvego abbhuto lomahamsano. ||224|| 
dhi-r-atthu kftmd. asuci duggandhft bahukantak& | 
yattha m&\& ca dhit& ca sabhariyd. mayam ahum. II 225 II 

1, L pTirisa°, B, C 1. hd., S °dhamina°.— 2, P pakim, B saki, P vij&thayeTa.— 
3, CPS galale, B galale or yalale, CP asaka".— 5, utijana, S adasanam, BP 
sati, C pati, S patt, B 1. hd., PS sandhe ; B 2. hd. pante or panthe, CL paiite. — 
6. B °yftva, S ahhatta°.— 7, CS kaiam°, S patl, C ca me, B 1. hd. vande, 2. hd. 
Tanthe, L pante, P yante, S pa (sic), S meto, C 1. hd. kanikdya, C 2. hd., 
S kapani°. — 8, C ^eyhanti.— 9, BLPS khinakuline, C khindkniline, S ^bhutam, 
C °hhutan, BPS tena, P °manam.— 10, B 1. hd., CPS asu, S cca, LS bahuni, B 

i'dtiha8sani.~ll, cdd, passi, P nam, L ato. — 12, B 1. hd. s^takusik^, 2. hd. 
latakusika, B ""garamhita, C ''hita ta, P sadh&knlika, S sathakulika, C Vtita, 
S pathapatika, S amatha vadhi°, BCPS °gacchi.-13, C maffga, BLP °gamini, 
C garni, S °gamini.— 14, P °katham, B dhammarasam, C 1. hd. dhammSiayam, 
2. hd. dhammadasam, LS °arasam, P ^arasam, P acikkhi, C ayekkhi, BS avikkhi, 
BC tarn.— 16, S miii, C tamhi,' BS kamhi* C kanti°, PS kanta°, C katam, LP 
°rani°.— 16, S Kis8a°, BC Ki88a°, P °mi, S theri, 8 idam, B bhanatiti, P bhani, 
S t$.— 17, PS Kissa°, B Kissa°, P °mi.— 18, P samattho.— 19, B dhita, P sam- 
pattiyo.— 20, S tasma, P samvoffo, C abhClto. — 21, P attu, BLPS asuci, C assuci, 
LS duggandhabahu^, P duganabahu^, LS ^ka^^aka, C ^kai^^^ko, P °kantandaka, 
but nta del, — 22, P yatta, S om. dhita ca, P om. ca, P sayahariya, S sahacariya, 
B sahariya, BPS ahu. 

therI-gathI. 145 

kslmesY ddiaayani disv& nekkhammam dalhakhemato 

• • • 

6& pabbajim E&jagahe ag&rasm& anag&riyam. II 22611 
pubbenivd-sam j&D&mi dibbacakkhum visodhitam | 
ceto paricca nsLnan ca sotadMtu visodhit&. 1122711 
iddhi pi me sacchikatft patto me ftsavakkbayo | 
cha me abbinM sacchikat^ katam buddhassa s&sanam || 228 II 
iddhiyd, abhmimmitY& caturassam ratham aham j 
buddhassa p&de yanditv^ lokan&thassa sirimato. 112291! 
supupphitaggam upagamma p&dapam ekd. tuvam titthasi 

rukkhamClle j 
na c&pi te dutiyo atthi koci na tvam b&le bh&yasi dhutta- 

k&nam. II 230 II 
satam sahass&nam pi dhuttak&nam sam&gat^ edisak^ bha- 

veyyum | 
lomam na inje na pi sampavedhe kim me tuvam M&ra 

esk antaradh&y&mi kucchim y& payis&mi te | 
bhamukantare tittb&mi titthantim mam na dakkhisi. II 232 II 
cittamhi vasibhilt&ham iddhipd.d& subh^vitd | 
cha me abhinnd sacchikat& katam buddhassa s&sanam. 11233 
sattisdlvLpam^ k&md. khandh&nam adhikuttand. | 
yam tvam k&maratim briisi arati sd, mama. ||234|| 
sabbattha vihata nandi tamokkhandho pad&lito | 
evam j&n&hi p&pima nihato tvam asi antak& ti. || 235 

Uppalavann&. || 

dvadasanip&to samatto. || 

1, cdd. adi°, BLPS mkkha°, BCP dalu°, S datthiikbe° (°ttliru°?).— 2, BCLS 
pabbaji, P pappaji, P ana°. — 3, P puppe°, cdd. °cakkhu. — 4, 8 parica, BPS 
visodhito. — 6, B ayasmava". — 6, CL *bhm&, 8 abhinnS. — 7, B °a8aiii, C °as8a. — 
8, P sMe pa°, BPS siri°, C 8iri°.— 9, PS supuppp, P °paiiidam, BP patitbasi, 
S ppatittbati.— 10, 8 na nam, P hale bbSyapi vutta°, BS bbayasa, C ba°.— 11, 
B Yi, 8 vutta°, BPS samkg&mk, C °yyam. — 12, P om. na, r icche, B8 inca, 
B °deve, P °vede, cdd. ki, corr. B 2. hd., B kiriyas', P kirissas*, 8 kariyas'. — 
13, BP kncchi, 8 kuccb!.— 14,P samuka°, 8 tamnka°, L tithanti, BCP tithantam, 
S titthamtam, LP dakkbasi. — 16, C cittapi, cdd. \aai°, 8 ^bntH. — 16, L atind.— 
17, BPS 8attisu°, 8 °l\imapa, cdd. kbandhasam, P °kntta°, B °knttana.— 18, C 
yan tarn, CP °rati, 8 brasi, 8 sv^.— 19, L nandi, LP padalito. — 20, P eva, 
8 nibito, BLS api, B andbakd.— 21, LP Upala°.— 22, P samattho. 

146 therI-gAtha. 

udakah&ri aham site sad^ udakam otarim I 
ayyanam dandabhayabhM v&c&dosabliayaddita. 11236 
kassa br&limaiia tyam bhlto sad& udakam otari I 

• • * 

vedham&nehi gattehi si tarn vedayase bhusam. II 237 |j 

j&naiiti ca tuvam bhoti Punnike paripucchasi | 

karontam kusalam kammam rudhantam kamma p&pakam. 

II 238 II 
yo ca Yuddho yk daharo y& p&pakammam pakabbati 
udak^bhisecan^ so pi p&pakamm& pamuccati. II 23911 
ko nu te idam akkhasi aj&nantassa aj&nato | 
udak&bhisecan& n&ma p&pakamm^ pamuccati || 240 11 
saggam nfina gamissanti sabbe mandCikakacchap^ 
ii&g& ca sumsum^r^ ca ye c' anne udakecard. 11241 
orabbhika sAkarika macchika migabaiidhak& | 
cor& ca yajjhagb&ta ca ye c' anne p&pakammino | 
udakabhisecansL te pi p^pakamina pamuccare. II 242 
sace imd. nadiyo te p&pam pubbekatam yaheyyum | 
punnam p' imst vaheyyum tena tvam paribahiro assa. ||243|| 
yassa br&hmana tvam bhito sad^ udakam otari | 
tarn eva brahme mk k^si m& te sitam chavim bane. 1124411' 
kumaggam patipannam mam ariyamaggam samslnayi 
udakabbisecanam bhoti imam s^tam dad^mi te. || 245 II 
tuyb' eva s^tako hotu n&ham iccb^mi s&takam. | 
sace bh^yasi dukkhassa sace te dukkham appiyam II 246 \ 

1, S ujuka°, B 2. hd., C^ 2. hd. udahari del. ka, cdd. °hari, CP pite, S site, 
GP otari, S otari.— 2, P °bhara°, edd. °bhita, P "dosasabhaya^ BC LP °attita, €« 
^addita, S °atthita. — 3, C tassa ; corr. 2. hd. C^ LP brahmana, LP bhito, L otart.— 
4, S vedamai^ehi, BC sitam, P pitam, LP bhiisaiii. -6, BOPS jananti, S tvam 
hoti, B 2. hd. S Punpake, C* °cchisi. — 6, PS dudantam, C 1. hd. nadantam, 
2. hd. nidantam. — 7, BPS yathal vudcjlho, LC o>n. vfi, CP pakuppati. — 8, B uda- 
kabhisend, P udakabhiseTanet, S udakasisena, BPS si, S °ccatu, C ^cati.— 9, S 
idam, C idham, S jdnantassa, C jdnato.— 10, S udaka°, cdd, °secano, P °kammd 
sa muccati, B pavuccati. — 11, LP nuna, cdd. manduka^. — 12, C nagd va, P s' ane. 
—13, L siika°, P °rit£l, BP macchakfi, C migavjwlhika. — 14, P °g&ta, S vajja- 
sdtd, P s' ane.— 16, te hi, P pamuccati, BS pamuccanti, C pamuncati. — 16, P 
pubbedhsltam, BLP vlheyyum, 8 vjlheyyam. — 17, C pun^n* imd, S vaheyyum, 
B 1. hd., S tena tena tvam, C te tena. — 18, LP brahmana, bramo, om. mti, LP 
bhito, S otart.— 19, LS sitam, CP pitam, LP chavi, S chavi, P sane.— 20, BCPS 
kummaggam, in C corr. from umm , B 1. hd. °pannam, 2. hd. del. m, P ^annam 
ma, S ^pannam pi, BPS samadayi. — 21, C ^secana, C s^tam, P satakam, S sayam, 
C dam^mi.— 22, B. 1. hd., OPS eca, BS matako, B hetu,' C naham.— 23, P sase 
bhayapi, B dukkhtUa. 

theri-gathA. 147 

ma kasi papakam kammam &vi y& yadi \k raho. 
sace ca p&pakam kammam karissasi karosi y& II 247 II 
na te dukkh& pamuty atthi upecc&pi pal&yato. j 
sace bh^yasi dukkhassa sace te dukkham appiyam 1124811 
upehi buddham saranam dhammam sanghan ca t&dinam | 
sam&diy&hi sil&ni tan te atth&ya hehiti. 11249 |j 
iipemi buddham saranam dhammam sanghan ca t&dinam | 
samftdiy&mi sil&ni tarn me atth&ya hehiti. II 250 jj 
brahmabandhu pure &sim ajj' amhi saccam br&hmano | 
tevijjo vedasampanno sotthiyo c' amhi nh&tako. 11251 1| 

Punnika. II 

solasanip&to samatto. || 

kalak^ bhamaravan^asadis^ yellitaggd. mama muddhaj^ 

ahum I 
te jar&ya s&naY&kasadis& saccay&divacanam anannath^. 

v^ito va surabhikarandako pupphapClram mama utta- 

mangabhu j 
tarn jar&ya sasalomagandhikam saccav^divacanam anan- 

fiatha. 11253 II 
kslnanam ya sahitam suropitam kocchasdcivicitaggaso- 

bhitam | 
tarn jarftya viralam tahim tahim saccav4divacanam 

anannathd.. ||254|| 
sanhagandhakasuvan^amanditam sobhate su yenihi alanka- 


1, L My P bMvi dassadi yk raho.— 3, S dukkha, CP samuty, LS atti, B uc^, 
PS upacc^pi, C npac^, 2. hd. sapeccfl.— 4, P gSyasi, C °8i pi du°, P ampiyam. — 
6, C upehi saranam buddham, P upetam, BCS sam?han. — 6, B si°, P stlani bhante 
atth°, C tarn, L hehiti. — 7, C upemi saranam buddham, S samgham, BC sain°. — 
8, P sammll° 8i°, S °ii!, BS tam, LP hehiti. -9, P °bandha, L pOre, cdd. isi, 
C cca, P pacca, LP brahmano. — 10, C deva°, P sottiyo v* amhi, C dhamhi, 
S nahatako, C nabhako.— 12, *S sola8a°.— 13, B, C 1. hd., PS kdlaka, S tamara°, 
C vam°, C 1. hd., S buddhajd, BCPS (L P) ahu.— 14, BS samanav&ka°, P "sarisa, 
S 8ancca% S anuMathsl, C °ata. — 16, S ca, P puppa*, S pubba", cdd, "pura, 
BCLP uttamangabhiito, S uttamamgabhuto. — 16, CL jardyathasaloma , P 
jar^ya saloma°, S tam royassaloma", S anuMathsl. — 17. S satitam, P surohitam, 
S °pita, LS koccha°,* P kaccha°, cdd. °suci°, P °sopi° or °sovi°, C °ggam°, S 
^sonitam. — 18, C viralham, L yirala, P viralam tahi tahi P anananata. — 19, C 
1. hd. ganhakhandaka^, 2. hd. kanha°, P kakhakhantika or kapha^ (?), S kanha- 
khandhti^, C °ndikam, P °pandit£ftn sogate, S ses^te, L ye^ihi, BPS yenihi, 
BCLP 'Mkataiii, S 'lam°. 

A _ A A 


tarn jar&ya khalati siram katam saccaT&diyacaiiaiii anan- 

fiath&. II 255 II 
cittak&rasukat& va lekhita sobhate su bliamuk^ pure mama | 
i& jar&ya valihi palambitsl saccay&divacanam anannatbd. 

II 256 II 
bbassarft surucir^ ysihk mani nettabesum abhinila-m-^yatH | 
te jar&y' abbibatd na sobbate saccaY&diyacanaiii anannath^. 

II 257 II 

sanbatungasadisi ca n&sik^ sobbate su abbiyobbanam pati | 

8& jar&ya upak&lit& viya saccaTMivacanam aiiaDnatb&. II258II 

kankanam va sukatam sunittbitam sobbate su mama kanna- 
• • •••• •• 

p&liyo pure | 
tk jar&ya valibi palambitel saccaTddiyacanam anannatb^. 

II 259 II 
pattalimakulavannasadisft sobbate su dant& pure mama | 
te jard^ya kband& yavapitak^ saccaY&diyacaDam anannatb^. 

11260 II 
kdnanasmim yanasandac&rini kokild ya madburam nikuji- 

tarn I 
tarn jar&ya kbalitam tabim tabim saccay&diyacanam anan- 

natb&. II 261 II ' ' * 

sanbakampuri ya suppamaj jitd. sobbate su giyd. pure mama | 
sk jar&ya bbagga yiu^sitS. saccayMiyacanam anannathd. 

II 262 II 

1, BLPS khalita, C °litain, P saccamvadi", S annatM.— 2, S °sukhata, 
P amuka pare.— 3, L valihi, S valahi, P palamphitfi.— 4, L bhassura, 
P tassara surusira, P nettha, BCLP abhini°, PS °yatha.— 6, S abhihabhata, 
but bha del., as it seems. P sogate, S 8aca°, L ^Tadhracanam. — 6, LP 
°tunga°, ceW. °8adisi, C. I. hd., P °yoppaimam, L °yobbaiinam, CL sati.— 7, 
B upari upakulita, CPupakulita, Lupalita, Supakiiltta, B, CI. hd.,LPS vayam, 
corr. 2. hd. C, B saccam^ P anannata, S anunnatha. — 8, B 1. hd., S kamka°, 
C. 2. hd. Vm, B l.hd., P ca, C om. va, P sugatam, C °paii°, P pare. 
In all the MSS. the || is put before pure.— 9, BLPS valibhi, but cfr. v. 26fi, 
C valihi, 2. hd. phalihi (?j, Ppalambhita, S anunnatha.— 10, B. 1. hd. pattathi°, 
B 2.'hd., P pattaii°,*S pattatthi°, B °makutha°, S °makuttha°, S ^yadisa sobhute. 
— 11, C khandha, BLPS yacapitaka, C 1. hd. yavapitaka, 2. hd. yacasita. — 12, 
C kananamhi, P °8nii, S cana°, P vanacanda°, C °8onda°, S °riot kokinaia, 
BCLP °carini, P madhiiram, BCL nikujitam, S nikujjitam. — 13, BLPS yam, 
BS khanitam (B 1. hd. khanikhanitam), BL sacca°. — 14, B l.hd. pandakammuri, 

2. hd. sanhakammuri, C. 1. hd. sakkhatammuri va puppham majjita, 2. hd. 
sanhatammudi va puppham maj jitva, L °puri, P pandakampuri, S pundakanunuri, 
B 1. hd.; P puppa°, S pubba% LPS giva.— 16, BLPS vinasika, C vinapita, 
P °vacana. 

therI-gathA. 149 

yattapaligbasadisopam^ ubho sobhate su b&b& pure mama | 
tk jaraya yatb& patali dubbalik^ 8accaYd.divacaQam anail- 

8anbamuddik&suTannamandit& sobbate su battb& pure 

mama | 
te jar&ya yath& m&IamCllika saccav^divacanam anannatb^. 

II 264 II 
pinayattapahituggatd. ubho sobhate su thanakd pure mama j 
te rind! va lambante 'nodakd; saiccavadivacanam anannath^. 

kancanassa phalakam va sumattham sobhate su k&yo pure 

mama | 
so valihi sukhum&hi otato saccaTftdivacanam anannath^. 

II 266 II 
n&gabhogasadisopamft ubho sobhate su tird pure mama | 
te jaraya yathd. velunsLliyo saccav^divacanam anannatha. 

II 267 II 
sanhanilpurasuyannamanditel sobhate su jangh& pure mama | 
ik jarftya tiladandakft-r-iva saccaYd.diYacaiiam, aDfannatha. 

II 268 II 
tulapunnasadisopam^ ubho sobhate su p&d& pure raama | 
te jaraya phutik^ yalimatd. saccay&diTacanam anaBuatha. 

II 269 II 
ediso ahu ayam samussayo jaj jaro bahudukkhanam &Iayo 

I, B 1. hd. ^lialikfl", 2. hd. ^baligMsadis^pamsl, L vattapaliasadi^, P yatta- 

{)aliasadi°, S yattiphalikasadisdpamcl, C om. baM, C piire. — 2, C jartl, CL pata- 
ibbalita, BPS p^talippalita, CL ananatil.— 3, P sanha°, L ^uddbika°, C 
munidik^°, C piire.— 4, cdd. tS,, B yatbdmulamulika, L yatb^miiliksl, P mulamutiksi, 
S mulamAlikd. — 5, cdd. pina°, B 2. hd. sahitu^, C ^atitungatsl, L °pa1ituggatd, 
P sogate. — 6, B theritiTalampandbareksl, 2. hd. thentivalaiiipanti nokd, C 1. hd. 
theriii(Uyalampanterodak^, 2. hd. terin^yalambanteiiodakcl, Cy theritiyalampanta- 
nodakcl, L tnerthiyayembandharekti, P therihicalampandhanorak^, S theri- 
tiyalambandharekd, L anathcl. — 7) C 2. hd., L kancanaphalakam, BS kancana- 
mayapba^ C 2. hd. Bamma°, LP sumatham, P sogate, BLPS om. pure, L mami. 
—8, LS yalisukhu°.— *9, L °toga°, P °sati80°, P soffate, L urii, C uru, P unu, 
S ura.— 10, cdd. td, CSvelunaiiyo.— 11, B nhanipura^CL °nupiira°, P °iianiipura'', 
S °n^rupura°, P iangho, S jamgha, S piire, C ma. — 12, B 1. hd., S °dandakani 
ca, P ica, P °vadjii°, L ananatS.. — 13, cdd. tula°, B uso, P so^te, BLPS su pada 
su pure. — 14, C pubbita yalimaktl, B phalimat^, L patikcl, Lr balimatcl, S bali- 
mata. — 15, P aku, C samudayo, P jajjayo pabudakkhanam, S baha°. 

150 therI-gathI. 

80 'palepapatito jar&gharo saccav&divacaDam anannatha. 
11270 II 

Ambap&Ii. II 
saman^ ti bhoti mam yipassi saman^ ti patibujjhasi I 
samandnam eva kittesi samani n{ina bhavissasi. II271II 
yipulam annaii ca p&nan ca Bamanftnam pavecchasi | 
Eohini d&ni pucch&mi kena te samanft piy&. I|272|| 
akammak&md alas& paradattopajiyino | 
&sam8uk& s&duk&ma kena te samani P^y^* H 273 II 
cirassam vata man tsLta saman&nam paripucchasi | 
tesam te kittayissd^mi pann&silaparakkamam. II 274 II 
karamak&msL analasa kammasetthassa k&rakd. j 
r&gam dosam pajahanti tena me samani P^y^* 1127511 
tini pd^passa mM&ni dhunanti sucik&rino | 
Babbap&pam pahln' esam tena me samanft P^y^- II 276 II 
k&yakammam suci nesam vacikamman ca t&disam | 
manokammam suci nesam tena me samani piy&. ||277l| 
vimald. samkbamuttd. 'ya 8uddh& santarab£Lhir& | 
punn& sukk^na dbamm^nam tena me saman& piyd.. II 278 II 
babussutA dhammaddbarA ariy& dbammajivino | 
attbam dbammaii ca desenti tena me samanft piyA. II 27911 
babussutA dbammaddbar^ ariyd. dbammajlyino | 
ekaggacitt& satimanto tena me saman& piya. II 28011 
ddrangamd. satimanto mantabb&ni anaddbat& | 
dukkbass' antam paj^Lnanti tena me samanA piy&* 11281 
yamh& g&m& pakkamanti na vilokenti kincanam | 
anapekkb^ 'va gaccbanti tena me samani piy&. 11282 1| 

1, B so palesasatiso, L so palepatito, P so phalesasatito, S so palessatito. — 
2, P Ampa*, S Ama°, cdd. °^ali.— 3, S samani ti, B pam, P sam, C *)*jhati, 
V °pujjhasi. — 4, BCP samani, edd. nuna, C bhavissati. — 6, L payacchasi, B 1. 
hd. sayacchasi, 2. hd. pavacchasi, C sayancasi, PS sayacchasi.— 6, L Rohini, 
8 Rohmt, BCS siya.--7, S puradatto°, P °dattho°, LP °jivino.— 8, P asiimsukfi, 
C sadunukelmtl, PS tena me, S sakH, CS siyd. — 9, L cirassam, P cata, S tain, 
P tava, S tata, C °pucchasi, L °pacclia8i.~10, C tesan, S'tesa, S '^arikka- 
mam.— 11, BPS kammese°.— 12, BPS ragam dosan ca, BCS siya.— 13, B tini, 
C tini, S tini.— 14, C sabbam papam, BCLP pahin', BCS siya.— 16, P vaci°, 
P sadisam.-ie, P °kamma, BCS siyk. -17, C saii°, P ca, S saddha.— 18, BPS 
punna, C sukkanam, B 1. hd. dhamma, C te, BCS siya. — 19, S dhammadhaia, 
BP °jivino.— 20, P va, S siya.-21, PS dhammadhara, P °jivino.— 22, B sam- 
maka, BCS siya.— 23, L dura°, S satf', C °manta, LP %hani, C °bhana, S 
°bliant.— 24, S Sana, BCS siya.— 25, edd, kincinam.— 26, BCS siya. 


na te sam kotthe osenti na kumbllim na kalopiyam 
parinitthitam eeknk tena me 8aman& piy&. II 283 II 
na te hirannam ganhanti na savaiinaiii na rCipiyam ' 
paccuppannena y&penti tena me saman& piy&. II284|| 
n&n&kul& pabbajit& n&n&janapadehi ca | 
afifiamafiiiam piy&yanti tena me saman^ piy&- ||285|| 
atth&ya vata no bhoti kale j&t& si Kohini | 
saddh^ buddhe ca dharame ca sanghe ca tibbag^rav^. 11286 II 
tuvam h' etam paj&nllsi punnakkhettam anuttaram | 
amham pi ete saman& patiganhanti dakkhinam j 
patitthito h' ettha yanno vipulo no bhavissati. II287II 
sace bb&yasi dukkhassa sace te dukkbam appiyam j 
iipehi buddbam saranam dbammam sangban ca t&dinam j 
sam&diy&bi stl&ni tan te attbftya hebiti. ||288|| 
upemi buddbam saranam dbabmam sangban ca td.dinam | 
sam&diyd.mi sil&ni tarn me attb&ya bebiti. II 28911 
brabmabandbu pure ftsim so id&ni 'mbi br&bmano j 
teyijjo sottbiyo c' ambi vedagd c' ambi nb&tako. 11290 II 

Eobi^. II 
lattbibattbo pure &sim so dftni migaluddako | 
^ya palip& ghork n&sakkbim p&ram etase. 11291 1| 
sumattam mam mannam&nft G^p& puttam atosayi j 
G&p&ya bandbanam cbetvft pabbajissam puno-m-abam. 

11292 II 
m& me kujjba mab&vira mft me kujjba mab&muni | 
na bi kodbaparetassa suddbi attbi kuto tapo. II 29311 

1, C kotha, L openti, BLPS kumbhi, C kampi, B 1. hd. ka^liopi°, S katthopi°. 
— 2, C esslna, P esansl, BCS siya. — 3, L ganianti, P sava®.— 4, L me r^i, P me 
sam^ BCS siya. — 6, L pabbajjitd, P pappa°. — 6, L anammanai^, C ptva°, 
BCS siya.— 7, P cata, C 1. hd., P §oti, B. 1. hd., S koti, CPS pi, LP Rofiini, 
S Rohini.— 8, cdd. samghe, BCLP tippa°, P °g£lpvd. — 9, C tuvam hetu pajS- 
nsuni, LP °khettam, C °ttara.— 10, C amham, BPS pati°, P dflkkhanam.— 11, 
CS pati°, P hattha, C °to sotthim, B 1. hd. sano, S safino.— 12, P bhayaci, L te 
du(kkha8sa sace te dukkha)m appiyam.— 13, P buddha, C saranam buddbam, 
CS samghan, B I. hd., S tadisam, C tidini.— 14, BCP hehiti, S 'tehiti.— 16, C 
saranam buddham, BCS samghafi.— 16, L siiani, BPS tam, BCP hehiti.— 17, 
C pOre, S asi, S idan* amhi, BCLP brahmano.— 18, B 1. hd., S ^hatako.— 19, 
BL Rohini, P Nohini, S Rohini. -^20, L '°hatto, BCPS asi.— 21, C. asaya, 
BCPS nasakkhi, P ram, B. 1. hd.,CP etasse, B 2. hd. paramasitum, L etassa.— 
22, BCS sumutta, P sumatta mana°, BP muttam, S muttamam, B atotassi, 
C 1. hd., P atosassi, S tosassi.— 23, S puno.--24, BCPS kujjhii BCLP °vira, 
BPS kujjhi, S °munt.— 26, C. 2. hd. kodha°, P sutti, L atti. 

152 therI-gAthI. 

pakk&missaD ca N&l&to ko 'dha N&Mya vaccbati 

bandbanti ittbir{ipena samane dbammajivinp. II 294 II 

ebi K&la nivattassu bhafija k&me yatbd. pure j 

abam ca te vasikat^ ye ca me santi n&takft. 11295 II 

etto ceva catubbb&gam yatbd. bb&sasi tarn G&pe | 

tayi rattassa posassa ul&ram vata tarn sly a. II 296 II 

K41a 'nginim ya takk&rim puppbitam girimuddbani j 

pbullam dalikalattbim va antodipe va patalim II 297 II 

baricandanalittangim k&sikuttamadb&rinim | 

tain mam riipavatim santim kassa ob&ya gaccbasi. II 298 1| 

s&kuntiko va sakunim yatb& bandbitum iccbati | 

ftbarimena rilpena na mam tvam bMbayissasi. II 299 II 

imam ca me puttapbalam K&la upp&ditam tay& | 

tarn mam puttavatim santim kassa ob&ya gacbbasi. 11300 

jahanti putte sappannd. talo n&ti tato dbanam | 

pabbajanti mabd,vir& n&go cbetv& va bandbanam. || 301 1| 

id&ni te imam puttam dandena cburik&ya yk \ 

bbClmiyam va nisumbbeyyam puttasokd. na gaccbasi. II 30211 

sace puttam sig&l&nam kukkur&nam padsLbisi | 

na mam puttakate jammi punar ftvattayissasi. 1130311 

banda kbo dani bbaddan te kubim K&la gamissasi 

1, C pakka°, B 1. hd. , Naheto, 2. hd., Nalato, C Nalato, P Namaiato, B 1. hd. » 
Nabheyst, 2. hd. Naiaya, BL vucchati, P vacchiti, S vuccati.— 2, L °iitt, P 
°rupena, BP "liyino, C °jivine. — 3, S Kala, P nivattasu, S nivatthassu, P bhunca, 
C pare.— 4, OS ahan, BCLP vasi^.— 5, CPS ettho, BL Cape, P catumbha°, 
S yathd ^saya, CS tan, P ta, cdd. came ; but cfr. st. 308. — 6, P tari, B yatthassa, 
P yattipossa, but del. po. BPS ram for tarn. — 7, B 1. hd. kalagiri, 2. hd. kala- 
ginim, C kalamkana, L ksllanginl, P kdlagiiii, S kaiagiri, B 1. hd., LPS ca, BL 
takkdri, C tak'kanari, P kakkari, S takkkri, B 1. hd., L puppitd, P puppitam, 
S °ta, BCLP giri°, B 1. hd. ^muddani, S °ii!.— 8, BPL dalikalathi, C ^Uka- 
lathi, 2. hd. daiijalathi, S dfilakalattht, B, C 1. hd., LPS ca, BP °dipe, S ca, 
BCLP pataU, S pltali.— 9, B °ttamgi, C °ttangi, P °ttamgi, S °ttangi, BCLP 
^'rini, S °rmt.— 10, B tarn, PS kamma, CP °vati, S °gat!, CPS santi, C kissa, 
B gacchati. — 11, P ca, L perhaps sakunam, BCP saku^, S sakunt, C icchasi. — 
12, P dhdri^, S stharimena, P ru°, B rocayissayi, L bdcadha", but ca del. as it 
seems, PS rocayissasi. — 13, C aman, S iman, P sa, S keQa, P °dita, C 1. hd., 
P tassa, S tassa — 14, B 1. hd., PS dhamma, B. 2. hd. tam, C tvam, CP °vati, 
S °yat!, CPS santi, B gacchati, L gacchasim. — 16, cdd. Mti, P tako, B 1. hd. 
om. dhanam. — 16, BCL °virjl, P°dmnl. — 17, B l.hd. om. te imam. — 18, B 1. hd. 
yanitumbhisam, 2. hd. vanisubbhissa, CL yanisumbhiyam, P yandisubhayam, 
S yanisumbhtyam, P suttam sokst S °si. — 19, cdd. singam°, C saddhipi, B 1 . hd. 
P sadahisi, S tadclhisi. — 20, B 1. hd. khamam, 2. hd. na mam, BC pnttamkate, 
BPLS jamhi, C jappi, P punaneyatthayi^, S puna payattayassasi. — 21, S ko, 
P ti, 2. hand ta, CP kuhi, S E^la, C Kdia, C gamissasi. 

theri-gathA. 153 

katamam g&mam nigamam nagaram r&jadb&niyo. ||304|| 
ahumha pubbe ganino asaman& samanam&nino | 
g^mena gkmsm vicarimba nagare rd.jadbftniyo. ||305|| 
eso bi bbagav^ bu^dbo nadim Nerailjaram pati | 
sabbadukkbappab&n&ya dbammam desesi psLninam | 
tass&bam santike gaccbam so me sattb^ bbavissati. || 306 
Tandanam d&ni vajj&si lokan&tbam anuttaram | 
padakkbinan ca katv&na ^diseyy^si dakkbinam. II 307 
etam kbo labbbam ambebi yatb& bb&sasi tarn G&pe | 
Tandanam dani te yajjam lokandtbam anuttaram | 
padakkbinan ca katv&na d.disis8sLmi dakkbinam. || 308 
tato ca K&lo pakk&mi nadim Nerafijaram pati j 
so addas&si sambuddbam desentam amatam padam. II 309 
dukkbam dukkbasamuppadam dukkbassa ca atikkamam | 
ariyattbangikam maggam dukkbilpasamag^minam. II 310 II 
tassa pdd&ni vanditv^ katv&na nam padakkbinam | 
Capd.ya ^disityftna pabbaji anagsLriyam j 
tisso vijj& anuppattd. katam buddbassa s&sanam. 1131111 

cap&. II 

pet&ni bboti kb&dam&n^ tuvam pure | 
tuvam div^ ca ratto ca ativa paritappasi. 11312 
s&jja sabbdni kb&dity& satta puttani br&bmani 
Ydsettbi kena vannena na b^lbam paritappasi. ||313 
babiini me puttasat&ni nd^tisangbasat^ni ca | 
kb^itd^ni atitamse mama tuyban ca br&bmana. || 314 
s£Lbam nissaranam natvd, jatiy& maranassa ca | 
na soc&mi na rod&mi na cabam paritapp&mi. 11315 

1, L gslma, B 1. hd. g^mi, BPS nigamam y^, S nigamam raia°, C nagara, 
BCLP °thSniyo. — 2, CL ahumh£t, S aham pi,' L ganhino, S ganhino, B 8ama°. 
—3, C vicarimha, BCLP ^tbfiuiiyo.- 4, BLP nadi, CS nadi, C 1. hd., L neranca°, 
P °mja°, S pati.— 5, B. 1. hd., PS sabbe°, CL °paha°, CP deseti, S pani°.— 6, 
B 2. hd. °tikaip, S satttl.— 7, C vandanan.— 8, BPS ddiyissami.— 9, C laddham, 
P lambham, S labbham, L yath& bh&si tam cdme, P tam, CS tan ca me. — 10, 
C °nan, L t^ni, C gaccham, P loke°.— 11, BPS fidiyi^.— 12, C va, CPS Kalo. 
S pan^iamt, LS naai, CP nadi, S pat!. — 13, BLP adassasi, P desantam, S°senti. 
—16, BCP dukkhu°.— 16, B tassa, B katv^ aggada°, C katvUnam abhida°, PS 
katv^na aggapada°. — 17, C avi katvflna, PS adiyitvana, B ana°.— 18, P katham. 
— 20, C puttslnam, BLS khtldamelnam, P kh^amslna. — 21, P ati ca, S atica. 
22, BP sv&jjd, S svajja, P satta or sattha, L sata, LP brahmani, S °nt. — 23, 
edd, Vasi°, S °tthi na. S baiham.— 24, PS bahuni, P °8agha°, S °8amgha°, 
B ^sabhSni. — 26, P khadith&ni, BP ati°, C atitamso, L brahmana, P brahmayi, 
S brahmana. — 26, C niyaranam, P manassa ca. — 27, C na capi, cdd. paritappati. 

154 therI-gIthI. 

abbhutam vata Y&settbi v&cani bh&sasi edisam I 

• • • • • • 

kassa tvam dhammam ann&ya giram bh&sasi edisam. ||316|| 
esa br&hmana sahibuddho nagaram Mithilam pati | 
sabbadukkhappah&n&ya dhammam desesi p&ninani. II 317 II 
tass&ham br^hmana arahato dhammam sutvd. nirupadhim | 
tattha vinnatasaddhammft puttasokam byap&nudim. II 31 8 II 
so aham pi gamissftmi nagaram Mithilam pati | 
app eva mam so bhagav& sabbadukkhft pamocaye. || 319 1| 
addasa br&hmano buddham yippamuttam nirupadhim | 
tassa dhammam adesesi muni dukkhassa p&ragCl. || 820 II 
dukkh^m dukkhasamuppidam dukkhassa ca atikkamam. | 
ariyatthangikam maggam dukkh{lpasamagd.minaiii. II 321 II 
tattha vinn&tasaddhammo pabbajjam samarocayi | 
Suj&to tihi rattihi tisso vijj& aphassayi. I|322|| 
ehi s&rathi gacch&hi ratham niy&day&hi 'mam j 
&rogyam br&hmanim vajja pabbajito dftni br&hmano j 
Suj&to tihi rattihi tisso yijj^ aphassayi. II 323 II 
tato ca ratham &d&ya sahassam c&pi sftrathi | 
&rogyam br&hmanim avoca pabbajito d&ni br&hmano | 
Suj&to tihi rattihi tisso vijjd. aphassayi. ||324|| 
etam c' aham assaratham sahassam c&pi s&rathi | 
tevijjain br&hmanam suty& punnapattam dad&mi te. II 325 II 
tumh' eva hotu assaratho sahassam c&pi brahmani | 
aham pi pabbajiss&mi varapafinassa santike. ||326|| 

1, B 1. hd. apputam, C abbhiitam, C V^itbi, P appCita, S tb&, P yS^am, S 
T^cam, P edisi, B. 1. hd., S esi.— 2, CP giram.— 3, LP brabmana, C Midbilam, 
B 1. hd., L Mitilam.— 4, LP °diikkhll pa£a°, *S °kkhapa°, C deseti.— 5, B 2. bd. 
tassa, LP brabmana, S abarato, L nirupadbim, P niri^padbi, BCS ^adbi. — 6, 
S °80tain, B byapa°, C apdnudi, P byapdrudi,' S °nudi.— 7, BCLP Midbilam.— 
8, P amp\ — 9f B bbaddasa, S addasam, LP brabma^o, BC nirdpadbi, L'nirO.- 
pamim, PS nirupadbi. — 10, B 2. bd. so 'ssa, B dbamma pa°, C dbammam made°, 
8 muni, LS p^ragu.— 11, B 1. bd. duggain, S dukkbesamu°. — 12, S ariya^dba^, 
B dukkbupasamapagaminam, L dukkbusamapag£l°, CS dnkkbupa^. — 13, P 
vmati°, BLPS pabbajam, PS mam aro°.— 14, GPS tibi, PS rattibi, P tiso, LS 
apassayi, BC apassasi, P apbassassi. — 15, L sarati, L ratam, B 1. bd. niydtassSbi, 
2. bd. niyadayabi, C nijyatbayabi. L m°, PS niyatassabi.— 16, B 1. bd., LS 
arogyam, cdd. brabma^i, B vajjfi. CPS vijja, BPS pabbSiito, BCLP brabmanio. 
— 17, L tibi, BL rattibi, P tiso vijja, B pbassasi, 2. hd. °yi, L apassayi, S 
apassasi. — 18, P tato datbam, S °ya ya sa°, B 1. bd. sabayasam. — 19, B 1. bd. 
C 1. bd., LP aro°, BCLP brabma^i, S brabmani, S abam pi, BCLP brabmanio. 
— 20, P sujjltbo (?) S tibi, B 1. bd. apbassasi, 2. bd. °yi, L apassap, P apbassassi, 
S apassasi. — 21, C etan ca te assa°, P ca tain, LP ratam, C vapi, L strati. — 22, 
P vevijjam, LP brabma°, S ^puttain, B dM^mi, P dadfici.— 23, Ctuybam va, LP 
sabassan, BCLP brabmani, C 2. bd. brabmani, S °9i. — 24, S abam, L pabbajji^. 

THEEt-GlXHl. 155 

hatthigavassam manikundalaii ca phitan c' imam gehavi- 

gatam pab&ya | 
pitft pabbajito tuyham bhunja bbog&ni Sundari tuvam 

dayftdik&kule. 1132711 
hatthigayassam maniku^dalafi ca ramman c' imam gebavi- 

gatam pabftya | 
pitft pab1)ajito mayham puttasokena addito | 
aham pi pabbajissftmi bb&tu sokena addit&. || 328 1| 
so te ijjhatu samkappo yam tvam patthesi Sundari | 
uttittbapindo uncbo ca pamsuk&Ian ca ctvaram | 
et&ni abbisambbontl paraloke an&savft. 11329 II 
sikkbara&n&ya me ayye dibbacakkbum visodbitam | 
pubbenivd.8am jftn&mi yattba me vusitam pure. II 330 II 
tuyam niss&ya kaly&ni therisangbassa sobbane | 
tisso vijjA anuppattft katam buddbassa s&sanam. II 331 II 
anujftn&bi me ayye iccbe S&yattbim gantaye | 
slbauddam nadissftmi buddbasettbassa santike. II 332 II 
pas8a Sundari sattbftram bemayannam barittacam j 
adant&nam damet&ram sambuddbam akutobbayam. I|333|| 
paasa Sundarim ayaniim vippamuttam nirupadhinv | 
yitar&gam yisamyuttam katakiccam anltsayam. II 334 1| 
BsLr&nasito nikkbamma taya santikam &gat& | 
8&yik& te mabftyira yandati Sundari. || 335 II 
tuyam buddbo tuyam sattbft tuybam dbita mhi br&bmana 
ora8& mukbato j&t& katakiccd. an&sayd.. II 336 

1, L liatthim, L ^^dala, P ^am, L pitan, B 1. hd., PS pitam, P nmam, L 
ima, CPS gaha**.— 2, P vita, L '°jii°, L tumyham, PS bhunji,'P te bhagani, 
S tayam, BPS dayanika tide.— 3, P V^a", LP rammam, P imam, S i (sic) CPS 
gaha°.— 4, L °jji^, C tuyham, S muttabhogena, BC addito, LPS attito. — 5, S 
aham, CL pabbajji°, B ad^ta, C addika, P attita, LS attito. — 6, BPS icchitu, 
C Ban**, L sakappo, P mat«6i, S pattesi Sundari.— 7, BCPS uttitha°, C ^pin^o ca, 
B 1. hd. uccho, C, B 2. hd. uccha, L uncha, P ucco, S uccho, BCLP °kulan, 
S Tnilam, BL civaram.— 8, BCPS °bhoiiti.— 9, L °cakkhu.— 10, L °sam na ja°, 
CP yatta, S yata.— li, P nissayam, BS °n!, LS then, C there°, BPS ^samghassa, 
BL sobhini, P sobhani, S sobhant.— 13, BPS ay^a, BCLS Sayatthi, P Sayatti, C 
gantuye, PS gandhaye. — 14, LS siha°. — 15, S passatha, BCS Sundari, B 1. hd. 
sattanam, L satta^, S satta he°, P "yanna, °ttayam.— 16, S anadanta°, B 1. hd., 
CPS dametanam. — 17, CS 'Vim, cdd. ayanti, BC nirClpadhi, L nirupamim, 
P nirdpadhi, S* nirupadhi.— 18, BCLP yita°, C kiccam.— 19, P Bara*, BLP 
°9asito, S °nasito, P mkkhi°, S ssantikam ata.— 20, S sadhika, BCP °vira, LP 
Sundari, C tuyam dhita, L dhita, BP dhita, S mpi.— 21, LP bra°, S brahmana. 
—22, P orassa, L °kicca, P anasata. 

156 therI-gatha. 

tass^ te SY£loratam bhadde tato te adurel^atam 
evam hi dantS. slyanti satthu pad&ni vandik& 
vitaragd. Tisaiiiyutt& katakicc^ an&sayd.. II 337 II 

Sundari. || 
dahar&ham 8uddhayasan& yam pure dhammam asunim 
tassa me appamattslya sacc&bliisamayo ahu. || 338 
tato 'ham sabbak&mesu bhilsam aratim ajjhagam 
sakkSyasmim bhayam disvsL nekkhammam yeva pihay^- 

II 339 II * 
hitvan' aham ii4tiganam d^sakammakard^ni ca | 
g&makhettani phltftni ramaniye pamodite | 
pahay' aham pabbajitA s&pateyyam anappakam. 11340 II 
evam saddh&ya nikkhamma saddhamme suppavedite | 
na me tarn assa patirClpam &kincannam hi patthaye | 
y& j&tar{iparajatam thapetv^ punar &game. || 341 1| 
rajatam jatarCipam vk na bodhdya na santaye | 
na etam samanas&ruppam na etam ariyadhanam. Il342|| 
lobhanam madanam c' etam mohanam raiavaddhanam | 
sUsankam bahu^y&sam n' atthic' ettha dhuvam (hiti. ||343|f 
ettha ratta pamatteL ca samkilitthaman& nard, | 
annamannena by&ruddh& puthukubbanti medhagam. II 344 II 
vadho bandho parikleso j&ni sokapariddavo j 
k&mesu adhipann&nam dissate byasanam bahum. II 345 II 
tarn man nati amittd, va kim mam k&mesu yuiijatha | 
J£lnatha mam pabbajitam k&mesu bhayadaasinim. II 346 II 

1, B 2. hd., L atho.~2, P 1. hand eva, B 1. hd. dattha, C dantam, P rantS, 
—3, BCI.P vita°, B 1 hd. gata°, L °kicca.-4, LP °ri. -5, P dahadd aham. 
BCS dahara aham, S asuni, LP asuni. — 6, C anuppamattdya. — 7, C tato aham, 
B hhusam, L susam, BLP ajjhaga.— 8, B nekkhamma, 2. hd. °ama, C nikkham- 
mam, L nekkhampam, C eva, S pihaye. — 9, S°ganam, C 1. hd. °kaKlni. — 10, B I. 
hd, S pitani, CL *phit°, P hit°, BCLP ramaniye, S ramaniye, B 1. hd, 
S samodite. — 11, L pahhajjitd, P pappajitd, S pabbajM, C °jitvL — 12, P 
sant^ya, S sadddya, C nikkhamam, P °ditEi.— 13, L tham, BC pati°, S pattriipam 
S-kincamnam, BS pattaye.— 14, CLPS yo, B ro, P °rupa°. 16, L rajabham, 
B °ta, L santiy^, C 1. hi santiye, 2. hd. santiyS. — 16, C om. na, L n' etam. — 
17) C madanan, P motanam rajabandhana, S rajabandhanam, B °bandhanam.— 
18, BLS sasamka, P Mlsakaiii bah\i°, P dhuva, P dhiti, BS dhiti.— 19, L etta, 
Psamattha, S'samkilatthamana.— 20, BCP °kuppanti, BCPS medhakam.— 22, 
B 1. hd., P diyate,* S dijate, P bahii, S bahu.— 23, P tarn, BCLP manati, S 
nati, BCPS ca, cdd, ki, corr. C 2. hd., P kamasa yimcatha, B 1. hd. °thi.— 
24, L pabbajjitam, P pappa°, L namesu, BCLP ^dassini, S °dassini. 

therI-gathA. 157 

na hirannasuvannena parikkhtyanti &saT& 

amitt& yadhak& kftin& sapatt& sallabandhand. 11347 

tarn man fi&tt amitt& va kim mam kamesu yunjatha 

j&n&tha mam pabbajitam mundam samghfttip&rutam. 11348 

uttitthapindo uncho ca pamsukillan ca civaram | 

etam kho mama s&ruppam anag&riipanissayo. || 349 1| 

yant& mahesin^ k&m& ye dibb& ye ca mftnu8& | 

khematth&ne Timutt& te patt& te acalam sukham. II 350 

m&ham kftmehi samgacchim yesu tftnam na vijjati | 

amitt& vadhakft kkmk aggikhandh<lpam& dukli&. ||351 1| 

paripantho eso sabhayo saTigh^to sakantako j 

gedho suTisamo c' eso mahanto mohan&mukho. 11352|| 

upasaggo bhimar&po ca k&m& sappasir&pamd. | 

ye b&l& abhinandanti andhabhilt& puthujjana. II 353 II 

kd,mapankasatt& hi jan£l hahti loke aviddasii || 

pariyantam n&bhijftnanti J£ltiy£l maranassa ca. 11354 

duggatigamanam maggam manussd Mmahetukam 

bahum ve patipaj janti attano roga-m-&vaham. II 355 II 

evam amittajanand t&pan& samkilesikd | 

lok&mis& bandhaniy£l k&m& maranabandhanft. II 35611 

aimmadan& ullapan& k&m& cittapam&thino | 

satt£lnam samkiles&ya khippam M&rena odditam. II 357 

anant&dinaY& k&mcL bahudukkhd mah&yisd, 

1, C hiranena 8U°, LS "kkhiya®, BP °kkliiyya° C anasavS, P asaniva.— 2, P 
samatta, B 1. hd., CS pamatti— 3, BCLP mafiati, BCS nati, BCPS ca, cdd. 
ki, S komesu. — 4, L pabbajjitam, C 8angha°. — 6, BCLP uttitha°, C °pinda, 
P ucco, B 1. hd. CS uccho, B 2. hd. uccha, LPB (S ?) °kulan,* C °kaiam ti.*— 
6, S pama, BCS ana^a^ BLS °rupa°.— 7, P manusa.— 8, LP khemathane, 
L he acala. — 9, S ma 'lam, LP °gacclii, C °ganchi, S samghacchi, C taninam, 
PS tanara, P vijati.— 10,L chamittha, LS °dhupama, C °ndha8ama, P °dhopam*a, 
BCP dukkha. — 11, B paripandho (?) dha bhayo; 2. hd. del, dha, C paribandho 
esa bhayo, L paribandho dha esa bhayo, P paribandho (corr. to paribaddho, as it 
seems) eta sabhayo, S paripanuo dha esa bhayo, LP °kandako, S sandhakandako. 
— 12, B 1. hd., PS rodho, LS sucisamo, 6 gehe suyisamam c* etam mahanta 
mohanam sukham. — 13, CLP bhimma°, S bhimarupo, B bhima°, S kaha, LPS 
8abba°, S ^strupama.— 14, S haia, LS °bhuta, P puthujana.— 15, CP kama- 
samsaggasatta, S °pamka°, B 2. hd. °pankena, P om, jana, B 1. hd. na ; dei. 
2. hd., BS bahu, L aviddasu, P avindasu, C ayindisu, BS avindisum. — 16, B 1. 
hd., C abhija°, L na jana°, P jatira, C marassa. — 17, B duggatidhammakham, 
PSB manussa, S kahetnkam. — 18, P bahd, BS bahu, PS rogapadantam, Brag'a- 
padantam.— 19, S amittha°, B aniitta°.— 20, BPS lokamissa, L ^misa,* C 1. hd. 
^missa, cdd. bandhaniya. — 21, P ummadana ummadana kama, BP cittassa, CS 
cittasa, BCPS madhino.— 22, L sattana, BLPS ottitam, C udditam.— 23, C na 
anantapinava, LS ^adinava, P °adinapa. 

158 theri-gathA. 

appass&dd ranakar& sukkapakkhayisosan^. ||358|| 
s^ham et&disam katv£l byasanam k&mahetakam | 
na tarn paccd^gamiss&mi iiibMD&bhirat& sadcL. || 359 II 
ranam karitv& kcLmcLnam sitibhftv£lbhikankhini | 
appamatt& yihiss&mi tesam samyojanakkhaye. || 360 1| 
asokam viraiam khemam ariyatthantrikain uium | 
tarn maggam anugacchcLmi yena tinn& mahesino. II 361 
imam passatha dhammattham Subham kamm&radhitaram 
anejam upasampajja rukkhamillamhi jh&yati. ||362|| 
ajj'atthami pabbajitcL saddhcL saddhammasobhanel j 
vinit& Uppalavann&ya tevijjA maccuhcLyini. II 36311 
s&yam bhujiss^ anand bhikkhunt bh&vitindriy& | 
sabbayogavisamyutt^ katakicdL an&savft. || 364 1| 
tarn Sakko devasanghena upasamgamma iddhiyd | 
namassati bhiltapati Subham kamm&radhitaran ti. ||365|| 

SubhcL kamm&radhit&. 

visatinip&to samatto. II 

Jivakambavanam rammam gacchantim bhikkhunim Su- 
bham I 
dhuttako samniy&resi tam enam abravi Subhd. II 36611 
kim te aparadhitam may& yam mam ovariyana titthasi | 
na hi pabbajit&ya cLvuso puriso samphusan&ya kappati. 

II 367 II 
garoke mama satthu s&sane yk sikkh& sugatena desit& | 

1, LP appasadtl, S appas^hsl, C °kdr^. — 2, P etam disam, S todisam. — 
3, BLPS paccha°, BLPS iiibbanabhi°.— 4, BP 8iti°, B 1. hd. °kamkliini, 2. hd. 
°khiiii, P °khiiii, S °kandini. — 5, C yiharissami rat4 sanojanakkhayo, BLPS 
tasam.— 6, BLPS uiu, C uj\l.— 7, C kam, PSBC ^sina.— 8, BCP °dhitaram.— 
9, L °paijim, B L hd. sayati. — 10, B 1. hd. om. ajj', CP athami, B a|hambi, 
S atthamni, L pabbajjitd, P pappajjitd, B °bhak&. — :ll, odd. yinitS, L uppa- 
lamva°, P upala°, S "vannajra, B 1 . hd. "bhcUini, 2. hd hdyini, C maccuhayini, 
L maccabhdsini, P paccutayiiii, S paccubhasini. — 12, LP bhiijissit, S bhujjissS, 
BCP a^ana, S anand, P °ni, BC bhikkhiini.— 13, B sabbeyoga®.— 14, BS 
°samghena, C ^sankama, S °Bamkamma. — 15, B I. hd. Sutam, S Siibham 
kammamradhitaran, S kammdravicdran, B "dhicdran, C °dhitaran. — 16, BPS 
Subha, LPS °dhita. B °dita, B 2. hd.kammayadita. -17, P visati^.— 18, B Jiva°, 
1. hd. kammadhanam ; corr. 2. hd., B °nti, C °nta, BC °uni, B 1. hd. Sut&, 
L Jivakainma°, P *Jmakamma°, PS °nti °Di— 19, S vuttako, L tam iii°, LP 
abravi, S abruvi, B 1. hd. Sutd.— 20, BP ki, C kin, C °dhitam maya* yam, CP 
ovadiyana. — 21, BL pabbajji°, P Bampu°. — 22, BPgarute, S ya. 

therI-gathI. 159 

parisuddhapadam ananganam kim mam ovariy&na titthasi. 

avilacitto an&vilam sarajo Titarajam ananganam | 
sabbattha vimuttam&nasam kim mam ovariyelna titthasi. 

II 369 II 
dahard ca ap&pikiL c' asi kim te pabbaj jcL karissati | 
nikkhipa kas&yacivaram ehi ram&mase pupphite vane. 

II 370 II 
madhuran ca pavanti sabbaso kusumarajena samuddhatd 

dum& I 
pathamavasanto sukho utu ehi ram&mase pupphite vane. 

II 371 II 
kusumitasikharcL ca pMap& abhigajjanti va mlLluterit& | 
\sk tuyham rati bhavissati yadi ek& vanam og&hissasi. || 372 II 
valamigasanghasevitam kunjaramattakarenulolitam j 
asahayikd gantum icchasi rahitam bhisanakam mah&va- 

nam. 11373 II 
tapaniyakatiL va dhttik& yicarasi Cittarathe va acchard | 
keisikasukhumehi vagguhi sobhasi vasanehi 'nClpame. ||374|| 
aham tava yas&nugo siyam yadi viharemasi k&nanantare | 
na hi m'atthi tay& piyataro p&no kinnarimandalocane. ||375|| 
yadi me vacanam karissasi sukhitd, ehi agsLram &vasa | 
p^danivatav&sinl parikamman te karontu nariyo. II 376 1| 
k^sikasukhumslni dh&raya abhiropehi ca m&lavannakam 

1, B 1. hd. °para, 2. hd. °pada, CP *^aram, S °ddhapam, S anamga°, BCLP 
ki, B pam, P ma, C ovadi°. — 2, CP avila°, L angaijam, S anganam. — 3, P sam- 
pattha, BCP ki, B 2. hd. C ovadi°.— 4, C va asamika, PS apasika, add, vasi, 
LP ki, C kin, S pabbajjaya, C pabbaj a karissasi. — 5, B nikkhipa, C nikkhamma, 
S nikkhipi, B 1. hd., PS puppite, C supu°. — 6, C °ram ca pabhavanti, C 
samuthita. — 7, B patha°, LS pathamam, P pathamara, L vassantosumo, S rama- 
mate, B 1. hd., P puppite, 8 pu^phabbate. — 8, P ^simikhara, C va, Ppadasa, 
B atigacchanti, CPS abbi^cchanti, B maiuke°. — 9, P ogahissati, C obha°. — 
10, PS°8amgha°, C °matakarenulolitam, B 1. hd. °lothitam, 2. hd. °lolitam, 
S notthitam.— 11, P paharika, BS sahayika, LP rahikain, BLPS bhisa°, 
C bhimsa°, B °tam, P paha vanam. — 12, BCL tapaniya°, P tapanissa, BCLP 
dhitika, P vicaraci, B Cittarase. — 13, L vasadhanehi, BCS vasavanehi, Bnupame, 
C nopame, L niipamo, P nusame, S nussame. The u is lengthened metri caussa. 
— 14, C tan ca, L vata, P tam ca, B 1. hd., S vasavanugo, C °nubho, BPS siyuin, 
L viharesi, B 1. hd., S viharemapi, C viharesasi, C. I. hd. kanantanare, 2. hd. 
kanantare.— 15, B I. hd., PS atti tassa, C kinnara°, P kinnarim°.— 16, S sukhtta, 
BPS avase.— 17, BCP °vasini, L to, BLPS karonta.— 18, B atirohehi, C abhi- 
rososi, S abhirohehi, P abhiyohehi, BPS maia°. 

160 therI-gatha. 

kancanamanimuttakam bahum yividham ibharanam karomi 

te. II377II 
sudhotarajapacchadam subham gonakatiilikasantatam na- 

vam I 
abhiruha sayanam mah&raham candanama^ditam 8&ra- 

gandhikam. ||378|| 
uppalam ca udakato ubbhatam yath& yam amanussaseyitam | 
evam tuvam brahmac&riDi sakesu angesu jaram gamissasi. 

* II 379 II* 
kin te idha sslrasammatam kunapapftramhi sus&navaddhane | 
bhedanadhamme kajevare yam disvcL yimano udikkhasi. 

II 380 II 
akkhini ca turiy&-r-iva kinnariyft-r-iva pabbatantare j 
tava me nayan&ni dakkhiya bhiyyo k&marati pavaddbati. 

11381 II 
uppalasikharopam&nite vimale h&takasamiibhe mukbe | 
tava me nayan&ai dakkhiya bhiyyo k&maguno pavaddfaati. 

api dilragatd. saremhase ftyatapamhe Tisuddhadassane | 
na hi m' atthi tayd piyatard nayand kisnarimandalocane. 

II 383 II 
apatheDa pay&tum icchasi candam kilanakam gavesasi | 
Merum lahghetum icchasi yo tvam buddhasutam magga- 

yasi. II 384 II 

1, S kancana°, P °maiii°, S °mani°, S °mattakam, P vividha.— 2, B 2. hd., 
S gonaka°, C gonakamtiilikathasanhatam, 2. hd. °santhatam, P paijLhatam, 
B 1. hd., S °sanhatam.— 3, C ati°, S °mai^ta, P °gai^^kam. — 4, LP upalam, 
BC va, C ubbhitam. — 5, L tu, S °carmi, C 2. hd. Bakesa, P anke, S amkesu, 
BS raj am. — 6, B te i sa°, B 1. hd. s&sanasabbatam, 2. hd. s^anasammatam, 
C 1. hd. sasanasammati, 2. hd. sSsanasammatam, but Cy as L, P sSflanasappatam, 
S sSsanasabbatam, S kunapa°, BP ^uramhi, S susdsana^. — 7, L bhena°, P kale- 
vaye, S kalevare, BL udakkhasi, S udakkhasi. — 8, BCLP akkhini, S akkhini, 
C turiyani ca, L kindariyS, S ki^na^. — 9, L ma, C udikkhiya, S bhiyyo, P °yati, 
S°ratt.— 10, BCLP upala°, C °sikhara8ama°, C hataka°, BS sataW.— 11, P 
nayan^na, B nayanobhi, S nayanSbhi, CL udikkhiya, P udakkhiya, S bhiyyo. — 
12, CP asi, BS avi, CL dura°, B 1. hd. saremase, 2. hd. saramase, C 1. hd. 
demhase, 2. hd. saremhase, L saramhase, PS saremase, L Syatamamhe, B 1. hd. 
ayatamhe, P visuddhamda^. — 13, P atti, cdd. piyataro, B pi°, B 1. hd! PS 
nayano. — 14, B asakena, 2 hd. asateua, P asatena, S asakena, B 1. hd, PS 8aya^ 
L yatum, BCPS canda, BCLP kila°, S kila°.— 16, BCPS Meru, S laghe°, BP 
buddhamsu^, B 1. hd. maggissasi, 2. hd. maggiyasi, C 1. hd. maggaseasi, 2. hd. 
magiyasi, PS maggassasi. 

therI-gathI. 161 

n' atthi hi loke sadevake r&go yattha pi d&ni me siyd, 

na pi nam jan&mi kiriso atha maggena hato samCllako. 

ingh^lakhuyd va ujjhito visapatto-r-iva aggato kato | 
ua pi nam pass&mi kiriso atha maggena hato samdlako. 

yassA siyft apaccavekkhitam sattha y& anus&sito siyft | 
tvam t&disikam palobhaya j&nantim so imam vihannasi. 

' II 387 II 
mayham hi akkutthavandite sukhadukkhe ca sati upatthitd, | 
sankhatam asubhan ti j&niya sabbatth' eva mano na 

limpati. II388II 
6&ham sugatassa s&vik& maggatthangikay&nay&yini | 
uddhatasallft an&sav& sunn&gelragatcL ram&m' aham. ||389|| 
ditth& hi may& sucittit& sombha d&rukacillak& naviL | 
tantihi ca khilakehi ca vinibaddh& yividham panaccit&. 

II 390 II 
tamh' uddhate tantikhilake yisatthe yikale paripakkate | 
avinde khandaso kate kimhi tattha manam nivesaye. || 391 1| 
tath&pamam dehakani mam tehi dhammehi vind na vattanti | 
dhammehi vinlL na vattanti kimhi tattha manam nivesaye. 

II 392 II 
yath& haritalena makkhitam addasa cittikam bhittiya ka- 

tam I 

1, S rogo, P m' iddni. — 2, B 1. hd. ni mi, S na mi, odd. kiriso, P paggena (?) 
B 1. hd., S yato, BCPS °mulato.— 3, C 1. hd. inghala°, 2. hd. inghala°, 
L igha°, P ingha°, S imghalakuya, L vtsa^, B 1. hd., S visamattho, B aggito 
gato.— 4, BLPS ki°, C kidiso, B 1. hd., S yato, L samulako, BCPS °lato.— 6, B 

1. hd. ydya, B 1. hd PS piya, S attha, B 2. hd., C 2. hd. anupasito.— 6, C tadi- 
sam kam, B 1. hd. PS ^lobhaye, L jananti, BCPS jananti, P yo, L dhihaiiasi. — 
7, P aggutha°, S °vantite, C va, L satin ca pathita. — 8, S 8aijikha°, P jatiya, 
S mano. Bom, na, P lippati.— 9, CS °amgika°, caW. °yini.— 10, BPS uddhata°. 
—11, P sohbha, S sobbha, B 1 hd. daruna,° S diruka°, P darunavilla°, S nava.— 
12, L tantubhi, BPS tantibhi, C 1. hd. PS va, C 2. hd. del. va. cdd. khila°, BL 
vinibandha, C vinibaudhu, PS vinibandha, B 1. hd. sanacchita, 2. hd. panacchita, 
C paracchika, L manaccita, con*. 2. hd., P sanacchita, S sanicchata. — 13, B 

2. hd. tam, C 2. hd. nthate, L uddhate, P addhate, S andhate, L °khilake, 
P °khilanke, BS ^khilasamke, C °khilate, C vissathe, P visatha, B parikkate. — 
14, L bhavinde, S khantaso, P kate mhi ta° — 15, PS tathupamam, B dehakami, 
S °kana, B nam, C man, C vattati. — 16, BPS om. dhammehi vina na vattanti, 
G santidhammehi vina na vatti (sic). — 17} S ^tolena, BLP makkhittam, BP 
addasam, C 1. hd. citikam, C bhatti^. 


162 therI-gItha. 

tamhi te viparitadassanam pann& mftnusikft niratthild. 

II 393 II 
m&yam viya aggato katam supinante va suyannapMapam | 
upadh&vasi andha rittakam janamajjhe-r-iva ruppariipakam. 

II 394 II 
Tattani-r-iva kotar' ohitft majjhebubbulak& saassuk^ j 
pilikolik^ c' ettha j&yati vividhd cakkhuTidh& 'va pinditd. 

oipp&tiya c&ruda8saii& na ca pajjittha asangam&nas^ | 
handa te cakklium harassu tain tassa narassa ad&si t&vade. 

II 396 II 
tassa ca viramdsi tl^vade r&go tattha kham&payi ca nam | 
sotthi siyd brahmac&rini na puno edisakam bhavissati. II397II 
&haniya edisam janam aggim pajjalitam va lingiya j 
ganhissam dsivisam viya api nu sotthi siyft khamehi no. 

' II 398 II 
mutt& ca tato ssl bhikkhuni agami buddhavarassa santikam | 
pafisiya varapunnalakkhanam cakkhu isi yathftpur&nakan 

ti. II 399 II 

Subh& Jivakambavanik&. II 

timsanip&to samatto. || 

nagaramhi kusuman&me Peltaliputtambi pathaviy& | 
mande Sakyakulakulinayo dve bhikkhuniyo gunavatiyo. 

1, C tamhi va te, BCLP viparita°, BS pafiha, C mamissika, B 2. hd., C 2. hd., 
niratthaka, C 1. hd. niruttikS, L niratthiKd, PS nirattiksl. — 2, P supinantena.— 
3, B 1. hd. upad&yasi, 2. hd. upathSvasi, C 1. hd. upadh^casi, 2. hd. upathUvasi, 
L upa^hslsi, P muddha, B 1. hd., S mandha, C mutha, C 1. hd. ritthakam, BGL 
rapa°, B °rupakam.— 4, S vattani, P °ni-y-iva, S kota°, P ^yohitd, B 
°pubbalhamka, C °pubbalbaka, L °pubbulhaka. P °pubbalaka, S pubbalhaka.— 
6, BCLP pili°, P *^kotika, S °koliko, P etta, P vivita, C° pi^dana.— 6, S asam- 

fahanasd. — 7, S do cakkhu padasu, B hadassu, P sarayu, S tt. — 8, G yigamasi, 
. viramasi, P tavade, P °pari— 9, LS ^carini.— 10, BPS aharijra, C 1. hd. 

ahariya; corr, 2. hd. B ekadisam, BCPS aggi, B lamgiya, C 1. hd. liviya, 2. hd. 
1-^.i- T. i.._.__ T i-___. •,, t, , uj TO --nhissa ^ « ^-^ — ^-- 

si no, 


S passtya, P cara°, C pavarampu°, BP °nakam.— 14, P Jiva°, P °kainpa°, 6 1. 6d. 
S °kamma°.— 16. BCP PatalP, C putha°, B° viya.— 17, P Sakya°, 8 om. kula, 
LP °kulinayo, S de, L bhikkhOniyo, C °niyo. 

THERi-GATHl. 163 

Isid^si tattha ek& dutiy& Bodht ti sllasampannft ca 
jh&najjh£lyanarat&yo bahussut&yo dhutakiles&yo. 11401 
i& pind&ya caritv& bhattattham kariya dhotapatt&yo | 
rahitamhi sukhanisinnd im& giriL abbhudtresum. II 402 II 
p^dik£lsi ayye Isid&si vayo pi te aparihino | 
kim disvana valikam athlLsi nekkhammam anuyutt&. II 403 
evam anuyunjam&D& s& rahite dhammadesan&kusal^ j 
Isidasl idam vacanam abravi suna Bodhi yathsLmhi pabba- 

jita. II404II 
Ujjeniy& puravare mayhaip pit& sllasamvuto setthi | 
tass' amhi ek^ dhit& piy& man4p& dayit& ca 1140511^ 
atha me S&ketato varako dgacchi uttamakulino | 
setthi bahutaratano tassa mam sunham ad&si t&to. H 406 If 
sassuyd sassurassa ca s&yam p&tam pan&mam upagamma | 
siras£L karomi p&de vand&mi yatb&mhi anusitth^. |[407lf 
y& may ham s&mikassa bhaginiyo bh^tuno parijano | 
tarn ekav£lrakam pi disv^ ubbigg& &sanam demi. II 40811 
annena p&nena ca khaj jena ca yam ca tattha sannihitam | 
ch&demi upanay&mi ca demi ca yam yassa patir&pam. 11409 
k&lena utthahitv^ gharam samupagamim | 
umm&radhotahatthap&dd panjalik^ samikam upemi. 11410 
koccham pas&dam afijanan ca ftd&sakan ca ganhitv£L 

1, P °dani, CS °da8i, P eka, S ko, L Bodhitthi, C. 1 hd. Bodhitthiri, 2. hd. 
Bodhitheri, L Bodhittheri, P Bodhitti, S Bodhitthi, L silambanna, C om. ca. — 
2, LS jhana3ha°, S °yatanataYO, P mutta°, BS dhutta°.— 3, L krlya, PS kiriya, 
P dhotasattaro.— 4, P bhiyd, BS bhirS. BCLS °udire°, P °aridesum.— 6, yksk- 
dikapi, S ayyo, LP °hino.— 6, P ki, B 1. hd., PS calikam, BCS athapi.— 

7, P evamm, S vem, B anuyunca, BCS °mana, C ssa, L dhamme°. — 

8, BP °da8i, BC om. idam, S isi vacanam {om. dasi idam), C vacana bravi, 
S abruvt, P radhamhi, C yatha°, S yadhamhi, LP pabbajjita, BPS add ti. — 

9, P piira°, L 8ila°.— 10, P tas*, C eka, L dhita, P dita, B 1. hd., S mita, S piya, 
P darita, S dhita.— 11, P vadaka, BCLS varaka, BPS agaccham, BPS uttama°, 
L uttama ||, BCLP °kidina, S °kul!na.— 12, B bahu°, P °rathano, C pam, B 1. 
hd. sum for sunham, C sanham, S tato. — 13, B assurassa, L° rassa, P pata, 
C paiia°, S panamam, BCPS, L 1. hd. upagammam. — 14, BC sirasa, L vandha- 
mi, B 1. hd. yamhi, P yatisi mhi, CS yathamhi. — 16, B I. hd. mikassa, BC 
bhaginiyo, P catuno. — 16, C ta || °varamkam, P °vara°, S °kam, P uppigga, 
L bhasanam, BCP asanan, L nemi. — 17, S pane ca, P khajje ce, C yan, S om, 
ca, S tuttha sannt°. — 18, P charepi, B 1. hd. upanisami, 2. hd. °niyami, 
LS upaniyami, P upanissarai, C otn, ca, S demi upaniyami ca demi ca, P sa, 
S passa, C pati°. — 19, P ghayam, B 1. hd. samugami, 2. hd. saraupagami, 
C 1. hd. sasuyami, 2. hd. sasuguhami, L °gami, P samughami, S samugami. — 
20, P ummara°, L °hatta° B, C 1. hd., LPS pancalika.— 21, P pasara, C passa 
(sic), S pasada, L ailjauin, BCP afljani, S anjanl. 

164 , therI-gItha. 

parikammak&rik& viya sayam eva patim yibhusemi. || 411 II 
say am eva odanam sftdhay&mi sayam eva bh&janam dhovim | 
m&t& va ekaputtakam tathcL bhatt&ram paricarami. |j412|| 
evam mam bhattikatam anuttaram k&rikam tarn nihatama- 

• • • • • • 

nam j 
oitth&yikam analasam silayatim dussate bhatt&. II 413 II 
so m&taran ca pitaran ca bhanati &puccb' &ham gamiss&mi | 
Isid&siy& na saha vaccham ek&g&re'ham sahavatthum. II 41411 
m& evam putta avaca Isid&si pandit& paribyatt& | 
utth&yik& analas& kim tuyham na rocate putta. II 41511 
na ca me himsati kinci na c&ham Isid^iy& saha yaccham j 
des8& 'va me alam me &pticch' cLham gamiss&mi. II 41 6 II 
tassa Yacanam sunitv& sassii sassuro ca me apuechimsu | 
kissa tay& aparaddham bhana yissatth^ yath&bhiitain. II 417 II 
na pi 'ham aparajjham kinci na pi hims' eva na gan&mi | 
dubbacanam kim sakk& k&tuye yam mam yidessate bhatt4. 

te mam pitu gharam pati nayimsu yiman& dukkhena | 
ayibh&t& puttam anurakkhamcLn& jin&mhase rdpinim 

Lacchim. ||419|| 
atha mam ad&si t4to addhassa gharamhi dutiyakulikassa j 
tato upaddhasunkena yena mam yindatha setthi. || 420 II 
tassa pi gharamhi m£lsam ayasim atha so pi mam paticchati | 

1, C ayam eva, LP pati, S patt, S vibhTi°.— 2, B 1. hd. sacayami, 2. hd. sSda^, 
S 8aca° yasam eva, BLS dhovi, C tevi.— 3, BP ca, CP tattha, P bhattanam.— 
4, LS eva, S karitam, C om. tam.— 5, C upatha°, B 1. hd. °layam, BCLP °vati, 
S °vati. — 6, S mataram, P aham. — 7, P ^dasira, BPS na saccam, C om, saha, 
P °agaye, LP °vattiim —8, C puttam, cdd. °da8i, L part°, S paribbyata.— 9, P 
utharika, L ki, P kin, B puttam.— 10, BCPS hisati, P ki, BS kirn, B na, P 
sagaccbam, S saha * gaccham, C vaccha. — 11, S acch' aham. — 12, P tassa, 
8 tassa ha, S sutva, B 1. hd., LPS sassusuro ca, B 2. hd. sassusasasuro, C om, 
sassii, P nama, C mam, L apucchisu, P apuccbisu. — 13, B 1. hd. CPS tassa, 
C 1. hd. P aparathamj B visathaya, C 1. hd. viyatha,2. hd. vissatha, LP visatha, 
S visatthaya, S °bhutara.— 14, BP si, S si, BS aparajjam, C 2. hd. °raijha, 
B 1. hd. om, na, B 1. hd. hiseva, B 2. hd. C hisemi, C om. na, B 2. hd. C bha- 
^ami, P hie', S his*. — 16, B 1. hd., PS dubbacajanam, P ki, B 1. hd. ayye, 
2. hd. katumayye, C katayye, L katuyye, P kataseyya, S kabheyyo, B om, yam, 
B mam sam, BCPS vinuesate. — 16, r ghara, P nayisum. — 17, B adhibhiita 
(1. hd. avi°?), L avisiita, S avibhuta, BPS ]^uttam, B jinasimhi rupini laccbi, 
C jinambisi rupini lacchi, L jinamhasi riipini laccbi, P jmamhisi rdpini lacchi, S 
jinamhisi rupini lacchi. — 18, P ata, P adhasi, S tato, BLS addhassa, P andhassa 
gharami. — 19, C °8ukena, S sumkena, P vindata. — 20, C tassapi, S gharami, 
BCPS avasiy B 1. hd. PS paticchagati, B 2. hd. pa^cchayati, pa^ccharati. 

therI-gatha. 165 

ddsi va upatthahantim ad&sikam silasampannam. 11421 
bhikkh&ya ca yicarantam damakam dan tarn me pit& bhanati 
80 hi si me j&m&t& nikkhipa pontin ca ghatikaii ca. 11422 1| 
so pi vasitv^ pakkham atha t&tam bhanati dehi me | 
pontim ghatikan ca mallakan ca puna pi bhikkham cariss&- 

mi. II 423 II 
atha nam bhanati t4to ammd sabbo ca me fidtiganavaggo | 
kim te na karati idha bhana khippam yan te karihiti. || 424 
evam bhanito bhanati yadi me attiL sakkoti alam mayham 
IsidS^iyd na vaccham ekaghare 'ham sahavatthum. ||425 
Tisajjito gato so aham pi ek&kini vicintemi | 
&pucchit&na gaccham marituye pabbajissam yL ||426|| 
atha ayy£l Jinadattd &gacchi gocarelya caramanii | 
t&takulam vinayadharl bahussutd, silasampanid. jj 427 1| 
tarn disv&na amhdkam utth&y£lsanam tassd, pannapayim 
nisinn&ya ca p&de vanditvlL bhojanam ad^sim. jj 42811 
annena ca p&nena ca khaj jena ca yan ca tattha sannihitam 
santappayitvd, avacam ayye icch&mi pabbajitum. II 429 1| 
atha mam bhanati t&to idh' eva puttaka carcLhi tain 

dhammam | 
annena ca p&nena ca tappaya samane dvij&ti ca. || 430 (| 
athcL 'ham bhan&mi t&tam rodanti anjalim panametyd | 
p&pam hi mayd pakatam kammam tarn nijjaress&mi. 11431 

1, edd. dasi, B ca, CPS °nti, B uthahanti, BLS adusi^, P ampikam, S sila°.— 
2, PS sikkhfiya, P °kam dnthana, B 2. hand del. dantam. — 3, S bhi, P pi, 
B jelttl, BPS nikkhisa, B 1. hd. sonti, 2. hd. ponti, P sevanti ca, L potbifl ca, 
S sonti ca gbati®. — 4, C so pi ca, P atha tdlam tarn. — 6, C ponti, L pothim, 
BPS sonti, C pallan, S mallaKam, P suna, BP bhikkhan. — 6, S tato, BPS amma, 
C om, ca, L mam, CS ma, S *nnati°, P ^bhana°.— 7, B 1. bd., LP ki, C kin, 
P le ta, cdd. kirati, B 1. bd. P idba ganam, S idba kbanam, C kbippapavan te 
kari°, S kari°.— 8, P ganito, B 1. bd., S ganiko, B 1. bd., PS om. yadi, C attba, 
B 1. bd. sattbo. PS satto alam, C ala. — 9, B paccbam eka° sasas£iyattbum ; last 
word corr. 2. bd., P 1. bd; paccba, 2. bd. adds m, S paccam, P °re sasasavattbum, 
S **re sSssavatthum, L °vattum. — 10, B 1. bd., P viyajjito, S virajjito, C vissa®, 
S aham, L °kini, B 1. bd., CP ekslnika, S konikS, C vicintesi. — 11, CLS °tuna, 
P the same or °tunu, B °thuye, L °tuye, S parituye, L pabbajjissam, P pabba- 

iissA^ S pabbajisssl. — 12, P °dattha, C sd gaccbi gocaramana. — 13, C takula, 
J 1. bd. S viniya°, C vinayatberSni, P °vari. — 14, C °na ca ambakaham, 
L utha II yasanam, P °y&yasanara, LP sd, S sa, C °payisu. P °payimsu, but m 
added from 2. bd., S pannayimsu. — 16, P kha, BCrS adasi. — 16, S yarn, 
C khajjena yam tattha, B sanibitam. — 17, BPS avaca, C avoca ayya, L ^ajjitnm, 
P °ajjatum. — 18, P nam mam, C nam, S tato, P idh' e suttakam. — 19, P annena 
sabanena, BPS tappayi, C santappaya, S samana, L dvijatin, BCPS °jati. — • 
20, C rodenti, PS °nti, L anjaU, P ancali, CS anjall, S pana°.— 21, C 1. hd., 
PS nijjade°, B nisajjadessami. 

166 . therI-gIthI. 

atha mam bhanati t&to p&puna bodhin ca aggadhamman ca. 
nibb&nan ca labhassu yam sacchikari dvipadasettho. || 432 II 
m&t&pitii abhiv&dayitvd, sabban ca ii£ltiganavaggam j 
satt&ham pabbajit& tisso vijjlL aphassayim. II 433 11 
jsln&mi attano satta jlltiyo yass& yam phalam Tip&ko | 
tarn tava ftcikkhissam tarn ekaman& nis&mehi. || 434 |j 
nagaramhi Erakakacche suvannak&ro aham bahutadhano | 
yobbanamadcDa matto so parad&ram ^sevi 'ham. II 435 II 
so 'ham tato cavity^ nirayamhi apaccisam ciram j 
pakko tato ca u^hahitv& makkatiy& kucchim okkamim.||436|| 
satt&ham J£ltakammam mah&kapi yuthapo nillacchesi | 
tass' etam kammaphalam yathiL pi gantv&na paradlLram. 

so 'ham tato cavitv& k&lam karitv& Sindhav&ranne j 
k&n&ya ca khafij&ya ca elakiyd kucchim okkamim. || 438 1| 
dv£ldasaya8S£lQi aham nillacchito d&rake pariyahitv& | 
kimind, yatto akallo yathiL pi gantylina parad&ram. II 43911 
so 'ham tato cayityft goy&nijakassa gayiyft j&to | 
yaccho l&kheltambo nillacchito dv&dase mkse. II 440 II 
te puna nahgalam aham sakatam ca dhslrayslmi | 
andho yatto akallo yath& pi gantv&na parad&ram. || 44111 
so 'ham tato cavity^ yithiya dsLsiysl ghare jglto | 
n' eyamahij& na puriso yath& pi gantyana parad&ram. 11442 

1, C nam, S bhapatt, S pslpmia bodhim, C bodhiyam phala ca, S °iiimam. — 
2, P labhisu, C dvt°, S \ait dvapada°.— 3, cdd. °pitu, C °pitilhi °TildiyitYa 
sabbam. — 4, P satthslham, B 1. nd., S satthdyam, L ^jita, B apassassi, 
C aphassayi, L apassayim, PS apassasi. — 5, C om. attano, C pnalayiptlko. — 6, P 
tatha, C ^cikkhiyam tVam, C om. tain, C etaman^, B 1. hd. niytlmehi, P nisama- 
pehi. — 7, C Ekakacche, S Eekakacche, B 8uvanni°, P °k£iyo, C ayam, S pahCLta- 
dhano, C pahutano. — 8, C yoppana°, P °j)adena, CP mattho, S asevi, edd, tarn. — 
9, B 1. hd. avicara, 2. hd. apacisam, C aviciyam, Paviciye, S aviciyam, CP ciram. 
— 10, C take, S makkatiya, B maggatiya, BCPS okkami. — 11, L °kamam, P paha°, 
S°kavi, BCLP yudhapo, S yuthapati, P nilancesi, B nilanchesi, S lancesi. — 12, S 
hantvana.— 13, S katva.— 14, P kanSya, BPS khajjaya, S chalakiya, OPS °mi, 
B °mhi. — 16, PS nillaccito, C nilaccito, B. 1. hd. LP darakam, S darikam, 
C parihitva.— 16, C vatto, P gantva, S hantvana, P pada°.— 17i BPS vanija- 
kassa {om. go), C °nijja°, P bhaviya, B 1. hd. S dasiya. — 18, B 1. hd. °dhammo, 
2. hd. °tampo, L °tampo, CPS °tammo, B 1. hd. nillaccito, C nala°, S nillajiito, 
L yase(P). — 19, C tena, B 1. hd., S pura, P saketam, OS sakata, C catthadha- 
yaram pi, P va, L dharayamhi, P thayayamhi, S marayamhi. — 20, BPS anto, 
LP ffantva, BS gamtva, C °dayam.— 21, LP vithiya, P yare, 8 jato.— 22, 
P bahiia, S mahila, B hiia (sic), r suriyo, BLP gantva, S gamtra. 


timsativassamhi mato sakatikakulamhi d&rik& jat& 
kapanamhi appabhoge dhanikapurisap&tabahulamhi. ||443 
tarn mam tato satthavftho ussann&ya vipuUya yaddhiy& | 
okaddhati vilapantim acchinditv^ kulagharassa. II 444 II 
atha solasame vasse disv&na mam pattayobbanam | 
kannam oruddha tassa putto Girid&so nlLma nslmena. 11445 1| 
tassa pi annsl bhariy& silavatl gunavati yasavati ca j 
anuratt^ bhatt&ram tass&ham viddesanam ak&sim. II 446 II 
tass' etam kammaphalam yam mam apakarittlna gacchanti 
d&sl ya upatthahantim tassa pi anto kato may& ti. || 44711 


catt&lisanip&to samatto. II 

Mant&vatiy^ nagare ranno Koncassa aggamaliesiy& j 
dhitcL &8i Sumedh& p&s&dika s&sanakarehi. || 448 II 
silayati cittakathik^ bahussut^ buddhas&sane vinitlL | 
m^t&pitaro upagamma bhanati ubhayo nisd.metha. II 44911 
nibb&D&bhiratd, aham asassatam bhavagatam yadi pi dibbam 
kim anga pana tuccbsl k&ma appassadd, bahuvigh&t&. II450II 
kkmk katuk& &stvis{ipamcL yesu mucchitsl b&l& | 
te digharattam niraye samappitcL hanfiante dukkhit&. ||451 
socanti plLpakammd vinipsLte p&pabuddhino j 
sad& kslyena yl^cslya ca manasd, ca asamvutd blLld. ||452 1| 
bal& te duppann& acetand, dukkhasamudayoruddhd | 
desente aj&nant& na bujjbare ariyasaccslni. ||453 

1, BP tisati°, BPS 8akati°, P °kulami.— 2, P kassanamhi, S kapa^iaddhi, 
BLPS dlianita°, gandliiti°, B °pari8a°-— 3, C kam man, PS kam mam, LPS 
sattavaho, C vipul&ya ca, B vuddhiyd, LPS vuddhiya. — 4, B vilapinti, CLPS 
yilapanti. — 6, (J dvissliia, C patt^yoppanam. — 7, C tassd piyS bhanyd, L ariy^, 
S tariya, L sila°, BCPS °vati, BCP gunavati °vati.— 8, L anunitta, F sattaram, 
B 1. hd. vindepanam, 2. hd. yindesanam, C visenam, P vinepanam, S yindepa- 
nam, odd, akasi.— 9, L**philam, cdd. apakiri°, S °tuna. — 10, LPdasi, BC 2. nd., 
S ca, BCLP °hanti, S °hamti,* L gato.-ll, cdd. °dasi.--12, PS °nipato.— 13, 
B Mantavatiya, C om. agga. — 14, BCLP dhltd, L &st, BP asi, p£isarit&. — 15, 
P khilavati, BC silavati, BCPS °kathita, S ba°, cdd. vinita.— 16, L °pitaro, 
C npasafikamma, BPS nissa°, L °meta.— 17, C °rataiiam, B, C 1. hd., PS 
apassatam, B bhagavatam. — 18, BCLP kimangam, S thaccha, BLS appasada, 
P sabbasada, P babxiTighatba. — 19, B katukasiyisupama, C asiyisn^, PS asi°, 
S °yibbupama. S haia.- 20, Lhafianti.— 21, P °pade, C °budbi°.-22, P saddha. 
karena, C yacaya mana° (om. ca), C om. baia.— 23, B dupa&a, P asetana, 
P ^'dayaruddba.— 24, PB desentam ajonanta, S adba", P om. na. 

168 therI-gatha. 

sacc&ni amma buddhavaradesit&ni te bahutarft aj&iiant& | 
ye abhinandanti bbavagatam pihanti devesu upapattim. 

II 454 II 
devesu pi oipapatti asassatH bhavagate aniccamhi j 
na ca santasanti \A\6l punappunam j&yitabbassa. ||455|| 
catt&ro yinipslt& dve ca gatiyo kathanci labbhanti | 
na ca Adnip&tagat&nam pabbajjii atthi nirayesu. II 456 II 
anuj&natha mam ubhayo pabbajitum dasabalassa p&vacane | 
appossukk^ ghatissam j^timaranappahsln&ya. II 457 II 
kim bhavagatena abhinanditena klLyakalind, as&rena j 
bhavatanhaya nirodh& aaujan&tha pabbajissslmi. II 45811 
buddh£lnam upp&do vivajjito akkhano khano laddho | 
silani brahmacariyam y&vajivam na dAseyyam. II 459 |j 
' evam bhanati Sumedhd m&tdpitaro na tava ftheLram | 
&hariya gabatth& maranavasam gat& 'va hess&mi. ||460|| 
mat& dukkhitd rodati pita ca a8s& sabbaso samabhis&to | 
ghatenti saniielpetum peLsadatale chamd patitam. || 461 1| 
ntthehi puttaka kim socitena dinnsl si Yaranavatimhi | 
rslja Anikaratto abhirilpo tassa tvam dinn&. || 462 |j 
aggamahesi bhavissasi Anikarattassa rdjino bhariy& j 
sil&ni brahmacariyam pabbaj jsl dukkard puttaka. II 463 1| 
rajje &n& dhanam issariyam bhog& sukh& daharik& pi j 
bhunj&hi k&mabhoge T&reyyam hotu te putta. I|464|| 
atha ne bhanati SumedhcL mk edisak&ni bhavagatam as&ram | 
pabbaj j& \k hohiti maranam v& tena c' eva v&reyyam. II 465 1| 

1, BLP saccslni, S bahurat^, F a3dnta.~2, P anandani, C bhagayantam, 
P *ga*^» B pi II hanti, L bihanti, BCLP upapatti, S uppatti.— 3, S uppatti, BPS 
apassatk, B 1. hd., S bhagavate, P aniccimhi. — 4, P va. — 6, P cattdre, S pinip^to, 
S katafl, C kattha ci labhanti. — 6, BLPS yinipEltagatS, BP pabbajd, P niyayesu. 
— 7, S anu°, B ubho, L pabbaj jitum. — 8, BCLS apposu°, P apposukd, C ghatiyam, 
PS °maranampa°, L °napa°, B 1, hd. ^hanassa.— 9, P ki, C bhagavatena, P bha- 
vatena, S bhagavatena. — 10, L pabbaj ji°. — 11, P bnddhd, B 1. hd., S buddh^, S 
akkhano.— 12, S siiant, BLP °jivam, cdd. du°.— 13, C bhananti, P bhaharam, BS 
Sharam. — 14, BCPS sthariyam, B 2. hd. siharissam, S gahattham, PS marana''. — 
15, P om. ca, B 1. hd., PS samaragihato, C 2.'hd. ^hihato.— 16, BCP pafia- 
petam, S panilapetum, L ptb^dale S pas^a^. — 17, BCLP puttika, S puttikam, 
BCPS ki, C dinna mhi Va°.— 18, C Anika°, L Anikaratta, P Anikadattho, *B 
dinnam. — 19, LS ^mahesi, C bhavissati, P bhissasi, C Anika°, L ariyd. — 20, 
C siiadi, L siiani, S cariyam, P dukkhara.— 21, PS ana.— 22, BP dhareyynm, 
CS dhareyyam, S hetu, C 1. hd., L pntti.— 23, B 1. hd., S atha so bha°, P ata 
80 bha°, BCPS Sumedha, BLPS edisikani, C edisika, BCPS °gatam, B 1. hd., 
S asaram, P assaram. — ?4, C om. rk, BP hohiti, C hohisi, S gotiti, cdd. om. ya, 
BC (L ?) dhareyyam, P dhayeyyam, S dhareyyum. 

THERf.GlTHi. 169 

kim iva p&tikelyain asucim savanagandham bhay&nakam 
kunapam abhisamviseyyam gattam sakipaggharitam asuci- 

punnam. 1146611 
kim iva t' &ham j&nantl vik&lakam nfamsa^nitapalittam | 
kimikul&layain sakunabhattam kajevarani kissa diyyatl 

ti. I|467li 
nibbuyhati sus&nam aciram kdyo apetavififi&no | 
chuttho kalingaram yiya jiguccham&nehi n&tlhi. || 468 II 
chadduna nam susslne parabhattam nh&yanti jigucchant& | 
niyakd, m&tslpitaro kim pana s&dh&ran£l janatlL. || 469 II 
ajjho8it& aslLre kalevare atthinhslrusamgh&te j 
khelassumucchassavaparipunne pAtiklLyamhi. |i 470 II 
yo nam yinibbhujitv& abbhantaram assa biLhiram kayird j 
gandhassa asahamlLnd sakd pi m&t& jiguccheyya. ||471 II 
khandfaadh&tulLyatanam sankhatam jsLtimMakam | 
dukkham yoniso arucim bhananti y&reyyam kissa icchey- 

yam. II472II 
divase divase ti sattisat&ni navanav& pateyyum k&yamhi | 
vassasatam pi ca gh&to seyyo dukkhassa c' eva khayo. 11473 II 
ajjhupagacche gh&tam yo yinnft evam satthuno vacanam | 
digho tesam sams&ro punappunam hannamlLnslnam. II 474 II 
devesu mannssesu ca tiracch&nayoniy& asurak&ye | 

1, BCLP puti°, edd, asuci, C sasanagandhanam. — 2, S kunapam, S abhiya8am°, 
BCLS ^viseyya, P "yiseya, B 1. hd. P santara, B 2. hd. bhastam (?), S santuin, 
cdd. sakim, P Bangharitam, S a8iici°. — 3, edd. jananti, BLPS yikulakam, 
C vikulakam, cdd. mamsam, C yonita^, S Bonitapalitam. — 4, S sakuna^, S kale- 
baram, CP °vara, B 1. hd. riyyati ti, C riyati ti, P riyahiti, S riyyahiti. — 5, 
C nibbii'', P iiippu°, C actram, P slciram, S karo. — 6, S cuddho, CL kalikaram, 
B 1. hd. kaUnka°, BC jikuccha", P fiatihi,*S jatihi.-r-7, BCL chathuna, P chathana, 
S chatthana, B 1. hd., C 1. hd., S parasambhattam, C 2. hd. paresam bhattam, 
BC jiku°, B 1. hd., PS "cchanti, L '^cchanta.— 8, I^ ki, CL °rano jana% B 1. hd., 
P °rana neta, S °rana neta.— 9, P ahare, S kalebare, P °iihar(i°, 8 °iiharu* BPS 
°pamghate. — 10, B 1. hd., khelamuccha || sassayaparipunnaputikayainhi, 2. hd., 
kheiassumuccha || dhanassayaparipunnaputi^, L khelassumuccha || sayarapari- 
pui^ne pati°, but ra del., as it seems. C Khelasumucchadassacaparipu^i^o puti°, P 
khelapuccha sassacaparipuni^aputi° S khelapucchasassacaparipuni^apdti'*. — 11, C 
yinibbhajjitya, P yinibbajitya, S assa, B assa, C ma bahlram, P karimaya. — 
12, P asaramana || S ^'mana, C 1. hd. sakka, 2. hd. sakkaram, B manata, C 
°ccheyyam. — 13, C khandha°, S °ayatam, C °ajratana, BC samkhatam, PS sankha- 
tam, 8 °mulakam. — 14, S yotiso, BLPS aruci bha°, C aniyi^nanti, B 1. hd., 
LPS kareyya, B 2. hd. yareyya, C 1. hd. yareyya, BPS icchiya, L icchiya, 
C iccheyyum.— 15, edd. ti, P nayanuya (?), B 1. hd., PS sateyyum.— 16, C 
sanghato, B 2. hd. corr. dukkhassa ce khayo, P dukkhassa cetayo. — 17, cdd. 
ghata, C eya. — 18, C digho, cdd. tesam saro. — 19, C manussesu, S tiracchina°, 
P °yomyo, B asiira°. 

170 theeI-gItha. 

petesu ca nirayesu ca aparimitH diyante gMt&. || 475 1| 
nirayesu bah {I vinip&tagatassa kilissam&nassa | 
devesu pi att&nam nibMQasukh& param n' atthi. 11476 
patti te nibb&aam ye yutt& dasabalassa p&yacane | 
appossukki ghatenti j&timaranappah&n&ya. 1147711 
ajj' eva t4ta abhinikkhamissam bhogehi kim as&rehi | 
nibbinnd me kkmk yanta8am& t41&yatt1iukat&. || 478 1| 
8& c' evam bhanati pitaram Anikaratto ca yassa dinn& | 
upayasi pitarun&vuto v&reyyam upatthite kslle. II 479 1| 
atha asitanicitamuduke kese khaggena chindiya | 
Sumedhd, p&s&dam pidhatv& patliamajjh&nam sam&pajjL 

II 480 II 
8& ca tahim sam&panniL Anikaratto ca &gato nagaram | 
p&s&de 'va Sumedhd, aniccasanna su bhaveti. ||481|| 
8& ca manasikaroti Anikaratto ca 4ruhi turitam | 
manikanakabhiisitango katanjali yacati Sumedham. II 48211 
rajje an£i dhanam issariyam bhogiL sukha dahariksL pi j 
bhufijahi kamabhoge k^masokhft sudullabha loke. II 48311 
nisattham te rajjam bhoge bhunjassu dehi d&nani j 
mk dummand, ahosi matapitaro te dukkhita. I|484|| 
tan tarn bhanati Sumedha kamehi anatthika yigatamoh& | 
m& k&me abhinandi k&mesy &dinayam passa. II 485 1| 
c&tuddtpo r&j4 Mandhata ^si k&mabhoginam aggo j 

1, B 1. hd., C aparimito, P °mithe, S °mite, BCLP diyate, S dtghate, CS 
ghato, P ghatho.— 2, L nirayesu, P niyaresu, BLPS bahu, C bahuhi, S 
°pataga°, S kilissa^.— 3, B 1. hd., PS attanam, B 2. hd., C atanam, L 
atanam, P ""sukha, S nibbanakha.— 4, BPS satta, C tassa, B nibbana, P 
dasaphalassa. — 5, edd. apposukka, BLS° maranampaha% P °maranapa°. — 6, 
PS evara, C tata, L, P 1. hd. ki, B 1. hd. ka, C pasarehi.— 7, C nibbi^a, S 
nibbinna, B 2. hd., L kame, BL vanta || C vantam ||.— 8, B 1. hd., CPS sa, P. 1. 
hd., ceva, B ce, B Anikaqiratto, CP A^ka°, C ca ssa sa di°.— 9, B 1. hd., PS 
upassa, B 2. hd., CL ubhayaya, B 1. hd., pitaru^ataTa, B 2. hd., LPS pitaruna- 
vata, C pitarunavata, B I. hd., CPS dhareyya, L vareyya, BP uparithate, 
S uparitthate.— 10, L athapitanici°, B 1. hd, CPS apitanP, P °nivith'a°, S 
°nipita°, C naggena, BS khaggen' acchindiya, S °gen* acchantiya. — 11, B Sume- 
dham, S Sumedhi, C 1. hd., °dam capikatra, B 1. hd , C 2. hd., S capithatva, 
B 2. hd., capivitva, P capithatva, C pathamajhane, P pathama^. — 12, JP tahi, 
C 8amraapa°, P 8amapa°, C Anika°.— 13, B 2. hd., °de ca. — 14, C va, P om. ca, 
BC manasikaroti, CP A^ika**, S Aniratto, B 1. hd., aruhi, L ardhi, LPS turita. 
— 16, S °bhusi°, LPS °tange, B 1. hd., P kataficali (corr. 2. hd. B), S kathafijali, 
S yacatathi, C Sumedha, P Sumedha.— 16, S ana, P bhogi, B 2. hd., L bhoga 
sudaharika, P dahayika.— 17, B 1. hd., bhuncahi, S yudulla°, P leke.— 18, C 
ni88a°, S om. te, BPS rajjate.— 19, BP °ro pi te, C °ro duve du°.— 20, S tam 
tam, P anatthi°, BPS vigata moha.— 21, BPS kama me, P abhinani, B 1. hd.*, 
anavam. B 2. hd., CLP adi°, BP sassa.— 22, BS catudipo, LP catudipo, BS raja, 
S Mandata, L °bhoginani. 

THERt-GlXHl. 171 

atitto k&lankato na c'assa parip&rit& icch&. ||486 
satta ratan&ni vasseyya vutthimd, dasadis& samantena 
na c' atthi titti k&m&nam atitt& Va maranti Dar&. ||487|| 
asis{il{ipam& k&msl k&m& sappasiropam& | 
oikkopamd anudahanti atthikank&lasannibh&. II 488 II 
anicc& addhuy& k&m& bahudukkhsl mahdvisa j 
ayogulo Ta santatto agham&l& dukkhapphalsl. II 48911 
rukkhapphalftpama kam& mamsapesfipama dukha j 
supinopamd, yancaniy& kdma y&citakilpama. || 490 1| 
sattisdl&pama kima rogo gando agham nigham j 
angarakasusadiscL aghaiuMam bhayam vadho. II 49111 
evam babudukkhi kamd akkhatd antardyika | 
gacchatha na me bhavagate vissaso atthi attano. II 492 II 
kim mama paro karissati attaDO stsamhi dayhamdnamhi 
anubandhe jar&marane tassa gh^t^ya ghatitabbam. || 493 1| 
dyslram apsLpunitv&Qa 'yam mUt&pitaro Anikarattan ca j 
disvslna chamam nisinne rodante idam avoca. ||494|| 
digbo baianam sams&ro punappunam ca rodatam | 
anamatagge pitu marane bhsltu vadhe attano ca yadhe. II 495 
assu thannam rudhiram samsaram anamataggato saratha j 
sattslnam samsaritam sarslhi atthinan ca sannicayam. || 496 
sara caturo 'dadhl upanite assuthannarudhiramhi j 
sara ekakappam atthinam sancayam Yipulena samam. II 497 1| 

1, C kSmdtittho, F abhitto, S patitto, S kalamkato, C na ca tassa, BCL "puritll. 
— 2, C sabba, P samante. — 3, B na vitti ti°, P na vitti tittbi, S na vittbi titti.— 4, 
C asisulu", S a8ittitthi8ulupa^ BCL, P 1. hd. sabba*, P °siyo^— 6, B 1. bd., PS 
ukkosama. BCLP °kankala% S °kamkala^— 6, S aticcba, C 1. hd. aduva, 2. hd. 
adhuva. — 7, L ayogulho, S °guttho, S santuttho, B 1, hd., S agga°, P aggha°, 
S °miiia, BLS dukkhaphaia, P dukkhabaia.- 8, B 1. hd. rukkhappalu", B 2. hd., 
C rukkhaphalu°, PS rukkhapphalu°, CLPS °pe8u°, BCIiP dukkha.— 9, BS 
supinosama, BS °niya maya, PS yacikopama, B °kopama. C °kupama. — 10, B 
8attisulu°, C °sul(i°, P sattisusu®, S sattimsalu^, S om. kama. — 13, P gacchata, 
P bhagavate, B 1 . hd., S bhagavato, B 2. hd. bhavagato, BLS visaso, P vissaso, 
C atthano.— 14, C 1. hd. ka, LP ki.— 15, C °marana, S tassa, P gataya, B 1. hd., 
S ghata, B 1. hd., S gamthitabbam, P °tappam. — 16, S daram, odd. "tvanaham,. 
BCP Anika°, P °ratthan. — 17, B chama, S chama, C rodente, L rodanti, 
P rodhante, P idham.— 18, BCLP digho, S °ppunan.— 19, LP pitii, BPS vaddhe, 
P bhattano, P vadho —20, B 1. hd., CP dhafiaiji, S dhamnam, B 1. hd., LS 
samsaram, B 2. hd. sampadam, C °ggato ca || atha. — 21, P satthanam, B 2. hd. 
samsaratam, P parahi, B athinan, C athinam, P athanafL, C om. ca, P sandhi- 
yam, C °ieca°. — 22, BS para, C sara, P parama catuyo, B *dati, CLPS 'dadhi, 
BCLP upanite, B 1. hd., C, P °dhanam°, in P m 2. hd., as it seems, B 2. hd., 
°thallam°, S °dhannam°, B 1. hd., °riicinamhi, 2. hd., °ruciramhi, L °riidhi°, S 
°racinamhi. — 23, C param, B athinam, C a^hiram, P ethitam, S atthinam, B 1. 
hd., PS paflcayam. 

172 theeI-gathI. 

anamatagge samsarato mahim Jambudipam upanitam | 
kolatthimattagulikd, msLt&pitusv eva na ppahonti. || 498 II 
sara tinakattham s&kh&pal^m upanitam anamataggato | 
pitusu caturanguliM ghatikd, pitupitusy eva na ppahonti. 

II 499 II 
8ara k&nakacchapain pubbe samudde aparato ca yu- 

gacchiddam | 
siram tassa ca patimukkam manussal&bhamhi opammam. 

sara riipam phenapindopamassa k&yakalino as&rassa j 
khandhe passa anicce sarahi niraye bahuvighate. ||501|| 
8ara katasim vaddhente punappunam t&su t&su jatisu j 
sara kumbhilabhay&ni ca sarsLhi cattari sacc&ni. || 502 1| 
amatambi vijjamsLne kin tava pancakatukena pitena | 
sabba hi k&maratiyo katukatarsl pancakatukena. II 503 1| 
amatamhi vijjam&ne kin tava kimehi ye parilaha | 
sabba hi kamaratiyo jalit& kuthitd. kupit^ sant&pita. 11504 II 
asapattamhi sam&ne kin tava kamehi ye bahusapatt^ j 
r§,jaggicoraudakappiyehisS.dh&ran£l kllm& bahu8apatt£L.||505|| 
niokkhamhi vijjam&ne kin tava k&mehi yesu vadbabandho | 
k&mesu hi vadbabandho likmakkmk dukkh&ni anubhonti. 

II 506 II 

1, B 1. hd. samsddato 2. hd. °sarato, C samsdrato, F samsslratho, S sams^m- 
dato, cdd, mahi, BCP Jampu°, 8 Rambu°, LP °dipam, BL upanitam, P upani- 
tam, C upanitam, P °mattna°, C °matt£l gu°, S °gulikt, L rndtSmatusv.— 2, 
BLPS om. sara, BP °katha, S°kattha, C °kathassa, C sakha^, P °phaiasam BCPL 
upanitam. — 3, P caturaguli°, 8 caturamgulika, C °ka pi ghatika mStapitu yeva 
na ppa°.— 4, P8 kana°, B 1. hd., °kacchamvam, B 2. hd., C °kaccluikam, L 
pubbe, B °cchiddham, C °cchinnam, L °cchiddham or °cchidmam, P °cchindam, 
S °cchindham. — 5, P piram, C om. ca, BP patimokkam, C paripunnam, S pati- 
mokkham, B 1. hd., r osammam, C upamam, S osapammam. — 6, S ghara, B 1. 
hd., PS peiia°, B 2. hd., C phena°, BPS ^ndomamassa, C^pindo || pamaya, P 
kara°. — 7, C nandhe, S anise, C pharahi, 8 rahi {om. sa), P bahu**, LS yignate. 
—8, B 1. hd., pura, B 2. hd., Ps para, B 1. hd., S katasi, B 2. hd., CLP katasi, 
B I. hd., PS vadhente, B 2. hd. vaddhente, C vaddhante, L vadente, B 1. hd., 
LPS suppunam, B 2. hd., puppunam, C pukhappunam, PS jatisu. — 9, P para, 
8 cca, P sattari. — 10, S amatanhi vija° kim, B °katu°, C mitena, BLP pitena, 8 
om. pitena. — 11, P kammayatiyo, P katakatara, B paficakatu°. — 12, BC8 kim, 
8 parilaha.— 13, C sabba pi, BLPS kudhita, BPS kuppita, C kumpita, L oin. 
kupita, BCS santappita, P kappita, B 1. hd., ayampatta°, CPS as«mpatta° S 
samane, P ki, BCS kim, 8 tava, B kame, C bahusamatta. — 14, B °udakampi°, 
P 8adhayana.-15, B kim, PS ki edd. yesu hi, B 1. hd., cadha°, BS °bandhe.— 
16, B 1. hd., kamesu kamava || bandho dukkhani anuhonti 2. hd., kamesu hi 
bhasakama du° anubhonti, C kamesu hi kama vadbabandho || dukkhani anu- 
bhonti, II L kamesu hi || asakama du° anu°, PS kk° hi asukamavabandho dvL° anu°. 

THERt-GiTHl. 173 

Mipita tinukksL ganhantain dahanti n' eva muncantam | 
ukkopam^ hi k&msL dahanti ye te na muncanti. || 507 1| 
ma appakassa hetu k&masukhassa yipulam jahi sukham | 
ma puthulomo va balisam gilitv^ pacchd, vihannasi. II 508 II 
k&mam k§,mesu damassu tdva sunakho va sankhal&baddho | 
khslhinti khu t^m k&md, ch&t& sunakham va candsLl^. || 509 1| 
aparimitan ca dukkham bahftni ca cittadomanas8d,Qi j 
anubhohisi k&mesu yutto patinissaja addhuve Mme. II 510 II 
ajaramhi vijjam&ne kin tava k&mehi ye 8ujar& j 
maranaby&dhigahitd sabba sabbattha jatiyo. ||511|| 
idam ajaram idam amaram idam ajar&maranapadam asokam j 
asapattam asamb&dham akhalitam abhayam nirupat&pam. 

II 512 II 
adhigatam idam bahdhi amatam ajj&pi ca labhaniyam 

idam | 
yo yoniso paynnjati na ca sakkd. aghatam&nena. || 51311 
evam bhanati Sumedhi sankb&ragate ratim alabhamansl j 
anunenti Anikarattam kese \a chamam chupi Sumedhd,. 

utth&ya Anikaratto pafijaliko yslci tassd. pitarain so j 
vissajjetha Sumedham pabbajitum yimokkhasaccadassd.. 

11515 II 
vissajjitfi, m&t&pitfihi pabbaji sokabhayabhitS, | 
cha abhinna sacchikat& aggaphalam 8ikkham&n§,ya. 11516 

1, cdd. lUlipitd, F tikukkR, B pucchantam, L muccantam, P mucchantam, S 
muntam. — 2, P ukkoyami, B 1 hd., PS hi k^ma hi, P mucchanti. — 3, S kdma^, 
C jahe,' S jahi, B I 'S sukhu.— 4, B muthii°, P phali% S baU, OS giHtva, C vihanapi. 
— 6, BC ramassu, PS rapassu, BL sankh^nubandho, C sankhanam || bandho, P 
sankhanabandho, S samkhanabandho. — 6, BLPS kahinti, G kahantij B 1. hd. su, 
kama, B 1. hd. chatsl, C candalo. — 7,CLPS bahuni, B 1. hd., PS cittamdoma^ — 
8, C anubo°, P°bhohipi, BOPS kamayutto, B 1. hd., CLP patinissada, S patinassada, 
C andhave, P andhuve.—D, BPS araj jamhi, BS kim, P ki, P tata.— 10, C °badhi°, 
BLS °gahiksl, L sabbatta. — 11, B idam ajaram ida samanam, P idhajarada- 
samdnam, S idham djarapidasamdnam, C idam ajaram idam aram idan tarn 
ajaramaranapadaso (sic !), P idham ajaramaranapadasoka. — 12, B I. hd., S asa- 
mattam, P apasattam, B 1. hd. 8amba°, PS asamba°, C akkhalitam, B 1. hd., 
S °litama ayam, P arSya. — 13, C bahuti pi, S bahuhi, P ajjasi, BCLP labhani- 
yam. — 14, S om, yo, P roniso, B 1. hd. payuncati, C payujjati, S payancati, 
P va, PLS om. ca, B 2. hd. agha°, P agha^— 15, C eva, P ganati,LP Sumodha, 
S samkhara", P °gatena rati, BCS rati, B 1. hd., L alam^nS,. — 16, C aruneuti, 
BLPS °nenti, C Anika°, B I. hd. chusi, S om, chupi. — 17, B upathaya, B 
Aiiimnika°, CS Anika°, B 1. hd. ancaliko, B 2. hd., LPS anjaliko, C yava, 
P yaca. — 18, B 1. hd. S °jjeta, L visa°, P viya°, BL pabbajjitum. 

174 therI-gIthI. 

acchariyam abbhutan tarn nibb&nam ksi r&jakanD&ya 
pubbeniysLsacaritam yathd. by&kari pacchime kale. II 517 1 
bhagavati Eon&gamane samghsLr&mamhi nayanivesamhi 
sakhiyo tini janiyo yih&rad&nam ad&simhd,. || 518(1 

dasakkhattum satakkhattum dasasatakkhattum satani ca 

• • • 

satakkhattum j 
devesu upapajjimh^ ko pana v&do manussesu. 11 5 19 II 
devesu mahiddhik& ahumhd, manussakamhi ko pana vado | 
sattaratanassa mahesi itthiratanam aham ^sini. ||520|| 
80 hetu so pabhavo tarn mdlam satthu s&sane khanti | 
tarn pathamasamodb&nani tain dhammarat&ya nibb&nam. 

11521 II 
eyam kathenti ye saddabanti vacanam anomapanaassa | 
nibbindanti bhavagate nibbinditvd virajjanti ti. ||522l| 

Sumedbd,. |j 

mah&nip&to samatto. |j 

samatta theriyft g&tb&yo. || 

3, L Konslgamane, P °maneiia samghard** naca°, B 1. hd. "r^mamhi ca nive- 
samhi ; corr. 2. hd., S °ramamhi vesamhi. — 4, CLS tini, C janiyo, P vihS-rd**, 
C °8imlia. — 5, L dasatakkhattum, C om. ca.— 6, S uppajjimha, C *'imha. — 7, BP 
manussikamhi, C manussikamhi, BLPS om, pana. — 8, cd4. mahesi, B itti°, P 
itthiyatanam, BCLP asi, S asi. — 9, B 1. hd. om. seconcl so, S pabhedo, C m^am 
savasdsane.— 10, BP pathama", C pathamam, L om, patha, P °rathaya (?), L 
nibb^na. — 11, B 2. hd., C evam karonti, S anopamafiflassa. — 12, P nibbindani, 
P bhagavate, S bhagavato, P nippiditvll, P °nti. — 14, L mahapanito. — 16, B 
therfyi, P has instead of this : tneripellisuttam nithitam | nibbanapaccayo hotu, 
S theripali nitthitam, BLS add : 

gathd satani cattari asiti (LS asiti) puna cnddasa [ 
theriy' (L theriy') ekuttarasatsl sabba ta asavakkhaysl ti || 

B adds : nibb§.napaccaYO hotu and then follows the date. S adds : || samattH 
theriva gathayo || siddhir astu || me nibbanapaccayo hotu || At the end of the 
last leaf is written with small letters: Sumai^^r^mayiharasthclnasantakatheri- 


1. ath&parena samayena satthari Yes&lini upaniss&ya k{it&- 
garas&I&yam yiharaote Saddhodanamah&r&j& setacchattass' 
eva hetthd, 'va arahattam sacchikatvsL parinibb&yi II atha 
Mah&paj&pattgotamiyd, pabbajjsLya cittam uppajji | tato 
Kohaninaditire KalahayiyMasuttantadesansLya pariyos&ne 
nikkbamitvd. pabbajit&nam pancannani kumarasat&nani p&- 
daparic&rikfil ekajjb^ayd. Va buty& Mab^pajipatiyft santikam 
ganty& sabbsL 'va sattbu santike pabbajiss&md, ti Mab&paj&- 
patim jettbikam katy& sattbu santikam gantuk&md, abesum | 
ayan ca Mab&pajsLpatl pubbe pi ekaysLram sattb&ram pabba- 
jjam y&city& n&lattba | tasmd. kappakam pakkos&pety4 kese 
cbind&petv& k^y&ni accb&dety& sabbd, t& S&kiyaniyo &d&ya 
Yesalim gantyd Anandatherena dasabalam yd,c&petv& atthaga- 
rudhammapatiggahanena pabbajjam upasampadan ca alattha | 
itar& pana sabbd pi ekato upasampanna abesum | ayam 
ettba sankbepo j yittb&rato pan' ettba yattbum tattba tattba 
paliyam ^gatameya || eyam upasampanneL pana Mab&paj&pati 
sattb&ram upasankamity^ abhivMetv^ ekamantam attb&si | 
atb' assa satthcl dbammam desesi | scl sattbu santike kam- 
matthanam gahetyd. arabattam papuni j ses4 pancasat^ bbi- 
kkbuniyo Nandakoy&dapariyos&ne arahattam p&punimsu j 
eyam bhikkhunisanghe suppatittbite putbubbiite tattba 
tattba g&manigamajanapadarajadhUnisu kulittbiyo kula- 
sunbayo kulakumariyo buddbasubuddbatam dhammasudbam- 
matam sangbasuppatipattin ca suty4 s£Lsane abbippasannei 
samssLre ca j&tasamyeg& attano samike m&t&pitaro fi&take ca 

1, ed. Ves^lt. — 4, ed. 1. hd. Mahapajapatigotamiya, 2. hd. del. gotami. — 
6, cd. pabbajjf.— 13, cd, Vesalf, ed, dasaphalam. — 23, ed, °rajath^isu.— 24, 
cd. °sanhayo. — 26, cd, samik^. 

176 theeI-gItha. 

anuj&Q&petvd, s&sane uram datvd. pabbajimsu | pabbajitva ca 
8il&c&ra8ampanQ& satthuno ca therd.Qan ca santike ov&dani 
labhitvd, ghatentlyo v&yamantiyo na cirass' eva arabattam 
saccb&kanisu | tk bi ud&n&divasena tattha tattba bb&sit4 
gkthk paccha sangttik&rakebi ekajjham kaivd ekanip&tidi- 
yasena sangitini dropayimsu | im& theriyd gfttb^nfilmd. hi. || 

I. katvd colena pdrutd ti | pamsukulakacolebi civaram 
katy^ accbaditasarird, | tarn niyattb& c' eva parut4 ca || . . . 
sukkhaddkam vd ti | upasametabbassa kilesassa as&rabb&yani- 
dassanam | kumbhiyan ti ( [tad&dh&rassa aniccatuccbadibhsl- 
yanidassanam. II 

II. udukkhale bi dbannam pakkbipantiy& pariyattentiysl 
musalena kottentiy^ pittbi onsLmetabb^ hot! ti kbujjak&rana- 
betut&ya tad ubhayam khujjam ti yuttam | s&miko pan' assi 
kbujjo eya. || 

12. avasdyl (sic) ti | ayas&yo yuccati avasanam nittb^nam | 
tarn pi k&mesu appatibaddhacittat&ya uddbamsotd, ti yakkba- 
vnknoXXk samanakiccassa nittb&nam yeditabbam yassa kassa 
ci II . . . avasdyiy tbougb given by all the MSS. and the 
Commentary, cannot but be corrupt. The reading proposed 
in the text is, I tbink, the correct one. 

19. 20. Nandd : ayam kira Vipassissa bhagayato k&le 
Bandhumatinagare gahapatimabas&lassa dhtt& hutv4 satthu 
santike dhammam sutvd, saranesu ca silesu ca patitthit& 
sattbari parinibbute dbatucetiyam ratanapatimanditena 
chaddena katvsl p&j^ni katv4 kalam katy& sagge nibbattitv^ 
aparaparam sugatisu yeva samsaranti imasmim buddhupp&de 
Kapilayatthunagare Khemakassa Sakkassa aggamahesiyft 
kuccbismim nibbatti Nandsl ti 'ssS, namam abosi. || . . . 

21. 22. Jentd (thus Commentary throughout) : ayam pana 
Ves^liyam Licchayir&jakule nibbatti ti. || 

23. 24. mmuttikd ti ^diki Sumangalamitaya theriya 
g&th^ II ayam pi purimabuddbesu katadbikUrd, tattba tattha 
bhave kusalam upacinity^ imasmim buddhuppade S&vatthi- 

1, cd. pabbajjimsu | pabbajjitvd.— 12, cd. pakkhintiyS. — 13, cd. kotentiysl, cd. 
onS-me" hohi. — 17, cd, appatibandha". — 26, cd. chattena ; om, first katvd, ed. 
nippa°. — 29, cd» nippatti, cd, n^lma. — 31, cd, nippatti. 

NOTES. 177 

yam daliddakule nibbattity& vayappatti anflatarassa nalak&- 
rassa dinnd. pathamagabbhe yeva pacchimabhayikam puttam 
labhity& tassa Sumangalo ti n&mam ahosi | tato patth&ya 
Suinangalam&t4 ti pannsLyittha | yasmA pan' as8& n&maip. 
gottam na pakatam tasmft aonatard. bhikkhunl asann&td, ti 
piliyani vuttam || • . • tattha sumuttike ti | 8umutt& | kak&ro 
padapiiranamattam | sutthu muttd, 7at& ti attho | s&sane 
attaii& patiladdhasampattim disvcl pas&dayasena tass& y& 
pasams&yasena dmanteivd. vuttam sumuttike sumuttikd ti || 
yam pana gihikcl visesato jigucchati tato vimuttim dassenti 
sadhu muttika mbi ^dim Aha || tattba addhu muttika mhi ti | 
sammad eva muttd. vata ambi | musalassd ti | musalato | ayam 
kira daliddabb&yena gibik&k§,Ie sayam eva musalakammam 
karoti | tasm& evam &ba | ahiriko me ti | mama 8&miko abiriko 
nillajjo I so mama na ruccati ti vacanaseso || pakatiyA 'ya 
k&mesu yirattacittat&ya kim&dbimutt&nam pavattim jiguc- 
cbanti yadati chattakam vdsi (sic) ti | jiyitabetukena kariya- 
msLnam cbattakam pi me na ruccati ti attbo | y&saddo ayutta- 
samuccayattbo | tena pelAcangotakidi samganb&ti || yelu- 
dand&dini gabety^ divase diyase cbatt&dinam karanavasena 
dukkbajiyitam jiguccbanti y£d.ati ahitako me tato ti | keci 
tato ti yaty& abitako jarsLyabo gibik&kile mama sarirato 
y&yati ti attbam yadanti | apare pana abitako paresam 
duggandbataro mama sarirato y&yatt ti attbam yadanti | 
ukkhaiikd me daliddabhdvd ti (corr. 2. bd. to daddubb&v& ti) | 
me mama bbattapacanabb&janam cirapdrivAsikabb^yena apari- 
suddbat&ya udakasabbagandbam yslyati || tato ayam s&dbu 
muttika mbi ti yojanA II • • • vihardmi yin&semi pajabami ti 
attbo. II 

From tbe beginning of stanza 23 it is yery probable 
tbat tbe name of tbera Sumangala's motber was Mutta or 
SumuttA. cfr. st. 7. 11. Instead of ahiriko me chattakam vd 
pi some seem to baye read ahitako m>e tato vdti; but I am 
yery doubtful on tbis. Tbe interpretation vindsemi, pajahdmi 

1, cd. dalidda° mppa°. — 2, ed, pathama°.— 4, ed, nama.— 10, ed, ya; ed, 
gihiksl sesato jikucchati tato vimutti.— 12, cd. vatd.— 13, ed, gihikale. — 16, cd, 
payatti || jigu°.— 19, ed, °caukota°. — 21, ed, jikucchanti yadasi. — 22, cd, gihikjile. 


178 theeI-gIthI, 

apparently belongs to B's reading vihandmi or to mcchindanti 
vihardmi, but not to mhardmi alone, as given by the MS. 

25. . . • tarn katvd negamo aggham agghe 'tiaggham thapm 
man ti | tain pancasatamattain dhanam aggham katvi negamo 
nigamav&sijano itthiratanabh&vena anaggham pi sam&nam 
agghe agghanimittam Addhakftsl ti samann&vasena mam 
thapesi II tathd, mam Toharl ti attho. II 

31. tattha cdtuddasi pancaddasl ti j cuddasannam pfirant 
c&tuddasi pancadasannam pdrani pancaddasi ti | c&tuddasi 
pancaddasl jk ca pakkhass4 ti sambandho | accantasamyoge 
c' etam upayogavacanam | yd ca pakkhasaa atthami ti | y& 
ck ti yojand, j pdtihdrikapakkhan (sic) cd ti | parih&ranaka- 
pakkhafL ca c&tuddasipancaddasiatthaminam yath&kkamam 
ftdito antato yk pavesaniggamavasena uposathasilassa pari- 
haritabbapakkhan ca j terasip&tipadasattaminavamisu c& ti 
attho I atthangasusamdgatan ti | p&n&tip&t& veramani&dihi 
atthahi angehi sutthu samann&gatam uposatham j upagacchin 
ti upagamim upavasin ti attho. II . • • Afterwards Cy reads 
upftgacchim. — cfr. Dhammapadam p. 404. Cy gives the 
name of the theri as Mett& and Mittd., and states that she 
had sprung from the Sakyar&jakula of Kapilavatthu. 

33. 34. uddham pddatald ti &dik& Abhayam&tclya theriy^ 
gath& I ayam pi purimabuddhesu kat^hik&r& tattha tattha 
bhave punii&ni upacinantl Tissassa bhagavato k&le kulagehe 
nibbattityd. vinntitain paty& ekadivasam satth&ram pindiya 
carantam disvd. pasannam&nas^ pattam g£thety& katacchu- 
mattam bhikkham ad^i | 8& tena punnakammena deva- 
manussesu samsarantl imasmim buddhupp&de td.disena kam- 
manissandena XJjjeniyam Padumavati niLma nagarasobhant 
ahosi I r&j& Bimbis&ro tassd. rftpasampattiMike gune sutvd. pu- 
rohitassa acikkhi | TJjjeniyam kira Padumavati n&ma ganik& 
ahosi (sic) | tarn aham datthuk&mo mht ti j purohito s&dhu 
devd. ti mantabalena Kumbhiram n&ma yakkham &vahetv& 
yakkh&nubh&vena rSj&nam t&vad eva TJjjentnagaram nesi II 

6, ed. agghena agghani*.— 8, ed. catu°. — 9, ed. catu°, ed, pancadasi. — 11, ed, 
om. ti after atthamt, ed. yan cS ti.— 14, cd, 2. hd. pavesanigama®.— 18, cd, 
upagacchi ti upagami. — 25, nippatitv^. 

NOTES. 179 

r&j& t&ya saddhim ekarattim samv&sam kappesi | sd. tena 
gabbham ganhi raiino ca &rocesi | mama kuccbiyam gabbbo 
patitthahi ti | tain sutvd. rdj& nam sace putto bbaveyya 
yaddhetva mam dassehi ti vatv& muddikain datvd, agam&si | 
8& dasam&saccayena puttam vij&yitvd, n&magahanadivase 
Abbayo ti n&main ak&si | puttan ca sattavassikak&le tava 
pit& Bimbisftramah&rSjo ti ranno santikam pabini | rkjk 
tarn passitv^ puttasinebam patilabbitvd, kumirakaparib&rena 
vaddbesi | tassa saddbsLpatil&bbo pabbajj&vises&dbigamo ca 
bettb& ftgato yeva | tassa m&t& aparabb&ge puttassa Abba- 
yattberassa santike dbammam sutvd, patiladdbasaddb& bbi- 
kkbunisu pabbajityd, yipassan§,ya kammam karontl na cirass' 
eva saba patisambbid^i arabattam p&puni II . . . arabattam 
pana patv& attano puttena Abbayattberena dbammam ka- 
tbentena ovadavasena t& g§,tb& bb&sit& ud&navasena sayam pi 
tii eva paccudllbaranti uddbam . . . nibbutd. ti d,ba. || 

35. 36. Abbayattberi : . . . imasmim buddbupp&de Ujje- 
niyam kulagebe nibbattitvsL Tinnfttam pattd, Abbayam^tu 
sabayik^ butvd taya pabbajit&ya sinebena sayam. pi 
pabbajitvd, taya saddbim Kijagabe vasamdnd, ekadivasam 
asubbadassanattbam Sitavanam agam&si | sattbd, gaodbakuti- 
yam nisinno 'va tass&nubbfitapubbain §,rammanain purato 
katv^ tass& uddbum&tak&dibbiyam pak^sesi | tarn disv4 
samyegamd.nas& attb&si | sattbd. obbasam pbaritv^ purato 
nisinnam viya att^nam dassesi | Abhaye bhiduro etc.=:st. 
35. 36. . . . sdsanan ti imd, g&tb& abbllsi | s& g§,tb§,pariyos£Lne 
arabattam pUpuni I • . . arabattam. pana patyd, ud&nenti t& 
eva gitbgl parivattitvft abb&si. |j 

43. Pat&c&rsLtberim sandb&ya vadati | ssL bbikkbAni (sic) 
up&gaccbi (sic) ya (2. bd.) me saddbayikdyi (sic) pipdtho. \ 

46. sunnatasam^pattiya animittasam&pattiya ca abam yad 
iccbitam l&bbini. j 

48. ogayba-m-uttinnam ti va pdtho \ mak&ro padasandbi- 
karo I • . • Candabb&g&nadiy^ tire. || 

8, cd. passetyS puttasinneham. — 12, cd. pabbajjitvd. — 14, cd, 1. hd. Abha- 
rattbe°, 2. hd. °yathe°.— 15, cd, bR gatha.— 18, cd. nippa°.— 19, cd, 8iime°.— 
I'df cd. uddhimisitikMiribMvam.— 32, cd, icchakain. 


50. khalu ti avadMranatthe nipaito | tato hattliidassanato 
pacch^ I t&ya hatthino kiriy&ya hetubhftt&ya Taiiam arannam 
gat& cittam sam&dhemi yeva. j| 

The reading khalu tdt/a, though supported by the Com- 
mentator^ is no doubt wrong. Perhaps khalutd is a substan- 
tive derived from khalu, meaning "certainty," "surety." 
This at least would give a very good sense. 

51-53. amma Jlvd ti &dik& Ubbiriysl theriyfi, gkthk \ ay am 
pi purimabuddhesu kat&dhildLr& tattha tattha bhave vivattu- 
panissayam kusalam upacinantt Padumuttarassa bhagavato 
k^le Hamsavatinagare kulagehe nibbattitv^ vinniitam patta 
ekadivasam m&t&pitusu mangalam anubhavitum gehantara- 
gatesu adutiycl sayam gehe ohin& upakatth&ya vel&ya bhaga- 
vato s&vakam ekam khin&savatherain gehadvslrasamlpena 
gacchantam disv4 bhikkham d&tuk&mfil bhante idha pavisatba 
ti vatvft there geham pavitthe pancapatitthitena theram 
vanditva gonak&dihi ^sanam panii&petvi adasi | nisidi there 
pannatte &sane | s& pattam gahetvcl pindap&tassa p&retva 
therassa hatthe thapesi | there anumodanam katv& pakk&mi | 
S£L tena puniiakammena t&vatimsesu nibbattitvd. tattha y&va- 
tsLyukam ul^radibbasampattim anubhavitvd. tato cutft sugatisu 
yeva samsarantl imasmim buddhupp&de S&vatthiyam gaha- 
patimah&s&lakule nibbattitv& TJbbiri ti n&ma abhiriipa 
dassaniyd, ahosi | s& vayappattak§,le Kosalaranno attano 
gehe nit& katipayasamvacchar&tikkamena ekam dhltaram 
labhi I tas8& Jivanti ti nimam akamsum | rdj& tass& dhi- 
taram disvd, tuttham&naso TJbbiriy^ abhisekam ad&si | dhit& 
pan' assa &dhavitv£L paridh§,vitv& vicaranak&le ksilam ak&si | 
m£Lt& yattha tassS. sariranikkhepo kato tarn sus&nam gantva 
divase divase paridevayi | ekadivasam satthu santikam 
gantvd. vanditvd. thokam nistditv^ gatd, | Aciravatinadiyd 
ttre thatv£L dhitaram d,rabbha paridevati | tarn disvd, sattbd 
^andhakutiyam yath&nisinno 'va attd,nam dassetvd. kasm^ 
vippalapasl ti pucchi | mama dhitaram ^rabbha vippalap&mi 
bhagav^ ti | imasmim sus&ne jh§,pit& tava dhitaro catur&si- 

21, cd. sugatimsu. — 23, TJbbira ti n^msl. — 25, cd. katipayam sam**.— 31, cd, 
gaml^, cd, parideyasi. — 34, cd. yippalapasi instead of °lapdmi« 

NOTES. 181 

tisahassamatt& | tdsam kataraip. sandh&ya vippalapasi ti 
t&sam tarn tarn &14haQathd,nam dassetvd, amma Jivd ti . . . 

• • • • • • 

=st. 51. anusocaai ti upaddhag&tham aha II tattha amma 
Jivd ti m&tupac&ran&mena dhituyd. ftlapanam j idam c' ass& 
yippalapan^klLradassaQain || vanamhi kandasi ti j vanamajjhe 
paridevasi | . . . sabbd Jivasandmikd ti | t&. sabbcl pi Jivantiy^ 
sam&nan&mildl j . . . 53. munifn ti | sabbaDDubuddham. II 

54. 55. tattha kim me katd Rdjagahe manmsd ti | ime 
Kdjagabamanussd kim kat& kasmim nsLma kicce by^vatd, j 
madhupitd va acchare ti | yathcl bhandam gahetv^ madhum 
pivanto visannino hutv4 sisam ukkbipitum na sakkonti evam 
ime pi dhammasafifi4ya yisanniao huty& manne sisam ukkhi- 
pitum na sakkonti j kevalam acchanti yev& ti attho j . . . 
tan ca appativdniyan ti j tan ca pana dhammam anivattita- 
bhd,vav£tham niyysLnikam abhikkantatsLya thdsotujanasavana- 
manoharabh^vena (sic) avasecaniyam (sic) asecakam (sic) 
andsittakam pakatiy^ 'va maharasam tato eva oja van tarn j 
osadhan ti pi pdli \ vattadukkhaby&dhihi kicch&ya osadham 
bhfttam pivanti manne. || 

57. Seld : ayam . . . imasmim buddhupp&de A javiratthe 
Alavikassa ranno dhitd. hutvd, nibbatti j Sel4 ti 'ss& nd,mam 
ahosi I Alavikassa pana raniio dhltd ti katv& Alavika ti pi 
nam voharanti | s& vinnfttam patt& satthari Alavikam damitvel 
tassa hatthe pattacivaram disvd, tena saddhim Alavinagaram 
upagate d&rik& hutva rannsl saddhim satthu santikam upa- 
gantvfil dhammam sutvd. patiladdhasaddhd, up&sik& ahosi j 
s& aparabh&ge sanjsLtasamvegd. bhikkhunisu pabbajitv& kata- 
pubbakiccavipassanam patthapetvd. sankh&re sammasanti 
upanissayasampannatt& paripakkanan& na cirass' eva ara- 
hattam p&puni j . . . arahattam pana patvd. therl SeLvatthi- 
yam viharati j ekadivasam pacch&bhattam Sslvatthito nikkha- 
mitvd. div&vih&ratthd,ya Andhavanam pavisitv^ annatarasmim 
rukkhamiile nisidi | atha nam M&ro vivekato vicchinituk&mo 
anMtakariipena upagantvd. || n' a^^At=st. 57. . • . pacchdnu- 
tdpini ti g&tham &ha. II 

2, ed. dlahana". — 10, ed, om. gahetv^. — 23, ed. Alavakam. — 25, ed. daraM. — 
28, ed. ''kicca''.— 30, ed. theriya Sa° viharanti (1. hd.' yihanti). 

182 therI-gathA. 

60-63. Somd : ayam . . . imasmim buddhuppalde Raja- 
gahe Bimbis&rassa rafLfio purohitassa dhM hutvd. nibbatti. II . . . 

60. na tarn dvangulipanndya itthiyft p&punitum 8akk& j 
ittbiyo hi satatthavassak&Iato patth&ya sabbakdlam odanam 
pacantiyo pakkuthite udake tandule pakkhipitvcl ett&vata 
odanam pakkan ti na j&nanti | pakkuthiyam&ne pana tandule 
dabbiyft uddharetv& dvihi angulihi pilitv& j&nanti | tasm^ 
dvangulisanndyS, (sic) ti vutt&. || (!) According to the Com- 
mentator St. 60 is spoken by MeLra. 

67-71. pannaviaati vasa&ni ti &dik8, annatar&ya theriyA 
g&thd, I ayam pi purimabuddhesu katadhikelr^ tattha tattha 
bhave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinantt imasmim 
buddhupp&de Devadahanagare MabapajsLpatigotamidhati 
hutvsl Yaddhesl n4ma | gottato pana apanneLtcl ahosi | 8& 
Mah&pajapattgotamiy& pabbajitak^le sayam pi pabbajitva 
pancavisati samvaccharsLni k&mar&gena upaddutll acchar&- 
samgb&tamattam pi k^Iam cittekaggatam alabhanti b&h& 
paggayha kandan)&n& Dbammadinnattheriyd. santike dham- 
mam sutvll kimehi yinivattitamftnas^ kammattb&nam gabetva 
bhavanam anuyunjantl na cirass' eva chalabhinnd, hutvi 
attano patipattim paccavekkhityd. udanavasena II pannavisati 
. . . sdsanan ti (st. 67-71) imsL gftthsL abh&si || tattha accha- 
rdsanghdtamattam pi ti ] ghatikamattam pi khanam anguli- 
phothanamattam pi kSllan ti attho || cittass' upasam' ajjhagan 
ti I cittassa upasamam cittekaggam na ajjhagaman ti yojanlL. || 
. • . 69. 8& bhikkhunin ti | Dhammadinnatherim sandheLya 
vadati. j 

72-76. mattd vannena rApend ti &dik& Vimal&ya theriyS. 
gath& II ayam pi purimabuddhesu katadhiksLr^ tattha tattha 
bhave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinitvfi, imasmim 
buddhuppMe Ves&liyam annatar&ya rApApajiviniyA itthiyd 
dhita hutvfi, nibbatti | Vimalft ti 'ssA n&mam ahosi j s& va- 
yappatta tath' eva duccintitam kappentl ekadivasam dyasman- 
tam MahamoggaMnam Yes&liyam pind&ya carantam disvi 

2, ed. nippatti. — 6, ed. pakkndhite (correct?).— 6, cd, pakkudiyamslne.— 7, cd. 
pilitva.— 16, cd. pabbajjita°.— 16, ed, upaduta.— 26, cd, bhikkhiini.— 32, ed, 
nippatti. — 33, cd, 1. hd. ducitam, 2. hd. ducintitam.— 34, cd, "moggaLlnani. 

NOTES. 183 

patibaddhacittft hutvi therassa vasanatth&nam gantyd. theram 
uddissa palobhanakammam ^&tuin drabhi | titthiyehi uyyo- 
jitd tathd ksi ti keci vadanti ( thero tass& asubhavibh^yanfil 
mukhena santaijanam katvi ov&dam adsLsi I tam hetth& 
therag&th&ya ftgatam eva | tathd. pana therena oykde dinne 
8& samvegaj&td hirottappam paccuppatth&petvd. 8&sane pati- 
laddhasaddhd, upsLsikd. hutv4 aparabhd,ge bhikkhuntsu pabba- 
jitvd ghatenti y&yamenti hetusampannat&ya na cirass' eva 
arahattam paty& attano patipattim paccavekkhitv^ ud&nava- 
sena || mattd tannena . . . nibbutd ti im& gkthk abh&si. || 

72. amd aamatimamii 'han ti | annd, itthiyo attano vannd- 
digunehi sabbaths pi atikkamitvcl manili ahaip. || ailil&saip. vcl 
itthinam vann&digune atimanni | atikkamitvd, annaavamsLnain 
ak&sim. || 

74. fj^hagghantl (sic; 1. hd. uccha°) bahum janan ti | 
yobbanamadamattam bahubdlajanam vippalamblietuin ha- 
santi gandham&l&vatth&bharanadihi sarlrasabh&vapaticchll- 
danena y&vavil&sabh&v&kMihi (sic) tehi ca vividham nll- 
nappak&ram TailcaDam ak&siip. || 

82-86. Nandd : ayam . . . imasmim buddhuppsLde S&kya- 
rdjakule nibbatti | Nand& ti 's8& n&maip. akamsu | 
riipasampattiyd. sundarl Nandd, janapadakaly&ni ti ca panud- 
yittha. || Cfr. Dhammapadam p. 313 £ The stanzas quoted 
at p. 316 differ much from my text. 

88. bahHtvatasamdddnd ti paficdtapatappanMibahuvidhavata- 
8am&d&n& | g&th&sukhattham bahii ti dighakaranam | addham 
{cd. om. m) siscma olikhan (sic) ti | mayham. pi slsassa addhani 
eva mu^demi | keci addham slsassa olikhan ti kesakal^passa 
addham lat&bandhanavasena bandhetv^ addham vissaiiesin 
ti attham vadanti II Cy has abhutyi as C, and explains it by : 
rattiyam bhojanam na bhunji. II 

93. rincitvd paramam atthan ti | jhsLnavipassansLmaggapha- 
l&diuttamam attham jahitv& chadditv& || In Cy the theri is 
called Mittak&lik&. II 

1, ed, patibandha". — 3, cd. asi, ed, ^yibhstyaiia. — 14, ed, ak&si. — 17| ed, 
°maia°.-21,"crf. nippatti.— 26, cd, bahu°.--32, cd, 1. hd. ricchitva. 

184 theeI-gIthI. 

99. maggam a^'&san (sic) ti | majjhamapatipattibh&vato 
afijusam (sic) uparimaggam upp&dentl. || 

102-106. Sond according to the Commentator was also 
called Bahupiittik& (patikulam gat& dasa puttadhitaro 
labhitrd Bahuputtikd, ti pafin^yittha). Gfr. Note on 
Dhammapada st. 115, which is also quoted in the Com- 

105. anantardmmokkhdstn ti | aggamaggassa anantar& 
uppannavimokkhd &sim | r{ip! rfipllni passatt ti &dayo hi 
attha pi vimokkhd anantarayimokkhd, n&ma na honti | magg^- 
nantaram anuppatt& ti phalavimokkh'll pana samftpattik&Ie 
pavattamftnd. pi pathamamagg&nantaram eva samuppattito 
tain upd,d&ya anantaravimokkho n&ma | yath& maggasam&dhi 
anantarikasam^hi ti vuccati. || 

106. tattha thi (sic 2. hd. ; 1. hd. dhidha) tav' atthu jane 
mmpi (sic) ti | ang&nam sithilabhd,yakaran&dhin& jammi 
l&make jane tuyham dhi (sic 2. hd. ; 1. hd. thita, corr. to thi 
and afterwards to dhi) atthu (1. hd. ttha) tava dhitftro (sic) 
hotu. II If I am not mistaken, the Commentator's reading 
(cfr. L) was : dhi tav^ atthu jane jammi, which is quite out of 
place here. Compare v. v. 1. 1. on st. 343. I am not sure 
whether I have hit the correct reading. 

107-111. lAnakesi ti Mikcl Bhadd&ya Kundalakesaya 
theriyll gsLthsL j ayam . . . imasmim buddhupp&de KSjagahe 
setthikule nibbattitvd, Bhadd^ ti 'ss& n&mam ahosi | q^ mahata 
pariv&rena vaddham&nll vayappatt^ tasmim yeva nagare puro- 
hitassa puttam Satthukam n&ma coram sahodham s:ahetv£l 
r^j&n&ya nagaraguttikena m&retum &gh&tanam n!yam&nam 
sthapaiijare olokentl disvd. patibaddhacitt^ huty& sace tarn 
labb&mi jiyiss&mi no ce mariss&mi ti sayane adhomukha 
nipajji | ath' ass& pit& tarn pavattim sutyd. ekadhit&ya bala- 
yasineho sahassalafLcam daty& up&yena coram yissajj&pety& 
gandhodakena nh&pety& sabb&bharanapatimanditam k&retysl 
psls&dam pesesi | Bhaddd. pi paripunnamanorathcl atirek&lan- 

10, ed, yimokkh^na. — 11, ed. anuppatto ti phalavikkhstpanasam^pattiksLle. — 
12t cd, pathama°. — 13, cd, yato. — 26, ed. nippattitrsl. — 28, ed. agM^anam. — 
29, ed, sihaficapafloare, ed, pa^ibandha**. — 31, ed, nippajji. 

NOTES. 185 

k&rena alankarity& tain paricarati | Satthuko katip&ham 
Titin§,mety& tassA dbharanesu uppannalobho Bhadde aham 
nagaraguttikena gahitamatto 'va corapap&te adhivatth§,ya 
devat&ya sac' sLham jlvitam labh&mi tuyham balikammam ti patthanam ay&cim | tasmd. balikamtnain 
sajjdpehi ti | s& tassa manam p&riss&ml ti balikammam 
sajj§,petv& sabb&bharanavibh&sitd, s&mikeoa saddhim ekam 
yfi-nam abhiruyha devat&ya balikammam kariss&mi ti corapa- 
p&tam abhirfihitum &raddh& | Satthuko cintesi | sabbesu 
abhiruhantesu imissa karanam gahetum na sakkamht ti | 
pariv^rajanam tatth' eva thapety& tarn eva balibhdjanam 
gah4petv£L pabbatam abhirfthanto t&ya saddhim piyakatham 
na kathesi | s& ingiten' eva tass&dhipp&yam af&ci&si | Satthuko | 
Bhadde tava uttaris&takam omuncetvd, k&y§.r&lhapas&dhaQam 
bhandikam karohi ti | s& pi | mayham ko aparMho ti | kim 
nu belle balikammattham ftgato ti sannam karosi | balikammd- 
padesena pana tava Abharanam gahetum &gato ti | kassa pana 
ayya pasS^dhanam kassa ahan ti | nelham etam yibh&gam 
j^nimi ti | hotu ayya, ekam pana me adhipp&yam pflrehi | 
alankataniy&men' eva Alingitum dehi ti | so s&dhii ti sampa- 
ticchi I ek tena sampaticchitabh&vam uaty& purato &lingetv& 
pacehato ftlinganti viya pabbatapap&te p&tesi | so patitvS, 
cunnavicunnam ahosi | t&ya katam acchariyam disvd, pabbate 
adhivatthA devat^ kosallam yibh&venti imel gith^ abh§,si 

na so sabbesu thelnesu puriso hoti pandito | 
itthi pi panditeL hoti tattha tattha vicakkhanel 
na so sabbesu th^nesu puriso hoti pandito | 
itthi pi pandita hoti muhuttam api cintaye ti 

tato BhaddA cintesi | na sakkd. may& iminel niyd.mena geham 
gantum | ito gantv& ekapabbajjam pabbajiss&mi ti niganth^- 
r&mam gantvd. niganthe pabbajjam jkci \ atha nam te 
Ahamsu | keoa niy&mena pabbajj^ hotii ti | yam tumh&kam 

3, ed. nagararattikena, ed. gahitamatto ca, cd. adhtyatt^ya.--9, ed, abhi- 
riiyhamtum. -19, ed, janami and otn. ti. — 24, ed. adhivattd. — 28, ed, mahuttam. 
In a quotation &om the Apadana this verse rons thus : itthi pi pandita hoti 
lahum atthavicintita |— 30, ed. pabbajji^, ed. 1. hd. nigantdramaip, 2. hd. 
nigandha°, ed, nigandhapabbajjaiii. — 32, ed. tena. 

186 theeI-gItha. 

pabbajjsLya uttamam tad eva karoth& ti | te s&dhii ti tassll 
t&latthiQ£L kese luncetyd. pabbdjesum I puna kes^ Taddhaiit& 
kundalavattA hutv^ Taddhesum I tato patth&ya 8& Kundala- 
kes^ n&ma j&td. | 8& tattha uggahetabbam samayam v&da- 
maggafi ca uggahetv& ettakam n&ma ime j&nanti ito uttarim 
yiseso n' atthi ti iiatvsL tato apakkamitv^ yattha yattha 
pandita atthi tattba tattha ganty& tesam jsiiianasippaiii 
uggahetvd, attand, saddhim kathetum sapattam adisva yam 
yam g&mam yk nigamam \k visati tassa dv&re Talik4r&sim 
katvd. tasmim jambus&kham thapetvd. yo mama v&dam drope- 
tum sakkoti 80 imam s&kham maddatii ti samipe thitad&ra- 
kllnam sannam datyd. vasanattbdaam £:acchati I sattaham pi 
jambus&kh&ya tath' eva thit&ya tarn gahetv& pakkamati | 
tena ca samayena amh&kam bhagav^ loke uppajjitvd pavatta- 
Taradhammacakko anupubbena S&vatthim upanissd^ya Jeta- 
yane viharati | Kundalakesd. pi vuttanayena g&manigamara- 
jadh&nisu vicaranti Sd^vatthim patvanagaradv&reT&lik&r&simhi 
jambusakham thapetv4 dsLrak&nam sannam datvd, S&vatthim 
p&visi I ath' dyasmll dhammasen&pati ekako 'va nagaram pa- 
visanto tarn s&kham disv& tarn dametuk&mo d&rake pucchi | 
kasm&yam s&kh& evam thapit^ ti | d&rak& tarn attham 
^rocesum | thero | yadi evam^ imam sUkham maddathd. ti 
kha I d&rak& tam maddimsu i Kundalakes& katabhattakicc& 
nagarato nikkhamanti tam s&kham madditam disy& ken' 
idam madditan ti pucchitvsL therena madd&pitabh&vam natY& 
apakkhiko v&do na sobhati ti S&vatthim pavisityd ytthito 
vithim vicarantl passeyy&tha samanehi Sakyaputtiyehi 
saddhim mayham TsLdan ti ugghosetv& mahdjanaparivutd 
annatarasmim rukkhamiile nisinnam dhammasen&patim 
upasankamitvd. patisanth&ram katyd. ekamantam thit& kirn 
tumhehi mama jambus&kh& madd&pitd. ti &ha | &ma may& 
maddd,pit& ti | eyam sante tumhehi saddhim mayham v&do 
hotCi ti I hotu bhadde | kassa pucchd kassa vissajjand. ti | 

3, ed, kiUL^^^yattsl. — 6, ed. etthakam, ed. uttari. — 9, ed. v&lika". — 10, ed. 
tassa jampu°. — 11, ed, maddatu si. — 12, cd, *¥ak&nam dasafiam.— 13, ed. jampu°. 
—15, ed. Savatthi.— 16, ed. vihareti.— 17, ed. °^£jilBVL, ed.' S&vatthi.— 18, ed. 
valika° jampCL°, ed, Savatthi.— 21, cd. selkham. — 26, ed, Savatthi, ed, pavisetvR 
vithito vithi. — 30, cd, patisandh^i;!. — 31, ed, jampu°. — 33, ed, 2. hd. 

NOTES. 187 

piicch^ n&ma amh&kam patt&ti | tvam yam attan& j&nanakam 
pucch& ti I 8& sabbam eva attan^ j&nanav&dam pucchi | thero 
sabbam vissajjesi | sk uparipucchitabbam aj&nantl tunht 
ahosi I atha nam thero &ha | tay& bahum pucchitam | aham 
pi taip ekam pailham pucchiss&ml ti | pucchatba bhante ti | 
thero ekam n&ma kin ti imam panham pucchi | Kundalakes^ 
n' eva antam na kotim passanti andhak&ram pavitth^ va 
huty& na j&n&mi bhante ti &ha | tvam ettakam pi aj^nantl 
annam kim j&nissast ti yatv& dhammam desesi | sk therassa 
p&desu patitv^ bhante tumhe saranam gacch&mi ti &ha | m& 
mam tvam bhadde saranam gaccha | sadevake loke agga- 
puggalam bhagavantam eva saranam gaech& ti | evam 
kariss&mi bhante ti | s& s&yanhasamaye dhammadesanave- 
l&ya satthu santikam gantv& paneapatitthitena vanditv^ 
ekamantam atth&si | satth^ tass& n£lnaparip&kam liatv^ 

sahassam api ce g&thi anatthapadasailnit& | 

ekam g&th&padam seyyo yam sutv& upasammati ti II ^ 

imam g&tham &ha | g&th&pariyos&ne yath&thit& Va saha 
patisambhid&hi arahattam p&puni. j . . • 

112-116. nangalehi kasam khettan ti idikk Pat&c&r&ya 
theriyft gd,th& II ayam hi Padumuttarassa bhagavato kale 
Hamsavatinagare kulagehe nibbattity& vinniltam patt& eka- 
divasam satthu santike dhammam sunantt satth&ram ekam 

• • • • • 

bhikkhunim vinayadhar&nam ae^atth&ne thapentam disv& 
adhik&rakammam katy& tarn th&nantaram patthesi | s& y&va- 
jivam kusalam katv& devamanussesu samsarantl Kassapa- 
buddhak&le Kikissa K&sikaranno gehe patisandhim gahetv^ 
sattannam bhagininam abbhantard. hutv& visativassasahassani 
brahmacariyam acari | bhikkhusanghassa parivenam ak&si | 
8& devaloke nibbatt& ekam buddhantaram dibbasampattim 
anubhavitv^ imasmim buddhuppide S&vatthiyam setthigehe 

1 Dhammapadam st. 101. This does not agree with the Commentary on 
Dhpd., in which this stanza is said to have been spoken to the thera Ddruciri, 
whue st. 102. 103. are referred to Ku^dalakesi. 

1, ed, otn, ti. — i, ed. tasstl bahnm. — 7| ed, ko^, ed. pavitth&ya hutvd. — 22, ed, 
nippatitya.— 24, ed. bhikkhOnt 

188 theeI-gItha. 

nibbattitv^ vayappattft attano gehe ekena kammaklLrena 
saddhim kilesasanthavam ak&si | tani m^tapitaro samajati- 
kassa kum&rassa d&tum divasam ganMpesum | tani natv& 
8& hatthis&ram gahety& tena katasanthavena purisena saddhim 
aggadv&rena nikkhamity& ekasmim g^ake vasantl gabbhini 
ahosi I s& paripakke gabbhe kim idha an&thav&sena | kulagehe 
gacch&ma s&mi ti vatva tasmim ajja gacchama sve gacch&m& 
ti k&lavikkhepam karonte n&yam b&lo mam nessati ti tasmim 
bahi gate gehe patis&metabbam patis&mety& kalagharam 
gat& ti mayham s&mikassa katheth& ti pativissakagharavasi- 
nam &cikkhitv& ekikk 'va kiilagharani gamiss&ml ti maggam 
patipajji II so ftgantvsl gehe tarn apassanto pativissake pucchi- 
ty& kulagharam gat& ti satv£l mam nissslya kiiladhtta anath^ 
jcLt£l ti pad&nupadam gantv& samp&puni || tassd. antaramagge 
eva gabbhavutth&nam ahosi j s& pasiltak&lato patth&ya pa- 
tippassaddh^ gamam anuyuttd. s&mikam gahetvll nivatti II 
dutiyav&ram pi gabbhini ahosi ti Mi sabbam purimanayen' 
eva vitth&retabbam | ayam pana viseso | yada tassa antara- 
magge kammajavdt& ealimsu tad& mahaakellamegho udap&di j 
samantato vijjulat&hi Mittamviya meghadhanitehi bhijjami- 
nam viya ca dh&r&nip&tanirantaram nabham ahosi || 8& tarn 
di8Y& s&rai me anovassakam th&nam jsln&hi ti &ha | so ito 
e' ito ca olokento ekam tinasanchannam &:umbam disva tattha 
gantv£l hatthagat&ya y&siy& tasmim gumbe dandake chindi- 

tukamo tinehi saiichllditaYammikastsante utthitarukkhadanda- 
• • • • • 

kam chindi | tavad eva ca nam tato vammikato nikkhamity& 
ghoraviso &siviso damsi | so tatth^ eva patitv^ kiLlam ak&si | 
Bk mah&dukkham anubhavantt tassa &gamaiiam olokentl dve 
pi d&rake v&tavutthim asahamane viravante urantare katvft 
dvihi jtoukehi dvihi hatthehi ca bhiimim uppilitvft yath&- 
thitd 'va rattim vltinalmetv£l vibh&t4ya rattiyft mamsapesi- 
yannam ekam puttam pilotik&cumbatake nipajj&petv& 
hatthehi urehi ca pariggahetv^ itaram ehi t&ta pit& te ito 

2, ed. ^sandhayain. — 3, ed, ganha°. — 4, ed, hatthasdram, ed, °Bandhayena. — 7) 
cd. ajja gacchdm^ ti, 2. hd. adds sve gacchdmd after gaccha. — 8, cd. nessasi. — 10, 
cd. pativisaka°. — 11, cd. "garam. — 12, cd. °viflake. — 16, cd. patipassaddha. — 21, 
cd, ^nipStam nirantaram.— 26, cd. sancadita", 2. hd. safljddita°. — 29, ed. °vutthi. 
—30, cd. jaijiu^, cd. bhdmi. — 32, cd. pilotikacumbi^ke mppa^ 

NOTES. 189 

gato ti yatv^ s&mikena gatamaggena gacchantt tatn vammt- 
kasamipe k&lankatam nisinnani disv^ mam niss&ya mama 
s&miko mato ti rodantl paridevantt sakalarattim devena 
Yutthatt& jannukappam&nam tanuppam&nam udakam sa- 
yantim antar&magge naditn patv& attano mandabuddhit^ya 
dubbalat&ya ca dvihi d&rakehi saddhim udakam otaritum 
avisahantt jetthaputtam orimatlre thapety& itaram &diya 
paratiram ganty& sikh&bhahgam attharitv& tattba pilotik&- 
cumbatake iiipajjdpety& itarassa santikam gamiss&mt ti 
b&laputtakam pah&tum asakkonti punappunam niyattitvd. 
olokayam£ln& nadim otarati | atb^ assft nadimajjham gatak&le 
eko seno tarn d&rakam disv& mamsapest ti safin&ya &k&sato 
garni I 8& tarn disy& ubho hattbe ukkbipity& su sA ti 
tikkbattum mah&saddam niccb&resi I seno dilrabh&yena tam 
anatdiyanto kum&rakam gabetyel yebl^am uppati | orimatire 
tbito putto ubbo batthe ukkbipity& mab&saddam niccbaraya- 
m&nam disy£l mam sandb&ya yadati ti sanns^ya yegena udake 
pati I iti b^laputtako senena jettbaputto udakena bato | sk 
eko putto senena gabito eko udakena yftlbo pantbe me pati 
mato ti rodantt parideyantt gaccbantt Sdyattbito agamantam 
ekam purisam disyel puccbi | kattba yasi ko si ti || S&vattbi- 
y^Lsiko mbi amm& ti || Sayattbiyam asukayitbiyam asukaku- 
lam n&ma attbi | tam jslnasi tS,tll ti || jan&mi amm& ti | tam 
pana ma puceba annam puccb& ti || annena me payojanam 
n' attbi | tad eya puccbaimi tata ti || amma tyam attano 
^cikkbitum na desi | ajja te sabbarattim deyo yassanto dittbo 
ti II dittbo me t&ta | maybam eya so sabbarattim yuttbo | tam 
karanam paecb& katbessami | etasmim t&ya me settbigebe 
payattim katbebi ti II amma ajja rattiyam settbin ca bbariyan 
ca settbiputtan ca tayo pi jane ayattbaram&ne gebe patite 
ekacitakelyam jb&penti | sy ^yam dbiimo pannayati amma ti || 
sa tasmim kbane niyattbayattbam pi patam&nam na sanjani | 
sokummattakam n&ma paty& II II jatarilpen' eya ubbo puttS. 
kellankati pantbe maybam pati mato | mat^ pitel ca bb&ta ca 

2, ed, yammikamsamipe. — 3, ed. °ratti. — iy cd. jannuka°, ed. savanti. — 5, cd. 
nadi.— 8, cd. pilotikacombitake. — 11, cd. olokiyam^sl, cd. atha sd iiadi°. — 16, 
ed. niccMriyamanam. — 21, cd, vslsi. — 26, cd. demi. — 27, cd. °ratti. — 28, cd, 
ekasmim. — 29, ed, payatti.— 30, ed "rametnam geham. — 31, ed, °tak^ya jhetyanti. 

190 thebI-gItha. 

ekacitakasmim dayhare || II ti vilapantl parlbbhamantl tato 
patth&ya ta8s4 niv&sanamattena pi vatthena patiten&c&ratta 
Patic&r& ty eva samann^ ahosi j tarn disvk manu8S& gaccha 
ummattike ti keci kacayaram matthake khipanti aniie pamsuin 
okiranti apare leddft khipanti | Satthd. Jetavane mah&parisa- 
majjhe nisiditv^ dhammam desento tarn tatM paribbhaman- 
tim disvd. n&naparip&kan ca oloketv^ yathd. yih&r&bhimiikht 
&gacchati tath& ak^i | parish tarn disyft imiss^ ummattik&ya 
ito &gantuiii mk dattb& ti &ha | bhagav^ m& nam y&rayitthsL 
ti Tatv& avidilratth^naiii ^gatakllle satim patilabha bbagini ti 
&ha I Bk t&vad eva buddhdnubb&vena satim labbitv^ nivattha- 
vatthassa patitabh&vam sallakkhetyft hirottappam paccupatthS,- 
petva ukkutikam nisidi | eko puriso uttarissltakam kbipi | s& 
tarn nivasetva Satthllram upasankamitva pancapatitthitena 
yanditvi bhante ayassayo me botha | ekam me puttam seno 
ganhi eko udakena yidho pantbe pati mato m^t&pitaro bhdta 
ca gehena ayatthata mat& ekacitakasmim jbayanti ti ak soka- 
ksLranam acikkhi || satthel Patac&re rak cintayi j taya ayassayo 
bhavitum samatthass' eya santikam agata si | jathk hi tyam 
idslni puttadinam marananimittam assuni pavattesi eyam 
anamatagge sams&re puttadinam maranahetu payattitam 
assu catunnam mah&samudd^nam udakato babutaran ti 

mabasamuddesu jalam parittakam tato babu assujalam 

anappakam | 
dukkbena pbuttbassa narassa socato kimk&ran& sokayas^ 

pamajjasi ti || 

g&tbam abb&si | eyam sattbari anamataggapariy&yakatham 
katbente tassa soke tanutarabbayam agam^i | atba nam 
tanubbutasokam naty& Patac&re putt&dayo n&ma paralokam 
gaccbantassa t&nam y& lenam y& saranam yd bbayitum na 

1, ed. dayhare ti. || || The words from jata® to da' are metrical. — 2, ed. 
^mattena pi vatthena pi yatthena acarato patitacarattd. — 6, ed. led^u. — 6, cd.° ntL 
— 9, cd. dgantu. — 10, ed. sati patilabht bhagini ti. — 11, ed. sati. — 12, ed. paccu- 
patha° iikku° sampatinipajj&ja nisidi. — 19, cd. tarn.— 21, ed. pavattita. — 24, ed, 
1. hd. catusu before maha°. — 26, cd. socata. — 28, ed. amanatagga^. — 29, ed, 
1. hd. tanutaram athanutaram, 2. hd. del. athanutaram. — 30, cd, Pa^^c^." 
31, ed. lei^ani. 

NOTES. 191 

sakkontl ti | vijjam&n& pi te na santaye 'va | tasm& panditena 
attano silam visodhetv^ nibb&nag&mi maggo yeva s&dhetabbo 
ti dassento || || na santi patt& t&n4ya . • . = Dhamma- 
padam at. 288. 289 II II ti im&hi g&th&hi dhammam desesi | 
desan&vaselne Pat&c&rgl sot&pattiphale patitth&pit& pabbajjam 
y&ci I satth& tarn bhikkhuntnam santikam nety& pabb^jesi | 
8& laddhfipa8ampad& uparimaggatth&ya yipassan&ya kammani 
karontt ekam divasam ghatena udakam idlLya pslde dhoyanti 
udakam pi ^sinciiam thokam th&nam ganty& pacchijji | 
dutiyay&ram ftsittam tato dilram agam&si | tatiyay&ram 
&sittam tato pi ddrataram agaml^i | sk tad eya &ratiiinanam 
gahety& tayo y&re pariccbindity^ maya pathamam &sittani 
udakam yiya ime sattd pathamayaye pi maranti tato dftram 
gatam dutiyayglram asittam udakam yiya majjhimayaye pi 
tato durataram gatam tatiyayaram Ssittam udakam yiya 
pacchimayaye pi maranti yey& ti cintesi | satthd gandhakuti- 
yam nisinno Va obh&sam pharityd. tass^ sammukhena thaty& 
kathento yiya | eyam etam Pat&c&re j sabbe p' ime satt& mara- 
nadbammft | tasm& pancannam khandh&nam udayabbayam 
apassantassa yassasatam jiyato tarn passantassa ekiham pi 
ekakkhanam pi jfyitam seyyo ti imam attham dassento || 

yo ca yassasatam jiye . . . = Dhpd. st. 113. 

ti gatham aha | gfttMpariyosane Patacdra saha patisambhi- 
dahi arahattam p^puni | . . . arahattam pana paty^ sekkha- 
kaie attano patipattim paccayekkhitya upariyisesassa nibbatti- 
takdram yibhayenti udanayasena II nahgalehi . . . = st. 112-116 
. . . ti imd gatha abh^si. || 

112. tattha kasan ti kasikammam karonto | puthuttbe hi 
idam ekayacanam j pavapan ti bijani yapant^ | chamd ti 
eham&yam | bhummatthe hi idam paccatthayacanam. II . . • 

117. 118. According to the Commentator stanzas 117. 118 
were first uttered by PataLcglra, and afterwards repeated by 
the therls together with their own gathds 119-121. 

1) ed. yijjamdn^itenasanti eyam tasmd. — 2, cd. maggst.— 5, ed, patithRpetvst. 
— 8, cd, ekantidivasam. — 10, cd. tatiyam va°.— 12, cd. paricchiditvd. — 17, ed. 
samukhena. — ^20, cd. °8ata jivanato. — 21, cd. jivitam sepeti ti. — 25, cd. °patti, 
cd. nippattita°. — 29, cd. ekaqi yacanam. 

192 THERt-GATHi. 

122. bhaitacolaasa n&dhigam ti | bhattassa colassa ca p&ri- 
p{iriiii n&dhigacchim. | 

127-132. ettha ca &dito catasso g&th& Pat&c&raya tWiy& 
sesltnam paficamatt&nam itthisat&nam sokayinodanavasena yi- 
sum visum bh&sit& | tAssH ov&de thatv& pabbajity& adhigata- 
yises&hi t&hi pancasatamatt&hi bhikkhunthi cha pi g&th& 
paccekam bhasit& ti datthabb& | pancasatd, Patdcdrd ti | Pat4- 
c&r&ya theriy& santike laddhaovMat&ya Pat&c^r&ya vuttam 
avedisun ti katv& PatdcUr^ ti laddhan&m& pancasatd bhi- 
kkhuniyo. | 

129. ay&cito tato 'gacchi ti | tato paralokato kena c' ito idha 
^gacchi I dgato tipipdli \ so ev^ attho dgato. | 

133. tattha attd ti addita | ayam eva vd pdtho \ addit& pilit& 
ti attho. I 

136. san cittam patiladdhdnd ti | buddh&nubh&yena ummd- 
dam pah&ya attano pakaticittam patilabhitvel. | 

138. etadantikd ti | etam idani may si adhigatam arabattam 
antopariyosanam etesan ti etadantik& sokel | na dani tesam 
sambhavo attht ti attho II yato sokdna sambhaw ti j yato 
antonij jh&nalakkhan&nam soketnam sambhavo tesam c' up&del- 
iiakkhaiidhasankh&t& vatthil adhitth&n&ni fi&natiranapah&na- 
parinnahi parinnat^ | tasm^ soka etadantikd ti yojana. || 

139-144. . . . evam eva tattha tattha bhave ftyatanam 
gatam ularam puniiakammam katv£l sugatisu yeva ^amsaritv^ 
imasmim buddhuppelde Magadharatthe Sd.galanagare rajakule 
nibbatti j Khema ti 'ss& n&mam ahosi | suvannavaim& kafica- 
nasannibhatta vayappatt& Bimbisslraranno geham gatll satthari 
Veluvane viharante rftpamattft hutv& rflpe dosam dasseti ti 
satthu dassan&ya na gacchati || r&ja manussehi Yeluvanassa 
vanne pakasetvel deviya viharadassan&ya cittam upp&desi | 
atha devi vih&ram passiss&mt ti r&j&nam patipucchi | rkji 
vihdram gantv& satth&ram adisvll gantum na labhissasi ti 
vatv& puris^nam saflnam ad&si | balakkslrena pi devim dasa- 
balam dasseth& ti j devi vih&ram gantv£l divasabh&gam 

2, cd. °piiri °gacclii. — 4, ed. sesam. — 6, ed, pabbajjitvst. — 7, cd. "sata. — 9, cd. 
avedisii ti. — 13, cd. a^titd (twice).— 15, cd° Dh&ve. — 19, cd. sokana. — 21, cd. 
fiata"*.— 24, cd. saxasaretrel.— 30, cd yediy^.— 33, ed. deyi. 

NOTES. 193 

khepety^ nivattentl satth&ram adisv& Va gantum &raddh& | 
atha nam r&japuris& anicchantim pi satthu santike nayimsu | 
8attfa& tarn ftgacchantim disv& iddhiy& devacchar&sadisarn 
itthim nimminitv^ t&lapannam gahetv^ ytjam&nani ak&si | 
Ehem& devl disv^ cintesi | evartipcl n&ma devacchar&pati- 
bh&g& itthiyo bhagavato aviddre tittbanti | abam et&sam 
pariy&rit& na ppabomi manam pi (P) nikk&ranap&pacittassa 
yasena nattbcl ti nimittam gabety^ tarn eya ittbim olokaya- 
iD&n& attb&si | atb' as8& passantiy^ 'ya sattbu adbittb&nabalena 
8^ ittbi patbamavayam atikkamma majjbimavayam pi 
atikkamma paccbimayayam patv& kbandadant^ palitakes& 
yalitatac& buty& saddbim t&lapannena pariyattitv& pati | 
tato Ebem& kat&dbik&ratt& evam cintesi | eyamyidbam pi 
sariram Idisam vipattim pcLpuni | maybam pi sartram eyam- 
gatikam eva bbavissatt ti | atb^ assft citt&k&ram natv& 
sattbll II II ye ralgaratt&nupatanti sotam | sayamkatam makka- 
tako ya j&lam | etam pi ebitv&na pparibbajanti | anapekkbino. 
k&masukbam pab&y& ti || || (= Dbpd. st. 347) g&tbam &b& j 
8& glltb&pariyos&ne saba patisambbid&bi arabattam p&puni ti 
atthakathdsu dgatam \ Apaddne pana imam g&tbam 8uty& 
8ot&pattiphale patittbit& ralj&nam anuj&n&pety& pabbajitv& 
arabattam p&puni ti dgatam | tattb&yam Apad&nap&li | . . . 

. . . tam ekadiyasam annatarasmim rukkbamMe diy&yib&ram 

• • • • 

nisinnam M&ro p&pim& tarunar&pena upasankamitv^ k&mebi 
palobbento II dahard tuvam . . . = st. 139 . . . ti g&tbam 
&ba. II 

143. tattba aggim paricaram vane ti | tapoyane aggibuttam 
paricaranto | yathdbhtcccam pajdnantd (sic) ti | pattiyo (sic) 
yatb&bbfttam aparijanantcl. cfr. st. 159. \\— paricaram for 
paricarant&. Cfr. st. 112 kasam and pavapam; Ten J&t. 
p. 117, 12. 21. : obhdaayam. 

151. dhitd Majjhaasa atrajd ti | Majjban&massa settbino 
oras& dbit&. | 

159. yathdbhuccam pajdnantl (sic) ti | payattibetu&di yatb&- 
bbfttam anayabojjbanti. | 

2, ed, anicchanti. — 3, ed, ^gacchanti. — 4, ed, itthi, ed. bijamstnam. — 9, ed. 
yassantiyd. — 10, cd, pathama^.— Id, ed, cittacdram. — 21, ed, pabbajjitrd. — 27, 
ed, aggi, ed, om, yane ti. 


194 therI-gIthI. 

163. hetvA (sic) put tarn samupiyam (sic) ti | piy&yitabbam 
n&tiparivattabhogakkliandhaii ca hitvel. | 

166. Oram dgamaniydni ti vd pdli \ so ev' attho (| tm-y-idam 
punad (sic) ehini ti \ orambhdgiyd.nam sannojan&nam pahdnena 
idam k&matthd.nam k&mabhavam patisandhivase na punar &ga- 
missasi | rak&ro padasandhikaro | itthan ti vd pdli \ itthattham 
k&mabhavam ice eva attho | . . . g&thdpaiiyos&ne tbert saha 
patisambhidelhi arahattam patvel udslnavasena bhagavat& bha- 
sitaniy&ineii' eva im& g&th& abhasi | ten' eta theriy^ gathal 
n&ma j&t&. || 

170. tattha bhikkhunin ti | Khem&therim sandhiya vadati. II 

171. uttamatthaasa pattiyd ti | arahattassa nibbeLnass' eva 
y& pattiy& adhigamelya. II 

178. Patdedrdnusdsanan tipipdtho. \ 

182-188. Cala: ayam . . . imasmim buddhupp&de Ma- 
gadhesu N£llakag&me Suriipas&ribr&hmaniy& kucchimhi 
nibbatti j tass& n&magahanadivase Cal& ti n&mam akamsu | 
tassd. kanitthd.ya Upacala ti atha tass§, kanitth&ya SisdpaclilS. 
ti I imd. tisso pi dhammasen&patissa kanittbabhaginiyo | 
imS^sam puttftnam pi tinnam idam eva n&mam j ya sandhslya 
theriy& gathcLya C&1& 1Jpac&l& SisApac^l^ ti &gatam. II 

199. sakkdyasmin ti khandhapaficake | purakkhato pura- 
kkb&rak^rino | idam vuttam hoti | M^ra tay& yuttll t&vatim- 
s&dayo deva bhavato bbavam upagacchaiit& aniccat&dianek&- 
dinavd. kule sakklLye patitthita | tasmd tasmim bhave upapatti- 
k&le vemajjhak&le pariyos&nak&le ti tasmim tasmim k&le 
sakk&yam eva purakkhitv& thit& | tato eva ayitivattft sakk^- 
yam nissaran&bhimukh& ahuty& sakk&yatiram eva anupari- 
dh^vantd, j&timaranas£lriiio ragaldihi anugatatt^ punappmiam 
jatimaranam eva anusaranti | tato na vimuccanti ti || — 
Though supported by Cy the reading purakkhato (=Skt. 
*pura8krtas nom. plur. of *puraskrt) is certainly wrong. 

201. pakampite ca loke kena ci pakampetum c&letum 

3, cd, om, vst. — 6, cd. 1. hd. yakaro. — 11, ed. "theri. — 12, ed. uttamattassa, 
ed, arahatassa. — 17, cd. iiamagana°. — 18, cd. Stsiipa°. — 19, cd. om. ti, ed. 
dhammadesanapa". — 20, cd. ye. — i21, ed. °le. — 22, cd. sak^ya°.— 26, cd. pari- 
yemajjlia^, ed. klQa.— 27, ed. sakkaya. —29, ed. ^ppuonam. — 33, ed, pikampetoijii. 

NOTES. 195 

asakkuneyyataya akampiyam || — This reading is perhaps 
preferable to that given in the text. 

204-212. md au te Vaddha lokamhi ti &dik& Vaddham&t&ya 
theriy^ g&th& | ayam pi purimabuddhesu kat&dhikslra tattha 
tattha bhave yivattupanissayam kusalain upacinanti anukka- 
mena 8ambh&tavimokkhasambhdr& hutY& imasmim buddhu- 
pp&de £h&rukacchanagare kulagehe nibbattitv^ Tayappatt& 
patikulam gat& ekaputtam vij&yi | tassa Yaddho ti n&mam 
ahosi I tato patthaya 8& Yaddhain&t& ti vohirittha. II 

209. appamattasaa jh&yato ti j appamatt&ya jh&yantiyd | 
lingavipall^ena h' etam vuttam | . . . evam vuttam ovadam 
ankusam katv& sanj&tasamvego thero [i.e. Vaddho] vih&ram 
gantv£l divdth&ne nisinno vipassanam vaddhetv^ arahattam 
patY& attano patipattim paccavekkhitv^. sanjlltasomanasso 
m^tu santikam gantv^ annam by&karonto II uldram vata etc. 
=8t. 210-212. ti im£l tisso g&th& abhelsi | atha theri attano 
yacanam ankusam katvel puttassa arahattuppattiy^ &rsldhita- 
cittsi tena bh& sayam paccanubh&si | evan tk pi theriya 
g&thd n&ma jat&. || 

213-223. kaly&namittatd. ti adik& Kisagotamiya gathgl | 
ayam kira Padumuttarassa bhagavato k&le Hamsavatinagare 
kulagehe nibbattitviL vinniltam pattft ekadivasam satthu 
santike dhammam sunantt satthdram ekam bhikkhunim 

• * • • • 

Idkhacivaradhar&nam aggatth&ne thapentam disy& adhikel- 
rakammam katv^ tarn th^nantaram patthesi | && kappasata- 
sahassam devaraanussesu samsaranti imasmim buddhuppade 
S^vatthiyam duggatakule nibbatti | Gotami ti 'sssl nslmam 
ahosi I kisasarirat^ya pana Kis&gotaml ti vohariyittha | tarn 
patikulam gatain duggatakulassa dhlt^ ti paribhavimsu j sd 
ekam puttam yij&yi | puttalabhena c' as8& samm^nam akamsu | 
80 pan' assa putto Mh^vityS, paridhayity^ kilanakalle thito 
kalam agamdsi | ten' assa sokummsido uppajji | sa aham 
pubbe paribhayappattd. hutyd puttassa jsltak§.lato patthdya 
sakksLram pS^punim | ime mayham puttam bahi chaddetum pi 

14, ed. samjdta. — 20, Since there is attached a particular interest to the legend 
of Kisagotamt, I here give the commentary at lull length, cfr. Thiessen, Die 
Legende von Kisagotami. Breslau 1880. — 20, cd. Kissa'*. — 23, ed, bhikkhunl. — 
27, ed, duggatakme. — 28, ed. kissa" . . . Kissa°. — 29, cd. "bhavisu. — 32, cd. 
agatasi, cd, met. — 34, cd. p^pu^, cd. chattetum. 

196 therI-gatha. 

v&yamantl ti sokumm&davaseiia matakalevaraip angen&d§.ya 
puttassa me bhesajjam deth& ti gehady&rapatip&tiy4 nagare 
yicarati | manuss& bhesajjam kuto ti paribh&santi | 8& tesam 
katliam na ganh&ti | atha nam eko panditaporiso ayam putta- 
sokena cittavikkhepam pattd etis8& bhesajjam dasabalo ja- 
nissati ti jcintetyft amma tava puttassa bhesajjam samm&- 
sambuddham upasankamitv^ pucch& ti &ha | 8& satthu 
dhammadesan&velftyam vih&ram gantvft puttassa me bhe- 
sajjam detha bhagavft ti &ha | satthu tass& upanissayam disT^ 
gaccha nagaram parisityft yasmim gehe ko ci matapubbo 
n' atthi tato siddhatthakam &har& ti &ha | s& s&dhu bhante ti 
tuttham^nasft nagaram pavisitv^ pathamagehe yeva gantv^ 
mama puttassa bhesajjatth&ya siddhatthakam &har&peml ti 
sace etasmim gehe ko ci matapubbo n' atthi siddhatthakam 
me deth& ti &ha | ko idha mate ga^etum sakkott ti | kim tehi 
aham siddhatthakehl ti dutiyam tatiyam gharam gantv& 
buddh&nubh&vena yigatumm&d& pakaticitte thit& cintesi | 
sakale nagare ayam eva niy&mo bhavissati | idam hit&nu- 
kampin& bhagavat^ dittham bhavissati ti samvegam labhitv& 

tato ca bahi nikkhamitv& &makasus&ne chaddetv^ imam 

• • • 

g&tham &ha II 

na gS^madhammo no nigamassa dhammo na c&pi 'yam 

ekakulassa dhammo j 
sabbalokassa sadevakassa es' eva dhammo yad idam 

aniccat^ ti. II 

evafi ca pana vatv& satthu santikam agam&si j atha nam 

satth& laddho te Gotami siddhatthako ti &ha j nitthitam 

■ • • • 

bhante siddhatthakena kammam | patitth&panam me hothft 
ti &ha I ath' asak satthu | 

tarn puttapasusammattam . . . = Dhpd. st. 287 • . . 
gacchatt ti g&tham &ha | g&thd.pariyo8&ne yath&thit& 'va 
sot&pattiphale patitth&ya pabbajjam y&ci | satthft pabbajjam 
anuj&n&si | s& satth&ram tikkhattum padakkhinam katva 

1, cd. °manti, om. ti. — 3, ed. manusse. — 4, ed. ganhati. — 8, cd, °desana^. — 
12, cd. pavisetvd pathama®. — 13, ed. aharstpeti. — 16, ed. siddhatha®. — 20, ed. 
chattetv^. — 29, ed. assa. — 33, ed, anuj^&mi. 

NOTES. 197 

yanditv^ bhikkhunupassayam gantv& pabbajitv^ upasampa- 
dam labhitv& na cirass' eva yonisomanasikdrena kammam 
karontl vipassanam vaddhest ti | atb' ass& satth& | 

yo ca yassasatam . . . = Dhpd. st. 114 . . . padan ti 
imam obh&sag&tham &ha | ak gdth& arahattam 
p&punity& parikkh&rayalanje paramukkatthft hutyS. tihi 
lukhehi samann&gatam ciyaram p&rupityS. yicari | atha nam 
satthel Jetayane nisinno bhikkhuniyo patip&tiy^ thanantare 
thapento liikhaclyaradbar&nam aggatth&ne tbapesi | s& attano 
patipattim paccayekkhity& sattb&rain niss&ya may& ayam 
yiseso laddbo ti kaly&namittat&pasams&mukbena im& g&tb& 
abhdsi I kalydn(f=Ht 213-223. || 

216. dukkho itthibh&vo ti &dik& dye g&th& annatar&ya 
yakkhiniy& ittbibh&yam garahantiya bh&sit^. || 

216. 217. appekaccd sakim vij&t&yo ti | ekacca itthiyo 
ekaydram eya yijAtA pathamagabbhe yijftyanadukkbam asa- 
hantiyo galale (sic) apakantanti attano gtyam chindanti | 
8iikhumdliniyo visdni kh&danti ti | sukbumMasarirll attano 
sukbum&labhelyena khedam ayisahantiyo yis&ni pi khS^danti | 
janamdrakamajjhagatA ti | janam&rako yuccati mAlhagabbho 
matug&majanassa m&rako | majjhagatajanamd.raksl kuccbi- 
gatamulhagabbhd, ti attho | uhho pi hyasan&ni anubhonti ti J 
gabbho gabbbint c& ti dye pi jana maranam&ranantikabyasa- 
nani p&punatiti | apadassa na gananti ti janamd.rak& n&ma 
kilesd I tesam majjhagatd. kilesasant&napatit^ ubho pi jay&- 
patikd idha kilesaparilabayasena £lyatim duggatiparikkilesa- 
yasena byasan&ni papunanti ti | imk kira dye gkthk ak 
yakkbint purimattabh&ye attano anubbfttadukkham anussa- 
ritya aha | therl pana itthibMye adinayavibbayanaya pacca- 
nubh^lsanti ayoca || upavijahhA gacchanti ti sldikd. dye g&tb& 
Patacar&ya theriygl payattiin drabbba bh&sitd || tattba upavi^ 
jannd gacchanti ti upagatayij4yanakd.le maggam gaccbanti | 
appatta sakam gebam pantbe yij&yity& patim matam addasam 

1, ed, pabbajjitvst. — 6, cd, ^valance. — 7, cd, sampanndgatam, ed. plbrumpetYsl. 
— 16, cd, pathamabbhe.~21, cd. °gat8ljana°, — 23, ed. gambhini, cd. maranam 
maranantikam byasanstni. — 24, cd. apadasa, om, ti. — 2b^cd. jdyapatikd. — 26, c//. 
°parilaha°. — 29, cd, ddiuavamvibha . — 31, cd, pavatti. — 33, cd, 1. hd. mante, 
2. hd. pante, cd. pati. 

198 theeI-gItha. 

ahan ti yojanJl | kapanikdyd ti var&kftya | ivak kira dve g&thS, 
Pat&c^r&ya tad& sokumm&dapattaya yutt& Va vuttak&rana- 
anukaranavasena itthibh&ve &dtiiavavibh&yanattham eva 
theriyd vutt& II ubhayam p' etam ud&haranabhglvena &netva 
id&ni attano anubhtitam dukkham pi bb given ti khinakuline 
ti &diin &ha | tattba khinakuline ti bhog^ihi pllrijunnappatta- 
kule I kapane ti | kapanam afin&tam patte j ubbayam c' etam 
attano eva gimantanavacanam. || . . . Cy also gives the story 
of Kisagotamt as told in the Apad&nam. Since this im- 
portant work is in course of publication, I forbear quoting 
the passage here. 

224. ubho mdfd ca dhitd ca mayam dsum sapattiyo ti | mkik 
ca dhit& cd. ti ubho mayam anfiamannam sapattiyo ahumha | 
S&vatthiyam kira aniiatarassa v&nijassa bhariy&ya pacciisave- 
l^ya kucchiyam gabbho santh&si | s& tarn na ann&si j vanijo 
vibhslt&ya rattiy^ sakatesu bhandam &ropetv& R&jagaham 
uddissa gato | tassa gacchantakdle gabbho vaddhetv& 'va 
paripakam agamllsi | atha nam sass{L evam aha | mama putto 
cirappavuttho tvan ca gabbhini j piLpakam tay& katan ti j s& 
tava puttato aiinam purisam na j&n&mi ti &ha | tarn sutva pi 
sassii asaddahanti tarn gharato nikkaddhi j s& sd,mikain gave- 
santt anukkamena Br^jagaham sampattd, | t&vad eva c' ass& 
kammajav&tesu calantesu maggasamipe annataram s&lam 
pavitth&ya &:abbhavutthd.nam ahosi | s& suvannabimbasadi- 
sam puttaip vij^yitv^^ an&thasai&ya sayftpetva udakakiccam 
k&tum bahi nikkhanta | ath' annataro aputtako satthavaho 
tena maggena gacchanto as&mikaya dirako mama putto 
bhavissatt ti tarn dh&tiy& hatthe ad&si | ath' assa rxiktk udaka- 
kiccam katvd. udakam gahetvgl patinivattitv& puttam. apassanti 
sok&bhibhfital paridevitvA Rijagaham apavisitvS- 'va patipajji | 
tarn annataro corajetthako antar&magge disvS. patibaddhacitto 
attano paj^patim ak&si I s& tassa gehe vasanti ekam dhttaram 
vij^yi I atha s& ekadivasam dhitaram gahetv^ thitgl s&mikena 

1, cd. pakaniksty^. — 2, cd, yuttstyavuttakRrayaanukarana**. — 3, ed, ^ina- 
vamvibhll°. — 6, <?rf. "khinstkuline. — 7, cd. 1. hd. °9e ti | karamanafiktam, 2. hd. 
ne ti I kapanam afisltam. — 12, cd. sapatiyo. — 13, cd. sapatiyo ahumS.— 19, cd. 
i. hd. cirappavutto, 2. hd. cJrappavutho. — 21, cd. nika^dhi. — 24, cd. °bimbi°. — 
26, cd. om. kdtnin. — 31, cd. turn, cd. pa^bandha°. — 32, &i. °pati. 

NOTES. 199 

blianditv& dhitaram mancake khipitv& dd.rik&ya sisam thokam 
bhindi | tato 8&mikam bh&yity& R&jagaham eva pacc&gantv& 
serivic&rena vicarati | tassft putto pathamayobbane thito m&t& 
ti aj&nanto attano paj&patim ak&si | aparabh&ge tarn cora- 
ietthakadhttaram bhasinibh&vam aiinanto yiv&ham katy& 
attano geham &nesi | evam so attano ra&taram bbaginin ca pa- 
jdpati katy& y&sesi | tena t& ubho pi sapattiv&sain vasiinsu | 

ath' ekadivasam m&t& dhitu kesavattim mocetv^ {ikam olokentl 

• • • • • 

sise yanam diavft app eva n&m&yain mama dhit& bhaveyy& ti 
puccbitvft 8amvegaj&t& hutv& Rajagahe bbikkbuniupassayam 
gantv& pabbajitvd katapubbakicc&vivekav&sam vasanti attano 
ca pubbapatipattim paccaYekkhity& ubho mdtd ti kdikk gd,th& 
abb&si I tA pana t&ya yuttag&th& 'va k&mesu ^dinavadassana- 
yasena paccanubb&santt ayam thert ubho mdtd ca dhitd cd ti 
&ha I tena yuttam | ak jh&nasukhena pbalasukhena nibb&na- 
sukhena yitin&mentt im& tisso g&tha abh&si ti. | 

236-251. Punnd. : ayam . . . imasmim buddbupp&de 
An&tbapindikassa setthino gharad^iya kuccbimhi nibbatti. || 

240. ajdnatOy which is the reading of all the MSS. stands 
for ajdnanto, 

242. orabbhikd ti orabbhagh&tak& | sukarikd ti sAkaragh^- 
tak& I tnacchikd ti keyatt& | migavadhikd ti m&gadhik& | 
vajjhaghdtakd ti yajjh&kamme niyutt&. | 

248. upacca (sic) sancicca I • . . upaccd {sic !) ti vd pdtho | 
upatetyal (sic) ti attho. || 

250. 251. ettha ca br&bmanena yuttag&thS. pi attanS. yutta- 
gathel pi pacch& theriy& paccekabhasit^ ti sabb& theriyel gS^tha 
eya jat&. || 

252-270. ylsatinip&te kdlabhamaravanmsadisd ti ftdikft 
Ambapslliyft theriyd g&th& | ayam pi purimabuddhesu kat&- 
dhikdr^ tattha tattha bhaye yivattupanissayam kusalam upa- 
cinantl Sikhissa bhagayato sl^ane pabbajity& upasampann^ 
huty& bhikkhunisikkh&padam sam&d^lya yiharanti ekadiya- 
sam sambahul&hi bhikkhunihi saddhim cetiyam yanditv& 

1, ed. khipi. — 2, cd. bhinti. — 3, ed. pathama®. — 4, ed. °pati. — 6, ed, bhaginin. 
— 7, ed. pajapati, ed. sapati°. — 8, ed. °vatti, ed. 1. hd. ukkam, 2. hd. ukam. — 12, 
ed. °gatha ya ka". — 14, ed. paccanu''. — 18, cd. iiippatti.--23, ed. vajjhi'gha° ti 
Tajjhatakamme.— 30, cd. °MnikSiT&. — 31, ed. pabbajjitva. 

200 THEEi-OiXHi. 

padakkhinam karontl puretaram gacchantiy& khtn&sava- 
theriy& khipantiyft sahas^ khelapindam cetiyangane pati | 
tarn khtnftsavatherim apassityft gantY& sayam pacchato 
gacchantl tarn khelapindam disv& kk n&ma ganika imasmim 
th&ne khelapindam pfttesi ti akkosi | sk bhikkhunik&le silam 
rakkhantt gabbhay&sam jigucchitv^ upap&tikattabh&ve cittam 
thapesi | tena carimattabh&ve Yes&liyam rlljauyy&ne amba- 
rukkham{ile opap&tik& hutv& nibbatti | tarn disv^ uyy4nap&lo 
nagaram upanesi | ambarukkham&le nibbattat&ya 8& Ambap&li 
tv eva vohariyittha | atha nam abhirilpam dassantyam pasd- 
dikam yil&sakantik&digunavisesamuditam disy& sambabulal 
r&jakum&r& attano attano pariggaham k&tuk&m& annamannam 
kalaham akamsu | tesam kalahavilpasamatthaTn tass4 kamma- 
sancodit& yoh&rikd sabbesam hot{L ti ganik&th&ne thapesum | 
8& satthari patiladdhasaddh^ attano uyy&ne yih&ram katv^ 
buddhapamukhassa bhikkhusanghassa niyy&dety^ pacchi 
attano puttassa Yimalakondannatherassa santike dhammam 
8uty& yipassan&ya kammam karonti attano sarirassa jar&jinna- 
bh&yain nissS^ya 8amyegaj&t& sankh&r&nam aniccatam eya 
bh&yentl I kdlakd bhamaravmmaaadisd, etc.=8t. 252-270. ti 
ima gftthftyo abh&si. || — cfr. Mah&yagga VI, 30 (=Mah&- 
parinibbftnaauttam p. 19, 8 flF.) VIII, 1 flF. 

252. vellitaggd ti kuncitaggel | mdlato patth&ya y&ya agg& 
kuncit^ yellitd, &dik& (?) | muddhajd ti kes& | . . . sdnavdka- 
sadisd ti | sinasadis^ y&kasadis& ea sanayS^kasadisft c' eya | 
makaGiyd.kasadis& (sic) ck ti pi attho. | 

253. vdaito ca (sic) aurabhikararyiako ti | pupphagandhayft- 
sacunn&dthi y&sito ySsam gslh&pito pasadhanasamuggo yiya 
sugandhi | pupphapiiram mama uttamangabhuto (sic) ti | 
campakasumanamallikddipupphehi pilrito pubbe mama kesa- 
kalipo I nimmalo ti attho | tan ti uttamangam | atha pacch& | 
etdrisalomagandhikam p&katikalomagandham eva j&tam | atha 

3, ed. °theri.— 6, ed. jikucchitvU. — 7, ed. T^jk°, — 11, ed. °kaiitukadi**. — 13, ed. 
te tarn kalaham. — 17, ed, santikam. — 26, rrobably b^kuciydkasadisd is the 
correct reading. — 29, ed. °pura, 2. hd. °pure. I have written uttamangabhu and 
take this in the sense of " hair.** — 30, cd. camma°, ed. pupphe mama. — 32, ed, 


NOTES. 201 

\k salomagandhikan ti matthalomehi sam&aagandham | e^aka- 
lomagandhan ti pi vadanti. II 

254-256. kdnanam va sahitam suropitan ti | sutthu ropitam 
sahitam ghanasannivesam uddham eva utthitaujudighas&kham 
upavaiiam viya | kocchaaHcivicitaggasobhitan ti | pubbe kocchena 
8uvanna8iiciy& ca kesajat&vija^anena vicitaggam hutY& sobhi- 
tam I gbanabhS^vena y& koccbasadisam butv& pbal&danta- 
Bucibi yicitaggat&ya sobhitam | tan ti uttamangajam | viralam 
tahim tahin ti | tattba tattba viralam yil{Liiakesain | kanha- 
gandhakamvannamanditan ti | suvannavajir&dihi yibhftsitani 
kanbakesapuDJakam | ye pana panhakandakasuvannamandhitan 
(sic !) ti pathanti tesam sanhS^bi suvannasiictbi jat&vijatanena 
manditan ti attho | sohhate auvenihi ^lahkatan ti | sundarebi 
r&jarukkbapbalasadisebi kesavenibi alankatam hutvll pubbe 
vir&jate | tan jar&ya khalitam siram katan ti | tain tath& 
sobbitam siram id&ni lar&ya khalitam kband&khandikam 
yildnakesam katam j cittakdrasukatd va lekhitd ti | cittak&rena 
sipping nil&ya Yannadb£ltuy& suttbu kat& lekb& viya | au^ 
hhamukd pure mamd ti | sundar^ bhamuk& pubbe mama j 
sobhane (sic) gat& (sic) mama bhamuk& | valihi palatnbitd ti | 
nalatante uppann&hi valihi palambant& ti. | 

257. bhassard ti pabhassarA j surucird ti sutthu rucirS, j 
yathd mani ti manimuddika viya | nettdhemn ti sunetta ahe- 
sum I abhinllamdyatd ti | abhinild hutv& &yata ca | te ti nettft | 
jardy^ abhihatd ti | jar&ya abhihat&. | 

258. sanhatungasadisi cd ti | sanhatungasesamukh&vaya- 
vdnam anurilp^ 'va | sobhate ti vattetvgl t^^apitaharit&lavatti 
(sic) viya mama n&sik& | sobhate su abhiyobbanam safi (sic) ti j 
sundare abhinavayobbanakelle | s& ndsik& idkui jar&ya nivi- 
ritasobhat&ya patisedhiki viya ca jitL \ 

259. kankanam va aitkatam sunitthitan ti | purimakappaka- 
tam suvannakankanam viya | vatthalabh&vam (sic) sandh&ya 

4, ed, ntliitsl®. — 6, ed, °jat£lnivijata°. — 7, ed, phaladantasncilii ; phald is 
corrupt. — 8, ed. viralham tarn. — 10, cd. suvannaviradilii, ed. kantha" (corr. ?). — 
11, read: 8anhakhandaka8iivannamanditan(?). — 13, ed. suvenihi. — 16, cd. yir^- 
jite, ed. khalitam apparently corrupted from khalati. — 16, ed. saram, ed. khandd- 
tikam. — 18, ed. sutha. — 20, ed. palampit^. — 21 ^ed. palampantS, — 24, ed. abhini- 
lam^yathd ti abhinild hutvk ayathd | om, ca. — 28, ed* mama sika, cd. ^yoppanam. 

202 theri-gathI. 

vadati | sohhate ti sobhante | sobhante ti vd pdtho \ su iti 
nipatamattam | kanruipdUyo ti kannapantd.. | . . . 

260. pattaltmakulavannasadisd ti | kadalimakulasadisa- 
Yann& | khandd ti | khandanabhedanapatanehi kbandita 
khandabh&vam gatd, | pitakd ti | vannabhedena pitabhavam 
gata. I 

262. santhakamfnudl (sic) va suppamajjitd ti | sutthu 
pamajjitd, santhakam (sic) suvannasankh^ viya. | . . • 

263. vattapalighasadisopamd ti | vattena parighadandena 
samasama | tdt\\ tA ubho pi b^hAyo | yathd pdtalippalitd (sic) 
ti I jajjarabhAvena phalitap&talSs&khasadisA. | 

264. . . . yathd mulaculhikd (sic) ti | miilakakandasadisS.. | 

265. pinavattapahituggatd ti | plnS. vattA annamannam 
pahitA Va hutvA uggatA uddhainukh& | sobhate su thanakd 
pure maman ti | mama ubho pi thanA yathAvuttariipA hutva 
suvannakal&piyo viya sobhisum | puthutthe hi idam ekavaca- 
nain | atitatthe ca vattamAnavacanam | therlti {sic) va lam- 
pantanodakd (sic) ti | te ubho pi me thanA anudaka galitajala 
veniidandake thapitam udakabhasmA (sic) viya lambanti | 
I am unable to make out the correct reading. 

267. ndgabhogasadisopamd ti | hatthinAgassa hatthena sa- 
masamA | hatthi hi idha bhunjati eten^ ti bhogo ti vutto | 
id ti I (iruyo | yathd velundliyo ti | idAni velupabbasadisa 
ahesum. | 

270. , , , so 'palepapatito ti | so ayam samussayo apalepa- 
patito I abhisankhAralepaparikkhayena p^t&bhimukho ti attho | 
so pi alepapatito ti vft padaviggaho | so ev' attho | jardgharo 
ti I jinnagharasadiso | jarAya vA gharabh(ito ahosi. | 

271-273 are spoken by the father of Rohini. 

278. punnd sukkehi dhammehl ti | ekantasukkehi ana- 
vajjadhammehi paripunnA. | 

283. na te sam kotthe osenti ti I te samanA sam attano 
santakam sapateyyam kotthe na osenti | na patisAmetvA tha- 
penti I tAdisassa pariggahassa abhAvato | kumbhin ti | kum- 
bhiyam | kalopiyan ti | pacchiyam. | . . • 

2, cd. kannagandh£l. — 3, cd. ^^sadisEtvanna. — 4, ed. om, H, ed. n^khan^Uldiblieda- 
napacanehi. — 10, cd. hi. — 13, cd. pita vattam. — 14, cd, 2. hd. sahit4. — 16, cd, 
sobhisu. — 22, cd. hattho hi. — 23, cd, om, ti. 

NOTES. 203 

285. annamanham piy&yantl ti | annamaimasmim mettim 
karonti | ply&yanti (sic) ti pi p&tho \ so ev' attho. | 

287. . . . etth& ti | etesu samanesu. | 

291-311. latthihattho pure avasin ti jLdikft CS^pSya theriyS, 
gUtM I ayam pi purimabuddhesu kat£Ldhikd.rd. tattha tattha 
bhave vivattupanissayam kusalam upacinanti anukkamena 
iipacitakasalamulasambh{itavimokkliasambh&r& butvd, ima- 
smim buddhupp&de Yahkah&rajanapade annatarasmim miga- 
luddakag£Lme jetthakamigaluddakassa dhitd. hutvd. nibbatti | 
Ckp& ti 's8& nd.mam ahosi | tena ca samayena Upako Sjivako 
bodhimandato dhammacakkam pavattetum Baranasim uddissa 
gacchantena satth&r& saha gato vippasanno paripunn^ni kho 
te &VUSO indriy&ni parisuddho chavivanno pariyodito kam si 
tvam &VUSO uddissa pabbajito ko \& te satth^ kassa \k tvam 
dhammam rocesl ti pucchitv& 

sabb&bhibhii sabbavidii 'ham asmi sabbesu dhammesu 

anupalitto | 
sabbanjaho tanhakkhaye vimutto sayam abhinndya kam 

uddiseyyan ti || 
Ba me ^cariyo atthi sadiso me na vijjati | 
sadevakasmim lokasmim n' atthi me patipuggalo || 
dhammacakkam pavattetum gacch&mi K^sinam puram 
andhabhiitasmi lokasmim ^hanhi amatadudrabhin ti 

8atthd.r£L attano sabbannubuddhabh&ve dhammacakkappa- 
vattane ca pavedite pasannacitto so hupeyya p' ^vuso, arah' 
asi anantajino ti vatvsl ummaggam gahetva pakkanto Vanka- 
hd.rajanapadam agam&si | so tattha ekam migaluddakag^ma- 
kam upanissd.ya vdsam kappeti | tarn tattha jetthakamiga- 
luddako upatthglsi | so ekadivasam diiram migavam gacchanto 
mayham arahante ma pamajji ti attano dhitaram Gapam 
^n^petyd saddhim puttabh&tukehi | s^ c' assa dhitcL 
abhir(ipa hoti dassaniygl | atha Upako ajivako bhikkh&c^ra- 
velaya migaluddakassa gharam gato parivisitum upagatam 

lycd. anamanam pi srnin ti metti. — 7,ed, "sambhara. — 9,c<f. nippatti. — 11, cd, 
B^rdnast. Cfr. Mahavagga I, 6 ff. Rhys Davids, Buddhism, p. 42 f. — 18, cd. 
sabbajaho tanhakkhayo. — 20, cd, om, na.— 23, cd. lokamhi ahanci amatadudrabhi 
ti. — 33, cd, pavisituin. 

204 therI-gIthI. 

Gdpam disvft rftgena abhibhAto bhunjitum pi asakkonto bhft- 
janena bhattam d.d&ya yasanatth&nam gantvd. bhattam eka- 
inante nikkhipitv& sace CsLpam labhissd^mi jiv£Lmi no ce 
Tnariss&ml ti nir&h&ro nipajji | sattame divase migaluddako 
&gantv^ dhitaram pucchi | kim majham arahante apparaajjt 
ti I 8& ekadivasam eva &ganty& puna nd.gatapubbo ti &ha | 
migaluddako ca t&vad ev' assa vasanatth&nain gantv^ kim 
bhante aph&sukan ti parimajjanto puccbi | Upako 
nitthunanto parivattati yeva | so vada bhante yam may& 
sakkd. ksLtum sabbam tarn kariss^m^ ti &ha | Upako ekena 
pariy&yena attano ajjhasayam &rocesi | itaro j&n^i pana 
kinci sippan ti | na j&n&mi kinci sippan ti | ajd.nantena sakk& 
gharam &yasitun ti | tumb&kam mamsahsLrako bhavissami 
mamsan ca vikiniss&mt ti | msLgaviko amhS,kam pi etad eva 
ruccati ti uttarisatakam datv& attano sahdyakassa gehe kati- 
pdham vas&petv& t&dise divase gharam &netv& dhitaram 
adasi | atha k41e gacchante tesam samv&sam anvaya putto 
nibbatti | Subhaddo ti 'ssa nd.mam akamsu | Gd.p& tassa 
rodanak^le Upakassa putta ^jivakassa putta mamsak&rakassa 
putta mk rodi ma rodi ti £Ldin& vuttavasena gttena Upakam 
ubbhandeti | so mk tvam Cdpe mam an&thd. ti manni | atthi 
me sahayo anantajino nd,ma | tassd.ham santikam gamissami ti 
S,ha I Capft evam ayam addiyati ti natvjL punappunam tathft 
kathesi | so ekadivasam t&ya tath^ vutte kujjhitvd. gantum 
&raddho | t^ya tarn tarn vatvd. anuniyam&no pi pannattim 
&gacchanto pacchimadisabhimukho pakk&mi | bhagav& ca 
tena samayena Sd.vatthiyam Jetavane viharanto bhikkh(inam 
&cikkhi I yo bhikkhave ajja kuhim anantajino ti idh&gantv& 
pucchati tarn mama santikam pesethd. ti | Upako pi kuhim 
anantajino vasati ti tattha tattha pucchanto anupubbena 
SsLvatthim gantv^ vih&ram pavisitvat vihdramajjhe thatvft 
kuhim anantajino ti pucchi | tarn bhikkhft bhagavato santi- 
kam nayimsu | so bhagavantam disvd j4n&tha mam bhagav^ 
ti I sLma jan^mi | kuhim pana tvam ettakam kalam vast ti | 

6, cd, nagapubbo. — 9, cd. nithunanto.— 16, cd, 1. hd. vassa®, 2. hd. va8s&°. — 
17, cd. samvdsanv^ya. — 1 8, cd. nippatti. — 20, cd. puttassa m^.— 21, ed. uppa^- 
deti. — 23, rd. attiyat! ti. — 24, ed. yo so. — 26, cd. panatti. — 31, ed, Sdvatthiyam. 
— 34, cd, etthakam. 

NOTES. 205 

Yankah&rajanapade bliante ti | Upaka mahallako j&to 
pabbajitum sakkhissasl ti | pabbajiss&mi bhante tij satthIL 
annataram bbikkhum &nd.pesi | ehi tyarn bhikkhu imam 
pabblkjehl ti | so tain pabb&jesi | so pabbajito satthu santike 
kammatth&nam crahetvd. bh&vanam anuyuDianto na cirass' 
eva andg&miphale patitth&ya k&lam katy& avibesu nibbatto | 
nibbattakkhane yeva arahattam ap&puni | avibesu nibbatta- 
matt^ satta jan& arabattam pattH | tesam ayam afinataro | 
vuttam. h' etam I 

aviham upapann& 'me yimuttH satta bbikkhavo 
r&gadosaparikkhin& tinn& loke nibbattanam II 
IJpako Salakantho ca Pakkuso ti ca te tayo | 
Bbaddiyo Khandadevo ca Babunandi ca Pingbiyo | 
te bitY& m&nusam debam dibbayogam upajjhagun ti II 

Upake pana pakkante nibbindabaday& G&p& d&rakam ayya- 
kassa iiiyy&detv& pubbe Upakena gatamaggam gaccbantl 
S&vattbim gantv^ bhikkbunlnam santike pabbajitv^ vipassa- 
nd.ya kammam karontl maggapatip&tiy& arabatte patittbitd, 
attano patipattim paccavekkhitv^ pubbe Upakena attanft ca 
katbitag&th&yo ud&navasena ekajjham katy& | latthihattho 
... = St. 291--311 • . . im& g&th& abh&si. II 

291. . . . AsdyA ti | tanb&ya | AsiyA ti vA pAtho \ ajjb&sa- 
yabetii ti attbo | palipA ti \ k&mapankato ditthipankato ca j 
ghorA ti | aviditavipulanatth^ (sic) ca hatthd, (sic) d&runato 
(sic) gbor& I na aakkhim pAram etasse ti | tass' eva palipassa 
psLrabbfttam nibb&nam etum gantum na sakkhim na asakkunin 
ti I attanam eva sandhd.ya Upako vadati || etase cannot but 
be an infinitive of root i "to go." The C. apparently is 

292. sumattam mam manhamAnA ti | attani su^tbii mattam 
madappattam k&magedhavasena laggam pamattam v& ti katv& 
mam sallakkhantt | CApA puttam atosayl ti j migaluddassa 

- 7, ed, nippatta^.— 11, ed. loke yippattitam. I do not know what the correct 
reading may be. — 12, ed, 1. hd. (2. hd. ?) Salakaaho, cd, Pakkusd. — 13, ed, 
Bahunanti va, ed, 1. hd. Sin". — 17, cd, pabbaijitva. — 18, ed, maggam pati**. — 
19, cd. patipatti, ed, va. — 26, ed, sakkhi, ed. pnalipassa. — 26, ed, 2. hd. p&ragji 
tain niboa°, ed, etam, cd, sakkhi, ed, na abhisambhiini ti. — 30, ed, matta, om, ti. 
— 32, ed, puttaip mato8a88i,.2. hd. matopasd. 

206 THERt-GATHi. 

dhM G&pk ftjivakassa putt& ti d^dind. mam ghattenti puttam 
tosesi keMpassasi (sic) | puttam mam mannamAna ti ca 
pathanti \ subhatl (sic) ti mam mannam&n^ ti attho. | 

293. . . . mah&vira mahdmuni ti TJpakam [C&p^ &lapati | 
tarn lii 8& pubbe pi pabbajito id&ni pi pabbajitukamo ti katva 
khantim ca pacc£Lsimsanti ti mah&muni ti &ha. | 

294. . . . N&1& ti IJpakassa jd.tag£Lmo | so ca Magadha- 
ratthe bodhimandassa &sannapadese. 

295. k&lavannat£Lya E&la Upaka. 
297. puna C&p^ attani tassa £Lsattim uppMetukama Kdlam- 

gitan (sic) ti aha | tattha KalA ti tass' £Llapanam | ahyiniii ti | 
angalatthisampannam | va iti upam&ya nipsLto | takk&rim 
pupphitam girimuddhani ti | pabbatamuddhani thitam su- 
pupphitad&likalatthim viya | ukkdgdrin (sic) ti ca keci pa- 
thanti \ angatthilatthi (sic) viy& ti attho | girimuddhani ti ca 
idam kenaci anupahatasobhat^assanattham vuttam | keci 
kdliginin (sic) ti pdtham vatvd tassa kumbhandalatasadisan ti 
attham vadanti | phulladdlimalatthim vd ti | pupphitam bJja- 
piiralatam viya | antodipe va pdtalin ti | dipagabbhantare 
pupphitapatalirukkham viya | dipagahanan c' ettha sokap^l- 
tih&riyadassanattham eva. | 

302. hhumiyam va nisambhlyan (sic) ti | pathaviyam p&tetv& 
bddhanavijjhan^diii£l vib^dhiss^mi. | . . . 

312-337. petdni bhoti puttdni ti S^dikft Sundariy& theriyS, 
gath& I ayam . . . imasmim buddhupp^e Bar&nasiyam 
Suj^tassa nama brahmanassa dhita hutvi nibbatti | tassd. rdpa- 
sampattiya Sundari ti namam ahosi | vayappattak^le c' ass& 
kanitthabbata k^lam akasi | ath' assa pitd, puttasokena abhi- 
bhdto tattha tattha vicaranto VdsitthStheriya samagantvS. 
tarn sokavinodanakdranam pucchanto petdni bhoti puttdni ti 
&diiia dve gslthi abhsLsi | theri tarn sok&bhibhiitam natv& 
sokavinodetuk&md bah&ni me puttasatdni ti adin& dve g^th& 
vatva attano asokikabh&vam kathesi I tam sutvIL brahmano 

1, cd. S^jivayakassa. — 2, cd. 1. hd. kol£l8a8sa8i ; corr. 2. hd. as above. — 3, ed» 
manamano. — 6, cd. khanti ca paccdsisananti — 9, cd. kalaya° Kdla paka.— 10, 
cd. dsatti. — 11, cd. angini, cd. ca. — 12, cd. takkclri. — 14, cd. °lathi, cd. pathanti. 
— 18, cd. °d£lliinalathi tan ti. — 23, cd. bodhana°. — 26, cd. brahma°. — 29, cd* 
vicarante, cd. sama°. — 30, cd. petd nu bhoti. — 31, cd. tassa. — 33, cd. brahma°. 

NOTES. 207 

katham tvam ayye evam asoM j&t& ti &ha | tassa therl rata- 
nattayagunam kathesi | brd.hmano kuhim satth^ ti pucchitvd, 
id£Lni Mithilftyam viharati ti sutvft t&vad eva ratham yojetvft 
rathena Mithilam gantvft satth&ram upasankamitv^ vanditvS, 
sammodaniyam katham katvd ekamantam nisidi | tassa satthd, 
dhammam desesi | so dhammam sutvH patiladdhasaddho 
pabbajitvfi. vipassanam patthapetvd ghatento vdyamanto tati- 
yadivase arahattam pdpuni | atha s&rathi ratham ddsLya Bdr&- 
nasim gantv^ br&hmaniy^l tarn pavattim ^rocesi | Sundart 
attano pitu pabbajitabhayam sutva amma abam pi pabba- 
jissami ti mataram fipucchi | mdt^ yam imasmim gehe bhoga- 
i&tam sabban tam tuyham santakam I tvam imassa kulassa 
dd,y&dika | patipajja imam sabbabhogam paribhunja m& 
pajaht ti &ha | sa na mayham bhogehi attho | pabbajiss£lm' 
ev^lham ammd, ti m&taram anujdnapetvd, mahatim sampattim 
khelapindam viya chaddetvft pabbaji | pabbajitvjL 'va sikkha- 
mina yeva hutv^ vipassanam patthapetvfi, ghatenti vayamantl 
hetusampaniiat&ya Mnassa paripftkam gatattft saha pati- 
sambhidsLhi arahattam p^puni | . . . arahattam pana patv^ 
phalasukhena iiibbd.nasukhena viharantt aparabh&ge satthu 
purato sihanadam nadiss&mt ti upajjhayam ^pucchitva Bara- 
naslto nikkhamitylL sambahul&hi bhikkhunihi saddhim anu- 
kkamena Savatthim gantvd, satthu santikam upasankamitv^ 
sattharam vanditv^ ekamantam thit& satth&rd, katapatisanth^- 
r^ satthu orasadhitubhavMivibhayanena annam byakslsi | ath' 
assa m&taram &dim katva sabbo n§.tigano parijano ca pabbaji | 
s^ aparabh&ge attano patipattim paccavekkhity^ pitara 
yuttag&tham ddim katv^l udd.naya8ena petdni hhoti . . . st. 
312-337 . . . imk g&thfi. paccudahdsi. || 

312. puttdni ti lihgayipall4sena vuttam | pete putte ti 
attho I eko eya ca tassd, putto mato | br&hmano pana nacira- 
k&lam ayam sokena attd, hutva vicari bahCl manne imissd, 
puttH mat^ ti evamsanni huty& bahuvacanen&ha | tathd, ca 

2, cd, brahma° kuhi, ed, pucchetv^, ed, Midhil^yam. — 3, cd, Tiharati ti tam 
sutvi. — 8, cd. Bdranasi. — 9, ed, brahina°. — 10, cd. pabbajjita°, cd. pabbajji°.— 11, 
ed. bhogam jStam. — 12, cd. kusalassa. — 14, cd. pajjaht, ed. pabbaiji°.— 16, ed. 
chattetva pabbajji | pabbajii°. — 18, cd. hesampa°. — 22, cd. 8ampanu°. — 23, ed. 
Sav'atthi.— 24, cd, ^sandh^r 4.-26, cd. adi.— 28, cd. Sdi.— 31, cd. brahma°.— 33, 
ed, tathd yk. 

208 therI-gItha. 

a&jja sabbdni khddttrd satta putt&ni ti khddamdnd tl lokavo- 
h&ravasena khumsanavacanani etam | loke hi yassa itthiyi 
jatajatft putta maran ti tarn garaianti | puttakh&danl ti adi va- 
danti. | 

313. 8^jd ti I s& ajja | s& tvam etaraht ti attho | aj/d ti vd 
pdtho II kena vannend ti | kena k&ranena. | 

315. na cdpi paritappati ti j na c&pi up&yas' &si | aham 
up&y&sam na &pajjin ti attho. | 

318. niriipadhin ti niddukkham. j 

327. hatthl ti hatthino | gavassan ti gd^vo ca asse ca | tnani' 
kundalan c& ti j manl ca kundallLni ca. | . . . 

329. uttitthapindo ti 1 ghare ghare upatitthitvfi, laddhahha- 
bhikkh&pindo | uccho (sic) ti | tadattham gharapatip&tiya 
&hindanam uttitth&naii ca (cfr. st. 349) | etdni ti | uttittha- 
pindadini. II 

340. ddsakammakardni cd ti j d&se ca kammak&re ca | 
lingavipall&sena h' etam yuttam. | 

341. yo jdtariiparqjatam thapetvd punar dgame ti | yo 
puggalo suvannam annam pi y& kinci dhanaj&tam chaddetvd, 
puna ganheyya so panditsLnam antare katham sisam ukkhi- 

peyya. I 

344. Cy has anmmanmmhi j 347. Cy likewise hirannena 
suvannena, but sapatid. \ 

349. uttitthapindo ti j vivatadv^re ghare ghare patitthitv& 
labhanakapindo | t4Ccho (sic) ti | tadattham ucch& (sic) cari- 
yk I (ucch&cariy& P). I am not sure about the spelling and 
the meaning of this word. I have adopted L's reading uncho 
* gleaning.' 

350. mntd ti | chadditll j mahesihi ti | buddh&dihi mahesi- 
hi I khematthdne ti | kdmayogd.dihi anupaddavatth&nabhdte | ^6 ti |. mahesayo | acalam sukhan ti | nibb&nasukham 
patt& I yasmd. yantak&md buddhMayo mahesayo 
sukham pattd. tasm& tain patthentena k&md, pariccajitabb& ti 
adhippS,yo II Cy's reading mahesihi (thus to be corrected) 
seems preferable. 

1, ed. sajja. — 3, cd. Tihadani. — 7, ed, np^y&si.— 8, ed, apajji. — 10, ed, asso.— 
12, ed. ^inda.— 14, ed. 1. hd. ahidant^, 2. hd. fl]iiiitaiLt&. — 19, ed. cha^ety&. 
—20, ed. ga^heyyam. 

NOTES. 209 

357. cittappamaddino ti t& p&tho \ so ev' attho | ye pana 
eittappamddino ti vadanti tesam citassa pam&d&yah& ti attho. II 

359. Cy throughout pacchd, 360. Cy : sabbasamyojana- 

362-364. im& kira tisso g&th& pabbajity& atthame divase 
arahattam patv& aunatarasmim rukkhamdle phalasamdpattim 
8am£Lpajjitv& nisinnam therim bhikkhdnam dassetv^ pasam- 
santena bhagayatA vuttA | atha Sakko dey&nam indo tarn 
payattim dibbena cakkhun& disyd. eyam satth&ra pasamsiya- 
m&nft ayam theri yasmS, deyehi ca payirup8,sitabb& ti t&yad 
eya t&yatimsehi deyehi saddhim upasahkamityd. abhiy^dety^ 
anjalim paggayha atth^si | tarn sandh&ya samgitikd.rehi 
yuttam II tarn Sakko devasamghena npasankamma iddhiyd \ 
namasaati bhiitapati Subham kammdradhitaran ti. || 

366. tattha Jivakambavanan ti Jiyakassa Kom&rabhaccassa 
ambayanam I . . . ettha ca gacchantim bhikkhunim Subham 
abrayi | Subhd ti ca att8,nam eya theri annam yiya katy& ya- 
dati I theriy^ yuttag&th^lnam sambandhadassanayasena samgi- 
tik^rehi ayam gkthk yutt&. || 

370. nikkhipd ti chaddehi j nikkhippd ti vd pdtho \ iapa- 
nety& ti attho. | 

371. kusumarajena samutthifd dumd ti | ime rukkhS, manda- 
y^tena samutthaham^nakusumarenuyatena attano kusu- 
maraje (sic) sayam samutthitft yiya hutvfi, samantato surabhi 
y&yanti | pathamavasanto sukko utu ti | ayam pathamo va- 
santamaso sukhasamphasso ca utu yattati ti attho II Probably 
Cy^s reading is meant for samutthata. 

374. tapaniyakatd va dhltikd ti | rattasuyannena yiracitft 
dhttalik& yiya sukusalena yantacariyena yantayogayasena 
yissajjit& suyannapatimA yiya carati | . . . anupame ti | upa- 
m&rahite tyam || aniipame is instr. plur. 

375. Cy throughout tasad instead of tayd, 

376. yadi me vacanam kariasasi sukhitd ehi agdram dvasd ti, 80. — 2, ed, cittappamdnino.— 3, Cy's reading sabba° seems preferable. — 
6, erf. °sainapatti.— 7, cd. theri.— 10, ed, °tabb^ si.— 12, ed. anjali.— 17, ed, 
SubM si. — 18, ed. ynttakath^nam. — 20, cd. chattehi. — ^23, cd. samutliassainana". 
— 24, cd. samuthatS. — 26, cd. pathama°, 2. hd. ^vasante. — 26, ed. yassanti® 
sukham samphasso. — 28, cd, tapaniyatat^. — 33, cd. ayasan ti. 


210 therI-gIthI. 

sace tvam mama vacanam karissasi ek&sanam ekaseyyam 
brahmacariyadukkham pahsLya ehi k&mabhogelii sukhitsl 
hutvd. ag&ram ajjh&vasa || sukhifd hoti ag&ram dvaaanti ti he- 
ci pathanti \ tesam sukhitft bhavissati ag^ram ajjh£Lvasantl 
ti attho II p&s&daniv&tav&sinl ti | nivd,tesu p&sadesu yasint | 
pdsddavimdnavdaini ti ca p&tho \ yim&nasadisesu p&s&desu y&- 
sini ti attho. | 

377. ahhirohehl ti I mandanabh{isanavasena y& sariram 
&ropaya alankarohi ti attho | mdlavannakan ti | m&lam c'eva 
gandhavilepanaii ca. | 

378. Budhotarajapacchadan ti | sudhotak&yapadh&hitam (sic) 
rajam uracchadam | subhan ti | sobhanam | gonakatulikapatha-- 
tan (sic) ti | dighalomak&lakojavena c'eva hamsalom&dipunn&- 
ya t(ilik&ya ca pathatam (sic ; 1. patthatam P) | . . . 

379. uppalam ca udakato ubbhatan ti | cak&ro nip&tamattam | 
udakato ubbhatam utthitam accuggamatthitam (sic) suphullam 
uppalam | yathd yam amanussaaevitan ti | tan ca rakkhasapa- 
riggahit^ya pokkharaniyd, J£Ltatt& nimmanussehi sevitam kena- 
ci aparibhuttam eva bhaveyya | evam iuvam brahmacdrini ti | 
evam eva tarn sutthu phuUam uppalam viya tuvam brahma- 
c&rini sakesu angesu attano sarird.vayavesu kenaci apari- 
bhuttesu yeva jaram gamissasi yuddh& yeva jarajinnjL bha- 
vissasi. | 

381. tattha akkhini ca turiyd-r-kd ti | turi vuccati migt | 
casaddo nip&tamattam | migacch&p&ya viya te akkhint ti 
attho I koriyd-r-ivd ti vd pdli | kuncak&rakukkutiyft ti vuttam 
hoti I kinnariyd va pabbatantare ti | pabbatakucchiyam vica- 
ramdnelya kinnaravanit&ya viya ca te akkhini ti attho. II . . . 
Gy has udikkhiya, but afterwards dakkbiya. 

383. na hi tn' atthi tayd piyataro nayand ti | tava nayanato 
anno koci may ham piyataro n' atthi | tayd ti hi samiatthe 
eva karanavacanam. II The correct reading is that of the 
text. As to tayd cfr. Gottingische gelehrte Anzeigen 1881, 
p. 1332. 

3, cd. ^vasanti keel pathanti. — 11, ed. sndhotarajatam pacchadan ti. 
—13, cd, °punnEya. — 14. cd. ca tuli°. — 16, ed. upalam. — 16, cd, suphulla. — 17, 
ed. upalam. — 20, ed. evam evam. — 22, cd. gamissasi, cd. bhavissati. — 24:, cd. turi. 
— 26, cd, migacch^p^, cd. akkilni attho. — 26, cd, "kakkutiysl. — 27, ed, 2. hd. 
kinnari, ed. pabbakucchiyam. 

NOTES. 211 

386. ihghelakhuyd (sic) ti | ang&rak&suy& | ujjhiio ti | v&ta- 
khitto viya yo koci dahaniyo | indhanam viy& ti attho | 
visapatto-r-ivd ti | visagatabhajanam viya | aggato kato ti | 
aggato abhirato (sic) appagghanako kato | visassa lesam pi 
asesetyft apanito | yin^sito ti attho. || . . . Cy lias here as in 
st. 385 throughout samUlato, \ 

387. . • • tvam t&dmkam palobhassd ti | &yuso tvam tath&- 
rApam aparimadditasankhd.ram apaccavekkha katalokuttara- 
dhammam k&mehi palobhassa upacchandassa | jdnantim so 
imam vihanhasi ti | so tvam pavattim nivattifi ca ydth&va- 
to J£Lnantim patividdhasaccam imam Subham bhikkhunim 
^gamma vihannasi sampati £Lyatim ca vigh&tadukkham &pa- 
jjasi. I 

890. BUcittitA ti | hatthap&damukh&di&k&rena sutthu cittit& 
viracitS, | aombhd ti | sombhakd. | ddrukacillakd navd ti | ddru- 
dand^dihi uparacitardpakglrii | tantihi ti | nhlirusuttakehi | 
khilakehl ti | hatthap£Ldapitthikannak&diatth&ya thapitadande- 
hi I vinibandhd (sic) ti | vividhenak&rena bandhS, (sic) | vivi* 
dham panaccitd ti | yantasuttMinam chaiinavissajjan&din& (P) 
pathapitanaccita (sic!) | panaccant&nam viya ditth& ti yojan&. | 

391. . . . vikale \ tahim tahim khipanena | pan'pakkate 
vikirite | avinde khandaso kate ti | potthakardpassa avayave 
khandakhandite kate potthakarupam na vindeyyam na upa- 
labheyyam. | . . . 

392. tathupaman ti | tarn sadisam | tena potthakariipena 
sadisam | kin ti ce &ha dehakdni ti d,di | tattha dehakdnl 
ti I hatthapMamukhddidehS,vayav£L | man ti \ me patipattim 
upatthahanti | tehi dhammehi ti | tehi pathavi&dicakkhMi- 
dhammehi vind. na ppavattanti | na hi tath& tassa sannivitthe 
pathavi£ldidhamme muncitva deho > santidhammehi vind 
na vattanti ti | deho viya avayavehi avayavadhammehi (sic) 
vind, na vattanti na upalabbhanti. | . . . 

394. supinante va suvannapddapan ti | supinam eva supi- 

2, ed. indanam.— 7, ed. °kam kapaloas^ ti. — 8, ed. katam lo°. — 9, ed. 1. hd. 
uddhandassa, 2. hd. upajjhandassa, cd. jananti, cd. vinnasi. — 10, cd, pavatti. — 
11, cd. bhikkhiiiit. — 12, cd, clyati ca vighatam du°. — 19, cd. panacchitd, cd. 
cliana°. — 20, cd, panaccantana. — 23, cd, vindeyya na upalabheyya. — 27, ed» 
°makhdnideh^°, cd. matti.^29, cd. "dhamme, cd. ^yattati. 

212 therI-gatha. 

nantam | tattha upatthitasuvannamayarukkliain viya | upa^ 
dh&cad andha rittakan ti | andha b&la | rittakam tucchakam 
antosS.rarahitam I idam attabh&vam evam mamd, ti 8&ravantam 

• > • • • • 

viya upagacchasi abhinivisasi | janamajjhe'r-iva rupparupakan 
ti I m&y&k&rena maMjanamajjhe dassitam riipiyarCkpasadisam 
s&ram s&ram (sic) upatthahantam (sic) asaran ti attho | vattani- 
r-ivd ti I Iftkh&ya gulikjL viya | kotar* ohitd ti | kotare rukkha- 
susire thapit^ | majjhepubbalhakd. (sic) ti | akkhidalaraajjbe 
thitajalapubbalhasadisft (sic) | saassukd ti | assujalasabit^ | 
pilikolikd ti I akkhig&thako | ettha jdyati ti | etasmim akkhi- 
mandale ubhosu kotisu visagandham v&yanti nibbattati | 
pilikolikd. ti v& akkhidalesu nibbattanakd, pilik^ vuccati. | . . . 

396. . . . na ca pnjjitthd ti | tasmim cakkhusmim sangan 
n&pajji I aaafigamdnmd ti katthaci pi &rainmane anHsatta- 
citto. II Cfr. Kath&saritsagara 28, 18 ff. 

400-402. \mk tisso g&thd samgitik&rehi thapitd.. | 

403. pdsddikdsi ti g&tbd. Bodbittheriyi pucchd.vaseDa vutt& | 
anuyunjamdnd ti gatbd. samgitikareh' eva vutteL j JJjjeniyd ti 
&dik& hi sabbd, pi Isidasiya 'va vutt&. | 

406. Cy : hahutadhano, 

411. kocchan ti | massAnam kes&nan ca ullikhanakoccbam j 
pasddan ti | kanbacunn&dimukbavilepanain | pasddhanan ti 
pipdtho I pasddhanabhandam [ ahjanan ti anjaDansLlim. | 

41 8. na pi ^ham aparajjhan ti j n&pi abam tassa kiiici apa- 
rajjhim \ ay am eva id pdtho j na pi himseml ti \ n&b&dbemi | 
dubbacanan ti j duruttavacanam j kim sakkd kdtum ayye ti | 
kim maya katum ayye sakkd. II . . . Tbe correct reading is 
no doubt kdtuye, as given in the text. Cfr. st. 426 marituye 
and Oldenberg, Zeitschrift fiir vergleichende Sprachf orschung 
25, 323. 

419. jinamhisi (sic) rdpini (sic) lacchin ti | jin& amhase jina 
vat' amha r&pavatim Sirim | manussavesena carantiya Siri- 
devatdya parihtnd. vatd ti attho. 

1, ed, °maya°, ed. uppathavasi. — 4, ed. abhiniyisati. — 8, cd. dakkhidala^. — 
10, cd, akkjiigudhako. — 11, ed, vayanto, cd, nippattati, — 12, ed, nippatta- 
naka. — 17, cd, pahd ti g&thd teadhitteriyS..— 18, ed, samgati**.— 22, ed, kanna^. 
23, ed. °nali.— 26, cd. °rajjhi, cd, hisemi. — 26, ed, 1. nd. sakkfl kStayye.— 
32, ed, 1. hd. yiras&Tatiin bin. 

NOTES. - 213 

422. nikkhipa poniin ca ghatlknh cd ti | tajk paridahitam 
pilotik&khandan ca bhikkb&kap^lan ca chaddehi. | 
434. ekamand ti | ekaggamand \ ay am era rd pdtho. \ 

437. nillacchesi ti | purisabbglvassa laccbanabb&t&Di bija- 
k&ni niccbasi (sic) nibari. | 

438. elakiyd ti | ajiy&. | 

439. ddrake parivahittd ti | pittbim &ruyba kum&rake 
Tabitvd, I kimind 'v' atto ti | abbijd.tattb^ne kimiparamgato 
(sic) ca butvd, | atto addito | akallo ti | gil&no | abosin ti 
yacanaseso || Cy's explanation of vatto=eva atto wbicb is 
repeated in st. 441 : andho vatto ti | k&no 'va buttvA | atto 
pilito I is bardly correct. I take vatto in tbe sense of 
" crooked," " crippled." 

443. dhanikapurisapdtabahulamhl ti | in&yik&nam puris&- 
nam adbipatanababule | babdbi in^yikebi abhibbavitabbe. | 

444. vaddhiyd ti | inavaddbiyS,. | 

446. Cy tbroughout : mfesanam. \ 

447. yam mam apakiritdtia gacchanti ti | yam d&si viya 
sakkaccam upatthabantim tattba patino apakiritvd,na cbad- 
detv& anapekkb& apagaccbanti. | 

456. cattdro vinipdid ti | nirayatiraccb&nayonipetavisaya- 
asurayoni ti ime cattaro 'sukbasamussayato yinip&tagatiyo | 
manussadeviipapattisaucitll pana dve ca gatiyo. | 

461. ghatenti pi pdtho \ so eva attbo | ghatenti, bowever, is 
tbe reading of tbe Commentator bimself. H^nce ghatanti 
may bave been tbe various reading. 

462. Anikaratto metr. c. for Anlkaratto? Cy generally 
has Anikaratto. 

467. kimikuldle sakundhhatfan ti pi pdtho \ kimtnam ava- 
sittbam sakun^nan ca bbattabbdtan ti attbo. | 

468. chuttho ti | cbaddito | kalihkaram (sic) viyd ti | ni- 
rattbakakatt b akb andasadiso. 

1, cd. tassa.— 2, ed. pilotika^, ed. bhikklia° ca cliattehi.~4, ed, nilacchest.^ 
7,cd, pithi.— 9, cd. anosi ti. — 14, re;?, dhanitapiirisa^. — 16, cd, a^dhiyi ti. — 
18, cd. abhikiritum na ga°, cd. upa^hahinti.— 19, cd. patino assa kiritvana. — 
21 yCd. °pittivisaya°.— 22, The correct reading maybe cattSro dukkhasamu^ — 
23, Bead ""safifiita ? 

214 therI-gathI. 

472. dh&reyyam (thus throughout) yiv&ham | kissa kena 
karanena icchiss&mi. | 

473. dine dine ttni sattisat&ni. | 

479. Unfortunately there is no word of explanation of this 
stanza in Cy. The text of this much corrupted stanza is 
therefore very doubtful. 

486. c&tuddipo ti | Jambudip&dinam catunnam mahd.dtp&- 
nam issaro | Mandhdtd ti | eyamn&mo r&j& | k&mabhoginam 
(^990 I aggabhilto &si | ten&ha bhagay& II || RsLhu 'ggam 
attabh&vinam Mandhat& k&mabhoginan ti || II Cfr. Jatakam 
vol. ii. p. 310ff. Cy has: na c' assa papAritfi, {cd. °pu°) 
icch&. I 

487. ten&ha bhagav& H II na kah&panavassena titti k&- 
mesu vijjatt ti. || || = Dhpd. st. 186. 

497. tattba sara caturo 'dadhi ti j upanlte assuthanne ca 
rudhiramhl ti | imesam sattd.nam anamatagge samsd^re samsa- ^ 
rant&nam ekekassa pi atthimhi assumhi thanfie rudhiramhi 
ca pamd.nato upametabbe caturo 'dadhi catt^ro mahd.samudde 
upam&vasena buddhehi upantte sara sarahi | ekakappe atthi- 
nam aancayam Vipulena saman ti | ekassa puggalassa ekasmim 
kappe atthtnam sancayam Yepulapabbatena samam upani- 
tam II vuttam pi c' etam || 

ekass' ekena kappena puggalass' atthisancayo | 
siy& pabbatopamo iti vuttam mahesind, || 
so kho pan^yam akkh&to YepuUo pabbato mahk \ 
uttaro Gijjhak&tassa Magadhd.nam Giribbajan ti. || 

498, 499. mah&Jambudipam upanUam kolatthimattd 
guHkd mdtdpitusv eva na ppahonti ti | Jambudipo ti 
sankh&tam mah^pathavim padarathite (sic) mattd darathike 
(sic) katv^ tatth' ekekam ayam me m&tu ayam me md.tumat\i 
ti evam vibhAjiyamfi,ne t& gulika mdtumdtmv eva na ppahonti 
ti I m&tamatusu akhin&sv eva pariyantik& gulika parikkha- 
yam pariy&dd.nam gaccheyyum na tv eva anamatagge sams&re 

1, ed, yivdham sandassa kena ksl^ (read: sandMya?).— 7| cd. cStudipo, ed. 
Jambil^. — 21, ed. saccayam. — 24, cd, pabbatapamo. — 27, cd, mah^ampudipam 
unitam. — 28, cd, Jampii°. — 29, cd. *^atbavi. The sense of the next words 
apparently is: ** having divided into small clods,' ' but how they are to be 
restored, I am unable to say. — 30, cd, ekam, om, m&tu ayam me. 

NOTES. 215 

samsarato sattassa m&tum&taro ti | evam Jambudtpamahi- 
samsdrassa dighabh&yena upam&bh&yena upanitam | manasi- 
k&ro hi ti I tinakatfhasdkhdpaldsan ti | tii^an ca katthafi ca 
8£Lkh&pal&8an ca | upanltan ti | upam&bh&vena upanttam | 
anamataggato ti | samssLrassa anamataggabh&vato | caturahgu- 
Hkd pi ghatikd ti | caturangulippam£Ln&ni khand&ni | pitU' 
pitusv era na ppahonil ti | pit&mabesu eva tH ghatik& na 
ppahonti | idam vuttam hoti | imasmim loke sabbam tinan 
ca katthafi ca sikhsLpaldsaii ca caturangulik& caturangulik& 
katv£L tatth' ekekam ayam me pitu ayam me pit&mahass& 
ti bh£Ljiyam&ne t& ghatikd, 'va parikkhayam pariysLdd^nam 
gaccheyyum na tv eva anamatagge sams^re samsarato sattassa 
pitu pit&mah& ti | evam tinakatthan ca sdkh&pal&san ca 
samsdrassa dighabh&yena upanitam sar&hi ti. II . . . 

500. sara kdnakacchapan ti j ubhayakkhik&nam kacchapam 
anussara | pubhdsamudde aparato ca yugacchinnan (sic) ti | 
puratthimasamudde aparato ca pacchimuttaradakkhinasa- 
mudde v&tavasena paribbhamantassa yugassa ekam chiddam j 
%iram tasaa ca patimukkan ti | kdnakacchapassa sisam tassa ca 
vassasatassa accayena givam ukkhipantassa sisassa yuga- 
cchidde pavesanan ca j para (sic) manusae (sic) Idbhimhi (sic) 
opamman ti j na-y-idam sabbam pi buddhuppidadhammade- 
san&devamanussattal&bhe opammam katv& pann&sS.rajjabha- 
yassa pi avecca sabh^vatti | vuttam h' etam | seyyath& pi 
bhikkhave puriso mah&samudde ekacchinnam (sic) yuggam 
(sic) khipeyya ti &di. || 

502. katasim vaddhante punappunam tdsu tdsujdtisH ti j apa- 
r&param uppattiyd, punappunam katasim sus&nam &ld.hanam 
eva vaddhante satte anussara | vaddhanto ti vd pdli j tvam 
vaddhento ti yojand. || 

504. jahtd kuthikd {sic) kampitd santappitd ti j ekMasahi 
aggihi pajjalit& pakkuthiteL (sic) ca huty& tain samanginam 
kampanattd santappanattH ca. j 

1, ed, samsarato, ed. Jamp\i°. — 2, ed, upamabhUyena twice.— 7, ed, pitu pit& 
ahesum ; read: pitu pitstmanesuP— 10, ed, pitdmassH. — 13, ed. e\&,— l6,ed. 
®akkhiianam. — 16, ed. anu pubba°, ed. va.— 17, ed. purattima®. — 18, ed. 
chindam. — 19, ed. patimokkan.— 20, cd. yu^a°. — 23, ed. opanaam, ed. "bhayassll. 
— 24, ed. ayicca.— 27, ed. ka^ ya^ ti punir, ed, am. ti here. — 28, ed. katasi, ed. 
alahanam. — 33, ed. °u&i& °ppanat&. 

216 THERtolTHA. 

506. f/esu vadhahandho ti yesu k&mesu k&manimittam mara- 
napothan&diparikkileso | andubandhans^dibandho ca hott ti 
attho I k&mesii ti ftdi yuttass' eV atthassa p&katakaranam | 
tattha hi ti hetuatthe nip&to | yasm^ keLmesu keLmahetu ime 
satt& yadhabandhanadukkhd,ai anubhavanti pslpunanti | tasm& 
&ha I kdmdkdmd ndm* ete aaanto ti | bin^t l&mak& ti attho | 
ahakdmd ti vd pdtho \ so eV attho | aheL ti hi ld.makapariy&yo | 
ahalokitthiyo n&m& ti ftdlsu viya. II The text of this hope- 
lessly corrupt verse is quite conjectural. 

509. sunakho va aahkhdnahaddho {sic) ti | yatha sahkhalena 
baddho sunakho garukabandhena baddho upanibaddho annate 
gantum asakkonto tatth' eva paribbhamati evam tvam ksLma- 
tanh&ya baddho | k&mam yadi pi (?) k&mesu tava 
damassu indriy&ni damehi | kdhinti khu tarn kdmd chdtd suna- 
kham va canddld ti | kh(i ti nipatamattam | te pana k&mll tarn 
tatheL karissanti yatheL chd,tajjhatt& sapd.k& sunakham labhitvg^ 
anayabyasanam peLpenti ti attho. II Instead of kdhinti^ the 
reading proposed in the text is no doubt the correct one. 
Cfr. Hemacandra iv, 228. 

610. Cy: k&mayutto. 

511. jardmaranabyddhigahitd sabbattha jdtiyo ti | yasmft 
hin£Ldibhedabhinn& sabbattha bhavMisu j&tiyo jar&marana- 
by&dhin& ca gahitd, tehi aparimuttd, tasm^ ajaramhi nibbane 
vijjameLne jar&d)hi aparimuttehi k&mehi kim tava payojanan 
ti yojan&. || The Commentator seems to have read : kin tava 
kdmehi yemjardmaranabyddhi^. 

518. Khem& ahan cd. ti mayam tisso sakhiyo 
&r&mam sanghassa vihd.rad£Lnam adamhd. | 

520. . . . tattha cakkaratan&dini etassa santi ti 
sattaratano cakkavatti | tassa sattaratanassa chadosarahita pan- 
cakaly£Ln£l atikkantam&nussavannd. appattadibbavannd. ti evam- 
d.digunasampann4gamena itthisu ratanabhiit^ aham ahosim. II 

518-521. imd. pana catasso g&thd. theriy& apadd,nassa vibh&- 
vanavasena pavattatta ApadanapWiyam pi sangaham ftropita. 

2, cd. maranam potha° adubandhan^dibaddho. — 10, ed. yatb^ gaddhulena bandho 
su*^ gandabandhena bandho upanibandbo.— 13, ed. bandho. — 15, cd.T\3.m. — 16, cd, 
sopakd.— 27, cd, sakhino. — 31, cd, appatt^^ — 33, cd, ahosi. — 36, cd, °yamhi. 


I = Theragatha, II = Therigath&. The Arabic numbers refer to 
the last verse of each supposed author. 

Anganikabharadvlijo I, 221. 
Anganiko := Anganikabharadva- 

jo f , p. 32. 
Anguli = Angulimalo I, p. 86. 
AnguHm^lo I, 891. 
Ajito I, 20. 
Ajino I, 130. 
Ajjuno I, 88. 
Anjanavaniyo I, 55. 
Annakondaniio I, 688. 
Addhakksi II, 26. 
Adhimuttol, 114. 725. 
Anuruddho I, 919. 
Anupamo I, 214. 
Anopama II, 156. 
Abhayamata II, 34. 
Abhaya II, 36. 
Abhayo I, 26. 98. 
Abhibhuto I, 257. 
Ambapall II, 270. 

Atumo I, 72. 

Anando I, 1050. 

Arohaputto = Hatth&° I, p. 12. 

Tsidatto I, 120. 
Isidasi II, 447. 
Isidinno I, 188. 

Ukkhepakatavaccho I, 65. 

Uggo I, 80. 

Ujjayo I, 47. 

TJttama II, 44. 47. 

Uttarapalo I, 254. 

mtarai, 15. 181. 

Uttaro I, 122. 162. 

TJttiyo I, 30. 54. 99. 

TJdayl I, 704. 

Upacala II, 195. 

Upatisso I, p. 93. 

Upavano I, 186. 

Upasam^ II, 10. 

Upaseno Yangantaputto I, 

Up&U I, 251. 
Uppalavannd II, 235. 
Ubbiri n,' 53. 
TJruveJakassapo I, 380. 
Usabhol, 110. 198. 

Ekadhammasavanlyo I, 67. 
Ekadhammiko := ^dhammasa- 

vaniyo I, p. 11. 
Ekavihariyo I, 546 (^h^ii I, 

p. 61). 
Ekuddaniyo I, 68. 
Erako I, 93. 



Kankharevato I, 3. 

Kaccano := Sambnlakaccano I, 

p. 26. 
Kanhadiniio I. 180. 
Kappatakuro I, 200. 
Kappino=Mahakappiiio I, p. 61. 
Kappo I, 576. 
Kassapo I, 82. 

Kassapo = I^adikassapo I, p. 41. 
Kaludayi I, 536. 
Katiyano I, 416. 
Kaio = Mahakalo I, p. 22. 
Kimbilo I, 118. 156. 
Kisagotaml II, 223. 
Kutiviharl I, 56. 57. 
Kundadhano I, 15. 
Kujo I, 19. 

Kumaputtasahayako I, 37. 
Kumaputto I, 36. 
Kumarakassapo I, 202. 
Kullo I, 398. 

Kotthiko=Maliakottliiko I, p. 3. 
Kosallaviharl I, 59. 
Kosiyo I, 374. 

Khandasumano I, 96. 
Khadiravaniyo I, 42. 
Khitako I, 104. 192. 
Khujjasobhito I, 236. 
Khema II, 144. 

Gangatlriyo I, 128. 
Gayakassapo I, 349. 
Gavampati I, 38. 
Gahvaratiriyo I, 31. 
Girimanando I, 329. 
Gutta II, 168. 
Gotamo I, 138. 260. 596. 
Godatto I, 672. 
Godhiko I, 51. 
Gosalo I, 23. 

CakkhnpMo I, 95. 
Candano I, 302. 
Canda II, 126. 
Capall, 311. 

caia II, 188. 

Cittako I, 22. 

Citta II, 28. 

Gnndo =: Mahacundo I, p. 22. 

C(ilako I, 212. 

Culagavaccho I, 11. cfr. p. 4. 

Giilapanthako I, 566. 

Channo I, 69. 

Jambuko I, 286. 

Jambugamikaputto I, 28. 

Jentl II, 22. 

Jento I, 111. 

Jento purohitaputto I, 428. 

Jotidaso I, 144. 

Talaputol, 1145. 

Tissa li, 4. 5. 

Tisso I, 39. 97. 154. 

Tiriyo = Gangatlriyo I, p. 19. 

Tekicchak&m I, 386. 

Telakani I, 768. 

Dantika II, 50. 
Dabbo I, 5. 
Dasako I, 17. 
Devasabho I, 89. 100. 

Dhaniyo I, 230. 
Dhammadinna II, 12. 
Dhammapalo I, 204. 
Dhammasavapita I, 108. 
Dhammasavo I, 107. 
Dhamma II, 17. 
Dhammiko I, 306. 
Dhira II, 6. 7. 



Nadikassapo I, 344. ctr. Kassapo. 

Kandako I, 174. 282. 

Nanda II, 20. 86. 

Kandiyo I, 25. 

Nanduttara II, 91. 

Nando I, 158. 

Nagasamalo I, 270. 

Mgito I, 86. 

Nigrodho I, 21. 

Kisabho I, 196. 

Nlto I, 84. 

Nhatakamuni I, 440. cfr. p. 48. 

Pakkho I, 63. 
Paccayo I, 224. 
Pancallputto vide Yisakho. 
Patacara II, 116. cfr. 121. 132. 
Paripunnako I, 91 . 
Pavittho I, 87. 
Passiko I, 242. 
Parapariyo I, 116. 746. 948. 
Pindolabharadvajo I, 124. 
Pinhole = Pindolabharadvajo I, 

p. 19. 
Piyanjaho I, 76. 
Pilindavaccho I, 9. 
Punnamaso I, 10. 172. 
Punna II, 3. 
Punnika U, 251. 
Punno I, 70. 

Punno Mantaniputto I, 4. 
Potiriyaputto vide Sono. 
Posiyo I, 34. 

Phusso I, 980. 

Bandhnro I, 103. 
Bakulo I, 227. 
Eelatthakani I, 101. 
Belatthasiso I, 16. 
Belatthi= Belatthasiso I, p. 4. 

Brahmadatto I, 446. 
Brahm&li I, 206. 

Bhagu I, 274. 
Bhaddaji I, 164. 
Bhaddi Eapiiani II, 66. 
Bhadda purananiganthl II, 111. 
Bhaddiyo Kaligodhaya putto I, 

Bhaddo I, 479. 
Bhadra II, 9. 
Bharato I, 176. 
BhaUiyo I, 7. 
Bh&radvajo I, 178. 
Bhuto I, 526. 

Mantaniputto vide Punno. 
MEditavambho I, 105. 
Mahakaccayano I, 501. 
Mahakappino I, 556. cfr. 

Mahakassapo I, 1090. 
Mflhakalo I, 152. cfr. Kdlo. 
Mahakotthiko 1, 2. cfr. Kotfhiko. 
Mahagavaccho I, 12. cfr. p. 4. 
Mahacundo I, 142. cfr. Cundo. 
Mahanago I, 392. 
Mahanamo I, 115. 
Mahapajapatt Gotamt II, 162. 
Mahapanthako I, 517. 
Mahamoggallano I, 1208. cfr. 

Manavo I, 73. 
Matangaputto I, 233. 
Malunkyaputto I, 404. 817. 
Maluto (?) I, p. 48. 
Migajalo I, 422. 
Migasiro I, 182. 
Mittakall II, 96. 
Mitta II, 8. 32. 
Muttall, 11. 



Mudito I, 314. 

Meghiyo I, 66. 

Men^asiro I, 78. 

Mejajino I, 132. 

Mettaji I, 94. 

Mettika II, 30. 

"M-Oggall ano = Mohamoggallano I, 

p. 108. 
Mogharaja I, 208. 

Yasadatto I, 364. 
Yasol, 117. 
Yasojo I, 245. 

Rakkhito I, 79. . 
Rattliapalo I, 793. 
Eamaniyakutiko I, 58. 
Ramanlyaviharl I, 45. 
Rajadatto I, 319. 
Radho I, 134. 
Ramaneyyako I, 49. 
Rahulo I, 298. 
Revato I, 658. cfr. I, p. 8. 
Rohinl II, 290. 

Lakuntako I, 472. 
Lomasakeingiyo I, 27. 

Yakkali I, 354. 
Vanglso I, 1279. 
Yacchagotto I, 112. 
Yacchapalo I, 71. 
Yajjito I, 216. 
Yajjiputtol, 62. 119. 
Yaddhamata II, 212. 
Yaddhamano I, 40. 
Yaddho I, 339. 
Yanavaccho I, 13. 113. 
Yappo I, 61. 
YaUiyo I, 53. 126. 168. 
Yasabho I, 140. 

Y&rano I, 239. 

Yasitthl II, 138. 

Yijaya II, 174. 

Yijayo I, 92. 

Yijitaseno I, 359. 

Yijito=Yijita8eno I, p. 41. 

YimalakondaSno I, 64. 

Yimala II, 76. 

Yimalo I, 50. 266. 

Yisakha II, 13. 

Yisakho Pancaliputto I, 210. 

Yltasoko I, 170. 

Ylro I, 8. 


Sakulall, 101. 
Samkicco I, 607. 
Samgharakkhito I, 109. 
Sangha II, 18. 
Saiijayo I, 48. 
Sandhito I, 218. 
Sappako I, 310. 
Sappadaso I, 410. 
Sabbakamo I, 458. 
Sabbamitto I, 150. 
Sabhiyo I, 278. 
Samitigutto I, 81. 
Samiddhi I, 46. 
Sambulakaccano I, 190. 
Sambhuto I, 294. 
Sarabhango I, 493. 
Satimattiyo I, 248. 
Sanu I, 44. 
Samannakani I, 35. 
Samail, 38. 41. 
Samidatto I, 90. 
Sariputto I, 1017. 
Singalapita I, 18. 
Singalapitiko = Singalapita I, 

p. 4. 
Sirimando I, 452. 
Sirima I, 160.