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Full text of "Riparian (1953)"



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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 



Broad Ripple High School 
Indianapolis, Indiana 



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Ripple is our school 

%V/ the 1,840 students and 87 faculty members of Broad Ripple, make our school 

ww W-j what it is. We participate in its activities, share in its opportunities, and take 
pride in its achievements. We are the ones who fill the pages in this history of Ripple for 

Memories of this year at Broad Ripple are precious to us. To preserve these school day 
recollections, our yearbook, the 1953 RIPARIAN, presents: 

Achievements Pa ges 1-21 


Pages 22-43 





Pages 62-101 

Pages 44-61 

Advertising Pages 102 128 

Future teachers. Helping pupils at Pub- 
lic School 80, Sally Risk and Marilyn Woer- 
ner study teaching techniques. Twenty-eight 
Ripplites were enrolled in the cadet teaching 
program this year. 


Classwork is most important in 
our life at Ripple. 
We choose from 132 varied 
subjects to prepare 
ourselves for college or the 
business world. Office Practice, 
Discussion and Debate, 
Mythology, and Etymology 
are among the newest 

Book worm. All junior English students learn 
about reference books, notecards, and outlines, as 
does Jim Hubbard who struggles here with his source 
theme. Such college preparatory experience helps 
Ripple grads who enter universities from coast to 

Exams and 

"All the world's a Stage." Mrs. Ruth B. Herin shows a model of the 
Globe Theatre of Shakespeare's time to senior English students, Martha 
Kirklin, Karl Seliaefer, Marie Smith. Dianne Pattison, and Gene Curtis. 

classes fill the hours ♦ ♦ . 

j 1 J\ wPm 

r ff: a i 

M • J / * 1 ■ ' » 1 


Glamor gals. In the spotlight at the Washington-Ripple Homecoming Game are Queen 
Carolyn Hawthorne and her court, (left to right) Judy Schortemeier (last year's 
queen), Charlotte Forsyth, Sondra Bisesi, Queen Carolyn, Susie Geer, and Jacque 

We Ripplites have our share 

of fun. We can join 

our friends in the new 

recreation room which the 

Student Council has furnished 

in the Cottage. 

We have a calendar full 

of dances from the 

Riparian Dance in October to 

the Grad Dance in June. 

Then, too, there 

are co-curricular club 

parties and get-togethers to 

add to our social life. 

. * ^^^^mw^Jm 

Date time. Enjoying cokes and the latest gossip in 
the recreation room are Tim Talbott, Ruth Ann Cree, 
Jo Ann Riddell, and Dave Gradison. 

Dates and 

Ripple royalty. Miss and Mr. 

Riparian of the "Ballot Box 

Ball" are Shirley Rayle and 
John Mutz. 

Hi-jinx Hop. Despite the fact that it's Friday the 
thirteenth, these Ripplites seem to be quite lucky in defy- 
ing superstition as they enjoy the annual PTA dance. 

dances make time fly ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Top brass. Principal J. Fred Murphy (center) discusses school problems 
with Mr. Roger Riley and Mr. Harold Harding, vice-principals. 

In and out of classes our 

faculty members 

really get in the swing 

of life at Ripple. 

Whether grading tests 

or cheering the basketball team, 

they're true Ripplites. 

They lend a helping 

hand by advising us about 

our courses, sponsoring co- 

curricular activities, 

and chaperoning dances. 

Christmas tea. At the party are Mrs. J. 
Fred Murphy, Mrs. Rosalee Spong. Mrs. 
Elizabeth Weirick. Mrs. Roger Riley. Mr. 
Virgel Clark. Mrs. Jean Batten, and Mrs. 
Harold Harding. 

Our teachers 



■ ^k^H " 1 Br 


*v 1 

/ ... >• \i 

"A car-ful spin." Bob Boyd takes the wheel of the Hi-Y Homecoming "float." Passengers. Bev- 
erly Trudgen, a queen candidate, and Miss Rut!) B. Carter, dean of girls, enjoy a "smooth" ride 
in a 1903 Zimmerman. 

rate "A" for effort 

Ladies-in-weighting. Miss Louise Rice, 
school nurse, shows two of her student 
assistants, Ann Freehafer and Eileen 
Ruesch, how to use the clinic scales. 

"Broader, richer, human service' 

has been our 

motto since 1935 when Former 

Principal K. V. Ammerman 

composed it. 

To live up to these words, 

we students serve by 

acting as corridor monitors, 

running the movie 

projector, and being 

generally helpful. 

Special delivery. Mrs. Eileen Hall, office secretary, 
gives instructions to office messengers, Nancy Newhouse 
and Ellen Mahin. 

We work 


Book worm helpers. Donna Kennedy, Charlotte Scheuring, James Hurley, Katherine Hirt, and 
Minnie Patton work in the library helping fellow Ripplites locate and check out books. These 
assistants aid Mrs. Phoebe Deiderich and Mrs. Edna YVhetsell, in keeping the library running 

to promote Ripple's motto ♦ ♦ 


Ripple soldiers. Cadet Lt. Col. Darrell Lance commands a platoon in parade rest. Ripple's ROTC unit, 
now a full battalion, has the largest percentage of boys enrolled in the city. M/Sgt. Alfred Helgestad and 
Sgt. Jack Goodrum led the group to an honor rating in 1952. 

As Ripple has grown rapidly in 

the last few years, so 

has our enthusiasm. This interest 

has boosted our ROTC 

from 100 boys to 250, the 

second largest unit in the city. 

The entire Ripple family 

joins in the fun 

of such affairs as the 

PTA Carnival and the 

Dads' Association Fish Fry. 



Chefs for a night. Members of the Fathers' Asso- 
ciation take over the cooking chores for their annual 
fish fry. Being served by a Ripple dad are Gene Skill- 
man and Charles Berwick. 

Preview. Mrs. Kern Miles, handicraft chair- 
man, shows Anne Ream the wares for the '52 
PTA Carnival on November 21. 

makes Ripple's spirit 


Military Maidens. ROTC sponsors (left to right) Rita Purcell, Bev Trudgen, 
Susan Babcock, Janet Bechtold, Nancy Bugg, and Sondra Bisesi primp for the 
annual Military Ball held on November 22. 

Our styles in clothes, our 

choices of food, and 

our forms of amusement are 

the fads and fancies 

that help make this year 

different. Cinch belts, 

white bucks, and 

turtle-neck sweaters mark us 

as teen-agers. We 

have revived the Charleston but 

still love to jitterbug. 

All aboard. Ripplites scramble to be first to board one 
of the last "Ripple" streetcars, which were finally re- 
placed by buses on January 10. Thus ended the "street- 
car era" in Indianapolis. 

Our fads 


Typical teenagers. Here's the scene that always results when a group of Ripplites get to- 
gether. Gathered around the record player are Mary Fackler, Jim Crosbie, and Bev Trudgen. 
The jitterbugging couple is Nancy Nixon and Ron Schaefner. Exchanging the latest gossip 
in the background are Barney Pippcnger and Jo Spivey. 1953 fads ranged from pony tails 
or burr hair cuts on our heads to Capezios or white bucks on our feet. 

set Ripple's fashions ♦ ♦ ♦ 


Speedy service. Trying out one of the two new lunch counters in 
the cafeteria are Ann Snyder, Eleanor Bull, and Jim Brown. The 
counters provide sandwiches, milk, ice cream, cupcakes, potato chips, 
and fresh fruit. 

Because we are proud of our 
school, we are 
constantly working to 
improve it. We express our 
ideas through the Student Council 
suggestion box 
in the cafeteria. Our recom- 
mendations have brought 
about such improvements as a bus- 
loading platform 
and snack lunch counters. 

k '■•■'■ "... 


> $ I 

ill u j i ,"'<*'4' 

T ~Afe In 

Suggestion box. Student Council officers, 
Marlyn Grebe, Frank Walker, Bill Alltop, 
and Jolin Mutz read the ideas students have 
put in the box. 

We cooperate 


Patriotism. Principal J. Fred Murphy and two members of the ROTC Color Guard, Don Auten and 
George Applegate, admire the two flags presented to the school to flank the memorial plaque in the 
main hall. This year Ripple also received a Freedoms Foundation award for family night classes as 
a service to the community. 

to improve Ripple 


Thespians. Marilyn Stubbs, Bob Hurt, Darrell Lance, Wesley Benson, Nancy Bugg. Ken Kaestner, 
and Carolyn Hawthorne rehearse a scene from the comedy, "Good Housekeeping." Under the spon- 
sorship of Ripple's National Thespian Troop, the play was presented on January 28 and 29. 

Throughout the year we present 

Ripple talent to the 

public in plays, the annual 

operetta, and The Ripples, 

a variety show. Many of us 

also appear on the air: 

our debaters, on Junior Town 

Meeting of the Air; 

our news aces, on Quiz 'Em 

on the Air; and our musicians, 

on Young America Sings. 

We proudly 


Ripples directors. Writers of the four origina 
acts for the Ripples of 1953 are Barbara Higgason, 
Jo McCord, Bill Dean, Terry Berman, Judy Frank, 
Art Pittenger, Caryl Matthews, Bill Macnabb, and 
Delva Carder (left to right). Mr. Roger Riley, gen- 
eral director, is showing thetn some of the new stage 
equipment donated to the school by the PTA. 

Two sleepy heads. Drowsy cast mem- 
bers of this year's operetta, "The 

Pirates of Penzance," are 
Schortemeier and Kav White. 


present Ripple to all 


Yea Orange! Yea Black! Ripple rooters have the knack — of backing the Rockets vocally and 
colorfully. Official garb for the cheering section is orange beanies and white blouses and shirts. 


^§. § 

,; . 

—Ripple is ours. 





Ripple's Rockets — and little 
firecrackers — exploded 
into another 

year of good sports for everyone. 
Roth girls' and boys' 
intramurals played an im- 
portant part 
in the athletic scene. 
Ping-pong was a new addition to 
intramurals as 
well as to inter-school 
Booster Club furnished 
moral and oral 
support for our teams. 

Silhouettes by Tommy Wadelton 


Season Record 

Broad Ripple 

22 Kokomo 20 

18 Tech 13 

6 West Lafayette . 20 

Richmond 54 

Howe 13 

Washington .... 1! 

20 Manual 14 

6 Cathedral 12 

2 Shortridge 32 

George Todd 
picks up five 
yards for Rip- 

T formation— BACK ROW: George Todd, Maynard Poland. Tom Welton. 
SECOND ROW: Frank Walker. FRONT ROW: Dave Linsley, Don G. 
Miller, Phil McAlearney, Bob Hamaker, Burke Cree, on this page. 





Varsity football team — BACK ROW: Coach Walt J urkiewicz, Captain Neil Hinchman, Tom Welton, 
Boh Hamaker, Bob Lohman. Ed Shearer, Bill MeCahill, Vern Young, Don H. Miller, Gordon Shaw, 
John Nelson, Stan Engle, Jim Taylor, Bruce Mursch, Dave Linsley, Don G. Miller, Jim Dunning, 
Bob Ranger, Student Manager Rollin Dix, Coach Bob Brown. SECOND ROW: Bill Alltop, Burke 
Cree, Joe Andrews, Bob Morris, Pat Smock, Pete DeVault, Maynard Poland, Frank Walker, Laddie 
Howson, Jim Gremillion, George Todd, Stu Newcomb, Student Manager Bob Dearing. P'RONT ROW: 
Don Silvey, Jim Jobes, Jack Douglas, Harold Besse. Joe Fuller, Ron Reehling, Phil McAlearnev, 
Mark Jones, Ken Kaestner, Ron Naum, Student Manager Kenny Bramer. 

beat Tech first time 

Compile 3-6 season record 

Highlighting the '52 
football season, the 
Rocket gridmen defeated 
Tech for the first time in 
their history- 
Ripple's footballers 
opened the season with a 
victory over Kokomo 
after playing Manual 
for a scoreless quarter in 
the first city Football 

Losses to West Lafa- 
yette, Richmond, and 
Washington followed be- 
fore the Rockets broke 
their losing string by 
defeating Manual. 

Defeats by Cathedral 
and Shortridge gave the 
gridsters, coached by 
Walt Jurkiewicz, a final 
record of three wins and 
six 1( 

Bruce Mursch and Bob 
Lohman, above. 


Goach Walt 
Jurkiewicz, Cap- 
tain Neil Hineh- 
man, and Coach 
Bob Brown talk 
over strategy. 

Bill Scott and 

Bob Ranger 

bring down a 

* Tech ball-car- 

Harold Besse, 
srnior tailback, 
sweeps right end 
in the Tech 

Bjj 5 8 


M HTfc jr-r^ 

^v r^^nh^/ ^f^-^^t <( 

, jg ^y^- 7 ^ 

rA * 

V*' ' 

Pflhpj E3EE 



<£» , 

+m - r &d '• Hj 

1 t « J \L m* 

j ^fca*~i 

Reserve football — HACK ROW: Jim Dunning, Paul 
Jenkins, Merrill Gilpin, Coach Hougham, Bilf Distel, 
Jack Douglas, Dick Uhl. THIRD ROW: Ned Bosler. Dale 
Searcy, Doug Sheer, Dick Simer, Phil Rouse, Gil Berrv, 
Tom Hughes. Dick Vance. 

SECOND ROW: Noble Lane, Clarence Monroe, Gary 
Hughes, Pete Dodson, Dennis Ballere, Dick Hodges, Garv 
Gregory. Fritz Harbridge. FRONT ROW : Mark Jones. 
Jim Coffev. Sam Outcalt, Hans Wuelfing, Lennie Zaiser, 
Fred Hull, Kennv Long, Charlie Wood. 

Reserve Record 

road Ri 





Ben Davis 








Warren Central 










Freshman football — BACK ROW : Albert Heffner. Don 
Pennington, John Gillespie, Scotty Comrie, Max Gray, 
Tom Donlon, David McClure, Bill Rcid. Allen Ashworth, 
Jack Eiteliorg. THIRD ROW: Ken Long, Bob Campbell, 
Mike Baird. Bob Ross. Jack Wheeler, Tom McCaw, Jim 
Crosbie, Herb Taylor. Bill W Is. Coach Eugene Beaman. 

Freshman Record 

Broad Ripple 









SECOND ROW: Student Manager Bil 
ner. Chuck Hayes. Fritz Hadlev. Bill 
Donnelly. Ted Smith, John Olson. M;i 
ROW: Merritt Marquis, John Whetei 
fer, Jan Blake, Jerry Hazel, Chips Wi 
Skyke. Dave Hohl, Skip Mills. 


•t Van- 

Burke Cree (34) comes down with a rebound against Cathedral 
as Dexter Cooley (14) looks on. 


Rockets trip Satans in tournament 48-42 

Gene Beaman completed his 
first year as varsity coach. 

Season Record 

Jroad Ri 



Lawrence Central 



Decatur Central 



Ben Davis 









Sacred Heart 


















New Albany 












Warren Central 






South Bend Adams 












Tech tourney 

Broad Ripple's perennial Sectional 
upsetters this year beat Shortridge 
in their first tourney game before 
losing to Howe in the following en- 

With nine returning lettermen 
Gene Beaman coached the Rockets 
into the Tech tourney with a 3-4 rec- 
ord. There the Ripplites almost upset 
Tech before losing to Shortridge. 

The Rocket cagers downed Mar- 
tinsville and Greenfield only to lose 
to New Albany. Washington, War- 
ren Central, and Tech were the only 
other teams to beat Ripple while the 
Black and Orange tallied wins over 
Noblesville, Manual, South Bend 
Adams, and Greeneastle. 

Led by mainstays Bill Newbold, 
Ken Seamon, and Wally Cox the 
Rockets entered the Sectional with a 
9-10 record. They finished the season 
with 10 wins and 11 losses. 

Varsity Basetball— BACK ROW: Don Miller. Dick Begley, Bill 
Newbold, Wallv Cox, Carev Spicer, Burke Cree. Dexter Coolev. 
FRONT ROW : Boh Morris. Bob Yount, Phil lines, Duane 
Zaring, Ken Seamon, Student Manager Kollin Dix. 

1 few ,4y-^iv-Jri / 


Bob Reed, Connie 
Roberts, Bob Cook, 
Lois Kett, Bill Mc- 
Garvey, Shirley 
Rayle, Sonny Kaiser, 
and Sally Risk are 
the Ripple cheer- 

Bob Yount (3) and 
Dick Begley (13) 
watch Dexter Cooley 
(14) take a big step 
before making his 

Off with the rebound 
is Burke Cree (34) 
while Bill Newbold 
(5) and Bob Yount 
(3) start down the 


16 l 84 , JS ' . 

M \ i - vA I ' 13 > "'" * \ * 

Reserve basketball— HACK ROW: Fred Hull. Marshall 
Gage, Paul Jenkins, Bob Wait, Bob Lohman. Fritz Kins. 
Gene McGarvey, Al Lindop. Sam Foster, Tom Willett, 

Reserve basketball 

ad Ripple 


Lawrence Central 


Decatur Central 


Ben Davis 




Crispus Attucks 


Sacred Heart 






Short ridge 






New Albany 












Adams of South Ben 




Coach Boh Brown. FRONT K(lW: St h.I.miI Manag.-r 
Kennv Kramer. Dave Roberts. Jim Irwin. Bob Begley, 
Jeff Hanselmann. Dick Gueple. Jim Strickland. 

Freshman basketball 

road Ripple 





Ben Davis 






Crispus Attucks 












Sacred Heart 












Crispus Attucks 






Ben Davis 









Lawrence Central 


Gray, Frank Cullivan. Don Penington, Allan Figel, Bill 
Reid, Hartzel Rynard, Fritz Hadley, Norm Edwards, 

Student Manager Bill Batt. FRONT ROW : Bill Allen, 
Larry McGlade, Jim Crosbie, Ken Long, Tom Donlon, 
Jim Campbell, Fred Hammond. Bill Kachel. 


— ^ ^bwe.. ■■ , . »—— — „„-- , —■ . . . I ....... . i 0^k ■~-^0 1 ^ pmr- ™ "' " '"" ^ »*—- - 

Dick Sheets makes a 
horizontal approach 
against a Muncie op- 

1 A ' 

Not Gargantua but 
Russ Wurster wrest- 
ling with a fellow 

Wrestling team— BACK ROW: Coach Milt Hiatt, Ron Schaefer, 
Bill Eaglesson, David McClure, Bill Thorns, Morton Hollingsworth, 
Dave Harrower, Barry Dunn, Albert Heffmer, Billv Joe Buser, 
Dick Ruble, Coach Bill Sirka. MIDDLE ROW: Student Manager 
Bob Dearing, Joe Reinert, Jim Coffey, Russ Wurster, Jim Taylor, 
Clarence Munro, Ronald St. Martin. FRONT ROW: Bruce Black, 
Jack Lowe, Jerry Ford, Ralph Dudley, .lack Johnson, Don Black. 

Grapplers win 4 

Ripple's 1952-53 wrestling team got off to 
a good start by downing Ben Davis. How- 
ever, the matmen then lost to Decatur Cen- 
tral, Tech, Peru, Southport, and Kokomo. 
The Rockets bowed to Shortridge before 
losing to Crawfordsville, Anderson, Muncie 
Central, and Bloomington. 

The grapplers closed their season with a 
4-10 record by trouncing Richmond, Univer- 
sity High, and Warren Central. 


Hill and dale men 

Paced by Floyd Painter, Jack Lowe, 
and Marshall Gage, Broad Ripple's cross 
country team competed in six contests dur- 
ing the '52 season. 

Coached by Mordie Lee, the varsity 
thinlies opened the year by taking seconds 
in two triangular meets, before losing to 
Short ridge and Washington. Another sec- 
ond in a three-way meet with Howe and 
Warren Central came before the City Meet 
at Rhodius Park where Ripple placed fifth. 

Ranking tenth in the Sectionals, the 
Rockets closed the season by losing to 
Crispus Attucks in a quadrangular meet 
with Warren Central and Lawrence Cen- 

Upper left. Varsity cross country team — BACK 
ROW: Joe Duckworth, Dave Harrower, Tom Moore. 
SECOND ROW: Floyd Painter, Ralph Dudley. 
FRONT ROW: Marshall Gage, Jack Lowe. 

Freshman and reserve cross country team — BACK 
ROW: Leo Needier, Bill Noblitt, John Ritterskamp, 
Dave Schmidt, Dave Beem, Dick Kingery. FRONT 
ROW: Roger Hole, Fred Hammond, Tim Talbott, 
Jim Campbell, Allan Seeley, Jim McBride. 

Jack Lowe finishes 
ahead of Ralph 
Dudley in a quad- 
rangular meet. 

»4 5* 



<&. OA 




Outfielder Neil 
Hinchman slides 
hack into first base 
against Lafayette 

(Insert) Coach 
Frank Baird has 
been leading 
Rocket baseball 
coach for 17 suc- 
cessful seasons. 

(Left to right) 
Bob Bearing. Rol- 
lin Dix. Bill Batt, 
and Ken Bramer 
are the Ripple 
student managers. 

Rockets second in Naptown 

Season Record 

Broad Ripple 










Lafayette Jeff'. 


Ben Davis 


Lawrence Central 

Decatur Central 




Warren Central 





City Tourney' 

Through the stalwart pitching of 
Al Lindop and steady hitting of Out- 
fielder Phil lines and Catcher Ken 
Seamon, Broad Ripple's diamondmen 
completed the '52 season with a ten- 
four record. 

The Rockets fell one game short of 
winning the City Championship and 
bringing the trophy permanently to 
Broad Ripple. 

Defeating Cathedral, 11-3, in their 
opener of the tourney, the Ripple 
nine under Coach Frank Baird went 
on to defeat Tech, 7-0, before losing 
to Shortridge, the city champs, 6-1. 

Varsity baseball team— BACK ROW: Neil 
Hinchman, Ken Seamon, Darroll French, Ron 
Reehling, .lav Hanselmann, Tom McMahon. 
SECOND ROW: Bill Vaughn, Bill Meade, 

Al Lindop, Coach Frank Baird, Ted Bosler. 
Phil Imes. FRONT ROW: Dave Roettger, 
Dick Bounsall, Jerry Young, Bill Birsfield. 

^M^iy*^* ] 


$\ >w*u 'w .. 'w y<% & 

Reserve baseball team— BACK ROW: Boh 
Yount, Gene Harvey, Bob Haymaker, Dick 
Richmond, Wally Cox, Coach Frank Baird, 
Don Miller, Jim Dunning, Bob Johnson, Fritz 

King. FRONT ROW: Jim Long, Ronnie Rob- 
erts, Jim Robey, John Potter, Jack Bartle, 
Peter TerMaat, Dick Rentsch, Duane Zaring. 

Reserve baseball 

Freshman baseball 

Reserve baseballers scored wins 
over citv rivals, Howe and Manual, 
to complete the season with a two-two 
ledger. The second-string diamond- 
men were trained by Coach Frank 

The Ripple freshmen completed 
the '52 season with a successful two- 
none record. Under the leadership of 
Coach Rill Sirka the frosh won both 
of their games, defeating Lawrence 
Central and Shortridoe. 

Freshman baseball team— BACK ROW: Harry 
Cooper, Jay Burke, Edward Kappes, Jeff 
Hanselmann, Don Glander, Max Tudor, Ken 
McClain, Tom Howard. SECOND ROW: Dave 
Roherts, Ralph Rasnake, Boh Burkhart, Dick 

Ruble, Ted Cunliffe, Barton Spillman, Jim 
Wurster. FRONT ROW: Dave Gradison, 
Terry Perrine, Bill McGarvey, Duren Way, 
Dick Runyan, Ron Long. 

Tennis team— BACK ROW: Dexter Coolev, Robert Ford, Bill 
Newbold, Don Auten. FRONT ROW: Dennis Ballere, Robert 
Lowe, Art Pittenger, John Mutz, Stan Paulsen. 

Courtmen win 5 

Sporting a five-four record, Coach Bob Hougham's 
'52 tennis team completed its most successful season 
in five years of competition. The racket men were able 
to defeat Cathedral twice, split in two matches with 
ark, and tally a win over Tech. Columbus was the 
fifth victim. The tennis squad lost to out-of-town 
Anderson and Crawfordsville and was shut out by city 
rival, Shortridge. Stan Paulsen and John Mutz took 
a second in the city doubles and with the whole team 
were able to attain 43 points and third place. 

John Mul/. volle\ 


Harold Besse anchors Ripple's crack half-mile relay team. 

Varsity track team— BACK ROW: 
Coach Walt Jurkiewicz, Boh Plum- 
ley, Galen Corhett, Harold Besse, 
John Higley, Tom Welton, Wes 
Grebe, Jerry Garrett, Don Jacobs, 
Coach Jack Rice. FRONT ROW: 

Cindermen tie 

Tying with Shortridge for the 
City Championship was the high- 
light of Ripple's 1952 track sea- 
son. The Rockets went on to tie 
again with the Bine Devils for a 
second in the Sectional Meet. 

Eddie Shearer and John Hig- 
ley were the two out of nine Re- 
gional contestants who represented 

Broad Hippie in the State Meet. 
Mordie Lee's thinlies won the 
880 relay to edge by Shortridge, 
60 to 57, in Ripple's Night Invi- 
tational. After opening the sea- 
son with easy victories over Howe, 
Shortridge, and Muncie Central, 
the cindermen placed second in the 
Indianapolis Relays. 

Student Manager Jim Reasor, 
Charlie Yott, Eddie Shearer, Bob 
Johnson, Larry Kay, Frank Walker, 
Maynard Poland, Coach Mordie 
Lee. Not Shown: Tom Chilton, 
Mike Graves, Ken Hughey, Tom 
Locey, Bruce Mursch. 

for city champs 

1952 City Championship trophy 




lis lap of the mile rel 


Season Record 

Broad Ripple 








Muncie Central 


Broad Ripple 

Invitational : 





Ben D.-.vis 

1 I !/. 

Indianapolis Relays 

Broad Ripple 


City Meet 

Broad Ripple 



Broad Ripple 



Broad Ripple 



Broad Ripple 


Reserve track team— BACK ROW: Joe Duck- 
worth, Steve Baggett, Jere Bolden, Coach 
Walt Jurkiewicz, Neal Nollau, Jack Douglas, 
Bill Alltop. FRONT ROW: Coach Jack Rice, 

Floyd Painter, Gordon Shaw, Jerry Locey, 
Fred Oliver, Duffia Springfield, John Enoch, 
Jim Jobes, Coach Mordie Lee. 

Reserve track 

Freshman track 

After showing well in two city 
meets, Ripple's reserve track team hit 
its peak winning the Marion County 
Championship. Outstanding scorers 
for the thinlies were Duffia Spring- 
field and Tom Locey. 

Ripple's rhinies under Coach Jack 
Rice ended the '52 season with an 
even two-two record. The Rocket 
thinlies placed third in the City Meet 
with Jerry Inglert setting a new 
school and city record in the broad 

Frosh track team— BACK ROW: Boh Osborn, 
Dale Searcy, Bill Distel, Lennie Zaiser, Coach 
Walt Jurkiewicz, Ken Sullivan, Tracev Hom- 
burg, Ned Bosler, Marshall Gage. FRONT 

ROW: Coach Jack Rice, John Jones, Richard 
Gilyeat, Jerry Inglert, Carl Pangerl, Ken 
Quanz, Jack Johnson, David Harrower, Coach 
Mordie Lee. 


*. -4 

Golf squad cops 5 

Defeating Noblesville and winning a 
meet with Tech, Lawrence Central, and 
Washington started Ripple's '52 golf 

After losing to Shortridge, the divot- 
diggers finished second in a four-way con- 
test with Bloomington, Tech, and Terre 
Haute Wiley. The linksmen downed Howe 
and finished third in the City-County Meet 
before tripping Washington and Nobles- 
ville. The Rockets finished on top in a 
match with Cathedral and Washington. 

Having lost only one dual meet, the 
golfers finished the season by tying for 
fourth in the Sectionals with New Castle 
and for ninth in the State Meet with Gary 

Bill Norris (above left), who has been a member of 
the golf squad three years, lines up a putt. Veteran 
golfer Kenny Appel (below left) blasts out of a sand 
trap. ( Insert) Coach John Williams. 

Golf squad— BACK ROW: Steve Snyder. Bart Spill 
man. Ken Quanz, Byron DeCapua. FRONT ROW: 
Donald Johnson, Bill Norris. Ronald Johnson. 

This year's athletic program fo 
girls finds Ripple's female athlete 
enjoying a larger variety of sport 
than ever before. The program in 
eludes such activities as volley-l 
table-tennis, badminton, bowling, 
archery, basketball, and softball. 

Sponsored by Mrs. Peggy Heacox, 
Miss Max Moreillon, and Miss Betty 
Iiind, the activities are designed to 
give participants a chance to develop 
their abilities. Several times a year, 
trips are taken to various schools for 
Play Days. 

Jo Carol Bicket and Arlcne Kl; 
liveries during girls' bowling. 

ike their de- 


Boys' Intra-murals 

For the first time intra-mural football, 
ping-pong, and horseshoes were offered 
this year to Broad Ripple boys under the 
direction of Coach Frank Baird. 

The football champions in the upper 
division were the Ducks, managed by Bill 
Newbold. The frosh champs were Larry 
McGlade's Rams. 

John Mutz was ping-pong singles victor 
while Dexter Cooley copped horseshoe 
honors. Mutz and Karl Koons won the 
ping-pong doubles title. 

Intra-mural athletics offers a chance for 
all boys to participate in sports. 

(Upper right) Extremes in Jims feature Hardi- 
man and Hurley in one I.M. game. (Lower) Jack 
Carey returns a serve (hiring the school ping-pong 



honor/ \societ: 


Whether we are interested 

in model railroads or music, Ripple 

offers a cluh in which 

we can share our interests with 

others. There are 

seventeen widely varied co-curricular 

clubs that extend membership 

to any Ripplite. 

We have seven honorary 

organizations to which members are 

elected because of particular skills, 

and nine vocal and 

instrumental music groups. 

Our publications provide experience 

for approximately 100 students. 

"They're debating over who's 
taking Janev Mason to the 
dance next Saturday night." 

Comedy vs. tragedy 

Thespian officers, Marilyn Stubbs 
(seated), Marie Kingdon, Jayne Augustus, 
and Elaine Lauxterman, discuss the selection 
of a play to be presented as a club project 
undo- the direction of Mrs. Anne Obenchain. 

Just hoofing it 

Draclu hoofers, Marje George, 
Gale Parrish, Joan Frey, Jane Ransel, 
and Lois Kett, dance and sing of a col- 
lege man in their carnival talent show. 
Mrs. Donna Leigh Collins sponsors 
these active dramatists. 

Delving disputers 

Digging up facts for their arguments are 
Debate Club officers, Sue Newhouser, Di- 
anne Pattison, Bob Hurt, Sandy McCrory, 
and Wilford Wisner. Mr. Ray Warden 
helps them formulate firm strategy. 

Bargain banners 

Library Club officers, Beth Tee- 
guarden, Phyllis Shafer, and Bill Phil- 
lips, sell a pennant to Ruth Ann Bruce. 
Backed by Mrs. Phoebe Diederich, they 
spend the profits of their sales for li- 
brary projects. 

Painting things rosy 

With scissors and paint brushes, Art 
Club officers, Doris Kuhn, Marianne 
Peternel, Barbara Tenney, and Donna 
Ault, make favors to brighten some in- 
valid's day. Mrs. Libby Moore sponsors 
these aspiring artists. 

Candy shop talk 

Business Leaders, Sandy Bernett, 
Mary Fackler, Nancy Newhouse, and 
Marilyn Hansen, talk shop about candy 
sales. Sponsor, Miss Helen Palasz, 
knows that the teen-age sweet tooth can 
help to finance club projects. 

Amicae, amigas, amies 

"Friends" is a treasured word in any 
language. Emilie Lamb (third from left) 
finds friends in Foreigneers, Jere Stew- 
art, Maggie Warne, and P. K. Steele. Miss 
Betty McLeod and Mrs. Virginia Love- 
land are sponsors. 

Camera hounds 

Bonnie, a collie, flanked by Carolyn 
Green and Dick Combs, poses for 
Photo Club president. Bob Roe. Mr. 
Sidney R. Esten helps these shutterbugs 
to learn the techniques of good photog- 


Honor Society HACK ItllW: Alma Fitzgerald, 
Darrell Lance. David Lurie. Kollin Dix. Bob Hay- 
maker, Karl Koons, Ncal Nollau, Hob Hurt, John 
Mutz. Bill Alltop. Ron Sehaefer. Max Patton. 
THIRD ROW : P. K. Steele, Janet Spilsbury, Mari- 
lyn Hansen, .Tody Melton, Carolyn Wilson, Sue 
Talbott, Pat Trunick, Marie Binder, Dru Zearlev. 
Don Hughes, Kenny Dunbar, Rita Purcell. SEC- 
OND ROW : Barbara Carter, June Hauenstein, Pat 
Watson, Sue Ann Miles, Paula Zearley, Sandy 
McCrory, Judy Rinehart, Carolyn Wisner, Nancy 
Smith, Ann Kohlmeyer. FRONT ROW : Carol 
Shaner, Carolyn Hessong, Sandy Knotts, Marie 
Smith. Art Pittenger, Eleanor Bull. Mary Fackler, 
Bev Trudgen, Margaret Warne, Janet Beehtold, 

Student Council MACK ItllW : Fred Hammond. 
Frank Walker. Mill Macnabb. Bill Alltop. Gordon 
Shaw. David Lurie, Skip Mills, Bob Campbell, Don 
Pennington. SECOND ROW: Harolvn Harness. 
Kitty Teague, Gretehen Ehlert. Barbara Miles, 
Marie Kingdom, Janet Beehtold, Marlyn Grebe, 
Marilyn Hansen. David Loekton. FRONT ROW : 
John Mutz, Kenny Dunbar. Nancy Bugg. Mary 
Hackemeyer. Bev Trudgen. Shirley Rayle. Jim 
Crosbie, Jack Marsella, Jerry Inglert. 

Clever craniums 

Honor Society members, led by 
Miss Elizabeth Roberts and Mrs. 
Mary Ann Elliott, are chosen annu- 
ally on the basis of scholarship, lead- 
ership, service, and character. The 
formal banquet and induction was 
held on April 24. 

Voice of the students 

Improving Ripple is the goal of 
the Student Council, guided by 
Mr. A. Atwood Bliss and Mr. John 
Morris. Among many projects this 
year were completion of the "rec" 
room and promotion of annual Home- 
coming festivities. 


Quill and Scroll— BACK ROW: Carolyn 
Wilson, June Hauenstein, .Tody Melton, 
P. K. Steele, Darrell Lance, Stan Paulsen, 
John Mutz, Karl Koons. FRONT ROW: 
Carol Cooper, Mary Fackler, Ann Kohl- 
meyer, Sue Talbott, Kenny Dunbar, Judy 
Rinehart, Sandy McCrory. 


From the best students on the Ri- 
parian weekly, yearbook, newsbureau, 
and business staffs are chosen Quill 
and Scroll members. Mrs. Jane 
Hall Gable is the sponsor of these top 

National Thespians— BACK ROW: Bob 
Hurt, Brant Moore, Dan Teeguarden, 
Carolyn Hessong, Darrell Lanee, Sally 
Harness, Rhoda Kittleson. SECOND 
ROW: Sandy McCrory, Art Pittenger, 
Marje George, Carolyn Hawthorne, Nancy 
Bugg, Ann Freehaier, Marlvn Grebe, 
FRONT ROW: Sally Schmidt, Gale Par- 
rish, Marilyn Woerner, Shirley Rayle, 
Connie King, Anne Snyder, Sue Ann 

Budding Barrymores 

Behind the scenes, behind the foot- 
lights work Ripple's National Thes- 
pians, honorary theatrical organiza- 
tion sponsored by Mrs. Donna Leigh 
Collins. In January they presented 
the play, "Good Housekeeping." 


rgo, Johnny 
Terry Dole, 
Diek Moen- 

rj Stevens, 



Hippie lelternien HACK ROW: Stan Engle. 
Cox, Tom Looey, Dave Kinsley, Don Mil- 
ii .Tolies, Bill Newhold, Rob Ranger, George 
FOURTH ROW : Floyd Painter, Bob Ha- 
Kenov App.'l, Rob .Morris, Neil Hinelinian. 

Art Pittenger, Ralph Dudley. Jack Lowe, Mar- 
shall Cage. THIRD ROW: Carey Spieer, Bill Nor- 
ris, Tom Welton, Rollin Dix, Wilford Wisner. Ken 
Kaestner, Phil lines. Bill Alltop. SECOND ROW: 
Bob Lohman. Phil MoAlearney. Ron Reehling. 
Ted Thelander, Ken Seamon. Al Lindop, Bill 
Seott, Sponsor Walt .Turkiewiez. FRONT ROW: 
Charlie Yott, Galen Corbitt. Ed Shearer, Russ 
Wurster. Stan Paulsen, Frank Walker, Maynard 
Poland, John Mutz. 

Trumpeting up trade 

Ripple's Dance Band, directed by 
Mr. Howard Hanscom, added an im- 
portant part to "The Ripples," pep 
sessions, and school dances. Tliey ap- 
peared on TV to advertise the car- 

Sweater boys 

Winning a major award in any 
sport makes a Ripple athlete eligible 
for the Lettermen's Club. Under 
the sponsorship of Coach Walt Jur- 
kiewicz, the group sponsors a dance 
every year. 

Fabulous floats 

Girls' Athletic Association 
members, Peggy Bates, Elizabeth Al- 
len, Nancy Stoeffler, and Phyllis Sed- 
lak, sponsored by Miss Max Moreil- 
lon and Miss Betty Lind, create their 
second champion homecoming float. 

Rounding up the cheers 

Rope in hand, Booster Club offi- 
cers, Marilyn Woerner, Sally Risk, 
and Shirley Rayle, tie off' the cheering 
section for Ripple rooters, who urge 
the Rockets on to victory with Miss 
Martha Wagner as sponsor. 

Buttons and bows 

Fashion board member, Suzy Geer, 
shows the latest thing in sweaters to 
Judy Pavey, Linda Cochrane, and 
Cozy Horn chairman, Nancy Bugg. 
Miss Ruth Chandler helps them to 
work for a better personal appear- 

Ripple's guides 

Wise in the ways of Broad Ripple, 
Orange Aid big sisters, Marie Binger 
(right) and Carolyn Neely (second 
from left), show Ripple to Frosh, 
Bonnie Siler and Beverly Bear. Dean 
of Girls Ruth Carter is sponsor. 

(d a n 

Vocalists strike fashion note in new robes 

Golden Singers BACK ROW: Jeananne Redding- 

ton, Margaret Warne, Jerry Mills, Paul Newman, 
Gordon Shaw. Jack Kmkliart, Bill Alltop, Jerry 
Eoeev, Tom Green. Bun-hard Carr, Robert Roe. 
SECOND ROW: Director Mr. Harry Swanson, 
Jeanine Anderson. Elaine Watson, Ann Coy, Bill 

Macnabb Jim Pelanee, Jim Clark, Kay White. P. 
K. Steele, Norma Johnson, Dianne Schleicher, Di- 
ane Van Briggle. FIRST ROW: Sharon Yetter. 
Eleanor Bull, Pat Mowdy. Janet Spilsbury, Bert 
('oval. Bill Lawson, Fred Wendling, Barbara Hig- 
gason, Alison Dyer, Ann White, Georgia Mayer. 

Choir BACK ROW: Kiilli Peiiningtoii, Carleene 
Jerry, June Carr, Shirley Hut'nagel, Carole Inasy, 
Janet Couger, Janet Keuthan, Mark Patton, How- 
ard Creveling, John Bunch, Charles MeKnight, 
Tom Donlon, George Simpson. Hal Hiatt, Bob 



Stalker, Gwen Pointer, Ca 

•ol Bli 

nd, Suzv Slusser. 

Till It I > ROW: Kay Slon 


rv Harter. Judv 

Myers, Sara Dollens, Kenn 

' Diliil 

ar, Delva Carder, 

Thelma Query, Ronald (, 


Bob Fetter, Ned 

Rosier. Dave narrower. 


Toll, Tom Fox, 

Ronald Gruenert, Kennet 

l Met 

Main, Bill Dean, 

Richard Vance, Ann Heun 


a Kittelsen, Bar 

bara Carter, Arline Green, 


Shaner, Barbara 

\Iilrs, SECOND ROW: Marlene Newman, Marilyn 
Woerner, Eois Boffo, Sue Miles, Marje George, 
Susan Nutt, Dick Gilyeat, Gil Herod, Don Fer- 
guson. Jerrv Dreesen. Tom Hughes, Jerry Inglert. 
Jim Crosbie. David Williams. Dick l'arso'ns, Janet 
Huffine, Judy Schortemeier, Jo Ann Boffo, Sally 
Jo Turner, Susan Babcoek. Accompanist Charles 
Nakarai. Director Mr. Harry Swanson. FIRST 
ROW: Janet Bechtold. Adeline Robertson, Con- 
nie King. Sandra Verplank, Carolvn Hawthorne, 
Nancy Bugg. Ted Liebtag, David Elliot, David 
Gradison. Don Aiiten. Brant Moore. Dick Fill. Bob 
Lowe. Jack Marsella, Phil MeAlearnev. Juanita 
Blanchard, Carleen Schopp. Shirley Craiifill, Jo 
Spivev. Duretta Coyle. 


Choral girls prove that music has charms 

Girls' Conceit Club — BACK ROW : Anne Shotwell, 
Nancy Anne Neale. Judy Frank. Janet Summers, 
Vivian Crousore, Dolores Cravens, Jayne Augus- 
tus. Connie Roberts. Susan Max. Judv Plessingor. 
Francs Carr. SBfOXI) ROW: Hazel Miller. 
Sondra Pavey, Pat Thomas, Elizabeth Quanz, Lois 

Kelt. Jeanne Grant. Phvllis Bramer. Joanne Spry. 
Kathleen Wisner, Mrs. Rosalee Spong. FRONT ROW : 
Barbara Irwin, Harriet Clifton, Janice Clatwortby, 
Betty Billeisen. Carole Walti, Alice Rutter. Marilyn 
Stubbs. Itarhara Pike 

Girls' Ensemble — BACK ROW: Alma Fitzgerald. 
Marilyn Miller. Peggy Gillette. Marilyn McMillan, 
Suzy Geer. Betty Spenee. Elizabeth Ilitt, Jean 
Capel, Patty Miner, Judy Middleton, Harolyn Har- 
ness. Gay Burkhart, Suzanne Kieste, Mary Ellen 
Shattu.'k. Joan Fleming. THIRD ROW: Mrs. 
Rosalee Spong. Judy Miller. Nancy Courtright. 
Kaye Kensinger. Sally Zimlich. Shirley Ross. Bev- 
erly Dillon, Elaine Gilbertson, Kay Stephens. 

Anne Snyder, Barbara Masters. Sally Seutt. Jan Clin 
ton. SECOND ROW: Pauline Cassity. Beverly Rase- 
ner, Judy Marienthal. Dallis Good. Hose MeGhohcy. 
Carol Be'em, Connie Minnix, Marie Kingdon. Shirley 
Schweitzer. Marthene Gray, Anna Redenbarger. 
FRONT ROW: Shirley Shepherd, Donna Coyle. Diane 
Harrison, Carol Shaw, Dorothy Jacobs. Sherry Pier. 
Pat Jones. Sharon Anderson, Norma Stoeffler. Nancy 
Tudor. Ann Kinney. Sylvia Sloan. Rebekab Dye. Mar 
lone El rod. 


& jfe 



Tooting Ripple's horn 

Broad Ripple hand BACK ROW: David Croner, 
Bob Karles, Bart Spillman, Dick Cole. Dick 
Gilveat, Foster Tudor, Margorie Fonts. Mart 1 a 
McFarren, Bill Norris. FOURTH ROW: Ron 
aid Green, Jim Haston, Gene Curtis, Marybeth 
Wright, Marshall Gage, .'on Pilcher, Rickev 
Cothern. THIRD ROW: Jack Johnson. Suzette 
Howell, Sally S])ark, Jerry Peterson, Jack Carey. 
Marlene Newman, Sara McClure, David Dalke. 
SECOND ROW: Bonnie Barcik. Margaret Stahl, 
Pat Buehler, Don Malcomson, Paul Oh mart, Cecil 
Earle, Linda Dashner, Kaylene Roeder. FIRST 
ROW: Gordon Mines, Omer Dix, Dick Moenning, 
Bill Batt. Tom Locev, Karl Koons, Susie Bromert, 

Dan Sims. Bob Eberhart. BACK ROW: Fane 
Sims, Don Konold. FIFTH ROW: Fred Want- 
land, Bob Crawford, Tom Clark, Terrv Dole, 
Rosalie Merrill, Don Croley. FOURTH ROW: 
Phil McAlearney, Johnny Galm, Jack Fetters, 
James Steinmeier, Gene Dashner, Jim Jones. 
THIRD ROW: Jerry Stevens, Ellen Mahin, Bob 
Calhoun, Nancy Degner, Janet Pike, Dave Whin- 
rey. SECOND ROW: Dick Stassus, Philip 
Leech, Pat Foley, Paul Atherton, Vern McKenzie, 
Jackie West. FIRST ROW: Gene Harvey, Jay 
Merritt, Fred Hull, Don Daniel, Dick Dawson, 
Mickey Meese. 


Just fiddling 

Broad Ripple orchestra— BACK ROW: Jim 
Bretney, Jim Haston, Bill Willingbam. FOURTH 
ROW 7 : Otto Wiegert, Bud Challis, Susan Lobraico, 
Martha MeFarren. THIRD ROW: Ann Thomas, 
Shirley Bastien, Judie Sparkes, Judi Bishop, Carl 
Peters, Linda Lemasters, Susie Thompson, Bonnie 
Barcik. SECOND ROW: Sarah Myers, Bar- 
bara Dawson, Carolyn Wisner, Don Maleomson, 
Carol Hodges, Juanita Starr. FIRST ROW: Rita 
Purcell, June Carr, Judy Lambert, Margaret 

BACK ROW: Terry Dole, Tom Clark, BUI 
Thorns, John Kassebaum, Nancv Lamkin. 
THIRD ROW: Marybeth Wright, Wavel Kiff- 
meyer, Carolyn Wilson, Janet Pryor, Carolyn 
Norman, Janet Summers, Emilie Kohlstaedt. 
SECOND ROW: Janet Sovine, Jackie West, 
Kitty Teaguc, Joyce Chenoweth, Jane Ransel, Jo 
Carol Bicket. FRONT ROW: Russell Glassford, 
Susan Niblack, Alma Fitzgerald, Marilyn Hansen. 



'f - t 

• nr" 

ir::^ ;**■•' vv^/^'/.,.-V : -. - ' \ .;. 

Song for Sale 

Enthusiastic Clef Club officers, 
Tom Locey, Rita Purcell, Gordon 
Shaw, and Marilyn Hansen, sell cop- 
ies of the school song to carnival- 
goers. This group of talented musi- 
cians is sponsored by Mr. Owen 

Star gazing 

Wesley Benson, Eleanor Bull, Ar- 
line Green, and Marjorie Cady meet 
Metropolitan Opera Star, Graciela 
Rivera (center), guest at an Opera 
Club tea. Mrs. Rosalee Spong spon- 
sors these active "long-hair" fans. 

Pert precision 

Majorettes, Virginia Weaver, 
Joan Plcw, Donna Wade, and Ann 
Champ, make precision an important 
part of their twirling routines as they 
march ahead of the hand. Mrs. Jean 
Batten sponsors these high-stepping 

Grand old flags 

Flag Twirlers, Pauline Cassity, 
Sharon Hann, Phyllis Olvey, Deanna 
Hershman, and Shirley DeVault, 
sponsored by Mrs. Jean Batten, 
proudly swing Ripple's colors in time 
with the hand's marching tempo. 


Whistle stop 

Miniature trains, not politicians, 
stop in Ripple's station. Model Rail- 
road Club officers, Jack Fetters, Bob 
Johnson, Bill Roush, and Bill Thorns, 
sponsored by Mr. Warren Jackson, 
watch a train whistle 'round the bend. 

BRHS sports station 

Ricky Cothern, Jim Graver, Jerry 
Geller, Dan Teeguarden, and Bob 
Roe, P. A. Crew members, operate 
sound equipment on Diederich Field. 
Sponsored by Mr. John Williams, 
they run the school's public address 

Bulb snatching? 

When the director calls, "Lights !" 
Jack Junemann, Phil Griesbaum, and 
Nate Streitmatter of the Light Crew 
find just the right bulb for his needs. 
Mr. Virgel Clark sponsors this group 
along with the Stage Crew. 

On the beam 

Radio Club officers, Paul Newman, 
Walter Key, Leslie Bannon, and 
Ricky Cothern, add their equipment 
to a varied display of hobbies at the 
Indianapolis Hobby Show. Mr. Paul 
Brown sponsors these live wires. 

Worldly wise 

Hi- Y officers, Rollin Dix, Dave 
Lewis, John Wyre, and Dave Lurie 
discuss their roles as delegates to a 
mock United Nations meeting. Mr. 
Paul Rutenkroger sponsors these boys 
who work for hetter world under- 

"Till it hurts" 

Sharon Ford (left) and Johnny 
Galm (third from left) join with 
Junior Red Cross representatives, 
Mar je George and Bob Haymaker, as 
they "dig deep" for the Red Cross. 
Miss Louise Rice, nurse, sponsors 
this chapter. 

Bon voyage to bon bons 

Y-Teex members, Sally Wiese, 
Barbara Irwin, and Libby Patrick, 
wrap festive packages of chocolate, 
which were donated to send overseas. 
Miss Dorothv Vogelgesang helps 
these active girls in their many 

Stormy weather 

Tri Hi-Y's state president, Kenny 
Dunbar (third from right) watches 
at their carnival booth as Susan Nib- 
lack douses candles held by elan 
Clinton and Anne Shotwell. Sponsor 
is Mrs. Diane Jackson. 


Paper goes to bed; 
Staff never sleeps 

As soon as weekly staff members "put 
the paper to bed" on Thursday after- 
noon, they beg-in to work on the next 
issue. A staff of 66 students, spon- 
sored by Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs and 
Mrs. Jane Hall Gable, works all through 
the week, collecting news in and around 
Broad Ripple. 

Even during the summer months, 
work goes on as Riparian staffers are 
making plans for improving their publi- 
cation for the coming year. This year 
weekly staff members attended journal- 
ism institutes at Indiana and North- 
western Universities. Those at Indiana 
University copped nine awards for their 
work in the classrooms and on the insti- 
tute paper. 

This year's Riparian has added 20 
more inches of news, features and fun 
for each issue. That addition of space 

Riparian weekly editors— BACK ROW: Dar- 
rell Lance, Karl Koons, David Lurie, John 
Mntz. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Wilson, 
Carol Cooper, Mary Faekler, Stan Paulsen. 

has made this year's regular issues the 
largest ever produced by the Riparian. 
For four straight years Ripple's 
newspaper has won the highest honor 
rating from the Quill and Scroll Society. 

Riparian weekly staff— BACK ROW: Frank 
Hirschman, Al Lindop, Neil Hinchman, Bar- 
ney Pippenger, Brant Moore, Torn Haygood, 
Bill Phillips, Bettv Hartman, Jack Benedix, 
THIRD ROW:*Wilford Wisner, Don 
Hughes, Nancy Anne Neale, Sara Dollens, 
Susan Max, Carolyn Hawthorne, Dru Zear- 

ley, Susie Gant, Joan Fleming. SECOND 
ROW: Dale Searcy, Sandy Ballinger, Sarah 
Myers, Connie King, Suzanne Lamb, Rita 
Purcell, Paula Zearley, Jill Strickland. 
FRONT ROW: Pat Moore, Bettina Gil- 
christ, Jo Carol Bicket, Janet Bechtold, 
Marie Smith, Barbara Miles, Mary Smith. 

Business staff — BACK ROW: Jim Wurster, 
Frank Wantland, Judy Sehortemeier, Emilie 
Kohlstaedt. Kennv Dunbar (standing). SEC- 
OND ROW: Sally Schmidt, Sue Miles, Pat 
Watson, Ann Kinney. FIRST ROW: Betty 
Smith, Ruth Padget, Steve Jacobs, Diannc 

Business managers — Judy Plessinger, Bob 
Reynolds, Bob Hurt, and Pat Trunick 

News Bureau — Diane Wilson, P. K. Steele, 
Brant Moore, John Mutz, Stan Paulsen, Bar- 
ney Pippenger, and Judy Rinehart (seated). 

Big Business 

Financing a publication is very im- 
portant as Business Staff members 
know. They handle ads about every- 
thing from flowers to real estate, curb 
extravagant ideas, keep records, and 
mail papers to advertisers, subscribers, 
and other schools. 

Bureau full of news 

News Bureau furnishes Ripple news 
for radio and TV stations and four news- 
papers. They post their articles in the 
main hall. Judy Rinehart, News Bu- 
reau head, attended Florida Univer- 
sity's Journalism Institute last summer. 


Bleeding in gutter 
produces headaches 

When the yearbook editors talk about 
bleeding in the gutter, they are not 
telling a gory story. They are discus- 
sing how to lay out one picture across 
two pages. 

Because ink instead of blood flows in 
staffers' veins, eight of the fourteen 
yearbook staff members attended the 
journalism institute at Indiana Univer- 
sity last summer. While there, they 
planned the "dummy," or layout, for 
the '53 book, which won the first prize 
for the best yearbook plan made at I. I'. 
in the medium-cost field. After the 
layout was completed, staffers worked to 
improve their ideas, taking and mount- 
ing pictures, writing copy, and check- 
ing page proofs. 

Editor-in-chief Sandy McCrory (center) and 
associate editors. Sue Talbott (left) and 
June Hauenstein plan the 1953 Riparian. 

Riparian Yearbooks for the last four 
years have won Ail-American rating. 
Yearbook staffers have worked to make 
this '53 book not just a memory book, 
but an accurate record of the school 
year which will interest everyone. 

Yearbook staff— BACK ROW: Harold Ath- 
erly, Bill Alltop, Margaret Stahl, Marie 

Kino-doni, Ann Kohlmever, Susie Thompson, 
Judy Frank. FRONT ROW: Jim Jobes, 
Janet Couger, Jody Melton, Art Pittenger. 


In this section we picture 
the many people known 
as Ripplites, the 
people who give our school 
its personality. Top- 
ping the list 
are the 1,840 students, 
'352 of whom are the inhabi- 
tants of Senior 
Hall. Eighty-seven faculty 
members head the admin- 
istrative staff. 

All these people have helped 
make Ripple the school 
that it is. 

'Whew ! Made it !" 

Tribute: Admiring the gift of the Class of '52. 
sibilities of gifts from their classes are the present 


>f tin 

to the Edgar E. Diederieh Field, and considering pos- 
Junior and Senior classes (left to right): Jim Jobes, 

Junior president; Marje George, Junior secretary; Marilyn Hansen, Senior vice-president; John Mutz, Senior treasurer; 
Marilyn Woerner, Senior secretary; Bob Cook, Junior treasurer; Neil Hinchman, Senior president and Nancy Smith, Junior 



Fred Abel Senior C.rad Dance Com. 

Barbara Allen — Honor Society 4 ; National Thespians 
4 ; Senior Play Com. ; Junior Favors Com. : Orange 
Aid Council 1; Lesion of Merit: GAA 1-2; Base- 
ball 1 : Ripples 2-3 ; Operetta 2-4 ; Girls' Glee Club 1 ; 
Booster Club 2-4. 

Donald Allison Senior Gift Com. ; Football 1 : Track 
1-2 : Cross Country 2 : Student Council 2 ; Hi-Y 1-2 ; 
Booster Club 2-3. 

Janie Alvis Senior Special Projects Com. ; Junior 
Decorations Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Ripples 2 : 
Music Festival 1-2 : Booster Club 2-4 ; Business Lead- 
ers 3-4; Cozy Hour 1: Debate Club 4; Draclu 3-4: 
Latin Club 1-2 : Orange Aid Council 1. 

Tea Com. ; Short- 

Jeanine Anderson — Golden Singers 2-4 : Senior Spe- 
cial Projects Com. ; Operetta 2-4 : Music Festival 1-4 ; 
Choir 1 : Orchestra 4 ; Booster Club 2 ; Thespians 1 : 
Tri-Hi-Y 3. 

Norma Jane Apley — Senior Special Projects Com. ; 
Ripples 3; Music Festival 1-2: Girls' Glee Club 1-2; 
Art Club 1 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Spanish Club 1-2 ; 
Thespians 1. 

Kenneth R. Appel— Lettermen's Club 1-4 ; Senior 
Cap and Gown Com. ; Junior Invitations Com. ; 
Legion of Honor 3 ; Legion of Merit 1-2 ; Golf 1-4 ; 
Basketball 1-3 ; Ripples 3 ; Junior Ways and Means 

Richard Ascher— Senior Ticket Com. ; Hi-Y 4. 

Steven Ascher— Senior Ways and Means Com. 

Donna Roane Ault— Senior Color Day Com. ; Ripple 
3: Art Club 2-3; Treas. 4: Booster Club 2-4: Busi 
ness Leaders 2-4 : Draclu 3. 

Susan Babcoek -Junior Class Secretary ; Student 
Council 2 : ROTC Sponsor 3-4 ; Senior Gift Com. ; 
Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Ripples 2-3 ; Music Festival 
1-4 ; Choir 4 ; Girls' Ensemble 3 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; 
Latin Club 2-3 ; Spanish Club 3. 

John Bailly 

Gift Com. ; Legion of Merit 

Ben Baird— Senior Color Day Com.; Basketball 1 
ROTC Sgt. 2-3 ; Boys' Glee Club 1. 

Loretta Baker — Senior Color Day Com. ; Music Fes- 
tival 2-3 ; Girls' Glee Club 2 ; Jr. Red Cross 4 ; Tech. 
High School 1. 

Margaret Bates— Senior Play Com. ; GAA 2-4 ; Base- 
ball 2-3 : Basketball 2-3 ; Badminton 2 ; Archery 2 ; 
Volley Ball 2-3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Austin High 
School, Chicago, Illinois 1. ' ' 

William Beam— Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Entertainment Com.: Music Festival 1-2. 


k » Ml 



Richard Begley — Lettermen's Club 3, Treas. 4 ; Sen- 
ior Gift Com.; Junior Invitations Com.; Basket- 
ball 1-4. 

Joan Bell — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior Decora- 
tions Com.; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1, 2, 4; Girls' 
Glee Club 1,4; Booster Club 3-4 ; Business Leaders 
2-3 ; Spanish Club 1 ; Thespians 1. 

Jim Benham — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior Dec- 
orations Com. ; Legion of Merit 1, 3 ; Football 2-3 ; 
Wrestling 2-3 ; Ripples 3. 

Sandra Bernett — Senior Color Day Com. ; Junior En- 
tertainment Com. ; Legion of Merit 3 ; Riparian 
Dance. Chrm. Refreshment Com.: Ripples 3; Music 
Festival 1-4 ; Orchestra 1-4 ; Nurse's Asst. 3 ; Science 
Department Asst. 4 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Business 
Leaders 1, Sec. 3, Treas. 4 ; Jr. Red Cross 1-3. 

Harold Besse — Lettermen's Club 1-4 ; Senior Ways 
and Means Com. ; Junior Decorations Com. ; Football 
1-4 ; Basketball 1-2 ; Track 1-4 : Music Festival 1-2 ; 
Booster Club 2-4; Business Leaders 1-2. 

Larry Bickley— Senior Ticket Com.; Basketball 3; 
Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 3-4 ; Boys' Glee Club 3-4 ; 
Howe High School 1-2. 

Bill Birsfield — Senior Ways and Means Com. ; Junior 
Refreshment Com. ; Basketball 1-3 ; Baseball 1-3 ; 
Ripples 3. 

Jane Blake — Honor Society 4 ; Senior Gift Com. ; 
Junior Refreshment Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1, 4 : 
Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Quiz 'Em Team 4 ; Jr. Town 
Meeting 3-4; Ripples 1, 3; Dean of Girls Asst. 4; 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Debate Club 3-4 ; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

Juanita Blanchard — Senior Tea Com. ; Legion of 
Merit 3 ; GAA 2-3 ; Baseball 1-3 ; Badminton 3 ; Vol- 
ley Ball 2-3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 
4 ; Girls' Glee Club 2 ; Girls' Ensemble 3 ; Girls' Con- 
cert Club 3. 

Carol Bland— Bowling 1-2; Operetta 4; Music Festi- 
val 1-4; Choir 4; Girls' Glee Club 1-2; Girls' En- 
semble 3. 

Baseball 1 ; 

Phyllis Bramer — Senior Announcements Com. ; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3; Booster Club 2-4; Music Festival 
1-4 ; Ripples 3 ; Latin Club 2-3 ; Concert Club 3-4. 

t )» 



Donald Brooks- 

Jack Burkhart— Golden Singers 2-4 : Senior Ways 
and Means Com. : Junior Invitations Com. : ROTC 
Capt. 4 ; Ripples 1-3 ; Operetta 2-4 ; Music Festival 
1-4 ; Choir 1. 

Beverly Byfield —Senior Tea Com.: Archery 1; 
Booster Club 3-4 ; Cozy Hour 1 ; Tri-Hi-Y 4 ; Orange 
Aid Council 2. 

Burch Carr — Golden Singers 4 ; Senior Gift Com. : 
Junior Decorations Com. ; ROTC 2nd Lt. 3 ; Ripples 
3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 2-4 ; Choir 3 ; Boys' 
Glee Club 2; Booster Club 3; Jr. Red Cross 1-4. 

Audrey June Carr — Senior Play Com. ; Legion of 
Merit 1-3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 
3-4 ; Girls' Glee Club 2 ; Girls' Ensemble 2 ; Or- 
chestra 1-4 ; String Ensemble 3 ; Clef Club 1-4 ; 
String Quartet 3-4. 

Barbara Jean Carter — Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior Tea 
Com. : Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2 ; Rip- 
ples 3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 3-4 ; 
Triple Trio 2-4 : Booster Club 3-4 ; Opera Club 2-4 ; 
Spanish Club 1-3. 

Jack Carey— Senior Ways and Means Com. ; Band 4 ; 
Dance Band 4 ; New Trier High School, Winnetka, 
Illinois 1-3. 

David Cassady — Senior Gift Com. ; Military Ball 
Dance Com.; ROTC 2nd Lt. 4; Music Festival 1-3; 
Choir 2-3 ; Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Spanish Club 1. 

John R. Cavanaugh Senior Grad Dance Com.; 
Springfield, Ohio 1-2. 

Ann Champ — Legion of Honor 3 ; Legion of Merit 
1-2 ; Drum Majorette 2, 4 ; Flag Twirler 1 ; Music Fes- 
tival 1-4 ; Girls' Glee Club 1-2 ; Girls' Ensemble 3 ; 
Baton Club 4 ; Clef Club 1-4 ; Latin Club 1 ; Fresh- 
man-Sophomore Talent Show 1. 

David Clingman — Senior Tea Com. : Junior Decora- 
tions Com. ; Legion of Merit 2-3 ; Track 2-4 ; Music 
Festival 1-4 ; Orchestra 1-4 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Photo 
Club 2-4. 

Robert B. Cochrane— Senior Tea Com. ; Junior Dec- 
orations Com.; Legion of Merit 1 ; Football 1; Track 
1 ; Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Hi-Y 3-4. 

Richard L. Combs — Senior Ways and Means Com. ; 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Model Railroad Club 3-4 ; Photo 
Club 2-4 ; Rifle Team 4 ; Military Ball Decorations 
Com. 3, Invitations Com. 4; Junior Invitations Com. 

Condon — Senior Announcements Con 

Robert C. Cooksey— Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Decorations Com. ; Riparian Yearbook Staff 3; Choir 
4 ; Jr. Red Cross 1-4 ; Music Festival 4. 



Dexter Cooley— Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; Senior Ways 
and Means Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 : Basketball 
1-4 ; Ripples 1 ; Band 1 ; Baseball 1-2 ; Tennis 3-4. 

Carol Cooper— Quill and Scroll 3-4; Senior Will Com.; 
Junior Ways and Means Com. ; Orange Aid Council 
4 ; Legion of Merit 2-3 : Riparian Dance Com. ; 
Riparian Weekly Staff 2-3, Feature Editor 4 ; Ripples 
3 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Foreigneers Club 3-4 ; Opera 
Club 3, Chrm. Carnival Style Show 4. 

Janet Ann Couger — Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 
4 ; National Thespians 4 ; Senior Tea Com. ; Legion of 
Honor 3 ; Legion of Merit 1-2 ; Riparian Weekly 
Staff 2-3 ; Riparian Yearbook Faculty Editor 4 ; Rip- 
ples 2-3 ; Operetta 2, 4 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 2-4. 

Bert Coval — Golden Singers 4; Senior Announcements 
Com.: ROTC Lt. 4; Ripples 3; Operetta 3-4: Choir 
2-3 ; Boys' Glee Club 1-2 ; Office Asst. 2-4 ; Jr. Red 
Cross 3-4. 

Duretta Mae Coyle — Senior Color Day Com. ; Bowling 
1 ; Music Festival 1-4 : Choir 4 ; Girls' Glee Club 2-3 ; 
Girls' Ensemble 3 ; Library Helper 4 ; Girls' Quartet 
4 ; Music Festival 1-4. 

Dolores Joan Cravens — Senior Color Day Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3 ; Bowling 1-2 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; 
Girls' Glee Club 1 ; Girls' Ensemble 2-3 ; Girls' Con- 
cert Club 4 ; Jr. Red Cross 4 ; Spanish Club 1-2. 

Robert Louis Crawford — Senior Gift Com. : Tennis 4 ; 
Band 4 ; Cornet Trio ; Carnival Style Show 4 ; Music 
Festival 4; Freeport High School, Freeport, Illinois 

Burke Cree — Junior Class President : Lettermen's Club 
3-4 ; Chrm. Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Legion of 
Merit 2-3 ; Joe and Jane Dance Com. ; Quiz 'Em Team 
3-4 ; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Riparian Homeroom 
Agent ; Ripples 1-4 ; Hi-Y 3-4 ; Candidate for Mr. 

Donald R. Croley, Jr. — Honor Society 4 ; Legion of 
Honor 3: Band 3-4; Science-Math. Dept. Asst. 4; 
Western Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio 1-2. 

Gene Curtis — Senior Cap and Gown Com. ; Legion of 
Merit 3 ; Band 3-4 ; Atherton High School, Louisville. 

Donna Dalbv — Senior Color Day 
Archery 1-2 ; Booster Club 2-4. 

Com. ; Bowling 1-3 ; 

Don W. Daniel— Music Festival 
Band 1-4 ; Dance Band 2-4 ; Boc 
Arts Salon 3 ; Ripples 3. 

2, 4 : Orchestra 4 ; 
>ster Club 2 ; Ripple 

David Lee Davis— Senior Ticket 

Com. ; Booster Club 

Robert W. Dearing— Senior Will Com.: Senior Cap 
and Gown Com. ; Hi-Y Dance Com. 4 ; Booster Club 
2-3 ; Business Leaders 2 ; Hi-Y 2-4 : Student Athletic 
Manager 4 ; Pershing Jr. High School, Houston, 

Judith Ann Deer— Senior Tea Com.; Orange Aid 
Council 1 ; Legion of Merit 2-3 : Bowling 1 ; Music 
Festival 1-2 ; Girls' Glee Club 2: Baton Club 2 : Latin 
Club 1. 



Gail Devine — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior Decor- 
ations Com. ; Legion of Merit 2-3 ; Homecoming 
Dance Com. 4; Ripples 2-3; Booster Club 2-4; Cozy 
Hour 1 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Foreigneers 3 ; Spanish Club 1-2 ; 
Thespians 2. 

Rollin C. Dix— Honor Society 3-4 ; Lettermen's Club 
4 ; Senior Class Day Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Rip- 
ples 3 ; Hi-Y 3, Treas. 4 ; Student Athletic Manager 

Sandra Dee Dobson— Senior Grad Dance Com.; Car- 
nival Style Show 4 ; Shortridge 1-3. 

Terry Dole — Senior Special Projects Com. ; Track 1 : 
Ripples 3 ; Orchestra 4 ; Band 1-4 ; Dance Band 3-4 ; 
Art Club 2 ; Music Festival 1-4. 

Sara Dollens — Legion of Merit 3 : Riparian Weekly 
Staff 4 ; Ripplts 3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 3-4 ; 
Choir 4 : Girls - Ensemble 3 ; Girls' Concert Club 3 ; 
Clef Club 3-4; Opera Club 3-4: Senior Tea Com.; St. 
Agnes Academy 1-2. 

Kennita Joan Dunbar — Honor Society 2-3, Vice-Pr. 
4 ; Quill and Scroll 3-4 ; Orange Aid. Vice-Pres. 
Sec. 4 ; Student Council 3-4 ; Senior Grad Dance Con 
Junior Entertainment Com. : Legion of Honor 1- 
Riparian Newspaper Staff 2 : Riparian Yearbook 
Ad Manager 4 ; Ripples 3, Director 2 ; Choir 2-4 ; T 
Hi-Y 2-3. Pres. 4. 

3-4 ; Spanish 

Stephanie Eix Senior Grad Dance Con 
Ripples 2-3 ; Booster Club 2-4 : Drack 
Club 2-3; Thespians 1-2. 

Susanne Elliott — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Invitations Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Homecoming 
Dance Com. 4 ; Ripples 3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Business 
Leaders 2 ; Cozy Hour 1 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Jr. Red Cross 
3 ; Latin Club 1-2 ; Thespians 1-2. 

Marlene Elrod Senior Mothers' Tea Com. ; Music 
Festival 2-4; Girls' Glee Club 2-3; Girls' Ensemble 4; 
Orchestra 1-3 : Spanish Club 1 ; Music Club 1 ; Tech 
High School 1. 


Everett, Jr.- Senior 'I'ji l.u I :i I i. . 


Mary Elizabeth Fackler — Honor Society 3-4 ; Quill 
and Scroll 3-4 ; Senior Grad Dance-Tickets and In- 
vitations Chrm. ; Junior Decorations Com. ; Orange 
Aid Council 1 ; Legion of Merit 1-3 : Riparian Staff 
2-3, Feature Editor 4 ; Ripples 3 ; Booster Club 2-4 : 
Business Leaders 2-3, Vice-Pres. 4; Spanish Club 1-2; 
Thispians 1. 

Alma Fitzgerald -Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior Class 
Day Com. ; Orange Aid Council 2 ; Legion of Honor 
2-3 ; Legion of Merit 1 ; Ripples 2, Director 3 : Music 
Festival 1-4; Orchestra 1-4: String Ensemble 3-4; 
Triple Trio 4 ; Booster Club 3 ; Clef Club 2-4. 

Paul E. Freeman — Senior Tickets Com.; Junior Favors 
Com. ; ROTC Capt. of Rifle Team : Tuthill Award in 
ROTC : Military Ball Favors Com. ; Tech High School 





Susan Frenzel — Booster Club 3-4: Senior Grad Dance 
Com. ; Ripples 3 ; Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Joseph R. Fuller— Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Favors Com. ; Football 3-4 ; Ripples 2-3 ; Intramural 
Basketball 2. 

Suzanne Gant — Senior Grad Dance Com. : Junior Dec- 
orations Com. : Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Bowling 1 : 
Riparian Weekly Staff 4 : Music Festival 1-2 : Girls' 
Glee Club 2; Art Club 3; Booster Club 3; Business 
Leaders 3 ; Scholastic Art Award 2. 

Barbara Jane Garrett — Senior Tea Com. ; Booster 
Club 2-3 ; Cozy Hour 1 ; Foreigneers 3 ; Tri-Hi-Y 4 ; 
Legion of Merit 1-3. 

Robert Gilpin, Jr. — Golden Singers 4. 

-4 : Orchestra 1-4 : 

Jane Glossbrenner — Honor Society 4 : Senior Tea 
Com.; Orange Aid Council 2; Legion of Merit 3; 
Riparian Copy Desk 3-4 ; Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 3 ; 
Booster Club 4 ; Latin Club 2-3 ; Thespians 1. 

Richard L. Gola 

Grad Dance Com. ; ROTC 

Dallis Louise Good— Music Festival 1-4 ; Girls' Glee 
Club 2 ; Girls' Ensemble 4 ; Senior Announcements 

Norine Goode — Chr. Senior Cap and Gown Com 
Junior Entertainment Com. : Legion of Merit 1-3 ; J 
Town Meeting 4: Booster Club 2-4; Ripples 3, Direi 
tor 2 ; Debate Club 3-4 ; Draclu 3. Treas. 4 ; For- 
eigneers 3 ; Latin Club 1-2 ; Thespians 1-2. 

Suzanna Gordner — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Invitations Com. ; Orange Aid Council 4 ; Legion of 
Merit 1-3 ; Riparian Weekly Staff 3 ; News Bureau 
2-3 : Booster Club 3-4 : Business Leaders 2-4 ; Debate 
Club 3-4; Draclu 2-4; Latin Club 1-3: Thespians 1-2. 

K ^ 

Senior Grad Dance Cm: 

Neil N. Greenbaum Senior Baccalaureate Com.; 
Junior Invitations Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 : Wrest- 
ling 3 : Ripples 3 ; Cross Country 3 ; Booster Club 3 ; 
National Thespians Play 3. 

Naomi Hall — Honor Society 4 : Senior Baccalaureate 
Com.: Legion of Merit 1-3: Ripples 1-3; Music Fes- 
tival 1-3 ; Girls' Glee Club 1-2 : Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Draclu 3-4 ; Junior Decorations Com. 

Robert J. Hamaker — Senior Prophecy Com. ; Junior 
Ways and Means Com. ; Football 1-4 ; Ripples 1-3 ; 
Legion of Merit 1-3. 

Marilyn Hansen — Senior Class Vice-President ; Honor 
Society 2-4 : Student Council 3-4 ; Legion of Honor 
1-3; Ripples 2-3; Music Festival 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; 
String Ensemble 1-4 : Counseling Dept. Asst. 4 ; 
Booster Club 3-4 : Clef Club 1-3. Vice-Pres. 4 ; Busi- 
ness Leaders 3, Pres. 4. 



Patricia Ann Harbin -Senior Tea Com.: Junior Dec- 
orations Com. ; Ripples 3 ; Operetta 4 ; Choir 4 : Busi- 
ness Leaders 4 : Booster Club 3-4 ; Kokomo High 
School, Kokomo, Ind. 1-2. 

James Hardiman — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Intra- 
mural Sports ; Cathedral High School 1-3. 

Rosalie Harri: 

Dance Com ; Shortr 

Sally Harness Senior Special Projects Com. : Ripples 
3 ; Music Festival 1 ; Nurse's Asst. 4 ; Booster Club 
3-4: Draclu 3-4: Thespians 1-2: National Thespians 

Howard Harmon — Senior Grad Dance Com. 

Sherrell Harter — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Invitations Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1 ; Legion of 
Merit 2-3 ; Ripples 3 : Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 1-4 : 
Choir 3-4 ; Triple Trio 2-4 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Thes- 
pians 1 ; Spanish Club 2-3. 

Betty Hartman— Honor Society 4 : Senior Tea Com. ; 
Junior Invitations Com.: Legion of Merit 1-3: Ripar- 
ian Weekly Staff 4 ; Ripples 3 : Music Festival 1-2 : 
Girls' Glee Club 2 ; Booster Club 2-4 : Business Lead- 
ers 4 ; Spanish Club 1 ; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

James H. Haston— Senior Play Com. : Track 1 : Rip- 
ples 2 ; Music Festival 2-4 : Orchestra 3-4 ; Band 1-4 ; 
Dance Band 3-4; Booster Club 2. 

June Hauenstein — Honor Society 2-4 ; Quill and 
Scroll 3-4 ; Legion of Honor 2-3 : Legion of Merit 1 : 
Quiz 'Em Team 4 ; Riparian Weekly Staff 2 ; Col- 
umnist 3 ; Riparian Yearbook Associate Editor 4 ; 
Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 1-3 : Girls' Glee Club 1-2 : 
Girls' Ensemble 3 ; Girls' Concert Club 3. 

Carolyn Jane Hawthorne- Honor Society 3-4 ; Na- 
tional Thespians 3-4 ; Chrm. Senior Play Com. ; Jun- 
ior Favors Com. ; Legion of Honor 1-3 ; Riparian 
Weekly Staff 4 ; Ripples 2-3 : Operetta 4 ; Music 
Festival 1-3 ; Choir 3-4 ; Girls' Concert Club 2 ; Home- 
coming Queen 4. 

Robert Lee Haymaker — Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior 
Ways and Means Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3: Baseball 
1-4 ; Ripples 3 : Jr. Red Cross Representative 2-4 ; 
Senior Play Com. 

Suzanne Elizabeth Helms— Senior Tea Com. ; Junior 
Favors Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1 ; Legion of 
Merit 3 ; Ripples 3 ; Orchestra 2 : Band 1 : Booster 
Club 2-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Spanish Club 1-2 ; Thespians 

Patricia Ann Hendry — Senior Color Day Com. 
of Merit 1, 3 ; Cozy Hour 1. 

Carolyn Hessong — Honor Society 3-4 ; National Thes- 
pians 4, Treas. 3 ; Senior Tea Com. ; Legion of Merit 
1-3 : Ripples 3 ; Art Club 1 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Draclu 
2-4 ; Latin Club 1-2 ; Junior Decorations Com. 

Ann Heun — Senior Tabulations Com. : Orange Aid 
Council 1-2; Legion of Merit 1-3: Girls' Baseball 1: 
Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 4 ; Girls' En- 
semble 2 ; Girls' Concert Club 3 ; Cozy Hour 1. 

Barbara Lee Higgason — Golden Singers 3-4 : Junior 
Entertainment Com. ; Bowling 2 ; Archery 2 ; Ripples 
3, Director 4 ; Operetta 3-4 ; Music Festival 1-4 : Choir 
1: Girls' Ensemble 2: Girls' Concert Club 2: Art 
Club 2: Opera Club 4. 



Janet Hillis — Senior Cap and Gown Com.: Junior 
Refreshments Com. ; PTA Dance Com. 2-3 : Riparian 
Dance Com. 3 ; Bowling 1 ; Ripples 3 ; Nurse's Asst. 

Neil Hinchman — Senior Class President ; Student 
Council 1-2 : Lettermen's Club 2-3. Sec. 4 ; Junior 
Invitations Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Football 1-3, 
Capt. 4; Basketball 1-3: Baseball 1-3; Riparian Sports 
Staff 4 : Ripples 1-3 ; Booster Club 4 ; Hi-Y 4 ; Let- 
termen's Dance 3. 

c Festival 

Henry Warren Huder — Senior Color Day Activities 
Com. ; Football 2-3 ; Baseball 1 ; Band 1-4 : Dance 
Band 1-2. 

4; Clef Club 1; Senior Grad 

Janet Huffine — Senior Color Day Com. : Baseball 1 ; 
Volley Ball 1 ; Choir 2-4 ; Girls' Ensemble 1 ; Latin 
Club 1 ; Music Festival 1-4. 

-Football 1 : Baseball 

Curtis Hurley— Art Club 1. 

Robert Hurt— Honor Society 2-4 ; Quill and Scroll 3-4, 
Vice-Pres. 4 : National Thespians 3-4, Scribe 3, Sec. 
4 : Chm. Senior Ways and Means: Legion of Honor 
2-3 ; Legion of Merit 1 : Quiz 'Em Team 3-4 ; Riparian 
Copy Desk 2-3, Business Manager 4 ; Debate Club 3-4, 
Sec. 4 ; United Nations Delegate 4 ; Frank B. Wade 
Award 3 ; Debate Team 4. 

Philip Imes — Lettermen's Club 3-4 : Senior Ways and 
Means Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 : Basketball 1-4 : 
Baseball 1-4 ; Football 1 ; Booster Club 3-4. 

Carleene Jean Jefry — Senior Baccalaureate Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 2-3 ; Operetta 4 : Music Festival 1-4 : 
Choir 3-4 ; Girls' Glee Club 1 ; Girls' Ensemble 2 ; 
Girls' Concert Club 2 : Booster Club 3-4 : Latin Club 
1-2 ; Opera Club 3-4 ; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

Barbara Jean Johnson — Ser 

Orange Aid Council 3-4 ; Legi 
3 : Booster Club 3-4 ; Tri-Hi 
School. Detroit, Mich. 1-2. 

r Reception Com. : 
of Merit 3 ; Ripples 
4 : Mumford High 

Betty Lou Johnson — Senior Color Day Com. ; Bowling 

Donald Johnson — Senior Tabulation Com. : Legion of 
Merit 3 : Golf 3-4 ; Menominee High School. Meno- 
minee, Michigan 1-2. 

Duanc Johnson— Senior Gift Com. : Golf 1 ; ROTC 


Judy Johnson — Senior Color Day Com. ; Junior 
Favors Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Nurse's Asst. 4 ; 
Booster Club 3-4 : Cozy Hour 1 : Draclu 3 ; Foreigneers 
3; Latin Club 1-3: Treasurer 2. 

Norma Johnson —Golden Singers 4 ; Senior Tea Com. : 
Legion of Merit 3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 3-4 ; 
Girls' Glee Club 3 ; Girls' Concert Club 3 ; Triple 
Trio 4 ; Library Helper 3 ; Library Club 4, Treas. 3 : 
Opera Club 3 ; Belvidere High School, Belvidere, 
Illinois 1-2. 

Patricia Ann Johnson — Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior 
Commencement Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3; GAA 2: 
Capt. of Bowling Team 2-3: Bowling 2-3: Baseball 
1-2 ; Basketball 1-2 : Badminton 1 ; Volley Ball 1-2 ; 
Thespians 1. 

Ronald Johnson — Senior Play Com. : Legion of Merit 
3 ; Golf 3-4 : Menominee High School, Menominee, 
Michigan 1-2. 

Robert Johnson— Quiz 'Em Team 3 : Baseball 2-3 : 
Triple Trio 2 : Model Railroad Club, Vice-Pres. 1, 
Treas. 2, Sec. 3. 

Fred Kahn — Senior Ways and Means Com. ; Junior 
Ways and Means Com.: Legion of Merit 1-3; Track 
1-2; Football 2-3; Ripples 3. 

Virginia Kellv— Senior Color Day Com. ; Girls' 
Bowling 1-2 ; Girls' Baseball 1 ; Music Festival 1-2 ; 
Tumbling 3. 

George Kerr ROTC 2-3 ; Sgt. First Class 4. 

Shirley Joanne Key— Orange Aid Council 1 ; Senior 
Grad Dance Com. ; Baseball 1 ; Basketball 1-2 : Bad- 
minton 2; Art Club 1-4, Treas. 3; Booster Club 2-4. 


Martha Kirklin Senior Color Day Com. ; Junior Re- 
freshments Com. ; Orange Aid Council 2 ; Joe and 
Jane Dance Com. 3 ; Ripples 3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Business Leaders 3-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Foreigneers 3-4 ; 
Latin Club 1-2 ; Riparian Home Room Agent 3-4. 

Rhoda Kittelsen— Senior Play Com.; Orange Aid 
Council 3 ; Legion of Merit 3 ; Riparian Copy Desk 2 ; 
Music Festival 2-4 ; Choir 4 ; Girls' Glee Club 2-3 : 
Girls' Concert Club 3 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; 
National Thespians 3-4 ; Nolan Junior High School, 
Detroit, Michigan 1. 

Sally Ann Knight Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Music 
Festival 1-2; Girls' Glee Club 1-3; Art Club 1-2: 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Cozy Hour 1-2 : Draclu 3-4 ; Latin 
Club 1-2 ; Thespians 1-2. 

Sandra Knotts— Honor Society 3-4 ; Chr. Senior Will 
Com. ; Junior Favors Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1-2 ; 
Legion of Merit 2-3 ; Ripples 1-3 ; Foreigneers 3-4 : 
Latin Club 1-2; Thespians 1-2; Ripplings Editorial 
Board 4; Booster Club 2-4. 

Ann Kohlmeyer— Honor Society 2-4; Chrm. Senior 
Color Day Com. ; Chrm. Junior Decorations Com. ; 
Orange Aid Council 2 ; Legion of Honor 3 ; Legion of 
Merit 1-2 ; Yearbook Staff 2-3 : Senior Editor 4 ; 
Ripples 3 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Thepians 1. 

Rae Jean Kohout— Senior Play Com. ; Booster Club 3 : 
Business Leaders 1-2; Cozy Hour 1: Spanish Club 3; 
Y-Teens 2. 

Karl M. Koons— Honor Society 2-4 ; Quill and Scroll 
3, Pres. 4 ; Legion of Honor 2-3 ; Legion of Merit 1 ; 
Track 3 ; Asst. Business Manager of Riparian 3 : 
Riparian News Editor 4 ; Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 
1-4 ; Band 1-4 ; Photo Club 3 ; Secretary 3. 

Betsy Kroger -Senior Tea Com. ; Ripples 3 ; Music 
Festival 2 ; Girls' Glee Club 2 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Business Leaders 4 ; Clef Club 2-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; For- 
eigneers 3-4 : Latin Club 1-2 ; Opera Club 2-4 ; Fresh- 
man-Sophomore Talent Show 2. 

i' iCv-i 


Jpsfc ms>% 

/ . A 

^ £^ 



***^i ,ta*.i iir^ 



Richard Kugelma 

-Senior Grad Dance Cc 

Darrell Lance — Honor Society 2-3, Pres. 4 ; Quill and 
Scroll 3, Treas. 4 ; National Thespians 3, Pres. 4 ; Co- 
Chr. Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Legion of Honor 1-3 : 
Quiz 'Em Team 3-4 ; Riparian Weekly Staff 2-3 ; 
Editor-in-Chief 4: ROTC Lt. Col. 4: Ripples 2-3; 
Music Festival 1-3 ; Orchestra 1-3 ; Draclu 2-4, Pres. 3. 

Thomas E. Langsenkamp — Died in an automobile ac- 
cident, October 1, 1952. "We knew him as a quiet 
and reserved fellow student with high ideals of life 
and citizenship." 

William Lawson — Golden Singers 3-4 : Senior Play 
Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; ROTC 1st Lt. ; Ripples 3 : 
Operetta 3-4 ; Music Festival 1-3 ; Choir 2 ; Boys' 

Tom Locey — Lettermen's Club 4 ; Senior Baccalaureate 
Com. ; Chr. Junior Favors Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 : 
Ripples 2-3 : Music Festival 1-4 ; Orchestra 1-3 ; Band 
2, Drum Major 3-4 : Clarinet Ensemble 1-4 ; Booster 
Club 2-4; Clef Club 2, Pres. 3-4. 

id Gown Com. 

Mary Ann Lorts — Senior Tea Com. : Booster Club 3-4 ; 
Business Leaders 4 ; Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Nancy Loucks — Senior Class Day Com. ; Junior In- 
vitations Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1 ; Ripples 1-3 ; 
Booster Club 3: Thespians Treas. 1. 

Pauline A. Lee — Senior Gift Com. : Booster Club 4 ; 
Newcomers Club 4 ; DuQuoin Township High School, 
DuQuoin, Illinois 3. 

Betty Luethge — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior En- 
tertainment Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Homecoming 
Dance Com. 3 ; Piparian reporter 2-3 : Yearbook Ad 
Staff 3 ; Ripples 3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Debate Club 3 ; 
Latin Club 2-3 : Thespians 2 : Draclu 3-4. 

David Lurie — Honor Society 2-3, Treas. 4: Student 
Council 3-4 : Senior Gift Com. : Legion of Honor 3 ; 
Legion of Merit 1-2 ; Jr. Town Meeting 3 : Riparian 
Weekly Staff 3, Copy Desk Editor 4 ; Booster Club 3 ; 
Business Leaders 2 ; Debate Club 3 ; Hi-Y 2, Treas. 3, 
Pres. 4. 

Phillip E. McAlearney — Lettermen's Club 3-4 : Junior 
Entertainment Com.; Legion of Honor 3; Football 
3-4 ; Operetta 4 : Music Festival 3-4 ; Choir 4 ; Boys' 
Glee Club 3 ; Band 3-4 ; Dance Band 3 ; Chillicothe 
High School, Chillicothe, Illinois 1-2. 

Ronald McConkey— Ripples 3 ; Shortridge 1-2. 

Jo McCord -Seni 
Ripples 1-3, Direc 

Sandy McCrory— Honor Society 3-4 ; Quill and Scroll 
3-4 : National Thespians 4 : Senior Class Day Com. ; 
Jr. Town Meeting 4; Riparian Weekly Staff 2: Ri- 
parian Yearbook Staff 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 ; Ripples 
1-3: Debate Team 4; Latin Cluh 1, Co-Pres. 2; 
Thespians 1, Pres. 2 ; Alternate U.N. Delegate. 

Joyce A. McCune— Senior Ways and Means Com.; 
Bowling 1 : Ripples 2 ; Music Festival 1 ; Booster Club 
2-4 ; Business Leaders 1-2 ; Cozy Hour 1 ; Draclu 2 ; 
Spanish Club 1-2. 


H. Rose MoGhehey Senior Grad Dance Com.: 
Festival 1, 2. 4 ; Girls' Glee Club 2; Girls - En: 
3 ; Booster Club 2. 

Charles McKnight— Senior Color Day Activities 
Operetta 4 : Music Festival 4 : Choir 4 ; Golden 
ers 4 ; Oak Park River Forest High School 
Park, Illinois 1-3. 

Avis McMahon— Senior Grad Dance Cor 

, Oak 

Barbara Ann McNamara -Senior Grad Dame Coin. : 
Honor Society 4 ; Legion of Merit 2-3 ; Riparian 
Weekly Start 2-3 : Booster Club 3-4 ; Spanish Club 
2-3 ; Tri-Hi-Y 4 ; Orange Aid Council 2-3. 

Mary Maloy — Senior Cap and Gown Com. ; Junior 
Refreshments Com. ; Legion of Merit 3 ; Booster 
Club 3-4 ; Business Leaders 3 ; Cozv Hour 3 ; Debate 
Club 3-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Jr. Red Cross 3 ; Shortridge 
High School 1-2. 

Barbara Ellen Masters — Senior Grad Dance Com. : 
Ripples 3; Music Festival 1-4; Girls' Glee Club 1-3; 
Girls' Ensemble 4 ; Nurse's Asst. 3 ; Booster Club 2-3. 

Jerry Ann Mattox — Senior Announcement Com. ; 
GAA 3; Bowling 1-2; Baseball 1; Badminton 2; 
Music Festival 1. 

Georgia Mayer — Golden Singers 4 ; Senior Gift Com. : 
Junior Entertainment Com. ; Archery 1 ; Ripples 1-3 : 
Operetta 3-4; Music Festival 1-4; Choir 3; Girls' En- 
semble 3 ; Clef Club 2-4. 

Myra Jo Melton —Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 
3-4 ; Senior Color Day Com. ; Junior Entertainment 
Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Riparian Yearbook Under- 
class Editor 2-3, Senior Editor 4 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Tri-Hi-Y 2-3. 

Nevin Meredith— Senior Tabulation Com. : Junior En- 
tertainment Com. ; Military Ball Com. 1-3, Chm. 4 ; 
Hi-Y Dance Com. ; Riparian Yearbook Ad Staff 4 : 
ROTC Captain 3, Major 4 ; Ripples 3 ; Hi-Y 4 ; Thes- 
pians 2 ; Legion of Merit 3. 

; Triple 

Sne Ann Miles— Honor Society 3-4 : Quill and Scroll 
4; National Thespians 3-4; Senior Will Com.; Legion 
of Merit 1-3 ; Riparian Yearbook Staff 3-4 ; Ripples 2 ; 
Choir 4 ; Girls' Ensemble 3 ; Debate Club 3 ; Draclu 
3-4 ; National Thespian Play 3. 

Marilyn Miller — Senior Tea Com. ; Legion of Merit 
1-3 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Girls' Glee Club 1-3 ; Girls- 
Ensemble 4; Booster Club 2-4; Business Leaders 1-2; 
Cozy Hour 1 : Spanish Club 2. 

Shirley Miller— Senior Grad Dance Com. 

Jerry Allen Mills -Golden Singers 4 ; Riparian Weekly 
Staff 1 ; Ripples 1 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 1, 3-4 ; 
Boys' Glee Club 1-3 ; Booster Club 3 ; Hi-Y 1-4 ; Senior 
Tabulations Com. 

Loretta J. Minear — Senior Color Day Com.; Legion 
of Merit 1-2 : Baseball 1-2 ; Basketball 1-2 ; Badminton 
1-2 ; Volley Ball 1-2 ; Cozy Hour 1-2. 



Stephany Moore — Senior £ 
Junior Refreshment Com. ; ( 
Ripples 3 : Booster Club 2-4 
Club 3 : Howe High School 

rs 4 : Spanish 

Robert C. Morris — Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; Senior 
Com.; Football 1, 4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 
Ripples 1-3 ; Hi-Y 4 ; Booster Club 2-4. 

Johana Moser — Senior Grad Dance Com. : Junior 
Favors Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1 : Lesion of 
Merit 2-3 ; Riparian Dance Com. 2 ; Ripples 2-3 : 
Operetta 4 : Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 3-1 : Booster 
Club 2-4 ; Draclu 2-4 ; Latin Club 1-2. 

Betty Jane Muir — Senior Grad Dance Com.: Junior 
Decorations Com. : Bowling 1 ; Music Festival 1-3 ; 
Girls' Glee Club 1-2 ; Girls' Ensemble 3 ; Music Dept. 
Asst. 3 ; Booster Club 4 ; Latin Club 1 ; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Johnny Mutz— Senior Class Treasurer: Honor So- 
ciety 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3. Treas. 4; Student Coun- 
cil 1-3, Prcs. 4 : Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; Legion of Honor 
2-3 : Riparian Weekly Staff 2-3, Managing Editor 4 ; 
News Bureau 3-4 ; Ripples 2-3 ; Mr. Riparian 4 : 
Hoosier Boys' State 3 ; Indianapolis Federation of 
Student Council Delegate 2-3, Vice Prcs. 4. 

Judith Anne Myers— Senior Grad Dance Com.: Junior 
Entertainment Com.: Legion of Merit 2-3; Ripples 3; 
Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 1, 3-4 ; Choir 4 ; Girls' 
Glee Club 1 ; Girls' Ensemble 3 : Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Business Leaders 3 ; Thespians 1. 

William Henrv Newbold— Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; Sen- 
ior Grad Dance Com. ; Legion of Merit 2-4 : Basketball 
1-4 : Tennis 3-4 : Baseball 1; Cross Country 1 ; Ripples 
3 ; Booster Club 3. 

Nancy Newhouse- Chr. Senior Special Projects Com. ; 
Honor Society 4 : Chr. Junior Refreshment Com. ; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3 ; Joe and Jane Dance Com. 3 : Quiz 
'Em Team 4 ; Ripples 2-3 : Music Festival 2-3 : Booster 
Club 3-4 ; Business Leaders 4 ; Thespians 1-2. 

Suzanne Newhouser- Senior Ways and Means Cor 

Jr. Town Meetinc 
Debate Club 3. Vice-Pres. 
•s 3 : Wilev High School, Ter 

Junior Invitations Cc 
3 ; Booster Club 3-4 
Draclu 3-4 ; Foreignec 
Haute, Indiana 2. 

Paul Newman — Golden Singers 3-4 : Legion of Merit 
1-3 ; Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Ripples 2-3 : Operetta 
2-4; Music Festival 1-4: Choir 1-2: Orchestra 1-4: 
String Ensemble 2-4 : Library Helper 4 : Clef Club 
1-4 : Radio Club 3-4 : Lynwood High School, Lyn- 
wood. California 3. 

Nancy Nixon — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior Dec- 
orations Com. ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Business Leaders 
2-3 : Debate Club 4 : Draclu 3 : Jr. Red Cross 1 ; Latin 
Club 1: Thespians 1. 

Cross Country 1-3 ; 

I la I 

William R. Norris -Honor Society 4; Senior Will 
Com. : Junior Wavs and Means Com. ; Golf 2-4 ; Rip- 
ples 3 ; Orchestra 3-4 ; Band 2-4 : Brass Choir 3-4 : 
Music Dept. Asst. 4 ; Lettermen's Club 3-4 : Legion of 
Merit 2; Legion of Honor 3; Edinburgh, Scotland 1. 

Patricia Oberle — Senior Play Com. ; 
Merit 1-3 ; Business Leaders 2-3 ; Red 

rtsentative 4. 



Phvllis Olvey— Bowling 1-2 ; Flag Twirler 4 : Musi 
Festival 1-3 ; Girls Glee Club 1-3 ; Library Helper 1 
Baton Club. 

Mary Catherine O'Neill— Senior Color Day Co.. 
Holy Name High School, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Martha Ann Overman Senior Announcements Com. 
GAA 2-3 : Bowling 1-3 : Baseball 2 ; Volley Ball 1 
Music Festival 1-3 ; Orchestra 2-3 ; Business Leader 




Felice A. Pangrel — Senior Color Day Com. ; Cozy 
Hour 1 : Latin Club 1 ; Spanish Club 3 ; Y-Teens 3. 

Richard Parsons — Senior Ways and Means Com. 
Junior Entertainment Com. : Legion of Merit 2-3 
ROTC Dance Com. 3-4 : Track 1-2 ; Football 1-2 
ROTC Lt. 4 : Ripples 1-3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 
1-4 ; Choir 1-4 ; Booster Club 3-4. 

Dianne Pattison — Senior Cap and Gown Com. ; Junior 
Entertainment Com. ; Starlight Ball Dance Com. 2 ; 
Riparian Weekly Staff 2-3 ; Exchange Ed. 4 ; Booster 
Club 2-4 : Debate Club 3, Treas. 4 ; Draclu 3-4 : For- 
eigneers 3-4 : Photo Club 2-4 ; Thespians 1-2 ; Legion 
of Merit 1-3 ; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Stanley Paulsen— Quill and Scroll Treas. 3, Sgt. at 
Arms 4 : Student Council 1-2 ; Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; 
Senior Class Day Com. ; Junior Refreshment Com. ; 
Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Tennis 2-4 ; Football 1-2 ; Ri- 
parian Weekly Staff 1-2, Sports Ed. 3-4 ; News 
Bureau 1-4 ; Ripples 3 ; Booster Club 4. 

James E. Pelance — Golden Singers 3-4 ; Senior Color 
Day Activities Com. ; Junior Favors Com. ; Ripples 2 ; 
Operetta 2. 4 : Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 2 ; Boys' 
Glee Club 1 : Clef Club 2-4 ; Radio Club 3-4 ; Stage 
Crew 3-4. 

Ruth Anne Penington — Senior Color Day Com. ; 
Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 4 ; Girls' Glee Club 1-3 ; 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Marianne Joan Peternel — Senior Tea Com. : Legion 
of Merit 3 ; Art Club Vice-Pres. 4 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; 
Nazareth Academy, La Grange, Illinois 1-2. 

Wendell W. Phillips Jr.— Senior Play Com. : Ripar- 
ian Weeklv Staff 4 ; Library Helper 2-4 ; Library 
Club 2. Treas. 3, Pres. 4 ; Model Railroaders 2-3 ; 
Stage Crew 3-4. 

2 ; Girls' Concert Club 3 ; Booster Club 4. 

Maynard D. Poland — Lettermen's Club 2-4 ; Chr. Sen- 
ior Gift Com. ; Junior Ways and Means Com. ; Le- 
gion of Merit 3 ; Joe and Jane Dance Com. 3 ; ROTC 
Dance Com. 3-4 ; Football 2-4 ; Track 1-4 ; ROTC 
Captain 3, Major 4 ; Ripples 3 ; Booster Club 4. 

Janalene Prunty — Senior Tea Com. ; Ripples 1-2 ; 
Booster Club 4 ; Cozy Hour 1. 

Rita Purcell— Honor Society 2-3, Sec. 4 ; Student 
Council 2-3 : ROTC Sponsor 3-4 ; Chr. Senior Special 
Projects Com.; Quill and Scroll 4; Junior Program 
Com. : Legion of Honor 1-3 : Riparian Columnist 3-4 ; 
String Ensemble 1-4 ; Clef Club 1, Sec. 2-4 ; Ripples 
3 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Orchestra 1-4. 

Gayle Ann Purves — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Favors Com. ; Legion of Merit 3 ; Joe and Jane Dance 
Com. 2 ; Ripples 2 ; Booster Club 2-4 : Business Lead- 
ers 3-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Foreigneers 3 ; Latin Club 1-2 ; 
Thespians 1-2 ; Freshman-Sophomore Talent Show 1-2. 

Elizabeth Quanz — Senior Tea Com. ; Legion of Merit 
3-4 ; GAA 1 : Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Girls' 
Glee Club 2 : Girls Ensemble 3 ; Girls Concert Club 3 ; 
Highland Park High School, Highland Park, Illinois 1. 

Thelma Query— Senior Tea Com. ; Bowling 1 ; Volley 
Ball 1 : Music Festival 1. 4 : Choir 4 ; Jr. Red Cross 
1, 4 ; Wabash High School, Wabash, Indiana 2 ; Short- 
ridge High School 3. 


> I 


leans Com. : Jun- 

Shirley Rayle— National Thespians 2, Vice-Pres. 4; 
Student Council 3-4 ; Chrm. Senior Class Day Com. ; 
Chrm. Junior Invitations Com.: Legion of Merit 1-3; 
Cheerleader 3-4 ; Ripples 1-3 ; Booster Club 2-3, Pres. 
4 ; Debate Club 3-4 : Draclu 4, Vice-Pres. 3 ; Latin 
Club 1, Pres. 2 ; Miss Riparian 4. 

Anne Gidelle Ream — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Favors Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1, 3 ; Riparian 
Weekly Staff 4 ; Ripples 3 : Booster Club 2-4 ; Debate 
Club 4; Draclu 3-4: Foreigneers 3-4; Jr. Red Cross 
3 ; Latin Club 1-2 ; Thespians 1-2. 

Joan Reed — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior Re- 
freshments Com. ; Ripples 1-3 ; Music Festival 1 ; 
Girls' Glee Club 3 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Draclu 1 ; 
Thespians 1. 

Ronald Reehling Student Council 1-2 ; Lettermen's 
Club 3-4; Senior Grad Dance Com.; Junior Decora- 
tions Com.; Legion of Merit 3; Football 1-4: Base- 
ball 1-4 : Basketball 1 ; Ripples 2-3 ; Booster Club 2-4. 

Bob Reid — Senior Crad Dance Com. ; Pre-homecoming 
Dance Com. 4 ; Football 1-2 ; Cheerleader 4 ; Ripples 
3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Jr. Red Cross 1-4 ; Spanish Club 
1 : Riparian Dance Com. 2. 

Phyllis Rhoades — Senior Tea Com. ; Junior Refresh- 
ments Com. ; Orange Aid Council 4 ; Legion of Merit 
1-3 : Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 1 ; Art Club 2 ; 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Draclu 3-4 : Latin Club 1-2 ; For- 
eigneers 4, Pres. 3 ; Thespians 1. 


T .■iliiilalii.n «'..mi 

Dick Richmond- Senior Special Projects Com.; Chrm. 
Program Com., Military Ball 4: Baseball 3; ROTC 
Capt. 4 ; Booster Club 4 ; Hi-Y 3-4 ; Cross Country 1. 

Judy Rinehart— Honor Society 3-4 ; Quill and Scroll 

3-4 ; National Thespians 3-4 ; Senior History Com. ; 
Junior Refreshments Com. : Legion of Merit 1-3 ; 
Riparian Weekly Staff 2 ; News Bureau 3, Head 4 : 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Spanish Club 2 ; 
Thespians 1-2. 

Sally Risk— Junior Class Vice-President: Orange Aid 
Council Treas. 2 ; Student Council 1-2 : Senior Spe- 
cial Projects Com. ; Chrm. Junior Decorations Com. ; 
Legion of Merit 1 ; Cheerleader 4 ; Ripples 3 ; Booster 
Club 2-3, Vice-Pres. 4 ; Latin Club 1 : Spanish Club 
See. 3. 

Jim Robertson — Senior Color Day A 
Wrestling 1-2 ; Baseball 1 ; Ripples 3. 

•ities Com. 

Kaylene Phyllis Roeder— Senior Gift Com. ; Junior 
Refreshment Com.; Girls' Baseball 1: Music Festival 
1-4 ; Band 1-4 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Cozy Hour 1-2 ; 
Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

Richard Roehm — Senior Tea Com. ; Junior Decora- 
tions Com. ; Jr. Red Cross 1-4 ; Ping Pong Tourna- 
ment 4. 



Nick Rosecrans- 

Com. ; Booster 

Dolores Ann Runyan — Senior Color Day Com.; Rip- 
ples 3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Sunset High School, Dal- 
las, Texas 1. 

Sunnie Sackett— Senior Class Day Com.; Junior Re- 
freshment Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Riparian 
Yearbook Asst. Activities Editor 2 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Draclu 2 ; Foreigneers 4 ; Spanish Club 2-3 ; Thes- 

Phyllis Ann Safranek — Senior Tea Com. ; Booster 
Club 3-4 ; St. Agnes Academy 1-2. 

Judy Anne St. Clair— Senior Ways and Means Com. ; 
Orange Aid Council 1 : Business Leaders 1-2; Booster 
Club 2-3 ; Spanish Club 1. 

Martha Sue Sanders— Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Jun- 
ior Entertainment Com. ; Legion of Merit ; Riparian 
Dance Com. 1-2 ; Cheerleader 3 : Ripples 1, 3 ; Booster 
Club 2-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Latin Club 1-2 ; Thespians 1-2. 

Karl W. Schaefer— Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Consul 
of Latin Club 2; Ripple Arts Salon 2; Dixie Land 
Band 3 ; Legion of Merit 1 ; Jr. Red Cross 1-2, 4 ; 
Shop Helper. 

Ronald Schaffner— Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior Grad 
Dance Com. ; Legion of Honor 1-3 ; Football 1-2 ; 
Riparian Weekly Sports Reporter 2 ; Ripples 3 ; Jr. 
Red Cross ; Intramural Basketball 2-4. 

Dianne Schleicher — Golden Singers 3-4 ; Senior Grad 
Dance Com. ; Junior Refreshments Com. ; Legion of 
Merit 3; Flag Twirler 2-3; Ripples 3; Operetta 3-4; 
Music Festival 1-4 ; Baton Club 2-3 ; Clef Club 4 ; Tri- 
Hi-Y 4. 

Sally Schmidt— National Thespians 4 ; Senior Play 

Com. ; Riparian Yearbook Ad Staff 4 ; Booster Club 

4; Draclu 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4; Normandy High School, St. 
Louis, Mo. 1-3. 

Carleen Schopp — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Music 
Festival 1-4 ; Choir 4 : Girls' Ensemble 1-3 ; Booster 
Club 2-4; Cozy Hour 1; Latin Club 1-2; Spanish 
Club 1 ; Operetta Ticket Com. 4 ; Junior Finance Com. 

Jacquelyn Schortemeier — Senior Tea Com ; Junior 
Finance Com. ; Legion of Merit 3 ; Riparian Dance 
Com. 3 ; Riparian Weekly Staff 4 ; Ripples 2-3 ; Op- 
eretta 4 : Choir 3-4 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; 
Spanish Club 1-2, Pres. 3; Debate Club 4. 

Judith Schortemeier — Junior Invitations Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 3 ; Riparian Yearbook Ad Staff 3-4 ; 
Ripples 2-3 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 4 ; Nurse's 
Asst. 1-2 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Debate Club 4 ; Draclu 
3-4 ; Homecoming Queen 3 ; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Suzann Sconce — Senior Tea Com. ; Orange Aid Coun- 
cil 1-2 ; Girls' Baseball 1 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Girls' 
Glee Club 3-4; Booster Club 3-4; Cozy Hour 1; 
Draclu 4 ; Foreigneers 4 ; Latin Club 2 ; Spanish 
Club 3. 

Patty Ann Scott — Booster Club 2-4 ; Business Leaders 
2-3 ; Spanish Club 1 ; Corridor Monitor. 

_£ 1 

^ \ TV)* 

1 ' 

C:* &} Tl$ 




Kenneth Seamon — Letter-men's Club 4 : Junior Deco- 
rations Com. ; Basketball 3-4 ; Baseball 1-4 ; Booster 
Club 3-4. 

Phyllis F. Sedlak— Senior Tabulation Com. ; GAA 2. 
Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Baseball 2-3; Basketball 2-3; 
Volley Ball 2-3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Legion of Merit 
3 : Riverside Brookfield High School, Chicago, Illi- 
nois 1. 

Carol Shaner — Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior Grad Dance 
Com. ; Junior Invitations Com. ; Legion of Honor 3 : 
Legion of Merit 1-2 ; Riparian Dance Com. 2 ; Rip- 
ples 3; Music Festival 1-4; Choir 4; Girls' Concert 
Club 3 : Booster Club 2-4 ; Business Leaders 3-4. 

Track 3 ; Senior 

Alma Florence Sheffield — Honor Society 4 ; Senior Tea 
Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3: Coordinator's Asst. 4; 
Booster Club 4 ; Business Leaders 4 : Tri-Hi-Y 4 ; 
Y-Teens 4 ; Office Helper 4. 

Shirley Noreen Shepherd— Senior Tea Com. ; Ripples 
1 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Girls' Glee Club 1 : Girls' En- 
semble 2-3 ; Library Helper 1-2 : Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Cozy Hour 1; Latin Club 1-2; Thespians 1; Corridor 
Monitor 4 ; Office Messenger 3. 



William H. Shook — Senior Decorations Com.; Junior 
Decorations Com. ; Military Ball Dance Com. 2-4 ; 
ROTC 3, Capt. 4 ; Music Festival 1-3 ; Orchestra 1-3 : 
Booster Club 3-4 ; Hi-Y 3, Sec. 4 ; Legion of Merit 3 ; 
Track 3-4. 

Paul J. Shreve Jr. — Senior Ways and Means Com.; 
Junior Decorations Com. : Military Ball Dance Com. 
3-4 ; ROTC 1st Lieut. 4 ; Music Festival 1-2 ; Band 
1-2 ; Booster Club 2-4. 

Lane Sims — Senior Ways and Means Com. ; Military 
Ball Com. ; Music Festival 1-3 : Band 1-4 ; Booster 
Club 3-4 ; Hi-Y 2-4 ; Newcomers Club 2-4. 

Wayne Howard Sizemore — £ 

Grad Dance Com. 

Joyce Kay Slorp — Senior Cap and Gown Com. : 
Orange Aid Council 1 : Legion of Merit 1-3 ; GAA 
1-2; Basketball 1-2: Badminton 1; Volley Ball 1-2; 
Ripples 1-3 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 3-4 : Business 
Leaders 2. 

Marie Smith — Honor Society 3-4 : Senior Tabulation 
Com. ; Orange Aid Council 1 : Legion of Merit 2-3 ; 
Riparian Weekly Staff 4 ; Ripples 3 : Booster Club 
2-4 ; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4. 



Anne Snyder — National Thespians 3-4 ; Senior Play 
Com. ; Junior Refreshments Com. : Legion of Merit 
1, 3; Ripples 2-3; Music Festival 1-4; Girls' Glee 
Club 1-3 ; Girls' Ensemble 4 ; Clef Club 3-4 ; Draclu 
4 . Jr. Red Cross 4 ; Latin Club 2. 

Carey A. Spicer — Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; Senior Color 
Day Com. ; Joe and Jane Dance Com. ; Football 1-4 ; 
Basketball 1-4 ; Baseball 1-2 ; Track 4 ; Ripples 2-3. 

Janet Spilsbury Honor Society 3-4 ; Golden Singers 
3-4; Senior Tea Com.; Legion of Honor 2-4; Ripples 
3 ; Operetta 3-4 ; Music Festival 2-4 ; Choir 2 ; 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Clef Club 3-4 ; Opera Club 2-4. 

Joanne Spivey — National Thespians 4 ; Senior Grad 
Dance Com. ; Junior Refreshments Com. ; Legion of 
Honor 3 ; Legion of Merit 1-2 ; Ripples 2-3 : Music 
Festival 1-4; Choir 3, Sec. 4; Art Club 1-2; Booster 
Club 2-4 ; Draclu 3-4 ; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Pleiades Kay Steele — Honor Society 3-4 ; Quill and 
Scroll 3-4 ; Golden Singers 3-4 ; Senior Play Com. ; 
Junior Invitations Com. ; Orange Aid Council 3 ; 
Legion of Honor 2-3 ; News Bureau 4 ; Ripples 3 ; 
Operetta 2-3 ; Music Festival 2-4 ; Foreigneers 3, 
Pres. 4. 

Jerry Earl Stevens — Senior Tickets Com.; Ripples 3; 
Dance Band 3-4; Clarinet En- 

Jere Stewart — Honor Society 4 ; Senior Tea Com. ; 
Junior Invitations Com. ; Legion of Honor 2 ; Legion 
of Merit 3 ; Riparian Weekly Staff 3 ; Ripples 3 ; 
Draclu 3-4 ; Foreigneers 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Treas. 4 ; 
Latin Club 1-2 ; Spanish Club 1. Treas. 2 ; Thes- 
pians 1-2. 

Fleur Annette Stierwalt — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; 
Music Festival 1; Booster Club 2-4; Business Lead- 
ers 2-3 ; Thespians 2. 

Julie Strawn — Senior Color Day Com. ; Orange Aid 
Council 2, 4 ; GAA 1-2, Treas. 3, Point Chairman 4 ; 
Baseball 1-3 ; Basketball 1-4 ; Badminton 1-4 ; Volley 
Ball 1-4 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Jr. Red Cross 2. 

Patricia Sullivan — Senior Special Projects Com. ; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Business Lead- 
ers 4; Jr. Red Cross 2-4. 

Sue Talbott— Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; 
Senior Class Day Com. ; Junior Entertainment Com. ; 
Riparian Dance Com. ; Riparian Weekly Staff 2 ; 
Yearbook Faculty Editor 3; Yearbook Associate 
Editor 4 : Publications Asst. 3-4 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4 ; Legion of Merit 1-3. 

Janet Taylor — Senior Color Day Com.; Bowling 1-2; 
Volley Ball 2 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Girls' Glee Club 
1-4 ; Booster Club 2-3 ; Cozy Hour 1 ; Y-Teens 
Treas. 3. 

Daniel T. Teeguarden — National Thespians 4 ; Senior 
Grad Dance Com. ; Booster Club 3 ; Sound Crew 1-4. 

Barbara Tenney — Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Junior 
Prom Com.; GAA 1-2, Sec. 3, Treas. 4; Baseball 
1-4; Basketball 1-4; Badminton 1-4; Volley Ball 4: 
Business Dept. Asst. 4 ; Art Club 1-2, Pres. 3-4 ; 
Homecoming Queen Candidate 3 ; Booster Club 2-4. 

Peter John TerMaat— Senior Tabulation Com. ; Base- 
ball 3 ; Christian High School, Chicago, Illinois 1-2. 

Theodore A. Thelander III— Senior Grad Dance Com. : 
Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Football 
1-3 ; Baseball 1-4 ; Basketball 1-3 ; DuPont High 
School, Wilmington, Delaware 3. 


I. d£$ 



Patricia Joan Thomas— Senior Color Day Com. ; 
Bowling: 1-2; Baseball 1; Badminton 2; Volley Ball 
3 ; Music Festival 1-4 ; Girls - Glee Club 1-2 ; Girls' 
Concert Club 3-4 ; Business Leaders 2. 

Diane Thompson — Senior Play Com. ; Booster Club 4 ; 
John MeDonogh School, New Orleans, Louisiana 1-2. 

Shirley Tinsman — Senior Color Day Com. ; Orange 
Aid Council 2 ; Legion of Merit 1. 3 ; Bowling 2 ; 
Music Festival 1, 2, 4 ; Girls' Glee Club 2, 4. 

Beverly Trudgen — Honor Society 3-4 ; Orange Aid 
Pres. 4: Student Council 2-4; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; 
Senior Tea Com. ; Legion of Honor 3 ; Legion of 
Merit 1-2 ; Ripples 1-3 ; Concert Club 4 ; Prom Queen 
Attendant 3. 

Patricia Ann Trunick — Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior 
Grad Dance Com. ; Junior Entertainment Com. ; 
Orange Aid Council 1 ; Legion of Honor 3 ; Legion 
of Merit 2 ; Riparian Circulation Staff 3-4 ; Ripples 
3; Music Festival 1-2; Girls' Glee Club 2; English 
Dept. Asst. 4 ; Quill and Scroll 4. 

I. Foster Tudor— Senior Grad Dance Com. ; Track 
2 : Wrestling 2 ; ROTC 2nd Lt. 4 ; Ripples 2-3 ; Music 
Festival 1-4 ; Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Orchestra 2-4 : 
Band 1-4 ; Dance Band 3 ; Brass Choir 2-4 ; Booster 
Club 3. 

Sally Jo Turner— Honor Society 4; Senior Gift Com.; 
Junior Decorations Com. ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Rip- 
ples 3 : Music Festival 1-4 ; Choir 4 ; Girls' Glee Club 
1 ; Girls' Ensemble 2-3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Foreign- 
eers 3-4. Treas. 3 ; Latin Club 1. Treas. 2. 

-Senior Play Com. 


Phyllis A. Uhls— Senior Tea Com. 

Phyllis Unger— 

Lois Diane Van Briggle — Golden Singers 4 ; Legion 
of Merit 1-3 ; Junior Decorations Com. ; Music Festi- 
val 1-4; Operetta 4; Choir 3; Girls' Concert Club 2; 
Art Club 1 ; Opera Club 2 ; Stage Crew 2 ; Thes- 

James Vetter- Senior Ticket Com. ; Junior Refresh- 
ment Com. ; Booster Club 2-3 ; Intramural Sports 2-4 ; 
Track 1. 

Nancy Wagner — Senior Color Day Com. : GAA 2 : 
Baseball 2-3 ; Basketball 2 ; Volley Ball 1-2 ; Booster 
Club 2-4 ; Business Leaders 2-3. 

Frank Walker — Junior Class Treasurer: Student 
Council 1, Treas. 3, 4 ; Lettermen's Club 3-4 ; Senior 
Class Day Com. ; Junior Ways and Means Com. ; 
Legion of Merit 3 ; Joe and Jane Dance Com. 3 : 
Football 1-4 ; Basketball 1 ; Track 1-4 ; Ripples 1-3 ; 
Booster Club 2-4. 

Frederick Warren Wantland — Senior Grad Dance 
Com. ; Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 2-4 : Band 1-4 : 
Dance Band 2-4; Brass Choir 3-4; Radio Club 3. 

Patricia Ann Watson — Honor Society 3-4 ; Quill and 
Scroll 4 ; Senior Color Day Com. : Legion of Honor 
1-2 : Legion of Merit 3 ; Riparian Weekly Ad Staff 3 : 
Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 1-4 : Choir 3-4 ; Booster 
Club 3-4 ; Joe and Jane Dance "Jane" 3 ; Dublin 
Fair "Colleen" 1. 

Sylvia Marie Weimer — Senior Announcements Com. ; 
Orange Aid Council 1-3: GAA 1-2; Bowling 1-4; 
Volley Ball 1 ; Library Helper 2 : Cozy Hour 1-2 : Jr. 
Red Cross 1-4. 



Thomas Speir Welton -Honor Society 4 : Lettermen's 
Club 3, Pres. 4 : Senior Class Day Activities Com. ; 
Junior Refreshments Com. ; Legion of Merit 3 ; Foot- 
ball 3-4; Track 3-4; Booster Club 4; Hi-Y 4; West 
Lafayette High School 1-2. 

Fred E. Wendling— Golden Singers 4 ; Seni, 
Com. : Ripples 3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Fest 
Choir 3; Booster Club 3; Thespians 1. 


Ann White— Golden Singers 4 : Senior Class Dav Will 
Com. : Legion of Merit 3 ; Operetta 4 ; Music Festival 
1-4; Girls' Glee Club 2: Girls' Ensemble 3; Girls- 
Concert Club 3 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Foreigneers 4 ; 
Thespians 1. 

Kay White— Golden Singers 4 ; Senior Color Day 
Com. ; Ripples 3 : Operetta 4 : Music Festival 1-4 ; 
Choir 3 ; Girls' Glee Club 1 ; Girls' Ensemble 2 ; Dance 
Band Singer 3-4; Booster Club 3-4; Foreigneers 3; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

David V. Whitt— Senior Gift Com. ; Legion of Merit 
1-3 ; Homecoming Dance Com. 4 ; Football 1-2 : 
Booster Club 2-4; Intramural Sports 2-4. 

Sally Charlotte Wiese Senior Special Projects Com. : 
Orange Aid Council 2 ; Legion of Merit 2-4 ; GAA 
1-4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 2-3; Badminton 1-4: 
Archery 1-3: Volley Ball 1-3; Ripples 3; Y- Teens 
Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4. 

David Eugene Williams Senior Gift Com 
Festival 1-4 ; Choir 3-4 ; Boys' Glee Club 1-2. 

Carolyn Wilson— Honor Society 3-4 ; Quill and Sen,! I 
3-4 ; Chrm. Senior History Com. ; Legion of Merit 
2-3 ; Riparian Dance Com. 3 ; Riparian Weekly Stall 
2. Feature Editor :'.. Associate Editor 1; Music Ft s- 
tival 1-4; Orchestra 2-4; Clarinet Ensemble 1-4; 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Clef Club 3-4 ; Latin Club 1-2. 

Play Co 

I'll,, I., 

WiLford L. Wisner— Honor Society 2-4; Quill and 
Scroll 3-4 ; Golden Singers 3 : Legion of Honor 1-3 ; 
Riparian Weekly Staff 2. 4 : Riparian Yearbook Asst. 
Sports Editor 3 ; Choir 2 ; Orchestra 2 ; Band 1 ; De- 
bate Club Pres. 3-4 ; Student Manager, Athletic 
Dept. 2. 

Marilyn Gay Woerner — Senior Class Secretary ; Jun- 
ior Decorations Com.; National Thespians 4; National 
Thespians Play 3 ; Legion of Merit 1-3 ; Ripples 2-3 ; 
Choir 3 : Historian 4 ; Triple Trio 2-3 : Booster Club 
3, Sec.-Treas. 4 : Draclu Vice-Pres. 4 ; Golden Sing- 
ers 4. 

Beverly Ann Wolf — Senior Baccalaureate Com. ; Rip- 
ples 3 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Business Leaders 3-4 ; Cozy 
Hour 1-2; Draclu 3-4; Foreigneers 3-4; Spanish Club 
1-2 ; Thespians 1-2. 

Frances Woods — Honor Society 4; Senior Grad Dance 
Com. ; Junior Refreshment Com. ; Homecoming Dance 
Com. 3 ; Ripples 3 ; Music Festival 1-2 ; Girls' Glee 
Club 1 : Girls' Ensemble 2 ; Booster Club 3-4 ; Busi- 
ness Leaders 4 ; Draclu 2-4 ; Legion of Merit 2, 3. 

Philip Woods— Senior Ways and Means Com.: Junior 
Favors Com. ; Baseball 1 ; Ripples 1-2 : Music Festi- 
val 1 ; Boys' Glee Club 1 ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Student 
Athletic Manager, Football and Basketball 1 ; Intra- 
mural Football and Basketball. 

Louis Wooldridgo — Wrestling 1. 


V v 

Jack Worner — Senior Tabulation Com. ; Wrestling 
1-3 ; Cross Country 1-3 ; Ripples 3. 

Russell Paul Wurster — Lettermen's Club 2-4 ; Senior 
Announcements Com. : Junior Decorations Com. ; 
Wrestling 1-4 : Football 2 ; Cross Country 1-2 ; Rip- 
ples 1-2; Booster Club 3-4; Sound Crew 1-2. 

John Wyre — Senior Class Day Com. ; Junior Re- 
freshments Com. ; Booster Club 2-4 ; Debate Club 4 ; 
Draclu 3-4 : Hi-Y 4 ; Jr. Red Cross 4 ; Photo Club 3-4 ; 
Central High School, Lima, Ohio 1. 

Sharrie Yetter — Golden Singers 3-4 ; Senior Cap and 
Gown Com. ; Junior Entertainment Com. ; Legion of 
Merit 3; Operetta 3-4; Music Festival 1-4; Girls' 
Ensemble 1 ; Cozy Hour 1 ; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

Thomas York — Senior Color Day Activities Com. ; 
Junior Invitations Com. : Legion of Merit 1 ; Football 
2 ; Basketball 1 ; Intramural Sports ; Booster Club 3-4. 

Charles Yott— Lettermen's Club 2-4 ; Senior Gift 
Com. ; Junior Invitations Com. ; Legion of Merit 3-4 ; 
Track 1-3 ; Cross Country 2-3 ; Intramural Sports. 

Mary Drusilla Zearley — Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior 
Tea Com. ; Junior Invitations Com. ; Legion of Honor 
2-3 ; Quiz 'Em Team 4 ; Riparian Weekly Columnist 
4; Booster Club 2-4; Clef Club 3-4; Foreigneers 4; 
Latin Club 1, Roman Banquet Co-Ch. 2; Opera Club 
3-4 ; Charles F. Brush High School, Cleveland, Ohio 1. 
Paula Louise Zearley — Honor Society 3-4 ; Senior Tea 
Com. ; Junior Decorations Com. ; Legion of Honor 2-3 ; 
Quiz 'Em Team 4 ; Riparian Weekly Columnist 4 ; 
Booster Club 2-4 ; Clef Club 3-4 ; Foreigneers 4 ; 
Latin Club, Roman Banquet Co-Ch. 2 ; Charles F. 
Brush High School, Cleveland, Ohio 1. 

Ligita Zebergs — Senior Tabulation Com. : Honor So- 
ciety 4; Legion of Merit 2-3; Transfer from Latvian 
High School in Germany 1. 

Sarmite-eda Zebergs — Senior Grad Dance Com. 

Wearin' o' the green. Not St. Patrick's Day but 
Senior Color Day was the occasion for Seniors to 
deck themselves from head to toe in light green and 
dark green. The day's activities included devouring 
mountains of food at pitch-in lunches and cheering 
for the Class of '53. 


Tom Akard, Shirley Alboher, 
Ronald Allison, Bill Alltop, Joe 
Andrews, George Applegate, 
Don Armstrong, George Asquith, 
Harold Atherly. 

Paul Atherton, Paula Aufder- 
heide, Don Auten, Phil Baggett, 
Steve Baggett, Sandy Ballinger, 
Leslie Bannon, Jack Bartle, 
Shirley Ann Bastien. 

Ronda Beaver, Janet Bechtold, 
George Becker, Bob Begley, 
Hazel Bell, Theresa Berman, 
Harry Bertrand, Jo Carol 
Bicket, Gwen Bigham. 

Betty Billeisen, Marie Binger, 
Sondra Bisesi, Donald Black, 
Nancy Blaisdell, Lois Boffo, 
Jere Bolden, Carolyn Branning, 
James Brown. 

Warren Buddenbaun, Nancy 
Bugg, Eleanor Bull, Bill Bur- 
nett, Karen Butler, Joe Butter- 
worth, Ina Rae Byrne, Marjorie 
Cady, Deanna Camplin. 

Delva Carder, Deloris Carney. 
Frances Carr, Marcy Carson, 
Barbara Cash, Pauline Cas- 
sity, Joyce Chenoweth, Donna 
Cheshire, James Clark. 

Tom Clark, Janice Clatworthy, 
Duane Clendenen, Harriet Clif- 
ton, Jan Clinton, Richard C. 
Cole, Alfred E. Combs, Esther 
Condon, Dick Conway. 

Bob Cook, Patricia Ann Cook, 
Robert Cooney, Forrest Copas, 
Marilyn Cordonier, John Corey, 
Wally Cox, Ann Coy, Howard 

Vivian Crousore, Susie Cum- 
mins, James B. Curtis, William 
V. Curtis, Evelyn Dawson, Jo 
Ann Day, William Deaton, 
Clarence Degner, Rosemary 

Pete De Vault, Mary Dickerson. 
Beverly Dillon, Shirley Disher, 
Lenora Ditzenberger, George 
Doane, Sondra Dobson, Rich- 
ard L. Doll, Richard Dorsey. 

Phyllis Dougherty, Jack Doug- 
las, Wayne Dowell, Joe Duck- 
worth, Jim Dunning, Mary Jane 
Duttenhaver, Alison Dyer, 
Nancy Eagleson, Sharon Eaton. 

Paul Elbert, Dean Ellery, Stan- 
ley Engle, John Enoch, Rich- 
ard E. Ensley, Katy Everett, 
Virginia Feeman, Robert Felts, 
Kent Fergusan. 

* Class list as of September 25, 

& " " " 

•** "^titiiS 




Ar^ .a f^ ci 


9 $ oa^ 






*4 4^ " 


Robert E. Fetter, Tom L. Fitch, 
Carla Flanders, Joan Fleming, 
Bob Ford, Jerry Ford, Marjorie 
Ann Fouts, Thomas F. Fox, 
Joan Foxworthy. 

Judy Frank, Ann Freehafer, 
Dick Freeman, Joan Frey, Bev- 
erly Frietzsche, Jacqueline Gair- 
ing. Suzy Geer, Marje George, 
Richard Geupel. 

Bettina Gilchrist, Jode Gray, 
Jack Grayson, Marlyn Grebe, 
Arline Green, Carolyn Green, 
Harry Green, Phil Griesbaum, 
Johnny Haas. 

Gracie Hall, Marilyn Hall, Tom 
Hancock, Howard Harman, An- 
na Harris, Fred Harris, Gene 
Harvey, John Harvey, Joe Has- 

Nancy Hatton, David Hauch, 
Sharon Haun, Diana Hawkins, 
Tom Haygood, Paul Hedlund. 
Fred Hendricks, Gil Herod, Hal 

Rosealeah Hickman, Dick Hill, 
John Hill, Virginia Hill, Frank 
Hirschman, Elizabeth Ann Hitt, 
Fred Hohl, Ron Holmes, Ar- 
lene Honaker. 

Mary Ellen Hood, Laddie How- 
son, Larry Howson, James Hub- 
bard. Carl Huber, Dillon Huder, 
Marilyn Huffine, Shirley Huf- 
nagel, Donald Hughes. 

Jackie Hughes, Jacqueline Hunt, 
Shirley Rose Hunt, Charles 
Hunter, Jim Hurt, Carole Inasy, 
David Irons, Barbara A. Irwin, 
Don Irwin. 

Stephen Jacobs, Sandra Jeske, 
Shirley Jines, Jim Jobes, Bar- 
bara Johnson, Robert E. John- 
son, Virginia Johnson, Barbara 
Jones, Bill Jones. 

Mark Jones. Patricia Jones, Jack 
Junemann, Ken Kaestner, Phil 
Kaiser, Barbara Karnes, John 
Kassebaum, Arnold Kelly, 
George Kerr. 

Lois Kett, Janet Keuthan, 
Wavel Kiffmeyer, Darlyn Kiken- 
dall. Robert Kiley, Connie King, 
Fritz King, Ann Kinney, Bob 

Keith Kirk, Arlene Klar, Ron- 
ald Klootwyk, Sally Knight, 
Ronald Knuth, Emilie Kohl- 
staedt, Tom Konop, Karl F. 
Kornafel, Lois Krebs. 


Doris Kuhn, Judy LaFollette, 
Suzanne Lamb, Nancy Lamkin, 
Barbara Lee, Suzie Lehman, 
Dave Lewis, Al Lindop, David 

Susan Lobraico, Jerry Locey, 
Robert Lohman, Dianne Long, 
Jack Lowe, Helen Lykins, Bill 
Macnabb, Andy Malott, Jack 

Perry Marshall, Robert Martin, 
Caryl Matthews, Susan Max, 
Bill McCahill, Sara McClure, 
Donna McDaniel, Martha Mc- 
Farren, Gene McGarvey. 

Charles McGhehey, Avis Mc- 
Mahon, Marilyn McMillan, 
Sharon McNerney, Edward Mc- 
Nulty, Sandra Meredith, John 
Mertes, Robertalee Messner, 
Joanne Metcalf. 

Ronald Metzger, Diann Milen- 
der, Jan Miles, Leeann Milhon, 
Don G. Miller, Don H. Miller, 
Hazel Miller, Lew Miller, Gor- 
don L. Mines. 

Connie Minnix, Don Mitchell, 
Joan Mitchell, Maurice Monroe, 
Brant Moore, Patty Moore, 
Walter Paul Moore, Jack Mor- 
gan, Pat Mowdy. 

Bruce Mursch, Sarah Myers, 
Charles Nakarai, Ronald Naum, 
Nancy Anne Neale, Janette 
Nelson, John Nelson, Stuart 
Newcomb. Edward Newman. 

Marlene Newman, Susan Nib- 
lack, Thurman Noel, Neal Nol- 
lau, Carolyn Norman, Mike 
O'Conner, Frederick Oliver, 
Jean Oliver, Larry Padgett. 

Gale Parrish, Max Patton, Don- 
na Pendleton, Marie Perkins, 
Ronnie Perkins, Murlin Perry, 
Walter Perry, Joan Peternel, 
Jerry Peterson. 

Larry Pierce, JoAnn Pierson, 
Janet Pike, Jon Pilcher, Barney 
Pippenger, Art Pittenger, Judy 
Plessinger, Joan Plew, Dick 

John Potter, Jane Ransel, Bev- 
erly Rasener, Tom Rash, Tom 
Reagan, Ronald Rech, Jean- 
anne Reddington, Rosemary 
Reich, Richard Rentsch. 

Bob Reynolds, Terry Roadruck, 
Connie Roberts, Jack Roberts, 
Ronald Roberts, Mary Adeline 
Robertson, Jim Robey, Martha 
Robison, Robert Roe. 

i \M Jam i mrnmrn 



Li iJ-i «i ii-3 


Margaret Roller, Gordon Rose, 
Eileen Ruesch, Nadine Russell, 
Evans Rust, Alice Rutter, Linda 
Sanders, Sue Schaefer, Randall 

Shirley Schweitzer, Rosemary 
Scott, Wilbur Scott, Ray Sears, 
Mary Ellen Shattuck, Gordon 
Shaw, Harriet Sheets, Richard 
Sheets, James Shipp. 

Anne Shotwell, Don Silvey, 
George W. Simpson, Sandra 
Sisson, Richard Sleeth, Sylvia 
Sloan, Suzy Slusser, Dottie 
Smith, Mary Smith. 

Molly Smith, Nancy Smith, Pat- 
rick Smock, Stephen Snyder, 
Bob Sommer, Elizabeth Spence, 
Joanne Spry, Dotty Jo Stalker, 
Roberta Stephens. 

Joe St. John, Nancy Stoeffler, 
Alfred Stotlar, Nathan Streit- 
matter, Jill Strickland, Jim 
Strickland, Janet Summers, 
Donald Swank, Jimmie Taylor. 

Ann Thomas, Pat Thompson, 
Susie Thompson, Tom Toll, 
Carol Tomlinson, Mary Anne 
Tousley, Bob Tridle, Bob Trit- 
tin, Clifford Van Camp. 

Mary Ann Vaughan, Robert 
Wallace, Carole Walti, Jim 
Ward, JoAnne Ward, Margaret 
Warne, Elaine Watson, Virginia 
Weaver, Ralph Weeks. 

Thomas Welch, Don Wells, Dave 
Whinrey, John Williams, Pa- 
tricia Wills, Carolyn Wilson, 
Kathryn Winnefeld, Don Win- 
ters, Carolyn Wisner. 

Carol Wissler, Doyle Wood, Rod 
Wood, Nancy Worcester, Ron- 
ald Worrick, George Wyatt, 
Ralph Forest Young, Vern 
Young, Bob Yount. 

Andris Zalmanis, Duane Zaring, 
Christina Zebergs, Carol Zim- 



Letitia Alexander, Elizabeth Al- 
len, Hannah Allen, Eileen 
Alsop, Del Amy, Sharon Ander- 
son, Fred Aryet, Sallie Aryet, 
Jayne Augustus. 

*Class list as of September 25, 


Dennis Ballere, Bonnie Barcik, 
Cynthia Bash, William Bastien, 
Kay Bateman, Charlotte Bates, 
Barbara Beal, Marcia Beaman, 
Beverly Bechert. 

Charles Belkins, Bob Bellows, 
Judy Below, Gilbert Berry, Bill 
Bertermann, Marilyn Bertrand, 
Darline Blackwell, Jo Ann Bof- 
fo, Margaret Blake. 

Martha Bokrandt, Margaret 
Boggs, Doris Bolin, Patricia 
Bonewitz, Henrietta Bongfeldt, 
Carolyn Born, Ned Bosler, Belva 
Botkin, James Bowen. 

Tom Bowen, Jerry Boyd, Bar- 
bara Boynton, Kenneth Bramer, 
Shirley Ann Breidenbach, Jim- 
mie Bretney, Barbara Bretz- 
man, Charlotte Brewer, Suz- 
anne Bromert. 

Barbara Browder, Barbara 
Brown, Eileen Brown, Frank 
Brown, Nancy Brown, Robert 
Brown, Robert Bruce, Pat Bueh- 
ler, Jay Burke. 

Barbara Burkert, Gay Burkhart, 
Robert Burkhart, Judy Buser, 
Richard Butler, Robert Cald- 
well, Bob Calhoun, Jean Capel, 
Phyllis Carlyle. 

Marilyn Carpenter, Lynn Cas- 
sell, Darrell Caudill, Don Cav- 
anagh, James Challis, Jim 
Champer, Janet Chase, George 
Choban, Sharon Christensen. 

Margaret Clapp, Ellen Ruth 
Clark, Gary Clawson, David 
Clossin, James Coffey, John 
Cofflng, Nancy Conrad, Joseph 
Collins, Bill Cole. 

Harry Cooper, Richard Cothern, 
Nancy Courtright, Bruce Cox, 
Joyce Cox, Donna Coyle, Susan 
Crabb, Shirley Cranfill, David 

Myrna Crowe, Ted Cunliffe, 
Carol Ann Cunningham, Bar- 
bara Curry, David Dalke, Bar- 
bara Joan Davidson, Beverly 
Jean Davidson, Judy Davidson, 
Diane Davis. 

Anna Louise Dawson, Barbara 
Dawson, Richard Dawson, Shar- 
lene Day, Mary Deal, Mary Lou 
Deal, Bill Dean, Nancy Degner, 
Charles Delello. 

Charles Deugan, Shirley De- 
Vault, Dick DeVries, Philip R. 
Dickison, Betsy Dierberger, Wil- 
liam Distel, Omer Dix, Janet 
Ann Dodd, Pete Dodson. 


~*j£'-f\ /i^^ 





Barbara Donaho, Donna Downs, 
Jerry Dreesen, Rebekah Dye, 
Robert Eberhart, Gretchen Eh- 
lert, David Elliott, William L. 
Elliott, Alice Enlow. 

James Esser, Judy Favre, Dan 
Ferguson, Claudia Ferrell, Rich- 
ard Filer, Ernest Fisher, Vir- 
ginia Fokken, Patricia Foley, 
Charlotte Forsyth. 

Samuel Foster, Phyllis Fox, Phil 
Frank, David Freeman, Susan 
Friend, Jodie Fults, Phillip 
Fultz, Fritz Gable, Marshall 

John Geller, Darlene Gerdt, 
Norma Geyer, Ronald Geyer, 
Elaine Gilbertson, John Gil- 
ham, Mary Margaret Gillette, 
Albert E. Gilner, Merrill Gilpin. 

Richard Gilyeat, Norma Givi- 
den, Don Glander, Marvin 
Glaser, John Goebal, Larry Go- 
lay, Larry Goodson, Eugene 
Goodwin, David Gradison. 

Jeannie Grant, Marthene Gray, 
Janice Grebe, Ronald Green, 
Gary Gregory, James Gremil- 
lion, James Griffith, Mary Ruth 
Grosskopt, Sandra Groves. 

Ronald Gruenert, Don Gulley, 
Barbara Guse, Carole Haine. 
Donna Hamilton, Jane Han- 
cock, Jeff Hanselmann, Bar- 
bara Hanson, Fritz Harbridge. 

Harolyn Harness, Diane Harri- 
son, David Harrower, Suzanne 
Heffelman, Cornelia Helwig, 
Janet Hepburn, Gordon Herbert, 
Deanna Hershman, Barbara 

Melvin Higbee, Judith Hines, 
Carl Hinshaw, Betty Hocker, 
Carol Hodges, Dick Hodges, 
Douglas Hollingsworth, Tom 
Holmes, Patty Holtsclaw. 

Tracey Homburg, David Hon- 

derich, Tom Howard, Lloyd 

Howe, Sandra Howell, Gary 

Hughes, Tom Hughes, Fred 
Hull. Sue Humphreys. 

Richard Hunt, Shirley Jean 
Huntsman, William Hurst, 
Nancy Hyde, Jerry Inglert, 
Fern Inman, Jim Irwin, John 
Ishler. Dorothy Jacobs. 

Paul Jenkins. Arnold Jines. 
Fred Johnson, John Johnson, 
Mary Diana Johnson, Ralph 
Johnson, Jim Jones, Judith 
Jones. Tom Jones. 



Edwin Joyce, Walt Jurkiewicz, 
George Kaiser, Carl Kakasuleff, 
Edward Kappes, Robert Karles, 
Eugene Karnes, Kaye Ken- 
singer, Betty Key 

Walter Key, Barbara Kiel, Ed- 
ward Kikendall, Wayne Killion, 
James King, Marie Kingdon, 
Jeannene Kinnett, Suzanne 
Kiste. Shirley Ann Kocha. 

Patricia Koenich, Don Konold, 
Janie Korb. Sue KrafTt, Marge 
Krai, Nancy Kreiger, Pete Krieg, 
Roxanna Kuhn, Bill Lamb. 

Noble Lane, Joe Lannerd, Elaine 
Lauxterman, Fred Lemmon, 
Beverly Lewis, Ted Liebtag, 
Jane Lineback, Dave Lockton, 
Gloria Lofquist. 

Ronald Long, Ronald Lounsbury, 
Bob Lowe, Kenneth Loy, Ann 
Lurie, Thomas Macy, Don Mal- 
comson, Jackie Manering, Judy 

Richard Marsh, Don Martin, 
Jon Martinelli, Harold Mathauer 
Kenneth McClain, Bill McGar- 
vey. Jack McKeen, Donald Mc- 
Mahan, Lillian Meek. 

Jay Merritt, Judy Metzger, Bar- 
bara Miles, Judy Miller, Norma 
Miller, Nancy Mills, Richard 
Mills, Jack Milnes, James Min- 

Patty Miner, Matilda Moeller, 
Dick Moenning, Thomas Moh- 
ler, Tommy Moore, Clarence 
Munro, Mary Lou Murphy, Jim 
Muth, Pat Nail. 

Shirley Naum, Leonard Needier, 
Carolyn Neely, Shirley Neely, 
Wayne Nelson, Don Newman, 
Connie Nicholas, Kenny Nielsen, 
William C. Noblitt. 

Susan Nutt, David S. Oertel, 
Paul Ohmart, Bob Osborn, Sam 
Outcalt, Mary Outland, Thea- 
dora Owens, Ruth Padget, Carl 

Frank Parker, Gary Parkman, 
Libby Patrick, Mark Patton, 
John Pavey, Sondra Pavey, Kay 
Peacock, Thomas Peine, Virgil 

Terry Perrine, Madonna Persh- 
ing, Bob Pettijohn, Ray Pickett, 
Sherry Pier, Barbara Pike, Jer- 
ry Pipes, Connie Poggiani, Jim 


Ami --ril* JfatMi 




#%ft Gk 


Kenneth Pollard, Gayle Postal, 
Nancy Presley, Helen Price, 
Marybelle Price, Janet Pryor, 
Carol Purves, Ken Quanz, Bon- 
nie Quentin. 

Gordon C. Raeburn, Carol Ra- 
gan, Phillip Raines, Bob Ranger, 
Jane Ray, Lucas Readle, Anna 
Redenbarger, Janet Reeve, Lar- 
ry Renihan. 

Donald Rentsch, Granville 
Richey, Roberta Richardson, 
Robert Richmond, Don Rick- 
etts, Jo Ann Riddell, Dwight 
Ridlen, John Ritterskamp, Jean- 
nine Robbins. 

Judith Robbins. Dave Roberts, 
Irene Robinette, Patricia Roh- 
ler, Barbara Rosell. Shirley 
Ross, Bill Roush, Phil Rouse, 
Richard Ruble. 

Robert Rudd, Dick Runyan, 
Johnny Sapp, Jeanette Savage, 
Charlene Schaefer. Joe Schaub, 
Douglas Schier, Ellen Schloss, 
David Schmidt. 

Carol Schopp, Ronald Schrei- 
ber, Maurice Schuetz, Sally 
Scott, Dale Searcy. Peggy Sears, 
Bill Secor, Crystal Sendmeyer, 
Jerry Sexton. 

Phyllis Shafer, Carol Shaw, 
Shirley Shaw, Ronald E. Shep- 
herd, Carol Shreve, Analee 
Shulthers, Barbara Sibbing. Jo 
Ann Silvey, Richard Simer. 

Dan Sims, Roland Slagle, Vir- 
ginia Slemmons, Betty Smith, 
Charles Smith, Linda Jo Smith, 
Ramona Smith, Barbara Sny- 
der, Janet Sovine. 

Linda Spears. Barbara Specker, 
Kay Spicer, Nancy Spier, Bar- 
ton Spillman, Eddie Springer, 
Steve Stamper, Beverly Staples, 
Tom Stapleton. 

Rita Stark, Joe Starlin, Susan 
Stegemeier, James Steinmeier, 
Norma Jean Stoeffler, Barbara 
Stout. Pauline Strange, Sandra 
Strieback, Tom Strong. 

Don Stuart, Marilyn Stubbs, 
Kenneth Sullivan, Janie Sutton, 
Sandra Sweet, Carolyn Taylor, 
Loretta Taylor, Kitty Teague, 
Fred Teckmeyer. 

Beth Teeguarden, Carol Ter- 
welp, Ronald Thomas, Bill 
Thorns, Donna Toombs. Bar- 
bara Totman, Carole Trout, 
Norman Troutt. Janice Trulock. 



Max Tudor, Sally Tudor, Dick 
Uhl, Dick Vance, Gretchen Van 
Huysen, Jim Van Meter, Mary 
Vaughn, Carl Verbarg, Sandra 

Marcia Viles, Donna Wade, Rob- 
ert Wait, Sue Waldo, Carolyn 
Walker, Frank Wantland, Kay 
Ward, Gary Warstler, Robert 

Duren Way, Betty Wells, Pa- 
tricia Wells, Sylvia Wells, Joe 
West, Kent West, Ruby Wheel- 
er, Lillie White, Shirley Wie- 

Otto Wiegert, Don Wieser, Tom 
Willett, Pat Williams, Diane 
Wilson, Kathleen Wisner, Don 
Witt, Elizabeth Wolfe, Ronald 

Charles Wood, Ernestine Woo- 
dle, Barbara Wooton, Carl Wor- 
land, Janet Wright, Marybeth 
Wright, Paula Wright, Hans 
Wuelfing, Jim Wurster. 

Lennie Zaiser, Lorene Zegafuse, 
Sally Jo Zimlich, Douglas Zink. 
Jerry Weimer. 


Lee Abrahamson, Robert Ad- 
ams, Gene Alderson, Patricia 
Alexander, Bill Allen, Carole 
Anne Allen, Steve Allen, Char- 
lotte Ammerman, Lars Ander- 

Robert Anderson, Bob Andrews, 
Carrie Andrews, Harold Apley, 
Robert E. Ashman, Allen Ash- 
worth, Don Atkinson, John 
Bailey, Karole Bain. 

Mike Baird, Cynthia Ballweg, 
Howard Bamberg, Bruce Banta, 
Martha Barden, Mary Sue Bar- 
ney, Martin Barratt, Ronnie 
Bastin, Bill Batt. 

Gerald Lee Bayne, Beverly Bear, 
James Becker, Shirley Bedford, 
David Beem, Patricia Begin, 
Barbara Begley, Jan Blake, Sue 

Jack Benedix, Wesley Benson, 
Jane Bernhardt, Katie Berry, 
Charles Berwick, Don Bevis, 
Richard Bigham, Donna Bin- 
ford, Carol Bingham. 

* Class list as of September 25, 

?y*f n> ft ffj o, a Q 

2 ■22°' 22 








Judi Ann Bishop, Bruce Black, 
Billie Blaikie. Kenneth Bland, 
Paul Boggs, Ursula Bokrandt, 
Connie Boltz, Jim Bond. Judy 

Don Boyd, Ann Bradford, Mary 
Branning, Judy Brannock. Pa- 
tricia Broady, Kurt Brokaw, 
Kent Brooks, Maurice Brown, 
Sue Browning. 

Ruth Ann Bruce, Nancy Bry- 
denthal, Bill Bunch, Wayne 
Burridge, Billy Buser, Billy 
Bush, Stephen Butler, Nancy 
Eyers, Charles Byfield. 

Keren Call, Bob Campbell, 
James Campbell, Barry Carl- 
son, Clo Ann Carnes. Auretta 
Carr, Kenny Carson, Martin 
Carter, Rolland Castner. 

Tommy Chandler, Larry Chris- 
tensen, Barbara Clingman. 
Robert Cochrane, Linda Coch- 
rane, Betty Cofer, Barbara Col- 
lester, Janet Collester. Mary El- 
len Combs. 

Scottie Comeri, Mary Alice 
Conboy, William Conner, Mari- 
lyn Cooper, Anthony Cooperider, 
Wanda Joy Copas, Paul Copsy. 
Sylvia Copsy, Ruth Ann Cornish. 

Judy Cox, Robert Coyle, Diane 
Crane, Ruthann Cree, Anne 
Croley, Jim Crosbie, Donna 
Crowe, Frank Cullivan, Susan 

Gene Dashner, Linda Dashner, 
Sheryl Davidson, Joane Davis, 
Margaret Davis, Walter Davis. 
Pat Dawson, Earnest Day, Fay 
de Fenelon. 

Judy Delp, Roger Dennis, Judy 
Denton, Nydia Diaz, Robert Dill. 
Dianne Disher, Carolyn Dodd. 
Tom Donlon, David Donnelly. 

April Doolittle, Dyanne Downey. 
Clara Duckworth, Roy Dudley. 
Bill Dugan, Richard Duke, John 
Duncan, Barry Dunn, Sharon 

David Dusendsclon, Sally Ea- 
gle, Bill Eagelson, Cecil Earle, 
Joel Eastman, Jon Eck, Charles 
Edwards, Norman Edwards, Ro- 
berta Edwards. 

Dan Eicher, Jack Eiteljorg, 
Karen Engledon, Sandra Eng- 
mark, Judy Exner, Jane Ferss- 
ler, Sara Fessler, Ted Fields, 
Alan Figel. 


Barbara Fitch, Sharon Ford, 
James Foster, Charles Frank, 
Lucy Freehafer, Janet Friedley, 
Marilyn Frietzsche, Joyce Fro- 
ney, Jimmy Galbreath. 

John Galm, Janice Gardner, 
Lou Garriott, Jerry Garrison, 
Nancy Garstang, Nora Jean 
Garwood, Alice Gauker, Fred 
Genck, Mary Gentry. 

Barbara George, Morton Gest, 
Lure Giezendanner, John Gil- 
lespie Charles Gisler, Frank 
Gleaves, Sidney Paul Godwyn, 
David W. Goebel, Johnny Goe- 

Robert Goller, Deanna Good- 
rich, Leslie Graham, Janet 
Graver, Max Gray, Jon Greg- 
ory, Barbara Grimes, Barbara 
Grimsley, Mary Grubbs. 

Edward Haas, Mary Hacke- 
meyer, Fred Hadley, Verna Mae 
Hatfield, Walter Halfpap, Lori- 
ene Hall, Sarah Hammel, Don- 
na Hammer, Fred Hammond. 

Judie Hargitt, Larry Harrison, 
Martha Harrison, Charles Hart- 
ley, Jenny Sue Hartman, Mari- 
anne Hastings, Sandra Hatfield, 
Sandra Haun, Dennis Hawkins. 

Charles Hayes, Fonza Haynes, 
Jerry Hazel, Sue Heerman, 
Sally Hefferman, Albert Heff- 
ner, Libby Helwig, Johnnie 
Henderson, Richard Henley. 

Donna Henning, Pat Hern, Don 
Hess, Carl Hicks, Connie Hill, 
Raymond Hill, Katherine Huer, 
Frank Hogan, David Hohl. 

Sally Holden, Roger Hole, Sher- 
ry Holland, Mike Holland, Mor- 
ton Hollingsworth, William 
Holmes, Dean Hoppe, Lois Ho- 
vey, Suzette Howell. 

Jackie Hudson, Sharon Hufna- 
gel, Arleigh Hudspeth, Georgi- 
ann Hughes, Richard Hughes, 
Sally Humphrey, Donna Hurd, 
Jim Hurley, Dorothy Ireland. 

Carol Irey, Virginia Jackson, 
Betty Jacobs, Lynne Jaggar, 
Jacque James, Dawn Janes, 
Sally Jaqua, Nancy Jensen, 
Betty Lou Johnson. 

Judy Johnson, Sheila Johnston, 
Barbara Jones, Kenny Jones, 
Mary Lou Jones, Marcia Dean 
Joyce, William Joyce, Beverly 
Jumps, William Kachel. 


: 0> 




ft £3l fl £^£^ £^ £^ f^ C% 

gs tt? sill 






June Karles, Sharon Kelley, 
Donna Vertress Kennedy, 
Nancy Kernahan, Judy Kiefer, 
Barbara Kilgore, Richard King, 
Richard Gerald Kingery, Tom 

Susan Klass, Ann Klepinger, 
Janice Klinger, Carol Ann 
Knierim, Mary Knight, Joan 
Konop, Ron Kopernak, Carol 
Sue Koster, Bill Kothe. 

David Kreidler, Patty Kretler, 
Carol Kreisher, Carl Kull, Cam- 
ella J. Kyger, Lynda Laird, 
Richard Lake, Virginia Lynne 
Lakin, Emilie Lamb. 

Judy Lamb, Judy Lambert, 
MaryLou Landes, Robert Land- 
graf, Larry Larsen, Louise Lan- 
ham. Bill Lathouse, Jim Latti- 
more, Josette Lavaux. 

William Leahy, Philip Leech, 
Jacquelyn Leingang, Linda Le- 
masters, Alexandra Lemcke, 
Paul Lewis, William Lockhead, 
Mary Logan, Kenneth Long. 

Fritz Lotze, June Loudenbeck, 
Cindy Love, Diane L. Lowry, 
Bill Loy, Nancy Lucas, John 
Lugar, Barbara Luke, Wanda 

Jimmy Lynch, Robin Lytle, Judy 
Mabe, Alison MacGregor, Ellen 
Mahin, Pat Manering, Tony 
Marquis, Susanne Marston, Mar- 
go Mathews. 

Marilyn Mattox, Caroline Mc- 
Adams, Jimmy McBride, Tom 
McCaw. David McClure, Pat 
McCord, Robert McCord, Bob 
McCune, Walter McDonald. 

Joanne McDowell, Don McFar- 
ren, Larry McGlade, Vern Mc- 
Kenzie, Barbara McMillan, Bev- 
erly McMullen, Sally McNor- 
ton, Jane Medaris, Mickey 

Edward Melick, Eleanor Jane 
Meredith. Rosalie Merrill, Cath- 
aleen Mertes, Vincent Meyer, 
Bill Michael, Judy Middleton, 
Loanna Miles, Beverlv Miller. 

Marcia Miller, Beverly Millikan, 
Doris Mills, Sandy Mills, Sherry 
Mills, Skip Charles Mills, Joan 
Miner, Marvin Minnix, Connie 

Dick Mitchell, Phil Moenning, 
Dan Mohler, Joe Moores, Pa- 
tricia Morganson, Richard Mo- 
ser, Donald Moulton, J. D. 
Murphy, Peggy Myers. 



Jean Neale, Beverly Nemec. Jim 
Neville, Karen Newbold, Phyl- 
lis Ann Newhouse, Nancy Ogle, 
John Olson, Gale Osting, Sheila 

Sandra Outman, Kim Overly, 
Philip Owens. Jacque Packard, 
Patricia Paden, Barbara Parr, 
Minnie Patton, Judy Pavey, 
Richard Payne. 

Marshall Pelance, Don Pening- 
ton, Sandra Pennock, Jane 
Perkins, Mildred Perkins, Carl 
Peters, Susie Peterson, John 
Phillips. Richard Pierce. 

Sue Plessinger, Jim Plummer, 
Tommy Polley, Philip Poppe, 
Synne Porter, Karen Prewitt, 
Kenny Price, Lora Price, 
Wanda Price. 

Bill Princell, Ramon Privette, 
Judy Puckett, Joyce E. Query, 
Nancy L. Quick, Nancy Lee 
Quick, Robert Rachoi, Kim Ra- 
der, Phil Rader. 

Leona Ragsdale, Diane Ralphy, 
Janet Ralston, Richard Ranes, 
Toby Ranger, Marni Ransel, 
Len Ray, Sally Jean Regan, Bob 

William Reid, Joyce Renfroe, 
Mike Richardson, Jeradine 
Ricketts, John Ritchey, Connie 
Roberts, Steve Rohr, June Rose, 
Bob Ross. 

Carolyn Roudebush, Cordelia 
Rowles, Robert K. Rusch, Patty 
Rush, Nancy Russell, Hartzel 
Rynard, Myrna Saflel, Rusty 
Sage, Beverly Sale. 

Sandra Samonski, Douglas San- 
dens, Stuart Schaefer, Charlotte 
Scheuring, Theodore Schory, 
Sally Schotter, Mark Schur- 
mann, Carole Scott, Dwight 

Gloria Sedan, Barbara Sedlak, 
Allan Seeley, Joellyn Shaffer, 
Carol Shepherd, Carroll Shep- 
herd, Carol Ann Shipley, Mar- 
lene Short, Carole Shumate. 

Anne Sidley, David Siemantel 
Bonnie Siler, Gene Skillman, 
Robert Paul Sleeth, Paul 
Slingsby, Beverly Smith, David 
Smith, Donald Smith. 

Gerald Smith, Kent Smith, 
Larry Smith, Ted Smith, Jac- 
quelyn Snyder, Judy Snyder, 
Ronald Sommer, Ronald Sow- 
ers, Sally Jean Spark. 






i J^ 



Judie Sparkes, Patty Spees, 
Merle Stanton Spicer, Bill Spi- 
vey, Carolyn Sprecher, Mar- 
garet Stahl, Ronald Stanczak, 
Lynn Stanford, Juanita Starr. 

Richard Stassus, Kay Stephens, 
Judy Stern, James Steverwald, 
George Stone, Ann Stonehill, 
Jane St. Martin, Phillip Strauss, 
Susanne Strong. 

Pete Stroth, Ruth Ann Stuppy, 
Beth Sullivan, Betty Swank, 
Tim Talbott, Charlesetta Tan- 
ner, Herb Taylor, Harold 
Teague. Sue Teeguarden. 

Judy Terhune, Barbara Thies- 
sen, Kay Thompson, Steve 
Thome, Mary Jane Thurman, 
Wayne Timberman, Jo Ann 
Traylor, Dave Trusty, Betsy 

Nancy Tudor, John Turpin, Ro- 
salie Turpin, Jim Ukockis. 
Sharon Vail, Linda Van Der 
Meulen. Albert Van Skyke, 
Sharon Van Sumple, Lynn Van 

Paul Vaught, Constance Vitti. 
Linda Volk, David Vollrath. 
Richard Wade, Peggy Walker. 
Donald Wallace, Betty Walls, 
Randy Walti. 

Sherry Wampler, Robert War- 
kentien, Gordon Washmuth. 
John Watt, Carol Ann Weigand. 
Joan Weir, Kent Weisheit, Sue 
Welton, Ronald Wenstrom. 

Jane Wert. Jackie West. Vir- 
ginia Carol Westbrook, Jack 
Wheeler, Ann White, Phyllis 
White, John Whitman, Robert 
Whitis, Dick Widmer. 

John Wiegle, Edwin Wier, Sue 
Ann Wilking, Carol Willard, 
Jeffrey Williams, Joan Williams, 
Sharon Williams, Beverly Wil- 
son, Merritt Wilson. 

Sandra Ann Wininger, Sue A. 
Wiseman, Bonnie Wood, David 
Wood, Don Woodard, Carole 
Wright, Helen Wright, Beverly 
Young, Donna Young. 

Judy Young. Roy Young, Sylvia 
Young, Richard Yount. 


Sondra Adams, Ronald Bailey, Janice 
Bales, Richard Billeisen, Bill Bordon, 
Judy Branigin, Burt Brown, Alice 
Burrell, Edward Charles. 

Mary Combs, Bob Craig, Phyllis Cur- 
tice, William Dillon, David Engel- 
hardt, Jim Fetters, Judy Fleming, 
Margaret Anne Fruits, Barbara Good. 

Steve Goodson, Beverly Griffin, Ilona 
Grubaums, James Harper, Patricia 
Hatfield, Walter Hiatt, Howard Hin- 
shaw. Bill Houghton, Jean Jacobs. 

Roger Jacobson, Delores Jones, 
Amanda Lamb, Willard Lane, Willis 
Lane, Dodie Lemcke, Margaret Leftiss, 
JoAnn Maloy, Nancy Marshall. 

Mary Marve, George Newhouse, David 
Nicholson, Shirely Reasner, Elizabeth 
Ann Reese, James Roark, Cynthia 
Rodgers, Patricia Ross, Carol Russell. 

Josephine Schafer, Carol Sendmeyer, 
Dudley Senefeld, Ella Sexton, Jean 
Sharp, Patty Shute, Dick Simmons, 
Jack Sparks, Hazel Stickle. 

Elroy Strawn, Ruth Szathmary, Terry 
Thompson, Jack Trees, Stephen 
Wann, Mary Jane Weeks, Paul Weis- 
haar, Judith White, JoAnne Weddell. 

William Wood, Sandra Woolsey, Rus- 
sell Wright, Charles Callender, Soph.; 
Sharon Cooper, Jr.; Gary Frank, 
Soph.; Nancy Kidd, Jr.; Nancy Lea- 
vill, Soph.; Marilyn Oehmich, Jr. 

Vicky Schort, Freshman; James An- 
derson, Freshman; James Brown, 

Weldon Carlin, Freshman; Imogene 
Hall, Soph.; Steve Inman, Jr. 

Vaughn Kinnick, Soph.; John Mc- 
Lure, Freshman; Tom Meredith, 

Penny Nicholls. Freshman; Harold 
Rynard, Soph.; Don Scott, Jr. 
Santa's helpers. Beth Teeguarden, Jim 
Wurster and Ann Bradford help dec- 
orate the library's Christmas tree 
with their prize-winning hand-made 

ill - khd^i* MdJ 

■ -JaA * ik 


^ ."': Ufa- 

a t*\ O £* 

"';■' V? ij 

Mr. Fred J. Murphy— BA, U 

Ohio State University: princi 
ing — BA, Franklin College; 
vice-principal. Mr. Roger 

versity of Illinois; MA, 
al. Mr. Harold K. Ilard- 
MS, Butler University; 
ley — BM, Butler Univer- 

ity; MM, Jordan Conservatory; MS, Butler University; 
i-principal. Mrs. Margaret L,. Anderson— BA, Meth- 
3t University of Oklahoma; mathematics. 

Mr. Frank A. Baird — BS, MS, Butler University; busi- 
ness education. Mrs. Jean Batten — BS, Butler Univer- 
sity; home economics. Mr. Edgar E. Beaman — BA, 

Wabash College; MS, Indiana University; social stud- 
ies. Mrs. Elinor B. Beaman — BA, Butler University, 

Mr. AV. Owen Beekley — BM, MM, Arthur Jordan Con- 
servatory; music chairman. Miss Buth E. Bertseh — BA, 

Western College for Women; MA, Ball State Teachers' 
College; English. Mr. A. Atwood Bliss — BA, MA, In- 
diana University; social studies. Mr. Joseph Brown — 

BS, MS, Indiana State Teachers' College; physical edu- 

Mr. Paul A. Brown — BM, Arthur Jordan Conservatory 
and Butler University; music. Mr. Ferd Brumblay — 
BAE, John Herron Art School; art. Mr. Robert Bryant 

— BS, Indiana University; mathematics. Miss Ruth B. 
Carter — BA, Butler University; MS, Columbia Univer- 
sity; dean of girls, English. 

Miss Buth P. Chandler — BA, Butler University; Eng- 
lish. Mr. Virgel U Clark — BAE, John Herron Art 
School; MA, Columbia University; art chairman. Mrs. 
Donna Leigh Collins — BA, BM, Tarkio College; Eng- 
lish. Mr. R. Nelson Cooksey — BS, Indiana State 
Teachers' College; MS, Butler University; industrial 
arts chairman. 

liss Margaret C. Coombs — BA, Indiana University; 
.IA, Columbia University; language. Miss Honora J. 
ii r ran — BA, l>el'auw University; English. Mrs. Phoebe 
Hederich — BA, DePauw University; asst. librarian, 
Cnglish. Miss Dorothy Dipple — BA, Butler University; 
msiness education. 

Mr. Allen K. Douglas— 1 IS, MS, Indiana State Teachers' 
College; industrial arts. Mrs. Mary Ann Elliott — BA, 
DePauw University; English. Mr. Sidney K. Fsten — BS, 

St. Lawrence University; MA, Indiana University; 
biology. Mr. Philip Fordyee — BS, Butler University; 

Mrs. Jane Hall Gable — BA, Butler University; publica- 
tions asst., English. Mrs. Nancy Gilbreath — BA, 

Franklin College; English. Sfe. Jaek A. Goodrum — 
ROTC. Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs — BS, Butler Univer- 
sity; MA, University of Wyoming; director of pub- 
lications; English. 



Mr. William H. Groves — BA, North Central of Naper- 
ville, Illinois; MS, Indiana University: mathematics. 
Mr. J. Raymond Hall — BA, Wabash College; social 
studies. Mrs. Mary Hammel — BS, Purdue University; 
home economics. Mr. Howard E. Hanscom — Bil, But- 
ler University and Jordan College of Music; instru- 
mental music. 

Mr. (Iiivjk Harvey — BS, Indiana Slate Teachers' Col- 
lege; MS, Indiana University; Business Mgr. of Co- 
curricular Activities, business education. Mrs. Mary 
M. Heacox — BS, Butler University; physical education. 
M/Sgt. Alfred J. Helgestad — ROTC. Mrs. Ruth B. 
Herin — BA, Manchester College; MA, University of 
Michigan; English Dept. Head. 

Mr. Milton J. Hiatt — BS, MA, Ball State Teachers' 
College; physical education chairman. Mr. Robert 
Hougham — BA, Franklin College: MS, Indiana Uni- 
versity: mathematics. Mrs. Diana Jackson — BA, But- 
ler University; English. Mr. "Warren Iv. Jackson — BS, 
Eastern Illinois State College; industrial arts. 

Miss Elizabeth Johnson — BA, Indiana University; MS, 
Butler University; home economics. Mr. Ray Johnson 
— BS, MS, Butler University; business education. Mr. 
"Walter Jurkiewiez — BS, MS, Indiana University; physi- 
cal education. Mr. Edward J. Kassig — BA, Hope Col- 
lege; MS, Butler University; science. 

Mr. George A. Knadler — BS, Western Kentucky State 
College; MS, Butler University; director of counseling, 
social studies. Mr. Turrell Lavering — BS, Indiana Uni- 
versity; language; Mr. Mordie L,ee — BS, MS, Butler 
University; physical education, science. Mr. Ernest 
I.eft'orge — BS. MS, Butler University; science. 

Miss Hetty J. I,ind — BS, MS, Indiana University; physi- 
cal education. Mrs. Virginia I.oveland — BA, Western 
College for Women; language. Miss Hetty Jeanne 
Mel^eod — BA, Indiana University; language. Mr. Al- 
bert Mahin — BA, Indiana University; MS, Purdue 
University; co-ordinator. 

Mrs. Libby Moore — BS, Indiana University; art. Miss 
Max Moreillon — BPE, AOU, Normal College; BS, Uni- 
versity of Louisville; MS, Indiana University; physical 
education. Mr. John Morris — BA, DePauw University; 
MA, University of Pennsylvania; social studies. Mr. 
Nobel JVewsum — BA, Valparaiso University; science. 

Mrs. Anna 1J. Obenehain — BA, Indiana University, 
English. Miss Helen A. Palasz — BS, MBA, Indiana 
University; business education. Mr. Kyle I'eters — BS, 

Butler University; director of athletics, social studies. 
Mrs. Barbara Reese — AA, Stephens College; BS, In- 
diana University; business education. 



>lr. Jack M. Rice — BS, MS, Butler University; physical 
education, biology. Miss Louise Rice — RN, BS, In- 
diana University: school nurse. Mr. Charles Robbins 
— BS, Missouri Valley College; mathematics. Miss 
Elizabeth Roberts — BA, DePauw University; MA, Cor- 
nell University; foreign language, chairman. 

Mrs. Edna-Mae Ross — BA, MA, Butler University; 
English; Mr. Paul E. Kutenkroger — BS, Butler Univer- 
sity; mathematics. Miss Melba Schumacher — PhB, 
University of Chicago; MA, Ohio State University; 
English. Mr. William Sirka — BS, Indiana University; 
safety, driver's education. 

Rosalee Spong — BA, Butler University; vocal 
c. Mr. B. L,. Stonecipher — BS, Butler University; 

Indiana University; Audio-Visual aid, biology. 

Marie J. Sullivan — BA, MS, Indiana University; 
less education. Mr. Harry A. Swanson — BS, Uni- 
ty of Illinois; vocal music. 

>lr. <;ien Yannatta — BS, MS, Indiana University; math- 
ematics. Miss Dorothy Vogelgesang — BS, Purdue Uni- 
versity; language. Miss Martha Wagner — BS, Butler 
University: social studies. Mr. Hubert L.. Wann — BA, 

Indiana State Teachers' College, dean of boys, social 

Cafeteria Staff— Mcsdames Delia Kriddle, Ruth Boots, 
Gladys Morgan, Goldie Plummer, Clara Miller, Esther 
Gates, Virginia Smith, Julia Cunningham, and Gladys 

Mesdames Sybill Myers, Louise Reckert, Mary Cox, 
.lanet Stewart, Rae Billhymer, Gladys Bowery, Anna 
Haddle, Prances Weaver, Leona Bowman, Laura Sny- 
der, Lulu Miller, Gertrude Fetters, and Laura Primus. 
Not pictured — Helen Walters, Edna Tinsman, and 



Mr. Ray E. Warden — BA, Kel'auw University ; MA. 
Northwestern University; English, social studies. Mr. 
Silvin D. Weaver — BS, Indiana State Teachers' Col- 
lege; MS, Indiana University, industrial arts. Mr. J. 
Curtis Weigel — BA, Wabash College, MS, Indiana Uni- 
versity; social studies, chairman. Mr. Allan Wein- 
heinier — BS, MS, Purdue University; mathematics. 

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Weiriek— BS, MS, Mutler University: 
home economics. Miss Winifred West — BA, Ball State 
Teachers' College; MA, Indiana University; Head, 
Business Education Department. Mrs. Edna R. Whet- 
sell — BS, Northwestern University; BS in LS, Colum- 
bia University; librarian. Miss Flora E. Will — BS, 
Marion Normal College; BA, Indiana University; MA, 
University of Wisconsin; social studies. 

Mr. John E. Williams — BS, Central Normal College; 
MA, Indiana University; science and mathematics 
head. Mrs. Rosemary Clouser — Bookkeeper. Mrs. Julia 
Cunningham — Cafeteria Manager. Mrs. Eilleen Hall — 


Mrs. Marilyn Main — Clerk-Stenographer. Mrs. Aliee 
Marsh — Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Sara Powell — Clerk- 
Stenographer. Mrs. Maxine Smith — Bookstore-Cleri- 
cal. Not pictured Mrs. Helen Clark. 


Custodian staff — BACK ROW: William Toppe, Eileen 
Nicholson, Ray Williams, Albert Witt, Thomas Smith, 
Clinton Christen, and Homer Lahne, head custodian. 
FRONT ROW: Horace Bicknell, Joseph Zook, Cyrus 
Mackenzie, Harrison Benham, and Arthur Adams. Not 
pictured: William Blake, Charles Lahrman, John Mont- 
gomery, Bennet Wayatt, and Henry Wayatt. 

3 <?* ^ 

Ripple's store — Mrs. Maxine Smith and Mrs. Rosemary 
Clouser assist Barbara Jones in buying her school sup- 




Through their advertising 

Indianapolis merchants 

representing fifty-five 

businesses from all 

over the city have helped 

support the 

1953 RIPARIAN. In 

this way they have shown 

their confidence 

in our purchasing power 

of the present and 

future. All the pictures in 

this section 

were posed by Ripplites. 

'arking? Sparking? No, Shopping! 

Plenty of elbow room 

in the new 1953 Chevrolet 
from . . . 


1045 East Broad Ripple Ave. 
BRoadway 2471 

"Sweet Adeline" 

For old fashioned quality in 
singing, it's a barber shop 

In shaving and shearing, 


809 Broad Ripple Avenue 

BRoadway 7920 


Set 'em up! 

Can't make sandwiches fast 
enough for the gang when 
KINGAN wieners are liandv. 

Kingan & Co. 

King of Fine Foods 

General Offices 
Indianapolis, Ind. 




It's fun to reminisce over good 
times recorded forever on a tape 
recorder from . . . 


5908 College Avenue 

BRoadway 5212 


Choose a flavor 

Any flavor and we'll have it, 
whether vanilla or pistachio. Try 
our root beer, too, served in frosted 


5905 College Avenue BR. 7030 

Big things come 
in little packages 

A watch to "time" one through col- 
lege and a ring for that big moment 
in a girl's life are SCHAFER spe- 


6317 Guilford Avenue 

BR. 1679 

Save while 
you insure 

A special rate on auto insurance 
is offered on cars driven by teen- 
agers who have taken Driver Edu- 


2310 Broadway WAbash 0943 

Soap gets 
in your eyes 

with a home shampoo. Let an expert 
wash and set your hair. 


5910 College BRoadway 0944 

On a picnic 

we will go 

What could be better than a siz- 

zling hot dog topped with mustard 

and relish? 


725 Gardner Lane FRanklin 1451 

Ready or not! 

Too late for Neil to call "time 
out" now. Let's hope this is a "spare," 
at least of the pin boy. 


1010 Broad Ripple Avenue BR. 0018 

Room for one more 

There's no need to leave anyone behind when the gang goes 

in a convertible from 


829 Broad Ripple Avenue 

BRoadway 5491 


A pocket 
full of posies 

For that oh-so important date of 
the year or just to patch up last 
night's quarrel give the YIP in your 
life flowers from the . . . 


2922 North Delaware 

TA. 4568 

In need of a tweed? 

Looks like Freddy is down to the 
bare essentials. To avoid being caught 
without "a thing to wear," keep your 
closet well stocked with fine-tailored 
clothes from . . . 


Fine Tailoring 

38 North Pennsylvania 

Suite 401 

FRanklin 3737 

Put your shoes 
on, Dickie 

Quality, comfort, and style com- 
bine to give you the best in men's 


2 East Washington Street MA. 5696 

Penny for the pig 

Money saved today means security 
for tomorrow. 




7 East 38th Street 

160 East Market Street 

806 East Broad Ripple Avenue 

Gay gardeners 

For a bloomin' garden try 
selection of plants, bulbs, and seeds. 


41 East 63rd Street BRoadway 9121 

Dream and 

it may come true 

Dreaming of a ranch type, a tiny 
bungalow, a southern colonial? Paul 
Partlow has a house to match every 
need and desire. 


5425 College BRoadway 5633 

A concrete suggestion 

Add to Vo pint ice cream (any 
flavor) malt, rich chocolate syrup, 
and top off with mounds of fluffy 
whipped cream and a red maraschino 
cherry. This is the recipe for the 
PARKMOOR'S famous Concrete. 
It's a favorite of Ripplites ! 


Curb Service Luncheon and Dinner 

2419 West Washington Street 
819 East Washington Street 

Salute to a DeSoto 

Top Brass" Among Cars 

You, too, will salute the 
new 1953 DeSoto after test 
driving it once. You will mar- 
vel at its wonderful new fea- 
tures, "Power Steering" and 
the "Fire Dome Engine." 


3409 N. Illinois TAlbot 3345 

Roll up 
the rugs! 

Does this cry precede every 
party in your home? No need 
to worry about worn carpets 
from teen-age parties if you 
have a floor covering from . . . 


920 East 63rd Street 

GLendale 4549 


Sowing circle 

SCOTTS lawns have 

that winning sparkle 

For a lawn of distinction, 
try the famous SCOTTS 
beauty plan . . . Turf Builder 
to bring out color and health 
. . . SCOTTS seed to provide 
a carpet of thick, sturdy 


6327 Guilford Avenue 
BRoadway 8200 





It's hard to choose from 
such wonderful food at . . . 


1913 East 46th Street 

W Abash 0274 


Getting no place fast 

Mules were popular in gold rush 
days. Now it's easier to ship by . . . 


Illinois Building 

PLaza 6351 

Here's how 

For girls who want to become 
stenographers or boys who want a 
post-high school education in busi- 
ness, enroll in . . . 


802 North Meridian Lincoln 8337 

Class keepsake 

A lifetime remembrance of "dear 
old golden rule days" is a specially 
designed class ring from . . . 


1411 North Capitol PLaza 1554 

Double image 

of goodness! Twins' tastes often 
differ, but not when it conies to meal- 
time at . . . 


3718 East 38th Street 
CHerry 0952 

Shopping spree 

Fine food — Wheeler's Restaurant 
Oriental Rugs — Kerman Rug Co. 
Citizens' Savings and Loan Assn. 
Safe parking — Denison Parking 
Hats — Trippet Millinery 
Relaxation — Contour Chairs, Inc. 


111 East Ohio Street 

MA. 2585 

Going up 

Buildings designed or remodeled 
to fill your individual requirements. 
Twenty years' experience guarantees 
your satisfaction. 


Commercial and Industrial 
Building Contractors 

5226 Grandview Drive BR. 4664 

Left to right — grape, lime soda. Royal Crown, orange, root beer 
Not pictured — fruit punch, strawberry, lemonade 


For Thirst Time 

It's a knee-high drink 
in eight delicious, 
refreshing flavors. 

1420 North Senate 

Lincoln 3127 

Tee Pee trail 

The teenagers' trail leads to the TEE PEE 
where food is appetizingly cooked and delight- 
fully served. It's wonderful for a complete 
meal on Mom's "night off" or for late-evening 


38th and Fall Creek 

Really relaxin' 

Real comfort is found in both 
modern and traditional furniture. 
Newest designs and fine quality 
workmanship are featured at . . . 


3832 North Illinois HUmboldt 1635 

The die is cast 

Expert craftsmen are employed by 
PANY to make, to precision, special 
machines, tools, and dies. 


420 West South Street ATlantic 1584 


She's going places 

You can tell at a glance. She'll 
want to take all the comforts of home, 
and she can be sure her possessions 
will be delivered safely bv . . . 


863 Massachusetts Ave. FR. 3371 

From heel to toe 

You're putting your best foot 
forward in shoes from . . . 


6255 College Ave. BRoadway 8261 

The pause 
that refreshes 

in bottles 

Cheek to cheek 

What a smooth dancer! It's easy 
to follow this simple step. Just shave 
with BARBASOL for that elean- 
cut look. 


846 North Senate PLaza 8611 

Just plane fun 

Everyone who has a hobby should 
his headquarters for equipment and 


929 E. WestBeld Blvd. BR. 7492 

Perma-Crete drives 

also — all other types of concrete 
and asphalt paving, excavating, and 


31 East 56th Street 
BR. 5488 Nights— GL. 2627 

Pitter patter 

To keep folks at your door protected 
from all kinds of weather buy . . . 


4530 North Keystone CHerry 1573 

Lovely to look at 

is your favorite dress or suit after a 
quick trip to . . . 


1841 East 46th Street HUmboldt 1311 


A home for every family need, 
Call your realtor about a deed. 


1432 Broad Ripple Avenue BR. 5441 



No room for a shower in your 
bathroom? Let us install one above 
your bathtub. 



4923 College 

BRoadway 5451 

Sweet dreams 

to a sweet girl. The sandman's work 
is cut in half when she's sleeping- on 
a mattress from . . . 


2820 Barnes Avenue WAbash 4539 

•x:* H- > # 

■ i 

A summer favorite 

is a game of golf. A favorite all 
year round is a Ford Hardtop Con- 
vertible from . . . 


623 North Capitol Ave. PLaza 9326 

** i ZS mm 

Growth of an idea 

to be fulfilled in the printed pages 
of a yearbook. For perfection in 
printing, call . . . 


401 North Noble 

IMperial 4505 

Home, James! 

A relaxing ride after a big date 
will be yours in a new 1953 Lincoln 
or Mercury. 


3327 North Illinois 
Hickory 9821 

Monkey business 

For all tools from monkey wrenches 
to pliers, and for fine quality lumber 
at an economy price, see . . . 


5199 North Keystone BR. 5454 
8502 Westfield Blvd. BR. 6863 

Award to a winner 

A trophy to equal the thrill of 
victory, beautiful in design and craft- 
manship, can be found at . . . 


234 Massachusetts Ave. Lincoln 5734 

K. P. quandary 

If the thought of dirty dishes 
spoils the party for you, serve snacks 
on paper plates, dishes, and cups. 


3814 College Avenue Highland 4168 

Horses! Horses! Horses! 

Crazy over horses? Learn to ride. 
Classes for beginners are conducted 
regularly by expert instructors. 
Horses are skillfully trained and care- 
fully boarded. 



4500 North Arlington CHerry 0013 

SippirT soda through a straw 

is a double delight for this couple 
because SHEPHERD'S rich 
creamy sodas and malts are so 


5150 N. Keystone GLendale 2289 

Wake up time 

according to Rover, but he doesn't 
know what a "perfect sleeper" 
Frank has been on a HIRSCH- 


In Indianapolis Since 1877 


From beginning 

• to end 

it's personal attention and service 



For the perfect ending to four wonderful years — 
a cap and gown portrait. 

Indianapolis' Largest Downtown Independent Studio 


425 State Life Building IMperial 3469 


1 Indianapolis 
Marion County 
Public Library 

Renew by Phone 

Renew on the Web 


For General Library Information 
please call 269-1700 



HQ wa 



3 1978 06775 9852